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Various 1996 (19960000) Published Articles on Jimmy Spencer.

Date: 1996
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Camden, NJ Courier•Post PhIl1dalphlo Mat Araa Wednaadar D 8e,110 SEP 18, 1996 ~ N3802 MYiYPRRSS CL7PPINGS privers fined in Do-. . ver NASCAR scuffle DAYTbNA, Fla. - NAS- CAR drivers Jimmy~r Michael Waltrip an y e et- tywere fined a total of E17,000 Tueaday after nearly coming to blows in the MBNA 600 at Do- ver De1. = , . . §pencei wea:fiqed $10,000 for tryiiig to get at Wally Del-. '' lenbach afterthey were'in- volved in a multicar accident' " with 44 laps remaining Sunday at Dover Downs International ' Speedway. Petty wae fined $5,000 and. Waltrip $2,000 for threatening each other moments after tan• gling on the final lap of the race, won by Jeff Gordon. /
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NASCAR ENTERED CYBERSPACE IN EARLY '96 ` WITH ITS OWN COMPREHENSIVE WEB PACE. WHO NEEDS AN IN-CAR CAMERA WHEN YOU , HAVE THE INTERNET? alU51WI0M(WIRSYMK(Aq A LAP AROIINp: . INWW.NASCAR.COM _ By FRANK MORIARTY ...................................... .. :.,............. ust a few short months ago any presence of the NASCAR Winston Cup Series in the online computer Jworld was the exclusive domain of computer-literate race fans. These fans voluntarily posted results and moderated conversations about racing in areas of standardized online commercial services like CompuServe and America Online. Now, though, with corporate America latching onto the loose reigns of the Internet as the means of establishing an on- line presence, it should come as no surprise that NASCAR itself-backed by the funding of corporate sponsors-has carved out its own niche on the Internet. The establishment of a NASCAR site on the Internet has been heralded with the firing up of some powerful promotion- al machinery. It's been hard to watch a race on television this season without being constantly urged to check out www.nascar.com by Dave Despain, Bob Jenkins, or other TV race broadcasters. So just what is the average race fan going to find at wwwnascar.com? Before we get into that, for those new to the online world here's what the Internet address www.nascar.com means. The www stands for World Wide Web, the global aggregation of computers all communicating with each other. This communi- cation is what makes up the Internet. The com at the end indi- cates that the site is a commercial venture. As for that middle word-well, if you aren't familiar with NASCAR you're read- ing the wrong magazine. SITE SPECIFICS As for the web site itself, therek a lot more to be found now than there was just a few short months ago. Coming online around the time of Daytona Speedweeks, the potential of the NASCAR site was largely untapped when its presence was first announced. Of course, that's to be expected, since all 152 g0VFM8ER1996 M 0 ~.,...,.d,,....., .~°.^'.•...~T.:.".4''.ti 0 THE SITE'S HOME PAGEHAS MULTIPLE CONTENT BUTTONS TO EXPLORE. NOTE HO1N MCDONALD'S HAS A PRESENCE ON THIS PAGE AS A COR- PORATE SPONSOR. (COMRia14REaHnaIE5VM,5UlJ world wide web sites are constantly undergoing changes as new features and capabilities are added. Development is an ongoing process and, although the general look of a site may be the same from week to week, you'll often find new things to check out as the evolvement of Internet tools continues. An example of that fact is the new availability of audio and video clips, viewable as AVI or QuickTime formats. Want to see Rusty Wallace blow off some steam after being knocked out of the 1995 Daytona 500? It's waiting for you at www.nascaccom. by clicking on the "Theater" option. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a lap through the site from the main index screen, which is where you arrive when your web browser connects you with www.nascar.com. I To check how timely information is on NASCAM web
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WINSTON CUP SCENE CsrttsrA, NC N[[ilr 117.IOo SEP 19, 1896 ®®® M28878 : o eeaa cL~rnxc1- _ fi ~~ ... ~.,y 1% 0 3f~ Q fil aJ '~ ' /Ca s.N.wMJAl9)6' ~ 1h.rao..arl~cAe!puel~:~.. -Noma ao.b"d~~p~A~nwry. ~wq.rma 1e,. .e, WM E~C xw W~/~JM~.... . PX4pCb' MVa 0 s ;a~f 6r~~?;~`i~ W Ol ilJ%ann m ISD. 6iiw.n Yw wmi.dd6 ~~~~..q,~,, ~-rv~llkIfMI1db10f~ld~.~...•.~pRO~~e.M/MO/ld..w. ~I~I~/~I/IIdQ01M~''W O~ppO'kld~/~1/V/OiMf~AI/'l~.~lA7UWf0Ai~D.. . .
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I , ' 52245 8140 Spencer :Rolls Home A Sating Fifth By Rllr cOOPEII Talndspa Supenp.adwuy .. . kept his cool thtotghwtt: :_' . . . Tulude8o, Alu- . . .. .... . "Evaybody was'under advetse condi- Jdy 28,1996 _ tlons;" Spencer said of the eariyfinish; . which was brought on by darkness and J IMMI SP GIiIt SAII) HE KNEW shortened the race to 129 laps -or he wasn t good enough to win, but a 343.14 miles. "The sun was setting-and fdth-place finish after a 40th-place the weather was bad and tempers were . performance at Talladega in April flaring. We'll take fifth and go on to may have been just the medicine Ltdianapolis." - . . Spencer needed in the raindclayed Spencer won Talladega's DieHard 500 .._.7ad.taio§bq&AKdRlsHat'd:50t1A*---- iM1ye4whil_e_.dciyiggtorJnniorJohreon:.~- Running second_with nine laps That's the last ioee, won and up until remaining, Spencer sliced and diced his a couple of month~sg;in',Ju, ,neK . way around the 2.66-mile track for his Micltigan, it also was his most mrnt top ~: second topfive finish of the season in the five. - Travis Carter Enterprises Ford. .. . "I knew I wm't good enough to win," "We'11 take fifth and go on to the Spencer said. "I knew it wasn't quite . house," Spencer said, doing his best what I needed. We felt we had a top-10 : Sterling Mnrlin imitation "The guys have car, not a top-five car, so we'll take a top been working hard. We've had two bad five and be proud of it-" . races the last two weeks, and to come Spencer also moved up to 15th in the home fifth, we're really happy with that-" series standings, and he's just one point The final five-lap shootout in the accl- behind 14th-place Ricky Craven (2,o1Cr dentanarted event wasn't conducive for 2,015) after tecotding his s4xth top10 fin- lowering blood pressure, but Spencer ish of the season. ® A p/eased Jimmy spencer (rightJ talks with crew chief Dcnnie Wingo after iheir fih/h-pbte run. DON W WCHESTER Pho1o WINSTON CUP SCENE Concord, NC WEEKLY AUG 1, 1996 M25978 111111©PRFSS CLIPPINGS
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site, CIRC:LE TRACK logged on just as'; the field crossed the stripe on lap 250 , of 500 at the spring Martinsville race. The lead item on www.nascar.comk in- dex stated: "The race is on! Check out lap-by-lap coverage of today's Goody's Headache Powders 500 Winston Cup Series race using NASCAR's official timing and scoring system." That sounded good to us, so we clicked our mouse on that selection. A few seconds later we were looking at a color picture of race leader Rusty Wal- lace and were being informed of the track conditions, the average speed of the race, and the official standings as - of lap 251-which had just been com- pleted a few seconds before. Now that's fast! For each driver in the race standings, you can click on the his name and be instantly sent to a full bio of his career. We chose Jimmy Spencer, and were presented with an eight-paragraph bio beneath a color photo of the Smokin' Joe's car, driver and team higlhl`i ts, Spencer's career Winston Cup record, and his '96 stats. We were also present- ed with the opportunity to read about team owner Travis Carter and crewchief Donnie Wingo. Impressed, we went back to the top index and this time selected "News." ( full list of NASCAR headlines ap- peared, accompanied by brief summa- ".'ry ieports,whieh could be selected in- dividually to read the complete story details. 'HOUSEORGAN7 At the time of our visit NASCAR had just announced slight aerodynamic concessions would be given to the Ford Thunderbird's roof at certain tracks, but we also knew the Ford teams still weren't happy with NASCARt decision. This seemed like an ideal time to see how NASCARk own Internet site handled controversy involving the sanctioning body. We clicked on the headline "NASCAR announces Ford adjustments" and were presented with a well-written, easy-to-understand story about the complex aerodynamic issues--com- plete with Dale Jarrett's complaints about NASCAR's decision and Ford's contentions that NASCAR has given the Monte Carlo an unfair advantage. It was a pleasant surprise to see that this criticism directed at NASCAR was presented without any bias or editorializing. Back at the news index we had the choice to review the last three weekk worth of day-by-day headlines, or we .. could delve deep into a news archive ; going back to the inception of www.nascar.com. , 154 NOVEM9ER1996 - SOME AFTERMARKET PARTS MANUFACTURERS, WHO ARE NASCAR CONTINGENCY SPONSORS, HAVE DEVELOPED INDIVIDUAI. WEB SITES. EDELBROCK'S IS AT HrTP://WWW.EDELBROCK.COM. alpmWURSr[xlBAag .. _ . . , a Ahout SQE f'fUfhlctS Gfileililar' tiff ventst'' fr1enihership OreMisp rrom tlr Vociety pt AuWaouw En;lueers. Aod yeq veYatr SAE ou tlr oYt . anl Fqlon Ihu ei for Eeehdeal info rnxtloa oa eas, ~L ¢Ilfdtf al~e nu...nd . . muchmon Enjo~ rideeaddcp'ttorgelbveeyourtef bdl A,IrFM,bWm.ai'Y7Merd.tiN6.iw~. ..~:Nuk dtkiAi .. MII~WEr,yltily r7Ea~YMai, > ~~ sW ~ ~ Wrrldw. ~V~ Wrm . (~E~ . . . . . ~ . . . ~ ~ W.rirwlA~ . M ' . . . EGYY.I-.rnt'.r.A ~ . . . eti.wrmliye.M . ~ apllrw.VNdkA1 "ryW.k Let m knDV vlml you tldnk SeaA yonr eommeats to /M vatieditoy O N!E &MydA~.rIM LSM.wn. At ddb rwnni FOR THE MORE TECHNICALLY INCLINED RACING ENTHUSIAST, THE SOCIETY OF AIITOMOTIVE ~ ENCINEERS HAS ESTABLISHED A WEB SITE AT HTTP://WW W,SAD.ORG LED BY THEIR TRADEMARK ICON, ENGINEER AL. a6MMISfHEr(aaRS191) ~
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m ® ~ Q ~ O • ye~ 3 ° 5a3a= ~ ;, =3 . 2 fY q O L i ~
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IPEENWAY NCENE N. Eaalaa, MA 1111111111.1 17A50 JUL 26. 1996 1139931 MF~/NI/~a W®ILSSS CLIPPINGS t2•NNINiE/MGP BEQ . sPSrsoweY eCeEUe HIGHLIQHTS AT POCONO RACEWAY .. ..  . ®® ®®  . .    AWkWPohm.O.nNbapRMpanh•1/GNMYryy Mn b MW at W M NadNS rW M SM~r ro+IOpM bMi b M poMR . xeroAOxoosnom   .          .. . 0 1 1 1 F 1a aW 8 Nn NY PAU Mval / +UNm N. N t Pa N a +e ~ N Jun L M 000 J 1B A wnmv MaW PA Jun El 8e a N 1 N JN9+ P J a ++ e meoo 7 pxWO am ~ lob6y /Ymikan o.mm b.W ouf nn IM 8.dr NNUyYpW Rowry buf oouMnYpan ny Wwnd . xvwio/cooa~mo
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lewioburg, PA Journal Monday 01,910 JUL 29, 1996 N7626 iaYM®PRESSCLlPPrNGS %Jeff Gordon wins Diehard 500 TALLADEGA, A1a. (AP)-Re- stricted engines mean close'racing on the Winston Cup curcuit, and close racing usually means crashes. That's the norm at Talladega Superspeedway, where seven-time series champion Dale Earnhardt was injured Sunday in one of two multi-car crashes during the rain- delayed and darkness-shortened DieHard 500. The crash that left Earnhardt with a fractured left collarbone and ster- num overshadowed Jeff Gordon's sixth victory of the season, one that boosted him into the series points lead for the first time this season. The 11-car wreck began on lap 117 when Ernie Irvan tagged the rear of Sterling Marlin's car, which then banged Earnhardt's Chevrolet. The car slammed into the concrete wall, bounded off upside down and was hit hard by Derrike Cope and then Robert Pressley before coming to rest on its wheels far down the track. Earnhardt, driving in his 501st consecutive race, refused to lay on a stretcher and walked to the ambu- lance for his trip to the infield care center. He was,kept ovemight in a I _- -_ .._._._. Birmingham hospital for the scheduled 188-lap event to 129 observation. j laps. Talladega and Paytona, NAS- Gordon, who now has 15 career CAR's longest and fastest tracks, victories, was leading Jimmy are the only places where the sanc- S. ' t and Dale Jarrett when the tioning body requires carburetor re- ractng resumed. Jarrett moved into strictor plates to ' slow the cars second in the first turn and drove down. But, by slowing them, they also have bunched the field. At times Sunday, the 2.66-mile Talladega oval looked like a free- way at rush hour. Late in the race there were still more than 30 cars on the lead lap, most of them bunched in packs close behind the leaders. Terry Labonte, who went into the race with a 12-point lead over Earn- hardt and an 80-point edge on Gor- don in the season standings, was in- volved in the second big wreck and wound up 24th. He slipped nine points behind Gordon, while Earn- hardt fell to third, 23 points back. Gordon, 24, was the eventual beneficiary of the big crash, which brought out a red flag-the second of the race - to allow the track to past Gordon on the outside to take the lead in turn three. But Gordon kept stalking the leader until he was able to get alongside in turn two on lap 127. With a little boost from third-place Jeff Burton, Gordon's Chevrolet Monte Carlo moved past Jarrett's Ford Thunderbird. That's the way it stayed to the checkered flag at the end of lap 129, with Gordon winning by about three car lengths - .146 seconds. Mark Martin was third, followed by Irvan and Spencer. Burton slipped to seventh. The first crash, on lap 114, caused at least some damage to 14 cars. Everyone escaped injury and most of the cars were able to be cleaned up. continue. . During that dclay, with the sun Rain delayed the start of the race setting, NASCAR officials decided by 3 hours, 23 minutes and there there would be only five more was another 23-minute red flag be- green-flag laps. so they shortened cause of rain. ,
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F Eamh.ardt injured in crash, Gordon's win puts him in lead TALLADEGA, Ala. (AP) - Re- retor restrictor plates to slow the stricted engines mean close rac- cars down. But, by "slowing them, ing on the Winston Cup curcuit, they also have bunched the fieldd and dose racing usually means At times Sunday, the 2.66-mile crashes. Talladega oval looked like a free- That's the norm at Talladega way at rush hour. Late in the Superspeedway, where seven- race there were still more than time series champion Dale Earn- 30 cars on the lead lap, most of hardt was injured Sunday in one them bunched in packs close be- of two multi-car crashes during hind the leaders- the rain-delayed and darkness- Terry Labonte, who went into shortened DieHard 500. the race with a12-point lead over The crash t~at left Earnhardt Earnhardt and an 80-point edge with a fractured left collarbone on Gordon in the season stand- and sternum overshadowed Jeff ings, was involved in the second Gordon's sixth victory of the sea- • big wreck and wound up 24th. He son, one that boosted him,into slipped nine points behind Gor- the series points lead for the first time this season. don, while Earnhardt fell to The 11-car wreck began on lap • third, 23 points back. 117 when Ernie Irvan tagged the "We probably didn't have a rear of Sterling Marlin's car, chance to win toda•y, but we which then banged Earnhardt's would have had a good chance for Chevrolet. The car slammed into a good finish. So did the 3(Earn- the concrete wall, bounded off hardt) and 4 (Marlin) and some upside down and was hit hard by of the other guys," Labonte said. Derrike Cope and then Robert "Ita a shame you get taken Pressley before coming to rest on out," he said. "It happens every its wheels far down the track. time here. You see a lot of good Earnhardt, driving in his 501st can that are innocent victims of consecutive race, refused to lay somebody else's mistake. That's on astretcher and walked to the tbe result of restrictor plate rac- ambulance for his trip to the ing." 24, was the eventual infield care center. He was kept beneficiary o f the bi h, overnight in a Birmingham hos- g cras pital for observation, which brought out a red flag - . "I went to see Dale and he's the second of the race - to allow OK," Marlin said• "I think he's the track to be cleaned up. scared of needles and they want- During that delay, with the ed to give him a shot." sun setting. NASCAR officials decided there would be only five Ricnara t;hildress, Earnhardt's more green-flag laps. so, they car owner, said, "He said he felt shortened the scheduled 188-lap pretty good other than just hurt- event tn 129laps- ing up in his chest. I believe hell - be OK. He's tough. ... He can Gordon, who now has 15 career handle it." victories, was leading Jimmy Talladega and Daytona, NAS- Spencer and Dale Jarrett when CAR's longest and fastest tracks, the racing resumed. Jarrett are the only places where the moved into second in the first sanctioning body requires carbu- turn and drove past Gordon on the outside to take the lead in turn three. But Gordon kept stalking the leader until he was able to get alongside in turn two on lap 127- With a little boost from third- place Jeff Burton, Gordon's Chevrolet Monte Carlo moved past Jarrett's Ford Thunderbird. That's the way it stayed to the checkered flag at the end of lap 129, with Gordon winning by about three car lengths - .146 seconds. Mark Martin was third, followed by Irvan and Spencer. Burton slipped to seventh. "fhe circumst$nces happened to work out," said Gordon, the defending Winston Cup cham- pion. "I saw about six or eight . Fords behind me and I knew about the middle of the back straightaway if they had a run on me they could get me, and that's exactly what Dale did. -"I didn't give up, but I was one lonesome Chevrolet out there. Some guys out there had to make moves to better themselves and Jeff Burton happened to be one of them. He kept diving down there at the bottom and I just made sure I tried to block him so he couldn't get by me, "When I did," Gordon added, "he gave me a heck of a boost. I had so much momentum. I don't think Jarrett could keep me from getting by him." The first crash, on lap 114, caused at least some damage to 14 cars. Everyone escaped injury and most of the cars were able to continue. Gordon won a Talladega-record $272,550, including a $160,000 bonus from R.J. $QynQj{IS Tobac- co for winning a race while lead- ing the points. He averaged 133.387 mph. Mlyo, WI hurnd Monday 06,786 JUL 29. 1996 N569B /~/~//~ i:aY~irPAESS CL7PP1 NGS i
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Napenlown, MU Hemld•Meil HqiMOwn M~I An~ Betu~der 8A187,991 SEP 210 1996 N48782 t{j/~i/~i1W r66aa cclfNNOs nehlp that,ooufd bs, In j.opardy. I1S COUi spon~r~p p~~ ~ o iac weht upq 4,t1~'th~e wafld be"a"si~iIl- ' qpA.~ ;seldPetakeCutpoTa o fanti~c2 t ~ H r ~ nplacardon tion~a0ct1Hv6'~Yoe`tn'eBld~dWa1~m't ~ __ thee scotelwa;d;,~ Unlted Cen Qret~edl,hwhose adtit nms two ; "teC dOestlR sid by Merlboro J ~ ~'SO llke 8n~aSdce work'~r farced ,"Wit}attt~fobaooo'~shipa,,I ~ outsWa to Ii&t' :up„tobacco found t}dnKthafsa~es and tearp~sy w~ouW ' ~aLwM,4~AiM' . l~rC~Lto .nR'QIltO,ri ' hJ T , '. ..°'ftile !' ~ 10ta. ~ !At (~~ ~ _ ~~bp a ....• , ~ be 2.iipdhles'ere a'multl-mllllon dollar pressnce he FU.onom' Oqr,.Xti 0 iwt73i T:k 0
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VL l'~g Faa ~F+ ~a t °~ li8~~ ° ~~ di °~ ~ ~ ~~ Ji.° k ~~1$ 8~ x 1,001 ISI ~~ 1! HHe f° ~33lit, M ~~'u, sag, ~~ ~. Ififil~l _~~iys _jai ~~ .~g cu ~ .•~ O cI Ti Iff ~ Ism ,~ ~~~~~~~ . ~ a im811i w.moBl ~ ~II ., ~~8~ .. ~~~8lo _~ .. ~~8~p~ ; ~~9~~ I ~ ~i~t}}lJG (\OV"'.
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ftkhwg,MA Sentlnel & Enlerpriee Worotttor Mst bt. Wedneedsy D 40,1im SEP 18. 1996 N2944 t~/~/// ®PRSSS CLIPPINGS a~7/~11 .l~j^~1,. ~ ~.j'.1.{, "~i Q "\ ~4r ' r~~~ M'' . ..~r.. . ~ 11 Y . ~` 1 Jlmmy~Spe_~nceyPoYOgrottnd,and}NalyDallanbechargueafteran0~owera(~du Speedwaywo 1SGnday:,Spencerwas one of three Arivers fired Tuesday for th6 , NAS'CR~ ~fine's-,(thr~eif,cuffle .ByDlckBrlnster,- .. PettywasfinedE5,0o0"arip;Waltrip"f2,000"" Theoaillrenithecra.ah-fi11ed500; laprace 0. aPSOatsw"ro' ' ' . .. .. . . for'threateningeach othGr~moments,after andlthe,'frustration ofialongaeasonlikely contr,b tan hn on the final la of the Yat e won b d lo- theoutbursts - Neither l NASGAR d i i S Mi h l g p ~ , y u g k r vers J mmy pencer, c ae . - Waltrip and Kyle 8etty were fined a total of-~, Jetf Gordon.~~. . t ~,_? spencer, no~ t'etty has won this season, and ~~ L. ... _~. . . /~ .- ---------- --- - blows in the MBNA 500 at Dover, DeJ ~ r,No puncheas 1W - tpa althoughh e dtd, prevail four months ago in "Under NASf:ARiules, they are bemg u,:, Spencer,.Petcy an~p~ri'a~ had,,be thelucrauve`non-pointsWinston-Select.' Yined for actions detrimental to auto rac-'`.restrainedby NASGAR'pn;~road1 '.ofhcrals , "Ilost:mycoolandsmverysorryfor,the . ing," said Kevin Ttiplett, a spokesman"for But no punches were struck.and no action way-Ihandled.;the sitqation; -Waltrip.said 1 w the sanctioning hodg. ".. . .. was taken agains[ the dri~~ersy for'._their afterdeartli{tg:of the fihe. "After.41/2 hours; ~„ Spencer, was fined 510,000 for trying to remarka to the of&rala j y F, ., of frusvadon,'I simply lost my temper andj 0 get at Wally. Dallenbach after they were'' -~"Weunderstandthecott}p;¢.tr~q,natureof ~ shouldn't,hav@donethat.", , ~~..~j ~ m involved in a multicar adddent with 44laps our guys,"'IVipleu makfs ~W ' alcripl'said, he':understands NASCAR'sI ~ remaining Sunday at DoverDowns't them get behind the wAqe plo~begm~withC reason for the fine butdoes nofbelieve.the! ., ~ , , " International Speedway. But we can't condoile'thIafs'orl of conduccl' ~, accident~was his'fauh. :
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WINBTON CUP YCENE Cox9, NC MFf[LT 711,100 JUL 25, L9B8 //~~ M2597B MRiRRRRSSCLIIHHOd '. ~ L O N G P O N D, P A. 00 iyk=Op bsa cenlra) of his Ford on IM ron's serad/ap whNe maXp side 6y side wRh !.8 GoLaon na. Spenn/R mr Rkoke up IM Ma4 cna prmae /he aea &~O he,nu cwe b canfRww/MLfsRinpZlA.cuOa+srMwnaa 9o66y Ham9bn xw one of IM vto- wns ol a ahoimr.eaion sraaeM 6eNndspenro/. aptry cbng wBL /eR fAMn and DeneNWn9rip. FbmBhnS pR9y EnMpriwf aew MieS to wwk on pw dnewpe 6uf FkmiHon ~ only e66 lo awnpbk a(sw more Icps, hcwing him 3p1A 7n The 41<er fieW. m c~y` L_•..- '6I~~.l ~/ M I- .... _ ~ . ... ~ R ~^- . bditf&n'saewpuihsslwFordbxkinkPrb pdslnR-andfJlsBwiLhlael-e/Mr A HE ~ SMiddfn apun en pp rond. Sp3dd'ur5 pro6kmR eXola4d lmn dwn, wiLh dw serrke Oordm kad' dw 6onkeden -GoMlom9 (88J. Rwy NbOxe Y1d, Mnrk Mardn fdl cnd oubide a/hh obN drawing a peneNy. He eronWCNy waed up 31nd. ' ErAy }vy,L agJ -6lfpkropd dur4g dw meeY mlddle skpr. oa+R[UY Nwa rflEAAABlRUMIkb - ..... ..... . -1 mCS 8 July ]S. L996 19
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tRa)Ucx 9adonh,N6 e -YIINhr RUG 22, 12g8 MG8B34 ~ a/~/~ rYW®PxESSCLIPPINea ~ - 1 Notes (Continued from page 14) CAN YOU SAY MIGRAINE? - Replacement driver Jim Sauter was rarely out of trouble in Felix Sabates' CCprs Light Pontiec, normally driven by Kyle petty. "It was a tough night," admitted the vet- eran driver. "I got taken out early. We had a top-20 car, but 1 just had to ride it out. I got turned around off of turn two and hit the inside wall. TAe damaee anok s8 nor aem Goody's500'notes away,whateveraoroyoudohaveatashon Incamingsfortheyear,beeosningtheeighth track. Them wasn't much I could do." driver to surpact that mark in 1996.The eur- DIDYOUKNOWP rent money rankings: Dale Jarretl,  Wallace averaged 92.267 mph, win- $1,88693P Jeff f3ardon, $1,799,708; Teuy ningby.630ofaseoond ' - Laboete, $1,465,748; Dale Earnhardt,  It was career victory No. 46 for 1,400,344; . Mark Martin, $1,152,725; Wallace, tying him with Buck Baker for Sterling Marlin, $1,022,315; Wallace, Ilthplaceall-timo. 1 $1,008,912; Ricky Rudd, $901,688;  Pord has nine victoria in the kut 13 moes. Michael Waltrip, $846,815.  Ward Burton's eighlh-place finish was  fismhardt has finished 12th or lower in his best of the sesson. six of the last seven reces.  Wallace exceeded the SI million mark  Spencer has moved from 23rd to 12th Spencer tenacious despite ; finishing in seventh place ' By MONTE DUTTON . Winston Cup Edltor BRISTOL, Tenn. -It was a great night for th S ~Ja's Racing team of Travis (bner, criw chief Donnie Wmgo and driver ' Jimmy Spencer. The Nq. 23 Ford Thunderbird faded m seventh at ~ We end but ran near the front all night, thanks to tenacious drlving by Spencer and excellent pit work from Wingo and crew. "No chance for anything else, other than what we got;" said . Spencu. "We did the best we could do. I'm happy to wM out of . here with a a top 10 and have a car in one piea. Hey, we were struggling really bad this afternoon (Imt pracdce. The crew . changed all four shocks and two springs. l'm proud of Orose guys. . '"fhis is the best race team I've ever been with. Anything I want, they'll do it and that's great. Maybe we could have come dut of hue with a top five, bm I used up a lot of the car getting up there. Let me tell you, I love this plaa. To come out of here with what we got says a lot for this race team. This is a strong race and we're going to get our share before It's over." . 000 BIG DISAPPOINTMENT -EemhaMt had an awful night. I So awful he wouldn't talk about it. It was strange to see the , Intimidamrjust riding around, 24 laps behind at the end. OOO BETTER IN THE RACE -Only one Pontiac qualified in the ~ top 25,but two- Ward Burton's eighth and Bobby Hamilton's 10th '~ - finished in the top 10. ' "Well, we didn't wreck for a change and we didn't brek for a' - change, so we had some luck," said Burton. "Ibet was a nice . change. We should have had numerous top lOs this season, but we ~, couldn't get a break. Tonight we misseA the wrecks." ' Hamilton survived an incident that put Ricky C4aven out of the , race. "I got my nose up under Claven and I wasn't up under him far I enough, and he bobbled some," said Hamilton. "I saw his carjuk a BtOe bit and he checked up. I was already checked up because ~ the way I drive here, I'm off the throWe coming off the coma. We ' just touched and it turned him. It was nothing intentional. I think . the world of him and (crew chieQ Charley Preasky. He (Craven) , came up behind me during that eaution hollering and cussing and carrying on, and I was teying to tell him I was eorsy.It's herd to do I that on the Ireck I'll talk to him next week.- "I flatspoued the tircs trying to keep it out of the wall," said I Craven.'77ut's Bristol. Irmt good. You hate to nn that long and ! havethmkindofpolenli.alandnotfinishNejob.Itwasn'tany tof ~ my doing.I got run over. That's Bristol, but I don't have to be I. Mppyaboutit" . (See NOTES, page 21) '. in the pomt standings sina Sean point. THEYSAIDIT . .... ,n "My Inconsistency has killed me in thp t~ poinB, ab I've just taken the aWtude shet 1. N need to win as often as paesible. My atdtade is, if you tan't win, who givea a heck where.. °' you Bnish."-Rusty Wallace y "Dia1 car we had last year was a good car, but Dale EandieNt was gie last ono to ever wak on il" - Crew ehief Gary Dellary recalling a year ago, when Earnhardt hit Terry Labonte on the last lap.
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; m ~ p" j[ewGO-'F~SeOe~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Eg &~g 9~tiig i!~$ ~~~ g$ {~~$~ 9,~~~~ . ~ ~ e~ sd5 ~s g@~~ '3~~~ ~~'~~~~~~~~il1g~~~a~~~_~g ~~~~~~a~ 3a $~ 8, 8 .°.~m~ ^ I - z N-k~ ~ ~ .3'' gIR ~aEg;~~ ~~m O 6i ~ ~¢ 9. 8'' ~aR~~8i ~~.~w~~e~ u~~~~. E~=~'a 11~~~s a~~~a~a~~3~~~~ > p g con Qil@ E fT' e S 'a. g !,j3 S a Y 4 R- s'~t~=~'~m _9gs ~s-a n 3 S ~ ¢- ~43F a~r R e~°~~9g~a.s R1 Qj ~ 3 Z/1 It iiiiHhjltEtl',IllulllUI?iIf 4L RF ~as~ cg g ~~P ? q~ ~:FB g@ ~3~ RS. ~~'~( Te_g' l ~ y~'$ gar!~R~~S2~~~~s6.R~p RaF 8~$`~'8.~~ £~.((Prn, ~cc~ ~RBuC"FOR_rr H~~s $H~~kE~i ~~ s ~~a ~-@.~ ~'~i~&i~~~ ~ ~ I E~~ p.~~~~ SO Isa- 59Q'- : ~ Ce! ~~~.~a~~ ~ "s~? g~ ~..4 ~ ~ ~D ~ A 94 ~i'P g 9 CaT9~q B~~E~~.g o_ ~~ dQ :-~frdN ~oeSsv a$.~~. K~;.~r~xgag~«i~x=~~~ ~ 47:9 SbLZS
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~Alltltswaytothewall:Jimm ~n~~~0~ f~Df1Jr,riqht, and Brett Bodine 'bollide onthefront stretch in the MBNA SOfI on Sunday. "f had to run high, and that was when we were losing a lot of ground because I was searching. Iwas ieally eeerching for the ri4ht location ou'thetrack to rua. I Gordon climbed to ninth after a round of pit stops during a caution on lap 143 and worked his way up to fourth before another ceution on lap 201. "We got lucky," he said. "Some cautions fell when we needed them to." After moving back into conten- . tion, Gordon swapped the lead ~ with Dale Earnhardt, Mark Mar- tin, tin, Ward Burton and Dele , Jarrett over-Me nert 150 laps. ' On lap 349, Gordon took first from Jarrett entering turn one and stayed in front for 76 laps. He twice gave up the lead during pit stops, but moved past I Jarrett far good on lap 449. 'We always seem to be there_ ~ the last 100 lepe," Gordon said. ! Winston Cup standings 1. Jeff Gordon 3,723 2. Terry Labonte . . 3,647 3. Dele Jarratt '. ' 3,g26 4. Dele Earnhardt 3,444 5. Mark Martin 3,345 6. Ricky Rudd 3,069 7. Rusty Wallace 3,057 0. Kan Schrader 3,057 9. Emla Irvan 3,022 10. Steding Marlin - 2.998 than.I did," Wan.ce said. . Janett, who fininhed"third, ~ didn't welcome the rash of yellow Bags at the end. . ' ~ ~; I thought we could win,"." he , ead.,'We didn't need to see the eaution that came out with 55 m~ ' ed to go. We had a good set of'= tiiae on right than. I don't think qordon had his best and we were way ahead of Rusty. We were just ; a little too tight on that last set , and he pulled off a lot." ± Gordon, who easily drove away ; from Wallace on the final restart . with four laps to go, felt fortunate to have pulled off another victory. ; I "Victories these days in Win- • . , eton Cup racing don't come any : "That's what we ehoot for, be- easier, that's for eure,' he said.' cause that's when a race is really "It seems like we're really having ; won." to eam our stripes and work hard Five of the race e 14 cautions for the wins this yeer. A couple of ceme in the final 52 laps, forcing times during the day, I didn't Gordon to fend off repeated challenges from Wellace. "He got me on the resterte, but he reaill, had a little bettertcar . ink we were ever going to aec ,ictory lane, but we never gave up md were able to overcome a lot of ~ hinp." l Camden, NJ ~ Courier•Pmt aenrdnoM. I M.t Mra Munder 0 49.110 i SEP 16, 1996 N3802 YSeSS ccFFPI~ 'c5 l By GENE BRYSON t3annett News Serrlce `1 a sure thing DOVBR, Dal. - No one ore of a eure ','.thing at Dover powne Inte tional Speed- ° th Jff wayane Gordon. I But with his car fading tb'f the middle of ~ ; the pack in the early etagee, uot even Gordon ~ exoecred ta win c,,.,.t.~ a4 eanwra un :,fNASCAR Wineton Cup rsce. ------ i . --- I'm surprised that I won it, really,"seid Gordon, who equaled a track record by winning for the third straight time on the .,one-mile oval in his Dufont-sponeored Chevrolet. "I did not expect 90 win this one. For moet of the race, I thought if I could get a top 10, it would be nice." A .. ' at Dozver The Winston Cup pointe lead also fell back in the defending champion e hende with six races left in the eeaeon. Trailing Terry Labonte by four points entering the event, Gordon left with a 76-point lead after Lbonte finished 21et. "There's still far too many.Iacee left to a.~r we re on our way to another championahip,- ' eeid Gordon, who won $153,630. With his car sliding high in the tuma, Gordon dropped as low as 18th on lap 107 and appeared to be on his way to~.a disappointing finish. , • "About lap 100, the groove started working up high and it started accumulating a lot of rubber down 1ow," Gordon eaid. •~' "My car would not work down on the , ao:met groove trhlch=i! ~ After falliag as low as ~ethwith an eeaso t'' buttom or iotr and I7th e e Ws hL f r r ty our-y ac n o . aree .. 111-6aodli - , ag car early in the race, thinp goi just attlyed "qlm and I k6pt driving hard and usually a little bit higher. I could not run tEa't I nicer for Gordon.,t The 8g"year-old ;from they kept giving. mag~at pit sWps and bang line at all. _~~ ~~~ pa~ lllij~ Pitteboro, Ind., rallied to lead 148 of f the fmal - all off sudden, It ~eB back in our hends. ^- .4 , . ..... `Gordon/Track_record set in MBNA victory; ~ , Cuntannd hom Paps /D 163 laps and edged Rusty Wallace by .441 seconds at the finish. At one point, I was more worried about getting lapped than I was anything else." said Gordon who scored hie eighth victory of the jBack on top Jeff Gordon (left) moved 7¢ points ahead of - < teammate Terry Laborde for the lead in the Winston Cup points standings with his win in • ~the MBNA 500.
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~Gordon"~orninates.Doyer Wins third straight race at track; takes poznts,'lead ,j; .. ., '; BYJImDonneBf thfeyeerbyferthebotpontbew`y.`. . xr:r.wnh.M mn„r -~ amt.70.000 1bonm rirom &d ~.., "' ' '- n ' he ^ m t`~ ~'r' . . DOVER, Del., With ttif ch t pomt lead L ' i..timO loowug 1Le Eid re oncs sgmn .. , P0.vdgySo;16g,680 : an . That m turA' themenonmpdoae• .. Jeff qor , domrnatiod.- ofinto;NASCAR's el(~ Dover Dawne Internatiohal eernin®. with en,. :: Specdwaye concrete surface contin• ' million inlust 118 . ued . terdqv, with a win in the ~.. The pointa' lesd •• MBNA600;hiethirdetreighta~ttho f whenlbrry Lebonte;i o deme to ~~. ktrock, which~ eleo vaulted him etoP Dovm ~lust "four7 Ahead of'the NABCAR~Winston Cup stmd• ~ ' Gordon wesatw(eey' ' d by ~, ~" ~' with ustt six recee to vi the i?n~ i 60' ' tlre woee 7Le tuef s@ hm k"e a eeaeon But thare were no missed ehd)a ;lap when d 4 turo ,enE ' uqder the ~. '. Aqyone wmdng a leeeon m how. no , kulupe on prt roed ;qnd aq grsear-. d c~. w9+ ~,good recere !become ehamplune^' involvement in other `pe1pIeY' ..On 1aP 384, ahotli tu01'silure~+. needed only to watch this rece. wrecka. This win was all, about -:. sent Labonte into th6 tJ)rn one wdU `:~: r~ ordon started stronglg t`faded. -_ grabbing adversity by the.:thro_art cesting him another t!j{eo;leps, He :k, °'.llbedly'on a maddening track eur•, andthrottlingitintosubmiision. finished 21st 'and,;Pow trada.' ~ fece, but remvered deasively. '1'he sweet little innacent kid m Gordon bv 78 Pomts t~ c a , . _ 1?Theraceendedinawelternfyel- meeomesouteveryonceinaehDe °It'e a shame we",1GSt ground maa'eP . lowaend reatarte,preeentmgample-but I canbetough when I noed to again; but it couldkheve been '- Jimmy~p~ Ia physiealty restrained by a track o6lclal as he confronts opporluoity for-Gordon to crack be,'Gordon eaid. `: :;' lolbw drEsf W Aallanbech Jol~qWip a colltabn dudnp the MBNA 500 dl ufld0l'Pre88UTe, The,wbl waa Cordorte,e~th $NQORDON ~3. Dover dOwp7,.. Mfday .~ • ~: . . . , ,~ . . _ • . n-r'nn~r n I ' V - ... . -- r-..._. on~~continue~~ .~~.. .... • ~: . ~ . . : , ,. , o ;dominate Dover 'QORDON Fran P1 iSrelve cars were on the lead ley woree,'hesaid.•ti4ecouldhnvefin a-tthe sl al?over.Dowos{ePOCd~;^ '. r .,"r;'&~yc p '17revme BB.,lead':ehanges, one ' ......- ~woree dey,m s~{~~ out of the reoe - vets. . .. :whc7e`leading'ae .be tried to;lsp .-The 14 cautions were two shy of :- Derrike. Cope:;Inetead of nailing a:. a record. j seeond.etratghtwin, Irvann placed ' Long meligned as a one• S6th:°'. ",t..' ... treck 'Dovar powae inex Cieebl ' .75refeilturee-md'hendlingprob- delive~redetleaettwodiatinctleDea lems hand,ica many tcems. yaterdqY. . ._° . An.explo~right rear~ ripped . 9 dont know if it had m do with ' moet'ot.Iha~LeetmefsloffDale theweatherorthetimebutaround Earnhardt'agquarter .penel, and lap 100, the groove started to work ;. tirea were btemed for,several other .high'(3ordon Baid. j,wreck&°;; .., ,,"Forthe.firettimeever,thecon- .Numerous crew chtefe;eom-; crete,-wae raceable," said Mark .plained.about,the:tires' unpre•. Martm,whofiniehed6fth. ~dictabill on the abresive copcrete.• Inconsistent tires nearly i- But ~t{atioh.forthe racera dropped.Gordon out of the top 20 ; manifeetcd itEelf es a delight for the . before the race was 200 miles old. ~'crowd. -. -'Rte frequent cautions allowed the TNswasthe.musteompetitive,team toadjuet-tire pressure, `~ action•filied,rnce-Dover hed pre-, returning themtothefront.~ . sented in yoen, beckedup by fM 'You do what it takm And never , numbere........ give up,'i;ordoosaid: : . . - :-.Deeptte'trading,tMe.lead:with,. ~ Dale Jarreit with around 60 miles WllllnyhOrB NJ left, four cautions in the finel 50 ~ , miles cemented Cordnh'e win. His BurlinplDn Counly Tknet DuPont ohevmlet was aanply too Ptlh/drAlr ~ quick on restarta for Rusty Wallece Md /lrn and Jarrett: Mondq DeD,aet , 'I missed a shift with about ~ seven to go and ringed the motor up , Ito about• 11,000 (rpm)," Wallace SEP 16, 1896 said. 9 can't believe we made it.' ' Gordon, Wallaceabd Jarrett j were trailed by Bobby lwbonte and ~ N38~8 ~ Martin-Rick Mest (eixth), Ward r~ ••°°YILi1PRdSSCLIPrlN05 ('N~n_jggyenth)_and ](ylePetty'~ N ,,(eigl(th) poated the'u beet 1g86 Bn- ~. - I iehe0. eB in pontiace. m Jarrett remains third in points, " \\r..14 11 followed by Earnhardt (who fin- ~n , ..,ished 16th) and Martin. Irvan's , early exit dropped him two spotaJ ninth .' .
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Wrynei6oro, VA NEWi-VIRBINIAN Baturday JUN 29, 1996 mv ~lob.'_SroMM qqtd LkI , Wln : tTie' rett '. lake": j pth~' , P,~ Tfioec are lhc lhingsl didn't dc e t p s , .... ., ..7~~i .llmm Is doln 1 lhlnk Jlmmy is going ck p , ~4~betau.e I(``,'kseA ~Wint'.IN ~eIMIL war?-N9 __etva., mp n<pd;coT,i . ~thto 4.Am t'!U a'f_asi , r.~-.:" -+...,.- ,
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SEP 18. 1996 Ne~9B raeuu.rr.xcs .~, . v:£<.- .n..,,wneerm. Wa1lyDallenbach'~frightl Yells ane/"shakes his fists at ~Jimmy.Spncer-during thetr confrontaNon; at Dover. . ~: . ',,...• .., m~isconditc  Jimmy Spencer, .,. was $2,000 to Johh Andretti for IL- Michael Waltrip'anm~l uo s4months ego e6yRich- Kyle Petty are fined a mond, va, total of $17,000 fer, , Spencer has been a frequent geing after rival °• target of driver criticism sod public ridicule over the last few drivers Sunday. :. seasons. HIs most memorable in- dignity came in April at North By DICK BRINSTER Witkesbo®, N.C., where a radio ' AP Sports' Writer ce,ebrity ehosenn tog~ve the pre- NASCAR drivers Jimmy race command m drivers said: 5penceq Michael Waltrip and Kyle Petty were fined a total of "Gendemen and Jimmy Spencer, {19,0Ud Tuesday 9Ser nearly com- start your engines." ing to blows In tpe MENA 500 at Dsllenbach, who made no al- Dover, DeL tempt to leave his car after "Under NASCAR rules, theyare re reaching ivside the netting on [he being fined for sotlons deMmen- driver's door, did not understand tal to auto neN(y" 9ald ifevin the source of that rage. Triplett, a spokes~man far. the "I don't know. The 23 ISpencerl sanctioning body. I~ - ' gets iri a wrqck d takes half of 5pencer~warVrned'7t4o00'for s..Ith htm. Ati.-.~i~p~eef•e.iel try~ng to get at Wally Dallenbach Dallenbach said aRer the race. aRer they were involved in a .q ain't lalking to nobody," . multicar eccident with 44 leps n- S encer said. maining Sunday at Dover poN,pa As okesmanforthedrtversaid International Speedways..'x~ .TuesSaythat_Speacerwouldcon-Pelty was hned35,000 and Wal- tinue to have nospmment He fin• trip 12,000 for ttireetentig each ished 90N,':one position behind other momenU after taogimg on , the final lap of the race won by Dailenbach.''':.-`t-' Jeff Oordon. .. The fine,waathe second for Spencer, Petty and Waltrip had Waltrip N a many masans. Last be restrained ,by`NASCAR pit year, hewaa assessed StO,aW for road officials. But no pun<hes cutting off then punehing driver were atruck and nu ecdon was ta- Lake SPeed after a nee at Michi- ken against the drlven for their gan. Lke the incidents Sunday, remarks to the otRriala, ' lhat disagreement was caught by "We understand the competi- talsNaioo. - . tive nature of our guye," Triplett Petty and Weltrlp were.racing said. "That's what makes them for position when they coliided on get behind the wheel to bealn the finsl lap Sunday. Petty wau with. But we can't condone tfiet the battle to Mish eighth, then sort of conduct." gestured toward Waltrip whtle The namre of'the' drasj~IDled each was in his car. 500-lap race and thetrus[ntlon of I fI1Pped him off and he carne a long season likely contrNuted to up and Npped me off," Petty ssid, the outbursts. NeiNer'Spencer The driven pointed and shh' nor Petty has won this season, nuted, removing their gloves as if and Waltrip is winlesa In his Wln- they wen hackey playen prepar- ston Cup career al[haug h he did ing lo brawL Petty said they de- . prevaii (our mon[ha'aga in the lo- cided on Ne coal-down lap to ' crative non-poinh Wmstoe Select. "atop an pit mad and have it out" "I lost n1v cooCaiid'am very Wauriy did not attempt to get so for the way I handled the si- by en a6iciel who stepped in front tuahon;" Waltrip'said after learn-"uf him after the driven stopped ing af the fine. "ABer 4'6 houis of their aere at the entrance m the frustration, I simply lost my tem- gange area. Pettyy bmke away perandshouldn'thavedunethat." from an ofBeW, Nen pointed at Waltrip said he understands him before being led away by a NASCAR's reason for:tfie tlne but' team member. does not believe the accident was Petty could not be reached for his fnult. ' '". comment an the fines. I The only fine levied previously "StuR happens," Waltrip said this year for driver misconduct a¢ertherace."Itwasalongday.'1'
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C '$ £ '-y ~~n e.~ Cy~r70 ~Z~ 6.~ gA ~,~wg x¢~~~c p6.'igz~ay"~~, 1S'~ ~g~a~~.~QS ~Ca R~3.~~k~'-P~y.7~g.wo'y~d~~~,~; aC16~r~,~,",S6~` ~R~qggH~q~~~~.~,CC~ g C g l29 "~ $S ".S."e~an' £ a 53RS i3. a!.$oS .~o~ '~ ~z o~~'~de4X"e. ^ OLiy S9ZZ5 ~ ~ ~ % 14 ~.~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ a ~N ~ 0 " i ~E~ ~~ ^ ~ ~ O
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~'rivers ~~red ~hous r"rids; DgaRe ;~r KS ~~ aft S~ ~ -- ~s u' U- t er NA - lov R V weanwaaf U a..aV By Dick Brinster we can t coridone that sort of con- _~.: t .. ,. .,..<, ArSpoR Wdiar WUL SEP 16 f 996 1 l . The natute of the crashifdl yd ~ ~ s NASCAR n drivers Jimmy 500-1ap racetd,'~e frustcatiQn qa t -Spencer, Michael;waltri p ~CKyle 1~~ng seasonjikely~contributedAtyu$ P2664 i c4sr wcrc wav a wuu u. •~. i,,nnr .,u..nyau a }Fa~~ V r~`] 'ues~ aftcrnesily coniing to htu' tnp~isi won and ~ ~_ , ~Iy,~q Jp 1ke,I+I$j3A 5pqat.I~qyer~ w~Ic~~VV"~tiston ' care~i? raassCtrrrixcs ~ o...,.,..b.... w.- t......~.-...... » ri rules'ihey are 's~5 io 11~'1~$ve non-~~ ' - zs<-,zsnizu.d bsts!s~ tr s znoild: ,'being fined for actions detrimental sron Select., , p° yr < to auto racing, - sato aevm inpiet6 '. rIOsr my cool aoo.am r7 sor- _ a spokesman for'the sanctioning ry for the way I bandled the situa- '. ,Ibod1'• i a tioQ a; Waltri~3~. f~s~nmg °f s ~ ine Afie,r 4an honrs of ftus- ? Spencer was fined $10,000 for tbe t ~rying to get at Wally Dallen,bagh o~tiop.I6t~t~rlYaoumy;temper~and,.r iafter they were involved in a mul- shduldn't ha4e done that ticar accident with 44 laps remain- Waltrip.said he understands ; 3ng Sunday ai Dover powiis Intefi A NA3CAR'S"ieaaon fo'r'Nie 6ne btitt ~' X!national Speedway:. o: i rni doea, not; 4elieve the acc'ident was _, '! petty was fnied Ss,000 and Wal- lis fault. ` trip $2,000 for threatening each oth- The only fine levied previously er moments after tangling on the this year for driver misconduct was final lap of the race won by Jeff. S2;OO0to John Andretti.for tnten :.;' Gordoo. Gonally bumpjng Bobby Hamiltot~ /` i ~ / chmond, Va. ; j, Spencer, Petty and Waltrip had six months ago at M , =ibe testrained by NASCAR pit road Spencer has been a frequent tar- N officials. But no punches were ' get'of drSver• ttitiEtni `8nd publi`e atruck and no action was faken ridiculc over the,lgsttfew•seasons,: x against the drivers for their remarks : His mast meqtiocable~tdigiuty came:.: m ito the ofticials. m,ilp nl at N bVil oitli kesboro, N C, , "We understand the competitive where a radio celebrity chosen to N ;;nature of our guys," Triplett said. give the:pre;7ace•,command to ~ P'That's what makes them get drivers said: "Gentleinen and Jim- v, behind the whxl to begin with. But ;:: mr.Spaw. starkyour
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Miller 660 quali f ying suspended until today By MIKE HARRIS . APMotorsportsWriter LONG POND (AP) - Rain cut short Fridal~s opening round of -.quall~ingfor the MJler 500 at Pocono International Raceway. Time triale were scheduled to resume at 9 o elock this morning. Rain played havoc with Ihidqv e echedule, delaying the start and causing long delays aher the action on the 2.5-mile trl-oval did get going about 11 e.m. EDT with an ARCA stock car prac- tiee. . NABCAR'sWinstonCupcarsgotstartediato,butdidgetin90 . minutes of practice before more rain fell. . Finally, the time trials began 82 minutes after their scheduled 8 p.m, etar0., Johnny BensonJr., who won a pole earlier this eeaeon at Atlanta Motor Speedway, was the fastest of six drivere who com- pletedqualifyinglapebeforetherainbeganagain.Heturneda lap of 166,741 mph9n a Pontiac Grand Prix. I noticed on the eool•down lap it was starting to rain a little bit in turn four," Beneon said. "Heck, we'll take that. 'Tlrat was the beo0 we've been all day. We made a bunch of changes n~ges before qualitying. (Crew chiet) Doug Hewitt made eome a ealle.° LakeSpeedwasnextat188.461,followedbyMichaelWaltrip at 186.888, Bobby Hamilton at 164.992 and Ernie Irvan, last Bundqy/awinner at Loudon, N.H., at 164.423. 'The track was kind of slippery, and once you've wadded one o: them up in a day and it's slippery, that's not a good combination ~ deal with," said Waltrip, who crashed his primary car in prao- I wviDOd wulPi/ewwra-av~« ueUlying for k d b q ac up a ' WAT17N' OUT THE RAIN - Berwick native Jimmy.,, left, and Rusty WaBace Joke tiwanduse . , ~ with a Spencer crew ~tember during one ottwo rain delays at Pocono Ihldey;; •-. ~ Pkasesee AfI~LLfiRpage16 ~ , 1Vii11~,,~y4~ ' '~--Ford. __, . while he was on his quali(ving touched by the crews before . (Continued [rompege id)"-'^"I went into the tunnel turn lep, . qualifying resumes at 9 a.m. The "Idont think the wreck will on the get-go lap and juet about Thirty-five'othera were sanctioning body said there will ' adversely effect our weekend," wrecked," he said. "I said;'Well, waiting in the qualifying line only be one round of qualifying. Waltrip added. "We were I've got to be able to bring it when NASCAB finally gave up to.determine the 42-car starting ' prepared and this is a great car. home.' We had a really good car, at 5:35 p.m. with rain still fall- field, We won't etart that good, but I andweetilldo." ing and dark clouds stretching The same situation occurred knowwe'llracewell:' Bobby Hillin Jr. turned a laptothehor(sonp earlier this month at Daytone,- Irvan was just pleased not So of 164.423, but will be allowed to . Those oare were impounded where rain suspended qualiding have wrecked his Robert Yates requalify because the rain began by NASCAR end cannot be. for the Pepsi 400. , Nulnlon, PA ihndnrd•ipegker annnn M.1 Ara ~9Mu1ESf D 24,944 JUL 29, 1896 /~/~ N4714 ®[19{YlrsassCCrrr,xos ' DAVIDC.HAUPT/ataneere:ap.ek.r : SPECIAL FAN - 8-year-old Michael Angeloal or West HWeton 'smilesas NASCAR driver Kyly Pell,~ autographs his shirt during a_breakin peacticeior Sunday's Mi11erS00 race at Pocono In- lernational Raceway. Angeloni is the son of Sam and Patti AngelonL See page 14 for related story. .. G ; , . - ..
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WiAao•Buro, PA CIumP Yobe sorumn Mo111ru Monasr 04.635 JUL 22. 1896 ~~ N4000 {!/~i1®®fRBSSCLlfIf NOS Jimmy Spencer (23) spins in turu 3 on tl e second lap at Swiday's Miller 500...covelage be;:ins on pa e 44
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Salamanca. NY Pren Thursday o 2.448 JUL 11, 1996 N4124 srriMPRRSS CLIPPINGS v "Motorsports fans will enjoy extra excitement this year with a close-up look at Zippo race cars," Mike Schuler, president and CEO of Zippo, notes. "We're displaying Jimmy Spenc- er's Winston Cup S kin' Joe's Racing No. 23 car, the Bradford-based IMSA Zippo No. 47 car, and our newest sponsor- ship, the Busch Grand National No. 29 car, as well as the off- cial pace car used at Zippo US Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen: `r.
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Bidddord-S>too, BE Jerrml irPomH ;~ SEP 16. 1996 r.~ ~ N3692 . ~ =lRaSSCLMfINGS qrurclcnptnsTena.~~ AP Sports Writer ;' y>;:That doesn't . ~ Mrchael Walm o ar has ument' - „ g p n ge m feli , janeye with NASCAR and cooaidasr ~. . differenceaswith Kyle Petty ar bout;the accid ... ,uv.k,.ar.-..u.w.• ":"Sg1,4 11 R"~f;=Fa:[.~~I aL~: "I undlntaM NASCAR'c reaain"-°UVfPt".IGCI ll IC' behind the-fine,"said Waltnp, ona iaccidentwas"'my ` of three drivere punished Tueaday:,7v. I.,.: . > for off-track incidenta at the MaNn ~fault and will not tak~., 500. "1 a ° e for:it~` ~~{ ~" fana for w the lafll ha ned g,~tyC'p Walvip w.a fined, $2,000 f~ - ~`Mlchael 1Naftri~, nearly coming to blows with Petty .. . P6.0< E* after the . race at Dove,r Downs International Speedway. Petty waa fined S5,t100, and Jimmy Spencer wasi takeqragainat th,ee drivers fo%s $10,000 for his part in another theirrt~nuka to the off'iciils; FIT ;incident. 'fjW~'undetaqnd thecompetjtive,;, "However, that doesn't change:;,;ature<of oui guya," Tri~~iett saidr,,, my feelingjfabout}Ytbe',a~J~•h~px,a,hstm.kes~them~ger-behidf,:; ' ' Waltrip said. I don t feel the the wheel to begin with.r But~w& axident was my fault and will not pq't condone that eort,~cond`uct:'~' take the blame for it." ' ~~aR of tha SOa~ Petty, who could not be reached- ~~~ for comment Tuesday, hadr aad •I ~y~ ~tridbuted to ~'thr~ j ..... . r .... of the ou Neithe~S~enac•nor P~etly. baek of hia ear on the'final la p raca ~ ~r,~, s has~}n~a~ aoa wao-~ ur~: Petty and~ValtrlpJwere racing fot wmfas in hia matoa.Qlp careerf~ position when they:,co6ided'<Pdty alth"~oughrhe did prevaif;fo~,trionthg„' won the battle to finiahraghth behind ago in- the lucrative non-poinf§w winner Jeff Ciocdoo~then.;geaturee~ Wiaatqn,5etxt1r , st y~~:~~ ~~towardWaltripwhdee.ahwasrnhu.:.' coolaadapl:ve~syrt7~'~' ~- ~. a~ for the way I handled the situahon,', "I flipped him off and be ame up, W+l4'tp, sald.,+fter, leandng, of ,tlk~ and flipped me off," Petty said after . fine." After 41/1 hours of'fruatratioe the race. . $ I simply lo,st' my temper andz The drivers pointed and shouted; shouldn't have done that. ; removing their glovea as if they,were "Stuff happens.. It was a aong hockey playen preparing to brawl; . day.",. Petty said they decided on the'oaol=' '':S.;.rpepcer has been a frequent ~targeti•~ down lap m"atap on pit road and off driver criticism and public ridi-M have it out," :~ cule lhe last few aeasons: His mGstZ Waltrip did not attempt to get'by mamorabla'indignity came'in Apcil;, an official who stepped in front of a1`NorthWilkesboro, N.C.; where a:'' him after, the drivers stopped their' ndio celebrity thoaen'to give thq`; cars at the entrance to the garage pre-race"command to drivers said?-, area. Petty broke away from an 40eotkmenand Jimmy Spencer;_y official, then pointed at him before_ stui'yow'en&nes. ' being led away by a"team member: uD~~ who made no attempt „Under NASCAR, rul the ara -'-> . ~. ~-• y to~efv hu afkr Spencer trled;,4 beina fined for ectfoni ikhimenW;ia<~ .rs~ .:. .:uto racing ' sard"Kevin TripleR, a ~ r°achmg ioside thay ~ spokesman for the Nnctioning body:, ~~ on the drivei s doaa' did.ao~ N try ng get deratand of ,rage. Q A Spencer wn tiaad for i W the aauca thet u, at Wally Dallenbach aftei they were `,~!I'dona know. The 23 (Speneet}~ involved in a mplticar accident with r' gets m,a;wreck and takea half of ua m 44 laps remaining. ~ with>,himr :It'a a, typial':deah4 r,J Spencer also had be reatrained by Ihllenbacti"eaid', after the ra«. •': ° a NASCAR pit road official. No. "I`:.ain't' talldng to .nobody," punchea were thmwn and no action Speocer aaid ~
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huNl, Al VALLFY TrIIES-NEWS Wetlneaday 08,000 SEP 18, 1995 P44072 PRRSSCLIPPINGS WaltT ett:' d Speficer, fined v *M RT11T • tr, IceAA aft~r~~acftde1nt1s,,A he By DICK BR.IIVSM "stop on'pit ro'~'ad and have it lost my temper and shouldn't AP Spbits Writer out' have done that. Waltri `: did t attempt to -:- "Stuff happens. It was a long - 11fichael.Waltrip has no argu ; get by ~ogj" who stepped in , day.° ment with NASCAR and con %rfrpnt'of-;. ;" the .drivers, Spencer has been a frequent . siderehisdiffergnceswithKyte 'aw-pped at the en- target of,driver criticism and Petty a thing of the . past, 'trance 0 the area. Petty public ridicule the last few sea- almost. , -?' ", -broke awqy; an official, , sons. His most memorable in- "I understand TNASCAR's , thea r,oiuted a'- before be- dignity came in April at North reason behind the Sne;"~, said ,k ;ngled awayby tEam member: Wilkesboro, N.C., where a radio Waltrip, one of three , drivers ., "Under N rules, they ., celebrity chosen to give the pre- punished Tuesday for o,ff track are being fined r acthons detn- race command to drivers said: : incidents at the MBNA 50Q "I ~entaltoan '; gsazdKe ~ GentJemen~Apd~;Jimmy,: apologize to Wmston Cnp fanb*N ~nn 7Yzpl , a an . r, start3ro4rongines .. for what happened Sunday:-*-the sanc;t Dall ade no at- Rraltap waa 5n `ed ~2~000 f t.~ ~ pt`. ~, gav ~ w°'ear after. , nearly,boming to~ rac~bl.~ ~~~~ytagetat,yvs~ bac~pRRC~n'+ertr~ed,~b°~gef~gt him by Petty aftei'the „at ~ er'Fi,,~eywereinvol inatpulticairoq~achwg msider aettmg on ; Downs Internatio~nal'; Speed , y,.; e driver e daor dit~ iyot nader-; wa : was'fined`$5, 006 "a¢,cident 1w h 44~+lapsti~r~ i.,: nf that rage.'. ~ zs~tlda stand the source Y P~ty remainin g S $ f ~~ or and Jim~v pencer 10,000 . S nce s ~T~e _~23,' ' "I Slgn't 141 h ~o~~~~ ' ` y ~ y part_in:anot eLinctdapL a 't ~H w h d oesa i ~. ,. ~~. o ever t at, : offieial , o Pu~cljes were }akea ~ialf m:'It s a: ~n li ut th ` i f ng abo e ac ge n y ee - t Waltnp eaid. "I don't~ fthrowaarl8Aoac~~waatakeri typical'deah r aen~bach said ° ° , t th de fo th rft th ! ~ againsenvrereire• aere race. the accident was`my fault %- , " ° will not take the blame for marks to ahe offiaals I,am t, ~tall ~gto pr nobody, : eistandthecomPeti S encer ea` eund ~ > :~ p , aya -. . . .:¢"aA if: 7dt~ twe natnre of`our guqe'.Trip- ` A spokeaman`for the driver` etty, who could < not be ,:+ ~ lett'said.:°That's;what makes '•onTuesdaysaidSpencerwould ' reachedforcomment lheeday, , . them get ~ had said Sunday that Waltrip hind `th'e wheel to continue to have no comment.: ran into the back of his car on begin with. But we can't con- He finished 30th, one position the final lap of the race. done that sort of conduct.° behind Dallenbach. ~ Petty and Waltrip were rac- -"' The nature of the crash-filled The fi,e was the second for ing for position when they col ',`5~-lapraceandthefrustration Waltrip in as many=seasons, lided. Petty won the battle to ;.> of a long se6on likely contri- Last. year, he -.w,as ..assessed .. flnisheightbbehindwinnerJeff~ butedtothetoptbuisfs.Neither ;$10,000 for cutting',off, then=:, Gordon, tlien gestured toward' Spericer nor Petty has won this lmnching drive'r~Lake Speed'af: 3 Waltrip while each was in his ;;:eeaeon, and EWaltrip is winless . ter a race at blicli~gan: Like the N car. in hi's Winston Cup caieer, a1= inpdents . Sunday, that . dis- ,~ "I flipped him off and he came 'though he :'did prevail four agreement was caught by ~ up and flipped me off," Petty months ago ih the lucrative televisiond said after the race. aon-pointa , Select. z The only fine levied previ- i °,.,° The drivera pointed and sh-' lo~ my and am very ously this year for driver mis- I N outed,'removing their gloves as soiryfor the y:I hsndled the conduct was $2,000 to John An-.I "' iftheywerehockeyplayerspre- i3situation,',r< trip'=said after dretti for intentionally bump- panng to brawl. Petty said they .- learning of thq Sne.,"Atter 4'F, ing Bobby Hamilton siz monthe desided on the cool-down lap to hours of frus;ration; I simply ago' at Richmond. a f .~ i
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Montieello, KY Wepne County Outlook Wednesdaf W 6.000 AUG 14. 1996 j MMN4?322 i rtress CLIPPINGS Bodine overshadowed, by. Earnhardt It's hard to understand how Geoff Bodine, after winning the NASCAR Winston Cup, Bud at the Glen, Sunday, August 11 could be overshadowed by another dri- ver, but that was the scenario as it unfolded, prior to, during, and after the race ended. ~ Dale Earnhardt, who was injured in a crash at Talladega, 7uly 28, stole the first act by win- nin z the oole. Second- he was expected to give up his seat in the no. 3 Goodwrench Monte Carlo to David Green as soon as the first n of the racp came out, but a.T~tird, 'gh s'Lfroln i.$ collarbohe st4rnum,he drove the 2.45-mile road course with its I 1 turns, led the most laps (54) and still finished in sixth spot. "I drove it''pretty hard, but we didn't have anything for them at the end;' said Earnhardt. "The brakes were. gone, and the driver was given out, too:' There was emotion, and a tired sad feeling in Earnhardt's voice. Not so much from pain, but like all true champions, he requires so much from himself. ' Bodine and crew chief, Paul Andrews were able to employ strategy they planned in advance. On lap 62, Bodine, who had been leading . in his QVC Ford 1lrunderbird pitted. While still in the pits, a caution came out because of a blown motor in Ricky Craven's no. 41. Bodine, now had fresher tires and enough fuel to make it to the end. When racing resumed, Ken Schrader was the leader, but on lap 83, Bodine's planning had paid off, as he made a clear pass under Schrader for the lead., Terry LaBonte challenged, but the QVC no. 7 Ford with Bodine at Gerald Hodges NASCAR Writer the wheel, pulled away to a four- tenths second margin of victory. The . win ..was . Bodlne s,.:18th Winston Cup,career•v~ t~y s ; Top ten Cmisher3rtfj-yGeo nvcr='~'of " Diamohd Ridge was seG'August 14, 1993, by Bill torspo GWrg- e,1as t week Ilfo~t, P4 ?491 pton i e he blt>8 td dra~tv Ivs ~1~96 r Bodine, 2) Terry LaBonte, 3) Mark ^~pay and receive benefits. Martin, 4) Jeff Gordon, 5) Bobby .!~• In ' a statement, released NASCAR WINSTON CUP GM I aBonte, 6) Dale Eamhardt 7) ~AUgust 2, car owner, Greg Bechtel GOODWRENCH 400 Michael . Waltrip, 8), Jog said, "There is a misconception ,.'• Where. .. Michigan Nemechek, 9) Morgan Shepherrl,,y itiat~ Diamond. Ridge„will not InternationalSpeedwpy 10) Wally Dallenbach. I release Steve from his contract `" When; Race'.' starts at~ 12:30 Terry LaBonte continues to That is not correct: Steve is free to p.m:'(EDT). August 18, 1996 lead the Winston cup driver points ' pursue any opportunity he wishes. Distance: 400, Miles (200 with 2,967. Dale Earnhardt is sec=f Steve continues to draw compen- Laps) '~ ~"~! ond with 2,891. 3) Jeff Gordon- sation antl benefits from Diamond Total purse: f l',492,809 2,848,4) Dale Jarrett-2,820. Ridge. We will release him from Tv: ESPN (Live) Radio: Mike Skinner wins second his contract at any time. It's up to MRN NASCAR Craftsman Truck . him." Announcers: Bob Jenkins, race in eight days "It is not tht desire of Benny Parsons, and Ned Jarrett Mike Skinner is on a roll. Diamond Ridge to prevent Steve Notes of Interest: Defending Saturday, August 10, Skinner led from driving for another team, but champion is Bobby LaBonte. Jeff 86 laps of the StevenslBei4 we cannot pay him if he does drive Gordon holds the qualifying record Genuine Parts 200 at Flemington for someone else. But if he wants 'of 186.611 mph, set in June, 1995. Raceway to claim his second vic- out of his contract, then all he has Rusty Wallace' set the 400-mile tory in eight days. to do is sign a release. No one at race record of 1.66.033 mph in On August 1, he led all 200 Diamond Ridge is preventing June, 1996. ' laps at Indianapolis Raceway Park Steve Grissom from driving. Steve The NASCAR Craftsman in the Cummins 200. ' Grissom is preventing Steve Truck Series drivers are off this His win at Flemington moved Grissom from driving." weekend. him into the driver points lead with 2,260. Homaday dropped to sec- WEEKEND RACING - ond with 2,2~4 3) Jack Sprague- Saturday, August 17, 1996 2,207, 4) Dave Rezendes-1,921, 5) What: NASCAR Busch Mike Bliss-1,895. Series, Detroit Gasket 200 Kelly, Kerry, and Dale Date: August 17, 1996 Earnhardt, Jr. eliminated in , Race time: 12:00 p.m. (EDT)) crash at Nashville Where: Michigan The 'start of the Budweiser International Speedway, Brooklyn, I.ate Model was marred by a nine Mich. car pile up in turn'two that took out 2-Mile Paved Speedway :Kelly, 1Cerry;: and Dale Earnhardt Distance: 200 Miles (100 Jr. and six other cats. Iaps) , 'Apdy Kirby, the points leader Tv: ESPN (Live) Radio: 'cruised to his sixth win of the sea- MRN •son. 2) 'Joe Buford, 3) Mike I Trax facts: Fastest 38 cars I ;' ]teynolds, 4) Ricky Bolden, 5) Jeff through time trials. Four provision- {FIigdon." ". al starting positions based on cur- .~~,. .»., ....,,,.. .~.,..~ .,..,,a teve Grksomis free to leave points: Race record of 169.571 a(qmoog Ridge Motoraporls mph held by Mark Martin. Steve Grissom was replaced as Qualifying record of 175.447 mph Racing trivia question: Who drivesthe Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chevrolet? Answer to last week's ques- tion: Jimmy Sp ence~r, driver of the Camel sponsor~, car no. 23 is referred to as "Mr. Excitement." ,
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"NASCAR fines Spencer $10,000 Waltrin Pett Petty, who rn"~ n°t be'~rkrd Y+ Y for comment Tuesday, bad safd also receive fines S;"~yni°~e ~e By DICK BRINSTF.R back of his tar on APS(rorbWriter the final lap of Ncracc. Michael W eltrip has no argu- Petty and Wel- menl with NASCAR and considers trip were racing his differences with Kyle Petty a for position when thfngofWepa.st-slmostg they collided. "1 urdasmnd NASCAR's rea- Petty won me battle to finish: son behind Ihe !ne " said Waluip - , ef hlh b hf d f T h g e n One o ree drivers punished ues- t Peu day for off-Irack incfdcnu at the winner lef( Gor-~-.q MONA 500. •'I apologize to Win- don. then gestured toward Waltrip ston Cup fans for what happened while each was in hisaa. Sunday.•• "I flipped him off aM be came Waltrip was fined $2,000 for ap and Ripped me nR;" Petty aaw nearly mming to blows with Pmty after the race. afler the race at Dover powns Inter- The dnvers pointed and shou4ed, naliunal Spewway. Petty was fined removing me'u gloves as if they $5,000, and Jimmy Spencer were bockey players preparing to $IO-000 fur hks part in arnther irct- brawl. Petty said they decided on denL the cool-down lap to "snp on pit "However, that doesn't dunge ~~ have ~t,nemq to my feeling ahout the accident:' p get by Wahdp safd. "f don't feel the acci. an official whU stepped in (rase of dent was my fauh and wfll nut mke the blarne for il." plea+e (urn to Page B _ w1nStOn , .~ i .,. r . AP Pb,i by gm.n. aore. Jlmmy 5_pjpap.tareground, and Wally Dallen- NASCAR Bned Spencer 510,000 for attacking b.<hyeBateWtoHterasWlsastoRCupofffc(als Dallenbach and also handed out fines to reslydR them following an aecldent during Michael Waltrip and Kyle Pesty for their scuBle Sunday'e M_6NA 500 at Dover_powns. inae.n.es.l.eta.nr - Fines" NqrNfldan, NC NfmBdnld ContmnedfrumP.ge1B said aDer learning ofthe fine. gMtsrr, "Af¢r 4 12 houn Of fmsirnion. I BnMU him after me drivers sttipped their simply lost my temper and WeEnWS1 011sM csrs at the entmnce to the garage s.houldn'thavedonethatt aru. Peuy broke away Irom an offi- "Stuff happens. It was a long cfaf, then pointed at him before day" SEP t0. 1996 bein{ kd away by a lum member. Spencer has been a(requerts tar- NASCAR rules, they gel of driver criticism and public •'Under. N3640 ~~tng fined for actions deul- ridicule the Iast few seasons. His menul to auto racing," said Kevin nnu memomde indignity came in Trlpk:tt. a spokesman for the ems- April m NoM WiResbwu, where a YRY~YLVreus cerrrrncs dotdngbodyg radio celebrity chosen lo give the _ Spencer waa fined for trying m pie-racecmumand to drivers said: ' . get at Wally DaBenluN after thcy ' Gendemen ard Jimmy Spencer. I were Involved in a multicar awi- sunyomengfnes." y~ demwi0qqlapsrmraning. Dallenbacb, who made no Spemer dfn had be restrained 'attempt to leave his car s[ter byeNASCARpitroadolfa:fal. No Spencer tried to get at him by punches were thrown and rn action reaching inside the netdng on the was Iaken against the drivers for drlver's door, did not understand theu ,ararks to the ufficials. me source nf mat mge. "We understand me canfeuuvc "I dnn't know. The 23 (Sperrcer) nature of om guys: " Triplett sald. gets tn a wreck and mkes half of us "That's what makea them get wuh him. it's a typical desl; ' Dab behind the wheel n fxgin with. But knbach sa4G afur the ram. we can't cornkme Nat son o(con "1 ain'1 talking to nobody,~~ d,ICI.'~ SIKIKer cald. The nature of the crash-filled A spOlwsman for the driver on 500.1ap race and the frustszdon of a Tuesday said Spencer would con- longsetwslfkelyconufbutedmlhe unue lo have tnsmunenl. He fin- outborsu.NeimerSpentanOrPetty ished 30th, one position behind has won 1h1s aessm, and Waluip is Dallenbrh winless in hia lTe fine was the second 10, Winston Cup Waltrip in as many seasons. lasl career, although year, he was as.seased $10.000 for he did prevail cutting off, then punching driver fom monlhs ago l~ke Speed aher a race at Michi- in tbe lucrative gao. Like she incidents Sunday. tlut non.~,~, ints Win- ~ \ disag~n'cnt was caught by tekvi- SIq1 JCICCI. ~~!' Slon. "1 lost my '. ~.r-+r The onty fine levied Previously cool and am very -_.' ~? ,his year for driver mistsmduct was smry for tre wa $2,000 to John Andretu for lnlen- 1 handled me sit- tunally bumping Bobby Hamillon union: ' W.Ilnp M. W Rltrip sie mtmms ago L RichmpM.
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- 52245 8145 Nancy Winchell Memorial race heads MCFR action 3 By ANDREW WATERMAN En Yotor.porb Editor -. A big weekend of racing is on tap for area fans over the neat two days with a special raoe set at the McKean County Fair Raceway, and a visit by the NASCAR Feather9te Modified Tour at Holland Speedway. In But SmahpoRM the Nancy WinrJaO Memorial Trophy race hesds up the four mr nacing program at the one-third mile clay oval tonigh. Pro- motor Rod Biehler has pmmised a beautlfnl night for racing and if you be & fastest can to run at Holland this season. 1'he Sunoco 150 will hava a total of 546,075 up for grabs as the series reaches the halfway point of its season. :.~~mong dtose entered In the nce are series points leader Tony Hir- icka an. Hoping to get a little claaer in the standings will be Rich Fuller, hu lud a hot season, finishing in the top 10 in all but two races in ~. He will be driving the Polar Beverages//Independent Tmek Service entry. The car will be easy to spot as it has the targe white polar bear on itI haven•t been out m MCFR this seaeon, now would be the night. The new entry of interest will be the #57 entry of Akron, N.Y. native Eileen gnoddands assure every speoutor a good seat and the racing should be fut pbell. Campbell is the only womsn to ever qualify for a Tour race, a and close. - she set hut year at Holland. Her fiance, Eric Smith, is a pan-time The gatee open at 4 p.m. and the first race ukes the gteen flag at 6 p.m. dri n in the Winston Cup series and hopes to mn the full Cup schedule In : Up in Hollud. N.Y., It will be a fast night as the Modified Tour makes 1 its annual trek to the Southern Hrie County ovil.A totd of 29 tars will be ng of the Winston Cup, Jeremy Mayfield piloted his RCA Thun- r compadngYtir the 24 starting spou with qualifying set to begin at 4 p.m. .dabird Friday to the pole position for Sunday's WC event at Talladega. Holl.nd ofiici.ls sald Friday that while 24 cars are expected to take the 71dR will be Mayfield's tiret pole position and it will put the Cale Yarbor- gteen_flag, as many as 28 may aart as provisiooW will be available for auoowned car imo next February's Busch CWh at Daymna. Mayfield's sWten number 25 though 28. To be eligible for a provisional you wi)l have pnle knocked Jeff Gordon off the top spot as he will take the green from the to have failed to qualify, and, be in the top 35 in the Tour points. .. outdde of the first row. - . The Modifieds are a NASCAR claas that has provided many of the top itauoding out the top five in Friday's qualifying wem Dale Jarrett, Dale d<Ivers in die Winston Cup sedes with a good training ground. Geoff and Eamhardt, and Ioke Speed in the Spain Ford. Darrell Waltrip will start Btelt Bodine are two graduates from the Tour, as is Jimmy Spencer, driver nint4 in one of his best startn of late. Jimmy Spencer will take the green fl IS h ..... . ' ' egfn t . . . . . : . • Joe's Zippo-Case Thundarbird. The open-wheel ncers will ~ . Among those who failed to qualify Friday were Terry Labome, Rusty W.llce, and Bill Elliott. - It may be hard for the Winston Cup drivers to concentrate on Sunday's race as many will be thinking ahead m next weekend's Brickyard 400. 1S wig be NASCAR's third visit to the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway and it was announced Friday that the purse for the race, will be a record $4,777,721. Over SS0U,0D0 will go to the winner. : ,l17ro CART IndyCm series will be at Michigan this weekend and Andre Ribiero put his Tasman Motorsports racer on the provisional pole Friday with a speed of 235.714 around the two mile track. Second fastest was Alex Zenardi, followed by Paul Tracy. Al Unser, Jr., and Jimmyyiafef~- The German Grand Prix is set for Sunday and it wasla'day, in the opening qualifying round for the favories. I.ocd driver and World Cham- pion Michael Schumacher could manage Juet the seventh fastest time atwnd the.Hockenheim circuit,, while current points leader Damon Hill coyld do no better than eighth fastest time. : . ; The provision pole for the German 6P was won by Oerhard Barger in the BawBon, followed by David Culthard, Eddie Irvinq andlean Alesi. The rumor season has started in Formula One, by the way, with the Ent glish motoring press reporting that Damon Hill hae signed with Beneuon for 1997 atter being told his services would not be needed at Williams. No confinnalion from Hill or Prank Williams u yet. See you at the raasl JUL 27, 1986 ® N4864
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52245 81E9 ttr, ~ ~3 41g4ppp 1~"1i A~~e1 ~.b5gAIAp~~ ~~ ~~~..~pp~~~ 53 5 ^~ ~ b b ib"~• a,,, 11 1g11g~p1 .~ ~~Al'~s~~,.1 gg^ ~~ gs 1~ ,~ 9~ g 6~~ ~e g11i ~ yil a ~ ,~ : E~~~lg ~~~8~~ ~~ 8 a~~~ jeEs ~~iJ~~~~E ~~~E~~~~~~ ~p~~ p;l8 ~8~~1sI j~~E ~ E ~~~~~~I g 1011 a~R ~g a $ ~~ eg~~~g ~~e ° 8 ¢ i l~ ~E~ ~s ° ~ ~ ~ e~~ ~ e ~ ~ t~ gI8 ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ g~ti~ .~~sg ~~~~ i ~~ ~1it4hllllal,J41111 I$ $ 5~~~ ~~ ~-E~ ~ ufilm ~gyx1 P1,21B1 fllv[ N Og~ g a b~~ ~~~~~~$ ° ~ a~b ~~ z ~g e l '~ g ~ ~ ~ .~ ~.~ ~ d7~~ ~. ~ ~~~~~~ ~ ~ I if,111,11 i1!F1iMflh1I ItXx _ .J _~__~b
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Nopew`N,vA NEIMt Rlsbnt so d- Pdorsb urb - Ho Ps. sa Yst tlrn hWal R@bdCCB I;601",'` Bat goes to -the rac; On Saturday; Sept: 7: ,Bat- . INne weat to the daces. A cat at ' ;a NASCAR event.is straage taough, but what yod may sot know is Bat-Mite hitched a iide on one of the pace cars. : It was actually a pace truck • - the one from the track at Langley. She got to do some- . ,~hmg Iotast peow" let.akme ;. ,C,atE do,Q~f,,g to;~0.•She sode a fevj?rt~ ~around the . rtack at lttchmottd Intemanon- ari6~ ~ a had stiange ide ~~ no tdda~ tlieEs br"way~d~~ , w~'ah6 ,,~ }Sb e ti€ ~~AftenvlptvtFtg*lohbnytnenat tbe 85,6~~ son acNo.•30,pe~aoil Paptisc Grand they had bruoc~wg~th them) Prix. the Bat-Mite has been may have notitxd a aplotch of telling me everything tllat shc.: . gray fur in back of the believes is-wrong w,ith ~y; white Langley piekap.. Thst Fimo - r I tried to explam, to her that - .was Bat-Mite; a demoq for my:car..•is.not a race car,1b1t. :. I~t was only fiRting that on she'll have none:of it Shd; 'the 100th anniveisary of cincle ' wants me to add thts end mtid-? track racing, the first feline ~~' I~~~ ~~ should take to the track (at no matter what I do', it's aot : lemt Bat thought ao~: After s)>e going to become a Winston . bad completed her laps, she Cup.car. Still, Bat has vtst°°s crawled back into my purse that I will soup up the;Fietu.; hom whence a6e Lad emerged ~ and she'll go head to head (and people won~er against people who 3riire tipl . .,?hY a carPotitiacs - Kyle Fetty;.Wtud ' ry such a huge handbag). Any-" Burton, Bobby HamtltoQ"and% way; I didn't know Mite had Rick Mast. ~ stowed away in my purse. It's I've also tried to ex lam p to, ` so heavy I never notice a few ; her that all the modifi-.claons ~. extra pounds. I never would in the world are t to ' nongh;tuosey tnto`the old pursue the ratioaale behiad _' etp tt will 1~ raa'ready She:E comment I ako drdn't s'~t believe me whta I tell .• a T gtprt 't tiive eoouh m B shejdrr gonecause was .vu ~a ya and there m"a'y not be pu~e and I.otas a pass=6oldm.g . gh m4uey m the warld to r member of tlie pnss, Hat- te , qotp' my four cylinder. to got to watch.the race ft~~tbe'r 1oe'it able_to'take op' a real infield. Shewps tspecialJy , AS C AItJ CAIt car Bat=Mite'tells.: imptessed.ith w two,womenl e 11 T shoald invest in boostei who were sprA ehow Shc doean't` ~seem to enough to be in thei yitrksofzsuug' bftbe~ well Thyy# dt4ln'~ ~orbe' d qeflatitse3 0l ~i~ nportas'becat~,t~y~ t laat wants to go fast and talnoto ptcturca.' e~" a Sa~7 u~Jptlhe ftSS>~t~d~~ the 5rsttinse Bat INiie~ -f6q,typ~ole ~~ reiaaingi been to'a raa:'Although on,a full-size'mattre~}:aWp t¢e ) loveacats of all kinds; she van .From Iime to time, t6e' a.; !a dtost fascmated,by the, younger of;the two women; ~ TbZy had aet up aventa would retrieve a PripQy,~rotn t ' tent'cttte's m tha'pai~kmg van ad h dtch'tlit thene way otp They wqre cooking out tacte wtth Yhem for atwPilej 'eepmg op blankctt beneath uitttl 4he potse from thecaip ,, 4` eu tracks; playmg'[onch began bothenngJua~sIve ontball 'a'nd even bicyc~rng' eais ` i® camp to camp ` If a cat can go to the iaces , xBat-Mite wsnted ntb to buy then I suppose a dog cao 'tno' eF a Smokin' Joe's Racing Bcsides,.the puppy behavedt eamZ~ause she liked • himself and didn't try_to bum aI e colors; bntl didn't Lave T,-stiirt'or hitch a ride ua s:o heart to' tell her tharJimnAty pace tmsh-. pencer drives a Ford; not a And if yon'were at theaac~l tse Anyway, the Smobn and you didn't see $q~.~Ylttc?$ squventr stand didn't ttiat doesn.'t.mean she wasn_t{ bnt' ujcat T ss:`L saw a," ttieee I was there but'chpoc~: Trshirt atthe Ro'sty_Wal : are you didn't see me,iither,~. trailer that might have fit It's easy to be tnnsr¢le iq a3 _ have consented to my cat ~e ~; c~ ~ ~er but Bat said she'd rather crowd. goiug to a race. Vytietever'Bat- Benson's, but Bat won t ~ an ~~ T- believe me. She thinks if sh¢t than, Rebecca lsom is fcaturtaj Mite goes, mayhem follows: I sink ~' W allaee. I dtdn't' want to ediror The Niws Ncr" cbI- ~~ m of. go g ~ywhere near ~stsirt an argi~tem so I didn't umrt oppears on Fnddys• N I 7 L•. :
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! [ile.,..Continyed from page BI chance to win today, but we . the acheduled 188-1ap event to \would have had a good chance for 1291aps. /k good finish. So did the 3.Oordon, who now has 15 (Eernhardt) and 4(Marlin) and c i r i l eer v ctor a es wes eading , some of the other guys," Labonte Jimmy S and Dale Jarrett said. . when thC g resumed. Jarrett "It's a shame you get takenn movedintosxondinthefirstturn out; ' he said. "It happens every and drove past Gordon on the out- time here. You see a lot of good aide to take the lead In tum three, cars that are innocent victims of But Gordon kept stalking the somebody else's mistake. That's leader until he was able to get the result of restrictor plate rac- aloogside in turn two on lap 127. m8•" With a little boost from third- Oordoh, 24, was the eventual place Jeff Burton, Gordon's beneficiary of the big crash, Chevrolet Monte Carlo moved which brought out a red flag - past Jerrett'a Ibrd Thundeibird. the second of the race - to allow That's the way It smyed to the the track to be cleaded up. . checkered flag at the end of lap During that delay, with the sun 129, with Gordon winning by setting, NASCAR officials decid- ebout three cer lengths - .146 ed there would be only five mwe seconds. Mark MaNn was third, groen-flag laps. so they ghastened followed by Irvan end Suencer. NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon gets a kles from wlfe Brooks In Victory Lane after winning thel)jo.klgfq.809. . AP photo Earnhardt injured in. crash; Jeff Gordon wins By MIKE HARRIS tal forobservaUon. AP Motorsports Writer "I went to. see Dale and he's OK;" . Marlin said. "I think he's ALLADEGA, Ala. (AP) - acared of needles and they wanted Restricted engines mean togive him a shot." -"°'"'""*^ close racing on the Winston Richard Childress,Bemhardt's Cup curcuit, and close racing usu- car owner, said, "He said he felt ally means creshes. . pretty good other than just hurting . That's the norin at Talladega up in his chest. I believe he'll be Superspeedway, where seven-time OK. He's tough.... He can handle series chempion wes Dale Earnhardt it." ' injured Sunday in one of two Talladega and Daytona, multi-car crashes during the rain- NASCAR's longest and fastest delayed end darkness-shortened tracks, arem the only places where - DieHard 500. . . the sanctioning body requires oar- The crash that left Eamhardt buietor iestrictor plates to slow with a fractured left collarbone the carsdown. But, by slowing and sternum overshadowed Jeff them,.they also have bunched the Gordon's sixth victory of the~sea- field, son, one that boosted him into the At times Sunday, the 2.6frmile series points lead for the first time Talladega oval looked like a free- this season. way at rush hour. Late in the race . The 11-car wreck began on lap there were still more than 30 cars 117 when Ernie hvan taMed the on the Isad lap, most of them rear ofSteriing Marlin s.car, bunchedinpaoksclosebehindthe which then banged Earnhardt's leaders. I Chevrolet. The car slammed into Terry,I.ahonte, who went into the concrete wall, bounded off the race with a 12-point lead over upside down and. wes hit hard by Earnhardt and an 80-point edge Derrike Cope and then Robert on Gordon in the season stand- Pressley before coming to reabon ings, was involved In the second its wheels far down the track. ' big wreck and wound up 24th. He Earnhardt, driving in his 501st slipped nine points behind consecutive race, refused to lay Gordon, while Bamhardt fell to on a stretcher and walked to the , third. 23 points baekk ambulance for his trip to the "We probably didn't have a t infield care center. He was kept DALE to B2 ~' overnight in a Birmingham hosPi- ~ .... . page Se - ..~...__. . . . t. . _._. _...,,_ ' Burton slipped to seventh. "The circumstances happened to work out," said Oordon,,the defending Winston Cup champi- on. "I saw about six or eight Fords behind me and I knew about the.middle of the back strdatitaway if they had a run on me titey could get me, and that's exanlywhatDaledid. . "I didn't ve up, but I was one lonesome Chevrolet out there. Some guys out there had to make moves to better themselves and Jeff Burton happened to be one of them. He kept diving down there at the bottom and I just made aure I tded to block him so he couldn't get by me. ' . "When I did." Gordon addeA, "he gave me a heck of a boost. I . A ENqqMm, IL Nims JUL 29, 1998 had so much momentum. I don't think Jarrett could keep me from getring by him." The first crash, on lap 114, caused at least some demege to 14 cars. Everyoneeseaped injury and most of the can were able to con- dnue. Oordon won a Talladega- record $272,550, including a $160,000 bonus from R.1. Reynolds Tobacco for winning a race while leading the points. He a'veraged 133.387 mph. Rain delayed the start of the race by 3 hours, 23 minutes and there was another 23-minute red flag because of rain after the first nine laps were run under caufion as officials hoped the iace cars would help dry the Irack.
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WINSTON CUP SCENE Conibrd, NC WEtILT 119,100 JUL •r 1996 n2B97e ®rnaaaCLIIIINGa 'AWrx ~~aU ~/ : I This month's Farkcare question comes from Angie MeGaha of Columbas. I lnd. N you have a question you'd uke for us to consider for FanFsre. send it taFanFare. 128 South Tryon St. Suite 2275. Chadotte. NC. 26202. Anyone whose tlues0on is used vdtl receive a free gift. I Q g What was the most difficult part of becoming aei i capted by the NASCAR community for drivers that  came from the Northern or Western United States? -- - Rieky Cr>aen: 'The most difficult 9ratt 9adins: 'The most difficult A vansitan la me was becoming fam,l part is beng booed at drr+er ineodu  iar win the superspeedways. Iwns iust because yodre from New because none eusl m New England. York State.(The prohlems are) peo As far as the peopla. I think The ple not Fnoaing you: not apprecutirg biggest deficit I had was learning the fact that you made it into the averyore's personalities. A lot of b,m7estlam of motorsports,Ithink. these glys _. were somewhat familiar n: ure Unded States, and realy dslik with (Winston Cup mong) because mg you ryst because of wMre yoo're they had a famsy member imdwq m from. That was really hard for me, the spon or they had been exposed bewuse I'd never faced that -'rng lothespoolaanumberoiyeas' booed for no reason other than because we're from the Nonh.' Ted Mesgravn 'I was accepled Jinn When I nrrretl ~ Johnny fNnson: 'I think I was pretty well through conrrec&ms with (to thel m, I was accepled pretly '. accepted M1ie. I raced aganst a lot of Cad Wegner. a motor huJder out of easy. I was prabebly accepted more 1 the ASA guys end got moved up to Wrscansin dang a bl of Busch Grand from the crew members than anyI Wnston Cup. We're running Mpinst Naand work. (We) helped out Da.ay hoay. For any4odg, n isn'1 hard at at ~'em now. where I watched them run N AYSm quite a btt. Red Farmer, e+ery- It's not 1ke.'Aww ... there's a Yankee I there. They come from ASA so it s ra body. I even hauled some motors :~ comin' in.' I dd pretty good driving deMitei) mede Ga loleasler.' ~° down for Oavej when he was gettkg I Busch (Series) cars, and once I some molars from Carl. Flus. Nan : moved into Winston Cup, it was i 00 Kulw-cki paved the way. He was a acceptable. I don't Mlnk il was that y Wiscanaeile, too. h was very accepl. , hard at al.' , In able when I got hee.'
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52245 8178 g~ 994 g As< sgsft = i°s fix Al , 2$a O ~ ~ I ~as~~f 9~}S ~~ A1~~~a~~? ~iP~~~ ;.s' 9If ~Ii-- $$ ~ aa3• Y V ~~ ~1's3E~~ ~`~~'~~3 ~~~~$?11 $~~~~~ ~~ e& 1sa -~ajjqtf` I ~Bjj ~ ~. ~~$~~3SYr'~bA' is 3~8~~ ~~'aA ~-a~$~ 8~~Og~ k ~:~ S E a3 ~ ~ I ' g ~' g4 8 : ~S ~ 3 .5 $9. •.r C 8~ ~~s ~=r~ $9 ~ ?hal$ ~~ 31 It ~~~ 88P3°'' °~3 IZ°~~ 3.~E £x~B~~fi'+ ~$~ 9a ~ O k„ I' ~ ~~"Z"~ " a $g9 ~ ~ €I~~ $~~. a'~ ~~~~'• ~~1 _gs :3 39 ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ Ss ~ $ ~` $~v Ct $~e _ ~ g S ~ 9~ r ~E 3 ~~ ~~g~'~~ 8 5 sn ~s3g 9•: ~ ~~ .a 1 ~ ~l ~ ~ 5 ~E
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Hornell, NY Tdbune Tbursday 97,868 JUN 271 1996 N4024 =PRRSS CL! PPlNG3 ~Spencer and,Trickle to race t the Glen WATRIN3 GLEN `- Jimnqy~ and Dick lric§le made their reputation in short track racing. ~ On June 28-30, theyrll be turning left and right, joining a etrong NASCAR Winston Cup contingent challenging the Busch Grand Na- tional iegula=a in the Iryso1200. ,` Speucet will drive the Zi Manufact~uing/Case Cutlery Chevrolet, while 1lickle will be at t e w ee of the DutaLube Chevmlet. Spencer end'hickle will join fellow Winaton Cup regulare 16rry and Bobby Iabonte, Rieky,Craven, Michael Waltrip.,Kenny,Wallace, Joe Nemechek, Jeremy May6eld and Steve Grieeom in the 82dap; $267,665 event. I ,','We had a gaod,run at the G1en last year in Dick Moroeo's car, befoiie we got caught up in an aecident,`. Spencer recalled. "We were headed to a top five finiah. This year Pm running my own car with help from Zippo and Case Gutlery. We were running in the top five in three of our four rapea. We plan on doing the eamething this year at the Glen.' A native of Berwick, Pa, Speneer earned the niekneme,"Mr. Ezcite-r ntent" during a NASCAR Modified owned by Frenk GScd of Elmira. He wo4 a pair ofnstionsl championships in 1e8"7, endha9 a briefpJey in the Busch Grsndxational before moving~p to Wnafni Cu fulltime in 1890. FIe scored S pair of vicfmies for.t6e legendary .Tumo~Johp+eon in 1994, and now drF.vma the Smo~yJ" e,Fpid oXaed by'14ay~@C ._aiter. ./+1#e,is a five-t~m,e.wmpetitor3il Uu ut~a~ fhe GIen.He'Sttiahed thiid -+, in 1993, driving a Ford owned by BobbyAllieou 'Spencer,`also has ttree atarte in the 1po1200, but has yet to fimshyhe race "We've gotten caught up in accidents esch time Spencer ezplained: "We're going to try to change that this yeac" . . Tlickle was a Midwest short track legqq before he switched to the FmRton f.uP in 1989 at the age of 47., -. 14ickle ie a five-time competitor in tbB Bud at the Glen. His best fin- ish was a 24th in 1992 -an event which"he nearly'won. With the race under caution for rain and nearing the halfway point,llickle elected not __ to pit aqd took thelead. Unfortunatelylfor'hiclde, the weather cleared just long'ehough for a final brief green flag etint, and he faded to the Ln back on uaed tireR ae If,yle Petty went "on to win- t . N The Iq eol 200 weekend opens on Friday, June 28, with practice for ra " the U.S. Formula Ford 2000 National Championship and Barber Dodge Pro series. Satm'delyre schedule includes practice and qualifying for the N Lyso1200, plus a 30-minute U.S. Formula Ford 2000 National Champi- m onship race. Sunday'a racing opens at 8:30 a.m. with 30-minute races for v_J the Barber podge Pro Series and U,S. Formula Ford 2000 National Chain- w pionahip. Tbe lyso1200 takee the green flag at noon.l9ckets are now on sale for the lyeo1200. For additional information or credit card orders, call (607) 535-2481. I ~
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. ~w ~~g~; p3sa =~~~5 ~ ~ ~~~~~g~~ R ~as flh1I1iiI s~~pP ~ ~~~sg$ii~ ~~ll ~ 0 ~! [a~ 1 1 ~ 1 11 ~ a ~ ig;llv~~~ $ ~ ~ $d~ 3 z g W }~~=~a~ ~l~ ~~ ~ g ~ etg~g@~~~s ~. ~ 45aiicerR;~x# l66aW~'We O ~~, fill ~ fig7g~~~~~~~~~U~~~~~~ s ~ ~~f~ S~ ~~ ~ ~ 16 °g fi~ i $ S 3 i ~i~ ~$ 3 ~ i^$~ ~~v$ 8 ~ = N ; ~~ ~eO~ ~ ~ ~. ~#~~~~. ~$$$[$sm ~~ I~~U ~ge~z n m : ~ ~ l N W ~~1 g~~ ~~~~~ n ~~ n S ~ 3 eSyJ i S p p y ~6 il ~~~= ~til96~8 3~ 1115~~~`~i~~ ¢~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ `~ ~ a¢ , j
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7 . ; ~. ~. Itarnhar.dt takes pole ofor -Bud at the Glen E yMikeHarrls AUTO-RAqNG aw~iwar... WATKINS OLEN, N.Y- - ^ l NASCAR's walking wounded aiomidg, my.leg"-was klLLing~me~.~•put on a good show Friday in I'm going to have to warklnto it"- the opening round of qualifying and see how thinga~ progiessF71 for the Bud at the Glen. may look at trying to;eet~ some-, Dale Eaniliardt, still hurting" body to help me out- We7lwalt aom a left collar bone and ster- and seel' num fractured in a crash Jul,y 28 ROUGH ROAD: Tbe -Wat: ' at Talladega, Ala; won the pole. ldns Glen track Is one'oti.only., Kyle Petty, sore from head to two road courses the:-WlnatonT` toe after a brutal crash last Sun- Cup drivers race on each year. St ! day at Indianapolis, qualified can be a pretty tough change. °1•,.: - d 16th. Four drivers crashed.-har. BillElliott;,recentjy recuper- . durmg'the long opeNng.prao ated &om a nasty 0acture at the tice FridaY• ball oint connecting his left hi Three them -- Rlc~ Cra-. and leg, put his Ford In the fleld :ven, Bpencer and rookie. , ` " in the 19th posltion.,Elllott was Johnny Be bad,Eo Injured at Talladega in a crash Switch to b kup csrs torqqual- onApril28. 1Mng later. Frida,y. None o~yhe:". AGthree will be put to the - trio: was able to qttal[fy:,the- test :hts weekend on the Wat- backup among the top kins Olen International mad : The other, Robert course, a2.A5-mile,eireuit with 'quahted hls-:-repalred':p 11 bone-wrenehbigsGanssand: car `20th and.lopl[Kup a~ ° ~" 4eld' .ae.,....,rh,,..,,.~ the~e2 ~"IYiving a ioad course aint y" Craven, Spencer and Be nothing like driving Indy," aaid;' all wlll have,Eo try egafn: 8edu'-' ` ~ flnal"- Eamhardt, who ran the first stx day~ in the second and iaps at Indianapolis before~:glv- roundotthnetrlala.."..;,!'4,'`.~ing up the seat to Mike Skinner. Zanardwlne Indy-carpole ' Za- "My s:emum is reailV.bothering ~~ thenpmvislonal pole'~ me here It's real~y painful when . ~ I go through the corners. It's position after Fdday's qualifying Y hard to breathe." for the Miller 200 lndy-car race David Green, a former Busch at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. ° Grand National Series champi- , yan~ who has morecham-~on and the current BON points p~~Mp ~m~ oa road courses ' leader, will stand by as Earn- than eny other driver in the se- hardt'sreli fdrivei on S d e un ay P_, nes, had a tast lap ot 120.318 Afeoel+bh+u ular Told Bodine will -be on mph on the 13-tum, 21i.-m8e pr- DeN Eamhardt, center, clutehes his chest as he climbs out of his car hand in case Petty needs rehef. If cWt in he is north still the central fastes t Ohio- "drlver Friday after practice laps for the Bud at the Glen Winston Cup race. "I teel blessed to even be . . when standing here after last week's quaIl(vlag ends Saturday, it w81 be the third ~eneuve is now driving on the watch the race from, but there's crash," Petty said "I don't have pole position for the 29ryear-old Iady-car Formula One circuit after win- not that much pressure to earn a clue about Sunday. I've got roakie from Monaco. Zanardl ahrg.the Indy-car title last sea- it," pain everywhere." captured his only victory in the aon. Second in early qualifying was Elliott has no one standing series June 23 at Portland, the "I don't really feel any pres- Bobby Rahal at 119.961 mph. by, but sn't sure /f he can go all last time his Honda-powered sure to be on the pole,".Zanardi Rahal, a three-time series cham- the way Sunday, either. Reynard was on the pole. said arter Ftid$p's session. "It's pion who won at Mid-Oh1o In "I don't know," he said. "I'm The qualifying record for the ~ nice to be in that position be- 1985 and"1988, Is traditionally going to have to see how things track was set last year by Jac- cause it's a chance to earn some the crowd favorite at the track go. After the first two laps this ques Villeneuve at 121.192 mph. money and it's the best seat to because he grew up in Ohio. ~ PoHevllle, PA Aepu611ean & Herald Sunday BUN87,8W AUG 11, 1996 M89655 M®©PRfCbCLIPPIN65
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efsa(ord, " Era Fridat 0 11,155 JUL 19. 1996 arial®®PRESS CLIPP/.V CS ~ jSpencer; By ANDREW WATERMAN Era Motorsports Editor "Winston Cup driver Jimmy Spencer knows exactly what he wants to do with the rest of his life. "I'm not planning on going any- where. I'm happy to spend the rest of my days driving the Smokin' Joe's Zippo-Case Thunderbird in the Winston Cup. I'm where I want to be in life and this is what I want to do." Spencer, a Berwick native, was in Bradford Thursday as the guest of honor at the Zippo-Case Collec- tor's Day Dinner at Case Cutlery. Following a catered dinner, Spencer arrived in the Watkins Glen Interna- tfonal pace car, followed by the Zippo Ford Mustang Cobra R, cam- paigned by local drivers Gary Smith and John Kohler in the IMSA Stteet Stock Endurance Championship se- des. Spencer is one of the bright young stars of Winston Cup, with a pair of wins to his credit. No stranger to the area racing scene, he made his name in the highly com- petitive NASCAR Modified Tour. Known to fans as "Mr. Excitement" for his aggressive driving'style'Sppncer twice won the tv{odifie$'h54Y t;hamplahship'Before moving on to Winston Cup. He currently runs the #23 Travis Carter-owned Smokin' Joe's Ford Thunderbird'OR'W'Wittston Cup circuit. He also campaigns part-time in the tough Busch Grand National Series in a Ford Thunderbird spon- sored by Zippo and Case Cutlery. Zippo Manufacturing and Case Cutlery will become Associate Sponsors on the Smokin' Joe's Ford in the later half of the season, start- ing with the Bud at the Glen the first weekend in August. Several hundred Zippo and Case Cutlery collectors were at the din- ner, and as they lined up for a change to get an autographed pic- ture of Spencer, the driver easily chatted with the fans ac he signed pictures and gave out'pins with a picture of his car. ,:. -.r rNi~itil -.m a v5 rur, , a+.. '' r rL ..1 _ AA. S~gNCEF~~I ~~F014i5 ''Arko g's"Jhiithy SpeAdx afgna atreo~graphs aa Brtldl~id': John Kohler and Gary Smith look on;Thursday. "I'll bet you don't remembei me," one collector asked Spencer, and Spencer looked at him, grinnedl and said "I don't remember your n,ame, but We talked at Daytona bi; fore the July race." 4 An obvious crowd pleasei, Spein= cer flew in for the dinner and then left later for Long Pond, where he will compete at Pocono Interns- tional. Raceway this Sunday in the Miller 500. "I consider Pocono my hotne track," Spencer confided as h~ signed autographs. He expebts tough competition this weekend b'n the 2.5-mile track, and Spencer 4- plained that Winston Cup is now the most competitive fortn of aulo racing. "There are 40 or so race teams out there, but there are 25 teams - including my team - that can win the race; ' Spencer explained, add- ing " "the competition is very fierce ... Winston Cup is the hardest dog you're ever going to attack." When asked his favorite track. Spencer grinned and said he loves to race at Bristol, the high-banked little half-miler the series visits twice a year. "It's a tough track to race and it's very tough on the car, but I love it at Bristol," he said. Spencer also pushed aside talk of the dangers of auto racing, noting that NASCAR "does a great job of policing the rules and as a result, these cars are very safe," he insist- ed. (Era photo by Francie Long) Spencer was a highly successful Modified racer when he entered his firsl Winston Cup race in 1989, driving for former racer Buddy Bak- er. Spencer soon moved to the Bobby Allison ride, before joining up with legendary driver and car owner Junior Johnson. After win- ning at Daytona in the Pepsi 400 and at Talladega, Spencer moved on to the Travis Carter team in 1994. "I'm real happy with this team; " Spencer said, noting "we want to be a top 10 team and we are real close to that. We're making great progress." . Spencer noyy, lives in Hunters- ville, N.C. / 1 I-
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Ekln, NC ldhune Frleay JUN 20, 1986 N7169 ~/~///~/~ if/rY~riii/rRlBS curPrNas i fir ~ C~I1Cvr~: p-_ .. ., d ~i~I~CARFW n sta~n Cn~p ~e~nos°~vas~~e ~ co'mpetikion foi the second: Ya~b ro ~~s~' ~~3 un year~jad996Itisthethr3~ea b 4ve ftr tea J~) s6n of sxtstence for ti~J e~ ~ihns n~t ;` R Smokm' Jce s team ~~t~ ~~ i,• "fhe f7rst tw ............. o years of our'~ «'ingo ts ~,n iils fir'si S~ ~ NASCAR ~Vinstpn C~ team4as craw•ghigf o7 the Smon~` createda° ng per%~ oc s Fords~He°ldtn.ed t e; ence fof `. ,,~~,`"'e ~n at ih'~ end of the~1995 Rob~r~~TaEri ~~ ~ ea ort ~f ~ wo~lang~~ seven` . Merketat~"g`~+yF~r'lt4rp~lse~ ~ c st ~ tafs ~orrBu I~~ 1g~ngi Ycar,wew~puT~igqtfy$p~n~`~nnWmgo'k rter to the4nix In~ Q~6~ we addworked together ih f~A2 and motors builtbq:Peter Guild of 1993 when Canerwas consul Pro Motors.;We feel certain"tant for Moore'Wingo hag four ~s our_perfor'risanee will tm,;sviFtoncsascrewchief._ ' t proved greatly-over that.of,r ' Spencer, 39 hg b°a,r7aaing 1994 and 1995 ; ~l since 1977 and lomed th~W, n- x= The~ Smok'in io s sron Cup Series Itl'1989' tb• NASCAR Winston Cup t~rim fore the,}996 seayq~n,, includeg wner;fravls CSrter. 12 top-f7xe end 31!top-10 ^- ~ and crew~ tyf~Do~ to W1ng`o: ishes. He'wori the'1994 pst. ' 7he tean~~,u3~riadquaners~"40o•`at` Daytona and the,- in HamptonvWe'.~ OdW50D at'lhBadega , Carter fSas . been in But through 14 starts this NASCAR Wviston Cup :ecing yeer, Spencer has jast one top for more, ihan 20 years • He was ; 5ve fmish,lasl week at MiFhi•; 5~ crew chief on -two NASCAR gan. He has has won $412,425, Winston Cup championship and is 17th in points. Jitmr/ Speneer has y?Sp~;cqr snd'thb 'teams: H r e 5F3,~Cr"'. ~ ~1 ca x.. N N , ~TRIB IJ EM khaol Paul r i ,, Netl much aMice about fawto liFpro've ,.. ~1S performance fhis season.' '' __~.....,,, ~~,:.~,::.. _~.... _. .._.... .
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r It
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. .`..-sr, -r
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e . s a I
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Nlekory, NC Reoord Hlokorr Mal Araa Frltlay 022,067 JUN 14, 1996 N3818 11®®®PRRSSCLIPPINOS "But'coif ri enfs trbm Cea~ip bwr er Be14 Sabates y.,wh'o ;field'§„ ftyle' iPe~, v's ~" rubbed Sped~er' ~he' : wrong way,; n. t.. i:i,,..,..:';r. .: $aba~ }said Spen~'@r~t~yhoge ; 11 ! m~a~o ~~~~e r u n #o co~ld h1t ~ ~ „~ tapY~tQn t~9t rack`Iat,~+NASCAR~9 d ' " woul n L qa~j e ~6 in'W ~~2 sa;ha~uj~n t7rdu'rtheS tro t/tg y er afA I'i th f ~ ~. s n ~ i ou~o~ hne. ~ ~ ` ~ ~ ~ _ The rift between Sabates~ anV Spegeer,;hAs nothing -( o 1dp ~ Ith Petty Spencer said ~ ~~ ~: ' m > iHe s aklng lt b4d on ~{y1 1;1 . ~ ts a g6od (ilend o('fnlne Kylt a~k¢tt~ e m „Jf I w&s~n drat;~ q t:wftqt:Eejlxsaid~~'Y3 "->, ` t. , ~~;~id ~~Ieil , ~i 6t ; : Y:'..'vlwakilb i. .:.1.
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New Cetle, IN CourMr•TImn Frldatf o +s,me JUN 14. 1996 N2576 M~MraesscL/rrrH08 er s•ees slow Progress ~ ~ " , ~ ~ z ~:: a Z' this season. Actually he s pon-pomts race •but it,was ;still~a immy~S ~ence-i.certainly has ' for me; and it finally came to a not beeBxcitement" head at Charlolte. ..., If, was -a Z been more like "Mr. Forgotten: wui:' 1:;`z La'st?,iweek''at Dover, a"sizth _` Speacer, w6o dnves~y the place fuiush Was Speneer s 6eat of Smokin Joe sOunderbird , for the see"hnd' only hrs`se~d Ttavis Carter~ As, 19t1}.,,in..the top 10 ~ 1996. RWjr,Istoa,Cup points I,nd hasn't Iis aB part 1bl t 6eep ` getting ,; much rrrespect, Spencer's mas- . despi4e two'series vrctories,, , ter pldn aF' " ' T.. Wayne Robertson, the head "'We've,had a of sports-marketing here et good lastcouple_ Camel, had a.long talk last year of weeks," said : abont some stuff that Jimmy Spencer, a Spencei pgeds.to do,'."Spencer rough-hnd tum=' said. 'As far back`a3 Bristol last ble com tito~r ~feelr,.l> eltam'dnving,4s ~,~- cgn nickname `4 v , *i~ ,, yesrs ) em,l~ng lxtra petient arid ago on` tbeshort" " te`~ing my time when I m around tracks.' of the •sother'cars to rnake sure that I r~,j Northeast: ' All the h®rd ' work don't get in any conflicts. And, if M .C. fmslly;paid off in The Winston you look back, NASCAR makes u, Select Open (an all-star race that decisions based on whathappens ; he woa last month). . that day.+ 0D "It was a pretty neat deal . That different S ~' pencer may ndt ; e because the guys had been work- be`quite as eaciting and hell bent e ing reallp hard tNe last two years for sheet metal as the old Jimmy. . • . ; . .. . . . i . . .
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WINSTON CUP SCENE Coeoord, NB IMMY.5PPNGER HAD^0110 al~alld ,yK.~C~~r~.~, ~~ an upli'eat mood all wnTe kend a~~ IYte guys w~ ~ all ~ ~ . y S ~ ~ Mirhlganln!ematlonal pcfdiYay ~ pits and ma~e regllX good ca . Onihe morning ot June 2l,°-'. day ~ong,' Speii~fr sald 37ie cai'iari the drtr•cr of the Travis C!arter really`well..We were {ost,glittle bit Enterpri<es t oro IoKea wttttttle pn au Qay ~ y ~ . <, . ....Ai.n{.n„. ... ....,Innt~A.lc~elhF3s i ,., n. Iceeto know for anceheye .+t aAain, We hwR?m t _n. not tallingabout me switchY4>; iday long and cubpu! ~ e ciiencersala.;. ...~ ~~,4inv.hS;.ttYe IkniJn 1 F~1tnK tha '[hcnonihcnightof)une21 ata 'good ' yy&uu4~ local restaurant, SpeneFr.amusVdthe .r,. Like racewinqer„nu !yr ~ . media py,talking9bout;bringing.law , _and runnerup, TCJrI I8b$nte, `and orAer,_to NASCAR's Buseh Series Spencer canqcrved (ucY dowa the when he competes on,that circuit stretch,andhisgaptbkppidoff ' agaln. i: . ,t., 'Worried about fue@"HeJl,,the lgst Ob'viously; there wasno,qtood .201aps,I sattherq andror1 out swing two,.days later in, th4tT}iller .-7,000 rpmg,' Spencer sa)d n4w. 400 at Roget Penske's twoo-mile. track' that I was told to stretclt~5 es~,[ ais,l I:. in Michigan's Irish Hills•Although could. We,thought,tup It .4nd hb fou,r,A,! dx?~{,~, i,e~+ed <onKnw t nieed n xm sppnre/. beit e,verorMlS.Da+niEFPFAaeSRCvH r+r'i,w, w,h'r. -':} ,.r:i =r+1o}~"~, a ~~~ , rftr - _ _ ~ tn . v}iclilgan,"Spentersad'-'Tde 1 Q!S11a'Ihewholewas ,hadatl ps ~ N ,S r ., ~ ,~ , ti to sit back offttthf'throule a'nd crtS rrdn feallyl _w.ell all day._ W; ran ' ` ralltrPf th t)lbt tinbt7000oZ2W ,qaou,•r,,.tpms.ey song oeraer,u we ' f { l cking of taf isn ly Mr messed up quali ying ,; t, rea SpeqF; style but lt.paid huge f~We didn t want to start that far I -t ' r '' m ~ nds during the season s 14th bac1i; but ,WpMew we had a good ~ cpr Everytt;ing is aorking we4 •;K ;': . tace , the,tiesstfinishwe'veever rAtnow." , . .. ii~ r ~• •r
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b m e9 Waltrip, ' sorry' for: his actions ' , ~consrw.d hae pope %^ u;;'~V';„4 - ~ . "Ilnder NABCAA ruloe, {he~,* era bein{ fined foractione detn-r . °menul ic autoneing,°. sefd I{evin'} ;1Sipktt a epokBlman for the eaqc Y: tioning body " ' ' ' . Spenaer w./ flnad fox trylag to ~ eet at W/li)?I)ellnokedi afterYhdy'1 werelovolved in a multiur seo!• ~.~ dentwieh'Yel.p.mmelnNg., t.e ' eLo`tiad~ SPe~n~certoabere- ; rt.reinea 4Y eNASCAR Pit roed of•'.:: ';' 'fielali;No yuneheeWerethrown. and no action was teken sgaine4? :thedr1verr;for.their remarke to theathisle,, "We'under/tead the competltlve_ y' _ nature oTobr guy/,°.!Pr;pbttc°Id;,N -Thaq'lwhatmakeathem getbet * ' hind the`whenl ta begin with: 8utr : we pn't,'condone.thet sort q{mn-! duct Ra'; ! . '~hp,~ry4~uda pf the.qra.A•GIId~ s the out6ure. Nalt'fier Speneer nm e•tLty2C dl,RDef'8 Petty L,e-f won thie /eeean, and srtl~8dd Wa1MP~wltde.einhlawlnaton,~ .,.1~ ~,!r Cup tareer, IOhough he didpf° ntg ut vmlfour.mo h.agoIntheluer c. trw~pqD?tn Wimton8°lectJ±M• 6„Q0j~l - / x7,lo1C'.en am`ver ra wrry{o~th@"wltvlhmdledthedt• , uetwnr•WaHdpJaidafter~/ee .~~~7it~ Ing ordhe'Sne After tYe bohn ~~gyAu,~, fruatretion,'i dmply lost my tem i. ' per.nd.kouldn4haveaonetfut ~/{t,~`e~, . Stdffhappen..itwaailang 3pencer has been a frequenti kbejOifJ Tjl¢.ri tvgetardrivxerineuraandPUh-:ep.gygLntop.p. .....,.;,. _. lie ridicule the laet few eeaeone. His most'memorable indigmtv eamafnAprilattNorthWilkeebora N.C., where a radio'eelebrity, cho- sentogive.thepre-ree°command . '*^$^ to dlnid "Ctlem end rve ee:enen. , Jim'mj; Spencer; /tart: rnur en-' ._ . ~gin°e.:...,a ; ,,,....I ~~. Dellenhueh,~rho made.no a tempt to leave his car;atte! Span'- cer tried to get at him by reaemng t~~ide.the>1ettlnRon~t1' ~taNaf`-d"dot'ynq~dfi;~~ ~ro,g~~.y,y okneW Ttled~r) gek ia k wrack /nd takee ]telf p us with him: It'a etypieal,dee -Dallenbeeh eeid efter the rga..r: ~' tan•e1wl 71oat~iiy:cooLand y i~ ~~P ~ro arn^aery aorry /br ' r S~~v` ;~~a~y'`t°t~ ~ the'way t handled Itithder/hind ~~Ci(1l~irsa t1l8tiB~tf{OL,L01{.a .. .'. m,be tha Bna uiW,WiltnP . 6 . drfypi.pppuni/hed •..,~_MkbeelWaltrip e/dsy forofrGeekYnddent/at - 1"SMB~1 A_ OQ '.pDlepea;toa P~ty'`won the battle to finish . oitbt~f)~~e~aheP eightL6ekind+rimarJstfOordon;. r nedSuud/~y n + thentge/tured tow/rd Waltrip (Wel}r,iPNa/ ~da4,000for^;;while iudt wa/Inhi/tu - •ooAdo)j"tq qar wlth Pe tty,,tt I OIpped ktmoff and he Came" '. rd'raG.a. $M~wneIn,Supaudflippedmeof(~Pettyuid ~ d8 tl> wet}3 my8pancer A7hedAvalepotukdandahout-;'e.xther tn-,t ed,~»movhlg:thetr glovee ae if /hep .. wero hoekeyplay.n prepsrin~ to ~pqi chonge; brawl, Petty-ta/d they deeided on . eacidant the°oo owalePto/toponPit Y°ll'theear raadheveitoute . f ul1, and'w Il not r1R'/ltnp did not attempt to get N a ,61 ~t iC~T!fJy A b7 ad o®oiel who rtappea m froot I e N ~e d mtbr rcarhed othim aMr the drlvera stopped , N 4of.4ommmtJfw,/d ad /aid thelr hn at the entrance to the . Sund~ I w into ~~, genge..roe: Patty broke away ! ro ~bikfhN'tlPbf fromM~offlelal,lheapotntedat'W co/a 'the 'mrem: .. § khn~before kemg laa.w.r br •'. U te . Pnt)ena wdtrip'wM r.dnii 'm memMr. :. e: ~ '.' ./MALIB1P/ hp/ tt) - fnrpo/taton when.y eantde (f
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If some of you l'dce to get racing mail-in offers, you should take a. close look at Sunday, August 4th coupon section. There was an order form for Bayer aspirin #5 race car. For this 1/64 scale diecast you will need a proof of pur- chase 1 from Bayer aspirin 24 or larger Plus origioal gister rearpt and 51.00 money order for ship- d 6aodling Thi~ otfer Deamber 31,1996. Another offer was from Kellogg's com flakes for 6 t abie to fmd the following: M1 I Rieh. Mast/Hootms, N7 Geoff Budin~(QVC; ~A8 Hut $triddm/CSrcnit 07, #11 Brett Bodiae/Low 's 50 a anniver- Muspairited e/Prim in e~, #22 Ward BurtoNMBNA, #29 Steve Grissom7 rigon Network, #41 Ricky Craven Chevy Monte Carlo, and M94 HarrY Gant with Htury Back Bill Ellwtt card. In 1/64th scale Premier hood . open cars with emblem they have available #5 Teny mini.cam Th~w pri_are done '. Lbonte/Kellogg's ' ted in 1/64th scale and to get them gray, #23 Chad ~John you will need 2 proofs of pur- Deere, #88 Dale arrett/Red chase from Kellogg's com Carpet Lease, and #94 Bill flakes l8oz. or larger and $11.95 check or money order. This offer also expires at the end of December or when sup• plies are exhausted If you would like to receive DIRT sportswear catalog and see what they have to offer call. 1-800-979-DfR1: ~ has a lot of dr'~eas b easb Champions available In IJti4t6 scale bliskrpscla You will be AREA AUTO RACINB NEWS Trenton, NJ WEEKLT 26,060 AUG 13, 1996 ~~®© leae nl PRESSCLlPPINGa Elhott/Mcuonald s Monoply m aspecial promo packagin& The first dodge Super Thick was released from Racing Champions and it was #29 Bob Keselowski/4~ V~mnebago. Brook6eld_o~axors Guild Inc. has a three-vehicle diecast set dedicated to #3 Dale Earhardt/Goodwrench and imprinted with the official "Stara & Stripes" graphics. Thia race car and crew cab truck and trailer set is limited to 10.000 sets. They also have Earnhardt's Tahoe and iesulat- ed cooler ba* available with the same graphics. The diecast vehicles are one in 1/LSth scale. For more information call 1- 800-667-0765. ACTION Collectables S has 023 Jimmy ' Joe's Ford able in 1/24th sccale with 5,004 produced and 1J64th scale with 16,200 made. also released #23 Ford and Ttaller in 1/64th scale with 2,514 produced. . They have diecxsts produced of #2 Rusty Wallace/Miller Ford Thunderbird in 1/24th and 1/64th scales. In 1/64th scale they released #94 Bill Elhott/McDonald's with 16,000-made and #2 Andy Hillenbwg~IST.P Sprint car lim- ited to 4,500 pieces. You will be able to find from them diecasts of dragsters such ~as Scott Kalitta/American Flying with 7,500 production and Joe Amato/Valvoline with 5,940 made. Both diecasts are done in 1/24th scale. duced and 02 Rdaty. Wallace '96 Miller Thnr ~derbird- ~with 1,000 made. Both pewter cars are done in 1/43rd scale. ACITON siped up John Force to be tbed spokesperson through the year 2000. They also sponsor his Castrol Funny car. Jeff Gordon is the hottest young driver in the NASCAR circuit. His co11ec ~b~les are very popular and destrable. The Sports Mint produced a unique collectible dedicated to him.. it is his thumb print taken the day he clinched his first championship. It's done, in 23 Karat gold and comes with a display case. There are 25,000 of this collectible available. Some of you probably remember diecast collectables produced by Pole Position. They produced over 20 differ- ent diecasts in 1/64 scale. and since I mentioned Jeff Gordon above, I want to point out that his #1 Baby Ruth car was made by Pole Position too. I have several of them available for $10.00 shipping and handling included, if interested. Tbe value of this car is $10.00, H you would like to reserve one please call me at 610-797- 6261. BLAST FROM THE PAST 'he Legends of NASCAR" #4 comic book of Bobby Allison with hologram and 55.00 cover price has a value of $15.00. in PAST ROOKIE OF THE N YEARAWARDS n 1991 - Bobby Hamilton tn . If you would like to share information with everyone Go write to: 1709 Chapel Ave., ~ I Allentown, PA 18103. Please 00 provide a SASE for your per- ~ sonal reply. I Just like Racing Champions tlrey also vroduced collecuble csrs [Q M43 Bobby Hamiltonal~TP with 5 different ' color sc emes. These cars were done in 1/24th scale with a limit of 2,508 and 1/64th scale with 10,080 produced. - ACTION also introduced new packaging for their Pewter collectible line. In this line they have #24 Jeff Gordon/Dupont '96 Monte Carlo available with 2,500 pro-
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Merson Clty, MO POST-TRIBUNE Saturday D 18,242 JUL 13, 1996 P3356 IN®®PRRSS CLlPPrNGS or - muc _ ,~... -,,. By MIKE HARRI~ , pP Motospor'yyrifer ~Jttnniy;- e` er certainl , not ¢ee '~atgme ~r, seasoily~ ~~he's beit; It~tt~h 8 m pla~ th fitn§7i ~as;$p~nc v,q~r a+ e seasOnt~I $~onl top ~b m`Y998 Buttitf'5A y ~~e'n~er's°masterplad g'4 had a good last cou l,e of r ~"We've p _ r tgeeks;~+~satd_Speiicer, ar:rough rt. f. m a~1 d~It~ub~et o• earneH 5'-h ~ the~'aho~ia E~ahe ~ hill tF e~"ed brk' faalIv n " tn tne tymstgn 6eiect°.upew tan ~~ ' that 11 tie'tson last t:x ~j stat ~~race ontj). waga prett y :neat deal_ tje , , ~ cause tl7e guys had been working ~r7 really hard the last two years for yo~~ tae, and it finally came to a head a{ Charlv.tte It was a tton pb3pt$ ~~ r cC,, bol,1t was §~ttll ~Spencer, whrsa drives" tlie ~yp - Smolnn'.: Jovs ., 'rnunaQrOtra syor,' avts Cartec;~is' 19th in the Wh , _ ; on Cup'points" 'an'd hasn't,beet~ " as ~ getting much respect, despite'two ` just°r~cing V.,a series victories. : ` " . . .. a~oided 4or ~! iRecently, before a race at North ac3dedr(,I 't~i Wilkesboiro; two 'Charlotte radio out of line bd personalities known for theirwise- the "competito 2acks acted as co-grand marshals a,that-you ise • SjSencer."+"'ri'[ .afid said, "Gentlemen and Jimmy t :.. ~ ~ us a llttle'enore, re time "r- d hke butj;m ~ oit5g` ~ ~ in`g'my jbb;' Sg~tcer~ ste~d~of ,taldt~t~ ' ~d~~y1AB_fo VIl1.;She. --p!w_"~I ~ + race, I'll°,tak~d'10th place ThoSe^" ~ ~ t s pa s ~~`was . y"J t~pmy 8 y~ing ttiat, rlght now, ; itelbeen ,, apd I th~rik;~Jimmy 3s goi[ig , to', ~o~taµy, keep dofng~thatrand n>y.guys'keep~ ~A&k aU, c workmg bx~t'a hard like ~ey hat+e " ` ' id say ? .been,-we start having the con- ~ caq mmy-- sistency,vM+e'^'need to pecome'aA v ,~. m ' . s tLI . eb n~c• cii p team ° r ~a fa N mpiot i .._ a t
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s0za s3zzs 0 v s :
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inYn•Athnn:, PA Tiea Tusedal 07,827 JUN 25, 1996 N4828 L•=raass CLIPPINGS ~_Tricky turns await Spencer, Trickle WATKINS GLFN - Jimmy Spencer and Dick Trickk made their reputatiau in short track rac- ing. 77fis weekend, they'll be turning left and right, joining a strong NASCAR Winston Cup contingent that will challenge the Busch Grand National "regulacs" in the Lyso1200. Spencer, who earned the nick- name "Mr. Bxcitement" during his modified and short track days in the Nonheast, will drive the ~Zippo Manufacturing/Case Cullery Chevmlet, while Trickle will be at the wheel of the DmaLube Chevro- let. They p' in felbvv Winston Cup drivers T rryer and Bobby Labonte, Ricky. Craven, Michael Waltnp, Kenny Wallace, Joe Nemechek, Jeremy Mayfield and Steve Gds- som in Ihe 82-lap. $267,665 event on Sunday,June30. "We had a good run at the Glen last year in Dick Maroso's car, be- fore we got caught up in an acci- dent; Spencer recalled. 'We were headed for a top five futish. This year I'm rmming my own car with help from Zip~o and Case Cutlery. We wete nuuung m the top five in three of our four races, We plan on doing the same ihis year at the Glen." Spencer, a native of Berwick, Pa., won back-to-back national NASCAR modified championships in 1986-87, and had a brief stay in Busch Grand National before mov- ing up to Winston Cup full time in 1990. He scored a pair of victories for the legendary Junior Johnson in 1994, and now dnvestheA"' Joe's Ford owned by Travis Carter. He is a five-time competitor in' the Bud at the Glen. He finished third in 1993, driving a Ford owned by Bobby Allison.•Spencer has three starts in the Lysol 200, but has yet to finish the race. 'We've gotten caught up in acci- dents each_time," he said. "We're going to try to change that this year." Trickk was a Midwest short track legend before he switched to the Winston Cup citcuit in 1989 at the age of 47. He is a five-time competitor in the B.ud at tlw.Glen, his best fmish being 24th' in 1992 - an event which he nearly won. With the race under caution for rain and nearing the halfwaypoint, Trickle elected.not to pit and took ahe lead. Unfortunately for Trickle, the weather cleared just long enough for a final brief green flag stint, and he faded to the back on used tires as Kyle Petty went on to win. -
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- T Itwas during these after• .. .°`•'s DA~~.. totake P~N~~` oonshewastr in ~ g , .. n y one of hia rides u~to that top 10, that he found himself tak- (Continued From Page 10A) ing out many of his fellow dr'r vers along the way. on this team is high, but T. Wayne One of the best scenarios Robertson, president of Sports occurred during the running of Marketing Enterprises, said the the 1995 Winston Select at concept of the Smokin' Joe's team ................. Charlotte, N.C. When running has worked for his company. the last thing you In addrtion to W mston Cup, . at Charlotte , S pe n c e r r°ant to be rs three abreast, Smokin' Jce s has sponsorships in going into turn one. NHRA. US Superbike Series, and r This tmte, he was three has a boat in the UnWnited. M r~ ~~ ~m ~~~dec and Hydroplane series earning . "Mr. Excitement" had no Spencei s newfound patience Exc i te m e nt ~ moughts of letting Schrader m'ight just p~t Smokin' 1ce's into 1 ..:go, going into the turn. victory lane real soon. ', ~' ' The resultwas a wreck Serd o11 co+nuieate abort his n I c P'l n a m e: that p~it,both he aud Schrader colsnra to: Steve L Mickey, F.O. out of the race. Bar 123; Forat Hills, RX 41527. The starting lineup for a`r ~g interviews after the .~er called Spencer PIOYIIN, ICY NASCAR race is full of drivers rack, who have earned niclmames an . AppellOhllll NWVFE11p11s1 during their careera. ,. rk~, with a-smile, To name a few, you have `~~ ~Mess with;the bull jhe Intimidator, the Iron Man . you get the horn. Prldn tW 10,809 and the 1Gd. Does that sound like the Although he isn't a regular remark of a man who could be in the winner's circle, Jimmy accuseil of taking out a felkiw JUL 5. 1996 S~pgytec bas sure earned his driver? same,inte~ nickname of "Mr Exatement' During that N8492 Spencer earned this name long °~; ~ said the ontyway he , ^tr~win races was to be a Aeforeheenteredtheranksof knetv Passcarrrrxcs 1Nmston Cup. harl~_•,laying it out on . i( He was saddhd vnth ttie ~`'I the 1N!~F each and every lap. ° --- I "Mr. FScdtemenY label in 1986 ,, in his second year C 87 when he was the two-time °f t~i~ng tlie Smokin' Joe's ~ NASCAR Winston Modified Ford.la showing some signs of national champion. be6mmi8 a more patient dri• It seemed Spencer had a °er. Hia firLi~~ ~~~ style that was very ~ better as he goes on and his and liad J5~ 5a6it of no~~ ~„ ~ t°pfide 5nish at Michigan tating to say what was on hip ?i,, slioiiq this'teant could be on mind. n.. ,- the right track. Spencer learned to drive t>'After driving one year for '. by racing junk cars around a JuiOr J4hnson (winning ~ i little track he and his brothers O°b' ~0;~)• he rejoined his built beside a junkyard. When'' ~ bossTravis Carter. The' : his junkyard races were over, it two bpd been together for the was only fitting the track was . 1991 season and seven races located at a junky ard. into 1992. ' - The cars were all junked 7b-4 Smokin' Jce's team is after some hard driving by spo . by Camel Cigarette , Spencer d theReynolds Tobacco That kind of racing was ~°y.~s is the same , OK for the junkyard track, but conl0imy that sponsors the Spencer seemed to bring that ea~~re to perform same style with him to Winston Cup.'lbls style soo4 (uCIN', Paga 7 2A I found Spencer dtawing the ire. a: of other drivers. It didn't matter to Spencer if the car he was driving may have only been a 15th-place car that day, because he was going . to try and muscle it into a top- 10 car.
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Warner Robinf, GA Sun Msasn Mtl aru rnan 0 7,093 JUL 12, 1996 N2e36 , N6SSCLIIfINGS ~~ S ~ 'Q..u ~ ... . . . a ;. .. : ,.. e ".Y .,~i . ~Spencer sl. ~ghtlSy calmer now ' me Aaee4tw Prss - sotne stuft that J t y SIiencer . as "d~~to do As 'far back • a nt e taking us ~ , ~ y ' Jimmy Spencer' mitamly has :little more `fTle than Bnstohasl year, I eel hkezl~tn . . not been Mr. Exatement this ' We wollld Ilke bllt I'T ndr{~'ing as good as ~~tan driYe ,r31 season.;Actuall,Y.hd_s.been more.i r^ - ' ?i'ai86eing ex patiQrtrand going to keep doing , ttme wh"' 1'm around - ' otten" Iak n ' Qt lik "M F r i g y r o g e . Eailier this season at Do.er, a.~ my hb," Spencer qher~ cars to masure~that I. " - added. Instead of don t get m any c6,n11icts.;And, . sixth-place finish was Spen[ei s y4u lgok bac~tt~NASCAR best of the season and only his taking a 10th-place if - second top 10 in 1996: But it's car and trying to -witt' makes.decisions ._ all part of Spencer's master plan.---th8 raCe, I'll takQ 10th ~happensYhat day. CASCAR ~?~ ose are~ Tf I , ; w i a~O9 °~'; F nne cessari encu ai ,• p k,'ofweekt ~'sa d S r"' ,,. p p the, things I didn't do , ~ rough-and-tumble competitor - .-. somebqdy, or may ` ' Ifl,the paSt :~; =d;: ; orpalEBainhardt yeafs who earned hi's`nickname •ago on the shrut.tracks of the , -asse"ss"".a'-penalt , NoNseast '.;All tljez hard work,:. -. ; wheiher.it was ju~acmg or tt ; . about ~rp ~ms wine to his resume . fm811y.patdoffyin.'[he.Winston-Charlotte radio,'personalities' could haye,.beet~avotded or;manerwhar-Ifthevdowrone. . ~ . xreGrvpentullir.ea.N,a~~.,,a. Known ror melr(.:wuEGILGws ' K he won laranth)-, acted as co-grand marshals and think Felix m was - "It was,'a ""ffetty neat deal said, ."Gentlemen.and,Jimmy,n line because, if y .. because the guJ~`s had been Spencer, start your engines." - competitors, they - working really hard the last two Then team-owner-Felix you-see"-a' dif6 ' yt:ars for me, and it finally came Sahgteg, whose ' then-driver Spencec sto a head at CharloltG .' : It was a~ Kyle Feny: recen[(yran-afad of ,I"; That different ° ' quite fis e rinng a~ not bt ' non-points race; but it was still a"' Winston Cup offcials'd ' Yor; sheet me race, took a shot at Spencer, say- berit - Spencer. ' who drives the ing he could hit anything or any- Jimmy. Smokin'- Joe's Thunderbird for body and NASCAR wouldn't go - "I'm going to Travis Carter, is 16th in the afterhim. - can," he said. " n stonnston Cup points and hasn't "I'm glad you brought thaf., drive as hard as I Wi ' been getting ntucT~ respect, up." Spencer said earnestly. "T. 100 percent. That despite two series victories. Wayne Robertson, the head of the team, and I ex Recently, beforee a raze at sports marketing here at Camel, . out of my team. North Wilkesborp, two had a long talk last year about "I'll stick up -- n -- .. .. _ . ~ oh,what ught that I ` rough on lErnie lrvan _ as, they will ~ .._.__~ ,_._...____....._ d.".... "."' „'..,"_hh ._. i... based on ..,^" r Now he hes to warry e tNS l ma eu s r: a el o y as c eane g n o Cam ap up : ally out of_',thaCs parCof tacingand we •"I'rn:going to do the in:~ B e • ' " qaga it;happ t won ut_;beSt I can, he said.- askallthelet, ~~ ~tI _, lhat'showyoubuilda.good.race'.., y ee a~~ 1 m.?going~ to drive rdbuildin and e• g a m w .,,,,. ht Jtmmy:, aS hard a3i can and ' i ~ • wW e s ., ~trao e re g t no le mr " . -"ia the process of building a new give 100 percent. , ~ may"'sh oin tri ' d ve 'th s g op an e ry mg t g and hell .g . the ti ht direction ' ' ` is the old. 8 '~ '~ "Jimmy is doing-that right i ."1[ s taking us a little more now, and I think Jimmy is going ~ ~ o the best Itime than we would like, but I'm to keep on doing that, because if I m going to going to keep doing my job," I keep doing that and my guys ~ f t k- I t d " S dd d pencer a ns ea o a e . keep working extra hard like . n and give ., 1JtI can give t°g a IOth-place car and trying they have been, we can start I' ll take 10th i the ~ n race, d the same . to w ha~ng the consistency we nee place I Ttwse are the things ionship ~ h ~ c I , I ome a c amp ta : be or them no didnt~oia~thepast .team." . - .. - . ~
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K'JUST PASSING THRQUQH ' a r• 6 ,~e ar;annual pWde pff team ngs:< 'By BIII R6adar- Staf/repoqer`r''" SHAMOKIN.DAM - There's Powngl andDoverand,ofcourse,WatkinsOlen but: , ~"tor the Valley's NASCAR fans the biggest' nfh:a i a fiil evet o teyers onve-me straight•; away along the Susquehanna River. • Spced limiti~qmere 40 mph.. But for:ihis~ par4cular rice,.lhe slower, the better. .• . Frp{n thekmart in Shamokin Dam to the • un-ramp,o,t,lhe Routes 11-15 bypass neat Selinsgrove;Aundredeofradngfansunfold=• ed lawn chairs and dropped tailgates Sunday ~ evening w'itingfor the NASCAR team ~; (rucks.to rollpast; ontheirwayfromtke . "race in Watkins Olen to their home basesin: t North Carolina: "-' They knew the trucks wouldn't stopTkeY, ' ' k new Ihe drivers weren't inside. But it's as• bldie;~to'home-as NASCAR getsYor~th6se , , fa4a'nd overlke pastfom years the parade,~ of Iee,q trucks has'drawn bigger and bigger-' ,`crowdc."' 'f - ~"Theyhavc.to go'on this road to ger+ hume;" explained 16=year•o1dLeonard+ :Seabold of Milton, who sat in the middle of:~e paleft"of crown vetdh with his mom, Shana,'waitingioi the trucks to pess. "We know we: canlgetthem all fromhere." : . I „itipythbound and down,the.'drlvers ot the NASCAR team trtjol('sYpst a Wa . Shamokin-0am Sundavsvenlna.:with hundreds'of IooN raolna tanatsi .,head south from Wetklne (ilsn, (Center) Soott;Clark oEBuntsttry.lthowsl ' . 16-year-oid Jessica Yost of Milton (above) wsves e banner ss ths lr~t0 ~y, oubaM2RA9i 0,00 p) as they,paq ~vatoh the t~ p,dliver Terry l:ah 'uJlremx8aenoe t. iunhury, PA s #ans f ~.;s;~ Ibm NASCARfromPapaA6 . iAmengthauayeq~'~} jrAe ~f ,hey ha¢7,a1~ tk xonds 025,129 whereRoute11mergeswithRoute Mu1lofSO1ipagroy, Arip If,ebrher,'Ip f .15, ...;f~d Hendrick'redo' y;ha `ti lsic- ted . "That first one is Smokin' )oe raC Be bit more to be jr[A~ot Ge~ odin AUG 12, 1666 ` in8 that s some cigarette com~a teem drr}~~"fe~ky . a.ny ~ and the; driver Is 7immy }effQoiOonbotha~ e <!,"f11 en Speacerd4i+,from Berwick thbmay;in~b( d, , gu r ene N4B54 . Pemsylvanie "].eonard explainetl t r Duakelbe.rg~m ~,the° a ~m®® ~"a~fro when you see that Wg , a11y good'frsad a~~ap + mee rhe p- reessCUrr,NOSblaEkt uek;you"knowil'siDale s,omeofthel(rrt{),raf - t"'erplamed. , _ EarnhardN'd 9t along 1Le'rhighry'iYaP c e lake n)eQ o~ Yee,heiaoBamhardtfaneventrucks.7beysa(d(hei c t bled"forthi q n (~ w'theddverinpeno~nonce. "He's; hasgrowncoas,derabl ove the ;pertyt;Du elberge'r~sis~d•fairly, "~etnmeaiedtelevieioncover«~ ie oneoftheguysyouneverheercom-- past four years , =~ -„reccnt tsli 'SCAR, gdttiugl agermay,be a big factor, Seab(Jd- r `plaming ':,Th.ough-they„eech;bavectheir boekeda~ter'qd'a' dsngecaceabout' aasdthe'sporthasagreaterappgil, 0 , "Number3-that'sallyouneed fsvoritedriverand[casqoneanpih-y~l'uyea/l'ago.ry~e thanexpoaun . to know,"•~en;-.emphatlc Oscar er,btolllaidwbenitcomatothis?;{NOw~he'bd' epan'licketato"' "It'seYleaneport.it'adrugfrpe,~', ~ Donkelberger.eaid,'holding.hirr ahuualapeetator9vent;ltha~goal,lsi'~T'ASCARevenuIaDover,Del:ead" end-there's'goodsportsmaoxhip".,' A Earnhardteapoutwithbrevado jusitohavdgoodtclean,fun+~ irChadotteN.G„deck[outhbpick•~aheufd:'+Thedriventraveltogethr• whilethendngtemoneitherflank -,"WeemW)okesrouad,,andno upYruckwith'E.'nhardtstidken er+Ulhey'realwaystogether-and•jesradandanfokered. A .,.a oagonsrusd,Hhdu14.-AK~ .,, a pdevonboughtautpllIlAdithfor.• ifiJuslBkeabigfamlly." yw^ualyct~ed the ireca Ms~f1t1 Sunbury home just so he4 9hrnTd J d1n11 F.n ...... ., . r;rlucF ru rou oy ro l.parked my truck here at 12),. n.a •'7Leonard had a list of the racing teams on•` throu6b •:hlc ]ap;~;eady to check off the teams as tAe' ~,~'rtMyr-trueksrolled,past.•}f~deptifiedthetrucks: p!band,ake'momenl they'ce}ne-•around -the bend- t~winner Oeoff , midnlghplaqtnsghqusttomakesureJ, ~e elo3ays lasi)~I haveao:gethereeady"aa~''w ~)tavetc.tae~ ShanaSeeboidsaffectionforrq~~ suK ' 0 p , ~ ~~{ backalmostl2 years, skk .. ~kttbergvr qaidf'eBd ihe has.noticed a lert}e: oplc!sescm-^ rntreeeeinlheiport'spopulantyinY . "ioatblock tkepsstfivenrsixyears., :rv1~ md SNrUBCAR,PageA6 . _ 'a 30O+ly'n1pMCks''
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Gadabury,YN Elponmt levmdn D e,:eo JUH 13, 1996 Hs7ee ® I!!3! CLIP.INGf ' ~Jimmy~S encer A ,,,[=HASlIS' mne6 raj.d, AP Iteforqoets Rrper vktmies. ;,: i Jimm1 SpenCereer2atniJ has,t,,,r .~be1h[g a, mt,'been b':'Yr, Eadtement•~ah4.~a~~~~ :be'd:beu~maea~per~op~lo~pl; 1 seaam."AeteaQt . ; 11ke '7Ir.FarpaNeOldy ~3~~~lii~o~raeb~!l14~P . . - Iast.0eek. p; Dorer.O'a:datbh.md." ptace Bnfab was Speaeer's bert a! lpmeor.dart7avm the eeuao and ao1l Wa sewnd top ' Lastwut. teau, . -. lotnl!lb.Bntit'saDp.etot8peoe. batei,'wboe"drber er's masteeptan rocanty rm aLod df raeq ','We'.e bad a ioadLat aoaple o[ ofBdale perlod4 Wto[ we"" rW SDmee<'. a moib. at'SDeoae.r. and•tnmble competitor who on7~tQ W~d1 ,_ ear~db4nkloiimf.7"rsaiu.an: wool~'t'yoattetblm. tbe ahaet'~aeits o[;th~ Iiaet6sait "1'n t~ 7ea bep_at "NI tLO hard w~ lnaBl pdd~o![ SPeoe~iraald anf - InTheWiuiton$eTq etOpenSanalL Bab:rt,a$,"~ebuiaot stir raee tLat be wm 1st montd). ' ~~~ a ••B was a peett~ neat deal Ds eaose the pqs bad been wp*lod ~I I I mea ., realyr bard tbe lut-two Jears for back u BrldoluutY.. ~, I e Spmeer.~ . .<i^ meraodkBaift cametoahadat C¢arlotte~, B was.'Y non.yoints.' raee betltwualmaido° ~ .° ?' ` gy2tieer. n6b`drl.li ihe8m6tln' 1: Joe's ThimdmbiN tor.ltnli Car• ' a t4r. b iath taithe,;lltnston Cup jpointrraad hasn't been `etHu` ~.. ~~ :.~~1~1.... .~,.. 16mmki iclw . 00 I ( ie7 : ~ ; lout baet." NIBCAB"bii~ d8. oanaaa.~nataayyqd,wt I :r \ t(1ip NASCIlB thoiqht thaE I:wao Ioot a s3ot WoeoeaerAf. roodh an somqbodr. could hit oe, ma7be,Eeais Irvaq.ar.Dile'- NASCAR EarapaT&was, tbeJ wBl dpsu a o ~ - yaWlt~a OR.whet6lr~:11Y: n~ Wat~'ne` a~hate•'b$i ~ I aan ~rpaea :--a ~®c ~ ~ co , ; a bqp ~pat a[ 11nebeeaqsb, 1[ Jos' aik - , stufftbat tbe eompeUtoe., they wouldtq j , . - d•o, rts tar tb.t' 7oa aee a dM[eree! 71mmjr:
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Eldnt, WV IMer-IVlountdn Saturday 0 11,879 JUN 15, 1996 N5794 M®fRaSS CtrrPrHCs .Jimmy Spencer Aims For Better Days. in ' 96 By MIKE HARRIS ti AP Motorsports W riter Jimmy Spencercertainly has not been "Mr. Excitement" this sea- son. Actually he's been more like "Mr. Forgotten." . I-ast week at Dover, a sixth- place finish was Spencer's best of the season and only his second top IOin 1996. It's all part of Spencer's master plan. ` "We've had a good last couple of weeks," said Spencer, a rough- and-tumble competitor who earned his nickname years ago on the short tracks of the Northeast. "All the hard work finally paid off in The Winston Select Open (an all-star race that he won last month). "It was a pretty neat deal because the guys had been work- ing really hard the last two years for me, and it finally came to a head at Charlotte.... It Was a non-points race, but it was still a win." Spencer, who drives the Smokin' Joe's Thunderbird for Travis Carter, is 19th in the Win- ston Cup points and hasn't been getting much respect, despite two series victories. Recently, before a race at North Wilkesboro, two Charlotte radio personalities known for their wise- cracks acted as co-grand marshals and said, "Gentlemen and Jimmy Spencer, start your engines." Last week, team-owner Felix QW;s, whose driver, Kyle Petty, recently ran afoul of Winston Cup officials durin$ a race, took a shot at Spencer, saying he coold hit any- thing or anybody and NASCAR wouldn't go after him. "I'm glad you brought that up," Spencer said earnestly. "T. Wayne Robertson, the head of sports mar- keting here at Camel, had a long talk last year about some stuff that Jimmy Spencer needs to do. As far back as Bristol last year, I feel like I am driving as good as I can drive. "I am being extra patient and taking my time when I'm around other cars to make sure that I don't get in any conflicts. And, if you look back, NASCAR makes deci- sions based on what happens that day. "If NASCAR thought that I was unnecessarily rough on somebody, ormaybe Ernie Irvan or Dale Earn- hardt was, they will assess a penal- ty based on whether it was just rac- ing or it could have been avoided or whatever," Spencer added. "I think Felix was totally out of line because, if you ask all the com- petitors, they would say that you see a different Jimmy Spencer." , i That different Spencer may not,' be quite as exciting and hell bept for sheet metal as the old Jimmy: "I'mgoingtodothebestIcan;" he said. "I' m going to drive as hard as I can and give 100 percent. , That's all I can give the team, and I I expect the same out of my team. "I'll stick up for them no mat- -' ter what, If they do wtong, that's ; part of racing and'we won't let it happen again. But that's how you build a good race team, and we are building a great race team right now. We're in the process of build- ing a new shop and everything is going in the right direction. . "It's taking us a little more time than we would like, but I'm going to keep doing my job," Spencer added. "Instead of taking a 10th- place carand trying to win the race, I'll take 10th place. ... Those are the things I didn't do in the past. . "Jimmy is doing that right now, and I think Jimmy is going to keep on doing that, because if I keep doing that and my guys keep work- ing extra hard like they have been, we can start having the consisten- cy we need to become a champi- onship team."
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4Elliott just g~ ~ ~ ByDAVEBEAMON e ' BtandardEpaaker gporia Writer '.LONOPOND::-Mfelloev•::,,4 NABCAB ddver. whlmd erouoQ n~ Pomrolnterrutiwul8arawr6+~.e. . repsvad 8.6. mile trlavd in re- - cord - breaking time last month; Bill ElliattwatrhWbroken-hsarted.`. '~ Ju"stlutJWy,heeapturedthe'. polo for the M iller Oenuina DraR',: -; 600etPocono-alapthatheasye ' turned hie MeDonald's Radng . Taam'seaasenaroundanndrenawed ~ hiseonfdenmforlgpe. ButaBerthreetoplODnedmrin BuperapeedweyleftEWattvrlth: ° •d~1di11 - I thieeeaeonbfiretnineracee. -brokenle0legandbrokensplnte•' . 'My.hl({; ~ 1888 dieeeteretruckthepopularr fordaghimtoplq apectetcrand . rdqng. WiutonCupBeriuchampionand ~ telavisknv/ewerforthenertflve- .: andM ,~ fouo-timewinnaratPocuno. ., racae;IntludingtheJunelB t ElBott. , ,. MeeddmtduringtheAprllYB 'UAWAMTeemwork600e.tPumnu.theJuly, j Wm 8 l 60 ` ll ' ston e ec2 0atthe7 a adega °Itdhhthbt ..waseratgeraeeaGU.' - Naft PA 4pn6d•4pYor Yneke gYlrer ,. /rletlrr DfeAtt 144714 4/IYYYa® ac rrrrMw BM$BIoU,rlght,bJutYa y/o6sbeckracinga0er :~A~':qry''~ " --^-MVIUC.NN/Pr/bM.dbp.ew ~yata&sYtieWed!-Tkrougn thu finYhelr~o{~rhe' . .8 j time, he hae reeved from gla to gwt'6aektOrao•I dings:i°. '°•rOn Wpaten. . to gstapdwslodm and, uaeon, Spseroer-hae Ove top.}0 ; „ gst.iteed,m thep}a- thin ia ' gNehes andone topOw Ne'Md!~ "._.I 1886,'VattorL6'1lmteltrlpeta ewrbeen.": e 'lhtP tltl k 8pmw'ini"'00d' .. d.IL{ngs are g Ifhan ~': previouktwoyesra. - I '' i Rot the Iiret Dme in my u• BBg AC rner I trulylcokforwerd to o- . . g v~'th•A- m .. alro'wQn';1Pownuln i and fm'happpder now thrm It•e . :,TBut'new,?the'traekihe''ona; ekeeC°~1'o•etal.~damage and'e ;.kndr±,rrandava.domi„e0ed-Iw'~. brokedt7Ale'arm during.the mo- 1 ttoo ,rloehere~atPotono."+EBotteeld• Joe'.FordlhomemalghthpLce:. i IY,a woniwvqr~l~raaes herw, P aFAVORITEMARTINI Tfiarel ~al wem ot~erI should tCARB~AItel.BNshing a dieap.' have'won, bdt:?.F, di,~n4. We4a 88rd at'New . tfamp• •jde,t".l e~adY,~o•have a ire''~ls'H, weekend, MarkMar- itM~' ~e're' ' tln (w.bewght the ume car to i >Poan`o •avph though itsustalnd Po ~•hdibriu~t theBmokin' ' i f d la. c~~''~= ~~'1~SIAWAM'7bsmwork' . fester,:BHyyaay.rs t ~ m.. , tMnk it will be a contender thk , NopraWetafotBLLlott. ' !mekend,'Martineaid. aqver>did pt..dldt an ~. t.Ir proMeou crop up• MerPn' . cellenfJob"ElBotteaid.9thad <analwywuwhlefavorikmr- . I baea rougk Iteie`fgYeo long end 1..the one h: trur at Charlotte and IMnd'ofgot'uaedtothet." Nidtlgad-aeabac kup ~i ,'. =ButwnhkeNhle'mmpaNtor., ;Butfm¢etaboutthelndycer '. Elliatt didn'0 -have anotber ~ i',We Mdk a netv car for IrMt•? I weekend of prantlee'and queB anapoW which I should have, , ying'and a,race~W~em~rtom brough6,here;.but it tested su~ MmroumthetrowtMek. jwell.f~Iq~y.'tljenhetemtakea:';. ~ ,..~wte.dhqetwsd'nheme.ne ek.eae~.rrytMngheppentngtbi . healed bofhplabraYr. legand It,baforatheBdcJa•araIwmtld- ~ brokenheart. a=er, 1hae:ao•qttali¢' bad and pnieh; -'I-.eNB gut"i'iw4/s'togo;"jBftY~SLhIy'imonwehadagood: j ElBottsaidberoreFrWyt'stime okantelm~.an~the raee luet- ' tr7aL. 1dae~(~• the'doelors told benuretheoaTwasaRdght i me:hmight be'able.to heal in .: Martin Bniehed fourth tn'' threemonthe. •• Lt . i June1 UAW1iM Tamwark 500 ' .'Butl'mnotlnenidealsltus atPoconoafbrqudlfyingYathh. ~' t,pl,•-F ' ,o I .;Ifmt's.whriVWt.weekealtw his Talladegarmiafiep,he wu N hackuntberaoetnck ~ Bince 'returhtn Elliott m I etuted geth and.0 ched 87th m i /n the Pepd'.ADD,~and etarted , '87th but wound up 14th m lut. '. weekend's Jfl%` Lube 8DD nt' 'Luudon-N:N:;'where he oom• . pleted3Beof8001ppa As for :PoeanoFdoa t look for .' ' Elllott.to'autke,em hoM P"o- tinne: . .. ~ , . ",. , . , . . '-menlu:fglad'tabeb~nekiotha: . ' taceenr heeeld.•'- . I :.Alsu on Frldqv; 6114otfe pert• ,.. I namlliP AIBe.fieoe{i= bwNeee~_v:4 If inen Cherlee Herdy olfitlelly dirsolved. "' I A terre release'ieid Elliott is b now''ebla'owpar'of~h~ . ~ McDonald's Ra$!B Team: ' wDlwntimiedto opm'ate out ur tha$ill Elliott lEedng tkdlltiee I InNiekory;?LC!'!?:'r... -.. ~ I ::. EWott,ceW ~hle Yeem'e AECA, ' Buteh-0rand'-'Natio ls~u . Creftemm Truek Dm6n ialeo continue to operate out'nf the Bill'$IliotC-Mutnnportecomple: !n hie;ltyma.tawn of ! ~ DawroovlllqWl,('.' - . -No riseet('RU given for the split between the two longtime - Meadn ., „ . , . ~redictnble,,0p.dri.en to go~performance'.on Bunday and I• '.cn.hhVil_ d Lmedanraee:'. or6''~gripNeven., more vn~' ;.9 was reall pleased with ib. v 15.b.,rokplMEU1'aB~tanAPrik ' _ I 'a BMO®N'S Berwick natlw ? Jimmy 6,keMtr returne fo ~.pnp lU ''. Pccono withT., mpl0 Bniahea 1 . cenaTio_wes 1 in hie last five races. In that '
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W ~~5 ~~1 ~~~~ g~ ~g 1111e~ -wiy~$~ ~~~ ~~~Rg~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~ ~C~~^~~" ~##.. ~~s~~s$s~ g a g~ qSi ggds~gg~g~;~~y~~e&~~~~~"~ g $$4111 ~g~i ~e~~~ ~q ~~ E~ ~GS9R$"$8'Qi4ti `~~t~~mr~4' -~~~~~ ~ 6... ~~ ~e t~g~ ~~ ~I eIle ~sk~t ~a X; k~'S ~~~~111! 1 R ut rt ~ fit ~~~~~91~~11i ~ , ge ~ B~t ~ IEI' !i1!illiflIIlliiU.W e1-10111 ~ila~[tit. s.,... . 0
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Jefferson City, MO CAPITAL NEWS By A4IKE HARRIS iP; Motorsports Wrlt er, my~dericgr certainly ta qot~ -e~ ~ o ,~Excltem'nt'! ~~;tlf~, ` $P A§1Ln Eu he's beenrnp 7 tt &kyov ~yas.5~~pc U p~]~~on~y t~p la, in 1996 ]3utdts ~S en1er's master plan r'`? ~ g'ye had a goo~ last couple of ° ~qeeks,° sa d.;Sp@ncer, a _rough -: ap~umple; e~arnec. is mc~mSnie ~ °P~e ~ "t ~ ar r rki a w ton'; Se1e t, Open , (an tl at+ h~on'": last` t~was a'preltyypeat~ deal be n, caus~the guys hadbeen wo"rtung t .,~y *4~• rea~yG liard the Iast two years for You lookb 8 e aFid It finally came to ahead cisip~ts ba ,. @~ ~t artotte 'It wa p'it thaf d ' s a nononspy, b'ut 1f was sNll a wm "~ If : prencer~ w~o . drives the -. . s~uokin' ~oes Thunderbird Afor~ l~avis Carter, is i0th in the Win~ , _ ston Cup pomts~-and hasn't.be~ ~~~j~' g~etting much realiect, despite twg ~fpl~t C1dg , series victorles `' , ~ s• avpided ; or •Recently, before.a.race at'North ~ ilkesb'oro, two ,'Cl'atforlotte radio 5 ont of lin~eb,' ~rsonalities knowa their wise- t~t°e •bompei;lt , cracks acted as co-grand rnarshals at you,aee arld said, "Gentlernen arid` Jimmy 'pepoel'.""';'~n ~ ThYat,different Spen_cer may qot ; . ck up fortf q ljem no matter ' tey do wrottg that's ~ar~ gand we-won t`let iU'hap, ~ altes d8 ~ffi an~y@ would lilce, but`Im `~1?Pens{~to k@epdoing my°job;' Sp~t ,ep,, ~sa~dgd,2,7nstead of.takingya~4V -« P~ ~~ car~nd ,trying ~~~~o ebpay °tace~Ill t$ke lOth plac8i ~ ~ea- p ~e~t)' ~~ale .~ngs p {didnNdo in the ~ sess a ~ " -, - ! FA n w"~e e~Ji~`was` + N NS t couficL a"ve been and T`t.;nk J~mmygoltSg~to{ ~ tiatev~r, ~~ Spencer .: keep on domg thati bb ?t~ ecaus. m Fe~nws tota1ly keep doingahat an~'my gip~~p y use, ~f yo~i ask all e worlddt2attra hard`tlke they h~ve .11 they 4tvould s~een; we'~an start fa~l}~ p n .ieAfi Jtmmy-.g13~n~;«we~need , -~y a;!vi1 +e XHS -xr.,. ~8 • aSt¢rr..Cllamptonship teamhsS# .,N, ou H ~ 0
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52245 8142 RUSTY WALLACE NOTCHES 44TH CAREER WC VICTORY AT MICHIGAN RUSTY WALLACE GATER EXCLUSIVE BY ROB FISHER BROOKLYN, MI...The spon- sor of the race was Miller. The owner of the track is Roger Penske. So, it win only fttting that Rusty Wallace would bring his Penske Racing South- owned, Miller Beer-sponsored Ford Thunderbird home for his 44th carcer victory. The Miller 400 at Michigan International Speedway was an extremely fast race with only 2 cautions for 6 laps, mrning it into a gas mileage war. Sterling Martin, who had built a nine second lead late in the race, seemed on his way to victory. but had to stop for fuel with ohly a handful of laps left, handing the lead and victory to Wellace. All smiles in Victory Lane, Wallace exclaimed. "I tell ya' the car rah really good today and a couple of things fell right in our hand. I don't think we hand the most horsepower today, that's by far. Alotta guys had us beat there. But we were getting killer gas mileage. It worked out for me today. Robin kept hollering save fuel, save fuel. So I ran her at 3/4 thrortte after that lau pit smp" The t9te started with some new faas on the front row. With a speed of 195.166 mph. Bobby~ Hamilton put the leg- endaryp r r Pontiac on the pole for the fifiCtime in his career. It was also the first pole position for Petty Enterprises since 1979. And. for the second week in a row, Dertike Cope put his Badcock Furniture Thunder- bGd on the outside pole. - When the green fleg dropped under tunny Michigan skies. Hamilton led Cope and third fastest qualifier, Morgan Shep- herd for the first severel laps. But it was Shepherd taking the Remington Arms Ford wey low through the front strctch to pass Hamilton. As those two diced for the lead, the field raced hard two by two and three by three. just typical racing at M.I.S. By lap 10, Shepherd had his car hocked up and was extending his lead when Dale Esrnhardt. who started 11th, brought the GM Goodwrench Chevy up to second place. As Earnhardt wea gsining. Hamilton was loosing, slipping back to 1lth and even- tually ftnishing 15th Before this race. Shepherd hd only led 4 laps all season, but in the early goings of the Miller 400 he was very strong. As quickly as Earnhardt eppeared at the front he slipped back leaving Terry Labonte with a shot at the Remington Thunderbird (pun intenskd). Labonte and Shepherd would battle hard for many laps with L.bonte trying to pass high and low, but never getting by until the first set of green flag pit stops near lap 44. The first caution flag flevi when the motor in Cope's Ford let go sending him to a last place finish. The caution didn't stop Shepherd. He continued to fight for the lead with the likes of Labonte and Jeff Gordon until the next and last caution of the day for debris on the tnck. Sterling Marlin, who had been running well all day- snuck into the lead after Doyle Ford waved the green. From there Marlin's Runt Pittman built engine went to work and help the Kodak Chevy build a gargantaan lead over the sest of the field. As Marlin drove off with the race he left Shepherd, Wallace. Gordon, Labonte, Dale larrett, Mark Martin and Emie; Irvan behind to duke it out for the top five positions. For the exception of Wallace, Labonte and Jimmy Spencer. who hd'been hovering at the rcar of Ne Top 10 all day, every one of those drivers had to stop for gas. After the gas stops, only Marlin was able to get close to the truleage kings, finishing a respectable third. Speaking of rcspectable, M . Excitement posted his best jflnuh of 1996 by Iringing the 'n' Joe's Ford1~home in fmin-ti. A beam- ing limmy Spencer, who stert- ed tbsd lut, said, "Tnvia kept taying, bite your tongue and let him (Marlin) go. He wu fwer, so I did. It's juu a bibute to the guys, they've been building great cars, doing a great job in the shop. We struck the gas miteage right and came away with a top 5.^ Anotherbig story wati Ernie Irvan's competitive return to Michigan after the devssuting crash that nearly claimed his life. The Texaco Havoline dri- ver came away with a fifth place finish and seemed itdif- ferent about his retum to that fateful track. "H I had rerrtem- bered the wreck. I think it would have been tough to come back herc and raee. My only problem is I drive into the ca- rws too deep and if I was wor- ried about the secidem I had I wouldn't be doing Orat." Fans at the 2 mile "D" shaped speedway were treated to a hnustic race with IS lead changes among 9 drivers. Wallace pocketed $71,390 to become a duee time winner of the race in which he ahehered the 160.912 average speed record set by Davey Allison in 1991 by better than 6 mph (166.033 mph). This victory was also his third of the sruon. QUOTE OF THE RACE "If you want gas mileage, buy a Hondi'-Todd Parrott, Crew Chief for Dale Jarrett, when asked if he was worried about the developing gas mileage war in the latter stages of the rece. Jarrett had to pit for fuel with less than.l5laps left in the nce, leaving him with a 10th plasx finish. FIN1.9H1NG ORDER RUSTY wAl. LACE, L Ldmu. Maran, Sperox. Irv.n, Gordon. Munu. Murp.ve, E.mbudt, luretr, aMpaeN. B. laaowq DdlmMch, Wlan, NwBton. Srandee l: Bynaa, 9psed. Mret T. Badlve. G: Bnalae, a. 9aalnr. He.rlry. AMnW. D. waWIP Mucb- SakiaS Allm, Cnsa. M ' ayaela. aud4 M. wJalp. IL wWrn. Orfrrem, W. B.rwn. Nmeeaeea, gnuea: Pany. mte.Cepa NEXT BACB: Pepa 400 Daytva letrn ouwaa sP.adwry. EXHAUST NOISE Bobby Hillin brought his Jarper Engines/Fetimal Mogul Ford home 14th for his second consecutive Top 15 finish this yeer.'ILmaround 11me! Joining the chameleon club, Lake Speed's Spam/Melling Ford was painted red to celebrate Melling's 50th anniversary. Rusty Wallace dedicated his victory to his uncle who lost his life to cancer last week. Michael Walrrip, who had reantly jumped to 13th in the points, suffered a major carbu- retor fire mid-way through the race sending him to a 32nd place finish. With his 2nd place finish in the Millu 400, Terry I.abonte pulled to within 15 points of Winston Cup Points leader Dale Eamhardt who fin- ished 9th. Only six drivers did not finish the Miller 400. Every one of them suffered engine failure. Every tum that showed up to qualify for the Miller 400 made the race. BATER RACINA PHOTO NEWS iynguN, NY WEEgIY eg,0oll JUN 28, 1996 /~~~/~~~/~~~~~~'~ M39925 aia\ia~fafY IRESS CLIPPrNG S
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ncis" DDi,OM .XM 13, 1959 N5779 ® Wa, WV bod*kvw Despite his lackof.good sho `/ti ~ NNNIa to a head at Char 'sCdiimriE ~~nit s~ vss sssr¢a. a no-yons race; °i J'~my 8peneer certauily hasSpeuc ~ who.dii .. uet been "Mr. Bafitement" thie ~ 3mokin' Joe's Thnade , aeaaon. Actually he's been more Travis Carter, is 19t l$e'Mr. Forgotten.' Winston Cup points Last weekat Dover, a sixth- been getting much res p4ee finish was Spencer's hest spite two series vuinn W, dthe eeaeon and only bis sec- Recently, before:p; ood top 10 in 199g. But it's all - North Wilkeebom; two paR of Spemzre master plan. radio personalities kn~ 'We've had a good last wuple. ~ their wisecracke acteda -of weeks," said Spencer,-a grand mecshals and sdid,-.' rough-and-tumble rompetitor...tlemen, and Jimmy-Spen who e.med his niekname yema start your engines. :,Xtr- 'ago on the short tracks of the last week, team F Nortbeest •All the hard work B- S~pWwhoee dmeile I oally paid off in The Winston -Cy, reoeatly ran afmil uf Wir Select Open (an all-star race Cup officials during ardce, that be won last month). a shot at Spencer, saying Rt was a pretty neat deal be- could hit anything or"any cause the guys had been work- and NASCAR wmildn'bgo a , ing really hard the last two him. '- yaan for me and it finally ceme "I'm gld 6 g~hff ,a you, »rr~n, af~rl Jt~ft«~ penoer, starfYout~ M. ~y wdommo CItg1712S.°^_Dl I . . oeae t' ' ° r}vR17i WILRF3BOR0 asaesa ~ns7ty wbetbei it wes,,luet GRANI)tsAUCtiAi,. priarma ;.couldhavebee4-avoi -1~ae theii giApril -ever,".Spencer add ' ~~ Felix was totelly,ou -.5 ~- -_., . .. ause if you ask all " ~ tors, tkey would ayoeS '.~~ the~head of .-'e diHam~J'imvp !if , sports marng~~he.e at camel, -' T~t di}fe,rent S had a1o¢g Wk Isit~year about oet be quite as eao some stuff that Jimm9 Spencer bent for aheet.metal ... needs todo. 6e far baek es BrisTimmy. ?;,; . tol laet year, I, feal like I am dri- "I'm going to do viug aa as I m driva. an,' he esid.'I'm good to drive "i am being ertre petient end as hard as I can and give 100 taking my time ,when I'm percent. That's aB I e{qgive the eame out other eare. to meke sure team, and I eapeet that I doaRgsLin any coufficte. . of my teant.' And, ifyoa laok hack, NASCAR TR stick up fse ' makes deddods based on what - ter what. If they d appy wnth_w~here he is r ~.;~=*ttb~atspf`st'tif riei¢ga¢fiire{!°g . ght'that T~won'tlet,~i'bLappen egain. BuYL ~•rough on thet'a'how you bmld s,good rue"; :. ' ieltvan team•eada`arbild[(' .weumg. ,, tLeywill , greatrieetaamngbtnow We're~. baeed in the ptore® dbuilding a new ~, ar it ahop and everyfbiug is gomg in -~ or wha4 .. . the right duMlon. '.. "I think "It's taking ue a little more of line be- time than we wauld like, but rm;. - goingto keep doing my Iob competi- - - i. you - 9pmeer added:'Inetead of tak : ~.. ~; ing a 10th-pisce car and trymg i cer may to win the race, I'll take 10th ". ; aud he0 place. ... Those are the things I: the old didn4 do in the pest' ..~ : - Jimmy doing that right is ~ best I now, and I think Jimmy ie gumg N to keep on doing that, because if p I keep doing that and ~y guys ", keep working eatra hard like they hava been, we can etart ,o..° having the consistency we need ~o to become a championehip"' tmm.•., ''..t =: .. . ~_
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Wilkee•Barre, PA Timee leader sonnlan Md Maa D 47,587 JUL 22. 1996 N4882 R[7I®®PRBSS CLIPPIN°S „.,., .~ Spe~~eri Monday BYECOTiF81iT/LL faced an uphill 7imea tsadar spone WAtar ...~ scheduled pit ca LONG POND ;-' Beiwlck's one 1ap, dovm. Jhmny 3pencet's , day _nearly , thvbived werei ended before it realty got etarted -: ` waltrfl ~.In the seoond lapof Sunda~s 1 for,thea ., lyluer Soo at Pooqpo, Ra y a. spenoer was tnwlveb 1n"'a. !o ctir crash with Bobby: to~i't "~5l1. Darrell Waltrip and ueu (3reen ~ 3 ,)ust o0'turn three. : : } '? ~P, sa Spencer got loose„coming out ; had bad ~~1~1 of the turn, spun out and h1t the ' bad luok, sIf tvc' retalning wall, causfng consider- good luck we71 ge able damage to the entlre left side ;~hes.";~, r~ of the No. 23 Smoldn' Joe'd'Ford +" Spencer startec ~" 18th ` and'allhou 'lhunderbind. #, I ceuld've backed o8', Spen " gt qu; said. "But that's racin~ ^; p', had p~~ „; However, ; the ,.Smoldn' ' Joe°s ~6 l o;ew was able to meke;the'prope{ Pmetla, aidJustments and get Spence; vfasn t back running on-_,the 2.5mile °~9~§!uY~~. oval, liked more'time."Bi But the damage to his chances I7it$"cer ta ca of winning was already done. races. It,lypught: I thought the car was very ca- J oPpo•rtui3lty to' wt pable of a very' good run, I know it 1 cono It's ust awfiil was," Spencer-satd. "Welhad~a r~Yet;.Sricer'di, liell of a car 7hia 1s all ~ust ve:y~fkd "` ba . qoei g.. . i , .: tlon~~Y ~ ~~About the ! only good news`for, thc cfieuilts' ~ ` $pencer was that his creav w9s` ~yas ,,~,, ~~ttie able to get the car back oV&i t)irou~g"~yW . oe a But when he did iehiin` hg!( ~'` ' track.;~he for a n ttle as the un- •., But a top 10 spot wasn't meant -d him to fall to be a flilhd dls s Spencerlse aap- other drivers pointing 24th'. CDmpieting 198 of '" th" 2001a S e,:pe,pencer won , were:gone, $19,95Qforh'lseffort& aIaP ~Ce We wer~ rucutt }g th fur . ,ree oro V ~Ne~ jtenth~ beh~~dstheY~tde~ aftec nY ~$the crash"'safd Spencer whol` ,,s a rmt c~irrentt~ lBth "ithc" Wlto ynV ,nsn pret Cup Pit raclth a ttlf onee woa o eWe';Just1,860 points,;671 points behind a lot of leaderTertyLabonte"(2631): 4Ve , Pd get some were even there after we lost a 1ot better fin l Wrbblll oCulde f -ap.e poay, ssti*1n- fshed in the ~top 10, but like lt's unda,y'e; race been all year - bad luck:" It vra9il't 'a It seemed ae 1( Spencer s luck he knew he was taking a,turn for:;the better, s '; as he postpd four Qtra(ght top'10 " more ghftr:Xh"CSa~ol0 ;nisea aee,.oa 60 ='A"[ in May fnldi in efghthlce . ,cung-pa , aeit i wvlth flnlah in The UAW-pM Teamworlc jttet iYoukiWe bptl in June at pocono: that' slffe, But a 17th=place"9nish in last e of winning week's;'Jltry. Lube 300 and.his v.?s my best hard-luok ; perfonnance .. Sunday ' bere at Po- left Speitcer wrondering.what he ° needs to doto his ft a, changeae , 410 quit ; and 1 don't knowwhat: it is, Spen- to cen- ~ eaid "LVeryone workir~g hard'- nsideting and.glving il,,their all.,We',/ust aetually . can't cateh' a":bnealc; and tha!'s . ~0 midway Very 8ustrating. But we're not go•. ' led the race ~ quit and we'll be ready for+ ~ eganextweek" l N 'a P I ln W ~
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hUfdnu6uq, WV Joumtl woMn9>on oc MH keg sundq BUN 19,173 JUN 16. 1996 W e luid a good last couple,- j of weekS,~.+,S,Qe1loRl, Piil~.' All our It ard off in the Open ~~ . p N5612 ! neat deal because Ihe I~ tt was a pte y e.esaCr.frrrNOS' guys have been working pretty hard for.rnefoethe last two years; „ and it all came to ahead that night.. I tokaep dotng~my;lob; dnvmg lhe 5 best~ ~~ iti'Can~ and;:instead'of taking a lOth4lace:car•andcausing some -. n :problema;.L.ll.take thatl0th and movafotward;V~ - ~ secm°seasp' ~~. : whow chiefWhenBenny w~~+ Spencer' e 1973 Winstot%C1 t n t P ~ , ~ arsons wo h patie~i With the Winstout-bp ; ; : idle last weekeAd;'yacat~ons an d ~', d~' ,. personal appeatances acatpied:the.i time of many.q'itlston c drnets:~ ... A baeak in the`action e latt ~~ thing_limmy yqanted.He's bxnpumpeupandtaim Ipgo,' since a sixth'at Dovc DeL, on Junn '2... but he's had to.watt, wait;.wait ' isn tawQ[ds Patience often a ' ciatedwith 7itnm "yf$pencer, whc bumper<ardnvingstylehelped; 4 .. him earn the ntclmame Mr +',_ 0 ~~lfvtciteme6t.1'!.tgi,yvo-tjptC natl0nai butwaslookhtg,foralobwhen=;' ", fci~Catter's ttien-titiderfmtded tgsm,l . Wilkeabocole~T94twhiledrivingd f. -.+.o,+y.•..•~,w..r .rr.....,... --~-~ :>.k+;_ . ' thnd-place ftmgh acNOnh.':. ~. % r osed seven taces in 92 shop for fulanciattea?;~ r , i%"" Seveml dozen bent folded and, mutilated rate eats later, Spencer; ~: .. foimd'his way to victory lane twice in the suttunerof"t 994 while dri- ving for Junior Johnson. Pure guts and desitehelped him win nail- ~s bitets at Daytona and Talladega in ~ ~the McDonald's-sponsored Fords. -dti'I995, be retumed to Catter R'ej~lds Tqbacco tlnottgh its Camel ' -~'Ibey, stmggkzlin the fnst y . btatt2 of their.ieunioa, but have seemed to puttlt~`'ntnaway ttam that Spencer°; . ooce'+'sss back on the ngM traGc . AHhen the cac's tunntng good.]' - ~~'g~~fud ~ seems the driver ca't do nothing visitortoNAS { ~s~~ 2 ei*~'~ on5tcidayatDover,hecouldn'tdd penalty box, and kept an army of twthmg w~ong It's not all the dtiver-" »~doingtheujotiol~ tfO b 4 r car uilders.tu:p~gyp}nwork , ~>s W ~ ~~.w s ry I~. becomea~ '. . s4:.> I+mi goingmdo the best I'~ ~raes-riaim.at's taking a ltttle more ean.anu'glvC{VV peRSllRCVC1J - --weet:'3S4cdnld,giveo t20 percent, ~ I'&dothat' We're-buikHng a great _-; titnd~9att we'd like, but I'ntgomg t nteta +hey're notmalang good ptt stops, Carter's team has ma its cars have gotten better:~HOd at has , . made Spencer's job easiec Heno-:longer has to try to make chicken salad out of a chicken-feathers car, and he can concentrate, on making clean passes when the opportunity presents ttself.,. . Spencer's maturity has been quite evident in recent weeks. He worked his way to the fmnt of the Winston Select Open at Charlotte . befote blowing the field away. A top-five finish was possible the fol- lowing week in the Coea-Cola 600 before a fuel delivery pmblem. •, popped up, and his sixth at Dover was his first top-l0 of the year.,In the last two Cup nmes, he has, leapfrogged four positions intlie ... standings, and is 19th as:the tow heads to:>'ocotro;Pa., for today's UAW-GM Teamwork 500. - i, th0athednvercan'tdohis lob. . ed to the nkl ve cban I thi g ,, , degtpe oY ~ ou can't finish a lilr futff~ul? You need tobe;s; contenS w~Jpt you ve got,~'-' 1ua[ s noS my,sryte, out t do that.for the points, and I '."bohtSnue'to improve on it. If I cras thc car early..in race because I'm ~ doing dumb things - and I won't -deny,it, I've done some dumb . . things - then,you've got a wrecked race car and a bunch of guys mad at you because they've got to fix it, and that bad feeling carries over to next race." Carterandctewchief,Donnie 'Wingo provide a calming influetNx ! ; on SRencer, Where Spencer ts the , N cla,4ctc Type-A petsonahry, t ana 9~ and Wingo are laid-back, easy-gq types who would rather think than~ m worked to file down They . .b.._ : Speacer's tough edges withaut teib-; ,00 ing the jewel they think hes within. '.
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Unloa Ciq, TN NNmnOor Fddq 00,541 JUN 14. 1996 MI5884 •l63SCLflfIN6J NASCAR's Jimmy.Spenc,er aims for better days a, MIKB IIARRIS bad fOr 1}AVis Carta, ia 19t6 m IhC Winafon Cup APMoforiparbVPrNer has w,~1 ~~.y.~- poirts aadt.aMa.od wt ubeea getting moch ttapa.~t, despiu Jhmy Speoar C~ /IY ~N ~RV "lqL G- t~~~.."r~uwp. . eitemrnt" ihia eeavon. AcmWy he's been maa L'ke RaaWya befare a tace et Nath Woxsboro, two "Mr. Fagoneo." Clirdate tadio peaoo®lirtn ]mown fa tlk'v Last week at Dova, a ' 8o6Y Was vbe=b acoed as coo-gund mmIrLs.md aaK ar's best of tbe xasao lmd,eccod loy lo m "(imtidnai ad rmimy speooer, strt yqr engmra." , 1996. It': aI1 prt af Spaoeer': matet pho, .- "We're had a sood Lat waple d t~eeb,m md Lat weet, romnowna Fdu S.6aJg, w6oee ~sperrxt~,oug6-ma~le oom~pq.~ito.i~.w.eyq~ a~(~nyea~ 'd~riM ~j~ ~a Faty. ~re~cea~dp~.wn~,~ta.d of W'msao c]up. . y~7 ~ Qn t~o i/Yl YYi N Yi WR'~Yi a.w.r, tYNl131U1 aSI ~~ys~ V, WO[IhQa~l "Al1 thE A.d 1Y0rk BmtlyQW o~ m 7b6 be. cmld mt mY1huK or +~ybodl' md NASCAR N V_V~'IE1S.`b`m SCIECI (~0 (il all-s18f RD61Ltlt 1E ~YOU 1L1t .,MOO»ldll't ti~f Aim. .~~ . y~~_.~ Y/~W~/' "{ m O""' ~ YIY ~," S~~W^^^ iW U~ `-It was aprdry dat' dal 6ecmue ~ep~y! Md ., a~oeatly. "7: .~iyae Robe~nan, tlie hesd of aporo beea w0rkmg ililly had tdE 1tl1 lw0 ]an fOr m0, .~ hpE #l Cam01, had a bng Wk lax yta ao Yld It fiIHfly Ci116 (01 band 8t Qmdm& ItlYtl i .160o<ImE fIOB dYt Ifm91y Speacer KU& m dD. AS tu nao-poiiws rax, but it wn uill a lhrE.eek as Bciuol last yw, I fal L7ce 1 am dririn` u ~ Spawer, who drives tlw,Sffgia;7uds;'HimdQ- i aoodblosodrive."
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Fnnkin, IN Journal Indl/n.pall. Mtl Ar.R sundrJ sUN 17,290 AUG 4, 1996 N2506 t~/~/!/ ~ I~.~.W PRESSCLIPPfNG If~S 4z_. NASCAR's ' parifiy rnearis loday's ' ' winner could come:from far back awfully strong car," Mast said. "If you got a strong car, it doesn't make a bit difference where you start. If you I;ot a- mediocre car, your qualifying , Dald means a whole lot.' ~ Mast' s l~tters Pontiac starts Waden', seventh today Joe Nemechek qualified sixth AUTO fastest a spot that didn' RACINa,t make him happy. But, thanks to a praetice crash by Bobbq Flillin' Nemechek will start the raoe, from inside Row Three; giving the preferred line into the nn' , pu j r f2 ~,. Hillin, who had q'uahfied fifth, . will start a backpp car m S9th -. positton. °Wheo we take the green flag there's going to be a lot of congeshon and I'd rather be on ~ bottom than on top because there's not a lot of rubber out there," Nemechek said. . 11 re, if you "During practice he hen it comes to the Brickyard 400, W. . : ~ . conventional wisdom at the Indianapolis Motor . . Speedway gets thRnwn out the "~ :-- window. Stock car drivers don't have to start up [ront to have a realistic , chance to win the raee. "NASCAR rules have these ; cars so close that (qualifying) is about who gets a great lap and not who has the fastest cag' said Mark Martin whose , i Valvoline Ford.outqualified sunis {acp coaay: t everyone in the 40-car field ~t Ard'* geacept Jeff Gordon - 'lldp . you en u "E s car is almost the =3 .~i[ you have, a. i ll team ~ P t rRr Tha among a competitors - virtually unknown in Indianapolis 500 ~~ him ~e "" from `° a history - is what makes ~1NIt $pO3itlonn h Startln Wtn3ton C11p Tacmg 30 d1fflCnlt, especially at a track like IMS. secret, he said ts bavi E strategy: : . • Although long and fast, it's ,' ~ith the team I've th?, relatively flat apd narrow Bld (cngw-chiet)'pim you got. out of the groove it `(IIi3S) is a bi ot' short ~ ean start in the baek get to ~~g4 t a fun place to be You trwhoce4e polis 500 ~ttthe front because you'G do it on _deGnite;y, want to be in the" ' appearan him the most : s ~~Andret4 saidbf `I est grOOVe Speedway-experienced driver in : y~. I~" t we were goin~ to L ~Pite his preference for the uld 1DSlde Nem wo It's tough to get the field. win this thing yntil tt,a cauhon never around guys here." came out because we-"re trade an outside s4ot up front . Theoretically, that gives pole-,. :., running a one less pdstop race . for an inside position in the winner Gordon a decided than anyone else." back advantage - if he can outrace • pndretti led five lap glast year '."It's important to be up front," Martin into the first turn. But ~r atartmg 23td. I~e was in . he said; 'We all know the Gordon, who started first last". ' first place when the race's only . inajority of wrecks happen in year yet finished sixth, doesn't.' yeIlow flagflew on Ia `133. the middle of the pack and if believe that theory. ;h ~. .-,'phe ill-timed cautL~ sent ~: you'•re in the back you get a fnet i4 ught:up in them.' and _ ' That's just one of many ,. "eGordon is glad to be on reasons. tbe the~na :But as the winner at ~ 1994, he °You're going to see guys coming from further back wbo' ,; are going to be strong," Gordon said "And you're going to see ' guys up front who are running strong. I don't think it gives us any advantage at all to be on -' the pole." Maybe not, but drivera who have started in the back more experience I#is to often than Gordon know where v(ent foc naught w they'd rather be. ;- .. ~.Io~t a"dylinder on "Starting first or second besfs 1ap the heck out of starting 28 th or: ,1 ~4oit aan start 90th" said Jimmygpen~er :` and wo~k yawdvay . ,. . whose~SIDp/ljp Jce Camel Pbrd (eld), but you got to e4eryone to the pit's top, wrecking.his twghimtoa Other drivers think'I strong ; , car is more importankthan: ,. strat~y or starting position. Rick Idast, who woa tfje pole - positioa in 1994, speak>p fror Brickyard 400 in it takes more start to get into rn victory lane. . ; . N N 'On race day it's more than A just going out there and havtng u' a fast car? Gordon said. r.{ m rn aklpg ~Tt's aklpg Bopd PAAt "sti-1>i , , r ~yI~~ood strategy, staqiog caiul, , a tingth }`bethere at the end~' ~ , than a
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BPEEOWRY 3CENE N. Enlon, MA WEEKLY 47,660 JUL 12, 1886 /~~~~/~~~~~~ M38831 ~~n1~LiYf eedS CLIPPINGS encer Stl11`! - - tyl~.>. aqyboa Beach. FL )f replpce LuweiL ,_,whoa Atlanta O)ympl,t, the . move In NASCAR ThuiiderBhd team `at the1 Carla Yt ;;Wd~'1'6b _ wlratonQry earrao end of aeason:,)did ,. purple t~, hopbrfcg It' ~~ ~b tk~o~h0ther I Prenfed 6trea~~ i7 Oddota ~~f:w ..,..~ -cG°.~_.--n,:_. !ssr~MOWNla:P Me„ gotbr'eee`ifwe-%Thunderblyd,~AMW"a,'. toinemore. nroducl(IofItemla¢tun:{ ~ingi~;the''tfoue'iaeee',~-anmWngmoorecompetitive~ontheBUtehMo2krilanedr ' ' 6 ~` - ' puwtous to t andtt qiid be a e DBth little bit more caf Onceagdin;Ptyl .-~e~~e, a -a1.Pepe1 ~Q her`e July 6 notlced up .loward the I Pontiac , was .binc+i"Giit, ~s ~ ' : at?thp S.$mRe Daytona . front. .. •7 this time, forrihepromo-:, Interoat/opal"Speedway....' SPECIAL 'PAINT1~ltion~of-thepi)movie . , ,, where Spencer finished JOBS •,DIDN'T.NECES-.-•)ndependence ln • 10tb;' after etarting 27th J SARItB~'MEAN SPECIAL' which Caora is a.°maJor ~in the'No:';29 Carter/ ;OR%`.BE4TER FINIBtIZS:~;sponsor. MercleSpMonte,: mo Y Joe's Ford :IN,'y'HEPBP81~70p;RUN+u:Cerlo •was -pal atey~jup ; , a~. It wan ',87NOVWITH•r,SPECIAL'1±reCognlningMekG,y80oth+ ,.`Spenoer,'e fotuth atratghtJ~~P Bs:WBREIi'EN."career:Winston Cup a top•10:.tittish.'... .. ER(etQhthln'thd andslnhraobtinls • :` ~ ;$Ti18TED asrd I _ ~ StfED SEV- whtle , Brett ; e rstartsd 58th end 4'.tb q~a8~ r ~¢ho - ark,Martlo :p ed ~ - rp,v~elonal fo_etart.'cath ~: I IyJ"Da tW,c+~taced +gDt4r~. lle nba ch+, wentp~ h;;+86th>t¢t12th,= Tid ~ dlgrave • made dt •trom~ hbto 18th,;end'Jettr oon.awoun,d .~up l~th;;~ N' ate~n~ &5S'd<s>/ lisNABCAR :fy-..- OFF) ~t ftL8,~1t 7MPOl.lp9a$D:J~. ~JVIR 'IRVAN'83N0.h28;pr iRD,THUNDERBIRD'} 0 ~RNNY.BENSONSNO.$j o~ f HqY;now 16th In the ' ~No: 'ffi):M n ehepherd .PONTIAC'-QRAND".p01nt6: `, (15thInNe~No.76) Ryld .SEVEN,OF'.THE, .RIXyAND:J.EFF.'OOR-;.' ~'Itwe keep running Petty (4Ath in the Ifo. 42) TOP ft , FIN[BHERB -IN ;9N S NO t1 .CHEVRO-- 'like we're tvnning! said+•arKl-Dwa:.M.rds_188th.ln .TH~p aae'STAh7s' ET MONpPE CARLO (or;.' Spencer the'former theNo.T1).. EDt~I~ dECONU'try~ tor;yi•Sn~:-tan-~r IVASCAI% Modified cham '•=SGhrader , has: speetal . HALF OF -THB ;e!-CAR aesting i61a peet,pveek. o: plon'•we can steS It up Centenni:l Sumnmrf' ,~FIELD.MI(?4lt:L~yQ~t4 ;'.t'rur;at~tl~.i^,iao/(ROeTxei anot6er l e.ret an etart getting top-ft,'ves.•. . .'ves.•.. . . -' BRETT,°1BODIN)S'S'~ - ~t PROBABLY fV6T HAPPY k ~ TO QET-,A'~f'oP-le FIN-~+ ISH: HISNIN'fli-PLACEi% FINISH WAS IIIS FHtB'1' .. ' TOP-10 OF' TBE' VEAR.~"•- ii IN FACT,HIB PREVIOUB . a-.•.. K BEST (Weh th4 year had ~ f11T(!P,A~r°, been an lffih ln the OoodyY . Headaehe Powden WO in 9' Aprll at° ...ve of cotmhted-' emotions (ons aboutR~,'~~~ e,, ,e,atd s . al~ a ma)or appnem, t~o .:~~'8dratlr Novifd tpaf Diylate WCtMtt'.CtiM/(~Itt ~•. .., atlria Oyritpk aNnboN 0 a J/riiery 8peaoer A'n twan rM"tha 1(it~ + 8afnetlBapotaMtlarpotrttahaaeMt(ta' .... AouPraaea. + <x.t .uwMimr.,wam_l .
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W11hn-i.n, PA Cilizeno' Vola Mnebn M.I Ms. Sunday aUNi0,t16 JUL 21, 1999 N4989 rM/Re.l! Cbrql MGJ -C~on~ent~ ,..-~, . by RYAN JONES ;- 4 `~, JANO POND - NASC 'ers are hard mewto~ Jimmy Spencw,r:L4-noe .'."That's nott the,lap we a disappoint¢diSpenrer terday after tompleting his .,. lying run for today's MillirS/a; :Ponono.Internatiooal R6Lew .':But with no heat in Ibe nr, w~n % " take that .. ~ = WlWena stiff- wmd.ma unseasonably cool trsnperal ~'~qes , ere*YeStcer I - erdaY~ S 9 `, . W:(Le~uatll . he wps referring to the 9 amslarl . lime forced upon the-dri aRer Friday's qualifiers- we.re~Malncd:- out. That delay meant Spencer;: and the rest of the drivers - and their cazs- were up and readyto.-rall at aa'unusuallyearlybour:A And for Spencer, unst,of -the firstt out on the track, thaf wasn't-the? best of news: -- • - s ' "Being the first lap' on track, no driver is go o what he wants/": gpaMer "Sleeping allnlghl long; ting breakfast atq thm.covuug° no driver is going to gelwhath ,_ wants.' It takes something,toygef ' into it. The track is in excellent shape, bu~ I don't thinkthe dNvers ' .. arereadyfoiftJ ,;. s =.'Unhappy as he mayha :JYIy~Sp:....., aL• „tE.6ti' badly in Saturday's smgle round ^%j g. . • qI :: . _Cnhem'-Vous/Y~IkMaon .4iualifying: The Berwtchg~i vte ~ ranhis a;amel-sponsaredj[9q5,+atl~linesny-Spersear'eietb."isM his Smokin'-Jo.'ti Ftard _ Ford Thimderbtrd to a oae-yp .a y~pp y . { t _ time 01.54.306 secunds giving him •. hardly be blamed. Sprance~,~id his Bristol and': "Darlinglon, how an average speed of 165.728 m:p]i.: Smokin'.Joe's RacidgTeamivdq a you've kind of got to ease Into it." around Pocono's 2.Smileqri4oval:,'sizable wave of momentum'into One thing'hedoesn't have to That speed qualifiedhimiuthe ~Pocono'tMsweekend,:andtnilling easeintoisNortheastPennsylva- Iath,' position for today's, faee,~ ~aroundthe team trall`cwhile the nia: With the opportunity to race where he'g line up nest to Ster6ng weather mocked their-impatience less than.an-hour from his home Marlln'ootheoutsideofrownine.-~waelmwaytokeepthatmomen- town,Spencer~&aid he always -AReC.that early.quali[ying,..,jumaHve." '-enjoysreturningtoPocono. Spencer and the rest of the fiekl .- Spencer has drivmto Iop;10 Rn- "There are~a lot of race fans in. got thechance for some mdday- ishesin four at the last fr racps, the Pennsylvania. area," he said, practice. Taking lo.the.trackdur_,.;moving;up taa-l8th Iu'.lhe Winsloa "•Il's kindaEspecial; because I'm ing the hour-long praMice nm jusl- "CuppointssaR+Asd whH4he fin- the only Winslon Cup driver from before-yesterday's ARCA:Pepsl''ished.171h'lastweek:at„'tLe]Jfy Pennsylvania. It seems like I 900K, Spencer used his time to run.aLube='30o' in . New,'Hampshire, always get a liille more support up a lap of 54.548 seconds, good;for,.a~;,:i5peucer said both he~and.his.team here." speed uf:16t.992 miles per',hot¢, - 'are right where they want to be. ~ Coming home might just be thal prdved 20th fastest id;the:;. S,g'We ran really well (in.New gravy for Spencer, who, i( he can practicetound:'., _ ;~Hampshire);'hesaid.."Theresult conlinue.the.solid.showings he's While Saturday's' coupeiative-!.wam't'as good as whal~we:felt we managed of late, can only improve i weather offered Spents'r ald!)s. were mmning, but we jtMt as easi- on a year that has already gann "'othee'40 Winston Cupf'd~5v ea-,a:Y~ ly could've come out 7ph:+Fthink rather wellfor him. With prize chance to finally feel'out'jttieifr`iwe can come back whh•,•pretty earnings close lo-S500,o09 on the cars, Friday gave them a leuoh iqt? much the same set-up.,c;* ";` ~- season, no breakdowns or crashes NASCAR cause and effect: steadg +; Spencer wouldn't mind pretty in his last nine races, and a car winda and sporadic rain Iead;IO'.•,~much the same results;he got ln that seems to be dependable of . unsafe conditions and unhappy •-, the month of J9ne: He-opened the late, things are good. _ drivels - not the leastof whomi, month with a-sistbplaeeHnoh at A little raia?!A.mediocre quali- was Spencer. - .-, -. Dover, ended it wlth-a fourth-place fying run?: No problem. Jimmy .".Yeah,it bathers sne,"hesaid `showing in-Michigan; and in Spencer is a':happy man, and Frtlay;while.waiting ost'thefoff-`,;:bdween. he;ian eighth'~at_'the maybe not aB that hard to pleue~ ,n andon'storm."It'sthe'aameptar,.UAQY/C~t,Teamwaark, 500.hereat aRerall. everybody. Youlwaet as?ayi•3# "For the'~first timeln my "' practice lime.as poasibk, aid;thkp35 1 like-it here " Spencerr said. career, I tndy look forward to u, is taking an hour and a haH away, ."The track is a lutle bit slower, going to the track . every day;~ from us... . +..4W~pn last time, hke iP-:eeno to Spencer said. "Things are goodj m '-dtiSpencer ww)ded annqni.toxAel.ve.lost a'Wtt~E bttofifi=st0ie- and I'm lyppier now than I'v,e/j gdbaekoid.~uaa;1 aq.'kqtr .:.
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Lruebuq, VA NEW18 DAILY ADVANCE LrnrAlurr Mst,lrsu isa0aq SUN 18,000 JUN 16, 1996 P5532 IrBSSeL/1IlNOS ® opes. b~~i~ • .. , . ,, poiutbraie, but it,tr ;1 Spencer, viho4 drlvea 5 oldn' Joe's'Thwtd4sb~td+fo . a stter; is 19th W the~,in~ 11 efao'Cnp points and haanR been gettiag much reapeM, despite;lwo . series vletoriea. . a~ ~l{ecently, before a rac AaoOlated Pre r r i > t •`itr '~'•:,Tima4y Spenc.er terlainl7ehas not'heen "Hr. E:citement" this .seaaoa Actually he'a beenxmore tike "Mr: Forgotte4.. . ,. •° .. Last week at Dover,r a sixth- place finish waa$peq8qr's best of the:reason and:onlq hia'e'ecoud _ top 10; in 1996. But itraalF part of ,~~~ Wilkeabom hvaChar Spencer a Inastet p?;1 r~dto personalitiba know~ wia atka i~RA i' We've Ead 8~~aet.couple th„e~ 1 of weaks ^ k$id 6peoc6r a iouBh Brahd n°ara""ls ~ and-tamble •-competitor ;~who tlediea aad Jimpty ~~b~! earned bis sick0ameyears ago on Your engin ' the short tracka of the Northee~st ; I ast week team ow~ dix '!A11 the hard work flaally paid gabAes, whose drive'le oft ia The Winston 6eleM open pe~ ~cently ran afoul o,e®in (an all star race that he won last stbd Cup officials durin(kl,i{ce.' • month) "• took s.ahot at Speacer, aaying~he •'It was a pretty, neat.'deal could hit anytking Ar anFbqdy peause the''uy,s had bee pp work- and NASCAR wouldn t go,•after ing really hard the last two years him , M IO[, me end,it,tinalJy,eame to a } .bead at Chaelotte It a non- , s"I'~ glad you b~ug6rt t~4wat up," .a. z~xi~e sMa uf'1Ine e+y~ ~ ! 4!5'ST04 ifsqn e of becauae *it q4u .aaf , tinF neth e "F~ eY, Y~~Qra,'~htiy.pronld aay tnat you ~~qpg talk tasl year aban} agg; ~eren#•JimriqSpeacer" bf statfU +tlu;t Jimmy Epencer s sa~9#t different $pencer may not be 9uite as euiting and hell toddAabrbackaaBristol _ yeary"'•I e~I:fiike I1m driving , sbe,p~ for ¢b,eetimetal as the old , Lood as I c.a drrve 'i ;i- ,+g + ~^I~agO~ngtodothebestlcan;: " Y patlent and h~rYld Io j di a e , m, gmgorves thd~ I,';daa°and give,100 per- . s9~Iaat~1 ~Oep~Thatsdall I can givethe 't ge't in a~ co0tti `And air team~ ind I expect tbe same out ' ,, u;Jook.back NASCAYt:makes otmyteam. . , ,.,s•*. based on what happens 64h F ~l stick up'for them n0 mat- N ~ei what If they do wron(, that's N ~ N~l3h`ht tht I 't'figt lt it SCA touga,wasparo racn and we wone N y' rough on some- lu~ ppen again. But that s how you obe Ernfe Irpsn or ' Dbild a goodrace team, ind we m , Earahardt ~iras," thef will y 1e, bitildin6_e great race teatn a pqnalty , asep j bn ' tlabt atlw We ie in the prbteia of m 5 er it waa iuat r it bu}lding new shop and eVdry d have deen4voided*,VbaE , ttilae fb gIng'in the righf di[ec ieer added. .uwma ttoa ojj q.¢+!,r z.~, r11'f,CtfC.lSl.t~.~ o-~a . -
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9rblal, CT Press MRH1md Mot Arn Frltloy 0 20,881 JUN 14, 1996 N1676 aPRBSS CLIPfINCS . ~ . _ ..__ ...._, , _ • pencer aims f .or turnaround By The Associated Fhes -. Jimmy Spencer cettainly has not been "Mr. Excitement" this season. Actually be's been more like "Mr: Forgotten." Last week at Dover, a sixth- place finish was Spencer's best of the season and only his second top10in1998.Butit'sallpartof Speacer's master p1an, Auto Racing 9ng really hard the last two ycers him. for.ibe,.and it,fmally.came to a•'"I'm glad you brought that head at Charlotte. ...: It was a up," S~neear said earnestly. "T. n~n-poipts raoe, tiut it was still a Wayne Robertson, the head of sporm ~ ~ a t 11 p~neer, who drives the had a l mg tajg last afr about y e SmQkm' Joe's Thunderbird for some stuff that Jiinmy Spencer Travis Carter, is 19th in the needs to do. As far back as Winston Cup points and hasn't Bristol last year, I feel like I am been getting much respect, : drivingasgoodaslcandrive , despitetwoserieevictories. "I am being extra patient and . Recently,. before; a race at taking my time when I'm around North WiD[esbom, hw Qiarkrtts other cars to make sure that I iadio personalities known for dbn't get in aay conflicts And if , . "We've had a good last couple their wisecracks aMed as co- -yql yook.back, NASCAit makes of weeks," said Spencer, a grand marshals and said, decisions based on what happens " rough-and-tumble competitor 6entlemen and Jimmy Spmea, who earned his nictmame years . startyouiengines "; ago on the short tracks of the Last week, team-0wner Felix Northeast. "All the hard work fi hose driver, Kyle >?et- nally paid. off in The Winston , receatly ran afou'1 of Winston Select Open (an all-star race that Cup cifieials durmg!s race, took hewonlastmonth). a shot at Spencer,saying he "It was a pretty neat deal could hit'aqythWng :or anybody because the guys had been work- and NASCAR wouldn't go after ....,. "If NASCAR thought that I was unnecessarily rough on some- body, or maybe Ernie Irvan or Dale Farnhardt was, they will assess a penalty based,on whether it was juatraaog oi it could have been avoided or whatever," Spencer added.
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v By The Associated Press Jce's Thuhdeibiiid for 19th in the Winston Jimmy Spencer certainly has not hasn't been.`getting been "Mr. Excitement" this season,. despite two set_ ies vict Actually he's been more like "Mr. Forgotten." . -. , Last week at Dover, a sixth-place,.. finish was Spencer's best of the sea- son and only his second top 10 in ' 1996. But it's all part of Spencer's master plan. "We've had a good last couple of weeks," said Spencer, a rough-and-. tumble competitor who earned his nickname years ago on the short '` tracks of the Northeast. "All the hard spenCer work finally paid off in The Winston startyour was, they,lvtB assess, a penalty based Select 0- (an all-star ra eugmes'! ~ on wtiether tt wa5 just rae e that h o rt e c mg r . ~ won last month). Last tveek,*'t~Amro'vyner •"Feliz co~tld EaJe 6eZn avoided or whaa6ew,; . "It was a pretty neat deal because Sabates'iviiose dnve~,= K~I,ePg er'; Speucer added ;'I ihink Felnt+ ~ the guys had been working really mcen ran afoul of:Winsion ~ p was totally out of line' because,'~ you ^~ hard the last two years for me, and it officials during a race; took a shot at ask all the competitors, they o(ould " fmally came to a head at Charlotte Spencer, saying he could hit anything say that you see a different Jimmy m It was a non-points race, but it was ' of anybody and NAS wouldn't , Spencei" ~ to sttll a wm " ~~ go aftet' 4m Spencer, who dn tke.4~m9}dp_' glad you. gfit that up," :~ 3ee lPENCFA Page 29 { ~ Speneer Nendenon T , NC ~ Co„t;n,~ r,om page 16 Dispdeh That tlifferent Spencer may not be ' quite as exciting and bell bent for . BanO sheet metal as the old ]immy. , ay "I'm going to do the best I can; ' he said. "I'm going to drive as ha[d as I can and give 100, percent. That's all I ' ahd I expect the,, an give the team : , e r sameoutoTtny-teSia ',.` i ^t 1 "I'll stick up for theid"6o`fnlttei what. H they do wrong, that's.paR of ;: racing' and we won't let it,hafpeti ' again. But that's how you"build a~ good race team, and we are building a great race team right now. We're in the process of building a new shop and everything is going in the right direction. "It's taking us a little mote time , than we would like, but I'm going to keep doing my job "§pencer added. I "Instead of taking a 10th-place car and trying to win the race,' I'll take ' lOth place. ... 'Rwse are the thitigs I didn't do in the past. "Jimmy is doing that right now, and I think Jimmy is going to keep on doing that because if I keep doing SUN 10,047 JUN 16, 1996 N3614 ~~//// Yii®®PBSSS CLIPPINOS that and my guys keep working extra 1 hard like they have been, we can start ~ having the consistency we need to become a championship tcam." ~ is Cartei; is Spencer 'said egiiiestly: ;`T.' Wayne p points and Robertson, the' head of sports tnarket- ch respect, ing here at Camel, had a long talk last rs. ' year about some : stuff that Jimmy e c e n t 1 y,. Spencer needs to do. As far back as " at Bil las yea Iel a a race .rstotr, fe like lm dri- Wilkes- ving as gpod'as I can dr1ve.' s' two Char- r,;,II em being extra patient and tak- iadio per- mg my iime when.T'm alotmd'other ties known tatss to make sure that I don't get in fotl their wise- any conflicts. And, if you loak tiack, crueks acted as, NASCAR makes decisions based on col~grand mar- what happens that day. , shAls and said, "If NASCAR thought that I was "(Jpttlemen and , unnecessarily rough on somebody, or 7itt1nty Spencer, ', maybe Eniie Irvan or Dale Earnhardt
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P040Ne, PA Repa6lhen MonEql b 20.500 SEP 16, 1996 N4612 )i/®®®IASSSCLIl1lNGS _ ,Ties Dove ;r,ecord;with ;3rd win in row 'By Dlck Brins_ter.~,.~ . ,AUOdtl.dR.n~ " , ,;~DOVER, ;Del. '-Defending .WlnBton,.,;QUp`'.champlon Jeff .;Oordon~moyed;111Eothe,lead 1n ithe serles'et@ridinge and put hfs `name in the'3ecoid book wlth a ~ vtctory in the cresh-Llled MHNA . '~ ' ~ !500on8undqv.~~~. :::; ~ . - . Oordon :moved 46 points :ahead of Hen'drlek Motorsports 'teammate:Terrylabonte, occu- ~pying'the top spotlnthe chase for a $1.5 million payoff for only -- the:second,, AUT~ time ~t~~~ , defending his title In the-race,?OordOn;)ofned ; DavtdPeareon'andN8uety.iWa1- '. , ~le thetPQie-t`vil _ace'"a.onrvrson-three straight races at Dover Downs Intemational8peedwa,v 'Hls;seiles~leedingelghth'-vlo-, r.itt-S, .. wxrram.. tory of the aeort~~aa ~•RobertoYGuertero'l " L. ~dueito tteerln" oblame In •unde s11,n_ ~''~189~8t0''tb=~tiQ°Sr~io got, nD+rJnelv*i .; 0 M $. . y dy: .. •. . $83,630 from a purse of=1.4 mU- one of two'earty pit stops Ouerrero wsa forced to Rsein Leegue senctloned Las Vspee SOOK . . .llon-andabonusof$J0,000for , , ,..,.',,,.. . ,,.. taking the pol.nts~lead. R7re te~ got'the cer dialedin Oor, cpmbetantS~vere Jivf~v ~~~nc- -cauWOn-merred event,that also mry ~~ ~~ m~ t~ ~ don. hadi only -to' hold'"off the ie~ and',Walty'. Dullenbech eY Included a 20-minute red ffag de- :. ~leadingLgure of last eeason, and . Fords of Wallace and thlyd-place bad toitie separated atGer crasL-' , la1'. after Johnqv O'Connellhad a -was the 17th fn hls four years'on ~her Da1e Jarretb over the fl- ~ Yng"on 190,456, ;Mfchael Waltrip , heart-stopphig,crash on lap 195. thealrcWt. , . . . .-. nallaps - ." ~eqd I~vle Petty,:near{r~ cewee to ' O'Connell's car elemmed into .. ::Oordon's earntngs`,for-thls~te~ammatehhaGp oblen>e[or ~,race6 ~ediate>y efter ~the 'ontoltalett de,.aklddI ~tatongyear-stand-ati2,112,808,moatofttierece;andwoundup 1 'ln~~wofmoatof~thean- ~bringbfg his careerbenkroll to ~22nd: ~He tr.alls ~Oordon 'rCt'asbeS marIRl. event ~~nouneed crowd of 87,132, 'which :~,010,627. ....., ,... '. 3.723-3,647 wlth-slx of 31 events ;.;..I,n Las Vegae, Biohle ;tell sllentes the wreckstopped The 25-year-old achieved a~.to.becontested.Labonte'e bldgoodDye'to'theIndyRaTcrrg ,m the mfddlee off the _front milestone for the second time in - strafghtaww• three weeks on one of the most younger ~brother. Bobby, -who Lesgue wlth.a vktory Sunday ln j, r..p roar eru~ted as 0'Connell's difficult tracks on the NABCAR put his Ghevy ou thepole with a~the: crssh Nled'. Inaugurel Ias :~ suddentq appeared out of . tour.Onsept.1~0ordoniofned traak-reco~d,apeed.,,Of.:165.D88, Veges60Di{.~ ... ,,,. .IiNshedfourth,.y . . The race thet chrl~tened the .therestottheerooktemlldrh•er,~who seven-time Winston Cupcbam- . Although,he bad led the :Aew~L6rsrYegds.l~OtorBpeedwa.t•.lwas not Injured. A's the;cheers plon Dale Earnhardt as a'wlnner C,oig~ onjy.elter,wlnning-JUIy 86 -,wps'alowedbq:,nlne cautlonags !continued, O'connell turned to ofthreestrelghtracesattreach-- atTelladega,C+orQoncontlnued ythat,Jncluded;elght,o~aA{es,fi~,on-,theerOwdand"bowed, then erous Darlington.'. -~ f ,- . a nm of dprplnao0e,in whfoh he I ;tbe,?,wJad blownltir/t~elto7al,'~%,waved as safety workers put him Alter starthig third In a Chev has six stralght top~five Er,dshes. •sending four drlvers,toathe hos~- .mto an.ambulance for the man- j rolet,.0ordon.took.thelead.for Hehas18;top-l0finlshesln.his '.Pttalfor,R-rRyerendfartlrerez•-'datoryrldetothefnfieldmedloal ~ the first time on the 42nd of 500 , last lb raeea. ~ . . amhlsWon for relativelr rminor center. .. '. :;-:.- i laps at the Monster.MOe•• He The mlnner'saverage•,peed lnlutles.. ~ p„ ; l.ess `fortunate:were `rookies ~ moved to the front for the final was heldt to 10b.848 •mph be- R?1¢eanwhlle,:c;the r25 year-old Brad _ MurplYV, 8tan Watties, timewlth52lapsremaining and cause.ofiCseason-hlgh14,cau ,':1{eam,'whosEartedelghth~inthe MarkDlsroore and7bny Ste- held off Wallace to wln by 441 tlons that slowed the race for 91$?linetty,+stqved at or'near wart, all of whom were involved seconde cb ..~=<lepa. ~Tliet'e,''~ad'ei'e'?a2'8"~leaQ E^•t1vo11gLOflYrttieT2005a17"B~separate acciqeate.and were . Despite leadbrg"seven,tlmes'-changes?among%i12'~drlvershpet~~t~}Aeattlng'R3i91ttBt'188.]apk'.6b~~ ate~r` boitOvm6easwav~.'' for 203 taps,'OOtQOn-was forced -fore e. crowd of more,then -the,waytto h19~prst,~nQyy-carl;v,ic :` :~~lyy appeared to be the to overcome abad~setof tires 100000. ':. .: 1,~?h~ tory vs ..~:most serlously hurt, a~pperen and . the ~ranging.;.ch,aracterlr ~ The rasii of aectdents-resulh Deepi~e leps.. by the leaders fracturing hls upper nght tht~ Wcs of the treck Oace crew ed in eeveral arguments:emong ; dose to 2a0,mph, Heam aver bone. No other iqlures were cOn- \ I ehlef Ray Evernhsm' and hls drlvers. Foremoet among'dhe eged oWq 116•171 mph-1n the tirnled. ~'
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Oine, WV InlerMountnin Baturday D 11,379 JUN 15, 1996 N5794 /~~///~ ~a~i~iqi~PRass CLIPPINGS Jimmy iS eneer. AAims For $etter. Days. in ' 96 By MIKE HARRIS ~ back as Bristol last year, I feel like , AP Motorsports Writer IamdrivingasgoodasIcandnve. _ JimmySpencercertainlyhasnot' "I am being extra patient and been "Mr: Excitement" this sea- taking my time when I'm around son. Actually he's been more like other cars to make sure that I don't "Mr. Forgotten." -- get in any conflicts. And, if you Last week at Dover, a sixth- look back, NASCAR makes deci- place finish was Spencer's.best of sions based,on what happens that the season and only his seco,nd top..day. . 10in1996.It'sallpattofSpencer's ` "IfNASCARthoughtthatlwas master plan: '. .: - ~:' unnecessarily rough on somebody, ''= -"We've had a good last couple •: ormaybeEmieIrvanorDaleEarn- of weeks,_°" said Spencer, a rough- hardt was, they.will assess a penal- and-tumble,' competitor :.: who tybasedonwhetherilwasjustrac- earned his nickname years ago on ;. ; ing or it could have been avoided Ihe short tracks of-the Northeast. : or whatever," ~Spencer added: ';I . "All the hard work finally paid off think Felix was totally out of line„ iti The Winston Select Open (an because`'if you ask all the com- all-starr race that he won last -petitors f"they would say that you ` month). , see a different Jimmy Spencer." "It was a' pretty neat deal That different Spencer may not , because the guys had been work- ' be quite as exciting and hell bent lOg-really,hard the last iwo years-,~ for sheet metal as:the old-Atnmy. forme,anditfinallycametoafiead;=- "I'mgoinglodothebe'stIcan;" ,at Cli`arlotte. ::: Il was a non-points '~ he said. "I'nt goingio dlive as hard race, but it was_ still a win.", as I can and; give 100 percent. •~~SpenceL`'~who. ~dn"ves ttie.';Tliat'sallJcangtvE-the`te2tn, -Smokin' Joe's 'Rtunderbird for :S expect the 'same out of my team. Travis Carter, is 19th in the Win- ' 'I'lI stick up for them no mat- ston Cup points and hasn't been ter what,"If they do. wrong, that's getting much respect, despite two:: ~ part of racing and'we tvon't let it i, series victories: happen again. But that's how you build a good race team, and we are I Recently, before a race at North building a great race team right Wilkesboro, two Charlotte radionow.We'reintheprocessofbuild- personalitiesknownfortheirwise-' ing a new shop`and everything is cracks acted as co-grand marshals ; gotngin'ihe right.directiont and said, "Gentlemen and Jimmy" '"It's taking us a little more time Spencer, start your engines.".. than we would like, but I'm going Last week, team-owner Felix to keep doing my job," Spencer' ' (,fs, whose driver, Kyle Petty, added. "Instead' of taking a 10th- recently ran afoul of Winston Cup place car and trying to win therace, officials during a race, took a shot I'll take l0th place. ... Those are atSpencer,sayinghecooldhitany- , the things I didn't do in the past. thing or anybody and NASCAR "Jimmy is doing that right now, wouldn't go after him. and I think Jimmy is going to keep " I'm glad you brought that up," on doing that, becauseifI keep Spencer said earnestly. "T. Wayne doing that and my guys keep work- Robertson, the head of sports mar- ing extra hard like they have been',' keting:here at Camel, had a long ive can start having the"consisten- talk last year about some stuff that cy we need to become a champi- Jimmy Spepcer needs to do. As far onship team."
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adafta, KY Nion•Enbryrbe N2772 JUN 13. 1996 l.UC'~F: rResscLIrrrNOs "AU. V nRaW~ i , ' . Spencer alming$: ASSOCIATED PRESS don't get in any conflicts. And, if that you look back, NASCAR mskm 9 : d~o1y.$p~a~a~ certainly has dedaions beeed on what happens not been'lfr. Tsmcitement" this that day. . :. be q~ ' ' eeaeon. AduaDy he s been more • •if - ..... hought that I war for . like `Mr. Forgotfea." ., unnecessarily rougb on eomebody, i, `T L e D e e k h:" aet w r e at ow auct ., ,erv bi Io Dl {`h nrae .e 1 a ~: place Sniehwas S e beet of ~~t ;' or m~yM4 rn tbeywillaeaeua+. ~~~ was .. ,. t the season and oneetoad top p~h, baead on whethei it wae _, T~t i & ' ll ~' ' e a it it part 10 n I996. just i oi it oould ha ve bcpd 76~ ' I e mairter plaD aded r hata er" 8 nc pa av o w v er , 'We've had a gaod leat oouple of added °I think Feliz was totally ' w . wsaka," aaid Spancer, a.ro°gh'and- out of lide becauee if ya1 ask all • of ,. , toooble oompetitor. .7Lo earned his theca®petitdre, they would eay; -,ha; n umdmameyeus a tLe ahart -. traeks e[the N~All the ~b Wmetoq8dset~(~aua ll -~etar .• ~ y ~}~aa'~ mWWJ..,S . tbt~~ ..w +s~fatl5 n°~pWt . .. fhaao.4the been ,;, waddnge.- y~ard_ttielaettwo , ysara fp[ me,aa~ rt 5aelly aame to ahaadaEfit Aotte 'y'Ikqaea nddpmnte-isee, but it wae eh11 a wmi whodnveethe.v ; `doe'e Thui for.' ; Cartqr, Ia.19th in the , Wmston Q~p pauata_ and Lun'L been getfiog much reapeet, deapites t.o eeries Yictarta. - ~ •y>.t:, v, Recmtty, before a ri6e et NorNt Wilkeeboio, two Chatlous radio wisecracks aa' ~ ~ ! marehala and said, "( . and Jimmy Spmcer, elaet youur " Iret week, team-awrier Feliz 3d" whose d&a.,K* Petty, ~ aBeah dariog ar.ae, iaok a thot at Spemer, eayieg he eoald hit . sny,thing a aa7body afid NABCAR ~ woaWn't go aRar him. Tm HLd yon broaght that up,' Speacer said eeraeetly. 'T. Wayae the are~Caatelbad a ~m.rke~ng h bng tdk Let yar about some . stuHtbatJimmy Spencer needato da l1r far baek as Brialol hut,qeI I feel h`ks I am dciviog as gaod u nn dri.e. ' ' 4 am being extra patient and taldng my time when rm aemmd other ears to make sure that I see a different Jimmy ; build a good race team, and we are " . building a great. race team right differeat Spencer may not ' now. We're in the process of as euiting and hell bent building a new shop and metel ae the dd Jimmy. , everything m BmDH in the right 1a ~ -~: , .. . .. . . te du•eetion ? to doh b~t I.. .. 6oin8 . . tan,,"., .~ 'Tm going;o drive aa Lacd `It's iakuMns a.little more.time and pve,100 pe*oeni , than we tgwld hke; but rm going .. I the t kaib: aan giveeam, and toeep.QDB mY]o Spencer .- the seme out of my team. added.'Instead of taking a 10th- etick up foT them no matter place car and tryingto win the tbey do wrong, that's pert race; I71 teke 10th place. ... Thuee and we won't let.it are the things I didnR do in the Bgain. But that'e how you past." M N N ~ Ln co N m r
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CarteRddpua, NY Meaenper Raohnnr Met Aru Friday D 18,087 JUN 14, 1996 N3996 r~/ •••~°®®PRRSS cLiPPfNOs ~S encer' v'O;A sixth-place finish last week has renewed enthusiasm for.Jimmy Spencer and. rhis racing team. ;By APMo E RARRIS Jimmy .been ' r. ris Writer cer certainly hes not - xcltement" this season. Actually he's been more like "Mr. Forgotten." I Last week at fkver;' a sixth- place finish was Spencer's best of j the season and only his second top 10 in 1996. . But,it's all part of Spencer's ^{naster plan. "We've had a SPENCER, good last couple of weeks," said Spencer, a rough" and-tumble 6ompetitor who earned his' nickname years ago on the Jimmy Spencei;'who' drives Ahe ' All h t k f th N th a '' a or trac s o e au e st. : ~fnts stendings this season. the hard work finallv oaid'bff fn ^~~ - . .. - ~ . 't,,}>.z ,•, r,o::, ' I %rotocourlesyofR.J.ReynWdsReWnD mokln',Joe's Thunderbird, ls 19th In the Wlnston Cup' The Winston Select Open (an all ~ he said.I '11'm' going to drive as starracethathewonlastmonth) , hard as I can and give 100 percent. I "It was a pretty neat. deal ' m going to doabe Bs't' 'ean 'I, m - 'rnet's all I can give the team, and ttreoausetheguyehad'lreen`~working ~ ~'r.I t~ ' "~, t . ~ a: .+.'IOxpeMthesemeoutofmyteanr..~_.. , really, hard the last two years for going to drave as bard as can a gi'p ve "I'll stick up for them no matter a me, and it finally came to a head at what. If they do wrong, tfiat'e part Charlotte. . • . It was a non-points 1OO percent. ~I~Iat s att I can glve the ' . of racing and we won't let it hap" ~ 'race; but it was still a win." pen again. But that's how you build ! Spencer, who drives the Smokin' , . team, and I expect tbe same out of my ~ team. ageaa race team, and , we are ' Joe's Thunderbird forTravia building a great race team right . Carter, is 19th in the Winston Cup `.'~' now• We're in the process of build- points and hasn't been. getting : Jfmmy,SpanCer NASCAR lltnSton Cup driver. ing a new shop and everything ia much respect, despite two series goingintherightdirectlon.< victories. Spencer said earnestly. "T" Wayne uMecessarlly rough on eomebody, '. "It's taking us a little more time Recently, before a race at North. Robertson, the,, head' of , sports ;; ors maybe, Ernie Irvan or Dale than we would Bke, but I'm going Wilkesboro, two f3rarlotte radio marketing here atrCamel; had a';Eernhardt was, tliey.wiB asaess e' to keep doing my job," Spencer personalities known for'their longtalklastyear'aqoutsomestuff` ,penaltybased on whather it was added. "Instead of taking a 10th- wisecracks acted as co-grand mar- that Jimmy Spencer needs to'do Just racing'or it could have been place car and trying to win the ahalsa and said, "Gen~le~ldr~A~''fei ~ipek aB'l~latol lakt.year, abDidsdW>~NIwt84eciS Spencerad+o race I'B'take `10th 'place. : Jtm(ny~ Sp . encer, ata " y, vr, feel l)kei~ein drlving as good as ded:~ ~ttdtitc`Fellft wasttotally~oute TMse are the things I drdn t do'in engines.'. . --. ^. carrdrlvo. ®p t,, , \; oE 9ingbecaftse;"if you 9sk'all the ,theaUst';' ~ n I ast week, team-owner Felix • "I am being'extra patient and 'L conipeNtors, they'would say that ,"Jimmy is doing that right now, !" t1n whose driver, t{yle Petty, , taking roy time`whem, I'm around ;;you ~ see a different Jimmy and I think JimmY is going to keep I, a+ recently ran afoul of Winston Cup . other cars to make sure that I don't , Spencer."` " on doing that, because If I keep do- i officials during a race, ot' took a ahot ing that and my guys keep Working , m . get in any cronfllcfa: And,lf .you '. Thet ditferent Spencer may n . N at Spender, saying he could hit look Fiack, NA3C/1R makea .deci• extra hard like they have been, we ' wouldn't go after him. daY• forsheo~melal'as,theoldJimmy.;,"\ Weneedtobecomea.championshi ! anyfhing or anybody and NASCAR sions based on what haPcens that ~ q~~. as exciting and hell bent. ;can start,having the o "I m glad you brought that up, If NASCAR thought that I was ;'~I m' going to'do the best I can; team. -a p ~ A. ~, .
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":BY 66oR:WALfH r- . Ir9ll18:J~ d I J r s ~~ l ~ e an ta k a lot :: : Q a>b L NC O = a' ak ' = ~T r P ND ;Most father t e- O aoout otvaaas.' rie taths their; sons fnto the backysrd and teach - , , , them pow;tq.:hft a baseball or ho,w to , to my dad a lot and I'"' pd t ir f w ll ~ o a ootba : , ~ i h Y ll ' i h a e s o ea y kes t aL',;, ? Johnny Benson's dadt taught , himl noyv to anve a.race car. He wishes his dad was ' so _ . ~oda is:Father s Da d ha ' y P s y an ~p Pex ~~thhop pee: ~` arouied and so do I I wish~~ f~ l i ' oWheFe e se n sports does dear ol o" ~ t~ a seY t ng glay such a prominent role as in eoery~one s dad was ~ ~ N~tth~ -oUn"m, ee utoraetn8 s., ^ «r around because;t/eey're .»q ~p tiqtiem Benson said. :~Phea o¢'iZaild ~kettK A]lf on Andc'etti Unser Jar ~ t ,., e c lal~ ~i l " ~ ' i spec orlf rrt e~car;once iire-s e ;,~ s ~,All of-tbem are famous racing fapeop l"Aw_ere- a„wn;±{e,quauy zamous. racing sons., <.. .. mm..r saFw~irv ^Y ,! ;~~t5'f z c -'~,~:l•+a+!7.w~;wo uaavaaa-,wuu~wau Wur.. . ~ .. WInS(onCLpdn'Uei ~4" . ~,. ,.`~.-.` .~,` ~nete in todav's~UAW°GM Teamwork 500 ?telder.~ Benson,, kept~'`d 1/]StoII~.Ip~raCeat~POCOIIo w .'.~.I,' ~yV . , i~richracinghkiodlines. . - . :~ ove on to;bigper ~ ^ . Geway , . u c o pl t ll h d i fo ~ } r eaam F ange res r o, e: Sterl ng ASar n c t ~ D4ig~~ai'nhardYs.late fatherRalph his father Coo' Coo a former Winston.~.~ ~ as,..,the>.:1956 NASCAR ..Soortsman (1ro ctar ~ :[.~ ampfon. .,.. .. ~ . ~ . ~ ... ., . : .~ .,, And ~Benson,~whose father-~.JOhn'.*+UW"lt~Yr'lhe-='{ype ,ofA~pei-l4flwho ~wD~~`/~~11O1rnMes' r Ji B d i i ! 3 h h ~ 1 ` ' e nmiy pencer race vq g t g won more t rac~ on s ort an S75 o thP ws behomewiththefatnffY 0 ` ~7-• Winston Cu driver Jim , m Spencer,, , of lett Mqc}pl!Pr.arsagainst his father Ed at tracks m the Mldwest and is a member P ~~n ortRaYalfteedwaY~Harr9sburg of;the Michigan Motot~ssports Hall of y s pT< T h~ase"sae DM, PaBe D5 ` `a Bervviek used to racs his father Ed T . ~ . _.- n ...,., vH..a. . . .. ,.. .c-vw L, rrw:.~ aa.- . . .. . . , ....~1 . . . toranton, PA Tiine: sopaRmn . Md Ane Sunday SUN &5,0M JUN 16. 1996 ~ N4630 ` PRESSCL)PPINGS . . .. ~~~ / '.
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~,+,'r,r. " fy~f:~.I`S#'G r+h'~ Complete race erege s~e~5 0 ByMIKEJESi'CY ; ? , $mnderd_atcet ,r ~ The ma°ofiii9ga'"pack a wallop'y. ~[[urecyu,ro ~~. u.. o[ Svv ~hti ash a]ong at ape p up ~p 200 _~ R ' ` " ` s away ft~o~n~ ''t {~, Sn~h( R Pony.~ t,y lnche eff~j'~~w.p 6r[,[4~.:v~~{ Fl ° nGa~VC~(M[~ ~ra~ ea The , !~~°e~Y'eMaha°M <for-:ah ~fo ~abWAn' :ft'R fBns Heibon, PA 8lenderd•8peeker 6ennWe M8t u1a Sunday SUN 14,000 JUN 16, 1895 N4714 13®®®PRESSCLIPP7NOS 4 1; s ',air.,, :`,.t:n~ ~It3ivi
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Ravinna, OH Reoord•Courier Won Mel Atee '~. tauradai 0 21,422 JUN 20, 1996 N4358 /~(~ r.:eeli®©PRESS CLIPPIRGS i~sor's product puts : ' ncer in tough spot ; " ' they re By Get'ald& y9~~ atltn , cent telephone interview, ti d : y an I think the i Raleigti-N~ws~ Obseivet . .. a, great compa . world of them. ... RJ. Reynolds is Along tl$ way,7immy Spencer a whole different srtuauon. I most- I has picked on jus( about every ly catered to children, the Ronald i lead-foot race driver from Penn- McDonald.' Houses, 'things; like i sylvania to Pocono, from Tal- ihat When I came to drive for ladega to North Wilkesboro. And Smokin' Joe's; it was completely ' he s most capable. The fenders are :srte.°', wide, the shoulders are broad, and the knuckles ire scarred. ."A-little guy, a kid, came up to He's not a wilting flower, of me.' snuck in. the pits, proud of course, and he still speaks his himself, . and he had a pack of mind, and so it was recently wlten Camel cigarettes," . Spencer said. he picked oir:a kid who had called ;'~I•;took;them'off ofhim. I said, .` Spencer his horo. .:. ' 'Listen Bud, you're too young to. • be smolpng.', He said, I'm sup- Tw14ti a winner on the Winston porting.ydur product I said, 'Lis-' i Cup tortr, Spencer now drives for ten: that's not the ob,KM'of;this team owner_Travis Carter, whose program. You do not need to be . Fords are- sponsored `by Camel smoking. You `need to wait unul cigarettes, which are manufactured you're at least 18 or 21 years old. by R.J: Reynolds Tobacco Co. "He got mad at me, but that n~ A couple of years ago Spencer _ was the end of it. ... I like to do ^' was hawking,.Big Macs for Mc- things with kids, especially handi- ' Donald's,'sponsor of one of Junior capped children. ... But I wish the ~ Johnson's teams, and he did . a government would get off our °o whale of a' job catering to the damn backs about (tobacco com- r`'i youngerset^"- pany involvement in sports). Our ~ "As far as driving for Mc- whole program is targeted toward Donafd's," SpencerAsaid in a re- adult smokers." ~.
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C- 0 12 ~t~~fi 4s ~ n Fm ida 9 M s: iw w 01 W1'k _Y--:
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I - . 52245 8240
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AUTOWEEK Oetralt, MI WEEKLY 486,600 FEB 19, 1996 /~/{~// !11153Et iO~®®PRSSS CLlPPIN6S ~ Jimmy Spencer eolm Feb. 15, 1957 at Berwick, Pa. Resrdes: Mooresville, N.C. Career bfghflghls: Started racing in late model sportsman cars in Pennsylvania in the 1970s • 1986, 1987 NASCAR Winston Modified national champion and earned nickname of "Mr. Exdtement" • 1969, made Winston Cup debut • 1994, clalmed hls first and second Winston Cup victories wlthln a four-race span by winning the midaummer events at Daytona and Talledega in JuniorJohnson's Ford and won his first pole (at Bristol) a few weeks later. But he sustained a broken shoulder early in the year when he crashed while testing and he rebroke the same shoulder blade in a crash In the Brickyard 400. 172 career starts in Winston Cup, two victodes, one pole 1995 season fn rerkw: Spencer drove Travis Carter's new 5mg$jo' Joe's Ford, but scored no topfive finishes and finished among the top_l0 in only four of the 31 Winston Cup races. SPonsar: Camel 1996 ehassisrengine: Ford Thunderbird Car Ownert Travis Carter Crew C61e% Donny Wingo Team addresst smokiri Joe's Racing. Box 540, 3021 U.S. Highway 421 South, Hamptonville NC 27020 66 'Nn dl I un or_Q,°'RBuf ne remrned lo a' ~ 1dgtme Johrisoil p3soateTravis Caner pJci , I d 'oa e~ ~n f991`and for a so ( j~ j~ eeg f ~ , t- l i ' ~ d l ( ~e e~c evapora temen a~O b m ~ ol ngo tqrhe tea could ,yffi. I~4~SIt~a1 ' ~ 1r_ -. ~ . ~
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Spencer Leads Way From Open to Select By Mark W. Tbe4ea Concord. N.C.. May IS- Starting 15th, Jimmy Spencer steadily moved his Thunderbird through the 38-car field to 'take the lead from Lake Speed and go on to win the Winston Open NASCAR Winston Cup non points race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Sunday. The win a:lowed Spencer and the next four finishers-Speed. Hut Stricklin, Jeff Burton and Michael Waltrlp-to advance into The Winston Select non-points NASCAR all-star race later in the evening. Speed. who started on the pole, held off Dick -Mckle ~o pace the first lap. Trickle, a previous Open wlnner, slowed with Ignition problems on lap four, forcing him to pit for repalrs. 7Ylckle lost four laps while on pit road, and any chance for victory. On lap seven. Andy Hlllenburg, subbing for the InJured Robert Pressley in the Skoal Monte Carlo, lost the air off his spoiler and spun between tuma three and four collecting the cars of Greg Sacks and Ted Musgrave to produce the event's only caution tlag. On the restart Speed again took the lead followed by Brett _Bodine, Waltrlp. Strickllri. and JeH Burton. Early action saw many changes of positions as Spencer steadily guided his car to the front. Meanwhile Bodine faded, 'The guys built me a heck`of a race ctfr." Jimmy Spencer losing second to Stricklin on lap 16 and dropping to seventh by lap 22. Bodlne was never a factor In the event again. Spencer moved Into the top five on lap 19 and by lap 25 he was right behind Speed. Spencer, took the lead on lap 31, but was never able to shake Speed as the race continued. At the finish it was a three- car length win for Spencer as Speed opted to not make a late race challenge that might have resulted in both cars failing to qualify for the main event Stricklin came In third, fol- lowed by Jeff Burton. and Waltrip. Following the race, all tive went directly to the garage area to pre- pare for The Winston Select. Johnny Benson Jr. pressed Waltrip for Oft.h place throughout much of the event. Aboard the Pennzoil Pontiac Waltrlp had drl- ven the past eight years. Benson settled for the first non-transfer posttlon, followed by Bodine, Chnrbtte Motor Speeduay photo Jll®sY SPENCER (right) is Jolned by car owner Travis Carter after winning the Wlrtston Select Open at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday night. Morgan Shepherd, Bobby Hamilton. and Steve Grissom. '7he guys built me a heck of a race car.' Spencer said. "7bis ts the first car our crew chief Donnk --I OPEN. . . (Wingo) has built from scratch. We've Inherlted a lot of race can over the years from Junior (Johnson) and they have worked wen but this one ls oure. Donnle has really turned this team around. He a got us pumped up and doing things right and this race showed U tun/ght. There are a lot of really good guys In the next race but we'Il give It our beat.- Speed raced Spencer clean but said. 'We got a-big lead, then just started coasting, trying not to abuse the car and save the Uren. Jlmmys got a good car. His setup Is awful good. I think I might have been better than him at the end but I wasn't going to race him hard and spoq it for both of us' Stricklin was happy with his third-place showing but said his car stiff had a fuel pick up prob- lem that he hopcd would be solved during the 30-minute break between the Open and The Winston Select Burton was deJected because his engine began to sour in the last lap of the race. 'The guys found a broken rocker ann and are trying to tix It,• said Burton. 'If we can et tt ake the (natU raa. V m (Coatlaaad oa Page 14,_Col. ~ 1, we i '[he englne 6aled after firing MIDWEST RACING NEWS MiWkee, WI WEEKLT 10,000 MpY 23. 1996 ~~ n11962 ®L7//j/PRESS CLIPPINGS it up for the main event. however. forcing the team to withdraw the car leaving only 19 to start The tonSelect Wi . , ns •Maybe we can save the best . for last tonight.: was Waltrip's comment following his fifth and The C1vMM Melr 49r6.q. Can.4 M.C. i BhomPages,Col.sl final transfer place finish. Spencer earned $28,000 for his wm, which marked the first time he has made the Select through the qualifier. Spencer raced in last year's Select because of two wins m 1994 Winston Cup races. Of the 38 cars that attempted to quallfy for the Open. 36 started the contest. The cars of Gray Bradberry and Stacy Compton were damaged in qualifying crash- es and were not repaired in time to make the start. Sacks. In a one-race deal, had hoped to qualify for the Select and then earn enough money to qualify for the may 26 Coca-Cola 600 Winston Cup race, here. However, he was forced to go back to his driving school In Florida after the early race accident with Hlllenburg. John AndretU. who had qual- ified 12th, was forced to start last because he misaed the driver's meeting. The deficit was too much for Andretti to overcome and he was rMrver a factor in the event. Derrike Cope. who rad with the leaders early, cut a tire and had to make a green flag pit stop on lap 10. That put him one lap down In the debut of hls new sponsor. Badcock FumWlmgs. Despite the warm, humid condlUons. only one car left the race with overheating problems and 28 of the 36 starters were on the track at the Ordah. Select Opea &Io'Mr, M.r IS 19/6 n. a a, rK ra M6 Ula (i Ma lNI. 1 If 2 1 D 9 lisyrpeaa IaY SpeM s.wr lun Fa6 rADm Spoo Fa6 19Am !G fU 7 9 6 aaahtlY alull ar ruJ I)Pm f9 4 le 9 6 w ]1 Itlfa~d LblrMdsIp t.l@aelbFa6 I1,mC CaaoFM IIlUD fa ]o 6 4 )C larrao PoNNNNA 1~ aWD 1o 7 3 11 Msaol. Ie..1111e 9,ma 1a e u 75 Ma" SM91ud su.plASFUd 41m fU 9 19 U raEEra.eau an r9.m )3m 50 lo Ir 39 sesb'slE~ b,~ M.nak oY.mkl 6,9m !e n I) 61 Itsy'N.C.n sy..mlcFaa alm w I] ]] 6T loerkeh!< s,uRrlrstteade 5140%) w I) 19 90 MaeWYYte ad~Mqu+Faa a9m w I. n 95 ssral.PoA Nm 5 12 37 te.nnaem rs.vumecs..raa amo b 6 )9 31 MJe stNoor RMrlre 0oas Q.neln 3.6w w n u a nsr..ra o.:ilsr.l~ raa zloo w le 24 16 vMIrDWeMk. IYYm6b6raFOd ],9f0 19 r r1 aeMr Niu: lrpc sqb FuC 1.690 w al 21 ll pw Mcla haap Sv.bw tl.nkl 13m 21 30 tl Ar$Nob FiLIhb,Po[tli 2/m N. 22 n '1! Raq/Mrnu.W oi~e,6sinareMi.eWevFUd t.)m a 23 n 41 Rkky th,a ao6.r CM.tln lim u 24 n I eklMr FMaenrw6s xlm u 23 35 a ods[awl MweM16rF[n.myFnd 1.Om n 26 )6 B rrkSW 1m6.NN e.pe. w%9 Fa6 1,9m u 27 3, n re.esym,e MnwTnoYlaU Id00 61 )9 ) 12 wnRCOR BrtatMa~neFumehleµFnd Llm >9 ]9 16 9s Iee" M.yRen aGra6 IAm n 30 n 6) FC aemn MuvOeeoqFwAFaE Ilm M )I 7 m ReEE)Fyyn MJU M. Sy6 a a3upp/f Q.rwkl I.mO 26 32 2 19 oid'nsae IaaWpaaeFeM Ipm 3! u a M 33 n 16 r6.s.rm TlY,~ aW.e'srOevrold FsJrObsYlRp.Q5T.UIFa,C IAm IAm il 3) 31 n Oryscb MIWSpNYUpYlmlOe.rvM IAm f ]6 26 33 /u6rMlaaAV6 StWer®IR+[yClrmin IA00 ] l aoodw a.....,. 00 ~ ~P
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Hamilton, Petty get #irst poles JIMMY,S9;:kW_= ~ ...1as m qutraNlying Hamilton! ~ By STEVE CROWE i ; starts Petty won 128 poles - Knight-Ridder News Service %' ilone since August 1979 at Bris- o~ol, Tenn. - in a driving career BROOKLYN, Mich. Ten ~t ended in 1992 with 200 victo- years ago Friday, it was Father's ries '._. Those who have wondered Day at Michigan Int M tional ~ '' Speedwayti Before tba y's ~` aloud in recent years whether. Petty can put together a'winning NASCA Ri h fd P tt ' R race c a e y s re given another reason , daughters, Rebecce, n and to be team we quiet Friday. Lisa, shouted the p race com- Z never worried about them," ^ d ' lan :idf th ay Petty sa oenaysers. "I Daddy, start yQur "giner ' worried about me and the Well,itwastheKu~Sdsy . banker ' ` 1-a zj "T n' g i F id t S •~ ' a n r ay a MI ` a Pontiac Grand Prja„ ; tly BObtry Hamllton, 1 two-mile lap at 185 taking the pole for Miller 400 - ~ ~ It's the first pole fi .. ~i vaws .,au.o uu.uu) .iYcuw. ~ dnvea x, had a'rough.day; fuiistiing ]ast inn rc m P h ff s ~e o~g t „'histitwo !>rushs the iays I starf ": Hamiltuu's best pievious' Petty as hi d t R ki - ' w 9bomebury, PA PreB•Enierpdee 6aturday 0 P1,786 JUN 22, 1996 ~ N4652 R~~©PRESSCLlPPl,YGS as t r a ac ng ~s year soleyy an owner and~irst for Hamilton in 151 Wu~`ston;Cup r Please see HAMILTON page 19 I' Continued from page 15 ly told the guys I thought P :fI had some left. . ;ham, N.C.; in February. "It seems like every Last year, Hamilton time you brag about etarted from the outside something, it jinxes you. pole at Richmond, Va., I'm more satisfied about and Indianapolis"It the work the guys did on Seels real good;' said . the car. This ~s really for il,toP: 39. xThething , them more than'me. ° .is, though, we've got to , j'I've bad e poles in .get the race teain where . Busch Grand National, we can do this more and tons of poles when often' you cut your teeth on Hamilton's lap, 17th of short tracks. And it's a 40 attempts Friday, was real neat deal. But this is far faster than his 183.146 the best for those guys." m:p.h. earlier, ninth- Friday's session filled fastest in practice. the first 25 berths fo "We knetw we were Sunday's. race. Satur going to be good here," day's second round w Hamilton said. "In prac- fill positions 26-38. tice, we never really got Starting '- alongsid -" ilton will be De after it. And I never real- Ham Cope, wtiose.Ford'Thuo- said, 'Daddy, start your derbird ayeraged i84.153 engine,' I tried to 'start I m.p.h. - That -equals the engine -and hadn't Cope's best start this even turned the switch year, last Sunday at Long . on: So I was a little excit- Pond, Pa. - ed. That was a great day, ; But the day belonged to and this is a great day ~ Daddy Petty; ;who tor Bobby,and the,whole ....~...,6 _ the' 1986 `command'from And it was . one `that his kids. (;•4_. r ., Petty, at least, expected ve been in a race car '. to,arrive earlier. a long time and done a "We had the opportuni- ot of things, but that was ty irom time to time, but probably the most emo- circumstances weren't tional I ever been in a right," he said. ~race car," said Petty, 58. "I have all the confi- 'And that was before the dence in the world in the ce started. It tuok:'em : driver and crew We . awhile to say tt, because haven't won a race yet , : they talked kind of slow but when we do, the cir- h t en: „> cumstances are going to "When I did it, they be right:" 0) N N r~
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Notebook need a favor, and you've got to think 'bout bat. it also gives Dave the chance to make hia gWth NASCAR Winston Cup start in U+Ytana-•• (COtMbMMd fime p.pa 10) • BnU BodhreR fna yew as owner-dri- ver has been a dismter. As be says,'\re've had enough bd lucic this year to last a carar." Badine has been in the wrong place at Ote wtong plaoa so many times in the Lowe's Ford Thunderbitd dtat he won- ders-if tlte black cloud hanging over his head is ever going b disypear. "ILese wrecks keep putting us behind." adds Bodioe. "Every time we seam to be ready to oan the corner, we get caught up in aoothc wadc." Yet Bodine refurea to believe the 1996 season is going to be a btal wathout '1 figme evawally some- thing good is goiog to heppm to this race team." be mtes. • It is looking more and nare like Dick 7tichk wiB fioieb the eea[eo wiih ihe jonie Donlavey-owned operation. When DoaLvey hued 7Yirkk to replace Mihe WaB.ee earlier this booth, he said'u was on a"race-by-uro" badt Bot the vetaan tar owner is now of die opioion thst the hert TIkkN thing for his team is to lenve 7tickle in the Heitlg-Meyers Fad 7lmdebird in hopes $ictle'a Chasms eaper- ifae wiB help get the Oq4 NflillMenad nat. • Dave Marda ceoW- n't bdieve it when peo- p4 surrsd oomieg W b him Friday at Mshipa lalaattbtri Speedway aod ompamYmt; him ao his g001h prtof his NASCAR Whueon Cap taeer. 'Tb way. Daybna (the ptpei 400 oo July 6 at Dayboa Ialantioo.I Speedway) is going to be my 80Qh taea rve avm painrd tlw car specisl for me CPecial aotaavon: aeid Mncis. "fhis is naaba 799 (Sunday's Ma 400j.• hLcis begso the ttasm with 788 smte, semod on the al4lhne Bst behind Richard I'dty's 1,177. Hehradyqmlifsed for 10 of the 13 qou so fr this yer. mcaoing he had sYrled 798 races as be wae to Michigan. "I gont e.eryooe was nsubing I would qtWify for powmo," sqrs MaRis. Beemfe Mamis hu aheady osed five provisiarh this yeK be was oot eligible for aae at Pa.mo. Aod be wID aot be eligible for ooe until a0rr the 16th race of the year at Iqadon, N.HL on Jtdy 14. Thismamhehdtobearoofthetop38 4mliSns st Mstfiigso aad again u Daytaa to mabe the peQri 400 his 800th sun. He was 36th Qtidm aMIS m pridry. Several toams decided to saaod oo tAeir times Sso.day at mcbm b eoat¢e thst byreis would malae the auatiog field. One of 6nee was the Smokm' Joeb team owned by 'Dravis Carlv. '71tis aBows Dave to make the nee," aid Caaer. "You never bow when we mida • Arother team bat o out of provtstonals for the next three raus is the I)onlavey out- fn. It, too, has now used five provisionala this snaott. • While Dale Earahardt and Terry Laboote aren't in Martas' atea code when it comes to weer stans, Sunday's Miller 400 at MIS was a special one for them as it was the 525th starc of tbeir highly-sucoessful cueeis. Only 16 drivers am started more than 500 taee+ in the history of the NASCAR Wimbn Cup Saies. • Geoff Bodine made his 425th career start at Pocono, pa., while for Rusty Wallace, the Pocono rau was his 375th aqrt in his Winston Cup career. For Bobhy Hamilton, the Pocono event was the 150th start of his Winston Cup career. • Speaking of Bodine, he and Bob Caaeo, owner of the Chassis Dynunica, the company, tthat builds the Bo-Dyn Bobleds. aee starting a fund-raising pmgwm to the help the US. Bahnied Team test for the 1997-98 Olympics. Ever since the U.S. «ab began using the Bo-Dyn Bohsleds, tbey have won bae medals than in the pro- vious 40 yeus of wmpetidoo. Badioe's project raptneots ttro first time the U.S. wm has osed equipment made in the United stams. • Hat Sttiehlio believes dte Cucmt City seam fa ready b ton up fmot on a regular baais If they can get rid af the rm of hW Iadc that seems to be an evvy week ooommooe. 'ibe biggest thiog we need right now is some sood W' mys- Stricklio, aod I believe we'u be able to handle evayt6iegehe. Wefed like ar team right now SMddln is on dte right uach and on ahe right toad to ratpvery. " We've just got to get our cars to where they run like that every week," he noted after his good run at Pocono, Pa. where he led four times for 19 laps before transmission problems eliminated his chances of a top-five finish. "If you get them to do like that every week, then we're going to have a week where aoth- Ing breaks and everybody is going to be a hundred percent, and we're going to win the thing." ' ,kff Gordon, Terry Laboate and Ken Sebnder will appear at the geud opening of Rick Hendrick's Cary (NC) Auto Outlet on 7Tursday, June 27. 7be first 2,500 people to prwegisra for the deakrahip appearance will receive a col- lecta's edition 24-by-31-ioch Quaker State poster of Hendrick and the driven of his three cars. The three Wunton Cup stars and Hendrick will dgrt rrogrspin betwem 7 atd &30 p.m. 7be Auto Outia is located st 100 Awo . Mall Dri.e, just off Highway 64.
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52245 8188 Wallace, Green and Carelli stretch, roll and rumble ;wnn ms mtra win in me rase se.ven races, Rusty Wallace has qWetly put together an imprea- . r...t ti.v "r th" tues 4 . NASCAR Winston Cup aeason.. . eyer gaa noc m wm a race, at ' Ford to an emotional fifth place :~Since the. Goody'e 500 in late , leaet,'.`,we turped ~gur eeason Bnieh: Jarrett recovered frnm a nIJtm Breeden eMan disaster for a 10th place A Q Q06 ...rr~. Wallece hee.put the Penske themhalf-throttleandto '~+ ~ fmuhintheQUelityCereFond. 9euth Miller Racing Ford in win a race like that But 4e did v~hile Wallece Marlin, Terry Vr Lane oh the shortest of it and we'll take em ~ the ~bonl;e and Jeff Qoa•don were G wheel. has its Team short tracke.(MartinevilleJ, the mme. . Y battling gas parns Mr. Excite- Greepn end now the Buech Grand rqad course at Sears Pt., and now Superspeedway [Gng Slerling ment; t Jimmy Sj~len~cer, put Nationel Seriee has a legitimate w$hathinkingdriverekindof Marlin seemed toclearlylheve together his best run emce he three-car.Team Green, in the rsce, the No.2 black and gold his second win of the y0ar in., won the..1994 Pepsi• 400 in form-offormer BGN:chaz9ch ae Daytone, and finished fourth in . driver JeC end Ti TBird coasted to the checkered hand onlyo to suffer fro b' r W lf g m e u .,'~q . -7 flak Sunday m the Md1er.400 at inlleage wce's with 121aps eft in Cormm Lrom 40th~.~~u.n~~derblyd TobaccoChe'vio7et driyerMerk.. ' Mtehlgan,. lateinatianal• . the race. Mar]in had rh 'aul 'rL" "°g ap0t' ~. Mr md Mrer Gfe,en'e sone put dn. Tlre S'ppedNap.~',' on ~ the feld,;: powertn `th`_SPn~ P~~ hrit t}iud atratght;4mtd n`show'4fitesming Myrtle loyt" ,.: t°p'10 ni for ca~,$wner TS'avre B lace ' Mu dak i(m d hi d 'M Cl ' e R h 3 "W h a e dwa l S .eqon or t r p rgan c u r eac p e ed u e aturdey y aet B E , ., cai todey,• {Pallace said after his Chevrolet to a 10-eecond, 6dvau - C"`)e~ -' ~~` ~ ?f ~yr David and Jeff the only race off fa8 0 ` f W nr orried aboul Ibel?," Spencer leadera of thn-nfternnnn Whnn final 100 44th Graer Widatun CuDwin. tnve_ leading 77 ofthe 'Unfartunately, gas-mileage got lepe ~ ~ ' . ~ - ' _ - ~ asked; heerly ainated. 'Hell, the - - the eun and sand finally cleared, Cere ' ~ came iost 20 )apdr 1 ilat there and rode h d l ' d w k M M i s B dt N ed r ., a m run; n en e My Bac up an ar s i d the thing agai G N pointele e David Gree- - tqiroi'krealhiir'd.' even more impreesrve",consid ebout'~,OOORPMe. Wethought. ,6vee?Randy; LaJoie.with his S?e~ . ... _. .. ".Y,.__- . . .- .. _ - ----------- -- rnon^ v'holaey + t beFk oR' f ' ' w a o PrttmaAengtnc had rackedup farlsforbraqgmygutsout 6e-held oR luem ybun ger ypunger E h d lg" l ° th veryt y ~ ';oL~~..p tyle Wdlec~! thb 1989 Wipaton t elose to ,l 000 9ir mtle9~- the~ orluag broyhere to winetker Carolina r~N .' a ~".~J 3'and ezlend his pornte lead over- doubl cdmaqeiug 0a low down for The guye the mofA~roum righE n , ~ ning 4 , .- :.. . did a real gob"d job wilh - the strong- :. (te'mede LaJme to 108 hgqce M. the Wtn , . . ... .. tRobin (ciew chief Pem6erton) engine," Merlin ezplmned.'They for a iejurn to top 10 efforts for The concrete tooka pounding. Wat~ nade'~somee really great calls -workedhard after we ahipped the RoUert Yates Rscing opers-. , in Thunder Valley, but when the _ ,ua .uc . . ,...... . ...-. .,. .•........ ~ ,. ... ........... ...o u.w., u,ung ........o...... ..,..... .,~,.~. ..,.,:.- . zvrng me enough information to got it beck up here Saturda'y and wrth t~emmate' Dale Jarrett Cola 200 took the checkered flag DeVi former NASCAR Naza nbw what 1 really hadto~4 " put it m tbe car.Th~e ra really a- started'}he Miller 400 32nd and late Saturday , ~~,~., '~I$,rie ; t'sMm""Welllce tdugh one ta lose: '' .-30th r~s{ pectively,Lly)th- Iivan Winston West star Rick Carelli 200 frese ntBkerun_ n_T,_ing '~'Iguesathafethe6eatcarl've drivfng{the_Tesecd_I~aJoline- waaiqXictoryLane,_Carelli.held . . - throw9 outthe green flag n a.m,rdav morning. 1p,jthe, I,g~ souvenir ti&et ever Produced by five races, Gordon h CMS. Salea:af the ticket --182 points on Earnli ' e honoring NASCAR Winston Cup Big Jim Saverine Champions of the 1990e - Dale Labonte in second E°mhardt,JeffGoidonendHRA points back, while: ' former Pepsi 0.00 champiou President Jimmy Jamea ' dancing partner, the late Alan 47 pDints behind in Kulwicki, have ehrRed"into high ~ . gear, 35 percent eheadof last ' yeat's Winston Pole Night Ticket featuring Ru'sty Wallace. The CMS Pole Night collectibles are only 512, dial 704-455-3200 to pickup one of the remaining 25,000. Nezt Week: Drivere, if you thought le6t year's W ineton Cup points raca wae close when the Pepsi 400 thundered around . Daytona I International I Speedway, wait until Doyle F*d aae'uP MIIhdIN, NJ NrldOeton Newt MIIIvIIIe Ed. lneruea Met Arr t,"6 r[tl~ 6efurdq 01 6DL _ , a T,gfry fcef'41E . JUN 29. 1996 N63741 pl ,,,1: ~me© -~1'~) raessrr.rrrr..cs N,alo0aal. aAtalYtpERrgn' , w ler`Racing`Crew puts Rusty' Wallace's T-Bird back In tlrne to win at M.LS. ' ;' '~ arging Dave Recendea the last five years at the upstate first career CTS win. - New York speedway, and is previous best finish seeking his third consecutive st August at Flemington BGtt win at The Glen. . y, when he finished a MIS winner Rusty Wallace is econd to Ron Hornaday eet',to join Winston Cup etara the best races of Y995. :' Ken Schrader, Geoff Bodine; Jeff . ' +•' B ..urton at car owner Rogerr a CBS-TV, BGN, CTS :~.Peneke'e Nazaretk9peedway , eader Sunday, begin- along- with Russ' -Headley'ea h the BGN Lysul 200 on formerMan Harry Gant in his 5-mile road course at secondCTSstart. '- Glen International at The all-new Charlotte Motor , followed by the CTS Speedway commemorative pole s SuperFinish 200 fr°m r.ight ticket, titled "Decade of Speedway. Terry Champions - the 1990s" is the defending Lysol appears to be the most popular pion, with three wins in (See RWO, Page B3) -
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Mwiw, Kr Ltlprlndipendent JUN 13. 1996 ® n ce~ I i ~ ~: , to[ t r.m.ohe ...,;... eeawad ...a.an..~only L~e...~. eeo- o ....o. °1e ~y~~„ie 19th~in th Nw~ne- ..4 w pi¢E alr8peuom'e meeter plan. ~. ~~.°m ~nereepect, despite -, .. . 'We've had s leet couple ' owee..pequF a f :ktS ~. wLo 'ea~rnedm a~~ckneme'qYeare ' W , ago ® the ehmt trauka o[ the , eace Natheaek AII the hard work % ean fineIly In-The Win~fep th~ woa~ ~~" ~~ 'It'Vna a prettynep,t deal myjyytime I Rhqt,aes to 1 .. , teemowner Felu And, if you ±t.vhaee driver $yle reeently ran .Bt<oul of ~ ... Cucould po~eal. duriag a asLot eat¢p Bf,Lp~eoogeaor ~odyaenIZA9CAR wuulda4~ k= h'm-: ''~ t* ral'adyou brought fba! ~, ,1 eer '. said ^ arneetly. II'., ,I ._. Y„ , thao~t,t)zat.I ` diffe(ent Spencarr wul~ tough on not be 9uite ee szatiog end~ Y r6.cli;. sonnsIx „or.~ Ernie,Ir heut for eheet metal ae thao1~ , I like ~ ~ven or ale $ernbardt. was .lmuay... . ~ I rsn-'.theywiltaeeeee:,py tylqee~ 7ri,tcbng Ue,a little moed ' ' k , , op whetba~;tit wuJve. or time than we would like, but I'm etand itcoald luve been avoi or gmog to keep y b ' ~l ~ I m .whatever".::Spencer;edded. "I SFeacer,eeid."In sfe adoYtald q ~ ace eure -: thmk Fq iz,:we. totdly out o( a.lOth-pl car and tr9in` to licfe.:..lina 6aoau.e.if you aekall the wiu.. the::rece. I7l take,10lN 1 .. . k .~, .., npektoY.; they would~.eey p~4_~ ~ ,, _
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MIIIIIM6im, PA Junlele teolllBl JIIN 5, 1996 N9752 ..1~~®®MFSS CI.lIP1N6S SHOWINOTBBWAY-Sondqdteroooo,JuM,Oordonpweoe i`owoerRkkHeodrkk.ndtheHeodrkkMoWeporbr.cetwmtheb ~ toorth vtrtory hoe vbit ot'% by showing the wey lo the top.pat durlnpJB71op'ottheS6P6 e.eoL7Leddeodin`WWtou(Lp pdotrlumpbo~e171htornr ASCARwh,wrworthi118,736.[t MY hlr eMOYd WOreCYRee D~ BOwYr w10, Y be domhlalld the ~. . MBNAl091o8ephmbnof'9 Uoan176,NASCAR'efideuppBar, ; po.ts {i,d66 et e.rh nre, prp'able to the whmer B he rtarh from the `. pWa Hthe~'l~MmhaomnootBt Wen bhn Mr. After 8wday ~S; MNBItt~566 Oordoo ]olor B61 FLbtt aod Rmly WaBace o dro oWy . driwn b wlo iM boeue a Dover pownr. 6oeday'e bonar wu worth ; iJ6,000.1LewlowrC7wrrokt'edghebofWeyear.(photubyeteve i. ` HOWITHAPB)L6D-WhmooGWp drl.enlookadvanbp oltwo ~ Oordonbt~howoet~tohbireebbt,RqBvemWm,h~ow~he : DuPont Autaomtln Y21 Maote lSdo wu h.ndW~ oo the Wy6 6wlxd'MooderMBe'durlnp WeBmlembo.ARermrn9uaB~ .: ifylopnwOoMoolplhiotheBoe.Durlo`heeetooew4uk . n6ordwlthAOne-"bPUmeof2J.lS6eem-odetor:epeedof/51.785 - MPH towlnhbrereod odelnr meq7 wn4Oerdoohednt thedd n i cord of159.669hfP}Clntyear,tbeBrKraoeontheonem6eovd'r dew roornte surface, [Photo by 8bve Baryo] BBBTFIMSHOFTHBYBAR-&ooda rlleeooon]booq8pmn r otBerwlrkPArluolteundBmBmoklo' oeYp2yFoNThuudahhd toae6dh•pbreRobadorbylB r .tDoverlloworlotenk• tlood Speedway. The 11nbE wo Speeoer'r bret lhdrh m 12 rwchy evenb in'96, dter atarllnl the So0.1ap evem trom the y4th doL Iphoto bySleveB.rpo]. AT TB8 MONS'18Jt MILE Samrdq elbrooca lone 1, rhe Bweh EEEGnod Natboal8erke eompeted.t 8m'Mombr MBe' dmlot the OM 3 CoodwrneWDdeuB.tt.ry100.Tb20P4p evmlwmlhell0nee FROf'pdoodarecoodranernrWwlotmRW.wy Llobbehhdtlle whedoyB6lB.umgudoer'rFINAaponoredp'J/MooteCario.The Nmwdk, Cl' driver tlaekd the rare Bm hb 161h e0u9ag dot.ed ww7ssA66 Heodhul.btlpwpekmd4evotl.Jokwunmsdlo pobdr wlth rwr bp Bve BnR4a.od. tatd at nvw top ta Mhhrem f Ilebehowar.rJqwImN9CBe.oABmJr.(PLMObyBteveBoepol
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R /AP/R'LS V. [6.iCG ~~}1- IF 1 ` '.Awt ~b .
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© rtziMBX PnlqgP and hM dad, lohn7d7alabHNilkhYletolY bllifxdlhrt7o`~sMndwn. nna,nm..ea•q6dDpir`N.nV'tlRfLl ndtHADOTNbevoniVIl ,,DAD'` ,, ,,, 'F/NMPeaEDS ,.... ~; take' care of the bushussand .. t re¢e on weekends," Benaon eq16. .; . :: John Bmuon BneDyy gave up I . '•.hle racing career in order to a4'- ~ low his 1&year•old wn to begin, ~ hla. ; '. ; '"Weweren't able toattord a '. , twotar team," Benson eatd. "So"o he retired ao I coujd atart 1n fact +'. ~-;1 mkdc i eatended his cat'eer: He t' ' • nan aItttle longer untll I was '' ' :readytorace: . . . .. . ~ ;. "He never toreed m9lnto drivr " ;:Ing. He only'.mrced me to learn'~N :about race care because ofthe;- ta ;mllybusiness." . .. . .'. ;... ~~<. Ed Spetwm',actually tried ,to q ~. dlsuade his son from drlving a0 ':racecar.~ . -.y ; "I decldedloauft playm6 toot• J bell and I wanted to go'racing,."-4 ' Jmuny.Spancer setd.."M_ y-I dad: ~ina+5l~ bit'd:T~n wme year ` 7Aen'~ ettet~'ke'I ;r . wasn't going to give up, he was a ;. big supporter and helped me a ~whotelot". . . " Before he began his racing ea ` ~-. 'reer Jlmmy Spencer ueedto he1pF~~ g..'workon}t1.t'ather'seer." "When I was young he kept:: teBing-m,'Oet outotthe wayl ;? Get out otthe wayP But I'd never " ' get out of the way," Jimmy byen•. ' ': uer eafd. "I guees I would bother ~ hIm wIm a lot otquesNone. But l~ f:I •'~ wsa)uetlrYmgtoleara." "... , . . ;- ~ "MerRn atpo remembera bem8 ~' chased from the garage by kle ta• '~.~alts alop hh' hthN a tnwk to ti theraeayoun8boy: ootmReeewry. m+d JIB~,~all type6 ot things.". Spencer .^I hed F the~ •, one -AsY In the a1wP, Marlin said. 'He, ptcked one up . and satd•''7t was apeoW because, lt ~enou8h ot an'~ •. threw it-right out the door be• • was a tamlly eRah'"' .I •, one to peav me -, . eauee we were getting in the '.~r L1ke John Beneon~,BA Spencer .' J~y SIen~) passeduptnechancetodrlvean"mea11tDN6lt} "A6Mar1lnandSpencererew:fndyCertorhleAmlly:!~' •.. r~unoe:Iwryotd~dn' ~, up, they wound up lending a'"MY deQ did It ae'.e hobbY" y„etauttwoweek i.. hand instead or getting 1n.the . Jimmy Spencer seld. `Hed rao3 I, .. „J~Y ~ way. Friday, SeturdnY and fake Sun1M him wln ' - d daY oH to epend D wlth Jhe4aln.. ` W R h d q~,:.,;w:;o , y~R.clnR„nuiturad;a naturd;hond~br lnded'sfotttapa. ,:1 , ... ;:o ,,,...r.,,., .,.. ~'r ~,....,, .,,. ,be,,~rkw).loh o.,,.,.,,nn ~a.Yhu dW John~( .,~•:.blbwed .., ?NJ ® ® ry/r6.]r.~ ,,Sr ~ a mWWaqt/r~buxCAYnEu Jn Po• Dale /amtt ~pnparea for h1e9ualMylnQ tun tor today's nee at Po hhC , d4 ,rcolq ~ a ~ t , . . ; . . ~'!fWir. ' . ..~ ~ {fbut`Itleft'.beathlefatheelontheracafraclc ~h/mwhathappenedtohlscer.He g tor! some'But Ed Spenter;stN would not ktt r said, 'Noming. I wasn't going to " -1t wad'Md," '-hleaon'getthelipperhand: letyoulapm,e.'" . ... •' 8:+'He nibbed ""I waa Sacing Modlfleds: My ^' ' Ed Spencer Is veryWlslNe m up'out "'dad'was'6ort uf retlred, but one ~ the gerage area, helpt»goot with "t.mt;M wN the . day he sald lwantto raoe one ot the Smokln' Joe's'team or clock- ----.. ko hlnm tor -tlq9e'btodlRede,,,.~Jlmmy' Spen• :-Ing lap tlmes..;Ne has even be~ .n Y1• • cor aetd:"go we go up to lhvego, ' come a bit o(e"second" father to kti~ I dldn t-..:XY ~;+ons'SekudaY'night, We're ~.Earnhardtf~whose tather Ralph I, " cB,.8d6petlcer';'racingahdteomearoundtotapa AledofaheatattecklnlgPB.: or . e.couknR a 0.a - . .ea1d. I . I 11 :. ' lot of people, so baskrelly mYael[ ~Y•", .. - . : • told h 1 a, he-.- hads,toN.be .' andtnYcousmhelpedMmwork All tm'ee drlverasald they-.?squere.Hlyeve . eatd. ]earned tneny leeeons_kvaD thelr , ,wou16•ezpect penaouot+Ww t1He. , atl np'y,n inq'aqnbau . i n atmn:mw g"i"f Polamltw a00 eno ywR.m ~~~IPUJa .+m:a(A1Ve,fl/eR,nrvw Nvn..a.M .. dbeetme,'wblue'caP~wlmNo:21on1t~BUd. ~-"DaleandItalkakttaboutour~. n e IM:abd:a'danly~~k''pulledmtothepite.Ire• dads,nrJfmmY-Speneereald,"He''n 'he`t'dlad Snto'my 6rother and asked • telka to my dad a lot and I know m tbenco , ne w`dn7tha , what-happened to that cer..He „he'reaBY likes that. He wishes W ddd and so M.rWw++ v trovt•.ame! back on the radlo ; hfsa was aroun do I. I I& rnscY ~uM uld anything. ... .. <:w4h everYOne's dad was around wlnntn. au. *.n .uee they7e epeclal People ~P°sp alqa apt tnaoe amnn n..m.__ _. N 0
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Hnntlepton, WY He rdd-DIopaAoh NYnflnpbe lltl4n uuroaY oeos<a FED 10, 1996 s iIdM 7Xe eeid,'dtt Q~Previe~.~ R.) Y[ a"YSi 4' Ni ` - yg li 11 M ~ wlreie}~mh+o8 qe~°!1 Pon _ . _ tipjpebodYl,:. s }Yh4 _ 1 .- . ~1l4Epi- _ 4W4fIMNOlbwl9g . , /Jiet v'/eStiiew.it N9e:~ningWSe SAYe~t'~nh......
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Ohvtlig, PA x"+t Mondn 08,088 J11L 22. 1888 N2618< ~yt~{~//~i1 /.®ttta.a n-vrlNaa 1a~~ ~ ~alla: v rLl.buS~:f, er 0 .iL6NQpOND Rulywallnro/s t 2;, - L. n ae ~~~i~nAetaelOa,er~mi~ w~cAd L. « wdbwing m the xpflf, , ..;1a~17~ca„uadormer.w4taton.. ',fbp ehampion hn` won fom-liruu - Kcond only to nvaame wiliner:': .rul dofend6lg-xrlee aMmpJpQ/~; (hordtio.Ag,Wdl.ce it!ancnpro-„ trudrebb eighdt In ilw sueun mrd.' - . -ing4 ln8{ng brlar.TCtrycLlbonte J: bydlgpoime. ....., , , 4've'.hed enough'time to lope,~, aweo.poiw.'and 1'vo got'.enough:..:s ame to gain Ihem back agal ' ' Lce said Sundayaffer a wnawhay't suMng vktory in On Milla 500 al potmqRaceway.L;...><,..;.in-k !.'. ., Bu6'ova au: phsl 11 racea; d/ang' Io.thohutwookofMarch;Wellecc '~ °has'alwnutuly fintshed: in, au,lop ~scvenor30th'orwone.- r Askedaboutfuully-ending Ont~~ ~ rdkrcnttcr ride with hit win Sun-"` dey,following a teventh-place...rpl-.~ iah thee pmvlomweets at Loudon, NR..,Wtlleoe grimaced and w/d,? ie , ~sktd mC a au ' wRdp:ollw~ Y weY]~d twantto r, y . ........ . heu:abdm ILNOw 1 don't heve to . " wMyWWllhztan m~- 9 ? Thitame,Watlaoetnanrled130u1:, ~-.i. .. aaAl-cu BeM uld hung ~ tfap', 0Mwglaut'da'EDD•'bp • . but didn'l contend until dro Itpt!0 Lpe-, .f.: ".p. He bwk hit only lo9d wlth 301uq ~ rcmeWng and hdQ off:.a:a rchelknge from RMJry.Rudd to euli ~ dw <51h viwxy of Ala earoer ud hlf ~, thhird win on [ 2.Smlk tn- ' ovel: : . "1,Wdified bed again,", wn0eaw :. wid wW wme initulan eviaarY bit iona':•71wn1 h.dW waYmy."way up auough NO kidEtt and ac y, 1em wu ll vnrpeq~ILg nt-, ~:.~ibarlYallday. -" ~"ItoNn (ww chkf RobW Pan. ~;:- `borton) faM my bpUmp:rrete'he4~~• . ta thM dw leaden, but !wlm't s: • cetching•ihedt~: un47 -we eof dw '.bunch~of tauliont hb. 7fien.we . •'..ereebteto~oe~oarueofh^... a . ~ ' 7he nce lvef slowed by a folu '>. ar incidendon'tap two, but It then 1temain~.~an~~,~ideht~'y..BenrmksJ,mrry9penca"(bp)findshVnsenuga '~broughtoutanmhoryellowBegon Klnp Richurd Petly, (above'lea)Omeehiai~7 ... Itp 160. .. : . . . .. "' ..n C i^ il ..,.- {. .''7Latwas whenWallaoc finally' arourd ,~...` .. {{wheiinD~ian was abk 10 nuke the edjusunenu. ..The1989R'InstonQiDCbempion.,tnr,keun?n~ d,sagothimma,efrumm. +..drove hIa Fad ThundciWrd atrost tloptochu~o 'Thd car was OK early In thc , anfudsh hoe tbout frvo car lcogthv-;',;wWhpl . ',ate,1(A .1 got a eouple, of w+ of -- hr 0.3 aaoMs?;-, alcad , ol`'. Lp 155~~ dmt Qy[ wcre mo tight'und dqse Rudd 1FOrd. .-,'...4, ,•U es ,~bcgan-hdln~ guys,elwcked out on me," Wallaro', '_ Mark hlamh` wh~ uarrcd Gom"~ y~a dh liwq seid.l"Ilrcn we got aut caution Bsg -ajia 'pote and led seven,tuny,yor )21'~ihini'orh,Iliby und 3ro" were able too malx sooa :; laps,.wm out frant~whcn thc ttcond NrouBh tuml m, faS .B.rAt~a as ] I<e e,ente6e m. . um - g 0. 7tfwo'xwtlk(alhroe,'t'Imcw 1'twas' aould,Arive oR'.by.bout:d~w- .djwunMUtothatireprasuroand tlonRagw+vld;.He-effecdvely". TMtcwtr8'~xt~"^p~ce`Lautions.; .eomBwhdOK." t Irngths.ieouldntrauiadntnything qo tmleqherlhingtanditwmedtlgM'droppeditqn'cmknpon,dqugh,;qwfor;•bbpnpts(ncby`,.Kermq,N"l,c9uldryowith himinmustof widlfiim." n U ! oe-s~ on ,'DanvIINN.wa plntos-.DpW KWnnady pys'outstoe,wallBurAaydurlrp Ihe Miller500 at Pdwio InterfatlonalSpeeC,vay."The 'hed_;a pn>b~cmwiih : Wallace and anothc+ for a crash the'CmtUt exCept eoMng`~out of ' kdy,' ad d atlht tpJpeeawcuir~nvolrlnBieu :aodincend-, loe .wmvee anownie;sregs- .G 11gkDesr urc ;:,tNemcchek «~ but Wallucewaa ebte : way,' eald Rudd vdw waf alW Ke- ,put on to suy,oyt frmt .. _ , ond m)ett Oardqn in Ww June nce " Dale Earnhardt (ebove,rlpht) neads a fwsh.out di the ppa . 4a w:11 .r He jusl murdaod me ~md r f' Rkly..res fsrwr dwn mc in(um at Pocono.+ ., ,win- qne LMit;l.wss beuw than him ,n thCto: I.wouM umh back up to him U n M ly~'~8 ~wmj fyrpsind, d~Wallatt seid t~tp tmnnClau~ju~+nu1) Ik a1 N N V
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lullmptoe, NC TMEt-MEWi laEInrb. Mn Ilrn FrMp e r0,flt FEB 16, 1986 P3558 ®® IOS . WYA16SSCGlf/M ' ~ " ~* L , Profile ' a LAST t;~ My wMe;Pat and I have iRACE: ; ? two klde, and thhey're Sizth at '.Invoh<edln e'lot of activities. . Atlanta , { ;'I,}ry,fo`go to their stuff astSyear ;whenhoan.",,,, THE ' WHERE100oN: i ; ~ VACATION:'I used to go to FIRSTS, ~ . FGpt ate'~r Da na~bufrqw I have to. .- s.(June t e.n;I po dewn there. :.' , 1989et ( We~Oo.b•aCk,to' .:'. . , restiys-=at:Urnesa~~tep.troer ., D~r ilPensyN`ehla'tospendtime . 'ag ~ g , tooaggrosdV.e';~drlver ~•I(Downs [wlthourfamlltesoverttro s.>freqwntlyblan~pd fqr, ~Int~matfopalSpeedway) holMays" .r. . ; . r wrbokss.. #~' M °1(retpole'(SeptemberI1B94 ~.WHATIWOULODOIFI\; M y ei;(yorlh ~Nilkeaboto,r d, !' CGULDNT DRIVE A'*AQE891mm~~li6nCer`'~`Spe.I3dw,sD); eY~Wuly +iWINSTONCUPCAR.'I -:~ ~~.~ Pri ti, don9 know• ThePs all I ever n, netl6nal eyin ftS.PAusE; Pal y r Pepsl ~ 3 wanted to do. , , Fonunetely, l am one W' ~ i CHILDREN Jarj+es 8 "°"FAVORITE DRIVER Dale 11 the IuCky ones who has Ketdna 7 Earnherd~ -besn.ab,le to achieve my ; -^,CAR:No.-23.SnpMn'" ,".'WHATIDRIVEOFFTHE~j,?~'ls , ,. . FordowneQbyTravls .TRACK:Uncoln'TownCsr.,.,.yVHpTI'DLIKETO ~;Caner ;:FordW4k•'uPtnwK CHANOEABOUTMYSELFd'' ..flOMETOWN:~8,e4nNwc~~.FIRt3T~9PEED1N0 ` "-'~he,Lordputme'onthis';.: . ...-eadhihe way I am and I - . TICKET 'I d0 ' I : ,' '~!sr tY.7an,cen`t"domud,lnbdutihat• r RECORD two wlne or+en f,. WHAT$ DO TO RELAX~r xOVI m really happy with the pole,~2 rop t ves, 32 top ,:AW~.A~Y.F~ROM THE TRACK (ob hs edons ^ ` s htoa:..-, A.J _9ayv,^.WIMwMhrnylenMy ... + 4. .... . ,.
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Clinton, NC Sampson Independent Sunday SUN 6,206 JUN 16, 1996 /~/~/ N3570 ii~i®®PRF,SSCL1PPlNGS ~ '-.., .. ` NAscAk's Spericer aims for better days Jimmy Spencer certainly has not Jimmy Spencer needs to do. As far' been "Mr. Excitement" •this season, back as Bristol last year, I feel like L,' Actually he's been more like "Mr. am driving as good as I can drive. > Forgotten." "I am being extra patient and tak-, . Lact week at Dover, a sixth-place fin- ing my time when I'm around other ish was Spencer's best of the season cars to make sure that I don't get in and only his second top 10 in 1996. But any conflicts. And, if you look back,', it's all part of Spencer's master plan. . NASCAR makes decisions based o "We've had a good last couple of what happens that day:`1'.' " weeks," said Spencer, a rough-and- ,. "If NASCAR'thought that I w tumble competitor who earned his unnecessarily rough on som nickname years ago on the short or maybe, Einie Irvitt q~palcjF1r4; i`'rjpnmy $pepcer, ua~w.ut u,c,a.Vcuwa,L. ru! UIC cunwa.~:~was, mcy.:wIu a.+scsa y~yg~~team,andwe.arebuilding hard work finally paid off, in The penalty based on whether it was jusE)6 a greaCrace team right now. We're in Winston Select Open (an all-star racing or it could have been avoide~ the process of building a new shop race that he won last month). "It was a pretty neat deal because' ra the guys had been working really "It was a pretty neat d al beeause the guys hard the last two years for me, and it enally came to a head at Charlotte.. had been working rea y h44 the:last two' ,' ... It was a non-points race but it -- '"` ~ was still a win.° years for nie,' and it, fi all'y't;arree to a head at . Spencer, who'drives the Charlotte...h was a n~n poirits race; but'it`was ' Joe s Thunderbird for Tra arter, ».. still'dwtn. 19th i Win ton Cti i th o t s n e s tp p m s and hasn't been getting much respect, despite two series victories. Recently, before a race at North Wilkesboro, two Charlotte radio or whatever," Spencer added. ` and everything is going in the right personalities known for their wise- think. Felix was totally out of'G direction. ' cracks acted as co-grand marshals because, if you ask all the comppti l '!•It's taking ns a little more time and said, "Gentlemen and Jimmy tors, they would say that you see ath an we would like but I'm going to , Spencer, start your engines." ' different Jimmy; SpencerLast week, team-owner Felix '•That different Speacer may not ~.`keep doing my jtib," Spencer added. Sa s whose driver, KyJe Pftty, quite as exciting and hell bent (of Instead of taking a lOth-place_car . C and trying to win.the race, I'll take recently ran afoul of Wins on up sheet metal as the old Jimmy. ,'i 10th place. '..: Those are the things I officials during a race, took a shot at "I'm going to do the best I can," didn't do in the past. Spencer, saying he could hit any- he said. "I'm going to drive as hard "Jimmy is doing that right now, thing or anybody and NASCAR as I can and give 100 percent.lltat's' and I think Jimmy is going to keep wouldn't go after him. . all I can give the team, and I expect' on doing that, because if I keep :."I'm glad you brought that up,", the same out of my team. . re doing that and my guys keep work- encer id eastl "T Wa n "I'll stick u fo them n tter S m y. y p p sa e o a r . extra hard like the in have been g y , Robertson, lhe head of sports mar- what. If they do wrong, that's part of we can start having the consistency kcting here at Camel, had a long talk racing and we won't let it happe~ we need to become a championship last year about some st ff that again. But that's how you build a i
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U U I P ! y ' . ~ 8 8~ 8~ S~ ~~ y~ Llps t~ S8Y 14BS BS~ bt~p i~3+"1 ,~m c###;', HH s=1 'O~, ~y '°"' 3 @! 3 4R E 3 ~ 5 a,~ a ~ ~, # a
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Honeedele, PA Weyne Independenl FrIOaF D 7,172 JUN 14, 1996 N61825 -ll4lsrt W&9s ti(i4ncer'S b-q.Ot. soii and'bialy F is s coi : flp,~ ' 1 ~r~s 1996.1t 8 a11 patt of Speiic DIBn.. ' .. a" , Ofy~ iast ~ l~e r'Wa a ~ s `~~~ ;~agoon s ms , tfiCNoitlteavt: "All k"tma]i~ "eild dit;ia flhb:Wi ~iu ~''g' -~~1~~~.';~~° t ~t'..(T ,-7t Was kpv~y neat deal becaUSe; =?n8R .tu er w9 h~l f,~n w orid n¢ feallv hard }a - - -- j,t:~helagttpfa earsforme,eiid ~t maU~~,; ;c~mew7l~datChariottc t3ifwa~,q~ ~. p'i71W, VU<<ia~nm~ ' ~7 3r n~}~'•k}~ ~i~~tR4 Y 1 ~ Vlt} I i 7~... r~~ E Y t Crip ~o>nb~id ; oi1" w is~l9th in the Wias ~ t baeg,8etdn8 lauch mspect,i iatt rl ic ~ a es v e despite two s. cr, 11 r . ••:,;}.,ar. .:was Remdy, before a race at Norm ask = - say "kaaboro; twb Charlotte redto Per sanaLBeskngwpfa p~ acled as casaand mm~ 1 p iBGt th§'rho~J 'ou build'a' obd ia~e teain,and we are btdlding a. We'ie in' i~8t`iaca tEarif~~lit°fi~v ~ ~ ie
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Qp @ tEftl&i~NiNYtlk3='ii (~$~+' ~~~'' ~a}p ! ~~qz: 9fi6i9i Momt3 =6dE°:18mF3us i Hui!IIIIIHIIDJUI"IIP P A - °_ a I! s if ~~~EI ~ ~ o~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ 2 ; sa aB~f s`p 2 ./K N. f, I i - €i a€I 3E ~_(~ ~~ g~r..~. ~R .,, y gQ ,~ t n r ; n •"~RSd.!l8ii. 6~~ 3~F r$~~~ ~~3dh1 $ Bl93~% Yi8SBSu16 pq~gtrtr6t~ ~ ~~v' ~~~~s ~~77 g~3° 1 ~d ~ &~ ~ ~ ' F R~ F S sfi° • R ffi ffi ~ ~~ ~~ 9e~~~~ I ~ ~~ I- =a- ~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ :111~.1i ~~ ~p~pp~pp~p,,,~6~~R! ~~~~~:~ g ~ ~i ~ ~ ' _ ~ .~ ~~. ~~~~~'a~~~~~~ 8 8. ~f$ ~. ., ~ e l'~~. y(Q~~~JJ ,~xB......~~~~ Q8 a°~a6 /~ (] $y~g ] P ' tl'P S ~i ~ ~ ~ q /: . ~ ~ 'p~jy ~{ [t R ~'~ S AC~ ~S B~.y°y~. 6.c •lF~j9{~.$G~LS.atTGBY'p~~.' n/~,a' {gyZy.+'.[S. G F.q,7p}Yc . RG¢G¢y4C•'4~_~~ q'C~ .,0 ~G-i.O~@'.~6 "i~i ' S $y/~8Q ppp~~pp,By6 &¢••~y~' ~'.C~,'iYs'B~ .y~ \~y~~ 6~Cp~9,,'+ ~ ~ ~'{a~ ' p~~' '/{`~$ ~[.}T i9q'Ri'"i"'~ ~ ..,75.~ 'B~ `d "'4~5~~ ~16~^ ~~, BWSQ `~"' ~ ~, `~J,~~ .'~~~ •~S~S-B^~ ~p@g ~5~ p q R gQ k_ a 3i~9 ~n ~R ~[s O P LY~ ~ F ~ _ ~° ~ g : ~ e ! .~.. . 9 ~ ~ ~ Q~..y_.1V"- C~$ ~ gg~ BRR~"r . ~ 6+ES~ K " r' °~ ~ } C L Q , , { s~ ~' C r~ 6y + ~6RA ags"R~r. ~ . y ~ ff~I~~A~C ! .901.p ~~~~~ ~d~ ~ ~. .~G~ _n 36"•'rE . ... .. ~:_ s ~g s 1 11 rV t v t ~ gig n~~i p sa ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~&I~g ~ ~~ ~l~~ ~ ~ l ~ ~ sB°~ ~ ~~ R@ 89 3 6 130 Kr 1 ~911wsRgB~4qgil' ~~"1~~' ~~, ds~oYra~ x~nm~a~_~v,omm~aN. ESIOt~-mfd'du•.8'Y~T=@ltl'3mm='3~.e.22:o- F n.88`2l6813GaG;~ Y~='~G.YffiF3...~Ca..=~ 1 %tM 13 ffiffiai~ ~~rc~G~ '~ ffi~ , ao~.+ ~a d ..,1,: ff y ~~ =p R~ ~ a~ " a~ ~ € a ? ~ . 1 `.L !:~ g +YR 'S''?En`'~CBS'' ~C'~9~65!~~ . *„ W 4a a~`~~r~~+'~~~gg '8~~~g~ ~~~ ~0 ,q ~~g re G'3geq^"Og~ 6,~g ~5~R8 ~.~ " ~cd _" VI°4~~~~~"~°SC ~~ ~ ~~1 s~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ° ~ ~ ~ ~ WL4 V 5.1 ~v ~1 ~ ~g~~ ~ ~ ~ig~ U3 ~~ W ~~~~~` ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ e ~ ~ ~ ` J3s~~.e~• ~'~.~ ~ I~9sp(~Kpp ~ ~<y~< ~g ~~~~ ~C~~R~~r4"..~$4° ~sKK~daS{L~ .~P.N. ~ ~
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Nopewell, VA NEWB Rlohm ond-PFNnEUry-NapIwen MN /uu Frldly 07,700 FEB 18, 1996 P5528 STpt~' M} e;P~t d,~ha ' ~~nc~ heres..' R, GC=i3 two kids ~ tfvhJies f l ed I l t ti ~ I 'F ac nvo v t~a ~ o o y0. ' , ' I try tcrgoio thelr stuK,;, I,ra1W.Y,1EflE N~ci:epL}n, ~ ilsedptogo.to-~ V~`C IO, ~..v "' ylona~putrnow I ~ave to . * m h '' 9 dO Y I ere h~ ~o v,4;e;goA6'aclllo~ ~ , to`spend tima ~ rehia , lespverthe . WHAT f.'NOULD DO IF.I COULDN,TbRIVEA~.ii ~.:. ~ WINSTOf~ Ct1P CAR: "I ts alt I'eber"~ ~ 'Tl ia :k- ._iJado.i_br.?..F• .':. .. ~ ~ tgy~+~~amonepr . i~ iiuss:v/no;h a s +<.: :L ~ Al*Uac~Ievemy p k N ~ ti WHALCD LLKE~T,O„~~. CHANGEABO MYSELF.:; "' x <}~.;0~`(Hll on;thl3 ~ N S~ and;l ^' ~h theriv@ya e ~ , , tlr,p. p coanXIdo'mu"chkBoJtthat .j ~ ELpX"~I 1"7n're~Ny happy whhlMe EI,fl'i'ACK )o6`he'sdorte t * `t,1
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:..a.ai.~;;_;•, . ~ 1 ~~ `•::," aR-'sinoe then.the fens have kept ~ w `~l~. !7rif/e -theeportgolog; i Canada to be at Pooom me- +. Beek . at the Poeono track, ~ tional Racewayr for -today's 27•year-old Tammy Bowman of the Teemworkt i th Gont tow . ow~.L, uane - " '- adilli 'n mnne .iQreadstanda duringg practice, eitinv for a alimpse of her fa- cm~ yaen, oMgvenq etar, .mary wauscs, wno _ I NASCARredng'e . :-.tyhu`-drives.the:number2MillerBeer skyrocketed, attracting an ever car.. . ' growingnumberof fane• Wearing a-Buety Wallace hat I~+sRieky;-Rudds9 .. and ebK Bowman talked while ~ stork rar~ paeta grende- ^ wat<ttingforhvrar. tend during a praswon . 'I have a7ot of,RUety Wallace endNo4latkoeeachser. T:eeuieat homs,- aUgltt+tP car, '_`Wocpoooool „~ r+i r', hat0.; poatere,;pw, Bowmen tbq A$yCAR eaid Y Wtneto :Cup yBeriajydrew ., ,9fIseescma<hingwithRuRy 4g9p,00U:fene m~9lfevs~b, an .'ouit;Ibuyit,'sheaafd. ~;of; l million!fan.+over .'... Like maqv new fane, Bowman _. epxevimuyear f%.:~•. ... sterted'watehing NASCAR rao- 'That avereges outto 167,988 inginthelatel9glk& epectatorsperevent. . "I think it's exciting, if you. '-When`I~AS(.ARrnued'Tai1he have a favorite driver and ftret: timq, at the'rlndieaapolie ~thel'le up front and youre hop- -Moto~Speedwayin 1994; nearly. ing they don't craeh," Bowman : 1 million people requested tick- said. ' ' et., butttims were ,900 .'And'when they doaraeh it's eeeGl~".' .. everyone else's fault except your ~ te Speoeer, s Barwick uative, eeid NASCAR reoe driver J -• ~one- owndrlver's,",eheadded, .. enire, in ittiinatedtlk-how many fene thereareoutthete. t, dhuebmd . tlts''~aediF >..-IFe plqye~'In"4ontof-`4699 peopie and now in front of a popularity prob• . , lygopp.ta ii .. .' 109,900 people* Spenrer.said N4'It;.Cattiedeaplod ng,. meint9 . while'. waiting for' hie Smokin' because of-tekneion covenge, ; Joe's Camel Powered Ford to!be Jhe. esid whde{Pndag.;newly- pradimFriday:.. arnved e $aeqliardt:~er• ' 'I think PreWTMdfarA i$e really great We're Del chandiea --ha£r; LtCmpar the number';one spectator sport sttickaa, madel rupe;.shirte . in the United Statee,' Spencer and)ueoeeP~tm said. . 3 B~1989,. =on~tha Terri Orbin, 28, of $i~di~C,~n `tt waa Rreegevillei-Monroe County, ' aRarthawiped?sunaaeenlotion on the ._,~.,. ~...,e. ~....,.-; .,. .. .-.,w...•,• .,:" Y~ ~~ 'eon T~my"while watching pr.o- ~TheErvinr.aauvenir,bueinees ia indicative of -ths` paa'of Orbin, who has been a nadng NASCAR'egmwtb.,:--~,.. . •.. .' fan since she was 15, said ehe They opened their firsttshop wishes the NASCAR-created four yeare ago in 3ybertaville rules would be equal for and a yeee_later..their-Wiikee- everyone, a mmmm complaint Barte shop opened' The year , ae fane jealously guard their after that they opened-a third own drivet'e raung reoord. store - in Potterille. . 'The rules are there for a Radng isn't getting too~oom-o reaeon, safety I wish the rules merael thuuugh, Pat:said.Affei were' equal for everyone," she all:peoplebuythe8oodaV` :':? '~' said:, ~ . . . . .^'TheyWekept up wit1Sde- Despite complaintlabout how mend," Pat said. 'Some?thinge the rams are run, Orbin eaid the aregetting-overkiD?but yth~e; ; increased popularity'.bas.'ite deaireamithewmt.ietkera r . benefits.;, . . .- ~~'NASCAR beged'iii'194T, '°Ithink'racinghaschenged ereatedby.BiBFranceSr.,in~an for the better.It'emore fen- attempt to-ereate unifurm rulee oriented,-sheeaid: Aep::etoek,?caS radng,*wbich wae .. 'The~ui'in'the gaining pop~~ ~-~gr~m~oa, eoe se,a. .: The National Aeeocation of "Where it used to be all locale, Stock Car Raringheid its first everybody's getting.on the rece in 1948 on Daytom'e beach bandwagon now,' Orbin said. _ couree,, which, later was devel- With a©gar in hand, Eugene oped into the DyRona Interaa•.. MeCormick, be, .of.Sugarloaf,tional Speedway, RhPme''bfake said NASCAR's.raaea em popu- famoueDaytone609t?i"?°4. ~ lar locelly beausethey only In 1949. NASCARcreated the happen twice a year. Winston;Cup Seriee divioion ..~ 'If they would come more of- thatt etiD ~eriete.,;todten; like baseball or football, Reynolds' Tabaao Co.~. began"'people would'get more tired of sponearing the eetiea in 1971: it,' MCCormick said. Over theyeare, otber'femous McCormickeaid-the race trackeopened-indudingA6lan• drivers make the gpmt what it te, Charlotte, Tallsdega; Dover is:' ..._._........ . and Pocono. . .. 7- .. . 'The dtivers are so polite. In In 1976, NASCAR'e Winston baeeball, you have to pey for an Cup Series annualattandenm autograph. Here, they7l just reaehed` 1.4 millioefam`and eignitforyou,'McCormicksaid. NASCAR took the'lead,in. A fan since the early 1980e, worldwide motonporte~ stten- McCormick.said he doesn't see dance.. .. .. ... . any sign of.radng enthusiasm In the 1980e, corporate apon- lettingup. son began to take Potim of 'They kaep building seats and NASCAR and their names we keep fdliag them. They keep began springing up on the sides building tracks and we keep ofetucktare. ., mming,'McCormichaaid.
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=X g ~g 3 F ~ £~I 8 Zj § I3 I~ f ~$$s,,,~~~ 88 ~ ~ ~~~~~Se~~R~ I a~.l ~~$~~ ~NEyRRR~~~`g I jI! ~~ils ~~~ ~ig$e= $$';~t $k~~g~ ~ sI ~.~~j 111th ge ~" ° ~ a ~R e• s sE~~ ;Q~'~~t~6s ~~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ s$ ~R~~~e~t~~~a~ gea§g<3~`E ~ 1gd~p11$g~€~ ' wP~Pn~~t$°'
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~ "tft $~,@ S ~ Q pO W pp _ nk?w//~' ./ /..~. ~ W~7 ` ' ypS~ ~ ~.^.«.~. ... ~ // y. @ , 9 1 Ik ~~~Q~-.~~~A ~$ yg,~~a " t ~~tt_~~~ g R F[ $} ~ gZ . y~~~ii~~~p ,e'~ = WS ~ ~ . ~ 'Jg . . ~ ~ ~~~ Y ~§ bb4•a' ~ ~ ' F n . ~ ~ ~ ~' ~ ~ ~ _,. '~ ,5p ~ p _' ~ ~ v ~ ~i ~ . . . . .... . . . .. . . . . . . . i .I . . . , . : . . - . . +A. . . . . w . , . . sS5 ~ V E~~ •~_ i o D ~7~~~~ ~ 3 ~^~~~ ~ .q~ .3~3z ~ ~mQ~ ~y./G! ~~~p, aJJ/fQ((/jjmpp.(.1 ~A~flglTl(~nuV=l'xt{i~~!! "•:3{ZZi F ~?W'5 ~ &~~_Q„9~ ~ wy ~ITIL._id~~~ti~ C p ~ m p/~g/~/qy/ ~i$,S~_~N.# q' Igf SQi t6 9 € ~ S f~/ 7~ /~ /"9.g. v'6 5 7Efff "^ hT+ .r. _1 j. ( ~ fvJ a!'~ .."' ~_ ~ZSQ ~ N~~ [[~?? fe! ~ SS ~~~~.ppd N IP~ ~N 2 `• ~~53 AN t4 4.a" C ~;r O ~•• ~~ . ~ NNNIIIIYY p eSS ~ 'A E 'V ~~ ¢ p '., ./  ~'. M / ;.. I V F ' ~ "nY~`6~1F'SNE,~'g99@~ . ~ ~. O Y~ $ ~(~(~($$$..~.'£ p5~a` ~ITI •. $ ~i C~~~.' ~3 !!!fff ~ . ~ A: 0¢'~GO.~L1 ~ y g• 6}QI 5.~ ~~~66g~ .g(n~,.1 3 ' III"TTT~ y1 F~~,3m~ ms,~ ~.N Z WPM ~~ ye ~~ ~ n 3 %~~3~$~ N~ix ~ 3 U~~~'~ Yv 3 R x 2 '
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W(N9TCN CCP BCENE ConmrG,9C M[Fnr nqmu FEB 22. 1896 ti ® Q I @ 142 D }". ~~~!Tcp Sm u-_ :-iap 10s: 1 i F GIJFr.O- .d~0 ;o'tnplerod:13u/ <ha; V':";,::Fb~.''73 ``""''~~°°~~~' ~ t ~ ~'0,~~ `llmmy;iWMi4r . q~yWon $12,597 =:- py F~ 0 Tep 5s: 0`- f'iop lOs:l 9/fln 29 00(10 hl [MJFsi 0 Aed21/1750%y rt Yoles:0. _~C.omp~ebd: 120/100%i<, " :2'~'~6~'.:.7C1S'.
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actually mellowing By Gerald Martin Raleigh News & Gbserver C01IllllentAl••i Leave him be. Give him •Ia break, another chance to had called Spencerhis hero.. prove htmself,' this big. 01', But' let's not take him to TeddyBear Just about every- .task.dor- that one because one loves to hate or to blame < Jimbo dld the d6t thing. when"he's.anywhere near~an. Twice awinner~on the Win-` ontrack incident: ston Cup tour, Spencer now Along the way, Jimmy drives for team owner Travis S ncer has picked on just Carter; whose Fords ai'e spon ;" 'Jlrtry,i.Speneer, ~r:~,qi+ a ou every lead-foot race sored by Camel clgarettes, ~` 1 from Johnsonrthe-marketti driver from. Pennsylvania to f d b hl h t ac y w c are manu ure Pocono, from" Talladega to R~.,J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.. game . changed. Kids aren't North Wilkesboro. And he's wbich is f}ie sugar daddy for supposgdtosmoke, and when . "rt~ost capab)e. The fenders are the NASCAR Winston Cup- :'~e issue arose aecently m a ; head Lo-head 'confrontation wid,er~?the %.shoalders are scarred; aOnd;the,wlll to win Is tour couple ofyefars ago Spes' Speacer iightfull~y played the' cei was hawking Big Macs for bull i asstfongasthatofanymanor McDonald's,sponsor`ofoneof ' Y o1e',-to yhich he has ' woman ever who buckled up, Junior Johnson's teams, and been ao, atranger:;; gave weenddhullrings t- he did a whale of ajob catering. want you to u~d t~e that I to the younger set. Pass him - rettes," S~ncer said. '.IVe- " I " coastline superspeedways: tf you could catch him - been associated with, R.J. ' Spenttr has more than caz- steaming down~the interstate. " Re olds' now for' about 15 ried his own.weight, be it in a, and most often he'd hold up a years ;md I've never beeP o . slde by sid'e duel or in scraps burger,, grtn and hck his .,asked.to sa that we+need t-• after the checkered flag fell. ~o y ButI tlelteve 4 ror,not, the, ps' f t(yhto helg selll: e, iJhhmmm Goodl :: burly Pennsylvanian is mel- - Pass" kilm in the and CameLy y.+ !ro ~ t~.fdn~~ ~q lowt and.he s? ' auall be- ' garage rAlitlle y, a kid. came'ti~ h. ~' ~ y he d ask if you cazed to at{aze .' ~ me,,. ~uck in thaH p#ts«rm. ginning to showus all that he's ;a few fries: ''" - roud o himselt and he had'a.? ' not Just a hammer-down, hell-" • p,g far as dii tor Mc- p t bent driver who gives no auar- .. I _,,,,, , pack of Zamel cfgarettcs, sI ` ter: •He71 even say excuse me ----- '" mpa~qryo}r,P4nmr i saw41 recent tele hone !nf ew p -: Lisfeti ~ud you re Yoo yqtut~ ; once in a while, and he really h d I ey re a great company an t to be smokin He said rm , didn;t e.tal thatr edwhen, g• g t ~ think the world of them before"a'reeenf event, a radio supporting your prodilct I'" R.J. Reynolds is a whole dif personality ; and:, friend gave _ferent situatlon. I'mostly ca Ma of tsten,.that 5~notYott do % the coinmand,""Gentkmen, ; J tlits,P ~J tered to children, the Ronald - nptpeed,to.be smo You and Jlnimy Spencer} stazt McDonald Houses, thmgs like ~g ..:'yopr-engines, r_. . need'to-_wait unfll :you're.at~-,= He's not a wllt/n IIower, of ~at..When I came to drive for least'18br 21 years oId ~°;- 4 `~~ g Smoldn-iJoe's;it was com ,.,;, "'He got mad at me, bdt that .., ,eourse, and.he sSllispeaks his pletely opposite." mind, and so tt was recently Indeed, When he moved on '. whsn he picked on a Icld who'. to Carter's team,, purchased ' See Spencer -- Page 11 ~ . T ^ . • owner Felbc c 11 finenrer . took Streneer to , '. ~ ~ ~ '":aeaannshe-has.l Ci;j1tinued trom Page 9.n- oite~5 ri~ttfuuy M, • ' ~ ddettta B~ Lha ".,-_...a~..f , ,: * TI,v_...A.. .S)1Encer'•saldr °G6J° ""' s eciall with klds, e thln s- R P Y' nnm. hetter rn icapped chlldren.... But I ~ter rein' on h . wish the government would get made a ditferenc off our damn backs about (to- . He now has cr ates"- ?recently Pocono. tk; ai3'tl inpast.~He Crts Cartei; RJR sports !~YkAlft9metl - markeffne hnac T:.Wavn0~ .Rnf.-.. ~ustngac= :ertaoP4a„gew engtne and+caaz-- buil¢tng"plo~acm ° and a arew ; aise althoug~i : that a0w belleves in hlm = ' ~ ive as: they , t."The}% had told fiie how; good ment ; and a their cars were, how good every-: ~ 'temper have.'ahing was when I first started! results, driving for them," Spencer saidd ed the top 20 of the cars Carter had bought +r°^`aton'Select J f h bacco.company involvement in -in pojnt.y, won the sports). Cur, whole, program is ° at Chazlotte , targeted toward adult smokers two races has tlnis Stlll: they love to hate htm or 10 with a:season- at least blame hlm when he s In s;=weeks ago: at; D,ov thr;vicfnity; of an acAdent. Caz __ an' elghth-place rorrl naonn o in the last. "Cliere' was a big discussion ~ Id a~;t~ about theway I was driving,_and ao l told ro 'i R b 8 t it t n m o p ve ( o e o i ` ~nacend htm,>}nd•that s whatI did and,tti, " nday has Worked out well " Dom DE DelMn 31at, NewA
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NaAh Pod, FL Bun Nenld irmelr MMbn ~6undq iKe.eDA FEB 18. 1996 /'/~/~ Ns6e92 L~lFl~ll7+.eu ccr.+rxoa k!/~R',ktii d+,wsc+n tt:. v~..u 400 reC'e;' ctieckc the''i . }•.I,k5Wh3YJ<xa'1'°=a ~ . . r-,~,i My.wNe.Pel'end I have twoIdds;'and Ihey're' - Involvetl in a Iot ot activlties: _'.~7Ct`ryaogti`tolheirelun ` hP41VQar when{CNn.~ ' WHERE l OQON - r y . ., $S, , , ;,,,VACATION*; l,used to go.ta - nrr{a~art ;paylona but oovra have to - (JUne~',workwhemIgo.down there. 1989atr'.:1 ~.;'.•NOw'wegobackto' ^ ~ ov r ~~"" Pens lvanla to s end time D B p y .. ~ ~ hohoa s ,.. . .. . y `i n- i el,Speedwey, ~ yyHATIWOULDDOIFI • ir~ - ieDtember.f994 COULDNTDRIVEA . WINSTONCUPCAR:9 ' r fi . (Juy .~ - rslwin ' s all I ever 4 don't knovl!That -c a iClylonalpter . ' ' wantedtodo ., . peedwey in the 1 _-'Fodunatety, I em one ol ~' ~ " ~r~`I ' lloyb Nheukneswhohas' Fp OaIT~'DRIYER:DaIe, beeneble'toachlevemy~ sFn goale' l 0 NrHATd'DIJKETO " • wHAT i DRIVEOFFTHE!. 'TRACK L1n~o1 rrTownCar, CHANOEABOUTMYSELF:i +~+ <The.~oM;put me on thls . `" rd plol(•up t' k ` , ; . , ,_ ec.:ed«~iun,earlhihewaylamandl m 71CKET ftlo't' call"~~ ~ TP 4 e allyhappywlththe: , ,, Iror ~~ job ha's done '1 - L WHAT 1 D0 TO REL X - . q t ALMOTTO ---, AWA.VFROM.THE+TRACK;r}, • My QEfiSON 'ISpendtlm9.withmyfemlly. IS:'NeveCeverqulC' i
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tpmoun,NY Hemld-bumd ThurM/ar apaow. MAar.. 083,372 FEB 8. 1996 N413B LLfIE IRBSSCL1fIfNGS AUfO RACING Local drivers head fo_r Speedweek Keen competition, sparkling new facilities and soaring attendance figures have elevated Winston Cup stock car racing ae the sport of the 1990s. Helying fuel the dramatic run of NASCAI~ racing to the top of the charts has been increased cover- age by network and cable TV. for- merly mostl.v in the~South- east onto a natfonalstage It has also lifted the new crop of Winston Cup drivets to star status national- ly and inter' , ~ ttationau . WithS p~ar- Week'95eaet to be litt this ' weekend, ® camerY once'+ e- 4, ~ provide eYv,: lensiY4yov-a erage,'wtth a:' record550:'; ; hourk;nqj-~Spe$dWeek pro- Starting Starting tonight, ESPN2 will be- come the'prst cable outlet to air a daily television show, entirely de- voted to auto raMn¢. ~ "RPM 2 N1ght' airs at 7 p.m. weekdqye and will be located In Daytona for its 3peed Week debut The Mashyllle Network has also signed a deal with the American Speed.Aasociation to televise 15 ASA stock car races this summer, including the Aug. 4 300-lapper from Lancaster. TNN coverage of ASA racing kicks off at 7 p.m. Sunday with the 304• eeason-opener at the Iake- landl5~peedwqy in Florida. Upetate•New York drivers have played a big part in NASCAR.rao- fng fn recent years. When last season concluded, Geoff, Brett and Todd Bodine were entrenched on the Wlneton Cup circuit with established race teams. But m'quick fashion, Geoff lost his sponem', Brett's owner left the apo~t and Todd was replaced by Idoraaa SheOhard.in his Winston rkle.'S: . ,. , ° e rsrch d allr for a winte sponi*and he finally found one. The QVCAame: Shopping Channel will bObAbldng Geoif for the year and ;he;Chemung vgteran will again rmsFbrdThunderbitde.. ' Whea Junlor. 7ohmm'retlted as a Wtnafon Cup: owner last faR, Breg jdloed the'raoka.btowner/ drivers on the circuit when he boughtoutJohnson. , Brett wlll aga{n run Fords with backing irom Lowe's Stores. Todd was unable to come up with a Winston Cup ride, but when Rod'Neal started up a Busch Grand National team, he hired this youa- qeet. of the racing Hodinea as his driver. Neal is the owner of the C EaB~e Canpany and he esent Chevrolet on the circuit.; : . ;Jimmy Spencer returns for his - semnd year driving Travis Car- ter'e $IDOklu Joe Ford on the Win- stotfCtip-Rail. Spencer also will race his own Busch car at selected events. Currently, Greg Sacks is without a ride for the 1896 season. Waterloo's Mike McLaughlin was the fastest Busch car in winter ., testing at Daytona. His Royal Oak Charcoal Chevrolet should be a factor fa the championshlp chase In thie division. - ~ Liverpool's Doug Heveron re- -cently switched teams and returns ' ~to Charlie Henderson's Food Coun- .,~ USA G F~sntsble for the 1998 : - Daytona area ahort-tracka will also run full bore, with nightly pro- grams throughout Speed Week. The ISMA supermods return to the Volusta Couary Speedway for - their fitth Speed Week series. Four showsareplanned - Thirty lap features are set for - Monday and Wednesday, with a . 40-lap finale set for Friday. A50-1apper on Saturday coneludes the i100,00Q.aeries on the gfa-mile _ Volusia payement The World of Outlaws sprint cars will also be in action at the ' nearby St. Augustine Speedway. Preliminary features are set for Thursday and Friday evenings, ' with a 50-lap A main set for Feb. 17. The New Smyrna-Speedway wlll also' present nine nlghts of modi- fied and late-model racing atarting Friday. Although tickets remain for, N .most Daytona preliminary events,o the 110,500 reserved seats for the 0 508 were sold last year. Forget m about 1997, that's also a sellout al- tj ready. W GO . (Contributing writer Dick OTH- en 8 Motor $portd lIOICCad aypeers TburedqsintheHerajd,journal.) I ,
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Frenidin, IN Journal Indlanaoalla Mai Ana Sunday SUN 17,158 JUN 9o 1999 N2508 {~/t~// iiaria®®PRESS CLIPPINGS e, t t1n1eB::a sni~ati e~ zt~r:r "~ anit r; tr. .~~ICS dd~omefhlno9>diron¢i5I'. 0 doesn't understand. I've learned _ that from being criticized and hav=' ing fuigers pointed, at me so maqv 'f `~MSC.t~? ri7rr•tlTr7.GGr.: xV 41e:!f*(4fnUli ET ,rg*deY't ~ailR~tnS . ,• That, as A d?ftf 'olltbe 11 (htp racing $ .. 4i 5~4~,r Is a menace to m• caT sotlety:= That his eet;tli "oe > ord sponsored by ame ciga~ n C~~~It~X,~~l~~ ~~ettes, hoNld carry ~warning la bel ~0S {~ading "tt h~a~ been deter ~4 ~'~"~r3~ (tiat racing ne7ct to Jimrq'v . n,r~ f t ~ ' .i' p ~~ ~-~ - an be'hazard•oUs to your health T1, ~. We liave seen evidence of the ~y ~ecklesa gdriving that makes ~ F ",;` t` ` cer ~4reck lnore " ~y izing that it you caI from• % bltfujth";up•you~ We have hee4d te~t#~~qy, u a ~s #ied lvtth~yhbr~ ~ou >rioveral drlvers an$ c8r dwnets that a=~~d of ta~iag a e word °aepti~t rstmply~ a , k~ulck Wqv of saying Spenoer di~~ bl ~ i ,~~ ~ i S'F Now tt~ Spencer s~t~vn to ~'' ~ ' , e t~ [Iem gladyo"u've br~ught this Up`' »i~ $pancer '8aid "I wanted to bring ~n drlve I' &pmyself." ~ . in the car?I'm I, Well, that is what we're here for. I'm around other, :Thls is your day in the court of pub- I doa't get,tn a~? c b inlon v that wbq IVmpt, ls itnoftrue~hat~' thg past ..` W~tflp into tha li hava B~tottm a tqtdl ~~d ' y~pat ~~10 r f "satety•iifo °$ ~ '.be t ri~y tl+rod, ~ qt ~' ner, gotanto Mfo . blun spe~ldng ven~t nf? yqu In ta d` ctone sOme~at-out stu , ;-h~ Ityvpes just"E~ d th~a e~t the race track evarti sy that ~ypl e y~o Srtt palf~Tiot y f In the past, I've crashed cars ' soF'r'y early in th,e race by doing dumb So bow 1A this T won't deny It I've crashed - past yep[s? EICc a a time because of being as If racing nexE • ~ as safe as stepp °But I've changod And I've lysori. Or Al h ed 1or~e better.. t "In the past I; Ec have you chariged? Tho hell wlth tt, ~ I'veed to a degree in real- That's not the 7 ., at~i s~ stt'$I~tAtied our ~ im coming fr6rn ~What,p e In the' . n ~ ° ' d nayself past was I neXer, dA.fb , In othOf,wOt+d3 }~l, ,1'xC?i0t nCCea- , skrA~ d saferylrJver tae~ days to apolo- you re ~uat mor t ~, ~ ~ gize for, µr n't" lotb~tlerButl'm; ~ Stt~l bess.a,~ ~oT tl~tn&SI,dtd~ ~h5 the past'I ht~ve p defend myself ; beceuse nebody~ else is going to 4~tenG me l ~~g~' tC~ NThaNe,~tho lrAh Injact, just last; week, car c m c Felix $abates said qp i in essence that you_ could run into " , ' anybody on k:he track ancf NASCAH s finish a little would not fine to satis- x k3oT$lty.out of llne. He S 1 t±~needs to.3tepback and reassess the place car dltuation. Wa~ll know the car ownxl go off on"tangents once in a ce"and ° t ~ hu ~~ ~ ~ r , ~ e j ust take v j th fi t or e I'Gid We w t a u a~~to'~~n sta~ ~' good as I this'year 1~~ ai N'orth} - g eRtra patient Wllkestwro~8ald'IfGeritlemen, and '~V time when firmT4;Spencer, start your 6 ra tq make sure engines..', r riffiets " "He came to,in@before the race ntMichael and said lie wanted to do that to Il earlier this ~'(Iiale)' Rnd ~a;nhardt ' he 4oiad do said nov 5t lem thero 1'- it toe ~ to d hiq~ to 6o ahead, He didn't +, e cor-' He a e8 •1~`td nt idto tJ ~ j i el and dum mean it p~tliat I was going to aging inc ~ ent rough e4erybody up. just like Kat~ie Ike ~n : roUa ~'~ted on :: S A r' o ~ re P ? ,7 liaef I was Giffor~`= ~& tilce person Vvfio`BT~tY'i N is misunder9tood and a vtotim of ' different from negative press Is that correct4 -' cn - a• "I've bad fmgers pointed at rpe ~ me if it sounds , ..OD you still Is pbout many, marry times when Ikaow I; N in front of Mike didn't cause the problem. t~ you; p yoµhave BHck o+ p thinky erlght u' e , q r ,• tild have said, up foi.yoyrself, That's ~I'~ ` ' s the new~bt e;understands ~,,, , doing now That " thing to do. He J Spencec ,4E(~
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Du Quoln, Il Call 6alurdsy 01,188 JUN 15/ 1996 N2266 M®®rass rcrrrlNos w]o,r~ tse:~zer ~a; ~ Spepcer'certai~y h'25 ~ A~7f>yAS,t}f th0u r tirar9,}Vas " r,' Sx,Oterpgnt'fitMs uiVr,ecessarllYrolighsoihebodl (j:rl'~1 ctslons based on wkiel h$ppens Fl~;~Wrilar .d..°~yr de t,day ~I ~he'S fleen`~ Ore 1 ~ ~^` ' ' r y' . a€ ta w~¢7~R orFa m6~ud~ weHrSn'ie'~)fgan^~or,~"p~~a~le st"~ ek~atpover a slxth y~ a tl~~ ''r ~ , , . , ' Penal'ry' based on whether it•was ` c ace, fln~shwas'Sperjoet s~best of f Just racing or it could ~h'bn ~ei yse~on~and:only~ils~rd~~3 9Mded or r5fiateiA 5' pp~t er W~'~~Q~u~~y~~pY added?!N flfinli+Fetiz~'~~dq"~ally ou oneectep tf H'brtid iflt ell yqus a ° d e eom ~tltors 1the '' uld~8§ y p : •two p y ~v'eek~" Sa1d SCeitcei=n~O icll «x.. .. ,, ...w, .aisa..._ ' and~tump le;G,competltp'rziy no _ nCsvpur, X,rr:,.ir-•'1 , , ~ , hls Nclmame yeat§ ag6 r,n -'ndt'different~Spepcer ~° nytj tlieRv ";tra ~ the No ~~be quite as extldhg.end tl " ~~ ~ • forsheetmetelastheo1d31hmn lrtSel ' (e'n" I m' oi t 'd ~ ro tr ~'~I' th I g ng o e o e }an 1 • aTl.s tacerthet Fje won9ast ,,, ,. t ~ 16~. Smoldn~Joe's Thunderbfrd'fo_r,; QBltec'Is $9lhthl' d ieklh7 .l m going,to3ltt~fe ar, w+ a np~r4q he -said. • ~o~rl~rar 1d'h8sn'llLw~ p ,,' ~C~re~siiect;despl[erWo icted as ¢o-graitd'msishala r o, Charlotfesradlo , ~ !am tl'es ktroum for`their wisa-' a{f~. ~Get~,~l, entand'Jtmmyi `S ~~~~y~~~ 4 ~'~peJc;team owne~'aFelix' fi Sa~ho3+°driver, I(Vle'Petty,z , re~en ren?afail'of WinsroniCup ; o@idals during a mce, took+a'shotl ' at' Spencer, sayinghe'couldshlt anything or.tutybodyand NASCAR, . wouldn`r gqafter him =i s '. .44h;m d~y o"u`brought rherup 17 . Spet~"said "earnastly, 'T. Wayne„ Robertabttvthe'head of aports mar-' ketlng,hecE!atsCamel; had a long ~ talkYast'year"abou some stuff that Jiijitn} Spenccr'needs'to do. ps far' bad(pas"Bristol last'., year, I feel like:' I anf, driving'as'good as`I'can? -J tbive'.P $L lt ~ 1,. - ~d ~ i ~[.iitig, am being`eura patient' and i tak my'tlme'when I'm around other cars to?make sure that II dypo~n,*pin~ta,ny;confucts: And~, lf;- -oS~fqr+'b adRk±rol.~..'l-rY~i io tiead ,; I~On,y~~'o',!1t8
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52245 8239 Spencer feels 'awfully good' after Open victory CONCORD, N.C.. May 18 - As crew chief Donnie Wingo built from Mark Martin so often says, "a win, scratch, and it was awesome," added any win, feels good cause you don't Spencer, who held off pole-sitter know when that next win is going.to Lake Speed to stae the victory. "I happen." think this is an indicetion of what is That's exactly how Jimmy Spencer ahead for us for the rest of the year - felt after capturing the Winston a lot of good things." Open. . . Spencer started 15th in the 38-car "Most of the big dogs are in the field and by lap five was tunth and other race (The Winston Select), but by 16, the driver of S Joe's there were still a lot of good cars in Fard Thunderbird was our deal and we had an awfully good On lap 26, Spencer passed Hut car," said Spencer. "'lltis win.feela Stricklin on the outside to move into awfully good." the runner-up spot. Five laps later, For Speneer, who has stcugg:ed for Spencer grabbed the lead by again the past year and a half, the win was going to the high side to get around his fust since capturing the 1994 Speed. DieHard 500 at Talladega (Ala.) Speed kept the pressure on for the Completing the top five and earn- ing a spot in The Winston Select field were Jeff BurEon and Michael Waltrip to mate it a 1-2-3-4-5 sweep for Ford, .The second five consisted of rook- ie.Johnny Benson (Pontiac), Brett Bodine (Ford), Morgan Shepherd (Ford),. Bobby Hamilton (Pontiac) and Steve Grissom (Chevrolet). Speed felt he had a better cat than Spertcer. "We got a big lead, then just started coastittg, trying not to abuse the car and save the tires. Jimmy had a real good car, but ) thought we were better than he was.' I just decided to let him get ahead and not abuse the tires (trying to hold onto the lead). But we weren't able to get back by." Superspaedway. rest of the 50-lap event, but he was Stricklin said at the end of the race By winning the Open, Spencer not unable to get around Spencer. he was just pnying that we would only qualified for NASCAR's all-star Stricklin, despite a miss in the fmish. The car was.really good at but then we picked up a miss (in 44 seconds fuat 2 OODt engine finished third race but he iched It S28 . , , , p p , , F,Ausitl. ~ (+~ ,~f 04k~li 1 ,O~jSt 9f[!hPif[~4,aa_a,aik~:0it.iiitl$l~~D_!!Olt191 +:riis g e m sh!~Wl~tst°t~;iAleclrt" .. _. . c.,_ ~.. - .. _ . . . ... : c.a ~..`r'k5~..2 a. WINSTON CUP jOURNAL/FAST FORLiM 19 Open (Continued from page 12) the engine) at the end of front straight• away. I'm just glad to be in the Big Show." Although Burton finished fourth to earn a spot in the million-dollar finale, he was- n't able to stan The Winston after breaking a rocker arm as the Open was ending. Waltrip said he was just glad to make The Winston as "the car was junk. It just didn't handle at all. We've got to make some major changes before the Big Show." "The way our luck has been going, we start out okay and then something (bad) happens. Maybe this time, it is going to be the other way around." He didn't know how right he was going to be as Waltrip came from last to first in The Winston Select for the biggest win of his career. Following the race, Andy Petree, crew chief of the Skoal Chevrolet Monte Carlo, said he was going to have to find a substi- tute driver for Robert Pressley, who broke a rib during a Friday practice accident. After the Open he noted, "I don't know how long he's (Pressley) going to be out or how long it will be before he can be effec- dve. "It'll be hard for him to be effective next Sunday in a 600-mile race," added Petree, FAITRACK Antonh, NC aI-WEEKLT MRY 23, 1996 ~ M68834 iliii~w~PReSS CLFPP7NGS
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AREA AUTO RACING NEWS Trenton, NJ WEEKLY 26,000 AUG 13, 1996 ~®® M11040 ~ PRESSCLIPPINGS ..... 10 ~ t~~ N In %Joe'i 21ii~rr : ~ ,.u: z;t~ TLunderbird' ,.,~ Sunday's ; Winston' Cup p~} N; Goodwrench Dealers - 400,1 -j ' Spencer;w01'also wmpete m` ,,, i Natlonsl Det'ro"nB~b Grand i Gaske~ ' Speoar will drive tus rolef"~ton'fe,CailoiacLe;BGNf
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8lmlan, NC Free knr Tuuan o 1i,oeY .,y ;:, _. . .. . •I . ,'y~~7,85-:. +nbcanrtuSCAqihlew.ex e sl A00 race, checks the P .:ID ..1b'[:?9'y:.I . _.... . . ~ ~ n, cer ~ Atlanta klds and Neyre last year Involved In a lot of flGbvnies. eTHE'~Itrytogdtotheirstutf- hen l oan ", " µ'' ° s FIRSTS: . °Flret start~ . WHERE I GO ON VACA- ` (JUne1 y~ON,tLUsedtogQtO . tl969at~:.YSDavtena hut,nnw I havn tn ?! work eni go down there, " ' No*e p bk t woat:o '' Plvnld ti ensyaa tospenme g~ d~~~!WY'Fy~Wefthe ::'_i sVw~^arl=. IR _wuAtrwn,un nn,r, lber'1994 {~S ..•..... .,.••~ , (Sedle ~ <!'6 . e t .aCOULDNT_DRIVEAWIN- t~lo t' tVJlk sboro r a t b STO[JCUPCAR I don't Sp~ed~ay ,tirstlvnn (July k h ' l I now)S at ever want s a l • ;1594 etpeytnvnq Inter ; ed t6do:,: - m the ', tlo slrS aedwe ng p y Kortunately, I am one of ~)ro,}"^h-.- F~Neluckyoneswhohas; . - , irFl1VORI'@D VER Dale ~* . been able to achieve my ]:hadt S~ y~ly emr ., . 9oas, ..:. ,. . WHA 4'4R+ItVE'OFFTHE yt.WHATJ'DLIKETO " .• .TREl:1(>15n~NniTnv.rrft.r>7.~t`ununcennu-rrrvce,n For'p~C- iruckp~. }''TheLordputPneonthls.`- . f ` ~ ti~ +~ elhlh Id I are way am an- P1RST5 EE~~N _. GTICK d?can'tdomuchabqutthai FZ +I do(}t~feofl~P (.J."I'm}aallv hannvwlth thn h~ '. . WI DO JQRELAX aob he's done.' . _ ,~~ ~AYTAY..6F(OMtfi}IE TRACK:I r,. ,7..:.. ~m _ Fp$%.fahiilyS~-• MYP,ERSONALMOTTO'," . 'andlhsve IS:.~°Neirer;everqult."..:..~~;ti ~
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C.J. LANDRY -._ , ..-._ _ Spencer tells EMPA Spenc r confident of; success in ',96.-' e  LANDRY, from Page 6f -Indy.Racing ~League, when ~asked different this'year? It lookslike~ it confab he s confident in a straight line, You do have to what will happen to thts year's3ndy will bc." , of Cup success in '96 drive them. Especially whedthey 500 now that CART has scheduled As far as who will enter this . . getout.ofthegrooveandtheystart,_tts.•ownrace,the.USA500'atycar'st race,-Walters said: ' moving around a little btt, you have- Michigan International,Specdway,. ]nvitations for the 500 will go out' he first weekend of the New to react. It'slike.driving on ice. Youu on the same day, said: "Everybody like they normally do, early to mid-Year finds many East Coast . media people whose main beat point it in the other direction and' thinks; 'How s thelndianapolis 500 February and the (entry) deadlinehopethatitcomesback:' goinglohappenwithoutpastcham-will be, as always, right around unn pnted Gwynn s dragsteri~"`.pfons like. Flttapaldi,•:Unser; April l:'. -; T is auto racing galhering in D oi King of Prussia for the Eastern in the ri hl direetion enou h limesMichael Andretti and Rahal7How Motbrsports Press Association con- lest eargto win a c9reer-best three ~~ can we run it without these guys?'  C.J, f.endry of Sunqury wntes on vention. Even with a threat of a major , NHRA national events. : Well, I don't know, we didit.with- motor sports for The Daily Item. His snowstorm looming on the horizon; - . out Little AI in"95, we did it with- cotumn appears every other week t wm ec ' ~ f - this year's EMPA convention found members of auto racing's fourth estate comparing notes from '95 and gather- ing information and insight into the upcoming'96 season. Some of the fast laps from the 1996 EMPA convention: ' Berwick's Jimmy Spencer said that he and the Travis Carter-owned Smokin' Joe's Ford race team are 0o m ahead to the 1996 NASCAR Winston Cup with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. After a rough start in . 1995, whichsaw the team struggling ;;ajpst.to keep its.head above-water, the "~ Slnbkin°Joc's'crewmetwith T; Wayne Robcrtsnn of RJ. Reynolds Sports , . Marketing Enterprises who told them ' to: "Do the best wecan. And if we do ' the best we can, we will win." -, With that attitude, the addition of Donnie Wingo n,s crew chief and a new . motor program Spencerpaid; "We're . very, very optimistic about 1996, We are going to win the championship. I don't know whaf year that's going to happen. I hope it's'1996. I can't guar- antee anything except that I will give 100 percent all the time." Dr. Joe Mattioli, who early last sea- son felt that Pocono International Raceway'would host an Indy Racing League race during 1996, cited a con- flict in available dates as the reason for no IRL race at Pocono this year. Mattioli said that with the June and July NASCAR Winston Cup races, plus other events already booked at the track, the only date open was in August and that did hot fit IRL r founder Tony George's schedule- . Mattioli also noted that the NASCAR sportsman cars have been dropped from the P1R sc,hedu)eip (y(. r,, .--"We sfnuelhen.liave:inereased= the two- . ARCA races from 150 miles to 400k on both (June and July) Saturdays." Everyone knows that racing go-karts during Iheir formative years has . helped many circle track drivers learn their trade. But go-karts and drag rac- ing7 Mount Joy's Mike Dunn, one of lhe National Hot Rod Association's best top fuel dragster chauffeurs said, "My father told me, 'Before you drive my car, you need to go race go-karts to get the experience.' I couldn't see how racing a go-kart.would give me experi- ence for driving a top fuel funny car and a top fuel dragster, but he was right." . It taught Dunn how to react "when itwas out there'wanting to skate around." ' . What he learned at ]7,Dunn uses today when he takes Darrell Gwynn's dragster through the quarter mile in 4 to 5 seconds at over 300 mph: "A lot of people think that the dragster goes  See LANDRY, Page B4 .. 94. 1s rt gomg to be tlunng Bob Walters of Tony. Gelprge's out Michael m /1 n Sunbury, PA Item fussdq 026,494 JAN 10, 1996 N4954 11MIMPRf. S.S CIJPPI9GS /
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PhYadelphle, PA NEwg Phlladelhhl. Nat ks. Thuntlq 0f0u,036 JAN 11, 1996 ~~~ N477B ili~iiW rA[SS CLIIItaGa Spencer not one for stock answers by.Bill Fkischnan Daily eau S a Writer Jimmy~peeeer, known as "Mr. Rzcitement w5en he was build- tog a winner's reputation on Pemsylvanie's short trecks, says he has learned a few lessona rw ing in stock car's big-time circuit. "I think 1'll still be exciting," Spencer said at last weekend's Eastern Motorsports Press Associ- ation meenng. "But I've realised that being excilylg for 500 miles is more important than being ex- citing for 10 miles. "I try to give 100 percent all the time. Sometimes I give a little too. much, and get into trouble." A few minutes later, Spencer stuffed his accelerator in his mouth with Ford's engineers. Asked how his '96 Smokln' Joe's Thunderbird was perTorming in tests, Spencer replied loud enough for the engineers to hear in Detroit, "It's absolutely no bet- ter than it was lin 951. NASCAR gave them a quarter inch lin roof- height reductlonl and a new nose ,mc ng pearl. an it, and a whole bunch of pa~ ar MBRANDINI GOOD GUY Phfllies second Dasema¢ Mkk ey Morandini will receive the Good Guy Award at the 92nd an-; nual Philadelphia Sports Writers Association dinner on Feb. 5. . The Good Guy Award is given to ' ~ ~ a PhihMelphfa pro athlete for "outstanding cooperation" with , - the media. last season, Morandini batted ]83 and played in the All- Star Game. . Other award recipients at next. ~imm S ncer: racer month's dinner, at the Adam's Y Pe . Mark Hotel on City Avenue, will be Flyers captain Eric f.lndros, Hall of pemer Rich A.hburn, leg- endary Temple basketball coach. Harry LLtwack and golfer Betsy ~Dinner tickets are available from Rob Kenney (609-78GOW3). PAULEY,THE PEARL Too bad we missed this scene from the Mummers Parade: Dave Pauley, the man of many talents at Philadelphia Pharmacy, was a i ~ d f th fi of distinguished sportsmanship. Rawls, 67, is the eighth woman to win the award. During her playing career, Rawls won 55 tournaments. She is a four-time winner of the U.S. Women's Open. "I look at the LPGA now, play- ing for fIl million, and I feel like I've had a hand in that," Rawls said. "I'd like for people to re- member some of those contribu- tions I've made to the game." CARROLL GRAD HONORED e or e things, and it's no better than it y m rst Robert Morris Colle e so ho- w~ time with Bryson's New Year's g p Brigade. Led by captain Joe Bry- more Brian Dunn, a defensive but th Y'll cor rect it, shopefWly~end .~~ c~b~f on hed third in the ~ from named to thepAll-ECAC we'll be a whole lot better 1n ._ The theme for-Brysonswa"3mroouegiate_FootbaB-Confer- "i~...__- _, - a__,__ ence team Spencer didn't want to leave an impression with the audience at the King of Prussia Holiday Inh that he Is pessimistic about the new Winston Cup season. "We're very optimistic," the Berwick, Pa, native said, "but now we've become realists." A year ago, also driving for Travis Carter, Spencer failed to qualify for the seasanopeniug Daytona 500. That crushing disap- pointment set the tone for a diaep pointing year. Spencer bad only four top 10 fintshes (his best fih- ish was sixth in the season finale at Atlanta). This year, with problems on the team sorted out, he expects to be a top 30 contender at every race. Spencer still laughs when he recalls his first contact with Win- ston Cup racing. "The phone rang, and I bear, 'This is Buddy Baker; how'd you like to race my Winston Cup carY I said, 'Oh, really,' and hung the phone up." Ten minutes later, the phone .I rang again, and Baker repeated : his invitation, "I said, 'Yes, sir, Mr. Baker, Ill be right over; " Spencer sald Spencer drove his first Winston Cup race in 1989 at Dover Downs International Speedway. He didn't win a Cup race until 1994, when he visited victory lane twice. P a Is. Anyone who has videotape of Pauley and the Dancing Pearls should contact the Daily News. Previously, Pauley marched with the Schuylkill Struttera The Strutters merged with Bryson's. At Pharmacy, Pauley assists men's basketball coach Bob Morv gan, teaches physical education, serves as sports information di- rector and helps prepare the lunches for the Philadelphia Small College Basketball Associa- tion get-mgethera RAWLS GETS JONES AWARD Batay Rawls, executive director of the McDonald's LPGA Champi- onship at Du Pont C6uEtry Club, will receive the Bob Jones Award at the U.S. Golf Aasociation's an- nual meeting Jan. 27 in Orlando. The award is presented annu- alty by the USGA In recognition Dunn's eight career interceP tions ere a record for the school, in Coraopolis. Pa., aear Pitts- burgh. Playing a Division I-AA - nonschoiarship schedule, Robert Morris is 1351 in two seasons under former New York Jets coach Joe Wdton. ' CORRECTION Mark Morgan was the previous director of Tempie University's Owl Club, not Sam Rkter, as re- ported in last Thursday's Sports People column. Kiefer left Tem- ple in 1991 to work at Boston College. Incomplete information was suppUed to the DaBy News.  Sports People appears Thurs- days in the Daily News. ~ /a
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rofk PA Reeord York M ot Area Wetlneetley D 42,428 SEP 169 1996 Drivers Jim r foreground, and Waly Dal n y at one an- other as traclc otfiaals keep them : separated atter they collided on the front stretch Sunday at Dover Downs. Fiineshanded out ` - NASCAR drivers Jimmy Spencer, Michael Waltrip and Kyle Petty . were fined a total of $17,000 Tues- day after nearly coming to blows in the MBNA 500 at Dover, Del. "Under NASCAR rules, they are being fined for actions detrimental to auto racing," said Kevin Triplett, a spokesman for the sanctioning body. Spencer was fined $10,000 for trying to get at Wally Dallenbach after they were involved in a multi- car acc'dent with 44 laps remaining Sunday at Dover Downs Intema- tional Speedway. Petty was fined $5,000 and Wal- trip $2,000 for threatening each other moments after tangling on the final lap of the race won by Jeff 'Gordon. / i JI I
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BloomeburB, PA Prese•Eelerpriee Nonaer o 21,78s JUN 24, 1986 N4652 /~{~/ ifi~7/®® PRRSS CLI PPfNGS r Y s ;, '. pj~n ~r,v ~ ` t° (i dr{ers,R 0 in the qext a+ at e; , ~ s i or`k ~~h*~ career te~ord' f fr E~t~'p~ ~'a 3~11use,t~~b 1e•yin the kqp l0,thre~ strai ght tunes; ro ¢ ~u, umpt~i h •,n p{t~!10 fidishes,'~,~hlcb~he~`gcCb`t11:~'" y~ r ~~K x5 ; plished in;199t, He also [mished- 00 Sp~pcer, e«rned ~;43;775 a~id~ ~ai~hls~sia 'ua s~'e2 n,.crn~ug, 't " 423°925~;; - ~ 1` ~ =
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llatleton, PA 3hndud•ipetlmr aneue ra, Nu Sunday 8UN 14.000 JUN 16- 1996 N4714 MMLeSS CLMPINGS f 4l .. . ~ . _~ ~ _ .. lt ' L Excitement . no~ 1kIr.=Forgotten; ;~ ~~, . - :y. I ~ s~ 1 7~ i if 1 Jimmy Spencer's best finish in'96 a sixth at Dover' r- was totally ouL of line because if you ask all , Wilkesboro two Charlotte radi , ,o pe By MIKE HARRIS ~ eonalitiea known for thT ` wisecracks acted the competitors, they would say that you see, AP W~w yhae_ asco-grand'marehaleaeaid,"Gentlemen adifierentJimmySpence,r." . „ ' rtaml not been ~d Jimmy Spencer e"t'~ your engines : .:1'hat different Spencer may not be quite Jimmy Spencer ce ,;. Lest week team-0wcler Falia as ez©tin and hell bent for sheet metal as d• "Mr. Ezatement" thia eeaeon• Actually he a whose driver, I(yle Pe~ty recent g y ran.afoul the old Jimmy. been more Lke "Mr• Forgotten " 11 of Winston Cup olGciald ~durm'g"a race, took a, 'Tm going todo the best I ce," he ` eaid. Laetweek at Dover, a sixth-place finish shot at Spencer, eayiriglie could hit any- , "rm going to drive as hard as I can and give wae the Berwic$ native's beet of the season thing or anybody and NASCAR wouldn't go .~ 100 percent. That's all I can givo the team,. ~ and only his second top 10 in 1996. But it's ~er him. and I expect the same out of niy team• . aU part of Spenoe'e master plan. ~ "PII atick up for Lhem na matter what. If y "We've had a last couple of weeke," "Pm glad you brougbt that up," Spencer the do wron that's g good y g, part of racin and we eeid Spencer, a rough-and=tumble competi- said earnestly. °f• Wa e RoberFeon, the won't let it happen egain• But that's how you tor who earned his makname yeare ago on head of sports marka '' here at Camel had buil d a good race team, apd we are buitdulg ~ the short tracks of th Nort~teeet, including a long talk leat year a t eome stutf that a at race team right e,,. , now We reint}}Q Evergieen Rscewqy in3t JoGu'a. "All the. Jimmy Spencer needs , ilo. gi'e Ae far tieck aa process of buildln a s o and evke, hard woi•k d off in`~The Winston ' Briatol laetyear, I feel I am driving as n g~° h p rY,, n finall,y pai yhi g is going in the nght chrection. Select Open (ari all-etar raee that he won g~ ~ I can drive. ,. "It's takingue a httle mare time thait we , last month). . "I am being e:tra patip t and taking my would like, but I'm going to keep doing my n "It was a pretty neat deal because the time when I'm around other cars to make job," Spencer added. "Instead of taljing a., ~ guys had been working really hard the last ~~at I don't get in any contlicfs• And, if . l Oth-place carand trying to win the race, rll a two years for me, and it finally came to a you look back, NASCAR makea decisione take 10th place.... Those are the thinge I , ~ based on what happens that da . -...r ! head at Charlotte. ... It w a non-pointa 1• y didn't do in the past. . I ~ race, but it was etill a win "If NASCAB thought I was un- "Jimmy is doing that right now, Spencer, who drives the ' Joe's necessarily rough on eo ebody, or mqybe think Jimmy is going to keep on doing at, ~ Thunderbird for'1ti•avie C r, le 9th in the Ernie Irvan or Dale ardt was, they because if I keep doing that and my guys i Winston Cup points and hasn't been getting will assese a penalty on whether it -", - keep working extra hard like they hav%'~'t ' much respect, despite two series victories. wae juat racing or it could have been avoided- been, we can start having the coneiatedcy'w$. Recently, before a race at North or whatever," Spencer abded. "I think Fel'uc need to become a championship team." A` ~: ;/
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NATIONAL SPEED SPORT NEWS Rldpewood, NJ WEEKLY 79,847 Mi5P102 PRBSSCLIPPfNUS 1311®® M ~ N~ ~ m I ~UP Cr ~.oddw ~"bad h~. af N C° Daf(Y Motot~ Pfio~j~~ ~ F~ hed eudWg:(mPm
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• . . _ . }-Yr- S"Amcer a. cha i ~,w patierice ,notw ~ en1.t 7' '~-7y' it The Berwick native inaista -~ e ite has bOCeIlle.a more con-. trolled drivei, and the change :`~ ; is ap~t, M By,Terry Bicthart am' be1nB extra;Patiedt and ~I O~ NG POND=Jimmy Spencer ie ; 1 S bY` ttme wbencI'm ~around othar cars to mete sure that I don't tal1dnq aboutpafieucethesedsye.<•:. 1ig•gn,voonlllcte,",saldSpencer., Rhich is"likewMarge ,SchoU,; , . ..changedtea°d~reeofrealia- preachiug tolerance.:, Ot Albert; ;, ~hat u you cen',t:~nish a,Rttle Belle pracUcing compeaslon r,up, then yoh noed to be con- Patience has had,e;low priority: ' tplth where you'ate runntqg'';' in the Berwick native's driving; . ~"That's anot mq etyle,'but you , career, which started in the bull-, - hav~;to°do It boceuso of TKBnd rings of the Northeast and pro- Jxneqypapere and'radiotand;every- gressed to the;,NASCAR:Winaton.' il,thlugthatyoudofa'lroureponeorto Cup series with a take no-prisoners i ~ke8p;them in the limelight. If you approacb that' has left'•plenty of ~ctaqh,thq car eatly!ln the"race by ftayed nerves and,crumpled sheet ,g dolbg a Qumb thlog then; what' 11 e pene +youlre got is a wrected rac@ ear:end " I've fa ~h metal in ifs wate. , t p "-, ea b,upch af (creitl.:gulb`med,,aY.You But, according to the man him ,,self,-'thie <1scak different Jimmy.' national Raceway: "I won't deny;it r~becpuse Uu8y've gotto flx it}and it Spencer, a new and Improved ver- - Iwe craahed 7oany a time because of ' rubs off tO the,aext. rece " sion who has learned from his mis being dumb .'- ' ~.. 11vo weets ~go af,We~iiller 600 takes. But I've changedvAnd I've ~ atDover,~eL whete8pencerhade "In the past,'Cve •erashed, cars changed for thee bettter" car that,waa alwust gopd'enough to early in the race by dotng'dumb The changes m pe sho.wing 1 wln, was'la perFeck exaaiple:" s things,"SpencersaidFridqyduring„aP,in:the overaB::resalfs'because The"•b d Ji~my Sponcer would preparations for Sunday'a UAW-0M, Spencer is'o,n1y~lAth iA R7qstpn Cup ~ have flgured ai,nw~ ~ v~as, good Teamwor,~ 500 (1'p,m ;' TRTNN,' pointa'a(t~ 92 bfUPe sl hacea with Radio-WlbV/1240) at Pocono Inter luattwo`to'p•i(lftnlsbes t Spencer V , Cont{nued frotn,Pppe Dl ;,., ? s p01!lted Ht m6 ~' t hurt Wae that I~~ irenough.to make~,Ure,push and, as ha pened so often ,'•before, probablytpaid:the ultimate prPce=likelysbar- lagthebillwithsome'Innocentbystandera~~; Instead, he tookwhat he had and flnished a seaeon best sixth. letes," said Certer,!They have to be Plu'sically etrong" °I'mgofngtoheepdoingmyiob,r'hesaidd'"andthat's Tbeq havejto'-have'tremando!la determination and ' drive as hard as I can with the patience that'I need and dealre ~and~A>Iiller tnstlnct and an, enormous get the tSnlehes.that the cara can gek ~ ; „ wlllpower aF mental~eontrol -"'Insteadoftakingal0th•platecarandbyingto~' "in7lmmy%8 ;~Ieawthose~~d ients Yeah the race; take-10th place: At Dover, we'wetib a alxtb-' he neededa' e ilehing. He~vas like a ball of fire, place car. We tnew Wat,' and we toot that'}"`` `r but thepuq?As rea~q;telented; arid' he's proving ;Uwt "ThoseareUiethingsUhatinthepastldldn'tdo.But' moreandtWre" -I thinkJtmmy ia doingthat rightnow ehd 11tht8tJtma!y IsgoingtokeepdoingUiat,becauaeifIteepdoingthet' SPeneardroveforBobbyAllleonin'e3andforJunior l.and my'8!Wa•keep working extra hard like'they have :;Johncon In?91, when Le got:his only two;Winston Cup ; been, we can start having the consistency we need to'^ wine; beforoaeturning to CerteCa team !n 95 - and become a championship team. Carter hae ~no~,~ced.the.tlifference.. , :, This isn't the same Jimmy Speucer who; after trying', " ~ 8,ha hed to learn was to control his emo- ; to go three wide into the iSrst turn of the1g96 Winston r Uoes " sald Cerler S!He aa;vory emotional g!ry. And be • Select at Charlotte, N.C., and bemg calied "Uut Idtot" c had to leard to be.paUent He s made a lot of progreea % by Ken Schrader, one of the victima grianed and seld' In.tl~at regard: You can eee it in his drlving TP you pay ;"RKess with the bull, you get the hom '' '' attention.to Jimay SPencer, you will see some patience wlth him t~etYOU didnR see before.": : •I've had fingers pointed at me many times," admit- Still, reP4teUons;can be harder to change than bad :lrencer. "What hurt was that I never defended ~~~~e Firet Un1on 400 at No rth Wilkesboro, "4.leamed from being criticized and having fingers N.C,;in April everyone chuckled when a radio f).1 gave polnted at me so many times that if I did'eomething ' Uie' commaa"(k+nUemen; and Jimmy Spencer, start :'vVtobg, get it straightened out right there sq,that they ' yoirc'enginep."' understand where itb coming from. I here id defend 'EYeryone'4ncluding Spencer, 89; ..who also has N : myseelf in order to keep mrvself in a aituatlon,where I' learnbd bow,Vlaughat himeelf a littie.,> r r. .. ~ don'tgetthoae fingerapointed at meat~'more and peo- -'"9e (theD7)cametome before the race and said 6e ple understand that I am doing what's right"r ' r ~• wanfad to do,Uutito (Dale) Eerobardt,'and Eernhardt ~ That s a new maturity in his eighth Winstbn Cup sea- '. eeidho way,v:eaM;Spenaer: "He.aeted lfhe could do it ~ ;'son and his second tour of duty with car owner 1y'avla to me, and; told hiiu to to:ahead. He meant it to have ~ ; Carter,whosawallortherightstuft'inSpencSrwhenhe" Nn~rrqBqeodQiydn'tmeanRto'impwtEatIyeaegoingtorough', firet hired him in'9L ev up;" ' ; '"ltieroarebeveralthingstomethatmakegoodath ' NotthlanelrJimmy(3pencer,anywa,v "~ K...I..~ '. J JUN 15, 1996 ! .a:....k Y.,.' r ~ 11 tr~(jey are aPpah,~11~"" N61310 >f bottom tine8:,rejitir Cgate'for al~Joe'arFord andC l.atnta • ALIWAUNI®®PR85SCLIPNNGS ~ 8herdrtpers` : o~d~~. Reedinp, PA EaplelTanee Rudiea M d Aru aaluraar eAi 70,001
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FASTRACK 9nlonle, NC jlRIIfEptotl get together. ,
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E J F S I 3 8 ; A ~Q.~.._..~... ,. r.c¢_ :a3 ei~ d g o m I A°a:~l »$~' o ps~aqg; a~Sppa.~ sg: ~~~, aq w, ~~; `53a S1 ~ w ,y; mga lg$~o~8~~ ,F$ Pma ~x3Ek4ae&$$C"iI~C~~ 0 , Ellm9 T ~11'F.ci ~ 'P9.~t.ip5•~ Na:o7 >m s6~F Es s JjHj. 1n` ~~~ 4 SGyp= ~ag4.m ;i5^aiT5 I~$ Y.. ~ ~iS t~ 4# XB$ R'p ~u, 5 5fCy R G5p, G : ~ o.'~~;~!5 ~'J3gS a; ~.,p~A. ~ dIR GY.~O mS ~ ,~ SSpp ifP%6 m ~~ ~ YYYY~ ~ ~ 3 .£s. ~g. m $~~m v ~ ~ ~@~ ~~E~ ! . m E S 3 N
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Olean, NY Timee Hefald rAundsy 021,010 JUN 20+ 1996 N4088 IN®® PRESS CLIPPINGS 'I J I] U Hyoung-fari away B GERALD MARTIN teame, and he dii y +r~s•i tenngto•theyoi o scnvos Howard n~ews sorvbe; you l~brild ca r ' down'thefifiI r, -Lea e h m pe" ~rve h „ he d hold uh T"t,riothc~h~an~;toy~~~kg ffi break E~ th s his chops , „~'$aol K ,,?S~ul~o~a nt~e~very Uhhm'hSh~'Crt one lovea.to'iate a blam~g when~ ~~ he's anywhere nearian on-tr"{ck" fic,~_ as~Pt red t dent• ~~ ~~ Alohg the way, JitiSifiy Spen r , „" ~ hac picked op just a evegd ¢~ `~ ~° S FAR A ~'e foos race driv r tmm P a@yl gni to' ~~ Pho~ ~~ M,Pocono from' Tall.a Nopth cofipany,ppd I Wi~e~boso aufd' pabl : d ~ 1 ~ them d Th~ en ~~: ~;~ferdnti t 1 d b e) more artt8m or c E erei an a 9 it m a side-by-'side•duel or ifi scraps i+9R~ S.'aRerthecheckeredQagfalL smo y 1 ii[j,T,J3at,~6enQ J ' Petl~s'y1van~a~•~s 1 and gg l ou tbAt a~a1lXl~e mn~toshowcs l ;'hes not 1~Q }~amn`~i~own heli , bent dnwe o grves no quar~f' d 'He9(aai+eh~y excuse"m'e once m ~' eam lfie ~ds. iYhf wh~le andlie'reallydidntgetalltha~' 3~rG+~t ruftled when, before a recent event'a 4 Reynol ~ t ve neve lieen sk v the nd d fri t , ga e e dy an radio pereona d J h " ~ t l p rmmy ., Gentlemen, an command, ~~s ° ~ eup ~o me, "Y s to dnve.different~mare Sperlcer,startyour engm@g: ~ aA h tle' lud He's"~riot a wilting, Qower, .of o~h lf, padentl~n~ xw@ viere lfinu;hrpg,. course, and he still a kahrs mmd ~¢nu~c p mel ~;r lg~~ r, 2ttd,,~ifth,,whateve,r,;s ha e ck°%~CA ~a- t,andHOrtwasiecently~gl~hepl~k~ na* c~ ou[ein~ ,{ pY~ on a lud who had call ncer h s S To F~~a ~~'• (>t d ve th ng on~~ a ' nm' or ~ ~ $ sta hero 'i`'' i~ I.3 ' N t_Ias~en, p wgll ye <r'r d n c~ IGN, But let's not take him to task for , smolnng+ , ~ng a d, ~ J QKe was b di on about that one beeause Jimbo did the nght Your pXOduFt A id, ~ s ~~thet a' the wa I wae~dnn ~s~ thmg ' '.; not the o6ject s~Yrogram,~- ou do Y, ~, an~ ~°~~! 5 not need to ba king: You ~eed to t t hi aud m na, n drive9' for ~"ait unt<1 you at leest 1 earsold ` team owner ; hanq Certer, whose ~ y m~ t~ huf t Y;,Camel aga ~ g°~ < yh K to 7Wice a.µ7qner, on e,.i Cup tour, Spencer now 'cFprds are.sponsoret~ D ; , s~ nsor of one of Junior rettea, which ara~p a ured by ahe dDftt fdduthi R J Re olda r~o~~~ Ina1s ~s ~~~ an i yn ibba CA„ ~i ~ + t tXrd' sugar{Aad tir C',N~ ,,~~, a; e"WmstonCupfE~~~1~F"A~~Y ~'t~ lcom i ~,,,, a k A couple of yeara ego S ncer wa~ « ~ s rts): Our w¢ p~igr 4 hawking Big Maca for. cDonald's, - p° getedtqwardedul't mo ers Johnson e` . o son) told me to ove i 8 ' r 21 , Q thats what I di and it has worked; hat w~ out well ~' + rked~out ll Bu~sdop,d¢~~tta~~ n ~rm ok too far J~t~pif Yo~rre; pn an ~~,r e `rod tum d brt s v e'f- and rd'aybe h$71 # ~~Mac f ~ ta ~n tm wntes (oc, the>R e ~ , „ s&06s~ruer) , 't It~ ~F ; pencer~steers_ ~ 1401 e~ ~~ h91e'ofajobca- - Still, they love to hate hini, or at ge set`Pe~4 him. least blame)~im when h8 ainahe vi- m =stAaming , cmrtyofan`ae`cident•CaspwnerFelix ~1d=most oRen Sabates reeently took 8pencer to ,~grin dpd hckailt¢sk andmpastseagon`ahehaabe~n• $ , !cif s ,rrblhmed--toftehnghtfuhyt~fo7caus- tn~ a~derits Ddt iidgln`~, a an hed ~! $ptnceP sald'becatfse I 100A gh hga ew es '~'ahll as"aggressrve pt t}i,'e'~"c~4me, het ter e'qmpment and Lighlcr rein`+on ng -fo Mc-' hrs temper have made a differencf in d'in a ecent'r result~s ," , eyrre eat 1'' r, He n w_has cracke{1 the top 20 in : `t13e w ld of „ pom"ii2he Wnistofi Select Open Ji w e dit " at C s n~n"lh~e']d8}~,fithwo szaces tiy~t ~to, s h ~t Po- sg n 7" oud . me~bW9 to f~c he+r c~1 s~ ow ~'iiod dyerythieg , ,gwaa ~' Ni ty~t$rkydtdnvtng for~-nt'" th$th 1~~ ~c~ °of ,the cars rj g~ ncer ; Carter.ha t. i) ~bbtSghf'~i~`JRhhsdn. t.:, R.J..rBu fthe`-~r~,hed~'ptoblems,early ' and ' on }nd Spencer'told'RoDErtson; "1'his h junk Robertson , t we stuff is a`;bnnc of 1~'tlstups or - told him to pt'oye it '' ef~ort ,y c°4m~~rrC ~q a ~ ~ . +, ~Hd r ~ , a ,_~RJR 'spQrts dr+ n~lo,-ma~kebng s'law(~rsie~tobertson, - d fromYtYp,new engind cs1 luddmg prp; ; w" ame u~am an8 ~cr~~ thAt'nSw beheWes p~d 19 him arose re-itI ~,
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~'tpe _-~ ... ~. ~rl spend time wlth myAamily.- ~. fLAST My wite Pat and I have~ okids;§pdtheyre; ..z E : .. `Y4thk RAC _ lnt~nlactlvltle6.' yuu: ' - N.a...4A/ YW n lestyear .vfienlcan:Il'1~ .D '. ~T{E _~.'.WNEREIf300NVACA- iFIRSTS. TION lusedtogoto'Day- etowork h v wl but e a ~ µ ry ,y ~Flrst,start" lon "Nax.wegobacktoPen- 9 1' fl 94 , sylvanlaio spehd time with . , D . cVer sd ouriamipesovertheholi-' a S pe l etlon Bm, i sI mber tl~ rt l ~ S ~~ y~ e ep le oh}III&sboro : WF1A71 WOULD DO IF I ''lln.nrnuNF e WIN- ..rt. -._ . , ton I ter- ' STON CUFCAR: "I don't ~~IDa y , twnel Speed7re3In the all I ever.~ ', do : antedto +~ ' . qpp): ~ . . w r I am one of Forlunalely ~4. , NEF1 DI 1eB „". tS:.w'wncd'whehas ' I tieelt able to achieve my . F.THE ~ ~ ~~goale:~:;s~:__. . . _ ~~.WHAT~KD,LIKETO F.f~BOUT MYSELF; ~ eonthis t o '? m rdpu he!L - d I D, .. ff. y"d I1 , , earlh th9 way I am an r141W 'domudhaboutlha4 ~ can't y ~„AY1 b0~, " fiELAX ". :9'niteglly happy with the ~ ,WA~VFROM-7HETRACK:;.,iebhe'sdone.' _ '.
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p,iv,.Nha :J1GE::39i e ~ . SFOUSE Pa~ )qiLLDREPIi, Atlanta, GA Journal CanstIlutlon ANnntn MtlAm AuntlfY SUN 718,888 1 I FE8 19, 1996 ~`LIItE TO 4pgMplJJ MY5E,rt. outmeonthis ~' '~'ryiardlwn'tdo,,,.j a YA,`ti:tt~ th9}°b1 W i J qA~ N m PVRSONAUMOTTO,IS.) +qun:, i fi ~ (f';,~.~i!A ~ror. '_ •'
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Wlliinpboro, NJ Burlington County Tfines Phlledeiphie Met prno Monday 081,045 SEP 389 1998 ~/{~/ N3878 :{j/~®®PRSSS CLIPPINOS
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Easi BnlnoNiok, NJ Home Newe & Tribune Mlddbtns MU Ar.o 6untlay SUN 99,000 FEB iB, 1996 N3828 ®®©PRRSSCLfPPfRGS ~IR}: Mq1meonwslYi{.w towPnGoW$ .lyy yi;~' ~t9sata lost the lead in a late-raee oit stou. but reaainewf itunth il'raft- mg.18ry3 and then ysed a perfect bloekin'g maoeuver on't)ae final lap to win the ' Gotdq's, 3(pYesterday. ' Grissonf [1sei1 the draft from the lapped 'car of Jimmy 5 to'get by _bale i Jarrettwitb five'laps left. - . Ln w ~ ~ co ~
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Peru, IN Tdhune TAundal JUN 13F 1996 t -r. ;+ ---- _ - itement' I3yM1SFiHA$,IiB' , • ~ l~~Ot01'a(~'~aWritB[ t " Jimmy ncer certainly has not been~r~~citement" this seaeon'Actually he's been more Bke'Mr. Forgotten.' i; Laet week aCDover; a szath- plaoe Smsh was ~peaCel+~ ~e4;ct the season and ~b,d ~ _ ib. ~ Rss: ~' ' ~er e n~. +t+ r ~'~Febe;had §g~o$d]se~t a N „ r•' mnwer:wyti .. r'..• ke, said Spencer, ~ mugl , and-tumble # competitor •!who eacaed his'bickusme yeais agb um the short trar]cs of the Northeast. 'AII the lisrd wcaqk"5ual~y paid `off in The Wmstoa Select Open (an 8Il atar race t _ '"If~~uapt~la u hn~t eal becsuee tLeTguye hadheea w"y ,„~n,q".,a ing - hat~ tbe °°°two yeaTs ~ C ~.c ~ ~ fixi me aqd;it 5ml~p came to a head at tWokl J~~mm~y . It was a nam ta iace but it`_w~a st~71 a win',tw"Tm going rt ho ' Spencer, "w drives ._the Smokin' Joe's - going to drive Thunderbird for'ltavis Carter, is 19thia the° cent. That's : Winstu® Cup padnts.and hssn't been getting much the same put , respect, despite two series victories.; ' ;•Pll stick.ltp ~ Recently be6oxe a race at North V M two wr 'oirtg; that' s ' ' . , t r i *as '46.pen again:~ Qhadotte 5adlo p~amalitme knowfi f ~ or their wiee cracka acted as co-grand marshale'an e.aid; ts®m and v~e : ` ' ' GetlemdJi Sc~;~t u~im~W nen an*mmypenre ~orwee i ,.. .:" en®nee urur~y Spencer;learni th.~.~r~ ~x~., e ;vtr, tr~eof .pataence ~.....: ~. ~1-- ,. °I am bemg eatra patient and tek i the 'm`y time:;when I'm around other cars to make sure thata I don't:get in'any'conflicte: And, if you look back, ~NASCAR makes decisions based aa w~hat happens that.daj. - r i~- ° ` " - ~ unneceasanl rough'on 'I Earnhardt,w ,will sese `,: a~e~nalty' baFed:~oq x wasiuet iacmg or it been avoided or what- #'aver,° Spencer added. °I think Felix was tofally out of line because, if you ask all the com- 4petitors, theyrwould say that you 'see` a dfferent Jimmy S • pPnce`r° , '~ i Th~iiiffsaran~' Rnanrnr may not bequite as ezciting *and he7fbbnt!or'§heet metal as : k4Y0 i n : '~" AyX~'.N.:__2 f ~ . do ttie best I can," he said. "Pm 9 hard as I can and give 100 per- I can give the team,'and, I.eapect my team> ... . ;them no matter what.:If they,do ofraang and we won'tle£it hap+ that'e:~tp~ymi,build a,good. Tace e bm'lding a great race teani right ~prceees of bpilding_a new shop g , . IaaZ week ~esm owner Fetia$q)~qt~; wh6ee dn „'wIt'e a little moie time than we'.ivpuld ver, Il;qle Petty, zecently ran afoul of Wmatod'G1~p,_xh'ke, but Pm gpang to keep doing my.job,°;6pehat offiaials during a race, took a shot at Speiicea; eay added. `I'nstead of talung a 10th-place car a ing he could hit anyFL'uig or anybody and NA5CAR `ing to win the'raqe, I7I take 10th place ~P~ `. the ~glaod yafter oa•b ught that up,? Spenceu said ~~ J~mmm~y` aiss ox ng th t n'ght now, and'I tbinli eameeT. Wayne Robmtaon, the head al'epafie `Jimmy;is ' tcy keep am doing that, b€caQde'if I `~,m~iebng here at Camel, had a long talk last year : keep-davng and m~ gu'ye keep` workmg.e6 eba>c aome eEuff that Jimmy Spencer needs to do. ' hard like they been, far wa csn start ba~! ~e Ae bacli ea Brietol laet year, I feel like I am'dn `cons~atencyw@ need to become a champyoJpyl~' ving aa good as I can drfve. nirig m the ri ht direchon . ~~fNASGAR tT~t ,~f .,
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laurin6urg, NC Exchange Friday 07,600 FEB 16, 1996 N9649 1X®®®rRESS ccrrrlNOs
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Nnv 96m, NC 9un•humel Bnumn oled00 FE8 17, 1989 N364a ®®®r.re currixaf 'CYkrt~,W7N,~weet`' 8o~qheckethe' w ~ i
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Concord, NC Tdhune cheriene MBt A18. ThundsY 018,122 JUN 20. 1996 N3572 I 1011NIPRBSSCLrPPINGS ~ Earnhardt Jr. makes BGN debut Saturday By PHILIP FURR point, it's hard to retain what lead lap at Michigan, but has f3n- Sports Writer '4.you've learned. With this stretch of ished one lap off the pace five Dale Eamhardt, Jr., the 21-year atMyrtleBeach. , races coming up, everything will times. old son of the seven time Winston Earnhariltwill attemptto quall be fresh in my mind when it's time "Michigan is a great track, and I ~ Cup ctiampion, will attempt to fy; thet No, 31 Mom n',~Pops, sto go out. Racing more will help really enjoy racing there," said h I h k I b S make his Busch:(3rand National, Chevrolet owned by Teresa Earn- : debut`thisweekendatMyrtleBeach hardt..?He°will compete;as a'team'=j Speedway~;with the running of the mate to~BGIaT'regdlar3Jeft~Green" Cerolina PndelAdvance Auto Parts who: dnvest[he'Goodwrench~Ser-s ~ ~ 250 vice;Chevrolet. ~t'-~ I''. 'Myrtle,Beach.is the ideal place ' Qualifying for the 32 car,ield 3s for Eamhaidt td' debut since he has set for 5 p m Friday tY ~kN~ ts team as muc as tt wt e p pencer. t ve een runnmg tn e;'- . at the finish of every race at Michi- Although Stewart has found gan but one. I just haven'tbeen run- tant fame on the IRL circuit, his ning very well. mary goal is to run the NASCAR "It would be hard to convince' inston Cup schedule. Stewart is someone that I enjoy racing there ;coming off a 17 th place finish at with my results, but I do." been`.coutpeting regularly in the NA$CAR ,;OR BUST ~ Indy~~ ver. DID SOMEONE SAY PONTI- Winston.Racmg;series at the .538 Racing~League standout.Tony°;? I couldn't wait to get toDover;' AC? : Pontiac will become the lat- ' mile.oval: He stands as the only ` Stewarfwill get his•first taste of'?~aid Stewart. "NASCARracing has est beneficiary of NASCAR third-generation driver to win a fea- .. short track racing Saturday at Myr- been my primary goal all along. I'm cbanges this weekend when they• ture at the race track. His grandfa- tle Beach. "~kind of getting rejuvinated back unveil a new nost piece at Michi- _ ther, Ralph'Earnhardt, and Earn- Stewart, who inhedted the pole here in NASCAR." gan. hardt, Sr., each scored feature wins for the Indianapolis 500`with the.i`?i SMOKIN': The last time Jimmy Bobby Hamilton, driver of the Concord Speedway death of Scott Brayton, will'attempt Spencer finished two consecutive STP Pontiac, recently completed a Bl IQ; PolI1tS LeaderS to run his fourth••Busch; Grand ?'acess in the top ten was September t'ire test at MIS and looks forward to g. National race for the Ranier-Walsh ',of 19931 A third consecutive might getting the new nose fitted on his 'ne pp ttv~d1•«•: in rwwoo to m..+rmi.e• race team. He plans to compete m:'pe a little much to ask of.the driver Pontiac. mft concw Mow Speedway t, .1 sP«w .10 of the rem m.r,, aining 13 stops on the 'of the Smo '' Joe's Ford, especial- °We're going to get this Pontiac - Bi •t4~~ i1t~" BGN-circuit. A crack'at a Wmston""~^iy at t tgan International Speed- straightened out;' said Hamilton. !_~ W n EIVLC 3 3. JimKdlq, 3721 "~ 6.BRBRaqne,357 ~ 5. Tary Broulo, 356 : - . 6.MiBeThaw, 344 7. D.Nel JoMw4 338 B.MWCReedy,322 9rc8 Popq 321 16G . wi. wood., 308 Cup starling spot is also a possiblli- ,)vay. "fhey're going to give us our new ty for the 25-year old rookie-in-: '.. In 12 starts at the 2-mile oval, nose at Michigan. I've heard some' waiting. ' ' <`-',Spencer's best finish is 12th. That good things about Pontiac's new. "It's bard to run one of these ' came during his second start at the nose. It's just who can adjust to it, cars," said Stewart. "Only,'rutining' . track. To add insult to injury, and finding the right balance on the once or twice a month up until this . Spencer has never finished on the car to match."
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FACiRACK Ra)Pnla, RC n-WEEELI JUN L8, 1996 N96884 E/~/~E/~////a//a/~~ aiiYW W l a888 CLIPPINGS By MONTE DUTTON 'J think !ve chan to the de ree of WlmHon Cup Edltor l7Bd D realizing that If you canR finish a AMIe Jimmy Spencer has had just about enough of being lurther up, then you need to be eon- uggea as the man he used m ba tent with where you are running. Itie had e"ger° pmmw at me manY omea in ~ t That js not my style, but you have to wlwn I know I didn't am that puobkm," S "Wlut hurt was l nevu defanaed mysev, .,.I have m defend do Jt ... Jf you crash earty In the race myaelf, because if I don't, noWdy's going to defend me. by doing a dumb thing, which I have "lt hurt mo In de past benuse I Just seld,'Ah, to hell done in the past, then what youve with ft. Let'an go.' And uhat wam't dw right thing to do. ot ls a wrecked IaCe r and bunch 7he Aght thing to do was defend yourself. Whw' you Bdnk_. ot u mad at ~ Il'tia aUS1e the ve you're right, you've got to stick up for It That's the new' g)~ }ro y Jimmy Spence." got to fix !t, and it rubs off to the next The "new" Jittmry Spencer is smrting to ral/Y. He won raee.' the Winston Select Open at Charlolle Motor Speedway on May 18, and fudahW sixth atDover, Del., in the monrecant Wuistoe Cup race. ' "1 did cause a problem this year with Michael Walidp;" admitted Spencer, known to many u Mr. Excitement, "I had bent my tie rods and went into the comu and hit Michael and dumped him at Richmond. It was just a mcing accident and itcould have been pmvented on my part 1 told the Woods (Waluip'a team) I was sorty fv it and I told Mirheel I was sony for iL That's behind us, but those are things you , have to takecare oL" Or at leaa you do if you're Jimmy Spencer. "In the paa, I would have peased it off and said, 'He undarstanda'Bmhe didn't uodenund. I learned from being cNtEcized and having fmgera pointed at me so many thnea that, if 1 did do something wrong. Bm it snaightened out right Were au that they undersiand where it's coming fmm, and I think they will do the same thing for me. That means a lot m a driver, I have to defend myself In order to keep myself in a situation when I don't get those fmgen pointed at me anymore and people understand that I am.doing what's right" 11red of being the whipping boy for every incident of rough driving on Ehe NASCAR Winsmn Cup Sedes, Spencer casls himseU in the role of changed man, whether his colleagues are ready to acapt it or not. Before the First Union 400 earlier this spring at North Wilkesborom grand marehel John Isley (of'The John Boy and Billy" radio teme) began the procadings by saying, "Centkmen-and Jimmy Spencer-start your engines." Speocer had no problem with Itut, though others did. Istey actually cnme to Spencer in advance, after J)ate Eemhardt, his first choice, mfused to go along with it. "John Boy meant that to have fun," aaid the Berwick, Pa., driver. "He didn't mean It gke,'This guy Is going to rough everybody up today.' Tbe way It came out, it was achuBy, good publicity for me because we didn't have a good day at all at North Witkesboro. We had a terrible day. We didn't have any nurks an our ar, but we had a terrible ~ utdutingFelixlCabata'recenttiradeagainstNASCAR for penalizing Kyle'T9"Uy during the Coca-Cola 600, Spencer was offended. Sabatr.a cited Spencer's rough drJ- ving and labeled him, and not for Ehe fual time, es the scomge of stack cu racing. "I think that Felix was totally out of line," aeid Spencer, "because it you ask all the competitora, they would say that you am a different Jimmy Jimmy Spencer vowg he won't take tirltiolsm without San='" Spencer, who won reca at DayWoa and responding any more. (TOM WHITMORE photo) 7hlhdega In 1994, has historfcally had tnwbb cop- Ing wl th the adversity of driving a less-Nm-compedtive car. Sueh'bverdriving" has frequemly gatten Spencer In Irou- ble . "T, Wayne Robeiuon, the head of spats madcpdng here at Camel (gponsor of Spencer's No. 23 Ford), had a bng tnik with me lasf year about some stuff thet I needed to do," recalled SPmosr. "Ae fatbackaa Bristol hut year (Aug. 16), I feel like I am driving as good as I can drhm. I am being axtm-pedmt and tekiog my dme when I'm around other cars m make am that I don't get fn any conilicts. "And, it you look back. NASCAR makes decisions based on what happens dM day. If NASCAR fhWu I am being unnecessarily rough on somebody, or.maybe Jimie Irvan or Date Eamhardl is, they wlRassess a pwlty based on whether it was just r,gefng or It could have been avoided or whatevu." So Spencer, an ex-Wwbackw from a footbal4crazy town, doesn't mind an occasionaljoke, Bmhe's not going to stand still when Sebexs, or anyone els0. 181aoking for a acape- goat "Whm other emnpe6tma and ear owners start to point fingus and pick on you, and you know you're not doing anything wrong, then I think you have to defend yousseV," said Spmea. "I don't like lo defend myself, but I think I have to on that issue, because one of the things peopk say is t)nt RJ. Reynolds and the Ckmol cer are going to get favors because they sponsor the aatiea Thu's the fmthmt thing from Ba uuth. We pmpably get criticized more. And when we go duough insPection, we get more people looh- fng at us to make am that nor car Ia 100 percent dght bceause of Ihat It maka it harder mt mY guys. e+PaIalb Donnia (W'mgo, Ihe mew cMet) gnd the emw. "I think the fam am now that there is no favoritism In NASCAR. It's all judgment alla 1fa sort of like what we am weak in and week out in a8 ptotessiaal apmn. I EhWt Felix fs totally out of line. I think he needs to step back ahd re-Wdtess the situation and make amends to everybody who he said some stuff about and get it saaighteneq out Hopefully we can get it straightened out and we can keep what we am doing this year, because the morale of my recc imn fs inctW ible. '4 ddnkI'.eohanged to Ihedegree of realizing that i[ you can't fudeh a little fmWer up, then you need to be content with where yeu me modng. 7hat is not my style, but you have to do it beeause of TV and newspapers and radio end everything that you do for your spomor to keeP them in the limellght If you crash early In the race by doing a dumb thing, which I have done in the pest, then what you've got is a wrecked raca car and bunch of guys mad at you because they'va got to fix ii, and It rubs off to the next race. "It happened at the beginning of last year and it hurt us a lot. It wasn't all my fault and It wasn't all the crew's fault. It was just a combination of things and a lack of communi- cation. We don't have that this year:' . Added car owner Travis Caner, for whom Spencer also drove in 1991-92:'Tlere are aeveml things to me that make good athletes. First of all. they have to be physically strong; they have to have tremeadous detennination and desire and a killer insdnct; and the thing that prevails over eny other is an enormous w6lpower m mental control. Every greatracer I have ever been associated with, they have that tremendous ability to manmlly conaol themselves during the game. "In Jimmy Spencer, I saw those ingredienta. Yeah, he needed a little polishing. He was like a bell of fue, but the guy is really talented and he's proving that more and more. We saw that in'91, In some respects, we ran better with him in'91 Ihan we did In'95.1 think now that we are finally get- Ung things tumed amund with him. "One thing he had to learn was to control his emorions. Ife's a very emodonal guy. And had to leem to be pattent He's made a lot of progress In that regard. You can see It in his driving. If you pay aaenuon to Jimmy Spencer, you will gee somel+alienca with him that you didn't aee before."
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IWF ilk </ ' ' ~ ~'~pbTd•"TIF~pr SL/ Sa ~(y(n ~.q~y~~~'' / /fi SS~~~9/G~~J/~ pi. ~ tfluilIrl!rt ~ ~3" E- ~' l3 2 ~ t.8z, ~ ~c: m~n~S~R ~ ~Fy~~~~.~ t'. Vpp~RV I . SoZS i/-.~..~s. :o -16 ~ '  -C/' . ~ ~ ~ ~~- T WO - Roif Fll 'Hh1iF!I Nw t gR Rszp p ~~~ ~: z 5~D ..i' S~A It ~: ~y F ppw S - SS~a' . ( N _ ~ '~ rn ' ~ ~V ~ !/s@ { ~ .. (} . p~?~ ~ 2 1 ~ F3 ~73F3KRn. ~V V . - m . nn m . 5 . ` . . I' I R' O t+2SS~S ~ '. W > Fv. C 5 • . O ~ o ~y ~  si / : ~ ~K~~.~~~~~~ is ~V ~ l ~
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52245 6282 ~~5 $~8if 11S£~~~ ~~~ ~ ,~ 51 1e ~Si~a ~~~@ gp 'll ~~e~ ~ I~~ ~ ys, ~v ~i§~ r ~ N ~l1a s ~g! ~~ , ~ O I A 4O ly~j A ~ 1'ge I ~Al!~M11e1riJi1y1 ~ea Pail ' 7$3~ a ~~ aq~ g e~~B~ ~ ~g n ~~8~ ~ , ~s~&s ~~~~~~8~yy~~~~ $~~ ~.i~~ g~ gggy'~ m,V2 C~.@ ~~ ~ ~J~ ~. ~ e ~ ~ q y yy ..g. '''ppp e~>..: ~. ~8~~ ~. ~~~ .28 i~~ - " = 7i. s ~.$E~ 1 ~~11 e 1 u 11~d 1~e ~~s~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1~ ~ s ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~r~¢ ~~~ 141 ~mb . .~1~t,1J9~'2<~~ ~-~~ 4a ! ~~~~
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Spencer Doesn't Like Spectator View Of Daytoria WBdSTpNS ALFw1,N.C.-Lt hi s youngerdays, Jimmy Spencerenjoyed watching the Daytona 500. It ranked as one of the high points of his year. But last year when the driver of the Smokio' Joe's Ford Thunderbirds didn't make the field for the season- opener.beingaspcctatorattheDaytoua 5fM was no longer appealing. So Instead ofjoining his pennsylva- nia buddies in the same grandstand seatshe aat in for numerous years as a fau, Spencer went back to his North Carolina home. For the first time in years. the Daytona 500 was the last thing on his mind. 'Dri ving down uom Pennsylvania to watch the Daytona 500 was always oneofthehighBghts ofmy year;'said S pencer, who just recen tly gave up his reservW seats to the event.'°1Lat is until I drove in my first one in 1990. "Nrx mating the Daymna 5n0 is oot a good way to start the aeeao9. We apwt 1he fnupart.of the season trying to recover from that. It's a very empty eellng, a Cceling Lhope lo never go (hactreck"saidspencer."Buttocome. backtothesiteofyourfustvictoryand not make the race, it was really embar- rassiug." Spencer returns with that same ex- cltemeut W s season.Hebouncedback last July to finish ninth in the Pepsi 400. His optimism leading up to the 1996 Daytuna5o0 also stemi from the off-season changes made by the Smokin' 1 oe s team. Spencer believes those clungea will give the team an eoormous Gfl. In 1996, Pro Motors, which builds motors for several of the top Ford teams, is providing the power for the itavis Carter-owned team. 'Also, in Dccember, Donnie Wingo, e 15-year veteran, joined the leam as vewchief. Cecil Gordon. who served as crew chief in 1995, remained with the team as shop foreman. '17x mangea we made were all In therightdiraction,"Speoteraid"Ao ' Motonhushtrvmovcthelastcoupk . ofseaaons that thiy can build motors. We wve aatlsfied with our tests at Drytona and Tdladega. *gNin.^. . . ."Donn7ebdngaalotmtheteamas .- Daytonahmo'tbemail dis.ap..pofnc well~2ieaotf'havievYOrkadtogdla:r tfurSpeuru,IuJulyp[1994.atBOdMoore'tsQ.eralyeamagoand ~ peace nutdueJed Bmie Irvan to win they.wonaamoraw.Bymskiag(`esn Pepsi 400 by indtea.7Ttree walm ahop foseman, that allowa us to have a ata he bacted tWt up with aaother leaderbackattheshopwidlewe'reon wayvictoryatT.lladcgi' theroed: -A . . . °WhenIlandedinDaytonalastFeb "IBllnkeverybodywinseeaditTer- uary, I couldu't waifm get back on -. eot Smoldn' Joe'a team this year.° . 0 South BaNOn, VA Baafle•Virylnlao rriear rw 11 000 a FEB 16, 1996 ,~ N4B152 ii©PRES.L fL/PP/NGS
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.. elldOePartr CT . CannaNeul Pod - Nlvr Nrvln County Ed. 4tlpptl MrI Mn ~ BunOq RIN 111,1101) FEe 19, 1666 j^ ` qPmP 9 spend 6me yynh my family. . N~~*•'c' MywRer'Patehd''Ihave ~ =' P..IR87S>!;/~Qttie e ' yr " ,f.6~81erfM(nC7C~wd`.-f~.o~i~i ~ran~ii,.ine.. ;~i_ _~ ._. _. _......~..... . tfytqgot0thelrstu/f , , we n~ canik~.I s : ~ WHE E41 r00 ON ... . .,, f:YACATION:."Iusedtogoto . ~' Deylona;AtiGt now I have w:; , ,work p 1 po dowil there l ~ 8 9alg ; 'A 1 Pale ato;soeodtlme ?9~wn9NOUCdaiWlle~r.tMuu.'. : gq~Q'holidays'~L ..!:. . ~{-i;a}Y/1AT14ROULDbQIF1 Slu4I ,rCOULDN'T-DRIVEA ' !?.WINSTON CUP CAR `I , ,he ~ tlontklW TheYs,elll'ever'a 0 q ~ uu~hvk~ Wanted to o.. '.. r ~ NER;Dale i! 4r{fo(14wtBIX 1 am_oDe ol, M r Ir.,w~= r wuurrus ~~.w 6 tibeen able lo achleve my ~"' Al~ T 1~`~9oals (;.er.,3 j 'CNANC~pI ABOl1T MYSELF:": [iekPt,d qjt meon this .. Q:Pi,eartl}41lgxiay I am and I . ~ ~ ;I };qK;P,~:can'i po'.much aboul that. - RACK:',' 'I'm really happy with the~ ~ . . i.r. ~';r... . .;, f VN: . ..
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tAldlson, N6 Messenger Wedneeday eW 7,810 JAN 17, 1996 N47239 ®PRBSS CL7PPINGS LU® . ._i: . v.. ...n: ....... ,...~~.:,.., ,,.. .. ............_.._--._~-._..__-_ r_ _ .. . . ww _._ . ._ ...:__. BiKuitville to sponsor 1, 96 Triad Racirig Expo New events and displays highlight ~ecorid.annual beneft_exhibition wnpt the secona : anaua~ 7NadRacing Hicpo. opens its doois at a new koation oo Febtuary 3, ._ 19Q6, the;exhibition will . . 'alsobecaryinganew - By Steve LaWgon `' SdEtReporocr. aponsor'e bannrt. . ~~ Jim Taraer; ownet of ACE Speedway and Piedmont.Piagway, and JeffDet3mot, Vice Ptr•side~it of MaikethtgPDperatio!u/ltairdlig for Biscuitvitle Restaurants, came together in, December to amioiutce `next "yeqr'a Bapo wi4 t~y the Bnsplitvlllta spdttabrohtp. Next' yqar'a eieht wtll also move tio the I9airehild Commu- ' nityCeittrrm Burlingtoti fa thetwo-day,exhi-. ' bttioa;on FebniNry 3 and A.. , ~~fFN~str~~. matb ita d~ebot (ast ~ ( •I_ W::~ ~ Thbjeveat's premiere welcom.ed thbusands of pie0montncingfeaa wb0 en}oyed ovpr 1100 ~ exbtbite iaclading displaya froao aroe iacmg ; fat~itiea: deaiera Iri racing collecubles and > special gue,ts [mm the,~acing and enterfah,- St)enes from '95 ` meoebosinn~ses : Abtlve, last yW "We are deh'ghted to iie the sponsor of the .. inaugurail editlort; 199(iTca38,aciog 8spa." a.id siseuitviue'e. ~ oF the rechilg exiiF= ne°r°°c "xa enty"Ill the event be agKat' tiitlon filled flve ~ way for au the area weekly ttacks ana drivers .; f th o to aliowcase themselves, but ii will raise a great deal of money for a very'worUtwhile charity.". The 1996 edition of the Expo will include j displays of NASCAR Winston Cap cars such ,u Dale Earnhardt's GM Goodwrench Chevro• . competition drew. ' ~ Rtcnard retty~s srp 1 ontiec and 7immy . large crowds at "Sn,okW Joe" machine. The . ~~ J4e", N/15CAR racing simukttor will last year'$_th(t1d also 1)e on'tiafjd to give fans an opportunity to "get the feel" of a wild ride around one of the ph L on b e S aws ,~~. olos ve y f jbrggivalq'from.rhe Winston Cup tour. . . . . Qw tor uap uy0;event will be tne maugur- ' ild Ldi ed Clbity T Chg thhur T Biiill Riih alsoncueaesncervean-roug oeamscutveacng wt al Makp=s:W"te~ Wuiston Cup Memorabilia Auction "fbe ing competitions. Donnie'Apple and his Winston Racing Series auction will feature race car ahea.metal and other items from such In addition, several specisl race-related Late Model Stock Car"tontinued DeGroot. NASCAR gre8ts as Jeff Gordon, Dale Earn- pri=s will be raffled off during the two-day "rhis event just enhances our motorsports hardt, Jimmy Spencer, Mike Wallaoe, Ken event, including a race=ready Race Tech Junior canmitment. Schrader and othera lhagster. Fa additional information concerning the Two new divisions will be added to last Biscuitville will be offering $2-off-admis. Biscuitvllle Triad Racing Expo, contact Larry year's popularButler/McGYeary Racing Tires , sion coupons for the Bxpo at al140 of its North Tomar at 910-449-0122 (day), 910-674-6469 Plt Crew Competition. The 1996 Expo will Carolina and Virginia locadons. (evening), or Rich Oakley at 910434-7283 n "We are very involved in N.4SCAR racing (evening). ~ rooms e con-. vention center Inn downtown High, Paint. Righi, the' I I tire changing
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Tewande, PA Aevlew Sunday SUN 9.248 JUN i6. 1995 N4860 RM IxexsCLI)rrNC! daP' "W pp' - ~ ., tfo~better~days ; "; , ~- V~u" on C Season.ha F $erley ~A ~been one,,`of ~ ~ y~str ~"~luggl~es D, ~:cY By MIKE HARR.. IS'a''4n i! ApMotorsporfaMhlfer-t . ' 7tmnlpFSpcneer oatsml)}`'~: rtot .. 'a 'x z baq~a Aft EXeitemen~l Afidallv~ .ilbeenxmoreY 'hk~iafrn~ t Fo(geutten !^~'~p? ;%Iau week et .Doverya sixfk , p __ ~ev ra11~y la BeCetld"~ . BaP n s 1 an of s r , a _, Jl S snc ~ ~ ~ p mmy p er .misterolan. . ~ ~ We ve had a good last couple of . unrwcessatily rough onsomebody, or: w,ee >'sitid Spencer, a.iough-and- maybe Emie.lrvan ortD"Eamhardt 4imbl clpmpetitor whoA,, earlied~ `was, they willmasaesv-a-penekybesednickn "yearsago'•on7~ ~on,whethep•n wasijus~,rsan g,rsang or it afY2ks16fthe~Northwst"'All tha'fiMrd :could •-have '6;t,beetixavoided•-, or- . :'.'w'ak*finally!piid off inMa;MA retotji; whatever::riSpetker added:,"i,think.. 'SeleEEjOpln?(enfall=xtar+t6cd?thatlhey' ' Eelix was-totally~out of linetbecause, : .' ~:wonlaaGmdnlhxl.F?s7tf{$`i.: if:yovask,allthecompektors.they thu you .a ~A:p~ ettnpe~S,dea~betsuse;.~~would say Fllylirp~ seedtfferent ~ "ad::nsnmlkiaang`fl',m+u„i~;~,lBi~p~p~f,~+t~~ hard the last two vears for me. ard'it . Thet dfere rit Soencer mav not be a fpully"ump m a bead atChadome. ~ 9uiteras excitingand, hell bent for li'was a non•points race,~bl~t~n ~sAeetmetWastheoldJimmy: Sap ~nce[ who dnvesY #nmlo he~s'aid. $I m goi g tp'.drive as hard -.: ~ _ iJt>1'a'"Ihunderbitd for Tn'vt • as I can and'tive, 160 oeroent That s- r ~~seeei "I'll stick up:for them;no matter .get{mg much te~p~t, dr -'- fiesatneout of myteamm „" ,. . ;t~tlry Winston CLp;points.mdc , :ml,l.can-gtvemeteem,:and 1 expect ,,. f R_e,ceptly~:b'efote.arace u Morth•whatIftheydowmng,that'sparrof ' ieaIfw~Chirdio; ,~i~q,aoeratoe,aperr_ rang.an we wont,et.t'appen rid'li h , !pien,: and Jimmy ~:Spencer,,. a gteat race team dght now. We''e in ' prr'.~f...._. _._. .~..~ ~. to-,p~and matshela atal saiA;j" good~-raa teamm and we arc' building grdnyou renginea."'- ` the process of building a new shop wxk,aeamowner Feli and everything ir going in the right •lvhode°'ArWer Ky tO 'bdlleclioa ' A'~ °~: .. , • , i , nemly+rati affoiU~orwmat~ofB r. ,eiW during a raa trok a stiot<at ., r JI 1, /• f,7.~'l ~SP,~7araetying he could httjanythmg l,orr.anybody.andNASCAR wouldnt 40000, : BR~aReGAim.. ,.. ,_. n c..cF svf Ji~ II. ~r= ' y 0.~~ rop1odrWxa S,i' eaiea<Iy '.'.,..1r-- , I,4 ,n,,.. . pn~eBA rt Va Robeetaon:a he headof ~ sportaDttver" .,~. :..Poirqs._ft inghere-at Camel: had a long hlklut Ay u Fam rd ~ p~ ha t tY01 ; . „ , ,, 3p~etl4ar.axdamrdo~.~/1~ssJpatck,m 2T.nyLaborrt. 1,7gS., ' Bri 4,&StoT asc,yeu,;I fal Jike I,~ane;dttZ~ `affGo~rt, 1.71Y : ~ ,~~ ... t. i_y,DalaJarratt uleandnve::' ~rr . Iaimbeiogextnpauem'andWc "S:;RICkyRudd<,. ing6my:.timalwhen.l'm atwnd,otlter 6. Ken Schrad.r ~ ` 1,4% ~, cara 0o.tttake.eltm thet.I don'tiget to -7.St.rgtq Margn '''" ' 1,40E 1m aoy7tpatlitgs.uAtd,~ifyoulook back• ^8. Rusty W.Ilac. ..1,462 .,,, `NA$CA.R'makaa`deciaiaoa hsacd on 6opbylabtxrt.; whd'h~pp~ thatday.u~ ' s:.. 10. Gav.n 1 loe +~!'IL+NASCARthcught.thatlwas ey.T :~r» ':..,1~~
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81, Peterc6urp, FL TYna ipmps Md Arn 6undq 60x(po,ps4 JUN 16, 1996 IW.11dV1. '~Yoahave e replStetionfoq.being ;;Camel;{Ddpe'oteayNoi'23' Ford" erbird }ie u,1Bth:.m ahe xe~hes.Dant atandmgs , f:S . .., .;,: Jirtuny' ¢g~ca~)s'diiver'ofthe~ bqt: eu't p,olved mTP° I q, oD=cM-1.andltI : esDe' I St'Ijazder tn ~dt~80 l , ;tLecrbwYYthidk;tbetttefen@ kW~l'tivt~thefe~ID;11G fAVeldl9fdi :AR. ]~i at_kJddB~enS'talisi e,ec~,m au~6f,POcssjonal~ e .5,':. --QAfS11ELLFRYt
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Bddplpanr ci Connletlcul Pod Fdfi11d Cound Ed• INPIad Mxba . Bundq IIINOn,i01 FEB SB, 1686 mm r. I kisb."f C21 ~.;:1` 0 417 8 ItiM/ ej; t .7=;fwtt k{ x,,M.G,«~cdmuscrn+oe:~ ; el 40O rece,gohecks the, . r.. KeT: r S iW0'-:wj m lii ~dromBi IfY'B'Ii~i6aG~IViNes. 9',1^an'i,:~ R$MWA~rstDl/'". 'iWHEREI'OO"ON" °'' " - `YACATION lL-I~dto,goto ~ ` ~h t Pa l:r~a.u: rMi+.aveo . workwlroni.Vy d,ywn'theW, : tl+i~'Nowwre gabedciw-~ ~ Pen'neyNerda'io^6pendtime : - wltli oair 1eMili4~aVer the'A"l VV''{ W! LaD DO IF I (' . (AT I W OU ~COULDNTDRIV€A, . . ~; WIHSTON,CUP:CAR:'I-! don't knorv.That'sell Ieder A rwenteeto'do:A'- -,'i } le~areof~ m ' ~1ePo udatel~ , ~t e I ones,w~lw has - N'. m beeneWQt~L>~dil~qmy. "1CHA!{f#F.!'AbOl/T;MYSELF: jmeW ithis ... ~ ~t l 0ce'tldol u gooul I } C .
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Ft; Wodh, TX MORNING STAR-TELEGRAM Calha-Fod Worih-ArllnOlae Mat Ana Thursday 0254,140 JUN 6, 1996 P5222 1111®®rtaascctrPfxo¢
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~.~...sp` e..^ ~p,e'n . l t'l 1 f (µ~~ .~~:-I . i: . . , ThalCdifferent-Spencer' may . . y~j('" g~te,~CihAB gtlf).~h'eU;-, ben&~tots>,_~t:metal ass the dd' I Jimi~y[,sJiF.v - t{:.SGm$gomg~tot.do the best.I Ssr, . By MI "S 7PpMOtoaports , I ' '~JiII ~e~n~ce~v;, t ~ r aaenr ~.Ezctt tit li "' `' eo {Actua y h ~l i e~ MclForgott0 1asP;iweek~ ece finish`t~e~ -~ c +~ l the~e r end~'o ~econd top t[ ~n„t vn - n I patt;,oF tip r r's- e ~t" p r 0 17e've"h9d d l4;t couple ~ weeks,' saTd Spencer a xa~,h~erid-tumbl4~cotn r~ .~h~ earn`ed hlp' q on ttia,,sh ~`e ~orhea~t:~'" ,, ~-ally psid,o~ ~~ ~~el tk0 eiip . [pet'I A'.woq, k . lZecause+the gt4vD. ?~i~fD real Ji rd~_ '"' vtor,m>j,4~a`nQ`~ibdu~' o a{ ead{atK'~he~lot ` q G7;37. 5. ~. -Pe~t e'Cr^dt e I( ~~f s~qn Cup Potate anrt. sd ~ ~~ ~ge"tting much.arespeat, deaQltaj ` ;, .~~~vv o,sQrle@:++nctorieS ~ /,Reqeqtly; beforel;a ~, 1 , d ~ ~'orth'Wilkesbo?o`~twS)C, ~adio+ipersonalitles~ ~theu'~vnseGr'acks' .w;,ykrandjmeYSLate<'randY C {)emen?eri~~J~min S ~ f}tartr~ enBuae M tP~ E-~r sA.~v j a tac do ~ icipls during 0 V,s" 'at. Spencerr~;e co hitianythlng~,oq *dtNASCAR woul 't tm ~ is~; -gied fyou c p'I' Speucerh said~ ~Gayne, Rubertsop,S,Ut sports marketing7h$~~i as xunneceasarfl¢• copgh?~.pn;„x }~ am n .y l an ~ ~ Iqng my:~meC ef tu ~er oar~r~ WI'fd ~lo't`get;in, " d,'. ,..ttyou,lookb e'clsio~s ^b~, 4 f appensthat ds : .- ' i7t,rNASCAR~thp'theth ~ , $ome stuff that,Jlrnm}x,F,S"pencer '- .beeds ti to,-do ~ As4 far~t"f~ d5 :r $nstol last yea , e1b~ _F l ,em dnvm-d a e's11~ n i ~ A P4 , r, had a long'talk lastiyeaT4abou V, I ll take 10t j, ..ito,w n the rac , '~, "- ° ` place. Those.are the things' r~ i ome y bod o p be Ernie Inan a < I dtdn t do in the paat. ~c,Dale arnFiardtwas;they"will Jimmy Is doing that right, ssess a penalty,based on , .t now,~auq,l thinkJimmy is going cin or it %hethet It wa' jua t ' g s t~ p ~~.di tht b .gp ononga,ecause . lulrl,~ jtave?~b'eenF avoided or if I keep doingthat and my guys ' ' Iiwj ate~er ; Spenqen added.I +keep", working ;:eztra hard like, .,Uiink FeliXq.wqs ly'out of ,.x ,~9,~ ~ they-heve,been, we can starf "Jine because;'if you ask all the i } t t~t5f t.hel tld tht ~~e Fmpesy qp seyao bcomeachapionsh p'' ~m ~aee ,e;ditterent Jimmy team:" I • s 0 I ~ ~ 1! '' .r.~lt );. , N 'I , W { ~ I Opella, AL OPELIIlA-AUBURN NEWS Sunday SUN 15,225 JUN 16, 1996 Pie76 caq;(~hGSe,ad ,'t'.m going to~drive asFiard asiI Fan~and give-100 j perceI Thate alh I can give ethe team and I expect the same ,out of my team,,... , , - . t '-1'II stick up . for them ~no' matter what. If they do wrong,', that's part- of racing and we won't-let iEhappedagain. But that's`how you build a good race' tSeteam; and we are building a; attace team right now. We're in the proceas of building a new, shop`and_everything is going in the rlghtdirection. "It's taking- us a little more, time than we would like but I'm' _my job;' going:tokeep doing : , F~~s no~o ..' t~ P Spenceradded. "Instead of takS Spehcer; , ; ng{a-1Dth-place car and.trying ' h' i ' 0 N I ~ 0 N T
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Tunkhannoek, PA New Aye-Eaaniner 8or.nton ldat bo Tuwday BW 8,786 FEB 13v 1896 ~®®® N8770 PRBSSCLJPPINGS 2 ul :r4 0 LL~ L P~S. f u~r- 4 .. I>~'yrf)JC~tiiCCa~~l-:F.(. . -''.P• `5n n~, Ilc I I. {( ~I t ?f ~~~~ II'i I l V h 3 [ 'I 1~11711~ ~7 i )A~1{(Ir Y:LS~i .' (!1'ysljy ,l rK E I~~t~l~ ~ p.'~ 11 Ile I~ :I". ly't.7:y I11 l~ {'.. ~~ 71 E11~' ~^ "fr ila -}1., flt )Y,7 ~ ib f it.,ciy`;l[ 7 IJi'I ill ~r~ '. ~ i!'~.Irr, ~ i t ~ 2 Tn S Y ~tl .~L'. ' ~I( ~ /py,1 ii tiJ I~.V. ~I / -!ti IlLil117~v ii+l. ti5~'I r~w f rt; i {
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convnuea rompagel9.•- ' ' 6pen r,repeqted~'Nojtas good as~ g Hu~•']s~~o po~ , i~cla~~rnsa ~~~ tup"~e~i'a,"hE~9ATQ -5~*z`aF'@ m / n Oq/1FI~NOM-r wlcl(! nallve ihrough treacherous 7um 3 at~ t' ~ , n ~to the`: top; ^1~f ~ LtrP „f ao t ~ ,/,,,sr ti A~}p ~MI+W "JFhoJ ~b+/a ~-Ir~v - ' i#,~Ston r LIf'we dlq (ha ~one of thosc `. ~e~t81a'"493 7auP'~tlM~'4~Y with ~ e leader@) r~cer sa~dr, f ugh' v p ecar ~nd we.>tiade Justmen o. itbqtywo' levo.t could et e t~httTha motouu NnninB 8o ~Ca.&l~t,tle I'I a - ~6t e~tuped, ~r~~[:i.t tBut'o1'eralla Spe~ ..,...,.. . w.,.,.h`y'ou:hnveto~iB oe finetrts ,. t0 beIn the Syencer.s9lddi'.r~`$° ' •Speneer moved up'tlK~~ on - n~.cn~ the fvst lap andlaol( edrreqta~e ot'; DAY S END'-~t~Dilvar Bobby Cebonte Is111Ned,ffOm Ns Bobby .fabaate ~Cl4s ca~r afler hiKlng t1bi"'ha 'Alier$ lep , tluee,]a'mov,e•uI the .wq~1~4S94'#~1(~ju~npSu.r.~racg•tabonteWasuMurt.:. 1 By Iepl4heuas,uD ~tp gl4li~," , he lost twa gpots'gna resjarCafter au~ iyq,n ~~ a'crashoq,g/ap~t,knoeked ..Ne, ~nda;,(va~n.•'a +H ~BQd1ne wt -'. ~~ ot.tbe$ra f~q,~ ¢ack•Mto, .Iki,,,,,,yw,, e1ghN`onla~925tid..' 1~ Rml'; t~io~n~U~~rl~t~~~tf 1 -{; I/D.Ne Hn ~~3 noW ~ ~,i e ~ I . •¢ ~ . , stop moved hlm backtoBlret~ht Hie "'~ ~ ~ for"second fine showing;m r,ow~ r~tbed ~, morecautl,th,ons, h,~t,4amovednghm By CHUCK SOUDEAS. the win topyn ng i Ricky Ru~ lath after the restart'9td,lap,300,t;hr'.~ ~P»aaEntaNnuwdter .; ,~Geof4B9dip&;MarkMartlnHy]ep148,hehndtt~oa'ediyly$e.'e~a'am~ .. tJ f i 'Boblry NaroHtona who rounded oyit top !a ehd f a dt&igood I It ,r ~,,g t iJ.ONU pOND r 1*or e tlme 6SUt- We top hye r'.., ., ~. s~p.'.That'BavO, 1qo~ppttl.m, ;e.`"`a'r ra~.N~a.~1~ pdey ,..dt ,.looked ~like Jtmm ;'~r akerhiasuW-plece fln • e{pecially xtyhen~ f' 1leadera. u-pl wa,lrl Speneer'e recenl run of Sood foti ~ ieh at Dovar two weeke ago was Ilf ~ each ea nerriek ~ryTe"Eaip ttune was.gaaBin,the pu& eape- fine torm again, but his tirstt bardt:pnd f~tus 6egan .. eb..,~ when ha went to the Ita Hut Pit etops stmost cast Nm ,c. u~g Into, ro 1-~ 6tte etarNng 'w sela m. •n (.~iibeY Ihe UAW-0M 7Yamwork 600 Q~moved e H~ Spp butR-ef ~ b~f/y,~, 6. ck, rm''.'.,~ "dF~a,tw "°~n! - flul. tp hth ,Wa 1/ on the pltserleg~,qhveed ~ Iw ao,.m ,ro',' ~at Pocom 'Racewayy wae over, ckl , ~ atop, wilh a, tuH tirechaag9; -' teo and 170 6ut soon*w'as beek n~ TM~aa' Spencerandhispitcrewwererld-lawanddrope dhimbsek 1 Ing tdgh agatn ;. . P ,~g f atghth; and he held bQ(,1eff Surtoa : m a~+ii NanNn •-Spencer drove hia .ice,s •_ 1ath, His eecond pit was aleo slow - ahd 7bdd `Hoditte,"Ytwho7fmWrod "ooio "'" Ay' ~ Thunderbad to eig p e ln the but qulcker stops later in the rac~ dnth' and fOth, reapecUvely. 'nu6i~es a b s" ~ ~after'he moved the car bsckinto ,H7leearlya ~ty eraee>Y;re ,e>ynone,ew,~ HASCAR Whjalonl~p race, won lhe tbp 10, helped tN»st him. "' very:rlNa.~(`-ve;1 dUt~re t<.'0^ ~y i..by(whoelse4)JeHCordon forhis .Wedidhaveturobad a~•, , drivere held tbeAeadiaad,. `~ i ~ ~ ~ ly,koo~m,/,aa IreewaerYecw.., bw,N M1k~~a; . yv e1Nea..av I aw'~.°m Ielcawi4aan y l ;rkc- A7w.n„m: . . saecondstraighttop1o6n s6and. Iwaa,alit0e~upset;atO 'g 2slead "~efore ia, C,,or- lape,butfWahCd971hatterhaeut Hedeqelopedenglneproblemaend'hissacaWbest showitt6 ever In 13 .~, ~ ~,0.a~a fared dama ita•hfa car's tront didn'ttinlsh, . •races at t'ofono the: pnofhelel ."it we Md two gaad ons~s at t(th Hood aGlal~l of thp~00-]sp~e~umlt end. Walla atter sfutlne 81st ' winding up N~homa traek, for lhe Berwick F 111h , leA for Ya le a place.~Thet didn't cost him hla'. oatlve.:SpenCU waetourth in the N,end TNSiie the. seme craw th#j. I Hutethe race was h~r,of .. I Ps b~ttt two• o~ pointe lead, but Gordon and sever- ~ 19ASIqiam On SOOt,`nt;, ., bulldsithis cal:lend theytve h9ep athitlony0nly 28,Q( f~artare the weyFtht_tYnO,~U~en~ 6ut .burnt e1 other.drlvera dosed the gap on. I' HB BBrned p/4tG, IncrYASing tlie,,. ~g~ton Oleitre IMHt 14 f I edi andnthtrooe. eµal9 1 statrted 9Ut. " •teason earnings to R544,es0. He is Pt ' BtoPs 1~,en15k Cop4`~tuetyr 1 ~ 'much ,ga>Jheyr.work on the,iee$ laca and+8u(;rgf~idih'~,.1}reren't Tt«sn then wea Earnhardl, who Attrltlon didn'tt stfect' us' that '. still 15tM 9ne6rnin a but he ',, h~ ll*get *tltem a" lot `bettGrl :,I able.to hold tldnga t-ogathar,?wkN.never ed but. Was'Inthe-top fiw much:' Spencer said. 'We kind of ' climbed ~lwo spo4in e Winaton ar,~ „en v~ Cape skrted aecoadSqnQ ed 25 . moat olf the.firethaH of the race, ataYed awaY from all that:'/ . (kip point atending& to 17th, ss• . `~_~re' for ~m B°me in~ ing Jeremy Mayfield and Rick The oa; itseqIs In fine ~~ Bbomhup, PA „~1.~ ... . . . .., , , »I A'll/•EAI11pt~11 Xandq 0l1,H0,: ''GoMon took home $96,980 with Please see SPENCEA page S6: JUN 17, 1333 HOBSg /~//~ ®laaaeCLllllNaa if/~1Ya Jim,t',Iyi.`~r)c`t.e~/ aetlet pejb( o0no iiearNay,~ dngl'lAW-GN M M s~rl, , rt -y l t . pi UAW-GM 500 ow,noa r A"~dl°',m~ aoca a ,wa ieftm coro q r,~dn i a,.AEPh,.fa0,8v,1 i7m © w fa a, DM ~wMi i~nptWam ~ ~xry. pN•.~,~FwJ`fliuk~nl ~11; ~san w. iwa nii,u.ant ~ 1 1 m. Gml YA inNM 'Nm; la m ~~n~n~w.~~..n1a.o,~np,~.~p."`O,hfpwq ndlxa µ~ IaeAmaY~I1qN ~ qIF'IeIN ~4- { µ~5' ~." p1 n1 ipE Jaum IYa I} al .MO M s,iN. Sa t 1 Y.yyYAYewbnl,Y ~ m//l.M.RI4lh •UW ~Hb~~,NL. ittET~: 4Na ai. WMWR ale.wa ea. nn 7<~n41mn Ctl1. FqO TAMeMN. tr, e.q p9.mC. aMl eWM Clw,ina hY. FdJ iMiAp w eua. wntusm .r aeebr~,poiaa cor~w reme nua Nwi t can, em rhMN~alpUi. mINWSwM:p'b." aeee a t~ryM,aww.nwpnmw,i.' C~ieras m,ai,eo-ee amdm,w:dcroun awt, T= ttlpM iR anNpn 11A6: oTwn ,a: AM,M h. IM. IU1 i,4 a wMaY III~IeP. Ondm 1i/.18; Im aMp/y,C/aaH.Mm Imnm, wiq Imuo- Iffie emmen-,a, M,M ouqm Ieo-lA.&.p/i.~ If1:0oN:~ 1nAU. ViHM1 ew Mkwi Nnu Lme r. 1~Waw W'
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ChaMotb Harbor, FL Cheflolb Sun Henld P.nt.6etd.ItN ks. Wednndn D 26,303 FEB 7, 1996 N46054 ~ressS CLIPPINGS ~ ~ t Memorab616a Racing's new.y-batc The s 1 m ore and Baseball'~an`""~ ~"otp[ io the~", . lines wutmg;CQspnng tram!ng ; ' ` at game tickets,Cherlotte County Stadium. Pitctmrs aid catchers are 11 due to report Feb:15:-. . cr..rL oo..ar6~o fanc ran See the signs of spring in their local'food . stores. There are free Ricky Rudd ' Tide car posters greeting folks at the Murdock Kash 'N Kany. A stop at _ the Taco Bell wdi fjnd.o6eis fot gear with the No'59 BuschY'itand Nattonal Series cartiriven by Bob Schacht. A walk down the bxraisle at your favorite supermart and you'll reat NASCAR tracks discover the g There are some conatants: It:,,:z' . seems Dale Eamliatdt.will always be in the Goodwrench car. Ditto Mark Martin in the Valvoline car and Rusty W41J8ce in the Miller Genuine Draft car. Rudd will be back in the Tide car. Jimmy Spencer in the S~ Joes car, Jeff Gordon in the"DP?ont car and Stetling'°IWo ; m a Row" Marhn iqthryKodak car.., Bobby LaBonte will ¢e llaclt in the )nte~tate car and bruther Tetry in; ' the Kellog 's Corn F7akes car Bill : g Elliott will be in the McDonakl s car I again but with a different paint job., ! Emie Irvan will switch from No. 88 to the old No. 28 Texaco car. - Dale Jarrett is moving to the No. 88 Ford Quality Care car. Michael : Waltrip will be m the Citgo car. Motgan Shepherdh is also on the', - ~ move tn ihe Ramngton Gtms car.,+ Brett Botlice vt~li JIy3rider'tbe QyCIJ l , % W $urt banne , ard odwiU drive a N MBNA Ponh~~Johnny Benson Jr.= wdl be in a Pennzoil car .' The die-cast cats of the guys who •` switched will be'particularly in .. . demand. '- Uary .rncncr ui nnurcw 5 4 repcirts he has a hard time keeping ~ the new 19961/64th and 1/24th scale cars in his 3641-B Tamtamt , : Tr~d shop, '"flic RCI (Ractng Collectibles ': ~ Incorporated) cars are the mcest,' I WiIcher says.'°fhey have better {` detail:' Collectors can expect to spend commemorative cans from Busch. from a couple bucks up to a couple The "crown jewel" is getting hundred bucks for die-cast cats. The close. We're talking about the 38th RCI are the more expensive while mnning of'"l7te Great American ; Racing Champions and'White Rose Race" - the Daytona 500 - Feb. (Matchbox) more affordable. 18. Wilchec iu also looking forward, The 1996 season is looking to be to a good year for racing trading - a busy one for those who are into : cards. racing collectibles. There have been ' "Fker Ultra will put out a set this ' plenty of drivers switching'teams, year."he said. 'This will be the first lots of new sponsors and cars flying time they've ever done one. Upper new colots. Deck and Select came out with their That means the world of die-cast first sets last year. The racing card cars, or "blisters" as they're known '; business in expanding." in the business, will be spinning with excitement as the new NASCAR Winston Cup season begins. Claude Lewis is a sports writer for the Sun Herald.
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ChaAaaoope, TN Free Press Chdlgnoop. Md Arn ~{ ~~ i3!Q ~549s Y~R~7Ine~pp!AI9iBri9(G1tli rou need to xun Wp?`aofl Idlda . _ W8 N'illr;llq
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b:EB 54ZZS
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AATEA RACIHB PH010 AEWg BYrieute, NY WFFKIY nqY 24, 1s38 n3BBEs ~ r-- .sUirvr..e - . ------ ~ .-~,._._.----. --- . .. . . `~ : Jimmy Spencer Claims Winston Open 5.0-Lap Dash Event at Charlotte M.otor Speedway GATER EXCLUSIVE BY ish in the" Open ,was 9th in ROB FISHER 1992. ' CHARLOTTE, NC...The Win- Twoofthe_.7bpFfve4nishers ston Open is a 501ep dash for had prabkemsduring:and.pfter 82g,000. And it was Jimmy - the race. And.with only a shon ,. Spencer, winless since 1994, time to'gstready:'for The who claimed that cash prize by Winsmn Select; the qmw were . leading the final 19 laps of the working -'herd -and~.fast:,~Jeff race. Of course the real prize is Burton brought his'Bzlde Batt- that Spencer and the other Tup cries Ford~lqme: :fourth`'ifter Five Flnishers g"ot to transfer . starting 20ih;but had,to teee a into The Winston Select, where serious: engbw;?probletawith they had a,shot at $300,000. only minutes to_gobefore,tlic The pmlude to NASCAR's AB stan of the WiQstai Sekq.~ :~ ... ~, Starraceisusaaliyafacepaced "I Ihteli-vie°broke'a~rxkoi. race with plenty of action, aen, but 1'don't'reaBy~ knpw. This year's Open was nodif; Even if It`btoke;.I'm"~tully., ferent. On lap 6. Andy Hillen-- proud of whatlwe'veEonaTo'- , burg, who was subbing for an atart 20th end run 4th, 1'm just '. injured Robert Reuley, looped proud of.mywhokrace neam: the Skoal Chevrobt in tum four We get to go play widt Ihe big I and hit the wall. As the car slid boys now." ' back across the ttack, Hillen- Michael WalBip:who claim- burg collected Oteg Sacks. Ted ed the last tnnsfer spot by fin- Musgrave and Jay Sauter., But Ishing filih, explained that the that would prove to be the only handling on his cc was badcal- caution period of the race. ly Junk. The Citgo'uew.would Poleasiner Lake Speed make nutnerous chenga on the would lead the first 31 laps car thu would appareMly wock , until Spencer took die high side exbemdy weil igfer on in dte and passed the gpaMbfelling eveom 7la-setabvel dead: . g.. y ,i Ford going duough Qwlotte's and eaddng` ~Opan . ."dug-leg".1Once ~by.'sgpenom-;,wonld 'be' ao~don!~~ began to pull away. But Spmd things to cmw in The Wimton would eventually pull back SelecsL onto Spence{s bumper with S EXHAUST NOISB...Bobby laps to go. Fans wer on their AllisonMatonuonafntrodmxd feetasHutStricklin,JeffBurv anewsponsorddsweekend. . ..(tlaT®eexet.trstveBYnAVronMwt.~masrr) tonandMiehaelWalnipehemd Badcock Home':Furoishingt JimmySpenter.aRerwinningtheWinsmnOpetatCharlotte. Spencer and Speed to finish IahesoverfmmSOreightArtow .., line. es primary sponsor of Allison'a dal paint scheme. TLe Oold Those five drivers would Ford's driven by Ikrdke Cope.color was in celebration of transfer to the Winaton Select Unfoctunately, a flat tire would Lowe's 50 year anniversary. Jdr Bueoe, Mkhtl Wdaip Jchnny Benww Brnt Bodine, Murpn Shepaerq Bobby Hrmiaae. s&en A beaming Spencer was eacR- ..fome Cope to a 48tb pkoe, fm- .. This was the first dme Jeff tntsseu, tteey. , w'swce, Jos ed to be in YJctary Lane and In.~isb. Dick 7Nclde had a strange Burton ever tnnaferted from nes,uuhaa, Mua w,ueea. caark the Winston Sekck."Setokin'iaxobbmduriegtheppen...71a the Open.into 1beWinstoe Baae. Job. Aad~ Mike staana, Joe'sguysbufltmeagreatcar`gaspedal.onthsHe.ltliSeurce Select.*~ . Ease Sviyo;%Vy psaflibicRyobby and I don't get to say that Ford ame oft. Triekb would . QUOT60FlyJBBAC6... RUIk tJwe Muas, Jq sww. Ruay enough. We're playing with the loose several taps repefringit in "11ut's why they put yellow Msnmsw, tueb Ch~ Rick Mw. big guys now. I'11 tell ys, it's the pite. Morgan Shepherd's tape on the back of a rookie's n,leu co.w, sue smah, sim gonna be hard. WeSe gonne RemingtonArnnFordcartfeda car"- Andy Hillenburg, who Myas,,, pu,la Cap. Jm@y work on getting in the top ten, new canwBouge paint schane was subbing for sn injurpd M,eeeB, pn Bemer, Bonay Fypn, then we'll try to gd Into the top for the Opqt.lLe nune of the Robett Pressley. after wrecking . q:kTr1ckta rzn sc>,reser(m%lmrsa five and who knows what'11 paint design is "Mouy Oak the Skoal Chevy. ,eq, Ted Mmo„a (.ccid,.p, ,taay happen In the last ten leps." Bottomkad". BseR Bodine's psNtsHtNG OnBxR JtnMY ttukapna (ramrrJ,taeg ssdu (sod• Spencer's previqu best fm- Lowe's Ford also tartbd a apa srmlwk, s.e gpe.4 Hr sakma .. da6 .. _ ~. ep N N BYBAYmR.N~71R0% ~ .. '. 'tOABRE(Q.VatVeBYDAVIDItM0UL7FIBOP) ~ >i3ue a23) holds a sllgM Bobby HarniltonNgTP d3) coming up on the Inside of Morgan f3pam ~.`.. "' ghepheM's Reedngtan Arms swa os). .
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IAT® NNaNN PNO10 NEWS ", NY .any n.pm JUL 2Br t5B6 n99825 ®IRISSCLIIIINOa Rusty Wallace Wins,NASCAR Winston Cup Event at Pocono Nsg ph smps begm M lop 35. Gv t6e ensuing WI stops, rhe rmssnml: nvn[c Rustt wAL. MvM tums rrude faur tire face dlBa mn wtark dmmsti- txx lum. Mn.n. ~ er.=. Yops, hm Badlu chme m Irte cJlf ~IMRR A poUem with Ma^w d°e.. V W M.u. coM~ al MS4ip rypBlm. anaVPROehenRMu4nveht O. l06~. NLIbYs Ak PI Rap taMd ow. Rm abb dme loning him m Ide t.ot'veg.mbkfaBomsepid oNY m'o urei Mudn wauld uB, giemg hen Ibe k.d vvv re6mwPtreadwchvlgekfl n+wy..my. a seaa at.m. Maa86 EnW Irvm, who a4a tide fvec W/th ane Ly befue s.a. Mw. MarDaeau kmetueh mut tw fireL, and Raoluc d the mtN. Martin returrcd for pryekwa. M.rmsk. Js.v., a. . Oe Year a.didMs, Jobnny a 1hiA 6me m tap oB his fml v.g.w e. laa.av mwu x.~ilm. BevmsL Bm afsu 5 laps. IkotMmin:mufalnneend- n.w.IW.s.u.m ._---~ klMtla hantlily wmt bad n ad his chanas fur vicrnry. kke letl knd mntlmd tMae b.v6ng ft k.d m Rudd, whe unlil frvu made his way to was followed by Rusry 'Martin7bumperuWshmbyon Wallace. ' lap 67. Irvu qvickly ealended Wnh only 30 laps to go. . ft led, while team mam, Dele WMl.u.e muk~led his wa 1 larmn bmled wilh Bodlne for y pa' third plxe Rudd for the lead. Not even the . Lep 71 saw the beginning d third cautian period for Ihe ~• ft samM mond of grren fleg blown motor in Kenny , pit uops. And, by the tlme 16e W~lace's Ford on lap 1]6, nor field complewd pin emps, fourth rouvon on lap Ig2 ~ ~ Maniv wu back in me kad fer, an incident between Joe N m heck and Bmt B di e e ec o n (aArsnltzcluslVESyw.VIDH.awu1.'mwn over Ricky Rudd. who had RustyWallae;rveslhelhumbsupsignafmrcolleaingthe559,165Miller500evenlalPnwno. could slow the Miller Fard mkdehiswa intaNel five. Ford. y °p WJlac wuuM lead Rudd e GATER EXCLUSIVE BY ROB gISHER LONG POND. Pn...ln from of a sold-out crowd Runy Wallace collected his own venims of Olympic Gold in ~he Miller 600 al Pumno Imenational Race- way, his 45Lh cuear vlctary The Miller Fard,lnver cnll«Ied $59,165 in the race slowed four nmes for 171aps. Wallace horemd near the fronl.ll day, but didn'1 gv imo contenlion untll Ine when Mark Martin, who had domi- rlared ft race b•r Iesding 121 laps, suRered e broken air reoch during e cil vo~. Manln'a f.vlu ge W.Ilace the opportunity to seiu cammn of ds race. And seb< it he did, keding rbc lesr 3G laps emoute to his fouM victary of 1996. W.Ilace, who is getting used to winning Milln-apunaond races. sumnlad up his virtcry in ryprd fa.biun, "Rudd had me med'cue he ran real sveng. But Ihl. old Thunderbird really hauled today. B scros like I keep winning these Miller 500s. 33e car kept gening bm- kr and baler. Thu is PCI our new vand ils 2 fur 2(Willae usedclhn ume car m win at Michigan). lt1 mnning and I'm really happr" After grebbing his fint pulc posiuon of Ihe year wish e speed of 168.4I0 mph. Marrin jumped into the kad But by IheaGnndlap,dlefMeecYwaa on ft aeck for e four car inci- dent. JimmY Spencer aaA Jeff Gadon mbbed doors. sending Spencer sliding up imo the shon chum will. As the pacono freight Inin checked up to avoid MpEScilem•nt, Bobby Hemittuan'fiSIP pondac got e nudge from-7ohn Andreni, ' The slrong perfmmems of Ihe . sending him spinning. The Gondyer lire. kd many dri- ~gh bodt rcslartL jumping aut melee collected Jeff Green, vera m choose twn dm wps. mebigludhdh dmce. 9ut Rudd would who was muking his second T6is srnsegy, paid dividends in nd fae u he gnl Winsmn Cup stan in a Dak trxk position, dn few people by ft lapped car of Jeremy Earnhardr owned Chevrolet. couMgiveMartinachallenge. May5eM and hegen m cut d°w" Wall and Darrcll Welvip. Hamilton The rue continual uMU ace'a leW, fnuhM 3901, Waltnp 4Qh and grem ud Martin would give Time, howe•er, was mm in tlelcedanlywhenhepilmd Rudd'saidcas Wellacecrossed Green4lsr u p Despile his bad Iuck. Waltrip Although he made a mockery the linLa mert LlBafa xcond slill mansgcd a great qumq of the reat of the field, Ihere n frtsnt of the Tide Ford. H w lent of dicin Bunu Dspl¢ Martin's early domina- ' ey, when your in the tnr, p Y 8 gh- Iion,IhMiller500sawalotof you're not euppraed lo get hit aut the top ten betwacn good clean stock car ncing. in Ihe rezr1" Bmuan, Bodirs, lanen, kvan Alan KulwickiS 1992 everege On the resurs. Martin andRickyRltll.ThefauMret speed rcord of 144.023 mph jumped om to e huge lead uvcr of green Bag pit smps YIUBIeA fivelly fell to Wdlace who fecqnd place dtiver Geoff Jahmy Bensun to the k.Q completed ft 3 houe 27 Bedine. Ouuide palo-aftrec . mMdng ft aecond aece in a mmIIR rkce .vmging 144.893 Morgan ghephard, sv in WN- mw tluu Ibe 1995 Buch Grand MPIL B°'u k wmpetitivs rr° As Ihe ktl pack foughl fa ylwmalOumphukd wid23kdshugea 12 puidon.ManiotonkhisVMv> Bu wgm the pit auapa fio- = fa'u rao weB. WWtw lirc pard on m a 20 car length Ikhed, Mafdn lmussed w the Cup poigtg letla. Terry IeeQBOdiubuilthisowoled 6anrirblureniotaw.MUBo LyqpRCOUMaalymusta. vc Slephvd, wIw was IeB m oondnlMd his damlufiav of lhe 16W p4cs f'$ whik an igni- fend off challengee from the raemMpl59wbntbeaaaod tion problem left Dale rul of ft pLCk. MaNNmOV- uutive hw fac dc6ru ov the BvvhWt in IMh plas. And quisbW hu ktl when gaeen rrsaack LL QUOTE OF THE RACE: "1 guess he IIOM Andrenil wau looking at his haad pins. Bm he can't stt. He's nesar been able m sne. periad." .n upscl Bobby HamiM1on. when asked lo tlescrib what happened in Ne lap'_ incidem. EXHAUST NOISE Every driver and crew member in Ihc Miller 500 wore ribbont in nlemorv of the victims of downed TWA flight el%I. Rumor MiI1...How about Hendrick Momnpwts fseWing a fourth racv te.m for IRL sundout Tony Stewart with MkM'a as a sprmsar? Rumor Mill Retums.. Rlck Masr drives for e second Morgan McClure e team. Rumor Mill Fom•v...DWe EvnhaNt fields 1998 Cup ream for Jeff Green m maybe even Dale Eernhardt, Jr. Lay Alkn end the TriSlv Momnpvru WVC scalal back to n pvdel echeduk for dse remailstlu uf Nis wsnn after fundiug from plimkry sponsor Healsh Soula dried up. II of firM 12 qualifee forthe Miller SUUbveyamwinaracein 1996. Since Pacam demvMs almost comunt shifung from 3rtl m 4th geu. Robert Yatu Raeing built a fint gear Inck- an k.er w thw drivm could avoid any rcidrnW shifl.. Ofympk wre: GO U.C1Pl IGAS)F elCilI51VE SFnIFS SY P L W25T1 llmmy Spencer+$gy~Aiu lae's 33) loope it and gels a Ilnk am uf shape and hit Ifrt wall es Bobby Hill'm Quper 77) and Ricky Cmeo go low lo avoid him during the Wunlun Cup event u Pocono. i S nning pencer. The msult of;iF-~- „pin Gnde Bobby Haulilron (43), DurtI1 Weluip (17) and leB Grem (14) piling up in ft BtiN lurn. Hamilton a Cran wrtcleE trying to avoid the sp rhe lsa for Ble Cup cavdnuu... /(2ATEAIXI].IISIVe9YnR1NUVF11 InATPAaaCWSM1'EBYOLV6CWMIfA) (OATCFFJ{CW]rveeT9LLLNVVFA Rusty Wa11aa (2) and Jeff Gordon (24)doeling during the SserlingMarlin(4)and/immySpenm(23)mn0voughPocmm's Babby Wvnm (IB) holding his ground u Geoff Bodine (7', Winman Cup evrm at pocono laet Surlday aRernoon. frv mm during the NASCAR W nsmn Cup event, coroes up to chellenge. Page 6 - Caler Radng News, July ]6, IYM
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NNIOyIUI, PA T{IEue9 (IYnerr eug 15,304 FEB 11, 1888 N4784 Ei1L91\9gar.aasnrrrrxes 'Bank on The Kid in `96, . again By RAY GLIER THOMSON NEWS 6ERVICE . I. I Cs rLnc lu prevlesv Ihe npcnim ' ing H'Inslnn Cup season nnd I• wc ORurc y^" wenl omwAiw. , Ready? Hrre gaes.  1) Jeff Gordon brokc through last seasnn nnd won the 1005 chuniploosNp. Is there an- olhcr bruakthrough team nm Iherc. one an the verge of nlzking sa0a nnisc? Please. ml¢ breaklhraulll per gve )'em's. Llke Il or not. It takes times to develop p Winston Cup champlon. Firc years befmn Gnr, dnn, Il was Ernie Irvan whu lt'a. enterging. Only bad luck has kept Iivsn from wlnoing a Dtle. That snld. look for In•an to be ~'thr^drwcr to-mnke`samemnls this scason. provided the new Ponllac Is not a rocket like the Yi6 MonlcCarlo.  a) So what about this new PonuzcP Can It fly? Can even Kyln$lly wln with It4 Enough Kyle boshing. lice given tip his newspaper ealumn and he hos a new crew chief ld gn with Ms new Pontiac. No nrauer lvwcmnmlltcdhelslt'sunlolhc 9.'o I' car• the rrloolcd Pontlac lo prmr ' ' °' --'-°• ' ' '' ~ ' ¢caneloyunlhesanletrnckwkllJeHGOrdo sewaepotTheWlnslon8alact1e61Msyona9•slerw6ak6ndlnChafktllawsawplhfJ00,EWarMlhslutMngpolntofMaflratW lnaWn , Snfar.IhePmr Cupeha nenlpVakranNASG1RwrltarRayGllsrballs.ws1996wIIIb6anoBUrrepealforTMKkt thcMUnlcCarlo . Ilnc has not performed up lo es- ' peckllons in lesting. Bul whn Davey Allison won two races as a knows? Teams usc all kinds afr rookie In 1987. theJasl time a~wrlydsclupslnleslingt^aW'e41 flr6Fyeardrlverhaawonnracer attention. A lol of these sclups Goadluck,kldd arclllegaL K 6) What hype will tve be I  9f So does Richard Petly hearing? ' wtn an electian before his cnr Ponuac, again. In the first day wlns a nce, of testing at Daytona where Pon• No. Ilobby Hamllton Is a good une nnrl Chevrolet compared ' drlvcranAffNASCARallowsPOn- t/meafortheBrsttlme.IbnUac llac to liddle with the rules and gut smeare.d. Somefimes testmg . gcl mmpcqtxx. Hamilton will means IINIee eametlmes it ean be t^ke Ihc rnmlllar 8{gv Into the revealing. The Bahan Race Team wlnnersco-cle. has sald the Pontiac wlll be as ta p Speaking of superstars. good as the Monte Carb. Doni whatnboullhekdlnq supersmrs bcl/evell. ' ofthc sporL Rusty Wellsce tlnd  6), lVhal about a'repent BIII Ellloll? Are they ever going tn from Gordon? challenge for'a championship Agoodchan<c.7hepresaurels . agatn.orwlllbe2heybeeontent oPmtd.uEemha{d,(Jusprove!J,;~,i for ntcrcly finishing br the Top 5 good race ears can skydominnnt orT^p10? fromonergasontothenexl, Wallace Is a contender. Clllotl Teams Een also collapse after KYLE PETTY I . , , , . is a pretender. Wallnce slnrply agreatycar,tao.parnhardtwnn C^nAerofninPewPomlaeL .' Heslays.nomatkrwhai ; NewYorkwlththq.WldeslsiNle71 has morc gusto and resources the title in 1991 mid plummeted Ernie Irvan kepm kte his cnmi- wlth his team than Elliott. tVal- to 12th in 1992. If Gordon P Stlvnder wIB have k wln •a ' Nlteyrc aD amfling'In New York' laees acaann hingcs on how d«snYdoaswellthlsaeasonyou ~okandmpyhlseakeR' raato'ataylnafawrab1e11ghtst,becausOCveryonemakeamoneymra'h work Ford did ml the mlght Wame,Iton the fact crew ~^ a'"ord• Yes. Md. o•v the Hendnek.JlmmySpen<ttalmosl InthlssporU. "' Tlmndcrblyd /n Iheoff-scasone cmcf Rsy Evernham is now team w'ay.Il'e not a'eomebaek any Inat hls pde wlth " Jdes _. I Ilke, Gordon. Yedb 'I know.EIIIoR. mmnwhlle. hasii l mannger for lwoo(Ihe three Rlek mnrc. Whln he returned late In Isat yeer becau e was reaW ' Ifa,a reach. He beat Earnhardl ' cllckerlwllhtcamorcarslncclhe Hendrlekleamar the 1995 aseason. Ir+an led xt 'ngaoneeraeecars.HCgotbetter IastyearwhehEarhhardthsEan 1992 season when he BmshM  7) Whet about the Hen- North Wllkesboro and he led at the second half, but he's eLIN not atwveaverageyear. The Nu 3 car . second to Almt Kulwlcki by 10 drlek teams9 They are now the 'Phoenlx. HCgmshed seventh In- on8m7faoUM o ' slvJeQlhela9lhalfo4d~e}iotS~+~ . N..•.n ..••1 A. nn..lA 4:... an. . r~u. 1Mi.' Gt ~..A..'.'~ 1:...:. "n s' . -. ^w.1. ished second. -' . . qulred interest In the Skoal team on: Aordon and .1ifs:tSi elghrh tenth and eighth the last Whst'sup for 19937 ' ,..ghanr t throw the een he has klked a t Drl n 1n ~tarp bW! ^81 8 lhey atW wpn Ne c ~I mY tat . Ihre<se: sa ts 3r•ttol )hings are up. For one ih ef Tru th ' e Mlke Skt S k ! h ' ' 'T'Wl'.H~JI ty nner, e up c . , t et r dCy • 4) Su who's going lo be thing. Terry I•abonte is smoking Ral et D69tona kn to dflvoHSr Gant'n ' : oham a^lu k wl'm baek full q p ,~ y g'.. no g m n Irsuk b lcsUn i Ua s kh rm y k lc g a y , rson e c: t n :n seMhvaM1"lesn'lwW oldcar:PCtrawWJetusanRobert, li ' H h l h b m B f ls car att v os ttn n ang t e aal• - You came In the right p the answer. Johnny Bensmv It's estlnteslinglnJenuary. •-9J Wfo naeds to have a Pm}deyrft'reuleydoe.Srptprp-:. , Juslaguess. KeepaneyeoniknSOhreder succqsfulatappn.orelae7 Auee:°. •4 OK. it's more than a gucss. too. Hendrlck eald SehredeYS -''Byte Pett1'y says he has k ptr ~.10) OK•t'pme to ;poe~ Jpto-: skl ball N hp' n'^~' tll (t e S b t l cry ! a f Dt a qs w fon^ or mvnecFe The only full-tlme rookie In Win- team wlll have any resource nee~.¢-g-- Pullflreplug•butdan't6eJlevell-•up-el'lhe posf•i~soAaUKeI stan Cup in 1996 U... Johnny easarylaWfnEhlsscasonJnclud• Behson. After last seasai s rer- /ng Hendnr~~ek mutors, whl<h svere nage involving rookie drivers - only gol In the Labonk and onty two were left by the end of Gordon cars. If Schrader dupan't the .eason - fwv young drivers wln thls Year• perhaps a ehange vnnl toJunlp in. No v.vnde^ Wrn- wgt be nurde• slon Cup Is hell on rrnMks. 0 g) Should we oount on ~ . te IL' aald D8rYe7l.ryattrIP•"altnree-Nme'Wtnalqn Gip '' r~ chemplon who won numaofie ttlnes on Nonh WllkesboruY-hsH•rmile ova1.4 '1Mre's nothmg I Igee moreCgheckexed than eoming olf twn foui at _No_rBf-Wtlkesb?lol. /q(ekClhReg.${ s.." But ! lhlnk Nat; b wes Inevftable because 1hc a`~'oi[713s jo' groyars Wlth only;$g~l1DU sc S~rPr~eCt,~B nrmny& the Ike epaf -_ '.16k'oY1N ttl/tf VllSi t;,ne wdAen4ufka ew•. ABSOOIATEDPRESS a!. ' With the recent 6ale of North W11kesti8roSpeedareq=b0p2 r-:elnt to Bruton Smith and 60' percent to Bob Bahre -1t k Itkety, that the epdng rece at the Nny North Cnrokna track will be its lset WlrutonCupwenL ' SpecutaDOn fa thallgmfth. who owru hacks InChartotkand Atlank and 1s bu0dfng one ln Pon Worth. and Bahre• who owrfea' '.track m LotMon• N.H:, wN eech takp oneolifrz datea• beglnning' wlththefallraathl { INorth Wilkesboro on l4st.leg` u N N tu w N
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WIIIIng6om, NJ BudlnBlon Coun17 Tina ihil.dtlphla Mpl kn Sunday SUN {7,2D7 FEB lB, 1856 N3B7g ifMiY~®IRaSS cLrrrrNGS .rvcu oa asm0' trissom outbattles Jett Spencer unknowingly helps winner triumph By Jim Donnslly BCT staff wraer DAYTGNA BEACH, Fla - Jimmy Spencer e critice asy he's -. crashed lots of people out of races. This time, he helped Steve Grlseom win one. It was Spencer, running a lap- p behind, who inadvertently trapped GOODY'S 300 : Dale Janett during the tense final T momenta of the Goodys 300, buying ~ Grissom just enough room to win : yesterday's cash-filled race. The- ~Griesom.larrett duel was set up by i a frantic round of late-race fuel ~ etope under the green, with Jarrett .~ accepting a eplash-and-dash-with just five laps left. That returned him to the super ; speedway inches ahead of Griaeom,. ; who'd stopped three lape'earlier. ', With two laps left, both closed in on ~ Spencer, whti d earlier lost two laps ' for first pitting out of eequmle :and '-theta:bain8 bLek_.. ~ iag on pit ruad. . .... "We caught a little drsf!'there i from Jimmy S ncer,•,Grissom. ,. . eaid. 'When.i~d! u Dele:,with''. Jimmy helping me, we were able to c ,_ get by him. Spencer reallyhelped- me.' . Griesomb backstretch move can . ried him past Jarrett and on to the . white fleg. Jarrett swung his Ford : Thunderbird nearly to the wall on the final oorner, but lacked the momentum to run down Grissom's ! Chevrolet Monte Carlo. But later, Jarrett claimed that ~ Spencer wae his drafting buddy, not vnordnv ~ Griesome. Busch Grand National drlvers Joe Nemecflek (87), Hermie Sadler (1) and 'Jtmmy tried to help me right Pete Grr crash comlrg out of turn two in yesterday's Goody's 300. ~there at the end, but eouldnR,' ~: Jarrett eaid. "I hated to see him whipped track injury evaluated. ~uI1ing Steve through there, but he The first big one happened just The next major crash began ; had a great rar today and dexrved 21 laps into the race when Jason when'ltncy Leslie and Busch rook- : to win tbe race.' Keller, mmning in the midet of a ie Pete Orr tangied in turn one and Spencer, who'd led until his mis- three-car sandwich off turn four, slid up the banking in front of the '- cues, disgustedly denied aqyy per- . had the a'v teken off his spoiler by a lead pack. Trn cars were involved : ceived charity oh his part. nearby car. Keller was turned nose- this time, eliminating outside pole- 'We didnY help anybody, we just first into the wall, and the ensuing sitter Joe Nemechek and early ; got out of the wey,' he said. 'We mess gathered up six drivere leader Mike McLaughlin ' loet' . . including uneponsored Kevin With at Ie~CZpTl~ther trail- Other elements about Lepage, who d run ae high as aec- ered or less seriously damaged, the '. NASCAR's Busch Grand National and in his first Goody's 300 start. rece settled down to an extended : season opener were beyond dispute. Keller was unhurt despite green-flag run that ended in the -: Winston Cup stars dominated the behind rammed at least twice while nailbiter fuel etnp. At the finish, ': race after the Busch regular stopped. Doug Heveron was Grissom and Jarrett were trailed by % erashedeachotheroutinaseriesof released from Halifax Medical Mark Martin, Larry Pearson and ~ '. wild pileupe on the esld, wind- Center after having a possible neck Curtis Markham ^ f.
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8cranlon, PA Timec Sonmun Mrt Nrn Thurntlei D4Y,2Y8 FEB 15. 1996 N4890 ®®reessccrrrIxcs !HEACft9FJ be's'teaSri and~I';~~"' titinteF •,. ,. "dai'kV) < s sls'ilay~hereln~r ~...-. UQn 12i-. a~o & zraeea_~hoild , g.~i~'cona; . . .:;,.,IMMMV.':Mpercpt .P445T Fre.Br crew chf, ef, totStme that they are. - . . . at~;nr?7t~ia~roC125,,Tony:Glover;SterlingMarlhis.. ~ hacedown;here "osePnis rr tiiLlIlll Thats;scaty'~onsidering • onstYtlK Urs~~~81~LShiK%.'; Sterlindlie.4'wonthelasttwo Iii'g.Clo$er3q•t}.i1rd.7n.ttla6~o', Oa~carl ~nqingfairlywell. ,. tHelast tlc~n e !$6th' t~' - ~ " W 'd 1 , g e q q @ i~J1t}s11nY259~~Q'o`~the~ .s threeL]ky,~~eabbdaY-'we'se . T7ngradFpm te"- madB7mpXOVgmente.ButIm . t i ~ ~ ehndsome you;weha y fti.y~~ long `'' ' gonnatell v 5 ; 11 ~.,, ,. ~yareeo s1iQi't„tllat;you , . wild practlces`--even by'mys T ~ ` ... -o ~ ,; Ye,~ ~. sanas: . . . . h;g OC1tt~~ tire tdrd7 Afterour,:firstPrectlceivn;,~ , 6~yfkp;' , SclitatlercamC,overtomeand' : 1{Uyaij;untll :;; Wednesday morning, Ken so o~FS 1f , ask9dpne~_ eypatlput up some rV9~31°me'~'?nid~'~N16s5' ~3'etHingf V ;}r„ . practlceandnottoidhimabout fleld.=.;-, 1t •" thDalei! Ifg~thecolirshadever,seentt ty Sterlmg' thisway ` ' " ~ i Q; .~ti0rreally.TuesdayBlUEltiotandlwere ` aboutq2Pcar... ~'y,s~ oqitogetfi~~ln ,t,t s packworHl#.,'Ihe draft. ` Qtter I gnmein, Bill came over ` andtolding`thathe'knewiflt, are'° wa5gettirig too wild out there for " ~ ' t tneedtobeou . ,<'~nfahedidn there;elther:{;,::.:..'. .1Fottunatel};Itherehasn'tbeen r enyaccidentsdownhere~- ';r __ _ 'I - .-ButIftheprecticerurisere ~ ff aqai}tSe a`~ t~,nythhig , are goingto be today, they njmagln~ha@~appeneci ., should both to be extrei~tely _c ~pla~wlres~.. anyindicatlonofhow•~theracea.' r;T_V,Wyqar21fa0mething shoWd Today Ie also my birthday and ~ .. f • i]f~tBk;ehlp~out~,bpPCdwlllbe.- TuesdnywasmYcrewchie,. th 'i ' ' erace. DonmeW ngoebirtljday ~ghoughtogetushy ': ~ ' ;psfor idloven {•ney;pV111flllp,o41t1tinp81-oittingmore.thanto vtir}day ~A.~Yacewith., celeb;ateour~'6lrthdaysin~ 4 N 1 f b ~ ' u 9 t Victoryl; ~ ~~ fast4s q el3t .iteIVaytona. IE7iing th$'t,t,o q15 of tholr . That woiild e,reAlly' gceat ~^ i -- ' Ya~§s tqdey) JIMMY EPEN6CR is e Berwlck ef , ;_ . ro ~ lSesipourrace Wmsto,nCupchcuR,,NaIswriting ;Ah yt,tinahesli))krnovbgsacolumnsfromDqytohclh_IsweekSor }~,,bqbt}tgaaleoronning, ;- R~aScrancon77mfisandThoSundayi
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AREA AUTO RACINR NEWS Trehbn, NJ w11nr H.pW FEB 20, 1006 M11040 ' RJaN~WfYrteseourrrxae ' & Lu1 .OORE.:. -' . ' DA1"NNABEACH, AL Ons rncc 6xWt meke a ccesnn, bur . Ken StMda eed Bill Blliotrere cenvNced rhm Nelr vlMrv druu ra am very close to eaCing sLer en Smprwhe nsn l0 0c 1lNASCAR Wlnaton Cup seasao Anerndrhlog ddrd in Sundey'f DiJaonr600a1 Deylone Inumelionel Speedway, Schrader hes nau gcne 1d~rsas urre hr Iast won e Wmsmn CLp snce ButhedndeuownerRmkHendcskb<li< eN<rwm'spcrtor mance R lhymns,indicated ga+d thinga u, ahcedfor ~he BudwelsmttrMl~ .,.;4 ' "We were goodell d.y," wid SeNadcr,wbo Ied d,:u iimes fm 12 Lpa; hnd.wum m.jor playm when It aashee decislon time In the 500. "We'vc alwayr bEen aba m Nn Well.here; bJl I Ihink ymi II mehbigdlCereECewheowe{etmwme'oNeraadu~ . 9'm ually-exelted: for'Sehndes4 LWnch,Feadd<d Hendrick. '°fbey mn Swy led they took•Ihe:hllfwey deal (f10.009 lromO.mnM~1wd~~¢ ellhehrBweymalk II"beenalung, -limednea 0eynd71ke3n oa'o au~esap(awa).Ne'll go w. AackNgbeq'(fai the'OoodweanN,400,=yq FeG .25 .el. iJOrth ' C roeoorpea~aynowmeewvevcgo.I (klNMtSM)d~cLp( SeAreder.Wdr3mowasnnwavheand'D.IcEunlwdlwcrc YQ no peal 1 ara ar,.c! uale'lerten on Ine urr rap. o .e . . l ~ . ~~ . . ; .~V,~ ,` -!9{'ewefen't~~~~y mgeHtdonewgalher,^,aMSduaderofhie' posyhlele.Wng-wBlr (eDmv(Levroie/ driaerJ+Amhardt iu hupes, MWvc,(nlly; o[putung .MonteCirloinvuAa kqe~u _ ~ tucked up tl~t vnhWm,~flk CLOSE RACING• Daytona 500 .etbs`em Sunday indudes Sterling Mariln (0, Emle Ireen (tg), JnEn Andnttl (31), JeD Gorloe'(J4), 9lrry L.ganR (5) BIrIO.Rudd (1S), Dak Jarrett (eg), Mor{.n Shepherd (75), Jlmmy Spenar (23) and Jeremy Mqfleld leg). . (Photw by Dea Beh.hr, Xevin B.rves, Boh Sweeten) . . , . '.y: , "HOPES AIIE f1aGH- When the geld Ilned up fur Sunday'e -. Dyloee'500 eveeyou hN the aame poln4 - ZPJtO. But whan k ended wme were heppri mat wrrt noL CJCOe .ctkn ebuve laeksdes D.k Eesvherdt (3), Mlcheel WeOeip (J ), Johe Andrsul (J7), Ben Schnder (35),1Vk Petly (121, Jlmmy nnr (23) sed JeDPUrw(<0. (Plwtee 'geren, Beb Swatem gweeten) going to throw third away. "Dale Jemts didn't have lo have anybody helping him. Hc was tm fast" Like S<Mader, Ellint esn't wait m get to Roekinghnm. "Fmmwhereweworeryearago,we4eeomeelongway;'said EIIioY. who returned to his rools hst year ae owner and driver of ="tgffemirymam: - :'"Ihat's the moatfun I're had in e long time;' eddcd FJliou, who . led twla for 291eps in the McDoneld'a Ford Thundcrbird. . We shouldn't hsve ehan¢ed four tirts on thal last slop. I had to raceevory guy up ibroush drere three or four times.l'm surprised we GnishW whert we d,d (eigNhl. "We hed's much bclicr car (Qhm whme he finished), but we came up a link shaat. I mean, thafs the breeks. We survived and thst's rbig plus. Now, pointed out Elliott, we wn go into Rcekinglum and feel pretty good about IhingC Ellwts4leat victory came sl the 1994 Southern 500, 40 ncas ago. Mark Martin, who Enished founh, seid he was 'tickled to dealh" with his 300. :"1 didn't have a red fastrace aar and I had a eauple of hoys rrZ In wreck mv pretuy bad, and I dodged a lot of hl;: bcllcts mJav, saiJ Manin: "I hed some gnod mrpcrnlion fmn,'I:J (Muag,nve) end JeD(BurWn, hu Roush Racing uarnmaus~.nd all Ihree Roush urs came home In the top 10. We'll take that. Roush finished sixth and Musgrave eighth. Did Martin think he had any elnnee of winning the rsc in the Iatamce shnaouC "WC didn't have enough speed;" he replied. `Kenny was real slrong, and I had Jeff Burlon thcre behind me and Jeff was pretty ng on by But black car (EamhudQ r dut Kenny nc h vef go blocking chencetoga. 9t gotpretty wild there on that IeN lep. It was going to ceuse a wreck if ]Cenny hed decided to go."
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~'I!~(ipC;# 1i?9~(,?~{'~,.~~Y~1((3lI14''71(jc}t(•~8~~. It~('~{vtH•~~(1:I' Et~~'v} ~~~(~iA11j~f(•{~{'I 1 Ga(?~l')'r~~u'~J~irzc~l~~ >~r}aE+(~~~` k't'~'~'W'~ dl7~b LikUz I r (~}'i,1 ~~1~l~}` yIC=/ab3r1)i;t7;~'f7Nlt 1~.,~t f `.#(~ ; ko~1.~~~,~7 n5.jJ1l411C•1`~ vA)'•l4'0''1'}D ~I G1I ~~~" . 1} `;~lllltt~r ~ I~n 11 1; y:, f ! '~j rr J.pa}:, ~t~l •~.;iv1h I st +~1•.l!~"cak(l,lt~lp('I~~~dl~S~b7fv14v1 ( ,~.~1nt~l .te,nravbe:, j }~r9r7(tS ,.r~[~~>tltY ! t 1v;{p ~.6s OF~41. `ifr.d ItL,p Vi d r ~.Y .. .. e v, r.l~.r SONIffIT3 fCBrf 6SEZN 0 mmm
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~ W W O
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[no trouble spencer_ , Qontinued from page 13 • d'one a.great joti since he joined uS here. r "I tell youierything's going ,, the best it cK be." $pencer started 28th, but found his way to the front of the pack with pole-sitter Terry Iabonte early in the race. After passing Iabonte and lead- ing for several laps before falling back to second, Spencer ran into some bad luck when fellow racing Loy Allen Jr. brought out a cau- . tion. Racing was stopped while para- medics worked to free Allen from his car, closing pit road. It was later learned Allen sustained a broken right shoulder.. On the restart Spencer, low on fuel, was forced to pit before pit road opened. NASCAR penalized him by sending him to the back of the cars on the lead lap. Bbomebwg,PA Pres-Enterpriae Monday 021,785 pencer From staff dnd wire reports ROCKINGHAM, N.C. - Berwick's Jimm prob- ably deserved a better ate than a 27th place finish in the Good- wrench 400 here Sunday. Spencer led the race for 53 laps and appeared to have the best car on the track at times before engine failure forced him to exit with 100 laps remaining in the 393-lap race. Despite the finish, he remained 13th in the Winston Cup standings with 222 points. Spencer, however, didn't dwell on his misfortune. "We bad great pit stops and a great car today," said Spencec "(Crew' chief) Donnie Wingo's Please see SPENCER page 17 But he quickly moved through ' the field and, with Labonte out of , the race with engine.trouble, ' ~ again'found tiimself,in the lead umtil the engine faltered. "That's life. I'll take it all the time if I can be up there and lead ': those races like we did today," said Spencer, whose best finish North Carolina Motor Speedway was a 13th in 1990. °That's all I can ever ask from my crew." Spencer thought he would be able to hang onto the lead had the engine not failed. 'This car' was so fast. I couldn't do anything'wrong," he said. "I bided my time with Terry. I thought he had the best car next to mine. ",Terry did a heck of a job rac- . ing me really good. I passed him anytime I wanted to." Spencer will get his next shot at . a Winston Cup win Sunday at the . Pontiac 400 in Richmond. J ~ N N U Cu w J FEB 26. 1996 N4652 OMM©PRESSCLlPPINCS
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10 o, _ *.~~ *:* av 'p . ~rT ~c) m L~~C b
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52245 8290 Mopar Nationals sound like a bioken record i ; By DAVE TREFFINGER Ouarlsr-Pust Staff ~' The peec two yeen have jt~Nectun H~tperfomtmces at Bad Aeeociation IMopn Parte Nationals at Old $iidge Townshfy Rarnvay Park, nuteide uf Engliehtown. Leet yeu, ond remrde !fell - larry ' lowered the : eleped-time in ap el to 4.6g6 'eeconds intheMBler Bacing ,Drapter md A1 ~iann ehrt• tered ehe FYmny Cv s-8 reenrd wlth e mn of 3e6.39 mph in !he Western Auto Pontiac Firtbird . Seturdey at 12:30 and 4 rece for m , , p p . The previous seeeon, Kurt.' '.Johoeon became the fhvt Pro P.m. .. . etei Stock driver to make . sv-secund - Pm Btock will be featured Mo run with a landmark pau of e.ege . Saturday with jhe DuPont Pm `seecndr In his Oldemubile Cut Stock Chellenge Eliminstmne ~1 a1:16 b.m. 3:45 om. and /[~prlmce nGV! , olw .m: .., e• . 4.... Hfi.gtii~ of..NHBAcPrntodtL'6'Renge BaturZaY et',fC1 ~ Marks expected to be set..next weekend at Old Bridge Park retum to the Old Bridge Town- 6 p.~ lotte Motor Speedway, Concotd, televlee ~oth reLee beginning at segmente of 3e lepe, 80 IePo and ship quarter-mile neLrr weekend' N Sund.y'e Mupv Parte N.C: is the piem tq be ne:t 7:90 p.m; 10 lape. Gordon, driving the for the 27th annusl event in an Netl ale eliminetione, which weakend "'Fhe Winston Select Open ie e DuPont Chevrolek won each eeg- ; : ettempt to prvduce more recurds. carrypune of g1,476,66a, go off Friday night, the third of the race nob4dy wenta to be in, but ment last year and walked away d R " Ford with 190a.000. - 1 f all af up want to win I i f ace raoe ntemat on our- o T6e three rerords kll during at Il .m. with the linels on TNN , the Friday night quelifying sn- aL 6: .m. Champiame e<dee makes ite ineu- Thunderbird driver Jirnmv Snen- eion when cool and dry weather Jo n Fu[ee, uf Ymbe Linda, gural eppeermoe on the 1b-mile cer said.,The first-race ple'ces~'R~ provided dependable trsction. Ce1H Is the~hattest driv<r on the owl. the 60.1[p race transfer to the Apfo, sn evming qualifying ci , having won four of eli Tbe eeries of identiwlly pro- ellte Beld of Winston Cup win- eeesioo has been aeheduled for PunGr events. The driver of pared Pontiac F'irebird - Tmm ~en forrrff~bbhe Winsten 9c1eLR. Friday at 7 p.m. The first Pro the < utma OTA Firebird also Ams feetures 12 of the sport's top ft's thing hut fun." eaid Jeff qualifying Is Friday at 3 p.m. Two wun e Winston Invitetionel last driven from NASCAR, Indy Cars, Gordon, "deknding champion of 'quslifying sewfone ere scheduled mon . He holds nearly e two- road recing and eprint car mLinb the Wineton Seleet 'Guyw melly L ered up to go wide apen. It d C dd R bb G N y ar ver o y o cad in the Funny Cer lee In on Klnd of brings me back to the de the poinfa I'- . rgs,. ob Glidden. the defending Setulday, the Wineton Cup sprint car days end the mldget. k wloner stare will be the focus with the days whkre they dropped the P St P d m oc e e , ee for the rece it will be his running of the Winston Select green and no matter where you to t to erart ou'! o wide o en ry y g p race In Ms 26-year eereer. Open md the $1,081 ,O6a Wineton nt You don' t cere the f t t ' o m t P Select, NASCAR e elt-star rece a Ste tes~ Wece tO be g p,m The winner Is gumNNarentaed e about w.~nngyo ur tires out." a, .....L ..* e.., ~ f:h.r . 1: ,,, . aemInn ~'The r7ce fe divided into three Dale Eemhanlt'e GM Good- ' wrench Chevrolet will arry the I Olympic Gemes color echeme for the reoe. URC retums to 8ddgeport , The United Racing Club sprint no make the first of their three an ts to Bridgeport Speedway in Logsn Tuwnehip on Friday night, Glenn Fitceherlee, the win- ningeat driver in URC hietory; headlinee the field. Racing is eet for 7:30 p.m. . Foliowing Fridey e event, URC retume on Seturdry, June 29 .n~ Sunday, Oct B. ~ •
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._~ -II
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BbomtburB, PA Prea•Enlerprlee ~le •i'i11(iYy~liTi te~St117:iF~ 1 r1~1~/•4~i°)t4i1:°Ii,l 0 CORIb , y ~wa; ~0,~ 1@aves Jarr`e,4 "h' ayL~t~t ye . C hbrx~c 1n na'Yn`Rn AridlflnnRl- nL1R 4%eQ'is°ds`,'Y,..go-$}~•s!~,7' ' IIItlWIIUJ-uII ot.$s9o,ooo rrQr~ R.~. Reynaias ff se h cutNe re con .11 ~ he'cen iHlct ihe,Southern'500;on 1,Qt i r wti nne o e Lat~or.Day weel~6nd 9k Daittrigton fece w - But Jarrett di~c~ f'9et I't all.last ,,,, event wlth the ead MM"'UR I il73Uar ~ `, Wee~,aflp V1k , bor~us,qqw tq$. Q0,000fort. P ` ~ t ' •AI'~ FE . • rm. . j!
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0 0 : :3n . • r N . • A : ,v ._ > . . . [I I .f I I 0 D -r- O 3 m ''Lf %%mm' m m V ® w A a A N W W F+ W
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NATIONAL SPEED SPORT NEWS NldOnwod, NJ WEE6lT 70,347 MAY 22, 1996 . ,~ OPETS tT.AF : -.`ltiam manager7SavEs (.tirter .(le6) -and .-' Jimm'ySpentxreelebrateafter winning The Winston Select '~ Open Saturday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (Dorsey ° E'atriek pkoto). `- . . . ~Mr. Excitemen't :Captures Vnston Open Triumph --.$yBENNYPBII.LIPS;. . . ' CUNCORD M.C. - On-a -.;early 'atd retained tL'eo lead nigLt designed for euitemeot, t4iwgh the only caution peri- Timmy , Sp~.added a dash praduced by a crash. . of his own seasoning'9ahrtdayc Andy Hdlmbur* wlw was 4ffilbwr nicbmi4W ,`W- subbiog for the nqiaed Robert Fxcitement;• charged trom after finmhmg third 915th atertlnjpos~ti~ to first in '' m' Sebaday's ARCA race at ps atd hetd off Lake 2r, .Oot loose m.h¢n four Speed towin the Winston ld udo the wall. Greg Select Open at Charlotte SacWs car also suHezed darn- Matar ~ wsa. Only deot and thf ° the . ~ three trailtmg caution slowed the Sa]a" dash tor n~wumecs on ,~ ~vurged ~ 4 th .. . e tront:.:}Ie took the lead I s W6gton ~Cwp. clr,..';passing Speed'on the ouWde: ; rellap 311 and led to the finish, . 'm°J`ul"y° but he was in a ditfer- slowed only briefly by Dick eat ear driving for,a di/Ier~t Tfickle in lap traffic. Spencer car ownm ;:. . . .; won by three lengths. . 71m top five Open Caiahers 'We're messing wittj the big rounded out the top 2Pcar all-. -:guys now, but we still beat a, star, field for:.the Winston ~lot of good guys," Spencer Select that fa4towed. sa9d. 'R'e've got a good car, Spenoer's d~at®e in the Opw and the guys at the shop'do a ~yrace of the ~~ ... ~t Job. I don't get in pasi- . evenmg. to say that very.oftea" .: . the s;tte, ,anesed . - He did sat,raay nigbE aves• - , ~~ toLowed ~Y Hut - aging 154.905 mp*, wioping i S~~ct1~- Jeft ' Burton and ..$28,000 and cAarging . hrt6 tde. Micbae.l Waltrip. Speed led -all-skarspotlEght.- ' . __J
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Gordon, Craven in front row Sunclay b Joe Macenka 1.5-mile,high-bankedtrioval, five races for Craven, it was the third A~ Sports Writer Gordon's Chevrolet Monte Carlo consecutive Coca-Cola 600 pole for Gor- wasn'tcompetitiveforthelast551apsof don. In seven career Winston Cup races CONCORD, N.C. - Substandard per- the 70-lap W inston Select on Saturday. at Charlotte, he has four poles. formances last weekend helped set the He wound,up eighth,Iwell off Michael "I take deep breaths; "Gordon said of stage for Jeff Gordon and Ricky Craven Waltrip'swinnmgpace. °' ' the secret to his success in qualifying at to earn front-row starting spots for Sun- Craven started 25th in The Winston Charlotte. "You're pretty much holding day's Coca-Cola 600. Select Open, a 50-lap qualifying race for your breath for about 29'h seconds After struggling in Saturday's Win- Saturday's main event. He struggled aroundhere." ston Cup all-star event at Charlotte the entire race and finished 23rd, two -Gordon and Craven helped Chevro- Motor Speedway, Gordon and Craven lapsbehindwinnerJimm and lets capture four of the top five starting rolled out different cars for Wednesday failed to make the field for the Select. spots on a night when a strong perform- night's first round of Coca-Cola 600 time "W e had a car, with a little attitude ance was expected from Fords and Pon- j trials. here last week, so wg left it at home," tiacs. - ; "The car we had here last weekend said Craven, who turned a fast lap of NASCAR last week allowed the cir- obviously wasn't the right one," Gordon 182.877 in, his backup Monte Carlo on cuit's Ford and Pontiac teams to mak te said after he earned the pole with a fast Wednesday night.. f lap of 183.773 mph on Charlotte's While it was the fourthtop-10 start in •' More GORDON on D-4 : --:- Gordon wins ~oda-Cola 600 pole . tQ Continued from D-3 like we did the othehight," said Waltrip had the eiithth-fastest ~ Ray Evernham, GaGdon's crew speed Wednesday night when the body. changes designed to help ' chief. "In hot weathif, it's really" top 25startio~spotsweieset. : m them compete with the rede going toshowup.ThiBislustaoce- The rem~der' of ~S ` 's signed Moate Carlo. The sanction- lap deal:' i'~ q 43-car starhug grid was toi• ing body took the action bec:ause "It's as equal as it~ ever beep: ` termined m a,taecond round of Chevrolets have won 28 'of ' 41 They're very str6pgght now," ;-time trials today. *«':' races since the new Monte Carlo Gordon said of the ~ords. "But Brett Bodine and Elton Sawyer was introduced for the start of the right now we're tryu~g to not `:crashed into the fourth-tura re- ~ 1995 season. worry about what they ve got be- taining wall on their qualifying , Fords looked strong last week- causewecan'tchangeit." runs. Neither driver was seriously end in the Select, their first event Winston Select winner Michael injured. with the new body changes. The performance led to widespread . Uncurof, PA complaints by Chevrolet drivers N~ Era that it would be more of the same ' Wednesday night and that NAS- lsnoeutbr CAR officials gave the Thunder- M1t Am I birds and Grand Prixs too much `Teundaf 0 6t,2i0 ! help. But Chevrolet drivers Terry MAY 23. 1996 Labonte and defending 600 cham- pion Bobby Labonte were fourth and fifth Wednesday ni~ht. The N4740 i lone Ford ddver to crack thetop five was John Andretti. Busch ~ ~ Grand National regular Chad PRESSCLIPPINGS I Little, making his first Winston -• Cup start since the season-0peti- e ' ~{ P g, the y top 500, was sixth fast- p performance by a Pon- fhi tiac driver. Despite the Monte Carlos' suc- cess in time trials, the Chevrolet teams said they still expect Fords to have the edge in Sunday's 600-mile race, the longest on the ~ circuit. "We're going to get beat justj
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Chtrblb Hot6N, F4 Ch.Utb Sfin HIMd Pud, 0rh ed Arn smdry eUM>t1t+e FEB 10. 1886 N46054 xroo.wruscurnrwr Jimmy Sp0nc0r, who won at Daytona In the~Juy 1994 Peps1400 race, ohecks the Inside of hb'.llq:. Zi.Sawtdn' Joe's Ford. .. ~;.,""'.. . . _ . $:$inGnLS~::.r~; . . ,... Jimmy..Spencer Mest Winston Cup drivsr Jimmy Spencer, a two-time Wlnner on - the Winston Cup eireuK. His victories canle at Daytona and TalFedspa In 1994. His nlckname Is Mr. ExcHsment, end he'Is knownasan aggresshre-at times too aggrsssivs - drivar frequently blamed for. wret:ka. SPENCER  LAST RACE: SbRh at Atlanta . last year My wite Pat end I have • .~ two Wds, and Broy're involved in a lot of activities. . '1 try to go to their stuff when I aan."  WHERE I GO ON VACATION: 9 used to go to Deykna,butnowIheveto work when I go down there. 'Now we go back to PensyNanle to spend time with our iamilies over the holidays." WHATIWOULDDOIFI • NAME: Jimmy Spencer e AGE: 39 SPOUSE:Pat.e CHIUMEN: James, 9, Katrlna,7 . I e CAR: No. 23 Smoldn' Joe's Ford owned by Travis Carter  HOMETOWN: Rerwick, Pa.  RECORD: two wins, one pole, 12 tap-ftves, 32 tap- 10s .THE FIRSTS: First start (June 1fi69at Dover Downs International Speedway), . first pole (September 1994 at North Wilkesboro Speedway), first win (Juy 1994 at Daytona Iruer- national Speedway in the Pepe14U0). . .... . .  FAVORITE DRIVER: Dale Earnhardt ~ . .  WHAT I DRIVE OFF THE TRACK: Lincoln Town Car, Ford pick-up tnck. . . e FIRST SPEEDING TK:KET.1 don't recall."  WHAT I DO TO RELAX AWAY FROM THE TRACK: 'I spend tMoe with my fandly. COULDNT DRIVE A N WINSTONCUPCAR:'I N don't know. ThaYs all I ever U wanted to do. 'Fotttunetey, I am one of W the lucky ones who has ; been able to achieve my goals." . WHAT I'D UKE TO CHANGE ABOUT MYSELF: 'The Lord put me on this earth the way I am and I can't do much about that. 9'm really happy with the lob he's done."  MY PERSONAL NOiTO IS:'Never, ever Quit."
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Eden, NC NWn rhurwlr 0.6,544 MAY 23, 1090 N44025 ~/~///~/ 4l~Y~~®i1r6S5 CLI Pl rNeS he_,aeariP* ;rsest. ~P~^:3n?s', i~ o,Yeeis.r --- ~rr !%ioston•AS+, ~ ; ~ tiIde9'.Creet95~lA^_ I renefue3~ep.~i i V~inston qu "`•' ~d: eajly ~,1 B70s; ;+i r'dtio rem Its~" .. ..r,.,~.,, r - rCULry.,,tliyls lor~1, - ark;111Cte`race4z. (dey;: nlghl a,4;;_ C1(@ce;tht ~raFart;,~+;: ~, ~~ne}usu tesm' '- 8,ky;han",Ihe 6.5" ~@j0t,hoping lor,l atiis~v;enka'ano', r>' ~ W(fdee I,with~~ths'. ipto,1play:;asppNd ` "s'~'yerslon'o/.the~ rsr=r-:
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?lae ioilo+~o9 ESULP,:;;;y d1:a1 3tislo OR yllle ~ Rlve r . E7 li'.eL~t30 bn;~Rodney,~. ~ $u~p'against '. ~ ~9. ~ Ick.,,~. r age ~,12 t:-~~~ ~ r U~easCtwo 6byµTNN~foir aits-when he' I W etidl~o°200 , ' 4edwayN t,~fealure-'~ lapperat-• 'Ome Pinean- :'~ ~ -~ .von,q Peir;. =C~ r v s(ternoon.~.~. . ~ Selurday u , 1 , ~ LEYqJJUFED{~Q~-'`F'~ "'. - ~U(Pretl a brok9n,i , n a5cra{hFridey . : I2~~liste,d as dollbtf or Sundays.600.. _ {{II~d in2for Pres6leY-°rr5`.~aturday rughts' - ~~sl I' e Ir s ert ng field follow o ell~fio i n y 1 Qloibe oulor, ;~ ~~v wa9iJ r e` kndy fetree "Ite, p~ a f J "~lyre~e~ heVe460n1e e 1 i n eJl prab , ~te ~ed,lp ,poe~ e " dhe 71D13RS idotle Moto won";bY M ~qY.C~5r~f i~Cirtg'club 0 0 80 Phl eli!Bd aed inkth'~~'i~t hmansdtiv:er~forr o/ PVole3 ln ~~k- ~ i. ~ N pen 6neup.j ni i;ompennon,mi ~ q;300:. BO'sc}i jf$St628,33 li3k'¢iY~t7'dflr,:f p iri<<aate°BatjJ ^' , nn.ulc9d.aef{ F~jf, ze~elra&11y1
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_-- CIACIETRI'CP' ~ ppqdet, CA 136.482 NOV 1956 M33492 Returning to the main index and se- Iccting the "Teams" option presented a list of the Winston Cup Series teams by driver, owner, and crewchief. Almost every name that appeared could be se- lected to gain additional information or photographs of the personalities. Simi- lar cross-linking could be found in the main index "Standings" selection, which initially presents you with the current Winston Cup Series standings but also allows you to see more exotic stats such as "Top 25 Drivers Over Last 6 Races" and "Modem Era Top 40 Money Winners." It's all presented in an attractive graphic layout, which can be said of the entire web site. But we were just getting started, as the main index also presents a"Tracks" option. Selecting this gives you a list of each track and its race or races, and then clicking on any track name presents a photo and information about the track along with its location and ticket infor- mation. This is also cross-linked with the main index "Schedules" selection. OTHER SERIES We hope you've allowed plenty of time for surfing the Net, because almost all of the above features are also available for the NASCAR Busch Grand National and Craftsman Tmck Series. Add in news reports of the Slim Jim All Pro Series and the Goodyk Dash Series to this mix, and the result is one sixe- able site that will keep race fans happy for hours. Believe it or not, we're still not done with the Winston Cup Series section, The "Garage Report" of- fers easy-to-digest tech information on the Winston Cup Series, ranging from car specs to a summary of the rule changes that have been imple- mented this season. If you choose "Fans," you're presented with fea- tures like a time capsule of NASCAR history and answers to fan questions from top drivers and teams. And, of course, if this is NASCAR there has to be an oppor- tunity to purchase a souvenir of your visit. Select "Store" from the main index and you can pick up features from the NASCAR video collection, collectibfes, apparel, and more. All in all, the collaboration of ESPN, Starwave Corporation, and NASCAR have joined together to create an exce0ent web site that takes advantage of the latest fea- tures of the Internet. The www. nascaccom site is tun, easy to navi- gate, and there is a ton of interesting information. Web surfers, start your computers! o O `~• _ ~*lRR~\ SPX Aftermarket Tools & Equipment Group Welcorne to the OTC Home Page 4D \VhaY. Ncw 0 Product Line 0 About OTC eInlbrmation Rcuut•t *Tcchnical Hotline ODi>Irihuton Q0 Racing Information OTf..SY.C Anrrw.r.bt Lwn ued F.pvlynrnr f.rury, 655 Enrd.rrrlNi.r.O.rra..., .1I8.59aM E :~A-ri,mwrr Srrrin 1aTJ55•Naa-F.raaa•Idr-afLS.Trea Seedret SNra51 CAM1n h4a9aAi5.aJ1Y N.H N'. .I i nn Gw r., ,m TOOt MANER OTC's Vha PAGE REEERS 10ITS RACING SPONSORSNIP EFFORTS IN iHE AC- DELCO CHAIIFNGE SERIES UNOER nS "RACING INFORAIATION' EUrTON. ~~,NO tRAG1NG WEB, SRES Whilewww.nauar.twnlsMeotfnal.web ' ~sf6e nf fhe NATCAR, the wildweb warW has: . • plenty of lnAVnK-baudStodrar nd)sg 5lta pfaf tiosx Some am Bx damMianrporae wWfe.o(IMSam peahd byhrs. eimplq4Texam has a web tfk oMa- ' :a6outFinklnwandrhe. Yahs RMng rmn, all presaMed Nr . grayhfd fnnmt At the o}ha,end of _. - ~Mei6sdWYhysYM wsan+u• sfreFLodr kJl of NASCAR•rNand Tup : , gQ#s dux m The !tle Show wMh Davk(:] It ~K.- Yasaaqlehme+snP' diesituaw fe°tlie~Ipeeij~~`~at It.•:Or Apw!ibuQ' '~ . Teocen~wlxnDakfem Lets newr hierN TadlfdnE7htAfse.fhe' K#»a)'ayEM: enaretqa r'rOmup xr' lake.'TAereYwreblfeiametltirlgto JufpwNgete.snnatad6P~so/51ndc, aatfOeS k1r pW MMernet ayoyma,lt Keep In.., =nWEdfirt newsMVamorebAly41POVk8: . sonofutcanbrmrrpkk.TrynrafarWfy. ~i~ ~r/Nningen)nMnefseaRhpmgamldrlg '-; w+r •N7 m Sals' C as NATCM , rs n or up y ;lryrendnwrds to fiMaddiliaW,slaes a. Mtp://www: eplxnd/-rogerrjtaylQhhM i w . • hftp://tv)dxei mm 1VesMnAVto-Rawg¢.Ye y':MQn'JMw~rrcMcV mMVaa ~itpKAY6mi y x Ihks`..wu.. ~~ ~ ._IFaCTe/kNM1M&nN~~T~- tt•r.~ j •AM~Y/wwwsfinMSxoyN.. r~M d :•'1d~://xwwMehlEmm/npy8_T/ratlng/r ¢,N/MO61l.1NAfCARforurn.. r.... . ~i.•M¢l://wwwmamrrpaGmm/series/M; :.. i.:,_NAfCARhhn/ : . . .. . , i.., MNfNASCARIndex._... ,. . ! • A~merlan WCing frine /xM)d,•x.h6nf . ~' •hl~://wwwsyoitrlfnc.wnilulraiing/autc/ .d~.,0~nt,L...s .. SpdtsLfneUSAAUfOR~an,~ 11 /wwwlE~d~Efr.E..y..n.QxEt/1.. .- IuWirnR/fKmR.hnnf.ix'..E.!t!lt1iA:S`..,- > r OtlfulltAuhfurLr y: ^io/YU.. r...•.. . ~ RaaWtb' . . . . ORtf 11ULA ISS
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lui:burp, PA Joumd FrldaY D 1,910 MRY 24, 1996 N7626 'I /:/Cti/®®PRESSCLIPPINGS I INASCAR parks 24 with bad cages CONCORD, N.C. (AP) - Less any of the teams money, it did cost than two-hundredths of an inch was them time. Instead of making them enough for NASCAR to order two replace the tubitig, NASCAR or- ' dozen Winston Cup and Busch dered thei6 to reinforce it before Grand National drivers to park their they took part in Thursday's prac- cars at Charlotte Motor Speedway. .dce sessions for Saturday's Red "Safety is the axle we turn on. Dog 300 Grand National race and We put it way ahead of competiaon Sunday's Coca-Cola 600 Winston or anything else," NASCAR Cup evenL spokesman Kevin Triplett said The tubing that does not conform Thursday after inspectors deter- to NASCAR specifications must be mined the 24 drivers had roll cages replaced with thq correct product that didn't conform to the sanction- after this weekerid's races. ing body's standards. The tubes are about 5 inches in The problem was inferior steel_lengt)Land are supposed to be .083 tubing in the doors, andit was found inches wide. Inspectors found that in all makes of cars driven by com- many of the tubes had a diameter of petitors ranging from seven-time .065 inches. 'W inston Cup champion Dale Earn- "The integrity of the bars was hardt_to part-time Grand National not a problem; ' TYiplett said. "It's ~driver Matty Ward. just that they were too thin. So Triplett said no fines were im- we're having thetn strengthen the posed on any of the teams because it bars to get us through the appeared the bad tubing may have weekend." all come from the same supplier and "A lot of people probably didn't that the supplier may not have even know the rule existed," said known it did not meet NASCAR Larry McClure, owner of Sterling specifications. Marlin's car."They're just keeping "We're still looking into all us on our toes." ; that," he said. While the discovery didn't cost NASCAR's order, . which af- fected the teams of 12 Fords, nine Chevrolets and three Pondacs, sent teams scurrying for welding tor- ches. Blue arcs crackled throughout the garage Thursday afternoon as crew members made the necessary modificadons, which in most cases took 90 minutes or less. "It's not a real big deal, but be- cause of the liability situation, you've got to be right," said David Smith, Earnhardt's crew chief. "Nobody's trying to do anything funny. But it's in the rule book. That's the bottom line." In addition to Eanilhardt and Marlin, Winston Cup drivers whose cars had bad tubing were Johnny I Bensou, Todd Bodine, Jeff Burton, Ward Burton, Wally Dallenbach, Steve Grissom, defending "series champion Jeff Gordon, Bobby Ha- milton, Bobby Hillin, Randy Mac- N Donald, Robert Pressley, Lake N Speed. Jimmy,$=pc,C[ and. Kenny N Wallace. " Ward was joined by fgllow w Grand National drivers Joe Bessey, N David Bonnett, Jeff Burton, Mark Martin, Patty Moise, Hermie Sadler and Michael Waltrip. -J L
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Wlikee•Berre, PA Citi:ene' Voiee 9onnton Mot Am Sunday SUN 84,e17 MAY I9o 1996 ) ~ S C,CCaA~llttS "}:,810 Hqt $tflc;klin,-Jgff,Burtbri started 20fh,it i fA ~. r t4r r ~ , 1 ' f 19iey. sta ited 24-car lid$IiOr The gbo;t , M ott~y'on6 cauGo .. stx wheq" APa .rx+~^ ~r„o' . 'substltuting for the,injur~Rotieft P l ~ ress ey, lost control and>;sp~ into the wall in turn four G eg Sacks then' spun trytng jo a~qj.d. Hillenburg and cpll0qted„4a• fi Sa tt~, ,Ted.Musgravetiad~i Tiickle' 1A St ey Fri ce the ,t~ IO-lll,..a ,>~ I. @YPalf:+ W y . r Ns' ai'+dff `r ~~~~a;( iol(• .hh ~then6p,"'~r R'instonCCyi s ~ho led at1~' c;ent mto a for 1he mi~d rn ti3ttu(ay,la~f 140,000 speC- tacors[urned o~ii"for~(he feahire b the'~yeekend ;1`heytstqn S~leet , sx-all-star race.''Bufmo'st of the ttcrowd was in place by-the titue.. t the opemng pc~:~ t{te ADG Care 100 ARCA'stock car ta~. ~an',That made it the kl~g~ Svd ever to witness an'ARCA` ;n,:_a . . . 'i..:,~.. . ,. -...~...'.._
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BadinO, PA bple AuBno perwr Xundlr suN10ee65 FEB 18. 1886 . N4828 {0~~®r.eaa cuenxaa a'Y\1`f 7 :x a ~t "rme sMrdnWp hx XMeys 13eylone 600 e 50Bm8eerece nn the 2b - mile Irloval at ne lntempfrond Spesiwey, Deytone Beadr, Fk, x1N . 7udnyk,p tpeed, placing In ivAn 125-m1b quel',lylrg bsee or other enlry. ~..TM'raa b IMers1 qop on the 91-rea NASCAR Winsbn Cup drwX. Sbr- Xn0 MMInlethelwo-tlmedelendlrp cMmpon.0lMrlormerwinnereinme "'~fleb w Dde Jertell, 13; Ernie Irwn,'B1; DeMke. Cope,'BO;Dertell Wal- '- trlR`'69; BB pDOt4 "B7 end'B8; uM Geoff Bodrb,'B&The rece b edie6- '.uled to Ned at mm EST 5, 21, 22; RadbAVIDV/124p ." -~~:-0eb EamhW4 No.9 BM Cocdxrench hevrdd ,: -189.510'.~.Embirren,Na2pTarecnMavalineFOM ' 188.966 i . . . .:. .... ..: . .. . ,. .. ' ;;6 npMadln,NO.IKOdakChevrdet 2Mb1s1125 Ken Bchrader, Nc, 25 Budwelelr Chevrolet 2M In 2nd 125 I r . -. . .,.. ., .. ~ierry.LeOonte,N0.5KeXOpp'tChevroltl ..9tdln1at125 JoXDArdrelD,No.97NmedFoN .9NIn2M125 DaleJemtl,Na88DwIXyCwFOrD .~ IMIn1s1125 ',JeROadan,NO.21DePOmChevrdei. . 41hln2rd125 I, YMIy DeMnhecX Jc, Nc. f BW Moob FoN . elh ln 1s1125 ,.RyryRodd,NO.10TideFad- Sihln2nd128. lv'MkIMN WaIMp, No.21. Cimo FoN ' . Mhln 1st 125 hephxd; No.78 Reminplan Fad8hl In2M 125 ~Wa~d Budan, a22MBNAPorNec .. . 7thlnts1125 Jeremy MeylkM, No. 88 RCAfaM ' Th M 2nd 125 hHOW 5 T ._ '-.~. . . ... MeNn,NO.pYeNdirbFOrd; Sthln1s1125 :f urkn, No. 98 Ezbe Ford ~ 8th In 2nd 125 '-MikeWellea.NO.6DHellIp,Mayere Ford . . Bthin1tl125 ElloriSe,No:27 erftlalrFoN -9thln2rM125 4- Sperlcaf Na ~k ord iDlh 'i io 7st 125 TM Muspreve No 1p emlH • en I Ford f ON In 2nd 125 );~7f ~.&XEllbttNaBd-MeDOneld'sFord 11min1st125 C?!.DerdksCope,NO.12Merb'N'TellFOrd ~ 11thIn2M125 How 12 E' : DeYO Mads, No: 71 Merde Chevrala 121h In 1st 1ffi `to AllenJr.,NO:1BHeaXhSourceFoM 12drIn2M725 T~RdxrtPrealeµNO.898koslGhevrdd ~ f3thlnte1125 „Strre Drissdn, No. 22 HenneBarbere Gsvrokt . 191h In 2nd 125 ~'JoMny Benton Jr., No.90 Pennzdl Pantlec 14th In 10 125 .'~OkkTddde,Na85SadlaRednpFord NthIn2M125 ,'KrePeRy No.12CoonLiphlPon6ac 151hin1s1125 ~ChedURk,Na91SMYgPOntlec 15MIn2M125 ~;RbkMeM,NO.1om4c . 188.478~?,+WuSpeed,N0.88pemFaM 188.158 i .;.~Kenny Wdlaa, No. 81 Souere D Fard -. 188.045 :-~.Jell PuMS, No.11 Phoenix Chevrclet . 187.711 -~: Bobby Lsbunte, Na 181merslete CXevrdel 187.438 ;Nck Gaven N0. 41 Kodiek Chevmbi 186.970 i' Joe Nemechek No. 87 Burger Kinp Chevrobl . 186.737 '10eoXBodme,NO.7.DVCFOrd188.A59 U N .".BObby Hemllton, No.19~$Tppon8ac Provldonel U %.Dertell WtlM , No.17 ~stem ANO Chevrolsl Provlslonal N T .; Bro1t Botline, No.11 Lowe3 Ford ProvHlond m e I;HNSDlddln,NO:BGraMCRpFaN - ProNelorW ~ FoN Pravisional °:RUeryWelleee,No.2.!!X -I D Msi4W:,
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tfi sI R e. A 3id1§G'/~s ei lA'ibQ9/e114`~~'.ife V'f1/rl,7t(i1I~~R rgr!`~e~l,'~Fi tetil~"~paY's xte~'a§9r'i".,y. `<T-X~kr ~e ~9~ 4t7 i,~~e~r 1i~r AS/1{ f~ul[ll~l ee t~~ l~~,iK r~~9 j4 t•~ $¢'is iq reva~t ~~a Id'it e ~rC dn+~l~l, a:f G l ii}. roCe~~,{t'iei)f :~ a)61 }r~ ae{~ ^r~ 7~ . ~}„ }~ lle).l1rLt•~ )rfr'-)71c)eet7 Rftititr~jei e e r 1 e e7~cton) II ~- n cMqs~~A'Ve,aa'~n° st incrc~en~~' r g~r et~ vrhen~ ~ait~~~S,.,i~ n~~!~y~' F ~ ~ ~ a d q4 nTnemlqnt4~eo~ a d'I~lnY~a~~ ~~1< ,~, 7~s~t ~iatnaged too'ffi~ed th(' .! Y N o, , };?;, r , > „h~ ,d,ri usgrd(e said sarca'stt ~ e r , r"~Ily, ~ot~ng~~li~adan~age;to; ~I ab~nlc'lu, Fo~d ~ `7~t,{he radjator, atln tll .- flr~ o)i c,oole~ ttie'whole`sus- " tc t,g,t ] , I),ton ~-Butithc;eFguys~won't ! tedtlnd ~'y ~i~ c iYp We AEc~I pqihts "'t~`tT A :r5i/v at Y< ua~^Wf ~' , ~~ ~ , ~ 1Jter his~1 «u)~d a~ctder~~,, ~ d,~nft j h111 grayerwas It teast`abl0-ip>~fourCr~ ~,,efalh hrsl~ n", ~11Fkht1~' ~~' I'm~~gotn$ ~aek+,otrt-~fo~'` ^' ~ h more fun," he said `;We've.gpt! n ~,(~tl)) fm- 'to''fimsh "this'deal I don't; ~ ,~-~Andretti know if~a tn~ewent dowdor? N) ~?~ttv (9th) ':. what, * biit we' hit .the wall'~ }~an 11th agam. , by` Hanpl "I think it's safe to say thisI ig late • in ' hasn't been our day." Kingsporf, TN TIMES-NEWS Johnaon Clty-Kineapod-Brlatol Mat Araa Tueaday 0 47,800 FEB 27, 1996 P5@12 M®®PRF,SSCLIPPINGS . XC -11 a g.u 4 e 5 d e d L>; ['t a k e .~;, rtI'll't~k~it~~~~ th~ hme rf I 1) ' Nal, , can be"up` there and ,Iead ' race1 t ~, ,those;races.li~te',we,did,t'o,day~ Yol@'tYl That's all I can<ever ask floms ~ we~t o~ my~crkThrs car was 9 'tast pr ~ ,l. I eou~dn t d a4qyt}~tng~y r~l)g'~,e±~ RUDD TLY STALIf ~ f8 bei, ~sa"id~aoiit~Rt y Rudd• ..v 'and~t i0'J}rc~e ln~t,gso pl;a,' far thw rs yeaF;. u(: after only pia two racos the Chesapeake Va "ftg bb~f L~bt ,onc driver has quietly fashioned Ae~j~33~d,' Joht quite an impressive start (7tfi) ?8h .WRst, Kyl After finishing ninth aingto fh npaeTt_as ~.week ago,. Rudd;was "again ln t, place ~µrl: and Bo the thlek of the battle Sunday, ~•ton, (~0"f(i)'ran str,
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---- -ict 88 ~, The.Roanoke ~mes, Sgnday, Feb. 4, 1996 10s (second at Phoenix) and $683,075 Inwinnings. C°reer highlights: Has two victories In248 slarts.... Won the 1990 Daytona 500 and anolher race at Dover In his first lull year on the Winston Cup circu6: .. Cup earnings of more than $3 mll- Ilon.... Was a catcher in professlonel baseball, but turned to racing after a SUN 181,950 FEB 4, 1896 -1 RICK MAST Age:38. , d•Ives: Rockbddge Baths. Cpf: Hooters Pontiac Grand Prix. OwnerrRlchartl Jackson. ;, ;jCrew chief: Kevin Hamlln. " '1996 changes: Team switches from •' `Fdrd to Pontlac end from Skoal to ''`Htloters. - 1995 highlights: Mast slipped from . :.181h to 21 st In points after recording jonlythree top-10 finishes and winning ; ,SZq9•550. ~ ~ Cereer hlghtlghts: Novlctories In 105 ~etens.... Started racing In 1973.... : Began entering Winston Cup races In - d 988.... Winston Cup earnings of "almost $3 mllllon...'. Starting sixth year -whhRlchardJackson. -Scouting report: Mest Is hoping his :-. pe,w Pontiac will let him break Inlo Vlo- ,tory Lane, but he and his team must i~-qvprcome chronic rellablllry problems. ,.R,RU$TY WALLACE' ' l~ge:39.rr~• " ;~Iges: Concord,'N.Cr':~~;. . . - knee Inlury. Scouting report: Had a nice 1995, but can he Improve on 119 He'II need to II he wants to keep the ride. Fennig is Allison's secret weapon. Raanglm, VA TIMES Rcsness Nst Aru P5564 l.y, [UN©Pa£S.SCLIPPINC! t .16 TED MUSGRAVE Age:40. Lives: Troutmen, N.C. I Car: The Family Channel Ford Thun- derbird . , Owner: Jeck Roush. Crew chief: Howard. CromSt¢pk~T , .._ "'1996 chehgesrNone. ~ ;:. ~ r ::~.:. . `.' 1995 hlghlighta;One pole and 13 top, ~ 1gs to finish e career-best seventh In -. ' polnts;;wlth 61,147,445. . - yCareerhlghllghts:Cameto,NASCAR . in USAC ' from ASA : Fathar reced . ,. •Cer.Mlller Recing Ford Thunderbird: . f I Ownei: Penake Racing (partnershlp oi "DON.PETERSEN/Statf . serles In the 195qs and 1980s :: • ' " Sterted redng In 1973 Raced out ....• ..Roger Penske, Rusrywallac» and oon Rick Mast (1) finds himself In the mlddle of a Martin'sville " lawetocks from 1983-88, wlth top tlve. . Mm ' ' l Sh h d 21 T • S l I M d i er) h; ;o v or an 9p er ( ) way tang e nvo ng pee Brry 6lhs I 97f ,,nsen percent o his reces... , Crow chief: Robin Pemberton . I:abOnte (next to Shepherd's c8r; Dale Earnhardt (3) and The 1987 ASA Rookle of the year.... .• ~~emeanges:Carhesne4•Palnt ~. SterlingMarlin(4)duringthe'1995WInstonCupseason 'FlrstWlnstonCupracewasln199o.., ' SKh - ~ No victories In 153 starts:, • . Winston -1995hIphllghtsyWontworaces(down .',CupeerninpsolmorethanS2.gmilllon. , ,; frQtn elght In 1994) end no poles, Iln- 1896 well eHect hls team s eblb'' '8coutln snd ihis me orl:0ule6 steed lth r plecee And re h S y y p y : c enges: m e B ,` hed 9nh In Wlnston Cup points and i progress has marked Musgrave s. r'~.f6 Petreeescrewchlet , IryloileldacompelltNecsrearh.Ilhe. t li 51842837 d < ng collecle pursesto e ^ 1 hlhllh EmhMt 8'hs the c h'ul fl hJld Rh I 1994 ,,.p96ggt.:aa wonve ':aer,e wn reces c cereer snceeoneousn. tRf83VllnatonCupetarte;Inclutlingl0' ~ three" polea~Heflnlahedseoondln ~ ~ 1 - " tt` r~~• ~ enl 'V gratam~993 '198BWInstoncup 8HUTSTRICKLIN I ,,, pointsendwonS3154241 .. ". rP ~r 1 a 1 , ` A9r34 . ohemplonand1B88runnerup wlthsN t t e tl Wl ` x ns on s Bev n me Cereerhighllgh ,; 17 DARRELL WALTRIP YTC/brleebothyearc;.•.MadeWlnston Cupohem Ion-lgBg 1988 1987 uvu: Cdere Aln;t-r~7,s'tr~i, debutatAUenuM'1BBD,6nle/eng cen8t vo Bro e1,S` od under• . A e•49r {.P.. -;1BB01gg,18B3entl g94 :HaeeB 9 s:- FranklinTenn r~r"L a b ~ . e ~fi(s' acbRdlprPeneke-ewnetlcar 4 NCtorlesln511atetls. .iEleven.idcto~~ ~ C~ , , °Iz~e .Weeter Auto Chevrolet Mon~te to NA SOAR r e ot ' '' ~ - Totel Cu eernin I 1ge7 l C yM o r/ 4B~~ ~ ~ ; ...r : p g r as n h ~b Pn7110ps1,bpa A CupOOkls of the almoet526mllllonlelopslnU•&tac I, 'yserin1984,1u11•tlmeelnoelhen.,.. - In FlretreoedlnWlnetonCUpln 1996ohenpn:8trakll0replacesJeR Owner:DerrellWeltrlp. . ~ p.... : 4hlp eernlnps exoeed 612.76 mUllon, , 1976.... Full•tlme elnce 1B7B, Miwn he ' Bunon. Trle tsam stlll w•as.wlthoutl aCrewchlel: Pete Petereon. i, Booutlnp nport: Welleoe hed Nro o6 ' ,eponeor In lete January> r, - r : - 1998 changes: Car hee.new pelnt l h .wes rook e of t e ar. ;,Ford'aelphlNClodeelestyear,soAr ~° '' -.1pp6hlphllghlrFlvatoplOJlnlehaeln aoheme.-:• . apoutlnp report: e e huhprler than got his share. He should post more vlo• ever, heppy wltfi hle new conlreo! °nd - 24 etene end hle Bret polepa IGon, at . 1996 hfphllpMs: One pole and el h,t Rooklnphern In Ootober. Flnlahei3BUl, , lop•10~BnUhae wlth 566g,6321nvRn : ' todes In 199e u the teern meturee tletermined to rece more eppreeeNaly , .... under Pembenon'e guidance. ' Thls may be the yeerJeB Oordon really. 'In pelnN 4nd won 5468,Oe6e !';1:~ . nlrrpe entl e feth•pleoe finish In points.. " leerne ebout Earnhertlt's Intlmldetlon CarwYhlphllpMs, Runbsr-bp @r,19g9' Career hlphllBhla EIphtyfouivlotorNe '' rookie ot the yenr.>; Has won $1.58 In 858 etene..:. Tied /or third on the ell• ~, 4.~QALEEARNHARDT mllllon.onWlnstonCupclrouN.s.,Best Omevlatoryllstw9h8obbyAlllson...e r~ 94 s was second at Mlohl- Winston Cup ahemplon In teBL 1682 ra r "4 STERLING MARLIN . . finish In 1 rece ' Age: 38. - ' gan In 1991. •., The lgap NASCAR ' and 1985.... Twelve victories each In v' yv~el'Mooreadlle,N.C.Llvn: Columble,Tenn: ~. Dashserleschemplon. .-1981 end1982.,..The.1B890eylone °i Oer. GM Goodwrench Che +rol9^-t Monte. Car: Kodak Film Chevrolet Monte Car- Spouting report: Wtth nosponeorwell . 600 wlnner,.. , Wlnston Cup earningA ~ Cerlo : ~'• - : lo..~ Into 1990 end Stricklln new behind the of more than $14.4 mllllon. Qwrn Rlchard Chlldress, , . Owner: Morpen-McClure Reclnp•.; .', Wheel, this teem faoes'a flghtforsur• Scouting report: Waltdp le rarln' Io go .• N Gewphler:Davltl3mfm, Crewchlel:TOnyGlover vMalln1998 " aftersuccessfullegsurgeryendno . ° . ,.. si {: s{}q. .. „, .1996 chanpes: None. longer talke about retirement, but ' - MONEY WINNINGS 1996hIghliphts:Inhlsflnestyearto . .9LAKESPEED. therecsallllmetograoefullybowout.lf dete,Merllnwonhlssecondooluecu•:19981sIIke1B95,1997maybehlsflne- "tive Daytona 500 and two other races, ". Age: 48:.- . le. had 10 other top-10 8nlshes, won one - Llvee: Conoord, N.C:, Cer•S emFordThunderblyd 1.~'Jetf 8or8on+: ~' 64 347,343 . pole,hnlshetllhlydlnpolnropndhatl, p~erHarryMelling., ,18BOBBYLABONTE ' $2,259,6021nwlnnlnps. ~•..'.:; Crowchlel.JlmLOnp Aga:3L I Caresrhlghlights:Mddinhestqurvlo-~ d: . .' ' ' ,. , tonea In 340 r°csa, .. , Flret faced Wln-I 1996 changes: None.; . ' Car: Interrst ,e Ben~ e Chevrolet Monte / 1995 highlights: Speed made every rY ston Cup In 1976.... 'Rookle of the year In 1983.... Full-time elnoe 1987. r reoe In 1995, but had only two top•10 • Cerlo. I ••, Has s7a5 million In Cuo esrnlnnsS' ''Bnlshes. He was 23rd In points and won Owner: Joe Clbbs.
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.. TI#e WINiTON sileROT OPtN A happy Spencer (bnter) ' la joined In victory lane by car owner Trwla Caaer tleft) and erew ch1e9Dennle Wlnye for aquickcetebratlon ' before climbing back in fnr the "Nn ewnt.' %/IL CAVNJ %,Otu 1'd turn the car after that, the tire would rub on it and I'd get this real bad vibm- tion." .. Strlckgn's car also began giving him problem5late, the result of some son of tuLSS the team encountered the entire weekend, which had him wondering if he would even finish the race, let alone hold onto a transfer spot. . "Whatever's aihng: u's, we've been fighting it all week, a skip or whatever," Stricklht said.."The last 15, 20 laps, it started to get worse and worse. I was . ju6t ptayingto finish there, to be honest wiEh you." : . ... . . . V7altrip, too,, said he was sweating a car that tumed mediocre in the closing Lips. "It was OK, you know, kinda ugty,". ,Waltrlp-safd:'"But we`'made it, so we 'g' can impiove fiom there. I've won this who statted Nnth: "r.ve finished second in this thing before. I've finished third, I've finished fourth, finished tifth'. I wanted to win."- . . y1s^-MosPoFthe`cac'e'"s action came in the first 20 laps, when Spencer, Burton and others charged to the fmnt and hen . on oocurted for a mudNcar incident on lap six. Andy Hillenburg, replacing the injuced Robert Pressley, spun in turn four, collecting Greg Sacks and also damaging the cars of Ted Musgtave and Jay Sauter. At the time, Speed was lead ing, with Bodine and Derrike Cope close behind. ~ Shortly after the restart on lap 10, though, Cope's Ford dropped off the pace with overheating problems, and Bodine got shuffled out of the groove as the train of Walttip, Stricklin, Spencer and Burton all hustled.by and into the transfer spots. Spencer then chipped away at the front three, passing Waltrip for third on lap 21, StrickEtt for second on lap 26 and Speed for the lead five laps after that. . From there, not only did the front five not change position, but neither did the second five other than Shephent nosing ahead of ffamilton for eighth by the finish. .. . Hamilton, In the Petty Enterprises Pontiac, actually looked headed for a., ttansfer spot eazty, moving from 10th to ~ fifth In the first 10 laps. Contact with I Cope while nttlng for fourth spoiled his ~ chances of putting Richard peny's car ~ ~ into the all-star race for the first time I ' since Petty tethcd in 1992. ~ "I got up'to Hflh and Derrike Cope ~ thing before, then fizzled out in The ~ t(igetlteranditcavaitheftont Winston., Maybe we can save die best xti~ right fender in;" [fanJlton said.' "When for List tonighc" -.. ® WIN9TCN CUP iCENE Con9ord, NC WEEKLT 119,900 MAY 23, 1998 ® M25978 ®®rR89d CLIYPlNGQ
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-~ f140.W,:HADNI~IM 4C... _ K" `~`$r±^3[r~!~;~` p5 V~~~. {Y3~ ro.,~Cs_ r^ C~! y ~1 "Not Ibis I ~ 11ear" "The Master's ® In ® B 0 © P Q os'frqfi s 0 W ® ly,y $X6RP[ PN0101 m
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~ returning~'`~~ Spencer 'lG to home race track 8y Dick Dougherty .Jourier Times 'It's funny, but it's true. Jimmy Spencer can drive at speeds near 200 mph, but only gain an inch or so in the NAS- CAR Winston Cup Series points race. Spencer, however, is satisfied. !n the last four races, including a ::ixth-place finish at Dover Inter- aational, the driver from Ber- wick, Pa., moved up four spots to 19th with 1,221. Dale Earnhardt leads with 1,901. Spencer hopes for a good out- ing in Sunday's UAW-GM Team- work 500 at Pocono Raceway. Spencer, 39, has been running at Pocono since 1989. "That year :.was with Buddy Baker," he said. "We broke a timing chain : nd finished 33rd." He returned later in the sum- nter and started 21st. He was 15th and running. "My best finish at Pocono was in 1993," said Spencer, who was teamed with Junior Johnson. "The jack broke on our last pit stop, but we came back to finish fourth." Pocono can be considered Spencer's home track. He grew up in Berwick, a little more than a half-hour drive west on 1-80. Scholastic football fans know all about coach George Curry and the-Berwick Bulldogs. They are perennial PIAA state champions. "1 played football one year," :ald'.Spencer, a former lineback- .•r: ='I've been racing since I've Oeeri 18. 1 had to give up some- lting. I wasn't going to give up racing." Spencer's father, "Fast" Ed, was a regular on tracks in cen- tral tral Pennsylvania. Once, the sto- ry goes, they were driving against each other. They were fighting for the lead and Ed crashed into his son at the finish line and won the race. That's a competitive spirit that many say has died in Ameri- ca. Drivers on the Winston Cup circuit are learning quickly that car No.23 is for real. Spencer made a major decision for the Travis Carter-owned Smokin Joe's car by hiring Don- nie Wingo. "Donnie gave me new race cars. The attitude of the team changed. We have a good motor program," Spencer said. "But our pit stops have not been consist- ent. We're working on them twice a week." Wingo worked for Bud Moore and handled drivers such as Geoff Bodine, Dick Trickle and Lake Speed. "I think the world of him," Spencer said. "We're finally get- ting our heads right." Spencer has three victories on the Winston Cup circuit. Two came in 1994 at Talladega and Daytona. Last month, Spencer crossed the finish line first in the Win- ston Open at Charlotte in his Thunderbird. It was a non-points race. Spencer, 6-1, 220, has dropped a lot of weight. When he's not listening to George Jones, George Straight or Z.Z. Top, he's concen- Berwick's Jimmy Spencer is look- ing forward to racing at Pocono this weekend. trating on a workout program, playing golf, gardening or riding his jet ski. In the early years, good luck wasrt t riding with Spencer at Pu- cono. He crashed, blew engines and didn't finish in the top 10. "Last year in the first race I blew an engine," he said. "Then I ran out of gas." Spencer feels good about Po- cono. Then it's Michigan, Day- tona, Loudon (N.H.) and back to Pocono. Continued success will move Spencer up in the standings and increase his bank account. Like a sure-footed mountain goat, Spen- cer is climbing. Pocono was re-paved, but Spencer isn't concerned. "It will be smooth," he said. "The only problem we will face is a one groove raceway, and they'll be a lot of passing on the straightaways."
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® 4 1 I r, 1 i, 11~,~ ~rhllr.~x t{I tl! r ~71a~1x ..1 e- , .. i:~ . 1 1 1 .~.I~Iti , I ,. r II`.Ir ,.~ , ~ . i. . . a frk:. , lnlol!' {: rr r([t 4~ ... , ..,.r ~c.i~ .. . ~ . . y ~ :':I I:. ll ,a rl r ,., r~. -~~lr- Iljc'i r a
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OF-FCAI NatcaR YEaRYDON & PREIi GUIDE ChdotN, NC µRUAt 100,000 1996 n4389e M®f tBSS CL IIII NG S NASCAR Preview and Press Guide Jimmy T he 1996 season could be the great "tumaround" for Pennsylvanian Jimmy Spencer. There is no doubt about his ability behind the wheei of a race car - he owns a pair of iW1SCAR Winston Modified national championships and eamed the nick- name "Mr. Excitement" for the talent he displayed on that circuit. Again paired with car owner Travis Carter and spon- sor Camel for 1996, Spencer expects to be back at the front of the field throughout the season. The 1995 sea- son was a struggle for the team; Spencer was unable to make the field for the season-opening Daytona 500, which put the team in a hole right from the start. In 42nd place in the point standings following the next event, at Rockingham, the team never really recovered from that season-opening bodyblow. h was a shock for Spencer, who won a pair of raees - his first NASCAR Winston Cup career victories- for Junior Johnson the previous season before he moved over to Carters purple and yellow'Smokin' Joe's Ford. ~ Jimmy struggled in qualifying and was unable to make the field at the first Martinsville race. Missing a second race made it even more difficult to climb up the point ladder. The team finally began to show some form in the final third of the season. Spencer had finished ninth in the Busch Clash, the Winston Select 500 at Talladega and the Pepsi 400 at Career NASCAR Winston Cup Record YEAR RACES WIt18 10P5 TOP 10 TOTAL $ WON 1989 17 0 0 3 $121,065 1990 26_ _ _ 0 0 2 21~775 1981 29 0 1 6 293,620 _ . 1992 ;.._.-- - 12 - --.. 0 3 3 186,0&5 I 1993 0 6 10 686.026 1994_ . ?9~J 4-L-- 479,235 1995 29 I 4 507210 RM ® © ® ~ Best Flnish:lst-211mesnlost Racent-1994 DNHard 500 Blygest Pursa: 681,450-1894 DieHard 500 139 Daytona, and posted a 10th in the DieHard 500 at Talladega. Mid-pack finishes at Watkins Glen, the sec- ond Michigan race, Dover and Charlotte meant that the team was headed in the right direction. In the final event of the year, Spencer posted his best finish of the season - a sixth - to give the team a huge morale boost headed into the winter. That finish helped Jimmy move into 28th in the final point standings. This year marks Jimmy's sixth full season at the NASCAR Winston Cup-level; it could be his best. He has the ability to join the upper echelon of Cup competitors and promises to apply the same detennination to the task with which he produced his Modified championships. He moved to the NASCAR Busch Series in 1988 and has dri- van for Buddy Baker and Bobby Allison in addition to his stints with Carter and Johnson. During his brief career, he has won more than $2.4 million at the Cup level. Racing was a logical choice for Jimmy when it came time for career decisions. His dad, Ed, was a longtime short-track terror in the Northeast and his brother, Paul, currently racas asphalt modifieds. Jimmy and his wife Pat live in Mooresville, N.C., near Charlotte, with their children James and Katrina. w N a LG A u
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f ® ~ m 0 ® ® ® ® ~ ~ ® ® ® ® 0 0 ® ® 0 m inl i!..!~ u tl rfr.,q,il r~~lcY .+lr. .)itlr~:wr~ I } "i~i! 7q71jr{iylijl~rl ' n ti ! 71 _'ll Sing~r~rlal,)I;t3~S,~f1~'~q~ ~~j( `~s 1 1:C a i1)~ /~~Asi i~ rl/ It, ~~'lu '~i ~~ !~(.{3A S 1 FrdVl°f 1 Hisa 1) j qf;'i I~r~Vjr3 i12~ -a 1 ((, i,~• i, 1 i y y vr~~4)~-htaiVf,ItAq]'~7~'~ZYYlI,~C'~y)rTs~di J~il)r 1 t.yih~ u rd~S,f~4~rX~)1°?1r)it 4a1rJ~>ir,~~h III~;~a,~S~~~',3c.y<<~r a jl~ ~+" 1s ~ t eia c/rr1 ~~ ; i p. r. e d~ r iPF Ai=) I 1~ !i .{pP, ) ir~4 ltlrtjrl..i;'d:~ i' glt '!Y)I 1~ ..1 ~:r7~9I~ ff.l~}I/)q ) r i,] r~ ® p1lra'.'!:i ..IrUu'yn,llit <e j '/il 11. . . :, y i.Y7irirq ,IrI~~P.7r)eliSlrl rri~ld;l~r)J,.'~ ~</~)4:~?'I~./1e1~:liRNq~l:01•1'i;_)ai •,6ePt, ~LJ .rlaryil,Q i4•fY-,+.i,111/YYJ~idlil:' X~l~iq~: !> ersJ~soiqo)d st li~'.:Jk: °) r1f +fri 1 rl ir: i~ /rYr ,) 1{ I• . :R11 V111~r0: ){/f tCl[11~11~1~~~"~I~~ ~ su.~).I,i/l Pai idiifS i t! q'~ 1 z!S ~: )/ I~qrir911u~ ~ ~a i 1 r1N. il i r_ 'n• r!r r rr :r f:~ . .t P s D,,1NSC)s ~Si`t4~) Y1 to~"t! ) r[~'0',{} a rjl} ~,':i ~ Jrjri9 r ~ r 1~ 1 U 1rYrj +~s4 I~ 42 )rY!.~ A~.~~Fi 'r: ~r3ir7 t~.j ~ r~frEd71~;~~~ .~'~I~al~i~JdD~~~r1rYilrr~PiTti'f- ~ T_14,IqjSr}3iir)'I `Flr~~~l'/S~ ~~pYJf{1,5{up iCdqil;•l~t~S~.).}~.x')Gie} 1~1/+ . _ ~ p ~,-., ~/)~V)it y~rlllil.lli ir)~1T~ 'il~i»1~G ~ll)itat,<CllEl)u1r~~~,7n5':i! .. .. , .. . . . .. o ,.. .. 0 0 ® N4752 ®?R$SSCLltIlN6 Lehighton, PA 'fhnei News AI Iontown Mdbu Frldey D 18,028
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Spencer answered ~ ~ the call... eventuaily up on first Winston Cup offer~ ,, For the Press EntarpNae i e ~ Berwick native.literall~r hung ' Baker called in 19g9 to Spencer a Busch series Ybomebio9, PA Pna•Enbrpriee ~ Smokin' Joe's driver Jimmy. coiild fmish his question, I Wedneedaf 021,785 DOVER, Del. - Most people sit was interested in driving his~lin'- and hope that when the right s~ ~p ~~. ~~mde<."tif career opportunity comes calling, . the seasoa, begmning wi the they will be around to answer spriug Dover' race ~ Bef y he Spencer was there when the ph~e put down the phone and wec JIMMY SPENCER ... looks Mrward to Dover return e n ~ .Sp Continued from page 17 NASCAR Winston Cup car - and `"Ithoupht somebody was ~ MAY 29. 1996 he hung up. a really bad joke on me,' cer rang with his first:offer to drive a, to work, It wasn't that the offer was that ~d• 'But Buddy caB rittht bad. In fact, had the Berwick . back and said, 'Boy, this is Ba dy native not hung : up as Buddy Baker, do you want to drive. my Baker was introducing himself, he race car at Dover or w1~R4'" would've have realized the offer Please aea SPENCER pa~§ 2? N4662 /~/~/:~~raaia~lii7iPR£4S CL7PPfNGS ~-- - ~ ~ - . -__ •Man, that was the last thing on my mind,' Spencer said. "Driving a Winston Cup car. I mean, yeah, if you're a race car driver you want to drive Winston Cup, but I had only been driving in the Busch Series f~r a couple of years. I def- initely wasn't expecting the call. 'Fortunately he called back, and everytime we go to Dover I think about him calling me." • Spencer futished S4th in the Bud- weiser 5o0 that year, but since then he has been a mainstay on the Winston Cup circuit. Since the spring race at Dover in 1989, he has bounced back with some solid performances, includ- ing a three top 10 finishes. 'Dover is a tough track,' ~15th'startwg position, he eharged Spencer said. 'It's one of those to the hront in the 50-lap prelimi- tracks that if you let it, it wiB get nary and~rabbed the win. you. Racing 500 laps around Dover 'We're gitYng ready to start the will wear the best of 'em down. streDch of fbe season where it gets It's a really long race, and you really t~tgh,' Spencer saidd have to pace yourself to be there at , Beginning at Dover we have like' the end. . two-weekimds off during the next "I was pretty excited about my . 18 -' first Winston Cup race there,". •"~,'his '`of year if you're not Spencer said. `I had run some running ', it takes its toll on Busch races there, but those are you,' he d. "We feel that we got only 200 laps. I had myself mental- : sorne m tum at Charlotte that ly prepared to race 500 laps that will help get through the sum- day, but the motor quit and I came mer me Dover starts a very up about 425 laps short." importa part of the season.' Spencer and the Smokin' Joe's Sm ':Joe's car owner 1Y~avis team showed they were prepared Carter ' been around the sport recently at the Winston Select for n 75 years and is well Open at Charlotte. Despite his aware o blems drivers have at Dovet As a crew chief, Carter won back-to-back September races at Dover with Harry Gant. "You've got to have a lot of patience at Dover,' Carter said. "I think Jimmy knows that now. When we got together in 1991, that place got him. We wrecked bdth times we went there. "If you look at the guys who have had the most successes at Dover - Ricky Rudd, Harry Gant, Richard Petty, David Pearson - ~ those guys are known for'beingw smooth drivers," Carter said. N "DOVer is a monster, that's"for sure. And you've got to let tbat 10 monster come to you, or it'B,get N yoa good." m
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* ALIGNMENTS * fRONT END FRONT & REAR s28ss (a $4895 r.w., c„. 'd„, r. . re us wuro~rs j, ~ mf19 FrFwi~,i . . ® I 2737N.MdDSt.,Din.IDe I W kcfyJ Ih s.robn9 hl'.b d blcd•r o 4 sprcrk is: -d o/f- m. ornprrs.or. and hnnd tools. ® ALL Uf: 7i3-s0as ._, x 1-tD7-Yp-6D33 ;-,. oponM , {,-E-5 2J8D R,vcrsid Dr.. Donv Ilc. Vo. 7i• WINSTON CUP A"ENiI°N-NAS`A WINSTON CUP FANS-NOW S THE TIME TO BUY SOUVENIRS ®-Goo&mm-ch': SOUVENIRS OFF ENTIRE STOCK OF - •DALEEARNNAHD ~ MARK MARTI N /A(/~~/ - ~ JEFF OORDON • RUSTY WALLACE _. SHOP _ •MARKMARTIN 3 ' AND OTHER DRIVERS NASCAR MERCHANDISE •• • • Call 797•141 7 OPEN MON: FRI. 8 A.M: 5:30 P.M. 1. wlveweloa owrva OPEN SATURDAY 10 A.M.-3 P.M aFER ERPIRES FEa. s. 19% - . raoea Ilr.. 1 B~uaah  rhe orMrb•vkto b•cw.r eUp UI•torMelaP 10 wandlnVa Mtne nD/on, ana 5U parc•nt dNorth Wllkeiboro SP••dwey and 24.364 percent of The nauonal charrpbn wll be delennnsd by a corryeriecn cl the North Carolina Molor Speedway. raplenal ahampbna uelnp a thna•varlabk eompstidon Index. The van- Now.v.r, unike the North Wllkeabdro IacIIXy, Smhh has no plaro to •bks kldudo vdnnlnp pnesntape, pircanlaqe ol possible recea conp•1. mova datea• 'We heve abwhdey unpuNocaly no pl.na 1e movs a ad In and the walpMed war•pe of entrlea at each track conpared to Wlnslon Cup daa from Bristol.' clh•r tracke In that region. . No u01rq price wee reported, bM Carrier turned dovm a $21 milion Naw, Ilpure all thM oul and you an the nalbnal champion -• by de-oller for th• si»edway tour years eyc• fadl• ' 'When Larry Carrier qeee to the benk this vnak to make e dpoall. SHORT CHUTES - that bank wiM be kanlnq very huvYy,' Smith 1eked, JN.ra• Nenslay made k official laat wNk when b signed a oneyear - deal p drive a Orkrr Laelnyownad Dodge truck In the NASCAR Super- TRIAD RACINO EXPO Truck SerNs for the 10" aeaaen. The eacond amual Trlad Racing E~o kh benMla the MekeA- M ComnuNy Cemef SM- yetenn Dodge anpine-0uNder Joey Ardnplon of MardnavAle will aup- W:ah Foundation, h achaduNd ter Iha F.Ydd whk h py the anplnr. urday and Sundey In Burlinpton, N.C.  Rn4hLkn Racing School wK provide elaaaes on ahorl-Irack drW- The ivant wll feaWr._nce nn of 9111 ypee, knludlnp Dale Eam- kq duiip Ihe: rmmha of June thrduph August at Mamnsvia Speedwey. --hidt'a nch Ch.vrokit, pkhard P4n e STP Pcmlac, Jlmny The shod dl.rs mid-w..k nea duase for aerious nce car driven gpe neele nwkin' Jos' Ford Thundemhd,. tXa 'SmokM' Joa' Racing that bokMas driver tnhlnp and chassis set up. Simdder, df6 spa•dw.y diap4ya. Copadbk .nd Reoen Trade Show Race cw usad In the classes Include Iala'Medab, open-vTSd daalare; and apeckd 9uests. -ModBeda, Sportaman and SuparTnlelu. In addhlon. Mike Me4lqNln, Dennis 9ettx, Kevin L•Paya, Johnny doM KamNio, l an ESPN Iurt NASCAR la~ I r.bpn~r snd rnMaraPw. ~~ and Top Fuel k~alortryde rko Larry 'The Spidermen' McBride a.Py~a ranca. a. during the Iwo-day awnl.  comnMator, wNl hoeet a weekdpq.var.bn of RPM 2NIyM on ESPN2 ~1 nvke personal ap~aranc whan it debwle on WedneedaY, FbruarY 7• ' cer^Jetl Oo don. Mike W.laee, Kan fScMadsr and olh•rs,nwll alt~en P. shamnattal Tha haFhour program w be akW M.nday through Friday. Oenenly I F~ •. ~''  E~mle Irvan to the ndpiwn of IM 1995 Mawel Nousa Motmapcrt ,ryn'pordan wae iwnorW a the noenl NMPA banquet YI WNaton- .' SpN Award for 1W swand tM, Inp IM award neendy during SaAm!ia the tYYS Rlchud Pety Ddver of the Year, pn••rn•d annudy DN NMPA awaNe banquat In WkwMpm, NC. - ' by ple'Natkkul Molonporta Prese Aaedrladon to the top NASCAR WN- Ty comeback w.n an .oounpYMrqnl.' pkl Imn. 'I'm nol lotaly .pn p7q driver. . . .. ..., NtldM MM /ual oerdn9 b.ck I.q, In'Ihe hum for the charrplcnahip  tlp.dry anbt EMvM l.w Murphy and MCAMUAVNe yN spanwr baloN my amMerN, and I kNend to W In the hum for the qhamplonsh4 - S,~lan ~~yv-.~r MotoraEwns and drbsr Joe Runman In the Fabrvary 1BUI nto Wlneron 'r."'~ 500. ... . ,. Qn.dian Ra McDonald hw ralouneM his eI " nH'  arlp at auro rwea during the 1095 asaaon rex nserly 4 y year rAlh aponaanhb prwid-:`. ~e over tYG4 o wma t1,R73,7G3•6ne watcElM 18 Profesaiond Rb a aauriy mnk¢cuD. -raok -g ; monROreO by Ooeayev tir. Rubber. Conp.rry,..n M• , - a30.7Ylepedetara"-•:~: • ay`.. Wi la on.. mq M in uaNe hut nel . laon Qp Sa: apdnwrW by RJ. " c obaooo~Co. - -i' hY ameunnd . 4CleYover laal yaara _, ; E eEMrrOinnti ..rnYqa M1eml1 m t1.6 aiM f310,000,:. dq Leeder Bonu monq i/0003 y..ch of tln at.• (M aohWuM:~ I ,? ,. . bbnue wl„W p.~k ach dma`iM ___ , whner nnb al dle top d aMMrM Ppro-TacEMotonpans IwiYi.d/~ Todd Bodine N. npM-' whh Colt M.M.cturlny Corrpv,ly to Nr tlN 1YBE NASCAR ' ad 1 MU 1MUN u the _ aapenla aperlWr- h's reported that Clmrk Cky, a Rbhmen6Eaead eledrohk ou1M1 y~ rA 6dbuma IMmejw eponwr of the No. 9 Brolh.rartl~IrnMekln fYYe rNlMOn Qq allarb• Kandatl OI Y.Ir..dy tl plan n an a..adati .poruu,,~-. Qp oplpeqbn, driving a Eul ad Ory Nenee AdNawaar and MnDorl.ld'a 17s Ford Thu Jkn VNYmI. Ha' B plmM raukM : FAM vetir.n ARCA' drN.f, 5rrn'id liM wu smer @ase I6 own.e by s pwrp Taadad Ey-.Y c»a. BNI h.vi'' n BahwM ad qTlco  n '.. I ian,noa this raw;,¢,~+Ino F„?r? ;. altH 31nca •d,w' ,g ,,.... .~~r.-` -.~,'. BExlON WILL EROGSEqE3 ~. Buwh ladr eMnphn Johnny 9enwn has W M krvbtkM to eompYa kr the ImxnMMUI Moa al Chanokn. ( •adea, Bwron la to fbt Buaoh 8rW MM to 6e k,wl.d w oo.rpc. En the ~/eM IROC and WInMn Qlp ohrtrpbna E4sy Wallaee and Tsrry lehenle, plus8prIn1Car w Sbv qnsx to a WI that alrwdy MudN Jeff (iadon, baN EamMndl; StMnp M.M uM Mark Martln. -81rv ~ t'yTh. 2M adkbn of Mrs eedw operla Febrv•rY 1n a D.ylani /m.rn.- ... ,IIaWBp..dw.y£ 52245 8264 ! CuaNa's 11/C ll.ea Cans.r ~ 1 m.wqan.rda,vlrp,a. 339804-7*4-" ~ .xoAelmwa;yrlalamm aen r M\b4 CMfn .41YIa-1q~WM1.NYFlw, ___ _SOER,11DRf{p~ _ BILLIARQSUPPLY CO. a e NP,v 8 U!ctl T~bleS nccrsscrL s a Rvoiu Srr>nra 836-2228
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auro waco.G Spencer claims he's changed and won't let Sabates' allegations go unanswered SELF DEFENSE By MMe Niern that, W me, make good athletes. First of all, m'nuu nrrosnn they have to be physically strong. They Jimmy Spencer has worked very hard have to have tremendous determination during the past year to change his Image of and desire. And they've got to have a killer a rough-riding Mr. Excitement. So when instinct. But the thing that prevalls over car owner Felix Sabates took a verbal jab at arq other is an enormous willpower, men- him last week, during Sabates' debate with ral control. NASCAR over a rough-drivhrg charge st "Every greut racer I've been associated Charlotte against Kyle Petty, Spencer with-andl'vehadthegoodfortunetybe didn't take It well. . ' a.vsociated with some of the very best peo- And he'd like an apology. ple In thls Induslry-hav had the tret~en- 't work hard to see thatwhen I'm around dous ability to mentally control themsalves other cars, I don't get into any conflicts," in the game. I saw those brgredientq in Spencer said. "So for Felix to bring all that Jimmy Spencer. up, I tldnk he s totally out of line. "Yeah, he needed a little polishing., Ile "I think all the competitors, B you asked was Bke a bag of fire. But the guy Is qery, them, would say they see a diferentJimrny talented, and he s proving It more and Spencer. When other car owners start more. We saw that In '91, and we ran;reg pointing fingers and picldng on you, and with him a number of times. In some,re- you know you're not doing anything specla we even ran better with him in'91 , wrong, then I think you have to defend tlun we did in'96. But now we're f/tWlv ' yourselt . getting tfds thing turned around." 1~, 1 thihlc Fettx needs toblt bedr-stid fe- Bhe of flte keys this aEa9otl ba:i tKlffthe address the situation and make amends addition of Donnie Wingo as crew bhief. with everyone he's said something about, Wingo may be one of the most lald-bsck snd get it straightened out crew chiefs on the tour, and he certainly "Kyle Petty doesn't drive that way. And doesn't seek the Ibnelight But he Is very he's maktng It bad on Kyle. Kyle and I are effective. • good friends, and I talked with Kyle this "I think I like Donnle because he's a lot weekend. He asked, 'Are you mad at me4' I like me - I'm not a cheerleader-type ei- said,'Heck, no I'm not mad at you.' We aB therf Carter said. "But Dunnie In a good, know the car owners go off on tangents quletthinker.Youlookatthesebigal'plow every once in a while." horses: they've onty got one pace, but 7}avl.a Certer, Spencer's car owner, they re real steady and dependable. That's agreea that changing Spencer's Image has the way I look at Donnie. been a mqlor project. When he first arrived "He's got a good, saund philosophy at Cartei s YadkN County shop, Spencer about racing, great work ethic. He's the wa+atalenteddriver,hutwithastubbom workingest crew chief out there, Inmy eueak, end one too willing to let his emo- opinion. He's good with his people. His uons turn the wheel. demeanor is good; he s even-tempered and "I think that'e the way a lot of people saw mild-mannered. He handles difficult, ad- Spencer, and that's the way we saw him, verse situatioru we8. too;'Certersald.'"literearesevemlthb,g.r "HesleamingJinurry.JbmnSysaystheb WInrbn-idMn, NC JOURNAL Br..nr4err - Wln.bn-&Lm Yrl Mrt indq 0 Y1,8T7 JUN 7, 1996 communication is getting better and better. I think Donnle is beginning to understand Jimmy rhore, and vice versa. Donnie is the kind of guy who can handle and deal with someone as high-strung as Jimmy...." Spencer says It's not so much that he's turning the other cheek when he's out on the tnuk. It's simply that the "old" Jimmy Spencerwasn't being that effective, leaving a trail of broken sheet metal and angry feelings in his wake. f think I have changed to where I realize I have to be complacent with where the car Is able to run. That's not my style. But you have to do It becauae of television and newspapers and your sponsors," Spencer sald. "Hyou crash the car ear~ In the race by doing a dumb thbrg-which I won't deny I've done in the past. I've crashed many a time because of being dumb - then what you end up with Is a wrecked race car, a bunch of guys mad at you because they've got to fix It, and in tum It all rubs otf to the next race, too. ' . . . '1'hathappenedto us et the beginning of last year, and It hurt us. It wasn't one guy's fault; it wasn't all my fault, it wasn't all the crew's fault. But we don't have that prob- lem thls year. 7Lat's why we won the Win- ston Open. 7het'e why we ran well st Char- lotte. 'ITat'e why we ran weg at Dover. "When I Bmt started driving hem, it was awful. We couldn't even run in the top 20. 1 woWd push the Iasue and get in trouble and crash, and we'd have a torn-up race car and a Bcked-off crew. We didn't make Daytona.We didn't make Msrtlnsvllle.... "So I started to drive differently, more patiently, and we were fltdshing 18th, 20th, 22nd, fifth, wherever. And the team kept working on it, and this year we've been running well. We had one of the dominant 52245 5299 xamrw r,tmo er w~u wmrau Jimmy Spencer answers Fella Sabatei charges that he drives roughly. cars at Rom:kinghetn.llat's how mnch this "We're building a great race team. We're team hae improved Its level of compeBBon. bugdtng a new shop. Everything Is going in ., aHut, yes, I tMnlr I. have changed, and the right dlrecNom It's Just taken us a little I've cluiiged for the better. I've hnd fmgers --longer than we ezpected. But Cm going to pointed at me many, many times in the past Even when I knew I didn't cause the problem. What hurt me was I wouldn't defend myself, like I'm defending myself against Felix right now. I realize I have to defend myself, because if I don't, no one will defend me. In the past I wuuldjust say, 'Oh, the heck with It, Let 'em go.' But you've got to defend yourself when you think you're right. And this is part of the new'JimmySpencer. "I did cause a problem this year, with Michael Waltrip. I had bent my tie rods, and went In the comer and dumped him at RlcJmmnd.It was just a racing incident But it could have been prevented on my part. I told the Woods I was sorry, and I told Michael I was sorty. But that's behind us.... M1 keep doing my job - driving as hard as I can, with the patience I need, and get the fWshes the car can do, instead of trying to take a 10th-place car and try to win the race and cause some problems. Just take l0th place. "At Dover we were a sixth-place car, we knew that, and we took that. In the past I didn't do that. But new I am. And the morale on my team is phenomenal...:" Of course, lt's easler to be a good, clean driver when the car is running strong. "When the csr is running good, lt seems the driver cant do anything wrong; ' Spen- cer said. "Like Jeff Gordon Sunday, and he won the race. "But it's not all the driver. If the crew isn't doing ItsJob, in the pits or in the shop, then the driver doesn't do his job as well," I ~~®©r P3696 rss rr.rrr..vnr
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~pe~.i er gaining rriom! ~WMIMOCIEK As lt was, he kept his, ' 1lmnderblyd 1n Yhe top ttmea t.aaar HRzrw, sbou Eemr fANG POND - Wlth his second top-10 finish in as many races. Jimmy Spencer feels like his team may.iinally be getting . . . . . somewhere. "VI/e are running good.". Spencer safd..,. "We re starting to come together. `[he motors are running good, we're just off a little blt. We've been tight the last fewntces In a row, ,. and we don't know how to 8x it. eoaMly." Spencer's tight handitng-and two slow pit stops.early in the race - were the only things keeping him out of the top flve in Sundays UAW-GM Teamwork 500 at Po- eono Racewpy! • (Conttnued from Page 1B) '"Ru guys had two bad stops. but when are really needed it to count we had real good plt stops. !he guys are working o4 that and they Imow that Tney ve betn practicing on it-" Spencer made It back to the top 10 by 1ap 130 and only fell out once• when he made his ffnal stop on lap 166. He returned a few laps later to eighth place, where His eighth-place • flnish was F`A he rode out the teat of than}oa ~ h~~ top-lo,of tlie aeai ~. You'Ve got to ~ve :' when coupkd W~lth :_ ~- P 10 $II1slles 1f place at nover last we ou're goiTlg to be 1n ' lsn ~ u~~r`~ ~i `One i~ t~he the tOP 10 in points. !!r top 10 in pofnts." Spencer said- ,l "1hat was our goal today, and we .; J" SPWWW` ; ended up wdth it." . More lmportantL it helps this for the guys going into Miehlgan: >,team believe it's finally getting We should run good there," he I somea'here. sefd. "It means a lot to them. All "lhis builds some momentum thetrhardworkispayingoff." noon, aimng m an ntum: fox Michigan ' oe s Ford - tion pertod. dcopped hbn out of the top l0. WASAM y 0 nearly all after- • But he moved back to 10th place before )~e >Inish iust. making his second atop on lap 67. y; "6 ~ P two ~w~ after (inishfng 'lhat one, hov~~evtx, took longer than it s akDover. should have. And Spenc~ wound up out of Ibe~guys did a great the top 20 for the flrst tlme all day. job preparing the car." ',"'We had a bad pit stop that one time that -SpenoltsaM. "All in sll I:, took us from rurmin$ in the top flve," Spen- 'cAnY oomplaln." cer said. ; , Tbe,,:.Berwick native Spences final two stops v+ere,consider- staeted. '181h,. but . dldn't.-.~ly better snd he]ped,htm continue his stay b~'ek there very long• climb back into the'top 10: :But even after Wltfitrt 15 laps. he had the race: he was still bothered by the bad dim into the top 10 ones. . ~ 'pon moved up to ;^I was a little upset about tt." he said- and ~ J ' P 30  See,SPENCER, Page 5B durtng a cau- WIW*lene, PA Tima leader 9unntoe Mat An. Monday 0 47,e1e JUN 17. 1996 N4882 =®rXESS CLIPPINGS
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Wllkes•B9rte, PA Citltenc' Voice Bunmmn Ma uo Fdmr ff I weeky renklnOs by NASCAR TMe Wsek wrlter Jen ONens.•. Slnelde olhl - 'Joe's Ford.-f - - 3°Jimmy Spe af on at Daytona In tha:Juty 1094 Pepsi 400.race, checks the. `-,PnA~ hMC1.MMASOARTWrWrok Berw,ick's=Jirmmy Spencer 1.o.tsEarnh.rat MaeZ Wlp~ ` ...~ ,1aMlhlwnnp MlhD500bl :: ' uslwnleeyloresey.ceeeVer.Jlm ~nny N. •' . . , Lookhr ^M r1 , Inthetopspot.. ., - i4~M a awnln0 renm -- . O9nWrntnrr60a1ralpmDaylau-'14.Wr-tlBun n ~ ((1 rk 8 (+B)De:ae:.+~+..,+. i. Jeff Bordon : 16. Rlck A1ea ¢3 DaYtOn Poor Clash perbrmenro owld be i Caultl nave best rbntlsc7n 3tlw t~u :>In~tp.$4 Terry utwnn7• : k; ii. ~ Ti . 1 , The (CenKn Cduld ateal a Deybna ~i.Slunplrq elonp wltn hke ineT E;Cf 9. Emie Irnn ~ 17: Bobbf Hemlttonp~ ~~' ~~' SIVO 0~~ - . Hat hsdrand onthewey up I Keep an aye on No 48 y a99ro~~~. n Lano t 19 e n • two kids, and they're ; s THE -.., InvoNed In a lot of activities. . -. FIRSTS; , q uy to go to their stuff sFlret ...whenican.` 4stan ~;. W HERE,I GO.ON VACA- • I j 9~89at • TION:'I used to go to „Dover Daylona, but now I have to ~ p~s work when I go down there: .~ . TIoW we go back to `-"'~ PensyNama to spend hme ; S~ . . with our families over the " , . holldays.` : , : . . . . o e. D.1.~lartelL . M HIs conadence has to be soadnp couw he n tor lorp year ar rhe -frequentlybfamedrfor '' InternaUaial Speedway). . WHAT I WOULD DO IF I , eher Claah wln. . . eoe aibos teem wrecka first pole (September 1694,COULONT DRIVE A WIN• '7. K.n 8ohrader 19. JeB Bunon STON CUP CAR: `I don'1 The aemebeck hes be01m br the'' New Roush leem coultl surpnse' at North Wilkesboro .. ~. a NAME Jlmrpy pencar Speedway);iflrst win (July know. That's all I ever want - brOmrenRldrHenddckdriver lO.JnhnAndronl . .,- A Ruary W.Il.sa one W/eeter Fords. '. . ApE 39~ ~' ~,`~,~. : 1994 at Daylone Inter- .' . ed to do. . Forpel Deyrone. His eeaeon erene -' n. Robsrt Pnuloy'.. a SPOUSE Pat~~1 :~ national Speedway In the . . ~~rw~tely, I am one ol at RoddnOhamm. Runs well at Daylona. o"~ Pepsl 4C0). the lucky ones who has 9. Mark Martin 22. Jlmmy 6penoer ..  CHILDRENaJames 9, . been able to achieve my BetbryetarwOrercbweran Ilhpdxen1wreck.'. aFAVORITEDRIVER:DBIe . 10. meky Rudd 23. Jaramy IUyR.rd . Katrine 7 Earnhardt g~ ~. _ Could have a last atan. Daytonel biggest eurprlse In a CAR No 23;Smokln' 'OFF THE s WHAT I'D LIKE TO It. Bls Emon '.. . quellfyhg. Joe s Ford owned byTmvls a WHAT I DRIVE CHANGE ABOUT Bn'en his superspeeoway NUay. :24. Joe Nemeohat ,. Cahar J~, _, TRACK: Lincoln Town Car, . MVSELF:'The Lord put me N he could be a IeUOr lhle weekena. Confldeue le dalny. : ' .- ..; . Ford pkk-Up 1ru01r. . rv 12. Beon Bodine -. 25. Johnny Benwn . "- . HOMETOW NBerwkk,~, '. . ' on this earth the way I am m Lastysarwasafluve.Hevbe',Rookbklmpresshe ~ ,'Pa aFIRSTSPEEDINGTICK•andIcanYdomuchabout - ' ~~yF ' ET:'I donY recall:"- .. that. . w Results,' schadule  RECORD t vq4w ns, one `I'm rea y happy with the '~ Dare Race ' 6Re Ror.' ' wmnar _Pae 121 op-tFves:32 top-. ' . WHAT I DOTO REU1X job he's done." ~ Feb.tt BuechClash . DeyloneBaech,F4, (Meet) ~ Wenea) -. 10s >~y,^~'~c~ AWAYFROMTFIETRACK: Feb.lBDayytona500 DeyroneBepoh,Fle.'(Eemhentt) (nenln).LASTRACE,:SLeUial'., .IspendtlmeVMh-myfemlly. .MYPERSONALMOTTO Feb. , Qoudwrench 400RocklnOhem; N.C (COrdon) : {OoNan) AllaOta last ye9rnI , My Wife Pat and I have IS "Never, ever quit" . ..,._.__,._ . ._......,..,~.,,.--_--'- ' .. ......_ ... .. ..,., .. -:_........ up drI- ` gerra5; tho'%.
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g(nNngham, AL NFM BlnninOhafm MN Arn Frlday D 188,284 MAY 3, 1996 N1828 PIPSS CLiPPJNGS i1SCAR race has become Northgrq g%npl siagt~qq .apoStiog event, ~ ~~his iace lest year, tm• his flrst- . .~t " Y ., cairse'drlv0, , gingly aPpiii :.r thase pesky itlg t-hadd tueas So he'a looking forward to this weekend's Save Mart Supermarketa J00 i I. Raceway. He Jast isn't anhcipitiug a victory4:„„ "As far as wlaaiag the race If ev . hodq~,dsq;pdt for fuel and it rained, then maybe we ~r " 1 - Y';r- 11, ",h Spencersaid. k SearaEoiatRaceWay, a2.5E-juileroR _ - in the geatle bilb;ot Norfh tuwas, Is rieatled . nia's wine coamtry. Watkins Glen ia the only course on the Winston Cup circpit ` In 1998, Spencer finished third at Watkhis Glen, giv iag him the confidence for top•10` 9alsked'q- t .,.. . aclourse }e, • a'YP ° . • y'a rac~;COmes m tbe heeis ot;the acci~deat- _ ~ ~ a l l t Irac"t~uhia{lettt high vrhea hi F ord`s out and be- t carpoairborae befare dramatically:bouacing on the ia-. field grassa lt,waa not koDwa whea Elliott:would r~urri ~.1 to rnciag Tommy;%endall ;was ezpected. to,drive EI& ' " ` ~ `~ ~~ f~r iz Te ~ ~ whest, .irati aqueezed tqto a walland h[t Hicky`Cr v'm'6`Chevrolef ~ipped iato the"i r arid slammed into a retaisiug fence. `. :; 4 G}avea laet:year's INinstar Cap zookie of ~ L^ , _ mirnculously : escaped ' serious injIa thef1l~cai~v ' w~k, He cracted a;vertebrag in biacks aot a black ~ a comsea. That's where he wants to''tie~'&t~$eiis;Pd_n1 ' when be croases the finish Iine aa ithe~_dliWic ~ ' Jce's Ford Thuaderblyd m. t' yo out here with the atHt want to•get out of here; then there` going to do well," Speacer said. "; -, icaC. You sreed to nm well and I tkiok ntuer*icCt wasGbpartea at«Talladegk Iast i 'up his eRroW7and "is'geaerally ,s~Yyall ' ppokesmao, Hob Rice. co I run at,least ane ~p at Seara •PeIat w t.twa the~w " P P~ ~ 7 , Ln a~ ~tl$`,Hora~da~,iTr, the ; iad Trui
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BPEEOWAY SCENE N. Eestan, MA wrlnr n,aua JAN 26, 1996 ~~®® 739931 ,' resascarr.rxr.s NarAsburg N.C., Pre stonMWv,NASCIRSpro tor the FbN tes~saYS the Thwr Oetbadad aelnneedof help, loBv,ving e lest W ended ~eo7a1 delN(Ale~ gram manager some 20 teams that weather MWV said after the tests Supercpeedway due to ~n~7}w~e eR 11ve me~ar accompLLshrcenb In thls serla (Wlnston Cupl,• times ead~oeed~ vreRnotRleased,•driver's chemplomhlp manWect- urere ctmmpbmhlp, most vklarlm, DpTOna 6W erd ertdqerd 460. We look ft chin 1n all Bve In 1965. By comparlson, m In which on the 199y we won 26 races to nNCam of lhe five to the NeU (Chevrald) D end the manufacturera' champ f- anshfp- txo of lhosa .ovg and, argwbty, Ihekast slg- ~ general pubtle "We thsnk ws've got a lalr'neas. h~~ingeven.In all Blll Frence (Je, NASCAR cv- we had some gum that preaident) is probablytect in his assessmv,t that t I dievepanq we weren he[xereromingonbleln came 't the Ilrng lest yesr Ne acasoa, dn it wN be ntesrstNg to see H, at (WI pmser, ow teams can aver heve In aem cheraMVlt tbs to bevt the gnud Chevy tesma And we don't know where Pnntiac will fall Into this thlnp. But we havo to have faith that NASCA& will lake some otthe knv,vledge they gained with their own tests last year to try to bring the Pnntiac out of the box, but not out of bounds In either direcBon.• Bbrd b emWpped with a mw nose andhood for 1996. TThe fum) testsession for Fbrd and all of the Whmtam (R)dbcusseshfstestnauRawlthoerowasrJeekRoueh(L)andteemmeteMsrkMarl7n) nsrnoro hul when . Mobn orta so It was no h , , p t at we could be thinking the Monte Carlos were too D na wn'B to W bbn m one ' as much as l qta about Busch Eble six ~ (~h ry , 's fastest ead 16when the two .ot faslest Morte Itb nut ri Carlo6, Inch~ frant mw ht that g t• .. ,..abngwghlaemmate7arry spota ara the xewvka8wlntvtobulld Speaev (No. 23, .. taboata, wBoS had slx wM Rst of the llneup le • a cer to come testing with vvy lauu7t wlth the cmrent Carlee . Joe'e'Ihun--. torin' sloce: )oWng. Hen- rWnad throngfi lwn l9smik and, then, thay hit us with rWes...lfie 1TUnderblyd b derb ' 7Le 28 car'drlrkinl9W~ Bdwderhsa- 'uaB(y1na nwthing Ilke that with nal that bad a saee car and .(h'vanl tb et01 (mt, as R;: n't won dnro June 9, 1DB1, we prob only une day of testing the Monte Carle b not that u11w4Ys rm when the P'ords., at Del.' ehly won't because noLodY remaWna, said Dale great of a race cer, The gota D two 1Rclm ('!kl-:. ' .~~ had a61' rdnol rnles made things that ~ sbpD°d R knowe hew good Eernha t...Fbrd teams lsdaga D~btm).Ptn nue bb a ra(e ev sluce the tlmlroarhuntllwe'rebsok opened the last of thc4 way . D9)6 s'.ernherdt, SIVBM . saason.ErctlnQ NAPA Aato here ~~ raCing IB for threo-day session on Jan. 6nk Irsan (No- 28, (MmFn) end the Heodrlrlt parta 67C LfENmember at ' RaL ai at Daytona with Jetemy YateU7knro HavoWio-MU casa (79m 1Bbontq IIen . AOauq Ma1or Speedway in 'Believe It or not, this b MayReld the fastest at 711otr Thunderbird) -•,.,i Seta'adar JeR Gadon) will 'HamptM4. Ga., unN the the Rnt time I've been 166.579 mph (48.237 sec- don9 read the papers and I be red eat. It saunds llke: ebtt W the GM test sesslon back in a Rce ev since the ondc). This uas a carry- don't know what the9'R . the rame stuR to. me, but on Jan. l!. . Winston Cup race at over fw Mayfield from Tal sey (about him being we tmpe to be ono W the ...8du•ade, thel9Ba,'¢6 Atlanta in November. I ladege the previous week FoN's mvlo5 now that he's top16 caR fMsyrar : ' end')0 Ds-Ybna 50o Busch don't krmw how that hap- where he had the fastest freek). It's all Juet a bunch Nut Btrkldin INo..6 Pole Award whmer, Is ppiodl We didn't tun e mu- Thunderbird by about a of BS. You'Ye got guys IDm Sravota Bmthen 7buader '~ vaipa{ about'the QomibBt- ple of races In the fall that helf-second ac a di b c r n¢ , Cup teams starledJen, 17 (Dale) RMdtmdt and Dar .!Ard) -•,.-7'he oeR are . Lbs for nat moMh s Saeed . qe usuel~ do, so, 1 just some Rports. 'We've been at the7bmlleDaylone ..reB (Weltrio) aM, B they.:nRtlv6adebw,rldljpv.v.i~ wrahs'_ eP~~`Id-wqg,~~spentaktoflimealhome working toward these (Besch, Fla.) Internatimul Wnk thet kLd of stuff will lldnk You'Hsee eTKer Ra -~k W do'g ewy race wlth the bmlly It was e-restrletor-plate races en Speedway, cmiclu,iing JBn. et lham a Ilula bft, ny . Ing.tnen yan'va euer ran, D~obe y a race w2'R preUy laid back wlnler.•... winter: sa)d Mayfield. 24, in preperatbo for the lhe attaolion b but, as In yeen pmt, Pm awhl coneerned about. Its NASCAR officials °These were our wmst four seasonopening Daytona elae, lhet's whe[ sure that ooe v lwog~s qn Bow1 Iast Introduced a near rear- races last season and we SOD an F§h 1& they'B do. Tlut's Me We wIB 1dt on eomeBdn¢ thet -, ~ y~ ~~ deck epngmr tu the CM,tn want to do our best and whlle... Thq (F oormtfed) ;:newaerblutWryw(pod eaRngepollvsonsomeW season.• ~ ~~ ~ ~ (on lhe G7mvrul~ ' Rally a ehama Ifie ear Is " o6a~ood bRoomparedto~.. ' the ot7sa' rm~me and av're : d~dMI'm~ not coonEdmd gut wecandoltwlthhemnrentt ndes.•. . . . .. ;' FamlacsRermd We Le-:- mphalegory In the Wf ;. Genvai Mobrc leet eesstati . - at Daylon~ ~~ .' NASCAR ~ ~bec teanm to lower , . ~ hI te rear-deck spolere another lo degleea N7uBt ~~ er this will be hr]uded In the new rules, It's.not ~ knamalthis Hrne,. . ..A TIME FOR TEB6 r-ii ~ ING...A 1M of emphosIs ts . ~ ,.,-a. aaaaaL- i Craw chief Anpy pafree, left, appeared oonfurbble fn his . be put on bRaking Keo ms D.yTone 500 wimror 81f1 Elllatt dlap/ays Ford's '96 bodywork on me ok as fesm keder lor Go Jackaon's SACef Bandit SeMder'a wWess streak McDOn11dy11runderbirda(Fad'eaa-OsvroneSeaeeweao.mem,,. PAGEte-aPEFDWAYaCENE-qnDAY,JAwWnYae,tare ~ : Ford Officials "INe 'Still Need H BY JACK FLOWERS Genenl Motors mnn..:, ~., ~ _ eluded Its WL of a ~Bueo- day eenbnonJen.l7wl th 'lgrq Iabonte end )(en. Schrader, in a pair of Heo- '. ' dmck MutoRporta C9m'ro- . i . I r a lclMonteCarlobbaL~g lhe oNy lwo top 188 mph ~ labun0e at 166.166 'mph fuW~aMnr}veduM:y! 166.086 mab (17.E46 eeo-. Marlin (1a7.J 676 mph, S7B0 A~ ~ seconds), Jeff Purvb : (16'7.667 mph, /B.02B sec':' oMs), Jeff Gordon (169.192 mph, 16.679 seconds); and . Robert Pressley (187.a577 mph, 48.099 seconds), all . Chevrolet drivers, have ~. been the only other ones b exoeed 187 mph N testhtg atDqy1ota tlmettJemonN.The Irmt Ebrd me belongs to Dak JarreR (186.7U mph, . 46.1% secoMs, eighth oven ell), and beN among the row }bntlecrGraM PrIx:.: -SEs tv roolde Johnq 9eo- sonJr. (IABAABmph 46,117 eecoMs, Nnth oyaraB), . About the Ford tests at ~ M~~ M~~ orgmShephesd(No.75~' MackAkMegbv Arma- ~ I )r 7LunderbWl -•...I knosv I we'R hendbepped. Iest. ~~ year was terrlbfe and I' 'dun't see much impsom yadMusD a mem thLc nar. Thare b, ~ some Wp~o~e nt, but Bs .-ren Fb)' ~raes not Iike the mtwpepen eqy we Bne WC4m It's oot a great gaN. ltq'B know w o harresomeahoMatwWdng who's rece~ but It4 going to ba J AIL theoBmRwuntce fve .bWttlnth.Hlgldrox,the latteamelestwmk,bdl- impmvelnallefthemthis w u e - - ~ -- x,u owau,. cu ..•,.w,u WRNXL1qnLLePefUWav[4XP.PMTO
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SI, Auguetine, FL Reoord Frldal dsolaanrllls Mst us~ 0 1e,00/ MAY 3, 1996 N1900 aia~lalLaiiPRESSCLIPPlNGS , S~epcer~.;read K } I C Y T1 b ~ Y~ ";la aI A 1 l 1 ~ ~ ~ By ANNE M: PETERSON ( vr a l rc a. AVSptilu 1•vaherSV: !z~ x,nz9~hu,~El,b+•}T ' -4•~`S~c/6r,t Q Iit~A1 t},t~ i ug ..S,Rr{ nrh 'kti :' , W ' StlNf]MA~~f alif.:•=' 6minv Snn.r'j not a road course driver,"gindgingly app~ieciates pesky nght hand turns 'So hy a looking fonvatd to this werkend's'S t~ I b f art'SupermarltdtS oyitt~ R's f ~ at SeaissP ~' ~~ ~ y ~ {~Q J~' tdh t an6a ttary ~~,a~~~ ' " " =to't9~s ~ aa wldhlfi fa `FhE'iatb "IPev g ~: t t d" ' ' ' ~' e ftit fuel find [t faied; the nay -nnte Ji chance,"Spencer"said. t ' r ai d tnut. ~~ 3' '~''Seais Point Raceway;"a 2.52-milo- road i , ~I2 tttrns, is nestled in the gentle hills of Northerii fomtaS w' Ine`coudtry'WaHuns,Glen is the onj ~th~y t} KfC C10~1tS n '~ t }~ f it v + ~ f e O le 1na Ip CifCU 04 `,'~~ }In I993;"sSpencei'finished third at: V1!$tlqps. giving him: the confidence for top l0 fintshes' g~l;~ ' l 'coursesats wereeants',t be a ~h'h h wot 5esj t. t l i }~ e ~ w ~es t j i~ j~q~en finish l ne ~in theni ,,d~ , ... .. •.. . ., ( , 7 - : I, . I :.aT1. a ' f ar. ~M n i a ~ ~iJ1 ~~ .. : . ~ tbnie out~eczlwitk`t~ ath R"'~Vell,vI: ~get' qulqof~heae~~tl~~xre s no wa . r y ^+a.aw^+: xry g,~~do wel~,f, $Feucer.~satd > But: the' , a~. s cridcs~ You need to run we7l and I thinlC we n n. ~P +• o a o ,rx e ~w~.v y . . .I .!' 1F r, . . ~ . `yR day's NASCXIR race has tiecome Northern s_ largest anni,°§mgle-`day sporting evont, fy,,VIR/ I1JVY( ~a JV lwoq th~s' `ra~g jasf y"e"ar, for his first--. Jdt Nr,~ut,t'Cight.laQaAbttf- ~o;i~y tt"~'c14"aUovitiuf F.aiiibatiiCto i jvp,laFs to go.~effGbtdon'finrOmd thi ~ + t race comgs n the heels'`of the'a5cideitt-~ ra iq~,ton"Select , UO°at Talladega. Bill Elliotti. p ; Ieft,tlugh when his Fotd spun oot attd bD i uY " uacmg on th~in-~ Oo e befom daamahcally tio r ~ a wn wheo ElLott would return to reF ~ p '' ` ' s wa expected fodrtve Elliott e ? tpy Kendau en o 'm ~ a rs - ird thts week d at S no
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#i Driver: Rick Mast Team: Precision ProduetsSponsor: Skosi'. #2 Driver: Rusty Wallace Team: Penske South Sponsor: ]lller , ~DdsF>r'wqtlr ~ #3 ~ ~ Driver: Dale Harnbardt ~ ~ '. ~Teami Rlcbsrd~Cblldress . :Sponsor.~GM~Goopwrench . 310r1oy NsrIM #4 ~ Drivert SterDngMarRq ~ Team: Morgan-Mcclure . . ~- Sponsor: Kodak Film #5 DrlveiCTerryLabonte - . .Team:.Hendrtck . „'w . ..: Motoraports . ...:,Sponsor. Kellogg's .#6 . Driver: Mark Martin Team: Roush Racing Sponsor: Valvoline ' #7 Driver; Geoff Bodine Team: Bodlne Racing Sponsor: N/A Driver: Hut Stricklin - Team: Stavola Brothers . Sponsor•. N/A #9 #46 .-~ Driver: Lake Speed Drlvqr: Ted Muegrave . P 21 Drlver: Michael Waltrip Team: Wood Brothers • • Sponsor.Citgo- . ~~ y.Z2 . ~ ~ Drlver. Wsrd Burton ~ ~ Team: HBl Davis Racing ~ ~ ,Spotuor•;-MBNA'Amerka ~ 7«V Drlver.'JlmmySpencer'. ~ . 1bam::TtavL Darter. • ~ Spoaior.;gnLakin~ '~Joe's .. .~-..,,:,,:,:,.'~.~.~..'a..,,.:..,;...... Dehbnopa, DA Buypsl .. Tesm:MelltngRacing ~ , Team:~RoushRaelaQ .~ ~aAUrtaoy , ~Spoasor:Spam . ' . 'Bponsor.~FsmflyCbsnael .'r ~, #10 . . ~. #17 W 6,060 FEB 15, 1996 DHver. Ricky Rudd . Driver. Da"R Walttlp • ; N9006 . Teayn:Rudd Performance . 4bami DarWS!T-a.'..~ Sponrior: Tide • . Spcnson;Wpstern Au}o, ' f W~iw®PAESS CLlPPINGS #11 ~_$ .. Drlver: Brett Bodine ' Driver Bobby Laboate .- Team:N/A . . .Team:JoeQtbb.Raolog' _ Spowor: Lowe's . §ponwr. Inteutate .. . . -. i #12 Sponsor:BtralghtArrom. Sponsor.HeatthSOUrce : Team: AIDson Motorsports . -~' :. Tesm: -TYl-Star - . ' . ~Drtver. DerrDce cope ~ ~ - ~ ~. Drlvei: lmy ABen :, -
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#24 . Drtver. Jeff Gordon Team: Aendricf -" MotoftQbrts-~. .. ponsor. Dupont R~eflnlshes ll { Y~~. . . ., .~ . ~ ~#2 ' Driver. Einle Irvau . I ,~ Team: Robtrf;Yetes Rectng; 1 Sponsor..Teipco•AaVbl4ylf'y~ ~Diiver: Jobuny.giriebn ~ ; Team: Btlti.ri Racing `. V V ~ ob i ' `,Drlveri.R ert Pressley 1'eam: Skoa1 Bandit Racing .Sponsor!'Fennmll. ~. Sponsor. Sko.i ~ . , #s2;.#43. 17_7 Dllver.John'Qndrel.ti - Drlver:'Hobby 1ltinilton . Drtver: Bobby RIIBn Team:Branetus/Rass _ -'ibamrpettyEnterprlses.. . Team:US;Motorsports 8pou(ot^ Sponeor: Jaspcr-~, Sponsor H-Mart/Ltttle ~ . .. ~ . . . .. ,. ' ~ . ~ . . ~'a7 . . ~ . I CaesaW _ _. IIZ11 , . . Driver: Rlcky Craven . Team: fury 8edrlck . MotoriOrti'.' ~ Sponsor:.HoAlak~ Ditver. Dave MerNs . Driver: Henny WallaCe . Team:.Mareli Racing - Team: Fllmar.Recing I Sponsor: TIC Financial .. .8ponsor:.Ollve'd4rden ~~1.w'.-... #75°- . - Drtver~ Morgan Shepberd:. ' <Te~m: Butch'hfotik ' ~ MotoYtiports.:..,. . , Spqneor. Reminatoa . #87 . Drtver: Joe Nemecheck . . TeamlNemcoMotorspotts Sponsor: Burger King #88 #94 . Driver: Dete Jarrett Driver: Bill EBiott Team: Robert Yates Racing Team:, EDtott-Rardy Racing Sponsor: Ford guellty Care Spousor: McDonald's #90 Driver: Mike Wallace . #In9 . Team: Svnnsboro - -- Driver JettBurton MotorspoNs . Team:.RoushRactnR...... 8poasor Refltg~Meye'r:'-' . gponeor: EsIde~BaYerles #98 Driver: Jeremy kiayhetd Tlam: Yarborough . . Motoreports Sponsor: kCA
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Terboro, NC ~ Souiherner Rooky Mount Met Aree j Friday D e,172 JUN 14, 1996 N3672 111111© PRESS G,rPPlA'GS :~ 'Mr. Forgotten' aims for bette.r ",days on the circuit By 1VIgE $ARR,Ig •, personalities known for their wise- : AP AfOTOP" ,, PWRITER cracks ac.ted as co-grand marshals ? Jimmy Spencgr certainly has not and said, 'Gentlemen and Jimmy been Ezcitement" this sea- Spencei;statyourengines." ' son. Actually he's been more like' '' Last week,'tteam-owner Felix "Mr. Forgotten." Sabates; whose driver, Kyle Petty, Last week at Dover, a sixth- recently ran afoul of Winston Cup place finish was Spencer's best of officials during a race, took a shot the season and only his"second top at Spencer, saying he could hit any- 10 in 1996. It's all ' part of thing or anybody 'and. NASCAR Spencer's master plan ; wouldn't go after him. "We.ve had a good last couple `I'm glad you brought that up," of wetk`s," said_Spencer, a rough-_ ` Spencer said earnestly:.`.'T.'Wayne and-tumbld compentor who earned Robertson; the head of sports mar- his nickname years ago on the shbn `keting here ai Camel; had a long ' tracks of the Northeast. "AI! the, , talk last year'about some stuff thati hard work finally paid off in The, Jimmy Spencer needs to do. As far Winston Selecf` Open (an`all-star' back as Bristol last year, I feel like I race that he won last month). I am driving asgood as I can drive. - 'It was,a,pretty neat deal be-. ', I,am heing.extra patient and cause the guys had been workrng, taking my,time when I'm around really hard the lasttwo years for ~ other cars td'makc sure that I don'tii me, and it finally came to a head at &et in' any conflicts. And, if you' Charlotte j; It was a'pon-points,look back; NASCAR makes deci-? race, but it was sGll a win.". sions based on what happens,that ;; ~ S-pg~~, who . diives the , day. t ^ Smokin' Joe's Thunderbird for `"If NASCAk thought that I was ' u~+ Travis, Carter; is 19th in the unnecessarily rough on somebody, ! Winston Cup points and hasn't or maybe Ernie Irvan or Dale w been getting much respect, despite :, Earnhardt was, they will assess a' ~ two series victories. " penalty based on whether it was I Recently, before a race at North just racing or it could have been, ~ Wilkesboro, two Charlotte radio avoided 'or-whatever:' ' ~~ ,
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S, ! , Spencer ' pencer lowing week in the Coca-Cola 600 wbo' had landed the rt d R•J. • Carter and crew chid, Doonie /~~ before a fuell delivery problem ' Reynolds Tobacco ita Cam- Wingo provide a calming int7uence 1/ popped up, and he was sixth laat ; d~SThey strugg ia the fuat on Spencer. Where Spencer is the Sunday at DoYer, DeL - his first ,yq' d thetr, relmi but have classic Type-A petaauality. Carter year• In the laat tpro ^`aeamed to pat' the '" way train and Wtngo are laid-back, easy-gp.- ~• Cllpiracea be bu leapfrogged four tkat Speneer'oeCe w' back on tha ing types who would rather thiuk pa4lence ~Uaaa In the standinga, and ia iight tracY than flgM They have warked to 19th aa 1ke twe' beads to Pocooo .. ,.~hce the cat',s • good, it file down Spencer's rough edgea forthe UAW-GM Teamwcek.500::" seemsthe ~vp ~ m~ without ruining the jewel they ff Gordon ~k lies within t iFrai ' S °W ' go d l l n e '" J h d t i B e ve a a roup pe c r , , e o as e o ; Mr. Ercitement no lan- weeW'ypencer said Tuesday. ""All oa Simday at Dover, couldn't do ' " lhere are severat things, to 1 . olCes. the action (Itifin our hard work paid off in the t)pen, not6ing wroog. It's all the driv- ~ r. g It was a pretty nat, deal because ' er: lf the crew is not iog their lob me; that make good athletes and ti MSCO winston CttP I the guys have been working pretty or they're not, m good pit 'race drivers,":Carter said 'Tnrat d i ~° herd for me for the_last twoyea{'j, atope, tbea tbe dri can't do his all; ;you,have to :be physically . . . • ! n..A ri. .YI-w..n. Ln..t MZ .H.d. PL _ _ ~ ' .. I r.:.. - shma aad have iremendnus' deaar- By 7Aomm Pope oh~ j "~I thlnli rve` to the de mmaum am aeiire - a Yitler, ia ~ ~~'0f ". Pm Boing to do the beat I~°f, u~u' ce0't ' a little _ atinct.' Hut I,think the thing that up, thea . need to be probably prevails: over any other is ' Vacatiams'aod personal appear, 'ce0' ~ mve 100 pereeat :every content ~t with -whaL you've got. ~p°~' t°.me°ta]Iy caetro!_weet If I caild give 120 percent That's aot my atyle ~ut I need to ances will occupy the time of many ! Pd do that We're budding a great Wiqstai Cup drivers this weekend race tam• 7t's takiag a little more do thet for the poiats.'and I need to "Yeah, Jimmy needed a little U crasA " he chuckled, whm the serie8 is idle until a June time thaa we'd u~e aa rm. ; , gotng ce°d°u° to improve oa it• If 1 pou~e, rec tlltag r~ • 16 duel at Pocono, Pa. •rthe car eaty fa the because to keep doing my job drlvlag tbe f~ .: ~Cr'a days as a human ear p' A break ia the acNoa is the laat b~ Im~ i~ ~t~og a rm doing° dttmb aud I erusher•'Tfe was like a ball d fire, ~ thing Jimmy Spmcm wauta lles I ~ somedumb buttheguy'sreallytalented 5Q5e r n o : etlT a d cammt gq {some , '.~umped iip, rar I71"ta~e Waf IOIh and ,"c"'° tl~yoiwe a w~clced , aue° thiog he' had to learn `f411d ~ ' ~to go ._ but ~m4qe forwaN `' race car and a af guya mad edntrol that emot~ he'f a vf;y, „ ~ ef ya becauae got to fli emoticnel guy - he must be Pa- ~ and he jmd to I ; tiest ~~ . ia 3o the aecdcd: aeasm aad thkkt tied feelmg ova rt0 learn to be patient. He's mede i lot s", Patietice isn't of his aecoud gaFamd with Caet~r, -ipe nert raee" ~~. of progress ia that reBard " x vioM aftea as- wlw waa.the crew chid whm Rm-. sociated : with ny Perams~wao tEe 1973 Wlaetcn ~iffmy SOMCU, Qtp champlooahip..Spencer man- whose bumper- aged a third-place fisish' at North ' -]B01 while drlvMg. gar Ariviod MyIA Wtlkeaboro in m;earp tpi::; Carter't~ ~ihpa pFiqerTunded; :*lped hi . , the nickname team, but wa;.l?°kiog.for a A tvvo-time >ti' when Grter cloaed skoq {oR fiwn ; EzcitEniaaL", FBydNviNB, NC OIIERVER TIME! F1yeafvllle YN ane Meaneaaar D 70,200 , . '~~c~yn~jpj°tp~1 ,p'~~aMa~ ~~ eWTeaiena 8f~ aeYeO Tat7a6 tn~' JUN 5, 1996 .: . Nui:. . ~ ~ llted raaks' Speager bas been a reg. 'pAi ulai visitor to'NASCAR's so-called Several doieo bmt lolded aml P3590 ; penalty bo:, aad kept an army ef ' mutilated rae!"cara later,. Speaoa car builders hipdeep in woi'k• -' fomd his way to vlMOry lane twice Speacer:'thouet4 has uadergme in fhe'summe''d 1994 while driv- reess CLIPPINGS .' a metamorphosis, though his ag- ~ : gressive style..vriU,never permit :' him,t4_k1cQm~R_451~!~P .Aa. Travis Carter's team has maturedr : IfE 'Cal$ ha9e $ottce..battPl, ead as made Speacer's job eaa~er : 6 o longet has to try ta make ~, : en salad out d a chicken-, ; : feathers car, and he can concen- f : trate on making clean passes when I : the opportunity presents itself. Spencer!s maturity has been I ;: quite evident iu recent weeks. He ~ worked hls way to tbe front of the Wst.at Select O* at;Charlotte ; before blowing the field away. A. : Wve finish was pos9ibie the fol- See Spencer, Page 3C ing for Junior.Jahnsoa Pure guts and desire helppd him win naii-mt-, era `ilt , flaytoni and TalladeFa in ! the YcDooaW aspmaored Fqrle ; In 1985, he rehnned to Carter.l 1 _ .
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R Spencer und~~~ .'.,1.n s+, ;;;controi ` i; ..: MaNmdllf, VA IULLETIN I aufloay 6VNE1,000 JUN 16. 1996 P5536 ' er M a..aa.e.a ne. :. . :,i ."iJitMevSpenqerceNsintvhaslwl~ ~~ ~a /:IN:aen"DL'.9tcitement"thisseasotl.! + pctually heb been more hke "Mr.l - -- _- r Fbignuan " E. `.~}~~ ,f ~ J '° l.astweeketlkwer,asuThplece'."?16'ki.~I"". :1a~1'~^ . V~ 'Mteh wn, Spencer•s best of the j~+ .. - .seasun'4nd only his eerond top 10.'J ..:m79Ae.BUtitkallpattofSpencerk 7 'masterplan - . 'We've had a good last rouple or ~ weeks," said Speneer, a rmlgh-andr . tumble competitor who earned his - ~ nleMame years ago on the short- , -. traclDr of the NoMeaet. "Ali the ~ .. hard work Snallypaid o6 in The ~ . Winston:Select Open (an all-atar•. ,: Face Ihathe won lasl montAl "IG'.:was a-pretty neat deal ; beca~ua2 the gqys bad been wot*- : ;': iogreally herd the last two yeare'% "fu'me, and it finally came to aphead;jtCharlotte.:] It was a nun- -,pbluts rece,'bqt it was atBl s,wln8. -., .: SpeneenwhbdrivestheSmnkin' ~ .JceS„Thundeibird _ for'1TA016. ~ ''Catter, is 19th'in the WInston Cup •. ; i, .,:points.'and;hasnY.been'getting. . }nuch`i~pecty..desplte,twu series : eturies•' ;- Beceotb; before a race at North ~--• ; Wilkesboro.:two Charlotte radio :.. personelitiesknownfortheirwlse ccacloacted'as eos'and marshals ..: - and seld; °GenµcowafNnd aimolv::u.Spencer,. starE yaiu.enpnea." . • ( p 7.eat week teamawner Felix " Sabates,.whose drirxr,S'yle Petly :; I receNly ran efoul of Wlnstnn GSIp .a bBicikis duringarece, taok a shot - i ~' atSPencer.seyingh_eroWdhltaqv-. i - thing' or aiqboiq• andNASCAB-j wouldnYgo.aHerhud::;~.. ~ ~-~~."I'm glad')qiilbluu~t that up,"•.;; j?. Speltcer saidv8medw.'T. Wayne ,' Robertson, the head of sporta mer- . w ~- keting'hen:. at (2mel, had a lonn-;' . talk last yeer about snmestulfthat.; : '7hmnySpencerneedBlodo.Asthr ~ ; <backasBristullestyesr,lfeeltike -; I am driving as good as Ican drire. ~ ' ' °I emheingexlra patient:and : taking my tlme when I'm around ~ othercarstdntakesurethatldont . getinaqvcoMietaAnd,ifyoulook : 'bae14'NASCAR makes decisions "' basedonwhatbappensthatday.L ...,",IPNA6CAH thouahtttiat 1 w 5las ~unneces4alilYroutfionsomebodw. 4 ~QC'Eemfie~ndtw' e~s,tahintioacsessla ~: ~ penalty based on whether it was ' '~.just racing or ff could'have been ; I avoided or whatever;' Spencer a ~ added. "I think Felix was totally . ~ oW of line because, If you ask all 'the:campetltors;lthey..would sav ;; ! that you see ~ adin'erent Jimmy ; I Speucer." . , • . . : Thal diff¢rentSpencer may not i be 4Wte as excding end hell bent I,foreheetmetplasfheoldJimmy. I ~"ISn ioingto do the best I caq" '~ hesald."Pmgoingtodriveashard : aslcenandgivelo0percentThal§ ' alllcenglvetheteam,andlexpectthesameoutofmyteam. -"I71 stick up fbr them no matter - I ~ whstlftheydowrong,tbalkpartof , :racing and we wont let it happen -~agaln..But thatb howyou build a ; good race team,-and we are build- _' ' idg a great rere team right now, : 'We•re in the processs of building a , new ehop and everything is going ' in the'rlght directioo. .. . "Itk taking us a7ittle more time ..thanwewouldBkqbutl'mgoingm ' keep doing.ntv,.job;'-Spencer ' ~ added.~"Instead of taking a 1(llh- e place'car and'tlyin¢ to win the ' rece, I'll take leth place. _ Those -~are the thinp I didnt doin the, past , , . "Jimmy Is doingthnt rlght now, • and I thiWc Jimmy Is going to.keep ' ,`.on doing tAat, because if I keep ~. • :-dolOgthatandmyglWskeepwork- .: Sng exhg haid like they have been, Awecanetmthavingthecowuiaten J.. f;we.heed to become a chempl- , onshipteam." - /
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leqkHa,RT RUarNr A.w YM traa 1'Lelry' 011.301 JUN 13, 1996 ® 113974 rleaaCLfff/MGt '~. `Mr. Excitement'~' hope better days are ahead C ;:., Aaod.4d Pr® : ='Tmvis aner, is 191h in the. Winsrao Cop points add hasn't around q~er car: to make sure that 1 don't gel in any con- ceNainlyhanotheen"Mr.Facimment"thts' -.heen8q~tngmuch7especf,despite'twasetiesvtcturita. '~-8icts:And,'ifyoulook.back;NASCARmakesdecisions ierm-kmally he'a been more like ".Mr. Forgoaen:' .. .,.. . ReceriQy,m before a race'et North Wilkesboro, two Charlotte based odwhat happens that day. -_ ,~I~f w,e~k ~it Dover, a sixth-place finish was Spencer's besf,' radio r~rsonalities knowh for Neir-wiseiiaclo acted as cd-' "If NA~CAR thought that I was unnecessarily rough_ on ' o(the reasan and only his second top 10 in 1996. But it's all grand btarshals and said, "Cxntlemen and Jimmy Spencer,'- somehody, or mayhcFmie Irvan or Dale Earnhardt was, they part of Spenar's mutee plen ' . start your engines.° `~'- - - `. '- •will asses a penalty lused'on whether it was just racing or it .'We've had a good last couple of weeks," said Spencer, a Last wak, team-ownerFelixSayyfgit, whose driver, Kyle - could haic been avoided or whatever." Spencer addeQ "I o, taagh-and-tumbk competitor who earned his nicknemc years Petty, qrcently ran afoul of Winston Cup officials during a think Felix was tmally out of line hecause. if you ask alltlm N .gu oo the short tracks of the Northeast. "All the hard work race, tooh a shot at Spencer, saying he could hit anything mcomperitdrs; they would say that you see a different Jimtlty ~ finally paid off in The Winston Select Open (an all-star race any and NASCAR wouldn't go after him. Spencer."i 16ar he won last month). ' I'~m lad you brought that up," Spencer said earnestly. 'T. That dif(erent Spencer may not be quite as exciting 9id hell W 9l was a pretty nea[ deal because the guys had been working W ayne'Rohertson, the head of sports marketing hert at bcm for slieel metal as the old Jimmy. - w rdly herd the last two yeys_foCme, and it finaliy came to a Camel, , a long talk last year about some stuff that Jirnmy "I'm goi to do the best I can;" he said. "1'm going to drive ~ kad at Charla0e:.:: It was 7 non-points race, but it was still a Speoc , m do, As far kack as 8dstol lau year 1 fal r as.hard as L:au and give 100 percent. That's all I Ean g~.e 1he w~,^ ,. - like I driving as good as l can drive. and pcct the same out of my team 3petleer,' who drives the Smokin' Joe's Thunderbird for "I e being extra patient and taking my tJme.when rm 9'll .' forlhemnomamerwhat." ,ev
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~ e I ~ F r JE l ate6.F ,/or An1v.r iraoe:~a1sN e f ® ra~a~ss4,~ aly thE 28 9ue Y 10 st2 p.m. qo 'o~u,d,r."i,1re~~ 6W,,,1e' ~-T M C~.., tja36 Qrr i, of right-side 14 .~;t~~ /,'/;Ri{ 4 t 12thswraftaMs lapof 89. arrottea tsnme pvallh ms zlppo 8 [8166 seco3ds) 1t~ . ~ Spe~n,~. a' ~a:i i~'2(7F~... - Vl~~dr u •.. Hab!(ood~ iy el i4e cws °nty~ nn ~ :~ ~~~ yaqylst;w r p J~y~ ~o , but 1S}plets ~ep~NA3CAR 'ndy r~~ tieme, phose oa's ~ ;we,[e,invorved.{..:~ylP„r. ., . ~e "ft's no b{ t'~e~y,Ar~ii~ aflnPkoeed to put i ;lnpm I'mnbt'umog, r tf..,,, a deaL" a ;aeelJ,Wingu saatd. .` andlttbay '.pean there, you; 'thim. It's tlme;`. tt lvann'tthat blg %t ON ?OD' (Lp N aaQ MAY 24, 1896 NSC: (AP] Hrett'. N4882 •* Muegrave • and i were the only J••" drtv ®®PRESS CLIPPING .~•~13~g~s~.,n~° ` tr/als,for tlle# -- 0~one we~tlfaet. -.. ^ ~f ft~le: ..i.\'\~. mp~~ ~I the~7ear or 8un4ys d ,er;, Ctia~roue Mol,or . ~aNaEMna alr•J )tfl 8~~ ot at 4 ~Vlnefon~t ~~~~ a t`up_et<-. _ q~tie6Cli~Aa a d~178707'aad ~ {o,{ri nras:~tt]-. . , ..~~ :on theWln- . Wpe;~etWednee- JeB.Ooidon won the ~ r,r ,b o ~ zein ~V''_pQtued~aIIsttiad 60 ~ scr , ~.t Jr r,?{ mble ~~ rer mll cage: R'e appefently sldtEd tbat.ttie mfilniam+thklmees for enj "qrgbar in the Ear Is A83 a myor gqnStbey ,conslder that bar,:~the thlctmpsa:Lad to be . VxPM/ost teams .ameii AY01 Y . ~ h .~. rau*Priebd ,.t n xor itOta WCre nnaWarae tbatQboaa V!F tlcsl ~oOr ban bqd tp1~"a'xrt~ln . , r~thWmesps 1' 1.Gcry MeClurq, ' team'ovmes 5S°terLng Madin's ' Kodak Chevrokt. ".r gueAs.maybe .. ours have alwaya ban thatway. , w t1mJc about 95 paixent orttie ...1n ibe ..... _. were ufiildr ~ '~S le, dhe~'tetnbanwe !'e tt~iemn reestontlistjhey R°" ~~W`e 1' r~ Wtdot~Cup"r ..~.xr.t. 085,•saltTHufclxqv w°'~. onee oi~tad'peirpf~ vqd'd', . ,,. ~, 9pmoef sllde`eomUh waeuailp ~ . nndom tet ~...t>ke~ care, whkh !dd 'toNA."~e"ex• Spxd~' `!F >amudng the ym in t}fpW~neton Burton, & e well: 113e'bei'a:wwere '.Mebonald.wi ~Cupm as aot,,'' partrt or~.llASCAn's.nocmer :,.,m8uecu";~ rou~e ptape~wn: , ' ca3s ar ~atest :€olleaBeotavay too, ~' . 'r,~la,Kevlp 111 p- Mfrbael'I ydf;~J11Y WtnetonCuP:Mazty)V± dlaC¢Mdln4t.3C `aEqcfeda In , n*fi, br 81:914"afwnd Ie.tan7hucsda~{?*. 'We Lad bi atted~a Lad to `sAd a betln-" them, seld Doimk~ trewythlPf tor Jtmaty ~' . Joe'e Pbrd p,ot.ahe .ulee, :' weslust a misunde~stand- ! th4catbWWen' . . 'baze~te. ebout flve or s6c r~baz9~ot:Ylw~,tv0.. Wlliw•Bem, PA Timu leeder Senn[cn Mnl qn pi,aq o n,o1e N N N ~ ~ ~ w e
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WoodbddOe, VA Pdomee Nexs wahiftimn oc Mrt kn Fddaf 080,112 JUN 14, 1996 N5502 1. L 1 C~ H ~ ty MIKENARpq `,,; . ". IIESSCLIPPING3. enceriaimin of7laAaadoTadRsa~ •: c":; _ ~„ ~n/bas ~ ~ b :mt 'b fr. Flcdtement " th is'. seeeda.'Aet(fally he$ been mote llke'1yb: Forgotten" ~ t » At D'over, a sixth-place finish ` ~ was.5pencds best of the seaebn. S I,`and Qnly!,'Ile aecond top'10 1n ~ ..1996. But, it'e all part of , Spence?a maetaplnn ` Oti Lt~' i "WeVe had dgood last''co3p16 E ofaieks, ;eafd Speritxr, a`irmlgtis, ; and-tumble eompetitor , who + ._ earned his nk.kna+!.• years ego-.. `on the short tracksbf,the North-. ~: east 7All the'hanl rwrk /lnally:~ paid oH 1n;Tha q,/lneton.Select IOpei~ (an ill-star race"that he wanlaetIDOnth~~ ; ~ "'"It wa's s' pz ne'at•*dea] beeauee, the guye had been ~ . working teally hard the lasf two ~ JlmmY+SP6ncw . . . years fa me. and lt Bnally;Fame i Anawshn9 critks - )`r ~o. . .e~,;better, days , to a head at Charbtte•.,,, ,twas non-points race, but It waa etlll a Wllkesboro, two Charlotte iadlo whm'. personalltles known'for their $~nrwa who drlvee ~ the : wkecracka acted ~ as co-~rand . Smodn'~ae's Thunderblyd .for"~ marshals and said, "Gent&men 1Yavle Carter. is 19th In the WIn-, and Jimmy Spencer, start your sten Cup officials during a race, -.be quite aaexciting ahd hell bent : took s, ahot at Spencer, eaying he „ for sheet metal as the okl Jlmmy. . eould Mt anything or anybody ."1'm going to do the best I ran," ~-and;NASCAR wouldn't go after he said. '7'm going to drive as hard as 1 can and glve 100 per- glad you brought that upcent. That's all I can 'give the =Sp~pcer .~sakl . earnestly. Tteam, and I expect the same out yrx• Robertbon the head of _ of my team: C i ' ng hele at amel ,. I mar~cet ll stick up for them no matter ~ 1tonCu ta~and 6aen .. ., `~ ~'-! ++:.t~`~ ~ . clt,=reepest:~:des ~ Last team-owna Fehx' pe . -getttngmu about }ohg taix last year : what• If 'they do .tvrong:; that's , , e stu$-~iet Jimmy Spenher: part of radng ahd we a/on't let lt, Is to-da:.Ae far.back~ag,ahappen';again.'>But;,that's how.-: tol lasf~ yea'r, l Ieel llke 1 am...' you butld a good race team; and as good as l can drive. we are bu0ding a great race team am betngextra patient and ,:'.ilght now. We're In the process of , g my tlme when I'm around : building a new shop and every- er cars to make, sure that 1,thing ls going in the right dlrec- . 't get ln any conflicts. And, lf tlon, look back. NASGALR makea . It's taking us a llttle more tlme ., ons based on what haP-..,.thanwewouldlllce,butl'mgotng thatday. to keep doing my Job," Spencer f NASCAR thought that I was added. `Instead of taking a 10th-, . ..R ghry rou on some- place car and ting to win the , or maybe Emk Irvan or , race,l7l take l Oth pla& .•. Those Earnhardt was, they will are the things I dldn't.do in the as a penalty, ,based on past. . .. .a ther it was Just racing or lt "Jimmy /a doing thak right have been avoldedd I thik Jm f or now, annfmys going Iever," Spencer added. "I to keep on doing that because lf I Felix was totally out of line keep doing that and::my i guys uee, if you ask all the com=; keep working edia he~i llke they , _ fors, ttieywoukl saythatyou have been, we bart start havlng vlctorfea.. Sabates, whose drlver; Kyle aeeadlflerentJlmmySpencer." the consistency we need, to ~tly, before a race atNorth '.7 petty, recently ran afoul of Wln- ::Vtit different Seneer may not become a championship tea13." ~.
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Srronlnn, PA 1dEuni eanrhn M rl Aru Thariday 881p12 JUN 13, 1996 N55596 ©1111©PNCxSCLIPPINGS r I - ~':r`r a RICH BANICK /TBIBUNE STAFF PHOTOGFIAPHER 'I - Jimmy Spencer says he is not the same style racer,who earned the nickname "Mr: Excitement." ~. . I- .. Spencer lacks excitem. ent By Scott Walsh -- have is a wreckkrace car. Then you have a bunch TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER of guys who have to~fix it mad at you and it rubs off !Jimmy Spencer earned the nickname "Mr. Ex- to the next race." . citement" for his aggressive driving style during . Part of the change in Spencer's attitude stemmed his days on the NASCAR Winston Modified tour. from a conversation he had last year with T: Wayne The Berwick native carried the moniker with Robinson. Robinson is the president of R.J. Rey- ~: him to the Winston Cup series where, at times, it 'nolds Sports Marketing Enterprises, which over• 4. go6him Into trouble. , . ' sees the Smokin's Joe's sponsorship on the car. Lately, however, Spencer has been anything but "When I came here last year, the ea,r Was uwful , exciting. He has been employing a more patient .' So I told, T. iNaynee that it was a bunch of junk,", style of driving and the results are showing. '. Spencer said. "He told me todrive extra patient and Qn,May 19 at Charlotte, Spencer won the, Win- to stay out of conflicts so he could seethat the car `stotrSelectOpen,thequalifymgracetogetintothe wasn't performing. It'sworked'to the beneCtt'of . Winston Select,NASCARs all-star'race.'rPhen 10 •-bothofus."' ' . days ago in the Miller-500 at~ Dover powns.in Dela-. . Team owner Travis Carter agrees.' -. 'ware,Spencerposteda9eason-bestsixthplace: ' ""In1991,.IsawJmmytheway~a'lotofotherpeo- "We've had some. good runs the lastcouple~ of~ pjesaw Jimmy," Carter said: "He was'a very tal- - weeka," Spencer said on the weekly NASCAR tele- ented driver wJio needed some polishing. confeF•ence. "Our hard work paid off in the Winston "Jimmy's an emotional guy who has had to learn Select Open, We had a good run going at Charlotte bow to bepatient(in the Coca-Cola 600 May 26) until the car devel- Still, there are those who blame him for every 'oped a problem in the fuel cell: But webacked it up, . mishap which oc8urs on the track: i-. at Dover and we're pumped coming into Pocono." ' At North Wilkesboro this year, the pre-race Spencer and the other Winston Cup drivera.I make their first ottwo appearences at Pocono Race-• command was given ","Gentlemen . and Jimmy Spen- , i way this weekend for the UAWGM Teamworli 5W. cer, start your engines. He admits that:he has changed his driving tac -. - In the tirade team owner Felix Sabates ~' ~ tics and that it has been a change for.the better: ~. spewed at NASCAR follpwing a rough-driving pen- +~ "1 still do the best I can and drive as hardas I- mb' give to.tiis driver Kyle Petty in the Coca-Cola ~ can..But I have changed to a degree,'•' Spencer,said: : .~, Sabates said that Spencer "hits everything In a "' ''"AtDover; we had:a eixth-place'car and we~tookracebutmyteambus." .., . , r.- . ro .; that-Inthepastthatissomething.Iwot11$nothave. "I'vehadfijlgerspointedatmewhenIknowI' ~ ' done: I'mnot trying ;anymore to: take a" i0th-pliece wasn't the cause," Spencer said: "Now, I've learned ,~ car and.win the racQ: That's when you crash. ` , - from being criticized. If I do soniething wrong, I ad- 'if I crash doing something' dumb and I won't dress it and straighten it out" y`pu So much for "Mr: Excitement" ; i deny that I have donee some dumb things all r' . .. . - .. . .
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WINSTCN CUP SCENE COnroM, NC WEEKLY FEB 1. 1996 n25979 (~/'/~~ W~iY®IYFSSCLIIIINGS ce ~ ~,;;fakes A Different Tact .. . . . IL/ ` n'.Eiilightening 1995' ~.,., oweis : , : ~6nk ,; '.'~.(WJflLE'.,BUT JIh~MY SPENCER HAS AINALLY p s7tit Iah sldd bh n.iPllmtweu you getcoey te . LnaLnwerrn:~ . .. . 'the Ets[ haff of the 1995 sea son, Jimmy Slmccr was . trN tok adih yg ae meocre race car to te front, `,As usual, he k8 a lot of bent sheet metal In his ' : . a4;o(it hisr most of lt not. .. . After abcwrt a dozen taces,' Spencri s sponsors at RJ. Reynolds Totnccb Co,bad seen enough. T, Wayne Robenson, ptesident of tlk'cQopppy's sports marketing division, dectided to have a talk H1th5~¢t~e{. ... .. . .... wlgpwgewuclear ElWetshipcup,orqlRandltsSmokin.• ,v.,en.efiL.leeMnM,a,.xn •.T~• '."T:;W,ty'pt and I had onegood algument,* Spencer ticalLc. "I madt'hlqt'upsU: We tallced, and I1old him his rdrs weten't that good,'and jlls:motms weren't.dlat good. He sald, 'Well, damn, pmve k toime.'' I said, 'I'am.'~He said, 'IJlce hell you are. You're cra,qhing.,,.}fe -%id,'It's not your fault ag the thne, but sometimes it Lv,, - . .. .. . . -•`litrally' made a lot of sense. And let's face it, T. Wayne has !:, bccn In'this.sport a long time and seen a'lot of guys come and go. ;: ~'lksa!d.;Mau: youVe got as much paential as anybody out there, ' ~ ' 4x yWl~bptG tse iL . It Bnally hh me. It was like scolding a little ". . = t+y Tmnt a Iiale boy bh[ U Aid ukca difkc ,.o,nrene. r Spencersayshe'sHnally,'Rgutedomwhati[takestobecompetl ' . tl_ve.qeeklggndwcrkout:MeetthenewJMmySpencer. .. 'I ~'Yglt WLL,'[ take a lOthplacearattd win the nce wlthit, and I' ~trledtoddthittnoroatty(Nnes:.lgoodexampkisagotfet.Hesays ~ Tm Soltqs tti make an eagk on tltLr hole. He's 230'yatds out and he says 1. ttdnk~i Lan get there. I'm the guy who says I tidnk I can get thae: But'the,'other, guy says;.'I lmow I cant' He'll lay It up. and . . . . . : he71 wlilp mybutt. : . '1 tMnk t have Ieamed.that that's the way you have to play Uds gune'PV4$ot to.say, Tm not a lOth-place car today, I'm 15th.' a. Md kof a suddca, dtntmstsncea w91 t+ke you fmm 15th to l Oth, ~,g,btit.~,JqdlIM-try to force the_imte. I don't think I did that the seo - ndKoftheynr.• . ..'' . It's,beeti a drxstle ehangefur Spencee, who was highly n9dciud 'ouedy aggnxMve style In 1994, a season in wMch It seaned .,, , ~~ .. ~ . ~ m 'SPpKa'. Leti1gS. A1r: Eaukmmnt' u bkirg a diRe/mtoppxdl ~ ' ad,vp6exremsdNssquip~ md inl6apnrerr,hops w flrµidary .JuAy6n.cawdasonnonrnae. . m
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~, 9~~r.•p ~~r. aosna ihan' hb 'peiftormsea idtv a ' Daytqnsaad Talladep,,rhe,tp, in 19ifa strwast "3027 1965`/[ z°-•o. . tam..." 1s5 typicU-fa+hiop.beps4ad~ e ' _ ~28~ 0 2 "0 iS9N~ $2338•7A ` Bn~ah ofZ1d in Me fo'm':'Ds !- Da-fWva'and '1111adegY`;pete 'at3ed~ae"ze.z z li :v 'ellr' ss5~.asa ~ 7'- .. 1 . ..5111 $8911.852= ' tiecnmy big downfall baeame of . the MMhey" admitted Wallace, /98] 'Beadle29 .-2 7 , 1 blzarie, weird sta2 Likelasl189o Beede 29 :.: ~1~'wagata Q".: t9B8 Hexlle 28 8 tS 4••~:2 2nd ,587 .: qhv has had horriNing eraahes at $1.611 both trayte But ltS been is< .1989'Beede 29 .8 7 ]~Y~ 52?A]950, 2 T ] ~> 2` 6tlt •• ~6850.~29 . . ~ear I get into a wreck toming k ' SW2,073 ; HlWawntionClag. s; 1991 Peneke 29 ~ 2 S7 5 ti 2 10th .~4ft fmnp baealwlloia.Day - 1992'Pemk6 29 -f~s4 TM+-1' 13U1x':M'~gqI,825 ..:n. l . ermka 2 - •~ 189B..f .. ' I 9Nat4 hm-r ture running ! a99hPatekr'31-+<' 8 fr 3. ^2 c 3N .-• 9740TL^ 9 a - 3 'h d =aT]02154 ' n° '1995PeDSita 37' ' 2 1_3'__ ' _0 »ber ~31'.375878 TWeb . - 382 ~: 47: 83- : t7 = 372.695.T67'. : NOTE 1995 and tObl eaTY196 dp nat hltlu0e.l9®B-pmtsea-_ 8M DOnRe68• ~ .. . hmg no wotx the° sixth in all ur eL the reatrktonPLte neea Id wimivg the <hamDionsNRC' e aeid. •AUd I'm eon6denl that . - iRiek Hettdrick, of comse, v ata]` wilh 6is three-rarfatm, b baW moved Bey Evervhel4 o m+l' P»Oer in fhe'99tlHe as Goedoa He .bo hopes to run them a lot . 1 betterthfesaasom withtheaddl- mon o[.•1[ike'Hge to Pansb SovWh eo~ne depaelment'. . aS~. Fnuldb@ th4'Amas'dfro`•crelt.,eh)ef, 522<5 82<5 &ee buL¢iepgrd..C4,~,G. Audy Fe dre3s~operatfoa romaiya the e ,. ''i°C:,ibe7 epries. Aqd~ EarnheY~t eiwayq is at his mtimidatlvgbeet wh'en ehallenged, aa, Gordon. aad age (45 in April) Wd tbe l°as?f thajitle pavqd,o _ 1'he otLe{.A[ p~apars , 5 . jbpul dD`e TemLab'onte. the W4F . mat dguhervSokV Wallue,af e h(.:ean avoW-meltdown oa„jhe svpempeedwq,ri Jl'eht 31. IC 1ha-Iova dqpR:oOG~[ iLe ° .ud'Sterllag Ma,r11n,_nQw that h~ I Wi'abuwn he. cau.rvln beygq~. t: .,•HO71ha'e.tremelybelPfulln . .e.rvue. ,..,_ L `:AStl,Yer.~iram ` 9wuu .w y'In add,tsov. Rotiert Yetea Bac WL . Fimhardt w9l bs almbng f°r hia record e10f W Y{Rma°o butten nt bad In the paat, b1d I ., GYspdsvspkw*ipthkaerm.Pov>W.LLrgserood(n'95.'. donRthinktheywillaawoea' wecanDWlitoR' ,. erer.rkiet,bhMmnuungert'or.ing--must e°d°re.:ita-tourth leeould ~erewlllbe,ofe°mx,pleny CoNon.andlfenSebrade,who alnight yeu,ot,'-adiastment,. tn'- leagoe shu tLF d q . -in'~6I+'teamm Y ilib w e gg x l eq aveaaq Pm . -, . .. ~ ofothergeyawhow althonghDateJarrettehouldbert< '96 WINSTON CUP SCHEDULE aaatlwsfitlawYP/anTheea) • Fa0.11.-...•(#urL CIeMIroeDOY4). DaMO°a (Dale Eamhard9 Feb.te 'Davlana500 Davlnna • -/SmrgndMeAn) - Feb 25 ~'.Gtiodwrala3~400.HOdNr6lr,n •..... (JeBGadard.:. . L- " Mmeh 10+. Pamlamr900 ABenm ' Ge9 Ctadent~ MertA 24+'TranSeiM 4110 DWgt°n .-.ISIeNn MaAn1 ,. . •1` Mamh 81'' FoodCM 500 tNWW (Jell GoMdB - ,.- Apr111 ".: FHM Union 400. NoM Wpkeshom'-IUeM E°mImND '~ApN21. Go°dYa50U•MerunaviN _ (R1a:M WaGxe) - 'ArN28 ='DlnsmnSelaq500 Taladepe IMdd[MeNn) . Mav 5 ' Save Mar10811 Seare Pdat (Dels EamM,dR ' MsytB WMpmnSeleplnm-noNm) Caedotte (JeBGONOn1 May 26 - Coca~aM 800. ChwiWe (9ohEV tabnnEa) .. Juw 2' Migar B00. Dover . ... (KVb PaBV) Juw /6 WW-GM Teemwork 500 Pxvm° (fenv Leaonte) JUna„21.. Mlx4110 MicNWn (HO0by4ebam) JuN B- Peps/400 Daytona (JeR Gadonl . JuN 14 Suck 50 900, New HampsNm (Jalt Gadonl - Ju•Z1 M'lar500 Poomo (DaMJarten) _ JuN 28 DieH 1d 500. TaIMde9a (Sted'fg Mad'm) Auo.B 9rirky rE4001ndaneGoNS lDabEamhard0 A g. 11 Bud at tli Glen Walkns Glm (Mark Ma,o) Aug 18 GM Go°Cxrench 4rA Mid' 19oCbv Labonta) . Au°. 24 Gaod/s 500• Bnstcl - (r°M lebontal Sept 1 Sanhum 500. Dmfagm° SePt] Mi11sr400 RicNn°nd S 15 MBNA500•(bver. . . (Je8 Gordon) (Ruety Walbce) (Je8 Gerd°n) , Sept. 22 Yanes 500 MardnwAe (Dale Famhard4 " Sept 29 Tyson 400 NoM W Mcesbor° (Mmk Mann) _ ~ G°t B UAWfiM Gualitv 500. Chanoae (Ma,k Manin) : Od20 AC-Dekn4(p Rockkgbam (Ward 9unonl ~ Oel 2] Dum W be 500 Phoenu (RickY Rud]) Nov, 10 NAPA 500, Atlanm (Dale EarnhmdQ '~ oar momr Drol7ams for Daytona Emia irvav a¢owM at the ead , - of last u»on that Ee was ', ~' and ThHadega,' said Wallace. '.:...'That1 hL speetalty, along witb ahn°st baek'to his fronbru°°ing ; lsl -. beingoneoCthehestdpnogoysin form,buttluestbnsremainif-he '. ll n u t __._ . .. . . . t .e., ne ,e mnr thw lnno hxnl: in ;beevenjppgheE inthat.includ,ngsomedrHeSwl latiae.roqxSremhamW+Dremetn eptflosm.th[redueedvressnre ' J ; 75enmrMOVte CSrloeameout-LenindiHerentOlaees. G°YdonfneedaPerewebteLendscrullny...•,., ... .., ofth°trdlerwHharnshlas<sea- :-jAtteryearsotaal°wdeclina, :.phebestofthe-newbreedaF. 'son,, aod-the-aobeepuantrWes thalegendal7JUniorJohvea°has Habby Labovte,who won ihren - ;.adjuslmentahftbeThuuderbirdt~ letflhescew,seHinghiaProerame tim°a dMl 1rar::o Jamltt' . favor really dldvl m.ke vp tbe bere ~m a daraloytng trend ?o.~vers BreGBOdine aad Bltov rePlaeemeat qith 7oe Gibbs R9c teame and $!wJen Bodiva,who bas retnlned.hu[bhepe ineons4tency left (ng ffi 1 l ed ? , . tar °va mu ~m ~ apP~rs to . rem+i¢;thh~sestoa~~W+HUb,uao- 1m~t.mewaka'-~ofilHendrick' , '~NdvtikeaePH^.b°~.-' Sen~'SChrader~Temamsot~,a,~aC ttlly oae?f,the most Toe.L advo• . Motonp°rts`-'B3 sneeetl with ~.-._~yP°mC 9Jr: baeli°B ~ ~„° "' Ne hardert eh.rgers in thepme, 'r:.eetvsi°'any'eontrovemy,Mtem-' °hampionJeCGuidohandTem' uw°erllavidHWe-.. . .. bvt'qiHhas.avonl7fonrtimea kParingtiisaDPr°aeh ~:. Laboatecombinmgfor10wi°s. "ldotherm.j?rddvermores, inTJBfue°rWlmlonCuDStar'4, ,.b.veaH'Iesnoutofm7mukeofRobertYateahaae>mandedku.~ ~~~P'y~-llthaeasoohis , and-Hyle.PeWtomeraPPean °vthevergeefabeea]¢hrough. . kcePmg ation t° two ean .. , 'car,'•behaesMd:•BUtlalpeduP eper ha.shiDedDromBebanHaci°gb withFwd,.andthuuwhatveYe DaleJanetlioteamwithreeow theWoodBrothers,replaclagvet-. -- Of the veteran driven with ered Erni° Irvam sad Jaek Rouah ' . . ermMorgan Shepherd, who;is their own tema; BlckY~$ndd is go~ - "I umPnlpoad to gat aD we has go°e to three ean,addm6' taking over for Todd Bodine with alwaye a tbceak BilLBllrott hada but Jeff Bo<t°n to Yaek Martia +°A- Moek HacinG and Hut Strtcklin ntild res°rgence atthe endAElaet : °setblY can out of the tar • , , P . .they've_dealttbeeards8ndaaid '~Muegrave...,:. _, replaeeaBurt°nwiMSmvola...:" seas°n;ceoHBOdine4ae'A~new :'thie is what yon're up against, ao -' Icvan'a retmn' Irom his near 'aponsor ivpV~F ut is stiH shoP-- - `now it's.time tq get °n the treek bt+l 9C erash waa 7he best stoq Ping far alCiheuswers; aad Dar- : avd do wli+t w4.tan pith vhet °f t+stTws°n. r+DSciaW" wl~ Ms ~ reD Waltrip M a color commeuta- w°Yego(torarkwith. eompetiliveaeas tn hia thrce • - -torinwaiting .': 9'm not going to complain +~MA°d he71 be bnck iv the The Rookie of the Year race, about the car. Fm tired of Gghting No.28 Hav°li°e Ford. , usu+11Y a year-long subplot, is Guys capable oCatealing a win that battle. H[ apead my dme Jarretl, who viH drive Ihe Ho. °~'+T~ -eomewbere are Derlike Cope• ' eomPlaiaing about the cars, Pm B8 Ford QvalitY Cara Ford, ma¢- Johvvy Hesson Jr., the 1995 Mvs aveb BerNet native Jim Ted going to get my rear e°d'smoked aged only one vie0org end Cm- w~ haGarreDlatedoH chual K'al- ' Spencer, always on the verge o[ on the tract IYe got to Put that iahed 13ih i° poinls as Jarcelt's trip im ~bari Raeing, will be' - lighting a fire with Smokin' Joe's; , energy into the ears Iaatcad of '95 subsUfute, but worked weH the ovl tuD-time rootie in the avd Bobby Hamill-iq''4hu hss e.bm the P.• . ..wilh the team So when his Pmnss ries. Y given RichardPetlY's team a sem- ~7 I for his own operation failed to se~ . Al/hoaghduplieMi°ghishue- materialire,Jarrettdidn'lhaveto ~ A°d'Raady MacDonald, who blroceofstability. .' 1 . reasin'SO(lpwins)avd'94(eighl gojobhun0ing. . , plausalimitedschedulewithhu Audalthoughtbeyd°n4have . wi°s) appears unlikelg Wallace own operation, is the only other Jeff Curdua's youth, charisma or . - whose 41 eareer wins rank Hmton, who sicuggled wilh the newcomer ofnote. -station in Iife,JohnAadrelti, with third among active drivers Smvola Hrothers last season, EraveNSSMaas Ward Hurtoe behind only Darreli Waltrip (841 shouldgelacarurbo°stifihehol- r ~ ~ with A.G. Diliard; and Jeremy . avd Eernhardt (BB) and 12th on and-cold Roush operation is up to Mayfield, with Cale Yarborough, . the all-time list - remai°s as thelaakofrunning Nree cars.fsst cHCOrdoa caught lightning in have the stuH to help carry W,n- .. upbeat as m ioforoereial host 'sear, Haxtin was his usual steeakY Ja b°mle last seasoo, winning smn Cup into the next rentury. `WeYbcstabiisbed-goala of self,a°dMU.grave[adeddowuthe thehtleeval,f•ooeknewhewould, Which sh4fild be enougb.ta ! wimingatleastninerates,fm- stretchafterastrongsMrt butbeforeanyonereaLLyezpeM-t carryyouintothenewseas°n. .
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Conyers, GA Rockdete Citizen Atlania Mat Araa Frltlal D 10,4ee JUN 14, 1996 N1884 III®®PRE55 CLIPPINGS r By A11KE IIiRRIS for,their w}secracke aoted as co- iar nd mar d Gen- h ls and e a ~ a a ,~,APMOtorSports,}{'n/er n d S ~ t cer , lemen ~ap my; pe sta t~ p~ 6n ~ es ' y g q } ertam~y~has w Jimmy Spenu r r a = e ` e k te m own r Felix e Last not been "Mr. Ex~itement" thia; ` season. Actually he's been mdre Sab hoae _ driver, ' yle like Forgottep." PQ ty,ecentlwy ran afoul of~in- Last week at Dover, a aixtl -~t°p offlCials during a,race, place finish 'was Spencer's best took a,' pho~; at `Spencer,' saying , he doyl~ hit"apythrng or'any-• NAS~ cv~9uldn't go; ond toP e '0 in 996 Buhitie all body tiand i ft . . a m e part of Sipeneer s inaater plan ._~ ; e'v~~had a good last couple „p~~ GLAD you biought that . of weeke«. up,° Spencer said earnestly. 5"f. encer dS ,saz p , ., .zr :m u ~ k i> i ~, r •arougeana~ sporte~4mar~eting here at-. tumble •com- Camel, hadl a 11ong talk laet year eetitor ? who '' about some etuff ;that:Jimmy earned'` his ` Spenc,prn,eedslodo,Asfarback ~ qr,ckhame i r- as Brislol•laet year, I feel like I years ago on am<driving•.as,goodrfle I•can ; the ;~ ehort} dnve traeke of the' s"I azn being eatra patientand 1y4rtH0aet.: taking; niy ! time when. I'm' `All the`hard around other crQ to ~ke'gur work finally w~k e{ 4 ~J'Im Sper?car at.I, oh t get ir~, eortt~icfta. ` paid off m ' ~ ,btflookAC 'N3 r~a,l~, ~ ... . Wuned uec,eiui,e untreu wr w11u~ Select Open (an ar'xace ' ~ . 7, C:~~. hannana that rlav ~. • .b`Tl`+p AS a pretfy nea f°deal~ar ..ew~.r..< w,Uus..~ 6,i:<u a,': becaus the guya' ha~ lbe~n;y~ aa unnecessarily rough on ?, - vqorkrngzreally.h~~ the.,lesti~ e„Q,mebody,•. , or maybe'`,;Ernie, )~ rn'or Dale Earnhardt.wae« two years for me, and i~'fma1. ~e ~ll assese a'pe alty based came to a head at Charlbtte: n°~.µ,h©ther itwas jupet £acing or`-" V It was a-non- mtsr ce but it r~ p0 ~ ' ' ' , it could have heeno ded : a,vo~ - wea still a win." ,whate'ver," Snencei. ad;ded. ~ opcncm, -;wuu uuvco "rc },hink.Felix wae,totally qut.ol" on lmnkin'-.Tne's Thundnrhird fnr _u-.v_ r~ uoa., .. w ~.a.w.v,. N avla Carter, ie" 19th in'the eompetrtore,,they would'say', A Winaton Cup pointi aaid hasri't thatyou see a different Jinjmy `" been . getting` much i;eapect, Spencer." deepite.twosenesvictoiies. F,!{ Th'at different`,Spence~piay,~ r„ Recently', before a`race at not be quite as exciting apd h la , w North Wilkeabor`o, two Char bent for sheet metal as'the'rd'' lotte.radio peraonalnea known Jrmmy ,* ~•-,
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~ TMAE WINSTON GULNOT OPEN - t'9~1O.lLt F 111pq\~~)~ .. . .. ........ . ... ...k 'E.'' ~ .,-..- 9 .+ '~~ ._! ~ .. ~. The Evening ® ® ~kUAvwMienBigPRace"ristif.-si By TOM STINSUN .. a -J'. :/- ' . ... . ~ . CJwdane Mdor Spaedway . race - and third ever in a Whtston Cup :-4;: "11iat's our goal,"said Burton, who during the race's second half. Despite Cmcad, N.C tar. ,: „- finlshed the race despite having engine swapping a couple of positions among M* 18,1996 - Speed, chased Spencer's Travis pin,blems on his Roush Racing Ford, themselves,the front five had all settled . -Catter Fnterprises' Fotd actnss the.line 'tiv6klicausedhim t'o'fa11 out on the fitst into thee tmnsfer positions by lap 19. BXT TO THEPKESIDEN• -by thtee'1at' Iettgths,rfollowed.bytukfi+l9p of The Winston.Select.."We put a"We got a big,lead, then just started tial primaries;!.and inaybeStricklin, Jeff Burton. and Michael,,ylotbf emphasls on;thls deal, It's real coasting,.trying not to abuse the car even bigger than some of Walttip; In.the top five and more .,lmpottant to us. The Whtsmnisfor_the and save the tires," said Speed, who led the small states when it Importantly, Into the main event ~ 1=~big.boys, and we'thinkwe ought to be the Brst 30 laps and then ratt second for " ' " ' comes to that, The It means we re the best inclass:of,>^Inthete. .. . •. Winston Select Open is easily themostthat gtrnip;".said Spencer, who colkd-~;~~z;Speed added, "Now you're In the prestigious qualifying race, bar none. And, for most practical purposes, the Open responded in a politically cor- rect manner, sending five veterans of The Winston Select into this year's ag• star race as well as the host company's chosen driver - or at least the one RJ. Reynolds sponsots on a weekly basis - to victory lane. . . ' Falling into the politically incotrect category, though, were five Fords hog- ging the transfer spots as well as Ken Schrader, an all-star regular since the 198os, missing the big race for the first time in eight years (see story, p. _20). . . Jimmy Spencer didn't piddle annmd in the 50-iap qttlifier, moving fmm his 15th statting position into the aB-hnpor- tant top five by Iap-17 and then taldttg the lead itqm lake Speed on lap 31 en 5. ioute to his fitst vittory in the specialty ~18 WCS 0 May2.3. ;996 . . ed $28,000 for being tops in the 36ctr real race. The other's a consolation field. "We'repiaying with some big race, more or less. Now we're in the boys here now." main event, and that's what's Impor- Getting a chance to play with the big tant " boys, ofcourse, is the reason for the,;-Johnny Benson Justmissed the main Open; creating little passing once the ~` event, pestering Waltrip for several laps front five settled down during the as: they battled for the final transfer race's second half. That al,so created position. Handting-woeson Benson's loads of pressure for those front five Bahad Racing Pontlac'-Ironically, the until the checkered flag gew. ..: :, 'cu~ Waltdp dmveforthe fhst 10 years "it's just.a lot of pressure and a lot of ~ of 7i1s: Winston Cup career, - caused reBeftiglttnow; SurlckBnsakL Bensontosettleforsixth... Despite curying~a qualifyItg or mn- ..*~,'One carr short,, I_ guess;", he said. solationtag:,- the banana race,;Xod `'CWe,were.ttght from the center (of dte migttt say.-ahe:Open detiniteiy,had1's'i~' coiner) ~off.: But:.the BMtkne under the credentiaLs. Nine fotmer Winston Cup ' lights here:- first Winston Cup race . winnen: and:17 drivers who have made ^ liere - so we're kinda happy with that." at least one appearance in the aB3rar . Brett Bodine, Morgan Shepherd, race packed the field, along~with seyeru;~,Bobby Hamilton and Steve: Grihsom fol- alotherfuB-tlrtteteatns.Md`allofthhemi ylowed Benson, in~tht top 10, though desperately wanied in diat front five. -' . node cha8enged for the'transfer spots the remainder of the race afterr qualify- ing his Melling Racing Ford on the pole. "Jimmy's got a good car. His setup is awful good. I think I was a little Mt het- ter than him, but I wasn't gonna race him that hard this early." Burton agreed with Speed's sttategy: . Get comfortably into a transfer position andthenBnishtherace.- . , "I just rode it out," said Burton, who made the biggest charge, moving from the 2001 statting spot into the top five by lap 18. "It didn't look like Michael (Waltrip) could get beat, so I just slowed down. If Michael had a little pressure on him, maybe he could've run a little harder, but he looked like he could beat (Benson). So I jtursat thete atid rode." . Stricklin, thougit, said the prestige in winning the Open - specialty race or • not - had him pushing for the front. . "I wanted to win," said Stricklin,
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Spencer looks to put more excitement. in ' HARRIS for Tiavlit£iner ia 19m i'o Ike Wioaroo Cup poiotl sod tame afuff Wat ]immy S .•, . Ak Motarryarfa Writer . ':hem t been geafo8 mtdt tqQed deapiia tia Nc Binil lt 1 fi wo ui- aataart yea , . .i dii at ve r , . . 71muY Spmoer ceiteioly has not beep •Mr Fadw Rexoil before a raa e~ NoM I am beiog extra pst . menl'L tkia sesew. Aaudly he'a been more like ;`Mr W tlwo ChadoMe Mb pe- • I'm around other nta to Forgopen:,- .. . ..lidp r«hdl"tri ~... . ... aooetrwaeoracs aycmtliqAndir a.,„ Last week at Dover, a sixth-place finiahwaa aaedatca ' mrahalaandiaid deda{pubeudonwhat .,l Spmcefa bea of the eesson and only hia aecood mp 10 •"Ctendemeb and Jimmy Spencer,; -' "If NASCAR thought in 19A6: BM it'a all p.rt o[ Speoar'a maMer plan : awyour eiInes" ~ !obdb . .. on ameoY, or maye ~ We've had a good last coople of waka '; ssid -:: L , aat w k team-owo iFelix ; was~le - they will assess a drlvec, Ky aCoul of,Wi- _nd a r.ce;.tuot . Speoar, a tough-and-lumbk compeutor who eatned his abat "1 aicJmame yean ago on the short uacln of thed Northeast. receny. i 'All the hard work fiily{ dff i Th Wiodffik na.~. onetonl ~~- ocaa Select Opeo (aa all-ftr raCe mY he wo0larl Sa7 SP~f. ~ • It waas petty neet deai becanre the'guya had ' or inyhbd abttiag really 6erd the last two Yeata~fqr meil go atierhL ,, •.y . Bually ama m a bead at l'harlaue, .. It a'~ hnl 8i_ , r,.. , p6intetaa,Eutitwuadllawiu.' ~t 4 earneadp:,~j•'C . Speoea, who ddver the Smakin' ]ae a Th aurketiog - . n . . , .. ....,.. ._-. .. 52245 9355 o his.1996 perform#nces needr to do Aa,far back That's all I can give the team, and I I am ddving at good m I of my team. - .~ ~ . .'. +M~:, 111 addcop for thtin'~o ma_ . l and taking my iime when - wrong, tkhat'a pan of tadns and we h I dYet ii Bh' hd b0d aure taton gn :agan.ut tataov7 ytiu a _ back, NASCAR mskea- we aee buiUing a g¢aCYaca tr,am ri ~ Iha/ dayy n...;~. .., the proceu of building a nev3 shop I wu mneaeaprily rough going in the dghi dueetton. e Irvan or Dak Fatnhardt . _ ,' . ty based on w6edKr it was "If a taking us a lllde ma~qiime been e'' vdded or wtimever," but I'm going to keep doing;pry j ; : ,_ .. .. •'InateaC..of taking a IOth-plgce c ~ out of line kecause; ir you the tsa, rB take lolh place::~. would ray thn yap aee  dklo' ~t do in the pas4 `~~ dirfeieot.J3o1my Speo,c~r.~ ,1.P~, h~1ys~?i'ur t" i,..:. s Jimmy~lf'doiog that d~ ~115i;diffen;ot Spdnar.may not bequ ib af'd~tddng is going to lrap`oo doing tl aod hkll bent for aheet metal as the dd J~my, •. .., thst and my` guya keep ,w _- .•7'm going to do the beat I can, ' he aaid. "I'm have been:lre can tifrt laivhlj -_ _ going to drive as hard ei I tan and give 100 percent. to become a dumpknahip tam.'~ , Sunrpnori et,~g ~dt could hav -~`sJ~think Felu was t 'Suk a0 ,the comped6oii/ the rame om they 't let it happm raa ieam, aod now. We're in everything la we would like, Spencer adtled. trying b win- are lhe thinp 1 r-6~t Ilke~gy t~ lhey ' sd" we need
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.1 K.....~~ 01 0 eport 5OM PAGE BB ~;~.,. , . - . e9nish 22nd In points and win ' ,g55. '... reer highlights: Older brother of Je1I ~ urtonr...GraduatedtoGrand ` ' ~neiseriesln1990anercheckered ieer In weekry Winston Raeing Serles ~rglnle and N.C. short hacks.... .6' s'four ON victories and one victory In .~.65 Cup starts.,.: Cup winnings of ` y;9$linostd1 mllllon.'~ couting report: This team bullds I yi'rgood equipment and Burton proved he w drive. If the new Grand Prix Is ~ ood, he'll be back In Vlotory Lene, ' :7~~.. .... ,=.23 JIMMY SPENCER ` "Age: 36. i . .';uves: Mooresvllle, N.C. " - - Ca Smokl ; Joe's Ford Thunderblyd. C O revls Carter. . . . • - Crew chief; Donnie Wingo. '. ' 1996 changes: None. - ' , 1095 hlghllghte: Four top•to finlshes In .29 starts. Twentyrhnh In poirlts, vAth . _ia:vdnnings of 5507,21p.~~ 3 ' ` •Cereer hlghllghte(Has tvpvictodes In' '-1-172etarls.,(...•WodatDaytoneand:^2 f,~vf811adega In July 189d.%xs Has won ,' ~!almost $3 rrillllon In Winston Cupr. .': +::TwaBme NASCAR na8onal modlAed °=CAemp{1986-g7J:;.t Won two Grand +j'~~ellonaHeces In 1992.hJ i. { :' r, Couting report Spenoer'may be ~j petl9W ateheeuperepeedweys, but ... babynowhereelee, :~ t{~c1a . L. . . A E,FF GORDON : J 29, ~ers~le 1979atTa s. Hunt NI N $151,700Inwlnnings.WontheRich- 1O mond ON race In ihe spring. Career h{ghlighls: Best finish In 59 starts Is fourth at Mertlnsvllle In 1994. ' .-- Cup earnings of almost $800,000. . Brother of Mike and Rusty. •., Started racing In go-kerts and moved . up to ASA.... The 1986 ASA rookie of the year.... The 1989 Busch Grand National rookie of the year.... Runner- up for the GN title in 1991. - . Scouting report: This team keeps . clawing away, but with ebest finish ol i8th In 1995, there's plenty of room for Improvement. 87 JOE NEMECHEK Age: 32, Livea: Mooresville, N.C. Car: Burger King Chevrolet Monte Cer- lo. Owner:JoeNernechek. _ Crewahlef:JenBulce.,~'-'-~'----. 1998 changes: New drew chief.' `, '• 1995 hlghllgMs: Fourtop•10 flnlshes In . 29 starts to finish 28th In points and win $428,925. Cereer,hlghllghts: Beatfinlsh In 63 ~ , starts Is mlyd.:.. Cup earnings of almost $900,000.... The 1992 Busch ~ Grand National chemplon.,,. Has two , ON vlclorles.... Earned four consecu- tive rookk of the year awards 1987- ,1991 In different senes culminating StaS whh the GN,__. Began racing at age --r 1" '. ', . . racing In 1988. . ~ . lltdegaShOrt7reck~.~.Ps-„~..Owner.FellxSabatee. . ~Scoutlnureeort:Stubbornlvaolnoatlt CrGp r; DuPonl Chevrolet Monte Carlo. 'AII-Pro series from 1981 87 fir ,I Grew chlef: Billy Woodan. - - on his own as a relative newcumer, ~ d~6vmar. Rick Henddck: '. . second In points In 1987 l•-d~ 1 sA6 chanpes: New crew chlef,per• " Nemechek began qualHying well lete In ~S'C'76IyQh{ef:RayEvemhem.' : GmndNatlonalchamplon F --Ls.ine4 -. ~'..' 1995andseemscapableofsteppinglt, +^7999 phangu:None , ~ GrendNatlonaldrlverfroml9ta ,. , 1c95h{ghllghts:Oneunllkelybuthard-upln'g6. ' . F:±109~hfghlights:WUlslonCupchampGw8helghtvlctorles..: ' ' / -ghtbotoryatDOVerandfourolher . . . yontwRhgevenvIOtorles,16othertop•10;Sooutingroport:LoteofctanJ<sn,e TI-•lonplshesIn3oevents(hemissed$BDALEJARRETT. .finishes'8nd e{ght poles Winnings of but Ingia ls a solld orew chief v ~-e),1good for 30th In points. Won , . (P'S4347343 ""Rtp +h, t.rb-•,:m shoaldhelpGrlasommovecb -e v-8,878.• Age: 39. ' ' Livee: Hlckory,NC c~CareerhlghllpMe At24QOrdon vlctory y rr, . ,~Ca~arhlgh119hU.Heeel9htWctodes ':jAal'r'~.~ -.a<1:atarte TeleleemingsoimoroCssFOrdQuellryCereThuntlerblyd; vy - s 11~afe~het/yraDoR o/w.cr..nmcingutth ' , , : ?)ISYI-retchaniplonahl-y~`Heaf e ~-f tnen:37.FmIWOn .iMedehhWlnsto9_;Owner:RobertVetea. -; , P rA M 3D`JOHNNY BENSON JR - ' - C Crewehle/:TOtldPerron . nlne vktorlea {n 93 starts.-.:. A e: 32 ' p debut In 1879. , ,. FuMlme since <BetoreJolnln9theWlnstonCupserlea ~ryee: Concord N.C. • 1991..-..Wnhhlsfirstvlctoryln1988 1998changes:NSwteam. beoame me nrstthird•peneretlon driver . 1995 hlghllghts: As Ernie Irvan's H' •~;~tehad more than 90g victories In 15 Cer: Pennion Ponliao Grend Prix' < N , Jseasonsofrecing„-..Wonthe1990 Owner..ChuckRlderendLOVnenco? IcwlnaWlnstonCuprace.' replacementdrNer,Jarrensbuggled, rilt&AC midget chamVbnship etq9 Ha ,i Scoughp reporl: This wlll be the yeer .. but won a race, had 13 other top4os, ln r~'~~" t vre 11~d out.whether money buys happl- .- was 13th In points and won $1,363,158. 6r:Won the 1991 USAC SINer Crown : C t- O w hl H re e ou ew c -i+rehem lonehlp;i:: Wae'1991 Grdnd g 1498 endsuecess In,the Wlnston Cup Ceroer highlights: Has four victories In 7998 changes: eenscn rsplaa+ ,. . 259 starts.... Started racin I° CiN.nnnal..>mm~nrrh.we.-...w.. .,,-.__ .... :., rsedee;Sebetas.bouchttheheloend gn187g.. . i~i^ hree ON vktwbs'• `lis' .',1~wPethJ'cen drive, but wlll a come togeth• •••'rim raceq m rvmaren uup in +eso. .m 'a-+' 1995 h19hllghts:The1995&n.~ - y r._. . . .,Aregulerslnce1987:..,Cupearn- E~gorning rspom'Two,thirpe that could Grend Netbnd champlon winning.~ : r I~~[~ep 2;ordon hom wlnning the)Itle reces end recordln 1B to 10,nnbheei~~ Ings of elmost 55 mllllon..'.. Beat I s1!Cgaln;ArelenneseEarnhqrdt'endedis- ,.Ceresrhlghllghts Haeye~tto.makehls 1, hDlsflrewlctory,etMlchlganln1991~n VpqedEvernhem,wholasmoreHen•- 43'BOBBYHAMI4TON ' I ~~. ;~nretWlrBtoncuPeterl=rrPormerASA Aea138.':' . Yates car Bcoutingre now port: and a He'a topothlsown ~ dsqjckMotoraponaresponslDllitbslhan . :chemplon ~GreniiNefWnalroOJderol xl{Wr.NesMil{e.Tenn' . A~,ptlldlastyear.,i top-notch crew. -. ,. the yeer In 1994, Flrst GN vlclory;i?,a.. GL STP Pontiac Grand Pdx. ..It's time to snine.' Age: 32. N Llves: Concord, N.C. r~ Cer: TIC Ford Thunderbird. r.r Owner:FllbertMertoccL `~ - Crew chief: Gil Martin. ' ~ ci^ 1 1998changes: None. 'm ', _, was . es 42nd In points, wlth t ~,~` 1995 highlights: Best finish In 11 starts a+h W -1 18
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3. StedlnOMadln 2253502 p: MarkMartin) 1,893,519 5. RushWallace .1•642837 ~ & TerNLabonb •d,558659, !.Bbbbvtabbnte ' 1.413682 $. DaleJarrett'-, 1.383,158. V LRlckyRudtl •1•337.703" 1p.:Ted Musgrave,,yu!; 1,147,445 1hlrowaug a.,.,npnhnak. ~asownwaw~rr!!ewew...u,n :: i 9:'Jen9omen~ ':'~,$9T.. Dale Eamhardt '*r1r4,680, S.StedlnOMartln" 4,361 4 Mirk k Martin •4 32g 5,RUSNWallece 4•240 $~. T~er L~abon~te 4~146 ' • Ted Mus9~ rave 3,949 8. III Illoh ~ 746 . . . RI Rudd 3734 10. 8obbyLabonte„'3,718' 7 JegBordon 5 Dale Eamhardt . _4 Mark Martln ,9 Sterling Martln, Terry Labonte, Bobby Labonte 2 Rus'yWallace I Rlcky Rudd, Dale Jarreh, Ward Burton, Kyle Petry' ' t 1. Dale EarnhaNt 9.22 ' 2. Jeff Gordon 9.51 ; ; 3; Sterlino Madln 9.83 -4. Mark Martin .' . 10.74 ~ 5 R Wl 1183 ,ustyalace. 9 nPOrt: Conaltledng dfeG~'~i0~' „!- .._, . . ..... : i . :k hlghllgh4: Wori the 1988 fren- 1996 changes: None. eleedylmprovement since 1994, Medln ~ ., rantl hIe tesm heve to Naw tMmtehwY !.' h 500 at Deninglon. hIs oNy Hctory 1995 hlghl/ghts: Labome's finest see- '' as top UUe wntender entl ehouH 1,4S ~ n 330 Wiroton Cup etarbr .•. StartedI ' eoh to eate with mree victories = tl.llvsr'anoher mult4vk7eryyw . Thaw - In 9o•kans and wu the 1978 world . Including hb nrst-and two polss. Had ,' guys own Ms Daytone 500 Three In a!-~ kaften9 champlon: :.. F1rat Cup start t 10•other topa O llnishes, was 1 om In ,'rowlswellWMhlnrNCn M1sIn1S80-•..Flnlahedsecondlnth'e.polnbandwcnS1,413,692,' , 19t15 Daytona 500... : Cup, eemin0e of . Canx hlghl/ghts: Begen raGng quar- B.TERRY LABONTE ~' Aga: 39: ' Llves: Thomeavllle, N C '~'^'- ~ . C.r. KNlogp a Corn Flekes Chevrolet : Mb Cl ' ; onero. .;4' , Ownan Ridk Hendrbk. Crew ehlef: Gary DeHart ': ' .1996 changee: None•: ". : -: ° - 7 GEOFF BODINE ': Age:4e. Liws: Jullan;N.C. •. . Car:Q$QfortlThuntlemlyd. Owner: Geoff Bodlna• Crnv chief: Paul Antlrews. 1996 chango: Bodine loeea Exlde moraUem53.3mllllon. •.•:- ,termltlpeulnl9~stega5..,, SeouUng report: Speetl-tloesnR heve .. Staned racing kans In 1978.... Com- to do too much to Improve on 1995. He petetl In his first Grand National race In " should do It, but don't expect much ' 1982 nntl won 8150.. ., Became a reg- :-morehomthbtaam. ulerln1990.-..WonmeGrand.' - . National tltle In 1991.... Seven ON wc- 10RICKY RUDD ; ' tories.... Three vlctcnes in 94 Cup Aga, 39. ; , r.atmb. Wlnston Cup eanenga of more ' then 623 mlllbn: . t' ~~~ Lake . , 1996 hlphll Ms: Won thraastcee far Nomien, N.C., end Cnaea• 9 .., ' Scoutln9 nparC Laoome's auccess , . .. 't4,p econtl eoneecNNeyear, clalrMtlt~, Ge~ tle Ford Tnuntlerblyd '' was one of the surprbee of 1895, it will '; ooh end BnlahW a4M In poln49, . -' be tough for him to duplicate n In 199t1, . Wlnnbgs totaled 31,5tiB,669••r. 9~* jO'nen: RIOky and Llnda RudO. , ' but ne aheultl pet et lesel two victories. ' . .. , :: Carser hlghllghb: Won 1984 Wltlatc+~. a'' Crew chief: Richard Broome. : CupahempbnshipwUhtwo'vlctoMa;a-; 1~ehen9M:BroomereplecesBlll alxseponda--••Hnlevictonah'si1 nwle.` ; 19LOYALLENJR,' . sterts.. Flrel raceC In Wlntlonqp hl +~ 1 9e6 highlights: Won one race, had 15 Age: 29. ' -.1979.... FuIFUmeelnce1979., -Fh1 '*WreD106nqheeandnrilshednlnm Lives: Relelgn,N•C. . win In 1980... ; Won Thtl Wirubn N n Wlnslnn Cup points. Had winnings of Car• Heenhsourca Ford Thunderbird. ~;'51337703 - Owners:Mark Slth 1888, IROC tlUe In 1989:~. ,; Nu NCn,,. .m, $10.45 mllllon In Cup racing, ,- : Scouting report: This team shoukf .: good for eeverel morevlctorks and . tvtop- _ 6 MARK MARTIN ' A9e:87 - .. ,• • Llv.a:'Daylone Beach, Fla. : Car: Vahroline Ford Tbunderbird. Ownar: Jack Roueh• . . Crew cMaf: Steve HmIN• ~• 1900 cAengse: None. 1996 hlghllghts: Won four recee and~ ra r polea and nad 1e omer 1op-19 er.• bhee. Was fourth in polnb 9op Fwd, i°: tlrNer)entlwon.f1,8B3619 +~ - Caner hlghllghb: First ran 1Vlmlon-' ' Cup In 1981,1u11-time In 1B82 be/ore-^?~; ?'-relumbq to AsA and All-Pro 11-BRETT BODINE Returned full-Ume to Winston Cup h'" Agw 37. 199g wIM Rawh.... Hu 18 victories h Lnres:<Hertlxburg N.C. . . 294 Wlnston cap eb t. wm n,tv o-,0•r Lotw'. FordThunderblm, 21, MICHAEL WALTRIP, toryatRockingheminOpober89 owrler:BrsltBOdlne.. . Age:32• . . Cup earnings of mors tnan i10 mllllon.' Cnw chlef: Donnle Rlcheson. L1vea: Lake Norman, N.C. . Seeutlng report: WAh neif of Fortl s?+d1996 ahanges: Bodine buys the team Can Chgo Ford Thunderbird. slght viporla In 1995, MoBn etands u 6omUunlor Johneon, movr R to Owner: Glen Wood. ' the manulacturats nWn man Bu( MoonsJMe. 1 ~ 1 ' Crew chleb: Eddie and Len (Vootl unless Ford talches up wlut Chevy a- ~t996 hl9hllghla: Flnlsnetl 20th In 1996 changes: Wenrlp replaces Mar- . tlUe remains a long shot Polnb:with two top•10 enishes,. in Jun- gan Shepherd. - .. . .. , or!JOnmon'eflnalyeernecerowripr. 1996MghX9hta:Elghttop-10flnlahea 9ypn' ,SBD3, , .... ... end 12th In polnb tlrlving the Pennxoll IY19. ''Careerhl9hlights:HasoneNctoryln~ PontleaEamedS69&338• ' ' 251 Wlnston Cup sbne• ,,. Started rac- Cerear highlights: Stlll looking for a klpln.1977.... DrowmodiOedslnNe Nctoryener299starts..•.Heawon • Nonheul from 1977 through 1988.... - mere then $4 mllllon In Winston Cup '~Jdrod brOther Geofl on the Winston avems.... First reced Wlneton Cup In : CUp clrcuh at the World 8001n 1986• 1985. ,•• Full-time slnce 1988• ••. spaneorehlp 9eine OVC '•" : ~j~Mkn Hso Ne 1y/3 ml4 SeauUng npor~l: WannP and Ne~er. ,.e won mren. 1996 hlghllYhls: AUer mree vlctodM kt ~~~ ~'~up fa0p . Wooda need a Ilft. Can they gNe It to HooNer•a 1994 eeason, Bctllne blletl td. ,~'Scouting report Thu team hes eul, each other? Strenger things have hep-win and had anly four lop-10 nnbhea.:twey from a lack ol tllreNon, but that .pened.' . -He wee 16th In polnb antl wOn ,- ',,-:y ~ly change now that Botline owns tn 61,011,090• ' '''~V g~~ But ha'e a lon u AI roetl, A vk- ^' ~ Caresrhlghllghts:Hael7rictorbsln'.r11~,N1988wouldbe ,rpnee• . ?2WARDBURTON 34. 412atarts.... FlntrsnWlnelonCupln'`.. . Age: ..N 1979.... ROOkIe ol Ne yw In 1962 '- -Llres: South Boston, ... F1ret vlctory In 1984.... won Day. ;12 DERRIKE COPE Car, MBNA Pontlep Grand Prla. m nr tone 5001n 1988.... Ren torRbk Her. -..-Age: 37. ' . OwdeFi Bhl Davis. drlck 1984-89.... Has won $9.4 mAllon -j. Lives: Huntersvllle, N.C. Crew chlef: Chrla Hussey, a In Cup recee.... Was 19B71ROC. '~ Car. Straight Arrow Ford Thunderbird. 1996 changes: None. ~o champl0a,,.purehesedAlen ;r :: Owner.BobbyAlllson. . •1995hIghllgMs: Eightraeeeanerfoln- Kulwkkl'eteam after the 1992 Wlneton~- •: CrewehleftJlmmy Fennlg. .. Ing Davis last year, Burton recorded his Cup chemplon was killed In d plane ' 1996 4han9er None. ' first victory, et Rocklnoham in October. crash near Bruto/; Tenn., In April 1993.. ;-,1295 hlghli9h4: Cope had.a tlecent He had slx top-10 nnlshes In 29 ewnte Scouling report: Bodine hadio search ` I 15M-place finish In points in hle first full unplJanwrybeforePantlingasponsor,-' seasonwltnAllison,I"ngelghttop- PLEASESEEPEPORT/H9 , Careerhlghllghts;HSslBvIctorleain CrewchlehJeMHammond. -1: C 19h Hl 53 stans,. • Totalup eamings of96 cenges:ammond Jona as . moretMn910mlAlon.... Conaltlered orewohlef• a road-e0uraa master, whh a third of hle ..1995 hI9hIlghlr.One top-10 hnlan In 11 :-MtlA4WYbfldf4ltihW eaMan. _-ss,gocor..n.poas•on CuptlebutIn1975...;. $281,945. R001d0 Of the year In 1977.... Fun-Ome Career hlghllghts: Wlnner of the 1994 slnce 1981.... Flrat victory was In . Daytona 500 pole-the first rookie to 1983.... Has won at leaat one race e do ao..,, No victories In 35 Cup atans. ~ year ak¢e then.... Crashed epectacu- . Cup eamlrqe of more than ad I th904 Bh Clhh6400000 W In 1982 ARCA eyne 1uscae; ten won,• ...one race 'two weeks later at Richmond. nt Tallatla9a, L, Has one victory In 15 Sl ARCAn Sd / k I couUn9 report: Rudd loet key peope, sbs...-brtenamngn P81ed e lawsu8 over it and epenta good 1980-.. : Racetl National Dirt Recers otthe oftaeason dt+tracted or Assodetlon Iate modela end wedge iuping. He'll be doing wall to get cars for six yeus, winning 53 reces. annwtvlclory, at least early, Scouting report: A reasoneble goal for mis team /n 1998 would be to make all the races, but even that may be a long
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Benton, IL Neun eaturrlay D 8,918 ' JUN 15, 1996 N2216 11I~y +®®PRFSSCLIPPINGS . :ence :,. ;I :0f;•.,,. . Y14, :1i 1 1, ZIR.1 ,: ~q._,.'t. ~ n{i"'~wt {'~!'~'._- -~or ~~~~~~b~etter. ., ir:d,: . ;0 t,r ,, ~ r,,::r.,, ~f"'PyMIKEHARRIS,,~~~ -don'[ge[inanyconfltCta"; ' r ~NASCARiii '. APMotorsportsWriter-' S'buYookback, ciSions based otilwhax Jitn-nySpencercertainlylias thatday. ' , nor~been,l'Mr.,ExcttemenUiIthis AtNASCARthoughr t~d'ikQY , season,Actually he s been more ~ecessanly rouRh on stime.otYyt"' tlike."Idr Forgotten • '• c i;" j or maybe Ernie'Irva Last 1ti,eek at Dover a , sixth- ;g;~nhardt was; tltey wtil^ placefinish was Spencers best of penalty based on whethtsEc Was,, thes•eason(and•only,his second just'racing'or it coulde • top!10 in'1996.iBUtit's all partof' avoided orwh'ate6eY,!;~"d~io Spencet's mastcrplan i',;~'L added: I think Felix ,,riNeve had)a+'good last couple ouEof lme'because,itfryo~ask~17 , of iveeks, asar9`:Spencer 4rough the 'competitors; ;they cvmulrsaY_ and-tumble competitor who that'you see`a'different..timtn'r . eartied`hts•nicl¢iame years ago " on Spences I ttie3hort•trzcks"of the Northeast:' That differenrSpenceiiit%;~noF' pllthe hard work fmall} paidoff bE''qltite as exciting and tt2&bept- . ' • in The WmstonrSelect Open (an for sheet metal as the old~ii'hStZt ^; " ' " ' ' at hb svori atetti ali-staC! r last "pm Qomgto.d,o•the ...61411Ihi0Y 101(H~ 51.,YL tita•73T. N, .:9,A-. 4r 14..MW... ._- x .. ...1 ,tc aa,u t gu~tIb w ~"It wa~~a'FeE~ry neat 8eallbe 1 ' 4..,»4 : t li d been Korking cause the guysi really ha~i the'la~t two ycars f9r l~4LWO~tft~~hte~d' race; but it was still a win." Spencet;"-who 'diives''c Smokm Jo s T~tudderbtrd;fo'r' 7tp 1s4~att' ist19th ui therWm- stoq~Ct~p~"pti n[§"and hasn [`bee'n' ~ getting much respect despueo'` sel5es t5etones "" '` ' ~ "Recentlybef'ore a'race atNotthl Wilk'esboto,. two' Charlotte; radio . peisonal ties linbwn for their i4 se- :' cracks aeted q co,grand• marshals 1 saic~ cG Jimmy 1 and ~r; s t` epd eilten atid Spe nc art your engines." LaSteek; ateam-owner Felix ; abat wJtqse, driver,~:Kyle: petty, . recently r2ti afoul of Winston Cup officials.during a race; took a shot, at'Spencer,'saying'g he could>hitl anything or atiyliody and NASCAR' • wouldn'cgoafterhim. ;'' ~'- •6A1'm glndyou•brought'thatup;' Spenter!said'e'amestly."T. Wayne Robertson; 4he head of sports mar=' , keting here>at'Camel,' had a long ! talk last year about some stuff that JimmySpencet' needs todoi As far back'as Bristol last year I feel'like I~anY`'dti'ving'as'good'as'P'c'an` drivel ';,"ham-being' extra patienc~and.t taking mytime when"Pm around& other.carsto'niake sure~that I' n '1
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. "'..4T .~r.r'
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lainpbn, NC Dbptel Ihuntln 0 ta,m JUN 13, 1996 N3692 /~/~L~ a,:a~l~iaaL'/lf[SS CLI fIINGS pencer I ,`:AJ ..-'---. =atms for ~;etter days BY MIY,E NAIIRIS . . •.A/'Mwnpnu a'nN. . . . Jimmy Spencer certainly has not : been "Mr. Excitement" this season. ~: Actually he's been more like "Mr. :-.Forgotten." ' Last week at Dover, a sixth-place ~; finish was Spencer's best of the sea- :-son and only his second top 10 in ', ~1986. But it's all part of Spencer's :.' mzstu plan. "We've had a good last couple of -,w,eeks;" said Spencer, a rough-and- . ttunbk Wmpetitor who earned his nickname years ago on the short •'trxks of the NorthesK "All the hard work finally paid off in 7tx ""Wmston Select Open (an all-star .. race that he won last month). .'7t was a pretty neat dnl beoux :.: Q¢ guys had been working really :-:lterd the last twoyears for me, and it "' finally ame to a head at Char- .lAtte... It was a non-points.race, butitwassttllawm." - Spencer, who drives the Smokin' ~: )oe's Thunderbird for Travis Carter, is 19th in the Winston Cup points ;. pnd hasn't been getting much re- .- specC despite two series victories. Recently, before a race at North ; . ;Wilheshoro, two Charlotte radio per- sonalities knovm for their wise- ., Sracks acted as-co-gnnd marshals ~' `'and said, "Gentlemen and Jimmny Spencer, start your engines." .. last week, team-owner Felix Sa- batrs, whose driver, Kyle Petty, re- -.-cen9y an afmd of Wmston Cup offi- cials during a ratt, took a shot at ..Spencer, saytng he could hit any- / `triing or anybody and NASCAR •'wouldn't go aRer him. _"I'm glad you brought that up," :. Spencer said earnestly. 'T. Wayne Rohertson, the head of sports mar- ,g keting here at Camel had a long talk ' -1ast Year about some smH that Jim- ,' ~my Spencerneeds to do. As far back as Bristol last year, 1 feel like I am driving as good a I pn drive. "I am being extra patient and tak- ing my time when I'm around other ., cars to muke sure that I don't get in 7any mnBicts. And, if you look back, . NASCAR makes decisions based on .,. p,hrt hap NASCAR thougAt that I was .<unnecessarily mugh on somebody, ' ~ or maype Einie Irvan or Dale Eara- ., hardt was, they will assess a penalty i.' 6ased on whether it was just racing 'or it could have been avoided or whatever," Spencer added "1 think ~ Felix was totally out of line because, . if you ask all the competitots, they G, would say that you see a different u Jimmy Spencer." ^' , Tfiatdi9erentSpencermaynotbe ~ :I 9uite as exciting and heB bent for W ." sheet metal as the okt J'unmy. W „"I'm going to do the hest I®n;' ~ he said'Tm going to drive as hard a . , as I an and give 100 percent That's •. aB I an give the tmq and I expect Rte amte ott d my taut."
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~Speficer plans to live ~Yu pto his nickname 7feAisotLted Prae hard the last two years for me and u. ke ' here at Camel, bad a loag talk as I cao and give 100 percent. That's fumliy wme to a head at' (Lariotte last tear about some stuff that Jhn= all I can give the taa,u, and I expect . I Jimmy Speuarcertainly has oot ... It was a aoa-poiats race, but tt my Speocer seeati m m. ws rar tnca me same om or my ream. _ beea "Mr. Excitement" this seasoa. still a wio." ' as $fjslol Iast year, I feel like I am . "I'll stick up for them no matter AUUally '. he's '' who drives theSmqkindrrviiiig as good as I can drive., what. If they do wniag, that's part of .bceti more 'lice J s uuderbird for 7tavis C6rter, _ •• am beutg extra patitat and tak- racing and we won't let it happen "Mi: Forgotteo:' is 19th in the Wusoon C1rP points tn~ ~hme whea I'm around other agahr.. But that's how you build a Iast, week ai and hasn't been ., getting ' much mate prte that I doa't get in good race team, aod we are building Difver:ut /eiitti=•! respect, despite two 8eriea victorka ~ aujr ' • Aod, if you look back, a great raa team right uow. We're in p1.ce46~ouh1"wab Recently, before a'race atNorah 5k_ m.k_ es,de~ 6ased oa the process of 6uflehng a oew 'shop Spenoer~i 6eet'"of'` Wilkesboro, two Charlotte; radto Aw day~N k r and.eYerythmg is gomg in the right ahe.'.aeasoo a personalities known for thpriv~ y,'.. r w. t)LOUght~that I wJa' direchoa. ouly his second crscks acted as co-grand maisbals pnoe~assar~y•rough ou somebodY>' "9t's takiug usa lutk more time Dak Eam . than we would Ir~e but I'm going to t6pt 10 in •1996w and said> "Geutlemea aad Jimmy ar maybe Fiaie Irvao or But it's all put of Spencer, start your eaginea." hardt.wav they will assess a penalty keep doing my job," Spencer added. Speaar a ma9ter SplnC6f Lsst week, team-owaer Felix based on whether it was just racing "Instead of taking a 10th-place car Sabates, whose driver, Kyle Petty, . or it,couM have beea avoided or and trying to win the race, I'll take "Qife vehadagood lastcauple of remutly ran afoul of VPiostoa Cup whs~terer,". Spencer added "I think 10th placa ...7Lase are the things I viaks," aeidSpeaoe% a roagh-sod officials duringg npe. took a shot at . Feh~c,was totally out of lioe because, , dida't do m the paet, : t®bfe oompdiiCilr who earned Lis Dale Earahardt and SPesar, saytog rE'yaiask,allf the~ competitoas they "Jimmy is doiag that right now, . nidmame yeus`..ago on the short he could hit anything or auybody'. ,,.g'a'y that you see a differem - and I ihiofc Jimmy is goiug to kcep tr.2ka of'the.Noriheast "All thee and NASCAR wouldn't go.after 'J°~ ~ ySpeacer." . -'- ..-oudoh~g,that,..because if I keep tiard work fwslly paid off in The him. Sabates even had Petty's car :.:~ different Spencer may not be , doing that and my guys keep work- Winston Select Opea .(aa . all-star painted like Ear.ohardt's for the race. as} exciting and hell beat for ing extra hard liloe they have been, ru.i that he wrou Iast month). I'm glad you brought that ap," -shsN mehl as the old Jimmy. . we can start having the cousisteary "It was a pretty neat deal because Spencer said earnestly. "T Wayne ':'aYm going to do the best I caq" ' we need to become a champioaship the guys had been workiag really^ Robertsou, the head of sports mar- bi iaW.`I'm going to drive as hard tea "m." /11 . IronUJt, ON Tdbug IlI .. Mamiepaa Yst Araa rnu aaar 07,088 JUN 18, 1996 N4294 ®®PRR55 CLI PryNG 5
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Mouilrie, GA Oheener tAUrnaey JUN 13, 1996 N2014 f= PRRb6 CLIPIINGS lllll ~ , , Spencer chasing- excitement again By:TheAasoclatadPress 1 .,-`^~ Jimmy Spencer .; l.,a not been "Mr. Bxcilement" this .season. Actually Ae's been more like::"Mr.Forgoucn.','.. .. . Lest'wcek at Dovu,a slxth- plece finish was Spencer's best of theseason and uolyhis seeood top 10 in 1996. But it's all fnrt of :Spencer's masmr plan;- "We'rve had a good last cou- ~ple of weeks; ' said Spencer, a ~rough-and-tumble competitor h d hi k i w o eame s n c name years JIMMY SPFNCRR ' ago on the short tracks of the "If NASCAR thou ht that I '.Norlheast;"Alltbehardworkfi- - g nally paid off-in TheWinslon " was: unnecesserily rough 'on Select Open (an all-smr racc)hat : somebody, or maybe Bmie Irvan i he won last monlh): ' - ' or Dale Famluudt was, they will "It was a pretty near deal be-~ ' assess a penalty based • on ' cause the guys.had been wbrking ,whether it was just reeing or it really,hardlhelasttwo'yearsfor couWhavebeen avoided or I. me, and it fmally ciime toe head ,, whatever,'.: Spencer added. "I . LatSCWrJOe~ _..'. tl~inkPelixlwestotallyoutof,hne points race,.but il~w~as stiN~ber~u%t"ityou`ask~`hllttieconi-" wN "' .~petitors,'they would, say that you Spencer; who drives the smo-~sce a different Jimmy Spencer." km Jce s'Ihunderbird for .'l~evts That different Spencer may ' Caner, is 19th in the Winston -not be quile as exciting and hell Cup points and hasn't.boen gct-' bent for sheet metal as the old ling much mspect, despiic `twn : : Jimmy. . :' . I series victories. . °I'm going to do the best I Recently, before 'a race:::at'. ce""" he said. "I'm going to I. Norlh Wilkesboro, two Chartoua: ~drive as hard as I can and give , radio personalides"liw wnwwn for,:l00percent.lbat'salllcang<ver their wieecracks acted-as, co- the tesm, and I expect the sanme grand marshals and said, "Crent-- out of my tenm: . ldnen and Jimmy Spencer, start.°I'11 suck up for them no mst- your engines." '~ I ter what. If they do wrong, that's Last week, team-owner Felu part of mcing and we won't let it Sab,ates, whose driver, Kylehappenagain.Elutthat'showyou Fetty, recenuy ran afoul of Win. build a good mce team, and we ston Cup officials during a race, me building a greal race team took a shot at Spencer, saying he of build ng a new rshop a evs could hit anylhing or anybody and NASCARwouldn't go after efyNing is going in the right him. . - ' • . . .:; direction. . "I'm glad you brought,dtet' ~ "It's taking us a liWe morc up," Spencer said eatnestly. "T.'~ time than we would like, but I'm Wayne RoberLson, the'head of going to keep doing my job," spons markedng here at t:emel, Spencer added. InsYead of mk- had a long talk last year about inga IOth-placecarandtfyingm some swff that Jimmy Spencer~;.~ win therace, I'11 take llkh place. needs to do. As far back as Bris- ' * Those are the things I didn't tollastyear,Ifeellikelamdriv- .'do in the past. '^ ing as good as I can drive:a ~' °Jimmy is doing that right ~ "f am being extra patient and>:-now, and I thinklimmy is going, i~ m takingmytimewhenI'marouqd~. to keep on doing that, because if othercars.to make sure Iharl: I keep doing that and my guys, W don'tgetinanyconflicts.And,ift keep working extra hard like ~ you look back, NASCAR makes they have lwen, we can siar[ hav- deCisions based on what happens '. ing Ihe consistency we need lo' that'day. - bceome a championship team,"
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Hudson, NY Asylster•8ter Friday JUN 14, 1996 N4029 j resss ccIrrrNa Is r: Forgotten' Sp'nc AI l~ili~t'HA~LBis°_" weeEsC;itid EMMMO~W er Motot.pora wrua , , , _ . . )hmny-Sprncu cattinly has n,t aIclaiameyany beta '%r. Hxcitmmt" thu ee+~aon. ad,ths NarrLaiu. Actually he's bem mtxe L'6 'TLc fimllY Aal~ o~ m .. ~"'__~ . 11 ~.._b~~a[ ~..~..wG~ ~ .. at W ~ (m auaw ~ aJiL' a i furrishwaSpeluaa'abataftheseaaau -i.;"Itwaaprotty " .ndm(yhusaondtop10iu1996.But BuY+~~R ii•. .II n.a nP Q.wi..1~a .nut~ ~nLn. tlau,jwo,yafs f -"M~VO~ 0 ~d a 600t1, Wt ODIIpl6 ~ .Ctl~6tDi.ep.~..at sforlbe't m er da~ > .... rt E-'Y : ~ "ntn e1•._. ~~~ ~ 5~E0f ~ u , ~~~ h°«cua°d h~' aoa~iL a dEcbltarorTr.y~. memora rraw. ,j19 t h {6 ~ t e ~ro m m l the, hud woak ~ t ~° f° Wmatou Salect o ~ 06 ~ ~ ~~ ~ that he, won lut ~ 4 . `'Raoeotiy.'_b~tda ~a ;raoe a ;Ngrth~ YWIYWYYG '^`- ~O~'^y + f hud tda; ~~ ~O ~t wrieud~s; t6.ll y ~ md 'u sm.ny ~~;ny~ ~ ~~' .,.v'g
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AREA AUTO RACING NEWS Trghlan, N7 1111NR 15,01111 MAY 28, 1886 M11040 Chevy Drivers Screaming AfterJarrett's; Win,, Craven Having Tough Times sobringoutlhefustyellow8ag ' GiwduttuchChevrolel). Tony for the Indiaeapolis 500, died ' on Isp 142 Mbver (Sterling Marlin-Kodak in a pnnia accident et the Joho AndmRi )ust hil me,"Chevrolet), Jim Ltmg (Lake track on Fddry, Mey 17. Cerly "uid an tram Maeis. Hewnn SpeadSpam' Ford), Jimmy Is his 212yeuald daughter. Inm me. I molbsRd the other h(eana ~[1VaBy .: Dallenbach- Jermn, v.ho has two deugh- guP by me when they ameHayee'Madesrys Ford), Chr6 mrsofhisown,eaid,'wearent ,upl'maoeoflhnveryfewcuaHutiey(Ward'Hunnn-MBNA doinglhisforouraelvesorour 'running the high llne,-.end Fontlad.Doqn~te Win4o sponson a our mema. D's nobod~ eLe had any problems. (limrqy Spencerf~m kin Joe s from Ihe Irearl. II's nol bm fw ThenlheguYsuminmme. ..FoN7, Dnug'>fZwifTi 7nhnny Ihegreceof0odrhetirwuld ~'Heeant see,obvbuaiy:~%Behaoa-Pcnnzoll Pontlec). beenyofu.' .Theyneedmputa.cvshlon'.Robbk; Loomis (Bobby MutofNemoneydonemd .voder hu seet u sometMng ao , H(milmn-51F Pontlae), Mike ame in amall amoums from . be an ue over the s~eeM¢ H1Wosn fgpbb~ :Hillio-luper the many members of the whael. l'm hot about II, antl T' FpNh Jr'm +-Wrllsoo (Randy think 1•vegot every dght t> n4Doneld-Dlamund Rle `"be,' addad Mucis, who alpok Fsd)011'Martio (IC enny h4 fer nl Andmtri e8er cbmb WaWc~ Square D Ford~ Mlke ing ' out of hie baltercd Bdam ({bdd' Bodine~ ChevrolelMonle Grlo M Wnsldt Fmd1 and Buddy 'Mdrenl said, •I gol ndor. ou (Jcrt ~Burron-Exide . ~neeth him.lnd I gM e lu0e bu . F rA) -" loaae: Whenwegmm~elhe. '_, rhough most of rBe , he got sidewaya and I drd loc ^ ic(nu said they didn't raBu ` Then wa hh egain - m e wm such a rule and the .Fm rony II EeQpened, and~:, in aason°.wu "a manufacmr- ' IL arteinly wun t m Ihing 'et ~ problem,' NASCAR seid ; Immnlionall. IbwwhmvXfeeh ih(ll'cmw chief ie ultimately : Iobeteka:our,ardiwwAdo'i' «'pcnubli.f makingmrelhe CONCORD, N.C.- As expected dter Dale Jarretl's domineling victory In Sunday'a Coca-Cola 600 at Cherlone MomrSpudway, lhe Cbcvrolel drivers wem ecraming in prote0. The 600 wy the Dnt regulsr Wialon Cupraa run under the new mk thu allows the Ford teamemlowertheirroofheight by hal6ao-inch. And when h ume dec'u'mn - Ilme, larnn and his. Qualily GseJFOSd Cttdit Thunderb'ud ere bng gon, wlnning by e erommuding 11.982 seconds ovcr Chevrolel driver Dele Eamhardl. Chevy drivers Terry Lbonte. Jeff Oordon, Ken Schreder and Smding Martin finished in posilias 9<-5-6. AB 1he Fords would have been been up lharc with lunn N they all Mdn9 wreckd," saM Danell Weltrip. "Dale Juatt'a ur as inmedble, added Wdrrip, the only fve-time winner or the 6pp. "1 never aaw enyone &rQp-hdtsoelgh ko~,eg j~wWJiPW „gqNCNJA4aYedloJh0.7Ns _.noNinginlenlion.l" . ~'iBecause"qfny westheNu'.IItmiusto-ofdbinBaclion,thc 7T,c t6 Wlnnon -CuO lanu . govpmingbody declded f fsM -n~ Nat (al{W W have the proper. wu oettmary to Sm their point ..; Ihicknesslnlheir tu verliul ecroum'NOkams. r<.'.. ..doe(ban'wcrefioedasotelof . p-ighl NASCAR. Dusch -S47,JOOSuodayaflerooon.-. serlamamtwereaisodtvcovo . when we gel to the Bal hacb ~~ OnThunday, NASCAR seid cred rolnve veniul door ban like Paooo and Ind~.It'hed dssmvertd that the ban rhal wen not she propcr Ihick- "M tofsheP dtr d h -~~ . ~ o l Oa or s a ou m Ml hher ~w6rs ble mnight or you would heve.! ~of.0831nchaof..penJyteull'id i rtally seem somelhmB The 9 the bfn were only•O65 in - NASCARapakeaman Kevin u ~~ car(LekeSoeed)andthe21arjthlekn". ~1Hplelt.'N's'renllltVinglo (A1IchaelW.ilrip)weremnNng At the fimq Ihe governing get/utouehwilhthemt fast mrd~ht, uM they qot in body requUed the 16 kame m.,The eight Bach cera, were wrecksn iten the oNerdeat Is strength the ben to the proper driveu by DevM Bonnell, Jeff jusRwailuntilwegelmtheDal thiekneu before they wem„ Burlon, Hermie Sadler, Joe race Vacks. They're really allowW m continue to pnmla '. Bcasey, Mlrkael Waltrip, Muk going tu klcr out butrs Ihen." to the Cou-Cole 600. MarBn,Many Wazd and Patli .. For 13 of the rams, the Moiae. . Ricky Craven, who suDend pro6lem wee limited to the .' ` ev°n . fractured venebrae and rrBht side daoc Each af Ihese After aaing a photograph of bruised lung lo a violent aaah teams waro fined f2,5t10. (.1r1y Brayton running toward a four weeks al 7Lladcga Na., Three wms failed to meel the picnue of her fatheq Scott wasinvolved inuqlherfrlght- Ismpm reqrdremwY on both Braymn,at his funerd, Dale eningwre`kN1he6110. doors, anE they wue flned JanNt decided to ask the But a8er being taken to SSAOO. NASCAR'Winebn O,p com• dberrua Memorial Hapiiel The Uree uew ehiefs Watmun~il lo contribute to the fa x-ray~ of hu nctk, he wue mhem o( shM H OmdorY pund:~nymo Memoriel Tmsl rel:ued' DuPonltbevroletteam. .AI"Ihe driverS menieg 1 Wnk RkkY will bc OK' AndY uld Chuley Pra.le1, aew petrce of the Robert Praasley-. SundaY a8emoon, Jarrert u'vJ chkf oo Craven's Cbevroiet Skoel Cbevroles mun and BIII maa~.lhaa 510.068 hm bxn I .- Mogte Carlo, 1 didn't gm to Isgle of the Sreve Orissum. nieed ao 8c I' , ~s nlNOhlm,butlsawhimw.lk Cmloon Nttwerk Chcvrolet Mdheexpeclathisemount , - in (the Inneld Wspiul , ard heope~on. .. ., m~pgserow in the wmingp odays u'14)i ip9;;. `lsvf'• wu unlvg u . Hc?a rett dedeC ~ e~ % , p p y .vE ebm d~ Gnef2~00 inelu DiahtdiolhluetNn er dse's look Ihal ood loniqht 8n le 195, rookie Jahnny Smith;-(DaleBarnhudt•OM ,;48r.yton,shefmtatquelifier. .ffecouldMvehedthefleJd Bemm~ hittheeemMtumwtll ., _. _.. __. twica." end shen slid down the rea Following Ihe rea, Imek. Just ea he gol to the NASCAR put the cars of apson, Craven, ;oing low in Jerren. Ramherdl md Pontiec i hopes of misemg Benann, Ward Budun on the infnmous slammed exrremely hard Inlo chassis dyno to lesi the horse. Ihe rear of Benson i Pontiac, power of the three menufacmr- rendlng sheet metal B ing tn. Both drivers wcre badly - "ITat dyno might not be ebk ehaken. to handle the gtl eu," uecked -Wer Benson would say. "1 Madin. feel pretty mllen riVlrt now. "Ilwae Fords looked good I'mprenywre.Ilhinklblewamnigbt.' added Merl'm. "A tin. I nmeldber the fuu bllbunch of'em Sol caught up In (the wall). They told me eboul ' the wcecks, but Ihet was about the second one (when Ctevu '. as dominmt as I've ever seen a rammed him). 9Tel's good I cu n Cherloue." gueu." Waltripaidhuguesswould Prcssley admived'Ihie 0 be Ihey'll find aboul 750 reaBy the hst Ning he need~, BIQ CHRCK-Dak Jarrdl (ggJhad a f190p60a mwn rtwn. Imrsepower in hu (Jerrcu's) butl,donlihinkheminjured so.mlleafsuwloningsSeCou•Co1a600aeCharbtteonSunday Fard tani~61 md about 700in any1hing." n vs nlght, tshm howrrelp wen not an - FernhaNlsChevrde~" pWaad: Wild attlon Wove WcweredoingJlwecould Deve Marcia let John BnesrMbaekendsfHUlglrkWLSdgaboslbeemt.muedaa do.' said P.mhudb "Our ter Andretli have It with both Ear- KyN Pt.tlb (42) and Bleve Qrkmm DS) bok &r a vay tut orlbe wuaboutperfeq, ibeFUrds role after Mdnni clipped ~M1eonYemmfor moRdeM4anWem0r.4uweekeedofnSaa• Nmin d Mareis him Imo the w i h t g , ere s rong lon g 4 an they'regoingmberealalrong ouuidewelljunputtMtrinval i°g' (ChxAArhenePhotns) ~ NASCAR Winslon Cup family including many smell chrldren. Kyle Peny contributed gS,ODU from his recem Charity Ride AcrossAmerlca ~ Tim Hertln, fronl tire chang cr on Kenny W§Ilect'a leam, rwisled hu leg on rtulr first pit srop. He was laken to Cebvrus Memorial Hospisel where a splins was yut on his kg. He was,lner released.
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Fkreeee, SC New2 nonneo Mtl Aru Sunday SUN 82,881 JUN 9, 1996 N4988 [111®®PRBSSCLIPPINGS S ericer p r1, : defends~f _ .~,.;. , . h . irnself, ~ aaICDe NCwardNaw'b.MCa'..,~~:~~ . We hava beerd the'ehargee broughtagainetMr.Jlm~v` ' Spencer. -%r r'o-r i dThat, ae a drher on the Win atonCUpradngdro<dt,&pence In dlmmy Spencet a menace to medtanical sodety Wlpston Cup ddver " Thathlecar theSmokin Joe FadapoosorebbyCVne}etga- ~y~nai~„ : , rottes, should carry a warning Is that you sent~Bnhael ' . label readiagi'4t haa'been W~~p ~~e wall earUer tlile. ; deteimfned that eacing next to yearat Hiahmond? Jhlm{y,Spencrer can be hes• «1 did cause a roblerh there.'' « : ardoue to your health We have seen evidence of the :~m., t into ael and , B , recktesadrlvlugthatmakes dum.ItwasJuathr_acing. 9pencerwreclcmorer t ldhavebeen tth o t e o u n n revented on my part I told.;: al d h d m n+ ~ er an eever r re c fro ~ellweaeor ry ownerekl~at'theword«as alt' ~ I gohowlathlaal drHar'ad.... q , simp~ylsagulekwqvofsay[ng ~ e ~11Saueet ei[C y a p "Spencerattiit"' eoun~H sinnctgne idtoypuetl9 - s turn c itl M kS N ~ pan e t ox? s ~I ~,~~j~aaouassaeaseenmr- fbt6t Itd ~~ot ~"'Y°""t - ~0(hll~,qy~, Ql'JtIbN~-- 13e90.k:!.[4P• , «~mdW ; broug]itthls -=.gladytdfa . _.,pixYt~e~~rf~aatava~[A up..a ncereala IwenWGw .l«neh.elltvUhlGHeundeo- " b t up1~ae8. ' st9ndearl7 thing t'a iwt the w efi that7ewhatwe'rohere' tod eenRundete ; •H d ~ o e o tfor:ltdals'yrourday.hlthe'court 'I4re'leeruedthattrom erhi-•' ,14ofpubllc on, t_ A~ AA ha 1 ~ ~ v ng ;NOw,ls tnottruethattnthe atmesomaqydmes. 1 . I paetyou have ahmvn a total dle ~ wr0 ' I'm thin I dd som , g - e re¢ard for ttie aatetv`of other ,vensmyour eaLwpuan .;gtr nedtrl htt5enand-:^ ( ht ou g a g e your rar the trontY In therei:eb they undensfand wt~ere i fact, blunt~V.epeekipg tiaven I'm com~g (rom: what tiurt e-t ° u dona eoMe 0at outatupid inthe fwas l never defended a ontherecetrackoverthe „.. „E~ "Inthepeaf'Ihrecrashed e eaz~ a f rd the kn es ea p rr se v careear~ in'the race by doing A-- u're Juet more wWipg to-' ~ , dumb'thfilge.Iwon'tdeqvi4I've y lo for miatal:ea . crqahgd many a tlme because of r~I drlving a lot better. But ...r...w..~.u-,- "ButIh'echanged.AndIYe ed for the better." ~ I did in the past. I have to: . ~~ng defendn e if, because nobody , n~haveyou f d « l d ~ en me. elee egomgto e chen ged~ "I~echan¢edtoade in 5oyou areJuatlikeBat}deIee'.i ' G36ord'aniceperaonwl?oaim- tliatityoucan llttle~ bf Nrther up you need W & p~y ~ n~nderetood and'avletim :Is lhatCOrrectP be'satiefiedwlthwhereyou're o fn t «ive ~g~ l t 1 f t d Jy mgera po n e a running.Inetead of taldnga >.t"'i~-, IBth-placeoaSandtryingtowint 1moW~dn~tcaustimes ethropW~em' N the race and causing aome prob + µ~en you thWc you're ri~t, you ~~ `Ieme, {uat take IOth IaCe.lriat'e rhave to etiek up foryoun9elt~ ~, aomefldng I.didn't do tn the 'Ibat's what Pm dotng now. + pa«IfeelPm~drl as good as `:-T~tetheaewJimnqBpeneer."~ w I can dltve: I'm t~g exLa 000 ~ patlentinthecar, I'mtaldng~v- 'fCayEeteawriteaforThe , 00 ttme when Pm around other 'rPoat-Herald in Binningham, -~ ! cars to make aure i don't get In AIaJ '
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4m , Spencer aiming, fo r ~better Whiston---daW ' ~ .I';3y MIKE HARRIS . cause the guys had been work him.-tould have been avoided orr building a great race team right, f1P Motorsports Writer . ing really hard the lasttwo years "I'm glad you brought that hatever,' S enCef added. ~novlWe're in the _ ' r p process oi. - for me, and it finallyy came to a' -p- up," $pencer said earnestly.~ "I think Feloi tivas totally out of-; . building a new shop and everZ-~ Jimmy Spencer certainly has head at Chanotte".i..IYwas a wu"j$t'Qj'~~j(ip,. Wayne Robertson, the head of ~ne because; if you ask all the- thing is going : the ~ hot been- "Mr. Excitement" this non-points race, but it was still a . sports marketing here at Camel, . ornpetitors, they would say that directioh. ^i beason.Actually he's been : win - r'o drrver. .., .- had a long talk last year about ou see a different Jimmy - "It's taking us a"little more more like "Mr. Forgonen "Spencer, who drives the u.1<ar aom+< some stuff that Jimmy Spencer pencer'. ^- : : time than we would like, but I'm- ; ; Last week at Dover, a sixth- Srnp1~~n' Joe's Thunderbird for i n,~e e.rn~h„t tsot'~ needs to do. As-far back asThat.:;'different Spencer may going to.keep . doing my job,". I place finish was Spencer's best rT"avis Carter, is 19th in the Win , i,-rry Lac ~i~ t,7es.Bristol last year, I feel like I amm ot be'quiteasexciting and hell Spencer:added. I gf the season andonly.hissec- ~onCuppoints-andha5rttbeen . ,, jc r,orqen t,7t9driving.as good:as I can,drr.e,> eptfo sheet metal as the old; "Instead of taking a 10th-I nnd top 10in1996-.It's all part .. gettingmuch-respect despite .~. ~ - '' - "l am bem extra patient and' immy`~"~ "'.. ~. place cacarxi tryin , to win the t of S nceCs master lan.. . . n.. . -. ~are darr,,t 1,686 . 9 , '- . . g . Pe P twoseriesvtctories _.y, Rv~+~~ .1,Sa9 ~taking.mynmewtienl'maropnd: "I'm"gs~ng to do the bestl race III;,^,~take401h-place:-'._, ~".;'We've had a good last cou- , Recently; - betore a race:, at . ~` other cars to makeswe that I an,"h2 said. 'I'm going td, cJrlve Thoge arg-the thi s I didn't do leotweeks; said S ncer a ~. r:~•nschr.,i~r 1,495 - n9 . ; P Pe North Wilkesboro, two Charlott -;,,j~jng Madin,, 1,aee' don't get in any conflicts. Arid, s hard as~'1 can and giver-100. in che. past rough-and-tumble competitor .' radio- ~ personali[ies known for . you look back, NASCAR.makesR orcent: at's all I can ive the "Jimm ' is doin that ri ht jNho earned his nickname ears ~r~,sry wauace t,aez~ g . Y 9 9- , Y . their wisecracks acted as-co decisions based'on what hap-;,. ram;and-lexpectthesameout now,:and'tthinkJimm is oin ' 1 ~ obn the short.tracks of the ` ..?~S6byLalwnte 1,433 pens m ......., Y 9 9: . 9 grand marshals and said, "Gen6 that day. -- y-team. to keep'on'dOing that, becaUSe' Northeast. lemen and Jimm S ence~, start 10 Ricky Craven 1 427 7 ' .:. :"AII4he hard work finally paid your e ines' YP _ ~ {tie) Y~ntusgrnyc„ t,a2i 'IY.yASCAR`thought9hat"I'll stick up~ r them no mat-.- rt/ P ep doing that and my gIUyS ; . !xJ ~ was;;unnecessard rou h on, er what: jf the do wron that's kee workin extra har kd : ptf in The Wnston.Selec[ Open Las[ week, team-owner Felix '^P somebody, or.maybe Ernie Ir .~ Part of raengand we won't let it they have'; been, we oan'start.,. . {an all star race that jte won last Sahates, whose driver; . Kyle tcok: a s pt ai Spencer, saying. van or Dale Earnhardt was, they'; happ,e-r#agam.: .-;; hayipq tfia cdnslbtePcy wre.need;i Rtorth) ' ^'- ' petty, recently ran afoul'ot Win r,ecoutd'-{tanyth,ingoranybody , willassess a penattybased on', BuF•that's?how you build`a : to become"a-' chempionship;r I . :.ft was a pretry neat deal be .: ston Cup officialsdunng a race :- -zna NAAIj wouldn't go after whether it was just,racing oc n. 9ood ra~4 am; and we are-i;a", team', : .._ .. . , . . . e : . ._ , .. . ... ..__..~ ,.. ,,... ,,,. _ ..-y.__ ~~.r.r.w. _:.:- j Marquetb, MI Mining Journd Sunday SUN 20,874 JUN 16, 1996 N3184 /M11©PN£SC Cr.fPPrA'LS
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WIII®nBarre, PA ClUteea' Voi¢e Grbeni Voiue/Worren Ruda 'NwaysafanfavoriteatPocono,JlmmySpencersigns - I' autographs for pair of young race fans on Fr4day ., , 'Turn three remains. By RON F!RIESTMAN. , Spencer u on:e bit of a roB with the Travis Carter-owned Ford : team, commg.'oflslrong Cudshes ((('LUNCPOND Poeuno lnlerna at Charlotte, including a win in the tional Raeeway was'repaved,,wudlon Opm; anda.:very strong ~ qualifying times and speede;were sixth Piece finish two weeks ago at quicker than they've ever been, Duver• Jefl Cordon won his Ih'udpale iu a "Thi% team has been doing a ics.and:elories .- heckuva' ]~-here .lately;' said row.. Plenty of top surrounded fl round qualityiog '.. SPeacer.~ "I have nothing too com- u•s Frldayaflernaon in: Iang Pond D~ about as far as the car goes. Butas`~in years^pasl,- the;main I'vegotten great race cars and topicln,lhe.garagearca is:"lum great motors~~lately end I think ~ , , .., . .• . we7lbefngoodshapeSundey." For-Berwick native ~Jimmy~' With the'pressureof qualifying ' Spencer, the final left hand turn of: over; Speneer stBl had one thing to ~ PfiCOno's- unique trioval configu- figure out for the 500 on Sunday - raGon'has been a nemisfa from how do you get"lhrough'tuFn -.day one and Friday was:no: dif- ',~,f Uank you go through the (irsl (erynt~Lxyest~pe'pr~'g~"a ' ;az:tu'rn'raallyHast'~qd`eveil'lhing'SS' 17ieSmokin'Jce'sdrlverturned nice and tlght," explained € alaP of Sb7 2R6 mph quaWying in Spencer.. ,"Thao you go Ruough Y18W starting posilion lor`,5undap,, tye hwwl Gw and yW can carr7, y aftemoon's UAW/GM . TeamwoNr a lot of speed ieto-that stratght- ~,500. Spencer,.who ran'lale in the awayand you don't really know ~ qualdying scnion;wetcped as lhe., where to'back off. I think I backed ' third turn gobb{ed up IMIe'Jarrett - oR where I needed to be but the - early in the sessioo and Imew 6e' i'coWdhenext. . carfroreuponme." - . "I'm not a big brdker, I likelo !.F "We're struggkng in tnrn three, stand on the gas," smiled Spencer. '' ;*.I messed up three or fourr times "But that is a tough place and it's ~• ithere already today and we.aren't ~ always been a•taugh place, hope- ~=1.getting Waugh them as good a%, fully we can get it figured out on : s we need to," noted Speacer.."qur. , Sunday." PquaBfying timeshould.be.good If Spencer's most recent per ~-enough to put us up in the top 20 formances are any indication, though, and that's important he'B have it figured out before too ~ .„ ,:;.. _,...........__....... long. . .................
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. CN TRACK ChaColla, NC 01-WEEIIIT 17,000 - JUN 13, 1986 M388Z0 /~//~///f~ {j(1•9Ya®PREdS CLIPPINOS 1 . ; Underdo Michael Waltrtp. s,n,eaks in and. stEins the elite ffeld in NASCAR's'°:' all-starWinstonSelect ~ . BY JONATHAN INGRAM .'; U nderdog vlctndes are se44m mae [rolwlar than the one Michael Weltrip, the talkr "Gnlc" bnNlwr of DarreB; swed in :NASCqR's Winstnn Select ell-afar raoe . tt Nudh Caeuline's C9,arloue Motoi Speedway: ,: Although tltis.race isknown for aeadng.i: antagonism because drivers mn for, so much -'. cash without eny penalty of losing points, this .,. .. Fwndlingproblems. -`.'~-Len and Fddie Wood changed the rear treck "-bar, alwed a spring and the tire pressures for the .~fmal 10 Isps an Waltrips car: That's what .. enabled him to skeedaddle once Eamhardt's -: Olympiccmlored Chevy collided briefly with .. Labonh in 74m 71vo. Waltrip, who had already .' pasajd Rusty Wallace on the ,catan, passed .. beneath them and romped home as Wallax also ' got by the slipping Grevys and finished secund. ~':'7 remembered once I won a Busch Grand `.National race here with Emie Irvan following :: me for201aps;'said Waltrip.'Yjusl kept telling - myself 'You beat Fmie here once. Just be C amooth and you can beat these csts."' aThe anly real comroversy oP the night was 3' created when Chevy team owner Rick Hendrick ! oredicted the Fords would win the Coca-Cola . time almost everybody was gemtinely,haPPy for', ' Mleha.l W.IbIpL Wlnatai O.Iset wln , .-600 by five laps as a result of NASCAR's new Waltrip. The 33-yearold Kentucky native won eama RRer 309 4ulK..: efurt. In regular nde allowing Fords to lower their roof Wes an his first mqior Wuwon Cup evem'aNer 309.~ ..R.on.bir~t:. ~, addidonalhalfinchonintem,ediatesuperspeed- fnutless efforts in regular season starts over 12 ..': 's ;.,~ . .. ways. . seasons. After Jimmy Sprnoet'be'ate4l.eke Speed to Waltrip hardly agreed after trailing two Amazuigly, Waltrip uruted the race 20th and win the Wmstoti Sekct0 quahCiu in the.,,Chevys for 30 laps in the second segment'7Le lasl,havinghadtofighttofutishfiflhmtheWm-::. Sn'.Joes'FpYd;Dale.7Arrehwonthefust raofneededsquishingdownlmodcrhalfinchor ~ston Select Open qua0fying race and gain the.;, aegmrnt:ofthe:}Y'mslan Select in Robert Yates' so"he said of his viaory dance atop his Citgo : fmslusnsferposulontoraxwitheventwinners:Qualiry,(aretF,ad6edit;pltryButhls7Lun-.:.Facd. .  ' ' ' ; homlhepastl2nrodlu:TosAdtoll,e ,irony,his_-:dab,hd.go-fjoCSem p-'..tatqd.)Plapsegrcnl,~w ~„0 I ~ ' ; 8tmgglC OCCurrPd with JohNU' Ben6W1 Jr. in the ahel stallillg a t11C rear W aW mVCi lGd fleld, 8 PemaoilPontiacofBaheriRacing,IwhaeWal-. problemamibutec~toGopdyearredialsthatwere-: mpspenlfOwadessSeasms.~l~ :chengedd,vu,g~syelloW.' • Not a soul was sadto see the Wood Bmlhers Famhardtpai9ed labonte to win the se.w,d ,..-theguyswhohelpedsusuinstockcarracinF' 30-lap'segmeat4becauselabonte'sKellogg's ~in U,e 1970s along with pelty Finapise~-,win a-,.Cam Flekes Omy: u%as gradually succumbing ' either. Like petty, the (5tgo Fotd team has had "'to a valve sping'pmblem. Both F.annardt and ;trouble winning Wely. :Labonte had'wodred on their chwils in the 1P In addition to hiring Waltrip to replace Mor-: ~minute interinission before the second segment '-.. gan Shepherd this year, the Wood Broqlr.rs for-:-..aflea sliding,to therenrin the first. Eamhardt's mally appointed FLdie and I~n Woodss.the"... crewfleied thefront fenders to provide more ,.crew chiefs, suooeMin6 their uncle Leonard...downforce;'and~laboMe'steammeasagedttw.~:. : Wood,whoselauvictoryascrewwcldef.camein ...shock~snttings:and.madep spring adJUSmxnt:; : Mamh" 19933 with Shepherd.' 'It's great for', 'M1Ve stayed~whhwhat wti had (for the final 10 -. them;'EeonardWoodsaidofhisneptrews ,::" laps," saaid;&mherdt.."Maybe we shouldn't . Waltrip's victory actually eame:io a xedare' -`have."' And he-addcd;; 4 wished I had the tires endingtoaieceknownforitspdmetuneaesh. "-'I'dhad'mtheeecmdsegmeut."., :. .. and-bast, and which has se¢, some SpµYacular '. That left YhC! GM:Goodwrench trzm's tire .:A incidents rn raute to that $2(10,000wimier's .; speclalist, 7Lornas 1Bll, mystified. "We.put on .... payoff. He scored thevicrory by:taldng full thesemesizetires.andlhesemea'vpressure,"he . advantage of the race's fomut-a 30-lap dash, ; said, Atiother,swasx said Goodyear's ures are .. a brexk, another 30-lap dash with'`dre field often'inconsislentl,et: Q,arlotte-each.spring - invened, a break and the final spnnt; and edespite the senie ID numbet9'., ~: . bobblefmmlJeleEamhardtmtdR¢ylsbonte:.Betxxenlhe~nsJSteocyititiresforJarrett'~, ... . . r. , x -, . EXTRA r NASCAR and Famhardt and the souring engine of . 1J3bonte, Waltrip found a path to victory lane. ~ - He had ataned Ute second segment fourth in the , inveded field, and though he had plenty of powerinhisFotdengme,hestiBcomplaircdof THE WINSTON SELECT SI Lel`[ INL NS';Akv,nn61 CI 14 $I'.,rvFV M1Vlf14E•Ip,lm• JUNE I3. fa96/CN TRaCK 53
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Dothan, AL EADLE Oothan Mot Arre Frldaf 0 33,000 JUN 14, 1996 P1042 i:~i Y®©PRRSSCLfPPlNGS "I'm glad you brought that ~ r up Spencer said earnestly. "T. Wayne Robertson, the head of ' spqrts marketing here at Camel, ~ a S be~y~ haa a long talk last year about 11CL il some stuff that Jimmy Spencer 'needs to do. As far back as Bris- y'to1'last year, I feel like I am driv- f orgotten .. ing as good as I can drive. .. "I am being extra patient and ' taking'my time when°Iin around thls Sea,son , ~o4her, cars to make sure';that I 'don't get in sny confflctsr,And, if ~you;!look back, NASCAR makes By bfike Harris " deasions based dn what happens . Associated Press Wrircr . . t that d~y. "If NASCAR thought that I was Jimmy' Spencer certainly has '~ecegsarily rough on somebody, not';been "Nfi~iicitement" this err maybeErnie Irvan or Dale . ; , season. Actua*, he's been more Earnhardt was they will assess a , like "Mr. Forgotten." ° ; att~• based on whether it was Last week at Dover, a siicth (mtor it coutd have been place finish was Spencer's best of a Ideil~ or 'wh8teveF '.t'Speticer ,iiii.i.iii0ijthe season ! and a~ded' t I.think Feluc was totally ? only his Se£ond ~o s qt ol„Il[te,beeaue if you ask all t4P?! i0 tQ ] 3~ itf~ cq~petitore,"the`y woutd, aayF B~ut~tces aICP ~f '~ncer"see a d fferent Jimmy terP~• ' , :That differenESpencer.may not - ..:-,m...,.... G,.a _ . . __. ... . _ . gOodlast cUUpIe'~•`~'"w ua.cnc,w~ am am.. vcua for sheet metal as,the old Jimmy. of : weeks," said ~• "q'm, going to do the best I Spencer, a can," he said."'I'm going to drive rough-and-tum- : as hard as I can and give 100 per- ble com etitor ` ' ` '' p give the c nt: hat s all I can .., dimmy ° who e me' team, and I expect, the same out Spencer m¢knanie "yeats ofmytearn, ago on tt}e short' . i'q'll stick up for them no.inat=. , i t~ Sclcs of the Norttieasto f"AII the; ter what. If they do wrong, ahat's hard work fmally paid off In The ~~.of racing and we won't let it 1Yy~ston Select Open: (an all star ~pen again. But that's howyou race that he won last month).; - tiuild a good race team, and we .:"It was a pretty neat : deal ; are building a great race team because the guys had been work~ rlght now. We're in the process mg,reaUy hard the last two years' . of building a new shop and every- for. )ne, and it finally came to a x(~g is going in;the right direc- h4d at Charlotte ,;It was a nqntion, po~n~srace,but~twas~till~win'~ + , O7t'stakingus'alittlemore't1meSpencer, who -,drrves #~ye ~ , we would 4ke, but I'm going ; Smokin': Joe's' Ttiqnderbird for to keep doing my job," Spencer ' Travis Carterr4,'19th In'the ;Win- • 8dded. sta"n Cup poblts land hasn't`beCdx "Instead of taking a lOth-ptace getting much respect, despite fwa acar,and trying to win the race, I'll', n series victories. talie 10th place. ... Those are the ., N Recently, before a race at North things I didn't do in the pest. Wilkesboro, two ' Charlatte: radio + "Jimmy is doing that.rrght Aw, u personalities known for their wise- 1and I think Jimmy is going to keep _ Lo cracks acted as co-grand nmarshals on' doing that, because if I keep . w I and said, ;"Gentlemen and, Jlmri~y doing ~~d n>,y guys,keep work- Spen,cer, start yoar engmes,,f, " t]nj ext-ra hard like they have beGn, ; Last week team owneC Felixl we can start having the consisten<" Sabates, whose driver, Kyle,petty, , cy we need to become a champl'' i . ~. r . i recen~ty ran afoul of Winston Cup ,' onship team." officials during a race, took a shot . ~at BPencer, saying he could hit aqything or anybody and NASCAB ~__
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8B Danville Reaister & Bee: Thursday, June 13. 1996 ~" w encer~ has g for ~better da s in racin~p pian y g -'1 By MIKE HARRIS Smokm' Joe's Thunderbir,d for driving us good as I can drhe. teRm, and I'expect the same out "' AP Motorsporte Writer ~' r~ e`s Carter is 19th the Iam being' extra patient and s.of my team. Jimnty;Spencer certainly has ''Winston Cup`s po'tnts ,e4{l,,hasn't'~tahsng itiytime when I'm around --"I11 stick up' for them no mBG. - AQt'beeq 'Mr? Excitemept , this been gettmgmuch 7espect, de t, o lier cars,to make sure -that Iterwhat If they do wrong, that's season. Actpally he s been more spite two series victotjes._. l s` ~ n t ge't,~in eny tonflicts. Aiid if '"part of racmg,and ive won't letit like "Mr. Forgotten ~.:y ~ > Recently, before a race at u look' back,.NASCAR,makes happen again.Btttthat'g kowyou, +-Last\veek at-Dover,~8-sixth- rNorth Wilkesboro tw6Charlotte episionsbasedonwhathnpPen'si build a gob'd°raee team,,and we: placefimehwasSpencezrsbestof radio personahties knoivn for~th~tday.; . ht ; are b~iilding.a great race;teame the season and only liis second their wisecracks acted ~'as co I'If NASCAR thought that Irightno« We'reinthe,processof; tnp10in1996.Butit'sallpartof grand' marshals and" said, was unnecessarily rough on.buildmg a new shop t5nd,every= SpencePs master,plaq t.+YZth. ,g., Gentlemen and Jimmy Spencer, 4, solnebody, or'maybe EKnie.Irven thing is going in the tAght direc-.. : "Veve had a goodAt 1'couple start yourengines "'*' o~'ale Earzihardt wac,they will tfon - . . ,: o(•we¢ks saidspenegr,.@,pough Last wek, team-bwnerFehx, ~ ss apeitally based aon ."It~ taking'.'us a llttle`hnore.A and tumble„~'~ om~etltpj~ytV~o, ,$ebates, .whos~~dnvel,bpJ{yl e i ty ~r1~f ,~as~Iust racing pr~t ,tl!~„e Chan we would l~e, but I'mFd eatnP'.~ ~tte,`tf,i pm~3ye~.ar60 °PeEty ~ re'centlv te,n~afdlll o;_iqo3 vte l3eep~voided orwhaoyS~ to keep doin~,•my'; Jpbr is ' on thg~ s"hort tracka"c'of the .~ Wmston Cup officials dui?ng a.e~`~ , Spenye,r, added ."I~th~Bk~pehcer added. 'In`stead-pf tak- :, Noreheast: °All the hard 3qor~ ~f~i- race, took a ahot at Spenc'e`t, say, Ee~~jTc-~qs tntally out of line be- tit~,f~ IOth-p1Ace car and trying to ~ nally~ (Said off m`PIQe,~Wuiston 'g iog he cobld hit Anything oz atiy- ,.~f tt ~se~'lif yGu: ask ell t~te cpmpett- wiri the race, I'll take lOth plaee.- N Select Open (an all-star race that ' body and NASCAR wouldn't go rs, ihey would eay that you see ...Those are thethings I djdn't do~ n~ he wonJast Month). ~ after him. ' . ' difTerent Jinimy Speneer." in'the past "It was a pretty neat deal be "I'm glad you brought that That different Spencer may "Jtmmyy is domg that right; tn cause the guys~tad `-een workmg . up,° Spencer said earnestly "T ot' be qultpas' excit~ng and hell now, and I think Jimttiy,ie going] reallyh dthE lasttwoygar¢for Wayne, Robeiteon, the head of ht for sheetmetal ae the old tokeepondoingthat beaauseifP W N me and~ftnr, 1~>ie to.a head ~~sportP miirketing here~afdamel i pt~ {~{ Y '> keep doing that and mv guys.1 at Cfharl tt~7t was".it non had a long t,alk last yoazaabout,~ ~qt ou7glDdothebest.Ican keep Korking,extra hard 1,ike~ "pointa`r~~stb'y3vasi~tt,ll~ap+,QomQ,ptofftliatJ~mq~yy~SSpencer< }~e+~~'~'T~~n1,jg4tngoto dF#ve as th'eyhavebeen;wecauetar,thav-I WInT ?_,; ,,<,vhs', ."'ny'e~s to c{o.; As far a~k as ar ]Fan add gtve 1l1(1 per .;ring thelconsietepcy fiYe need t,o'l., S~ncet;~4 ivho 'dr~ves the "Bnstol leetye9i I feelltk~ T am ~erit n'hat s all I c&n ve'the become a champtonahlp te'am ,r ~ Demllle, VA REDIBTER 6 BEE oaanua Md/wa JUN 1 3 1996 P5518 rxcsscurrINcs I~ ~~~_ ~ ~
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Lock Haven, PA EKprees N47N 11111I© PAA5SCLIPPINGS Spencer, who drives the Stltokin';,,Jqe s>Thunderbird for ;i <I.Gi~MIKEHAj2RIS;- ~„ ., u ~ AP Motot'sports~R'ri~er, ~: Jinimy *ncet~ ertaliiihtis , }VAp ~#Rfficials' durmg . race, too shot at•~Spencery, sayuig he co~ld hit,anyttung.or,, anybodyanii NASCAiJwouldn'f go afterliini:ut ; glad p.you-. brought tha~; up," Spencei~a)Berwick natiVe•; said ea,rne:;jly. Wayne sports Robertson, f&, head_ ofs marketing here;at,Camel, had a. long talk last 'year about''some stuff that Jimmy Spencer needs .to do: As#ar back as Bristol last' ~ ~ ~y ra$ .Afetjl o , your en " ~~;Last ~~, team-0wner Feliz dri ve r,r {{yi Saba F and tnarshals'and saiil,f "Gent- men and Jimmy Spenceri start 1. itheir wisecracks acted'as"co-, p p , i North Wilke"sboro, two Charlotte alrties known for ~radio erso Winston Cup points and hasn't lieen getting much respect, I despite two serres.'victories: < before 'a race at ltecently 7`ravis Carter, is 19th in the year Itfeel like I am driving as { good as IBan drive: 'i {' °"I am tieing ektrapa tient and ; takinc my time when I'm around .o[.ner` d xmalCg.sur,~8, IDat..lddn't ge in;a y f onfliCts ; And; if you look back, AJASCAR makes. decisions-bgsod on what happensl that day: " ;' • I ." "If NASCAR thought that T was unnecessarily' rough`. 'on somebody,or m~ybe Ernie Irvan or Dale Earnhardt was, they 'tvill, assess a : penalty ,based on tivhethe tit was just racing or it`• ; ,dould li~V,e beedavoided or,what-'' ever," .Spencer added; "I tLink; Felix was' totally ouf :of line' because, ; if you' • ask aq ' the I not'beeh "Mr: ESbitenent ' th'is. ileason, Actually he's been more ? like`"Mr>FOrgotten.'.' !:.: x ,:; I.ast : week <at Dover;' a sixth- place finish was Spencer's best + of the season and only his second. k top 10 in 199q. But it s all part of ~Spencer's ma'ster plan:- -;c t , ) •'.We've had a Oood last•couple ioV~weeks";;said iSpencet` a i rough ana-tumbl,e'- compet~,tor ' •whd earned his' nickname years ago on,the'short tracks -ofithe Northeast "All the hard work compehtors, they would sa~ that, finally paid off in The Winston ~~ou see a' different J~m~my, Select Open (an all star race that ~+~ :^ he won last month) •,l,•-, ,, ti Pencer. "Itl was a pretty 'noat deal That .different Spencer may: because the guyl; had been work- not be quite as, exciting'and tiell, ing really.hard the last twp years bent for sheet metal as the old sfor~me;oandit-.finallycame.to`a Jin'my'; head at Charlotte'+:.• Ihwas a non-~oints race, but it was still a I win.:., .. , . ,
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MI. Vernon, IL Aegieter•News ThuratlaY D 12,186 JUN 13, 1996 N2378 1~m®©PAF.SS Cl.IPPfNGS Immy 5pencer; By,The "aiod Press . 3 wo,rkfinallypaidoff'u1j'heWtnston Select Opqn (an ali star racc)hat he Sy,~t&,r certauay.has not • won last month) ~~~~,- ~ +a +~ Jimm ` ~ f beY~bse been "M Ezcitement th~sseasoP' ;,"It was a prfttyne2tdea • Aetoally he's bxn,lnocethke ~yttt{" the guys had,tbee~n-y, ±wotkning:really i, FOFgotten." x.r 7sr~ f~ ~~~r~gv~ i' N2}d ihc last bvQY ~° fa'te; 811d it } }t sizSh plaa ` f aliY came to e hea at Charl4tte ' J.;ast week at DoXQr , , finish was Spencer s bPst of the sea it was a non points race builtt was' . Sou and only:his second_[op`10 in ~~-still a wm 1996.It'sallpartofS¢encer'sa aster ' Spencer, w,lio;drlves he Smok n' Pl?P. Joe s Thundetbird for Travi~,Cat}er, -We vehadagoodlastcoupleof :isl9thuttheWiatottC~ppotntsand weeks " said Snenrcr a ninch aHt ~hacn tl>een ¢etdn¢ much respect, de tumb1e canpftitora who eamed his spite two seqes vtctones 1 l;, nickn9tne yearsagostio;t' RlhemlY before a rac~ at"4ttsTii . i o f o d s `~ `' W l $ r e ~ t s ks ft teNortbeast.. t 5i ehatd i keabor (fiar]ott t a i ; C Q e rz y• e .; 1 aorialiNes lmown for, their wisecracks ~ Sp~cer nceds to do As far back as» aeted as co-g#and mntkhals abd satd yTt narol ) a9t yeat;I feel lr-e I mU dnv t ~ t ~ - ' ar ^ ntlemen and M`I cta `ca ~' n vour elhe ~~Last weei,y . wr~ ~e4ut r, tng; ,~, ~Y ~Pmat6uadothei tes mho e' j J K l ' p ~' F y r e ~ ty cara m ,e , tGa1 !o e sttro ~ dot~ t g{ 1a 1 ~ PUYpattafoyi~~f ~Yin1 tott po t~tty~conAl~ ~na Ifyoulook ~ m b~ufg ext(b pat~utt,an8lalt-.:: a ~ durJttg a race took a shpt ~t v NASCAR mates dectstons dd F.• I L ..l . baeed o!n ME}.mwnn F. r.v .•. Fo.41.wA1~: a ;J or; at,ybody and NASCAR {, ' IP NASCAIt lhought ta%I wYy " 611161180 after hun ~ ~ 'unpecs ssanly;rough qn aonxbodys~ ao I m glad yoti brought that up ' I ot maybc Flnie Trvan or I)ale ~at. W ~attxr,siaa eamestly. .°f.; Wayne hartft was,.they wt1l aasess s paya[q% ~ tbenson, the head of spbrts mark ~ basedott whhtheritwaE justtaciugor~ lo tlk ~av}a n~a,it 'lte beett aXOded or whtNA g sNffthat7tmmY , i;O. S V enCt dd d { '
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'New demenor. . fits Spencer well By JIM MC[AURIN StaffWriter Before the First Union 400 at North Wilkesboro Speedway in Apri1,John Boy Isley departed from the script: "Gentlemen, .., and Jimmy Spencer," he shouted, "start your engines!" COIIImbIBt SC hinBoy, talk`abouta guy's reputation preceding Stab "A lot of'people;don't know John Boy" said CoiumEle Spencer, who drives Travis Carter's No. 23 Ford Mtl Ane on the Winston Cup racing circuit. "Johp Boy , Mander 0 181,411 meant that to be fun. He didn't mean it like, 'This . guy's going to rough everybody up'today: He I came to me before the race and told me he wanted ' JUN 10. 1996 'i to do'it to (Dale) Earnhardt,'and Earnhardt said, . . noway . .; . ~' I He said, '1 wanta have some fun ' I salci, 'Go N4934 ahead buddy-'" • 011M® . ~ _ PRESSCLIPPINGS I Pt~nSE ~E SPENCER PAGE Cs `Mental eontrol' a S- , encer attribute ~ SPENCER FltoM PAGE C1 team is beginning to come around. the the top 10;j9 times and had live The latest came'from Kyle Petty's He won the Winston Belect.:Open dNFs In his N'irst stint with Carter car owner, Felix abates. After Pet-..Itwasnotsolongagothatsucha non-points race at Charlotte in May, in1991(and evenracesinto1992), tywaspenaliied or, driving , suggestion-comingfrom'abig- and.,posted a season-best-sixth hedrove3G•rEe`s'aiidhadl8DNFs• intheCoke~600;.Sabatessaidin . time radio personality or not -. - place, in the Miller 5000 at' Dover, "`'Bui it sti uld' be noted; in'driv- effect 'that'Jimmy Spencer could would have earned at b"esta baleful Del•-last Sunday: .~' ing.the final our races for Bobby take out half the field and NASCAR glare; at worsh,a poke in the eye "We'vehadagoodlastcoupleof Allison in 19 2;~Spencer had three wouldn't lift a finger• from the guy with the not-so'com-weeks;" Spencersaidr."All the hard top-5 finishe rIn 1993, he had five °-Atonetime,Spencerwould have plimentary nickname, "Mr. work finally pai0 off in Ihe Open. It top 5s, five ore in the top 10; and. shrugged it off and said, "Tough." Excitement." was a pretty neat deal, because the only fell out f four races. That at- From now on, he said, he's not let- But ... Could it be? Is there a_ guyshavebeenworkingreallyhard- tractedJohns~on;andwhenJohnson ting them get by with that.. new; kinder and gentler Jimmy, and it finally came to a.head,at :decidedtog outofracing,Spen- 'Felixwastotallyoutofline;'he Spencer out there making left turns . Charlotte. .:~ cer's two'wi -re-attracted Carter: ,said-"I've had fingers pointed at me these days? ~:, .•.. "We had a good run at Charlotte ''in spite his s reputation as a.many.times in the past when I know "One thing he had to learn was (the following week •in the,Coca- rogue-or;p rha because of it - I didn't cause that problem.... It how to control his emotions;' Car-, Cola"6o0), but we had.a;problem Carter knew e`liada diamond in'. hurt me in the past because I just ter said; "He's -"""---'i viith a fuel pick-up. We had tomake the inughF• said, 'Ah, the' hell with it. Let-'em i sveryemotion-' two extra pit stops and.it.cost us ``°Thatwas~hewayalotofpeople go•' That wasn't the right thing to at guy, and he' about four laps or wewould have saw•SpenCe "'Caiter -said. ~"And do: The right thing to do is defend had tolearnYo.- finished fifth or sixth there. We that's the.wa we saw him.- - yourself. When you think you're be patient. He's I backed that up at Dover, and-now`- "There-:a several things that right, you've got to stick up for it." . made a lot of we look forward to going,to make great aletes -and I believe And when you're wrong - gasp , progress; you Pocono-" - racers are a hletes,"Carter said. - apologize- At,Richmond, when can see it in his When Spencercame South from "First;, they ve to be physically - he wrecked Michael Waltrip (who driving. . Berwick, Pa: in 1988, he had two , strong. Then hey have to have tre-.. drives for the Wood Brothers team), "We all NASCAR Modified championships mendous det t`mination and destre; that's what he did. -'.. watch racesin . - and the nickname - urider his what I call a' Iler instinct.' But the ~'+I told the Woods I was sorry for . different wys.~ belt. In.his zeal to excel at the next thingthat pr ' it's over any other is it and told Michael I was sorry for it- Some people level, he did little to shake that "Mr: an enormous~~ ~mount of will power, -~ In the past, I would have just passed like to watch Spencer . :. Excitement" tag. or mental co ttol-... '- it off.and said, •'He understands.' the leaders, others like to watch He could drive, no doobf`a6out "1nJinim ~Spencer, Isawthose' But he didn't uoderstan~. --- Tha ~' Earnhardt. But if you pay attention that. When he piloted the. No. 27 .ingredients.Y,e ah, he needed a little means a lot to the driver "/ ~ ~' ro to Jimmy Spencer, you will see Ford for Junior Johnson in 1994, he polishing. Hewas like a ball of fire. My goodness. Jimmy Spencer a' some patience with him that you won two races. But he also didn't But the guy i57eally talented, and actually caring what people think? °i didn't see before." finish I 1 races, and it's those I Ithat he'ss proving thal more and more. Next thing you know, he'll be ask- w Lately, people are beginning to people remembered. It was part of aWe'saw. thati.in '91. In some re- . ing John Boy over to tea,I w notice Spencer, and notjust so they pattern. - spects, we ranrtbetter with him in'91 "It wass actually good publicity' M . can point a finger. - Spencer drove 17 races for Bud-- than.'95. ButSl think now we are for me, because we didn't have a After a struggling "first season, dy Baker in 1989. He didn't finish finallygettmgthings turned around good day at all at Wilkesboro She secondtime"with_Carterin1995, nine.Hedrove26forRodOsterlund withhtm }. ' said."Wehadaterribleday.Butwe, ~4pen. cer and the "Smokin'.Joe's" the next season, fnished: outside 'Spencer st~ll takes`the potshots. didrj t have any marks on our car." I' r=- ~ . t L
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~ rjoeritler. ~.penceir ~ er guKk Iuw1118; Blnphlmpn, NY Prgn 6 tu•lulbliii IlnPrmne AIdAm IAunary O sY,YAB JUN 13. 1995 3hk'Fkkocigte,4 Frara . . . ' ~ I' JmunvSotnceraertmmnlYhafnoi been "Mr. Fvcotement" cau see- aon: Actually he's been more like= .•,MCForgotten," ~-.A . LestaeekatDmrr,aeMhyroa,, ~Gnishwes5penrorIsbesf-oftAeiee-' -.wn end onl~.hu second tdp'I0 in " 1996 Bul It,a all psn of Syenrel's mestuplad %; n' 9 +~ =.h~ We ve had e good lest couple 'of weeks," seid Spencer. a rough- and-tumble competilor, „who bammedhuaickuemeyeanagoou . . the short trackq of theNortheest.' "Al l the hard work final~lypald off ;, ip'ILe Winston Select Open (an ; ~ all star raae+that he won'dast . monW) ,. v:! v, n nf~y ': ~ 's"Itwasapreltyneatdealbecause ~ the guys had been working really , .'. {'hard the last twoyoersforme, and ' it finellv nme lo a head at Char- tone.... nweaa ~non-poinlsrace,:' ~ butiEwarelille :: t=gpcnuq whoV ' dhvet : the ° Siqgki;AJoe's ~ TreYau ner,N'ut, 1111113 19IhiulpiWin•'~:: slon CWdpointl'-- (_$ ':"andhesn'Ibeen. ~t~Lgettui6a'muah -respeel dayp,te two fenee vlMa~? ~ R~ y,befureanmatNorthk~ i ;Y{ilkeebdro,;two Q,prlutte redio'~ petromelf0ukbownfor lhq4wiro- -~ :cracke acted es cu-gfiad, menhale " ;and reid; "Gentlemen eqd J®my <V ;"L ;9Q4'heeY start your mlglneL" L, !' GGSiweek?teammwner't'elix `'. Sebates , wh ose driveq Byle I'etty, !: 7ecentlyran efoulof Wineton(Ap:';.. o9'itialsdurm' geraa,tookeshot I etSpgqeer,seyinghecouWhitent ~'thmgolenybodyyedd;N RI~S$A "wouldn'IgueRerhim!. "I'mgledyro ubroughtthatup,"---Spencerraidearnatly"T:\V,eyne;: I: Rabettson; the it ofsporls mer-.'.: i•ketloghereatQmel;had'elong . '~talklas{ye areboutsomestuffthat :- '.`fimmySpb oaerneedetudo:qetu"" `beekuBrulollutye m'Ifaellike .- "tf am drivlno e4 goad eu I ran drire.` . : t"I embeing exnapa lient and - ':taking niy7ime`when I'm around ~• othercarstomakeaurelhatldohY'~ C.get inanycunnicta:'.-And, it ou,-, ~;look Inak,'NA S CAR makp deci- ;. ,pkns based on what happens that, ~ t X~ r 'fld y ~,. t-• ayc , , m~ v~ra~nuar .... ;~{!1<JfjNA9CA t eh t o ug4t thafl wei;;:. p y k y t ~ n(IeTsWh'~M~Deb~ I; hardt was, they will sasen a peu ab; '; 'ty based on whether it wasjust ra~~ I;Ing ot_it could havqqeqn avqided'~ iTor whetever,IR:$pencer,edded:'qI ' :'.a{thiok.Feli~)y4e,totally ouS of Ihie.'! ~ . becauee; it-you ask'ell.the dbm- ; ~pe4lon, they would eay`thet you ". . pea'diffarentlimmySpehper.^ ., :7hatdifferentSpencermayndt'' :ha,quitG'e4.e>;a,tingendhe116ent'•'?fprehaefmaW as ehe old Jimmy; i* r"~0•BOiugtodotdebeetlcen"tO '.heuid."I'mgoingtodriveashud:' ~'-?'v ttryienAgive 100peranL 7bet's. lsengiveNateam,andiexpems .Wenmeoutofmyteam:,.;. % kr„, Illetlckuptorthemnomettec: at:If theydo wrong, thet'apan (of recin~ andt we wonR7et it he ?penaguq ButthatShowyoubuild,i iegoodmCe team,andwe arebuild•, ur~ e greet raa teem right now::i r^ It'ataking usaBlOemorelime` 'then we would hke, but I'm going'm keep doing my job.' Spenrer` --added; "Insteed of mkmge~JOth.! I lacecarandtry,~gmwinWerau,: Il take101h ylece:'_..:, ": "Iimmyis Qoing that right now;: +andlWinltJimmyiegoungtokeep', ±on doing ehet; because if I.keep: ,doingthetandmyguyekaepwork-~. - : ~fngextnhudliketheyhavebeeq , ' we cen alart having Ihe cams&mn- 'oywexedlobeeomoee8anpl-. Ng994 ®Pal!1SCLlrYrNO_5
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~ ~r saen~t m Prettr mi~ + n{ac rirsrtace was preml uos~Cta ' tage pra ~vill, e~t~n~~'ck for an eIYn/Wlek NJ I•thelocalheroup~ thePooong tha34th-plaCefunstybnt {^ - exlubPon ealsobe " NoIAINNM{~Tf16YIN J'area,'wherE toda s UAW (iM , Spencer was on htavfay+ lie wme -{ on dis ]a~run b6h7d(`th~:'pnue~andstands to' ' Mlul..w Teamwork 50Qa8 bee6g t when : back for•the fall iacein 1989 to fmtshl ''~ give fane afcloae~p'v{ed+uf what . M.t Aru opporswyty~i9t knackea~~' IY . in the tap 10 on the tough mile OVaI {' stock ca[a fu e+Ctahe t, L ; Bsatlat SUN 09,000 elammed tb~ deOr OO lf ~~ I had myself inenftaYy prepared ta ,, ' 7le ~'SVSS~ 6as a'{al plade at't Spencerwas a Busch Series_regular run SW laps,that 6rst race: liut'the Wall; ae a' ~prolest`tdama~e the •- •. JUN 16, 1996 - alter m3uy Yeare running truks in the : motor quit and I cameup about 4$5 ' hack's photo anchive by'former-driver's Pa NJkarea and was hoping for that ; lyps shoR he remembers'ix KP Bill Shea and enthusiast Bill Erbe led N3926 nll which h;~ to the idea for the Clubx~-, y n r ~ w,ouldbring 17ungsl{aveuqprovedsu~cethen,,, aiu ! r, c=, ~ g.i, LaY~9LOrxassccrrrIxas ifuN~ ~ him up to with a couple, ofiaoe wms,•some Racmg +6W~th ~'; i _ a~ the W{nston poles~ and wteently the ride iqthe • openingat 5 ao a can take°a look aC' Cup ranlcs It Smokin' Joe's Fotd. He recently won ' the old cars. rrmelbu[ he hung up literally.~ ~7~nston Select OpenaLChariotte, , Avaciety,ofzace cars from Wall an r`d and w~ll ataR 18th today atPotbno othedtracke.xall be on display'as parta, , in~19~4 hi9.~hone rdng, andthe ~ ~~e 4~ y~i~> +, of the 'Cr~iiee to Jeraey 5hore 4'~ ~ caYer iattaducedhimself as Budd~~ hap beeu`Imown ns a~tt of ., Bakef.l`$efure 1'ie c6Wd say anythingi `' a:wild driver, earnmg him`the auto ahotV*anA ~ aeCfor next ~' else Spenar slammed dotvn the name Mr. Eaa[etneq~ bu46p ea~d ' Sunday atth'e Lyn~rdneh : phame and went badc,toV~.u~afn" ~f 6~~y hesa( dpwatq.falk w¢h,tSan¢ aod Iront Lee Greatwa~b'!/~d ('o~q'e of W~VaUr~ tri all~,s.~~~ 3; e.1-121/. . '~.... ~ Y '~ ,{,-A `M Ii1tV[.R I1rW{~,~h~ u1 aponsar membeisJatelY m4d tbat he a~~ Z thought someone was playing'a - has a new, caltpe_r•,atqtUde yy~e on ,.. jN S; really bad joke on me," recalls Spen the track. StiY, ~yithl7 cars to pase tor;; :' A qpde,rpnge~class~~ cujztum 4;•f cer 9Baf Buddy'called rigbt back s~ .' the lead todaye he7l still haye a chance streetrpd; atid tpptag~cats were an: t. satd'Boy,'this is $uddy Balter,"do'lfott to provide some exCltement for the ,.:- display, lasVyea~,uL~a:e50s theme. The want to drive my car at Dover or' "' bometown crowd, 1:'t i: 1995:event also raiseda $500 dona,, ::: ' noN Walll Stadwn tion for the;Gong Brapch`Ronald Speooer didn't hang up that tie McDonaldliouse, whieh;offers a-. .. _ aad goc his shot at the big tune '. Tha[ ~ Tbe Garden State Vintage'Stock i home fot fani~es of seriously ill chil- : Cer C1ub wiY o rts ; dren! $"'ho works t was really the lasc thing on mgmind a ~~° ~ ~OOg ,~ dri a Winston Cu car " he said. "I r cbuvsic race cats at W9ll'Sfad{ next > vn ~fle ~bmo the ; mean yeah, if you're a race car driver, Saturday, with the Club backing the ~ ne~rb}t '~6ntriduthM~ca( Cpnter. ;•- you want to drive a Cup car; but I had ~t of canmg and puttwg on a eolling , For details on event fimes or• how exhibition of•its own 61d tun~ cars. only beertin the Busch series a couple to be u4voWei~asarspouspr or Parn'ci= ,:; of years and definitely wasn't eacpect-. _ The four regular d{t•is{ona{will nur pant, call'Greenw~od at (908)" ~k " ing the call just then." . in regular-length events, and the vin- ~ 222 2858.
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ys in W- Cup racing .`lufr Rvritnmpnt'= :: fifts_foi; iespect ,; uI,~TASCAR's ehte : SB17es. . By`Ntke Hartls w~ataspatswrrcer , . s;: ,~. ' jinuny SPencer certainly bas not SPENCER " " the` short wilkesboiro twq Ctiar7otte radio " d tbeliarsonalities knownn for-their- finally paid mr acks acted as ceigeand ,_ ..___ pfE-inThe;VTiiiston and, said. Gentleirien and•Jiinm ' ' ' SelectOpen(anall' y~encet; g .startyourenvtes. ~ "tar race'ttiat he' Last week, team~owner Felig '.'~~. ~~n~). " Sabates, whose driver Kyle Pett`Y, ' ` lt; was a y.prettY- recentlyran efoul';ofWinston CuF Peat deal because officials during a race, took a shot !.'1bnYs t11d bEen. . Cvnnror ea.nno ha rnnhl hif'an ~ he's peen more tixe-'tvlr finally came,tp a Aeai It"v;asanonp ,at Dovez a sixth-y]ace " cF?Ck stiD a wm. ,~ , ~~ ,,: - sea enceYs best of th S e t p Spencer; who ' c dt 10hi1996 l ~ l vsse on op . on smla p Bif~all part.of ~Spencet's master oes +_ &jy~ mth ~ " : ,~~,, e +' C".. : _ ha'.cri' t Iiapn` , wVm~ saul a'P~4 a u~a`nd- d ite •, y~~ eSP .~ h} TIt:F i t~te camn~tok'wha"+~_"L!s.._ ~eFe mauy ..h„a awecrcn zA.; unt,iwu 1t lID ~ ';,. . a C[h u i g me, and rt ..pt¢'glad You broaght that u ; p Charlotte' ' Stl "T Wy pencer said earqes9a back asBnstp~ last year, I f~l like' much res t e ; '`~ c p odsIdi: ,mrigasgoacan.rve adivu :--I am Oelnx CIiCA tHLLCnI'AnLL n ' . race at North e en ' s u .11 .: . L w my,t tim wh I aro nd o cars to make sure that I dQn t get m-~ same out of my team. -- any conilicts. And, d`yott kpk baely' -'I'll stieli uP, fo~ TLem no matter_~+ I r'°Y'S?~s'Ir~ NASCAtj~3makes dectsions based `on what If they do wrong that's part M r, _~~ ~ ll lly.~ ~',t~~,I'r+~tl_ ./_ ` 4- l t u sthatdagracing and we won't k haIit.happu w ta _"IR~NeLSCAR thought that.I was- again. But thaYs how you butld.'a : , . mmeoesssrilYroughonsomebody,or-goodraceteam,andwearebuildinga ~Tot; t0 mn:o„ maybe .a"Ernie Irvan or Dale-e great race team right now We're in p~ryo~ -. ' p~~ EarnhardC;was, they will assess a.the process; of building a new shop .. y 1 Dale_~mttulydt Y,9f1't,-. Penalty tiased on whether tt was lust, and everythmg is going in the righf . d avo}ded' direction. z 7e.ry Laeonte 1,765 racmg oz~,rt tbul yave been .r;.,~J.]t~qrQpp,.~,,,,,~,.+,~,. t,7•1,~ - orwhat Spenceraddetl I thwk - .. . ,~ ."It's taking us a eve5. " 'more tune .. ~ 4 Dale Jarrett . ... 1,15" r Felix w'a~totally out of_ ]Inebecause, ., than we would ltke, but rm going to•.~~ if you ask,aIl the c_om`pehtors, they3.~ keep Idoi•ng my ]o ...Spentt;t' added. . woukt S'Qy'.td]at you~see a dtfferent'j`."InSfead of ~. - .6 Ken Schrader - 1t495 - taking 3'101hPlace'cat _ iF[>~.ii JunmYSPencec" andhying..towinthe-tace,IIltake:-d e Ruatywenace . 1.462 That diffetent Spencer may not be : 10th place. .. Those are the things I.'~ Yy Poypl,-EAbW quite as exciting and hell bent for didn'tdoitithepast ., .:... mg that right noxs to RictyCraven /.az7 sheet mepl as the old Jimmx '-: ' Jimmy is do - "P.m6oi" dothebestlcan,"heo andIthinkJimmyis, goingtokeepon said. "I'ingoingtodrive-asbardas_I-,' ,doing-that, because._3f Ikeep doing.".' . . tan and gtve 100 percent 17iat s all L: that and my guys i~eep worktngextra ~~ ~ oo~~ ~~ ~ ~~ rangive_t$eteam;'andIexpectthe-LhardliketheYha~be?o_twecaastart.4.,bOODme.;a chamPtonshiPteam.'.. -I MI.Clemene,MI~ Macomb Oailp IturadaY o.tAs M.t Arn 040,802 JUN 13. 1996 N3196 yaiaYi:/ PRESS CLIPPINGS [.'lt Ekcitement this season. s. . mm .;_: uooes¢on, me, neaa a~spons t ketiitg here at Camel,bad'a lung tt1e o last year about some stuff .. ~ ~~~~ .iimmv.hwniwr nPPtic to do. As
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WINSTON CUP SCENE Conrord, NC WEEIRY 11i,90o JUN 13, 1996 p~/~F~~//E M25976 V/LY®®PIICSS CLIPPINCS .. M1 .; eLLWIN3TONCUPR~CF,(i.tf '.... 6 114 ou:de. ~~Y.n '~Reoos Won Ad'srd ;4e, eth 1GIh ]etk [mF PoMO~POM. Yon.y woniT' ' 1eN '". 12. ~ 0.:•0•'..~. p -0 2 . Op.,':Y7 ~C `d 0 v:. :,r535t14y~ weS_:29 01y0:..0~.~.0 0 4 25 ,:2 .~~,c0 50110 -19" -_ 29 ~2 C.-.9~,.1 0 1..14 .~~11. ~1~ 1 . me1J`{ t9if . 30 . 0 . 1 ~2 2 0 ~ ~ 5- ~.16 ' ~ ' C 1 :"'B?ZO20 `{1 ~ 1902 ~ 12 ~. 0 ~ ~ 0 ~ 2 1 . 0 ~.: 6 ~ . 4 , C, . .. 0 , . .•.~.1:ti~CBS;:; : 2'a,6Nii '1991:.. :.f9 0. 0 ,. 1 0.0: 5 0 .,:IC ..~0 ... 0 1N0 YO~'0~ D~,0' 0~~0 '2~ 19, t,6 A! , ~~9 219j7L;+t 1Mt 17 0D 0~ 0 ~ 0 3.5 '•6,. 0 ~~. 0 ~, 121 (55,:Q. .TOTAL-f1N....Y ,1'. 3.l,6.~, 1 !9 YF(:ce1.,:,11 f~ . ifp"/rt, ... tpend.r (Be yt M71 b drMM to• T•aTls Cirtef Rmupdsas b the~o.i ~ nnd year In orow: The.t.em Is sponsorod bY`Cinwl oiWntlot fa; thlyd stNpht pean u(- 4CAREER.HIGHLIGHTS -• :Two Wlnelon./:up winr, tlsd /or74M on ~I4tims Ilst. ~ S' •.Two supersp. WwaY fvlns; tied la0 43rd on dldlme list.' • One Wlnston~Cup polr, tied for 100th onelldlms list.,' ': ~, tn90ht,/93th) p1400 First win oame 1it stalon wpera;eps on JulY $-1,B94r at D.pona. First pole cen»,n'13Bth aNempt: Tyson Holly Fanns 400 on .. ~: Bat. 30 1R14 al North WBkestroro ,.p,,• I ~•.Win Tti. Wlnston Select Open In 1BBR. , Won ~400,000 or mme six of last seven Yean• " ~ Finished 12Hi Ine1YB.T Winston Cup.itandlnpq 25th In 1"11 . - .. QBM i 1BYY 2BM in 18R4 .. o. ~n,. s . , •`Flve Busch tiAis Wlns; tied for'18th on alFthne list. Ol - ; aO1i. Bosch Series pole; tied for'R7th on NI-tlme list. ,WonFeath.dltelModlBed7our:ohampionshlpIn1988and1BB7. ' ` :'J ~•"One,Bweh North hrbs win. • OneAmMean Bpeed Assoe4tlon wln• . Beeini. ~ew:W1neton Cup drlver to wln i1mi1lion with second . "r` FhlBMdlfNdTl ,'^- ,16eatereoourwns. - n Winston 800, on'M.Yp. 1993, at Talladepe. It took 99 races. -TRAVIS. CARTER ENTERPRISES ,• Travis Carter IB: 1 V21149/ Is owner of the team he fermed ... . ..ecospled Deo.12, 1993. •Envllys sre supplled by Pro Motor. ao .::-1uJlmml>ipanoeflwssNeetedOrlverofthe WeMchyfhs WCfi m .. 'edttoNd itdl,fWhts slstAplaee pMo/manoe In the RNNOr 6p0. ~ 'atDorer.It-was;BpeneelsWat finish shxw Movembsr 1p85• .,: Also eansldsnd,were [.w wMner J.M Oonlon end nMthylReo flnlsherJdfBmtaL . . , - MCS 0 Juu. 19, 1996 47 .~ I lete 1iY3 ~„..n. . ~ • Cecil Gordon (B: 6M0/41) Is the shop fonman, a position he : . , atl 1/;~YyNWINd BeC• 1Y,'-1>]D5• : nonnle Wingo )Br?N31l01Is the,erew ehlel, a job he
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weemuery JU14 1s. Isss Jlmmy,Spencer qys he Is not the same style recer who wreed the nkkname'Mc ExckenleM." ~ i Spencer Lacks ?Excitement ev uofr weeax ' r c~no ^ agrees, Spencer drove far him /n TNESCnnNtoNnM[S Spencer'and the'other WIn-.1991beforethetwowere.r84nitfd Jimmy S'pencer„ earned thon,Cup drhers inake their first ,r. last season. .-ntekneme-"Mi-~RxMtztrteriC`tfie b~`aPPaaredtes-at Poeono "In1991,1sawJimniylheway hisaggressivedrivingstyledun Raceway this weekend for the alotofotherpeoplesawJimmy." Ing hiss days' on the NASCAR. , UAW-CMTeamwork50D. -..';-Catter eaid."He,was a very tal- WinstonModiHedtour. ' Headmitethathehaschangedanted driver who needed some , The Berwlck'native carriedi hie;drivmg-mcticsandthetlthas:.polish!ng.-' themonikerwlthhimtotheWin~•~echsngeforthebetter. "Everygrcatdriverhasaire- slon Cup series where, at tunes, ,~f still do the".best I can snd 'mendous ability to ~ conal tlle it got him into trouble. 'drlve as hard as 1 an, But I have '. mental game. Jimmy's ar~ emo- Istely, however, Spencer,bae ~-b~ged"to'a'degree," Spencer 'tbnal guy who has had tqlearn been anylhingg but exciting, He ' safd;' "At. Dover;'we had a sixth. ~`how to be patient. He's ma~e a lot has been employing a more:pa-,.'-placecarandwelookthat.Inthe' ofproBresslnthatregard."} . ' tient`styleofdriv!ngandthere~"P>tetthat-is sometaing Iwould'~~~, ~re~tlwsewhpvlew suits are beginning to show on .noHhave:aone.; I'm not trying Spencer as"Mr.'•Excttement" Metrack anymoreto'takea7oN-plaeecar' andblamehhnfor'eJer,Jmishap OnMey19atCharlotte,Spensndwin the'race. That's whenwhichoccursonthe'track:-cer won the Winston Select OpeR : y,u creen-f' <' ' At Norlh WBkesboro khis . the 9ualiping raoe to get into the ~;. "If, Ijctash;doing'something 'Year, the pre-rsce command was Winston Select, NASCAR'a all- . dumb ; and I won't deny thet fglvm "Gentlemen end Jimmy star race. Then70 days ago In We~-W have done sovte dumb th!ngs,-r Spe'cer, etart yourenglnes!" i MillerboOatDoverpownsinDe7`ull'YOU:hsV9`as'e:wrecked rece+-In the thode-tearnowner aware,Spancerposted;asea~~. ~ar.Thep'youhave,a. FaiixSabateaepeweAetNASCARbestshdhplacetmish. ; guyn who have toiLe7tmad'al ~following a rough-drlvbtg pen~ 'e .:.'we'yd haa~ani4~ aaw' ne-;!r?u.uw,l~+vit~ to~percexy ~J i~iCerea~'rp4 ri g~, paites ea a I ' lhe last wuPle o£tiieelra ~uu ~,reaE'.~1(jb„4ijth,tpp (n¢8viit-p("; cer mitl nntheWeeklyoNASCARrr~med~-.cpverage.:fhare la in the ~at Spencer'"- rythin$ In leleoonference. "Our hard work . sporl;,you have to keep your , srecebwimyteambus" .. paid oR in the Winston Select aponsorinihellmeBght" . -Jvehadflngerapolotedatme, Open. We had a good run gomg et ' Part of the change In Scen- when I know t wesn't the ceuse," ~ Charlotte.(in the Caca-ColneOa'cer'e'attitude%s[emmed from n~o~-~d. In the past,;I May 2e) uniB the car developed R. `conversarbn'he`had last year-' woWd have let it go and 1-ihlnk ~ problem in the fuel cell. But we' with T. Wayne Robinson- Robin- t~At hurt ine. Nuw, I've leamed1I' becked It up at Dover and we're -san is the ~.pfesident of T4I- Rey' ~ somethin6 wroing~~dress 1 t I . really pumped •ceming Into Po- .' nolds Spufts Marketing Enter and stralghtenitout iightqwa y. _____.priseswhlch overseee thely..,,lapologlrsdto~MlchaelWnll-. ':Smokhis Jce's sponsorship onl p{p-ertd theWood~Brolhers for. Spencer'scar. -. .' bumping him at Richmond.hti- -When Iceme;here last year, ,; chael then took me out tn the , ~the'car wa4 awful..So I told T,_. Busch race at Bristol, but came ~Wayne~thqt it'was a bunch of' up to me later and sald he was ~junk," Spencer eeid. "He told me '.aorry-That meentalotto me: "' 1' to prove It to hlm/He told me to -. "For Felix to say what he said t. dr1Ye extra patient and to stay was totally out of line, lf you ask I~ out-of conflicts'so'he could see the other; competitors, Ithiqk~ w that the car wasn't pertbrming. they'll teR you Neyre eeeing a ~ 1 It's'work¢dtothebenefltofbaih diHerentJiromySpencer.".- ~ ~ I'ofua =:. ~ ., .. So - much for T4".hkclte.! ~ Te+sm uxner:.Travls. Carter ment" ~:
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Hickary, NC Record Hlakory MdAna Thurtday 022,987 JUN 13, 1996 N3618 Lf/L~k T/®®PRESSCLIPPINGS efter ,Jimmy Spender:certainlyhasnot cracksaeted as co bgen "Mr. Excitement" this season. and said, "Gentlem pctual,ly 1!e s lieQn more like "Mr Spencer, start your e Forgotten Last week, 'tear .Last,weeY~atDOsvel.aSiKth-place Who_se.artv s best of the reCen y ran afoul'of ~ ftnish was SpencQr , seasop „and onll ~his second top 10 in ficlals during a race 1996: But it;s •all part-of Spencer e, Spencer, saying he mastei:plan thing oT an,ybody nd ma`rshals' ~. n'and Junmy ~lnes " oknet• Feli ~ k ~EK~Ie Petty . 41nsAn CuDrof-'~: ;taok a thot at :' :ould hit any t and` NASCAR ,-~ We've had a,goQd 1`ast couple of wouldn t go after tilm19`, r s r N r - ' i t m glaA you bro ght lhat, up w " satd Speneer a rough and ~ ~ y, , , A~ a,a ~IMMY SP~jVCE~t tP t~nble 'ea competrtor ~sho ua,'rned'lus $pence saldr s tte~tV "T ~ Wa'ne - potimistle After Selret Wfr : nickname• years ago' on Lhe • short. ltobertson; the head t sports mari -~'~ ' ~ - - - - tracks of' the `Northeast. "`All the keting here at Camel, ad a lohg talk- adiffererit Jimmy petrtoes, th@y, would say; that you see Speneer." hard work`' finally paid off in The last ' year . about so e' stuff that Winston Select Open (an all-star Jimmy Spencer needs o do. That different Spencer may not be race that he wbn last month). am beitig extra tient and tak-; quite as exciting,and. hell bent: for . "It Was a pretty neat deal because fng my time when I' ' around other sheet metal as the o1d,Jrmmy. ~,~ ,. the guys had, beein working'.really- car6 td make sur'h t a~'don t get rn ``°I'm gbing tA do thebest I can ; he hard the last two years for me, and aiiy dofitlicts: Ahd, iE u look back, '. seid I'~is'going to drive as harfl es X,'' i s based oq ' canandgiqe,lo8percent Tbats'alll~ u+ rt~ finally eame%to' a' head at 1~ASCAR makes disc r Chaclo.tte It <ivas r a' n n-pbmts what happeriS tt d d.~' 4 can give;Ehe team, And I expect the ~ race, bpt it t6as still a wfn,",'~ ~' If NASCAF fF uAd that ~l was ~me 44toT my team ~~;: ~, Spencer, who drives the vnnecessarilyl I ' o'suriebqdy, or ' I ll stick up for t6ein notnatter N Joe's Thunderbird for Travis Carter, maybe ErniE r u t or Dale what If they do wrong, that's part of 1;, m Is 19th in the Winston Cup points and Earnhardt wa tl111 assess a; racing'and we won't let Jt hn~pen'~ , w 11 ,hasn't been gettin"g muth ;respect, penalty based on whe It was just agaln 'BUt that's }iow yoti bul1{l,a t m despite two serles"vlctOries. ' racmg or it could liav een avorded good race team; and we are butidlHg' '-" Recently, befoce a race at North or w hatever," Spence dded& a gr gatYace team right now , li(ilkesboro, tw.o ` Charlotte ; radlo "I ttiink'. eltx,. vas taily out of , Spencer's team is in the process of~ peFSOnaiities known tOr thetr•wtse Ilineyb~arice, r€~ou thg+om- 'buitdrnga new8hop: t.{}
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th~ Yi.. .. . ` rz :..:..~
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Coming, NY leader < Frldar D 18,06T JUN 28. 1996 N4000 aiiii®® PRESSCLfPPlNGS A Car: No. 20 7 ,& Manufacturing Chevrolet l  Birthdate: February 15, 1 1957 Hometown: Berwick, Pa: ~°  Years on BGN series: u, Winston Cup regular N  Notes,f,Spencer regu~rly ' ~ drives the Travis Carter-owned ~ No. 23 n Joe's Ford on 00 the Wins on up series. KnowA N as "Mr. Excltement," he has ii : w repuation for wild, drivfng that has made him unpopular with, some of his cohorts.
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Jxmmy ~ Ifor-some l " By MIKE HARRIS ' NASCAR makes decisions based on AP Motonporla Wrlter what happens that day. I t; ; If NASCAR thougf t thaf°I-~ Ias JimmylaS~nccr lyhhas not ,uMa~essanly'roughonsyntob¢d,~,~ been ~ 13xene ent" ehts scasob + r ,-. r. maybe Fm~e'Irvan or thlo ~nmtiiQt Acfually hC s b6en more lrke <,., , ryA ,:. ,, Fo dtten' ; o wasNthey will assess a pen~liy;based ~ on I;ast wak,et Dover, whether it was lust rAc,iqg o5 it a suth-Place, ., c`ould have been~avoided or, w4atev-' finish ~was Spenar's best of the sea .. , : . . }. . u"~Spencer added "I 'think;Feliz . son and only,his second top 10 m. ,,.'; , .' 1996 But it's all part of, Spenecr s° , 19w totally out of line because, rfypu masterplan, ask~all the coinpenlors, thoy;wo"~ild _"We se had a~good lAst iao~u~~le o~ ~~say, ~hat you seq a ddferent Jrmmy,:. weeks satd~Sp~n~a& .ro~l~ra°d ~~§Pencer a,~ ~ r ~` ~ a; tumb]e contpFlitor svho4oratned } ts .-•• Ibat dtflerent Spencer Ina'y not be . nickname"~C'~ a~go ~n',. f~ qui~'ats ezclt{fi~'ap~ hb I lient for ~, r ~,r . r3 vuu ~ tb~ . hecks of t}~~~east~"N~l ltand sheu melal as the old Jtmm ' work 5nally peid off !d Iht, W nston {,; I m going to do ahe best,A,can," , ~elat bpon ~en~~a~ stet rece that he ^he,rcald ,'I,m going tp driv~ es hf~d won lest month). as I can And'give"100 pcrcea~ T1p9i's , ' ' "It'was a tt •neat because Iht'i cxY F~t ~ Spcno'14w~i" °dn4'the ;S>rio .loers'Ihun~»t'd fota~YavisCdtter, -.BSturtlay 08,41Y ' i 19l/ ~df stt in ttex. ins(onp points an .: hasn't been ~tGdg much respect, de-' ~ JUN 15 1996 w `~ spite, victqn~s t o se e at,~7prth .Recentl ~ ~ ~ R N2434 ~~" '~ wdto,per.~ ~ W~kesboM, ;W PRBSS CLIPPfNGS :-suvr our e h e• ` ~.Lasl week, team ownfr,;Felix:; ~, whose drivct, ICyle Petty, R ,:;cenUy ren afoul.,of Win`ston Cup ofli-•°~ c~ga¢ tlurtng~a'race; look ashot at:, S . ~ ,'. rtg hecould hit anytlvn'g'~* l ~ `" ' ~ ' NASC R wou t and dn IG" . - ~ . .,~;,~ ti::•-~:. i+at gtaG you, orougnt tnat up;.;: Sp4gaer said earnostly;'-"-T. Wayne Robertson, the.head,of,liptnts market-., I ing here at Camel, had 'a long talk last year about some stqff;that 7immy. Spencer needs to ~o• Ae' fat•beck as °;Bristoltlast year; I feel like I am dd;" ving as go~d es I c`sn drne. -- ~eit,g ~extra patient and tak-, I am ing my tuitE wtien ~ t11 around othe'r' + c8is'to make'suie, that I don't get in any conflicts.`And, if you Ioqk back ~i
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Naedvlll1, PA Tdbune ..ess carrrfnas Spencer looks to cha~~~his-hazardous :ways this y`ear at Wchmoa~d? _° .:.. , . use a*oDlem theteI bent my ttre - 1~t3"tlie'Qo~w' gotrlnto Mtchael " t ' ~d `~E~itai it= m. was-s,. nacngnc ` have bee~prcvented on my L i!o~ Mtc'~ael i nas'sacry t~ , _ _ ~*tY m the r,So`tmav1eJthte' nny dl8faait Gom paat .. 1 ae¢tY deny It. yeaw 1clam'K:me if tt eoundsas If racing " xuae of betngt toll lsbouts asti you sti a a safe seppng ~ saced by.Caatel.dgarettes:.etraild carry a dumb.' €htaLaatofMlloelyson.OrAlbertBelle. watntnglabel teadlng: "lt has been deter- "But Ne chsnged. And I~e changed for the _. ,,-ju -the t I would have satd. 71ie he11 mtr~ed that cacing nect to Jlmmy~ csn better." ~- • ~ ~1 r ~: ~a bede:aidoue m your health."--- -- l3mctty hoav h~e ~wlth tt. He undytatar~de' lbat's not theRlg6t ~. '" Ihing to do.4Hc ~pdo~~titi uridastsnd. rye '. We have aeen evldena of the recklese drlv "I'vechanged to a~Yx~. ` t} thaCff ~. that' ~[itlclaed and havh~ v' tOgt}1Bt makEB $pQN7Gw7eCkm~e J. .:n C ymU ~Call't flpla}l, 8`~ttfl!'u~ u~.~y017 ~ '~ , .~•,, ;' We._bave heard teatlmo.qr_from. several need t0 6e aattebed wrlt~t ~ you4e ru- ~~ ~s~ ~ ..e wmng,~l'm gofng to suk.~ N dthera.,,and car oavnera that'the wyrd "as- ning. Instead of talm~ atl place car end "If f d0 yW andiget pa~itined out r,lght thep : phalt'atmply 1s a quick way uf sf5yinga spm-. . trying to wln the'tace and " . eame psob- dress It eerdidit" . k.ms:JusttskelOthplace.- `~ ssoaiefhtngl . and the:eso•Iheyy:unda`at~nd where;im, eo ~ .. Now itiaf blr. Spencer's turn to defend him- didn't do m the paat,. ~,r•,~ F. r. .c ~ defended What fiurtlme In the pasthvas 1,.. sd(, ':, . . . . . . IfedPmdtlWigasgoodt"s~elcandrNeabt . . mY°dJ. 9'm glad youVe brought ttifs up." Spencer being extra patient in the ~. [m taking my '."tm driving a lot better. But 1'm still being sald.'t wanted to bring tt up myself." tlme when I'm around other rars to make c[Itldzed for thln~ I d1d in the past I have ~f - Well, that Is what we're here for. This Is sureIdonYgetmanyeonflteta." .-., defend myaelf becavae nobody else Is ywtday fathecourtofpubllcopinion. . , . Iethptwpy.Youaeqt.6QchaelWaltripfpto-toddrndme , . _. .---_-. I
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.:.- . _ -~. tS't01I11PTOVE ; because the'guys had been Camel, had'a long_talk last- can,"hesaid."I'mgo[ng.todrive> '. thelasttwo -. ~egiiab'Outl,V~iueY`stuff tbat -as hard,asI4nAndive 100 . ... , ,_ _ „ . .: workuhgteallyhard: , rr na :P"sm" •S,..r.nv q..a,.ra. narila tn do Ac .=nnrmnL'77iat's'alll`~ ¢ive the t2~'S POTtO~'TTIaI1Ce to a.head at Charlotte. It was farck as,B~sWI last year, I-_ team and I, expect the same out Ba' eHarris '-. . .. a non-points race„but it was ;~fee e T am driving as good ofmyteam-'~` - y ~ ' ' , ' as I ean dnve 111 stlck-up for them no still awm- '` - `tssa~dP'"B° WRrer . . Spencer, who drives the-~ I'ambeing extra patient matter what. If they do wrong, J''S y Spencer certainly has Smokin'Joe's Thunderbird for . and t"lcing.my time when I'm that's part'of racing and we not~n Mr. Excitement" this Travis Carter, is 19th in the -arougd.other cars;tomake wont let it happen agamr But Actually he's been morc W,nstonCup poihts.-and hasn't, sure.~hat I don t get in any that s how you: bulld-a good ~ .. . . .:. - . -~ a ' ` C Ill~ri < A m,tetxneannsvirfiinv~ :NAS AR.?makea'decisions" a 2reaYrace tR ht nUw:y iaak'afTlnvcr a v>th- plqce °v6 e4s~Speucers`best'~ne4s~Speucers`best ': R ~ce tly'Ka~ore`a~rafe at -, based_ n-,wpat ha'p e'ris that ' We're ,n thgt of bmld S ofth ~~ dl55n'f,~7~°sec-North,~'' ,,~,~ b~'~,i~1',. gtvyu:;%'_day' t~~ inganewsfi~~rythupg'f ond t;pp:10:~ ~t(. ktvs aI]'.:Chapltit~eiqfP"e~onaht,s41 If 4R thougti4 thctt'I -is ¢oing,n tlie.'35gI:t°fhreFfapn."' ?~4, part'pf~Jpeneersm8pt-e_rp18n- known for theirwisecraclCs.' was u7fnecessamy rougn-on lcy LaIGnlg us a µLI.e mu[n • ' t Pm ve Iiad a'good last' cou- 'acted'a's"co grandmarshals 'somebody;'or maybe Ernie Ir%'an ' time than we;w like; Du ple oty`aveeks," said Spencer, a' and' s'aid„°,Gentlemen andor D,rgl~' Earnhardt was,.they - gmng to keep do`mg my job,' , rongh`~and tt5mble'competiwr Jimmy'Spencer, start your'' wlll ess a penaltybased on Spenoer adde.d°Insteadof tak- dtr i i g r i lOU la a i " n ° r-p ee car n y ng n o t ng a whe tckname englnes. itwas,lust rac harned'hisl ' " take 10th ave beeniace, I1l he tea~n-oumer Felixx could'-avoided or to wiII t the short tracks Last week go on ,. , ~ , of - ortheast. "~lll the hard-. Sabatea;.whose driver, Kyle wh,a r'."Spen4er added "I.place Thnce are thA things I epast- - ly out of " didn'1.do tn:th work nally`paid off in The•s` petty recently ranafoul of -.[h~Fc hz'way total , , ~ , pght mng t hat , W rn$ Select-0pen (an all- -. Wlnstoq Cup off-1ci use ,f you asKall the~lmmy.is d als dunng a;: hne J'-mycr- katowardhlscarbefweM Ill~at pov~iif ~ ~ Eldon, MU Ceeil Whig Wllminptcn M.t ka lnurmn 0 13,696 JUN 13. 1996 N19462 YF£55~~1~f//~~~~ YF£55 CLIPPINGS UIr~ . L~ qL~rt Jurz 1 ~- bee Z'ror 'F "... i ~ ~ : _ ~ g noeknaGrcgdy star'ce that hew won last=:- race~tnok a`sh"ot:at`Spencer, :, com tsy_theyb+ould'Say that -now, and I t'~ik Jymmy3agpvt ~._ '.J,mmy' . to keep oa doing that becaue,e if start of qualily- saying hecauld hit anything'or - you a:' dlfferenE n ' _ t Sr Ikee doin$that and j y guys It~attt dlbld NASCARld s a p,rey neaea , anyw.y an wounpencep - - - ,. goafterhim. .,. Tha ditterentSpencermay. keep,work;ngextrahaTdlike. "I'm glac~ you brought that not be ite a; exciting and hell ` they have ~been, we can start up," Spencer said:earnestly bent for' heet metal as the old having the consistency we need. `°f. WayneRobertson, the head JmImy: ~. . to become a champ;onship- ' ' I team of spbrts marketing here at "I m3oing to do the best I. .. ~ . . . . ~\ .
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Fdkn. NC X6A1 Tlrudal C6,MC FEB 1, 1999 V44025 lQY1G®reeas ...... ca " COMPTON GOES WINSTON CUP : t',y1.~ : FORD TOP GUN AT DAYTONA . Sucy Conqlan, a veleran oanpal9ner b NASCARt Wlneton Raclnp Mn+P Ne bellyuhlnp, Ford hu posNd the 1 elut speed of a6. , Seriee for rhe past eight seaeana b 9eInP Winston Cup nclnp makei durkqDn+Oann 1eMlnp at DaybN. . '. . 9le alwaye been a dreem ol mine' uM Ine 28y.arald Hun naWa Jemry MayMld, drNlnp the RCA FoTd ThundeA d o ned by Cele ~ 'Since I alerted recln2 9o-kane el e9e atv IYe aNnya wanled to M f Ynborouyh Mobqpor4, Poeled r qultk: hP of 188.%2 mph to ed9e ; raoeC " ChaITaMYs Terry L.bome s by .708 mph and leed a perade el 44 dalw ; Compron and his business paMerpriend, Dun Monroei en suoc4 'an 1MMI IaGd Me2.5-Mle speedway during wlnler tesllnD. ale aponear (Monroe Enterprises) of hls Lab Modd Stock Cer, have MqIBM wuqubky cPokazed by other Ford tnrrs aflerpos8n91he i purohased ine daWnct A.G: Dillard MoloraDON nam and plan lo run tl fast Iepi` - --'I Mael Iive Winston CW racea in 1996 belon turning Na4 atlention b a - 'I'm Mn Io rvn ae faet.as we can; M11y1lay esplelned.'Wq eame . lull uhedula in 1997. hey to bPt andiq see what wa have. I lhlnk we-0ave a.9ood race uri; ~ 'If we tlonY ex<eed the limh ol live raoee Nle year, we'II nn fa roak- and-have a byMmen ehol et th( poN.' ' [ ' Compton eek, 'BuI I witl not swdlbe a caner to Top 0 fnal Wlnalon OJp currulNNe te.l apeada: ' is honon nea year , run /or the rcokb IA4.' - Jenrrry Maylleld,698'Ford, 168.9'/2 nph Conplon was an record to mn the SuperTmck schedule this yur' Teny Labome, 05 Chevrolet. 189.166 with John Reddinp, bul hIs Vuck expoeun opened other doors (orIM . Ken Schradu, A25 ChwrokL 188.UP8 Iwu lo punue. ' MbhaN Wabrp, #21 Ford. 187.698 . 'Dean wemed to help lurlher my career. When we got Inla 1he cat 6laArlp Mu7n, 14 Chwrol.p 1BF.987 ol vuck recinp we alarted looking at Ihe Buath Sedae anE other Ihklqe. Jell Pun4, 944 Chevrolet, 1U.367.: Then the Dlllard Idea aurlacee md we heve Me.lum Neva M rrty w71'. JeK GoMOq 924 Chevrolek 157d9t deal dream did I expecl anylhln9lke Wa.' ' .. Rabert P.eulq'-03 CMVrnML 107.137 Carrpron said his departure Irom the Reddln2laem was cordial and_ ~Mark Mu11o,1EaFartl,'186.978 Ihey parled u frienda.' In hct, I may run some pyok recae 6 John an ;DaWEMMrdI, 69 Chevrobi 188.081' : put somelhiny together. r. - Dah'Arre6, t8B Fard; 1867U 'Ow the moet urpornnt thing now le to yel a8 the can nd :qulp ' JoNVy 98Q Pardko 186655 .. menr, ou10l Cbarbdadle, Hverdary wlut wa hwe+lltl 911 tM ahop'uy~ 4~9ad6oi~1110.516 . end runnln9 We are looking afuvanl-veu (LyndS6r9. Ahavlele and ~-i6s ek, 187 ChaWdd, 185476 - . omekW.hrb.9f7 Chevrolei 186.418 Denville) es a nome' I .' Tne Invenlory Includu nlne CMvrolel MonllGtla- a lpeedway. Amn/ Spancu,623 Fcrq 166.397 enJ roedtoune car, a snow car, plJe slx olhu ahontrack/nlernvdlMa. Oava March, 171 ChuroAt 185.160 ~, track cers end tons al Ibebrale equbmenl. "-' Gaon Bodlna, i17 Ford, 188147 „, former or preeent lab 3ped, 09 feN, 186047 . Conplon ea E a velereo W nsun Q,y crew cMtl , , was e team pr or ly 'We heva a bunch d 9oad help, Whel wa need sWily DsBenbath, e15 Ford 185.989 ' . a laader e good Wmslon Cup crew ehlel tMl cu DuMe ua and get ua t0lher speede Include Bobby Harcl bn; 913 PouOac -185.307; Je6 ~ m Iha Ireck ready to nce. Tlnhf~ muel. We w ulk with waral abcN BuAOn 999 FoM, 185.298; Ru11y Welqa, ePFO tl 184.983; Blll Etlion, Ihe job bul we havenl mede anMdecNbns' •` 994 FoN 18<907; Hk:ky Rudd, 918 Fad.dB<9o1 (Ile) Bobby La The teem may or may nolliald e Late Model Slook C.r INs year,'1 Eorte $16 Che oIN. 18A8i end W.N Buncn, 922 Panlnc, 184.143i doul wanl lo Ne up eest Yme. tl wii probably be May bMqre wa an .'. WILLIS TO RUN ALL PRO "' rudy lo go WQmnon Cup, We may decided to mn a lew uleobd L.la La1e Maldei StCek Car ownu Gaoy FtlMn hn pumhaaed a Chertdel Model racea bm I donY want to do anything that rdl IeopeNlse our MmU Cub 1rom. AIWta-0aaid A6 Pro leim eIM Plans to run a irnt- . Wlnslon Cup deel' 'ed nurrbr of NASCAR Sl:n Jim Ap Pro 9nQ,yoplEb Cup evenl• In In epN years of LMs Model Siock Cercmp elllbn, CarPlan wM 1006 wflh Dmn 1Wke Mrdlln~ IM drNln9 ohau ' nermally run about 23 noee a etaeoh Ms lucked avny 45 w7ne and i We enj n1.IXe beltef bul8 A1 Pro cars around and we pW to run haa been vlcloroux on alLlratW iMt M'e read on with the eycaplbn Sey.qry „+Me FII Prp'aid Hoobr'e Ctp iacea this yaer; eaM WYW of MaNnsmlle wblM dlnnln9 ovue ch9Md 91an cf k:e laa at Zlp9ya In SwN Boaton 'Tnal'a a touphb,' M saM.'We mey Nu hwe to run NM ane M Bw,'qNyml4,rNre11s611 run the Lue Model Stock Car. How many raas f sprep and see d wr ean win the shln9'.. .. va91 run Mlh Ne All Pro wr I nelN don't bow' THE SYSTEM CHANGE6 ' ~`1hBSd toMrq o6 e strong pedorrrance at South Boston Speedwxy 1 Tne 1996 NASCAR Winston Recln9 Suiee W tl Aava e new face ol• latl yeu; iNNhetl a abee exond k ENotl Ssdler In Ne trak pahb I lernq a dMerennw,n In Its corryallmn IndexlMt will piue greater enm onerrplonahly' . . e Both the AL Pro deal and the be tea wae quMe eurprYe Bul whatY Phasu on track abndin9. w1lAihrtirea,Dnrqr/. The series lineup in 1996 wNl IncNda 100 Vacka whh 101ncks 2ee. f. .. , 9rephktlly pleced In sah rplon. ' '=i ^I SMITH BUYS BRI6,TOC~ The leaders o/ the Indivldual Vuk point aludhp at the antl of the gMm~3nilh hei Nruck aDJnl sezson (Sepnmber 8) w41 meke up tne top 10 In each nabn, x91h IM gpAhintl SMI91 Imemalbnel Aeceway founder Lvry Cenlei final. regional champion delerninetl by the ume Mdex u wad In the mlim/ gudSnapnMneet Ieel wnek that 9Nee Sm6h Irnnedlele ownership d el ohamplcnshlp. Tc be eII91We fnr e rs9ional chanplonahip', a drNer Mtl; .ft,~mM f.cNly ene d laur tncke wvAer IMn nmmb mMll have to race a minimvm ol 20 wmte el one baW 6 a dMU Inde the . on Ne NASCAR.y(nelon Cup echetlule, ' .. ,: . J ' . poml aund'm9s el two tnEka the hiyhen polm mlal witl be u0bed In . 9rtl@ ~Ia9 owns CMdoMe Motor Speedway, Atlenle Molcr Speed- the competition Index by NASCAd allowln9 me ucondhpleoe ddver al wyy and the new aupenpeedway In the DYLYFarI Wonh area. He also the other Ir¢k to becare efyi la Inr the tap 18 Mmdlnpa In the n91on. awne bo percent d North WJkeeboro Speedway and 24.964 percent,d The nalianel ChalrtJlall WIII be deerMned by a tUnperlsan of the North GroMS MMOr SpeWw'ay. - '' re9lanal champbne uun9 a Ihnevulabb to6peBlon Intlu. The vu4. Hewwep unOks the Nortn Wllkesboro facEky SrNlh tue nc plans toebles Indude Mnnlnp percenla9e, peranle9e ol poeeible races cornpu-nlove dates.-'We have abulunly.VnequNaulhy no Olem tc move a ad In end me wel9hletl average ol entrbe el sach track conpared to , grylpt,pyCup dals from Brbbl.' .' . .'. .:. olhe rracks in Ihal replon. .--NouOrq pke Yne npcrled. btt Canbr Wmed down a $21 mllun Now, 1figure ell tMl oul and you are the national oMrnplcn -- by d. o~gfor tln epeeqwyy laur ye.re. o. - ...IuA . .i~{•., ce«'-. .~a~ MWaekZo meke'C'EepoeR ~ BHORT CHU~S Ihel buk wlll Ib. . nlni heavly,' SMIh loked J y Hens ey maEe b orlki.l latl week when he elpned e cneNeer .:, .. . r .~'.desllodriveaGrlerLeckey,ovmedDCd9elruckln)heNASCABSupep TRIADRACINOEXPG~Truck Sarne lor the 19GC'seaaon. ''The bwnd'ennual Trl.d RetinyE~p , whbh bendlle the ~M~A Veleren Dodpe en9 neLUtldar Joey Ardn9lon ol MeNruvjile wlll eLPh Wish Found.tbn, Y ach9dubd 1orlhe FdreMM Convrun9y Ca eTr 6a1- PM the en9lnes. ~ ' vrdayind SurAaY In Budlnpcn, N.C. - . -~.  FlniehLlne Racing School will provWa cleseea on ehoninck ddw 71u,eveM_wlp fealun nce un'oI iV lypes, Including Daq Eam.in9 during Ne momhe or June Ihreuph August at M.Nnaville Speedwiy. . Mrtlfs.GoodwTeech Chevrolel, Rbhud Pe6Qa STP Pontiac. Jimrty~' The aoho0l ollera mid-weak race cleaies lor serlow fue cu @wan Speaos/a /Bmokh' Joe' Ford Thunderblyd, Bn 'Snwkin' Joe' RacinD thal Includes driver tninin9 end chaseie set up. ,:': .- ' Slm'olalar, aru sPebwry dbphya,.C011eelible and.Rwns Trede Shew Race cera oaed in the classes Include Lele:Modeb,,open+sheel deaqn; and apeWl 9ueeU,' Mod6ieds. Sponsmen and SuparTrucW. - . In adLkbo; Mlke McLauphlln.Dernb SNUt Kwln L.Pa9e, JoMny . Call l(800) WINPACE lor furl er inlormallon. Rundey aly.Tap iuel MaWryycleMu Lerry'fheSpldnnun' McBride,  John Kernen, an ESPN N CAR, ph npoMr and motmsyoN wql nMka penaNl appeanncee duAn9 Ne two•dsy evenl ' eommenutor, wfll hoal a weekda verelon d RPM 2NI9M on ESPNS An alielbq feelurin9 eMetrnelCl from IM eae ol EuMardl, Spen~ when It debms an Wednesday, February 7. .'' cx, JNI Gbrdon. Mike W.Ilep, Ken Schtader and olhers, wlll aleo uke The haM-hour program wfY be alred Monday through FrMay.9enersily plus. ... al1 bm ET. ... . .~ .:NOTEBOOK>...~ . . ' . ...  Ernie W en Ia the reclplent d Ne 1985 Mucwell Houu Molonpod " jell Gordon waa hanured at Na recent NMPA banquet In W4,.nan- Spirit Award lor the aecond Ilme, aaeplin9 Ibe award recently during , galem ie the 1095 RkNrd Petty Ddver ol Ne Ydr, pruenletl enovaly IM NMPA ewarda benquel In Wlneton-Selerrt NC. ... . 'My oomeback was en accorrplishmenk' wld Imn. 'I'm not iMally by Qre Natlonat MabnporbDiae Auoc4lbn W IMJap NASCAR Wln ' sbn Qy'ddvec ,. . '' . 'ululied wdh lusl coming beck I wae In the hunt lor IM aMmplonshp- 0 Calwun adla DMd Lei Murphy .nd MGMshvllle will aponwr belora rry, eccWenl, end I Intend to M in Ule Mnt for ihe eNmpbnaha; yyan Nawr Mdlorporl% md dMU Joe RNlmsn :N IM FaMusry,] BW' epanf ,' __ . .. D.y1ana6W :. .:... ...i ~....: .  Canadian Randy McDonald has ennounced his entry Inlo WNaton.,. y AneMUwe al auW'racea durirr2 Ne.1995 season rosYneqAy {. Cup oompoulion, dnvin9 e lull seeson thls ynr with spanaonMp pri pated mr,1991u aome 14,B73,T051aa walched 13 proleubMled by Hanea Adivawear and DlamoM Ab, a country muNd9roup. . ru41p'iedes monilersd by Ooady.ar-Tue 6'Rubber Corrpany,.ar(Bi McDonald'eA78 Ford ThunderMrds Ie owned by a group headed by; cnaw u1688,798 apacOlora. Jim Wilson. He'II pursue nokie hnnnn. , M Tpbuca rney be In trnubi bN no181i NASCM Wnston Crp Se '.  And veieren ARCA driver Bob SchetM ind hto Bell have : . rNa oo4A,lund dpm}iond by RJrR.yndda Tobep<a Co. lezmed and wlll mur 2P25 WinaloA Cup racas Blle'yar drMn9 Fad -_ Thr edmparyhu announeed a E500,1)D0locnaee wer kel'year'e ~. Tnuntlelbirdss talal-lne cMrryinn'R earnlnpa from $1.3 mYlbn to 61,6 and E318,898 Scnachl sald InN teem mey.run Ihe emire 31-nn tchedub_ In ,Mnnon _-._„_ __ CupU.d.rBqnu.,momy peM.ML10,000unHrolihs,31,, r BENSON WILL RUN IROC 9ERIE9- nep on.9if1dM9UM: .. ~" ' B,nch Series champbn Johnny genson he. accepled an Invilelion lo ' TM 6awa Will be ptld tech tima the nce yMner udre sl Me top d! N 1M slrW"poInl sdndX9s. ~ compete in ine Inlernstlonal Race al Charmbne (IiNCI eadee.  iM PrmTeeh Molonpona team d drNn ToEd Btline has nliab I! Banson b the lirsl 9usch Barles lelul ta be Fvind W comyete In Ihe adly Ypr~ed v111h Ccll ManulaMnM9 Carrpsny for the 1996 NASCAR li m 6760 UW ui u. ' Buech Sedee ChMUM u the aaponle eponwc Benson /olne IROC aod Wirulon Cup aMmpkuv Rusty Wallace and ,,., a Md M.'npoMd IM1aI q iy, a RMFmond~paaed tleclronb'. ~ Terry Lebome, plus SDrim'Cer ace Steve K'/neer Io a 4et IMI already ,y~ali oullq cqnpany. IMriW' a epcnuci of the No. B' "Ircluds'de0 Gordon: Dab-EamrurdL glodin9M.Abantl Mlrk Mamm1SLVaMBroNenMul Slrbklln 1996 Ylnnon.CUp etlone. Kentlall 0,1 Toe FOIh editon ol 1he aerlea opans Fe4ruary 16 at Daylona Intemr Companr, 6 already in plece aa an aeodete eponann . Ilonal Speedway.
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Abnra, NC ENaUfRER-JOURNAt ChuloM.-6ade nie -flaok H nf Md bn Thuraday D 13,t13 JUN 13, 1996 P3636 =®rsess Ctrrrrnos From The ~lasociated Pre~~ ~ • ~ ~ ~ .'v ` A ~*~~azd was~ $ 78'. Jimmy r''er~arnly { ~~~ i al "6ased o w4e er it was season Escitement'$ r like Mr.;F otteo. ~~ ~~t ~•- ~atmg or it codld 68va'~'een Actuall he'g been e s~ , yr Qyojded "or whatever' Spencer " Qrg y KSCI'!af~r' .QIN$ ~0a4 t'` .+R~'. . al 4 Last week at? Y Rerentl b rera,race at : added ,4,thuik Fewas tofslly Dover, a sitth ~ s North'tYYjfkea ChaNotte ut of line because if ymt ask all ~ the comQetitors thep'would say placefinishwaa $radlo.;peregaa ~s known for - ~at you'see a different Jimmy Spencer's best'. bel3 ' is ¢~ra acted as co s~ncer of the season ~an~~ar~h~13 ~ard "GenUe ° T'patdifferent~Spencer,mapnot ;and only hiq' be"quf~e as eiicitiug aud hell bent aecond top lo in sheet metal as the old Jiramy. .' r 1999._But it's' , ~1~!ere''~d i, 'm gold8 to do th~ ~rest I ca = all,•part, of vfrti,SylePdty ~~r6~ e as 1 Spencer g mas °Ia~ ~F d as~ can and ve 100 ter plan. ., r.. °t'aS{IC race tcokasiwt ~ ~ "We've had a ~ar ;" kdt~Bpen~ sa g pe owld bit Lx ceqt Tbat's a11 r I can give the s` te~m and I ezpect ibe same out of ood , last cou le of'weeksc said ~"+~ _. ai' y and NASCAR. ~cet; a rougb•and-tumb7e cocn awoulEnl him ` ' , '•airnt -•,team. A, „.,.• for•them no matter petitor who earned hts nicknarne I'm' glad htoagkt that uF I71 stick up B,they. 66 wrong, tTlat's part. years ago un'the short tracks of ~Spencersaid " pt"T• Wayne"~ ~ the Northeast. "All the hard w_oikRq,bertson - tiea ;""' a o(~~"g ~"w, ~1~et it haP ,'. peairagafn t,Buis hoiv you 11 finally paid off 1n The f Vinabn Se mark'et6tg' b af ;ka A a t att,team 'and we . iect Open (an all stai race that he~ ~iong "taik °1as esr"116~itr - mldu~g a great race team :•won last month) » t~7s atuf(~hat J Spey"F~i n;. rlgs Lt now PLe's, e.tn the,process of .; "It aas a pcetty neat deal tie rK do,As far ha ;as i,'last,q h,uildm a n8w qhbp and v cause theguya had been workirig;'4,' yeaF;'I feel li~ll am~drs)v~'ng ad ttting gs going in: t6e right '" really hard the last two yeara fat good as I caa~Irive ~~k tioa .• i. !q n me, and it finallq came to a head I-am being,eztra pafienk and ; , at Charlotte. •:. It was a non-points taking my time,when J'm around u'°It's taking` us a little more ~ race, but It was still a win." other cars to"`make sure that.l . time,thaa we would like, buWI'm rn Spencer, who drives the Smokin , don't get in ariy:, conflicts. And if going to kEep doing my Job " S~en- Joe's Thunderbird for'fravis Car ,: yop ,look back,NASCAR makes ceradded, "Instead of taking a' i00,, ter, is 19th in;tEe.Winston Cup - decisions based on what happens ~ loth-place car:arid tryiog to,win? U points and hasn't been getting that,day '` '~ ,..; the'race,)I'll:tske-,l9th• liCe :., r much respect, despite two series ';',"If NASCAA •thought that I'was 'fhosa are`'the tldngs'I didpir't dE ]n-{ e i n e otl n ` n c v ctories• • .... u ssarlly r gh o somehody, tFie past. . ;.y , .. .
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lodt for $vm , driver to make aeme moo :i6aLew~Pa tocketllke the'85 Monte~te~ ". R IR-- ` ~ Tn :Fhet * yt: wi •' ~Ea&~ $llebeihitig )1.' ~.givm newe tm n and hepaper hae . new ~oo ' erew e6ief to go with his new. JtintieG No matter how ' eal6IDtttel ba,is it'a up fo t6e,-nr the retooled Pmtau to .., .,. k aothea.ns„ OYD•Y,fM~ tYCI18DDOtW -.. ap t¢ e:pegtatiaa ted6ig. Bpt who nmra7 . uae aD kbodekof weird teatjng to attraet A ~ I~ thae ! 3) So does Rirbard Petty wm an election before his car ;wiro a raa? , . No• Bahby.HemBton is a 1 driver and if NASCAR ZrPmtlsc to fiddle with' , fhe rnled aod g2f rn~'pe&bve ~ ~9am7tam will take the '.BunBiar STP car into the . 4) Spealring of eupvatan . what aboutthefWing ~,!GLI ER L~ su ofthe Rue . _WallaceendBill Are ~ . they ever going to rblTlmge ~° ~~~° ~~ `tn t~e 1996 ~mqelyfimabtng in the Top s l~ ~ : ~ ~,a •:. Wallaee ie a eonten(1ee GLIEB, from Pate 16 In a word, , FJliott is a Pretender. Te eaa slaooll wsy' it's aot a Qam ca se after Walbue simply ha morb g~ P mor¢.; Whm he 1991.~inrmmet~ the 1995 seaso gusto and raouma with hia thetitle iau ., team thaa Elliott Wallace's . . P North,Wilkabo, aaeoahmgee on how much to 12th in 1992. If Gordon . Phoenu .He fm doem' Ao as war well.this aaaeoa ~Atlmta andhe .. . kFoid3id on the ' ,t. youL~gh !blame it on the faet ' tQ Thunderbird in fbe off ',.:.l rshed gecoad. . ~.Y$jj . ' ,.:. uaon. ..~,.~: q, . ti crow r]def Be Evernham ia now .. :~yhm' they hanR ~ ~~ ~°~~ two of the fiag it make some;- ' Ell ou meanwhile, Daytom elieked with team or enr aince ~~ Rick e teama. going to know ` the 1992 season when he ` i 7) What about the Headnck - aid Irvan.'I 'D01$e RgSI~ 'fShddtAlteams? They arenow the d~: Wh useseeconom '..-..g)o _ Kulieki• Elliott nant force in the eporl. 1Vhat' . by 30poinG.e ~gd I ne timq W$reton C~the has Cmiehed w ei¢hthe tenth np for 19967 ~ Kyle Petty ea7 eaa~on gand we 6gine ypu 5,md ~ th the7eat three Seveiel -thmgs are up. For one form or owner;F B¢a!~Hare ~ . th mg TexryLebone t ie ®oolnng utl th hn e )~'u tenswere,..,~ ¢) So whoh to 6e ~~the tnck m tahng,pt DayOme- y~ He el go o ,,~ . ~Je~'f3doa broke kre of the Y~e~ mr hat bePt among the 6N. b$~!~.a ~ or ,~ sea" and ~o~u nme to fhe nghk plaee pet m Eeatmg m Jannary: ~ to m ' .3he,•1896 ae6iP tf ,t ffthe mewe=• Johmy .,~ Keep au eye ~ Ken 3¢hreder at Hmd~ Ji a.It'elustegueee, . too. liendrick eaid,ISchrader'e-maetloathie= oqtba r;. '~~X it's more than"a gueas team will have anyreaouroe nec- ° Joa last yeer . .. qatthera, orie_ of malting eoma-Lmair I.The only full-time rookie in aeary to' win thu season, m'breek~n~ some udmgHeodri whuh-~be' WinatoaCupin1996ts...dcmo!ms,ttertbesecon, ~ive.yg~ra. Irke it m voR ;~ Johnny ~n~ag.e volv' m~vol v'~m g~mg , . ~k!~- °~?nt~°~'~m '" ~ not m firm fi ~- ~~i dnvere~7 -twq~~H them~J~<: ~Fpnlyhadluck~ea~ (DNmP~~ fram inmiag a=a Cpp ig heD alr t' .- DBVey AlluLri„wun ~ca esp rookie;in 1987, lat time a firet-yei4 ~var has won a race.. ~aod luck.l;d .-;y: V:,b)WhatFlypewiBwBbe , 1 agam. In the &at. 01.1 qyat Dp+6onarole0 ere Pmtiac md Cmevt. b hom ~ ~forthe ~ 'ti8~meet®a testing me.ne ' little, sometimes it an be revealtog. The Bebati; Bem Team,hea said the PEmtiae 1.~beasaodatheMonte Carta.'nm'tkelieva " 6) What about a repeat : Gordon? r4A'gaod'chance•Tha~` ~. ~ E.rnbaidt has p~aovemd, guod 'rece cars can etay dominant from one eeaem to the nezt• See GIdE$ Page 17 wionva airde. ' FEB 12, 1996 ~ N3068 Ii~lWafa /a69S CLfIlLNG9 And, by the son Robert Preisley if Pressley komeback any- does oot uce- Rturned late in 10) 0 tlme to peer into the ('Irvan led at crystal ball. Who's standing up i•.end he led at at the postrsason bash in New ed seventh in York with the widestt smile? have fin- (Theyhe all smiling in New York '- . beeause everyme makes money ... _. , .~. the grem ,inthiaaport). . ._ it day they're I like Gordon. Yeah, I know,- 'back, fully," it'ea reach. He beat.Earnhardt wait." last year when Eernhardt had to have a c-an ahore average year. The No. r4-'~ .•3 car sizzled the last half of the he"ha to ~per`A °~0a end there wae conetent ix Sabatea wiV, team But they etill woa the t donY believe ehampiom6~p ~.:-... -. .-:. . att, '~,E`8t:r ~, The`only, thmg tlut could hold ave to win a Gordon bact ie d Itut Hendrick varab)e light devofee' overwhelmmg re¢oatra y Speacer al to rescue Keu Sehrader who has vntq Smokm had some miaerable la the laet uae he was rouple of yeara -. can. He Bm G.ordon wina,followed by but hes Earnhardt Sterling Marlin, Mafk.;Merhn,?Rusty' Wallace, .~ gehFhder' and;'3et'e thYOw~ in a~.. fIn ry,)BAY %I~H 4 4smotolsporfa ,7}uck`'` 'eliempwp"~""'_ ,i~'o'"dnpe"$erry wnter~foF.1¢4aefPNatd3erv Gant'a' old ¢ar:iPedee will jeth we. . Y
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BATEA N6CIN0 PNOTO NEWB iyneufe, NY WtfKll Bg,00A ', JUN 7. 1998 f138925 ~/~/J~/~ L:rW Wir/rRBSS CLrr1lNGS Gater Exclusive Photos of Winston Cup Racing at Dover Downs International Speedway ALLFNOTOSGA7ERE%CLUSIVEBY:JOHNHORNBEROER.Ml1GRI141WDHUNT.DAVIDMOULTNROP,ORFUGMASBRIIACHLCKBRAGDON ' Palesiner Jeff Gordon In the Dupont Chevmlet 24 sekes the high Dsrrell Welorip in the Pens Americe Chevmlet 17 trsvels the high Bobby Hillin in Nc Jasper En side of Bren Bodine (Lowe', 11) during the Miller 500. groove around Bobby Hamilton In thd STP Poncirc 43. around Jimmy Spencer in sh nes Ford 77 tAee the low side to get mokin' Joe9 Ford 23. Neee we see (I-r) Darrell Weloip, GeoH Bodine. Derrike Cope. Rey Evemhnm, Cmw Chief of the winning 24 of )e6Gordon Bles In P¢-race cenmonies we see New York nanve Greg Secks end BobbyHillinmdToddBodinediscussingrecestruegy. downlhereuspollerunderthewet<hPoleyeoftheWCInspecmr. TennesseenedveDasreliWeltripcheNng. 7WONewYorpdriversomoftheModifiedcuwit..JinunySpeoc'er(13)end7bddBodineinthe94 TWOdmeDeytone7BDwinnerSterlingMeriinintheKodak4rekeadnlowsideuoundTedMusgnve headduwnthefim,cAuieduringtheMelaSWUDoverpowne. ' InB,eFsMIyClunneVPimeenvPosd16. In the garage eree before nca time Michael WtlMp end Bobby Greg Sacks subsHmting far Rabest Presaley Jr. telks with Sseve Chemung, New York native Todd Bodine Is aponing his new cui- Hunillon ulk to Mark Mvtin. Grinom over tire weu in the 500. on while fiBing In for Bill Elion in the McDoneld'r Ford. Pege 40. Gaer Rulog New., ]une 7,19g6
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I 52245 8409 THEVIRGINIAN.PILOT SATURDAY,FEBRUARY 17.1996 C7 Norfolk, VA ViRRINIAN-PILOT NodolA-Nawaad Na.-Namrlen MatMa 1381arEar 0 ,e9.5ee FEB 17, 1996 W ,..,ke . UI18lm Ap: 36 ghea: Concord, N.C. Can HdggMeyers Ford Gemer: Junie Donlavey Crew eNef: Bob Jolmson New for'96: Johnson as trew chiet. 1995 t1iligYlghh: One top-10 finish in 26 starts; finished 34th in points and won $420,006. Carear tsIdlYdlta: Best finish is a fdN ptace in 57 Winston Cup starts.... Brother of Rusty aad Nemy , Wallace, he started racing atage16.:..Wonmore than 300 Midwest short- track races.... Won 1994 Daytona ARCA 200.... Career earnings of about =750,000. Seoadng roperk This team's first goal will be to make more rdces. J46`" E11iott llte; 40 Ures: Blairsville, Ga. Car. McDanald's Ford Ohmer: Charles Hardy Crew chlet: Mike Beam 1449 hlahlleMc Flman 9 (~ Jeff !] BurtOgl Aaa: 28 givea; Sqdh Boston, Va. Gr. Exide Ford Ow.a: Jack Roush Car eAlag: Buddy ParroN 199511d11g41fas Two top-10 fmisha in 29 starts (best was fdlh) to finish . P5548 32c~nd in points. Won $630,770. ®PRESS CLIPPLYGS Caree YgMlg6ta: 1894 -_ Winston Cup rookie of the rear, wiBl ttree top 10 fin- ishes.... Five top lOs in 60 career stertx ... Ward BurENI's younger bio8ier, he began racing go-tarts at age 6. ... Ran first Grand National race in 19g8; eamed irst GN victay at MerOnsviNe in 1990. ... Has four career GN wins. Wnston Cup earnings 6 S1,235,020. Sealtl.g reporC Roush ... ParroN ... what an appmUadly for 01111011. Let them get settled and let's see what they can do in the second haB• 1996 WINSTON CUP SCHEDULE 1 TV Sunday, Daytona Beach, Fla., 12:15 p.m., WTKR 1, Dqtoaa 506 2. Boodwr.BaA 400 Feb. g5, Aocldngham, N.C., 12:30 p.m., TNN 3. Pongla FsdtemaBg 400 March 3, Richmond, 1:15 p.m, ESPN 4. Prrolator 500 March 10, Hampton, Ga., 1 p.m., WVEC
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Oneide, NY Dispatch smom Md Area Frldpr 09,023 JUN 149 1996 N4090 li®®®PRRSS CLfPPlNGS ' ,~,)~'f /{ r Y9~, AUTO RACING .1.Id1~j~lE"~ .Taj CG( 4x• ~ ffidSMOOK-1"0:~`r-i
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~ top 10 finisM OMSt was ~ Icurlh pleW: eldM in . ,, paMs and wfm*o _ ol ' 1996,816. ' Gr.n Mqpdrla: Has I/0 wins In 169 atur uarlt.... Wan WinsOOn I Cup durtipiunsMp n 1988 srith sh ricEOrles.... Wan ', 11 nas and Winstan MR- :~ Ibe h 1985.... Wan Day- ton+ 500 in 1985 ard 1987. Made Wlnslon Cup deWl in 1976; first rkbry unN in 1983.... 1Med mast papupr OrMr 198/- 88 and 1991-95.... Caner :a.minp d moo than $15 m8lion rank U*d aman8 us. xars. ' saMls sV.rC Does EOiuO rcNly want tu nin Net IuAT ~- and Wt up . wiN 8r aCCpnpenyYiB 'pmsum and qrNidy- ' w ia Na MppF wMn he Is? T45t saams to b Br quas- Jtion h am '. 9 •w wa4 . , Mow - MarcN 24, DuDnBtm, S.C., 1 p.m., ESPN I 6'Food ~500 52245 8408 March 31, BristW, Tmn., I p.m., ESPN 7. F9st Mda. 400 April 14, Nath WAYeshom, N.C, 1 p.m., ESPN 6-OeeiV.000. Apni 21, Mnl:nvMN, W, 12:30 p.m., ESPN O.WWtwBd.eS800 Apll28, LNdep, /Ya, nuun, ESPN . 10.SnaMnt300 May S, Somma, CaHI., / p.m., ESPN . 11. Cw4ola 000 May 26, Concord, NC, 5 p.m., T8S 12. MMar 600 . . Juu 2, Darer, Del, 12a0 p.m., TNN 11 WYPYM A..rask 500 lum 16, lmrl PoM, Pa., l p.m, TNN 14. MM.r 400 lune 23, Broukyn, Mitli., l p.m, WFMR 16./qd000 ' July 6, Daylma Baanfi, FIa,11 am., ESPN ' 10,80Ck 50 300luh 1/, l4udon, 11.11, 1 p.m., TNN . '- - 17: MOMr 800 Ady 21. InnB Pnnd, Pa., 1 p.m., T8S 10. OM N.rd 000 ' July 28, LIMOep, Na.,12:15 p.m, WINN 19. [sWOasi 400 Au8.3, Indianapdis,12:15 p.m., WW:C ZD. Bad at 1M ONa /ui. 11, WaOdm GMn, MT, 1:10 p•m, ESPN 21. OM Osadrn~eY 100 . Aug. I& BrooMM, MirJti IZ30 pm, ESPN u. a0W. s00 ~' Nq. 24, Oristd, Term., 730 p.m, ESPN 23. B..tNarn b00 . Sept 1, Darlineloq SC., I p.m., ESPN 24. M80er 400
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WINSiON CUP SCENE Conwrd, NC W[t4tr ,itiN 8. 1996 no,eoo ,. . DavDwnrHenaaiaa~Spend..v~' ~ the~ct couF~lk 0 -DoM,D1t? : y. ., ' ,andDov,eS.G, .. • M, . . he"yca Juii.1 ~,1996~'l•x rofr5.+ "` ' ` ` ' :1~p a ~ T MIGHT NO I' HAVE B6ENON6 . ese, up ' "of the nEBS`t"sp"'~ctiacular races k~t~Dov~r,j coul `ever for Jlminy Spencer;' but the +wel ' driver 'tiicknamed Mr gonna hay~ Exdtement'_scoied hisbest finthe race _ Ish"of the'seasonin the Miller 500 .~"t~e adjusfe_d Winstoti Ctip race at the;one-mile }Te goM"dlg k 2 °~s`a.Gfil '~MJWnoYFn'hTn,`91T.avicPn >>~•Crw~wr hrrrhanrvm EnterpNSesFOrdThunderbirdtoa "get it.exactly,rigltt` qq,Junc,J~9toi sixth-place finish at the "Monster Pocono in the UAW ,fiM;Teatuy~orki MBe,' the 39-year-old Berwick, Pa., . 500., Racing in his native statealwaysirF - " ' ' re ~; even mo stay out of trouble gets Mr. Excitement nativemanageJto ail day and moved to:19th In the excited. -" series standings in the process. . "I think we can go to Pocoiio and~, "We were a little tight all day, and run well," Spencer said: '"With a we couldn't quite get the car just the break here and there; I'think'we're way we needtQ II}" Spencer said. going to be able torua with'the lead-, "But the guys liave been doing a real- ers all day. We'd reallylike'to win, , ly good lob. Donnie (Wingo, erew and I can't think of a pL'tce W(br•e'I'd I chief) built me a couple of great rrrs like to win more than Pocono."4 ®--:~ w a hArs with Mnrten, d JL1. Rsynoldr inhacto fa i Spolba , ., ciarlres aNei fFiiihlriA'~ ' y hls batRnuh 16u swtw,'m a Winttmi Cup A -wavincncHSMna.,,.... . . . ... . .. .~ . ~ ~....-.~ . .. . . . '. ~ . .
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OeW+, TX flqNNINO NEWi mihs-FSe qMh-ArYnpsn K!t Yn it'/rma/ JUN 8, 1996 /~/~~ P5f88 . aYeY~faa!![Llff/Ne! ~ PIT flOTES  It'a about time tor Winston Cup driv- en to atlul sMI811ng rktes Btaw OrMaem N expacted to vacete the No. 29 Cartoon Netwark Cfevy at the and of the see8an. BmM frwn could kavr Ilalart Yata radng even sooner, though he lcunh- placce finish Sunday may haw stabYlaeE mattera. Thars s e.en talk Cu1 Kyle PNtry may part mth bngdme owner Fdlx Bt C.Me to drive a second car lor Pelly Entarprlerm  Students at dle UnNerYry of South Carolkle ve eemirlp college creMl for vblt- Ing local dirt tracks.. Cherbtte Motor Speedway and DarnB Walfrlp's nearby shop. It's parl of the homework /or a speclal ummer coune calkd "Stock Cars and the BouM." a With his vktory In Salturdeys Buach Grand National race at Dowr, RasMy La- JoM cut David Oreen'e kud In the Buxh Grand Natbntl nonts batlb to 87 and meds mara fene at DeIMe-beeed FINA, aponsa ot hq No. 74 Clqrtdel. IYs caeu sl-drese day at FINA every Monday after LeJok wim a rew.  Over at Interrsmte Battery. amplcyeee wera celebrating Bohb/ laEenb's 88h- plece thkh In Sunday's Milka 500 at Oo- ver, which nudged him hpn 12thto nlnth In 1M points race. BrotMr Tary Anlahetl second. The Grand Prlx of Daeo wNl an- ncunce a praeenllnp spaneor eccn. Tickets an onWa lor the weekend of radnp. Aug. 30Sept. 1. The fnaln etlraqbn b IM IMSA Exxon World SpcrM Car Serkn and SCCA's TrensAm Chempbmhq Serbe. ReanveG seats are 855, 355 and S166. Ganarel admhalan la $10 on SeNrday, 814 on SunCay. $20 for both days. Friday m bee wish a donetqn of cenned food to the Dellee Family Shelter.  8 you heva a yen lo treval, tickets for NASCAR'S exhlMtbn race h JepeM1 tta Thunder SpecW 100, ara on seM. too 11's tty 8re1 ot e tfves-yNr sedas, ro be rvn an e 1.4-mYe road cpurse Nw. 24 (a Sunday In Japan. Saturday night in the U.S.) Csll Technical Tours America at (213) 89&0305.  9eh laeMr, tatlror ot 1996 Ind/ 500 cherrpbn BWC/ Lerir. was at tne PPG IndyCar race at the MINnWOee MIN Iest waekend laoking lor a bng-tenn ride ta hb son, who was recupsratklg hom back IniurMS In COloredo. Lazier wIY complete the IRL seepn but wen[s tc rymP to the bipleague a1d)Cers hAHkne. atulkp with the Juy 28 race at Mkhlpan  The Splrlts of Texas topfirl frydro- plalr sst a wa.k*ewd Nteed of 239.34 nph Sunday at Ifw 9ou0mn Oreg Boat Asepcktlon Summer NatbrWa at Fort Worthb MaVie Greek Laka. Kyla Wdm of Houston wae the dNwr. 11MWa Ptram la's PerPormance hlgkas of CMlna bule the engW FACTS OF THE INEE(( It eaems na matter how poorly a pank:- ular make of nr fara In a gNen Wlroton Cup seasan, the race for the Manulacbv- er's CflamplpnsNp ends up feily does Take 1995, wtlen Chavrolet won 21 recea 10 Ford'a.eight and Pontlec's hro. The pdme standings kwked Ike tltis: CheW, 245; Ford, 204; and Pontlac. 140. Horw did that aeppen'I It's the way points are accWmllated. For each race. points are awarded an a 9-6-4 besk. CnN the first car serose ihe Iinish for each menufacturer callects pdnls So even i/ Rick Henndlck's Chevys sweep tlrst, second erd INrd /or example, Ctwvrolet colMcts only nlne polnts toward the manufectureh raca. The secard-hph- nt 8n0hing make (Ford or Pombc, these days) cdkda e1x poli4' the e0wr ge4 four. 0 Charting Uapae the FordChevy squewkln9 in NASCAR the campetlaon between the erkea hss been dMd Mn alnce 1991, with eactl vdrnMp 68 ncae But fl you gc beck to 1972 the surt of Wkeron Cup's modem or4 Chsry holds nearry a 2-to-i ed8e'n vktarlea. Hma's akwk at how they carnpare. ebng with Porekc: Yew Fad CtlevF Pan6 01Mr Neeea 1972 0 to 0 21 31 1973 0 7 0 21 28 1974 0 12 0 18 30 1975 4 6 0 20 30 1976 1 13 0 15 30 1977 0 21 0 9 30 1978 5 10 0 15 30 1979 6 18 0 8 31 1990 3 22 0 8 31 19B1 7 1 1 1 22 31 1982 2 3 0I 25 30 1983 4 16 5! 8 30 1964 4 21 3' 2 30 1995 te 14 0 0 2e 9B8 5 18 2 4 29 1987 11 15 2 1 29 1988 9 9 81 . 4 29 1989 e . 13 . 8 ' 2 29 1990 11 -'-~ 13-^' 3. 2 29 .. 1991 10 11 3 5 29 1992 16 6 3 2 29 1993 10 9 11 0 30 1994 20 11 0 0 31 1998 6 21 2 0 31 1996 4 8 0 0 12' . ToW 1A 300 M 9N 716 To Italy's Aleaaanlro Zampedrl w1Yae epldq are atla Wgh a0w undergoing h6 fiflh operatl0n on hb bgs and feet since aaaMng on the Ilst lap of the IndWapdfs 500 on May 26. Doddiom heve had to ernplrale ifam toa and a portion o12em- pedrl'e Lh root, which wes eeverely WMO ln BD wreck, and are hopelW Ile'1 be able to waR aqsin ,0~- THUMBS 004YIY ' A To tM YWj Reckp Lepwe. for not scheduNp anolMr rw un01 Np. 18. Wnh a0 much at stake ki ee wer whh PPG IrdyCar. why k the IRL e1111ng klM for neerh/ IIrM mmttre7 The 1998 klCy 500 made hdd) lN1M an Inaltm star, but 91" d! oolledh! a11en0orF0e6olt daor- tlar, ynu're got to wOrder who wYl remetr, bar Lazler wMn the IRL gen around to 6691 QUOTABIE °We vaM f/awsrN H Kn IL FKfry Iplaba/an. NelakelAryelllar CM6emm aasf a Aq to etl Kafq. ThaYe tsfp ew trMee M Mb w, 00 The paktf M, r7sa Ierts fe afff an sep yea 6Mwfe B wtlrya M K.' - FMHhu NHM Wircton Funny Car chempion bhrl Foree. who hea won sd INqs IhY yeu. Brlefly .. . Local raur RaltlF Thern is pemng mora support for Fis Mobit-slwnsored Super Gas Cemero. 8lgnetg on as epa+ sore afa Fon Wordr-based Professional FmuNrlB Systenr and parent campany Spay Booth Syslem, with deals IMough 1999, and TNck end TreRer SeMCes.... A 1997 Cstrem 228 w'III be tne pace cer for tlle BrlCkyard 400 on Aug. 3. Last yeer, It wae a maBBeE Chevy pickup buck. ... The Ndy ReeNp League lasls at the new 1.5-mW Las vtpes Mptor Speedeay on Juna 28. The IRL's RW race nf 1995 wiu plM1Wey opM the 1raW on Sept. 15. €;',SPOil16Hf ON... Jimmy 1110411m, drove the No. 23 mGMn' 's Thunderbird to Nctary In IPe WPWon SaleM Open at Cherlotte in May ertl [W511ed suth tl Oover lest Sunday. Spencer has been criticized for rough dMNq In years paal but aeys ae has worked hard to learn restraNt. Hele'6 wlrt he says abcut:  His new atyle "I heve changed to a degree ot learning (Ihal] II you can Bn- w a Imie bit halher BPF/IGER up, you need to. If you crash the car by doing a dumb t1w19 which I won t deny 1've done, then what yaiva got Is a wracked race car and a bunch of guys mad at you because they've got to Ilx Ic"  Nh InhaducBaa at Nanh Wllker ' aW y~ an~~,'~1ram~nGio pwnwn- afll} ,blm Bay: "He meent R to be fun. The way It cenw out. It waa good publlclty, lor me. ,.. A bt ol fars haw w+itten me to Ny they tldn't iNOk Ihat was rpht "  Apalepin: "I did uuse a problem and Nt MIahW WNMip at Nichmand I told Michael l was aarry for lt. Those are the things you haw to take as/e of. In the pmt I would havs pessed it oH, but I kerned harn being crOkWd and havkp Poyere pointed at me, 01 did do sometMng . wrorq I'm going lo addres It. That means a bt to a drlver."  NASCM'e Mw body ruNa: "The FaMS ere atdl not as good as thar need 1o be, bul they have been ndped a lot 1M year. But I think 8(cer owner Rick) Nendrlek w® radng Fads, he'd be wim ning with IMm. His teame are 1ha1 well prepxad; his motor pragram he pit crew le tnall well prepared they could probably win with a Ford or a Ponllflc. Thelr pit Mapa are phenomenel, their dnvers are dokq an excellent job. end ifa because they're working together as a leartt DrWkp lor IU. ReyrloWe, vs. lor- mm apeaaM /1eDeaalAS "It's a whole different seuatvln. I mastly cetered to chil- dren lest year, msking appeerances with Ronald McOonald When I came to drive for Smoldn' Joa's, It was compbtaly oppo- a8a malnly doing appearances w8h peo- ple associated with mini-markets and whoMselers. Ym not slbwed to do any- thing for eUOOH or wltn a lot of lunctior6 that invdva chAdren. I'm not atlowed to sey I want you to use Camel ciperettea "I raatly like to do stuR for kkls. I wish the gorernmEnt would gel off Wr backs. Cur whole program h targeted at adun smakps" ~~i: LOCAL SPOTl16HT AWn May Glmbed onto his first molor- qck at age 4. At 16. he staned compet- kq n motorcrose A law years and broken borwe kter, he hes hs sights on the India- rmpalb 500. Currently fifth In the U.S. Formula Ford 2000 natknaFCtampionsNp polnls stand- Inos, May seems on the rlght track. He got hb @st win of 92 sealon May 25 at Indianapolis Raceway Park. Eeruer this year. he drow his Van plemen Ford to /kashea ot Nrd 5xm and Wurtf. The Formula Ford serles feeds into the Firestone Intly Lights, the Player's Ltd. N Toyota A1Mntk Championship. Indy Rac-i~ Ing League or European Formula I Past ° eluneli IndudeaMyCer racera Jkmny Yar i eer, GraB Meen and Pwl Trary. - to May, 27. was oorn In Gainesvtlle. Texas, ^I end Ihes In UallaA He studied 8nence and e psychdogy at North Te.a€ His next race Y Jurro 15, the usAC Gpen Wleel9how at RkMlprq (Va.) Intametlpul Raceway.
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~KEN SCHRADER , areer ro a e m. '•?1ipa:ao. ~.:..,+ _Graduateofk9dweatahortbacks..' '`1996chmgea:None. 90~MIKEWALLACE 1cWYae: COnCOrd N C.'~~ ' Scading report: Beneon It a hot proa•, :.. .1996 hlghllghta: Ten top-t011nlehee Aqe: 36. d7Csr. Kodiak ChevrolU Monte Cano. . pect, but he must pay hls dues Just Ilke ~. and 14th In pclnts-nb best aeespn , CNea: Concord, N.C. f.fOr+sr.RlckHendrkk:; .~. anycneelse.ThlewillbeeEUllqYqyaer',,:ever.WlnnhlgsUS804,505• ' CarHUly-M1layersFordThunderbirtl. . Ctraw ehlef: Phil Hammer for this team. "' 'Ceren hl9hliqhta: Stlll tooking for his Owner: Junle Donlevey. . +f'(996 ChangN: Hamnler replaces Ken Arot victory after 137 aterta. +. • Stened Crew ehNf: Bob Johnson. tn ~.Jlowee en crew chleh; yq,a .~ . .',' ROBERT PRES$LEY-' ~' w~' late model stocka In the Nashville 1998 changes: New crew chief. n;t(f66 hlqYillghb! No vr~Clorles; but to • . r,,, ... - '~"~;'wwd LedhIstratIlIfinUOn Cup racro -. 1998 hlqNlqhtk One tcp-10 Anhh In +~ Age 38. I hoenAC In 1988 beforo dro n out 28 eters to Mlah 34th In oints, with . 7~qp-1q finishes end.fA68 8861n wln-, PW 9 . P ..~ AehayBb N C Shrted ' 420 $ OOB i • ~+~ , . u, . , „ r . ... f rps. Flnlehad 17U In Poktb Ir, reer hlghllght.: Hae bur vlctorlee In Car Skal Banda ChaWOIaCMonta raqnq GN cers N 1988 and won et ''C.ran hqNlght.: Beat flnlah is a Afh ro ^'<' stlrb. To1NwlnrilnbN d INOro to Rkhltqnd In the fUl + The 1991 Wln•1 ~ plaee In 57 0up starta.. ,. Has won o/i ~• 17.8 mllllon:: ;. Started raUnq In Owner. Leo Jadroon ~=F ~, ston Cup rPOkla of tM yeU. ; • a0out $750,000.... Brother of Rusty '^+ I '_ Craw chlal; Mdy PsVea ' , Soau8n9 r.pnrt Thle taam le ppml and Ke Staned rad U e r ., '~ .nt7871:.: . The 1983 USAC national - 19g8 changes: Patrse reWrqs r aavr ~ ' ~' ~ " ~ ~ I~ylpdnl dr ehamp.... Ran his grst Wln- ~IU on. 81ha new PoMke M a daceM raoe ,, te... . Won mora than 300 Mldwast ~- 6(Qn Cup r.p in 1984... . Rookie ol . 1995 hl hllghla: One top•10 Mhn In car, Hamilton should wln his first race In short-track raoes during the 1970e and ';i~eyaer In 19B6.... Won his 6at Wln- 9 1988. ' _'BOS.... Won the 1994 Daytona ARCA ''eKxt Cup race at TUladega In 199d .., 31 starts.,425. Finished 2gth In polnts and : 71 DAVE . . MARCIS . .. 2(p, . y-''On (he Daytona 500 pole In 1988, . won see6 CBNf hl hll hts: HY 34 Cup etana Scouting report: This 4em's first goal : ,,•. ,. .. g g _ will be to make more rscea. It'a a long clrl~t~ . .HaalqGre0tlNa9pnUUCPorNe... 'W 54. road.,....._.- .$dWOrp report: Schrader It the pU y,iee flret GN tlrhnr to wln In rookk aea• Ms: Avery's Crwk N C t U H k M r- ^- l l ntl l n Ch ' , . . rec on prolec e r c o amet evrolU MaM Cerlo . Car u:4ycitnln t996, 0 tie tloeen'I vnn this son . County wllh a 1989 Speedway. •• victfiry U 0 a Grad+eu of tne ; Ownx: Dave MuNS. - 94, BILL ELLIOTT : y Yeer, he probably wonYvdn again. .. Winston Racing Ssrlee..:. Flret .~ Crew ehlef: Teny Shiney.. Age: 40. . at+A' -"'~n~' Grand National stanwas U ChrtlotU In .1996 changee: None. Looking once .. CWas: Bklrsv/lle, Ga. Z7,ELTONaJ`AWYER .. 18e4, . ., .,. .,, ,agalnforaponeorMlp.:,..-, ' Car.McOonUd'sFard Thunderbird 4,•Agc.38• ..;.. . 9oouting repon: The leernlnq arvn .1998 hl9hllqkb: AlOwugh he had no Ownx: Charles Hardy. . Uva.: Oreeneborc, N.C. was Ueep for Preseley In his rookle. tnp, lq Anlshes, Mards made 28 0131 Crew chief; Mike Beam. ~, Ger, Ford Thunderb4d.; yew. He needs mon top•10 flnknu ,. r~^, Anlehetl 35th m points and won .- 1996 changes: None. pwnen David SIUr. this yeer and ehoukl get them. :. 8337,883. . 1903 hlghllght: No victories and a top '":Q}ow eMeF. Mike NAL' ~'~ Carser highlights: Has Me vlUOnes In ~ finish of fourth plece. Eleven top-10s, l t S rt Wl C h I i i 8 d I i ns ta a n r nnings af a ub.... on up eight po nts end w u(996 ansnqes{ BIUr fakes aver ae. ' '78 „aaner 1 37 JOHN ANDRETTI ` facelq h 1966 tthen dalled Grond $96s1e. 11&q96 hlqhllqhts: Beetflnlsh in 20 starts A9ef 92. :. '` ' National) with his own car... • Has Career highlights: Has 40 victories In '-•;eae 14th p~e• Finished 38th In points ~s: IndknapWle, Intl. ~• : driven for many owners, Inoluding 469 Cup starts.... Won the Winston t610wonS418•490..1 . CarKmanLltdaCmareFordThun'~~RpperPeneke;damostyAeldedNe C.uPtltbin1988wlthalsvk.torbs.... • Cyeer hlghllghts: Made his Winston derblyd. ' own cars, •.. Finished second In points Won 11 racee and the Winston Million Cup depul by quUlying ninth at MaNn• Ow^ar.: Michael KronUUa snd Cad . In 1975 and won three raae In 1976. In 1985.. ,. Won the Daytona 500In 7, ev91e In Apol 1998.... Began raclnp es FIRM' ' ' ScouOnq report: MarGe keeps hang- 1985 antl 1987.... Began Winston Cup ;,: a senlor In high sGaol at lsngley -' . Cmv ehlef: Tlm Brewec Ing on With help from RkhaM Chll- , racing In /976.... First victory vrca In Speedway n.v h4 hemNawn nt Ches- 19g6 chan9ee: None., droee but It a been yeare Und he 1963, ,., MoU popular driver 1984-88 d-apeak . 7996 hlgh9ghta: Won the pole br the should have hung k up• '. , and 1997•95 .. • Total Cup earnings of •a.+1;Wan 82 haMee U r'+'gNy°t?ReCdrdedhh'6ratGrandStlurth.m600.ndhadflWtepr,l0nro - , ;. .• . . more lhab8t6mAllonr.nketnird h'M l tr dw d'W63'1'B U K :' '~ -' ' 9o n on Fl t ttn •S:raceo. e es SHEPHERD MORGAN . AonalvlctoryatMyrtieBeachmamong '.j~ . , - ., 6593•542.. -p~~ , Scuutingrepart:DoesElllottreally 4$ceu9np report: Tha blg Problem here Ceno hl9h8gMs: One pole In 64 ~LN"Conover, N.0- w•eM to wln that bedly - end put up ' ••q,Me Isak of a sponeor. No Wlneton a"• ••• y1e e aon of Merlo Mdret9 s ^ Car Reminpton Ford Thunderblyd. with the accompanying pressures and ,tCtip team can do much wHhout one. twm brother, Aldo, he starled radng U-"+ OwMr. Butch Mock. • publlcity -or Is he hsppy where he Is7 .age9..,.DroveUSACmltlgetr apdr+q :.CrewchlU:TroySelberg-- - Thstseemstobethequestlonhere.end SINer C own hnm 18q3•85: r w s 1996 ehahqaa: Shepherd replacea 28 ERNIE IRVANwonthelMSAGTpwatklroGlenr.o. ToedBCdine. SBJEREMYMAYFIELD ~J~p. 3X. -.. . ' In 1886.... Wan1M AutlrsAa atdySO' a996 hlgh119hts: Flnbllad 11th In Win- 'A e:28, ~J,WSr.. Rackwell N C. race and flnshed fAth In the Indy 500 h.~pn Cuppo Ints dnving the Wood GWes: Nashvllle, Tenn. ~: Texaco Havoline Ford Thunder• + 1991.... Made his gret CuP start at ', ;,~,others Fartl, wAh 10 10 Anshes ~rblr4 .. °" .•"NOAh Wllkesbcro Iry1993.:.:• Flrat N f0P' . Car. RCA Ford TAUnderhlyd. ,- ,.. . 7 end wlnnings of 39ge,374. Cwner. Cale Yerborou h. ~ QWP:r Rohert Yatq• drive In the Indy 500 and Coaa-Co4 $'• :. Carpr highlights: Has four NG,xlee in Crew ehLC Tony Furr9 ;iOnw chlN: Larry McReynolda. 800 on the same day, dolrp k In 1994 .. 414 stut. •... Ren his flrnt W Inaron Cup ~t 1P96 changes; Irvaq back from naer- .- yequty,q rapeN,There w4 Urubn -., rau In 1970. .. A Wlneten Cu uler 1996 changes: None. fUel Inludes, takes over hom Dele Jar• '.' on thle team las( eU because of Ne ~`. p~ 1996 highlights: One top-10 finish 4,~ ,. . y . alrlbe 1981; had his first NLtory that (e1gMh) In 27 starts. Won 6438,805 and rWtNe lack of euopu. So far, - ~. yep•,'. , Drova for flve teams In 1988• was 3f at In Int[, ust behind K .1Wq hphllghte: For Inron, simply Mdreel'e move from RIOhW Peny s, Po I yle' nbeing eble to return was me highlight of-. ryr to this one haen't paid off as well ee -Mllion ~ . ~Inqe of mon Nen E8.5 pehy and Itmt ahead of Jeff Burton, .~feB5. Ha mced three Ilmes led some -_ esprwyed- y - Carwr highll9htc One Iep-10 finish in ~ I4P? hed Mro IoP10 AnbMS to prova , `.Swudn9 repom Shepherd hasn't Won 47 CuP stens--.. Has won about t'he,UAIC0ukldoM. :,+.: .:.: . . . .. elnce1993,arWhbproepectsappear 9850,000. .Stertedatockcarrat•Jng 'Carearhlghlyhts:Won~1991DayWna i41 RICKYCRAVEN~.A~ :dlmwllnanohen•undemnancedtesm. In1987mlrentucky....The1993 IY,ddO and flnlehed Anh In Wlnatan'Cup , Age0 20' ~ ARCA rookie af the yeac ... Emerged BOBBYHILLINJR. asatopquall5erineerry1994. .q6kpamtlyear,,,,geqsnracyqin_ _-t.hw:Concord.N.C. .r ~,I'77 's ~1R74; ,: Ran his first Winston Cup Car• Kodlek Chevrolet Monte Ca+fo 1' ~Age:31. .- Scouting report: He got speed at ~ rhae In 198L :.: Johed Morqsn- OwMr. Larry Hedrlck '=- PLlves: Chanotta, N.O. Daytona this year. WIII he have any- I?~CNryteam,replecingPhIIPUloru, Cr.wehlU:Pentling. ~• v ` ;Car,.USAIdJaspUEnglhaeFordThUn thingelsa7 cltVbeny 1990.... First vktury was M.' - 1996 changes: Waddell Wdeon , s' derblrtl. - "q;gdstol in AuguU 1990.... Runner-up :, reslgrwd ae teeni meneger In Januery. ',, _' O,a,pera: Doug Bawel, MUk Wallace, ' 99 JEFF BURTON trfpq1988 roolde of the year.... Has 12 '. 1995 hlqhllghts: The Wmstan CuP .. Muk Harreh and Helln, .. . . Age: 28• •:11[cCjoflesln 199 etarts.... Totel Cup rookie or the yeu, with Pour top•70s - Craw chlet Paul Wue. ' Llves: South Boston. °eeminge W $3.8 mllllon. ' after making UI31 reces. FNk+hed 24th1g98 changes: D.K Ulrlch no longer '. Car. E:Ida Ford Thunderbird, Scouting rport: He'e beuaackl Mtl In points and won f597,08a. ~'qr oymer-pymer: Jack Roush. ' +~neeppesn to be ready to wln ageln• Career WghllghU: Gredueta Pf Ihe ~ 19q8 hlqhllghts: In 24 aterle, Hlllln had Crew chlaf: Buddy Parrott. ,~;~i . . . .. New England stock w nnks... - The . Aye top-10 finlshee and was 37th In 1996 changes: New team. 1991 Busch Grand NetlonU Nonh -." .. points. He earned $2M,270. i'19.STEVE GRISSOM . champ,,•. The 1B92 BuwriGnmd :- -. Career highlights: tW cnevlmcry In ~9~y ~t was fif9ij to 11n sh 32nd n >~ 32. '- NUIonUrookleoftheyear.:,,Flnlahed'.297Uerta,.,,,TotaleamingeofUmost Wvesr lJberty, N.C. ' . second In the 1993 and 199fGN tltle '_S3 mllllon.... Wu the youngest driver In points. Won $630,770. Cx:'Canoon Neh,•ork Chevrolet Monte . Career hlghllghts: The 1994 Winston i cheses.... W d two GN Vlctodes kl to win a suPenpeadwey, race when he C2rb. ' '1994. ttook the 1986 Talladega 500.... Made Cup rookie af the year, with mree top +OWnecGaryBechtel. . ' ScoWlnq report:ThesuddenkueU ; his Winston Cup debut as 17year•otd . selber...FivetoP-tOsIn60Cupstans. ., „ mcln o-kens at the a I CYew ehlU: Blll lnqla g g g 9e of :,1996 che New crew chief and Wilson In Januery b a mef or bldw to .. high school student In 19BS .,• Staned Be an B In 1875. ... Ran his first Grand ^9es: this atlll-Ieemin0 teem: DonY ezpsct : rednq In 1977.... Has two Grand , pppoecr, . much progress. ... . . National victories. National race in 1988... . Won his first i 1993 hlqhllqhb: Four lop-10 flnlahea In' _. Saounng upopt: Tiyre'e nothing to - Busch race at Mertinavllle In 1990 ... , •29'aterta, good 1or 27th place In points ; . suggest Hlllln wAI do any better than hs Has tour GN viqorks. . ~abOf611,5471nwlnnings. 7 - 42 KYLE PETTY "UreeOynaelntheWWtonCuPeedes. Sceutingreport:Roueh.. Perrott...' Carai hlqhliqhts: The 1994 Winston Aqr. 35. : , , What an opportunity for Bunon Let I,Cpp rookle of the yeer..., No victcrlee LNes: Wgh PoY1t N.C. , them get settled and let's see what they w 69 ~up starta.... Begirr racing in Car: Coors u.qht Ponuec Grand Prbc 81 KEN NY WALLACE can do In the second halL ~ H ~ '
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WIIYeaBem, PA Cftl:eee' Vo(oe emnbn Mnan Bun0e1 SUN 8/,Y17 JUN 16. 1996 _ =SUND4Y VOICE M u 1. ~...,....... .+.sas't o ..It n,puqy: bd1'~#~ , t7vv+ a9i~.,r'Y`f (l. :F.3Jli:' I4n #,Itm1h1~'~n,rlr ennis~R`~b'd~man`: ~" , ` axid the Bi4lls~ti-yto';liek Seattle~ Game G' of 'the NBA Finals.::S-7 Tom"I ehman'ties course;record and• takes one-: shotllead at''the U:S.~ Open..:S-6 © 0 0
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Huaflhqdnh, PA Newt IhursdaY Ds,GS7 JUN 13, 1996 N4718 ~~~©rxassrr.rrrixns N- I ~t~L~us ii nr Spencer Nme For Better Days -T ! Jimmygpencercertainly has not been ^Mr. Excitement" this season. Actu- al,ly he's.been more like "Mr. Forgotten." '- Last week at Dover, a sixth-place finish was Spencer's best of the season and only his'soeond"top 10 in 1996. But it's all part of Spencer's master plan. r,l`"Wt'v,e6ad"a"good last couplee of weeks; ' said Spencer, a rough-and- .tumblemt[tpetitoFwho earned his nickname years ago on the short tracks of 1'AllthehardworkGnallypaidoffinTheWinstonSelectOpen t(te~foltMast ~ . Just when it seems everybody is ready to settle..downto,just ractng (eh"aQ~etaJY'feq~:{Eatltewonlesttaonth). ` NASCAR throws a lit0e'more fuel on the f[re-with additional aerodynamicg "It was e pretty neat deal because tJte guys had been working really hard the ruleohanges. Igstiwoyeardfot..me;andnfinallycametoaheadatCharlotte....ttwasanon- 11 This time, the stock car sanctioning body - in a continuing effortio even competi0onamongitacarmakes-hasalbwedtheChevroletMonteCarlos ~Nuascey~.g r, butlt4vlto_driwas vesttt sdl/ a ).Smokin winax- '-]obs7ltunderbudforTravisCarter,is tolowertheirfronlairdambyoneyuarterinchandlengthentheirrearspoiler 19tittt~he~Wlnstotitatppdfn[sentl'hasn tbeengettingmuchrespect;despite by onequarter inch for the next two races (Pocono and Michigan). ~ two sades'victories. ~ " Fotdo[ficialsandteamsimmediatelycriedfoul,withthechangescoming ,.gecently,beforearaceatNorlhWilkesboro,twoCharlotteradiopersonaii- ,ustthreeweeksafterthesetea[nswereallowedtoiower[herooflineofthetr tiesknown.fortheirwisecracksactedasco-grandmarshalsandsaid,"Gentle- nde[birds in order to equalize aerodynamic efficiency. . I'men and Jimmy Spencer, start your engines." ThetimingbyNASCARforItsannouncementseemedabitstrange,consid-, ,~twCek,teem-ownerFeliz Aates whosedriver,KylePetty,recently , etingltca[neonlheheelsofa1-2-3sweepbylNonk[~rloeatibver,Ikl.;last ~nafoulofWinstonCLpofflcies urmgarace,tookashotatSpeneer,saying ~ week. hecotOd hitanythingor anybody and NASCARwouldn'l go after him. ' "There is absolutely no history of superiority by Ford,"" said Jack RoushJ .'iI'm, glad yoo' broqght that up,". Spencer said earnestly. "T. Wayne who fields Thunderbirds for Mark Martin, Ted Musgrave and Jeff Burton.;, ,gpbeASOqtheheadofsporlsmarke0nghereatCamel,hadalongtalklastyear "They(NASCAR)areobviouslyreaaingtopoliticalpressure.•..Theaerody-l aboutsomestuffthatlimmySpencerneedstodo.AsfarbackasBristollast namiccharacteristitaofthecarswerenotyetbalanadbythelastconcessions..ycer,Ifeellikelamdrivingasgoodas Icandrive. they just gave Ford. This will skew it even more.:..; This is really, "qambeingextrapatientandtakingmytimewhenl'maroundothercarsto discouraging." Iarry McReynolds, crew chief for Emie Irvan's Thunderbird, said, "b make eure tlsrt 1 don't get in any conflicts. And, if you look back, NASCAR i. gues+we[eltlikewhonOteygeveusourroorchange,withthespoilersthat makes decisions based on what happens that day. weI ' 'qf~NASCAR.thought that I was unnecessarily rough on somebody, or hsve and with the spoilers and valsnces (air dams) that the Chevrulets have,` maybe Ernie Irvan or Dale Eamhardt was, they will assess a penalty based on thingswereprettydosetoeven.IwishlknewwhatWeywerebasingthisoR' whetheritwasjustracingoritcouldhavebeenavoidedorwhatever,"Spencer of." added,"IthinkFelixwastotallyoutoflinebecause,ifyouaskallthecompcti- DavidSmith,crewchiefforseriespointteaderDaleEamhardt,whodrivesa~ tors,theywould_saythatyouseeadifferentlimmyS{xncer." Chevrolet, seid, "I'd say the Fords still have a bigadvanuge.ICwe had theirr .. ThatdiCCerent Spencer may not be quite as exciting and hell bent for shcct valance and spoiler on our car, it would be a big advantage. --?(. metal ys.~e old Jimmy. -: ' "NASCARIstryingtobalance thingsasgoodastheycan,butldon'tknow" ~~, ' ifthey know the rightrecipeyet, either.It comes down wthe teanu involved.j I m going to do the best I can," he said. " I'm going to drive as hard as I "ce~eMgtyelQOpercent Thatsalllcangrvetheteam,andlexpea[hcsame You'vegotalotofChevrolesteamswithafairamountofdiscrepancybetweenukof my team. .. . _. . . . '.someofthem.Whei[ftge[i:ddwn:betwetn'makes~t;~reAltyhard..i^" p[ortlrenlnomatterw,fiatafihe~dowiong;tJial'spartofracing ' ' 17urrell Waltrip, a three-time Winston Cup champion and now zn owner-i and.we won't let it happen again. But that's how you build a good raccm team, - driverforaChevroletteam,said,"ThedynotestshaveproventheFordteatns!ir and~wearebuildingagreatraceteamrightnow.We'reintlteprocessofbuild- ;' have more horsepowerthen we've got. They heve a distinM horsepower; ing a new shop and everythiugis going in the right direction. - advantage,andthat'swhythey'vecrieddownforce:..'- - "qt'stakingusalittiemoretimethenwewouldlike,butI'mgoingtokecp "They've got so much more horsepower than we've got that they"needdoing myjub,'," Spenceradded. "Instead of takinga 10th-place car and trying more downforce to handle the power; `he said. "Now they have the downfor-_ to win the race, I'll take 10th place.... Those are the things I didn't do in the :. ceandpower.,, ..,,_.. . . . st.~.. ..,.:"._~.. . . . Waltrip,whohasrloEwonaracisinceSeptember1992,said,"Idon'tthlnk ~'Jimmy, isdoingthatrlghtnow,andlthink]immyisgoingrokeepondoing anybody believeswhatI'msaying, but this is a fact. NASCAR is doing people: thol, because if I keep doing that and my guys keep working extrahard like like myself, Joe Nemechek, the kind of also-ran Chevrolets right now, a big~; ~y'~w yeen,.we can start having the consistency we need to become afavor.Thiskindofrulechangehelpsusmorcthanitdoesthe3(Earnhardt)and,a championship team." 5(Terry Labonte) and 24 (Jeff Gordon). :~W~ ROAD( Firestone found Out the hard way Sunday that its version of Ikeepsayingthis,butidon'tthinkanybodyunderstands:whatNASCAR~~,anlndyrarraintiieis'eotquite.uptopac : isdoing,theyaretakingthebeslofthebest.They'rehandingdownwliattnel, :.DrKreequippedwithFirestonetirestookthefirstfivestartingpositionsforbest Ford already has and what the best Chevrolet already has. Everythingthelletroit.Grand Prix and it appeared that the company, which only returned tlasetopguysleam,they'regivingittoeverybodyelse.Ithelpsmemorethani ro~dy-carracingin1995afteranabsenceof21years,wasgoingtobehardi[ helps thcm." . - for rival Goodyear to beat. ~ ~ • Wsltripsddedthatthebigditterencemaylieintheabilitiesofthetearns; ,Tmntherainscame,longandhard,andsuddenlythr.Firesmnecarswcrein themselves, whichever make they use. I trouble. ' - . . "I'dsaythe88(DaleJarrett)and24areequal,"hesaid."That'saFordand; MtryeSundaymorningwarm-up,runinheavyrain,the13fastestcarswere a Chevrolet. The problem Ford has is that they don'tt have anybody after', on Goodyears. (Jarrett).Wedo.Wehavethenextbeatandthenextbestandthenextbest,and ~ tpithpermisaionfromIndyCer,thesanctioningbody,Firestoneenglneers they're almost as good as the 24. There's a gap between Ford's best and the I. quicklyculextre grooves in its G[eawilh tools bovowed from Michelin, which next best." was involved in another series racing at Detroit's Belle Isle. The makeshift repairs weren't enough. The race began on a very wet track and Goodyear cars quickly went to the front. By the time.the track dried and everybody switched back to regular slicks, it was too late for the Firestone-shod cars. - The top three finishers were on Goodyear rubber, with Adrian Fernandez 11 giving Firestone fourth. ' "Thetace demonstrated the contributions tires do make in racing," said AI , .Speyer,~Bridgestone-Firestonernotorsports managet."Congratulations to Coodyear, butwe'11 be dghtbackafterthem in Ponland (next week), and we'll definitely raise our capabilities in bad weather. /
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vtement' aims . etter days ~on track;. sa'T3Y,~MI1(EHARRIS I ;~Spencer:said,eamestly: "7;::~ayne'- ~I AR~MotorsportaWrltar ' • Robenson thelhead'ofsportsmarket-,, ' ing here at Catuel had a]ong.{alk last, ,'nly not YCai„ ut ,c p4w, a t~hat;~Ztmmy A e . t"hlHke Ii~fJ71 r 7iRb"~*~,-1 ~ p a e en e Fwsh aSeB~MSpOncgr's bestof the eeb.,ingllyy;ume w~an"T m erotmd ofher . sona m41t"oplYsY,df setond top 10 m•, . cazp to meke,luro that P;don't.$et: in '1996, But.it;^allrpart of.SpenCGT'e`,'.anyCqnfheta,';/,1,ad 1fY0aI0Qk.beek,>;~nuleter'Qtam~s'n t ro,. -.:: . 1,- NASCAR makes dectsions besW on . . ','- ~,yfWe yes,.had atgood Iset:'couple of ~'.~. , '^ ~, . ' f;weeks/ E ~S cer e'roughand a ` .. ttual~e t6~Ay.ho ;caroed h1e d nic ago on'.the shoRbf - tradswfg ~Iortheast' "AIl the hard I~ . work`fiitall~;~pal'd'oH',ia Thc Wmston • Select~OpCCIy(an a8 reco that he f. won Iasl mp~lt~ ex .; I~ S~' rts s; ~ It wa¢,1a, ~cat deal becauee ;'"ttu guys ..., ?ea8ykerd ': r-thb 1 " ~parofor,me;,ilhd i ~final Gp Iy g lgq~iesd at Char7otto ell, ~,,.~,,1 Soeades;W ; Joe''ITu 4_s$n,'t~tiqe ;; tleBDite.tN . '~ ~B ~a~~ e~~ i d t ht~ k y `-bpt.ite ~hef afiaty'at Noitti i_ tt't~Xt 2o~[e radtd'per ~: . wtlkesborq t . . sopalihee kmown'~fo~`Rhev wisecrecks . ~ ac(eQ ag•co-`gisnd,fparshats end sald qentlemen and immy spenar a an Jimmy Spencer x~ 9t~ eek team owner Fellx whatha ns thatday -, :,.., ..};wt~ase~dnye¢'Kyle/Petty,~$. Uw7fsISCP~i,; thought,that,I ~' r f~f Wl ~i~ il'oh ?IwJa.aouoanetonp,; ;!lti!i_e,eeaeyr,dg on somehody[or.:' .b couM tanYt Itng.tvsd~. Ywdl:assess a penalty:.. d ' IfQ,mce; u> :e snot arr -lmey~o,ncwe uvan orvale tArn [. } CARwouldn t , son whether:et was jus(racjnglor-u ; lvnacht that un'I t_,7 fenoBr, Pq e 10) ~ Towandg, PA MBYIBW _~(Cof~n1dp,.,, ~ ~..9~ ' . cdluplo ~. ~~ ~ ~.9vipQ~nni or.. whateVpr ed. "I think ThIIrWq D 8,808 Feh% y!R~.: C~,ine because..If you @g :, ampetitors, they .'wouid+say~ . ,f ~e-e difforcnt . JUN 13, 1996 ; J~mm}_'' ,a~.arr ' , N4880 9A ~-I:'~ o 'apstlc M®® tK SBId::I,' °m' ol g.O.dnVe as hard / PRESS CLIPPINQS as I can end"gke~loq.percent. 7YIal's .~. -- all I can give the tcam, and I exp&t thesame'out'of my leam. ''Ntr~~,_ "I'II stick up for them~no mattu what. Ifihey do wrong, ihat's pan'of.~ ' - racing' diwe..won'tAerlt happen pgain QFfthadsvhow~you bmld'al ~ . go'hd ,~teem~eridweare bullding . a ghsA m dghtlnow W c ro in', ~ , 1helproCCS , f+buiiding,a'new shop- ~ ~. and everything in gomg,in the right dlroction: ,., . . . !ri"It's taking.us atli ttle~pwre time' than we'would hke 65tk~nLgoiddedgt.jng to'' . keep doing::mY 1op S~`e,n,cqr a . " t flnste9Q~git~ekmg ~~Ilkh~lac~Pw Cef Ilpth`t,~J~ - ~~?he+thing's`F. t ~dlddCd I I epast . 7 mm ng}that nght now, end Ijmmy is ~~oing to~kap' on~loing Naq becausalflAap'doing I that and',my+guyts,keyprsC'tiak,mg'extra-~ t °hard Iike tAey,Mve~ccn~wecao start- having the-conslat9ncy`.'we need''to.' become s ctiamj'o9ghip tesm.•' . . . . a;r...:, .. . . .
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g q+l+t ~• 'u/ : ~ ~ I ~,1 ~-112 It ~14 4 ~ 1 :1 19:11 I ~ ~8y~~ $$a~ ~~~~~~~~ ~f~1 .~G ~~~~~~~. ~ ~ =~ `i~ , ~~.=I ~'1'11 ~~I r~k ~~ ~ ~.~ ~~x~~~ ~ta,'
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S pencer defends cras~i=happy reputation : t if tt at c ld h B CARY e be ' nc et ou ev y ESTES en pre ~q other words you re notneo- i~,.,Scrtpp, Huw.rd Newa servia ve gd on my part I told Mlchael essarily a safer drivec.these days, ~ ~p~h~Oht~~ I sorryl~~at ~ ~ t ~~} Yourelustmorewlll~ngtoapoto•. 1We;ha.%e}he~rd the~charges ~~,`~ Y;how,,}~„tbis any,dlil'erent' g~$foryotumiStE$es.~r brought aga9nsk ~ Mr Jimmy b1u{~tly{~9peaking'ahave-tt } bu• ~~- ~a~t Years? Excuse,me if it m~drlvjiiga IQ£ be~ . 8ti£ r ~ g `~Tti t- as'~' driver° on ` the' done some tlatout stupld±~U,~gsist abo It~'a's~s~e as ste ~iny 1n -~th1n stI dldbin thec aSt Iave tfor o •. _ _- lrcuik ontl}e racg tra k over the years? pp g g P ~Vinsfon C c oin ' r i ' ' , , pp a g F ( f ro j ofgMike Tyson Or; Albft t 4 defg pd tnlf „ ~~t~yse. $penCer is a meilae0 lo meCZlent ~'~ the PaSt,lbe cra~h~~dC~'S ge ~{'~~s " t al society early in the ra~e by doing dµmb '' the past I would hae sid .va That his car, the in' Joe thiilgs I woti'f deny 'it' T ve 'y ~~Rith it He,und@rstands.' ~ Ford; nsored~by ciga crashed many a time because of ; ~ ~dd9/11, 0~ €PO , ~~d~¢ , not'klte t thing'ao do. rettes,:should;carry a,warriing ~T +a, , H tlces6't ' derstarid.iiv@,i Yhe~ uf I ve changed label din t h let b ~ ' as een t er g uC le that$n, 1ASOritici~ed c ed for the tietter minet~hai 'dcttig I et ~~ Jiam ~ } # y pointad m@ { ~r,11 s $pencexcan be haiaiddus'Wyrour Exactly how h ve u ~~•,1 ysdel I ~ ' . , lt,1 changed healtJS. Ing I' ~ i ' ve changed to a deg ' W have seen evldencf th e iit v odi ~ ..ee oe , o. de ft an d g ~ reckless tdriving ~thatt makes realizirtgthataf youcan ,t ~ttiisht, { teout'right then~'g~, d' e...:..'..•. ~..,a.•__.v li/flo t.ta t...Ai......•... ....:C.......a IS°1 yyc.n•c. vac..npavI c.. -. ~ ~ a. uY. 7vu kaccu :v u] Ce,~SO'ttl@y nnderbtand Wi;01'e We have heard testimony from be satisfied wlfh whefe~,you're ~ I' coming f~om What hurt me SUN 19,199 JUN 9. 1996 several drivers''and car owners 't'unniug Instead of taldfig a`10th in'~ he Past ivas I never def_endod N2632 that the word "asphalt'.'•simply is P1aoe Gar:and tryingd{t :wlit¢he ,~ysW." ,I ,E®®® M uick way of saying, "Spencer race and causing sotatg problemff, ! i , R PRESS CLfPPfNGS it'? „ lust take tOth lace That s some- i: -. r A +' Vow it is b1r. Scencer's 4urn tri thing I flidn t;i~o in x}t~.pqsf :,, j !~efent~hit~celf'$~i ; a~ ,~. ~d m~ fi " 1 d ~ ~ b t n a ~, , ra 8 tpugh~~ti~i 2Yp>d. ~h' cat I '" [>i~t u e i Aid~ I W d cet snte P $p o , ~ kbring~tuPmyself.' ~ ; whefi~,I m arotuid,other,;cars"to ~}qell~=tha4 is Nbhat ,we're here ni~e ~ure I don't get in any con-,~'or. Thts is Your, day, in the court flicts.' a~. ~pf putilicopinidp: ~` ls that wbyt'you sept Michael Now is it not true that"in the ~'~~ip into the waA earlier this 'paet you have shown a total disre ~?' at Richm'ond~ gard'for the safety bf other dri , I did cause a problem there; I vers in your quest to push your t~t my'tire iod, went>Sqto~IItie Far tqwa~rdt hhg,, lYont? In fact dumped him. It twas just 681 c~~ Fa irls
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Merlon, Il Aepuhlioan Beturdey N2362 lRNSSCLlPPINOS ' D 4.224 JUN 15, 1996 I eer ; Y Y 4 !n~ By MIKE~~HAHRIS ~t,le7i, other cers,to make sur~ thata~., 'AP Motor.porta Wrker don't ~'t get m any conflids And ! Jimmy Spencer cartainly has1`~ you look back NASCAR notibeen,'Mr.`Ezatemep~,lliisl' t~~sbasedonwhathapperxz .ph4 seasontAdualy hes bqen more}~ {•k S6AR thought that Lwas .: y jika~Mrs`ve~t Dover,'a'sa1~;~ bodyco~maybe Egnie Irvan or laoa fmsh,waS,Sperners best of4 p~~.~~rd.wastahe~,wNlfi;; , ,the season and-.ony his secondi~ sass,a,penalty,esed.on~whether. ~ topil0 m,1996.ABut rts all d"foi ~ S nce ~s masier lan +~I ~~ lust racing a N could iteYa;•Y ~,avoidad or,.}vhafevek Weye had a'gop' good lal cor~iple e ~4~er added. "I think Felizlva4' ~ oi w a eks sald Spencer rough' baeq and~tue ~ cdmpetiror wo ~otalft otn of line because nyoti~ N ask all,the com etltors t earried; 6I nick,peme years ago ,~,ould sa ihat you ses e tldfereqrq' °o 'o,patia shgl cks oi the-North~ , y y,, ~@13st~~Allrth~f ard work finally J°" SPincer``' a; paoH in TheaNmston•Select ~.I 4hat'ddferent5pencermeyh6t,y ?Open (an,all•starmce that he v on i be quit6 as excning'and hell tSeN,y hf. . forsh'eet'.metal:dstlieoldJimrdy.;.l., . ..ItrWas~:pr,etty neat-deat be -; i.cause tltq guys_.hed, been xbrlang : ~ ~"~ers'f ,yaor~ U1o?et.ttiead x at Cherlotte.-.:r lt was a non-' tp,mR9rkL4d,was stnl~s win." :`: `~ r whd%rlrivas;atie ~ s'siTFiu(tderblyd fovfi r ls'119th m-the°Winq~ ntsterdf hasn t! beeniii ge~t ~g I1~igh Yespect k despRe tNo,' ty ser~esvctoles°,r, I ;Recantly;cb~fore a. race'sat? NQrtha, 1lke~boro;!two Chnrloke•i rada`perspnal0.ies knowQ for.tFreir; a f w(¢,acr~cks,ac(ed as qo grand~~ r rnglghels and'said Oentiemen, ep9~1,Jrt r Le~ry'Spencer start'y0u se DI~' :, - . n,g,w: _ st`rveek, team•ownar Felix' Sa~Btae ;wlase ilrivar, Kyle Petry;'' reoently'ren atoul of Wnston Oup, (• oRiaisls•dur(ng a race, took a shot 4 ' attSpencer; saying h,e could'hit = anythingrriorc,:anybody3 NASCAR,woukln'tgoaflerhim,':t r. ~ I'm glad you.,brougM thet uP," ; Spencer •said,;earnastly :: Wayne,potiertson, the,head of I eporls merketing hare;at'Camel; ; j hnd a bng tall~last yearratidut ? sort~e`s~uff that lirnmy Spenc"et:r` . nesdstto`do'AS fer'bedCes Briww' tol lasf yeaYtl fee} llke l am drrvirig+k asgoodaslc@ndive +:raail:;r) 4 "I_ am lieing"extre pabent and ' f lakryg3my7/rme when I'm arourd :
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Wilkea•Barre, PA TNnea leader 6onntun Mot Arae sundaf 6UN Tr,0a/ JUN 16. 1996 N4882 ~®® ~ PRESSCL7PPlNGS Bol4NOfrlK " 9 z: Meel'sbnsparsIF :. ~ imniy Spen~Jolne~ the 5moldn T ~e i~ #~z 3o",I?`oid team laet "se~sOn, he ezpected our car"we~'t abrfi subcess'.from the start.;',When that dtdn't . sald. -Hetotdme,iPoz happen, he said, he thought abo,ut quitting. ~~~=~• ~11 qv th Sut a^e'can t m PotY a eeason later; he has a Wlnato n Open vlctorya and a pair"of top 10.f1ntahes yOU t fV~ the ~ -pyu+Slx1 team,-And f[z ! Spqncen ,pe'tt h14 s1Qat ~ t6 consta it seems .•~~~ ..~~~ ~ ~ ` .:~eaetted a ;lot~a~ iatlcnce I 7ies a mort' 9~ttled ;drlv~r." said fl1zgry g~~t~,~,~, ex Cartqrlaat month at Chailotte MotorSpeed way. "lthinktieeAmoresettled.petson and `^~ntetllllt~th~t~atx that caiifes,QVer io hta. `ativing. He's more "You can'tt~te a cr pattent.,I thWc he's made up his mind that wtiullng and. py to i he d be oalmer, satd "You ca il tltatCe Uo~naY, ~(~ot' 71taJllasereW~dEo'goalongway pable-6fy't Y FA ~ . .;SPeltCet; Uze Betsvic3c.natlve now-.tn his A . d .~ ~ . n tb Jabel other" An htm ah MS ffi , 3_ H ntclqOduuthe.hag~dt ~ 1 ;~'., *~°°fdBonq'too i, ~ Spenoer.ha's finlshed;all but tw9 Pf tlae ' ne~ ~ i~t 12'Yai•Ee; and has ioadebeveral.shnng `r r a lot~~ prups In.4fii last two r~cbe he hes cltmbed : E 1 , people frofn,$2ntl to 19th"'id,thb'Wlneton Cup ~~t~: vesNfz - po.tq4s etpttdinga thanko ntoatly to a Thls p]~oe tfirlislz at SDOVO~ lqetyW~k Sp~ 'ltavla s. ~~~18th pto,,d,,,a,t~GM'f`eant don to tya~t'kiJN at a ywttO z z tetfiatlonel Raceway llonnte w O ;"I think he sAlittlesl>ktte[~ at fhinldng `~ The team'aoi~ ~b through sttuations Carter satd He s not Mo`tors wfdckt ~' letting omotlon dtetate to hrm wliat he does. '• problems th9fVv 1 Jlinmy' has a htstory"of being`an emotional -' "And Spencer a,,! guy, and a sudden emotional change can al- ference, too. , ter his d,rlluig. I've tried to help work wtth, lye~e, getting' hfm to not kt that.happen • and he's fm- ~ere's a lot oH~ provedalotlnthatregazdi nallyputonrftnger~ :Spencer:frequeutly points to.hre now•fa-, those pnoblenls~ mous conversatlon with T. Wayne, Robert- guys were fuqt.son the preeldent of Spoifs Marl,tettrigYor i;ears urid.~i!eoE in tds,at(ltude.to qt guy to say ahat ~. ~azzything)," Spencer^ °rt a way better drtver <-' f.Cm telling you the ~ake better cars unless ' understood 'Phe ;jthe bqst-preps""' ed /ry fbdng dam ~ )iest effort : 'ff tt was ., work. ., .: ~!. {tand a chance if he ; . _. t . 'that's not capable o( with Jt," Spencer Qth-place car and eacarthataca ; ~ ~lt,fsn't,.thm you.: ,'Q4acanthat day .' tp:9a11ed usl4zg, ~ta~ hc~na~d ~ e§IIUkbtt,`` tg what_s hap boul as a result ~ f i~e"t'vl~h some key- , p. ....:;. 1. o(,ahangefor thn;':, ~eK~ ~.~cu r~r crew chlef, where~ ys~its nlotdrs frotnlpro -7 helped ;saolvic engine equentlastseasoq '~ w outlook makes a dlf. ; 4 ® t . !oscSpencer satd. le t}ilngs that ivebe 6. r, n,andweYenothaving i n"testFlbewt vtnso~R' yr. dAst:year the .. - ` rtof craashee :Sadng old a o[ lt Now'i'ttii[zk ~ur eery~~ naUva Jlmnqr 6panc~r 1yJ.pnlpy' zmn ui.rarwotw/Haio.. o:~, ::
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WINSTON CUP SCENE Concord, NC 119,000 1
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lehiphlon, PA Times News AI lentown Met Aro Wednesday D 1e,023 APR 249 1996 N4752 11®®® I PRESSCLIPPlNGS . ... ~.. . .......... . .. Mahoning Vy.' Speec~way I Wambold, Snyderlturn pole day into first episode ;of excitement The problem was;that both Evergreen track champion and By Pam and John Richetta Snyder and Wambold turned in Evergreen's "1995 Most SpeaaltotheTIMESNEWS a 10.64 on their other timed Popular Driver," Todd Stehle. atur ay a ernoon was sup- lap. ~ Stehle drove his Daisey Hut/BC posed to be the Blocker This created a diiemma for Bait Pontiac Grand Prix to a E n t e r p r i s e/ M u s c u l a r race director Ked Hurley. fast lap of 11.11. Todd Dystrophy Pole Day at the Hurley's decision wa similar to "Hollywood" Geist was third Mahoning Valley Speedway. an old western mo scene ... with an 11.15 top lap. But the normal time trials "Take 10 paces, turn afnd fire." In the Mahoning Valley turned into the first episode of Each driver received one hot Modified Division, Bob Kibler of excitement and drama of the lap and one timed lapi Slatington set the fastest time 1996 season thanks to veteran Snyder . was first on the with a 10.99. MVS newcomer modified champion George track. His lap was just under 11 "Smokin" Joe Ciambrone of Wambold of Nazareth and seconds. Wambold followed and--B-af~ in an 11.01 time. defending Small Block Modified let it all hang out, but the car The 4-Cylinder Division pro- ; champion Rod Snyder Jr. from sputtered in turns ;three and duced the largest field of cars Lehighton. four. The veteran driver stayed for the 1996 Pole Day action. : Vern Fegley of Allentown, in on the gas and spun the car just Barry Heiinbach'of Weissport : the Jasper Engines/Er,gj;y Pizza after crossing the fini~h line. -drove his #1 Ford Pinto to the Troyer car, held the early lead , Wambolds'-timed of__11.01' top starting spot with a 12.28. : with a fast lap of 10.64 seconds. wasn't good enough, however, The 1995 Mahoning Vall"p ` But Lou Strohl of Palmerton giving Snyder the pole for Rookie of the Year was the last and Eric Kocher of Bath both' Saturday's season opener. car out on the track and topped followed with laps of 10.61 sec- . The fact that he had to beat Jason Fritz of Walnutport, who onds to share the top time. Wambold for the pole wasn't a had turned in a time of 12.31. •' Snyder; the 14th car out on surprise to Snyder. "Big John" Lyles of the track, grabbed the lead "When I came off the track Bowmanstown captured the :. when he turned in a clocking of there were five car left to quali- pole in the Street Stock ' 10.52., fy and I saw the the veteran, Division with a 12.63.. He Wambold followed onto the George, was one of them and topped Chris Andreas of Jim„ track in his familiar yellow he's always tough," remarked Thorpe (12.64); Don "Bup" modified, minus lettering and Snyder. "He tied me, so we had Dreher of Lehighton (12.75); still missing the famous #81 on to go out and do it again. He and Slatington's 'Frank ~n his doors. But Wambold left no still has it " Hoffman (12.76). '^ doubt who it was behind the In the Late Model division, The visiting division of the ., ~ wheel as he also turned in a fast Rick Wallace of Lehighton, American Micro-Stock Racjng Ln lap of 10.52 seconds. another defending champion, Association held time trials at CO When the time trials ended set the fast lap time with an the Mahoning Valley Speedway +~ both Wambold and Snyder were 11.08 in his RPM/Leffler"s Auto for their race on May 4. Jim ~ still deadlocked for the fastest Parts 1996 Howe chasis. Ayre from Mountaintop was the lap so the tie-breaking proce- Wallace's top challenge for top qualifier with a timed lap of dure - the second timed lap - the pole came from former 14.24. ~~..~. i was used.
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a~ r e ti # o .... <', VI I `Mai I P~~l 1<. -~ff.1~1 1 €!"~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~8~~~~ ~ ~ B~R u ' i'$ ILt' ~~ ~~~. ~~ ~ i r >~ ~9i~l a~ ~ ~ F i w n € iRp ~ I _ ~ ~~~ ~Foa°@@@~ ~ ~~~~~~ ~~~+ M; ~ ~ ~@ ~01 e~~yyy... ~~ ~ ~ R r ~~w ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~uuu~~yy~ ~ ,,, .y~ RN p}~ . ^' b ~' 11 liERl[ h [S4 ' g€~~ R $~~ 1 ~ C ~ ~ ~ ~i~ r x ~ p ~ ~~ YPP Q ;,~£ ,.so6aB~F~ a ~ ~ ~~ r4Ql! g f ~.~. ~ ~ " 8 ~ i ~€~ ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ $~ P 5 ~ jd5 ~~~ ~ g~3~~~ ~ ~ ~~~~Q ~ " ~ ° ~ g y 9¢~ ~~ $~. g ~' ~a . ~' g~ ~ s ~ d~ Q '$ .a - iA aQa~ R13 leg? ~ ~ rt ~ ~p~; I ~ 4~l3 4~1! _ y=e ~ J.e~ s S. ~ $ y$ ,,, ~~`~~~~.}~~~~s~i~~ ~ ~ @~R ~~ (j-] aTS~~~Z r_ Ma~'! ~R4 4e€~ ~6fi~ ~Re# L ~ J ~ fil~_'~ E E ~ ~~ ~~~! ' - ~§ ~~~Qi~~ W qd y~.[8l! ~ r 1~l~z~~~~'~~ iiQ ~ '``~ ~lG~~~~~oI! ~ $~f ~.°Q 8~e9~~lA ~ Wi= I! ,~~R ~Rlb~ ~ ~~ r'° ~~I! 'S' 4 I h ~ ~ ~ ~ 8 ~ ~ ~ ~~p~~~ gl VIE . [4p i.Y~~Q I §~~ ~ 11R1 I ~ C s 2 i
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Nanil6ury, IL Reglster Saturday JUN 15, 1996 -;' eY MIKE rARRIS`.": . don't get in any contlrcts. And, if AF.Motoraporas Wrher : you look back, NASCAR tnakes de- cisions based on what happens . Jimmy .SpenFet'certainly has ' tltat day = `. not been{ 7r~r Excitement": this !7f NASCAR thought;that I was season °hctually he's been more' "'~ecessarily rough on sometiody, bke 1It ~rgo~" !'br maybe,Ernie Irvan'or,Dal Lasrweek at Dover a sixth- "~rdt was, they will assess a place finish'.was'Spencer's'best of rpenalty tiased'on whether'it was the seasoa and only his second just racing or it could havebeen top 10"in 1996: But its all partof `, avoided or° whatever," Spencer Spencer's masterplant. .'added. "I tlilnk Felix was totally i , "We've had a good;last couple" ,out''of line beceuse, If you ask all ~ of weeks;° said'Spe,ncer a rough• '~e; competitors, they would.sayy and turhble` eontpetitor who`",that you see a different Jimmy U flmatr~e years ago ` the~r ~rl s of the Northea~t Ilut dtEferent Spencer may not ~ ~~Wl tl~ nvptkf naUy paid ^f'~~ ~~tet es exciting and hell ibent ~ I in`'Y'hb . (on`~Se]ecCOpen`'f,i .', ~ i,eetmeta]astheold,Jflnny,~` tal~ s[a ~tace1a[ he won la t._ 7 ri goir~g to do the best 1 ca~t(" said "Im going to:dnve It,~Was a'Pretry neat deal be ~:+ ~ - t!_ vru~.~ngl , {~rv~~~ea~n foF~' . R~PA4R~} . at Gharlotte..:,: It was a non-pointe ;" ' raee; but it wrvs still a;win -"~ ` "Sp,endef'~„wdr,tves the`-0 ~Sr4o~tt pe'und¢rbrrd for~ g7~s ! t~ s 19 h'in the wUr-'; ~ st~n ~u~f e L ts~~nd hasntt been ' g~Mting ~~es~ect, desphe rivo i Sc`I~a~~ ~. Receitdy before a race at NoFth , Wilkestiqr~` two' ;Charlotte radlo 1 personalities knofor`theii wise~; craeks'acted as cq'-grar,id marshals - attd said,~GerSdetpen and Jimriry i Spencef, start yourengines."• Last:,i~eek, ~eam;-owner Felixa Sabates'"~4h tdriver, Lyle Petty, 4 r~d~~Yen af f,Whuton Cup offic9ai8°dyiRing a rzce; took a shot at Spencer,'sapng he'could hit enyt}dng or anybody and NASCAR 'wouldn't'go after htm. "I'mglad you.brought that up,.", . SpencCr#d eanrqstty..'T. Wayne ; B.obertsoi); tt~~heac~'of sports mar-' ketuig,}je[e at Camel;.had a long ] ,ta1k lanyear abput some stuff that i, Jimmy Spencer needsao do. As far ' back as Bristol`last'yeat;' I feel like I am -driving; as good as i can drive. "I am beitrg extra patient and' taldng my time wh¢ti !'m` around , ' other cars to'[ttake"sure that I . A ''/
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NASCAR NEWS Daybna Baoh, FL 91-WEEKLT 41111,0011 MAR 27, 1996 Ma7sa1 ffi0®®PRaSS CLIPPINGS TEAM NEWS NASCAR WINSTON CUP SERIES Smoldn' Joe's Ford Team On tl1e Stise ATLANTA, GA - Two-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series race winner Jimmy Spencer and Travis Carter's($~n' Joe's Ford team are quietly off to mueh improved start to their 1996 season, compared to a year ago. Spencer scored his first top~10 finish of the season in the Purolator 500 at Atlanta (Ga.) Motor Speedway, Mar. 10. It marked the third time in four seasons that Spencer scored his first top10 finish of the season at the NASCAR Winston Cup Senes' fourth stop. Last year, Spencer's first top10 didn't come until the season's ninth race at TaUadega. In the Purolator 500, Spencer improved 32 positions from his 39th starting spot. Dudngthe first four races this season,he has improved a total of 42 positions. ~ Following the Atlanta race, Spencer was 13th In NASCAR Winston Cup points, marking his first appearance in the top 15 in points at any point in the season since 1993. `I was very pleased with the performance we had in Atlanta," Spencer said. "That was a super motor and race car. Thq only thing that we are missing from being a complete team is qualifying. I take responsibility for that. As my record shows, I have never been a solid qualifier. Fortunately, it hasn't hurt us too bad this season." I'm pleased with the way the season Is gofng," said Smokin' 1oe's Ford team owner Travis Carter. "Everything seems to be going well. To have two bad races at Rockingham (27th) and Richmond /OOfMV,AeflllM~Mbinf6mnnin.
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WeelBend, WI NeNn MllwOukn Md Aroo Saturday 010,886 JUN 8, 1996 encert ~ ~ vj. y~ 5 " .r Azt ~ti~~4~5 ~ :aky, 16~drai¢e? t ~l(llTCIS2(lIGJ2C('f'-t4ss rltheu~fYont r,,:uq gy CARY'ESTEfi ~F~i+sli~'.'Y ap,,, , ' ~uC~pt ,„ acFoYettie Y Sodpps Howard,Hews Seyirl~the~past,~ We aha6e he'atd the~6harges ,, brought against Mr Jimmy ga~IY i~ t}te rac . Spencer gs IW(Fn, .That as a driver,on the,Winston cr~s~ey a Cup; xacing cirp~tt~§p~ncer iga ~~";'th rt . rc md~es , r~1 sociefy d~'1. 1~'$,t 'fhat ~t~~ Ca , &mokin;~Jpe ,: cliant For~.pp~p i~by9~}g~ga~' I~ tes, s~to d, a i .; Ii reading,t'It has 1t,c}o ..}Z3 thatlaCpt$nCKG~oSt ', 1 . ~ cali ,be hazardoy§ ~O y4ur;h2altn , saC sL'~a"d'zyl We have seen @ytdenGe qf~the re, ning .itgf ckless driving ttlat makes: ~ Spencer. p1~Ge ;car,, wreck more rack~d c ~~~ aI se r zr ~ ;_ w~33(gt~aA ~pt~6~~tYi~4m ' fWS1 sev,.e,nadal~r4t~a~td?Qar' ovvners ttfat`the wqYdi' ~h~t" ' siinplY la , ; m a quick~way ofleayin r lS~enFer : cxn Jc t ~Nowr~~~tiSrrIvlr~Spe~ncec~s~tdurn~t, ~;theilXtT,~ , defend himseff,'` ~,°~. mai,c Aure pm°glad°you've,brougt t ftiis ~~ up;' Spencer said "I wanted to~ . bring it up ,m seif" 1ye11, that;~s v~hat w•e're here Y,ear`~1 fbr:'This£oua~t~e court ' 'I di of public qpinlon ~'r{. ; beh4tytY9 f11e~d ~Nov~r ;iH4{'~e,at,in the corner, got`it~tb pas! yotihave s'h'owrt'a otal disre• dum ed hinitltw ' gard-fof~.the safety q-f oth ~ drtver ~c "~tha'~c in-you~~uest tO~II~3hC o~c~Ve n~v~t ~ ~f.ends his honor +~'G 1rr ,F ~ t, ~ n a { ~i t,~acf,lblUntly`jwas 0 ~tt`ldone soIhe' 999i~' Sc ho~s is this'itn'y dcffgren~, Wbhfihe rac0!,~ trom pa"sl;yeais?~xcuse me'ifit raoingiriext'to'yow crashed cars still is about as safe;as steppingan y doing dumb i front of Mike Tyson. Or Albert ;deny it I ve Belle. ,, e:because ot ~"th¢ past I,would have;said, The hell with itsHe understands' gedkAnd I ve; That's'riot the rigtit-thing to"do: per I 4 . ;' °~ He,~a'esn't understand. T'-ve% Q>~c,h.t;nged~; lehrned that iroin being criticized` ` ~ „y rea ; anc~,hqv~ng flpgers,ppanted at me al~itt ishso many,time5. O ;iore ru.n "If T do something wrorig, I a lOth going to address it and get. ing it gto win fhe straightened out right then and j ma,problemsr there;,so they understand.wherei I m conjing trom What hurt me in . Mats18ome, ~ ~ thep~ st, was I never defended ~ pdtiert, Weu, what about the North"Cqr- i ~~ myftlm@; olina radio DJ who in st@rttng ot~ier cars td:thlg ye~4r's raoe`at: ~oYth'W11keS'~ kget in ~any, boro; said, ' Geptlemen, and~ ~ " Jimm5pencer,jstart ypur; cn Mighael, engines':', t a; r` N h~ He came to I me, befora~he Xa ~ an d ' `said'h re°Ie wanted to do that.! : (Dale) Earnryhardt and Eartth~rdt' oD i tfie' said no w&y. He asked if hcrcoiild~ ~ ~apt~~ d~ho it;to'mg, and I told h~qt~totgq c~ eani ~e~ieen ~"lyavthat~I wHsd z r]ldnt ean i t tofiapa{ old Michee~ I~ going to'rough everybody np.'? ~
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Herriionburp, VA NEWS-RECORO Mondsy 082,700 JUN 10, 1996 ! I ~©®® P5526 i . PR55fCLIRI'lNGS ~ 'I NASUR r ., tiZ =e d7na ar Spencer ' Reckle'ss;;~ No~ Mor.e? ; brlver=Says I ~ie's Changedl' I : r tr~ ~ P ~~ o Arlx Republlc I 'Junm S~p~en_cer has~heardall j the jokes "Kd-t11e slingshot criti- i ejsm: Heard it for years; -. .:: ..-... ~ "CenE get out of your own`way, j eh, JimmyP". I "Who.you.goingto.whack in the 'butt with your'Ford'Thunderbird .thrsweekhuh`~Jtmmy7~ x',i "`. Jablabiab'" Spencer'howQyer believessuch r trash'talk nollonger:ie'warianted._' \lRll-L-~J~:~~..L 'momenta'of~qbeetton8ble•'"driving ~ ` i o ~? ' tachcs rnnor ~IA~CAR st n Wii Cup seasona rtaeGct thaE aften led ' ' ' - tonutneroue bufnpmtdgi•isld mcn `6nta mth'ifEtie''r carsr'dn`tNe'rtaNe`~ w '.track Spencer~saazd It is,dincrcnt,~'o{`q'yr'v~e: m h " ~ ieyear I t ;..theFonee ~ ' r:, I ve changedi" Spencer eaid}~~,; k, M h - ay e ButIthat h~snt sto +~' edlthe°un-'y , pp flettering berbs; one 6f which. v.as , f delivered Iaet.t week by car ~owuer .:E ` e; Felur Sabate:, whose driver is 1' tiu;li r .;un, , / NI(vle Petty .f ir, +t•. § t NOTES ~ tl~~..R.,r•~"i , . ~+ .i:' ta'fetpedl tzer-~numtedtat ea m;tne.;paet 'L tlteroue.tL~at Jtmmy ~e~nc er htta eyerything-; at~er ' ' ' - but my bu s the garage BVeYy iJ},week" saidSabates;'who P dls-k= ,., Wa - - cueaing,., a, frv.e-lap penalty':Petty: had receivetl'fur an',incideat' in- , "volvmg dnvei•.:Ted Musgra,de in, ` ;tti CCla1jg00~tChatl eocao a.otte a ~S~• bS:~ 1v~}nYdn ~' Motor Soeedwsv ~ s' a ~ ' ?+! .R .i !e'nSriblirhth{i1~>ia~'t~ A week later, Spencer;; fired 1 de~ ~~' l" ecausa~ bobody n w_ back r; ehqe t~B~th~'~y., Fe1tJ'tnaede~to "That wes .fotelly out of l+ne " steP: ac~t and ie-addrees the eitua• - Spencer aaid.~"Ever'eince'(August tion.-FIe needs'to meke'emends to . of last year);rl feel hke Pvedriven everybodytiee'seid etuffabout"1 as good as'I can dnve; IYUbeing . .., ti..... .. :~t ,.,.,. extra patient in the car::Fmtaking : Who To Call my time when I'm around other - cars to make sure I don't getrnto "any Confllct8. :': ,'TheDalll News Recani spoats "Oe ' I think if you ask all the: com- 1 partment's teler,nons numbers petitors, theyd, say they're seemg a differentJimtny8pencer." SPORTS EDITOR ' ' Spencer;credita'aheart-to-heart ./.ChdsSlmmons 5748291 talk with'-T:`WeyneRoberteon ~ tr~V, ' who overeeestheteam's.R.J:Re~ , r. . SPORTS WRRERS "' nolds' Camel,sponsorship;as a'^4'N Mark Berman"'1 ~~5746288 • mqjor reason for the turnaround.  Mike "cofte .~. 574-6284 "We discussed what Jimmy ,/CprrqttJohnston., _574E285.I aTruckingAlong: ', ; Mlke SkInnsr became.the:firstdrlv- rer to: win:three consecutlve ~races In IatheMASCAW-CraRsman.,7ruck Series, holding-off Jack-', Sprague's Jete <ctmrge,Sundayin.theS274,;175 LundI Look.plckup race In Topeka, Han.. . d,dSklmerrwhopreviously scored vio-: .. torles In Denver and Tucson, Niz., av-' , ereg@d g1,264mph;on.the.1.Smlle: road course In a Chevrolet and.wom He moved within nine points of the I ,,Craltsman-championshiplead;•which', . Ron Hornaday Jr. continues to hoW wlan1,142polnts, Slowln8 Down? Nah Tuming 45 a fmy weeks ago hasn't '~ slowed Dele Eimhardt down a bit. . . Eamhard,p In hotpursuB of,a record elghth'dliemplorurhlp,+ls;enJoying the J>offw+eekend•forthe Y~Ineton~Cup se- ?+nes.,whlle'~+holding.Ie ;136polnt? lead ~bver mnner:up Tarry'lab'dnteafterY2 'bf'3lraces. . . . His thlydplace finish ~-behlnd Gor- I don andlstwrde'- at Doverwas his , SOthtdp-i0;so far„NiVseaaon,:as qwel4asihls'4ndtpn:1116:9ast22~ataRS ~...• It:wesalso his 18th top-flve finish In kthet4~satne~ '' ,pe dod, ,yVt )Tap, .v t it"* I.~ Sabates' Pa1M Job-;:' Thhe.bdght blackoer gllstened In the' ' Itaete;aftemoon sunshiriees R climbed 4,theewhltee banks of Dover•one.more time. ;d"Lookvat'that; ai;wrlter,Jn~the press boxyellad.'•Earnhardt's coming In lir!].p , i ,1i: as~i,,;,,.: No, an.unscheduled>pit stop was!3'notiabout;to ytake the; Wlnstont Cup '.,,points leader;from contemloprin.the . ~qttJIlersOQ Md hwa8,:71ptQthealrst tjmq,that.m{stake had bcen made two .ivJeeks_ago. Blame Vt on!Fellx Sa a,Irwho ~oy{nsgylaPeBy's.Pontlac ........ .:. Sabates, eogrilyprotgsting a -per. ,~ e/ty assessedagainst ,Petty,for rough arNlagitadks e.weel,~ earlier`at Char- ~lotte,.:{~ad~,the car,repelnteB~from its asual,muhicolor scheme'to,black. It 'was sald.to be noaccident.that the i,peww palnt job matched the color and scheme of Earnhardt's Chevrolet. ' 1.::I Just drlva the car," seid Petty. ~ "I'm out of thls: You'll have to ask ~ Fellx." ' . ~ButSabeteswas vacationing and -'dldn't attend the Mlller 500. Nor wlll ' 1 ne'be at Pocono, the'next venue on the Winston Cup circuit this weekend. ':Sabetes has alleged_ that NASGVR extends liberties to Earnhardt, its suu - pemter. - - -
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Wilminobe, DE Nawa Joumal WilminOmn Md Arn ManEar 0120,1E1 JUN 8r 1996 1 t "'a~'.~!' ~° VILTMO kriwam. ~~ i; 't I)0 It's ben a roller- coaateruaqg§on.th~rough 12 races;. "fpr'Jzgimy Sp,e~nc"e3- and. the. 3mo Joe's race~ 3yen~ wae de4nitety etnolung ' ' at' ing Sij]pIn .M,iwu ~~ tnas ei l S~ t audh'6oth~ebee rua': :'OIFUW winaton': ~ag~84 1; ~Uu1'dS~q,Txefield eightof T.1ade h at the fR~~ ; ' oo• 4>zWt30k ~ the 5n$YtZ6laps "We a pteht}1e' tight b21 , and.~ouldnt jbithe ,car,{¢ ~eorm juet; the way we peeded it swe jiiat puehea all a~c".. (a;g~ managed to efay on the lea :d lap:before'race winne,r Jeff aQp~fo~n P~aeeed hun ivith 361sas, left. e co W upa o eat lf;gr m a u~3n the la8t coutlf6 `of - aymlc8t, wno le latn I ' th4 ~qinti ata>jdin~e e with th , L 1t]uee ye~old racL~team"~"Tliey ' -_ at gave great rac Ghar• Iptte~t§'sqeepk The_ fe"caruel pickup :t isie ~p edufin>.ahed 17th at e Ua-Colel 6001sst Sunday be~e L+ "" °" .' his beat fnieli at Dove>: e4.va1?n&.. $peqcei jdas eizEh at the Splitfire ,, iatliefAlloflQSki. "I - thou htifwS eo t ~ .. ~ ~ `get~h ~ rightY d have an oppdb~j . o ' tumty to'.win the race," SpencerX w eefd. a"We adjusted it a cofipJe;of , W differenktimea. We got it and we got it fnster. We never got ittotherightdeal°. ~ `t
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~Other Dale' dashes Earnhardt's dreams Jarrett wins Daytona 500 , MMIM, DAYTONA BEACH Fla. (AP) - A aelf-desulbed secou- atringer in a 8upf>oaedly Inferiur av wltb a new team and a rookie crew chief had just beaten the - imftkdg i th ngp o eoc or ronne .Sb alevenl. Bat Da e Jarretl waa lo m mood to ww abuut daehing apce agale hardt'a dream In th perteMl~ dnr that it IS• drirer that wm tWe race taday~' he aaid Sthe mday after beating Earnhardt [or seeand time in four ynn. 'There'e an better thaa Uale Eernhudf." But a career haoncare fa' the race aaya: Jarrett S tar 8; Evo- hardlOfa•18. "I'mmtpg tosayffeNgrry for him,"Jarretl seid W thalfh didadmltitwouMbeaice "tbefa' bed driver to aane ekng 1n the;, time IYe bam m the sport" to . . eventually wmitepremierrace .. Aa iti I99S, when be beat Eat's• hardt in a close fioieh,Jartattwa a few ar-1 the better when the checker flaa al~iBed that the Bun'8 share eia p 6 mBlim purae-6S62,775-washb. ' Butitwaan'tnesayaski6rk• in 1993, even thuugh Jarrett - thelaal211aps. ' - "7Tis was definiteh more DYBJe~attrJ3lah®MSViMay. . . .,w.....-__~.._ nerve-wracking," he aeid. •"ILe .- last lap wes dme to 500 milea in The 39-year-old Jarrett aver itself. agedl6l.306mphiiuraceslowe[, "I tell yau, I think I'd rother . Msf by autim eight times- three fa , lookinehemlrml'er4aetatp~body ~ - muiticaraccfdenta-for261apn .butthat3arbackthere,koowing ' pylrygpdhomCG1 But It was extremely <ompet • WBhtstory,^ itive, with 321eu changaamonf , ButJarrett,whospmttheflml didn'tevmhaveachancetoprar 16drivers. lapmvetnaeachslgxagmoveof tim" Jarrett bad one bad stretct' the determined Eatnkatdt, seW Became teammate Ernie earlyintheraceanddisappeare< his Ford bad ane big advaatage frvan was nearly killed in a 1994 from the leader board for nearll ' overEarnhardt's(bewWet. accidentandunabletostartlaet 501ape.Hisnewcrewwasrespon1 "What he didnY have was aueam, Jarrett came aboard as aible. Robert Yates englne•' said Jer- hiareplacement He brmghl with "On one of our early stops, eA rett, who also won the non-pofote him a reputation as an under- madem air pressure adjustmero' BnschClaehaweek and Ne vi iv R hi i d ctor ear er . Eernhard4whohaduttlerosay ~ afterwardd,agreedlhatlhepower ~ was p W d~ecYWhave anythhlg 111Re him," be lamented. 1 But what Earnhardt did bne { was an experienced crew. IThey don't avne any greeoer than the .. grau~tlutservittdJarrett "The fusl pit atop we made i toda9 waa the ffrst am the~'ve '~ ever made," Jarrett said. • .. ktaeJMF1E7TpnC-6. ; L6rrlw~l , PA N6w In lMpl[w 119 Mw FE9 19. 19116 144740 ®rusaccurrea -t P ac ev ng r er, y Sunday was jus~ fifth of his fo-yearwmYm~ He was asked if the decision av owner Yates gave 4im a fee - . ing of vindication for the difficult preshe'sbad: "They asked me to drive a car for them if they formed a second team," Jarrett explained. "That wasgouenoughfa•rae,thatthey hadcadidenceinme." And he had their car, albeit a SchraderauGordon,ledalofthe fu'st 76 Isps But he developed nxchanical dif ficulties and faded ~ to2lth,fa,alapadowa Ford. In 1996, t%evmlets beats Fords 21-9. But the Ford teams mmplaiaed au NASCAR permit- ted changes that leveled the play- ingfield. "Wejust didnY have mything to match thoseFords;" aald Earn- hardt, one of only two Chevrolets inthetopll. Ken Schrader was third in a Chevy, followed by the Fmds of Mark Martin, Jeff Burlon, Wally Dallenbach, Ted M ave, Bili ElBott. Ricky Rud Michael pe~nca. WaltripauJIMmAS Aside from rMiand Schrader, the day was disastruus fathetopChevyteams. 9ter1m¢Mariin, aeeking an un- precedeniedth'ndatraightDayto aa 500 victory, wae l0tb in the field of 43. He wmt ml with en- gine problems af ler 61 of S001aps. Reignmg Wimton CSIp champi- on Jeff Gordm made an ill-advis- ed move to the top of the high- bankedfourthturnthattriggered a six-car accident on the f0th lap. Hefinishedl2nd. Terry fabonte, a teammate to and it just mesred things up rep, - bxd," Jarrett explained. "I fef , hack quite a ways. But we finall) got the car an it could just fly. ]' could go anywhere and do any-, thing I wanted mt there. Tha t was thekey." Jarrett said crerr chief Todd, I arrottwaebrilliant. "Todd Partntt has done a terri- fic ipbgetting the car to this point i and calliag the race loday"Jar, rett said. "We have a lot o~ canfi- ' denceinhim.That'swhywehhed hin " ' Partott ia a 32-yearold sec- md-generatim ¢ew ch,ef, the -- - son of Buddy Parrolt, who has lurmN wrenches for the likes of ~ former'Winalon CuD chamviom Darrellyja(~and Rusty Wall- ace. :, Jarrett is a second-generation '~ driver, the sm of Ned Jarrett, a ~, racing broadcaster and lwo-time NASCAR champion three dec- m adesago Unlikehisson,andvery m much like Earnhardt, he won ev- ery of any value - except the Day 500. The Younger Jarretl couldn't have authored a better script.
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... : . Lc~~a1 bad b' o yr-S vencer tfies . - -+,/1' TONI NKiBINs afi0aabaerr•kwsoapers '' /! • LoNO POND PA `; "• ther than Dale Earnhardt, per s aps the dri4er, receiving the most applause from fans at Pocono Raceway this weekend dur- ing prepali2tions leadtng to Sunday's UAWGM ~ N Teatnwork 500 has been",''t '",'" Jimmy~Spencer",,•,, " -' The locals in these parts are very fond of the Berwick Bad Boy. Or for-- mer Bad Boy, according to Spencer.larated 45 minutes from the :..,, speedway, Berwick is known nauom ~Dy for ity power[ul high school foon ballprognm.,r+ ..; amemberofthe ° ~" forlNtp years m the f i. earry' . a t c• , ,~; AtE grewupthinkutg :ebout ° ~~ football for the - 3erwick Bulldogs," Spencer recalled this week. "Our teams were very :. as they are tod ay . arong then, "Av I gota little oldet; the racing bugbitme too. . . ....:. ., I tried ~dr a couple years io jug-~ qleboth'spbr[s.Butmydad,Fd, •.: ~ho had a great ru.ing career on Ihe racks of Pesusylvania end New' ~ t'ork, saw that I wasn't able m give ithermy full attention. He was, nat- irally, aavare of the commitment rac- ng takes, so he told me to make a hoice. ."Lookingback• I guess I made he right choice." ~ twice a winner b3 JwuorJo tus beal.'96 hni 6wnedliyT Cartet'~,He wa9"sixth two in the Mi11Cr 50Dat Dover ' 7fiat performance has and his,atil~, led by Don ho'~ef~J pf a victory Stind ets a& hiYB 6R ahnQ e ~S atbn;~_ sd4~o'Py W ~~ u1d be tlie eatost a l~?dy"~tt possible. I'd m aean t3Jaun'ryJuhmY. too. q '"l2aciitg ffi,Pocono for ms is like a baseball pkryer growing up /n New - York and then getting to pitt_!!h at Yankee Stadium," said Spenxr, who noly makes his home in Mresvtlle. To wm here would be like at tyew. guyfhroy~ngano-hi r-4 $peucer~sfar[slBthafter uakfy-. mg Friday at 167286 mph. ' ~The competitor who has2 reputa- tion for driving rough on ocEasion, vows fans are going to cuntmue see- ing a nYw Jimmy Spencer: ; '.j "As far back as Bristol laqt year I feel like 1 am driving as qooQ as I Pocono fo m e 4 e is like a base- ~. Wwieg up fn New York a2d : ~~ora-~ ~ etH~ to pitcha! Yanke. Stadlatn. here would be like that New York PQ6 Il~' a MIA 'I'Pe''I 1 a Ra~ ~aYw~ w~~ ° . Pocono Rallmiy h4sbrg been recognized as one of 25SCA § R'a Most c~om1petl~tfy4s,peeQway~l ~ue tte '~~ dlferenihl§obmbMelTSnproduces/ tender- , race4ajnthepgna' 200-in the ,r - -. ^~x . ' _ phol ... ~~.;",Iembemg y tlme w nlake s contlicts... ~h'attged to a d 42JI'tzn4 Giush a bt(1e'•.~ _ el'"t~'t~4'TtieLdtdbecontentwdhj. whem I'm'runnind, Thefd'uot m~ '..tyl btlW ldhatif Idh `~r se,uearne t crs•-. "the car byt`dquig a dumb tlting ", done tn ffiQ'~ast r . theq,~ gotisawterkedcar •and>f .ofcrewguy9madalme~ .b&a~ theyhavetpfnttFlhatC~n`~ rub qffilio tlie next race -,:;,1! '.? Spentxr, wumer of the WtnSton •: Select Open speaal event ih May att .: Charlotte with a stirring charge, satd'. if "finger pointiu~' by rivals occurs 's after incidents in the future, hell "Dtere are defend himself. . that make "In the'past 1'd e'ay,'Aw, hell with :• Carter. "Rtey ~ . 1 Let it go; I see now that wasn't the ~'ong~ ~el' , ~. rnght thtng,to do. I see now I should dous determiti "But the~th` ha o t in m own defense. otherisad Pm going to shck up for myselE - any - "IhsYsheTySe ormentalcon'- lnewmmpncer." Carter, a NASCAR veteran and former crew chief, conceded Spencer was "a project" when he hired the driver for the second time in 1995. 77,e two also raced together in the 1991-92 seasons. _ A UAW-G TRACK it=RACE • 6IiFENDII ; R CE RE t .023 n ~ Du.usr w 164.558 ork 500 0~es .~ y. 200 k~te' S00 miles H At1 P '1'eri~ 1.abonte D Alan KulivMld,,. - eN Jut~s 11;1892,~' . . COHD Rusry Wallace, set June 10 1994 ral things to me dhletes," said , ve to be physically to have tremen-, onanddesire-- that pi6iails ove`f brtnous v+71'power Every great racer iated with had I've ever been ability to contr~ themselves during the'game.' '~ "In Jimmy I saw those ingredi- ents. Yeah, he needed polishing. He was like a ball of fue, but the guy is AP ; really talented and he~s proving that ' more and more. "Jimmy is a very emotional guy and the maiq thing he had to learn was to control his emotions. Also to bepa4en4 n,,,..,. :-.:, i:.~i, ~Hehasmadealotofprogressin ~ both regards. You can see it in his : driving. Pay attention and you'll see - patience you didn't see before in . Jimmy Spencer." That's true. But it surc messes up a great nickname. The Berwick Bad Boy. 52245 8391 Jaeluomllle, IL Jourml•Courler .aJN 18. 1966 SUN 14,759
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3eyre•Alhene, PA Tlmes TAurndal 07,327 . JUN 13, 1996 N4828 II `rai®©PRESSCGIPPINGS I r- : `Forgotten' Spencer, driven ;-to -team-up-€or-~.betta By MIKE HARRIS AP Motorsports Writer Jimmy Spencer certainly has not. been "Mr. Excitement" this sea- son. Actually he's been more like ' r Fnrgoilea," . Iast week at Dover, a- su~t t- ; place finish was Spencer's best of , the season and only his second top 10 in 1996. But it's all part of Spencer's master plan. "We've had a good last couple of weeks," said Spencer, a rough- and-tumble compctitor who eamcd his nickname years ago on the short tracks of the Nonheast. "AII the hard work finally paid off in The Winston Select Open (an all- star race that he won last month). "It was a pretty neat deal be- ...cause the guys: had been working really hard the Tast two yearr 7or- me, and it tinally came to a head at Charloue. ... It was a non-points race, but it was still a win." Spencer, who drives the Smokin' Joe's Thunderbird for Travis Caner, is 19th in the Win- ston Cup points and hasn't been getting much respect, despite two series vicmries. "If NAtSCAR thoughi that I was Recently, before a race at North 'annecessatly rough on somebaiy, Wilkesboro, two Charlotte radio or maybe Ernic Irvan or Dale personalities known for their wise- Eamhardt was, they will assess a cracks acted as co-grand marshals pettalty based on whether it was " and said, GenUcmen and Jimmy just racing or it could have been tever," Spencer Last week, tcamowner Felix added, "I think Felix was totally tcs whose driver, Kyle Petty, out of line because, if you ask all roccn y ran afoul of Winston Cup the competitors, they would say officials during a race, took a shot that you see a different Jimmy . " at Spencer, saying he could hit Spencer." anything or anybody and That different Spencer may not NASCAR wouldn't go after him. be quite as exciting and hell bent "I'm glad you brought' that for sheet metal as the old Jimmy. up," Spencer said earnestly. "T. "I'm going to do the best.I Wayne Robertson, the head of can: " he said.'`I'm going to drive sports marketing here at Camel, as hard as I can and give 100 per- had a long talk last year about ccnt That'sall I can.giva the team, some stuff" that Jimtpy Spencer and. I.expect.lhe same out of iny needs to do. As far back as Bristol tcam. last year, I fceHike Ietn drivingas------i7lstick-uptorlhcm_ no matter good as I can drive. what, If they do wroni, that's part "I am being extra patient and of racing and we won t let it hap- taking my time when I'm.around pen' again. But that's how you other cars to make sum that I don t build a good mce team, and we are get in any conflicts. And, if you building a great race team right look back, NASCAR makes deci- now. We're in the process of sions based on what happens that building aw new shop and every- day, thing is going. in the right diree- JIMMY SPF.MCER tion. "It's taking us a little more time than we would like, but I'm going to keep doing my job; " Spencer added. "Instead of taking a 10th- place car and trying to win the race, I'll take 10th place. ... Those are the things I didn't do in the past. "Jimmy is doing that right now' and I think Jimmy is going to keep on doing that, because if I keep doing that and my guys'.kcep working extra hard like they have . been, we can start having the con= sistcncy we need to bocome• a championship team."
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Kanngpoli1, NC INDEPENDENT 6h ar lo 6s -D uta nl. - R o uY H I I I Mst Aru 11urstlaY 0 11.263 JUN 20. 1996 ~ P3624 11®®®PASSSCLIPPINGS I n,. SPo TW70 ~ Dale FamMrdt, JL, the 2l-ycaro{d sibilk'y'foi thd'35ye~ oId4voNe-irr son of the eeventimq WYucton ICLa waitlng. -,' . . , , , I I ' I I , - thamplon,'will rattempt -to maioe` h(s ~,:B's hatd to run oue of theae cus ti.> '. START / F,IHISH ~ zBusch Gand National debut thBVveek• satd "Stewatt:+4)nly"~rutlNng 6nce or ?rgl~ end at Myrtle Beach Speedway with the'tadcea~nth up untll thhs polnt, It s' ~ running of the Carolina Pdde/Adnnce' hard . to retain what you've Icarned ' ' Auto Pans 250. . With this of races coming up ~® Myttk Bach is the ideal pUce for evetytMtig~be fresk~iamy miad Pamhardt to debut the he das been when B's tlme to go out.Raehrg more competing tegqlatiy in the,.Wlmton . wDl help this team as much is It wnl . Racing seties a4 the .538 mlle,ovaL He help me,~;u,>' . . . stands as the only thitdgenaufon dri' - AJthoish $tewatt hu f'wmd lmtant ;' -. ver to wln i feiture m the tia f~e on thE BtL cin;uit, his PYjmar7J ; Hisgrutdfathe%RaIphEamhardt,`~uW' goallstonmtheNASCpRWiastonCrp, Eamhardt, Sr., ach. ecored f4ature :. sehedule. Stewart k coWng off a 17rh y TRACK ~ENOTH z mlh ,. winsuMyttleBeach.. - placefmish#llover. RACELENOTH 200(aps,40Dmlles . idlchipen EatnhardtwBlattempttoi1uaDfythc '1 couldn't wait to get to Ibver,' 'DEfENdHGCHAMPBobbylabonle `Intematlonai f~~Ch :~; No. 31 Mom n' Pops Chevrolet owned - said Stewart.-'NAgCAit racing has been RACE RECORD• Da AllBOn ~ sp eedw.y r r i as [ m]dnd of ~ 160A12 mph. eM June~t '': ' ` r. ,, ~. - ~nrlnq ~,. by Teress Eaiahardt. He will ampete myprimaY goal all abng ateattmnte to BGN ragubr JeH ~~ g~ng rejwenzted 1Q~ ck h4re !n . GUALffYINORECORD Green:who'drives the Goodwrench:NASCAR -.-t~}~~ .~f~ 166611mph,ytJune1995 .. 4.r ~F SeMceCheProkt " .'. _ r-ESMO%IN'-'The hst(tlmcS . . _ r-~ ~. . ~. . Qttalityhrg for ehe 32 car fk}d S~9nished two eonuci tlve txCes e s. 0 tor5p.ql•Prldpy san~ toptm"WatSe~emGtl~(~993i, <, NASfAR OB BUST A"~hir'~•bonvt.cr,ittt'e top tefi'311~ht tx 4~. -•~oy rxJng thue salq $~ticer f Bobby Hatnfhoa,, dri cr pf t1ie. STP ,; I;M* #~ W~ ro ayg ~~~jp~pf t},e emprS~rY I've bem ruontr~ at thf finish of Pondac~ campla-d x Ure test ; his first taYte of shast track'nu~ng oe a Pon1, eipecUUy it chicv ~# MI~ b1lf-one, I~ust at MIS, loo foivard to gettiog the r' utday, at Myrtk Bnth '. . r - B~ ~envtlomtl Speedwry. ha en't been rtvuting Acy wcll, b new noae fiaed on his PonNaS. ,<., v~ Stewatt, who ted the pok for .-' In 12 psRS .u the two-mne. ovat, It would bt hud to odnvince some. ~ N~ Sp~e~ 's best 8oishls 12th.7trat came on~ ttiat I enjoy racing there a9dt my 'We re going to get tlils ~Pbntlae'7 ,`"n N Scat BnytowBl aRempt'tb tun hb '~ his sxoYW "start at the trulc-To; but I do." ..,. . straightened out,' said Bamilton. I fourth Busch Gnnd JVationil rue for add Imuk to injun ~tsr~ c r h2s never m SOMEONE +~+ SAY PONTIACY -'They're going to gh'<us our neav,qose , ~ ~ Ranier•Walshtacet He Fwto finished on tht:k'a l.4 at Atgan~ ~ will become the latest benefi• at Mi-chigan I've heard some goodr,, the 1 c~dmPete ln°10 of th~4 jeWslqprg lri ~put has finished onc uF oH rlw pac~.c rQfI~ASCARchaagesthivweekend thitigs about Pontlac's new ttose.It's I.n it oa Ihe BGN clm4t ~R°aack it a ffve times afi they uqyeD a new nose plece nt /ust' who can adjust lo B, and fhdllrg ~ ~s. Mi the ~ t balance ou ihe car to.mstch. ~ WirotonGUPstarUqgspoti;zkoapos . Mlchiganisahrcurrul indtrc~I +Igh
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_ . . . ;,._ . , . ,.• .; ,s pe gs happen to .us."We look back, `. ~S . like he elther won ora%recked. (Dale Jarrett); and he got second But ncer fiNshed the season with a 'I approached it wide open„here we got scolded for.pit :road.speed, Is[iing,of,subpar fmishcs; but at least .,; and thinif not for some of thosefu[ishes, we go, 'I'm going to go for it•:;.And wasn't speeding;d know I wasn't: Bot the,v werc7hd>hes. He had an-average. , we would be 18th or 20th in points;. more often . than not,it bit me," -In their eyes I was, and h's aNASC.AR of 19th:dtmng the final;l7 taces,~. and that's pretty good for this race Spencer says. "And it hurt the race calL I hadto 8vewitb tr an,dchmbc_d~from 35th, to.26th tn,:j team~considering where we were at _ team a lot. It hurts the morale of the ._ "i could never make that lap up bui t-uptpolnts Hecapprtd~( w3th , the beginning of lufyeac." race team because wetve-:got a car we worked oti that'cat anq wewpdrql a~ n acr~place tLtLs~h in the season ~Spetuxr's new approach allowed athat's all tom to pieces and:we don't ~'. on that car and at the end of.thetrace futitc`~~thttta,f' r x "r'z "' ` struggBng team- toshow.some poteo- ~ ' sj knowhowgoodwewere.thatdayand wewereracing'forninthpiaee Ibit >~spcqcerpointgain(rom~theHnt tlalandgave,insomehope:for1996l you've lost a week I Imow:1-can't_.do my tongue thelst`•40'laps bccausc 1. h31(' neh~sZzsoil [o the secnd(plus ~. Theteam has.added some new.crew thatanymote:" knewlhadtogeiupdweandproseir .,i4~,i uttie~largcstofany,winstonmembetsandenters-'96withanew .Spencer won two reces in;94 with to those people~but I justheld back i Cu~dr, Junior johnson's No 27_ team:Ite wzs -and said '1 imcm"it but I can't do aoy ~,t4' Lg , wz releasedzaftertheseason,hbwever, [hingabou[I[?~~jx because he wrecked tuo;manv cat~ "1 couldhag~eF`,~one up _iliere and :' allettatedhisteainmatesandwoundup.s mixcd h up,an`d~gotteR in,frunt Of?~, '. 29th in'points.He'also'missed'two thox peoplIfwas a lappcd car "Ir. nces anA tailed (o fhilsh l l:othets audit wunt going~,to benefit me'Art}i~11 ~t :.After being teleased bY Johosoo hc JoinedTtavis Gvter s team :thits btlrtg teuvitedwithhisfotmerboss~~i:' ~ Spencer said he was co or~,ta je working whh-the lowkey CuG~ i promised a piore pattertt cotisen- appt i' idnYhappea "~ i ; ar. - ;, two had a seasonbest of dnth a[td an; ~.. ~. ., average BnLshof 26.5. Nisttjew gtatt- was.a disasterfrom thestart as her~ _ wrecked in.one of the 7tY1n,125•w qualifying races and fa8ed to mare thc field for the Daytona 500r.'<'. `; .... _. . "Myy patience has been stretched more thanonce," Caneradmits".~>:',.. , , JLV "we started out the year real'exd[<. ed," Spencer says. °Coming.offtivo whts(in' 1994); 1 thought we-were'in' ' real good shape. Then we had a disas, trous Daytona and never recouped' from it. It took us almost three months to recover from that.. 'I made a big mistake at Daytona in the Twimrac6s, but thisrace'team': shouldn't have beehin thatsituation:' We-should havebeen locked 7n'on' speed or a provisional, but we'weten't, on either.Y said, 'Man, we ain't`got'ashot aCa provisional, we ain't got'a: shot on speed, we've got to get,in this race.' That excitement and adrenalitie got going and I made a miNake. Btn I ;tir tiof afrc ieamed hom that. That was a big one."' Maybe the fans4 oti t tuidetstzn i, 1 i t'.:yti Then nme the cottfrontatlon wlth' the drivers do ahdt6e'csr "°°Rbbeits'6H`,~vho"Challehgetl`S%flzfic'Zi"tb""~"tbeyteeilse~tlmpY4!adw'gaed•ta+ du~>~ prove he could finish races. Spencer, _,day but I:u6e,d{my,head apd"didn?t began his more coascrvat7ve approach , mess up people and oost a flti~guy r l a. ~:.`~ ig'renor.'happYIfwc ~. "Theattimdeoftheteam.havgottlb " tlotoftkhia .a., b:W ~ and ; in Tmvis Canet. We ralked about being tienct;ind usy his tlc ad u , t l smart'decisions'ln a'ia~c'then h'e''-in the'tdp'r10in points last year. In at Daytona in july, finishing nhtth ing fouttL or8fth. I helped a bunch ot:'t/_'q~on t tinlsh: I thWr he cey knows 1996, I think we will do that. I really "When we went back to Day[ona in people getiri`a-position where they, :that getting to thc end is the tirst step feel we will be a factor In winning a' July, we tan really weg, and I think that- could better,themselves. That s[he -,~ln',finLshing w ell. 'Ihat bas he] tw a" few raced and be"in the top 10 in~ dosedthechapterondtatandshowed'stu6wherefavo[sareretumedlTtGy'till.~,ywPMiOurrvshavebeenie"sbte;rthe points' .r ',.._that we can run well at Daytona," ' n^member that:That s what I lad.ed ltt `T~glnes ~e beert rehable{and he has Carter is.a bit~more reserved in his Spencer says. "From that point on we ~. the past, but I don t lack that any `been trLable,.We,hase brc{t~a ilt [o ftrr twdool I[e "admits his"team is making BnLstted races and tan really strong " .. more ..': t ~; .. ` we ju.tt nted [o impravettlid`se fur progress but says'iCstlll has'a long way He followed that with finishes of ContmWng°his temper after ~;'" p~sRionns~a loc to Fro ~. 12th at New Hampshire,' 17that' penagzedby NASCAR was onc,rof thc., z~e caC8ltave gottrn a-~u[ better '1 dtink we made-some progress in f Pocono and 10th at Talladega. It'was' -hardeatthhtgs the volatlki Speqmr h~f Ai.andthe driver; is using his'head a4o" the sarond•haif of the yev," he says of . the top-10 finish at Talladega where ever had to do, Holding back~and sci ~~"~,a~th~t swhat you }m•e to`do 1 '95. Btn we've fiad two years with this : the key to consistent finishes finally tlingforatop10f88shwas"anatreq~ "`seo~ept>itits,'.Spauer~ays:'•~Irealty;#,program nos,v;'and:,wecettaioly : sunk in. . '-I bit thteoholes in mydongtu ~Y lrinbken my,shoukkr haven t been satLpBed withwhat we've t ti . n ''Wewere as strong as anytwdy that ' day,' he says.''Ithtut. It hunbt~a~ tM us a's far asbtlng;tn the top J':accnmpgsLed.;T,tldnk the second half day and we feh like we had an oppor really love Daytotta and TaBadega .`~laet tnif of ~c spsi~~ ~CJ[ w xaqrted to show some slgns that we "' tunhy to win that iace, ~ Spencer says. . get exdoed when I go to tho5~, Mtddmiove ln[o ["he {~0 ~,'~~m",ovyigfotaatd. We'te being more"; w 9 know I was better than the 28 car . But those ~htut jimnry Spencer h e"~i~ ," ' ou~le of o te oomtlNC and more competkhre on i u, ; :most'surprisingstat, Cngineptogrun,swltdilngfromjuNor uhe•DNF;column, johuson'spower:plantstoPruMotorss rising num . 'The motor;program is not the b i wholepmblgm;butttwIDbeabigplus. 5 a ddce~lmotsn ~ for us" gpencer;says: CWe didn't have i 'was asure,`~tn that'6.a motor-man'all year long, and thatt has mende9 uc wari '-= htvt.us.'11tis year we will have a motor. . a P~inji bVl~.~}~~iM'YfCIIMd dG1Vn fiM! rfS~;l~1q•~Fh ~,, he'sreallzedtwo,things;' ~.managyear:•.~~.~ : ..
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oqlWxm, PA AlexL nnrbqlAr Me1ns ineq 0Y,1H ~/~ N487B {GL11®®eeeesunerxes ' dM 7. 1888 ~ Spencer .def endh ~ ~ ~,Nescar ri"verse s6sor orm ~s . ... ~r6T'r~N tNrlp 4G th! ra0e traCk nVe! ~' e ' '~ W havahi.idthe eharpa; jeus7 dait~~~y -.~; -,bmu.hteWnstNr.JlmmyBpeo-i-..`InWe0a0. aanwl'.e p¢IhaW14.;,thlnp~,Iwontiei 'Y'hKsldtjm - abn CuG r.flo~ qtreWt, B Ow eneped mao9a tlme, : G. ~mme~hwr.r°aacl. ~nedumn +' ty o°~wt° i µ~Iye'"ebao{s e _ ~. mo•r.i u~.,,J.Q° ::~~"A hdu T 'eM i ' ~ d ~ d s We ery .~ o~ .w~r a t a qfo,y~ oeiryyp~ ^le. hs neen aaeC -'~`''a n le `-~ "H IYo - _. I minedtluiheloeriasttoJlmmf-'iailWneWetBinut.ot a tolnzeo.eara ' 8ylneer can be hRnrdous b.'BttNi blt'Netler uy,~ou to 'krafbNned `outd , i~ 7mnhealtR .-+. '..'bewtlsdedwlthwhera:71re.;Utense theyuna ~ Wa hava aaeo krWana nf the .rwmh~7naleW or latln` a . mlo POa -tram g e .m matea.. .,. ( reeklesa dr/yl,ne that ~phce ev'end.trjhl{ ty wlu the In Ihe ~st~ne~VU,e ~ Snenatwnekmore. .. N... raee~odi~atielneeemenrehlema- ,. Wahanhe.ro kWmonyC,am .JwttaLlONOGoe.~ ms ~'Inotb~'wordi.;~ca ox '~tevml Mveri !nd'ov o~nere ~Idldn'tdoln, ~ 6{sarUyA R^ da9hitM ' WLLthe eNhalt.~Vn YOUkJuamorywlW.O ~~ ~~~ ~ou ~ adrlvI'mhatahln~~jo~your . e t t 'd(CrtWketR ~,. ~lo'.tbaar.I'm `mytln4 ^~m'.drlv1.n IW.~~beBer.HUt~ Now hbHr.$yenceratumb When a'm.around other pm to "1'n1 .tlll he(n`'~crltlelsed for dehndhlmeelf. ' metesuroldonYOet.bany con. ..thNpldldlntMpsClhaveto 'I'm OIW jou'ro hmu`ht this Oleta" derend myeelt, beususe nabody tiM 016penuer Wd. 9 wanted to 7s thk why you eent Wohaal alaeleeoln¢bdefeodme. ,-. upmYesll Wsltrly 1nb the wdl evlkr ~ 7TSt•a Ihe Wth In Rct Just , W.11, tlut 4 wlut we're here YearatRlchmone7 '~} Int week, ear owner Pellx Bw ';~u is Your day b the euuM1 . I dW owe epro blem them. bates'_aale In essena that You oyiNOn. ~ beat my Urq roq went lntn eoWd rvn into anybndy on the, ~NOw U It mt triie that In Ihe .. corner .ot lato Mlohael en . truk .nd-NASCAH would not , y.et you hwa ebowh a totel dlr ~'dum Wrq; H'wse)wfa fln3ou. .~.~ .. . ', ra0erd for the aafatYyr?ther ;'mcl eut that"e d peve bee __~.- Pew 4 toteUy out of Ilne. He drlrera In YourqUiat !o ywh'- prevented ou A I fold y;heade to atey baek and neeeea ~ ~ouJ car toward the~front7ln chW Iwusurry, /x , the sltu.tbn. We"W know the ~~rsCKbluotly ayeRfo`, ha.en't ':Sn how Is th4 any dHRronF eu ownere !n oE on tanRnts ' loJ dona wme fl.(puEau0ld _Lwm-oea<seent ~smue me tt u i t~. wt~ - .- ' WNlJwhst about the North ren and aald he wanted to do Implylhat I was {olu0 to rou.h Carollna rsdlo Dl aGU, In ehrt- that to fDale7 Earnherdt and ePorybodyup." -: in` thls yeata rece at North WU. -Eemhardt aad no way. He asked 8o you ere Jurt llks tGiLle Lee keshoro, aald, "GenUqmen, and It he cou]d do It to me, vtd I bld Olfrord y deepenon who slm+ Jlmmz .Syeoeer, startaynur en. him to p~ ahead. He meent R to ply b roy.undmt'ood and a, .- ' ylnn. . . (:: bave fun. Ne dldn't mnn It to tlm of nepUve y ~. `'m 1'. He eeme to me Defora th YA `Is record; N N a m
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Goldiboro, NC News•Argus Goldahoro Mol /raa 6undaT SUN 26,232 APR 28, 1996 /~~//~/// N3598 a.:1Y®©PRSSSCLIPPINGS . Jerry Howell ~li PIT $TOP Talladega is always exciting for Spencer Jimmy Spencer has done it all at Talladega Superspeedway. He's won a race, raced to the checkered flag in multicar drafts, started on the front row and even landed a race car on four - wheels after flying through the air. The last of those feats is the only one that puts Spencer in his own group. Long before Spencer stunned the Talladega crowd by winning the 1994 Di -Hard 500 NASCAR Winston Cup Series event, he flew a car oug the air down the backstretch, made a safe landing and drove away. . All planned, of course. It was during the Winston Cup Select 500 four years ago, and Spencer was tucked in a tight draft with several cars. He got tapped from behind and went sailing hundreds of feet down the backstretch. The rear of his Travia Carter-owned car raised high enough for Spencer to see the frontstretch grandstands. After getting a good look, he landed the car safely on its wheels and drove it back around to the pits. Unfortunately, Spencer had- n't practiced his landing. The sudden jolt damaged the suspen- ston of the car, and he was forced to park it. The suspension, however, was the only thing damaged. "I've never experienced anything like it, and I hope I never do again," said Spencer, who is in his second season as driver of Carter's Smokinaoe's Ford Thunderbird. "Things got absolutely quiet. Th n€1iio o-r stalled, and it sounded like I was gliding. I was dumb enough to open my eyes one time, and I saw the grand- stands on the ~ontstretch. I thought to myself,'1'ep, it's a sellout; and I closed my eyes real quick. All I could do was to hold on." "1'd like to say I guided it back to a four-wheel landing, but I had nothing to do with it." "I was pretty shaken about the deal, but I think Kenny Schrad- er got rattled as well. He was running there with us, and he saw me go sailing through the air. When he came back around, I had - already cranked the car and driven away. Kenny told me later ' that he radioed his crew and told them he thought he was going i c He told them that he knew he saw a car go into the air on I the but now it's gone." - "Ifa hilarious to hear Kenny tell the story, although it took awhile before I could laugh about it " . His flight during the 1992 Winston Select 500 is often talked about each season around the Talladega races. But since then, Spencer's career at Talladega is what's gone into full flight. In the past three seasons, the Berwick, Pa., driver has scored five top-10 and three top-five'finiehes. Included in those stata is his second career NASCAR Winston Cup victory, in the 1994 Die- Hard 500. He also has a second and a fourth at the tour's fastest track. ,"I l.ave racing at a ega," Spencer said. "I remember the first s' time I went there I was driving for Buddy Baker. I could not have ; gone there withoa better teacher than Buddy because he did well ' at Talladega and Daytona in his career." "We only lasted 151aps that day before the motor messed up, but I got real comfortable out there while lasted." • "Lately, we've had a lot of success at Talladega. I juet like the qloseness of the draft and the close racing we do at that track.° Spencer's first career Winston Cup victory came at Daytona--- ~alladega's sfster facility-making both his victories at restrictor- , plate tracks. Spencer came into Winston Cup in 1989, meaning he never raced an open motor on the circuita fastest track. "I don't mind the restriction plates; said Spencer. "It makes it lot more exciting for the fans, and any time you can race three- vnde to the checkered flag, that's plenty exciting for me.' 1 "I can't imagine what it would have been like racing the open motors around that track. Bill Elliott won thepo le at'lslladega dne year with a lap of 212 mph. Today it would probably take a lap of 220 mph to win the pole." "No matter how fast we go, the races at Talladega are always . going to be exciting." Today s Winston Cup Select 500 at Talladega can be seen on yfable ESPN at 1 p.m. Behind the wall... ~ NASCAR officials announced last weekend at Martinaville a modification to the Ford Thunderbird for compehtion on the Win- . aton Cup Series. NASCAB officials will allow lowering by a half. inch the rear roof line on all Thunderbirds at tracks 1-mile or longer, with the exception of road courses, Daytona and Tallade- gra. The first event where the changes will be seen are at Char- , lotte. "Through extensive research and costly development by us and by some of our NASCAR teams, we determined late last year that the back of our roof needed to be lowered 1.25 inches to achieve aimilar down force and drag numbers to the Monte Carlo with its fail section modified to match the rear of our Thunderbird," a :<pokesman said. NASCAR granted one-fifth of that request in January, but only. for selected tracks. As a result, Ford teams have had to spend money and build separate cars for different tracks, while Chevrolet teams faced no such handicap. "We're going to watch these developments closely. While these i announced roof heights changes brings us closer, we re not con- vinced that theses changes will make the Thunderbird competi- tive. If they don't we11 be forced to look at other alternatives, including developing a new production car-this, despite that fact Chevrolet already has been allowed to alter its car by about 5 inches without modifying its production car," said Dan Rivard, Ford Motor Company Public Relations. See you at the races...
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Lmoeter, PA Inhlllpenaer Journal Lmuwlor Mtl Are. Btlurtlt/ 1141,25E MAR 30. 1996 H4736 ~/~// ia~i®©PRRSS CLIPP(NG S Martin wins pole for Food City 500 i BRISTOL; Tenn. (AP) - Mark Martin definitely has the half- mile oval at Bristol International Raceway figured out in qualify- ing. Martin gave Ford its first Win- ston Cup polq of the season Fri- day, taking the top qualifying spot for Sunday's Food City 500, his third straight pole on the .533-mile, high-banked concrete track. "I've always like banked race tracks and I don't think pou'11 find one banked more than this," Mar- tin said. "I know where the walls are and I've got a pretty good set- up on the car. ' G~oodye~a~r did bring a new tire this yea', end that should have changed things quite a bit, but we pretty much stuck with what we had and pretty much ran fast rightout of the box." Martin's fast lap of 123.578 mph was well short of the track qual- ifying mark of 125.093 he set last August, and it was slower than his pole-winning speed of 124.605 last March. He has 29 career poles, includ- ing five at Bristol. The pole-winning Thunderbird was followed by five Chevrolet Monte Carlos, led by Terry La- bonte at 122.921. Darrell Waltrip, a 12-time win- ner at - Bristol, was third at 122.787, followed by Sterling Mar- lin at 122.709, Bobby Labonte at 122.584 and Mike Skinner, an- nounced earlier in the day as the driver for a second Richard Child- ress Racing entry, at 122.584. MARK MARTIN Chevys have won four straight races since Dale Jarrett took the season-opening Daytona 500 in a close battle with Monte Carlo driver Dale Earnhardt. And, until Friday, General Motors cars had dominated 1996 qualifying, with Chevys taking three poles and Pontiac Grand Prixs two. Despite his showin? on Friday, Martin said he wasn t very opti- mistic about Sunday. Echoing the continuing com- plaint of car owner Jack Roush, Martin said, "We are dealing with a pretty good downforce differ- ence between a Monte Carlo and a Ford. "We're at a greater disadvan- tage here than we were the last few weeks, from the standpoint of aerodynamics. It's not right that our cars are completely stock (in shape) and theirs are not. They have one template that's five inches wider than stock." i Thunderbird driver Jarrett, the series point leader, ran afoul of the often treacherous Bristol track Friday, Iosing control just as he crossed the finish line fol- lowing his second and final qual- ffying lap. , i Jarrett's Ford slid sideways and slammed hard into the low wall separating the track from pit lane, then skidded up the banking into the first-turn wal l. He was not injured and will be listed in the seventh position with a lap of 122.552, but by switching to his backup car will, according to NASCAR rules, fall to the rear to start the 500-lap race. ; Joe Nemechek, who qualified 20th at 121.883, crashed on the backstretch during his second qualifying lap, but will repair the car and drive it in Sunday's race. ' Among the other qualifiers, de- fending race winner Jeff Gordon, coming off a victory last Sunday at Darlington, was eighth in a Chevy, while Earnhardt, who trails Jarrett in the standings by 47 points, was 19th. The top 25 qualifiers Friday locked in starting spots in Sun- day's 37-car field, with the top 19 earning pit stalls on the front straightaway, considered an ad- vantage in the race. Another round of qualifying today will determine the next seven positions, with up to four other drivers added as provisional starters based on season car- owner points. Bill Elliott, who was 42nd out of the 43 drivers who ran laps on Fri- day, also has the option of requali- fying today or using the former champion's provisional and start- ing 37th. He won the Winston Cup title in 1988. Little takes Goody's pole: Chad Little, last year's Busch Grand National series runner-up, took the pole Friday at Bristol In- ternational Raceway in qualify- ing for the Goody's Headache Powders 250. Little, drivinga Pontiac, turned a lap of 121.198 mph, relegating Michael Waltrip's Ford to the out- side of the front row at 121.152. Little, the sixth pole winner in seven events this season, earned his first pole in 74 Grand National races. ' Hopefully, it'll be a turn- around for us," Little said. "We got off to a real toug h start this year. It's been a hard road learn- ing what we need to know about these new Pontiacs. "Winning our first pole here is real special because this place is notorious, a very tough race track," he added. Two-time series champion Larry Pearson was third at 120.999, followed by Jeff Green at 120.829, Jimmy- . er at 120,740, former serfe's'c pion and current point leader David Green at 120.573 and rookie Tony I Stewart at 120.083. -".~ I
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Cpt Corall, FL hm9 ft. Mran MMkss 01,900 JUN 6. 1996 N1772 Lm9Y7Laresas casrrtNCs ; FSRIppD AOWald NlNS SCrVItt.-•,. L,' , have heard the charges brought against Mr ; 5' . .*w',Jlmm~$pElleer aiM . ;e i 4. T jy „ .'.S . . . .?a . +M st, as:a dnver opth Winaton Cup'~tacmg cirtvi4' ~ ; $penariramenaceto~meehamealsociety: _ yq'hat~~hicar the Smo m'~iloe Ford'sponsorelby Catnel otgareqes { a ~weming'label tad- -~~ +f'ina It,has-beenrdetermitied•that racmg next to'- r N: Jhmmy-Sp~r qa4be liiardcuam your.hea1N .-` a' ~Pe have,seen evidenc~'of~~ teck,leaa:dnnngtYun ..,r..,...~..r,.....,.. .•............•:. -..,- . . . :~. We hq4e.. heard testiuwny-fmm"several drivets` andl.~- .`; " tht th ivord"hlt ilym car ownersae ;aspa. smp is a qet,,::.. ~.wayof~saying. 5penoerdidn • .- . . ' / =.: ' ' : -Now,itisMr. Spbncer stunito defend himrelf• "I`m:glad you've lnought this up," Spencer.said. 'P; r! - wantorngtuse. •.. iedtiiipntylf :" :. Wes4-that is whatwe.ro;hero for lfiisis yourday^~ . . _. ~ ~..__.. r . ,•... .. .: Now is it not true thatinthe past you have shown a:, I'tota) disregard for the spfety of other:ddvers m~ iso ~ quest ;to.Push, your•c.r.to ward,the, front? 7n.fact~.~~s , , bluntly spea9ing, haven`t'y ou•done son(e fLtwut'~A ~; s things on the race qdek overthwyearsT :•~the.:past, I've eraslied uta°tarlti;inahs taorby.~~. y,domg;dumb thmgs,a>won"t denyat 1'vecrashad-t;' . " ` ~ x d ~Y~time,bantsoEbmngdnmb .~ + " ~ ~~ ~ v. ~u~ tieW neW ~. r-ve•cnanged,toa'!oegeee urualizingtnat tfyea..'; _ 'eLttle brctVnther ap yoa need to be sans•w ?~ , can~fip~7r ~ .. ~ , s, fied wsth whem you re.tunnmg i . of takip~ y,Ipd}oble earand tNme:tp:waqtheend causm;~ sonte~prma Just-jnEefl(Itlf place •That s soAta.~_, kthm kd*att do w tha"¢s" dmmgrettgoo,u 1can:dnve.l m:;F: ~a~buag.e;tti!patsent iay tti~_car, I m•takiag~myntQe°;.;. s:wti~a?rm.,amand other,evs lomakesntal don't get 0 inlnycontlicfs. 1: ts tNarwhy.you sent 1Nichael walrtip,hyo the wall ~M earhetthis'YearatRehrooodl ;"I'did cause a~probleto:tha¢:.I,be't Ny. Ge,tbd,: : '+ went inta the ~cornr~ Sot;into 1Niehad' and damped-<' ~.htm.IewasjustaracmB'infidentUut Lavebeem ~erentedoa:my[oldMscbeellw,'aatyv y'.'. ,, So.hhow'isahts aey,different/fsom,paatsyesrs7~;;- . '.Etcfp~4~tt!'~if-.it`sounQs,,A~,.'.iEtacyig'oezttoyou-sdl(is._:.. ~aboq4•a4Yalfau stepping~in froar^of.Mike •f}aen or:::. _ [,AlberfBell~r:. •.-, "In the•past ~I would have•sad,''77~o- hell with it. }k ~• understands.'•That's not:aharighfthing to do Fk; ,t.doestfttndetstatd• I've,lmme&that-Uom bemg ert0 aed.aqd having finges pomOedPtma so-many timqt. =j ,n If I,dO Aortkthmg,y!long, I, m going to addtess 8~{ ^' an~"get its,rkghteried out right'then and th8re so~•"~~ a „they"+untlerstand whete: Cm•comm6~ftom• What hdrt.'I ~' ,:memthepeit.waslneverdef myself r ~ m :` .otlbrwords, Yop„tG not i~vsly a safer dnver+ u ipslekd m 1ust mae vlli4loo apuhagtu fat'~ N y h~td in dnviag a lot better. But 1'.m stillbetng cnti`-_IT oized'for.tKings I did in the pau.~,I have to defend t .. myselt;,bacause nobody else is g0ing to defetd_tm". ~`sh~,cra ~.lt.:~. - -- ,encerYsa e~5cfiange ~y ~ 11
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Daytona ' (ConUnued,r~mlege,IC) • ,.-aresdoaYask-mb abddtlt.~G3e6k.at rnce Eanlhsrdt ahould have won . wa wo xtw do m'x w~i w~in:n.°Or atlea9lacou oftlmea 'i ' -u I waa close to whfmng lt o ~roew' ~wr1!eMNM~M^"^^.^1ry al.nlel.l w.v 1'A fhl 4 It mnn4 r: as m+%A ,o+".k'w.* ane.~. erv time, too." s.erd Mark Mertin;'wTo 1 I finished rtgst behlnd'.Earnhardt 1 s' e'.xnn,r.enw.w,v rptu . ;. eY, n.r..l leel wn. M hnv.ln N.M4 1 exMaaMhDMMIMMnCNn Dale Eamhardt woukl-e>cliectto' e.iyue:e:;axnwnaa:&ro veln the Daytona bIq' after the khtdofsuocesshe'ehedbere," . ' rwnov.n,o.nxxwrxune ' r.~ w or n n s wd,a n wxe .._ "Marlln,_irying'tobeco,me'the ia~rxwarrpsiwe.ew.~,3 ua.nweero r ntwnwwa ll , e , . first dstver' win the raa~threee tR, rr.lws.n rwarwr.~ra I<gettingbysomeoneftnmoreofa m. ~Q. etralgstumes;haeonly(ourtotal: ~1,w~rosy~~anwe~e, ita,o.o~xraanow'Ihatchan,^,6 ' n.rMM1W~Ix.rM1MWMr/. [ lmhne Nfmneslnn It rcn.' ' rr hll ftM'Q ^f .. "Rlere'e no way youcanex-. 1 uern..enr.,en.wan. ,. eq I ~. ;.._, I. ~r. nw ww r en .ewra ` ~ . . a x ., plam how I've won two Daymnea . u ew.a rwen..rra ' and Earnhardt hesn't wron-one, ~'ft'undqa twin 125-mUc " i:w 9ueLfylnA proved the polnL~$ r, . t s M h ld All f u : Y ~e ar n ea , can e .e Daytonaebeengoodtome.Igot. nnu ard and Irvan each won f ~R-,.~ 'ar„arwm.~ue °MFOI~P eventn nttea ~•6 a. ole=here ana:my fUat: w. we~x in flret ~ , y p , w.n.mmxxY.awnxna ar.+o'NalkVLtp {Iy WgleflleupUllt ggR WIn.ItJuathaenRbeeneagoodto a.~.pr.nor„,wa„ooNr wae t~oc~j aikn f rtMVdnt~~~ ` @ g° o t Eernhardt, but I've qol to thWc.. n.s'""~ei"+ FFFti , m c' - se.oa mwinv,anwa Ui'oe t$'daring emugh lo ' 6 ~.~~ l he'll wM It eventusilly R°babty nn n a.awn • rnorc nc~aau~i.rrwawrro altetnp(~jl paes wlthout help tt ...a.. -. fhanona;" , naawx.rwxo-.arroewm" ~ fo5nd t}~ hrs gotng qulckty to ~~fi" '- So meny tlmee Earnhardt,uoese'wi,rn«aro1puat Uwrdrofwhatever ek p pq®~ w- f e f 68 th C Wi t "r u . w vinn r o o up wsn er ns on yoqwawa uinr 6~ g 3. X fr .~ ~. ~y , .,w. es n~eMUemx amwxaxwrof+nnuuss theYwerc ln' Feces and a nevm tlme aerke a qrnn LrynpwMwGM Inl/P Afone pofnt tn the &at raee ~x.  $ ~ 6° Sp /~ chempbn; has come e.,r ire~n,~w u~ u.waxawruro.rrm e~ ~. 5. l1 ~~~B S rownewr.r.ems,x,a.uaor veteranPoek,~S,:drtvingonrtof ` ' a ~ I Q . dox to a7nnhtg NASL .AR e blg- Mx,~,r.nw~e„rrn.,w,x,yew yutKwpqttfacC'randf1izathat ' ww„ wnro.twewraox.an.w.,wr t ~ ~~w~ ~~~ `p.t . geetmce. . oexneaawr.nnwmMnwW.na ,vAl'debut''taday,:eUpped from, e•" rV!~ r Eemherdt hasloel efler kad- u:xneenpr.ernunaxw/ aeeoed'ta:IBth In kee tlurt on{n e unrnwrrnr.auna,wY'~0"aww ,g~ Q1 "~~ mt fh l l 2W fth ° c m o on o e "N~(~he2Y5-mlleovalatDa ~In-i rkrpwv~,~Je~~4~~nph~vhelthe r~t rf~f 05 g~,Ilf4' ewQ 'tematwnalSpeedaay.Hehasbst ' ~Ney1` to out s5 CA6onh ¢^ p ~(p e ~ p~ ~ ~ aRer leading the rrwst laps and opport.uNtywlthatudkdd terml Earnhudt Wd.~' f cank df~ :3 domhtafing the rax. He has 1°el naUOn .F~°~ ~ Whlle drlWng what obviously wae Teday, he wN efart for the ftrat LN'beok fi the.rocking chatr asN . r"yf ~. ,4 In Ihe ,waitto the end to lneke our awec. from th nk oslU - tl th b e p p me on e estcar . ^ He has finished second three 43-ear fleld: Agaln,hls Chevrolet , Youdp'gt~"~,lo be patknt or you'rc tunes, Including two of the last Monte Carlo is the fevorlte to fl- 8oin8LO go straiShtbeck." i,:. . . ~Isreeyeaza.. _.. . naUy.reach,,Daylonae Vldury 'l1ie,!draRirsg-eltuatlon=eould •. At 44, Eandeerdl Is ew.rere hls' fane- a.place he has visited a puf~p} ~emlum on.worklrigt to- chances to flnally wln )he crown record 28 lbnce after wlnning a gethtl,apd thet eould put Eem-. Jewel of the sport are dwlndlmg lo vartery of eupport events on the hiTQtylC`a~ dlsedvantage with ra -. a uefew. . higtt-benkedtrack.<. „uewlaDoVemenl:fn:.HASCARt°i .°`.H tatheraccrgseetseachnew:...OnFtlday.hewonthe.open[ng..watfjpdtlaarteams, fMie4or (he ~nternsuonar Rnc<"or~', `. ;Cqypp~oae~tce here:fthe 7WLfr(alloi{!ytg:L' 7fitAl~le~ fn on<o- _.125enfk.atieLfiM¢ racee foir ta~_ - Tthc euepenee'thb - vQf£fa aFrule chsnae thet has~: paapp°if between 30 and 50 holec-1 ~ j power..hom'the already rcetrlcteA' qqy'' pengupp ueed at Daytons y 1', f55 •'-Ifiis year.f[he-eomprnWb ~n c e'took a lo6n( horsepower out theengtncnJandthattakes, sald)~Ydu''3derWtely~'.need:helpl ~ ~S,d°:,U~''. b m
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Eldorado, IL Joumal Saturday D 1.310 JUN 15. 1996 N2294 /~/~//~/~ WrYYYif/PNG SS CLfPPINUS encer aims for :better days , _By s/IKE,FIAHRIS ~ don't getin~any conHlCfs.`And, if . AP Motorspats Writer, you look back, NASCAR, makesde- clsions based on what happens Jimmy-Spencer certainly has ;`thatda} not beet,r'!Iqir, T~tcltement",this yfNASGAR.thoughtthatl,wac season`"Aetttally he'saieen more 'unnecessarilyrough on somebody, llke,Fbigotten" ' or maybq Ernie,Irvan or!Dale I ast week aj 1)over, a sixth- ' p~~ardt was, they will assess a' place fuilshrwas; Spencet s best'of penalty based :on whether it was the'seagon•and onl}f hls second :;3qst racing or it:could have tieen' top 10 in':199fi:,;B1n it's all part of tvoided or whateverr" Ppe»cer Spencer'smasterl~ '. added,"ItliinkBelixwas,totally "We've',had a goodlast couple . out of line because, if you ask all of weeks; 'said'Spencer, a>•ough= ~e;competitors, they would.say and-tumble competitor who thacyou see a different Jimmy . eamed tu; tuclmatne yaars ago on Spencer" ' . the shori tracks.of the Northeast. ;~ That different Spencer may not ' '}lli the hard work finally paid off be quite as exciting and hell bent inThe.Winston Select Open (an 'for'sheetm.etalastheoldJimmy., ' all=star~rece that he won last ',,.;.~m-going~todothebestlcan," , month): '. h said "I'm going to driv,e gs , '7t wasa' prettrpeat deal ~- tlYiaWG11C.CJ,I Vear3;for~ .- _ .. . ~- me, and ltBhallycame to a head y._ at Charlotte.`... It was a non-poi nts ;race;;but it'<vas still a win." Spenckt~; who;drives the s Smohin'>J.qS~,Thunderbird for?r , 7kavis Ceitei is ]in the' W i'ston Glip;points,`and .h'asn't been'~ ~ gq[ting tIWC1i`respecf,'despite hqo~;~ s sCTiea'VlCtatk3`' ~~ i;, c ReMnfly, befare a race ar No th ' Wilkesboro~~two; Chailotte'radio pen,onalities knowrcfor their wise-~cracks acted as co-grand marshals ; ~ ' and said; "Gentlemen'and, Jimmy ; Spencet,~ stazt }rour eitgipes." ~ ' Last week team-owner Felix ', ~Sa_b~ whose drlveP; Kyle recentiy ran af,o,ul of„Yy'uuton Cup ' offldals' diirirlg a race;'took,a shot atSpencer, saying he could.hit anything or'anybody and NASCAR wouldntgoefterhhn. "' .' . "Im glad you`brought tllat up," , Spencer said eamestl}:.'T. Wayne . Robettson,the`headofsportsmar-;, keting hpre-eti:Cemel,,:had a long:i' talk last year abota some stuff that Jimmy Spencer needs to do. As far back as Bristol, last' yeaz I feel Wte' , I am driving'8s good as I san ddve. , "I am being.extra patient and', takfng my time wheml'm around other'cars to make sure that I ,f
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„ ` - . 5224.5-.,64.22 Berwick's encer ai~ for b etter da s ~ ~ ~ 4 ~.. . ~waqsti a wm ' ~ ye I ~ . ~~ ~ ~I 61.e I airj`dnving as good as I can- percent. That's all I can give the team, and I ,ByMtkeFlae r•iR ,.$pea~ q.who drivea-th SmokmJoe's dnve:. expectthesameoutofmyteam.~ aruoeoraportswriter , _. .~Thun,drbird,f_o,r~TrayiS Cartg,r, i$ ~9th in the. .c.,r,..;,. - - ,..'I a eingextra patient and taking my I'll stick up for them no matter what. If . -- WmstoQ Cup points and hasn't~been getting - time wh I'm.around other cars to make sure they do wrong, that's part of racing and we Jimmy Spencercerr~ifnly has notbeen "Mr. much respect, despite two series;;v,jctories. E it ' th ° A l h ' ' that Ii' t get in any conflicts. And, if you ' won't let it happen again. But that's how you xc ement season. is ctua ly e s beeg ,,.Rece tly, before a race at North.W Ikesboro- . ' ` " look ba kes decisions based onn NASCAR~ build a good race team, and we are building a morehke Mr; t!orgotten• _-- ,. two,Ch r~otteradio'personalit)e 'Cow n for L'astaweek atDover sizth-place ~mah vlas -~ a heir e racks`ae~e s r o g~ ~ 'r s hal d what.h- °"If ns'thatda .. ~ tl t was u necessar- Ct ho` I u greatraceteacnrightnow.We'reintheprocess of buildm 'a n sho thi is nd e e oin ~ t - ~ t , c , n~ _~, p~ ~, s. ,yv g •; _ c Speneersbes0ofi;heseasonandonl~h~ssec' urSd sa ;"Gentlemen and Jimmv""S'pencer ~'ilyroug +~ , ~ • - n ~ g onsomeb`oay orinaybeErnieIivan p a g ew v ry ng g g intherighEdirection " , ond top 10in 1996: But it's all :-part of starty engtnes" or D`al arnhardt kqas, they •will assess a . . ~ "It's taking us a httlemore time than we Spencersmasterplan.~ . .,,- Last w~ek, teai~;owner, 1''eli~, Sabates- penal" s~d•on-whethentwasjustracingor would like; but Im go> ng to keep doing my .eVehadatpgq5~,l.azitcouple_oE.weekv,Whos 'vei~4l{~J e~ettyre~, en,tl~~anafo5ulof ' aii~$~ ricer~a .t 4d umblet ~pe~it ~i ac t C'upo ~l d ri ` a oka itcoul S e ce~ a~ve: been;a'voided'or~whatever," think'F dgd I li wa `t o f~ t ll t , ;job,"Spenceradded:°Insteadoftaki`ngalOth- ~ ddt t inth I'llt l i k ~ e ~~ r~q _~ p oyR z£c~ r e, a ns. ~ s,. g u w~to earned hrs: nick ame ear a o t}i - ld hit h ~ S ` r h n hin t p n l b ~ , e x o o s a y u f ' o ll k p acecara ry ow erace, a e ng l h T h i I id ' y go n s n. e. e cou o a pe nce , saymg a yt gg s ine e se, i , y u:as a the competitors, 70t p ace.'.,; hose are t e th ngs n tdo d sfiort tracks'of the Northeast. "All the hard -, or anybody and NASCAR wouldn't go after they wo say that':you see a different Jimmy in the past. ~.-~-~ -- i work finally paid off.in The Winston Select - '_ him J , ' Spencei ~ - "` d I think "J' g p' nP Opeii(anall=star racethathe,wonlast.i»onth). Im, lad9oubrou~t,thatu S cncersaid -That, p erent:S encermay notbeQssrteas Jimmy~ going t ,because k eep o n doing that . It was a pretty neat deal because the guys earnestly. "T Wayne Robertson, the head of excrtan d hel benJ: for sheet metal as the if I keep doing that and my guys keep working had been working really hard the.last two sports'inark'etrng here`at Camel, had a long ' old exti•a hard lik`e ttiey have been, we can start ye~r0q~e;,and it finally came to a tiead at•; talk ~lastyea'r about1 some'stuff that Jimmy to ddthebest I can," he said. 'I'm having the consistency we need to becomee a Gl~at~otfe : ,It was a n=points race but it _~ Spencei ne2ds to do A~far back:as Bnstollast g0ng rive ', as` ha as II csn and give. 100 _ champtonsh~paeam ~ _ : ::n.ra,u-...fiw.a:rsr.uw.;, ..-,..,:.. ..w,.1,u.u .............~. .:..a...:,,.>.,_...., ...... _,:......_r u _.:_... .-~--._.. . . .....,_..__ -_ ._ . ... . . . . .. , Batursel Lehighlon, PA Times Nnwt All.ntcwn MM Arn+ o 15,020 JUN 15. 1886 N4?52 M®®PRfSS CLIPPINGS
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Z n 7908 s5zzs `
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OpIYa, AL QPELIKA-AUIUNN NEW6 Masdal D 13,225 ppg 29. 1996 , 1076 /.:N.A/~/RP.ii fLIP1lN(.S Jimmy Spencer is still Mr - FSxatement He's just a more knowledge• able Mr. Excitement these . days. bmsl onto the NASCAR scene in 1994, win- g ningtworaces. Whalwascon- - sidered by other drivers and outsiders as his no holds barred driving anties gave the - rebirth to a nickname he had for a long time. Unfortunately for him. his meaning of Mr. Excitement and the more pop- ular and understood version of it were about as close as two different worlds. 'Mr. Excitement has been ' with me for a long Iong,UqicP . ~ +3f+Spen[rodssktSBa t' ihatl wza Mc Excitement because I spun somebody outv,, . - Tome,IwuMrE:citement,:~. • berauseofthewqylwoald "•~ ~ makearunmthefront - "BYt sotnetime3 In ttle pre6s - ~ it would be like "Spencer caused the aorident' That'e i ~ the parts I didn't like to aee. It wasn'tahsayslikethat".- w .; qr ~ w howeverhe I 1 y~ - ~ ~ ~~ ' .. S tid 7 . ~ pencers no ,,~ :isnYtoobotheredbyhowpeo-"/~tway .tr~. «k 'V'J1mmy~I"' ,~; remamEa.whntpaDdwhennot =~Speacasaidf'Ia,u.gy~Sodadto'getagnddeolidfinish. eaallyifthe "watrytocduntdnafop7d~ ehimes ~ kl~ , p P g ,na . decision is primarily made up of every rsce we go to.If you=.'+ - hae of the Lm andtGa~iporC r"•"fhe apuruatneed to get into what's said by the media. nofch9ltop.106niahesyou'rtL-.It'seasytorememberwlwwins thelimelight,it'simporfantfor 'I cannot go and change all in the running for the champi'., w-' and who wredu. It's not so easy t6em and us. Butwe also have 'Ihoeeopinfonssoldon'tlet onship." torecallwho5nishedserenth. . ~lolookatlhebigpieture.Idon't - IhemboWerme,"Spencersaid. Butcombinetheseeondyear ttuough2ath ....i;... : -.Winkwe'regoingtobeafactor "Iguessthingsarealotdilfer- teamwithnotripstnvictory~"Somelimesittwystobrryr,:....m(thepointsrace) thuyeac . .entmw." . . laneandSpencer'ecewwa,l'ot...aggresaiveandgetaNOthe.r;: Butwehavetolarepbringing Spencer'stwo1994viclaries, thinkingandeuddenlypeople ~limdight,'Spencersakt"On'theteamtobeasgoudasitcan over a four-week span during are askiug "What's happened to-..the other sideyou lurve to ~- . be." ... the summer at Daytona and Tagadega, came while driving ' the McDonald's sponsored Ford . - Thunderbird owned by Junior : ' Johnson.ibllowingthatyear, - ~ -, however, Spencer decided to ~ return to the team owned by , 1Yavln Carler, for whom '»-SbaoomdcOlRfurin 1991 and :.. 187J. - ....._~-,:u-. . The mmeentum was there, the excitement was there-The results, however, never came. "We had a good race team and .. thought we would do well," Spencer said. "We Ilapped right , off the be4 however, and it took usahalfyeartogetpointedin -'. the right directlon." I . . Bightnow Spencer's teeling . j pretty good about the direction be, Carter and the Srnokin' Jce's Racing Team u Hoing in. Despite still being blanked from the win rolumn, through seven • races, a new way of Ihhildng, and driving, has Spencer seeing more positives now than a year ago. "I'm driving wiser now," Spencer said. A year ago I would try to take a 10th place car and move it up into fifth. You don't succeed doing that. I got myself into a lot of trouble Jimmy Spencer says his ' thinldn6 Is e Int diNerent when Ir's on the track this year. But he still considers himsNF Mr. Exaitement. A
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Union, SC Times Saturday JUN 15, 1896 N4868 M®® PRRSSCLIPPINOS Char`Ipt{e;'t~ib acted as W"e htnmySpc[~cgrJs. , Lastmeekt te _ $Yi0',F annng . aAY. 'hiri[."; ~ lY «T. here at ; that Jn <lasi;y t:s pDA , 6ffiCmg W 1i Br~~ thaf s hbnj'ybt~ build a!g Mbuwldyi8 a 8re lie'coqie''s ! F. .h.,.n 4 ,onitheisEene;hack' ft 4 1 ~Hehas 'sta~tedi8s ~ep though`,Spericeihi o wm t¢¢ t S _ ~,a ~ ' ~ ~4 ~eason I# , exen[s, put, seoµ! to get}ier ~'r.C, F? 4.:_
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Conlord, NC Tdbung Thuratlq Chlrlem Mst Mn 0 13,122 JUN 6, 1996 N3572 ®/aesSrLIfIrNGr Spencer shuns 'Mr. Excitement' ~ logo in favor, of a new approach By~ W~ S - When your nickname ia "Mr. Excitemeot," you ao expect m had . yourself to conslmetive ailJdsm : about yom ddving style. ABer a4 ~. b a raa fee, exciting meau chmg- g ing hard and sqoealiog thes, clWm- ,g mg a few vlalms along the way. For the past six years, that was limmy Spencer, and that's how uoe fans and fellow drivers learned to :: sddieu hkn. Not anymom, says the driver of toptm m hha thm his as were the Smokin' JoesFadThmderbad. Judc and he'd do sometWng about willsayit'sanewlimmySpeotu said Spencer, wimer of the Wms' tm Sekct Olxn at Chmloee in May. "H the other drivers atmt patUag you on the back, then I have to defend myself against the dder accusa-tions" Spencer, traditionally, has given himself to being the scapegoat for wrecks and incidents that be may or may not have camed. The' 39-year old fmm Berwick, Pa., has acquired teams eftmts cwt{nued m p.y oH at a reputation synonymous with hit- Doverwhme Speneercaoqttxdthe tin8 everything on the race track "Monster Mile" and settled for a that won't jump out of the way. He sixth plece fidsh. has also become a measuring "We've had a ;ood couple of smrmd for other ddven m4takea' ""vffek>ti"Solaoer aaid. "We'm dW For example, during the Coca- pumpedap m we get trydy m{o m Cola 600 when Kyle Patty was Pacam. Dounia bu assembkd me peaalized seven1aps for causing a a good moe temand the hmd wodc 13-car pileup, his owner Felix 4 QnYlypqlmgoH" Ihepenalty, "Snencr+has Eit every- thing on the back except my bus on the iofielA; "I think Felix was totally out of line." said Spencer. "We all know that car owners go off on tangents all the time. He needs to take a step . back.., Spencer eLims to be a new ma In part, that's due to matudty and experience. On the other band, it mayhavealotbdowithadiuus- sion be had before the swwn widt T.Wayne Robertson, president of - R.1. Reynold's Sports Marketing Enterprises, the sponsor of Spatcer s Fad According to Speoar, Rabaum ekpmued concern over the path that <his driver was Wdn{, and Spencer eddteased the issue that the car was not performing up to 1landmds for "H you ask the amrpetitms, theZ iL owner Tmvis Caner. to teWe for second best. Befine, be Taus, both made cMOges bdae. .wm going b cLrge to the iromand this seasoo slmRd Cmtrr wem eat 'take his car to the leader board. aad got a new crew chict In the Now. Spebee mBus thu a c®- form of I)onnle Wingo, and' plete race car is better than a Speocer adapted a new, more ~ wrecked ooe,and that second is ptlieotddving sryde. sometimes the best you ean do. As "We bd a big difaedm abudt ~ demonsuated at Dover, Spencer the way I wu driving," sdd mdc a sixth phae mre car m a siah Speaar. "When I ume over m Ihn pl.ce doish, nther than force the. Smokio' ]oa tsam, Roheasm kad isme and try to fmiah beper Ihao his told me bow good thdr eats wem, ..Q was capable of. and they wem jtdc Sa be told me ~ "rm: goona do the best I caa," "ARer he saw that they were junk we came back Wis yem with anewp4n,aodifeRlikewehada dominant car at Roekingham. They just kept workiog and wak- i That woh fhWly paid o6 io the Wimmo Select Open when Speacer chaged fmm themiddk af the pact to win the eveot and eam a nmdrt spot ioto The Winatoo Sekmt. The . Credit Wingo and Carta with schooling the new Spencer on patient octia that make a drha a compeUmr: Cyler has worked whh the likes or6emy Parsws-who he crew ahkfed to a Winston Cup 8umpions6ip in 1973- and Cak Yarborough who claimed the title in 1978. He was also the crew chief for Harry Gaat and Bobby Allison before founding the SMp*kQoe's Racing Team in 1994, With Cuter's help, Speocer, a fornar Junia Johmoa ~ has evolved his m®e to the adjectives patient and cautioas about Ids chrarrr. "Every great race car driver I have ever bem assotlstW wkh hm bad a teemeadom ability m menhl- ly control dmmrelvea," smd Cmter, "(Spencer) was It7te a ball of flm, and I see that (ability for mmUl coaboq oomNg act in him now. "One thing (Syeacer) has ga a learn to conuol am those emetioaa. He has impmved. Pay .aentlm to Jimmy Syeuarr aad you'll sa some palienee that you didn't see be[orc." 1Lal patience coostltutes mae ,thmt®eittakesmgamtbeftom. Spmoer bas began to realis when said Spencer. "That's how you build a oew ram team. I'm gomm drive as bard as I can with the patfenee I have learned We knew we had a sixth place car m Dover, , and we taak tlnt. Tboae am the kind ~'of things that I didn't do in the S~pena oBm dmvs crkitdam for being the driver of an R.7. f ~ ~ with Winstan Cup redog. However, being the driver of . the dtadt'a rpemots cm ® have . its drawbacks. One is with the I In _ryecCfOO pmxdve. feels Bke his ar is often gone ever with a gnnua deuB because the eye is on them. That eye brings criticism Lrm tahers, not only ham the dd- ver's staodpomt, bm also from the Wnma's alaoq,oim. fhiving for a cigarette maker also has ita Nces, especially for someooe who formerly drove for Ronald McDonald and the McDon- ald's raa eeam. . "Driving wilh McDonald's was gnmt," Speaar said. "Now, I'm not allowed to do anything with schools that involves children. I've never beea eresaured to sell Camel ciga- rQtea. Once, in the garage area, a young man approached Spencer. The youth ead a pack of cigarettes and Speoar took them away from him because he was too young. Although the young man was mad Spencer, fdl good for having That's not esacdy the response you waouN expea 8am Mr. Exae• meet, But, neither Is patience or e.otimnnrss.
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This psa weekend found the ouW EMPA conrelnioa omn- ing ance again Y th very beautiful faeilmes n the Valley Forge, PA Holiday Inn. As it does each ad every year, the convaninn proved to be quite successful in the entire idea behind the grpq. The annual gathering Is used by hs omhers to gasher uteful io- fornntion about local, regional and ntion.l ana ocing reWed topics, ah in on informnioml gemunn for bnh phomgs aodjour- nalirn, aneM a full days worth of press amfaenm which range from one end of the gamn to the other and of mune ta sursound themselves with others who enjoy mvermg the spaut of auto rac- ing through the varian media onWs. Thu yeats evewt wu fEMeriued due to the now famuua Bli:- wd of'96. As the weekend pmgleased, it benanx obvious thn Sunday mormng could be a be.r w Ity to get away from rhe arn and back tn everyom'a home whesere thn may bare been. In the bea imemst of sufety, Smdaya notdng brnkfm was wcskd, allowing tbote who decided ta ttick k an and 4ay over Saturday night to ge1 an even earlier sWt home in the AM. The Saturday press carsfercom wne an without ea rescbedsd- ing WoduemthemmyVlP'soobadwhubdmflyunof Philadelphie with m.uy heding b Chvlnee. 7be koglky, dday of preu confertmm w daotd wilk aroq svmy ioformnive presw- tatipn and the remaining were still well presened, making tbe eo- tire day well wonh the time apwa, aRieis a bfl Gring. For ns,lhe day didn't end wkh Ihe Brd pteseoWiOn by noa other thm AI Robinson of Dovc Downs. Ona Ike adeampu ware over, il was time to squeeee in the wsiewr anninr before beding olf M ga redy for the niglus big SWadry mght dimes party. The amnd awards dinc and Hall of Fsme indtatioo oesmmin allowed time for everyone m sb back ard unwmd fram rhe tolire days worth of aciivities and 1've got to lell yuu, it wY much needed. Although it would take a smmendous amwm of space to tmch upon with any lenk'th, all ofthe different pno coufelence suhjcu, I would like to take this time to thmk them all and give than a menion. Thanks to Dnnrq DurcU of HHRA who brought in anmg ahers, popular drag racer Mike Dum. Dr. Joe and Rose Manioli of the fEcorp Raceway always Wre pan in the EMPA feativiNn and once again Ihe "Gnod Dr."took the sfage m updan everyone on what was going on at his Long Pod, PA racing facility. Thanks also to Bob Cycun of Kan Markning Inern.tinrl, Rick Wor of the tiew Istly Lights series and the Long Brach Orand Prix.1J. O'Malley from Wnkin Glen ad Andy Fusm of the DIRT orgaeiaation, aining in for our orn Tom Skibinski were abw pan of the days iofornuniood meetings. Rc Lewutd of the oew Syr.pua NY Cuad Prix even wr on bad to prrrvide information ors ge nmets dmlim to gn ARCA scMdtk which will be seeingactioa in Gsddn in rhe very mv lwum, ad Ron Drager and hu pmspect for futute aasdum in ARCA. Blase Akaandcr wen also in anedanc8. I mrw asy, Blue, only in his very early twenaka captured the .diaeta hesrts wiW hu boyish cksmand JimmySpmengavesotoegseninsSghtin- to his pluu for the Smokie Joaa W6naa Cup rting kam for the upcoming uasm of h'r Northeast raeing days and his anatlanen to his Dad who b still bsbind his s.ciog efforts fu8 bore. Smokin Joes is of cmnse an RJ. RrynaWs peodum nd T. Wayne Roberuon of R.J. Reynolds gave a quite Imtgthy prerrnWioo on their urketin` Yrakgin which I foundpbe qupc Weremng, pvm my inrense inerea m the marketing side of the sport. '96 NASCAR Fenheriqe Tour chsmp Tmy Hirschnun spoke on his put season and what be expecu to see came the new senon. AI Clark from the AUwa Mnur Speedway ad AI Robinson of Dover pownech eappmdd oa thert rppestive Wimmn, Cup rar ing facahiee. For rhe semd ye.r in a row, ARDCbnenen nmuger Oary Mordsrhein ume off very profesionsl in his approach to bringing the midget orpoitation back to prominenoe. There were others, including brau from the NASCAR ranks itsalf and I wnu to thank thern all for taking the time m make oor umwl meetings unce again well worth the time to brave de weather and anend the annual gatherm.y Bor Ihe mul eunvenuan u mtmly psnsmofmmaes. A handful ofchanes to gsthn wM felbw pmn memben wex rvaihble star- ling with Friday oighls Posuno gaawq Welcome Get Together, followed by two hupiWity rooos providrd by EMPA and the firandvrcw speedway. Saturday morning breakfast was provided by the Natioad Hot Rod Association and Ihe.Bernoon lonch wn counesy of NASCAR. Goodyear was m tlunk for the evemtgs aocktaB hour and Ihe weB mended Hall af Pame dimrr was wurtesy of Winston. lasl but nN lem, S7P aace again wpparted the n. CONTINUED ON PAGE 30 THE LAST LAP ' CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 nual wrieera smneY and Unocal backed the annual Photographers coneu and a van number of organiaainm m many to mention here who pmvidd door pr. Thmke to all of these finc organizations for making our awrl convention oose again a well aneded event ad a very informative md fun gnhering n dut! Had the chsrcc lo catch up with many mcmben of the press who both myself ad Karen don't usually luve the opportunity to chat with, inclWing both Mel and Man Thomas of Thomp Video and their amtW co-hon broadcaster Jack Chrdensen. It was nice tc seE one of the newest members of EMPA, J.R. Kennemp taking pan. Congratulations m the Thosou' for copping the top two video awards in the independen category. Congrnuiatiom also m Mnt who wlll be heading Soush soon m take a new job behind the cnuerr taping on IAe Winston Cup level for certain Ihows. You coWdn't fud a prouder Pop gun Mel! I bad the chance ta watch the tape of this seamn Victorie 200 at Fulton ad the top award winner, Smash and CrW-Vol. 7 from the Thunm'. Both amgsw dESinm m your video librarin. Final- ly. EMPA President Emk Sumn surprised me when he asked if I would be inert.serd in Wtingon the publicity post for the organba- tio.. I agreed and I would like to thank Ernie for having the faith in my abilities. Well, h will be two straight weeks of big r.cing weekends a this roming weekend fmds the anoual M's~gf Motonport expo rah- lag piece n in neweu location Ihe FI. Washington, PA exposition sxnter. PertoodlY. I have many places thn I could be come Fri- day, SNUF&y and Sudry. I will be psnMng bnh Craig VonDohrens and Billy PaocM aewakBers fnr this rooting seaenn. Thore inerotd in suWcribing m the publiutlon can find wbscripl.on forms for KIDSTUFF at Billys Driving School booth or Cnigs VooDnbmo. Venusn at the CdC Ford display. If I'm na at eidtn of tlnae places, you may catch up m me n eillw the FI®in{rors spedway or New Bgyps ryeedwq boarh, or you J.p:n e.qenrh me ar1Ae Ostrboda Obv{mdy 19be thae. You should mn. B'e bernne one of INe biggm off samn racmg evenu on the amW talmdar. Shwld you he Y Billya Nmd checkuq aut tAe aubecriqion forns for KIDSI'l1FP, take a look n the opportunities tn take a spin in either his modified or sprin car thtough one of hia driving schmis. 1 spoke last month of the Fkmingion speedway and their plans to taaimre to Inssen great rpo ncby into the many years ahead. Now, I hear rutnrs thr one of its favorhes sons could possibly be remrning to take on the weekly NASCAR rnodifwd competi- tion. Who? Well. can't s.y who right now ae plan are oos firmly plantd in conenae. Hope to brve word next time in Csner. Speak- ing of Pkmington. One its current stsn, John Blewelt III is Gn- ding his rncing future looking brighter all of the time. This kid is far from his pinnack in ncing. Word comes that hs will be back in th Barney machines for action in the NASCAR mods for '96 as weil as the Nardine late model. Addhionally, John will have the opportunity to gn behind the whed of a famlly owned SuperTruck fn tfuee or four vea events this coming seamn. John will be back beAind the whed of the [eu Vasques No.9 small block for Wdna- dsy nigM competition at New Egypt this season. New Egypt is look- ing forward to in fint annual awards d'mner to be held at Giovi loo in Yudvi[le, NJ on February 3d. Ticket infornution can be had by calling (906) 5213362. One fmi nne on the EMPA convention. Congratulations to one of ninqt guys to haol a camera around strapped on his shaulder. Cermie Foekr achieved ooe of hu racing photography Yreer higMlghls when be pirJmd upme of EMPA's coveted pMograplrn awads. The handsome, and heavy trupby will be one thn will be . cherished for many many years. WeB .r I 14 here ard look out ~ the wiodow u the near whue-oul rnodtmus with the Niuard con- ditimt snow outside. I an see aEn Jitns car getting further aud fur- ther buried. Jim is row between aemwkn at Monvian College where he Just seceivd hiu first "report card" which produced a 3.62 grde point avenge. Masn ad Dad are proud and beaming hele a 71/ Rt.31 North, Ringan, NJ 08551-1221. Fax and phone remain in action at (90g) 711114111. NAiEN NACINA PHOTO NEWS Syrnggn, MY w[lk6r ge,ou0 JAN 1996 M39925 ~lrrnarrPRE35 Ci./PPI NGT
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o ~g ~~_~~ _~ ~~~I9all= 3~f ~tt rt !~ ~ ~ ~'' ~ ~ ~~ ~~~~ _ _ ~£l ~£~ ~ F~~"£l[ ~ ~ f£il ' ~£~ ~a~ ~£~ ~ ir p i ~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~ r ~ I ~` ~ ~ _ ~ ~$~ _~ ~~~~~a~ 9~~~ i if ~I ~~~~p. ~ ~ ~~~~¢ ~~.~, eA ~~~ ~ ~TO~ ~ n ~I ~ an ~ IIaAta6E' Q ! { ~e~ ~ €i fii gg £ ~ ~N ~ ~ ~ ~ III ~ r ~ ~:' _ - ~6 ~`~. ~ ~ ~ . ~ ~~ . 4~$ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ v _wi 9 y €f ~6 ~ ~ ~ I e 5 W'~'. Rel . ~ ~~r ~. Il m ~ C vI ~ ~i. ~I IV ~, ! i cd' 6 ~ ~ ~~ .~~ ,~ ~ ~ - ~~ a _ ,_ _ . go „~~ow I ~~~~~ ~ ~~ll Nil 1-_ ~ lr~w ~s~ ~ JB 8£l x F~ ~ ~~ ~ c ~a ~ ~' sR@~1~] 5 S~ v ~ Y cs ~en~~ ~ ~ ~~4 ~ ~~ n S ; ~NSL ~ fi'f ~ ~ IR" g~ ~.~~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~~ mz ~ ~ p yT fil` ~NiT ~ F1Arlil,~ I=~I E Fil q0at ~ s ~ Nil ~ P99 ~~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ g~ Ei9~~ N ~ + ya A~~M ~ycA M 9 s1p~~ ~ ~ ~ H ' ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rr ~ t~~., ,gg~ ~$g iipp. g ~ ~ y t .{{}}$g'@ ~ 1 9 ~, , ~gL~ ~ ~ ~., g. „~_~. ~a R~@K~ # I :I~~~ F~ ~ ~ ~ 7~~~~ ~ ~a"~ ~~~~_~: 21'1 ~~~0~ dP7pZ, fg~.9~9'S? ~~ia +n? CH~~~ • z e~~~~ a~ P~a~ rx• I~5![ jw Frt 1 'I'~"°~ 4i~ 11 ;a ?' Y ~££f ~ ~~~ ~~~l~ g~ ~ ~~~~ ~_ sill $ ~R v[ ~ ~~~ m'r f~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a ~ ~~ 1wIw ® ~A'A4 ~YT 1,111 ~~ a1 r ~ b~~~~ ~~~ ~' tF & 11,~~ ~ 11 ~.~ ~ ` _
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. By Me.ry Miller . ON SrasoWarres -. Jimmy Spencer is still Mr.' ExdOement - He's lmt a more knowledge- ade Mc Excitement these daye:' ~ Speeeqt";buret onto the'SwO~TY~brL'WhlRwasWr191de '. by oth?,r tlfiveCend `ontsidere~s as hff'iio ho1Qs berred driving ~ amim' the rebirth to a nick-e nama he had for, a long time. Unfortunately for, him, hiss mnning o[.Mc Excitement and the more popular-and under-stood version of . it were about as clnee as two different worlds. ~ 'Mr. Excitement has beeh' with me for aong, long time," .. ufd Bin It' !o tie,;~ t~ I• S'.Mf. Exc tem2nt` ~Leeause 9 spun nmebody out.'1b me.r~: Mr-E;eltements.i ~ _pfcaua6bf'4bd'way I would . _ Tte 6iff1BV STAR 7nuaan w• ~ a iffe.rent sense l aa„d~ving wiser,pow,'-.. •o mv.u .......•~,• ~•--... Spencer said. "A year ~ago I~~ et~imes it pays to~be would try to take a 10th plsce Ive and get into the llme carnd move tt nD into tilth 11g qr, Spencer said. "On the I Yon don't succeed doing that. other slde you have to remem- got myxII iMo a lot ag trdubla ber wbn and when not to do It thatwa~[ r ~ ~t ~ Is!'tto geta"~oodsolid~nleh: .. , . .'r-'Ws try to coun~on jtoDyl6 The'sponeors u~ad to get naynrawa tal4yuumtcll.. intothellmelight.ltY rlartaal ~ t ~ 3ou're Sn the fnr them and us. But we also I-tno=lot bave to LDok at the big pielme. I ~°°n~ l ~_.~~ . ~~% don't;t~pk we're going to be a .em wi25' n5 trtps to, victory faclor-lff'(the doints race) this f ' $ end Spmar 9 ew way o Butwe have to keep bring- ~ ,lntin¢and sudde~nly peo~le, ~~~ to be as good as it e agk)ng`What'shappeuen to, canba"_... . . . tmaay Spencer is hoping he can Spsncerd _ `J• etth j ' e thet e u S pen gain some momentum befoAre ee'evto remember who wlos .w. ~Wte.ion Sel'ect SOO. amwwwsac.+. ....« s. .. -. , .-_. ; f +7 * ~ ~ , ~ nA1+ IlR~~ P3 uc,..r..:., ... IInIFj, MC 81111, I+ - .w.acns wwcu.a. . .: ~- ' iATNwit's'lepa . 'Bat eometimea in the press : Jimmy Speneer.says his thlqMnp ia s lot dtRUSnt what Ir's . lhsrtdaf BwonMbelfYe"Spencereauaed on the traek thls year. But he still considers hlmwBMr.. .. the aceldent'That's.the parts.l .. didn't like to see.~lt wasn't- Exclismant- de wblle driving -W ~~ w ~ti Y Spencer ld now, however, ~ M s o~ ~ ~ . he isn't too bothered b bow p o "" "'°~-~ ~ Y ~ Thunderbird owned by Junior ua a biVyKr to : MoD1e1v~hfm , especially eJohnson Following that year` ktdi ~~ _ . ry~erig rectloh mprimarily~.,, the ~ said however, 9pencerdecidedto. :,upef what's Di'themediay return to the team owned by' me~tty~ abapl~i~~u~", ' --; I eannot go,and change all -Travie - Carter for whom e gh Ca taandthe~ ,n uoea . those opinions so I don't let Spencer drove for in 1991 and i T 1 - Eac ng eam fn .. , ~la go)n them 6ofhe me," Spencer said. lygy .. - it tiB ~ ; Deap e e fmm beiog~ ~ ~" . 'I guess thingeare a lot dltfer~ The momentum,was there, the win column, aevee , Spmcer's two 1994 victorfea ~e excltement wu ihere. Tbe races, a newway of tLinking, over a four~week s n durin ~=d~' ho~r~~e'~- - enddr1v(ng, has Spea~ aedng !m 6 "We had a good race team' moce posttlvas now dtena year ' the summer at DWona and and thought we " do well," ago. 010.981 APR 19, 1996 N3g66
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Fayeilevllle, NC OIBERUER TIMEB laydtnnb Nut Aru arturlrr 0701106 MAY 4, 1896 P8S8e 1111®®IeBSSCLrrriNas Write-landlord~.:on~tr.ouble : < i, ~9"91Pr,.3::5~t I~IA ~..^,ia,'t 'bS' 1,49(3{YiJ? I~ ~b`e~ore~Ractz ~ j+ i~ ~~I<;~Y~r ~ . ,r. I.ve':raeted a I Q ~ fLWmontha. The Ylas '' ' ' ` h h mentaJ3 I ve' -ad `-piu pqoqlaplt. IF,sf tlla .y td~q~nkt0:."fi~m ;tNw'Ia thllfalee;thne:"I've"aet oecxup ptopuma:~s , • ~ ~enA~b!d,,~vpnakh{re'~k ~TCk ~yM L.rYrwnw %WJyas^r..::\BI„~-!!`!1'~+4..w..'.vl.A S~at'olaw teqni ; ~ end- ' Jord to 'maintaln in good and,,sal working order and' promptlY"r ' t Gf14861550 ; mneecrca,eat fubigltilh ' ~ sysWne. percentage til of rent payments untGeaeral thelandlordmatesrepaira ~~ aaora•e,apty:,to ,. rbe:Attorney:Generala'Office' " t ` ~ ~ " ' ~ yhi recorom8da~taltl.g~to : alar """-°veye !{l~. , o before` fwng emellclalme` action ~ ~ ? ; against.a landlord buf net taking .: ency, , the laRyer to'court :"' ,:. doter..;T Ll'oB(Re'tmnaRaLlradhretlen3la'i. • i rayerreqL/e or tolgei,more:mforr.. . ' ' maHoa, go to Room - 107 of the' ; „ amberlpp/ ~ : uaP+:.' ` aldaote'8~olt~~ cen gti° to Wdr p a i h ate~ e ~l'h f tp : ; ~ g y q , e ea r C ,• ft ~4or`.flling ihe suit and having It.r" 1 1 1 servedWi89 11 0 ; - ~ . ,_ ; ; 1 , .whacl`,,, Consumera planaingy to, file,.r • ' " yBRllti'R ma•caros acamcaa wre or" t,. as~ycall tfie"s{ate Ato~ a,gy Ctemrala~. tt dY'Otfice'and req~rA iwp} ~of a'brief'. ; de`b~r"deacribing'SmaR Qalrm Cad't'anp"~ qe ' ` ~;a " e r) how to prepare for .IE_ p'oun'' `'71te`addr~cs`'is`Con's~icit Pro -. _ aote ;'tectloc Bectlon; Attotaeq'Oeneral's : I Oftice, P.0'BOY689, Rakdgti N.C: •f ' to`]ti~agq t~epalrer 4760E.`_1he telepbope, number is tte¢ppQUtti!wU! '6e ` r., ; ...~~ : 11 Ipt Jt slo Small`Claims > c d .. ~g , Cowt, reimbureement for ' Q:Do you have the address ;' . the. .-. yi - to wdte to Jimmy Spencer tha - , . . $4If-t landlord-still won'bmake race'car ddver7B.IC:, Fayette- :,Ibe+7cpair,,don'twlthhold rent.~rtlle Spaynlentaunlesshe,givesyou,wrll• t yte8, ori'to:haqeahe;repabs A: You can write to Spencer,' ' ma ed~a~to vrithhold the amvunt care of 9motln' Joe's Racing, P.O. of'4hdmpahs from,yourpaynifatJ BoY, 690!3021 ~U.S.'i6S1 South, ,:.. the:~ttorney General's Ntirie said. llamptonvWe NC•s70Y0. l "ad $•+~fnste,,r,ybu;ebuld filea'IamaR ;, Llqe Wire eannotartewer euey, N " iwsulV;agatnat Ue ;land j''9ueabon: becauae of dme and apace ?' n+ forAQftjueating;rent abatement;- limttationa. 1As colemn'seeks on• _ the M'a permhdloo to witlthold amere to'quectiona yf yeeeral Inter• 1 `" ,part,oQl6efnetkmontb'a'tgntpay`•eataudtoconsuumerpueatlona•7hep=I m meat9 to~overfthe coet of'repalrsl';uaua09 are:anrwered~ udthm aoo~r% ° . ~ to'Compensate'youlor the reduoed ,Weekd•"ACCFSSI+t/ormatton SendN:.. Ir,eptqldYaldl~tba'AvrllRng at 4he.:Pu6lte LWrary noutindy'S t~'lT tpetpl hig~atlll basn't been (;anwe,ri requests for -~.easea .4/,4 '~epa,~tadt courtleagnterenr~ mo~re~~Ahtat~honenumt~r„ order allo~g lqcu to w1lhNold a{s eSS 77n. _ '„~
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Brislal, VA HERAID-CDURIER Johnron CIty-KlnOspon-BrIdcl Frldtq L 1 EAR John Andretti Birthdate: March 12, 1963 Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind. Car: KMart Ford Car Owner: Kranetuss-Haas Winston Cup Start: 1993 Career Starts: 69 Career Wins: 0 Beat'96 Rnlsh: 12th Winston Cup Profiles I ; - Jeir"emy Mayfield Birthdats: May 27, ~1969 Hometown: OwanaDoro, Ky. Car: RCA Ford ~i Car Ownar: Cale Yartiorouph- Winston Cup Start: 199 Career Starts: 53 . CarearWins: 0 ` Bast'96Flnlsh•5th.;` . .. . ~- ~
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Columbia, TN Harold fridar o 11,900 JUN 7, 1996 N5028 i E®®PRESSCLIPPINGS ?Is Spe por a menace to• ~echanical 7so`ciet~ his reputation By.CANY.E,$TES 'Scrlppa Howard Newn Servbe'.. We have heard the charges : htought against;Mr. Jimmy ! Spencer. . ~ ; E~•jJ01yABlE'. . ~. Tl.e~'.. ..IUHX'.' P71111 /J(AA1 '.'Yw/mPn:cr ~ , Winston Cup~~ racing ~ cin:uit, * ~~'[pp~ , S ] `~l rT; SEA7 CUSNwy I _~ .• ,' ~(J~ ~ ~.. ' . . . _ , ., $pgncerieamenacetomecbani- IMr,~,,,,,,mr:an.. .f+Ahl)MpBE1,T'~ .a , , , .,,^-trCNICKENEotY~PSI4S~66C~'c : cel socret That hie car, the Smokm Joe crashed many'e Gme b~cau~e of si%ds as if racmg next'td you ,needs to step back and reasse¢s Fo<d sFonsored by gamel rb~pdumb 'i;Ml1~,A~c~tf sys ll,~saboutaasafe'tsstBlipmg theeltuatton Weallknowthe' c~f~'~.yloites,shoutidca Awam ,:t-°But Ive~chatl~~tlAtsdaPJek{i d$tofMikeTygonlOitAlblsrt lcar owners ¢o:'off on tariyente ~ zlaQal 1 readl><1~ Iae beeA !y(r~ 1R~ e1U2 f,rp}e ~ ~ 1 J 511J ~+'~ n u,r ~ ~ 6nce,)n a whilg ~ chan ed for"Yt}i hett 1~ ~ ~ .T. ¢ a c ~ w.. A:nl.nni.....:e.a b. . :.A.ul ..a ~.., . . . . .~ .. 5 " YAG..41 IIV 48YE h'i^ . P • : Jimmy Spenoer"c6n'bA~Ihazard-' changed~ ': r TZ~t n hell Ev3thJit~fle!vnder ``s%~qWall;iwhat about the Nort}~ ` ..z" _. .;r _..._ ... _ ,:.n..a, e..a;,,nr..,ti,,,..,"/e.._ ° ~ _" °Ive.cha11gdko e m e wun •IILLYtl' HY4 mq ngnc mg'this year s race at NoxtYi e~iave aeea evidence of the ' ~~ t d Ileid 't a o der oesn reabzingthatifyoucan'tfmieb' ` Ge~~tlemen~ j eaid wilkeaboro rec dnvi t h i ' , , eea ng t a es tti P tod tht mak eveeaa rom Spepcer 'vrreck more. . • a little bit futther up, 5rou need b' criticized and h~ Ag a"d'Jlmmy Spencer, start We hatie:heard testimony tobeeatieSeilwithwhereyou48~ gpolnted at°~neao"many engmes ., from eeveral d vers and car "~~B z~a~d of staking+ "ITe'rcamo to me befoxe the ;i t r Ad raca' ~n t said' he wanted to d•, dwnera thaCthb wor11-veephalt" a' lOth place carend ~ o someth opg,.~Pm t eimp~y ia a ui4k way df stlte race and cn irig eorrie~ tlfati"td 4Da1e) -Eamhllydt `an . "$P,.encer dJd 3t "r ~¢ let9s; ~ jtlst stak IOth~~IS¢e 3~°~ ~s~~~AAd rh~a~ph~dt'!said no wphY II ., i a e iie I'• t id ; t SS me l ° i ' ' t abi th na > ~ Th do i and n . _ _- `t- .=~ et to , eltad ffhe coii i l r.,. ." w.: c......,.e'e .,,d ,w uarnnu cumemcr, , ....7-mCOAyng}rom yyLathllrtme - , "~ °Trn glad ou"ve bio ht this I fgel Pln dnvmg 01 go,,,~ as I" tt to ha e fun He dldn t rnesa i y ug ,7; inthepaetwaeInaverdefended ~ i~~ ~at'I°was goiA¢,tg " Spencdr eard "I wanted to can dnve ` ' I m t bein~~~extra m up self'~a ti ~i + ^_ , y c , bring rt up self patient in the'car. 1 m tak3ng my ' r'ough everybody ,ap." ~ ~, m n.c.,,~ :k...:. ,__ L___ timewheriltiriarounbothercare ,:_ _In other woide, youre not So vou are iust hke.I{afb38 VOO for: Thie is your day in the court to make sure I don't get in any daysayou e,luet more willirig to ~~Ord 8ILC8 p0r80A Wh'y I ofIplSbb;e it not true that in the War 1 p o~~the allearlieihthee f~r~ drTfvlrida ioE betlereBuk [ n ~1f negatlve pre~Iehthti~ past you have shown a total ;. I'm:~etiil -beia l've had fingers pointed A~ disregardforthesafetyofother yearatRiohmols~7,f ifr~5{ ~thingaIdidinthepast.Ihaveto tl-" ~ au ~ V " se problemthere.I Ididc drivers in your'4uest to, push defend myself, because'nobody knoWId dnmcausethe r~abhe~ . r; w t i th bent ti t d v ` my en re ro o e , n your car toward the front? in else'is going to defend me." p ~ h ' ' , , ~, N 1'en you think you ra na tly speaking, haven't conier, got into' Michnel and ,~at'e the truth fact, blun just ~ In fact , . , you done aPme flat-out stupid dumpedhim•Itwaajustaraoing .jast week car owner Felix youhavetoetiokupforyourself inadent thst could have been That a what I m doing. :noiv: W thin s n the ra ack t v th g ce r o e o er ld Sabates said in essence that you ..~at's the new Jimmy 8pence£~ , ~ ~ I d ~ p to years? . ;. prevente . on . 'could run into anybody, on the "In the past I've crashed cars Michael I waa sorry" •, track and,~IASCAR would not (Qary Estes wrltes for Tfk W ~ ~,qarly in the racQ bydoing dumb So how is this any different tfmo you •- Post Hara/d In BlrmingharrQ ~hinge. I won t deny it. I ve from past years? Excuse,me if it I "Falix is totally out of line. He , Ala.) ;~ uei" wa FrwS! cNErx ,T. , OUf MY lATF1T IMEN- 110% 11) MW (OW-IG 7o'fNEPAC65 MoRe
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52245 8407 Crew chiet Travis Carter 1995 ifigkl'iprts: Four tap-10 finisfcs in 29 stads. Finished 26th in points, wuming=507,210. Career highlights: Has hvn vir3ories in 172 starts. ... Won at Daytona and Talladega in luy 1994.... Two-time NASGk national nmdified champ (1986-87). ... Won two Grand Nalional races in 1992. Has won almost $3 million in Wm- ston Cup. Swuting report: "Mr. &citement" may be com- petilive at lie snpmsleedl- ways, bd pralMNy iwAwre else. A G UIDE TO NASCAR '96 Nen s Schrader . Steve ~ ~ Grissom Career highlights: The . Chesapeake native began .. racing as a senior in high _school at Hamplon's lang- , ley Speetlway, where he won 82 fealure races.... Sculed first Grand Nalinnal vielmy at Myrtle Beach in -.1994.... Made Winston . Cup debut by quakfying .. ninth at Martinsvi8e in April 1995. - Sceuting report: The big prnblem hue is lack of a - Age: 40 . Age: 32 Lives: Concard,N.C. spunsor. No Winslun Cup . team ran do much without Lives: Liherty, N.C. Car: Carlomi Ne6wrk Car. Nodink Chevrolet mm. (7wvruk9 Owner: fdr.k Ilmelrick Owaer. (ary fhzMi! Crew chfei: 11u1 I Imunu:r Crew chiei: Bdl lngle National career wilh lour slarts in 1993; was Grand National Rookie of the Year in 1994.... First GN viday at Dover in'94. scouting reswrt Benson is a hot prospecf, but he must pay his dues ]ust like anyone else. This wig be a Ialdding year for this team. Robert : Pressley Aga 36 glrea: Ashevilke, N.C. Car•- Skoal Bandit Chevra- Iet Uwner. leu Jackwn Crew chie/: Andy Petree Naw for'86: Pehee rajoins team as uew ctdef. 19951ight-igMs Only one top-10 finish el 3l . starts. Finished 29th in points and won $698,425. Career hlgh6illrtg: SYIn- less in 34 career Winston Cup sMrts.. .. Graduated from Winston Racing Series. ... First Grand National start al Charlotte in 1984. ... Has 10 Grand National victodes.... Was first GN driver ever to win as a rookie with 1989 victory at Orange County Speedway. Scoaths=report: The leaming arve was steep for Pressley in his rookie year. Hereedsmoretop10fin- ishes this year and should get thwn. 3 P7John l Andretti stun Cup Rookie of file Year, with four top LOS after mak- ing a8 31 races. Fmished 24th in points and won $597.054. Career h7gldiLlits: A graduate ot Ihe New Eng- land slpck-wr ranks, Craven was Ihe 1991 Busch Grand Nz6awl Narth . champ.... Was '92 Grand National rookie of Ihe year.. .. Was secmal in GN points in'93 and in'94, when he wni Iwo races. SearAing report The loss of Wdsmr is a major blow lu Ihis stillkamilg Icarn. tkui I uvlcd mu:h progess hne. +K,yle 14.1 Pft Age; 35 ` llras: High Point N.C. Car: Coors Light PonNac Owner•. Felix Sabates Crew chkt Billy Woodmff New for'96: Crew chief, personneL - 1995 hialliklsts: A hard-fougM viqnry at Dover and only four other top 10 finishes in 30 evedts (he missed one) for 3om in points. Won $698,875. . Career highltghtsa Has eight wins in 441 starts.... Made Winston Cup debut in 1979, has mn fell time sinra'81.... With fust vic- tory, at Richmond in 1986, became the first Odrd-gen- eratlon driver to win a Win- ston Cup race.... Total earnings exceed 57.1 rrdl- Bon. 6eouUoB retsort: This is the year we find out made 28 of 31 races, fin- shed 35th in points and won E337,853. Career higYNghts: Has Bve wins in 788 career starts.... Started in Wm- ston Cup (then ralled Grand National) in 1968 with his own car..:. Has driven for many rar owners, including Roger Penske, but mostly has fiekkd his own wrs. ... finished second in points in 1975 and won three races in'76. Scouting report: Marcis keeps Iwngillg oq hut should have hung il up yeals agn 7 5 Morgan Shephe rd Ans 54 Lires: Cnrover. N.C. Car: Reminglon Furd OWner. Butch Mock Crew ahtet Troy Sdherg New for'96: Shepherd replaces Todd Bodine as driver. 1995 hlghBghts: Fin- ished I Ith in Winston Cup points driving the Wood 8rothers Ford, with 10 top 10 finishes and winnings of $966,374. Career hlghl/(dtts: Has four wins in 40 career starts.... Made Winston Cup debut in 1970; a sedes regular since'81, and post- ed first victory that year... Has won more than=6.5 million. ScouNnt report Shep- herd hasnt won since 1993. and his prospects here with an o8en-underfi- runced tum do not Mok .. 18m. Was 42nd in poinls, with E151,71q in winnings. Won Richmond Grand National race in the spring Career highliglds: Best finish in 59 wreer starts is fourth, at MarOnsvBle in 1994....BrolherotMYx and Rusty Wallace, he slarted in go-rarts. then moved to ASA& wlw,re tie was rookie of the year in 1986.... Was Grand Natiolwl rookie ul Ilw year in '89 and mnner-np for GN title in'91.... Caeer Win- slnp GIp earnings d almosl $800,000. Scouting report TNs team keeps clawing away, and with a best firish of 18th n 1995, thwe's plenty et room to hrprove. 8 ~J Joe 1 Nemechek Aga: 32 tlves Mooresvi8e, N.C. Car- Burger Ning Chevrolet Owner•. Joe Nemechek Crew chfef: Jeff Bume New fur'96: Buice takes over as crew chief. 1995 IdghNgtrtr. Four top-10 finishes in 29 starts to finish 28th in points and win $428,925. Caree" hig411ghts: Best finish in 63 careu starts is third.... Began rzcing at age 13 in rnotocross; began racing stock cars fn'86.... Famed rookie-of-the-year hu_mrsi4fourd71uen1
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11ow Driver kriown as r`M~, c~acks ac£ea;a Excitement'r has been all and satd r'Ge but forgotten this'season , after disappointingstart ~ r ~ ,. Assoolated Preae a CCC~ ,Jimmy Spencer certainly has not 6 1 been "Mr. Excitement" this sea- a~ son. Actually he's been more like f "Mr.Pbrgotten." ` WO~. Last'jweek' at I?over, e sixth- place finish was Spencei ~ ib~est of S>r the season a~~l oniy~~eco~ top . ' ""'~ 10 m~yrBuf i~, crr's te~pla tVVeave ~ ~e l. sala A rpdgh-&nd, tu, =' m- ble `coni:petitor who ~~ ed, his nicim~e years ago'onithe short tracks'?aof the' , Northea~t, "All ` SPENCER YIn . . . Z . :' the hard~y.vokk-finally F p }. a • 1 id bff in. ' (an':'all- ~ ~The lyuisth ``Selept Open starraoe`thatjtewonlastmonth): '; ;"It was a pretty neat deat'be- P ;cause`the guys,had been;warking ,really hard the last.lv~o~ygars for,: me, andit 8nally~eame td& head a ~io,at': Charlo~te:~t i 'It was'tf poiats~ ~race,butitwassH(la~vin" , 8penCe;,-who ilrldes th~e S " "Bundar ' ;~ceunde,ri~ird f9r Tigvis Car-,; ,ter, is 19th' the Winstop Cup', pomts;and hasn't' been,.gett~g ~ ;much "re`spect, despite -two series " ;victorles. N4814 t's ~i8i't' ;• ~ onft~et' it ha ; pea A~h uf thaN~ ho ' ~~7~?!~dtsnnd -you bu3 d en•T'm around >a goCd.race team'and we are , that T don't , but]ding a great race'team right dd~ i~ you d ci "It's taking us a lrtUe more ttme s thxl :. than we wbul~like,;but I'm going to kee~:'do[ngimy;job;'~ Sp~ncee? adQe ,~Instepdtof.kaking a'>,Oth-{ oi e~p" ~on ,(I~ ~~pp1aG~~car rand trylitg`,to win ~ei Irgan ~or$be vur~ce,.I,ll take tOth"place Those; ~s ~they.will assess a, are the things I didn't do in the; ed on whetl~er: it• was. ,past." , ASaan, SC Standard Aupush Md Arne sUN 15,155 JUN 169 1996 Recentty, before a raee at .North ;~®®® Wilkesboro, two'Chariette `radio PRESSCLIPPlNOS :personAliNos Imown for thelr wise 1 - o grand marshals', just racing or it could havC been emen and;Junmy avoided or,whatever," Spencer urengmes'."' ., added,"I thuilc Kelix'was totally -0wnerFelix,$d r,out qf line beCause If you ask~all 0r„Ky1e P~tty, , the compe~tors, they,would say of~Wln~ton/Cup•'that you sy a dtffere'nt Jimmy ~,ce,. tobk a shot~ Spencerr"' g he, could hit „. That^dtJferent Spencer may not and NASCqR l e quatg a~'exciting and hell bent . him'• for sheet meta~ as the old Jimmy.' uou~t that up.- I m going to'do e best I c ~ an;" eJ~St~Ys ?j~~ke. tie;sa~d~ I'm gol~g%to driye as ~, . tan and aiVe~300 pcent er:
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Uedhem, MA Ualty irtmcdpt Ntl Ara rhundq 08,006 RPR 4. 1666 0 m ® . third of the sea'sbn'SunQ~;'d'S~'i shott the Food qtF 600 et Bristq qr, t' I wl f x t tlq , l, y1 ,,, ~~ B n t tefq a> c7na 6utdon~IhcdefendlqQA GStnn ~~foi0w~" ctyvnPioP, Ia~k the IeaA hb A F411aCeo01ap2tbaridx~cu . ~ frontwhenSN'pCf~R oG'tClels,; . BaKeP~F , ta~nlhe•. IIYIC~W11Cq1~ seepdo,rauawetlhy ,.~..._..u:.,~~ ® rzce bWUi sloxed bY ~,~ ~~A!M1~.Inop~.,t.b~e.i~.A.~d~rr,r.ro,~r~P.hp.~Fa.od.CllWy r: i MdCe BuJX-~~..^4~'S9_E•Jfg!'.SLLSl4`!S!..:!A~!S 0 Oordon. . alos4,gan W6onteend L19t'ahp.dOAn'.::. °'etpay>d~RHeBxavEd:'nle'IBB4. . ,lauctuYnpwn~wnoranmaten, , ' WIDMbomi'elso~Fa~ of the ~greenazg, ,.eautlmitoduSk7nfothePltafortires~ 64'fherece -I sndffitlustbataetheBBtoftlvee. . thealncamc miiags. , Nly m9 'thefouAh . ifwt" Fuare(ooklsbunte - ~911d1e NV _tUt)dfd. " - .' At tNal lqlnt; fUSGpR fed-eagged . the rece for,39 minutLOwltIl the tradc e .R Justto~Lateaftettice®eeo0ag ,.[~t11nRtUR~~` r . ~ and401h'lntlre&etaxurecea;has ! elncebWB,esMngeffirst,Itdrd,Grst ~ . end9r8f,Y(4UIInQBtP.Ml,nplld9nd " , !'mbmte4 N~15CVt inllad the rece oef• ". I~"-clelet6:14PmE4f ... . .. Qadon;whuhedBnLShesot42nd ~. . JWtW &iNn nstffl~ the rain ` began>~hi tMstlme IuNeMRer67 .wudiqflaeedrurhp937tiCaHBadine - tagged tAe nar9fnsrreu NglMph ear "sM sent Mbacldng Into the watl cum ,' ingoffpunfol¢ Gaspouced 9om the danuged.iVel cell and Nh4CAR put nut ..etatlcerredeag,IttadcIRminutesb.; ~. `. clean the spPl. i ' . B~n4I1 llef8C9 I 8 vc~~ I C ' oPIW2: 1"..He IedtplcebdSd~for 1481aps;" . double the number kd by Nhllece. ~~tle~.~-)C2[-0N1NVlderkli1d14)A ~' ~', oM1gM1$,..R,~IRSInBk'1RSIUnI~iIpC8lEer.~.~ M'I~ dl ~ I6 t Ib ~ ) ' I
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o-TNE 9NELBY BTAR Thura/e Aprll 78, 1996 ' y & ~ 1.c4,Jett ~GOrdon a peerio9 o;dr~,~t, tt and ,t n` Dale ~arnherdt efter recov rtwo ' rough'r+~ec;e~ya~,6arl~'en~ T~'. .. 't''i("y'pf}. d Sllel6y, NC 81er ihun0ar B 15,180 APR 18, 1896 //~////// N8668 {r/ry®® paE33 CLr1lI NGS $ Dale Ea Ilerdt;lelpoking up Jarrett In the!polnt etandih~ , for dght,no,w; BuNhow long-- '~can@last?,. .. . .i_zt=c..~. . . v A ~h u sleJartetlpae"su[Qrlsed.meny by remalnlng In the t nmA rnr'w. tono as he haeMPsrwl lnYlui,vuF'.1•,.v .t g~to keeP aurprleing p~oPle lhe reat of the y~ear aswe . ":.~ r,:PI,
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r ' Winston Cup Spencer Has No~II sio ' 6y ANNE M. PE]ENBON . SONQ,MA,-Calit: (AP2'- Jimmy Ppeneei'; ` admittedly - not a road in l a reet- nourse'drlver rud , road courab wdh tR tums is nestlEdf the pofnla , - , in the gentle hills of Northern Ca11=i '- to run pell fornia'swluecountry Watkin'aGleti; wl(h 'tL ~-t - is the only other road course on the , Sunday's NASCAR race has Winston CSUp circuit. • ` bec. e Northern California's Iarg- g g g y spor ng , ng pencer n s e t st :ann a e (ates those pesky rtght-hatyd tu~rns. F Watkins Glen, giving him the confi- evenf, drawing more than 90,000 So he's loo forward to this dence for top-io finishes on road- fans.l ' weekend'sgave. Supermarket.s coursea, . That's where he wants to Dale Earnhardt won this race last 300 at Sean Point Raceway. He jusl ., be at Sears Point when he crosser-~- year4for IJs first4ver Wctory on a Isn't anticipating a viclory. : ; the finish line in the distinctive ro ~" ad~Course -" I"As far as winning the race: If Ppw~I(k{n' Joe s Ford Thun~de1rbird. ;t,,..; k Martin led,the race for all ~everYbodty~ eqlae_ p1<)ed.f,~artfdfpavand e la_eda titGddY Wel~, I just',~eva t_"fo g'et out'e ~' aCli,-~allo wu~Ifty~heEarn~hardt o ichaece,'igp ~' sald3w ;(A !.ofhere,'Qien'there'dnowayyou're~,pASdhimwlthtwolaps'togo.JeH ~ gear! Polnl Raeeway, a 9bR-mile going to do well," Spencer said. Cordon flnished third behind Mar- ~ . . . :. . . . . ... : :..Y. ,. ., .:., . . lKDniE, HH cimeD FrlOay D 11,988 MAY 3. 1996 N3776 a(i~lr®®PRESS CLlrPlNGS ti `In Is93 l de S fi i h d hiid et"' e ` l si ~ *`-~, ~` ~ s About His Ch ical." Youu tin ~ ~ v ' ~ donwaa I think we .~ Sunday's race comes on the heels Martin. of lfie accident-marred Winston Se-. BipPed lect 500 at Talladega. Bill Eltlottinto a re " fractured hls left thigh when his Craven Ford spun out and became airborne rookie of __- infleld grass. wreck. H4~ . cracked a vertebrae in one drrver deserved the blame. Ma hno4 d'nf n 61ark we. hanYed Im "- - It was not known when Elliott his elbow d Is generally "sore all "As a race car driver you can at- would return to racing. Tommy over sl.his spokesman Bob viays look back'and say, 'Well, I Kendall was espected„to drive El Hice ~`~ _ Acould have dooe this better,"' Gor- enda to run at least one', don sald..,'But in the end you Itave llott's Ford TTund`r~ird Wa wA -z ,Crav4t end at ma. H ' ~ y '~`lap of y's race, aj Sears Polnt ? to tnove forward lo thd next race." Another accident was sparkad st ~ to earston Cup'"poinls. Then Spencer said simply: "Hey, that's " Talladega last weekend when Gor- he ll turn the wheel over to relief racing. 52245 8430 nces. Sunday eezed Int6 a wall and hit' driver Iton Hornaday, Jr., the regu- he aireand al slammed CrattsmanoTruckarS~e Inlentry.~~ feace.Gordon, the defending. Winston _ ast. year's Winston Cup . Cup champion, said he has watched o RP .a{ra,~alnuRlv ea- videos of the crash and has talked Injury in the 11-car mm manm. tsmn aeclaen mar no J P
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WINSTON CUP SCENE Cnnmld, NC WEEKLY 111.61011 RPR 11, 1998 ~®®® M28878 rxexacurrreas ,~CUp;racesiqy Job en(~me to spotfor regh<,m.'rJeu a ror:.~ had beea p7aeed on e r!U!rv alB,%eoua u,holrf'wrheard --,.o- a ~,^ ~Fo'dRaneer.;.l ~ ,rJ, n ~ltariesredu- ~ sporbnnts ~-' . oodjf""G`rllled ~~s Medcan. _ 1~_eCOidlnq`Artlsto+:l don't really ~911e;.i`a 1artlst.l.lkell;types of . qd'sddies. ~. . -soking,, attemPting - IdHot•LIv~~N/1thoYt: : ~ •ome ob: Seeing slhing .. nged make the fPr go . MyJob: Geningtrved _weeks wi3hut a•day . n Momentr',Ask, - ~9enks) :Ifrs;,off~ihe CoYIl~CkiiBe.Anythlny About °0Pd~e~ 6ttllt 1eer.sener. C~ ~inae_Anylhln4-About:.~~l i rs, dr I don't believe you can ' :dtiange'people')YOrijusthavetotaket1191n, ~llketheYare `:~s,`;. FlaYeare;FromNow, Is Hope.to,bWe ealthy;andmYwifetohavetwok'ids.r~: +. ~ "s,Personallty:Tralta I Admlre In A Parsoni Hon9sty,:loyelty . . . P.rsorunty TraRs:I Nate In. A Person: 'ItryrnttoNlnkeboul9.": _ J(.1 Could~R Be.ln Raeing, I'd: Open e Oceupatlon~lMost Admires Mothers , =taactuellyralsetheir.children. ,. - people Jlssume'limo I don t know.~ 've r• - ~ever asked them.., . '4What Urlves Me Crasy: Procrastinetion-' ` jvO - - op. Irtee. H.ve TrGo searchlor e,~ ob. 'f ` " ~ - ' ~ ~ ro My:Fantasy, Iss,7o see eny.Republioen a ' ipfesident gdcteQ,nhls year ... .. .. - '^ . Evary~ Now:l~eaNSr• I-H.solvo' To: d w chenpemymintleveryyear. „~~
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_ - ----- _ _ Spencer fires a verbal volley back at Sabates A n.ngtyJUnntyepeneer Sabatn. Byle Rt~e leem ownerwho Wtweekcrttk7red SpmarlydrlNng whlkdefending Petty for an Inctdent N Cha'lolte leatSunday. . SabalesaatdSpe/teerten^hft everylhing In the gange eReept mybue" and not be pettahsed by NASCAR Spetwer, who hu pnMOUely Z npenaSaedbyNASGIHfor Inthethn9erdklalon,fUch ekNCMenb,aaMheY MoyereootedhleSretcareerwln changed his over-aggrenlve In 9ve year. tn thrillers. wrya. He elerled fourth-and took the ForFellxtobnngthelupwaa leadlmrnRlchSpaldeonlap lotallyoulofWe; 6penareald. three.Fromtherc,MUyerhadlo "NlthecnmpeUteratfyouaak fendoBaperefstentCrtgDullna, them,wlUsaythatiheyteseefng whofinlehedsecondo adlBemtttJltnmySpenarlhb JohnCool.SpaldeandBruce ynr; LongroundedoulthetopOve. SpencerfWshedelVhatDover guellfytngheetewhetewonby . I thleweekend,uW 17ihat Chariotlelaetweek.l7toee Bnbhea came afler.hb Srst wln , wwthtfie 'Joe'eFicing team tClpenat Charlotte (a non-potnb raa) the ' weekbefore. He ham't taken muWt heal this year, aNhougt he did aay I 'fueadaythathe+po togludto Michael Waltrip aflerwrxking Waltrlp at glchmand eeAkr INa . aeawn.. . . . But In paat yran, Spertcu haa , had nolewmttq run-Ine wtth Ben , Schnder.and othere. who '. eWmedhbdrlNngwu ' wrreklex. Spene<r once trled to Igttore ' suchconunenta. "When olhu compeutote potnl Dultna. Cool and Ken Sonee. k~ergreen'a regular achedule of modNeda pro stocks and thrillers contlnueslhfa5aturdaynlghtat - B:USp.m.Therewlllaleobea ladlo' powder puff race. Intwoweel®,onJune15,the q y etocke wlll battle tn a epeclal . lap maN evenl. The KIASCAR : legendewlllalenreturnthat „ Saturday. aYYNMnI RaOeYae R r W Lrr fMlgen and plck nnyou, and you kndwyou'renotdoingenything wrong, you have to defend youneff,"Spencerseld. "I donR llltt to defend myself, but I think I hevetoonthattaeue; He teh that Sabatec'rzmark wmun[alr,apm attygh2nthat Spencer qya heY cleaned up his actHW atason9 thtnk Fellxwae talallyoul of Ifne." Spencer said. "He needs to etep back and reeeeeaa the I situation and make amende with ~ the people he e mld thmge about." ' The heart of the Sports Car . Club ofNnertca'a local aeheduk 'begW nexlweekwlth the flratof twoweelherllyHWClbnbethts weekend. ~ TheClentaDnpalrAt¢Cllmb . follows on July 18-14, and the eemndWeetherlyneeleSept. 14-15. ' - qherloceleventslncluethe '. NESC `U Natlonale at Foconu Internatlonal Ramtay onJuy 97-R8, and a reglonel SCCA weekendatpoconoonJdnel2- FneddyHanunofKulrtown wonhla second feature race ofthe eeaeott at Evergrzen I1ECeway this weekend. HemmelartedelRlh,thentook thekad away from Steve Mooney on a lap ekreelan, then held off Mlke Hoeler dunng the reme W ng greenSeglapaon[Tewylothe wltt. Noel<r finished second for the fouNtumelhbye.r whue MooneyMbhedthhd.pat Deponte squeezed pael Ike Iddbtga on the final lap to take fourth,whllekWh/gafln4hed flRh. ModNedhutwlnawenttu ~ WIIk/pl1ff/1PA HammandNoskr. TMgtLlidlf ' Inthe9l}lapproaloekfeature, Br•mbn -- DesnSLneendedaalx-yeardry MnMrr epeu when he captured his Brat featureeltte<AprLL 14,1990. w.dnMeer o 17,011 Conelderepa.oneof - Evergreeneallthnegreate,I0lne /n rv tnokptekedaweyhvmeerly JUN 5, 1996 kaderBrlenDarbonlapfiveand ~ heMonlAeteatoftheway./n ~~~Wt~p~v N4S92 kederBodn~e'y,.Atonatthe - 'CI(d.ww._-.,. W~lr®®lRCRb[11lP/NGb IJ AlonSptdosuhted.emndandheM u' MbhMthNd ki9owedbyJce ~ SuttaMFrodObtrbl. W: n ChuekFerkoaky,JackCwkly -- .~t n .• „a...,. h~./.,,/......e
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Sallabury, MD 1Nnn Frlday . 028,138 JUN 7, 1996 N3066 IM®©PRESSCLlPP1NGS '' BIRMINGHAM, Ala. '(e1P)_1-`; `a`quick'way of ssyuig,"•"Spencer We have'.heard the, charges •`didit.' brought against Mr. Jimmy y'T`ANow itia Mr. Spenoer's turn to , Spencer. - ~fdefend himselE, ,'. ;.' ` That,: as a driver on theWia..<, 'Pm glad you've brought this : aton Cup racing circmt, Spencer r up,'%Spencer said: "hwanted to '' is a menace to meehamcal ~< brmg it up myaelC" .• ,, '~ ety. ieR,,that ~s,what we're here That his car, the'Smolnn% oe~ ~~ is your'daym the court Ford`eponeored, by C'am" eTeiga ,? pfpublic Opinion..'+ ^*' rettes,:'should carry, a, waruing. ;S Now,'•is it not'true that'in the label reading "It has bgen,dejer=~~ you have sh'own a total dis mined that racing next to Jimm .._~. '. ~+'regard for the safety of other dri- ; ' Spencaer, can.Ibe :hazardouE~tn yourhealth' ~,?n,.'your quest to'puati'your ,We'liaveseeaevidenceo£e;°~'~toward the:&ant?eIn~fact, ` reckless : driving : that makes ,»bluntly° spealung,' haven't` you Spencer wreck more, +~us sa ~:,pone "eome flat-out, atiupid" things ` ~ eeveraldrn•vere~ an own~ ,•u'"In th past; I'ye,~ersshed care?. a. that the word "aephalt' sqMpluy .. earl.tt in the race by doingidumb ~„ d g al,ted many, a time°because of ? Llvnge: I wonR. eqy, i Tve , -`But sPvwtchangedarAn d +I've ~iitisfied `witL ;where-you're Ar-tabette,•!~; , :lS: 3daNq1Aw"WWAW*7~$.,, ? •~:-1ve ;cdangea toaa :¢egree "r° : realizing that if you csn't finish a' httle; bit further iij~`; you-need `to ' t,q';,malce"sure' I'"don'L"geE;in sny time when Pm around:other cars cen, drive: pm, being'`eatra 'atient ia the'car ;rm,talong my :: I feel Pm driving ae:gcod ae I eom ething I didn't, do in thapaat. eina; just take`~ 10th place..That's race'snd,cauaing aome`prob-. q°g lnsteaa'°t tamng; a =pTece car arid`trying;to win Fontlicts' a ''-NASCAB'driver: Ward~ Burton, t wl~y pou sent Michael who' with car No 22 spentaad - ' aell earlier thie N Waltrip into the . Friday ~ at' Hertrich,- Pbnti.c,~.+~;u ,. Buiok, GMC wuth of Seatord, year at Ii~civaiond?_ ~ t(niehed 16th in Snnda~q'a IIddwt ~ did cause A problem there I' ~'thelMiller'b00 at,Dover°Downs ~t mx tve rod,:went,mto~the;; m 7 International Speedway Bmtoo,~corner, got ~to: xlVlichaeP; and ,,, a native+ of -Soqth' Sqda~~VA 1Ednmped him It rwas juat aleang ~ ~ualiBed fourth in' hii;.Pontlac~ incldent that could have . Eeen °im . ' s rand-P r3: for Sdnd y - prevented on my part: I: told u yo ~.;= n,%r° . -,,MichaelIwasaorry*
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Japir, AL NNIUNTAIN EAGLE BtrminOMm Mit Ans Frldq D 12,467 MAY 3, 1996 P1960 L'CICIF. PRBBSCCfrPlxOS ~te~rnal pessimi ~ . Spencer,no,t;optimistic abQ t.;4chances rn Save~Mart 3D0; SOrIOMA to ;do well."~,~ d. 'But the Rfcl";Crav 's C;teVtolet flipp~d into' Cal 1,(AP)' ~ y 1 ! r pomts~a~ ci3ticalP~~ td"rl~m Wa1I 'the aii and sl `` into'a retaiNng Jimm~~ 3~~r +y~7~u I ~iSskab"~ll. ..~. cf, Kfenre: ~x OBri8®1AOAly~~OtaIOAG~ hr r~ .i, 3.tt~ t.N'~'~eLYt~< 4r1Ver+ ~ ~7~T~SYµ 7 {~~ ~ QQ~~ddQQ~n~~ 9~f A -/ D8C0 pl`I e 1 - . r ry s~ N ~~~p! r ~~~y._~ ~Il ~ ~ pO',a1' R I J' .AJ U4-_: ypar ~1 e, . ilaa4 ^`yaue.t f.~ RI ~ AIIlIYiI H ~ "r i - ' { ) ~ b 7. . i T~ , ~lr f ~~ ~ I 1 ~~ ~r~~_LOL[Il8..ia'8.. drawQ ~iA1T1119 ,, f Weea: y f , harmfr ~ r ~ ••4. gdt • ~ ' ,, . :: , s 8a~fe Ma#t8 Wpq, arkef e 900 pt knd ls ' Sp~cer'seid ' track, allowing Earnfiardt to pass him turn the wheel ovat' to rellef driver Rai antiapating a'victory. .. year, for his flrst e~er`vlclOry on a ztiad .spokesman, Bob Hioe: :' .-+ .::Ae far'88 winning the raee: If eVery-- eolll'se. -",^'~-<a.~.aea_.u:.~aner~x~s .•..,rv,~An.wu•,v.e«:CrAVe~D-Entendast0'ruavat'leASt Vae body else pitted for fiiel and it rained, Mark Martin led the race for all but lap of Sunday's raee at 8eaes Point to t)ieF ; may4e5, we'd have a chance," eight laps, but he slipped on an oily earn Winston Cup points.:Then he71 ~« Seera.Point-Racewayf-a-2.62-mile,-with- two 1apr.to. road cou~e with 12 turne is nestled m ieb9d tlurd , . _ the ~entle hills of Nor~hern`California's" {Sundl~q'e 11et wine countrv. WatkiiiA`Gl 'ea` '11 khe on,d ~'the''arcideet=tn~ ~ s F~oinL ay. He 'juet' isnt':.:Dale ):arnhar~~ t~eta~ie.laat generAl}y.`'sor6' oiret>"'eaid his road oourse on tbe Winstoa CdD .b00 at Tallades~.] ,tf~AlflYf•. 11'~~Ji t r 1 ~vl Y11~}~O~OI'Y~ 1• I f.• . ~~~. a: T(Gordon,'the,:~ _ ~'0>•*1Cup, .. . Ns len puQa pynon }~:om un ouL caampron, saia ne aas afatmed qN1e0w In 1993, 3peneer ffinished third at and became airbbra~ before ti ofthe'crash and has talked with ~j . *, Watkine, Glen, giving him the confi- cally bou~the tiq. `Both decided that no oaeudriyei deace forwp 10 finishes on toad cours es.'1'hat's wfiere he wants to be at Sears It was i~ khdwa Flliottwoiild ~srabs oatr drrver you can Alv'` : Poult when he croeees the finish line in return to raang lbmmy Kendall was look back ant7 6~y' `Well, I could lisVe' the distinctfve Smokin' Joe's , Ford ezpected ~o`dnve E r Et'y Ford1Thw 1 done this be~ter;y ~'iordon. sazd But 3a. 'I hundeebird ' " derbnd this~ 8mama. ' the end, Ahave to move forVVatd t'o "Ifqou come out here' with the atti. Amd>~i"' r t "`Apark~~lb1 'Ehd iiekt tude,,'Well, I just rvant to` get out of leileQa last wdelrend when was 't'. 3~enoer sef~`~pty: `Hey, that's ra4~ heie; ttien there's no wayyou're going ,squeezed.ipto,a wa~ aud hit..~dartin. , in&: . r _.s~ effiGordon:6n-~.H r.,Txy~tl~wr~ilar.drtver:~ ~ia; . Earn~'a ~iASCAx CraRempn Trttick
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52245 8476
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I a P N m tn a)
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AET : ~~1NG1OiWME is heatling north to familiar track.' 'Spencer By the Press Entgrprlse staff ; In two weekends, Winston Cup driver Jimnkv Spepcer will ~ t'aCe at what he F,0 nsiders'his home'track - Pocono Inter- i natlonal. 36 maybe it's A ppropriate that his conversation recently drifted to his ho>titetowp of Berwick.`" ~ Spencer will leave hrs current home in Moofesville, N.C.; back to his roots for the GM-UAW lbamwork 500 r Jri4nm (:~ and travel , i aroeY ~ec$ gt PgGdr b at Pocono on June 16. 1ntQPriebonal $p6edway As a kid in Berwick, Spencer grew up dreaming of play af Long PoPd Pa ing on the gridiron for,the nationally known Bulldogs, but ,W R,y y ~,n N„4 ; as he got older he found it difficult to juggle auto racing am_ ~ap~~ }~ ~; ~;z and football. So he left the Bulldogs to pursue racing full- tiqie. "My dad was, and still is, aware of the coipmitmentrac- ing takes, so he told me,tp make achoice between football and racing,",:,Spepceir shid. Lookrng;back, Aguess I chose the',right one.". 6 , ~ ~(Spencer isW+4'~ff`hfs i7eat fiqof the season - a " Please see SP~4QER+page 17 , Continued from page 13 sixth-place -- at DoveT, Del; ; ' e,.d : Spencer ahis Ford Thunder- bird have gained fourpo sitions in •?the Winston Cup stahdings';iu hfs 'last'two races;-HeentersPocono ranked 19th, only' 101 points'from 15th. Spencer's best run at Pocono came in June of 1991. In the that event, on lap 130 the leaders pitted under caution, but teajn owner Travis. Carter, noticing storm ;clouds on' the. horfzon,'-;advised of Spencer's. '"Bacing at Pocono for me is like a :baseball,player growing up in New Yotk and ptchingkat Xankee 5tadmm. To. wm at Pqcono worSld be;irlce the guy from'New-'York throwing a no-hitter.° .,,~-...:. Bloomeburp, PA Press•Enlerprise Frldey D 21,785 JUN 7, 1996 m N N ~ ~® ®© PRESS CLf N4652 PPINGS V. GD L, F, ,;sE _ Ln Spencer to stay on'the track. With Spencer in the lead, the ' race was red-flagged. eight. laps later. After'the restart, Spencer finished 14th. "(Qarter) made the"call for us to stay out during the caution, and if it would've been a stronger storm, we . Wpuld've ', won " that race," ' Spencer satd Pcicono remaiiis a'favorite track I -
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utA uraNa rNOra MPMO "an., Nr suf MRR 1998 EM i ras..ecr.rtxcs 1 1996 Exclusive Daytona 500 Photos T.u b.mm.tr Mtllivy tor Ih. pot of aold wrlT Inlh.9W-mW ...n Jad 6crdo. (24 n T.rq l.boot. (5) Look for racing reum. (cAm nCw9va m nllvc mmR) In tiq6t p.rl.d.diou Reb.n Pndq (33).p11b tha m:ddl. of R.oov W.Wcs (Bl snd WudlPurten (22). --_.M ,Wmncaumttwweusxl Tku..id.vdeq.etiwutehrlNlGordov(24).L.wrMqINMl99)mdllu 9~.ne.r . (23) on the MvL b.nks cl Aftoo.. 16A2n nCtLBVI lr nxx ntm4 Fovr 4vodtr rka..m tkq yn...Wb Lmkudt. Smn) Sckr.d.r. Mark M.Nn and W61.n.M. iGAiLnCLiI®'/[lTOAl1iU1011 (OnRnCWflYInWR~) MicL.d Waltrip (21) and Ricky Cnna (41) try ro hold oR [.n Sckr.d.rlelb.Budmie29 r.crMlR W 6'MaNUF Rost. W+ILw (251 .nd [.m.. Sehnda. tl. Ca.w. 37 of k6o Adutlf. (a.fonCWBlvt~ lTU.P10wu6tMeoP1 IOATY QRVNPI ~T WVm NOVtTIWl/ 6wR Rndie..nd Raba P.elO rnu. toqa6.r eom:ea nul R.civy dam tM Lm.d 4emehute of Dqtrm.lu lmol d s lull hou... DJ.lunll (88).nd dde"V 908 wfma 91.rlinV M.dfn o/ Nn bwr in /rwt o/ Ikoownd. e/ p.eDl.. Pp. 18 . G.Nr RaoV M.... Msrtk 106
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PENFONNNINCE NACINB NEW1 Teronb,ON,CuadR YONTNCT APR 5. 1996 H61166 Y\iniYY/Ra59 CLIIIl.YLS Hanlil- ton hit: Round Z Although the month of March came in with a cuol wind, apparently it was aHll werm ennugh to get a few people hot under the collar at the recent Pontiac Excitement 400 NASCAR Winston Cup race at Richmond Inf1 Raceway. Following a hectic late-race battle, John Andretti (P37 Kmart/Little Caesare Ford) rammed the beleaguered Bobby Hamilton 043 S7P Pontiaclduring the inappropriately named 'cool-down lap'. With memories af being spun by Dale Earnhardt the week before at The Rock'still fre.h in his mind, Hamilton must have wondered ifthere was a'bull's.ye' painted on the back of his car following the incident with Andretti. 'He was holding me up big-tlme; said Hamilton, of his race with Andretti."Fle wanted to hit me eRer the Rag Oew. He hit me agoin, so Ijust lacked the brakes down.' Following the impact, Hamilton leapt from hie car to confront Andretti. The Ford driver, however, thought hetter of the situation and drove oRtu the garage. From Andretti's point of view, he justified hitting Hamilton becauae, he said, Hamilton hithimnrsL `. -' '1 was going to bump him in the back, but he hit the brakes in a defensive meneuver and it ceved in the rear ofhis cer.' John Andrelti picked up a hefq fine frum NASGR NASCAR saw it differently, however, and for qopping' Bohbf Hamilton on the •ool dawn lap handedAndrettia22,000finefnrwhatitcalled al Rithmond 'Cunductdettimentaltothespurtofautoracing' n,aranu.nur.w..m :aam Richard Peay ealq, no less--.hile they battled of the lead of Radinphum reann..,s..o... Dale Earnhardt incurred the wrath of Winslan Ca Ions.ilY his'eudpe' of Bobby Mamillun -- in Ihe Not too popular If race fans were getting a soft spot in their hearts for Dale Earnhardt, followinghis loss to JeRCordonintheehampionshipchaselaetyeer, many of them turned stone cold on 'The Intimidatur' f Ilowing an incident with Bobby HamiltonlM43~ Pontiac/dudngtheFeb,25 running of the Condwrench Service 400 at Rackingham's NorthCarolinaMotar6peedway. On lap 344 0093. after a hard-fought, hack- and-forthb.ttle,Earnhardt'sright-frontfendee contacted the left-rear bumper of the #43 cer. Hamilton made an impreuive save to keep the csrfmmheingwreckedbythe wall,buthischante to take himself, Richard Petty and Petty Enterprisee tovictorylanewereuver. Earnhatddt won the race. The incident was very disappointing far Hamilton, Petty snd slmost ell NABCAR fens who - no matter which team or driver they hold closest to their heart - still have a snR spot for Petty and the 043 operation. Even after fallingout with engine troubles, followingasuperbrunofhieown,Jimmy&pencer emerged from his certochaeron Hamilton (prior to the Earnhardt-Hamilton ineident). 'I'd like to see Ric4ard Petty's car win this far nGae 'mentelreasona,'eaidtheddverofthe N2~S~amockisd- _.Jae°'s Ford, who summarired the feelings ofnuny observers with his cnmments. From NASCAR's penpective, there wasn't enough evidence to suggest the incident was intentional. But many observers suspected otherwise. In the week that followed, Hamilton noted [ha t Earnh ard t is a great driver, bu t enm eti mes is blinded by his desire to win.'1'm real disappointed Earnhardt didn't rate me clean.'
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Bededen, AL TINEO Oededen Md AMn Wedneeday 0 30,195 APR 24, 1996 P1852 =®PB655 CLIPPINGS J'~ ::f irQmy Spencer and IvidaVf wi0 be making specral appimitobbs the sodh annpal Goodyear Race Day. . , t~16Betw(~sG Speucer as Mr FScatie~nent, ,."Virtin Methodist''s k isthedrnerof okm'JoesFord ,Powell,who~pk*ed on He won the' l~ 500 atTa) ed States OlyinGic ladega. ` ~ Perry was 11Tss Vaughn is a we4knownraring ketball, S n~cer is scheduled to be at the, .~ raoe daradivides5rom.1L30ho2p.m, iMissVaughnfrornnoonunh7230 17ie H2'ss Gals are also expe<ted FASlAHOGA :~ to make an appeacaoce. I}ack Wdll host t~~ . Other exlvbits inchide various Win• 1dnwtasiNe,btghighf ston Cup showcars, inctid'mg those of ing program'Fnday F Bill Ediott, Kyle Petty, Brett Bodine, conlunction wrth the Ettne Irvao and Ward Burbon. Spo ^• 3~r° .~~ There will also be dragsters, dirt The 9 yl, Dirt 1~ate M trackweerasand theWiggmscar3ng . aoa~e boat ,' , :' • : : io8 51~50 ~eiytwM be m the Goodyear r SupaJ ' r~ parlmg area and the public is invited ,6alap Aeedtre to join the Goodyear workets at this Gabes wpoperi,at 4 ~s ev~entwluchwBla9t5oni9a.m~r ffi ~be~n at 6Gi0~d tW*i'11L Perry sigoa wlth Mardn` ra<,ng tiri au k~cat alvtsi L'adbedIaleMode~IM Cfadsden 9tate's Saconda Perryhas IMCAModiSedsapd P signed a volleyball scholarship with MartinYGtethodistCoDege. ; Hall of Faine,elects Perry, a 56 outside tdtter, played at ° The Etowah Couilty CherokeeCountyHghSthooL', i~;<FamebaqeelecEadi ;~ lnhertwoseasoreatGadsdenState '..ingyrear'LLey,ar~~ sheesrneda4tournainent,a4slatea+id . GeorgeHall,pre~id ~ °° . ~ . . . . ~ .. ~ . ' . . _ . "~ _~-.. -'i 64 Z7~' ~ L~B:~~`Coucb, chairman; G. A.' ~s ~tosq Roberts, Argus KeDy, Jaclqe 1am11eit, 1994Und- James'.Ayers, Darryl Dunn and WymanTownseL' dout In bas .. 'Ihe naitmeetngwiIl be May 21 at b champ`i~" 6 p.m= atF.Qiott Community Center. .: ^+• - ,y~ Reavls, gets hol8-in-one '_ ~ ~~es a [v8cu4$ p~ egaSh' ~~~esnthe ernAll.S~ar hhole:'Fk wasusiogaiwr twodar~aoti ~ron wasplayinglna;t6ceesome Safivday' in `wdh Blake lIerriug and Charlie MMer. ' aton Seled "~ ~~ ~~~~~ . ' ,/SU goll~ llulbll $. tb . ~ ~ . el cars wjl ED7SI'0 BFAC}i, SG ~ ~ #~~ecS~Univermty~v"oniea'a gotf , ma o " pwe tD hot laps ~~ G~ecocks shot a team ,; ~~ , 1001 to tte'llorida Intesnationat , ~;~p ex~'~maliedttvo shokes behind suithp~aceFloridaAtlanficand ~, Smck atrokea behmd tournament winn, ' S ~~ tAt Individu#JSU was led byAesh- t~Courtney Brosang who'ahot a round tota1236. That scaewas' esbu~i f~ aQlh place. Bypfrtire b~ m the top 10 she earriedAlE 7-7 Harokl Gri>F~Wprdye~l~~eac,.e hpnoca
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' jAContiquedFromP,Ag ptFStop,an~ _nr wttill wK"., ~ ¢ph ~ t~on tned~ ob as=s}iop~1'Ar@p% mmensely,-~ race teaml ,this year than,}yc' ., the past;~^,When';you haQ,. '~ motorsettan~ rre~J+vyou do aACil do es ~!-w;,h:~have'>fo'fmalce.~'io:~.¢ound i estof thetrn ,'. A ~~ ' -• BePore ~be ser~qt~'4atertedf Speneer, aq N~18B~0 decidd ' ~ itwas,a must~ospendtlme~t MrtiUn~Nlle, VA iULLETIN MartinsviJl~e testing' befo~ ithe spririgrrace 'Avq:weeluir . beforet almbst&L20 teain~kr cend de rth h lf i b n e ,a •m_ , 9oo ' Fridq' 0 so , : oval to,tesk~petlcer.and I APR 19, 1996 "W'~ PkraCC At kfa ; I P5539 ~ ttnsidlle;,l pnng~artd wQ,~®® didn4 iun' "'ss wQll es,we ~vant,• ed t6lastfall,; said Spencu?? reessccrrIrxoaE, '~ e',jooked at the tracks _ : tlldnt'..r,u4we1L'at.lasttyea` anddeeidedMartinsville one tha_fwe'tiad to.test at, yl'~ ! ~N: ;, _ ~~`second'da,v,kof-[esting'then„ . ,~rwas,,-t,ery~romisfng, "W[,,- stent on our lo L stayed coqs ' ' r ; €[p rnDSh~k'~+S~~r7'.> 7Y Martinsvll'lie was onesof~ 's ~ orUe.~tra S peneer , ilFwhnn'ihw~' aolime~so ~ track's ,; aunual Modrfied• : i shows.~ ~f r ~I,tused .t et armind M~ ~.~ ; . fronl Berwlck,Ya., for thc:r, ' •'tUnsoille prgtty§ood in.a M but~I haven;trhad" F ified , 1 4dLSame"luck'3n"Winston' Cup' , . wouJ,dntyhave-.thouqMt. . four~'months aBo. we'd capableofwinning:arecethi8l ' ' year, .,but,awe?,;are,: saiil,',. _ Spencer.: *"We're;going ; tq; 0 ' ~ makeYsolne~more•changes-. N .pver'.neiit winter:,that wi111„ , make;us a championgb,.ip con. ; ~a tepdor;~lhe~top 10 isbur pri- ~ „orityrlghqnow; buf I thlnk'•we' a+ rv can wIn races this.year ~ ahort~~der~ " 5 ;such an,abont-face,iq suciN amazed°t~s team has,dona,) 1 S encer admrts~~ he','iQ' ~
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'ad'A\pperq 16, aM 86 E7Gdt (ripM, tap) ~ . ilis~lYeelhashixmlLSid.geMNOfglnw • . . ppcvie: T_ea.Ncgreve, msoyW.~, ~~~oR ~
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s, ;. GETTING THE STAfiT- Pole s ' ~ ~ .~ . oj Goodwrexli:l00-.~IV,i. ~t;.: k.,gFAMILIAR°•:Farnlliar.43 colors: of J?i~erd-Petry'pra beiny brougfe to f,roM of Goodwrench 400 by - . Bobby HarnMan Attempting to pass IaJfs Dek'Jarrett, B8 .North Carollna Motor S~cedway`Goodwrench 400 race pictures by Chuc,y and ~,hn W. Hubbard. w
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Alaona, PA Mlrror AIle.na Md Ar.. ,, Frldar 0 35,959 MAR 15, 1996 I Berwick's Spencer provides excitement { : Berwick driver Jimmy Spencer isthe eole Yepresentative of the Keystone State in NASCAR Win- akon Cup competition. This, in spite of the fact that Pennsylvania is:known nationally as the hotbed of northe'astern motor sports. Spencer, along with his father Ed, cut a wide path on our region- al speedway scene but realized over a decade ago that he wanted more and joined the NASCAR Mod Squad. Three years later, he won the series championship and moved up to Busch Grand Nation- al competition, always looking ahead to the elite NASCAR Win- sWn Cup division. Although he did not grab a Grand National Championship, his ability was soon recognized and his dreams eame true in 1990 when he was c}ho8en for his first Winston Cup ride. Dubbed "Mr. Excitement," a tide that many fans felt was a negative as much as a positive, Jimmy embarked on a rather roller coaster Winston Cup career. His aggressive driving style got him in trouble on more than one occasion, getting to the point where many fans took the atti- tude that if there was an accident anywhere on the speedway, Wait Martin Jimmy was sure to be, in some way, involved. This stigma cost him a number of Winston Cup rides but his abili- ty behind the wheel always allowed him to come up with another one. Vowing to change his image, he appeared to have the problem mastered in 1994 when he outdueled Ernie Irvan to win the Daytona 400 in July and followed three weeks later with another Super Speedway win at Talladega. , Jimmy was eager to return to Daytona in'95 but he was about to face the biggest disappointment of his NASCAR career as he failed to qualify for the 1995 Daytona 500. °To come back to the site of my first Winston Cup victory and then not make the Big One' was downright embarrassing," stated Spencer. "It was truly the biggest downer of my career. "Not making the Daytona 500 is not a good way to begin a season. The race team spent over half the year trying to recover from that. It was a very empty feeling, a feeling I hope I never experience again " His 26th place finish in the Winston Cup point standings in '95 undoubtedly reflected his Day- tona problem. However, it's a new season now and a cautious optimism is reflected in the Spencer camp. This stems from many oft season changes made in the Smokin' Joe's Ford team. - In'96, Pro Motors, which pro- vides the power plants for maity of the top Ford teams, will supply the engines for the Travis Carter- owned team. Also, in December, Donnie Wingo, a 15-year veteran, joined the team as crew chief. He will work hand-in-hand with for- mer crew chief Cecil Gordon, who remains with the team as shop foreman. "Phe changes we made were all in the right direction," said Spencer. I feel race fans will see a much improved Smokin' Joe's race team in 1996 and with four races now completed, he has been right. . Spencer was strong in the Day- tona race, only being.forced back in the later laps by a pit atop for a damaged tire. He still managed an 11th place finish. Rockingham and Richmond weren't so kind, as problems with the braking system saw him do no better than 23rd and 26th, but last Sunday at Atlanta he was in the battle all the way, grabbing a solid seventh- place finish after starting well back in the pack. He has climbed to 16th in the Winiton Cup point standings and, in this writer's opinion, is heading right on up the line. Our prediction; Jimmy Spencer will win his share of races before the final checkered drops on the'95 Winston Cup campaign. u, This weekend is open for the ~ Winston Cup brigade but a big ~ event for the Grand National cars ~ is set for Nashville, Tenn. with ~ the running of the Opryland USA ~ 320. Many Winston Cup drivers are entered in the action and Jim Spencer is one of them. The race can be seen live beginning 3 p.m. . Sunday on TNN. I
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Bridol, VA RERALD-COURIER Johnoon City-KInpIpad-BAdai Mot Aru FrldeY 045,871 MAR 29r 1996 P5499 111]®®PRESSCLlPPINOS 4z f*ra The first ttme'Jimmy Spencer syer,came to ~shea t ~ Bristol International Raceway, r wastp ~a etonCup eft , BuechGrand National car:; ~ ~ ~ ~ 1989. u ~ , Spencet's crew chto$ •Herb Na ~~gav'¢ihis ' He's had his chances ' driver his thoughts on the half mile ovel. s 1;' win here, however. "Herb told me I absolutely was goirig"to "One of my, most he t , hate Brietol,",said Spencer. "Me be '-.t~e ,periencee`caule''th`e nigh kind of person I am, Iwae'determined' ~'; fall broke le6`dmg the race a , in love with the place, and I have "~ ,;:;q-' car. :°Io t}u~~iaY, Y hone Spencer has three top-10 • fmtshvs n t BIR have won,~T}iat~;?~ee y-B smce aany in wmswn uup ikccnon, tuoar sc effort a fourth which' came in the~1998' " City 500. He also bad two etghthplace Sn, 499 ps~bii I n' love uv'rth s very fi[st Wm just doesn't matt~r." .~,•~ ~~ ~~.r , , .ay banked oval in , Spenc g'r vieited BIR a couple of weeks' a o ~t g , ,and teated his Busch f}rand Natiqnal ride. x~et h s fi at car r e r ee ~e f el reallyfrtableith wht como war we i... .learned,'° said. Spencer, whose best finish ~is ieaking recing ex• ' Smokin' Joe's seasoA ~~ the Ford has been a w , ~y throttle linkage `seventh at'zA,~IGiStG.""I';think we * take " ' nstol; said Spen ' some qf ~he ,information'from the Bdich, test; b9 eve we would and a~pl tt tower8 thSN Winston Cup car hq~e the reason qrye've~had eome good rqns thts'see9on but ~ , ~~` iiot, 5uc} good quahfy}ng:results'°)Top'e d~ou 'can lead~V a'tan buak ia bouple of good lapa'>fi' qit • d the last one,i E~f~ing and get ~e a good atartmg epot "
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, t • =~~aS~p ~XFs gg pFsyY~-gr;i.,s. e[.2z ~ y g a E ~+ ~ ~ S~; 1jijj97ir~r6:~t1~~8 tR ~N I 1 ~ d g~e E t ~ RI ~ I - ~ C978 54ZZS ;9 ~t~g ~~~{~~ ~ p61 g11HU 3 ~ t t ~').x 3~ gtt J` ~€S~8 a~$:~~SEgIFOR.^PI ' tEay~ g"~$Birg'i$~ gi~g a. 3~'Ra2 ffnR~~~ :I ga sa ~ E~ d3iE v R j~ 3 $~~E ~t~~t9fl: E < 7 -. ~_ _~9 ~~- E ~C =x r ~ ~ g 1}. ~a@~F ~ ~fr~- ~ t6E'~F'x~^~ ~3g~~l2 Cd~R a ~~d~1g 6e~~E ~aR ;IF er~i .. , "Et€t¢~=.1a C t ~ R7 g aF_a,.. ~ A1 F ~ ~ ..~ t~ _ R~~;g r ~p ~~T ~8~ ~~~~~~lg;" .~ ~da ~fc'~~gE~s~I ~x`~ S tt af~~4&'a$ rt ~g~;~$~RgS~E a~~ t ~$I Seg ~• ~gM ~t~~te[l! ~j.9~{It €I F~~11 ~ iIE~i1j1a rg~.~, tgt~~~d~~~.~tr~ ~9~~g ~~.gf~a~~$~ if'c~..a jEllp~g~~f~g~1E11yp,$1(,i'11a $~~~a R~t ~~qt~t~~ ~ i'g~`11't §9 ~~~~7~lIF'~~~~s&. Q~~ t~4IM rt
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BeYro•Alheae, PA tknu Thursday D 7,527 JUN 6, 1996 N4626 /j/LyN/i,6aPRRSS CLlPPIN03 lioga,. gears for!Busct%North ' return iBatloyswho will be a'senior at Sayre High School when.he retutns to RIC SINSABAUGH. iliel~imis'rail, scored n;s,fourth feature win in a row on Friday at , A~, 1n ftis 4-cylinder stock He also scored his fourth feature win of Motors rtscolumnist oySRr}US~~.~,,IineonSaturday , ~ m au.F;~ -11ri ... . ..;. This Saturday, the Busch Grand National North Senes will al.e ri; `: "" ~YQ~~ drfva ~qg DePey/ of Waverly added another.victory to his . return to Tmga Speedway. ' j , ' ~ q, rolvptg-4st by wirtning the:;LateiModel feature Friday.;at Endless .. . ~ Last year s event,was the first time theserics had made.a~s~op at~~~rn~ Hg.also firilshedsixth at Skyline on Saturday,~Meanwhik, ~ Owego smce t19g7*-when Winston Cup driver Jrmmy of Gtn Sharp$fegt~ trot!llinued his strong showings,placing third on Friday Berwtck Fa•, urok the checkers ~~ ''"~ " i i rra! ~WaY: and fourth at Skyline on Saturday. ., . .. t.astyear,itwasNewHampsliire'sDqve~ign prckmgupthe,wtn. -~r, °;?!~ '.:' 3 ; . . . - . • ..''. Locally,ahe Busch-I50spotlight will be oti~aeveral Eriverswhill ": ~~;LTS cwm tppak E.dwt s.'e4 ciwaer, wrw.ar.1o. join the series' top stars inlheir quest forthe top prizo of $8,775, t.ead-rco,tMSh aaR)_SU;min n.ysawrdaarmw ovnn r='Fronk6st,r vmt ing the local contingent all of whom are very familtar.w•ith Tloga >Hit led aro'^~°olotewwdrnn. , vt, s netry staeln i. rm aaamen awom. s. 8DWAY '"^'!rp~'!'vad.poottwsw.s,aesr,itTow.ros- p ' ° ~ Chapntet! .. qpayp half-mile asphalt oval wtllbeNortltSq{resregulars Alan l,~and Eric Bodme Chapman was a threo-hme Late'Model [reck'champi " ia`7.auras,'YbYI a 01oiy rGnl,. DUNN NtLL RACEWAY on at Tioila whde Bodlne also was a top fimsherin the LeteModel di. eawao~, wud. .- Lua Moda: t. Ed uursnan To.ema 2..mm -CNI9NaeiOad: 1. [rom3WMOn." .HtlrlMmVa.4.R.ma.eM.Gnen .'Also on herid wiilbe• former Modrfled aceJohri Fresto(r Tioga's de-~ ~;~w + a earNSy mw, "astw~dcio "end Daow~& ~p :T Ne% 2. en ,. fcnding Stnctly~ Stock champion, Rtch Clonch ,Jtnd 199q Tioga L tsatwVt.ro.t.z1~,ra a ~srl ih- Pun alook: t. Tom..CVdr, CMmue..2 anw NASCARModtfiedchamplon'RickZaehanas.+.M::,..ev,...~ ur.EhRr..'a:RameT«d~W~nNna~'mrMtsi ewhESnl~as.,anNaehAUww Saturday s tace t:erd will also feature Troga's Latq,Models and Strlct; 6. Ed Ndedi,'6ipY 14n a Nls ' 111ni: I. Dw addM, Tewu,ds Y Shssn Ilruce,, ; i'~Fpfn Nn riMyy 7. 91M Mlmad Huna, Ps e Tmr. ! Wra. Peyyn, UsNu IvStocks: Grandstand ¢ates oocn at 1:15 n.m.. with Snsnh Nnnh . .,., . -. _ . ..... =-. trials stanitlgat 5 pm:'[he fuit heat races eresche3lde{1~or 6:05 (3,m Last wcekenQ at Loudon, N.H:; dunng the runntng qf thdir7Yr $late ~ , Megabucks 125J°hard'htck once again vlsited.lhq, leams4/{fChap/ng(/ . Afteratartinit 21shBodine was running 10th on lap 64'wheif hp wesl forced t4 pit wrtA a flat p`re which cost him two la s `F 4 ~,~ , p 1~B~W "fn a•row we~nelt we'had'atopfl0 car'if~ttoRfof-cs (6 pro' , b k . t • 9 fntsusted`B ta in s e ru< r , . Chapman, after a strong second-place finish in the 20-lap qualifying: race, started 40th. He moved into the top30 by lap 25 when his enginc . I developed a"miss." Chapman pitted twice and Ihecrew'discoverodlhat'- a plug,wire had fallen off. Even tough the unscheduleli~pitt stqpv cost , . him 11 laps, he still was not totally,dlsappoipus,dt'1~'el agre~t1~an~-;~11 i dling car and our new motor.'was slropg We leamgd a JotandPivdl'bb ready when we return hore in July %ard Chapman, who fimshe4djn 37th~n ~~ place.: In the Busch North:point standings, Bodine is 22nd, with 361, while Chapmanis29thyyith250:The.topareDaveDion,648,AndySanterrG,587; Kelly Moore;'571;,Robbie Crouch, 556;'Mike Stefanikj,553:^Dale, Sh w'S21 B B b b 50 B i d Bu S ` o ~ f ° a ; a e ranscom e ran qr 6; Ql; orl; r Batry J t ~ ,,,, 487; and Jamie Aube, 472.~ ` ~ Watkins Glen International opens its race season this weckand - June 7-9 - with the inaugural running of the First Union Six Hours o( the Glen for the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) Exxon World SportsCars and Exxon Supreme GT classes. - /r -^ '~ It will be the first of six major race weekendsscheduledat 1he' GJen , , in1996. ~ ,. Practice for the First Union Six'Hours of the ~,Icn begins at noon oq .. Friday. Saturday's schedule includes qualifyingTor all three classcs,"` followed by a three-hour IMSA Endurance Championship race at 2 p m APMAN AL N C ' A H ~ Sunday opens with a 40-minute debut of the new IMS,A Slick 50 Pre Series at the Glen. The First Union Six Hours oLthe Glen event starts al `~ ~~~ 11 a.m. ~.... , . . , ~.StiAG4:93 . . . . Wra ping up the schedule will be the start of the " ofAmen ,~ ~`~~~ po~olie: Tlupa.SpeeMiayrles7 Late Model'Roakle ot.s,a Year-... ; co P .QAf~•nP rdkga!s late Model track points ahamplon in 1992. 1903 and 1994. and a five-fime , ~ ca," wrDt competitors opening the 4,500-mile mlly by taking a:awo-lap .PoqaerOdver• at Tioga :.: 23 careerwMs ... carently running the Busch .r~ time trial, startin at 6 m. -.6rand Natbnel Norlh Serlas, dd - "' $ p• Wnp aNr CF blptorspons Redman Hames/Apway 'EnerDy Produom eer . alz oereer fiusdr Norai races, with a beat firrsh of 16th, el Young Bill Bailey continues to raise eyebrows at area dirt imcks• ft 6urnham dl9umer 160 atJennerstown, Pa., last month. ., ' ' .. . _.. , . r.;.. .,,.:~~.. .. < -.. , _„ . . .
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` Sinee"his'.days sa.a.ModUlgd~dr~vei, Maltinsville'Spea.dwal a H i g 96 percentwo~tl~~12.67,0. [aror S~ fx P eted gug.un apo u .,: f A s n il th `pa e m us y~ v ago NWQO m .~„QRTH ,.19rSBR¢,+S,V Ggar. , . . Sprawled;on a couch~' ,rth .~;hadcompletediustSBpementufe, e ~%fheaaps-Jnthe.airst;"aezvegq ed, :` back ofzhis:car haWeLx~ d OB d fth ' ~'r' an peeeet o e ~/et ;.;SpeACer is relaxed,'-'perhaps,r.~:.. Andwhilehe's"riof'chAllengt .•'~7hhngs', am good for,Spencer `w wm yec ma; nnason, nes ueen ., :mind u, in the baBpark;Abd that4Jeft4, these days.Not great , but good' and that$~ a;:h ge hi!^a°ilmg . ` ,, improvement over lastaeasoq.at. "H'eYe been a loE; betbex thaa this oint last Yeaz," SPeaeer; said ss'he ; p e a x dinhlscarhatoeF,~y'Ifh~ ringraceat..: :rel ~}Ieadedintothes F d d ~ p [eftilnsville•SpeedwaY~a'~YewulCfP'iei~f`'~CTbefore 4uall4'nBior,' niom900.'?'4aBeC+ yeeT .._. ago, Spencer's best finish had e staRed really exelted and ihen's l 77 b n a-1txh at B i t ee r s o ue ... timeshe had finmished.90th or ~da'Ietdown.ltdsJ~earrPra goneabout thingsmre lox~ke) ,"' i ling to make the worse after fa D-vtona500 ~ndth3ngraregoin~~dyq seasona enin ' p g . . •'e bad a chanse.tq ' ' ..'7ldngs didn t get aqy better al,:-, Ingtiem` myi we _ . Martin.sville Speedway, one of Atlanta.We'hein etop20in~ ' f his fhvoritetracks:He didnY ' make.thelieldfortheHanes pe~~nowAYCan',go)notiq 500, uwena901h gnd we sthtJiglea . .I and his season remained miser- •• make.it to ZOW. We learn@d qIo _. . able after leaving Gfaninsroille; last year and we'{e`~~uhliemg.i~~,~ ~~ Atter winning two rnces in 1001, :.: this year. L •„ . Spencerdidn'thaveasingletop . ButlastyearwasreallYLUpsaet,~ .' five finlsh in 1995 and managed -ting, ^ . ' ~~ I omd,yfourtopl0s. . :i, , ;h ..:Speacer,satd,there wasnt, . ,, ~ ~`Headed into 1Harhnsville this . single cause to last year's w ~~ spring, there has been a reversal t but a mvrled of problems. a*y~ ~ oPfortunes in Spencer's ~damp.tt +;,9feltwecouldhavebeen .He'sahr.ady had a top-10 finish te.rlast yem; but we kept doing . ttiis season and is2lstlin'the_tFiinpthatgotusintmuble.We'd- pointsfandings berunninggoodandhaveabad ..~, .. n . . p', . Seven races mto 1988 SDence[, . ~ ~ - ~. ~ W . .. ~ ~ rsoio br xike r.ria bas cpmpleted 94 percent of the, ~ SPBNCRB, Page2a Jrmmy Spencer 10 k s whh a crew member during break at North W1lkegboro. .i\ ~i
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w A m IJ
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I "One..season sees Spencer "go from„ : " m ; J ~ s` k : ., > ~ . ~ . `M r .}'. r.}' Excitement'.to `Mr. ;:Forgotten' ~ Jimmy Spencer is try "I am being extl'': l~~azat w~diey~wal oasseDsa a. ing to`_ehange his itnage .. tlent and taking m fromR a hell bent for sheet ~ Y`penany tasea onwhetlter itwasNst lahavebeen 'ded a° ' ~ t ~ metal'type driver to a .:: ~ more{patient one and still I wln,s„some race's along the 1 `~,u~F1 Kwp~t<~, -s ~ } ~ . ° u tlme when_I m around ~'~°gar' °° other;cars to make; r ,. F ,Mre that 1 don~t:get,, In'anY confllcts3Ri ~ , . . > :w~ ~aea my Spencer Jim . . .. t_ >. , ,or whatever, Spencer added. I think Felix was'totally'out of line tecause; if you'ask'aI1 the competf rs;' te~ would say that you see a ' nt°Spepcecpnav not~ eiatinganilheijbentfor ' as eetmetal as-Hie old Jtmmy: "'i ' . ~ befoie a race at North I'mfgoing to'do the best I can," ; Jimmy Spencer certainly' has not ~, Receatly . , been "Mr. Eu9tement" this season. Wilkesboro, two Charlotte' radio he"said I m going to drive'a`s hard ' Actually he's been more like "Mr. personalities known for their:wise- asIi~u'artdgivel00percent ThaYs . Forgotben cracks acted as co-gcand marshals aIl I can grve the team a{id I expect ' Last week at Doves a sixth=place ° and said, "Gentlemen and, J'uomy fhe samEout of my tean{ xfmhh?'was Spencer's best of the Spencer, sta~rtyour engiaes°~ i L"IA aicti up for thei i no aiatter "I ~easonandonlyhta§econdtoplom'3< <Iastweek;'team-0wnerFelot~ h~Ifd §dowrongaYs¢artof' ~L981x But ds al pait af Spencp~'s Lb~who~e drrver KY~e~ re ~~idkwe won ~t tt happen ~ ~u......i.::.t.:fW:n x' ~khiiit,l s a 1"We've had a good last couple of ' Scials during a race tooYe`§)'tot at gd$d race`Main;`andW8re bti7&`'I nur.oar =weeks,'•'said Spencer, a%rough- Spencer, saying he coukl iu[ any ing a gr'teat.race teain'„right now. ' 0 18,787 • aaatumux wwpeawr mw cw ucu rmng or anyooay ana na+x rue ne re w u~ pnw.cwi urrouuuuys ui JUN 13, 1996 'his'=nickname years ago on the wouldn'tgoafterhun. ~~' inew ~shopandeverythutgisgoingm„ r ebort ttacka of the Northeast "AD ~'Tin glad you.brougbt,tttat np " a the right dn~n. •::• thehard workfutaAypaid off in Tbe gpencer said earttestly ~~ Wayne t"IYs takwg us a little more tune ' N3612 'Wnstou Select Open (an all-atar Robertson, the head of sporta'mar ` than ~vewould llce butPmBomg to . ?racethathewonlastmonth).:' keting here at Camel, had a.long keep domg my job,wSpenctr add- __ _®PRESS CLIIilN6S ~ "` " 1" 10H~place itwae S~ Wang a dea~because tlk Ltbt ed +sa~syear aou aome, : ~ .. ~ ~the".Qi~s ba~ )teeits jkmg ~teaIly.~Jtmqiy 3penoei needs to ~o~ ~ar car an~tryus`~o w)n tbe rSce I9 ~' hard the last two yeara for"n:e; and baek"as BrtsWllastqear, Ifeelltke I take 1 plac'e, ."I11ose are the ,~. it finaDy came to a head at Char• am driving as good as I caa drive. , things"I didn't do in the ~ast ? kNte.... Itwas a n race, but I am being extra patient: and ~ "J'unmy is doing that iigitt now, it was still a win." taking my time when Pm around : and I think Ju~y ls 6oing to keep Spencer, who drives th ' other cars to make sure that I don4 - on doing th4' because if I keep do- '? Joe's 1ltunderbird for 1Ya Cart get in any conflicts. And, if you look , ing that and my guys keep working • er, is 19th in the VPmston Cup back, NASCAR makes decisions; extra hard like they have been, we points and hasn't been getting based on what happens that day can start having the consistency we imieh oespeek_despite'two series '7f NASCAR thought that I was'. need- to"beconle a championship 1 vidorles& unnecessan7y rough on snody;'I: team " n; t...~. . n - :eb , JIMMY SPENCER . BrNmiIN, NC Rdbelor I
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Wadlilgton, NC Nws ro,d.r F06 /0,rir FEB IB, 1996 444826 LaiY/LL /1 R f ] [LfnI NG! i ~ WF..,~h^,. .mr,cr..mASCARTMeww, Jimmy Spencer; who ,won at Daytona in the July 1994 Pepsi 400 race, checks the .;:-Inslda.ofhis.No.28.Smokin'Jae's Ford:- ~^-"'•~<'. ~ .. .m4,r . sdld s:/„/ni i e:rs~t"1:-~h7biR:~'weruuTS~=~Gr~AZ~.ro asIe " -. _ . . encer., Meet Winston Cup;_ ,-..LAST, . My wife Pat and I have a driver Jimmy Spencer„ y~;ifiaCE: , two kids, and they're . a two-time winno~~,o ,Sixth at involved in a lot of activities. . i,theWinston.~up:ci' t~~Atlanta"Itrytogototheirstuff . His victories,csma~" 61ast year', when7 can.^ s t<.Daytona and Tall's ~.THE : e WHERE I GO ONtr in:1994:.A'A - - =FlRSTS:iVACATION:°fused-togoto ' -..Hls.nleknam ". +Frststart Daytona,buthowl.haveto w ' 7 c e ' E item [ nt-whriiinr . ' ..or~wegodowthee.!'-' known 1989at °NOw we ga back to 'cl; S nceramG.. , ~!k'aggressive ~atthR~ ~ , '.Dover -:- Pensylvanla to spend time ~:;,too aggressl ,-.- a,g;aDowns:. . with our families over the _rhequerlUy bfIn O "International Speedway), - holidays.". . . wrecka, , first pole (September 7994 a yyHAT I WOULD DO IF I at North Wilkesboro'- - COULDN'T DRIVE A e NAME: Jlmmy`.Spenc Speedway) first win (July '-• WINSTON CUP CAR: °I . AGE:.39 don't know. That's all I ever  SPOUSE: Pat 3. *. , • ~ -- • wantea to ao. Pepsl400) . ..rO~ Fortunetely, I am one of ~~ rCHILDREN James 9, . FAVORrTE DRIVER "Dale the lucky ones who has - Katdna, 7 Earnhardt ' been able to achieve my -. CAR: No. 23 ~Smokin-; . WHAT I DRIVE OFF THE goals." Joe's Ford ownediraviTRACK: Lincoln7own Car,  WHAT I'D LIKE TO Carter =Ford pick-up track.. CHANGE ABOUT MYSELF: r ~ ' The Lord put me on this . HOMETOWN Serwlck± ~! ~. FIRST SPEEDING'- . Pa. TICKET: "1 don'treoall." . eanhthe way I am and I .g r 1 can4 do much about that ~  RECORD: two wins{o'~~1  WHAT I DO TO RELAX °i'm really happy with the ~ pole, 121 op-frves, 32`top- ~..'% AWAY FROM THE TRACK: job he's done.' tOs . . ..;le. `Ispendtimewithmyfamily. \
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~~~~~ ~ .fi- ----- ~~~~~~~$~~.~~~~~ ~aall [, ~f ~~~~ ~~ f~~ ~~~r .z~~~,~ ~~ a FrR~'~'s~~'18~`~91#~~, ~~s~ g~qpbir~ R~~~~~e~ A7 @ ~a ~a=~~clFr..~.~~ee~ g~~~~e~~~E~€~ s~~~ ~8 aR ~ .~ r ~ I . . a R& 8 _og:.,A--g 4C=SCiRFB41'3lvm2sc~.anv~...,.,..e. `. . _. . . - I!itUI!! a/3(~IF$. ~ Fil ~R~4 ~Q~ ~ ' n'iiiv1;!i!11n!!i4Thrri![ F }i~ FD ~~It WIN ~ IeE ~~~ ~ ~~ ~ g ~ tt~a s1 0 a ~jia~ a is; ~ J~~e. ~~~.~~~~.~ ~ '~ sa ~~ ~~~ sg ~:, ~ ~~ ~~~ ~ ~ i I y h y 7 \_ r Z _ . ~ Y N n m ~ m m m 9968 S6ZZS
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..... _.._....._,,:._._._ T =5-pencer's -great run ends too early By BOB NOCEK Tinoee laeder Hatbwn Sporb Ed1ar Until disaster struck. Sunday's Good- wrench 400 was among Jimmy Spen- cer's better days. "Clearly the best." Spencer told T)te ashuWe Nelu.ark "lbis car was so fastt the thing ... I couldn't do nothing wrnng." Hls, Joe's Ford Thunderbird was a~mina~nt car for nearly 300 of 393 laps around North Carolina Motor Speedway. The Berwick native led 53 laps, and was among the top three cars for most of the race. But with about 1001aps remaining- while leading the race - Spencer's en- gine broke a valvo-spring, and he stead- lly lost position. Within 15 laps, he dropped from first to fifth. His engine Bna11y gave out on lap 327. Spencer's car began smoking and nearly hlt the wall heading into Turn 4, and the oil he left on the track brought out the nux's sudh caution. He finished 27th, and earned ~per{cer $20,290. "Everything was going the best it could be," said Spencer. "We blew up to- day, and that's life. But 111 take it, all the times I can come up there and lead those races." Spencer, who finished 11th in the season-opening Daytona 500 last week, started 28th Sunday. By lap 60, he Jumped to fourth, and moved into second In the next 20 laps. He took the lead from polesitter Terry Labonte for one lap, on lap 89. "I bided my time with Teay," Spencer said. "1 thought Teny had the best car, next to mine. He was running really good. and I could have passed him any time I wanted to." The two sustained a lengthy duel for the lead, and Spencer led from lap 138 II See SPENCER, Page 7B ~ (Continued from Page 1B) do better next week. and hope we , until lap 170. finish " Near the halfway point. while Spencer has two Winston Cup ] running seoond. Spencer pitted wins since his debut in 1989. i under a green flag and dropped to Both came in 1994, when he_ ; the rear of the field. But he over- drove the McDonaldb-sponsored , came that stop and worked his FordownedbyJuniorJohnson. .' way back to the front wlthin 50 He won the Pepsi 400 at Day=: laps. Spencer took his third lead tons that July, and then the Dle on lap 277, and stayed there untll Hard 500 at Talledega Just three~ the valve spring broke on Iap 295. weeks later' -~ "We had a great nace car," he said. "Donnie Wtngo (the team'a ' new crew chiet) has done a heck . of a Job with the crew. 'Ihe ~ Smokln' Joe's team w1IIjust try to { - ----- ._ ............... .. Mandtiy Wiilcee-Berre, PA TYnee leader Soqnlon Ibt ku FEB 26, 1996 N4682 YY®©PRESSCLfPPiNGS
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, i• F ,: :, S vear° (I« ..~, ;By STEVEYUKO /~TZ a i,~.. .~ ax races"Cmto h s second'season wrth the Smokin'e: Joe's I~aoirig ltia ;'Jimmy Spencer is enjo}~IA~Tlfi"( ride. ' "I'm happy"this y day from his shop the positi4'ff to.ym ~ . ~constS ~ Ye~r as ~race" „~~~esar, ,A, The r.el'ati`" ~i kie~statil" t~ tr" SFenc~"i . ~ 6F.t1Q0.1: ' thsmo~Ciq'Joe~~o'~a~ ~eas'has th "fea't$ in Ar~ D 21,7e6 APR 101 1996 61 m'th6-'51768tZro ` ortable Lve'cvvr bten i n a EVm z~ a~un Cup c~r " Spen ~r said. "All of the guys have?a, ; , _, good attitqd That' tfi ' t i s t f th' ~ { / ~ / ~ { ~ e N4652 t, e po t ~e tpos mr n mg a ~ ~ L~~ ~ ~ ~ '~ IwoWdn'ttraderi~lesf•oranythingrightnow" _i ii~~~7iiriPRESSCLiPP7NCS _ __ . . ...,, I~Y'~.~NCEtR,^: ,ment He f esi 2 ~t )~ockingham m Febryairy, ' ~" Kt7hsea9odzso~ar , ;pleasese"~~NC~F~Pag@~i`~.r; r' : -...,; + . ~73'.: fi.t: . r ,.,5.}.., .. . Contlriued from page 19 chicf Donnie,, wgo and the work 'was third in the First Uaton 900 in'., and 20theA f~ ehmojd and 32nd at , or h>.s prt crew ,; ,.- d~, ip91. 4 igton$f~v#aichn'Tpt"Y~"Y,x~., "Donn>.e has rougl~t a lot of Drlii ButSpencer has also'blought'the . experience ";" penc,er said. "Hopefully we'll have a good run ` in the sh t t k il ' or ; rac s (W kesboro , re (the c ) working hard No. 23 Ford in for.three to 13 fin- "The :~we"• .,a nF Tevfn e in P a ri~r and hutidli¢a°n r.ars Sn' fiar and Martinsville),"• he said. "I race of the season, seventh at 4 we've had good ". oeneve uwe get trrnugh the next Atlanta:on`March.30 and 13th at+ .T ~" $rqon be a sy -two ,racgys uth dreent fmishes, Bristol,ltvo weekends'ego one. $o ah~+ we 11 haJ ome pio net~tutn going _; ~JIe's~~curretitl'y~,18th on the;Wm• , At ~oe ee ~~~~ Map~iiG~ ~ t' ^r ~, -, ston Cuppp)nta;list . f astyqar at ~ n~ontbs,~t ey' a,;scheduled`to S cer:~~ati he~~d~esn't r ll this time he was 35th. ~ent8r ev nts dur '-the next foGr ~~ ~ y " ~ ,,~ ~, prefer one {rac I ~ r any other on ' 10 n~ gnts and in the to n10 everp` .~ "This awe ken s Wilkesboro ~e circurt; bl t lhe ites of histv~tis ~ ; lp P Y. do stand o`ut And he does like rac- t w ~ we ama: ' i se Penns ~) " ( a ~w ~ l ~t e W just have to kee on dortinsvile, t 1ladegaIa what we have been domg. Before '+p ttyhectic sch e." ~Each race poses a different sit- '; co this year I haven't really done,th'at i Wilhesboro was . ere he won his ' uation. I- kl~Ye ;, isentimental yet." -: only Wm9tOn ipole, in 1994,. favorites at,Daytopa-and Tallade- : u' The 39 year old: driver feels, that ; when he set the pr,d,quahf~g ; ga. I,also'lilce~~ lsltol, ,D,tiver ani ' inuch of this season s success has , lap speed'of;118 5 mph. His t, Pocono Poeis p}~rt s always gboi ; , a ` ' ' ' `" ~~ addition of crew finish at the Nor rolina tracA ., becadse it e com from the s c o e home." #:' e r," the Ber*ick native saiaTues- ~= in North Carolina, "We've peen in, gloom6urg, PA ab~oupl~ of races and had,a protty as ruanin9 in the top lo m evef'y': ~ e a e m{seP en driv r nd t a p. 6 in tr lmo§E"y e eat p g ~t n~ a preee•Enterpriee Wedneeday
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Ailqqlorl, TM NEWI J.b.a Cn+_Kipqun-eAnN MEYn ftlpq 0 t,qe MAR s, 1996 P5952 J..•~ .. ' Jlmmy,9panur,'1Ww won at~Drylona In UrJWy 1994 Pepsi 400 raoe, checks the Insidsdti4No'23Smukin'aoa'sFord. - ~ ' i f ~y J i~1~r*Spencer .. . „~ .. Msat yylllatpny,• RECORD:`two wins, one • FAVONITE D1UYE/k Dak .~-drivxJin{MySpsneN.a Pole 12mpfivea.32top- EarnNaMt- 'i - v ~,.: tMrotlms.WInINFOntM. ; tus.' ~-, . .. . ..,aWHATIONIaFOFFTtlEWIIMq1 NRuR.°'a~TRACE:3uMat . . aP..._.. . .-: _: ~a ~ ~ _. T1UCK: tir~colnTown Car.,, . - AIa.WCtorJss_eams N ....:.. .. .. -- . . . . ~: _ rnre oldr.uo mch_. . His nkknsms Is Mr. Esakenlant; and ha Is . ~. known as an epprassiw -atllmss~too ~ ~ ~ bld 1 * frequm.msar . "• FIRST SPEEUINfi •'° •THE, ':TK:KtT:9tlon7retel' FIpSTS: ~~.WNATIUOTORELA7f F~ ~'~ IJune AWAY FROM THE TRACK: . . 19B9at ` . ry apena ame w9n my lemly ~8 My wile Pat and I have - 1wo 4klq and Uieyie Yiw Md n a lot ol actlvitlee. try::•-9 mpuEOMeirsaAl . aruuse: re~ . . .-~.., . . ; InremalbrreLSpeedwaYl... WIC/R/OH:'luseempom . CHILDREN: James. 9.: f first pole (SePtember 1994.:..n:! Daylcna. but nor Ihma m. Katrina.7 ,~ -'talNonhWf9®ahom workwhenlpotlowntliere. CAfl: Na 23 Snwku~ Joes f( SP ~ ~Ywin (JWy . Y.--.:7dnw we po tredc m -- ' • . = ownatlpjnrTravie Cenei.+.iF: atDaylons Imer--.: -. Pdreylwrie m sPend tlm9 Ford . oaQaCSPeed.®yinthe "wilhovtamYk9pxtlle, . s HOMETOWN: Berxkk Pa. PepeP10G).'Mu .. Iqlidayaf., ; ; . . ... . ~ i ~TETittFS-eP.~ ~ t ..WFf ATIW01/LDDCIFI ; COULDNT DNIVE A . ~ .__WINSTONCUPCAR:9' .:~ , tlon9 know.Thars a91 ever a w9nteAmdo.. 'FortunaMlg I am one d• m : tae lutlcy ones who has . ~ . Ueena6letoadtlewmy.~ sWHATPDUKETD CHANGE ABOUT MYSELF> .."Rie Lord PA me on MNe eeMtAewaylamandI canYdomucnauanuM. J
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,1# ® ® ~ J{mmy ~.. . . . - ~ encarlsall~ ~ m es after winning the 0! 1 ±. . Open. (TOM . WHITMORE . Who Is that stran(lor In BIII Elllolt's Ford? Ylhy, It's Harry~~Genl!'"'~ ~ photo) (MONTYMADRIDphotoi `GreO~Sacks (35), Teo Musgrava it 6i, A ndy + Hlllentiurp.(33) tangle as John Andratu iooks /or room. (MIKE HORNE photo) MASCAR i SWAWOA CLIp 0 +`dAR {~A~,i,.-.V Yy r-•-G Lake Speed was the Open pule w i n ner. i r,I0 NTY MADRID photo) -- ~ . .... .~.. ,,,±. ~ 0 F Quit In'tiroe'etths Wlnston:Quppareae. (BARBSAUNDERSphoto) _:J
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Nodh WUWboro, NC Joumtl-Petdot Thuntlsy ew 17,000 APR 11, 1896 N48068 /~/~ iii~®®rRPSS CLlTrI NG s aThc ' 7h~ S n' Joes Wlriston' ncrr I, "' I ~ Q a s GLp (~az~ncludes team Dwncr}. Teain, n ter ° : S ~t~ ~ ~ ~ . r}ppvlRe _ 1YaVls ~2rtei°, §TnjCrmv : Chlef ModlOed d ~~t . f~~jfy5,"L`,}~[t'Wln~tun Donnle . WingC,The team " Is . 1986,sitt tltkiq'lor the .ruatlqusRrmd;ln HunptonvNe I r Selfscom R pq p ,~r, c6nd'f~ear M IBl~;lt"IS the ~t afeWmllcs'south dNdrth IJOe~"i thq Wllkwboro -° - ,H> 3 f ] i>~ . f {epca or u e thlyd elapon ot e>il Smokk,"Joes ham whlch also Carter 46 !has' 6'een In in NHRA ~eornpetee In the NHRA WmetonNASCAR Wlnston Cup racing four f{oi ... _,...._ c.. f6,.. on u rved as crfg_chlef m-two SeAu Th arulM Sperhikq 9 W ~ e M f sl~ Cup- champlonshlp sporfi a ns H tAR bot he + [h tt l e p s w e~~ e ed s ttqare (,ponsored py' Came n Joee! o 8ennyPareony :~he~(8ean ' J R ld ~-7bba~ (h f th . t e e,R eyno s o a. j-•° ~$p +t `1075 ~ 9e wo g`~ oa?Hel prags CompanY r ~~ ,~ Ihe,_9M two-Years°.'d HotvJ'Lb°r~tt 1hen,'7n'~1878. )vm:tarr -(.11o team created a: r%afrer,-was : me : mma : oenmo , wgreat learmng eapenenewe,or rwv~,~arwcuuSns sald - t Wayn4 : Rqpfrtsoit, ~hrp whlledrlving for leam'owner 1e , ~.presldent of Sports ,Marketmg,;.0unlotaohnson. '-'Enterprlses 7,ast year we ,. Wingo, 36, Is in his flist.seai l as erewchlefof the Smoktn' l-added Jbnmy ;Sppncer i~4~hf ~ iso ~ ;mCC In 1996, ive'add ;tnotnts joe's Fords. tie~Jolned the team;' bugt by Peter Gutld of Plq o-.-at the end of the .1995 etason : r ~ riou cer iT ~ ' r~ r ~t or ` _tors We feel lal yfter ,...- as a sevenyea stint crew: „mance will improve greatly ever, - chlef for,f}ud. _Mouro. Englneer= .~` that of 1994 and1995.' .'' `trig.t Wtngo'snd "Carter worked :-. >createdtn provide an:opport~S~~C~arte2~se"rV'ed hsa a~con ultanE , .. nlty'ior ua topxpose, our Camel ~, for MQOre,: Wl,ngo has luur vlcta. . - ~ - brand to aduR smokerd st a va-afia ciew chlef. Irtety - of motorsports events. . Spencer, 39, has been racing \e ourvWlnslon brand retalns r.- g C role as serles 'sponsor for ~smce 1877. and Jolned the NASCAR'and. the,' NHRA,; The? : ~~~- Wlnston Cup Series In- .progress of Camel sa~es'forthe"' 1989. ~?rlor,to the:1896 season; : first two years of theSritokln' -Spencer had posted 12 top-flvq ;. Joee prograts;laveRy, encourag-, and 3J,top-1Q finishes. Included :I Camel salee Afer*'1894 v/ctoiles-In the . Th e e I m ng cr as n e .. -nn M na.unnv attAli,rt.A to Pepst 400 at Daytona and the 'theSmoldn'Jce'eteam.r Ir f ':i'•,t `~,.."`^' - •brvaogn;. ~ahhd~reeamn~aeya dropish"c aatlonel'~ charapl - ~#.SUy,~~&!'}~ op .r ~`3~I~ ~ ~ ~ "li Sm+vr~ okln . ra d'by~Whitau yof~ln ~nallyn,the'~matn"icycle ' ~ dL ~'Ba a 1bp . papollsi ~mSfe :IfolnsT:teams.---an` operated by.Mart(n ' ° JOe s fof fhe ny Car Smokhi Srsj tlme Adarns of Loulsvillei(y. The four 6 ' ' In t88 atter flnlshm$ Racmg, -~•eeventh motoreycles competc tnthe U8. NHR n t n A Wl s on Pol ¢s thatln tsIn Superblke Series and the-flQOcc uperblke.1995 - ;- .~f., :.. Superaport olass.:7he motor- Super : The Unllnllted;~Hydroplanq„_cy,clcs are ridden,by.18Q5 AMq ~' o e Smokln boaS Is wned b}Strv Woomer Superblke national champion ~planed Seattle wash MqtBATate,lof' AUguel'DUhanfel atld flrst year: ,Top thel '.' Ctntopr Mlch: P1]qts S~,r§nwldn S4wkhi' Joe~ lider . Shve. ' ' i dperated ?4~qee_ A,hlc1, Onls hed,secontl,4lrl,',t<royter..6,', , . in by Jimmy Spenoer; a tomier~dri5e 1or Junior Johnson. ~ iG V rr ~;i i ic . , ,a , .. ~ yJ~,ofCohnnbus..0}lx de ~~tqf FT tbe"Unllmlted yy- .,.., _ ' 1:'~' .. 1..
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There is alot of mountain racing going d~ this month. BaslenSunday was quiet as far as„Wuuttoa Cup nuing,goes as 'most of the drive[s-w,ere home with their families and~aluhg their spring :bre.k.. Even the WutMon - CUQ dnveta who race in the Busch' races and the trucks were for the : nuatpartoff. 1"'t•. ~ Jimmy Spencer, who used to be inown as Mr. Excitement and who .7ttould be competing.with Dale . ~amR for the most improved dri- wer aviatdt did race.in.Satmday's " h 6un,pyop 40D BusctaceRd~thr~ ~fic~a5i l ~otor S eed"wit~ ~ ~ ' < y p ~ IHFdnva a lot of Biisch )acea,i;. ' ' ~ut on Splmday, he sebteg,l o4J1 )n'`bown in-the Luck's Foods..apon-,. lored Chevmlet. He started 11th4nd finished sixth. Spencer usually . ~drives the~ Joe Camel Ford ?- .~ ~ftitSnd'eib&~'the Cup r~aces, of ~Jeft Grae ~ > a :~j~-`/'ka wu.:~11 home.ror~ SpY..d~Vjta ~ Rv..vl u!~ D_,. A MA..-'.C1r~eee-r 't ~}rrl Kahina Ik the7oad 'aCanselitUe. "o.eqlP~ he jua4x '.- bPlf~ daX In Me No- 3 Goodwrench '~ ld ' e ~ i i d Da . n d :6jf Tef s2 °t n m seV11 ce as +~ ht ~1G0{Cjj.LC!'f1 F . nax w,.e uww a,m •,f q a 9~~ :< A{ ma BOba'tllefeCves ax~'t'} = I 'ly,tgi OfHetmi t§adl¢ a I~ ~ r - .,~_ _ , fete model eportanflfi,'~' dc$t bltt . t f'mistithis yeat'. vtb- n wdli hts suoce'ss Satunley'aud :en phe race was actual)y. 300 laps. -~ drives the black and yellow No95 almost unblemished car at the_and ;Oavnd Oreeo won the race, much, Caterpolar Monte Carlo this P.the feni delight. Hi has been bu ' and is having a good season, 'v- I didn't see Motgan Shepherd at ' ' k th race but in a televised premce : pol th lt f rac' at if tt~dit t eeasourea,ng- much oe creo:e, ~ laps. . SMlnv,.itne who is acting his : interview, he said that Hickory wa9. kand led thee first 97 s ~efd`e the sctioa begaa ~2 ' meotar ~' e--. 1~.'4.one qf his favorite tracks because 3f 7Leae were seven lead changa . . Green was the 99NAS AR ~7 he.e felt,.so . comfortable there.- - ~' ' " pnong eis dtiven, 13 cautioos fx Busch SeriesChampion: H fan Everybody needs a tmck, like 48 laps_ nearly 20 percent of the club address I, is c/o T/S Hickory," he said, "when: they can iace, and there were plenty of Communications, P.O. B 8, " learn to race and build their com- irtecked cars to show for it. Griffith, Ind. 46319. . plete competence and confidence, ^ Green took over again at lap 272 The Hickory Motor Speed ay is a home tmck." W finished almost I 1/~ seconds known as the "Bull Rinst and Hickory Motor Speedway is one of the founding tracks of NASCAR and proudly has painted on its walls- "Birthplace of NASCAR." ' ' It is home of one of the longest running weekly races in NASCAR and is where many top drivers got their stait, as Shepherd noted. For more information about other iaces, wiitc Ilickory Mutor Speedway, P.O. Box 1749. Sunday's First Union 400 Winston Cup race takes place at North Wilkesboro and may be the M nston~(~,L~~ race run there if YSrt'db}5ect;' zHfioiigh the 'Tyson HoOy. Farms and a truck race are set for the last weekend in I September. Forticketinfonnation,call(910) ' - .'fOM5Wa3t/SPKI . dFlra ihot tif the win at Hlckory Motor z Nor.th Wilkesbo'r , ir ON PIT ROAD TOM SQUIER ' 52245 e450 And Martinsville .Martinsvllle. VC 44,11. Hanes 500 will I6eld thee in late Sentemher. Get tiBCets now! - vn tn •'The R . this weekend weekend, then y might want to . if you are goin .,to be home this 667-6663 or write P.O. Box 337,' I-and catch the stonSelect f~Cprh~ldkesbom, NC 28659 7h• Invitational . ~ g m. Races at DIS Jo1tn-~Boy of the John Bay &Rockingham way. BII~Z!'Big Show will be the Grand ~ 1 am a stock c guy, but where Mgrs~ial. He predicted that Chadd'< else can you see cars reach lrttle would win the Hickory race, speeds at over 300 miles per hour buC'I.it11e qualified 26th and fm- ~ SA'.(.,llth. io the John Deere <>NIIlnhgr9, IIC ~ - ~ ~ Oan. .- .. . .. ElOhM191 ' ' ' oody s the C y~,APril - 2C,, . Powders 500 willlw fun ville, Va. and this race is Fneaf 07,800 nonsdted~ ' and riamed. w'sHeadache Powders are avaBsble at every race for drivers, media mcmbers and fans, and APR 12, 1996 work we1C ' -N9648 I use them, but~here's my mes- sageloGoody'e:~Addsomesugar ®®®eRESrCLrfNXeS eCm,e,„oratlge flavor, or some- ' ' _ Cis wll tht my ,evmr.oea lfiy f jtl~oocbe orethe,nasty. u}omdimesl ~- s `(ee'if you can still get ticket iutinaville, call (540) 956- . p3[ fwr_itte ' P.O. Bo^ 3311, . in an eighth of a mile, 5,(100 horse power engines and meet legendary drivers like John Force, Al Hoffman and Kenny Bernstein7 For more information, call (910) - 582-3400 or just shoei up ind take your cfian on.g~ng tickets.' : Rememb B"long lines of the past7 Now your ticket includes admission, free parking, pit admis- sion and the comfort station! ~ J
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~11g ~~~~(Ws~~~~~~~~~g ir iv ~Pul, .. 4~ I ~ 1 ~ ~ ~ ~~1 flh1aR1~itPtitflilmic ill ~~~~~~ ~~ ~ . S-~ 1P1$ ! ~~~~ ~ ~B ~~~~ ~a~ ~•~t~6~$~~~~~~~ ~ ~~ ~ i ~ ~~ ~l~t - K, rr ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~ _. 11~a;~~~ ~~`~~l,~~~~l~ E l~~5r ~ N S ` i 1 ~~11W ~`~~ ~;1 E~ ~. ~ ~ ~ P~~~ e ~~ ~~R ff;wilEl qtE~E ti~rK~~I L ~v v r I tat I II a ~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~ ~81~~:F l T ~w v [[ ~ . ~ ~ ~1 11.rs 19ir yi lpff 11118019" ~ ~~ ~~~~~~~ ~ 4~e~~.~°lQiaiq u 't ILtei6r ~~ 19 g ~~ t ~is.4 hum~¢ 1-~R~~ I WR It 6L78 S9ZZS
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aasscesssovrxrarrxtlprrs.osrxaeas.~...~.~.. ~ a..CvCSY_,.tlq.YOx3Citlxs..pYCLpxtli.xr7~p.rYG ~ iq3~ 6i j ~ r~ V dz_pasp~a..c~p~np~e...~raaaexra.a_ppp~p:.e l E311(11 ffi P N .! I 1 .j1 p i9 n ~__ ~,g~.f IN9c~ I E~ ~ I ~ i i F l s E~RAa 4OP aEa#EEBi#6Ftl#96 B9#[# ###33# iE######3S 3#iE
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BATER RACINB PHOTO NEWS SynouN, NY WEEKIY 88,080 APR 19. 1996 I M39925 ai,1aV®©PRS35 CLIPPfNGS 1 Ten'YLabobte Holds. Off Jeff,Gordon , . . fo~r Nort1i . ~Wilkesboro WC, Victory : GATER E7iCLUS1VE BY : a mere 8/IllOths of a second because the car was that good ROB FISHER behind Labonte. today... When the' smoke NORTH WQ.KEiSEtORO,NC:. : t)oee the race got noder1raY, clesicd, there he (Aad,eni) With the help of a late race ac- 6 Labonte showed his atrength, was." N cident that took out leader Rus- ; occasionally swappiog the lad ty Walhce; Terry Lebonte was with another strong performer, An exasperated John Ant6et able 'ro hold •'off his hard-'. Rusty Wallace. The race ahyed ti, who racted up. hie: famth charging teamoute; JefT Gor~ '' green for the fint 95. "~ wtth DNF of the season, had a dif- don, for his 17th cararvaxary. Texas Terry A ~~ knera take ooiqcideo<. When Iabonte exiled a fai whmJ ~~ Y"~smsguywhoWiaec6edna rlYat Darlingtan: waclred us here: ;. clean and deot-kee nsr in Xie-> 7oes Ford and ihe Squue~'- tory l:a his smile was wider: Financtal Ford of Kenoy I don't go facing like th.t. I go ~~aad:loeger.~than~the 15 ml7e. Wallace got,~, ,... ;.,.r. ncio , to;Bu raein . I dtxi't go " s ed.6a ::he~;:.had-:7.'ast w~M ~~racin suhifpeople:h'saahame Pe Y 1 Spenoer.imo the .YaII :~ .._ that it had ro happen. Orce a cooquered '~ns'~ 9ntdcpat aoop bor eame mmor: (the car) hLL.,(~,w)6, the first ; ln •hit typcaltuodaspted- - rqwa Speooer was so ~ style, he gave the qe~ws~j1st time rt bsolce;ttiosoevft am iredn so his . cos ohe~ ~,cfi~o~pa~bn I gouldn tdoaoyl6qng. 4 s«~1 m.m. ".rwe h.a i gte,a car•ro y~, ai~whee ab~de ofe °nR"` ~Q -m and sur ttua, 4! MaianpurtShcdi .. '~lh~+~i f~gata ~v~i'•idd4rlan:?r ~hstk .cir n'fhe~`r^ E~y" -d was:tliat ~it)ltopiit~kad~•. y~'alYl l . oinufe reS`~.g"E'pen~d m;ek.u: ~ , r upthaen47uw~iopeaptid'The ra aunan Qerwas eoouea a.; ' Th did l ' ~ h'd i d ~ m a p ap o wd : ey oa rr 6d I 1ap~ *u 8-~~" beat everyaoeoHpittatl Thatr ~The~t/Iau(e Caesas Fw won the raoedform:'r zu r~hSf '°ofloha '~o"didp l~Y~t - Desprtet';li6oote s` eirly Even before the First Union' mriee 5um Geo~'Bodme s. _ dooinanoe, the First Umoo 400 400 started, much of the toan ; QVC Fafd mm~et off ~ mn did see 17,kad changes'among of the wakeod waa m the mft two. Andrew sld htgCt in6b the 4ddfuaif driven, making i an spakeo Texau a's he.wis yat to : wall aad: thm nosc~efp4. back' excitmg iaEetto w.och. Among. tie Richard &Iht s3'icaomaa '.dqwn m frvnt ot p7Jfic~Iac those whq ~t.lleo®ed Laboate;' t tccaodofsl9boareea4.eY~t4 Pleo~adpck awtl}~#~~, the chtef rnal>vfaa Walhrie, tnthL Waas)QS QqSateCi6s .-hjt~h;Elaya Madqq'6 pq wlto aty''have~oa the race if' Keuog;'ssClevy§;w~ereau:IwhmdGbottoa6orgalCmg not•Br 16' ce+drar. Ratieri: :to avapd Aodret(i. Presslej 3ipd (3qi¢oo. who'coF paisord!'naa : grry qakhratc ". Chery low. the eveat Terry't iqraalr begaa ,. _Neclipped Andietli's.. lecred his" 3rh coniecutive Top ' at the mw defanct Riveiede fa~`" side with bis right frontThree fioisti eveo tbougti pe did ternational Raceway in 1979. ing Andretti to spm. not kad a l.p, also had tt[oog when he was a Rookie of the Rusty Wal4tt,' .wbo was .. showiogs. Lboore took a sant Year candidate along with Dale . hold'mg the lead by aa narrow 2lioun and 35 apmotea to cmn-: 1Earnhardt :re" r~^r'mar~tnovefLabo~o,,t~t' •fo~lowed -p(eteGa~e+ice.wGoaeavenge..- ".. 1 °~~ral~ren it la a~te un atarti'a R_rumN~i.'ng~fiead~an t othi apinn~as ~ waKa qwdc9ti'401 MPH . .C•".:.:wQiS70N CrR BD~89:::TEKKY week's':raceaat%Mar6aaville, ing ~reui: 'A~relti's'ar ;began in Noveauber:1471, and; . briefly caught ; fire; and -tben tI~ kff °wd''_ D'i° e"' . h.rA. Rat+en trt~rler skdsj Nrtle. ended st Richmood'm March of, . lmodced over 16ge wa[ei bamets w.~ ~~*~ Bobby 1989. (CaI Rrykea;-~tat yoi¢ ; . at tl~' etitrmee pit"trod . H,maae. Km sei.ac. m6sy t+eaae. cn heart out!) Dalkoh.cti waa eak t.oasqueeu e nak lanm; Taa )~r:.&, n~~ N NGt ody did Iabeote ad tha by barcly'clipping tlioaE_same :' cuPe wct ta.:~' -w~tyy'wiaa, wa pace for the majority of the water berriers. scktvi., stiee.et wawtp. Krmy". N afternoon, but he also won the, I.eboote~ however,)ooli the - wataee: aeoft Eudim; ~ lereay pole with a speed of 116.659, high rod, avoidM ffiew6ok lo- M-AWM°a0°• °&TI W earoa wRu wae;. mph. Perhaps an even bigger cidetK and got to Victory Lane eom~.>da,ay ,~ . saryriaeinqmidYiogwasEhon' befoie'Rusty 9eveO~irdn.~~a.a'.~~ . amm.~Kyk Sswyer'a performance in grab 'L A'didappomte Ildknb.e6. Jeff d Wallace r~ ~~ y~ ~ bing the outside poie in hia. desmbed the inciderit by: seY , wao.x, Joea,toa.n, i,a. spe~ ja wnspomored Fond lbtmderbird,' iog, '•'It's reaDy i~padtmg~ .Nme~ erat st.Ne, ( . . . .. „ .... ~ , .._. . . . .' :."~l^' I
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NedlvIlle, NC Neehvllle Bnphle Bub Mnnl MN pr. , Yetlnndq BM7,000 FEB 21, 1996 Meet Wlnetdn;Cup' 'I.speqdlIme'with'my famtly.,.,', . _ Mv wifa Pet end.l.have . ..,. Spbneei,~a driver Jlmmy , ` ~-; twoatlme„wlnnefaonith ; Winaton CNp ~Irc„Nlt„ - Hie aiMnrl.a ee.nn , Daytone andTalledege~~ 4 ' . In 199 His nlckname Is.Mrs i," Excltement, and he Is srf.[ kpown~asanaggre,esiv@.J, „' ~i ' workwhenlgodownthere. - at times too 1~rje~„~f a i n',rl ~. 'Now we go back to ' ~ vef ro r Perlsyryanla to spend sme., a99reselva dr tr~}(¢quetitly~bler~l Ar, ~~IryemntlonalSpeedwaY) '# wNlioMr,tamlliesoverihe . , . . ' Wrecks: :i firstpole(Septembert994',a holldeys r+s cSNo~Wlkesrboro- -.WNATIWOULDDOIFI".NAME:JImmySpencer ' ~Speed+vay)rllrs[win(JuN d. COULDNT-DRIVEA ' . + ': AOE:39 ' 1994 at Daytona Inter ? VpINSTONCUP CAR:' ~. national Speedway In the' ?f r don't know:Thal's all I ever.: i.8POU8E ._.Pepe1400).waMedtodo,'^ + CHILDRENJames;9, .FAVORITEDRIVER:DaIe 'Fortunatety,amoneof Katdna, 7 Earnhardt the lucky ones who has . "r+ baen able to achieve my . . I .CAR:No.23,Smok,in'JCea'°,tyl{AT"IDRIVEqFFTHE1f g~• . r3,Fvrd,ownedtryTrevlsrCarter'~TiltAC K:LincolnTownCar,r- .. . N ~.HOMETOWNct3e7r~Pa.'Fordpickuptruck,a.'-~j •wHATI'DIJKETO 1° ° - CHANGE ABOUT MYSELF: ~ ~  FIRST SPEEDING ~ l hi , lie b ns one e m_ . RECORD: two w T put me on t ,l~ f pole;12 top-ibres, 32 top- ~ TICKET I don4 fecall ti_, earth the Wey.(am end I oan .109 .LAST.RpCE.SIxBi"at. -Aw~Tpp M7{"fQTpp ~` 'tdomucheboutihat. ~ I~mnr~.~ Wds,`andtheyre ` ~ rs1 stah ln{~ In a'lot of actlvities. Jtuie 1 iIt theirstpff. ' rytogo'to , , ~s~'d 'WHEREhQCON~.''.~ ~ •.VACATION:'I used to go lo'S ~ but now I have to ~ , ;Daytoila, , . ktlenla layt year . .~., r + . t „.
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Rodry bbnnt, Va Pmldin Man•Pgd fnan twe.eao MAR 22, 1996 N69679 ~ Jim`my::Spenc'e'r~Are,tiu WINSTON-SALEM - Jimmy~ SQ~ncer and Ine Smp~ n' Jce's Racing j ~ Tee~r Tave renuneh'b the NASCAR W~reton Cup Series competition for the secundyearin 1s8~. It Isthe third seasmaf existence far the Smukin' Joe'a-team which also competes in tAeNHRA Wimton Drag. Unlimited Hydroplace and AMA Superb'dceseriea "The first two years of nor Winston Cup team created a great learning . experience for us," said T. Wayne -'tAnbertaon,,ncalden~t,,;.of Sports Marketing Enterpriaes, an affiliate of the R.J. ReynoldsTobeeco Compaqv. "Last year, we added (driver) Jimmy Spsneer b iba mix. In 1996, we . added motaa;6uilLby,Peler, Guild o/. - ' Pro Muton. We feel certain our per- formence will impwe Rteatly over tha t of 19n1 and 1985," RnNlban sa,J. 'The Smotln' . Jode teem was created.to provide an opporWnity for ue to expose mn CGmel (dgarette) brand to adult smokers at a variety of molorsporta events, while our Winston .rand retains its role as series epamnr for NASCAR and the NHRA. The ~r P ess of Camel aelee far the flrat ~'l~^d~aeg~ oqokln' Joe's W~M. ~ increase in Camel aalea un be perv lisay attributed to the SmNdn' Joe's team. The Smokin' Jae's WSOslonCup team includes team owoer Trav's Carter and crcw chief DomtieWingo. The -' teamis headrpurlerad.in Hemp:,.:. Ionv111e,N.C.,juetafewmilrsaouthcA '`. NorlhWJkeahoro. ,, . .. . Carter, 16, has been In NASCAR Winston Cup racing for more than 20 years. He served n erew chief on two Wlmton Cup champinrohiP teams. He _ y~..~r... _ Patiam'.. . won the tLLle in 19l3, while wartiry_fm owner LG. DawRt:.TAeq•ln.tyg.- ~" t : Carter was themind Eehind..Cale Yarbora141r'a,:clamplomblp whlle - driving for vtam' owner Junlor - , JoLmnn: -Wingo, 36, Ia~in~hiefint snaon ee crew chief of the Ford 'I'Mmderbird team. He joined the wm at the end of the 19s5 seaaon af ter a eavetl-yeer etin t as crew chlef for Bud Moore ' Engineering. Winguand Cartaworked tagelher in 1992 and 1993 wheo Carler served aa a canswtam for Moax. Wingo has four victories aa a crew clnef. '~ta~i 7ginubaeeracNgsince -~ 1g7I and Jolnsd the~NA&'AR Winston ... Cup Seriee in 1BB9. Prior to the 19Ba seasoq Speocer had posted 12 top five and ]1 topla Rniebei. Included are two 1pB/ victories in the Pepsi 10p at Daytana and the Diehard . SOpatTalladega. . Spxncer, whn curreotly lives in Huntersville, N.C., vmn baet.tubaclr Winston Modified Taur r'Lampiocehipr in19B6andl%T. - - The reroainder of the Smukm' Joc'a team eansnb of a Top Fuel Drageter and a Fmmy Car In NHRA Wloeton Drag Racing, four Hontla motorcycles that campete in the US Superbike Serire and tbe 60pae 9uperaporte class and ahe Smotin' Jue'a Udimited . Rydropfanc....... ............. n m W ~.
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C.iw.drMt: Robin Pom- I taafm 1Nw far'6& Car hes a new pant scheme. 19B5 hlqlidrsr, Won . two races (down from eight in 1994). Fmhhed fdlh in Winston Cup points and wun $1,642,837. Creer hIqI66Me: Has 41 wim in 363 Winstan Cup slarts.... 1989 Winston Cup champion and 1988 mnnar-up.... MadeWm- ston Cup defarr at a8anu in 1980, finlshin8 second io a penska-ewned car.... Gmve an the ASA and USAC dredts. ... Named WMston Cup rooMe al Or year in 1984, full thne since then. ... Gr.er p6nston Cup eammes esceed $12.75 niil- lion. SeeuNsr{ repa4 WeBace dakned two of Ford's eight vktukslestyear.lM should post euen more In 1996 as the teem metures under Pemberton's 8uid- ance. 3 Dale Eaniara Bp: 44 Bleee Mooresuille, N.C. Car: GM fcadwmnch CheaNet Owurs Richard CAildnss Crew ehMF: Desid Smith Ner fnr'BM Smith mpbce3 Md/ Pehee as rrew dliA. 1966 BIBIrRalrta: Earn- hardi wen fin races, indudin8 the Brickyard 400, and tMe poles. He firudnU second in points and wan =3,154,241. ' Crrar hidr661rbs Seven-time Winstun Cup champioa- 1980,'86, '87, '90, '91, '93 and '94. ... Has 68 career wins in Terry Labonte llp: 39 Ilna: Thomasvile, N.C. Ca: IWb9rs Corn Rakes ' Clawrald Breen Rick Henddck Crew ehlM: Gary DaHart 1M5 hiprl4htr Won tluee nas for the second shaqht yem, took one pole and finahad s6M in points. IYnninBs: =1,558,659. Caeaa tld6drle: Won 1961 Wkutun Cup champF omldp with two victories and sh secaMs.... Has 16wineln511umm sMHS.... De,WNd M 1979 and hes been full 8me sNce tlam.... Fust wln in 1980.... Wan The Wfnstan in 1988, IROC 80e In 1985 . Has worr $10.45 rrdl8on In Winslon Cup ndiq. 5eae5rr6 repare:TNs heam should be 8aod for sewrel mnre vidarias end a top-fiva finish in points in 1996 6 Mark Martin kl.aas DrytNU Bnch. FM. Cn: W1w8ne Ford Oarwrs Adc Roush Crew eWh Sreve Hmid 1665 h1sideme1Ra: Won four races snd feor pdes, and hed 18 otMr bp-10 finishes. Was fourth M Bristol in Mril 1993.... Has wen $9.4 mi8ion in his Winslon Cup aren. feeWln6 rqwd Bodine had to search unM lanu4ry before hndin8 a sponso4 end this could a6ed his leam s ability to field a canpe8liue wr early. If he hu the wr, he'I win races. /lps 34 lMe: Dalere, Ma. . Car: qrcuH City Ford Owners: Bill and A9clef Steuola Crew chleh Philkppe LOW New for'BM Sidca- rephces Jeff Burton as ~-~ driva; CutuH 19ry sipn on as sponsor. 36B5 hl6h6drls: Strhk- In had fhrc tap-19 finishes in 74 starts and won his . first pole at Rakirgham In Oclober.... Nnished 36th In pdnh and won Cr.et hlpH6hle: 1986 NISGIR Dash senes diam- pipn.... Rumrr-up for 1989 Roohie of Bq yees ... Haswon=1.58mi8nnan - the WinsNm Cup dreuR ... Best finish in 194 races . was secmrd at Michigan in 1991. Ssq,.do6 ntrart With a new driaer anA a spansa comin8 aboard Mb, Blis team faces a real dlepenee. N.w tar `Ba: Bromna -' repleces Bill Irgle.1665 hlprtldrte: Won one rau, had 15 other top- 10 finishes and finished nidh in Winston Cup points. WmpinBs: $1,337,703. Career hiehliefla: Has 16 wins In 531 starts; cnn- sidered a road-course mas- te6 wHh a tNrd nf his wins on roau courses.... Made Winston Cup debut in 1976, was rookie of the year in 1977 and has hlven su6 Nme since 1981.... Fast win was in 1983; and has won at leest one nu ayear dnce Bnn ... Crashed spectaculardin the 1984 Busch Clash, hut won two weeks later at Richmond... . Career eem- hys exceed $10 million. BaoutNs6 relrarh Rudd lost key peuple, fikd a law- - sd@ ouer 6 and spent a Bood bit of the olfseason dishaded or re8roupin8. He'll be doing wdl ho get Ns annual vRlory. 11 B'eft Bodine ABa 37 Blas: Hanisburt. N.C. C.r: Loxa's Ford Owaer- BraH Bodme p.w chNh Dunrae Ridr- eson Nese /or'96: Bo6ne has bought Bre No.11 team from Junior Johnson and has moved it to MoomsuiM, N.C. 1995 hlpr661rN: Fln- ished a kwdr 2DN In points, with two top-10 finhhes, n khnson's final year as a car ownes Won $893,029, Career hlprll6bls: Has one victory in 251 Winston Cup atarts.... Started nc- In81n 1977, and drove ALa: 32 Ilaea: Greensboro Car. HaTes Moddns Ford Orner. Bud Moore Crwr ehlN: Jimmy Meem 1965 hqlightc Two starts, indu6ng a second- place finish in tle MBNA Pontiac at me Bud at Me qen.... Was 50th in points, and eamuNM 863,900. Career hlµupil.: Win- kss In 86 starts, with 10 top 10 firishes.... SCCA karst-lun champion in'85 and'86.... Thme-tima . dess udmer in the 24 Hours of Dytone.... Win- sNn Cup debut in 1991; fu8-time M'92 before losing his dde for'95.... Career eemiogs of f1,D53,997. Baorrlls6 reperC The Hayes sponsorsldp may be a ane+ace deal; Moore is sti8 tryin8 to llne up a spm- sar fnr the full season. Ted ~ (+~ lV Musgrave A{a 40 Uwa: Tmutman, N.C. C.r: The Family Channel Ford Ossmer:ladrRoush Cr.w eMaF. Howard Cam- stock 1695 hldrllehte: One pole and 13 top IOs; a rsreer-best seuenth-plea Bnish in the points rea. Winnin8s: $1,147.445. Caraer hlehHahfa: Came to NISCAR from the AGl sedes.... His father raeed '~ () Bobby I Labonte Aea 31 Ilsee: TdniN, N.C. . Cw Interstate Batteries Chevrolet Ow.er: Joe Gibbs Crew ehLF- Jimmy Maker 1995 hI6N116Mes Uhnn- N's fined season to date, with his first three urer victories, and two pdes. He hed 10 other top-]0 finisM es, was 10th In points and won $1,413,682. Car.er hldrll6hlK BeBen racin8 puarhr• midgets in 1969 at age 5. ... Conpeted in first Crand National ma in 1982 end became a regular In 1990. . Wan 81e Grand NaBorpl ti8e In 1991 and Ms seven GN sicWMS.... Three rio- mries in 94 career Winston Cup starts, Camer wrrinp top,92.3mipiun. SuaeNK repurt: Lehon- te's sucuess was one of the surprises of I'N5. It wi8 be MuBh for Mm to dipilkate it In 1996, but he should Bet at least:wo vlctodes. lel Nlen~yen Jr. /lP: 29 Ilsas: Raleigh Cus Healthsouru Ford Bsenx: Mark Smith Crew oHM Jeff Hammond have happened. 2 2Ward Burton 52245 8404 34 BMa: South Boston, Va. Car: MBNA Ponfiec Orner•. Bill Davis Crew ehlek Chds Hussey 1995 Ydr66hte: In his eithih race aiter)cinint DeWslastfear,BurMn daimpd his fast cemer uk- lary at RucMngham He had dhi Wp-10 finishes In 29 eusnls for 22ra1 in points uM wimirp of =634,655. -Career h4YNpft Older htother of Jeff Bmtan.... Graduated to the Gmnd Natianalsmiesin 1990 tltr a dwchered anar at Wr81Na and NaM Cardku short haeks.... Ha tour ereer GN mns.... One vidpy in 55 Wimtan Cup starts.... Career sdnnhngs of alnnst $1 millqn. Beoutlns r.peN mis team builds tond e0uip- ment, end Burton Ms proved he can ddw. N the new Grand pru is 8aad, he7 be back in Victory . Lane. 2 ~ Jimmy Spenser Age: 3B kMs: Mwms+i110. N.4 Cars lpkM: Joe's Ford Owner•. Travis CaMr r
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wMe Pat and I have ~ My '~'al'AST ~ Msat 1YInaEOn-Cup,.:,.. _ , . ., . .. drWartJim SpanuF ", fUCE ,two Wd6,and theyre ~F~ ~ . ~a•tYM?111110~M _AnnaFs°WI~}' ,: ^S6MU •' kIWNAEtnebtoYactlvlUeBd the WIMIOn,l1uP alroul4 Atlenla-' s'1,)ry'to go to Ihe1r etuR •l/ .: Hb v(ctor(8s"Camset'ss ~'NSt year wMn;l can." , . DaytOnaandLT'dleAegeMTHE t MYVHEREIGOON . In t994. : : '~,F7iBTS: . VACATION:'I usetl to. po to HlanlolmameIMMr.;,,'. Flrstatert~Daytona,twtnowIesveto E1tCetement, and fM is , ' :(Jule work when 1 go down there. knuwnaf ~;-'16+,-~:,19B9u - "NUwwegoDeckto aggrewlv~At~mMa .SPENCERDover PensyNania to spend time ~to0agyllW~e= drlver ~ '^ ' s '^'s withourtamiliesovertlro :~froquently blamed for hdWays " WIaCb. ;'; Intemelional Speedway),  WHAT I WOULD DO IF I ,.. .~T _ Nstpote(SMptarnber1994COULDNTDRNEA . `. at NorM Wllkeaboro . . NAME: JNmy 8psrnMr ,- .Spqad,yaY)jryat wyl (Jryy '. W W9TON CUP CAR:'I .AGE:.391994atDeyWnaInter '. don'tlmow:Thu'salllever warned to tlo ~- . ,, .. ~ ' ,. natloaMl3psedw,ay In tlle, . SPOUSE Pat ... , P~ qpD~; A,. .. 'FoAunetely, I em one of " .- , tMluckyoutMswlahes M CNILDRENJemes. 9,'. FAVOR1rE DRIVER: Dele _ pearr apy to echlem mY KMWrle,7xr';'i.' ~ . ~Ee~~m.h~~ertll;:'': ... ~,^ MCAR No'23Srrqkln' "MWHATIDRIVEOFFTHE MWHATPDUKETO ~ Joe'e Ford owned by 7revls ..TRACIL Ltrroln Tawn Cer, CHANGE ABOUT MYSELF: N Caner _ . _Fortl piclc-uP.Nkk.: 'fhe Lord put me on this ..FWSTSPEEWfK;earmthewaylamerdl  HOMETOWN: Berwkk ~. ranY do much etaut tnet. `~ ~ Pa- .. TICI(EiE 1 dou't recall.•.. .•.t'm realN haPDy with tna n  RECORD: two wins, one .:.. WHAT1 D0 TO RELA7(.' job he's dcne." ~ pole, 12 bp•MeM, 32 top- ' AWAY FROM THE TRACK: M MY PERSONAL MOTTO m 108 . .. ~'I spqnd tMe wlm my femlly. IS: 'Never, ever pu" _ ~~ .
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K 0 Q 0 0 0 IN I v yic e:S iTd r r "tqbec:, . :kkho9'~n~ Jeff Gordon s peering over,Da DeleiEarnhardt after recover rouph`racea early on*- ate Vc arrett.attd. ;fro~;'two' a, tixi. .. . . - .,.. . c 96~U - ~ ny~yremalaing~in "~,..• . CUpypolntsJead for as long as he nas He's hop-. r *T -i tt,, eapOurpd@InyDepplelhereetoftheysaraswell . ', t_hJ~~y¢I kk~ ,Tf~tti I. ,'tt~) I~,!, ta}r.te996 off with a bang . ang"w1 n, n tt .o' f nondq Dele EarnFierdtYs IopK1n8 upat ", Jarrett In the point standinga, ..., for;rlght now. But how long ... - ., OptlW, AL OPELINA-AUBURN NEWS APR 29. 1996
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a 117 ® ® 0 M' ,; u 12 ,.rrs ..: . Y 11 a , ~ .- °<: ~<< vJ00d BrOtherB Wf~o Rid ne>cr won Iho K9nsI0n~ Ble~t(snC MIOh,aB~~,``W~aihfp wiw had never won anp rs'Ot~ (TOM; INHY~MORE phOto);;: tek9S B:waJk op Ihe_wIF] slde f. . (MIKE~s,iORrIC photoj.?.; . . i CHARLOVTE MOTOR°'SPEEDWAYI nb~ . I The 6eylnnlpf the final eepment, WNhEarnherdt and :?Terry.Labonteat tho troM.(TOf.I WHfTMORE:QhotO)i_~' Reyuhflcan:preshleriSleJ,nonInee Sen. Bob Dole affd wlfe; t~~{~p~ FASTRACN Batonh, NC 11-wE[ILr . nnr za. 1999 h6eeba ~//'/~ {aLY®®..ass currIxaa
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fqJ~oWoes `. forav PotmmcHein ` :` , ry~tookr~y~~dimny That happens when you get sookbd by the manyou have to pu~rirg he flrst hall u1 the 1995 fSpenaenuaa a to y. C ~ara shael abtol i} ~1~swake-aa~e al.l . hfs;~itto6tolNrgt~`+~.t., ~,.; Meraboul a dozan racea. SpereefssponsorsatR.J. -:_ . AeynolOSTObacoo Co. had seen erbupr aw~ayne Rahertsoo, ~ rr think you're seeing;a low Who wants soryie- thlrlg really, reaNy bad arki realizes riwt the he has )o do some thkps dfferen to moke It hoppen.tor hir~i .i. You can't take - a.-1 pth- pIOG6 car and win the rOCye with N. and I hied to do that • too . many, tYnes. I ihlnk~ I have learned how to ptQy thls 6ame.f f • ,irnM spem« ~ C Y7=" ,' otlestasewn..~,ptoflr~eh/Val :faclea,id"t0lrrhlt tworacae,intMpml;he'aver d aMers• .. . . ~ ppeayaaspmgalr~mvyqH a nnHeptreatnetao xst3moNin + elwt~corqiMreekaabra ~e Y*Dwoa team r rariadwah~faW cl(aa Sp4rIOHaaved - a,h~,f, K ,. , A '.i~pr.Nympla,:SpN1CMaafd.'A J:w Y°~n•P1ace.MshrtllOdBmqi'1abrwoMagilNlo"eyCarJas--'t ~,pa~~i~a,1lY9tt~redandllold;: tYiale.He's5antlnuedtNe ~c ,ardpranYsedamorepatle u:a ..-1inHaeanxier.ntuwtyaoa-r ,.e~on,flnrtttha).oaytona eonser~Neapproaal. tts~"~.~ :ahdhla`aqbrdwNenttlrely0o0d ardseverdhlaslweekatAllarsa. . NdWn'tqappan:Wlerl9racej`, Hitl'Nr1 N b' I Hr ihf h hdia 1 hd e aa,, pmw ms,.+ ^. .. mostmprasre perori :ea mmewo,a a 6ea-: ap,1un'Heaa10,'Lkehe" rrreeaewas alRoddrgham, _ean-0eatolnYah'ardan,averape~ :are YoNla.aalhYtp He eeW, he rd a~d one ~g.5: _ _. s~ . er~ "g ~e~0rp 1~ ~a. ImPt,tl~a~MfN~rlaitaa;es he tlbk g ` 'Y"~ie¢filr @ e FrGarmy.. AoSe.r 3 ~ polnr,ztleeftlmthe ~.and rNedtd _~t«a ; kle~seid, $,/aa, ycuYe Oof as rader-' ~* . ) . Dayp,na5o¢ ... . narhpotannalasanyhodyout n'slteenadrasticchargeforn Mypa'tlencelasbeen" ~ ... ~-ttaxe,hatyoubeaeruseN.' Spe noer,wtnwastiphyerli- _ slxrebchedmorethaoonce~fe'; CarferadmMS.:: -:'qtlnaqylNme.NwaslYce. .. -c(zodfortisowirlyapgressNe ; 'sooldNp e Ittrboy.l'm hot a Ollle .'"atyr in 1994, a season r wtich 1- ..-Then cama aie aordrordatrn; poy-da N dd make a dnererrca.~. seemed hice he enher won or wnh RoDertapn, wlnchalenged :-- 4eelthenawJ~rM Spencer- virecke0.^,. SpencerfoprovaheoanfYYSh ; ~He'sakirder,peraWSpencer,-. ,."IapproadNdlivMeepen- ~:raCes.Spertc6fbeyanhrriqra'. , 1one wtq pree more ahout arr.. .- Mere we qo, I'mqoing for 1; And ~- consamllve appmach at Day-... isNnQiacasandeoorirgpoiras .;.:nioraoNenttianno6Ndtme; ~ fonarJuh.flriehfngnrtR4ya.y`.+ `than hecanradafew.,:.. Spencerseld."Mdnhurtthe °WhenwewenfthaitbDay-: - :Iapa~aewradrktp, racetarnabtnl.arthe,; tonarJuywaranreapY,`waN,~. '9aiYcyouYesealnpapry .._moralaoftheraeeteamDecause andltHrYCthatdoiedthechapter eredao ~arsodreaing>taalylthehe. weYepotacartheYSaatomto ontlmlardshawedttmsweeanrsbdosome plecesandwedontknowhcw - run+eeNatDaysona,"Syencer : th6gsdilerently qoodwewerenlalday.lkrawI safd."FromlhatpoNAon,we've 1o malte n happen lor hlrtr,~ oanI do that anymore." .. been fNtlshhp ra0es arld runninp wyOu c~~n1t~ ea1p~h-p1a~e wnhN~orr,b s~or,'s~No.i71~ ~Span~Ocer¢evenhas.manayedto aarandwtfnfi3ra0ewnhN,andI ramHewasreraeetlafletthe aonaathlslenyar,wldchusedto trrd to dothattaomany tpnes. I.. . season, lpwever, hecause he •- pet hYn Inas mudllwuWe as his tNnk t have learned how to play. - wrecked too many cara, aaenated - raokbse style. He omved N at'Ta tlYsparrls.',=-::.....: ' - ' fYstearrmalesandwoundup t :,.IadepahstyeaiwhenNsearwas He pmvBd 1 In tlw secorq tn1 29th r polnts. He mlased two podhnagh to win, but he en- --khe0 a lAp down in ni career. The rednesa, stubborn rig nalizedtor ..~,.~ ~~tha~naekgleseasonwlh ~"ICNtnreetarsr ~lunple~ ooeteam ... .. ... ~1n~day.~hesaid"N Bu11'l 'Thai SmakN'joe'srbacNas knawfcouWntdu iqahout hlssponaorrparhapstlwheal N. Those are the kind of 1tArgs •. r~. In0lcatkn that Spencer has that Iwrt J'ermy Spence~"rt ;.charged. . - : "I thkdc he's reat'aed ._. %'1h,inps," Certer, safd:l- - .'happy9we;don ordy, N hedo *anauset~s'i>~ai~lt ~ declsbnYYP~' ~ knowsq the IMSt s~p t,n ~r tear tlM Nret Friday 080,112 MAR 29, 1998 N5592 ' "ntwererT. Wayne'sstaes ~e.re nol •. on JWy 4, 1995,1 wouldnt hawt " sec~ - come eack w7N 1Ne race team, ~+ Spencersaid'Ylwoukhave been s0.ipidbi p pe Aad tpne ;y!tlh pa.p,eQpe ep9. I woukfit n fiahdaiiostegttntt sputi®or. Eutwe piovedwhat ths . :A' r~ fteanl Caflde. Nowaley aee ttlB aeme;;IpMatt6eendo111Ntlurnetand \` ra a lotbrfphtec' . ~ w m
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S chedule changes are often a topic of intense conversation on the W inston Cup circvit, but 1997 could provide a real chance for NASCAR to make several changes. New dates for tracks in California and Texas are a distinct possibility. Here are my suggestions: First of all, sincr Daytona bills itself as the birthplace of speed, the season should start - and end - there. A season-ending stop in Atlanta just doesn't have a chmax-type atmosphere worthy of spic- ing an intense champwnship battle. Movethefust Richmondand Atlanta dates to later in the season, perhaps May, and re- place them with visits to Texas and Cahfomia. Hitting those current places in March means cold, miserableconditions and unhappy spec- tators. Likewise, Talladega's too hot in July. Finally, keep ome of North Wilkesboro s dates on the schedule. 1t's a commute for many of the cvmpetitors. One of the dwindling few left. Pocono could maybe sacrifice a date. It's doubtful any of this will happen, but here's wishing it would. PIT NOTES: Naysayers wrote off Jeff Gordon's chances of TRACRSIRE W. SpringRUd, MA 01-WEEK17 11,260 APR 18, 1996 778424 MPRPSr CLITIINGS asecon secWivechampinmhipwhenhebegantheseason withfin f esof92ndandl0th.Afterwinningtwoofthreeraces, Gordon front 43rd to ninth in the point standings. He's not done '.On the opposite end of the spectrum, another of the sport's new stars, Ward Burton, is having awful luck. Despite a competitive car, and a pole run at Dadington, Burton has yet to forge a top-10 finish after ending last season on a promising note with car owner Bi0 Davis..Stmggling Darrell Waltrip and Jeff Hammond always exhibited nice chemis- try when they were together for 42 of'Jaws' 84 career victories. When they announced their rn newed pairing in late March, it didn't come as a surprise. Both the driver and crew chief (now team manager) are way past the zenith of thFir nreen. Afraid it's too little, too late...Some good nme out of that nasty little confrontation between John Andretti and Bobby Hamilton at Richmond. Fxhtb iting a lot of dass, Andretti called Hamilton after the inddent and apologized. He also questioned why Hamilton had 4d bad blood had been rising between the two since midway through last season. Hamilton explained why he thoug/d their was a feud developing between the two, and the duo p`romptly buried the hatchet...As expected, when invita- tiona w•ere announced for NASCAR's first "exhtbition" race in ~ Japan, there were a few mfBed feathers. Sesies sponsor WinSton. - was miffed Jimmy Spencer, driver of the mokin' Joe's Ford, wasn't invited Japanese are big smokers. Word has it MBNA Pontiac owner Bill Davis was hot, too. On the opposite end of the spectrnm, car owner Jack Roush, who was invited with driver Mark Martin, expressed doubts he would make the Tkh rald be a de.piorokip rwqa. / Mi6 f.h«tMtyw Mole trip...Pontiac went 72 races without a pole until rookie Johnny Benson broke the string at Atlanta. Then Ward Bunon won the make s second cronsecueve top spot in the following nce at Atlanta. Speaking of Pontiac, the new Grand Prix was still winless after five starts, and one member of the media wascallingit"some- what of a fiop.' But after five rams last season, five Pontiac drivers had com- bined to lead twoof 1,7131aps. This year, Pontiac drivers had led 10 percent of the laps run through five races. And of course, you'd have to say Bobby Hamilton was a shoo-in for a victory at Rockingham bc foreDale Earnhardt needlessly took him ouL..The odd man out in the Jack Roush driving trioappears to beTed Musgrave. The 40-year-old driver showed loads of winning potential through the first two- thirds of last season. Nowas Roush backs younger Jeff Bunon's rising star, Musgrave's appears to be fading. Too bad...North Wilkesboro boasts in a ro- cent press release the Fint Uni on 400 will have a track first with its $1 million-plus purse. Might be their last, too, with a date in Texas still a strong possrbilly...Have no doubts, Dalelarrett is good enough to win the NASCAR Winston Cup dumpionshlp...Nice to see a good guy like Ricky Craven fourth in points after five races. The sport needs new Gontrunners.-Tony Stewart would be a welcrome full-time addition to the tour, but you have to wonder if IRL's unoffs- dal poster boy can withstand the serious fwntlal offers bound to come his way from IndyCar land But Stewart Es sched- uled to make the jump up to the Cup ranks with Harry Ranier next year...Betclm aew ddef Buddy Parrott find+a way to get Jeff Burton to victory lane this season...Wany Dauenbach, in his full-time return to srock car racing since losing Richard Petty's ride, tsn't having the qualifying problems that plagued him two years ago. He's made every starting field.straight Arrow+s B- nandal backing of Bobby A Bison's teams appears to be on shaky grounds at best..Pd like to see jeremy Mayfield in a top-flight tar. I think he s got what it takes...Kenny Wallace is having a solld season in his return to t he big leagu es. He says the required financial backing is the differencc...No one will air them pub lidy, but many driven are concerned with Brnie Irvan's eyesight on the tnck lrvan helped his cause recently with a third-place nm on the tricky Atlanta superspeedway. X
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