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Reynolds R&D Library Publcations List.

Date: Aug 1992
Length: 2872 pages
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Heynolds R & D Library Publications List Catalog Number: AG 243 . 5 1991 Title. H REROR WHO ATE THE BIB , AND OTNER STRANGE FACTS Author: Publisher: , Doubleday, 1991. Publiehed Year. 1993Yc talog Numbee: AS 192.851 M5 1960 n Title: BERLINER SYMPOSION UBER FRAGBN DER CARCINOGENESF. BERLIN O OGENESIS 1 9. Serial Title: Abhandlunqen der DeutechenCAkademie der95 haften su Berlin. %lasae fur Medizin, Sahrgnsc 1960 N . l Herlin, Germany, Akademle-Verlag, 1960 PubliBhedYear: 1999 talog Number: A 281 . 2 bd. 22 n Title: MATURE LARVAE OF THE B TLE-FAMILY A OBIIDAE. Serial Title: t kgl. Danske Vitlenskabernes aelskabb iologiske meddelelser, bd. 12, nr. 2 Doving A Publisher: 2 kommission hos Munksgaard, %beMavn, 1954. Published Year. 195a Catalog Number: AS 36 _G3 1987: HD 49 AIDS AD T OZSCRTHTNATTON. Author: Coyle SJEM198?H£N Publishea Year. 198, talog Number: AS l.H>42 .C15 1978 Title: PERCEPTION OF THE PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES OF MALE AND FEMALE SMOK£RS AS A FUNCTION OF SE% AND SMOKING STATUS OF THE OBSERVER. Author: Car11 E K Publfsher: Univexsity Microfiims International, Ann Arbor, ML, 19]8 Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Number: A ]42 .D43 19>8 Title: PERCEPTION O ADULT SMOKERS BY SCHOOLCHIL9REN. Author: Delaney J N Publishe: sityMicrofilms International, Ann Arbor, Published Yeae: M9'B 19Y8 Page 1
Page 2: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbe[: AS 3.R28 no.669) Title: IMPLEMENTATION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN OFFICE 5 EVIEW OF RELEVANT LITERATORE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN OFFICE SETTINGS. Seriel Title: Rand paper serlec P-669'! Author: Bikson T % 2nd Aut or Ed.: Gutek B A) Mankin D Publiahe[: Ran3 Corpo[ation, Santa Monica, Calif.1981 Publiahed Yeax: 1981 Catalog Number: AS 36 RJ 1961 R-2806 Title: ALLOCATING CHLOROFLOOROCARBON PERMITS, WNO GAINS WHO LOSES AND WHAT IS THE COST Se[ial Title: (Repo[t) / Rand Corporation R-2806-CPA Author: Palmer A 2nU Aut or Ed.: Quinn T Publisher: anta Monica, CA., The Raod Corporation, 1981 Published Year: 3981 Catalog Numbe[: AS 38.622 .D69 1978 Title: PUBLIC REGULATSON OF THE CIGARETTE INDUSTRY, THEORY, MEASUREMENT, FACT. Author: G Publisher: UOiversity Microfilns Inte[national Ann Arbor, MI, 197 8 Publiahed Year: 1976 Catalog Number: AS 6.886 1 Title: EF£ECTIVE MEETINGS, THE COMPLETE GUIDE. Authot: Bu[leson C W Publisher: York, Wiley, 199. Pubiished Yea[: 1990 Catalog Numbe[: AS 6.D4> 073 1990 Title: 0RGANI2ING SPECIAL EVENTS AND CONFERENCES, A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR BUSY VOLONTEERS AND STAFF Author: Devney 0 C Publisher: Sarasota, Fla., Pineapple Presa, 1990. Published Yea[: 1990 Catelog Number: AS 6 6 Title: RUNNINGCONVENTIONS CONFERENCES AND MEETINGS. Author: Lord R W Publisher: AMACOM, New York, N.Y., 1963 Publiahed Year. 1981 Page 2
Page 3: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: BF 261 .553 198] Title: EVALUATION O E TASTE AVERSION PARADSGM IN THE CLINIC SETTINGTH Authot: Sheppazd x Publishe[: n Arbo[, ML , U [sity Microfilms Inteznational, 198] Published Year: 198] CatalOg Number: BF 2 M6 Title: ODOURSPREP£RENCES. Author: Moncrieff R W Pubiisher: Leonazd Hill, London, 1966 Published YeaT: 1966 Catalog Numbet: BF 292 P]J 19]9 Title: PREFERENCE BENAVIOUR AND CHEMORECEPTION. 2nd Aut er Ed.: K e J H A Publisher: Informatian Retrieval Ltd., London, 19]9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Numbez: BF 30 .A56 Title: ANNUAL REVIEW O PSYCHOLOGY. 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: StOne C P; Taylo[ D W; McNemar Q; Fatnsworth P R; r O; Rosenrweig H R; Porter L W Publisher: Annual Reviews., Stanford, Calif., 195- Published Yeaz: 1950 Catalog Numbet: BF 30 Si 1982 Title: W TRENDS IN SUICIDE PERVENTZON. Author: Karqer S Published Year: 1999 Cetalog Number: BF 30 c Title: EMOTIONS. Sezial Title: Cahiers de psychologie cognitive, v. 4, na. 1, Publisher: ?Ftancee3964 a Published Yeaz: 1984 Catalog Numbez: e G [ 1966 Title: SIGNALDETECTION THEORY AND PSYCNOPHYSICS. Authot: n D M 21 d Aut oz Ed.: Svets S A Publisher: Robert E. Krieger Publishing Co.Nev York, 1966 Publisbed Year: 1966 CatalOg Number: BF 30 My 1980 Title: PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGISCHE KONSTITUTIONSFORBCUNG. Autbor: Myrtek M Published Year: 1999 Page 6
Page 4: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: BF 311 . ]BS Title: TNE PSYCNOBIOLOGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Davidson R T; Davidson T N Publishei: Plenuw Press, New Yoik, 1980 Published Yea[: 1980 Cateleg Numbe[: BF 319 .Q36 Tltle: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSES OF DEHAViOR. Publisher: Cambridge, Ma s, Ballinger Pub. Co , 1961- Pubiished Year. 3981 Catalog Numbe[: BF 319 .R43 Title: A PRIMER OF OPERANT CONllITIONING. Autho[: Reynolds G Publishei: , Foeeswan, (Glenview, I11.)1968 Published Year: 1968t Catalog Number: 8F 319.5 .B5 B]5 Title: THE BIOFEEDBACN SYLLABUS A NANDBOOK FOR TNE PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGIC STUDY OF BIOFEEDBACK. Author: Brown B B Publisher: ThOmas, Springfield, I11., 19]5 PublisheL Year: 19]4 Catalog Number: B1 319.5 .B5 B16 Title: EW MIND NEW BODY BIOFEEDBACK NEW DIRECTIONS FOR xnE nN ial Title: A CasBCanfield book Author: Brown B B Publisher: Narper b R , New YOrk, 19]4 Pubiished Year: 19]4 CatalOg Number: BF 339.5 .85 YJ] Title: BIOFEEOBACK AND THE MODIFICATION OF BEHAVZOR. Author: Yates A Publishe[: Plenum Press, NeW YOrk, 1980 Pubiished Yea[: 1960 CatalOg Number: BF 319.5 .Ob Ci Tltle: CAFDIOVASCULARP H YSIOLOGY C 5 IN RESPONSE MECNANISMSBIOFE£DBACK AND METHODOLOGY. 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Obiist P A Black A H~ Brene[ J~ Di Ca[a L V Publishei: Aldine Pub. C, Chicag0, 19]4 Published Year: 19]4 Page 8
Page 5: ggs04d00
Catalag Numbe[: BF 209.N52 .156 1977 Title: SMORING HEHAVIOUR PHYSIOLOGICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL INPLUENCES 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Tho[nton R E Publisher: Nev York, Churchill Livingstone, 19J8 Published Ye8r: 1977 Catalog Numbei: BF 23] .A4 Title: HANUAL ON SENSORY TESTING METHODS SPONSORED BY ASTM COMMITTEE E18 O ENSORY EVALDATION OF MATERIALS AND PRODNCPSS Se1ia1 Title: American S ety Yox Testing and Materials . Special technical publication, n. 434 Publisher: Amerlcan Society for Testing and Mate[ials, Philadelphia, 1968 Published Year: 196R Catalog NOmber: HF 233 .G43 Title: TH£H SENSES. Serial Title: A Wiley publication in psychology Autho[: Geldaid F A Publisher: Wiley) London, Chapman S Ha11, New York, 1953 Published Yeat: 1953 Catalog Numbet: BF 233 .282 Title: SENSATION SEEKING BEYOND THE OPTIMAL LEVEL OF AROUSAL. Author: Zuckerman M Publishei': L. Erlbaum Associates; Hillsdale, N..i.19]9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: BF 233 Co 1966 Title: GUIDE BOOX FOR SENSORY TESTING. Published Yeai: 1999 Catalog Number: EF 237 .M33 Title: SENSORY PROCESSES THE NEW PSYCHOPHYSICS. Author: Ma[ks L E Publisher: cademiC Press, New York, 1974 Publlshed Year: 19]4 Catalog Number: BF 241 .C64 3 Tit1e: HUMAN AND MACHINE VISION. Seeial Title: and reports in compu[er science and applied mathematics E 2nd Aut or Ed.: Beck J lfope B: Aosenfeld A Publishei: AcaCemic Press, New York, 1983 PublisheC Year: 1983 Page 5
Page 6: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: BF 39 .G'/2 1988 Title: STATISTICS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES A FIRST COURSE FOR STUDENTS OF PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION. Author: Gravetter F J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Wallnau L B Publiaher: est Pub. C, St. Pau1, MN, 1988 Published Year: 1998 ta3og Numbet: Title: BF 39 TIMESERIES IN PSYCHOLOGY. Author: Publiahei: G[egeon R A Erlbeum, Hillsdale, N.., 1983 Publiahed Year: 1983 Cata1og Number: BF 39 MJ6 19)'/ Title: Serial Title: MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIB IN BEHAVIOURAL RESEARCN. nogzaphs applied ptobability and etatistics o n Autho[: xwell A E Pub3isher: Chapman and Hall; London, 192Y PublisheL Year: 19» Catalog Numbet: BF 39 NB 19"/8 Title: PSYCNOMETRIC T Y Serial Title: Author: McGRAW HILL SERIESIN PSYCHOLOGY Nunnally .I C Publlaher: HcGraw-Hili Book Co.Nev York, 19]e Publiehed Yeac: 19"!9 CatalOg Number: BF 39 . Tltle: INTRODUCTION TO MULTIUIMENSIONAL SCALING THEORY METHODS AND APPLICATIONS. Authoz: Schiffman S 2nd Aut O[ Ed.: Reynclds M L( Young F W; Catr011 J U Publisher: ACademic Press, New York, 1981 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Numbei': BF J9 .SJ85 Title: STATIBTICAL ANO METHODOLOGICAL I 8 IN PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH. 3nd Aut o[ Ed.: Neren G Publiaher: Lawtence Erlbaum Associatee, Publiahers Hillsdale, NJ, 1 82 Publiahed Yeai: 1982 9 CatalOg Number: BF 408 C . Title: TAKE THEROAD TO CREATIVITY AND GET OFF YOOR DEAD END. Author: Campbell U P Publiaher: Acgus Communications, Allen, Texas, 19J"! Published Year: 19>'/ Page 11
Page 7: ggs04d00
CatalOg Number: BF 575 .A85 R5 196) Title: ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONALS, HOW TO BOILD YOUR AUTHORITY AND INFLUENCE ON THE JOB ASSBRTIVENESS TRAINING. Author: Hhode H Publisher: er Track Publicationa, Bo ulder, CO, 1987. Published Year: 1987 Catalog Number: BF 5J5 . S .A18 19J8 Tltle: STRESS ANDANXIETY VOLUME 5. Serial Title: The Series in Clinical Psychology. The Series in Clinical and COmmunity Paycholegy. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Spielberger C D; s an I G Publishei: Tohn Wiley L Sons NeWYOrk, 19J8 Publiehed Year: 19J8 Catalog Numbe[: BF 575 .SJ5 . 6 1986 Title: DYNAMICS OF STRESS P ZOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SOCZAL PERSPECTIVES. ial Title: The Plenum s streas and coping 2nd Aut or Ed.: Appley H N; Trumbull R A Publisher: Plenum Press, New YOrk, 1986. Published Year: 3985 Catalog Number: BF 575 E75 B Title: STRESS DISEASE THE GROWING PLAGUE. Authoi: Blythe P Publisher: St. Martin'S Press, New YOrk, 1973 Published Yea[: 1973 Catalog Nusber: BF 575 SJ5 C64 1 73 3 Title: STRESSFUL LZFE EVENTS THEIR NATURE AND EFFECTS (PAPERS) CONFERENCE ON 9TRESSFUL LIFE EVENTS, THEIR NATURE AND EF£ECPS, CITY UNIVERSITY OP NEW YORX), ,19JJ. ind Aut Or Ed.: Dohrenvend B E; Dohrenvend B P Publisher: Wiley, Nev York, 1974 Published Year: 19J4 Catalog Number: BF 5J5 SJS E88 Title: THE NATURE AND TREATMENT OF THE STRESS RESPONSE A IDE FOR CLINICIANS. Autho[: Everly G S ]nd Aut ar £d.: ROSenfeld R publiaher: Plenum Press, Nev York, 1981 Publiahed Year: 1981 Page 18
Page 8: ggs04d00
talog Number: E 6 Title: Seriai Title: TOBACCO PEACE 111. AND INDIANS. Wild and WoOlly West books, no. 15 Author: Seig L Publlaher: Publiahed Year: Fllter Press, 19J1 Palmer Lake, Colo.1971 Catalog Number: Title: E 99 .C92 L96 THE TOBACCO SO 19]5 CIETY OF THE CROW INDSANS. Author: Publisher: Publiahed Year: Lovie R H ANS P ess, Nev York, 19>5 r 975 Catalog Number: F 1)91 .T1 L4 Title: LIFE IN A MEXICAN VILLAGE. Author: Levis O Publisher: Oniversity Of Illinoia Press, Urbana, 1951 Publlshed Year. 1951 Catalog Numbe[: F 1435.3 .T61 R62 Title: TNE SMOKING GODS TOBACCO IN MAYA ART HISTORY AND AELIGION. uthor: Robicsek F Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, 19>8 Published xear: 19J8 Catalag NuIDber: F 233.C4J M5 1976 Tit1e: TOBACCO AND THE BRILLIANT Author: Miller H N 2. d Aut o[ Ea.: Jackson M Publisher: WashingtonN DC., Smithsonian Institution, 1976 Publishea xear: 19J6 Catelog Number: F 23).3] .H3 1974 Tltle: RICHMOND A PICTORIAL HISTORY FROM THE VALENTINE MOSEUM AND DEMENTI COLLECTIONS 2nd Aut or Ea.: Hale T F Publisher: Richmond, VA., Thomas F. Nale, 1974 Publishea Year: 1974 Catalog Numbei: F 251 .N58 1 Tltle: NORTH CAROLINAlINSIGHT T09ACC0 IN TRANSITION. Publieher: NDrth C rOlina Centei for Public Policy Reseaich, Inc., Raleigh, NC, 1981 Published Year: 1981
Page 9: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: BF 39 . Title: FUNDAMENTALS OF SCALING AND PSYCHOPHYSICS. Serial Title: Wiley s s in behavior Author: Baird J C 2nd Aut or Ed.: N a E Publisher: Wiley, New York' 19]e Published Year: 19~8 Catalog Number: BF 3 B445 1986 Titi9: QUESTIONNAIRES DESIGN AND OBE. Authar: Berdie D R 2nd Aut or Ed.: Anderson T F; Niebuhr M A Publisher: Scarecrow Pre , Metuchen, N.S., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: BF 39 .0321 1 Title: MULTIDIMENSIONAL SCALING. Berial Title: wiley s es in probability and mathematical statlstic . Applied probability and statistics Author: Davison M L Publisher: .IOhn Wiley & $ons New York, 1983 Pubiished Year: 1983 Catalog Number: BF )9 .E3 1968 E%PERIMENTALDESIGN IN PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCN. Author: £dvards A L Publisher: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1968 Published Year: 1968 Cataloq Number: B 39 .E32 1985 Title: MULTIPLE REGRESSION AND THE ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE AND COVARIANCE. Serial Title: A Series of books in psycholoqy Author: Edwards A L Publisher: W.H. Freeman, New YDrk, 1985. Publlshed Year: 1985 Cataloy Number: BF 39 .G72 1985 Title: STATIBTICB FOR TH£ BEHAVIORAL SCICNCES A FIRST COURSE FOR STUDENTS OF PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION. Author: Gravetter F J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Wal1nau L B Publisher: West Pub. C, St. Pau1, 1985. Published Year: 1985 Page 30
Page 10: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: EF 63) .58 .M3 1983 TStle: FOCUS HOW TO USE TNE POWER OF SEL£-IMAGE PSYCHOLO Y Author: G . NcCaffeey M Publisher: Nightingale-COnant Corp., Chicago, I11., 1983, Published Yeai: 1983 Catalog Numbe[: BF 63') 5B .N52 1981 Title: Bsrial T1tle: COI4IUNICATE WHAT YOU THINN. The Ear1 Nightingale Toastmastere International Author: Nightingale E Publieher: Nightingale-COnant Corp., Chicago, 511.: Pubiished Year: 1981 Catalog Numbar: e .SB .N521 1 Title: THE6CONPLEAT SPEAXER1 Berial Title: The Ear1 Nightingale Library Author: Nightingale E Publieher: Nightingale-Conant Coip., Chicago, I11., 1981 Publiehed Year: 1981 talog Number: 6 .N54 1981 BF ' Title: Seriai Title: GREATIDEAS. Earl Nightingale library Author: Publieher: Nightingale E Nightingale-COnant, Chicago, 1981. Publiehed Year: 1981 Catalog Number: .58 B I .N55 1986 Title: Author: Publiehed Year: LEADTHE FIELD. Nightingale E 1999 Catalog Number: BF 63 S8 .N58 Title: AS AMAN THINAETH. Serial Title: Unlimited magic Casaette 5 magic gatevays to succesa Authar: Allen J Publiehed Year: 1999 Cataloq Numbei: 8F 611 .58 .N58 1958 Title: THE STRANGEST SECRET PAY THE PRICE. Autbor: Nightingale E Publisher: Nightingale-COnant Corp., Chicaqo, 1958. Published Year: 1958 Page 23
Page 11: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: BF 69'/.5.543 .A8] 1987 Title: I WANT TO CHANGE BllTI DON'T ENON HOW (SOUND RECORDING). Autho[: Rusk T PuDlishe[: Chicag0, IL., Nightingale-COnant, 1987 PuDlianed Yea[: 198> Catalog Number: BF 6 .83193 Title: THE ACHIEVERS SIX STYLES OF PERSONALITY AND LEADERSHZP. Author: Bell G D Publisher: Preston-Hill, Chapel Hill, N.C., 1973 Published Year: 1973 Catalog Number: BF 698 .OS] 1981 Title: DIMENSIONS OF PERSONALITY PAPERS IN HONOUR OF HT EYSENCR. 2nd Aut O[ Ed.: Eysenck H S; Lynn R; Eysenck H S Pubiieher: Pergamon Pre , Oxford; Nev YOrk, 1981 Published Year: 1981 Cata1og Numbe[: BF 698 EBJ IS> 1B Title: AN INTRODUCTION TOTHEORIES OF PERSONALITY Autlwr: en R B Publisher: Orland0, F, Academic Press, Zn , 1984 Publiehed Year: 1984 Catalog Numbe[: BF 698 .E948 1B Title: PERSONALITY ANDINDIVIDDAL DIFFERENCES A NATURAL SCIENCE APPROACH. Se[ial Title: PERSPECTZVES ON ZNDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES Autho[: Ey¢enck H J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Eysenek M N Publisher: Pienum Press New york, 1985 Pvblished Year: 1985 CatalOg Number: DF 698 .E95 Title: PERSONALITY GENETICS AND BEHAVIOR SELECTEU PAPERS. Serial Title: Centennial psychOlogy se[ies Avthor: EYsenck H J Publiaher: P[aege[, (Btattleboro, Vt.1952 Published Year: 1982 Page 29
Page 12: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: GT 3020 .W]8 3965 Title: CARL WEBER'S THE PLEASURES OF PIPE SMOXING. Author: Webe[ C Publisher: Thomas Nelson 6 Sons, New York, 1965 Publiahed Year: 1965 Catalog Number: GT 3020; B59 Title: IN BLAUEN DUNST EINE NULTURGESCHICHTE DES RAUCHENS. Autnor: Bose G Publisner: Deutame Ve[lags - anstalt Stuttga[t, 3957 PuDlianea xear: 19 57 Catalog Number: GT 3021.M6 .V64 3982 Title: BLAUER RAUCH IN ALLE V WINDE MEXIRO UND DI GESCHZCHTE DES TAfiARS MEXICO AND THE HISTORY OF a Author: Voge E Publisher. Mainz, M erlagsanstalt und Oruckerei will und Rothel 39ez Published Year: 3999 Catalog Numbe[: GT 3030 . C Title: THE STORYOF SNUFF AND SNUFF BOXES. AuthoY: Curtis M M Publishe[: Liveright, New Yark, 3935 PuDlished Year: 19]5 Catalog Number: GV 1201 .F59'1 1983 Title: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ICEBREAKERS, STRUCTURED ACTIVITIES THAT WARM-UP MOTIVATE CHALLENGE ACQUAZNT ANU ENERGIZE. Author: Forbesa-Greene 5 Publisher: Applied Skills Press, San Diego, Ca11f., 1983 Publiahed Year: 198J Catalog Number: G .828 1982 Title: MATHEMATICAL BRAIN BENDERS 2ND MISCELLANY OF PU22LE5. Author: Barr 5 Publishe[: Dover Publications, Inc.New York, 1982 Publislfed Year: 1982 Catalog Numbe[: GV 1493 Hu 1982 Title: CHALLENGING PU22LE5 IN LOGIC. Autnor: HufCO[d R PuDlisher: Dover Publications, Inc.New York, 1982 Published Year: 1962 Page 48
Page 13: ggs04d00
Catelog Number: BF 1 S54 S54 1965 Title: SCIENCE AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR AuthOY: PublisheY: Skinner B F w YOYk, The Free Press, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Numbcr: Title: BF 1)6 . 1985 TEST DESIGN, DEVELOPMENTS IN PSYCHOLOGY AND 2nd Aut or Ed.: PSYCHOMETRICS. bobretson S Publisher: cademic Press, Orlando, 1985 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Number: H 181 .KSJ 19'!1 Title: E%PERIM.ENTAL PSYCHOLOGY E%PERIMENTAL PSYCNOLOGY W00DW0RTH & SCHLOSBEAG'S E%PERIN.ENTAL PSYCXOLOGY. AuthoY: Woodworth R S 2nd Au r Ed.: SchlosbeYg H; Nling J Riggs L A Pub3isheY: HOlt, Rinehart and Wins[on, New York, 19'!1 Published Year: 19]3 Catalog Number: BF 181 .R618 Tit1e: C%PERZMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY A BMALLH APPROACH. 8erial Title: arper's e%perimental psychOlogy serves Author: RObinson P W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Foster D F Publisher: Harpet S Row, New York, 19Y9 Published Year: 19"!9 [alog Numbet: BF 161 Se Title: HANDBOOK OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. Se[ial Title: A Wiley publication in psychology Author: Stevens S S Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1951 Published Year: 1951 Cataloq Number: BF 199 M6T 1991 Tit1e: MOTIVATION EMOTION AND GOAI. DIRECTION IN NEURAL NETWORICS 2nd Aut or Ed.: L n S J; Levine O Publisher: Hillsdale, N.J., L. Erlbaum Associates, 1992. Publiehed Year. 1992 Catalog Number: BF 209 .N52 25'! 1Y Title: BEHAVIORAL EPFECTSOF NICOTINE. ]nd Aut or Ed.: 9attig K Publisher: argeY, Basel; New York, 19]9 Published Year: 19J6 Yage 4
Page 14: ggs04d00
Cataloq NvmbeL: GT 3020 .M36 Title: SU9LIME TOBACCO. Author: Mackenzie C PubllaheL: ChattO and Wlndus, Lontlon, 1957 Published Year: 195) Catalog Number: G 1020 .M30 Title: RUND UM DEN TABAK EIN VERGNUGLICHER BUMMEL DORCH DIE RAUCHERPARADIESE NEBST ANLEITUNG ZUM GESUNDEREN TABAKGENUSS. Authar: Maronde C Publiaher: Fiecher Taechenbuch Verleg, FraiJCfurt am Main, 19)6 Publlshed Yeai: 19'/6 Catalog Number: GT 3020 PS Title: WOODEN BYGONF.S OF SMOKING AND SNU£F TARING. Author: Pinto E H Publisher: Hutchinson, London, 1961 Publiahed Year: 1961 Catalog Number: GT 3020 .R4 Title: TABAGO EIN BILDERBUCH A PICTUREBOOK OF TOBACCO AND THE PLEASURES OF SMOKING. Published Yeai: 1960 Catalog Number: G .R49 Tit1e: LE LIVRE BLANC DU TABAC POUR UN ART O11 MIEUX FUMER SUIVZ DU GUIDE DE L'AMATEUR. Author: Riva1 N Publieher: 1. Grancher, Par1, 19]8 Publiahed Year: 19)8 Catalog Number: GT 3020 .R493 1981 Title: TOBACCO TNROUGHOUT THE TIMES - HISTORY OF HABITS MOKEHS TABAC MIROIR DU TEMPS. AvthoL: Rival N Publieher: Peirin, Parie, 1981 Publiahed Year: 1961 Catalog Number: GT 3020 .V470 1953 Title: DAS PFEIF£NRAOCHF.R e EVIE4t A BRIEVIER FOR PIPE SMOKERS "DIE KUNST, PFEIFE 2U RAUCHEN". Serial Title: Heyne-BUCh Nr. 4518. AUthor: Verdaguer T 2nd Avt or Ed.: Diehl H R G Publisher: Wilhelm Heyne Verlag Munchen, 1552 Published Year: 1951 Page 47
Page 15: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: B '/89.56 R6S E98 Title: AN EXPERIMENTAL SMOKING CLINZC TH£ RELATIONSHIP OF SELF ESTE£M GROUPING AND TECHNIQUE VS RESOLVE TRAINING TO SUCCESS IN MODIFICATION OF HARD CORE SMORING. Author: Roy H A Publieher: Noxthern Illinois Univeraity Dekalb 111 1969 Publlahed Year: 1969 Catalog Nu®ber: BF '89.56 .W '! 1970 Titie: PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS ASSOCIATEU WITH THE INABILITY TO QUITE SMOKING CIGARETTES. Authoi: Waters L G PuDlisTe[: Univecsity Mi<[ofilms International, Ann Arbcr, ML, 19]O Publiehed Year: 19>O Catalog Numbe[: BF "/98 R6 1980 RELATZONBHIPSBEPHEEN HUMAN PERBONALITY HUMAN INTELLIGENCE AND PROPERTIES OF TNE DIFFUSE TNALAHOCORTICAL EYSTEN. AutROr: Robinson D L Publiaher: Univereity oF Oxford England, 1980 Published Yeai: 1980 Catalcg Number: BF ]98 .5>J 1983 Title: TEHPERAMENT PERSONALITY ACTZVITY. AuChoi: Stcelau .I Publiahe[: ACademic Press, LondOn; New York, 1983 Publiehed Year: 198) Catalag Numbec: BF 618 .M91 3 Tit1E: GIFTS DIFFERING, Authar: Hyere I e 2nd Aut or Ed.: Myers P E Publisher: Consulting PsyCho1ogists Press, Inc.Palo Alto, CA, 39E0 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Numbe[: &T 1513.53 HC6 1987 Title: BE YOUASELF A GUIDE TO eLF-DEVELOPMENT. Serial Title: Speaking From Experience Author: Hen[y C Publisher: Round Rock, T, Professional Training Associates, Inc., 198] Published Year: 198) Page 37
Page 16: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: BP '!89 .56 . 2 195> Title: THE SELECTION DEVELOPMENT AND OBJECTIVE EVALUATION OF T MOKING CONCEPTS AS AN AID TO CURRICULUM CONSTRUCEION. Author: Galaineaux A F; 1957. Published Year: 195"! Catalog Number: BF ]89 S6 .G4 1972 Title: ELIMINATION OF CIGARETTE SMORING BEILSVIOR BY STIMULUS SATIATION, SELF-CONTROL TECHDJIQUES AND GROUP THERAPY A PILOT STUDY. Author: melndcr S T Pubiished Year: 1972 Catalog Number: BF '!89 .S6 L9 1948 Title: A STUDY OF SMOKERS AND NON-SMOKERS AS RELATED TO ACHIEVEMENT AND VARIOUS PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS. Author: Lynn R M Publisher: Univ. North Carollna Chapel Hill, NC, 1948 Published Year: 1948 Catalog Number: BF "/89 .56 M2 1966 Title: A USE OF THE SEMANTIC DIFFERENTIAL TECHNIQUE TO EVALUATE ATTITUDES OF SMOKERS. Author: Mayo P N Publlsher: sity Microfilms, Inc.Ann Arbor, MI, 1966 Published Yeai: 1966e Catalog Number: BF ')89 S6 .N4 1970 Title: SMOKING PHYSIOLOGICAL AROUSAL AND EHOTIONAL RESPONSE. Author: Nesbitt P D: 1969. Published Year: 1969 CatalOg Number: BF Y89 . .NS 1 . 1 Title: HEALTH AND BEHAVIOR A RESEARCH AGENDA INTERIM REPORT. Publisher: Natianal Academy Press, Washington, D.C.: Publiehed Year: 1999 Catalog Number: BF )89 .56 A83 1982 Title: SMOKING PSYCHOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY. Author: Ashton H 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Stepney R PublisheY: Tavistock PublicatiDns, London: New York, 1982 Fublished Year: 1982 Page 14
Page 17: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: GC 58 .545 n.]-4 Title: FISHERY RESODRCES ATLAS. Serial Title: Sea grant technical bulletin, no. ]-4 Author: Hezld E J Publieher: Univeraity of Miami Sea Grant Program, (Miami, Fls.)1920 Publiehed Year: 1970 Catalag Number: GP 23 .Ea D]4 Title: FEEDBACK FROM TOMORROW. Serlai Title: rch in Planning and Design - Seriea editor A11en J. Scott. Author: Oakin A Publlaber: Pion Limited London, 19'/9 Pubiiahed Year: 39)9 Catalog Number: GF 23 .I53151 Title: ENVIRONMENTAL INDICES. Serial Title: Environmental aclence and technology Author: Inhaber H publiaher: Wiley, New York, 19]6 Publiahed Year: 19'!6 Catalo9 Number: GN 293 .M95 TStle: MOM4IES DISEASE AND ANCIENT CULTURES. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Cockburn A; CCCkburn E Publlsher: Cambridge university Preaa, Cambridge; New York, 198U Published Year: 1980 Cetalog Nuabe[: GN 60 .A]8 1972 Title: ADVANCES IN THE BIOLOGY OF HUMAN POPULATI0N5. Author: Toro I 2nd AYt or Ed.: Sxabady E; Nemeskeri J; Eiben 0 C Pubilsher: Akademiai Niado, 8udapeat, 19]2 Published Year: 1972 Cata1o9 Number: GN 6 a Title: WORLDWIOEVARIATION IN HUMAN GROWTH. Serial Title: International Biological Proqramme 8 Author: Eveleth P 8 2nd Aut or Ed.: Tanner J M Publiaher: Cambridge Univeraity Pres" Cambridge (Eng.); New ork, 19]6 Publiahed YeaY: 19]6 Page aa
Page 18: ggs04d00
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Catalog Numbet: Title: B S8 SB STEIN ON CREATIVITY, A VIDEOTAPE FEATURING MORRIS Autbor: I. STEIN. Stein M I Publiaher: Publications 6 roducts Center fOr Creative Leaderahip Greenaboro, NC Published Year: 3960 Cataleg Number: BY 408 .T46 W9 1992 Title: WHAT A GREAT IDEA THE BY STEPS CREATIVE PEOPLE Author: TAEE Thcmpson C Publiehes: Publlshed Year: Ned York:Narper Perennial, 1992 1992 Catalog NWOber: Titie: BY 408 .V5t9 1966 N THE SEAT O H USING YOIIR EXPLORER ARTZST JUOGE 6WARRIOR TO BE MORE CREATIVE. Author: Publishas: n O R P¢rennial Library, New YOrk, 1986. Publiehed Year: 1996 Catalog Number: BY 408 .V59 198] Title: A WHACK ON THE SSDE OF THE HEAD HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR NIND FOR INNOVATION. Author: on O R Publisher: es Booke, New York, NY, 1983. Publisbed Year: 1983 Catalog Number: Title: 2nd Aut or Ed BF 431 .N559 1982 A MODEL FOR INTELLIGENCE. E k H J .: Publisher: ysenc Spsinger-Verlag' Berlin, New York, 1962 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: B 432.5.W4 .W43 1981 Title: WAISR MANUAL WECNSLER ADULT INTELLIGENCE Authcr: SCALEREVISED WECHSLCR ADULT INTELLZGENCE SCALE. Wechsler D Publisher: Narcourt Brace Jovanovich (for) Psychological Published Yeai: Corp., New York, NY, 3983 19 81. Catalog Number: 9£ 441 .81] 19'/3 Title: Author: Publisher: Publi¢hed Year: ISION Broadbent cademic 1911 AND STRESS. U E P., London, NeW Yoik, 19]1 Page 34
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Cataloq NuIDbex: BA 441 .D385 S59 1 85 AuthorTitle: SI% THINKING HATS 9 : De Bono E Publiaher: eoston, Little, Brovn, 1985. Publiahed Yeax: 1985 Catalog Number: 6F 441 .H814 198> Title: uMAN FACTORS P HOLOGY Serial Title: Advances in Psychology v. . 4) 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hancock P A Publieher: No[th-HOlland, Nev York, NY, 198i Published Year: 198'/ Catalog Number: BF 441 .M, 19 Title: THINKING VISUALLY A STRATEGY MANUAL FOR PROBLEM SOLVING. Author: NcKim R H Publisher: Lifetime Learning Publications, eelmont, Calif., 980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: BF 455 .Cb'/6 19)9 Title: THE CONTENT ANALYSIS OF VERBAL BEHAVIOR FURTHER STUDIES. 2nd Aut ox Ed.: Gottschalk I A Publisher: SP Medical 6 Scientific Books; Tamaica, N.Y.19)9 Published Year: 19'i9 Catalog Number: BF 455 .L494 1- TitHUHAN INFORMATION PROCESSING AN INTROOUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY. Author: Lindsay P H 2nd Aut or Ed.: N n 0 A Publisher: cademiC Press, NeW York, 19I] Published Year: 19l] Catalog Number: 9F a a 3985 Title: PSYCHOPHYSZOLOGICAL APPROACH£S TO HUMAN FORMATION PROCESSING. Serial Title: Advances in psychology 25 2nd Aut or Ed.: Klix F, N ; Zimmex N Publisher: North-HO11and~oAmstexsdam; NeW York, 1985. Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: BF 455 W6 W4 1984 Title: WHOLE-HRAIN THINKING WORKING FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE BRAIN TO ACHIEVE PEAK SOB PERFORMANCE. AutM1or: onder T xnd Aut or Ed.: Ooncvan P Publisher: NeW York, Ballantine Books, 1984 Publisbed Year: 1984 Fage 15
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Catalog Number: Title: BF 531 A5 1979 PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSE PATTERNS OP EMOTSON. Author: Publisher: Ancoli S University Mictofilms Intl.Ann Arbor, MI, 1979 Published Yeat: 1919 Catalog Number: BF 531 .8'/8 1 Title: Serisl Title: TNE COMMUNICATION OF EMOTION. The Guilford social psycholOgy series Author: Publisher: Buck R The Guiiford Press Nev YOrk, 1984 Published Year: 1984 CLt21og Number: Title: BF 531 EMOTION .£49 SN 1982 THE NUNAN FACE. Serial Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Studies Ekman P in emotion and sccial interaction Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Cambridge Published Year: (Cambridgeshi[e), 1982 New York, 1982 Catalog Number: BF 531 .P46 Title: Berial Title: PERCEPTION OF EMOTION IN SELF AND OTRERS. Advances in the atudy of communication and effect 2nd Aut or Ed.: v. 5 Pliner Pi Blankstein R R; Spigel 2 N Publieher: Plenum Pre— New York, 19'/9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: BF 531 .P59 Title: Author: EMOTION A PSYCHOEVOLUTIONARY SYNTHESIS. Plutchik R Publisher: Published Year: Herper 6 ROw, New York, 1980 1980 Catalog NumbeC: BF 531 .593 -8 Title: ASSE58MENT AND MODIFZCATION OF EMOTIONAL BEHAVIOR erial Title: (YROCEEDINGS OF THE EIGHTH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM ON CONHUNZCATIONS ANDAFFECP,NELD AT ERINDALE COLLEGE APR2L 13-15, 19~8) / SYMPOSIUM ON COMMUNICATIONS AND AFFECT, (9TH : , ERINDALE COLLEGE), ,19Y8. A6vances in the study of communlcation and affect 2nd Aut or Ed.: Blankstein E R; Pliner P; Polivy T Publisher: Plenum P[ess, Nev YOrk, 1980 Published Year: 1980 Page 17
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Catalog Number: BF '1'18 .M1 3 Pt.A Title: THE HASSEY TRIAU, THE PAST - WHAT YOU ARE IS NHERE Y WERE WHEN (VIDEORECORDING) Se[ial Title: 2he Massey Triad PT. 1 Authar: Massey M E Publiahez: (Des Plaines, IL), Video Publishing House, 1986. Publiahed Yea[: 1986 Catalog Numbet: BF >t8 .Ml 1986 Pt.B Title: THE MASSEY TRZAD, THE PRESENT - WHAT YOU ARE IS NOT WHAT YOU HAVE TO BE (ViDEORECORDING) Serlal Title: The M sey T[iad Pt. 2 Author: MasseysM E Publlsher: (Des Pleines, IL), Video Publiahinq House, 1986. publlshed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: BF 778 .M3 1986 Pt.C TStle: TNE MASSEY TRIAD, THE FUTURE - WHAT YOU ARE IS WHERE YOU SEE (VIDEOR£CORDING) Se[ia1 Titie: The Massey Triad PT. 1 Author: sey M E Publishsr: (De Plaines, IL), Video Publlshing house, 1986. Published Year: 1986 Catalog Numbe[: Title: BF "/89 .56 .A4 ..... J AN INVESTIGATIOF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN Author: ORING AND PERSONALITY. Allen B V Publisher: Univetsity of Portland Portiand, OR, 195J Published Year: 1953 Catalog Number: BP ] S6 B2 3968 Title: RELATIONSNIP BETWEEN SMORING AND PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSES TO STRESS. AutEOr: Bancroft N A: 1968. Published Year: 1968 Catalog Number: Title: BF )89 .56 .84 19"/1 THE DEADLY CLOUD. Autho[: Publisher: Bedford R Edva[ds the Printers Ltd., G[eat Britain, 1971 Published Year: 19>1 Catalog Number: BF >89 .S6 .F6 1964 Title: Publishe[: Publiahed Year: ARETTES AND The Forum New 3964 HEALTH THE HASS CONSUMER SPEARB. York, NY, 1964 Page 33
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Catalog Numbe[: CB 158 . B Title: THE STUDYOF THE FUTURE AN AGENDA FOR RESEARCH. S¢rial Title: NSF/RA "/700I6 2nd Aut or Ed.: Bouche[ W I Publisher: National Science Poundation, Research Appiications D ectorate, RANN-Research Applied to National Needs, Divisionof, Intergovernmental Science and Public Technology, for sale by the Supt. of Bocs., U. S. Govt. P[int Off., Washington, 19')> Published Year: 19>) Catalog Number: CB 161 .559 Title: EXPLORATORY PLANNING BRIEFS OF PRACTICES. eiial Title: Planning E tlves Institute. ResearcT seriee Autbor: Simmons W .... Publisher: Planning Executives Institu<e, Oxfoxd, Ohio, 1977 Publiahed Year: 1977 talog Number: CS '/1 ..7. THE GRAYFAMILY AND ALLIED LINES BOWMAN LSNDSAY MILLIS DZCK PEEBLES NILEY SHANNON LAMAR HCGEE. Author: Linn J W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Gray G( Gray f Publisher: Linn, Salisbury, N.C., 1976 Published Year: 19'/6 Catalog Number: CT 2 Title: TWENTY MODERN AMERICANS. Author: Cooper A 2nd Aut or Ed.: Palmer C A Yublisher: Harcourt,Brace and company, NeW York, CNicago, 1942 Published Year: i942 Catalog Number: D 16 .A39 1984 Title: EVENT HISTORY ANALYSIS REGRESSION FOR LONGITUDINAL EVENT DATA. Serial Title: Sage u n sity papers. puantitative applicati.ons n thes ia1 sciences no. 0"/-046 Author: Allison YcD Publisher: Bage Publications, Beverly Hllls, Calif., 1984 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: DD 35 A2 198> Title: ABDNDANT W Serial Title: Natural history video Author: Robertaon C Publisher: Museum Television Workshop Ltd., New York, New YOrk, 198]. Published Year: 1961 Page 39
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Catelog Number: GT 3020 D5 Title: PANACEA OR PRECIOUS BANE TOBACCO IN SI%TEENTH CENTURY LITERATUHE. Serial Title: New Yo[k Public Libra[y., A[ents Tobacco Collection., Publication, no.5 Aubhor: Dickson S A Publisher: New York Public Library, Nev York, 1954 Published Year: 1954 Catalog Number: Title: GT 3020 .D]8 THE GENTLE ART OF SMOKING. Autho[: Dunhill A Pubilsher: Published Yea[: Putnam, New York, 1954 1954 Catalog Number: G 3020 .E4'/ 19'!4 Title: Author: THE BOOK OF PIPES & TOBACCO PIPES & TOBACCO. Ehwa C Publisher: Published Year: Rendom House, Nev Yo[k, 19'/4 1974 Catalog Number: GT 3020 .Jl 1604 Title: Berial Title: A COUNTEROLABTE TO BACCO. The £nglish experie~e, its [ecoid Sn early Author: printed books, no. 181 James PublisTe[: Theat[um Orbis Te[ia[um{, Amsterdam, 1969 Published Year: 1969 CatalOg Number: GT 3020 .K4 1934 Title: Author: THEORY AND FACTS OF CIGARETTE SMOKING. Nenyan O A Publisher: Louisville, KY., The Axton-Fishe[ Tobacco CO., Inc., 1934 Published Yea[: 1934 Cstalog Number: GT 3020 .K6 Title: PIPE AND PODCH THE SMOKER'S OWN B00K OF POETRY. Authoz: Knight J Publisher: Joseph Knight Co, Boston, 1894 Published Year: 1894 Cetalog Number: GT 3020 .L4] Title: ABOUT TOBACCO. Publ3shed Year: 1955 Page 46
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Catalog Number: G 28D1 .LS F6 19]2 Title: ATLAS OF TNE LIVING RESOURCES OF THE SEAS ATLAG DES RESSOURCES BIOLOGIQU£S DES MERS ATLAS DES RE850URCB5 SIOLOGIQUES DES MERS. ATLAS DE LOS RECURSOS VIVOS DEL MAR. Published Yeax: 19Y2 Catalog Number: G 0.4 .Ss Title: REMOTE SENSING OPTICS AND OPTICAL SYSTEMS. Sarial Title: Remote seing, (no. 1) Authox: Slatex PN Publiaher: Addison-Wesley Pub. C, Reading, Maa5.1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: G 6 M4 1984 Title: LASERREMOTE SENSING, FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS. Author: Measures R M Publisher: Niley, Nev York, 1984 Publishetl Yeax: 1984 Catalog Number: GA 1 8 19]'! Title: MAPS AND STATISTICS. Serial Title: The Fieltl of geography Authar: Lewia P Publieher: Niley~ New Yoxk, 19]'J Published Year: 19)l Catalog Numbex: GD 1 .NB A2J Title: CHEMICAL AND PNYSICAL CHARACTER OF SURFACE IiATERS OF NORTH CAROLINA. Publiahed Year: 1999 Catalog Number: GC 11 .C65 TSlle: FRONTIERS OF TNE SEA THE STORY OF OCEANOGRAPHSC EXPLORATION. Auihor: Coven R C Publisher: DOUbleday, Gaxden City, N.Y., 1960 Published Year: 1960 Catalog Numbex: GC316 .P1 19]2 Titl®: ASTUDY OF NUTRIENT VARZATIONS IN THE SURFACE AND MIXED LAYER OF MONTEREY 6AY USING AUTOMATIC ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES. Authox: PaulSOn G O PvblisheU Year: 19]2 Page 43
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Catalog Number: BF )2l . 9 F3] Title: IDENTICAL TWINS REARED APART A REANALYSIS. Author: Farber S L Publlsher: 6asic Books, NeW Yark, 1981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Numbe[: BF '!23 .T9 95 Title: MON02YGOTIC TWINS BROUGHT UP AND APART AND BROUGHT UP TOGEYHER AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE G£NETIC AND ENVIRONMENTALCAUSES OFVARIATION IN PERSONALITY WSTH A FOREWORD BY ELIOT SLATER. Author: Shields ,T Publieher: Oxford Unive[sity Press, London, Nev YOrk, 1962 Published Year: i962 Catalog Number: TSt1C: BP ) <.8 B'I 1914 THE PSYCHOLOGY OF HUMAN AGEING. Serial Title: Author: Publisher: Pelican Bromley enguin, books D e (HarmondswOrth; Baltimote, 19]4 Published Year: 1974 Catalog Number: BF 724.8 .P35 Title: PATTERNS OF AGING FINDINGS FROM THE BONN Serial T1tle: GONGITUDINAL STUUY OF AG ontributions to human developmant v. 3 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Thomae H S. Rarge[, Base1; New York, 1976 Published Year: 19)6 Cataloq Numbe[: BF ]61 .B]3 Title: IMPROVING INTERVIEW MELHOD AND QUESTIONNASRE Serial Title: DESIGN (RESPONSE EFFECTS TO TNREATENING QUESTIONS IN SURVEY RESEARCH). Jossey-Bass social and behavioral science series Author: zn9 Aut or Ed.: NORC si social [esea[ch BradburnNaH in Suaman S Publiaher: Sossey-Hass, San Francisco, 19>9 Publishea Year: 19'/9 Catalog Nureber: BF 761 W3 Title: GSR STATE AND RATED AN%IETY TEMPORAL SPEECH CHARACTERIBTICS AND CONTENT OF INITIAL INTERVIEW ITEM AS A FUNCTIONOFINTERVIENER-INYRTVIEWEE SEX AND AUDZO VIDEO TAPE VERSUS FALE TO FACE ENCOUNTER. Author: Naters T J Publisher: University Mic[ofilms, Xerox Co.Ann Arbor, MI, 19>4 Publiahed Year: 19)4 Page 33
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Catalog Number: Title: BF 63].V4) .E43 1980 THE GENTLE ART OF VERBAL SELF DEFENSE VERHAL SELF erial Title: Author: Publieher: DEFENS£. A Spectrum book Elgin S K Prentice-Hall, nglewood C1iEfs, N.J., 980. PubllaTed Year: 1980 Catalog Number: Title: BF 63].V4] .E43 MASTERING THE G 3 ENTLE ANT OF VERBAL SELF -DEFENSE SOUND RECORDINC. Author: Elgin S H Publiaher: Englewood Cliffs, N. , Prentice Ha11, Inc., 1989. Published Year: 1989 Catalog Numbe[: Tltle: Author: Publisher: Published Yeaz: BF 639 .P114 CREATIVE THINEING IN PRACTICE. acifico C Noyes P[ess, Paik Ridge, N.J., 1966 3966 Catalag Nuaber: Title: BF 6'l1 .S8 1964 ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR AND DRUG ACTION. Avthor: 2nd Avt oz Ed.: Steinberg H de A uck A V S: Knight J PublisAer: Published Year: Little, B[own, 1964 and Company Boston, 1964 Cata3og Number: . 4 1983 BF 683 N Title: NEBRASNASYMPOSIUM ON MOTIVATZON 1962 PERSONALITY CURRENT THEORY AND RESEARCH. 2nd Aui or Ed.: Pervin L A; Paqe M M Publisher: University of Nebraska Presa Lincoln NE, 198a Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: BF 683 .N4 1986 Title: ALCOHOL AND ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR NEBRASRA SYMPOSIUM OTIVATION,(1986). Serial Title: Cuzrent theory and r h in motivation 34 2nd Aut or Ed.: Rivers P C; Nathan Ea rc hPublisher: Universityof Nebraska P[ess, Lincoln, 1981 Published Year: 398'/ Cataloq Number: BF 69> .B48 1985 Title: THE B 1.OGICAL BASES OF PERSONALITY AND BEHAVIOR. Serial Title: THE SERIES IN CLINICAL AND CO[RNNITY PSYCHOLOGY 2nd Aut or Ed.: St[elau J; Farley F Ga1e A Publisbez: Hemisphere Pub. Corp~; Washington, 1985- Publishetl Year: 1985 Page 28
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Zt a6ed te6t :-A pays?Tqnd 'T86T ".t'N 'oie;;n9 'pa>Fm?~ .SS~ea9 y;tn uat3eFaosse uF vo?>epuno3 uo<>eanp3 anF3ea.xJ ..aaqa;Tqnd L S s ~ed ZoyynY '9NIW Nf10A 30 JIOYWV3H1. :aT;TS SH6T b4Zd' 804 d9 :-qmnN 6oie>eJ 086t aeah pays?Tqna 086T 'X>0X naN 'SSFH-Ned9aW .zays?Tq- W ;nao8 a7 .zoy>nY SN3MOd 3AISY3HJ NNOS. WONd SIdOHd OJ. MON 9NIU33NISYW2 :aT;?T. [4Z' 804 39 aaqmnN 6oT¢>eJ LL6t(%s0A naN) ' oT>eiaossY ;vama6eueW u oauryt :qeax..piaqsTi4nd 3 ouoe ap .zOy;nY ' xzIA33.YaaJ 30 NOOHONYN Y SN3W39YNYW NOd 9NZMNZNS 2Y83YMI :aS;?S iL62 [60' 804 39 :~aqmnN 6oia>¢J aFSt :~eax pa4s?Tqnd '6uF%uiyS a io; za>uaJ Tevox;ev.aa;ui "AN 'aTTay~oN¢naN .2a4sTTqnd 3 ovoB aP .so4;nY syan9oxa SS3NIBN9 SYYH 9NIMNINS XIS 'II N NNINSN3SSYW :aT;FS 886I 40' 804 39 :~aqmnN 6oS¢>¢J oi6i :.teax pays?Tqnd '0L6T 'NaoA naN ++oN 4 iadaaN .~aysFTqnd 3 9 a0 aoy;nY aKouq voyd0ioa iadsey :aT1?T..ie?iaS 'd3S5 Afl d3SS IISIA2ZY3NJ '9NINNINS ZYN3SY1 b0' 904 d8 :.eqmnN 5oT¢>¢J Oe6t =~ea.t pa4aTTqnd 086T "J'N 'oioqsuaevS 'd?ysiapea9 enF>eezJ uob za>uaJ ..iaqs?Sq~ 0 v uvTNVeW9 STaqdmeJ .iay>nY NNYH pNM ON3U3 ~ AZIAISY3NJ dO L00'IONJASd 3HS :aS>?S Bd 4J' 804 39 aaqmnN 6oT¢>¢J 086T :I¢aX paysFT4nd 086t "J'N 'o~oqsvaa.i0 'd?ysaapaaZ anF;ea~J ~o; za}vaJ iays?Tqnd S S 2 acXS.(ag :•P3 za >nY Pu2 Z W u?a}s~M q ~ uvFNOeW .~oy>nY lt3WN035NYtlS 3AISY39J 3NS SY NYW oSN30Y31 3AISY3NJ N03 N3SN3J J.N3WSS355Y NY ONINOI530 :aS;?y 40 9J' 804 39 :seqmnN 6oie>eJ
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Page 32: ggs04d00
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Page 33: ggs04d00
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Page 35: ggs04d00
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Cetalog Numbe[: BF 6I) N5 Title: THE ART O N ATZNG P LOGICAL STRATEGIES FOR GAININGADVANTAGEOUSSBARGAINB FUNDAMENTALS OF NEGOTIATZNG. Authbr: Nietehberg G I Publiehet: Naw[horn £ooka, New York, 1968 Publiehed Year: 1968 Catalog Number: BF 63'/ .P4 .CS 1984 Title: INFLU£NCE HOW ANDWNY PEOPLE AGREE TO THINGS. Author: Cialdini R Publieher: Norrow, NewYOrk, 1984 B Publlshed Year: 1984 Catalog Nupber: BF 63'! .R5) .U>"/ 1984 Title: RIS% W , TNE OODS OF LIFE. Author: Utguhart J ]nd Aut or Ed.: Heilmann K Publieher: Facta on File, New York, 1984 Published Year: 3984 Catalug Number: BF 61) SB .C2 1986 Title: SUCCESS SHORTCUTS WITH SINMY CALANO AND JEFF SALZNAN. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publiaber: Calano T Salxman S Nightingale-COnant, Chicago, Z11.~ SsBS. Published YeaY: 1986 Catalog Number: B 6 .CB>3 548 1989 e Title: TH£SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE P£OPLE, RESTORING THE CHARACTER ETHIC AutTOr: vey S R Publiaher: New York, Simon and Schuster, 1990, 1989. Published Year: 1990 Catalog Numbee: BF 6l> . .D365 3 Title: TACPICS THE ART AND SCIENCE OF SUCCESS. AuthaY: Oe B E Publisher: Little, £rown, eoston, 1984. Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: BF 63'/ S8 .D9 1986 Title: HIGH PERFORNANCE LIVING. Author: Dychtwald % Publisher: Nightingale-COnant CoYporation Chicago, IL, 1986 Published Year: 1986 Page 22
Page 38: ggs04d00
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Catalog Numbez: Title: Author: Published Yea'r: BF 30 Pe AMERICAN Peterson 1999 1983 eEHAVTORAL AA SCIENTIST. Cataloq Number: BF 31 .T>4 Title: TRILINGUAL PSYCHOLOGICAL DICTIONARY = (DICTIONNAIRE DE PSYCHOLOGIE EN TAOIS LANGUES = OREISPRACHIGESPSYCHOIqGISCHESWORTERBUCH) DICTIONNAIXE DE PSYCHOLOGIE EN TROIS LANGUES. 2nd Aut or Ed.: BPRACHIGES PSYCHOLOGISCHES WORTERBUCH. Duijker H C Publishe[: s Huber, 8ern; StuGtgart; Vienna, Published Yeaz: 1975 15>5 Catalog Number: BP 331 .E4 398E Title: Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: HUMAN COG £llis A w Young A W Erlbaum, NITIVE HO e, NEUROPSYCHOLOGY. 3988 Published Year: 1988 Catelog Numbe[: BF 311 .E93 1982 Title: Author: ATTENTION AND AROUSAL COGNITION AND PERFORMANCE. Eysenck N w Publisher: Springer-Verlaq, Berlin, New York, 1963 Pubiished Year: 1982 Cataloq Number: Title: BF ] H 4 ANDBOONOFPERCEPTZON ANO NUMAN PERFORNANCE. 2nd Aut or Ed.: PYblisher: Boff % R n L; Thomas J P Wiley, NeWYOrk,a 1986. Published Year: 1996 Catalog Number: Title: 9F 311 .L35 1986 Y ANALYSIS. Author: LamingDR Publisher: Published Year: cademic Pre 1986 , London; 0rlando, 1996. Catalog Number: BF 311 .P316 1986 Title: PATTERN RECOGNITION BY HDNANS AND MACHINES. Serial Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Academic Press s o cognltion and percepti0n Schwab £ C; NusbaumH C Publisher: Published Year: Academlc Press, Otlando, Fla., 1986 1986 Page 7
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Catalog Number: BF )89.S6 .G65 C64 1981 Title: COMPARISON OF THE PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SMOKER AND THE EXSHORER. AuthoC: GOnzalez C A Publiahez: Oniversity Microfilms International Ann Arbor, MI, 981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: BF 189.S6 XY< O 4 195] Title: DOES SM01(ING PRODUCE AND EMOTIONAL RELAXATION. Author: re15s J L Publieher: Pacific Colleqe Stockton CA 1951 Publiahed Year: i95) Catalog Number: BF 789.56 . 3 E44 1976 Title: THE EFFECT OF CERTAIN LEARNING VARIABLES APPLIED IN IMAGINATION ON THE MODIFICATION OF SMOKING BEHAVIOR. Author: Madof F Publisher: Universi[y Microfilms Ann Arboi Hichigan 19'!6 Publiahed Year: - 6 Catalag Number: BF ]99.s6 . 9 1972 Title: MOTIVATION CONFLICTS ENGENDEREO BY THE ONGOING DIBCUSSION ABOUT CIGARETTE SMOKING. Author: Meyer A S; Friedman L N: Laaarefeid P F Publiaher: ce Unknown Publiehed Year: 1972 Catalog Number: BF J89.S6 .M49] 159 1955 Title: AN INVESTIGATION OF THE PBYCNOLOGICAL FACTORS OF SMORING BY MEANS OF THE BLACKY PICTURES. Author: Meyer N J Publisher: University of Denver Denvez Colorado 1955 Fubliehed Year: 1955 Catalog Number: BF '/89.S6 .P4) G45 1910 Title: THE GENETIC A D ENVIRONMENTAL COMPONENTS IN CONSUMER ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS TOWARD PSYCHOLOGICALLY HABIT FORMING PATTERNB OF ALCOHOL , CIGARETTE SMORING AND COFFEE CONSUMPTION. Author: rry A Publisher: University Microfilms Ann Arbor Michiban 1970 Publlshed Year: 19)9 Catalog Number: BF I89.S6 PJ 1979 Title: PRIMARY SOCIALISATION AN MOKING. Ser1a1 Title: Monograph serles / Health Education Council nO.i Author: Baric L Publiaher: Health Education Ccuncil, (LOndon), 1979 Publiehed Year: 19'/9 Page 36
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Catalog Number: BF 481 .C46 Title: STAFF BURNOUT JOB STRESS IN THE HOMAN SERVICES. Serinl Title: Sage studies in community mental health v. 2 Author: Cherniss C Publlsher: Sage Publications, Beveily Hills, Calif.1980 Publiahed Year: 1990 Catalog Number: Title: BF 481 PB PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS AND PHYSIOLOGICAL CORRELATES OF WORE AND FATIGUE. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Simonson E; Weiser P C Publieher: Thumas, Springfield, I11., 1916 Publlshed Year: 1916 Catalog Number: Title: BF 481 .T613 FATIGUE IN MODERN SOCIETY. Serial Title: Avthor: Publisher: Chime paperbacks. Tournier P John Knox Press, Riehmond, 1965 Publlshed Year: 1965 Catalog Number: BF 501 . 9 1983 Title: COGNITZONS AN MOOD CLINICAL ASPECfS AND APPLICATIONS Serial Title: . Advances i Rehaviour Research and Therapy Vol. 5, " 1983 NO 2nd Avt oi Ed.: PubllsTer: . Teasdale J 0 RaChman S Pergamon Press New Yoik, 1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: BF 503 . Title: INTRINSIC M AND SELFDETERMINATION IN HUMAN BEHAVIORVSELF~DETERMINATION IN HUMAN Serial Title: B£HAVIOR. Perspectives in sacial psychology Avthor: Deci E L Znd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Ryan R M Plenum, New York1 1985. Publiahetl Year: 1985 Catalog Numbar: Title: BF 503 .H35 1983 THE COGNITIVE STRUCTURES AND PROCESSES OF HUMAN MOTIVATION AND PERSONALITY. Author: milt9rt V Publisher: Wiley, Chichester, SvsseX, England; New York, 1993 Published Year: 1983 Page 16
Page 45: ggs04d00
CatslOg Numbe[: BP 637 . 4 P66 Title: PROGRESS IN BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION. 2" Aut oi Ed.: Hersen M; Eislet R M; Mille[ P M Publisher: AcedemiG Press., Nev York, Published Yea[: 3999 Catalog Number: BF 637 .C45 .H4 1978 Title: THE EFFECPS OF CIGARETTE SMOKING ON THE PERCEPTION OF NONVERBAL COMMUNICATIONS. Autho[: Hertz B F Publishe[: University Mic[ofiims Intern2tional Ann Arbor, MI, 19?8 Published Year: 1915 Catalog Numbe[: BF 6J> . Title: HOW TO READ ANPERSON LIKE A BOOK. Author: Nierenbe[g G I 2nd Aut or Ed.: Cale[o H H Pubiisher: erstone Library, Nev York, 1960, Publiahed Year: 1980 Catalog Number: BF 63] .C45 .S2 3 Title: HO[i TO GET RESULTS WITH P£OPLE. 2nd Aui o[ Ed.: Sal2man J Publiahei: Career Track Publications, Inc., Boulder, Colo., 1996. Published Year: 19e6 Catalog Numbe[: 6P 637 . 45 F78 Title: FIND FRYE'S INDEX TO NONVERBAL DATA. Author: Frye J K Publisher: University of Minnesota Computez center, UniVersity Of Mlnnesota, Duluth, Minn.1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: BF 637 .L4 G2 1985 Title: PEAK PERFORMANCE THE WINNERS' GUIDE FOR MAXING THAT pUANTUM LEAP TO THE TOP. Autho[: Garfieid C A Publisher: Nightingale-COnant Corp., Chicago, 1985? Publiahed Yea[: 1985 Catalog Numbet: BF 63> . F5'/ Title: GETTING TO YES NEGOTIATING AGREEMENT WITHOUT GIVING iN Author: Fishe[ R 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ury W Publisher: Houghton Mifflin, Boston, Ma5s.1981 Published Year: 1981 Page 21
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Page 47: ggs04d00
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Page 48: ggs04d00
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Page 49: ggs04d00
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Page 50: ggs04d00
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Page 51: ggs04d00
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Page 52: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbet: H 61 .N2"/ Title: OPERATIONS RESEARCH NE AS APPLIED TO POLITICAL SCIENCE ANDTHE LEGAL PROCESS. Serial Title: A Sage u sity paper eries, Quantltative applications 1n the social scaences no. 0'l-002 Authar: Nagel 5 S 2nd Aut or Ed.: Neef M Publisher: Sage Publications, 9everly Hills, Ca1if.1976 Published Year: 1916 Catalog Number: H61 .OB i Title: TEST ITEM BIAS. Serial Title: SAGE UNIVERSITY PAPER SERIES ON QCANTITATZVE APPLICATIONS IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES, SERIES NO. 0'/-030 Author: Osterlind 5 J Publisher: Saqe Publications 6everly Hills, CA.1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: H 61 .551 Title: NONPARAMETRIC STATISTICS FOR THE B6HAVIONAL SCSENCES. Serial Title: McGraw-ttill saraes 1n psycholoqy Autpor: Siegei S Publisher: -Hill, New York, 1956 Published Year: 1956w Cataloq Number: H 61 .W422 1985 Title: BASIC CONTENT ANALYSIS. Serial TStle: Sage u ity papers series., QuantiCative applications in the social sciences no. 07-049 Author: Weber R P Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hi11s, 1985. Publiehed Year: 1985 Catalog Number: H 61 .234 1984 Title: GANE THEORY CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS. Serial Title: Sage u sity papers s , Quantitative applications in the socia135ciertces no. OY-041 Author: 2agare F C Publisher: Saqe Publications, Beverly Hilis, 1984. Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: H 61.25 .B4] 1984 Title: NONRECURSIVE CAUSAL MODELS. Seriai Title: Sage ity paper eries, Quantitative applications in the social sciences no. 0>-037 Autbar: Berry W D Publisher: Sage Publications, Reverly Nills, calif., 1984. Pub118hed Year: 1984 Page 52
Page 53: ggs04d00
catalog Number: H .HB 198z Titl¢: BYNAMIC MODELING AN INTRODUCTION. serlal Title: Sage u ity paper . Quantitative applications s ial sciences no. U)-02t n then o Author: HuckfeldtR 2nd R Aut ar Ed.: Rohfeld C W;Likens T W Publisher: sage Publicationa, Beverly Hills, Calif., 1982. Publiehed Year: 1982 Catalog Number: H 61.25 .M34 1985 Tit1e: Serial Title: MODELS FOR INNOVATZON DIFFUSION. sage u sity papers s i , Quantitative appiications in the socialsciences no. 0I-048 Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Mahajan V Peterson R A Publisher: Sage Publications, Bevexly Hills, 1985. Publiahed Year: 1985 ialog Number: H 6 Titl¢: AN ANALYSIS OF COMMUNICATION EFFECTIVENESS B£TWEEN PARENTS AND THE HYPERACTIVE CHILD. Author: Ne15on A E Publisher: Univ. Microfilms, Xerox Company Ann Arbor, MZ, 19]3 Published Yeei: 19"/3 CatalOg Number: H 62 .E355 1982 Title: MULTIATTRIBUTE EVALUATION. Seriai Title: Sage University papers s l , Quantitative applications in the socialsclences no. Author: Edva[ds W 07-026 2nd Aut or Ed.: Newnan J R Publiaher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, 1982. Publiahed Year: 1982 Catalog Number: H 62 .G517 Title: META-ANALYSIS IN SOCIAL RESEARCH. Author: Glass G V 2n3 Aut or Ed.: MCGaw B; Smith M L Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, Published Year: 1981 alif., 983 Catalog Number: H 62 . 4 1985 Title: USING MICROCOMPUTERS IN RESEARCH. serial Title: Sage university papers s . Quantitative applications in the sociallsciences 07-052 Author: Madron T 3nd Aut or Ed.: Tate C N;Brookshire R G N Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hilis, 1985. Publiahed Year: 1985 Page 51
Page 54: ggs04d00
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Page 55: ggs04d00
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Page 56: ggs04d00
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Catalog Numbei: Title: NA 29 .H638 ANALYSIS OF ORDINAL DATA. seraal Title: Sage university paper, Qua titativa appiications Authnr: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: 5 lences ser. no. in the s ia1 c HiidebraCd D K Laing J D; Rosenthal H Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, 0]-008 Calif.l9J"! Pubiiahed Year: 1977 Catalog Numbet: Title: HA 29 .H]99 READING STATISTICS AND RESEARCH. Author: 21 d Aut or Ed.: Rtbliaher: Published Year: Huck G W C r W H; Haipei6 Rotu, 19"/4 80unds W G New YOrk, 19]4 Catalog Number: HA 2 N82 Title: HOW TO LIE 4]ITH STATISTICS. Authaz: Nuff D Publiaher: Nertan, New York, 1954 Published Year: 1954 Catalog Number: HA 29 .J2J 1984 Title: USING PIIBLISHED DATA ERRORS AND REMEOI£S. Setial Title: sage u sity papers s , Quantitative applicationa in The socia11sc1ences no. 01-042 uthot: cob H Publisher: Sage Publications, eeverly Hills, 1984. Published Yeat: 3964 Catalog Number: HA 29 .K24 Title: INTRODUCTZON TO SUR Y SAMPLING. Serial Title: Sage Onivezsity PaperSeries, Quantitative Applicationa in the social Sciences, 0]-035 AYthor: Kalton G Publiaher: 5age Publications Beveily Nills, 1983 Publiahed Year: 1983 Catalog Number: HA 29 .%429 19]9 Title: CORRELATION AND CAUSALITY. Author: Kenny D A Publieher: Jobn Wiley S Sons New York, 19]9 Publishea Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: HA 2 5 1983 Tit18: INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL STATISTICS SOCIAL STATISTICS. Author: Kuztx N R Publishet: McGZaw-Hill, New York, 1981 Published Year: 1983 Paqe 58
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Catalcg Number: HA 29 .L369 Title: CANONICAL ANALYSIS AND FACTOR COMPARISON. Serial Title: sage university paper se[ies, quantitative epplications in the social sclenc, no. 07-006 Author: Levine M S Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, Calif.l977 Published Year: 19» Catalog Number: HA 29 .L83)3 1983 Title: CONPIRMATORY FACTOR ANALYSIS A P ACE TO LISREL. Seriai Title: Sage u sity papers s 1 , Quantitative applications in the socia15c1ences no. O]-033 Author: Long J S Publiaher: Sage Publications, eeverly Hills, 1983. Publiahed Year: 1983 Catalog Numbex: HA 29 .L83]4 1983 Title: ARIANCE STRUCTURE MOOELS AN INTRODUCTION TO LISREL. Serial Title: Sage u sity papers s , Quantltative applications in the social3sciences no. OT-034 Author: Long 1 S Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Nills, 1983. Published Year: 19s3 Catalog Number: MA 29 .LS494 Title: STATISTICS FOR MATH MATERS. Author: Lavejoy E P Publishet: arper 6 Row, New York, 19]5 Published Year: 19]5 Catalag Number: NA 29 .M13 1969 Title: PSYCHOLOGICAL STATISTICS. Authcz: MCNemar Q Publiaher: Wiley, New YOrk, 1969 Publiahed Yeai: 1969 Catalog Numbei: HA 29 .N.165 Tit1e: ANALYZING PANEL DATA. Berial Title: A sage university paper r s , quantitative applications in the socialscaene , er. no. 0>-018 . Author: Markus G B Publiaher: Sage PublCations, eeverly Hills, Ca11f.19>9 Publlehed Year: 1979 Page 19
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Catalog Number: HA 29 .N'/'!5 1976 Title: INTROOUCTION TO STATISTICS A NONPARAMETRIC APPROACN. AuthNoethe[ G E Publislfer: Noughton Mifflin, Boston, 19>6 Published Year: 1976 Catalog Number: HA 29 Q9 N. 11 Title: SECONDARY ANALYSZS OF SURVEY DATA. Serial Title: A Sage u sity paper. Quarttitative applicatioas in the social seiences no. 0]-053 Authox: colt K J 2nd Aut ox Ed.: Nathan L E PUblishex: Sage Publications, Beverly Nills, 1985. PublSShed Yeax: 19E5 talo9 Number: HA 2.q9 N. 54 Title: MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE. Sexiai Title: A Sage u xsity paper. quantitative appiicationsin tbe social sciences no. OT-054 Authox: Diay J R 2nd Aut ox Ed.: MaRwe11 5 E Publiehex: Sage Publications, Bevexly Hills, 1995. PuClished Yeax: 1985 Catalog Number: HA 29 .Q9 N. 55 Titie: THE LOGIC OF CAUSAL ORDER. Sexial Title: quart tative applications in the social sciences 55 Authox: Davis J A Publlshei: Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, Calif., 1985. Published Yeax: 1965 Catalog Number: HA 29 Q9 No. 56 Title: INTRODUCTION TO LINEAR GOAL PROGNAMMING. Sexial Title: A Saqe vntversity pape[i quantitative appllcations in the social sciences no. 07-056 Autho[: Publishex: Ignieio J Sage Pubiications, Eeveily Hills, 3985. Published Year: 1985 Catalog Numbex: HA 29 Q9 N. 58 TStle: RANDOMZZED RESPONSE, A METHOD FOR SENSITZVE SURVEYS. Se[ia1 Title: Autho[: Sage u ity pap applications in the Foz J A exs series., Qua social sclences no.t0>e058 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publlsbex: Published Yeat: Tracy P E 5age Publications, 1986 Beve[ly Hills, 1986. Pa9e 60
Page 61: ggs04d00
Catalug Number: HA 29 Q9 N 59 Title: ANALx515, QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR RESEARCH SYNTHESIS. Serial Title: Sege u ity papers series., Quantitative applications ln the s9cia1 sciences no. 0>-os9 Author: Wolf F M publisher: Sage publications, Beverly Hills, 19a6. Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: HA 2.Q9 N. 60 Title: LINEAR PROGRAMMING, AN INTRODUCTION. Serial Title: Sage university papers seriee., Quantitative applica[lons in the social sciences no. 07-060 Authoa': Feiring B R Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, 1986. Published Year: 1986 Catalog Numbe[: HA 29 Q9 N. 61 Title: MULTIPLE COMPARISONS. Serial Title: Quantitative applications in the social sclences 61 Authoi: Nlockars A .1 2nd Aut or Etl.: S x G Publisher: Sage, Beverly Hills, Calif., 19E6. Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: HA 29 Q9 No. 62 Tit3e: INFORMATION THHORY STRUCTURAL MODELS FOR QUALITATIVE DATA. Serial Title: Quan[itative applications in the social sciences 62 Author: Krippendo[ff N Publisher: Sage, Beverly Nills, Calif., 1986. Pvbliahetl Year: 3986 Catalog Number: HA 2.Q9 No. 63 Title: SURVEY QUESTIONS, HANDCRAFTING THE STANDARDI2ED QUESTIONNAIRE. Serial Title: Se u sity papere s , Quantitative apagplications in the sOCalrsciences 10. 0>-063 Author: Converae S M 2nd Aut or Ed.: Preeser 5 Publisher: Sage, Beverly Hills, Ca1if., 196. Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: HA 2 .R45 Title: ANALYSIS OF NOMINAL DATA. Serial Title: A sage u rsity paper series, quantitative applicationein the s0c.ia1 sevenc , 09o. O>-00'/ Author: Reyn0lds H T Publisher: Sage Publicationo, 9everly Ni115, Calif.l9>"! PuDli6hed Year: 19]] Page 61
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Catslog Number: HA 30.3 .087 Title: TIME SERIESANALYSIS REGRESSION TECHNIQUES. Seriai Title: A Sage university paper, Quantitative applications in the social sciences no. 07-009 Author: Ostram c . Publisher: Sage Publcations, Beverly Hills, Calif.19Y8 Published Year: 1978 CatalOg Nusber: HA 3 S28 1984 Title: SAS/£TS USER'S GUIDE VERSION 5 EDITION. Publlsher: SAS Institute, Cary, N.C., 1984. Publlahed Year: 1984 Catalog Number: NA 31 .E9 1959 Title: METH0D5 OF CORRELATION ANALYSIS METNODS OF CORRELATION AND REGRESSION ANALYSIS LINEAR AND CURVILINEAR. Author: Exekiel M lnd Aut or Ed.: FOx K A Pubiiaher: wiley, New York, 1959 Publiahed Year: 1959 Catslog Number: HA 31 .SJ45 1 Title: HANDBOOK OF GRAPHIC PRESENTATION. Authoi: Schmid C 2nd Aut or Ed.: Schmid S Publisher: Niley, New Yoik, 19>9 Publlshed Yeai: 19"/9 Catalog Number: HA ]1.2 .B3"! TS[le: OUTLSERS I STATISTICAL DATA. Betial Title: Niley series in probability and mathematical atatistics Author: Barnett V D ]nd Aut or Ed.: Lewis T Publiaher: Wiley, Chicheater; New York, 1978 Published Year: 19J8 Catalog Number: HA 31.3 .A33 1982 Tit1e: INTERPRETING A G REGRESSION. Serial Title: Sage university papers. Quantitative applications n the s ial scrences no. O'1-029 Author: Achen C Ho Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, Calif., 1982. Published xeai: 1982 Page 63
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Catalog Number: HA 31.3 .84"/ Sitle: PLE REGRESSION IN PRACTICE. Serial Title: Sage u sity papers s v , Quantitative applications in the socvalsclences no. 0]-050 Authoi: Berry W U 3nd Aut ar Ed.: Feldman S Publlaher: Sage Publications, Bevecly Hills, Calif., 1985 Publlshad Year: 1985 Catalog Number: HA J1.3 .B4"/ 1985 Title: MOLTIPLE REGRESSION IN PRACTICE. Serial Title: Sage u rsity papers s v , Quantitative applications in the socialsclences no. 0~-050 Author: Berry W D 1nd Aut or Ed.: Feldman S Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, Calif., 1985 PubllsheL Year: 1985 Catalog Number: HA J1.) .C63 198J Title: APPLIED MULTIPLE REGRESSION / CORRELATION ANALYSIS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES MULTIPLE REGRESSION/CORRELATION ANALYSIB FOR THE BEHAVIORAG SCIENCES. AutROr: Coben .I 2nd Aut or Ed.: Cohen P Publisher: L. Erlbaum Associates, Hilisdale, N.J., 1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: HA ]1.J .L53 1983 Title: MEASURES OF ASSOCIATION. Se[ial Title: Bage u sity papers s , Quaniitative applications vn the socvalvscvences no. 0]-032 Authox': Liebetrau A Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hils, 1983. Published Yeae: 1983 Cetalog Number: H Title: STOCHASTIC4PARAMETER REGRESSION MODELS. Serial Title: Sage u ity papers s v , Quantitative applications in the socvalscvences no. 0'/-051 Author: Newbold P 2n9 Aut or Ed.: Bos T Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, Calif., 1985. Published Year: 1995 Catalog Number: HA 31.3 .P4 1 Title: MOLTIPLE REGR£SSION IN BEHAVIORAL RESEARCH EXPLANATION AND PREDICTION. Author: Pedhazur E .I PubllsRer: No1t, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 3982 Published Year: 1982 Page 64
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Catalog Number: NA 31.3 .E37 1986 Title: UNO£RSTANDING REGRESSION ANALYSIS, AN INTRODUCTORY GUIDE. Serial Title: Sage u rsity papers s , Quantitative applicatione in the Sociahsciences no. 0]-OS] Author: Schroeder L D 2nd Aut or Ed.: Sjoguist D L; Stephan P E Publisher: Sage Publicaiions, Eeverly Hills, 1966. PuDliahed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: HA J2 .HBE 1 Tlt1e: SPSS POCKET GUIDE RELEASE 9. Author: Null C H 2nd Aut or Ed.: Nie N H Publiaher: SPSS Inc.Chicago, IL., 1981 PuDlished Year: 1981 Catalag Number: HA 32 .K55 19]5 Title: SPSS PRIMER STATISTZCAL PACRAGE FOR TNE SOC2AL SCIENC£S PRIMER. Author: Nlecka W R 2nd Aut a Ed.: N N H; Hu11 C H Publisherr McGraw-Hill 6ook Co.New York, 19]5 Published Year: 19]5 Catalog Number: MA 32 .S18 Tltle: SPSS STATISTICAL PACKAGE POR THE SOCIAL SCIENCES. AuthNie N H 2nd Aut ot Ed.: e : Hull C H Publisher: MeGrtv-Hill, New York, 39]0 Published Yeat: 1970 Catalog Number: HA 32 SIB I Title: SPSSUPDATENEW PROCEDURES AND FACILITIES FOR RE LEASES ] AND B. 2nd Aut or Ed.: ll C H: Nie N H: Beadle V Publisher: McGraw-Hill Dook Co, New York, 19]9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: HA 32 1981 SIB Title: SPSSUPUATE]-9 NEW PROCEDURES AND FACILITIES FOR RELEASES ]- 9 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hu11 C N; N1e N H Publisher: McGraw-Nill, Nev Yoik. 1981 Pubiished Year: 1983 Catalog Number: HA 32 Suppi. vo1. Title: SPS5STATISTICAL ALGORITHMS. Auihor: usis M 3 M ' Publieher: SPSS, Inc.ChicagoS19]9 Pub115hed Year. 19]9 Paqe 65
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Catalog Numher: HA ]3 .K>8 Title: MULTIDIMENS30NAL SCALING. Serial Titie: A sage ...... ity paper series, quantitative applications in the social sciences, series nO. 0l-011 . Author: Kruskal T H 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Iiish M Publishet: Sage Publicatione, Beverly Hills, Calif.l9'!8 Published Year: 19~8 Catalog Numbet: HA ]J .L35 Title: ECOLOGICAL INFERENCE. Serial Title: A Sage university paper, Quantitative applications in the social scienees, no. 07-010 Author: Langbein L I 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lichtman A.I Publishez: Eage Publicatl0ns, Deverly Hills, Calif.i9]e Publlshed Year: 19'/8 Catalog Number: HA 33 Title: DATAQUALITY CONTROL AND EDITING. 1a1 Title: Statistics, textbooks and monographe v. Author: Naus J I Publisher: Dekker, New Yark, 1915 Published Year: 1975 10 Catalcg Number: HA 3 R Title: Author: Publi6her: APPLIEDFACTOR ANALYSIS. Rummel R Northwestern University Press, EVaneton, 19')0 Published Year: 1970 Catalog Number: HA 33 .R85 19')0 Title: Author: Publiaher: APPLIED FACTOR ANALYSIS. Rummel R 1 Northwestern UnlVersity Press, Evanston, 39~0 Published Year: 1970 Catalog Nusber: NA 33 .545 Title: STATISTICAL METHOD FAOM THE VIEWPOINT OF QUALSTY CONTROL. Author: 2nd Aut oT Ed.: Publisher: Yublianed Year: Shevhart W A Deming W E The Graduate Agriculture, 1939 School, The Department of Washington, 1939. Paqe 67
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Catalog Number: HA 37 U6 M3 1 Title: A GUIDE TO FEBERAL DATA SOURCES ON MANUFACTURING. Publishei: The Depaztment, for sale by the Supt. o[ Docs., U.S. Govt. Priat. Off., Washington, 19)"! Published Year: 39)3 Catalog Number: HA 40 I 6PC 194) Title: AN INTR00UC2ION TO ZNDUSTRIAL STATISTICS AND QUALITY CONTROL. Author: Peach P Publisher: Cdwards 6 Broughton Co Raleigh, NC, 1947 Publist:ed Year: 194] Catalog Numbei: HA 42 Ra 1983 T1tle: SOCIAL TRENDS N 13. Ramprakash D; Da1yM PublisheU Year: 3999 Catalog Number: NA 38 .A] 1963 Tit1e: TABLES FOR STATISTSCIANS. Serial Title: College outline series Author: Arkin H 3nd Aut o[ Ed.: Colton R R Publisher: Barnes 1 Noble, New York, 1963 Publlshed Year: 1553 Catalog NumEer: H6 1121 .A45 Title: INTERNATIONAL MORTAL[TY STATISTICS. Author: Alde[scn M R Publiaher: Fects an File Inc., Nev YOrk, NY, 1981 Publiehed Year: 1981 Catalog Number: HE 3323 .64 Title: SOCIAL AND ECONOM.IC FACTORS AFFECTING MORTALITY. Se[ial Title: onfluence veys of iesearch in the social Authcr: Benjamen,B, .5 Publisher: M9uton, The Hague, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Numbe[: HB 1121 . 4 3965 Title: SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC FACTORS AFfECTZNG MORTALITY. Serial Title: COnfluence surveys of tesearch .n the soclal v,5 Author: Eenjamin B Publisher: The Hague, Pa[is, Mouton & Co., 1965 Publiahed Year: 1965 Page 68
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T962 aeaA PeUeTi4nd 96t •Xzox naN :a6ptzqwaJ 'ssazd h3Tazancu6 a6pTzqwaJ .zaUSTTqnd W f uewyyo0 .zo43nY 5 'IYIJOS H03 NOIZJNOOYZNI 3AISN3H3YdWOJ YZSISAZYNY S3IN353WIS :aT3TZ L9J L OL YN :3eqmnN 6oieleJ BL6T :-ax paVSTTqnd 0L6t'?TteJ 'stTTN .ti.anag .... i>eOTtqnd a6e9 zaysTiqnd Z O eTO}yY :'p3 z0 yny pu2 N Y SpTTM .~OVynY ZIO-L0 ou z uatas tetoes a Tdde }ue nT}e3Tnb 'zadedy.tytsxaATuneaoT 6eS Y :aT3TS IeTZaS 3JNYSNYAOJ 30 SISAIYNY :aT3T•L ZISM' 62 YH :zaqwnN boteyeJ OLbt aeaA paysTiqnd OL6T 'YW '6uTPeaN'ouI "OJ buT4sTT4nd RaTSaM u sTPPY .-4sTTq03 M f .(aNny zo43nY SIS.S'IVNY YZYO AHOZYtlO'IdX3 :aT3Ty OLbi b8Z' 6Z VH :.aqmnN 6oteleJ LL6t :zeax paVSTT4od tCSi'sseW •6uipeay '•oJ •qnd RatsaM-uosippY .zaysSt4nd f 3aNny •aoqlnY spoqlam anT;e;T;uen6 aa , s TezeTneVaQu saM-uescppY :at1FZ teTsaS 'SI 5 3at SA']YNYaYYYO xHOSYtlO'Id%3 :atyTZ CBGZ' 62 YH :~aqmnN 6oteyeJ 6L62 :Qeah PUSTTqnd sG62'dSTeJ 'sTTTH xtzanae 's oTyeaTTqnd a6ss 114 sTTqnd S uempTad :'p3 so 1nY pu2 'I t u nTTTnS :so43nY St0-CO ua s Texaos a41 v OTyeaTTdde ,yeytyuenb' aaded ,tyTSZanTUn a6ea V :atyiy TeTZaS NOISJ[IOOUyNI NY SNOYtlJIONI 3'SdIZ'INH :aS1TZ SZBS' 62 YH aaqmnN 6ote}e> Ta6i :.eax paqeTTqad T96T 'sIT?H F-na9 ..... 'uoxyeaTTqnd a6e5 zaqsTTQnd 3 3 e11e6zo8!M S yPa3suz4O9 :'P3 s0 ynY pu2 '03nSSI SN3NUOJ ZN3W3NaSV3W 'I :aT3T,y 8C9S' 62JYN aaqwnN 6oTe1eJ
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Catavo9 Number: HA 32 . Tit1e: SPSS X INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS GUIDE AuUROr: Norusis M J Publishe[: Chicago, IL., BPSB Inc., 19J Publiehed Year: 198] Catalog Number: NA 32 .S64 1984 Title: SPSS X BASICS Publisher: Nev Yo[k, McGraw-Hill, Chicago, IL., SPSB Inc., 1984 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: HA 32 .S6'/) 1966 T1tle: BPSS X USER'S GUIOE Publisher: Chicago, I., SPSS Ine., 1986 Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: HA ] .H2'/ Title: ANALYSIS OF 4UALITATIVE DATA. Author: Haberman S J Publisher: AcaEemic Press, New YOrk, 19>e Published Year: 1978 Catalog Number: HA ] Title: FACTOR ANALYSIS STATISTSCAL METNODS AND PRACTICAL ISSUES. Serial Title: A Saqe u sity paper s , quantitative applications in the Socialrsciences, ser. no. Oi-o14 . Author: Kim J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Mueller C Publisber: Sage Publications, Beve[ly Nills, Cali£.19]6 Published Year: 19]e Catalog Number: HA 13 .K55 Title: RODUCTION TO FACTOR ANALYSIS WHAT IT IS AND HOW TO DO IT FACTOA ANALYSIS, WHAT IT IS AND HOW TO D IT. Serial Title: A Sage u rsity paper series, quantitative applicationsin Che soclal scvenc , er. no. 0>-013 . Autho[: Kim J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Muelie[ C Publisher: Sage Publications, Bevelly Hills, Calit.l9"/B Published Year: 19'8
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Catalag Number: H 321 .E74 1 Title: MORTALITY PATTERNS IN NATIONAL POPULATIONS WITN SPECIAL REFCRENCE TO RECOROED CAUSES OF DEATH. Serial Title: Studies in population serles AutM1ar: Preston S Publisher: ACademic Press, Nev York, 1976 Published Year: 19>s Catalog Number: HB 1323 .P8 G9 Title: SOCIATION O OCCUPATION AND INDUSTRY WZTH MORTALITY IN RNODE ISLAND 196819>2. Serial Title: Technical repoit no. 2], Health planning and development Author: Gute D M Publisher: Rhode Isiand Department of Health, Providence, 981 Published Year: 1961 Catalog Number: HB 1323 .55 R Title: THH CHANGING SEX DIFFERENTIAL IN MORTALITY. Sarial Title: Studies in population and urban demog[aphy n0. 1 AuthOr: Retherford R D Publisher: Greenwood P[ess, Westport, Conn.19"J5 Published Year: 19'!5 Catalog Number: HB 1335 .A18 n 16 Title: MORTALITY TRENDS FOR LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH, UNITED STATES 1950-69; A STVDY OF THE TRENDS DURING 1950-69 FOR THE 15 LEADING CAUS£5 OF O WHICN ACCOUNTED FOR 89 PERCENT oF THE 1,921,99~TH DEATHS OCCURRING ZN THE UNITED STATES IN 3 Serial Title: Data from the national vital Btatistics systes. Series 20, n 6(DHEW publicatioA no. (HRA) T4-1853 ONEWpublication, no. (HRA) ]4-185J Author: N1ebCa A J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Maurer J D: G1ass E J Publieher: National Center for Health 5 istics; (for sale by the Supt. of DOCS., U.S. Govt. Print. OEf.~AOCkville~ Md., 3924 Published Year: 19]4 Catalog Number: HB 1335 .%48 Title: DIFFERENTIAL MORTALZTY IN THE UNITED STATES A STUOY ZN SOCSOECONOMIC EPIDEMIOLOGY. Serial Title: Vital and health statistlcs monographs Author: Kitagawa E M 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hauser P M Publisher: Harva[d University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 19"]3 Published Year: 19'/3 Page 69
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Catalog Number: HB 1335 .K54 1971 Title: LEADING CDMPON£NTS OF UPTURN IN MORTALITY FOR MEN UNITED STATES 1952-6]. Setial Title: National Center fot Health Statistics. Vital and health statistics. Series 20, Data ftum the National Vital Statistics System 11. 11 DHEW publication (HSM) no. >2-3008 Author: Klebba A T Publisher: Rockville, MD., U.S. National Center for Health S<atistics, 1921 Publiahed Year: 1971 Catalog Number: HB 139 .B33 1989 Title: A FIRST COURSE IN ECONOMETRIC THEORY. Authot: Bacon R W Publisher: Oxford, Clarendon Press; (New York, Oxford University Press), Published Year: 1989 Catalag Number: HB 141 .D3)5 1 Title: CONVENIENT SPECIFICATION TESTS FOR LOGIT AND PROBIT M E Serial Tit1e: Discussionpaper, / 514 Author: Davidson R 2nd Aut or Ed.: Mac Kinnon S Pu b li blisher: Institute for s h e r : G E 3c Resea rch, Quaen's Univetsity, Kinqston Ont., Canada, 1981 Publiehed Year: 1983 Catalog Number: HB 1413 .F68 1982 Title: IANGITUDINAL STUDY SOCIO DEMOGRAPHIC MORTALITY DIFFERENTIALS A FIRST REPORT ON MORTALITY IN 19]1-19]S ACCORDING TO 1971 CENSUS CHARACTERISTICS BASED ON DATA COLLECT£D IN THE OPCS LONOITUDZNAL STUDY. Setial Title: Series LS n Author: Foa A J; Goldblatt P Publisher: London, Het Majesty8 Stationery Office, 1981 Published Year: i995 Catalog Number: HB 1965 .T3 Title: MIGRATION IN THE UNITED STATES AN ANALYSIS OF REGIDENCE HISTORIES. Serial Title: Public health n nograph n. 77 Public Health Service publication na. 15]5. Author: Taeuber K E 2nd Aut or Ed.: Chiaxze L; Haensxel W Publisher: U.S Dept.3 of Health, Education, and Wel£are, Heeith S Mental Nea lth Administration: for saleebythe and Supt. Of Docs., U.S. Gavt. Print. Off., (Washington, 1968) Published Year: 1968 Page 70
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Catalog Numbe[: HB 199 .W595 1953 Title: INTRDDVCTION TO ENGINEERING ECONOMY. Authoz: Woods B M) De G E Publishe[: Macmillan New Yo[k, 3953 Published Yea[: 1953 Catalaq Numbe[: HB 2595 S . 3 1937 Title: DICTIONARYOF OCCUPATIONAL TITLES. PubllsheY: The Administeation, fo[ sale by the EuptI of Docs., 0.8. Govt. P[int. Off., (Washington)19T) Published Year: 1977 Catalog Numbe[: HD 3]20 .F67 19T1 Title: FORECASTS FROM THE JAPANESE DELPHI WITH COMPARABLE FORECASTS DRAWN FROM THE LITERATURE OF THE WEST. Publishe[: The Futures Group Glastonbuzy, CT 1971 Published Yea[: 19>1 Catalcg Numbe[: HB 3)30 .A)6 Title: LONGRANGE FORECASTING FROM CRYSTAL BALL TO PUT£R. AuthO[: Aimst[onq J S Publlshe[: Wiley, New Yo[k, 19YB Publlshed Yea[: 19>8 CatalOg Nusber: HB 3]30 .A]e Title: FORECASTZNG AN APPRAISAL FOR POLICY MANERS AND ANNERS. Autho[: Asche[ W Publ3sher: Johas Hopkins Univeesity Pre ' Baltinoxe, 1978 Publisbed Yeai: 19]S CatalOg Numbex: HE 3]JO .N37 1983 Tltle: INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION IN ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, DECISIONS FOR AMERICA. Publishe[: National Academy P[e , ashington, DC, 1983 Published Yea[: 19E3 Catalog Numbe[: NB 3230 . 6 1976 T1tle: PROJECTIONS ECONOMIC ACTIVITY ZN NORTH CAROLINA SEAIES E POPULATION. PubliBhe[: U S Depa[tseat of Comme[Ce National Techaical e Washington 19~6 Published Year: 19>61c Page 71
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Catalog Number: NB ] , B Titie: AN OLIGOPOLYMODELWITH INPLICIT COLLUSION ON PRICE AND COMPETITSON BY ADVERTISING. Authar: SChnabel M Publisher: University Microfilm5 Znternational, Ann Arbor, MI., 1968 Publiehed Year: 1968 Catalog Number: HB 601 .Ri] Title: CONSUMER BEHAVIOR THEORY AND APPLICATIONS. Authoz: Redman B J Publisher: AVI Pub. C, estport, Conn.19]9 Published Year: 19'!9 CatalOg Number: HB 905 K6 Titie: CONSUMER BEHAVIOR OF ZNDIVIDUAL FAMILIES OVER TWO 5 THREE YEARS STUDIES. Serial Title: University Of Hichigan., Survey Research Centel, Monogeaph, n . 36 Author: NOSObud R F e 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Ho[qan J N Publisher: Survey Research Center, Institute foz Social Research, University of Michigan, (Ann Arbor)1964 Published Yeaz: 1964 Cataleg Numbez: HB 849.4 .R58 1984 Title: INTRODUCTION TO APPLIED DEMOGRAPNY DATA SODRCES AND ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES. Sezial Titie: Sage versity papers s , Quantitative applicaunitione in the socialisciences no. 0]-039 Author: Rives N 2nd Aut or Ed.: Serow W.T Publisher: Sage Publications, Deverly Hills, Ca1iY., 1984. Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: HB 851 .H66 M]] 1 Title: MATHEMATICAL THEORIES OF POPVLATIONS, DEMOGRAPHICS GENETICS AND EPIDEMICS Serial Title: Regi0nal conference serles in applied mathematic5 Author: Hoppensteadt F Publisher: Philadelphia, P ety foz Industrial and Applied MathematicsSOC19]5 Published Year: 19]5 Catalog Number: HB 935 .535 3 Title: ESITY LEANNESS AND PREGNANCY OUTCOME. Serial Title: Missouri Center for Health Statistics no. 10.5 Autho[: Schramm N F Publisher: u i Center for Nealth Etatistics, Jefferson CSty,M , 1981 Published Year: 1981 Page 72
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CatalOg Number: NC 1 9]9 1988 Title: ORLp ECONOMIC OUTLOOR REVISED PROJECTZONS DY THE TAFF OF THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND Serial Title: Werld Economic and Pinancial Surveya Publisher: Washington, DC., The Eund, 1988 Published Year: 1988 CatT~ alo g Number: HC 10 .W)9'/9 198 Apr. Title: WORLD ECONOMIC0UTLOON, A SURVEY BY THE STAFF OF THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND Eerial Title: Orld EconomiC and Financial S veys Publisher: Washington, D, The fund, 1988 Publiehed Year: 3989 catalog Number: HC i A3 1111 Title: HAND600KOF CYCLSCAL SNDICATORS A SUPPLEMENT TO USINE55 CONDZTIONS DIGEST BUSINESS CONDITIONS DIG£ST. Publishe[: . DeptG of COmmerce, 6ureau of EcOnomic Analysis, for sale by the Supt. Of D ents, U. S. GoVt. Print. Off., Washington, D.CC19J"! Published Year: 19]] Catalog Number: HC 101.C66 .R4 1989 No. 928 Title: IS ANTITRUST DEAD? Serial TStle: ReSearcR Report/COnference BOard no. 928 AuGho[: Bock B Publisher: New YOrk, NY., Conference Baard, 1989 Published Yea[: 1989 Catalog Number: HC 102 .08 Tit1e: MSLLION DOLLAR DIRECTORY NEW YORK. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Nuaber: H I .I51a Title: THEMEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY OF THE INFORMATION INDUSTRY A SOCIATION. Publisher: InformationIndustry Assoclation., Bethesda, Md., Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: HC 102.5 .Ai E55 Title: MEET JULIUS ABERNETHY TRADER AND PHZLANTHROPIST. Author: 9lythe L 2nd Aut O[ Ed.: Abernethy J Publisher: W. Lo£tin, Charlotte, 1970 Published Year: 19>0 Page JJ
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Catalug NuObez: Title: HC 110.A4 .E25 1980 THE RANO C PORATION AEPORT, E OMIC IMPLICATIONS OF REGULATING CHLOROFLUOROCARBON ENISSIONS F M NON - PROPELLANT APPLICATIONS. Publisher: E. I. Du PontOe Nemour5 & Co., InC., The Ftean Producte Div.' Wilmington, DE, 1980 Publiahed Year: 1980 Catalog Number: HC 110.A4 .E353 1 Title: ECONOMZC ZMPLICATIONS OF REGULATING NONAEROSOL CHLOAOFLUOROCARBON EMISSIONS AN EXECUTIVE BRIEFING. lnd Aut or Ed.: PubllsheY: Palmee A R Rand, Santa Moni, CA., 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: Title: HC 110.A4 .E26 1960 ONOMIC IMPLICATIONS OF REGULATING CHLORO£LUOROCAREON EMISSIONS FROM NONAEROSOL APPLICATIONS. Ser1a1 Title: Ran9 Corporation Publication Series Author: Palmer A R; Moox W E; Quinn T H; Wolf R A PublisheY: Rand Santa Monica California 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: Tit1e: Author: HC 1 W6 TN£ ECONOMICS OF AIR POLLUTION (PAPERS). Wolozin H Publisher: W. W. Nort on, New York, 1966 Publiahed Year: 1966 Catalog Number: NC 110.C6 .A55 M42 1965 Title: Authoi: MEASURES OF CONSUHER INNOVATIVE BEHAVIOR Andrus R R Publisher: Publlshetl Year: Arbor, 1965 MI., Univer5lty Microfilms Inc., 1965 Catalog Number: HC 1 0.E5 . E Title: ENVIRONMENTALQUALITYTENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Publisher: ashington, OC., Govt. Print. Office, 1979 Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbee: H I .52 190 6R6 Title: HIGH?TECHGROWTH OPPORTIINITIES A SPECIAL REPORT ICANT NEw OEVELOPMENTS AVAILABLE FOR LICENSE 2nd Aut ot Ed.: O vidaen R L Publisher: Englewood, NJ., Technical Insights, 1986 Published Year: 1986 Page 77
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Catalog Numbee: HC 110.T4 .J65 19 TitSTATE TECHNOLOGYPROGRAMS IN THE UNITED STATES. Publisher: St. Pau1, MN., Office of SCrenve and Technology, 1988 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: HC 110.U5 E5 19'/] Title: ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY BTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COUNCIL ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY. Publisher: ashington, D, U.S. Govt. Printing Office, 19]] Published Year: 1999 [alog Numbet: H O.U5 - 1 Title: ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY 9TH ANNUAL REPORT DEC 1978. Publiaher: ashington, D, ovetnment Printing Offlce, 1978 Published Year: 19>e Catalog Number: HC 1 .PB P596 Title: PUERTO RICO OFFICIAL INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY. Publisher: The W tcom GrouP, rn , an Ju n, Published Year: 1999 1 talog Number: H .B'/ 1989 Title: NIGHTLINE ABC TV NETWORH - BRAZIL. Publishe[: Video M ing Servicee of America, Inc., New York, NYn1C1989 Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: HC 29999 Title: TEST Published Year: 1990 Catalog Number: HC 59 .S>3J 1995 Title: STATE OF THE WORLD 1985 A WORLDWATCN INSTI2UTE REPORT ON PROGRESS TOWARD A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY. 2nd Aut ot Ed.: H vn L R; Wolf E C Starke L Publisher: . Norton, New York, 1985. Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: HC 59 .S733 1986 Title: STATE OF THE WORLD 1986 A F10RLDWATCH INSTITUTE REPORT ON PROGRESS TOWARD A SUSTAZNABLE SOCIETY. 2nd Aut o Ed.: 5- L R; Wolf E C Starke L Publisherz orton, New York, 1986. Published Year: 1996 Page 78
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Page 77: ggs04d00
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Page 78: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: HC 30) . 2 E323 THE ATLANTIC EcONONY AND COLONIAL MARYLAND'S Author: EASTERN SHORE FROM TOBACCO TO GRAIN. Clemens P G Publisher: Cornell UniversitY Press, Zthaca, N.Y.1960 Published Year: 1980 C2talog Number: HC 10"/ N5 N45 Title: Publisher: .IERSEY STATE INDUSTRIAL DIR£CTORY. New Jersey State industrial directory York (etc.) New Published Year: 1999 Catalag Number: Title: HC 10> .N NEH YORI(STATE INUUSTRIAL DIRECTORY. Publieher: Published Year: (State Induet York, 199s rial Directories Carp., etc.) , New Catalog Number: NC 30) .P4 P4 '/ Title: Publisher: PENNSYLVANIA neylvania ST E INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY. State industrial directory., Nev ork, Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: Title: HC i .5'/ AI6J INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY OF SOUTH CAROLINA. Publisher: Published Year: State Devclopment 8oard., Columbia, S.C., 1999 Catalog Nuaber: HC 1D"/ V8 153 Title: INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY OF VIRGINIA. Publisher: Virginia State CNamber of Commerc, Richmond, Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: HC 10"I .V8 153 1981 Title: VIRGINZA INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY. Publisher: irginia State Cbamber of Commerce, Richmond, 1981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: HC 110 C6 A'/3 TStie: THE CONV£NI£NCEORIENTED CONSUMER. Serial Title: Studies i keting, no. 14 Author: Andersoe w T ar keting,Publisher: Bu[eau of Business Research, University of Tezas t Austin, (AUStio), 19Y1 Published Year: 19] 1 Page 11
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Page 80: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: NC "l9.E5 .S16 P45 1991 Title: PHILIP MORRIS A REPORT ON THE COMPANY'S ENVIRONMENTAL POLICIES AND PRACTICES Publisher: New York, NY., COUncil on EcOnONic Priorities, 1991 Published Year: 1991 Catalog Number: HC 19.R4 .I56 1979 Tltle: INNOVATION AND RESEARCH IN THE UNITED STATES. Serial Title: Science Symposium Series Publieher: eshington, DC., Amerlcan Chemicai SoC>ety, 1979 Published Year: 1979 Catalog Numbex: HO 1 .A3B 1983 Title: AGRICDLTURALSPOSTNARV£ST TECHNOLOGY AND MARKETING ECONOMICS RESEARCH , A TECHNICAL MEMORANUUM. Serial Title: Technical rt anda Publishex: ongress ofethe U Office of Technology Assessment Washington, DC, 1983 Published Year. 1983 Catalog Number: HO 1415 .F5b Title: CULTURAL ADJUSTMENT IN DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lamartine Y P Publisher: (diatributed by UNIP , ew York), Ro , 9'/2 Published Year: 19"/2 Catalog Number: HD 1415 .Fb Title: AGRZCULTURAL CONMODITIES PROJECTIONS FOR 19'/5 AND 1985 ROME,196>. Serial Title: COP 6'//3, rev. Publiahed Year: 1967 Catalog Number: HD 1421 .F585 Title: PRODUCTION YEARBOOK ANNUAIRE DE LA PRODUCTION ANUARIO DE PRODUCCION ROME. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: HD 1421 .F595 Vols. 30,31 Title: FAO PRODUCTION YEARBOON ANHUAIRE FAO DE LA PRODUCTION A UARIO FAO DE PRODCCCION. Serial Title: FAO statistics s Publisher: Food and AgriculturesOrganixation ot the United Nations., Rome, Publiehed Year: 1999 Page el
Page 81: ggs04d00
Cdtalog Numbei: HD 1694 .N8 N6 n 109 Title: GINING APPROACN F OGEANMING LEASTCOST WASTETREATMENT AIANG A RIVER. Serial Title: Report - r Resources Research Institute If the Univeesity of North Carolina no. 109 Author: Airan L D 2nd Aut or Ed.: Seagraves 1 A; Airan D S Publisher: Water R u e h I If the UniversityOPNOrthrc Carulinac3(Raleigh)19)5 Published Year: 19>5 Catalog Number: HD 369< N8 N6 n. 119 Tille: THE TROFHIC SA ORTH CAROLINA LAR£S. Serial Title: Report - WaterResources Research InStitute If the University If North Carolina nO. 319 Author: Weiss C M 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: % nzler E J Publishe[: Water Resou[ce5 Research Institute If the sity of NOrth Carolina, (Raleigh)1976 Published Year. 1_ talog Number: ND 1 6 19]6 n 123 Title: THE DISTRISUTION OF TO%IC METALS IN MARINE ECOSYSTEMS AS A SULT OF SEWAGE DISPOSAL AND NATURAL PROCESSESE Serial Title: Report - Water Resources Research Institute If the University If North Carolina no. 123. Author: Whaling P J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Earber R T; Pau1 J C Publisher: Water Resources Research institute If the ersity 0, Noeth Carolina, Raleigh, NC., 1976 Published Yeat: 19)6 Catalog Number: HO 1t51 .A4] Title: AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS. Publisher: Dept. of Agriculture, for sale by the Supt. If DOCS., U.S. COVt. Print. Off., Washington, D.C. Published Yeat: 1999 Catalog Numbet: ND 1151 A5 1- n. 293 Title: SUGAR S C A RELATED DATA COMPILED IN THE ADMINISTRATIONOFTNE U.S. SUGAR ACTS. Serial Title: United States Department Of Agriculture Statistical Eulletin n . 293 Publieher: WaShington, D . Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation , Sugar Division, 1974 Publlshed Year: 1m Page 52
Page 82: ggs04d00
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Page 83: ggs04d00
Catalag Number: Title: HD 21 .A6 n ]2 ANIZING THE R6D FUNCTION. Serial Title: Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: ANA 1111111h study 72 stanleA O White K K American Managemant Association, 965 Publlshed Year: 1965 Catalog Number: HD 2 n 74 title: OBJECTrvESAND STANDARDS AN APPROACH TO PLANNING Serial Title: Authnr: AND CONTROL. ANA r ... h atudy 74 h Mil3erEC rc Publishez: Published Yeae: American Management Association, (New Yozk)1966 1966 Catalog Numbe[: HO 2 Title: PACKAGING RESEARCH AN INVENTORY. Se[ial Title: AMA [es h study no. 37 Autbor: Lar5en5aA rc Publishez: vcan Management Association, New York, 1959 Published Year: 1959 Catalog Numbe[: Title: 6e[Sal Tltle: Autho[: Publisher: Published Year. Catalog Numbez: Title: ial Title: Authar: HD 2 n EVALUATINGSF.LECTZNG AND CONTROLLING R 6 D OJECTB. AMA r [ch study 89 Dean DaV American Management Association, New Yozk)3968 1968 HD 211 N8 P6 NORTH CAROLINA LANDS OWNERSHIP USE AND MANAGEMENT OF FOREST AND RELATED LANDS. Land o rship seraes Pomerayn% B 2nd Aut or Ed.: PuClisher: Yoho J G American Forestry A ;(distributetl to the t[ade by the Livingston Pub. Co., Narberth, Publishetl Year: Pa.), 1964 WasHington, 3964 Page B>
Page 84: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbe[: HD 3>61 .C1 Title: INDUSTRY ASSESSMENT OF USDA POST HARVEST TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH FINAL REPORT. Author: cairns R W 2d Aut or Ed.: Aicker H S blisher: Industrial Reeea[ch Institute R rch Corporation, St. Louis, MO.: 19~gea Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Number: HD 1761 .U1"! 1988 Title: U.S. AGRICULTURE IN A GLOHAL SETTING AN AGENDA FOR THE FUTURE 2nd Aut or Ed.: Tutwile[ M A Publisher: Waehington, DC., National Center foi Food and Agricultural Policy, Aesources fo[ <he Future, 1988 Publlshed Yea[: 39R8 Catalog Number: HD 1773 A5 N , . 24 Title: COMPETITION INFOOD MARKETING PAPERS PRESENTED AT A CONFERENCE HELD IN RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA UNDER THE SPONSORSHIP OFTNEACRICULTURAL POL INSTITUTE, SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE ANDLIFE SCIENCES, NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY, RALEIGH. Se[ial Titie: (API se 24) 2nd Aut or Ed.: HammondrLeH Publishe[: Ag[icultural Po11cy Institute, N rth Carolina Stete University, (Raleigh, 196>0 Published Yea[: 1961 Catalag Numbe[: HD 1))3 AS N . 29 Title: TOEACCO MECHANIZATION AND MARNETING PROCEEDINGS OF A TWO DAY CONFERENCE. Se[ial Tltle: A.P.I. seriee 2 Publisher: Agrtcultural Policy Institute, North CarOlina State University, Raietgh, 1968 Published Year: 1968 Catalog Number: HD 19 .N4 Title: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MANAGEMENT. Serial Title: REINHOLD MANAGEMENT REFERENCE SERIES Publieher: Reinhold Publishing Corp.New YOrk, 1963 Publiahed Yea[: 1963 Catalog Numbe[: HD 191"/ .U6> 1973 Title: AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS OF EASTERN EUROPE AND THE OVIET UNION 1950->0. Serial Title: ERS-foreign ]C9 Publisbed Yea[: 19)I Page Sa
Page 85: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: NO 20 .D38 Title: OPERATIONS R£SEARCH IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PROCEEDINGS OF A CONFERENCE AT CASE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. AutROx: Dean B V Publisher: Wiley, NeW York, 1963 Published Year: 1963 Catalog Number: HD 20 .H56 E4 Title: EPFECTIV£ RESEARCH 6 DEVELOPMENT FOR THE SMALLER COMPANY. Authot: Henke R W Publishex: Gulf Pub. Co., Houston, Tex., 1961 PublisRed Yeat: 196] Catalog Number: NO 2 .R564 Title: TH£ DYNAMICS OF RESEARCH AN EVELOPMENT. Bexial Titie: Exeeutive policy and leatlecship secles Authox: Robexts E B Publishec: Hatper 6 Row, NeW York, 196< Published Year: 3964 Cdtalog Number: HD 20.3 .855 Title: UTILIZING R 6 D BYPRODUCTS. Authox: Blood J W 2hd Aut ox Etl.: Bales P Publisher: eiican Management Association, New Yock, 196"/ Published Year: 1961 Catalo9 Number: HO 20.3 .R465 Title: RESEARCH AND INNOVATION IN THE MODERN CORPORATION. 2nd Aut Or Ed.: M nsfieltl E; Rapoport J, ScRnee J, Wagner 5, Hamburger M Publishex: Norton, New York, 19'!2 Published Yeat: 19)2 Catalog Numbex: HD 20.3 .R6 Title: RESEARCN AND OEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT THE ECONOMICS AND ADMINISTRATION OF T OLOGY. Eer181 Title: ACC administration sexies Author: Roman D Publishex: AppletonDCentuxy-Crofts, New York, 1968 Pub3isRed Yeac: 1968 Catalog Number: NO 20.3 .U9 196) Title: UNCERTAINTY IN RESEARCH, MANAGEMENT, AND NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hainer R M; Kingsbury S Gieicher D B Publishex: Reinhold Publishing Co[p.NeW York, 196] PubllsRed Year: 196) Page 85
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CLtalog Number: HO 20.1 V6 39 Title: ECTIONPERIODIC REVIEW AND POST APPRAISAL E OFRESEARCH AND DS'VELOPMENT PROJECTS IN AMERICAN INDUSTRY. Author: rsteg J V Publisher: Univereity Microfilms, Inc., Ann A[bo[, M2, 196] Published Year: 1967 Catalog Number: H CE5 Title: TODAY'S INPORMATION FOR TOMOAROw'S PRODUCTS AN OPERATIONS RESEARCH APPROACH. Author: ChackO G K Publisher: ThOmpson Dook C, ashington, 1966 Published Yeer: 1966 ialog Numbe[: HD 2 .F] Title: OPERATIONS ECONOMY INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH. Serial Title: AutNOr: Prentice-Hali international serlea in management Fab[ycky W J 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Publisber: Torgersen P E Prentice-Ha11, Englewood CliffS, N.J., 1966 Publiehed Year: 1966 CatalOg Number: HD 20.5 .N]9 Title: Author: MANAGEMENT THROUGH SYSTEMS AND PROCEDURES THE TOTAL SYSTEMS CONCEPT. Rclly w Publishe[: Published Year: wiley-nterscience, New York, 1969 1969 CatalOg Number: HD 20.5 .M5 Title: EXECUTIVE DECISIONS A PERATIONS RESEARCH. Se[ial Title: Author: Prentice-Ha11 international series in management Miller U w 3nd Aut Ot' Ed.: Publisher: Starr M N Prentice-Hall, Englewood CliffS, N.J., 1960 Published Year: 3960 Catalog Number: HD 20]2 .N36 Title: LONG TERM PROJECTIONS OF DEMAND FOR AND SUPPLY OF SELECTED AG CULTURAL COMMODITIES 196061 TO Published Year: 19]5"/6 NEW DE'LHI, 1962 3962. Page 06
Page 87: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HD 1751 A5 n Title: B S CE INDUSTRY TYPE QUANTITY AND VALUE OFFOODSUSED Seiial Title: ted States ., Dept. of Agriculture ., Statistical bulletin, no. 4]6 Author: Van D M Publisher: Marketing Economics Division, EconomiC Research Service, U.S. Dept. Of Agricultu[e, fOr sale by the Sup[. Of Docs., U.S.GOVt. Pzint. Off., Washington, 1911 Published Year: 19Y1 Catalog Number: HD 1)51 AS n. 589 Title: THE U.S. TOBACCO INDUSTRY. Se[ial Title: Agricultuteal EConomiC Report no. 589 Authot: G[ise V N 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Griffin K F Publisher: ashington, DC., U.s. Dept. Of Agriculture, ECOnomic Research Service, for sale by Supt. Of Docs., U.S. G.P. , 1988 Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: HD 1751 .A918 no.18 Title: PLANTING THE SOUTHERN PIN£S. Serial Title: U.S., Dept. of Agriculture., Agriculture ograph 16 Author: Wakeley P C Publishe[: Forest 5V,4U.B. Dept. Of Ag[icultvre, Waehington1C 95 Published Yeaz: 1954 Catalog Number: HD 1751 . A 5 1979 Title: $ TRUCFUREISSUES OF AMEAICAN AGRICULTURE SETTING PARM PRODUCTION PUBLIC POLICIES MARKETING RURAL AMERICA THE EXPERIENCE OF OTHERS. ial Title: Ag[icultural e report 5 n 4J8 Publisher: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Eeonomics,Statistics and Cooperativea Service, Washington, 1979 Publiehed Year: 19>9 Catalog Numbe[: Title: HD 1753 NEJ 1 U 5 CENSUS OF AGRICULTURE 1959 FINAL REPORT. Publiehed Yea[: 1999 Catalog Numbe[: HD 1- .A6226 195J Title: AGRICULTURE 2000 A 3AOK AT THE FUTURE A STUDY. Publisher: Publiahed Year: Battelle Press, 1983 Columbus, 1983. Page B3
Page 88: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HD 2)95 .W18 Title: THE FEOERAL TRADE COMMISSION. Serial Title: aeger library of U.S. Goveenment departments and ageDCies, no.228 thor: Wagner S blisher: Praeger, Nex York, 1971 Publiehed Year: 19T1 Catalog Number: HB 2J96.R5] .B9] 1990 Title: BARBARIANS AT THE GATE, FALL OF RJR NABISCO Author: Burraugh e 2nd Aut or Ed.: Helyar J Publlsher: New York, NY., Harper 6 Row, 1990 Published Year: 1990 Catalog Numbe[: HD 29"!1 .L4"/ Title: THE SCANLON PLAN A FRONTIER IN LABOR MANAGEMENT COOPERATION. ial Ti<le: TecM1nology Press books in the social sclences Author: Lesieur F 2nd Aut or Ed.: Scanlon J N Publisher: Technology Press of Massachusetts Instltute of Technology, (Cambridge), 1958 Published Year: 1958 Catalog Number: HO 30.2 .E94 1988 Title: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR ORGANISATIONAL SYSTEMS, CONCEPTS FOR INCREASEO COMPETITIVENESS, PROC2EBINGS OF THE FIRST EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR ORGANISATIONAL SYSTENS-EURINFO ' THENS GREECE 16-30 MA EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION TECNNOLOGYFOR I ORGANISATIONAL 5 E H GREECE) 1988. Serial Title: Publication n. EUR11aeeOfSthe c ssion of European C rate1General the t Telecommunications~3Informa<ionlndustries and Innovation 2nd Aut cr Ed.: Bullingec N-J Publisher: Ams[eedam; Yew York, N rth-HOlland; New York, N.Y., U.S.A., Elsevier 8cience Pub. Co. (distributor), Published Year: 1988 Catalog Numbee: HO 30.2 . 5 1985 Title: THE R OF THE EXPERT COMPANY, HOW VISZONARY COMPANIES ARE USING COMPUTERS TO MA%E HDGE PROFITS. Author: Feigenbaum E A 2nd Aut or Ed.: McCOrduck P: N i P Publisher: New York, N.Y.1 Random Nouse, Published Year: 1986 Page 90
Page 89: ggs04d00
Catalog NumbeT: HD 30.3 .B9 22 1988 Title: ! THE LIGHTNING OF EMPOWERMENT, H IMPROVE PRODUCTZVITY, QUALITY AND EMPLOYE£ SATISFACTION Authar: Byham W C 2nd Aut o Etl.: C x J PublisherT Pittsburgh (Pa.), DevelOpment Dimensions InternaCional Pre , 1989, 1988. Published YeaT: 1989 Cataloq Number: HD 3 .C4 198'0.3 / Title: THE CLASSIC TOUCH LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP FROM HOMER TO H MINGWAY. Author: Clemens J 2nd Aut oT Ed.: Mayer D F PublisheT: Dow Jones-Ixwin, Homewood, Z11., 198'! Published Yeax: Z98] Catalog Number: HD 30.3 .D36 Title: COMMUNICATING FOR PRODUCTIVITY. Serial Title: Continuing Management Education Series AuthoT: D•Aprix R Publisher: arper & Row, Publishers Nev York, 1982 Published Yeax: 1982 Catalog Numbex: HD 30.]4 . 6 1986 Title: THE BL'SINESSOF NONBROADCAST TELEVISION CORPORATE AND INSTITUTIONAL VIDEO BUDGETS FACILITIES AND APPLICATIONS. Seriai Title: Video bookshelf Authox: Stokes J T Publisher: Hnowledge Industry Publications, White Plains, NY, 968 Published Year: 3988 Catalog Number: HO 30.4 . Tit1e MAN A GING: AGING F R RESPONSIVE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. Author: Blake 8 P O Publishex: Freem , San Francisco, 19]6 Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Number: HO 30.4 .E44 Title: THE FINANCSAL SIDE OF INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH MANAGEMENT. AuthoT: Ellis L W Pub115her: John Wiley b Sons New York, 1984c Publiahed Year: 1984 Page 92
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Catalog Number: HD -5 .J>54 1966 Tit1e: THE CORPORATE DIAECTOR. Author: Juran J M 21 d Aut or Etl.: Louden J H Publisher: American Management Assoc., Inc., Nev Yorkc 1965 Published Year: 1966 Cetalog Number: HD 2>46.5 D> Title: AC4UISITION AN CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT A CONTEMPORARY PERSPECTIVE FOR THE MANAGER. Author: Bradley J w 2nd Aut or Ed.: Korn D H Pubiisher: Leuington Books, Lexington, Mass.1991 Published Year: 1981 Cataloy Numbee: HD 2>46.5 . 6 1988 Title: BUSINESS A UNUSUAL, THE HANDB00K FOR MANAGING AND SUPERVISING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE. Author: Pritchett P 2nd A r Ed.: Pound R Publisher: Dallas, Fritchett, 1988. Publisbed Year: 1988 Catalog Number: HD 2>46.5 .P61 198> Title: THE EMPLOYEE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS. Author: Pritchett P Publisher: Da11as, Tex., Pritchett and Associates, Znc., Publisbed Year: 398> Catalog Numbet: HD 2791 .Y68 Title: JOINT VENTURES PLANNING 6 ACTION. Author: Young G R 3nd Aut or Ed.: Bradford S PubliSher: Financial Executives Research Foundation, New York, 19» Published Year: 19» Catalog Number: HD 2>95 .F42 Title: THE FEDERAL TRADE COM4ISSION A FI£TIETN ANNIVERSARY SYMPOSIUM. Se[ial Tit1e: Symposia on law ana society 2nd Aut or Ed.: Handler M PubliBher: Da CapO Prees, New York, 19>1 1 Published Year: 19>1 Page 89
Page 91: ggs04d00
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Page 92: ggs04d00
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Page 93: ggs04d00
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Page 94: ggs04d00
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Page 95: ggs04d00
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Page 96: ggs04d00
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Page 97: ggs04d00
CatalOg Number: HD 3.L5] 1982 Bk. 2 Title: ACHIEVING SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCE H W TO USE THE STRATEGY OF FIVE RINGS H W TO MANAGE STRESS HOW TO DELEGATE THE INNER GAME OF WINNING NOW TO SET PRIORITZEB. Pubiiahed Yea[: 1982 Catelog Number: HD 3 93 Bk. 1 Title: OW TO SPEAKH O LISTEN TIME, YOUR GREATEST ASSET CREATING WEALTH TALKTNG WITH TE ONE MINUTE MANAGER SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATING HOW TOIMPROVE UA MEMORY. 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Adle[ M J; Asimov 1; Whyte A; Ailen R; Blanchezd K; JIN:nson 5 Capiielian E( BOrnstein A Publisher: Old Gxeenwich, CT., Listen fi n USA! ietributed by American Tnstituteof Economics and Technology, 1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Numbe[: H0 31 .LS'! 19 Bk. 3 Title: STOP WASTINGTIME H TO MOTZVATE PEOPLE TN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE THE MAGZC OF GETTING WHAT YOU NANT HOW TO FEEL GREAT 24 HOURS A DAY ACTION TOOLS FOR MANAGERS Serial Title: Listen 6 settes Authox: Mackenzie A Schwaxts D J; Merrill 0; Sheeban G, Pete[s T S; Townsend R 2nd Aut ot Ed.: Reid R H Publishei: Old Gieenwich, CT., Listen & Leain USA!, 1983 Published Year: 1991 CatalOg Numbet: HD 31 L5Y 1983 9k. 4 Title: EXECUTIVE 5 AND CON£IOFNCF. EE OF GREATNESS LEADERSHIP SN BUSINESSTHE 41INNER'S EOGE DENIS WATLEY ON THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WZNNING NOW TO GET ALOAN Serial Title: Lisben ana Learn c Publiahet: Old G icb, CT.,asListen & Lca[n USA! Disttibuted by Ame [ica0 Institute of Economics & TechnOlOgy, 1982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Numbet: HD 31 .L5"/ 1983 Bk. 5 Title: GET T JOB YOU WANT ASSERT YOURSELF WINNING OVERSITYNESS Serial Title: i 6 Learn c SSe Publisher: Oldc eenwich, CTListen & Learn 1/5A!, c 1983 Published Yea[: 1983 t Page 11
Page 98: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbe[: NO 30.4 .H4 1986 Tltle: CHIEVING E%CELLENCE. Author: Heckler L Publishe[: e[ Track Publicati0ns, Boulder, C, 398. Published Year: 1986 Catalog Numbei: HB 30.4 .H86 1982 Title: META-ANALYSIS COMOLATING RESEARCH FINOINGS ACROSS STODIES. Serial Title: Studyinq organizations, innovations in methodology 4 Author: Hunter T E 2nd Aut or Ed.: 5chmidt F L; Jackson G 9 Publishet: Sage, Beverly Hills (CaliP.), 1962. Publiahed Year: 1982 Catalog Number: H 30.4 M3 1985 Title: MANAGING INNOVATION FOR PROFIT. PubliBher: echnical Insights, Fort L, N.J., 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalag Numbet: Title: Avthor: Publisher: Published Year: HD 3 .N33 1983 PERSONAL SKILLS FOR THE MANAGER. Nadier L Honewood, IL., DOw Jones-Irwin~ 1983 1983 Catalog Number: HD 31 .A418 1983 Title: 2nd A d.: PublisherY E ANA MANAGEMENT HANOS00% A MANAGEMBNT HAND800N. MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK. Fallon W American Management Associations, New York, .Y., Published Year: 1983. 1903 Catelog Number: Title: HD ] .A44 n B PENETRATING TNEINTERNATIONAL MARKET EFFECTI VE OV£RSEAS DZSTRIBNTION. aal Title: AMA m nagement report, no.00084 Author: Stuart R D Publisher: American Management Aesociation, 1965 Publiahed Year: 1965 Catalog Number: HD 3 Title: ORGANSZATIONAL RELATIONS AND MANAGEMENT ACTION. ial Title: McGRAW-HILL SERIES IN MANAGEMENT Author: 6ergen G L; Haney w Publishe[: McGraw-Hill Eook CompanyNew Y9rk, 1966 Published Yea[: 1966 Page 93
Page 99: ggs04d00
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Page 100: ggs04d00
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Page 101: ggs04d00
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Page 102: ggs04d00
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Page 103: ggs04d00
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Page 104: ggs04d00
talog Number: H .F6] 1 6 Title: ubhor: INNOVATION THEATTACI(£A'S ADVANTAGE. Publishe[: mmit Booke, New York, 1986. Published Year: Catalog Number: Tltle: 1986 ND 45 GJ9 AGZNG INNOVATION. Se[ial Title: Wiley s l syst s d controls £or d financialmanagementem an Author: 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: e E A Tyler C Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1576 Published Year: 19'/6 Catalo9 Number: ED 45 HU 19)6 Title: Author: MAEING UNIONS UNNECESSARY. Nughes C L Fublisher: Executive Enteeprises Publications, New Yo[k, 19]6 Published Year: 1- Catalog Numbe[: HD 45 .I55 1986 Title: INNOVATIVE CORPORATZONS, A N W BREEO OF WINNERS PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF TNE P FORUM MONTREAL NG QUEBEC CANA A MAY , , , 4-), 1996I Publisher: Planning Forum, Oxford, OH, 3986. Publlsh¢d Year: 1996 Catalog Number: N 4 .I55. i Title: THEART AND SCIENCE OF INNOVATION HANAGEMENT, AN ERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE P EDSNGS Ot' THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PRODUCT INNOVATION MANAGEMEN'f I CX/ZGLS , AUSTRIA , GUST 26-28, 1995 INTERHATZONAL CONFERENCE ON OVATZON MANAGENENT, (4TN :,INNSBURG, AUSTAIA AND IGLS, AUSTRIA),1985 :. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hubner H Publisher: Elsevie[, Amsterdam~ New York, 1986 Published Year. 1986 Catalog Number: HD 45 .N335 1983 Title: HANGE MASTERS. Author: Nante[ R M Publishe[: Simon and Schustex, Inc.New York, 1983 Published Yeat: 3983 Page 10"/
Page 105: ggs04d00
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Page 106: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HO 38 .G]2 Title: BUSINESS INTELLIG£NCE AND ESPIONAGE. Author: e R M Publisher: DowSanes-I[win, Homew00d, I11., 1966 Published Year: 1966 Citalog Number: HD 38 .H148] 3981 Title: LSEYES AND BLUNDERG ETORIES OF SUCCESS 6 FAILURE. Authoi: rtley R F Publisher: Wlley, New York, 399T. Pubiished Yea[: 198~ Catalog Number: M HaeSo Title: GETTTNG R U H TTME MANAGEMENT ORGANIZING Author: YOUR SOB INMANAGEMENT. Heye1 C 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Heyel C Publisher: gement A tio e, Extension InstituteMa(naNew York)19YSia Publisbed Year: 19J5 Catalog Number: HD 38 .K44 1976 Title: Author: THE RATIONAL MAN SYSTEMATIC APPROACN TO PROBLEM SOLVINGANDRDECISIDN MAKING. Kepner C N; Tregoe E B Publisher: Kepner-Tregoe, Inc.Princeton, 19>6 Published Year: 1976 Catalog Numbex: Title: HO 3 .K67 MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT IN CHANGING TIMES. Author: Publisher: Korman A K Organizational BehaVior institute, 1977 Published Yea[: 19» Catalog Number: HD 18 .L5] 1980 Title: ASSERTIVENESS TRAINZNG FOR MANAGERS AUDIO Serial Title: CASSETTE LEARNING PROGRAM. Dible M ... t Development Seminaxs gmeo Autho[: Lloyd SR Publisher: Published Year: Faixfield, CA., Dible Management Development 80 Catalog NuMber: HD 38 .L59 Title: MAKING I PPEN THE UNIT PRESIDENT CONCEPT. Autho[: Louden J Publishex: America0 Management Associati,(New YorR)1971 Published Year: 19>1 Page 102
Page 107: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: HD 4965.5 U5 R4 1 Title: REPORT ON 1985 NATIONAL SURVEY OF COMPENSATSON PAID 8 ISTS AND ENGINEERS ENGAGED IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES Publisher: Columbus, O, Battelle COlumbus Laboratories, 1985 Published Year. 1985 Catalog Number: HD 4965.5 U6 B34 1983 Title: RBCTORSHIP P SCES COMPENGATION 1983 A R£SEARCH REPORT FROM THE CONFERENCE BOARD. ial Title: Conference BOard report no. 843 Author: n J PuDlisper: Theod, New York, N.Y., 198] PuDlished Yeae: 1983 0B ar Catalog Numbei: HD 4965.5 .U6 F68 Sitle: TOP EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION A RESEARCH REPORT FROM THE C RENCE DOARD. ial Title: CONFERENCE BOARD REPORT N0. 840, 854, E"/5 854 Author: £ox H Publisher: The 8oard, New York, N.Y., 1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: HO 50 .S>3 1 Title: THE ART AND SKILL OF DELEGATION. Aut]for: Steinmetz L L Publisbes: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.ReadiOg, MA, 1976 Published Year: 19]6 Catalog Number: HD 5124 .F69 Tit1e: a DAYB 4 HOURS AND OTHER FORMS OF THE REARRANGED WORKWEEl(. ial Title: The Mentor executive library 2nd Aut or Ed.: POOx R Pubilsher: Nev American Library, New York, 19]3 Published Year: 1973 Catalog Number: HD 52 . 9]1 Title: THE C TAL BUDGETING DECISION ECONOMIC ANALY525 AND F CNG OF ZNV£STMENT PROJECTS. Author: BiermanAH znd A r Ea.: smidt s Publisher: Macmillan, New York, 19~1 Published Year: 19]1 Page 110
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Calalog Number: HD 52 .E5 1915 Title: PITAL BUDGETING D ION £CONOMIC ANALYSIS AND FINANCING OF INVESTMENT PROJECTS. Authoz: a H ]nd Aut or Ed.: SsidtS Publisher: Macmillan, New York, 1'!S Published Year: 1975 Catalog Number: NO 52.5 977 Title: HOW T0CONDUCT A SUFPLZER SURVEY. Serial Title: How to s Publishei: ricneSOCiety for Quality Control' Milwaukee' Wisl9"/>. Published Year: 19)) Catalog Numbee: HO 5] . 1988 Title: INNOVATZON, A CROSS-DISCIPLINARY PEASPECTIVE. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Grnhaug R; Naufmann G Publisher: New York, Oxford Un.tiversity Piess, 1988 PublisheC Year. 1988 Catalog Number: HD 5415.15 .H4 1982 Title: NEW PRODUCTS HOW TO CREATE RESEARCH DEVELOP AND MARK£T THEM SUCCESSFULLY. Authoi: Heimbold N; Betts J Publisher: oint Publishing Co.POint Pleaoant, NJ, 1982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Numbee: Titie: HO 5 ,1 ZMPROVINGTOT98 AL PRODUCTIVITY MBO STRATEGI£S FOR BUSINESS GOVERNMENT AND NOTFORPROFIT ORGANIZATZONS. li P Author: Publiehe[: Ma Wi1ey, Nev York, 19>8 Publiahed Year: 19~8 Catalog Number: HD 57.7 .D46 1985 Title: Auther: d LEADERS, THE STRA Hennis W G 6 TEGIES FOR TAKING CHARGE .: 2nd Aut or E Publisher: x us NewYOrk, Ha[pe[ 6 Row~ 1985 Published Yea[: 1995 Catalog Number: ND 57.7 .C)6 1986 TStle: Authoi: RONNING THINGS THE AAT OF MARING THINGS HAPPEN. C[osby P B Publiaher: Published Year: McGraw-Hill, NeW York, 1966 1986 Page 11i
Page 109: ggs04d00
[alog Number: H Title: INITZATZVEAND MANAGERIAL POWER. 2 Author: Valentine R F Publisher: AMACOM, (Nec.~ York), 1973 Published Year: 19)3 Catalog Numbei: HO 38 .V28 Title: MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTZVES. Seiial Title: 11 management guide Author: Va~ney ne c Publisher: Darinell Corp., Chicago, 1971 Published Yeai: 19]1 Catalog Numbei: HD 38 Pu 196"! Title: AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATTON OF LIQUIDITY PROFITA9ILITY A D RISX AMONG SEL£CTED MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES. Authoi: Puckett H I. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: ND J b 1 Title: HEY EVENTS IN EXECUTIVES LIVES. Serial Title: Techni<al Report no. 32 AuthOr: Lindsey E N 2nd Aut o Etl.: M Ca11 M W: Homes V Publisherr Gieensboio, NC., Center for Creative Leadership, Published Year: 1967 Catalog Numbe[: HD 39.2 .M393 1988 Title: THE LESSONS OF EXPERIENCE, NOW SUCCESSFUL EXECUTIVES CEVELOP ON THE JOB. Author: McCa11 M W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lombardo M M: Moteison A M Publisher: Lezington, MA., Lexingtan Beoks, 3988 Published Yeai: 1988 Catalog Numbei: HD 38.2 .5493 1986 Title: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Authoi: Shinn G Publisher: Gregg Division/MCCraw-Hi11, New York, 1986. Publishetl Year: 1986 Cataloq Number: HD 38.2.E96 .L84 1988 Title: THE OYNAMICS OF MAAG T D£RAILMENI'. Serial Title: 'fechOicai report n 34MEN Author: Lotr.baido M M auley C D 2nd Aut or Ed.: TeChnical reportCn . 34 Publishec: Greensboro, N, enter foi CreatlVe Leadership, 3988 PubllsheL Year: 1988 Page 394
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Catalog Numbei: NO 4.56 1986 Title: HOw T THE COMPETITION. Author: Smith IACALYZE Publiaher: American Management Associa[ion New York, N, 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: HD 4 Title: DEVELOPING INDUSTRY STRATEGIES A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO InDU TR S Y A S Publisher: Michael M. EaiserASSOCiates, Inc.Ailington Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: HD 441) .A48 Title: Publisher: TNG cOST OF CLEAN WATER. sale by the Supt. of Do nt, U.S. Govt. Publlshed Year. PrinE 1968 Off.), (Washington,1968 Catalog Number: Title: Author: Publlshet: HD 4- NET RA Eeyer J Robert ES OF AETURN ON R. Nathan Assoc ZNNOVATSONS. , ashington, 9'!8 Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Numbei: NO 4" .E"/98J 1988 Title: 6erial Title: STFALGIC MANAG£MENT OF TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION. The Irwin series .in management and the behavioral Author: Buigelman R A 2nd Aut or Fd.: Maidique M A Publisher: i{omewoad, I11., 3980 Published Year: 198&, Catalog Number: NO 4 .Bl98Jx Title: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF TECNNOLOGY AND INNOVATION. Berial Title: The lrwin seraes in management and the behavioral Authoi: Buiqelman R A 2nd Aut or Ed.: M dique M A Publisher: Irwi::, Homewood, I11., 1988. Published Year: 3982 Catalog Numbet: HD 45 3989 Title: INTEGRATING I ON AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT. Berial Title: wiley s 5 engineerinq and technology ente Niley s ies in engineering & technclogy m nagement Author: Edaso^van S Publisher: Ne, Yark, wiley, 1989. Published Year. 19s> Page 306
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Catalog Number: 1 S ] L42 1988 Title: THELEADERSHIP FACTOR Author: Xotter T P Publisher: NeW York, Free Press, 1988 Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: HD 57.7 .M58 1985 Title: A M Y OF ISSDES 6 ODSERVATIONH g d Aut or Ed.: DrathCWLH N blisher: naboro, NC., Center for Creative Leatlership, Publiehed Year. 1985 1995 Catalog Number: HD 5Y.) .W33 1991 Title: A th THE POWER OF TOTAL COMAITMENT, W F A LEADER'S LEGACY u or: Publieher: agner Lake Osvego, OR, Praxis Press, 1991. Published Year: 1991 Catalog Numbez: Title: HD SJ.) . THE POWERWOF TOTAL9COMMITMENT, A LEADERS LEGACY 2thor: blishez: Wagner F Lake OsvegO, OR., Praxis Pre , 1991 Published Year: 1991 Catalog Number: HD 5)3"/ .H68 1963 Title: Serial Title: MOEILITY TAELES. Sage u ity Papers. Quantitative applications n theneocial sclences no. 0'!-OJ1 Author: Publisher: Hout M Sage Publications, Heverly Hills, 1983. Published Yeai: 1953 Catalog Number: HD 58 W4 Title: Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publlsher: PLANT RELOCATION A CASE HISTORY OF A MOVE. Whitman E S Schmidt W T American Management Association, New York, 966 Published Year. 19s5 Catalog Numbe[: HD 58.5 .M39 1964 Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: NATRIX MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS HAND800X. Cleland D I Publieher: Van Nostrand Reinhold CO., New York, 1984 Published Year: 1984 Page 112
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Catalog Numbei: HO 58.6 .N434 1985 Title: GOTIATING T NIQUES HOW TO WORK TOWARD A CONSTRUCTIVE AGREEMENT. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Gudez A PubllsheY: Economics Piess, FairLield, N.J., 1985. Published Yeai: 1985 Catalaq Numbei: ND Se.J .EY95 3989 Title: THE ORGANIZATION OF HYPOCRISY, TALK DECI.9IONS AND ACTIONS IN ORGANIZATIONS. Autbor: n N Publlsbei: Chichestei, England; New YDrk, Wiley, 1989. Published Yeai: 1989 Catalog Number: HD .DJ5 3996 Title: NOVATIONB, STRATEGIES FOR CAREER MANAGEMENT. AuthoY: Dalton G 2nd A r Ed.: Thompson P Publishez: Scott, Foresman, Glenview, Iil., 1586. Published Yeaz: 1986 Catalog Number: HO 5 .E36 1978 Title: EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT AND THE BENAVIORAL SCIENCES NVERSATIONS FROM O ANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS ORGANI2ATIONALDYNAMICS. 2nd Aut oz Ed.: OGwling W F PuElishei: Amacom, Nev York, 19>e Published Year: 19]e Catalog Number: HD 58.> .H4"/ 1977 Title: MANAGEMENT OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR vTIL32ING HUMAN R OURC£S. utfior: sey P 2nd Aut oY Ed.: elanchard E x Publishei: entice-Hall' Englevood Cliff, N.J.197"1 Published Year: 1977 talog Number: H ] A4 1985 Title: ORGANIZATIONAL EEHAVIOR THEORY AND PRACTICE. uthoY: Altman S 2nd Aut or Ed.: Valenzi E; Nodgetts R M Publisher: cademic Pre , Inc.Orlando~ FL.1995 Publiehed Year: 1985 Catalog Numbez: H 8.8 .M28 1986 Title: MASTERING CHANGE. Author: Maitel L Publishez: n and Schuster, New Yoik, 1986. Published Year: 1986 Page 113
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Catalog Numbe[: Title: HD 58.8 .S44 H43 1992 HIDDEN ASSETS VIDEORECORDING, EMPOWERING Publiahe[: AMERICA'E WORKERS rthbroak, i11., COtonet/MTI Film 6 videa, PubliBhed Year: (399-?) 1992 Catalog Number: Title: NO 58.8 .TSl 1986 THE TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER. Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Tichy N M Devanna M A Wiley, New York, 1986. Publiehed Yea[: 1986 CatalOg Numbe[: Title: HD 6054.3 C3) 1985 THE PROMOTABLE WOMAN HECOMING A SUCCESSFUL A th MANAGER. C - u o[: Publiehe[: ar[ RUffino N Nadaworth Publiehing Co.Aelmont, CA.1985 Published Year: 1995 talog Number: Title: NO 6 ACCEPTABLE RIS%. 2nd Aut or Ed.: F achhoff B; Lichtenatein 5, Slovic P; Derby S L, Publishei: 1(eeney R L ambridge Un1ve[sity Prees, Cambridge; New York, 1981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: NO 61 .R5684 198? itle: RISK A MANAGEMENT. Se[ial Title: AdvancesESn ra~sk analy8is v. 5 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publishet: Lave L B Plenum P[e , ew Yoik, 198>. Pubiished Yea[. 196] Catalog Numbe[: HD 61 .5625 1984 Title: E I ISK ASSESSMENT RISK MANAGEMENT ANDDECISIONMAK Serial Title: Advances i ei8k analysis v. 4 2nd Aut or Ed.: Pub118he[: Covello V T Ya[k, Plenum Pie85, 19B? Publiahed Year: 198> Catalog Number: NO 62.15 .D43 1992 Title: Autho[: TNE NEW ECONOMICS VIDEORECORDING Dedlug W E Publiaher: Published Year: 1992. 1992 Page 114
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Catalog Number: HD 62.15 .J33 156 1991 Ti<le: IMPLEMENTING TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT, AN OVERVIEW Autho[: Jablonski J R Publlsher: iego, Pfeiffe[, 1991. Published Year: 1991 Catalog Number: ND 62.15 .J64 T43 19 Title: JIM JOHNSON SP ECH -TEAMWOR% BUSZNESS OVERVIEW ENTZONS - AT6T EMPOWERED MANAGER Author: Johnson J Publisher: Winston-Salem, NC., R.J. ReynOlds TObacco Co., 1992 Published Year: 1992 Catalog Number: H .R56 C66 1992 Title: CONTZNUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND MEASUREMENT FOR TOTAL QVALITY, A TEAM-BASED APPROACH Author: Xinlaw D C Publisher: San Diego, Pfeiffer 6 ; Homewood, 511., Dusiness One Irvin, C1992. Published Yea[: 1992 CatalOg Numbe[: HD 62.15 P4J G'/ 1991 Title: YS QUALITY OBSESSIOx Author: PetersT Publisher: Chapel Hi.11, N, Public 8roadcast Station, 1991 Published Year: 1991 CatalOg Number: ND 62.15 .S'!4 C6) 39 Title: THE CORPORATE GUIDET0 THE MALCOLM BALDRIGE NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD : R EGIES FOR DUILDING QUALITY INTO YOURORGANIZATION Serial Title: Malcolm Baldridge Nat>Onal Quality Award Series Autho[: Steeples M Publisher: Milwaukee, N , ASQC Quality Press; Homevood, I11., Business One I[vin, 1992. Pubiished Year: 1992 Catalog Number: HD 62.35 .T54 R49 1992 Titie: R J REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY TOP SEMZNARS WITH ARRY TIGLERY (VIDEO) Author: Tille[y H Publisher: Winston-Salem, NC., R.J. Reynolde TObacco Co., Published Year: 1992 11 Page 115
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Catalo9 Number ND 69 . 3 6 Title: LONG - RANGENEWPRODUCT PLANNING IN BUSINESS A AL NoDEL. Author: Haas R M Publisher: West Virginia Unaversity Library Morgantown, 1965 Published Yeae: 1965 Catalog Numhex: ED 69 .N4 .L4] 1966 Title: Author: Publisher: HOW TO LAUNCN A NEW PRODUCT. Leduc R Crosby Lockwood 6 Son Ltd.LOndon, 1966 Publisi:eG Year. 1966 Catalog Number: ED 6 N .N45 1986 Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: THE NEWPRODUCTB HANOBOOK. Wizenberg L Dow .loses-Irwin, Homevood, I11., 1986. Published Vear: 1986 Catalog Numbe[: HD 69 N4 .E58 1969 Title: NEW PRODUCTS, A VE STUDY OFETHEAEVALUATION OF PRODUCT 1NNOVATIONS Author: Root N P Publisher: University Micrafilms Ann Arbor, M1, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Numbe[: RD 69 .NC .5636 1987 Title: AGING NEW PRODUCT INNOVATIONB. Avthor: Souder W 8 Publisher: ington Books, Lexington, Mass., 1987. Published Year: 198J Cataloq Number: ED 69 .N4 CJ 1973 Title: CREATING AND MARRETING NEW PRODUCTS VIEWPOINTS OF 1.EADING AUTHORITIES. 2nd Aut or Etl.: Wills G: Nayhurst R; Midgley D Publisher: Crosby Lockwood Staples, London, 19J) Publisbed Year: 1973 Catalog Numbe[: ED 69 .N4 E2 Title: NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. Serial Title: Marketing for executives serles, no. 1] Author: Eastlack T 0 Publisher: Ameiican Marketing Association, (Chicago)1968 Published Year: 1968 Page 118
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Catalog Number: HO 69 .N4 H5 Title: oF NEW PRODUCT UEVELOPNENT NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. Author: Hiiton P Publisher: tice-Ha11, Englewood Cliffs, N.T., 1961 Publishetl Year: 1963en Catalog Numbez: HD 69 .N4 P Title: NEW PRODUCT DECISIONS AN ANALYTICAL APPROACH. Serial Title: Pexspectives ia maiketing seeies Authoi: Yessemisr E A Publisher: v-Hill, New York, 1966 Published Year: 1966 a Catalog Number: H 69 . 4 T3 Title: THE PROFITABLE PRODUCT ITS PLANNING LAUNCHING AND ENT. Autho[: Talley W J Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Englevood Cliffs, N. J., 1965 Published Year: 1965 talog Number: H Title: NEW6 U4 PRODUCT PROGRAMS TH£IR PLANNZNG AND CONTROL. Autbor: n D H Publisher: an Management Association, (New York)1969 Published Year: 1969ic Catalog Number: Title: HD 69 .N4W33 1969 N G O NING A PRACTICAL GLIDE FoR DIVERSIFICATION. PLAN I N Author: Publishez: Watton H D Prentice-Ha11 Englewood Cliffs, N, 1969 PublisheU Year: 1969 Catalog Number: H 6 M28 198] Title: 2nd Aut oi Ed.: MAKING POLLUTION PREVENTION PAY ECOLOGY WITH ECONOMY AB POLICY. Nuisingh D; £ailey V PubllsTer: Pe[gamon Press, New York, 1992 Pubiished Yea[: 1982 Catalog Numbe[: HD 69 .P] .M48 3968 Title: Author: Pubilshei: PERT AND ie M Dept of ITS M the ASSOCIATED MANAGEMENT SCIENCES. Aimy, Plans Programs and Administrative Office, Edgewood Azsenal, Maryland, Published Year. 1968 Page 119
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Catalog Number: HD 6.HI 19)6 itle: AGEMENT CONTROL. Author: Ha11 T P Publisher: Georqia State University Atlanta, GA.1926 Published Year: 19>6 Catalog Number: HO 69 .I5 Title: BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM REPORTS VARIOUS SUBJECTS : STANFORD RESEARCH ZNTERNATIONAL. Publisher: StanforL Research International Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: H 6 .275 US Title: THERATE AND DIRECTION OF INVENTIVE ACTIVZTY ECONOMIC AN OCIAL FACTORS, A NFERENCE OF THE UNIVERSITIES NATIONAL BUREAU COP99ZTTEE FOR ECONOMIC RESEARCH ANO THE COMMITTEE ON ECONOMIC GRONTH OF TNE SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL. Serial Title: nal Bu of E e.omvC Researc , SPecial onferences , lI Publisher: Princeton University P[ese, Piincetan~ 1962 Published Year: 1962 Catalog Number: H 6 .'/ 5 U Title: THE RATE ANDSDIRECTION OF INVENTIVE ACTIVITY ECONOMIC AN OCIAL FACPORS A CO ERENCE OF THE UNIVERSITIESNATIONALBUREAUCO[qAZTTEE FOR ECONOMIC RESEARCH AN COMMITTEE ON E MIC GROWTN OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL Serial Title: National Bu of E c Research pubiications reprintNational Bureau Of Economic Research. Speclal COnference serles 13 Publisher: O Press, Nev York, 1975 Published Year. 19'l5 talog Number: HD 69 . T1tle: ASSERTIVENESSFOR CAREER AND PERSONAL SUCCESS I WORKBOOK, ASSERTIVENESS FOR CAREER AND PERSONAL Succss5. 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Moskowitz R A Publisbed Year: 1999 Catalog Number: HD 69 .N9 .G) 3 Title: NEW PRODUCT DEVELO?MEN'P WHAT REALLY WORKS. Author: t+ald G Wblisher: Crain BOOks, Crticago, I11., 1985 Published Year. 1985 Page 117
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Catalog Number: NO 69 Wi 19 Title: STRATEGIESFOR BUSINESS COMMUNICATORS A COPAfUNICATORS GUZDE TO GOAL SETTING PLANNING AND CREATING STRATEGIES. Author: Williams J Publisher: Communicated Illustrated Bartlesville, 1991 Publlshed Year: 1983 Catzlo9 Number: Title: HD 6 e 1980 BIZ %EROX LEARNING SYSTEMS VOL 1 NO 3. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbee: NO 69.C6 .S43 196) Title: Author: COMPLETE Shensan N GUIDE TO CONSULTING SUCCESS. L Publishei: Wilmington, DE., Enterprise Publishing C, 198> Publiahed Year: 198') Catalog Number: NO 6 3 Title: Authoi: MANAGING Souder W NEWPRODUCT E INNOVATIONS. Publiaher: Lexington Bao , Lexington, Mas , 1987. ?ubliahed Year: 19B'/ Catalog Number: NO 69- .E85 1964 Title: Serial Title: INTRODUCTION TO PERT. The A13Yn and B n Quant itative ethods foe Business and Econoslcs Author: Evarte N F Publlsh ou er: , , Allyn and Bac , 96C Published Year: Bi964 Cataloq Number: H 69- M6 1964 Title: PROJECT MANAGEMENT 41ITH CPM AND PERT. Autbor: MOder J J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Phillips C Publisher: York, Reinhoid Publishing Corp., 1964 Publiahed Year: 1964 Cetaiog Number: ND 69.P>5 .L69 M2 1990 Title: MANAGING PRO.IECTS WITN MICROSOFT PRO]ECT FOR WINDOWS Author: Lowery G Publiaher: SAW York, NY., Van Nost rand Reinhold, 1991 Published Year: 1990 Page 1l2
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086t :~eax pays?Tqnd 086T ~C s ettT?M ~oy}ny 'saoa.vJINR4woJ SS3NZSRH Hod Stl3UI :aT}TS oesT ?M 69 ON :~aqmnN 6oielaJ 666T :~eax pays?tqnd 'S3AISJ3CH0 HSIM O 9NISYNVW :aT}?d• 896Si ?M 69 OH :3aqmnN 6oie}eJ 696T :1eax paiaVSqsitQnd 696T'P'N 's;;?iJ poonaT6y3 tteH-ao?}uasd TTqnd H H Vo}}eM .soylnp NOISYJISISH3AIU N03 3UIR9 'INJISJYHd V DNINNV'td SJROOHdM3N :aT- 696T eM 69 OH .saqanN 6oteyeJ 666T :~eax paysiiqnd SJROOHd NO N3ZN3J NOISYWN03NI AJN3SN3W30ZVNOISbN :aT}TS ceST aN 59 OH ~aqwnN 6ote3eJ E86T :- pays?tqnd E86T '06e0tVJ v .} aodxoJ }uavOJ_ate6ai}V6?N -ayaTTqnd ~ zaKeH :'p3 zo }np put seT6no0 ~oV}nY 'SN3W39YNV6t 3WIZSM3N 3HZ :ai}?y E862 op s9 OH :~aqmnN 60Te}eJ 486T :zeax peVsTTqed 4e6T 'obeo?yJ vo?yezod1oJ }ueoOJ-aTe6v?}y6?N .zays?Tqod y hKSno3}nH zoy]ny W3SSFS ANOW3W 3S32dWOJ 3HS 5 JYd pNY S3WbN :aT}TS 3986T ng 69 ON :3aQmnN 6oie}eJ ZL6T aeax pays?Tqnd ZG6t 'vo;5v?yseM('330 '} •}no~ aop 'JO•}dns aVZ Fq aTes so;J ot}ez}s?v?mpy aaedS pve sa?}nevosay TeuO?}eN at;;0 o?;em.xo;uI tea?uyaaZ pv2 at3?]uaiaS aaVS?iqnd 2 N uemdeyJ :'p3 so }ny pu2 Y L uo}.(a8 soy}nY :at}?S.Te?za5 625i13~tlNVW OZN2 Stl33NZON3 ONtl SZSISN3IJ5 d0 NOISHWtl035NYHS. :ai}TS f8 4Z' 69 OH :aaqmnN 6oTe;eJ
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log Number: nD 62.15 . 9 Title: :TOTAL QUALITYNANAGEMENT VIDEORECORDING, MAGIC A HAND w VIEW FROM THE REAL wORLD. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Godfrey A B; Juran J M Publisher: Published Year: 1992 [a1o9 Number: H 2.16 .T65 9 1 Title: MANAGING FOR TNE23ST CENTURY Author: Publisher: Crosby P aehington, D, eorge Washio9ton University, Publiahed Year: 992 1992 Catalog Number: Title: .] B]9 19 HD 6490 G GRIEVANCEGUIDE. 72 Published Year: 19>2 Catalog Number: HD s 35 1 992 Title: Author: TEAMWORXIN SchOltes P R THE QUALITY ERA VIDEORECORDING Publisher: Published Year: 1992. 1992 Catalog Numbez: HD 66 .556 T 42 1992 Tit1e: Author: TEAM-BASED O TEAM EVIRONN Shonk 3 N NZAT10 , DEVELOPING A SUCCESSFNL ENT Publisher: Homewood, Iil., eusiness One Irwiu, 1992. Published Year: 1992 Catalog Number: n 69 .C35 19)] Title: TAKE THE ROAD TO CREATIVITY AND GET OFF YOUR DEAD Author: END. ampbell U Pubiisher: Publiahed Year: Niles, SL., 1977 Argus Communications, 19"I"1 Cstalog Numbei: NO 69 C6 itle: sRTS OF TNE CoNFERENCE HOARD. Published Year: 199 Catalog Number: NO 69 D4 .55 1984 Title: FUTURE FORCES AN A OCIATION EXECUTIVE'S GUIDE TO ADE OF CHAHGESAND CHOICE. Author: Snyder D P Publisher: Foundation of the American So,c iety of Association Executives, Washington, D.C.1984 Published Year: 1994 Page 116
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Catalog Number: Title: Authoz: ind Avt oz Ed.: HD 69 . AN INTRODUCI'ION TO PERTCPM. Bake[ E N Eris R L Pubiishez: R. D. Srwin(HOmevood, Z11.)1964 Publlshed Yeaz: Catalog Numbei: 1964 HD 6.P]5 .L69 M2 1990 Title: MICROSOFT PROJECT FOR WZNDOWS (COMPUTER PROGRAM); MANAGING PROJECTS WITH MICROSOFT PROJECT FOR WINDOWS Author: Publisher: LOwe[y G Nev York, N.Y., Van Nos[zand ReinhOld, 1991. Published Yeai: 1991 Catalog Numbez: HD 6 5 1983 Title: AN ASSESSMENT OF U S COMPETITIVENESS Y INDUSTRIES. IN HZGH Publishez: Published Yeaz. U. S. 198] Department o£ Commezce Washingt on, 198J CatalOg Number: HD 69 . J 1964 Title: Authoi: Publisher: CORPORATE Schachnet AUG Arbor, DIVERSIFICATION POLICIES DISSERTATIONS. L M2., U rsity Mictofilms Inte[national, 1964 Published Year. 1999 C3talog Numbez: HO 69 S6 D5 Title: OUR OWN ORGANIZATION A NAND9OO% FOR T EMPLOYED THE UNEMPLOYED AND THE SELFEMPLOYED ON START AND FINANCE ANEWHUSINESS. Authoz: Dible D M Publishe[: zepzeneu[ Piess, (Santa Ciaza, Calif.)19J1 Published Yea[: 1971 Catalog Numbez: ND 6 6 NJ8 Title: THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MANAGER IN THE SMALL BUSINESS TEXT READZNGS AND CASES. Authoz: Naumes W Publis0ez: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Reading, Mass.19]8 Published Yeaz: 19>6 Page 120
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Page 123: ggs04d00
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Catalog Number: ED 9 Title: TRADE YEARBOOK ANNUAIRE DO COMMERCE ANUARIO DE COMERCIO. iai Title: 1 975, FAO statistics s Publisher: FOOd and Agricultuie Organi2ation Of the United s. Aome, Published Year. 1999 CatalOg Number: ED 9000.5 A3 Title: AGAICULTURAL PRICES ANNUAL SUMMAAY 1981. Publisher: Crop Reporting Board, ECOndmics and Statistics Serce, U.S. Dept. OP Agriculture D CV , Washington, Published Yeai: 1.999 Catalog Number: ED 9000.5 .F528 1969 Title: ATE OF FOOD AND AGRI.CULTURE 1 WORLD REVIEW REVIEW BY REGIONS AGRICULTURAL MARKETING IMPROVEMENT PAOGRAMMES, SOME LESSONS F M ECENT E%P£RI£NCE MODEANZZATION OF INSTITUTIONSTO PROMOTE DEVELOPMENT Publisher: Rome, The Oiqanization, 1969 Published Yea1: 1969 Catalog Number: ED 9000.5 .F582 SJ2 1 Title: THE STATE OF FOOD AN GRICULTURE WORLD REVIEW AND OUTLOOK RAISING A ULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY IN VELOPING COUNTRIES THROUGH T CAL IMPROVEMENT IMPROVED STORAGE ANDHITS CONTRIBUTION TO WORLD FOOD SUPPLIES Publisher: , The oiganization, 969 Published Year: 1968 Catalog Numbei: ED 9000.5 .F592 S'!2 19>1 Title: TNE STATE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE 1971 WORLD REVIEW REVIEW BY REGIONS W POLLUTION AND ITS EFFECTS ON LZVING AQUATIC RESOURCES AND FISNERIES Publishei: Rome, TOe Organi2ation, 19"/1 Published Year: 1971 Catalog Number: ED 9 5 '2 19]2 Title: THE STATE OFF00DAND AGRICULTURE WORLD REVZEW REGIONS EDUCATION AND TRAINING FO DEVELOPMENT ACCELERATING AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH IN TAZES Publisher: Rome, The Organization, 1972 Published Year. 1972 Paqe 130
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Cataloq Numbex: ND 6983 . Q Title: EXPENDITUREPATTERNS O£ THE AMERICAN FAMILY. 2nd Aut O[ ea.: Linden F Publishea Year. 1965 taloq Number: H .GJ L Title: LIBRARY AN04INFORMATION SERVICES FOR MANAGEMENT RS PRESENPED AT SHORT COURSE HELD AT THE SCNOOL O IBRARIANSHIPANDINFORMATION W AT LIVERPOOL C LLEGE OF COMMERCE IN DECEMBER 196]. 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Eakewell R c Publisher: A[cho0 Eooks, (Hasden, Conn.)1968 Published Yea[: 1968 Catalog Number: HD ] US .P434 1952 Title: IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE, LESSONS FROM AMERICA'S BEST-RUN COMPANIES. AutRO[Pete[s T S 2nd Aut ot Ed.: WaGe[man R H Publlshe[: arpe[ S Row, New York, 1982. Publishea Yea[: 1982 talog Number: H U5 P4241 1985 Title: A PASSION FOR E%CELLENCE THE LEADERSHIP DIF£ERENCE. AutRO[: Pete[s T J zea A r Ea.: Aestie N Publisher: 0m House Nev YOrk, 1955 Published Year: 1985 Catslog Number: ND 70 8e Title: METHODS IMPROVEMENTS AND WORN CONTROLS. Author: Eeinstein M 5; Pa[[y 5 B Publishea Yea[: 1999 Catalog Number: HD )O.J3 .I54> 1986 Title: KAI2EN (KY'ZEN), TH8 KEY TO JAPAN'S COMPETITIVE SUCCE55. uthor: Imai M Publisher: Nev YOrk, Random House Business Division, 1986. Published Year: 1986 Catalog Numbe[: HD "l0.U5 .P41 1 Title: THE POWER OF EXCELLENCE VZDEORECORDING THE FORGOTTEN CUSTOMER Autho[: Peters T J Publisher: San Feancisc0, C, PHS, 1986 Published Yea[: 1986 Page 124
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Catalog Number: H 015 . 3 MJ5 Title: EUROP£AN FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY 1968. Authox: Mann S A PublishNoyes Development COrp., Paik Ridge, N. J., 1958 Published Year. 1968 Catalog Numbex: HD 9130.1 CS 1988 Title: E TAXATION. Publisher: INFOTAHT New York, 1988 Published Yeax: 3988 Catalog Numbel: ND 9130.1 .I50 1963 Title: T INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO TRA CONGRESS. Publishei: Salisbuiy, Rhodesia, Rhodes National Gallery, 1963 Published Year. 1999 Catalog Numbe[: HD 9330.1 . Title: TOBACCO CON PTION - DEMOGRAPHICS AND REMOVALS Publisher: Pxince[on,N , Tobacco Merchants Association of me u.s. me., lsso Published Yeax: 1-0 Catalog Numbez: HD 9130.1 .T61 1990 Title: PRODUCT STANDARDS Publishei: Princeton, N Tobacco Merchants Assoc[ation of the U.S. Inca~ 1990 Published Year: 1990 [alog Number: HD 9 T62 Title: TNE TAX BURDEN ON TOBACCO. Publishex: Tobacco Tax COUncil, Richmond, VA. Fublished Yeax: 19"!3 Catalo9 Number: HD 9330.5 AB Title: DIE W£LTTABAI(NIRTSCHAFT. Serial Title: ieler studien forschungsberichte des i tituts fur veltwirtschaft an der unlversatat kiel, 45 im v Author: Arn Pnblishea Yeai. 1sss Catalog Number: HD 9130.5 . 19>8 Title: TOBACCO LE TABAC. Authox: Collection M uche Publishe[: Toel Bodin, Paiis, France, 19]8 Published Year: 19)8 Page 131
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Catalog Number: HD 90D4 . Title: FOOD STANDARDS AND DEFINITIONS IN THE UNITED STATES A GOID£BOON. Author: Gunderson F L PuClisher: cademic P[ess, New York, 1963 Published Year: 1963 [alog Numbez: HD 9004 .S4 3985 Title: FOOD SPENDING IN AMERICAN HOUSEHOLUS 198-83. Serial Title: Statistical bulletin no. 731 Author: mallwood D 2nd Aut or Ed.: Blaylack J Publisher: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, EconomiC R rch Service, Foz sale by Supt. of Docs., UgSa G.P.O., Washington, D.C., 1965 Published Year: 1985 ta10g Number: H .B65 Title: PRODUCTIVITY IN THE FOOD INDUS'LRY PROBLEMS AND POTENTIAL. Autho[: Bloom G Publisher: MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 19"!2 Published Ysar: 19]2 Catalog Number: H C4J B45 1 Title: BENEFIT COST ANALYSIS OF LOW DOSE RADIATION a1 Title: Author: Publisher: SSED FOODS ( PUBLZC BENEFIT COST AN DISCOUNT£D NET CASH FLOW COMMERCZALIZATION NTZAL ANALYSES T T PRODUCTS FOR TECHNOLWY DEVEIAPMENTB'LEC WASN 1111 33 C1af1inA B U S G n ing OfIice Superintendent of DocumentsWashington D C 39s9 Published Yea[: 1969 Calog Numbe[: ND 9- . Titie: FOOD MAR%ETING. Autbor: Publisher: Dar[ah Ronald L B P[ees C O., ew Yo[k, 396) Published Yea[: 39fi"/ Catalog Number: HD 9005 .D43 Title: ECONOMICS OF W FOOD PRODUCT DEV£LOPMENT. AuthOr: 2nL Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: Desrosier Der AviPUbe 19>1 NW J N Co., Westpo[t, Conn., 19J1 Page 133
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Catalog Number: ND 9005 . Title: THE ECONOHICS OF FOOD PROCESSING. Author: eig W 5 Publlsher: i Pub. CO., Westport, Conn., 19>1 Published Year: 19J1 Catalog Number: HD 9005 .M35 Title: Y MANUFACTURING IN TRE UNITED 5 ATES. Serial Title: Praeger special studies in C. S. economic and ial development Author: Marple G A 2nd Aut or Ed.: N n N B Publisher: Praeger, New York, 1968 Publishetl Year: 1968 Cataleg Numbei: HD 9005 .W55 19']e Title: ROZEN FOODS BIOGRAPHY OF AN INDUBTRY. Author: Williams E W Pub3ieher: Cahners Pub. Co., Boaton, 19"/0 Publiahed Year: 19]0 Cataloq Numbe[: HD 9005.6 .F66 Title: OOD FOR PEOPLE NOT FOR PROFIT A SOURCE BOON ON THE FOOD CRISIS. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lerza C Cobson M F Publisher: BallantineaBOOks, New York, 19]5 Published Year. 1975 Cataloq Number: HD 9011.5 .N52 1978 Title: THE I A OF THE EEC ON THE UK FOOD I R EFFECTSON THE STRATEGIES OF UK FOOD, DRINRAND TOBACCO MANUFACTURING COMPANIEB. Author: Nicholls J R Publieher: Wilton Publications, Farnborough, Engiand, 1978 Published Year: 19"!6 Catalog Number: H 9015 . 3 M32 Title: EUROPE'S FUTUAE FO00 AND AGRICULTURE A COMPARISON OF M R OTECTING FOOD CONSUMPTION AND AGRZCULTURALPRODUCTIONINWESTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIEB , O 19'/2 AND 19'l5. Serial Title: Aasociation s eMifique e ropeenne pour la preYision e mique a moyen et a long terme (PUblications)ov. 2 Author: MCFarquOar A M Publisher: Orth-HO13anLPUb. C, AmsterUam, 1911 Published Year: -1 Page 134
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talog Number: Titie: H O.US .Pa24 3 IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE L£SSONS FROM AMERICA'S Author: 2nd Aut o Ed. : Publisherr BEST-RUN Peters T waterman Nev Yoek, CMPANIES T R Warner HOOks, 982 Publisbed Year. 1992 Catalog Numbei: HD 'l0.U5 .P426 198'/ Title: THRIVING O CHAOS HANDBOO% FOR A MANAGEMENT REVOLUTION~ Author: Petere x Publisher: Knopf, Distributed by Randos House, New York, 199] Published Yeai: 198'/ Catalog Numbei: HO 70.05 . 6 56 1991 Title: SPEED IS LIFE (VIDEORECORDING), GET PAST OR GO Author: BRORE Peteis T Publiaher: SChaumberg, IL, Video Publ.ishing Nouse, Inc., Published Yeae. 993. 3991 Catalog Number: H "/02] .A3 Tltle: FAMILY E%P£NOITURE SURVEY REPORT. Publisher: H. M. Stationery Off., London, Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: Tiile: NO )260 .I3"/4 1966 n. EMPHYSEMA I INDUSTRY. 10 Serral Title: Induetrial Hygiene F undation of America Medical Series Bulletin n Publishei: Pittebu[g, PA., Industrial Hygiene Foundation Of Ameiica, 396 Pubiished Year: 1966 [alog Number: HD 'I260 . Title: WORK & HEALTH INSEPARABLE IN THE 80'S CONPERENCE S.IANUARY 1980 SAN FRANCISCO CALI£ORNIA. Serial Title: NIH publication . 81-2293 Publisher: Dept. of Health and H r , Public Health 5e ational InstitutesofsHealth, 8ethesda,rMdc3980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: H 4 Title: RECOGNITIONOF HEALTH HAZARDS IN INDUSTAY A REVIEW OF MATERIALS AND PROCESSES. Author: Buigess W A Publishee: John Wiley 6 Sons New Yoik, 1981 Published Year: 1981 Page 125
Page 132: ggs04d00
Cataloq Number: HD 9110.5 U . e T62 9 1 Title: TOBACCCHANTSASSOCIATION OF TH£ UNITED 5TATES INC PRESENTS THE TMA INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO cnmE ITG zna Aut or ea.: Deiman F Publishei: Princeion, NJ., Tobacco Merchants Assoc. of the United States, InC., c1990 Published Year: 1990 Catalog Numbez: HD 9130.6 . 4 Title: PUBLIC POLICYAND THE SMO%INGHEALTH CONTROVERSY A COMPARATZVE STUDY. Author: Fiiedman % M Publisher: Lexington Books, Lexington, Mass., 19]5 Published Year: 19)5 taloq Number: H e.US .S85 1983 AN ECONOMIC ANALYSI50F THE 1983 INCREASE IN THE FEDERAL EXCISE TA% ON CIGARETTES. Sarial Title: Economics Research Report / Department of and Business, Noith carolina State University no. 44 Author: zna Aut or Ed.: Wohlgenant M% Publisher: Raleigh, NC., North Caiolina Sta[e U1w ersity, Dept. of Economics and Business, 198J Published Year: 1983 Catalog Numbe[: HD 9134 4 1975 . Title: THE GERMANCIGARETTE MAR% T IN 1975. Publisher: s Neuerburg Gmb H, Cologne, Germany, 1975" Publishea Year: 1925 Catalag Number: HD 9134 .S2 1 Title: THE SkISS CIGARETTE I TRY, INVESTIGATZON AN PRESENTATION WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE TIME 1945 AND 1965 DIE SCHWEIZERISCHE ZIGARETTENINDUSTRIE UNTERSUCHUNG UND DARSTELLUNG, UNTER BESONDERER BEROCNSICHTIGUNG DER 2EIT 2WISCHEN 1945 UND 1965. Author: aeggi E Publisher: University Zurich, 2urich, Switaeeland, 1968 Published Year: 1968 Catalog Number: H 913< .J32 19'/9 Title: TRENDS ZN TOBACCO DISTRIBUTION. Publisher: NatiOnal Association of Tobacco Distributors, New York, 19)9. Published Year: 1929 Page 137
Page 133: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HD 9 .C85 1985 Title: CVRRENT ISSUES IN TOBACCO ECONOMICS ECONOMIC PAPERS GIVEN AT THE TOBACCO WORKERB' CONFERENCE. 2nd Aut or Etl.: Delman F Publisher: Tobacco Merchants Aasociation of the U. S.Hev Yoik PublisheL Year: 1985 Catalog NumbeY: HD 9135 .E36 1984 Title: THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY ON THE UNITED STATES ECONOMY IN 1983. Publisher: Chase Econometrica, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 1984 Published Yeae: 1984 Catalog Number: HD 9135 .E36 1 Titie: THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY ON THE UN 5 ECONOMY PublishPrice waterhouse, 1990 Published YeaY: 1990 Catalog Numbex: HD 9135 .G6> 1940 Title: TOBACCO A STUDY OF ITS CONSUMPTION IN THE UNITED STATES. Author: segen T S Publisher: Pitman Publishing Corp., New Yoxk, Chicago, 1940 Published Year. 19<0 Catalog Number: ND 9 Title: FACTS30N ING TOBACCO AND HEALTH. Author: HedrickJG~OK uUliah Resource Management Corp., (n.p.)1968. Published~Year: 1968 Catalog Numbex: HD 9115 . Title: G TOBACCOAND HEALTH. 6 Serial Title: Public Heaith Service publication, no. 1933 Author: Hetlrick J Publisher: U.S. Heaith Seivices antl Nental Health Adminiatration, (Washington)1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: H Title: THE9 .J2 TOBACCO 19O'/ INDUSTRY ZN THE UNITED STATES. Serial Title: Columbia Universily, Sludies in hietory, and public law v.26, no.3 Author: Publisher: The Columbia Univexsity Press, New YoYk, 190'/ Published Year. 1999 Page 119
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Catalog Number: Title: HU 8051 B1 196I EPARTMENTS O LABOR AND H H EOUCATION AND WELFARE APPROPRIATIONS FORE39LT68 HEARINGS BEFOR£ A SUBCOMMITTEE OF THE CO TTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES NINETIETH CONGRESS FIRST SESSION. Publisher: U.S. Govt. Printing Office, Washington, DC., 1967 Published Yeai: 1967 CatalOg Numbei: Title: HD 6064 . HANDHOO% OF LABOR STATISTICS. Seiial Title: Publisher: Zta Eulletin . U.S. Govt. Prinf. Off., Washington, 192) Publiehed Yea1: 192] talog Numbei: Title: Authoi: 2nd Aut or Ed.: HD BO"/2 .B53 DIARY OF AN OD MAN. Blake RR Mouton J Publisher: Book Division. Guif Pub. Co., Houston, Tex.19'/6 Published Year: 19]6 Cataloy Numbei: HD 82 .B2988 Ti[le: ECONOMIC GROWTII AND E ENTAL DECAY THE SOLUTION BECOMES THE PROBLEM ial Title: AuthOr: The Harbrace series 9arkley F W 1n business and ecooomiCs O d.: 2nd Aut E Publisher Seckle[ D Harcourt Biace JovaOOVich, New Yerk, 19"!2 Publisbed Yeai. 19)2 CatalOg Number: Title: HD 8"/ E75 R64 1977 THE R OF HIGH TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRZES IN Author: 2nd Aut O Ed.: ECONOMSC GROWTH. Brinner R E Alexander M PublisherL irfield, CT., General Electric Company, Special systems and Product Group, 1977 Pubiished Year: 19"1"I Catalog Numbe[: HD 9000.1 .F696 Titie: FOOD RESEARCH INSTITUTE STIIDIES IN AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS TRADE AND UEVELOPMENT. Published Year: L999 Page 329
Page 135: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HD >269 . Title: RIHULAHEALTH25T COMPARISON O HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE BETWEENFARMERS AND NONFARMERS IN A RURAL AREA OF MINNESOTA. Serial Title: HEW publication no. (NIOSH) '/8-184 no. (NZOSH) >8-184 Author: Burkart, John A. 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Egleston C F) V s A S Publiaher: Cincinnati, U. SS Dept. of Heaith, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, C t[ for Disease Control, National Institutefor cupational Safety ad Health, Division o eillance, Haxard Evaluations fi Pield Studies, Published Yea[: 19]8 log Numbe[: HO 7269 4 Title: HEALTHANDSAFETY GUIDE FOR PESTICZDE FORMULATORS NZOSH HEALTH AND SAFETY GvIDE FOR PESTICIDE FORMULATORS. ia1 Title: DHEW publication . (NIOSH) > -100 Publisher: The Divisi- Cincinnati, 9>] Publishetl Yea[: 19>'/ talog Numbe[: HD >269.A29 . ] 19>8 Ti<le: THE RUAAL HEALTH STUDY, A C ISON OF HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE BETWEEN FARMERSAND NONFARM£RS IN A RURAL AREA OF MINNEEOTA. Seriai Titie: HEW publication no. (NIOSH) >8-184 Authar: Bu[kart, J A 2nd Aut or Ed.: Egleston, C F; Voss, R J Publisher: Cincinnati, U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Wel£a[e, Public Health Sr tr for Disease ContrOl, Nationallnstttutefor cupational Safety ad Health, Division of Surveillance, Hazard Evaluations 6 Field Stu6ies, Pubiished Year: 19>8 Catalog Numbe[: HO 7654 .A"/> Title: CRISIS IN THE WOREPLACE OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE AND INJURY A REPORT TO THE FORD FOUNDATION. Autho[: Ashford N A Pubiishe[: MIT P[ees, Camb'idge, Mass.19T6 Publlshed Year. 19'/6 Catalog Number: HD "/ .834 Title: UCING RISKS TO LIFE MEASUREMENT OF TXE BENEFITS. Serial Title: AEI s 24] Author: Baileyu~ies Publisher: n Enterprise Institute for Pub1iC Policy Reseaech, Washington, 1979 Published Year: 1929 Page 117
Page 136: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: NO 9149 .C42. U69 Title: CIGARETTE BOOTLEGGING A T£ AND FEDERAL AESPONSIBILITY A COMMISSION REPORT. Authoi' 2nd Aut or Ed.: Kleane R Reeder R J Publisher: Advisory C n Inteigovernmental o Relationa, Washington, 1977 Published Year: 19]'/ Catalog Numbei: HD 9149 .C4) U6 19>1 Title: CIGAAETTE COUMLRY, TO6ACC0 IN ANERICAN HISTORY AND POLITSCS. Author: Publisher: Publisnea xear: Wagner S Praeger Publiehe[s, Nev York, 19]1 19'!1 Catalog Number: NO 9149 C5 U77 Title: CIGARETTE COUNTRY TOBACCO IN AH£RICAN HISTORY AND POLITICS. Author: Publisher: Nagner S Praeger, Nev Yoik, 19"/1 Published Year: 19'!1 Catalog Numbei: NO 9149.C42 .K44 A44 1973 Title: Author: TH£ AMERICAN CIGAR£TTE INDUSTRY A REE%ANINATSON. Rellner I L Publisher: Published Year: Diasertation Abstiact CGOnomics 19>1 1973 Catalog Numbei: HD 9149.C43 .U66 1982 Title: Author: N N 5 AND CORPORATE STRATEGIES. M11esRH1L 2nd Aut or £d.: Publisher: Cameron K S Pren[ice-Hall, Englevood C1iffS, N.1., 1982 Published Yeai: 1982 Catalog Number: NO 9259 .C52 .F'/4 1986 Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: FAESH C Wa[dowskiRWSFFRNagy S; Gileison W Publisher: Published Year. AVI Pub. C, estpart, C, 966 1986 Page 147
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Page 138: ggs04d00
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Page 139: ggs04d00
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Page 140: ggs04d00
CatalOq Number: HD 9135 .563 Title: SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC ISSUES CONFRONTING THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY IN THE SEVENTIES. Publisher: college of Agriculture anG Center for Developmental Change, Univeraity Of Xentucky, Lexington, Ey., 19)2 Publiahed Yea[: 19>2 Catalog Number: HD 9135 .S)52 Title: A STUDY OF TH US TOBACCO INDUSTRY'G ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTIONTO THE NATION ITS FIFTY STATES AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA TO THE STAT6 AND COUNTIES OF. Publisher: Wha[ton ARC, Philadelphia, 3980 Publishetl Year: 1980 Catalog Number: HD 9135 .588 E 6 1974 Title: THE ECONOMETRICANALYSIS OF TNE STRUCTURE OF THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY. Author: Sutton R W Publiehar: University F.rcrofilms International, Ann A[bor, MI., 197 1 PublisheL Year. 1914 Catalog Number: HD 9 T6 Title: TOBACCO AN E NIGERIAN ECONOMY. Publisher: Nigerian Instiitute of Social and ECOOOmi< [ch, Nigeria Pubiished Year: 3999a Catalog Nueber: H 9135 .T62 T62 1959 Title: THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY 5 X FACTUAL REPORTS, 1 TOBACCO THE INDUSTRY STORY 2. THE CIGARETTE INDUSTRY J. THE CIGAR INDUSTRY 4. THE SMOMING TOBACCO INDUSTRY 5. THE CHENIING TOBACCO INDUSTRY 6. THE SNUFF INDUSTRY. Publisher: The Tobacco Institute Washinqton D C 1959 Published Year: 1959 Catalog Numbe[: HD 9135 .1i66 P45 1931 Tit1e: THE PLIGHT OF CIGARETTE T A Se[ia1 Title: Univer9ity Of North CarolinaSOCial Studies Series Author: Woofte[ T J ]nd Aut or Ed.: Oaum H W Publisher: The U raity of North Carolina Press Chapel Hill 1931 Published Year: 1911 Page 141
Page 141: ggs04d00
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Page 142: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HD 95<6 .U55 1 Title: RESOLVED THAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD CONTROL THE SUPPLY AND UTILIEATION OF ENERGY IN TXE UNITED STATES, A COLLECTION OF EXCERPTS AND BIBLIOGRAPNY RELATING TO THE INTERCOLLEGIATE DEBATE TOPIC, 1973-74. Set1a1 Titie: 93d Congre, ist sessaon, House dacument no. 93-196. Publisher: U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Washington, OC., 1973 PUblished Year: 1999 Cataiog Numbe[: XD 9 .E5] 19]"/ Title: ENERGY AND HYDROCARBONS. Publisher: Rome, 19]> Published Year: 1999 Catalog Nombei: HD 95E5 A6 .U63 1985 Title: OOTRAGEOUSMISCONDUCT THE ASBESTOS INDUSTRY ON TR2AL. Author: Brodeur P Publisher: Pantheon Books, Nev York, 3985. Published Year: 19s5 Catalog Number: Title: HD 9650.4 . 6 SYNTNETIC ORGANICCHEMZCALS UNITED STATES Serial Title: DUCiION AND S S. USITC PubllcationLE Publisher: U.S. G.P.O., Washinqton (D.C.), 1986- Published Year: 1986 Catalaq Number: HD 9650.65 .C6 Title: Author: SUCC£SSFUL COMMERCIAL CHEMICAL DEVELOPMENT. CorleY H Publisher: Published Yeai: Wiley, Nev York, 1954 1954 Catalog Number: Title: HD 9651.4 .A144 1968 IMPORTS OF BENZENOID CHEMICALS AND PRODUCTS. Se[ial Title: Publisher: TC Publicati0n - 9 - U.S. InteinationalTrade Commission, the Secletary, Washington, DC, 1968 Office of Published Year: 3968 Catalog Number: HD 9651.4 .S]9 196] Title: CHEMICAL ORIGINS AND MARKETS PRODUCT FLOW CHARTS TABLES OF MATOR ORGANICS AND INORGANICS. Published Year: 196] Page 150
Page 143: ggs04d00
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Page 144: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: HD 9651.9 M6 FJ Title: FAITHHOPE AND $5000 THE STORY OF MONSANTO THE TRIALS AND T ONPHS OF THE FZRST JS YEARS. Avthor: FOrrestal D S Publisher: n and SChuster. Nev York, 19JJ Published Year: 1977 CatalOg Number: HD 9651.9 .R6 .H63 1986 Title: HOHM AND HAAS HISTORY OF A CHFMICAL COMPANY. AutROr: Hochheiser S PublisEer: University Of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 986 Published Yeai: 3986 Catalog Number: H 651.9 .R6 H 986 Title: ROHM AND HAAS HISTORY OF A CHENICAL COMPANY. Author: HoChheisei E Publishei: Univezsity of Pennsylvanla Peess, Pbiladelphia, 986 PublisRed Year: 1986 Catalog NYMbei: HD 9660.F482 .J36 1968 Title: FERMENTATION DEVELOPMENTS IN JAPAN. Publisher: Westpart, CT., The Group~ 1966 Published Yeai. 1999 Catalog Numbei: HD 9660.F482 .136 19J1 Title: FERMENTATION DEVELOPMENTS IN TAPAN -- 19]0 Publisher: Westport, CT., Fairfield Associates, Znc., 19J1 Published Yeai: 1971 Catalog Number: HD 9661 .U62 T39 1993 Title: LASTICS RECYCLING A FUTURE BUSINHSS OPPORTUNITY, MAY 22-23, 1991, AT TNE MAYFLOWER HOTEL, WASHINGTON, D YROCEEDINGS, TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE PROGRAM, RECYCLINGPLAS VI--CONFEREHCE Publisher: LancasCer, P, echnomic Pub. C, 1991. Published Yeai: 1991 Catalog Numbei: HD 9661.U62 . 9 1991 Title: PLASTICS RECYCLING AS A FUTURE BUBINESS OPPORTUNITY, MA 2-23, 1991, AT T YFLOWER HOTEL, WASHINGTON? D.C., PRGCEEDZNGS, TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE PROGRAM, RECYCLINGPLAS VI--CONFERENCE PublisRer: Lancastet, Pa., TechnomiC Pub. Co., 199. Pu6lisRed Year: 1991 Page 151
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Catalog Number: ND 9696 . 3 Title: THE INFORMATIONSOCIETY AS POSTINOOSTRSAL SOCIETY. AuthoL: suda Y Publishez: Iestitute for the Information Society, Tokyo, 1980 Published Year: 198D Catalog Number: HD 9696 .C62 S38 196] Title: ODYSSEY PEPSI TO APPLEA JOURNEY OF AOVENTURE IDEAS AND THE FUTURE. Author: Sculley J 3nd Aut or Ed.: Byrne J A; 5cu11ey J Publisher: Harper & Rov, Nev York, 1981. Published Year: 198"! Catalog Numbei: HD 9696 .C63 J315 1983 Title: THE FIFTH GENERATION ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND JAPAN'S COMPUTER CNALLENGE TO THE WORLD. uthOr: Feigenbeum E A 2nd Aut or Ed.: McCOrduck P PublisRer: Addison-Wesley. Reading, Hasa.1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: HO 9 M1 .24615 19 Title: THE IBM WAY, INSIGHTSINTO THE WORLD'S MOST SUCCESSFUL MARRETING ORGANIZATION. Author: Rodgers F G 2nd Aut o Ed.: Hhook R L Publisherz Harper 6 Row, Nev Yoxk, 1986. Publishetl Year. 1986 Catalog Number: HD 9696 .R62] .U63 19 Title: E%PLORATORY WOR%SHOP0N THE SOCSAL INPACTS OF ROBOTICS SUMMARY AND ISSUES A BACRGROUND PAPER. Serial Title: Publisher: OTA background papers Congress of the U.S., Office of Techn0logy AssessMent, For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Pub115Red Year: G.P.O., Washington, D.C., 1982 3982 Catalog Number: HD 9715 .U52 R68 Title: Author: Publisher: Published Year: THE CONSTRUCTZON MANAGER. Royer R Prentice-Hall, Englevood Cliffs, 19)4 N.J., 1974 Page 15J
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Cataloq Numbe[: HD 913>.A12 .V63 1974 Tikle: AMERICA AND TOBACCO DIE AMERINANNEA UND DER TABAR. Authar: Voges E Publishe[: m Rhei.n, Mainzei Vei'lagsanstalt u. Dzucketei Will u. Rothe, 39 74 Published Yeai: 19'!4 Catalog Numbei: HD 9139 A> E7 Title: RIDERS IN THE NZGHT. Autho[: Mioll H H Publishei: e1sity of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1965 Published Year: 3965 Catalog Numbei: HD 9139.R4 .T55 1985 Title: THE R J REYNOLDS TOBACCO COHPANY. Author: Tilley N M Publiaber: The University o£ North Caxolina Press Chapel Hill, N , 1985 Published Yeai: 1985 Catalog Numbei: HD 9 9.R44 .RG'/ 1989 Title: THE GILDED L P, TRIUMPH TRAG£DY AN TOBACCO, THREE GENERATIONS OF THE R.S. REYNOLDS FAMILY AND FOATUNE. Authot: Reynolds P 2nd Aut or Etl.: Shachtman T Publishez: Bostan, MA., Little, Brawn 1989 Published Yea[: 1989 Catalog Numbei: HD 9140 C4 G) 1 Title: A STUDY OF THE MARRETING STRATEGIES US£D EY THE CIGARETTE INDUSTRY N H EHPHASIS ON THOSE DESIGNED TO COUNTER CONSUMERISM DURING THE PERIOD O 1973. Authot: Gcose J N Publishez: Univetsity Microfilms Inte[national, Ann Aiboc, MI., 19J4 Published Yeai: 1914 Catalog Numbei: HD 9141.5 .A44 W54 1973 Title: H D AND H O WILLS AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE UNITED £INGDOM TOHACCO INDUSTRY 1]86 - 1965. Au[ho[: Alford H W E Publishei: Methuen Company Limited London G[eat Biitain 19]3 Published Year: 39>l Paqe 143
Page 147: ggs04d00
Catalo9 Number Title: : 9 G THETOBACCOLORDS A STUDY OF THE TOBACCO MERCHANTS OP GLASGOW AND TNEIR TRADING ACTIVZTIES C 1T4090. Authox: Devine T M Publisber: Donald, Edinburgh, 1975 Published Year: 1975 Catalog Number: N 3.5 .T32 1961 Title: MONOGRAPHIE DES TABARS 2. ALMANACH DIE TABAKZEITUNG T ACCO MONOGRAPH. Publisher: laqsanstalt und druckerei Will ;und s ta roMai the er laq s an lt kommanditgesellschaft Ma1nz Vellegeriahe redaktionelle Germany 1961 Published Year: 1961 Catalog Number: HO 9144.6) .V63 T] 19"/4 Title: TABAXREISE NACH BRASILIEN AUF DEN SPUREN D CHARUTOS IN THE TRAIL OF TRACING THE CHEROOTS A TOUA OF BRAZIL. Author: VOges E Publisher: Mainzer Verlagsanstalt und Druckerel Will and Rothe XG Ma1na 19>4 Published Year: 19'/3 CatalOg Number: HD 9145 F]l P"!5 Title: FRANCE AND THE cHESAPEAKE A OF THE FRENCH HISTORY TOBACCO MONOPOLY i6'/4IT91 AND OF ZTS RELATIONSHIP ISHANOAMERZCAN TOHACCO TRADES. Authox: Price 1 M Publisher: Universi[y o[ MicTiqan Press, Ann Arbor, 19"/3 Published Year: 19>3 Catalog Number: H 9 .X19 $87 1982 Title: THESTRUCTUR£ OF TOBACCO TAXES IN TNE £UROPEAN COl95UNITY. ial Title: IFS Report 8eries No 1 Author: Jay ,I A; %een M J Publishex: Paxchment Oxford Lireited OxfOxd England 1982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Nomber: HD 9145.B9 . 63 R45 19')4 Title: RENDEZVOUS OFTHE TOBACCO WORLD RENDEZVOUS DER TABAK WELT. AYthor: Voges E Publisher: e laqsanstalt Ond Duckerei Will und RotheNg erlaqsa nstaltMainx Gexmany 1974 r Publiahed Year: 19'/4 Page 144
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Catalog Number: HD 9130.5 .E2) L43 Title: i TOBACCO ITS C RBUTION TO THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OFTHE THIRD WORLD_ ia1 Title: EIO c nodity monograph PubllsheY: EIO, London, 1980. Published Yeai: 1980 Catalog Number: HD 9130.5 .E2"/ 1,43 1980 Title: LEAF TOBACCO ITS CONTRIDU'LION TO THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL OEVELOPMENT OF THE THIRD WORLD. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: HD 9330.5 .I50 Title: OR MARKETS FOR UNMANUFACTURED TOBACCO. Publisher: TTHE he Centre, Gene , 1968 Publlshed Year: 1968 Catalog Number: HD 9130.5 .I6 1989 Title: O IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD ]nd Aut Or Ed.: Ravensc[oft A F Publisher: England, nal tobacc0 Growers iaCiontei9a8~[io Pubiished Yeat: 1989c Catalog Number: HD 9130.5 .M82 Title: TOBACCO AND THE THIRD WORLD TO W'S EPIDEMIC? WAR ON WANT INVESTIGATION INTO THE PRODUCTION PROMOTION AND USE OFTOBACCOIN THE DEVELOPING COUNTRIES / TOMORROWS EPSDEMIC?. uthor: Mulle[ M Publisher: Wa , London, 19'/8 Publlshed Year. 19?8 Catalog Numbee: HD 9130.5 .T39 3984 Title: THE SMO%E RING. Author: Taylor P Publisher: Pantheon Books Nev York 1984 Published Year. 1984 CatalOg Number: H9 9130.5 .T62 1990 Tit1e: B RA R 5 IN TNE 16TH CENTURY Publishei: : PY inceton,NS.,ETOba Occo Me[chants Assoc. of the nieea staa isso Publishetl Yeav 1990 Page 136
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Catalog Numbex: HF 5381 .H6 1989 Title: WHAT C A PRACTSCAL MANUAL FOR JOB-HUNT£RS 6 CARE£RHCHANGERS. Author: Bolles R N Publisher: Berkeley, CA., Ten Speed Press, 1989 Published Year: 1989 Catelog Numbez: HF 5381 .B61512 Title: THE THREE BOXES OF LIFE, AND NO OF TNEN, AN INTRODUCTION TO LIFE/WORN PLANNING. Author: Bollee, RiChard Nelson. Publishei: Berkeley. CA, Ten Speed P[ess, 1978. Publiehed Year. -8 Catalog Number: HF 5)81 .B63512 -8 Title: THE THREE BOXES OF LIFE, AND HOW TO GET OUT OF TNEM, AN INTRODUCTION TO LIFE/WORH PLANNING. Author: BOlles R N Publishe[: Be[keley, CA., Ten Speed Press, 19'!8 Published Yeat: 1978 Cataloq Number: NF 5383 . 19"/'/ Title: WHO'S HIRING WHO. Authoi: Lathrop R PublishBerkeley, CA., Ten Speed Prees, 1977 Published Year: 19"!') Catalog Numbei: HF 5383 .T38 1989 Title: ER RESUMES. Authoz: Tepper R Publisher: Nev York, Waley, 1989. Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: H 5386 .H55 19"J9 Title: THE LAW OF SUCCESS. Authcr: Hill N Publisher: Chicago, Sucoess Unlimited, 1979. Publishad Yeai: 19'9 Catalog Number: HF 5386 .P585 1987 Title: MASTERING BUSINESS ETIQU@LTE AND PROTOCOL. Avtho[: Pincus M 2nd Aut or Ed.: Giuber F Publishex: National Institute of Business Management, New Yo[k, 199"1 Published Year. 198] Page 160
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Cata1ag Numbez: HD 9725 .T5"! 1991 Title: TIME-BASED COMPETITION, THE NEXT BATTLEGROUND IN AMERICAN MANUFACTURING Ser1a1 Title: Tha B ss One Iiwin/APICS series in production 2nd Aut oi Ed.: nagement Olackburn J Poblisher: Nomevood, I31., Business One Zrwin, 1993. Published Yeai: 1991 Catalog Number: HD 9I25 T6 1986 Title: Publisher: TOWARD A NEW ERA IN llS MANUPACTURING THE NEED FOR A NATIONAL VZSION. Hational Academy Piess, Nashingten, D.C., 1986 Publlshed Yeai: 1986 Catalog Numbec: ND 9]2'! .L93 Title: Publisher: LOUISIANA DIRECTORY O MANUFACTURERS. i a Dept. of Co e Office Of Commerce Published Yeat: andZndustry., BatonROUge, 3999 Catalog Nomber: Title: HD 972] M4 A25 INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY OP MASSACHUSETTS MANUFACSURERS A DIRECTORY OF MASSACHUSETTS MANUFACTURERS. DSRECTORY OF MANUFACTURERS IN MASSACHUSEITS. INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORYOFMANUFACTURERS IN MASSACHUSETTS. COMMONWEALTH O S S INOUSTRIAL DIRECTORY. MASSACHUSETTSINDUSTRIALDIRECTORY. (BOSTON)19. 1. POblished Year: 19)1 talog Numbei: Title: HD 9727 W4 H4 WEST VIRCINIAMANUFACTORING DSRECTORY. Publisher: Published Year: irqinia Dept. of Commerc , Charleston, 1999 V Catalog Number: H 2 H Title: Author: BRAND0F THE TARTAN THE 1. STORY. ock V PublisOer: Published Yeai: Appleton-Century-Crofts, Nev York, 1955 1955 Catalog Nomber: Title: H 9750.65 F6 GOZOEFORPIIWNING P LP AND PAPER ENTERPRISES. Serial Title: Published Yea[: FAO foiestry and forest products studies no. 18 19'!3 Page 154
Page 151: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: HE 9)62 .D3 198> ROUS GOODS REGULATIONS ATIACHMENT E 'A TO Publisher: IATA RESOLiTION 618. Inteinational Air Transport Association, Montreal, Published Year: Quebec, Canada, 1989 198] Catalog Number: Title: HP 1917 .K55 1987 HUSINE55 STATISTICS USING LdLUS I 2 3. Avther: Publisher: Published Year: Kilpatrick M Wiley, Nev York, 1987. 198] Catalog Nusber 1015 .H5 3 Title: ~ GEOGRAPHY OF COMMODZTY PRODUCTION. Serial Title: The Lippincott college geography series Autho[: HighsmitM1 R M 2nd Aut or £d.: Jensen T G Publisher: Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1963 Published Year. 1963 Catalog Number: HF 1 H8 1926 Title: BUSIN£SS GEOGRAPHY. Author: Nuntington E 2nd Aut o Ed.: Williams F E~ H vn R H~ Chase L E PublisheiT S. Wiley 6 so s, 1nc.,, New York, 1926 Pubiished Year: 1926 Catalog Number: HF 3051 .G3 Title: TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE AND RAW MATERIALS. Author: Gander T P Publisher: Bureau of Economic and Business Research, Coliege of Dusine , nlversity o£ Utah, Salt Lake City, 19]) Published Year: 19'!) Catalog Number: HF 1051 .S6 Title: TNE I ACT OP ENERGY CS TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE 6 CAPITAL EQUIPMENT COSTSUPON RAW MATERIALS MPETITION. Publisher: Springborn Laboratories, Inc.Enfield, CT. Publ3shed Year. 1999 Catalog Number: HF 1408 .S"/5 1966 Title: THE NARKETING STRUCTURE FOR SELECTED PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCTS. Berial Title: tudies i export promotion, 1 Publisher: Pan American Union, Washington, DC., 3966 Published Year: 1966 Page 158
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ze A paysItqnd L86T '»zoA naN 'noy 9 zadzex za4sFtqnd f Fe{Tn~S 'Y f su.aFB :'P3 zo yny puy t FattnaS .~oy;ny '3HNYN3 3HS ONV SY30I BUxSN3A0V 30 F3NxxOC Y 3RddV O,L ISd3d 'F3SSAa0 :aSySS G86T B[S 1- 9696 Ox .zaqmnN 6oieyeJ ss6t :zeaF paysxtqnd LG6T '%zoF n uOFs?nFa 6uF;TnsuoJ F6zau3 '»ue8 ue33eyueW aseyJ a4S za4sST4nd 0 6u?uun9 :d 1 suF%neH zo4ynY 'SSSOJ ONY ARddNS 'ONYW30 RVNOI93x FxSSxONI x3MOd JItlSJ31. 3HS 10 SISA'IYHY 3AISN3H3xdWOJ Y AHM ONV 3x3HM 'S30YSxOHS x3MOd JINSJ3R3 RYISN3SOd :aT3FS GL6T BCH' Sx' 5896 OH :3aqmnµ 6ote;eJ 666T :zeaT paysFTqnd '%zoF neN ' h 3xIa 3SIONYHJx3W FS3IHYA d0 sap?n0 s 'SNZYHJ ].xOSJ3xT0 sn8 9aNa d0 Sx3]t08 .zaysFTqnd S3NOY3xOS5 NIYHJJSNIbHJJO(1x0 30Ia0 3x0SS NIYHJ S3NOS5 OpNO NIYHJ 30 ANOSJ3NI0 30IN0 3NOS5 NTYHJ :aT;F.L 5J ['999s aH :zaqmnN bote3eJ GG6T :zeaA pays?tqnd L6t('pW aIt?n;aoN7 .1 zy ,?mpy 6nza pue pood .zaysFTqnd 'SMVR a3SYR3N ONY .LJY JIS3WSOJ aµY 9xNa 0003 RVN3O33 3NS 30 NOISYNSSINIWBY 3HS NO bL6i-o56i SSHOd3x RVNNNY :al;Fy 50 Z 9996 Ox .zaqwnN 6ote;eJ 666T :zeaF pa4sFTqnd %zoF naN ' 'qnd satdoS .za4stTqnd •>tooe aax sJldoz ~nxa :anTs sca' rssss ax aaymnN aoTeyzJ 996t :zea,i Pa4sFtqnd 996T '%~oF naN 'pzo;x0 'as me6zad .zaysFTqnd axH W -dOOJ .zoyyny ?sTnFp uoF;anPOZd pye ' 'buluiez3 'voT-z;s?u?wpe IeFOOS .F.iezqjtateuoFyeuzayuF pue 43SeanuommoJ ayy :aT3[y Fe?zaS 'FHZS(lONI RYJISa3JYWNYHd 3N.L NI S.LI30Nd ONY S3JIxd :a[yiy 996T 9J -9- oH =zaqvtnN 6oie3eJ
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CatalOg Number: NF 1436 .W45 1963 Title: PATENTLICENSING AND ROYALTY TERMS. Au[hoi: Wiiliesson 3 Publisher: UniveTsity Microfilss, Inc.Ann Arbox, M1, 1963 Published Year: 396] Catalog Nosbe[: HF ] B 2 1972 Title: LOONAT .W6 2BUSINESS IN 1990 A SUMMARY WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE ON THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD AHEAD, A LOOK AT BUSINESS IN 1990, ,WASHINGTON, D.C.f, ,1972, Publisher: U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Washington, 1972 Published Year: 19"/2 Catalog Nosbe[: HF ] .G38 Tftle: UNITED9STATES GERMAN ECONOMIC SURVEY 1902. Publlsher: German American Chamber of Commerce., Nev York, Publlsbed Year: 1999 talog Number: HF 5006 .N] n Title: MEASURING SALESMEN'S PERFORHANCE (NEW YORK, 1965. tal Title: 5tutlies >n bosiness policy, no. lla Poblished Year: i965 Catalog Number: H 5011 .B15 Title: THE WORLD OF BUSINESS. Aothor: Bursk E C Publisher: Simon and Schuster, Nev Yoik, 1962 Published Year: 1962 Catalog Numbe[: HF 5353 .N32 Title: LONG RANGE PLANNING FOR YOUR BUSINESS AN OPERATING MANUAL. 2thor: Kastens M L blisher: AMACOM, New YOrk, 19— Published Year: 1976 Catalog Number: H 5]56 .B9> 1 Titie: BUSINESS COST REDUCTION TECHNIQUES. 2nd Aot o Ed.: Wright D; Scott G Publisher Bpecial Project Researchers, Inc., Devon, PA 1983 Published Year. 1983 Catalog Numbei: HP 5356 .L36 1987 Title: BUSZNESS INFORMATION, HOW TO FIND IT HOW TO USE IT. Author: Lavin M Publisher: Oryx Press, Phoenix, Aziz., 1987 Published Year: - Page 159
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Cattlog Ilumber: Title: HF 5Y15 .M1E6Y HANDEOOR OF MODERN NAREETING. ]nd Aut oi Ed.: Publishex: Huell V McGrav-Hll, Nev Yoik, 19>0 i Published Year: 19]0 Cataloq Numbei: HF 5415 H2 1986 Title: THE ATTITUDINAL INFLUENCE o THE INTERACTION O STATUS AND GENDER IN THE NONVERBAL ASPECTS OF A Authox: ENTATION. H l D A Publishei: a ey Arbor, MZ., UniVexaity Microfilms Published Year: International, 1986 1906 Catalo9 Numbex: HF 5415 .H525 Title: Authar: KEEPING OLU PRODUCTS NEW. Hilton P Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 196] Published Year: 196] Cat8leg Numbex: HF 5415 .H)55 Titie: THE SHORTTERM MARNETING PLAN. Serial Title: Authox: Confexence Board., Report, no. 56 No kins D S 5 Publishex: Published Year: p ConfexenceHOard, (NeW Yoxk, 1972 19)2 Catalog Number: Title: HF 5415 .I"/43 1982 ISSUES IN INDUSTRIAL NARHETING A VZEW TO THE Serial Title: FUTURE. eedinqe sextes / American Marketin9 Association 2nd A r Ed.: Publiaher: Published Year: Spekman R E{ Wilson D T Amexican Marketing Association, Chicaqo, I11.1982 1982 Cataloq Number: Title: Sexial Title: Author: 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Publiabex: HP 5415 .X5B5 C MAREETING. Ho1tTERinehart and Winston maiketin9 Hollat D T HlackwellR D; Robeson J F Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New YOr , seiles 1972 Published Year: 1972 Catalog Numbex: HF 5415 .M2585 Title: Authox: Publisher: Published Year: THE MARETNG MYSTIQUE. McNay E S Ameiican Mana9ement Association, 1972 (NeW Yoik)1972 Page 162
Page 155: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HO 9259 .M233 .U663 1984 Title: HARACTERISTICS OF CONSUM£R DEMAND FOR ROASTED MACADAHIA NUTS. Serial Title: Research series / H i Institute of Tropical Agriculture and HumanaResources, 034 Awthor: oott F 2nd Aut cr Ed.: Oaman G;Kanda M S Publisher: HITAHR College of Tropical Agriculture and ! Resources, Onlversity of Hawa , (NOnolulu),u19B4 Published Year. 1984 Catalog Number: HD 9259 .M233 U66 1983 Title: CHARACPERISTICS OF CONSUMER DEMAND FOR CHOCOLATE COATED MACADAMIA NUTS. Serial Title: HAWAII INSTITUTE OF TROPICAL AGRICULTURE AND HUNAN RESOURCES RESEARCH SERIES 024 Author: Scott F S 2nd Aut or Ed.: Osman G; Xanda M Publisher: Hawaii Institute Of Tropical Agriculture and Numan Resources Honolulu, Hawaii, 1983 Published Year: 198J Catalog Number: HD 9321.3 . Title: THOMAS GROCERY REGISTER. Publieher: Thomas Pub. Co., New York, Published Year: 1999 talog Number: HD 9321.4 C Title: CANNEDFODDPACR STATISTICS. Publisher: 1 nal Food Processors A iation, E m ics and5tatistics Division (etc.), washington, Publtahed Year: 1999 Catalog Numbe[: HD 9)21.5 .H35 1969 Title: D INDUSTRY E%ECUTIVE'S PLEASURE READER. Author: Handle[ J N Publisher: Media Books, New York, 3969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: HD 9430.9 .A5 1965 Title: REGULATIONS G G THE MEAT INSPECTION OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AS CONTAINED IN TITLE 9, CHAPTER SII, SUBCHAPTERS A CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS, 1959 EDITION, AND AMENDMENTS ISSUED THROUGH MARCN 31, 1965. Serial Title: OS. Dept. of Aqricultuee Servlce and Regulatory Ou 8B Pubiisher: US.GOVteePrrnting Office, Nashington, D, 1985 Published Year: i9s9 Page 148
Page 156: ggs04d00
CatalOg Number: HD 9 C63 Title: BIG BUSINESS IN CHINA SINOFOREIGN AIVALRY IN THE CIGARETTE I TRY 18901930. Se[ial Title: Harva[d studies in business hiatory 3] Authar: COChran 5 Publishe[: Harvard University Prees, Cambridge, Ma55.1980 Publiehed Year: 1980 Catalog Number: HD 9419.C42 .T6 1988 Title: TOBACCO EXPORTS TO XOREA Autho[: Connolly G) Harris D Publisher: Video MOnitoriag Services of America, Znc.~ New York, 1988 Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: HD 94)1 .A2 N66 Titie: THE MARKETING OF SHELLFISH. Serial Title: The Fishe[man's libzary Author: Nowak N S Publisber: FishiOg News (ROOks), London, 1970 Published Yeae: 19)0 CatalOg Number: HD 9502 . 66 1976 Title: ENERGY DEMANDSTUDZES MAJOR CONSUMING COUNTRIES ANALYSES OF 19>2 DEMAND AND PROJECTIONS OF 1985 DEMAND FIRST TECHNICALREPORTOF THE WORKBHOP ON ALTERNATIVE ENEAGY STRATEGIES (NA£S) / NOR%SHOP ON ALTERNATIVE ENERGY STRATEGIES.. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Basile P Publisher: MIT Preass Camb[idge, Mase. 19'16 Published Year. 19]6 Catalog Number: ND 9502 .U52 T48 19Y6 Title: ENERGY FACT BOO% 19>6. Publisher: Tetra Tech, Arlington, Va.19]6 Published Year: 19"!6 CatalOg Number: HD 9506 U6 A3> Title: EAR BOO% OF THE AMERSCAN BUREAU OF METAL STATISTICS. Publish Buc eau er: an eau of Meta1 Statiatics., New York, Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: HD 9540 .J)6 1973 Title: IMPACTS OF NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY USING GENERALIZED INPUT-OUTPUT ANALYSIS. Serial Title: NTIS PB-226 139 Authoi: Tust J E Publisher: Maaa. Institute o£ Technology, Camb[idge, MA, 1,71 Publiahed Year: 19'!3 Page 149
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Catalog Numbe[: HP 5415 .V4'! 3 Title: THE ROLE OF ADVERTISING IN OLIGOPOLY THEORIES, A THEORETICAL ANALYSIS. AutTO[: Vessal A Publishe[: Univeisity Kicro[ilma International, Ann Arbor, MI, 19]8 Publiahed Year: 19>e Catalog Numbei: HF 5415 Ko 197 2 Tltle: STPATEGIC NARKETING. Autho[: Kollat D T; Blackwell R D; Robesen S F; Ohio S U Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbei: HF 5415.133 .G65 1984 Title: LATIONS IN TH6 MARKETING MI%, INTROpUCTNG VULNERABILITY RELATIONS. Author: Goldman S Publiaher: n Books, Gicago, IL, 1984. Publisbed Year: 1984 Catalog Numbe[: HF 5415.125 .D68 1978 Title: SYSTEMATIC NEW FRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. Autho[: Douglas G 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Kemp P; Cook J Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1978 Published Yea[: 39)e Catelog Number: HF 5415.125 .K26 1 Title: UNDERSTANDING THE COMPETITION A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS. Autho[: Kaise[ M M 2- Aut or Ed.: Furey T H; s on P A Publisher: Michael M avser Associa[ , n, ashington, D.c., l9Ei K Published Year: 1981 CatalGg Number: HF 5415.125 .M93 Title: MARKET STRUCTLIRE ANALYSIS. Autho[: Myers J H 2nd Aut or Ed.: Tauber E Publiahei: ican Marketing Asaociation, Chicago, 1977 Pubiiahed Year: 19» Catalog Number: HF 5415.115 .R4 Title: READINGS IN MARKET SBGMENTATION. zud A Ed.: SCOtton D zallocco R Publisheiz American Marketing Association, chicago, 111.1980 Publiahed Year. 1980 Page 164
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Catalag Numbe[: HD 9»3 U5 L5 Title: THE HOUSEWARES STORY A NISTORY OF THE AMERICAN HOUSEWAR£S INDUSTRY. Author: Lifshey E Publisher: National Housevares Manufacturers Association, Chicago, 1973 Published Year: 1- CaYalog Numbex: HD 9992 .U52 U54 19'!9 Title: THE GROWTN O SELECTED LEISURE INDUSTRIES. Publisher: U.S. Dept. of C , Industry and Trade Adminietia[ton,oFOrrsale by the Supt. of Oocs., U.S. G.P.O., (Washingtan, D.C.?)19)9 Published Year: 1979 Catalog Number: H 9992.U5 .S65"! 19 Title: THE SPORTING GOODSMAREET I TICAL STUDY OF RETAIL SALES FOR REPRESENTATIVE P SPORTZNG GOODS AND RECREATIONAL £QUIPMENT. Publisher: Oes Plaines, IL., Irwin SroD 6 Associates, Inc., 982 Publishetl Year: 1982 Catalog Number: ND 9 .H442 .E42 1985 Title: THE GENE FACTORY INSIDE THE BIOTECHNOLOGY BUBINESS. Authox: Elkington T Publisher: Ca[r011 I Graf PuDlishe[s, Nev York, 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: ND 9 .B442 DBB 1991 Title: THE BUSINE55 OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, FROM THE BENCH TO THE STREET 2nd Aut oi Ed.: 01, R D Publister: 6oston, Duttervorth-Heinemann, 1991. Publi6Ded Year: 1991 Catalog Number: H 9 6 1982 Title: THEFOODSERVICE INDUSTRY STRUCTURE ORGANIZATION ANO UE oD EQUIPMENT AND S Serial Title: I:nitedStates Depa[tment of Agriculku[e. Economics Research Service. Statistical Bulletin, 690. Author: n D H Publishex: United Statea Department Of Agriculture; United States Government Printing Office, WashiDgton, 982 PublisM1ed Year: 1982 Page 355
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Catalog Number: H 3 S Title: HELPYOURBOSS & HELP YOURSELF. Author: Btewart N Publishex: AMACOM, New York, 19'/4 Published Year: 1974 Catalog Number: HP 538'/ .D66 3985 Title: DO•S AND TAB005 AROUND THE WORLD. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Axie11 R E Publishex: Wiley, New York, 1985. Published Yeax: 1985 Catalog Number: HF 5415 .B429 Title: Authox: MISMARI(ETING CAS£ HISTORZES OF MARNETZNG MISFIRES. er T L Publisher: g Doubleday, Gaxden City, N.Y., 19"!0 Publishad Yeax: 197 0 CatalOg Number: Fitle: HF 5435 .C4844 19"!7 MARMETING PRO9LEM 60LVER. Authoi: 2nd Aut Ox Ed.: Publisher: Chase C 9axascb N L Chilton 9ook Co., Radnor, Pa.191'/ Publiahed Year: 1977 Catalog Number: HF 5415 .C84 1980 Tlile: Authox: OISSAGGREGATION ISSUES WITHZN A CONSUMER BASED BRANO DECISION SUPPORT MOOEL. Currim I 5 Publisher: UNiversity MicxoEilms International, Ann ArbOr, Pubiished Year: MI, 1980 1980 Catalog Number: HF 5415 .ES"/5 Title: Authox: Publisher: Eldridge C Macmillan, (N PaOFIT. ew York), 9'!0 Pubiished Yeax: 19')0 Catalog Number: HF 5915 .G64 19'/2 Titie: PRODUCT INNOVATION, A STUDY OF PERSONALITY DUCT PERCHPTION. Author: Publisher: GOldberg M E Univexsity Mic[ofilms International Ann Arbor, MI, Publisbed Yea[: 19>2 19]2 Page Sfil
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Catalog Number: HD 9999.844z .B88 1 Title: THE BUSINESS OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, FAOM THE BENCH TO TNE STREET 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: ... R D Boston, eutterworth-Heinemann, 1991. 1991 Cata1og Numbei: NO 9999.B443 .U61"/J 1989 Title: BIOTECH 90, INTO THE NE%T DECADE FOURTH ANNUAL SURVEY OF BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL ISSUES IN Author: AMERICA'S MOST PROMISING INDUSTRY B ill G S Publisher: urr v York, N, M.A. Liebert, Inc., 1989 Published Yedr: 1989 Catalog Numbei: HD 9999.B443 .U63 1989 Title: BZOT£CH 89 COMHERCIALIZATION, THIRD ANNUAL SURVEY P BVSINESS AND FINANCIAL ISSUES IN AMERICA'S MOST PROMISSNG INDUSTRY. 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Publisher: Burrill G S New York, NY., Maiy Ann Lieber , 1998 Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: NO 9999.8443 . 3 1986 Title: BZOTECHNOLOGY GUIDE U.S.A., ANALYSIS. COMPANIES DATA AND Autho[: Dibner M D Publisher: v Yoik, NY., Stockton Pre s, 1988. Pubiished Year: 1988 talog Number: NO 9 '/ 1963 Title: A BUSINESS ANDSITS BELIEFS THE IDEAS THAT HELPED BUILD IM Serial Title: McNinseyFOUndation Lecture Series Author: Sn T J Publishe[: NeWYOrk, McGrau-Hill Book CDmpany, In , 1963 Published Yeai: 196] Catalog Numbec: HD B Title: AN ZNTRUDUCTZON TO PERT CPM. Authoi: Baker B N; Eris R L Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: NO Ma 1961 Title: MANAGEMENT'S TALENT SEARCH RECRUITING PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL. Authot': Maloney P W Published Yeae: 1999 Paqe 156
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Catalog Number: HE 199 .A2 J6 Titie: NOMICS OF CONTAINERI6ATION. Se[ial Title: Unive sitY of Glasgov social and economvc studies, Autho[: Johnaon K N 3nd Aut o[ Ed.: G tt H C Publisher: Allen 6 Unwin, London, 19"!1 Published Year: 19"]1 Catalog Numbe[: HE 206.2 .F< Title: THE INTERSTATE COMM£RCE OMISSION THE PUBLIC EREST AND THE ICC THE RA NADER STUDY GROUP REPORT ON THE INTERSTATECONMERCECOPR9ISEION AND TRANSPORTATION / THE RALPH NADER STUDY GROUP REPORT ON THE INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION AND TRANSPORTATION. Autho[: Fellmeth R C 2nd Aut or Ed.: Nader R Publishe[: an Putiishe[s, NeW Yo[k, 19"!0 Published Year: 19>OS® Catalog Numbe[: HE 356 N8 N62 19>.l Title: NORTH C HWAY ACTION PLPN. Publishei: The Divis~onNARaleigh, 1973 Published Yea[: 19)] Catalog Numbe[: HE 5620 .D> . 3 19]8 Title: AN EVALUATIONCO ABUSE TREATMENT A ALTERNATIVE TO DRIVERS LICENSE SUSPENSION ORAN REVOCkTION FINAL REPORT TO THE I. THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA , IN ACCORU WITH CHAPTER 690 , 19"/> R GISLATIVE SESSION (SENATE BILL 38--GREGORIO)LE 2nd Alt ox Ed.: Hagen R E Publisher: Research and Development Section, Division of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, (Sacramento), 1975 Publiahed Year: 19'/8 Catalog Number: HE 5620.D65 .D'!85 1983 Title: DRUGS DRIVING AND TRAFFIC SAFETY. Secial Title: WHO Offset Publication no. 78 2nd Aut or Ed.: Willette R E; iialsh J M Publisher: orld Health 0[ganitation, Albany, NY., W110 Publications Center U.S.A. Distributor, 1983 Published Year: 1963 Catalog Numbe[: HE 585 RS 19)2 Title: CONTAINERI2ATION THE NEW METHOD OF INTERMODAL TRANSPORT. Author: Rinaldi L J Publiahed Year. 1999 Page i5>
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CatalOg Number: NF 5415.153 . 5 D3E 1991 Title: DEVELOPING PROBUCTS ZN HALF THE TIME Autbor: ith P 2nd Aut or Ed.: Reinertsen 0 G Publisher: NeW York, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1991. Published Year: 1991 Cataloq Number: HF 5415.15'/ .E9 1983 Title: AN E%ECUTIVE REPORT ON PRODUCT TAMPERING RPORATE STRATEGIES FOR ASESSZNG AISKS COPZNG WITN DISASTER VULNERABILITYPLANNING. Publisbei: ork~ N, National Emergency In£ormation Center on Product Tampering, 1983 Publlehed Yea[: 19e3 Catalog Number: NF 5415.157 .G]6 C42 1986 Title: THE CHAIN OF QUALITY, MARHET DOMZNANCE THROUGN PRODUCT SUPERIORITY Author: ock T Publisher: New York, Wlley, 1986 Published Yeai: 1996 Catzlog Numbei: HF 5415.157 .T6> 3 Title: TOTAL QUALITY PERFORMANCE, HIGHLIGHTS OF A CONFERENCE, A REPORT FROM THE CONFERENCE BOARD Serial Title: rch Repo[t n 909 2nd Aut o Ed.: Schein L) Berman M A Publisher Publiehed Year: Nev York, NY., Conference Board, 1988 1988 Catalog Number: H 5415.2 .A162 Title: Serial Title: Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Pubiisher: MANAGING TNE MARKETING RESEARCH FUNCTION. Monographs s s- American Marketing AosoCiation o5 Ad1er L Mayer C S American Marketinq Associatio, Chica9o, 977 Published Year: -7 Catalog Number: HF 5415.2 .B455 Title: Serial Title: pUALITATZVE RESEARCH IN MARKETING. Monographs se s- American Marketing Assoeiation 3 Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: Hellenger e N Bernhardt K Goldstucker J L Americsn Marketing Association, Chicago, 19"!6 19]6 Page 1v
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Catalog Number: HF 5415.12] Ml] 1990 Title: MARI(EPPLACE TWO THOUSANDS VIDEORECORDING; ; MARHESP1dCE 2000, WITH DR. REN DYCHTWALD EORECORDTNG 2nd Aut or Ed.: Dychtvald M Publisher: schaumburg IL, Video Publishing House, In, 1990. Published Year: 1990 Catalog Number 415.13 . Title: WINNING THE MARKETING WAR, A PRACTZCAL GUIDE TO IVE ADVANSAGE. Author: Duro R Publishez: chichester (Mngland); NeW vork, Wiley, a989. Publishetl Year: 3989 talog Number: HF 5415.13 . Title: MAREETING PLANNING AND COMPETITIVE STRATEGY. Serial Title: Prentice-Hall foundations o£ mazketing series Author: Relley E J Publisher: tice-Ha11, Englewood Cli£fs, N.J., 1972 Fublished Year: 1972 Catalog Number: HP 5415.33 .W53 1 Title: MARMETING MANAGEMENT IN MULTINATIONAL FIRMS THE CONSUMER PACRAGED GOODS INDUSTRY. Serial Title: P[aeger special studies in international and development Autho[: echmann U E PublisM1er: aegez, Nev York, 1'/6 Published Yeaz: 19"/6 Catalog Number: HF 5415.15 .B8 Title: TOP - OUT IN GROWTH PRODUCTS A SPECIAL RESEARCH STUDY. Author: Butler J A; Wyden E R Publisher: Stan£o[d Research Institute, Industrial Economics ~ enlo Park, CA, 1965 Published Year: D1965sr Catalog Number: H Title: SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT OF NEW PRODUC25. Serial Title: on arts book Author: GerlachnicTt.. 2nd Aut o Ed.: Wairrvright C A Publisherz Hastings House, Nev Yo[k, 3968 Publishetl Year: 1968 Page 165
Page 164: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HP 5415 . M29]]J 1980 Title: MARK£TING OOCTORAL DSSERTATION ABSTRACTS 19]9. Serial Title: Biblioqraphy s ican Marketing Association noC1J8 Amer 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ryana J K Publisher: American Marketing Association, Chicaqo, 1980 Published Yea1: 1960 Catalog Number: HF 5415 M . Title: MAHKETINGPLANNING L STRATEGY HARVARD EUSINESS REVIEW. Serial TStle: acd business r , etc. Harvard business review reprint series125 Publisher: Harvard Business Review, (BOSton, 3960 Published Yeac: 1960 Catalog Number: HF 5415 .M4 19]8 Tit1e: TNE DETERHZNANTS OF ADVERTISING INTENSITY, THEORY AND EVIDENCE. Author: Meisel J B Publisher: sity Miccofilms International Ann Arbor, MI, 19]8 Published Year: 19)8 Catalog Number: HF 5415 .N33 19]6 Title: R INFORNATION ADVERTISING A USTRY PROFITABILITY THEORY AND VERIFICATION~ ND Author: Nagle T Publisher: Univeraity M>crofilms Zntecnational, Ann Arbor, MI, 197. Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Number: NF 5415 .N48 19]2 Title: USING CONTROLLED EXPERIMENTS TO ESTIMAT£ AND ANALYZE BRANO DEMAND. Author: Nevin J R Publisher: rsity Microfilms xnternatcon , nn Arbor, n=1v19]3 Published Year: 19]3 Catalog Number: HF 5615 .P384 Title: SELLING AND S£RVICING THE NATIONAL ACCOHNT. Serial Title: Conference Board report no. 557 Auihor: Pegram R M Publisher: The Conference Board, (New York, 19]2 Published Year: 19)2 Page 163
Page 165: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HE 5500.2 .M25 1983 Title: OFF THE TRACX, WHY AND HOW SUCCESSFUL EXECUTIVES GET DERAILED. SeYial Title: Technical Report Center for Cre3tive Leadership, AuthoY: 2nd Aut or Ed.: publisher: 21 McCall M W Lombardo M M GYeensboro, NC., enter for Creative Leadership, Published Year: 1-3 1983 Catalog Number: HE 5500.2 . S1 1 996 Title: DEVELOPMENTALEXPERIENCES IN MANAGERIAL WORE, A Serial Title: LITERATURE REVIEH. Technical Report no. 25 Author: Publisher: auley C D nsboro,NC., Center fot Creative Leadership, Published Year: 1986 T~ talog Number: HE 5500.2 . T itle: NEW INSIGHTS4FOR9EXECUTIVE ACHIEVEMENT. PubliebeY: ard University, Published Year: 1968 Cambridge, MA, 1968 Catalog Number: Title: H .H"/7 1969 STANDAAD HANDBOOK FOR SECFETARIES. Author: Publisher: Hutchinson L I McGrav-Hi13, NeW Yor k, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: HF 554'/ .L69 1980 Title: THE STEELCASE NATIONAL STUDY OF OFFICE ENVIRONMENTS, N0. 2, COMFORT AND PRODUCTIVITY IN THE OFFICE OF THE 905. Publisher: Publisbed Year: Steelcase, 1980 Grand Rap ids, 1990 Cataloq Number: HE 554'/.35 .866 1986 Title: Author: CUTTING PAPERWORX IN THE CORPORATE CULTURE. ooher D D PublisheY: Publishetl Year. Facts on File Publications, 1986 New York, N.Y., 1986. Catalog NumbeY: HE 554).15 .C85 C66 1990 Title: ONQUERING THE PAPER PILE-UP Author: Cu1p 5 ublisher: 1nnati, Ohio, Wraters Digest Boo , 1990. Published YeaY: 1990 Page -
Page 166: ggs04d00
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Page 167: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HF 54]8 .B825 T1tle: FROM SELLING TO MANAGING G DELINES FOR THE NEWLY Au<hoz: Pubiisbex: APPOINTED PIELD SALES MANAGE Erovn R American Management Associat R. ion, (Nev York)1965 Publiahed Year: 1965 Catalag Number: H 5438 .G394 itle: AutROx: 2nd Aut o¢d : SALES MENGS THAT SELL. GerstnetM H Dee a T . Publisherr g n AMACOM, (NeW York), 19"/3 Published Year: 1973 Cataicg Numbe[: H£ 5438 .P"/46 19>1- Title: PRINCIPLES OF PROFESSIONAL SALESMANSHIP, PROGRAlN4ED INSTRUCTION TEXT AMA MANAGEnENT COURSE. Publisher: Areexican Management Association, 19~1- Published Year: 19~1 Catalog Number: HF 5439.6 .L35 Tille: Serial Title: FIELD SALES PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL. Ronald s es on marketing management [i Author: Lambert C Publisher: Wiley, New York, 19'/9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Numbez: TStle: HF 5439.D5> .K55 S9] 1966 A SURVEY OF THE ETHICAL DRUG MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY WITH PARTICULAR REFERENCE TO I1'S MARNETS AND MARRETING PRACTIC65. Author: Ning D C Publisher: ersity of North Cazolina Chapel Hill N C 1965 Published Yea[: 1966 Catalog Numbex: HF 5465 . Title: DIRECTORYOF DEPARTMENT STORES. U Publisher: Department Stoze Guide, rn , ev York, Published Year: I999 talog Number: H£ 5 .A1 C418 Title: DIRECTORY (OF) GENERAL MDSE VARIETY AND JR DEPT STORE CHAINS. Publisher: Business Guides, inc, NeW Yark, Published Year: 1999 Page 171
Page 168: ggs04d00
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Page 169: ggs04d00
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Page 170: ggs04d00
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Page 171: ggs04d00
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Page 172: ggs04d00
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Page 173: ggs04d00
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Page 174: ggs04d00
talog Numbei: .H26 3 Title: BENAVIORAL CONCEPTS IN MANAGEMENT. Seiial Tit1e: Dickenson s rles on contemporary thouqht in nagement e AuthO[: Hampton D Publlsher: Dickenson Pub. Co., Encino, Calif., 1972 Published Year: 3922 CatT~ alo q Numbe[: HF 5548.6 .L36 Title: READINGS IN MANAGERIAL PSYCHOLOGY. Author: Leavitt H 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Pondy L R J Publishei: Univetsity of Chicago P[ess, Chicago, 1964 Published Yeai: 1964 Catalog Number: HF 5548.9 .PJ Title: SOME 4UESTIONNAZRE MEASORES OF EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION AND MORALE A REPORT ON TBEIR RELIABILITY AND VALIDITY. Se[ial Title: ity of Michigan. Suivey Reseaich Center. Monograph no.41 Authct: Patchen M Pubiisher: Su[Vey Reseacch Centei, Institute foi Social rch, University of Michigan, (Ann Arbor)1965 Pubiished Yeae: 3965a Catalog Numbe[: HF 5 .250 Title: TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS FOR MANAGERS. Authoi: Zivan M 5 Publlahei: Ame[icen Management Associations, Eztension Institute, (BOSton)39J5 Published Yeai: 1975 Catalog Numbei: H B Title: RESPONSETO STRESS OCCUPATSONAL ASPECTS A COLLECTION OF PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE ERGONOMICS SOCIETY'SCONFERENCE"PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL AESPONSE TO OCCUPATIONAL STRESS", UNIVERSI'tY OF NOTTINGHAM, 2nd Au i Ed.: Publisher: SEPTEMBER 1978. Coz T~ Mackay C J IPC Science and Technology Pze, uiidfo[d, 1979 Published Year: 19)9 Catalog Number: HF 5549 .A2 N2J n. 21] Title: Seriai Title: Author: INCENTIVE PLANS FOR Studies in personnel Weeks D A SALESMEN. policy, no. 217 Publishei: National Industrial Conference Board, (Nev York, Published Year: 19J0 19J0 Page 180
Page 175: ggs04d00
Cataleg Number: RF 5415.1 .S]2 -6 Title: BRAND LOYALTY MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT. Serial Title: Wiley Series on Marketing Managesent Author: oby > 2nd Aut or Ed.: Chesinut R W Publisher: JoM1n Wiley 6 So , New YOrk, 1918 Published Yeax: 19Js CtT~ alo g Number: HF 5415.3 .P]4 19'/5 tle: AN EXPEHIHENTAL INVESTIGATION OF THE EFFECTS OF BRAND SMAGE RACE AND SE% UPON PERCBIVED TASTED-PRODUCT QUALITY AND AN EXPLORATORY INQUIRY ZNTO THE YNFLUENCE OF. Autbor: Pressiey M H Publiaher: Ann Arbor, HL , University Microfilms International, 19)5 Published Year: 39]5 Cataleq Nusber: HF 5415.3 S6 Title: CONSUMER PANELS. AutM1Or: Sudman S 2nd Aut O[ Ed.: Fexbe[ R Publisher: Amexican Marketing Association, Chicaqo, 19]9 Published Yaar: 1909 Catalog Numbex: HF 5415.5 .G>6 P] 1991 Title: POSITIVELY OUTRAGE0U5 SERVICE, NEN AND EASY WAYS WIN CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE Author: Gxoss T S Publisher: , MasterHedia Ltd., 3991. Publiahed Yeat: 1993 talog Number: HF 5415.5 .H395 M42 1 Title: MEASURING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF QUESTIONNAZREB Author: Hayes B E Publishex: Milwaukee, W15., ASQC Quality Press, 1992. Published Year: 1992 Catalog Number! Title: AGGREGATEY i983 CONSUMPTION AND ADVERTISING, A MULTIVARIATE TIME SERIES APPROACH. Author: Jacobson R L Publisher: University Microfilms Znternational Ann Arbor, MI, 981 Published Year: 1991 Paqe 170
Page 176: ggs04d00
talog Numbe[: HP 5 INS 2 Title: WORKING BETTERTOG1.'THER, A HHMAN RELATIONS Avtho[: GUIDEBOOK FOR OFFICE PROFESSIONALS / TEENA SANDSTROM. andst[om T Publishe[: Round Rock, Tex., Pzofessional Traininq Publisbed Year: ci at s~ Inc., 1990. 1.0 Catalog Nember: HF 5549 .8352 1-1 Title: Author: Pubilsher: WORKING WITH PEOPLE. Beckley J L £c0nomics Press, Fairfield, N.J., 1985. Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: H C Title: INVESTINGZN PEOPLE NEW DIRECTIONS IN DEVELOPING HUNKN CAPITAL TO MEET THE N£EDS OF A DYNAMIC ECONOMY. Author: Chmura T Pubiieher: SRI International Men1o Park, CA, 1985 Pubiished Yea[: 1985 Catalog Numbe[: HF 5549 .C8234 198"/ Title: CRBATING AND NTIVATING A SUPERZOR LOYAL STAFF, SPECIAL REPORT ia1 Title: Personal eeport for the e Publisher. New Yoek, NY., National Institute of eusiness Management, 19e'/ Published Yea[: 3987 Catalag Number: HF 5549 .D58 1972 Title: ONIONFREE MANAGEMENT AND HOW TO KEEP IT FREE. ial Title: A Dartnell m nagement quide Autho[: Doughe[ty J L Publisher: artnell Corp., ChicagO, 1972 Publishetl Year. 19]2 Cataloq Number: HF 5549 .E86 Title: SHIRTSLEEVES MANAGEMENT. Author: Evered J F Publisher: AMACOM, New York, 1981 Publisbed Yea[: 1961 Catalog Number: HF 5549 .H8)2> 1 Title: HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT. ia1 Title: Quality and reliability 12 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Eern J P; Riley J J; JonesL N Publisher: M. Dekker: New York, 198J. Published Year: 1987 Page 181
Page 177: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HF 5415.15 .N4 1 Title: EW PRODUCTS MARKETING. AutRO[: Printers' I P Publishe[: Duell. S1oan and Peazce New Yo[k, 1963 Published Year: 1964 Catalog Nnmber: HF 5415.15 .P38 Title: TH£ MEN WHO MANAGE THE BRANUS YOU BUY A CANDID REPORT ON THE PRODUCT MAN ENT SYSTEM ITS FUNCTIONS AND FRUSTRATIONBGEM AutROY: Payne R A Publ3sher: n Communications, Chicago, 19)3 Pub115hed Year: 19Y1 Catalog Number: HF 5415.15 .P39 Title: PRODUCT MANAGEMENT STRATEGY AND ORGANIZATION. Sexial Title: Wiley/Hasilton sezles 1n marketing Author: N iz E A Publisher: Wiley,Santa Darbara, 190'1 Published Year: 19''I Catalog Number: HF 5415.15 .P"165 Title: C A READER. 2nd Aut or Ed.: DunneP M; ObeMOUSe S Publisher: acan Marketing Associata , chicago, I33.3980 Published Yeaz: 1980 Calog Numb- itle: ~ 5 DE82GNAND MARKETING OF NEM PRODUCPS. Se[ial Title: entice-Hall international series in management Authoz: Urban G L 3nd Aut or Ed.: HauseY J R Publishar: Prentice-Ha11, Englevood Cliffs, N.J.1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: HF 5415.15 .W3'J5 1971 Title: PRODUCT MANAGEMEHT, PROOUCP LIFE CYCLES AND COMPETITIVE MARRETING STRATEGY. Author: Wasson C R Publisher: CRal3enge 9ooks St. Charles, IL 19"/1 Published Year: 19'!1 Catalog Number: H S B Title: THECOMMERCIALDEVELOPMENT OF NEW PRODUCTS. Serial Title: onference e erd report no . 890. Repart / the Confeience Boaxd no. 890 Authot: Duerr M G Publishe[: Nev York, N.Y., Conference Doard, 1986. Published Year: 1986 Page 166
Page 178: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HF 5616 U5 .N83 1985 Tltle: Serial Title: PPLYING GAAP AND GAAS. A B reports publication ne Ss Accounting se[ies Authoi: F Munter 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publishe[: Ratcli££e T A Matthev Bender, New York, N.Y. (235 E. 45th St., Published Yeai: New York 1001J), 1985 1985 Catalog Numbe[: NF 5630 .AJ9 Title: 5eiial Tltle: Authoi: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: ESSENTIALS OF ACCOUNTING. An Addison-Wesley programed tezt Anthony R N Istaei M L Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Reading, Ma s., 1964 Published Year: 1964 Catalog Number: NF 5635 P217 1985 Title: Author: 2nd Aut o Ed.: Publisherr Published Year: ACCOUNTING FOR TRE MODERN OFFICE. Palmer C E Pacsy V McG[aw-Nill, New York, 1985. 1985 Catalog Number: HF 5635 .S963 Title: OUNTING FUNDAMENTALS FOR NONFINANCIAL EXECUTIVES. Author: PublisheL: Published Year. Sweeny A American Management Association, (New Yo[k)19J3 1972 Catalog Numbei: Title: HF 5661 .L53 1973 OUNTANT'S HANDSOOR OF FORMULAS AND TAHLES. Authot: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lipkin L Peinstein I K: D rick L Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N. , 19J3 Published Year: 19]3 Catalog Number: NF 5681 B2 R Title: Publisher: ANNUAL STATEMENT STUDIES. Robert Morris Associates., (Philadelphia) Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: Title: HF 5691 .R15 .E45 19"!4 THE EVALUATION AND SELECTION OF INDUSTRIAL R£SEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS. Author: Elmallah A A Publisher: z UniverSity Nicrofilms Ann Arbor, x, 19Js Publiahed Year: 19J5 Page 187
Page 179: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: H 4]0 1980 Tit1e: C£AFPRAISAL PROCESS A 5£L£CTED BIBLIOGRAPHY, Serial Ti<le: r Crea March1980 tlve Leade[ship, apecial report Author: SChneider K R; Hawk D L Publiahez: enter foz Creative Leadership Greensboro, N, Published Year: 1980 Catalog Numbe[: HF 5549.5 R3 P46 1986 Title: Author: PERFORMANCE AYPRAISAL ON THE L1NE. De Vrles D L Publiaher: enter for Creative Leadership, Greenaboro, N.C., Published Year: 1986. 1986 Catalog Number: HF 5549.5 T5 .E97 P"/6 1989 Title: Authar: R HurkaJCH TINATION CURE (SOUND RECOROING) S Pubiiahez: Pubiished Yea[: Chicago, 3989 I11., Nightingale-COnaut, p1989. [alog Number: 5549.5 .Tl 5642 1983 Title: HOWTO HE AN EFFECTNE TRA , SKILLB FOR E Serial Title: Wileyprofees,ional development programs Author: Smith e 2nd Aut or Ed.: DelahayeTH L Publieher: Wiley, Nav York, 1983 Pubiiehed Yea[: 1983 Catalog Number: HF 5549.5.M5 .] N43 1970 Titie: THE NEGRO ZN THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY. Sarial Titie: TRe Racial Policies of American Industry Report No. 13 Author: No[thrup H R; Ash R I Publishe[: University of Pennsylvania PhiladelpRia PA 19"!0 Publishetl Yeai: 19]O Catalog Numbez: HF 5549.5.M63 .C66 1980 Title: AutROr: HOW TO GROW PEOPLE INTO SELF BTARTERB. Connellan T K Publisher: Achievement Institute, Inc., Ann Arbox, ML, 1950 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Numbei: HF 5549.S.M63 .C]34 1984 Title: Publishe[: Published Year. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. (LOmbard, IL, Great Quotations, 1984). 1994 Page 184
Page 180: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbet: HP 5548.4 . S26 1989 Title: ALLWAYS (COMPUTER PROGRAM); INSIDE ALLWA , THE SPREADSHEET PUBLISHER Authoz: Bandler C 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Sadgett T Publishe[: NeW Yozk, Wiley, 1989. Published Year: 1989 Ca[alog Numbez: HF 5548.4 L6Y .A33 1 Title: LOTUS 1-2-3, THE MICROSOFT DESKPOP DICT30NARY AND CROSS-AEFERENCE GUIDE. Sezial Title: Command pezfozmance Authoz: Adamis E Publishez: Micisoft Pzess, Bellewe, Wash., 1986. Publisbed Yeaz: 1986 Catalog Numbei: HF 5548.4 .L6J .B3) 1986 Title: THE OSBORNE MCGRAW-HZLL GUIDE TO 1-2-J COVERS VERSION 3 GUIDE TO USING LOTUSUI-2-]. 2thoz: Bazas E M blishei: Osbozne McGZaw-Hill, Bezkeley, Calif., 1986. Published Yeat: 1986 Catalog Number: H 4 ] 1988 Title: LOTUSMAGA2INE THE MACRO BOOK E%PERT ADVICE F 1-2-J AND SYMPHONY USERS LOTUS CAMBRIDGE MASS LOTUS MAGAZINE. ezial Title: ^Best of Lotus" zepzint series Authoi: eigez D Publishez: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Readinq, Mass., 1988 Publiehed Yeaz: 1998 Catalog Numbei: HF 5548.4 .L6"I .A52 1985 Title: THE HIDDEN POWER OF LOTUS 123 USING MACA05 HIDDEN U.S. ON6-TNO-THREE. USZNG NACROS. Authot: Ridington R W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Williams M Publishez: Bzady Communicatione Co., 8ovie, MD, 198. Published Yeai: 1985 Catalog Numbei: HF 5548.4 .L6) M32) 1986 it1e: C LOTUS 1-2-1. Author: McCluzeR 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Abdill M Publishez: Nev Yozk, N , Siwon & Schustei', Distzibuted by entice Hall Tzade, Published Yeai: 1988 Page 11H
Page 181: ggs04d00
Catelog Number: HF 554).5 .M6] 1984 Title: NOT JUST A SECRETARY, USING THE JOB TO GET AHEAD. AOthor: Ma[iov J B 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: LeboV M Publlaher: WileY, Naw York, 3984. Poblished Year: 1984 Catalog Number: H S .M68 1986 Title: THESECRETARY'S BOOK OF HOPE, H W YOU CAN 6EAT OPPRESSION AND ACE THE JOB MAR%ET. Author: Moi[ov L Publiahet: McGCav-Hili, NeW Yoik, 1986. Published Year: 19s6 Catalog NuIDbez: HF 554).5 .0342 1984 Tit1e: OFFICE PROCEDURES FOR THE PROFESSIONAL SECRETARY. 2d Aut or Ed.: eranchav B P bliaher: e Research Aasocaat , Chicago, 1984. Pobliehed Year: 1984 talog Numbe[: Title: HF 55<).5 . OFFICE TECHNOLOGY4FOReTHE NONTECHNICAL MANAGER. Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Peck P J Ronkel G J Publisher: Published Year: amfoid, CT., Office Poblications, 1984 1984 Catalcg Number: H Y 982 Titie: FASTEREASIER CHEAPER, A QUICK GUZDE TO SECRETARIAL EF NCY. Se[ial Title: Authot: BPeakingfromexperience Shtader 8 J Publiaher: Round Rock, Tex., PiOfesaional Training Associates, Inc., 1992. Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: HF 5547.5 PJA3 1981 Title: Publiaher: THE ADVANCED BECRETARIAL SEMINAR. Professi0nal Training Asseciates, Znc., (Hettendorf, Iova), 1981. Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: HF 554>.5 .P)S4 3 Title: Publisher: THE SECRETARIAL ro2essional T SEMINAR. ingA so ciates, Ine., PuDliahed Yea[: (Bettendorf, Iowa), 1981 1981 Page 175
Page 182: ggs04d00
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Page 183: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: MF 581] Ke 19]4 Title: SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION. Author: Hey W B Published Yeai: 1999 Catalog Numbez: HF 5814 AS 19]6 Title: BUYER-SELLER SIMILARITY AND ITS INFLUENCE ON COSTOMER PREFERENCES A CONCEPTUAL MODEL AND EMPIRSCAL TEST. Authoi: Akeah I F Publisher: Ann Arbor, ML , University Microfilms Znternational, I9]e Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Numbei: HF 5814 .LC 3980 Title: THE EFFECT O ISION COMMERCIALS PARENTS ANU PEERS ON CHILDREN'S PAODUCT CHOICE. uthor Levinson M 5 Publishei: Ann Aibox, MZ., Univeisity Microfilms atlana3, 1980 Published Yeai: 1980rn Catalog Number: H Title: THEECONOMICCONSEQUENCES OF CNANGES IN TME S I QUANITITY OF AOVERTISING. Author: Leahy A S Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: HF 5821 .B61 E2] 1944 Title: TNE ECONOMIC EFFECTS0F ADVERTISING. Author: Borden N H Publisber: Richard 0 Irvin Inc Chicago 111 1944 Pubiished Yea1: 1944 CatalOg Number: H 5921 .] 19]8 Titie: ADVERTISING INNOVATION AND PROFIT. Author: Publisher: Arbor, M rsity Micrafilms Znteinational, 39]BVe Published Yeai: 19]8 Catalog Number: HF 5821 .S411 Title: THE ECONOMICS OF ADVERTISING. Serial Title: ributions to economic analysis, 80 Author: Schmalenaee R Publisher: North-HOlland Pub. co, Amsterdam, 19]2 Published Year: 19]2 Page 193
Page 184: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HF 5805 . 9 Title: GENDER PORTRAYALIN MAGAZINE ADVERTZSING A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS O HREE ELEMENTS OF GENDER IMAGERY IN MAGAZINE ADS SN 1953 19]9 ANO 1983, FACES PLACES AND PRODUCTS. Autho[: Ba[nes J A Publisher: roy, NY., 1984 Published Year: 1984 talog Number: HF 5 .P6 1986 Title: ADVERTZSING EFFECTS AND VIE4IER INVOLVEMENT NITH TELEVISED SPORTS. Authcr: Pokrywczynski J V Publishe[: Ann A[bor, MI., Univereity Microfilm Inte[national, 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: HF 5 .034 A3 Title: CONFESSIONS OF AN ADVERTIBING NAN. Autho[: Ogilvy D 2nd Aut or Ed.: ogilVy D Publiahe[: AtheOeum, New York, 1963 Published Yea[: 196J Catalog Number: HF 5811 .I4 1 Title: FAMILY PURCHASING DECISIONS AMONG EXICAN-ANSRICANS AND ANGLOS. Author: Imperia G Publisher: All Arbor, ML , University Microfilms International, 1982 Published Year: 1982 Cataloq Number: HF 5813 Ub P68 19]5 Title: THE GRGT AMERICAN BLOWUP PUFFERY IN ADVERTISING AND S£LLING. Autho[: I L Publiaher: University of Wieconein Press, (Madison)19]5 Published Year. 19')5 Catalog Number: HF 5813 U8 1983 Title: THE EFFECT OP SEXUAL STEREOTYPING IN PRINT ADVERTISING ON BRAND NAME RECALL, SALEB POINT RECALL AND BUYING ATTITUDE, AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY. Autho[: Utt 5 Publisher: n Arbor, M rsity Mic[ofilms International, 1983 Published Year: 1983 Page 192
Page 185: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: HP 55<z.5 P . Q 1981 THE SEMINARFORSENIOR AND E%ECUTIVE S£CRETARIES. Publisher: Professional T[aining A soc iates, Inc., Published Year: (Bettendorf, Iova), 1981 1981 Catalog Number: Title: HF 554].5 .W34 19 RRING SMARTER, 88 A TIME MANAGEMENT GUIDEBOOK FOR SECRETARIES. ia1 Tltle: Speaking Fom Experience Author: Walker M E Publisher: und Rock, T, Professional Tralning Associat, nc., 1968 Published Year: 1988 Catalog Numbex: HF 5548 .B76 Title: THE MYTHICAL MANMONTH ESSAYS ON SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. Avthor: Brooks F P Publisher: Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mas , 19'!5 Published Year: 19]5 Catalog Nvmber: HF 5548.2 . 834 3983 Title: HOW TO PREVENT COMPUTER CRIME A GUIDE FOR MANAGERS. Authoi: Bequai A Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Numbel: H 2 .8463 Title: MANAGINGTHE SYSTEMS DEVEIAPMENT PROCESS SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT P Serial Title: Touche Ross s co, management serles Author: H1ggs C 2nd Aut or Ed.: Birks E G Atkine W Publisher: Prentice-Ha11, Englevood Cliffs, N. , 1980 Published Year: 1980 CtTA 11, g Number: HF 5 G6]18 1989 tle: TURNING THETABLES, USING THE SAPANESE TECHNIQUES FOR IMPLEMENTING ARTI£ICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN THE UNITED STATES. Authoi: ee R Publlsher: NeWYO[k, McGeaW-Hill, 1989 Published Year: 1989 Page 176
Page 186: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HF s .0626 1948 Title: NARKETING ORUG PRODUCTB. Author: Olsen P C Publisher: Rutgers Univ Press New Brunswick, 1948 Published Year: 1948 Catalog Numher: H 6203 .GJ2 U4 Title: BRAND STRATEGYIN UNITED STATES FOOD MARKETING PERSPECTIVE ON FOOD NANUFACTURERS' AND UISTRIBUTORS' BRANDS IN TNEUNITEDSTATES. Author: Applebaum W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Goidberg R A Publishei: of Research, Giaduate School of Business Administration, HarvarL Unlversity, Boston, 196'/ Published Year: 1967 Catalog Number: HF 70 .U5 .D45 1986 Title: OUT OF THE CRISIS. Author: ing N E Publisher: MassaChusetts Institute o£ Technology, Center for Advanced Engineering BtuGy, Cambridge, Mass., 1986. PublisheU Year: 1986 Catalog Number: HF 'l0.U5 .D45 1966 Title: F THE CRISIS Author: Deming N E Publisher: ambridge, MA achusetts Institute o Technology, Centei for Advanced Engineering Study, 1906 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: NG 3>5 FSI 1 Title: FINANCE AND THE'INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY, THE AME% BANK REVIEH PRIZE ESSAYS IN MEMORY OF ROBERT MARJOLIN. 2nd Aut o Calverley S o'Brien R arjolin R Publisheir Ed.: Oafo[d (Oxfordshiie): New York, Published by ox[ord University Press far AHEX 8auk Review, Published Year: 398) Catalog Number: H B Title: ECONOMICHEHAVIOR OF THE AFFLUENT. Seriel Titie: Studies o[ government finanre Author: Barlow R 3ntl Aut or Ed.: e r H E; Morgan S N Publishei: ookings Institution, Hashington, 1966 Puhlished Yeaz: 19ss Page 198
Page 187: ggs04d00
CatalOg Number: Title: HF 5721 . R 1984 SEND ME AMEMO A HANDBOOR OF MOOEL MENOS. Author: Publishe[: Published Year: BOOher D O Facts on File, Neu York, NY, 1984. 1984 Catalog Number: Title: HF 5'/21 .E9 19'/9 WRITING FON3RESULTS IN EURINESS GOVERNMENT THE SCIENC£5 THE PROFESSIONS. Autho[: Publisher: Published Yea[: Eving D Wlley, Nev Ya[k, 39)9 19"/9 Catalog Numbei: HF 5)21 .G6 Title: thor: WRITING T COMMUNICATE. Goeller C G 2 blisher: DOUbleday,Garden City, N.Y., 19"/4 Published Year: 19"/4 CatalOg Numbez: HF 5]2fi . Title: COMPLETE ROO% OF MODEL RUSINE55 LETTERS. Author: Publishe[: Cresci M W Parker Pub. CO., West Nyack, N.Y., 19~6. Published Year: 19>6 Catalog Numbe[: HF 5"/26 EB 1980 Title: Publisher: THE EXECUTIVE SECRETARY'S COMPLETE PORTFOLIO OF ETTCRS. Buteau of Business Practice, Wateiford, COnn., Pub115M1ed Year: 980. 1980 Catalog Number: IIF 5]26 .E935 1985 Title: EXECUTZVE•S BUSZNESS LETTER BOO% READYTOUSE BUSINESS LETTERS FOR BUSINESS ONNERS AND Publisher: ExecuxlVES. erprise Publishing, Wilmington, De1., 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: NF 5"/26 .F42 Title: Publisher: Published Yea[: HON TO WRITE EFFECTIVE REPORTS. Addison-Y)esley Pub. CO., Reading, 1965 Mass , 1965 Page 189
Page 188: ggs04d00
Cataloq Number: HF 5686 .C'/ MJS Title: HANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING F R MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS SELECTIONS FROM CURRENT LITERATURE. Published Year. -4 Catalog NUmber: HF 5718 GJ] H68 1980 Tit1e: HOW TO WIN WITH INFORNATION OR LOSE WITHOUT IT. Author: n A P 2nd Aut or Ed.: Bermont H I Publisher: Waahington, D.C., Hermont Books, 1980 Publishatl Year: 1980 CatalOq Number: N 5] 18 .L68 1980 Title: ORGANI£ATIONAL CONMUNICATIONAL THE £SSENCE OF EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT. Serial Title: Grid s in management Autho[: Lewis p ~es Publishec: Grid Publishing Inc.COlumbUS, 1980 Publiahed Year: 1980 Cat33og Number: HF 5>18 .P44 1988 Title: PRESENTATIONS PLUS, DAVID PEOPLBS' YROVEN TECHNIQUES. Author: PeoPles O Publisher: Wi1ey, NewYOrk, 1988 A Published Year. 1988 Catalog Number: HF 5~18.5 .M4J i985 Title: UIDELINES FOR PREPARING PROPOSALS, A MANUAL ON HOW TO ORGANIZE WINNING PROPOSALS F R GRANTS VENTURE CAPZTAL A6 O PROSECTS OTHER PROPOSALS. Authoc: Meador R Publisher: LeWis Publishers, Chelsea, Mich., 1985. Publiahed Year: 1985 Catalog Numbec: HF 5]38.5 . 46 H68 1989 Title: HOW TO WRZTEWINNING PROPOSALS FOR YOUR COMPANY OR CLIENT Author: Tepper R Pub115her: New Yock, Wiley, 1989 Published Yeac: 1989 Catalog Number: HF 5]19 .H64 1981 Title: ITING FOR DECISION MAKERS MEMOS AND REPORTS WITH A COMPETITIVE £DGE. Author: Hoicombe M 4! 2nd Aut or Ed.: Stein T R Publisher: Lifetime Learning Publications, Belmont, Calif.1981 Publiehed Year: 1981 Page 188
Page 189: ggs04d00
[alog Numbei: HF 5549.5.M61 .M938 1984 Title: MOTIVATIONAL QllOT`E5, C MPILED ESPECIALLY FOR ENT. Publishex: (LOmbatd, IL, Gzeat Quotations, 1984). Publisbed Yeat: 1984 Catalog Number: HE 5549.5.PI5 .K4 1965 Title: BOUT PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL. Sexial Title: An AMA handbook Author: Kellogg M Publishet: New Yotk, Ametlcan Hahagement Association, ezican Management As sociatlon New YO[k, 1965~ Published Year. 1965 Catalog Number: HE 5549.S.RJ .L6 C6 1994 Title: COPING WITH AN INTOLERABLB BOSS Serial Title: Special Repozt Avthor: ombardo M M 2nd Aut ox Ed.: M Ca11 M W Publishet: Greaensboeo, NC., Center for Creative Leadership, 1984 Published Yeae: 3984 Catalog Number: HF 5549.5.T5 .B9] P]6 1909 Title: THE PROCRASTINATTON CURE (SOUND RECOROING) Author: urka T B 2nd Avt ox Ed.: Yven L M Publishez: chicago, IL., Nightingale-COnant, 1989 Published Yeax: 1989 Catalog Numbex: HE 5549.S.T5 .H69 P47 1980 Title: PERSONAL TSME MANAGEMENT. Aubo[: Hayt T Pubiisher: St. Pau1, F9i., Telsta[ P[oductions~ 1980 Published Year. 1980 Catalog Numher: HF 5549.SJ6 H68 1 Title: W TO WRITE JOB DESCRIPTIONS THE EASY WAY. Publisher: Bu[eav of Law 6 Husiness, Inc.Madison, CT.1982 Published Yea[: 1982 Catalog Nvmber: HE 5549- .52 198] Title: R H TIONS GUIDEBODKEFOROFFICEPAOFESSIONALSE~ Serial Title: Speaking F m Experienca Autho[: Sandst[om T Publisher: und Aock, T%., Pto£esslonal T[aiuin9 Associates, nc., 398] Published Year: 198'/ Paqe 185
Page 190: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: HF 6161.C35 .A3 1962 Titie: A STUDY OF EXPENDITUREB AN OF TRENOB IN SALES PROMOTION , WITH A MEDICAL APPBNDIX. Publisher: The Advertising Inquiry Council Ltd.LOndon, 1962 Published Year: 1962 Cetalog Number: HF 6161.C35 .B44 W'/ 1977 Title: ADVERTISING ANU CIGAR£TTE CONSUMPTION WERBUNG UND IGARETTENKONSUM. Sezial Titie: Economic SOientific Hesearch Publication No. lll Schriften Zur WirtschaftsvissenscRaftlichen Fo[schung Hand 113 Aothor: e e Publisher: Verlag Anton Hain Meisenheim am Glan 19l'! Published Year: 19" Catalog Number: HF 6161.C35 .B4] Z5] 19'/9 Title: 22GARETTENWERBUNG UND Z ARETTENKONSUM EINE PSYCHOLOGISCHE STUDIE CIGAR£TT£ ADVERTISING AND CIGARETTE CONSUMPTION A PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY. Se[ial Title: Beit[age xur empiiischen Sozialforschurtq Author: 9ergler R Publisher: Bein, Verlag Hans Hube[, 19"!9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Numbei: HF 6161.C35 .F] 1969 Title: OKING AND POLITICS POLICYMAKING AND THE FEDEPAL BUREAUCRACY. Author: Fritschlez A L Publishee: entice-Hall, Englevood Cliffs, N. T, 1969 Published Yea1: 1969 Catalog Number: HF 6161.C35 .F) 39)5 Title: SMOKING AND POLITICS POLICYMAKING AND THE FEOERAL BUREAUCRACY. Author: Fritschlei A L Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Englevood Cliffs, N.T., 39]5 Published Yeai: 1975 Catalog Number: HF s C35 ."! 1983 Title: SMOKZNG AND POLITICS POLICY MAKING AND THE FEDERAL BUHEAUCHACY. Authoi: Fritschle[ A L Publlsher: ce-Hall, Englevood Cliffs, N.J.1961 Published Year: 1983 Page 196
Page 191: ggs04d00
C t a a o9 um ei: l N b HE Title: 6 1.C35 .L64 A38 19>3 ADVERTISING PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION AND Authar: CIGARETTES. Luksetict W A Publisher: Published Year: Unive[sity MrCrofilms Ann Arbor M.ichiqan 1973 1913 Catalog Number: . 1986 H 1.C35 6 Title: SMORING OUT THE8ARON5, THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE Serial Title: TOBACCO INDUSTRY, A REPORT OF THE B ITZSH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIVISION. A Hiley medical Publication Publisher: Published on behalf ot the British Medical Association (by) Wiley, Chichester; 0 New York, 986. Published Yeaz: 19R6 Catalog Number: HF 6161.C35 T6 1986 Title: TOBACCO ADVRRTISINGDAN5 AND CONSUMPTION IN 16 Author: Publisher: COUNTRIES. Boddewyn J J Intetnational Advertising Association Nev Yo , Published Yeat: 1 1996986 Cataloq Number: Title: HE 6i61.C35 PNN FOCUS O T6 1990 G ETTE ADVERTISING Author: Walker M;PalmerJ;Gteen M;Taffe D Published Year: 1990 Catalog Number: Title: HE 6161.C35 .T85 M43 19'/4 ENT OF THE DISTRIBUTED LAG FFECT OF ADVERTISING EXPENDITURES ON SALESOF CIGARETTE BRANOS. Authoz: TUNGELN G R Publisher: Unive[sity Microfilms International, Ann Atbo, ML, 19)4 Published Year: 19J4 Catalog Numbee: H 6 111.131 .W5 Title: SELLING DEATH CIGARETTE ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC HEALTH. Author: Whiteside T Publishe[: Liveright, New York, 19~1 Publisbed Year: 19]1 Catalog Number: HE 6161- .5393 1988 Title: DIRTY BU VIDEORECORDING Publisher: Camden,MENESVaried Directions xn , 1988 Published Year. 1988 Page 117
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Catalog Numbex: HG 6 .IS] Titie: INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL STATISTICS YEARBOOK Publisher: ashington, DC., Intexnational Monetary Fund Published Yea[: 1999 Catalog Numbex: HG 61 .IS] 1989 Title: INT£RNATIONAL FINANCIAL STATISTICS YEARBOOK - INT£RNATIONAL MONETARY FUND. Publisher: ashington, D.C., International Honetaey Fund. Published Year: 1989 Catalo9 Numbe[: HG 8538 .N8 .J64 1988 Title: NORTH CAROLINA INSURANCE FACT BOOK. Authoz: Sohnson J E; Crisp L A PuElisher: N.C. Insurance Foundation, Inc.~ Center for Applied R [ch, University of North Ca[olina at Geeensbo[oSeG[eensboeo, NC., 1988 PubliBhed Year: 1988 Catalog Number: HJ 101 . itle: GOVERNMENT F STICS YEARBOON. Publisher: ashington, DNC~.Clnternational Monetary Fund. Published Year. 1988 Catalog Number: NJ 1 Title: GOVERNMENT FINANC£ STATISTICS YEAREOOE Publisher: Washington, DC.~ Intexnational Honeta[y Fund, Published Yeaz: 1999 Catalog Number: H.T 8899 . Tit1e: WORLO DEBTTAELES 6 Publishex: ashington, 0, o[ld Bank, Published Yeai: 1999 ialog Number: HM 101 .P558 1985 Title: THE PLANNING OF CNANGE Author: Bennis W G 211 Aut o[ Ed.: Eenne D;Chin R Publisher: New York3: HOlt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalag Number: HM 106 .S] i Title: SOCIAL COHESION ESSAYS TOWARD A L FERSPECTIVE. Serial TSCle: Contributions in SoCiology, no. 49 2nd Aut or Ed.: 9[chas P Mendoza S P Publisher: G[eenwood Pxess Westport, 1984 PublisheU Year: 1964 Page 200
Page 193: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: HM 1 .D54 Tltle: DIPFERENTIA'fION B£TWEEN SOCIAL GROVPS S IN THE SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF INTERGROUP RELATIONS. Serial Title: European monographs in social psychology , 14 2na Aut or Ed.: Ta1fel H Publishe[: Published i oope[ation vith Eu[opean iationnof Experimental Social Psychology by Academic P[ess, London, New Yo[k, 1978 Published Yea[: 1978 Catalog Number: HN 132 . 9 Title: PEOPLE SKILLSNOW TO ASSERT YOURSELF LISTEN TO OTHERS AND RESOLVE CONFLICTS. Serial Title: uchstone book Autho[: Bolton R Pubiishe[: Simon & Schuste[, Nev Yoek, 1986, Publisbed Year. 1986 Catalog Number: HE 132 .B66 1984 Title: GETTING A NG WITH PEOPLE WHO DON'T GET ALONG. Authoi: BOOher D D Pubiishe[: Bxoadman Press, NashVille, Tenn., 1984. Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: HE 1 Title: FACE TO FACE, A PRACTZCAL GI:IDE TO INTERACTIVE Author: HoneySP Publisher: or, Alde[shot, Hants, England; Brookfield, Vt., U S.A.~ 1988 Published Year. 1988 Catalog Number: F@f 1J2 .K36 1983 Title: FIXING R SHIPS THROVGH JOZNT ACTION 8erial Title: Technical Report No. 24 Autho[: Kaplan R E Publisher: Greensbo[o, NC., Center foz Creative Leadership, 1983 Pubiished Yea[: 1983 Catalog Number: HE 132 .P42 1980 Title: PERSON HEMORY THE COGNITTVE BASIS OF SOCZAL PERCEPTION. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hastie R; Ostrom T M; Ebbesen E e; Wyer R S; Hamilton D L; Caxlston D E Publishe[: L. Erlbaum Associates, Hillsrlale, N.T.1980 Published Year: 1990 Page 201
Page 194: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HM 251 .OSBS 39 Title: CONSIBTENCY INSOCIAL BEHAVIOR THE ONTAEIO SYMPOSIUM. 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Zanna M P; Higgins E T; Hetman C P Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers Hillsdale, NJ, 1982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Nvmber: NM 251 S5 1987 Title: 8£HAVIORAL SCIENCE FOR THE BOREDS. Author: Sierles F Publisher: Med M ster Mra , 1987. Published Year: 1987 a Catelog Number: HM 258 .N465 1982 Title: NONVERBAL BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY. Serial Title: Perspectives in social psychology Authoi: Heslin R ]nd Aut o Ed.: Paiterson M L Publieherr Ylenum Press, New Yoik, 1982 Published Year. 1982 Catalog Numbec: HM 261 .L1I 1981 Title: ADVANCEU QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN. Author: Labaw P Publisher: Abt Books, Cambtidge, Mas , 1981 Publiehed Year: 3983 Cata1og Number: HM 291 .L4 1974 Title: ACTUAL VS EXP£CTED COMPATIBILITY ZN THE PROBLEM SOLVING DYAD. Autbor: Lerner I. Publisher: Univ. Microfilms Intl.Ann Arbor, M, 09]4 PublisheE Year. 1974 Catalog Number: FM 291 .S587 1982 Ti[le: OCIAL PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIORAL MEUICINE. ]nd Aut or Ed.: Eiser J R Publieher: Wiley, New zoik, 1982 Published Year. 1982 talog Number: H 113.5 .N3 Title: NEWPATTERNS IN 0LD MEXICO A STUDY OF TOWN AND METROFOLIS. Authoi: Hayner N 5 Publisher: Co3lege & University Press, New HaV, 966 Publiahed Year: 1966 Page 204
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Catalog Number: HF 5"/26 .M365 1993 Title: HAK£ Y R POINT A E TO IMPROVING YOUR BUSINESSAND TECHNICAL WRITING. Authox: Markel M H 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Lucier R J Publlshe[: Pxentice-Na11 Englewoad Cliffs, 1983 Published Yeax: 1983 C9talog Number: HF 5726 R5 19"/1 Title: OW TO WRZTE SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS LETTERS. 2tho[: Riebel J P blisher: O Pub. CO., New York, 19"!1 Publiahed Year: 19'/1 Catalog Numbei: HF 5'/45 .a Title: ADOLESCENTSMO%ING RESEARCH ANB HEALTN POLICY. Autho[: Cleaxy P D; Hitchcock J L; Semmer N; Flinchbaugh L J; PinneY T M Publishe[: Nev York, Cambridge UnivezsitY Press, 1989 Published Yea[: 1988 Cata3og Numbe[: HF 5'/JO B . Title: PACRAGINGENGINEERING. Author: Baxail L C Publisher: Reihh0ld, New York, 1954 Published Year: 1954 Catalog Number: HF 5"/Y0 .B35 itle: Ct(AGING MANAGEMENT. Author: BarlovAC Publisher: Amexican Management Association, (New Yo[k)1969 Pubiished Yeax: 1969 Catalog Number: HF 5]")0 .G)5 196) Title: IDE TO PACKAGING LAW. Publishei: MGGraw-Hill, NeW York, 196] Published Yeae: 196') Catalog Number: HF 5)'!0 G8 itle: PACKAGING 25 NARXETING. Author: s L M Publisher: Ame[ican Management Association, New York, 1967 Published Yeax: 196'/ Catalog Number: HF 5 .L46 19]1 Title: PACXAGING SPECIFICATIONS PURCHASING AND QUALI'LY CONTROL. Author: Leonard E A Publisher: av-Hill Znc., Nev York, 1971 Publiahed Year: 1999 Page 190
Page 196: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: NG 181 K] 19]2 Title: TF1E NEW YORK TIMEG GU TO BUSINESS AND FINANCE THE AMERICAN ECONOMYAND HOW IT WGRKS NEW YORK TIMES. Aathoi: K[aus A L Pobllshel: Harpe[ & Row, New Yoik, 1972 Published Year: 19]2 Catalog Number: NG 229 . Title: INTEtNATIONAL PATTERNS OF INFLATION A STUDY ZN RASTS. Se[ial Title: Confe[enae Board Report no. 653 2nd Aut or Ed.: $olOmon £ Publishe[: The COnfe[ence Board New York, 1984 PubllsheU Year: 1984 Catalog Nomber: HG 3882 .834 itle: BALANCE O TATISTICS YEARBOON Publisher: ashington,PeC~,ENTheSFUnd, Published Yeae: 1999 Catalog Number: HG 4026 G6J Title: TECHNIQUES O ROFITADILITY ANALYSIS PROFITABILITY ANALYSIS. Autho[: oodma0 S R Publishe[: Wiley-Inte[scienae, New Yoik, 19]0 Published Year: 1970 Catalog Number: HG 4026 . 19]3 Title: DECISION STRATEGIES IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. Autho[: shuckett O H; Moak E J P~blishe[: AMACOMNaw Yo[k, 19]3 Published Year: 19'/] Catalog Numbet: HG 4026 .S]8 19]4 Title: PROFITS GROWTH AND PLANNING TECHNIQUES OF MODERN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. AOtho[: Summe[s E L POblishe[: Dow Jones-I[win, Hemewaod, 211., 19]4 Poblished Yea[: 19]4 Catalog Number: HG 4028 V3 P7 Title: VAGUING A BOSINESS THE ANALYSIS AND APPRAISAL OF CLOSELYNELD COMPANIES. Autho[: ratt S P Publishe[: Dow JOnes-Irwin, Homewoorl, 211.1981 Published Year. 1981 Page 199
Page 197: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbe[: HM 132 PS 1 Title: HOW TO COMMUNZCATE UNDER PRESSURE DEALING WITH DIFPZCULT PEOPLE HOW TO COMMUNICATE UNDER PR£SSURE. Author: Plaget G W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Binkley B Publishei: IAHB P[ess, Portola Valley~ Ca1if., 1985. Published Yea[: 1985 talog Number: HM 133 .D89 Title: DYNAMICS OF GROUP DECISIONS. ial Title: Sage focus editions 2nd Aut o Ed.: B andstatter H: Davis63 H; Schule[ H Publisher 5age Publications, Beverly Hills, 19"!8 Published Yea[: 19'/8 Catalog Numbee: HM 141 .8434 W4 19 Title: WHY LEADERS CAN'TLEAD THE UNCONSCIOUS CONSPZRACY ia1 Title: TheJOSSey-eass Management Series T Author: Bennis W Publisher: n Francisco, CA., Jossey-Bass Publisheis, 1989 Published Yea[: 1989 Catalog Number: HM 14 .C26 Title: IF I'M IN CHARGE HERE WHY IS EVEAY60DY LAUGHING.. Author: Campbell D P Publisher: Argus Communications, Allen, Tez.1980 Published Year. 1980 Catalog Numbe[: HM 141 .J2 189 Titie: THE qUIET MIND IMAGERY FOR PEACEFUL LIVING. Autho[: Jampolsky G 2nd Aut oi Ed.: C e D V Publishei: Chicago, nIL, Nightingale-COnant CoiP., 1989 Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: t@1 1 .L4 1983 Title: N MEETINGB 5 UND RECORDING Publisher: XeroxLearning Systems, Stamford, CT, 1982. Published Year. 1982 Catalog Number: HM 1 .L413 Title: o E GO .. 2nd Aut or Ed.: MECa118M W: Lombard M Publishe[: Duke Unive[sity Piess, Du[ham, 19'/8 Published Year: 19"/8 Page 202
Page 198: ggs04d00
Catxlog Number: H ]]0 .L54 Title: THESROLE OF PACHAGING IN THE US ECONONY R£PORT TO THE AHERICAN FOUNDATION FOR MANAGEMEN'1' RESEARCH NC. PublisM1ed Year: 1966 Catalog Numbe[: HF 5770 N Titie: MAiUCETING G E 1- P G INDUSTRIES. Se[ial Title: Its Industrialma~ketingAguide ING. 9 2nd Aut or £L.: Noble P Published Year: 1968 Catalog Number: H S7]0 .N61 1980 Title: THE%LINE GUIDE TO THE PACRAGING INDUSTRY. 2nd Aut o Ed.: Ueitsch M h S Publisheir Cha[les H. %line & Co. Inc.Fairfield, N.l, 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Numbe[: H "!]0 .09 1954 Title: PROTECTIVE NRAPPINGS. Author: Oswin C R Publishe[: am(den) Publications, London, 1954 Published Yeai: 1954 Cataloq Number: HF 5>YO . R Title: PACHAGZNGA SCIENTZFIC NARRETING TOOL. Avthor: Raphael H S Publisher: Distributed ezclusively by the Michigan State Unive[sity Book Sfore, (East Lansing, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Numbe[: HF 5770 .U531 1961 Titie: CKAGING AND LABELZNG PRACTICES, HEARINGS HFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON ANTITRUST AND MONOPOLY OFTHE MHITTEE ON THE SUDZCIARY, UNITED STATES 5 EIGHTY-SEVENTH CONGRE55, SECOND SESSION, PURSUANT RES. 258. AuthO[: 0. S Publishet: U.S. GovL. Printing Office, Washing<on, OC., 396i Published Year: 1961 talog Number: HF 5>e0.U6 . Title: SUPPLIER CERTIFICATION, ACHIEVING EXCELLENC£. Author: G[ieco P L 11 Aut or £d.: Claunch J o M W Publisher: Plantsvilla oC , PT Publications, 1988. Published Year: 1989 Page 191
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CatalOq Number: HN 1 25 D5] 1986 Title: Author: DISCOVERINGTRE FUTUR£ THE BUSINESS OF PARADIGMS. Barkez J A Publisher: Published Year: ILI P[ess, Minneapolis, 1986 3986 Catalog Numbe[: HN 17.5 .B325 D5) 1989 Title: Author: DISCOVERING THE FUTURE, Barker J A THE BUSINESS OP PARAUIGMS Pub115he[: Published Yea[: St. Paul, MN., ILI Press, 1989 1989 Cataloq Number: HN 29 .K5 Title: SURVEY SAMPLING. Author: Xish L PuDlisher: J. Wiley New YOrk, 1965 PubliBhed Year: 1965 talog Number: HN 2 9]8 Titie: SURVEY DESIGN AND ANALYSIS CURRENT ISSUES BOCIOLOGICAL M ESEARCH. Se[isl Title: Sage c0ntemporary social science lssues 46 2nd Aut O Ed.: Alvin 0 F Publisherr Sage Publications, Reverly Hills, Calif.l9>8 Published Yea[: 19]8 Catalog Number: HN 59.2 .N]4 1982 Title: MEGATREN05 TEN NEW DIRECTIONS TRANSFORMING OUR Author: isbitt J Publisher: r Books, Nev York, 1982 Published Year: 1982 CatalOg Number: HN 90- .M58 1989 Title: THE UNREALITY INDUSTRY THE DELIBERATE MANUFACTURING OF FALSEHOOD AND WHAT IT IS DOING TO O Se[ial Title: A DS[chLLane Press Book Author: Mit[off I I 2nd Aut oz Fd.: Bennis W Publisher: Nev Yo[k, NY., Car01 PuDlishing G[oup, 1989 Published Year: 1959 Catalog Number: HN 90.P8 .N53 T"/3 1989 Title: TRENDB IN PUBLIC OPINION A COMPENDIUM OF SURVEY DATA uthoz: Niemi R G 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Muellez S; Smiih T W Publisher: Nev York, Greenvood Yress, 3989 Published Year: 3989 Page 205
Page 200: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HF 5821 .W53 1980 Title: DVERTISING CONSUMER LEARNING AND COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES. Serial Title: Studies in induatry economlc5 no. 310 Author: Wildman SS Publishe[: University Mlciofilms Inteinational, Ann Azbor, MI., 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: HF 5821 .299 v.2 itle: G BRANOS AND MARKETS. Au<hor: Watezson M J Publisher: tising Association, (LOndon), /584. Pub115hed Year: 1984 Catalog Number: H£ 5822 .B4] A 1981 Title: ZIGARETTENWERBUNGUND 2IGARETTENKONSUM ADVERTISING AND CIGARETTE SMOKING A PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY. Author: Bergler x 1 Publisher: Huber, eern, 1981 Published Yeaz: 1981 Catalog Numbei: HF 5822 . Title: MEDZA SE%PLOITATION. Authoz: Key W B Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Englewood C1iff8, N.J.19]6 Published Year: 19]6 Catalog Number: NP 5823 .R322 1961 Title: REALITY IN ADVERTISING. Author: Reeves R Publisher: acgibbon 6 Kee London, 1961 Published Year: 3961 Cetalog Number: HF 5825 .G38 1988 Title: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO CREATZNG SUCCESSFUL HURES. Author: Gedney K z Ed.: iulte P Publisher: BreMwood, N.Y., Ashez-Gallant Press, 1988. Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: HF 562] .183 Title: ISSUES IN ADVERTZSING THE ECONOMICS OF PERSUASION. Serial Title: AEI symposia ]8D Znd A r Ed.: Tuerck D G Publisher: The Institute, Washington, 19]8 Published Year. 19]8 Page 194
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Catalog Numbe[: HF 5549- S2 1990 Title: WORKING HETTER TOGETHER, A HUMAN RELATIONS GUIDEBOOK FOR OFFICE PROFESSIONALS ial Title: Speaking From Ezperience Author: Gandstrom T Publisher: Round ROCk, Tez., P[ofessional T[aining Associatea, I , 1990 Published Year: 1990 Catalog Nomber: HF 5569.C6 .L38 P72 Title: PRACTICAL NEGOTIATING SKZLLS. Author: Lase[ R J Publishei: Dible Management Development Institute 1992 Published Year: 1982 Cata1og Number: H 9.C6 M6 E3 19)5 Title: EFFECTIVE SPEAKING FOR MANAGERS. Author: Monigomery R Pubiisher: Nev Yo[k, Amac , 1975 Published Year: 19)5 Cataloq Number: HF 5550 .A882 39]8 Title: -BASE PLANNING ANU BUOGETING. Author: ustin L A; Ritvo E Publisher: n Management Assocaatlone, Extenaion Institute, 1918 Publieherl Yea[. 1978 Catalog Number: HF 5550 .JS7 1971 Titie: BUDGETING K TO PLANNING AN0 CONTROL PRACTICAL GUIDELINES FOR MANAGERS. Author: Jones R L 2nd Aut Or Ed.: T[entin H G Publieher: Ame[ican Management Association(New York)(1971) Published Year: 19]1 Catalog Number: HF 5550 S$Y -5 Title: BUOGETING EASICS, A HOW TO GUIDE FOR MANAGERS. Autho[: eny A; Wl r J N Publishe[: COM, NewYOrk, 19~5 Publtshed Year: 1975 Catalog Number: HF 5605 Wa 1980 Title: FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING FOR NONFINANCIAL MANAGERS. Authoz: Waehle[ R C; Matias A J Publisher: rcan Management Associations, 1980 Published Year: 1980 Page 186
Page 202: ggs04d00
Catalog NNmber: HF 5827 .P64 Title: POLITICAL ECONOMY OF AOVERTISING. 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Tuerck D G Publisher: American Enterpri¢e In ute for Public POlicy Research, WaShington,19J8 Published Year: 1978 CatalOg Number: HF 5827.8 .G8 19JJ Title: DECEPTZON IN ADVBRTISZNG, A REVIEW OF PAST AND CURRENT FTC PRACTICE AND AN EXPERZMENTAL EVALUATION OF A NEN APPROACH POR DETECTING AND A NEN APPROACH FOR ERADICATZNG ITS EFFECTG. Author: Gurol M N Publieher: University Microfilms Tnternational Ann Arbor, MI, 1977 Published Yeax: 1977 CaGalOg Numbe[: HF 5828 P27 Title: PACKAGING PACKUNGEN EMBALTIGES. 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Hertleg W Publisher: Graphis Press., (EUrich) Published Year. 1999 CatalOg Number: HF 5 .A450 1964 Title: SEX ROLE 5 ONSUMER RESPONSE TO GENDERED ADVERTISEMENTS~ C utho[: Alreck P Publisher: Ann A[bor,I MI., Unive[sity Microfilms atlonal, 1984 Published Year: 1984rn Catalog Number: HF 5849 GB .PJ12 1968 Title: PROGRESSZVE GROCER'S NEW IDEA BOOK, STORE-WIDE G IDEAS FOR PROFZT-MINDED FO00 RETAILERS. zna Aut or Ed.: Feinstein D Publisher: Progreseive Grocer Nev YOrk, 1966 Published Year: 1968 Catalog Number: HF 6161 T6 U52 Title: FALSE AND MISLEAUING ADVERTISING FILTER TIP CIGARETTES HEARINGS BEFORE A SUBCOM4ITTEE OF THE COMMITTEE ON OVERNMENTOPERATIONS , HOUBE OF REPRESENTATIV£S , EIGHTY - FIFTH CONGRESS , FIRST SESSION COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS; HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES; EIGHTY-FIFTH CONGRESS, FTRST SESEION; JULY, 195J.,WASHINGTON, OC,195J.. Publisher: U. S. Govt. Print. Office Washington, DC, 1957 Published Year: 395J Page 195
Page 203: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: H 5110 .146 9 Title: POTIS ROTAND0THER HORRIBLE FACTS ABOUT BAD Author: s J C Publishe[: ciati9n Press, Nev York, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: H S .B4> Title: THEECONOMIC COST OF ALCOHOL ABUSE 39]5 ADM INAL REPaRT. Author: Berry R E 2nd Aut o Ed.: Eoland .T P Publisher na1 Technical information Service SPiing[ield, 1977 Published Year: 39]] Catalog Numbei: HV 5142 .B5) 1984 Title: ALCOHOLISM ZN THE PROFESSIONS. Autho[: 6isse1l L 2n9 Aut or Ed.: Haberman P W Publisher: Oxford University Press, New Yo , 1984 Published Yeai: 1984 catalog Number: HV 5292 . 4 19]1 Title: FIRST SPECIAL REPORT TO THE CONGRESS O HOL 6 HEALTH FROM THE SECRETARY OF HEALTH £DUCATION AND 4/ELFARE. Serial Title: DHEH publication n HSM 72-9099 2nd Aut or Ed.: Keller M; enberg S S Publisher: NationalInstitute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Rockville, N , 19>1 Published Year: 19]1 Catalag Number: HV 5292 .A)4 19'!4 Title: SECOND SPECIAL REOPORT TO THE U S CONGAESS ON ALCOHOL 5 ` N! NNOWLEDGE. Serial Title: DHEW publication n. ADM >4-124 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Chafet2 M Ke13ei M Publisher: National Institute on A1COho1 Abuse and Alcoholism, Rockville, MD., 19>4 Published Yeai: 19"/4 Catalog NumDer: H 9 4 19]8 Title: THIRDSPECIAL REPORT TO THE U S CONGRESS ON ALCOHOL AND HEALTH FROM THE SECRETARY OF HEALTH EDOCATZON AND 41ELFARE. Beiial Title: OHEW publication no. ADM '/9-569 2nd Aut o Ed.: NOble E P Zns PublisherL National titute on Alcohol Abuse antl Alcoholism, Rockville, MD., 19"/8 Published Yeai: 19T8 Page 209
Page 204: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: NV 5296 .061 1985 Title: ALCOHOL IN AMERICA TAKING ACTION TO PREVENT ABUSE. Author: Olsoh S 2nd Aut or Ed.: Gezstein D R Publisher: National Academy Press, Waehington, D.C., 3985 PublisheU Year: 1985 Catalog Number: NV 5444 .R69 19'!9 Title: ALCOHOL & LCOHOLISM TNE REPORT OF A SPECIAL COMMITTEE OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PSYCNIATRISTS. Publishez: Eree Press, New Yo[k, 19>9 Published Yea[: 1979 Catalog Number: HV 5>2) T6 1963 n. 6 Title: TOBACCO C UMPTION IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES ial Title: Research Papezs - Tobacco ReseaYCh Council no. 6 2nd Aut or Ed.: Todd G F Publisher: LOndon, Tobacco Reseacch Covncil, 1963 Published Year: 196J Cetalog Number: HV 5727 T6 1968 NO.6 Tit1e: ACCO CONSUMPTION I VARIOUS COUNTRIES. Serial Title: Tobacco Research Cauncil., Research Pape" No. 6 2nd Aui or Ed.: Beese D Publishez: Tobacco Research Council, London, 1968 PublisheU Year: 1968 Catalog Number: NV Sl2) T6 1969 n. 1 Title: STATISTZCS 0 G IN T NiTED EINGDOM. Se[iLl Tit1e: TOBACCO RESEARCH COUNCIL RESEARCH PAPER NO. I 2nd Au r 1- Tood G F Publisher: LOndon, Tobacco Research COUncil, 1969 Published Yea[: 1969 Catalog Number: HV 5'!2') .T61 1958 n. 2 Title: THE RELIABILITY OP STATEMENTS ABOUT SMORING HABITS. Serial Title: Tobacco Manufactuzees Standing Committee, Research Papet, no. 2 Author: Todd G 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Laws J T Publisher: London, Tobacco Manufacturers Standing CommiCtee, 195E Published Year: 1958 Page 218
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Catalog Numbe[: HT 1 s 196'/ Title: ENVIRONMENT FOR MAN THE NEXT FIFTY YEARS THE NEXT FIFTY YEARS. Se[ial Title: A Midland book, MB-302 2nd A r Ed.: Evald w Publishe[: Indiana Unlve[sity Press, Bloomington, 196] Published Year: 196] Catalog Numbet: HT 392 A5 Tit1e: THE COST OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROT£CTION REGULATING OUSING DEVELOPMENT IN THE COASTAL 20NE. Autho[: Richa[dson D R Publieher: entei fo[ Urban Policy Research, Rutge[5 the State Univetsity of Nev Je[sey, New B[unswick, 1916 Published Yea[: 19]6 Catalog Numbe[: HV 4 .S34 1962 Title: SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVES ON ANIMAL WELFARE. 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Orlans F B: Dodds W J Publishe[: NeW Yo[k, AGademic Press, 1982 Published Yeae: 3982 Catalog Numbe[: HV S'!09 .A55 1 itle: 99SUNDAY TODAY PROGRAM Publishei: NBC-TV Netvo[k, 1992 Published Year. 39s2 Catalog Numbe[: HV 4"/D8 H3 Tltle: AMERICA'S NEW EXTREMISTS, WHAT YOU NEED TO RNOW ABOUT THE ANIMAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Author: rdy D T Publieher: Washington, D.C., washington Legai Foundation, 1990. Publiahed Yea[: 1990 Catalog Numbee: HV <'I08 Hl A4 1990 Titie: AMERZCAS NEW EXTREMISTS, WHAT YOU NEED TO RNOW OUT TH6 ANIMAL RIGNTS MOVEMENT Author: Hazdy D T Pubiishe[: Washington, D.C., Weahington Lega1 Foundation, 990. Published Yeae: 1990 Cataloq Numbe[: HV 4764 .R69 19 Title: OF MICE MODELSAN0 MEN A CRITZCAL EVALUATION OF ANIMAL RESEARCH OF MICE, MODELS 6 MEN. AuthoY: Rowan A N Publishei: State Univerei[y of New Yozk P[ess, Albauy, 1984. Published Yea[: 1904 Page 207
Page 206: ggs04d00
talog Number: N 4 1616 Title: TOBACCO TORTURED. S¢rial Title: The English e:cperience, its r o[d i arly printed books published in facsimile,~ no. 42 Author: Deecon J Publisher: Theatrum Oibis Te[[arum;, Ameterdam, 1968 Pubiishad Year: 196R Catalog Numbe[: NV 5'/33 DS Title: TOBACCO 6 UR HEALTN THE SMOKING CONTROVERSY. Serial Title: McGrav-Hill serres >n health education Authoe: Diehl H S Publishe[: MCGiam-Hill, Nev York, 1969 Published Yeai: 1969 Catalog Number: HV 5133 .E42 1980 Title: SMOKER'S HEAVEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO OIE TO GO THERE. AuthOr: Ehde M Publisher: Ehde Publishing Compan, Sontag, MS., 1980 Published Yeai: 19E0 Catalog Number: HV 5]33 .F55 Title: COMMON 5N OUT SMOKING. ial Titie: A PenguinSpecial Author: Fletcher C M Publisher: Penguin Books, Baltimoie, 1963 Publlshed Yea[: 1963 Cetalog Number: HV 5'/33 .G54 Title: THE NO SMOKING BOOk HOW TO QUIT PERMANENTLY. Author: Gilbeit I Publisher: sidi0 Piess, San Rafael, Calif.1980 Published Yea[: 1980 Catalog Number: H .H3413 19'/5 Tit1e: VOMRAUCHER ZUM NICHTRAUCHER CIGARETTE ENp, FROM S ASHES T0 IN SEVEN SURE STEFS. Author: Nalhubei CO ES Publiaher: rafe und Unzer Verlag Munchen~ 19"/5 Published Year: 19~5 Catalog Number: HV 5733 .N3913 19'!6 Titl¢: CIGARETTE END FROM ASHES TO S IN SEVEN SURE STEPS VOM RAUCHEA ZUM NICNTRAUCHER. Author: Halhuber C Publishez: Thorsons Publishers, Wellingborough (Eng.)19"/8 Published Year. 1978 Page 216
Page 207: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbez: HV 5~2'/ .T63 Z9» No.14 Pt.l Title: AEPORT ON A SECOND RETROSPECTIVE MORTALZTY STUDY IN NORTH EAST ENGLAND PT.1. FACTORS RELATED TO MORTALITY FROM LUNG CANCER BRONCHITIS HEART DISEASE AND STROAE IN CLEVELAND COUNTRY WITX PARTICULAR EMPHASIS ON THE RELPTIVE RISKS OCIATED WITH SMO%ING FILTER AND PLAIN CIGARETTES. Serial Title: G[eat Britain Tobacco Research Council Research Pape[ N0.14 Pt.1 Authoz: Dean G; Lee P N; TOdd G F Publisher: Tobacco Research Council London 39T"/ Pobliehed Year: 1- Cataloq Numbez: HV 5]2Y .T63 19"/8 No.14 Pt.2 Title: REPORT ON COND RETROSPECTIVE MORTALITY ST DY IN NORTH EAST ENGLAND PT.II. CHANGES IN LUNG CANCER AND BRONCHITIS HORTALITY AN OTHER RELEVENT FACTORS OCCURRING IN AREAS OF NORTH EAST ENGLAND 1 3-19]2. Serial Title: Tobacco Reseaxch Council Research Paper N0. 14 Pt.2 Publisher: Tobacco Research Council London 1978 Published Year: 1999 CatalOg Number: HV 5l2'/ .T63 1 Title: ANDARD METHOD56FOR TNE ANALYSIS OF CIGARETTE SMONE Serial Title: Tobacco Advisory C cil Research Paper no. 11 Publisher: London, Tobacco Advisory Council, 1986 Published Year. 1956 Catalog Numbe[: HV 5727 .T63 n. 3 Title: THE CONSTITU£NTS OF TOBACCO SMOKE AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. Se[ial Title: rch papers / Tobacco Manufacturers' Standing Committee - 2nd Aut or Ed.: Bentley H R;9erty E G Pubiisher: Tobacco M nufactuiers' Standing Committee, (LOndon, 195 Published Year: I959 Catalog Number: HV 5)32 .N3 1966 Tit1e: STUDIES AND ISSUES IN sMOKING BEHAVIOR. 2nd Avt oi Ed.: Zagona s V Publieher: University Of Arizona Press, Tucson, 196] Published Year: 1967 Page 214
Page 208: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: HV 5]2Y .T6] 1966 n. 1 Title: I SMOAING S NITED G X . Serial T1tle: TOBACCOAESEARCH COUNCSL RESEARCH PAPERiM 2ntl Aut or Ed.: Todd G F Publisher: London, Tobacco ReseazeR Council, 1966 Published Year: 1966 talog Numbet: HV 5 .T63 1966 n I Title: RELIABILITY OF STATEMENTS ABOUT SMOKING HA0IT5 SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT. Serial Title: Tobacco R search Ceuncil ResearcR Papez 2A AutROr: Todd G F e Pub115her: ondon, Tobacco Aesearch Council, 1966 Publisbed Year: 1999 Catalog Number: HV 5727 .T63 1966 n. 9 Title: ENVIRONMENTAL AND PERSONAL FACTORS IN LUNG CANCER AND BRONCHITIS MORTALITY IN NORTHERN IRELAND 1960-62. Serial Titie: Tobacco Research Council ResearcR Paper no. 9 Authar: icken A J Publisher: London, Tobacco Research Council, 166 Published Year: 1999 0 Catalog Numbee: H 5727 .T63 1968 n. 10 Title: Sezial Title: THC PSYCHOLOGSCAL DYNAMICS OF SMORING. TObacco Research C cil Research Paper no. Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Emecy F E; Emery F E; Hilgand0rf Hilgendorf E g B L E L; Irving H L Publisher: Published Year: ondon, Tobacco Research C 1968 ouncil~ 196e Cataloq Number: HV 5~2'1 .T6] 1 Title: Serial Title: STATISTICS OF SMORING OF TME UNITED t(ING00M. SEARCH COUNCIL RESEARCH PAPER NO. C O RE Author: G F Todd Publisher: London, Tobacco Research CounC11, 19]2 PublisRed Year: 1972 talog Numbex: HV 5>2"/ .T6] 1112 11 Title: STANDARD METHOD5FOR THE ANALYSIS OF TOBACCO SMONE Seziel Title: 2nd Aut oz Ed.: . Tobacc0 R Rothwell H rch C ant C cil. Aesea[ch Papez 11 Publisher: London, Tobacco Reseaich Council, 19]2 Publiahed Yeaz: 1999 Page 212
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[alog Numbei! HM 341 .L414 1 Title: LEAOERSHIP EDUCATION 2990, A SOURCB BOOK FOR THOSE PLANNING PRGGRAMB AND TEACHING COURSES IN LEADERSHIP 2nd Aut o Ed.: Claik M B; Freeman F N; Publiahezr Greensboro, NC., Centez for Creative Leadership, anqe, NJ., Leadership Library of America, IncC,01990 Published Year. 1990 Catalog Nvmber: Title: Serial Title: F@f 141 M3 1981 D THE PROF ES SI ONAL. CeterS£or creative Leadership, Technical Report Author: Publisher: mber 1/ McCali M N Center for Creative Leadeiehip Greensbor0, N. Publiehed Yeax: Catalog Numbei: Titie: Sezial Title: 983 1981 NM 1 19]e LEADERSHIP A ROBLEM. CENTER FOR CREATIVE LEADERSHIP TECHNICAL REPORT Author: NO. 5 McCa11 M W Publlshei: Gieensboro, NC., Center for Creative Leadership, Published Year. 9~8 3978 CaCalog Number: HM 141 MJ3 19"/8 Title: Serial Title: POWER INFLUENCE AND AUTHORITY THE NAZARDS OF AARYING A SWORD. CENTER FOR CREATZVE LEADERSHZP TECHNZCAL AEPORT Author: NO. 1 McCall M W Pnblishei: nsboro, NC., Center for Creative Leaderehip, Publiehed Year: 19J8 19J8 C2t31og Number: HM 24 .F265 Title: FACTOA AN ENT IN SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCHALMULTIDIMENBIONAL P6RSPECTIVE. Serial Title: 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Sage studies Tackeon D i inteznational eorgatta E F sociology 21 Publishei: Published Year: Saqe, London;eeverly Hille, 1983 CaliL1991 Page 203
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Catalog Number: HQ 1 .I53 111. 3 Title: LLOQUIUM oN HEALTH ANO AGING O THE POPULATION REPORT OF ANINTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM HELD AT SEMMEAING AUSTRIA SUNE COLLOQUIUM ON HEALTN AND AGING OF THE POPULATION, , SEMMERINGj, , i Se[ial Title: ciplinary topics in gerontology~VSS, 2nd Aut or Ed.: Loventhal M F; 2111i A Publisher: arger, Base1, New York, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: HQ 2039 . 6 866 1985 Title: THE BOOK OF INSIDE INFORMATION MONEY HEALTH SUCCESS MARRIAGE EDUCATION CAR COLLECTING FITNESS HOME TRAVELSHOPPING TA%ESINVESTMENTS RETIREMENT AOTTOM LINEPERSONAL. Publisher: Boardroom Books, Nev York, N.Y., 1965. Published Year: 1985 Cstalog Number: HQ 31 .P]'/ 19'/6 Title: PATTERNS OF SE%UALITY AND REPRODUCTION. Author: Parkes A E Publisher: Oxfo[d Upiversity Press, London, New Yo[k, 19J6 Published Year: 1976 Catalog Number: HQ "!50 Al .C45 Title: CHILD OEVELOPMENT. Author: Hetherington E M 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Rubin K H iegei L S; Sternberg R J Univ- ofChicago Prees, Society forAesearch in Child Development Chicago, IL, 1981 Pubiiehed Year: 1981 Catalog Number: Title: HQ l .Y2"/4 THE NEW MORALITY A PROFILE OF AMERICAN YOUTH THE 70'S. IN Serial Title: Authoi: Publishez: McGrav-Hill paperbacks Yankelovich C MCG[aw-Nill, New Yo[k, 1974 Published Year: 19'/4 Catalog Number: Title: HQ 799.95 .655 1982 A SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF DEVELOPING ADULTS. ia1 Title: wiley s e a on pereonality processes Author: Publisher: Published Year: Blank T0 Wiley, New York, 1982. 1982 Page 206
Page 211: ggs04d00
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Page 212: ggs04d00
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Page 213: ggs04d00
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Page 214: ggs04d00
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talog Number: H 5]2] .T6) 1 Title: STATIGTICS O ORING.1 Serial TSlle: TORACCO MANUFACTURERS, STANDING COMMIYTEE RESEARCN PAPERS NO. 1 2nd Aut or Ed.: Todd G F Publisher: Tobecco Manufacturers' Standing Committee, LoDdon, 1959 Publiahed Yea[: 1959 Catalog Numbee: HV 5'!2l T6J 1959 n. 2 Title: THE RELIABILITY OF STATEMENTS ABOUT SMOKING NABITS. Serial Title: Tobacc0 Manufacturers Standing Committee Research PaPer, n 2 Authoe: Todd G F 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Lavs J T Publisher: London, Tobacco Manvfactorees Standinq Committee, 1959 Pubiished Year: 3959 [al0g Number Ti[le: T S CIGARETTESMOXECONOENSATE, PR£PARATION AND RATORY ESTIMATION. Serial Title: Tobacco Manufacturexs Standing Comoittee Research Papere, n Au<hor: Bentley H 2nd A d. : urgan T Publisherr LoOdon, Tobacc0 MaNOfacturers Standinq COmmitfee, Published Year: 959 1999 Catalog Number: HV 5 T 6 Title: CIGARETTESMOEECONDENSATE, PREPARATION AND Serial Title: ROUTINE Tobacco LABORATORY ESTIMATION. Manufactuiers Standing Committee Research Author: Papers, Bentley n H R 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Published Year: Burgan 1961 T G Catslog Number: HV 5727 . 3 1963 n Title: CIGARELTE SMOKING CHARACTERISTICS IN THE U E SOUTH AFRICA AND AUSTRALIA. Serial Title: Tobacc0 Research Council, Research Paper, no. 5 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Published Yeax': TOdd G F London, 1963 Tobacco Research Council, 1963 Page 211
Page 217: ggs04d00
CatalOg Numbe[: HV 5740 .M35 19]1 Title: MOKING A e HAVZORAL A YSZS. Se[ial Title: ergamon general PsycholOgy serv , 12 Author: [ 8 2nd Aut or Ed.: PlatteE Pubiishe[: PeiqanOnPiess, Nev York, 19]1 S Published Year: 1971 Catalog Numbex: HV 5]40 .M3] E96 1978 Title: AN EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSIS OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CIGARETTE SMOKING AND COFFEE CONSUMPTION. Author: Marshall N R Publisher: University Mic[ofilms Ann Arbor Michlgan 39]8 Published Year: 19~8 Cat83oq Numbei: HV 5]40 .N33 T32 19]] Title: TA6AC 5 ARRETER D FUHER FAC2LEMENT PAR ETAPES EASY METHOD OF STOPPZNG SMONING IN STAGES. Author: NADJARI Y Publisher: Seghere Paris France 19]] Publiahed Year. 19]] Catalog Number: HV 5]40 .N5] 19]6 Title: YES, I MIND IF YOU SMOKE, A NONSMOKER'S HANDBOOK. Author: ichter R Publlshe[: Ashley Books, Inc.POit Washington, NY, 19]8 Published Year. 19]8 CatalOg Number: HV 5]40 .O5] 19"/] Title: O MGRE BUTTS A HOLOGIST'S APPROACH TO QUITTING CIGARETTESC Author: oishavsky I W Publishei: Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 1977 Published Year: 1— Catalog Number: HV 5]40 .087 1984 Title: THE ECONOMZC COSTS OF SMOKING AND BENEFITS OF QUITTING. Author: 3nd Aut oi Ed.: Colditz G A; Kelly N L Publisher: Lexington eooks, Lexington, Mass., 1964. Publisbed Year: 1984 Page 225
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Catalog Numbei: RV 5140 .P42 E93 1977 Ti[le: AN EVALUATION OF CESSATION AND MAINTENANCE STRATEGIES IN THE MODZFICATSON OF SMOKZNG BEHAVSOR. Author: Pechacek T F Publieher: University Mcofilms International Ann A[DOz Michigan 19» Published Year: 19l"! Catalog Number: HV 1- .R18 C54 1990 Tit1e: CLEARING THE AIR, A GUZDE FOR ACTION ON TOBACCO AuthoC: Raw M 2nd Aut or Ed.: M eill A; Nhite P Publisher: ondon, Sritish Medical Association on behai£ of the WOr1d Heal[h Organization, Regional Office for Europe, 5990. Published Year. 1990 Cata10g Numbex: HV 57<0 .R95 D 982 Tit1e: DR RYNNE'E SMOKING IS YOHR DECISION. Author: Rynne A Publishe[: ard River Press, Dublin, Izeland, 1962 Published Year: 1982 talog Number: HV $>40 . 3 Tltle: REVIEW ANDEVALUATION OF SMOKZNG CONTROL METHODS, THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA 1969-19T'I ial Title: HEW Pub. No. (COC) 'J9-8369 Author: Schwartz J L 2nd Aut o Ed.: Rider G Publlsher , cA., American Cancer Society, California Divisian, 19]B Published Year: 19"!8 Cata1og Number: RV 5740 .53"! 198> Title: REVIEW AND EVALUATZON OF SMOKING CESSATION MEPHODS T ITED STATBS AND CANADA 19>8-1985 SMOKING CESSATION METHODS. Serial Title: H publicatioa no. 8]-2940 Authoz: Schwartz 3 L Publisher: U.S. Dept. of Xealth and Human Services, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health, Nal Ca r Inetitu te, Division Of C r Preventienand ContrDl; Bethesda, Md. (Blair 91dg., Room 42 , 20892), 198"! Published Year: 1967 Page ]26
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Catalog Numbex: HV 5740 . ] 4 1972 Title: THE ROLE OFEXTERNAL AND INTERNAL CUES IN THE SMOKING E HAVIOR OF LIGHT AND HEAVY SMOKERS. Aufhar: He[man C P Publisher: University Microfilms International, Ann Arb x, ML, 19J2 Published Yeai: 19]2 Catalog Number: HV 5740 .H]3 P59 19]6 36 Title: YCH O SOCIAL ASPECTS OF CIGARETTE SMOKING 19]2 Autho[: anchuk N B; Christie D; nchuk M Publisher: Wake Associates OttawaOntario 19'/5 PublisheL Year: 19]6 Catalog Number: HV 5740 .H84 19]5 Title: THE INFLUENCE O CCO SMOKING O ANO MOTOR EPFICIENCY AN EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION. Hull C Publisher: oo Ptess, Westport, Conn.19]5 d Publiahed Year: 19]5 Catalog Number: HV 1711l .4] 1963 Title: IF YOU REALLY WANT TO STOP SMOKING. Publishex: Stop Our Smoke[s Inc Nevark N T 1963 Published Year: 1963 Catalog Number: HV 5]4D .J6] e 6 3 Title: AN EXPERIMENTAL TEST OF A TREATMENT PROGRAM TO MODIFY CIGARETTE SMOKING. Author: Jorgensen G Pubiisher: Unive[sity Microfilms Intexnational, Ann Arbor, MI., 19]2 Publiehed Yea[: 19]2 Catalog Number: HV 5740 K3E C64 19]3 Title: A COMPARISON OF T TECHNIQUES IN THE LONG TERM REDUCTION OF CIGARETTE SMOKING. AuthOr: Kaadorf S Publisher: sity Mic[ofilms Ann Arbor Michigan 19]3 Published Year. 1Cli 9]3ex Catalog Number: HV 5]40 .K4] E44 19B0 Title: THE EFFECTS O SSIVE CIGARETTE E DILITLION UPON SMOKING PATTERN AND STRESS RESPONSES IN HUMANS. Authox: Keenan D N Publishex: UniversitY Microfilms Intexnational Ann Arbor Mich 1980 Publiahed Year: 1950 Page 223
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Catalog Number: HV 5>40 .T>6 P54 39 TStle: Author: PLEASE DON'T SMOKE IN OUR HOUSE Tro T D Publisher: p Chicago, IL., Natural Nygiene Ptess, 19>6 Published Year: 19>6 Catalog Number: Title: HV 5>40 .U52 39>6 ADULT USE OF TOBACCO 1975. Publishe[: Chilton Reaearch Services, 19>6 Published Yeaz: 39>6 Catalog Number: HV 5>40 .W34 S44 1991 Title: SELF-AWARENE55 AND CIGARETTE SMOKIN G, TNE Author: INTERACTION OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE DETERMINANTS. Walker G R Publisher: Unive[sity Microfilms Znternational, Ann ArDOr, PubiiShed Year: ML, 1981 1981 Catalog Number: HV 5>40 .W37 B35 1 Title: E BENEFITS AND CO S OF ANTISMOKING POLICIES Author: ZVE SUMMARY ANDFINAL REPORT. W K E Publisher: arner O S Department of Comme[ce National Technical Information Service Springfieltl Va 1982 Published Year. 1981 Catalog Number: HV 5>40 .H48 H69 3983 Tit1e: Autho[: HOW TO GET SOMEONE YOU LOVE TO STOP SMOKING. Wetherall C F Pabllsher: Wetherall Publishing Co MinOeapolis MN 198] Published Year: 3983 Catalog NOmber: HV 5>40 .W56 E44 1980 Title: AuthOt: THE EFFECTS OFBRAND FADING ON RISK SMOKING B HAVIOR. inter M K E%POSURE AND Publishee: n Arbor, MI., University Microfilme Published Year: Inteznational, 1980 1980 ~talog Number: . 969 HV 5>45 T T T itle: THE TEENAGERLOOKS AT CIGARETTE SMOKING. Publisher: Published Year: iebermae Research Inc New YOrk N Y 1969 1969 Page 228
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Catalog Number: HV 5><0 . 7 P88 3968 Title: PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS 2NVOLVED IN CIGARETTE SMOKING AND CESSATION. Author: Schwarta S; Dubitaky M Publisher: 2nstitute fox Health Research Berkeley Calif 1968 Publishad Yeax: 1968 Catalog Number: HV 5'/40 .S46 1978 Title: ROGRESS SMOKING CE85ATZON. 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Schwartz J L; Gray N; Horn D; Riqatto M; RiCbmond .I B; Jonas A K, amstrom L M; Lichtenstein E; Cekic J Publisher: an Cancer Society Inc New Yozk N Y 1978 Published Yeax: 1g1eic Catalog Number: HV 5)40 . S Title: THE SMONEWATCHERS• AONTOQUIT BOOK. Publisher: Eernard Geis Assocaat s, (New YOrk)19]0 PuDlished Year: 39']0 Catalog Number: HV "/40 .863 Title: THEY SATISFY THE CIGARETTE IN AMERICAN LIFE. uthor: Sobel R Publieher: Anchor Pres, Nev York, 19'/8 Published Year. -9 Catalog Number: HV 5)40 .] S62 1919 Title: SOCIAL CONMITMENT AND GOAL SETTING IN SMOKING ONTROL. AuNOr: Strand R A Publishex: University Hiceofilms Snternational, Ann Arbor, ML, 19>9 Published Year: 15>9 Catalog Numbet: HV 5"/40 .T"]6 C53 198] Tit1e: CIGARETTES THF. EATTLE OVER SMOKING. Serial Tiue: crime Law and Deviance Series AutDOr: Troyer A arkle G E Publisher: Rutgers University Press, New Erunswick, N.J., 198]. Published Year: 198] Catalog Number: H 4 1980 Title: CREATING DEVIANCE THE COLLECTIVE STIGMATIZATION OF CIGARETTE SMOKING. Author: TROYER R .I Publisher: University Mlcrofilms International, Ann Arbor, MI., i98o Published Year: 3980 Page -
Page 222: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbez: Title: KV 5727 .T63 1972 No. 6 TOBACCO CONSUMPTION I VARIDUS COUNTRIES. Se[ia1 Title: 2- Aut or Ed.: Tobacco R earch Couneil Research Paper v. 6 £ D Publisher: Publiahed Year: London, Tobacco Research COUncil, 1972 1999 Catalog Number: Title: HV 5727 .T63 1973 n. 12 A COMPARISON OF TWO SMOKING TYPOLOGIES. Serial Title: Author: Tobacc0 Research Council nell A C Research Paper no. 12 Publisher: Published Year: London, Tobacco Research Council, 19]3 19JJ Catalog Number: RV 5727 .T63 19) 4 n. 11 Title: Serial Title: STANDARB METHODG FOR THE ANALYSIB O TOBACCO SMOK£ Tobacco Researeh C ncil Research Paper no. 11 2nd Aut cr Ed.: Rothvell K; G ant C. A. Publisher: London, Tobacco Research Council, 19J4 Published Year: 1974 Catalog Number: HV 5727 . 3 19J5 n. 6 Title: TOBACCO CONS[MPTZON IN VARIOUS CDUNTRIES Serial Title: erch Paper no. 6 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publieher: Pubiished Year: LeeP N Londen, TObacco Research COUncil, 1975 1975 Cataleg Number: Title: NV 5727 .T63 3 Suppl. n. 1 STATISTICS OF SMOKING IN THE UNITED KINGDOM 1974 Serial Title: Publisher: Published Year: E TobaccoResearch COUncil ReseaYCh Paper ondon, Tobacco Research Councii, 19]5 39J5 Cataloq Number: HV 5727 .T63 1976 n Tii1e: Serial Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Published Year. STATISTICS OF SMOKING IN THE NtITED K NGDOM. ESEARCH COUNCIL R£SEARCH PAPER Z Lee PC N London, TObaccO Research Council, 1976 1976 Catalog Numberr: HV 5>2J .T63 1J Title: AN APPRAISAL OFVARIOUS APPROACHES TO TNE FRACTIONATION OF TOBACCO SMOKE CONUENSATE. Seifal Title: eat Hritain TObacco Research Council Rosearch Paper No.13 Author: Whitehead S K Publisher: TObacco Research CeunCil London 1977 Published Year: 1977 Page 213
Page 223: ggs04d00
Catalog Nusber: HV 5'/45 .B48 1973 Title: SMOKING B DREN IN GREAT BRITA , A REVZEw OF THE LITERATUREL Author: Znd Au i Ed.: Publieher: Bevley B R Day I; Ide L Social S ue Research C cil; London (State House, HighHOlborn, WCIR 4th), 19)3 Publiehed Year: Catalog Numbez: Titie: Serial Title: 19"/3 HV 5'/45 .B53 G45 1969 GENUSMITTEL UND SU GAHR£N IM JUGENDALTER TOBACCO ALCOHOL DRUGSANO THEIR HEALTH EFFECT IN YOUTH. Mediziniache und Padagogische Jugendkunae Eine SChriftenreihe fur Arzte und Erzieher Author: Hezausgegeben Vol. 5 1 r K Publiehez: SKarger New York N Y 1969 Publiahed Year: Catalog Nusbei: Title: 1969 HV 5745 .B53 J84 19>9 JUGEND UND TABAK SOZIALMEDS2INISCHE PILOTSTUDIEN ZUR PR2MAREN PRAVENTION DES TABAKPROBLEMB DER JUGEND YOUTH AN : SOCIOMEDICAL PILOT STUDIES FOR THE PAEVENTION OF THE TOBACCO PROBLEM Author: IN YOUTH. Hiener K~SChar M; Petri H Publiaher: HabeqgeeVerlag Gesastheratellung SChveiz 1919 Publiahed Year: 19]9 Catalog Numbez: HV 5745 .B69 F 9 1977 Title: A th FAUT IL VRAIKENT ARRBNTER DE FOMER ZS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO STOP SMOKING ?. B ti u or: Pubiiaher: ou n C Robett Laffont Editions 5 A 6 P1 Saint SulpiCe PubllsheL Year: F-')5006 Pa[is France 19]7 393] Catalog Nusbez: HV 5745 BB 3 Titie: Authoz: d A Ed 2 t THE JOY OF QUITTING HOW TO HELP YOUNG PEOPLE STOP SMORING HON TO HHLP YOUNG PEOPLE STOP SMOHING. Burton D W hl G u .: n ox Publishez: o Macsillan, New York' 19>9 Published Yeaz: 19l9 Catalog Nusber: Title: HV 5745 .B95 Y68 THE YOUNG SNOKER 1969 ( GOVERNNENT SOCIAL SURVEY SS38J Author: Bynner J PuDlisher: Her Najestys Stationety OFfice London 1969 Published Year. 1969 Page 229
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talog Numbex: HV 5740 . C S66 1977 Titie: OSMOKING ASOCIAL INTERACTION THEORY OF CIGARETTE SMOKING AND QUITTING. Author: CLARN R R Publisher: Dabor Science Publications New York 1977 Published Year: 19"/] i talog Number: HV 5"!40 CS3 C 4 19"!5 Ttle: A COMPARISON OF TWO OPERANT M£SHODS IN THE TREATMENT OF SMOKING. Authox: Cudahy H H Publisher: Oniversity Microfilms Intexnational, Ann Arbor, MI., 1975 Published Yeax: 19]5 Catalog Number: HV S 2 1964 Title: HOWTO STOP SMOKING CIGARETT£S THE ABC WAY Author: Dammann C Publisher: Frederick Fe11 Inc New York 1969 Published Yeai: 1964 Cetalog Number: HV 5740 .D36 B42 1978 Title: O N E%SMOAER. Serial Title: TheSelf-management psychOlogy seriee A Spectxum booK Author: Danaher E G 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lichtenstein E Publishex: Prentice-Hall, Enqlewood Cliffs, N..19>e Published Year: 3- Catalog Number: HV 5740 .036 R36 19>6 Title: RAPZD SMOKING ANU S THE MODIFICATION OF SMOKINGCBEHAVIORN Author: naher e G lisher: ity Pub lisher:MicroYilms International, Ann Arb r, MIive19'/6 Published Year: 19J6 cataleg Number: HV 5740 .D4] E44 1977 Titie: THE EFFECTZVENE55 O FOLLOW UP STRATEGIES IN SMOKING CESSATION. Author: Derden R H Publisher: University Microfilms Znternational, Ann Arbor, MI., 19)> Published Year: 19'1T Page 220
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CatalOg Number: HV 5'!60 . Title: USE OF TOBACCO PRACTICES ATTITUDES KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEFS UNIIED STATES FALL 1964 AND SPRING 1966. Published Year: 1969 CatalOg Number: HV 5 U55 19)> Title: TEE SMOKING DIGEST PROGRESS REPORT ON A NATION KICNING THE HABIT. PublisRer: The Institute, Bethesda, Md. PublisRed Year: 19>'! Catalog Number: NV 5'/60 .Y3 19>6 Title: A BTUDY OF CIGARETTE SMOKING AMONG TEEN-AGE GIRLS AND YOUNG WOMEN. Publisher: Yankelovich, Skelly and White, Inc.New YOrk, NY, 19]6 Published Year: 19"/6 CatalOg Number: HV 5')60 .Y31 1 Title: TEEN-AGE BOYS AND GIRLS AND CIGARETTE SMO%ING - A SUPPLEMENTAi. B Publisher: Yankelovich, Skelly aad White Inc.New York, NY, 19>6 Published Year: 19J6 Catalog Nvmber: H I .'l4 1984 Title: COPINGWITN SMOKING. AuthO[: Arkava M L: Russell S E Published Year: i999 [alog Numbe[: NV 5'/6J . Titie: 9 THE CONSUMERSUNION REPORT ON SMOKING AND THE PU9LIC INTEREST BMOKZNG AND THE PUBLIC INTER28T. Autho[: Brecher R Publisher: 0Mers Union, Mount Vern , N.Y., 1961 Published Year: 1963 catalOg Number: HV 5'/63 .G34 3983 Title: SWITCH DOWN 6 QUIT, WHAT THE CIGARETTE COMPANIES ANT Y U TO KNON ABOUT SMOKING. Authoc: Gahagan D D 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Gahagan F G Publisher: fierkeley, CA., Ten SPeed Press, 198"/ Published Year: 1987 Page 236
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Catalog Number: HV 5'/45 .N3 1 Title: ROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL C NFCRENCE ON CIGARETTESMOKING ANDYOUTH HOTEL HILTMORE NEW NY E 3 - Publisher: AmexicanJUNCancex Society6 1965. Published Year: 1965 Cataloq Number: Title: HV 5)45 NJ1 1964 N CONFERENCE ON C GARETTE SMOKING A YOUTHNATIONAL CONFERENCEON CIGAR£TTE SMOKING UTH, HILTMORE HOTEL, NEW YORK, NY,1964. Publisher: Amexican Cancex Society Nev Yoxk, NY, 1964 PubliaheU Yeax. 1964 Catalog Number: HV 5745 .R63 Title: ASSOCIATION OF PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS TO THE SMOKING PRACTICES OF HIGH SCHOOL STUOENTS. Serial Title: Author: ChroniC RObects diseese quarterly. Supplement, no. 11 C J 2nd Aut o Ed.: Y F sal E; Lillick L C Publishex Bureau Of Adult Health and Chronic Biseases, State Of Califoxnia, Berkeley, 19IU Published Year: 19]0 Catalog Number: HV 5745 .R612 844 19'/9 Title: Authox: BELIEFS LLEGB Roberts ASSOCSATED WZTH SMOKING INTENTIIONS OF WOMEN. 5 M Publisher: UniversityMicrofilms INternafional, Ann Arbox, Published Year: ML, 19 -9 9 Catalog Number: HV 5I45 .R64 19'!S Title: SMOKING MOTIVATIONS OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN WEST Bexial Title: GERWHANY RAUCHMOTIVATIONEN JUGENDLICHER. POlitical - ECOMOmic Study v. 50 Author: Publishex: Roper B Vandenhoeck 6 Rupxecht Goettingen, 19]8 Published Year. 19]e Catalo9 Number: HV 5745 .55> 1970 Title: Authox: CHOOSE F ELF YW AND SMOKING. Spillana R YOURS Publishex: Published Year: York, Ramapo House, 1970 1999 Page 233
Page 227: ggs04d00
Cataloq Number: HV 5740 .D69 U85 19)2 Title: TNE UTILIZATION OF ATTITUDES ANO BELIEFS AS INDICATORS OF FUTUR£ SMOHING BEHAVIOR. Author: Dovney A M Publisher: University of Illinois Urbana ill 1972 Published Year: 1972 Catalog Number: HV 5>40 .D8> H4J 1978 Title: HEALTH BELIEPS AND BEHAVIOR ADULT CIGARETTE SMOHING. Authol: Du[ham T R Publishez: Unive[sity Miceofilms Znte[national, Ann A[bo[, NI, 19>e Published Year: 39>e Catalog Numbez: HV 5>40 .E2> 19>9 Title: ORE A PSYCHOLOGICALLY BASED M1iliUAL O INFORMATION AND SELP-APPLIED EXERCISES POR USE IN N Author: EastR;UTOVeOZSiBG Publishee: The Authors, Ringston Polytechnic Health Education Research Team, Aingston upon Thames, Published Year: 19>9 Catalog Number: HV 5740 .E58 C64 19>] Title: OGNITIVE MANIPULATION OF SMONING BEHAVIOR. Author: snita M F Publisher: UniversityMicrofilms Znternational, Ann Arboz, MI., 19>3 PubiiaheL Year: 1913 Catalog Number: HV 5>40 F> 1983 Title: CIGARETTE SMOKING AND PU POLI CY A COMPARATIVE TUDY OF GOVERNMENT ANDINTEREST GROUP RESPONSE. Authoz: iedman R M Publisher: University Microfilms Ltd.Ann Arbor, MI, 1973 Published Year. 39'/3 Cataloq Number: HV 5>40 .F>5 RJ8 19>4 Title: RAUCHBN SIE? DO YOU SMORE. Author: Ftimberger E 2nd Aut or Ed.: Roche A Publisher: Gocio-Medico Verlag Gmb H Planeqg Vo[ Munchen many 19]4 Published Year: 19>4 Page 221
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Catalog Numbei: HV 5'/3] .R8"1 1955 Title: NONING AND ITS EFFECTS WITH SPECIAL REFER£NCE TO LUNG CANCER. Authoz: Rdss S Publisher: Hutchinson's 5 entific and Technical Publications London 1955 Published Year: 1955 Catalog Numbex: HV 5733 . Title: TOBACCO WHAT IT IS WHAT IT DOES. Be[ial Title: villov tead-alone ALLthor: SeixaO J S 2nd Aut o Ed.: Nuftmxn T Publlshet Greenvillow Books, Nev Yock, 1981 Publlehed Yeaz. 1981 Catalog Number: Title: Author: Publisher: HV 5733 .85 D IF I SMONE ?. Shryock H PaciPic P[ess Association Omaha, Nebraska, 959 Pablished Yeai: 1959 Catalog Numbez: NV 5135 .566 1986 Title: SMOKING AND SOCIETY TOWARD A MOR£ BALANCED 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: SSMENT. Tollison R D Lexing<on Books, Lexington, Mass., 1986. Published Year. 3986 Ca1og NLLmber: HV 5t]5 . E 992 Title: Autho[: 2nd Aut o Ed.: Publishetr THE ECONOMICSOF SMOKING Tollison R D Wagner R E Boston, Kluwei Academic, 992. Published Year: 1992 C3talog NLLnbei: HV 5740 .A4] H44 1964 Title: d Aut or Ed.: CAN W P THEM STOP. Cole W 2 blisher: Ameiican Cancer Socrety Illinois Division Inc 3964 Published Year: 1964 Catalog Number: HV 5740 .A44 C55 1965 Title: CIGARETTE BRAND PREFERENCE A COMPARISON OF Publisher: SMOKERS OF FILTER BRANDS IN TWO COMMUNITIES. American Nevspapez Publiehere ASSOCiation Bvreau Published Year: of Adverti¢ing New York 1965 1965 Page 218
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Catalog Number: HV 5]]O.SB A5 1965 Title: SMOXING HABITS IN SW N A NAIL SURVEY - SPRING 1963 ROKVANOR I SVERIGEENPOSTENKATUNDERSOKNING VAREN 196]. Publisher: Stockholm, Sweden, Statistiska Centralbyran, 1965 Publishetl Year: 1999 Catalog Number: HV 5801 .I55 Title: THE FORBIDDHN GAME A SOCIAL HISTORY OF DRUGS. Author: Inglis B Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton, Landon, 19]5 Published YEaz: 1975 Catalog Number: HV O 8 19]2 Title: DRUGS SOCIETY ANU HUMAN BEHAVIOR. Autho[: Ray 0 S Publisher: Mosby, St. Louis, 19]2 Published Yeaz. 19]2 Catalog Numbez: HV 5801 .W68 Title: CCO AND DRUGS THEIR USE AND ABUSE. Authoz: ockLW 2nd Aut or Ed.: Scha11er W E Publisher: Pzentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.T.19]] Published Year: 19]] Catalog Number: HV 5809 .A39 Title: ADVANCES IN SUBSTANCE ABUSE BEHAVIORAL ANU BIOLOGICAL RESEARCN A RES£ARCH ANNUAL. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Me110 N K Publisher: SAI Press., Gzeenvich, Con , 980 Publiehed Year: 1980 Catalog Number: HV 5809 .D]82 198] Title: DRUG ABUEE AND DRUG ABUSE RESEARCH THE SECOND TRIENNZAL REPORT TO CO GRESS. Serial Title: DHHS publication n.(ADM) e]-1486 Publisher: Dept. of Health and N ubiiC Health Service, Alcohol, DrugmAbuservandsMental Health Administration, National Institute on Drug Abuse; ockville, Md., 1987. Published Year. 1981 CatalOg Numbet: HV 5809 .R48 1982 Title: RESEARCH PRIORITIES SN ADDICTZON. Publisher: School Government Publishing Company Darby House Surrey Grea[ Britazn 1982 Published Year: 1982 Page 238
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Catalog Numbe[: NV 5740 .A46 1976 Title: STOP 8M0NING FOR COOD. Author: Amit y ]nd Aut or Ed.: Sutheiland E A; We A Publisher: l9alkec, New Yotk,l9]6 Publiehed Year: 19]6 Catalog Number: HV 5]40 .A] 1988 Title: PROGRAMS TO HELP FORMER SMORERS. Author: not e Publiahet: a Monitoring Servicea of Amera ~ Inc., York, 1988 Publiehed Year: is88 Catalog Number: HV 5]40 . 9]2 AEPORT TO THE OEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL NEALTH ANO WELFARE ON CANAOIAN REEEARCN ON PSYCHO-SOCIAL ASP£CTS OF CIGARETTE 5 NG(1960-19]2) CANADIAN A th RESEARCH Orv PSYCHO-SOCIAL ASPECTS OF CIGARETTE OSCING. B i T u oi: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Published Yeat: erg n Wake F R 19)2 Catalog Numbee: NV 5740 .E]9 1963 Title: Auther: Publiaher: ARE YOU REAUY TO QUIT SMOXING?. BrysenL x Kendall/HUnt Publiahing Co, Dubugue, Iowa, 1983 Fubliahed Year: 1983 Catalog Numbei: HV 5140 .C4 1966 Title: CLINICAL OPPORTUNZTIES FOR SMOKING INTERVENTION, A UE FOR T GU HE BUSY PHYSICIAN. Serial Title: Publieher: NIM publication . 86-21]8 etheada, Md., U Oept. of Health and H uman Services, Pubiic Health Service, National Institutes of Health, Published Year: 1986 Catalog Numbe[: HV 5'/40 .C58 C 4 19]4 Title: CIGAREPTE SMOKING IN SOCIAL INTERACTSON. Author: Clark R R Publisher: University Micro£ilms Intetnational, Ann Arbor, 19 4 MI., Published Year: 39]4 Page 219
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Catalog Number: NV 5]45 .G68 S46 3981 Title: SMOKING EEHAVIOR IN COLLEGE WOMEN. Autboi: Gottlieb N H Publisher: Vsity MicrOfilms International, Ann Arbor, MI,19el Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: MV 5]45 .G]< Title: TEENAGE SMOKING IMMEOIATE AND LONG TERM PATTERxS. 2nd Aut or £d.: G n D E Publisher: UCeS. Department of Health, education, and welfare, National Institute of Bducation ashington, D. C.39]9 Published Year: 19>9 Catalog Number: NV 5]45 . Title: YOUTH SMOKING BEHAVTOR CHARACTERISTICS AND THEIR NCATIONAL IMPLICATIONS A REPORT O THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOISANTI-SMONINGEDUCATION PAIGN, ILL.719]0. 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Cresweli M; Ciesvell W H Published Year: 1970 Catalog Number: HV 5745 ..I6 1971 Title: A G REN ELEMENTARY S S OPINIONSAND BEHAVIOR CONCERNING SMOKING, Authoi: Sahnson G A Publisher: sity Microfilms Intexna<ional, Ann Arbor, 9]1 Published Year: 1971 1 Catalog Number: NV 5745 .LI6 C65 16 T1tle: CONCOMITANT CHANGESIN YOUTM SMOKING DEHAVIOR. AutTOr: Laoye S A Publisher: Ann Aibor, ML - llniversity Microfilms Inteinational, 19]0 Published Year. 1969 Catalog Number: HV 5]45 .L49 E44 1901 Title: TNE EFFECTS OF GOVERNMENT REGULATION ON TEENAGE SMOKING. Serisl Title: oiking paper National eureau of Economic Reseaich n . 655 D; G i thor: Oate [ E H;oC Publisher: National Bureau of EconOmcn Au Research Cambridge MA 991. Published Yeai: 19E1 Page 231
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Catalog Number: HV 5822 .C3 G]3 Titie: CANNABIS NOw. Author: Gzaham J D Publisher: H. H. 6 M. Publishers, Aylesbury, Eng.19]] Published Yea[: 1977 Cataloq Numbei: HV 5824 . 4 Title: THE CHEMICALLYDEPENDENT NOMAN RX RECOGNITION REFERRAL REHABZLITATION PROCEEDINGS OP A CONFERENCE SPONSORED DY THEDONWOODINSTITUTE, TORONTO, JUNE C, 1977. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Dovsling J; Mac Lennan A Publishee: Addiction Research Foundation, Toron o, 19]8 Published Year: 19)8 Cetalog Number: RV 5824 .Y6] Y6] Title: YOUNG MEN AND DRUGS A NATIONWIDE SURVEY. Serial Title: NIOA ree3 rch monograph 5 DHHW publication no. (ADM) ]611 2nd Aut o Ed.: O nell J A Publisher National Znstitute on Drug Abuse; Rockville, Md.19]6 Published Year: 19]6 Catalog Number: HV 5824 .Y68 J62 Title: DRUG USE AMONG AMERZCAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Se[ia3 Titie: OHEWIpublication no. (ADM) ]8-619 Autbor: JoM1nston L 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Bachman J G Malley P Publishar: nal I stitute on Orug Abuse, Divlslon o£ Research, Rockville, Md., 1977 Published Year. 19] ] Catalog Number: HV 5825 .8]2 19]2 Title: ICIT AND ILLICIT DRUGS THE CONSUMERS U REPORT ON NARCOTICS STIMULANTS OBPRESSANTSN INHALANTS HALLUCINOGENS ANDMARIJUANAINCLUDZNG CAFFEZNE NICOTINE AND ALCOHOL CONSUMER REPORTS. Auther: Brecher E H Publisher: Little, Brovn, Boston, 19]2 Published Year: 1972 Catalog Number: BV 5825 .C5 Title: HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE NATIONAL SURVEY ON DRUG ABUS£. 19]]. Serial Title: DHEW publication no. (ADM) ]8-620 Author: I' 2nd Aut or Ed.: Miller JD; H re11 A PublisM1er: nal I n rug Abuse, Divsion of Research; Rockviile,MD; 19]9 Published Year: 19]8 Paqe 239
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CatalOg Numbe[: Title: HV 5745 .t49 P66 1981 THE POTENTIAL FOR USZNG EXCISE TAXES TO REOUCE Se[ial Title: SMONING. o[king paper National Bu[eau Of EconomiC Author: ch no. J6< Lewit E M;Coate D Publisher: National9uteau of Economic Research Camb[idge MA 1981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: HV 5745 .L55 S46 1970 Title: SMOKING BEHAVIOR CHANGE AMONG SUNZOR NTGM SCHOOL Author: YOUTH. Liodsay E A Published Yeai: 3999 talog Number: Title: HV 5 94 1982 A MANUAL ONSMOKING AND CHILOREN. ial Title: 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Pubiish er: U1CC technical [epact s Nake R; McAlistei A; Nostbakken D, , International Union Againet Canc Va 1982 Published Yeai: 1982 [a30g Numbee: Title: HV S THETEENAGER AND SMOKING. Autho[: Publishee: Published Yeai: Milg[am G R en Pcess, New York, 39]2 9JZOs Cata1og Number: HV 5745 .N29 1971 Title: TEENAGE SMOKING NATIONAL PATTERNS OP CZGARETT6 SMONING AGES 1 HOUGH 38 IN 1968 AND 1 NATIONAL PATTERNSOF CIGARETTE SHOKING, AGES 32 THROUGH 18, TN 1968 AND 39J0. Se[ial Title: DHEW publication n.(HSM) J2-J5D8 2nd Aut or Ed.: Green D E; H n 0 0 Publishei: National Clearinghouse for Smoking and Health, Rockville, Md.19J1 Published Yea[: 11, 1 Cataiog Number: HV 5)45 . J Titie: TE£NAGE SMOKINGNATIONAL PATTERNS OP CIGARETTE SMOKING AG S 12 THROUGH 18 IN 1972 AND 1974. Se[ial Titie: DN£W publication n.(NIH) J6-9]1 Publisher: Public Health SeiviCe, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfa[e, National Institutes of ealth Washington, D , 19J4 Published Year: 1974 Page 232
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ze A PaVSFTqnd OL6T 'XZOx naN ' , ,~?O uoF;eonp3 'asnoH mopVey iaqs?tqnd O s zoV1nY 'ONZNOWS 9 f10A '00 os dn ARRY3N SSSI :aT;Ty OL6t L99' S4L5 AH .laqmnN 6oie}eJ 9L6i :zeah pays?tqnd 6t ' zo4ztl uuY 'Teuo?;euza;ul smTF?oiatW R;tszan?up .laqsctqnd aoV3uY 'RONyNOJ 30u5NJ0't ONY NOISYN3Z2Y NO T.N30I 'IYSN3NVd OS 03SYR3H SY SSN3J53'f00Y NIy9NINOWS 3yy3NY0IJ d0 AJN3Nb3N3 :aS}Fy 9G62 4L3 L93' S4L5 AH .zaqwnN fioie3¢J ZG6T :zeaA paVSFtqnd LG6t "OW 'atT?nKaoy 'sSooUOS aFTqnd 3;unoJ .Szamo63uoW zaqs?tqnd empooJ :O H Peo.tasT3 zoV3nY N'S3yS3HY9IJ ONY '20HOJ2Y 'SONYO 30 350 3HS ONVMOZ 530f1yISSY iSN30YN33S :aF}FS ZL6i b3' S4L5 AH :zaqmnN 60T¢}eJ LL6T :3ean pays?Tqnd L6T spoe?za41aN uap?aR uooy pue nat;e;5 R 6?zana6}FN .zaVSFFqnd J Y XCFPOa6oz0 .zo43nY T0a0 apunNSC?evapv0 z oA NaaV;oFTq?9 aspueTZapaN :aT3Fy ?e?za5 'ONSNOWS O.UY N.LOOF N3NON N3 0903L :aF}?y LL6T 04P 9L0' SbGS AH :zaqwnN 6ote;eJ 006i :zean paVS?Tqnd 096i '~ISOx naN ' saN 'L .zaqs?Tqnd MzJU;FnaseJ zaV;nY SN33S N03 %OO9 9NIXOWS dOyS 3WL :aT3Fy LEJ' S4LS AH :zaqmnN bote;eJ 006T :zcaA paqsFTqnd OBUT '¢p¢ueJ 'eqo;TUeW '6ad?uU?M y3TeaH pue bV?XOmS o T?annoJ Faua6eza3ul 'epeueJ .zaqstZqnd 086T 'VOYNYJ'JNNO.t 3Hy H03 NOISN3A3Nd 9NIXOWS -On 3HS NOd NOISN3A3Xd 9NINOWS 3JN3N33NOJ RYNOIZYN 006T 2J' SbLS nN .saq:unN 6oTe3eJ
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Catalog Number: HV 5825 .F546 Title: NAL SURVEY ON G ABUSE MAN FINDINGG 19I9. Serial Title: DHHS publication noRU(ADM) 80-9J6 Authar: iehburne P M 2nd AUt Or Ed.: Abelson H I; Cisin I H Publieher: National Institute o rug Abuse, Office of Medical and Professional Affaire, Rockville. Md. i5600 Fiehere La, Rockville 2095])1980 Published Year: 980 Catalog Number: HV 5825 .6 TStle: HIGHLIGHTGFROM STUDENT DRUG USZ ZN AMERICA 19751980 STUDENT D USE IN AMERICA, i915-1980. Serial Title: UHHS publication oG (ADM) 81-1066 Author: Johnston L D 2nd Aut or Ed.: Bachman J G Malley P M Publieher: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human G , Public Nealth Service, Alcohoi, D[Dq Abuselcand Mental HealCh A istration, National Inatitute on Drug Abuse, D1vi51on of Research, Rockville, M, 980 Published Yeaz: i980 Catalo Number: HV 5825 M492 19] 9 g Title: . HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE NATIONAL SURVEY ON DRUG ABUSE Se[ial Title: 1 979. DHHS publication no. (ADM) 80-1012 Author: Miller J D 2nd Aut or Ed.: Poblieher: Cisin I H . Dept. of Hea1tR and Human Services, Public Health Hea1tM1 Abuse; Service, A1coRO1, Drug Abu¢e~ antl H tal Adminisiration, National Inatvtute n brug Rockville, Md., 1980 Pub3ished Year: 1980 Catalog Number: HV 5825 .R41 n 15 Tit1e: Serial Title: EVIEW OF INHAIAN National Institut TG EU e onD A TO DYSFUNCTION. rug ARUSe Research nograph Series JJ-551 No. 15 DHEW Publication No ADM Author: Sharp C M L 2nd Aut or Ed.: Dv Pont R; Pollin N; Peteesen R C; Corfman £ L; Waltlrop E, Goldstein A; Jaffe J; Mendelson J; Robins L Publieher: U S Dep Health Educ and Welf Public Health Service Alcohol Urug Abuse and Mental Health Adminis[ration Division of ResearcR Rockville Mtl 9~] Published Yeai: 19» Page 240
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Catalog Numbei 965 Title: ~ TEENAGE SMOKER - REBEL OR CONFORMIST. ial Title: CUQ chronic disease quarterly. SupPiement, no. 4 Author: Svitze[ J Publieher: State of California, Dept. oY Pub1iC Health, of Chronic Diseasee, Berkeley)195. Published Year. 3965au Catalog Number: HV 5745 US S6 1980 Tltle: SMOKING PROGRAMS FOR YOUTN. Serial Title: nal Inetitute of Health NIH Publication No. Ot2156 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ellis B H Sr; Indyke D) Debevoise N M Publisher: National Cance[ Institute Office Of Cancei un icatlans Bethesda Md 1980 Pubiished Year: 1980 Catelog Number: HV 5745 .W38 P4] 1980 Title: PERCEIVING THECAUSES OF CIGARETTE SMO%ING A STUDY OF CHILDREN ANU ADOLESCENTS. Author: Watson R M Publisher: University Microfilm Snternational, Ann Arb— ML, 198D Published Year: 1960 Catalog Numbet: HV 5745 W5 Title: S1IMMARY AND IMPLSCATIONS OF RBVIEN OF LITERATURE RELATED TO ADOLESCENT SMOKING. Author: Williama T Publisher: U.S. Dept. o£ Health, Education, and Welfare, ealth S v Mental Health Administration, enter £OrDisease and Control. N nal Clearinghouse £oi Smoking andaNealth, Betheeda, Md., 19]z Publiehed Year: 19>z Catalog Number: NV 5745 , Wl 19]1 Title: FACTS ANOFANTASIES ABOUT SMOKING. Sexisl Title: Coping With Books Author: Wrenn C 2nd Aut or Ed.: Schwarzrock S Publishei: rcle Pines. MN., American Guidance Seivice~ 19)1 Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: H 5746 .J3 1982 Title: THELADYKILLERS WHY SNOKING IS A FEMINIST ISSUE. Auther: cobson B Publiahed Year: 1999 Page 234
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CatalOg Numbat: HV 6 .K95 1979 Title: VICIOUS CIRCLES THE MAFIA IN THE MARKETPLACE. Author: Kvitny J Publisher: Norton, New York, 39J9 Publiahed Year: 1979 Catalog Number: HV 6545 .N532 1982 Title: NEW TRENDS IN SUICIDE PREVENTION. AuthOr: Nilmotte J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Mendlewic2 J Publisher: arger New Yark, 3982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: NV 6)6 .A1 D4 3963 Title: THE DENVER SYMPOSIUM ON MASS CONMUNICATIONS RESEARCH FOR SAFETY A CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE AND A PROPOSED THEORY. Znd Aut or Ed.: Mendel5ohn H A; 01umeTthal M) Bivins J H Publishet: National Safety Council, (Chicag0?)1964 Published Year: 1964 Catalog Number: HV 80'!3 . C 6 1983 Title: CHEMISTRYAND CRIME FROM SHERLOCR HOLMES TO TOOAY'S CODRTROOM. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Gerber S M Publlsher: an Chemical Society, Washington, D.C.199J Published Yeai: 1993ic talOg Number: H F58 Titie: FORENSIC SCIENCE A SYMPOSIUM COSPONSORED BY THE F ANALYTICAL C TRY AND THE DIVZSION OF CNEMICAL EDUCATIONINC~AT THE 168TH MEETING OF THE AMERICAN CNEMICAL BOCIETY, ATLANTIC CI , N. J., SEPTEMBER 8-9, 19'/4. Serial Title: American Chemical Society . ACS symposium serles iJ 2nd A r Ed.: Davies G Publishei: American Chemicai Society, Washington, 39'/5 Publ3shed Year: 19]5 Catalog Number: NV 60)3 .H53 Title: HIGHPERFORNANCE LIQUZD CHROMATOGRAPHY IN FORENSIC Serial Title: aphic s seCl ,. 24 C='My. 2nd Aut ot Ed.: Wittver J D; Luxiei=nse Publisher: Marcel DeKker, 111- Yark, 1983, Published Year: 1983 Page 243
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Catalog Number: JA 80 .A53 198) Title: TO GOVERN EV N FOATHEH AOVENTURES OF THE POLITICAL ANILMAL IO Author: Anderson W T Publisbe[: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Boston, 1961. Published Yea[: 198') Catalog Numbe[: JC 599 .U52 NB Title: EQUAL PROTECfION OF THE LAWS IN NORTH CAROLINA REPORT. Publisher: U. 5. Govt. Print. Off., (Washington, 1962 Publiahed Year: 1962 Cstalog Number: JC 599.U5 .N2J C5'I 1989 Title: A C 2 5 RIGHT TO KNOW, RISK COMMUNICATION AND PUBLICPOLICY Author: Hadden s Publisher: Boulde[, c, Westview Prese, 1989 Published Yea[: 1989 Catalog Numbe[: JF 515 .R692 1990 Title: THE 5 TT FORESMAN ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER NEWLY E ISED Author: Robert H 2nd Aut or Ed.: Robe[t E C Publiaher: Glenviev,IL., Scott Foressan 6 C , 990 Publiahed Year: 1990 Cata1og Number: J H ' Title: OFFEDEAAL PURCNASZNG OFFICES WHERE WHAT NONYTO SELL TO THE Us GOVERNMENT. Autho[: HOltx H Publishex: Wiley, New York, 1981 Published Year. 1981 Cataleg Numbec: JK 467 .S74 Title: FICHTING TO WZN HUSINESS POLITICAL POWER. Author: Grefe E A Pubiiaher: Law 6 Businesa, In , eW York, 1991 Pubiished Yea[: 1981 Catalog Number: J l Title: THEORIGINS90F THE BRITISH COLONIAL SYSTEM 35>81660. Autho[: Beer G L Publisher: mith, Gloucester, Mas , 1959 Published Year: i955 Page 2a5
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Catalog Number: % 3620 .C6 198'/ Title: AN INTROOUCTION TO ANINAL LAW. Author: Cooper M E Publiaher: San OieqO, CA., Academic Press, 198'! Published Year: I98~ Catalog Number: A 3626 .H64 D e I9J1 Title: DEUTBCNES LED£NSMITTELRECHT. Author: Holthofer H K Publisher: axl Heymanns Verla9 KG %oln Berlin EOnn Munchen any is 1 Published Year: 19'!1 Catalog Number: % 3633 .PT A5 19)5 Title: FOOO ADOITIVES TAELES. Publisher: Elaevier, New York, 1975 Published Year: 19]5 Catalog Number: K 3636 US 3 Title: PNYSICIAN'S MANVAL AN INFOR.YATIONAL O INE OF TNE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ACT OF 19"/O~TL Publisher: U.S. GOVernment Prrnting Office, Washington. D, 985 Publiah¢d Year. 1985 Catalog Number: K -2.5 .B"/5 19a5 Title: CONTROLLING CHEMICALS TNE POLITICS OF REGULATION ZN EUROPE AND THE UNITED STATES. A¢tn¢r: n R 2nd Aut or Ed.: JasanoCf 11 Ilgen T Publisher: COrnell Unlvexsity Pre s, Ithaca~ 1985 Published Year: 1985 talog Number: X 3672.5 .S"!6 Title: FLUOAOCAREON REGULATION AN INTERNATIONAL ARISON. Autbor: Stoe1 T B 2nd A Miller A S: Milroy N Publisher: Lexingt¢nEOOks, Lexington, Mass.1980 Published Year: 1580 Catalog Number: K 3870 .L43 1985 Title: LEGISLATION ON PRODUCTIVITY IN AGRICULTURE, A OMPARATIVE O INE. Sexial Title: Legislative study . 33 PublisNex: OOL and Agriculture OrganixatiOn Of the United Nations, Rome, 1985 Published Year: 1985 Page 247
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Page 241: ggs04d00
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Page 242: ggs04d00
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Page 243: ggs04d00
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Page 246: ggs04d00
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Page 247: ggs04d00
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Catalog Numbec: HV 5770- .M54 S 6 1983 Tltle: SMOKZNG BENAVIOISR40F CANADZANS 1981. Author: Millar W I 2nd Aut oc Ed.: Sheridan M; Bucl.anan 5; Lavecgne J; Aoyce D Publisher: Minister of Supply and Servicee Canada 1983 Published Yeac: 1983 Catalog Number: HV 5]-C3 .W44 546 1980 Title: MOKING HABSTS OF CANADIANS 1965 TO 1919. Serial Title: Technical Report Series No. 9 Author: Wheatley G Publishet: Health Promotion Directorate, Health S e ,5 and aon Br anch, Health and Nelfare, Canada3980 PublisheU Year: 1980 t Cataloq Number: HV 5)'/O.Ee .M43 F33 1 Title: FACTS AND FIGURES ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF SMOEING Author: IN MEMBER STATES OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES. Merzdocf J; Reutei U; We15ch G Publishec: of European Communities Mediain BecichtlEUr 1982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: HV 5"JJO.E85 E9"/ 1988 Title: CAN BE DONE, A SGME-FREE E OPE, REPORT O THEFIRST EUROPEANCONFERENCE ON TOBACCO POLICY, Publisher: DRID, ]- R 1988 Copenhagen11WOr1d Health O[gani2atio, Regional Published Year: Office foc F.urope, 1990 c1990. Catalog Number: HV 57"lO.G4 .T]4 P68 3 Title: DIE POSITION DER CI6ARETPE IM SOZIALEN NNONGSFELD PERCEPTIONS OF GERMAN SMOKER 6 ONSMOK£R fi OPINION OF LEADERS ON ROLE OE CIGARETTES WITNIN FRAME WOAK OF SOCIAL ISSUES. Publishec: Verband F schungsgeselischaft Rauchen und Ge¢undheitrMb N Hamburg Germany 19)8 Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Number: HV 5"!)0.52 .A58 AJ8 1981 Title: ADULTS ATTITUDES T041ARD5 DRINKING AND SMOKING AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE IN SCOTLANO VOL. 4. AN ENQUIRY CONDUCTED BY THE DEPARTMENTS OF PSYCHOLOGY AND NARKETING UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE FOR THE BCOTTISH HEALTH EDUCATION GROUP. Authoc: Aitken P P; Leathar D S Publisher: Majestys Stationery Office Edinburgh 1981 Published Year: 1981 Page 33>
Page 249: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: NV 5825 " 7L4 Title: DRUGS AN FAMIER INFLUENCE FAMILY ANU PEER INFLUENCESON AUOLESCENT DRUG USE (PREPARED FOR THE NATIONAL INSTITUT£ON DRUGAHOSE. Serial Title: National Institute on Drug Abuse, Research Issues Sezies, 4 OHEW publication so. (ADM) ]5-186 2nd Aut or Ed.: Fergus n P; Lennox T; Lettieri D J Publisher: The Inatitute) Rockville, Mtl., 19]4 Published Year: 19]4 Catalog Number: NV 5825 .R4] n. 5 Title: DRUGS AND PREGNANCY THE EFFECTS O NONMEDICAL USE OF DRUGS ON PREGNANCY CHILDBIRTH AND NEONATES. Serial Title: National Institute on Druq Abuse, Research Issues s, 5 DHEW publication n.(ADM) >5-18] 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ferguson P; Lennox T; Lettieei D T Publisher: National Institute on Drug Abuse; Rockville, Nd.lssa Published Year: i9]4 Catalog Number: HV 5825 .R4] n Title: DRUGS AND DEATH THE NONMEDICAL USE OF DRUGS RELRTED T ODES OF DEATH (PREPAREU FOR THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON DRUGABUSE Seiial Title: . nal Instit ru ute o g A e, Re searcb ...... b 2nd Aut or Ed.: Series, 6 DNEW pvblication (ADM) ]5-188 Ferguson P; Lennox T; LettierioD J Publisber: Published Year. The Instituta~ Rockville, Md.19]5 19]5 Catalog Number: Title: HV 5925 .U56 1973 SE IN AMERICA PROBLEM IN PERSPECTIVE SECOND Publisher: REPORT Foc sale by the Supt. o£ Docs.~ U.S. Govt. Print. Off., (Washington; 19]I Pubiisbed Year: 1- -1 log Number: Tit1e: HV 5815 .U>6 1986 URINE T FOR DRUGS OF ABUSE. Serial Title: 5 publication no.(ADM) 8]-1481 NIDA 2nd Aut or Ed.: xch Hawka R L monog[aph 2 ;Chiang C N Publisher: Dept. of Service, Health and Hvman Services, Public Health Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Nealth Administration, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Published Year: 3kvilie, Md., 98oc6 1986 Page 242
Page 250: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: HV 5"la6 .W>5 1980 Title: CESBATION AND CESSATION MAINTENANCE. Author: OriqhtMFxENc 2nd A Ed.: Publisherz Orake E; Poole S Ottava, The Council=COnseil C nadien sur 1e Tabagisme et 1. Sante, 19 00 Published Yeaz: 1999 Catalog Number: HV 5'!51 .F58 1. Title: Author: 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Publisher: THE JOYS OF SMOKING CIGAR£TTES. Fitzgerald J Wang H; Rodriguez R Holt Rlnehart and 411nston Nev York NY 981 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: HV 5>51 .H370 Title: Author: Publishez: THE J0Y OF SMOEING. Hatoff V Robann, Anaheim, Ca1if., 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Numbez: Title: HV 5"!51 MJ6 1602 A DEFENCE OF TA9ACC0 WOR%E FOR CHLUVIYSWEEPERS. Serial Title: The Englishexperience, its ..... d i ly y no. 33 pri ted books published in tacsimile~ ar l Author: arbecke R Publishe[: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum;, Amsterdam, 1968 Published Yeaz: 1968 Catalog Numbez: }N 5751 .O'! Title: Y STOP SMOKING?. Autho[: OstrOW A A Publlsher: Dutton, Nev York, 1955 Published Year: 1955 Catalog Number: HV 5751 .P]] 1970 Title: WER RAUCHT LI£DT EESSER ODER DAS HARTE LOS DES ERS. Author: Ebestoef G P Publisher: Chzistian Wegner Verlag, Hamburg, Germany, 1971 Published Year: 19'!O Catalog Numbe[: H 6 .I6 Title: STAFFREPORT 0N CONSUM£R RESPONSES TO CIGARETTE HEALTH INFORMATION. Author: Ippolito R A 2nd Aut or Ed.: Murphy R D; Sant D Publisher: The Eureau, for sale by Ue Supt. of Docs., O.S. Govt. Print. Off., (Washinqton), 1979 Published Year. i9'/9 Page 235
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Catalog Nusber: HV 8088 .R]4 Title: E PRIVATF. POLICE SECDRITY ANO DANGER. Autho[': Rakallk J 8 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Wildhorn S Publisher: Czane Russak, Nev York, 1977 Published Year: 1977 Catalog Number: HV 8290 .D44 Title: THE S ORITY OP INDOSTRIAL INFORMATION A GOIDE AND REFERENCE FOR MANAGERS AND ENGINEERS. Author: Oel M D Publisher: Chestnut Hill Piess(New Hope, Pa.)19)d Published Year: 19- Catalog Numbez: HV 98 NB H3 Title: A H ORY OF THE 2 SMITH REYNOLDS FOUNDATION. Author: Naislip H Publisher: J. F. Blair, Wlnston-Sales, N.C., 196'/ Published Year: 196> Catalog Number: HV5]2> . 1975 n. 6 Title: TOBACCO CONSUMPTION SN VARI005 COUNTRIES Seiial Title: Reseaxch Paper n 3nd Aut or Lee Ed.: P N; Wilson M J6 Publisher: London,TObacco Reaearch Council, 19]5 Published Year: 19]5 Catalog Nusber: J 8"! . ' 6 Title: ADDRESSESANDPDDLIC PAPERS OF ROBERT WALTER SCOTT GOVERNOR OF NORTH CAROLINA 196919)3. Author: Scott R W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Mitchell M F Publisher: Division of Aichives and History, Dept. Of Cultural Resources, Raleighl9)4 Published Year: i9)a C3t31og Numbex: JA J3 .B3J 1980 Title: EFINING RIGOR ZDEOLOGY AND STATISTICS IN POLITICAL INQUIRY. Berial Title: Sage library of social research v. 304 Author: Beardsley P L Publishe[: Sage Publications, Neverly Hills, Ca1if.1980 Published Year: 19&0 Catalog Number: JA 76 1991 Title: THE MORALIMAGINATION AND PDBLIC LIFE, RAZSING THE ETHICAL QUESTION Serial Title: Chatham House Studies in Political Thinking Authar: McCOllough T E Publisher: Chatham, N.J., Chathas House Publishers, 1991. Published Year: 1991 Page 244
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Catalog Number: X 45> .53 .LS 1986 Title: EVIEW AND ANALYSIS OF INTERNATIONAL BIOTECHNOLOGY REGULATIONS. Serial Title: NTIS p[ofessional se Publishe[: NTIS, (Sp[inqfield~aVa), 1986 Published Year. 1986 Catalog Nusber: K 4 87.S3 .H82 G 4 1991 Title: GALILEO'S REVENCE, JONK SCIENCE IN THE COURTROOM Author: Hube[ C W Publisber: New York, N, Basic Hooks, 1991. Published Year: 1991 Catalog Nusber: K S .H6 Title: RETHINKING TORT AND ENVIRONMENTAL LIABILITY LAWS NEEDS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE LATE 20TH CENTURY AND BEYOND C ERENCE. Serial Title: Houston law e 24, n 1(Sanuary 198'/) Publishe[: Houston Law Review~ Inc.,oHOVeto, 198]. Published Year: 1987 Catalog Nvmber: XD 3 a Title: EQUALSTATUS FOR MEN AND WOMEN IN OCCUPATIONAL PENSION SCHEMES A REPORT OF THE OCCUPATIONAL PENSIONS BOARD IN ACCONDANCE WITH SECTION 66 OF THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT 1973. Serial Title: Csnd. 6599 Publisher: H.M. Stationery Off., Londou, 1976 Published Year: 19~6 Catalog Numbe[: RF 3250 He LS 1 Title: LIABZLITY, THE LEGAL REVOLUTION AND ITS CONSEQUENCES Autho[: Huber P W Publisher: w York, Basic Books, 1988. Published Yea[: 1988 talog Number: KF 1250 . Title: PROSSER 6PKEETON40N THE LAW OF TORTS PROSSER AND KEETON ON TORTS. Serial Title: Hornbook series lawyer's edition 2nd Avt o Ed.: K n P; P[osser W L Publisherr West Pub. C, St. Paul, Minn., 1984 Published Year: 1984 Page 248
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Catalog Number 95B .H3s 1 Title: ANOBOOF( OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY LABELING. 2nd Aut or Ed.: O'COnnor C J; Lirtzman 8 I Publisher: Noyes Publications, Park Ridge, N.J., 1984. Publishe9 Year: 1984 Catalog Number: MF 3958 .134 1988 Title: IDENTIFYING AND REGULATING CARCINOGENE. Publishez: Lewis Publishers, Cheisea, Mich., 1989 Published Year: 1988 [alog Number: NF 3958 .I34 1989 Tltle: IDENTIFYING AND REGULATING CARCINOGENS. Publisher: New Yozk, M. Oekkei, 1989 Published Year: 1989 Cataiog Number: %F ]958 .M46 1988 Title: TNE DILE4MA OF T SUBSTANCE REGULATION, T00 T2LEC Serial Title: MITHPress2s es on the iegulation of economic activity AOthor: Mendeloff JM ' Publishez: MIT Pre, ambiidge, Hass., 1988. Published Year: 1988 talog Number 958 '/ . T69 1991 Title: ~ TO%IC SU9STANCES CONTROL ACT, COMPLIANCE GUIUE Author: WheelerVJCR Publisbei: (Niagara Falls, N.Y.), Environment Books, ., c 988- Pub3ished Year. 1991 Catalog Number: KF 3958 .W6'/ 1984 Title: TOXIC SUBSTANCES CONTROL PRIMER FEDERAL AEGULATION OF CHEMICALS IN THE ENVIHONMENT. Author: Worobec M 0 Publisher: The Buzeau of National Af£airs, Inc.Washington, D. C 3984 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: KF 3958.AJ5 .P4~ 1995 Title: PETITIONS TO DELZST HAZARDOUS WASTES, A GUIDANCE MANUAL. Publishen hingtor:, t ental Protection Ageacy) saspringfieid, val ~oNTIS, 1985. Fublished Yeai: 1985 Page 262
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Catalag Number: NF 35>0 .29 F4 19'/9 Title: FEDERAL REGULATION OF N£W INDUSTRIAL PLANTS A SURVEY OF ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS APFECTING THE SITING AND C TRUCTZON OF NEN INDUSTRIA(. PLANTS AND PLANT E%PANSIONS. Author: Quarles J Publisher: n.), (s.l., is>s Publiahed Year. 191s Catalog Number: NF 3570 .29 s5 Title: HOW TO NAME TH£ OSHA, 19>0 WORK F OF THE WILLIAMSSTEIGER OCCUPATIONAL SAFETYAND E N : lteDMDNIRSTRATION. Author Shova Publisher: Ann Arbor S<ience Publishers, Ann ArDOr, Mich., 19/4 Published Year: 19]4 Catalog Number: K 3'!)5 .A] Title: Publisher: GovernmentTInstitutess Rockville, Md.19"!9 Published Year: 19'/9 Catalog Number: RF 3)]5 .A] .E59 1986 Title: ENVIRONMENTAL STATUTES. Publisher: Government Institutes, Inc., ROCkville, M, 1986 Published Year. 1986 Catalog Numbei: RF Jl'/5 .A3 1985 Title: ENVIRONMSNTAL BTATUTES. Publisher: rnment Institutes, Rockville, Md.. Published Yea1: 1999 Catalog Number: RF 3'l75 . 365 1 Title: HARNESSING SCIENCE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION 2nd Aut or Ed.: Graham J Pubiisher: New York, Praeger, 1991. Published Year: 1991 Catalog Number: NF J]75 Z9 .] 1986 Title: L LAW AND THE ENVIRONMENT - LIABILITY OF RESPONSIBLE CORPORATE OFFICIALS. Authot: Publisher: Environ Corporation Washington, DC, 1986 Published Year: 1986 Page 256
Page 256: ggs04d00
i9i e6ed ae A Peys?{qnd GG6S 'PUejanajJ ' azd JNJ zays?tqnd anbe?wo0 :'p3 zo 3np puZ 'SJY 20NSNOJ 53JNYSS8H5 JZXOS %00830IN0 ~aj3cY 489 BS6E dX .aaqmnN fio{e;eJ 056i : eax peVs?jqnd o L a uoJ ~"P3 zo 3np PuZ 'H3SYYW ANOSNYNMId%3 a3NY0 O SNI'llIY BNOISMM03a SMY2 NOSIOd JZWONOJ3 3yYYS ONY ZYtl3033 30 NOISH'S{dNOJ ~at3FS [bd b4J' 856£ 3N :aaqmnN 6oie}eJ [6S :aeax paVsTTqnd LLbt 'ofie~iyJ ' noN 6utieaTJ a .iays?{qnd oF3ea?Tqnd )3e3s {eTao;TPa M>J =aT1?Y teFiaS '9G6T Tt N390yJ0 646 'Id NOIyYNYRd%3 ONY MMI SJtl 'I014LNOJ 53JNYS58NSJI%OS :a{}TS 59J StCY' 856E 3N :-aqmnN 6oTe}eJ Te6t .aeaF PaVS?{qnd TB6T 'JO uo}6ucysen ooI ' ie))y Ieuo?}eN 3o n xn8 ayy lays?Tqnd 7eS AenpaO ~'P3 I0 3ny pu2 W a ~ia{na0 zoy3ny 'yJY 'ZOaSNOJ S3JNYSS&1S JIXOy 3Hy :a{3FS SH6S StY STEY' 856E 3X :aa4mnµ 6o{e;e~ 586t :aeex paysF{qnd SB6T ' ea aa}seaual "oJ ouVaay .aays?{qnd me?{TFM .aoy;ny '3UMyINtlH3 03a3Y5'IONdfi a03 63YVSS03YINM 3Hy NI SOaVONVSS 8NV SNOIyY2003N ASS'ZIBYWN'Id .a{1?S 586i SSM' SS6f 3N :~aqnnN bote}eJ 9- :zeah pays?tqnd 9B6t 'aT3 'uo;ea eaoB ' 9 X}}a{3ae8 fS 9 2an6u?mo0 'SN3W30VNYW aays?{qnd :'p3 ao 1- pu2 3YSYM SHOpaYZYH JUJ SN3W39YNYN 3y5YM SHOONVZVN ~a{1FS 986t 6EH 946E d% ~aaqmnN 6ote3eJ 486t :aeax paysF{qnd '486T Fa?SOd a?Tqnd 10; a3 ">'O 'oo}6u?yseM n3?3sul a t;daa;u3 % 'yaaeasaa u zamV M FsnOSFA ..iays?jqnd soV3nY 004 a?pn;s Z3Y o?;e{n6aa ;uamu.xanob u saFPn39 s eaboad Te;uamuoaTnua pue '.!}a3es 'y3Teay ;o sa?pn;s an?3enten3 :a{3?S Te?aaS 'AS3.9Y5 YJN80ad a3WMSNOJ ONISV'If193a :a{3iY 486T GSA' S66E 3X :aaqmnN bo{e3eJ
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Catalog Number: RF 3567.26 A2 1978 Title: OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH STANDARDS FOR GENERAL INDUSTRY Ser1a1 Title: Safety antl Health Standards 29 CFR 1910; OSHA 2206 Publishei: e[ce Clearing House, Chicago, 19'/8 PublisAed Year: 19>B Catalog Number: KF 3568.3 . Title: OSHA FIELD OPERATIONS MANUAL. Publisher: Gavernment Institutes, Inc., Rockville, MD, 198Y Published Year: 1987 Catalog Number: KP 35)0 .A2 .0125 Title: COPATIONAL HEALTH LAW A GDIDE FOR INDUSTRY. 2nd Aut or Ed.: La Dou T Publisher: M. Dekker, New York, 1981. Published Year. 1981 Catalog Number: KF 3570 .M56 3994 Title: OSHA HISTORY LAW AND POLICY O.S.H.A. Author: Mintz E W PublisTe[: BNA Books, Washingtcn, D.C., 1984 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: KF l5>O .025 Titie: OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY REGULATION PROCEEDINGS OF THE PIRST ANNDAL OCCUPATZONAL HEALTH 6 SAFETY REGULATION SEHINARAPRZLIO-11 , 19"/B , WABKZNGTON , D.C. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Miller M L Publisher: rnment Institutes, Washington, 1978 Published Year: 1978 Catalog Number: KF 35J0 .Z9 .F42 1980 Title: PEDERAL REGULATION OP CARCINOGENS IN THE WORKPLACE OSHA'S CANCER POLICY. Authoi: Hutt P B: Ke11er A M Publisher: Lav 6 Business, Inc., New York, NY., 1980 Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: EF 35>D Z9 F4 19)8 Title: FEDERAL REGUI.ATION OF NEW INDUSTRIAL PLANTS. Se[ial Title: Real estate lav and practice cou[se hantlbook 349 2nd Aut or Ed.: Quarles ,I - Publisher: Practising Laa Institute, Nev York, 19Y8 Published Year: 19J8 Page 255
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Catalog Number: KF 386 C . 3 19]5 Title: LAWYER'8DSK BOOK THE LAWYER'S EVERYDAY INS1'ANT ANSWER BOOK Author: Publisher: Casey W T Engiewood Cliffs, NS., Institute far Businese Planni- In , 19'/5 Publiahed Year: 1975 talog Number: KF 3 W5 19]6 Titie: THE HISTORY OF A CRIMB AGAINST THE FOOD LAW. Serial Title: Author: Getting and spending Wiley H W Publisher: Published Year: o Prese, (New Yoik), 19'/6 1976 Catalog Nvmber: Title: K 387 .F3 19)5 AN INTRODUCTION TO THE LEGAL SYSTEM OF THE UNITED Author: Publisher: STATES. £arnsworth E A Published for the Parker School of F eign and Published Year: omparative LaW, Columbia Univereity, Publicatione, New York 1975 19J5 by Oceana Catalog Number: KF 3815 .G3J 098 19"/5 Title: OUTLINE OF FOOD LAW STRUCSURE PRINCIPLEB MAIN PROVISIOHS Serial Title: . Legielative etvdiee n.'/ Publisher: Rome, Food and Aqricultuce Organization of the nited Nations, 19]5 Publiehed Year: 19"!5 Cata1og Nvmber: KF 3875 U 66 19T5 Title: REPORTTOTHECONGRESS BY THE COMPTROLLER GENERAL publisher: Published Year. UNITED STATES, FOOD LABELING GOALS HORTCOHINGS AND PROPOSED CHANGES. tates G ral ACCOUnting Office Washington DC 1935 1975 Catalog Number: KF 3 9 T6 .N2] 19)5 Ti Pubiisher: Published Year: STATELEGISLATION ON SHOKING AND HEALTH 19"/5. enter for Disease Control, Atlanta' Georgia, 19)5 19>5 Page 259
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Catalog Numbez: L Ba7 1970 Title: EDUCATION AND SOBS THE GREAT TRAINING ROBBERY. Author: Berg Z ]nd Aut o[ Ed.: Gorelick S Publishe[: ublished Yo[ the Ce I foz Utban Education by Praeger Publishe[s,Nev York, 19J0 Publiehetl Year: 1970 Catalog Number: LD 3214 .T51 19]1 Title: STOCNASTIC THERMAL PROCESS EVALUATION AND DECISION MAKING FOR CONDUCTION NEAT£D FOODS. Aufhoz: Sen Y Publisher: University MiczoYilms, Ann Arbor, MI., 19'/1 Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: L 6"/8 19]9 Title: EFFECTS OF ALEALI TREATMENTS ON CERTAIN CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL ASPECTS OP CORN. Author: Johnson L E Pubiishez: Unive[sity Mlcrofilms Znte[national, Ann Arbor, MI, 19Y9 Published Yea[: 19'/9 Catalog Numbe[: Ln 3234 .M36> .L)2 1972 THERMAL DECOMPOSTTION0F SOME AMINO ACIDS AN TNEIR INTERACTION WITH A SIMPLE TRIGLYCERIUE. Authoz: Lien Y Publisher: Unive[sity Microfilms Inteinational, Ann Arbor, MI., 19/2 Published Year: 19)2 Catelog NUmber: L -17 .P549 19T0 Title: NATUREQAND STABILITY OF PAPRIKA CAROTENOIDS. Author: Philip T Publisher: University Microfilms Inteznational, Ann Arbor, MI, 39)0 Published Yea[: 19)0 talog Number: L 32" .M26"/ 1 Title: MAGNITUDE ESTIMATION VERSUS CATEGORY SCALING IN NCE TEETING 6 FOOD QUALITY RATING. Author: McDaniel M R Publishez: University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, MI., 19)4 Publiahed Yeax: 19'/4 Page 268
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Catalog Number: LB 2342.4.U5 R6 1990 Title: NEYWORU THESAURUS, TEHMS AND CODES IDENTIFYZNG INTEREST AREAS FOA FEUERAL FUNDING OF RES£ARCH AND OT SORED PROGRAMS 2nd Aut or Ed.: Walters E MPOROdman .l Pub115M1er: Dallas, TX, Rodman & Associates, 1990. Published Year: 1990 Catalog Numbei: LB 2381 .G84 198] Title: GUIDE TO EXTERNAL DEGREE PROGRAMS IN THE UNITED STATES. Serial Title: The Ameiican Council on Education/Macmillan n higher education Author: Su111van E T Pubiisher: American Council on Educatien, Macmillan, New York, 1983 Published Year: 1983 talog Number: LH 2106 BJ4 1981 Title: THE INCIDENCE OFLUNG CANCER AMONG SCHIZOPHRENIC MALES V S NONSCHIZOPHRENIC MALES. AuthOr: eseen MESBU Publisher: University Nicrofilms international, Ann Arbor, MI., 1981 Published Year: 1981 Cataloq Nomber: LB 2846 .P66 1973 Title: EDUCATIONAL STATISTICS US8 AND INTERPRETATION. Serial Title: Exploration serles in education Author: eopham w 2nd Aut or Ed.: Sirotnik H Publisber: Harper 6 R , ev Yo , 1973 Published Year. 1973 Catalog Number: LB 3060.3 .H45 1983 Title: ACHIEVEMENT T STING RECENT ADVANCES. Serial Title: Sage u sity papers .... , Quantitative applications in the socialsclences no. OJ-036 Author: eejai I Z Publisher: Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, 19E]. Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: LC 5219 D3J Title: PLANNING CONOUCTING EVALUATING WORASHOPS A PRACTITIONER•5 GUIDE TO ADULT EDUCATION WORNSHOPS. Author: Davis L N 2nd Aut or Ed.: M Callon E Pubhsher: Learninq Concepts, Austin, Tex.19J4 Published Year. 19J4 Page 26]
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cataloq Number: LD a .A384 1978 Title: ARIATION OF SUGARS AND ACIDS DURING RIPENING OF EARS AND IN THE PRODUCTIN AND STORAGE OF PEAR TAATE. Author: Akhavan I Publiabe[: University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, MI., 19>8 Publiahea Year: 1976 Cataloq Numbez: LD 4330 . 485 19)0 Title: FLAVOR CHEMISTRY OF ROASTED FILEERTS CORYLUS AutRoi: A SheldonR M Publisbez: Ann Arbor, M raity MSCrofilms International' 19'/OVe Published Year: 19>0 Catalog Numbei: LD a33D .555 1980 Ti[le: COMPARATIVE N NTANE AND BIOCHEMICAL INTERRELATZONSHIPS AMONG HEALTH VEGETARSAN AND NONVEGE'fARZAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS NONVEGETARIANS AND HORMONE DEPENDENT CANCER T Author: ShultzT D Publlsher: Onive ity Macrofilms Znternational, Ann Arb , MI., 1960 Published Year: 1990 Cataloq Numbei: LD "/81 .Y67 1960 Title: S'lUDIES ON THE INHIBITION OF MICROBES BY SORBIC ACID. Author: ork G Publisher: Davis, CA., University Of California, Davis, 1960 Published Yea[: 1960 Catalcq Numbee: LD "/91.9 E1 .S359 1980 Title: THE E OMIC EFFECTS OF DAN ON BROADCAST CSGARETTE ADVERTISING. Author: Schneider L Publieher: University Hicrofilm International, Ann Arbor, MI., 1980 Publiabed Year: 1990 Catalog Number: LD 191.9.P9 .H528 Title: EVALUATING THE ROLE OF SENSORY FACTORS IN SMOKZNG. Author: Hickman C 5 Publisher: 8I. Published Year: 198"/ Page 2/D
Page 262: ggs04d00
[alog Number: OD 381.E3B .W"!5 3986 Title: EL£CTROACTZVE POLYMER MATERIALS. Author: n A PuDlishez: Nationa3 Technical Znformation Service, Springfieid, VA, 1986 PuDlisM1ed Year. 1986 Catalog Number: OL 677 . S 5 1991 Title: A COMPL£TECHECALIST OF THE BZRDS OF THE WORLD Author: Hovard R 2nd Aut O Ed.: M re A Publisherr 58n Dieqo, Academic Press, 1991 Published Year: 1993 Catalaq Numbez: P 3) .L344 198] Title: WOMEN PIRE AND OANGEROUS THZN , WHAT CATBGORIES REVEAL ABOUT THE MIND. AutRO[: Lakoff G Publisher: Oniversity of Chicago Press, CM1icago, 198] Published Year: 198~ Catalog Number: P 381 .E93 A428 Title: EAN LANGUAGES FOR LIBRARIANS EUROPEAN LANGUAGES FOR LIBRARIANS. Author: Allen C Publisher: Bowker, Nev York, 19]5 published xear. 19~s Catalog Number: P 9 .A3 Title: S IN CONTENT ANALYSIS. Serial Title: sag~annual revreWS of communication research v. 9 2nd Aut az Ed.: Rosengren x E Publisher: Sage Publications, eeverly Hills, 1981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: P 93 .x' Title: CONTENTANALYSIS AN ZNTRODOCTION TO ITS METHODOLOGY. ial Title: TRe Sage c t serles 5 Author: xrippendarff Xex Publisher: Bage Publications, Beverly Hills, 3990 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Numbe[: P 9 .W55 Title: LANGOAGE AS A COGNITZVE PROCESS. Author: nograd T Publisher: Addison Wesley Pub. Ce., Readinq, Mass., 3983- Published Year: 19 83 Pa9e 272
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Catalcg Number: PE 1112 . 9 Title: WRITC RIGHT ADESE DRAWER DIGEST OF PUNCTUATION STYLE. Author: Publisher: nolia ,i Ten Speed Press, fierkeley, Calif.1982 Published Year: 1982 Cataloq Number: PE 1112 .V4 1988 Title: WRITE RIGHT! A DESR DRAWER DIGeST OF PUNCTUATION Author: GRAMMAR AND STYL£. Venolia T. Publisher: Berkeley, CA., Ten Speed Press, 1988 Published Year. 1968 Catalog Number: PE 1115 .863 1988 Title: Author: Publisher: G00D GRIEP GOOD GRAMMAR Booher D New York, NY., Facts on File Publications, 1988 Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: PE 3115 .864 1 Title: Author: WOULD YOU PUT THAT IN WRITING? NOW TO WRITE YOUR UCCE 58 IN BU82NE8S. BooheOr D D Pub Facts on File, New YOrk, N.Y., 1983. 11=WYear: 1983 Catalog Number: PE 1129 .M344 198) Title: Author: OEVELOPING READING SAILLS ADVANCED. Markstein L 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publieher: Nirasawa L Newbury Nouse Publishers, Inc.ROwley, 1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalag Number: PE 1328 .P5924 1985 Tit1e: COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATION FOR NONNATIV IN ENGLISH ORAL E SPEAKERS. Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Porte[ P Grant M; Wadsworth A Draper Pub. M Co., Belmont, Celif., 1965. Published Yea[: 1985 Catalog Number: Title: PE 113? .BSl3 1951 NBC NANDBOON OF PRONUNCIATION. Author: Publisher: Published Year: Bender .l F Crowell, Nev York, 1951 1951 Page 274
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Catalog Numbet: M 9].849 .H38 Title: THEBTOCHEMISTS• SONGBOOK. Authot: Baum H Publisher: Pe[gamon, Oxfo[d; Nev Yotk, 1982. Published Year: i982 Catalog Number: N 7430.5 K6 Title: VERSIONS A CATALOG OF CALLIGRAPHIC CARTNHEELS. Author: K3m S Publisher: BYTE Books, Petetbo[ough, N.H.1981 Published Yeat: 1981 Cataleg Numbei: NA 2 .A55y 19]3 Title: AACHITECT•S HANUBOOK OF PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE (WASHNGTON)3]J. Published Yeai: 1973 Catalog Number: N 188].5 .M84 19]9 Title: uthoi: CIGARETTE PACK ART. Hullen C Publisher: St. Martin's P[ess, Nev Yotk, 19J9 Publishad Yea[: 39]9 Catalog Numbei: NC 590 .N445 1981 THINKING WITH APENCIL. Author: Publishel: Published Yea[: Nelms H Berkeley, CA., 1901 Ten Speed Press, 1981 Catalog Numbei: NK 1125 . Title: SOOA PO THE HISTORY ADVERTISING AR AND 2thor: MEMORAEILIA OF SOFT DRINKS IN AM£RICA. Dietz L blishet: and SChustet, (Nev York)19]] Published Year: - Cata10g Number: 0C 1)3.4 . .Z36 1988 Title: Auther: Publisher: PHY5IC5 A 5UR Zangwill A ambridge Univ FACES. ersity P amb[idge (Camb[idgeshit e): Nev Yo[k: 1988. Published Yea[: 1988 Catalog Number: OD 381 .E38 W] 5 1986 Title: Authot: Publishe[: ELECTROACTIVE POLYMER MATERIALS. Wi[sen A National TeChnical Information Se[v1c , PuElished Yeai: Sptingfield, VA, 1986 1986 Page 271
Page 265: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: PE 3586 . 8 1982 THE BOOR OF JARGON AN ESSENTIAL GUIOE TO THE Authar: Publisher: PublisRed Year: NSIDB LANGUAGES OF TODAY. Miller D E esillan, Nev Yosk, 1982 1982 Catalog Numbee: P£ 1591 . 6 19')0 Title: INSTANT SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS SYNONYMS-ANTONYMS. Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Bolander D O Varner D D( Pine E 2blisher: r Institute, Little Falls, N. s, 15>0 blished Year: 1970 Catalog Number: PE 1591 .P'/ 198'! Title: WOROPOWER VOCAEULARY BUILDER SOUND RECORDING. Author: Publisher: Price A Caieet Track Publications, Boulder, C0, 1987 Published Year: 198] Catalog Numbei: PE 1591 .R64 Title: Authot: Publisher: THE SYNONYM PINDER. RoGa1e J I Rodale Books, Emmaus, Pa., 3963 Published Year: 1961 Catalog Numbe[: PE 1591 R'132b Title: TNE VOCABOLARY BUILDER HOW TO DOUBLE YOUA Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: VOCABULARY.. Smith S 5 Greenhouse N Publisher: Crowell, Nev York, 19)0 Published Year: 1970 Catalog Number: PE 1635 .A54 1 Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: THE AMERICAN NERITAGE DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. MOrris W Publisher: American Heritage Pub. Co, New York, 1975 Published Year: 19>5 talog Number: PE 1625 . Title: ENGLISH SPEECH ACT VERBS A££MANTIC DICTIONARY. xbicka A Publishei: ACadesic Press Orlando, 1987 Published Yea[: 198'! Page 2]8
Page 266: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: PA 2 E5 C3 1960 Title: CASSELL'S NEW LATINENGLISH ENGLISHLATIN DICEIONARY CABBELL'S NEW LATIN DICTIONARY 2nd Avt or £d.: WTINENGLISN ENGLISHLATIN. Simpson D P Publishez: Funk 6 Wagnalls, Nev Yozk, 1960 Publlshed Year: 1960 Catalog Numbe[: Title: PC 2066 . SPEAK A 6 1986 6 THINH £SSENTIAL FRENCH SODND Serial Title: RECORDING. The Sybe[ Vlsion foreign language serres 2nd Aut oz £d.: Publishez: Pimsleur P Newark, Calif., Bybez Vision Systems, 1986. Published Yeal: 1986 Catalog Number: P 6 6 Title: SPEAKREAD6 THINR ESSENTIAL GERMANN ial Title: The Sybervision F eign Language S 3 Publishez: Pleasanton, CA., Sybervision Systemslnc., 1988 Published Year. 3988 Catalog Number: PC 2640 .C3 19'/l Title: NEW CASSELL'S FRENCH DICTIONARY CASSELL'S FRENCH 2nd Aut o Etl.: DICTIONARY FRENCNENGLISH ENGLISHFRENCH. G ard D Publisherr Published Year: Macmillan, New Yozk, 1977, 39]7 Catalog Number: PD 3640 .M]2 1937, Title: ENGELSKDANSK ORDBOG. Autho[: Magnusaen J J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Vinte[berg H Publishe[: Gyldendal, Kbenhavn, Published Year: 193T 93> Catalog Number: P Title: TNEITRANSITIVE9VAMPZRE A HANDBOOE OF GRAt4AAR FOR THE ZNNOCENT THE EAGER AND THE DOOM£D. Authoz: Gardan K E Publishez: Boo , ev York, N.Y., 1984. Published Yea[: 1986s Catalog Numbe[: PE 1112 .554 1986 Title: THE ELEMENTS OF GAAMMAR. Author: Shertxer M D Publisher: Colliez BOOks; New York, 1586. PuElishad Yeaz. 3986 Page 273
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CatalOg Number: PG 4640 .P51 1989 Title: SPEAK READ & THINR ESSENTZAL SPANISH II Publisher: SybetVision Systems IDC., 1999 Published year: 1989 Cata1og Number: PN 160 .S55 Title: WORDS INTO TYPE A UIDB IN THE PREPARATION OF AIPTS FOR WRITERS EDITORS PROOFREAUEAS AND PRINTERS. Author: Skillin M E 2nd Aut o Ed.: Gay A M Publisherz Appleton-Century-Crofts, New Yoek, 1948 Published YeaY: 1948 CatalOg Numbez: PN 162 .P55 1982 Title: THE ELEMENTS OPEDITING A MODERN GUIDE FOR DITORS AND JOURNALISTS. Author: Plotnik A Publishex: millan; New Yozk, 1982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: P l .P55 1984 Title: TNEELEMENTS OF EDITING A MOOERN GUIDE FON EDITORS AND SOURNALISTS. AutRar: PlOtnik A Publisher: Macmillan; New Yozk, 1984, Pubiished Yea[: 1984 Ca1og Number: IN 18) C5 Title: TNE "HOW TO WRITE WHAT" BOOH FOR THE THOUSANDS OF WRITERS IN SCIENCE INDUSTRY GOVERNMENT AND EOUCATION WHO SEEH ABESTER WAYTO PRESENT RMATION. AuthOr: Chandler N E Publisher: erican Geciety for Metals, Metals Paik, ORio, 19]e Published Yea[: 19"!8 Catalog Number: IN 4121 .A45 1986 T1tle: POWER SPEECH THE QUICKEST ROUTE TO BUSINESS AND PERSONAL 5CCESS. Author: Alezandei R Publishez: AMACOM, NeW Yozk, NY, 1986. Published Yeaz: 1986 Catalo9 Numbei: IN 4 .B4 1985 Title: BENFIELD HUMORICES NONS£NSE IN VERSE. Author: ield J Publieher: Riverside Piess, mc.FOrt Lauderdale, F, 198s Published Yeaz: 1985 Page 280
Page 268: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: LB 1050.4 .HJ£ 1 Title: SPEEDREADING SKILLS TO SAVE TIME & IMPROVE COMPREHENSION. Author: Haukins K L Publisher: Faizfield, CA., Diable Management Development Seminais, 19R0 Published Year: 3900 CatalOg Number: LB 3050.5 S5 Title: READ FASTER AND GET MORE FROM YOUR READING. Authoi: Smith x B Publisher: Pientice-Ha11, Englevood Cliffs, N.J., 1958 Published Yeaz: 1958 CatalOg Number: LE 3051 .H16 19T3 Title: PSYCHOLOGIE DES LERNENS METHODEN ERGEBNISSE ANNENDUNGEN PSYCHOLOGY OF LEARNING METHODS RESULTS APPLICATIONS. Author: Haseloff O 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Joisvieck E N Publishei: Walter de Gruyter, New Yozk, 1971 Published Year: 1- 1 talog Numbei: Le 1587 NB E85 Title: FOODAND NUTRITION EDUCATION IN THE PRIMARY SCHOOL A G FR ITS INTRODUCTION ROME,19"!1. Seiial Title: Author: FAO nuttitioaalStudiea, Esquef L d no. 25 Pubiished Year: 19Y1 Catalog Numbei: LB 1629 Title: OUT OFA CLASSROOM IN CHAPEL HILL INTO THE PUBLIC uthor: SCHOOLS OF NORTH CAROLINA A REPORT 6Y ALBERT COATES TO A CRAIGPHILLIPB,ETATE SUPERZNTENDENT OF PUBLIC EDUCATION IN NORTH CAROLINA. s A 2nd Aut or Ed.: Phillipe A C Publisher: Publiehed Year: 1982 , (s. 1., 19R2? talog Number: Title: L KEYW ]42.4 ORD TH .U5 R6 19 ESAURUS,TERMS AND CODES IUENTIFYING INTEREST A FOR FEDERAL FUNDING OF FESEARCH AND OTHER SPONSORED PROGRAMS 2nd Aut or Ed.: Waltets E M; ROdman J A Publisher: Dallas, TX, Rodman 6 Asaociates, 1990. Publisbed Year: 1990 Page 266
Page 269: ggs04d00
TYZ abea zeax PaysFlqnd T86t px aTTFAXaoH yazeasaa ;o nip asnqy 6nzp u a>n}?>suI 2euo?yeµ vo?>ez>sju?wpy V}2eaH Le3uax asnqp bnazQ Toyoa2V a zaS y32eax sFTqnd aze32aM Pue uo[yeanp3 V32eaH 3o~daQ .zays?2q_ 3 J uosveyoL ~Z uosdwoyy .zoyynp Wpy oN uo?yea?Tqnd M3Hp LE oN s za5 Vdez6ouox 4ozeasaa asnqY 6nz0 u I 2euoF;eN :aT}iZ Te?za5 oL[yS32N3S N HJW353a a snap NO 3ZHZISSNI 'i ~ZVN 3JN3pN3d3Q 0f1NQ NM~pH 30 A90'IOJVWllVNd ']YaOSAtlH38 :aT3?S LE 'ov GON' S2BS AH zaqwnN fioieyaJ 6[6T :zeax paysFTqnd 6'PN 'aTt?IXaoa !41zeasaa ;o u n?p • nqy 6nzQu yn}?}suI 2¢uoi>eN ' o?}ez}stuiwpy yyTeaH ieyuaN Pue ' snqp 6nap 'IoyoaTY ' zaS 4}ieay a?Iqnd 'aze;TaM pue .... yeOnp3 'Y3TeaH ;o 'ydap zaysTTqnd zo6ausezN : P3 so >ny puZ 4288-6L (Wpe) ou ox}eaF2qnd M3Hp s s ydel6ouaw Va.xeasaz asnqy bnzQ u vaynyTysul Tevo?3eN :a2y?y Te?zaS 'PNINOxS 30 SY~3dSY 'IHNOIAYH38 3HZ :aT3TS 92 'ou G4a' SZ85 AH :zaqwnN 6o2e}eJ 6G5i :zeah paysFTqnd 6L62'PW 'aTTtnXaoa !Vazeasaa ;o uoTs?n?p ' snqp 6nzQ u a3n;F;sul Tevo?;eN 'uoF>ezys?u?mpy V32eaN ie}uax pue ' snqy 6nzp •2oqoa28 ' S V3SeaN axiqnd 'aze;TaM Pue 'uoF>e>nP3 'V}SeaHa3o ';dap zeVSTTqnd zo6auseiH :p3 zo }ny pu2 p6t8-6L (WpY) ou uoT3eaF[qnd M3H0 S saiza Udezbouow yazeasaz asnqy finzQ vo a>n}i}sui 2euoT;eN :ai}Ty ie?zaS 35(fQY 3JNVZS8Q5 d0 ZN3WZY3aS QNY SISI.'IYNY I VaOIAYH38 :a2y?Z SZ 'ou L9H• 5285 AN :zaqwnN boje}e~ 6L5T :zaax paqsFTqnd 2'Pa 'atTTnXaoa 'Vazcasao 10 uo?sFnTO 'asnqy bnzp6u }n3?35uI Sevo?}eN ' ?yez;s?u?wPY 4}Teay Te}uaW pue • snqy 6nzp 'ioVosTY ' zaS 4y1eaH aTiqnd 'azc;2aM Pve • o?}eanp3 '4>TeaH ;o ~;dap zaqsFTqnd zo6ausezN :'p3 zo ;ny Pu2 epOB-6L (WQY) ou oT3ea?Tqnd MaHp E s Vdez6ouow yazeasaz asnqy bn.xQ v va}n}i}sui SeuoT;eN :aT;?i Te?zaS S53JONd 3JN3pN3d3p Y SY S 5 3SZ3SIY%IJ :aT}tZ CZ ov L6a 52H5 AH :zaqwnN 6o2eye>
Page 270: ggs04d00
talog Number: Title: KF 3959 .A]5 R44 1991 REGULATION OF AGROCNEMICALS, A DRIVING FORCE IN THEIR EVOLUTION 2nd Aut or Ed.: Plimmei J R; Hollingworth R M; MaxcO G T Publisher: Published Year: Washinqton, DC, Ameiican Chemical 1991 soCiety, 1991. Catalog Number: K 3959 . P 1987 Title: PESTICIDEREGULATION NANDBOOK. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publishei: C r J D Executive Entexprises Publications, New York, Published Year: N.Y., 198"!. 198] Catalog Number: KF 3959.A>5 R44 191 Title: REGULRTION OFAGROCHEMICALS, A DRIVING FORCE ZN THEIR EVOLUTION 2nd Aut or Ed.: Plimmer J R; Hollingworth R M; Marco G J Publisher: Publishe6 Year: ashington, D, erican Chemical socaety, 1991. 1991 Catal9g Number: KF 4]48 .524 Title: NCEIVED IN LIBERTY AMERICAN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS Authar: Sandos E Publisher: DuKbury Pre , Oith Scituate, Mass.19]e Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Number: KF 5704 .N3) Title: NATIONAL FIRE COOES 5 NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE 1971 (BOSTON, MAS8.,19]1. Published Year: 19]1 Catalog Numbe[: I(F 629].29 B6 1988 Title: Pubiisher: THE 9DOK OF TA% KNOWLEUGE. New York, NY, Hoardroom Classics, 1988. Published Year: a98e Catalog Number: KF 750 Z9 03 1965 Title: AuthOr: Publisher: HOW TO AVID PROBATE. Dacey N F National Etate Planning Council, (Bridgeport, Published Year: Conn., 1965 1965 Catalog Numbet: KF 8944 .A]5 .E4 1959 Tit1e: TRIAL AN TOR1' TRENDS, 1959 B LLI SEMINAR. E Authoi: Publishei: Published Year: Belli N M: 8, 1 1 1 Seminar 1958 , Matthew eendel 6 Co., New York, 3959 1959 Page 263
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CatalOg Number: KF 8944 E6 1985 Title: PROCEEDINGS OF THE BYMPOSIUM ON "THE EPZDEMIOLOGIST SN COURT^ AutGO[: Lilienfeld D E 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Black B Publisher: Ameiican College of Epidemiology Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: Title: Authoi KF 8961 .F43 5 1991 SUCCEEDING AS AN EXPERT WITNESS, INCREASING YOUR IMPACT AND INCOME F d H A : Pub1lshei: ei e New YOrk, Van Nostrand Re[nhOld, 199. Published Year: 1991 Catalog Numbel: K 9.25 .B] S34 1983 Title: ial Title: Author: TNE SCIENTIST AND ENGINEEA IN COURT. Water r e es monog[aph e Bradley~u G rc Publisher: Published Year: can Geophysical Uni, ashington, 1983 D. , 99] CatalOg Number: KFN 7780 AB A32 Title: NORTH CAROLINA REGULATIONS FOR PROTECTION AGAINST Publishei: RADIATION. N.C. Dept. of Numan Resources, Division o£ Facility 5 ic- Radiation Pratection Section, Raleigh, 1980 Published Year. 1980 Catalog Numbe[: KFN '/800 .P35 Title: NORTH CAROLINA CHARTERS AND CONSTITUTIONS 5)83698. Serial Title: The ColOnial zecords If North Caiolina (2d se , 2nd Aut or Ed.: Paikei M E Publisher: rolina Chaiter Te[centenary Commission, Raleigh, Published Year: 196J CatalOg Number: LB 102] .F584 Title: CTIONAL MESSAGE DESIGN, PRZNCIPLES FAOM THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENC£S. Author: Fleming M L Aut o Ed.: Le W H 2nd PublisherL Educational Techn0logy Publications, Englewood Cliffs, N. , 39~8 Published Year. 19'/e Page 264
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talog Number: P ls6'/ Title: INSTANT SPELLING UICTIONARY 25000 WORDB B IVIDED AcCENTED ZNCLUDZNG COMPLETE RULESPFORED SPELLING WORDDIVISIONPUNCTUATION, CAPITALIZATZON, ABBREVIATING, W COMPOUNDING, FORNS OF ADDRESS, AND PROOFREADER'SDMARKS. Author: Dougherty M M Publisher: Careei Institute, Mundelein, I11., 1967 Published Year: 1967 Cdtaloq Numbe[: PE 1366 .D8] 1980 Title: INSTANT SPELLING DICTIONARY 25000 WORDS SPELLED DIVIDED ACCENTED INCLUDING COMPLETE RULES FOR SPELLING WORDDIVISIONPUNCTUATION, CAPITALSZATION, ABBREVIATZNG, WORD COMPOUNDING, FORMS OF ADDRESS, AND PROOFREADER'S MARKS. Author: Ougherty M M 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Fitzgerald J N; Bolander U O Publisher: r Snstitute, Little Fa11s, N. J., 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: P 6 I.11 Title: 20000+WOROSSPELLED AND DIVIDED FOR QOICK REFER£NCE TWENTY TNOUSAND PLUS WORDS. Author: Leslie L A 2nd Aut or Ed.: Zoubek C Condon G A Pubiisher: Giegg Division, McGraw-Nill, New York, 1986. Publiehed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: PE 1408 .F4)> T1tle: ART OF PLAIN TALK. Author: FleschR F Publisher: Collier Books, New York, 1962 Published Yea1: 1962 Catalog Number: P l "I]2 19"/9 Title: TNEELEMENTS OF STYLE. AuthOr: Strunk W 2nd Aut or Ed.: White E B Publisher: Macmillan, New York, 1979 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: PE 1408 .T5 Title: EFFECTIVE WRITING FOR eNGINEERS MANAGERS SCIENTISTS. Author: Tichy N J Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1966 Published Year: 1966 Page 275
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[alog Numbez: P Title: EFFECTIV£TWRITING FOR ENGINEBRS MANAGERS SCIENTZSTS. Author: Tichy H J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Fouidiinier S Publishez: New York, NY., Wiley, 1998 Published Year: 198E Catalog Number: PE 1460 .C648 Titie: AHERICAN USAGE AND STYLE THE CONSENSUS. Authoz: Copperud R H Publishe[: Nostrand Reinhold, Nev Yo[k, 1980. Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: PE 1475 RS Title: TECHNICAL REPORT WRITING. Serial Title: Chemical enginee[ing se[1es Author: Hhodes F H Publisher: McGraw-Hill book company, in , New York, London, 1941 Published Yea[: 1941 Catalog Number: PE 1 Title: THE PREPARATION AND PRODUCTION OF TECHNICAL NANDHOORS. Autho[: Publisher: r IsaaG Pitman 6 Sons Ltd., London, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Numbe[: PE 14]8 . Title: THE RESEARCH REPORT A GUIDE FOR THE BEGINNER. Author: Johnson E Publisher: Ronaid P[ess Co., New Yoek, 1951 Publishad Year: 1951 Catalog Number: PE 1418 .K4 1951 Title: REPORT PREPARATION INCLUDING CORRESPONDENCE AND TECHNICAL WRITINC. Author: Eerekes F ind Aut or Ed.: Winfrey R Publisher: Iova State College Piess, Ames, 1951 Published Year: 1951 Cata1og Numbei: PE 14]9 . 1966 Title: COMMUNICATING TECHNICAL INFORMATION A GUIDE TO CURRENT USES AND ABUSES IN SCIENTIFIC AND RING NRITINO. Author: Rathbone R R Publisher: Reading, MA., Addison-Wesley Publ. C, 1966 Published Yeai: 1966 Page 276
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Cetalog Numbe[: Title: AuthuY: Publisher: PN 4121 .S4853 1982 HOW TO BE THE LZFE0F THE PODIUM. Simmons S H American Management Associations New York, 982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog NumbeY: Title: PN 4111 .Z5 ^UNACCUSTOMED AS I AM " AN EXECUTNE'S GUID E TO PDBLIC SPEAEING. Authar: ZitO A J Publisher: Economics Press, (Nest Oranqe, N.J., 39si) Published Year. 1963 Cataloq Number: PN 4193 .15 . 6 1979 Title: SPEAEER'S LIFETIME LIBRARY. Author: Spinrad L~ Spinrad T Publisher: arker Publishing Company, Inc.west Nyack, N, 19]9 Pubiished Year: 1919 Cataloq NumbeY: PN 4193 . l 1971 Title: THE NEW ORATORY. Author: Jay A Publisher: Management Association, (New York)1971 Published Year: 15~1ican Catalog Number: P .T3 SJ4 1988 Title: £NTISTS AND JOOINiALISTS, REPOR'CING SCIENCE AS NEWS. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Friedman 5 M: Dvnwoody S; Rogers C L Publisher: ashington, DC, Am n Association foY the Advancement of Sclence8 1988 Published YeaY: 1988 Catalog Number: pN 6081 .863 Title: INSTANT QUOTATION DICTIONARY QUOTATION DICTIONARY. Author: Dolander D 0 Publisher: Y Institute, Mundelein, I11., 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: PN 6162 .L35 Tiue: SOCIAL STUDIES. AuthoY: LebowitzF Pubiisher: andom House, New York, 1991 Published Year: 1981 Page 281
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Catalog Numbez: KF 3894 .T6 .N2"/ 19'/9 Title: STATE L LATION ON SMOKING AND HEALTH 1 Publisher: . Dept Sof Health, Education, and, Welfare, Public Health S enter for D se Control, Buzeau of Health Education, Nationalea Clearinghouse for Smoking and Xealth, Atlanta, ozgia, 3980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: KF 3894 .T6 N2"/ 19]6 Titie: BTATE LEGIGLATION ON SMOKING AN 1 Publisher: U.S. Dept. of Health, EducatienD HEALTH and, Welfare, Public Health G , Center for D se Control, Bureau of Health Educati9n, Nationalea Clearinghouse for Smoking and Nealth: Atlanta, Georgia, 19)fi Publiahed Year: 19'!6 Catalog Number: KF 3894 T6 N2"! 19'1'1 Title: LATION ON SMOHING A 197'/. Publisher: UTS?EDept?SOf Health, EducatlonD andLTN welfare, Public Health G , Center for Disease Cont[ol, Bureau Of Nealth Education, National Clea[inqhouse for Smokinq and Heaith; Atlanta, Georgia, i9>8 Published Year. 19>9 Catalog Numbez: KF 3894 T6 N2) 19'!8 Title: STATE LEGISLATION ON SM G AND HEALTH 1978. Publisher: U.S. Dept. If Health, Education, and, welfare, ublic Health Service, Center for Disease Contr0l, Bu[eau of Hea1th Education, National Cleazinghouse for Smoking and Heaitb, A<lanta, Ge1191a, 19>9 Publishetl Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: KF 3894.T6 .N2) 1981 Tit1e: STATE LEGISLATION ON SMOKING AND HEALTH 1981. Publishez: U S Department ef C nai Technical Infornation Service Springfield va Publlshed Yeax: 1981 Catalog Numbez: KF 3945 .S53 Title: A NATION OF GUINEA PIGS. Author: Shapo M S Publisher: Fzee Press, New York, 39)9 Published Year: 19T9 Page 260
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Catalag Number: Title: LB 1 .H28 1980 ATTEMPT TO M CIGARETTE S G ATTITUD3:S AND BEHAVIOR OF PARENTS THROUGH HOMEWORR ASSIGNMENTS OF FOURTH GRADE STUDENTS. Author: Publisher: Haynes D K University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, ML, 1980 Published Year: 3980 Catalog Number: LB 1027.5 .D28 19 Title: PASTORAL CARE ZNSCHOOLS AND COLLEGES WITN Author: SPECIFIC REFERENCEB TO HEALTH EDUCATION AND DRUGS ALCOHOL AND SMOXING. David K 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Publisher: CoWley S London, Edward Arnold , 1980 Published Yeai: 1999 Catalog Number: LB 1028.35 . 4 1981 Title: HANOBOOK OF PROCEDURE ZNSTRUCTION. S FOR THE DESZGN OF Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Briggs L J Wager W Educational TeChnology Publications, Englewood Cliffs, N. , 1961. Pubiished Year: 3981 Catalog Number: Title: LB 3099 .S HOW TO GETBETTER GRADES IN HIGH B OOL VIDEORECORDING, WHERE TNERE'S A WILL THERE'S AN-- A SCHOOL. 2nd A r Ed.: Olney C Publisher: Paoli, PA, Chesterbrook Educational Publishers, Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: LB 1050 N2 $]4 19'!9 Title: SPEED-READING S£LF-TAUGHT EFFECTIVE READING Publisher: Nev York, NY., National Institute of Business Management, 19i9 Published Year: 1979 Catalog Number: L S .$"/45 1981 Ti[le: SPEEDLEARNING RAPID COMPREHENSION THROUGH EFFECTIVE R ING RAPID COMPREHENSION THROUGH EFFECTIVE READING. Author: Stauffet R G 2nd Aut or Ed.: Berg J H Pubiisher: Learn Inc., Mount Laurel, N. , 1981 Published Year. 1981 Page 265
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Catalog Number: II) 3234 . 1989 Titie: ISOLATIONM2 "/ CONCENTRATION AND S£PARATION METNODS FOR THE VOLATILE COMPONENTS IN FOOO FLAVORS Author: Lee S Publiaher: UM, 1989 Published Year: 1989 telog Nuaber 3234.M26] .L478 i I Title: ~ ISOLATION C NCENTRATIONAND SEPARATION METHODS FOR THE VOLATILE COMPONENTS IN FOOD FLAVORS Author: Lee S Publisher: 1989 Published Yeai: 1989 Catalog Number: LD 3656.5 .A996 1981 Title: THE INHIBITORY EFFECTS OF SELECTED HERBS, SPICES, PLANT MATERIALS ON MYCOTO%IGENIC MOLDS. Authoz: Axzouz M A Publishex: sity Microfilms Internatienal Ann Aebar, MI, 981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Numbez: LD 3656.5 . B ] 1984 Title: DEVELOPMENTOF TECHNSQUES SN A LINKED GAS CNROMATOGRAFHY FOURIER TRANSPORM INFRARED F RZER TRANSFORM MASS SPECTROMETER ADTOMATED MI%TURE ANALYSIS S STEM UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASEA--LINCOLN THESIS : CEFMISTRY. DEV£LOPMENT OF TECHNIqUES 2N INKED GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY F URIERTRANBFORM INFRARED FOURIER TRANSFORM MASS SPECTROMETER MIXTURE ... Authoc: Brissey G M, 1984 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: LO 3656.5 .N456 19]8 Title: THE FEELING B E IMPACT OF CONFRONTATION ON THE NEURAL AFFECTIVE SYSTEMS. Authoz: Ostein P A Publisher: University Miczofilms International Ann Arboz, MI, s]e Published Year: 19]a Catalog Number: L 3 19]5 Title: THEEFFECTS .D9 OF SMOKING ON ANXIETY. uthor: Dubzen R Publishez: Univereity Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, MI, 39]5 Published Year: 39]5 Page 269
Page 278: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Ti[le: PE 1628 .F6 1 THE CONCZSE OXFORO OZCTIONARY OF CURRENT ENGLIHH Author: 2ad Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: OXFORD DZCTZONARY. Fovler H W Fovle[ F G; Murray J A Cla[endo0 Press, Oxford, 1964 3964 Catalog Number: PE 1 52 Tit- Author: Publisher: THE WORD FINDER Rodale J I Garden City Books, Ga[den City, N.Y., 1952 Published Year: 1952 Catalog Number: PE 1680 .W6 Title: Author: GLISH USAGE A CONCIGE DICTIONARY. Wo~EFTTEN Publisher: Published Year: cmillan;, London, 1962 1962 Catalog Number: P B 6 Tltle: Author: WORTERNUCHDERDEUTSCHEN UMGANGSSPRACHE. xu r H Publisher: ppe Claassen, (Hamburg), 1963 Published Year: 3963 talog Nuabe[: Title: PG 2111 .R4 A55IAN COURSE POR SCIENTISTS. Authoe: Publishe[: Deres£ord Clarendon P., Oxford, 3965 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Nuaber: Tit- PG 2625 .09 1953; Ref DICTZONARY OF THE RUSS PG 2625 .09 1 IAN LANGUAGE. Autho[: Published Year: OxhegoV S I 1999 Catalog Number: PG 2625 PS 1986 Title: SPEAN READ 6 THINK ESSENTIAL RUSSIAN SOUND RECORDING Sarial Tit- The SyberVisioo Foreign Language Series Publishe[: Newa[k, CA., Syberiision Systems, 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Num.ber: PG 2640 .U5; Ref PG 2640 V5 Tit- EN RUSSIAN ENGLIGHRUSSIAN RUSSIAN ENGLISHPOx Serial Title: TM 30-944 Publisher: (U.S. Govt. Print. o£fice), Waehington, D.c.1945 Publisbed Yea[: i945 Page 279
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Catalog Number: Title: Q 11 N5 v 439 MACROMOLECULAR STROCTURE AN S ICITY Serial Title: COMPUTERASSISTED MO NG ANDAPPLICATIONS. ANNALS OF THE NEW YORX ACAVEMY OF SCIENCES, V. 439 2nd Aut o r Ed.: Publishei VenkataragRavan E; Feldmann R J The N aw York Academy of Sciencee Nev York, 1985 Pubiished Year: 1985 Catalog Numbe[: Q 11 N5 v. 46 art. 6 Title: Serial Title: SURFACE ACTIVE AGENTS. Annals of the NOW Yark Academy of Scienc es v. 46, 2nd Aut oi Ed.: art. 6 Anson M L Publisher: The Academy, Ne v Yor k, 1946 Published Year: 3946 Catalog Number: Titie: Q 11 N5 v. 56 art. 2 OOR RESEARCH CORRELATION. Serial Title: Annals of the NOW York Academy of Sciences, v. 58, 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: 2 Behnke A R ork Academy of Sclences NOW York, 195<Y 1954 Catalog Number: p 1 .NS v Title: CARDIOVASCULAR EFFECTS OF NICOTINE AND SMONING. Serial Title: Annals of the New York ACademy of Gclences v. , art.1 2nd Aut o Ed.: Wiggers C Publleherr The Academy, New York, 1960 Published Year: 1960 Catalog Numbet: Q 11 .N5 V.119 Art. 3 Titie: CHEMZSTRY AND METAEOLISM OF L AND DLACLIC ACSDS. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Whipple H E; Van A Publieher: Anna15 of the NOW Yo[k Academy of Sciences NOW Yark, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Catalo9 Number: Q 11 N5 v.126 a[t.2 Title: ANNALS OF THE NEW YORR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE VOL 126 AAT2 PGS 681940 COMPUTATION FOR CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH. Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: whipple H E Publlsher: nals of the Nev York Academy of Sc.ience Nev ork, C 1965 Published Year. 1965 Page 289
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Catalog Number: PN 6231 M2 P4 1969 Title: THE PETER PRINCIPLE. Authoi: Peter L J 2d A r ed.: Null R blisher: W. Morrov, New York, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Numbei: PN 6]31 .556 .A16 198Y Title: 101 WAYS TO ANSWER THE REQUEST "WOULD YOD PLEASE POT OUT THAT d86+(CENT)$ CIGAR. 2nd Aut o Ed.: Neily S Publishet 51mon & Schuster, Nev York, 1987. Published Year. 198> Catalog Number: PN 83 .L4 1951 Title: HON TO READ BETTER AND FASTER. AuthOt: Levis N Publisher: Ciovell~ New York, 1951 Published Yeat: 1951 Catalog Number: PR 2211 .B3 M4 1602 Title: THE META140RPHOSIS OF TOBACCO. Serial Title: The English experience, its r ord i ly y printed books publishe6 in facsimlle,~ ar l no. 360 Author: Beaumont .i Publisher: Theatrum Orbis Tetrarum;, Amsterdam, 3913 Published Year: 19>3 Catalog Number: P 6 5.E55 .P4 1983 Tltie: THEPERSIAN BOY SOIINO RECORDING Author: ault M 2nd Aut or Ed.: Skell A Publisher: Clinton, MU., Recotded fiooks, C p198] Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: P .£353 S45 Title: AMERICAN GOLD. uthor: seeman E Publisher: Dial Peess, New York, 1918 Published Year: 19]8 Cataloq Numbe[: PS 35)3 .A313 C6 1992 T1tle: COMPANY MAN, A NOVEL Author: Wade B Publisher: Chapel Hill, N. , Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 1992. PublisheC Year: 1992 Page 282
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Catalog Number: Title: Q 1 N5 v.159 ait.2 RESEARCH IN THE EXPERIMENTAL AND C AL ASPECTS Serial Title: OF 9RAIN TUMORS NEW YOR%, Ti ACADEMY 1 my If Scien Anna15 of the Nev YOrk Acadeim y 159, art 2. 969. ces v. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Scheinbeig L C Published Year. 1969 Catalog Number: Q11 N5 v.- 0 pt.i Title: BIOLOGICAL EFFECT OF P£STICIDES IN MAMMALIAN SYSTEMS. Serial Title: Annale If the New York Academy of Sciences, v. 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: 160, art. 1 Hzaybill N F NeW York Academy If Sciences, 1969 Nex York, 1969 Catalog Numbez: Q 11 N5 v.164 pt.1 Titie: DVANCES IN UL GAL ANALYSIS. Eerial Title: Annals of theNeCYOrk Academy If Sciences, v. 164, ait. 1 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Yphantis D Publieher: v York Academy If Sciences, New York, 1969 Publiehed Year: 1969 Catalo9 Number: Q 1 6 6 pt, Title: EDUCATIONVINTH£ H£ALTH R£LATED PROFESSIONS. Serial Title: nale of the NeW York Academy If Sciences, vo1. 166, art. 3 2nd Aut or Ed.: Gubner R S; Benton J Publishe r: York Aeademy If Sciences, Nev York, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v.l"/4 pt.1 Title: DIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF CARBON MONOXIDE. Serial Title: nals If the Nev York Academy If Sciences, v. i'/4, article 1 2nd Aut or Ed.: Coburn R F Publisher: Nev York Academy If Sciences, New York, 19>0 Published Year: 19'!0 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v.192 Title: ORGANIC SELENIUM AND TELLURIUM CH£MISTRY INTERNATIONAL CONF£RENCE ON DRGANIC SELENIUM AND TELLURIUM CHEMISTRY, NEN YORK), ,1971. Sciences, v. 192 Serial Title: Annals ot the Nev York ACademy If 2nd Aut or Ed.: Okamoto Y( G nther W Publisher: NeW York Academy If Sci.ences, (New York)19'!2 Published Year: 19'/2 Page 291
Page 282: ggs04d00
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Catalog Numbex: TiC1e: Q 1 S 9 1.641 SOURCESOF2NDOOR AIR CONTAMINANTS, CHARACTERI2ING EMISSIONS A EALTN IMPACTS Serial Tltle: Annals of the Nev York Academy of Sciences v. 641 3nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Tucker W Nev York, N.Y., Nev York Academy of Sciences, Published Year: 1992. 1992 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v 100 art. ] Title: Serial Titla: EP2200TZOofLOGY OF CANCER IN ANIMALS. Annals the No. York Academy of Sciencas v.l , 2nd Aut or Ed.: a[t.3 Meier H Publisher: Publishod Year: The Academy, No. York, 1963 196] Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v 110 Title: BODY cOMPOSITION CONPERENCE O ODY COMPOSITION, NEW YORK ACADEMY OP SCIENCES,196J. Serial Tille: 2ad Aut or Ed.: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v.110 Broxek J M Publisbe[: Now York Academy of Sciences No. York, 1953 Published Yea[. 1963 Catalog Number: Title: Se[ial Title: Q 11 N5 v I art. 2 UNUSUAL FORMSAND ASPECTS OF CANCER IN MAN. Annals of the No. York Academy of Sciencee Y.114, 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: art.2 Moss N The ACademy, New York, 1964 1964 Cataloq NumEer: Title: Serial Title: Q 1 art. 2 HOME MEDSCATION AND THE PUBLIC WELFARE. Anna15 of the Nev York Academy of Sciencee, v. 2nd Aut o[ £d.: Publishe[: 120, art. 2 Alphin T N: Keefer C S (Ne York) Academy (of Sciences), No. York, 1965 PublisM1ed Year: 1965 Cataloq Number: Title: Serial Title: Q 11 .NS v 11 art. ] SPIRATORY FAILURE. Annale of the No. York Academy of Sciencee 3 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lassen H C Publlshar: v York Academy of Sciences, Nev York, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Page 284
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calog Number Title: COMPANY MAN? ACNOVEL2 Author: Wade B Publisher: Chapel Hill, N. ., Algonquin Books of chapel Hill, 992. Published Yeai: 1992 Catalog Number: PZ 4 .02"/"/ Title: THE TOBACCO MEN A NOVEL BASED ON NOTES EY THEODORE DREISER AND HY IQtAFT. Aucnor: Dcal B 2nd A r Ed.: Dreiser T; Eraft H Publisher: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Nev York, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Number: Q 11 .N4 v 106 art. 2 Title: MUCOUS SECRETIONS. Serial Title: Annals of the NeW York Academy of Sciences art.2 2nd Aut or Ed.: Jakovska 5 Piqman W W Publisher: The Academy, New Yoik, 1963. Published Year: 1963 Catalo Number: Q 11 NS 1965 v 122 1- 2 1965 q . . Title: THE LAS£R, Serial Titie: Annals of the NeW York Academy of Sciences v. 122, Author: art. 2 Baez S 2nd Aut o Ed.: Goldman L; Weber .T PublisheT NeW York, The Academy, 165 Publishetl Year: 1965 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 1986 v 467 Title: STRESS-INDUCED ANALGESIA Serlal Title: Annals of the NeW York Academy of Sciences, v 467 2nd Aut or Ed.: Xelly D D Publisher: Publisbed Year. w Yoik, 1956 NY., NeW York Academy of Sciences, 1986 Cataloq Numbei: Q 11 .N5 1988 v 533 Title: THE SUDDEN INFANT UEATH SYNDRO.ME, CAROZAC AND RESPIRATORY MECHANSSMS AND 1NTERVENTIONS Se[iel TSGle: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 533 2nd Aut or Ed.: Valdes-DapeDa M A; Southall D P; Schwartz P J PublisheT: Nev Yoik, N.Y., NeW York Academy of Sciences, Published YeaT: 1989. 1958 Page 283
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Catalag Number: Q 1 .N5 v 1 Title: ANTIVIFAL SUBSTANCE5 1 Setial Title: Annala If the Nev York ACademy If Sciences v. 130, azt. 1 zna Ant o Ea.: N m E Publishez NewYOtkACademy of Sciences, New York, 1965 Published Yeaz: 1965 Catalog Numbex: Q 11 N5 V.132 Title: BIOLOGICAL EFFECPS OF AS TOS CONFERENCE CHAIRMEN I J SELIKOFF JCMURG. Serial Title: Annals If the New Yotk Acaaemy If Sciences v. 132, art. 1 2nd Aut o Ed.: Publishezr Caurg J: Selikoff I New York Academy of. Sciences, New York, 1965 Publishod Year. 1965 Catalog Number: Q 11 .N5 1.133 art.l Titie: Serial Title: AND FOOD IN H AND DISEASE. Annals If the New Yotk A ademy If Sciences v.133, 2ntl Aut ox Ed.: art.J Cloud L A Publisher: New Yozk Academy If Sciences New York, 1966 Published Yeaz: 1966 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 V.141 Att.1 Title: Authar: BIOLOGICAL ACTIONS OF DIMETHYL SULFOXIDE. Neyer E M Publisher: Annals of Yhe New Yozk Academy If Sciences New Published Year: ork, 196] 196] Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v.144 art.2 Title: Sezial Title: CHOLZNERGIC M HANISMS. New Yotk Academy If Sciences., Annals, v. 144, znd Aut or Ed.: art. 2 Ehienpreis S Publisher: New Yotk Academy If Sciences, (New York)196]. PuElished Yeae: 396> Catalog Number: Q 3 N v.i48 a[t.2 Title: GR0WTNHORMONE. Serial Title: Annals If the New York Academy If Screnc , vol. 148, att. 2 2nd A z£d.: Sonenberg M Publisher: New York AcaLemy If Sciences, New York, 1968 Publishad Year. 1968 Page 289
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Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v 123 art. 1 Title: EVAWATION ANO MECNANISMS OF DRUG TOXICITY. Setval Title: na15 of the New York Academy oY Sciences v.123, art.l 2nd Aut or Ed.: 81111 J J: Albert A Publisher: The Academy, Nev York, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Number: p 11 N5 v 125 a Title: INDUSTRIAL SYNTHESIS AND APPLICATZONS OF EPALLZCS. Serial Title: Annals of the New Yox'k Academy of Sciences, 1.125, art.l 2nd Aut or Ed.: Bitmingham J M: Considine W J: Tsutsui M Publiaher: (New York) Academy (of Sciences), New York, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v 1l0 art. 3 Title: INTERDISCIPLINARY INVESTIGATION OF MOCUS CfION AND TRANSPORT. Serial Title: New York AGademy of Sciences., Annals, v. 130, art. 3 2nd Aut or Etl.: Jakowska 5 Publishetl Year. 1966 Catalog Number: Q 11 .N5 v 133 ait. 1 Title: URRENT CONCEPTS OF ACIOBASE MEASUREMENT NFERENCE ON CURRENT CONCEPTS OF ACID-BASE ENT, NEW YORK ACADEMY O CZENCE5,3964. Serial Title: Annals of the New Yotk Academy Of Sciences v.iJ3, art.l 2nd Aut o Ed.: Nahas G G Publisher The Academy, New York, 1966 PubllsheL Year: 1966 CatalOg Number: Q 1I . 134 att. 2 Title: TNEBIOZ.OGY OF HUMAN VARIATION. Serisl Title: Annals of the New York Academy oP Sciences, v. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Broaek J M/ Abraham S Publisher: (Nev Yoik) Academy (of Scvencesj, New York, 1966 Published Year: 3966 Catalog Number: Q 1 . 12] art. 2 Title: 9IOLOGICAL MEMBRANES RECENT PROGRESS. Serial Title: nals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 3>) art. 2 2nd Aut a EG.: L wnstein W R Publisherz NevYOrk Academy of Sciences, New York, 1966 Published Year. 1966 Page 285
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Catalog Nomber: Title: Q 1 N5 V art 1 SECOND CONFERENCE ON ANTIVIRAL SUBSTANCES CONFERENCE ON ANTIVIRAL SUBSTANCES . (2ND :, YORR), , 1969. NEW Serial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, v. 2nd Aut ox' Ed.: Publishei: Publiehed Yeac: 1]3, ait. 1. Hermann E; Btinebring W R The Academy, New Yoik, 19]0 39]0 Catalog Numbez: 0 11 N5 V. 2l9 Title: Serial Title: HORIZONB IN O ONETALLIC CHEMISTRY. Annals of iheRNew York Academy of Sciences V. 239. 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Bernal I Publisher: New York Academy of Sciencas, New York, 1914 Published Year: 19]4 Catalog Number: Q il .NS v Title: BIOLOGICAL ACTIONS OF DIMETXYL SOLFOXIDE CONFERENCE ON DIOLOGICAL ACSIONS OF DIMETHYL SULFOXZDE, (3RD :, NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES) , 9]4. Serial Title: Annals of the N w Yo[k Academy of Sciences v. 243 2nd Aut o tl.: Jacob S W; H schler R Publishexr E Nev YOCk Academy of Scienc,(New York)l9>5 Published Yeax: 19]5 Cetalog Number: Q 1 . 309 Title: PSYCHOLOGY THE STATE OF THE ART. Seiial Title: Annals of the New Yoik Academy of Sciences v. 309 2nd Aut or Ed.: Salsinger K; Denmaxk P Publisher: New Yo[k Academy o£ Sciences, New York, 19]e Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Number: Q 11 .NS v. 419 Title: ANTINEOPLASTIC IMMUNOGENZC AND OTHER EFF£CTS OF THE TETRAPEPTIDE TUFTSIN A NATURAL MACROPHAGE ACTIVATOR. Serial Title: ANNALS OF HE NEW YOR% ACADEMY OF SCIENCES V. 419 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Najjai VAT Fridkin M Publisher: w Yo[k Academy of Sciences New Yoik, 1983 Publlshed Year: 198] Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v. 425 Title: BRAIN AND INFORMATION EV£NTRELATED POTENTIALS. Seriai Title: NALS OF THE NEW YORX A Y OF SCZENCES, V. 425 2nd Aut or Ed.: Na[ce[ R; Cohen S; Tueting P Publishei: w Yock Academy of Sciences Naw York, 1984 Published Yea[: 3984 Page 257
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Catalog Number: Q 1 6 pt.l Title: BIOELECTRODES. Serial TiCle: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol. 168 art, l 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Feder, W Publisher: w Yolk Academy of Sciences, New York, 1968 PuDlished Year. 1968 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 V.1<9 art. 2 Titie: ATH£NOSCLEROSZS RECENT A OSIS, RECENT AOVANCES,NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES,1966. Serial Title: nals of the New Yolk Academy of Sciences, vo1. 1<9, art. 2 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Haimovici N Publisher: New York Academy of Screnc , Nev York, 1966 PubliShed Year: 1968 Catalog Nunber: Q 11 . art.i Tit1e: MDLTIPLE MOL£CNLAR FORNS OF ENZYMES. Serial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol. 151, art. 1 3nd Aut or Ed.: sell E S Publisher: The Academy, New York, 1968 Published Year. 1968 Cataloq Number: Q 11 N5 V.352 pt.1 Title: EVENTION OF AND PROTECTION A ACCIDENTAL EXPLOSION OF MUNITIONS FOELS AND OTHER HAZARDOOS MIXTURES. Serial Title: Annals of the New Yolk Academy of Sciences, V. 2nd Aut or Ed.: CohenarEt. i Publisher: Yolk Academy of Sciences, New York, 1968 Published Year: 1968 Catalog Number: Q 1 .155 pt.2 Title: POLYMEASSCIENCE CDRRENT CONCEPTS AND CIVIC APPLICATIONS. Serial Title: na15 of the New York Academy of Sciences vol. 155, azt. 2 2nd Aut or Ed.: Michelotti F W Publisher: w Yolk Academy of Bciences, New York, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 1.156 art.l Title: EXPERIMENTAL "METABOLZC" CARDIOPATNIES AND THEIR RELATIONSNIPS TO HIIMAN HEART DISEASES. Serial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Vol. 356, art. i 2nd Aut or Ed.: Eajusa E PuSlishez: New York Academy of Sciences, New York, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Page 290
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talog Number: Q 1 N Title: SECONDCONFERENCE ON VZTAMIN C(PAPERS) CONFERENCE ON VITAMSN C, (2ND :, NEN YORK), , 19]4. ial Title: Annals ef the N w York Academy of Sciences v. 258 2nd Aut or Ed.: %ing C G; 9urns J J Publisher: New York Acadewy of Sclencee, Nev York, 1975 Fublished Year: 19]5 Catalog Numbel: Title: Serial Title: 2nd Aut or £d.: Publlshe[: PubliaheU Year: Catalog Number: Title: Se[ial Title: 3nd Aut or Ed.: Publiehe[: Published Year: Cataloq Number: Title: ial Title: 2nd A r Ed.: Publieher: Published Year: 39]] Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 1.355 Title: MICRONUTRIENT INTERACTIONS VITAMINS MINERALS AND NA2ARDOVS ELEMENTS. ial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 355 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: LevanLer O A; Cheng L Publisher: New York Academy of Sclences, New York, N.Y.19S0 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: Q 1 5 4 Title: SCIENCEANDTECHNOLOGY IN MEDIEVAL SOCIETY. Serial Title: ANNALS OF THE NEW YORM ACADEMY OF SCI8NCE5, V. 441 2nd Aut or Ed.: Long P O Publisher: The New York Academy of Scrences New York, 1985 Pubiished Yeaz: 1985 Q 3 .NS v.2>5 ATHEROGENESIS ( PAPERS ). nals of the New York Academy o . 275 C Camezini-Davalos R A: Hierman E LS Redisch W: zilversmit D w York Academy of Sciences, New York, 19]6 19]6 Q 11 .N5 V.282 CHRONIC CA NAHIS USE. Annale of the New Yoek Academy of Sciences v. 282 D rnbush R L reedman A M; Fink M w York Academy of Sciences, New York, 19]6 19]6 Q 11 N5 v.29) ACTH A RELATED PEPTIDES STRUCTORE REGULATION AND ACTION (PAPERS). nals of the N v Yozk Academy of Sciences v. 297 Arieger D T; Ganonq W New York Academy of Sclences, New York, 19]] Paqe 393
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Catalog Number: Q I .NS v Title: ial Title: 2nd A e Ed : MEMBRANE STROCTORE AND ITS BIOLOGICAL ATIONS. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 395 Green D E . Publisher: Publiahed Yeat: New Yo[k Academy of Sciences New Yoek, 19]2 19]2 Catalo9 Number: Q 11 6 pt.4 v.19 Title: Serial Title: RESPONSIBILITY O SCIENTISTS. THESGCAL AnnalSOf the New Yo[k Academy If Sciences, v. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publishe[: a[ticle 4 Siekevitz P New Yo[k Academy If Sciences, (Nev York)19]2 Published Year: 1972 Catalog Numbe[: Q 11 N5 1.203 Title: Serial Tit1e: VITAMIN E AND ITS ROLE IN CELLOLAR METABOLISM. Annals If the New York Academy of SCience5, v. 203 2nd A r Ed.: Nair P P; Xayden H J Publiahe[: New York Academy Of Sclences, (New York)19"/2 Published Year: 1972 Catalog Namber: Q 11 N5 v.218 Title: A UttAN BENAVIORA SFA L R RCx ISSOES IN SOCIALINTERVENTZON PROGRAMS Serial Title: nals of the New York Academy If Sciences, v. 218 2nd Aut ot Ed.: R[aft I A Pub3isher: York Academy If Sciences, New Yo , 19]] Published Year: 19]3 Catalog Numbe[: Title: Q 11 N5 V.22] ELECTRON SPIN RESONANCE ANO NUCLEAR MAGNETZC R£SONANCE IN OLOGY AND MEDICINE AND MA C RESONANCE IN BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONA2GNL ERENCE ON ELECTRON S B ANCE AND NOCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN BIOWGYAND MEDZCINE ANDMAGNETICR£EONANCE IN BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS,NEW YORK, 19]3. 2nd Aut o£d.: Publisher L k 5 E; Milvy P wYO[k Academy If Sciences New York, 1973 Published Year: 19"!3 Catalog Numbe[: Q 13 N5 1.2 " Title: erial Title: TO](ICITY O VINYL CHLORIDEPOLYVINYL CHLORIDE nals If the New York Acadesy If Sclences v. . 246 2nd Aut or Ed.: Selikaff I J; ]i mmond E C Publisher: York Academy If Sciences, New York, 9"!5 Published Yea[: 19]5 Page 292
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CatalDg Number: Q 11 N5 v. 139 art. 2 Tit1e: 'FHE P OGY OF DIURETIC A S Serial Title: Annals of the New Yozk ACademy ofSSiences 1.139, art.2 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Seldin D W Publisher: w York Academy oP Sciences, New York, 1966 Published Year: 1966 Catalog Numbet: Q 11 . 142 azt. 1 Title: EEFFEC'PS OF NICOTINE AND SMOEING ON TH£ CENTRAL NERVOUS SY Serial Title: nals of the NewYozk Academy of Sciences, V. 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Muiphree H1E; Pfeiffer C Yublishei: The Academy, New York, 196'! Published Yeat: 196] Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v. 153 art. 3 Title: EVALUATION OF AGENTS UBED IN THE PREVENTION OF ORAL oISEASES. Seriai Titie: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 153, art. 1 2nd Aut or Ed.: Pigman W; Hein S W Publisher: New York Academy of Sciences, New Yozk, 1968 Published Yeaz: 3965 Catalog Number: Q li N5 V. 153 art. ] Title: AUTOMATION ZN INDDSTRIAL PHARMACEUTICAL PROCESS AND QUALITY CONTROL. Serial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 153, art. 1 2nd Aut or Ed.: Sinotte L P Pagano T F Publisher: New York Academy of Sciences, New York, 196e Published Year. 3966 Catalog Number: p 1 . 155 a. 3 Title: EMZSTRY AND MORPNOLOGY CORREZATED WITH CHROMOSOME ANOMALIES. Serial Title: nals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 155, azt. 3 211 Aut or Ed.: Xaplan A Publishez: The Academy, New York, 1968 Published Year. 1968 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v. 163 art. 2 Title: EZOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF ALNYLRTING AGENTS. Sezial Title: Annals of the New Yoik Academy of Sciences, V. azt. 3 2nd Aut or Ed.: Van D 8 Publlshez: Pub. by the Academy, New York, 1969 Published Yeaz: 1969 Page 286
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Catalog Numbei: Q 1 N5 vol. 261 Title: ENVIRONMENT ANO SOCIETY IN TRANSITION WORLO PRIORITIES. Serial Title: Anna15 of the NeW York Academy of Sciences v. 261 2ntl Aut or Ed.: Pregel B; Lasswell N D; McHale J Publisher: AIDerican Division of the World Academy of Art and nc , ew York Academy of Sciences, New York, 39 ] 5 Published Year: 19"/5 Catalog Number: Q 11 .N5 vol. 264 Title: CARRIERS ANO CHANNELE IN EIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS. Serial Title: Annals of the Nev Y.lk Academy of Sciences v. 26< 2nd Aut or Erl.: Shamoo A E Publisher: New Ym'k Academy of Sciences, Nev York, 19>5 2ublished Year: 19]5 Catalog Number: Q 1 vo1. 2 Title: OCCUPATIONAL CARCINWENESIS. ial Title: nala of the N Y.lk Academy of SCiences v. 2]1 2nd Aut or Ed.: Saffiotti U; Wagoner S K Publieher: Nev York Academy of Scaences, NeW York, 19]6 Publiahed Year: 19"/6 talog Number: O 1 S vol. 2 3 Title: WORK INPROGRES5ON ALCOHOLISM. ei1a1 Title: nala of the N Y.lk Academy of Sciences v. 2]3 2nd Aut or Ed.: Seixas F; Eggleston S Pubiisher: Y.lk Academy of Scienc, eW York, 19'!6 Published Year: 39]6 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 vol. 2]6 Title: INT£RNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON IHMUNOEIOLOGY OF CANCER. Serial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciencea v. t]6 2nd Aut or Ed.: F[iedman H( Southam C Publisher: New York Academy of Sclences, New York, 19]6 Published Year: 19]6 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 vol. 2]] Title: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON IMMUNOTHERAPY OF Serial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 277 2nd Aut o Ed.: 5 utham C iedman H Publisherr New YOCk Academy of Sciences, NeW Yoik, 19]6 Publishetl Year. 19>6 Page 29]
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catalog Number: 4 11 NS 1.47 pt.2 Title: AHiNO ACID ANAYSIS OF PROTEINS. Serial Title: Annals of theNew York Academy of Sclene ,., part x Author: Stein W H Publisher: Hew York Academy If Sciences, New York, NY., 19a6 Published Year: 1946 Catalog Number: Q 1 .521 Tltle: NE1R301NNUNOMODULATION, INTERVENlIONS IN AGING AND CANCER STROMBOLI CONFERENCE ON AGINO AND CANCER, (iST :,198]). Serial Title: nals If <he N ork Academy If Sciences v. 521 2nd Aut or Ed.: Pierpaoli W; Spector N R Publisber: New York Academy If Sc.tiences, New York, N.Y., 1989. Published Year. 1988 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 v.9] axt. 4 Title: EPIDEMIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF CORONARY ARTERY DZSEASE. Serial Title: nals of !he Nev Yoxk Academy of Sciences v. , art. a 2nd Aut o Ed.: Wyeder £ L Publisher The New York Academy If Sciencea, Nev York, 1963. Published Year: 1963 catalog Numbet: Q 11 N5 v01. 145 art. 1 Title: ALYTIC NYDROGENATION ANU ANALOGOUS PRESSURE REACTIONS. Serial Title: Anna15 If the New York Academy of Sclences, v. 145, art. 1 2nd Aut or Ed.: ..... T M Publishei: NewYOrk Acadesy of Scaences, New York, 196] Published Year: 1967 Catalog Nunber: Q 11 N5 111. 155 ait.l Title: SOUND PRODUCTION IN MAN. erial Title: Its, A nals vo1.155, art.l 2nd Aut or Ed.: NraWSSON; eouhuys A Publiaher: NeW York Academy If Sciences~ Nev Yozk, .1968. PublisheU Year: 1968 Catalog Numbez: q 1 .N5 vol. i art. 1 T1tle: REDISTRIBUTION REACTIONS ZN CHEMISTRY. Author: Moedritier R; Considine W J; Papeis If a onfeeence held by the New Yerk A Publisher: nals If the Neww York Academy If Sciences New York, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Page 294
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Catalog Numbe[: Q 11 N5 vo1. 237 Title: OOORS E ATION UTILIZATION ANO CONTROL (CONFERENCE PAPERS). ial Title: nals Of the New Yerk Academy of Sciencee v. 2J] 2nd Aut or Ed.: Cain W S Publisher: New York Academy of Scienc 5, (New York)19]4 Published Year: 19]4 Catalo9 Number: Q 1 vo1. 241 Title: HEMOGL08INS COMPARATIVE MOLECULAR BIOLOGY MODELS FOR THE STUDY OF DISEASE. Se[ial Title: Annals of the New York Academy oE Sciences, v. 2a1 2nd Aut o Ed.: Nitchen H; eoyer S N Publisherc New York Acarlemy of Sciences, New York, 19]4 Published Year. 1974 ta1o9 Number: Q 1 vo1. 24] Title: BZOLOGIC EFFECTS OF NONIONI22NG RADIATION. Serial Title: Annaie of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 247 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ty1er P E Publisher: New Yolk Academy of Sciences, (New YOrk)19]5 Published Yeae: 19]S Catalog Number: p 11 .N5 vo1. 255 Title: CHEMISTRY BIOLOGY AND CLINICAL USES OF NUCLEOSIDE ANALOGS. Se[ial Title: Annals of the New Yolk Yolk Academy of Sciences 2nd Aut or Ed.: 255 Bloch A Publisher: Published Year: York Academy of Sciene , New York, 19]5 39]5 talog Number: Q 11 N5 vo1. 259 Title: $erial Title: CARCINOFETAL PROTEINS BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY. nals .1 e New Yolk Academy of Scrences v. 259 2nd Aut a[ Ed.: Publisher: Hirai HAlpe[t E New Yo[k Academy of Sciences, New Yo[k, 1915 Published Yeart 19]5 Catalog Number: Q 1 vo1. 260 Title: TNSTITUTIONS AN SCIENCE PUBLIC POLICY. Ee[ial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 26U 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lange[ M; Mille[ D F Publisher: New York Academy of Sciences, New Yoik, 19]5 Published Year: 19]5 Page 296
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Catalog Numbei: Q 145 .S36 1985 Title: SCI£MlIFIC AN ECHNICAL ORGANIZATIONS AND AGENCIES DZRECTORY. 2ntl Aut o Ed.: young M L PubiieherY Gale Research C, Detroit, Mich., 1985. Published Year. 1985 Catalog Number: Q 145 .536 198] Title: SCIENTIF2C AN TECHNICAL ORGANIZATIONS AND AGENCIES DIRECTORY. 2nd Aut ox Ed.: Younq M L Publisher: Gale Research Company Det[oit, MI, 198] Published Year: 1987 Catalog Numbei: Q 14) . 8 19]9 Titie: ADVICE TO A YODNG SCIENTIST. Serial Title: The Alfred P Sloan Foundation serles Author: Medawax P D publishei: Harper 6 R , ev York, 19]9 Published Yea[: 19]9 catalog Numbei: Q 14] . Title: ON BEING2A SCIENTIST. 2nd Aut o Ed.: Ayala F J Publishex Washington, D.C., National Academy P[ess, 1989. Published Yeai: 1989 Catalog Number: Q 1<) P4 Title: SCIENTISTS IN ANIZATIONS PRODUCTIVE CLINATES FOR RESEARCHAND ORGANIZATIONSDEVELOPMENT. Au[ho[: Pe12 D 2nd Aut or Ed.: Andreve F M Publisher: Wiley, Nev York, 1966 Published Yea[: 1966 Catalog Number: Q 1 4 19]6 Title: SCIENTISTS IN ORGANIZATIONS PRODOCTIVE CLIMATES R RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. Author: Pelz D C 2nd Aut oi Ed.: AndrewsF M Publisher: Institute fo[ Social Research, Univexsity of Michigan, Ann Arbox, 19'!6 Published Yea[: 19]6 Cataloq Number: Q 34] .54 19]5 Title: FROM DREAM TO DISCOVERY 0N BEING A SCIENTIST. ial Title: History, philosophy, and sociology of scaence Authoi: Selye H Publisher: Arno Press, New Yo[k, 1964 Published Year: 1964 Page J08
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Catalog Number: Q 230 Ma 1 Title: ALPHABETISCNES VERZEICHNIS DER DEUTSCHEN PFLANZENNAMEN MIT ANGABE INRER BOTANISCHEN BEDEUTUNG. Author: Marzell H Published Yea[: 1999 Cataloq Number: Q 230 Mo 19~8 Title: THE NEW AMERICAN ROGET•S COLLEGE THESAURUS IN IONARY FOAM. Author: Mo[ehead P D Published Year: 1999 Cataloq Number: Q 210 Se Title: INSTANTENGLZSN HANDBOOR. Authoi: mmelmeye[ H 2nd Aut or £L.: Bolander D Publishe[: Caree[ Institute Mundelein, IL, 1968 Published Year. 1966 Catalog Number: Q 210 Un Title: SELECTED U S MAR%ETING TERRMS AND DEFINITIONS ENGLISHSPANISN. PubllsM1etl Year. 1999 Catalog Number: Q 213 . Titie: GERMAN SCIENCE READER CHEMISTRY PHYSICS TECMNOIAGY. AutCOr: [ight A S Publisher: Holt, New York, 1930 Published Year: 1930 Catalog Number: Q 2 1988 a Title: ILLUSTRATINGSCIENCE, STANDARDS FOR PUBLICATION Publisher: Bethesda, Md., The Council, 1988. Published Yeaz: 1989 Catalog Number: Q 2 .G>6 3 Title: SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AN INTRODUCTION TO THE LITERATURE. Autho[: Grogan D Publiaher: net Books & Clive Bingley, Hamden, CT, 19]3 Published Yeai: 19'!3 Page 318
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talog rvumber: Q 1 6 U53 17tle: CIENCEUINDZCATORS REPORT OF THf. NATIONAL SCIENCE BOARD. Publioher: For sale by the Supt. of Doc, U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Nashington, 19'/5 Published Year: 19"!5 Catalog Number: Q 12-6 .C4) P6] 1977 Title: FORECASTING SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY. Author: Chlistakis A N; Globe S; K a% Publisher: U S Department of CommerceaNational Technical Infoemation Service 19]'/ Published Year: 1977 Catalog Numbei: Q 12).U6 .C48 P43 3990 Title: ERLESS SCIENCE, PEER REVIEW AND U.S. SCIENCE POLICY Serial Title: s in science technology and society Author: CSONY hubinoDlE 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hackett E Publieher: Albany' N.Y., State University of New York Press, 1990. Published Year: i99o Cetalog Number: Q 1 6 .535 1980 Title: SCIENCEAND TECHNOLJGY I TO THE 90 S. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Abelson P Stange H; Heying T L; Lesaells G A; Przybylowicz E; Triggiani L Publisher: American Chemical Soclety Washington D C 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: Q 14 1 .G46 3982 Title: NEW PRODUCT NEH EUSINESS OIGEST. Publisher: Schenectady, N.Y., General Electric Co., 1982 PublisheL Year: 1999 Catalog Number: Q 141 Co 1983 Title: NORTH CAROLINA PLASTICS PROCESSORS & PRODUCERS 1983 NORTH CAROLZNA PLASTICS PROCESSORS AND PRODUCERE, 1983.. 2nd Aut 11 Ed.: Cewgill W P Pubiisher: Induntrial E% , Bchool of Engineering,NOrth Carolina State University, Raleigh, i9e1 Published Year: 1983 Page -
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Cdtalog Number: Q 11 .N5 vol. ]11 Title: T DEVELOPMENTS IN CHEMOTHERAPY Ot NARCOTIC ADDICTION. Serial Title: Annale of the N ork Academy o Sciences v. 311 3nd Aut or Ed.: Eissin 8; Lowinson J N) Miliman R 8 Publisher: NIN York Academy of Scrences, New York, 19]8 PublisAed Year: 19>8 Catalog Number: Q 11 .NS vol. ]12 Title: FZEROBLAST SURFACE PROTEIN. ial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 332 2nd Aut or £d.: Vaheri A; Ruoslahti E: Hosher D F Publisher: v York Academy of Sciences, New York, 1978 Published Year: 1978 Catalog Number: Q 3 N5 Vol. 316 Title: EIFURCATION THEORY AND APPLICATIONS IN SCIENTIFIC DZSCSPLINES. Serial Title: Anna15 of the New York Academy of Sciences v. ]16 2nd Aut or Ed.: Gutel 0; Rossler 0 E Publisher: New York Academy of Sciences, New Yoik, 39)9 Published Year. 3979 Catalog Number: Q 1 N vol. 330 Titie: HEALTHEFFCCTS OF HALOGENATED AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS. ial T1tie: Annals of [he ... Yo[k Acatlemy of Sciences v. ]20 2nd Aut Or £d.: Nicholson W.I( Moore J A Publishex: New Yo[k Academy of Sciences, New York, 1979 Pablisnea Year. lsos Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 vol. 323 Title: EXPANOING THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE SCI£NCES (PROCEEDINGS). Serial Title: Annals Of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 323 2nd Aut or Ed.: Beiscoe A M/ Pfafflin S M Publisher: ork AcaUemy of Sciences, New York, 39~9 Published Yeae: 1979Y talog Number: Q a vol. ]2 Title: CONSERVATION OFENERGY RESOURCES. Serial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 324 2nd Aut or Ed.: Mauss E A; U1lmann J E Publisher: York Academy of Sciences, New York, 19~9 Pubiished Year: 19]9 Page 299
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Catalog Number: Q 1 vol. 46'/; QP451.4 Title: BTRESSNINDUCED ANALGEBIA 2nd Aut or Ed.: Felly D D Pub115her: v York, N.Y., Nev York Academy Of Sclenc , 986. Publlshed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: Q 11 .NS vo1. 469 Title: BIOCHEMZCAL ENGINEERING IV BIOCHEMICAL NGINEERING 4. BIOCNEMICAL ENGTNEERING FOUR. ia1 Title: Annals af the N ork Academy of Sciences, v. 469 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lim H C; VenkatasubraIDanian R Publisher: New York Academy of Seiences, New York, N. ., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: Q 1 NS vo1. 471 Title: INTERNATIONAL SYHPOSIDM ON BIOORGANIC C EMISTRY. Serial Tit1e: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, v. 471 2nd Aut or Ed.: Breolow R Publieher: New Yo[k Academy of Sciences, New Yo[k, N.Y., 1986 Published Year: 1986 CatalOg Number: Q il .N5 vol. 4]1 Title: CHEMICAL ANALYSZS OF THE CO US BRAIN VOLTAMMETRY AND PUSN-PULL PERFUSION O Serial Title: nals of the New York Academy of Scienc s, a. 471 2nd Aut or Ed.: Myers R D; Xnott P J Publisher: New York Academy of Sclene , New York, N.Y., 1986 Published Year: 1986 talog Numbex: Q 1 .NS vol. 4 Title: REPRODUCTION A BEHAVIORAL AND NEUROENDOCRINE PERSPECTIVE. Serial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, v. 4]4 2nd Aut o Ed.: R ruk B R Publisher ork Academy of Sciencee, New York, N. , 986 Published Yeaz: 1986 Catalog Number: Q 11 .NS vol. 4>9 Title: TETRODOTOXIN SAXITO%IN AND THE MOLECNLAR BIOLOGY OF THE SODIUM CHANNEL. Serial Title: nals of tbe New York Academy of Sciences, 1. 479 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Rao C Y; Levinson S R Publishei: New York Academy of Sciences, New York, N.Y., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Page 303
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Catalog Numbei: Q i .A3 n 1331 Title: ADVANCES IN FR£EZEDRYZNG LYOPHILISATION RECHERCHES ST APPLICATIONS NOUVELLES LYOPHILISATION. Se[ial Title: Actualitea sClentifiques et indust[ielles, 1333 214 Aut o Ed.: Rey L R Publishe[ Hecmann, Pari3, 1966 Published Year: 1966 Cataloq Numbet: Q 130 .H'/4 19Y5 Title: DEATH XINETICS OF FOOD PATHOGENS AS A FDNCTION OF WATER ACTIV2TY. Authar: Hsieh F Publisher: University Mic[ofilms InCernational, Ann Arbor, 9>5 Published Yeai: 19>5 [alog Number: Q 323 .D3'! 1962 FRENCHENGLISHSCIENCE DICTIONARY FOR STUOENTS IN AGRICULTURAL 9IOIAGZCAL AND PHYSICAL S ENCES WITH A REVISED SUPPLEMENT OF TERMS IN AEROl:AUTICS, ELECTRONICS, HADAR, RADIO, TELEVISION, ATOMIC ENERGY, NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, AND A NEW GUIDE FOR TRANSLATORS. Autho[: De V L Publisher: McGtaw-Hill, Nev Yo[k, 1962 Published Yeaz: 1962 CatalOg Number: Q 1 .E46 198'! Title: DICTIONARY OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES TERMS FORMULAS DATA. Author: Emiliani C Publisher: Oxford University Press, Nev York, 1987. Published Year: - Catalog Number: Q 123 Es 1982 Title: RAND MCNALLY GOOD£'S KORLD ATLAS. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Espenshade E H: Morcison J L Publisher: Rand McNally 6 CompanyChicaqo, 1982 Published Yea[: 1982 Catalog Numbei: Q 125 . Title: THE FIRST EDEN. e[lal Title: The F Secies Publishei: ChicaqoStlL. ... , PMI/Films Inco[po[ated, 1989 Published Yea[: 1989 Catalog Number: Q 12) U6 .A613 Titie: THE FIVE YEAR OUTLOON ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Pub135he[: ashington, DC, 1982National Scvence Foundation Published Year: 1982 Page 306
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Catalog Number: Q 11 .N5 Vol. 393 Title: VITAMIN E BIOCHEHICAL HENATOLOGICAL AND CLINICAL ASPECTS. arial Title: Annals of the New York ACademy of Sciences, v. 393 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lubin B) Hachlin L T Publisher: New York Academy of Sciences, New York, N.Y.1982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Numbez: Q 11 NS vol. J Title: CELL PROLIFERATION CANCER AND CANCER THERAPY A CONFERENCE IN HONOR OF ANNA COLDPEDER. Serial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, V. ]9l 2nd Aut or Ed.: Goldfeder A; Baseiga R Publisher: w Yoik Academy of Sclencee, New York, N.Y.1982 Published Year: 3982 CatalOg Number: 0 13 .N5 Vol. 401 Title: ENDOTNELZUM SYMPOSIUM ON ENDOTHELIUM, NEW YORM CApEMY O SCIENCES), , 1982. Seiial Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Annals of the New Yo[k Academy of Sciences, v. 401 Fishman A P Publishei: Publiahed Year: w Yoxk Academy of Sciencee, New York, N.Y.1982 1982 Catalog Numbei: Q il NS vo1. 40'/ Titie: CELLULAR SYSTEMS FOR TOXICITY TESTING. Serial Title: Annals of the New York ACademy of Sciences, v. 407 2nd Aut or Ed.: Pubiisher: Willlams G M; Dunkel V C; Nay V A New York Aca6emy of Seiences, New Yotk, N , 1983 Published Year: Catalog Number: Title: 1983 Q 11 N5 vol. 6 ANTINEOPLASTIC IMMONOGENIC AND OTHER EFFECTS OF THE TETRAPEPTIDE TUFTSIN A NATURAL MACROPHAGE ATOR. Seiial Tit1e: Annale of the New York ACademy of Sciences, v. 419 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Nejjar A; Fridkin M Publisher: New York Academy of Scaences, New York, H.Y., 1993 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: Q 1 .NS vol. 4 Title: ATHEROSCLEROSIS56 Serial Title: Annals of the New York Acatlemy of Bcvenc ,. 454 ]nd Avt or Ed.: Lee X T Publisher: New York ACademy of Sciencee, New Yoik, NY, 1985 Pubiished Year: i985 Page 302
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Catalog Nomber: Q 11 . vo1. 49 Sitle: BIOLUMINESCENCECONFERENCE ON BIOLOMZNESCENCE, , NEW YORX), ,1946. Se[ial Title: nals of the Nev Yoik Acade®y of Scrences, v. 49, aYt. 3 2nd Alt or Ed.: Narvey £ N PublisM1er: TM1e Academy, New York, 3948 Published Year: 1948 Catalog Number: Q 1 N5 vol. 530 Title: OLFACTION AND TASTE ZX. ial Title: Annals of the N w York Academy of Sciences v. 510 2nd Aot or Ed.: Roper S 0; Atema J PuDlisher: PuDiished Year: Nev York Academy of Sciences, 198'/ Nev York, N.Y., 198J talog Nomber: Q 1 vo1. 516 Title: BLOOD IN CONTACT WITH NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL Seiial Title: DRFACES. Annals of the New YDik Academy of 5ciencee, v. 516 2nd Alt or Ed.: Leonard E F; Turitto V T) Vroman L PuDlisher: Poblished Year: w York Acatlemy of SCiences, ew York, N. , 196] 198"! Catalog Nomber: Q 1 N 1. 534 Title: LIVINGIN vo 1. A CXEMICAL WORLD, OCCOPATIONAL AND NVIRONHENTAL SIGNIFZCANCE OF INDUSTRIAL AECZNOGENS. Serial Title: Annals of the N w York Academy of SCiences, 00))-6923 . 534 ]nd Alt or Ed.: Maltoni C: Selikoff I J Publisher: New York, N.Y., New York Academy of BCiences, Publishetl Year. i988 Catalog Nomber: Q 11 N5 111. 54] Title: BOMBESIN-LIKE PEPTIDES IN REALTH AND OISEASE. Serial Tit1e: Annals of the New York ACademy of Sclences, 00"/]-892] 1. 547 2nd Alt o[ Ed.: Neqii L~ MelcM1ioi[i P: Tache Y PublieM1er: New YDrk, N.Y., New York Academy of Scienc , Published Year: 988. 3988 Catalog NNmber: Q 11 .NS Vol. 559 Title: Seiial Title: ARACNIDONIC ACID METABOLISM IN TNE NERVOUS SYSTEM, PHYSIOLOGZCAL AND PATHOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANC£. Anna15 of the New Yo[k Academy of Sciences, 559 ]nd Alt or Ed.: Baz a N G:VBarkai A I Publisher: New York, N.Y., New York Academy of Sciences, 989. POblisned Year: 1989 Page 304
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Catalog Number: Q 1] N5 vol. 325 Title: THE O OF MODERN BIOCHEMISTRY A RETROSPECT ON PROTEINS. erial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of 5c e eS v. 325 2nd Aut or Ed.: Edsall T T; Srinivasan P R; £rutonTS Publisher: New Yoek Academy of Sciences, New York, 1979 Published Year: 1979 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 vol. 329 Title: PUBLIC CONTROL ENVZRONMENTAL HEALTH HAZARDS THE SCIENTIFIC RASIS FOR THE PUBLIC CONTROL OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH HAZARDS. Serial Title: Annals Of the New York Academy of Sclence, v. 329 2nd Aut or EU.: Hammond E C: Selikoff I J Publisher: New York Academy of Sclenc, New Yerk, 19]9 Published Year: i9]9 talcg Number: O 11 .N5 vo1. 330 Title: HEALTH HAZARDS OF ASBESTOS EkPOS UR E SCIENTIFIC BASIS FOR THE PUBLIC CONTROLOF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH HAZARDS. Serial Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 330 2nd Aut o£d.: Selikoff I; Nammond E PubliSher New York Academy Of Science5, New Yo[k, 19>9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: Q 11 . vo1. 3 Title: FACTORS IN IMMUNITY CONFERENCE ON SUBCELLULAR FACTORS IN IMMUNITY,19]9. Serial Title: Annals of the New Yoik Academy of Sciences v. 332 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Friedman H Publiaher: w York Academy of Sciences, New York, 19]9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: Q i vol. )33 Title: TRANSITION METAL MEDIATED O ANIC SYNTHESIS. ial Title: Annals of the N w Yozk Academy of Sciences v. 333 2nd Aut or Ed.: 51ocum D W Hughes 0 R Publisher: New York Academy of Sciences, New York, 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: Q 1 .N5 vol. 334 Titie: SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY PERSPECTIVES FOR THE 19805. ial Title: of the New York Academy of Sciences v. 334 2nd Aut or Ed.: Fusfeld H I; Hakiisch C S Publishex': New York Academy of Sciences, New York, N..39]9 Publisbed Year: 39]9 Page J00
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Catalog Nvmbee: q 1 vol. 338 Title: AEROSOLS ANTHROPOGENIC AND NATURAL SOURCES AND TRANSPORT. Se[isl Title: nals of the N oik Academy of Sciences v. 338 2nd Aut or Ed.: Kneip T J; Lioy P J Publishe[: NOR York Academy of Sciences, New Yo[k, N.Y.1980 Published Yeae: 1980 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 vol. 340 Title: PSYCHOLOGY THE LEADING EDGE. Ee[ial Tit1e: Annals of the New York Academy of sciences v. ]40 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Denma[k F Publisher: w York Academy of Sciences, New York, N. , 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: q 11 N5 vol. 349 Tit3e: LIPOPROTEIN STRUCTURE. ial Title: Annals of the N w Yo[k Academy of Sciences v. 348 2nd Aut o Ed.: S n N; Landsberge[ F R PublisheT NewYO[kACademy of ScieTCes, New Yo[k, N.Y.1960 Published Year: 1980 Cataloq NumbeT: Q 11 NS vol. 3 Title: MODULATION OF CELLULAR INTERACTIONS BY VITAMIN A AND DERIVATZVES ( RETINOIDS ) NEW YORK ACADEMY OF NCES,NEW YOR%,1980. Se[ial Title: Annais of the New Yo[k Acad¢my of Sciences 359 Pubork Academy of Sciences New York, 980 Publishshe[ed Year. 111, 980Y talag Number: Q 1 Title: RESEARCH D PMENTS IN DRUG AND ALCOHOL USE. ia1 Title: Annals of the N w York Academy of 5 ces v. 362 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Millman R ushman P) Lowinson TCH PublisM1er: New York A ademy of Sciences, New York, N.Y., 1981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: Q 11 N5 vo1. 363 Title: MANAGEMENT OF ASSESSED RISK FOR CARCINOGENS. Serial Title: Annais of the New Yo[k Academy of Sciences v. 363 2nd Aut o[ £d.: Nicholson W.I PublishaT: w York Academy o£ Sciences, New York, N.Y.1981 Published Year: 1981 Cata1og Number: Q 11 NS vol. 382 itle: SUDDEN CORONARY DEATH. Se[ia1 Tit1e: Annals of the New YoCk Academy of Sciences, v. 382 2nd A Ed.: GTeenberg H M; Dwysr E M Publisherr New York Academy of Sciences, New Yoik, N.Y.1982 Published Year. 1982 Page 301
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Catalog Number: Q 180.U5 A155 1990 Title: UNDS FOR RESEARCH AN DEVELOPMENT, FISCAL YEARS 1988, 1989, ANU 1990, VOLUME XX%VZII, DETAILED STATISTICAL TAELES Serial Title: Su[veys of Science Resources Series Publisher: ashington, D.C., National Sciance Foundation, 990. Published Year: 1990 Catalog Number: Q 181 A1 A68 n. 81-5 Title: NS ON SCIENCE AND THE M£DIA SCIENCE AND THELMEDIA serial T.itle: American Association foc the Advancemant of Science . Publication: no. 81-5 Author: oodfield G 3 PublisM1er: American A asni iation for the Advanc ement of scienoe, wnyton, D.o.lsel Published Year: 3981 [alog Number: p 1 Title: COMPUTERSCAND INSTRUMENTATIDN A PRACTICAL ANDEOOM OF MEASUREMENT INTERFACING AND CONTROL CIRCUITE. 1a1 Title: Heyden international topics in science Author: Carrick A Publisher: Heyden, London; Fhiladelphia, 19'/9 Pubiished Yeat: 19>9 Catalog Number: Q 185 E4 1960 ARCHER Title: Y INSTRUMENTS THEIA DESIGN AND APPLZCATION. Author: Elliott A 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Dickson J Publisher: Chemical Pub. Co., Nev York, 1960 Pubiished Yeat: 1960 Catalog Number: Q 1 . 6 Suppl. Title: ENERGETICS OF GASEOUS I0N5. Serial Title: Journal of phYSical and chemical ieference data, Supplement 1.6, nD. 1 2nd Aut or Ed.: Rosenstack H M Publisher: (Washingt0n), Pub115hetl by the American Chemical Society and the Am a te of Physics for Che National Bureaurof5tandarde Published Year. 197] Catalog Numbe[: Q 210 Ed 1974 Title: PORTUGESE LANGUAGE JO PHRASE UICTIONARY ANU STUDY CUIDE. Publisher: Educational Services Washington, DC, 19"!4 Published Yea[: 19]4 Page 317
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296t :zeax paVS?iqnd L96t ' .aays?iqnd s[Cen u?tassy zoy;nY saTtam3eu s ye;sQns sap a m?yJ :aI3?Y~Ta?ze5 'sOZdIS SYIH3YJYH 3NY SN32H3YJYH S30Id22 53'I :at1?.L L62T 'ou CV' tTt D:zaQmnN 6ote;eJ 296t ' 1961 : eax pays?tqnd ?qdTaPeT?Vd 'x;a?aoS tes?ydosoT?yd uea?zawY i .iays?Lqnd W f a iid '3a •is ' •xla~aos Iea?yanaolTUa u_ o s amY~av3 ; o?laesuezY JYHOSSYINOSOJHSI'ION3 H03 Y3NNYWZNN3HYN0N OY Y03 Y53flb 3HY NI xJYWO'IdIO ONY SJIYI'IOd _ioylnY :at;?Y TaTias 35ZNdH3J.N3 YISSNN OY 3NfIZN3AUY OJJYHOY 3HY :at3tY T'3a TS 'n s q 9d ii D:zaqwnN 6ote3eJ ieax paVSilqnd H96T 'XZOx naN 'xmape~y zays?tqnd O qatppTW :'P3 zo ;rtY pu2 452 a. 5 3o xmaPeaY ;iox n ay3 JozsTeuqY :aL3?Y Le?.isS 'S350IL3ZJY30JAWNHHY d0 x00SOIH :at3iY i'1ze 65t'Ton SN iT D:zaqmnN 6o[e3eJ L96t x PaysiaVS?Tqnd L96i 'NZO,( naN saa 2aS 3o xmapeoY Hzox naN iTqnd uaW 3 za.laM :3 L Na[xPaz3 :'P3 za 1nY Pn2 ;ze '44t n saa toS ;o xmapeaY ;iox naN ay1 3o sieuqY :aI1[Y Za[zaS 'SNOYM2f193N HYMOUO SNY'Id :aT3?Y Vbi'2on SN" TT 0:zaqwnN 6ote3eJ iean paq.?TVna 'S962 'Kiox naN 'xmaPeOY ayY .zaysiTqnd ;ie 'S2t •ton •saa taS ;o xmapeaY Mzox naN aV1 ;o steuuY :aT3xy texiaS 996t) 'IS3JN3IJ5 30 AW30pJV NNOA M3N'SW3YHA5 JIJO`I02H NI N M 30 SWH03 NO 3JN3N33NOJ ~(SU3dYd 3JN3H33NOJ)YSW3SSA5 JIOO'IOIH NI H3YYM 30 SYN30d :ai;tY '1ze 52i'TOn SN' Li D:zaqmnN 6atsleJ 066L :ieax pays?iqnd 066T saa ?aS ;o xmapeOY 3iox naN "x'N 'X3o,t naN zaus?iQnd S 0 5 O 0 IaoH :'P3 io 3nY py2 53ZllZNHOJ 'IYZNSSNONI NI xSISYS80W tt?JNYJNI SHNiNY :at12Y 609 'Ton sN' 11 6:iaqwnN boteleJ
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Catalog Number: Q 1 2.5 .C45 .N53 C42 1 Tlile: CHAOS AND INFORNATION PROCESSING, A HEURISTIC Author: Nicolls S Publisher: Singapore; Teaneck, N,T, World Screntlfic, 1991. Publlshed Year: 1991 Catalog Numbet: Q 3J2.5 .C)4 .F33 C]3 1 Title: CREATIVE THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING.; CREATIVE THINKING 6 PROBLEM SOI.VING Author: Fabian T Publisber: Chelsea, Mich., Lewis Publishers, 1990. Published Yeae: 1990 Catalog Number: Q 172.5 .F'/ .K64 198> Title: FALS£ PROPHETS. Author: KOhn A Publishei: B. Hiackwell, Oxford, UK; New York, NY, 1986 Publiahed Year. 1986 Catalog Number: Q 1>2.5 P ."! H"/6 1982 Title: BETRAYERSOF THE TROTH. Author: Broad W 2,1 Aut oi Ed.: Wade N Publiaher: a and Schuater, New YOrk, 1962 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: Q 1>2.5 .H95 .5923 19H6 TiGle: SYNMETRIES IN SCZENCE II SYMMETRIES IN SCIENCE 2. SYMNETRIES IN SCZENCE TWO. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Grube[ B; Lenciewaki R Publisher: Plenum Press, New York, 3986. Published Year: 3986 Cata10g Number: Q 1"l2.5.C45 .N53 C42 1991 Tit1e: CHAOS AND INFORMATION PROCESSING, A HEURISTIC OUTLINE Author: Nicalis J Publiater: ingapore; Teaneck, N.i, orld Scaentific, 1991. Publiahed Year: 1991 Catalog Number: Q 3'/2.5.C]4 FJ3 C]3 1990 Title: CREATIVE THZNRZNG & PROBLEM SOLVZNG uthor: Fabian 1 Publisher: Chelsea, Mich., Lewis Publishers, 1990. Published Year. 1990 Page 311
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Catalog Numbei: Title: p 175 .M4]1 1 THE LIMITS OP SCIENCE. Author: Publ3sher: Medavai P B Oxford University Press, Nev York, 1981 Published Year: 198] t ~ alog Number: Q 175 .U48 T Title: ia1 Title: Author: QUANTITATIVE STEREOLOGY. Addison-Wesley serres in metallurgy and materials Underwood E E Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Reading, Mas , 19>0 Published Year: 19'!0 Catalog Number: Q 1)5.l .M4 1 Title: Serial Title: Author: PLUTO'S Oxford Medavar REPUBLIC. paperbacks P 8 A Galazy book Publisher: oxfard University Piess, ozford (oxfordshire); Published Year. Nev Yo[k, 1984 1984 Catalog Number: p 1 .A1 A Title: TNE R 6 D GAME TECNNICAL MEN TECHNICAL MANAGERS AND RESEARC[ PRODUCTIVITY. Authar: Publisher: Published Year: A33ison D M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1969 1969 Cata1og Number: Title: Q 180 . A PUNCH£DCARDS THEIR APPLICATIONS TO SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY. Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: Casey R S Perry J W EOOk Division, Reinhold, New York, 1951 1951 Catalog Number: Title: Q 1 E%PERIMENTAL DESIGNS. Eerial Title: Author: Wiley mathematical atatistics series ochran W G 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: c G M Wiley, Nev York, 1950 Published Year: 195D Catalog Number: Q 180 Al L5 Title: THE MEASUREMENT OF EFFICIENCY OF SCIENTIFIC C Author: Publisher: Published Year. LSpetzB A media, Carlisle, 1965r Mas , 96 s Page )13
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Cataloq Numbec: Q 147 . B 1965 Title: Autho[: THE JOYOF SCIENCE E%CELLENCE AND ITS REWARDS. Sinde[mann C J Pubiiahet: Plenum P[e55,New York, 3985. Publiahed Yeac: 3985 Catalog Number: Q 162 .A9 1965 Title: THE INT£LLIGENT MAN'S GUIDE TO SCIANCE THE NEW INTELLIGENT HAN'S GUIDE TO SCIENCE. 2thor: blishe[: Asimov I Basic Booka, New Yock, 1965 Published Yeax: 1965 Catalog Number: Q 1'/1 E9 Title: E EXCITEMENT A SCINATZON OF S E A COLLECTION O£ AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL ESBAYS. 2Nd Aut ox Ed.: Publisher: Bishop G N ual Rev1e ~ n, Palo Alto, Calif., 1965 Published Yeax: 1965 Cata1og Number: Q 171 3 1973 Title: THEFIRSTPHILIP MORRIS SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM RICHMOND VIRGINIA APRIL 26 1973. Autho[: Fill N J; Philip N ria Science SYmposium 1, Publisher: RiChmond, Va, 19'!J PhiliP Morris, Inc.New Yo[k, 19>3 Published Year: 1933 Catalog Numbet: Title: Q 171 . 3 19]5 THE RECENT CHEMZSTRY OF NATURAL PRODUCTS INCLUDING TOBACCO PROCEEDINGS OF TH COND PHSLIP MORRIS SCIENCE SYMPOSIUMRICHMOND, VIRGINIA , OCTOBER 3 19]5 . PHILIP MORRZS 5CZNCE SYHPOSIUM, I2ND:, ,RICHIOND)~ ~ 9'l5E 2nd Aut ot Ed.: Fina N Publisher: Philip Morris, New York, 1'!6 Published Yeac. 19~6 Catalog Number: Q 171 .P53 19]8 Title: STRUCTURE A ENISTRY O T BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRDPHILIP MORAZS SCIENCE SYMPOSIUMRICHMOND,VIRGINIA, NOVEMBER 9, 19)8. 2nd Avt oi Ed.: Walk E M Publisher: Philip Morrls, New Yotk, Z9>9 Published Year: 19"!9 Page 309
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Page 313: ggs04d00
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Page 314: ggs04d00
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ta1og Number: Q 3 J 1981 Title: FRONTIERS OF ANALYTICAL TECHNIQU£S AND THEIR APPLICATION PROCEEDINGS OF THE FOURTH PHILIP MORRSS SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM RICFD40N0, VZRGINIA, OCL09ER 29, 3981 SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM. PHILIP MORRZS SCIENCE SYMP05IUM, (4TH : RICHMOND, VA.), , 1981;RICHMOND (VA.), (4TH :, ,1983. 2nd Aut Or Etl.: Lunsford C G PuElieher: Philip Mori1, Nev York, N.Y.1982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: Q 121 .P53 1985 Titie: NATURAL PRODUCTS RESEAACH, THE IMPACT OF ENTIFIC AOVANCES R P OF THE FIFTH PHILIP MORRZS SCIENCESYMPOSIUM RICHMOND VIRGINIA OCTOBER 1 5 PHILIP MORRIS 5 IENCE SYMPOSIOM, (5TH :,RICHMOND, VA.), 1985 : Publisher: Philip Morris, New York, N.Y., 1982 Published Year: 1992 Cata1og Number: Q 171 2 . Title: SCIENCEAND SOCIETY A SYMPOSIUM. Author: sn A E 2nd Aut or £d.: Thomas8 D; Spioull R L; Bardeen S, iesner J B; Baker W Publisher: XecOi Ccoporation Rochester, NY, 1965 Published Year. 3965 Catalog Number: Q 172 . 6 Title: PORTRAIT0F NATURE THE NORLD AS SEEN 9Y MODERN SCIENCE. Authar: Cottrell A H Pubiisher: Scribner, Nev York, 1975 Published Year: 19J5 Catalog Number: Titls: Q 172 .I53 1984 INDUBTRIAL ACADEMIC INTERFACING. Serial Titl: American Chemical Society, ACS Symposium ser.ies 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Publisher: 244 Runser D J American Che mical SoCiety Washington, 1984 Published Year: 1984 Catxlog Number: Q 172 .T44 Titie: Author: Publishei: Published Yeai: THE PURSUIT OF SIMPLICITY. Teller E Pepperdine Uciversity Prees, Malibu, 3980 Calif.198Q Page 310
Page 316: ggs04d00
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Catalog Number: QA 154.2 Title: EBRAAND .Ll"/ TRIGONOMETRY REFRESHER FOR CALCULUS STUDENTS. Serial Title: A Seiies of books in the mathematical sciertcee Author: Larson L C Publishei: a. N. Fieeman, San Francisco, 19'/9 Published Year: 19']9 Catalog Numbei: QA 166 .A65 Tit1e: APYLICATIONS OF GRAPN THEORY. 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Wilson R J; Beineke L li Publishei: Academic Piees, London; NeW York, 19]9 Published Year: 1979 Catalog Numbei: QA 166 .S88 Title: GRAPNS NETWORKS AND ALGORITHMS. Author: amy M N 2nd Aut or Ed.: Thulasiiaman I( Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1981 Published Yeai: 1981 CatalOg Number: QA 1 .CJS Title: AN INTRODUCTZON TO HATRICES VECTORS AND LINEAR OGRAMNING. Seiial Title: Appleton-Century mathematics series uthoi: Campbell H Publishei: Appleton-Centuiy-Crofts, Nev York, 1965 Published Yeax. 1965 [alog Number: QA 188 . ' Title: AN INTRODUCTION2O MATRICES VECTORS AND LINEAR PROGRAMMING. Author: ampbell N G Publisher: Pientice-Na11, Englevood Cliffs, N.J.197> PubiisTed Yeai: 19J> Catalog Nunber: QA 188 .x6"/ 19>5 Titie: THE TH£ORY OF MATRICES IN NUMERICAL ANALYSIS. AuthsehOldei A S Publishei: Dovei Publications, New Yozk, 1975 Published Year: 19)5 Cataleg Numbei: OA 188 NJ5 1984 it1e: MATRIX ALGEBRA AN INTRODUCTION. Seiial Title: Sage un sity papeis. Quantitative applications n thes ial s iences no. 0'!-OJS Authoi: Namboodiii N R c Publishei: Sage Pubiicatione, Bevelly Nills, 1984 Pubiiahed Year: 1984 Page 326
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Catalog Number: QA 2 .G)] 1 Title: HANDBOGK OF ST STIC M ODS FOR PYSICS CHEMISTRY ANDTHE NATURAL SCIENCES. H Serial Title: Springer s s in syne[qetics 13 Author-. Gardiner c Publisher: Springer-Veriag, Berlin; New York, 1985. Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 2)4 L . 4 1983 Title: E)(TREMESAN RELATED PROPERTIES OF RANDOM SEQUENCES AND PROCESSES. Serial Title: SFRING£R SERIES iN STATISTICS Autho[: Leadbetter M R 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Lindgren G; Rootsen H Publishee: Sp[inger-Verlag New Yark, 3983 Publisbed Year: 1983 Catalog Number: QA 274 .S34 1983 Title: ONDERSTANDING RANDDMNESS E%ERCISES FOR STATISTZCIANS. ial Title: Lectu[e notes in statistics v. 6 Autho[: Salsburg D Publisher: M. Dekker, Nev York, 1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: QA 274 .] 1999 Title: M PROCESSES, A FIRST LOOK. ial Title: Statiatiss, textbooka and monographs v. 29 Author: Syski R Publisher: Nev York, N, Dekke[, 1989 Pubiished Yea[: 1989 Catalog Numbe[: QA 275 . 5 1943 Title: STATISTICAL ADJUSTMENT OF DATA. Author: ing W E Publisher: John Niley 6 Sons, InC.New York, 1943 PublisTed Year: 1943 Catalog Number: QA 2]5 .F65 1 Tltle: MEASUREMENT E OR MODELS. Se[ia1 Title: Wiley s Rn probability and mathematical isticse,a Applied probability and statistics, Author: Fuller W A Publishe[: Wiley, New Yo[k, 1987. Published Yea[: 398'! Page 331
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Catalog Number: Q 1 S 6 1965 Title: RESEARCHPROGRAM EPFECTIVENESS PROCEEDINGS. 21, Aut or Ed.: Y vita H Pubiiaher: Gordon and Breach, Nea YOrk, 1966 Published Year: 3966 Catalog Number: Q 180 U5 D45 19)1 T1tle: K TANKS. Author: Dickaon P Publisher: Atheneum, Nev York, 1971 Published Ycar: 19)1 Catalog Number: Q 180 U5 073 Title: THE NONPROFIT RESEARCH INSTITUTE ITS ORIGIN OPERATION PROBLEMS AND PROSPPCTS. Author: Orlans H Publisher: NcGrav-Hill, Nev Yark, 19Y2 Published Year: 19)2 Catalog Number: Q 180 U5 09a Title: OUTLOOX FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY THE NEKT FIVE YEARS. PubliShe[: Published in cOllaboration vith the National Academy of S es by N.H. Freeman, San Franciec0, 1`yqznc Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: Q 180 U5 R39] 1989 Title: RESEARCH SERVICES UIRECPORY, A ONE-STOP GUIDE TO TRACT RESEARCH PIRMS AND LAEORATORIES Publisher: Detroit, Gale Aesearch, 1989. Published Year: 1989 Catalog Numbei: Q 180.55 Ml F7 itle: PRINCIPLES OF R6D MANAGEMENT. Author: Franci5 P H Publisher: American Management Associations Nev York, 197] Published Yeax: 19"!"/ talog Number: Q 180.55 MJ W4) 19>5 Title: EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF RESEARCH AND UEVELOPMENT. Author: White P A Publisher: Niley, Nev York, 19'/5 Published Year. 19"!5 Page 315
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Catalog Number: QA 2)3 .5358 1975 Title: INTRODUCPION TO PROHABILITY THEORY AND APPLICATIONS. Autpo[: Scheaffer R L 2nd Aut ox Ed.: Mendenhall W Publlsher: orth Scituate, HA, Duxbury Prees, 19'!5 Published Year: 19'J5 Catalog Number: QA 273.25 .S66 Title: SCHAUM'S OUTLINE OF THEORY AND P OF PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS THEORY AND PROBLENS OF PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS. Serial Title: Schaum's outline sexies 1n mathematics Schaum's autliee series Author: Spiegel M R Publisher: aW -Hill, Nev York, 1975 Published Year: 19>5 talog Number: QA 2 LSa 1988 T1tle: LOGNORMAL DISTRIBUTIONS THEORY AND APPLICATIONS. ial Title: Statistics, textbooks and m0negraphs vel. eb 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ciov E L; Shimi2v K Publisher: M. Dekker, New York, 1986 Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: QA 2]3.6 .P3)3 Title: HANDBOOK 0F THE NORMAL DISTRIBUTION. erlal Title: tatistics~ textbooks and m0n0graphs v. 40 Authoz: Pate1 .I H 2nd Au r Ed.: Read C B Publisher: M. Dekker, New York, 1982. Puhlished Year: 1982 Catalog Numbei: OA 273.6 P5 1985 Title: MODELS AND OESIGNS FOR G£NERALIZATIONS OF MIXTURE E%PERIMENTS WHERE TNE RESPONSE DEPENDS ON THE TOTAL AMOUNT. Author: Piepel G F; 1985 Published Year: 1985 lalog Number: QA 2Y3.6"! . 9]1 Title: SOME LIMZT TNEOREMS IN STATISTICS. Sezial Title: Regionai Coefezence Series in Applied Mathematics Author: Bahadur R R Publisher: Philadelphia, PA., Society for Industrial and Applled Mathematics, 19 ]I Published Year: 1999 Page 330
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Catalog Number: Q 32'/ .2594 1980 TiGle: 5TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PATTERN ECOGNITION PROCEEDINGS 19IAMI BEACH FLORIDA DECENEER 14 1998 IEEE 1980 PATTERN RECOGNITION. PuElisher: The 5 ety, Los Alamitos, CA (30662 Los Vaqueros Citcle, rLos Alamitos 901980 Published Yeat: 3980 Catalog Number: Q 327 P2 1976 Title: PATTERN R OGNITION AN MAG£ PROCESSING VOL ] AUGUST 19>"! JULY 19'l8A BIBLZOGRAPHY WITH ABSTRACFS. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Reimhetr G W Publishee: nal Technica3 Information Serv.Springfield, VAt33938 Published Yeat: 19"!6 Catalog Number: Q 32) .T68 Title: PATTERN RECOGNITION PRINCIPLES. Setial Tit1e: Applied mathematics and computa[ion Author: Tou S T 2nd Aut or Ed.: Gon2aie2 R C PubllSher: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Reading, Mass., 1974 Published Year: 1974 Catalog Number: Q 334 .A<5 1 Title: THE AI BUSINESS THE COMMERCIAL i/8E9 OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Llinston P H; Pre9dergast E A Publisher: The MIT Press Cambridge, MA.1964 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: q 3]4 .W6'/ 1977 Title: PATTERN-DIRECTEU INFERENCE SYSTEMS W HOP ON PATTERN-DIRECTED INFERENCE SYSTEMS, HONOLULU, 1 977. 2nd Aut or Ed.: W n D A; Hayes-Roth F Publishet: cademic Ptess New YorR, 9~8 Published Year: 19)8 talog Number: Q 335 A , Title: ARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE, ITS ROLE ZN TNE ON INDUSTRY Author: Davis P Publisher: Medford, N, Learned Infoimation, Inc., 1991 Published Yea1: 1991 Page 323
Page 324: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Q 223 .U45 Title: E TO SCIENCE 1 RMATION AN DOCUMENTATION SERVICES GUIOE MONDIAL DES CENTRES OE O UHENTATZON ETO'INFORMATIONSCIENTIFIQUES. (PARI5,1965. Serial Title: Pubiished Yea[: , Documentat 3965co ion a nd terminoloqy of science Catalog Numbe[: Q 224.3 .T3 11. 198J Titie: 2nd Aut or Ed.: JAPANESE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION IN THE UNITED 5 NORNSHOP PROCEEDINGS. Gillmore R BTASamuels A J Publieher: Published Year: NTIS, 1983 Spiingfield, Va., 1983 Catalog Number: Q 335 .NJS 195) Title: Author: S£LLING SCIENCE, HOW THE PRESS COVERS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PRESS COVERS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Nelkin D Publisber: PublisEed Year: W.H. Freeman, New Yo[k, 198] 198I. Catalog Numbe[: O 295 .I586 1982 Title: EVOW TION AUER AND CNAOS IN PHYSICS CHEMISTRY TION OF O AND BIOLOGY : PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM. Serial Title: Springer SexieS in Synergetics v. 1> 2nd Aut or Ed.: Haken H Publisher: New York, Springer-Verlag, 1952 Published Year. 1982 Catalog Numbei: Q 300 . Title: MN THEOAY PAPERS READ AT A OSZUM ON"APPLICATIONS OF COMMONICATION THEORY^~PHELD AT FELECTRICAL ENGINEERS, LONDON, SEPTEMBER 22ND-26TH, 1952. Author: ackson N Publisher: Academic P[ess, New York, 1953 Published Year. 1953 Catalog Number: Q 325 .F65 1986 Title: H ARNING, APPLICATIONS IN EXPERT SYSTEMS ANDZNFORMATION RETRIEVAL. Serial Title: Ellis Horwood series in attificiai intelligence Author: Forsyth R 2nd A r Ed.: Rada A Publisher: E. Horwood, Nalsted Press, New York, 1986 Published Year: 1986 Page 319
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Page 326: ggs04d00
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Page 327: ggs04d00
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Page 330: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: QA 2'/6 .G56 1 Title: Serial Title: Autho[: COMPUTING EXPECTEO M SQUARES. SAS technical report~N-102 oodnight J N 2nd Aut or £d.: wbliehe[: Speed F M SAS natitNte, caiy, Nc, 1978 Published Yea[: 1978 Catalog Numbe[: QA 2)6 .G]15 19"/8 Titie: STATISTICAL TREATMENT OF EXPERIMENTAL DATA. ial Title: Autho[: Physical s ciences data 2 G[een T R 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ma[gerison D Publisher: Eiseviei Scientific Pub. Co, Amsterdam; New York, 39>8 Published Year: 19>e Catalog Nurtbe[: Title: QA 2)6 .H394 IDENTIFICATION OF OUTLIERS. Serial Title: Autho[: MOnographs o applied probability and statistics Hawkins D Publishez: Chapman and Ha11, LondOn; New York, 1980 Published Year: 1990 Catalog Numbei: QA 2]6 .H66 1985 n 80 Title: Serial Title: NEW 2L FEATUREB W ZLLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES. 6MDP TECNNICAL REPORT NO. 80 Autho[: 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Nopkins A Hornung R Publisher: Los Angeles, C, BMDP Statistical Software, 1995 Published Year: 1985 F~ttalog Number: QA 276 . T itie: ROBUST STATISTICAL PROCEDURES. Se[1a1 Title: Regional conference series in applied mathematics 27 Autho[: Huber P T Publisher: Philadelphia, Society for Indust[ial and Applied athematics, _7 . Pubiished Year: 19JY Catalog Number: QA 2)6 .L432 Titie: NONPARAMETRICS, STATISTICAL METHODS BASED ON RANKS. Se[ial Title: Holden-Day ssiles in piobability and statistics Autho[: Lehmann E L Publishe[: Holden-Day: San Fiancisco, 19)5 Published Yea[: 19'!5 Page 336
Page 331: ggs04d00
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Page 333: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 251 .H25 Title: erial Title: Autho[: LINEAR ALGEDRA. Addison-wesley series 1n industrial management Hadle G F Publisher: y Addiscn-WealeY Pub. Co., Reading, Mass., 1963 Published Year: 1961 Cataloq Number: QA 261 .W] 1912 Title: Author: INTRODUCTION TO VECTOR AND TENSOR ANALYSIS. [ede R Publisher: Uover Publications New York, (19'/2, Published Year: 19>2 Catatog Number: QA 265 T5 Title: Se[ial Title: ERATI0N5 RESEARCN TECHNIQUES. [ill•s mathemaiica and quantitative methods Autho[: Thampeon T Publisher: [ill Boaks, 196] Publisbed Year: '396] talog Number: Title: QA 2 .H56 157 19)9 INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMATA THEORY, COMPUTATION LANGUAGES, AN0 Author: 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Publishe[: Hopcrof[ J E Ullman J D eading, Mas , Addison-Wesley, 1971. Published Year: 197 9 Catalog Number: Titie: QA 2 THE STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF FAILURE TIM£ DATA. Serial Title: Wiley a ss in probability and mathematical statistic Autho[: 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Kalbfleisch J D Prentice R L Publisher: Published Yea[: p York, Wiley, 3980 Catalog Numbei: QA 2"/l . A A Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: ADVANCESINPROHABILITY AND NELATED TOPICS. Ney P: Port S Publisher: Published Yea[. M. Dekker., New York, 1999 Page 327
Page 334: ggs04d00
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Page 335: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 2]6 .D34 1 Title: STATISTICAL METHOUS IN RESEARCM AND PRODUCTION WITX SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY. Authoi: DaviesO L 2nd Aut or Ed.: Goldsmith P L Publisher: Oliver and Boyd (EOr) Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd, Edinburgh, 1972 Published Year: 19J2 Catalog Number: QA 2 .D]4 19'!6 Title: STATISTICAL METHODS IN RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY. Authoi: Davies O L 2nd A i Ed.: Goldsmith P L Publisher: Published for Impetial Chemical Industties, ltd. by Longman Group, London, 19"!6 Pubiished Year: 19>6 Catalog Number: QA 2 .D66 3983 Title: STATISTICS FOR RESEARCH. Serial Title: Wiley ses in probability aud mathematical statistics, Applied ptobability and statistics, Author: owdy 5 3nd Aut oi Ed.: Wearden S Publishei: Wiley, New Yoik, 1983 Publiehed Year: 1983 Catelag Numbez: QA 2>6 .D66 1 Tit1e: STATISTICS FoR9R£SEARCH Authoi: Dowdy 5 2nd Aut o Ed.: Wearden S Publishei Nev York, Wiley, 1991. Published Yeai: 1991 Catalog Number: QA 2 6 6 .E14 19]8 Title: UCTION ANALYSING AND INTERPRETING STATISTICAL DATA. Author: Ehrenberg A S Publisher: John Wiley 6 Sons Nev York, 19"/8 Published Year: 1978 Catalog Number: QA 276 .F41 1952 Titie: ANALYSIS A STATISTICAL TREATMENT OF THE SIGMOID RESPONSE CURVE. Author: Finney D Publisher: University Press, Cambridge (Eng.)1952 Pub3lshed Year: 1s52 Page 334
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alog xumber: QA 2' I Title: DATAANALYSISAND REGRESSION, A SECOND COURSE IN STATISTICS. Serial Title: Addison-Wesley Series in Behavioral Sclence Autho[: Mosteller F 2nd Aut or Ed.: Tukey J W PublisRe[: Reading, NA., Addison-Weeley Publishing Co., 1977 Published Year: 19>"! Catzlog Number: QA 276 .07 1963 STATISTICS INRESEARCH BASIC CONCEPTS AND TECHNIQUES FOR RESEARCH WORHERS. Author: Ostle B Publiaher: Iova State Unive[sity Press, Ames, 1963 Published Yea[: 1963 CatalOg Number: QA 276 .07 1987 Title: TATISTICS IN R EARCN BASIC CNCEPTS ANO TECHNIQUES FOR RESEARCH WORHERS Autho[: Ostle B 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Malone L C Pubiisher: Iowa State University Press, Ames, 196> Published Year: 1981 CatalDg Number: QA 276 . 2 ISBN Title: PRINCIPLESAND PROCEDURES OF STATISTICS A OMETRICAL APPROACH. Autho[: 2nd A r Ed.: Steel R G TO[[ie T Publlsher: Published Yea[: McG[av-Hill, New Yo[k, 1980 1980 Catalog Number: QA 2)6 .T33 S72 1990 Title: STATISTICAL TECHNIQUES FOR DATA ANALYSIS Author: Publisher: Taylor J R Boca Raton, FL., LeWis Publishers, 1990 Published Yea[: 1990 Catalog Number: QA 2"16 US 1968 Title: ZERO DEFECTS THE QUEST FOR QUALITY. Se[ia1 Title: Publisher: Quality antl Reliability Assu[ance Technical Report TR 9 U.S. GOVernment Printing Office, Superintendent Published Yea[: of Documents~ Washington, DC, 1968 1968 Catalog Number: QA 3>6 .W585 Title: PREDICTION ANALYSIS. Author: Publishe[: Wolberg J R B. V Nostrand P[inceton, N. ,(1961) Published Yea[: 196"] Page 338
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Catalog Number: QA 2'/3 . Title: BASIC CONCEPTS OF PROBABILITY AND S'CATISTICS. Serial Title: Holden-Day series in probanllity and statistics Author: Hodges J L 2nd Aut or Efi.: Lehsann E Publisher: Noltlen-DayL San F[ancisco, 1964 Published Yeaz: 1964 Catalog Number: QA 2)3 .M]9 Title: PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS. Author: Mosteller F Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub. CO., Reading, MasS. 1961 Published Yeai: 1961 Catalog Number: QA 273 .P2 Title: PROBABILITY RANDOM VARIABLES AND STOCHASTIC PROCESSES. Serial Title: McG[av-Nill ser[es an systess sCZence Autho[: Papoulis A Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Nev York, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Number: QA 2 , ST6 1962 Title: STOCHASTICPROCESSES. Seriel Title: Hoiden-Day Series in Probability and Statistics Author: Pazxen E Publishcr: erancvs , , Nolden-Day, 1962 Published Year: 1962 Catalog Nusber: QA 2]3 .R54 Title: TNE THEORY OF RANDOM CLUMPING. Se[ia1 Title: ethuen's m onogzapha on epplied probability and statistics Autho[: Roach S Publisher: MetRUen,LOndon, 1968 A Published Year. 1968 Catalog Number: QA 273 .R84 1980 Title: INTRODUCTION TO PROBABILZTY MODELS SOLUTZONS MANUAL FOR INTRODUCTZON TO PROBABILITY MODELS. Serial Title: Probability and mathematical statistics Author: 8 M Publisher: Academic Press, New York, 1980 Published Year: 1980 Page 329
Page 338: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbet: QA 276.4 5 1985 Title: BASICMETAMANALYSSS, PROCEDUR£S AND PROGRAMS. Autho[: Mullen B 2nd Aui or Ed.: Rosenthal R Publisher: L. Eailbaum Associates, Hillsdale, N.J., 1985 Published Yea[: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 276.4 N3 1981 Title: ONSULTANTUSER COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEN HON ONE SAS SITE CONQUERED THE COMMONICATIONS GAP BETNEEN ITS ONSITE CONSULTANTS USERS, ANO SAS INSTITUTE. Se[ial Title: SAS Author: Nall technicai [ep0[t G-]02. E J Publlshe[: SAS Published Yeat: 1981 Snstitute, Ca[y, N.C., 1981 Catalog Number: QA 2"I6.4 .E112 1987 Title: SAS APPLICATIONS GUIDE. 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Ealt B C Publisher: SAS Institvte, Cary, N.C., Published Yea[: 198) 1987. T~ talog Number: QA 2 3 1984 T itle: SAS COMPANION FOR OS OPERATSNG SYSTEMS ANU TSO S.A.S. COMPANION FoN o.S. oPERATING SYSTEMS W10 T.S.O. Snd A r Ed.: Ealt B C Publisher: SAS Institute, Cary, N, 1994. PublisheG Year. 1984 Catalo9 Numbet: QA 2 .52 Title: SA5 USER'S GUIOE BASICS. 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Ray A A Publisher: SAS Institute, Cary, N.C. Published Yea[: 1999 [alog Numbet: QA 2J6.4 E2 19 Title: SAS/FSP USER'SGUIDE VERSION 5 EDITION. 2nd Aut or Ed.: A13en A T Pubiishe[: SAS lnstitute InC., Cary, N.C., 1985. Published Yea[: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 2 S2 1986 Title: SAS BYSTEM FOR FORECASTING TIME SERIES. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Blank D Publishet: SAS Institute, Ca[y, NC, 1986 Pubiished Year: 1986 Page 343
Page 339: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: QA 2>6.4 .A4 1982 Title: AN INTRODUCTZON To cENSTAT. Author: Alvey N 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Galwey N; Lane P Pubiishez: Cademac Press,London; New York, 1982 Published Year: 1992 Catalog Numbet: QA 276.4 .A43 Title: PROCEEDINGS OF THE STATISTICAL COMPUTING SECTION. Publishec: The Association., Washington, Publiahed Yeax: 1999 Catalog Numbe[: QA 2>E.4 . 3 19Y9 Title: P-STAT >e USER'8 HANUAL. Authoi: Buhlet S; Buhler R Publishei: ceton, NJ., P-Stat, Inc., 19>9 Published Year: 19>9 Catalog Number: QA 276.4 .C53 198) Title: APPLIED STATISTICS AND THE SAS PROGRANMING LANGUAGE. Authot: Cody R P 2ud Aut oi Ed.: Smith S K Publishe[: New York, No[th-HOlland, 1981. Published Year: 1987 Catalog Numbe[: QA 2>6.4 . Title: COMPUTER PACEAGESAND RESEARCH DESIGN NITH B ANNOTATIONS O UT AND OUTPUT FROM TNE BMUP SAS SP55 AND SPSSXSTATISTICALPACI(AGES. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Baicikowski R 5 Publisher: Unive[sity Press oP Ame[ica, Lanham, MD, 1983. PubllsheL Year. 1982 Catalog Number: QA 2J6.4 .G84 1985 Title: GUIDE TO BASA£ MENUS. Publisher: SAS Institute, Cary, N.C., 1985. Published Year: 1985 T~talog Number: QA 2 .M215 198') T it1e: MASTER INDEX TO AS SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION. Publiahez: SAS Insti[ute, Cary, NC, 1987. Publisbed Year. 198'/ Catalog Number: QA 276.4 .M66 Title: INTRODUCTION TO THE USE OP COMPUTER PACKAGES FOR STATISTICAL ANALYSES. Authoz: e R W Publisher: entice-Hail, Englewood Cliffe, N.S.- Publisbed Yeai: 1978 _ Page 342
Page 340: ggs04d00
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Page 341: ggs04d00
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Page 342: ggs04d00
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Page 343: ggs04d00
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Page 344: ggs04d00
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Page 345: ggs04d00
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Page 346: ggs04d00
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Page 347: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: 4A 2 , 1989 Title: BTATISTICALDESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF E%PERIMEMtS, NITN APPLICATIONS TO ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE. Seriai Title: Nliley s n probability and mathematical statisticseSApplied probability and sta[rstres Autbot: Masort R L 2ed Aut or Ed.: Hess T L; G nst R F Publisher: Nev York, wiley, 3ze9. Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QA 2'J9 M4 Title: RODL'CTION TO LINEAR MODELS AN ANALY8I5 OF E%PEAZMENTS LINEAR MODELS AND ANALYSIS OF EXPERIMENTS. d M ll W THE DESIGN Author: Publisher: Med e a liadsworth Pub. Co., Belmont, Ca1if., 3968 Publisbed Year: 1968 b 984 A 2) M4 Catalog Num er: Title: Q 9 . 8 1 ANALYSZS OF MESSY DATA. Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Miliiken G A Johnson D E Publisher: No strartd Aeinhold, New York, 1994- Published Year. 1994 Catalog Number: Title: QA 2"/9 .M66 1984 DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF EXPERIMENTS. Author: Publisher: Montgomery D C Sohn Wiley & Sons, Nev Yoik, 1984 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 3>9 .M93 19]9 Title: Author: FUNDAMENTALS OF E%PERIMENTAL DESIGN. Myers J L Publisher: Allyn and Bacon, Znc.Boston, 19'!9 Publishad Year: 19'/9 Catalog Number: Title: QA 279 .M93] A FIRST C F5Y 1991 N THE THEORY OF LINEAR STATISTICAL MODELS Author: Myers R 2nd Aut oc Ed.: Milton J S Publisher: , NA., PWS-KENT Publishing c, 991 Published Year: 199yon Catalog Number: QA 2'/9 .M94 Title: RESPONSE SURFACE METHODOLOGY. Author: Myers R H Publisher: Allyn and Bacon, Boston, 19"/1 Published Year: 1- Page 361
Page 348: ggs04d00
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Page 349: ggs04d00
Calog Number: qA 2 Title: SAS INTHOOIICTORY GUIDE. Author: Nelwig J T Publishei: SAS Institute, Raleigh, N.C.19']9 Published Yea1: 1978 Catalog Number: QA 2"l6.4 T46 1985 Title: BASIC STATISTICS. Authoz: ant-Smith ,T Publisher: Buttezworths Boston 1985 Published Yeax: 1985 Catalog Numbez: QA 2)5.6 C6 Title: SAMPLIHG T HNIQHES. Serial Titie: Wiley publications in statistics Authaz: Cochran W G Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1953 Published Yeaz: 195J Catalog Number: QA 276.6 . 6 1963 Title: AMPLING TECHNIQUES. Serial Title: A Wiley publication in applied statistics Author: ochran W Publiaher: Wlley, NewGYOrk, 196J Publiahed Year: 1963 Catalog Number: QA 276.6 C6 1977 Titie: G TECHNIqUEB. Sezial Title: Wiley series in probability and mathematical tatistf.Gs Autho[: ochran W G Publieher: Wi1ey, New Yozk, 1977 Published Yeaz: 19')'! talog Numbe[: QA -.6 .6 Title: STATISTICALMETHODS AND TNE IMPROVEMENT OF DATA qUALITY THE PROCEEDINGS O THE SMALL CN ON THE IMPROVEMENT OPTHEQUALITY OF OATACOLLECTED BY DATA C SYSTENS, NOVEMBER 1982, OAN RIDGE~L2ENNESSEE. 2nd Aut o Ed.: Wzight T Publishezz Academic Press, Orlando, Fla., 1981 Published Year: 199] Page 348
Page 350: ggs04d00
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Page 351: ggs04d00
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Page 352: ggs04d00
Cafalog Number: qA 2 Title: OUTLIERS AND9ROBi/ST HESPONSE SURFACE DESIGNS. Author: O•GOrman M Publishez: sity Miczofilms Interbational Ann Arbor, MI, 1984 Published Year: 1964 Catalog Number: QA 279 .066 1988 Title: OPTINAL DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF E%PERIMENTS RNATIONAL CONFERENCE-WORRSHOP ON OPTSNAL DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF E%PERIMENTS NEUCNATEL, SWITZERLAND) 1988. ]ad Aut or Ed.: Dodge Y) Fadorov V V; Wynn N P Publisher: Amsterdami New Yotk, North-HO11and; NeW York, N.Y., U.S.A., 8o1e distributors for the U.S.A. and Canada, Elsevier Science Pub. Co., Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: QA 2]9 .P48 1985 Title: DESIGN AND ANALYSIS O MENTS. Serial Title: Statistics~ textbooke and Pmonographs V. 66 Author: Petersen R Publisher: M. Dekker, Nev York, 1985. Published Yeer: 1955 Catalog Number: QA 2]9 .S42 198'! Titls: LINEAR MODELS FOR UNBALANCED DATA UNHALANCED DATA. Seriel Title: Wiley s n probability and mathematical atatisticse5 Applied probability and sCatistics, Author: Seazle S R Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1987. Publiahed Year: 198"/ Catalog Number: QA 2 Title: OPTIMALITY CRITERIA APPLIED TO CERTAIN RESPONSE SURFACE DESIGNS. Setial Title: VPI 6 U8tatistics. Ph. D. 1985 Author: azd[opD M Publisher: University Microfilma Internationai Ann Azbor, MI, 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 2 9]1 Title: STATISTICAL PRINCIPLES IN E%PERIMENTAL DESSGN. Seeial Title: McGraW-Nill sezies 1n psychology Author: Winer H Publisher: McGraw-Hill, New York, 1971 Published Year: 19>i Page 362
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Catalog Number: QA 278.2 . 6 1984 Title: CANONICAL CORRELATION ANALYSIS HSES AND INTERPR£TATZON. Serial Title: Sage u sity papers s , QuantitatiVe applieations in the sociallsclences no. 0-0a7 Author: Thampson B Publisher: Sage Publicattons, Beverly Hills, 1984. Published Year: 1984 Catalog Numbe[: QA 2"l8.2 S2 A I Title: SAS R£GRESSIONAPPLICATIONS. Seri91 Title: $AS TECHNICAL REPORT A-102 Author: Sall J Publisher: SAS Institute, Inc.Cary, NC, 1981 Published Year. 1981 Catalog Number: QA 2'/9.2 S2 R-101 Title: T£STS OF HYPOTHESES IN FS%ED EFFECPS LINEAR E ial Title: ASTECHNICAL REPORT R-301 Author: Goodnight J H Publisher: SAS Institute, Inc.Cary, N, 9]9 Published Year: 1978 Catalog Number: QA 278.2 $2 R-10] Title: LEAST SQUARES MEANS IN THE FIXED EFFECTS GENERAL LIN£AR MOOEL. Serial Title: SAS TECHNICAL REPORT R-103 Author: Goodnigh[ J H 2nd Aut or Ed.: Harvey W R Publisher: SAS Institute, Inc.Cary, N, 19>8 Publiehed Year: -8 CatalOg Number: QA 278.2 52 R Tit1e: A SIMPLIFIED ALGORITHM FOR THE WTRANSFORMATION IN VARIANCE COMPONENT £STIMATION. erial Title: SAS TECHNICAL REPORT R-104 Author: Geodnight J H 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hemmerle W Publisher: SAS Institute, Inc.Cary, NC, 19'/8 Pubiishetl Year. 19'/8 Catelog Number: QA 2]6.3 .H39 398'/ Title: STRBCTURAL EQUATION MODELING WSTN LISREL, ESSENTIALS AND ADVANCES. 2thor: Hayduk L blisher: Johns Hopkins University P[ess, Daitimore, 1987 Published Year: 198] Page 156
Page 354: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA Y/6.a .N63 1987 Title: MULTIPLE COMPARISON PROCEDURES. Sezial Title: Wiley seziee it probability a mathematical statistics., App3fed probabilityand statistics, Author: ochberg Y 2nd Aut or Ed.: Tamhane A C Publisher: Wiley, New York, 198'/. Pubiished Yeaz: 198> Catalog Number: QA 2 8.5 .c66 39"/3 Title: A FIRST COURSE IN FACTOR ANALYSIS. Author: rey A L Publisher: sademic Pre , New York, 1973 Published Year: 19]3 Catalog Number: QA 278.5 .C8') 1983 Title: FACSOR ANALYSZS, AN APPLIED APPROACH. Author: Cureton E E 2,4 Aut o Ed.: U'Agostino R B Publisherc L. Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale, N.T.398J Pubiiahed Year: 1983 Catalog Numbee: QA -.5 .F58 1988 Title: COMMON PRINCIPAL COMPONENTS AND RELATED MULTIVARIATE MODELS. Serial Title: Wiley Secies in Probability and Mathematical Statistics Author: Flury E Publisher: New York, NY., Wi1ey, 1988 Published Year. 1988 talog Number: QA 2]B.5 . 1991 Title: A UBER'S GUI27 DS TO PRINCIPAL COMPONENTS Serial Title: Wi1ey Series i robability aDtl Mathematical Statistics Applied Probability and Statistics Autho[: Sackson J E Publisher: New York, Wiley, 1991. Published Year. 1991 Catalog Number: QA 2"l8.5 ..T63 Title: ADVANCES I CTOR ANALYSIS AND STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODELS. Author: eskog K 2nd Aut or Ed.: 8orbom D; Magidson S Publisher: Abt Kooks, Cambridge, Mass.19'!9 Published Year. 19]9 Page 357
Page 355: ggs04d00
Cataloq Number: Title: QA 2J6.A1 .G55 1985 GENERALI2ED LINEAR MODELS PROCEEDINGS OF THE GLIM 85 CONFERENCE HELD IN LANCASTER NE SEPT 1 1 5 GLIM 85 CONFERENCE LANCASTER UNIV£RSITY 198 1985. Serial Title: Lectuze notes statistics 32 2nd Aut or Ed.: Gilchrist R ancia B; Whittakez T Publlshez: Sp[inger-Vezlaq, Be[11n; Nev Yozk, 1985. Published Yeai: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 2]J .E)2 1986 Titie: Se[ial Title: Au[ho[: RANDOMIZATION TESTS. Btatistics, textbooks and monographs Edgington E S V. ]7 Publishez: Published Yeaz: M. Dekker, Nev Yo[k, 1986. 1996 Catalog Number: Title: QA 277 .E9 19JJ THE ANALYSIS OF CONTZNGENCY TABLES. Serial Title: nographs on applied p[obability and statistics Aubhor: Publishe[: Everitt B 8 Chapman and Na31; London, 19JJ Published Yeaz: 1977 Catalog Nusber: QA 2 .AJ2 1984 Title: Authoz: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publishez: COMPUTER AIDED MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS. Afifi A A Cla[k V Lifetise Learning Pubiicatlons, Belsont~ alif., Published Yeaz: 984. 3984 Catalog Numbe[: QA 278 .All C65 1990 Title: COMPUTER-AIDED MULTIVARIATE ANALYSZS Authoz: Afifi A A 2nd Aut ox Ed.: Clark V Publishe[: W YDZk, Van Nost[and Reinhold, 1990. Published Year: 1990 Catalog Numbex: QA 278 .A34 1979 itle: STATZSTICAL ANALYSIS A COMPOTER ORIENT£D APPROACH. Author: Afifi A A 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Azen 5 P Publisher: Academic Press, New Yozk, 1979 Published Year: 19J9 Cataloq Numbez: QA 27 8 .A35J 1990 Title: CATEGORICAL DATA ANALYSIS Berial Title: WILEY SERIES IN PRORABILITY AND MATHEMATICAL TATISTICS APPLIED PROBABILITY AND STATIS'PICS Authoz: Ag[esti A PubllsheU Year: 1990 Page 350
Page 356: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbez: QA 276.4 .E73 1987; Q Title: USERWRITTEN FUNCTIONS FORMATS ANO INFORMATS THE VERSION 5 SAS SYSTEK UNDER VMS. FOR Serial Title: Publisher: SAS technical zeport - SAS Institute Inc., Cary16N.C., 198'/. Published Year: 198> Catalog Number: QA 276.4 .V36 Title: Serial TLtle: BASICPACK ST TISTICS PROGRAMS FOR SMALL COMPUTERS. Pzentice-Nall saz>es in personal computing Author: Pub115her: Van T D Prentice-Ha11, Englevood Cliffs, N.S.3983 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: QA 276.4 .V44 Titie: Autho[: APPLICATIONS BASICS AND COMPUTING OF EXPLORATORY DATA ANALYSIS. Velleman P F 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Hoaglin D C Duxbury Pre , Boston, Mass.1981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: QA 2]6.4 .W54 1 2itle: SAS' GUIDE TO TAHULRTE PROCESSING. Authoz: Publist:er: Whittle H S SAS Institute, Cary, N.C., 198'! Publfshed Year: 399"/ Catalog Number: Titie: QA 2]6.4 .W64 1 PATTERN RECOGNITION APPROACH TO UATA TERPRETATION. Author: Wolff D D 2nd Aut or Ed.: P s s M L Publisher: vYork, NY., Plenum Press, 39011 3 Published Yeai: 1983 Catalog Number: QA 2]6.4 K46 Title: STATISTICAL COMPUTING. Se[ial Titl.e: Statistics, textbooks and monographs, v. 33 Author: nnedy W J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Gentle J E Publisher: ce1 Dekker, Inc.New York, 1980 Pubiished Year: 1980 Catalog Number: QA 276.4 M25 1984 Title: STATISTICAL COMPUTATION. Serial Title: WILEY S E5 IN PAOBAEILZTY AND MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS uthor: Maindoneld J H Publisher: John Wiley 6 Sone Nev York, 1984 Published Year: 1984 Page 34]
Page 357: ggs04d00
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Page 358: ggs04d00
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Page 359: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 402.5 ..I4) 1986 Title: MATHEMATICAL PROGRAMMING AN INTROOUCTION TO OPPIMIZATION. Serial Title: Monograph and textbooks mathematics 302 in pure and applied Pubiisher: eter M M. Dekker, Inc., Nev Yor k, 1986. Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 402.5 .K811 1971 Title: NUNERICAL METHODS O EMATICAL OPTSMIZATION WITH ALGOL AND FORTRAN PROGRAMB. Serial Title: Author: omputer s clence and applied mathematics Hunzi H P 2nd A r Ed.: Publiaher: T2schach H G 2ehnder C A Academic Press, Nev Yerk, 19]1 Publlshed Year: 1911 Catalog Number: QA 402.5 C5J 1983 Title: Serial TStle: OPTIMIZATION AN NONSMOOTH ANALYSIS. CANADIAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY SERI£S OF MONOGRAPHS AND ADVANCED TEXTS Author: Publisher: clarke F R John Wiley 6 Sons New York, 1983 Published Year. 1983 CatalOg Number: QA 403 .B"/4 Title: Author: Publisher: E FAST FOURIER TRANSFORM. Hrigham £ O Prentice-Ha11 Englevood Clif fs, N.S., 1974 Published Year: 19t4 Catalog Number: Title: QA 40).5 . FOURIER TRANSFORMS AND THEIR PHYSICAL Serial Title: Author: Publisher: APPLICATIONS. Techniques of physics 1 ChampeneY D C Academic Presc, London, New YOrk. 9]3 Published Year. 19"!3 CatalOg Nvmber: it1e: QA 403.5 CLAESICAL . 9 FOURIERTRANSFORMS. Serial Title: Author: ext Chandrasekharan K Publisher: Published Year: Derlin; New York, Springer-Verlag, 1989. 1989 Page 370
Page 360: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: QA 279.5 .B385 1988 Title: SAVESIAN ANALYSIS OF TIME SERIES AND DYNAMIC MODELS. Seiial Title: Statistics, textbooks and monogiapbs v. 94. 2nd Aut ox £d.: Spa11 J C Poblisher: Nev York, Dekk i, 1968. Published Yeai: 1988 Catalog Number: QA 2 6 1584 Tit1e: BAYESIAN STATISTICAL INPERENCE. Serial Title: Sage University Papers Series. Quantitative Applicationa in the 5ocial Sciences no. 0]-04J Au[hor: Iversen G R Publishei: Sage Publications, Beveily Hi11s, 184. published Year. 1984 talog Nurvber: pA 2'/9.5 .L55 1 Title: AYESIAN STATISTICS A REVIEN (BY) D V LINDLEY. Serial Title: Regional conference series in applied ©athematics, Author: Lindley D V Publisher: Philaeelphia, Society for Industrial and Applied athematics 19]2 Published Yeat: ~1999 Catalog Number: QA 2"l9.7 . C 9"/2 Title: SEQUENTIALANALYSZS AND OPTIMAL DESIGN. Serial T1tle: Regional conference series in applied mathematics, 8 Author: chernoff H Publisher: Philadelphia, Society foi Industrisl and Applied MatneNatiee 1slz Published Year: 19~2 Catalog Number: QA 2T9.] M2 3986 Title: OPTIMAL UNBIASED ESTIMATION OF VARIANCE COMPONENTS. Serial Title: Lecture notes in statisties V. 39. Author: Nalley J D Yublisher: Springer-Verlag, Berlin; New York, 1986. Ppblished Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 280 .B6'! 1976 Title: TIME SERIES ANALYSIS FORECASTING ANO CONTROL. Setial Title: Holden-Day s in time series analysis and digital processing AOthor: Hox G E 2nd Aut or Ed.: Jenkins G Poblisher: Holden-OayM San Francis , 19'/6 Published Year: 39'/6 Page 363
Page 361: ggs04d00
talog Numb¢r: Title: QA 2 4] 1988 THE METHOO OFPAIRED COMPARISONS Serial Title: MOnograph no. 41 AuChor: Publisher: David H A v York, OXfo[d Univereity Press, 1988 Published Year. 1988 Catalog Number: Title: QA 279 D5 1961 PRACTICAL EXPERIMENT DESIGNS FOR ENGINEERS AND Author: SCIENTISTS. Diamond N J Publisher: Lifetime Leafning Publications, Eelmont, Calif.1981 Published Year: 1983 Cataiog Number: QA 2]9 .D8] 1 Title: Sexial Title: APPLIED STATISTICS ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE AND R£GRESSION. A Wiley publication in applied statietica AuthOr: 2nd AuC or Fd.: Dunn O 1 Ciark V A Publishe[: Wiley. Nev York, 19]4 Published Year: 19]4 Catalog Number: Title: QA 2 FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS IN THE DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS. Author: Fubliaher: Nicks C Holt, Rinehart and Wanston, New York, Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbex: Title: QA 279 .N65 SIMPLIFIED ST STICAL ANALYGIS HANDBOOK OF METHODS EXAMPLES AND TA9LES. Author: Holscher N H Publiaher: Cahners Books, Bostoe, Mass., 1971 Published Yea1: 19]1 Catalog Number: QA 279 .J65 Title: STATISTICAL DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF EXPERZMENTS. Author: John P N Publisher: millan, Nev York, 19]1 Published Year: 1~9]1 Catalog Number: QA 2]9 .K5) 198] Title: STATISTICAL TOOLS FOR SIMOLATION PRACTITZONERS. Seiial Title: Siatistics, textbooks and monographe vo1. ]6 Author: Kieijnen J P Publishe[: M. Dekkei, New York, 1987. Published Year: 1987 Page 360
Page 362: ggs04d00
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Page 363: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 402.3 .B147 1 Tltle: INTAODUCTION TO MATHLSIATICAL CONTROL THEORY. Seiial Title: Oxford applied mathemxtice and computing science Author: 6atnett S 2nd Aut or Ed.: Cameron R G Publishet: Clarendon Press~ Oxford, 1905 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Numbet: Title: QA 4 STOCNASTIC MODELLING AND CONTROL. Setial Title: Authot: noqraphs on atatiatics and applied probability Davis M H 2, d Aut ot Ed.: Publisher: Vintet R H Chapsan and Ha11, LOndon) New York, 1985 Published Yeat: 1.985 Catalog Number: QA 402.3 .L52 Title: Serial Title: SOME ASPECTS OF THE OPTIMAL CO ROL OF DISTRIBUTED PAAAMETER B Regional confeience seiies i~Sapplied mathematics, Authoi: 6 Lions J L Publishet: Published Year: Society for Industrial and Applied Hathematics, Philadelphia, 19]2 1972 Catalog Number: QA 402.5 .A4 Title: Se[Sal Tiile: INTRODUCTZON TO OPTIMIZATION MEFHODS. Chapman and Ha11 mathematics series Author: 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Adby P R Dempster M A Publiehei: Published Year: Chapsan and Ha11;, London, 19'!4 19~4 Catalog Number: 2itle: QA 4 PRACLICAL METHODS OF OPTIMIZATION. Authoi: Publisher: Fletchei R J. Wiley, Chichestei (Eng.); New York, 1980 Published Year. 1980 Catalog Numbet: Title: QA 402.5 -4 1980 OPTIMIBATION. Serial Title: Author: Longman Mathesaticai Texis eig D M Publisher: Published Year. Lonqman New York, 1980 1980 Page 369
Page 364: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbe[: QA 44] .M35) 1981 Title: THE FRACTAL GEOMETRY OF NATURE. Autho[: Mandelbxot B B Publishe[: n Francisco, W.H. Freema , 1982 Published Year: 3982 Catalog Number: QA 465 A1 .ES 1 Title: ENVIRONMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MUTAGENESIS. Publisher: New York, NY, A.R. Liss, In , 1988 Published Yeai: 19B) Catalog Number: QA 47 .C>3 1984 Title: CRC STANDARD MATHEMATICAL TABLES STANDARD MATNEMTICAL TABLES. 2nd Aut OY Ed.: Beye[ W H PuD3isher: CRC P[ass, Boca Raton, Floxida, 1984 Publishetl Year: 1984 Catalog Number: QA 4.C'/3 1917 Title: CRC STANDARD MATHEMATICAL TABLES. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Beyer W Publishex: CRC P ess, Boca Raton, Florida, 1987 Published Year. 199] Catalog Number: QA 516 Ga 1963 Title: GEOMETRY o P F S. Serial Title: ELLIS HORYIOODSERIESZNRM MATHEMATICS AND ITS Pi.ICATIONs AuthOr: Gasson P C PuDlisher: John Nliley 6 Sons Nev Yark, 1983 Publlshed Yea[: 3981 Catalog Number: QA 614.58 -613 1996 Title: CATASTROPHE THEORY. Aucnoz: Arnold V I Publishe[: Nev York, Bpringer-Verlag, 3986 Published Yea[: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 614.86 Title: FRACTAL5EVERYWHERE. Authoz: Ba[nsley M F Publisher: BOSton, Academic Press, 1988. Published Yeax: 3968 Catalog Numbe[: QA 75 .S555 Title: SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS ON TME POCHET CALCULATOR. Autho[: Smith J M Publishe[: Wiley, New York, 19'!5 Published Year: 1975 Page 3Y2
Page 365: ggs04d00
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Page 366: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbe[: QA 76 D4Y 1972 Title: OMPUTER PROGRAMS FOR CHEMISTRY. 2nd Aut oz Ed.: De Tat D F Publishe[: Academic Press Nev York, 19J2 Published Year: 1972 Catalog Number: QA 76 . ' Title: STRUCTUAEOSYSTEMS ANALYSIS TOOLS & TECHNIQ9ES. ial Title: Auther: 2nd Aut or Ed.: IST databeoks Gane C Sarson T Publisher: Improved System Technologies, Nev Yoik, 1977 Published Yeax: 1977 Cataleg Numbei: Title: Publishet: QA 76 .H4 1986 USING HP DESKMANAGER. Hevlett Packard Ltd., 1986 Published Year: Catalog Number: 1986 QA J6 .RB 19J3 Title: COMPUTER-AIDED INTERPRETATION OF MASS SPECTRA, A SELF-TRAINING INTERPRET3VE AND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM. Author: Publisher: Kvok K-S UnivetsitY Microfilms Intetnationai Ann Arbor, MI, Published Year: Catalog Number: 1973 1173 QA '/6 .M38 C Tltle: Author: COMPUTER PUNDAMENTALS FOR MANAGERS. Massey L D Publisher: Boston:American Management Association, 1974 Pubiisbed Yeax: 19J4 Catalog Number: QA 76 .M942 Title: COMPUTER SCSENCE RESOURCES A GUIDE TO PROFESSIONAL LITERATURE. Author: Publisher: Myers D Publishea for American Society for Infoxmation Science by Knovledge Industry Publications, White Plains, N.Y.1981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: QA 76 .N54 19J1 Title: PROBLEM-SOLVING METNODS IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLZGENCE. Author: Nllsson N S Publisher: aW-Hill Book CompanyNev York, 19]1 Published Year: 19J1 Page 374
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CatalOg Number: QA >5 .5555 19)] Title: SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS ON THE POCKET CALCULATOR. Author: Smith J M Publisher: WileY. New Yotk, 19]Y Published Yeai: 1977 Catalog Number: pA 75 .T38 197 9 Title: SOURCEBOOK FOR PROGRAMMABLE CALCOLATORS. Serial Title: Texas instruments electronics setles 2nd Aut or Ed.: Carlson A B Publisher: McGrav-Hill, Nev YOrk, 19>9 PublisheL Year: 1979 Cata3og Numbe : QA "/5 . Title: AN EASY COURSE IN PROGRAMMING THE HP11C AND HPiSC. A.tnor: wadma.: T 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Publisher: COffin C; Bloch R tapevine Publications, InC., Corvallis, OR., 1994 Published Year: 1984 Ca<alog Number: QA 75.5 .125 19'!6 Title: OMPUTER SCIENCE AND SCIENTIFIC COMPOTING PROCEEDINGS OP THE THIRD ICASE CONFERENCE ON SCIENTIFIC COMPUTINGWILLIAMSRURGVIRGINIA APRIL 1 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publishei: ANO 2, 19>6. Ortega 3 M cademic Piess, Nev Yoik, 19>6 Published Yeai: 19"!6 Catalog Numbei: QA )6 .A1 Title: 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Publisher: ADVANCES Yovits M AcademiC IN COMPUTERS. C Ptess, New York, 1982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Numbez: QA ] Cl4 19]4 Title: CHOOSING A LABORATORY COMPDTER SYSTEM. 1a1 Title: Chemical S iety Lab Professionals S s Author: Kosk nen J R; Arno1d J T; Dessy R E; Riggio prie Wilkins c o 0 J) Ove Publishet: American Chemical Society 10'/4 Published Yeai: 19>4 Catalog Numbet: QA 11 .047 1968- Title: OGRAMS FOR CHEMZSTRY. Author: DetatTDRFPR Publishei: W. A. Benjamin, Inc.New Yozk, 196- Published Yeat: 196a Page 3)3
Page 368: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbe[: QA 401 .C154 1981 Title: 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Publisher: 5 IN MATNEMATICAL MODELLING. JEASE amesSD S G; MeDOnald J J John Wiley 6 Sons Nev Yark, 1981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: QA 401 .52 T4 1981 Title: THINKING WITH MODELS, MATHEMATICAL NODELS IN TNE Serial Title: PHYSICAL BIOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Inteznational Series in Modern Applied Nathematics and Compute[ Sclence v.2; Pargamon International Library of S , Technology, Enginee[ing, and Social Studiese Author: Saaty T L 2nd Aut o Ed.: Alexander S M Publlaher Oxto[d; NeW York, Pergaman Pre , 1981. Publisbed Year: 1981 CatalOg Numbez: QA 402 .D46 1986 Title: DIMENSIONS AND ENTROPIES IN CNAOTIC sY5TEM5, QUANTIFICATION OF COMPLEX BEHAVIOR. Serial Title: Springer Sezies in SYnergetics v.32 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Mayer-Kress G Publishe[: NeW York, NY., Spzinger-Ve[lag Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 402 .L359 1985 Title: PROBA6ILISTIC PROPERTIES OF DETERMINISTIC SYSTEMS. Author: sota A 2nd Aut ot Ed.: Mackey M Publisher: ambridge sity Press, Cambridge (Cambzidgeshire): Nev YozK, 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Numbez: QA 402 .L64 19"/9 Title: DYNAMIC SYSTEMS.; INTRODUCTION TO DYNAMIC SYSTEMS, D APPLICATIONS. Author: Luenbezge[ D G Publisher: Nev York, viley, 1979. Published Year: 19T9 CatalBg Numbez: QA 402 .063 1983 Title: SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS. ial Title: entice-Nall signal processing series Author: Oppenheim A V 2nd Aut or Ed.: Willsky A B~ Young I T Publisher: Prentice-xall, £nglewood Cliffs, N.S., 1983. Pub115heC Yea[: 1983 Paqe 368
Page 369: ggs04d00
[alog Number: QA ]6.5 .D625 Title: Author: Publlshar: COMPUTER PROGRAMMING AND LANGUAGES. Dodd K 6utterworths, London, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Cataioq Number: QA 76.5 .095 Title: Serial Title: BASIC ANO THE PERSONAL COHPUTER. Addison-Wesley serles an joy Of compvting Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Owyer T A Critchfield M AtlLison-Wesley Pub. C, Reading, Mas , 19"/8. Published Year: 19J8 Cataloq Number: QA 76.5 H5 Title: OMNITA9 A COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR STATISTICAL AND Serial Tit1e: uthov: RICAL ANALYSIS. National Bu[eau of StaNda[ds handbook, no. 101 Hilsenrath 3 Publishez: For sale by the Superintendent Of Documents, U.S. Published Year: Govt. Print. Off., Washington, 1966 1966 Catalog Number: Title: QA J .K5'! THE ART OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMZNG. Serial Titie: Addisen-Wesley series in computer seience and intormation processing Author: Publisher: Knuth O E Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Reading, Mas , Published Yeaz: 1999 talog Number: QA J T1tle: Author: MINICOMPUTERS FOR ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS. Korn c Publishez: Published Year: McGraw-Hill, Nev Yotk, 1973 1973 Catalaq Number: Title: QA 76.5 KJJ MICROPROCES50R5 AND LOGIC DESIGN. Authez: Publishei: Krutz R L Wiley, New York, 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: Title: QA "/ L312 1915 TN£ EUGEOOK III MICRO COMPfITER INTERFACING EXPERIMENTS USING TNE MARK 80 MICROCOMPUTER AN 8080 SYSTEM. Author: Larsen D G; Rony P R) Titus J A Publisher: E6L Znstruments, Inc., Derby, CT., 19]5 Publishod Year. 19J5 Page 380
Page 370: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA lTitle: ASCNE APPLICATIONS 50_WAR E SURVEY FOR PERSONAL COMpUTERS 1985-386. Publisher: AIChENeW Yoek, NY, 1986 Published Year. 1986 Catalog Numbex: QA '6.6 .0618 S6J 1981 Title: SOFTYlARE ENGINEERING ECONOMICS Serial Title: Pxentice-Hall Advances in Computinq Scicnce and Teehneingy Geries Authcr: Eoehm H Publisher: Englevood Cliffs, NJ., Prentice-Hall, 1981 Published Year. 1981 Catalog Numbex: QA ?6.6 .H684 Title: LADORATORY MINICOMPUTING. Author: Ecurne J R Publisher: cademic Pre, ev York, 1981 Pub118hed Year: 1983 Catalog Numbex: 0A '/ .069 Title: BEGINNER'S GUIDE FOR TNE UCSD PASCAL SYSTEM. ial Title: MCGIav-NI11 papexbacks Author: HoW1es X L Publisher: TL/MCGrav-Hill, (Nev Yoxk?)1980 Published Yeax: 1980 Cataleg Number: QA ]6.6 .C6395 1985 Title: PROCEEDINGS 9 PROC£EDINGS NINE. Publisher: IEEE Camputer Society Pre , Washington, D. , 1985. Published Year. 1985 Cata1Dg Number: QA ]6.6 .C653 Title: ZNICOMPUTER IN TNE LABORATORY ilITH EXAMPLES TIE USING TNE PDP11. Author: Cooper 1 W Publisher: Wiley, NeW York, 15?? Published Year: 19"!~ Catalog Numbei: QA Y6.6 .C653 1983 Title: THH MINZCOMPUTER IN THE hAHORATORY WZTH EXAMPLEE USING THE PDP11. Authox: Cooper J W Publishex: John Niley 6 Sons Nev Yorkc 1981 Published Year. 1983 Page 383
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Catalog Numbe[: Title: Autbor: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publishez: QA 36.6 .%49 SOFTWARE TOOLB. Ke[nighan B W Plaugez P J Addison-Wesley Pub. O., eading, ass., 9]6. Pubiished Year: 1976 Catalog Number: Title: QA 76.6 .R646 1984 THE TK!SOLVER 600K, A OBGEM SOLVING SN Author: SCIENCE ENGINEERING BUSINESS AND EDUCATION. Ronopasek M 2. d Aut Or Ed.: Publishez: Sayaraman S Osborne/MeGraw-Hill, 6eikeley, Calif., 1984. Published Yea[: 1994 Catalog Number: QA > .L369 Title: Autho[: THE PROGRAMMER'S BOOK OF RULES. Ledin G 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Ledin V Lifetime L rning Publications Be1mo ea Published Year: , , Calif.i9)9 19)9 Catalog Numbet: QA 76.6 .1 8 6 Title: Serial Title: G FOR NICROS THE ELECTAIFYZNG CODE METHOD. HaydenLCOmputerEprogramming series Autho[: Publisher: Levis T G Hayden Book C., Aochelle Park, N.J.19]9 Published Yeaz: 1979 Catalog Numbe[: QA ')6.6 .M318 19]5 Title: Author: TOPDOWN STRUCTURED PRCGRAMMING TECHNIQUES. Mccovan c L 214 Aut or Ed,: Relly S R Publisher: Petrocelli/Cbarter, New York, 1975 Pubiished Yezr: 19]5 Catalog Number: Title: QA "/6.6 .MJ613 A N DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT PROGRAR44ERS. Author: Publisber: artin.i itce-Ha11, Enqlevood Cliffs, N.J.1962 Publiahed Year: 3983 Cata1og Number: QA 76.6 .M414 1985 Title: MCGRAW - HILL PERSONAL COMPUTER PROGRAMMING ZA LANGUAGES AND OPERATING SYSTEttS O E 2nd ot Ed.: Aut W J . Birnes Publisher: -Hi11, Nev York, 198. Publisbed Year. 3!985aW Page JBS
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CLtalog Numbe[: Titie: Authar: Publisher: Published Year: QA 76.73 B3 A4 19]8 BASIC. Albrecht R L; Finkel L; Brovn J R TOhn Niley 6 So , Inc.Nev York, NY, 19]e 1978 [alog Number: QA 76.73 B3 .C35 Title: Serial Title: Autho[: 2nd Aut or Etl.: Publiaher: COMPUTER PROGRAMMING IN BASIC. Teach yourselE books Ca[ter L R H E Hodderand Stoughton; Sevenoaks (England), 981. Published Year: 3983 Catalog Number: QA 76.73 B3 .529] 1985 Title: Author: Pubiisher: Pubiished Year. ERACTIVE GRAPHICS. BASIC Savic ONT 6uttervorths, Boston, 1985 1985 Catalog Numbe[: Title: QA ] B3 .S46 1982 INTROBUCTION TO BASIC PROGRAMMING. Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Ehelly G e Cashman T J naheim Pub. C, Brea, CA, 1982. Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: QA ]6.]3 B3 .Y345 1983 Title: OPER BASiC. Author: Walsh B C Publisher: SOhn Wiley 6 Published Year: 1983 Sons New YOrk, 1983 Catalog Number: QA ] .83 . 5 198] Title: COMPUTER ASSISTEO MUSSC COMPOSITION A PRIMER IN BASIC. Author: Winsor P PublisRer: ce11i BOOks Princet, S, 198] Published Year: 158] Catalog Number: QA ]6.)3 B3 A4 19]8 Title: BASIC. Serisl Title: Wiley self-teaching guides Author: Albrecht B Brown J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Finkel L; PublSsher: Wiley, New York, 19]8 Published Yeae: 19]8 Page 388
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Catalog Number: QA ] Title: MICROPROGRAMMING. 2nd Aut O Ed.: Sondak N E; Mallach E Publishei Artech House, (Dedham, MA)19]] Published Year: 19]] Catalog Numbei: QA ]6.6 .M4845 1988 Title: 083ECT-ORIENTED SOFTWARE CONSTRUCTION. Serial Title: -Hall International serves io computer Author: MeYeroB Publisher: NeW Yoxk, Prentice-Ha11, 1988 Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: QA 76.6 .N68 1984 Title: MS DOS AND PC 00 R DB M.S.-D.O.S. AND P.C.-D.O.S. MSDOS ANDPCDOS Authoi: NOrton P Publisher: R.S. Brady C, Bowie, M, 1984. Publiehed Yeai: 1984 Catalog Number: QA ]6.5 .554J Titie: SOFTWARE PSYCHOLOGY HUMAN FACTORS IN COMPUTER AND INFORMATION sY8TEM5. Seriai Titie: WintM1rop computer systems serres Author: SM1neiderman B Publisher: inthrop Publishers, Cambridge, Ma.a.1960 Published Yeai: 1980 Cata1og Number: QA ]6.6 . I 9 Title: Serial Title: A PRACTICALGUIDET0 TNE UNI% SYSTEM PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE U.N.L%. SYSTEM. TM1e Benjamin/cu ings series >n CDmputing and Authoi: information sCiences Sobe11 M G Publisher: Benjemin/CUSmings Pub. CO., Men1o Park, Calif., 1984. Published Year: 1984 Catalog Numbez: QA ]6.6 .S6465 1996 Title: PROGRAMMING F NPROGRAMMERS PROGRAMMING FOR exs . i Author: Publisher: Publishetl Yeai: llo D A Sord Petrocelli Books, Prrnceton 1988 , N. , 1988. Page 386
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Catalog Numbex: QA '!6 .W 3 Title: AN EASYCOURSEIN PROGRAR9HING THE HP41. AutM1Or: Wadman T 2nd Aut ar Ed.: COffin C Publisher: vallie, OR., Grapevlne publications, lnc., 1983 Published Year: 19B3 Catalog Number: CA ]6 An 1 Title: COMPUTER TECHNIQUES AND OPTIMIZATION. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: CA 76 Ha 19'/6 PUDL itle: GLIM S Author: Baker RSJ~Nelder J A Published Yeai: 1999 Catalog Numbex: QA "/6 Be 1981 Title: O OMPUT DS P OPEAN H S CONFERENCE ER , TREN DS NOORUWIJNERNOUT, NETHERLANUS, 1981. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Beekman M; Zuidema P PublisM1ei: Reedbooks Ltd.England, 1981 Publiehed Year: 1961 Catalog Numbex: QA 16 Bi 19]6 Title: E%PLORATORY STUDY OF COMPUTER INTEGRATED ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS. Sexial Title: StandEoid Artificial Intelligence Laboratoiy, Piogiess repart 3 Author: 9inford T O: Giosaman D D Publisher: National TecM1nical Infoimation Service Spiingfield, VA, 1- Published Year: 19>6 Catalog Number: QA 7a 1994 Title: THE RS2J2 SOLUTION. Authox: Campbell J Publishex: Sybex, Inc.Berkeley, CA., 198< Published Year: 1994 Catalog Numbez: QA "16 Co 1983 Title: R CONTROLL£D TESTSNG AND INBTRUMENTASION. Auihor: CollomsM Publisher: entech Press Lonaon, 1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Numbei: QA )6 E1 19'/) T1tle: MICROPROCESSOR BASZCS. Author: Elphick M S Published Year: 1999 Page 376
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Catalog Number: QA 76.5 .B28J Title: MOW TO PROGRAM MICROCOMPUTERS. Author: Barden W T Publlaher: H. W. Sa , Indianapolie, 3971 Published Year: 19'1'1 Cataloq Number: QA 76.5 .H517 Title: BASIC MICROPROCESSORS AND THE 6900. ial Title: Motorola series ia salid state elecironics Author: eiahop R Publiaher: Hayden Book C, Rochelle Park, N.J.19]9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: QA '/6.5 BB] 1 Title: INSTRUCPORS WORKBOOK FOR BUGHOOKS I 6 II LOGIC ANO MEMORY EXPERIMENTS USING TTL INTEGRATED CZRCUSTS. Author: RDny P ; Lia en D G 2nd Aut o Ed.: Braden RA Publisherr E6G Znstrumenta, InC., Derby, C, 9]4 Published Year: 1914 Catalog Number: QA 76.5 . Titie: FLOWCHARTS 42B Author: Chapin N Pubiisher: Aueibach, Princeton, 1971 Publiahed Year: 1971 Catalog Numbe[: QA )6.5 . 9 Title: BASIC BASICAN INTRODUCFION TO COMPUTER PROGRAMMING IN BASIC LANGUAGE. Serial Title: Nayden computer proqramminq series Author: T S Publisher: Hayden Book Co., Nev York, 1970 Publiahed Year: 19'!0 Catalog Number: QA 76.5 .C] 198'! Title: I/ONYX T G MANUAL. Publiahei: Dublin, OH, Soy Technologies Inc., Criop, 198] Publiahed Year: 1981 Catalog Number: QA 76.5 .C) 198'! Schem. Title: CNEMATICS. Publisher: Advanced Tecbnology, Inc., 198] Publiehed Year: 198> Page 379
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Catalog Number: QA )6 Un 1960 Tit1e: 'lHE MULTIVARIATE APPROACH TO REPEATED MEASURES. Serial Title: RMUP TECHNICAL REPORT NO. 75 Authox: Davidson M Li American Statistical Association eetings, Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QA ]6 Za 1980 Title: INDUSTRIAL MICROPROCESSOR SYSTEN. Author: Zaks R Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbex: QA >6.35 A ] 19]0 Title: AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD VOCABULARY FOR SNFORMATION PROCESSING. Publisher: Amexican National Standaxds Institute New York, 19]0 Published Year: 19'0 Catalog NUmber: QA >6.165 .45 1985 Tit1e: NOW TO WRITEA USABLE USER MANUAL. ial Title: The Pro£essional writing series Authox: Weiss E H Publishex: ISI P e , Philadelphia, 1985. Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA "/ B.H49 .$a8 1 Title: INTELLIGENT SENSORS98THE MERGING OF ELECTRONSCS AND SENSING. Authcx: Hellman H Pubiishei: Foxt Lee, NJ., Technical Insights, Inc., 1988 Pubiished Yeax: 1988 Catalog Number: QA T6.5 Title: MICROCOMPUTER METNODS FOR SOCIAL SCIENTISTB. serial Title: Quantitative applications in the social sciences 07-040 Author: Schrodt P A Publisher: Sage, Beverly Hills; London, 198a. Published Year: 1984 Catalog Numbe[: QA '/6.5 .824 Title: THE GLIM SYSTEM RELEASE 3 GENERALISED LINEAR INTERACTIVE MO MANUAG GENERALISED LINEAR INTERACTSVE MODELLING. Author: Baker R J 2nd Aut ox Ed.: Neldex J A Publishex: 39J8 Published Yea1: 19"!8 Page 1]8
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talog Numbex: QA 3 8 1986 n Title: STOCHASTIC PROCESSESMATHEMATICS AND PHYBICS, I PROCEEDINGS OF THE 15T BIBOS-SYMPOSIUM, HELD IN BIELEFELD, WEST GEEMANY, SEPTETfEER i 15, 1984 erial Title: Lectu[es Notes in Mathematics n. 1158 2nd Aut or £d.: Streit L; Blancha[d P; Albeverio 5 Puhlisher: Nev Yo[k, Spxinger-VeYlag, 3986. Published Yea[: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 3.US n Title: STATISTICAL THEORY OF E%TAEME VALUES AND SOME PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS A SERIES OF LECTURES. Sexial Title: ted S[ates., National B of Standards., Applied mathematice seri , J Authox: umhel E T Publiahe[: U. S. Govt. Print. Office, Washington, 1954 Published Yeai: 1954 Catalog Number: QA 3 - n. 58 Title: FRACTIONAL FACTORIAL O S FOR E%PERIMENTB WITH FACTORS AT TNO AND THREE LEVELS. Serisl Title: United Statea., National Bu[eau oP Standards., Applied sathematics serres, 58 Author: [ W S 2nd Aut or Ed.: YoungS PubliSher: . Govt. Pzint. Off., Washington, 1961 Published Year: 1961 Catalog Number: QA 3 0.55 39J2 Title: BOOK OF MATHEMATICAi. FUNCTIONS WITH FORMULAS CRAPHS AND MA EMATICAL TABLES. Se[ial Title: United 5 ~ National Bueeau of Standa[ds . Applied Mathematics s , 55 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Ab[aaovitx M; Stegun I Ae5 Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc., Nev York 19)2 Published YeaY: 1912 Catalog Numbe[: QA J 5 1986 Tit1e: THE CALCULUS TUTORING BOOK. Authox: Ash C 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ash R B Publisher: IEEE Press, Nev York, 1986. Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 3OJ .K65 Title: U REFRESHER FOR TECHNICAL MEN. Authox: K1af0AA Publisher: McGraW-Hill book co.LOndon, 1944 Publisbed Year: 1944 Page 365
Page 385: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA ]6.]3 .83 C6 19]] Title: ADVANCED BASIC APPLICATIONB AND PROBLEMS. e[ial Title: Hayden computer Progzamming series Author: Coan J S Publiahez: Hayden Book C, Ochelle Park, N.J.19]] Publiahed Yeaz: 19]] Catalog Numbet: QA ]6.>3 BJ F53 1981 Title: DATA FILE PROGRAMMING ZN BASIC. Serial Title: Wiley se1P-Teaching Guides AvthoY: Finkel L 2nd Aut or Ed.: HYOwn J Publisher: John Wiiey 6 Sons, Inc.New York, 1981 Publisbed Yeai: 1981 Catalog Number: QA ] 5 1982 Title: BASIC FIMDAMENTAL CONCEPTS. Authoz: Giar[atana T Publishe[: H.W. $ams, Indianapolis, Ind., 1982. Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: QA 76.73 . Title: THE SASIC HANDBOOA AN ENCYCLOP£DIA OF THE HASIC COMPUTER LANGUAGE. uthor: Lien D Publisher: COmpusoft Pub., San Diego, 19]8 Published Yea[: 19]e Catalog Numbe[: QA ]6.]3 . 981 Title: ASlc BHANB531 BOOA ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BASIC COMPUTER LANGUAGE. Authoz: Lien D A Pubiiaher: CompusoEt Pub., 8an Diego, Calif.1981 Published Yeai: 1981 Catalog Number: QA 7.]J .C15 .A46 1986 Title: C FOR PROGRAMMEAS. ial Title: wiley s es in computing Autho[: AmmeYaalrL PuDiiahez: Wiley, ChichesteY (West Sussex); New York, 1986. Pubiished Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA ] .C15 .F5] C]2 1991 Title: CRAFTING A COMPILER WITH C Author: FischeY C N 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: LeBlanc R.T Publieher: Aedvood City, Calif., Benjamin/CUmminga Pub. c, 1991. Publiahed Yeae: 1s91 Page 389
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Catalog Numbe[: QA ]6.]3 . K Title: AN INTRODUCTZONTO PROGRAMMING IN C A BOOK ON C. Authoi: Kelley A 2nd Aut or Ed.: Pohl 2 Publishex: Benjamin/CUmsings Pub. Co, Menlo Paik, Calif., 1984. Published Year: 1984 Catalog Numbei: QA ]6.]3 .C35 .K63 1983 Title: PROGAAI49ING IN C. Author: ocCan S Publlshei: Nayden Book CO., Rochelle Park, N. , 1983. Published Year: 1983 Catalog Numbe[: QA ]6.]3 .C15 .K63 1988 Title: G IN C. Autho[: Kochan 5 N Publisher: Hayden Booke, Indianapolis, Ind., 1988. Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: QA ] 3 A Title: APPLIEDFORTRAN]] FEATURING STRUCTUNED Authoi: Ageloff R; Mojena R Publisher: WadsworthPUblishing Co.Belmont, C, 1981 Published Year: 1981 talog Number: QA ] .F25 . 6] 1984 Title: WITHFORTRAN IV P F.O.R.T.R.A.N. IV. PROGRANMING WZTH FORTRAN 4. PROGRAI9AZNG WITH FORTRAN FOUR. Se[ial Title: QPI se[ies Author: Gotteried B 8 Pubiishec: Pcentice-Nall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1984. Published Year: 1984 Catalog Numbec: QA ]6.]3 .F25 M2 398] Title: USER'S MANUAL MATH/LIBRARY FORTRAN SUBROUTINES A NATHEMATICAL APPLICATIONS. Publisher: IMSL Probiem-SOlving Software Bystems, HOUSton, TK, 198] Published Yeax: 198] Catalog NUmber: QA ]6.]3 .F15 .NeC 1985 Title: CAL RECIPES E%AMPLE B00K FORTRAN. 21 d Aut a Ed.: VetterlingW T Publisher Cambcidge Oniveisity Press, C idge (Cambridgeshi[e), New Yock: 1985 Published Year: 1985 Page 390
Page 387: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 37.2 .B44 Title: AN INTRODUCTTON TO HATHEMATICAL MODELING. Autncr: Publisher: Bender E A Wiley, Naw York, 19]e Published Yeaz: 19'8 Catalog Number: QA J'/.2 .S8] 1986 T1t1e: AUtnor: UCTION TO APPLIED NATHEMATICB. St[ang C Publiaher: Published Year: wellesley-cambridga Pre , we11es1ey, MA., 1986 1986 Catalog Numbe[: QA 3'/1 .643 Title: ADVANCED MATNETfATICAL METHODS FOR SCIENTISTS AND Serial Title: £NGINEERS. International serres ln pure and applied Autho[: 2nd A x Ed.: Punlisner: matnematiea Bender C M Orszag S McG[aw-Hill, ew York, 1978 Published Year. 1978 Catalog Numbe[: QA 374 St 1968 Title: Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: LAPLACE TRANSFORM SOLUTION OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS A PROGRAIRAED TEXT. Etrum R D Waxd J R Publisher: t1ce-Hall, Inc.Englewood Cliffs, N, 969 Published Year: 1968 Catalog Number: Title: QA 377 .] 1982 PARTIAL DIFFERENTZAL EQUATIONS FOR SCIENTI STB AND ENGINEERS. Author: Farlow S J Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Hew York, 1982 Published Yeax: 1982 Catalog Numbe[: QA 38'/ .B43 Title: L I.IE ALGE BRAS WITN APPLICATZONSANDGCOMPUTATIONAL NETHODS LI£ GROUPS AND LIE ALGEERAE HITH APPLICATZONS AND COMPUTATIONAL METHODS. Autho[: Belinfante J G 2nd Aut or Ed.: ROlman B Pubiisher: Society for IDdustrial and Applied Mathematics, Philadelphia, 19'!2 Published Year: 19'/2 Page 36]
Page 388: ggs04d00
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Page 389: ggs04d00
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Page 390: ggs04d00
CaGalog Number: QA ]6 R) v.4C Title: 11M-PLUS VOLUME 4 Publisher: Digital EquipmeM Corp., 1987 Published Year: 1987 Catalag Number: QA '/6.8 . v.5 Title: RSX-i1M-PLUS VOLUME 5. Publisher: D19ita1 Equipment Corp., 987 Published Year: 198, Catalog Number: QA 76.8 V2 .RY v Title: Publishei: R5X-11M-PLUS VOLUME 6. Digital Equipmeat Corp., 198> Published Year: 198> Catalog Number: QA '/6.8 .V2 . v.J Title: PublisRer: RSX-IIM-PLUS VOLUME 7. Digital Equipment Corp., 198] Published Year: 198] Catalog Number: Tiile: QA '/ M-PLUS VER8ION 3 0 UPDATE NOTES REVISION E. Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 198] Published Year: 3967 Catalog Number: Title: QA '/6.8 . .R'/85 RSX-IIM-PLUS MINI-REFERENCE. blisher: Digital Equipment COrp., 198'/ Z blished Year: 1987 Catalog Number: QA "16.8 . VI 2 .R>9 v.1 Title: Publisher: D£CNET-RSX(VOLUME 1). Digital Equipment Ccrp., 198'/ Published Year: 198J Cataloq Number: QA 76.8 ."/9 v.2 .V2 Title: Publisher: (VOLUMB 2). DECNETRSX Digital Equipment Corp., 1987 Published Year: 198) Catalog Number: QA 76.8 .V2 .R>9 1.3 Tltle: Publisher: Published Year: DECNET-RSX (VOLUME 3). Oigital Equipment Carp., 198"/ 1987 Page 410
Page 391: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 76.76 .W56 .L6] W 6 1990 Title: WINDOWS THRE£ COHPANION.; NINDOWS 3 COMPANION Author: Lcrena L L 2nd Aut or Ed.: Bellers C; O'Mara R M Publisher: Louisville, Ky., Nicrosoft Press, 199D. Published Yea[: 3990 Catalog Number: QA J6.]6.E95 .B68 1988 Title: PUTTING E%PERT SYSTEMS INTO PRACTICE. Author: Boverman R G 2nd Aut or Ed.: Glover D E Publisher: NeW York, NY., Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1988 Published Year: 1988 Catalog Numbet: QA ]6.>6.E95 .B]'/5 1989 Title: NNOWLEDGE ACQDISITION. Author: Bru1e J F 2nd Aut or Ed.: Blount A Publisher: New York, NY, NcGraw-Hill, 1989. Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QA ]6.]6.E95 .R45 1989 Title: THE RELIABILITY OF EXPERT SYSTEMS. Sezial Title: Ellis Horvood books in information technology 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hollnagel E Publiaher: Chicheeter, E. Horvoad; Nev York, Halsted Press, Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QA ]6."/6.E95 .A65 1988 Ti<le: PRINCIPLES OF ARTIFICZAL INTELLIGENCE AND E%PERT SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT. Author: Rolston D N Pubiisher: McGrav-Hill, Nev York, 1988. Published Year: 1988 Cata1ag Number: QA )6.]6.H94 .526 1989 Title: HYPERTE%T NANDS-ON!, AN INTRODUCTION TO A NEW WAY OF ORGANIEING AND ACCESSING INFORMATION. Author: Shneiderman e 2nd Aut or Ed.: Kearsley G Publisher: ing, Nass., Addison-Wesley, 1989. Publiahed Yeax: 1985 Catalog Number: QA ].16.063 . 96 198> Titie: INTRODUCTION TOVA%/VMS. Author: Bynon D lnd Alt or Ed.: Bbannon T C; Mallexy R D; HarbaCh C B Publisher: rofeseional Press, Spring House, Pa., 198]. Published Year: 1987 Page 198
Page 392: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 R2 .98 Title: INFORMATION RESOURCES BULLETINS, NOTICES ANO PROCEOURES. Publisbe[: R. T. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QA 76.8 R2 C] Title: RJRI S STEMS C LOGOE. Publishei: R. J. Reynolde Tobaceo Co. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbe[: QA ')6.B .R2 .C6 Title: RJR CORPORATE ZNFORNATION RESOURCES BllLLETINS. Publishe[: R. J. Reynold5 Tobacco Co. Publiahed Yea[: 1999 Catalog Number: QA 76.8 R2 .N] TStle: INFORNATION CENTER NANOBOOE. Publisher: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. PYblished Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QA 76.0 .R2 .N<] Title: NETMAN USERB' MANUAL. Publisher: UCCEL COrporation, 198) Published Year: 198] Catalog Number: QA >6.8 .R2 . Title: CONPANY NEWSLETSERS (REFERENCE). Publisher: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QA >6.8 . ) 1991 Title: TNE NEW OSER'B GUIDE TO TRE SUN WORESTATION Author: sa N Publisher: NewYO[k, Springei-Ve[lag, 1991. Published Year: 1991 Catalog Number: QA >6.8 .V] AJ v.l Title: AuABAS (vns1. Publisher: Boftwa[e AG of North Ame[ica~ Inc.1986 Published Yea[: 1986 Catalog Number: QA '/6.8 .V2 .AJ 1.2 Title: AuAeAS (vns). Publisher: Softwaie AG of No[th America, 111.1986 Published Year: 1986 Page 402
Page 393: ggs04d00
CatalOg Number: QA )6.]3.B3 .C665 1988 Tit1e: CROSOFT QUICKBASICFOR SCIENTISTS, A GUIDE TO Author: WRITING BETTER PROGRAMS. Cooper J W Publisher: New York, NY., Mliley, 1988 Published Yeai: 1988 Cata1o9 Number: QA Y 3.C15 .H34 1 Title: Serial Title: Author: C TOOL5FOR SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS. COmputing that works Baker L Publisher: New York, McGiaw-Hill, 3989. Published Yeai: 1989 Cat ~ alo g Number: QA ] .]3.C15 .P8'! 3 88 T Tit1e: Author: C PftoGRA4AfING GllIUE9 J J Publisher~ mel, Ind., Que Corp., i988 PubllshedYear: 1988 Catalog Number: QA "/ 3.C15 P9 1989 Title: AuthOr: C PROGRAlMER'S TOOLKIT. Purdu T Publisher: m mel, IN., Que Corporation, 1989 Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QA >6.)3.C15 .S43 A4J 1990 Title: Serial Title: ALGORITHNS Addison-Wesiey Series in Computer Science Author: Sedgewick R Publisher: Reading, MA., Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1990 Published Year: 1990 CatalUg Number: QA Y6."/3.F25 .I48 E84 1984 Title: Publisher: INSL LIBRARY FORTRAN SU6R0UTINES POR MATHENATICS AND STATISTICS IMSL US£R'S MANUAL. IMSL, HOUStan, T, 1984 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: Title: QA Y6."J3.F25 . 2 1989 IMSL LIBRARY EDITION 10.0 UPOATE HIGHLIGHTS AND INTERFACE HATH/LIBAARY QUICK R NCE FORTRAN SUBROUTINES FOR MATHEMATICAL APPLICATIONS TH/LIBRARY, FORTRAN SUBROUTINES F MATHEMATICAL APPLICATIONS, USER~S MANUAL. Publisher: ton, Tex., IMSL, 1989. Publiahed Year: 1989 Page 394
Page 394: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: Publisher: QA 76.8 .V2 .T4 PDP-11 TECO N Di9ital EqvipmentBCOrp.E, 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Numbei: QA )6.8 .V2 .V3 v.l Title: Publisher: VAX/VXS (VOL[RIE i). Digitai Equipment Corp., 1985 Published Year. 3985 Catalog Number: Title: publieher: QA ]6.8 .V2 Vl v.10 VA%/VMS (VOLUME 10). Digital Equipment Corp., 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Numbe[: QA 76.8 . .V3 v.11 Title: Publishez: VAX/VNS (VOLUME 11). Digital Equipment Corp., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA J6.8 .V2 . V.12 Title: Publisher: VAX/VMS (VOLUME 12). Digital Equipment Corp., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalo9 Number: QA >6.8 .V2 . v.1] Title: Pub115her: VA%/VNS (VOLUME 13). Digital £quipment Corp., 1984 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: QA )6.8 V2 . Title: Publisher: VAX/VMS (VOLONE 1<). Digital Equipment Corp., 1984 Published Yeai: 1984 Catalog Number: QA 7.V3 1.2 Title: VAX/VNS (VOLUME 2). Publisher: Digital Equipment Carp., Published Year: 1984 1984 Catalog Numbe[: QA '/6.8 .V2 .Vl V.3 Title: VAX/VMS (VOLUME 3). Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1984 Published Yeat: 198C Page 413
Page 395: ggs04d00
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Page 396: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbe[: QA 76.8 .V3 . Title: US/VMS 6ERVICE NODE MAN ENP GUIDE. Publisifer: Digital £guipment Corp., 1986G~ Published Year: 1986 Cataloq Number: QA 76.8 V2 L4 Title: LG02 600 LPM T£XT AND GRAPHICS PRZNTER INSTALLATION/OWNER'S MANUAL. Publisber: Digital £quipment Carp., 1986 pupliahed Yeai: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 7 6.8 .V2 Ml Title: HTRT MANVEACTURING AUTOMATION SYSTEMS HANDBOO% - PRELIMINARY. Publisher: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco, 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 74 Tit1e: MESSAGE ROUTERVMSMAIL GATEWAY. Publisher: Digital Equipment Coip. Published Yeai: 1999 Catalog Numbei: QA "/6.8 . .M5 v title: MZCROVMS USER'S MANUAL - PART I. Publisher: Digitai Equipment Corp., 1986 Publishad Year: 1986 talog Number: QA "] V2 . v.2 Title: MICROVMS USERMS MANUAL - PART ZI. Publisher: Digital Equipmant Carp., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 76.8 .V2 .M52 Title: MICROVMS USER'S PRIMER. Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1985 Published Year. 1985 Catalaq Number: QA ] M526 Title: MICROVMS PROGAAMMER'S NAtNAL. publisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1996 Publisbed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA >6.8 V2 .M52"/ Title: MICROVMS PROGRAMMING SUPPORT MANUAL. 2blisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 3966 blished Year: 1986 Paqe 407
Page 397: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA ]6.6 .V1 . itle: AX/Vns (VOLOnE 4)a publiahei: Digital Eguipment Coip., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 7- .V2 V3 v.5 Title: VAX/VNS (VOLNNE 5). Pub118her: Digital Eguipment Corp., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA ]6.0 .V2 .V3 v Titie: VAX/VINS (VOLUME 6)6 Publiaher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Numbet: QA 76.8 V2 .V3 1.7 Tit1e: VAX/VMS (VOLUNE 7). publiaher: Digital £guipmeM Corp., 1984 Publiahed Year: 1984 Catalog Number: QA J .V2 .V3 v Title: VAX/VMS (VOLUME 8)e Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1986 Publiahed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA J6.8 . v.9 Titie: VAX/VMS (VOLCNE 9). Pubiieher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1986 Publlshed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA "/ V2 V5 v.lOA Title: VAX/VMS VOLUME 10A. Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp. Published YeaY: 1999 Catalog NuIDber: QA 76.8 - v.lOB Title: VAX/VMS VOLUME5108. Publisher: Digital Equipment Cotp., 84 Published Year: 1984 Catalaq NOmber: QA 76.8 .V2 .VS v 10C Title: VAX/VMS VOLDME 10C Publishet: Digital Equipment Corp., Published Yeaz: 1986 986 Page 414
Page 398: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA ]6.6 .V2 .R]9 v.4 Title: Publiaher: DECNET-R5X (VOLUME 4). Digital Equipment Corp., 198] Yublished Yea[: 198] Cetalog Number: OA ]6.8 . .R'J9 1.5 Va 2 Title: publisher: DECNET-R5X(VOLDME 5). Digital Equlpment Corp., 198"/ Published Year: 19a] Cstalog Number: QA ]6.9 .V2 .R]9 v Title: DECNET-R5X (VOLN9E 6). Publisher: Digital Equipment corp., Published Year: i98] 198] Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 . .84 TStle: Publlsher: ETHERNET TERNINAL SERVER. Digitai Equipment Corp. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 V3 . Title: Publisher: TERHINAL SERVER MANAGER. Dlgital Equipment Corp., 1986 Publiehed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 .V2 .56 V.1 Title: Publisher: DECNET/SNA. Digital Equipment Cotp., 1985 Publiehed Year: 1985 CatalOg Numbe[: QA 2 2 Title: Publishez: DECNET/SNAGATEWAY. Digital Equipment Corp. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: Title: QA ] V2 S6 DECNET/SNA VMS. v.3 Publisher: Digital Eguipment Corp. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbei: QA ]6.6 . 2 S6 1.4 Title: Publisher: Publiehed Year: DECNET/SNAVMS REKOTE JOB E . Digital Equipment corp., 1985RY 1985 Paqe 411
Page 399: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: Publlsher: QA '/6.8 .V2 . VAX/VNS VOLOMES)A.'A Digital Equipment Corp., 1986 Published Year: 1986 taloq Number: QA >6.8 . S 'e Title: Publiahez: VAX/VNS VOLUME '/8. Digital Equipment Corp., 1984 Publiahed Year: 1986 Ca<alog Number: QA -8 . 5 eA Title: VA%/VMS VOLUME8A, Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: Tltle: publiaher: QA ]6.8 .V2 . v.88 VAX/VMS VOLUME588. Diqital Equipment Corp., 1986 Publiahed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 76.8 .V2 V5 v eC Title: VAX/VMS VOLUME BC. Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1986 Published Year: 1966 Catalog Number: Title: Publisher: QA 7.V2 V5 V.BD VA%/VMS VOLUNE BD. Digital Equipment Carp., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 76.8 .V2 VS v.9 Title: VAX/VMS VOLUKE 9. Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 .V2 .V5'1 Y.1 Title: AX/VM Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp.,~ 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA 26.8 .V2 .V5) v.2 Title: VA](/VMS RELEASE NOTES, V 9.6. 2blisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1987 blished Year: 1981 Page 416
Page 400: ggs04d00
Catalog Numhei: QA 76.76 .E95 .H3] 1986 Title: OWLEOGE ACQUISITION FOR EXPERT SYSTEMS. Auihoi: Hart A Publieher: MeGrav-Nill, New Yo , 1986 Published Year: 1986 CatalOg Number: QA ].]6 .E95 WJ6 1989 Title: CRAFTING HIiOWLEBGE-BASED SYSTEMS, EXPERT SYSTEMS MADE EASY REALISTIC. AutROi: Walte[s J tnd Aut or Ed.: Nielsen N Publisher: v York, Wiley, 3988. Published Yeai: 1988 Catalog Number: QA ]6.]6 . .P3] 3988 Title: UNIX FOR PROGRAMMERS AN INTRODOCTION. Autho[: Farkas O Publisher: Wiley, NeW York, 1988 Published Year: 1988 Ca[alOg Numbei: QA ] 5 1986 Title: SOPERCHARGING MS6DOS, THE MICROSOFT GOIDE TO HIGH PERPORMANCE COMPUTING FOR THE EXPERIENCED PC OEER. Author: Wolverton V Publisher: Microsoft Pre , Redmond, Wash., 1966 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA ]6.]6 .063 C49 1989 Title: THE NEIi OO Author: Christophe[ H W 3nd Aut o[ Ed.: Feigenbaum B A; Saliga 8 O Publisher: NeW York, Wiley, Published Year: 1985 Cntalog Numbe[: QA )6.J6 .063 D56x 198 Title: SAS DATA SET ORGANIZATION UNDER AOSVS PRIMOS AND VMS OPERATING SYSTENB. Serial Title: SA8 technical report 0-104 Author: Dineley V M 3nd Au! o Ed.: Wilson T D PubliBherr SAS Institute, (Cary, NC?)1964 Published Year. 1984 Cataloq Numbei: QA ]6.]6 .W56 .G]] N48 1989 Title: NEWS (COMPOTER PROGRAN)i THE NEWS BOOE, AN INTRODNCTION TO TXE NETWOR%/EXT£NSI9LE WINDOW BYSTEM Author: osling T 2ud Aut o[ Ed.: Arden M J; Rosenthal D Publisher: Nev York, 8prinqer-Verlag, 1989. Publlshetl Yeai: 1989 Page 397
Page 401: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA ]6.B .I2594 .H44 1982 Title: BASIC FOR THE IBM PERSONAL COMPUTER QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE BASIC FOR THE I.B.M. PERSONAL COMPOTER. Author: Held G Publiaher: Wiley, New Yoxk, 1982 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: QA ] .12594 .H96 1985 Title: ADVANCED IBM PC GRAPHICS STATE OF THE ART. Author: Hyman M I 2blishe[: Brady Cammunications CO., New York, NY, 1985. blishetl Yeax: 1985 Catalog Number: QA ]5.8 .12594 .M4 3968 Title: EGA/VGA A PROGRAMMER'S REFERENCE GUIDE. Autho[: Xliewer 8 D Publiaher: Inte[text Publicatlons, McGraw-Hill Book Co , Nev York, NY 1988 Published Year. 1988 Catalog Number: QA )6.8 .I25961 H<5 1989 itle: IHM PS/2 USER'S REF£RENCE MANUAL. Author: Held G Publisher: w York, Niley, 1989. Publiahed Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 .I28 R66 Title: THE 8080A BUG600R MICROCOI@NTER ZNTERFACING AND PROGFN4MING. Autho[: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publishex: Published Yea[: Rony P R Larsen 0 G; Titus J A N. W. Sams, Indianapolis, 1977 39]] Catalog Number: Title: QA ]6.8 .M6] .S)2 3 OW TO PROGRAM ANp INTERFACE THE 680 0. Serial Title: The Blackabu[q continuing education series Author: Staugaard A C Publiaher: Published Year: Howard N. Sams 6 1980 1990 Co., Inc., Indianap olis, ZN., Catalog Numbe[: QA ]6.8 P2 E26 19]9 Title: MINICOMPOTER SYSTEMS ORGANIEATION PROGRAMMING ANO APPLICATIONB PUP31. Autho[: 2nd Aut or Ed.: £ckhouse R H Morris L R Publisher: Published Year. entice-Hall, 39]9 Englewood Cliffs, N..19]9 Page 401
Page 402: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 7.V2 .S6 1.5 Title: DECNET/SNA VM5 32'!0 TERMINAG ENULATOR. Publlsher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 .V2 .S6 v Title: DECNET/SNA VNS PRINTER ENULATOR. Publisher: Digital £9uipment Corp., 1985 PublisheE Year: 1985 Catalog Number: Title: Publisher: Published Year: Catalog Number: Title: QA 76.8 V2 .56 v OECNET/SNA VNS DDXF. Digital Equipment Coip., 1986 QA 76.8 .V2 . 6 DECNET/SNA VN5APPC/LU6.2 1986 PROGRAlBQING INTERFACE. Publisher: Digitai Equipment Corp., 3985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 1 v.l Title: Publisher: VAX/VMS Digital SYSTENS DISPATCH 1986. Equipment Corp., 19E6 Published Year: 1986 Catalag j Number: QA 'l6.8 V2 . v.l 1985 T Title: Publisher: VAX/VNS S 6TEM5 DISPATCH 1 Digital Eguipment Co[p., 1985 Pub3iahed Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 76.8 .V2 S9i v.1 Title: Publisher: SYSTENS NANAGENENT. Digital Eguipment Corp. Published Year: 199s Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 .V2 .T3 Title: Publisher: TA>8 NAGNETIC TAPE URIVE USER GUIDE. Digital Equipment Corp., 1984 Publiahed Year: 198, Catalog Number: QA "/6.8 .V2 .T36 Title: Publisher: Published Year. TAPESYS. So£tware Partners/32, Inc.198) 198"! Paqe a12
Page 403: ggs04d00
talog NumbeY: QA 76.73 .L23 .S"/3 3 Title: COMMONLISP THE LANGNAGE COMMON L.Z.S.P. Author: Steele G PubllsheY: Digital Ptess, Burlingtoh, MA, 1986. Published Year. 1984 Catalog Number: QA '/6.)3 .L23 .T6] 1984 Title: LISP A GENTLE INTHODUCTION TO SYMBOLIC Author: COMPUTATION L.I.S.P. zky 0 S Publisher: Published Year: Harper & Rov, NeW York, 1984 1984. Catalog Number: Title: QA T6.)3 .L23 .W56 1984 LISP L L S P AuthoY: 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Publishe[: . . . tn P H HornB Addison-Wesley, eading, as , 984. Published Year: 1984 Catalo9 Number: QA 71986 .063 .C] I Title: COMPUTE 'S QUICK & EASY GUIDE TO OS/2. Author: Publisher: Crooks T nsboro, N, ompute! 6ooks Publications, Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: Title: QA '/6."/3 .063 D46 1987 MPUTE!'S QUICR 6 EASY GUIDE TO OBING MS-OOS. Autho[: Publisher: Derman B nsborD, N.C., Compute! Publications, Published Yea[: 199) Catalog Number: QA 16.73 .P2 .S>5 1985 Title: Serial Title: AuthoY: ZNTRODUCTION TO TUEBOPASCAL. SYBEX Computer books Stivison D S PublisheY: Published Year: SYBEX, Berkeley, 1985 1985. talog Number: QA 7.P2 818 39"/9 Title: erial Trile: THE BYTE BOOK OP PASCAL EYTE. an9ua9e s es 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: Liffiek B W BYTE Publications, (Peterborough, 1- N..19"!9 Page 392
Page 404: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbez: QA ]6.)3 .F25 N9 1985 itle: ERICAL RECIP2S FoRTRAN OTSNETTE VL 0. PubliPublishershed : Y Cambridge University Press, cambridge, NA, 1985 ear. 1985 Catalog Number: QA '/6.)3 F . 111 1980 Title: Author: Publisher: Published Year: ORTRAN ]'lPRINCIPLES OF PROGRAMMING. Wagenar J L John Wiley & Sons Nev York, 1980 3980 Catalog Number: Title: QA 76.73 .F25 B34 19'/9 PROGRAMMING IN STANOARD FORTRAN 77. Author: 21 d Aut Gr Fd.: Publisher: £alfour A Marvick O H Elsevier Science Fublishing Co.New York, 1979 Publiehed Year: 19'/9 Catalog Numbez: QA 76.)3 .F25 H54 Title: STRUCTUR£0 PROGRAMMING IN FORTRAN. Author: Hill L A Publisher: trce-Hall, Inc.Englevood Cliffs, N, Published Year: 1981 983c Catalog Number: Title: ial Title: Author: QA >6.>3 FORTRAN ] ER NateanH . N373 19]8 SCIENCE SERZES Publisher: Ven Nostrand Reinhold Co.New York, 1976 Published Year: 1978 Catalog Number: QA ]6.]3 .F25 073 1980 Title: FORTRAN 77 FEATURINGSTRUCTUREB PROGRAMMING. Se[ial Title: Author: Addison-Yeeley serves in computer scvence Meissner L P 2nd Aut or Ed.: Organick E I Publisber: Published Year: Addison-Nealey Pub. C, Reading, Ma55.1980 1980 Catalog Number: QA >6.>3 X . Tit1e: UND£RSTANUINGARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. ial Title: An Alfred handy guide Author: Gloesu P Y Publishet: Alfred, Sherman Oaks, Ca., 1981 Published Year: 1981 Page )91
Page 405: ggs04d00
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Page 406: ggs04d00
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Page 407: ggs04d00
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Page 408: ggs04d00
ta1o9 Number: QA J G65 1988 Title: THE COMPLETE HYPERCARD RANDBOOK. e[1a1 Title: o meCb Performance Library Authoz: oa otos Publisher: Nev York, Bantam Books, 1988 Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QA J6.6.M3 .P4 1989 Titie: EXCEL TIPS TRICKS AND TRAPS. Authoz: Persan R Publishe[: Carmel, IN., Que Corpo[ation, 1969 Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QA J6.8.M3 .V38 1988 Title: USING HYPERCARD, PROM HOME TO HYPERTALK. Authoz: aughan T Publisher: Hyper Card (COmputer program) Carmel, Ind., Que orp., 1988. published Year: 1988 Cataloq Number: QA J .S965 1981 Title: SYN-1 REFERENCE MANUAL. Publishez: Synertek Systems Cotp., Santa Clara, CA., 1981 Published Yeaz: 1981 Catalog Number: QA J6.8.V1J .V2d6 1984 Title: VAX POR'fRAN USER'S GUIDE. Publishe[: Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Mas , 984 Published Year. 1.984 Catalog Number: QA J.eJ .M85 N48 1990 Title: NEURAL N OAKS, AN INTRODUCTION Author: uller B 2nd Aut or Ed.: Reinhardt T Publisher: Berlin; Nev Yo[k, SPringer-Vezlag, 1990. Publishetl Year: 1990 CatalOg Number: QA J .C65 .05 1984 Title: ON CONCEPTUAL MODELLING PERSPECTZVES PROM ARTIFICIAL INTELLZG£NCE DATABASES AND PROGRAN4ING LANGUAGEB. Serial Title: TOPICS IN SNFORMATION SYSTEMS 2ud Aut or' Ed.: Brodie M L; Mylopoulos T; Schmidt T W Publisher: Sp[inger-Verlag, NeW York, 3986. published Yeaz: 1984 Page 418
Page 409: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbee: 9A ]6.8 .I16 SBBI6 Title: INTRODUCTORY COMPOTER PROGRAMMING. Author: art F Publishe[: Wiley, NeW Yotk, 1966 Publishea Year. 1966 Cataloq Number: CA ]6.8 .I2594 ABJ 1985 Title: PC DOS A SELF - TEACHZNG GUIDE. Serial Title: The Wiley IBM PC aeries Author: Ashley R 2nd Aut or Ed.: Fe[nandez 1 N Publishe[: Wiley, New Yo[k, 1985. Published Year: 3965 Catalog Number: CA 16.8 .I2596 .B] 198< Title: ASS£MBLY LANGUAGE PRWRANHING FOR THE IBM PERSONAL COMPOTER. Autl.or: eradley D T Publisher: ce-Hall, Englevood Cliffs, N.J., 1984. Published Year: 1984 Caialog Numbe[: CA ]6.8 .I2594 .C14 1986 Title: HARD DISH HANAGEMENT FOR TNE IHM PC XT AT AND MPATIBLE SYSTEHS. Author: n T 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: C Publisher: Prenii~ce Hall Piess, Nev York, N.Y., 1986. Published Yeai: 1986 Catalog Number: 9A ]6.8 . .D8) 1988 Title: PROGRAMMER?S9 GUIDE TO WINDOWS. Author: Durant D 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Carlson G; Yao P Publisher: SYBEX, San Francisco, 1988 Published Year: i98b Catalog Numbe[: CA ] .I2594 .E35 3985 Title: THE 10M PC ENHANCEMENT HANDHOOK FOR BCIENTISTS D ENGINEERS i B.M. P.C. ENHANCEMENT HANDBOOK P0R SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS. Ser1a1 Title: Infra 5 rC e v. 1, no. 1 v.l, Oo.2 Author: EckhardtRA 2nd Au r Ed.: Mubitsky M F; MolloY R C Publisher: Cyber Research, Nev Naven, CT, 3985. Published Yea[: 1985 Page 400
Page 410: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 .V2 . 1.3 Title: ADABAS (VMS).A3 Publisher: Softwaie AG of North America, Inc.1984 Publiahed Year: 1984 Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 .V2 .A32 Title: TNE ADAEAS (VMS) / NATUNAL (VMS) SYSTEM. Publishei: Softvare AG of North America, Inc.1985 PubilshEd Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA )6.8 . .A4 v.l Title: ALL-IN-1 OFFICE MENU (VOLUME 1). Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA )6.8 . v.2 Tit1e: ALL-IN-1 OFFICE MENU (VOLUME 2). Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1985 Published Yeai: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 7.V2 .A4 v Title: ALL-IN81 OFFICE MENU (VOLUME 3). Publiaher: Digital Equipment Corp. Published Year: 1999 CatalOg Number: QA >6.a .V2 A4 v.4 Titie: ALL-IN-1 OFFICE MENU (VOLUME 4). Publisher: Digital Equipment Coip., 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA >6.9 .V2 .A4 v.5 Title: ALL-IN-1 OFFICE MENU (VOLlME 5). Publiaher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1985 Publiahed Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 16.8 V2 A4 v.6 Title: N-i OFFICE MENU (VOLUME g 6). blishei: Oigital Equipment Corp., 1985 bliehetl Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA )6.6 .V2 A4 v.7 Title: ALL-IN-1 OFFICE MENU (VOLUME ')). Publiaher: Digital Equipment Corp., 1985 Published Year: 1985 Page 403
Page 411: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbe[: QA ]6.8 .V2 .NS v.1 Title: NATURAL (VNS). Publisher: Software AG Of North America, Inc.1985 Publiehed Year. 1965 Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 .V2 .N3 v.2 Title: NATURAL (VNS). Publisher: Softvare AG of Nor<h America, nc.1985 Publlshed Year. 1985 Cataloq Number: QA ]6.8 .V2 .N3] Title: NATURAL (VMS) APPLICATZONS PROGRANNING. Publisher: Softvare AG of Noith America, Inc.i985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Numbe[: QA ]6.8 .V2 . ]8 Titie: SUP£RNATURAL. Publisher: Softvare AG Of North Ameraca, Inc.198'/ PublisF:ed Year: 398] Catalog Number: QA ] Title: NEPWORNS AND COlRIUNICATIONS BUYER•S GUZD£. Publisher: Uigital Equipment Corp., 1986 Publiahed Year: 1986 Cetalog Number: QA ] .06 Title: VAX SYSTEMS AND OPTIONS CASALOG. Publieher: Digital Equipment Corp., 198] Published Year. 198] Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 .V2 . Title: PDP-11 FORTRAN-]]. Publisher: Digital Equipment corp. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QA >6.8 .V2 P6 Title: PDP SYSTEMS AND OPTSONS CATALOG. Publisher: Digital Equipment corp., 198] Published Year: 198] Catalog Number: QA ]6.8 v2 R3 Title: RA60 DISN DRIVE. Publisher: Digital Equipment Corp. Wblished Yeai: 1999 Page 408
Page 412: ggs04d00
[alog Number: QA 76.9 .E96 W . 86 Title: EXPERT SYSTEMS i 986AN AESESSMENT OF TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS Author: Walker T C 2nd Aut or Ed.: M111er R K Publisher: EEAI Technical Publications, Madison, GA, 1986 Publiahed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA ]6.9 .E96 .W369 1 Title: A GUIDE TO EXPERT SYSTEMS. Se[ial Title: The TaknoWledge sezles ln knovledge engineering Author: Wateraan D A Publieher: Addison-Nesley, Reading, MaBS., 1986. Published Yeai: 1986 Catalog Nuaber: QA 76.9 .E96 884 1983 Title: EUILDING EXPERT SYSTENS. Serial Title: WLEDGE SERIES IN MNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING V. 1 2nd Aut ox Ed.: Hayes-ROth F; Waterman D A; Lenat D E Publishei: Addison-Wesley Publiehing Co.Reading, 1953 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: QA 76.9 .E96 G 1985 Title: THE GUIDE TO EXPERT SYSTEMS. Author: Goodall A Publisher: Learned Information Nev Jereey, 1955 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Numbex: QA 76.9 .I58 .N3'! 1985 Title: INTHODUCTION TO URAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING NATURAL LANGUAGENPROCESSING. Author: s M D Publishex: Reston Pub. C, Reaton, Va., 1985. Published Year. 1985 Catalog Numbex: QA 16.9 .588 H4 Title: STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS. AuthoHead R V Publisher: Q.E.D. Information Sciences, Wellesley, Mase.19J9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Numbar: QA ] 9 M 9 Title: SYSTEMDESIGNFROMPROVAELY CORRECL CONSTRUCTS. Authox: Martin J Publiaher: Pren<ice-Nall, Inc.Englewoorl Cliffs, N.I, i9s5 Publiehed Year: 1985 Page 422
Page 413: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA J6.>1.F25 .545 1989 Title: ON/LIERARY QUICK REFERENCE FORTRAN SUBROUTINES FOR EVALUATING SPECIAL FUNCTIONS SFUN/LIBRARY, SUBROUTINES FOR EVALUATING SPECIAL FUNCTIONS, USER'S MANUAL. Publishe[: HOUSton, Te , IMSL, 1989. Published Year: 1989 Catalo9 Number: Title: ] 8 1989 QA 6 IMSLLIBRARY EDITION 10.0 UPDATE HIGHLIGHTS AND INTERFACE FORTRAN EUBROUTINES F'OR STATISTICAL ANALYSIS STAT/LIBRARY QUICK REFERENCE STAT/LIBRARY, FORTRAN BUBROUTINES FOR STATISTICAL ANALYSZS, USER'S MANOAL. Publlaher: Publiahed Year: [0, ex, IMSL, 1989. 1989 Catalog Numbe[: QA 'l6.Y].P6> . ] 1985 Title: Pubiiaher: POSTSCRIPT IANGUAGE R MANUAL. Reading, MA., AddisonEWesley,E 1985 Pubiished Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA "/6."/3.P67 .P66 1985 Title: Publisher: POSTSCRIPT LANGUAGE TUTORIAL AND CO Reading, NA., Addison-Wesley Publishiag Co., 1985 Published Year: 3985 Catalog Number: Title: QA 'l6.71.P6> .R65 1988 POSTSCRIPT LANGUAGE PROGRAM DESIGN. Autho[: Pubiishe[: Reid G C Reading, MA., Addison-Wealey, 1988 Pubiished Yea[: 1988 Catalog Number: QA "l6.Y2.R23 R6 1 6 Title: Autho[: THE BOOX OF R, Roeder G M BASE. Publisher: Retrieval Technology Corp.; All-Hands-On P[ess, Chelmsfard, MA, 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QA 715~ 1990 Title: INSIDEYSMALLTALRS Author: Latonde W R 2ed Aut or Ed.: Pugh 1 R Publiohe[: Englevood C1iff5, NJ., Prentice Ha11, 1990 Pub115hed Yeai: 1990 Page 195
Page 414: ggs04d00
Catalog Humber: QA 71983 Title: DATABASE DESIGN. Serial Title: Hill computez scveace series Author: iederhold G Pubiisher: McGraw-Hill, New York, 198J Publiahed Yeax: 1983 Catalog Number: QA Z Title: DATABASE SECURITY19STATUS AND PROSPECTS, RESULTS OF THE IFIP WG 11.3 INITIAL N£ETING ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND USA OC'NBER 198>. 2Nd Aut or Ed.: Landvehr C E Publisher: Amsterdam; New York, North-HOllavd: York, N Y., Sole rlistributors for the U.S.A. and Caaada, Elsevier Science Pub. Co., Publiehed Year: 1988 Catalog Number: QA >6.9 Dl; QA 76.9 .D9 . Title: PUBLISHING FROM A FULL TEXT DATA BASE. Publisher: overnment PrintiDg Office washington, Dc, 1983 G Publiehed Year. 1983 Catalog Numbe[: QA 76.9 D5 .C6"/3 A)J 1991 Title: THE ART OF DISTRIBUTED APPLZCATIONS, P OGRAI4IING TECHNIQUES FOR REMOTE PROCEUURE CALLS Author: orbin J R Wblisher: ork, Springer-Verlag, 1991. Publiehed Year. 1991 Catalog Numbe[: QA 76.9 D6 .K3> 1985 Title: NOW TO WRITE A REALLY GOOD USER'S MANUAL. Serial Title: VAN NOSTRAND AEINHOLD DATA PROCESSING SERIES Author: Kattin E Publiaher: Van Nostrand ReiMOld, NeW YOrk, 1985. Publiahed Year. 1985 Cataloq Numbe[: QA 76.9 D6 P5'/ 1983 Title: STANDAADS AND PAOCEDUAES FOR SYSTEMS DOCUMENTATION. Autt:o[: Poechmann A W Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QA 76.9 .E96 .H 985 Title: EXPERT SYSTEMSARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN BUSINESS. Author: Ha[mon P 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: King D Publieher: J. Wiley, New York, 1985. Published Year: 1985 Page 421
Page 415: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 76.76.063 P38 1986 Title: 2nd Aut or Ed : PC-DOSTIPS 6 TRAPS, INCLUDES MS-DOS. Andersen D . Publisher: erkeleY. Ca1if., Osboine McGtaw-Hill, 1986. Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QA >6.>6.063 . 3 1985 Title: Author: ADVANCED UNIX PROGRAMMING. Rochkind M J Publlshei: Englevood Cliffs, NJ., Prentice-Hall, 1985 Publlshed Yeai: 1985 Catalog Number: QA ]6.Y6.063 .W65 1985 Title: Auth r RIMNING MS DOS THE MICR0803T GUIDE TO G MOST OUT OF THE STANDARD OPERATING SYSTEN FOR THE SBX PC AND 50 OTHER PERSONAL COMPUT£R5. Wolv t V o : Publisher: er an Nlorosoft Press; Redmond, Wash., 1985 Published Year: 1985 talog Number: QA ] 6 6 6 9 Title: Autho[: RUNNINGMSDOSTHEDEFINITIVE GUIHE TO MS-DOS AND PC-DOS NOW COMPLETELY REVISED TO INCLUDE VERSION 4 AND TH£ NEW DOS SHELL Wo2verton V Publisher: Redmond, WA., Microsoft Press, 1989 Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QA 76.)6.W56 SY5 1990 Title: AutROr: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: RUNNING Stinson Andrevs Redmond, WINDOWS C N WA :Miceosoft ress, 1990. Published Yeai: 1990 Cataiog Number: Title: QA '/6.8 .H48 H4 HP UX USER'S GUIDE. Publisher: Neulett-Packard Co.FOrt C011ins, CO, 1984 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: Title: QA ] .H48 P 4 1983 STRUCTURED FORTAAN "/7 PROGRAlE1ING WITH Serial Title: NEWLETTPACKARD COMPUTERS. BOYD & FRASER COMPUTER SCIENCE SERIES Auther: Publisher: Published Year. Pollack S Boyd & F[ase[ Publishinq Co.BOSton, MA.1983 1981 Page 399
Page 416: ggs04d00
506 abed 9065 9865 "d1oJ ;uamdFn63 ie1F6Fp :xea2 paYSFTqnd .saqsFTqnd A %Stl/SS-SW3 IL53' ZA' B'9L YO 9865 :aTaIS ~laqmnN boieaeJ :ieax peVSiiqnd 986i "d1oJ >uamdTn63 TeIi6Fp .1aysFSqnd Z 3WI1']OA SW3 %YA Z'A 53' ZA' e'9G Vb t 98sc "d1oJ •63 Iey9866F0 :ai3?S. :xaqwnN 6oSeaeJ =xeah PaV S[iqnd .xaqsciqnd 'T 3W(i'IOA SWd %YA S A 53' 2A' 8'9L Yb 986I :aS3Ft :laqmnN 6aSC;eJ aeax paVSiiqnd 986T "dxoJ 3uamd{n63 Se~F6Fp .1aqsFSqnd o0Z N3AN30J30 i A 90' 2A 0 9[ Yb ~aS~FS -xaqmnN 6oTe~eJ 9665 :xeax paVSFTqnd 986T "dxaJ ;uamdFn63 SelF6Fp 002 tl3A1T35J30 .1ayaFTqnd %aT~T2 T A 90' ZA' e'9L VO :xaqmnN 6oTe1eJ b86i 986T :1eaA paysFiqnd "d1oJ ;uamdxn63 Te;[6FU xsVSFTqnd '3A3INSYSVO %YA 9 n ZU zn s'9G Yb 906T :ai, F.L ~xaqmnN 6oSe1eJ :xeax paVSTFqnd 986i "d13J Inaazdcn63 ie4i6F0 '3A3I3SVSY0 %VA ['A CU' ZA' B 9G Yb 9862 .xaysjiqnd :ai~2S :laqmnN 6oSe;eJ :xa x PaqsFS4M 9862 ••dxoJ yuamdtn63 Te}F6Fp '3A32%SYSYO %tlA Z'n ~0• 2A' 8'9G tlb .xaysiTqnd :aT1FS :laqmnN 6oSe1eJ tesi :ieax paVeFTqnd 586i "d1oJ ;uamdFn63 Te1F6F0 .1aysFiqnd '3A3INSVStlU %YA :aT>FS I'n EO' 2A' 8'9L Vb :laqvnN 6qTeaeJ
Page 417: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: QA 913 .A213 1 TH£ THEORY OF TUREULENT JETS. Authot: PublisAec: Abramovich G N M.LT. Press, Cambtidge, Mass., 1963 Wbliehed Yeac: 1963 Catalog Number: QA 91l .NS 1959 Title: Setial Title: UR9ULENCE AN INTRODUCTION TO ITS MECHANISM ANU THEORY. HcGraw-Hill secies 1n mechanical engineering Authot: Publish er: HinBe J O aw-H ill, New York, 1959 Published Year: 1959 Catalog Numbec: QA 929 .B5 1 Title: Authar: TRANSPORT PHENOMENA. BirL R B 2nd Aut ot Ed.: Publlshet: Stewact W E~ LightPOOt E N John Wiley 6 Sons New York, 3960 Published Year: 1960 Cataloq Number: QA 929 . 1981 6 Title: TRANSPORT PHENONENA IN LIQUIOS EVAPORATING AT LOW PRESSUHES. Author: Published Yeai: 8 A 1981 Catalag Nusber: QA 929 C6 Title: Secial Title: VISCONETRIC FIAWS OF NONNEWTONZAN FLUIDS THEORY AND EXPERIM£NT. Spzinger tracta in natucal philosophy, v. 5 Author: 2nd Aut ot Fd.: Coleman B D Matkovit2 H; Ngi1 W Publishec: Sptinger-Verlag, Eellin, Nev Yotk, 3966 Published Yeai: 1966 Catalog Number: QR 3 C4 2 1991 Tltle: CHANDFA,A RIOGRAPHY OF S. CNANDRASEXHAR Autnor: ma Aut oc Ed.: wali x Chanatasekha[ S Publisher: Chicago, llaivereitY of Chicago Pce , lssl. Published Yaat: 1991 Catalog Number: QB 981 .92'/95 1 Title: THE LEFT HAND OF CREATION THE ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF TNE EXPANDING UNIVERSE. Authoz: Bactow J D 2nd Aut or Ed.: Silk .1 Publisher: Basic Books, Inc.Nev York, 1983 Publiahed Year. 198J Page 42]
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Catalog Numbe[: QA 76.8 V2 .V] 1.1 Title: VA% VTK VOLUME i. Publisher: piqital Equipment Corp., 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalag Numbei: QA 76.8 .V2 .V'! 1.2 Title: VA% VTX VOLUME 2. Publisher: Oigital Equipment Corp. PublisRed Year: 1999 Catalog Numbei: QA 76.8 .V2 .V)4 Title: VAX SYSTEM INTEGRITY MONITOR (VAXSIM) . PublisRe[: Digital Equipment Corp., 1985 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Numbex: QA )6.8 .W2 A3 Title: WNITARER PARK ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES. Publisher: Whitaker Park Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numb¢r: QA "! W2 A5 v Title: WHITAKER PARK ALL-IN-3 USER'S NANUAL. PubllsRer: R. J. Reynolds Tobac<o Co.198] Published Year: 198Y Cataloq Numbee: QA "/ W2 .AS v Title: WHITAKER PARK ALL-IN-1 REFERENCE BOOK. Publisher: R. J Reynolds Tobacco Co.198'/ Published Year: 1987 Catalog Number: QA '/6.8 .Z54 N53 Title: Z80 MICROPROCESSOR PROGRAMMING & INTERFACING. Serial Title: Blacksburq cantinuing education serles Author: Nichols E A 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Nichols J C: Rony F R publisher: H. W. Sams, Indianapolis, 19)9 Published Year: 19'/9 Catalog Numbet: QA '/6.8.I2664 .S7] 198'! Title: 80386 TECHNICAL REPERENCE. Autbor: Strauss E Publisher: v York, NY., Brady, Olstiibuted by Prentice Hall Trade, 198Y Pubiished Year: 198) Page 417
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catalog Number: QB 981 C6 1989 Title: COSMOS (VID£ORECOEDING & BOOX) Author: Sagan C Publisher: Turner Home Ente[tainment, 1989 Published Year: 1989 Catsloq Number: QC 100 .D555 no.501 Title: FEDERAL AND STATE WEIGHTS AND nEASURES LAWS THRODGH 1949 ENACTMENTS. Se[ial Title: National Bureau of Standa[ds circular 503 AutROr: Schvari % M 2nd Aut or Ed.: Fischer L Publisher: U. S. Pr A int.Govtint. Off., washington, 3953 Published Year: 1951 Catalog Number: QC 100 .U556 n. 100 Title: TRACE CHARACCERIZATION CHEMICAL AND PH CAL. ia1 Title: nai Bu[eau of Standards monographYS300 2nd Aut or Ed.: Meinke w; 5cribner B F Publiaher: Dept. of Comme[ce, National Bureau of 5 andards; for sale by the Supt. of Uocs., U. 5. Govt. Print. OYE., (tiashington) 196] Published Year: 196] Catalog Numbe[: QC 100 .0556 n Title: RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE COMPUfER ANO INPOAHATION SCIENCES COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCES. Serial Title: National 9 au of Standards monograph 113 Author: stevens M Publisner: nal B of s andards; foz sale by [ne5upC1OOf Docsea,uas. covA Print Off., aanington, D.c.is]o Publiahed Year: 19>0 Cataloq Number: Qc 1 v556 n 1 19>O Title: AUTOMATIC INDE%INGA STATEOFTHEART REPORT. Ser1a1 Title: Department of Commerce . Na[ional Bureau oY Standards m nograph 91 Author: Stevens M E Publlshe[: For sale by the Supe[intendent of Documents, U.S. Print. Off., Washing[on, 1555 Publisbed Year: 1965 Page 428
Page 420: ggs04d00
Catalog Nusber: QA 76.73.S67 Le) 1988 Title: THE DATABASE EKPEATS' GUIDE TO SQL. Serial Title: omputing that w0rka. MCGraW-Nill eamputing that arks The database e~erta' serles Author: Lusardi F Publisher: ork, NY, Inteit- Publications/MUltiscience Preas : MCGrav-Hill, 1986. Publiahed Year: 1988 Catalog Number: CA ]6.J3F25 .C)3 1980 Title: STRUCTURED FORTRAN WITH HATFIV S. Author: Cress P; Dirksen P: Graham J W Publisher: tioe-Ha11, InC.Englevood C11Lfs, NJ, 1980 Pub115hed Year: 1980 Catalog Numbez: QA )6.]3F25 S6 Title: NEW FORTRAN COMPUTER PROGRAMS TO ACQUIRE AND PROCESS ISOTOPIC MASS SPECTROMETRIC DATA. ial Title: OANL/TH )002 Author: Smith D H Publisher: Dept. of EnergY, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; oak Aidge, Tenn., 19Y9 Published Year: 1979 Catalog Number: QA 76.754 .G534 1989 Title: TIPS AN NIQUES POR USING LOW-COST AND PUBLIC DOMAINSOFTWARE. Authoz: Gliedman J Publisher: New YOrk, McGrav-Hill, 1988 Published Year. 1988 Catalog Number: QA '!6.]54 J6J 1987 Title: TAKING COMNAND OF ENABLE. Author: JoDnson Y Publisher: HEY Publications, Louisville, Ky., 1987. Pubiished Year: 1987 Catalog Numbor: QA Y H2 1989 Title: THE MACINTOSH HIBLE, THOUSANDS OF BASIC AND ADVANCED TIYS TRICKS ANU SHORTCUTS LOGICALLY ORGANIZED AND FULLY INDE%ED. 2nd Aut or Ed.: N n A Publisher: Berkeley, CA., Goldstein 6 Blair, 1986 Pubiished Yeaz: 3988 Catalog Number: QA 76.754 .586 1990 Title: SUNTECHNOLOGY.; THE SUNTECHNOLOGY PAPERS 2nd Aut or Ed.: Barry J; Ha11 H Publisher: w York, Sprinqer-Verlag, 1990. Published Year: 1990 Page 396
Page 421: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 76.9 .C65 S64 Title: MATHEMATICAL MODELING ANO DIGITAL SIMOLATION FOR ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS. Author: mith S M Publisher: Wiley, New York, 19)J Publiehetl Year: 19>') Catalog Number: QA >6.9 .C66 .I56 1984 Title: INPORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CIVILIZATION. Author: Inose H 2nd Aut or Ed.: Piezce .I R Publieher: W.H. Freeman, New York, 198<. Published Ysar: 1984 Catalog Number: QA 76.9 .D3 .D3 19'!6 Title: A-BASE NANAGEHENT SYSTE.tlS. Published Year: o9>6 Catalog Number: QA 7.DJ .R44 1983 Title: RELATIONAL DATABASE SYSTENS ANALYSIS AND CONPARISON. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Schmidt J W; Brodie N L Publisher: Springer-Veclag, Berlin) New York, 1983 Wblished Year: 1983 Catalog Number: QA t6.9 .D3 .S5 1985 Title: OND£RSTANDING R, BASE 5000. Author: Simpson A Publisher: SYBEX Inc., Berkeley, Calif., 3985. Published Year: i985 Catelog Numbet: QA 76.9 .D3 .S6 1984 Title: PRIVATE FILE CREATION / DATABAS£ CONSTRUCTION A PROCEEDING WITN PIVE CASE STODIES. Author: Nlava M N Publieher: Bpecial Libraries Association New York, 1984 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: QA )6.9 . Title: DATA BASE STROCTURED TECHNIQU£5 FOR DESIGN PERFORRANCE AND NANAG£MENT WITH CASE STODIES. Serial Title: Businese data processing Author: Publisher: Wiley New York, 1960 s Publlahed Year: 1980 Page 419
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CatalOg Numbe[: QC 300 .U565 n. 115 Title: ENERGY CONSERVATION PROGRAM GUIDE FOR INOUSTRY AND COMMERCE EPIC EPIC. Se[ia1 Title: National Eureau of Standaxds handbook li5 Author: Gatts R R 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: M sey R G; Robe[tsan T C Publlsher: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Buteau of andards, fox sale by the Svpt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Pzint. OfY., Washington, 19)4 Published Yea[: 19]4 Catalog Number: QC 100 .U565 n. 59 TStle: ER[4SSIBLE UOSE FROM EXTERNAL SOURCES oF ZONIZING RADIATION RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE NATIONAL ColPIITTEE ON RADIATIONPROTECTION. Se[lal Title: U. S. National Bnreau o£ Standards . Nandbook 59 Publisher: (U. S. Govt. Print. Off.), Washington, 1954 PublisheG Yeat: 1954 Catalag Number: QC 100 .U565 n. 69 Title: MAXIMUM PERMISSI6LE BODY BURDENS AND MAXIMUM PEANI55I9LE CONCENTRATIONS OF RADIONUCLIDES IN AZR AND IN WATER FOROCCUPATIOHALE%POSURE, RECOMMENDATIONS. Setial Title: O. 5 National Bureau of Standa[de . Handbook, 69 Publisher: U. S. Govt. Print. Off., Washington, 1559 Published Year: 1959 Catalog Number: QC 1 .U565 n 91 Title: EXPERIMENTAL STATISTICS. Se[tal Title: (United States) National euteau of StandaYds. Nandbaok v. 91. Autl:ot: Nafsella M G Publishex: O.S- pept. of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards; for sale by tte superintendent Of Documents, U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Waehington, DC, 196J Published Year: 1961 Catalog Numbex: QC 100 . 565 no.62 Title: REPORT oF T E ZNTERNATIONAL COlMISSION ON RADIOLOGICALUNITS AND MEASURETIENTS ICRO1956. Serial T1tle: nal Buteau of Standards handbook s2 Publisher: U.S. Govt. P[int. Off. Washington, 1957 Publishetl Year: 1957 Page 429
Page 423: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA ]6.9.03 .P'/263 1989 Title: DBASE IV PROGAAl91ING. Author: Ptague C N 2nd Aut or Ed.: Nammitt J E Publisher: d Base IV (computer program) Blua Ridge summr , PA, Windciest, 1989. Published Year: 1989 Catalag Number: QA J6.9.D3 .S)58 1989 Title: TRUCTUR£ OF THE RELATIOHAL O MODEL. Serial Title: EATCSmonog[aphs on theoretical computer science 2nd Aut or Ed.: Paredaens J Publisher: Be[1in; New York, Springer-Verlag, 1989 Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QA ]6.9.D6 . 6] 1984 Title: STANDARDS AN0PROCEDURES FOR SYSTEMS DOCOMENTATION. Author: Posciwann A N Publish®r: American Management Asaociations, Hew Yotk, 3984 Published Year: I984 talog Number: QA 76.9.F5 Si"J 198"! Title: HARD DIS£ MANAGEMENT IN THE PC AND MS DOS Author: Publisher: Published Year: ENVINONMENT. Sheidon T w-Hill, New Yozk, 198) a 1987 Catalog Numbez: Title: PubllsheT: Published Yeax: QA ]6.9.12595 .P289 1990 PC-FILE+ CGMPUTER FILE Bellewe, HA., ButtonWare, 1990 1990 Catalog Number: QA 76.9.584 .Y685 1989 Title: Gerial Title: Author: Publisher: Published Year: MODERN STRUCTURED ANALYSIS Yourdon Press Computing Series urd0n E Englevoad Cliffs, NJ., Yourdon Press, 1989 989 Catalog Number: QA ]6.9.588 .I(45 1988 Title: SIS AND UEBIGN. Author: RenEall N E LY md Aut o Ed.: Rendau J Publisherr Englewood Cliffs, NJ., Prentice Ha11, 1986 Published Yeai: 1988 Page 424
Page 424: ggs04d00
CatalOg Number: QA 36.9 .586 S"l813 1984 Title: STRUCTBRED ANALYSIS AND UESIGN OF SNFORMATION SYSTENS. 2nd Aut o Ed.: Publisherr Nigander R Merbell k MeGrav-Hill, Nev York, Gibson R 1984 Publisbed Year: 1994 Catalog Number: QA >6.9.C65 .L3a 555 1991 Title: Se[iai Title: SIHULATION McGrav-Hill MODELING s AND ANALYSIS in industrial engineering and Author: nagement Lav A M sc.ence 2nd Aut o Ed.: Publisher Eelton N Nev york oGrav-Hill, 1991. Pubiished Year: 1991 Catalog Number: Title: QA ]6.9.03 DEASE IV, A .B525 1989 CDMPREHENSIVE USER'S MANUAL FOR NONPROGRAMMERS. Author: Bharucha K D Publisher: Blue Ridge Summit, PA, TAB Boaks, 1989. Published Year: 3989 Catalog Number: pA ]6.9.D3 .052 1989 Title: DBASE IV FOR THE FIRST TIMB USER. Author: Dickler H Publisher: Torrance, Calif., Ashton-Tate, 1989. Published Year: 1989 Catalcg Number: QA )6.9.D3 .H855 1989 Title: Author: 9ASE Hursch IV S J L QL USER S GUIDE. 2. d Aut or Ed.: H sch C T Publisher: Torrance, Ca1if., Ashton-Tate, 1989. PubliSheL Year: 1989 Catalog Number: Title: QA "/6.9.D3 .KJ95 1989 UNDERSTANDZNG AND USING DBASE IV. Author: Fublieber: umm R ork, NY, Erady, Distribute Trade 1989 d by Prentice Hall Publiahed Year: , . 1989 Catalog Number: QA ]6.9.D3 M3 1 9 Title: FAST ACCESS/EXCEL8 Author: Publisher: Published Year: cClure R; Petrie R F Nev York, NY., Simon b SchusteT, Znc., 1989 1989 Page 423
Page 425: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 805 .BI82 Title: Author: THEORETICAL HECNANICS. Btadbury T C Publisher: Published Year: Catalog Number: Wiley, 1968 QA 821 NeW York, 1968 U5 1969 Title: Serial Title: Publisher: NECNANICS FOR THE SAFETY MAN. Its Bulletin 239 Safety i industiy. Mechanicai and physicei hazards a r For sale by the Supt. Of00CS., 0.5. Govt. Ptint. Of£., Published Yeat: 1965 Washington; 1569 Catalog Number: QA 852 .B) 1960 Title: AERODYNAMIC CAPTURE OF PARTICLES PROCEEDINGS OF A CONPERENCE HELO AT B C U R A LEATHERHEAD SURREY 2nd Aut oz Ed.: 960. Richardaan E Publisher: Symposium Publisations Division, Pergamon Press, Published Year: NeW Yotk, 1960 1960 Catalog Number: QA 9 Title: GRAPH PAPER PRON YONR COPIER. Avthor: Publishe[: Published Yeat: r s r- e s HP.BOOks, (TUCSOn, AZ), 1980 1980 Catalog Number: QA 90 .E4'/ 19>6 Title: Publisher: Published Yea[: ELSIH GRAPH HASTERS. Elsim CO., wellesley Hill, NA., 19]6 19)6 Catalug Number: QA 90 .L35'! Title: Autho[: Pubiishet: Published Yeat: GRAPHICS IN ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE. Levens A 5 Wiley, Nev York, 1959 1954 Catalog Number: QA 901 B5 1962 Title: Autbor: Pabliaher: Published Year: FLUID NECHANICS. Bindei R C Pren<ice-Hall, EngleWood Cliffa, N..T., 1962 1962 Page 425
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Catalog Numbei: OC l. Tit1e: AEROSOL MEASUREMENTS THE PROCEEDZNGS OF A SEMINAR ON AEROSOL MEASUREMENTS MA 7 1914. Serial Title: U. S. Department of Commerce . National Hureau of andards spacial publication 412 2nd Aut or Ed.: Cassatt W A; Maddock R S Publisher: U.S. Dept. of Commeree, National Bureau of Standards, for sale by tbe Supt, of Docs. U.. Govt. Fublished Year: 1974 Prln[. Off., Washington, 19'!< Catalog Number: QC 100 .U5] NO. 453 39'/5 Title: ULTRAS A SEMI STANDA ONIC TISSUE CHARACTERZZATION PROCEEUINGS OF NAR NELD AT THE NATIONAL BUREAU OF RDS. Serial Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: NBS ap Linzer ecial publication 453 M Publisher: U.S. D Standa ept. Of Commerce, National Bureau of rds, washington, Dc., i9]5 Published Year: 1999 Cataiog Number: OC 100 US/ n 496 Title: PROCED STANDA BIOLOG USED A DETERM URES USED AT THE NATIONAL BUREAU OF RDS TO DETERMINE SELECTED TRACE E EMENTS IN ICAL AND BUTANICAL HATERIALS PROCEDURES T THE NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS TO INE SELECTED TRACE ELEMENTS . Serial Title: Nation 492 al Bureau of Standards specia3 publication Publisher: NBS, £ Print. or sale by the Supt. of UOCS., U.S. Govt. Off., Washington, 19T) Published Year. 19]] Catalog Nu®be[: QC 100 US7 n. 506 Titie: PROCEE AND ME DINGS O WORKSHOP ON ASBESTOS DEFINITIONS ASUREMEMl METHODS HELD AT THE NATIONAL BUAEAU OF STANDARDSGAITHERSBURG,NARYLAND, .lULY 18-20, 19'/"/ / ASBESTOS: DEF2N2TION5 AND MEASUREMENT METHODS. Serial Title: National eureau of Standards special publication 2nd Aut ox Ed.: G vatt C C; La F1eur P D; Heinrich K F Publishei: The Bureau~ Gaithersbutg, 19'!8 Publish®d Year: 1979 Page 431
Page 427: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QA 76.9 .03 154 Title: Se[ial Title: EFFECTIVE DATA BASE DEEIGN. P[entice-Na11 aerres in data p[ocessing management Au<hor: Publisher: Inmon W N P[entice-Ha11, Englevood Cliffs, N.J.1981 Publiehed Year: 1981 Catalog Numbe[: QA ]6.9 D3 J642 1989 Title: Seiial Title: Autbo[: OBASE IV PROGRAI44ER•S REF£RENCE GDIDE. Database perfo[mance library lanes E Publisher: Indianapolis, Ind., USA, H.W. Sams, 1989. Publisbed Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QA 7.D3 M]6 Title: ial Title: CDMPDTER DATABASE ORCANIZATIDN. P[entiee-Na11 serles 1n autematiC computatian Author: Publisher: Nartin J Pren<ice-Hall, Englevood Cliffs, N.S., 19]5 Published Yea[: 19T5 Catalog Number: Title: QA ') M36 1 COMPUTER DATABASE90RGANIZATION. 1a1 Title: Author: Frentice-Hall seriea rn automatic computation Martin J Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Englevood Cliffs, N.J.19"/"! Published Year: 19» Catalog Number: QA '/6.9 .D3 M365 1981 Title: Author: Publisher: AN END-USER•S GUID£ TO DATA BASE. Martin J Prentice-Ha11, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1981 Published Yeai: 1981 Catalog Number: QA 76.9 D3 H3939 1988 Title: Author: CE DBASE III PLUS. NcClureR55 2nd Aut or Ed.: RiZ2o T Publisher: New York, Brady, Distributed by Prentice Ha11 Trade, PubliBhed Year: 1988 Catalog Number: QA 76.9 .DJ U44 1983 Title: PRINCIPLES OF DATABASE SYSTEMS D ASE SYSTENS. Serial Title: Computer softvare engineering series Autho[: U11®an J D Z lishei: Computer Science Press, Rockville, Md.39BJ iished Year: 198J Page 420
Page 428: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 14] .R65 1 Title: LIQUIDS AND LIQUID MIXTURES. u[hor: ovlinson T Publisher: Plenum Presss, Nev York, 1969 Publiahed Yeai: 1969 Cataloq Number: QC 152 .022 Title: FLUID DYNAMICS. Seiial Title: Addison-Wesley serles 1n mechanics and tCermodynamics Author: Daily S W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Narleman D R Publlaher: Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass., 1966 Published Year: 1966 Catalog Number: QC 151 M . 8 193'! Title: THE FLOWOF HOMOGENEQUS FLUIDS TtQtOUGH POROUS M£DIA. ial Title: Interna[ional series in physics Author: uskat N 2. Aut or Ed.: Wyckoff R D Publishe[: 9-Hill Book Company, InC., Nev York, 1937 Published Year: 1999a Catalog Numbe[: QC 163.5 F . 9 Title: NON-LINEARANDLINEAR PROBLEMS IN DIFFUSION. Author: Frisch H L Publisher: State University of NeW York at Albany, Dept. of Chemistry, Albany, NY1986 Published Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QC 165 .DB 1961- Title: PRE55URE AND ITS MEASUREMENT A RASIC SYSTEMS ROGRAM. Serial Title: zogrammed instruction course no. 31. Author: Sayland M A Publisher: E.1 . do Pont de Nemouzs and Co., Wilmington, DE., 961, 1963 Published Year: 1961 catalog Number: QC 166 .085 1 Title: SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATIONS OF YACUUM TECHNIQUE. Author: ushman 5 Publisher: WSley, Nev York, 1963 Fublishad Year: 1962 Page 4]6
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Catalog Number: QC i Title: ON PHYSICAL ADSORPTION. Autnor: a s 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Olivier J P Pub115her: Interscience Publiaheis, Nev York, 3964 Published Year: 1964 Cataloq Number: QC 1 Title: PHYSICALADSORPTION OF GASES (BY) D M YOUNG AND A Y D CROWELL. Author: Young D M 2nd AUt Or Ed.: Cravell A D Pobliaher: Buttervorths, London, 1962 Published Year: 1963 Catalog Number: QC 103 .C65 Title: THE THEORY OF EMULSIONS AND EMULSIFICATION. Serial Title: Text-books of chemical research and engineering Author: Clayton W PublisRer: S. & A. Churchill, LOndon, 1921 Published Year: 1923 Cataloq Number: QC 1B3 .D451] 1956 Title: SURPACE TENSION AND ADSORPTION. Author: Defay R 2nd Aut or Ed.: Priqogine I Publisher: Wiley, New York, 3966 PublisRed Year: 1966 Cataloq Number: QC 103 .M96 1959 Title: SOAP FILMS STUDZES OF THEIR THINNING. Author: Mysels R J Publisher: Pergamon Press, London, Nev York, 1959 Published Year: 1959 Catalog Number: QC 35J De 1965 Title: EHULSIONS THEORY AND PRACEICE. AUthor: Becher P Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 365 .C86 Title: DIFFUSION IN GASES AND POROUS MEDIA. Author: Mingham R£: Williams R T Publisher: Plenum Press NeW York, 1980, Published Year: 1980 Page 440
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Catalog Number: 4A 9 Title: FLOWPLUTE4A FLUID DYNAMICS AND HEAT TRANSFER PLOTTING PACKAGE. Author: Elrod D C; Tunstall J N Publisher: n Carbide Corporation, Nucleai Division, Oak Ridge, TN., 19]8 Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QA 901 .L283 Title: FLUID MECHANICS. Serial Title: Their c of theoretical physics, v.5 The A-W eries in advanced physics. Authcr: Landau LD 2nd Aut o Ed.: Lifshits E M PuDlisher Pergamon Press;, London, 1959 Published Year: 3959 Catalog Numbet: QA 9 1 F1 19]9 Title: ANCC PROCEEDINGS FLUID POWER TESTING SY OSIUM. Publisher: Milwaukee School of Engineering Milwaukee~Wl, 9]9 Published xear. 19]9 Catalog Numbet: QA 901 G 19]9 Title: HEAT TRANSFER AND FLUID FLOW DATA BOOX FLUID FLOW. 2nd Aut or £d.: Norris R H Publisher: General Electric Co.BChenectady, N, 19]9 Wblished Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: QA 9 Title: NEL FLUID MECNANICS SILVER JUDILEE CONPERENCE. Publisher: National Engineering Laboratory Glasgow, 19]9 Published Year: 19]9 Catalog Number: QA 9 H Title: SCHAUM'SOUTLINE OF TNEORY AND PROBLEMS OF FLUID TNEORY AND PROBLEMS OF FLUID DYNAMSCS. Serial Title: Bchaum's outline serles Avthor: Hughes W 2nd Aut or Fd.: Brighton J A Publisher: aw-Hill, New York, 196] Published Year: 196] Cataleg Number: QA 9 Title: NUMERICAL METHODS FOR FLUSD DYNAMICS. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Morton K W; Eaines M J Publisher: Academic Press New York 1982 Published Year: 3982 Page 426
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Catalog Number: QC 385 .J64 3960 Title: OZFFOSION IN DS LIQUIDS GASES. Sezial Title: Physical chemistry, a sexles of monogzaphs , v.l. Authox: Publishez: AcademiG Press, Nev Yark, 1960 Publlshed Year: 1960 Catalog Number: QC 3E9 A5 Title: VISCOSITY AND PLASTICITY. Author: Andxade E N Publisher: Chemical Pub. C, Nev York, 1951 Fublished Yeaz: 1951 Calog Number: QC 189VZS. Tittale: ASTM COSITY TABLES FOR %INEMATIC VISCOSITY CONVERSIONS AND V COSITY INDE% CALCULATIONS. Sezial Title: American 3 iety foz Testing Materials, Special echnical publication n Publishex: Amezican Society for Testing Matarials Philadelphia, 1953 Published Year: 195] Catalog Number: OC 189 .E55 1956 Title: RHEOLOGY THEORY ANO AYPLICATIONS. Author: Eirich F R Publieher: Academic Press, NeW York, 1956 Published Yeax: 1956 Catalog Number: QC 189.5 .W48 1 Title: RNEOLOGICAL TECHNIQU£S. 2thor: Whorlov R W blisher: E. Rorwood: Chichester (Eng.)1980 Publlshed Year: 1980 Catalog Number: QC 197 G4 1950 Title: CTIONAL PHENOMENA. Author: Gemant A Publisher: NeW York, Drooklyn, Chemical Publishing Co., 1950 Published Year: 1950 Catalog Number: QC 19'/ .585 1 Title: FRICTION AND WEAR PROCEEDINGS SYMPOSIUM ON FRICTION AND WEAR, ,195];DETROIT (MICH.).. Znd Aut or Ed.: Davies R 2 blisher: E1sevler Pub. CO., Amsterdam: Nev York, 1959 bliahed Year: 1959 Page 441
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Catalog Numher: QC 173.59 .X1 Pa6 Title: TECHNIQUES GF DIFFERENTIAL TOPO1qGY IN RELATIVITY. Serial Title: Regional conference sertes 1n applied mathematics, 7 Author: Penrose R Publieher: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Philadelphia, 19)2 Published Year: 1912 Catalog Number: QC 1'l4.12 . Title: Author: QUANTIM MECHANZCB QUANTUM THEORY. ameka H F Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1981 Pubiiahed Year: 1981 Catalog Number: QC 1 4.45 5 C3] Title: Serial Title: STATISTICAL TNEORY ANU RANOOM MATRICEB. MGnographs And textboeks in pure and applied athematics, v. 74 Author: meli M Publisher: Ce1 Dekker, Inc.New York, 1983 Published Year: 1~983 Catalog Number: Title: QC 114.8 .C47 198'/ INTRODUCfION TO MODERN STATIST2CAL MECNANZCS. Author: Publisher: Chandler D New York, Oxford Univeraity Press, 198'!. Published Yeai: 198"! Cata10g Number: QC 1 3 1997 Titie: Serial Title: DIREClI0N5 IN CHAOS. orld Scientific S n Directions in ondensed Matter Physics v, v.4 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publiaher: Hao B New Jersey, World SCientific, 1987 Published Year: 198'/ Catalog Number: QC 174.84 . 8 1988 it1e: Author: T C CHA , AN INTRODOCTION. SchusterlHG Publiaher: Welnheim, Pederal Republic of G any, VCN; Nev York, NY, USA : Distribution, USAand Canada, VCH, Published Year: 1988. 1968 Catalag Number: QC 1"/4.85.Sa6 .J85 198> Title: Author: AGGREGATION AND FRACTAL AGGREGATES. Jullien R 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: Botet R or19 Screntific, Singapore, 198'/. 1987 Page 438
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Cataloq Number: QC 1 TiGle: 1 APPLICATIONS0F4FI£ZOELECPRIC QUARTZ CRYSTAL MICROBALANCES. Berial Title: Methods and phenomena, their applications in and technology v. 7 zna Aut oz Ed.: Lurc~cc anaerna A W Publisher: Elseviei, Amste[dam; NeW Yerk, 1984 Publisbed Yea[: 1984 Catalog Number: QC 3 .V316 19)4 Title: ELECTRONIC STAUCTURE OF I 2SAD AZIDE IS WATEA. Author: Va[ma S P Publisher: Oniv. Miciofilms . Xe[ox Co.Ann Arbo[, M2, 19'/4 Published Yeai: 1974 Catalog Numbei: QC 145 AS) i Title: ANNUAL AEVZEW90F FLUID MECHANICS. 2na Aut o Ed.: 5 W R; Van Oyke M; V enti W G Wehausen J V Publisheir Annual Reviev, Inc.Palo Alto, CA, 1969- Published Yeaz: 1969 Catalog Numbe[: Title: QC 145 .P33 INTRODUCTION TO FLOIU MECHANICS ANO HEAT TAANSFEA. Autho[: 2nd Aot or Ed.: Publi6her: Parker J D Hoggs J H; Blick E F Addison-Wesley Pub.Co., Aeading, Nass., 1969 Published Yeai: 1969 Catalog NOmber: QC 145.3 .X<1 T]3 1988 Title: TAANSPORT PROPERTIES oF FLUIDS, TH£RMAL CONDUCTIVITY VISCOSITY, AND DIFFUSION COE FFICIENT Serial Title: NOAS data se[ies o material pioperties. Gioup I 1R:eory estimatlon~ and measurement of Authar: 2nd Aut or Ed.: propezties ; Vol. i-1 Kestin J Wakeham W A; Ho C Publishei: Pubiished Yeai: NeW York, HemispAeie Puborp., 3988 3968. Catalog Numbe[: QC 3 .L55 PI6 1988 Tit1e: Se[ia1 Title: PROPERTIES oF INORGANIC AND OAGANIC FLUIDS CINDAS data s n material ptroperties Group V s Author: 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Properties of flvidsand fluid mixtures V.-1 Liley P E Tanaka Y; Makita T Publisher: Published Year: Nev Yoek, Hemisphere Fub. Corp., 1588. 1988 Page 431
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Catalog Numbez: QC 2 D5 .I56 1987 Title: INVERSE PROBLEMS ANINTERDISCIPLINARY STUDY. Serial Title: Advances in elactronics and electron physics., Supplement 19 2nd Aut or Ed.: Sabatier P C Publisher: Academic Press, London; 01111,11, Fla., 199] Published Year: 1987 Catalog Number: QC 20.J.D5 .R51 F6 1989 Title: THE FOIO(ER-PLANC( EQUATION, METHODS OF SOLUTION AND APPLICATIONS Seriai Title: Author: Springer Ser.ies ln Synergetics v.18 Risken H Publisher: Nev York, Springer-Verlag, 1989 Published Year: 1969 Catalag Number: Title: QC 2 H4 1969 PHYSICSFOR THE CHEMISTS AND BIOLOGISTS. Author: 3nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Hughes D 0 Latham J L; Latham S L Chemical Pub. C, eW York, 1969 Publiehed Year: 1969 Cata1og Number: QC 2 J Titie: Author PHYSSCSFOR ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY. J h A : 2nd Aut Or Ed.: osep Pomeranx %; Prince J; Szcher D Publisher: Published Year: Wiley, Nev York, 1966 1966 Catalog Number: QC 23 1986 Title: Author: Publisher: PHYSICS. A Benjamin/CUmmings Pub. Co, Men1o Park, Calif., Puhlished Year: 1986. 1986 Catalog Number: Titie: QC 23 .S3Y4 1963 UNIVERSITY PHYSICS. Seriai Title: Addison-Nesley series in physics Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: s F W Eemansky M W Pubiisher: Published Year: Addison-Wesley Pub. C, 1963 Reading, Masa., 3963- Catalog Number: Title: Author: Publieher: Publlshed Year: OC 2 0 ULTRASONICS196 arlin B McGraW-Hili Book Company, 1960 nc.New York, 960 Page 442
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Cataiog Number: QC ZOO .U5"]3 vol. 2 Title: ATOMZC TRANSITION PROBABILITIES, A cRITICAL OATA COMPILATION. Authar: liiese W L 2nd AuC or Ed.: Smith M W; Niles B M Publlshe[: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Bureau af Standards Washington, DC, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: QC 100 .U5'!5J 1968 No. 40) Title: APPLICATIONS OF A TIME-SNARZNG COMPUTER 2N A SPECTROCHEMISTRY LASORATORY OPTICAL EMISSION ANU X-RAY FLUOUREBCENCE. Serial Title: S4 . National Bureau of Standards Technical No , 0> Author: Rasberry 5 D 2nL A r Cd.: Scrlbner B F; Margoshes M Publishei: ashington,OC., U. E. National Bureau of stanaaras, 196a Published Year. 3999 Catalog Number: QC 300 .U5753 No. "/ Title: THE ZDEAL LOVTBOND COLOR SYSTEM FOR CIE STANDARD ILLUMINANTS A AND C SHOWN IN THREE COLORIMETRIC YSTEMS. Serial Title: N9S technical note no. ]16 Autho[: Haupt G W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Schleter J C; Eckerle R L Publishe[: U.S. National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC., 19)2 Publishea Year: 19'!2 Catalog Number: QC 100 .U5]5J no.230 Title: SELECTED VALUES OF CHEMICAL THENMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES. Serial Title: (U. S.) National Bureau of Standards. Technical nate Z]0-1 Author: Wagman D 2nC Aut or Ed.: Roasini F D Publisher: (O S. Dep[. Of Commerce, National B of Siandards); for sale by the Superintendent of Dacuments, U.S. Govt.Print., Off., Washington, 965 Published Year. 1965 Catalog Numbe[: QC 100 U555 n. 440 Titie: POLARIMETRY SACCNARiMETRY AND TNE BUGARS. Se[ia1 Title: United States., Nationa3 Bureau of Standards. Circular , C4<o Author: Bates P J Publisher: U. S. Govt P[int. Off., Washington, 1942 Published Yea[: i942 Page 434
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Catalog Number: Title: QC 1]5.2 .S89 1 FLOW THROUGH POROUS MEDIA INDUSTRIAL AND Publiaher: ENGINEERING CNEMISTRY. American Chemical Society Publications, Washington, 19')O Publlshed Year: 19'/0 Catalog Nomber: QC 1'/6 .G58 Title: PROHLEMS IN SOLID STATE PHYSICS. Author: Publisher: Goldsmid ACademic H T Press NeW York, (196R) Published Year: 1969 C3talog Number: QC 1'l6.8 .Ob .H31 Tit1e: Serial Title: HIGH RESOLDTION NMR IN SOLIDS SELCCTIVE AVERAGING SUPPLfl1ENT I. Advances in Magnetic Reaonance Supplement v. i Author: Publisher: Haeberlen U Academic Press, Nev York, 19'!6- Published Year: 19]6 Cata1og Number: QC 3>6.83 .T4] 198J Title: 2nd Aut or Ed : THIN PILMS FROM Elabunde K J FREE ATONS AND PARTICLES. . Publiaher: cademic Prese, Orlando, 1985 Published Year: 1985 Cata1og Number: QC 3 D54 .D54 1988 Title: DIFFUSION PHENOMENA IN THIN FILMS AND MICROELECTRONIC MATERIALS. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Gupta D: NO P 5 Park Ridge, NJ., Noyes Publications, 1988 Published Year: 1988 CatalOg Number: QC 1 1967 9 Title: Author: 2nd Aut or Ed.: ADSORPTIONSURFAC£ AREA AND POROSITY. Gregg S J Sing K S Publisher: AcademiC P[ess, London, NeW York, 196> Published Year: 1967 Catalog Number: QC 183 . 9 1982 Titie: ADSORPTION SURFACE AREA AND POROSITY. Author: Gregg 8 J' Sing K S Publisher: cademic Press Nev Yoxk, 1982 Published Year: 1982 Page 439
Page 437: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: QC 168 .Z5 1960 Title: RAREFIED GAS DYNAMICS PROCEEDINGS ZNTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON RAREFIED GAS DYNAMICS, (2N0 : UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERXELEY), ,1960; BERNELEY (CALZF.).~ (2ND :, UNIVERSITY OF CALZFORNIA), ,1960. Serial Title: Advances ia applied mechanica., Supplement 1 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Telbot L Publishe[: Academic Press, Nev Yoik, 1961 Publlshed Year: 1961 Catalog Number: QC 168 LS 195'! Title: EL£l1ENTS OF GASDYNAMICS. Serial Title: Galcit a autical s rles Autho[: LiepmannaH W~ ROShko A Publishe .T Oh nr: Ohn Wiley 6 Sons, Inc.NeW York, 195] Published Year: 195I Catalog NumDer: QC 1 3613 P49 1966 v.1 Title: PXYSICS OF SHOCR WAVES AND HIGH TENPERATURE NYDRODYNAXZC PHENONENA. Author: Zel'dovich Y 6 2ed Aut or Ed.: Rafizei Y P; Nayes W D; Probstein R F Publist:er: Academic Pre , ev York, 1966-6'! Published Year: 196'! Catalog Numbei: QC lY] .H54 1964 Title: MOLECULAR THEORY OF GASES AND LIQUIDS. Author: Hirschfelder J O - Aut or Ed.: Curtiss C F) Bird R B Wblisher: Wiley, Nev York, 1964 Published Year: 1963 Catalog Number: QC 173 .K21 Title: NOCLEAR PNYSICS. Serial Title: Addison-Wesley series in nuclear science and engineering Author: I(aplan I Publisher: Addison-Wesley PuD. C, ambridge, Mass.~ 3955 Published Year: 1955 Catalog Number: QC 1 3 Y I Title: ORDERAND CHAOSZNNONLZNEAR PHYSZCAL SYSTEMS. Se[ial Title: Physics of SOlids and Liguids 2nd Aut or Etl.: Lundqvist 8 rch N H; Tcsi M P Publisher: NeW York, Plenum Press, 3988 POblished Yeai: 1988 Page 437
Page 438: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 2 D4'/ 1984 Title: FUNDAMENTALS OF TEMPERATDRE PRESSURE AND FLOW MEASDAEMENTS. Authoz: Renedict R P Publisher: Tohn Wiley 6 Sonfi, Nev York, N, 1984 Wblished Yeaz: 1984 Catalag Number: QC 271 .M186 1988 Title: PRINCIPLES AND MEPHODS OF TEMPERATDR£ MEASNREMENT. Author: e e, Thomafi D. Pubiisher: NevYOrk, Wiley, Published Year. 1988 Catalog Number: QC 274 .N4 Titla: ANALYTICAL METNODS FOR INTERPRETING IN MEABDRDIENTS OF RESPONSE TINES IN THERMOCOWLES AND AESISTANCE TNERMOMETERS. Author: Eerlin T W Publisher: Oak Ridge Nataonal Isboratory Oak Ridge, TN, 1916 Published Yea[: 19'/6 talog Number: QC 277 . 81988 Title: THEORY AN0PRACTICE OF AADIATION TNERMOMEfRY 2nd Aut or E3.: D Witt D P;NUtter G D 2blifiher: W York, Wiley, 1988. blished Year. 1988 Catalog Number: Title: QC 2'!8 .L63 19"/4 E%PERIMENTAL PRINCIPLES AND METMODS RELOW 1 E. Author: Publisher: Lounafimaa O Academic Press, NeW York, 19'/4 Published Year: -4 Catalog Number: QC 28 .R64 Title: AuNoi: ENEAGY AN INTRODOCTION TO PHYSICS. Romei R H Publisher: 5. X. Pieeman, San Francisco, 39]6. Publi6hed Yea[: 39)6 Catalog Number: QC 1. 1964 Title: Author: SCIENTIFIC PAPERS. Rayleigh 1 W Publisher: Published Year: Dover Publicationfi, Nev York, 1964 1964 Page 444
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Catalog Number: QC l00 .U57 n Title: TRACE ORGANIC ANALYSIS A NEW FRONTIER IN CHENISTRY P EDINGS OF T NATERIALS RESEARCH SY}@OSIUN HELD ATTHENATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS , GAITHERSBURG , NARYLAND , APRIL iO- , 19'/B MATERIALS RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM, (9TH : GAITHERSBURG, ND.), , 9)8. Setidl Title: National Bureau If Standacde, no. 519 2nd Aut o Ed.: Hertz H S; Chaeler s Publisher U.S. Dept. If ComIDerce, National Bureav If Btandards, for sale by tbe Supt. of Doca., U.S. Published Year: Govt. Print. Office, 39]9 Washington, 19)9 Catalog Number: QC 300 . . 533 Title: CHARACT£R22ATION OF PARTICLES PROCEEDINGS OF THE PARTICLE ANALYSIS SESSION OF THE 13TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THEMICROBEAMANALYSIS SOCIETY, AT ANN ARBOR, NICNIGAN, .tIINE 22, 19'/8. HELD Serial Title: National Bur¢au of Standards special publication 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Heinrich H . Dept. Standatds, F of C for ommetce, Nationa1 Bureau If sale by the Sopt. If Doce., U.S. Publiahed Year: Govt. print. Of 1980 f., Washington, D.C.198O Catalog Numbee: QC 300 .U57 n 9 Titl¢: erial Title: ASBESTOS STANDARDSMATERIALS AND ANALYTICAL THODS PROCEEDINGS OF THE NBSEPA ASBESTOS STANOARDS WORMSHOP HELD AT THE NATZONAL HUREAU OF ANDARUS, GAITHERSBURG, ND, OCTOBER 1-3, 1980. special publication 619 2nd Aut O£d.: Publiehex Small J; Steel E The Bureau, Foz sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G..O., Washington, O. , 1982 Published Year: 1962 Catalog Numbei: QC 3 .U57 vo1. 464 Title: METHODS AND STANDARDS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MEASUREXENT PROCEEDINGS OP THE BTH MATERIALS RESEARCH SYMPOSIUN HELD AT THENATIONALHUREAU O STANDARDB , GAITNERSBURG , MARYLAND , SEPTEMBER 20-26 , 19)6 ENVIRONMENTAL MEASUREMENT. Serial Title: National Bureau of Standards Special publication, 464 3nd Aut or Ed.: N hha£f H Publiaher: U35.rcDept. Of C , National eureau If Standards, for sale bythe Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. P[int. Off., (Washington)l9]7 Published Year: 1933 Page 432
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Catalog Number: QC 338 .E5) .D46 1985 TStle: ENTROPY IN NELATION TO INCOMPLETE NNOWLEDGE. Author: Denbigh R G 2nd Aut or Ed.: Denbigh T 5 Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (Cambridgeshire): New York, 3985 Published Year. 1985 Catalog Number: QC 318 .IY E93 1990 Title: AutNOr: STATISTICAL NECHANICS OF NONEQUILIHRIUM LIQUIDS Evane D J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publiaher: Mcrrlss G P London: San Diego, C, cademic Press, 1990. Published Year: 1990 Catalog Number: QC 318.I'! .E93 $72 1990 Title: ial Tit1e: STATISTICAL MECHANICS OF NONEQOILIHRZIM LIQUIDS Theoretical chemistry Author: Evans D J; 2nd Aut or Ed.: publisher: Morriae G P San Diego, CA., Academic Press, 1990 Published Year: 1990 Catalog Number: QC 320 A3 1968 Title: Serial Title: ADVANCES IN CRYOGENIC HEAT TRANS£ER. cbemical engineering progress symposium series 2nd Aut or £d.: Publisher: e 1968 Hartlit J R;4He11 E J American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Nev Published Year: York, 1968 1968 Catalog Numbet: QC 320 A5 1963 Title: Serial Title: HEAT TRANSFER HOUSTON. Chemical engineering progiess symposium series 2nd Aut or Fd.: 43, DernaGh v. 59 L Publisher: American Znstitute of Chemical Engineers, New published Year: York, 1963 1963 Catalog Number: QC 320 . 968 Title: Serial Title: HEAT TRANSFER SEATTLE HEAT TRANSFER CONFERENCE Chemical enqineering progress symposium series 83, v. b< 2nd Aut or Ed.: Quandt E R Publiaher: American Institute af Chemical Engineers, Nev York, 1968 Published Year: 1968 Page 447
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talog Numbei: Tit1e: serial Title: Author: Publisher: Published Year: QC 2 6813 1971 MOSHCHNYE ULTAA2VUNOVYE POLIA ENGLISH HZGH - INTENSITY ULTRASONIC FIELDS. Ultrasonic t¢rnDOlogy Aoaenbarg L D Plenum Press, NeW York, 1971 19"!1 Catalog Number: QC 2 4 1983 Title: ULTRASONICS INTERNATIONAL 83 HALIFA% CANADA .3ULY 1993 C NFERENCE PROCEBDINGS ULTRASONICS 12-14 2nd Aut Ox Ed.: INTERNATIONAL 83 (CONFERENCE),(HALIPA%, N.S.). Novak 2: Bailey S L Publisher: Buttervorth Scientifio, Sevenoaks, 198J. Putlished Year: 1983 Catalog Number: QC 244 .U454 1988 Title: ULTRASOUND, ITS CHEMICAL PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL £FFECTS. 2M Aut O Ed.: Suslick E S Pubilaher New York, N.Y., VCN Publishers, 198. Publiahed Year: 3988 Catalog Numbe[: Title: QC 244.5 .I5 1985 USTICAL IMAGING (PROCEEDINGS) I ONAL A SYMPOSIUM ON ACOUSTICAL IMAGING, (14TH T THE Serial Title: ETHERLANDS),1985 :. Acoustical imaging V . 14 2ad Aut or Ed.: Publiaher: Berkhout A S: RidderS Plenum Pxese, Nev York, n d W 1985. Published Yea[: 1985 Catalog Numbet: QC 251 .N2'I 1964 Title: Publiaher: HEAT B Xer MajestyG'sAStationery OYfice, Edinburg, 1965 Publiahed Yeax: 1965 Cataloq NuIDber: QC 270 .T4 1962 v. ] Title: TEMPERATUAE, ITS MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL IN SCIENCE AN INDUSTRY. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publiahex: HexzPeld C M AeinhOld, NeW Yark, 1962 Published Year: 1962 Catalog Number: QC 271 B4Y 1977 Title: Author: FUNDAMENTALS OF TEMPERATURE PRESSURE AND FLOW MEASURLTiENTS. BenediCt R P Publisher: Publlshed Y¢ar: Wiley, New YOrk, 1977 19"!) Page 443
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Catalog Number: QC 331 .S55 1981 Title: THERHAL RADIATION HEAT TRANSFER. Serial Title: Series in thermal and fluids engineering Author: Siegel R; Howe11 J R Publisher: aW-Hi11Nev York, 1983c Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: QC 355 Br 1974 Title: MODERN OPTICS. Author: Brovn E B Publisher: Robert E. Nrieger Publishing Co.HUntington, 19>4 Published Year: 1974 Catalog Number: QC 355 Le 1968 Title: APPLIED OPTICS A GBIDB TO OPTICAL SYSTEM DESIGN. Serial Title: WSLEY SERIES IN PURE AND APPLIED OYTICS Author: Levi L Publishei: John Wiley & Sons HeW York, 1968 Published Year. 1968 Catalog Number: QC 355.2 G3J Tit1e: LINEAR SYSTEHS FOBRIER TRANSFOBMS AND oPTICS. Serial Title: Wiley ... ln pure and applied optics Author: Gaskilie Ds Publishei: 4/iley, Nev York, 19'/8 Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Number: QC 355.2 .H42 19]4 Tit1e: OPTICS. Serial Title: Addison-Wesley s es in physics Author: Hecht £; Zajgac A Publisher: Addison-Hesley Pub. Co., Reading, Mass., 19]4 Published Yea:. 19'/4 Catalog Number: QC 355.2 .H42 198J Title: OPTICS. Author: Hecht E 2nd Aut or Ed.: Zajac A Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Reading, Mass., 1987 Published Year: 1- Catalog Number: QC 155.2 J46 19]6 Title: FUNDAMENTALS OF OPTICS. Autbor: .Ienkins F A 2nd Aut or Ed.: White H E Publisher: McGlav-Hill Book Co., Nev York, 19>6 Published Year: 1976 Page 450 0
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Catalog Number: QC 100 .U5'/3 n Title: THERMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES OF ARGON FROM THE 1RIPLE POINT TO 300 E AT PRESSURES TO 30 ATMOSPHERES. Serial Title: National standard reference dataseraes, NBRDS-NBS 2' Author: Gosman A L 2nd Aut or Ed.: McCarty R D; Hust J G Publisher: For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.s. Govt. Print. Off., Washington, 1969 Published Year: 19s9 Catalog Number: QC 1 .U5]J n. 63 Title: EPA NIH MASS SP£CTRAL DATA BAS£. Serial Title: United States. National Hureau of Standards. National standard reference data series NSROS-NBS bJ Author: Heller S R Publisher: U.S. Dept. of c r ational Bureau of Standards, fo[ saleby the Sept. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Washington, 1918 Published Year: 19]e Catalog Number: QC 100 .V5"!3 n 7 30 TiCle: HZGH TEMPERATURE PROPERTIES AND DECOMPOSITION OF INORGANIC SALTS. Serial Title: Natianal s andard reference data serles, NSRDS-NBS ) Author: Stern % H 2nd Aut or Ed.: W e E L Publisher: UeSS Dept. of C , National Bureau of Standar9s; for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.s. Govt.Print., Off., Washington, 1966 Published Year: 1966 Catalog Number: QC 100 .U5]3 n. 8 etc. Tit1e: THERMAL C IVZTY OF SELECT£D MA . Serial Title: National standard reference data series~ NSRDS-NBS e 16 Author: Powe11 R W 2nd Aut or Ed.: H C Y; Liley P E Publisher: U.S. Dept. of Commetce, National Bureau of andards; for sale by the Superintendent o Documents, U.S. Govt.Print., Off., Wash.ington, Published Year: 1966 Page 433
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'986T 'Kxox NaN .'mepia;smY :oJ qnd pue eax paysT,tqnd SSOH-y1zoN ays?i4nd Y 3 m?aVUa66n0 xoVyny Lxexq?i ievos.xad pueiioy-41xoN :aT1TYie?xaS •sss2o2sxxa aNY SSSIYLiyJ X03 YN3GLLV3NY U3JNYAOY NY SJINVNxOOWN3HS :ai;FY sest s0' TTE JO :xaqmnN bo?e;eJ xeax PaVSiT9nd L46T 'Xxo2• naN ' av2 'xvedmoJ puez35oN v •O .aays?iqnd vo;sseTO soV1nV 'SYSZW3HJ NOd SJINYNxOOWH3HY :aT3?Y [96T 559' SSE Jb :xaqmnN boie;eJ 6L62 :xesx PaVS?Tqnd 62 'yaox maN EmePialsmy 'oJ 'qnd s?3?1va?a5 x asT3 xa4s?iqnd m?aLLUadtlO :'p3 xo 1nY pu2 v r aF;leae xoy3nY Z euFpomsay3 uxapom u a?pn3S :aT1TyieizaS TmSJIxYNx00WN3NS 30 S3TdIJN2Nd :ai1?S 25Ey' TIE Jb =xaqmnN Iwie;e> b862 :xeax paVSTTQnd roesi 'x=ex naN :mepxaysmY '•oJ qnd a ?aS x asi3 'epeveJ pue sa;e;5 Pa1TU0 aV; xo;asxolnqixasTO ' asi3 xaysciqnd 3 eieH ?nsPa?zd :'P3 xo 1nY puZ S I?T9noy LT e1eP s Os Tep?sl.yd :aT1TS~xaV;nY Te?aaS 'NOI93N 3II0553YdOHORONY 'IYWNON 3HS NI S3JNVSS8p53Nffd HNOS 30 S3NNSS3Ud Nf10dYA 3xS d0 3JN30N3d30 HNOSYN3ApY 3HY 30 53NTYA 03SJxT3S S3JNHSSHf15 3ExId 30 331RSS3xId NfIOdYA 3xS :aT;TS b86T G8' >OE Jb :aaqmnN fioTeyeJ EL6t :xeaA paystTqnd EG6I 'Xxox naN 'mepsalsmY ' oJ 'qnd aFl?SUatJS x ast3 zays?Tqnd 3 eTeH ~A ~PaTid :'p3 xo ;nY pv2 S KTiqnog .mV3nY 'N0203Y 3NRSS8Nd NOT ONY 'IYNNON 3NS NI 53JNYYS8f15 38Rd 3HOS d0 53Y0553Nd HNOdYA 3H•L 30 3JN30N3d30 3YILLY113dW3S 3E4L 30 S3NTYA 03SJ3'f35 S3JNYYSyOS SNIld 30 53NHSS3Yd N 3HS :aT1iY L8~60[ Jb :xaqmnN boieleJ
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EL6T :ieax paqs?Iqnd EC6t •%ioE naN ' zaaieH .iaVeFtqrtd YnoNa enbaW ia43nY s .tz3s?mayo s zadieH :aTltyieizaS 'SJINYNAOOWN3HZ RYJISSIZYZS :aT;FZ SiH S ITL Jb :zaqmnN 6oie>aJ 066T 0662 'uemaai3 'H '%iox naN N 3 J 34aaH '.tH03Hy JIS3NIN ONY SJINYNEOOWN3HS RtlJIySISYZS :zea,T pa4s[iqnd .iaVSFFqnd ao43nY :aT3FZ 066T E6N' S'TTE Jb 9L6T '9L6T 'vo35vF4seM "d1oJ 'qnd asa4dsimaH oTnaCveeH 'SZHYHJNUNY S32HYZ :zaqmnN 6oie3eJ :zcay ptaysSiqnd . aVSFFqnd .zo43nY JIWVNAOOWH3Hy 30 NOOHONYH 3JIReYy 3NJIWYNIOONit3y :ai>FZ [I6CH' E'TTE Jb :iaqotrtN 6oieleJ 096T f 8 T v?TOn2 : eax pa4sFiqnd :'p3 zo 1ny pv2 o?;eaFT4nd 'B96t ~ YX3Z 'NOISYSS :ai;FZ iexias 393TTOJ ddOJ50NSJ3d5 ONY SJIWYNAOONtl3W1 NO YZYU 03SJ3R3S JHy 69 IdY d0 X30NI 3AISN3H3tldHOJ :aT>Fy nZ' TTE Jb :iaqanN fioie>eJ 9L6T '%i0y naN'OJ 6u?VatTqnd aF3?3ua?a5 i 9G6T asT3 O 4aFTpay :zeax ;aVSFTqrtd a4sFT5M 1oY3rtY 'SNOZZYJI'IddY 5'PlZN3NYON(Id SJIWYNLOOWl13HS :aT1FZ 9tst CH' ii[ JC :zaqmnN 6oie>eJ 986T :ieax paVSFFqrtd 986T '%iox naN .mepia3smp : asi3 .zays[Tqnd Rzi nad io43nY satmev.Cpomia4> uzapam u etpn>5 'a{3iy:T¢Fia SJIWYNAOOMN3NZ M30NS3N NZ S3IONZS :aT>Fy 1- BEd' ttC Jb :iaqmnN fioie;eJ s[sT 'a6p?zqmeJ 'ssaid R 6L6T :iead pa4sFTqnd ;FSZanFVO pienieH QsTTqnd 3 d v ziN :'p3 zo ynY pvi Y d%sTeVa>eN io43nY T'ou 'sais.EVdo?q 32 s%ooq pienieN :aT>IZ.TeFiaS SJISAHdOIe NI SJZWYNAOONH3HZ WIINHI2IHb3NON :aT>?y 9N 62N' ti[ Jb :iaqmoN fioieleJ
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Catalog Number: QC 450 .MJ 1969 v.8 Title: DEVELOPMENT IN APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY TWENTIETN ANNOAL MZD-AMERICA SPECTROSCOPY SYMPOSIUM,~ CHICAGO, IL,1969. Publishe[: Plenum P[ess Nev York, 1969 Published Year: 1959 Cetaleg Number: QC <50 .562 T1tle: SPECTROSCOPIC TRICKS APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY. 2.4 Aut o[ Ed.: May L PuClisher: Plenum P[ess, Nev Yo[k, 1961- Published Year: 196] Catalog Number: QC 451 ASS 1959 Title: SYMPOSIUM ON SPECTROSCOPY SYMPOSIDM ON SPECTROBCOPY, PRESENTED AT TH£ THIRD PACIFIC AREA NATIONAL MEETING AMERICAN SOCIETY £OR TESTSNG Se[ial Title: MATERIALB,sAN FRANCISCO, CA ASTM SpeCial Technical Publication N. 269. Publisher: Published Year: American s iety for Testing Materials Philadelphia, PA, 1959 1959 CetalOg Number: Title: QC 451 . 6 1988 LYTICAL APPLICATIONS OF SPECTROSCOPY . 2nd Aut or Ed.: Pubiishe[: Crease[ C S) Uavies A M Roya1 Society of Chemistry, LonCOn, 3988 Pubiished Year: 1988 Catalog Number: Title: QC 451 .946 INTRODNCTORY FOURIER TRANSFORM SPECTROSCOPY. Autho[: Publishe[: Be11 R J cademiC Prese, Nev Yark, 19Y2 PublisheC Yea[: 19"!2 catalog Number: Title: Author: QC 451 . MANUAL OF SPECTROSCOPY. CVtti T Publisher: ng Chemical Pub. C, New York, 1949 Published Year: 1949 Catalog Number: QC 451 .D8 Titie: MASS SPECTROSCOPY. Se[ial Tit1e: Cambridge m nograPhs on physics Author: Duckvo[th R E Publisher: Onive[sity P[ess, Cambridge, 1959 Published Year: 1958 Paqe 455
Page 447: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 454 A, 195 1982 Title: MASS SPECTROMETRY ADVANCES 1982 PROCEEDINGS OF THE 9TH INTERNATIONAL MASS SPECTROMETRY CONFERENCEVIENNA AUG 30SEPT 31982. 2nd Aut or Ed.: S mid E R; Varmuxa N; Fogy I Publisher: Elsevier Scientific Publisbing Co.Nev York, 1983 Published Year: 1983 Cataloq Number: QC 454 A, 195 1989 Title: ADVANCES IN MA55 SPECIROMETRY. 2:d Aut or Ed.: Longevialle P Publisher: Heyden. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 454 A, 195 v.)A-E Title: PROCEEDLNGS OF THE ITH INTERNATIONAL MASS SPECTROMEPRY C NPERENCE HELD AT LORENCE 20 AUGUST TO 3 SEPTEMBER 19"/6 NA55 SPECTROMETRY CONFERENCC. Serial Title: Advances in mass spect[ometry v. 7A-]H 2nd Aut or Ed.: Da1y N R Publisher: Published by Heyden 6 Son on behaif of The Institute of Petroleum, London, London, 19'!8 Published Year: -8 Catalog Number: QC 454 ., 195 V.BA-B Title: PROCEEDINGS OF THE BTH INTERNATIONAL MASS 5PECTROMETRY CONFERENCE HELD AT OSLO 12-18 AUGUST 1979. Se[ia1 Title: Advances in mass speetrometry v. BA-8H 2nd Aut or Ed.: Quayle A Publisher: Heyden 6 Son Ltd.LOndon, 1990 Publlshed Year: 1980 Catalog Number: QC 454 .A2 .A84 1997 Title: ATLAS OF A SORPTION LINES FROM 0 TO 3) 900 CM-3. Seriai Title: NASA reference publication 1188 2nd Aut or Ed.: Park J H Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Scientific and Technical Information Office; Nashington, D.C., 198Y. Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: QC 454 .A2 .F]'1 Title: ORPTION SPECTROSCOPY. Author: Farnov H Publisher: DRAGOCONew Yo[k, 1960 Publlshed Year: 1980 Page 458
Page 448: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 454 . Title: DYNAMIC HASB9SPECPROMETRY (LONDON, ETC.). HEYDEN. EOROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON THE T -OF-FLIGNT MAGS SPECTROMETER.,INTERNATIONAL DYNAMIC MASS SPECTROMEfRY SYMP08IUM.. Published Year: 1999 C3talcg Numbet: QC 454 M3 £5 19B3 Title: EIGHT PEAE ZNDEX OF MASS SPECTRA THE EIGHT MOST ABUNDANT IONS IN 66J20 NASS SPECTRA INDEXED BY MOLECULAR WEIGHTCLEMENTALCOMPOSITION AND MOST UNDANT IONS. Publisher: Mass Spectometry Data Cent[e, Roya1 Society af Chemistry, Nottingham, UH, 1983. Published YeaY: 1983 Catalaq Number: QC 454 . 3 158 Title: INTERPRETATION OF MASS SPECTRA. Serial Title: ACS audio c Osea 2ad Aut oi Ed.: De Songh D C Published Year: 1999 CatalOq Number: QC 454 M] M28 Title: MASS SPECTRA OF COMPOUNDS OF BIOLOGICAL INTEREST. Serial Title: TID e Aut O Ed.: HackeySS 2nd P] Orban W G; Levine S P Publisherr U.S. Atomic Energy Cammisaion, Office of InformatioN Service, (Oak Ridge, Tenn.19'!4 Pub115hed Year. 19>4 Cataloq Numbei: QC 454 M3 S74 Title: REGISTRY OF MASS SPECTRAL DATA. Author: Stenhagen E 2nd Aut o EC.: Abiabamsson S; MClafferty F W PublieheY Wiley, NeW York, 19'!4 Published Year: 19]4 Catalog Numbei: QC 454 .M6 .C66 1958 Title: PROCEEDINGS O NTSTUTE OF PETROLEUM HYDROCARBON REBEARCHGROUP CONFERENCE ON MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Tharnton E; Thompson H W Publishet: Symposium Division, Pergamon Pre , ev YOik, 1959 Published Year: 3959 Page 463
Page 449: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 454 .L1 157 Title: LASER SPECTROSCOPY IV PROCEEDINGS OF THE FOURTN INTERNATIONAL CONFEEENCE ROTTACHEGERN FED REP OF GERMANY JONE 1115 INERNATIONAL C EAENCE ON LASER SPECPROSCOPY,(4TM : , ROTTACN-EGERN), , 39J9;ROTTACH-£CERN (GERMANY)., (4TH :, , 19)9. Serial Title: Springer a s in optical sclencee v. 21 2nd Aut or Ed.: Walther H:eROthe E W Publisher: Springer-Verlag, Berlin; NeW York, 1979 Publiehed Year: 19J9 Catalog Number: QC 454 .LJ L48 1988 Title: INTRODUCPION TO NONLINEAR LASER SPECTAOSCOPY. Serial Title: Quantum electronice--principlee and applications Author: Leveneon M D 2nd Aut or Ed.: Eano S Publiaher: e , Academic Yre , 1988. Published Year: i988 on Catalog Number: QC 454 L3 N38 1982 Titie: ANALYTICAL LASER SPECTROSCOPY. Serial Title: NATO ASI SERIES . SERIES B. PHYSICS, V. 119 2nd Aut or Ed.: Martel1ucci 5 Chester A N Pnblisher: Plenum Preee Nev York, 1982 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: QC 454 .LJ Ui4 1983 Title: DLTRASENSITIVE LASER SPECTRUSCOPY. Seiial Title: QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATIONS 2nd Aut or Ed.: Nliger D Publisher: Academic Press NeW York, 1983 Publiehed Year: 1983 Catalog Number: QC 454 .M22 1967 Title: E ATION OF MASS 5 A RODOCTION. Serial Title: TOeOrganic Chemistry monographSeriee Author: NcLafferty F Publisher: W. A. Benjamin, Nev York, 1967 Publiahed Year: 196J Catalog Number: QC 454 .M3 C43 Title: R N 55 SPECPROMETRY. Author: ChapmanT R Publisher: Academic Pre - London; Nev York, 1978 Publiehed Year: 19J8 Page 462
Page 450: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbez: QC ] Title: HEAT2TAANSFER6PHILADELPHIA. Berial Tiile: Che®ical enqineering progress sYmposium series 92 2nd Aut or Ed.: eandy D H llartini W A Publisher: AmericanInstitute of Chemical Enqinee[s, Nev ark, 1969 PupliaRed Year. 1969 Cataloq Numbe[: QC 3 .64 1985 Title: INVERSE HEAT CONDUCTION, ILL-POSED PROBLEMS. Avthor: Beck T V 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Elackvell B) St. C C Publisher: Wiley, Nev York, 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QC 32 CS 1984 Title: HEATTAANSFEH. Autho[: Chapman A J Publisher: Nev Yotk, Macmillan; London, Col3ier Macmillan, 1984. Published Year: 1984 Cataloq Numbei: QC 320 D9 1984 Title: HEAT TRANSPER IN CONUENSING AN EVAPOAATING TWO-COMPONENT TNO-PHASE FLOW INSIDE A NORI20NTAL TDBE. Author: Duval W M B Publisher: sity Microfilms tional, Ann Axbor, MIlV 19E4 Snterna Published Yeat. 1984 Catalog Number: QC 320 .H23 1985 Title: HANDBOOA OF HEAT TAANSFER FUNDAMENTALS. tnd Aut or Ed.: RoRsencv W M, Hartnett J P; Gan1e E N Publisher: New York, McGraW-Hill, 1985 Published Yeae: 1985 Catalog Number: QC 320 .N48 Title: PROCE55 HEAT TRANSFER. Author: Wern D Q Publisher: M<Grav-Hill, Nev York, 3950 Published Year. 1950 Catalog Number: QC 320 .M4 19')6 Title: MEASUAEMENTS IN HEAT TRANSFER. Serial Title: Series in thermal and fluids enqineering 2nd Aut or Ed.: Eckert E A; Goldstein A T PublisTer: Hemisphere Pub. Cotp.) i/ashington, 19'/6. Pub118hed Year: 19>6 Page 448
Page 451: ggs04d00
Catalag Number: QC 320 .Sl 1963 Title: THE FLOW DEVELUPMENT AND HEAT TRANSFER CHARACTERISTICS OF PLANE TURBULENT IMPINGING JETS. AutM1Or: Schauer S T: Eustis R H Publisher: stanford University, Department of Mechanical Engineerin, Stanford, CA, 1963 Published Year: 196] Catalog Number: QC 3 .H36 1985 Title: HANDEOOK OF HEAT TRANSFER APpLICAT1oNS. 21 d Aut or Ed.: RohsenoW W M; Hartnett .I P; Gani C; Ejvp N Publisher: New York, MCGrav-Hill, 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QC 321 AB Title: THE FLOW O HEAT IN METALS A SERIES OF FN£ EDUCATIONAL L6CTURES ON THE FLOW OF HEAT IN METALS PRESENTED TO MLTIBERS OFTHEAMERICAN SOCIETY FOR METALS AT THE T4/ENTY-THIRD NATIONAL METAL GRE55 AND E%POSITION , PHILADELPHIA, P, OCTOEER 20-25, 1941. Author: Auetin J B Publisher: American Society for Metals, (Claveland, ]942 Published Year: 1942 Catalog Number: QC 321 .C29 Ti[le: CONDUCTION OF HEAT IS SOLIDS. Author: CarslaW H 5 2nd A r Ed.: Taeger S Publisher: Clarendn Press, Oxford (Eng), 1947 Published Year: 194'! Catalog Number: QC 323 .C28 1959 Title: CONDUCTION OF HEAT IN SOLIDS. Authoi: CarslaW H S 2nd Aut or Ed.: Saeger T C Publisher: Clarendon Prese, Oxford, 1959 Published Year: 1959 Catalog Number: QC 321.] .T55 M54 Title: UNIFIED ANALYSIS AND SOLUTIONS OF HEAT AND MASS DIFFUSION. Author: Mikhallav M D; Ozisik M N Publisher: JoM1n WileY s sons Nev York, i964c Published Year: 1984 Page 449
Page 452: ggs04d00
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Page 453: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC ]11.5 . Title: ONDAMENTALS O TATISTICAL TNERMODYNAMICS. erial Title: s in thermal and transpcrt sclences Author: nntag R E 2nd Aut or Ed.: Van W G Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1966 Publiahed Year: 1966 Catalog Number: QC 411 .06> 19]9 Title: OPTICAL INTERFEROGRAMS REDUCTION ANp INTERPRETATION. Serial Title: American Society for Teetinq and Materials . Special technical publication 666 2nd Avt or Ed.: Guenther A H; Liebenberg O H Publisher: American S ety and for Testing Naterials ~s~ Philatlelphial PA 19Y8 Published Year. 19]8 C2talog Numbei: QC 411.4 .V38 F33 1989 Title: HRY-PEROT INTERFEROMETER, HISTORY, THEO , PRACTICE, AND APPLICATIONS Author: auqhan J Publisher: Bristol, England: Philadelphia, A. Hilg- 1989. Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: QC 425 Di 1963 Title: TABLES OF NIE SCATTERING CROSS SECTSONS AND AMPLITUDES. Author: Dei[mendjian D Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbez: QC 437 .B36 Title: ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY. Authar: Bauman R P Publisber: Wiley, Nev York, 1962 Published Year: 1962 Catalog Number: QC 4 S] 19]] Title: TABLES OFWAVENUMBEHS FOR THE CALIBRATION OF INFRARED SPECTROM£TERS. Serial Title: IOPAC Publicatian 2nd Aut or Ed.: Cole A R Publisher: Pergamon Press, oxford; New York, 1976 Publisbed Year: 19t6 Catalog Number: QC 43'! .L3) Tit le: INFRARED ABSORPTION OF INORGANIC SUBSTANCES. AutROr: Lawson k ( Publisher: Reinhold Pub. Corp., New York, 1961 Published Year: 1961 Page 452
Page 454: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 3 Title: ANGULAR SCATTERING FUNCTIONS FOR SPHERES. Author: De:wan H 2nd Aut 11 Ed.: He11er W;HPangonis N J Publisher: Wayne State Univeraity press, Detroit, lvss Publlshed Yeat: 1966 Catalog Number: QC ] .H35 Tit1e: HANOBOOR OF OPTZCS. 2nd Aut o[ Fd.: Driscoll W G; Vaughan W Publishei: McGrav-Nill, NeW York, 19~8. Published Year: 19>8 Catalog Number: QC 3)1 .A52 198J Title: OPTICAL SYSTEM DESIGN. Author: Ringslake R Publiaher: Academic Press, Nev York, 1983 Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: QC 3.AJ4 1986 Title: E 1986 ADJUSTMENT OF THE FUNDAMENTAL PHYSZCAL CONSTANTS, A REPORT OF THE CODATA TASK GROUP ON FUNDAMENTAL CONSTANTS AOJUSTMENT OF THE FONDAMENTAL PHYSICAL CONSTANTS. REPORT OF THE COOATA TASK GROUP ON FDNDAMENTAL CONSTANTS. Pub115her: Pergamon Tournal5, Oxford; Nev York, 398fi Publiahed Year: 1996 Catalog Nu6ber: QC 39 .L35 Title: DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS AND THEORY OF MODELS. Author: Langhaar N L Publiaher: Wiley, Nev York, 1951 Published Year: 1953 Catalag Number: QC 39 . Title; PRECISIONMEASUREMENT AND CALIBRATION SELECTED 4 NBS P TICAL cONCEPTS AND PROCEDDRES. Serlal Title: NES special Publication 300 Publisher: sale by SuPt. of Oocs., U.B. Govt. Pr1nt. Off., Washington, 1968 Publiahed Yeer: 1968 Catxlag Number: QC 39 .R66 Title: FUNDAMENTAL MEASURES AND CONSTANTS FOR SCIENCB AND TECHNOLOGY. Author: ROSSini F D Publiaher: CRC P[ess, C1eveland, 19%4 Publiahed Year: 19%4 Page 451
Page 455: ggs04d00
Catalog NuIDber: QC 457 . T1tle: MOLECULARSVIB ROTORS THE THEORY AND INTERPAETATION OP HIGH RESOLUTION INPRARED SPECTRA. Autbor: Allen H 2nd Aut or Ed.: C ss P C Publisher: WSley, Nev York, 1963 Published Yeai: 1963 Catalog Number: QC 45) .R33 Title: INFAARED SPECPROSCOPY INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS AND BIBLIOGRAPHY. Author: earnes R B 2nd Aut or Ed.: Liddel U; Goze R C; Williams V Z Publishez: ReiMOld publishinq tarporation, Nev York, 1944 Published Year: 1944 Catalog Numbei: QC 457 .B45 1 Title: INFRARED SPECTRA OF HYDROXYARONATIC ORGANIC COMPOUNDS. Sezial Title: U. S. Buzeau of Manes . Report o[ investigations 5505 Autho[: Beckering W; Fovkes N Publisher: S. GOVernment Pzintfing Office Weshingtan, 1959 Published Year: 1959 Catalog Number: QC 457 .B45 1961 Title: INFRARED SPECTRA OF HYDROXYARONATIC ORGANIC COMPOUNDS SUPPLEMENT TO RI 5505. Se[Sal Title: U. 5. Buzeau of Mines . Report o£ investigations, 5806 Autboz: Becke[ing W; FOWkes W W Publishez: U. 5. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Mines Washington, as63 Published Yea[: 1961 Catalog Numbez: QC 457 .C49 1985 Title: CNEMICAL BIOLOGICAL AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS OF INFRARED SPECPROSCOPY. 2nd Avt oi Ed.: Durig 2T R blisher: uiley, Chichestez (SUSSexJ~ NeW York, 1985. blished Year: 1985 Catalog Numbez: QC 457 .D8 Title: INFRARED SPECTRA OF PLASTICIZERS AND OTHER ADDITIVES. Authoz: Du V R Publisher: DoW Chemical Co.Midland, MI, 1962 Published Yeaz: 1962 Page 467
Page 456: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 454 .A2 .F58 Title: PHASE PLUCTUATION ANSORPSION SPECTROSCOPY OF SNALL PARTICLES. Author: Fluckiger D U; 1981 Publishad Year: 198] Catalog Number: QC 454 . Title: MANOAL ONRECOMMEND£D PRACTICES 1. 4 SPECTROPHOTOMETRY. Publisher: Ame[ican Society foz Testing and Materials, Philadeiphia, 1966 Published Year: 1966 Catalog Number: QC 4 A445 1969 Title: MANUAL ON RECOMMENDED PRAClICES IN SPECTROPHOTOMETRY. Publishe[: Amezican Society for Testing and Materials, Phlladelphia, PA., 1969 Publiahed Year: 1969 Catalog Number: QC 454 AB A84 Title: ATONIC SPECTROSCOPY. 2ne A z Ed.: Slavin 5 Publiaher: Perkin/Elmer Cozp., NarWalk, Conn., Publiahetl Year: 1999 Catalog Numbez: QC 454 AB P]6 Title: ROGRE55 IN ATOMIC SPECTROSCOPY. Sezial Title: Physics of atoms and mOlecules 2nd Aut or Ed.: Nanle W: Kleinpoppen H Publisher: Plenum Press, Nev York, 19'/8 Publishea Year: 1978 Cataloq Numbez: QC 454 .C6J4 C64 Title: COLLISION SPECTROSCOPY. 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Cooks R G Publisher: Pienum P[ess, NeW Yozk, 1978 Published Year: 19')e Catalog Number: QC 454 .DJ9 39>6 Title: COMPUTERAZDED IN ETATZON OF MASS SPECTRA AN IMPROVED STIRS PROGRAM GIVING INFORMATION ON SOBSTRUCSURE PROBAHILSTIES. Author: Dayringer H E Publisher: a University Microfilms Ann Arbor, Mich.19>6 Published Year: 19]6 Page 459
Page 457: ggs04d00
Catalag NumDer: Title: 2nd A r Etl.: Publishsr: QC 4 TN£ ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SPECTROSCOPY. Clark G L AeinholdPUb. Corp., NeW Ycrk, 1960 Publlshed Year: 1960 Catalog Number: QC 451 .M3 Title: Autho[: ERNAL REFLECTSON SPECTROSCOPY. Nazrick N J Publisher: Published Year: Interscience Publishers, NeW York, 196] 196) Catalog Number: QC 451 .R58 1987 Title: APPLICATIONS OfFOUAIER TAANSFORM INFAAREU Auth PNOTOACOUSTIC SPECTROECOPY. Ri S N or: Publlsher: seman Ann Arbo[, MI., Oniversity Microfilms Published Year: InteYnational, 1987 1989 Catalog Number: UC 451 .R66 19]2 Title: NMR SPECTRAL CNROMATOGRAPNY - A POWERFUL NEW TOOL ial Title: Author: Publisher: FOR STRUCTURE OETERMINATION. Technical Report AFML-TR-'l1-292 Rondeau R E; B rWick M A Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, hio, 9"/2 Published Yea[: 19'12 Catalog Number: Title: QC 451 .528 1 EXPERLMENTAL SPECTROSCOPY. Author: Publisher: SaWyer R A entice-Ne11, NeW York, 1946 Published Year: 1946 Catalog Number: QC 451 .S619 Title: SPECPROMETAIC TECRNIQUES. 2nd Aut ar Fd.: V e G A; Baker D Publisher: caEemis Press, New York, Published Year: 1977 19]] C3talog Number: QC 451 .5635 1991 Title: SPECTROSCOPY O ADVANCEU MATERIALS Serial Titie: Advances in Spectroscopy v. 19 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Clark R R; Nester A E Publisber: Nev YorkT TOhn Wiley & Sons, 1991 Published Year: 1991 Page 456
Page 458: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 457 . N 1971 Title: NFRAREDSPECTRA OF INORGANIC COMPOUNDE 380045CMP18. Authoi: Nyquiet R A 2nd Aut OT Ed.: Kagel R O PubllabeT: cademic Presa, Nev YOrk, 1971 Published Year: 19'/i Catalog Numbez: QC 4 N93 1984 Title: THE INTERPRETATION OF VAPOR PHASE INFRARED SPECTRA. Author: Nyquist R A Published YeaT. 1999 catalog Number: QC 457 . > 1982 Title: THE SADTLER NMR BFECTRA HANDBOOK DF ESTERS. Author: SadtleT R L Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbee: QC 4 Am 1969 Title: MOLECULAR FOAMULA LIST OF COMPOUNDS NAMES AND REFERENCES TO PUBLIEHED INFRARED SPECTRA. Published YeaT: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 4> Am 1974 Title: MOLECULAR FORMULA LIST OF COMPODND NAMES AND REFERENCES TO PUBLISHED INFRARED SPECfRA. Author: American s f Publiahed Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 45> Na Title: ZNFRARED SPECTRA OF INORGANIC AND COORDINATION COMPOUNDS. AuthoT: Nakamoto R PubllsheT: John Miley & Sans Nev York, 1963 PuDlished Year: 1963 Catalog Number: QC 457 Na 1962 Title: INFRARED ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY PRACTICAL. Authar: Nakanishi K Publiahed Year: 1999 Catalag Number: QC 457 Sa 1982 Title: THE INFRARED SPECTRA HANDBOOK OF PRIORITY POLLUTANTS AND TOXIC CMEMICALS. Author: Sadtler R L Publiahed Year: 1999 Page 4>O
Page 459: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: . 4 19]9 QC 462.V5 C Title: COMPILATIONOF MASS SPECSRA OP VOLATILE COMPOUNOS IN F000. Authoi: NOever M C; Bouvman J; Tas A C; La Vae G P Publisher. entral Institute for Nutrition and Food Aesearch C TNO The Netherlands 1979 Publiehed Year: 1979 Catalog Number: QC 463 .AB S5 Title: CARBONI3 NNR EHIFT ASSIGNMENTS OF AMINES AND Author: ALEA AmS. Shamma M 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hindenlang D M Publisher: Plenum Press, Nev Yo , 929 Publiehed Year: 19'!9 Catalog Number: QC <63 .£68 B Title: Author: INFRARED ANALYSIS OF ESSENTIAL OILS. Bellanato T 2~ Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Hidalgo A HeYden, LaboiatOries -operation vith Badtler Research (Philadelphia, (LOndon)19'!1 Publiehed Year. 19>1 Catalog Number: Title: QC 463 .H4 B3 ) SIMPLE HETEROCYCLES. Serial Title: General M1eterocyclic chemistry series Author: Publisher: terham T J Niley, Nev Yo rk, 19'/3 Published Year: 19]3 Catalog Number: QC 463 H9 15 Title: MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY REPORT OF A CONFERENCE ORGANI2£D BY THE SPECTROSCOPIC PANEL OF TNE HYDROCARRON RESEARCH GROUP OPTHEINSTITUTE OF PETAOLENS AND HELD IN LONDON , 28-39 OCTOBER , 3954. Published Year: 1955 Catalog Number: QC 463 P5 .P34 Title: THE THEORY OF VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY AND ZTS APPLICATION TO POLYMERIC HATERZALS. AutM1Or: inter P C 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Coleman M M; Aoenig T L Publisher: Wiley, Nev Yo1k, 1982. Published Year: 1982 Page 472
Page 460: ggs04d00
CLtalog Number: QC 454 .E46 .564 39]"! itle: MATIC ENISSZON SPECTROSCOPY. Autho[: Slicke[s K Publiahe[: BiWlsche Oniversitatsdruckerei, Bruhl, 1977 Publiehed Yea[: 1977 Catalog Numbe[: QC 44 .F34 19J1 Title: Pt2SEAND FOttRIER TRANSFORM NMR INTROWCTION TO THEORY AN METHODS. Author: Farrar T C 2nd A Bd.: Becker E Publisherr Academic P[ess, Nev Yo[k, 19>1 Published Year: 19t1 Catalog Numbei: QC 454 .F'/ C4) Tltle: THE PRZNCZPLES OF ZNTERFEROMETRIC SPECTROSCOPY. Author: Chambe[lain 1 E 2nd Aut or Ed.: Chant[y G W: Stone N Y] Publisher: Wiley, Chichester (£ng.); New York, 19"/9 Published Year: 19)9 Catalog Number: uC 45 .Fl I5'!3 3981 Title: 1981 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FOURIER TRANSFORM SNFRAAED SPECTROSCOPY PROCEEDINGS SPIE V 2 612 1981UNIVERSITY OFSOUTH CAROL2NA ~ COLOMBIA e SOOTH CAAOLINA. Serial Title: Proceedings v. 289 2nd Aut 0[ Ed.: Sakai H Publisher: SPIE the International Socie[y fo[ Optical Engineering, Bellingham, Wash.1981 Fublished Year: 1981 Catalog Number: QC 4 GSB Title: CHEMICAL APPLICATIONS OP MOSSBAUER SPECTROSCOPY. Authox: Goldanskii V I 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ne[ber R H PubliaTe[: AcademiC Pre- NeW York, 1968 Published Yea[: 1968 Catalog Number: QC 454 .H615 Title: THE RAMAN EFFECT AND ITS CHEMICAL APPLICATIONS. Serial Title: 1 n Chemical Society ser iesMonog[aph ies ~ (no 8U) uthor: Hibben T 2nd Aut ox Ed.: Teller E H Publisher: Reinhold Publishing Corporation, Nev Yark, 1939 Published Year: 1919 Page 460
Page 461: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbe[: QC 490 .A2]8 Title: PROTON AND CARBONI3 NMR SPECTROSCOPY AN INTEGRATED APPROACH. Author: 3nd A r Ed.: Publiaher: Abiaham R T Loftus P Heyden, London; Philadelphia, 1978 Published Year: 191e Catalog Number: QC 490 .A5 TStle: 2nd Au[ or £d.: ANNUAL Webb G REPORTS A ON HMR SPECTROSCOPY Publisher: Published Year: cademic Press, 3968 Ipndon, Nev York, 1968- Catalog Number: QC 4 N2 19)8 v. 15 Title: COPY. Serial Title: NMR~basic~principles and progress v.15 Author: Steiqel A 2tW Aut o[ Ed.: Spiess N W Publisher: Springer-Verlag, New YOrk, 1978 Published Year: 1978 Catalog Number: QC 495 .B45 39 Title: uthor: PRINCIPLES OFCOIAR TECHNOLOGY. Billmeyer F W: Saltsman M Publisher: Sohn Wiley & Sons, New York, 1981c Published Year. 1981 CatalOg Number: QC 495 .1>9 Title: Author: COIAR Sudd D IN BUSINESS SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY. B Publlsher: Published Year: Wiley, 1952 Nev York, 3952 Cataloq Number: QC 495 .M2 1985 Title: Serial Tit1e: THEME AN SpringezAS s an optical sciences e ie s v 21 Author: i Mac Adam D Publisher: springez-verlag, Nev Yozk, 1985 Published Year: 1985 Catalog Number: Title: QC 495 .N35 1983 THE PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF COLOR THE FIFTEEN CAUSES OF COWR. Serial Title: Niley s es in puze and applied optics, Author: Nassau Hrv Publishar: Wiley, Nev York, 1983. Pubiished Year: 3s83 Page 476
Page 462: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: QC 4 6 1958 Title: 2nd Aut Ed ADVANCES IN MASS SPECfROMETRY. W ld S D o .: Publlsher a zon Pergamon Prese, Nev York, 1959 Publlshed Year: 1959 Catalog Number: QC 454 .L3 .D46 1982 Title: LASER SPECTROSCOPY, BASIC CONCEPTS AND INSTRUMENTATION. Sezial Title: Authoz: Springer s es an chemicai physics v. 5 Demtrotler W Publishez: Springer-Verlag, 8ezlin; Nev York, 1983 Publishetl Year: 1982 Catalog Number: QC 454 .Ll .L335 1983 Title: Serial Title: LASEABASED ULTRASENSITIVE SE COPY AND DEPECPION V AOGUST ]324 1983SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA ULTRASENSITIVE SPBCTROSCOPY. Proceedinge of SPIE the International soclety for 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publieher: Optical £nqineezing v. Ke11ec R A SPIE the International 426 5oiety foi Optical Published Year. Engineerinq, Be131ngham,Wash., 198J 1963. Catalog Number: Title: QC 454 .L3 .L343 1986 LASER SP ROSCOPY AND ITS APPLICATIONS. Serial Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Optical engineering 11 Radziemski L ; solarz R W; Paianer T A Publisher: Published Year: M. Dekket, NevYOrk, 1996. 3986 Catalog Number: QC 454 .L3 . 2 1985 Title: THE oPTOGALVANIC E E S STUDIES WITH INFRARED AND VISIBLELASERS?OU AuthOr: Published Year: May. R D; 1985 1985 Cataloq Number: QC 454 .L3 .S)5 1984 Title: Serisl Title: Author: FOUNDATIONS OF LASER SPECTROSCOPY. Wiley series in pure and applied Optics tenholm S Publisher: Publiehed Year: John Wiley 5 8ons Nev York, 1984 1984 Page 461
Page 463: ggs04d00
Catalag Number: QC I Title: NUCLEAR MAGNETIC AESONANCE. Setlal Title: A epecialist periodical report Publisher: Chemical Society., London, Published Year: 1999 CLtalOg Number: QC 762 .P) Title: PARANAGNETIC RESONANCE AN INTRODUCTOAY n Serial Title: Frontiers in physics a lecture note and repr~int eries Author: Pake G E Publiaher: en5amin. New Yerk~ 1962 Published xear: issl B Catalug Number: Title: Serial Title: Author: Publisher: Pub115hed Year: QC 762 .P36 NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE. Allyn and Bacon chemistry serlea P2udler W W Allyn and Aacon. Boston, 19~1 19 Catalag Number: uC >62 .545 Title: Author: Publisher: Published Year. FOURZER TAANSFORn NMR SPECTROSCOPY. Shaw D Elaevier Sclentific Pub. Co.) Amaterdam, 19)6 19]6 Catalog Number: QC 762 .545 19H4 Tit1e: FOURIER TRANSFORM NMR SPECTROSCOPY. Serial Title: tudiee in physical and theoretical chemietry 30 Author: Slhaw D Publisher: Eleevier; Amsterdam~ Nev Yoik, 3984 Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: QC )62 .546 19]2 Title: Authar: A BASIC GUIDE TO NMR. Shoolery T Publisher: James Shoolery, Varian Associates Palo Alto, CA~ Published Year: 1 172 39I2 Catalog Numbei: QC - 1962-.11 Title: HIGHRESOLUTION Ht4t SPECTAA CATALOG. Author: 2. d Aut or Ed.: Published Year: Nollis D P; Johnson L F 1999 Page 481
Page 464: ggs04d00
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Page 465: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: QC 451 . NNR AND EPR SPECTROSCOPY PAPERS PRESENTED HY TNE NMREPR STAFF OF VARIAN ASSOCIATES V WORKSNOP ON NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE AND EL£CTRON PARAMAGNET RESONANCE., (3RD : ,PALO ALTO, CALIP.), ~1959JWORRSHOP ON NUCLEAR PARAMAGNETIC RESONANCE AND ELECTRON PARAMAGNETIC RESONANCE, (3D : , PALO, ALTO, CALIF.), ,1959; Publishe[: PAIA ALTO (CALIF.).~ (3R0 : Symposium Publications Divislon9,5Fergamon Preee' Published Year: 1960 1960 0 Catalog Number: QC 451 C 19'/9 Title: CONPILATION OF MASS SPECTRAL DATA INDEX DE SPECTRES DC MASSE. Author: u A; M t R Publishe[: Reyden Philade1ph11, PA, 1919 Fubllshed Yea[: 19)9 Cata3og Number: QC 451 De Title: APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 451 Wh 19>0 Title: %RAY EMISSION AND AESORPTION EDGE WAVELENGTHS AND INTERCNANGE SETTINGS FOR LZF GEARED CORVED CRYSTAL SPECTROMETERS. Authar: White E W 2nd Aut o Ed.: JohnSOn G G Publisher Earth and Mineral SO a Experiment Station Univeraity Pa[k, PA,119>0 Published Yea[: i9]0 Catalog Number: QC 451.6 .C6 1990 Title: OMPOTER METHODS IN UV VISIELE AND IR SPECTROSCOPY 2nd Aut or Ed.: George W Willis N A Publisher: Cambridge~~ Roya1 Society of Chemietry, 1950 PuGlished Year: 1990 taog Number: QC 4512 El 3 Title: SPECTRAL INTERPREPATION. Author: Ellis P D Published Year: 1999 Cataleg Number: QC 4 .Z313 19'!0 Title: TABLITSY SPEKTAALNYNN LINII ENGLISH TABLES OF SPECTRAL LINES. Author: Zaidel A N Publlsher: IFI/Plenum, Nev York, 19>D Publlshed Year: 19J0 Page 457
Page 466: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 6 9.5 .L3"/ .U468 1988 Title: ULTRAFAST PHENONENA IN SPECTROSCOPY, PROCEEDZNGS OF THE V INTEPNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM, VILNNS, AUGUST 2-25, 1987. 2nd Aut or Fd.: Rud3ikas Z BJ Piskarskas A 3; Baltramiejunas R PuDlisher: ingapore; Teaneck, N.J., Warld Scientific, Published Year: 1988 Catalog Number: QC 702.7 .I55 N3 19'!9 Title: ION IMPLANTATION AS A NEW SURFACE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY. 2ntl Aut or Ed.: Eeyes R W Publisher: National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC., 15'/9 Published Year: 19"!9 Catalog Number: QC 711 .P3413 1965 Title: £LECTRICAL PHENOMENA IN GASES. Author: Papoular R Publisher: Iliffe Books:, London, 1965 PuDliShed Year: 1965 Catalog Number: QC '/3.8 .E51 S58 1981 Title: MOMENTUM ENERGY AND MASS TRANSFER IN CONTINUA. Author: Slattery J PuDliSner: Aobert E. Rrieger Publishing co.HUntington, NY, i981 Published Year: 1981 Catalog Number: pC '/52 .C45 1 Title: STRUCPURE AND REACTIVITY OF THE SMALL SPHERICAL HIGH DENSITY LIPOPROTEINS IN YAMILIAL LECITNIN CNOLESTEROL ACYLTRANSFERASE DEFICIENCY A COMPAN2D WZTH THE STRUCPORE AND R£ACTSVITY OF ARTI£ICIALLY FORMED LIPOPROTEIN3. Aatnor: cnee c Publisber: University Microiilms International, Ann Arbor, MI., 1982 PuDliahed Yeai: 1982 C8talag Number: QC 761 .T45 1968 Tit1e: THE MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS. Serial Title: International sclentific serles Author: Thompson S E Publisher: CRC Press, Cleveland, 1968 Publishad Year: 1968 Page 479
Page 467: ggs04d00
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Page 468: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 762 .A23 Titie: THE PRINCIPLES OF NUCLEAR MAGNETISM. ial Title: The International serves of m0nographs on physics Authcr: Abragam A Publisher: Clarendon Pzess, Oxford, 1961 Published Year: 1961 Catalog Number: QC 762 .C43 Title: TH£ PRACPICE OF NMR SPECEROSCOPY WITH SPECfRASTRUCTURE CORRELATIONS FOR HYDROGENI. Author: Chamberlain N F Publishe[: Plenum Pzesa, Nev Yo[k, 1974 Published Year: 1974 Catalog Number: QC ) Title: PULSE NMR.; INTRODUCTION TO PULSE NMR SPECTROSCOPY.; PULS£ NUCL£AR NAGNETIC RESONANC£ SPECTROSCOPY, AN INTRODUCYION TO THE THEORY AND APPLICATIONS Autho[: Farrar T C Publishez: Chicage, Parragut Presa, 1989. Published Year: 3989 Cata1og Number: Title: QC 762 . £%PERiM£NTAL PULS£ NMR, A NUTS AND BOLTS APPROACH. Authcr: 3nd Aut or Ed.: Fukushima £ Roeder 5 B Publisher: Atldison-Wesley Publishing Co., Inc.Readinq, Published Yea[: 19R1981 CatalOg Numbe[: QC ]62 .L6513 1970 Title: IAMRSPEETROS%OPIIA V ORGANICMESEOI ENIMII HMR P£CTROBCOPY IN ORGANIC CNEMISTRY. Se[ial Title: Physical methods in organic chemistry Author: Ionin N I 2ntl Aut or Ed.: Ershov B A Publisher: Plenum Press, Nev Yark, 1970 Published Year: 19'10 Cataloq Numbe[: QC '/62 .M65 1960 Title: THE NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE STUDIES OF SOME NATURAL PRODUCTS. Author: Mumma R Publisher: University Microfilms, Inc., Ann Aibo[, ML , 1961 Published Year. i960 Page 4£0
Page 469: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: QC 454 .M6 .] 1985 HIGH - RESOLOTION SP£ClROSCOPY IN TRANSIENT Bezial Title: MOLECDLES TRANSIENT MOLECULES. Springer serles in Chemical physics v. 40 Authar: 2nd Aut o Ed.: Publioherr Hirota E Endo Y SPringer-Verlag, Berlin; Nev York, 1985. PublisRed Year: 1985 Catalog Number: QC 454 M6 .M64 Title: Serial Title: Poblisher: MOLECULAR SPECfROSCOPY. EpeCialist periodical teport The Chemical Soclety London, 1'/9 Pobliahed Year: 19"!9 catalog Nomber: QC 454 . 6 Title: MOLECOLAR5PECTROSCOPY PROCEEOINGS OF THE SIXTH CONFERENCE ON MOLECOLAR SPECTROSCOPY ORGANIZEU BY THE INSTITOTE O£PETROLEOM,HYDROCARDON RESEARCH GROUP, AND HELD AT THE UNIVERSITY OF DDRHAM, MARCH-2 APRIL, 1976. 30 2nd Aut or Ed.: West A R; Thompson H N; Price W C Publisher: Heyden (for) the Institute of Petzoleum, London, 1 1 17 Poblished Year: 19]] Catalog Numbe[: QC 454 . 4 1976 Title: Author: THE IDENTIFICATION OF MOLECOLAR SPECTRA. Pearae R W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Gaydon A G Chapman and Hall; London, 19T6 Publiabed Year: 19"!6 Catalog Number: QC 454 .M656 Title: Author: MASS SPECTROMETRY TECHNIQOES AND APPLICATIONS. Milne G W Pobliaher: Wiley-Zn[ersciance, Nev York, 1971 Published Year: 19]1 Catalog Number: QC 454 .N33 1966 Title: 2nd Aut or Ed : MODERN Reed R AEPECTS I OF MASS SPECTROMETRY PROCEEDZNGS. . Poblisher: Published Year: Plenom 1968 Press, Nev Yark, 1968 Page 464
Page 470: ggs04d00
CatalOg Number: QC '/ Title: EIOCHEMICAL ASPECTS OF 9ASSC MECNANISMS IN RAOIO£IOLOGY. Serial Title: Nuclea[ Science Series RepoK No. 17 2nd Aut or £d.: Patt H M Publisher: National Academy Oi Sciences-National Research cil, Washington, OC 1954 Publlshed Year: 1954 Catalog Numbe[: QC T)6 . 3958 Title: SOURCEEOOK ON ATOMIC ENERGY. ethor-. claestone s Pubiisher: n Nost[and, New York, 1958 Published Yea[: 1958 Catslog Number: QC >)6 .M3 itie: PHYSICS OF NUCLEI AND PARTICLES. Autho[: Matmier P 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Sheldon E Pubiishe[: Academic Press, New York, 1969 Published Yeat: 1969 Catalog Nueber: QC ]94 F3 Title: RADIOISOTOPE LABORATORY TECHNIQUES. Serial Title: Newnes practical scaence bcoks AuthOr: Faires R A 2nd Aut Or Ld.: Parks 8 N Publisher: Newnes, London, 1958 Publiahed Year: 1958 Catalog Numbe[: QC 786.6 H5 L4 1985 Title: THE EFFECTS OF PH, TYPES OF SUGAR AN NO ACIO, AND WATER ACTIVITY ON THE KINEfICS OF THE FORNATION OF ALKYL PYRAZINES Authoz: Leahy M H Publisher: 1985 Published Yea[: 1985 Catalog Number: QC >8) . Title: RADIOACTIVITY MEASURING INSTRUMENTS A GUIOE TO RUCTION AND USE. Author: Nokes M C Publisher: PhilOSOphical Library, New YOrk, 1958 Published Year: 1958 Catalog Number: QC >8> . Title: NUCLEAR RADIATION DETECTION. aal Title: wHill seraes in nuclear engineering Authar: PriceW Publisher: -Hill, New York, 1958 Published Yeai: 1958aw Page 483
Page 471: ggs04d00
CatalOg Number: QC 43] .L59 1958 Title: EcPAOPHOTOMETRY. Author: Lothian G Publiaher: Nilger 6 Wat , London, 1958 Published Year: 1958 Catalog Number: QC 437 .L59 1969 Title: ABSORPTION SPECTROPHOTOMETRY. Author: LOthian G F Publishei: Hilger„ LondOn, 3969 Published Year. 1969 Catalog Nombez: QC 437 .065 Title: ORGANIC ELECTRONIC SPECTRAL DATA. Publisher: Wiley 6 Sons (etc.), New York, NY Published Year: 1991 CatalOq Number: QC 4 .R58 Title: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ANALYSIS OP SPINSPIN SPLITTING IN HIGHAESOLUTION NUCLEAR MAGNEYIC RESONANC£ SPECTRA SPIN-SPIN SPLITTING IN HIGH-RESOLUTION NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE SPECTRA. AutRoberts J O Publisher: W.A. Benjamin, NeW York, 1961 Published Year: 1961 Catalog Numbe[: QC 441 .A55 P64 1990 Title: 8 LGHT IN OPTSCS AND SPECTROSCOPY Author: K11gerD S 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Randall C E; Levis 1 W Publisher: Boston, Academic Press, 1990. Published Yeae: 1990 Catalog Numbet: QC 443 .S88 1968 ARCHER Titie: PROCEEOINGS OF THE SYNPOSIUM ON R£CENT DEVELOPMENTS IN ELLIPSOMETRY ELECTRICAL MARERIALS UNIVERSITY OFNEBRASNA LINCOLN , NEBRASKA , S.A. , AUGUST '] , 1968. 2nd Aut or Ed.: 9ashara N NU Buckman A 9: 11.11 A C Publisher: NOrth-H011and Pub. C, Amsterdam, 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Nuaber: QC 496.2 .C49 L3] 1991 Titie: LASEA LIGNT SCATTERZNG, BASIC PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE Author: Chu B Publisher: BOSton, Academic Press, 1991. Publlshed Year: 1991 Page 453
Page 472: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 8]9 . 3 19]3 Title: ExC£ O N AND AEROSOLS ON THE BRIGHTNESS ANOLCOLOR OF THETWILIGHT ZONE. Autrtor: ALams C ; Plasa c Eattavar G Publioher: Texas A 6M Univers`ity, Dept. of Physics, College Station, TX, 19]3 Published Year: 19]3 [alog Number: QC 8]9 . 4 9 Title: CHEMISTRYANDPHYBICS OF THE STRATOSPHERE. Putlisher: American Geophysical Union Richmend, VA~ 19]5 Pubilshed Year: 19>5 Catalog Number: QC 879 .B34 19]] Title: STRATOSPHERIC COMPOSITION BALLOON BORNE 6XPERIMENT. Serial Title: Research and development technical report EcoM-s83o. Author: eallaid H N 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hudson F P Publlahet: O.S. Aimy Electronics Command, Fort Nonmouth, NS, 9]] Published Year: 19]] Catalog Number: QC 8]9 .B3>4 19]] Title: MEASUREM£NT aF RATE CONSTANTS OF INPORTANCE IN SNOG. Author: Barker J R 2:M Aut or Ed.: Benson S W~ Golden D H Publisher: ERI InteinaTional Menlo Yark, C, 1977 Published Year: 19]] Cataloq Numbei: QC 8]9 .BJ]] 1936 Title: EMIBSIONS OF POLLUTANTS IN THE STRATOSPHERE. Author: Barrere M Published Yea[: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 0]9 .B18 19]8 Title: A CATALJG OF PERTORBING INFLUENCES ON STRATOSPHERIC OZONE 1955-19]S. Serial Titie: Report - Federal A iation Administration FAA-EQ-]8-20 Institute fo[ Defense Analysis paper p-1340. Author: Bauer E Publisher: Dept. af Treneportation, Federal A Administration, OfEice of Environmental Quality ashington, DC, 19~8 Published Yeai: 19]8 Page 487
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Catalog Numbe[: QC 770 A5 Tit1e: Pablishe[: ANNDAL REVIEW OF NUCLEAR SCIENCE. Annual Revieva., Pa1o Alto, Ca11f. (etc.) Published Yea[: 1999 Catalog Numbe[: QC 770 .R312 n. 5 Title: Serial Title: META90LISM AND BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF AN ALPHA PARTICLE EMITTEA POLONIUM210. Radiation i [ch Supplemeet 5 e t Etl.: 2ad Au or Publisher: Stanna[d J NS C rett G W cademic P[ess,aNev Yo[k, 1964 Published Yeai: 1964 Catalog Numbe[: QC >"/0 .591 1960 Title: RADIOACTIVITY IN MAN WHOLE BODY COUNTING ANO EFFECTS OF INTERNAL GAMMA RAYEMITTING IOISOMP SYMPOSIUM ON RADIOACSIVITY I VANDEREILT UNIVERSITY), ,1960;NASHVILLE (TENN.)., ,VANOERBILT UNIVERSITY), , 60. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Meneely G R Publiaher: Thomas, Springfield, I11., 1961 Publiabed Year: 1961 Catalog Numbei: QC 770 . Title: A CONFERENCE ON AADIOACPIVE ISOTOPES IN AGRICULTURE RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPES IN AGRICULT , MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY,1956. Serial Title: Atomic Enezgy Commission Publiahez: U. S. Atomic Energy Commissioa Waahington, 1956 Yublished Yea[: 1956 Catalog Number: QC "!tl . 4 Title: MASS SPECTROSCOPY s ces serles report no. 14 Serial Title: Nuclear c Author: Inghram MG 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Hayden A.T Publisher: National Acatlemy of Sciences, National Research Council, Washington, 1954 Published Yeai: 1954 Catalog Number: QC 771 5 etc. Title: BASICMECHANISMS3N RADIOBIOLOGY II PHYSICAL AND EMICAL A PECPS W SHZNGTON. Serial Title: Nuclear science series (report n. 15, 1>, 38, 21) National Research Cauncil. Publication 305, 46), 450, 513 Publiahed Yea[: 1953 Page aa2
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Catalog Number: oCN '/IX8Z .C S35 Title: G C SCINTILLA220N DETECTORS COUNTING OF LON ENEAGY BEmAO IXITTERS. Serial Title: Eleevier nographa, 27. Physica section Author: Schram E 2- Aut or Ed.: Lcmbaert R Publisher: Elaevier Pub. Co., Amaterdam, Nev York, 163 Publiahed Year: 1963 Catalog Number: QC Y87 Dy 1980 Titie: LIQDID SCINTILLATION COUNTING PRACTICE. Autho[: Dyer A Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 793.3 .D4 S5 198] Title: THE SINGLE-PARTICLE DENSITY IN PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY. Seriel Title: Techniques Of physica Autbor: rch N 2nd Aut or Ed.: Deb R M N Publiaher: Atademic Pre, London, 198> Published Year: 198) talog Numbe[: QC 793.3.S9 .F86 199'! Tltle: FUNDAMEMfAL SYI4ISPRIES. Serial Title: Ettore Major l sclence serie , Fhysical o n3i ona 2nd Aut or Ed.: Eloch P; Pavlopoulos P; Rlapiach R Publiebe[: Pienum Presa, Nev York, 198). Publiahed Yea[: 198) Catalog Number: QC "/95 .A221J 1965 Title: APPLIED DOSINETRY. Author: Agllntaev X X; Nodyukov V M; Lyzkov A F Publleher: Iliffee Booka Londcn, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Number: QC 795 .F63 195'! Title: ADVANCEE IN APPLIED RADZOISOTOPES AND RELATED SUD.TECTS. Author: aul E H Publishei: Alfred Huthig Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany, 1957 Publiahed Year: 1999 catalog Number: QC '/95 Oa 1981 Title: MONITORING FOR C ANC£ NITN DECONMISSIOING TENMINATION SURVEY CRZTERLA. Author: Oak R N Publiahed Year: 1999 Page 484
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Catalog Number: QC 454.E4 .P"/5 D48 1981 Title: DETECTION OF FREE RADICALS FROM THE REACTIONS OF 02ONE WT OLEFINS AND FROM CZGARETTE GMO%E BY ELECTRONSPIN RESONANCE TECHNIQUES. Author: Pr1et D G Publisher: University MicrofilIDS International Ann Axbor Hich 1981 Published Year: 3981 Catalog Number: QC 454.F) .T65 F68 1991 Title: FOURIER TRANSFORM INFRARED, A CONSTANTLY EVOLVING TECHNOLOGY Serial Title: E1115 Horvood 8er>es 1n Analytical Chemistry Author: Johnston 5 k, E. Mo[WOOd, 1991. Publish er: Yor Published Year: 1991 Cataleg Number: Title: QC 454.L3 .49 1988 INTRODUCTIONT0 NONLINEAR LASER SPECTR05C0PY. Seriel Title: Quantum Electronics--Principles and Applicaticns Author: 2nd Aut o1 Ed.: Publisher: Published Year: Levenson M D E Bost n, NA., Academic Press, 1988 1988 Catalog Number: QC 454.M6 .H4>1J 1989 Title: Author: Publlsher: MOLECULAR SPECTRA AND MOLECULAR STRUCTURE. HerBberg G Malabar, FL., R.E. Erieger Publishing C, 1989~ Published Year: Van Nostrand ReiMOld Co., Nev York 1950 CatalOg Number: QC 454.M6 SB) 1989 Title: Autho[: Publisher: Publlshed Year: FUNOAMENTALS OF MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY. Struve W S York, NY., Wiley, 1989 3989 Catalog Number: QC 457 .AJ85 Title: ADVANCES IN INFRARED AND RAMAN SPECTA05C0PY. Serial Title: Advances i infrared and r spectrossopy. Advances i spectroscopy eVan13. Publisher: Heyden., LOndon, Nev York, 19]5- Published Year: 19'/5 Page 466
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Catalog Nomber: QC "/ R3 C1"/ Title: CRC HANDBOOK OP RADIATION MEASUREMENT AND 2nd Aut or Ed.: PROTECTION C.R.C. HANDAOOE OF RADIATION MEASURENENT APO PAOTECTZON. Brodaky A Publiaher: CRC Pres, Weat Palm Beach, Pla., 19>e- Pabliahed Year: 39'/8 Catalog Number: QC 798 .A1 R3 1953 Title: RADIOISOTOPE TECHNIQU£5 PROCEEDINGS RADIOIEOTOPE CONFERENCE, (1ST : ,0%FORD), ,1951; O%FORD Pablisher: (ENG.)., (lET : ,1. H. M. Stationery Off. 195, London, 1952 Published Year: 1952 Catalog Number: QC E01 Ho 3983 Title: Aottwr: Poblished Year: ICE. HOyle F 1999 Catalog Number: QC 809 .R3 .IS 1- Title: Serial Title: NATURAL RAD2ATION ENVIRONMENT I U. S. Department of ¢nergy, DOE II. Symposimm Series 5g1 d A r EL.: Gesell T F{ LOVder W M blisher: Technical Information Center, U. S. Department of Energy Washington, DC, 1980 Publiahed Year: 1980 Catalog Numbez: QC 809 RJ IS 3 Title: THE NATURAL RADIATION ENVIRONMENT. erial Title: ZIP 3 ity se 3 tennial publications 2nd Aut ar Ed.: ALame JAerLOVder41Nen Publieher: Published for William Marsh Rice D sity by the University of Chica9o Press, Chicago, 1964 Publisbed Year: 1964 Catalog Number: QC 809 R3 15 1972 Title: TH£ NATURAL RADIATION ENVIRONMENT 11. 2nG Avt o[ Ed.: Adams J A; Lovtler W M; Gesell T F pabliaher: U. S. Department Of C , National Technical Infocmation Service Spiingfield, VA.1912 PublisheG Year: 1912 Catalog Number: QC 809 .R3 N3 1 2 Title: NATUML RADIATIONENVIRONMENT. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Vohra K G; Pillai K C; Mishra U C, Sadasivan S PObllsher: JOhn Wiley & Sons Nev York, 1962 PubliaheE Year. 1982 Page 485
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Catalog Number: QC 4 8 19]5 Title: OMPUTERIZED STRUCTURE RETRIEVAL AND INTERPRETATION OF MAS SPECTRA THE D GN AND EVALUATION OF A BRO6A6ILITY BAS£OMATCHINGSYSTEM USING A LARGE DATA DABE. Authot: Pesyna G M Publisher: x University Microfilma Ann Arbor, Mich.19]5 Published Year: 19)5 Catalog Numtez: QC 454 .S515 Title: INTRODUCTORY MASS SPECTROMETAY. Ser1a1 Title: A11yn and Bacon che®15try series Author: Shrader S R Poblishet: Allyn and Bacon, Bostun, 19~1 Published Yeai: 19'/l Catalog Number: QC 454 .] 1964 Title: AN INTNOOUCTION TO £LECTRON SPZN RESONANCE ELECTRON SPIN RESONANCE. 2thor: Sguires T L blisher: Acade®ic Press, Nev York, 1964 Published Year: 196< Catalog Numbet: QC 454 Da 19"/6 Title: OMPOTER AIDED INTERPRETATION 0F MASS SPECTRA AN IMPROVED STIRS PROGHAI4 GIVING INFORNATION ON SOESTRUCTURE PAOBA9ILITIES. Author: Dayxinger H E Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 454 Pe 19'/5 Title: OMpUTERI2ED STRUCTURE RETAIEVAL AND INTEAPRETATION OF MAES SPECPRA TNE DESIGN AND EVALUATION O A PAOAABILITY BASEDMATCHINGSYBTEM USING A LARGE DATA EASE. Author: Pesyna G M Publiehed Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 454.A2 .P'/ 1966 Title: PRINCIPLES OF INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA/MASS SPECTROMETRY SLIDE. Publlsher: Fullerton, CaliE., SAVANT, 3966 Published Year. 1986 Catalog Numbet: QC 454- .P]1 1980 Title: PRINCIPLES OF ICP EMISSION SPECTR05C0PY (SLIUE). 2nd Aut or Ed.: Faasel V A Publisher: Fullerton, CA, SAVANT (Sloane Audiovisuals for Analysis and Training), 1980, 1984. PublisheL Yea[: 1980 Page 465
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Catalog Number: QC 852 . 3 1962 No.B'/ Title: A STRATOSPHERIC GENERAL CIRCULATION EXPERIMENT INCORPONATING DIABATIC HEATING AND OZONE PHOTOCHEMZSTRY. Se[iai Title: Scientific [eport v . 4 McGill Univecsity, Montreal., Arctic Neteiorology Research Group., Publication i logy, v. no. e). Author: 6yron-SCOtt R~ metecro Publisher: McGill University, Arctic Meteorology Research wp, MonT[eal Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC e O66 19'/5 Title: METEOROLOGY WITH MARINE ApPLICATI0N5 METEOROLOGY. Author: Donn W L Publisher: McG[aW-Hill, Nev Ycrk, 1975 Publiahed Year: 19Y5 Catalog Number: QC - .H4]. R43 19>4 Tltle: RECENT ADVANC£S IN SATELLITE OBSERVATIONS OF SOLAR VARIA6ILITY AND GLOBAL ATMOSPHERIC OZONE. Author: Neath D Publisher: U 5 Department of Commerce National Technical Information Ceneter SpringfielG Va 1974 Published Year: 19)4 Catalog Number: QC 8>1 .L3] 1988 Title: LASER REMOTE CHEMICAL ANALYSIS. Serial Title: Chemical analysis v. 94 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Measuces R M Pubiisher: Wiley, New York, 1988 Published Yeac: 198a Catalog Numbec: QC 8)8.5 SS 1981 Title: THE STRATOSPHERE 1981 THEORY AND MEASOREMENTS. Serial Title: o globai o e research and monitoring pcoject. Report n . 33 n Publisher: WOrid Meteorological organization; National Aeronautics and Gpace Administ[ation; £ederal Aviation Administration; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.Geneva, Svitxerland, 19R2 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: QC 879 .A22 19'/8 Title: BTRATOSPHERIC SOUNDING BY INFRARED HETEROUYNE SPECTROSCOPY. Author: Abbas M M; Kunde V G; Mumma M J) Noetiuk T; Buhl D; £re[king M A Publisher: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, 1918 Publiehed Yeai: 39]e Page 496
Page 479: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 482 K5 Title: %RAY DIFFRACTION PROCEWRES FOR POLYCRYSTALLINE AND AHORPHOUS WATERLALS. AuthuT: Klug H P 2nd Aut o Ed.: AlexandeT L E Pub1isheT Wiley, NeW York, 1954 Published Year: 1954 Catalug Numbei: QC 482 .S6 T46 1914 Title: Al IMlROOUCTION TO ERAY SPECTROMETRY. Author: Senkins R Publisher: Heyden, London; New York, 1974 Published Year: 19>4 Catalog Number: pC 482 . Title: ERAY FLUOREBCENCE ANALYSIS OF ENVIRONHENTAL 2nd Aut or Ed.: DiubayT G S Publisher: Ann Arbor Sclence Publishers, Ann Arbor, 1977 Published Yeaz: 19>) Catalog Numbei: QC 482 Ad 19 Title: ADVANCES IN%RAY ANALYSIS. Author: Rhodes J R Published Year: 1999 Catalog Nomber: QC 482 La Title: INTRODUCTION TO ALPHA COEFFICIENTS. Authcr: Lachance G R Publisher: Corpo[ation Scienti£ique Claisse Znc.Canada Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 482 Te 1982 Title: PRINCIPLES OF QUANTITATIVE XRAY FLUORESCENCE ANALYBIS. Author: Tertian R; Claisse F PoblisheT: Heyden PhiladelPhia, 1982c Published Year: 3982 Catalog Number: QC 4 1'itle: THE ANALYSIS OF HIGH RESOLUTION HNR SPECTRA. AutAOr: Abraham R Publisher: ElsevieT Pub. Co, Amsterdam, New York, 1971 Published Year. 19Y1 Page -
Page 480: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 8 ] 19]] Title: ACTION OFSST EMISSIONS ON THE OZONE LAYER. Author: n £ A Publisher: Leo Eanner Associates; Redwood City, CA; Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbe[: QC 8]9 .H91 1977 Title: PROCEEDINGS OF SYMPOSIUM ON 19]5 NORTHEAST O%IUANT TRANBPORT STUDY. Author: Bufalini T J; LoMeman N Publiaher: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Pk., NC, 19]] Publiahed Year. 1999 Catalog Number: QC 8 19]6 Title: STRATOSPHERIC MEASURENENT REQUIREMENTS AND ITE BORNE REMOTE SENSING C A TIES. Auth oz': ichael .] J; Eldzidge R G; FreyEIJ btltre corporation, McLean, VA.~ 19 , Pub115hed:Yeat: 3999 talog Number: QC 8]9 .C13 1969 Title: AVANT PROPOS. Author: Cahierre M r uiraud L T Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 8]9 .C34 19]6 Title: MECHANISM OF PHOTOCHEMICALLY INITIATED OXIDATIONS. Authoi: Calvert J O Publisher: The Ohio State University, Chemistry Dept., Columbus, OH., 19]6 Publiahed Yeai: 19]6 Cataloq Number: QC 8]9 .C42 19]0 Title: ATOMIC COLLZSION PROCESSES RELATING TO THE IONOSPHERE. Author: Chantry P J Publisher: Jaint Institute foi Labotatory Astrophysics, Boulder, c , 1970 Publiehed Year: 19]0 Catalog Number: QC 8]9 .C42 19)8 Title: APPLICATION OF FOURIER TRANSFORM SPECTROSCOPY TO AIR POLLUTION PROELEM6. Authoc: Chang Y S; Shav J H; Niple E Publishei: The Ohio Etate University Rasearch Foundation, COlumbus, OH., 19]8 Fublished Year. 19]e Paqe 489
Page 481: ggs04d00
Catalog NuIDber: QC - .B56 19'/8 Title: SOMMARY RESEARCH PROGRAM ON EFFECT OF FLUOROCARBONS ON THE ATMOSPHERE. Author: elock B F; Bover F A; Maqid H 3nd Aut or Ed.: Ward R B; Soulen S R; Mag1d H; B r F A Pub118her: ManuPacturinq Chemista Associaticne Washington, Published Yeax: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 6]9 .B6'! 191e Title: DETEEMINATION OF ME OZONE PROFILE FROM ME OOTGOING THERMAL EMISSION. Authox: Bozisenkov y P; %aygoradtaev A Y; Pokrovskiy O M Publisher: Leo Nanner Associates; Redvood City, CA.; Published Yeaz: 1999 Catalog Number: QC e .B'/2 19 Title: MONITORING OFATMOSPHERIC NITRIC ACID AND FLUOROCAReON-il BY MEANS OF GROUND-BASEU SOLAR SPECTROSCOPY. Author: Bzadford C M Publieher: Univexsity %icrafilms International~ Ann Arboz, MI 19>8 Published Year: 1999 Catalog Nombez: QC e .B'/2 1980 Tltle: CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF RECENT REPORTS ON ME EFFECF OF CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS ON ATMOSPHERIC OZONE. Seriai Title: Environment and Quality of Life Series Author: ur G Publisher: Officefor Official Pubiicatione of the European Published Yeaz: 1980un1[ies Catalog Numbez: QC 879 .B"/4 19'/8 Title: OZONE CONCENTRATION IN ME CABIN OF A GATES LEARJET MEASURED SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH ATMOSPHERIC NCENTRATIONS. Serial Title: NASA technical papez No. 1340. Authoz: Briehl D; erkina P J Publiaher: NationalTechnical Informatian Service, Springfield, VA., 19'/8 Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC e .B76 19]3 Title: PROCEEDINGS OF THE SECOND CONFERENCE 0N THE CLINATIC INPACT ASSESSMENT PROGRAN. Authaz: Bzadezick A J Publisher: DOT Txansportation Systems Center~ Cambridqe~ HA., 19)3 Published Year: 1999 Page 488
Page 482: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: QC 4 5 1957 ANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS OF NEAR INFRARED SPECTRA. Author: Publisher: n J H Univereity Microfilms International Ann Arbor, Publishad Year: 195] 1957 Catalog Number: QC 452 .N4 1945 v.2 Titie: INFRARED AND RAMAN SPECTRA OF PULYATOMIC Serisl Title: MOLECULES. His, Molecular spectra and molecular structure 2 Author: Publieher: Herzberg G Van Nostrand, New York, 1945. Published Year: 1945 Catalog Number: QC 45> .H4 1 I Title: Serial Title: ELECSRONIC SPECTRA AND ELECfAONZC STRUCTNRE OF POLYATOMIC MOL£CULES. His, Molecula[ spectra and molecular structure 3 Author: Pubiisher: Published Year: Herzberg G Van Nostrand, 1966 Nev York, 1966 Catalog Number: QC 457 .H41 I'/5 Title: IRSCOT INFRAAEO STRUCPORAL COARELATION TABLES. 2- Aut or Ed.: Miller R G J; Wiilic H A) Hediger H J Publisher: Heyden s Son Limited London 1964- Published Year: 1964 Catalog Number: QC 4 6 198< Title: INPROVEMENTS OF THE NEAR-INFRARED DIFFOSE-REFLECfANCE TECNNIQUE NEAR-INFRARED DIFFVSE-REFLECTANCE TECHNIQOE. Author: Honigs D E Publisher: 1984Univeraity Microfilm International Ann Arbo[, MI., 1964 Fublished Year: 1984 Catalog Number: QC 45'! . H1 1980 TStle: INFRAREDTRFNSlIISSION THROUGH SCREENING SMO%E5, E%PERIMEMLAL CONSIUERATIONS. Author: Holst G C Publisher: Chemical Syatems Laboratory, DRDAR-CLB-P5, Aberdeen Proving Ground, !ID , 1980 Fublished Yea[: 1980 Page 468
Page 483: ggs04d00
OE4 a6ed sT('PX '6xnqszay>Feg) ' o>6ujyseM " 3b0 '> ?id 'Y.c~ 'S'O ' sao0 dou'}dn5 ay> Fq ates io3uispiapue;5 3o neaxn8 LeuoFleN 'S'N zeax Pays?iqnd xaysjiqnd Y N >szng 92E :'P3 zo ;nY Pui uo?;eaitqnd Tejoads spzepue;5 3o n xng T¢uoi>eN a :aT;TY ieTZaS 'S9NI033JONd 5300NS>3R3 3AISJ3T35N02 :aT}FS 9LE ou LSg' OOI JD :zaQmnN 6ote}eJ 696t :zeax paysFTQnd uo;bu[yseM "3;0 '>uFid 596T ' O ao0 ;0 '}dn5 aY1 Fq ates zob aPZePUe;S 3 n xne Teuoj>eN 'S'N xaysjiQnd O d xnaT3 e'I '8 f ao F2T[ :'p3 zo }nY pu2 ea TSqnd TeTOads spzepuelS ;o n zng LeuOF>eN e :at1?,L Iejzas '30N Ig33JOHd sISI.RYNY NOISYAISJY NI 50N3NS Ntl3O0W :ai;Fi ZTE 'ou LSO 00T Jb :xaqmnN 6ote;eJ 696T :zeaF PaVa?L4nd "ddo 'quFxd •q.+o~ 6961 vo;6v.yseM aoa do ~}dns V1 F9 aies zod aPxaPue;S ;o n zng ieuoF>eN f C ysny :S g za;zcJ zaVSTiqnd :'P3 zo 1nY PuL oF1e0Fiqnd TeFJada s :aLa?a LejxaS z 'so2zos ao 3aaRnuas eaNY SJIXYNxa aYRn>3'IOw :anFa TOE 'ou G50' 00T JO :zaQmnN 6ote;eJ GssT :zeax PaysFTqnd uo;5uTyseH ";;o '3u?zd '}no0 'S'[1 ' Oo0 3 L93dn5 a41 F9 atea zo3 apzepuelS ;o neazn8 LeuoF}aN 'a J ;c 1da0 .iaysjTqnd azymn aujPOZneW .zoV;nY TOZ uot>eotTqnd snoauaLLaOSFm spzepvelS 3o n xne Teuot>eN :ai;jy LeFZaS '996t0082a5NOISYJIRddY RYJISxRYNY xdOJSONSJ3dS 3WMId NO ENdYtlO0IR8I8 :aT}FS I82 'ou GSN' OOT JO :xaqmnN bote}eJ 996T ~xeaF pays?Lqnd 99fiT uo}6u?yseN ";;O "}utxd'>~o0 ' 's>uamnao0 ;o >uapua;ujaadn5 ah Fq ates zob ~spzepue;5 ;o neaznB TeuotleN 'aaxammoJ ;o ;da0 'S'1l xaysiT9nd X 8 u mnaN :'P3 zo ;nY puZ X X u zapuag .xoV1nY 9ti uoF}eajFqnd s ueTlaas?W spsepuelS ;o n xng TeuoF;eN ' sa>e>s pa1?u0 :aT>iS Te<ias 'M32A3N 3llfISYg3SI'1 Y SW8SSF5 NOZSYXiIOdNI ONOWY xS.IRIBISYdNOJ ONY FSIRIg2233ANOJ NOZSYN3dO0J :aT1jt 9LZ 'ou LSN' 00t JO :zaqmnN 6oTe;eJ
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Catalog Number: QC 4]7 .F58 1 Tltle: FLUORESCENCE THEORY INSTRUMENTATION AND PRACTICE. 2nd Alt o Ed.: Guilbault G Publishei E. Arnold„ London, 196> Publiahed Year: 1967 Catalog Number: QC 477 U3 Title: FLUORESCENC£ ASSAY IN BIOLOGY AND lBDICINE. Setial Title: Molecular biology, An International Series of Monographs and TextbccRS Vol. 3 Author: Udenfriend S Publieher: Academic Press NeW York, 1962 Published Year: 1952 Catalog Number: pC 481 .CB"/ 1 Title: ELEMENTS OF %-RAY DIFFRACTION. serial Tiue: Addison-Wesley metellurgy series Author: cullity 9 D Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub. C, Reading, Mas , 1956 Published Year: 1956 Catalog Number: QC 481 .S9) 1970 Titie: ENERGY DISPERSION XRAY ANALYSIS %RAY ANU ELECTRON PROBE ANALYSIS. Serial Title: American s iety for Testing and Materials . Special technical publication, n aB5 Publisher: n Society far Testing and Materials, Philadelphia, 1971 Published Year: 19~1 CatalOg Number: QC 481 Am 1970 Title: %RAY ENSION AND ABSORPTION WAVELENGTHS AND TWOTNETATABLES. Serial Tit1e: AETM Data Series DS 3>A Author: White E W 2nd Aut or Ed.: lehnson G Publisher: American Society for Testing and Materiala Philadelphia, 19]0 Published Year: 1970 talog Number: QC 4 A Title: ADVANCESIN STRUCTURE RESEARCH BY DIFFRACTION HODS. 3nd Aut or Ed.: Brill R Publishet: veg:, Braunschveig, 1964 Published Year: 1964ie Page 474
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Catalog Numbez: QC 819 .F5) 19)) Title: A NUMERICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE METEROLOGICAL AND PHOTOCHEMICAL PROCESSES WHICH INFLUENCE TROPOSPHERIC OZONE ANU OTHER TRACE CONSTITOTENTS. Author: Fislnoan T Publiaher: Univeraity Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, ML, 19]> Published Year: 1977 Catalog Number: QC 879 .H42 M38 1974 Title: MATHEMATICAL ELNLATION OP SMW CHAMBER PHOTOCHEMICAL EXPERIMENTS. Author: Hecht T A 2nd Aut or Ed.: Liu M-E; NTiCney D C Publiaher: San Rafael, C, Systeme Applications, Inc., 19>4 Publisbed Year: 1999 Catalog Nusber: QC 9]9 .I46 19"/5 Title: IMPACTS OF CLIMATIC CHANGE ON THE EIOSPHERE PART lA AND 1E OLTRAVIOLET RADIATION EFFECTS. Ser1a1 Title: Climatic Impact Aaseasment program Monograph No.5 Publiaher: U S Department of C nal Technicel Information Service Springfi'eld Va 19]5 Publiahed Year: 19>5 Catalog Numbe[: QC 9]9 .J4'! A53 1976 Title: ANALYSIS OF THE DATA FROM THE THREE DIMENSIONAL ORADIENT STODY. Author: Jerakey T N 2nd Aut or Ed.: La®b R G; Durbin P A; Eillus J; Smith T S; Marsh 5 L; White W H Publisher: Altadena,CA., Meteorological Research, Inc., San Aafael, CA., Systema Application Inc., 19"/6 Published Year: 19)6 Catalog Numbez: QC 8"/9 .M5"/ 1969 Title: PHOTOCHEMISTAY OF OZONE. Ser1a1 Title: SCientific Report NO. 47 Author: Mitra A P Publiaher: National PTysical Laboratory, Delhi, India Published Year: 1999 Catalag Numbez: QC 879 .MS 1978 Title: SPECTRAL RADIOMETRIC MEASUREMENTS OF SUB ARTIC STRATOSPHEAIC CONSTITUENTS. Author: ray D C; Murcray F N; GOldman A Publiaher: sity of Denver, Uept. of Physics, Denver, CO Publiahed Ysar. 1999 Page 691
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Catalog Number: UC 8'/9 .S35 P]6 1965 Title: PRODUCTION OF ELEClRONICALLY EXCIT£D OXYGEN HOLECULES AND THEIR REACTIONS 4RTH 020N£. Author: Schiff H I Published Year: 1965 Catalog Number: UC 8"! US 19'/6 Title: PHOTOCHENICAL OXIDANTS IN THE AHBIENT AIR OF THE UNITED STATES. Berial Title: Ecological ....... h Serles EPA-600/I-76-01"!. Author: Dimitriades e Publiaher: U.S. Envi-ental Protection Agency, Environmentai Bciences Research Laboratory, Research Triangle Park, NC 19)6 Published Year: 19t6 Catalog Number: QC 279 .W43 19'/) Title: STUDIES OF OXIDANT TRANSPORT BEYOND URBAN AREAS NEW ENGLAND SEA BREE2E 1975. Author: etberg H 2nd Ant or Ed.: Robinson E; £liae D; AllWine K PubliSher: ashington State Univereity, A Section, Chemical Engineeiing Departmen[c,ePUllman, 19~] Publiahed Year: 397"/ Catalog Number: QC 8>9 . W 1975 Title: RIODICANALYSIS OF TOTAL 02ONE AND ITS VERTICAL DISTRIBUTION. Author: Wilcox R Nasirom G D] Belmont A D Publisher: Contr0l Data Corp., Research Division, Ninneapolls, NH, S9is Published Year: 19)5 Catalog Number: QC 8]9 .N54 1978 Title: STUDIES OF STRATOSPHERIC EDDY TRANSPORT. Author: Wilcox R W; Naetrom G B n D£ Pub115heT: Control Data Corporation,Minneapolis, MN, 19'/8 Publiahed Year: 19"/6 Catalog Number: QC 879 Da 1977 Title: INVESTIGATION OF THE E F OF OSPHERIC DUST ON THE DETERNINATION OPTOTALOEONE PROM THE EANTH'S ULTRAVIOL£TREFLECfIVITYHEASUREMENTS FINAL REPORT. Author: Dave I V Publiehed Year: 1999 Page 49]
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Catalog Number: OC 457 Sz Title: SYSTEMATIC AP ROACH TO THE INTERPRETATTON OF INFRARED SPECTRA. Authar: 52ymanaki N A Publisher: Nertillon Press Nev York, 196> Pub135hed Year: 196) Catalog Number: QC 459 .H35 D48 Title: DESIGN FABRICATION AND FLIGHT OF A W SPECTROPHOTOMETER ABOARD A WESIF HIGH ALTITDDE AIRCRAFT FOR THE CIAP FLIGHT SERZES SUMMARY REPORT. Autho[: Hanser P A Sellers D; H l I L Publisher: Waltham, Mass., Panametrica I r1- ade1975 Published Year: 19'/5 Catalog Number: QC 459 .H35 T68 Tltle: TOTAL OZONE DERIVED FAOM W SPECTROPHOTOMETER EASUREM£NTS ON THE NASA CV990 AIRCHAFT FOR THE FALL 19]6 LATITUDE SURVEY FLIGHTS. Author: Hanaer F; Sellers E Publisher: National Aeronautics and SPace Admirtistration Washington D C Oct. 19" Publiebed Year: 1977 Catalog Number: QC 459 .528 Title: THE SADTLER STANDARD SPECTRA. Pub115her: Sadtler Fesearch Laboratories Philadelphia Pa 1960 Publiehed Year: 3960 Catalog Numbez: QC 462 . C J64 Title: CARD0N13Ht9i SPECTRA A COLLECTION OF ASSIGNED CODED AND INUEXED SPECTRA. Authot: Johnson L F 2nd Aut ar Ed.: ,Iankovaki N Publisber: wiley-Interscience, Nev York, 1971 Publlshed Year: 1912 Catalog Numbe[: QC 462.85 .086 1990 Title: A COMPILATION OF CHEMICAL SHIFT ANISOTROPIES Authoi: Ouncan T M Pubiishez: Chicago, Farragut Pre, 1990. Published Yeaz: 1990 ` Catalag Numbez: QC 462.C1 .W43 1980 Illtfff[,{ Title: INTERFRETATTON OF CARBON 13 HMN SPECTRA. Author: We=rli F W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Wi thlin T Publisher: Nev York, Heyden, 1980 ` PublisAed Year: 1999 m i , Page 471
Page 488: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: QC 9]9 Mel 1 Ti[le: ATER VAPaR NITRIC ACID AND 020NE MIXING RATIO HRIGHT PROFILES DERIVED FROM SPECTRAL RADIOMETRIC NEAGUREMENTS. Authoi: Murcray 0 G~ 8[ooks J N~ Goldman A: Koste[s S J~ Williams N Publishei: University of Denve[, Uept. of Physics and Ast[onomy, Denv [, CO Published Year: i999 Catalog Numbei: QC 8]9 .096 19]8 Title: OSER'S GUIDE TO THE NIMHUS-4 EACKSCATTER ULTRAVIOLEf EKPERIMENT DATA SEfS. Serial Title: Technical Memo Report No. TN >R069 Author: Oaone Pracessing Team Publisher: enbelt, Maryland, GOddard Spaca Flight C ntr, Information Processing Division, Measurement Evaluation Eranch, 1918 Published Yea[: 19>8 Catalog Number: QC 8 .P56 1980 Title: INCREASES IN CO2 AND CNLOROFLOOROHETNANES COUPLED EFFECTS ON STRATOSPHERIC OZONE. Autho[: Penner J E Pubiishei: Livermore, C, vrence LSvermore Laboratoiy, 980 Published Year: 1980 Catalag Numbei: QC 8]9 PSS M42 1977 Title: NECHANISMS OF PHOTOCHEMICAL REACTIONS IN URBAN AIR. Author: i Publishe[: O5 Depaitment of Commerce Natianal Technical Information Service 8pringfield va ls]] Publisned Yea[: 19]] Catalog Number: QC 8]9 .R19 K Tit1e: KINETIC STUDIES OY THE REACTIONS OF CH302 WITH N02 AND OM W1- NN03. Author: RavishaNCa[a A R: eisele F L; W e P H Publisher: U S Depa[tment of C NaGionai Technical Info[mation ServiceoSpiingYield Va 1983 Published Year: 1983 CatalOg Number: QC 8]9 .R68 068 1974 Title: OPTICAL INTERFERENCE PNENONENON. Authoi: n Rosenberg c 2nd Aut cr Ed.: Tiainor D W{ Lovenstein A Pubiisher: Everett, MA., Avco F.verett Research Labo[atory, 19]4 Pubiished Year: 19>4 Page 492
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Catalog Number: Title: QC 45> .J66 1953 OLLECSED INFRARED ABSORPTION SPECTRA OF STEROID Se[ia1 Title: SAPOGENINE. National Resea[ch Council of Canada. N.R.C. no. 2929 Author: Jones R N nellenbogen E; Dobriner E Publlsher: National Research Cauncil of Canada Ottava, Published Year: nada, 1953 1953 Catalog Number: QC 45) .R4 Title: Autho[: Publishe[: APPLIED INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY. Eendall D N Reinhold Pub. Co[p., Nev YOrk, 1966 Pubuehea Yea[: 1966 Catalog Number: QC 4 .L46 1972 Title: APPLICATION OF FOURIER TRANSFORM SPECTROSCOPY FOR GAS CHROMATOGRAPN EFPLUENT ANALYSIS AND Author: STRUCTURAL STUDIES. Lephardt T Publisher: Published Ye University Mic[ofilms Ann Arbor, MI, 1972 19"!2 ar: Catzlog Number: Qc 45"/ .L)5 1 Title: Autho[: INFRARED Little L SPECTRA H OF AESORNED SPECIES. Publishe[: Academic Press, London, New York, 1966 Published Year: 1966 Catalog Numbe[: QC 45'/ .N4 198> Title: 2nd Aut Or Etl.: NEAR INFRARED TECHNOLOGY IN THE AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD INDUSTRIES. Wllliams P: No[[is E Publiaher: Ame[ican Association of cereal Chemists, Znc.St. Paul, MN 198) Published Year: 198'/ Catalog Number: Title: QC 4 N9 1961 INFRAREDSPECTRA OF POLYMERS AND RESINS. Autho[: Publisher: Nyquist R A 0 emical C Ch o.Midland MI 1561 Published Year: 1963 , , Catalog Number: Title: QC 457 .N91 1989 THE INFRARED SPECTRA BUILDING BLOCKS OF POLYMERS. Author: Publieher: Nyquist R Philadelphia, PA., Sadtler Research Labo[ato[ies, Published Year: 1989 198z Page 469
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Catalog Number: QC $79 Si 1975 Title: AEROSOLS OUR FRIENDS OUR ENEMIES. Authoz: Sigal V L Atblished Yeaz: 1999 Catalog Number: QC Bl9 Un 19]5 Title: TH£ INTERNATIONAL LEGAL AND INSTITUTIONAL ASPECTS OP TH STRATOSPHERE O20NE PROBLEM. Author: Christol c Q Publishez: Waehington, DC., U.S. GoK. Pzinting Office, 19]5 Published Year: 1999 Catalog Numbez: Titie: QC 8]9 Un 1 CHEMICAL EINETICS AND PHOTOCHEMICAL DATA FOR USE N STRATOSPHERIC MODELING EVALUATION NUMSER 5. Published Yeaz: 1999 Catalog Number: Title: Author: QC 829 W .U"! 19]8 USER'S MANUAL FOR NINETICS MODEL AND 020NE ISOPLLTH PLOTTING PACRAGE. NTitten G E; Hogo H Publishez: Publishetl Year: Systems Applications, Inc., San Rafael, CA, 39]8 19]8 Catalog Number: Title: Author: QC e79 Wi 19]6 EVALUATION OF A SHORT TERM OXIDANT CONTROL STRATEGY. Wilson K; Elkus 8 Published Yea[: 1999 Catalog Nuiaber: Title: QC 9>9.2 Nl] 1977 THE UPPER ATMOSPNERE AND MAGNETOSPHERE. ial Title: Stutlies in geophysica Publisher: Published Year: National ACademy of Sciences, Washington, 19]] 193] CatalOg Numher: QC 8]9.3 .U53 C45 19]2 Title: MATIC IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROGRAM WORKSHOP ON 2 d A t Ed COMPUTATIONAL MODELING OF THE ATMOSPHERE. U d d R L n u or .: Publisher: n ereoa ashington, DC., Office of the Secretary TST, 1972 Publishetl Year: 19]2
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Catalog Number: QC 6.C65 198"/ Title: MPILATION OP ELEMENTAL CONCENTRATION OATA FOR NBS CLINICAL BIOLOGSCAL GEOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONM£NTAL STANUARD REFERENCE MATERIALS. Serial Titie: NBS special publication 260-111 Standzrd reference matezials 2ntl Aut or Ed.: Gladnay E S Publisher: U.S. nept. of Com®erce, National Bureau o£ Btandarde, For sale by Supt. of Docs., U.S. c.P.o., Nasninqton, DC, (isHl- PuDlished Year: 1981 Cateloq Number: QC 61 .P58 198'/ Title: FORMULAS FACTS AND CONSTANTS FOR STUDENTS AND PRDFE55IONALS IN ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY AND PNYSICS. Author: schbeck N J 2nd Aut or Ed.: Pischbeck K Publisher: Springer-Verlag, Berlin{ Nev York, 1987. Publiehed Year: 1987 Catalog Number: QC 6.25 1961 Title: Authox: INOUSTRIAL RESEARCH SERVICE'S CONVEASION FACTORS AND T S CONVER SION FACTOAS AND TABLES. ZimmermanO T 2nd Aut ox £d.: Publisher: Lavine ; Industrial Reseaxch Service, DOV , N.H., 1963 PublisRed Year: 1963 Catalog Nusber: QC 665 .E4 N Title: RAOIOFREQUENCY EL£CTROMAGNETIC FIELDS PROPERTIES QOANTITIES AND UNITS BIOPHYSICAL INTERACTION AND MEASUREMENTSRECONMENUATIONS OF TH£ NATIONAL COUNCIL ON RAnIAT1ON PROTECTION AND MEASUREMENTS. Serial Title: NCRP report publisbex: NCRP, Nashington, D.C., 1981 Pnblished Year: 3983 Cata1og Nuwber: QC 6')O .RG Title: THE SCATTERING OF LIGHT AND OTHER ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION. eiial Title: Physical chemistzy, a series of monographs, 36 Author: erker M Publisher: Acatlemic Press, Nev Yoxk, 1969 Published Year: 3969 Page 498
Page 493: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: Title: QC 9>9.)2 .N353 19"!9 BTRATOSPNERIC O ONE DEPLETION BY HALOCARBONS CHEMISTRY AND TRANSPORT. Publisher: nal Academy Of Scienc, aehington, O, 19'/9 Published Yeat: 19]9 Catalog Number: QC 879.'/2 U, 19 1977 Title: THE OZONE LAYER PROCEEDINGS OF THE MEETING OF EkPENTS DESIGNATED BY GOVERNMENTS INTERGOVEANMENTAL ANUNONGOVERNMENTALORGANIZATIONS Eerial Title: 3nd Aut or £d.: ON THE OZONE LAYER. Enviionmental sciences and applications, v. 4 Bisvas A K Publisher: Published for the United Nations Envi[onment Pragramme by Pergamon 2rass, OxforU, Eng.; NeW Published Yea[: York, 19"!9 19"!9 Catalog Numbet: Title: QC 819.G8 .B44 1978 IDELIN£S FOR FLIGHT PLANNING DURING PERIODS OF Serial Title: HIGH OZONE OCCURRENCE. Eeport - Federal Aviation Administration FAA-EQ-]8-03 Au[hor: Belmont A D; Wilcoz R W; Naetrom G D; Hoviani D, Published Yeax: Dartt D G 19]8 Catalog Number: Titie: QC 880 .048 N0. 1 19>5 THE POSSIBLE INPACT OF FLUOROCAABONS AND Serial Title: HALOCARBONS ON OZONE MAY 19]5. ICAS 18, Publishex: aehin9ton, D.C.Federal C 1 fox Science and Tecbnology, Science and TeGfnology Policy Office, Published Year: 19~5 Cdtalog Numbe[: QC 981 .S'!2 n. 16 Title: MIGH-LATITUDE O A ROCKET-BORNE MULTI-NAVELENGTN SOLAR IRRADIANCEHPHOTOMETER. Serial Title: sity of Stockholm, Oept. Of Meteorology, Author: Report AP-is rahn S i Publisher: Universityo£ Stockholm, Dept. of Meteorology, Stockholm 19>4 Publisbed Year: 1999 Catalog Numbex: QC 881.2.MJ .M34 T44 1967 Title: Autho[: Publlshed Year: TEMPORAL VARIATIONS OP MESOSPMERIC 0%YGEN AND OZONE DURING AURORAL EVENTS. Maeda K; Aikin A C 196'/ Page 499
Page 494: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbet: QC 8 .C45 19)6 Title: MEASUREMENT OP GASEOUS MINOR CONSTITUENTS IN THE NATURAL STRATOSPNEAE. Publisher: European Space Agency, Paris, erance, 19)6 Publiahed Year: 1976 Catalog Number: QC 879 C6T 1973 Title: MONTNLY WEATHER REVIEW. Author: Cor2lne H A Publiahaz: National O and Aimoaphezic Adminiatration, Rockville,cle~anicl9'/3 Published Year: 39]3 Catalog Numbez: QC 879 .C)2 1969 Title: STRATOSPHERIC OZONE AND CIRCULATION. Authoz: Czaig R A; Claik .I H Publiahei: Florida State University, Dept. of Meteozoiogy, Tallahassee, FL., 1969 Published Yea1: 1969 Catalog Number: QC 8)9 .C)6 19 Title: DETERMINATIONQY TRACE GASES IN LEARJET AND U-2 WHOLE AZR SANPLES COLLECTED DURING TNE ZNT£RTROPICAL CONVERGENCE ZONE STUDY. Auther: n D R 2nd Aut or Ed.: Robinson E Publisher: ashington State U zsity, Air P011ution Aesearch Section, Pullman, WA., 19)8 Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 8'/9 .D38 19]6 Tltle: INVESTIGATION OF THE EFFECI' OF ATMOSPHERIC DUST ON THE DETERMINATION OF TOTAL OZONE FROM THE EARTN'S UL RAVIOLET REFLECTIVITY MEASUAEMENTS TECHNICAL R£PORT 11. Author: Dave J V PublisheT: Inte[national Business Machines Corporation, Federai SYStema Oivision, Gaitheraburg, MD., 39'!6 Published Year: 19J6 Catalog Number: QC 8 .D42 19)6 Title: DESIGN STUDY FOR A HIGH RESOLUTION OZONE HAPPER. utbor: Decker S r R; Wegant R Publisher: Goddartl space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, 19)6 Published Yeaz: 39'/6 Page 490 0
Page 495: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 881.2.T)5 .N3> V17 1977 Title: VARIABZLITY AND TRANSPORT OF OZONE AT TNE TROPOPAOSE FROM THE FIRST YEAR OF GASP DATA. Serial Title: Author: Conttal astrom Data Corporation Research Repo[t NO. 6 G D 2nd Aut or Ed.: Pubiishe[: Holdeman antrol S D Data CorporatiOn Minneapolis I9f 19"!] Publiahed Year: 19'I'1 Catalog Number: QC 881.2- 5 .W<5 N63 19]6 Title: MEASUAETIENTS OF BACRGR00ND HYDROCARBONS IN REMOTE Autho[: 2nd Avt ot Ed.: AREAS. Whitby A Roland L; Mobnen V; Coffey P Publisher: Oniveraity of Albany, Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, Albany, NY19'/6 Published Year: 19J6 Catalog Number: QC e .A35 Ft. 1 Title: AEROSOL MICROPHYSICS I PARTICLE INTERACTION PARTICLE INTERACTION. Serial Title: Topic n Ourient physics 16 2nd Aut or £d.: Mat1oW WN Publisher: Spiinger-Vezlag, Berlin; NeW York, 1980 Published Yea[: 1980 Catalog Number: QC 882 .A35 Pt. 2 Title: AEROSOL NICROPNYSICS I EMICAL PNYSICS OP MICROPARTICLES CHEMICAL PNYSICS OP MICROPARTICLES. ial Title: Topice in enG physice 29 2nd Aut or Ed.: MarloW WNCUBaItes H P Publisher: Springet-Verlag~ Berlin, New York, 1962 Published Year: 1982 Catalog Number: QC 682 .B53 1983 Title: ABSOAPTION AND SCATTERING OF LIGHT BY SNALL ARTICLES. Author: Bohren C F; Nuffman D R Publiaher: Tohn Wiley 6 Sone NeW York, 1983 Publlehed Year. 1983 Catalog Number: QC 882 . Title: PARTICLESIN THE ATMOSPHERE ANO SPACE. 3 Author: Cadle R O Publisher: Reinhold, New York, 1966 Published Year: 1966 Page 509
Page 496: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 881.2.09 .P66 A 8 19J8 Title: AN ASSESSMENT OF THE EFFECT OF SUPERSONIC AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS ON THE STRATOSPHERIC OZONE CONTENT. Sezial Title: ASA Reference Publication 1026 Author: Poppoff I G; Whitten R; Turco R P; Capone L bliaher: NaCional A a Space Adm iniatrtlOn A Pu bliaher:Scientific andTechnical and Information Office Wash3ngton D C 19J8 Publisned Yeaz: 1978 Catelog Number: QC 881.2.09 .R35 P]9 1969 Titls: HYSICAL AND DYNAMIC PROCESSES IN THE STRATOSPHERE AND MESOSPHERE FROH OEB£RVATZONS OF ATMOSPHERIC OZONE AND OF NIGRT AIRGLOW. Serial Title: AFCRL-JO-0665 Author: .... athan R R Publisher: USDepartment of Com®merce National Technical Information Service Springfield Va 1969 Published Year: 3969 Catalog Number: QC 981.2.09 .R84 E35 19'/5 Title: EINE UNTERSUCHUNG DES SOLAREN FRADNHOFERSPEHTRUMS IM H REICH DER NUGGINS EANDE DES O UNTER DERUCESICHTIGUN6 ZUSATZLICHER OZONANSORPTION ; INVESTIGATSON OFTHE SOLAR FRAUNHOFER S C NM IN THE HUGGINS HAND RANGE OF OZONE (315-138NN) CONSIDERING ADDITIONAL OZONE ABSORPTION. Author: Ruge N Publisher: eraity of Cologne Cologne Germany 19J5 Publiehed Year: 1975 Catalog Number: QC e ] 154 19]5 Title: INFHARED COOLING OF THE ATMOSPHERE EY THE 9.6 OZONE. Serial Title: MassachuseGts Inetitute of Technology, Dept. Of MeteorOlagy, Master Of Science Thesis, 1975 Author: Slade W Publisher: ambridqe, MA AFIT Htudent at the Maseachusetts Inetitute of Technology, 19Y5 Publlahed Yeai: 19J5 Catalog Number: QC 881.2.09 .565 R45 Title: THE R£LATION OP O%IDANT LEVELS T EMISSIONS AND METEROLOGICAL FEATUR£S V.3,2,3. Serial Titie: EPA 450.3-J"/-022c AuUAOr: P E; Ludvig F L) Nancuso R L Publisher: SRI Internaticnal, Men1o Pazk, CA., 19]'! Published Year: 19JJ Page 503
Page 497: ggs04d00
Cataloq Number: QC 882 .C35 1996 Title: CASCAD£ IMPACTOR, SAMPLING F DATA ANALYBIG. 8erial Title: Monograph seies / American Industrial Hygiene Association 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lodqe 3 P; Chan T L Publisher: Aeerican Industrial Hygiene Association, Akron, 5 e Published Year: 19s s Catalog Number: QC 882 C5 1976 Title: PROC£EDINGS OF THE FOURTH CONF£RENCH ON THE CLIMATZC IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROGRAN. Author: Hatd T M eroderick A J Publlaher: ashingtOn, D.S. Dept. of Traneportation, 1975 Publiahed Yeaz: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 882 .F581J2 Title: FIEIKA AERODISPERSNYEH SISTEM ENGLISH ADVANC£S IN AEROSOL PHYSICE. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Fetloseev V A Publisher: J. Wiley, Nev York, 19'/1- Publiahed Year: 19"!1 Catalog Number: QC 882 .FB6 19Y8 Title: OF AEROSOL SCI£NCE (PAPERS) SYMPOSINA ON AEROSOL SCIFMCE AND TECHNOLOGY, , ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.), ,1976. 21 d Aut or Ed.: Shav D Publisher: Wiley, Nev York, 1978 Published Year: 19'!8 Catalog Number: QC 882 .R<5 1984 Title: INTRODDCTION TO AEROSOL SCI£NC£. Author: iat P C Publieher: Nev York, Macmillan Pub. Co.; London, Colliez Macmillan, Published Yeat: 1984 Catalag Number: QC 882 .R62 E38 1965 Title: BASIC STUDIES OF GAS SOLID ZN ERACTIONS III CON8I06RATIONS IN ATMOSPHERIC CONTAMINANT REMOVAL. Author: Robe11 A T; Sallou E V; Borgardt F Publisher: Clearinghouse for Federal 8cientific and Technical Information Springfield Va 1965 Fublished Year: 1965 Page 510
Page 498: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 891.2.09 .S6) T)2 1976 Tltle: RANSPORT OF O%IDANT BEYOND DRBAN AREAS. Serial Title: Ecological Research Series Author: Spicer C N{ G J L; Joseph D W; Stricksel P R; ard G F; Bufalini S J Pub115hed Year. 19]6 Catalog Number: QC 8E3.2.09 .S6'! TT] 19>'! Title: THE TRANSPORT OF O%IDANT BEYOND DRBAN AREAS DATA ANALYSES AND PREDICTIVE MODELS FOR THE SOUTHERN NEN ENGLAND STDDY 1975. Authar: Spicer C W; Ge J L; S icksel P R Publisher: U s Department®of Commerce National Technical Information Center Springfield Va 1977 Published Year: 1977 Catalag Numbe[: QC 881.2.09 .S'/3 DJ8 N Title: POLICY ASSESSMENT OF ALTERNATIVES FOR OZONE LAYEA PROTECTION TECHNICAL REPORT. Serial Title: Stanford R a[ch International SRI Technical Report Business Tntelliqence Program Datalog file 80-484 Author: Loehman E; Lee S Cofor R; V n D D; Boldt D Publi6her: SRI International Buslness Tntelliqertce Piogr Menlo Park Ca 1980 Published Year: 1980 Catalog Number: QC 881.2.09 .S'/2 OJB NO. 8D-525 Title: INTERNATZONAL UNCERTAINTIES IN CHLOROFLUOROCARBON TOSPNERIC OZONE. Serial Title: Stanford Research Inte[nalional SRI Business Intelliqence Pragram Datalog File No 80-525 Author: Bravn 5 L 2. d Aut ot Ed.: Hibbs J R Publisher: SRI Stanford Research International Business Intelligence Progra® Menlo Park Ca 1980 Publisbed Year: 1980 talog Number: QC 881.2.09 .5t4 N94 1969 Title: NOMERICAL CALCULATIONS OF STRATOSPHERIC o20NE TRANSPORT. Author: Stende[ R H Publisher: D S Naval Postgraduate Scghool Monterey Calif 1969 Published Year: 1969 Catalog Number: QC 991.2.09 .T46 096 19'/4 Title: 020NE MEASUREMETIT SYSTEMS IMPROVRMENTS STDDIES. ia1 Title: NASA Technical Note TN D-7"!59 Author: Thomas R W; Guard E; Holland A C Spurling J Publisher: National Aeronastics and Space Administration F ington D c 1974 Published Year: 197 4 Paqe 504
Page 499: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: qC 661.2.S8 . 3 p]4 1975 Title: PRELIMINARY STUDY OF THE POTENlIAL CHEMICAL ANO CLSMATIC EFFECTS OF ATMOSPHERIC NUCLEAR EXFLOSIONS. Aulhor: Mac Cracken M; CTanq J S Pub1ished Year: 1975 Catalog Number: QC BE1.2.S8 .M35 D95 39')0 Title: DYNAMICAL MECNANISMS PROONCING LARGE SCALE TRANSFORT OF ATMOSPHERIC TRACE SUBSTANCES. Author: Mahiman T 0 Publiaher: U S Oepariment of Commerce National Technical Information Service Spiingfield Va 1970 Published Year: 1970 Catalog Number: QC 881.2.58 .NJ'/ 1975 Title: ENVIRONM£NTAL IMPACT O TRATOSPHERIC F T 6IOLOGICAL ANO CLIMATIC EFFECTS OF AIRCRAFT EM258ION5 I THE STRATOSPH£RE. Publisher: Na[ional Academy of Sciences, Washington, 19'/5 Published Year: -5 Catalog Number: Qc a81.2.s8 .N38 S'1'1 i9)9 Title: THE STRATOSPH£R£ PR ENT AND FUTURE. se[la1 Title: NASA U S National Aeronautics and Space Administration Refe[ence Publication NO. 1049 2nd Aut or Ed.: Hudson R 0; Reed £ I Published Yea[: 19]9 Catalog Numbez: QC 981.2.SB .P5) M41 19]] Title: FASUREMENTS ON OlON20 AND NM0203 KINETICS. Author: Pirkie R J 21 d Aut or Etl.: Volltrauei H N; Felder W; £Ontijn A Publiaher: Pti ceton, NJ., AerO Chem R [ch Laboraloriea, Inc~~ 19]2 A ailable from theeNational Technical Information Eervice, Sprinqfield, vA.; Published Year: 19'!"! Catalog Number: 4C 891.2.56 .P>4 P 6 1972 Titie: Autho[: PROBLEM AREAS OF STRATOSPHERIC CHEMICAL DYNAMICS. Presaman J Publisher: U S Department of Co e National Technical Published Year: Information ServlceSp[ingfield Va 1972 19)2 Page 506
Page 500: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 8]9.6 .H44 Title: ATMOSPHERIC CHF1fISTRY. Autho[: Heicklen T Publisher: Academic Press, Nev York, 19"/6 Publlahed Year: 1996 Catalog Number: QC 8'/9.6 .H64 N34 19>6 Tit1e: NASA GLOBAL ATMOSPHERIC SAMPL2NG PROGRAM ( GASP ) DATA REPORT FOR TAPE VL0004. Ser1e1 Title: ational Aeronautics Space Adminiatration Report NO NASA TM k-"!35'/4 Author: Holdeman J O ik F M; Lexberg E A Publisher: U S Department HOfem c e National Technical information Servlce Springfield Va 19'!6 Publisbed Year: 19"/6 Catalog Numbec: QC E>9.6 MJ 19'/5 Title: CHEMISTRY OF THE ATMOSPHEHE. Author: McEVan M 2nd Aut or Ed.: Phillips L F Publieher: Kiley, New York, 1975 Publimhed Year: 1975 Catalog Number: pC 9 .565 19]4 Title: AIR POLLUTION. Serial Titie: oxford Chemistry SerieS NO. 20 Author: spedding D J Publisher: Clarendon Pre m, Oxford, 1974 Published Year: 1974 Catalog Number: QC 8)9.6 H4>13 Titie: ATNOSPH£RIC CHEMISTRY FUN ANENTAL ASPECTS. Serial Title: Studies i nvlru:wental mclence, v. 11 Author: Publisher: Elsevier Scientific Publishing Co.Nev York, 1981 Publishad Year: 1961 Catalog Number: QC 8>9.6 P48 1985 Title: THE PHOTOCHEMISTRY OF ATMOSPHERES EARTH THE aTHER PI.ANEPS AND COMETS. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Levine T S 2 blieher: Academic Pre , Inc.Oilando, FL.1985 blished Year. 1985 Page 491
Page 501: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QD 1.A]55 n. 12 Title: USE OF SUGARS AND OTHER CARBONYDRATES IN TNE FOOD INDUSTRY A COLLECTION oF PAPERS COMPRISING THE SYMPOSIUM ON THE USEOFSUGARS AND OTNEA CAREOHYDRATES IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY. Serial Title: Advancea i chemistzy series, n. 12 Publishez: American Chemical Society, Washington, 1955 PublisRed Year: 1955 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n Title: NO.MENCLATURE OFORGANIC CONPOUNDS PRINCIPLES AND I PRACTICE. Sezial Title: Amerlcan Chemical Soczety . Advances in Chemistry Series 126 AutROZ: Fletcher J H 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Dermer O; Fox R B Publisher: American chemicai Society, Washington, 19]4 Published Yeaz: 1974 Catalog Nember: QD 1.A355 n 138 Title: POLYMERIZATION KINEfICS AND TECNNOlAGY. ec1a1 Title: Advances i chemistry sezies, no. 12e 2nd Aut or Ed.: Plat2er N A Publisher: Amezican Chemical Soclety Washington, D.C.19]3 Published Year: 1973 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n. 129 Title: POLYMERI2ATION REACTIONS AND NEW POLYHERS. ial Title: Advances in chemiatry series, no. 129 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Plataer N A Publiaher: American Chemical Society Washington, D.c.19>] Published Year: 1973 Catalog Number: QU i.A355 rt. 135 Title: CNEMISTRY OF FOOD PACKAGING. Serial Title: Advances in chemistzy seri , 135 ]nd Aut or Ed.: Svalm C M Publisher: Amezican Chemical Society, Washington, 1974 Published Year: 19]4 Catalog Number: QO 1.A355 n 136 Title: D RELATED ENZYMES A SYMPOSIUM. Sezial Title: Advances ih chemistry series, 13g6 d Aut cr Ed.: fihitaker JR blisher: American Chemical Society, Washington, 19]4 Published Year: 39]5 Page 517
Page 502: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 9 983 Title: LASER6EEAM6PROPAGATION IN THE ATMOSPHERE APRIL 3 ARLINGTON V RGINIA. Serial Title: Pioceedings of SPIB tMe International Society for Optical Engineeri:q v. 410 2nd Aut or Ed.: Leader .I C Publishei: SPIE the International Soctety for Optical Engineering, Eellingham, Nash., USA, 1963. Published Year: 1983 Catalog Number: QC 9]6.U4 .H3 S64 19 Title: SOLAR W FLU%ES ANDo20NE OVERBURDENS OBTAINED FROM WS MEASURET1EN25 ON THE CIAP AIRSTREAM FLIGHT SERIES OF JUNE 1973, SEPTEMEER 1973, NOVEMBER 19]3, AND TANUARY 19)4. Author: Hanser F A; Selleis B Publisher: Springfield, VA, NTIS, 19]4 Published Year: 19]4 Catalog Number: QC 981 . C 2 Title: CLIMATICIMPACTASSESSMENT PROGRAM PROCEEDTNGS OF TNE SURVEY CONFERENCE FEEAVARY 15-16 19]3. Author: 8arrington A E 2nd Aut or Ed.: Harrington A E Published Year: 19>3 Catalog Numbei: QC 981.8 . Titie: GLOEAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE REPORT MEETING Publisher: Arlington, Mass., Cutter Information Co[p., Published Year: 1990 Cataloq Number: QC 981.8 .G56 E29 1990 Publisher: ashington, DC, U.S. Dept. cf Energy, Office of Policy, Planninq, and Analysis, (1990) Published Year: 1990 TI, THE ECONOMICS OF LONG-TERM GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, A PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT, REPORT OF AN INTERAGENCY TASR PONCE. Catalag Number: QC 981.8.G56 .C43 3 Title: THE CHALLENGE OE GLOBAL MANMING 2nd Aut or £d.: Abrahamson D E Publisher: Mashingtan, D.C., Island Press, 1989. Published Year: 1989 cataloq Number: QC 981.B.G56 .c65 1991 Title: POLICY IMPLZCATIONG OF GREENHOOSE NARMING Publlsher: ashington, D.C., Nationai Ac3demy Press, 1991. Published Year: 1991 Paqe 514
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Catalog Number: QC 981.B.G56 . 6 199a Tit1e: GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE REPORT MEETING PLANNER. Publiaher: Arlfngton, Masa., Ntter Information Corp., Published Year: 1989 Catalog Number: QC 981.8.056 .U54 C27 1989 Title: CARBON DIOXSDE AND CLIMATE, SUMMARIES OP RESEARCN IN FY . Publisher: ashington, D.C., The Uepartment; Springfield, Available £ram the xational Technical info[mation Seivice, U.S. Commerce, Publiahed Yeai: 1989 Oept. of Catalog Number: QC 981.6.G56 .U54 G'/4 1989 Title: GREENHOUSE EFFECl, ATMOSPRERIC CAREON DIOXIUE AND TNE GREENHOUSE EFFECT Publisher: Waahington, D.C., The Dept.; Sprinqfield, V Available f[om the National TecMical Infermation Service, V.S. Dept. af Commerce, (1999?) Published Year: 3989 Cstalsg Number: QC 981.e.G56 .U54 P74 1988 Title: A PRIMER ON GREENHOUSE GASES Author: Wuebble8 D T 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Edmonds S Publisher: Waahington, D.C., United States Department of Energy, Office of Energy Research, office of Basic Energy 5 enc s, arbon DioxiGe Research Oivision, 1988cr Publiahed Year: 1988 Cataloy Number: QC 981.G56 .B9? AS 1990 Title: AFTER THE NARMING VIDEORECORDING Authnr: Burke J Publieher: Nev York, Ambrose Video Publiahinq, 1990. Published Year: 1990 Catalog Numbe[: QC 982 G6 19)3 Title: TABLES OF TEMPERATURE RELATIVE HUMIDITY PRECIPITATION AND SUNSHINE FOR THE W0RL0 TABLES OF TEMPERATURERELATIVEINMIDITY AND PRECIPZTATION. TEMPERATURE, RELATIVE RUMIDITY, PRECIPITATION AND SUNSHINE FOR TNE WORLD. Serial Title: Met. O. 856 Pubiisher: H.M. Stationery Off., LDndon, 1973 Publlshed Year: 19>1 Page 515
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Catalog Number: Title: Setial Title: Publisher: QD 1.AJ55 n 78 LSTERATORE OF CNEMICAL TECHNOLOGY. Advances i chemistzy a - 78 AmeYican Chemical Soclety,eWSShington, 968 Published YaaY: 1968 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n 79 Title: Se[ia1 Title: PublisAer: ADSORPTION FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTION. Advances in chemistry s , 79 American chemical Soclety1eWashington, 1968 Published Year: 1968 Catalog NumbeY: QD 1.A355 n. 83 Titie: Serial Title: CHEHICAL MARKETING THE CHALLENGES OF THE SEVENTIES. Advances in chemistty seYies, 83 2nd Aut o Ed.: Pub115heYr Nateman R L Ame[ican Chemical Society, Washington, 3968 PubllShed Year. 1968 Catalog NumbeY: QD 1.A355 n. 84 Title: ial Title: MOLECULAR A GCAL AND RELATED .1968. SYSTEMS A SYMPOSIUM WASHINGTON,G1968 Advances i chemistry serr , 86 2nd Aut or Ed.: Published Yeat: Goddard E D 1968 Catalog NumbeY: uD 1.A355 n. 86 Title: Serial Title: PESTICIDAL FORMULATIONS RESEARCH PHYSSCAL AND COLLOIDAL CHEMICAL ASPECTS A SYMPOSIDM. Advances inChemistry s , 86 a PubllsheY: Published Yeat: Ameiican Chemical Society3 Washington, 3969 3969 Catalog Number: Tit uD 1.A355 no. 91 A le: DDITION ANO CONDENSATION POLYMERI2ATION OSIUM. Serial Title: Publisher: Published YeaY: Advances in chemistry setles, 91 American Chemical Eociety, Washington, 1969 1969 Page 535
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986T :-ax paqsTTqnd 906T'YA 'uo3dmeN 6u?VS?tqnd qedaa0 'Y aaVSTTq- Y 8edea0 :H T a;uyny "p3 zO >nY puZ 9NISN3S 3y0YIIH oNY SJ2Zd0 2YJISxNd039 NS 53LOO.LS :aT;?S TcT2a5 'S'IOSON3Y JIdOJ50N9xH :at>TS 286t L9H' 2B8 JO ~saqmnN 6ote;eJ 666I =-x paqsTTQnd 'I N sitaH .~o4inY OIyOHINySIN 32IS 3'IJIyHYd 20SON3Y 30 53IOpSS NOSJYdHI :atiTS 95si bH zee JD =zaqmnN 68te>eJ 8G6T -~eax Pays?iqnd BL6T a za5 uoT3emao3ul TeaTuyaay Leuo?;eN amzammaJO3o ;uam3~ada0 S N zaysTTqnd f a uadS ~'P3 ~o >nY Pu2 3 aauq?~oS ~H ?ys?a6x45 ~f 2 sete5 ~e H q6u?5 .soVinY '02N ONY 935 SNOHWJOUOAH SN00NYJOSYN o3SJ3'I35 30 NOISOBINSSIO RY80'ID :aL;TS eL6T 990 555' Z88 JO ~iaQmnN 6oTe>eJ 6G6T aea,( po48TiVnd 6G6T YJ azed oTUaH TeuoF>emza>ut V-asax P->ue;5 INS saqsFtqnd Y 'T q6aneneJ :3 lauqtlo5 !f V V;Tms !N TqsTa6Tq5 !f I seTeS ~e H y6uTS .zay;nY JoNqxx NO8NYJ01YH 03SJ3'I35 30 S%NI550NY S3JiV10S SNOZy00IYy5IO JIN3HdSOYLLY 'tYNOISYNC3SNI IHS :a2;TS 6L6t 99Y SSS' ZBB JD ~~aqmnN 6oTe;eJ G6t :seax paqa?Tqnd 9461 e6 pTaT;6uTatlS a zaS uo?;emio?vI IeoLVyoay Teuo?ieN aazammoJOla >uam>zeda0 S N .Saqe?Tqnd `J N utLS .~oVinY 'SO33N HJXY353N ONY 39032UONX SN3HtlNJ SSM3[LLIySNOJ 3JYHS JINHNdSOHSY d0 NOISN3d5t153H ONY NOISISOd30 xH0 oNY d3H :aT>TS eGbt 89M 595' Z88 Ja ~~aqmnN bo[e>eJ 696T :ieax pa4aTLqnd 696i aJ %~ed oTUaW a;ni2ysul Vo~easaH P_;ue>S sa48TTqnd p M 3.atfiu3 :'P3 zo ;nY Pu2 u?qqoN ~ suFQOH .zo4inY J'SN3Y31ddN5 SyNYy2TIOd JItL3Hd50WSY S003SNJ 30 3SYd o JNYONpHY S3JfN)OS ~aTi?S 696TB95 t9N' Z88 JO : zaqmnN boTe>eJ
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Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n. 3 Title: ANALYTICAL METHODS I THE F000 INDUSTRY A COLLECTION OF THE PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE EYNPOSIUM ON ANALYTICAL NETHOOS IN THE FOOD INDDSTRY HELD BY THE DIVISIONS OF ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY AND AGRICULTDRAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY AT THE 145TH NATIONAL NEETING IN SAN FRANCISCO ANALYTICAL METHODS IN THE FOOD INDOSTRY,SAN FRANCISCO, 1949. Seriel Title: Advances in cRemistry serles, n Publiaher: American Chemical Society Waahington, 1950 PubliaRed Year: 1950 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n. 30 Title: SEARCHING TNE CHEMICAL LITERATURE. Serial Title: Advances i chemiatry s e . 30 Publisher: an Chemical Society,Washington, 1961 Published Year: 1961 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n Titie: SOLID SDRFACES AND THE GASSOLID IN1'ERPACE PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE EENDALL AWARD SYMPOSIUN HONORING STEPNEN BRDNADERDIVISIONOF COLLOID AND SDRFACE CHEMISTRY, 1JTH MEETING OF THE ANERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, ST.LOUIS, MO., MARCH 1961. Serial Title: Advences i chemistry s Publisher: American Chemical Society1eWashington, 1961 Published Year: 1961 Catalog Number: QD 1.AJ55 n Title: POLYMERIZATION AND POLYCONDENSATION PROCESSES A COLLECTION OF PAPERS BASED ON THE SYNPOSIOM ON POLYMERIZATSONANDPOLYCONDENSATION PROCESSES. Serial Title: Advances i chemietry s Fubliaher: American CRemical Society1 eWashington, 1962 Pobliahed Year: 1962 Catalog Number: QD S.A355 n Title: SALINE 41ATER CO I BASEO oN SYHPOSIA SPONSORED SY THE DIVISION OF WATER AND WASTE T THE 139TH AND141STMEETINGS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY (ST. LODIE, MO.) MARCH l), 1961 AND (WASHINGTON, D.C.) MARCH ]>-8, 1962. Serial Title: Advances in CRemistry Seriea, J PuRlisTer: American Chemical Soclety, Washington, 1963 Published Year: 196J Page 521
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Catalog Nnmber: DO 1.A155 n. 48 Title: PLASTICIZATION AND PLASTICZZER PAOCESSES A SYMPOSIUM SPONSOAED HY THE DIVISZON OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY ATTHEI4JTH MEEPING OF THE AMEAICAN CHErc1CAL SOCZETY, PHILADELPHZA, PA., APRIL 6-J, 1964. Serial Title: Advances i chemiat[y series, 4 PublisRe[: Ame[ican CTemical Soeiety, Washington, Published Year. 1965 Catalog Number: QD 1.A155 n. 51 Tit1e: SELECTIVE O%IDATION PROCESSES. Serial Title: Advances in Chemistry Se[ies, v. 51 1965 Publishe[: American Gemical Society, WasRington, Published Year: 1964 DC., 1964 Catalog Number: DO 1.A]55 n. 53 Title: NATURAL PEST CONTROL AGENTS A SYMPOSIDM. Serial Title: Advances i chemistry s e , 53 Publlsher: ic an chemical Society,washington, 1966 Published Year: 1966 Catalog Number: QD 1.A155 n Title: 6 FLAVOR CHEMISTkYA SYNPOSIUM SPONSORED HY THE DIVISION OF AGRSCULTURAL AND FOOD CH£MISTRY AT NE 1<9TN MEf.TING OF TXEAMERICANCHENICAL SOCIETY , DETROIT , MICH. , APRIL 6-] , 1965. Se[ial Title: Advances i chemistry series, n Publisher: American Chemical Saciety, Washington, 1966 Pub135hed Year: 1966 Catalog Number: DO 3.A155 n. 57 Title: WORLD PROTEIN AESOURCES. Serial Titie: Advances in chemistry series, 57 2nd Aet or Ed.: Altschul AM Publisher: Ame[ican Chemical Society, Washington, 3966 Published Year: 1966 Catalog Number: DO 1 A]55 n 9 Tit1e: LIGNINSTRUCTUAEAND REACTIONS. Serial Title: Advances in chemistry series, 59 2nd Aot oz Ed.: Marton T Publisher: American chemicai Society, washington, 1966 Published Year: 1966 Page 522
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Catalog Number: QC 88.2.09 .K)6 G56 1 Title: BALLOON AND GROOND MONITORING OF ATMOSPHERIC OZONE AND IONIZATION GLOHAL MONITORING PROGRAM. Author: Nzoening J L) LeOng K H Publiahe[: U S Office Of Nava1 Research Arlington Virginia 19>5 Published Year: 19~5 talo9 Nvmber: Title: QC e .L49 E96 1977 THE EVOLUTION OF BTRATO£PHERIC OZONE. Author: Publlshar: Levine J S University Microfil®s International Ann Arbor Published Year: Michigan 19'!] 19Y'1 Cata1og Number: QC 881.2.09 .L50 P46 1972 Title: Author: PNOTOLYSIS OF OZONE. i E; Neicklen J Pobliahed Year: -2 Catalog Number: Title: QC e .L65 038 19>6 OESERVED AND TNEORETICAL VARIATIONS OF Author: Publisher: ATMOBPH6tIC OZONE. London J U 5 pepartment Of Connerce National Techn3cal Information Service Springfield Va 1976 Published Year: 19>6 Catalog Nvmber: QC 8E1.2.09 .L88 096 1981 Title: ONE DEPLETION CALCULATIONS. Author: Luther F M; Chang J 5; Wuebb1es D nner J E Publiahei: Lewrence L3 re Laboiatory Livermore California19a1 Fublished Year: 358i Catalog Nomber: QC 881.2.09 .N53 096 19'!0 Title: OZONE AND HYDROGEN REACTIONS. Serial Title: Pennsylvania Btate University Ionospnere Reseaich Laboratory Sclentific Repott NO. 350 AOthot: Nicolet M 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Waynick A H Fublished Year: 1970 Catalog Nombez: OC 881.2.09 .P)'/ S73 Title: BTATISTICAL TIME SERIES ANALYSIS OF WORLDNIDE TOTAL OZONE FOR TRENDS. 2thor: Parven £; Pagano M blished Year: 19'!9 Page 502
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Catalog Number: QD 1 .A)32 Title: ANNUAL REVIEW OF PHYSICAL CHENISTRY. Publisher: Annual Revievs, in , Palo Alto, Calif. (etC.) Published Year: 1991 Catalog Nomber: QD 1 CS1 Title: RACT3 OF PAPERS NATIONAL MEETING OF THE AMERICAN CHEHICAL SOCIETY. Publisher: eative Printing, In , Hyattsville, Md, 19- Published Yeaz: 1989 talog Number: QD i Title: ABSTRACTS OFPAPERS FIRST CHEMICAL CONGRESS OF ? THE NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT MEXICO CITY MEXICO NOVEMBER IODECEMBER 5. Publisher: Port City Press, Baltimere, Md.19]5? Published Year: 19>5 Catalog Number: oD 1 n . 49 Title: CHALLENGESTO CONTEMPORARY DAIRY ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES, THE PROCEEDINGS OF A SEMINAR ORGANISED BY TNE FOOD CHEMISTRY GROUP OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE INTERNATIONAL DAIRY FEDERATION THE FEOERATION OF EUROPEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETIES WORKING PARTY OF FOOD CHEMISTRY AND THE ASSOCIATION OF OFFICIAL ANALYTICAL CHEMISTS, UNIVER82TY OF AEADING ENGLAND MARCH 2BTH-JOTH 1984. Serial Title: Special publication (Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain)) Speclal publication / Royal soiety of Chemistry. Oi60-8291 49 Publisher: LOndon,Royal Society of Chemistry, 1994. Published Year: 1984 Catalog Number: QD 1 .E56 Title: ENVIRONMENTAL CNEMISTRY. erial Title: A Specialist periodical report Publisher: Chemical Society, London, 19]5 Published Year: 19'/5 Catalog Number: QD 1 F3Z Title: DISCUSSIONS LONOON. Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QD 1.FJ2 n. 18 Title: COAGULATION AND FIOCCULATION. Serial Title: Discussions of the Faraday Society, n. 18, 1954 Publisher: Aberdeen Univ. Press Ltd.Aberdeen, 1955 Published Year: 1955 Page 52J
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talog Number: QC 881.2.09 . 096 Title: OZONE OESERVATIONS BULLEPIN TRIMESTRIEL DRIEMAANDELIIJNS BERICHT OBSERVATZONS D 020N£ OZONWAARNEMINGEN. Publieher: %oniNClijk Meteorologisch Instituut van Belgie 9iussel Nelgium 1974 Publiahed Year: 19)0 CLtalog Number: QC 881.2.09 .C18 1982 Title: CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF STRATOSPHERIC OZONE REDUCRION AN UPDATE STRATOSPHERIC OZONE REDOCI'ION. Publisher: National Acadmey Piess, Washington, 1982 Publiahed Year: 1982 Catalog Numbei: QC 881.2.09 .C38 1983 Titie: CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF CHANGES IN STRATOSPHERIC OZONE UPDATE 1983. National AcademyPress Washington, 1984 Published Yeai: 1986 Catalag Number: QC 881.2.09 . 4 1976 Title: THE 19>4 OZONE EP SODE IN THE BALTIMORE TO RICHMOND CORRIDOA Seiial Title: EPA-600/4-JO-O16 PH2]8190 Authoi: De Marrais G A Publishei: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Research Trlangle Patk, NC., 1918 Published Year: 19~8 Catalog Number: pC 881.2.09 .D41 19'/8 Title: A PROLONGED LARGE SCALE OFFSEASON PHOTOCHEMICAL O%IDANT EPISODE. iai Title: EPA-600/4-)6-014 Author: De Matraie G A Publishei: U.S. Environmental Protection Aqency, O£fice of Research and Uevelopment, Enviroamental Sciences Reaeatch Laboratory, Aesearch Triangle Perk, NC., 19J8 Publiehed Year. 19'/H Catalog Number: QC 881.2.09 .H53 ST1 19'!8 Title: STATDS OF REPREBENTATIVE TWO DIMENSIONAL MODELS OF THE STNATOEPNERE ANU TAOPOSHERE AS OF MID 1978. Author: Hidalgo H Publisher: U S Depaitment of Commerce National Technical information Service Bpringfield Va 19]8 Published Year: 19]e Page 500
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Catalog Numbei: QC 881.2.09 .H54 C34 1977 Title: CALCULATION OF EFFECTIVEO2ONE ABSORPTION COEFFICIENTS FOA A AOCXETBORNE O ONESONDE. Ee[ial Title: National Weapons Cente[ Technical Publication NO. 5904 Authoi: Hills M E; Flanagan C A 2nd Aut or Ed.: Boyce E B; Hollingsvorth G 1; Nrueger A Publishetl Year: 1977 Catalog Nusber: QC 881.2.09 .H64 G 6 19T5 Title: GLOBAL MONITOAINC OF STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL 020NE AND WATEA VAPOR FINAL REPORT. Author: Hofmann O J; Rosen J M; Pepin T J Publisher: University Wyoming Dep Physics Astronomy 19]5 Publiahed Year: 19>5 catalog Numbet: qC 881.2.09 . 5 CJ8 Titie: CATALYTIC REUUCTION OF STRATOEPHERIC 020NE EY NITROGEN OXIDES. Author: Johnston H Publisher: D 5 Department of c e National Technical Znformation Bervice Springfield Va 1977 Published Year: 191Y Cat T~ alog Number: qC 881.2.09 .K45 095 39]5 Title: OXIOATION OF HALOCARBONS. Author: Heicklen T P; SaMUeza E{ Histasune I C; Jayanty R X M; Siaonaitis R; Hull Publisher: U 5 Depaitment af C e National Technical Informatlon Service Springfield Va 19'!5 Publisbed Year: 19"!5 catalog Nombe[: QC 891.2.09 . 4 P49 1975 Title: THE PHYSICS OFATMOSPHERIC 02ONE. Author: Khrgian X A 2na Aut or Ed.: Lederman D enber9 P Publisher: U S Department of Co®me[ce National Technical Information Serv1<e Spiingfield Va 19"/5 Published Year: 19')5 talog Number: qC 981.2.09 . Title: 5 P I PHOTOCHEMISTRY0FTHECHLOROFLUOROMETHANES ROFLUOROMETHANE AND DICHLORODIFLOOROMETNANE IN OZONE, THE EFFECTS OF FRBONS O TRATOSPHERIC 02ONE. Author: Xnoot P A Publisher: University Microfilma International Ann Arboi Michigan lsoe Published Year: 19]e Page 501
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Catalcg Number: QD 1 AJ55 no. 13] Title: CHEMISTRY OF NINEMAEING. Serial Title: Advances .inChemistry series, 13] 2nd Aut or Ed.: Mebb A D Publisher: Amerlcan Chemical Society, Washington, 19]4 Published Year: 1974 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n 14 Title: SYSTEM OF NOMENCLATURE POR TERPENE HYDROCARBONS ACYCLICS M OCYCLICS BICYCLICS A REPORT OF THE NOMENCLATDRE COMMITTEE OF THE DIVISION OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY , AMERICAN CHEMSCAL SOCIETY NOMENCLATURE FOR TLPPENE HYDROCARHONS. Serial Title: Advances i chemistry series, n Publisher: American Chemical Society, Washington, 1955 Published Year: 1955 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n 149 Title: COTOXINS AND OTHER FUNGAL RELATED FOOD YROBLEMS A SYMPOSIOM SPONSORED BY THE DZVISION O AGRICOLTURAL AND FOOD CH T THE 1 BTH MEETING OF THE AMERICANCHETIICAL SOCIETY ATLANTIC CT , SEPT. 1- 19,(PAP£RS). Serial Title: Advances i chemistry seriesl 149 2nd Aut or Ed.: Rodricks J Publisher: American Chenical Society, Washington, 19]6 Published Year: 19]6 Catalog Number: QD 1 5 n. 156 Title: ANALYSIS0FPETROLEUM FOR TRACE METALS A SYMPOSIDM COSPONSORED BY THE DIVISIONS OF ANALYTICAL C ISTRY ANDPETAOLEUMCHErc15TRY A 169TH MEETING OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, £ PHILADELPHIA, PA., APRIL 30, 19]5. ial Title: Advances i chemistry series 156 Publisher: The 50ciety, NashingCOn, 19]6 Published Year: 19]6 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n. 16 Title: A%EY TO PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LITERATURE. Serial Title: Advances i chemistry s 16 Publisher: American Chemical Soeiety,eWashington, DC., 1956 Published Year: 1956 Catalog Numbe[: QD 1.A355 n. 360 Title: FOOD PRdfEINS IMPROVEMENT THROUGH CHEMSCAL AND ENEYMATIC MODIFICATION SYMPOSIUM. Serial Title: Advances i che®istry seriea 160 2nd Aut or Ed.: Feeney R En Whitaket S A Publisher: ican Chemical Society, Washington, 19]] Published Year: 19]7 Page 518
Page 514: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QD 101 .L3 Title: CHEMZCAL ANALYSIB AN ADVANCED TEXT AND REFERENCE. Serial Title: -Hill ... les in advanced Chemietry Author: Laitinen H A Publisher: McGraw-Hill, New Yark, 1960 Published Year: 1950 Catalog Number: QD 101 .M453 Title: QUANTITATIVE ANALY5I5 METHODS OF SEPARATZON AND MEASUREMENT. Autho[: Mellon M G Publisher: Crowell, New York, 3955 Published Year: 1955 Cataloq Number: QD 3U1 . 5 1955 Title: METHODS OF QUANTITATIVE MICROANALYSIS. Autbor: Hilton R F 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Waters W A Publishec: Arnoid, London, 1955 Publishetl Year. 1955 Catalog Number: OD 101 P5 1948 Title: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS. Author: Pierce W c 2nd Aut or Ed.: Haenisch E L Publisher: J. Wi1ey, New Yoik, 1948 Published Year: 1948 Catelag Number: QD 301 .563 Title: THE E%AMINATION OF NEW ORGANIC COP AND SEMIMICRO ANALYTICAL METHOUS ALRBORATORY MANUAL. Author: Smith W T 2nd Aut or Ed.: Shriner R L Publisber: Wiley, New York, 1956 Published Yeae: 1956 Catalog Number: QO 301 .T16 393"/ Title: TALBOT'S QUANTITATIVE CHEMICAL ANALYSIS. Author: Hamilton L FJ Simpson S G Publisher: The Macmillan C, ew York, 193'] Published Year: 1937 Catalog Numbez: QD 1 1.2 2 CSI 1980 Title: L C ZSTRY. Author: ChristianGD~ Publisher: John Wiley 6 Sons New Yark, 3980c Published Year: 1980 Page 534
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Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n.]2'!; QD380 Title: POLYMER CHARACTERIZATION, PHYSICAL PROPERTY, SPECPROSCOPIC, AND CHROHATOGRAPHIC METHODS 2nd Aut ar Ed.: Prewder T; Cr e r C D PublisCer: Washington, DC~,American Chemical SoCiety, 1990. Publlshed Year: 1990 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n. 228 Title: ELECTRON TRANSFER IN INORGANIC, ORGANIC, AND BIOLOGICAL SYSTENS Seriai Title: Advancea in chemistry s rv , V.228; CSC symposium series, V. 2 2nd Aut o Ed.: Bolton T R;Mata9a N{NCLendon G Publishei Nashington, D, Aaerican Ge®ical Soeiety ; Ottawa, Canada: Canadian sOCVety for Chemistry, 991. Published Year. 1991 Catalog Number: OD 1.A355 n. 228; Q063.O9 Title: ELECTRON TRANSFER IN INORGANIC, ORGANIC, AND BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS 2nd Aut or Ed.: McLendon G; Mataga N; Bolton S R Publisher: Washington, DC, American Chemical Eocietyl Ottawa, nada, Canadian Society for Chemistry, 1991. Pubiished Year: 1991 Catslog Number: QD 1.A355 n. 25 Title: PHYSICAL FUNCTIONS OF HYDROCOLLOIDS A COLLECTION OF PAPERS COP3RISING THE SYMPOSIDN ON PHYSICAL FUNCTIONS OFHYDROCOLIAIDSPRESENTED BCFORE THE DIVISIONS OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHETIISTRY AND COLLOID CHEMISTAY AT THE 130TH NATIONAL MEETING, ATLANTICCITY, N. T.~ SEPTEMBER, 1956. Serial Title: Advances in chemietry serv , o. 25 Published Year: 3960 Catalog Number: QD 3 Title: CIB9ERELLINS A COLLECTION OF PAPERS COMPRISING THE GYMPOSIOM ON G 5 PRESENTED BEFORE THE DIVISION OF AGRICDLTORAL ANO FOOD CHEMISTRY AT TH£ 13 O MEETING OF THE ANERICAN CHEMICAL5 YORK, NY, SEPTEMBER 1960. ial Titie: ~cnemistr NEW y series, n Publisher: American chemical society, washinqeon, 1961 Published Year: 1961 Page 520
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Catalog Number: QC 881.2- .U54 1 Title: FLUOROCAREONS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Publisbei: ashington, D cil on Enviranmen tal Quality, for sale by the Supt. oE Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Office, 19]5 PublisRed Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QC 881.2.59 . 6 6 Title: A CONSIDERATION OFS0MEOF THE FACTORS AFFECPING ATMOEPHERIC COMPOSITION, STATIC STAHILTTY AND MOTION BETWEEN 20 AND 100 XM. Author: WRitehead V S 2nd Aut or Ed.: Miller M D; Saucier W T Publishec: University Of Oklahoma, Atmospheric Research Labozatory, Nazman, OK, 1966 Published Year: 1966 Catalog Numbec: QC 881.2.58 . 445 No. 5 Title: PAPEHS PR£SENTED AT THE WMO SYMPOSIUM ON THE GEOPHYSICAL ASPECTS AND CONSEQUENCES OF CHANGES IN THE COMPOSITION OF THE STRATOEPHERE. Ser1a1 Title: WNO (publications l ) n Publisher: Eecretariat Of the WorldNeteorological Organization, Geneva 19]6 Published Year: 19]8 Catalog Number: OC 891.2.58 . Title: KINETSC STUDIES OFGAS PHASE NEACTIONS OF C1 ] ATOMS AND CL AND ON RADICALS OF IMPORTANCE IN THE STRATOSPHEHE. AutROi: Eahniser M Publisher: University Microfilms Znternational Ann Arbor, MI, 19]] Published Year: 19]] Catalog Number: QC 8E1.2.582 . 19]5 Title: U E DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION CIAP ATMOSPHERIC MONITORING AND EXPERIMENTS THE PROGRAM AND RESULTS. Authoi: Massa R 1 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ostherc F; Penndorf R Publishei: Washingtonr DC., Dept. of Tianspottation, Springfield, vA., for sale by the National Technical Infoimation Servlce, 19]5 PubliSRed Year: 1999 Paqe 508
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Page 518: ggs04d00
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Page 519: ggs04d00
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Page 520: ggs04d00
Catelog Number: QC 8'/9.J .USJ J 9'/2 Title: JOINT ATMOSPHERIC MODELING AND CHEMICAL DYNAMICS WORHSHOP HELD AT TNE NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARUS. Se[ial Title: United States pepG. of T[anspoitation, Report no. T9T-90-2 2nd Aut or Ed.: Greenstane R; Undervood R L PubllaRer: ashington, DC., Dept. of Tranaportation, Office oe <ne secretarr, 19 71 Pablianea xaar: isoz Catalog Numbex: QC 879.5 .TJ4 T44 1977 Title: THERMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES OF GASEOUS FLUOROCARBONS AND IGENTROPIC EQUZLIBRIUM BXPANSIONS oF TWO BINARY MIXTURES OF FLUOROCARBONS AND ARGON. Sarial Title: NASA Technical nute, NASA TN D-8405 AutROi: TalCOtt N A PuRlisRei: WasRingto, DC., Naticnal Aeronautics and Space Administiation, Sp[ingfield, VA., for sale by the National Technical Information Service, 1977 Published Yeai: _"/ Catalog Nu®ber: QC e J .A46 1974 Title: AEROLOGICALDATA OF JAPAN, DEN ( FROST ) POINT TEMPENATURE A ERIC £LECTRICITY LO WAVE RADIATION ATMOSPHERIC OZONE 1971 - 19]2G PubllsRer: Japan Meteorological Agency Tokyo Japan 19]4 publiahed yea[: 19)4 Catalog Number: QC 699.59.88 . 1972 Title: REGULAR OZONE SOUNDINGS AT THE AEROLOGICAL STATION oF TNE SWI88 MET£ROLOGICAL OFFICE AT PAYERNE SWITZERIAND 1968-19)2. Publisher: Laboratorium fur AtmospRarenphysik eth Zurich SWitaerland 19"!5 Published Year: 19'!5 Cataloq Number: QC 97- .C1) Title: HOOH OF HIGH REBOLUTION ZN RARED LABORATORY SPECTRA OF ATMOSPHERIC INTEREST HANOHOCIC OF HIGH RESOLUTION INFRARED LABORATORY SPECTRA OF ATMOSPHERIC SNTEREST. 2nd Aut o EL.: Murcray D G: Goldman A Publisheir CRC P[ess, Boca Raton, Fla., 1981. PubllsRea Yea[: 1981 Catalog Number: QC 8]9.6 .G>J Title: CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS IN THE ATMOSPHERE. Author: Graedel T E PubiisRer: ACademic Piess, NeW Yo[k, 15>H Published Yea[: 19>8 Page 496
Page 521: ggs04d00
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Page 522: ggs04d00
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Page 523: ggs04d00
Catalag Numbei: QC 891.2.88 .P]4 S8> 3' Title: SURVEY OF STRATOSPNERICAIRCRAFT MAEE CHEMICAL DYNAMICS. Author: Presaman J Publisher: U S Department of C National Technical information Service spzingfield Va 1972 Publiahed Year: 39>2 Cattlcg Number: QC 881.2.58 Ri5 M68 1970 Title: METEOROLOGICAL INFLUENCE OF A SOLAR ECLIPSE ON THE STRATOSPHRRE. Ser1a1 Title: Research and Oevelopment Technical Aeport EcoM-sla5 Author: Randhava T Si Hilliams B H( Mays M Publishe[: O S Department ct Commerce National Technical Infarmation Service 19>D Published Year: 19]0 Catalog Number: QC 881.2.S8 .E35 VJJ 1972 Title: VIRIATIONS IN STRATOSPHERIC CIRCULATION AND OZONE DURING SELECTED PERIODS. Seiiai Title: Resea[ch and Development Technical Report ECOM-546O Authar: Randhava T Publlshei: U 5 Depa[tment of Comme[ce Nation2l Technical Information Service Springfield Va 1972 Published Year: 19]2 talog NumDer: oC 891.2.58 S]l 1975 Title: THE STRATOSPHERE AND MESOSPHERE, OYNAMICS, PHYSICS AND CHEliSSTRY. Author: Clark T H Publisher: nal Cente[ for Atmospheric Research, BouiEei, C01O 19l5 Published Year: i559 Catalog Number: QC 891.2.58 .579 19'/5 Title: THE STRATOSPHERE PERTUR6ED BY PROPULSION EFFLUENTS. Serial Title: CIAP Monograph 3 2nd Aut or Ed.: Robinson G D Publishar: Arlington, V, Institu[e for Defense Analyses, Science and technology Division, 19)5 Fublished Year: 19>5 Catalog Number: QC 883.2.88 T'IJ 1975 Title: SCRIPT OF PROCEEDINGS INTENAGENCY TASK FORCE ON INAOVERTENT MODIFICATION OF THE STRATOSPHERE. PuDiisher: ashington, DC., Council IN Enviroewental Quality, Fedeial Council far Science and Technology, 19>5 Published Year: 1915 Page 5U)
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Catalog Number: QC e2 u 1981 Title: LIGHTSCATTERING BY SMALL PARTICLES. Author: n D H Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc.New Yotk, 1981 Published Yeat: 1981 Catalog Number: QC 89> .D18 1976 Title: INVESTIGATION OP THE EFFECT O ATMOSPHERIC D T OH THE DEPERMINATION OF TOTAL OZONE FROM THE EARTH'S ULTRAVIOLET REPLECTIVZTY MEASUREMENTS. Author: Dave .Z V Publisher: International Business Machines Corporation, Federal Systems Division, Gaithersburq, 1~., 19'/6 Published Year: 19)6 CatalOg Number: QC 9.A45 1982 Title: ASTM STANDARDPOR MkTRIC PRACTICE. Publisher: PhiladelPhia, PA., American Bociety fo[ Testing ana M teriala, lsez Published Yea[: 1999 a Catalog Number: QC 915 I55 1961 Title: HOMIDITY AND MOISTURE MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL IN SCIENCE AND SNDUSTRY. 2nd Aut oz Ed.: Wexler A Pubiisher: ReiMOld Pub. Corp., New York, 196S Published Year: 1965 Catalog Number: QC 917 .25 Title: INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH SERVICE'S PSYCHROMETRIC TABLES ANU CHARTB PSYCHROMETRIC TABLES AND CHARTS. Author: Zimmerman O T 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lavine I Publisher: Industriai [esearch service, Dover, N.H., 1945 Publiahed Year: 3945 Cataleg Number: QC 91) ZS 1964 Title: INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH SERVICE'S PBYCHROMETRZC TABLES AND CHARTS PSYCHROMETRIC TABLES AND CHARTS. AuthOr: 2imme[man O T 2nd Aut or Ed.: Lavine I Publiaher: Indust[ial Research Bervice, Dover, N.H., 1964 Published Year: 1954 Cataleg Number: QC 918.8 .G56 .G461 1990 Title: NMENTAL CHANGE REPORT, POLICY, SCIENCE, AND INDUSTRY NENS NORLDWIDE FROM CUTTER INFORMATION C Publisher: Arlington, MA, Cutter Znformation Corp., (1989- Publiahed Year. 1989 Page 512
Page 525: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QC 8 1.2.09 .U54 R<8 1918 Title: RESULTS OF AESEARCH RELATED TO STRATOSPHERIC OZONE PROTECTION. Publisher: The Office, Washington, D. ., 1980 published Year: 19]8 Catalo9 Number: QC 681.2.09 .U56 S63 19'/') Title: PROCEEDINGS OF THE SPACE SHUTTLE ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT WORMSHOP ON STRATOSPHERIC EFFECTS. Author: Potter A E Publisher: Houston, TX., Lyitlon B. Johnson Space Centet, 1977 Published Year: 1977 Catalog Number: QC 881.2.58 .A58 Title: LONG TERM INPACT OF ANTHROPOGENIC EMISSIONS OF HALOGENATED HYDROCAREONS ON STRATOSPHERIC OZONE LEVEL FINAL REPOAT. Publlsher: orgia Fnatitute O[ Technalogy Atlanta 19]7 Published Year: 19'!J CatalOg Number: QC 881.2.58 CB> 19'/4 Title: TRANSPORT PROC£55ES ANU TRACE CONSTITUENTS IN THE STRATOSPNERE ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT. Author: nold D M Publisher: U.S. Dept. of Tranaportation, Washington, D, 1Y>4 Fublished Yeae: 1999 CatalOg Number: QC 881.2.58 . 8 19)J Title: LAWRENCE LIV£RF.ORE LAEORATORY FIRST ANNUAL REPORT DOT CIAP PROGRAM. Avthor: MaC C acken H C Publis0er: Univeisity o£ California Livermore 1973 Published Year: 19T3 Catalog Number: QC 881.2.S8 .H5) 05 1980 Title: ON THE APPLICARILITY OF TWO AND ONE DIMENSIONAL PARAMETERIZATIONS OF ATMOSPHERIC TRACER TRANSPORTS TO PROGNOSTIC PNOTOCHEMICAL MODELS OF THE STRATOSPHE. Author: Hiidago H Publisher: Arlington, VA., Institute for Defense Analyses, 1980 Published Year: 1980 CatalOg Number: QC a81.2.56 .I5 1- Title: THE NATURAL STRATOSPNEBE OF 19)4 CIAP MONOGRAPH 1. Selial Title: CIAP MonOgraph Series Fublisher: Institute far Defense Ana1yses, SCience and TechnologY Oivision, Arlington, VA, 19"IS Published Year: 19]5 Page 505
Page 526: ggs04d00
Catalaq Numbei: QD 1.A355 n. 40 Title: MASS BPECTRAL CORRELATIONS. Berial Title: Advances in istry series, 40 AutLOr: McLafYeityF chem W Poblisher: Ameiican CTemical Society, Washington, 396J Publiahed Yea[: 1963 Catalog Numbei: QD 1.AJ55 n 0 1982 Title: Serial Title: Author: 2nd Aut c[ Ed : MASS SPECTPAL CORRELATIONS. Advances in chemistry serles, 40 NCLaffeLtyF w Venkataia havan R . Publisher: g American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C.1982 Published Yeai: Catalog Numbei: Title: Serial Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: 1982 QD 1.A355 n. 43 CONTACT ANGLE WBTTABILITY AND AH N THE EENOA3.L AWARD SYMPOBIUM HONORINGWILLIAM A ZISNAN LOS ANGELES CALIFAPRIL 2- Advances i chemistry series3943 Fowkes F H;~ Zisman W A Publisher: American Chemical Society, Nashinqton, Published Year: 1964 1964 Catalog Numbe[: Title: QD 3.A355 n AMINO ACIDS AN UM PROTEINS. Seriai Title: 2nd Aut o Ed.: Publisherz Advances in chemistiy seri Block R S; Stekol S an Chemical Society, 19 , 44 ashington, 564 Pubiished Year: 64 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n. 45 Title: MOLECDLAR MODIF'ICATION IN DRUG DESIGN A SYMPOSIUM SPONSORED BY THE DIVISION OF MEDICINAL CHENISTRY AT THE 145TH MEETING OFTHEAMERICAN CHEMICAL Berial Title: SOCLELY, NEW YORE, N.Y., SEPT. Advances i chemistry series, 9-30, 45 1963. Publisher: Ame[ican Chemical Society, Washington, 1964 Published Year: 1964 Catalog Numbei: QD 1.A355 n Title: Serial Title: PATENTS FOR CHENICAL INVENTIONS. Advancea in chemistry e a r>- 46 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Publisher: Published Yeai: Lavson E T; GOdu1a E A American Chemicai Society, Washinqton, 1964 1965 Page 522
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CatalGg Number: Qc 9 6 1985 Tlile: HEATHER OF9U5 CITIES A GUIDE TO THE WEATHER MISTORY OF 296 AEY CIIES AND WEATHER O VATION STATIONS IN TNE UNITEDSTATES ANDTTS IBLANp TERRITORIES. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Ru[fner J A; Bair F H Publisher: Gale Reseazch, Detroit, Nich., 1985. Published Yeaz: 1985 Catalog Numbei: QD 1.A155 n. 1 Tltle: AGRICULTURAL CONTROL CHEMSCALS COLLECTED PAPERS FROM THE SYNPOSIA ON ECONOMIC POISONS WASHINGTON, 1950 AMERICAN CNEMICAL SOCIETY.. 8erial Title: Advances in chemist[y seri , NO. 1 Published Year: 1950 Catalog Numher: QD 1.A355 n. 101-102 Title: EVE 2EOLITES. Serial Title: AdvanCC~eASRin IChemistry ssries , 101-102 2nd Aut or Ed.: Flanigen HM; Sand L B PVbiisher: Ameiican Cbemical Society, Washington, 1971 Published Year: 19]1 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n. 10< Title: PESTICIDES IDENTIFICATION AT THE RESIDUE LEVEL A SYMPOSIUM. Serial Title: Advances ic cbemvstry serves, 104 2. Aut or Ed.: Eiros F S Publisher: an Chemical Society, Washington, 19"!1 Publisbed Yeaz: 19]lic Catalog Number: QD 1 A355 n Title: NATURAL PLANT HYDROCOLLOIDS A COLLECTION OF PAPERS COMPRISING THE SYNPOSIUM O HYDROCOLLOIDS PRESENTED EEPORE THE UIVISIONS OF I AND AGRICULTUAAL AND FOOD CHENISTRY ATTNEY 122ND NEETING OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., SEPTEMHER 1952. WASHINGTON, 1954. Serial Title: Advances in Chemistry series, no. 11 Pubiished Yeaz: 1954 Catalog Number: QD 1.A355 n 11"I Title: CARBOHYDRATLS IN SOLUTION A SYMPOSIUM SPONSORED BY THE DIVISION OF CARBOHYDRATE CHEMISTRY AT THE 162ND MEETING OF THE AMERICAN C EHICAL SOCIETY, WASHINGTON, D.C., SEPT. 14-I5, 1971 . Serial Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: Publisher: Advances Isbe11 H Vcan io chemtstry seri S Chemical Society , O. 117 Washington 1-1 1 Published Year: 19)J , , Page 516
Page 528: ggs04d00
Catalog Numher: QD 1.F32 n 50 Title: Serial Title: THE VITREOUS ST Diacussions of the Faraday Society, no. 50, 1970 Publisher: Faraday Society London, 19Jo Publiahed Year: 19J0 CatalOg Number: QD 1 .F58 Title: FORTSCHRITTE DER CHEMISCHEN FORSCHUNG TOPICS IN CURAENT CHENISTRY. Publisher: Springer-Verlag, HeY1in, New York, 1949 Publiabed Year: 3949 Catalog Number: QD 1.F58 v.39 Title: Serial Title: 2nd Aut oz £d.: Publisher: COMPUTERS IN CHEMISTRY. Topics i urrent chemistey, 39 Thakkar A J Springee-Verlag, Eerlin, Nev York, 973 Published Year: 19]3 catalog Number: QD 1 .188 1961 Title: Publisher: A£STRACTS OF SCIENTIFIC PAPERE. Toronto, Dniversity of Toronto Press, 1961 Pubiished Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QD 1.R32) 19]3 Titie: 2nd Aut o Ed.: T NEW METHODS IN ENVIRONMENTAL CHEHISTRY & TOKICOLOGY COLLECf20N OF PAPERS. Cculston F; Kcrte F( Goto M Publisher Tokyo, Znternational Academic Printing Co., 19]3 Publiahed Year: 19)3 Catalog Number: QD 1 R6>8 1966 . 1 Tit1e: Serial Title: CONFORMATIONALANALYSIS OF ORGANIC COMPOUNUS. Royal Institute of Chemistry . Lectuee seri , 1966, n . 1 Autbor: MCKenna J Publisher: Roya1 Institute of Chemistry, London, 1966 Publisbed Year. 3966 CatalOg Number: QD 1.53 no.32 Title: KIESELGUR INRE GEWINNUNG VERDLUNG UN ANWENDUNG. Serial Title: mmlung cRemis<her und chemischtechnischer ortrage n.f., hft. 32 Author: Kainer F Publiaher: Enke, Stuttgart, 1951 Published Year: 1951 Page 532
Page 529: ggs04d00
Catalog Numbei: QD 115 .M]9 Title: ELECTROANALYTICAL PRINCIPLES. Autho[: iay R W 2nd Aut or Ed.: Reillay C Publishei: Interscience, Nev Yoik, 1963 Published Year: 1963 Catalog Number: QD 117 CS .A4 19>0 Title: GEL PERMEATION CHRONATOGRAPHY. 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Altgelt K N( Sega1 L Publishe[: Marcel Dekkei, Inc., Nev York, 19>O Publisbed Yea[: 1970 Catalog Number: Title: QD 117 . S B2 19T'1 BASICS OFLIQUID CNROMATOGRAPHY. Publisher: Publishetl Year: Spectra-Physics, Santa Clara, CA, 1977 19)"] Catalog Number: QO 11"/ C5 KJ5 198'/ Title: QUANTZTATIVE STRUCTURE - CNRONATOGRAPNIC ial Title: RETENTION Chemical RELATIONSHIPS. analysis v. 93 Author: Kaliszan R Publisher: wiley, New Yo[kr 19D1 Publishetl Yeai: 1989 Catalog Numbe[: QD 11> .CS .L56 19"/8 Title: Author: AXIAL DIEPERSTON IN LIQUID CHROMATOCRAPHY. Lin H-J F Publisher: [sity Mvcrofilme International All Arbor, M, Published Year: 19Y8 Catalog Numbez: QO 11) .C5 .P'! Title: PROGRESS IN THINLAYER CHROMATOGRAPHY AND RELATED HETHODS. 2nd Aut or Ed.: Niederwiesei A; Pataki G Publisher: Ann Arbor Science Publishersr inc. (etc.), (Ann Arbor, M,en.) Published Yeai: 1999 Catalog Number: QD 11Y .C5 B3] Title: BASIC LIQUID CHR0MATOGRAPHY. 2nd Aut o Ed.: Hadden N Publisher Varlan Aerograph, Palo Alto, Calif.?)15I1 Published Year: 19)1 Page 539
Page 530: ggs04d00
Catalog Number: QD 1 Title: CHROMATOGRAPNIC SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING. AutNOr: Nalker J Q 2nd Aut o Ed.: Jackeon M T; Maynard J B Publisherz Academic Piese, Nev York, 19)2 Published Year: 19]2 Catelog Number: QD 117 .C515 .N68 1988 Title: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS BY GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY. Serial Titie: chromatographic eclence v. 41 Authoi: ovak J P 2nd Aut or £d.: Leclercq P A Publisher: M. Dekker, Nev York, 3988 Published Yeat: 1988 Catalog Numbez: QD 117 .C515 N68 1988 Title: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS BY GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY. Serial Title: Chromatographic sclente v. 41 Author: Novak J P 2nd Aut or Ed.: Leclercq P A Publisher: M. Dekker, Nev York, 1988. Publiahed Year: 1986 Catalog Number: QD 11] . Title: UORIMETRIC ANALYSIS. Serial Title: Physical principlee and techniques of spectroscopic analysia Author: nstantinova-Shletinger M A Pubiiaher: Zsrael Program for Scientific Translations, Jerusalem, 1965 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Number: QD 117 .FS W45 Title: FLUORESCENCE ANALYSIS A PRACTICAL APPROACH. Author: White C E 2nd Aut oi Ed.: Argauer R J Publlaher: M. Dekker, New York, 1970 Published Year: 1970 Catalog Number: QD 11] .L4 Title: AN INTRODUCTION TO PAPER ELECTAOPHORESIB AND R£LATED METHODS PAPER ELECTROPHORESIS AND RELATED METNODS. Authoi: Ledeier M Publisher: Elsevie[ Pub. C, Amsterdam, Houston, 1955 Published Year. 3955 Page 541
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Catalog Number: 1it1e: eeial Title: Publisher: Published Year: Catalog Number: Title: SeTial Title: Publisher: Published Year: Catalog Number: Title: Serial Title: Publisher: QD 1.F32 n. 19 CRONAVE AND RADIO FREQUENCY SPECTROSCOPY. Discussions a the Faraday S e[y, n 9 Aberdeen UnivP Press Ltd.Aberdeen, 1955 1 1955 1955 QD 1.F32 n. 20 THE PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY OF EN2YMES. Discussions of the Faraday Society, Abardsen Unvv. Press Ltd.Aberdeen, n. 1956 20, 1955 1956 QO 1.F12 n MENBRANE PHENOMENA. of the Faraday 5 iety, n Aberdeen Univ. Pzess Ltd.Aberdeen, 1955 21, 1956 Published Year: 1956 Catalog Number: p0 1.F]2 n. 22 Title: THE PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY OF PROCESSES AT HIGH PRESSURES. Setiel Title: Oiscussions of the Faraday Societ 2 2, , n , 1956 Pubiiaher: Abezdeen Univ. Press Ltd.Aberdeen, 1957 Publiehed Year. 1952 Catalog Number: QD 1.FJ2 n. 23 Title: MOLECULAR MECHANISM OF RATE PROC£SSES IN SOLIDS. Serial Title: Discussions Of tha Faraday Society, n. 23, 1957 Publishez: Abe[deen Un1v. Press Ltd.Aberdeen, 15] Published Yeae: 195') Catalog Numbe[: QD 1.F)2 n. 24 Title: INTERACTION IN IONIC SOLUTIONS. Serial Title: Discussions of the £araday Saciety, no. 24, 195> Publisher: Aberdeen Aberdeen, 1958 Published Year: 1958 Catalog Numbex: QD 1.F32 n 25 Title: CONFIGURATIONS AND INTERACTIONS OF MACROMOLECOLES O LIQUID CRYSTALS. Sezial Title: Discussions of the Faraday Society, rt. 25, 1955 Publisher: Aberdeen Unvv. Press Ltd.Aberdeen, 195a Published Year: 1958 talog Number: QD 1.F32 n 26 Title: IONS OF TNE TAANSITION ELEMENTS. Ser3a3 Title: Discussions of the Fareday Society, n. 26, 1958 Publishex: Aberdeen Univ. Press Ltd.Aberdeen, Scotland, 1959 Published Yeai: 1959 Page 528 m
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[elog Number: QD 1 .AS~ 1 Title: COLORIMEPRIC ANALYSIB. Au[hor: Allport N L 2nd Aut or Ed.: %eyser T Publieher: Chapman 6 Ha11 London, 1957- Published Year: 1957 talog Number: QO 3 .86 Title: COLORIMETRIC DETERMZNATTON OF NONMEPALS. serial Title: chemical analysis, v. a Anthot: Eoltz D F Publishe[: Interscience Publishers, New York, 1958 Published Yeaz: 1958 Catalog Numbei: QD 113 .I55 Title: TABLES O PECTROPHOTOMETRZC AeSOAPTION DATA OF COMPOUNDS DSED FOR THE COLORIMETRIC DETERMINATZON OF ELEMENTS. Publieher: Buttervorths, London, 1963 Published Year: 1963 Catalog Number: OD 313 . 2 1948 Title: COLORIMETRZC METHODS OF ANALYSIS ZNCLDDING SOME TURBIDIMETRIC ANU NEPHELOMESRIC M£THODS. Author: Snell F D 2nd Aut or Ed.: Sne11 C T Publieher: D. Van Nostrand Co.Nev York, 1948- PublisbeU Year: 1948 Catalog Number: QD 113 .T5 1974 .Title: COLORZMETRIC CHEMICAL ANALYTICAL METHODS. Author: Thomas L 2nd Aut or Ed.: Chamberlin G 1 Publisher: Tintometer, Saiisbury, 1974 Published Year: 1974 talog Number: QO i Title: COLORIMETRICCHEMICAL ANALYTICAL METHODS. 9 Author: Thomas L C 2nd Aut or Ed.: Chamberlin G J: Shute G Publisher: Tintomet- Salisbury, Eng.1990 Published Year: 198D Catalog Numbe[: QD 115 .B35 Title: ANALYSIS WZTH IONSELECTTVE ELECTRODES. ial Title: Heyden international topics in aclence Author: Bailey P L Publlsher: Heyden, London; New Yoik, 19'/6 Publiehed Year: 19I6 Page 53Y
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Catalog Number: QD 121 ' Title: TRACE ANALYSIS OF ATMOSPHERIC SAMPLES. Serial Title: XodansDa scientific books Author: Oikava A Publiaher: Eodansha; Tokyo, 19]] Published Year: 1977 Catalog Number: QD 121 .59 1985 Title: INTEGRATED E%HAUST GAS ANALYSIS SYSTEM FOR INE £NGINE COMPONENT TESTING. Setial Title: NASA technical pape[ 2424 Author: Summeis R L 2nd Aut O[ Ed.: Anderson R C Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, ScientifiC and Technical information eranch, (Washington, D.C.?), 1985 Published Year: 1985 talog Number: QD 1 Title: FUNDAMENTALS OF GAS ANALYSIS ITY GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY. Authoi: Thompson H Publisher: , Palo Alto, Ca1if., 19» Published Year: 19»an CatalOg Numbe[: QD 131 .A44 034 198'! Title: OFFICIAL METHODS AND RECOMMENDED PRACTSCES OF THE AMEAICAN OIL CHEMISTS SOCSETY ( OFFSCIAL AND 'fENATIVE METHODS ). 3nE Aut or Ed.: Mehlenbacher Y C; HOpper T H; Sa11ee E M; Li~ W E: Nalker R Nalker R; Fiiestone D Publisher: an Oil chemists Society Champaign Illinois 9e8ic Published Year: 198"/ Catelog Number: pD 331 .$68 Title: STANDARD METHODS OF CHEMICAL ANALYSIS. Publisher: Nostrand Naw Sersey, 1963 Published Year: 19s2 Catalog Number: QD 1 S Title: ETANDARDMETHODS OF CHEMICAL ANALYSIS - A MANUAL F ANALYTICAL METHODS AN ENERAL REFERENCE FOR THE ANALVTICAL CHEMIST AND FOR THE ADVANCED STUDENT. Anthoi: eco tG W znd A Ea.: N H Publishea Yaar. 1999 Paqe 546
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Catalog Number: Title: Autho[: Publishei: PuDlished Year: Ca<alog Number: QD 115 C6 1919 QOANTITATIVE ANALYSIS BY ELECTROLYSIS. Classen A .IOhn Niley 6 So , Inc., Nev York, 1919 1919 QD 115 .2559 1986 Title: ELECTROCHEMISTRY SENSORS AND ANALYSIS, PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ^ELECTROANALYSIS NA H•EZREANN,'• DUBLIN, IRELAND, E 10-12, 1986 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "ELECTROANALYSIS NA H'EIREANN", DUBLZN, INELA ND), Se[ial TStle: 2n8 Aui or £d : 1986. Analytical chemistry aymposla series v. Sm th M R; Vos J G 25 . Publisher: Pubiished Year: y Elsevie[; Amsteidam; NeW Yo[k, 1986 1986 Catalog Number: QD 115 .K65 1941 Title: POLAROGRAPHIC ANALYSIS AND VOLTAP4IETRY ANPEROMETRIC TITRATIONS". Autho[: Publieher: Kolthoff I M; Lingane J.I Znterscience Publiahe- In , ew York, NY., 1941 Pubiished Year: 1941 Catalog Numbe[: Title: 2thor: QD 115 .K66 POLAROGRAPHY. I(oithoff I M; Lingane J J bliaher: Inte[science Publishers, NeW Yo[k, 1952 Published Year. 1952 Catalog Numbe[: QD 115 .L23 1984 Title: Serial Title: I.AHORATORY TECHNIQUES IN ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. Monogiaphs in Electxoanalytical Chemistry and 2nd Aut or Ed.: Electrochemistry X1ssingei P T; Hetneman W R Publishe[: Published Yeai: Ma[cel 1984 Dekke[, Inc.New York, 1984 Catalog Number: QD 115 .M4 Title: Autho[: Publishe[: PublZShed Yeat: POLAROGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES. Meites L Inte[science Publishe[s, 1955 NeW York, 1955 Page S3R
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Catalog Number: QD 11>.C5 .W35 19?T Title: CHROMATOGRAPHIC SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE ANO TROUELESHOOTING. Author: Walker J Q 2nd Aut O[ Ed.: Sackson M T; Maynard S 8 Publisher: Academic P[es , Nev York, 19~Y Published Year: 1977 Catalog Numbez: QD 11"/.C515 . Title: APPLIED HEADSPACE GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY HEADSPACE ANALYSIS,UBERLINGEN, WEST GERMANY,19"/8. 3nd Aut or Ed.: %olb B Publisher: Philadelphia, PA., Heyden 1978 (c19eo) Published Year: 19]R Cataleg Numbee: QD 121 .I5 1965 Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: THE OETERMINATION OF TOXIC SUBSTANCES IN AIR A F I C I PRACTICE TOXIC SUBSTANCES IN AIR. A MANUAL OF LC.I. PAACTICE. Hanson N W; Reilly D A; Stagg H W Pubiisher: Heffer Cambridqe, 1969 Published Year: 1965 Catalog Numbez: QD 121 .I6 Title: 2nd Aut or Ed.: METHODS FOR THE DETERMINATION OF TOXIC SUBSTANCES IN A Gage J C; Strafford N; Truhaut R Publisher: Publiahed Year: Butterworths Scientific Publications, London, 1959 3959 telog Number: QO 1 9>9 Title: P£RFORMANCE EVALUATZON OF A SOLID 5OR9ENT HYDROCARBON SAMPLER REPORT SUlHAAAY. Serial Title: Electric Pover Research Institute EA-959 Research project / EleciriC Power Research Institute J83-2 Author: Neher M 2nd Aut or Ed.: Sones P W; Perry P S Publisher: The Institute, Palo Alto, Calif., 19]9 Publiehed Year: 19'!9 Catalog Number: QD 1 Title: NIOSH ANALYTICAL METHODS FOR SRT G N 1 3 M. Publisher: Stanford Research Institute, Men10 Park, CA, 1976- Published Year: 19)6 Page SG5
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CalOg Number: QD 117 G3 1 Title: DIRECT MIXTURE ANALYSIS FOR TRACE ORGANZCS MINES AND NEW INSTRUMENTATION. Author: Glish G L; Ungei S E; Schoen A E Published Year: 1999 Catalog Number: QO 11> Mo 195] Title: SOLVENT EXTRACTION IN ANALYTICAL CNEMISTRY. Aurnor: Y n G H 2nd Aat ot Ed.: s Publisher: SohnWiley s Son, Inc.NeW York, 195] Published Yeat: 195"! Catalog Numbet: QD 11] Pr 19"/2 Title: ANALYTICAL ATOMIC ABSORPTION SPECTROMETRY. Author: Ptice W J Pubiished Year: 1999 Catalog Numbet: QD 11> Va 1 Titie: ANALYTICAL Y.ETHODS FOR FLAME SPECTROSCOPY. AuthO[: an A Published Year: 3999 Cata1og Number: QD 11] Va 19]5 Title: ANALYTICAL METHODS FOR CARBON ROD ATOMIZERS. Author: A P Published Year. 1999 Catalog Number: QO 31].C5 . 9 G44 19]1 Title: GEL P£RMEATION CHROMATOGRAPHY. Se[lal Title: Ametican Chemical Gociety Audio Caarses ACS Aurlio Courses uthor: Pubiiaher: American Chemical Society Washington 19]1 Published Year. 19]1 Cataloq Nuwbei: QO 31].C5 .Q16 198] Title: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS USING CHROMATOGRAPNIC TECHNSQUES. Serial Title: Separation science seiles 2nd Aut or Ed.: Kat2 E Publisher: Wiley, Chichestee~ Nev YOrk, 1987. Published Year: 198] CatalOg Numbei: QD 13].CS .R4 19]6 Title: A USER'S GUIDE TO CHROMATOGRAPHY GAS LIQUID TLC. Publisher: Moiton Grove, IL., Regis Chemical Company, 19]6 I Published Year: 19]6 Page 544
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Catalog Nusber: OD 1.A355 n 94 Title: DIETARY CHEMICALS VS DENTAL CARIES BASED ON A SYMPOSYDM ON DIETARY CHETtICALS IN RELATION TO DEMlAL CARIES SPONSORED BYTHEAGRICULTURAL ANU FOOD CHEMISTRY DIVISION AT THE 1966 WINTER MEETING OP ERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIElY , PHOENI% ,ARIEONA ,JANUARY. SBrial Title: Advances in chemistry series, 94 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Ha[ris A S Publisher: American Chemical Suciety, Washington, 1970 Published Year: 19I0 CatalOg Numbex: QD 1.A355 n. 95 Title: LLULASES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS A SYMPOSIUM SPONSORED BY THE DIVISION OF CELLULOSE W00D ANU FIBER CHEMISTRY AT THESYMFOSIOMCO-CHAIRMEN . Serial Title: 2nd Aut o[ Ed.: Publiahed Yeax: NASHINGTON,1969. Advances in che®ist[y Beries , 5 Hajny G J; Reese E T 1969 Catalog Number: OD 1.A355 n 99 Title: Serial Title: Publisher: MULTICOMPONENT POLYMER SYSTEMS. Advances in chemistry s i 11. 99 American Chemical SocletyWashingtan, D.c.19'/1 Published Year: 1971 CaCalog Number: Title: OD 1 A355 n.41 NEW APPROACHES TO PEST CONTROL AND ERADICATION A SYHPOSIUM SPON50REU BY THE PESTICIDES SUBDIVISION OF THE DIVISIONOFAGRICDLTURAL AND POOD CHEMISTRY AT THE 142ND MEETING OF THE AMMCAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY , ATLANTIC CITY , N.J., SEPTEMBER 13 ~ 3962. PEST CONTROL ANU ERADICATION. Se[ial Title: Advances in chesistry serxes, 41 2nd Aut Or Ed.: Hall S A Publishe[: Ame[ican chemical Saciety, Washington, 1963 Published Yeax: 1963 Catalug Number: QD 1.A155 no.66 Title: IRRADIATION OF POLYMERS A SYHPOSIUM. Serial Title: 2nd Aut or £d : Advances i chemistzy seziea, 65 Platser N . Publishex: American Chemical SOtiety, Washington, 196"1 Publiahed Year: 196I Catalog Nusber: QD 1.A356 1 Title: Publisher: Published Yea[: CHEHCOM, CHEMISTRY IN TNE COMMUNITY. Dubuque, IOWa, Eendall/HUnt Publishing CO., 1988 19R8 Page 526
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Catalog NvmDer: qD 139 .T] P5613 Title: MODERN METHODS FOR TRACE ELEMENT ANALYSIS. Author: Pinta M 2nd Aut or Ed.: Scott R M; Rengan X Publishei: Ann Aibox Science, Ann AiDOi, Mich.19]8 Publishad Yeai: 1978 Catalog Number: qD