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Tobacco Institute

Cigarette Labeling and Advertising - 1965

Date: 04 May 1965
Length: 147 pages
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Cb 10
Named Person
Harris, O.
Meyner, R. 1
Hoffman, J.
Rizzuto, P.
Ashburn, R.
Kiner, R.
Gray, B.
Advisory Committee Surgeon Gen 2
Us Department Health Education 3
National Academy Sciences 4
Federal Trade Commission 5
Congress Public Health Service 6
Senate Committee 7
Treasury Department 8
National Brewers Institute 9
Metropolitan Brewers Institute 10
Sons Confederate Veterans 11
Surgeon General Advisory Commi 12
Royster, F. 13
Committee Growers, U.S. Tobacco 14
Red Cross 15
Salvation Army 16
British Expeditionary Forces 17
Mcnutt, P.V. 18
Wright Aeronautical Corp 19
Pershing, J.J.
Congress 20
Gray, B.
Rj Reynolds Tobacco 21
Committee Interstate Foreign, C. 22
House Representatives 23
Mayer, J.H.
Cornell University 24
Barnes Hospital 25
Kansas City General Hospital, M. 26
University Missouri Medical, S.C. 27
American Medical Association 28
American College Chest Physici 29
Central Surgical Association 30
Kornegay, H.R. 31
Hackett, R.C. 32
Tobacco Industry Research Comm 33
Ohio State University 34
National Institutes Health 35
Scientific Advisory Board Coun 36
Andervoni, H.B.
Bing, R.J.
Wayne State University 37
Catlett, M.
Jacobson, L.O. 38
Kotlin, P. 39
Lynch, K.M. 40
Relmann, S.P. 41
Rienhoff, W.F. 42
Mcmahon, H.E.
St Clares Hospital 43
St Lukes Hospital 44
New York Polyclinic Hospital 45
Us Navy 46
American Tobacco Research 47
Bright Bell Warehouse Associat 48
Brown Williamson 49
Barley Auction Warehouse Assoc 50
Burley Stabilization 51
Burley Tobacco Growers Coopera 52
Imperial Tobacco 53
Larus Bro 54
Liggett Myers Tobacco 55
P. Lorillard 56
Maryland Tobacco Growers Assoc 57
Philip Morris 58
Rj Reynolds Tobacco 59
Peter, J. Schweitzer Stephano, B.R. 60
Tobacco Associates 61
United States Tobacco 62
Kaplan, S. 63
American Board Internal Medici 64
American College Physicians 65
University Louisville 66
Michael Reese Hospital 67
Cook County Hospital 68
Cook County Post Graduate Scho 69
Chicago School Medicine 70
Huff, D.
New York Times 71
American Heart Association 72
American Therapeutic Society 73
American Federation Clinical, R. 74
Society Experimental Biology, M. 75
Chicago Society Internal Medic 76
International Society Hematolo 77
Nelson, F.
State University Iowa 78
Better Homes Garden 79
Fresno State College 80
Augutana College 81
Black Hills Teachers College 82
Us Army Finance School 83
Boston University 84
Greene Hsn
Mcgill University School Medic 85
Brady, A.N. 86
Rappaport, I. 87
Grasslands Hospital 88
Annals Internal Medicine 89
Journal American Medical Assoc 90
Lancet London 91
Miller, J.A.
Royal College Physicians 92
Southern Thoracic Surgical Ass 93
Shelby County Medical Society 94
University, E.L. Salvador 95
Southern Tuberculosis Conferen 96
Graham, E.
Boston City Hospital 97
Michigan Hospital 98
Macdonald, I.
American Board Radiology 99
Los Angeles County Hospital 100
Wayne State University 101
Barrett, R.J.
Detroit Memorial Hospital 102
Harper Hospital 103
Central Surgical Association 104
Western Surgical Association 105
Donnahue, A.S. 106
Committee Business Statistics 107
Us Chamber Commerce 108
Business Advisory Committee 109
Us Bureau Labor Statistics 110
Us Bureau Census 111
Committee Monographs 112
Fortune Magazine 113
Little, C.C.
American Society Cancer Contro 114
Ewing, J. 115
Roscoe, B. Jackson Memorial Labo 116
Kennedy, J.J. 117
Greer, A.E. 118
Northwestern University Medica 119
Army Medical Corps 120
Jefferson Davis Hospital 121
Hesse, H.
Garland, L.H.
Sterling, T.D. 122
Farris, J.M.
University Nebraska 123
Good Samaritan Medical Center 124
Clerf, L.H. 125
Jefferson Hospital Philadelphi 126
American Laryngological Associ 127
American Broncho Esophasgologi 128
American College Surgeons 129
American College Physicians 130
Herbut, P.
Rigdon, R.H.
Emory University 131
University North Carolina 132
Vanderbilt Medical School 133
University Tennessee Medical, S. 134
Arkansas Medical School 135
American Board Pathology 136
Burford, T.H. 137
Wolffe, J.B.
Us Committee World Medical Ass 138
Valley Forge Heart Hospital, M.E. 139
Wolffe Clinic Hospital 140
American College Cardiology 141
American Society Study Arterio 142
Nomenclature Committee 143
American College Angiology 144
Council Arteriosclerosis 145
Temple University 146
Rosenblatt, M.B. 147
Santayana, G.
British Foreign Medical Review 148
Moabit Hospital Berlin 149
St Bartholomew Hospital London 150
National Office Vital Statisti 151
Dacca Medical College Hospital 152
Katz, L.
Office Naval Research 153
National Science Foundation 154
American Mathematical Society 155
Mathematical Association Ameri 156
Institute Mathematical Statist 157
London Mathematical Society 158
Biometric Society 159
Wilens, S.I.
Carnes, W.H. 160
Salt Lake County General Hospi 161
Lucas, D.B. 162
Winick, C.
University Rochester 163
Patholic Hygienic Insitute Che 164
Massachusetts Technology 165
City College New York 166
Wilbar, C.L. 167
Date Loaded
05 Jun 1998
House Representatives 168
Committee Interstate Foreign, C. 169
Minnesota AG
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1. Meyner, R. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Cigarette Advertising Code

2. Advisory Committee Surgeon Gen Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Advisory Committee Surgeon General Publi

3. Us Department Health Education Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    US Department Health Education Welfare

4. National Academy Sciences Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    National Academy Sciences

5. Federal Trade Commission Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Federal Trade Commission

6. Congress Public Health Service Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Congress Public Health Services

7. Senate Committee Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Senate Committee

8. Treasury Department Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Treasury Department

9. National Brewers Institute Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    National Brewers Institute

10. Metropolitan Brewers Institute Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Metropolitan Brewers Institute New York

11. Sons Confederate Veterans Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Sons Confederate Veterans

12. Surgeon General Advisory Commi Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Surgeon General Advisory Committee

13. Royster, F. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Bright Belt Warehouse Association

14. Committee Growers, U.S. Tobacco Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Committee Growers US Tobacco

15. Red Cross Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Red Cross

16. Salvation Army Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Salvation Army

17. British Expeditionary Forces Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    British Expeditionary Forces

18. Mcnutt, P.V. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    War Manpower Commission

19. Wright Aeronautical Corp Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Wright Aeronautical Corp

20. Congress Named Person
  • Affiliation:


21. Rj Reynolds Tobacco Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Rj Reynolds Tobacco

  • Affiliation:

    Rj Reynolds Tobacco

22. Committee Interstate Foreign, C. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Committee Interstate Foreign Commerce

23. House Representatives Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    House Representatives

24. Cornell University Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Cornell University

25. Barnes Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Barnes Hospital

26. Kansas City General Hospital, M. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Kansas City General Hospital Medical Cen

27. University Missouri Medical, S.C. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University Missouri Medical School

28. American Medical Association Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Medical Association

29. American College Chest Physici Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American College Chest Physicians

30. Central Surgical Association Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Central Surgical Association

  • Affiliation:

    Central Surgical Association

31. Kornegay, H.R. Named Person
  • Affiliation:


32. Hackett, R.C. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Tobacco Research USA

33. Tobacco Industry Research Comm Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Tobacco Industry Research Committee

34. Ohio State University Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Ohio State University

35. National Institutes Health Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    National Institutes Health

36. Scientific Advisory Board Coun Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Scientific Advisory Board Council Tobacc

37. Wayne State University Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Wayne State University

  • Affiliation:

    Wayne State University

38. Jacobson, L.O. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University Chicago

39. Kotlin, P. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    National Cancer Institute

40. Lynch, K.M. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Medical College South Carolina

41. Relmann, S.P. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Institute Cancer Research

42. Rienhoff, W.F. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    John Hopkins University

43. St Clares Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    St Clares Hospital

44. St Lukes Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    St Lukes Hospital

45. New York Polyclinic Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    New York Polyclinic Hospital

46. Us Navy Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    US Navy

47. American Tobacco Research Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Tobacco Research

48. Bright Bell Warehouse Associat Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Bright Bell Warehouse Association

49. Brown Williamson Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Brown Williamson

50. Barley Auction Warehouse Assoc Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Barley Auction Warehouse Association

51. Burley Stabilization Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Burley Stabilization

52. Burley Tobacco Growers Coopera Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Assoc

53. Imperial Tobacco Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Imperial Tobacco

54. Larus Bro Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Larus Bro

55. Liggett Myers Tobacco Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Liggett Myers Tobacco

56. P. Lorillard Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    P Lorillard

57. Maryland Tobacco Growers Assoc Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Maryland Tobacco Growers Association

58. Philip Morris Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Philip Morris

59. Rj Reynolds Tobacco Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Rj Reynolds Tobacco

  • Affiliation:

    Rj Reynolds Tobacco

60. Peter, J. Schweitzer Stephano, B.R. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Peter J Schweitzer Stephano Bros

61. Tobacco Associates Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Tobacco Associates

62. United States Tobacco Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    United States Tobacco

63. Kaplan, S. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Mt Sinai Hospital

64. American Board Internal Medici Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Board Internal Medicine

65. American College Physicians Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American College Physicians

  • Affiliation:

    American College Physicians

66. University Louisville Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University Louisville

67. Michael Reese Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Michael Reese Hospital

68. Cook County Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Cook County Hospital

69. Cook County Post Graduate Scho Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Cook County Post Graduate School

70. Chicago School Medicine Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Chicago School Medicine

71. New York Times Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    New York Times

72. American Heart Association Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Heart Association

73. American Therapeutic Society Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Therapeutic Society

74. American Federation Clinical, R. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Federation Clinical Research

75. Society Experimental Biology, M. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Society Experimental Biology Medicine

76. Chicago Society Internal Medic Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Chicago Society Internal Medicine

77. International Society Hematolo Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    International Society Hematology

78. State University Iowa Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    State University Iowa

79. Better Homes Garden Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Better Homes Garden

80. Fresno State College Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Fresno State College

81. Augutana College Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Augutana College

82. Black Hills Teachers College Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Black Hills Teachers College

83. Us Army Finance School Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    US Army Finance School

84. Boston University Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Boston University

85. Mcgill University School Medic Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Mcgill University School Medicine

86. Brady, A.N. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Yale University School Medicine

87. Rappaport, I. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University Budapest Hungary

88. Grasslands Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Grasslands Hospital

89. Annals Internal Medicine Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Annals Internal Medicine

90. Journal American Medical Assoc Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Journal American Medical Association

91. Lancet London Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Lancet London

92. Royal College Physicians Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Royal College Physicians

93. Southern Thoracic Surgical Ass Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Southern Thoracic Surgical Association

94. Shelby County Medical Society Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Shelby County Medical Society

95. University, E.L. Salvador Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University El Salvador

96. Southern Tuberculosis Conferen Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Southern Tuberculosis Conference

97. Boston City Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Boston City Hospital

98. Michigan Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Michigan Hospital

99. American Board Radiology Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Board Radiology

100. Los Angeles County Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Los Angeles County Hospital

101. Wayne State University Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Wayne State University

  • Affiliation:

    Wayne State University

102. Detroit Memorial Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Detroit Memorial Hospital

103. Harper Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Harper Hospital

104. Central Surgical Association Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Central Surgical Association

  • Affiliation:

    Central Surgical Association

105. Western Surgical Association Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Western Surgical Association

106. Donnahue, A.S. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Richmond Times Dispatch

107. Committee Business Statistics Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Committee Business Statistics

108. Us Chamber Commerce Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    US Chamber Commerce

109. Business Advisory Committee Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Business Advisory Committee

110. Us Bureau Labor Statistics Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    US Bureau Labor Statistics

111. Us Bureau Census Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    US Bureau Census

112. Committee Monographs Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Committee Monographs

113. Fortune Magazine Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Fortune Magazine

114. American Society Cancer Contro Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Society Cancer Control

115. Ewing, J. Named Person
  • Affiliation:


116. Roscoe, B. Jackson Memorial Labo Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Roscoe B Jackson Memorial Laboratory

117. Kennedy, J.J. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University Notre Dame

118. Greer, A.E. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Greer Clinic

119. Northwestern University Medica Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Northwestern University Medical School

120. Army Medical Corps Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Army Medical Corps

121. Jefferson Davis Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Jefferson Davis Hospital

122. Sterling, T.D. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University Cincinnati

123. University Nebraska Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University Nebraska

124. Good Samaritan Medical Center Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Good Samaritan Medical Center

125. Clerf, L.H. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Jefferson College

126. Jefferson Hospital Philadelphi Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia

127. American Laryngological Associ Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Laryngological Association

128. American Broncho Esophasgologi Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Broncho Esophasgological Associ

129. American College Surgeons Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American College Surgeons

130. American College Physicians Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American College Physicians

  • Affiliation:

    American College Physicians

131. Emory University Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Emory University

132. University North Carolina Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University North Carolina

133. Vanderbilt Medical School Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Vanderbilt Medical School

134. University Tennessee Medical, S. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University Tennessee Medical School

135. Arkansas Medical School Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Arkansas Medical School

136. American Board Pathology Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Board Pathology

137. Burford, T.H. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Washington University School Medicine St

138. Us Committee World Medical Ass Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    US Committee World Medical Association

139. Valley Forge Heart Hospital, M.E. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Valley Forge Heart Hospital Medical Cent

140. Wolffe Clinic Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Wolffe Clinic Hospital

141. American College Cardiology Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American College Cardiology

142. American Society Study Arterio Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Society Study Arteriosclerosis

143. Nomenclature Committee Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Nomenclature Committee

144. American College Angiology Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American College Angiology

145. Council Arteriosclerosis Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Council Arteriosclerosis

146. Temple University Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Temple University

147. Rosenblatt, M.B. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    New York Medical College

148. British Foreign Medical Review Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    British Foreign Medical Review

149. Moabit Hospital Berlin Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Moabit Hospital Berlin

150. St Bartholomew Hospital London Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    St Bartholomew Hospital London

151. National Office Vital Statisti Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    National Office Vital Statistics

152. Dacca Medical College Hospital Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Dacca Medical College Hospital

153. Office Naval Research Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Office Naval Research

154. National Science Foundation Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    National Science Foundation

155. American Mathematical Society Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    American Mathematical Society

156. Mathematical Association Ameri Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Mathematical Association America

157. Institute Mathematical Statist Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Institute Mathematical Statistics

158. London Mathematical Society Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    London Mathematical Society

159. Biometric Society Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Biometric Society

160. Carnes, W.H. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University Utah

161. Salt Lake County General Hospi Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Salt Lake County General Hospital

162. Lucas, D.B. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    New York University

163. University Rochester Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    University Rochester

164. Patholic Hygienic Insitute Che Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Patholic Hygienic Insitute Chemintz

165. Massachusetts Technology Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Massachusetts Technology

166. City College New York Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    City College New York

167. Wilbar, C.L. Named Person
  • Affiliation:

    Louisiana State Board Health

168. House Representatives Author
  • Affiliation:

    House Representatives

169. Committee Interstate Foreign, C. Author
  • Affiliation:

    Committee Interstate Foreign Commerce

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Ila)Iti Itullcmlt•lu, Iinh-crsily nf l'causyIt•uuia, i'Itiitt4:'Iplti:t• Ilr• ltinnrit'c S. lic;:nl, ltn:ann l!itc llospilttl• 1{r..Jnue/: 9'ravcll, l'urncil tioivcl:•ciI}' Motlit•al l'ullt•tic, Nott- \•urlc• Ih•. ltirllar4 1\'csrl)sIol•, AInu(o/inro Iluspital In.Ailalt' td Itose:Irrh• I'itls- Lar(;h. Ur. :1. It.thwin \1'otld, 1Uasatchttsclitc A/eutorLll Ilt:spit:tls, Ito.Iun• 1)r. 1~rnuk 1)avi,, Jnluts 1luldtina Ilospilal, Ilal/intorc. 1{r. t'ittu•Itw 1{. itltlrplr. Amrt•ic•wl Ilourl. Ar+um•Ittlluu, Tne., Nc•w S'ork. Alr• U'ciix P7. 111uure, Nstilnuttl Ilcart. Iustlt.ule, Itetltcxtln, lld. /i. (',ntilocttvc111t1r tlnd ptllmunury 1'uut'Iloll 1•c.wu•rll (tlltly :ll lu .iwlr I, 11157) 1tiilrlic•ii::nlls) : lh•. l:ructit.//• A/lingcr,'t'ufls Itltivt•r::lly Sr•luml of Rlodirim•, It,wlou. 1h•.11.1'uhrrrn, 51'tt:alins;lnu Illtict•rvll}•,SI. i,uolai. I{r. Ilm•(.tlt•(lrint,, Nwv 1'urlc llltivcrsils' I'ns/ttr:Idtl:tll' yi:•:lit•nl Srh4.::l. 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SnrunlT, Nttlinnnl lit•nrt inv111utt', 1Cttratlualuu, 1{.1', Ih•. 1)Itritl L. tilmon, l/cptu•iwt nl nf Iulerual :1lcdic•Inc, 1'fuc•Itnulll /7rucrttl Ilttspital. ilr. /ttu•ulint• lt•'1'Itnntn:+, I/u•,ii,ituv ltopitiuv S1'hocd uf hlydivtur. Itttllttuclro•, 1)h'. Jtlnet'I'ravcll, Ih•luu•lutent nf 1'Itttrmnrc{lu{;y. (!urut•11 IJuircrslly 61t•d1- t•ttl / `Idlcgc, Nrtv 1'ork. lh•. J. ledtisln \Poad, linx.tillclnlsclis Aiettroriul ltusitittllti, Iluvlon. Ih•. itlcLttrtl i.. \\'crhslcr, 111nn1t•tinrr ltuspi/:11 In:<lilult• nl' I'ilIsinn•1;l1.
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c'U:rutr:fTh: L.tltl•:Ll-N(7 ANU aUt I•:It•f I:SIN(: Iltais :tal. '•Nnolrir .\rid 1'uulrnl uf 'I'ul'la•.s• 11,att \1'illi a No/at uu Ilctuutllu:uni 1'iu,liu~s," 1,y It• /:• tiowurr, 'P• 1'. 11i,yIr I I I, II. 11• ,ilr•/aalux4. atnd It. I:. 1\'luela•u. .\mrri,•:ere •inm•uatl u1' 1'hysiulu„y '117: 1111•! Illlti, NoSV•wh,•r 1'a7i1. 1 N111 1, •111.t, \II'Iti''ll.\, 111!/a,l ata:,, 1•:ITr•r•Iv ul' tinwlciut; un Ilu• 1'aeraliar 011111111- atl. Itc•:;I, atncl 1lurinR I.'wr- r•i„• iu N:elirul.~ 11'illa 1loaly(l \Ipoc•:trQial Iufalrrlinu," by \\'. h. 1erttnicl• W. 1•. \1'Itala•r8 auul /,. .1. 'Nutu,(!. I'irrulnlluu :t1: 12 11. .Iatmulry (1'11.) ••'I'tu• \Irl:aln,lir• Furaeualluta ul' Ilnuaw:t-Ia I'yrid,S•1)-(t:eanaeat Iladruxa•bul}•rir •1r•id :ntd iI. I'u..ihla• lulrruu'di:u•y Itul,• In Ilaa• \lauwautliuu Alc•lolaulis1aa of Ni,•r,liu,:" i,y ll• d/rlir•uni.e'•/a••, ti. i,. tir1eSS•aeriz, i.. lt. 'I'uruiaull, I:. 'I'auu:tl;i and hL It. It,iSVtuao. .Imm~;tl uf Itiuln/;ia;et /'lu•neititra• L':14: ::tA a11ti:a, Nut•otnb,•r litlti. (.\'1.') I:rS •,u caent.ea /IIt.Sn•tuw+ •\r•t:NuSV~a.a4nr.u ui 1'uu~racl rrua '/'uu.vcu Itr.rar:.SU,n Ae'ti. _ .. AI'\JI .tlutt' Al/ItV. . A I•:1' •\mc•ri, aeu /':uu•c'r 1Y. Alurylaeud I IiS•i.inn. lrla•nc lNc•klc•r Itrums t'le:al,lc•r, I la:u•I :1..urlat I lou nf tiuul la• rn:doru I'r•uu:+}-lvnula,. t .\rlrnc• Itivklvr Itr.warr•le Vutul. i t'.ti. .Uutulc I'lnw•g)• 1',uuual:caluu. I . A11.\ - -- - -- lenrria uu 11c•ari •\'-.urialinu. AI.. A 1.•11 l.\- .1 bb„1 I I.al l,ur~e I r,rir ~. _..-°-- A l:t bu wa I la•au'1 A~suri:a l iu n. A.ll.1•I:ItI . -..__-.--- .\wa•rb•atu lila•alical .\~.nrlul luu•67tluc•alliuu uud (tr•sratt•,•la A'1`-- •--......------ ItF' - -- l uuudaeliuu. Auu•riratn'1'ubatr•ri, l'u. .\turrir•aut'I'huraol~' ~ur i,•l.r. ltaunle U'uunalatlinu. Ilw•rutatats-11'rIloa,uu• Ftuud. 1;--- ------------- /'uluuebia liuivr't:.ily. l'•11.-- /'alilbrnio Nlalc l)rt,nrlanonl uf Iloolllt. /:1•'-----.----------- l'uulu•r lonundaeliuu /l1u•uuRh lltu UniSV•rtiill' of Nr•In•aislcn l'uuudat/inu). la lt•\- -- -------- l•ibat 1'laau•tn:u•a'ulir•:al I'rurluc Iti, Lta. /'I It.11t ----------- ('ibaa, Itoaxlr•, tiSS•ilzrrl.•u,d. 1'1'.\ /'rawwlllroutl l'a•uldrw::,af :1Ir•nlwl uf Ilar Naliuttall Arndouty oi' Nr•ic•urr.-Na1 inual Itr.c•;trc•lt 1'owu•i1. ('Itl 1•a,rrliuvaxr•nlm• 1trs,•:trrle In.,lilulo, Ilnirr•r:al,t' uf 1'a,lifur- uln \Irdlrv,ll'rul, r. (a.\ . . .. . . I/rianrlnu•nl ul' Iha• .\ro:}•. I)lt\I1 ----•----.-- Ihtneuu Ituuyuu 31r•muri:,1 P'und. Ielil:I-------------- (eokr llairc•a:vil}• t:owimlial; Labur:Uury. I e1t':\ ------------• I I:tS•i,1 \\'iu/on awd .\„urialo.. ---____ ------ 19izaa l'u...i:ep:au. 1•:I------------------- 1;11 1•111.V & 1'0. E(IAIt------------ . 1:urnµc•aue (lllirc•, Ac•roil,:tr•a• Ita•sa•:in•la, (1•S. Air 1''orec. I:III'1+'------------- I:I~a li• 1'ardc•c: b'ouuclalinu. 1'FI' --------------- Fr:aurltesl e•r 1oe•rl ilil y 6'nud• FIU-------------- Fiuni,li llavu•I..ltisoriattirw. 1' it'P-------------- Fuua1 for Iteseaerrh und 'I'c•tu•hiug, llrirn•leuc•ut: of Nutriliun, Ilau•vatr4 tirhnul oftl'uhiio Ilcatltle. Fa:\---------------- . Fwirral Srcurily ~ Agrmry, II.S. I'ablic Ilc•aeilla Service. l:(:---------------- (k•urrul l;i};:tr Co. (i 1'_ ----------------- (.r•iKY 1'It:u-ueac•anl irta I l'u. 11,1N1'------------- Ilevt A:aocialinuof 5uuliteats(ern 1'euu5}le:ueia. Ill:1t'-------------. ti.S. I)epatrttuaeul of Ilcatllh, Pducatiou, twd \t'elfan•e. III.F------------- 'Pha• Iloarl-l,uug Putuulalinn. Ill.lt---.-_.---..--_ IL,11'uueaeu•Iat Iturhr, lauo. --------- InSr:a Ila•arl Ass,erinlion. 1.1111 I,iliu A. Iinrlford I0,wnrinllun. JA I I\11'' ,luhu A. I lau•I furd Nrtur,t lnl Fwtd. ('11:1RI•:I•1'I•: I.-\1i1•:1.I11; tVla .11ftl:I:'I'I~1\1: -lilai:e .1,11 F 1•.\1'Ii.\ I.IAIItI" . 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162 t'It;:11ti:'1"1'I: LAt1bU.INtt A\Ir ~IIS'I:It'i'I~INti--ISIIib lo nirul int• ur nny nlh(•r r(rlulilt• snhslancr twd c•:ul br prt•t•rntt•d bt• tirvernl tlru(;x. Il wnv uut (•unc•ludrd Ilull iiti:; Irtmllnc•ul t•ffrc•I. (•nn iuiiinlp or at;t[rovnte :uly di.u•st.(• lu•nrrs.. Ill Sowe tilndi(•s, Inlbilual Smuk(•h >;huts•ocl :asuwtrllal rv•dn('('(1 "t•it)11 rnpnrlly" nn(i :;ntnt•tt•bah luc•rr:tx(•d "rt•:ddmll hmg vulumr" Dul. Ihe di1T(•rwH•a tvnv unt sIn1iNIic•nliv :al;uifiounl in nll. 1'n4G•nIti a•ilh vc•c•rr(• omitltyH(vnn (;(•u(•rntly ebuu•c•d Qcv•r(•asrv Ill In•It•rinl islnod oxy'/;(•n Snllu•ulicnl aflrr vmukinl; bnt 1111.4 tlitl uut (m•c•m lu uurmulH ur IUu.e wilh ruiid t•wpltys(•mn. hltvIlauivnl raai511uir•e iu icrs•:Ilkht{;'nwi iuc•r(•:Iti(•d tvork of Inronlisiu(; Wc•rtt alssrrve(1 Ill imtk•nI.H wilk t•widly'.(•nln nucl lu•untfiilit: di5('atirk nfirr Hntokia(;. 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468 Clti:11t1:'I"1'1•: LAltl•lLIN(i A1U AU\'i•:It'1'IS1N(i--lilli6 :tS. "•Rnwilinl nucl b:pidc•utiolo/;ic• AsPc•ris nf ('nruwtry 1)isense nutl llyprrlrn• Slnu," by ('nrnlinr• Iirelrli 'I'l~untrts, :Inorttnl of ( ?lu•uuic i)latmst;v 7: 1911 "11,4, Aint•t•it 1il:rN, (,\I,, 1'll,, I,1,, N111, 1'1), 11(:, VA, 1'IIS) 31). "uunlrnc•ti111y of Aclomyusin linnds 1'rrlrnrcvl 1''rum Normal nncl f'tnilltla; llttwnu llom'ts" by I:• Knku atnd 1t..1. Itinll. Juuruul of (Ainic•nl Ittvc•sII Itnllou 37 : •ili5 •17t), March 10158. (,\IIA, 1t1V, i.ItllltlP, I'I1S) •l11. "('ItmreHle Smoke. Its P7fibt•t un 1'ttitnnnnry Nuuclluu Aicvthtu•eutc•ul.,;' ley litn•lrlt l.. ,tloflr•Il nnd 1Viiiitun .1. Iatiwnu. (:nlifurnfu Aiotlic•iuc• sv: 211 21'LI/, Alnn•It 1958. -II. "111tHalrulitt:4 of Nic•nllne nnd n Syulhc:sis of Nortticnliar.,'• tty llc'rLrrl Me•• Iionuiti .1r., In'nnnx It. Turubull, Ilnreey N. \Yful;lic'ld .Ir. ttutl I,orral .1. I)awt'y. .Inurnttl of Ilte Amcrionu ('luvnirat Scmie(y 80: 11ib11 -1liati, .lprii 1 ~,.1t1`uR• ((lrunlc'e: 1'. ti. Lrtr•w,n) -12. "l/urdiac• lal't'cat; of Inlrurorunary Arlerini IltJcrllcnta of Nicullnt•," {ot :f,irntes W. 1Yc's/ Sautln4,o V. lluznutn and Sanntal Itr.llra. (,ire:ola/inn Itt.tit:nrt:h (i: aR!1-atl; , May 111 5t;, ( I,IBlltp ) •1a. "A Currclated Iiistoingicai, (:ylolof;it•nI, nucl CylocLewicnl SL11dy ol' Ihe• Trnc'lu'obruut'hinl'Crt'e nud Lttul;s of dlire I,xpotct'd lo (;i~nt•ollt~ Stnnlu'. I. ltrnnc•Itiliv 1Vitlt Alylrirnl ICpilltolial (`4nngt's Ilt 111ic•a Y:xln)sw) lrr l!i/;nrnllc• Smulu'," by (levilia l,atteHlr•nlcrrgc•t•, Ittalnlpit Lna'hlenbc+rgat• and Ihllti F. 1)oulht. (•twc•(•r il: •lt11)-i1i(i, 91ay Juue 19158. '((. "4'urmnlion of SrolHClt'Iin Pram P'a•nl(n and lP'scalelin in the 1(ut," by (•htto-IItVU 1'au);, Ii. 1), ih•nyntot•, 1'• l.• 1'Mrnltln, Ai. It. Sholiar Inld S• 11. 11'r•ndrt•. Aroltivc•s of Iliancevoislry nnd Itiuphye:ic:v 75: :it1, i:t!1, .hiw'1:15it• (Nill) •iG. "A l!nrrc•In(c'd lli:+inlut;irul, (iylulul;lc'ul, nud ('yloc•lu'wlenl Sluti}• ul' Illr Sc•Vuc•uoc' of Lh•t'ul4 (n Ilte 1Sreenc9tiul 14pithcd(urtt uf Atlc•e 14spotic'd In ('i);ntv•Ile Snwkt: 11. SUtdic:v ou Ihr. M'ula of Alylc(cul U2lcilh('Ilnl ('6ttut;r, iu Ihc' 1lrourlti uf Alire ICxicusrQ to l:it;urrtte Stunlir," by (;ccilir• LcuNi- frubrrvtr•r, ItuQolf L(•uoLlc'nbcvtcor, R'illinnt `/.ebrun uncl 1'ttlricltt Sbalirr. Ih•w•(v•Qitlls of Sttr•nllt \1'urhl ('tuu•or l:nn{trrs,1,, Louclun, :htl)• 1!t.ek.) .\rln (Ittin Inlt'rual.lonnli:: (!uulrn (!nuc'rltin 1i/A•-(: itill !t(t1, :Ittl}• I!ISti. (N111, II1,\) •lli. "!'rt:vvwc-\'ulutnc O{uuct;av itt Ilco 1'eur:u•tu Vc'ins ref :\I:ut Ihn•iug 11.VI:1•r venlilntiuu;' by Julut. 11'. Idrl•xiriu, 1Villintu 1:. ilutnlllon trtu( .loltu A:,- \lo(lowwncttl. ,lutu•nnl uf 1'linic•:11 im•c'Mil;nliun :17: tlilt illil, .In1)- itl:,t;. (N.\I, 1(1.\) •17 ",\Ic•Inhulisln eef 111t•Ihiuniue tuld 1'tv•liu I')sIc'rl/lc:nilou in tt 1'Itutl. by /'liffurd S. Snle/, Itic•Iuu•Q lt• Ityorrwu, I't+lcv Albc•rslu'int aud •hnnrs ltunn,•t•, .luttrnnl (:f Itluicetiic•nI (:hc•tuiary 8aa: 128 1:11, .Iltiy lMtt. •IR "'191c• bYl'ec•/ of (:Itwrrvlllc' Snwlcing uu Inlrnausalric: llnllaun IRcaatnr nud 1'rml,rreUwr uf 1'ntle•ulcc \1'ilh Ltunclounl lllire'r," 6y Pnilip ('unp.•r, II. \1'. 1(nrrutcc•r, Ii. 1.. Nic•ict onel I7. I". Maurr, t7nslrornlerulut;y :I5: 174; 11+'!, .\IIR11sI. 1954. •11t '•'1'hc• ('ire•utnlur)• It,•clwnse' lo Srnukint;. '1'he Vnrint1nu lu Itolllitilnrsurdin• r;rnlehlc tilnulcln{;'1'c;-:Iv In Ile•n1lky \'ulncl; tllt'u,•' by (`rrroNna Ilrvlrll7'Hnue- ns and Iddwnud A. Altn•pUy• .Icc1n•ntil (if, (:Lrcntir 1)isrnt+rs R: L'(t:! 229, .lntcu.i itt:n4. (N111, VA) Gtt. "I:nbrt of ('uullut; nuel uf tiruultlty; '1'nbut•t•n lli:on iher ltlonrl UYott• ol' /trur. lit•cr 11.vlu'rrtnin uf iht• b'nol," by :Iny 1/. (lofl'wnn, ./. hlrltrin 11'r,ncl nud IteehrrI \1'. 11'ilkius. (7irc•ttlolinn IR: 177-182, Aut;nst .1i1 5R• 51. "Se•uimlc'lin lu Uuutnterr-inl'1`olcacro 1'ruclttc(s," by Chan-ILwu Inut;, 1'nsuski Nalwl;ntl•n cuul tii)nott If. II'r•ndcr. '1'ubnc'(ro Sr-iput`e 'l: 1) I- 1 i-l• Au/;o.-t ?It, 11158. (AE/1) i" "Uoclic•nl (1sc:v nf 9bbnr•c•o, 1'as( and i'rr;:c'ul," Ily II• Silt•c•llp, 1'. 5. l.tn•yuu aud if. ll. llauli. Virginia ,11r'diraf illonlltly S; •.172 -.IR-1, St•plc•wbrr I!t:et<. G:1. "A Surt•et• uf ('uwleutncds fnr Arlirilt• in Ihc• Snplct~e-"lun nr lUottSV Sc•hac•rnux (llauds," ht• Prr•cl (1. Itorh rtud Ithucln c111tut1. Uauc'c'r Rt'senrc•h 1!t: 4R7 Ra'S, fic'pt('mllrr 1l1iR. G-(. "U'nuriional /•npillsup ltcvl.-; fn ihtr llc•nliutC 1:/'I-Arroxlc'tl and I:/9-•\rrc•,Ird• 1'rrfnxoc1 AIyoc'nrclilnu uf Ihc• Ineg," bc S. It. :\l. Itoynol4a, At. Klr:.r•1c nuel ll. ,1. Itiucl. (.irrulnlinn lirsrnrrlt Ii• GiIU-1i111, St'l/lt'wbvr (9:uti. (Ali,1. rI1S, I,Iniltl ) 65. "'I'he I:fl'c•e Ix ccf Smulcin{; un Ilce itc:sicirniury Sytil('tn iu Noruutl Indieidnnls•" bp. lirllll '1'. ,t/rlic•c•. Smllhorn 11e•diral .Inlu•nnl Cel: 111/1 iil:i• Sopte•w- b1•{• 1!t..ti. ('i(t:11tF:'I"I'I{ 1.:\I1F:LIN(7 .\Nlt Alt\ 1•:It'PISIN(I I!tlt5 :rG. ".\c•lino of ('IRneol/t''Fnr ntul tiwnkp uu t•homlc:nllt' inQnc•t•ci I'au•riuu;;tvn-i:+,' un Itinluty i I ' ' ti trpnr I h} lloatutl 11. lluffroatt and :1. IYerrl,: (7rillin.t'sn~ null dlwlirfue Ili: :Ci.'t :tl`i, P'nil li)N4. d isrLrtula;' by illitun 11, I)atlfurlh and Irirhrrrd• i n nu Ilt'nrt iu Aun~ Itc ~ !. Itinfl. Itril:fuh Jum•nnl oC Anc'sllteyia 30: •I 5Ii-•tli5, nclobt'r 1958. ~ (1'11h, LI!<11tD', 1111'I•') "Slutiic:v un Iha Nn(ttrt• rrf 11)Irusin \1'fih nntl Wllhuut l'y:utnsis tu Ultruutc t• 1•it' lia:t I'olwuunry 1)Iti('nyo;' by llttrlrtt l.. Blofir.ll. l.cvinl.rics I. bc•r 14159. (NItI) ie!t. „'1'llc Nurt•h•atl nf Plxt'ilnl,il(ly. 14nc'rRy I'rcrcluc•liuu and 1•lurrt;)' Illillin- Ilutt in Iht• Iit':u•1.:' by Itlilluo Iau•dc•,c•h, I:Itarlt•n I'/. Ilu(;:ntcatutlt nnd Rir nrd .1. Riuq. (lirt:ulntiuu 1`t: tla:c I)(G, Nnt•c•tulec'r 1!ti`a. (All:\, LIAtIlN', 1'IISI rcf l'outplc'Ic' Iw'lltauin nn IDc' Inlrut:t'llitinr I;it'ciric•nl :1r'lleily of titc' 11'Itult• lUutnutnlfan Ilrarl," by Aiillun Rardewc:L, (!hatrit:s 1'l. llo}ctut- rruel ~Ilirhrtrtl .1. ltittp. (tirt•ttlnliun Itt'menrcfi 6: 715 7211, Nacetnbc'r 1-0:~R. (AtlA, RW, LIn11tP•, l'(ia) Gi. "M}•ucartlia( 111t'lnbuliwu," iiy 11. .l• /tinp, J. I). Chntulltnry, C, ltlicltal ttntl K. Kaku. Attnnlra of Iott•rnnl Atalic'intl 9:):1201--1S1:r, Nnecmber litiR. 11'I11.t, AIIA, Lli11Rl{ ) It" "1•70'c•t•I ul' lult rrulcliuu uf ('oronoray Iyrculnlion on AGdabulism of Ihc Ar- rt:mit•Q Ilc•cn•I," by ll. Micbui, A. Itoorru, 1'. A7. lluHnurnucp and 1t. .1. IiinD. .\tw'rit•un .1cturnnl uf l'Ic)•siulutc}• Itl:c: •117 12:1, Nut•rmbc'r (t).,,. (1,11111tt'•, AIIA, lM'P', rna) tt:l. "1)nrk P'Ixntion uf 11O, by Snrc•ctit•tll. I.racc's: (`nusc'rt•nlinn uf Ihc' i)ari: I''isc•d t't)_ Ilucll•r Itiut-ual l•uw(lllou:+." bt' lt(•orRe l:nuilallu' and 1•rnel Rnltntutt. l'1ntt( t'h}•ylulogy aa: •tIM1 111:i, Nnt•rtubc•r 1!taS. (11. "(•Intnucw in'1'rnnsumrnl /'c•olrul Vrnous 1'rt'ssilrc in t\itw Jttu•ittl; llypcy- ctvt1i1n11un;" hy ./nAtt• It'. MrIralciJt nn4 \1'iltiant K. Ilamillenl. aonrnal nf I/linimnl lttv('yl i{;ntion Sl7 :.Iti37-Ii 11, Noveutbcr 1958. 65. "Furlht•r Siwlic:s lu (7hulc'ytrrul I,otvla+ ttt Ilto,Inlma llnplcins Motlit'nl `)In- elt•ulx: '1'Ito I'JT.t•e't of Slrt`xy nl. P"Xutttiuolluua,° tey Uru•nline llevirll '/'hctntas and I'altnoud A. Alurplly. aournal uf (lhronic: 1)isc'nytw R: 41111 INt't, Ilr- c•t•mhor 111 5S, ( N 1 I/) (Nt. "llvulnrunnit'-Inn('llt•c• Sprvmdiul; H'nc•lor nf hiurin(' PhMClouu•Irinl Srcrotiuns (Ilelt'rone).' bt• P. lloutLw'tinr, 111, a, (:rtwstunu and 1'. 0. Ilnrpcl. 1'ru- t•oc'clin{;v uf thc S(Wlaly fur IGxlrc'rLn('ntnl ISIoIoRy nitcl 111t'dic'int! llit: (i1iG- IiliS 14'r/•milrr li):rR. (17. "4utntiiallve Slwlios of tic'ulrnlrlin In l'ignrrlit! qnwkt' nncl `Puhnt•c'o," by /thnu-litt•n Yanti, ]'u5uti(t( Nnicnt:nwn nnd ,5fntr,u• il'cnrh•r. Aual)'(ical Cht'mlNtry ill : 3011 °l.qll, I)ect'whrr 1949 . (AIC(1) t;!t. °M rlntmlisul nf Nic•ccllne Icr 1 I) llutuwn (a 1'yrldtl) Ii:unlnn-I\tc'llt}'latnluo- ho1yrle• .\c•Ici," 1kt• Ile•rlerrl ~irt:e•nnla ar., I.rnnox It.'1'nrnhnll nnc( 14dwnrc) It. llu\\•nutn. .lunrnnl ot' Ihe• Aun'ririul (!lu'tuirnl Ne,rl,•ty ::u: /::ali ltanh, 11tvt'ntbrr'3q, 111:iS. I(:rtullrc" 1'. :. I.eu Huri ) ( A'I' ) H9. "/:holt'sle•rol I:harne'Ie'rislie':e," I~V Pcn•ulittr. Itcdail. THuwn.,t. f,l:u•}•Icuctl alnle• t11t'elle•nl.IuttrutttS:'S /t,•luttn:u•y It1Ei!1. (N111, 1'A) 70. "'I'Ftr Itnt•Ic'rin( (Ixiclnlion nf Nic•ulluc. I. Nicolittc (tadnllon Icy t`oli P'rnc 1'rrpnruliutl,v," by I,. 1. Ilnc•kslc'6t nntl .tiittltt(')l f1. Ritlrnbrv•!I• Julu•unl of Itlednt;ic•nl l!ht•ncistry 2:t1: (5I irM), .Innunry 1939. d71. "79u! Iturlt'rlnl (Ixiclntion of Niculiur. IL'1'he llaointicetl eif Iho Fh•yl Oxicin- tit'e t'rvnluc:t and ilti Itlcvttilic•ttlion as (1)-R-llydrecsyuiculitt(;" by L. I. liuchs(('M nud .Sllduall O. l:ittrnbr.ry. Journal crf Itinlul;it•nl f!Itt•ntislry ,,'{1 • 156 -1f0, Junnary 111 5!l. 7'' "A 17unvUtnl: Itnle Infusimt Appsu•alus,° by Qtteul{u S. die'Kt•unirt, 1Cdtenrd 11. 11na•mnu nwl ilrrlrrrl. AlrKrun(ti Jr. '1'osiculul;y and Alepliwl i'Irortnac•nl- ot;y I' /il 1F1, ltuntni•y (Iirtutlce: P. .S. l:cu•.enn) (A'1') 7:1. "TLtt Iltspiralury Sytilcvn in Iitc Nurnml R'hilr I'c'Icin I)tu'k:" Ly )t. 11. 1?itl- don. I'onllry Scic•urc':tR: 1:Mt-L'1(1„Innunry 11)it). (N(!f) 7-i. "Kcerntncnnlhatnn P;xperinlt'ninlty IuQnc'('d Witlt Dlelhylcltoluutltrene ln IUc• (.Itk•kru,"by li. 11• ]tigdnn. Archives tcf I)crtnalology 79: 1:i11-1-17, Ft•Itrn- nry 1959. (Nl!I) 15. "Aloe'haui:em of Itevnot•nl of t'9uiel and 1'nrticuln(r UInIt•rint Frnut Ihe ItP.q- Irirnlory `Prac•t uf Iht• 1)tlc'ic," Ilr It'. 11. ftiflrlon. Arrltit•r's of 1'alhnlogt• /i7 • 'll 5 227, U'c•brunr}• ltl:c!). (N( •1) iR. "'1't')w's of Kc•rn/iuiiaiic,n In ihc• tlumm11 (atr{Civn," Ly 1. 1'. \\'riwtl:inu tu14 .1. 11e•Se•r. .leent•nnl ul' inreaiil;:tlirr Itrrwatolnl;y :12: `t7 !11, Fe•hrunry 1!~ 5-it• . . . 1 ,..I11 •'1
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(•ItiAltli'1"1'Iti (,Altl•a.I:v(t :\NIt AI11'4:It'1'IhINl7 - Il)lifi 13:/, "l'uruu:u;r Itluud 1•'lua tuld (':irlliar tts-Y(:ru \Irlallnlixw I)ul•in:; \irulinr. IodtlrrJ lul•rraslw ilt l.1•fl. 1'i•nlrirtd:u• N'nrlc," I/y Icrtu I•:• Ubrll•, .1. .l:lN,• \Cilli:uu., Luui. t'rdl;/•ill•r, .1: 1:. ti,•htuillhrwlrr, .1. ll. lluflrr•N-m•lrir•1 :uu1 ('rl llia Kirsrl. .\wutls uf Ilu• Not:• 1'url: .\oadomy' uf SI ir•Irrr• c!rll: I71 1ti:/, tirpl/ lullrr:'7, I!Ililt• (XII•\, 1'1'.1• I1.\til') "1':I'I'c'rl ul' 1!i);atrl•Illr tiuud;IW;' ujt 1'uruu:u y l•Irrltlttllnu tuld ('ttrdl,•tr IYurlc lu Ilnliruly t1•ith :\rlrrica.cloroliy /'urun:u%v I)i~ra c•:' 11g 'I'iwulltx •I. It/•t::ln, Il:lrl`rr K. 111•I11•ws atttd liirhirrrl .1. Riutt. .\uualv uf Ihl• ,NI•tt- 1'nrl; .\r:nl• wuyuf Sril•ur(.a !III: IKIi Iti!1,` tio1H1 wbrr L'?. I!IGII• 1.\ 1I.\, N 111, 1,1 \I II p) l:ri. I:It'IV•1 ou Italx uf 1'Itrouk I:~pnxurr In 1 ti(;ou'r•111• Sutnl;o:' Iot• ll. It. Ilrr,rtl, I:,x.. 1'. s. 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•Is-{- ('11::1lti•:'I"1•I? 1.,1It1a.1\ti A\I1 :111\'1•:I('1'Iti!\li --- I!1(i 5 a:ra. ••liluc•nsr Itlurl:n(;r uf \on-latrrilird 1+'nll}• Ariris Inrrrnsc 1'rnrlncrrl Irv Stnukiul; In Iirulihy tunl l,urotntr}• Snb,jrrls," by Ln)ris A. ,So/nJ( onrl Ilriu•r• tir•l)tt•ariz. Atncrirnn rlnurual of iha 1lydicnl Scicncen :.a•17: 5sn irtit, 11n}• 1961. q(•111(.(:) I ) ari. "Alat)nmali:an I/r};rnrlntinn of (-1)rmrllaylruliulnr," by Sorr.ll 1.. Srha•nriz uud Ilr•rLr•rl .llr•Iic•)ntiv Jr. Nulwr. '~u:~.: r!11 i!t:r, r11nt• 1), l!11i1. (A'P) :l55. '•\Irln6nlit' ltrlrnst• uf Alt•Il)yl (yroupv Frout n Srrirs af N-Atrt.ltylpl•ritiitnu (•n)nlrouud,,'• Iry lI. Jir•lir•ntaix ,Ir., 1'3. It. Itua•tu:1n, A. Ilorvnlh nu(1 .1. i'. Itrrlrrl:n Ir. Nalut•r L'/!'S: 1!!1!1, 71!D, Alny 1(i, 1!IIt1. (AT, NItI) 356. "•\rldiliwr;)) Itnttirn in Illr \Irlnlinlitian of a.\rrl)•Ilr}•ritliur,'• by ll. llrhnu,iv .Ir., L. It.'Purubnll nurl P:. It.atotswno. .Iournnl of itiulo{;irnl ('larmisirc S:t!1: 1'_'1:.-1L'20, Aprii 1lHil. (iqlll, .\'i`) an7. "I':Irrt•/ of Nirnllur un 1'allrr)lujawitm uud Srt•nluuIn Lrt'(.l4 I)t 1'llro," b)• I:. 11nn"sun, 1). 9'. Alnsnokn :Iwl 11'. (l. ('In)•l,•. Archit'ry Inlorunlionalr•. dr• 1'1)arwnrudyuauulr I I!): 1 ev:t 160, Aluy 1. 1l1111. (Al:,y, NiII, NA\Ili) 3fr8. "l:ffrK1s (if ('uuu'Io I,uVi „ u~ Ilubr•rt :I. liulrn. (•linirnl 1'ltnrtunrnluy;~• nnrl 'I'hatnprntics 1•i~:~277'_'s0, \la}•-,I mn• 1llli-l. Hidl, "lilur•u.r ltlurl;uitr of Ilar Iurr•rn5e Iu Strnkr: 1'nitunn 1'rodnrrd hy Suwul:- ing," bt• I). 1', 1[nsr., I1• 1'ott•i:rti nnrl l.. .I. SulnJj. t71rv•tdnl.iun 29: ti_11 ti":r, :Itutr 1!4iL (N:1S1', Al)Itl+') :tG11. '•Tlar Ih•Irrminnlinu uf l'nruqnt;v FIntt T:rinicnirul. \1'lllt ('ninridrurr• 1'uuutiug 'Prrhnir," by R. .1. ltin,rl, A. Itriwish. (i• Itlurmchrn, A. ('ohrn, ,T. 1'. I:n11n(;larr nud H. :1. 7.nlrsl.i. ('irrulnliuu 29: lwta 8.16, ,luur 1961. (1'I14, AIIA, MIIIG\, T.IAIRI ,;It11'1', JA111e) ,i(i/. "'I'nstr•'I'hrr.holdx for 1111:Icrnrsiy nnd (a(;nrrllrt Smokint;," by A. It. lirtplan, Ll• \'• la,•u)t•ille a1w1 It. Fisrhrt•. 1\ntnre :.'1/2: 1•illli, ,lllue 27, t!)(6t. (Nlll 2) 3(i2"\Iw•hawisu) uf Nirnlinr Indna'rrl Vasrulnr 1tr5islnore iu Ihn t;ttprrinr \Irsrnlrrir• :lrtrry of Ihr (•ali," by •l. I'. Goup nurl /•• L• Ili(;hgrubutrn. .\n•hirrs lulrrnnlionn)rs da 1'h:u•uwruhpnnnair. 1•1l1: :#t 5--1tl13, Jlmr 1. atta. •'lliaor•Dr•mirni I)ru)nuslrntiou of ilplalcr of l:xnl;ruons Norrpinrpbriur by .\ah•warr};ic Fibrr)t I)t I'ilro,'• Iry l:. T. :1)NIr:Tilirnx• Srirnre 1•Ifi: i(Ct i(11, .Ital}• 31. I!17i1. (I'i1S) :N;I. "Iurlurliun uf Nruplnsaus in (irt•mfrrr Itudonlti iry a-1lrlhyltholnnlhrrur, b)• .11. 1'nllard, T. Ala)Isnznu•at nn4 .1. (t. Sninmou. Journal of tilc Nn- Iuruul ('.tr• ;r•n rrr Iutililulaa.t,. .l.i-,.)J. lul~ . ~ 1901. (1'ItS) ii(i.r. "(7rrwfrt•a :\uimnls nnd ltinlr~c;ti•al Itrsr:u•ah," by alTo)•ris Pollard. firir•urr 115 : 3-17-Q_i1, .)tdy 17. 196 1. (IINIt, N/II, 1/•1, N1', NSIe, Alv(7, 11N11, nnal r•mwl}• ratt)rrr soririirs) :tBli. "\ir•ulinr-1'-(ISide: A\Irlabulilr of Nirnliur in Auimnl 'i'itisurti," by N. \I. I'nluuloiinnlu.. :lrrhit•rs of Itiurhrwi~iry unrl I!inpl)y:;lr•s 1/11i: 182 185, .1n1y _'ri, 1!Irl. (I.rnu/rr: 1•;. r': Ilo/1) 367. '•lulinrm•r ul' 1'uruuna;t• .lrlrrinl 1'rr.run•r on (7nrnnary 1'atsomntnr'Ponns•" hS• t'• 1•L t'rrrv,. 1'irr•ulnliuu Iirsr•ru•r•1) Snpp. I l0 1•ulu• I1 .•l• .IG• K7 lla, .\uRu.l i!Ilti. ((:raulrr:l'.P.rlrrlisb)n7/,drrensrd). (NIII) 7t1iti. "1'rrran•.urti (if 11)•pet•Irusiun atui,l ('uruna);v llisrasr Amm)>; Ilrnlllty Dlrrli- r•:)I filudrul,: Ilitirrimiuaul J'mu•Iiun ,\IUaI1•Nlta 1. Itnillt; tiumlanr; linbil., :Is Ihr 1`rilrrion," by V. It• 'I'Lr.)urrs, 1). (!, ){ucti aanri C. Q. 111(;in- ludhum. Ilnllolin of Ilar ,luhns Ilulrl:ius Iluspilal 11 5: 17•i-1!11, :\u; uA 1!11)I. (VI11) iG!/. "'I'lar I•:ffrrt nf l.it•rr ImLatlanrre nn tlrr 1)rvrinponrnt of (Irnl Tumors iu \lir•r Fullmwiu(; 11)r ,\pplirniluu of Itruzp}•rr•ur or 'I'uhar•cu 'i'na:" Ir}• .11. 1'rul:r•1 auul A. r!. /Iinrdiu!u. .luw•ual nf 11)e Netvrn•Ic (!ily linspilnl 1 : 1" "1, •lnly I!)1i1. i171). "•\rtrrial .lrid Alurupnlt~norararidr ('lntu:;rti by 1'rnlamiur," la.v ira Oorr, 1-. '1':uwL-n :uad II. A. 11'hilt•. .\rr•Uirox of 19aihology 78: 181 1Ri, Srp- Ir•aulrrr 1!uit. (NI11) :17I. "1'nlwrrn;u•)• Alt•rul:u• t'r•11 Ln•lutilaus: 'I'hc•it• IAa'cloputrni: in 1)hr ltnl." Ir) Sur• It)rr•d•iagAruu• W. L`. lirNan•}• Ir. :)ud S. (S. Snmmrrr. Sr•Irnr'r 7-IG: 11112 11!):t, tirplr•mhrr 11, 1!11;1.' (\I.\1)•1• I11JF) a7°. "Irir•n/illr•niirw o1' .lrrunnlir •Udrlr}•rirw in ('I);nrolir Smo)te luul In'i'obnrrn." hc 1•• I1. 1'nm; auui l. I!. il'cudr•r. i'h1'lurhrmixlry :t: 17 '.:°, ,fauwat)•}' 1!1111. :1i3. 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(1'115, A11•\, All'll.\, LIAtItN', It\\'D', ,lAI1M) ! •r r. n/:it.t , • ti. .us, w. .rti ' 1•~ •ur•at'dntl l ,• . 'c • . 1) . nar.n h ,t nit•mr InlIrrns in litt mnn IIr rt t r . ~ ,v S. liudb,iurnnsnn, (!. Ilr Sr•hryt•rr. /l. iluun alnd lr. •1. King. Jnurnnl of l.nirnrnlorl' auul ('linirnl Alydicine Iit: 7'I(i 801. Novrutbrr 1!11i1. (1'ilS, .\IIA• AMA I•:It1'', :1t1 •11:\, Ll!1IItU', It11'IO, 1:\ItG') :ttili. "Itr•Inliomhip FlrInrru lfi•okrd itrslrr)use /:hnn{;rs nnd Ilri):tvirrr Fnliou•in;t Nwall I)•rrr:ti of \iouliar iu Ihr• 1'n/." hy .1. PL Sin•)•ur .Ir. nuri It. it. Itrnu rt. Ih•urvrdin,t:: nl' Ilar 11'rslrt•n 1'hnt•wnrulufiy Sor (r It' 7: i~ ri11, I!I(11. ^ti7. "'talrol:r \'uht)ur nwl (•au•rlinr (httpnt: :lflrr Smnlcing in Ilu• I'rrslprnndiatl i a:;K• :uul iu Ihr FastiuR Slnlr," by L. .t. .4nlufj aml I). V. 1'nu•r•r.. :\wcrG•nn auurual of Ihr ,11rQirnl Sricncrs 2•IS: (i!1a li!)/i, 1)rcrntbrr 1!ui1. (All(IC) "y•hrnnir (/1rtiU•nclit•r [.nu/; I)isrn5r.' 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['owell, \l. I:mnionkrtn'shi nn0 It• F9r. :s1)Irt•. (:nsi rurutrrulog,v 47 :(N)1 C(!11, 1lrrrmhrt• 1l11i 1. ( N I II ) a!/:t. ".\oti;;ru tillwnlalyd 1)rsus}•rll,unnr•)r•tr Arid S}'nihryly In 1'ilrn 11.1- Sru:al- /izrrl Atnusr 1lnrruplntgrs•" by I). Itutt•Iry anul ('. Lr•ttr•hlr•nhrr/)rr. i•:un•rl 2: 7:t1 7:t:i• (Irlubrr 3. 1!!ai1. (1!1i::11t)
Page 28: srd03f00
(.'IIIAKIi'1"1'I•: LAIII•a.ItV(I .1NIt aI1\'I:Ii'I'Itili`ill----19(ifi Illt• ^'I`ht• It:trirri,'ti llsid:tliuu of Niruliut•. 11I. 'J'ite itiulalJou nwl Idt'ulilir•rl- t ieu trf li•I lytlrosyp,t udt,u~} uirol iar," by l.ttwrt ut e 1. Ilw•ltsloin twd Sidnat/ ('. 1Nilirnbrrrg. Juluvul of Itiolo{;iral (•hewititry `l:ta: 7tl,i-711:1, Dtau•c•lt 1111i11. 117. •'tiuwm SU111titit•nl Ilbw(rl•+tIictnauu:t ('enpt•rnlIrt• Slntly of IitlmttU 1'lllUronur}' 1'a•Iltolu(;y. lll," •by l.dtrin it. II'il•enlr autl \latt•y 11. Jhu•kc. I't•trrt:eQiu(;% af Ilte Nttliuual At•udewy of Srit•uct•s 16: 66 1 :diti, Almil 1l11tU. l1)i. "(7nmiutritiuu of Sutukt't:s and Natttitut,kc't's. 1. A. 1'relim(uttry ltopnrt utt IUt• Altilily 'I'o 't'ltti(e 1'1tt'nylihinurea 1 I':i'./l.);' ity (:ru•ul(na 13rdnil '/'Lnutrrs «ud Itt•t•uit•e liirmrlthoru ('uhcm. Itullt•liu of Ihc Jtdwv IIuplana Ilusitilnl 11/1,. . . _Il.r .. . r - • ,l•F, Alrt'il lt . • llrll, J1t1, "Itleutiliraliou uf ('•affe(c Acid bt (.ig+u•t•Ile Stuokc," by (7hat-ITtva 1'an(t, Y. Naicittilnt'm m~l S• 11. 11'r•urUu'. lunrntll of lIr„rtuic Clu'utttilry':.•i: Gi,t INi0, AIK•Il 1tlli(/• (AbN%, N111) I::II. "U711'ttt uf Nirutiut• tuttl a't,bnt•t:o ou \luWlo Fwtclioo," by 1':rn5t 19srluw, IG'r6t'rt. S(I4oN.tt•, 1'. S. Lttr.nu nud It. It. llaurl• Amt'ric:rn .1etn•uai'I of 1'hy5ic•ui Dit•tliriue 7tt/: /t3--i7, Aln il 11160. l`SI. "t\It•n,ut•ewt'ul of '1`ub:u-ro Swnlau);," by 1'. :1. T.nrtimt, 11. I3. llaun atttl It. Sih•t•Ilt'. Alt•dirul Tintt'ti 4;i: •It7 1"t1, Aprll I!NiO. 1'S'' '•'1'ht• l)zitlaliou of N(c•ulint•. I. Kiurl.ir•:r of 9ht- TdrlltitT i'hntir Itrarllun Ntutr Iirruw 'Pt•wla•rnlura;' ity Knbr-r( Il. I.UIm•ll. 'Pultnvt•e St•it'w•e •I : YKt/• t/1, Aln•II '_'ll, 17Ni(1. 1_':t. "'1'ht• Th•t•rlupmoul of a Killt•tt Luu}; ('olt tilr:Hn und (1ti ('hrmmosuut+•s," by )"nh Il. Nalcani.hi. 7,rilsohrifL fnr %ollfut•m•htmg 51/2: 1+titi -1:"il, 1(WtU. ( (.rcutlee : (!. .1/. !'wnrt'ul ) 12•i. "111yoc+trtiirtl AlMalrnli,m of b'atly At•itls," by Fred It. Itnllard, A'illiom IT. Uaufurllt, Sic•Rfrird Nao);la atucl KirGnrd .1. /tiuf/. ,Icattval of lUlinivnl lus•c•::lii;:ttinu atl: 717 72:1, Alay IIpY/. (.111.\, LIr1I1tP`, I'liS) "\'Itsrulat• Ttt•xpaust:ti to tinenlciut 'Ibbarru /'untir:u•t•d ll'illt ltt•s1Nwst•ti lo Slan 'I't•z1inR uf'Ibbttrr•u I;xLt•atr•Iv,•' Itt• Kurl Lh+('riui,, Wallcr ltt•tlisc•h, 1'iur•t•nl 1''uul:uut, •1rlitln' I.rteir, .1lrcriuu R. tiulxbrrgtv rtud :I. IIltu•ruy tiIr'r•It'. .Utnais trf Itdt•ru:tl Jlt•dit'iw•:'i.:: 1na.i 11/11, ftluy ItNt/l. • 1'Sn. "Tubttrcu tutd Itt•nal 1'`uurliun :utd I liw:Isrti nl' Liu• Itrittary Trat•L A Itt't'ira• e,f Iht' 1ulTrclst uf Smokiug auui t\irulitle admiu(tilU•Itliun in Al:tn aud kni• uutl::;' Ily I'. S. Larmuu, Il. It. llnnp untl II. Sihrotte. Virginia 1llodic'nl ltlunlltly 87: :132 :t11, iltue 1960. 127. "Il:ITet•iv of U:rRemt•Irine (I.rl;ouut•iut') (1n Ilte Isnlalt:tl ALlterosclercilic Tirart of Ihe /)helt•slt'rel-li'rd ltttbbi3," hy llurulity Karp, St'ymonr 11. ltiuzlt•r rutd ,Tu4ur/ Trctrr•ll. Itrilisit 1rnu•unl of 1'hurmncology 1:'i: 3:t3-314, Jane 1:)till. (.11t1i`, 1\'1I1) 128. "'!'lu• ltt•I,•Uiut0tip Itt•IWroo Itiet•hrutir:tl .1t'lit•ily uutl Alet'luwirrtl l!'nur•liun uf Ihc• Ilr:trl," by VirAard .l. ltiug. i'rut•t•odiugs of Ihr Sixllt Iulet•ttaliuo:tl (Srwl;rt•.v of lult•rtwl Alt•dit•ittr, It:t"•I ::pl att, Itn:/1. (1'l IS, LIRI1tlt', AIIA, MCIIA, Al,, ItI1'D'). l:.'ll. "'I'he bai'tvL of Alrlhtlt'Iwlaullutnt• un llu• 11nsIruiult•slittnl 'I•rarl. +rf /lu• 1)nrlc," by 6'. !!. lti,clrlulr. 'Pt•x:tx I(rlu,rls ou Itiuluy;y luul 111t•dirtue iF: 2715--:'X3, Swwtu•r 19110. (NCI) 1:10. "SI ndit , utt -I he 1411't•oI:; uf Art•I:titlt'hydr ou 'I'iti5tu' t't'lls Clnilit•:rlt•d In 1'i(rrt:' by llunnlr! .41. /'ar•c' ItnQ Alirt• 1•1111uW. /7nuvt•r Ht•.rtlrc•It 2/): 816'i K7:i. d uly 111160. ( NOl ) 131. olll•et of Iwiolc-3-Aeelic Arid on Ir'ormttltle6yde Afetnbollent," by (.liffr,rti S. Sato. aottruttl of itiolngirati (:Lt'mitilry 2:t5: 2087 2091, :rul}• 1/11i(1. ((Ir:tttloc: ./. Rnmrrr) 133. "'lbhart•n Awblyopia. '1'he 1,7t'ulnliuu and N:Ilural Ill4fory of tt "Polhar•oo- t;t•uir., Ilivrtt,r," by IT. Ri1ti'rllt•, 11. It. 11aa,r1 nud 1'. 9. Laryou. Amorirnn .luut•u:,t nf ()phlllatlmuluhy G(1: 71 1011, .Inly 11111(1. 1:1a. ":1 l:urrrlnird IIIvlulul;lt•ul C}•IuluRit•aI, aud /'.Vtur1lrmit'a) Study of iLr 'I'rarhoubrunt•hial '1'rot•e antl l.nnt;, of 1liirt: 1':xputiud lu <llFart•i•Ic' Swnkt'. I1. l`nrSiu{; Itr,puu,rti of 111aljor Itruurhl lo•(7il;tu•t•Itc Smoke, AL::rucr of ilrouc•bu};wtit• (•:u•rinumat Aflt•r I'rulnu{;t•d Expnsttrt•, Itnd I)lsnppt'tumurt• uf ltrnnrhiel Lt•ziuus AfIt•t• /'rss:tliun uf P)xpntitn•e:' Ly f!r.rilie Lrtrch(,'n- Grrllcr, Itudnlf Lrut•Itlt•nbrrl;t'r, \Nilliatw ZrUrmt :tnd 1'alrlria Shn11'rr. (::tuot'r 1:3: 7'31-7:1`S, Jnly Aur;ttsf 11160. 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Page 29: srd03f00
('IrAltit'I'TI: 1.AI(P:I,IN(t nftin ,tll\'i•at'I'itiIKt; •--1 tiG5 C:11. "•'1'rlluy,i:ulluliun uf Ihl• lir•:Irl." b)• Ilir6rn•d .l. Itiull. (thi.vo 1'iliba, A1h:lotr• L,• 1'lu•c:;uhuu, 1'rutl 1.. 1\'nlf 111111 ~i{ wunliur undb,jarlwMnn. /8rr•ululiun _:,: !i:t 2i(i, F1'llrlull'1• Itll~,!. 11'llti, AIIA. 1.1.11100, •\I:, It11'1O, .I•\II1 r ta" '1:1'ic•1•1s rrl' tilrlrr•lil'1• I'ilralt'ioir•1° Irr:Idi:11im1 of Ilu• Nllrll•i of Lit•iu{; hy 1'. 11•Il. .1lolrlllururv7l, 10. YIq111rrIr11, 1.. 1.. Ilulullr,l', 1'. 1.. I:bnplnnn, 111111 .1. I;. ('nol:. Ihurrrdiu{ t ol' Ihr ?;rmil•I)• f11P I':cllrriml Illrll Itlulula' wul Jirrlirinr 1/1•ti: ai'_' ::7:r, c\ut•rullqy' 1961. '!a:l• ".\Ilinlly ul' I'u1\r1'r•Ilr .\1•uulnllo Iltdrorlub,nl. 1'ul• 1':Irrln,u:u q•Illl '1'IlrrnnlI I:ut•rt i/•.: 11 : 1'u.ahl/• NitChilircull•1• iu t'nrriur,{;rur;ci:l,'• h}' .1. I•:. I,/,el'Iurlt. .\. %Itlllas uud R. N. Itrr•Irr•rt ,\;Ilurv I!1::: irlU 311• llbbrutu•}• IO, 1!111•C sai. "I'/'riwlil• 1•'1•c/•r, nlt P:ulil}•. 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Page 30: srd03f00
•1 A ('1t:A1il•:I'1'I'. I..\III'.I.IN'ai :\NI) AUII'.II'I•Itili`(i - I!ili5 I!tll. ••l'h;lu;;t•. Iu 11u11;t1 1'sllut•s uf 1'lu•umnsumt•x ,lfl/•r Irratlislliuu uf Ilnm:w .lnauiou ('rl(.," by JI. ,llizulslni, 1'. ()iwula, 1'• lf• Naltuui.hi attd t•. I/. I'rnurral. !'t•ut:rt•diu);s ul' Iht• l'u11fe•1•aul•e' ott Itc•sosarolt (lIt Itsllliulhrrsy,) of 1;uu•rr: :'11 Ii!/, :\pt•il I!It;1. (1'uldishevl hy Iltsr Amt'rit•au ('slntror 1,,. 1•irly) ((I:;:1P') "1'stlhu 191 ;t•tsrlit• Iu1t'rr 'I li u i Il l • a ! 4 ) . u / :I . u yprr t ta ual a11s / nruuslry :lrlrry lliw•:1•m;' Il ('ua' lin • ll •d 1f 'l'h Isi • y o r r r uuaas. u s1s1•s of Iht• Nt•rrnux Sy'sIrnt _'•!: ::!I I;, s lpril 1961 ( N11I 1' \ 1 . . . . 11)" •'I'uln n su• ' N l I' l • •d b dl ' up u l y I llsw, rtn w / y rlltyit'(solaulltr/roc• iu Ihl• 1\ Isilr 1't•hIn ~ " • 1I Ittu•I:, byk.Il.lli/ldup. l sulrrr(trsr:u•t•h'1.1: 571 a7-I,May 1!Hii. 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(AT) L'111). '•'1'lu+ ltnlc nf 19sc•rri.c' '1't•sis in Ilto 1)islRuuSin of /1m'nnary Arlory Iusuf- Iivil•w•y," by 1. L:. Furlr, •l. 11. IlraJlrrwcc:lricl, ,1/•rry 14. hrbiniltllrnnl'r, 11nu1t•r S. Neal tstad 1!. A. Itatl);herty. elulcrit'asu lle'alrt .lo1u•ns11 Itl:75ai- 71i2, ,Itine l/)(il. ICIRA• l?1'.1, IL\SI', Nill) L'l)1, ".lrliuu of Nit•oliuo suul `Pnbartu-Sauokiu>; nn Iho Adrru»1 111ctlullsl," by II• tiilt•t•Ilo, 1.'• S• Ir,u•sun suad ll. it. Ilaratl• Arl'Itit•t•a uf lulc•rn:ll A1(•dirio,• 107: !ll:r!)a1, ,Iwlr I!1111. 21)2. "I:II'/'rls nl' :1Uis11 aud 1'rnU•irltlslr Fibrillallinu atul Ct•ulri/ ul:u 'I'su Ilcrsudia ou a'su'bullydl•salr ;111'1slhmdislu rll' I11/• Ilrnrl," UY 111i1•hnrI Klsirllriu, KYr,h/•I I:aku, Alllnuatifus tau•ywlumu :unl )lir'hrard .1. Itiaaq. /art•ulsaliula Itt:srarrll !1: tilll 825, •Itlly (!)Iil. (1418, .11I.\, 1I/!I1:1, I.IM1Ilt11`, AIt, ItN'V1 _'Oa. •'1tisratsauu" 1I'slw•I un Itl•rrul. 1'ru;;rt:vs sutd 1'rra•u/ Ihublt nl. in /lsr Firld ul' by Hirluaa•d .1. ltiarl/. Fedrrsllinn I'rurrotlln{;s _'lIU:7_' i:t, ,11tly 1!Ili1• (1'11s, AI1.1, 11(!I1.1. I,I ll ltP) _'111. "Nurrnliniul (Ua•~lut•Illy9rutiuilsl•/ uti st I'ritlary 1G•Islbn(itr of Nurlliol/liut••" by l;iuu,llkc 1\'sadst, Ialward It. Ituwwau• L/•uuu% It.'L'ttl•Itlnlll auitl Nrrhrrl .l/t'/it•asaaix ,)a•. :Iuurnal /lf 1Gealblansll auatl 1'laarslutl•t•idital 1•Iltmiary 1 : :.'1-all.ltlly 111/i1. (.\'I') L'1)i. ".lrult• 1411't•cl, of Inlsatl:lliola uf Ci)ssre'IIe Slnnlce nn Airway ('uudus•Iaurl•," by ,ia}• A. N:Ids•l autd .ll/liu` )l. ('unn•rars .la•. .lournal u( Applird I'llysi/du:;s Ili: 71:i 716, ,luly Ilalil. /1',l I.) :.'OIi. "1'ullstilslliat aaut( tiutolcili„" by :116r•rl /)antoaa. Slde'ntr ]tt1: .\u);u:;1.4, 1:1111. L'07. "•1'omlraclilt' i'ralt•iun ot' Ilt•:Irl Hluvrle iu Hlstn;' Isy Rirliarrf F. Rtaatl stnd K. Kaalco. 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