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Page 1: yrm95d00
50335 7501 ~:. 4 ,I!nngsrA;UWM Neat!'~I- «1'l'ilFr+: f;2P1t T11171i1f.ictntn r.nd use, by li. N, ~ i I h i :d hi a ' ~ ' k ] s ]i s ng carpor;i c :, ~Ca ar 1<) t ... C , -.: n I1tt ~; i.l (~;il;fll 1F?'i. 8~3. iC: p, ilht3., tilag:•s. ~} ctn. Rlini; p:t;+E•= for "Ztenwr nwdn" (16, ;it cad) `7.11belcatln, greitses : the:r mmnu:ncture sir,d use, hased en on tttriter work !nf t1t2 sutihrt hoe h?en so firentl;r enir.rred and cors- rletcly recisiNrl thast i; ha'rd;y re:<^snhlr:: the smali h.rok pttl,lislsed ttna •r Me r r:r. e;.! !>: icatinr grz:~sc•:+' i.) 3i.'•:7."--1'rer. "Z:ihlio~•rseph ~•rseph~ to cadlold chemi.tr~~ d^fu;!:iosss" at eud of rhupter z. '1'he eoaoldal ~+:Ua,e oi h:hriccslin,r gre:zses. 7. LuLt•i:ation ar,d hibricants. i. Title. _1 9:37 r''''N 621.89 35--1 P , I ~; T.tbrr.r rrr ~~f Congtes•.c \ tu2e^1 a ~, .x n l1 f~ ~~ t ~ ~ i 4-1
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50335 7502 ...:._....,.....<.._ .>.... ., ,Iz i . ; i ~ ; ,,,*Klemar;- W. R. . A METHOD TO ENCOURAGE EXTENSIVE STUDY OF ANIMAL. HYPNOTIC BEHAVIOR ; ~ Jour. Exptl. Anal. Behavior 9 (No. 1) 63-64 { (Janaury, 1966) ~ ~ ., , '?- ! a 0 3 0 00 0 1 7 9 a 5
Page 3: yrm95d00
~... -..•- ~-~ . _ _. ~ _ ~. . ,.._. . _ . ~ ,- ' 0r ~l Ii f1 l C011PL i: ~x fl I T[ t TI 1 I l ( tS T s {r41" , . f~ /3 S. ltc. Shr•IrIK,llnicty. Mt1°:,ICni0n> lR S u m m a r y An analytical focmola is proposer'd for the exponent n of the wavelength of the uifien•:+tir,l turhidity spectrum in tiic i:r:g<iru:n equation T%vhich is expressed in of tiie plia-e sliift p== 1). Usin- thi~: expression it is possible to e.+ir rtl:.s.~ tLc• dimensionc a or the rcl, t~e refraction iudex in for particles of any siae ar+cl f++: any relative refraction i::dea, :+t 1o,t in the ran-e 1,0 < m< 1?:,, in addition to thc• tatiLratinn of it carried out by It+,t)er and coworkers for a limited range of a and values of r+. 'f):e mctho& of tG,nination of tlie ambiguity iu dc•termination of f, frJl+l n, resulting from the o c:ll,~sir ;; naturo of the function n(p) are analyzed. ,nutc•rsu,nutc•rs of a great variety of disperse T'his enables to calcnlate from n the pc:rticir Pc•: spst! rn<, which so far has been done i:, tlir• caa• of cum?rlex polymerie and biological cullrri•;•.,l sp-tems only for parliLlcs e, itl, mz:~ 1,0;,, 1,10 and a< 25. The results of the calcut:;tion are compared Nvith the espcriurental results La:ed on the data of t1w exPeri- mc•ut; o;, tLe light scatteriu,ti in disp.•rsc :yste:n;, taken from literature. The calculation agrecs xrell With cxperilnent. Yj(li 5i1.64:513.544 . ..1 . \ . .i , 0\ Tl. : 1 .lt: : T1. . : ; 1 ~ D2SPIJtSE PO1.YMl:ItlC S)';TI:~,'S i'hOM 711E TUlt'r;If)ITI' SPI:CTRU\t;~ t.~6'~"'' ~) e . 0 .3 n 0 n ri 1 7.s n, 6
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TOBACCO---PIIYSIOLOGY/ TISSUES--CULTUP,E/ - '~l.wr~._w.t. • - .-.1..~....+..fe./.../.r:_....._..~~....:.~.... 79 VI K1 50335•7'!~04 ~ RJR CLASS il0. PAt4PIILF.T 79 VI Y.1 ( o,lcn i um ni ., Dep. Pl,nt Physiol., tsratislava, Czech.) DF_PENDENCE OF PHYSIOi.OGICAL PROCESSES IN TOBACCO EXPLAtlTS UP(`'•! THE CARRIER OF THE EXPERIt'CtITr,L NATEf;IAL. Acta fac. Physiol. Plant 1973 (No. 15) 17-23 (1978) - in English *Keywords:* Constituents tou numerous to list. In the present i-;ork, we wanted to verify in what degree were influenced ti,:ater relations, the n;ctabolism of sugars and free arninocides by using t%-: static techniques, i.e., by solidifyinn trith agar or using the paper carrier into th liquid medium. In the case of cc.lloaenesis, there ti.:as also the question of adhesion and meristernisation of the original tissue on the paper carrier. ~. _.._._..~._...,-.-... .. .. . .,.....," ~...~-•-,_....~. ...~... ... 0 e 1 7 S R7
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i 1 i !; 50335 -'7*5 Y.i . I~Cid CYl'kC~!'al G c^.fff::ct _. . ) Lf~.-::c~:~t~ i4~Ct (uo. 10; ~;~~~?.3 Lt~6t~) e
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50335 -7507. I QA ; ~ >G3 t K ~ Te"ZPFtter.° ;Daniel ..4~-. CALCULUS, A SHORT MANUAL OF SELF-INSTRUCTI( By lfleppner, Daniel and Norman Ramsey. ; ~ . ~ 1965 294 p. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York a U3 tl 0 0 11 1 7S 9 n
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1 era!; Mlet VoA ~~/ =....,., ~.. .:rn.Yii3b'J li. rG:al j Ci ~<~~+J v~~c ~SRr~ub ?:-Gvh compmy xsv? •+,..:;e 1
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50335 75Q9.^ 76 III K11 .. Chapter 9 QC02t..2.~ Il8(Ier'. /9,~ 7, /39 z TNE GENERATION OF;SOUND" W"de Klerk.3 Westinghouse Research Laboratories Pittsburgh. Pennsyhvaniu ....y ss Methods and problems in sound generation from audio to micrnwa%e frequencies are reviewed. Special emphasis is placed on the hi,h end of the frequency spectrum. • where'sound and optical wa%elength are comparable. . INTRODUCTION Acoustical holography consists in essence of observing and storing the shadow of an object which is being irradiated with sound. The irradiation process concerns the generation and propagation of sound in the medium in which the object is immersed. The observation process concerns the detection and intensity measurement of the sound arriving at some chosen plane on the remote side of the object from the irradiation source.lVhile this chapter is mainly concerned with the irradiation source, i.e., the generation of sound, a brief description of sonie of the physical properties of the trans- mission media will be r.ccessarv. ,- C3 .~ o R ~ tI I I 5
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a When subjects are instnucted to self-generate happy. sad. and angry imagery. disaete patter: faeialmusdeactivih•canbedetededusingelect.romyographic (EMG) procedures.Priorrese from this laboratory suggests that depressed subiec's show attenuated facial EXfG patterns du imagery conditions. particularly during happy imagery.ln the present experiment. 12 depre subjects and 12 matched normals were requested to generate happy and sad imagery. first the insttuction to simpl}• "think" about the imagery. and then to self-regulate the affecti~~e sta 'Yeexperiencing the feelings" associated with the imagery. Continuous recordings of facial I were obtained from the corrugator. zygomatic major. depressor anguli oris. and mentalis mL regions. It was hypothesized that (a) these muscie sites would reliably differentiate betv happy and sad imagery. (b) the instruction to self-generate the affective feeling state w produce greater LMG differences than the "think" instructions. and (c) the "think" instruct would be a more sensitive indicator of the difference between depressed and nondepre subjects. especially for happy imagery. All three hypotheses were confirmed. The applicatic facial electromyography to the assessment of normal and clinical mood states. and the ro faFial muscl,e~pattr,rning in the subjective experience of emotion. are discussed. / :i `1 ~•
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50335 7511 _ . # e . B018 MD527 P 86- 9~ 81 III Kl KLES AA BICCHEMISTRY-USSk* 4(QC INFLUENCE OF THE COMPOSITION OF POLYENZYME CELLULASE ~ - ~ -- -- - -- --- -- -- ---- -- - ----- - - ------ ~ ..~-- l.VrirLr.ALJ V1Y 1nG DIl11UN, Vl' 1riL .71LYA L1111111Y1a / THE RATE OF HYDROLYSIS OF INSOLUBLE (NATURAL)VELLULOSE ,. :'. ~~"~ebovrtand S. Yu. Grigorash UDC 577.154 It was shown theoretically and experimentally that polyenzyme cellulase complexes can catalyze reactions in kinetic systems that are characterized by the absence of any one definite step limiting the rate of the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose, even when the rates of the individual steps of the process differ substantially. Such a peculiarity of the kinetic behavior of cellulase complexes is due to the presence of shunting pathways in a series of successive-parallel reactions of en- zymatic degradation of cellulose to glucose. In such systems the equilibrium rate of formation of the end product is determined, as a rule, by the aggregate of the rates of several steps simultaneously. A consequence of this reaction mechanism is the wide variety of the kinetic principles of the accumulation of glucose (the end pro ct) an t~} c~nge in,thejcel-Iuloe ppncentration (intermediate product) when th~Ycotn~os'itidn of`in~~Ividual components of the polyenzyme cellulase system is varied. An illustration of the kinetic principles of the enzymatic hydrolysis
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.50335 7512 I . , Tirs Axr.aIcAH Jovn.AL or Cw.rk.L NcrercIoK vot. 23. No. a, atrtrch. 1970, pp. M-Sy9 "~----prtuer . Hair as a Biopsy Material •I. Assessment •oninc Nutriture''Z 1.ES.t.il:. ;X, )4XYAY,a= M.D., S.D. 1N II1'G. T17A'f TnF. ZINC CONTENT of hair is relatcd to the zinc content of the clict has bccn showtt for a variety of animal sl~rcics (1-5). A lesser amotntt of sintilar cvitlcncc is available for mcm (6). 1Vltctbcr changes iit tltc plty.iolol;ic nccd for zinc can in(lu- ir ~ •hen dicta i t t of h h ry c z nc con cn a " ~ . cncc t -- iinc is notrhannrd ic nnt lnn.m- e Un n c) t-1 S 9 0 bctwccn the zinc contcnt of hair and the ; physiological factors of sul,jcct age, scx, t and pi•cgn:ntcy-lactation wcrc examined. ~ , t MA1•k:RrA1.S AND Atr:rltnpS 11 'l7tia study x:tx appcndcd to thc 1967 Ntttri• ! I tion Survey of thc Rcpublic of 1'nnnuna spou• I it , s ~~
Page 13: yrm95d00
X.1 Nel•'-F-s~-~2 .~ Amer. Dairy Rev. 34 (10) f!`#2} 47-48 , 50335 7513 , F ..~~ ~ . ~~ '1~.aC~ose hi,~:QEerance And The Consumptio . Of' Dairy Produc~~5 By D1CWA n1CW4 :b :~ a fined to tlie outer cell laycr of tE:c; iiitrstir:::! :pi?!:~iium whcrc digestion is believcd to occur. The n:onu- -saccharidcs arr-thcn absorbed and transvortcd to the blood stream. Lactasc activity is greatest at birth and remains high until after wcanirg when it decreases to about 10 per cent of its previuus, level. 'What is lactose intolerance? If only a limited amour.t of lactase is present in the intestine, lactose is not igcstcd rapidly enough and some of it passes on to the lon where it upsets the normal osmotic balance caus- g:+n accumulation of fluid. In addition, it undergoes bacterial fermentation to form lactic acid which causes gassiness, bloating, cramping and froth)• diarrhea. \Vhile the symptoms become evident 30-90 minutes after consumina lactose, diarrhea usually rc- suhs within two hours with all symptoms disappearing , within two to six hours. F• DAlRY PRODUCTS ARE WELL ta.OwN FOR THEIR CON- Diagnosis and Interpretation: The degree of in- tribution of calcium, riboflavin and protein to the diet. . testinal Iactase activity can be measured by: (1) ob- Less known is the fact that sonic people cannot readily serving the severity of the symptoms upon lactose in- digest the lactose whic'i is present, in varying amounts, _ ~estion_or _notin>_the_it?~nra~ ~ ~~ o 0 n n-1 : a-9 fi
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50335 7514 IX Re2-• 72 S.P. - -,~.s_.._ ._-~._...,..•...._... _.....,.....~.....M__ -. --- - _-_..... .,...---- .. .. 4.. _ „ .. . . • . • ~ . . . r ~ • • . . . . . • ' • . • ' . . . . . . . - • L • ' . _ Joo 1f ~~ 7 " ) ? %QS .~ 1(~S - - . Q ' 1 - .P 0 ~ _ _ /l ., . / ~ ,tCT:1 1'!f )'SlCOC'110lICAU.Il.S.S. t•UL. \1•111. A'.)• .i .f- ti i it h t:zc an s 1pIiti0n of Ear-hon an:~ cs o . w itii Oubetl Gh' 41 i The determination of tiie ignition conditions of a salid surface ~ has been proposed by one of us '-is a mcthod' for the study of reac- . ~ t;on kinetics,ut.cier conditions when its direct measurement is not • -'..-t...thl;-xenC.lir7T1, 11L. Celr:)Un' ; ' . o :; n n 9 . 7, .
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Page 16: yrm95d00
81 III Ts rHl i r Ht,iUb--Lntcurwiuurcxrnit. HnHt.rbia/ 56335- 7~516 Jour: Lipid Res. 22 (5) 852-5 ,(1981 A rapid, simple, and sensi~ive ~rocedure for the determination of free fatty acids in plasma using glass capillary column gas-liquid chromatography ~- it etiatnc nteta 0 sm; Hospiral'; Cleveland, OH b Abstract A rapid and sensitive method for the a alysis of plasma free fatty acids with glass capillary column gas-liquid chromatography and flame ionization detection is described. The plasma sample, together with n-penta- decanoic acid as an internal standard, was treated with 2,2-dimethoxvpropane and hydrochloric acid. 2,2-Dimeth- ox.propane serves as a water scavenger, deproteinizing agent, and as a methylating agent. Under the assay con- ditions, only free fatty acids were convened to their methvI esters; esterified fatty acids, such as those in trighcerides and phospholipids, were not significantly 4 the disadvantage of being nonspecinc. A number of normal plasma constituents, such as phospholipids and organic acids, are known to cause interference. This is especially true in the case of pregnancy, diabetes, and nephrotic syndrome, where the plasma concentration of these interfering substances is in- creased (2). Besides, these methods lack sensitivity and require at least 100 µl of plasma for analysis, although a recent publication has reported the use - -- - -- - - -- -- ----- ----- - ~ .- 0 3 o 0 n 0 1 7 5 9 9
Page 17: yrm95d00
50335 7517 . 4a t~? I, ,~ ~ ~.; I Pl~;trohnetununin-Ii1;e orw:.liis;:a (I'PL7) Jiyccp!;t,~r.ra- tnceas. London, New York, Academic Press, 1962. 157 p. tUus. 24 cm. 1. Dl; cr~plasro,Mtncenc. 1. Title. ••r + Q1~3:;.:IiJ~;I~.ri5 ].cJ82 589.9 G1-1iZ1OS + T.ibrnrS of tbnrress iR^fi3, 0 ,; ;) n 0
Page 18: yrm95d00
- --- -- - - -~~- ~ ~ ; --- _ ' # 50335 7518 Qweeruat Hatnburg (DnttschlaneQ , - Rinted in Bolrium POLYSACCHARIDES. BRAUNUhGSREAKTIONEN UND FRAGMENTIERUNGEN VON KOHLENHYDRATEN ZEIL IV. VERGLEICH DER FLIICHTIGEN AB13AUPRODUY.7E AEI DER PYROLYSE VON bIONO-, OLIGO- UND POLYSACCffAR1DLN Carbohydrate Research 6(4) 436-48 (1968) K. HEYNS UNO . , L .~kd4rtiri t... Chemisches Stoatsrnstintt, Institut frir Organische Chemle, Rur°nA FLtevler PubGshieP ComPiny, Amsterdans `/~~` t ~''~POLYSACCHARIDES/OLIGOSACCH!':RIbESi'tONUSACC}111It~bn 74 III He2 v CAP.EDHYDRATES--DEGP.e1DATI0N/. BROFINING REACTIONS AND FRAGMf:NTATIONS OF CARBOHYDRATES. PT.IV. COMPARISON 7RE VOLATILE DEGRADATION PRODUCTS IN THE PYROLYSIS OF MONO-, OLIGO-AND OF On pyrolysis at 300-500° for a short pcriod, D-erythrose, D-xylose, D-ribose, e t~ ' n t~ ~~~ f: 1
Page 19: yrm95d00
50335 7519 1,111; Jorr<v u1 o. ls. r,.ru:»ISr: 1)r.n.t..•rnat'r•r t nme ' -~ ' Cuy)rigl, .5: b} Tl,c 1Silli SNSilAitt+( o. v t 78 II K1 Vi.l. li, \.. 5_ C(t\T~~CTJIT.I,1:ItCh:\~ '!'lIh. IDE\'I'IFIC:1'I'I(>\ OF 13T HUMAN ASSAY III. Tltt: \IAxlMtzA•rtox Te-sT: A 1'ltOceotrte t'tllt Sc1cF:>::xINc A\t) IZATIX(i CUXT:\C"I' SK Tlti_ is the tllird and fitutl port ion 'af a re- rurt of a project dc-i;;nt•cl ior the lmrllu: (, of im- pro.'in.- 5t:mdnrcl methods of detectiu, contact nllerrens. The firt dealt with the theoretical and technical i n~uflicienc•ies of the conventional "predieti.'e" tests (1). The secnnd presented :1 compendium of cx- periutcntal information on the various agencies which cuuduce to th^ e,t:tLli:htnent and ntcas- urcment of l:tnn:ut cuta:tct :c•tuitizcltiutt (2). It 1s tltr lnlrltu~(' ol tlli= loju•r to prt•'rllt :1 new metllucl of Uiua=;s.•, l:ereaftcr called the '' ~Ia~ilnir.tti.~tl t•~t,'• a:ui to n•t•;~1 'd'd th:' ])er- /"~ ~ r , ~ fu~?l:tlu~lof (Ili, 1t: L ll~t'yt a,.yurtn,f %~Nl l:uu1S')1 •ul~, t: t 1 Icr ~. 'Fen,itize, though clinsno;is i= often mi~:Secl Le- cau<c of svery low order of muslliciou (;). The .c•n=itizing cal,ahilitics of the ovent•hirlmin, prepondcr:ntce' of s;uh;t:tnces are vrn ' ft•elple; onc may nlmost always fine-comb out of thc literature a case or two of fell:itlzfttlun to practically nnythin.- which contacts Iltc skin. No feasible procethlre can hol)e to iclcntify the=c allcr~cu.. There is however a class of lnutlerate : cn=i- tizcr.. n'hich, thuu'gh tlot. nccc.,s:lrily cl:tnwer- on.,, have sn/licit•nt :tllt`r::rnic llott•1tti:tl to warrant nn alertne:s for their scu:ittuiut: pu::i- Itilitit•... \It`dic•nl cxcttnldcs int•hule nront}'cin,. lmuzucaiuo, 1'tutainr, 1'rnirillin. aml :untn;~lti.ttt J ... . ...... ~. . .... ,.... ...t...~. ....... ..•. ~.. ,.
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~ -50$35 7520 TOBACCO--MOISTt1RE/TOBACCO--CHEMICAL COMPOSITION--MOISTUREZ RJR TRANSLATION RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION Seehofer, F.; Lorenz, H. W. (Biitish American Tobacco Co. (C.E.) GmbHt L'issenschaftliche Arbteilung) CONDITIONING CHAMBER WITH AIR CIRCULATION. * (iC1~ma1c°$°i~i I`zung'. )* Beitr. Tabakforsch. 1961 (No. 2) 35-38 (May 1961) (in German - Complete English translation available.) *Keywords:* moisture,'cured, constituent. :For chemical and physical tests samples of homogeneous tobaccoes of uniform humidity are ~ ~required. To this endd a curing chamber was constructed allowing conditioning of cigarettes -and 'tobacco in very short time. The new apparatus can also be used for determinino the hygroscopic compensation of different blends. Compared with conventional machines operating according to i the same priiuiple with pressure reduction, saturated salt solutions and air circulation it offers i ' --- --- -- _.--- -~---------------.------ eor.sidcrablc improvements reEardrns duration and uniformity of conditioning. `_ .J 3 0 0 n.[i 1/ 6 0 3
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v 0 9 1 1 P u 0 UP. 0 t.,, y.vr .ai..~a:,~-.~.....:...:.,~ .._...-.~.~ s3 ~. `o?I~ 6Bi+iJr>:rg " ~T'~ "S~S~.~!J:.'~atlTr:d ( . ~ Z tii ti 71J, ~YUJ'a`T,:! Q'^.: iT N-+7 ;.;.1SQ-i.~~,r, ~ ~ • . .. . S£EOS
Page 22: yrm95d00
50335 7522 NICOTINE--AERIVATIVF.S/NICOTINE--CHEMISTRY/ 78 XII co RJR CLASS NO. PA`9YHLET 78 XII Go Goldfarb, Y. L.; Stoyanovich, F. M.; Churplina, A. P. ; 1a4=sr+kft_ V. C (Institute Org. Chem., Acad. Sci. USSR) - STREt;GTH OF SOME BASES OF THE NICOTINE SERIES. . Izv. Akad. Nauk SSR, Ser. Khim. No. 8, 1883-5 (1970) (in Russian - complete I?nEli.sh translation available) Note date. , . _~ .. 1. The pK fcr so^ie amino derivatives of'the nicotine series have. a been determined. The presence of intramolecular hydrogen bonds in 2-aminonicotine has been confirmed. 2. The influence of structure of the molecule on the pKa of .nicotine and metanicotine bases has been elucidated.
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50335 7523 -~- 44 11 MeA1-77 S.P. Proc. D1id.-I~.~x Ind. Waste Conf. 4th 1971, 107-15(1971) DYNAMIC CA-LIBRATION O~` V5/ULFUR DIOXIDE AIR ANALYZERS USING TH:': PEILPi1:ATION TUBE METHOD ay • r:;. ~C,?S Techni'ca1 S~rvices Section, Departrnent of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, State af D, laware The accurate determination of ambient concentrations of sulfur dioxide is essential for implementation of regulations based on allowable limits in the air. The state of Delaware has adopted, as part of itz ai.:: resources program, ambient air quality standards forr sulfur dioxide and particulates. I U,~ iJ 0 tl Cl ! 7 6 0~ . . r ,
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50335 752q /6 t I 9alCRORlOLOGY A N D I M M U V U L O G Y 19'1 - 7H - l07 ~.. ~~.. Yh,~- .r GEOMETILY OF GUINEA PIG RESPIRtLiORY TRACT AND APPLICATION OF LANDAIi L'S MODEL OF DEPOSITION OF AEROSOL PARTICLES ~l6~,lsc~dk~, 1. L1BlCH. V.-•/tAUOBRSOVA Military 1n.:tttuta of 13ygi^ne, F.pidem'.olovy and hticrebiol•agy. Prague l In quantitative study of the dElxisition of aerosol particia~; in the lungs, It Ou•~t~fout~rd ~c~leutEj! t~lubt6n iQ es~mate of the r.umrer, dirwrnsions End braZch- [~OS$ibiR [nc' ~i 1?•n 11?[Ill' i:`.tt 3!?n~?S ot the r"cnlrQ1?[.rV tract ai: wHVj~z. t)SS(? nf the ~.. f , . ` .= crr A'C J C ~ ~ . -~ r . .r 1* f I /) ~ /! '-A , /o f//Y JO':RNAL OP HYUIEYE. EPlDEMtOLOGY.
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50335 7525 79 III La BItEW Publ. 1977, 28-33 (1977) RE~~I~,~v OF eUR~.Er~~•T~:~r~i~~~Qv ~`S rOR THE ANALY;IS OF FzBERS zNt,LC ~ A. M. r.~nger, A. N. Rohl, r1i. S. Wolff, ,. ~...~, ~-%nd S. 13. 5itirey A. Talc as a hiolo~icall~• active substance Occnpational exposure to talc dust in the work nl.ece has been associated with the development of lun~ scarring which has been tcrmcd talc- osis.' '•12,"•" Ciinicians have described talcosis as a fine, diffuse, bilatcral progressive scarring which may, iF severe, produce disability or prcmature death. In addition to sczrr.d lungs, reports have suggested that excess malignant tumors occur among these workmen." So:..e investigators have suggested that "fibrous talcs" possess greater fibrobenicity than the platy varieties.'•11 This observation, as well as evidence st:g;esting that ta!c-associated diseases re- sembl;; asbestos diseases,'-s has prompted investiga- toreito ui,~;st thatt the hbers ~~•ithin, the talc are the biotogie.,ril1. ia~ti%~ ace'3i ts. (Yct, L nu~Cibat~ of C$ini`~l obscrvatioiu have demonstrated that nonfibrotu plat}' talc may pro;!u;e diseasc- in o_cupationally exposr!d in an industrial or consumer product setting, unless the nature of th.- materials themselves are known. One objective of this study was the development of the analytical techniques r:yuircd to answer this fundamental question. B. Talc as a mineral Talc has been defined zs a mineral specieo on the basis of its structure, chert:istry• and ph)sical proper- ties: '" Its gec+!ogical origin is complex. The initial reck-types, metamorphic processes and minerals are' so diverse that the talc end-product is often a pesium silicate min- complex mixture of many mac erals. L^boratory studies of talc mineral synthe- cis,a'-:;' and mineralogical studies of the materials
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50335 7526 RJR TRANSLATION CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY/ V,Trnurnall of Chromatography, vol. 136, 1977, pp. 23-36, 13-21 NANOGRAI`t TECHNIQUES. I. INJECTION WITHOUT LOSS ON CAPILLARY GAS- LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHIC COLUMNS II. MICRO-SCALE PREPARATIVE GAS chromatography 'T3=i K1lritesr W. Stunzi and D. Lamparsky NA1:C)C;RAA1\4-VI:R1_AI-IREN )I. DAS Vf:RI.USTLOSE' I:1NS1'RIT7_EN AUF I:IN1? KAPII,LARKOLONNE 11. PR%11'ARATIVL GASCIIRON4ATOGRAI'I11E IM !\11KRONIASSSTAB 1. KLIMIS, W. STtiNZI und D. LAMI'A1tSKY Giwondun Forscl,u,ifr.~gcs~1lscluijl AG, C7r-S6po Diibcnulurj(scGn•ei:) (fingcb;:ngcn am 9. Dc•r.cmbcr 1976) As \vc have shown in the first conununication', we have developed techniques in the nanogram ranrc r; rmittins the injection or re-injection of substpnccs without losses. \Ve now describe the methods we utilize for a ncarly quantitative recovery of injectcd materials. laiferent parawuters \vere evaluated in order to find the best suited orcration conditions. 1Ve deduce from these experiments that tbe use of capil- lary tubes as trapping \•i: ls will give good results if the tube is filled with small cotton U,~ O 0 (~)iergs aiid co/lcdL~y nnant pf a mixture of dry ice and liquid nitrogen. In comparison to thc non„al preraratn:e eas-liquid chromato_raphic (GI.Cj methods, we are now in the position to utilize the fa?1 range of resolution power given by the packcd ana- ! : :
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_,..,r: 50 335 ?J27 73 IX Fo ~.«..... ..+.,.........<:..... ...-... . .,..... .,,..'.a^.~-.• • 3 r.`.• •...: . .. . . _ .. . ~ _ _ _ _ ......~W~............. .~..,...... ~ £EPA3ATrO1C OF POLYCYCT.IC AROMATIC. HYDROCARRG::S BY -HT•G3- rRESSOP.£ LIQ*.:iD Ca.'t0biATOC;o:+P:fY 0'A CcLLtTi•i.i3F. ACETA2'k C{iLUM.1S «~.. tlt~i~ ti o Research Institute of the Cigarette Indurtry, Gazel:,enkamp ;,$, flamburg - Germany (Director: Prof. Dr. med. W. Dontenvill) In a screening test, suitable systems for separation of the so-called benzpyrene fraction verP selected by moaas of thin- layer chromato.graphy on cellulose acetate sneets. Results :ere subsequently transferred to high pressure ii=uid chromatography. The high selectivity of cellulose acetate columns enab?-is a good separation of benzo(a)pyr:r.e. increasir.g accthte cc'ntent of the supporting material givez a better efficiency. Solvents and acetate content were optiaized in a way that a quantitative determination of benzo(a)pyrene is possible. t
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50335 7528 TRANSLATION RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION Schonherr, 11. Harket, H. P. (Cigarette Ind., Res. Inst., Hamburg, Ger.) AGING OF CIGARETTE SMOKE CONDENSATE QUANTI(ATIVE IN,VESTIGATIONS OF ARTIi- FACT FORMATION BY GAS AND PARTICULATE PHASE REACTIONS. V4F Beitr. Tabakforsch. 7 (No. 1) 18-23 (1973) (in German - complete English translation available) *1975, No. 6, W 1850i, *d* Tobacco chemistry: t~ :~ n t) no i 76 I I
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50335 7529 TOJ3ACC0--CANC'r.'R--'CESTING X-1D EJ-FEKZNEP:TSV -. -" TOBACCO--TAF--•ArIALYSTS/ r-~-:~ ~~e: ._ . . .....~:.....w...a.:.,d._.....,......_ _ ... _ ~~ _. _ ~ _. _.. w..t.~ _. _.... _.. .___ _ P,3T: CLASS %Na. i'A."a'HLET 73 I?: K1 g ("if tCelu:~ , i'orsci~usinstitut Cigerette;~:.::dustrie, 1:~~^burg, Ger. ) nr: ~ 1TI:S C~F ',•:~DI''ZED CIGA~.E'FiES. CC':D.: Ct3:LrAfiiSG\ AfiiSG\ , OF A.ti ,•ALYTIr ..AL F .L5ULT5 ; I?.va ''`, .-~ DISCIL'oJSION OF T!;3= 4~'~ rWLA'-'IQ=' 'TO TREIR P.?.OLOGICAL Ar"II:'ITY. se(VeX~].eicf:~.:ILIL' cI•i2i:,l.^.c~S-a1113~.j -1Scae L'nter:;uchungen an Lotldf'nsatCn modifixicr'•Lr CiF.:=r=tten. Uis'.:Lssion eir.:!:' :orrelztiorn zur biologischen 7.eltscttr. Lehensm.-L':ti:ers.-F'orsch. :50 (.'3. 2) 93-99 (1972) (in Gcrman with Englis . su:r,r.: :ry) . xKeyv-ord .•* sodium nitrate, rcconstituted tobacco, additive. q973, y- ?, W 527* *ln* febacco clic: mistry: , _,. . ... ~....._ .. ~~ ~-M _..~._.. 0:3 t~ ~~ i~ 17 6 1 .2
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-.:...50335 7530 TRANSLATIO:V RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION 0-XliMM!'31t-r"`J4 ; ' Szonn, 14. (Cigarette Ind,,Ltd.,Res. Inst., Hamburg, Ger.) DISCUSSION OF SOME CHARACTERISTIC VALUES FOR POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYllRO- CARBONS. COMPARISON OF MEASUI`.EMF.NTS OF FLUORESCENCE EMIS:MN SPECTRA AND FLUOROES- CENCE EXCITATION SPECTRA OF CIGARETTE SMOKE CONDENSATE FRACTIONS WITIi THE BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF CIGARETTE SitOKE CONDENSATE. tw Zeitschr. Anal. Chem. 265, 7-12 (1973) (in German - complete English translation available) *Keywords:* polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, smoke, constituent. *1975, No. 6, 14 1845* *d* Tobacco chemiatry: U 3 C) n n~ f7 b f 3
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- _ - _._.-,: .~.:.:..~..___....._...... ..A~.~ !~0335 7531 ...iWia•~.....a~_.•..+..•e.-•..w. .c. ....s. r...3.....:...a-... . .. _ .. 73 I"w Fo ~s'.Sk:fSSI'J' siJ'i ~EIti.'.f? KENK::AFiL FFitR POLYZY?{LSSCHE 1l.RON'.: TISCHE ' KQfILEt3:,r~~SERSTO:~~E. • L'erg~teiCtt von hies3ungen der 8lucresxe;iz-Emfe•sions- und , F1•.zoreszenz-HnreFur•gs-Spektren einiger Cigar•ettenratich-- -• kondensat-FrakLior.Er. zur biologacken Aktivitgt de: Ci- Earettenrauchkosidenss,te. ~AY ~ ~ ti~?3 ~ . _ und W. Szo;~n Forsc:hungsi^stituL aer Cigarettenindustr3e e.V. Direktor :Pr--t. D: . med. W. Dorstenwi21-- . cooo Hae;bu_^E 5 R, Gazellenka~:p ~3 Dincassion_of_Craracceri.stfc_Val•aea_for_Polyc,yclic f_uc- r- H~~rocarhora ;FA~i) Correlatioos Aroma_ic of _ _» „ _ __ ~scencelexci_a,icrt:stectra and fluorescenee_emission__ °•---------- sp2ctra_of__iza_~tte-S:noke Ccndensates with regard to i ; 'rti2[~r_~].o3_OgiC2_:t_Acti_vity_ r..,..-. ...~.............•.-__.~..,-+..ee~.~..,..«`~c,~"+~..r.+a..~!•ti..~»..,~. . . ..C . U. (? n n Cl ~ 7 r ~ 4'
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50335 7532 - -'- J- RANSLATION TOBACCO--SMOKF.--CARCINOGENIC SL'BS1'A2:CES CANCER--CAUSATION BY TOBACCO/ z i RJR CLASS NO. D=tenwill, W.; Chevalier, H.-J.; li_rke, Lafrenz, U.; neckzeh, G. ; Fleiscii^;snn, B. ; Keller, W. ~ (Cigarctte Ind., Res. Inst., Hamburg, Ger.; Univ. Hamburg, .Conputer Cent., : Hamburg, Ger. ) . , E..w't ERIMENTAL STUDIES Cti TLTM:OF.IGE:IIC ACTIVITY OF CIGARETTE S:AF:E CO::nENSATE 0:: ?tOUS:. IV. CC?MYARATIVE STUDIES OF CONDENSATES FROM DIFFERENT RECONSTIT::TETJ TOBACCO SIi:::.TS, Ti?E EFFECT OF tiaN03 AS AN ADDITIVE TO TOBACCO OR -RECONSTITUTE:1 TOi;4.CCn- SIiEETS, THE EFFECT OF VOLATILE CO:r'STITL'i.STS OF SNMOKE, AND EFFECTS OF INITIAL Tt~'.LAT- :ENT WIT'd D:I"A. *(Expericentelle Untersuchungen uber die tumorerzeugende Wirkung von Zigarettenrauch-i:ondensaten an der *:ausehaut. IV. Einzelvergleiche von Kondensaten aus verschiedenen Tabakfolien, EinfluS ei,nes Zusatzes von NaN03 zum Tabak oder zu Tabakfolien, fluchtige: t3estandteile des Rauches. Einflua einer Initial- behandluno nit Di.:,ethylbenzanthracen. ) * ~ Zci~schr:--:~rebsior-ch.- -:~ -(i.~s. 3) 23Sa:'; z'.~:b-S-,- 2s9-b2--~1972)---4in-Ce-rman with Comp"3ete;::rQ1iM Dan`s~attony fj I S TOBACCO--SMOKE--BIOLOGICAL TESTING, AlIIMAI.S--TOBACCO--EFFECT/ ._.......-.,...-..`...., as........i..-a..a..~......r....+-v«.-- -'- - .r...~.r~.....,.~.a.....w....:r...ar.~ae...w.......u.~..aa.,,;._ ~ -........... ..... :
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50335 7533 - ~ ~ R 1R CLASS NO. PAMAHI.E'f 75 IX K1 ._; T1ei~ir~er, K. ; Wernicke, H. (Forschungsinstitut Ci-arettenind., Hamburg, Ger.) CASCHROMATOGRAl'IiIC DETI:I:NfINATION OF CARBON MONOXIDE AND CARBON DIOXIDE. INVESTIGATIONS FRO 1 THE GA,. C PHASE OF CIGA ^E S2~tOKE: v. ~~"r4's~i3~:i~ RF,'~: 4. ......, ... :, :.....t....i.:`Y *(Caschromatographische Kohlenmonoxid und Kohlendioxid. Untersuchungen an der Gasphase des Zibare.ttenrauches.)* Zeitschr. Lebensm. Untersuch. Forsch. 157, 339-343 (1975) (in German with English summary) *Keywords:* carbon dioxide, smoke, constituent; carbon monoxide, smoke, constituent. *1975, No. 16, W 5728* *d* Tobacco chemistry: - 0 i tl (1 tl 1 76 I fi ._...._. ~
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. f •-,az -,.,:oKe....- CA2~ ~~1cis~ s ' ~~! =A . r - ^ ,w,Q G ..- tGO S A o'~ ' . • r .1y~ !Y1 a.cGi.r~+ ~~~ ~ RJR CEASS N0. TRANSLATION Meissner, K. (Cigarette Ind., Res. Inst., Hamburg, Ger.) GAS Cl1ROMATOGRAI'HIC DETERMINATION OF QRBON MONOXIDE IN CIGARETTE SMOKE. COMPARISON OF TWO SMOKING AND GAS 4CUMULATING APPARATUSES. Beitr. Tabakforsch. 6 (No. 5) 216,~219 (1972) (in German - Complete English translation available) *1975, No. 6, W 1853* *d* Tobacco analysis (chemistry): I N ~ v-; 11 n inn .1 7 6 1 7
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50335 75154 . I clCj , :~J~'~M RJR CLASS 1d0. PA'•9'NLET 71 V[ To (Fnrscln:::gsiu<:titut Cigurettenindustrie, llamburg; Cer.) A KF.k* C'sIZOaATOGRAPIlIC METHOD FOR PREPARATIVE FRACTIO?lATIOY OF CIGARETTE SMO'z:E CO~TDi::~SAiE F0: IIIQU.GIC.:L E}CPERI"EVTS. ~ *(.Neuere ciiromatopr:+phische Vcrfahren zur praparativen Fraktionierung von Zigarettenr.&UCitKonden5at fur biologische Testvarsuche.)* Tobacco Cher..'Res. Conf., 25th, paper, Louisville, Ky. (Oct. 6-8, 1971) (in Cer,.an with 'r.nF,lish abstract) \ S E ,.~ ~ .. . ~` *1971, Ko./21, W 9223* *lm* + Tobacco chemistry: 0 0 0 1 ! b I A ...-__ _._. I
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; 50335,47536 Translation from: J. Chromatof;;raphy 67 (no.1) 175-178 (1972) 'Pa r't i t i on Gel Chromatographic i'ethodd for the Preparative Separation of Polar Substances from Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbor_s. Fractionation of Cigarette Smoke Cond.ensate~ Nod 4. Va d (e ~- FsioloUical investigations of cigarette smoke condensate by Dontenwill et al (1) have shown that a so-called nitromethane fraction V, obtained by liquid-liquid distribution, contains practically completely the biological activity of the total condensate. Because of overlapping distribution zones and 0 :; n ~ tl n Ci 1 7 6 1 9-
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~..._...__.:_.~.~=-~.~..~.....__.-- --- -•- -1 50335 0.7$37 Jour. Comb. Toxicol. 7(Nov.) 243-256 (1980),_ - HORS.T W. M. HOLLANDER .IURGEN TMYSSEN t esellschaft ~BAYER Aktiengesellschaft HOECHST Aktien g BASF qktiengesellschaft Cudwigshafen/Rhein franklurt/Main Wupperta/ Elber/e/d Federal Republic of Germany Federal Republic of Germany, Federal Republic of Germany IX Whl-BIGENERATION OF CONSTANT CONCENTRATIONS OF THERMAL DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS IN INHALATION S P . . CHAMBERS:,A COMPARA.YIVE STUDY WITH A METHOD ACCORDING TO DIN 5 4 6 f (I. MEASUREMENT OF RBON MONOXIDE AND CARBON DIOXIDE IN NHALATION CHAMBERS! ABSTRACT: With the help of the combustion method DIN 53 436 it is possible to generate thermal decomposition products in suitable low- volume chambers, which fulfill main requirements of toxicological inhala- tion experiments with animals. Inhalation mixtures of thermal decomposi- ! , tion products can be produced in various and constant concentrations with t ~ a good reproducibility continuously, so that dynamic inhalation experi- • ments with animals can be performed. Specifically, pinewood samples were thermally decomposed under vari- ous conditions and the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide were mea- sured to describe the concentration characteristics in inhalation chambers. Under non-flaming conditions, the worst case ol a fire under aspects of the rl IA n ~~ f tCjiicit~~of tf~ drKpmposition prodycts, the reproducibility of the DIN war 1J lJ 1 nr{etho as•~ootl.`Iln a inlerlaboratoy study the eoellicient of variation wtts almost always below 10: .
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~ ; 50335 7538 TOBACCO--SMOKIr-At3ALYSIS/TOBACCO--T11R--PQLYCYCLIC HYDROCARBONS/ TOBACCO--SMOKE--POLYCYCLIC HYDROCARBONS/ f77 -IX jia RJR CLASS NO. PAHPHLET 77 IX Ha c... 1tarke H. P. •'Schuller- D. ~ . . .. . ~3t , MeiBner. :-, orhuistitt Cirttd. eVGazellenkamp 1;'amburg Ger) wscngsnugaeen n..,-,,. INVESTIGATIONS OF POLYCYCLIC OHATIC HYDROCARBONS IN CIGARETTE SMOKE. *(Zur Kenntnis der'polycyklischen aromatischen Kohlenwasserstoffe itn Zigarettenrauch.)* VZeitschr. Lebensm. Untersuch...Forsch. 162, 291J97 (1976) (in~German with English sucnmary) ' *Constituents to numerous to list* -- ~ Sumroary. Polycyc?ic aromatic hydroharbons (PAH), %~•hich are reiponsible ~ fur•most of the carcino2enic activity of cicarette amoke s%-cre isolated from smokc condcnsatc by diaribution stcps and chroinatographic mcthods. TLe fractions con:aining substances in the rangc fluorcne to chryscn wcre in.•esti-. gatrd by gaschroiratography and tmass-slxxtromctry. 150 substanccs a•cre charactcrrzed. Unsubstitutcd PAH, atkyl-substitutcd PAH and O-hctcrocy:lic• eompounos were iocnunea.
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IX.Re -75 BLOOD--CAktB0R "Mt1NOXIDE/ ~ S.p~ 2 • RJR CLASS ;~0. . YAMPii1.ET IX Re~-TS s.p. MeiBner, K. ; Wernicke, H. (Forschunt-sinst. CiQaretter.ind., lianburg, Ger.) QUAliTITATIVE DETER.~IINATION OF CARl30:J .*I0NOXIDE IN BLOOD BY GAS CHRO:SATOGR1Pil1' Zeitschr. Klin. Chem. Klin. niochem.11974 (t:o. 12) 535-38 (19?4) (in English) s *Keywords:* carbon monoxide, smoke, constituent. ~ smoking. , ~ . ,.., . 4 *1975, No. 3, W 490* *d* Tobacco chemistry (r,:edicine) , 1) .3 1) 0 n 0 1 / 6 2, .9.
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~~.~...~; _,~ . ~...~, ..f.,:.-. ~.,.:._.... _._......._~....;. . - _ ~..~~.~. CAF.RO:I DIOnIDF--TOBACCO SMOP,E/ . 503-3_S ,p540 + ' \* VI To--73 .. . ItJR CLASS r.0. P1 XIPHLET VI To-7.i s.p. IL (Ger.naa Cigarette Ind., Res. Inst., Hamburg, Ger.) QUANTITATIVE DF:TEt0iTNATIO:: OF CO AND C02 I:1 CIGARETTE SMOKE &ND SMOKE- LLED C:i?-'uiCRS. Tobacco Checi. Res. Conf., 27th, paper, F7inston-Sa1em, N. C. (Oct. 3-5, 73) (in Er.5lish) *Keywords:* carbon monoxide, smoke, constituent; carbon dioxide, sinoke, constituent. lq973, ao. 23, W 10225a* *d* Tobacco chemistry: ... . _. . ........ . . .. ~...... . . ..v ...-.... - .. ~ ..~ --..~... ........w.~~ l. - -•/.. ~~......i...4 ...~i:L> L..L.. . rsw. .J. ~ tw~./ n.wr.wK....-.~..+n ..f
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.- i TOBACCO--S*10KE--ANALYSIS/. RJR CLASS NO. PAt•iP1iLET VI Re9-77 s.p. VI Re~-77 •~.I,i'm-isch;'j Kirchheim, E. S.P. (BASF-WOT,'Ludwigshafen; Forschungsinst. Zigarettenind., llamburg, Ger.) QUANTITATIVE DETERT•1INATION OF NITROGEN OXIDE IN CIGARETTE SMOKE BY MEANS OF C1IEMILUMINESCENCE. .*(Zur Quantitativen Bestimmung von Stickoxiden im Zigarettenrauch mit Hilfe der Chemilumineszenzriethode.)* Zeitsch. Lebensm. Untersuch- Forsch. 163, .48-52 (1977) (in German with English summary) *Keywords:* nitric oxide, smoke, constituent. . _ __.:.._.~...~.__...__. ..---•--.....-__....._._~__• i • ~ Summary. A measuring mcthod with a chemilumines- ~ sary a s nitrogen oxides react very qiiickly with other ~ cence-analyzer is developed for determining the con- ~ constitucnts of the vapor phase. Measured values have I tent of nitrogen oxide in cigarette smoke. This method ~ to be corrected for a quench factor in analogy to the is suitable for puff/puff analysis. It could be demon- ~ C02 concentration, as carbon dioxide shows an in(lu• ~ ~ stratcd that a dctcrmination of fresh smoke is neces- ~ ence on the measuring sensitivity of the chcmilumines- ------ ; cence-analyze_r.__ tri fl : rl n 1% a~ 4 :
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VI Re -77 RJR CLASS NO.PA?4PHLET VI'Re -77 s.p. S.P. 9 ~ 9 lzl3,mi s.ch, ~n: V,31_; :Stadler, L. ; Brahm, S. (Cisarettenind. Forschungsinst., Ilamburg, Ger.) • QUANTITATIVE DETERaI1:ATI0N OF VOLATILE NITROSA.*1INi:S IN CIGARETTE SI•fOKF.. 1_*(Quantitative Bestim:~ung iluclitiger Nitrosamine in iigarettenrauchl:on; densat.)* Zeitschr. Lebensm. Untersuch. Forsch. 162, 131-38 (1976) (in German with English sum-niary) ! ::Keywords i ` N-nitrosodinethylasnine, smoke, constituent; N-nitrosodicthylamine, smoke, constituent; N-nitrosopiperidine, smoke, constituent; N-nitrosopyrrolidine, smoke, constituent; 1i-nitrosomethylnetlhylzmine, smoke, constituent; ti-nitrosoethyl-n-propylanine, smoke, constituent; N-nitrosorethyl-n-propylamine, smoke, constituent. nri ~ l6 2 .1; 4, ~
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50335 7543 VgRBAND DER CIGARETTEaINDUSTRIE, WY5SE::SCHAFTLIi:}ik F'ORSCi:U::CSSTI:L LE/ 75 X K1 . i3L0,0,D--CA.ttBON MONOXIDE CBNTENT/. - - _ .RJR CLASS N0. P11.%lP}FLL'.T 75 X K1 Chevalier, H. J. ; Harke, H. P. ; Donrer.•aili, I1, ~ (Forschungsinstitut Cigarettenind., Hamburg, Ger.) UPTAKE OF ARfiQ:7~`;~O~TO:{IDL IN,,EBLq Q'J' OF M.^,lATURE PIGS AND OTtiER aA'CL4LS. Toxicol. 3, 301-310 (1975) (ir. English) *1975, No. 5, W 1380* *d* Tobacco medicine: - _ 1
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50335 ?54tt skaya; B. 'N:•; jt~ sut::~ Renskii, M. D. SORTA MAKIIORKI. (Makhorka varieties.), b&. M. D. Renskii and B. N. Klimovitakaya. 60 pages 1940 VITIM Kresnodar, Russia 0 ~ ~- t 0 f) 0 1 7 0' 2 7
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50335 7545 80 XI K1 TORACCO--ALLOTMENT/TOBA CCO.-RURLEY/ f: . RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET $0 XI YV • ~. Keller, L. ' F. ; ~. (Univ, Tenn „ Dep..Agr. E cc.. Rural Sociol., Knoxville, Tenn., U. S.) }: - ESTIMATED IMPACT ON SELEC TE. COUNTY ECONOMICS OF ALLOWING INTRASTATE ! AND INTERSTATE LEASING OF BURLEY TOB ACCO QUOTAS. . ~ Tenn, Farm, Home Sci. 197 9 (No. 111) 5-8 (1979) (in English) - ~ .• IT hese study results show that policy decisions directed toward specific production by burly policy to allow ~ those who could do so most profitsbly ; groups or commodities can have far- reaching reaching distributive effects. Many out- A and hence would be willing ~o outbid ~ others for allotment leases. Howcver, not side the target group can have a vested ~ interest in the development of policy. everyone would be a net gainer from ~ such modifications. Most would agree that from the per- ' spective of overall resource allocation, ~ efficiency would be served by-modif ing - -- ... . . . ---?- e
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50335 7546 . INnUSTRIAi. Mt1RMIN'r; r,UiM Ptr--9-77/ 1 THE K-LINE GUIDE TO THE / ACKL ],GING I1 V D USTRY Tbird edition, completely revised V ad' Y'~~~1 l ~,~, ~` ! tI Editor: James A. Rauch =CharlelF~44Kline & Co:„ Incr-7 .~__._._. . __ __ ..:~:...-_~~..._~......_ . ' 330 Passaic Avenue Kline, S.A. IRM Inc. ,, Fairfield, N.J. 07006 Rue de la Loi, 24 Rosci Building U.S.A. 1000 Brussels, Belgium 4, 1-Chocie. Highashi Azabu Minato-Ku a n n b ~I. Tokyo. 106, Japan Ct~~::~L f ~ r': : .! )
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E~ ~ . ..~•, c.- :. '•~ :~ ~;,a y•vl~ l1~ ~ ~t'S~i ~r...*' ::'L!z'.;' . 1 + •G'~ ~v4il;7~s;~ L:~':;'~'~fie~i; i~i.:,ti. ' ~,• ~iwY ~A • .. ...a ...y...• • :/ •~' E'1.'~.aa~1 •~~ eTAy ~ -i."i'1`~7 e'~ ~ :l a i :.__.il .:. ,. a <• _ ~~l .: :c:-. :.: $.tS38 3vd1 40 SQrlt/1$ Cl'iW ;. LhSL S££OS
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50335 7548 1 73 It B1 DYNAMIC '%IECI-I:iNIC:1L. PROPERTIES I IW00D--DEGRADATION/ I . MTCRqCOPE AND >"ICR.OSCOPY--PLANTS/ • F, -r-,. B(ci11kci1Szorn I School of Forest Rc%uurces and \f aterial Scienocs Department, G. As. Jcnkins AND \IICIIOSTIIUC:TURE OF SO\IE ~ARBO\I"/.ED IiARDtVOODS' Wood & Fiber 4(3)2 12-24 1972) the Pennsyh•ania State University, Ur.iver.:ity Park, Peansylvan:a 16302 r Department of Metallurgy, University Collcge of Swansea, Clammorgan, Wales, U.IC. . 0 and ' ~~ -„~..~...,...,,. .,.- .-- x::_~D.t~.:-~ Material Sciences Department. the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pc•nn.)lvania 1(i`30Z AESTRAC[ Dynamic me•cL•anicai nropertic•s (D.l4P) from 100 to 400 K have been detc•m:im-ri f.:r Llxck chcrry, e•arbonircd at tc•mpzr::tures from 593 to 1173 i: in an inert stnrosp,t:r.ro,. •;;,r elastic mwclulus of a specim-n c•ar!Kriized at ;.J3 l: s!iok•s a Warked dccreas: witi: 1wat MeatrrMnt. hut ihis treud a:)pv,irs to bc rcve:;eJ a: the car'nanrr.•etion teniperature P: inerrased. Internul friction d:ua st:;:ecst a:at t!:crc are relativelv eonmle•c rciaxatiors inr all spec•imens. Srannin, electron :niernerap!i, for carbonized Lh.ck ci•er:y, bireu, aai, :una «•hitc nak are prc,i•utvd. T,:w :vt:ount o; that re•riains iPNr c•irbon;7";(m f a ..7 a
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4 IX Re, . S.P: ' C -77 50335 7549 : -~- . ~f(4)'.393- 3~S C/%T~>.initi:t) xurvey in the a•interaf 1rJ73- - 7•1, and hccnusc ('O detccliun nc• : ~-- tivity «at nlrr:tdy in progress in ; 77~y ~/1117•l, the USI'l lti contracted with ' Carbon Monoxide Defeetion . . . A Case Study Dy Richard PNttennude, Ph.D. Eliot Kline, Ph.D.. Richard G. Biondi, R.S., M.P.A. The danFers and effects nf cnrhmn monoxide (CO) poisoning are well knrnt'n to sanitarians antl public health prrrfcssionals. There is n ' wealth nf litcraturc• research rt,1t;t, onrl Ftnndarrls for CU cxlmsurc in /nduslry and for kir quality.' llnfur- lunatel}•, our most inlimntc cn• Yironmcrit, tile h(1mc, hoc been • r . ><ndl)• ?ql;lcclcd. ltutil rcccnt/y, thc 0 et/rnl v~f rl L'....,i ~... e.~ /. L) tile Ctty nf Des Alotnt•, fnr an ex• panrletl study. The objectives were ~ In in.estigntc Ihc incidence and r nature of cnrbnn monoxide poison. ~ inj' in tile 1)cx Aluincs metrnpnljtnn : arca, to Jcvelnp a ntcthodnlu);y I hnt t wfndd enhonce tile nccuracy of1he = findin{ts, and to identify eriterin c ~ that cnuld be used tn predict nrcns : , of hi.-h incidence of carbon monox- E ide poisoning. jurisdictiune to set CO limits for the nmhicnl air.' ` Levels of 3r) ppm are sufficicnt for n warning tn hc sounded, while 40 ppm frrr t hc snme hcrincl can result in the clcrlafitian nf nn cnicrl;cnc}•. Should C0 in thc ambient nir rire above W ppm for ci,,,ht hi+um 75 ppm for four hnurc, or 1.2fi-,rtltni fn-r one Itnttr,-cignifi_rntit harnt ay health m:ty result. . t ~ "- I Thc exlr,tndcJ prn;;rnm fcatured ni , heo pronged nlqrrmch. First. n-. it? pasl years, citizens were infnnner: ' ~ thnru/;h the mcdia thntt they crnr!A call in and request o free CO inF-pcr- i tinn. ScconJ, st rccc;trch mclhwi• i ulot;y a•ns preparcd. with the acci<te i :rnt•c nf the I)rnkc llnivrrsit}• In';ti• ~ lutc nf I'ublic Affairs and Achnini.- t Irnlinn. A ranclnm snmple rif I dwellin) s in 1'olk County were 1 Ic>;tcfl ior flte-prcsenie -nP (;O:-A ; .... .~...r_r-..•• t, I ~ e ~ ~
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50335 7550 I m~~::i~!`b 4! }~ a Kl.inR,- TrnB6i, A..~: ..t:La1'..1.C2~G :•1:tho~.`. 1J s,::-oiis, i•;:inl.., Bur6E-s:. 10,1,7. (: .y 1) 0 ci 0 1 / 0.°: 3
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50335 7551. I QA 276 RO 1981 Yo! SAGE ANNUAL REVIEWS OF QMMIN[CATION RESEARCH SERIES i uJ Mfarwt. ! Yr*e[«r Advances in lContent Analysis ~ , r'KARL ERIK ROSENGREN ) Editor ~~} SAGE PUBLICATIONS Beverly Hills London ~~,J .I _ ,~..•_...~.-5--_-,...._..____....._.. , .. . „_ ._..._ .. 0 :3 0 0 0 Cl I l~~~
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50335 7552 ~ Qi) i 281 I Le 4Q~+ __~~~~',(gditor) L..U;:h5 A ~~~ ~,t' ~V~ti.a t'~fr.~.Sr..L' 1Th8 ~y as 1.#a'?rS? .. f- ttr~;_t: Ruw'ticr QMd a*.lap-C,ir.s Us K. ~ 1968 s OA Pr*-`.~i~ Plemm Frsvo f,.Z-: ., ~, ~Jta_ .~ (1 0
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50335 7553 s.~, ..~s ~ • K)~e~" • TP ; 986 ?qo~e-r•n l,l,~stics en^~'clo;)et3ir: lcs1, rs ~ Brist.c>>, Conn. te.tc.l Plasiics C•etalerao j r;5v. in`.; tllus. (pua col.) ib-31 cm. AnnrfiL Su;erse•dra the "Cr.txing ... dlrectorx" a-bich frot^ ibBS-sQ cr• narrd as the Oct. no. of dlodcrn plastics. " I"sutd ee the 2d :ef.t. no. of Ms~rn piasti^:; -'i: -!l . Title rnrles: 1f>•f1. Modern T.ia.;tlrg rsta -t:. log. - 1air,-,b, Modern pl: sticv. E•I:Cyclc{a(itA. -1ly,&- :+:C'.3~:r[! pluatles crcyeiop^•dla and er:l:lnc:r'r. hflndhc„i:. }+',clitora: 1'JFl- G. M. J::file an%1 otherr. !: Vols. for ifT-17-46 scNrr.t•Hntci; L-y vol. of chettA' z. Kline, Cc•rdor, riZshe;, 1.iKCi- c,:. TP1+8u.A11162 °'663.4063 Libri+.ry of (:ui:gress iC3ruSn~~
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L r + s~,< c -es z's ! ~~ ` s~ ~r9sis~a~ -- - _rqdea~o[.~liq •^•a[rt{~uj ~u Sr:nruuip.o laau dql ( ~ SJdI a[ l1 01iW[JS r"'l~ ~• 996/-r,;f;T ~T ~ r j \ ' (Lll .i1STLl[dl{J I::J:; `~.10 ` .N.7` ;.i7it<<[G. ~i) . -.!dflir - bSSL S££OS
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50335 ?555 I1. S. T,ilirrzrv of G'on7res.e. i cnerrtl F•.rfercnre u.rtci j%iNio,l.• raplcy Diiwaon. 1;10+.^,1'Rl)111C.1l Sori2'i;eS for tj:e T]3i2lk'edl CGLl1?)I~:(l by Jane Kiine. w1S2lil'.igiol), DG_. v, t;$ p. 27 cm. 1. llionraphy--Iabt. 2. l:eferenn bonk,-7i. Ii. 'l ltl.?. Z5'0LU5^ t'". . OiG.32~ 0 07~, C1--;;:;J-3a -- Cepv3. ) Library ot Con;;resz iG'1u51 n
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50335 7556 1' ETHNOPSYCHOLOGY--CONGRESSES/ETHNOBOTA.*TY/DRUGS, PSYCHOTROPHIC/ I DRUG ABUSE/NUTMEG/ /SNUFF TOBACCO--SOUTH AMERICA / TOBACCO--HISTORY/ RH Ethnopharmacologic Search for Ef PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS 300 1979 ; Daniel H. Efron, Editor-in-Chiej ~ National Institute of Mental Health Bethesda, Maryland Bo Holmstedt, Co-Editor eIWOVYWI-A. Co-Editor Karolinska Institutet Rockland State Hospital Stockholm, Sweden Orangcburg, New York Raven Press Q New York , 0 0 rl [; ~ 7 7'), 9 a
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50335 7557 -- I TS 14q Ki 1977 1~9 41 ArC1I1:?t I'MUSTRIAT. 'iARKETINr. rUT.nt? Ix'M-4)-77/ G~.TIDE ~ TV r~THE % At"'K,'"A G IN G""~~D US: .".--,RY- Third edition, completely revised Editor. James A. Rauch 330 Passaic Avenue Kline, S.A. IRM Inc. Faitfield, N.J. 07006 Rue de la Loi, 24 Rosei Building U.S.A. 1000 Btussels, Belgium 4, 1-Chome. Highashi Azab;i Minato-Ku Charles H. Kline & Co., Inc. 4 • 3 n n n 1 J ~ 4 Tokyo. 106. Japan cx.l/'i'c1Q L ( I)'.' A
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50335 7558 BEHAVTnRAL SCTF,NCF./SFNSFS ANn SF.NSATTnV/TARTR--pHySTnT,nt;Y/nDORS--PSYt,IInT.7f:Y/ HEART1vC/VTS TnV/PERCEpTTnN/1.FARNING, 1IU"LAN/*inTTVATTMI/ BF 6913 KI 1971 2 t" . WOODWORTH & SCHLOSBERG'S EXPERIMENTAL ~~,'K~~M~ & P S YCHOLOGY LORRIN A. RIGGS Brown University seventeen contributors HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON, Inc. N York ~ Chicago • San, francisco •' IWanta • Dallas • Sydney,.j xttrcal • Toronto • London O~(/4rv • 1 /'~.ZGt IYZQM~1~ " I ~- C! ~ t1 n ri A, e
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50335 7559 s.4 s.rhoyh„wbRical Rtsearch , Ey-81 S.P. • 80 II 2Z Magnitude of the Heart Rate and E ectrodermal `^ Response as a Function of Stimulus Input, Motor Output, and Their Interaction SEY%fOI'R ~PSTL•'IN. L~)['1S HOl'DREAL'. A\f) S7EP6~:~ ~1.]X(: l'.,I I IiuluhcUrl'nrns.nl.( ur;-ri,ih of.11.•,u1lrnnr1l, A BSTRACT , In Part 1. 20 Ss squeezed a drnamometer at various levels of capacity. Heart rate and skin conductance were monitored during the anticipatory period and during each squeeze. In Part 11. reactivity to the four combinations of the presence and absence of a loud noise and the presence and ab.ence of a strong squeeze was examined. Part Ill compared reactivity to the loud noise under the following conditions: as an unfamiliar, surprise stimulus: as a familiar surprise stimulus; as a familiar, expected stimulus. Major conclusions were: (1) Heart rate varies more directl. and reliably with motor output than skin conductance; (2) Skin conductance is more sensitive to small cognitive than to small motor effects; (3) Skin conductance is more reactive to stimulus input than to a motor output, while the opposite is true for heart rate; (4) A strong familiar stimulus presented by surprise elicits a marked heart rate decelerative reaction. usually. but not always, preceded by a smaller accelerative reaction; (5) Baseline changes immediately preceding stimulus onsct markedly affect the response to stimulation, and can account for the attenuated reactions observed when a ~ noxious stimulus is preceded by a warning signal. DESCRIPTORS: GSR. Heart rate, Basal conductance. Sex differences, Heteromodal stimulation. fl 7 n n 1xpec(aney.~Reac~vity,i9 stiEnulat~an. Reactivity to exertion. 7
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50335 7560 LUNCS--DISEASES/LUPIl:S--ZNTiALF.T1 PARTICULATES/AIR--POLLLTTION AIR--POLLtrTION--COLLF.CTED 1d(1RKS/P,F.SPIPATORY t1RGANS--AISENSES/ INk1ALATION/EMPIIYSE*'A,PI.TLMONARY/SMOKIt7f: AND HEALTH/ TOBACCO--S`iOKINr,--HEALTH EFFECT/ RC 756 Ah 1976 O1YE?D1'iDD L.~7UULs rz= Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual'f OHOLO" Biological conierence Ma'alot, Israel, March 16-19. f975 JOHN WILEY b SONS, New York • Toronto Edited by ISRAEL UNIVERSITIES PRESS. Jerusalem ' EPHRAIM F. AHARONSON Tethnical Editor: ~ Head. Department ol Physical Chemistry rsel Institute Jor Biological Research. Ness-Ziona 4 MYRA KAYE AMNON BEN-DAVID Israel Institute for Biological Research. Ness-Ziona Director Israel Institute for Biological Reasearch. Ness-Ziona ~IARCUT. A::KLtNGBERG r; Head. Department of Epidemiology Israel /nstitute for Biological Research Ne Zi ' • . ss - ona ' r n rA HALSTED PPESS. BOQK -j , and e:•r~.~rV :.r.^aVersity .r.ac!'!er -.C.chOo.r o-r AQeCfic.ne i ~ 11
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i7i 50335 7561 ~t . i , AT y ~y - i11c ~+sA! 7.a "rages , .:,.w.~ .. +:A f .~..Ci?n:~ T~:•1`vorr.^ tSQA ss.:.: vice i+ ~i {+ r? l~ `t f t' !t
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50335 756.2 ; ZZ ~ K1 ~ ' ].9G$ .,,~p.ingonwn~F` ?ec1S i s ~ .t {
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50335 7563 itf_1, Turan NS. i jHb E5FECTS or SMOKIN6 WITHDRAWAL dJ qUAkTITATtYiLy ANALYZEC L'E6, by JL.r.an M. I%1.L, GQat^ge A. Ul.ett, Wil.ti,eo% NA-4s Nelen;K14nsan6er$. and &.d (tk Ar, n u r.att al.Cnraat. 6Esctrcencsphaiogr. 2 C,No. 1} 44 -51 C7TM ~) ,~ t, 0 n t~ 1 7 ~~ A t,
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L V 1-11 / ! () u U [; F 0 t ....tt ~.'J.-.:'~..r. .. i - ft 'toA=:' h9SL SE£DS -
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50335 7565 J ; t ~ :~4ltwo :~ . y.•; .v at.1n v n~:. r~ ..:, zo~ 3 .. ~, .,.,..r.k ~..,~.. Jt`ti... x'l':.~ ~ ~s.. ~',rr N*4111=1'em; by Ju;i-t}t Lr.ra.R6xr..%;~ ia;.nscz, vul:s~:ar. lt:cw Iia Ve'?odG:zt &..~`!cE A., 1910 242 Pz,;e3 rocanaeas ed±tiom New 1t,:•.
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50335 7566 ~ (1968) 3 ._ ........a,.. . t... _ . ..S l~: . «.a.. .S L .-L.f.! '.1.. .. . ~.-~.. t~ ,~ fl~l r.. ~ e: 1°. v... • t.e~.~s 1^Jha~:a7 Y.(~i'S'!.~l.il~ tV 1 .. -.:.~;.:.i~: :~:. ~...,.... V::t:Llf: 1~~ n t ,
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6~ S'."'l~fi 1dY . oiZf ~•l~i 0r , / , o ^. - s: ;Z~;:;;: >1 v J'yJ` •0:i R..~..w 1 rk wa. . C9SL SEEOS
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50335 7568 ~.ontr.il : zis a science. With the e.litoriRl nssistunce of T.ynua,J. ;\oordhofi. Ncw York, \1iJbs L19;1] 421 p. illus. 24 cm. Inclu6es bibliogra-pl,y. 1. Weed control. 2. Iierbicidea. S13611.I:55 , C32.354 G1-115??1 1 Library nt Congress ~~ .-,, ; )
Page 69: yrm95d00
50335 7569• ' i tie 5 ~tf ~q ~ 6. ,~.-~. _. 11.^X'ChTitp .4:S~;t+ra i~c dQ c~~.. .iEy ~,:i ,a 'tIC}.LU`.r' " f C`~•. •;:,'~!`~... , 14.•~:r4~ ~+.. yr, ~rn,. ~~ ~rr ~, ~ 1~?~ ~":.•~.. :,•y r~.a;,.A~~: '•> t F • ~~AX~:f" ii p Jr ~i ~Y:, i~:.:?c:rJ 4 :1.f - f•. !o iu: ~ii'_ . . f.^~ ~., 7fle~~~+' . ~ z i+:~ L.l.;. ' 1tJC.eov~~:e f9~•~ .c.pK,L~~• ;ti`,vJ. tyo ~s ~`L•~a.c•. .N NJu 117. RC(isii2CtlC FE'Gmi bdT.nt~oa (Apri1 Z9(32) I ^
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1 50335 7570 0 V I Re9-81 _ S. P. 1-_ A - , rnerI c,W.W _ C!_ jNew Technology for Personal Sampling of VI and NOj in the Workplace 11 ~'V- /1U _ / 1' i1B. FERBER and'G. SCHNAKENBERG D 'I /a' U.S. Bureau of Mines, P.O. Box 18070, Pittsburgh, PA 15236 C McMAHON and IY'-KL ONBR< ~ QM D~/&ypntific, Inc rorat~l$j~ Imd Aue ~Glenview ~IC §0025 Af ~+ ~ U 3 t) (1 ( (~ . Employee health problems, such as respiratory effects of exposure to nitrogen dioxide (N02) and nitric oxide (NO), have prompted the development of new technology for personal monitor- ing of toxic gases. Prevalent in underground mines where diesel equipment is used, NOZ and NO levels can be analyzed by chemi- lumenescence, dete tor tubes, impitigers or area monitors. These an6lytical_)methods~ howevtr, do not reflect individual employee exposures during an eight-hour vorkshift, expressed as Time
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50335 7571 t1 'T t (~ 1 ~ ....
Page 72: yrm95d00
{Z961 'vcZo ..i1 LYA.- t~^: Ut jiL;)j1E:2iijqvTtu}'i) c::! ~ :~Lt'~l;li ^?{l) ycvi:GYL° t1:37L'.'{02 ti: } .° ~Iw6~X!~t~L' ~a+l SXJ7J?3 'uui'snL':iS ~.a:~ ~b:;a£i'i~'1'--1'3.X L`atf~7~y r.un T: aj2aYCqok::d ;o e~i4~asZ~) CYa!i.1?~'y~S~ t~ Ti:r~s~ °as~r ZLSL 5££OS -
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u U U~~ a ( • z:oxa"n3;c;Vtr,,.-Iy F Pm u --L'/l~ ~Ct~'J, iiY~3~,'J"3~ O.?-: i~zOa yC) 8$~;Cl~a3 T83~iTFs.^)~ 3t:i ~~~flr Ftsc sEfos
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LS U 1. 1 f ) u u1" F o ~9S4~t r4~ ~~~~ Q9~SZ (E`j "Ot(j W J3 cJ-t(JCUat(D0tj 1P"S1'49 Di .x-#W'cA Rftl'ts/~ .' (~ pr,e t-r.Pu~% 'a E,1'DtMqQ.so `~~-~y~TAPq s(`aOr .4Bpn?xY0 poesi.q pus };teay a~} tap %bt`4wis 3p Pa33a 00 ua 3-4u"Pbdxa 'tew!us pue ~eaYu~~~) y ..~.~...•. i.. .F 1 .~. ,f,~ '... _. .,1 ~i~..ti T~:..:'}.:u.:>ci:~,~,~•~~.i`.Ji C::~ .1;..., ->r.:T ::,. ~ ~.. a w ;. ~ • '3 a).~alt~, ~.,,>,,.,.~-._-... . . ,_•..~.........;L;.., _ . i i 4 L"d 7aaW1 tM1l1 n~tVON '~M~ ~11z~1~dlt~bqll aNAjkm O'l x hLSL S££OS
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50335 7575 GERMAN LA'3GUAGr--DICTIONARIF.S--MEDTCINT:/nICTIONARIES--'Nr*)TCINR/ DICTI(1NARIES--GER"tAN/ '[EDICI1vE--?)ICTT.nvARIES--GRR"V1N/ ~ 2~0 _Pt3 1977 i - HT Eft-RUCH mit klinischcn Syudromcn und eincm Anhang Nomina Anatomica von Profeasor Dr. med. Dr. phil. tYillibald Pschyreinbel Gegriindct von Otto Dorubliitlt 253., nrn eincn Anhaug Nomina Anatoinica erwciterte Auflage D1it 2293 Abbildungen im Text 1977 'C! ,tr.~~~. _ 1N1SCHES (CLI"IICAL I DICTIONARY/) Walter de Gruyter • Berlin - New York A ;) [l n ; ~ i 1 6 ~ fi
Page 76: yrm95d00
Nachr. Chem. Tech. Lab. 26(6)357-62(1978) (translated by G.K.) III Du2-78 CHEMISTRY OF THE ATMOSPHERE (CHEMIE IN DER ATMOSPHARE) S.P. BY REINHARD ZELLNER. Abstracts of papers presented at the 77th Annual Meeting of the German Bunsen Society of Physical Chemistry in Konstanr, May 4-6, 1978 ~ The following authors contributed; C.E.JUNGE~ D.H.EHAALT/ : VOLZ/ KHEDIM/ °RLIPPEL~x/ MOORTGAT~i SLEt~t SEILER/ SL'HMIDT FINK~( KLAIS EIL OESER; KELKER'f H. I. SCHIFF/ GRAB j KORT E ILLENBERGER HEUNEMANN ~• BAUMGAERTTi.J S. I,. SCHIFF/'. ~ B. A. THRUSH~ HACI~ DONOVAN/ _ SANDWERRf ZELLNEI~ IERMANN/ ZETZSCH / . STUHLJ TROE t ZELLNERA kirchne /= vettermann'FILBY~ GUERTENf HOYERMANNj. SIEVERT1 STAUFF~ JACSCHKE /TONKERMANN/ROEDEL/LEIDNER/E. WEISE/H. W. GEORGII/PEICHL/ REITER/SLALKOVIC/POETZL/ () :~ t y n r` n 11 65 9
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50335 7577 ~ ~..J ; (IR6^)KT~T~:=; Prfrt::o (1065) 9 i
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50335 7578 J atOONGANIC C tEM/STNY 8 255-262 (I979) r l a, 79 II Br-79 ' I L t Enkephalin Analogs Modified in the Aromatic Ring of the N-Terminal Tyrosine Residue/ WIE~1~l~.~ KLtS; ELEONORA NAWROCKA, AND IGNACY Z. SIEMION, . ANDRZEJ PLECH, ZDZISLAW STACHURA, AND ZBIGNIEW S. HERMAN Department ojPharmacology. Silesian Academy ojAfedPcine. 41-808 Zabrze. 1'uland Recetved September 1' 1978c I /~ LI p Ia : j C t C~ G~ -~,, :1 -ri-4.Y... a. .. ' /nsthuteojChemistry, Wrocfaw,U*i+sity!30-381 Wroclaw'Puland f I. iAT~tD .L Z 2 Two analogs of Leus-enkephalin, (1-0-methyltyrosine.5-leucine)-enkephalin and (1-(3'- amino)-tyrosine.3-leueinel•enkephalin, were syathesized by classical methods. Both analogs show high biological potency after injection into the lateral brain ventricle of the rat. In both cases substitution of the Tyr residue of enkephalin leads to a pronounced prolongation of analgesic action, as compared with the unsubstituted peptide. i ) 0 () 1,) 1 1 6 1,; I
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rcrrcptrun .% rsvc.tupnymai 1975. t',4. 18 (i). 49-sa XX MeF--r---404-76 Hedonic integration: Test of a linear model ~ -iNtQiAFAoRw-X!t'lTli::~lEft A-- University ojCakfornia, San Diego, La Jolla, CaGfornia 92037 A simple adding model was tested for the integration of the hedonic component of taste stimuli. Subjects tasted mixtures of quinine sulfate and apple juice and rated the pleasantness of the composite taste. The rating data showed significant nonadditivity, which could reflect failure of the model itself or merely a nonlinear response output function. Since the rating data could be transformed to additivity, justification for such transformation was sought through a second task based on the logic of two-stage integration. In this task, subjects rated the difference between taste mixtures. The subtracting model underlying this judgment provided functional scale values for the taste mixtures on validated interval scales. These functional scale values were consistent with the predictions of the simple adding model, and thus justified the transformation of the single rating data to additivity. The application of functional measurement to obtain the psychophysical functions of the two taste components is also illustrated. r v, t- v1 ti This study addresses a problem that has been of Information integration theory iAndenon, 1974a. interest to psvrholoeists for over 40 vears: doec a hl e ~ .5 n n !1
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5 50335 7580 ' 76 XI Wa-77 .. .......,..a RJR CLASS N3. PA*PHl ET 76 }:I ii;t-77 s.p. obacco Inst., Washington, D. C., U. S.) ON PRODUCING TOBACCO. - Letter to Editor. ,New York Times 1977, p. A20 (Aug. 12, 1977) (in English) rl{owever one' views the tobacco/ ~ age and poundage quota maximums. bealth controversy, your editoriat is . As has frequently been pointed out'~ flawed by a mssstatement of fact: Tha Government program does not encour- j aoe the growth of tobacco, it discour. ages it. ~.~• • You failed to point out that farmers, in order to receive minimum'- leat ,, prlce guarantees, must adhere to aae• - i", 1 1 l~ •, • .. :•1r during Conoressional debates'on iU= advised propositions to end the Gov- crnment prog:am, one result would be a substantial increase in tobacco production, accompanied, no doubt, by decreased prices and therefore.a larger consumer marke~ a
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TOBACCO INSTITUTF:,.INC./TOBACCO--SttOKING--PASSIVF;/TOBACCO--SltOKIN.G--PSYCH0L0GY/ SNYDER, TOM/IiANZHAF, JOHN/kl.nMPFdRs-,-iilLi.IA14/, 4 DR.AVIADO/TMIL•RIN, JOHN/ 74 X Na RJR CLASS NO. PAMMHLET 74XNa National Broadcasting Company and Tora Snyder TOMORROW SHOW: "SMOKING". National Broadcasting Co., Tape, July 2, 1974 (in English) Includes discussion dealing mostly with passive smoking and why people smoke with John Banzhaf III of ASH, William Kloepfer of the Tobacco Institute, Dr. Aviado, University of Pennyslvania, and John Tamerin of the Silver Hill Foundation. *1974, No. 13, W 4497* *d* Tobsc:co medirina•
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+tiZ 50335 7582 -. I A ; (130£3) t 1~i:... taUG:. DIC laL 9, Z05-1.) :Iy.`tI) ~ ) ~~i ~ ) (~ ~ ( ) ~ f~ 6 ia j
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50335 7583 1% MeP--mm-75- B 143 [ GOLDL=N SPARTARI- A Yellow Pascal Celery By S. KONMA AND~,i;a~`~'l~fCLO:'~ENBERG'~" ~ _ t"IGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, AGRICLT~TURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, + RESEARCH REPORT 237, 2 p. (1974) East Lansing, Michigan ~ .-~f u!c 0 0 January 1974. l
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- 50335 7584 .t/ BDIB LP394 P 265 s GLCG D S Q~ 2 KARDIUL "70(q) ~e(4I) Y ~-~ ~luorocerbone-Verringerung der Myo- 34 . .. ~ r I kardisch8mie duroh Erh6hung des Sauerstoff-Angebotes O.Glo R.E.Rude. L.C. Clark Jr.*:A. Rgr,., J.Muller u.E.Braunwald, Kardiol. Univ.Klinik Wien und Harvard Medical School/Peter B.Brigham Hospital. Boston Fluorocarbonemulsionen (FC)sind als per- tieller Blutersatz wegen hoher 0-LSslidi keit geeignet.Wir untersuchten din Effelt von FC unter Beetmung mit 1oot 02 euf e u perimentelle Myokardisch$mie. 13 Hunde wurden 5min Koronarokk:u~'onen (CAD) im Abstend von 75min.unter~_,;en.(CAD I ale Kontrol3e,CAD II nach Therapie).7 narko- tisierte Hunde (.Gr.Alerhielten part•ieIlen Blutausteusch mit 4o ml/kg FC. 6 Hunde (Gr.B) mit Ringerl8sung (R). Die IschB- mie wurde durch Anstieg des intramyocard. PmCD ( PmCO .mmHg) mit Massenspektrome- trie2quentif~ziert, weiters wurde intra- myocardieles PmD (mmHg) im ischbmischen Myokard gemessen? (x pco,o5 vs CAD I) ~Gruppe_ CAD PmCO Pm0 -71 I )'-6 3s 2 TjT2 II) FC?D 23t4x 22t7x B 1) 0 2 31s6 1ot2 II) R?02 29s5 1o32 a ~Behsndl~ mit FC und 0 verringert Myo- fVl .'Z? t, ~AJ 1 e tl l CFard)schjmie nech 5min ~AO, wes zu gerirr gerem Anstieg des intramyocardielen PmCO und Verbesserung des isch8mischen Pm022fuhrt.
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50335 7585 QA 76 Ya 1572 2 C. F.DITEll BY VOLUME 1 L C~PPE1~%S~EIi~= / C. L. IVILICIA'S Dcnarhxcnt of Clici+tistry Dcpartuicnt o! Chemistry L'nivcrsitN of Orefun L'nivcrait,u of NeGraaF,a Eugenc, Orc; on 3,incoln, Nebraska ACAhF.111C.' PRI:SS ?l'c:cc York and l.otulon 1972 €~ 3 :~ n n o t 1 h~9 CHF.MISTF.Y---CO~H'iJT'EKS/ELFC1'fiONIC llA'FA PROCESSIN(;--CHEMASTRY/ CO:TtJTERS---PfirJGRrtMIh(:/DATA PaUCESSIIdG SYSTE.IS/ e I
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50335 7586 ELECTRONIC DATA PROCESSING/DATA--PROCESSING/COMI'UTERS--DIGITAL/TITP.ATIONS/ CHEMISTRY--COMPUTERS/KINETICS/CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS CHItOMATOGRAPIIY/ QD 39 Wi 1975 2 C. r ~, . Digital electronics and laboratory computer experiments. Bibliography: p. Includes index. 1. Electronic data processing-Chemistry. 2. Electronic digital computers. I. Wilkins, Charles L. OD39.3.E46D53 542'.8 75-11570 ISBN 0-306-30822-3 Charles L. Wilkins University of Nebraska Sam P. Perone Purdue University Chb-fiet',E';~ Klopfensfein - University olOrcgon Robert C. Williams University of Nebraska Donald E. Jones Wcstern Maryland College PLENUM PRESS • NEW YORK AND LONDON .0 n fl I 76 F~ 9 a
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QA 76 Is 1974 2 C. INTROAUCTION TO COMPUTF3 PROGRAMMIN(1 50335 7587 FM CHE'.IISTS -- BASIC VERSION Charles L. Wilkins The University of Nebraska Charles: ",iopfenstoiri~-~ ` -'University of Oregon Thomas L. Isenhour University of North Carolina Peter C. Jurs The Pennsylvania State University and, for BASIC programs from chemistry (Part YI) THIS BOOK IS PART OF THE ALLYN AND BACON CHEMISTRY SERIES. James S. Evans Lawrence University Robert C. Williams The University of Nebraska Allyn and Bacon, Inc. Boston London Sydney . r) :i n - n nn I. 1 6 7 n .•~f
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50335 7588 Dee eription of c~ garette filter test.inEr sub:r.itte8 by Albert Klopfer, dated Au`krt n, C') 0 :; r) 0 0 r1 : 7 6 7 1
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CQncer Biochem. Bfonhvs., 1980. Y.DL 4. pp. 209-220 ®1980 Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, Inc. 50335 7589 0305-7232/80/0404-0209506.50J0 Printed in Great Britain 7THEORETICAL STUDY OF N-NITROSAMINES AND THEIR „' n_ eA PRESUMED PROXIMAnE CARCINOGENSI ra RC _VV S~ P~ 9 P. ANDREOZZI and_ ~.~LOPMAN :` 1 Chemistry Department and ~~ ~ ~-%. J. HOPFINGER Macromolecular Science Department, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio 44106 Quantum mechanical calculations In the MINDO/3 and CNDO/2 approximations have been used to study possible mechanisms of action of the carcinogenic N-nitrosamines. Calculated reaction path profiles show that hydro- xylation at either the C-H bonds or the amino nitrogen of the nitrosamine may result in the formation of an a- hydroxynitrosamine with some interesting structural and stereochemical constraints. Dissociation of the a- hydroxynitrosamine, along a concerted pathway or two-step mechanism, releases the alkyldiazohydroxide which subsequently decomposes to the alkylating agents responsible for cancer induction. On the basis of the results obtained for the decomposition of the alkyldiazohydroxide, the alkylation mechanism of N-nitrosamines does not appear to involve carbocation intermediates or diazomethane. The most likely alternative for the alkylation reaction is, then, direct nucleophilic attack (St,2) on the alkyldiazonium ion by basic sites on the DNA molecule. 9 t~ ~o n n n 1 1 67 2
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50335 7590 ArreMvMeff1a/ PiyrNulotr 1978. Vol. 14. No. 3. 29.-W1 The Mother's Psychophysiological Reactions to Contrasting Affective Expressions by Her 80 II Ey-81 Own and an Unfamiliar Infant S.P. ALAN R. WIESENFELD Rutgers University " University of Rochester The present study investigated mothers' autonomic reactions to their own infants' emotional states. Seventeen mothers of 5-month-olds viewed two landscape scenes and four types of videotaped segments depicting their own baby and an unfamiliar baby smiling or crying. Each episode was presented for three consecutive 10-sec trials, and order of stimulation was varied systematically. Initial presentations of subjects' own infants evoked cardiac acceleration and large skin conductance responses (SCRs), whereas cardiac deceleration and smaller SCRs were evoked by the unfamiliar infant crying. Episodes displaying the strange infant smiling and landscapes yielded nonsignificant trends toward cardiac deceleration and still smaller SCRs. The results were interpreted as indicating that mothers react with excitement to images of their own child and with patterns characteristic of envi- ronmental intake or orientation when viewing unfamiliar infants. Because parent- child relations are considered transactional, physiological indices of maternal re- sponsiveness to infant behaviors are useful as potential predictors of developmental outcome. Hence, the findings that mothers display differential physiological reac- n ~'tio~s totheir,3wn7nd t>rtfamiGar infants are especially promising.
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e.1.VVLau Lh.tbhAGG--L1~•11ViVHK1GJ•--r~..~.,i.vl; tiA :,l tcfvtiklt~--1'?:C::tiCl[.nt.;r--r!)LYGLG7'/ GERMAN LANGUAGE--DICTIONARIES--POLYGLOT/FREYCFi LANGUAGF.--DICTIONAItIES--POLYCLOT/ I ' ALFILI:D wITT,lIaNN • -J~=,IcLQ3~= CU"pL'LRS4 Dictionary of Data F•rcc-S.ssing ,:•_ including Applications in Industry, Administration and Business Fachworterbuch. der Dw-LenvErarLaitung mit Anwendungsgcsbieten in Industrie, Verwaltun~ und ~Virtschait DictiOnnaire du i ruilt4Er~cnt etas D0nnees et de soii application dans 1'industrie, l'administratiou et 1'econamie .S`ECO:ID, ItF.V1SED AND T.2MAItGED EDI'IION ELSFVIBIt SCIENTIFIC PUBLISIIING C03IP~tN Y A.IISTI:1tDAI11- LONDON - NLW YORK 1973 . 0 :; 0 0 11 0 1 7 6 7 14
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_:._ . 50335 7592 ; ;1954 ) MRIV•f: Tia{S kY?P. MOISTilRw C:4.1Ti:2y'?" F(?n ~ STA',;.zLT.ZAal0c: OF F'OOD Yi.Cti)il'C, by F. i:o.'.:i15, ; R. KlL'Sa:, IMI. ialit;. .j. fL^!l:: 196G 46 Paf;Fr ~ Clr•a.-ingFiousc for 1<edpral; Scicntific an c: Tecluiicat Spr'.uZ~fir_,l.d, Virginia ' j ~ . In f: oxeaaGion .~, ~ . 7 rz
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50335 7593 k ._~ ~. . Itot 14r, M-_V-` c;-=gM_:`"--~ -_". . MaA MacGregor, M. A. MARKETING FLUE-CURED TOBACCO IN ONTARIO, by M. A: MacGregor and G. Klosler July 1966 126 p. Univ. Guelph, Ontario, Canada; and U. S. Dept: Agric. Washington . :,, .. ,~ -..., .. . . , . . , x,
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.: .aAr..w....-..r~-.-..... a..J.~:a:-w~~ru:-..:...-.uW.F.n~~..~r....~i..Jrs~...~..y.~..~ws_-..w.-.-..~..... -+......... '- 74 .111 };1 - ~ .... .. _ . .._:; _ ,..... -.. _ r~ Jour. P.mer, t•!ater idorks Assoe. 66 ,(1) ,44-J/i6 ~1974) - ' Tne, tietemnafion of Tannin and C.ignin: • .:avf dz B: -KJo sfe i " & ~~ In recent experiments a new reagent that is not subject to some of the problems that arise with the traditional reagent has been developed. The experimental procedures and results are presented in this article. \Yhilc dctcrmining tannin and lignin levels using thc pro:cdurc rc.ommcnd- cd by Standard A/c7hod.c.t scvcral problems .vcrc cncountcrcd with the tunnin-lignin reagent. Successive pre- parations of this reagent resultccl in batches having different scnsiti.atics toward tannin and li_;nin. Thc hatchcs also varied in color froni a very light green to a dark bluc. The reagent blank .•aricd directly with the intcnsity of the rca^cnt color. Whcn the tan- -' -nin-lignin tcst was run with the tan- nin-lignin rca;cntg a precipitate would begin formin_.: approximately 20 min after the addition of the carbonatc re- I The method introduced by Folin and ~ Denis was initially critici-tcd as a clini- cal chemical method bccausc of the ditlliculty of reproducing the reagent scnsi;ivity and the formation of prccipi- tatcs whilc performing the test. In 1927 the tcst was rcvicwcd by Folin and Ciocaltcu.-- and solutions were found for these prohlcros. The reagent was difficult to rcproducc• because in the original preparation only 2 hr of rcllux- ing had been used to convert sodium tunestatc to phosphotungstic• acid, so incomplete convcnion resulted. If the reagent is rcfluxcd for 10 hr. the con• vcrsion goes to completion and a ~ L i ' 50335 i.d.... & CH[/•/.Y A/7M11NIMJ 10 T.eN Reaaw Trne w.. 1 1 Fr. 1. Rate of Dcvelopment vs. tl,ethcd of Reagent Addition 7594
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50335 7595 ~ 3 (6) a) ~- a9g 0 5`11) ~ California State University Northridge, 91324 Textbook Errors, 124 inversion of Sucrose and Fructose Structure. The molecular structure of crystalline sucrose, ordinary cane sugar, is well established on the basis of very precise neutron-diffraction analysis (1) in 1963. Previously in 1947 and 1952 X-ray diffraction analysis with less satisfactory data had suggested that the structure was that now accept- ed with respect to the assignments of asymmetric carbons (see references in (1)). In carbohydrate terminology the formula assigned is a-D-glucopyranosyl-Q-D-fructofura- ..w..:.t.. If`L.w .m..1 1..1......f..... .,.....t...n:.. nr ............. :.. 101;9 1... j \T`i r-- tit Pr4l ~.......- ~ , product obtained by tetramethylation of D-glucopyra whereas the oily tetramethylfructose showed (+)-rot. as contrasted to the tetramethylfructose obtained crystalline D-fructose which shows (-)-rotation. Cert something else takes place in the hydrolysis than just sion of the O-linkag,e under their experimental condi and this change appears especially in the fructose moil Both a- and O-ll-glucopyranose can he obtained in w.....nll:.-w {'n.v.. (e.~t.n:{:n .nlnl:nn 11170 enil 1.1QO .. . '~ :~ tl n n
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Cw~ V% i -. ;:':A . ~ r t \ I U U U 96$L SEEOS
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50335 7597 e 76 X K1 ,TOBACCO--SAtOKINI',--PASSIVE/ i RJR CLASS ?:0. PAMP}1LET 76 X 1;1 ~ Klosterkotter`, ' ' l'. ; Gono; E. (Univ. Essen, Inst. ]lyg, Occup. 2ied,, West Ger.) THE PP.OJiLf:ri OF PASSIVE SI•lOKIING. *(Zum Problem des Passivrauchens.)* Zbl. Bakt. llyg., I. Abt. Orig. }3 162, 51-69 (1976)__(in German Complete English translation available) 'hhereisnocvidencetodatcthstpa.siccsmokinYlcadsinthelonre runtoq•picalsmok• trs dtseases or to an mcreaseJ health risk in an avrrage healthy person. '!'herc arc no plausible reasuas so juuify the assumption that tuch disturbances decclop . in passive smokus in the shun tcrm. Expnsure to tubaao smuke ean, tinder unfavourable eondisious, Icad to temporary : iuitation and impair the fcdit; of well-being whi.h some persons may expcricnce as a • eonsidctablc nuisance. There are rroups of pcnost of increased antitivity ond r.e.ikpnaition rnwarda he.lrh tiske, such as auhmatirs and small ehildren. lltese persons should nw be exposed to tnbacco smo{.e. _ 1'here is the prnblem of ir6iciduatly dctcrmincd smell interference by tob+ce- amn6e. Admittedly, numcrous quewions await still an answer, but thctc is enough time to elari(y them at leisure since pnsnt stnoking entails no acute dangcr of puisoning (ci. La. No. 13). !n this Lcid the moss ioywnaa taak is to study in dctail the problem of nuieancc caused by smoRing, with rcgar.l to botR the prevaitinl; law and to the dctnandc of air h..;.:ene. A d:uileJ eomrucnt on the terdict passed by the A.hninisnrative G,art of Sch?;swip eloses with the phraac: "Me prev.•ntion of thc dctrimental effccts tu hra7nc cau+ed by ~tP1~acco smoke emntitutrs a iutewsinent task_for thcpublfc health srnice and health {v'.t y" .11 ~_ ~=.......~: ..`~: _~.~...~ ..tl..... I~. ~. _C7.:. ....~L~. ~.......w~..... . . . . ,' . ,~'" .- T' • . . ..._ ..-° ~1 r I it
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50335 7598 + , , ; 196 6 a'":?.'•.Ti0:3, AL.' 1iiJt~ l.'JoAP.1oof
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74 Y, r;e2 Si-(QKING ltAT;ITS---LI'.I1\c:INM/TO13ACC--.---5*i(`~:ING--PSYCiI0LOG1 / 1:JR CLltSS NO. rlu"._'IILET 74 k?ta~ (LysCer Arriy liosy). , 1?ep. 1'+europsycliintry, Fort 1wcker., A].a. , U. S. ) SMOKING P~:D Ai.C01I0LIS:L Amer. Jour. I'sychiatry 131 (No. 4) 445-57 (1974) (in English) *1974, No. 12, W 481?* *d* Tobacco medicine:
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50335 7600 1 trI•v".~ 1lie'~., ~alLJ~. ~...~y . 4 . - tiaY :.r: a ~..'iJ!. t .f •.L:. . _ .. . .. ~4' .: . ' ~ S~ [ t : f S,l S ~ n tL .1
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50335 7601 1 , V1M~ ~~~ani b~anib P:-` . ~:5 Tdd''i~ `K:V Fµi?`,LY.SD:S Itti UNWANis.v iNG tt'UaY: (w• t..L ._..~, ' v.ai.c.~I M Yi Ma.V ~ s s ... ..•"~..r v• .r.. ..l a.a.+.~~..aVr StaaiEifC3, Jtt3if Pi3pC.k .J) 1970 97 Pa.r,'se ' tI. S. Dap€:. or Labor i,jsahsu; wcm, U. c:. ,. a rj:,n n n c, ! 1 5 p .4
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. 50335 7602 lciots., X~ M. «NI:i2t1: CFtAPzGE5 Iiv BI0C.f!12'111C;•ixT., U!'it :.'I0I•i.l 1. 6 7 108 Papez Academi^ I'rr•,a heu Tark
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50335 7603 TA 403 Se . 1972 ARCHER UL7.'RASONIC ROLLING AT\TD D11AWI~~~7G OF METALS V. P. Severdenko Moscow Mechanical Engincerino Institute ' Moscow, USSR I Apartmcnt of Machines and Tcclinology for the Pressure Working of Ivtetals Bclorussian Iulytcchnic Institute 1`linsk, USSR 7)-mrslaled fronr l:ussian b1p Emerson !!. Virden. Jr. ~ ~ v:~'~: 1~~t2b0v1C Ductility Laborztory . Engir.eerinR Pitysics Instituto , Academy of Scicnces of th: Beiorussian SSR ' T•linck, l1cSR and A. V. Stepanenko Tran.clatinrr EdrtorJ. S. k'ood `) CONSULTANTS BURI:AU • NEW YORK-LONDON • 1972 ~ n r ~ .~ r) >*i (! i j
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50335 7604 Tii Ju i ... . .. . _..- - _. __ ~' `~.ae }fe'lei:. T a ..r. •--. r n•.~ ...~.r t`` C.'. D7_$C8ses of 7.:1fiU:.f.rli,3l pl:•ri:.t;. ; t r :7:;fl::;::.'::a 2r' 51 ~ 1. Li:::ilE:s n f; n (t I~-~ h 7
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50335 7605 ' SMOKING HABITS--WOMEN/TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/. 80 X Wal RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 80 X Wal Walker, R. D. ; Nicolay, R. C. ;-4"rK-1VtknyV---R: ` and Riedel, R. G. (Loyola Univ., Chicago, I11. and Baral College) PSYCHOLOGICAL CORRELATES OF SMOKING Jour. Clinical Psychol. 25, p. 42-44 (1969) (in English) Fifty nonsmoking and 22 emok-inq femal© undcrgraduates were compared on thirty-six variables. SmokFrs were found: (a) To itave more problems and be mo:p antoous; (b) to be as inteJ;:ent as nonsmokers; (c) to be less interested in tscience and music; (d) to be franker in responding to paper and pencil pe:-sonaiitv tm t9; (e) to dislike more foods than not:.-rnokcrs: (f) to come from the emne size iamiiies as do nonsmokers; and, (g) to be no more dominant th&n non-7mokers. Ancount of smoking wss positi.-ely, re!ated to an3oety (p < .05) and negaticely to musical and literary interest9 (p < .05). - . _ . . . ~ . . . a ~ ~. . ~..i~.r ~1~• a 0 "A n t1 n f) I/ f1 A
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50335 7606 74 X Rr - RJR CLASS NO. PA:•U'HLET 74 X Kr Krauland, W. ; Schneider, V.; 1 VOWIR (INstitut Rechtsmedizin Freien Univ. Berlin, Berlin, Ger.) FATAL NICOTINE POISONING DUE TO ZiISCALCULATED NICOTINE TEST FOR INSIPIDUS. *(Rodliche Nicotinvergiftung bei fehlerhalft durchgefuhrtem Nicotintest.)* 2eitsch. Rechtsmedizin 72, 269-77 (1973) (in German with English sumrtiary) *1974, No. 9, 14 3264* *d* Tobacco medicine: . ._._ ~.-_~.-,... -~-~.~. .. ~ . . ;.._ a-r ._. r-. .... . -^ +..,,.. -~~-?-r.. - . .. ..., - " ' I`ICOTINE=-PNAW COLOGi1 e rl (1 ~1 i i i ! r t fi;'~)
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50335 7607 -. ~.~ Sneed, 1llayce Galuion, IS8C.- ed. Compre3iensive inorganic cheaiistry rellltc.l b1-1:1i. Ca3uion: Sneed, J. Xh•r; is 'AfaS naa•d tandl RoberL C. isr Rsted. New Z'ol•k,'lran \ ostrRllct 11953- r. i11as. 24 cm. Itihlio;;rHrhical footnotes. Go::r>::vrs.-r. 1. I'rinciples of atomic and molecular structure, 5." W. N. Lipscomb. Theoretical and applied nccleer chemistr?, by 1'. It. O'Connor. The actinide series, by G. T. Sev.borg. 1. Cbeinistry, Inorganic. 2. Chentistry, I't<ysical t:nd tbeoretical. i. Title. Q.h151.S69 _ ~~G46 53-^o i i: Lil,r.tr,• of Conzres, ~ ' ~3 .; :,; n n 1-; 1 / r>, *) n
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50335 7608 1 . ~514~~~0~~1i1i~ for pol.: ry ~t alirr~ c~:~~t ~u,:~;3 - \.-r.i3• dill'raction pruccdai•es phous nzaterials ;byj t-I;:rc;lcj P. I:1z:g (nnd) Leroy 1;. Alo.-, tinder. \ew 1crk,WiteS t1954j 716 p. Ilins. 24 cm. 1. .l'-rzys---•Di2raction. i. Ale,andor, Urvy L)bert, 1914- Joiiit author. ii. Title. ' ~.. ,~ r. QC-182.K5 ,~ ; j .,1S.ti3 51 -69l J ; LihrarJ' of Co!lbl•Es9 15! a I ~? :4 n 0 () ~ ~ 1 %' ~ 9
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50335 7609 TOBACCO--MOSAIC VT.RUS/ , BiocLetn. Phyiiol. Pllanzrn 1s0,S.S11-95(1!1?G) 78 VII K1 . f ~ ~ f) n (1 t7 i ~ ~ .'TOBACCO--PRO'C1:Ii1S/ Iiuize Afittcilunn Protcingchalt iil 1161- und dunlcclUriincn Bla-itbczirl:cn rnosaila:.ran1•:cr Tzbakpfl. n•r.en Scktion l;ioicisscnSChattcn dti I\:1r1-~Lrr~-l niccr•iti;t ).cil,zia, 1'ilanzenphcsio!ugic tmd )Iil:roLiaingic 1'rotcits ccnteat i-L Greer.n end ?irt•1c Gre,-n Tizs::e c-f i'oL•atr.t 1'lnttis Key Tona intlex: protein cotdent, tobacro ntesaic vints, cirn~-irdccu: iuLit•i:uts aa lnLurtrnt. Stnnv.a•.ey Thc pretei.^n coctent ot yellntc trecn an4 J:,tlt i;rcen arr•u o! L eces ci tnt,arcn Llants cytrt:,irsll.• inlcetca bs tum orco tnn.aie eirtts mas in\•r•;ti,, atc:l. The cnntc::t ci to!a! p:r.trir, :tr r. c!t a:: t!,r toi:trnt ul culul,h ptotcinv in d: tk •rccn lksuo i; ?;i;]ir r than in ye!lu\: t^.r n li aur. Frnr.t the .'ir•., ol t6r lttctcir tf:ctabolisut 11:: )-cllncr, cints-rnricLcd tisw• sreme to bc I L'..:iu! r.icallt r,:.!,•r t}ran tln i:ul: EStcn~{: uc~i~ at t•.a+l p, rtiall~• -.-i:us ia•Lu'cd \•irir il.iLi:n:i : rr• articc. .\ disr-tt,•tttu• /phort~ic scl>,fratirRi<•t tl.e sotublc prutr•ius .L:,tcs n:k sc:all Jitfetenu-; l:; mrtn buth qI:a •.I 9
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50335 7610 IX Re2-81 S. Afr~ Jour. Sci. 76 (12)569(1980) S.P. -Central NeuroRenic Mediation of the Viebrovascular Response to Inhaled CO2 / S c 1-i . G. Mitchell and L Rosendorff rt ` ~ AlRC/Uni-,ersitr Circulation Research Unit. Deparrmen/ of Physiology. Unnmirv ojlhe li erK•arenrand Medica/ School, Johannesburg 2001. The inhalation of carbon dioxide causes a cerebrovascular vasodilat ion and thus an increase in cerebral flood flow. Controversy exists as to the role of an intrinsic (metabolic) as opposed to extrinsic (neurogenic) control of this response. Evidence favouring a neural component in the vasodilatory response to CO2 rests largely on two points. First, destruction of vasomotor nerves affects the respon.e of cerebral vessels to CO2. In this regard, brain stem lesion% have been shown to decrease the vasodilatory response to COj le.g. Shalit et al. (1967). Arch. Nrurol., 17, 342-3331. Secondly, both ,i-adrenoceptor and cholinoceptor blockade will reduce the vasodilatory ef- fwy of CO: on crrchral bkW ve,+,Tl. (e.g. Aoyagi el a/. (1976). Slroke, 7. 291-295; Scremin et al. (1978). Stroke. 9. 160- 165). We have recently shown that both d•adrenoreptor and cholinoceptor blockade will abolish the vasodilator effects of stimulation of the intracerebral noradrenergic pathway (INP) (Klugman eraf., Srroke. in press). The INP is an ascending noradrenergir pathway that arises in the brain stem and passes through the hypothalamus to the cortex. We have thus investigated the role of the INP in mediating the vasodilat ion in hypothalamic resistance vessels due to in- haled CO,. Hypothalamic blod flow (HBF) was measured in conscious rabbits using a"'Xe technique described previously (Cranston and Rosendorff (1971). J. PhysioL, 215.577 - 590J. The inhalation of 2%,4-1i or 8% COisignificam- ly increased HBF. 0-adrenoceptor blockade with 70 nmol propranolol significantly attenuated the increase in HBFdue to 4% CO?. while phenox- ybenzamine (I SO nmol), an a-adrenoceptor blocking agent, was without ef- fect on the vasodilation. Cholinoceptor blockade with atropine (1 nmol) similarly attenuated the vasodilator effect of 4% CO,. Finally, chemical sympathectomy of the INP either at the level of the hypothalamus or brain stem, significantly reduced the increase in HBF due to CO,. Chemical sym- pathectomy was carried out using 6-hydroxydopamine (1.2 rmop. Our results are consistent with the idea that an adrenergic-cholinergic Lt- teraction in the intracerebral noradrenergic pathway may play a role in the a rebrovascular dilatory action of inhaled CO3. , OP sou - ..~ a --~__ _- _ _. . .~ . < .......... ri ;4 ,'~ n r'~ , 4 1 % ~~ ~ .~
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50335 7611 RJR TRANSLATION TOBACCO--SMOKE--POLYCYCLIC HYDROCARBONS TOBACCO--SMOKE--ANALYSIS--LABORATORY METHODS/ CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--TOBACCO SMOKE/ _ RJR CLASS NO. TRA`:SL,1TI0N Kuhn, H. (Austria Tabakwerke AG, Forschungslaboratorium, Wien, Austr.) GUn'1'kIBUTION TO FACTS KNOWN CONCERNING WEAKLY BASIC AND WEAKLY ACIDIC POLYCYCLIC ARO?fATIC HYDROCARBONS IN TOBACCO SMOKE. REPORT 1. *(Beitrag zur Kenntnis der schwach basischen und schwach sauren polycyclischen aromatischen Kohlenwasserstoffe im Tabakrauch.)* Fachl. Mitteilungen 1977 (No. 17) 348-68 (1977) (in German - complete ~~ English translation available.) ~ Bv mclns of a few solvent distribution ( ~ stcps, SC on basic alumina, gel pcrmcatians ' chromntuoral,hy on Sephadex LiI-^0 and ion ~ excLln-e chrb,natogral,h%•, the w:caskly basic and ~ wralclv aeiclic lm1}•cyclic ,:romatic \-hctcrocom hounfls arc i,ulated from the whole tobacco ` smokc cundens~:,te. The fraction, olitained in I this may, was divided in a subfractions by TL ! ^" Si.~.~ - .... Z. •o -_,---~r---~~-~ In the fraction, cuntaininb the wcakly basic i hctcrocyclic compnnnds mith two and thrc lo rings tir,rne <luinc,linc derivativcs, quinoxailine, ~ cium,iino, yuin,,•r.r,linc „nd n;ihhthyrir.lines, were iclcntiticrl liV n,catns of t1,c co,,,binatinn GLC/1IS. In aflclitinn the 7.8 I,r•nzr,r1uin(sline arnl a few nll:;•)atcd dcrivatires uf aciidine and ryninolincs 1.. .;:I:..;l. ~`.v-._•--- -----^^'___.- .-- --- .... ----'- a
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- 50335 7612 Jai~'ifi,lY.uhn, H. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 75 IX K11 (Austria Tabakwerke A.G., Wien, Austr:) DETERMINATION OF NITROPHENOLS IN COMPLEX MIXTURES SUCH AS CIGARETTE SMOi:=. *(Beitrag zur Bestsiramung von Nitrophenolen in Vielstoffgemischen.)* Mikrochim. Acta [Wien] 19751 (No. 4) 405-412 (1975) (in German with English summary) *Keywords:* phenol, -mnitro-, smoke, constituent; phenol, o-nitro-, smoke, constituent; phenol, p-nitro-, smoke, constituent; nhenols, nitro-, smoke, constituent. v *1975, No.'20, W 6771* *d* Tobacco chemistry: o :,), n n n r; t/ - ;, 9.!; .
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50335 7613 RJR CLASS NO. i']UstJSLAi.'30,; ~~tqqR~; Kuhn, H. *(no affi]..)* ll1:TB1:,`!INAT702: 01' '!'I11; A.1TT1:OSA.':TtiL OF JC?jZ'~TCOTItiI; IN ThE S?:0~1: CO:;l;i.'.`:S.,Ti: ..~.. 01' CIGAR1iTTi:S WITH A 1?IGIt 'NO1:NIC07'INR CONTENT. ~ *(llie Bestimmung des Nornikotinnitrosamins im Rauc.hkondeasat- nornikc: iy~- reicher Zil;zrc>tten.)* Fachl. Mit.t. Oesterr. Tabalcrel;ie 1.973 (No. ).4) 25].-57 (Mcty ].973) (An German - coa:pletc I.ng].ish translation available) *1975, No. 9, W 2919* *d* Tobacco chemistry: a :~ t l n n Ci 1 ~% :'~ :' ,
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V ^ TO~ACCO _S`~ft?:E--Cl?i'.1tICLI. COSti'O:iI7'i(??Z/~ r...., ..., . . ...~ ..,.... .,. _ "C•\i SLATION~ TOBACCO--S'tOYF--GAS C}iI:OPt%~TOCiiA~}is''/xbI#ncco--.~:.bla'==r1tL'i~ClI;S/ ' -` ( RJR TRA . . LATIOy . ,~ ~'I~BACCO--S'•10YE--NITROGEN COMPOL'~IUS/ R.IIt CLASS N ~~~5~~ ~lt ~ Kkaln, 11. (Austria-Tabakwcrke A. C., Aiistr.) ' llt:TEltt•II.N'ATION OF ItITROPIIE?:OLS IN TOtIACCO SMOKE CONDENSATE. PRL•'LII•II;IAI:1 4 RESULTS. Fachlictie ttitt. ]974 (Io. 15) 275-8S (June 1974) ( in Germsn - complete + Fnelish translation available.) f henos in tobacco The determination of nitro p ARY % ` smoke condensate is described. Following this ~' method, the smoke is collected in a cooling trap. ~ The acidic fraction is then separated and iueth.•la- ted. The resulting methoxynitrobenzenes are ~ reduced to the corresponding methoxyamino- benzenes. Usino.trifiuoroacetanhydride, the TFA- I derivatires are formed and afterwards analyzed, using a combination of GLC and MS. A i.~ ~ 0 Sonie types of nitrophenols were found in the smoke condensate of the filterless Burley type tobacco cigarette. U) i~ The obtained results and the analytical data of the cigarettes suggest that the nitrophenol - content of the smol:c condensate is rnainlv correlated to the nitrate content of the tobacco. It can be a"Sumed with certninty that nitru- plunols arc prescut in each nuou.e p,uulint; solu- tiou for which the sinol:c is condensed into cooling traps. ~ _ --..~~,~.......~~.~_.-..,.-_....,.<.~..-....... .._.-~.,-..-... • . - . ~ 4 . :4 ~~ n~~, ri E! r~ 9 7 l ~ rn . -7"Mr,'. •- e
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. Fachi iclia ilitt. OostcT:r. Tau4l:ret;.l.: No. 12 :203-•211 (t-S-ay) 1971 Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Vi"enna, Austria DETE1'.PiI3ZATION OF N-NITROStiIINL•'S IN CI.GA1tE7."rE SMOKE CONDENSATES !' tt. Pailcr end It:Y`IGlM_" ' , I :5 ;'1 f 1 n *t i 1, e 50335 7615 d
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50335 7616 a 80 IX Re-81 TOBACCO--SMOKE--SIDESTREAM/TOBACCO--SMOKE--CHEMICAL COMPOSITION/ RJR CLA SS NO. PAMPHLET 80 IX Re-81 Kuhn, H. (Austria Tabakwerke Ag, Wien, Austr.) DISTRIBUTION OF VARIOUS TOBACCO SMOKE COMPONENTS IN MAINSTREAM AND SIDESTREAM SMOKE.. REVIEW. (Verteilung vershiedener tabakrauchbestandteile auf haupt- und nebenstromrauch.) Beitr. Tabakforsch., confidential manuscript submitted for publication, 49+ p. (1981) (in German - complete English translation available) Constituents too numerous to list. An attempt is made to render an account on the substances found in sidestream smoke and treat the qualitative differences of the composition of mainst5.eam.an _,siestiea,m, sa~oke-+ whereby rPe following opinion is represented, which sha]l'a so be included inIthetconcluding remark: "The actual account of the substances and the mainstream to sidestreatn ratio will vary with different
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50335 '1617 . ,. . 79 ZX Kl-%`/ TO$ACCO--SM4KE-=CHE2!ICAI. COMPOS'PION/TORACCO-~SrtOKE--QUI:vOLINES! - - _. _ _ _ _ ~......,.~_ ..._..__._..._-....-~_a -. __..... .. _. .._ _.._.- ... . . . _.. .. ~ _. _ , . -- - - - _ . _. . R.)K CLASS I+O. PAY.P1iLET 79 IX Kl -`,/ y ~ . , . . . ~ .. _. ~. .SfY 4 (Austria Tabakwerke A. G., Vienna, Austria) QUINOLINE A*t9 AZA-PAtI IN CIGAP.ETTIi SMOKE. i `..<- Y*(Chinolin und Aza-PAII im Ilaupts tromrauch und Nebens tromrauch ei.ner ~ 7a * ' I •' 1 h .. ; . ) DonB 9 filtlosen 85USBlend ZiBarette (nac •er--. : ~ ; •. • . . , . Austria Tabakwerke'A. G.,_ Confidential manuscript, Vienna Austria . • (1978) ... *Constituents too numerous to list. .._ ` ~. . • ,. . . • . . . _ -. :.. ... _. . ~ nn'
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50335 7618 TOBACCO--SMOKE--QUINOLINES/TOBACCO--S:`10KE--CFtEMICAL COMPOSITION/ _-. _ _ . .. , _ . ---- 79 IX K1 :. RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET 79 IX KI .. . . . ; . . _. . : , • - • ~ ° (Austria Tabakwerke AG, Vienna, Austr. QUINOLINES AND RELATED COMPOUNDS IN TOBACCO SMOKE AND IN THE ENVIRONMENT. *(Chinoline im Tabakrauch und Umwelt.)*. - ' Austria-.Tabakwerke AG, Confidential. manusc'ript•, 5 p. (1979) (in •German) ' *Constituents too numerous to list*
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50335 7619 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 K1--1962 PART I: THE BASIC FRACTION OF CIGARETTE SMUKE. PART II : DEHYDROGENATIONS WITH RHODIUM. Doctoral dissertation. N.Y. University. 1962 Univ. iNiCrofilMa Internationa'l.Ann Anlaor, MI.80 p. .b3. (IN ENG.) ISN = 6134 0,S t'1 (1 (1 o 17 Iz n 2
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50335 7620 ~(M+.•.- A i' . ...~_.. • . lrViai~~:.+.1._... l.~+ s7.....-......t l. . . e -. t. . .. . . .. . r 1,1 ~7. .: \+....... .. .1c -..,..'Ll
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50335 7621 ~'ytt~, o. Th; chemistr;,* of t'l;e steroids. tii:;thucn; i';cw, I ork, Wiley i1957, 216 p. 111es. 20 Cm. (1:eihuen's :uoneg.•zp:;s on l,luch::c:c;,i su`r Jects) "Cosnpr!nioti to Ar. J. K. Grant's volume o1i ti:u .3iochenl;E-try oP t1.~ steroill::" IncluQc:a bibllugrahhy. 1. Steroids• i. Title. Q.D115.Ii5G 5•17..5 G8-; r ~ Library ot Cuugress C201 , . . .. . • ' . , i'• . . .. . . . ' " • ' ' •~ . . fi » . _~ 0 ri : ~
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50335 7622 .,...-... •- .;, 1l o n C1 ft Y ~ ? ' ~ (tt^e?a., tnt~tes. 2.5 cm. (I'r(,.rress ~ 1 ~ I 1 I L ~terrxL•euitst~3•. r .-..,\I QDYSI.,:G3 ,541.G 54--12: 3z; L:Srar.; o.° .._- --r----- ]
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a:~~-=~->- 50335 7623 t , ' ~ j 6 C y ~ i5 I , . ~4 III Pe, , yjW( %6.1Ei : Sa6.72: 5tt:590 liCCJ1EjjOt3At111E fIPEBP:'1ll1EHNM x -1lHHEHA B 11P1iCYTCTB}i11 T1POj.jYKTOB AEF1iZIPATALINH TPEX3Ai11EL1jEH11bIX OPMDOCtPATOB }KE•T1E3A (111) - V. V• %-~~cr ,{•~ w: ; i H lf1EIP08 0 7 . ~ . . B. B. l1E9hOBCIifiIJ, 10. A. KJ!)OEB. JI• C• EIl1CNK R M. Cbl yEBA, H. B. 17ETPAll1ENb •- _' 48172m Reactions of --aincne in the prescnce of trisub- shtuted uon(I[L ort~•opho ti•tt d 1 d ry e ... eiy ratson products. Pcch- Z , ko~•skii, 1. i?.; lir•cLcnko. L. 5•; S!:che~ruv, ' L. X.; ~Sychc~•a, Ycirashen, I. V. {I~{nruss. •3~ekhnnl. - - ~ ~ vssk. Gglub. "Lu:•cd.. l.es. Zlr. 1973, 1C(-!), !f17-1I (Itursj. (Catalylic ::o:ncrizatinn of a- K pincne at iral :ria" :u the I~resc:u•e of anrorphnu+ I c1'U, °..ii1:U ...• ~ ~ or crya. hcl'U,:_i [_U y;:tvc .,-tcrl,inene, dilxntene, y-cymenc, µ H ntenth-•-enc, pinanc. cann1iecnc, :;nd d-, menc. Thc degrce r.f - - j-_ 1~ r conver.ion of u-piucr.c dccrczsccd frum?j(i! • al 15U° to 7r• • c ic: al .° : ' ~ ' . 0 ~OC~aTW psua -' -- B pa6tJra. 9T .'~ -- ,
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50335 7624 41ys trar.a ' Oi: i ~ ~ ~ I C`3tftiLtC?E.^.C'IL'a", C9dittiii'S •r`•r Sr ~'::: g . Y:::::y ~i. C•.. ,_ , rri::a, 190: , 6 t-. <.1wczG:. 24 cm„ (t;1.cst.-Los! r.zffvr;;:) . . . . ' rr'. • .. ~I :, n n n~{ r I l~ 7
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50335 7625 ~ ~ ~ _ n~ . \!Y by , 1-6 (156;) i . ~ ~ ~ f,- 1 ! a ~3 n o n 'n
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i .7 4 T 17. Re-,7 y. . ::::.. .. 50335 7626 _..._:. ZcitschriCt fiir Cl:fNmio 2;cuo Fol;;)?d. 71, S. 39-50 (It'7p) 7... .Plrys '.Chem. . .....~~... - ' --~ . , . ~, ^_::~. r IIl , • Uher dic: liAili.-Spekir.an-adfiarbkrter °1Tolcldikm ~ . vOn • . . G. FARAGOL'\IS u."ld C. )i. ST.ISSIXOPOLiLOS Pliysikaiisch-Clicmisclic`s Laboratorium der „Iicllcnic Rcr_carch Foundation" : . Dii.t 8 Abbildungen und von Essi-saure adsorbicrt an SiOz gczcigt, dafi die Protonensignale der Adsorptc•bis zur verfugbaron Fcldstarke von 0,5 mG fur das Hl-Fcld kcinerlci Sattigungserschcinungen zcigc•n, sofern sio die monomolekularc Beleo ing nicht 13asileos honstantinou Av. 48, Athcn, Griechenland ; (EinRegan~en am 19. llarz 1970) Es srird an Hand dcr I-C-'%IIZ-Spcktren von Athylather adsorbiert an LiI' . 7 ~~ : n n~~ I~ .~3 9
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;... t ~ r. 75 ::. I:n 1'03E,CCD -Srt01:IN(;--1'SYClIOLOGY/ RJr CIJ'.5S NO. PA:;1'IiLET )5...Y Kn *(no .nffil.)* SMOKI:dG A:1D SEXUALITY. HISTORIC PAP.ALLE.LS TO PP.I:SEtiT DAY PROBLEMS. Brit. Jour. Sexual Med. 1(ho. 2) 49-54 (1973) (in English) . - , *1974, No. 24, W 9085* *d* lobacco r~edicinc:, r.Y+~....~.~..r-...w.LM1....:..V..~w~.r~.~.Y~4.iA.J.~.Y.wY+~ .......+...a.JK~..r.~::.:-.b..':..4i.~~.J...... t .....~.A i...-. ..a... . ..-...........y.~r~....~.-....,._ ._.. +.w--~.~.-..-~...., ._ _ _ ... _..... . ..~ ; ___ • il i~~' 1 7 >> ~ N %o ! r LM rn ~ j 0 ,LA
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50335 7628 . t l rV /li3 Robert P. I'ublished Ly REL 9017 PLliI,,. ASII RI). CINCINNATI. 01110 4b2'2 0 ~ il 1) f'e i l ~ 7 7 , 1
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50335 7629 73 XII Y.n NICOTINE--BACTERIAL DEGRADATIODI/ ..~:. 1 .._....~.:..,.....~L....__._~_~....,.__... _._~-...,~__......d..~_ _.>j..._:-.:.........-:._.~...s....a:...... ~w...., .r_.,~._.r. ~~,.........._ ' - RJR CLASS t~0. PAyfPiiLf:T 73 X1I Kn a':`KnttCt~ruuss`,'`R:'-,~.Y"t Rccl'nann, i.~. (i'njv.~r ;ity t:~.tt ir.rc•n, Inst. '+.ikrobio1. and Inst. YikroSiel. Ge sc:lischaft S:rahietl- l'r.::;c]tfcrsch. r.ih11, Munich Gatti:,~cn, Cer.) T11E STI:UCTL'1:F. 01' .'.7C0:'?.Nx: .^.l.l'i: FRO`i AFif!ROBACTER 0\IDAINS. Arch. Mikrobicl. 96, 1t;i--69 (1973) - in En~lisn ' No. 10, 4/,311•14 *jt* Tobr,;:cu ib~ ~ t:-~1~
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• 50335 7630 Handbook of Analyticak, _erivatization Reactions 4"5aiiie"1 'It, ' ~ , Department of Pharmacoloyy. bledical G'nicersit. oJ South Carolina. Charleston. South Carolina A Wiley-lnterscience Publication JOHN WILEY & SONS New York • Chichester • Brisbane • Toronto rI ~ ~ 0 (~J ~} l. .f ~1 \1
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50335 7631 % . @CC4 JV744 P 141152 S• J FhAFM SC1 X Mejp-80 S.P. YV Inhalation Aerosols : "----- " -~ . ~ Video Characterization of Flume Patterns of . t~/D S.MIS'/.UK*x,B.M.GUPT # h'.C.CHrN', C. CLAWANS ~, and K JaW` / . 71 Received October 4, 1979, from *R&D F.nginerring Drnartmont nnd tPhrtrmacrutica! Research and Development. Scheri, Corpnration, Rloomfield, NJ 07003. Accepted for publication •lanuary t30, 1980. e suppliers. Abstract a An in uitro technique was developed to characterize the intermittent flume patterns associated with the short bursts of mc- tered-dose aercsols. Ta•oorthot;onal video images are utilized to describe the complex shape and direction of the flume pattern. This techniqee facilitates the evaluation of components manufactured by different Keyphrases 0 Aerosols, inhalation-characterization of fiume pattc•rn, video technique compared wit h chemical analysis, delivery svstemx an- alyzed 13 Uelivery systems-inhalation aerncols. Uume pattern charac- terized by video technique a I)istrihution-of drug in lung alveoli. analysis of delivery systems, inhalation aerosols, tlume patterns char- acterized by video technique +D ;1 7 1- 4 synchronization of the aerosol administration v aerow,d mist characteristics. The.pray pattern at the mouthpiece of the inhalation ad,iptercan in and dMj%itiun of particles in the desired portiun- of the flume pattern from an inhalation acrusol N p,ttterns at different distances. The purpose of this study was to develop ar characterize the flume patterns to demonstrate• valve and actuator performance.lYith the same technique also was used to screen actuators h patterns. Manufacturers of inhalation acrosuls suppliers of package comfxonents, and this techn criterion to demonstrate the equivalent performct package components. s
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50335 7632 QGKIr f:.a.. J. /~f,f / ~ ~ i .N i~l r~ ~ t ' ~ I ~ ~ ~ 1! .3
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50335 7633 a _< <-.,. ._ . . ~. -r . . ........ ~ .. , .r-.-.y..-...... Jaco'.'s, :i. RJR CLASS NO. P1:TIILET 72 X Ja# '.. A. Z. ; horr.:atl, M. .i. ; l•'aalbcrg, G. W. ;4:naPP, ~ (P,oston i:niv. Sch. Med., Boston, *iass., U. S.) 0i P"c::;SG:+1:LI1'1 r.:::) COtiDITI.C'.';S ASSOCIATEIJ WITH ~......,~ ~h , A Med. 33 (:;o. G) 543-56 (:Nov<--Dsc. 1971) (in English) S;.CC!:SS )i,a: Q•'+
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50335 7634 v , .. at{xt. Oa~.~at A4'as C.4~a:iS... .:".°,I?,7? Fi:0.ii1%71~ I'.: i11:.121'-) t 1 ." n n ~
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~ `:t E L,~ f 0 U i) ~.' r t ~/ t•k:''~SIl Z) I (Jr'~S rSA,•~ 'f;j7 ©einsiQ Ya:lua3q Nr,o-kxdrt •t,uor guolsaff pai•i ja Ynaqsg ..A7uii uo3sau) fsmziav2i ',r `'i:[t9~vp1~Y ° y tt.^:eYtYj Ss~ri°:I<~ °f. .;wa;~ ,•*,._ .`1x.-'l ••9 r 2ri JiiT~: Q;1a.Q;1a ~.t~ s n ..•..~ n.HS,;...xJ n.A'.~~T-~ • ;~ . .. „Tr'F-: t~..I '1, Ua :::3 •v t1};,:dujj I8q4a8(` Irt Zvr x S£9L SE£OS
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.50335 7636 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPIiLET 75 X Ja Jacobs, M. A.; Rosenthal, S.; Hasekll, D. (Boston Univ. Sch. Med., Div. Psychiatry, Boston, Mass., U. S.) PSYCkl0LOGiC ASPECTS OF CiGAIZk.TTk;,,S:fOK1NG iN t•1EN. A CLiN1CAL EVALUATION. Psychomatic Med. 32 (No. 5) 469=85 (070) (in Englisti) / a ; oo no ! 7 7 ; 9
Page 137: yrm95d00
50335 7637 ~ :'A-. . UGHT. :)7r7: Z Z! P<a,~.'f{ iIjii'JC::".r'1.ti1.-Y ol. i..:i~ #'; n fl •r1i
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50335 7638 44 0 1 FOFuiJjjG CONSLTMF.R OP.CAUZhTIONS. . XX MAF-R-T4t-73 1 _ qi' I , } Washington, D C 20506. Director . Office of Consumer Affairs Executive Office of the President ,New Executive ~ffice Building . x ,.•.~._•,~ _......... ~.,~..~..Y. . . ^ _...,,,~.:..r...~.,•.,•__..-_•-,:~r+~e^..+.-r:...;........•...n....c..-.,•...~....,~..r..•-..- s.._-_ •..~ ,~ ;y i i • 0
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50335 7639 QR 175 Y "sAtr. cla1ll- :~1193- ]:lentent, tii lr.lca~riai c'~ iolc)t;1'. C(jnlstoWk Pul,. Gct.. :U.:,!. xvl.1, 3i•`.+ p. i.'d r.d. Tt?iuc), \. Y., 1. Iiac7e.:a. 2. Celln. r. Title:r;tt"„r; . 39:i1 "*\ apo.:j.r Ut (.ORq:YCsa il1-:1~ i !
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• 50335 7640 1~jl11f OYL_~_, 80 II Ba HEALTH RISKS FROM LOW LEVEL RADIATION by John H. Fremlin HOW DANGEROUS IS LOW LEVEL RADIATION? AMBIQ 9(2) 66-73 (1980) THE HANFORD DATA--A REPLY TO RECENT CRITICISMS. BY Alice Stewart; 4eorg~~t;}. , Thomas Mancuso AMBIO 9~2) 74-80 (1980) THE CONTROVERSY OVER 1.0W-LEVEL RADIATION by Frank Barnaby The first three articles in this issue deal with a topic that is both complex and controversial. Each article discusses the health effects of low-level radiation from a different perspective. John Fremlin supports the theory that th.e risk of death from cancer can be estimated by linear extrapolation downwards from the cancer death rates observed after the Hiroshima bombings and following high-dose medical treatment. According to this theory, the number of cancer deaths generated by radiation is proportional to the dose received. Alice Stewart, George Kneale and Thomas Mancuso, whose initial analyses of data on workers at the US Hanford plutonium-processing plant aroused both controvery and criticism, defend their conclusions, and maintain that the cancer risk from low-level radiation is shown by their Hanford studies to be many times higher than estimates based on A-bomb survivors. Frank Barnaby discusses the problem of long-term genetic damage, and points out that the carcinogenic and genetic effects on human populations of exposure to low doses of radiation, crucial though they are, remain realms of great uncertainty._F_ie_observes that politicians usually do not take "uncertain consequences" into account when making a decision, and take remedial action only when they are sure of the consequences, Qftenafte,[,the damage is done.? ~ r •~" Tht Editors fibpeithat this series o~arti~les,laken as a whole, will help to clarify the issues involved in the ~ debate over low-level radiation. 7
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50335 7641 S41nl:II~G IiArITS--RT:I.I*:n(?ISifI*:R/TORACCn--c"~nPiitil:--nSY('~(nT.O.^.Y/ 76 X Li~l ~r~ RJR (,'LASS NO. PA;~fi'IiLCT 76 X Eni , ~i j l%l:Vi.n;torff, n. j rrl?n,-,elr.:annz .i. C. (t•!ax-Plancll;-Inst. Psychiat., Psycho1., .iuncheno Cer.) ,SUGGI:S'1'IP,ILITY AS T}iFitAP1:U?'IC 'rACTC)R IN AiFFt;:tEtiT VARIATIONS OF T!'}:rAPIES PREVENTING St•:OKI\G. l*(Suf;&(,stibilitat als Therapiefzktor in vcrschicacnen Forr.icn der F.avchcrthcr: pie , ) * Arch. Psucliol. 127, 210-219 (1975) (in Cerrian with I:nglish su~°.:nr.ry) •
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50335 7642 . f,l ie Docllll "S G llWe to T. ENN ffi EIRIM; 1uCI( `fk-1*fi-4* ~ A N 15", (1 YRTI E Ri Al I s E R I ES OF THE ~.'`~'EE KEN DATH LET E Leon Root,111.D. A, D Thomas KIeClidll Davtd McKay Company,,lne, KEN'IORX 0 ;q il n f? i I i/ 7 2. r
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)i 50335 7643 . ~' AIR--POLLUTION__PARTICULATE MATTER/ ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Volume 338 CI ; RA 576 Ne 1980 AEROSOLS: ANTHROPOGENIC AND NATURAL, SOURCES AND TRANSPORT Edited by4h-6V7*Y.-Kneip and Paul J. Lioy The New York Academy of Sciences = New York, New York 1980
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50335 7644 ' LUNG DEPOSITION AN)) CLEARANCE MODEL/PARTICLE SIZE COAiPOSITICV RT:LATIONSIIIPS/ METALS--ANALYSIS/TRACT: ELEME2ITS--ANOALYSIS/ COMBUSTION PP.ODUCTS/AIR--POLLUTIO:V/ i TFtACS ' £TALS Is U1tIIAN fA£ROSOLS" Reeearch Project 117 Final Rerort. Octobcr 1975 8repared*by New York University Principal Inv('stigators --=714erril Eisenbud .erosol s articuiates Irban A•.nospherc o~er ^tant cssil Fuel o~bustion Products {&.r stU..y C the COTposltlon of the aerosol in theYfiea York City atmosphere has Seen undertalcen with the objectives of using the physical and chemical properties of scspended and settled dusts to characterize their sources, and ascertainino+the exteqt to 4hich trace eier-ints creserlt in suspended dust are absorbed by 'icu Ycrk City residents. "1e follcr,•ir:g c[-i?rised the study: a) Le:erriced the concentration, trace ele':Pnt Co"po- >`ticn en- pzrtic'e size, ar.d solubility of aerosols ar.d settled dust in ::ew York City. ~) Stcd:ed the tez-^orel patterns of the variation of trace r•etal and ion cencentration in ratal s;s;er!~<.d particulate (TSP) and settled dust. c) Established the effects o° e.c, rot. Ycal `(~:resc~:ers*qr tre TSp,and trace,ele:^~t concertttations. d) Defined the -ources ol'the~trace retali or ions'. c e) 'p.eldted &c aefresolftrace element co.npositions t tissue burdens. Prepared for Xlectric Power Research Institute 3412 Hillview Avenue Palo Aito, California 94304 Project Nanaqcr Ilarry Korr.bcrg e
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50335.7645 j r~, y~ ,.13r+ ~n~EEc:x T,. ..i ..,-+~.~.~.r~..+~: .. .. ... . - ._ . _ ... ... . . .+- , V.v . :... .WtaC°~ i ` --- i ~ ri
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50335 7646 Z . ~.. ~ :Knel Ier~y Oswald~,~:. Poche, Reinhard -"FEHLSCHLUSSE AUS EINER SEKTIONSSTATISTIK UBER DAS BRONCHIALCARCINOM" ERWIDERUNG AN PROFESSOR FREUDENBERG, by Reinhard Poche, Otfrid Mittmann and Oswald Kneller. ~(Areply to Professor Freudenberg merits paper ~entitled "Erroneous Statistical Interpretations of the Autopsy Data on Bronchial Carcinoma".) ;:Bundesgesundheitsbl. 7 (No. 9) 129-32 (May 1; 1964) - In German with (RJR edited) complete English translation. .... '''. ~ :.~ .,~:.. .. tj . ~ . ~. . , ~r` . . • . . f ,? .1 t') ! ! { j fi
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' Es ! ! ~ . ' ~- 1 ? Y-.• r~1 . JY - ..i.'s'.! :i 1 oX ! Lh9L SE£0S
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~K s /lt~~ .Oswsld~ 3t. f. %. •.•i• C. .-. •,•~~ - -::, -4 . .;<: ia:la: a aLf (S`:at £ q t f C; a t ctad 1.as of u: ^ t? !~~.tl`Y i 7~a. ..1,. {4y y: ti0%1.:? k2ei.u~ :a :?')° S. !C. ~ ~'t' ~ rt t1_... /I:;c_l C~ i:c...: iv:2'. LGSI .wiid . ` ~.. /• .. . • .r , . 50335 7648 fri r s. i ~ ~ ~± ~ f ! ~ ~
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50335 7650 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK TD 897 Kn -1976 ',.(ed.); Mi11er,R.H. (ed.); APPLICATION OF SLUDGES AND WASTEWATERS ON AGRICULTURAL LAND: A PLANNING AND EDUCATIONAL GUIDE. North Central Regional Research Publication 235,2 c.; I c. reprinted in 1978 by U.S. Environmental Protection Araency Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center.Wooster, OF-1.7U, (IN : ENG.) ISN = 3535 c :; (1 (1 f1 C1 { 7 i i? ----------------------------- ---- -----
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50335 7651 Is.p:^2-7$ APPUCATON11 OF SLJES ®GAC® UdAS TEJtTES °r^Y fl. 0 N nv,- 6 R GC ULTJAL LAG; DA P I a ci ndL,, cT gj a n d E a4u c &N a a a I G u, idium Edited by 400110diAJO-O1t;and Robert H. Miller Sponsored by North Central Regional Committee NC-118, Utilization and Disposal of Municipat Industrial, and Agricultural Processing Wastes on Land. In cooFeration with 1Hestera.Rcgional Cpmmittep t'Y-124, Soil as a lyaste Treatmeat System & ; Reprinted by U.S. ENVIRONPJIEFlTAL PROTECTION AGEUCY OFFICE OF WATER PROGRAM OPERATIDNS MUNICIPAL CONSTRUCTIOfJ DIVISION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20460 glarch 1978 ~ -- ~ y~ ~ tdCD-~35 e
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50335 7652 , CAD?tIMM/ Fra unhofer-Institu t fiir Lebensmitteltechnoio0ie und Verpackur.g, an der Technischen. Universitat Prluncben XX Re -79 . SchraOenhofstrajle 35, 3000 Miinchen 50 7 ~ .CL,•ttY 4,fr...lil v ;6 . s;r. Schwcrmetalle in Lc ensmlttein a ~ tvvC~-GL` wrw ; w'2cLr.J" 60 lr.r~C~i 0-4 ...d cin 1. Mitteilung: Uber den Gehalt an Cadmium in Iiohkakao und in Kakao-Iialb- und F ertigprodul:tet ~ Von ov'Mzme ~ btack und 22. Scl.mid Der P•CadmSum In N^h r tl ~ ~- ~ .- unysp anzen von kontamtnierten Standorten .. 309 (st r, ~ Cadmium in b'ood Plants OripiaatinQ from Contaminated Sites • 'on Hand reschiilt ur.d dann den l. n --. - ermahlen. 'Lur Untersu(hung und Schokolademassen wie auch in Kakaopulver kaurn von Ta[elschokolade %wrde ieweils eine ganze Tafel Angaben vorliegen. In der Literatur findet man nur tnitte)s einer P1landelmiihle fein geraspelt. Die Probenein- waagen betrugen 0,1 g. v ereinzelt Daten, die tratunter einen BroBen Schwan- kunBsbereich autweisen. Diese luckenhaEten Angaben haben uns veranlaBt systematisch-: Untersuchungen AufschluB der Probe-i {tber das VorkotnmenI von Cadmium in Rohkakao vor- 0,1 g der Probe wird rrit 2 ml G5 °/oiger HNOz vermischt und iiber Nacht im Trockenschrank auf 190° C erhitzt. zunehmen, um zu sehen, in welchem Umfang die Ka- Nach dem Abkiihlen wird die Probe schonend bei 105° C kaobohnen sehon sorten- und standortbedingt mit die- bis zur Troekene abgeraucht, aboekiihlt und der Iaiclcstand sem Metall belastet sind. in 2 ml 0,1 n Salzsiiure aufgelost. Der Teflontieacl wird verschlossen und 15 P.iinuten lang auf einer Sc•lAittel- Ziel weiterer Untersuchungen ist, den Cadmittmgehalt maschine geschuttelt. In der salzs5urehaltigen L•osung er- in Handelsprod.ukten trtit p{nzulleziehen. Da_,in der (~~°rQt;e .vurden 3 bisg5r~paraie e Anrsittzesaralysierte Die I3undesrepublik Delttsc141and Iiir ~akab-Il~ ~lb- xind lcr- ,, tige Schokoladeerzeugnisse z) noch kein empfohlener Mittelwerte sind in den Tabellen I bis 8 angegeben. } ine statistische Auswertung der Analysendalen wurde nach Cadmir,tm-Grenzwert besteht, sind zum Zweck einer . Doerfet') durchgefuhrt. Die relative Standardabweichung _? `1 ~/ % A: L~L / 1J ij fi-z~
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n . .. ! ` • :tlo .i:; --l3:t:f r ~.;T nna::u U4 i S 'alal.Cil.i.d U`.Si:C1A7. PiI7 C'4aiJ«S L::cl ~Z-ru ; C u u .~ . 1 !~ E FS9L S£EOS
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50335 ?65y nw ~ llicle ~iid-seil;;"tlie c+'~e^t`~;f n~iud, l~:~ci~', r~nct eniuc;oa ci: persr:ualih' and Leh.n•ior in unr.,:eh•e3 nncl oihers (bS, Charles II. Ia,ickerl»cker. tist ed., Garden City, ;.:. Y., D-a:b1e- da,y,1sS7. ciii, 3a2 r.. 22 cta. Ribliography : p. i3821-$R8. 1. \:c•iual 1!'nt•... 2. Pasci~alu;;; . 1.'1`itle. T.il:<: r'ry i•f C'r,: zr >* 6ic;.89 G7- 1rSS,g ~ ~7f5 e
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50335 7655 RriCir•.>,Icontdbuacn Clll;,•lIS't`RY, A*IAL`.'TIC--C>L1~\TI1'A'P14::1~',Zr--~1'II~iY~I:S/ 74 111 - l:n t .. _ VoFTIpm-ison of -rive mcthads i or the esti`mation ofi~~ iu,;naldehyue in mi;;t Ures of formaleehyde and air. ~ • Lab. Pract. 22 (3) 16I-73(1J7.3) lJila .ry Kr;zic~ht ~,.nd R.1N. G. 7ennant /vlegill Departmertt of lanacsthetics. 1Vcstmir.stcr Hospitzl. Page Strect. London SWI 2AP A study is described %•rhich reviews five methods. both ph',•sieal <.nd Ct.ernic.:!. for t' c d~t.ction and quantitative e_,irnouon of /ow eonecnuetion; c, forrnatoehydc•. On tlre basis of tlre rrsu!ts one rnciho:l is pre;rri_cd as a srm; Ic anci cenvenier.t technique, especially in eucum!.nccs wt.c:c tirr.itc•d f,:ciltlics exist. Comparaison dc cinq rn6tilodcs sr•rvant ?z Lvalucr !e fornrtld6tlyde dans !es m6lanrpes de fortna!df•hycte et d'air Le rzpport d(crit uric [tude port;-nt sur cinq rnc'thaies, avssi hierl ptrysiqjrs,iP_ chinm,-1•jrs. ct scrvant 1 d•`_tccicr cl cstimcr Guanlrtat- ivcmc•nt L•••; laiblcs cor•.cenlrations de ft rm~'d hyAe. Sur ta Las^ des rtsvltats ohtcnus. une des me;ho~c: cst proposte co'nilfr liChnG;ue sim;do ct comnwde. surtout dans Irs cas ou il existe Ces moyen, I; a i ia~s. Guantitative teehniques 1. A/ka!ine peroxide mtaitod 7his rr.:•thod is Ihc ore dcscribcd in tlrc Eritish Pharr»aa?"aa (146S). The aecoun: F!iven statcs "add alymut 3,r.rns cccurMc!•r , mcil:hw-d to a mbttu:r of 25 nll of hydrm, cn rcruxici: svluti::n 50 rnl of 1d/I sodiu *1 h}droxiJc warmcd in a sti•ater bath unat cflcrvcscrnce ccases ar.d titratc thc cxcc.s of atkali wit}t \!) hydrnch(oric acid ~a:n3 {,}.cnoi Phtt:alcin solution as incficator. 12cp;at the opcratioo v.ithout thc fornr,idchyJc solrrtion. iiic difTcrcncc txt%%cen titrations rcpres^_nts the anloont of so3iu^t hydroxidc required to ncutralize the forntic aciJ produccd by thc oxidatlott of th_ forrnatd, hyc!c. l:acl: n:1 of 2•:/1 sodiun: h) Jroxi:c is cquivalcnt to 0.03ir:i3 gm of formak.rchyac". 7 hc stri:ngth of li.f. h)•ifrocen fxroxide solution is appro+:i- matcly 6% ueir.hl/coluntc v:hich is eqt:i%-:ilcnt to 20 vo!t:me h.yc1rC1.;tcn /r_roxide. 3 here is an obvious ornission from tttis cf,^scription of thc n1elf±o:i in Ihat it drxs not f.ive :.tly'tCrtlf :'YitU1C fc,r th.- incuhation of th~rcac•tiontnixtures. 1',r:ttkcr(I;, linLi, a
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50335 7656 j c . tic~,~si~l~j U i ?M35 Y..`tf3 . * _~ t i~LMl, . l1em w ~. ~~.. .~.x..~ ......
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50335 7657 .. ..... . .<2 a.: ~v. r.~ . _ ~' 75 { . ~'._ • - 'tiua~iH~v~s47'i--".~r•slh~~?~ ~.i~~a~~'Jf~~ .' 1$9 Pagc-S t'erg=o,i "a3o Nara Ym:k 1969 ,~:"•!*ts .~~"~~-:.: a~~3 o n q I/ 7 A cl ti~~,.^~.::'~i~y~; ~yi!;p~~'~'.'..'.t. .'~•t,~,.."'_ ~~.%:~~: ~.'lY4... '-~{ .. . ~. . .. . ~+~ ~
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50335 7659 1 TS TOBACCO--S?`0}:I!VC--}IISTORY/_ .`"- :lSNUFF/ 2i~94hn TOI;ACCO--S`iOKItd('.--FAVORABT.E LITERATURE/ ~IPS AND POUCH i~t~i She SMOKER.'S OWN ~ :;^ BOOK o}; POETR.Y ~~ r ~ 4 -.~~J r ~~ ~:': s s...~ , c: N: . ,, ..;~. . ~ s- J ~ ~=~`•:'~'~ -: == = 'l : vi ' ;. . a+= . ... ,..:.Y ~ ~- ~. Compqed J.OSEPHKNIGHTT, Granger Index Reprint Series a
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50335 7661 ~.~x*.:a+:...~... ANIMAL BEHAVINiR AWO DRW ACt?,M, by Steinbe rq, MnaahJ A, Y, S. de Reuck, and Jul i e Kn7~ht ~edx.~ i 1964 !9L p. ; ,?, & A. tM+atch>;.V13 t.ta, lotndo^ . p ~ ,-, I n
Page 162: yrm95d00
ARi ~t; 47uliqa jb.. 'Qd, ...,'.s.~_' lU:~a M~ASS Tt~pN5Pt1Rc, A ~.tba Poundataan r • - - . l.~L~t~:! ~.°awu ;s:ad 4::t' lir,-cL'o:- a::lt.liYa~• 'wi.'.. :.. .;, . r.., •~' . `:S . , . , . . . . . c ."f 1 ) F! 1 t (~ } ~;
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50335 7663 81 III Kn OF PLANT MATERIAL A COMPARISON OF FOUR IGESTION ROCEDURES NOT REQUIRING PERCHLORIC ACID FOR THE GCRACE-ELEMENT ANALYSIS ANL/LRP-TM-18 by ARGONNE NATIONAL LABORATORY 9700 South Cass Avenue Argonne, Illinois 60439 Land Reclamation Program May 1980 Prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy as part of the Argonne Land Reclamation Program, a joint effort of the Energy and Environmental Systems Division and the Divi- sion of Environmental Impact Studies. 0 ~ ~ o n
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50335 7664 Uicticnary afigCIlGtit:s, includilz;; icrn~ts used in c,ytolor;}•, e t'„ 3 ~~ Ulliltial b.eeding ni,d evolution. 11st Cu.I 1`'iLithaLTI, INiit&S., Cnro:iicci Ii*otal:ica Co., IJ4$. ]S3 p. Il?Ls,, port, 24 cm. liibliogrupuy t p. 1179~•-1~. (Leis,•a, a bfotugicul misccllanyj v. 2) I. Gcaettcs•-Dictionnrics. QH13.KS (Series) 575.143 48-94t;8' Library of Conaren i
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50335 7665 e Kn . introduction to ultrn-high-frequeric}• rac?io etigir.eering London, Pltnlvll 1Z9J1j °1.:',~S p. Illus. lti c,n. 1. Itacllo, Short wave. T3ics53.Ia>bs 64-10:1-7.11. : Ltu anyCf f:ouLre'iF. I t • 1 ~ ' ''''1 J? q}~
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50335 7666 ....3 ,....9, .a.............:~..s._ :,.:... ..._ .. .«.... - - -,j•---.-,-_._. .~._ _-~ , ,.-... _.. .. -- =~_...-. ...~: ~ . : SG!r . xx rfc)F-F-~-~3. ~ 9 f`~ !-a• l=~ ~ L' ~ ~~ ~ ~ 4! !A t~j ilA i: Using Succharem;~ces rrc9ilis `i eas~ by 11'antla S*.nith, Znd Jan,^: 13. :~lickle Ok!ahu:nrt Str+te ilni\•c-rsity, Stitlwater, U::la. INTRODUCTJU?: Y.ccent st:tti;tics inriic:,te that ap- T,ro.;i;n.^.trly .... L•:Ilion tl,unr!s of uhci~~e whey rr: pro•:1!cocl in this cow!tr:• arl:iu,;.-. Ho\\•,•\'er, only Ane- thirl of thi, v,:,"v is utili::cci. 1'he re- Nc3l::acr Crr'•ti^.= a i:l(rilLl.'tl:alt:ll C:i: i)US- 'A tum"lem sii:c_ tiii.- t'c,iuvle of \\•hty i : tua_ tr; quired to adapt micrcflora from one typ:! of sewa.~e to raio:::er (2, 70, 10). Actually, whey is a very good food as it retair.s up to 70 {,er cent of the food value of the or';;inrtl cii.'-I; (4). In addition to the lactose, the whey re- tairts Fotne of thr: protein and niost of the ccl!ciura, riL•oflavin ~uid minerals. '1'll.~ o:wious !-nlt:tivn wn,-flti be to feed the whey to animals. However, rnost rlon-rn::rnrn:!li;ins connot uti)ize lac- to;c•, and iri <:~tia^ ;inye af,;,reciable el:::::.tity \-.•ilieli.!rrhe;t (2).;:von .,ction^ rnsnunill,, flne a(!alts of the ofi::n tiic r:i;ai,y to cli„c:st do this is quite expensive, anc] an cx- tremely large volume (1G0,W-0 !':)/ day) is required b3fore the.op•~rntion can be profitable (21). Spo::e::n_n for the 1•'ederal «'.ater Quality :td:;iai- istration have stressed the need for research into whey disposal prob:et::s and mentioned that many of the r.4w whey di=r osal techniq!je; are r.ot e,, ~)- nornically ctiplic~;ile to the pra~l:::a of thr, sma!1 chcese plant (2). It .:as thouc;ht that the ye,ast r-•~vu- ies, Saccl:aromyccs (ra;i!is, co:1! : i:_- Ero\•rn in cheaie wl;ey to redur•i t;',e t}iula:;ical oxyJ;en c!ernariJ (i:CiJ ti6.:. :ilUs 1~1 )Ci l:. , i. a
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''='i 50 335 7 667 '~a I .~,*k_~_. a.::r.n'a. ....« . ...,_......_ e %.-nT1MIW lRSL1'• r t7nye{/Awb PtP9/Lbl j / i i ES7INWM SqLSS CF ALL TYPES OP MAh OiMe . DoMESM SiAIES 13Y ERANt6 IN BYLUoAfS OF ~,~I+FtCT~E3, , . buvi)e ~- 01~1~~ '~1~6 ~ ' 60-•62 uxr. ~i ' ~L Q9 j 6~4-~ 4 i~.'27, lqsgaj AaY~~4l-i~Asec~. 2a, zOM)• ~l j. ~ 3, i ~ e r y ~ Iy lfc.,) } a
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, 50335_7668 i . . ~ , e if -- , Iq c~c y° c,q 9~-R y~ .~a:../ ; r~~i _.~' . .. %'~' . 1 a _ _ _ _---- -- _-I
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t '5033S 7669 ~ ~keffe~ ht~yp ` Ler~oi.+, •l.a(i. ` ~~.~' d.vi'~4i/ ta.I~Y' C3 e 0 3 0
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., • 50335 7670 ~~_ .._. ~ 1 ;~, ..~ .. . . i a II MeAl-78 S.P. CHARACTERIZATION OF ORGANIC PARTICULATE .+fITTER (Contract No. ARB 5-682) •eparcd for: California Air Resources Board Research Section P. 0. Box 2815 Sacramento, CA 95812 i ~ ; Final Report July 1977 by CA/DCIi/ AIIIL/SP- PB 27.9 20 B. R. Appel, E. M. Hoffer, M. Haik, S. M. Wall, E. L. Kothny, and J. J. Wesolowski U .; [l 0 n .tl ! I 7 9 3 Air and Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Laboratory Services Branch California Department of Health 2151 Berkeley l•lzy
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50335 7671 NICOTIVE--SYNTHESIS/ SYNTHESIS,..ORC_^~JIC/..-_ + Be XII : • ~ : RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET 79 XII Be : Berger, G.; ~ Maziere, M.. • Prenant, C.'•. Comar, D. . (Commissariat 1'Energie Atomique, ; ~ep. Biol. Serv. Hosp., Orsay,. Fr.. ~ AUTOMATED SYNTHESIS OF 11C-LABELLED RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS: a1iIPRAMINE,• , Y/CHLORPROMAZI E NICOTINE AND >riETHIONINE. ,. t.. ~nt. Jour. Appl. Rad. Isotopes 30, 393-99 (1979) (in English) 'This article describes a method by which about a hundred mCi of diffcrent radiopharmaccuticals : t(imipraminc; chlorpromazine, nicotine or methionine) may be prepared in 30-35 min with no irradiation trisk to the operators. AII operations (preparation of precursor, methylation of the mor.odesmethyl I derivative, purification and sterilisation of the end product) are carried out in a closed shielde, hood. I The passage of fluids from one reaction tube to another through flexible teflon capillarics is controlled by eledrovalves and purification is achieved by H PLC. The end products are chromatographically ~ pure, sterile and apyrogenic. Their specific radioactivity at the time of use averages 500 mCi/pmol jmaximum 1__OQj j,m~l). 0.3 a 0 ao 11 7 i 4 . I
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50335 7672 j 267 :-.:_.fli.sChni) iarC:!K1:i,,F, u2::Ci:~ A ;:~lie~..~.•. ,. ,l., ts~emeur:schaft fiir Forschuf~g des Lan. ~es :vorts,in:r:- Westfalen. Die Ar.beitsncuieinv_luift fiir Forschttn:; slc-s Lai)(l:s \cr('_- rhein-11'estfalen im l,cho.der'1'a-esln•r::•.e • Westdetit: cher Ver,trgr ;1: 5l.1 1821). 2-1 cm. A. Iil':r,ots. Uiitc. Library for Library of Con"Iness t+,
Page 173: yrm95d00
50335 7673 TASCHENBUCH DER HERZ-UND KEFISLAUFTHERAPIE. (Heart and B1ood'Circulatory Therapy.) by H. W. Knipping and H. Loosen. 1957 234 p. Ferdinand Enke Verlag Stuttgart.. U:~ n 0 n 0 1 7 7.1; 6
Page 174: yrm95d00
. 50335 7674 ~ '. ~t+nOblet>>4 lISrp '{ : ~~ li1d ~~li )9'W State 2~ ricltlturill C•SI`cli1.]r?tlt s[:iCAllS; 2 history of tC- ~arclh policy itnc', prcccdnre il~y; H. ~. Iino101attch, B. LT.. Law tandl ~\'. 1'. MevL;. S. i)ep'c. of .i::;r:i culture,1Jt;?. vi, 262 p. litus, map (ctn IitUng papers) 'l-4 cm. (tU. $ T~npt. of Agrievituret 3lisceilaneous p!=blication no. `JG=) Includes hibllogcapLies. 1. Agricultural eaTWrtment statiom; iT. S. ;2, i;.* S: -ArTMirtjl;ar~, F~tx'::n~~ut stotionQ, °. t tgt;c~lture -_T{e~earc!. U. S.-:T«:,t t. ~Ytle. (Seri~s) : S21. A4G no. 904 A.nr C2-:'S LT. S. ICat'l 1:-r. Libr. 1 S e8+?1 r,~.. ~~?# for Library• of Conq reas ;,i^~ t U;.~ t~ 0~~ t! 7 S 7
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50335 7675 ' KnaDlsrf` W~..1tia.n N. d, L1.~ I sM3 :.:.v:...) t..2:..:J :.V O Ft'•e-O 1•.~ir.41 G7Y17Vf-.li 1++1JG~ f:j';-.? G e o:r,a ;., z,0.) ., ti r., 1 0 3 0 , 0, r, t`r 1 / 7 s I a
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50335 7676 1 aI -T's :*J-1 Ii1At1 114 i ~'_"~rR~::y~;' ~..; , ....,.. 7 s.- ,,, 1.. ~ ; o .. u e...~v :_. ._: ° t~ ~ ? r;;~ ir~y:,:. <.. I ! t t~ .~ c~0 n C1 i 1 7 :,-:9
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. . FiG',. 50335 7677 ' 71 . . ~ I ~SC7 ~ ~ I ; 0 0 ~ n r~'I CS n Aiaa? yti.cal Insr.ru:nr~-, t-!s
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56335 7678 75 VIII Re-76 .. RJR CLASS NO. PAPiPIILET 75 VIII Re-76 s. p. ~ S.P. ~ Neutaeyer, J. P.; Koenig, P. A. ' (U. S. Dep. Agr., Agr. Res. §erv., Southern Reg. Cent., New Orleans, La.,+ U. S.) BACKCOATED MATTRESS TICKINGS AS A FACTOR IN MEETING MATTRESS FUr!MABILITY . " °° i _" STANDA~cu rr y-.&. Consumer Prod. Flnmability 2(No. 1) 70-83 (1975)(in English) *Keywords:* cigarettes. 'ABSTRACT: The effectiveness of backcoatingi for mattress iickings iri ! preventing the ignition of mattresses by cigarettes is described. Thermo- s function by iri}erferin with heat transfer ~ lastie resins as backcoatin g sY p g f t rll~ng, from the mattress sur ace to the undertyrng cotton battrng Polymer backcoatings can be rated good, fair, or poor, based upon their effectiveness in preventing cig3rette ignition of mini-mattresses containing , ~ marginaliy flame and glow resistant cotton batting. The most effective ~ poiymer, found was an acrylic resin which at an add-on level of 7.9% by .weight of the ticking prevented cigarette ignition of mattresses. Air per- ~ meability of the backcoated ticking is an important factor in the resistance . • ~. ~ of the mattress to Ignition. . ®r 0 t.t 0 11 , n f T`l 0) I ,
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,._...__ " 50335 7679 . .5 r227 ~- 7d~ S ~ ~ ., . .. RJR CLASS•N0.••PA*IPHLET ~r-78 s.r. S.P. ~~ Madacsi, J. P.; Gentry, W. T. (U. S. Dep. Agr., Agr. Res. Serv., New Orleans, La „ U. S.) BORIC ACID TREATED COTTON MATTRESSES RESIST BOTH OPEN FUME AND CIGARETTE IGNITION. Jour. Cons. Prod. Flammability 5(No. 1) 26-40 (1978) (in ~ AP.STRACT: The research reported herein compares the performance of mattresses containing polyurethane foam slab cores with mattresses eon• ~ taining cotton batting treated with boric acid tested under the conditions imposed by the U.S. Mattress Flammability Standard FF 4•72 and also ' under conditions that simulate inccndiary, open flame ignition by-paper book or wooden matches. Both types of mattresses resist cigarette ignition as prescribed by the Standard. The polyurcthane foam mattresses ignite ~ and burn furiously until completely consumed when open flames from paper book or wooden matches are the igniting iource. Open tlartr.s from the same source do not ignite mattresses containing boric acid•treated cot• i ton batting:_.. .~ - ----- -- --------- ~ _ English) 0 3 n 0 n* o !
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50335 7680 octt~er- p, (at, quth~r):= .' F=.•, .~~ Y:. ~~ ... ~~ .._.. ... .,._~ ~/~~~aP..~.:1 t'.~~~1' sfs~x:~•.:..._,.. L~~3 :t~ i1~:... :.}v f..i..•':.4i~.'.-4. ...~ %l~~..:.i.i:v v{,c~~,>::t:er, 0 R}.l:n.~', ~Jd ~~o i~• G:, :~al:ti3~ iV• a~• i:!~......_.~::~ ~~~ li [i:-tt~ t._.~'.°• f.t.:~,~. t.'.(i: a 1A, .r.=tin : ' .3
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50335 7681 STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/ QA Series: QUANTITATIVE APPLICATIONS IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES, V. 19, 276 20, 21, 22 t*lls Series editor= John L. Sullivan 1980 Vol. 19 DISCRIMINANT ANALYSIS By William R. Klecka Vol. 20. LOG-LINEAR MODELS By:-David;Anoke, Peter J.Burke -2 c-• Vol. 21. INTERRUPTED TIME SERIES ANALYSIS By David McDowall; Richard McCleary; Errol E. Meidinger; Richard A. ~ay, Jr. Vol. 22. APPLIED REGRESSION - AN INTRODUCTION By Michael S. Lewis-Bec{ SAGE PUBLICATIONS/ Beverly Hills/ London U 3 n 0p Q I!, 7 6 4 , / )
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75 X Kn TOBACCO--S3:OP.ING--PSYC[tOLaC1 /StdO:;T.Nf, HABITS--DOCTORS/ ~ SttOKiNC; tiABITS--GREAT BF.ITAIN/ jt?R CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 75 X kn j Wakefield, J. (Univ. Hosp. S.. Manchester, Dep. Soc. Res., rtanchester, Ct. Brit. Christie Hosp., 2iolt Radium.:Inst., Manchester, Gt. Brit.) EFFECT OF MEDICAL EDUCATION ON SMOKING BEHAVIOUR. Brit. Jour. Prev. Soc. Med. 28, 246-51 (1974) (in English) *1975, No. 5, W 1443* *d* Tobacco medicine: r1 ;~ t`~ f 1 n U l 1 7~i f~
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50335 7684 1) ' SWEETENER REVIEW 1XX MeC7-78. i S.P EFFECTS OF ASPARTAME IN YOUNG PERSONS Jour. Toxicol. Environ. Health 2(2)417-428(Nov. 1976).' DUI:II*G.WEIGNT REDUCTION 't'Ri3CC~~~ -o~~ • -...~_;Department of Medicine. Harvard Medical School, Boston, Thorndike Memorial Laboratory, Boston City Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, Department of Medicine, Mt. Auburn Hospital, Cambrid;e, Massachusetts, Harborview Medical Center, Department of Medicine, University of Washington Medical School, Seattle, Washington Kathleen 8randt, Ronald A. Arky Department of Medicine. Harvard Medical School, Boston, Thorndike Memorial Laboratory, Boston City Ho:;tital, Boston, Massachusetts, Department of Medicine, Mt. Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts Ghrn the potentkl use of a low-calorle sKeetena during arlght reduction, a toxicity study of chronic aspartume ingestlon Mvs conducted. ibrticulor attention was plven to possible long•term ef/ects of aspartome on the fuel hormonal alterations ehorocten isticutly caused by ael,fit reductton. As a yroep rrhan age %as 19.3 yr, body wdght wis 164.6 lb, ond meon height ros 6S.41n. Subjects were on average of 33;61n excess olideal body wjight. The asportume dose Nas 2.7 g/c"jy and was conrpured on a double-blind id~don/ited bosh with a lactose plocebo. Both nuteriats were gh•tn in gclatln eapsules. An avrrose of 6.9 t 1.5 lb xvs lost by the aspartome group durlrg the 13-wk study on • ealculoecd 1,000tolor/e diet. The ploctbo group lost 4.S t 1.715 (no slgni>!cunt difference a i
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50335 7685 Sc (1.) - + 305 Knots .i} i (.'+0tt.f.?°:t[': L•^F'-,I : •,r: s:.n".,.F, .,. A ..,, r0 j,.. t s ~. . .....01 . .• ,,~.:~.. ,..., ., . ...tiz ~ ~.... # 1 M 1:=>:a:liaic p6us"4 X(.w Yoit. 0 no i / i ~ a ~3
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w 50335 7686 ~ TOI3ACCO--SMCKIN(',--PiIYSI(1L0CICAL F•FFFf'.T/ TORACCO--SRfOKIT'G--PSYCHOLQGY/ I 77 X I:n RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 77 X Kn Knott- V.' J:•; Venables, P. H. (Univ. Guelph, Can.; Univ. York, Gt. Brit.) EEG ALPHA CORRELATES OF NON-SMOKERS, SN0KERS, SMOKING$ AND SMOKING DEPRIVATION. Psychophysiology 14 (No. 2) _150-56 (1977) (in.English)_.. ..... ~ Computer analysis of tonic EEG alpha amplitude and dominant alpha frequency was employed ~ to test the hypotheses that relative to non-smokers, smokers deprived of cigarettes are in a { state of cortical hypo-excitation, and that smoking induces a state of excitation comparable to -. ~ that of non-smokers. Ten non-smokers, 17 deprived smokers and 13 non•deprived smokers were j j used to record alpha activity %tiith a right occipital-right ear placement before and after smoking ~ two cigarettes. Analysis of pre-smoking activity (employing a .05 rejection region) revealed ! a slower dominant alpha frequency in deprived smokers relative to non-smokers and non- ' deprived smokers. Smoking increased dominant alpha frequency in deprived smokers to a level i comparable to non-smokers and non-deprived smokers. No significant results were obtained with ~ alpha amplitude. The significance of increased alpha frequency is discussed both in relation to + present results and comparable work on humans and animals, and a suggestion is forwarded regarding smoking-induced specific excitation (attention) and the maintenance of smoking be- ~ havior. i J~~ t1 tl f~ ~"l 1~ l. 6. 4 e I
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0 .0 . • 50335 7687 TnrtACCO *'SYCN0L0r.Y/ Ptyrhningiral Reportf, 1979, 45, Q23•428. 0 Psycho!ogical Reports 1979 n (/ ~j".{/)Ld 1 PERSONALITY, AROUSAL AND INDIVIDUAL DIITERI'sNC ~ Y-E.S 8r) 1 F:n IN CIGARETTE SMOKING' W Royal ot:ataa HotQital Srrsrmary-This study attempted to examine physiologirally based per- s:mality correlates of 'low•arousal smokers' and 'high-arousal smnkers.' The former were smokers who gcnerally experienced their strongest need to smoke in low-arousal situations, characterized by, r..g., monotony or boredom; vuhile the latter experienced their strongest need to smoke in high-arousal situations, characterize.l by, e.g., anxiety or excitement. hfer.ibers of each group com• pletcd the Eysenck Personality Inventory and thc Vando Rcduction•Augm;nta- rion Scale. liigh-arousal smokers exhibited significantly greater scores on extraversioon, neuroticism, and reducing dimensions. McCrac, Costa, and Ilosse (1978) have recently questioned the produc- tivity of studies which employ global personality dimensions to differentiate smokers from non-smokers and have forwarded the suggestion that personality research must become more specific in terms of more meaningful classification ~qf sniokera anfin 7rms•of more specific facets of personality. Although the validity of this approacV is questionable (Adcsso & Glad, 1978), a number of researchers have attempted classification on the basis of different motives or , -. _, ,... .. I
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,. :50335 7688 TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/ 80 X Kn-80. ... .__~..__,, RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 89 X Kn _1!q oyal Ottawa Hotp.. Alcohol D_r»oo Depe::denc°c uTilit, Ot`awa~ Ont., Can.) ~ - PSYCHOLOGiC~L PHYSIOLOGICAL CORRELATES ON SMOKERS AND NON-SMOKERS: STUDIES ON CORTICAL, AUTONCt-iIC AND BEHAVIOURAL RESPONSIVITY. In: Electrophysiological Effects of Nicotine., p. 99-116 (1979) (in English) paper has on the bas is of~ modest amount of cort ica1, ~.autonomie and bcha~v_ioural data, attempted to formulate a.wEel which may have ~ s ome relevance to the reported sedational effects of smoking . l 0 3 0 0n Cl '1 "I 7 7 1 '
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50335 7689 TOBACCO--ALCOHOL--RELATIONSHIP/NICOTINE--PHARMACOLOGY/ Separate and Combined Effects of Alcohol and Tobacco on the Amplitude of the Contingent Negative Variation 81 X Kn Psychopharmacolog• 70, 167-172 (1980) Key words: Alcohol - Tobacco - Nicotine and Peter H. Venables' Contingent negative variation (CNV) ' Department of Psychology, University of York. Heslington. York Y01 5DD. England 2 Specialty Clinics, Royal Ottawa Hospital; 1145 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIZ 7K4, Canada Abstract. To examine the separate and combined effects of alcohol and tobacco smoking on cortical function- ing, the amplitude of the contingent negative variation (CNV) was studied during a simple reaction time task in non-smokers, tobacco-deprived smokers and non- deprived smokers in sessions involving administration of four cigarettes and/or 0.65 g/kg ethyl alcohol. Computer analysis indicated that alcohol and com- bined alcohol + tobacco significantly reduced the CNV amplitude in non-deprived smokers. Two sub- groupi of_qon,~moJtFrs y~{ere fi¢entiFed,-ione:~hoytring~ J i7 I j 1, 1 1 *4 / P'sychopharmacologs L) by Springer-Verlag 1980 hance (synergism) the pharmacological action of al- cohol (Bhagat et al 1971 ; Joyce et al. 1972; Tong et al. 1974; Lyon et al. 1975; Myrsten and Andersson 1975; Leigh and Tong 1976; Leight et al 1977). As smokers consume more alcohol than non-smokers (Thomas 1973) and as heavy drinkers and alcoholics are in- variably heavy cigarette smokers (Dreher and Fraser 1967, 1968; Moody 1976) these results bear obvious implications concerning the processes underlying both separate and combined alcohol and tobacco usage. Attempts to relate the precise role of tobacco; a
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76 XI Kn CICARETTES--CONSUMPTIONa-CERMANY/TOBACCO--GEIULANY/ RJR CLASS N0. PA.'~IPHLET 76 XI Kn (Institut Marktforschung, Leipxig.) "'~ ' - ~TRENDS IN CONSUHPTION OF CIGARETTES IN THE GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. *(Grundtendenzen des xigarettenverbiauchs.)* , . .. . • k=.Lebensmittel-Ind: 22 (No. 10) 457-58 (1975) (in German,with English .. ,...... ,.. . . . -.: .. *1976, No. 1, W 455* *d* Tobacco econoraics s • ' '
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. . .. . / .4 ..._~.....i.OJK'...wl~/~.~roi. 50335 t~nc.icaa t'.anage;=-AL- A^Eociatioaa luc. resaged E4xt+.oit (~`a.?i'jc&1' i i l:~7,E:ftt:T~C AR6aCiFttiOY1 t-iansgemeat REport i'.o. 5) 128 Pagco ww Y'o;; i: l: i) () 0 (1 i/ / 741 7691
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ll~ .. l:h 1VtsAltaf--SE:.Jtatvh--YSY~~tiULU(iY/ Z{,IR GT.AS{+ A'O, P&fYliLEr 76 X Eh 50335 7692 Eh:nsperger, 11.; Wagner, r.; Mehnert,. H, (t:rdiziaische Abteilung Krankenhauses 2•funchen--Schwabing! Forschergruppe Diabets/Kl.inik. GPr.) ~Qi~3~B~11~31'3,0YKII'£AO~."d" RAIRG"!itlTRiTIG~I- ~FPBCT-~OFMXGHfi7s~ *(Das Wissen um die Nachteile einer £a?schea Ernahrung und um den Eir_f:: von GenuBgi£ten. (Ergebniase einer Befr.agung bei 100 Arbeitnehraern eines . . GroBbetriebs),)* _ Infusionstherapie 2, 359-64 (1975) (in German with English summary) *1976, No. 1, W 456* *d* Tobacco chcnistry (economics): 0 ;; ~ i n o .- i I / 'l 7 r- -,,
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50335 7693 SMOKING AND HEALTII/TOBACCO--SN0KING--1iEALT'd EFFECT/ALCOHOLISM/ SMOKING HABITS--kELINQUISHING/CAFFEINE/R'UTRITION/ ~~ TS :1 2240 Sz YOW4 t>~SIGIA?l4S0;WR-*ARTN'E'R210*-~'° ~ 1975 Szinak, J.; Der Mundifie Patient. Ihr Arzt als Partner, By Summary: Josef Szinak 1975, 343pp A book written for popular consumotion for the purpose of letting the layman recognize the relationships between life sty?e environment tr.d health, the necessity to recognize and identify symptoms, and also identify what is important for a persons physician to be made aware of. Wthin this franV:.'erk the book discusses symptoms, diseases, frequently piescribed drugs, diagnostic procedures, and the effect of nutrition 61; well as aicohol, coffee, tea and smoking, as well as physical rxercise on health. (in German)
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50335 7694 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK RA 1242 Ve--1981 Vennesland,B. (ed.); Conn,E,E. (ed.); ed.); Westley,J, (ed.); Wissing,F. (ed.); CYANIDE IN BIOLOGY. AcadeMic Press.New York, N. Y..1981. ISN = 3520 () :~ n 0 n 0 1 7 7 7 7
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50335 7695 i e r .',, ttEALTH CARE/IEniCAL CARF: -U . S./PUBLtC HF.ALTH/ [SMOKING & HRALTH/TOBACCO--S'°(nKING--.HEALTH EFFECT/ : 11 D oing Bette~^ and Feeling V/orse Heal-t:h Ui theUnited States ' ^VfT•f X,y~SI~Y_i Edited by 19~~: -I:NOi'VLE S; Aisr~:~.' W- W• NORTON & COMPANY • INC - New York
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50335 7696 l ' 1 FiID~)~"iJ.~st ?~•ras ~~o. .~~ Choice of colovrs for icientii'ication. k t,t Ottawa, A:atio:~l Rese.erch Cottncil, 1;53• i j p. ;;ource un':not?n. () ? r`; () r Cj 1: 7 7 9
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S0 3316- 7Co !lp A ?:e1.4 i .; Rowland, 8. W. KNOWNS AND vNK%OWNS IN Gba1TNG Ci0LMS f6f er Wadee5aav. .tl (po. IQ 31.1.-313 Ct94*
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Ii-ij1:NULJ/ Ar+TIOXIDAi1TS/ DYES/ INSECTICII)ES/ NUCLEOTIDES/ 50335 7697 /STEROIDS/ NATURAL PRODUCTS/ " QI) 271 Do 1975 2c. Applications of High-speed Liquid Chromatography John N. Done and t . qft Department of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh Joet Loheac Perkin-Elmer, Boix-Colombes, France JOHN WIL.EY'Et SONS LONDON . NENYORK . SYDNEY . TORONTO U:; () 0 n .(l 1/ 7 r, I
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50335 7698 I ' G ~~1oxy~+v ~A ,~tlt1WC) ~ Fr a , YREATMWt OF SK'.CN oANO~A, 1ot~ F`~reeaiah, F. G. and J. M~ Wn CReaer,i. RosuJt,s i.n Gancer Researc,h N0 t 1967 Spri.nger ate.rt ag Nevi Yo-rK 0 3 i i (1 () R i ! / i A 2
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50335 7699 . . 1 4 PREPRINT UCRL• 78092 If 1~,'~rrTc~'«~ hs~=~„ ~r.~ ~ , r, t' 2,~r• ~~ ~.~.ar v r da r ll caP ~,+ ` !` ce.~ v~s i r o r~+r iv ra fi i~ 6s%rr ~; .$ ~ III Du-77 S.P. 2 ' . SATELLITE OZONE At+At.YSIS CENTER (SOAC) James 'l:. Lov i 11 Thomas J. Sullivan John -A: 'Korver' August 1976 ..oncr n. t.a... . . r.ru.+ . .f ...t {ntY.\ ..I L.Af~tY M..y.m......... .1 M te{L.IM. ~Nna.KL'.T. • • ..~yrPPtM. Y ~ t t •tf. L(a.. .. .TW.. ..... .~. Yt/ r.rf.W~ vl ..r rla.. ..{4v~~r ,n...r f~4N. N ..P.vY±Ina a. .r ...•+ t•+ .INN rn.t,At ..W MAn This paper was prepared for presentation at the International Co,:.nissions on Atmospheric Ozone and on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution of international Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Ph'ysics (IUGG), Symposium on iarospheric Ozone, ,gre;'dennGefr+an.y„ Augusr 9~t7, .197ft;. Tnic is a n•.,nrint of a pao~r intr'nded for publication in a i^urnal or proceedings. Since chanres may be rr.aCe 0 e .
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•50335 7700 n~x~ Yde,.j~ Halbye, M. ERGEBNISSE EINER UNTERSUCHUNG VON ZIGARILLOS, DIE MIT EINLAGE VON VERSCHIEDENEN SCHNITTBEITEN HERGESTELLT SIND, by M. Halbye, and J. Yde Knudsen. (Strength capacity of cut tobacco filler - results of.an investigation with cigarillos made with #illers of various cutting widths.) Tabak Kolloquium, 6th, paper, 20 pp, Hamburg, Germany, (June 1964) - In German • fT,y °~ ~h 0 0ii
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_ 50335 7702 '° lLl r'" 78 III K ` n SPHLFT .. RJR CLASS IrO FA 1. ;~~ i t e, L. a...._.~ . (U, S. ":aral P.E . Lab., l.ashington, D. C., U. S.) DE~'ELOP?fE:~T OF S*10}:E PE\ETRATION DIETERS. U, S. Naval F,es. Lab. Rc:port ~o. P-2642, 32+ p. (Sept. 14, 1945) (in _ English) While this World War 11 Naval Research Report does not deal with tobacco smoke; it has relevance to the testing of Cambridge, filters and similar devices. FILTERS b FILTRATION/
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.%-00 *WV.0 - journal of Penoaality and Social Psycholop 1980, Vol. 39. No. l, 116-129 4 50335 7703 --- l Convergent and Discriminant Validit~ of Measures 80 II Ey-80 of Cognitive Styles and Abilities S. P' Thomas A. R'idiger, -ogee,: Knudsoii; and Leonard G. Rorer Miami University (Ohio) Most researchers interpret present measures of field dependence-independence (e.g., Group Embedded Figures Test) as indicators of a cognitive style. A review of the literature, however, indicates that this interpretation is question- able. Past attempts to validate the stylistic interpretation have used measures that confound the ability and stylistic constructs and have failed to consider both convergent and discriminant relationships. The present study used 10 measures that yielded 15 scores representing the following constructs: analytic style, global style, analytic ability, global ability, and general spatial ability. In a factor analysis, the ability measures formed an ability factor, but the stylistic measures failed to converge and formed four factors. The Group Embedded Figures Test correlated significantly with the ability measures, but with only one of the two analytic measures, and it failed to correlate negatively with any global style measure. Most subjects preferred an analytic approach. The results indicate that present field dependence-independence measures are best 'nterpreted as ability tests rather than measures of a cognitive style. 0 r~ ~z ~ I~~
Page 205: yrm95d00
50335 7704 , TRAM'S'E•.fi,fi1Or-tS JOWNA;_..S i^.je •~ . ~ Comr,aed b3 iWm 19 Ei1RGPEAN TFIl;r:5tA1 lvwG C: t•: i r~i:: ,'t01 DoE[.EcdSTfiAhr. i3El.FZ•, THE P`:EE7HcRi-.1\r3DS fa ~. lF 1 0 i! ! 7 ~.: . ~ ! ~
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(-) V! ,_ 1- ,~ ,J•~=-kq , iL6f • ~OU`O"1-,~'O_tJ\11(St'.~1•)i)tO,1,S1:t` • I\(l\:1"1,1/t:i! alssn dlrti).t)u/J a)als .«o.xnJy nosouotuo7 •,l yy ~o~nta~il('~'h P~i~ ~a1~1Y.fwatiS'IV •11! p,r,rzr[1 •f u,ti,f1 `s1~lv.~ii~tu3l"I'I `n~sn~c~.I'V'~t .lq ucn,n,l ,uo,j po;elsueijL ( - Jta nann:r ZZ "I0A ~ IZ a~.~,.~llIDA ' , SINct X~l v u., u U Ul E' i I Y;: CC6Y - 1s%siK-dllDM nui.~ 3110 aa • a--OI~1'0~0 `x~ZSIii:Tlla SOLL SEEc
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50335 7706 CMP'UTERS--PROGRA*QtING/ELrCTRONIC DATA PROCESSING / 7v L~°'~K r: /~~:;'~ -0 0 Ir-- , _ , C~ '. ~ ~~~ - i i 7 i. ' 7 .. E,~ ~ .r•~ /~ C ,. w:.. --' ~~. 0 ~ °•' ~A (;~r~' ~ ~~~~ ~ ~ OA SI': COiNID UDE T 1 i.r N _ 76 DpISON-WESLEY SERIES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE & INFAMATICN PROCESSING. ' 1973-V,~ VOlUtY1e I E?i'1tihM:+ 1969-v 1973 - 2 C volume 2 //Z-.c-rginrwFyt o ricaE f-+eEgcvrlthevts. j9L9 k PDDL ~ ~Volume 3 a-e. d Searching-- i973 - 5' (' , i C. '3 1 1:11 4 S It~A ; ~; . ~ . ~ \ic»Iu Park, California • London • Amsterdam • Don lMitls, Ontario -Sydney ltcading, \la+Rachusctts k e 1 ~ '1 ~ ~ :~ :~ rt n rif t
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, ~~ TECNP!ICAL REPORT pATA ' - 50335 7707 -~-' 7 8 ' fPlease read tNUn4crrons on the reverse bejore completin.eJ X Re -7 9 S. P. 1. REPORT NO. 2. 3. RECIPIENT'S ACCESSIOMf•1O. .1. TITLE AND SUBTI tLE 6. REPORT OATE P(LDWE:ST INTERSTATE SULFUR TRANSFORr4ATI0N AND TRANSPORT November 1976 PROJECT: Aerial Measurements of Urban and Power Plant B• PERFOAMING ORGANIZATION COOE Plumes, Summer 1974 7. AUT++OR~;( 4.'.(l. White, J.A. Anderson,;. D.L. Blumenthal, D. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPON J.C. ttsiung, and R.B. Husar. 9. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRESS 10. PROGRAM ELCMENT NO. Meteorology Research, Inc. 1AA603 464 West Woodbury Road . • 11, ONTRACT/GRANT O. Box 637 68-02-1919 Altadena, CA 91001 . 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIOO COV; Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory FINAL 7/74-6/76 Of f ice of Research and Development 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODE U:S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711 EPA-ORD 15. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 16. ABSTRACT T..I'srotetn S„i fnr Trans fo < l.l ,4 tT -n --r -- ij----i i i i e
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50335 7708 Kriu6oi+; Andi41: : ;.. TiI -~~ :ndividual, society, ;>iul l.ealth Lcharior 4ncdie L. Iinutsc,n. Ncw Torlc,ltus:;;i1 c;:iro FounJia.tiua, 1965. GR3 p. illus. 24 cm. , Incluucs bibliographical reterenum j. .lr.dn2 nie8icine. 2. Socia; psycholo„^,. i. Tt!ie. ' R" :1-118.1:55 614.019 615-21^37 ~ ~ . . 1,lbrary oP C;n:;ro~~ r3, .. -, ' '. .
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50335 7709 t vnuttf~ RAlph E. J G lii \It 5 .f 1 ~. . E:i7La iif t~ r)
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50335 7710 II CoA 196 w~: i-< r. ....:~~ . ~.~.~.a~ • 3 F~....~{ r )1 e~,j. ,. .Yi ... ~ .... .:v.. ~. ...... _ . ~ ./ :.l... t. 6. 0 .1 o n o n It ? 7 ~? 4
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t L' 50335 7711 co , Ro' 714E "niRBdLENt' Ja FR4M A SGRIES OF NdLES IN MR AA,ron, quect. ,M CNo.. J.) 1-3a (1Jd4)
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I 0 50335 7712 1009 dp-- R.lwt !rw/r. Vd. 17. IF StS-k'SM pap.o" pms N7f. Piiucd is Cweu ariui. 1(.~ y oDa'~'INTENSITY MEASUREMENTS IN FREON ,BAND 'S Z .1 , OF ATMOSPHERIC INTERESTfi PrtASAD VAtuNAst and FuNC-Krr Ko : i Laboratory for Planetary Atmospheres Research, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY 11794, U.S.A. (Received 13 August 1976) Abstrad-The absolute intensities of the i.r. absorption bands, which are located in the atmospheric window region, of CFCI, ("Freon-I 1") and CF,CI, ("Freon-12") have been measured at 300°K. Our best estimates for these parameters are: for CFCI, ("Freon-11"), S,. = 635 s 36 cm-' atm'' (9.2µ band), Sv = 1336:45 cm'' atm-' (1 I.8µ band); for CF,CI, ("Freon-12"), S,. - 718± 14 em'' atm'' (8.7µ band), S.. i 1136 t 22 cm ' atm'' (9.1µ band), and Sv =1302 ±40 cm-' atm-' (10a1µ band). ..,.~,. .'s .., i . X ~ . • INTRODUCTION FoR AuL practical purposes, the fluorocarbons CFC1, ("Freon-11") and CF2C1, ("Freon-12") are transparent to i.r. radiation except in the spectral region between 8 and 12µ. This region has the distinction of being an atmospheric window and located at wavelengths where Planck's blackbody curve has its peak at atmospheric temperatures. Therefore, it is not totally surprising that the presence of Freon-l l and Freon-12, even in amounts n:,t exceeding a few parts per billioti„~hoyld be a matter of concern to atmospheric scientists "' It et.,,..,:.+l) ,t,~1 ,t,t i..,r.~,selv stroriR bands of Freon-11 at 9.2 and 11.8µ, and Freon-12 at e
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50335 7713 1% . C1rROMATOGRAP1iIC ANALYSIS--TOBACCO ALKALOIDS/ RJR CLASS NO. PA`91'NLET 78 XII Ko 78 XII Ko Watanabe, 1•i. (Japtnese Monop. Corp., Cent. Lab., Toy Machi, Chin fiawa-Ku, Tokyo, Jap.) THE PETEPSiINATION OF THE Y,OMOLOGUES OF PYRIDINE ANA ,IICOTINE BY GAS CliP,O:~.ATOGF.APHY. Nippon Kagaku Zasshi 82 (No. 9) 3.265-7 (1961) (in Japar.ese - comnlete English translation avail-mble) _Iri order to elucidate the pechanism of pyrolys+s of tobacco alka- ~ loid^;, the method fpr_auanti,~ativ_e determination of the homologues of_~ ~ _ I j pyridinee and nicotine by gas chroiatogr_aphy was investigated. Among i the possible substances produced by pyrolysis of nicotine, pyridine, !t beta-picoline and 3-etl:yl pyridine were separated by the alkali-treatedi polyethylene glycol 1500 column and it was possible to deterrsine these bases with an error of less than 1% by the use of 2,4-lutidine as the Ivinternal. st.1_ndard and by_preparing a calibration curve frorr theywe_ight _-ratio and~the area ratio_~ ~ 11 : .. f _.~ . 10 U / . • ~ e
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50335 7714 NICOTINE--PYROT,YSIS PRODUCTS/ 78 X11: Ko RJR CLASS NO. PA?•iPHLLT 78 XIT Ko -ITakaratsumi, T. ; Watanahe, Pi. (Japanese Monop. Corp., Centr. Lab., Toyo-machi, Sinaf;awa-Ku, Tokyo, Jap. ) PYROLYSIS OF NICOTINE IN AIR STREAMS. Nippon Kagaku Zasshi 84 (No. 1) 71-74 (1963) (in Japnnese - complete English translation available) ~ a In order to el-ucidate the mechanis m o= pyrolysis o: nicotinc dur- i ! :ing cigarette snoking, nicotine was subjectcd to pyrolysis in air streams and the relationships betkeeu the heating tea,pcra ture and the rate of pyrolysis of nicotine .:nd between the heating temperature and the`comP,ositioti of pyrol.ysis products were-investigated./ r a ~.~i R(1 fI i Z
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RJR TRANSLATION /TOBACCO_-SUGARS.._DETERMINATION/TOBACCO--ANALYTICAL METHODS/ RJR CLASS NO. TR:INSLATION 0kabayashi, Y. ; Suga~:ara, S. *(no affil.)* FXTI3ACTION AND TREATMENT OF THE DETERMINATION OF TOTAL AND RI;Ui1CING SUCAR I N TOB. .0 LF.AVES. ' ippon Senbai Kosha Chuo Kenkyusho Kenkyu Hokoku 1967 (No. 109) 183-6 (1967) (in Japanese_W complete English,•translation available) ~. I I Invcs:+%ations applying SomoEyi's inctliod for thc dc:crrni-nndon of cirL•ohydrate in tol.icco Icnv(-- I 4 K•erc ctrried out aith re-pcct to solvents for estraction, tc:npcrature on_cxtraction, rG?Fcnts 1or rcmoving ~hrotcin and mcthod of hycirolysis. _~ - Various extraction-n:cthcxis ••• ordinary soxhlct cxtraction, dippir•.g cxtraction x•ith hot 60;' aqucous + aleohol and dipping extraction with cold water ete. ••• were e:c:.mint-d. The annlyticrl racults in some j insUnca differed con.iderably from cach other, irtdicttinE the ncres,ity of establishing a new rcliabl !e c:ctr, ction methorl. • ' in te c1~e oE ~ti:~tcr-cxt^ctiun, stiriin~; ofihc sucrinsion reduced the time requircd for the procedurC l• As for removing protcin, cmpioyn:cnt of the zinc sulfltNba rium hycirosidc rer6cnt insccid of lcad acctntc simplificd tnc prcx•cdurc without c:wxinb any apprctiabic cliffcresxe in thc nnrtlyticat valvet.. . ; _The csual mcthcd of hydrolpis of micresc, which is the third comt.,anrnt in quantity nmon6 the S:~~ar5„tn tu1ncCo, wc:s rirognitt`tl toZti uti•uitUUie for lhc tjUantitalivc clctcrmin;ition.1 e () n I1~ 9 9 1 11
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50335 7716 a TOBACCO--QUALITY/TOBACCO--CHEMICAL COMPOSITION--QUALITY, COLLATION RJR TRANSLATION TOBACCO--CHEMICAL COMPOSITION--POSITION ON THE STALK/ OF RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION Sugawara, S.;" ob"fi~ Sakurai, H. *(no affil.)* ~"` '~ STUDIES ON THE CHEMICAL EVALUATION OF TOBACCO QUALITY. ORGANOLEPTIC AND GAS CHROMATO PHIC EVALUATION OF DIFFERENCES WITH RESPECT TO GROWTH DISTRICT AND STALK POSI ON OF FLUE-CURED TOBACCO. ippon Sembai Kosha Chuo Kenkyusho Kenyu Hokoku 112, 143-148 (1970) (in Japanese - complete English translation available) *Cons uents too numerous tolist* Var us types of flue-cured tobaccos, including those from U.S.A. were compar by organoleptic and gas chromatographic means. In rganoleptic test, significant differences were observed between U.S.A. crop and Japanese crop of the same grades with each organoleptic property_ exeep~ fff t~e strength. ~t n ,•_•,_,___,__,__ In the gas chromatbgraphj of'partiitlate phase of smoke, U. S.A. crop
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50335 7717 Trans 1r tLon STUDIES ON THE FLAVORING EFFECT OF CIGARETTES WITH BOTH ENDS CUT. III. DETER-= MINATION OF MENTHOL DELIVERED INTO THE .SMOKE; 'BY Kdbashi, Urako; Toshiko Uoihara; =Shiro'Sugawara and Yoichi Kaburaki: :Nippon Senbai Kosha Chuo Kenkyusho Kenkyu 'Rokoku 1964 (No. 106) 123-27 (1964) - English translation from the Japanese. {f ;4 iZ ()P r) 1I t~ r, I
Page 219: yrm95d00
50335 7718 t_. Kobas~il, Urako, it. Au-thor. 17oihara, Toshiko 'STUDIES'ON FLAVORING.EFFECT IN CIGARETTES WITH BOTH ENDS CUT. LV. PYROLYSIS OF MULTI- VALENT ALCOHOLS, BY Doihara, Toshiko; Urako Kobashi;- Shiro Suoawara and-Yoichi Kaburaki.~ Nippon Senbai Kosha.Chuo Kenkyuslio'Kenkyu` Hokoku 1964 (No. 106) 129=35`(1964) - English translation from the Japanese.` 9
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50335 7719 a " •Robashi,'Y. DETERMINATION OF -THE HOMOLOGUES OF PYRIDINE AND NICOTINE BY GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY, by Y: Kobashi and.M. ;Watanabe. Photostat from: Nippon Kagaku.Zasshi 82, 1265-67 (1961).- In Japanese with English Trans= lation. t .~
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50335 7720 (TRANSLATiON - y~,` RJR CLASS I;O. TRANSLATION Kobastii",""Y:~ Yamashita, Y. *(no affjl.)* STUDIES ON b1ENTi:OL CIGARETTES. II. THERMAL A'4ALYSIS OF MENTHOL AND MENTHOL DERIVATIVES. ~ A' Nippon Senbai Kosha Chuo Kenkyusho Kenkyu Hokoku 107, 295-8 (1965) (in Japanese - complete English translation available) .. -%..., /.ti. *A,t n 4? „
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. . _ , ~:..., _ {£c"S I} fQ j .I:~ut ~ r 'p y~ i i:..I.'.f.:'~ 30 iI0}rLTt03 y p.'i~ !:9!M r,S ....~~ r~ , •-•,`-i•~ . ~+. :J~..•...a... T.r~' &'aM IA ~ ~• . . ~.._ . ... .. . . . . . -tt'r-,-•.c+-•-r--~?:,,.-v..r-SZr. IZLL SE£OS
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50335 7722 a "4_,.YUsuka.,;=- ";*~"STUDtES`ON,THE THERMAL DECOMPOSITION OF T,OBACCO.ALKALOIDS. II. INFLUENCE OF MOISTURE CONTENT'OF CIGARETTES ON COMBUSTION TEaPERATURE AND AMOUNT OF NICOTINE TRANSFERRED INTO CIGA- RETTE SMOKE, by Yusuke Kobashi; Soichi Sakaguchie, and Masao Izawa. Nippon Senbai Kosha Chuo Kenkyusho Kenkyu Hokoku 102-, 6-9 (1960)- English translation from the Japanese. 0 ..~ 0 0 0 fj 1 7 :'-`+ 0 A
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50335 7723 a KoVasHi;°Yusuke FREE SUGARS IN CIGARETTE SMOKE, by Yusuke Kobashi and Soichi Sakaguchi (Japaq Monopoly Corp. Central Research Institute, Tobacco Research Dept.) Photostat 8 p. .~ 2 (? ~ 0 ! ~ ~ 0 7
Page 225: yrm95d00
50335 772U ~'~tobash~; ~Ytssuke ` ,-.- r_. `..... .. .. ... _".; `:r ',._...'': , C: :. . .. .. . ...-,. ~.. .;~ .,_ . ._ .. _ .'~,: :,. . ..~ . ... ~ ~ . , .. . . ,.:~ .... _, ... _ ,_ .. . a.. ;,.r~ . .~~:~... . A
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50335 7725 , 1 -_ - . - - -- --- -, ' ~ ,1~ u1 Y s: _ .::.. _._ . (.. .~J. .. . . t..~ r,~ ~~ ~. L r..- . - .. 1 . _ ~ t2 ,M i%4J:>L.~.:•v Jt:.j):.:1 tl ~~ 1 fa ~1 i'I l l z~ n 9
Page 227: yrm95d00
TRANSLA't10N 50335 7726 1LTK CLASS ":0. -T1tANSi•hTlO;d Y.3r*i.zshita, Y. ; Lee, J. K. ; (Central Monop. Tech. Res. Inst. , I:orean Pionoh. Rur.) STUDIES ON TfIL•' Tilia:,'•IAI, ANALYSIS OF TOIiACCO. 111. I)1:TEit;iItiATION OF IGNITION TE!`SPI:MTUR1: MNa C(1VMUSTT1iILITY OF TOBACCO 14Y TY.EF.MiI. ANALYSIS. SM Nippon Senbai~osho Chu Kenkyusho I:enhyhu llol:oku 70~?, 12.5~13S (1967) (in Japanese - co:nplete English translation available.) ~ *1975, No. 6, 14 2066* *d* Tobacco cher;3.strv: a .i f 1) n n
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~ :•Kobashi, -Yusuke, jt: "author'. 50335 7727 -- iz2 Izawa, Masao FREE AMINO ACIDS IN CIGARETTE SMOKE (I)., by Masao Izawa, Yusuke Kobashi and Motoo Taki Photostat from: Bull. Agr. Chem. Soc. Japan 23 (No. 3).198-200 (1959) ~) .~ ~ Q fl
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50335 7728 , i Kobashi,' Yusuke, 'jt.'aut. Izawa, Masao PHENOLIC COMPONENTS IN CIGARETTE-SMOKE, bh Masao Izawa, Yusuke Kobashi and Soichi Sakaguchi Photostat from: Bull. Agr. Chem. Soc. Japan 23 (No. 3) 194-198 (1959) 0 3 9 0 0 0 1 Y F3. 1 :?
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vs Ko~ 50335 7729 ~;Kobashi,' Y. ~'YROLYSIS OF NICOTINE IN AIR STREAM, by Y. Kobashi, H. Hoshaku and M.'Wetanabe. Nippon K.agaku Zasshi. 84, 71-74 .(1963)' -° I-n Japanese with English summary. a
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.. a :J... c ~ i.~..:\.`. 50335 7730 Kobashi, Yusuke STUDIES ON THE THERMAL DECOMPOSITION OF TOBACCO ALKALOIDS (IV). THE COMBUSTION TEM- PERATURE, COMBUSTIBILITY, AND AMOUNT OF NICOTINE TRANSFERRED TO THE SMOKE OF FOREIGN- MADE CIGARETTES, BY Yusuke Kobashi and Soichi Sakaguchi, Nippon Senbai Kosha Chuo Kenkyusho Kenkyu Hokoku 102, 10-12 (1960) - English trans, lation from the Japanese. i e ~~ ~' ~ fl ! ~ Ey f
Page 232: yrm95d00
5.0335 7731 Thii: `Si.hi: ^.::S ~,Kobashi, Yusuke STUDIES ON THE THERMAL DECOMPOSITION OF TOBACCO ALKALOIDS. V. INVESTIGATION CONCERNING THE NICOTINE TRANSFERRED TO SMOKE OF CIGARETTES . TO WHICH NICOTINE HAS BEEN ADDED,by Yusuke .Kobashi.and Soichi.Sakaguchi. .Nippon Senbai-Kosha Chuo Kenkyusho Kenkyu Hokoku 102 , 13-15 (1960) - English translation from the Japanese. , ~:~ ~ 0 t~1 (1 ~ ~ E3 6~
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50335 7732 ~ J.. . . ..~..1 - ~ 4.Y`.r .~ ..l.A~i ~. AI;ALOX;Sd N'~..'.T. aN0 ~i~~1 ;3xFG1x~C.' , {dF PYR6D.T..i i Ala:.i Va1/USh..NL iSNS:.''~.` 3iY GAS fs.i ^c''ip,.isIvC,`m Cr iiJ.~..~l~f.'Co f:ip,.Ori Xc,:u Zscshi f,'1., 3'Zal»5 (1951) - With Engixsh tzz?iniaticn.
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50335 7733 I 4 i o ~ bes,~ . . STUDIES ON THE THERMAL DECOMPOSITION OF TOBACCO ALKALOIDS.- PART XVII. PYROLYSIS OF NICOTINE IN NITROGEN ATMOSPHERE, by Y. Kobashi, -H.-Hoshiaku and M. Watanabe. Nippon Nogeikagaku Kaishi 37 (No._12) 766-68 .(1963) - In Japanese U: qO+? o I f%'2 1 7
Page 235: yrm95d00
i r ! 1 ---- ------- - ~• --. . ) 0 a;."r . -1 `: : ` ... : ..... ^ _ a .t••-~ ..x•.v.S .. ..,. ~:.r.. .'~• ... ~s~~...1,•:~ d.. ~ I SEEOS vr i A£LL
Page 236: yrm95d00
50335 7735 ! S~* ~ rsi9 .... ..>/~I.nLJ ~ .. . L....-... . f.-{al . ~..r... 1 l: a... ~.. . a L y :A t:;L~ .~b°Jj., } r. i.' ,aw. :'.:.i ~ tu2~-f :.. 1 .~~;%.i , K c~.=! . (, Ti..:P:.J.f..p•l.0 ic :.:C:a ~~. . - 11 .'.~./V (...J~ ~.T . ru :3 c~ o r) C! 17€, 1 9
Page 237: yrm95d00
o i!. f? l I °d3o0 f,-;ocdott.r,,; :w i;e:o: ; oa.L (:+a ) 1111 :al;~' :1 s:~:1:J~3 Y i~ 1 J :S1:aL 1L.J JL:•iWu-s Q~/' ?.t+.i~~. fi~1 .;-u u u 5: 0 9£LL SEEOS
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50335 7737 a !VII1 I K°1 '.: V L i YiAi.:...-...ti jA'Ct'a.ti::S:: iOI::CCO by J{•.u Y.Gb^i:tl {ira, VP. ~, ~:`e41; FFr: :C23 C'2f tiiC'. ~. YC'ititILa~.Lit+: G1: .3i.p:x, tiGi:iLFGA'y' LC=Li3. 3{1-?a (5.:_ a~
Page 239: yrm95d00
50335 7738 Kob9yash% Akira 191l.- Mzchining o? plastics. \ew York. ".cGraw-?Iill x1I, 257 p. 111us. 23 cm. Inciude3 b[bliographies. 1. f'lastics cutting. i. Title. Tri3.r,5.10 ;--.. ccs~.:1 c ris7 ~~ ~~_.~~ Librnry of Congress cfii a ~ :~' 0 0 0 EI ~ r ~> 2 2
Page 240: yrm95d00
50335 7739 .; :) '.7.) 7s. Vol. 50, 1972) Dccomposition of RaR'ino'.c hy a•GalactovEdacc of Mold 625 01 (1. Fcrmcnt. Technol., Vol. 50, No. 9, p~6y,~i-Cii3, 1972) _ ~~Studies on thqn ecomposition of Raffinose by a-6alactosidasc of NIo1c',O", ~~ .v'rormation of 'Mold Pcllet and Its Enzyme Activity j/ 1-` ,~ 12 i).i13-Wi`and Ilidee- yuzuki (Fermentation Re;catch Institute, Inage, Chiba) Abstract I__.() . 3._ With the aitn of . hydro!yzing rafrnose 'continuously by the n•galacto- .I~ fnrmatinn. k;tawa. and a•aalac- ._
Page 241: yrm95d00
50335 7740 ...d_. _~. ... (a. :r~.,.r1' C~•••':-:._..: ~_.-.... . .. . .. ~~:it.f"~~i'. G . . . _ .. -i a ~ .. ~l i, fi ;.i t / Ci 2
Page 242: yrm95d00
71 II Re-74 S.P. Translation frori: Nippon Shokuhin Kogyo Gakkai Ski 15(4) (1968)146-52 50335 7741 S7.'UDI3:S ON THE APPLICATION OF AN ENZYME PREPARATION OF RIIIZOPUS DELMu: (WR35) (COLONASE S) TO FOOD PROCESSING. PART I. ENZYMATIC ACTIVITIES OF THE CRUDI: ENZYME PREPARATION T. Kobayashi,* H. Piatuo,* K. ~laeda,*zf~X,'Kc`i.h~ya~h~:,~ `X,'Kc`i.h~ya~h~:,~` and Y. Alba* * Technical department of Wakamoto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (400 L'nane Machi, Setagayaku, Tokyo), .~..,---- ~ ~ i
Page 243: yrm95d00
--- 50335 7742 s: ~ ~o1~ay~~~~ ~Issamitsu (~Ft. q~hor~ -4 :.... : (t..>G2) `. ..`'.. Lt ~ ~.i:,4; i.:_. ._ ... _. ... .~~r~}° . .~•i..... . ...•.i f-.u:k.~. .... ~ a 3 (l 0 n rI Ii! 1~ ; ~%,, ti
Page 244: yrm95d00
50335 7743 #•,6veysAG' Noborij"" SruDCIEs a, -W PNOraSaNsxrttED DEGMOattot1 og FaoD doNsTrrums P•rt 1. 1b ~ &-t , Le, Ca,rbo. 1 Csr"ans frod=ed-by 'Photosenaiti2tegredaoi oa Of Amino ComPouAds, by Noboru Kobayash i, H i ran;. 7mavke 8nd Setauko Kobajash,. 3'oyr . Agn L'htrn, Sod, ?ep8n ~ ~Ibt /f) Z7-42 C1949) / ~` ,'i 0 ( i 0 = 1 i ~: ;~ 7
Page 245: yrm95d00
50335 7744 ~tobe,yas hi, setat, ko ~; Author) Kobayashi, Noboru STUDIES ON THE PHOTOSENSITIZED DEGRADATION OF FOOD CONSTITUENTS-Part 1.. Volatile Carbonyl Compounds Produced by Compounds, by Noboru Kobayaslii, Hiromi Imaoka and Setsuko Kobayashi--- Jour. Agr. Chem. Soc. Japan 43 (No. 4) .257-6.2 (1969) - : ~,~C) 0 n(; 1 I -s ; ) n
Page 246: yrm95d00
50335 7745 ,,.,1 U ...-... 4D~UO IODhL- ~c. English-languugc eJition planned and translated from the Japanese under the auspices o f iiiP Jal,ar. Mana~cment Ce~~tcr American Management Association. inc, I" f , ~j~,~...f~ . . ~~•..-.r.«...'....^~..R+~». . . . . . ~ .
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50335 7-/ 4 b -- ~---- ----- --- - --- - -+•c%-t.~.~_....r._;aa::e... ":~ ~ ....a. ...:.C:.......a.~L:.~:_.......a..s-...,..: .... Teruaki MI£F+I1A.M11, Tsuneo IMAMOTO, and +~utn~:a7CO~7+Yl)SSI, ~, ••: •. . • . . . . Laboratory of Organic Chenistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology ~ w/'. . 74 III MU (~) CHENISTRY LETTERS,_pp. 715-718, 1973. Published by the Chemical Society uf Japan A CO:.'VENIENT 3'lETHOD FOR THE IiYD::OLYSI£ OF VIS:iI. CKIARID£S TO 1:ETOJ:ES Ool•ayama Neguro--ku ToYyo A nex and useful method for the hydrolysis of vinyl chlorides .Various vinyl chlorides, such as Cd-chlorostilbene, was investigated by the cor7bined use of TiC16, methanoJl and water. chloro-l.-proper.e and 2,6-di.methyl-4-chloro-3-heptene, were hydro- • lyzed to'corresponding ketones in high yields at room tc-mperature., Steroid I was srroothly converted to testosterone propionate II in .• ; 96B yield by this r.:ethod. The hydrolysis of substituted vinyl chlorides to corresponding ketones is ~ usually perfor,aed irn excess concentrated sulfuric acid.l S Under these drastic con- _,.7...-. . - . . ....___ ...r , f
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50335 7747 ' ~ . - - ~ ~__`!~ Agr. l3iol. Chern., 39 (2), 491-498, 1975 ---------------- ~ • 7r s .p, , Immol;ilization of p-Calactosidase by Polyacrylamide in . . ~.,. .. the Presence of Prote::tive Agents Kunio OttMnYA, Chisako TERAO, Shoichi Slil>`uzu and TI-6k&hiKosAYxsW-5~-` Deparlnrenl ojlood Science and Tec7i.iology. Facully of Agricullure. Nagoya Unimrsity, Nagoya, 464 Receivcd July 23, 1974 P-Galactosidasc from A.cpcrgillus cryzac was immobilized in crosslinked polyacrylamide 1;e1 beads. The presence of the cnzyme inhibitor, such as glucono-a-lactone or Falactono- V-lactone, during polymerization procedure enhanced the residual enzymatic activity in the polymer beads, and activity yield attained tip to 45%. Such enhancement effect was also obscrvcd %.hen bovine serum albumin, dithiothreitol or glulathione was added during polymcrization. Temperature and pH optima were not affected by the immobilization. The Michaclis constants for free and imrnobilized. /1-galsctosidase were comparable. ...__...,~_ .. . _ . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . (, .4 ti n . fn f I 1/ el .4 1
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~ ~m mobiliz.-a-flon of Glucose 8somecrase . ' Die Starke 31(1)25 9(1~79) ~n Microbial Cells. ..1. > , .1 CPartz ~ 1 ~....~: t ~7ti Properties of Immobilized Glucose Isomerase in Cell Granule Preparafions/ x~;i Me-79 S.P. ~ C By T. Kasumi, N. Tsumura Tokyo and ~`~~W;v Some properties of irnmohilvrd plucvse i,omer.tse in whole cell prcparations were imr.tiecurJ. Immuhilvcd ylucn.r i.omcra.r showcd a >imilar %rlocity p:rttrrn to tttr n;itiw free rnivme. liut tha teaction systrm of immubtliicd rni) mc aa, thuught to he influenced b) Jiffruiun. Thr inimobtltieJ rnz%mc t%as murh.ufxriur to tha free cncynuin heat and `f i.tabtlit) and rr.ia:uncr to Ihe inl:ihitory effect of .c.rral mctai ions. In cuntit;u!xt, prucrS, immuhtliicJ gluco.e isom:ra:c sh(mcJ a considerable Jurahilitk. f)ccrra.c of acti%ity of the imsiobihird rn1%mc column wa, apprurnnately cxprr..cJ h) an esponential function of tinte. ~ 73 71' A,r~Pllel_ ! Immobilislerung von Glucoseisomerase in mikrobiellen Zellen. Teil 2. Eigenschatten von immobilisierter Glucoseisomcrase in'Lellaranulat- Prapar.:ten. f:inir.e IaEcn.rhaftcn %on immubili.icrtir (;lu.u.ciso- merasc in (ianiirllpraparatrn u urden untersurht. f)i: immubilisi.r- lc Gluco.ri~omcra,~ iriLtc t tn ahnli~h~h Ci~~ch~~ indi~~kritsvcrhaltcn wie d:rs nathe 6ri: 1'ni)m. Es wird jedoch wnnutet. Jaff das Rc.rktionssy,tcm des immohilisirrtcn En2ym. Jurch f)iffu.ion bccinllu3t wird. f3ezuglich der Nitze- und pfl-Stabilitiit srnmc der Kraarnz grvrniiber der inhibicrcndcn 1%irlunt• %crschirJcocr Srltwrrmetafltonrn war dis immubilisiortr drm frcicn Enzym gcgenubcr s;cit ubcrlee;n. im kuntinuicrliOhcn Pruzcli zcigte die imeiabilisirrte G}uco.ci.,umcrase eine bctrachtliche lic;t:indiekeit. f)ic Ahnahme.ler Alticit:ii tir, immohili!icrtrn 1:nzt•n» in der 53u1r lirll sich annahcrnd ais a•x{•eincnticlle 'l.citfunktton au.driickcn. ttb ~ N N Ln r~1 m c ~ r f):4I_a'n rocy ~ ~«3a- ~.
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50335 7749 Chemosphere Vol. 9, pP 777 - 784 0045-6535/80/1201-0?77 Y 2.00/0 v ®Pergamon Press Ltd. 1980. Printed in Great Britain ~; THE REACTION OF NITROGEN DIOXIDE WITH LUNG SURFACe COMPONENTS: VI Re -81 S.P.9 THE REACTION WITH CHOLESTEROL -_ ~~~~i p~'s~~nd Kentaro Kubota __ ..<,~.,.,..,..._...:_._ _._... Division of Basic Medical Sciences, The National Institute for Environmental Studies Yatabe, Ibaraki, 305 Japan ABSTRACT The reaction of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) with cholesterol was investigated. NO2 reacted with the hydroxyl group in cholesterol to produce cholesteryl ni- trite. In this reaction, other minor products were observed. Cholesteryl r. ~! ' nitrat~. honwebLr,-was~not^,}detecth as was reported by other workers. Water accelerates and oxygen retards this reaction.
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71 11 Re-74 S.P. Translation from: Nippon Shokuhin Kogyo Gakkai Ski 15(4) (1968)146-52 50335 7750 STUDIES ON THE APPLICATION OF AN ENZYME PREPARATION OF RHIZOPUS DELEP;AR (WR35) (COLONASE S) TO 'r00D PROCESSING. PART I. ENZYMATIC ACTIVITIES , OF THE CRUDE ENZYME PREPARATION . 9 v .,~,T.. Z~Kobayash#.A'~k II. Matuo,* K. ."Saeda,* M. Y.obayashi,-` and Y. Aiba* * TechnicaJT department of Wakacnoto Pharraaceutical Co. Ltd. (400 Uncme Machi, Setagayaku, Tokyo), _~_ ..~.. .._.yr-~,-~^-........~-~_-.... ..r.--,-~-.-.y,..,.-.•..~.......,,...yA„«....e~,,,~.~,..........~.r.......-.a~.+...,+....+•...~. ......... _.. d
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50335 7751 • 78 III Ur GASES--ABSORPTIoN & ADSORPTiON/CARBON, ACTTVATED/ Nippon Kagaku Kaishi volumej 2, pages 303-9, 1978 OXIDATION ADSORPTION OF KITROGEN MONOXIDE ON'ACTIVATED CARBON* Urano, K., N. Tanikawa, T. MasucjZ and%VznKbba4gash#=w * This is No. 2 of the series S'Studies on Removal and Recovery of Waste Gas by Adsorption." I il n n f7 , . e
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TRAtiSLATIOY 50335 7752 RJR C!.!,SS h(1. TRAWSI-A1'I0\ *(no affi1.)* S'1'UliIl: ; ON LtiALI'1'I CAI, METHODS FOIt TI11: ta;l?MiC-sL GO:;:'0`II::,TS OF Ti113;'.(:C0 T: (I) I)ET: ll.-iMMAN 01' p;,4?:IiOid 1`fUN0X11)I, AIU) CAKIiU:v 1)IO:;II`I: Ci):;J'AI.";EU I;: CIGARETTES BY GAS CIiF.0MA1'0GI;Ai'l11'. "W" ,, Ki .~,~,,l,~,,~hon Srnhai l:osh:; C:huo Kenl:yn;r;ho I:enl;yu Iiokoku 1.(1%., 1.7'i-1.80 (1.965) (in ,T.;ptmeSe - complete I:n1;ai_sh t:r.^.ns2Fi1''l.an avai.J.ah1c) _ ~ :197.'i, 7, l; 2Qf??* *d:: U .~ i 1 (1 n (i 1 / (i 3 6
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50335 7753 ;l:-i? Kobaqashi; Yoko (Jt. Author )` (19u~) Kitahara, Ayao COMPARISON AMONG METHODS OF DETER- MINING ELECTROKINETIC POTENTIAL IN NON- AQUEOUS SUSPENSIONS, by Ayao Kitahara and Hiromichi Yamada, Yoko Kobayashi, Hiroshi Ikeda, and.Masakatsu Koshinuma Jour. Chem. Soc. Japan 70 (No. 12) 2222-2225 (Dec. 1967) ~
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.50335.775U 5~ 01 112 e.: . U , z 1 (1 f?
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50335 7755 e T lI Chemi.ca]l enraneering reportN; a rEport pres- K ented to students in chexnicr:l engineering. 11u:,- tin, Texas, Uni-versity of Texas, 1950. 69 p. 29 cm. 10 .i 9
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C':3, P ( /9: ~ 7GL1~ -7c ;;;. l ue, , 3. ~ The Vj®hI Equwa®n ®f Sta$e ,h. Awhera App8ied t® @.igh$ Hydr®cacbons ' ~{9.!VVW%OB6Fond H. TtIE Nohl equation of state (equa• lion 1) is used quite cxtensicely in F.uropc to represent the behavior of gascs. It is seen to bc intermediate be• tM~een thc van der 1Caals cquation with two empirical constants and the Beat• tie•l3ridgeman equation with five em• pirical constants and hence it will give greater accuracy than the former but 50335 7756 re _ RT, - 1' paVe - 4 - - 3.75 . (4) The caluc 4 thc critical ratio, re, of 3.75 given by the R'ohl equation is in good agreement wit}r the experimental values for most normal substances (3.5 to 3.8), whereas the van der Waals equation gives a value of only 967. n, 3 () 0 f Z iJ {. / 13 4 0 Kenneth A. Kobe, a netive Mtnnere• :on, recei.ed hic 6.5.. M.S•. end Ph.D. Kenn.th A. Kobe degreee /ros Mlnneeolo Unl- v.rr/1f. He lovghl et Minee- eolo /roer 1976 to 1930.end /ho Univerrily o/ Weehing/on Iron 1931 to 19t1. end tince Ihe lotter dote hoc been one of the leeching ete/l e/ the Uni- venily of Teeoc. Hie professional eaperience includet develop.ent of a procecc now vied by brodley-Fitch Company in recover- ing manganese from Iow-grode ores; o lochrymotory preporotion. which ic the wor gas CNS, employed by ovr Chemicel Corps; technical director /or three yeorr for Manganese Hedvch. t.. ....... ..... r.........r. a
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= 44 VII' Ne '--=-'-:-• -TOBACCO--ENZYTiS/TOSACCO-&P.UTIN/T(311AC';n;-- Fli-;ti0L3) FtJP. CLASS NO. P1s2iPlILET 71s V-1I Ne Neuherg, C.; VbbWV (Kaiser Wilhelm Inst. Biochcm., Berlin-Iahleal, Gcr. ) CONVERSION OF RUTIN TO A BROWN PIGTfENT BY TOBACCO E;iZ1':•IGS AND T:iL EFFFCT . . . ON OTHER 2'H •.:*:OI. SUBSTANCES. *(Ur.:wandlung des Rutins durch Tabakenzyme in braune Farbstoffe und Einvirkung von Tabakenzymen.auf andere Plienolkorper.)* Enzymologia 1, 177-82 (1936) (in German) *Kcywords:* rutin, -grecn, constituent; pigments, greeh, constituent; peroxidase, green. constituent; ' catalase, ereen, constituent. *1974, No. 17, W 7335* *d* Tobacco.chemistry: S~•r-r~....r--- ~. ,-a.~_r. ..-~-.~-.-i--. ~~ _.,.~-:..y.~~........-.,r--- : t;. ?:~"?'="r'T•~.;•:~r~ . -. .>.r.-.-... : , ~ ~-•m ~-r i r. '~••r--•_71 . .: . . . . ~~: . - . . . - • . ~} . . _ - . . _ . . . • . . ~ t.:^r!+sw. r.ye~ ~+r-•~+s~;R?°R'~"!?'f-;: . 'tl'."a`.'^`,'~t'.°p•.+c:•^fn-...5±~. - --es.,r.~ss!.•-.~--. ~ . . - . . . .. . .. • . . . . . . . _ , _
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50335 7758 11I " ~e3 ....!'°b'-s'aN k. ov quthor) ; (1963) ~ I - - •. Z ; ~.,.~ .~ :. . . . . . .. <•... .•. _ _ . . . _ ._ .~.. .. .... .. . . ...-.. •,...... .,. ....}~.,.._L: . . .s~- .. . . ! •. . :a-......1j {ir a.,~.... .... t7 0 , 0 ~ r ta :4
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I . 4 50335 7759 77. II Le Arch. Phys. Med 51 481-7 (Aug. 1970) Effect of Therapeutic Temperatures on''Tendon , Extensibility Justus F. lehmann, M.D. Alexander J. Masock, M.D.• C. Gerald Warren, B.S.•• and John N. Koblanski, B.S.t, 4- Seatlls 0 • Limited joint range due to soft tissue con- troctures often represents a major obstacle in the rehabilitation process. The project de- scribed in this paper was undertaken to study methods of elongating collogenous tissue which will produce maximum length increase under therapeutic conditions. The study showed thot exclusive use of heat or stretch does not produce elongation of rat tail tendon. However, combined application of sustained , Ioad ond, temperatures of 45 C. does prosluc~j ~' significaant teiiduol length inuease=tn thb'tern' don. It was further shown that if the elonga- tion achieved with the application of heat ther, the effects of a heating pcriod before thc stretch, during the stretch and the residual effects on tendon length pro- duced by short term, sustained, and cyclic stretching were compared. Finally, the conditions ttndcr which the tendon was cooled a(ter heating and loading were evaluated for maximal length increase. Instrumentation Tendon extension and the recording of it was perfornted with an Instron I:xtenso- nteter i \fucir•l "1'\f-\1) and its a5cociatcc: a
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77 II Re-78 S.P. 50335 7760 Detection of Carcitnoeclls as hluta;clls: B.lctcrial Tester Straill's with" R Factor Plasinids (error-prone recombinational rcpair/7,12-dimetliylbenzanthraccne/nflatoxin/nitrofurans) JOYCE 'McCANN, NEIL E. SPINGARN,403MMA)s, AND rRUCE N. ADIES Biochemistry Department. Untversity of Califoruia. Berkeley. Calif. 94720 Contributed by Bruce N. Ames, December 23, 1974 !'roc•.jlaf.. itcari. Sct: Vol. 72, No 3 __ t170-Og3, llnrch 1975 ABSTRACT We described previously a simple test on petri plates for detecting ehemical carcinogens as muta- gens, using an especially sensitive set of bacterial strains to detect mutage.nic activity and a mammalian liver extract for carcinogen activation. We now extend the utility of the method by introducing two new bacterial strains w•hich can detect with great sensitivity many carcinogens which we did not detect before or dctected with less sensitivity. Among these carcinogens are afla- toxin $i, sterigmatocystin, bcnzyl chloride, benzo(a]- pyrene, 7,12-dimethylbenzantlrraccne, 1'-acetoxysafrole, and the nitrofuran food additive furylfurmnide (AF-2). The new strains TAIOO and TA98 contain an R factor plasrnid, pKM101, in our standard tcstcr strains TA1535 and TA1538. The R factor increases unutagenesis with certain rnutagens, but not others. We present evidence that the rnutagens that become more effective work through anrerrgr-prone rcombinational repa}ir. • ~+ .r Tr -iT fs i s~! ~ i T- sultone, etc. (1-4). Some carcinogens, such as nitroquntotuie- 1-oxide (NQNO), cause both types of mutations (3). Rre report here the development of two new bacterial strains which contain an It factor (plasmids carrying antibiotic re- sirtwlnce genes) and which greatly extend the u;efulness of the test system. This work steinmed from the obscrvation of MacPhee (9) that methyl methanesulfonate (MMS) and tri- methy1 phosphate were more effective in reverting hi.sG/,8 (the histidine mutation in TA1535) when another It factor, R- Utrecht, was present. Other reports had also indicated that certain plasmids increased ultraviolet- (UV) induced mutation rates (10-12). MATERIALS AND AII:TIWDS CAemicais were obtained as follows: Ampicillin trihydrate _..~ T-1,,,N; mofhvl methanesulfonate (\I'MS), bis(?- - ~ ~
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IX Re2-79 S.P. 50335 7761 EVALUATION OF SIMOKING-INDUCED EFFECTS ON SYMPATHETIC, HEbIODYN.2-AIIC AND METABOLIC VARIA$LES WITH RESPECT TO PLASINIA NICOTINE AND COHb LEVELS Atheroscleroais, 33 (1979) 271-283 / e sevier/North•Holland Scientific Publishers, Ltd. U. SPOHR, K. HOFMANN, W. STECK, J. HARENBERG, E. WALTER, N. HENGEN, J. AUGUSTIN, H. MORL;:Ai'iCOCHj A. HORSCH and E. WEBER Deportment of Internal Medicine, (Ludolj•hrehl•Klirtik), Heidelberg (F.R.G.) (Received 26 October, 1978) (Revised, received 14 February, 1979) (Accepted 23 February, 1979) The effect of smoking cigarettes containing 1.5 mg and 0.08 mg nicotine per cigarette and of sham-smoking was studied in six healthy habitual smokers. Levels of carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) and plasma nicotine were measured simultaneously with hemodynamic variables, such as heart rate and blood pressure, and with the metabolic parameters, plasma DBH, cortisol, blood glucose, lactate and free fatty acids. All variables, with the exception of COHb are dose related to plasma nicotine levels. Blood pressure, heart rate and lactate show simultaneous peaks together with maximal nicotine levels, while DBEi and cortisol, blood glucose and free fatty acids show a delayed reaction compared +^ \i.. ..FOnn1r n0 Pr1L7I. n.rn.. ...:11. ln..nlp *... •n A C. + e
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50335 7762 72 I Re-78 S.P. MGTRICATION: A Selective Bibliography Compiled by: AM4J1eV'M-Xrs1! H~~::-.: . Technical Information Center North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina April 1976 Technical Information Center, A. 11. Ilill l,ibrary, Nortlr Carolina State University • P. 0. Box 5007, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 (919) 737-283Q e U 7 0 0 0 0 1 /8 4 h
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. 50335 7763 PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF SOLAR R1'RP.GY: A Selective Bibliography 73 III Rel-78 1973 - 1975 S. P. Compiled by: Technical Inforwation Center horth Carolina State University Raleigh, Ilorth Carolina October 1975 Tochnical Information Center, D. H. Hill Library, North Carolina State University P. 0. Bor. 5007, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 (919) 737-2330 e
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50335 7765 QP R,51Cb, Vi'~«iCGJ 519, Pract.le,tl methods in biochemistry, by Trede-ric'lc C. ho;•L K nnd lJnrtbi I.:. I-Ianke. 5th ed Baltimore, Williams & . 1948 ; I J`, ~/ Wilkiiis Co, r ,j ix, 4JiJ p. ilius. 14cm. "A \Villiam Wood hooh." Bil.li~~;rapLical footnotes. 1. I'h}•rcioli,tical chemistry--Lnborntory Ifv!ne,als. 1. Iia:nkr., Martin l:drard, 1898- joint r.uthor. . f Libray t' of COngrcss ~ 012:0150i2 150i3s 4S--GG!)S;` e
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: ' 50335 7766 ::.. t. ` . . . . : . .. . . . ~--•-~ ...,.. W._~ ... i.cbcnsm. UntctS,.l'or,rl, ~~. l r,4. t 93-^^r) (, r.; ~7 7:cr utuan, 1liinchen 1874 :%en ' Qri} in:~IzrLe ~ VI Re -74 T. S.P. 9~ Zur I~'rage dcr rntstcIlunn von litrosamincn bei dcr Iica litloll ' von 11lonosaccharidcn niit AlninosRuren (~Ltillard-RczEaion) J itn Gcacnivart von 1\TatrlUlllllltrit 2. Dlittciluna• • Kurt 1rcyns, Iiaraid P.oper und-HettAfit1£oolx , Institut it'ir Organiscbc Clicmio und L'iochctnie dcr Unircrsitat lIarburg (BI:D) Eingcgangen am 19. Oktobcr 1073 The Problem of \itrosimine Formation by the Reaction of .lionosaccliarides with Aminoacids (.llaillitrtl•P.caction) in the rrc:.cnco of Soditnnnitrite. 2. St;n:nvey.Tlacc ntcdcl mixtures D•rluco=c/t:[.-alaniuc, r,-~lucusc,'r.•I~yirlc an,l r,-u]ucvsc/ Lgluta luic acid wcto Lro%mcd undcr ::aril.rrd conditiuna with :chlition of sodiuru nitritc•. 'fLa nitritou•as addcd cithcr bcforo or after the bro%rnin; rcaction. When thc nitrito wus applied after tho browning reaction, o second Lrorrning was pcrfornud. Reaction conditions•pli•valura and Lro:rni,:; b_tapcratures -«•crc caln,gcd. It.• GC and GC; MS analysi3 of aP<aiit,c r,taLla volati:o :f.lillard products fornation of aILylat:d p;,ia: inca, fur^rt and pyridino dcric•.ttic•c•s «us contirrucd. Titus nil:owpir.eri::iao V.as dctccted in subscquent ad- dition of :oditunnitrito after Lru-wnin, tnixturC9. Tho ono uttit chanyo of tl,u lr11•vc,luc•s at:ci t:,,: b:u•.rniw, tcw}r_raturo withirt tt:c r: ::^u c! ~nn c'.o r:ot lrs.~r: • ir: inrlcr nn t1r, crn^.lil: o: tr.^ AV"~.,•w... k•. . . ! 0 a o, n
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5«~?4 r s/~l~Arrictt~tuj~.c9w~~j/ tutid -('vrr.r bw~~ r)~z 50335 7767 ~j- sY/ r • • P'O-1 -r3 (r~i~ -= XX MeF-D-~-74 CAS CI1R02•tATOGRAPHIC DETEP.MINATION OF HIGHER ESTERS IN WINE DISTILLATE, BRANDY, AND WINE. - a ' Gasc~)lrc)lll,lfc~i;ral~lli~c llt, 13r.;tiiiliuutl~ clcr 11ii1zl~rcn lstcr in ~~eill- ~' dt:.~tillat, 11~l~illlJranll, I31'C1111ti1•r.itl uncl Wcillv a , j ~+R:1~I~~~~r{;]). ]iFS+tn~l JL. C;ttuss ~•J ;: ~.t :~r ''•f hlitlcilungg nue dcrn~lnsfmif.nl6 (Gr f7clr;inkrfor.:chun;; C:mblf, llainz, tiicrlrr-Olnt(ISItD) • I•:ingcgangcn nm 8. Juli 1971 ! i tC:a'khrrtmnlu.-rnl+hic 1)clcrtninntinn uf 31i^hcr ]:st.crs infl)istillatc, ];rsndy and Wine J f .tiurnn+nry. Thc• (,.~.-cxtrlrtinn for Ihn 18S rhrOnflto,raphic ia of tho hi^hrr estcrs tt•n. .SY cxamincd aitri founJ to be aulx•rinr to the cthrr-cstr.tction, conrcrnint•. mutcrial, p:rforrnnwo ~ •. aa wt•il nv nrcurary and rrpru-luctivity. cslkcially clh}•I capronate. The cs:tct ntcthod for tho analysis of hrnndy, dititill:tta nnd w~iuc for thcir contcnt of hi8ltcr citr:v is dcscribcd. , 9:u.eourc+crrr/rr.e.cn.rg. ItiN knnnta der Nachwriv rrbrarht tccnlrn. rlnQ drr C.S:-Isxtrakt zur °at- chrantalo;;ral~hi.~rhrn 13r.+liutntung dc•r hi;iirrcrt 1:mcr Fcricnrtcr ivt nla rlrr :lthrtcxtrllct. J)ic-s . . IK•r.ioht riclt rittrr.rilm cutf tlrtt :\ulhtnnd nn 11:ttrrial. :lrbcit urtrl •.rit. andrrcrscila tud riio Gc- nlui{;koit unrl Iirltrrrrluzirrlr.trkrit•, inshrsnnr;.-rn hinsir•hllirh .lthylraprnnat. J:inc ccr:^nr to ~irtluwlo zur lint _r~uc hunJ; vnn 11'cutl:ra lrJ..l':aiu~icst.lJaa; tt.u•• .. ;.._ ..i.t~ .. . .- c: •_.... .._...--__.__._ . ~ s n n-..n o t.l
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.c 50335 7768 _ .__ . . . _.. ~ VI Ta3-76 TOBACCO--SidOF.E--ANALYSIS/ RJR -CLASS N0. PAriPHLET VI Ta -76 3 (Burrus Cie, Boncourt, Switz.) /f DIFFL'R}:NCE IN MEASURE?1ENTS OF CO-AND OTHER SMOKE COf;STITUENTS IN BELL- S1111PED AND RECTANGULAR-SHAPED PROFILE IN A SINGLE PORT!_SA;OKING 1•LACHI?JF.. _. ...,..z....,_,._.. _. %~(Differcnztnc:sunBen von CO und weiteren Rauchinhaltsstof~en zwischen Glocken- und Rechteckprofil mittels einer rin-Kanal-Prototyp-Rauch-naschine.)* Tabak Kolloquim, 18th, paper, 9 p.,. Ncuchatel, Switz. (1•tay 1976) (in Cerman)- Previous reference - abstract only - complete German original available now. *Keyowrds.:* carbon nonoxi•?e, snoke, constituent; 7~ ' acetaldehyde, smoke, constituent; isoprene, smoke, constitucnt; acetone, smoke, constitueht; acrolcin, smoke, constituent; methyl ethyl ketone, smoke, constituent. a , 0 :"A' (; (1 rt n ! / 8 n- 2
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I;; _50335 7769 ~.:''~* .'owl- (}97Cf) ~!. .o Ck-~- 4 ,:.'... .. , ._ _ _ . ~;>.~ ~:r.. ..._'...~.::.i~2:rti..... <.. ~. }! ;•c' i2y rca:+
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_. t . . i0335 7770 RJR TRARSLATIO'3 TOI3ACC0--SMOKF.--'0?:0}t/ODO12S--RT:ST:ARCII/ C1iROMATOGRAPItIC ANALYSIS--TOBACCO SrfOKE/ RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION "(,,' Artho, A. TOEACCO--S~fOI:I:--GAS CIIROMATOGRAPHY/ ^ :Ls *(no affil.)* CIiAItACTERIZATIO;T OF TIIE OT:EACTORY PROPEtcTIES OF CIGARETTE S~iOI:E COMPONENTS Ann. Tabac, SEITA, Sect. "I, 1973 (No. 11) 37-43 (1973) (in French - complete English translation available) *Keywords:* acetylene,. smoke, constituent; . Gas chromatographic procedures •in.•olvin~s slass cahill:tr~• culmm~c Ircrmit the ::•ha:ralion of the vstparr ami semi-volatile fractiuns o[ ri~:~rcltc ~mukc into ovcr G1ut ~:omt~oncnts. '•hc ch:tracl:~rizatioii of the olfactory properties of thcN• componcnls• %imultancuuslv with the rccurding of the rhromato;:r:un, leads to the eoncluAon that for most: of Utcm, the cunceulrcition in srnuke is beloa the thrrshuld of ulf•lclory : perception. In the vorour phase, 11 substances of unplr:tsant or even irritolinl- nature have been futnid, wlureas . the semi-volatile part conlctws ahout 70 picasant odours, besides ahoul 'u0 unplcasant ones. isopentene, srtoke, constituent; methyl mercaptan, snoke, constituent; isoprene, smoke. rons*{ruent; trans-2-hexen.:, furan, smoke, constituent; , . . ... ...._... diethyl ketone, smoke, constituent; crotonaldehyde, s^tol:e, constituent; ...,....-.. _ ;t' .~~- ..~.. ~ _.~...-....._ - ,~ »......,,,,~..._.._ ! iii a c~ - ,; Irr3-„. r , . . . --...~.--s..,. ,
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i?AiiSLATLON 50335 7771 h.11: Ct.AS5 IcO. TP.f:::S).Ai 10N Artho, A. (1'. J. ll;~rrt~s Cn. ,}:e ,. l)rh. ,?tcln•r•nuvt:, 'J'llT; n'.:7.'I:!:'fi^:ATl:U:: OF 1;YD1:{):•I:'ti~ (.'1'Atill)E L:: C]GAiti:TT}:: l;citi'. 1'aLaI.for:.cli. -5 (1..~ 2) 5ft-(i3 1.965)) (ia (;eria:,n -- c.o:al,l.ctf: _- English (.i'r-nsl.ation available) Yi9_75_, l:o. :, ld 7.{7q1:~. 9:ct;. 1'0hnc CO Cs ;4 ,'n fl n ("1 t / s -r-I F;
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SQ335 7772 V'I Tg.t-'7w .j TOBACi:O-SMO}:E--CFiF:NxCAL C0:^SPOSTTIOa/ RJR CLASS :;0. PA~iri11.RT VI Ta3 72 ArCho, A. ; ',"~, s !'ie, }:oncourt, S::itz.) Oi T0BaCC:O TYY'i. O': CICA}',:.')"TE GAS Pt:.>,SF; C0:•iY0S7';'IC);J. ~(Di.e Zusam:;~::a::: t7ung der Gas, ::ssr. dcs Cis;arcttc~n: z,uctiia in !:bh:m};iSkmi.t vdal !,^,>31:-}:c12a4uxu-,l, XIV, Prncr, ].I p., As:aterdam, Tt:e \et}iar].alids ("f:.)• !{}-- Ju•:c 7., l917^) (:;a Gr.rt.I.:n) :iC:-o1:C'ilit:rlIL•, S1'IOi:G', tia'tSii:L+cTIL"; di.£3C('.t Vl, CoI•: :.) t.~li.nt; r' .7. n n rt t! ! / R ; A
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50335 7773 fi0!l.CCt~--Cc:C•I::~CL£PI1C PRUPF.RTT1?S'/. .._. ._._.•. ,. . ,.~___ _ . _ . . -_. ._.. __. ...~._ __..,.r..__..._....r.~_~,...,,...., r..,....__.... ~~_. __.._.~,....._. 'lOT;ACiC--S;~OI:~: C!'CMIC,.L ti' i Ta.3 73 Ct;?1PCSITI(:\/CIC!.i2ETTFS--TAS'3'E--TESTItvGJ . --. RJ R CL~:S S:'C . P~; .YF:L~:T 1~°I Ta,-13 J (I•. 3. Cx~.. 5:,?:tz.) t:7:d :)Oc:S i'L', ;CCO `:_c.LL? - CPNc:J:L, aP ;A'-OLFPTIC, AND 1'.':.1LYTICAL CG::SIDZF4%- 1'ICaS. ~~:~~a ! ICCS:`" eP_1 t:.°-vCS2? Urgc.LiO1.C~)t;.SChe und 31111yr2•:iC.ilC: l:V' ,= 2 P. , CC1CD518, GC=:. (~'~11V 21-75, 1973) 'ifl Ccr~an »itn Trr-:r.5]r~tion) ~' ^."', :~c: : j~ 5^~`•• _ _,`~ ~~ ~u~ s.I=, -- .-'..- . -- --...-..-- . .._ ~;.. ~._._. . .z-. - ' f i :
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50335 7774 , I I ~~c~. SWEETENER REVtEW.~ XX MeC7-78 S:P. t' . t~ ~ r RESULTS OF LOADING DOSES OF ASPARTAME BY TWO / PHENYLKETONURIC (PKU) CiiILDREN COMPARED ' WITH TWO NORMAL CHILDREN ~~ Kot1~i; 6. Schaeffler, K. N. F. Shaw Department of Pediatrics, University of Southern California, School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California 1 Separate tolerance tests with osportome at 34 mg/kg-day and phenyla/anlnt ot 19 m,g/kg-day were compared. The results reveal that slight serum elevation of phenyL alanine and tyrosine occurred In the two PKU and the normal healthy adolescents. It would appear that the phenylalanine In the swcetener ospartame Is small enough to be of little clinical siq+ilkonce. INTRODUCTION_ . ~` 1nvcstisx`tors` in ~he 0. D. Searle & Co. Laboratories have reported (1972) that comprehensive pharmacologic, toxicity, and teratologic studies anima Df00 Cfl usual results. The a
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50335 777S Q. D „ ~. c . ~ ' y ., ,.#a1k ~Z O t rR!"fSC[ i: Activation tinl]Ysis handbook. New York, :lcndemic 1'ress, 1900. 21:1 p. 28 cm. ]tictudes bibliogripLT, 1. Activation rnwih•sis. QD25.mn I3C0 -. 5-1j.b l.tbr.:ry of Con, ress 01 G0-14?i1 ;
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50335 7776 Ke~ck W. z, P P~ -..+....- At1[ ~?j Lr Flo F^+~i::i.T3i 3,~c~.^at t +
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50335 7777 7. 699 Ko 1965 Kaaha~, ~sed~~~. . Some problems in information science. New Tork, Scnre- crow 1'1•ess, 19651. 300 p. Illus. 22 cm. Iucludes bibliograpbical references. 1. 7rdorm::tion storage and retrieval systems. i. Title. 7•69D.1iG 029.7 ].tbrs:ry of Congress C8-1i5Ja a ~ 7 a t
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_. 50335 7778 CAP.T1Llf!YDRA'PI.S--STP.~!CTURr /SACCHARID',:^--CIiEM STRY / G III Chl Carhohy~~rate F.es,, 4(]:967) 273•-276 C MASS SPFCTRO,'•rETi.: OF 3'F:It•il;TiI1LS71,:1. 1:7i]F];S OF cArcrolu'h]tAT'aS. l;Y O.S.CIlI7.Ii0lr, id.V.P4UL01)TSG\!, Iu;:ta.tute for Cheiaistry of 23atural. Products, U.S.S.R; Acadenry of Sciences, Moscow (U. S. S. R.) ,i Although part!al h~•drolysis is a %tildcly applicd mcthod in the structural cluci- :i dation of polysaccharides, there is a necd for small-scale and rapid rrocedures for '~ establishir.g the structures of the oii-osaccharides produccd. In vie%v ot' thc results , obtained r:ith mcthyl ctlhers of disacchaciccsr, thc usc of mass spectrometry for this j Purposc secmcd promisin.-. _ , ..i. .. ln spite of rcxcnt improvemcnts2, the exhaustis~e methylation of oligosaccharides is a complcx and time-consuming opcration. We were thus attracted to thc usc of the ,t rcadily availablc trimethyisilyl ethers of suf-ars, since these compounds are volatile } . q g p p y . We now report on the mass spcctra of trimeth}']silyl ethers of D-glucose, 11 o-galactose, iD-mannose, t.-arabinose, t--rhamnose, and their methyl clycosides, which ond haVe already found wide ap licatton in gas-li uid chromato ra h 3 1 C2n b~ considcrccl as models for redt-r.in;; and non-reducing residues of oligosacchar- _([ ..~.. ...-.~ ....~.. _ ...-_ -... T . -..r _ - .w4.!,..l..C....-... ... i. ~w....~s.~. ... .. _.... a
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, 74 7( Ad ' SMOKING AND HEALti'll /'fABACCO--S?t(1Y1:Ir---H:?Ai.TH Ef FE'(7/ GA1,1.I A~I ~^~g F i fES /. • TOBACCO--SMOT:ING-••RF.SPIRATORY T~r ~/CIGARFTTES--FILTF.RS--CNARwAL/ r =~ FJf: CLASS NO. 1'~.)iF~)ii,G: 74 X Ad ~~ • r r r+ I i • / *1974, No. 12, V 482P *d* Tobacco medicine: .~y.. •. .. yr.: ..... ~.~ ~ . ..M-al~• Adan--Pesce, G. , Sim:etos, A. , Kaehrso, $s; Dubois de .-funtreynauJ, J. :I. ; Zagury, D. *(no affil.)* Ann. Med. Reims 10 (No. 3) 147-9 (1973) (in French witik English abstract) *(Les effets d'une c:garette hypntoxique. Rrsultats prcliminaires d'une etude cliniquc fonctionncl).e et cytologique.)* THE EFFh:C1'S OF A UY1'OTOY.IC GYGAhETTE. PRrLI;•tINARY RESULTS OF A FU\(,TIO:;,;L ' /+ND CYTOLOGICAL STt'DY. s Note: 120 smokers smoked only Gallia cigarettes for 6 months. ment in bronchial mucus reported. Objective iaprove- Callia is a cigarette manufactured by the French Tobacco Monopoly and sold successfully in France. It is a ventilated charcoal filter cigarette. It is claimed that it has least "Off-flavor" of all charcoal cigarettes. f no17_863
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50335 7780 e CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY/ . 81 1.11 So : ~., : , KAHN@CTB@HHbIA QHGUIH3 CMeC@A KClIl1@HO1fOB M@TOJ{OM rC13O*NAKOCYHOfl XpOMaTOPpC14)HN " M. 0. COPOKHH, 3. A. KO4HO8A, A f1M l1ET*OBA . . } • . . . • , • . (MX TH ww. Jj. H. M*Np.x...a) ' f. • . .. , ..{j . . . 8t{NH QpOLtCCCB 4IOpKOHj(lil.CBL(HH snoxM• `OTNOWC$NEAOYflOH.d{TOS NuCPHANpylOlqeA CMCCH a CTOPOHy 111bHbIX 4"WlO4OP1i18AbJ1CENjlHbrX` * OANrO• tPCXKPYTHOrp y/eG1N9EHHA COJ(CpMCa HHA yKCyCHOfO BHPHJ[- 9THA[1l11A03011b33 Ha MWAUlbHbIX COE',11NH!- ffRRn •n.............. ...... •...... __.. •
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50335 :J781 71 73 XV Re-81 S. R. - t EXTRACTION TREATMENT OF-CLARY SAGE. S~LYaP»:K.oN', ?t A yw ~l' Koe,1..w6~t.'• .D. .. ~~-. N./'tyl~tko /C: no. P, Px~racz",. .I Cel"y Ma,s4- Z,4•r. P.w». 198o 6fo, Z&!- 2 7 .4 Ttt ve 'Ooso%•~.s i h 1/~nlys s.Z~GA~.» s~lT~f~~..t~t/yv A~ f ar+ ~~Ltti~.t.~ T~ n.~'~,Z,r~,. ~ S tl fl fl 1 1 f3 6
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. _ ~ . _. - ~..._... _..._...~._, 50335 7782 73 XV Re-81 S. R. - EXTRACTION TREATMENT OF -CLARY SAGE. I WyQp»;K.oN; '!t ,0; y~'~t~W hLoe,l~.d~ /VaKc 1C.'nA. P, L yy~jL~jtso~~Skay4~, Px~i-suZ.''a~ fr .1 C~ Ma,sto.-x.4.•r. P.vrnv l98o~.0~ Z'f-Z'7 Ciy Mc e9. 4V •I .tt.c.~,.r.~o 4 yy e f cea., ' ; hy ~rt~ dc,~~ sxtA~, ~~.~y,. a yW ~ "C+ ek4A,*P~ .~ 4&lr 04«,t., 0 3 0 00 0 !/ 8 6 6
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50335 7783 III N-7fi Seifen-Dle-Fette-1.?-tchse-1r13, .T,r,. -Nr.?.A/1477 2 vVFRPACKUNG UND TRANSPORT, VF.RPACf:U*ICSMASCIIINFN,-MATF.RIAT.,-MITTT?T. S.P. AEROSOL TECHNCLDCIF.. 11 FEA-AERDSOLY.te'JCRRIR TJ*TD 7. FEA-AEROSnT.- LAUSSTF.T,T.UD(; in T;rt.tssel, ?_U, his ?3. Sept. 1977 Case Study: die positive Aktion des Industriesektors In den USA R. bcl, Prasidcnt der CSMA (USA) ngc/schilderte die FK\V/Ozon-Hypothcse, wciche sich zu cincr poli- uschen Kontroverse auscewirkt hat. Es bcstehcn groLle Geccnsatze zaisehen den Auffassunecn der Industrie, den f3chordcn und dcn cin- zelnen frcicn \Vissenschafttcrn. Auch die Presse hat sich durch Ober- treibunc und Vcrbrcitung falschcr Informationen schuldic eemacht. ,Enge/ schil :crta dann die Forschunesprocramme der FI:\\'-licrsteller und die Bcmiihun_r,cn der CSMA. Dabci kam cr auf den NAS-Rcport zu sprechcn (aerosol report 15, 324, 1976). Die zu erwartenden be- hordlichen Vorschriftcn und das FKW-Verbrt in Orceon wurden von ihm erlautert und die derzeitige Situation der Aerosole wic folgt prdzi- siert: Endc 1977 werden in den USA nur noch 20% der Aerosole FKW- Trcibmittel enthalten. Die Altcrnativ-Trcibmittcl und -Svstemc neh- men zu. Die Acrosolindustrie ist intensiv bcrndht, ihre Position zu rchabiliticren, wobci sic sich der Massenmedicn bedient. Die FKW. treicn Aerosotc nehmcn wieder zu (aerosol report 16, 3U•l, 1977). Allgcmcin ist dic Aerosolindustric wiedcr optimistisch. • • Die Industrie hat das Wort: eine Obersicht iiber die Aklionen und Demuhungen der Acrosolindustrie, urn den Forderungen dp(Verbraucherverb5nde gerechl zu werden Cw*rPublic-Rclation-Dir. Naarden International (Nicdcrlande) Trotz gemcirtsamer Grundintcressen von Ilcrstcllcrn und Vcrbrau- chern pbt es Unstimmigkeitcn, bcsonders wenn der dirrkte Kontakt gestiirt ist, was auch durch dazwilchen geschaltete htakler. Agenten. 7.wischenhandler und durch Eincriffc der Behiirden und Vcrbrauchcr- orCanisatiuncn geschchcn kann. Daher ist cin dircktcr Dialo, zur r\uf- klarunc notwendig. Damit sich der Verbrauchcr iiber Preis und Uuali- tiit richtig informieren kann, muli die Industric ihre Produktc und dcrcn Ver.vendung richtig erliiutcrn. Die Vcrbrauchcrverbandc kon- nen dabci positive Arbeit Ieixten, um die umfangrciche Aufklarung des Verbrauchers zu vcrbessern. Nur dann, wcnn sich das Hauptintenesse au.' die politischc Ebenc verschicbt, solltc die lndustrie hart scm und energischcn Widerstand leisten. Wichtig ist auch zu w•issen, daB es kein Produkt ohnc Risiko gibt, das gelte fiir Acrosole wie fiir Konscrvcn- dosen, Autos oder Kaffcemiihlen. Entscheidend beint Vcrbaltnis HerstellerNerbraucher ist die Suche nach eincr Vertrauensbasis. Die Angebote des Produzcntcn mussen dic Erwartungcn des Vcrbrauchers ertullen. Um die \Viinsche des Kbitsumcnten kenncnzulerncn, ist ein friihzeitigcr Dialog dringcnd erforderlich. e
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.i uc1 •1! h.~l:,)i "cu`irm`.t~u ./tl~i ~~ rr c1I h.iplic aaax, ur.mlcr.iulip,lo s(lu.rp 4c:y~! sl,./l ~~:.n ~.,11..,.,.1 ~,.,.."',; (•r• v ~ 4, t V €uc~i(.~nhsliuj 1 c!1!:In.rf sallto.r.1):~ufl pur. srla;l)ri./fracl urrri'stralan/'i1n:)lr1 vprrapla .v.r,l ' rl.c t111 ~~~rl~ 'ilo:1 u111.rt.r:lrl.,ti:l .ic1 ru~llr!.,ipy cr.,hf :np iri 1r1lasn purtol sr.M 1sc>> siy1, l~:~cli.r.~sal1 s! as:f1 0.uj,{xo(pv.-).ip .iiruupil•i hliliu ai(twis V 1.JV2l.LSl:1V '1/~tN.)11/~~,/f1 lill$.l:laitfl~ lrYu~urlrn,l fr, )n.))ul.rur~.r( f Jrr1u I'~.1n)rl.rurlu•I /iarrlrr)rpn.e.njv lu./tu)l:) (1'rlil-~V>I:)OX;:il N .[`VAlJ I>cn: 's'fl `S:•IA1'fl:) '!1 'I;I~' I I;)I1~ `)1:11:121:I 'V'1flVct ruajar, fl jo uoqual1l1uapi .toj ost;JAxo(pi:7acl :)ilUiqni:.) piclull V .a.s LL-a2i II ZL ! 1 I __ ....y.warr.uiil:) -nr •qnpl•Ul . b9LL SffOS
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50335 7785 jt:.. ~u~har ~ etanek, nareslav __ '1HlL NONOSSACS]tRIDESr by 'karek, Tarosi av, !Ai 1 os lav eorny,, SAn Vocourek and Josc4 Paeak 1443 1006 p. /1aAdea+ie PPess New Yo'rk V .> - .~ ~ . -jC3 n ke; I /8 Oj'()
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50335 7786 LC(~- IS/ V III Du2-79 , ' , S•P: SL•'CRETION OF INSULIN BY THE CANINE PANCRLA`S`--"` PERFUSFD EX VIVO WITH FLUOROCARBON EMULSION K Kowalcwski, rt.D., A. Kolodej, D.v.M., and =WKbcytowski,-M.D., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Tttt: tnctt sotxuu.rrv of liquid fluorocarbon for oxygen and carbon dioxide permits its use, in emulsified form, as an adequate rcplaccmcnt for erythrocytes. With the aid of an emulsifying sur- factant, liquid fluorocarbon can be converted into stable particles, representing artificial eryth- rocytes, which can be suspended in a simulated physiological solution. Emulsificd fluorocarbon Itas been used for partial or total replacement of blood crythrocytes in perfusion fluids. We prcviously pcrfuscd canine stomachs (3, 5, 9) 3 anfh g;"ro+audfyopjncr~ ttctt~lot~ts $'j3) with bloodless, protctn-free ITl,orc~carbon emulsion. We found that thr exocrinc function of the isolatcd r milliliters; 1?luronic F-G8, poloxamcr 188, as the surfactant-25 grams; sodium chloridc-6 grams; potassium chloridc-200 milligrams; cal- cium chloride-300 milligrams; monosodium acid phosphate•water-50 milligrams; ma,r,ne- sium chloridc•watcr-100 milligrams; bovinv albumin-4 grams, distilled water to 1 litcr. This perfusate was adjusted to p1I 8.0 with sodium bicarbonate. Glucose was added in various amounts prior to, or during, pcrfusicm. "I'he ini- tial volume of the pcrfusatc was 1,500 milliliters. A detailed description of the perfusion circuit and of the instrumcnts used was reportcd previl.ncl.• !1 11 nf thr nrrfuCarr •,•^•..
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50335 7787 ~ •~~"$bOKS~•AN D~~ ~6U DES : Eastman Kodak Co. KODAK BOOKS AND GUIDES. Publication No. Al-642 (L-8). 1959 14 p. Eastman Kodak Co. New York
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, 50335 7788 90 TITEz . RODAK AND TECHNICALUSES CONTENTS Standard Bcx)k Number 0-87985-029-9 Page INDEX TO KODAK FILTERS ...................... 2 GENERAL FILTER INFORMATION ................... 8 TYPES OF FILTERS ......................... 8 Gelatin Filters ........................... 8 Acetate Filters ........................... 8 Plastic-Coated Glass Filters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Glass Filters . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Classes of Filters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 HANDLING AND STORAGE OF FILTERS . . . . . . . • . . . . . 9 SIZE AND ORDERING INFORMATION .............. 10 For More Information ...................... 10 Cutting Tolerances ........................ 10 New Size Limits on Special Orders of Gelatin Filters ......................... 10 KODAK Filters-Types and Sizes Available ............ 11 TECHNICAL INFORMATION ABOUT KODAK FILTERS ....... 12 SPECTROPFIOTOMETRIC ABSORPTION CURVES ....... 12 ^ Visualizirng AbSorption Cttarir.teretie 7 a ! "' Eastman Kodak Company, 1970 First Edition, First 1978 I'rinting ge PRACTI( 34 KODAK N EG 34 Blac 34 Filter Factors ........... 34 CorrectionFilters................. •••••••• 34 Contrast Control Filters . . . . . • • . • • • • . . . • • . • • • 34 Haze-Cutting Filters . . • • • • • . • . . . . . . . . • • • • • • 34 Filters for Infrared Photography . . . . • • . . • • . • . . . • 35 Neutral Density Filters . • • • . • . . • . . . . . • • • • • • • • 36 KODAK FILTERS FOR MAKING COLOR NEGATIVES AND TRANSPARENCIES . . . . . • . • . • • • • . . . • • . • 36 Color Compensating Filters . . . . . . • . . • • • • . . • • • • 36 Light-Balancing and Conversion Filters . . . . . . . . • • • • 36 "Three-Color" Filters for Camera Use . . . . . . . . . . . • . 36 Neutral Density Filters . . . . . . . . . . . . . • • • • • • • • • 45 Ultraviolet-Absorbing and Haze•Cutting Filters . . . . . . . 45 Filters for Color Aerial Photography . . . . . . . . . . • • . . 45 ~~
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4 ENZYMES-=ht40BILIZED/F.NZY-~iF:S-=INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS/ KODANSHA SCIENTIFIC BOOI:S/ENZYMES--FOODS/ QP 601 Ch 1978 IMMOBILIZED ENZYMES Research and Development Ldited by Ichiro CHIBATA Director, Research Laboratory ojApplicd lliochemistry, Tatrabe Seiya!;rr Co., Ltd., Osaka AHALSTED PRESS BOOK KODANSHA LTD. Tokyo JOHN WILEY & SONS New York-London-Sydney Toronto r 50335 7789 a
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` 50335 7790 § /jt~ -oA /975 C-7) -X9- 3D (/97.r) /2bi.L!?A h1t' J. T ~ ,o.~ ~ S • ~ V ~~ HOBbIH BbICO}iOIipOUKTEiBNblN COpT ti1RTb! V. m./Co J 1 n e va B. M. hOGNt1E[1A, t:attn. c.-x. ttayK A. r. KOAAW, _A. Il. AtEtllEi'AKOB, nieShChe1-ya•KoJ,R;P. - CeeCpo-IIaFAQJCKAR 3UHRADHOA UnblTetaA CTQKISIIR BCPCOIU3HOtP H31/K7to•t1iCAPOUBOTCAbCKU2O iIKCTUT4Ta ..eeKapcrsrHht1;x pacrexuri M RTa nepeyHaR - OaHO 113 t1a11G0 .1ee n3BCCTitbi\ apoataTn'lecKlix pacTeilnil. I7ponVKTbl ee ne- pepa6oTKH (AIICT. 3(~11p11UC MaCAo, MCHTO:1) UJllpOKO 11C0O.1b3\'IOTCR B XHMIIKO-q)apMaU•CBTH4e- •CKU!1, nap4tlOntepHO-KOCMCT11'ICCtio{f )1 1111i.uCBO1i npnaiblW.1CHHOCT1f. EwerraliaR noTpeGHOCrb Cipallbl B 3d11ip11oM MaC.9e MR1•bl C(1CTaB1IReT npI1MCp110 400 T i1 )';IOB- .ncrnopRercR .nnlJ1b na 25-30 ;'p. B CB31311 C 3T11M )IeOGX0.711UO 311at111TC-7b11O )'BC:1111I11Tb )'poN:a{1 11 •CGOp AIRI'HOrO C1,t1)bH 11 CTpaI,C. ~JOCTIIVh 3rOTo YAK 6G5.527.fi52/.G59.002.3 f~y6a~cica~ 6 16R316x~ew hithly productive minl vnrirt•v Kuban.k•~yil 6. Ku\1•;, F•:nin:h. A. (:.: Alrahchrtvakm•, A. 1•• Be; (Scv': F:m.i:. %im ne~a Up tn. Slints., 1'.Ps. Nanchnu•Lslyd. Inst Lek. Itest. Bitt.n• U5;I:/• rkJaao 7•b1r. 1'n,m-xt. IS:.~• . np (7), 24-30 IH~ .sl. A nrvr mint M•brid with a hi~~h cuntrnt uf 11' ] essentinl oil ,nd mrrNho( (I1'JU-07-G) w•as uhteinad by ' ' interspecies 1 bridi..ntion. 1 he plant yiclds BI-tf kg essenUal'lfl Jlly oil/ha ... . . ..... ~ ypoa:ail. vx~..._. • p- IIOM >aacae iix lie npCBbiulaeT 50%. VBeJIH411Tb KO:IIfyCCTBO MCIiTOAa B MRTtIOM MaC:IC h`.')x:I10 Toablio II)'TC11I BbIBCulliifi BbICOKi)- MellTOabtlbtx copToB. Cesepo-KarlKa3cKaR 30- Ha.qbilaR onwTllaR cTatiullR BCecoto3noro Haytnlo- HCCaeT10BaTe:IbCKOTO 11HCTIIT)'Ta l1CKapCTBeHtIhI\ pacrelinti (IilMP) B cOAp)'accCTBC C I'1IlCTi1T)'- ToM Wrromorllli ii reHCTHKH CO AH CCCP c 1965 r. npOBOR1IT CCmeKUHoHHylo paGory C MR- TOII iiCpe'IH011, CTpCMtICb Bb1BCCTII BbICOKOnpOA)'K- TIlnII1.IC COpTa. MCTOItOM MCN:nI111OB011 r11Gp11;1i13auH11 nony'1C- e Moa:noUa c;-rr pAclopetnfil ry'Io1tlaACff naCj K\•,b- .1Hbt rll6pnaw c BtacoKllM cO;tepncalnleM 3q)llpno- 'T\'p0(1 B pai!:Ha\ CC BO3ZCA1,1•sii)IIIR, a Ta1:N:' {W- 'r0 61aCaa il MeI1TU!la. OAt1aK0 GO:16U111I1CTB0 IIX
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50335 7791 ~ w.. 'M. ~.a " . .. "~Qd,yA(w A~l. rc~w, ic, K. • : jIL ~.. .. .. ~ - v - , ~5:; : ~l',«.-"pk_ Co. .N ~ +r~ " I t~ r Cr i / 8
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Revista Italiana,Essenze Profumi,Piante Off. Aromat. Syndets.Saponiect b0(1D)591-600 ll M ' • (1978) C3]~ by ~~Dm". ~r~:~~] ~ , ' Y/ dJ• Na 76 II Re2-79 S.P. Emil c3~Toina1mgm-ph~. ~ Part. lTM Monoterpenes in the Essential Oil of 4, ` ~ IMosmarinus o1 ficinalis Linnaeus J.J.C. Schej/er, M.J.M. GijLels;: -Aw•Koedanp. and Department of Pharmacoanosy, State University 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands lNTE:ODUCTION In the analysis of the chemical composition of esscntia l oils, the main problems are caused by the large number of cc,nstituents and by 0 3 0 0 f) (l 1 !8 7 6 -- , A. 13aerltcinc Svendsen of Leiden, Gorlacus Laboratories, P.O. Box 9502, ncnts of the oil [8]. nbruzzella and Lichten- stein [9] investigated the antibacterial activity of essential oils using the _ filtcr paper disk method. Rosemary oil exhibited an effect on eight bacteria of the 10 ornanisms cwloved. ~
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50335 7793 14343 FEBRUARY 1979 EE1 / JOURNAL OF . THE ENVIRONMENTAL 01 ENGlNEERfNG DIV1SfON MOMTORING AREAWIDE RURAL WATER QUALITY By Larry F. Bliven,' Frank J. Humenik,' M. ASCE, 1M'A:"Koehler; and Michael R. Overcash' designs for nonpoint sources that account for both the spatial and temporal variations require: (1) A sampling unit definition with a listine nf a11 ne«iti1' Assessment and regulation of sources impacting water quality over an entire river basin are complex problems. Major components that contribute to an ~ understanding of the physical system include: (I) Relative contribution of point ' sources and nonpoint sources; (2) impact of land-use activities; (3) effectiveness of best management practices; and (4) cause and effect relationships between measurable water quality parameters and subsequent biological impact. ' River basins often have a large number of rural nonpoint inputs, i.e., subbasins, t:o complete spatial and temporal coverage of streams draining these sources , is' p ctic}~ . FortunaSely, statistical tbeory,provides valid techniques to estimate ~ ' the~man an"dvaiiilnce from4andot3ily 1elected measurements. Statistical sampling •
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. 50335 7794 0 RJR TRANSLATION CIIF.OMATOGRAPIIIC ANALYSiS--GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY/ APPLICATION OF A DIRECT CC/MS COUPLING.TO A GLASS CAPILLARY COLMN Chromatooraphia 9 (12) 611-617 (Dec. 1976) By: and M. Hoehn SMMARY -...,. :~, ~ ..... . :s-, . 1•r ,.,... , .._ ^ .~• ~:.... _ _ Glass capillary columns are directly coupled by means of a Pt-Ir capillary to a single focussing mass spectrometer. ... +.. .r..,.i. ,::•r: ~•.~.. r~ .. . , Measuring conditions similar to those in a gas-chromato- ' ,. ~ graphic detector system, are possible, so that GC and GC/ MS-results can be duplicated. The advantages of the ar. ~ rangement are illustrated using n-alkanes, acetylated fatty . alcohols and la vandin oil as examples. , . . ... . ' . ~ il ~. i1..~1 .:~ ~.+~? .7,a A succcssful application of GC/:iS couplinps is critirelS+ detcrsninc~ h~+ rt,~
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50335 7795 yp,~~~;~~,~t. aut~. - - -- _---~----=--`^-:~.:,~~:z:i , Mason, t~t E. ~a1~) VoL~7t LE F/-AVOR t'oMPbNEN'r5 v~ p~ANV?'S j M. ~. Masoh, vT. A. Neael.~, A. R. ~'olr,nsot~a P. ~. Koe~h:iler. snd a ~ R, V~a1 ~er. 4Tour. qgr. ~aod ~hea.1. ~7 . (No:k ~~ ~28-73~ Ci469~ rN _ ~ j~ r; -! , •-- • ° t t 1 4 , #,+, ~ / ~l
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u.2~.. 0.2 50335 7796 tntedinGS~:~-- . II rte-75 Toxic Metabolite Produced by .kspergillus wentii S.P. M. T. WU,' J. C. AYRES, Al ~`-,_Kt`?EHL'9R; AND G. CKaSSIS' Department of Food Science. University oj Georgia, Athens, Geor; ia 30602 Received for publication 24 Septenber 1973 - eggs was 50 pg/egg. Mycelial extracts of an Aspergillus wentii strain grown on yeast-extract sucrose medium and initially isolated from country-cured ham were highly toxic when inoculated into chicken embryos or fed to mice. Moldy corn and rice were less toxic when fed to mice. \Vater extracts of moldy corn or rice or culture filtrates from yeast-extract sucrose medium were not toxic. Purification by thin-layer chromatography followed by crystallization yielded orange-red crystals that showed high toxicity •.and had a melting point of 285 to 2Su C. Chloroform solutions of the crystals had absorption maxima at 270, 295, and 452 nm. The smallest amount of this component necessary to have zero hatchability of fertile Toxicity of Aspergillus wentii to animals was first reported by Rabie et al. (5). They found that strains of A. wentii grown on corn caused toxic symptoms and death in ducklings, chickens, rabbits, and sheep. The most consist- U 3 () 0 :11 0 1 r8 A Areufn N1irHmmO;.9ftiY,,FW.`t..,~,.~::~7-.t39 • .i ut>)n~(~~9"ia American 5ucicty ar . rlcrl)iolop~ cooled, 10' spores harvested from CDA and 300 ml of stetile distilled water were added. The inoculated substrates were then incubated at 27 C for 2 months; after incubation, the moldy substrates were auto- claved for I h.1n a second experiment, 10` spores were i•r.. •.I -..,.7 ...~. .Ni •.J ..~ .•..._:1:..~.7 ....... ..••._...• ~
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50335 7797 Prog. Neuno-Ps cho harmacoZ. Vo1.5,_pp. 187-192 0364-7722/81/0701-0187=05.00/0 ergamoa ress Lt , 1981. Printed in Great Bratein. ELE(.'TROENCEPHALOGRAPHIC SIGNS OF ANXJEI"ff . 80 II Ey-81 S.P. : Friedrich Miescher Institute Basel, Switzerland (Final form, January 1981) Abstract 1. Among the many objective symptoms or concomitants of anxiety electroence- phalographic signs are of particular interest, as they are liable to de- "tect "abnormalities" in the functioning of the brain and thus are likely to help our understanding of the pathogenesis of this disorder. 2. A low output in the a-band, a poor a-organization, impaired "driving' within the a-frequencies by stroboscopic stimulation and a reduced ampli- tude of the contingent negative variation seem to constitute the most ty- pical electroenoephalographic symptoms. 3. Tpese„various,signs clearly ~ndicate a disbalance in the activity and re- l i ao~tidity ~fn thos~ nefiiron~l s stems that control the level of general and discrete vigilance.
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50335 7798 i Kjbs~ y.. ... .. .. . . . . . ... . ..e . .. . . . . _ .. . .. ~._.. . ... ~:. ..... ... . .- : . .'.~.c _ . ~r;~ .. : . . .. ..- L'. t~. . . , . . e ~t:.... eC.`s :C::Jc . 0 :i E1 0 t~ ia t/ ti E~ ~
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.S: b, at ! 1 0 u 0 c:' ~-% o 'K,{atMW»S tiS r j$tt3 ~} 1 Jb (uoIs,isnuo, a<+jjoo w 30 ~a P -ac,~a9 a4l. 03 sauaJa3a:~ %eYVadS y}!n~ - ascyPywqc~- t~ c~~a~uoq au~~ 7 0~? a 3o cl~:ysuo ~~81ax ~~ +avoa) 'S~1tlQV:4 Salt f1QAVNIlO)IIM WI~A .Ul~~SrSGQ~13,9 ?j~ ;:,, ~o 66LL S£E05
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50335 7800 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPi;LET 75.VI Ko (Landesanstalt Tabakbau Tabak. Forchheim. Rheinstetten, West Ger.) THE FOR*L1:ION OF tdIPOi'INE AS AN EXAMPI.E OF A PRI:4EP.-i.VCNT. *(Zur Bildung von Inhaltsstoffen als Starter-Ereignis am I3eAspiel. des Nikotins.)* Zeitschr. Pflanzenzucht. 73, 284-86 (1974) (in German - with English summary) *1975, No. 10, W 3567* *d* Tobacco chemistry (agriculture); 0 3 0 0 ' ri 0 1 / 11 16 le.,
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50335 7801 I 'liil. [:ii'.i. CL;','C}i~IN :a1+;.~c': tr; t;iz 11\ '"' ! ~ 0 ri
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50335 7802 i7 J t\i~:.=: f'~c ~i.'~itt'. t'..}C . \•.. . ... -.. i)
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7; 50335- _ 7803 `lII 1 \t n•R.1 . . •1 :[IaCN: iti$,(.'0:'.'..T.v. OnitG'ftt ~ 0 .71 ~ f l l ' s i= 1 7 8~ I"t 7
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' 50335 7804 ~,Y.~G~.~. ..v~,Y.~G ~i'+ 1•t; '~C:.a:~...v ~~ .~ Tob, `• ~ {L'~t~ e.o Ai: i';6WS? O.;A) r, xn C;n'a" i l .'1 i J n 7 n i F a f) (~ ~i ~ , s ~~ ~I
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i ,,~z 50335 7805 l~l/... . . . i -1 b_ • t V:...... ..... IL~~I. ~i- • ( '~ .l.i.~ ~. ~ .. ~y .- .. i... .: f t:: ir S~ . . . [' a ::•U:a_i::7q" (Loa ~ sF }~, r {~~~2 f t 1 . r : i ~? Q•
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50335 7806 ~ee . VERSUCH EINER GENETISCHEN ANALYSE VON RESISTENZ UND ANFALLIGKEIT AM BEISPIEL DES TABAKS. (Attempted Genetic Analysis of the Phenomena of Disease Resistance and Susceptibility using Tobacco and Specifically Tobacco Blue Mold Disease and Y Virus Disease as an Example.) Zuchter 34 (No. 4) 139-42 (1964):.- in German with E-lish summary. .~ a !I . .y i~ n n 0 i ~ ~s 9 i!
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Vrt 503-35 7807 Ke~ 9 ` Koelle, G. (Bundesanastalt fur Tabakforschung Forchheim) ZUCHTUNG DES TABAKS AUF HOHEN UND NIEDRIGEN NIKOTINGEHALT. (Breeding of high and low n1cotine content in tobacco) Advancing Frontiers Plant Sci. 12 77-84 (1965) - in German with English summary. ~.,... a !~ ;; i 1 t, ;1 ;3 l t3 9 ~
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~ T. i 24U 50335 7808 "le, G. s Tha heraali.*&rI -transWssi.on of [U.Ooti rie dOr1te.ISC. International Scientific Tobacco Congress, 2nd, Brussels. PROCEEDINGS OF THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC TOBACCO CONGRESS, JUNE 1958. Fedetab - Tabex 58, Brussels, 1958 (Published 1959) - In English and French. 9 2
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50335 7809 *-, _ :co.O-, 1;;, ~;~ browm--: i.b di.s ~: se. 1r~~rnSti arfr3l. Sci en~r`riC' 'r'ahaddo Cbmg'r'ess)1r1d, wus5ea5" ?aoer.tmms oP ,,tit ~ ~NT'~U~?9 gL Sct~N'rsF~C ToBA~ FedttAb Tbi~ek $$j 8rus5ei 5 j55g ~pyb1 tshad MR) - In ~1-~S~ and Erenc.h. . , ~..~ , , n rz ~:~ s ! ~' 9 ~
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50335 7810 'VII ~ i;o4 ..~ t~~ f_• _ _ _t L { j , .... ......... o.._.. _.. -.. :a. ~1:~ 1;...ai.-a:!~a.:::Y.'.._.. ....~........._ ... a .... ... .. I t~.innni) ~ 78 ?-4
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50335 7811 - a-; n:;~ah':.c' Jr?!'fw"9!'sy;> ~' ...e`,1., .. ......_..>._. . ._..i . _ a. ... . a ..... •~-a ........ . a.~ 4 V.. /.<. ....Ii.a+Nw... ...• .aNi J 1a.:.V~ t..:~A Y'l~ . i _ ..- .~ r j. `1 ;...n:7, , . . _ . . . _ ... .. r .. . e G. . l.~J~s fl .~ '~ ~ r+ i_~ 1 ~ 0 ~ ~
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M....,+a..,.,...- •..~.._ ~ - . . .~ r.. 50335 7012 C ICARF.TTES--PRICES /TORACC(-~-RT•.R'a.ATtY /TOP,ACCO--F.CONOIAICSi t ~' 77 X7• Ko RJR CLASS NO. PAfII'HLET 77 XI Ku ~ iumom -ss.* Awaalsrr. 0 , THE SMKERS IN GEiUSA.yY ENJOY CHRISTMAS BEFORE THE RISE IN CIC.ARETTE PRICES. CIGARETTE MANUFACTURI:RS EXPECT A DECLINE IN CIGARETTE SALES WITH THE " BEGINNING OF THE NEW YEAR. *(Zigarettenraucher haben Weihnachten dicke Luft.~•Doch die Hersteller trwarten ASsatzeinbruch 1977 mit Celassenheit.)* Kolner Stadt Anzeiger 1976 (No. 267), p. not given (Nov. 27-28, 1976) (in Grerao:«n with English sunrnary) _, Cigarette smokers take advantage of the lower price of cigarettes. asginning Jan. 1, 1977, the price of cigarettes will inerease on the average by 18=. Cigarettes manufactured sfnoe Dec. 10, 1976 already have the new price tag. Please note date. t ~......._.._ .. .~..- .». . __ -.. .. ........ ._.. .. . ..... . .. ... .. . . _ . . -. .. • . . 0 1 7 8 9 6
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50335 7833 . e,1-5ak; NIGH TaMK-RATqW- DavM MIt+G 147o Var i ously paged pn,ericanyoGi ety of Abrieulture E%i rxer5 lllahi8aA
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ftoaq~a? Eldo C.s (~'tr fluthor) 50335 7814 ~ j~: ~ . . . . l.)a Koenic. Iv'ew York, Wiley 1196: , x1i, L'.f0 p. 1L-u3. 5'r_:~ cm. B!bNoccrnphs: p. G:2-f13. Ciaai;..•';Z : i. : to c^nl ptlfiztg co:xcpt,. ib3•t Charles I,. .[)ai•ir?sonn lr.ndi L•:Ido C. 1. I:1ectronl.: culcutrzUng-mnchtncs. x. Ftoeenil;, Eldo Clydc, ]:+1U- ,jolIIt Ru tl1or . IL lltle. QA7S.D3 ~ 651.8 67-19k i7 T.ibrary of Congrers (6sk5j a ~J 3 r) 0 n Cf 1 ! i+ 9 P.
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___.. ~_.....__. . . 50335 7815 L% •.~Elki*oih zXJrh.q d X1: h~ .,~ ~ ~'I :`',~e, ~ a gwlh ~ Ui C t rj :~ f1 0 ~ E) f 7~ 9 9
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ll U 6 l! U,t7 U 0 Cll Wtit e t~~ tq'1d s,,rAa0S V;"Ict.f1 & "5'11) ' oN uo t, `WISWI&O'lu NAtliF Nfl S"ISdNdW:y Hi?M S'9.l7r1bV ~-~nSnM aW lblsodNAs SMIAld rSMddd90NAW oL 1+H.&t/tiJorAM aV:tVL cNtl bsod!o '-ONNw QMY 3Qm9 v ' ShbO . 8961 ax II t ~ - f 9t9L S££OS
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50335 7817 72 X Ko SMOKING HABtTS--STUI)ENTS/ S;10KING HAEIT- --FSYCHOLOGY/ RJR CLASS NO. FAMPHT.ET 72 X Ko (TuJ::r.e 11r.iv., ,:e%, prlea ns, La., U. S.) PF-i:C::PTIO`: nr T1' f:-' .::L1 C1r ~;::TTF S.*:r)':I:.r, A`.=G COLLEC.T; STI:Dr'JTS. Fcrccptual 'Sotnr Sl:i ] ls 34 (So. 2) 621-22 (1972) (in I:nt.l ish)
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50335 7818 v~i Ko~ ON THE PLANTING OF NICOTINE-FREE TOBACCO, AND THE FACTORS INFLUENCING THE NICOTINE CONTENTS IN TOBACCO. (Uber den anbau von nikotinfreien Tabaken und die Faktoren, welche den Nikotingehalt des Tabaks Beeinflussen) Deut. Tabakbau, 30-31 (1953) Complete English Translation from the*German - Photostat. E ~ ~. 0 ~ i9 0 2
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50335 7819 • Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of carbohydrates. Paper V. Normal coordinate analysis of ceilulose I J. J. Cael, K. H. Gardne '. and J. Slackwell aC Department of Mocromo/eeular Science. Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland. Ohio 44106 (Received 13 May 1974) A normal coordinate analysis of cellulose I has been performed for an isolated chain using a valence . force field and atomic coordinates from an x-ray refinement analysis. The calculated frequeacics show good agreement with the observed infrared and Raman data, while the computed potential energy distribution is compatible with previous assignments, based on deutcration etc. The atomic displacements show that all the predicted modes in the region below 1500 cm'' result from complex motions of a number of atoms or groups, rather than from single group vibrations. Most of the modes above 1200 cm'' are localized within the residue and areq very similar to those predictcd for the monomer, /3-u-glucose. Below 1200 em"t inter-residue coupling becomes more appreciable. Negligible splitting is predicted between equivalent A and B modes which suggests that the observed spectral lines are due to superimposed A and B components. l \ , : o:~nnnt~
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U, :.r i} d + }~ 0 If.;~~7 t>~.).t: uu;l jo .S.ttttq!'I Ztia'G"") ! 'l~7 li/n I~•` S n tr: :r>T ~/! Q^ -`ir ..JF)T utt;.l.\7i-) '.C1o[<.,rtj,t•+.L .") a[r.)it,.uj s.1u•) 'nt u;n)}j [rriu r,~.rW.Clu,l *.rrtr,tt.7.i Ft[:d ; uj trt cltrf.7oyv;~ ': b-a:[JUl u,jli lt:u:tro[• Wqj t7l (-.t_rt.•rNtt c..t V7 :, ~ ( [ rl : '.E - -~ '.tIl:afct\! ji!S1i 1'Ii;t'-!.: Qjj. i 1t.) ,tp:;' ::/J,l,i~tlf ,,.)l ; l~t!!t If).1_7 a)tjt t`.•9 ATny7ttl .t„Z I . OZ9L SEEOS
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50335 7821 / a. / , L~YMIIIMIn J~/i4lr: H~' A MJsJ(I~IMI, VUI. II. OO :n-1(( Parr.mua Prau 1977. IrinrrJ in f rr.r Brir,~e r..~ ,~^ / ~ J~. 1 I Men -7$ ~ ~ f"' ~fa 1 TI , S, P, 1 /JOURNAL CLUSTI:RING USING A I3IBLIOGI:APHIC ~ COUPLING M1;1'1jOD/ ~~};2/v' 1:IGNRY G. Sstnl.lL and ~ Institute for Scientific Information, 325 Chcstnut Street, I'hiladelphia, PA 1'I1(K), U.S.A. a (ReceiveJ 7 April 1971) Abstract-The classification of journal titles into fields or speciallies is a problem of practical importance in library and inform:dinn science. An algurithrn is described whirh accomplishes such a classificatinn using the sint;le-link clustcring technique and a novel application of the method of bibtio{;raphic coupling. The novelty consists in the use of two•step bibliographic coupling linkares. rather than the usual one-step linkages. This modification of thc similarity measure leads to a marked improvement in the performance of single-link clustering in the funnation of field or specialty clusters of jnunr.ds. Results of an experiment using this • algorithm are reported which Erouped g9Q journals into 168 clustcrs. This scope is an improvement of nearly an ordcr of magnitude ovcr previous journal clustcring experiments.Thc results are evaluated by comparisonwith an independently derivcd manual classification of the same journal sel. The generallygood sgreement indicates that this method of journad clustering will have significant practical utility for journal classification. INTRODUCTION The concept of alForitlimically clustering or caterorizing journals has aroused the interest of mar.y menibers of the information science community. As CARNFNTeR and NaRIk(II point out, most work in the area seems to have been motivatcd by a combination of aesthetic a.rd . .. (~ prAticd'ljconJider tion,~~ : !'h,e; aes4hetic considerations include Ihe challenge of doing algorith- mically what has been a very non-trivial task intellectually--the classification of journals. The task is an almosl pure problem in numerical taxonomy, titat of partitioning a population on the n
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50335 '1822 .75 VIII Re-76 _. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPliLET 75 VIII Re-76 s.p. S.P. Knoepfler, N. B.; Neutneyer, J. ~ (U. S. Dep. Agr., Agr. Res. Serv., Southern Reg. Cent., New Orleans, La., U. S.) BACKCOATED 1•U1TTP.ESS TICKINGS AS A FACTOR IN MEETING MATTRESS FLAMMABILITI' STANDARD FF 4-72. 1 Consumer Prod. Flamability 2(No. 1) 70-83 (1975)(in English) I t *Keywords:*_ cigarettes. I ABSTRACT: The effectiveness of backcoatings for mattresiiickings in ~ preventing the ignition of mattresses by eigarettes is described. Thermo- resins as backcoatings function by inlerferin with heat transfer ~ lastic g p ` - ' -~--- - •--••'-- ° polymer backcoatings can be rated good, fair, or poor, based upon their i i i i i i i i i ti f i ~ ff ng c garette gn ng n preven on o m n -mattresses conta n ect veness t e 4marginally flame and glow resistant cotton batting. The most effective ~ ~ potyrner found was an acrylic resin which at an add-on level of 7.9% by ~ weight of the ticking prevented cigarette ignition of mattresses. Air per- ~ meabitity of the backcoated ticking is an important factor in the resistance 1 of the mattress to ignition. '. () I / (11 0 11 I ~ - ~-~
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50335 7823 vxz ho -ff Li v: t.:..c .'1~ Y1a71.o (Nb: 7~I iA hs ~u ~ l~Tu~ s
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50335 7824 e :BEITRAGE ZUR TABAK-SYSTEMATIK UND -GENETIK. I. SORTENTB;RKMALE AM DEUTSCHEN TABAK. (Botanical Classification and Genetics of" Tobacco. I. Variety Characteristics of German Tobaccos.), by P. Koenig, and L. Rave. Landwirtschaftliche Jahrbucher 81 (No. 3); 425-503 (1935) r0 ,~ ~ ~ r~ ~~ ; 1 (y ^ ~ . ~~ fl [1 ~~ i~ ± I a if Rl
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50335 7825 '_'2/y0 K 1:le r:ntdoc'.un, des reir,em Idil:otins in J~:hre 1528 an der Univexsitat Heidelber- Durch Ac:i- m:nn and Posse].t. Drmen, Arthur G•:3.st, 1940 90 p. 2!} c,~-n. ~~ ;; C) fl f~ ii i ~9 i~ 9
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,,. 50335 7826 ~:> .. .: _..Koenig;" =P:. '` e -TABAK: NICOTIANA L. (Breeding of Tobacco.) - A Review of the Literature,, by P. Koenig and L. Rave. Handbuch f. Pflanzeusichtung 4, 243-312 (1943) vi ,i (: n n if i ~ ~ / l'
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50335 782Z ..~~..., __ 7S £~ ~Peul~ :~,.0 'febejCS~ort~cn. ~mtt.r Eug.h IJUN`r~ 194$~ Y. ys p. xZ O,. C e :. I'v/ 9 1 1
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50335 7828 . . .,. . . _....___.. .,.,:,....._._..- ~..~._.._...,u...._.._.. ........__y :~ N"tC2 4- 3 Hl ~ r~ ,, ~ c~ w~r cc.o ca C.Lutmti a~ rzp h~ ~: o~~~ -~ I 3~! Q'Jo~ ~~''• XX 1fr F-D-3~-7~ . . - :j:ysis of t11c I ~ltivor of RuM D ~ ~'.is- :i 01 u ICI C11ro:zzaro~:-.~~-~~~~1 and Mass S~~ccL~-omcrly, 1 .,.~.,.:..,. ;.'~N-. :y H. M. !•IEnICa,~.:~C~116, cnd E. Et,YE[Z, Ccicnischrs 1rs-i:ut, Univcrsitcs TiiSingc;t, Gcr .r.cny The vol~tilr flcvor co:nponents of o Jomaica rur;~ It was analyzed directly by GC-1:S tain~ ::r. Lia3 ~uOG hove beeri cnctyzed by gos-litiuid chromctocrapliy and instrar:ent (colamn: 6 raeter :.: 4 mr: I.rJ., co,)Fct, tnoss sfectrcr..c-ry. Techniques oppliar: to prcpn:e puck-ed with 20o ct!tyie^e -1"1ycol-ais(cy:,:aet'r.yi senples for enciysis were: conder,sotion of heod socce on diator•.taceous eartk:, 60-70 -esi:;. vcpor, cxtrccaon oi run with n-pcntanc.cnd a mix:urc Prc•paration of !!zn•or cxtr.iccs (B): of n•pcn:coe et!^er (1•7;, pr,pcretiv, frectionetioas on (a) 40 1 of J:.:t: ica rt:^ tee:e ext:act.d icr sc•v- poclccd :atunns, cnd isolotion of ccids, phcr.ols, e:a! days with p:cdist:iltc a-pc^tPr•.c i:, a r.;:r-.,bor c•: lectCnes ....,. --cses From the n-pentor.e extract. Kp•.+rax- Clowif:ed Ku;scne:-SCeuf.'cl exi:::c:G:S. :.:e soa•C^: imcicly 200 c0:.'•pCnc•nis wQ:B tdentificd Cnd classifiQd re::SoVc3by careful (:iStill'otiG:, aL :ii;:0:: !.'C:C'ic into QstcTs, 2cr: s, alcci:ols, phenols, loctones, ccr- through aVIgrc;3x colu.^...^n unttl a resiei:e of a.:ou: t..... _-..tfnnv;l cq.-fo cas, _cctols, pyrozinc derivatives, or.d r•tl was Icf correspot,ding to MON, of t; c origia:.; ~ . . lJ 3 n . n t~ t~ 1 -9 - 4 . 2 ,
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50335 7829 FI2UCTOSE--PtI:TABOLISrt/ALDOSES & ALDOSIDES, ACETALS OF/ NUCLEOTIDES/NUCLEOSIDI:S/KOENIGS-KrORR REACTION/ GLYCOSIDES, SYNTt3ESIS QD ALDO1IExOSES/ Advallces•, in 321 Ad 1977 and BiochelnistrY Eaitc,rs H. STUART TI1'SON 1 1 . Ca rbohwcl rate C11emistrY DEREK IIORTON ; Volunic 34 i ~ 1977 , i ACA1)EAiIC PRESS New York San Francisco London ' 4 A Subsidiary of 1(areourt 1lracc Jov:.novich, lu6Lvhcrs u :~-cs 0 n o e I
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50335 7830 RC 681 Ko 1980 Central Int raction Betwe n _ espiratory and ardiovascular cont ol Systems Edited by ~~~S. M. Hilton • A. Trzebski Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York 1980 G~~ Cl o r1 !~~3 1 4
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50335• 7831 a ~, _._..__.........:.._........_.. _.,.._..... . . ..~_._..r..^ .,_, ; CARBON ~ONOXIDE/OZONE/TORACCO--SMOKIRG"EiNfIVE/ II MeAl 77 S.P; : JOEPSEL-;1_William Clarence.; 1945- SOURCES AND SI:`~KS OF CARBON MONOXIDE AND OZONE IN THE INDOOR ATMOSPHERE. Marguette University, Ph.D., Environmental Sciences 1976 ' Xerox University Microfilms, ,nnA?W.M,Chiq,h4e,oa ,~ i i () t~ (1 () 0 . .,.
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50335 7832 J S JCNK JHG46 P 73 ~aEUR J CLIN PHAf:MAC01,20 Correlation of Serum and Saliva Theophylline Concentrations after Administration of a Sustained Release Preparation 73-78(iyV) J. H. G. Jonkmanl•z;47M ~fet , R. Schoenmaker2, K. de Vries3, J. E. Greving', and R. A. de Zeeuw~ Summary. The correlation between serum and sa- liva levels of theophylline was investigated in seven healthy volunteers after multiple dose administration of a low dose (300 mg/day) and a high dose (900 mg/ day) of a sustained release theophylline preparation (Theo-Dura'). Tablets were taken for five days, at 8 a. m. and 8 p. m. and a last dose was taken on Day 6 at 8 a. m. Fourteen serum and saliva samples were collected simultaneously during the dosing period and for up to 32 h after the last dose. On the 300 mg/ day regimen the level in saliva was 55.3% of the serum level, with an overall variability of 6.7% and an intrasubject variability of 10.5%. After 900 mg/ day, the saliva concentration was 55.5% of the serum concentration, with an overall variabilit of 7.6% and~ an in~rasubject~ari~ilit~of 12.7°. A/~oo~corlSela tion was found between both determinations (r=Q99), which sugce sts that saliva levels coulA ')r- plasma and saliva over a plasma concentration range of 4 to 14 µg.ml-' (Koysooko et al. 1974; Levy et al. 1974), starting one hour after ingestion of a theophylline solution. They used the non-selective Schack and Waxler method (Schack and Waxier 1949) for analysis. Eney and Goldstein (1976) also found a good correlation between the two estimates 2 h after administration of a hydroalcoholic solution of theophylline. Galant et al. (1977) reported very low hour-to- hour variability, as well as good week-to-week con- sistency, of the plasma/saliva ratio in the individua' patient after ingestion of theophylline-containing capsules, elixir or aminophylline tablets. Khanna et al. (1980) found that monitoring of saliva theophylline concentration could be an alter- native to measurement of serum concentration in -r,^1PrjT1 :•,fanrs receivine aminoohylline (intraven- I e
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GwrrROenrr.r, Le~1 ~4~99-8 03L ]975_ _C~P-y1ig6t (9 1975 by The 14i11inms &\Yilkins Co. .a CLINICAL TRENDS AND TOPICS , XXII MeB9-76 S.P. I THORO'IiIArT AND THE LIVLR: A REItZINI3ER 50335 7833 . - • Vol. 63,_18o. 4 Prln ed in U.S . MITC13ELL sEL1NG':R, M.D., AND~JrtQ~J~; Hepatology Section, t'edical Service, VA Hospital; and the Dcpartment of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts The recent association of exposure to vinyl chloride and the development of angiosarcoma of the liver'•' may serve to focus further attention on mechanisms of chemical carcinogenesis, tts well as on the hepatic hazards of environlnentz:l carcino- gens. It is appropriate to recall that un~;i- osarcoma of the liver also has been associ- ated with an iatrogeniczliy administered agcnt-Thorotrast, a collUldll pyep;l{atio~ of~thc~1iul{~i dic.~'idet4-°T~is nf dio`- c•titte alCi radioopaque contrast nl;cnt had been cln- plt~ycd interrtationally l,:t~rcen 1928 a:nd had received Thorotrast for arteriography 23 and 30 years previously, respectively, and who subsequently developed the di Guglielmo syndrome and lymphoma. The first patient, 61 years old, when seen by us, had undergone carotid ar- terionraphy with Thorotrast in 1951 after a military accident. A calcific granuloma developed at the injection site and pro- duced a painful neuropathy. Five months prior to admission, }le developed prorres- sive weakness and fatigue. Pancytor,enia tlnre• :onsive to treatlnent with iron.
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50335 7834 Concessionaire Merchandiser 16(5) 10, 16-17 (1961) 80 II P0 S.P. POPCORN EXPERIMENTS FOR 19600 and JOHN C. ELDREDGE i Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station I This report to the popcorn processors and others interested in popcorn summarizes the test- ing program on popcorn in 1960 by the Iowa Agricultural Ex- periment Station, Appreciation is especially expressed to the Popcorn Processors and Seed Growers for grant . of funds which greatly aids the work in testing hybrids. I d
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50335 7835 r 1! ~~, ~r ~; l~ -.i,. lhe~d ( ~!ct~esct>~~~; y !~ ~: .. _ ~.~. Ii;oRer, Lti,t w:;;. 1~ ~i- ~1!::t'!i•~t: t21°i lt'll 'Lur 11C'1111%l`ll•hilum,.', or''a)11`i}lt:r mid Sfoffr:i•lllisi'he, von .~.'•.1(l~l'!r; !:otlpr 11))(i :1Aefllt.lJ i\C%flel'. Iun.-,bnick, t;nive:•=itiit5vcrla.g Wap;nc:•, viti, &3;) Ir. (p. 3:}S-3.U adt•Crilse!tic•nts) illas., talile'2. ?5 t':U. };e~tsed iwd espnndMl from the niimc'o;t•sp1,~d ed. in 2 v. _r,Lij. lr.. 1`:1I'i un,ier t;n" uut;o!ship ut At:Cilie:il i:+:fier. "Literatur" : p. 13'.Y,-381. 1. Alicrocllirlmistrc. 2. Chcn,tstn'. hrlranic. 3. Roilir,g-lmint:. L I:of1er, A&Ihei;l (.Sciiasrhek) li.'1•itle. ~.- . , liurvard linl'•. L!'!rarv, for Lit.r:!r5' uf Con,:rr-cs !51f~, A4S)-?i`,::' a ~_ ;~ ~ t 0 r1 0 i l9 1 9
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50335 7836 toftert AWelbeicd (ScAez4ek)::,; :;: - 4t au I{ofiei, Ludwig, 1891-1951. '1'lrerln o-liikt•o-lietlrodeu zti. Iiennzeichrning org:rni,-cl:er Stofi'e micl Stof)•-iremisehe, vron l.t,ciwi ; hofler mid Auc11ieid Iio9imr, unter AIitnt•beit voli l3rRnc}stiitt-c•r. E3. Au;!.; 1j"eilt}teim/13erL;~;r,~sse, Ver}an C}if1n.e, 1954. GOS p. illus. 25 cni. Puhlished in 1918 under title: ltikraNiethoden zur k:cuuzeichr~un;; organtsctier Stoft'e und Stoff-mamische (orioinally issued ii; 1917 unde; the authorship of :1delheid I:ofter) 1. :tiicrocLemi,t ry. 2. Chc•mistry, 4rf;onic. 3. 7. I:oiter, Adetheid (Schaschek) johrt author. rr. Titl,?. c,I1-22i.IU> L!Lr1ry of Gingress I11 J1 -2JIQ41 j a U :~ 0 0 n 0 1 7 9 2 0
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50335 7837 ~_l~fler~..;~dett~erd GScAas~hetV.MiKws~ip~isc~e„ }fo.^} i, v."if:•4%.:c)2, In0ti-- 8<f. .liwndtuch dcr wi4rochcmisc),::n Mcthcx?en; }hr;;. -%or I+rieczrich lleci.t und 11iic)m,3I I•:. 'f.;.chcr). Wien, `+prii:r;c: 1951.- c. !n Iltum. 25 c,n. Includc.°t hlb:iogrr.p ;ic-a. . t. T. 1. I'rii,:-rratice t;, der o:.:ar.:- schen C!,em!e, voa H. Liet; ur.d W. ScUn!ger. EilkroskopiscF3 blethoden, von I.. ?(o,tcr uflci A. LoLer. 1. M!crosccrlr= snd micr<>`copy--Tcchn!que. r. 'LacUerl, :,3i~•Lrel fi.. )L'Uai • Jolat ed. QII2Q7.H~ t ; 55-3C~3 Library of Cor.,;reea 12j 9 0 n n
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50335 7838 QU Luclwip, ib31- 2>1 liikro-\fetLwien zur I:eunzeichnung w•t;.utischer Ftofic- K uncl Stofl'~emiselte, von Ludwig I~ofler und .ldelhcid Iioffer. ]iinsbruck, L:nivcrsiti{tsverlar; Wagner, 1948. vtii, 3aJ p. (p. 33S-339 udcertIse:+tents) Illus., tablea. 25 cm. 1te.•fsed and expanded froni the mitueogrr.phect ed. in 2 v. pub. fn 1Sr17 under thv authursLip of Ade;lzeld Kofler. "Ltteratur": p. 13241~331. 4 I 1. \Ilcrocliemistry. 2. Chemistry, OrSunic. 3. J3oiting•points, i. I:vfler, AdeULefd (Srhuschek) u. 1'itle. ,, :.-n l A4v-31:3i" llaraard L'nlv. Libraryf., i for Library of Cun;;ress " (51fa .i 0 t~ ~~ t! 9 ? 2
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50335 7839 ' .2'=1 'l')urln~r.llikro-Jlethoden zur Iiennzeiclmun;; organiSeher 1~ StatFc luld Stoi}'remiscLe, Yon Ltuiwh; liuf?er und Adelheid 1954 Iio}'er, eurter AIit:n•Leit von ;1In1•ia R1•all(1st:itter. 3. :'1ufl.1 11'cinheim/13cr~strassc, %TCring Chemic, 1951. 6031t. illus. 2u cw. I'nblished in 1111S tinder title: "Mikro-Dfethoden zur Iiennzetchnunrg org:uniseher Stoffe tind StofTgenlische (originally issued 1n 1947 under the nuthorShiP of Adelhe:d Iiofier) 1. hticrocheruistr,c. 2. Chenlistry, Organic. 8. 33oiling-polnts, i. I:ofler, Adelhelri (Schaschek) loint author. ii. Title. Q11221.r i 2 1a5I ( " ) Library of Conaress "' th 54-29844 ; 9 2 3
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50335 7840 ~ - () ~t. i. , Flec ht, x<riedrich, 1903- ed. a xit,ndbuch der mikrochenzischcn 3kfetlloder ; hrsti. rcr H~ Friedrich Ilecht und 3lichaeI I-:. :GP.cher;. 1Vien, Spris,ger V. In 111m. 25 cun. Incl;tdcs blbIlotirnphies. (:oNzrr.rrTS--L'd. 1. T. 1. Pr",parr.t[ve Blikr:imcthoden In &r orfi;;ni- pcher, CheTn:e, von 11. Lteb und !'s'. Scltiinlger. Efikrosl:op;scJ:o BlcttinLQn, von L. I.oiler und A. I.otic:. 1. :tticroscope rnnd niicn.~scopy-Teahntque. I. 7.xcherl, Michael I+_,19!~,- }oint ed, ~ QFI20fi.Ii4 E; ~ 55 FO;~ `.. _ .= Librarv of Congrws (21 U 30 0 () 0 1 / 9 2 41
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50335 7841 e ;_ VI^Re9-81 ~r1Sj L~~. . Investi ~'J!'Qii~G~on3the YOccurrenceI> l. _ ations bf Nitromines in -?I r. Some Agricultural and Horticultural Products ~G[YO~OEp; ;OLE NEMMING 1 K. BRUNFELDT,' E. NEBELIN' and JOHS. THOMSEN' 'State ASricultural Experimental Station. Vejenvej 55. Askov, DK-6600 Vejen, and •Phe Danish Institute of Protein Chemistry affiliated to the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. Venliahedsvej 4, DK-2970 Hontholm, Denmark ; Contents tracted attention in recent years, since these com- 1 pounds have been shown to produce cancer or . lntroduction ~ 40 cancer-Iike tumotus wben administered to rats 2. Literature . • . . . . . . . • . • , . . , , 2AEzperimental investiptions, •.~ .. t.. .. 40 and mice. ~ . s. ..i ~ . 2.2 Nitrosamines and niu+osamides ./. ' 4/ _ ..... . k
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50335 7842 i : Kp~oed N~ nsa~ ~ Ot, : AIIthOr) -- ChanC, t. ON TNE ENERGY SaURCE QF A MAGNETlCAL.LYDRLYEN sH0OL1G 7U8Ei ~Or C,. 'r. Ot;hBncJ arxJ a. Kofced-NaASen wt asva Phys. fb IHa 2) I37 :;1-46 (Etb.., i.968)
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. ~t - 50335 7843 ~ . ~ • .. . _ . . ... .. ~ ~ ... . • - • , •. , . . . ,, . . . . . . - • . ,---..: ~ • . . P STA'TiST7CAL *7:TTif1c ! ' 1Ett :•RiVaACrIO\6 0Y rr:rLRMATtOY T11t:O1! . . ' f0t. IZ, 1r0. I ZIR-SO lAYOAaY M(1 ~ ~ ' Eleznent to 4 74 ITI Ko 'rjle T Jse ol an Ada tive Threshold p . r ; .ii Oiltt Cl Desgn a Lnearptma Lvaernassmer Ttibl'Orit1, SrE)tDER, IEEE, A\D G. T. CROiiER .tbsfrac(-Tbis paper derelops a tetationship between two tra- 1) There is a set of in pattern categories, denoted by ditioaal atatistical methods of utern classitier desi•n, and an }n s adaption technique iuvolving rr.in miration of the rr.ean-aCuare error ~~¢ (/rIr wa' r ta- ia the output of a linear threshold dcvice. It is c.hoKio that the tw•o- ~) Tor each category w, an observer is gi ven: a) certain tatebory clatsiticr dcrivcd by least•mean•sqnaro-aTOr adartiou statistical u>,(or:n:ttion about the patterns, ttnd/ar usicg an cquel number of sample patterns frotn eacb calegory is • b) a set of k, Aamp!e patterns known to belon; to equivalent to the opti:r•st s:atistical classifier it the pat:crns are thateltegory.Thesctofvmplepatterasforcaterory multit•ariote Gaussian rFndom variabtes baving the samc covariance w i° denoted b}• - (.1 • a~ ~ Yaiierc snatrix fof butb pattcrrn cateso:ies. ]t is also ESow•n thzt the classirier j" Xr tu .1re, ,e, r 1 ts a/w•ays equivalc•nt to the ela:siiur derived by T:• A. }is5er. the.Tff nre tt-dimcnsional vectors. A cimple modification cf thr. ]east-mea-•t-squarc•error adaytioa 3) A sC.11'ir function L(wi, w;) is defined on the SCt : proccdure enab:es thc adaptc:c siructu,e to converge to a nearly- f: X fl. Thi: function, known as the lo5s functiJa• optimal classi6er, even thur;,h the rumbelr• of sar,ple pattcins are deSct'ibRs the loss (dc•fined in sollte subjective Let:s°) not cqu_1 for the two catc!:orics. The usa o! tnir,i:n's:tion of nuan- incurred square error as a techni;ue for desivning classi5etz has t~~e added by th2 decision ]naker in ChU03ilt~ C ttc~Ml ~~lt~rt 111 fact the trUC C Nf_ ot i3 ~ v tr. . j'~ r ' advanle; e that it leads to the opci.mnl elassi6er for pattcr,:s evec %;hen ttc eovnrisnce tantrix is sicac!ar•_. OI) the basis ot this ststistical information at:d/nr a
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50335 7844 76 II Rei 76 --S,p, Jour. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 94(3)204-206(1969) A Study of Critical \utridnt - Levels in Pelargonium hortoruna, Cultivar 'Irene" -A. AI: I:ofrvick'= and O. R. Lunt, Universily of California, Los Angele. Abstract. The mineral nutrient rc- quiremcnts of bcrSlnlUnl, Pelnrgn- nium hcn•lorrnn, cv. 7rcnc', were stucl- iecL Plants were rro~~n in solutic~n o/%.. culture containing vary•inn quantities of N. P. K, Mn, Hnll Ca, or deficient Lt/ in S, li, Fe, \In, Cu, or Zn. I)eficiency symptoms of the elements listed are /d J clescribecl.'1'he mineral lerels in leaves ~~ which first show clcficicncy wcrc founcl to be at aplrroximatc incipicnt clcfi- ; ciency: N. 2.•I0 io; 1', 0.'_'S°,p; K. 0.620. C., 0.77%,: NIn. 0.14"-~; S, 0. 121, o; li, 18 ppm; rc, 60 ppni; Cu, 5.5 ppnt; 'Ln. 6 ppm; and \In, 9 ppm. Additional ittecl. 0 usc4ul ~tralyjiail/lat:[fnrc~prele S e
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50335 7845 t:'.iZ^r.C.q !•-•: r'' Z~t~~r 0"x +:~',::~~ : r', .: ~~ t,.j y`T C~ ~a(S:.+fliSli ~ ~'18C..~t~yA.~t~.~y .L S 1 ~ .• by F r'L.i4y~lla:f. Yo-f~hs3,qi.o c+«giurr:, anri SY.o•r.s I:aLa `~: Z~.3•-~ n2b -. n (~~u~iL . t .1 7htr)
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=. 1LJIi TRA_'~SI.aTIUI~ •TOBACCO--BLF.NDINGS/TOBACCO=-MANUFACTUR ENDINGS/TOBACCO=-MANUFACTURE AND TRADE=-TECHNOLOGY/ COMPUTERS/. RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION ~ $._; Kushnir, I. L. ~ *(no affil.)* -~ A NEW TECHNOLOGICAL TREND IN THE POST-HARVESTING AND INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING OF TOBACCO. ~_ Tabak (USSR) 1973 (No. 4) 18-25 (1973) (in Russian - complete En.-1i,n tianslation avail3ble) t /~.inear_programmint; provides a method for the +production of ontimal i• and more stable variations of blends for smokirik• products.' fitie method takes• ' .r. ,into'account.'not only the wide varieties of tobacco raw material and final ..cost of..the_ blend,..but.:also.other important..factors_..which.characterize..the: tobacco•'.••- : raw tnaterial, such as the'amount of nicotine and other properties re]ate.d tb the " `' quality of tobacco:~ . • i a .w....~ a~w^~-..•. ~.-,Rj•.,Q ...a.,...~:.....e..v.+•w....~... . ,...:.,....- +......~•r~-.r• .......•---•-'•,-~+----- ^^S' ...+•.; •..~-•,...~.r- ~.-....., .....+~-..~.....~,~. ~..._.. ,.-. .. . _ . .__~..• M!l<.•,~•i•s J, 1i . •~,•.. •:• ~.. . . , . . . . '-. ~ ~ ..•~K~ . 7 7 1~ (.y
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50335 7847 ~...~.:._..._.-. ...~..t .. = R3R-TRANSI.ATION-== =TOI3ACC0=-BLENDI;v(:5/TOgACCO--~Ul.~1UFaCTURr': AND~T~tADF.--T~CI~PrOLOGY/ " COTSFUI'ERS/ RJR CLASS NO. TIt.ANSLATIOy '>.4r ; Kushnir, I. L. ~ , _ ^~nv a1111.J-- PREPARATION OF BLENDS FOR TOBACCO PRODUCTS BY THE LINEAR PROCWL%SIhC : MI:TNOD ON IBM. Tabak (USSR) 1974 (No. 2) 47-52 (3.974) (in Russian - complete Engl.ish translation available) In conclusion, it should be noted that the material presented in this paper should be vieW as a first attempt in the application of the mathematical method and IBM computer to the solution of technological problems in the tobacco industry. The fullest realization of all possibilities in regard to,the pre- paration of tobacco blends will depend on the extent of work and search for new criteria related to the quality of the initial tobacco material and tobacco blends and their interrelationship. : ~ >.., r . -- ., ~. .,. - .4 .~ . 1 U.~ C3 n~1 0 1 1
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50335 7848 e 77 XII Re-81 NICOTINE--DETERMINATION(in biological fluids)/COTININE/ S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 77 XII Re-81 s.p. MO~~i~ °~~, Verebey, K.; Jaffee, J. H.; Mule, S. J. ~Stat~~ )ew York. Psychiatric Inst., New York; State N. Y., Div. Substance Abuse Serv. Lab., Brooklyn, N. Y., U. S.) SIMULTANEOUS DETERMINATION OF NICOTINE AND COTININE IN HUMAN PLASMA BY NITROGEN DETECTION GAS-LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY. Jour. Forensic Sci. 26, No. 2, 6-11 (1981) (in English) Human plasma levels of nicotine and its principal-metabolite, cotinine,w ere simultaneously quantitated by gas-liquid choromatography combined with nitrogen selective detection. Nicotine, cotinine, and the added internal standard ketamine are extracted from plasma at basic pH into methylene chloride, back-extracted into acid, atid then re-extracted into methylene chloride. Analysis is carried out on a pack glasscolumn of 3~ SE-30 while colume temperature ts programmed f rom 150 to 2000C.... U ... .ri . t.1 n t". ~ j - i i v, . 1_ 1 2
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50335 7849 I t.a:.~~~/ ~G :'.i.vC'-t<;t}` e: ~~..Li 4i`:.:;':~~•~.t~ Ci o,
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I 50335 7850 i I RC 49 IIa 1'q75 JAPAN/ Distributed Exclusively By STRESS/ IMethQC~ Iogy in . ,r~'~'' ~ ~/ ~lQ.l~1'1c~~ ~'~ ~1gue assessment Edited by K. Hashimoto INTERNATIONAL IDEAS 1ti:C. 1627 Spruce Street Philadelphia PA USA 19103 Taylor & Francis Ltd 10-14 Dtacklin Street London W C213 5NF 1975 , #ACROI~ E. Grandjean proccedings of the Symposium held in Kybto, Japan under the auspices of theKndustrial Fatigue Research Committee ofJapan Association of Industrial Health .; . a
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50335 7851 Kogishi, Fujiko ' (Jt "Autlior) Yamada, Hideo BIOPHARMACgUTICAL STUDIES ON FACTORS- EIFFECTING RATE OF ABSORPTION OF DRUGS-i II. FURTHER INVESTIGATION OF ABSORPTION OF DRUGS: IN MICELLAR SOLUTION, by Hideo Yamada; Teruhisa Ichihashi,: Fujiko Kogishi, and Ryuichi Yamaraoto: Chem. Pharm. Bull. 14 (No. 7) 786-88 (1966)- r :~ E"1 fl
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50335 7852 72 III Re-74 PARTICLF. ST7.E A°1A2,TSIS, I'AI'.i. I. PrI:SF.VTATIQN /ItiD EVALUATION OF PAF.TICLl: SI7.F. hi STRIBUTIO?z. - . S. P. t ur L.). rulgt: , E.•t'1"-. IJ11~ NI ~ uR TcCHIN ~ ~ ~ ' ~.~ i~LE~ ai2C, i~l~?J:T1~1,; ~ Teilchengrol3er1~3nalyse i ' 1.1. Einleitung 1. Darstellung und Auswcrtung von Teilchengro(3enverteilungen. 01 (d 0 K. Leschonski, W. Alex und$:Xogli~~ -' ` I3ci allen rni•eluusi,clrcn VcrLeltrc•n der Stofl'utr,wnndlung werdc•n ln•.timnrtc• I,It)•:;iknli,cho l:igrnsehnften von (Tab- disl,er3c•n S\ ;tr•rncn t;r•rintlvrt (1 J. I)ic \Icssun:; tier Vertei!unfi dicacr c•frartil,tr•riaku•lu•u ltlty,ikuli.;clu•n '1'cv;citcnciFanscatnf- tett ist die :1ufpnl,o clr•r '1'rilcIrcntru0cnanalyse, dio uuter andc•rcrn nuclr '1'c rlc I~ n~ruGr ncnr ilttcltnik, Kurnnnnlyse, lli5pcr.:itiitsaura:~c, 1)r<(tr•r•suitlunAY-:o cxlrr Grunulo:notrin -Ir 1° r article size analysis(I'art I --> (/ ~ t't~•Y.1_-i~,rt~~;v ~•.1.:. j•.CC t;~1~:;_ I ~ •~ : Irt ~rr Dio Einzelelemento dcr disparson Phase untcrschicdc•n sich in der absolutcn GroLto clcr zu tnc•ss(~ndcn Ric;c•nschuft, d. h. des Fcinheitsmerktnula, so dua diesc nach der UruOu dic•ser Eigenschaft gcordnct wcrdcn kcinncn. Fiir dio I)urstrllun); sind nicltt nur die GriiRo der Einzelclernento, cl.lt. deren Feinheit, sondern nuclt elio Mongonnntc•ile, rnit dcnen dio t•intclnen Rlns;wrt nrn Cesurntaufbuu dc•t Vertcilung I,ctrtL;;t sind, zu errnitteln. nt:bci konnen unterscltirtlliciLC \Ien~cn- Prtort vcr:c'endet werdcn. Ziihlt nian dia F.inaclcLur~ns. e
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.50335 7853 ssr.:a! ..w.. ~r~ - h e~ ~ 1cy Watday-er, l.1tI«s ;i:tl,ablich a« O::.lnZo; aic. r. ur1Le:, 5 131cI1t0 und `T8rU1I1dIlIlf-CI1. GUtt,lllgoil, K 1Ztlln-echt., 1951- v. lllny. 23 cm. iiiblio;;rri,;i:y : v. 1, p. S. 1: Cl:^u:Ltry-Dictl~~::arie<-l;er:nan. 2. (_;ermen tloi,nries-I•;n1•aish. 3. Geru+an l.~nruafi~-lllctiul,urier-;'mnc..!. S. Chemistry-- No:nenciatllrC. Z..Title. / QD5.hC6 ~ 15 2-30%,52 i, Ltbrnry o? Congrc.~s iii a i: ;~ E! 0 n 0 1 1 ~ :~ ?'
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50335 7854 5TRE$S/S.MQKI.NG HABITS--RELINQUISHING/OBESITY/ RGrossarth Maticek TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFE CT/TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/ TS ~ognitive~~e -altestherapie 2240 Gr kRa~~~ieri'~ e~Ch~t 1979 vltawbti'of'1d1ET~~1~S~ COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY, SMOKING, OVERWEIGHT, EMOTIONAL STRESS. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg NewYork 1979 . , 0 3 0 0 n 0 1 79 3A
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~ , . . 50335 7A5R =r SPE N0a0GRAPHS Injection Molding Irvin: I. Rubin NYLON PLASTICS "'~;,,,,,,,.q, - A ltrieydntetscience fublication - - JONN K1LEY & SONS, New York • London ,~.r,N... ~.:~~: ! Pbatici Department E1. du Pont de Nanoun and Co.; Inc. ._.._.._; • Sydney • Toronto .
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50335 7856 , PYROLYSLS OF PaLYMERSt A 8=19LXO6RAPNY 1946 various ly med ClearinAhouse for Federet Sc;.ent'f;e a 'fe,cbnioa In;ornat, ion Sprin~f~t.tdi Ia.< ~=~n U ~ .;~~~; s ~ 9
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50335 7857 : ltefe 'Q 123 i;ai~}eni>>dratreLcre L.ebensra*~e,, r. 5, pt. ; Ha , HANDBUCH DER LEBENSMITTELCHEMIE, edited by J. Schormuller. i { V. ~ 1965- i Springer - Verlag New York 9 4 ~
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50335 7858 Re A RJR CLASS NO. PA.%IPHLET IX ?"eAl 72• S.P. ?ialo:ay, G. (i;a_ve:s:tat F?ariburg, Pharmakolo;iscaes Institut, H:.nturg, Ger.) S'::-'DOSI:'M. •. Staub 3~ (ao. 4) 131-142 (Apr. 1972) (in German with Er.glisa sur..:-ar;) :•ientior.s smoking. .
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50335 7859 ( t! 0- l.-tc. ! • i: ,I ! IX Re2-80 CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING IN THE OPEN AIR. S.P. , , Aus den Instituten fur Grrichdiche Medizin der Uni.-ersitit Graz (Vorstand: Prof. Dr. W. M.IRESCH), der Universitit Tubingen (Direktor: Prof. Dr. H. J. M 1,1-lA( ts) und dem hantunti- spital St. Galfrn (c~ :arzt: Prof. Dr. H. PATSCHt tj*R) C<<- L~. ,",,,,~„,,,.. ,,~~ .~... .~. Die I~ohlenmonox>t:d-~er iftung im Fre>Ien Von E. P. LEtNztN6ER, H. J. MAt.EACH und H. P."TSCHFIUER (Eingegangen am 29. 11. 1979) , 2xsammenjasskng: Ausgehend von 3 Fallen soil darauf aufinerksam gemacht werden, dafi untt:r auGergewiihnlichen Umstinden im Freien auch an die Moglichkeit tiner Kohlenmonoxidvergiftung gedacht werden soiltr, wenn sich tine }:ohlenmono- xidquclle (z. B. Verbrrnnungsmutor) in relativer lahe dec Verungluckten befunden hat. Wegen ihrcr zusatzlichen Wirkung mussen sowohl A'k Aolisicrung als auch t:n- terkuhlunp Brrucksi:htigung finden. :~ n 9 4
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C:!R1j0::/CAfiI%O:1 1>IOtIAI:/CA^BG:1 *'O*•:OXIDF/ xrr• QD 151 Gst 1973 6CGAVNDET 1•0N LaopolC Gmelin Gmelir) Handbuch 50335 7860 aer anorganischen Chernie Achte volliyl ncu bearbcitae AuOaye fy.~nstoff , • - - I t NAUPTRCDAKIEUR . DIESER CtUERUNG Teil C 31v~~ tD CO2 +CF2CO Wasscrhal!ige Losung^n von Kohlens5urc, Carbonat-Ienen. Peroxokohlens5uren Systern-fVummFr 14 Krista v. Bactko REDAKTEURE DIESER UEFERUNG Kri:la v. Baczko, Anna Bohne-fveuber, Geria.i iiar.tke, Ludwig Roth, Hildegzrd l'Jendt WISSENSCHAFTLICHE MITAf:bEITER Krista v. Eaczko, Erna Br.:nnecke, "Aarianne Dr66mar-Wolf, Johannes Fussel. Inaeborg Hinz. Gerhard Kir;ehstein, Pauf Koch, Margarete Leh1-Th.alinger, Hilde L i;t VERLAG CHEMIE-GMBH-1YEINHEIM/BERGSTRASSE-1973 ...1.. __~-. -..k... _._.... .-. r? ~--t-._.- k : a
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7 XI Fe . 0 50335 7861 ~ .`i...iil ' `~~...,~..~... CIGARETTES--GERMANY/TOB-ACCO--GERMANY/CIGARETTES--LESS HAZARDOUS/ TOBACCO--ANTI-SMOKING'LITERATURE/ TOBACCO--ADVERTISING/ RJR C1.A: S NO. ?AM?.Ii.ET 77 XI Fe Feser, H. ;•Kohler, Bi; Rehm, W.;.Schmidtke; I.; Schievelbein, H.; _ ` Vogt-Moykopf, I. . ` *(no affil.)* < CIGARETTE SMOKING-DOCUMENTATION. _ *(Zigaretten Rauchen Dokumentation.)* ; Suddeutsche Verlagsgesellschaft Ulm, 28 p. (1977) (in German with , English summary) ~ The anti-smoking publication describes the overall consumption of , cigarettes and tobacco products in Germany for the years 1970-1974, cigarette ' advertising, various reasons for smoking, methods for the withdrawal from smoking, alleged health hazards of smoking and antismoking campaigns. • • ... _~. t/1 ~ .. _ . _ . ....,~. .. 9 - 4 I e I %
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50335 7862 ! d ~*771~~ -1 t # -i . FOR T ~~~~ _ '.~~ Fourth F.-ditSo:r , ~. . .~,~,r ~"~1. 'MM3of e r Pf;El1'TICI'-11.-ILL INC., Engieirood Cl%,fJs, tl'eto Jersey ~ ^ : , :r~f'~ Q 4 t7 n f1 C) 1/ 9 4 6
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50335 7863 ..4,e . etezi, Q ita- 7JO 9~ ~ • . 80 II Ey-81 S.P. CASE REPORTS MOTOR MANIFESTATION OF CONFLICT IN IIITTERVIEW: A CASE STUDY' ROBERT B. MALMO, A. ARTHUR SMITH, arm 1NERINirit X-BbYtI:MEYERI P Allan Memorial lnslilule of Psycbiotry osd McGi11 Unioessily -~ - M vsct.E-poTExruL recording from pa- tients undergoing interview has proved useful in the study of symp- tom mechanisms (1, 3). Recently, Shagass and Malmo (6), using the method of continuous electromyographic (EMG) recording during psychiatric interview, were able to show a dear relationship between interview content and localized patterns of muscle tension. In brief, they found high forearm tension asso- ciated with conflicts over hostility, and high leg tension associated with sexual conflicts. with the help of an abortionist. Subsequer she suffered a hemorrhage and was treate. the Royal Victoria Hospial. Her pregna tests were ambiguous and a curettage carried out. The patient was seen by a psy atrist and referred for treatment in the Ir tute. Family history. The patient's father, 6: pipe fitter by trade, was an alcoholic i frightened his family often with his drinkk although he was not actually violent w: intoxicated. In the frequent quarrels betw Q;; n () n t i 1 7 9 4 7
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. _..a. ._-__ r. .. .__ ~z...w:~ ._.._. .., 50335 7864 _._.. . _^.._~ .... ._._~»~......:...~_,... ~__ti, ..~.~ ..I ""- nte T- Ca a 3 -. 13 °?IACr.t;?.TF.!:/r,I.ur•.~ r•':rIES!'3Ri1CCOL I./ ~ ~~ ~ ~ •, r;S S"=jI'! f;r ANIi:E/,`:.:A.~~.l V.GLS/.~LA , r,r. I L'.~!` " I l:Cj: :^; ACi C~~'k f:i1~~.'.SII~S/ r::1VT.=~?.OL'• P i'.Sit.,nn, C;•iS /C:a l . .:F:~. : ;..~~ .... . .,. .._.., .. BRUSSLL.°, St 'i i Cf)R~~ C1.TI:I T T':R.RIl:S/D,.•I~i.'' ,1 4~ / COLLAFnS , /..R~.~ EIGS.% F'RUZT A'~ Ri Sf ;R~~: _FF JI'T KOHLP.e.$I ^J :`?:GF:=1?iLF: FIL".t DI2FC'i0?'.Y; iLIC•~!OSF•RF%R VS LETT~C~./ •. crx SI'~': ?`~:LC`:S!pL':EAPnL ti;S!p[_1~~tS-r~ti~ES/PO:IEG?.4`:ATES/P~i PF./1CHES%.LEA'tS/• t> ~• ;,R L%ASPBF.RRII:S/ShALLOTS/SI'I:vACH/STP.At;'Ii1:P•.RII:S/ TANrr:LOS/;:ATER CR+ SS/L':~TEn::ELC~~ S ^cl ^r"GES . u .t ~ Ct~ . f~ ~ `' ^ S -I :a. ~.T Cr. h~.•~~ , ~• U .•` '•, ..:~...:... .. ..L:i G -, ^ EY v: _ ~a. _. 1 l'T v '~` :1 ` T C: S /Ti~'r ...a S c t,T r ~:i.t~I 1 : L' i~ ` ' yi~: FEYI E :.` I i~%-I '. • I 4,.••u e ^^~ AND POL:~TE^S/ - Y x~ =~?-G- `y,~ i j .~ A*,U iTG .h..LE £..Cl,, ~ .w , . ~... . .. ~ ~ . _ ~j 1= t'..v..t~,3L T:.t~,3L T:T: i.SSf1i.TA,~O:Tr~~_~=t~"Y`.L~I:~ ? ~ Tr ~ ~'S: ~ ::I.•ED t~r:.;.ii FRilIP Q.~ Y il (T n i 1 I f 94 n
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50335 78(i5 -a _ _._- . _ . . . : _ _ ... GERMAN T.ANGUAGr--DICTIONA.RIES--POLYrLOT/F*'.GT.TSIt LAVCUA!:E--DICTIONAR:F.S--POLYGLOT/ FRF.PTCH LANGUAGE--DICT.I02'ARIES--POLY~L~T/RUSSIA*J T.AP'GtTAGE--DICTIO~!AP TIES--POLMOT/ SPANISH LAKGUAGE--DICTIONARIES--FOLYGLOT/ECON0~IICS--DICTIONARIFS--POT.YGLOT/ 2' 210 Ko 1976 GERMAN RUSSIAN tNGLISH FRENCH SPANISH ~ . DICTIOMART E1  A ~O w i. 0 I~~ n I" (m i- ~' ~~ E C 05"" m 00", m I C !50 edited by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Kohls'- with the collaboration oIe loland Dippmann Walter Gutidi and josb Va11s Ponzoda 1976 A. W. SIJTHOFF INTERNATIONAL VERLAG PUBLISHING COMPANY DIE WIRTSCHAFT LEIDEN BERLIN 0 3 ~ 0~ t~ I 1~4 9
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1 50335 7866 PESTICIDES--TOXICOLOGY/ HERBICIDES/ Mechanism of Pesticide Action SB ` 951 Editor Am g~.'~~~' 1974 VACS SYMPOSIUM SERIES L A symposium sponsored by A M E R I C A N C H E M 1 C A l S O C 1 E T Y the Di~~ision of Pesticide W A S H 1 N G T O N, D. C. 1974 Chemistry at the 167th Tieeting of the American Chemical Society, Los Angeles, Calif. April 2-3, 1974. ~ o ;; r.;n n~I t I y5
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50335 7867 Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory Cincinnati OH 45268 ~~ Research and Development EPA-600/S7-81-032 May 1981 United States Environmental Protection II MeAl-81Aeency SP P oject Summary 4\sbestos/Asbestiform Research in EPA ORD J,Jjj]K~~nd Michael R. Taylor This report sunxnarizes the current effects of the EPA Office of Research and Developmgnt I~ ratorils to pro- G ~~ (1, n fvider;lstate-of=the-7rrt iesea}ch and '~ d l a eve opment regarding asbestos and I the workpiace, or from exposure to contaminants In iand, air or water) by the sharing of information and the development of consistent regulatory policy. This report is intended to up- r _ 1' ~ ' asbestos-like minerais. ~ .. . _ _. , date EPA's iaboratorv reserrch.n•-
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50335 ?868 I Me -81 S5P. COMPUTERS AND BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH 14, 91-102 (1981) / A Convenient Computer Program for Estimation of Enzyme and Metabolite Concentrations in Multienzyme Systems LAWRENCE E. MENTEN*, ~~~ ~ •".110HIVTAND DAVID GARFINKEL Department ojComputer and b#J'ormation Sciences, Moore School ojElectrical Engfneering/D2, University ojPennsyfvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Received May 19, 1980 A! A computer program, DEMOS (for Decomposition Mode Solution), has been written to estimate the chemical concentrations and rate constants in a computei model of a multiettzyme system such that it accurately reproduces the instantaneous kinetic state of the system. The entire system is defined in the BIOSSIM simulation language as a set of chemical equations with associated concentrations and rate constants, and the language generates all necessary FORTRAN subroutines automatically. DEMOS estimates the parameter values in a metabolic model by formal optimization subject to user-supplied constraints and weighting. The definitions of the kinetic state to be matched by the computer model and the unknown concentrations to be estimated are expressed in the DEMOS input by a simpk and natural syntax. The program includes provision for input, output, graphical display, and a simple but highly flexible procedure for interactively altering the values of rate constants or concentrations and redefining the optimization problem. DEMOS is a "friendly" proSram which does not require computer expertise, and it is inexpensive to use. 0 3 0 () 1`11 n 1 7 9 F-: 02
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- -- 50335 7869 Energy ~~~~~rmation Resources An Inventory of Energy Research and Development Information Resources in the Continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska. Compiled By Patricia L. Brown, Clarence C. Chaffee, goWrt°#Rbtin, Joseph B. Miller • BATTELLE COLUMBUS LABORATORIES Sponsored By OFFICE OF SCIENCE INFORMATION SERVICE NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION American Society for Information Science 1975 ri rE ~ l 9
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ivns~,uv--wMUKING--CARE0IV MCIKOXIDE CONTENT OF 1iL00D/ 50 335 7870 TOBACCO---SV KE--NICOTINE C1Ti 14* / I , NICOT NE,C --ABSORPTION/ . NICOTINE,C~ --METAEOLISa--HUMAN BODY/COTININE,C14--METABOLIS*1/ TOBACCO--SMOKE--INHALATION/TOBACCO--SrtOI:ING--HEAHT, EFFECT ON/ 79 X Ar RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 X .1r Armitage, A.; Dollerv, C.; Houseman, P. J.; Turner, D, %, Cir~~t, QiSt : Gvnecol. I F.ol al Postgr~1: ~fed. Sch. , CJ.in, Pharmacol. l~azleton Lab. Europe, Ltd,) ABOSP.PTION OF NICOTINE F:OM S2LaLL tirCIGARS . Clin, Pharmacol. Ther, 23 (No. 2) 143-51 (1978) (in English) *Keywords:* nicotine, cured, constituent: nicotine, smoke, constituent; ' _ nicotine, smoke, side-stream, constituent, i : Thc ubsurl,riun njnirntinc jrnrn cic;urs rt•rrs u:rncurrd in 7,nulr .c«Ihjccl.c cr/rn rar/r .cm.Ard i ~ u.cicrAle srnu!! cigrrr cnntuininA c'C•nicntinr. Tlcr l,roj nrtiun of r,irr,tinr in the rnnin.crrrurn i ~ smnke dc'lircrcd to t/u• crnnlrr's nnnu!h c+•n.c grrutrr thun dmt ub.ci n•cd jur cil;urcltr•s. Gut I, the prnPurrinn rf nirotinr in the cigar .crnnkc rrhinc wrrs rct,unrd br the smnkcr crns w4uut i the surnc. 77ie lntul dusc nj,ar.,tinc rr:uirud c urirrl.l,rtn•rc•n I rurd 4.5 nng. Artc•riul pln.crarr rnnc'entrntiuns cjrucu:inc u•ere ns lciglr as d;nse achicvrc! GY cigurcttc smot ing ~ but rnsc nrnre slmry. Srrmc ricotircJ'um s+nnll cignrs is u6srrrLrd by irrhnlulion njtht ~ sr.urkr into the !cu{Ss nnd sornc_bybucrnl a1>su,ption. --- Cl ~n n t~ i~ i7 9 S .1
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50335 7871 _ ~_ a._.,.--~~ ------_- --_•-_-_---- , - . -~• NICOTI2.'E--ABSORPTION/ TCBACCO--S:•tOICING--P11YS7oLOGY/ 72 IX P.e1-77 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAP1PHLET 72 IX Re -77 a.p. Artnitage, A. K.; Dollery, C. T.; Houseroan, T. H.; Kohnor# E.>-H ; Levis, P. J.; Turner, D. td. ; (t•iRC Clin. Pharnacol. Res. Group, Royal Postgrad. Med..Sch., London; Hazleton Lab. Europe, Harrogate, Gt, t3rit.) ABSORPTION OF NICOTINE BY MAN DURING CIGAR SMOKING. ` Proc. B.P.S., Jan. 5-7, 1977 (in English) i 1 -~ F k *Abstr, in: Brit. Jour. Pharm. 59 (No. 3) ,• 493P(1977)* ~ cotine in cigar smoke is thought to bc absorbed mainly from the buccal mucosa, facilitated by the ~ alkaline p1i of the smoke (Armitage & Turner, 1970). This process is much less rapid than alveolar ~ absorption following inhalation of smoke into the lung. ~ Cigar smoke is more irritant than cigarettc smoke and is thought to be inhaled only rarely. The lower ~ mortality of cxclusive cigar smokers compared with cigarette smokers supporls this `supposition ~ (Hammond, 1966). However, the rapidity. and completeness of nicotine absorption observed in the ~ present study raises the possibility that some smokers can inhale cigar smoke. If habituated cigarette smokers retain the habit of inhaling smoke when they 1 switch to smoking cigars then they may be at particular health risk since even small cigars contain ' more nicotine and tar than the strongest cigarctte/ r i C' ~~(~ ~ t~ 1 7 9 ~ 5
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50335 7872 III D.tz-79 S.P. Appl. Phys. Lett. 33(9)8J7-9(1.918) -. Observation of :AratcsphE;ic ozone fayer by aXeCl lase-r rac;ar Osamu Uchino rintl Milsuo Maeda Departmcrt of Electrica! linginerring. Fa:aty of Engineering. Kyushu.(hiiversity. Fukuoka. Japan ~`i"9~~f alcashi Shibata, Chikao Nagasawa, and Motokazu Hirono D:partment of Pny,Fcs. I•irculty of Science. 3:yushu University: llakozoki. lfigashi-ku. Fukuoka 81?, Japan (tLcrcived 1 AuSust 1975; acccpted for public3tion 24 August 1978) \Ye obscrvcd the stratosphcric ozone la}•cr by a nesvly designed tou•crfi!l lascr radar using a differential- tbsorption tcchniquc. A di.chargc•pumpcd \cCt cxciracr laser with a 30S•nm seavelcnSth was uscd as an emittcr in this system. Thc observed ozone eonccntrations in an altitude range 16-25 km are in good agrcement with those mcaaurcd by radiosonde. The present s5stem is promising for thc continuous • monitoring of the stratospheric ozone eonccntration because of the simplicity of the construction. TACS numbcrs: 42.6S.I)b, 94.10.Gb, 42.60.-v. 94.10.Pa The stratosplteric ozone concentrations were mea- liminary utilization of a quite different type of laser as surail by using a fre1uency-cluub:cd output of the dye a h•ansutittcr of the litlar systcrn, tlte output power of laser based on the differenlical-:tbs•ori,tion-lidlr lech- whidh is not limited by efficiency of seconct-harmonic n4que. t-t In ihe present letter we shall ciescribe a pre- generation. i(ecenlly, efficient high-power rarc-t;as 607 /~>!. P~ys. lk1t. 3i/tt), lrnovdAber 1E17f1 • Q:103i79511`/'it/3300 0ft07S00.50 Qla7ff llnierican Institute ot Physics 607
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50335 7873 RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION t.Ko~ner:M: , xiatsuo, T. ; Yamaguchi, Y. ; Sai to, R. ; Sa to, K. ; Tomaru, K. *(ito affil.)* ST :)ES ON A1,UMINUri PI1oSPHIDI: AGAINST STORED TOBACCO INSECTS. (III) ; APPI,ICATION T1:ST OF I~I i1 'f~'P~~~AY.~7rI~NUM PHOSPHIDE.Q Nippon SembarkoNa Chuo Kenkya Hokoku 1974 (No. 116) 35-42 (1974) ~n Japanese - complete English tran,lati.on available) *Keywords:* aluminurn phosphide, tobacco, additive. 1 Somc charactcri4irs of e new q'pc of nluminium phcx, hidc drup, viz. tl:c dcco:ntunition ralc, tho 1I papcm of gn.~-uus shrc.+d;ng frrnn opcm•d .varchuuse and the a:nount nf ltlto;pl:ine or alumininm / plxephi,'.e in furni;;aic,i tof,aao lcavt_s or drug m.-iduLs, werc aerrtjincd i4 thc act.al fnmiy;ation ', practices of tobaao t:arclwuh. Thc furnig:dion vr:,s earried out undcr lw:h of the rclativcly eool, 1 dry :md w:aru., hu:nia clinntic cunditions. U 3 7o (1 o i / 9 7 7
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50335 7874 T+~'/-ii-.SLAr.,e.,V RJR CC.ASS' NO. W~P-I3Y:£Y' yXo1ino;''M: ; Saito, R. *(no affil.)* STUll1ES ON ALUMINUM P}lOSP1JIllE AGAINST STORED-TOBACCO INSECTS. (IV) .w. :TERMIKAI'ION OF DOSE ANI~ }:\~~i.S1iRE T~:fl~ SUITA3LE FOR~Tii~'~tIGATIO~IN WAREHOUSE. ori ~os Nipp 5embai ha Chuo Kenkyu liokoku 1974 ~Ivo. 116) 43-4$' (1974) n Japanese - complete F.nt-.lish translation availr:ble) *Keywords:*_ aluminum phosphide,,tobacco, additive. 7'hc lcmpcraturc Jqxn.Icncy of thc Iclh:tt cllcct of ,q'dro,;cn 1,lu.,it6ulc on cit;arcuc IKCtIc pupac tros iavuait;.uad u..ing ncwl, dcvix•cl fu:niV.nion a pfr.vaut. The kll::d tocicily o( hydtut;cn pho,plticIc ni 10'C wis luund ln cl.tnls con•.pi-:uou.ly mmharing tcith ll.o~.- of ot :'.0•C anJ tlwvu Y0°C. (ht llm athcr loml. L.,th of lhc c:yx+;urc pctvKl Md lbc lqdta;;.n p6.N.thidc .•ua•t:tctti,m vrl-ic6 were rcrptir!YI for the Irth:d cI(c.•t wcre rrdurcd with titc clt~:diun of lhc tr,n+urratur.•, and it .cas espc-cialh• much .igni(ic:mt t4 abu•ic 20'C. Yrotn dKx r.~tJu uLt.tinJ, eombin<vl u•idt thc • ~I cun•i.lc•ration :J;out the tt:ta/ic.ui.rn r:HC ,,! aluminimra pl:o>.plti.lc u+:dcr dif(ct.nt t. m;x•ratutt :uld ' humi.lif~, a 1t.m:LrtJ t L!c f;i: ir.g u sait •!,Ic t;:,a cn:rcrtration arnrl jx riod fnr Icu:i,;ai .ct hy thc ~ dtut: in tuLn,co v::,t~l.uu>vc t~:!ti ,-rupo-.Al. x1975; No. 17; W 6122* xd*_--_ Tobacco manufacture (agriculture): _ U 3
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50335 7875 , TD6f)CO /Y1pTy1ePHr_&TA4 VII CoA2-76 _. RJR CLASS 2:0. PAt1I'HLET VII CoA2-76 s.p. S.P. Hirose, T.; Abe, I.;,1CAhho;::M:; Suzukiq T.; Oshima, K.; Okakura, T. '(Central Res. Inst., Jap. Tobacco Salt Pub. Corp.; Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd., Jap.)' THE USE !,OFjiICROWAVE HEATING TO CONTROL INSECTS IN CIGARETTE MANUFACTURE. -_ Jour. Microwave Powe,,.,.r 10 (No. 2) 181-90 (1975) (in English) The application of rnkrox-nre hcating to Aill inseets present In tobaceo shreds usrd in eigarctte munufac7ure has been rxn,nined. A eons-cyorised nricro- wnve oven was used for the experimrnts. The test equiprnent design was , buse•d on mrasured powe•r penc•tratiun depths in aetual shreds and followed , preli,ninary tests erhich are described using a redesigned donustie rnicrowave oven. Abuur 13.000 insrc7s at al/ stages of lAClanrorpho.tis (ct;g. lorva, pupa and + odult), in the general clu.c.4fie•atiun af e•iArrrette• brrtlrs and tobacco rnotlu, were era,uinrd in six gru„ps uring three kvcls of initial shred temperature. It is concluded that the lrthal effects are mainly due to the rise in the temperature of the shreds. il 100% rnnrtalily i.s achieved by raising the infiial shrcd trn,pcrature from 20' - 53°C. It'hrn the initial temperature fs higher. ~ a higher final ternpcratr,re i.s required; for e.can+ple, an initial shred temperature t of 30'C required a final untperature after microwave heating of 37°C. The + inshdlation of a n,iciuwuve conveyurited heating systent follo,ring a conventional 1 sl_ved drier is_p_rnpnstrl._ 4 U 3 i~ 0 9
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50335 7876 III Du2-79 S:Pe : l. Ge..-eer Acee_`-.:nn Ho. Reeipient•. Cnte:nq Ne. ~ NAS - `1a~e Design Study for a High Resoiution May 1976 Ozone Mapper G. PS'Rwe erlorminy O-ponir+rr46. Cede 1. AvrAor(s) - 8. rrr/o•m]nq o,e,.,rar,on Report tt,. j. Decker R. Wegant (BI) ASEl3_93J_ _ 9. Perlerninq Orqaaitetion Name ved Addrest 1110. Nork Ueit Ne. . American Science and Engineering, Inc. 95S Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02139 12. $.snsorinq Ayency Nuke ond Address Dr. Donald F. Heath, Code 912 Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, Maryland, 20771 11. Centroct or Gfonr Ho. NASS-22326 F3. 7ype of Reperr and 1'eriod Covcred Final Report April 1975 - May 1976 .. spansa.iny Ay!nc, cade This report contains the results of a design study for a High Resolution Ozone Mapper (HROM). Using the present Backscatter Ultraviolet Instrument (BUV) aboard NIMBUS 4 as a baseline, point scanner mechanisms and spatial multiplex scanninq sys;erns were compared on the basis of sensitivity, field of view and simplicity. This comparison included both spectral and spatial scanning and multiplexing techniques. The selected system which optimally met the performance requirements for a shuttle based Instrument was a 'pushbroom" spatial scanner using a 15 eler.lent photornultiplier tube array and a Hadamard multiplex spectral tican. The selected system yjasisol c~ept~lall~l d9ig~qedo This design includes r3y traces of the monochromator, mechanical layouts and the electron'.r block diagram.
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50335 7877 XX MeC7-78 S.P. -ffects of Tenl erature and Concentration ~he Relative P Sweetness of Fructose, Glucose and Xylitol/ ~ ~ p / ,, z ~n.m N'w. .. s..e..a. u,. _ i~.~i_nr)J Lea N)s•tiucu, Itakcl Rurkclad Pirjo AferLnaa • -,- ~ A t a .0.) Uclrrtnunt of Fuoc Chcro stry-and Tcc~by, Univ ssity of f Iclainki•F-00710 Hclsink^ 1 hinland) ~~ (Rccei ved Fe6ruary l, 1977,• Ac•cepted February 26, I977•• hvt 067) • The effect of tcntperarrue on tLe sweetness ojsrecrase and on the relative stveetness of fntctose, gGreo.cc and xylitol compared to 3, 10 anr120`b starose referc•nces rvrre drrerrnined by an espcricncc•d taste panel using a jorced-ehoicePaire•d comparison meatuJ. 7'lu• effect uf eonccntration on tlic relatire sivecrness ojthe sK-ecrencrs was also estimated. The sweetness ofsucrose n•as about 10.rb loiver at n frigc•rator temperature (S °C) and about 10% higher at 30°C as compared to the sK•eetness at 22 °C. Temperature hnaa noticeable ir fucnce on tlre relative swcetncss (!fructose. The ef ct ojeoneeruraGon u•as not signifeeant. The relati ce ssveenrr•.v n rgl:rcose d ff red onlp sligluly u•ith rhe ten y,erature, but the relati ve sweetness u/glucose at higher eoneenrra• tions was signifecrauly greater than at the lower concentration. At 3° and 22 °C the sirrcruess uj.i2diml at lower concentrwions iras near that ofsucrase. At the higher tenrpenrlures (37 ° and 50 °C) the rclari ve su•ec•tm•ss af z)'IRPl N'as snnlCM•hat snlallcr. 7'he relati vc s ireelness af.\)'li fal was also greater at h igher eoneentratians tlean at S% le•vcl at etrry temperature studied. . C3 :~ ~7 0 n i-j . I / 9 r~ I
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77-_ 4 ° xx Mea 7a The Relative Sweetness of Fructose, Glucose and 3 /,r, ~ 0 t S.p. Xylitol in Acid Scilutions at Different Temperatures ,C.4 ~ ~ l./. 1.es lly.bpe.", R.kel K.rkd.,~~ud kt.lj.•IJls. Ab•Kdja Dep.Ament of Food CAemiury and TteRnnloay. Uaivetsily of Ilehinki, 007101iebtinki 71 (Finland) (Ree+HrrJE'ibnr..y 1.1977,• Atrr/ted Fe1l.aay 24 1977.• 11.t 416) 7>Vr trWMweirretaep rfOwttox. rtrc.w aad icyftud le citric. M.lie .w1 apAw*6o.le.rlAwlwNn...t n.o e n.eraaalew krrtt.,.I .r nfidr eM.,.ftA .n/ Aw Id.4 uiw"..trres (o/7++s. 6•. 1J• .nd 30•c) were eza.nlwi+r by tnlnre aue pwrl ralwa . ,~+e.kA.k t /.In I e.ny..u.w .urAot PLMK JMeI/llif.,fht JMlloMM'tJ !q t7t'l& JOIMfIOnt MWIC Inottlr.Iwasl rlmllar to dn tn wtter iohtlau.t eanrmwl hM inerae t>iU arlraM.,wwoaxW y/itirreur' NNb t$KSr (71).nI xjw.t (10)) Mt n sG.rlo. «.aa» M.y.roiurr .n/.efrijera.. ,Nttrnwrrw At AM I" Mnrentwr tAr sweernesxr wvne wvbuak 93. 6Lnd 80 nqrcrhelj. Lm ewkwMnHoAr y.eib enMweef aMjAty tAe swwaeu y~irnaoe io/vdau r/sw trmweratrn. I/.reve., tAe iwtvtweu of flmMfewa rMo+rlly.elitr.r not~t aawyermn r.ns.r Aa awt , ewye..rwnr !At ufrM nmwftnm ytAawe s.Aulats ren sllgMlr n*celly.ckA !i. trl.Wr,a+nntant.f apNmr,olrtbn, w, sy slrjAtr,•.rshorl y.crlF in M.zt e.sm As the Arjher re.rr y..pt.arAwte.dl a+k+INrwlow Mt nwrMta of xyKal aelWfoiu wt ta"l.N.L 7XJ:.cNe.rxds tlgwyk.wt re+dectlae !w the iwwtwu.Irrbtd M blM ot x~Hra.rw Kwpvrnar. rad.f Aa.H.R tenysnNnr the arretsea rar .ery• slpykvnrly higher rn tArpA.Vbwlc.efl MIti" ql.uln rAeart~nr+w~~W&av..MrbM . 0 3 e--& -0 0 1 1 9 b2 ,_...__ ......... ~ A
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50335 7679 XXII MeBB'8 S.P. C u p1~t,UlL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE VOL 19. PP. 1625-1637 (1973) ~ yiorpllologic Changes on Processing of Polyblentls of Saturated Rubber-Reinforced Plastics ; Central Research Laboratory, Toyo Soda Jlanufacturing o.`Ltd-, Shinnanyo-ahi, Yamaguchi-ken., Japan . SJnopate l~mioar peeling is often observed on the arjection-molded surface of the saturated rubber- so&Led plastics (EVASTAN), which are prepared by oopol,vmerising styrene and acrylo- :Wein tbepresence of etbylene-vinylacetate copolymer (EVA). However, the delamination e.rely oceuta upon higher grafting and croselinlting EVASTAN with preactivated EVA, which lrptodent unsaturation. The microstructure of tbese EVASTAN resins was observed by ieebw microeoopy at the end of polymerization and after processing. It was found that the Idrrm.tion is caused by the agglomeration and deformation of the EVA particles and is Irewated by increasing the stability of the part{clea by grafting and crosslinking. ( I I / 9 6 :3
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50335 7880 81 II Na -V-$ - CHANGES IN THE CHAWCCTERISTIC IMPEDANCE OF MAIN WULMONARY ARTERY DURING 100% 02 INHALATION AND ERGOMETER EXERCISE 8176 MC270 P 889 Toshivuki Nakaii Takashi Haneda, wmio NA KA T ~ ` ~ Shirato,' Ab xp,,KpivA, Tohru Arai, Masaharu JPN CIRC J 3a ~(pJ Kanazawa, Ken Ishikawa, Hasatoshi Ohe, Hitoshi Kanda, Ryoichi Hashiguchi, Tomofumi Himata and Tamotsu Takishima ~ The First Dep. of Internal Medicine, Tohoku Univ. School of Medicine, Sendai Although the characteristic impedance(2o) in pulmonary artery(PA) has been thought to reflect the physical properties of PA, little is known about the acute alterations by interventions during exercises. Main PA pressure and flow were measured with a multisensor catheter in 17 patients aged from 14 to 54 y.o.(mean 35), and analysed with Fourier ~ method. The Zo of PA was calculated from the average of the impedance modulus between 2 and 10 Hz. Hemodynamic values and plasma norepinephrine levels(NE) were measured during pure 02 inhalation(0z) in 8 patients and SO watt ergometer exercise(Ergo) in 9 patients. e nReay1 ts jelov~ re IIpressed i~ .ean±SD(+~p<0.05 ~ ~ l1 Q ~~.he~kompated Eo bedte)1? ai 02 Ergo before 10min before 5min 2o(dyn•sec/cros) 73133 53±30* 47225 62!38•
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50335 7881 TOBACCO--CELLS/TOBACCO--CULTURE/ ~ . . .. _._ - - -- - .~. ,.- ,..• ... , . . • . •. 78 VII Ka RJR CLASS NO. PA.*iPHLET 78 VII Ka Kato, R. ; Matsumoto, T. ;WIiaaWW.1; Mizusaki, S. ; Nishida, K. ; Noguchi, M.; Tamaki, E. • (Japan Monop. Corp., Cent. Res.*Inst., Yokohama, Jap.) LIQUID SUSPENSION CULTURE OF TOBACCO CELLS. Proc. IV IFS: Ferment. Technol. Today, p. 689-95 (1972) (in English) *Keywords:* nicotine, green, constituent; caffeoylpurtrescine, green, constituent; • p-coumaroy]putrescine,.green, constituent; ferul.oylputrescine, green, constituent; auxin, tobacco, additive; kinetin, tobacco, additive; 2,4-D, tobacco, additive. ~Calli~ses ~v~crc indiiccd froin iiiore ihiiii 40 spcTcs ~ of A'icofia»a plants and their growth responses to { auxin (2, 4•D) in agar and liquid media (Linsinaier & + SkooZ, lt\l-l9G•l mcdium) wcre im•cstiog:rtod. Of the i ape.cies hivestiFated, the callus induced from N. ,/oLcncin var. }3Y•2 %vas most prolifcrativc in cell 0 X - 9 t~ ~
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50335 7882 CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY/TOBACCO--FLAVOR & ODOR/ TOBACCO--ESSENCES & ESSENTIAL OILS/ 80 VI HaI RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 80 VI Ha Hamashima, 0TWWx-Z *(no affil.)* TOBACCO AROMA AND TASTE AND ACIDIC CONSTITUENTS IN THE ESSENTIAL OIL. Okayama Tabako Shi Ho 38, 97-104 (1977) (in Japanese) Steasrvolatile acidic constituents of various tobacco samples which are judged as aromatic semi-aromatic and aroma-deficient by sensory test were analyzed by gas-chromatography with the glass capillary WCOT column.... a 0 3 0 0 n 0 1 7 9 66
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50335 7883 77 VI Ia , . . . .. . - I .S , ~ewssiCCT.+lw1',+sv.•..wa~w...ve.4•.ca•ll)i)!ltiV\l~~LiLi~[~L,JThJr~~'lilaiF•~1J ~-...~<......•....-...... . ...n...w.«._.... _-...........s.•...._.-...•-._".. l~ ~i.71, CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 77 VI K3 , 7A Kidaki, T. ;;taeda, S. ; W.IWAX;~'lW".l; rlikami, Y. ; Sasaki, S. (Central Res. Inst., Jap.) TP.ANSFOIL'`L'1TION OF TOBACCO ALK.1LOInS. 26 p. Confidential manuscript submitted for publication in :Beitr. Tabakforsci (1977) (in Engiish) " r v•rfr•:a.[~t~ 'T..r.a~....~': . .-. .. . . .. ~ T:1i is a review of the work en t;ze transforrnation of tobacco alka I - c.:::-. ~~hich taee teen carried evt in ,JTSwr*^ ~ '+.....r.:.f ~ s /GCA/ e
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.50335 7884 l. . vier ort • o an iom ic ress CARDIOVASCULAR REFLEXES AND INTERRELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN SYMPATHETIC AND PARASYMPATHETIC ACTIVITY ~ 80 II Ey-81 .S.P. MARK KOLLAI an __ _' _._ -~~ • - ~ Department o/Physiology, Senimelweis Medical University, Budapest (Hungary) and State University o/New York, Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11203 (U.S.A.) ' ~ Key words: cardiac vagus nerve - cardiac sympathetic nerve - reciprocal control - non-reciprocal control - tonic activity - autonomic . reflex - neural control of the heart -autonomic nervous system Simultaneous recordings from vagal and sympathetic nerve fibers innervat- ing the heart have enabled us to study relationships between activity in these two autonomic nerves. Our recent studies, as well as those of others, are ~ reviewed with respect to tonic activity and reflex actions in these two auto- nomic efferents. Discharges of the two nerves in relation to blood pressure pulses and to respiratory cycles are reciprocal. During slower fluctuations of hemodynamic changes which occur spontaneously such as during Mayer , waves, a reciprocal relationship between activity in the two autonomic nerves is also observed. On the other hand, in reflex responses both recipro- ,..-~--r---...._ _.____..__._....._.. .._ _.. .._...:~._. ~.._. ~_...... - - a 0 3 "0 n n n 1 7 96 n
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50335 7885 --- 770 [ITL a,53YS: 1975sr. [J: Ferment. Technol., Vol. 53, No. l l, p. 770-779, 19751 ~ 1 he Relationship between the Ability to Reducc 2, 3, S-Trihhenyl Tctrazolittm Chloride and r~~ma Formation in Various ' ~ .~.'' Strains of Sa/e Ycast T°~k~rlC~zumi,. Masaharti"Suzuki; and Nieiji Suzuki 76Lr~e . Department of Fermentation, Tokyo Uni.rrsity of Agriculture 1-1-1 Sakuragao}:n, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Twenty-thrce strains of yeast were isolated from fermented sak~-mash in small seale trials at four saki factories and our laboratory, of which 19 strains were recognized as sdi yeast from their morphological and physiological properties. Those yeasts were classified into threc groups by 2,3,5-u•ipL•enyl tetrazolium chloride over lay method. We obtained 6 red colony yeasts, 12 pink colony yeasts (5 reddish pink, 3 pink and 4 pinkdish white) and 1wl.tte colony yeast. Thc relations betwcen the ability to rcduce 2,3,5-triphcnyl tetrazolium chloride and aroma forming property were as follows: (1) Alcohol formation in red colony yeasts was slightly greater than in pink colony yeasts. (2) Thcrc were wide differences in aro:ua producing ability between test yeasts. Without exception, red colony yeasts were considerably stronger than pink colony yeasts. . The order was: red colony yeasts>reddish pink colony yeasts>pink colony yeasts>pinkdish white colony yeasts. (3) Pink colony yeasts had the strongest ability to produce organic acids, especially r e 0 3 0 0 n 0 1 7 9 A 9
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. 50335 7886 i.c; 3.c ncid, v. 13.. 4D .A.dvlnce : in cnrbolzl'dr.ite chemistr,y. v. 1- 3Z1 A'er: York, \. Y., Academic press inc.,1935- K c. diagrs. 23; cm. anaual. Editors: 1435- W. W. Pigmut,; M. L. rr'olfi om. 1. (:arl)onT,1-drates-Tesir-Lool:s. z. Plgnmn, William Ward, 19l.C~• ed. rt. «'olfrow, lUelcille Iawrence, y9!X1- ed. QD321.1s2 .ri47. 3 45-] IS51 L!brary of Cb::grms t56g21
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50335 7887 ivII • -.11....-~_ +4 .e R+ I `J..• .:N4i:JT~ -- :Fu j ;(1968) w f?t2 vatl.,°:. 0 .300 ~ r~ 1 197 1
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1 S 50335 7888 VI Re9-79 S.P. ~ [Gann, 69, 77-8•1; Fcbruary, 15781 ~ e t ~ ()lt( \()'I'RnP1C: 1:F1'f•.C'1' OF N-IIiS(2-i-IYnR()XYl'ROPYL)NI'1'RnS:1IvIINE: 1'!tO- 1)U(.:I'I()N ()1' I.UN(: :1N1) I.1VI:It '1'11.1()ItS 14Y 1'l'S ()KAI. A1)A[INI1'/'KA'1'i()N , IN MICE _ .00 I I I Yoiclui Korttsttt, I lirnmu KONDO, Slcoji Itvw, Ayumi 1)Lxun, 'I'ucnikazu Itct:vn, :utd']~.'~y~llfnlc~ 7FflKb:")1K'*-4 . Ih/Kirtincnt uf Oncolugicat Pathulogy, Cicnccr (:enlri, Nara 1lecliral Unitvr.iiy 'I'lu organotropic cffect of N-bis(2-lcydroxypropyl)nitrosaminc (DF-IPN) orally administered to mice was studied. The main tat;Scts for the clrcinogcnic e/l'c;ct of Dl-IPN were the lung and liver, with tumors incluccd by doses grcater than 100 ppm DI-II'N lur 16 wcrks. The hi.r;hc-at iucidcncc was seen in liver vascular tumors including hcmangioma, hctrruigiocndothclioma, and hcmanSic,enclo- tlcclial sarcoma in mice treated with 1,0UU ppm 1)I1PN. Lung tumors wcre alveolar adcuoma ancl adenocarcinoma. No p:uccreatic tumors wcre li~uud. The present results suggest diut the carcinogenic respousc in mice to 1)11PN was similar to that in rats and guinca pigs but dilkrent from that in I,antstcrs. :1 3 E2 n n~
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50335 7889 VI Re -79 Proc,eedings of the Societ5"fdr Experimental :3idlogy and Medicine ,saus-r,,,wn,t Mutagenic Properties of Nitrosated Spermidine' (40145) S.P. ~ M_O,HAN°~ KQ1~A, _ UR, MICHAEL L. 'MURRAY AtvD PELAYO CORREA . Departments of PurAaluS,• anJ Alrcrahiulugy. [.uui.uana State Univer.rity Medica! Center. Ne»• Orlcun.r. Louisiana 7(1ll? Recent work on the etiology of gastric can- cer and its precursor lesions has focused on the hypothesis of intragastric formation of mutagenie carcinogenic N-nitroso cum- pounds (I). The hypothesis calls for ultimate (direct-acting) mutagrns-carcinugens which may be formed in stomachs with chronic atrophic gastritis. Under such circumstances the gastric juice is consistently less acid than in people with normal mucosa, usually around or above p11 15 (2)Many experiments of nitrosation of a va- riety of amines have been carried out to test this hypothesis tiut most of them have yielded products that require mctabolic activation usually carried out with liver microsomcs (3). Attempts to produce uimors of the glandular stoma in' x•rm aI :r imh1s w~h st ul tancou~ fce~ing uf~uneg anJ nitrite have not been successful; the tumors in such ex- periments a^.,..... ...W.r.. ...,...:......... 9 film and tested for mutagenicity at the end of 10 min incubation at 37°. The product mix- ture was a clear and homogeneous solution with a yellowish color. The effect of thiocyanate (SCN) as a nitro- sation catalyst for spermidine was studied by adding 0.1 ml of a 1.2 Af aolutiun of putas- sium thiocyanate to some reaction mixtures. .4fulugettichy. The mutagenicity test as de- veloped and described by Ames cl a/. (l0) was employed to study the mutagenic prop- erties ol' the nitrosated products of spcrmi- dine. The reaction products were initially tested on strains TA 1535, TA I00, TA ! 530, TA98, and TA 1537. Positive results were ob- tained with strains T.11535 and "1'A 100 only. Strain TA 1535 was chosen as the test orga- nYm Cdr the remainder uf thc study because the background was lower (5-30 colonies) than that of TA100 (100- 130 colonies). The ~r - Th Ps
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III Meg-80 EXTENT-OF-EXPOSURE SURVEY OFY~ZTHYLENE CHLORIDE ... Joel M. Cohen S,p, j Robert Dawson k!~'~Kolcetsur SRI International Menlo Park, CA 940: Contract No. 210-76-0: U.S. Public Health Service , Center for Disease Control National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Division of Surveillance, Hazard Evaluations, and Field Studies Cincinnati, Ohio 45226 August 1980 ar ..1s by Ihe up.rlnt.nd.n/ af Doevmat.. U.O. Osv.r*.MM ltMtllM Ofbea. rashlngton. D.C. 20402 0 3 0 n no 1 7 9 7 4
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50335 7891 Piicsro-- ; fiLn 2ao. 96 KYOPaOSU RAZMANNA 7 NAKOpLENI YA EPINVOGO MAStA U MMJSkA'TN4G0 SNA LF02 (SALV?A 9CLAREA ). (C'oncern ~ the. For*at ~tr~ and Accunwlat~ on of ~ss~n£ial.~"i .in Se~.v;3 SclOna..~ Eksperinvnt*t'nay a 8otanike Akedi Nautk. 8ot, .Insto Tmdy .1 (Jio, 4) 30-77 (M)38) - 7n R,ss -ar), Zrotisk tr8R3lation Of 3urrlsr.y rweilable - 5ee, p"h tet w 1o. 0~ t1 o n tl 1 7 9 7 ti
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50335 7892 ,'d'.E ~6 (3) 4? 9.3-?(~9JV J. • V. V. SHAVGULIDZE. I.::M.'KO:CORASHVIL:. E. G. GIUNAc-HVILI . 76 II*Re -7 ~ 2 -P. • • ~_ Sp OLAROGRAPHIC DETER~~!IIVATIOiv_OF ROSE-. c,ERA;..;~rr~~,- ..aIVD SWEET BASIL OILS Summary 3~/1 The feasibility of determining the quality of rose-, geranium- and sweeE basil oils by the polarographic method is shown. . 1T6D6iJ6'96J - RI4TEPATYPA - REFERENCES 1. T. A. Kptoaosa, C. H. CNHxKOBa, T. B. Ar1e4lbeEa. IIOJIAPorpqpNYc`G:Hff ai+a- aua. M., 1959. . , . . •A
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50335 7893 ~ ----• 1'rom thn Institute of Food Tec/Inolo.ay of Plant Orio n, .1RTiculturat Academy, PoznaA. Poland Aflatoxins in Foods and Feedstuffs. . ~~ 1. The Fluorescence Micro-method ~ ~ , of Aflatoxin Determination in sohttion~j ~ Y J. CNELiCotvslct, B. GODLEtt•sKA..~:~RQ~Q$~.IA7Sq X• STEBIOTI:O and M. «'IEt~IOROt~ S40 -i1•4(/S_t/•R~ ~. p " The fluorescence micromethod of aflatoxins BI, B:, GI and G= determination in solution is described. The amount about o.t µg of aaatorin3 Bl and Gi, and o,ol µg of aflatoxins B, and Gs In one spot after elution with methanol can be determined, .vith nccuracy about S°;. The results of described fluorescence method are in agreement with results of spectrophotemetric, f fluorodensitometric and visual determinations. Avery• strong influence of light on r=sults i of aflatoxins BI and Gl determination was stated. Photodecomposition of afla:oeins Bl and i U.inn no:: l l:9 Die aahrun3 i8 > 1974 ~ lI9^23 - - ----- ~c- -- II Me-74 S.P.- Gi to several photoproducts was observed. .11 ' : • In our previous paper(tj we described the occurrence of aflatoxins in grain crops and other products. their biological effect, methods of determination and detoxification. The methods of determination of afiatuxins are based mainly on their ability to light absorption and fluorescence emission. The quantitative analysis by fluorescence method can be effected by .•isual evaluation directly on the chrum.1toplates, or fluorodensitometrically. Bccause of its subjrctivity the first method gives inaccoirato reeults. The secnn~~~wg,,~D r- 7 7
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5033S 7894 qA3s- 8 ,' DIa NnhrnngT =g t r t97 t s7-37 Frotn the in.titnte of Fecxl Technology of I'lant Origin. II Me-75 . Agricultural Aaldemy, I'oznah, I'oland . S.P. Aflatoxins in Foods and Fccdstuffs. • ' Part 2. Determination of thc aflatoxin B„ B„ G, and Ga contents in Grain cropsl J. JAMlCKr, K. SZLalOTKO, .M. KOKORHIA% M. WtEwidROVVSKA, CRLCKOWSKI and B. CiODLLWSKA The simple method for determination of small amounts of aflatoxins (about s-io µg/kg) was : described. The method.+•as adopted for.+•heat, barley, rye and oats. Difficultien of aflatoxins determination in cereals are discussed, mainly observed during purification of extracts and~ tesolntion by TLC. Different tests were compared for confirmation of aflatoxins in cereals. ~ 7J Results of cereal cropg. control for contamination with aflatoxins are presented. . ~iCSf'~~ . The differences between results obtained in collaborative studies on the determination of aftatoxin In corn are very considerable, especially for samples of corn with eontent of toxins lower than too pg per kg (18, 21). • 14,JLA- ~ ~ Standards admitted by «'HO, on contents of aflatoxins of about io pg per kg request the elabora- ' tion of eonsiderably more sensitive methods. The detection as well as the precise determination of M -•1-•-i.+% in a •amnle creat.c additionally analytical diffie•iIties. In the greater - 0 3 0 n n t7 1 ~' 9 7A
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50335 7895 ~ hi~iCahrnnF a _? -- -,07.) tRS-1,j1 , ~ .` . From the instituto of hood Tccltnoloby of I'lant' Oribin, Agricultural Academy. I'oxnad, Poland ~ II Me-75 Aflatoxins in Foods and Fccdstuffs. ;. S.P. Part 3. Fluorodcttsitomctric rncthod for dctcrmination* of aflatoxins M, and rI, in Prescncc of aflatoxins B„ B„ Gl and G,s p . As aflatoxins NT, anti hT= usually accompany aflatoxins Bi, B=. G, and G, as wcll as their other mo- tatolitcs present mainly in milk antt milk products it is reasonable to determine in the samples . affcctcd by wnuld simultaneously all six mentioned toxins [[. 3. 8. 9, so]. To achieve this simulta- ncou.ly the dctermination of all six toxins has been carried out in order to choose the most eonvenicnt method for extraction, purification and ehromato;raphic separation. Further more there have .. been examined the fluorescent properties of the aflatoxins Dii and bTs in solutions and on ehronfato- ~ Aflatoxine. Bestirr.mung The method of aflntoxin. ltEl and 1`T. dctermination in presence of aflatoxins I3t, i3=, Gt and G, is prccentcd. The fluoresccnce properticsof atlatoxin bfland !<Siare discribed. A simple method ~v af aflatntin Tf crtraction is proposcd. Results of different tests for confirmation of aflatoxins hf arc disuicscd. 1?uring control of powckrcd milk from three factories aflatoxins M were not o detccted in final roducts 'N- • K. Szastosuo, J. Cn¢t.t:owsxr, lti. 'KoKORSrAx4 W. SocetsuA and IM. W1RwlGROWSKA 0 ;; o n nn 1 79 79
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50335 7896 ,3{`Semmelweis Med I nst6eref Phutr 4wt;c-qi Chem,fty; O I. erme s. CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS LIQUID 81 III PalCHROMATOGRAPHY/ Acto Phorn~. Fenn. 90107-116 (1981) DETERMINATION OF PARTITION COEFFICIENTS AND HYDROPHOBIC CONSTANTS BY ~ FOR INVESTIGATIONS ' O. a C. :dc• K' 7K Hank -'V KR . Retention indexes of 19 pirido-pyrimidin compounds having pharmacological activity have been determined on four type of stationary phases lOV 1, OV-17, O V-2S, Carbowax 20 MI. It has been pointed out, that the difference in index values measured on two stationa phases /nl/ is in connection of liquid-liquid partition coefficient o~ke investigated compound. Linear correlation between wates octanol partition coefficients and ol values has been found and explained theoretically. The best regression coefficient /0.9796/ was obtained whenolCarb.-OV-2S values were correlated to water- 0 3 0 n 0 a 1 I9 a 0
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50335 7898 X°: 1::-F-C- ^.•-75 . T _ INSECT Ci12T!'ROI. ON ORNA,•ZN'lAI. PLANTS I974-•1975 ~,. MunitGtia Dept. Agri. Publ. 271(Revised)12 p.(March 1974) 1J1SLCT CO.dTROL ON VEGI TABLES 1974-1975 Manitot,s. Dept. Agri. Pub1•. 279; (P.evised)10p. (1974) INSECT CONTROL ON FRUIT PLANTS 1974-1975 `' Manitoba Dept. Agri. Publ. 266(Revised)12 p. (March 1974) ... gY : - f. 1;. >rOern~a.t FROMR OF fNTO.V6OIOuY "fAa Universi:y of Moritoba, Winr,ipefl an. O. S, SJd1TH and+~i~~~~ ENTOv,O'..OG15T5, • Manitaba Geportment of Agriculture WIN!JIDEG, MANITOBA ~~ sr1,...ily of Hen. Sa.wl (:.GP.. M:nitl.r .f A.l`ic.:4s Lnled by R. S. E..,t. Ov..w: Pdeter Eer M..Rob. l,zt= t !?'+= c 3 n n n n 1 7 9 P2
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50335 7899 '1 g 'IlZ Py-$ I J. Chem. Tech. Biotechnol. 1981, 31, 327-332(it) a.:9,L&A~' 8018 LS909 P 327 KOLA J CHEM TECHNOL D IOT Effect of Ammonia on the Thermal Decomposition of Ammonium Nitrate ~,AndrzeJ Biskupski and Jerzy Schroeder Institute ollnorganic Technology and Fertilizers, Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland (Paper received 26 February 1980, reuised 23 July 1980 and accepted 4 September 1980) The effect of the partial pressure of gaseous ammonia on differential thermal analysis and thermogravimetric curves of ammonium nitrate has been determined. Observed ~ •~ t.~ari~t~onsp~f thf1herr~al e'c t ai~d d~pmp"sition rate constitute a basis for consider- ~ tng ~he factors whicfi defermine the decomposition and equilibrium of exo- and endothermic processes.
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X. Lcbcnsrr,. Untcrs.-]'orsch. 1 57; :12:3-:326 (1978) g~rgnianu, ltiinc tcnT3~---`-" 76 iII Po Nonenzymic~l3rownin` , 50335 7900 ~~- ;tl. I:.fi'cct of Frcc Xinino Groups onlS;ros.ning; Rcactions in.Lipiti-Protci:1 ' " ' !lliztures /. '-!. Jani1'olcorny, Baclrclclcan Abdclhalc:imI :1-'1.canj, and Gust:tv ~Jani~cl.~ Dopsrtmcnt of l'ooc] Chemistry, Prague Institute of Chcrnicll Technolog}•,1'raguo (CS$::) Received July 12, 1974 rFuniouary. The course of Urownir.fc was more rapid in mixtures of 1 olyunsstnraicd fr.ttv acid esters with cascin th: n in thosc of the r;amc lipids w•itL formslclch~dc-ttcatcd'cnacin or with an iacrt 'unorganic sub<.tratc (U:iriutn sulphate or saliunt sulhhatc). On the contrnh•, the contcnt of oxidation products (l)(.roxidc. and akichn•tlcs) was much Li;hcr in lihicls mixed with formablcltrdc- trl•1tC(1 c8xrin or t5':th inorganic snbstr:etcs. Thc results obtaincd mith albumin were :imilar..Che ratio of red to yclluw picments was hi-Ohcr in mixtures -witlt non-treated cascin than in the other two in\•esti~^,:ItCtl reaction nlim-llrCs. ];IUWn pi~ti,IllCntaZ contained only low percentages of nitrogen. ' lilirollACtil~ri Foods corltnliUllg protcin and polyunsaturated fatty acids become brown on storagc. Thc. brom-ning is pronounced in iiat (1. _'j a::ul mal;l ,~cstcmu of sir.iilar c•otnixi.ition (a, .9. In a pre. \•lott., 17111Pr [51, 1L \4c1., sl:ow!1 tl.Qt, t1K: br0%1;1:a.', is 1-VtlilcC.1 by lntlYactlUn of 1`ro:C'1'i with oxi- dized c ithcr with idtit•hydcK or.,with o:hvr l:}•dror.'roxicic ckcrm;losition proiact.. In MliiI Inl rcactinnm wLiril :irr ••ear•.:ni,:. „r ~.,r ......,.i . ,.,...,, .,r .•.... ..~ u,.. ... ,. ., r .L.. ' • ,~ . ,el/g i,t t? ri o I ; ;~ ~ ~
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50335 7901 Arch. Y-oxicol. 39, 51-63 (1)77) 77 II Re-•7R S.P. . Some Aspects of Metabolic Activation of Chcmical Carcinogens in Relation to Their Organ Specificity°`' J. M. Margison' A.cN... TOXICOLOGY (c by Springer•Vcrlag 1977 H. Bartsch, G. P. Margison*`, C. Malaveille, A. M. Catnus, 0. Brun, and - Internntional Agency for Research on Cancer, Unit of Chemical Carcinogenesis, 150 Cours Albert Thomas, F-69008 Lyon, France ;KAjari and M. Wiessler Deutsches Krcbsforschungszentrum ttcidclberg, lnstitut fdr Toxikologie und Chcmothcrapie, D-6900 Iteidelberg. Fed:ral Republic of Germany , Abstract. The role of organ-specific, enzymic release of allcylating intermediates in detcnninino which tissue develops a tumour in response to a given N-nitro- saminc has been evaluated on the basis of published data on the carcinegenicity of 62 1Y nitrosamines that induce tumours in speciGc tissues in rats. A good n()corqelatiqh wv nqtFd l~ehveen the metabolic capacity for N-nitrosamine activa- tion andthe orgar~ in w'hich tumours are induced. A relationship was also noted between the localization of carcinogen activatintg enzvmcs in rat tissues and the
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50335 7902 TOBACCO--LAW--CtECHOSLOVAKIA/ RI ToB..-78 S.P. RJR CLASS NO 78 t PA"iPHLET XI T B o 2- s. p. , Kozak, J, ; Bajan, A. ; Kubik, A. ;~WIT"`J!; Krivanek, J. ; Strnad, M. (Chest-Clin „ Kutna Hora, Czech,) ANTI-SMOKING LEGISLATION AND THE FIGHT IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA. Scand Jour. Resp, Dis. 1978.(S102).15_7-8 (1978) (in English) At' pcesent there is* no law in Czechoslo- ZY"lhe camPaign against smuking is j ivakia which would cotnprehensively solve regarded as a serious social and ecunomic ~ all of the aspects of-the problem of smok- , problem. For this reason, it is intended thad t in and its effects u on the eo le s hea~th /, the efforts made so far will be coirticiued' -g~ ~ - p-P ,--- with greater intensity. /J _ ~_~
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50335 7903 HEART--DISEASES/ATHERO CLEROSIS/CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE/ LIFE-STYLES AND HEART ISEASE/ STRESS/TC®RARR9mxiDEgbI;IldRxx6dkARl;xmfrRkx TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEAR , EFFECT ON/ RC 681 Ma 1978 COMBATING THE #1 KILLER The SCIENCE Report on Heart Research Jean L Marx and Gin= Bari Kolata-' ~ With a Frstace by Jeremiah Stamler, M.D. . . low An'+erican Association for the Advancement of Science I ~ ;0 3 kb 0, A I
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E 0 INJATULD Edited by IR AW ~t`. ~U .~Ia.cs~c Department of Agricultural Chemistry Washington State University 6 0 :i (1~ Q fi , "T" ..`f' 93, O~~ - ---- . .r ~- -- Af..,~.,.,.. .~.-... 1o7a
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50335' 7905 L 0 INTERNATIONAL COLL'OOUIUM ON GAS CHROMATOGR4PNV/ CHROMATOCRAPHIC A.4AT.YSIS--GAS CHRn"tATnGRAPHY/ , 0 QD 271 . Ko 1977 3 c. Perkin•Etmer Bodenseewerk, rJbertinqen FRG Edited by sWunaftWx HCY[]EN A~~li~'d MeadwaCe ~ Gas Chromatography LONDON• PHILADELtH1A• RMEINE G 3~ 4 n o 1 l 9 8 9 . '+
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: ~,-.. ,......._ . .; : ~ Q ~ Ln ~ ~ 0 ~ TRANSLATION: u . ... Kolb, W. ,. K. BaumBartel, and G. Dreschhof f: POL0:IIUM • 210 CONTENT OF SMOKE CON- DENSATE AND TOBACCO. (Der Polonium 210-Gehalt von Rauchkondensat und Tabak.) ='"= Published in the quarterly reports U.o:weZtradioaktivitat und StrahZenbeZastung, u Vol. 3, 'No. 66, p.165_i70, Dsc. 61 1966 Fzrl.y in February, 1964 the re1 earch division of t.he~/Cigarette Industry Association cor,~,iss;oned the Federal Physical-Technical Institutiou to run exper;- ui~.ntal t~ststiotOthg pcflon;ium Udcoi%erR ot smoke condensates and various tobacco varieties. This study was occaioncd by a brief report in the recent Amer.?c:an
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,.. h96~ o.p t l/fJ P'~ ~ ~ %J L~ e - ~ n i"1 ^ ?f -T ^-. 'T f% f ~;~t•>. c.~. , ~~ =%~ Afl a~,LIa~ =~ = p1no-9 snilnr rV L,7ft Ufl /~ o !I' -•_., ' :~ ~~~ ~ ~•~I~/. ~ : 6 6~~ t L U U U llr-VVyaos ac-F/gs ydl2os ~S fd/~OS~~9A'!/~S 7b~/JOS'--F_*/IYi~/Y01191L1 - -,(/ydoso-rr lid ~..~~~ =/x, t ~~ % ~f~:• ~ ; ~Jq7pi7.~~~1 ~r~ia~~i-~.rl ~/p ---.(o:f 0 7-111 ave//0 1-19.,Q-- s ~~ fYOI~'Qa~ 806L SEEOS . . . •
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50335 7909 I ir` ~R•.:= Xt:})t.'\c '- c o: r=~.o.: u.:c- L~.Ct =.~z r{ t f: ~ . ~. .; ~ t 't %- Ct~i>~tcce u:zr= }s~'_2!2}^^~~ +~ • cti_~it':3:=t.:i.. );r. ti p3.u4 lett_ '(: : rt. 2:•, 3=~wS) ~ ...% ;4 r; n n f1 i / ti 97-s
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is •~ ,~ (r, .• J~ r. _ ' : Jr ~t..> ~': . . .: - .~ ..... .... .. '. ,t` OL6L S££OS '
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50335 7911 76 I Ma-79 79 CHARACTERISTICS OF SOLID STATE EXTRUDED VPOLYETHYLENE ~prr6r,r~~f~e~k and D. R. Uhlmann Department of Materials Science and Engineering MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TF.CHNOLOGY/ IN~ ~USTIUAL LIAiSON PEOGOAhrIT : !r G ;; o f1 n - n 1 7 9 9 5'
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50335 7912 .~.~. .~n. a _ -._ C. ~:r..0..,. r+ V•._ i..._,.._~.._,.._._,.._ .._ Gai -. • ... .+ ....._. .;i...- ..i`.._...._ _. .. _ ...~,..._.....« h':,•, 4-1,21A25
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50335 7913 ; , . . u v. ~ e. e .s.t . . ~t. .~_.. ..... .. , .~~.^`. .., _. / ._ . - . .... ' .,.t.- _c: .r.. .Z t• .. ... , . . ..~._.. 'J.~ .t: ..5 u: ..... ~.ti..."D ~d '~:.... .1.3.? . ...t:._ 2.0> ~ .!: ...t.l S :.a".(] lr.ril:: I : .:..... U1..:,.a ....':.t' .. s ~ . 0 ;4 n
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~ v 6 l1 0 u (1 t) F. " _f ~ •.-_ , artZOT.4"~ ?. i Ln~ . r~1c)r,~ ~. i J rt ~.. ..+.~.•,' L~3 ..~~..dy.:a'u(~.J,S~'~ .if x : h «t SEE05
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50335 7915 f x KoR F~.Ewrs 0F To'8AW4 •'SWe ON MG01 UP.tA1c~. ~ (Moan6 Vernon) 30) ,X (Ho, 4) 3i2-:1b 3 ~ ~ 9 9 9
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V • r4-;nf ch h h t ~ i h u crsuc e c zur p o uc lem sc en ~p 07 orlbildun~; und-7a ersf run~ • _ , , _wo.,_ _ _i 1-. III Du2-79 SIMPLE TEST. FOR PHOTOCHEMICAL OZONE . FORKATIONA AND DESTRUCTION ln S.P. . . . -- . ; ~ I)ipl.-Chrrn. M. l.eUhsrJt, Ilr. habil. U. I'.iiscly 1'rof. Dr: 1;~KWdit~ C HonrM.idt•Univenitit au Berlin, tiektiun Gremie Die Chrtnie den Osnns findcl scil cinir:cr Zeit verslirk•tcs 8ffenllirhr. Intcresse, das au+geli~st wurdc dnrrh 1)ixkucsionen ithcr eine pulcntielle (Iepkale udcr wcltwcitc) Ilcdrohung der slratosph5rischen Ozun- ,chicht. l1f andre Wis.ensrhaf tier meinen, dirsc Scbidtt kunne durdt anthropoFrne Stuffe zerstirrt wcrdrn - vur allcm darch Flnorknhlenwasserstnffc, dir in rnancJrcn 13ndern als Treibgasc fiir Sprays vcrwendet. werdcn, und durch (lie thgase von Chcr- sehallflugzeugcn. Ein starkcs Absinkcn tier stratusphSrisdren Oj•I:ouzcnlration kunntc katastrophale Fulgeu hnhen, .veil uns die Oxunsrhirht vor lebensgcfahrlicher U\•-Strahlung schutzt. niesc 1'roblevne wurdrn in ,.1Vissensrhaft uud 1'orlschritt" hcrcits'aii.fi~hrlich~crlau- lcrt.t) NaeLfulgcnd veruffcntlidten wir tinige Anregungen firr Chemic-Arbeils- semeinschaften an drn Schulcn, .vic mit vcrhnituisut:+Qig S~ring~ n.,t wa~ 111~Ic11 l`, versurJte zu dieset~The rifalik~uriligefuhrl werden l•onnen. Unter den $cdinFungrm tier }?rdalmoxphnrc und dcs Sorroenlichls als Itcaktionapnrtncr IiiDt sich das kinctische Schcma wescntliclt vere•iuL•rr:hrn. Auch bei einfachen Alodcll- vcrsuchi•n ist das moglicb. )leispiclsa•cice knnn die lickombinatiort der Sauerstoffulontc qach Glcichung (2) ver- nachliissi~t wt•rden; denn wegen ihrer hohen ReHklivitiit baciht ihre Korizentration klein, und d:rs %ux:unmentrcffc•n zweier O-Atonte ist dahcr wcscntlicb un.vahrscltcinlicher als die licaktioucn (3) und (4). In der lictraeh- tung knnn man das ozonbilden.de (Reak- tionsgcschwindi(,.kcit: vl) und ozonzcrst8- rendc (lieakti(insgcschwiudi,,;kcit: v2) Vcr- heltnis tier Konkurrenzrcaktionen (3) und (4) in den \'ordcrgrund stetlcn. Dann gilt: Li•crt•ht i v~ k2 clt cl,f + k~ c t V3 c ka•cl1•ca + ka'clu lion.) r)arans folgl fiir die Ozonhildungs- geschwindigkcit insgcsamt: de nl 2I ~ I • deL r~ . lCtl•ct - - • tr Il•v7 -1•hcttl•t'~ • . a2•Itc11(''t -vs)-2.12rltt•t's Die Reaktionsirruppc Oznnzr•rstorung - Glcichung (5) und (6) - Fefolgt von der UzonbildunF - C,1ciclLUng (3) - spiclt in dicscr Gloichuug kcinc ltollc. Wcnn wciter hin n krcn•cr,t > ks•ctn ist, so wird nuch vt 9 va, und man kann weiter vereinfachen: . d c111 ~ 2.11 e!t - 2.13k~ ~lit (1) dt k3 - cM•ctl Der Ozonhildung (erater Tcrm) wirkt rnit fortschrcitcndcr Rcaktion cin Ozonzcrfal) (sweiter Term) entgcgcn. 1)ic %erfallsgc- schwindigkeit ist devn Qundrat der jcwcili- gen Oz-Konzcntration Itroportional. Schlicff- I ~ , ,- fc.r (1.-Konicnfratinu• .
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50335 7917 9 y i'1'.: y~w'1h~y~'' } y l.hL`~~,AL~;{ ~':w'T:I.~..tl-2\ : e i s.t: » t::'rd.k ~: e, 2 11 t+ `i ~~lf' I: ?: ~a'tYCI! ! 1v P1:C;i.'.`cJ _> }S: ~Ta~ cY-~i ~r3~ r:~ 2'1?c~ h~:c~ YQYt: 0.-~11100 no 1 ..? tif) I
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::Yf T:;,:C.''*ti~,,j>Di;i~riT S _t~n~ rc.r 50335 7919 U.S.--NEGRO QUESTION/1iEART--DI-SLASES/S?-10P.I;1G AND i:EALTti/ TOBACCO--ANTI-SMOKI:IC LI.TERATURJ: /TOT3ACC0- INDUS TRY-- COURT CASES / s.:. • TnBACC0--S2•tOKINC--PA.S S I VE /- 2 C. N RB ~,i t:i 57 SP .~ ~~:lN17 ~d~~~i~ 1974 ~ POST with 18 Doubleday & Company, Inc. Garden City, New York
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50335 7919 ;0- l'oly (vinyl chloride) ibyt J. V. Iioleske. and L. II. Wn2t1112U1. 'Noc York, Gordon and Breacli Science Pub- ]ishers t'19u91 xi, 172 p. illus. 2:i cm. (1'olymer niouorrnph, v. 3) Includes blbliorraphical references. , 1. I'olyvinyi chlot•IQe. r. R'a+rtman, L. Ii., 1920- jo~nt Lu- thor. n. '1 itle. TP11 80.V2SM55 fG8'.42;iG , Gl~ 2M79 . Library of Con.-re~s tV, t3 0 3
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50335 7920 - ;~.y~plQSf~il(~ 14,) J tw 81ct. • . .- . . , Jli . G11itrYak, A: 'ME REAGTiW tJF Ti*AcCO SMOKE IN O~OWNECTxON WYTH THE yQl~AGiTY OP ?4BAC~o. i~,~/ 'Ar SIY~1Vk ^' `-' ~~ M1wsAl ks ?hotoaW Frornt Narkd+nstl2b S5SR-ScyuzEebak OoaT(jda rstv*n ny a- 3nW- E utT.abakoveclenija Bu l.l. ~~ 45-52 Oydl ) ~nq~~3h Erar.sl.aEion fmm t!- 144gs.ian---• 7 P%es 'b/ML ~ .~ (_I Q (? (~ ~ ; a t) 0 4
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50335 7921 Transl a'-icsi . Sr:irnov, A. P. T?i1; ~;•.IP:ATTC?~ OF CIT-RIC ACID IN ?,Al.IiOR);A, by A. P. : mirnov and Pl. L. F.olesnik. Transae tion fron: Vseso:ruz P:&uch,. Iss].edovat.el 7r;st. Tabach. t:akhoroah Prom (Krasnodar) 1/:5 16!:_1E>,v (19/;8). CI r i1 (~ ~ il ~07, ll 0 i
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., ~ 50 335 7922 •ViMVw~l / IrC,~,,Yat~ • T 1a~u+1. . 2 Z ~ ) 16 ,-/d -~ APOMA I H,1TE E,rW,ECTBl~, I ~ f,Sb.JIK{~IT ~ IT~ . tha aruueu in lhe sorts Red Deli- ciou:, liolden Delicious and Joaatan Is cllaractcrislic and well ceprrssra. ' . Tlte predominant components dc• termining the aroma of Red llclici• nus ar7tiw isubuh•I•, isoamvl• and bul~•l•acctatcs. lhc cth~•I butirate and ' clh~•l•~•al.rinat.. in the surl Guldcn I)c[icious the arotuatic substances ai cllt~l•~•alrrinat.•. bulvl•prupionatr. isu• 1pe:aatl.T r ua:~:N r amvl•alcolwl. isoalnil-. prop~•t- and Tlla:o namtH cc nu.l% • 4ana Kmutctrrp11paH Konacit1aT. t;mirn Nrncilntre rapl:t?'t,rH. iso6ut~•l-acetates and ethvl-butirateue n:luct;BR aoin.:ttutreaHa oupauott;a upc.ul pa3ac.1HU~T1) Xtutn4carara npitpu :: predomiaatcd. in :1h•ania the aro- H./. to onpc2cist apo~tarH u Inatic substances are scarce and f7o ontoiuctntc aacopuu:taza Int ta.~t pai.lu4inl opra- na 1a ee pa3tcpnna e1B slightly expressed. The am~•1•aicohol In,4ecrH cl,eaiuteHttt. ce trunoa3~~Bar H;iar.mt aa.ioaa• ~'cTaHOHrBauc np:Ip/Ia and small quantities of isoamil• and t,,n>I:aul/l pcarcrtnt. 1{aii•nn~~o•tsuu pcarcar cc ona.ra.l I;orr.rtiisrBa ta rc pa131 bulyI•acetaics, ct:T;l butiratc an M ~ .i~u lcnuArd pro- ~.i~ulcnuAr t:apuouar [8(. cctrtcxa n.rlrm:cTU ua panol prevailed. .•7..paUClnl:Tu .t IIL~X) K Fi:Ti:. GASOCHROti1ATOGR.~pHIC l.- ('A30XPOMATOC"PA~CKO j~ VCSTIGAI•ION Of THE ARO_,11~~ N+ r _ --,~ J E3AF- C1` C fc.j , T~-uss.A~~~~s lv T11 1: ~ i f-SA , ~- IlpIi aua.vr3 It;l apoNarintrC nclltecrH;l. Orlc.lctnt Or HGl1.-mon coti. A irauru tt J'apsHep (9( ca no.iyynln nntc• pCC}r1t apO%taTOfi)a`•lil. 1(OKa3Bau(It e1H3K1•B Ka4ecTHcil c1(Tau tt3 .leT.:itBilTe Bt:Il1CCTBa Or pa3.l{t41M AV1.1•:d. 110 pa3.l'rt•1CH K0.1{I4CCfBC11 CLCTaB. 0 ! ~311 o•n0 1 j 0 O~
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50335 7923 Radushkevich, L. V. CAPILLARY-RETAINED LIQUID IN DISPERSE SYSTEMS OF CONTACTING PARTICLES by L. V: Radushkevich and V. A. Kolganov Killoidn. Zhur. 23 (No. 1) . Russ:• pp. 86-94^(Jan.-r; February 1961) =. In,.English ; :.Ong. pp. 1-77 0 7
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50335 7924 i TYI Ko4 (1967) i:'.%'(:::r s•- (!_., , .. . ` r...... r:..r.,r°;. Ix q !y 0 :...~ . : : ! ,: . . . ~.. . G'... ~-..l by V• fi. V4w j-x..CS.' F.iYa 1~. Vr 0 3 n f1 o o 1 >> 0 0 R
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I V 1 50335 7925 ; Zu2 f" f'c-?-:..~ 717 ~i.~ , C: ..:: .t ..'.. . .~.. ..: e I . V,r.~ ,l: ~. { 4c1~ -' . ti ~... l~ a 3 n n ri, n i ~i P o 9
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50335 7926 +~.,,,...r,a..t.a........ ~,. .~,~~ Yunoshev, V. K. KOLICHESTVENNIE IZMENIYA OKISLENNIKH POLIFENOLOV PRI FERMENTATSII TABAKA. (Quantitative changes of oxidized polyphenols during fermentation of tobacco.) Izvest. Vysshikh Ucheb. Zovedenii, Pishchevaya Tekhnol. 1960 (No. 2) 79-84 (1960). - In'Ruddian with English summary.. . C~ 1s e s o o n o i:i a t o
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50335 7927 T.,, ak S6&~'SIVEBD4*rZ~D~~+~:~~Y _DY ~~~ASAKA.~~ AT : Asmaev, P. G.- a KOLICHESTVO I SOSTAV TVERDO-ZHIDKOI'FAZY DYMA TABAKA. (Quantity and Composition of the•9ol-id-Liquid- Phase of Tobacco Smoke.)., by'P. G.-Asmaev and L.. P. Popova:. Izves..Vysshikh Ucheb. Zavedenii P.ishchevaya Tekhnol. 1961 (No. 4) 51-7 (1961)_ -. In- Russian . with (RJR prepared) English summary-&.Complete English Translation i } 0 13' 0 0 h 0 1 a 0 1 1 '
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50335 7928 9 " ,, .~',~,AaCJ -;~o - 3 (3) Jc, 7_ 3 13 / y(~s) 78 XI AdI-81 Television Commercial Test score!~ and - S.P. r~ Short-Term Changes in Market Shares ..6 ROBERT D. BUZZELL, lpR$J~l~.~i_ KOD_Tl~ .e~^- and MALCOLM P. MURPHY• >In Mu rajoind.r, 1M auN,ors raPly to tAo oMid.s, of Mw fdrworin Analri.s med. 6y Mow.. Folharyill and Hv.nbMrp. During 1963 and 1964, the authors carried out a series of statistical analyses of short-term changes in market shares of widely advertised consumer products. Some of the results of these analyses were reported in the Au- gust, 1964 issue of the Journal of Marketing Research [1]. A more complete presentation, incorporating some additional results, was published by the Schwerin Re- search Corporation 121. In the preceding article, Fother- gill and Ehrenberg have criticized the statistical analyses on several grounds. This reply is intended to clarify some of the points which have been raised and to present our vy, wpo~nt on matters of techni ue and interpretation. Alrio, slnce thf critjs+sms~a}e dig ecte~rimarily at the most recent version of the anafysis {2J, some further results not given in the JMR article fll are oresented. brand's market share, share of total industry television advertising expenditures, and three statistics derived from the Schwerin commercial tests-pretest preference for the brand, post-test preference, and the Norm (aver- age) preference change for all brands in the appropriate product field. The estimated regression coefficients and related statistics for this equation were based on data for 60 observations (brands and time periods) in six product fields-light-duty liquid detergents, margarine, hair tonics, stomach remedies, analgesics, and toilet soaps. In the most recent version of the analysis, reported in [2], one of the six product fields (toilet soaps) was dropped because the data for this field were available only for six-month periods rather than four-month pe- riods as in the other five fiekic In rhe ar.alvt;- ..r .r,. I
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50335 7929 'R7- :.e2-79-,-5:•P.: ' RJR~CLASS NO.+PAMPHLET XI Me2-79 s.p. Metzger, J. (Univ. Oldenburg, Oldenburg,'3undesrepublik Deutschland, GEr.) DETECTION OFiICETAMIDE IN THE THERMAL DEGRADATION PRODUCTS OF,CHITIN. *(Nachweis von Acetamid beim thermischen Abbau von Chitin.)* ~ Zeitschr. Lebensm. Untersuch. Forsch._169;. p. 111-113 (1979) (in German with English summary) Thcrmal dcFradation of chitin, which is a constitucnt of some foods, yiclds as main volatile com- ~ pound acctamidc (9% of dry wcight), a fact with pos- i ' substitute or extender (e.g. U. S. patent 3,987,803, etc. . , ~ siblc physiological implications. Thcrmal a atysis shows dccomoosition bcrin.ning at 2Q0_'' Chitin has been mentioned in the literaturey''as a potential tobacco • .~_~. ...-.~ .. ~••..w. i. . ~. J si~..._. Q 30 0 6 0 1 1 j 0 1 .I
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• 50335 7930 k .. ~ sevner or o an jom jc reas .. CARDIOVASCULAR REFLEXES AND INTERRELATIONSHIPS F BETWEEN SYMPATHETIC AND PARASYMPATHETIC ACTIVITY 80 11 Ey-81 S. P. d KIYOMI KOIZUMI ' Department of Physiology, Semmeiweis Medical University, Budapest (Hungary) and State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11203 (U.S.A.) Key words: cardiac vagus nerve - cardiac sympathetic nerve - reciprocal control - non-reciprocal control - tonic activity - autonomic reflex - neural control of the heart -autonomic nervous system Simultaneous recordings from vagal and sympathetic nerve fibers innervat- ing the heart have enabled us to study relationships between activity, in these two autonomic nerves. Our recent studies, as well as those of others, are reviewed with respect to tonic activity and reflex actions in these two auto- nomic efferents. Discharges of the two nerves in relation to blood pressure pulses and to respiratory cycles are reciprocal. During slower fluctuations of hemodynamic changes which occur spontaneously, such as during Mayer waves, a reciprocal relationship between activity in the two autonomic nerves is also observed. On the other hand, in reflex responses both recipro- - ..__ . __ _--~r.._.. __... .- ._. - . _ . . . U~ 0 A 4 A ! 30 1 4
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50335 7931 t. HF 5415 Ko 1972 ARCFiRR STRATEGIC1'rVIARKETING av 'T-. n 1i"~a1t:';'~ a .R.._:~._.._ __~. .... _,, Royer D. Blackweil James F. Robeson The Ohio State University % Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. New York Chicago San Francisco Atlanta Dallas Montreal Toronto London Sydney f, t I S 1
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50335 7932 G'l,tSchT'if t; fur7Cheuiie l7 (5) ly`7~) Is..lahr6rrrr,; . at,ri »7•l! J ieit :~ 8 III Bo l j nwclldun~ der 1~':i1:(rlralully,e iu /lr'r or;;anisr.llr'll ('llc'nlic / 1'on DlQtthias RnIJe, ,)(~(yyjly_~tixhtxi'Y)rnd llicter.1/artirt :entratinatilut fiir Urgauiiacha Chomic tlcr Ak.rrlcuric der \I'ixst•usc•h:rftt•n der I)1)I1, I1!Ia licvlin ilulcltwtg )io FWoran:rlysc• (IJ-(?J ist cin \'crGthrcn der m:rthi-mnti-m•ht•n itatis(ik, dus in dcr 1'syrhologire cnttt•ic:kelt. ww•tlt•..1u.,;:rn;;.prml;t der Untcrsuchungrn, dio iur AuHarhritung der 1'ulclor,rnxly,e irhrten, war dic T:+tsnohc, d,rf3 c>i Icoinc Jfcllrutlcu p;crli, RriiUcre orrelationsmalri•r.-n -- iibcr dns Sludirnn cinzclncr Intrrkcrrrc- atiortt n hinau,{n•Lcvad - t;ystcmatisch ruurly:ricrt•n unrl intcrprc- icren zu kunncn. llic Antt•cndun.g dcr Faktoranalysc ia l:un.gc• %cit hcrc(zl ist (cnL<Irrt nc~url der es;tklt•n Iinr•aren :16hiiu},'i„l:cil. jivh•r \'arrinlrlcn von sinc scllr,l). I)ic .lnarh•sc uml rhr, \'cr:A;imini, der t•iut-r f;rii0cren Krn rclation,m+ttris •r.ugrunrlc Iicgcnrlr•n %u,•nnnx-u- Iriin"o sind hiiufitc ::clr .chtt•itvig; rlio tir•hm•ir•rit:kril .Iriol cl:rht•i r;Icil mil der :\nlrhl d-•r Ix•Ir:rrhlrlcn \ariubh•n un. '/.ivI der Itcgrc:•r::iuus:rn:rly:+o i,l t•r, dir• :1bh7in;;i.,Iccil riucr %ir•I• griif3c• 1' von rinrt wdrt• mchrrrt•n 1'arinldcn, rh•n ru};. 1:iurluU• R;riiUi•n, d,trr.utitt•Ilc•n. tiic licft•rt Ilczic•hum;cn dcs'1'yp:r: tuf die Psy'c•holngic uud vcrts•rindlc 11'i:;ycusth:r[t,bcrcirhu bc• w~ •chrinkt gc•.IdicLr•n. I).rboi wurdcn vcrrchierlcnc, uu•lu• odc•r m-cni= no I. rtr \ r I+ u.\= •1.nN \n = a. + ~. niXl. ;cr utttorachirdliclrc Modcllc und Kci•Ircm•crL•rIu•cn t•utccickclt. - (1) it Aufung dcr wk•r Jahre sind rurr.h nuf vr.r;clricrlcuan (:c•Iriutcn T)ic Rcgrc,,iun~krx ffizir nlt•u at uml rl:rx:rbtiolutc r7lirrl cr, wcrvhvt (cr organiachcu (•I inrc,r mt~'vdun n t! • \Ictlru~lc hc•karlnt 6- r:) bc•slinunt• dafl tlir tiwnmc der Abtreichuntisqrr.rdr:rlo dcr nat:h - • •-- -•-- - • --.~-. •.-~_ .~'...t)--.J . ~s---• c~----~---:--+~i----- -.---- . ----•-_„---- _ ; __ _ I
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. 5Q335 7933 ~ riclo 73 7'01ikCC0--S MG'KING--FRSFJkATORY TRACT/ f ItJR CLASS ha. I'1Mi'HLLT X}SPIO-73 s.p. ; i.uf f, r.. ; WW L~~`r~~4Y~"~~~ . : OI' ~~L`iTh`SIc. : SPP! \' ;~ P:7':IA \'i:pCR ('iali i) ;s\1) C:?{ t~ki:; 7'i. S'iGia:. ~ i i ` stam n-g :erosol., *(i~uaJc~~ c\'~rtei2•sr.~:;aorur:;, ur-d Atn:uursrcakticinen nach N ~ cn ,) und 7.3.c;arei'tenrauc:; (C,S. .)r ~ };.;perienti.a 29 (No. 6) 740-41 (1973) (in Ccr.;aan - Conip].et:e I:nglish _' trans]ation availaUle.)! , i i ~. ~ 7 b924* *d* Tol~<~cCc~ r cdici.n~: ~ . ~...:,.,~...~-,-------- - -- , , - ~ - -- ---° -. --~->--~-. ~. -. - U 3 ~'1, (PhYsiologinchea Inst., Ramistrasse, Zuricl,, U;; ll.ST~`Ri;.`_\f;)i A'N'il 3'.F.:::'-i1:ATI0:7 REACTION IiY ;ft;A~:5 lJuALOC~Oi`:`: 1)IS; 0 ~n () t J 0 1 7 .
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_ ~. - -- - ---.-~---------~- - - ...s. - - -~ - ~ ~ . 56335 7934 : 73 III Re3 Current Digest 18 (10) 35-6 (1973) :_ -Uaion of Ss,iss Societies for Es:reri^.ental Bic1cK;~z 3ase12 lty 28-lga 1973 . • The following abstract appeared in Eb;-pcrientia 2916: June 15., 1973, <-- p86e 740. • : . . . ... . - . • . . . . ; • . , - BUPF, R. & KOLLEfij.=B;A.,:j-ePnysiologic Instit•.zte, Zurich : . '. "Siailar distribution disturbances of respiratory reactions after the inhalation ot his+„a~-a:i.ne aerosol, e.k.onia f1;.r_.es (J1H3) and cigarette szoke.(C.S.).° "The inhalation of N:3, _ or C.S. (cigarette smoke) causes, among otheir things, an e.ccelcre ti.on of r~spiration, with an incrcise in the pulmo nzry ., voleuce. 'P'raese respiratory reactions, waicn are Waalitatively c=Tletely co--parable to those of hist=ine asthma, are due to t•Y:e excitation of so- • called 'lung irritar,t• receptors' (Widdicctbe). The conditions for the ex- citation of these varsl *ccentors forr-Ad the subject of the here-described studies, o,hic'.: }:ere carried out• in trac:^.cc:otii;;ed guinea pigs under urethane anesthesia. The delayed wasring out of argon and the analysis of the s:-,pe of the C?:; i''c:.~'.AJy argon '~Jarti Cl. p_"f ssu_re CL2.:'1 "s at_ i hn_ 4 ; (1
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k,?R TRANSLAMN 50335 7935 Zschr. psychosomo ed., 26:246-258, 1980 CONDITIONING OF TRESS-INDUCED BLOOD GLUCOSE AND, LOOD LIPID CHANGES*) R. Cervinka,'CWMTO; and M. Haider From the Institute for Environmental Hygiene, Vienna University (Head: Prof. Dr. M. Haider) Summary Conditioning of Stress Induced Blood Glucose and Blood Lipid Changes The evidence for acute metabolic changes following intensive stress arises from a number of experimental studies. In our investigations we could differentiate these re• sults. as we demonstrated that there exist pronounced differences in the metaboiic changes after sin6le, multiple and repeated stress and that furthermore neutral signal stimuli - after a series of simultaneous presentations with the stressor stimuli (- condi- tYonittg phase) may induce conditioned changes in blood glucose and some blood lipid fractions. According to our hypothesis these learned ("conditioned") stress reactions may play an important role in the development and maintainance of various psycho.o- nutic disturbancies. j7n i~ ~=,~ c) a
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72.11 I _ Ko TISSVES-,PRESERVATICiy/ ' • 50335 7936 '``U~:>'I;~G Z1F `TTS~JES I.'ITH 2vITP0US OY.IDE FOR O?4TAIhIKG ULTRATNIN SECTIOyS OF -THE TISSUE MATERIAL S3:CHr;,GL• DE TiSSUS AU PROTOXYDE ll'AZOTE (N20) EI' COU)'; ULTRAFINE SA;\'.S A-f.1TTT:RE n'INCLUSInN gSM`Y*K4bL1ET ct Wil):elm BEP..NIikP.D ~ lastitut de T.tcherches sur le Ccncer, Vilicjui/, Seine ,~ - . _ ._ . ._ .. ._ . _. SUMAAIARY J. Microsco;>ic (1465), 3, 5S9-SUG. i, technique for obtaininlg u':trathin sections of alde5yde fixed and IC2O.gas dryed unentibcdded tissues i; presented. In order to avoid di;tortion and shrinkage due to the surfaco tension forces of w•ater durir.g the drying pro,:ess, a modif:ed technique based on thc principle of Andrrson's criticsl poirit method ?ias been employed. The free Kater was sub- stitutc3 with liquid nitrous oxide (hy.,0) in a pressure chamber. This chamber was then heatcd above the ci iticll point of K,O (: S,S °C) and the Zas allovrcd to escape. The tissue thus obtained is perfectly dry and does not show much distortion. Siznilar results Fre also obtained v:ithout heating the N~O above the critical point. The dried tissue is ti:en mounted mechanica'.ly, without embedding, on & specimen holder of an ultramicrotmmnc and cut with ordinary glass knives. The sectioms aze cither floated on an aldchyde iar additional fixation, or they are dry-rrrounted on grids by means of an tlectrostatic field. h.• ttris..rrocedure. An increased ... ...~a~.~~ ... ..,..r~-. . f _ a
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50335 7937 cc Ri~kket~, 459 LYlirn. v~iolet rudiation. \ew 1'o:•L, Wiley 1195% 'K 270)). lllus. 24 c:u. 1. L1l tra-violet rays. i. Title. 52-5070 : • l ) Ltbrnry of Cougress' 1Mq10j (,1 .r 0 (~ rti t a ! V, 0 a 1
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~ • 50335 7938 EENERKUNGEN ZU DER ARBEIT VON R. POCHE, 0._, MITTMANN UND 0. KNELLER: "STATISTISCHE UNTER- SUCHUNGEN UBER DAS BRONCHIALCARCINOM IN NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN." (Critical Remarks Regarding the Article by R. Poche, 0. Mittmann, and 0. Kneller: Statis- tical Studies of Bronchial Carcinoma in Nordheim- Westfalen.") .-ZEITSCHRIFT FUR KREBSFORSCHUNG 66, 187-192 (1964) In German with English summary.and (RJR edited. complete English translation. - .. : 1 . ..
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50335 7939 . Ko11eY,,,S,,,. , -. .:_ _ ZIGARETTENRAUCHEN UND LUNGENKREBS - WAHRHEIT UND VERANTWORTUNG. (Cigarette Smoking and Lung Cancer - Truth - and Responsibility.) Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitg. 1964 (No. 154) 9-10 (July 7, 1964) •
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50335 7940 I APPARATUS FOR THE CONTINUOUS EXTRACTION OFrAROMA COMPOUNDS USING LIQUID GAS. ' 80 III Ko Icle.w.• W - .. •Y.,Asa.. 11. aV-SA111vr1q rt RunrksfurschJiyp:mtitait, iir Ern:ihrung Inst' ut tur i_clxnsminclchcm• • t Karisruh~ ir(~\'c•stGern>»ny) r) C (Ein,~rgang ~ t 23.lali 1979; Angetur mncn 1 K. Augusr lY7tf •!n•t 61 ) ~-..~/~ Apparatur zur kontinuierlichen Extraktion von Aromastoffen mit ve.rflussigten Gasen ~ ~ . f ~~= ~ -_ Et w•ird eine Apparaner beschrirberr• die es ermiiglicirr, Inhulisstoffe aus rr'lfssrigrn Lo.utngen mit llilfe von verfNissigten Gasen ur exnaltirrtrt Voratrssertulg ist, dos das r•crflii.tsigte Gas in li irsser mdilolirh ist uud rinr niedrige'rr Dichrc uls dirses besitzt. Alit der beselrriebenen Appararur kifnne•n bei Zbnrrtertenrperunerrn praktisclr lihung.rnuttrlfre•ie l:.rtrakte erhulten n'erde'n. Als Bri- ~f(~ re1 N• d die Brtraktion vun 4 Tcscuthstunzrn aus srilssri,qer Ldsrutg ntit l,l-Oiflnuriidtua (ti P- 2•!,7"C)brsclrrirben. w- l r~pparatuY for the continuous ectraclinn of aruma compounds using liquid Ras' An upluurutrts ie deserila'd al/nnin~ runwitra•ntr tu !n• rstructrd fru+n uqucuus .uG tinnr ly rnruns uf liqtte•fied gur. It is ru•cessary, horrxver, that the Grluid gar it insohJrla• in water und tlrur its derrvitY is lulra•r dtun thr drrtsitr' uf thr ueryrcous snlution. (•'sing (he apparatus deseribed, practicallr suhrrrt-free extracts can be ohtrrined at ronnr trnrperururr. The r.urae•tiun of 4 a•st stlhstrulces ftwn an ayrr.K»rs solunon using 1.I:diJlsoror•rhart (BP - 2d.7°C) is deserila•d as an c.rurrrplc. 0~ 0 0 ~ Cl i;3 U2 4
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50335 7941 TA 0UA+snA, .Ftrentf 1A08- ~..~ ~~l9 ~1M l'LG: und dl,l' K bellrh. ]r:d erNY-6tcrte Au1t. Berlill, Sprillhcr, 1f331•- v. itio"., tables (E3 on iT leace., ]n poct:(t) N cln. ur.d lierichtiguo,ren" : 1ec2 IrKe:•tt:d In v. 1. I'iAa.:,l:ca ]1i3u unc!.'r tit:e. Tcci:acloL;ic c~ ?lricca. TTibliogrephical fvot notea. Coz:re:;lrr: -1. Is3. Anntor.rie u:ld PnthoIo;l2, u:erntr, f'lrgc!s, Elnp- t!:atat ul,a restlgk:at. ') . 3. Wood. 2. !t'oodu•or6. 3. Wood flntfzhing. L'.title. TA119.Is GC:y' 620.12 ~~~l 0
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50335 ?942 Translation Buikov, M. V. NOi3STEAllY-STATF, GROWTIJ OF Dl:OI'LETS OF SOLUTI7t:'. 1. COP:CENI'iRATIOi`i RELAXATION. Translati.on from: Ko]lol.dn. Zh. 24 (No. 5) 522-9 (1962) t) n o I sa il 2 6 U:~ n
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50335 7943' "Tr4t1z; 3ati.nrt ; Grebr.nnikov.:, A. P. r1F.ASUP.E"iE:2T U;? THE CONDENSATION AND C:3AGUuATION GRO,-?Tii OF DROPS OF HYGROSCOPIC SUIiST\..~:C"r.S IN A S'I'I:EA.d OF AlULCUS AEROSOL, by A. P. Grebennikova, 0. ti. Todes, and V. A. Fedoseyev. Translatioa from: Kolloidn. Zh. 24, 408-18 (19G2; t:l n n~ ~:3 t~ ~ 7
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50335 79uv RESINS AND POLYMERS/SURFACTANTS/SURFACE COATINGS/ REDUCTION PRODUCTS/METAL DERIVATIVES/SUGAR COMPOUNDS/ ETHERS/ ESTERS/ACETALS/OXIDATION PRODUCTS/ 4D S u cr O S~j Il~'he International 321 In 1970 . Sugar Research Foundation, Inc emlcals 1970 • A critical review of a quarter-century of research by the Sugar Research Foundation (} : ~: ~~ tt i 1 ~~ b~~~~4.~~~ C. H. Kline & Co., Inc.
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50335 7945 QA ; 154 .Be 1972 . Ju.vc n:u~/ M11!'Hr:MATZCS/ A SURVEY OF PDDL LIE GROUPS AND LIE ALGEBRAS WITH APPLiCATtONS AND COMPUTATIONAL METHODS JOHAN G. F. BELINFANTE Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh '`'13 ER#1tA. R[?.*KGLMAt1t't~.'f Drexel University, Philadelphia SOCIEIY FOR INDUSTRIAL AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS Philade/phia . i 0 3 .0 Cl () () I ,3 t3 2 9 ,
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50335 7946 S: . . 'Kblmoc~in;hG.~.M. INFLUENCE OF ASPHYXIA ON MEMBRANE POTENTIAl LEVEL AND ACTION POTENTIALS-OF SPINAL MOTO- AND INTERNEURONS, by G. M. Kolmodin and.C. R. Skoglund. Reprint from:. Acta physiol. scand. 45 1-18 (1959) 0 ~i ~.1 ;y i~ 0 ~ t ; i I J rk1 3
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50335 7947 . _...___..!f7 MOA4-7R - ! s.p. UP ci.r~ss ;;o. P;; ~~ liLEr ; I~1CREt:St IN cGflSUTTioN' rF P.oIL-YOUR-o;;~! CIGAPETTES I~, c:C^liA~1Y? *(zu starS:cr TohaE: fur die Sell,stdreher?)* Y.o1n Pur,dscaau 1973, n.r....(.''ar. 31, 1978) - in Get-man u3 ~) ~ f) 0 1~ 0 3 I
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50335 7948 !: ~ .Ji 76 XI Re-78 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 76 aI Rc-78 s.p. CHINI:SE SHOULD STOP SPioKING. *(Chinesen sol]en das Rauchen aufgeben.)* Kolner Stadt Anzeiger, 1978, p. not given (Jan. 23, 1978) (in German with Knglish translation) -. During thc wec3tend ~ I a car,7r>aigm arainst .~king lv:Ls started in the Peoples Republic ',of China. On television an eapert Wirned about lun}; cancer. • i'11is is the tirm the CtAnese }x~;)le Nvere V;-arned alx)ut sur~}ting. In China cir;a.ret:teti belong to the i'rom teenager to grandii-other. 0 0 ~
Page 450: yrm95d00
--" -75-'fi Ko TOBACCO--SMOKING--PASSTVET TOBACCO--SMOKING--ANTI-SMOKING CAMPAIGN/ RJR CLASS NO. PA~`IPHL4T 74 J~ Ko ~ ~ ~ A SOLDIER FILES SUIT AGAINST THE "BLUE SMOKE". DEMANDS A SMOKELESS `~ I ~ ENVIRONMENT. *(Soldat klagt gegen den "blauen Dunst".)* o Kolnische Rundschau, 1974 (No. 249) p. 5 (Oct. 26, 1974) (in German Ln English translation available) - *1975, No. 1, W 12S* *d* Tobacco medicine: _ ...,,,.__ . . . _ „ :~
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50335 7950 CCj;._ /z/j~ (q) SECRETION OF INSULIN BY THE CANINE PANCREAS-- PERFUSED EX VIVO WITH FLUOROCARBON EMULSION Du -79 III S P-2 . . ~~1~~~ . • K. Kowalcwski, rt.D., AoT6dej,,cD.v.m., and M. Kocylowski, M.D., cA- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada TttL tttatt sOt.utstt.tTY of liquid fluorocarbon for oxygen and carbon dioxidc permits its usc, in emulsificd form, as an adequate replacement for crythrocytes. With the aid of an emulsifying sur- tactant, liquid fluorocarbon can be converted into stable particles, representing artificial eryth- rocytes, which can be suspended in a simulated physiological solution. Emulsified fluorocarbon Itas becn used for partial or total replacemcnt of blood crytltrocytes in perfusion fluids. We previously perfused canine stomachs (3, 5, 9) +t arA s;ff rolyud`ltop~ ncrc~ttiq tl)lcxla i) with ~~l6~dlt•ss, lirotetn-free (lltorcTtr~rt9an c nulsion. We found that the CXOCrtnc function of tlle isolated milliliters; Pluronic F-68, poloxamer 188, as the surfactant-25 grams; sodium chloride-6 grams; potassium chloridc-200 milligrams; cal- cium chloride-300 millif;rams; munusodium acid phc,sphate•.vater-50 niilligrvns; magne- sium chloride•watcr-]00 milligrams; bovine albumin---4 grams, distilled water to I litcr. This perfusate was adjusted to pl1 8.0 with sodium bicat•bonatc. Glucose ..•as added in various amounts prior to, or during, perfusion. "I'he ini- tial volume of tlte perfusate was 1,500 millilitcrs. A detailed description of tlic perfusion circuit and of the instrumcnts used was reported I)I'CVI(Ntc~~• (~ d~ t~.»nti•c n~ I{ir fV`r'f11C1~r •••n• .
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50335 7951 ~ ._~. 2240 40a!U vears of Sorvicc; the story of the wI:o!:•=;;le tol ;;cco K incltt=:tr;; and its pioncc~rs. \Vith a fnre«•ovd by C'_-w..'s,2~ Sawyer. ?\P.1V York, Farrar, Straus and 1 oU'11f?; C19:"'ij 30'J p. 111us. 22 cin. 1. Tobacco tuanuf: r_ture rcacl tr;ade--II. S. 2. Nation;cl Assoctntlrni of 'Cobac: o Distributors. r. TiUe. - ;~ iID9l ":i.I:.6 f 3~S:1 i C?.'13 i 1 53- GT90 t Lihrnry of Con;;ipcs (101 ~ 3 0 € ~ il i v - ~ :* s
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50335 7952 a 1 .a .-.; : - _.~:~. ~;. . . .. .; _.. ' , :.?a _ . I-:... ......:.` C::` i-,... . .~.`. . _.~'... . ....:. .~.;:~ i . . . . . .,. .. . . _iv~.. . . . . ..t: •:~. . . .e~ (1....... . .. _~ . l.. . . ..~.... .. . ..__1«. 3 ..- .... _. ... .... . _.. .-~~ ,T ... ~. ' ...,._ ._. .:y L-:'~s:. .....
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50335 7953 XX rc-r-n-30i-75 ta ry cc rcam ie Ety Saul Kolodny . Assistant Vice f'residcnt Director of Economic Research Amstar Corp., New 1'orl: Why Gasils Have SkyroekLeted .. 01~ ~~~~~~~E~ ~~9~r ` I7 ou may be payin~, somewhere between 30 and 40 cents, and possibly 45 cents on the up>idc. for a pound of refined canc sut gar over the ncxt 12 months. \Vithout cxag- gcration that prediction certainly can ls- labeled my "bad news". For the "good news" side of the picture I ean only s:ry that there si,nuld be no shonaif~c in supplies. I have qualified my "good news" with the word "probably" only bccansc we still arc not certain as to thctcwtcorof ;uga(VnroiTjn. WIst- ! changc in output - in either direc- tion, up or down - will have a profoun(t impact on sugar prices. My references to su_gar prices for the most part relate to raw cane sugar. It should bc understood that raw cane sugar eonstittrtes the basic raw material in the manufacture of refined cane sugar. Sincc at today's price levels raw sugar costs account for over 80% of our selling pricc of refined sugar one must look to thc raw sugar Situation for :--n cxplana- tion, of t~c hi~h pryccyouu are and .y~• i 0 ~ / sugar prices fluctuated pcrhaps as much as 75 or 100 points tot say at most one cent per pound) in a year's time, and until the beginning of this yeur refined prices nevcr cxcceded 17 cents per pound. The Sugar Act - which inciden- tally was scheduled to cxpirc at the end of 1974 - was deprrs-;ion- barn and apparently appears totally unsuited in its present fnrm for today's circumstances. It served its purpose in periods of chronic world surpluses. I dnn't think its expira-
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• 50335 7954 1. C Ili ~ n E~~~1R .. . ~ ~C~'i~ I ` . ~~ .y 1? Q 1 ~ J I ~i i~ i`ri
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50335 7955 P rZ Z _~ -76 Reprinted from MACROMOLECULES. Vol. 9, Paye 273. March-April 1976 Copyripht 1976 by the American Chemical Society and reprinte0 by permission ot the copyright owner Determination of the Structure of Cellulose II , F. J. Kolpak and J. Filackwcll' Department n/ Macrmmolerular Science. Case Western Reserve Uniuersity, (.'leuedand, Ohio •Llt/Ni. Abstract: The structure of regenerated cellulose is shown by x-ray diffraction to he compri•sed~ of an~a/rray of anli• parallel chain molecules. The determination was based on the intensity data from rayon fibers and utilized riKid- bcdy least-squares refinement techniques. The unit cell is monoclinic with space group P21 and dimensions n= 8.01 A, b= 9.04 A, c = 10.36 A Lfiber axis/, and y= 117.1°. Models containing chains with the same sense (parallel/ or alternating sense (antiparallel) were refined against the intensity data. The only acceptable model cuntains anti- parallel chains. The -CH•.OH groups of the corner chain are oriented near tn the gt position while those of the ven- ter chain are near to the tg ]x).%itinn. Both chains possess an 03-H•-OS' intramolecular hydrogen txmd, anrl 1 he cen- ter chain also has an 02'-H-•-06 intrarnulecular 1Hond. Intermolecular hydruKen bonding rK•curs along the 020 pl:rnez (Ofi-H--O2 bonds fur the corner chains and 06-H•»0;4 ]wrnds for the center chains) and also afung Ihi• I 111 planes with a hydrogen twnd bct.ween the 02-H uf the corner chain arrd the 02' of the center chain. 'I'his er•nter rurner chain hydrogen IwndinK is a major difference between the native and regenerated structures and may account fur the stability of the letter form. t1 w~ o l1 n o . i J U .y ~ I
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50335 7956 . ... . _. , • ... ~ : ~` ....:.: : ~`..u:..~.1:l.^: .<L.. ........~~.... ..... •.. • . .. . .. .."'2i:.Z?~.. S j ..~ ansL, .. ,;1 . . tJ 3 (1 0 r{ i j I J () 4 0
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50335 7957 - .lua Chimica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricat;_To um s 87 (2), pp. 91-103 (1975) UNTERSUCHUNG DER ZUSAIIIIENSETZUNG VON EINHEIMISCHL'N UND AUSLANDISCHEN ' ATHERISCHEN OLEN, IV ~- I BEITRAGE ZUR ZUSAIi.IiENSETZUNG DES UNGARISCHEN LAVENDELOLES K. BiLAFI-RiTIiY,a E. KEItk.NYlo und R:~.KOLTAO' ~ ...:~.... 76 II Re -76 COMPOSITION OF DOriESTIC(HUNGARIAN)AND IMPORTED ESSENTIAL S:p.~ Z OILS IV. COMPOSITION OF HUNGARIAN LAVENDER OILS. ....r TEi: 35c9'n Conlposition oCdumeitic IItunRari:rn) nnd ! Imported esl.ntia oils. IV. Composition of liunqnrian , lavender oil:`.It••laft-l3ethy-ha:.lin. hercnyi. L:rcin; l:vlta. :, ' Resso (Htuq;! 1W'Gas Hes. ln,t.. Yeiipr?m. HunK.). Arla ~ Chiln. Aeod. Jcl. HsnR. 1973. S712f. 91-10:I (Ger). Lacemier ~ oil contained 44 eumponertlx demon+trnble by gaw cnromntoK. O(r1, thcse. 27 cnrnlxinenb.%nuinly terpenoidi..eampriwr.g''JF:7 wt.`/e ' ,~ehe tot+l.a•eraldenti:~ed .~:<~'- ~ U N l~ O l/ il 1 V U4 ~'
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. 41 50335 7958 COMPOSITION OF DOMESTIC(HUA1(:ARIAN) AND IMPORTED ESSENTIAL OILS. V. COMPOSITION 3T' • "...." OF LAVENDER OIL AA'D OF PfUSCATEL S ....r..~. AGE OIL f. 73 'XV .Re-77*-' f . ... . . . ~ S.P. _ ~teta Chimica Acaden:iac Scicntiarurn Ilttngarteac, Tonius 87 (2) , pp. 105-119 (1975) ~ ~ -- -- ~ - . .i -- `-y~~ . UNTrRSUCHUNG 'DER LUSA11'I1IIENSE TZUNG VON DINIIEIDIISCI3LN UND AUSLANDISCHLN ATIILIII SCIIDN OLE N, ' DEI r11ACE ZUR ZUSAII~IE\TSEZUN DES LAVANDI\~LES G UND DES DiUSI:A'fELLER SALBEIOLES ~`~`e/' K. BELAFI-RI:TI1Y,* E. KEIt9NYIf ' und 'j.{;'~ XOLTAia ('Ungarischcs l;rdoi- und Erdgas:Forschungsinstitut, VPSSprFrn und • ••I3etricGJiir Kosnzetik und llaushaltschemie, 13udapeit) Lavender and muscatel sage oils contained 34 and 24 components, resp., detectable by Fas chromatog. Of these, 22 and 14, resp., were identified, comprising predominantly terpenoids. Einocgangcn am 28: Oktobcr 1974 U J^^••e~rn~zutrj N~•tae Irtttcl~ nn +~yagneryascnromntogrnputo Ocstunmt. Im Lavan. ~ .~ iGr ., . .. ~
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50335 7960 iiolttAnn, Manf'red M. Author):`. 1 s rTJ .~..~ ! i-.:.. ..... EY i :~ ... , .. ..::i i:. .. ` Vv^faa,f G i ~~ ~ 4 4
Page 462: yrm95d00
50335 7961 ,~olthoff, I:- M. "" ACID-BASES IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY BY Kolthoff, I. M. and S. Bruckenstein. Reprint from: "Treatise on Analytical Chemistry" by I. M. Kolthoff and P. J. Elving, Part 1, Vol. 1, pp. 405-542 1959 137 pp. Interscience (Wiley )
Page 463: yrm95d00
50335 7962 ~ QD , 81 ; l:o tkho4V, z. k1• _ c _r.. ,.. .. -.t5 ., ) - .- . ~). < :L;.... . ~.. 0 1, n 00 0 1 ;3 0 4 6
Page 464: yrm95d00
50335 7963 0}:).nA'1:IOta•. RFDJC'.CTO}d RL ACTi.0'v/S0Li ;, T- LI'i~'/'i'+ .iU`i(C T)ATA--Z:+Ti:RP},-S1AT'ION ANa3 SA1•`=}?LING/I!T01•lIC };I:IC1tT';/Tii~?:PtOlli l\.~ iT.CS!}'.t jUIL7i3'ZTl~fi1/EL1:+~T't'.ODF5/ HYnROG!'N IOit CO'7C1:}arr•.:; CIO;t\/ACI~I)S/B.15rS . ('~, ~.`~ 814D:o '1,~~,~1e~r~'.€ V,`i t~I~ fi~J l7r~.,~:LI~ ~.~.t.~i1~l.~1.~~ .Lr 1965 1'nkJ' 1) 2Ss.:,I:R ;a,ve.-r•A;~F•L~,S+~.I. _ TIILOI:Y ANI) PRACTICE _ Edited v, School oJ G'l:cniist, y, Urtitersity of Minneeo:a v~j,E',~~~ ~ S£CTI0:1 A, Vof• 1- , ~~P I !/~~S&-•44c. Analyt.ical Cher,astry: Its Objectives, and 1'IIILI}' J. ELVING ~./;~~¢~Q.td.RFunct'irtts, and Lir.aitations UepRrtmcnt oJCl+emistry, Uuixrsily uj Michica t 3E+:TTO?i B . O•l4,.Secf o-J 'Apulications of Citenical Principles H•iQi the assistauce of L'li\l:al.' B. S:1NllT LL Ir-\Cl: Pl:BLISIILRS /G~ J - School of Ckennistry, Uuit•ersity n,f,;tinnesota a dirisiun o; John 1t'ifcy d• Sons, iVtw Yorl: Londmi-Sydncy 0a.B, Seo4. 0_'V, D t 0.1. /a, sea><, E, f,.G. (l-Q. 4r 5 ee~-. 0-G, E l/d•f .4 o, 1I'; Z , r~~ ..-_. -. . a ^ ~ - .. ..~.. ~ <_ ... fa 3• n n n 0 1 J 04 7
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50335 7964 CIIEMIS;'P.Y, 6;IAL1'TIC--C01.LL'CTrB t•;0'ti:S, Va1s.1,2,3,4,6,f3,9 (Pt..'•.I iu cIcel CIiEMt:CM, hZE'.•:i:;r'TS, Vols. 1,2,3,4,u,8,9 (Pt. II of each vol..) QD I ,J !,i'.t1I,1 a~flie l..kLV t'~N A t.Y T l.i.E1Y, ~.ii L';4: 1.)T I 81 Ko 1961 ' ~ PART ;I Ulitecl A N A L Y'I' I C A J, C I I E lT I S'1' It 1' Schoa of Chcncislry, Unirr•rsity of dlinrlc•otu C F T H L E L E~M); N T S n:,d I'IJJJ.IP J. J:l.ViNO SECTION A ycparlmcnl oj Chemistry, lpnirc•r:.•il;r of Dlici,iyun with the nssistaneo of ERNL:ST !s. °ys,emaacnnalp;lcalL:nemistryut tne School of Clicmistry, Unirrtrsity of :Iliunesota Elcmznts VOLUME 1: ~i.OI:GAtiICi ~0\J1:KCl.~Tif1:E A*1i7totts OF VOLUME I GENERAL CONCPP"S u. F. AeECnLY J.+r,+ls 1. HOFFMAN VI)1'DRO(, :N • t~'VA'f~iR QI:RttARD A. COOK sILYI: KALLMAN IIr*ERT.-C;ASES •tAI:ALI Ml:f.al.S W. CONARD rt:R?IF.LtCB JOIIV NIITCIIF.1.1., Jlt. IhTVtSCIt'si\CI: PUI3LISIlC1tS, NEW YORti-LC1Df3N ~ ~ ~ !~ ~ n 0
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50335 7965 t Qp CHEMICAL ANALYSIS 1s1 Ha A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS ON 1972 ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY AND ITS APPLICATIONS E'ditort P. J. ELVI\G • :~'~"M.'~.KO7,THOFF: _ __. , . VOLUME 37 Analytical Chemistr.y ; of Phosphorus Compounds t , l.rhted by M. HALMANN 7Yu Wel:mann ln.rtitute ojScienee Relaooot, Israel W[LEl'-INTERSCI EtiCE A Ditisfon of John Msey & Sonc, Inc. \tw 1'ork • London - S)dntS • Toronto DA ~~421-- {~ ~ ~ n n n ~ ~ .~ = ' !
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~ 50335 7966 r...~ .:~.ws QD 75 Ec ' 1979 CHEMISTRY, ANALYTIC--MATHEMATICSX. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/ ~.-.- -- ~ . .. . _ Information Theory CHEMICAL ANALYSIS as Applied to • /~,,, A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS ON ChenllCal l111alysis ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY AND ITS APPLICATION: KAREL ECKSCHLAGER VOLUME 53 lattinur of Inorganic Chentistry of Czechoslovak Acodenw of Scienccs. Progut P. J. ELVING, J. D. WINEFORDNER Editor Emeritus. -iF3tSCIEN(WPUBUCA'IlON VLADIMtR STEPi1NEY - Environmental Renarch CerlrK a- -- --- z , ~ A W[LEY-Qv ~$ JOIAN 1JVII._FY & SONS New Yoit /''ZMAeste? / fiksbane / Toronto i
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50335 7967 OPTOACOUSTICS/ Photoacou tics and Photoacoustia ect ~ roscopy ~ ALLAN ROSENCWAIG Universiry of Catiforniq lawrence Lioermore Laboratory A WILBY-QYlERSC[FNGE PUBUCATtON JOHN WILEY & SONS New York / Chlc6ester / Bhsbane / TwaBto ~1 _ . 0 1~ , 0 r1 f1 1. 3 0 _ ~ ~~ ~ .y CHEMICAL ANALYSIS A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS ON ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY AND ITS APPLICATIONS VOLUME S7 f &mf P. J. ELVING • J. D. WINEFORDNER Editor EmeritM~~~~ ~ Alu4ory Ioanf F. W. Bipmeya V.(3. Mwotti B. OrusLka A. L. Smit6 B. L. Kuw 8. Tremillos V. Kiivao T. S. West
Page 469: yrm95d00
. 50335 7968 CHEMI:STRY,. ANA~YTIC--QUAt,ITY CONTROL/ QD 75 Ka 1981 CHEMICAL ANALYSIS voLUME 60 A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS ON Quality Control in ANALYT1CAL CHEMIS"fRY AND 1TS APPLICATIONS Malytical C:h E&jfen P. J. ELVING, J. D. WINEFORDNER Editor Emeritus: `"MaTm %-,..- 1 Advitory Boond Fred W. Bilimeyer, Jr. Victor G. Massotd Ell Grushka A. l.ee Smith Barry L. KnW Bern.rd 1*mil' Villam Krlraa T. S. West A WA.EYdNTERSCtENCE PUBLICA'IIOIY emistry G. KATEMAN F. W. PWPERS Department of Analytica! Clumistry Catholic 1lnie ersi y of N{jmegen 774 Netherlands A WR.EY-IIYIERSCIEVCE PUBLICATION JOHN WILEY & SONS New York Chichester Brisbane Toront( r) f4OHN WILEY: $c SbNS New York / Chichester / Brisbane / Toronto
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~ 50335 i s; sQD ;101~ rf~ ~T+i. ?tC"^ ..5..:..:.i1i tf..`1.r~~. .. by Y. II. K;:iL•::oif Oui E. B. S.:r.dc11, "i:d ed. 7C(; nAns~st Isa=i1I.:n c4-.'~Pnay r;4.i wr+•• ;. y 7969
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50335 7971 "It:ectii, tltt iti0:I, , the coloritnetrir t~,:,l l.otesaio tuvt ric cletet•lnimit ion of Id l.. l'ott•ntiometry, conclttctm ir.•t,•~~. ancl ~•alt:unnutr)• (lwl~iro~rall~hr). C)utline of clectl•oatctx,'c titr+,tiwis. l;~• 1. 1t. l~oitl,oll• ... r.~;.l II. .1. Ifait.inen ... elzl. nrcl rev. cd. New York, J. Wiley & son;:, inc.; Lonu:al:, Cii„y-m; n e: H::il, linlitrd,liill. lx, 1t?cs r. tt:ct. filus., tnhlc•s. rlirts;rs. 23$ cm. Thc c•oloritnntrln. and potc•ntlouietrlc dcte.rmtnntlon of p11. laevh•o titcutionc ovhict, tvns the title a' the first edtttonj IttGlio;rrnphlr.al foot-notes. 1. }f}dro,r.•i~-lon conc•r•ntrutl(m. 2. l:lectro.'•hmnicat nunl}•sic• o. \'o1- RmCtriC iiliall•s38. 4. CUIUt•lnlelry. I. Liilttneu, Herbcrt Augost, J:r1,;- 1ofnt nuthor. u. Tltle. m. Title: Tiic colortmetric und p:rfen;ionietric ~---. detc•rn:fnntion of p}i. (,11)SGLI:55 ]tr-}1;; , .°,41::7 41--1G575 l.il,r;,r.• of Congress t.i3r•12es21 ..-. -..-...-....-_. _...___.. •--- _.. ... -. -.--_-. .._..,.-. A»..,..., 0 . "* n (1 ~l (} 1 ~3 t) 5 ~
Page 473: yrm95d00
50335 7972 ~~-~-- -~ ., .,.... . ~ : ~k1!d~f,~aek I~un~,1894- j~> QD l'ol:u o"i npl,y ~bv, I. :17. lsoltboff iRUdJ James J. Lingnne. 115 2d completely rev. and nu»in. ed. New York, Inter::cicr.ca h Publishers, 1952. 1952 2v. SP.us. 24 cm. 1. 1'olaro2,i•nPh and lwlarobralrhy. QD11.).l\t}~j -.-. J2r-llCi3i f Library of \Congres.s ~• _ f. ~ b45.8 153r.'13bl31 t? 'z4 n n n ~) ! : -Al a s 6
Page 474: yrm95d00
~ . .. _..__~~...._...__.. .. _ .. . . .... . t~~;;~at t ICIv ,unTttt.Taia ~ial:?nt ~.r.~ [tn1' ~ !lllL'>>t '.~.t~uttint~; -In.% pttte sis.itt:ut: ~irtit:.r'u.ttau~ :~,laf,f 'tt :rott1nt: autu~ -i'OCL t;;:.,;o.[• soatta• 'atu::1nrj •t :Sq tca`u.naoQ puTr t{dI:.i: oautn't 'L ~.i;ott-;ool tt:aitiQt:.t: oHqi:[ •tuj ..;nlll 'pu) •u p1~3 'l.Vx t `S.iBtls tI (jIl(I ~J(1aiJS .tit~~ 'SlfOi;l'•.l)titllIL li'I LI't~1 ... o ttcuui•I ,t:oilt:.i~i~ ~c.tlattwaatttuu 'I Xq `.~•tl~t,:ttn:~Ia~ I:tn : Is.~Itatu ,~nl(It:.ta'o.n:io(I : SIIIIt:.T:i O.fl:(ocI ' -4IA1 '14'.-AnejA Mse'tt s,,.t:,uoz) }u .i.ntai711 ~Sl r . ELbL SE£OS ~1~ t:kl
Page 475: yrm95d00
50335 7974 ,- Steii:rc•r ... 2d re.•. ed. New I'or;:, N. Y., Ilrter;cience pub1is1ic'r.,, inc.,1912_6- j v. tahles, dia,:rs. `:3', c•m. "Uriginali}• published In the Gerutnn In 1`'7, with tLe c•oopera- tion of I'rof. li. llenzel ... transluted Into ):ntlish by Prof. N. 11. )"ut•tnan."-I'ref. )iilAioni;r1hical footnotcr. CoNrt:NTs.--t. Thwureticnl fundamentals.-tU. Tilration. \Iethods: ncid-base, iuecipitation, uud curohie~_forniation reactions. 1. Vnlurawtric nn;thsiG. t. \tenzel, )-k•inricL, `1&O:r- JT. I'ur- rnar, Xull1:uiiel );uwrli, ]Sa_- u•. iit. ~ieua.r, 1'ertwn Aith:n•: 1:KtS- QI)111.hG12 ~ i 515.5 42--l1Gli Library of Congress ~~ - t;,1ir-lrJW2t Volumetl•ic ttnalysis, by I. .ll. I:oltltoff ... tau!11 V. A. aff. -Xxisk Maw* !t tl I .:3 () _15 A
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•, 50335 7975 V, .. 73 XV Re-80 gg: ZisS84s Scinrcol conversion prodact.. _1~~~ ~ ~~ S ~ p ~ • . Stcieo..'}• ( chemistry and mn4s-spcctromctric fragmentation of some bicyclohomofarnctianc oxides. Ylad, 1'. F.; Khariton. Kh. Sh.; (l nzt.~KAttl~~f:=1i. nzt. Khim.. fiishi::c7'SSR). Khim. i'rir. Socd,n. 1978, (4), 449-b4 (Russ). Nhtit and mass" Iipectri E ..~__..-.--.._. : ` i ti 1 ° , • M . 11 aN ~ ~- ~e~ns confirmed the s;•;reochetn.of•three-bicloFomofarnesene f oxid4& : 1 111 (1-ill ( Y^ ,•HYt"Ozidn by CrO3 in AcOH Savc ketones -."= 0. , 11- : nn Ia 0 5 9
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50335 7976 kot:tuA,. M.: AL:: .i. d.Ll Aroii f.{l~ . a•C^vo `L1&Li.?ne} i ,... ;.!1 ~~ .~ f) n n n { c.~ {l ii (1
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50335 7.977 :IX :!! . .. . t:` Se ;i..•. i r5:- 0 '01 0 0 n 0 1 3 0 6 1
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50335 7978 ~~"'~`°"ZtJM PROBLEM DES JUGENDRAUCHENS, by J. von Koluchova, J. Koluch and F. Sedlacek. (Smoking among young people and results of an inquiry on smoking in-the Czech town of Prerov.) Psychiat. Neurol. Med. Psychol. 15 (No.-12) 461-7 (1963) U 3 0 4 f3 0 1 3 • t3 6. ;).
Page 480: yrm95d00
50335 7979 TOBACCO--SMOxING--HEALTH EFlECT/SMOKING AND HEALTH/ BIRTH WEIGBT/NEiICASTLE SURVEY O! CHILD DEVELO?MENT/ I RA 407 Ne 1976 +Ctinics in Developmental Medicine No. 61_ Born Too Soon G. A. NELIGAN ~ . Or Born Too Small c A FOLLOW-UP STUDY TO SEVEN YEARS OF AGE 1976 Spastics International Medical Publications ~.~:JC6CVIN D. McI. SCOTT R. F. GARSIDE LONDON: William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd. PHILADELPHIA: J. B. Lippincott Co. . ._.~TM t ~ 3' o 0 n o 1 • ;j d ia . .; -
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.50335 7960 SARAY QaVC1"ALLtZA7tON OF' TOTAL SUGAR Oemp4nto G i j utsu Kenkyu KaihO j 9G- CNc . 32) .~g-b9 U965)--1r) Engl".... . .. n.,w.... .vs~.•--,w..r.-r... ~~~ t1 h h il I i3 0 A 4
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. a 50335 7981 I FORM[JLARIE S / ~ ~ ~~ F00,ODUcTS FORMULARY I r "o VOLUME 1 1974 /MEATS, OULTRY, FISH, SHELLFISH by STEP,~ I~QMARIKj„r .4: : ~... Consuftant, Coral Gables. Florida, Formerly Director, Food Product Development Research, Griffith Laboratories. Jnc., o 3 n () n ()Chi4ogo,:ljlinO Ej --5 DONALD K. TRESSLER, Ph.D..:` President, ;i The Avf Publishing Company, ; Westport, Connecticut f ~ . . {, , LUCY LONG, Associate Editor, Thc A vi Publishing Company, Westport, Connecticut
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9 9 0 c t0 . 0 U U~' Q tGIy[L~11 ~' ssat~,to7 ju a.-u.tq}Z ~ S;St arumrYE[m.a4:)'T co ;r, tt[a:: t 30 spoqjA! u puu carj.ta(lo.td lu) i^ _vIlI : s;ttJS[os a,uu4.tp •I, •A •~.tet;~o nut: aapl(n r •;t sJ[aut[:~ :Crl 'nuZ ;ua;Jt.inQ puu uo[jr..tnd3s •I •;d •~ ~a 4.tart(4 ':U puu ,3;t; n,[ ; 'uus=teit •,[ 'D .iI .rc;;J:;at ia ;arat[.~u;oi;~I zt[_).t~)!C '11 ;I *,ut: •I •_1 .i+; `:;uu~;~t:2.( ~:;~tus?;~ •~ •~-'~ ~ S.t;siutut[~ afuu~ao fo :pot[;.at Is~ts.fq,I •[ •e-'QC: )a~o~ ~.,;t(rIttaYnilriiq c.~P~:[Jtt[ tita Iz; •Slll[t ft[ :1 -liy ~I ~S.ldf~>(~f~i1~I OJ([ )IJy.i~jt[~ ':~:IO ); l1~~ •pJ ':tri IlH 'Y.th '.1J.T SjJ)dt(j!((UJ i)V •.0.)a(UI31.p :1ltiK'ki.tO }U "Li11)[((t(:)3lrl C'j : ;su.~?wM 3!~~le?rJ t-l: (i~ 286~ SfEOS
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50335 7983 Vmatsu, Akira _ tlt. quthor Matsui, Takeshi, -' . PHOTOCHEMISTRY OF ISOPULEGONE, by rakeshi Matsui, Akira '_:o:.at3u and Tatsuo Moroe Bull. Chem. Soc. Japan 40 (No. 9). 2204 (1967) i3 ~ i.) 0 Cl 0 1~;~ 06 7
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79 II Ve COMBINED LITERARY AND CLINICAL DOCUKrNTATION IN VETINARY MEDICAL GENETICS AND TETRALOGY. Von M. B. Will. J. Wiegend. A. Henog Zusammenfassvng Bei spezieilen Fragestellunqen kann es durchaus notwendig und niitzlich sein, ein aus Patientendaten und Literaturan- gaben bestehendes kombiniertes Informationssystem zur VerfiigunR zu haben. Die Hauptfunktionen des Systems sind Berichterslattung. Analysen. 17berwachung, Interpretation und Simulation. Bei der i.iteraturdokumentation haben sich als Speidher die Sichtlochkarten bewahrt. Die biblioqraphische Erfassung der pokumente erfolgt nach der DIN Norm 1505, der inhalt- liche AufschluB durch Deskriptoren, die in eincm institutsei- genen Thesaurus zusammengestellt sind. Bel der pokumentation von Patientendaten hat sich die Lochkarte als Datentraeer bewahct, die nraschinell iibcr Markierungsbelege erstellt wird. Die Kombination von Literaturdokumentation und Patien- tendaten l'auit in unserem Falle iiber einen - erbpathologi- schen Diagnosenschlussel. Wahrsnd die Dokumentation und Auswertung der Patientendaten maschinell durchgefiihrt wird, sind wir aus verschicdenen Griinden bei der Litera- turdokumentation noch bei dem manuellen Verfahren ver- blieben. 0 3 0 0 n 0 1 0 0 6 6
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:t 50335 7985 ZMIANY MORFOLOGICZNE W NARZADACH MYSZY POD WPLYWEM DYMU PAPIEROSOWEGO. ROCZNIKI AKADEMII MEDYCZNEJ IM. JULIANA MARCH LEWSKIEGO W BIALYMSTOKU. Supplement 2. (Morphological changes in the organs of mice under the influence of tobacco smoke.) 1958 62 pages plus 19 pages of illus. Nakladem Akademii Medycznej im Juliana Marchlewskiego Bialystok In Polish with English translation (82pp) ~? 0 o (1 r
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50335 7_986 73 X lir _ . TOBt.CCO--S::OKI::G-~-PiiYSICAL'PGP.FOfiT1ANCEI RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 73 X Hr . Hrbek, J. Sirnka, A., Navratil, J. (Pal.ackS t'niv., Med. Fsc., Dep. Patho].. Yhysiol., Olomouc, Czech. ) ACUTE EFFECT OF S:10'KI:vG TOEACCQ (0.6 g, 1.2 5, 1.8 g) ON VERBAh ASSOCIATIONS. Activ. 'terv. Super. 15 (No. 2) '138-39 (1973) (in English) ,. _.~ . .... ~ . ,~ ... ., ~ _ ....~.~ .~..-, ~,~.. - , - :.....,.~ ~.. .. ._ ,._. 0 .~n-0 1 0 1 3 0 7n
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x- i: ~ ACUTE EFFECT OF S'rIOI:ING TETRAH'i(DROCAtiaABIhQL WITH TOBACCO ON HIGIiEP, tiERVOUS 7 { ACTIVITY IN iiA:i. ; f Activ. Nerv. Super. 15 (No. 2) ].39-1,0 (1973) (in English) ! ; 0 3 n 0 0 0 1 J 0 7 1 0 ~. o_..._..__ ...__ ~........ _.,_.._:_ .~ ..~...W: ~ ._ ,. _,. 50335 7987 CANNAB I S/TOBACCO--S: i0h'ING---HFAI,'!'ii EFF FCT/ ...._ .. 73 Y. lir PJ}: CLASS NJ. PAMPHLET 73 X Hr ~ ~ Hrbck, J. ;~4~~i~~irl~t;~"~- ; Siroka, A. ;~:rej ci, Z. ;:Sedek, A. ; Navratil, J. ; (Palacky Univ.,::ed. Fac., Dep. 1'athol. Phy siol. , 0lomouc, Czech. ) :'
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50335 7988 ~+-~ .,.-~. -. . . . il ., .. . ... 7.'', '?; i:0 ~lCos~~ndBy;,S • i 11: bc~: ,3 . r: Ltl<i? 0" THE ACl'"'_'`. : r•; :'::T OF (THC) AND TOE?:,CC` ON T1?9-2(i5 (ll?') (in EaSlish) lZ1973, No. l, T•' 46* *d'. so~ ~cco :^eci~in^: , s I I r' ;T = a (1 n J :' 7 2 ,~.
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50335 7989 Journal of Personality & Social~Ps~cholo , I) (~ ..~ 1981,Vol 40,No.4 615-626 y 9Y , J.wn.l ar Pu ri.ae P.wbol.Kica1 A+.aiatwc. w.l. %.a +c oo:2-ssl.;ul/4w+-oelsf: 80 II Ey-81 s.p. /Culture and the Perception of Social Dominance From Facial Expression/ ..2. y 1 aroline F. Keating, Allan Mazur, and Marshall H. Segall ~ Syracuse University . Paulo G. Cysneiros °~Villiam T. Divale Federal University of Pcrnambuco York College, City University of New Yo• Ptrnambuco, Braztl Janet E. Kilbride ' University of Delaware Bangkok, Thailand .4' Peter Leahy ` ~'Blake Thurman University of Akron Hobart and ~4'illiam Smith Col ~Rolf Wirsing University of Konstanz, Konstanz. Germany , ~ Eyebrov~• ana'modth gtstures, ideptified from nonhuman primate studies as po- tcntial human dominance gestures. were tested in a series of cross-cultural ex- periments. Pa;rs of human portrait t?hotorraphs were shown to observers in I I ~tb eh Center National Institute of Development Administration leges
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. . ... . .... .. ... . -. . -.. ... ... ..: .. •:~.bJ~AiY.~•l.r+~:~l~.~t.1Y.v.;>..~i:ai 50335 7990 - -72• VI In=74.... - --- - _ _ S.P. riaruyama, Y. RJR CLASS NO. PA.*IPHLET 72 VI In-74 s.p. Jap.) _-; ^J..' . k { (Musashi Inst. Technol., Atom. Res. Lab., Ozenji, Tamaku Knwas.zki-shi, DETMIh'ATIO:V OF COPPER, A•';SENIC AND r RCURY IN TOBACCO LEAVES. Radioisotopes 22 'Wo. 10) =572-4 (1973 *`(in Japanese with English su,-.rLirv) *Keywords:* mercury, cured, constituent; arsenic, cured, constituent; copper, cured, constituent. *1.974, No. 21, W 8078* *d* Tobacco chemistry-(analysis): +a. . , . . _ • - .. ..,; . ; . ~ .~ n (1
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lii TTe 1 2 ~~~i~~ .rl.p • !l?:::~?i:I Oi .A:: CTG:,.^ :'"^~ ?>lr :.c',w1T,).. . . . .. -.CiI :':~TIC~'~ :5:.:1? YSIS. ! ^(I (`G. 1:j 29^'3:1 (l.t>'7I) (1t1 :2:.t11 Zi'^%is21 •, .1t 3t 2 t C•t~ 1 *Kc; rards:* saleniu^, cured, const itucat. i ~ ~'KOKrYA, I:. & h:ARYUA t.1, Y., M.ussshi. I nstitute of t^nchnaloC y, Japan "Determination of sea.eni.tm in cieta.rets by neutro:I act.S :!ati.on a;ialysis•." (RadioisotoDes 20/1.: 29-30, 1971: paraphrased r:ne1i>n abstract) L` (Domestic and foreign ciCarettes were subject to neutron acti.vation ~t . followed by wet decompn. The t:ctivitf c. 75Se wu s~s , i:eZ,,- ~urt.a ~•. Se cd1-tt..r. ~s ~r.~ s• ..~s i. in tobacco leaves ranged f ro:n 0.04 to 0. 0o rr^t. I:xpis. sr:owed ~ O: the to:•al Se content 7.n cigarettes was ':i I:i:_ed dU rinJ sllolCit7?. ~ ~ _. C; :4 0 0 n 0 1 r.i ' 0 75 ) .
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50335 7992 Yr~,s~hi~fa_'~(3*..::Audic.r) .-.:V5.1: ~ . .. ,.._. ,i f !-.. \. . J. „r i? ;~~ t-l () n () f;a 0 7 6
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50335 7993 =~ Komlossi,`Antal ON ORIENTAL TOBACCOS. Dohanyipar (Hungary) 1 (No. 2) 1-7 (1959) - English translation from the Hungarian. , 1 ~ ~ ~ i t. .1 ~-30 0 Oi") 1 '6`07 7
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50335 7994 76 XI Le TOBACCO-- TAXATION--GEP.MANY/TOBACCO--MANUFACTURE& TRADE--GERAfAN:/ TOBACCO--ECONO2dICS/ RJR CLASS N0. Ph2•iI'HLET 76 XI Le Lcbensmittel-ZeitunB AN ANALYSIS OF TllE CIGARETTE MARJET IN WEST GER'i<1NY - WILL THE FOi2TH- COrtING V.X IhCl:EASE LEAll TO A SliBST'ANTIAL PECP.I:ASE IN SALES? ts~i. -~ ah7G~ dW~s .g~s~I3~~ tlras attr.-l:~ch ~°Y3,itrr:~:3._. qpp, s Lebensmittel--Zeitung 14 (No. 2) p. not given (Aprii 1g76) (in Gerr..-.; ) jAlso includes detailed information on the 1975 cigarette market i ~by giving market shares by company, by brand, by type of cigarette, •with reference to tar and nicotine content. Also gives information ~on mechanism of distribution, retail costs, etc. .) U:in n r, ij is t) 7PI. .
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50335 7995 MUTAGENESIS/CADMIU!4t/ISCHAEMIC HEART DISEASE, ROLE OF LEAD & CADMIU*t)/ EUROPEAN GCONPMIC COMMUNITY/ """'- "MIR-='1'OttUTI01Q'==HEIi,LTii` EFFL•"CT'/""p'f:~TICIl3Y:~`=''1253{I~OT.`~( AIR--POLLUTION--RESEARCH/WATER--POLLUTION/T.EAD/ AMES TYPE TESTING/ 1 EQR ~16u' 6EM610C_HA_F,TEN OMMISSION OF THE- EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES RA 576 Co 1978 I 0 V6OMMISSION DES COMMUNAUTES EUROPCENNES environment and cua~~ty of l'ife Final reports on research sponsored under the / ~•~~~~ner~~~~~ . ~~•~~~~ner~~~~ research Firstenv~ ~ programme (indirect action) Directorate-Generaf 'Research, Science and Education' Environment and Raw Materials Research Programmes EUR 5970 DE/EN/FR - _. i'
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50335 7996 THESAURUS/ TP Kon s~~n~i~iri~r~i~cfien scliaftd7n .370 Commission of the European Communities Co Commission des Communautes europeennes 1979 Commissione delle Comunita europee V. I Lebensmittel • Mehrsprachiger TheJ5urus I 4lE , ~ a,Food • PltuitiIrngual TI{esa~s~~ Alime t ~ > n ation • Thesaurus Multilingue~ C/~ e.r"~ J2%q.(~.~7+1~ V. q Atimenti I• Thesaurus Multilingue - 5 Viersprachiges Register und Mikrofiches Quadritingual index and Microfiches Guvma.f.., ` index quadrilingue et microfiches CL ",1 Indice quadrilingue e microschede K• G• Saur Munchen - NewYork • London -Paris 1979 o 's . ,~ . .
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50335 7997 R S 1.. __~.....+..r.a-..../.t RJR CLASS flv0. PAMPHLET 77 X Re4-80 s.p. 77 X Re4=80 . S.P. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft FORMALDEHYDE IS ONE OF TEN COMPOUNDS OCCURRING IN EVERY DAY ENVIRONMENT. * ..-_5.:. .F . :b. r. ,m.. . aldetiyyd, m... o .. ,..:.a . _ . (Kommissions glich, erWeisekrebserr egend.7* • .Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, p. not given (Sept. 27, 1980)* The German National Research Council has'stated that formaldehyde is one of ten compounds occurring in the every day environment, which may have potentially a significant carcinogenic effect. rl %, ~ }~ _ a 4; 1 o I1 ' il I - i ~, ~
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50335 7998. PIeA 1 (1968) , ~+o r• ~~ . . -.-. / r.v •. 1~ ^ • ` •.- ~i ~ ~ ~ w . . j', t , c - . : U I, •+; ~ . ;•,,,,:,,~ t . e Y~.....Jt(.1TJ t"e0 tV~ ~_V6 L~..kr t..,_~ .!~O ~^~„ •4it... F • ~..,i _~' 4 v:. . `'~.' '' .•~ • F•= :.~~ 1'L:J~.L.v.l.:,.f..•Y.Z li-:tt.i:..-i~ ~y .. ...•, ~ `! ~~e~,+L C ` i n,',t.,~ ~ • i ` r -..-... ~~ ... . U f)* Ir 1 0 ri, 40 1 ,- e ( ) e, s'
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50335 7999 81 V Ko ! CONSUMER PREFERENCE/TASTE--TESTING--METHODOLOGY/ Tbr loLrnal of Social P,yrbolory, 1963, 61, 327-33{. ATTITUDE CONTENT, 1NTENSITY, AND THE NEUTRAL POINT ON A LJKERT SCALE• 1 i'eAdrrbilt U.iorriity 4mOklz'i1 A. PvRross A commonly used procedure of measuring attitudes is the Likert tech- nique of attitude-scale construction (6). Briefly, in a Likert scale the re- spondent is presented with arset ol attitude statements on a sale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. Responses to each statement are given integral weights and an individual's score on the scale consists of the ;sLmf,af t}icse weighted item scores. Hencet Likert': procedure is frequently referred to as the method of summated ratings (2, 3).
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50335 8000 . a 79 III Re -80 S,P. 1 J. a9r. Chem. Soc. Japan 36, 305-10 (1962) • Chemical Studies on the Reaction Products of Glucose and Ammonia. Part I. Several Changes ef Glucose in Aqueous Ammonia. gy~~OsA40T~(The liyogo University of Agriculture) J:~ t) ~ n f; i J il r, 41
Page 502: yrm95d00
79 III Rel-80 1% r ~~ Chemical Studies on the Reaction Products of Glucose and Ammonia. Part IV. Isolation and Identification of :-NydroxymetF.y1-4 (5)-methylimidazole. $y aItNWi11"fw:X4MTONThe liyoro University of Agriculture) 0 ;a 0 (1 0 1 a 0 R I;
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50335 8002 III Rei - 80 Chemical Studies on the Reaction Nroducts ot Glucose ana Ammonia. tart v. isownon anu Identification of J(S)-(2-llydroxvethyl) imidazole. gy j3MWN-T%Ma'co%(The Ilyogo University of Agriculture) . VJ jXI+L~5i/JJ6;t%JC- ~-~' ~ I: ri'•1u7Fy (M 5w` 4(5)-(2-* #Js-y- )t- ) ~f ; A"v^it,o) 5}t;~:~ G~a": lE ~ (~sb1tCli#~ r ) 0n, #t136T- 7 11 31 H x J2 tis¢w-4(5)-stn.f :a'~-,t.~`.?:E. :.0 2fiiltiFic4.3H±0T: f'/-A, (tR#7~r itlllLf.:~~~it^t~~~. ~~i~~~~~.'iuu (!t) r~4(5)-(2-A 4 i=t.~) 4:~r'!-it.o3t: I v- F L l. : Pij+Lt-- {iCi~':fe r`i'I',it3. CH401i•CHs•C-N .- C , H.C-N'- 11 4(5)-(2-##vstw.) •f i !r /-A. Vir luR ua At ( *Att#'o) m.p. l1--%k'C:*-n61E• P qY l•~l'37 t-(rdlF PYC teS ~-1'3) ~ Mt•1-,M(P1,2i1MT-t FV/9 a 0 .lswtil/til28°c 7 i-t- =7Q:=30: 5: 4: 0.2 't.rJlll.•G-% l•: 7 v- Fo) P:'t: z .. ~- , .~ JU !~ h •i • ~'
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50335 8003 I I (dcntiticaliun of -I(5)-(.'.3.J-Trih)-dru.ybutyl) imidar.olc und Prc.umpliun uf 1(5)-(2.J-Uihydroxy- propy1) imidazole. $yti~t~~ittj>~tx!¢(l~CF';The Hyogo University of Asriculture) M T 3 1 t ''= !YJ I7F -'i'. ( 4T s I:~ )' ' ~. 4(5)-(2,3,4-F 1* #:r~'tp~1.) ~f ;~e* i'•-n.o3}g1p.. f17z ;tU9m 4(5)-(2,3-i; * + i7'" ti~L-) ~f ; 0' f-n-q,)#ti;jf P7 * JT- A-~ ei;*tri If- 7 A3t n •X PG 4a19 III Rej-80 ~ kEMtnODt,7tln.v-x-7v•t;376tZ*fni('f (I:d'FG-AFi!'C:#:PV t-1-;5) >+i- c,)~Lttv) 4(5)-.tg /c..f : ~r =C}14 1L~ ~l •r- F9D1fitMAt l.'Ci}i~tl`. T~liYai(~~~~lil:l,fC. 4(5)-(2.3,4- ; i ) >e TPB (tetrapheoylborate) ir^ Ot Lt~t~eS i~~l :/~}~. .~~~~xiyCr~lE' l t_~.~~;7)ZX 4(5)-(2.3-v ~t # i y o L~ A)~f : st' J-w ( II) t}/f: ~ ftt.;6b1Ij- TPB ttAtfi#it L-s t'~dL#1:1~5}i;~tl.t~~'i;~ttUu#3. CHiOH•CIIOli•CllOfl•CHz•C-N~, CH,011•C11O1I•CI1,•C-N, 1 f. H . n .. ` M d+ it 1t r B rv !n ?1.4 ri 19£2 ts: %Chemiral Studies on the Reaction Products of Glucose and Ammunia. Part VI. Isolation and U f~ 7 .
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50335 8004 I uu)uie.C ne..culra. b~ IlYiO/ J•.Y--~bJ ~ V scvlcr cicnfific 1'uliiishing Cornpany, Amstcrdam - Printed in Bclgiurn 71 III Re -79 g P r~ 2 , , ~ Gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry of ~~/oLU~ trimethylsilyl others and butaneboronate-trimethyl- silyl derivatives of polyhydroxyalkylpyrazines . I ~ HIRONo>su TsuclnoA, KAZUxRi KITArtuRA, MAIMHrlco•KoMoro, ~ .....~' y Department ojAi;riceltural Chearistry, Faculty ojAfirictrlture, Kobe Unircrsity, Kobe (Japan) A1cD NoRtstt Ali1MORI Application Laboratory, Naka Works, Ilitachi Ltd., Katsuta, lGaraki (Japml) (Received August 30th, 1977; accepted for publication in revised form, February 14th, 1978) It is generally known that sugars react with ammonia to produce pyrazin( compounds'. At lcast fiftccn suzaar-dcrivcd alkylpyrazincs havc been identificd2-' Only the following pol),hydroxyalk)•Ipyrtzincs, however, havc been idcntificd: 5-(t)- arabino-tctrahydroxybutyl)-2-mcthylpyrarinc°', G-(o-ar-abirro-tctrah)-droxybutyl)-2• methylpyrazinc'', 5-(u-arabi/lo-tctrAhydroxybutyl)-3-(u-er}•thro-trili)•drox)•propyl)-2- mctltylpyrazincs, 2-(u-ar(ibino-tctrah)•droxybutyl)-5-(u-cr)•tlrro-2,3,4-trilt)•drox)•but%•?- pyraiine (dcoxyfructosazinc)ti ", 2-(u-clraGi»o•-tctrahytiroxyhutyl)-G-(u-cr.rlirro-2,3,4• trihydrox),but)•I)pyrazino'•s, 2,5-di-(n-arabi/lo-tctrahy(iroxybutyl)pyraiinc (fructo• t2-(t~,-gh•Fcrn-2 3-dihydrax • )r~ •I)-5-(u-t/rrt•o-trih •droxy,ro )yl ~ra• sazine); " , )1 f ) ) 1 1 )p. zine' Z,•2-(u-g/1-cii•o-'~,~3-dihydroxyprop)i)-G-(n-thrco-trih)-drux)•hropyl)pyrazinct 2.u 2,5-di-(t)-thrco-triltydroxypropyl)pyrazinc" and 2,6-di-(u-r/u•co-trilty(irox)•prop)'1)- ,,.. „ts
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50335 6005 • P° 79 III Rel-80 Jour. Agr. Chem. Soc. Japan 39114-7(1965) S. ' , From the ext. 4(5)-(hvdroxvntethyIlimidazole w'as crystd. as its )icrate (120 nig., m. 207-1'). Similarly the following coenpds. CHFK rerc obtained as follows (I, 111, ni.p. picrate, and yield given): he itnidazole compd. No. 5( C.a 60, 233':d,;(5)-(:,',3-dihydroxy- , , /Reaction products of n-glucose and ammonia. IX. Reduc- imidazole acetoaldehyde (11), was too unstable to isolate in pure tion of the periodate oxidation products of polyhydrozyalkyl- state from the oxidn. mixts. II was reduced with NaBHj to imidazoles with sodium borohydride. Satoshi Fujii and 9i<sa- the corresponding alc. (11I) isolated as its picrate. 4(5)-(1,'2,3,-i- ~i1pp:~:otnoto; (Hyogo Agricultural Coll., Sasayama, Japan). Tetrahydroxybutyl)imidazole (0.5 r.) was dissolved in 10 tnl. Nippon ,\'ogci Kagaku Kaisni 39::i), 114-1i(19F5)(Japan); cf. Ii;O, mixed with SO ml. l)..".JJ Na1O, aq. soln. and allowed to { CA 60, 2332d; 61, 12':`21iE. To det. the chem. structure of poly-_ stand in a dark place 2.5 hrs. at room temp. To avnid further bydroxvalkyliinidaznles (1) produced from the reaction of u- oxidn., satd. aq. BaCI: soln. was added to the mixt. and resulting glucose with ammonia, the imidazoles were oxidized with Na104. ppt. filtered otT. The filtrate was mixed with 12 ml. 5% aq. NaBH# soln. and allowed to stand at room temp. 30 min. To aBH,l.,lp,, R ~ aBH, R ~ decomp. excess reducing agent. AcOH tt•as added to the mixt.- A-~-N N T R' B` W , which was probably 4(5)- the common oxidn. product However The nttxt..cas concd. in t•ncuo and e.tri...•ith Et:0 in alk. media. R' A" W 00 topyI)imidazole, presumably) (0.3 g.). 4(5)-(:.'-hydroxyethyl)- ~ itidazole, 143--1°, 55 mg.; the imidazole compd. No. 6(4(5)- ' (2,3,4-trihydroxybutvl)imidazoleJ(0.5g.),4(5)-(2-hydroxyethy1)- intidazole. 143-4°. 105 rne. K. Alori U' 3 o; n no I d c j P. 9
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50335 8006 ..~......~.~._.. J9 80 III V N /a ACTIVITY OF FCOPPER/ii1ACNI:SIUitI+'CATALYSTS,~,IN CARI3ON DrONOXIDE CONVERSION, IN RELATION TO CO13PER SURFACE AREA A. A. V a s I l c v i c h,,&w4V~v~,.Ko m o v a,,.,,, UDC GG1.9G]..5.097.3 : 546.56 I. P. Zrelova, and T. A. Semenova A study has been made of the variation of catalytic activity of coppei/magmcsium catalysts In carbon m,cnoxidc conversion and the an:ount of copper surface, as the copper content is increased from 1 to 1C-u molc ~'~. The czt:tlytic activity is found to be proportional to the copper surfacc In the spccin-.cn. 'i'hc copper is activc when it is reduced from a coppei/mlgror•ium system consist- ino of conipcuncts of the copper oxidc and mzinicsium oxide solid solution tShe. Copper obtaiuied by the reduction of the oxide solid solution type. Copper obtained by the reduction of the oxide CuO Is lower in activity. ~:~~~~nncJ a
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KOPT&SS 11%(8 50335 8007 . CiZ `J' I3.r i'. ',}1 :~.v L.'u ;~..'- .~ ~~ n;i tf
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50335 8008 CICARF.TTES--FII.TERS--PORmSITY--?vJEASIJREMENT OF/ ~ VI Ta 3-7Q RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET VI Ta3 79 S~Dw f H. ~ ( ~ venska Tobaks Ak tiebolaget d.) COMPENSATION OF THE INTERNAL RESISTANCE OF A FLOW METER USED FOR THE DETERMINATION OF THE DEGREE OF VENTTLATION OF A CIGARETTE FILTER.' * (KonipensatYon, ~fuef`deri wfderstandvon~~~Stromungs~ne"ssern bei_,,de3;. .a9a sutig'<de~"~'filEerventilatioi~sgrades. )* Berlin . Tabak Kolloquim, 21st, paper, /9 p. (1979) (in German with English summar, In analogy to tk.e resistance in the flow of electricity in an electric current, the author derives an equation for the actual draft resistance of a cigarett~ filter and from it the degree of ventilation of a filter: V a IA X 100 0 1 - a~ . I-IA ( IA Uc -UA Uc-Ug where, I - normal total flour, 17.5 ml/sec. IA - flow indicated by the flow'meter e a3 i) 0 t') : 0 1 ;i 0 9 ;?
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79 50335 8009 (VETERINARY MEDICINE/ -~-------------------- ---- Prakt. Tier 59(NSI)128-31(1978) II Ve COMPLETE..INFORMATION PROBLEM OF LITERARY DOCtJMENTATION, SR . ~, y:,;1C~'~d t..._~ .•.~oe~ 7 p~ v .+~P~ 1u~~1r"1~:i11i!'rrr~i~itlC:ia.Yca'r/ ~ii/ 11itw9 ~FIr1:Yil i~YC;v~1I31it+s1..:.t :..r1. Computerabrechnung in der Kleintierpraxis*) n H-. e'nhardapnd P. Heile~`GtO~(. ~ ~ ' k. _ l/ ~ ierarztli- Die4w1ip1aw#rtftftriiatftlll, ntation Von H. Brodauf Zusammenfassung: Eine komplette veteringrmedizinische Fachdokumentation existiert nicht. Der Veterinarmediziner muR sich der Infor- mationssysteme der Nachbarwissenschaften bedienen, um annahernd komplett informiert zu sein. Die Komplettierung der-Information steht in Ahhangigkeit zur Erfassung und Indezifrjpng der Fachliteratur. e
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50335 8010 mum , ~ " K N5"VA.'4'~A1COtiEEI~5~1(~3ff`1~"~bb~~2~s: ' c -DREV-KAZNYCH HUB. Felklova, Melanie (Masarykova universita, Ustav pro fysiologii rostlin, Brno - Czechoslovakia) KOMPOSTOVANI TABAKOVEHO ODPADU A LODYH UZITIM DREVOKAZNYCH HUB. (Composting of tobacco offal and stalks with the help of the wood-destructing con- centrates.) Photostat from: Sbornik Ceskoslovenske Akademie Zemedelskych - Ved Rostlinna Vyroba 3 (Complete series Volume 30 (N9..;13) 1235-52 (157) - In Czech with Engl~'s h $ummary. . e ;4
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50335 8011 .,... ' ''' '' ,~•,Contact with mineral oil used in lubrication-the so-called ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH/ ~e~/ypp Y/~~N4`^ x wmul~spinncrs' cancer ". ' Cancer.--CAUS,ATIdN:.C1IEP1~,ICALS~GOAL• : T~1R// All thcsc phenomena were the results of andcsigrtcd and unpredictable " natural " expcriments on a grand scaie-the British T'led. B.ull. 4(51b)314L-325(1946/1947) utiforesecn outcome of or.c or other aspect of the current A 76 X Ha• .(/(o industrialization. How frequent such environmental experi- ments have been and still arc, and how fascinating in thcir CHEMISTRY OF GARCINOGENICC variety, may be judged from Dr. Henry's (1947) account' of . COMPOLTNIDS • cutaneous cancer attributable to chemicals in industry. The • next stage was clearly that of systematic inquiry, and the first ALEXANDER HADDOW, M.D., D.Sc., Ph.D.' ~ential lay in the reproduction of the disease at will. One of the earliest attempts was made by Hanau in 1SS9. Inspired CW D.Se., F.R.S. by von Volkmann's paper, he tried to induce cancer in rats - and dogs by painting the skin " mit Hallcnscr Braunkohlcn- M#Aw Btaty Raearch Tnstitut., RVal Canu. Napira! (Fra), Lo+adow theer ", but without result. Success proved tardy, just 1 Nature of the carcinogenic agent in coaltas and pitch ' eluding Bayon in Britain in 1912, but was finally achieved by 2 Fenzanthracene homologues 3 Chrysenes and benzphcnanthrenp ' Yarttagiwa & Ichikawa in 1915, when they produced 4 Possible implications for the spontaaeous origia of caacer undoubted malignant c l pithelial tumours by application of S Oestrogens and cancer coaltar to_ the ears of rabbits. In 1918 Tsutsui (a pupil of i Nitrogen- and sulphur-containing analogues: 2-amino Yamagiwa) showed the advantage of painting the skin of derivatives of naphthalene, anthracene and duorena . rrico as a method of biological testing of carcinogenic tars- 7 Azo compounds i Derivatives of 4-aminostilbene a simple technical variation which was nevertheless to have 9 Miscellaneous substances : radioactive elements,* arsenic, a profound influence upon ail later developments. In 1922. . References ' strict proof of the carcinodenicity of soot was obtained when Passey produced malignant growths by painting the skin of !nice with1-in ethe-eal eztracL 9 (; ;3 o 0 n i)
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,...~...y_.,. , 50335 8012 F.4c7 Nutriuorci Shrdics - ----- ~ ~_____ No:="7 ; . by ~ 7CJi Un GG- 7 3 .tt"Z.~.~.: ~3, .t•'1~.' ti i ,~ 1[~.fi 1:.i.1~1 ~~s ~J ir'7~ , ~~ ~ . j B T I-H.1.t~r~..~.AN NUTIUr$IO!`!` .~.a~ • ~ , : Secor.d editi3n re~•s~c1 )&46e~ FOOD AND AGRICU:.T(J1:E OR^vAlV1ZATi0It ROM:. :472 •. ~ ~ . ~~.~~..... _.. ~.-....,- ,v~a' -n....-•e...w•.e--+v•.,_.....,..~.j-r.+.•.~.....~.~... . . _ . . , . ' .. ~ , ' . . . . C~ i f) 0 v i1 e
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50335 8013 2734 >;ut•t.rTIrt or T,ir Cnrn::CAL SOCI°TY or }ArArt, voL. 50 (l0)f2739--2740 (1977) i."+.;Lsdl('.s, ()`ti~l:~y:iL'Ltl?Cs. i. p\'t'71ysCS of Sll)?StitlitC:d and '1'jteit "L`licrlllai S(i2Niitics % 't . T•: :. Y I --; 71 II1 Rc2 -73 . S~ ,.•_.....~;..~: ' .. V ~..l:.~.. ~ . P. Yukio Tnrnct ~ , . .. ~ -..v.. w...-...._ iM~R.V...-. ~ d:#'f ~.. Dc/,almrrf r!f A~,/,licd G%u•rlislr, Scicncc Cblircrsi~, of 7ol•w, I:ngruazal,~e, Sltirljrdu-/.u,;~: ~ ...~~•- . (Rcccivcd i.I:u'clt 9, 1977) 7'Ilc Pyro?ysckand tllcrmal staUiGtics of 2,5-dialkylpyraiinc•s (Ia--c), 2,5-dictho•:ypy'ra•r.inc (2)a•chlorc;pyrazinc (s), a11:oXypyI'1t7.inCs (1-t-t:), a1kyltLinliyrazincs (5a, b), and .tlkylatninul/~ rar.incs (Ga d) wcre stud;cd by mcan¢ of ac n:aa Spcctrontrlcr; Ly wLic1L thc py roIv,mcs in tlu• rcmplc res,^rroir wcrc aualy ^rd. 7'hv-. tcn.llro•aturc d^pcn- dc•ncc of the rnu!ccular ions and/or fr;:;;mcnt ioas al:o discus,cd. •1'Itce thcrnlal dch.•drogcnatiae 1'rom two u-mwtl:inc proup; tn:cl:cs thc Irl molc•culc tltcrlnall;; scn:itit•c. The other 2,:1-dilrutylllyraziacs tecn: tnurc stahlc than it, except loe• tltc 1-lx:tyl clcritatit•c•, 1c. Iiyclro.<y- and :nttinolcyr:tzirne, 4a and Ga, %ti•ct•c vrry sta?llc. '1'llc alkoxypyrcrr.inc s, :bnnd 9c. :tnc? :clkyltl:iollp-t::inc:, 5, ucuic•rwc•nt the thcrmal c•licnin:u im.uf u?ci/nc to yi. Icl h; scncl mcrcal>tulcyr:rrino rrslx•ctivcly. '17:c iattcr cGsproportinnatcc.i to lin•nt dih;•raziuy1 sulii.ic (1l). At :'i'•U °C, thcrmai stahilitics o: thc t:r.. 1un?n„ou, rc: c tivn. ~f alkyl.tn:innl~y razincs Gh---c1 cuu)d be obscrvcd. 7'llc relative cornpoucds wcrc :u Grilo~•:s: 2, 9u, G1, ;b>) c>Ic j11.+>Gc, 5:c j3~G7~~ Ic:~)a~ u`, 5h~ 2c .+ Tltc_cltrtit;str '--of _ pra;:i_nc- c!eriv:,tiycs _ has _}~ici:- - Iaolccular inn al)itlallccs ~ ~~ tlucti` .n'c shou•n i it~ ~cin"tc< iti (~~ tri s~ k'1ul•t of .Icls tl s:c~f tltly, l~i;;s. 1, 3, •1, and 7, and tLc I~clativc tutal ion currr: ~, 191 Z3 . ~ sr~•c•r.ti tt ~; s~ntllctic tnctf:ucls (., th+: 1~~•r:trut c•r:trutc rinjr llavt. itt Tsthlc. 1. Ir't;t) was calculatccl by mcans brcn. rc•Ixo:tec:. e~r.irinc:: unJc•:';;cl hntL tllc li~llcr~~in;; l;auatiiu: (1):
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~i 50335 8014 YLabiI1oVici1., 14. S, ,11h" ~'.?i•1yA : 'T,Jl; A:..'-`'..,II'1::.) '' ' FO'r: ' ` CIir. ~ U Aiti.:,`;I.i;~s by I~.. S. Rabinovich airi R, r1, hon=wJ_ova. From: J, hpp. Chem. In Yn~;:Lish. (U:ISR) 2? o95-1C01 M1+9i
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50335 8015 NICOTINE--PHARMACOLOGY/ INSECTICIDES--TOXICOLOGY/ Progr. Fish-Cult. 31(1) 62-63(1969) .+ry sl x Ko1 s~b EFFECTS OF HEPTACHLOR AND NICOTINE 0&T THE BARBELS OF A CATFISH (HETEROPNEUSTES FOSSILIS) owj€.'~u.t-4 Department of Zoology, University of Bihar Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India WHILE INVESTIGATING THE TOXIC- ITY OF SOME INSECTICIDES TO FISH, this writer observed that when the cat- fish (Heteropneustes fossilis) was exposed to heptachlor and nicotine, its barbels curled and subsequently showed inacliva- tion,i That observation led to the study reported here. For this study groups of this fresh- water catfish (average length, 114 milli- meters; average weight, 7.9 grams) were exposed to 1.0 p.p.m, heptachlor (from 0 :3'n 0 n 0 Ij U 9 9 T.Q. M.C.. . . E P D. . . : A . . * ~ , . ~ ~ , A . ". • , r e~ y Y, , ; .8 , ,s, % T r • A • • -
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50335 8016 Pratr , Fi s~- ~ 73SXPRe2-81 NICOTINE AS A FISH POISON Department of Zoology, I:alyani i;nivei•sity Kalyani, Nadia, W. .B., ,Ir.dia A PESTICIDE THAT WOULD PER'14IIT RAPID AND INEXPENSIVE LIVE CAP- TURE of fish from reservoirs would be most welcome to the fishery manager. Recovery of fis.i from the currently used rotenone or soc.ium cyanide is slow and incomplete, and sodium cyanide is diffi- cult to handle. The water-soluble plant- alkaloid nicotine (1 - methyl - 2 - (3 -pyri- dyl) pyrrolidine) offers some interesting possib4itieR al3. poisqn fvr this pt3rpope.C) To evafuate these possibilities, sev- eral concentrations of the nicotine (in a.~~. ..r ..a:.. - ....~:,,... r..__.- dissolved oxygen and the accumulation of nitrogenous wastes. Each test had a con- trol in which no death occurred. The results of these tests are F.hown in the table. Obviously, the test fishes were more sensitive to nicotine than the test insects. At the higher concentrations of nico- tine, the fish showed a high degree of excitability and surfaced within 5 to 10 ;pinutes. At a concentration as low as 1.0 p, p. m. , however, some fish did r,ot surface. .s
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50335 8017 . ,. . ._~_ _ __ ~-_,...._.._......._................-....._---~. .~.---. •..;..:.~-_ __ 73 X Re2- S.P. , ~ !t'roc. 59th tnd. Sc. Corig. : Part !Il_ : Abstracts 13). Toxicity of Nicotine to Aquatic Life. . water ;(iv) the cornpatibility oE nicotine with an organophosphotus ituectidde DDVP ; and (v) the histopathologial effects of nicotine on 6sh. Bioassa)•s were made in glass aquaria at room temperature to determine the Kalyant The objectives of this in.•estigation were to determine (i) the toxicity of nicotine to freshwater tishes. insects, and plankters :(ii) the in8uence of different pH antl turbidity levels on the toxicity of nicotine; (iii) the residual toxidty of nicotine in : toxicity of nicotine to 10 species oE 6shes, 8' species oi aquatic insects, and 11 spedes oE plankters. . The lethal concentrations oE nicotine raried for different species of 6shes and iwects. The insects were several times more tolerant to nicotine than 6shes. The ~ toxicity of nicotine increased with the increase of pH. The turbidity had no inQttence upon the toxicity of nicotine. The commercial anda and line were found to activate the nicotine toxicity to 6sbes and Insects. The cladocerans and copepods were more susceptible than phytoplankters to nicotine. Nicntine lost residual toxicity in watei within 8 dW in alkaline waters. Nicotine and DDVP applied together completely controlled the 6shes and insects. The liver and kidney tissues of the exposed 6shes were severely Injured by nicotine. I Nicsitine lappitars 4 be safer and more useful than rotennrte. endritt, and some organophosphorus and orgattpchlorine insecticides currently tried in 6shery tnanagement. •
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50335 8018 _, Kondakova,': M..~.3~ ACTION OF ALKYL HALIDES ON a- AND a" -AMI--- NONICOTINES - FORMATION OF THE PRODUCTS OF ALKYLATION, by M. S. Kondakova afid Ya. L. Gol'dfarb`' Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSR 66 (No. 4) 647-50 (1949) - English translation from the Russian. a i 0 2
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U- 50335 801_9 };;C. c; . Kondakova, M. S-.' SYNTHESIS OF CARBAZI-CONDENSED SYSTEMS FROM' a- AND a' -AMINO- . IV. CONDENSATION OF a-AMINONICO- TINE WITH ACETOACETIC ESTER, by M. S. Kondakova and Ya. L. Gol'dfarb. Zhur. Obshch. Khim. 10; 1065-8 (1940) - English translation from the Russian. .~....-.,_ ..,,,..~,<: ~ ,. .
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50335 8020 Konda.lcova, M... S.. , j t. au t. Gol'dfarb, Ya. L. TSIKLIZATSIYA PROZVODNIKH :~TANIKOTINA. (Cyclization of Metanicotine Derivatives.), by Ya. L. Gol'dfarb and M. S. Kondalcova. Photostat from: Izvest. Akad. Nauk SSSR Otdel. Khim. Nauk. 1951, 610-19 (1951) - In Russian U~3 s~ n fl c`l #+: ! i~ ~
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. 50335 8021 I 80 II Ey-81 Behav. Brain Sci. 3 461-2 (1980) S'P' 2 articles: e OpMr~ WParenobl/fiMr. ConraW.fAr.+rMye aONOr Mah.Ww. CrKka py Vaelav t'fnkera No.IU1 PptAWpOy OprreMfaM. a-aaD My*M. Cokk+MtrrCOl fNO. E~pl.n. Human learning Is more complex and fears ' A muttiralued logical net modelling conditioning are more Influenced by ontopeny Though I consider Eysenck's (1979) conditioning model for neurosrs a vakiabte contribution to research and theory, some basic quesbons require further discussion The Arst one has to do wrth SekQman's` (1971) important hypothesis concerning the preparedness of soRle CSs for readily conahoned lears There is empvricat support for the existence of "preparedness," but its nature is not qurte clear 1) Some such CSs are bbolopicaMy prepared or evowteonary deterrrwned. but rf is necessary to take into account that the herAabdity index alresady decreases during early chddhood (see, e q, Luna 1971), therefore. probably many such CSs are mlkxrnced by rxLvodual experience (see Wyrwicka's eommeantary) Authors concerned about screMdic pr0 4 ..,,n e.t„r,. n, 111 ,- r..• kinds of udrersm, wlrch the charrKauna ot* rjrc,wous ~j,o., escape. It is therefore much easier 10 took for •weak poinls Eysenek (1979) modvi ol neuros,s than A wpu/d be. say, to co on the idua that rexoses spng from frurc e.rslrnhal anxiety or srMar myslical Source For rrslarrcat. onecoulq,prnnf out triat tlrt c) :;oo n o i8 la 5
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50335 8022 .L 79 IX In TOBACCO---SMOKE--TAR/TOBACCO--GER*At7Y/ TOBACCO--SMOKE--TAR--DEFINITIOY/ li . ... ~ _. .. . i .- . -- . . ! . . ~ ..- . . -.....__...,r-;. . .~--~.. . - RJR CLASS NO. PA.-IPIILET 79 IX In ; IXtstitut Fur Dem~:onie, Allensbach, Germany ~Cl'itiDLiZSATE" ANU iA•r' - IdiIAT DO Gi:?.i•L4h CI(:AI:F:9."TE SaOKErS BELIEVE TO I3I: THE Pi1:ANIr7G OF TCESE TI:I::SS? ~(Kotlaefi'~~'E~iiiic)'"~eet'? Cf is'~veraCetien` die-:Cignrettenraucher ,untc,t: diosen beideti-Beii~ictihiingen?) Institute Fur Demoskopie, News Release, Allenshach, Ger., (1979) (in Gerrian) Conference, Study on P~ehalf of Verband der CiBarettenindustrie. Text & table3, questionnaires, etc., variously paged (May, 1979)- in G=rman. C~ :~ n n n<<
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' 50335 8023 • TOBACCO--SMOKE--FILTRATION/ CIGARETTES--•FILTERS--POROSITY/C,IGARETTES--FTT.TERS--TAR REnUCTION/ TRANSLATION RJP . RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION Maeda, K. ; Sawakuri, Te ; I'.ot~dn,-_;F..~ Noguchi, K. *(no affil,)* •.. = _. __ EFFECT OF THE DEGREE OF PERFORATION OF CIGARETTE PAPER AND TIPPING PAPER ON THE PERFORMANCEOF_FILTER CIGARETTES. III. ON THE REDUCTION OF TAR AND NICOTINE DELI~-1:RY. yl~ 'ippon Senbai Kosha 120, 41-49 (1978) (in Japanese - complete English translation available. : *Ke)•words:* tar, smoke, constituent • ' nicotine, smoKe; constituent. jf 'The amouat ol TP.M, tat aod nicotine deli.ery i4fiher eilarettes with perlorated eye• I r.etc paper aad .entilaud dpping was meeuured ..ith rerpect to the effects o( tM alr 1, permeab0ip o[ eiprette paper, (ilter ef7iciteey, pulf nuabet, preseure dmp af Iilter 1 eiprette, .eatilatioo nte through cigarette paper, .entilation rate thrvugh tippiai Papa. f and .eatii,tion «te through eiyeretne paper aed upping.//'--' `e 1 ~lCt~.K. ~6-l tJL 0 t 4 . .. ..... ..r , . _
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50335 8024 TOBACCO_--SMOKE--FILTRATION/TOBACCO•'-S'V10KF--VAPOR PHASE/ CIGARETTES--PAPER--PERFOR ATION/CIGARETTF.S--PAPER--AIR PER*tEABILITY./ CIGARF.TTES--I'ILTERS--TAR REDUCTION? r RJR TRANSLATION t RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION Maeda, K. ;•^,Kond6;'-'F: ; Tokida, A.: Noguchi, K. •. *(no' affil.)* EFFECT OF THE DEGREE OF PERFORATION OF CIGARETTE PAPER AND TIPPING PAPER ON THE PERFORMANCE OF_FILT_ER_CIGARETTES. IV, REDUCTION OF THE MAIN VAPOR COMPONENTS IN CIGARETTE 1MOKE,.' ~ ~fiJippon Semtiai' Kosha 120, 51-60 (1978) (in Japanese - camplete English translation available.) *Keyw•ords:* acetaldehyde, smoke, constituent; ' . isoprene, smoke, constituent; ~ Y acetone, smoke,yconstituent: y ~ 'A study was made of the reducing effect of porous cigarette paper d h i 1 h c onentc acetaldehyde iso- e om ~ I prene and acetone~ 4 Y V le~i(~ .~ 4M E~ •..~~ f1 q rl t1 ~~.3 I t}~ ~ , p ~ . .an porous tips on t e princ pa gas p as f .
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; 50335 8025 ~;~ _. . :. 776 , . III Du -l~i _~y • . , , . 2 Equations of State for Sevcral Fluorocarbon Refrigerants# S.P.. . . i ~.._ (First Report: Saturated and Critical Property Valuesh By%:KONDb.•, Koichi WATANABE•• and Ichimatsu TANISHITA••• Bulletin of the JSD1E Vo1 17 :`'o lU une 1974 ~t In accordance with the recent developments in tefrigeration engineering, the necessity to utilize the fluorocarbon refrigerants has increased. Hence it becomes quite essential to establish the thermo- dyoamically consistent formulations in wide ranges of state parameters of these substances. For this purpose, new correlations of the saturation pressure and of the saturated liquid density have been devised for six typical differentJiuorocarbons such as R-12, R•13, R:1, R-2?, R-23 and Rr318. Using these desised correlations with an aid of CailletetAtathias law. a set of most probable , tritiial property values with their estimated uncertainties have also been derived. Additionally the aecessity to derive the rational expressions for the thermodynamic consistency which-have to be satisfied by the proposed formuhtions at the critical point is stressed and those expressions could be derived taking into consideration the estimated uncertainties of the critical property data. r approach to setting up the thermodynamically eonsistent fn-oY ~, o csemcnlten as. se sAtute ea rs, t ~--- 0 9 ants: R•1'.(CCIaF=) R-1? CCIF3), R•21(CHCI=F). R•22tCX 4 the e~ ntj3l' po h d R ~ h b 1. Introduction lations. Additionally some new criteria are proposed for the cs- sistent thermodynamic relations among the critical proper-y := In accordance with the recent desetopments in refrigera- which may be reported in general with some uncerta:.tr:s 7.' tion industry, the t.ecessity and importance of the fluorocarbon the measurements. refrigeraats which arc noninftammable. nontoxic and give high _ The discussions and considerations mentioned above perfornunce in refrigention have increased. In connection with cern the following siz different kinds of fluorocarbon ~
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i-a4:...r%vu:~:a~c.al I . •1': • I : 50335 8026 • . rf•• ;! t t'' - BulSetin of the JSl11E. Vol.17, ho.108, June, 197~'. 9Y .3- 5; O III Du2 74 Equations of State for Several Fluorocarbor~ Refrigerantsl! S.P. ' (Second Report: Formulation of the Equations of State) By.HuKONDO', Koichi WATANABE•• and Ichimatsu TANISHITA••' Following the results obtained in the first report, a set of the equations of state with respect to those six different fluorocarbon refrigerants of practical importance have been formulated. The newly proposed equations of state can be determined mainly depending upon the second virial coefficient calculated frons the available P•vT data and they have the identical functional form for six fluorocarbons respectively. The calculated and compared resutts' have shown a quite sstisfactory coincidence with the experimental data used for the extended ranges of the state parameters. It was also examined and confirmed that the proposed equations of state could satisfy well the thermodynamically consistent conditions necessary to the pure substance at the critical point. . 1. Introduction / ./ Following the first report of the present study('), new eqvations of state are formulated for six fluorocarbon refrigerants at practical importance based upon the available erperimental T-r•T data. Besides these formulations, the required conditions As described in the first report, various kinds of equa. !rXlrf.e~a h~w_h.+n...r~..,..a.iAS-+ +.+e. . n 0 n (I calculated from Eq.(16), [(8p/aT)vc)T-Te, kp/cm'/K dare : uncertainty of ft (nondimensional) r: reduced property values due to the critical property data s: property values along the saturation pressure curve ealc: calculated values due to the devised equation of state 3. Basic Considerations and Determination of ' Functional Form Subscripts e: property values at the critical point for the thermodynamic consistency at the critical point which ozs also described in the previous report are discussed with an aiA of the proposed equation of state.
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50335 8027 VI Re9-79 S.P. "" (Gann, 69, 77,&l; February, 19701 % ()R( `\c Yl'RnPIC 1:1-'1-'P(.'1' ()l-iV-13IS(2-I•IYnRn?CYI'Rnl'YL)NI'1'RnSA\-IINC: PRn- J)tl(.:1'It)N OF I.UN(: :1N1) 1.1\'I:It '1'U.\It11tS IfY ITS OItAl. AI),\IINI1'I'KA'1'iOV t I I I 1 N IM1 C:1: YOichi KoNtsnt;"I:13fhfOt1.4+orrtxv- Shoji Inrut, Ayumi I)tsrtuA, '1'utnikaxu Ittt:Dn, and Kiyoliide ti0.ltstA I)r/xulGncid uf Oncolugical 1'alleulo,Sr, Ciiifccr [:cnlrr, Nara Alcdical UnitYniy The organotropic cffcct of N-his(2-hydroxypropyl)nitrosaminc (DHPN) orally administered to mice was studird. The main targcts for the carcinogenic ellcct of UI-IPN werc the lung aud liver, with tumurs induced hy doses grccucr than 100 ppm DI-11'N fur 16 weeks. '1'hc hit;htst iucidencc was sccn in liver vascular tumors includuig hrmanSioma, Lem:uigiocnduthclioma, and 1LcmanSiucnao- tltcliul sarcoma in micc treatcd with 1,0q(1 ppm 1)I-IPN. Lung tu111Urs wcrc alveolar adcnomn aucl adcnacarcinoma. No p.utcrcatic tumors wcrc li,wtd. '1'lic present results suggcst that the carcinogcuic respoiuc in mice t:) 1)IIPN was similar to that in rats and Suiuca pigs but ditlctcut lrom that in hamsters. a
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50335 8028 RI,"fttIESIS, 0R%ANIC/ CHEMISTRY LETTERS, pp 01-704, 1974. Published by the Caemical Society of Japan 74 III Xo SYNTHESES OF FUF.At.S AND ,PY P.t?LES FROM ACYCLIC 1,3-DIENES ~ ~ ~~ ViA 3,6-DIHYDRO-1,2-DIOXINS y00;;;Y0IiD0 and Masakatsu MATSUMOTO 04 Sagami Chemical Research Center, Nishi-0hnuma 4-4-1, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 229 Base-catalyzed isomerization of 3,6-dihydro-l,2-dioxins followed by dehydration and the isomerization in the presence of primary amines provide useful, high yield routes to furans and pyrroles, respectively. I a
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,.~,,..,......._. 50335 8029 CHD11 5I'RY. LGTTCI2S, pp. 741-742, 1974.. 7.~r lT 1!0 Published by the Chemical Society W-1 SYNTHESIS OF Y-LA~CTONES BY THE CONDENSATION OF 2-ALKENE-a..4-D10LS WITH OfZTHOCARt?OY,YLIC ESTERS ~~ 40j+bN3"'XQNDOtand Fumio 1•:ORI*. Okayama 710 ' * Sagami Chemical Research Center, Nishi-Ohnuma 4-4-1, Sagamihara; Kanagawa 229 *t Central Research Laboratory, Xuraray Co. Ltd., Sakazu, Kurashiki, Various y-lactones bearing vinylic substituent n., ot Japan a .. ~ ~) :; i`1 (1 f-1 ~; f ~r ! ! .~'r
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. . , h,..- ) 974 bULLbTIN Or TUE CIIt;D11CAL SOCtCTY qP JACAN, Vot.. 52 ('1), 9 J79•( I977) / [Vol. 52, No. 4 79 III Shl Polarity of r~ ree Radicals YIydrofien •Abstraction 1~teactions I;Iiroyuki StnxollARA,' Akira IMAr+utu+, t Takahiro MASVnA,it and Masahafii Ko.Nna!t D%arlmtnt of Radiology, hujigaoka llos/,ital, Sbowa Unircrsity, Fujigaulx, Alidori-ku, Yokolcaina 227 tS6iga Unicersily of aledical Scitnce, Scla, 0tsu, 520-21 tfiDtparlntenl of Ckunishy, Facnlly of Scicncc, To!•.yo Aletrofiolitan Unie•ersily, l~ ^~r "` Ful,•alatua, Sctagaya-l:u, ToPyo 15 ~ l8 (Received July 3, 1978) l The eleetrophilicity of the CCz radical in hydrogen abstraction reactions was studied thcoretically by the CNDO/2 mcthod. The activation energy for hydrogen abstraction by the CF, radical from aliphatic hydrocarbons deereascs with an inereasc in thc clcctron density on the hydrogcn atom to bc aLstracted. Thc origin of thc clcctro- philicity of the CF3 radical can he well understood by the stabilization energy due to delocalization of electrons (SEDE) between the radical and substrate. The clectrophilic stabilization energy dcfined by the Sl;l)1: from substrate to the radical governs the rclative rcactivities of aliphatic hydrocarbons, CIrs<CIT,CIT, <CI-T,CII,CII,< (CH3)3CH, which corresponds to the ordcr of the incrcase in tite electron density. The results indicate that thc radical is an elcctrophilc if the relative rcactivitics of sttbstrates arc governed by thc elcetrophilic stabilization energy, and a nuclcophile when the rcactivitics arc governed by the nuclcophilic stabilization energy (the S1illL• from the radical to substrate). SEDE was calculated for the reactions of the OII and the CH, radicals with CIi, and CI-I,Ci\t; the results indicated that the OlI radical is electrophilic and the CIi, radical nuclcop/:ilic. These polarities of radical reagents are discussed in eonnectiSn with their physicocliemical properties such as ionization potentials and clcctron alTinitics. nn I
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50335 8031 1 r.r.;. Tc~ KonAO~ Mltsu~u~ jt. author ~..._..... :r~ _ .... ~ •-...--. ci....;~?C::a.. . . . .. _. . _ . ...._..-~.iJ ~ .a.~r. o x ~ 'l o n fl Ia, t t 5
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50335 8032 -Transactions 74. XXIII Re=75 • - .. 7iI• ~. . .... i-ON P-0411Kn..s•r. T.dmieat oep.rb..al. sVt.woa tJght Ketat 1*ausUf.a• cNtu+. r.G.,t.tro. 11116q"a. javse . Pafn. 9Lo - 7q - f ~,,t S - I A ~t Improvement of Polling' StG~~~~'~y During Cold Rolling ol'~';~uminurn Forward slip during the rolling process is adopted as a measure in evaluating rolling sta- bility. Forward slip during cold rolling of aluminum has a serious effect on t!te produc- tivity o- well as the quality of rolled sheets. The forward slip must remain within a spec- ifled range depending on the thickness of sheet if the rolling is to stay stable. Ro:ling speed, rolling tension, rolling oil viscosity, additives, rolling surface roughness, and roll diameter constitute an important fuctor for controlliilg forward slip during rolling. The present paper examines the effects a/ these factors on forward slip using both produc- tion-type and experi,n ental rolling mills. - Iatroduction ,~Y,.••.Cotttrihuted br the 1.ubruI'l iu+i Uici-Wn Wr {u.•..rntati.m r.t 1L.• Ia1Lritn- tiPntiymprKium. Kev Iti..r•npne, F•In..-)uno 17-19. 1974,rf•I't1t:AAtla;tr'A1 • SOCIt•:1•Y UI' tilEl•IIA\It•AL f::JCINI-:F:ItS, ;Stnnwurript rcca•ived tt of the AS~'. ASntl:ItenJ„unrcrr~• ltnrrh l t. 1971. Pn,r•t lW.7Ll.ulrs-9. 4,-t.xwill be aaulahte uotil Aifuch. L17f.. forward slip on thicker strip tends to lose much of tl:e rolline sta- biGty essential to the successful rolling operation. The effects of e the xidely-reported coefficient of friction for rolied-steel, sneet thickness aud tension on forxard slip ate ir,vc-_t:;,ated 'ficient of IrictiOQq for-pollc% ~. atu inury, tend~ to ~ssun~e guan6itatigcly in the present study. s.rn~RCrl~Pfn~S*tiP.+) 1µs:.S~I intlarnrn:yb,~.miaPr;rl_Ails 8
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50335 8033 .78 III Sa NITROGEN OXIDE/ pOTASSIUM PERMANGANATE/ ., ABSORPTION OF NO IN AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS OF KMnO, E. SADA, H. KUMAZAWA and N. HAYAKAWA Dcpartmcnt of Chemical Engintering, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan and C6nnird FajietMeR Sr7rerr. 1977. Vd. rl. Pp. t~ t~ 71•t 15. Ppt- prhy, hqkd in Cxal er:. , KUDO and T iWWDt3"" I , . .Ikpartmcnt of Industrial I?ngineering, Aichi Insuu orTechnot logy, Toyoda, Aichi, Japan (Rceciecd 8 December 1976) Abstract-Thc absorption of NO in aqueous solutions of 1:1<tnOs and aqutous mixcd sohltions of Ki<tnO, and NaOl1 was catricd out using a batch st;rred vessel with a planc Fas-liquid interface. The rate of absorption was discussed under the fast•rcaction regime. The reaction between NO and aqueous solutions of KhfnO. was found to be firat order with rc.pect to NO and first order with respect to K).1n0,. The reaction rate constants calculated are given as a function of NaOII conccntratnm. are The removal of sulfur dioxide and nitrobcn oxides from 0 > 3 and \/(Af )< q,,. If the values of both CA, and A.: exhaust gas as the main pollutants in air have becn estimated, then the reaction rate constant k as well as the strongly required in rcccnt ;car.. It is no exaggeration to orders of rc:tction, n and nt, can be dctermincd from the say that thce tcchnical systcnl for thc climinati.rn of sulfttr experimental relations of absor, tion rate NA to th: t:'xi4 h:,s 1 bccn almost cstabliOhcd. On the other hand. gas•plr.tsc composition of /I, that is, Ca, and to the . (~or thc'rcnr trrv:ll ~ nitncn 6>lidcs r11:0,`t scvt~ral dr~ anV c(mccntr, tian of liquid reactant n, Cno. wet proccsscs Ilavc been 0: \•clopcd and discussed on the In this pap-.r, absrlrp;ic\sl of IdO into aqw^ous•cllulions ft11H1a111Cn1:l1ClI:1Ll Ic1'I.IICC,hlll'•;ltl.(;ICInrVa+alIC1'CI11Cnt of t11C illhl\'Ctilatl`rl CayUll7111}; al;r`Ot \V:Is Pcrflrrlh:'il I`)' i a
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50335 8034 81 III Na2 J PESTIC ScI VU) (19P/_.. The Influence of article Size on Effectiveness of Pentachlorobenzyl Alcohol to Rice Blast'and Preparation of the Suspension Concentrate Toshiie NAKAMURA, Hiromichi SHIMIZU, Aiasahiko FUJtAforo, Yukiyoshi TAxAttl and- ;:no.bE Agrieultural Chemicals Research Laboratories, Sankyo Co., Ltd., Yasu, Shiga 520-23, Japan The effectiveness of pentachlorobenzyl alcohol (PCBA) in controlling rice blast was increased progressively by reduction of the particle size in formulations. For good biological performance, the particle size had to be smaller than 5 µm in diameter. To achieve such fine particle size, wet-grinding with an agitator mill, Attritor®, proved superior to dry-grinding with an air mill. ]et-O-Dfizer®. Technical grade PCBA was easily ground with an Attritor to particles less than 2/em as median diameter; most of the particles were less than 5 µm in diameter. PCBA suspension concentrates were prepared by wet-grinding with an Attritor. The controlled flocculation of particles was necessary to prevent the hard caking of PCBA particles caused by free sedimentation in suspension concentrates. Flocculation was controlled by adjusting both particle size and the amount of sodium lignosulfonate added as a disper- sant. Such a formulation was physically stable for at least 5 years. O1 ! lJ P~`llL I r L JJ, J VV NAKA T 9 0 0 3 n 0 n Cl 13 1 1n
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50335 8035 77 II Da ,----. PREPARATION AND >OPERTIES OF ACTIVE~LINC OXIDE: FOR REMOVAL OFI~$/ULFUR COMPOUNDS FROM GASES a 1 . I 0. A. Dantsig. Z. M. Mosolova. UDC 66.092.41 1 M. L. Dantaig. N. F. Vorontsova. .0. A. Sharkin, E. A. Boevskaya, Tyall.~~K~ndRluato~e~k.vyr and Yu. V. Furmer The so-called active zinc oxide Is needed for production of many catalysts, e.g., for conversion of carbon monoxide, methanol synthesis. etc. It is also widely used for preparation of active chemical absorbents (for •sulfur removal) and of catalysts for exhaustive removal of sulfur compounds from gases. It can be produced from muffle-furnace zinc oxide and from various industrial wastes containing zinc oxide or hydroxide. An ef- fective method for production of microcrystalline ZnO with an extensive surface is treatment of these sub- stances with ammoniacal carbonate solutions (aCS), followed by thermal decomposition of the salts formed (1. 2J. Qualitative aspects of formation of active ZnO by this method were studied earlier (3. 4). Basic zinc carbonates (SZC) and zinc ammines (ZA) were identified in the precipitates, and the following scheme was postulated for formation of active zinc oxide: NH40H ( mZoCOz • nZn(OH). . kH~O -. (ie + a) ZnO + (e + k)HiO 200+ (NH.)jCO.y 1/ (Zn(\Hj).(OH)g) -. ZoO+zNH, +1is0 KH.HC0, )'Ln(\ H,).( H=0),C0,) -+ ZaO + zNH, -:- yf1,0 } C0, H~O ('Ln(VHj.(olry/iCO, -. 2ZnO T s%H.1 Hi0 + C0f. Adcordiaa to litorah,rP data f5 61 there can be four different varieties nf R7-r 3--n n n~ . , . . - ,. . - .
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. 50335 8036 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 77 XII Ba 7'J-!"&L/Babak, S. F.; Strelkova, A. G. *(no affil.)* METHOD OF PREPARATION OFP9CNABASINE BASE. j4zhtir. Prikladnoi Khimii 49 (No. 6) 1328-1330 (June 1976) (in Russian) *Translation in: Jour. Appl. Chem. 49 (No. 6) 1356-8 (1976)*(in English) TTo simplify production of anabasine basc from crude anabasine sulfate, Me have de~~ised (2J an essen- ~ tially new and entirely different simple, cheap, and rapid process for isolating chromatographically pure anabasine base directly from crude anabasine sulfate. The crude anabasine sulfate is treated with cobalt sul ~; fate solution to form the crystalline complex salt cobalt anabasine sulfate of the composition Co944(CteHt4T`z):j which Is separated from the mother liquor on a Biichner funnel under vacuum ahd recrystal r- • 11H O 90 H 2 ;. = ~ ,j' lized from water. An aqueous solution of this salt is neutralized to an alkaline reaction and the free anabasirt t ` matograp The bcnzene extract is dried, the benzene is distilled off, and chro is cted tnto beazene xtra s b e . . a e ~:ally.pu.r_e_ a.~abasine base is obtained by vacuum distillation from the residue/ , 1 ?n e
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50335 E3037 ! .~,.. Kond_r~ct~nkc-..YP,. 'T~ C-.
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. 50335 8038 _II Du2 77 •~-SSti' ~.i~• . ~~.ao • '-ca-xa•. )Ldu 7e, ~ CTPATOCd)EPA II OPEOIIVI K. ff. I:OIfAPATLEIi )l;. B. II03AIIflIiOB /tondtafyet/; PoZoA1ya.(%~/ - /'......-~ -~ • . . . STItATOSPHERE AND FREONS A.•YSE, r,QPDRATYEV, D. V. POZDNYAKOV A review is presented of possible consequences of freons impacts on the ozone layer -hich show that the «cblorine* mechanism is the most powerful factor of antropogenic destruction of ozone. Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and chlorine cycles are compared and • possibilities are discussed of spectroscopical determination in the atmosphere of the most significant minor gaseous components taking part in these cycles. The necessity is stres- sed of the complex studies of the chlorine mechanism in the conditions of the real at- mosphere and also of the laboratory studies of the reaction constants. ,4)nYeclCoro pa3p\•IIICnnfl c:IOn o3ona CDCpC3By1:OBOli aBnaIhteli (C3A) ol:a3a- JIIICb IIpCynl':n1YCIIIib7%11f, OCy11t,CCTII:1CH1iC OOllliipli011 npOTpammbI O1.;CIIKli B03- ACIICTBnfI na u:171>faT (f]0131i), 3aIICpIJII1BIlIeilCfl nyO.lnl:allnel[ CepnI! n3 IIICCTii ]fOnorptUl)1f11 [1), nOla131770, tITO ollpege7elliiblC 34)4)Ci:Tbi B03j(eIICTBnfI C3A Ha CJIOlt 030L'p;tOYdaip ny7Tb tmecjq. jOCae~yiq~.I~lt pa~paGorKn upnB:IeK~m 8RI11<Ia1UIC I: I71)OU:ICRIC II03j~C1ICTBIt3I na 030I(XaOp4)TO~OmefanOB (4d)pe0HOII0), KOTOpbIC I1 GO:IbILn\ 1i0:111`ICCTBa\ BLIIIyCi:aloTCA B aTMoc4tepy, If CBH3a73HOr0 ,r.--•e!_ E
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50335 8039 , , ~: (. l r kondrup,-rr79nd~ . SHORT TIMS GURIW OF PlU1E CHUS£t. by Or]BC%4 Kordvip end T. Z. Fadr, 3.ck. Quartcr.].y &th. (/4iCh: Stata Uni.v. Agx',, Exatx eta- ) t~ CNo. 2) ],%-'S8 (Mv . 1963) P., , .1 t1 f.l n C 1 1 s 1 2 .3
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t 1 J. 50335 8040 '"J 9-42-80 76 I Ma-80 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY RADIATIVE TRANSFER THEORY FOR PASSIVE MICROWAVE REMOTE SENSING OF A TWO-LAYER RANDOM MEDIUM WITH CYLINDRICAL STRUCTURES S.L. Chuang,i#:4( : '*offfq,.et. al. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Research Laboratory of Electronics r~Q'"3~~ ' y,{ Z' INDUSTRIAL LIAISON PROGRAM ' S.L. Chuang, J.A. Kong, L. Tsang DISTRIBUTED FOR INTERNAL USE BY MEMBER COMPANIES ONLY. MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED. 0:~ nn n n 1 3 1 2 4
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50335 8041 :UBgit~.~Li,L1x ~~ .t` :~yt~ ~ -r.r.z onn^i, r- .n ~1~:3~. ~•.. , r :.i~2 :..~ . v..ed . .~_ . .. .•i~~} t• 1.•:.R t'-~.ai..•.`• >ley' t...-. ...~.i~. ,.nEa+ 1m tictLtrci2-a lcl=tt::~....{i•....-`:a.i. L~::~: .... - --:. ~ - ,:•,_~ f,s ~'~ :, ~.i`• 3 _cas .,:. ii:...~4:.wii ~i~L:1L•:.:t«i::i: 't~.::~ 3:>y 11::`~w:.=i:er.L~o:. a
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; 50335 8042 1 XX r1eF-11-711-74 Neue.lluctte. , V. 17,No.5, May 1972 INVESTIGATION INTO PII:ANS OF MAINTAINING A CONISTANT TEMPERATURE PROFILE DURING THE ROLLING OF ALL?lItafi! FOIL. By .B; KONIG "AND HORST NORDHOFF. Dunninr`ton _ The r..c.jcr concerns in 1.r-; 7sessive develop;oi co:!ci ,rol-- . . ~ •ling and to;.]l rol].in g I:dills, in adaition to t2:e wearch fo-r new- -LecYmc-i.:gies, are the increa:~e of roll rol)..5_r:g %:•idt:)i, coil :acight., ana; reJ.ated therc: o, thc, increa:>c, c-f c•u :- . .jaut and Ar:c: 01-yL~c . . .. . . . - . *:. .. I l'!:G' ?.;1C:I'Gc?sc:.- of Z'O.'a•lf?1 vC:lOcii:y ca:>:.0.~. a D'•.Gli 5.i JCcr". L 1.`T in .ta:~ foY•1!1 Of 7:O.1i co.^.J.ir':g and ti:C' cO:Ztl'ol• of tho 4 a
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50335 8043 ~ t-Is G) Ifonig rascE[on--Wioody ra ne deterrni rw4ion. C1.omq, Morn:quC de SUR LA NI4GiYRxNE Br SaM noSAGE PAR LA RE.ACTToN a E K".; by Mbnique de Cie rcq em FSe ne Truhaut: We&xm;,nat.ion of Nidotyrine, wIth -the Qeaets.on S' Koni.a. ) Plotostat from: AOn, p}aa:rnk: firane. L5- 524-33 C19571 1 9 7
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50335 6044 a'73 '• (/ y7.~'~' 7,I^~ l O /Q1 l!~ , /97a I , THE STRUCTURE OF BORGSILIC,ATE GLASSES *) BY % -woY"-- I - 0 v " MI. W-1 1, a NA W-
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AIR--POLLUTION--ANALYSIS/ , 5i6 Studies in Environmental Science 2 Sc 1978 50335 8045 AIR POLLUTI0rd REFEREME . . i~l~SURE~~E ~9T tl~PTR00~ ~ ~d D ~~'TEM~ r I `/Proceedings of th tnternational Workshop, Bilthoven, December 12-16, 1977 Organised by ~~n(~ The Na{onal Institute of Public Health, Bilthoven, (~ The4Vetherlands G,, ,( ;` edited by b ~ ~- `~ d y and co-sponsore ~~ ~ T. Schneider (The National Institute of Publ Health, The Netherlands) V ,V The World Health Organization g,(~yHO, Geneva, Swruerlan ! ELSEVIER SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING COMPANY L.J. Brasser (TNO, The Netherlands) ~' Amstcldafft~ -,Qxfbrd 4 NeuSr YBrk 1.978
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, ~ !r Fi c ;ll ~ i ~ ~`IF~"°,,.'; r QVA am=" ArYlEi`fiCU1 i'd',-cm,;r_;erlloflf A;SGCiUfIOr1S r 50335 8046 ....~..-., ..-., v S 11 1 J ~ !`: l.' f-. ..1. ..... .. ~ . ,, ~1e.~.~, `!crk, NY i00?G . ~ _.:., v_...,,.-.....r.c...,n-.Y-r-... ~ , poks At a k~~~~el i ~~ t~ , i I ' , .r. _. 'F . 0 .3 f1 (1 n i; I:; t:; n
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50335 8047 I Kon1 ngSi .W•: N,:. - a PROT3UyT3.CN 0,`.' }CTL•0TU.c'It1 BY J'ft l.e ~~~iI1GT1[A~ lsLID'_3L, 1c17:L';rsg Uy, 11. ~E`.~C~~isf;~So P. VI. M1:.-^+I dGl' E'.i:<T. W. Zle F:oi1iII.,,,a Joub. rt*,p}.. BaGi:ari.o2. 9 ~;~ n n~t i:s 1 ? 1
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50335 6048 --- ~---- ~ 78 XI Ad-80 S.P. RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET 78 XI Ad-80 s.p. Belgium, Ministry of Public Affairs and Family ROYAL DECREE ON THE MANUFACTURE AND SALE OF TOBACCO, TOBACCO PRODUCTS, AND SIMILAR PRODUCTS - 11 ~,. .,v .:~'r~{~N:,~:~s+~+i~h~'+s: , ..,. •(Koninklljk-~ieshu~`t bereffendo bet fabriceren en'net handel> ~-brengeri `vatfi"ta`tia'C`;~producten' op basis van tabak en sooirtxelljke`produkten) Belgium, Ministry of Public Affairs and Family, News Release (1980) (in Flemish/French) *Keywords: *tar, smoke, constituent; nicotine, smoke, constituent; carbon monoxide, smoke, constituent 0 `) 7 n o I I 0 , . , e
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50335 8049 lI i 1o i I~an~ah~~ ~.~~peatiAut. Yoshinagao Fumihiro STUDIES ON THE FERMENTATIVE PRODUCTION OF L-PROLINE. L. PRODUCTION FO L-PROLINE BY AN ISOLEUGINE AUXOTROPHIC MUTANT OF BREVIBACTERIUM FLAVUM 2247 by Fumihiro Yoshinaga, Shimpachi Konishi, Shinji Okumura and Noboru Katsuya Jour. Gen. Appl. Microbiol. 12 (Vo. 3). 219-28 (1966) r C s ~i n nn 1,3 ~ :33
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VI Reg-79 S.P. (Gann, 69, tiJJti85G; I)cccmber, 1978] INDUCTION OF RAT LUNG CARCIINOMA I3Y A SINGLE INJI:CTIO1' OF N-I3IS(2- HYDROXYPROPYL)NITROSAA•1INL* 1 Tomikazu ItccDA,*2 Akiko I1A\VA2DATA,*3 l-litoshi YosFiIAtukA," and Riichiro 11•fII:A.%it*' Deparlment oj Oluologicnl Pathology*= and Sccond D%arlment of Inlcrnal Aledieine,*s A'ara Afedieal unit-ersity Since the original studies on nitrosamincs by Magee and Barns,91 several members of this class of chemicals have been shown to induce lung carcinomas by administration to hamsters, rabbits, mice, and rats.a.6' However, induction of rat lung carcinomas by a single, systemic injection of the car- o .~ t~in~en lys r)qt bicn re:hort~ed. Ip this com- ~ munlcatlon, wc dcscribc'thc tindtictio i of lung carcinoma by a single ip injection of \'- 50335 8050 beginning of the experiment. A complete autopsy including careful macroscopic exami- nation was performed. The main organs and lungs were fixed in 10% phosphatc- bu(1'ercd Formalin (pH 7.4), embedded in paraffin, sectioned, and stained with Hema- toxylin and Eosin. The initial number of rats was 12 in group I and 14 each in Groups 2 and 3, and the number sacrificed after 52 weeks and cxamin- cd histologically was 12, 11, and 12, respcc- tively. Lung adenomas and adcnocarcinomas wcre induced in rats in Groups 2 and 3. The incidence of adenomas was 100% in Groups 2 and 3, and that of adenocarcinomas was 9 of 11 rats (82%) in Group 2 and 9 of 12 (75 %) in Group 3. \lacroscopically, multiple, glossy white and/or whitish yellow nodules were observed. They were hard in consistc.^-cy and the largest one measured 0.8 cin in diameter. Histologically, adcnomas and adenocarcinomas showcd histoln-icil rb- a
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50335 8051 VI Re9-79 S.P. [Ganu, 69, 77-84; February, 19781 % ()lt(` 1()'1'RnP1C 1aFFI:(."1' ()1' N-IIIS(2-1-IYnR()XYI'RnPYL)NI'1'RnSAIN-lINI:: PRO- 1)U(.:1'I()N ()F I,UN(; ANl) I.IVI:IL '1'lJ,\Ic)ItS ISY I'IIS t)ItAI. d1)MINIti'I'ItA'1'i()N 1N 1\I1C:1's 40 llir»mu horauO, Slioji Irtul, Ayumi 1)ctvun, '1'mnikaiu Irf:uA, suid Kiyobidc I I I ICOatatA • A/xirlmcril aJ Oncolugical 1'ulhologr, Cancer l:rnlri, Nara :Italical Unecrnity The organotropic cffcct of N-Uis(2-liydroxypropyl)nitrosaminc (DHPN) orally administered to mice was sttulird. 7'he main targets for the carcinogenic elfcct of Dl-IPN were the lung uucl liver, with tumors induced by doses greater than 100 ppm DI-IYN !'ur 16 weeks. '1'lie highest iucidcuce was seen in liver•vascular tumors incltuliuS hcmangioma, Iccmat~c;iocnduthclioma, auul hcman};iuciuio- thclial sarcoma in micc treated with l,0twppm 1)1IPN. Lung tunturs wcre alveolar adenoma and adc;nocarcinoma. No pancreatic tutnors wcrc linuid. The present results su~.gcst that the carciuo;;cuic respotuc in mice to 1)IIPN was similar to that in rats and guinea pigs but diQctent from that in hantstcrs. nnns~~ a ~ ~_ ,
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50335 8052 Toboku J. exp. Med., 1981. 134. 2l5-255 ~ Radioaerosol hnhalation Lung Cine-Scintigrapl.y : a Preliminary Report TOYOHARII I6AWA, TAKEO TESHIMA, TOMIO HIRANo, AKIO EBIrA and Department of Medicine, The Research Institute for Chest Diseasea and Cancer, Tohoku University, Setuiai 980 Isiw., T., TESgna.., T., Hmexo, T.. Esne., A. and Koxro, K. Radioaeroaol Inhalation Lung Cine•Scintiyraphy: a Preliminary Report. Toboku J. exp. Med., 1981, 134 (3), 245-255 -"Radioaerosol inhalation lung cine.scintigraphs", a cinematographic display of the lungs following radioaerosol inhalation has been found to be extremely helpful not only to the visual assessment of mucociGars clearance in the lungs but also to the setting of regions of interest and to the interpretation and analysis of clearance curves over the regions of interest in the lungs. It is expected that this prooedure offers an important means to the aerosol; study of mucociliary clearance in health and disease in man. cine-scintigraphy;-inhalat•6on; lung: m;.oocil:ary clearanoe C a
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50335 8053 t~ c ~~`~~tri ~~9~1x~~~K~ ~~~ftAEOASKO~Uf~ itE~JAV Gudjonsson; Heraldur- KONNUN A REYKINGAVENJUM UNGLINGA I 'GAGNFRAEOASKOLUM REYKJAVIKUR. (Smoking Habits of Children of Secondary Schools in Reykjavik, Iceland.) Photostat from: Laeknabladid 45 (No. 1) -'1-7 (1961) - In Icelandic with English summary. English translation available. 1.3 1 X 7
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50335 e054 - _.._:_._,,.... .~~ ~ TOXICITY OF PRODUCTS OF FLUOROCARBON c III Du --76 ELASTnMER PYROLYSIS •P,t t `IAI&qt 17*, Jap. J. Iad. Nealth, Vol. 17, 1975 _ '.2'f8-3o/_ I Fluorocarbon elastomer has been developed for the purpose of application in some industries and is used widely becauee of its excellent thermal stability and chemical inertness which are not found in other ela_tomers. When fluorocarbon elastomer is used under a high temperature beyond its heat-resistant limit for long hours, toxic products are suspected to be produced, and it is important to study the mechankm of the toxicity of this pyrolytic products. Having pyrolyzed the copolyrner of vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropyiene which forms more than 90 per cent of fluoroelastomer, the author analyzed its elements with gascnromntography, G.C. mass spectrogrn phy, infrared spectrophotography and biochemical asscy, and examined the principal toxic factors by means of biological exposure in order to establish the industrial safety standards. Gas components, yielded on pyrolyzing processes of fluorocarbon elastomer in air, were different from those in nitrogen atmosphere, and were composed of many ingredients such as hydrogen
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50335 8055 % TAV& t "1 A h hp, . .. y pI j .....,_t . .._ .....~....rr,r ,.. _ ...;~,.... C.:' t•~._ ... ... `1"~~ !.~ : r~ . .u i r~ 3 c1 (t n if 1 0" 1 1 9
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50335 8056 /1G+a+crt Torirot Vd I t71-tga P p 9) 'Y rr s , • p . . pnwa t ex L 6. Pnnted m Grcu Bruarn XII. Du2 75- The Eti'eces of Hair -Lacguer Sprays or, the Lul:as S•P •', , " - A. L G. bScLAUCett.rv• and P. L. RtDsTttur*} - p.~sesne ej /P~se.c~ im Gsd aerla! Mrdriac (wor rloaQ). [ondaw Hospira{ lenday E.1 . . . lJar ("Ma?e V Harpita ; G-fa/wrina, srvnP • (Rseet~rd)t)/.dyi967) : Alvact 7he tcwlu of a pilot X-ray turvey ttf the chests of SQS hairdnnsers (including 47 meri s bairdressers used as controts) are «, or•.ol. The women's hairdressers were drewn ban establishments in which Q) only shettaaPased sprays• (u) only polyvinytp,vrrolidone (PVP)-based sprays and /fu) in whsh Mth ahPes were uscJ. ta (t) 214;; had becn eapnsed to. sptays for more thin 6 yr; in (si) 21 -1 ;; ard in (uil 37 S$• Ko abnormal X-ray appcarancts wti+Drsting the prevrnx of thecwro,n we•e d.swvered in the X-ray survey. 1M nujonty, of particles of spray both from tnnJ apra)s and pre+sute aerosot sprays were less than I tp in Ci.smcter, and were thus caoab!e of txing inaa:.d and reuirkd in the lungs. Environrnental • stssdies of the atmosp.=ene of fou: hairdressing aebtt;hments showed marked ranation in r L'se eooxntration ot parsictes aceordin; to the amounts of si+ray beina u.cd and af.ording to the conditions of venuiiuon. In two of tte esubitshmcn:a where PVP•bascd sprays s.ere "bcing used, the cor.anerattons of parti,:ks were very low. A well-Jc,:umcnted ease of inter- RSrial pulmonary titrtosis with many ;ia:it ee:is ar.d penodie ac+d-Schnf(t'.4S)-stainintt granules ~ ina woman extws;d for I I~r to d.::iac•ba ed : air-sprays it alsireported. Lun; b,oMy studies abow that the Icsion is not sarmtdcsis, nor idiooarhtc inrerstrt:al pulmonary fibrosis includitg tbe 1{an•rran-R.i:h syndrome..\ s ot thesautesis has tr en nuJe in brr easc. It as augjesta : tha! PL P and tum s"ei:a: n:g':t produce ditferrnt :sat r:action:; a $ar:oid ra aeaion sopears to be ncoc•ared with P%'P. and a fo•••,;n-Mdy e: e ri•6 Oum she(:ae, whiUy Zsas pres'Iously becn s.1Jwa rociust fibro+is oi ete tunys. ' . !t it probab7c that th_->av:.xii o;:u: s o:.:y Ln sus.xniuwe or hyftn<nsiti+r Pcopk and at the ' )asese-%t time there ic nu evi~en:e to sugdest a dJSe-re%pon>e rtl7uomhip tKtwcen lacpv:r hair- ° sptays and pulmonary discsse- fsut out one case of t`usauro:is had had +t prntongeJ and .. satbstantisl esptnurc. There is at present tso snv ui dctccung t•w-re people who m.,v be suscep• tl:e to the sprjyx The frw ru•porteJ ccsa. h`s.n; rtP/J to ttie wiJcspread ue of hair•spnys• '. t ks<liaste that the risk of the or•set oi lunc di;nrse from this uv.e is small. but it is clear that mono researih and the esaminauons of L•rs•:r nuntxn of natr,:res%ers and usersof hairapraya are rkcded. In the mc.tntime it is Jc.iraY.e that attention sn,,uld be paid to the ventilation of -lairdrasing : oums in or.kr to t:c-p the centcntntion of hair-spray part wles as low as po.ti bte, • ._ •sy1 that pxple who use f.c.,;xrs on tt:es o+-a hair shoutJ avoid inhalatioa of the spray. I rc~ea+,'c~?ov ~, .~.. _~.~,..'...,.~•..,.,...,. .---
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50335 8057 K:Ing(* Qar"ja4- ItLarli~ Cd. l luoriint•tric aualy,ia. 'M. A. Konstpuntir.ova-Sc11I{zir•ner, editor. '.l•r:u>>lated from Russi^r, by N. h,.rren Jertlsaieni, Isr!iel Program for ScintiRc Translutious, 1905. sxvi, ; 76 )). illits. 25 ci::. (Phs:;li•ai prlncip:es and tc.chnlques o_' fipiclrosenidc anal,•sis} lmprint or, labol mountc3 oa t. p.: New Y.ork.. D. Davey. lnelu(lQ-; I,lbliogr,iriL•ies. Libr:uy of Cotr_•rp::g C ! ;~ t~ f1 lt i1 ii { ~~ ~
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50335 8058 ' . , , a TOBACCO--PHYSIOLOGY/TOBACCO--FLOSiERING/ TOBACCO--ENZYMES/ . . . . . . ..-O'--- _--_ - - . ... , .. ,. ~ .. -- -.;~. n...-.-.,~---r.. , _...~._.... ~. ..~ L,.. :.` ._.. . 78 VI-Ba RJR CLASS 10. PATSPHLET 78 VI Ba Bavrina, T. V.; Golyanovskaya, S..A.; ~onstantinova; T.-N:! Aksenova, N. P. (K. A. Timiryazev Inst. Plant Physiol., Acad. Sci.* USSR, Moscow) CHARACTERISTICS OF THE METABOLISM OF RNA IN TOBACCO STEM CALLUSES WITH THE VEGETATIVE AND GENERATIVE TYPES OF ;10F.I'HOGENESIS. Soviet Plant Physiol. 23 (No. 5).841-46 (Sept.-Oct. 1976) (in English) *Keywords:* RNA, green, constituent; . ' ,. 2-thiouracil, tobacco, additive; 5-bromouracil, tobacco, additive; 8-azaguanine,. _tobacco, addit:ive_, -__ --- 2 F•xperimcnts with anomalous nuclefc acid bases and expc:rLhients desirned to study peculiari- i lies of tho synthesis of different DNA fractions revealed certain differences of RrA mctabo- ~ lism In calluses with the vcl;etalive and generative tyix:s of tnnrphogcnesls. 2-'I'hiouracit, 5- ' ~ bromouractl, and 8-azawaninc derress furrnation of vegetative buds in calluses with the voge- tative typo of morphoyuncsis. Formation of flower buds is depressed in rcuor.itivre calluses, wheroas fonnation of vegctativc buds Is stimulated. Analysis of the rate of synthesis of dif- ferent RNA fractions indirated that all fractions of It1\A (including mKNA) are synthesized ' snore Intensively in generative calluses than in vegetative ones. It Is hypothesIzed that certain -- ---- ' diffcrcn_ces-of genome work exist in calluses with the vci;ctative and l;enerative types of mor phocenests. ~ ~ ~(1 C1 n 1'3 1 4
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50335 8059 77. X Re2-78 .S.P. 12 ~ 0JOU € ' kI~~4JU 6 : , Excretion of Thiocyanates in Urine of Smokers A large number of persons are in daily contact with dangerous poisons in the pro- duction and use of cyanogen compounds. Materials containing cyanogen ions like hy drocyanic acid, cyanides, nitriles, etc., if ab- sorbed, may hydrolyse into cyanogen ion and a ndical. However, the body has the ability to detoxicate minor quantities of cyanogen ions into harmless thiocyanates. Some ryano- gen ions may be oxidized into the -COOH . I • . -..w I,-3 d DUSAN DJURIC. D.')c., Cs.E PETAR RAICEVIC. BSe. AND m4li ri D.Sc., H.D. BELGRADE, YUGOSLAVIA 1.31 mg/100 ml' in nonsmokers. The figures are higher in smokers. Elkins 4 statcs that the quantity of thiocyanates. in the urine of occasional smokers averages 1.2 mg. per liter, while in steady smokers this figure is 9 mg. per liter. There are only scanty data concerning the quantity of thiocyanates in the blood and urine of those exposed to cyanides in their work.a . 0 ~ ~ n n c j ' I ;3 t 4 3
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1 z ~~ _Kons~ntaiAcat., 6f. A,._ 50335 8060 Vse: cr.-u::m; z i:riLc:.no-d a,1ed ovr.t c:1'sl:i:i anc t: f,ut 5'ub&l:" 5_ 1:a?:I1orl:i Imen:i i:, ;:. :3Y TI?:~ (':uSSIl::, T-T CCC) ..Li,ch. Te?: -.. nfo.rr. i . ~ . ~ .. , i.~. ~ 1:a:~.c.1. Isco~lc,o~;~,te).. ~~ ir~s ~:. ~ sl,.. ,.~~.. A. 1a'tioT2 - f: •r _~C:I y ~ S . `..,,. ~ 0 :; tO n rI n 3 'L's 1 4 4
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`i t~ ck' I ! t U !! U F o ai ~;ltSB.I ( Ll'?' M~I 1.0'; AOS ZT • :: ootta.:L~:::;~ ~ CC'~J L i I'' ~)~UT T.?J3i \ ~ ~C~ '~"^•'t:C :O l iI:: ;. ~'i.;? ?I :pY~tla cT aT-i,:l•~.>.Tl 'rn•T:iL,'C~i. !~ `~~ . . O.J,I~! ..~w :L;;i,t~~ •I ',1 :.ct .~:rl :~nr,:I - ,'-) A•cT - ,P~,OC~,•v"3~-~~r~, -T- ;~r.-)-•>, T`Ji.i::[u.1~: J~1:iZ'}•~~11: I:L:'~1LU~~t:.~ •I '~ T.Uv':!~ ~''~ZUCi'lr~~~ z . 'Ft '•?T a1 , ,tl-rj "Mot1Y*M,;SUN L909 SE£OS
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50335 6062 KOKfit!lr&iRoWr CC4ne f:LUOAxNICQTLhM ANti AELAtEa C4NlPCUNOS. 1eI63 13 p. W1(%Aten-Sa)emj I ~ ai F L; 1 i, n
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50335 8063 v ?I 1 1!~Kcx~st~r~inow, Georg~ A, 7, Re,ym)oLs Tobacco Eo-3 Resenrcl, rkpsrt"ert, Wi.rntdn-SSsleM, N, C.) 8ISl.20GRAP HY OF W.pM AND O'MER A6FF.fiENCES OW Ri«%s-r:rTUTVZT0eA=- ~.y 27 ~ 1960 44 PaSes *-YPSJf 1",fJ R~ s~ t+eynol~s Tobecov ~cmpar)y W,~~on-s~ic~, NA ; f t ~ ~ ~ ! 4 7
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50335 8064 .--.,.. :eTorisf itut-ion >des~-n2cote11ins . l'I Kuffner, Friedrich. f'a Die konstitution des nicotellins, by~; Friedrich &tiFFNER and Norberd Faderl. Reprint from: Monatshefte fur,Chemie 87,(No. 1) 71-81 (1956). (l ;~ o r) t! s`~ 1~: 1~ ~
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50335 8065 RU~ :=B~l~~~~R~Rt?.9BNOEL i Seidel., C. F. KONSTITUTION UND SYNTHESE DES OXYDES C10H1$D AUS BULGARISCHEM ROSENOEL, by C. F, Seidel and M. Stoll. (Structure and synthesis of the other C101I180 isolated from Bulgarian rose oil.) '10 -18' Chimia (Switz.) 15 (No. 4) 311-12 (1961) 0 ,4 0 f1 f 1 ~i t ~ 1 l! Q
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50335.8066 . Ab ~Fk' iadur-~ i~ t>~14r1)) ls:arrc.,, Nvait, x f1~1rZOscANIscfiNx ; R_oiistitution wnrl Vo!-kom.r.;e» dcr stofTe, (e:.cl,isivc ~1?c;~loir.~ ) 2> tset I'i ; ~, 1J 1207 p. 2,i cua. !*.cilrbl•tclul ttnd der exakien \\'issensci,uftcn. Cicn,ischc 1:e:!:+,, 1. Caewistr;-, C1rrc:ji;. 2, 1;c;nn+caF che,ni.;r~ . 7. Ti! tC. VFlfo i,tato Univ. r FJr. Q1lSli1 for l.ib: nry ot Congres,: t;+UfSj !t~ i J__~.~sc:f/ 3 n n n o 1 3 1 5 n
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50335 I . EMPHYSE*SA--ETI0LOC5i/DISEASES,OCCUPATIONAL/ .:...~....~..•~ ~~ 3 /:•-31~' ! 1~3 . . ~ 74 '7C Bes CONSTITUTIONAL DIFFERENCES IN DIFFERVIT PROFESSIONAL ROLES- COh'TRIBUTIONS TO T1IE TOPIC OF OCCUPATIONALLY CAUSED E'•IPIIYSEi•tA. Institut for Arbeitsrnedizin dcr Universitat dcs Saarlandcs, Saarbr ud:en 30. Konstitutionsunterschiede bei verschiedenerE:. BY H. BECI:Eh'K:,.*~ -8erufsgruppcn 4 ~ ":Beitrag~ienrri~~'he>na=des berufsbedingten Emphyserrmg' ~ Von H. BeckenkarnP SA•*- Au!fuhrnngcn ki3nncn an mehrere voranEcganEene Vortrage ank..iipfcn. kn ' darE aR die 1.nn&A.n gcmer::ungen von Wor.th hinsichotich dcr Vcrglcichbarkcit dcr . rersduedencn Ersebnisse rnnnrm .,nd an die vpn Ulmer gezeigte Tabclle aus dcr .+ 8067 . .13 i POW a ~ 3 n n n ~ 1 33~ ~ }_ '
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t . .t l t_i .•' •_.. .-. 1 - ~ ' 1 ) _.- + ~ ~ 1..: H L , ~, , __...`_...._Y ......,.. ') ~J~ p .09c~. . - - 7~~ 12 ~-,/ . ._ . '•...1 _r...~...s.. ..,-~ . __ ._ ~., "'.~`,.j~! ' . ^ . _ , .. . ._. „r ;, I r -. . . - .. . ~ ~ e .. . _ ,;, ' • I` ~ t•.• i . _. . T. • ~ - - . • P (- •~~"la: •-,
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50335 8069 l RJR CLASS NO. 1'A'iI'IfL1:T 75 X Ba Battebay, R. ; Asuh]rm<snn, R. ; 7.ehiider, R. ; llillia~,~r, A. (Psychi: t•rische Universitat:apo] iklinik, Petc:rsgraben, Tasc] , Svitz. ) CONSUitPT102d PATTI:IL`IS FOR ALCOl:01., I)RUGS AND TOle1CC0 I1 A RITI:1:S1:73TATI SArn'Ll: OF H1:ALTIIY S;tiYISS 20 YI:AIt OLi) MALES. st~~hproh~~os~:1~0~32~Lie.%ui3den .beruiuf~ Alkoliol:, ..Dropo.t.%:uiaucht~aL~n.)X Schweiz. Med. Wschr. 105 (No. 6) 180-187 (1975) (in German with l.neli summary) '~ *1975, No. 7, lJ 2435%` *d* Tobacco analysis (medicine) (economics): e ta 3 n n nto t,. !:; .1
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50335 8070 Fna;- -CnN 7•A'•tlt;t,?:'_'P,/ Trn4nCCO---G;:dtid.l.hY1 72 VT ke-7b RJR CLASS IN0. Y1uii'iiLr:T 72 VI ~,n. Oelschlaeger, W. (Verband 'Ligarettenindustrie, HariburG, Ger.) M.iUUNTS OF .%itSENIC, LEiJD, CAD.'•t7U:•i 10:J1) :•tiI'.CURY OCCUR 1ii,'iURa:L1.Y AND TlIEnUGIi CUIiTAM1NATI021 IN FOOD t i:CDUCi S, 'L'C3aCCO, : TC. AW11110:a * German) Verrand 7.it>,arettenind.,. iut. Rept. 6 p. (I?arburg, Ger. .(1976) (in *Keywords:' arsenic, cured, constituent; lead, cured, const ftuenC; cadi;,ii:*.:, cur.ed, constituent; mercury, cured, constltucnr. a
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50335 8071 TOBACCO--rtACIiIt1ERY /TOBACCO--MOISTURE--DETEWtINATION/ VI Ta3 76 , RJR CLASS 140, PAl•iP11T.ET VI Ta3-76 Hjern, L. : (Svenska Tobaks Aktiebolaget, Stockholm, Swed.) CONTINUOUS PiCASURiaG OF MOISTURT's I3Y• THE HIGiI FREQU}:24CY td}:T130D. * ( dxi e~iktts~3rt !~^[1Y1~tl~ : ) * Tabak Kolloquim, 18th, paper, 19 p., Neuchatel, Switz. (May 1976) (in German ) Previous reference, abstract only - complete German original availabla now. *KeyworcSs:X moisture, cured, constituent. a . x The paper describes the principles of operation of a hiEh frequcacy apparatus manufactured by Diversified Engineering Inc., in Richmorid, Virginia. The ~.apparatus has been installed on several production lines by the Swedish ~ fcompai,y for the determination of r.:oisture in pipe tobacco and shredded stems ' : 1ed for'the manufacture of cigarettes. The results appear to be satisfactory. ~Tu.s he more recently developed apparatus of this type is connected to a mini- . 1 •Tconputer which_ calculates the resuits automatically.__.~~ -- f' s tZ n r ( i v w. • . I
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) 0 w . ~/~ C/~l SJ 1 J ' > / f"p•- . 74 XXIII P.e jr /.I .. _ ' 731 .#.onfinuierliche~s<~Cic(i~f'l~i~td='~'htcilzeri`~`~n T3CM=Bt~hd~. J ISe,chreibvng einer ki!rzlich neu crstGllien Antag v~fe Von H. Vl. Brond, Basildon. Essex (Engtond)•) Dos kontiouierliche Gief,en von Stahl vnd Nichleisenmetol!en erfcbt ougcnt!icklich in der gonzcn Welf eine derort sliir- mische Entriicklung. do0 man fost von cincr Explosion sprechen konn. Bis Juli 19G4 woren bcrcits 120 kontinuicrliche Giclion!ugcn fiir StohI in Betricb oder in der Konstruktion. Gech ist die Zohl der Anlogen. die noch einem kontinuierlichen Verfahren entweder Bolzen. Walzplotten, Bander oder Clechc ovs Nichtcisenmclctlen herstellen. noch weil grii0er ols die fiir Stahl. Eine in ihrer Art in dcr Welt bishcr enlmolige outomotische ,./.!un•.iniur.i-f•ond-GieO-, Walz- und Stonzonlooc" wurde kLrzlich ouf der Schweizerischen Londesousstellung EXPO 64 in lotnanne gezeigt'•). Auf dicser vollsynchronisiettcn und nohezu outornolisch orbenenden Anloge werden Aluminium- butzen sinrnifielber ous dcrn gcschmalzenen Melo!1 hergestellt. Dic:e Anlage, die ols iiauplausstellungsstiick in der Hollc .., AA.rn14 unA l~~.tnt{v.r s..il n -~ rn~ nn /IAmin=um~ nr ~ 4 N Der Eingic0punkl in die Rodrinne befindct sich. wie ous Bild 2 1~ ersichtlich. cinige Grode hinter dem hoclhsten Punki des Rodes in Drehrichtung gesehen. konn jedoch bis : u 0 Grad d vcrslelil wcrdcn. Durch Einwirkung der innen und au0en om Rod befindlicF,cn KiihlwasscrspriAdiisen er-.torrt c'ns Alu- . miniumband und vcrlalil dos Rod fast genou gegeniiber dem Eingie0punkt. Der Houptunterschied zwischen diesen heutigen 7yp-3•Ma- schinen und ihren Voig6ngcrinnen bcstchl dorir.. do6 dos Gieftrod nicht mchr ouf• einc rotiereode Antriebswelle tines .. • a
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Chirurg 52• 281-288 (1981) .50335 8073 81 II Li MEDICAL RESEARCH Chirurg und Recht SURGE Q1~.~, AN~,;. ... . . ~~ e~;;•~p. ~~~~~ .y~, ... ~ . i~oli>cerfe' >nische S~u~~en: od~er ~'e>In'~' , CONTROLLED CLINICAL STUDIES: YES OR NO? Aufgaben und Grenzen kontrollierter klinischer Studien (KS) aus der Sicht des Chirurgen Key words: Controlled clinical trials.- %'Vith!withou: randomization - Medical indications - Legal and Th.-O. Lindenschmidt'', H. G. Beger2 und W. Lorenz3 ethical considerations. tll. Chirurgische Abteilung (Chefarzt: Prof. Dr. Th.-O. Lindenschmidt) des Allgemeinen Krankenhauses Hamburg-Barmbek, 2Chirurgische Klinik (Direktor: Prof. Dr. E. S. Biicherl) der Freien Universitat Berlin im Klinikum Charlottenburg, 3 Abteilung Experimentelle Chirurgie und Pathologische Biochemie (Leiter: Prof. Dr. W. Lorenz) im Zentrum Operative Medizin I der Universitat Marbutg SchlusselKOrter: Kontrollierte klinische Studien - . Bei der Heilbehandlung geht es ausschlreJ.ilich um ohne/mit Randomisierung - medizinische Indikatio- die Beseitigung von Schaden, Beschwerden oder Ge- nen - juristische und ethische Bedenken. fahren und um die Erhaltung oder Wiederherstellunf I der Gesundheit des einzelnen Patienten. Vielleicl. haufiger als in der Inneren Medizin mit ihren zat-.' reichen Arzneimittein gibt es in der Chirurgie in o. Heilbehandlung mehrere „Standardoperationen" fi denselben krankhaften Zustand. Vergleicht man nu- ; verJl^.l,ted~rll~r VtalldardVe~yahre,T, .Cli/ erhalt-ma55 Gi~i. I _; 7
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' _ 50335 8074 71 l~br} ;~ "s~~~"~M J., :, ~ I i Jacobson, E. D. CIGARETTE SMOKING AND DUODENAL UL_CE_R_- A i.T_NKv by E. D Jac:,bg:,:.,, S..J. Konturek and L. R. Johnson Gastroenterology 60 (No. 4) 780 (1971) ~2 3 0 (1 (1 ~ 1 i 1 ~ a~~
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i150335 6075 .. t ; . ,,,, ,..,. - . ~L_ ~ ~ I Me -76 \~ S.P.S IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTERS, Vol. C-25(9)(Sept.,~1976) A Graph-Theoretic Approach to.Nonparametric Cluster ` Analysis ,_-..• , ~~~ a~1111?M13Ell, IEFE, PATRENAIIALLI M. NARENDRA, STUDENT MEMBER, IEEE, AND KRINOSUKE FIJKUNAGA, SENIOR rn:MUraz,1EEE Abstract-Nonparnmctric clustering algorithms, including modc-sccking, wtllc>-scci:ing, and unimudnl set al/;orithms, arc capablc of idcnlif~ing ~cncrally sbnpcd cluslcrs of points in mctric spaccs. 111ost mode and vallcy-sccking nl;;orilhns, howevcr, are ilcrnticc nnd thc eluacrs obtained nrc depcndcnl on the starting cln4sificntion nud the nssumcd numfinr nf cluslcrs. ln this papcr, we prescnl n nunitcrulivc, graph-/h~•urctic approach to nonpar- amclrie cluster nn:tlyas. The resullinl; nll;orithat is /;ovcrncd by a singlc-scalnr parnmclcr, royuirrs nu stnrting clas.:ification,and is eapablc of determining lhc number of clustcrs.'I'ho re,tdting clustersarc unitnoJ tl ict.. Alt aayinplotic anal~eik of Ihc nlt;urithm is nho presented. This amJysiq indiratc: Ihnl thc nlgnrilhm bchnvcs as a vnllcy-socking alt,•.rithnm in thc largr sample casc.'fhn%, nn cquivalcncc is ranb- lizhcd bM..ccn the unimushil wt npproach and Ihc valley-seeking appronoh to cluster annsysis. y ~1 . .Tridex'lenP-(71Acria{j mmk scchl~ng, plhltnrtr7yt•coOiliun, unimodnt sMa. vallov-.crkin¢ cluslcrinc nlt;urithme• 1. INTRODUC'19oN ~ EVI:RAI, clustering algorit.hms.~•hich have appcarell in the recent literature are what might bc called norlparatnetric clustering al.-urithms. A nnnparametric l luslcring al;;orit hm is defined here to bc an algorithm for clustering lnull.ivariate data which is not based on a parametric model of an underlying probability density function. In Itarticular, a nonir.u'anletric all;oritlun should identify c•lu.ters of arhitrary shape and size. Of cour.r, no existing nonparamctril• t•luslering algorilhnl pcrforms perfectly, hul roany of lhcnt have been shoan to be c:qpahle of idcnlif~yin;; ilrrt;ularly shaped clusters without npu•iori knowledge of t he .hape. Nonp;lranletric clustvrin„ al;;tn•ithms include ntodc- seeking 111, 111, vallhy-scekinl: 1:11, ('t1, and l;rnith-1hvctrt•tic 1.. 1..1 1 .. ...t 1 - --- '. - --'-'-- - -' - - •'-- . i
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50335 80?6 i Molloy, D. W. *(no affil.)* "MUST THE PALEFACE PAY TO PUFF?" CONFEDERATED SALISH AND KOOTENAI V. :' Montana Law Rev. 36, 93-101 (1975)"~(in English)'-~ ~ -- ~--- ~ The holding in conr cacroica saiish and 1Cooicnai. is the onlY casel ' in which a federal court has determined that a state can require an Indian ! ~ retail seller to pre collect a state tax on cigarettes sold to non-Indins i I .0 3 1 <3 1 ~ tl
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A I .. .? 50335 8077 . . ~ i..., -..-_. ---• -- - - -------~~ DISEASES--CAUSFS AND THEORIES OF CAUSATION/ LUNCS--CANCER/S.*tOKIKC AND HEALTN/TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ -'06FORD MONOGRAPHS ON MEDICAL GCNETICS RD T A/~ f1 /1 T~ !\T ~~ _ ~,.~~T T1 T1 T C T A C~ h C, 1SS ,.13LVVL CJKVIft~.7 ti1vL L1J1rHJzJ . Mo 1978 A STUDY OF ASSOCIATIONS OF DISEASES WITH BLOOD GROUPS AND OTHER POLYMORPHIShiS A. E. MOURANT A.-.I~01.rw,-v.A.lAr.wre~C+..r/Sr.d.~.llry.drt.+r nnf.A.nx...t.w/nr /.rwvf~ H...r,rl Ser LTnr.. - H..w«LYC, Sr Arrt..4nr~ . IIx...W. l.+l. , MMMw. N. t.C N. W(:w W/1./.••-n f.A..awrr, l..... f.rrr Yl.rrw h./Fn.. ySw.lrt~. Gb.nw l•.wwr. nv a'rrr M.~.. /..F b ...L b K. (6.#..) --- Ai.wy Arrwrw- ~r-R C. s.irA nr~•. a.,.w. r.rw»ry, l.w6+ hrwn/j.UwWhi4 H.rr4 J6W G.wy c~r... 4.M KAZIAtiERA DOMANIE:WSKA•SODCZAK r rwA_ IWrw1...a.A. Mwb 1d.wK M AC. J..wekd AywW... W.vr. L.A.rry. LrJn IrwnJ~ LM...~ Hy/rY Wd 4ny Cww.. /.+b. WITH AN APPENDIX RY LARS ~. RYDER AND ARNE SYF.)OAARD OXFORD OXFORI) UNIVERSITY PRESF NEWYORR TOKONIO n
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50335 8078 ; ~o~~c3~~. CQrt.RtdQ, 1.oi1$- I f ?,Yu;:'ray, i+'f;te2Ya*.'et c;.etsot;ie, A_ of tlte i'esearch. ia tic, ale culture, 1SSI to 1950; an index to tlle Ilteratl;ree of the lis;!ln cell culti :lted in vitro. Prepare;l by Ttil:;rn:ret P. Murray uild Gcrtru,ic 1_Cnn`nl; \'r ~;'~:'1> A .1 . t~ n ;•~ ., <i .~ ,. Y":~5~ ~.v..~r,------ «~. !ss~ti1,17t1,.) 13cm. --suph)cnle!tt,tk-y tutthor li;t; 1~5!1- ( l l: complete aud ttnverifieci, Ci;t.ober 1953) \eW Yor)c, :\vo- dettlic Pre;:s i1J53; l t n. 25 cla. author, 'LGttG 3: I' ;:1I I Library of Con;,ress 0N.G11018 5 ;-, 2:) ? G Zt'i:iLi.'1'J!.t / Cover title. 1. Tissue eultuve-JZtbl. r. Kolrxh, Corthude, 7 0 , n in n li I r,-a I _.', ?
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50335 8079 REF QD 271 De 1975 Chemical Technoloz.Y. Pr.yl+K. ~ li.titutc uf Ilyai.nr _nd Ep!dcmlol:,gy, Ccntre of ladusuai r! AIILADA JUk ICOV/t Oicupational Di.eaes, prague Fhysiological lnslitute. Ceechos1ovak Academy of Seienoes. Pradue 0 S '; RLtnOLF HELItif ttt hlysiolopcil Instituto. Czechoslovak Acdcmy of Science:. Pratae r . . . ... CHRUMSTOGRA.pIiIC ANALYSIS--ELECTROP?iORESIS/F'\TZYI''fES--CIIROMATOGRAPIIY/ TOBACCO--*tOSAIC VIRUS/ALI:ALOIDS-•-ELECTP.OPHORESIS/ 'Bibliogcaphy of Electrophoresis 40 1968-1Q72 and Sur vey ofQp,, No. 4 (Supplcmentary Volume licritiotts t . i ~ Aauterdam - Oxford - New York - I97S d 4 :- ~ ELSEVIER SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING COMPAN1 ~ the ]ournal of Chromµtography) . 1975 to ~ ZDENU DEYL lIM DAVIDEK i PhysiolXical Institute. Cuchoslovak Acad.:my nf 8,:icnces. Prs peo,rtnrcat of Food Scienoe and Analysis. Praltue Ir.stitute of e
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• .. ~I , 50335 8080 ' • . ._... . ,:i~ CI1ROMATOGRAP1iIC ANALYSIS--BIBLIOGRAPHY/Ci1ROMATOCRAPHIC ANALYSIS--LiQUID CIIP.OMATOGRAPIIY/ ~ TOBACCO--MOSAIC VIRUS/PIICOTINF.--CIIROMATOGRAPIiY/ ~ , fJo , i ~ ~iurnal of Chromatooraphy Supplementar Vol N 6 1976 ~ , y , o, , / . REF ~3iblio~raphy of ' QA ZDENLK DI;YL 271 Physiological Institute, Czec De : L.,iquzd Column 1976 Institnte of Hygiene and E ~ Chromatography and Occupational Diseases, . i ; ELSEVIER SCIENTIPIC PUBLISHING CO.NiPANY ~ I 97 I-~ 973 A,ns,erdam -- Oxford - New York - 1976 1 i and Survey of Applications ; ! (Supplementary Volume No. 6, ig76 to the Journal of Chrorp~ata~raphy) ~ , . . ~ ~ ~ .,
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, n.cr 50335 8081 'QD 271 Ma Ytopecky;" J..::.(Jt~: Editor) Macek, K. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PAPER AND THIN-LAYER CHROMATOGRAPHY 1961-1965 AND SURVEY OF APPLICATIONS, bh K. Macek, I. M. Hais, J. Kopecky and J. Gasparie (Journal of Chromatography, Suppl. Vol. 1968) 1968 Elsevier Publishing Co. r;`s 1041 Pages New York ;a 0 0 n0
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. 50335 8082 ~ CHRO`SAiOGRAPIIIC ANALYSIS--RIBLIOGRAPHY/. CEIROMATOGRAPIIZC A'1f1LYSIS--LIQUID CiIROMITOGRAPHY/ ggg JOURNAL OF CHROrATOGRAF'HY, SUPEL. VOL. NO. 3, 1973. 271QDDe * Bibliography of Column. 1973 y ' 0 _k hroma tographyI 967- I 97 and Survey of Applications ,. _-1 I Journal of Chromatorraohy EISEVIERSCIEM'IFICPUBUSHINGCOtifPA2v'Y ZDEAK DEYL (Supplementary Volume \o. 3, 1973) dAmsterdam - Lortdon - Ncw York - 1973 Physiological Institute, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague JAN ROSMUS Research Institute of Food Industry, Czechoslovak Agricultural Academy, Prague MILADA JUAICOYA Physiological Institute, Czechoslovak Academy of Sr.iences, Prague f.JAN KOPECK3l1411- ~ Inst9tt:te of Hygiene and Epidemiolopy, Centre of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Disrases, Przgue .•.-._T..--, . . ...,.-~...,~.~,..-.-.'.--~-•~-~..~.,.. e t' Z, ti o n (j I 't3 E A 0
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50335 8083 I Ref Ql) 271 , Ma ._- Kopeckx,: (Jt: Fdi tor) Mcek, K. iiIfiLLOGR<1?Hi OP PAPER AND T.H1N--L.AYuR ~ CHROZIkTc?CR.!1PaY 1961-1965 A%'D SURN'IEZY o^ diP`rL7,CA_TL^,:.S, by K. MAca.r'i Y. K.. Eip<g; : J. Kopecky an. J. Gacpa:;" (Journei of Chramatcegfaphy, Suppl. Vo'A,. 1968) 1.968 1041 FegQa El$wfitr Pub3.ish3uP, Co. Ness York
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.50335 8084 III Du2-79 Jour. Amer. Veterinary Medical Assoc. 173(6) 729-33(1978) Ozoiie Depletion: Implications for the ~T~terinarian v M": MS . Nlrui has inadvertent.ly modified the stratosphere. There is a good possibility that the ozone layer is being depleted by the use of jet aircraft (SST), chlorofiuoro- inethane profr•llants, and nitrogen fertilizers. Under un- polluted conditions, the pro(lucL1U:] Ui OzOlic iaualS :~ ; destruction. By man's intcrvention; however, the de- struction may exceed the production. The potential )ut- c4me is increased inicmsit.y of solar ultraviolet (280- 400 nm) radiation zncl penetration to the earth's surface of previously absorbed w.lvelengths below about 280 nm. The increased ultraviolet radiation would increase the likelihood of skill cancer in man and ocular squamous cell carcinoma in cattle. The climate also mibht be modified, possibly in an undesirable way. 1) - N IOI{ '? 10'S Q 10 0 I ~ 10~' n 1015 ~ 102 p E/ ~ 0 ECV/E5) 10 ~ E . [ Kj'7 101G 0 BS 10 ' W -STR4TOP4Ui! w .i - ? W p•s 0 N I y ~ W IOIT- W w `z' p _J a 0 a 10 - 0 1~ ~ 1018 0 STRATOS`HERE • o IOS 5.10 0 lyo ' ) 1019 10-T T R70iAU5E , llyy~ I TFMi'~SPH';P.E . Fig I-The atmos?here near the surface of the earth. The Iarges; concentration of ozone can be found between 10 and 50 km. - . ORl'gen, water raDor. and CATT;inn rfiinsirln l~31 ~~_ ~' C~ .~ t? n rl t~~ i;~ ; } i a
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Warihuana and Alcohol G 11WSMopell; MD; J. R. Tinklenberg, MD; and L. E. Hoauter, MD. Palo Alto, Calif . 50335 8085 ~ : . Contingent 1~TegatiVe Variation Amplltudes In a double-blind study, the amplitude of the contingent negative variation (CNV) was assessed in 12 normal men given placebo and quantified "sociaP" doses of 1-~'-transtetrahydrocannabinoI (THC) and alcohol (ethyl alcohol). Using subjects as their own eontrols, it was found that THC selectively enhanced the amplitude as compared to placebo while alcohol depressed it. Tjlhe contingent negative variation (CNV), first des- ~ cribed in 1964, is a slow surface-negative potential ehange.' It may be recorded from over much of the surface of the scalp and is elicited by two successive stimuli (S1 and S2) a hich are separated by a fixed interval and regu- larly presented to the subject. As it becomes apparent to the subject that S2 is contingent on the presentation of . XX MeF-316-80 Arch. Gen. Psychiat. 27 809--11 (1972) 0 n G I~+ t, h• 9 To produce the CNV, we used the constant-foreperiod task paradigm first described by Walter.' A figure of a star (S1) was, followed at a fixed interval by a tone (S2). The task was to turn off the tone as quickly as possible by pressing a button. The CNV, generated between Sl and S2, was averaged and its amplitude calculated. Because electrical potentials arising from the orbit have been re- ported as a possible contamination of CNV amplitude," we subtracted these potentials from the CNV recorded from the scalp. Methods Subjects.-Tw: h•a cotleae-educated men in their 20s who had been screened for good physical and mental health were used as . . .. . . .. . . . . , •. ... I ...._.4.+Y. . ~'rr a ;;. e „ ,e
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50335 8086 X~. 1'eF-}i-711-7 3 CI;A NT GLS IN STRENGTH & IJ,1C`rILIT~' OF ~~LZ)hIII~T~1NI r . . SI1LETANIND hOIL.,-';..S A I7,Ui',T':;TIOhT OF COMZ~OSITiOi~`~` LiFht Met. nre :.{J.(1-2)1U-12 (1973) }:. i)rit:. E. S. r:ari~rlr, L. S. r.ltis if i:,n first of a s^ric•s of specially selecled frans- !c. Ir:,ticrs Lir'ttt I::etaf Age wiil p ublish of kuscia" orli-los ;e- r~.:rr t~ ~,ictn of alu- fc'`ing to tlrc• li_,!i mr.tais industry. ?hcse translrflons r:ie not ). minw.. anri ~;:rrr^'!n allnc; in a'rU:iCb!e fr:ia7 cC'nvc-ntionol tra.^.SiUtrori snUrce; Tfe sUbiz,;i Str+t: n} ncii' !rCluwlr^ii:.i Rrca: anut matier vriii be aimed at the ir/lrests of the rcaG2rship of i.lCRt thc $•rtat intr:.r-r ;.r'Crd t•d ia thc<c al- i1!etoi !iU(-. The first article of this series is especially reicr•.•onl Int•: toj tllc (rra:lo[t nt to:f trr•:r rila• to the oIVR)rnJn't sheet ariti fatl rOalr.]q industry. ',hC nri:rCliiU! tc7ta!i Itiit•>I;e:~ rt•cafilt W^ri Ori ilr.^ Z;Uilrnr, ~~'1. E. Drri5, Is Cn eFi.`Ort /ri the )C?ti'K:i U/17JT: tt:t :~7e i ii : } i } i f ~1un1 S ict r t,rli:rrt 7 5 n t n c± o vaiun< aat3 ir,ii it: particl.I•tr. st.rbject of trlL'rtiinUm foi! O:tC{ its j;roE)ertfUs. i'nr cxar:lple. racrc arc ir.c?i'-ations in tltc litc:aturc tF.c mcc! a::i:.~! pro~ nuu (0.v?391 to QQ7SS in) tLc fii,c i l f l o ts wrrr dctrrin ncd froat r Ic - fro.^., lc•n,t r «in- l' r p:.,i~ r tit~ of n::,tc •i !s ef t.`•e Sarnc r. nula r~,~ ~ t fn•,; -~--=- i ~ CC~llrrlc::t011 in titlCT:fr S"itlqllSrl•~>. 2~ := i1.3(A )'-. (2) )fo.r<irr. a sr.:c:tt~tic srt:ds cf tl•is cf- Frr a s;._;i:nr.n aiu;!t of b= 6 n^.t /I ' I (cc: l:nc nut . ccn ,^,a~ t!.nz',:: is U.) . •rrrk it•:•: 1l~i h * + f • ^ r ;:ury e c c n t I : t . . •_ I~ t0 lit•:r:r'llllt :•rC o: a r n ~ N o, i t Fn: ptnt~t=r, r: c(:rnirar:r.,, t..c tca r I i ' ! 1 t' .) ;il^ ' - f . . ..... r; c,, i :.s, . .. :r. _. .: _. t a `t 7 • .) +~ 0 tf j`_) t 7 C11
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50335 8087 `III Me9-81 S.P. Am J Psychiatry 138:2. February 1981 /!P- /l3 . Acute Effects of Caffeine in Normal Prepubertal Boys P i • BY ROBERT N, ELKINS, M.D., JUDITH L. RAPOPORT, M.D., THEODUREP.,ZAHN, PH.D.. MONTE S. BUCHSBAUM, M.D.. HERBERT WEINGARTNER, PH.D.;r'1«F!ARAxAOPIN;,M.D.. DENNIS LANGER, M.D., AND CHRIS JOHNSON. M.A. A recent study demonstrated that dextroamphetamine has an effect in normal prepubertal boys similar to that seen in hyperactive children. The purpose of the present study was to see whether the effects of cq,8'eine are similar to those of amphetamine in normal children. The authors observed I9prepubertal boys following administration of a single dose bf placebo. 3 mg/kg of cqffeine, and 10 mg/kg of cq,Q'eine in a double-blind, crossover design. Caffeine produced increased vigilance and decreased reaction time, as does amphetamine. Unlike amphetamine, however, the higher dose of caffeine did not have a motor calmi{ig e,ffifct ~Kt iWeased mQtorlactivity. aepayate biological3~4 tems, therefore, may be differentiafly affected by the two substances. .. sible benefit from use of caffeine by children should at least be raised. Ten studies of the behavioral effects of caffeine with pediatric populations are listed in table 1. Of these. on- ly Reichard and Elder's study (8) examined the effect of caffeine in normal children as well as hyperactive children. These authors found no effect of caffeine in reaction time measurements for the normal children. The other studies found little or no benefit from caf- feine, given in doses ranging from 3 to 12 mg/kg. on vigilance and behavior of hyperactive children. The egect of caffeine on the behavior of normal adults has been summarized by Weiss and Laties (13). The lmost consistent findings arethat caffeine counter- acts the decre~ent in performance of simple vigilance toc4C CAjecPrl h fotioile nthor ro•••Ifc 1.a-. !•.n.+ ~r. e
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50335 8088 _.XI_.ToB2.-82 __T.OBACCD--LEGISLATION/NEW-JERSEY/T06ACC0--LAW=-U: S.7 " S.P. _ISN = '98 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI ToB2-82 s.p. ~ yA ~ ~N~~ ANTI-SMOKING LEGISLATION : THE NEW JERSEY EXPERIENCE , J. Pub. Health Policy. 2, No. 3, 247-301. 81. (IN : ENG.) ' The basic lesson of the antisMoking caMpaign is that ador:ion of . proven cancer-control measure requires Much more than presentatio of the scientific facts. Today More than ever before, health professionals Must rely on political skills. They Must understan how public coMMitMent to particular health goals is accoroplished, ,~ts, legiilat,iv~ and executive branch support.... and6 how ~)hin a6fe
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f ~1 v U U ~ ~S _,._....... ~... - ~- _.,._......~.~...,. .... _. .,..__..__...<..,...__......•.....,...~.. O I '13 tmYiTT:i A:Tc7 4Uii:VjA7(j ft0T,2M_J3Ux ,d:rTa4a?cT aonpa.Ta NUf) VO'r~TAY([ Uox11-'suo;:uZ 'i;zuamizuciaQ jL'~C:Id[?.~~:~ :onposd aug ts.;~~:>>n g lsuu,%,'o3 oDouqot bPYou4oa .r .a ~ xnq:,zy `aaLtodo 6a;q , 1)C ~ 6909 SEEOS
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._....,..... 1 . . +:..: .. J. ....~:.a. . __ ~ ._ _ . _..~:...~ . _e. .s.: o 50335 8090 #'~ ~A¢~j~~tt ;Ee,e'p ~;.f, 'IFFERENTIAL THERMAL ANALYSIS OF EVAPORITES, by O.C. Kopp and P. F. Kerr r . - The American Mineralogist 44, 674-679:: (May-June 1959) 7' 4
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50335 8091 TP 155 Co 1965 MCGRAW-HILL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SERIES/ CHEFII---L ENGINEERING--COMPUTERS/ PDDL hlcGratv-Ilill BooTc Cornpany l1'ew .York St. l.ou is San Trancisco Toronto London Sydney 4. 2 CY,U)t-l Doaaalcd Iil. GBDPdghfYEloll1l' Associate Professor of C/iemicai Engineering Purdue University Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering 1'urduc University
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73 X Lu 50335 8092 , .-~.w...., . l3ACC0--SIIQKIi~G--PSYCHOiAG1/SMOriI?r'G HAJ3ITS-- 1tEL1NQQIS".FIING/ RJF. CL:'+SS A0. P11;iPI1LI:T 73 X Lu ''6 ::(ae --i'SYCii0L0G1C!.L " :SPrCTS. ;(Zur Thera•-:.e des lcr:t,r_i,ens - i's1c:;olcCische P.spc::te.)* :'r::as 62, 4G!,-11 (i973) (in Gcr'•^.aa with I:nglisn stti=ary)
Page 594: yrm95d00
50335 8093 .~~~t~..~~:'...~ .w.... Rem, Peter v:.n cer iF:E t:OFI'EFS HXD::A,TE I'POCESS Paric. Intelrn. Syxtp. Water DesclS.ns.3.on, ' 1€L, 1ti'ush5.u; ton, D. C. (1965) 2, 76S-77S (Z967) ' C) r .i E 7 ?
Page 595: yrm95d00
_:..:.....__.._ _._._ ...... _ ....,:.._.. 50335 809q : 488 I'. i)rahrezt et o!. • 1)i.ierer.zietung dcr Aremastoac r•oi, krub^craricn ~f ~ ~ .~._._r. .. . .. .~...~ _ XX ZteT'-D-W-7! t •.;~: Z. Naturforsch. CC 28 O-1C)) 1;88-93 (1973) Cascliromato-rapiiisdl-nt.-ssens?el.:trometrisclic FJ;fferem;erun" - ' ' ''' '~ ~ : "- ~` - von hrd bcerarten .c Y ~ Gasdtromztograpfiical-mar-spectromctrical Dif:erentistion of Aroma Substunces from Strawberries Fricdridi Draw•ert, Roland Tressl, Gunter Staudt und:I3ans-Koppio:;r Institut fur Chemisch•technische Analyse und che:nische Lebensmitteltechnologie der Te-l.tdsd:en i;niVersitat 12und:en, Weihenstephan, Institut fur Cheraisch•technische Anal.se dcr Techr.is&en Cni-e.sit3t Berlin und Buudesfors-1ungsanstalt fiir Rebi:nzuchtung, G eile•eilerhof, Siebeldingen . t (.Z. Naturforseh. 28 a 488-493 [1973] ; eingegangen am 16. Juni 1973) ~ Hean Prof. Dr. Theodor lrseland:um 60. Ceburtstar gemidrrtet ~ I Gaschromatographical•ma.sspectrome!rie,al diffcrentiation, aroma substances, strawberries ~ itipe truits ef wild grow4ng varieties of strawberries had been homogenized under inhibition of 'I the enzymes and extracted with the adding of an intcrnal standard. About 40 main componenta I could be identificd and quantitatively determined. by gaschromatographical-mass•spectrometrica 'l __in.estigatians_!1letnyl l:etor.es and secondary alcohols dominate in Fracaria motchata and F.a:a::a :; , . - =cti~.~......._.... 3 `~ ,~ f T (_~ fl ! 1' l J I 7 f~~ ,, 3
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~ 50335 8095 ~ 331 , ~; i4pwLs, V: F A Tsomerization of aroniatic compounds tb,y, V. A. Koptyug. Edited by \. X. Vorozlitsov, Jr. Translated from Russian by L. btandel. Jerusalem, Israel Progrun for Seientific Translations, 1965. :, 161 p. tuus. 25 cm. -At head of title: Academy of Sciences ot the USSR, Siberian D;ie- Label on t. p.: Publlshed In the U. S. A. by D. Davey, New Yor7. Includes bibliographies. I l. Isomerizatton. 2. Aromaticsompoaeelsa i.. Title. Qll331.K613 !' '~ 647.6 65-8075 Library of Congress `_' (4-11 r----. -- -^~-----.------~-•-~.r- ; .....-.-a+ 71 n c~ t~t 1 7~9
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. C:' ILIJOI;I1:I: AND ITS GJai'iJU.7PS 50335 8096 i;}; : 1.. ; T. 1:. hikitenl:o, Yu. t1: .I:orshunov, atid' x. i'. l:nrt:t.i~o raiuchu. Trudy Gos. Med. Inst. 9E, 39-49 (1970) Thc increased demand for refr.iberat,ts promoted the synthesis of new cooling agents consisting of compounds of high wolecular weight which do not ~ freeze et low te:nperatuzes, are not corrosive to the equipment and ha.ve a ].ou• tox;c:.ty. The fluorine and chlorine compounUs of the aliphatic hydro- carbons p:-s;ess such properties. The synthesis of these compounds aerved as a stimu?.us for f.urther development of the chemist•ry of :L`.luoroorganic cor.ipounds. The rapid developr:ent of the nuclear 3ndu ,try reo,vired raater.ials which l~s are l.eJiJlarit, to severe reactions, microorg4nisa oxid4tion agents and 1ot: and (11 3 1) f1 n 0 1 3 1 A 0
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~0335 8097 : ~_.. r ~ . _ ~..~..W......~.~~.... .. -~.~y~~~.~ x, lcbCt ~l. . . - ii.E ~ CCD5i~1 GTC t.c:i.~E'TE. Cosm, polftFSt Club, ,~3e.".STZ;;r Yr_i,Qr, HSJ~.zttrE• Gcrn._.ip, JDi;+ 23, 1964, 15 1:p. 0 a 4~] n~3 t, 1 31 P, I
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' 50335 8098 XXII MeB9-78 S.P. RY 9ArMJL;CORCHA~C~i~ ,. ADSORPTION OF MICROORGANISMS ON THE SURFACE OF PVC MATERIALS. .L1LQ. x,tJ l ~ . d"<< N~i 2L1.v ~~ (s) ~,o - ~~~ Ciy~7~ .„., K.ut. ntea. ,,avxf. N. Kopkarc AACOPSL1NA MN-KPC,oPrAHH3,Ntoa HA f10J1NfiHHHJ1XJfOPNAfib1X ~ ' 11J1ACTNMECK{!X 11tATEPHAJIAX . ~ -+• 1 i'J JCtxv'+l . %.. ~ / , ewoi•): f./tl . . 1 . I , ,. L t~•#irr , f . • ~jr` f,(v L(,'~.f' rl (•C.~rlbt.q, ei•tI ct. p. .~. /•.~•l~i..~ !. t.. skiI G1vt rf it-c,` 1 t. 4( t' 14f ri. ,.
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50335 8099 4aQ,59-3 (1y7q X Re2-71 S.P. s Copyright 5 1979 Ohio Acad. Sci. .,C-(PJ:;O/7rJU()02-0U~ ;1.50/0 ErrI-;C7' OF OXYGEN DESATURATION FROM CARBON MONOXIDE INHALA't'ION ON I:RYTIIROCYTIC 2,3-DPG1 J. M. RAAISI;Y andV {i01t~XBiology Department, Uriivcrsity of Dayton, Dayton, OI{ 95-169 Absfracl. Erythrocytic 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3-DPG), in response to carbon monoxide (CO) h)•poscmia, was studied in 12 rabbits exposed to 230 ppin CO for 3 hours. Each antm;tl served as its own control. Individual determinations of carbosyhcmoblobin, arterial ox}•l;en content, ox)•~cn sati+ration, and 2,:;-1.)l'G ti\•erc madc before and immccliatclv after exposures to both CO and normal air. After CO inhalation, there was no significant change in 2,:3-])PG clcspitc an avcral-le rcduction of 22(/'o in arterial oxygen saturation. Moreover, thcrc was no sii;niGcant corrclatiun between individual oxygen desaturations and chani;cs in 2,3-])1'G. The data imply that the 2,3-ll1'G mechanism offers little or no compensation for this fou-ni of h}rhoxia. 01110 J. SCI. 79(2): 81, 1979 /in-n\ f,......1 "m m~•ir~ U 3 0 0 0 •0 1 3 1 8 3 -
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Kl , := 0 •R'.l n~ I V •A •P3T r-Oc2i•oH v,a•.:7:cA 1t3MxatcDl -ti;~33T •V:;u:r~as PT~^~ 0~ :-'PEnJ ST '1oA - xaIox t 00 t8 S££OS
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50335 8101 77 1 Sh Doctoral - Dissertations an yJapan I and Korea,1969-137A. ~ , A Classified Bibliographical Listing of International Research . ~ Compiled and Edited by Frank Joseph Shulman 9 . University Microfilms International I W4
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50335 8102 ~...~.:. u.~. .::.~.~.._ j RE! i Q Vol. 11 ~ ~ ') iC ..-. - _ . .~ . . ~ ~ j . ; f t1 ~ ~ t C ~ i . 3 1s fl,
Page 604: yrm95d00
'i1.f;}:i:LA/l,i:S7I:AT.TA./}:}:AZTL/i1RI'IZS'ci /CU}>t,/i:C;,n:mll:/C:n~?(;0, PEOPLI:'S FtFPUCLIC (lF/CHINA, PEOPLF`S RYP11I3LTC--(}F/GUSTA RICA/ Sl,LVAI',0::/i:THICIPIA/'r'P.1;13Ci1 Ot'I:RSIiE.S POSSMSSIONSiGI«1?vAf ~~iIATEM~;I,A/GIlIT3i:A/ I}AITI/110:~DUl'.ASf I.~I?IA/Ita)OPiESIA/IP..41v/I}LAn!ISRAELJJA~ tt~/T:OR1.A, I?E'IOCRATIC FEOPLE'S REPU?3LIC C LAOS/LEBANO"./LIBIr}lIA/l.IhYA/1•fEXICO/i`iOROCC.O/NEGd ZEALAND/;FICAP.AGLA/i•2IGERIA/PtJ:ISTAN/PANAMA/ PARAGUAY/PIiILIPPINES/POI:TUGL'F.Sf: OVERSEAS PItOVINC);S/PUEF:TO I:ICONKODESIA/ SAUDI AP.AFiIA/ SOUTH AFF.ICA/SYRIA/TAII•1AN (RcWU3LIC OF Cl1I1dA) /11IAILAND/UPtIT1:D STATES EXTERNAL TERRIi'ORIF:S/ UF:UGUAY/VL•'NE?UI:LA/1dEST INDIES ASSOCIATED STATES/ YI ! ~n THE I.UJ.tOPA YEAR 1300K jrpT,UAIn , .... .. . :.: ~ ~ •- 1978 REF Africa, The. Amcricas.. Asia, Australasia °D HA . .. . r . t . .. , . . . . . . 173 Eu A WORLll SURVEY Ln rn 1973 LUItOPA PUBLICATIONS LI\IITE-D 0 ~ 1& Bi;l)YORD SQUARE LONDON iFC133 8J:J . i in ......•.~..o.+..r+.~...•.... ~.mc'~5.~...:r.~..qr ..-~•:. 0 ;.:n n n'o 1 3 A F 7.
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50335 8104 TP 370 Ko 1971 r F00D--LITF.RATUP.E/ U~•tULATIVE REVIEtd OF LITERATURES OI~"~".~-~3'~17-i968) . ~ for selected Tables) ~ (In Korean except , Edited by: Food Resources Laboratory, , Korea Institute of Science and Technology ; Published by: Korean Society 19~1Food Science and Technology, ~ Seoul, Korea, « . - U .ionno 1 -3, 1 An
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' 50335 8105 TP / FOOD---LIVMTtlRi:/ 370 Ko 1971 CE,ZSLZATI~'E REVI~Id OF LITERATISP..VS :1?d ~fs,FOODS (3.917-1958 . (In Korean except for se?ecCed 1'ab?es) ~ Edi.ted by' Pood R~'so+~rces Laboratory, ,• Korea Institute of Science and TechnologY _y,~Qa,~,Zo.ciety flf-Food Science -and Technology, published by : Seoul, Korea, 1971 _ - -- - - --^----- . - - -_ _ , 5•,----~+~_- -e • -~.--- ---^'-^ --~--- '"'" """'. " -,
Page 607: yrm95d00
Journal of Consultin` and Clinical Psycholo{y 1980. Vol. IB. No. 4. 46p_466 50335 8106 80 ~ I Ey-8o Marital Conflict: Relations Among Behaviors, 0~ S,p, Outcomes, and Distress *ftavvifil" Kathe Carlton Regional Research Institute, Eastern State Hospital, Portland State University Lexington, Kentucky David Shaw Veterans Administration Hospital, Portland. Oregon The present study investigated relations among the conflict behaviors, con- flict outcomes, and marital distress of 60 married couples. The behaviors examined were solution proposals, inquiry, criticism, and responsiveness; the outcomes examined were attainment of objective resolutions and mutual satisfaction. Three major issues were of interest: (a) the differentiation of distressed and nondistressed couples on the basis of behaviors, (b) the pre- diction of outcomes on the basis of behaviors, and (c) the prediction of out- comes on the basis of behaviors and marital distress together. Findings indicated that two behaviors, responsiveness and criticism, differentiated distressed and nondistressed couples and predicted both types of outcomes. A third behavior, solution proposal, predicted attainment of resolutions but not mutual satisfaction. The measure of marital distress supplemented the be- haviors in predicting both types of outcomes. Theoretical and clinical im- plications are discussed. 9) 0 ~ ~ ~_ ._
Page 608: yrm95d00
I. 6 1 f' 1 1) U 996T (y 'A21) 0£ 'ToA X. a,s;~.~r{o T70-raato'tII Pna v2zuaA.*3N 0134201 ~•~ V YsttY • q. VLV grjlrnA, -Ilc} 4oueTAMna:m) 3o uox:3va c:'l-%nd pva ua7,aTOaj 'Z 3xc.I a0td ta? tITO:'Il1a avlhLO ~. SfiMS'V dn SzSvZ' Nt) S32(fl1.Ls xaqn; 6133 ,xo.4 tw~ l6 ~ fy~Etfa T~ . , ,..y l [.0 t 8 S £ £ 0 S k - .
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~ , ..,. 50335 8108 T,1.,.~ti•t~I Gi' FLUORITvF ExND 1TS cO:'MoL`NIDS. ~ J.1 . l:y: T.oru :',_ovi., A. I. ; T. K. 2dikxter,i:o, Yu. 2•a: Korshuncv, :nd''L'. E, . Kpre:ko ~ Ncuchu. Trudy Gas. Med. Inst. 73, 39-49 (1970) 'The increased demand for rcfrigerants promoted the synthesis of new t.ooling ar ents consis;.ir.g of compounds of high molecular 4l2ight which do not r freeze at low temperaturc.:, are not corrosive tc, the equipmLr.t and have ra loa toxicity. The flvorjne and chlorine compounds of the aliphatic hydro-- carbons possess such properties. The synthesis of these compounds served as a stiraulus for further develop^ent of the chemistry of : fiuoroorganic co,apounds. The rapid development of the nuclear *industry required materia?s s which are rewista.nt to severe reactions, micr.oor.ganis~i oxidation agents and low and 0 .3 n 0 n tI I :; 1 9 ?,
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50335 8109 ..-..-r.arr.'~~i-s ~ Add ~ 71 . I I ; . D-W: AW7 COST EVP~.LL%;.TIv^:3 C?' I!l:;,~~r.t;;YUiy SXSiL:.s, by R. fi. KorshoSo and T. G. UcI,e:tis 1969 1,2 ragas U. S. Ilcpt. cf CcD-mcrca Uashlcgt•or., D. C. _ wi..mlr-A-4. ~. . C~ t~ t~ n f~ E~! 9 3 ~
Page 611: yrm95d00
_ ~....... ~..1~.,.t•-.._.,_.._ 50335 8110 RECENT ADVAtiCES IN Or10-I..~tY2:C0LCtvY, 3rd cd. 1958 431 PaEes Little, Brcrtm and Co. Boeton 0 ,~------ . I i 9 4
Page 612: yrm95d00
50335 A1» 4 f I 4 I I TOBACCO--S'AOf:INC--PSYCIlOLnGY /SMOKIrG 11ABITS--STUDENTS/ TOBACCO--YUCOSLAVIA/ TOBACCO= SPtOKITIC--SURVI:Y/ RJR CLASS 140. PN•iP11LET 77 X Za ~ G.; Dzumhur, M.; Didic, P.;,Korkut;FE. 77 X Za Zarkovic, e . (Institut HiSijenu Socijalnu Med. Med. Fak. Sarajevo; Yugoslavia) DIFFUSION A17D CAt1tE.OF SMOKING A1-10NG SCHOOL CIiILDRI'sN IN SARGIEVO, YUGOSLAVIA. *(Rasprostranjenost i Uzroci Pusenja kod Skolske Omladine u Sarajevu.)* Medicinski Arhiv 29 (No. 3) 207-211 (1975) (in Yugoslavian with English Summary) - 7i e cxamin:~tion was dane on 1.3G1 pupils of ~ little number`of those who do not want to )ea~`e ~ both sexes from 10-21 years of age by an anany- smoking (12,9'Vo), and a bio number of those %:•:io ~ rnous questionnaire. It was estsblish^d that 3i,5":o would do lha under the certain conditions. The ~ of pupils smo'1e, more boys than girls. The critical examinedd pupils are rather good informed about years for the beginning of smoking are' 15 and 16, the bad consequences of smoking, but the not smo• i althouoh many of them be-gin also carlier. Tht kers better (?0,E'/o) than smokers (a2,4'!e). The no: i most of .smokers smoke vp to 10 c:~aretes, and the smokers do not smoke mostly ~oecoose they know ~ percentage of more serious smo,cers is bigger that smot ing is harmful to health, also becouse among boys than among girls. The most of ~upils they consider smoking a bad manner, or becous_• smoke becouse of the iphysical pleas.rre, but the they just do not like it. The most of the not tmo- ~ Inost important factor why they begin to smoke is kers will not begin to smoke, and 60"le of s:no.L-ers t the influence of friends (G6,i';o). In this aoe is vcry have the intention to sto?,cmo:iino. _
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50335 8172 , _. . /Y ~ ' G y7s) . . .• /~ STUDY OF THE AROMA-FOR~~~1NG SUBSTANCES IN CHAMPAGidE, a%'-~ A. K..ROAOPULO,'at"°.'TJItVM~'i4;"!. A. EGOROV Bakh Insfitufe of Biochemislry, USSR Academy oj Sciences . ' Samples of the Soviet bottle-fermented and bulk process champagne prepared at d~ ' ferent wineries as well as samples of the French champagne Reims and Aila Were exam, ned by gas-liquid chromatography. The champagne quality depends on the quantitative• content of components of fusel oils; it is also closeiy associated with high boilers--cis- and irans•farnesene and esters Ethyl linoleate imparts a sunflower flavour to the cham- pagne. Volatile substances present in small quantities are responsible for the general fla- vour which enhances specific nuances. These investigations have shown that hegh quality champagne contains substances located in the tail part of the gas •chromatogram. The number and size of the tail peaks are greater, the better the champagne is. The Reims champagne displays the high^st number and size of the tail peaks as compared with other champagnes. ~4. ~cQ d c.oia,~i ~J'~ ~•yl/l~.a•",/ , / e
Page 614: yrm95d00
, IiD 69 KU (no date, r.eclid Nov. 1977) 50335 8113 MANAeEaIE-I~r DE«:LaYMENT IN CFjLAN Gi P.TG T1I~~iS BJ .. 0 3 () 0 1 n V) td 1 9 7
Page 615: yrm95d00
50335 8114 ~(1969) ~ a;s r-;~ s zc~°^ ^zca s~' e f'Ft..UZMj0;t OP WILAGEI2YAL PWOaWME: A I'X:rIl."FJ. PersnnneL Pnycholonv 21 (11a. 3) 295bM (xG68) I _ .~_ ...~.. . N--~ ..,,~..,.........~.~...~- C' ~ ~? n r t
Page 616: yrm95d00
_50335 8115 a 81 X Ko 2 TOBACCO--SMOKING=-HEALTH EFFECT/ ~ Gastroenterology 80 (6) 1451-3 (1981) Influence o moking on Healing Rate of Duodenal _Icer in Response to Cimetidine or High-Dose Antacid/ ~~ , OWN~..;n ® ~~+IAt!3;OR. G. SHAW, J. HANSKY, G. T. SCHMIDT, ank-A. I. STERN Gastroenterology Unit. Prince Henry's Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Fifty consecutive patients with symptomatic endo- scopically proven duodenal ulcer were randomized double-blind to Mylanta 11 or cimetidine treatment schedules. Smoking habits were noted, but patients were not advised to alter these. Healing was deter- mined by reendoscopy at 6 wk. Eighty percent of pa- ttgntf -)on tqctiy4 cimetidine pnd;,-52%n active My- lanta l/ had healed at 6 wk (not significant); 85% of nonsmokers healed compared to 44% of smokers (p study of the healing rate of duode with one of two established regi tensive antacid therapy (3) using 1? H= receptor antagonist, cimetidine the influence of cigarette smokinj rates was examined. Materials and Methods
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MERG CORP HO 2741 Br 1981 ARCHER R/CONSOLIDATION AND MERGER OF CORPORATIONS/ RATIONS--MERGERS/MANAGEMENT--PLANNING/ Acquisition and Corporate Development A Contemporary Perspective for the Manager 50335 8116 James W. Bradley ,6"ra:r" Arthur D. Little, Inc. AnArthur D. Little Book LexingtonBooks D.C. Heath and Company Lexington, Massachusetts , Toronto i e (; :~ n 0 s, 0 16.A 2 (; 0
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i 50335 8117 `~ 'PMi"A tiiviBa: KF: STP.ULTi URE AsiD rmsYtf-4, A EIM 1011ICd.L : USPF4CTW8 .Toua. Gen. PGyeir1. 5Z (No. 1, Part 2) 25?-27.11 (July, s 19068) n ~..:..,. a (~ # ~:i
Page 619: yrm95d00
50335 8118 1Q i~ .. ._.._,. .~ __. . ..~-.,...... ....~ . ..:;~ .~. . __..: ~.~:._..~. .._. _~~ ~~w:,~-~ .u ~ 123 Auth~r) : Kl 10, v ir L f^'~S~e = (} Llf~...,5l ~L~.i 777 ~ ~a«.La L~.. w.36TJ.\ .7NN :S .U~l~.\~ 304 PFves 3J~cs:.k Cuapar,; t1 sw Ya& _. _ -., -. . . . . _ -,. - -.R,..,..,.,.._..r ._..~ -_.....,~~ m a
Page 620: yrm95d00
50335 8119. T QA .76 al Koi 1973 ' 2 c. l~''t~,, "C71 x"Y"," ~ 7't~.`TJrt" • k F'I ' 1-1 C~`.,,+ s ~~; -t~.n. Professor oJEter•trical ..r,ng:: teering Unicersity o,''Arizcna Tu;.•son, Arizonua .~ McGRAW-EIILL BOOK CU,'.IPANY hew York St. {.ouis San Fran:isco- Uussei.lza-r ;ohannesburp Kuala Lumpur London .\Icxico Montreat ticw Delhi Panama Rio de lanciro Sin.Pporc Sydney "toronto ~--~ ~ +'•'~'~- . ...~.-. -..... . ~ ~...,.-.. .. . .-....-....~ . . IATA }'FOt'F.SSIN.; S~S'IIa:::,/ L2dFOP.MA_IO;r {~~!!ry77 n,-- ~,- .C ; H -:,I •) F'~ .`~ - .: 9
Page 621: yrm95d00
r VI Re -79 ) S.P. 9 . ' 50335 8120 w ..~ Y..A . ~.1.•.!r... . • ~ 7. . 7. ~I~.p.r..+'i 4tt......N... Si~ci i EPRI EA-270 ~r 1 rrl, .r.t Sv/anl, . ~. M.rw+ U.rs F NITROGEN OXI AND ION SEPTEXDER 1976 , S O DES, OZONE REACT SULFUR IN POWER PLANT PLUMES ~ 7. A..i.nd.) + 4. 1•ul.r.w..~ Uq>n.rar.n. N.r, -lt.ir: xorfilfeYq; C. Nakkarinen 9, Prilo.n.nF Urtanrauun Na..•• ..J AJ.h... Air Pollution 10. Yrnpt+: T.+./.e.l V.n;/.. Cloud and AcrosolResearch Group Air Qualit M d l RPS72-3, Ro330-1 Atmospheric Sciences Dept. y o e inq Nitrogen Oxides University of Washington Sulfur Oxides Seattle, Washington 98195 Ozone 17. Srae..nnp uq...,.r.ee N..e+ .wJ AJJrrt, . 13. Itrr •1 K,r•rs i Prn.J Electric Power Research Institute . C...rN inal (572-3)/Interm 3412 Nillview Ave - . Palo Alto, California 94304 IJ Is. svrrlrn.eu.y Nar.. . . 'Continuing Research on Interim Report (RP330-1) I&.Ae.r.,er. Industrial plumes, particularly those of power plants, have bee studied for a considerable period of time.A4 najority of these studies, however, have concentrated exlusively on either the dynamics or the chem- istry of such plumes. The number of studies dealing with the interaction of plume dynamics and chemistry is relatively sn•ill. In this study. (RV572-3 and RP330-1), an account is given of investigations carried out on several power plant plumes with particular emphasis on the interaction of the dynamics and chemical kinetics of the plures. Before describing th specific aspects of the problem which will be addressed, a vary brief review is given of previous work on plume dynamics and the relavant plume chemistry. • C1 t 1 ~ :i i~ ~ !1 ~ • 17. A,r \..Jt ..J Usa.Tae+ An.lr.u. 7.. U,anp/u• _ , At. H I ?t - n
Page 622: yrm95d00
•t 77 *(no affil.)* VTOBACCO ROW. - Letter. Natural History 86 (No. 6)76-77 (1977) (in English) l/Winograd, P. 50335 8121 )Y r;r.-77 RJR CLASS t:0. P1JiPHLET 77 X Ec-77 (Tobacco Inst., Washington, D. C., U: S.) TOBACCO ROW. - Letter. Natural History 36 (No. 6) 74-76 (1977). (in English) RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 77 X Ec-77 fiorn ega-y; . Ii. A. -T~ ~ ~ (l 1 s i . ~ ~ . • ..
Page 623: yrm95d00
.a 50335 8122 X Fi-76 , RJR CLASS N0. PAI•iPHLET 76 X Fi-76 76 KorneEay, H. R.- (Tobacco Institute, Washington, D. C., U. S.) REBUTTLE TO READER'S DIGEST ARTICLE ON "POISON CASES IN YOUR CIGARETTES: CARBON MONOXIDE.". Tobacco Inst., Vlashington, D. C., 4 p. (Oct. 1976) (in English) ,•The concluding remarks in my letter to you on July 12~of this, ~ year bear repeating. This article, like others in Reader's ~ ~ Di est• '.:redited to the sar~e author, is a one-sided,-biased -- i discourse by a partisan who is not particularly concerned I jvith fact. I feel i.ha'c articles of this type reflect ad- versely on both the editor and the publication/ __ {---------------_--_ 0 3 f) 0 rl o 1. o 2 0 A i a
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50335 6123 K130339u Oxidation or carbon monoxide on promoted oxide catalcsts. Stukanovs::aya, N. A.; Svintsova, L. G.; 1'uzo, \~ A.; "su+ichuk,-G:•R: Roiter, V. A. (Inct. hiz. I:Lim. m. Pisarzhcvsku,o. Kies•, USSR). Kawl. Kalal. 1970. No. fi, Y2S-?2 (Russ). I'roniotinn of \';0., ZnO. TiO:. catalysts by IIaSO,.Pt or BaSa,.l'd for catal.•tic oxitin. of CO a'a> studied. l The rnisi. of \':O. with IiaSO,. Pd((1.1 (';) ca.e the best catalytic cfiect. The catalyst was stable in a continuous-11(Av sy:tetn but was casily poisoned in a pulSeL3 sy.tcrn bccau~e the catalyst absorbcd CO:. A curnlatiun is t;i.•crt bcta•een the ratcc of eataR•st redn. and tae rate of catalytic oxidLi. of CO. I I.NI Jli -----•-•-•L . .-T- ~ ....._-_....,-............-.~.x-.,......-••--~......+....--.-..-..--- . ~.....,.~- . I .01 :4 r) (1 fl i ) 1 ; 2 n 7
Page 625: yrm95d00
50335 8124.. e ....~.,.~~:.oc.r_:.:.:.~Z.;.:.~.- . ~. . . , - . .__.....-. ..~---- ~' (~///J f / ° i (l 5 f] i f I yz~ zes s o „ Javcl ~"Xna l1";esic .r . -Pyrazclidizzes with azi nl r C'htrziyl Substituenf; b1iL'iUX-3:•NUit;V~.'l'7trld HENRY S. l'. TAN* ani! :.a :.• ual . , . : f }i-3- <^n,t . .ui .i (rr-r,• n,li wCrC Con ,•...~:r..i; It•pt.~;-)%•s-lru•a~rlil~tc}t;i!it.}~7/~)f:r7ui:c!iitC (t.'If) LvdS ItIC <rllrtit Clfci(t'. c, . ' ~ ~, ~ h!tu~y- IkorHo) a't~~~l st`t~ stit•. r . j.t . 10 r .. L <<t~ . r.1 1Ir `l 1: lt ° If or :tlkyl c '~ I,, ot Oli rn N--.~:c}1 n l j . .ll (,Ctt, 1 11
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7ot Yif",eo 50335 8125 JL-- 1 a ~,.:..~ _....._,. __..._..,._...~.__.......- ~-- - - .__._.~.------- i ; l~ /~`.. v iC /:{.f~: ,~. ; Sy~lt~•LeSls of Novel Analgesic ,A~;eflia lI: ` ~ PyIa'l.OI1dlIlCa with 1\U]20xy~,reUat:(;a .i'l1eiTY1 OU.1J:itl.l•UeInS ltEAlltY S. I. TANa Abstract Q3• -inJ ::..n'.I^ r:•r• :; !i•ICS as \•.c'.: as 3-all.)'I• 3 And Cunlpo_endi rotlto. 1,7..U: I1: i• i{ lrcu) .,;t,ln'lritr.C {•, -,•:~ud c•nr.-Icr,lh tilc pctivity of clkb_iac. l - r- 1,7 .1 : r tr ' tt r r t n 1 1 S 5 5 • h C11,t1--;: C11, !f: ., .t...,n• . , .1 u ) .1 )narnc~, •] i_/1) !') r . Pn:11~CS~C :Illit..:j'~_il~)t., ... ntrllRtv ~1l~t!C+1 {•!.•IG)1->•`11- 1 r IU'(,, (l 'f Otnis , :1 -;, tlc.cl•.;L a:ll:•:v rr!.Ili,•tr Clf,f?~ -'~CIh
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50335 8126 TOBACCO--NORTH CAROLINA/ TOBACCO--HISTORY/ -_. : _. _~. -. . . , . F;JR CLASS NO. Ti:r;; r,0OK i S 2240. Fia 1978 TS P.:- 2240 •-(no afiil.)* "~°` ; Ba MULES & riL:~:~FIES. A YH0T0 DOCI':•,MART OF THE TOBACCO F.,::'a.R. 1978 ,;n'in F. B1air, Publis'ner, I+'insto:!-Salem, N. C., 127 p. (197R) (in This book portrays the tobacco former's life, its hardships and its; ; satisfactions. It shows how this life has deported from, yet in many ' ways carries on the form methods and values of the past. It olsoshows; ' the necessity for further change which our technological age is mak- I I J ' ing on tobacco farming-o woy of life as old as the country itself. 0 3 ~T 0 ~ f) !~; 1 ~
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50335 8127 - TOBACCO--SMOKING--PASSIVE/SMOKING AND HEALTH/' AORDTEGAY;: ,60RA: Z: .R 4l - YU. S. Congress, 95th, House, Agriculture Committee, Tobacco Sub-committee, Washington, D. C., U. S. ; HEARING ON THE ALLEGED EFFECT OF CIGARETTE AND OTHER TOBACCO SMOKING ON NON- SMOKERS. . U, S. Congr., 95th, House, Agr, Comm., Tobacco Sub-committee, variously paged, 200+ p., Washington, D. C. (Sept. 7, 1978) (in-English) Individual statements are available upon request. (,*1978 f-1No('~ 2q.p Tnl,flni n ~1+c+mi crrz~i l.f+a~iirir~l !~ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 X Un2
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XI To -79 ~~ssa c+ I " ... . . . . ; - , S.P.3 ~DD~H~aii'sw RJR CLASS NO. PANPHLGT XI To3-79--s.p. -'(Tobacco Institute, Washington, D. C., U. S.) S`10KING AND HEALTH, 1967-1979, THE CONTINUING CONTROVERSY, Tobacco Inst., Washington, D. C., 168 p. (Jan. 10, 1979) (in English) It is time for a-11 parties to '"this - cont _ ro. v ersy to ~ ; admit that there is much that is unknown. Doing so will ea- ~ ~ courage research to reduce the deficit in our knowledge and increase our understanding. 1 -- : -. --.._._..~ --~..~-- -- ------ - In that spirit, we offe~r_ for :considera_tion this document, which -- while not intended to be exhaustive -- raises_ some of the questions in the continuing smoking and health c_oritro_ve.rs-y•j-- - --- _~ ----~-- , J;~ ~7 Cl t1 tl 1 :3 ~ 1>
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50335 8129 . XI To -80 S.p. +~~ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI To3 80 s.p. v(rfobacco Institute, Washington, D. C., U. S.) TOBACCO IN THE 80'S. Tobacco Inst., Washington, D. C. (1980) (in English) Sir.,e •a•• .re alr-c,.t .rt tiier Nn:f of the first qi:d , t, •r of 198C; 1; i-; tvo : a!c to w is h ~ou a hap p} nr.. %ear. It r•, r•t tc,a la~e. hewe;ver. to wish 1'GU a It.:ppv r,t-x decad•-. For 1980 marks ;!:e be.;ir•,+iin:a of •a:iat ! cru!}• t;•Jie.e Nill be a new . . c~ 3 n n . n~ d!cade o; ttqor. 6itality and. ~es. even vcctor: f~>r the tohacc r cornrnunih nationall` and Hc••Idwide. I look.forward to the next 10 years with confidence . . . confidence in and confidence jortobacco. . It ,_
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a I ' ~t:ornfeld,;:~F._,_,Jt^.;suthor 50335 8130 (+::.:;i:...... Li.7p• preparation powj°E:rins, 2: of L • ' v r ~ . . _ _ . . . . . . _ . +
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50335 6131 OXYGEN 18 IABELLED W~IT~K}~I1IATIDN/T0RACC0--LABELLED, OXYGEN-18/ . . . _ . - . _. . .- - ~ --~ . -- . -----•-~-- . , . 79 VIII Bo, • / . •' . • RJR CLASS 140. PAMPHLET 79 VIII Bo - _', I 1 f . . ~ i (1979) (in las, M. C.; Magin, D. F.Laszlo, T. S. ilip Morris USA, Res, Cent., Richmond, Va., U. S.) ~ l THE GENERATION OF WATER IN THE TOBACCO OVEN VOLATILE TEST. '. " Beit•rage Tabakforsch, Confidential manuscript submitted for publicatio in English) *Keywords:* oxygen-78 labelled water, tobacco, additive. 1 An investigation into the standard oven volatile procedure I t bas been completed. Results have been presented which suppor I 1 the conclusion that =0.5% (tobacco dry weight basis) of the oven volatiles are generated via decomposition of tobacco constituents. The use of oxsPen-18 labelled water for equilibrating tobacco has provided the probe necessary to ,differentiate between equilibrium moisture and water generated G:~ t 1 n n f) e
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50335 8132 a HEART--DISEASES/ The Belgian multifactor preventive trial in CVD* (I) Design and methodology December 1977 Hart Bupetin 8, 143-146 81 11 Ba/ C. DE sAcKER••.'~.~~••. C. nuLLY' and .. . tor Summary The Belgian multifactor preventive trial in cardio- vascular discase (C~Dj is a euntrrlled epidemiologic study of the influence of a'preti•entive programme on cardiovascular ri»k factor levels. In the lungitudinal part of the trial, the influence of changes in risk factor levels on cardiovascular morbidiq• and mortality is studied. In this paper are subscqucntly presented: the study population, the general design of the study, standardization procedures of methods and screening examination, the intenentlon programme and the follow-up system. -
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50335 8133 ~ VII ~ I:o2 rrT•.z., ,~: ~. 2 i
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50335 8134 VI'Ite9-79 THE PROBLEDt OF DETER.Mt\'ING SAFETY LEVELS -S•,P•. ~ OF CARCINOGENIC ti'-NITROSaDSINES IN 1VATER ' ' T. Kh. Basieaa, N. Ya. Aftcf:al:oc•sRy, A. P. 11nitskyM20' As the result of building of a model of existence of connection between the appearance, of the first tumours among experi:nental animals and the zmount of the dai:y dose : nd analysis of published data on the quantitative assess:~.e;,t of t'r.e hlastcmo;er.ic action of N-nitroscdi- ethylamine, the authors determined with computer -222 the maximum pe:missible ccecent:a- tion in water bodies of one cf the stro„_est carcir.e;ens of the grouo of ,~-nii:oso co,npounds to b2 at a level of 0.03 fi;ll. The perspectives of h}•lier:ic standardization of the rest of repre- sentatives of the class of N-nitrosamines are discussed. • - • 1'. yI. Buxoopaaoa ' {tA181YHOJlOrIIr1ECKfiE 300EKTbI jtESiCI-BIlA A9tIKP030y1H Knescicui'c tiayvso-Itccne.Ionare.'1sa;e.'c 1!!TcnTTX •T cGuteic tl xos!xyxa:!sxon rvrt!elibi lra• -i. t1• ~lap3eeaa • B n1CTontuee BpemH 6oJ2bL'IOe pacnpoCTp3IIeIIIie noa)'q21 :a J.".c'_l{TP0.Nt(1rIlttT- &?t!IIC re11ep1TOI^.OB C!?.9px3bICC:iCii L12CTOTbI pa3Tit4'r:or0 II3312' ::: Ii i}t CIIS13aH- Hbt: 1tOJtill,i cuepx:!,ICOI:C,iaCTOT:-:OrO (CHLI) :1I'.2r1330Iia. Luilt.o:~.~,e tICIIOJIb30- 3I;:0 11}iI:pO- ~ n•~ 1i10 C~1TItAD yUQ7I!~:e:iH~.'~ti}iCia .:A,'~tit, Il0 jGCprdIJL;2'. CCSI EO i.- , $O. I1, Tl1~~JtlIOCTZt 3:IIyIITcI OT ;,E`S:CT•BI!SI AtOlitliulX a}iTeHlibiX re.:~~+ sbr aallllt'.7It ~ YAK G12.017.i.014.444•6 , yACn-xopp, AA4N CCCP, npo4). h1. 1'. 111aFCOa,aa, xaxa. .4rc8. xayx 7 111^.otJll`AlY GI10 :OrI/wcI:Oro ,",C:1CeiittS2 CBt1-BIICpritit II3 oXlO }'.3 ^.C ;VIIjIIX AteCT. i ,.
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50335 8135 e RJR TRArSL.ATTON 't'Oi<f:CCO--PUFT'INGI (OSS~:~tll,a.stryV Food I::d., -UBSR) ~ . TECaihoLaCZCAL PROCESS G--1.3. i Tabak (USSR) 1975 ((No. 3) 58 (1975) (in Russian trans2ztion available) . *}:cyword.,;:* freon, tobacco, additive. CLASS NO. TR&XSLATIO:: complete English I _ The G-13 process involves the in:pregnation 'of i-obacco with a volar." and subse rcgnated uent trestment of the im nnic• li uid such as frc>on or q , p q ~ .,. tobacco with a stream of hot gas for the evaporation of the liquid and a I 2 - 2.5-fold increase of the volume of *_ob.;cco. %'• *1976, No. 1, 11 J.G1* *d* 'iob~~cco manufacture: _ ..__~.'}.---x :._! ~ :.> ~. . . ~ :-
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... 50335 8136 ;.._, CltyMISTRY, MEDICAI. RMD-PI:ARt4ACE'JTICAL/ + DRUGS--BIULOGICAL RLi.Er^TOF.S/DRUG S--lIIOCi'lEMISTRY/I-IICOTINE--PHAI'a1r:i,OL:: RS DRUGS--MOLECU7,A:2 I:vTEP1,Ci'ION/ENZYAiPS--.II~'HIBITGRS/ , , "' R/ s--SIBSTR,ATE_REACT7-MS,( PHARMACOLOGY, iIDLECUI:f, ESSrN7IALS OF 1970 MOLECULAR PHAR141COLOGY .. ,pDDL ~` . . BaCk"1'ou11Cs f01' D1'Zlo Design . ~~ ,-:A>N D'R`M LT''°KO lZ'O 'L'I:'O V A S Doctor in Pharmacy and Biochemistry Assistant Pr:dcssor of P harmaccutical Chemistry University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil ; WILEY-INTERSCIENCE a Division of John {f'ilcy & Sons, btc. NEW YORK • LO::DO:: • SYDNEY - TORONTO . : y .-..~....-. c C; ~ fi n n n
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50335 8137 RS 403 , Ko 1976 CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM, DRUGS ACTING.ON/ARTIBIOTICS/ANTIVIRAL SUTsSTAP.CE: CANCI:R-=ORUGS/EIDNfiY, DRUGS ACTI::G ON/ NERVOIIS SYSTEM, CENTRAL & PERIPIiEitAL,.DRUGS ACTING ON/ CHEMISTRY, MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL/CIIEMOTilF.P.APEUTIC AGENTS/ DRUGS--NERVOUS SYSTEM ) (CENTUL) /l{ORMONES / VITAMI*1S / ESSENTIALS OF MEDICINAL C!-1EM! STRY Associale Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Sao Paulo JOSEPH H. BURCKHALTER Professor of htedicinal Cheinistry College of Pharmacy The University of Michigan U A WILEY•INTIiRSC1ENCG PUBLICATION JOHN WILEY & SONS, New York • London • Syd. ,~ Cj 0 ~1 () I J ? 9. .1 .. . r • e t
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3+.- 50 335 8138 . • ..- J.. SE I i I S f ~ EAR -- Z ,SF,A F,~f COROftARY NEART DISEA L " 74 X Qo CORd*IARY-SCLEROSIS-CORONARY THROMBOSIS-CARDIAC INFARCTION , HORPHOLOCICAI: STUDIES AND THEIR DOCUMENATION._ r~ RLINISCHE hIEDIZIN Avs tem PaL%ologischen Institut (Dircktor• Prof. Dr. se. med. H. Gtithdrt) j*teTf[edizinisd:erti Akademie Erturt Summary ' - • A methodic programme for the ret;istration of pathol- ' , ogical findings :n coronary scleroses. coronary throm- °''~"" boses and myocardial infarctions basin~ on own ex- Kor~aarsblaos~,~ K.qronazihrombdsir'- Hcrzlnfa'~kt perienccs Is presented: It allows a documentstion by ~or~olo)y1~Uaitaisttehungen,:pnd itsro.:DoktirtEetttatioai 440 means of electronie data processing. The n ethod des- cribed is a minimal proPramme useful for pathological ' •anatomists u•ho are interested in multidisciplinary co- YonP.VOLIiSltFt cnd H. GUTHERT operation (rc,,i-tration groups) for the rcgistration of . enyocardial intarctions. • • - ' dingt 1st (Sinapius, 1965 a und b. 1969; Vollmar u. ZassaseQeafasoeg a der voriiey=dert lRitteiiung wird ein au j eigerun Guthert, 1971; Beneke. 1972). Die an der Register- rja?~ngea beruhendes methodisches Kurzpro- studie beteiligten morpholo6ischen Arbeitsgruppen uun zur sstogtichst vollstdndigen Erjassung in der DDR schufen deshalb zunachst die Voraus- thdegisch-caatomischer Bejur:.de bei lioronar- setzungen, um krankhafte Prozesse der Kranz- kkroserc, Kononarthrombosen und Hcrzinfarkten getafie und des Fierzrnuskels exakt zu beurteilen toxoee die daiengerechte Dok:cmentation der erho- und nach einheitlichen Gesichtspunkten zu doku- btnea Befun3e vorgestellt. Die beschriebcne Me- mentieren (Sajkicwicz u. '.iitarb., 1971; Vollmar u. liode ist eiz gfinimalprogramm, das Pathoiogi- Sajkiewicz. 1971; Vollmar u. A•fitarb., 1972). Erst . c~1G[_ }iaatCltrl; zueom_tet ~_o_rr_1._n k_nn, di~ ~~ danach konnte dig eionnti:r)~n Arbeit bcsv~~r•~ei ' ~- - ~~.....~..~ inir blitarbeit ij~j mt;{tidis: ipPpare^n Arbcitsgrup- ;'' wtzrdeli. An ihr betciligten sich drei ausgcwahlte 1 is:crGRCp~cn_~--,yr.,Rc~st~,exunrt.d~z,.Efr~r~.,... Ra~ho~ot,'isrh~. :"'4`. ""~ . . .. -. . , • • : - . .: : ' e
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50335 8139 ~ Hiatt, H. II, , IdAtson,I J. n. , Winsten, J. A. M7. ORIG7hS OF t.UMAN CANCER, Book. C. HUMAN -RISI: AS.SFSSMIiNT (Cold Spring Harbor Conferenc.es on Cell Proliferation, vol. 4)Cold Spring Harbor Labor•ahory: 77,11 Re-78 S.P. ~ , , The Sal;nur~r.I/ f/P,~icrrsome A•lulagenicity Test: Predictive lratuc for Anintal Cnrcinogenicity J. LScCenn and D. U. Amcs ~ ti i/Oncogenic Transiormalion of Rodsnt Cefi Lines by Chcmical Cnrcino2ens 3 C/Ifcldclbcrgcr Oriral Anticien incluclion and tAutabilily of Different Genetic f'ote.ntial C'ircincrgens Ta°.ted by Induction smd t;tutagencsi : i Loci by Metabolically Activated Carcinogenic Polycyclic of (`ro, ifago x in Cschcrichlir crli 1,12 Il)•clrocarbons in Cnllured Mammalian Cells P. fao,cou tm;f It. Dceorcl / E. 17ubennun ComPnrison, of Cntcinoc~enic and t~tulr~rtenir f'otettcy ~ ~te Transfonna[ion of iiumari Dipioid Cells by Cicr.toical t!csclson 61. nncf 1<. nusseff V idenlification c! Carcann.;cns by Mutagcn Tesling in Carccn.ogc;ns 7. Kuf,unnga D;osr,rhil;r. TI„! l;c•lative I~r.Iia:~il ty for the Kind: of Gene;ic t.Conrpari^nn of Tests for Muta~enicity or Carr.irtio ;efiicity Dam:idc M~~asured Usinq Assays (or Srerm nbnonz,alities, Forriiatiori of t'' t'j0t Microfouclei, and P1l:ftations in Silntonclla PUn:.chr,duicd DNA Synthesis of 11urn:un Cells as n Short-tenn J. A. HeJdfc nnd C/. It. L'rucc Ass~)( fc,r L'hcciical Carcinogcns 11. r. -Streh, . It. G. :,ay 1'. L',ci, C' dfpp j:rlfftArd L. Lo . . E e
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50335 gI o0 !. ' Jour. Per n. 36, 3$f~404.(1968) e ~noa~ ication of autonomic resQOnses s.P. during aggressive interchange' -« s . ~0 II Ey-81 Jack E Hokanson, K. R. Willers, and'iiabeiti'Koropsako Rorida State University - 0 3 0 In a series of earlier studies, some of the variables affecting vascular responses during aggressive rzchanges among human, male subjects were investigated. Essentially, these data revealed that upon receipt of aversive stimulation from another person, a subject's systolic blood pressure rose between 6 and 20 mm. of mercury, depending on the nature of the noxious events. If the subject then made an aggressive counter-response, there was a relatively rapid return of the blood pressure to the prestimulation baseline. If however, the subject made a nonaggressive counter- response, or was permitted no response at all, the return to base- line was significantly slower (Hokanson & Shetler, ig6i; Hokan- son & Burgess, ig6zb). This pattern of results was felt to have relevance for the clinical concept of catharsis, wherein the expres- sion of aureission is presumably associated with some form of geneial a~ouS~al reduction. 7
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-F• f, ~. , ,.,.. -...,~ ..~ _ 4 ..a...y.~..~._._:.... ~,~. ._Y.. ._._s_...~s._ _...~.-~......_.__.~ c o t:~ :'~ >- , _ ' -/ • l`P 3!1.1t-1 , L ~~• 1•' •` :~~~ r~ ~ .:•l~ ';., f~{Ut~7) :~ ~`~~!I`~•~! : ": ~ . • ` ~ . . t . .. . ~ •~ . 1 ra..iiL."1l'.C3`T -Y -T Sq l"'; ,.~ a .. ti:.. , ..,. . .:+ n`~1..~.,:~17 : ~i:3.~:vr~i~.~ J :' lh l9 SEf OS ,__._
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50335 8142 f_. 1~ ~ cr~er adA4 Research and Development Progress Report No. 605 • December 1970 I n r.,nM ~ arq~? Stts Q. n~1 ~~~ ~ ~4~ ~~v ~:.~~ By Francis de Korosy;.A. Suszer, E. Korngefd, M. F. Taboch, M. Flitman, E. Bandel and R. Rahav, Negev Institute for Arid Zone Research, BeerSheva, Israel, for Office of Saline Water, Chung- mincd Wong, Director; W. Sherman Gillam, Assistant Director, Research; H. E. Podall, Ch9er, Polymer and Biophysics Division; Lee M. Kindley, Project Monitor. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR • Walter J. Hickel, Secretary Carl L. Klein, Assistant Secretary for Water Quality and Research rot wU Dr tde 6uperfi.teod.nt of Cuo.renb• U.9. Gorernment Rlntln< OfiLc. . - 11•uAlnstou. D.C. 2DID7• Prkr rt . n ~ (l I'? i i : I J 2 } 1
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50335 8143 _ _ ..._ ~... 1:-..._. :~..._ ~.e :.~.._:.~ . ~~_..~.._,_.:.,.~..~ :...............s. ,..... III Ko3 ~`fCarobeswe~" :s~ ; DESTRUGTSON or QAg 8U66L.15 DVRDp 80ICtIG Xhuc, flr Al, nK ss. ~~. .S,s ,» y: , Khy~M. ~ CNo~ ]~.~a421aZS U9G6~ f ~.; • C> e I
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50335 8144 6 ~ 196E}Mriot-o ~ GAS Bug8Lf:5 - De:S2RuCr.mN ruR1Ne ~1L:Yt~R ~ ?~ t4~1-~y2s Lim . 9 (No. Zhur. PrS.k1. Kh'
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50335 6145 .~.. ~ 3 r...~ ~.. ~ I -:~ Ko~ ~ 1 ~ 1'li.VICa7 ,'~. .~ ~ Y r ,. ~ i.z,, h.: s hLr I~. , T r,wvti~r.cr; H. (tl".vcr ~ (~ J s ~ P. ... for Federal S... ~ ~tL"3?'lf CC&i ` ou(.i£ •-.. C aIiri I.^.rG2`T.:c^sriGri .~ i -- ,__. .. -- _~. _~._~-...- r ....... ..~....-,,. ~ ,,.~ .
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' 50335 8146 VII Re6 80 S.P. Gidrokhim Mater. 69 10R-16 (1977) 0 lvb ~•- HEXA;HLOROCYC'LUHEX~TE, MErhPHOS, MD CH.1,OR0-FHO,S DECOU05Ii'ION IN SOIL AND `.CHEIR luIIGRff IUl`J ti'dITH TtM W&Be.S OF SURFXE RUNOFF ~ by T ar as ov M. N, ,,qkMU Demchenko A. S., Br azhnikov a L. V. Hydrochemical Institute, Novocherkassk Great quantities of chem.icals and among them pesticides enter the biosphere due to intensive chemicalization of agriculture. Upon the influence of different factors the greater part of pesticides is decomposed in soil forming primary products and certain prepara- , -, tions '~re' pres~rved' '~.n~ soi.l %'for Allong time due to high persistency.
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50335- 8147 _. f. , ~<_„_. ,-._,~< _ .._ _. _ _ ...._....~...y..._.~ _. _~..:...~~......,:.::. :~.~.,..:.~....._>__._. ~.:...:......._. ,.;;~ :~ ..~. VII' fie6-73 NICOTINF.---INSECTICIDI:S/F.PdVIROPIMENTAL HEALTH/ 'I'00D"PESTICIDES--2tFSIDUI:S/ ,.~',Ti: CLASS 2i0. YMPl1LET VII ReG-73 s. p. .•iIC07.'I::E. TOLL::t.';CES FC:'. P.uSID;.'i:S. Fec'.. Reg. 3r(\o. 7) 1?:375 (;'fay ?1, 1973) (in English) rC) .,aCCo i..oYJ :''I11:U).'C n . Z~ .. it f i F ~~
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50335 8148 80 VIII Ma Ma tienD, Von Ru4iger RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 80 V II Ma t('Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH, Hamburg, Germany) INVENTORY MAINTENANCE VIITH AUTOMATICALLY GUIDED VERTICAL AGE-SYSTEMS WITHOUT PERPETUAL INVENTORY FILE (Korperliche` Bestatidsaufriatitrie vei",-Iaof- ~iatiscti'ges~ei~e~~ea Hocrega- ten .ohtte' ` eko "r ~ . _ ~ ~1.agersysteif g p~e~te`Bestattdsfort~cF~reibting)°° Zeit. Fur Betriebsw 50 (1) 47-52 (1980) (in German) *Note affiliation ~ Tobacco products not mentioned When using automatically processed storage systenis stocktaking can be facilitated under cer;ain conditions. An essential, ho.ti•ever, is that the electronically processed control of the storage and outgoing of goods is combined with the perpetual inventory file. The fulluw•inf; article analyses a special type of storage system which does not satisfy this condition, but nevertheless meets the generally accepted accounting principles so that the actual stock can be taken when storing the goods. -1. j 3 i) n n ti I f. •
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Monthly Weather Y.ev. 101(5)112b-43 (1973) III Du2-79 S.P. . Qi1aSl-Nenaual and Lor1b-Tcrtn FIaCiUaiiJnS 50335 8149 . J. K. /GCLt and d•~ R~RSHOVt tt~Air Rrxwrccs Lat+on. fories, NOAq, Sihei Sprirg, Md. In Total Ozone ABSTi2ACT-Quasi-Licnnial nnd lonF;-t•nn fluc.uatinns in tolnl r,rr,n(- arc e,thnate•d from ctxtiono with n,urc than 4 yr of record in north polar, trnpirsl, snetL lcctpr:al<; and ci;uth polar lr.t1tudc<. and urorc thsn S.-r of rrcrrtd in nnrth tc~tnperatr latitudcs. Tho quati-Licnnial tnt;J-orime flue- tuationc t.end tn be cut of phasc in trnpiral and cstra- tropic^1 latituhes, with the cxtratrcq.ical fluctuations bcttrs orrar.ircd is the Southc:n tlun Xurtbcrn Hcm- isphcrc. ln the Tropics, the quasi-Licnni&i tntalozone and zonal wind o<ciilations arr ci-plificsntJc in pts<c, but, in c:tratroptr:.l latitudes, thc tot`s-orone 8uctuatiuns aro attcrr.xtdy ic, phsc rnd out of t,h.,c with thc tropical sona! wind o>.illation, the out-of-phz~c rclation tx-ing the dorninant one. There is the xur,c_ tion ttat the Mt. AFung vo?car,ir crs7)tiun in 1f+G3 cauxd a brcal.dow•n of the quasi-l:i;nnial, total-ozone c.sciaation in the Soutbera 1. INTRODJCTlaN E.;iodenee recentl.• Iras been presented for sn increa.~e ut t Wt,tiuilk tltrbughoirt Q wQitd dyi;ing , l ionr it rn~n~• sl the dccadc: 19G0-70 (liornhyr et al. 1971). Aecordinr to a ......_• -- - •-' . .. .---. , IlcmispLdc suL•tropies, %it4 auomalouelp higL ownc values a fc.r months attcr the cn:ptiou. We dcri.•c, for the past 15-20 yr, an incrcasc in tota) ou,nc of 3.9 pcrccnt )xt decade in thu `:nrthern 11cn,is- phcrc, a drerc•:.cc c,f 1.2 pcrccnt lx:r dcradc in thc Southem licmisphcrc, and a world-wide incncssr• of 1.5 pcrccnt per decade. An incres~e in total ou.nc in nurth tcmpc: atc Isti- tudes racros q%.itc ccrtain, thc four rrrional arcas all show•ing ineresus varying from 1.9 percc•nt per decade in North America to 10.7 pcrcant per decade in the Soviot Union. TLere is eonside.-ablc evidence that tatal-osone masima occvr 1-3 yr after svn;int rna:ima, with the rclation mst pronounced in the Southern licmisphcre, but we find little evidence of a reduction in total ozone due to nucicar teating (production of r:itric oxide). the .corld. After 1959, these data were obtained from the mon(hiy pubiication, Ozone Lola fur t.'.c R'orld (Cannc'isn Lcpartlnent of Transpor l, 1960-1970), issued Ly the \Seleorologii;al S~rt-ice of Canada in.cooperation with the . \l•..-tA •r... . r - . •. I x"' e
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II1 Ko2 50335 8150 aY1DA1 Iv:a 017 ORGANIC COMPOUNDS MITft A'%M4';: M.At+GArtESE UICtixI!)E, by S. P. P.orchmnov Pnd L. I. Veteschagin :;s;.aSa~i:. " ::;.u i 35 (;r'c;. 12) 22-505-voti (L'ec. l^ ;,, - 1[1 12t1at1l.8ii ~
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,.. T r)a . l'LliOP.%i~c. lL~r STS CO~~~-....GU.1 . S.1'. 5.0335 8151 .y: i.4TUal;AVlj, A. 1. ; T. K, ii'~.I:ft CSY~:o~ ill. .:i: }:O1:5~1L:nOi', and, T. L. KoZ'et.t:o Nauchn. Trudy Cos. Me-c;. In .t. 98. 39-k3 (1970) The incr-c~ased demand for refrigerants projaoted the synthesis of new cnolin, ager.t-s cons>.stinb of co:npo; nds of high molecular weight %•?hich do not r I frecze at low ter•:perntures, are not corrosive to the equipment and have a IoF~ toxicit}. The fltlorf ne and chlorine compounds of the aliphatic r.ydro- cLrbons posscss such properties. The synthesis of these compounds served as a stimulus for further development of the cl:e:nis:.ry of _f•luoroorgai1ic compounds. The rapid dc:velcpnent of the nuclear ind«st-ry required ma*_erials %-:hich are resistar.at to sevcre reactions, ulicroo;:ganis{, oxidation agents and low and .1>AQ.!...~~C."1})[..' Y.1SYf•.. _ _ . . . . . . : _. ..t>... . . . - ...t..-....~..r ... . ,... a r, '~ C ) ,~i ~) 0 n :) } :1 ~ .~
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50335 81 52 TMTnAInTYS/' r.A?RmiYT, rmxpnU'vnS/ .. Adv. Carhohvd. ('hort. Rir+chem. ~5, 311-491197p) 78 ITI KoT REACTIONS C)[' t~1tEEt ~SUGAIiS WITH AQUEOUS A111AiQNIA° i r . BY MMVjP_!Tt!w 9 Dcpartment of Chemistry, Unfcersity of Natal, PieterrnarittGurg, and Sugar Afilling Research Institute, Durhan, South Africa 1. Intrixluctian ....................................................... .. .. . 311 , II. Products Ol,tainrd ...................................................... 312 ~ IIi. Isolation of I'ioducts, and Proportions Obtaincd .......................... 328 IV. Afecbanism ........................................... .................. 332 / 1. L.obty de liiuyn-Alhcrdl van Ekcnstein Transforniation ................. 332 8. Fixmafion t,f C:lycosylan,incs and Aminodeoxy Sugars ................... 333 3. Fragmentation Mechanism ...............•............................. 340 • 4. Saccharinic Acids ...................................................... 341 S. Reaction of Dicarhonyl Compounds with Ammonia ..................... 344 •. 6. Fission of Iicducing Sugars in Alkalin: Solution ........................ 345 7. Imidas.ole Formation ................................................. 347 8. Recombination of Sugar Fractions ..................................... 348 V. Applications ............................................................ 349 . ~ ~. ' !.~ 3 C) ~~ f) I:~ 23 6
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50335 6153 Nachr. Chem. Tech. Lab. 26(6)357-62(1978) (translated by G.R.) III Du2-78 CHEMISTRY OF THE ATMOSPHERE (CHEMIE IN DER ATMOSPHARE) S.P. BY REINHARD ZELLNER. Abstracts of papers presented at the 77th Annual Meeting of the German Bunsen Society of Physical Chemistry in Konstanr, May 4-6, 1978 ~ The following authors contributed; C.E.JUNGE iD.H.EHHALTJ VOLZ/ KHEDIM/ KLIPPEL / MOORTGAT~, SLEMR/ SEILER/ SHMIDT FINK1l KLAIS EILj~ OESER; KELKERJ H. I. SCHIFFr GRAB /'~IGORTE ILLENBERGER HEUNEMANN , ~ BAUMGAERTPL1 H. . SCHIFF f'. - B. A. THRUSHI HACI DONOVA Y_ HANDWERR~ ZELLNEI~ IERMANN/ ZETZSCH ~ STUHL~ TROE / ZELLNER/ kirchne /- vettermannj~ FILBY~ GUERTENf HOYERMANN/. SIEVERTf STAUFF~ JACSCHKE /TONRERMANN/ROEDEL/LEIDNER/E. WEISE/H. W. GEORGII/PEICHL/ ~. REITER/SLALROVIC/POETZL/ t~ pn 0 n ~~ 1 3 2? 7
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50335 8154 ECOTOXICOI.OGY AND f.NVIRONMENTAL SAFETY $, 144-151 (1979) 41-5k II Me5-79 S.P. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING~ pESTICIDE,Sf An Approach for Comparative Screening of the Environmental Behavior of Chemicals' D.'FREITA(i, H. GGYI:R, W. KI.fIN. A. G. KRAUS, '2B. LAHANIATIS, AND i':ICOR'fEW J ' ~ ll f t~ i!f d CIllJdJi Shl lost'u• Owuc•err.ter ,.qculirlr(!erhe.rr Umrrrhjnr.cchlrng ' I l nlhll Aliinc hrl~ lil,er~ i~/~r/l. ytdstrAx cr ~)-FIM2„ Ni•r.hrrhrrl,, Wr.~r(i~rmm~~• j III/y~'-~P, Rtctirrd AaAust 16. 1978 The test system of the ecotoxicological profile analysis, including experimental details of the tests such as set-up, duration, and spccie's as well as type of ineas- urcd data, were published by Korte et ul. (1978). The concept (Table I) which is followed in this system is to assess the cccYtoxi- eoloEical potential of a chemical c•r,» rh/trutire to other chemical products. There- fore, during the course of investigation no significant changes in mrthodology are possible in ordcr to ohtain comparative data from standardir.cd procedures. This concept includ e,~ tftcr facility of evaluating individual chemicals relative tu em~~ronr~icn~allyitec~41~(ahle rcf~rrnce cornpouncl.. 'fhe use of this tra .ystcm aim, at the establishment of priority lists of' chemicals in general, ba.ed on sl set of r.eprrilac'ntul data• I
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50335 8155 ~ ~~i-~'~ ~'~ , `I~~~C~nCRi ~,/ ( ~/c.~~i ~. 4,-C' i 6w-, ~ 47!^T 1) Beitrage zur ur.ologischen Chemie CXLI REAKTIONF.N VON E SSIGESTER UND XTIIANOL IN GEGENWART VO:a UM?ELTKONTAt•lINANTEN (NO1) UND SO?) UNTER SIMULIF.RTEN T P.OnOSP1lARISCIIE'id BEDINGUNGEN • - . -~~ K. Hustert, M. Mansour und ,"m~' Institut fUr tlkologische Chemie der Gesellsctiaft fiir StrahlL-n- und Uniweltforschung mbN MUnchen, D-8051 Attaching und Institut f(ir Chemie der Technischen UniversitAt MUnchen, D-8050 Freising-Weihenstcphan Chcmosphore 1Jo. 1, Pp 35 - 50, 1978- Pergr,rnon Pre:rs. Pririted in Greut~irtt3iR . VI Re -78 s P ~ . . "~~~~ (p (~G~ c.~Y L I
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..... . -. ...- .. . ..+r.».a•++•V71~ . .- ~. ..~. ~ » «..+w.~.~, DIFIMOWWTAL HEAL21i/CA1tbON MDtiOXIDE/TJ:.ICOLAGY--CO!lIERCIAL lRADUCTS/QO1tSL'!lERTSMf, lESTTiCIDES--ENVIRANNENTAL FACTORS/DIELDRIT!/I+iIT1E0SAMIIfES/Lf.AD/DDT/TERATOCETaS/ 1RRAOEDS/ASdEST04/RADIOACTIVE SLBSTANCES/PNOSPEi0R0US COl@OUIiDS, ORCANIC/ flQ.ft1R DIOXtDE/NITROCEN OXIDF.S/INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF BIfVItEOlQENTAL SAFETY/ { t76 f En, tronmental Quality , ' 1974 ~ and Sarety GI&2l Aspecu of Chemisay, Tcacicology and Technology r z- as Applied to the Environment ..~ ~. nvs NOW ~~ AtM+r. rt tr. . ~ Aead~+inie PYwti ; yk~ Y A t.bi6rf 0/ N.ro.wt M.e. )...~.rPyMJA,w •....r--.l , . .h
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50335 8157 CHEMISTRY, ANALYTIC/ STRUCTURE--DETER*fINATION/ QD ° vol~ 1 Analytical Methods~ 117 Ko . ~JL "~. `L.~' V..I 'fo/ tt,~/v-~E.rf.1. ~ ~ 1974~ ~`, ;~, ~ Part A P rif ti ~ll t P 19,~~ o . . u ica on, e rocesses t~ ~? ~~ ~~~ l~l~"~~~'~+~ ,'Ve/, 18) Dtermination.of Structure .ti. .~.,J~ . A Critical Survcy of Proven Rieth Edited by oda and Their App!ication in Cht.nistry. Friedheleii ~Corte. . Natural Scienee, and btedicine Ee0nL Ediwri,l Adrhocl,cnei, lulzu Aeademic Press NewYork • San Francisco • Londoh 19i4 Georg?hicme Publishers Stuttga:f . , 2 Y a s.,
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50335 8158 . ~. • 2:ecl1t5uiedixin 72, 2;,9-3;15 (y:n 7'3) C) by S;,rin~er•Vcriat; 1P;3 '' Jour..:.el;al:*;ed. 72 (4) 299-305 (I9,73) ,. .. Sol~rcnl: ,nlif IiU I1cat1;< . . , ' III Du2-73 a t ' ) • S.P. , . -. ' ' Depar'xucnt of rore~~s'ic Dlcdicine, Unirersity of HeLs:uiL-i (F'inland) ' , ._... . .. ,. . . . . . . . . . I .. i: , Anfti Alh•t•03NNIMMO-and D. Tenhst : . ., . ' ! ~. .. . • . , , . . ., . . . . . . . . . . :• . .. . , t.,- •. . 1'vs-cefvcd rebruary 12, 1973 ~ r h .• . • . .. .. ... . • . _ ~: . . ~. ~ . Strrxuuur. Snifinl; of orgarue solvents has been known in FinlaiA for the last 10-20 years. The matrriais most frequentic used were cleansin ; at ents and: 11,aint tL•umers, containLig trichlorocthylenc or tolucnu. licOrcen 1aUS and 1071,23 deaths a.aused Ly organic rolventy : occurri•d in ].'iiu,:ad, 1'3 of th(tn were attributed to sniffin". Ia Cf3e latt.cr cases, involving indioiduals he•tu•cwn the ages cf 14 and 25, social conditions and forensic r_icdical,findings aro presented. ]n 4 case:+ microscopie examinations of organs were {,erformed. In 6 casea tho eause of death was consi,?ercii compiicated by: traumatic rupture of lungs by pleut•:.1 ad- hesions aud pneurnothor.:x, suffocation by aspiratiou of vomitmas, solcent poisoning and ma.lcr, to coronary r•clcru~is, F~?isonintg by snift-~i~; agent plus hyTt9©tics, and acuto poisonin; - by a toluc:ne-alcohol niixturc. The remaining 6 cases with ae preci~.a:z~ue of dcsth 'k•: ere sttr ib • uted to the sudden sniffuir death syndrome (SSD). Triclrlorocthylenevas found in every case. Yarious ~nccl:ani:ms causinN CSll were postulated: caemical pn-umonitis, c.:osia, hyfer- cannia, shock, capillary ai:d tts,uc damages, cardiac sensiti•rat:on or--mr.tain forms of stress. i; 1.7- 4! 2 v
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Confidential Manuscript submitted for publication in Beitrage Tabakforschung. MARiHUANA/ TOHACCO--ANALYIICAL MtTHUDS 81 X De Cannabis in tobacco; some analytical and leral Prof. dr. R.A. de Zeeuw Department of Toxicology, State University of Groningen and Irf~'+f&~;~~t ~ ~ Quality Assurance Dpt., Royal Factories Theodorus Niemeyer, Groningen Introduction 0 ,,{ f) When hashish and marihuana became popular drugs in the Western hemisphere during the sixties and seventies, much attention was paid in forensic toxicology to the development of adequate procedures to reliably identify plant material as rbeing i, orl asSo4ainXnq ?- hashish or marihuana. In the initial years a lot of controversy was due to the fact that hashish and e
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50335 8160 I cancer of the luna, in the 19+e . br 'an RC 280 C 1_101.a :ci1 for }-ntornationel G:,,sni4stie::~ of SciGii(:CB (C30.°~L':) o° the 1un ::J,.p '.lQl r.'~ sv ~a CIG:i~i,f35Gt1• from: A ctr tTnionls intQrnai,ioi:al.lu ^o :ta GGnc^u.*.%, ] ;>:,, 210 ~~ C ;•, .1 r)
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50335 8161 ~ ~ I K^.r~t1t~1, ,Gy~tqv: FprdimM Alti-zrt. 7 ~Q i- :~. . . ~`ll ~`~yDle lncoi~i u i.Yer Dns<i~1atio,i wid Lxtrahtion von FTiissi~~- 63 keiten, von G. hortiwi und H. I3uchhoiz-`feisenheimer. K4 Berlin, Sgringer,1J52. . ~ 3a. P. lilus. 2= c:r,. , . Includes bibliography. , 1. Distillation. 2. Extraction (Chemistry) x. Buchholz-Nfelsen- heimer, Hertha. 1913- a. Title: Destlllation und Eztrsktion von Fliissigkeiten. QDC3:D6IfC-. ~ ~ 53-794 ~ Library of Congress ~ ~j 12, .. _ ~ . ...o=.-~.-.,.-, , r- '
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50335 8162 . . •0 r-:,r:.':J! +i t'0% 02. L- 73 18 2 ,ff p ~~ r r+.. _....... ~.~ r.. ~.~ )j A L~J.±~.~d v~'i { . .d./J j .. ~ III T)1'2-qn S.P. UF AT/,~. ,,. .~ .:~...'.1 "i . . . ~• "G ~~ C Cc'C::Z CY S/'1TEL1.{TE Jc."zs E. lAVifl Th:)^3s J. S!sliivon Selate, :Lcr 1976 This pDrer ti•rzs prc^; r cd for rJresnn«aion at Seventh Cc-7;z-~rc^cc en c_T~ ce z:,d I: i ~ ~ut lc~l t,.~teGYGItT: `/ c'tfld S;r^po: iua on R~-~ce Sr;:+sing 4#rc:l Satc 1 l i tcs, is1Luurne, Florida, 3 7 V09 TI`/t~ 13 d rtr•'^ :i1t oi 1,?°^-f for r••~'..'1c:.:1•^n in 1 ~ . ._ . ,ic;;(r._I cr ,•,~ ~• Y h nce chra^;s mz o m: d.3 j.(;_~3 LYiitl th I! Un::::r.^.l~rliGlt:• (j1•,'st It 4Jil l n n ~ ot t)a ci;;.ti or rc}:ro~Uc_J ~T.-. ,. a ` = ~ - ---s=
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50335 8163 ~ • L LAWRENC."'E LIVERMORE LABORATORY Universityol Calrtornia. Livermore,Cafilornia -94550 Distribution Category II MeA1-79 S.P. UCRL-52473 TOTA L OZONE RETy i VAY., FROM SATELLITE MULTICHANNEL F ILTER ~'~ADIOMEi TLR WUSUREMENTS J. E. Lovill, T. J. Sullivan, R. L. Weichel, J. S. Ellis, J. G. Huebel,'`T:'K:~3Cot've't~;-P. P. Weidhaas, and F. A. Phelps May 25, 1978 . UC-11 Q i i ; () r'i t ! zi 7
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i 50335 8164 • PFiEPRIHT UCRL- 78092 ~ A L 01,11 rgAvi°c~~,nce-') Labarmlory III Du -77 S.P. 2 SATELLITE OZONE AMYSIS CENTER (SOAC) James 'E. Lovill Thomas J. Sullivan Joseph C. Knox Jof~~;'Ax-lcorver_:~; . . . ..'y August 1976 _ 11of1e. _ Ii~.rwr- M I..d Sul.. ..r .Ir 1 w.J L.~w Lnn W V./ .M 1.w4T•vM .4+.NUnl.r. ~.... +r M . F^>r ~w~+~..+ I.Fnr r/.M,nnM/..wl.,r~l. - __....... This paper was prcpared for presentation at the International Co;..missions on Atmospheric Ozone and on Atmospheric Chenistry and Global Pollution of International Association of hfeteorology and Atmospheric Physics (IUGG), Sys.posium on Atrospheric 0zon~, P'j'es;QcnnGerr;anyjAygus*.t 9-.h7. 197~. - -r . -+' l-r---- . ,Tnir %r ~ n•n~•'nt n/ •~a^r.t in'n. nrt_1nr rl~lhlira2l^n IR 1 1^rtMBI [1r prOGAP ^os Since 0as be n rra_ /. e i rtqes _ ma~. ~ e
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50335 6165- Meshkovtsev, M. F. .DER EINFLUB DER STICKSTOFFERNAHRUNG AUF DIE NIKOTINSPEICHERUNG IN DER TABAKPFLANZE (Effect of nitrogen nutr-tion on nicotine storage in tobacco plants), by M. F. Mashkovtsev and A. N. Korzhina. Agrobiologija 114 (No. 6) 84-92 (1958) - German translation of Russian original in: Sowjet- wissenschaft, Naturwiss. Beitrage, Berlin 1959 (No. 5) 495-505 (1959)r-Photostat. v^..'.....iK•.~.~s.-r.~a~....~~:~..~.. . ~. -. -.~.~.~~_ ~ ....v...r..+~s.w .1S'~.. T. . F ...+..'Y~...-3 I 0 ,' '? n ~rl F! 1 :i ~ti A
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The cherai.s t"Iry of tobacco sr::ol_e ::r:trcletm. ct}:er solubles, by A.I. Koca'::, J.S. ,;w;nehart, aA-d D. Taber. A paper :rresented at t%:e 27th r.ree,tin-, A.C.S., "incinnati. Chio, 2arch 30,'7.955. 2 p. su;-r:ary by Dr. "1an Rodoyan. C> 0 ,; J n n ci i -J, ?, -'n
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50335 8167 a i i ] ~QBf1S~ li~Y {na~' ~y y):.' THE ~HEMISYR~f OP UGAREM SNOKE AND I'['S RULA't'LOU 't0 Lut1G CANCER, N. Y. ACadt &A . & 685-91 (1956) ...~,~ .~..-.~
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Ia 50335 8168 ko7 ~ Kctsak, A.tvin : A` pN THE CHpUC.AL FRAC't'SOI+tl1% TZOK Of 7obAC~o TAR. $utL New York Ae a d. Med ,a~,,2 T6 ~1956,~ i
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. 50335 E169 c 70-17,282 COKEUSTION OF~jQE;LLULOSE. , j University of California, San Diego, Ph.D., 1970 ~ ~. Engincering, aeronautical UniversIty Microiilms. Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan a `1- 1 I t 1 j~f ~ 1 .! a _ ................ ... ........ ._» _.__.....__._~.__.. a .; I I
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50335 8170 e L .3 !I C! Cl ...---.. 82 II Bi Circulation 41 753-72 (1970) Cardiac Tra»sp)aiitat><ol>t in 11al HEART--TRANSPLANTS/GRAFT FAILURE/ N'I1. Cardiac Allograft Pathology By CHARLES P. BIEBER, M.D., ED«'AItD B. STIXSO\, i1'f.L. \oR\tAx E. SIIC.MWAY, M.D., ROSE PAYNE, PI3D., A\DT0 SUMMARY To datc. 12 of 18 patients receiving cardiac allografts at the Stanford Medical Center ha.•e dicel. Five of thc•se died with some degree of graft failure resulting from rejection injury. The remaining se•c•en demonstrated some morphologic evidence of rejection, but death ..•a% clue to other causes including pulmonary hypertension in two, hemorrhage .enci sepsis in one,.infrc•tiuu in nvo, cerebral embolism in one, and hepatic failure ii one. Acute rejection injury was defined in 10 allografts, accelerated acute rejection in onc, and chronic rejection in nine. The clinical signs of allograft rejection and their morphologic correlates were essentially as ,preilic•te~L froip the study of orthotopic canine cardiac allografts. The clihkal featue'es afud irlostlOf the anatomic lesions of acute rejection were usually reversible by current methods of immunosuppressive therapy. Chronic rejection, nnaTiifc•sted y:rimarih• 1>r obliterative intimal proliferation in rnronary :uteries. Was
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50335 8171 L - - Heart--Transplants/ 82 II Ko , , . j PJ~'ro t;. . 3 S/,Z -/V (/9'11 7.1 `Ir. ~ ~ Hea . rt Graf . rtcriosclerosi• .\It•l'Ii1111-S. IN \'ISCEIt 1L ALL(R:HAh`rS that survive morc than a fc%%• rnonths are lpt to lx•c-oun prugrc•.i~c•l~ firuirr and tllic•kc•r Wallc•cl. This ic the ori:;in;tl clc finition of the won) '•au•teric/.c•Ic•rosis:'' (:raft artc•ria.c•lc•nt- sis t C%:1S I clcvt•luhs yuilt• r;llticllr in luct.t hc•art tr:uuplants ancl is the hrillcihal cau.c• of their late f;tilurc. Ilt some hlutlan hc•art grafts. lipid ac•c•ullntl;ttictlle greatly accclc•r- atc• it ancl very tnllc•h rc•xt•niltlc xhuntalnc•rnls athrrocc•Ic•rcnis. 11•c have ctltu•n'c•d C::1S in 7,if/ c•autiue ortliulclpic• ltcart transplants and 20 hmn,m hc•art grafts and c•urnlt;trt•cl tLt•m witll ,pcmtauu•onx artcrinsc•Irrvi.i. ( S:\5 ). Our finclin:;s sut{:;c•st a lutifying hypothesis that wou1c1 c•xltlain their situil.u•ih•. 13nrul:n .%,%u li. 1t. Lc)%%•I-n mu.c•lt• cc•lls (\1IC:). TLc•y clilfrr front th tm-ocvtc•s of nctrni.tl arterial media in havin: tmtc•1t luorc hi~,ltly developed Golgi ap har.ttiu. ancl sntcuotll and -uramtlar endo ltla.mic• mticulntn. Somc \IIC show mito c•houclri;rl s~.cllin:. .uiteltha,ic ancl otltc; vt•.ic•lc..... lipid clroqt)rts, clrn.c• bociirti anc luvt•lirt fi-nre.s. Siiuilar c•han,c•s are visiblc in tht• tm'oc•N'tc•s in tlir tnccli;t. and then :u't• frcclut•nt intc•rrulttirni% in the ititcnla! cla,tic• lamc•lla thnuw,L whic•h thcsc• cclls appear to migrate h>w;Ircl the intinia. 111ere is also :t gradual ;ICC•nnuiLttion of acidic roucvlu~l~.acclciricl~ gruuncl ,iili,t;uicc• be- hwc•cn MIC us \\•c•II as inurn.ttiirt• cuul mature c•ull;tl-Tc•n filtrils tliat tLc•y hrouluc•c•. 'T,.: . , . . I I c 3 tl (l n ( 1 1 ::3 2 :~ .17,
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50335 8172 I '_'P;.I iSLIIT IG'Iti Kauffmann, Th. SPLITTING OF C-C WITH THE AID OF SODIUM HYDRAZINE, by Th. Kauffmann, H. Heniker, Ch. Kosel,. E.. Rauch, J. Schuls.and R. Weber,, Translation from: Angew. Chemie 74 (No. 16) 650 (August 21, 1962). .S 0-a n n i'i 1 ;: 2 E;
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50335 8173. RJR CLASS NO. PAIMPIILUT 75 X Fr Frederiksen, L. l.'. ; Epstein, L. a. (Veteran's Admin. Cent., Univ. Pfed. Cent., Jacson, Piiss. ; Ohio Univ., Athens, Ohio, U. S.) SI;L}'-*I~~ITGt:- fi1:LIABILITY AND CONTROLLING EFFECTS OF THREE PROCEDURES FOR ING SMOKING. II'sycholog. Rec. 1975 (No. 25) 255-64 (1975) (in English) ~1975, No. 12, Id 4062* *d* Tobacco .lnlaysis (medicine): (; .> '~ n El fl i 1 1 :i 14 :- 7
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H aj; fi i t) u U l~ S~ ~ -~ f.+'• . iti. .L.'i•.1~.:l~..i ag+: ~ . TXIX f hL L8 SEE05
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50335 8175 NUCT.F.AR Mhr.*tF.Tir' RF.SnNAxnr•. SPF.CTRnSr'npY/ I ~ ! ~ ~"') Basic Principles and Progress (~ ~"~ Grundlagen und Fortschritte 41(~- 451 Di 1978 1 0 0, C~ I a 1 I Editors: P. Diehl E. Fluck sR: Kosferc('° 15 Dynamic NMR S. eC~:~"®sC®p~/ ~ With Contributions by Alois Steigel and Hans Wolfgang Spiess Springer-Verlag 2 ~ g Berlin Heidelberg New York 1978 w
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50335 6176 1 lad. Heatrb. 1975. ls, 3?.=~9 'ANTIMONY'/CADMIUAi/LEAn/INIiALATION[CALCIUM C RESPONSES OF ALVEOLAR MACROPHAGE 5~ 9 TO METALLIC FUME A,;-,, ~ ~~Ittllto ~(OSHI. !Kataunori Ii011:1U and I3iroyuki SAIiABE A'ational Iruiirote of Tndu.srsial hfedtA, KIeYf1•SYmiyorhi, A'a4ahora•fu. KaavaraH Alveolar macrophage was lavaged from lungs of rats exposed to inhalation of the particles of Sb, Pb, Cd. CaCOr or poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and its number and 14Gleucine Incorporating activity were studied. The number of free cell lavaged from the lung decreased remarkably by the exposure to Sb or Cd fame, while by the exposure to Pb fume, CaCOr or PVC particles the number of ]araged cells did not change from that of control group breathing air in the exposure chamber. There was found a linear eorrelation 1 hr after Inhalation between 11C.leucine in. eorporation value for total cell and the number of lavaged cell in all the e:peri- mental groups except rnrestraincd (bred freely under normal condition) group and Sb group. That Is, the incorporation value per cell In all the experimental groups etcept Sb group and unrestrained group was almost equal. In the e..ase of Sb group and unrestalned group the incorporation value per cell was lower than those of the other greups. Although the incorporation of 14C-1eucine into cell in control group decreased by level of unrestrained group 21 hr after inhalation, in the Pb, CaCOi .ir PVV group t4fleucioe insQrporalion into «ll 21th hoft did not change from ~ / t41ut i hr af1~ inhllationl t'OAeuciA'elincdr~ration per cell in Sb group 21 hr after Inhalation remarkably increased. This tendency was also seen in Cd group. The rrreta of V-r •rt'rlet ! erd in the 'nA 1min t +1. L v /y7j :1RBONATE/ A
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VI Re9 77 S.P. by T. Asaba, H. Ando and 'M: Koshii~':• 4 (Dep. of Reaction Chemistry, Uniu. of Tokyo, Bunkyoku, Tokyo) R6:'11(15?1d Formation and reaction of nitrogen oxides (NO,) at high tcrnpcrntures. Mntb, TclsuroLAndo, }liromitsu; Koshi, Mitsuo (Fac. F•:nR., 'IJniv. Tukyo, Tokyo. Japan). Kocyo Ko3•oku 1',175, X(G) , ^90-305 (,lapnn). The mechanism `or'Curin'~t(ntS~1S8 resict.ions oT']QCT; in flames of fuels, such as hydrocarbons, with air at 1500-3000 K are reviewed. 75 Refs. 0 3 ti o r ti ! s?_ t~ . I I e . ,.. Kogyo 50335 8177 Recent researches on the high temperature kinetics of the formation and elimina- tion of NOs.are reviewed. C~E ,.~~. aku_36(6)290-305(1975) .a _i- _ ._ . k_., .
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50335 8178 I 'TranEl ation .~- I Okada, Tr.Y.ashl STUDIES OF TtL: PHYSICAL PROnJ?RTIES A"tA FILTRATION 0'r CIGt,T.F.TTL :.'!O:i:. V. TtiL Eri~SCT Cji Fl:}';fICLS S I7E OF F'ILTiVZION EF'FJ.CIEtcC'Y, by T;zkAellf O.cr.dr:, acd Shiftcji F.o::hi ta.F,pou Se7b:.{ Kozhn L'huo Kenyyusiio Hokoku 1966 ((No. 108) 197-200 (1966) - English TruusIatiora iro:a the OriSintl 6 - :~ Q ;I k ~ i ) 2
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50335 8179 77 II Re-79- S.P. . Agrie. Biol. Chem., 42 (4), 861- 864, 1978 QUINOLINES/ Structural Requirments for Mutagenic Activities of N-Heterocyclic~,Iiases in the Salmonella Test System ._._ Takashi MATSUMOTO, Daisuke YOSHIDA, Shigenobu MIZUSAKI, Hideo ToMtrA and ~0~r~tyu~t4 Centiat Researeh Institnte, The Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation, 6-2, Umegaoka, Midoriktr, Yokohama, Kanagawa 227, Japan •Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty ojAgriculture, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606, Japan Received November 28, 1977 The mutagenic activities of quinoline, isoquinoline, phenanthridine, bcnzo(f)quinoline, benzo(h)quinoline and their a-amino dcrivatives were compared in relation to the effect of structural changes using the Salmonella typhimurium test system. All mutagenic compounds tested require the liver microsomal fraction for their mutagenic activity. Phenanthridine, two benzoquinolines and quinoline were mutagenic. a-Amination of two benzoquinolines and quinoline resulted to increase their mutagenic activity intensively. Addition of a benzene ring to the benzene moiety of 2-aminoquinoline, so that two carbon atoms are shared, affected distinctly the increase in the mutagenic activity. The co-existcnce of benzoquinoline series with 2-aminobenzo(f)quinoline showed the clear synergistic action. V .~ rl ~ l1 il .) t/ . ..~ . . ~
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50335 6180 j--:.Marakatsu (Jt. Author) ' Z. EU.tahara, Ay:3o cG~a~t14? ~`~i).` 16%SC1i(1 METHODS OF :! rR-( r 1'~?,f ty~ ~` `. 3GIT•' ~ a rST*: TI`*\F OT:TIC P~J 1.t.~ S! Ts !:t AQ~' :Ous Slj~iPi:li~1 0iiS~ Pi~~ ~~ 'c.-'O and Ifi.rorsi chi Yamada, aako Hiroshi Xveda, and Fsasukatsu 3'our o Cncm. Soc. Janna Z0 (I*o . 12), 222:?-2225 (Ilcc. 1967) 0 ; ;.~ t~ 0 t) n , i
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50335 8161 s. . ~ _ ~~. .._.._, v._ .v . ,.~:. ___...._..-- _.._....~.....~..> :...,....~....~ - a:a: ~.. _: XX Ko (1969) DISSOLX'!'ICN Gu HI'1'ROCE'di:I1S CGWFONr:':iS, I:Si'isCIt.1.!.1' 1.:Si.Pt:! ACIDS, IN EAI:T.Y SihCr.S OF SOY S1:UCu K'ASfl. F:"ppon ivga KSo:cai 2tcachi 62 (t;o. 12) 1437-42 (1967) i f 1 i 3 1 ; r~ i~ !;, ,~'
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50335 8182 . / `~. ' 78 I I I 'Aal ;~l,t d • /~d. -~1/ V- llcf C/177. OXIDATIVE}IIROSdNING Or.wAPfADORI COMPOUNDS FROM AMINO ACIDS AND PEPTIDES , . . Hironaga Hashiba, and Danji I'ukushima Noda'Iristitute for Scientific Research Noda-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan ABSTRACT The oxygen-dependent browning (oxidative browning) of Amadori compounds from amino acids or peptides was studied since it was an important reaction contributing to the discoloration and deteriora- tion tion of some foodstuffs containing sugars and amino compounds during storage in contact.with atmospheric oxygen. i The browning of fourteen Amadori compounds derived from amino acids and peptides way determined under the influence of metals or oxygen. AII Amadori compounds exhibited remarkable browning during storage at 3?°C for 5 days when both !i0 ppm of Fe'+and oxygen ~ WerO nrp!¢r.nt. a..a , : aa1 - .°----:.. , .. . .~ 9, . . . ~ 9
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50335 8183 . a•".) l) ~ THERMAL AtlALYSIS - VOL 2 - PROCEEDR:GS FGl1RTH !CTA BUDAPEST 1914 229 -.? !3 78 III Py-78 ~~ THERI~iAL DEGRADATION OF A SERIES OF bS0*IO-O-I+IETfIYL-D~GLllCOSE DERIVATES ~~I' 4iM l V. Reiser, l and P. KovAd2 1. Department of Textile, Pulp and Paper Technology, Slovak Technical University, 880 37 Bratislava 2. Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 809 33 Bratislava Czechoslovakia ABSTRACT . The thermal degradation of inethyl d- and -jG-D-glucopyra- tloside, 2-0-, 3-0-, 4-0-, and 6-0-methyl-D-glucose has been studied by DTA and TG in the range of 20-500°C. The formation of several volatile products has been determined. Significant differences in the amount of 2-furan aldehydes formed by thermal treatment of C1-03le, C2-ONte, and those of C3. C4, r' C6~ OblI deiPiv~i~4es ave been observed. Based on the results obtained the effect of the substituents upon the course of tions such as transglycosylation or : r
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50335 8184 lqood Scicnco and Tcchnoiozy Vo1:7 lrJ71 p, 3p~-316 ...~..-----•-.- ~ 7~i II Ko O by Springer•Vcrlag 1U13 Isolation of Lignin from Spruce by Acidolysis in Dicxalle . I3y;];~'-liaa!>ioy.i'.and J. Por.ct.%; • Chemieal Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science. Rratis)ara • ' Summary Acidol)•sie of spruce s•ood (Piua abirs) correspondcd to a pscudo•first order reaction meehanism. 117tileanhcdrous mc•tlranol is a bc•tter nrcvlitun for wood acidoh-sk than anhvdrou< dioxane, after addition of 10% water dioeane became about twice as efic•rtive a: ntcthannl. The results are discusscd in tcrnts of acidity functions (11). solubility larammcts and ccn- densttion effects. Infrared spectra of diosane lignins showed a similar rc•arran{-.•rncnt of:idr ehain carboxyl groups frotu a to ~f lwsition, as -was obscrvcd previously during acidolysis in methanol. ~ itttroduction ' . t Dioxanc, which is in contrast to alcohols a chemically indiffcrcnt solvent, scems to be especially interesting for (lie isolation of li, nin from plant matcrial=. Originally it was presumcd that 1i~nin reacts a•ith dioxanc, but later it was proven by means of C'I labelled dioxane that no condensation of lignin occurred fl3rauns 1tJG01 Purc dioxanc is ahlc to dissoh c onlv .•cry small arnounts of lignin ~. from wood. In erdcr to obtain hirltcr 1 iclds, acia-tvpc catalysts tuust lx uscd. 11'itli regard to this fact one may auurue that isolation of lignin with dioxarc ii Lasicallt• an acidol%•tic sulittin! of the lianin utacromolcculc nnr),•or a li~nirt- ~~ -. :.-. ~-. _ .,.~- . ..~., ........• .`_._.,«..•, . ~.: .....r.. ,,. ~.,. . ,,,.._r ., , yve-. ,. .. T.h+ta.._... _. .
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--50335 8185 72 II Rel-7$ S.P. Reprinted from Journal of Dairy:cience, Vol. 56, January 1973, pages 26-32 Lactase Potential of Various Microorganisms Grown in Whey L E. WIERZBICKI' AND Department of Food Science, Cornell University. Ithaca,'New York 1485( 0 Abstract sources are considered potentially' most suit Microbial cell preparations from able for industrial application (26). Yeast an. selected microorganisms were evaluated bacterial lactases have been investi;ated mos for their ability to h•drol~~ze lactose to widely; tho former in the modiGcatiun of mill monosugars in a pIi adjusted «•hey and mill: products (19, 20, 22, 23) and the lat medium. Optimal p1t and temperature ter, like Eschcrichia culi, largely in genetii for such activity %.•ere established. control mechanisms ~and induction-repressiol Frce~e-dricd cntde cell preparations effects of proteins (26). of lactasc from mold, yeast, and bacteria, The prcdominating microbial enzyme souro dcdin + on sand strain, lt for food applications has been the yeast, Sac 1'en species y_ charomyces fragilis (2.?, 23, 24, 225). Othe drolyzcd 5 to SM lactose in nutrient whey during 5-hour incubation under microorganisms, exccpt in the context of inicrc bia optimaj conclitio}~s. :~lol~ls.had the lo%%'- l metabolie and genetic research, have bee e3t lactasc: aclivity li>}t tl'i~ highest ecll largely ignored as industrial lactase source: ~h_ though many other tyPes of microbial enz~•m yields, and baclcria producy•d the hi~ preparations are used in specific food tn(;d:f est lacta%c activity and lowest cell yiekls. t' O8) I' trtherrnore subatrltec like C t a ( f) a , 1 c ~ons . . Activi.y was increased tip to 31? «ith , 1 t n,.,,1 tcto.iclasc often were e•se
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50335 8186 :i 2,3ich., 1866. iTP ~ 370 A t:o Cheese rnd izr:uented niill; foods ~byj Frank Iiosikowski. j wilr~ tIthaca.4 N. Y.; distributed by Edwards Bros., Ann Arbor, xali, 429 p. ilhza. 29 cm. Iur~Vdes Dibllographles. 1. Cheese. 2. Dclry products. r. Title. SF`27LKt;2 r '~ 637.5 6k,-C126 ' Library of Congress 1G7d3j 2 ! 0
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. . ~ t IR RE2 S.P* t 50335 8187 - Scand. j. work environ. & health 2 (1976): suppL 1, 54-63 4 ----- - Angina pectoris, E CG fin-flings and b1pod pressure of foundry vlonLtes•s in relation to carbon monaxi-d2 exposure by SVEN HERNBERG, M.D., RISTO KARAVh, M.D., RIITTA-SISKO 6 ICOSKELA, M.Se., and KALEVI LUO,1SA, B.Sc.t HERNBERG, S., KARAVA, R., KOSKELA, R.-S. and LUOMA, K. Angina pectom ECG,findings and blood pressure of foundry workers in relation to carbon monoxi:: • exposure. Scand. j. work environ. & health 2(197G): suppl. 1, 54--G3. A prevaler.< study on angina pectoris, ECG changes, and blood pressure was carried out with tho: 1,000 workers (response rate 93.1 °.'e) with the ionr,est exposure time (minimui 4.2 years) from a statistical sample of 20 foundries. The history of anEina was oc tatned from a questionnaire recommended by the World Health Organiralion, ar the ECGs were coded according to the Minnesota code. On the basis of ineasuremer.t of the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) in the air, the workers were dividC into three occupational exposure groups, one with definite CO exposure, one wi: slight or occasional CO exrocure, and one without CO exposure. Ai:owance w. also made for present and past smoking habits. All comparisons were made on : Intrastudy basis between the different subcategories. The prevalence of angt* showed a clear dose-response relationship with regard to CO exposure from citt: occupation, smoking, or both, but no such trend was found for ECG fir,ding's sur,ge tive of CHD. These results may suggest a greater sensitivity in daectin^ CIiD : the part of the angina questionnaire. The systolic and diastolic b:ood pressures • a
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CHEMISTRY--COMPUTERS/ QA American Chemical Society, Sy osium Sept. 9-11, 1974 76 CHOOSING A LABORATORY COMP ER SYSTEM Am LAB PROFESSIONALS SERIES OMPUTERS IN THE LAB) 1974 (11 cassette tapes & 11 docu~F'ients with individual authors) 50335 8188 4P. PERSONAL COMPUTERS IN THE LAB y~, NETWORKS AND LANGUAGES CS Owen• Atlanta Univenity. Apple 11 miaocomputer syslem far data acquisipon and reducuon.Systemuinterf.cedtoaeveralmstrumen4•eslherbyanRS-212-Cserialinter(aaa R.E Decsy. Virginu Pulylechmc Inselutv and 54k• University. The arch,teclure. physical by an g-bit anabg to dtgital converhr. Apple system u compuM b LSI-11 based compukr inlercunnect and IOgKaI InlerCtMlnlaY fOr 1 R1naII Cp1lpYlef IIelwUek ba5ld 011 minNOmpullr5 sys4m with same instruments. 9 Ulrstralipn. communica^ng lo one or more host cumputrrs is de.aibed FORTH, a itrwtured ~, DESIRAeLE PROPERTIES OF REAL-TIME LAB LANGUAGES #, Prof°^'^"ngV^6u+gethncudescotwisrlyandr.ecutnrapidlymminimalconhguraiim-is T.H.Rdgway,UniversityofGncinnaO.AdeuikedpreaeentationonReal-T,melabappBcatlons, k a^.yzed. 19llhishahais. ,. reyuircmmy, etc, 21 ULuhaiw s~. MINICOMPUTER BASED LAB DATA SYSTEMS ~. DEVELOPMENT OF A DISTRIlUTED LAB DATA REDUCTION Charles L. W11kms. Univeniry of Nebraska-L,ncuan Minicomputers versus mnocomputers: NETWORK USING DESKTOP COMPUTERS f~oR f'x ^aW^g ~~OKC• advantages and eradeofls. 17 lllshan ws W.C. Fisdter, CIBA-CEIGYCoryoratwn. Network of Hewkn-Packard 9BOD series desk .~' MICROCOMPUTERS AS COMPONENTS FOR INSTRUMENT ~' mmpulere diructl) interfaced toLboratory equipment. Network has broughl~owedu I 4ta La~' CONSTRUCTION I•~processmg apablees to the lab bend~. 2/12 /ustnnons. J.T. Arndd, Varun Aswcvles, Inc. Eaamplec of packaged mireocompulers in terms of Wk. CRITERIA FOR SELECTING A LAB MICROCOMPUTER SYSTEM ~hcaoon, mleeconnecuon• and poamming protocols Design approadtes which are E.B. Buch.nan. )r., Univeni of lowa C^teru for aelectin and dev a lab raderiud by internal /k.ibihty com ned with eatenul cump4ana to emerging tY g ebW^B wndard~zed communication regimens are suggested. 21 )rrsha^aus microcomputer system Anention is given to fanors aHecting smaU-user grwps with lmited ~ DATA SYSTEM FOR A SEPARATION'S GROUP ekctronicwpporllaahoes 71llush.hau. P.R,ggio,HoNman-LaRaAe,Inc.CustomwppBedin-housesoRware(orhandkn dalafrom ~!. PLANNING FOR GROWTH IN CHOOSING A LAB COMPUTER SYSTEM ~.,,~at~aphic equipmem which has been e.tended to indude displaying on~RT and p•,. Jackson B. Sosebee,lr , Envtronmental Sexnce k Engineerlng. Inc. Evaluauon of a anmputer ploBer; chromatograms espotentially or bgarithmially with respect to eme, a data fik after e• system for (uturc demands. Chact kst inc/udes language, .iarage u. padty. ability to a subtraction danother data bk, and sets of chrarutograms isometrically at any desired angle. communicatewiNothersystems;numberofinputports,p^nterapaMlhes,{ab~ertonneland ~~ A6o•aprogramwhichpermiuNieuserwopbmiseinlegralionparameterslorfusrdpealuby data coding pruadures. Y ULsM/iw. :1 •K -direct interadbn of the user with Ihe CRT. 10 IILSMIian. gK DATA ANALYSIS IN THE CHEMICAL LABORATORY W. MICROCOMPUTER SYSTEMS IN THE LAB -~lrrYt4LICnkYla.. University of Washington. Data analysis methods induddng tranatorm Daniel J. Macero. 5yracvse Universiy. Zg0-based microcomputers rang~ng Iram systerru o(a tl,eory, stahsoal analysis and panern «cognition. 20 /Uuserebo,u. single saperimenlal lechnique with Ymited data reduction opabihty io general purpase syAems of sophistialed data manipulaeon capability. Esampks o(hmited and Reneral approaches included. 21 7/WS/.afions. a
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* 50335 8189 -- i . _......,.., ..~, ~ y....~. ~v..~_.~.... TS "' "} hY~oskbwsk'r,r~'4`Iothainiert, 18A3~'~~-~ ~ 2240 The habit of tobacco smoL-in~. London, Staples Pi~; f yO distributed in U. S. A. by J. de Grafl, New York f29551 9,C - 2a2 p. 23 cm. 1. Tobacco habit. i. Title. RC567.1iG 1S55 '616.86 613.84 56-19571 ; ~. Library of Congress a .., -T ~. ~ .~
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. 50335 8190 --- VI Re-77 S.P. 9 Zentralbl. Arbeitsmed. 22(12)362-8(1972) EXPERIMENTAL AND CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONS ON THE EMPHYSEMA-FORMING ACTION = OF NITROGEN OXIDES ~ Experimer..clle und I.i:rlsc:ze U:2tcxS.:.,a~,Lloer. i:b;-r crai n.; sen:bil;~ende Y'iril:ur.a der Stlc:kszoffc_;.yde ~rVo~ySu :d+oSatfbrrr,. K. LUDYGA, A. MisiEvtcz, M. DROZDz und J. SAGxa I I U S:icKstoffo.ydc ;c!an;cn aus d:; at:::osu!:arisutcn Lt:ft in den Kor,?:r ub:: dic At m.un;so;;anc. Dort ents:ch: du:ch Rc::::ion r.Tit \:'ass:: Salp.^:crsaurc una salpct:i;: S3urr, die untcr AikalicinfiuG Nitrate und \:tri:c bi!den und in cicie: Fornt in dc;t 13;ut!c:cis'.auf Toxis'i wir:rr, vor : licr.t d:c So man in: IS:rC;.i: dCr I):oaaacl \rc:.'.ndCrt::{C^. \N-:C Ept:1:C1- ~ absc~:~l~cruig und F1im nc;:.arc} .r.s iwund, die dic .~ ;. r) 0 n ?. 7 ~ ._-_- n nT Rcini;un; dcrl::-:;cn b:.:r.t.-*'c..:i;;cn jt " .. komn:t •r.u cincr Ep:t!:c:.•c:dic'.;: °, in dcn L':o :...io- Icn und vcrntchrtcr 5--*-.:ci :6::--:u::7, 3~: :c:- zc!Icnc:uc!:s. lin GcC:.b: ncn :nfiltrationc:: mk fii~::n .:u S::j- rur.scn da G»saus:xusc:r, ca:•..der e'u: . circ;:_ l:cizvri.:ur~; icr Sti.:a:o:io:• , a.t:f S:; ........:u: und alattc N•!;:s,:a:n der B;o nz..c'aste, wzs zu ta r) r n. (q:1 tJ N
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50335 8197 `" ~ ~ 'Tobacco "vi.tus disease:s _; . 9J~9( ~ , and" breeding' of resistarit-varieties in-U.S.'S.R: '- International Scientific Tobacco Congress, 2nd, Brussels. PROCEEDINGS OF THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL: SCIENTIFIC TOBACCO CONGRESS, JUNE 1958: Fedetab - Tabex 58, Brussels, 1958 (Published 1959) - In English and French. I t n: r R {
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50335 8192 ; }1C ; 110 " Su lco~sobred,. A•- F". . Survey of consumer futances. 1:+ti'-i~ /~Go - (:1nn Arbor, etc.l v. 2s-'7 em. nnnuol. Title varies: 1J-t51-1Pr P:atiouat survey of liquid asset hold. ingc, spending aud saving. Vols. for ]!`a:)/{ G- prepared for thp Board ot Gocernors of the hedural Reserve System llfl-1:>/•,d, by the C'. S. L'ureau of Arri- c't:ltural h:conovics, Division of Program Surveys; 19 bv the 1P0J Survey lieuarch Center of the University of Niichiganl : prepare~i for the Survey Researcit Center by members of its Economic Behavior Program. Vol. for 14t5/1t31ssued in parts. 1. Saving and tnvestment-Z7. S. 2. Wealth-U. $. 3. [ncom,-- L'. S. r. U. S. I>oard of Gorernors of the Federal Reserve S}•stem. rr. U. S. Yureau of .1gricultural F.ronomics. Dlvlsion of 1'ro,ram SurveyS. IIL 5Iichigan. Uatve,rsity. Survey Hesearch Center. IICI1A.S3Ai f~ \ li~~.5:iJ73 ~~U-31fJIt Library of Congress L__.- ) iG.iif?f}i tJ` ~ 1F l.! i.i f,t
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50335 8193 ~ I '„!i~~:r~,* X CONSUMER BEHAVIOR OF'INDIVIDUAL FAMILIES OVER TWO &"THREE YEARS (Univ. of Mich., Inst. for Social Res., Survey Res. Center, Monograph No. 36 { , . i 1967 208 pages University of Michigan Ann Arbor 7 ~t 3 f; 0 (t (l ~ =3 2- 7 7
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50335 8194 Proc. West. Phatmaco1. Soc. 21: 171-173 1-173 (1978) -4 XXII MeB -78 fEFFECT OF 1[EATL\G RATE ON PYROLYSIS GAS TOXICITY - S• p• 9 OF SY A'TIIETIC POLYIiERS AND ELASTOIIERSII • - C, J. 1Wado,fJ° A° Soriano?~s,µ: dsoT1 ~~. v, Solis g A. Furst Fire 8tfety Center Institute of Chemical Biolo6ry University of San Francisco San Francisco, California 94117, ~rvz ..r.,D. . C ~I~'r7 `fi(' -- ' o • • /. Synthetic polymers and elastomers are used in a~~idc'•a /nety of applica- tions because of their unique properties, versatility, processabilitx. and eco- nomic advantages. Materials intended for many markets must bc evaluated with regard to various fire response chlcacteristics, and the to-,aciw of the gaseous products of pyrolysis and combustion is an important fire safety consideration, ' The toxicity screening test Method used at the University of Sen Franci_co ~ employs a rising temperature program (40°C/min) to simulate the prc-fl.ashover conditions of a developina fire, and a fixed temperature program (immediate exposure to 800°C) to simulate the post-flashover conditions of a fLlly developed fire. This paper presents the results of toxicit%• tests on 11 synthetic polc:ners n o 61 o i and 6 ~ s~gter~ ~ using these two differents of test conditions. - -Al" 1
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j 50335 8195 QD 412 K f r ~~OS4to Orgauophosphoris compounds. \cw 'i orv, Wiley J850; . vil, 876 p. 24 cm. Includes bibliograpbies. 1. Phosphorus compounds. r. Title. QD4l 2.NIM ,.-- ,, 547.9 G0--10523 Librarc of Congress ` l~ 151001 a y I . `t
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TK 2851. Ko 1973 Archer 5033.5 8796 CONTROL ~.f F __ ~'~.ECI ~~:I~~ ~~ ~~C~E~~~~. . ~< s.: r Staten Islaz:d Community Collcr,,- City University of New Yc.,rk PREtii1CE-ltALL, INC.. ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NLA1l JERSEY 9 0 ,,/, ia n . (1 o I* 4:i 2 f i n
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50335 8197 Hosower;- F,dward M-""-` Molecular biochemistry. -New York, McGraw-I1i11, 19G?. 304 p. illus. 24 cm. (DlcGraw-Nill seriea In advanced checnistry) 1. Blological chemistry. 2. Chenilcal reactions. i. Title. (,1,I'S2LIC58 ~ ~ 574 G1-18i 28 j Library,of Congrers ! ' tG3f;ij --- . - ... -- • - • _ ~- .. . .. ~,. ......-, ..~..-. I a
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50335 _8198 a I1T Du2--73 JOuR. Pi;ARM. SC7. 61 (9) (IS72)11a45-49 S.P. - "Determinatioi~ of a~'J.uo).-ii-,4ated`Hyclroca2bon Propellants in Blood of poc;s after Acrosol. ACI1211IllSt1'atI021~ J _ Abslract Q A GC method utilizin,; clectron•captwe detection is de- scribcd for the mr: surrmcnt of certain fluorinatcd cL+lornmc•thane 'oN SIiARCE(.A OSS, •aird eltlaru;th:,nc {eIl;rnts in~ctoy blex>d. Tlre lo~kcr limits of qu;+nmatio~t ti%crc 3.3. 10, -t0, and S0 ng./rn1. of blood for trichloro- mono!luurorarth;+nr, d:cirluro,titiucxomcthaac, triilaurotriNuoro- ethanc, nnd cfich!orotctrafluotocthanc, rcstrctivcly. 1•hrsc lluoro- carbons tvcre c!etermine.i .imult:mrously in the artcri:jl and vcnous blood of anrsti:rt+it;l malr a+id itm:+lc dogs fo!to%.inc acimini:tration (by inh:+lation) of :rn acro.oi ntiuure contsu:inc ?i ",. of cach prcpetiunt.'lrrrl+lc+ro:r..ic~aQuorotiretl+tnC dernon.uaee.i the hi:atest blood lcvck nnd cierGtmcl NOhcrra ; 6chl~r.~ Sn1t orcimcth:rr,e ond dicl+In o rU:+l!vuro~t!r;,nc +Lr,uc.i h"Irr bi,»d c:,nccntrations nnd dccliw,t ;;i:r.r rap+aly. Trirh!; rotrittu~rr,elh:++ic el.:ciincc4 at•a ratc thnt tv;s i:uanicdiate hctrrccn Irichlorcuaortc~ cxomcth;ioc auci c(irhlurcrcf (tuororue,l:ar:c. ( r ( 3 ~ _+ ~• t) 0
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50335 8199 _ov-.....o ; ,~. ..+.....,...-. ~-... ..-. . C .. - . , ~ sfT:'/~~n'~` . . . _ ~ ~. Kosr~c2a, ~.-J `7 (ao. 74) 1967 i s. ,. ..z., t. t.. la.~ir~C'.w:... I . .. i':s , . .. .. a.. ~ a tutc a,. ~ ChMt ca3. ,,sn~; ~ r: -..•~.~.,..ciSSiS i-.r. C , w, s,s.~ ~r.,.~ ~.rT,•Z.Oa a:l+..r.r,.~;. ~ ~~ LC 1, =Editor 7,,.e.q..-.....~.r..;i
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~ 692 Po 1971 i I . ~--~ ,` ~~' r!itJ~ -t i~_i ~~ ~ :.~ 50335 8200 ~ C TJ, -• C I rr.+ A L 0 G U ...1A, . ~ 0 D !. C A 1, S .~~ iT1C01'hOr?,Lillg 3_ k, * o; S c i(- ntific I'criodic:als Edired fur tb^. Natiotill Ccrtrzl Library \ . . _ . ' S ti ; . . by L'.'j.:l:ocsFn, x.t..A. assistcd by klrs J. GASCOta.r, A.L.A. :.O\l)Oiv - 1;11'1`I'C:1:wo:;TI-1s 1971 ; 4 a t' 31 1`~ 0 i1 ti ! :3 ,:? il 4
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50335 8201 ..3,. .~... _- - . .. -.. ....~._,~_..-_ Y._ ~ VY.o ENKELE•WAARNEMINGSPSYCHOLOGIS.CH ASPECTEN VAN DE ORGANOLEPTISCHE BEOORDELING.'(Some Sensory- Psychological Aspects of Organolept.ic Testing). summary. Voeding 22 610-16 (1961) - In Dutch with German I 0 .:~ i t n n o 1 :i 28 5
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; , 50335 8202 F.XII MeRq-76 Jou.r. Allergy Clin. Imtnitnol. 130 pp. (55)"(2)]-q75 S.P. (Pfedical file) ,-.. : _. .._ ..,.. .. ---- ,,,~9. Meatwrappers' asthma--an appraisal of a new otcupational syndrome. R. H. Andrasch; W. H. La;.•son, Jr., :1i.D., and B. J. Bardana, Jr., Di.D., Portland, Ore. . ;~ Reactive airway direase was recentl}• reported as s frequeut sequela of ineatwrapping. To evaluate the frequency of th;s industrial hazard, s. questionnaire was sent to 165 meat- wrappers in the Portland metropolitan area. Ninety-six responded, of whom 78ry'o werA nonatopic: 25% note3 rhinorrhea, sneezing, and nasal congestion; 57r/o reported paroxysmotl cough and 35% severe dyspnest aad asthmn following exposure to pyrolysates of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wrapping flm and/or heat-activated price labels. Smokers (539ro) developEd more pronounced symptoms than nousmokers. A few individuals also noted frequent fronto- occipitnl headache, muscle cramps, peripheral neuritis, and Itaynaud's phenomenon. Fourteen meatn•rappers with occupationally related obstructive airway disease manifested by a mean 1 secord forced expiratory volume (FEV,) of G1MO of predicted -.xere challenged under simulated working conditions with fumes of PN~'(,'_film and/or price labels. Eleven were exposed to PVC funies for 3 hours. Airway obstrucaion worsened in 3, with -a mean decrease in FJ:V, of 3,93 (1;0 to 7:i0) rr,l. and a mean increase in P(A-a),,, gradient of 18 (8 to 34) mm. ilg. Thirteen were exposed to price label fumes from 30 seconds to 15 minutea Nine developed immediate increasee of air:vay obstruction with a mean decrease in r`I:V, of GS& (50 to ],650) nil. and a niena ia.rc-ase in Y(A-ai)i,, giadient of 19 (6 to 26) in:n. IIg. This etuu indicatea that. onYai~~c ,ropo~vuier in,~he ,;umc,,9 of heat-activated price 'xls are tho pr:n:ii~l re~,ira'cry~-rita~it ihh~,enlt:rsl~•cr~'-astfilnn.~, ~~ - __-- i a
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~ • 50335 8203 . ~ jV rXA,!~• Iq 7 4 ..77 Clinical and bronchial provocation studies . I. • in patients with meatwrappers' asthma Ruediger H. Andrasch, M.D., Emil J. Bardana, Jr., M.D.,'~rederick:rKoster,.M.D., and Bernard Pirofsky, M.D. 1'nrllaxd, Ore. ~.y. „ ._ _ . Reactive airway disease has been observed in mratrrrapprra employing polyvinyl edrloride (PV(') soft wralr film and thermally activated price labels. Sirtynine percent of 96 meatn•rappera responding to a mail survey had >t•orl:•relatrrl respiratory, mucous tnembranr., or systemicc complaints. Smokers developed morc pronouneed symptoms than nonsmokers. ll•ork-aimula/cd bronchial provocation teata were carried out in 14 symptomatic meatu•rappers. Folleu•inq a J•hr erposure to polyvinyl chloride fumes, J of 11 lrorkers developed a mean decrease of tSqc in FF.i', and 7 of 11 u•orkrrs de- • etloped a mean decrease of 13 mm Hg in their I'aO,. Fol/ou•in•q a J0•tec to t0•min . ispoaurt to price label adhesire fumes, 9 of 1J u•orl•era developed a mean decrease of I9~'o in FF:V, and It of 13 developed a mean decrease of 20 mm lIq in their PaO,. Though a hypersensitivity reaction to one or more components in I'VC or price label . M - .a`j....~._..; _.~ ~ ~ . . n 1,
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50335 8204 . VI Ta3-80 CIGARETTES--PRYSICAL PR(1PERTIES. RJR CLASS 110. PAt•;1'tiLF. TT VI Ta3 80* Couck, W. (Tabacofina 1:. V., Pferksem, Germany; Ed. Laurens b.v., Den Haag, Ger. MEASURING OF THE "COLI.APSITY" OP CIGARETTES DURING SI'O:ING. (Die Messung der "Collapsity" von Cigaretten waehrend des Abrauchens. Tabak !:olloquium, 21st, Berlin (June 11-16, 1979) - in German. Abstr. in: Tabak Kolloquium, 1979, p. 8 Kurzprotokoll. .1 ..~:.:d,.:... _~..~.r.... ........~... ... ~.._...._..... _ ......... .... .... .. ..~ ._.....s..~........... ....s.......:..,.... ....r-__. . . . . ,
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50335 8205 -----~.... TCg.ACCn--FILI,INr CAPACTTY/ VT Ta = 73 3 (Tabacofina, Netherlands) .. •• , . . . . . . - RTR CLASS NO. PA~`iPHLET VI Ta3-78 SOME EXPERIENCES WITH THE RJR G-13 TOBACCO EXPANSION PROCESS USING FLUE CURED BLEND. *(Einige Erfahrungen betreffs Expansion des Tabaks.)* Quester Tabak-Kolloquium, 20th, paper, Orleans, Fr., 7 p: (May 1978) (in German). : .. Mainly data. : *Special translation available upon request* n ..~...~. [) ~ . ~ 2. ~-
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50335 8206 {/ANALGESICS AND ANTIPYRETICS/NARCOTSCS--PIiAP.MACODYNAMICS/:. Rm A(~ onist and .~ntaQ"onist ~~ctions I :~nn L~ o _'7 ~ tMORPIiINF ALRALOIDS I]973• of Narcotic AnalgesicrDrugs ~ 2 C. Aberdeen, Scotland BDITED BY ;I-I: W"' I.OSTERLITZ• H. O. J. COLLIER Stokc Yoges, Buckingharnshire, Bngland AND J. E. YZLLARREAL Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA_ L. *3 t 1 ~ r~ P '$ 2 9 n University i ' Park Press .r I3altintore • T.ondon • Tokyo '
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50335 8207 • `` &* 78 II Ko Rev. Pharmac. 1975. 2Q-47.(1975)- -rr--- . IN VITRO MODELS IN THE STUDY OF STIIUCTUI~ -ACTIVITY ~ELATIONSI~IIPS Oh' i ARCOTIC /ANALG ESICS q?W. -kW"if'end Angela A. ff'oterficld' Unit for Research on Addictive Drugs. Uni.enity of Abcrdan, Aberdecn, Scotland INTRODUCTION The structure-activity relationships of narcotic ar.•.Igesics have attractcd a great deal of attention over many years and there have been a number of reviews (1-S) on this subject. The parameter used in most investigations has been the analSesic or an- rinckicepti.'e elfccts of the narcotic analgesics. Whercas drugs With mainly agonist action can be readily assessed by any of the many tests uud, this is not the ca~e for drugs kith dual agonist and antagonist activitics. These latter drugs show little or noantinociccptivc activity in the mouse hot-plate and the rat tail•pressure tests and Eive inconsistent results in the mouse and rat tail•Oick tests. The ciccUic tail•shock test in the mouse and the writhiug tests respond to analgesics with dual agonist and anR~~oni4 actions but the latter are prone to give "falx positiscs" (9). The antago- nist potencics of pure antaFonists or dru fs w ith dual action arc readily dctermind in rodents or in morphine-depcndent monkeys (n). In \'i.u• nf Ihn 9
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50335 8208 i 117, Du -79 :.S.Pi 2 ~ k :. i 1 ~:. 70 > . RErv^RT Li.1!t'~2tTr'.il~~,••1 PhGe: rr arr,rrcAu ( . t:~s ~r:~c:iv,•~!.s~r:~c:iv,•~ . I..r:• . r^~-a Cl!.'tPAt'T hl°.POAT v~ jPECTI2AL.I,lID:OL4ETRIC,:,i1•:ASUnDh4ENT5 U iActcntifie I'epcrt .~UD-A12CTIC,3STIL'1TOaPIIIaUC CO::STITUE21T5 : 4AT ttYltfitA rIAPYFI/1Nti O- . k t \ . • ..• ')Xvld ir. /::urcray, I Frank Il.A.iurcray f`, ~ Aaron/Co1dr:~aa~J~' Watter J. ~.V411t~n^s ~ ~ -A ubs" t~} ~~ ~ _ _...~....~ University of Denver (Colorndo Semir,ary) Dc^artmca2 of I':,y. ice. r DA/,735-76-C.Q74U - ... Venver, ~'nlora~ln ?.0205 I ~~~ •46X/rG11iY1.+i...C'I ..r\ . • :GI(/4'fI Lf•aeMl~ {:arW.UaR/ CkaM/ ti `"\\n6..1..: Ul Ar• y Ar 2:.- .r.~ K: ..:e.•n '~.c&,.+, ::rnt i;or+.=;tnd Ii; Arr.f Ea!1is•:c kes:arch !.al:oratory (hTl':: - DRJ :Jt-bL) ... H. %ti/ .ront\ fC.Iw.... w.w...M. da'~s.o.e..y rM fwewb q~..s:wsl.r) Speetrzl Aadiometry 1•'luorocarbons Wa.tsr Vapor Atmospherie Conatitcent Profiles Nitric Acid ;~... . Aitr.oaptteric Eaisnion Spectro~rco;, f Ocone • ~ , a....+0..+f .wllt~lb N Msv.+.aM ~ ~ Cons+tituent hcight profiles are derived for 1iN0„ 03, H,O, C",C12. CFCi, ~ . . „•! ~o ~~:dc~a::i~d rt~. •ff+~ehts fror- .r•ec::sl :ad;ur.cu• " .,.:• -1* s+rv. ~ f ----- .
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50335 8209 -r REPORT DOCUMENTATION PAGE [1. kEPORT Nb.IUtN f(( Cc1XTIU1t:T RI:I'&tl_ Kt). i.;_ •i il GOVT •CCtSS1Oh TITt,E (.ne 3..ar/r(.J ~ KATGk 1•APUR, Sfrttlt: A:lU :1.It u=c)Xt[ +11X1Xt: - IL~I'1U IiGlwlr PNUwILIa ltiat111.U ll:UNi S1'Lt:"rk:1t. ~ R11ttt)?1t:TRlt: N:.1SUI:D/1:ST5. 7. AuTROR;., ITarid t:. ~turcray trultia'•~t_w`A"Atce Jamc. N. Rroal,. i K. John hillians ,1:Irun t:ulJn:ut ~-~--- PEprOR4,hGOSLAN:ZATrON NAwL AhD ADCPtSS Uni.•crsitv ot' Ucn.•cr (Mpt ut Phy~ i.. an.l :1st ront/slv ~ Ihnerr, t:U Ktt_llr S. 11 C()VTRJLtrNG O«ICE vAVE ANO AO:7RCSS tiS Armv Ral l ist i c Rese:trclt 1. tburatary .11'rrJvcn 1'roving Gruun.l, M11 _1Ut!> 1• •taNlT•~NIN{i A{:ENCr NAME 1 AOONESSlU dllMwnr h.un l~mn.•lltn/ Ulfrr.. 11.1; :1r11% tLltrrirl hect`lapmrnt L Rradines. Ct.alet:lutl c,uul I:t~cnhat:rr Ar~tnlr •rUeaanJria, VA :: a.i.1 11 OISTRtOUT1ON STATEMiNT (efrAr. kepaw on0 •r Q' 2 9 3 - Itii1Kt'C'T1:!VS Ht:FC~tif: rc/m"l I:Tt.r, t1lKW 1 NLC/PICN7'~ -AtA~.,;, A..MtlEN NO. . 1 ' S tvPE Of NfPnRT A PCR.J1L~.fNf: ti.•trntltic K.•iwrt I PCRfORMINC. ORG REPORT r.uMRtN (t CONTRA(.T JN :.RANT NuMBERre/ ~~r PR,^.;.NAV !-EVIS~ LR.IIC..~, ~Ai4 AREA US.T yuNUlRj . ~ )2.-REPORT ;;A7E t: l ti Rlx;t'1`--i9" II NUNMfa'-• PA;.LS Ij11 . IS SECUR/tr C, ASS .orre....pe.r• IIXt:I.Wlrltlt • _ r!~ Dl::.S51i~c'.TiOh OOwN6w~O1NG I SCNEDUt.E . 9
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50335 6210 iP G) ~-i~ (~ 97a~ '7/ i R~ - '2S s. Enyme zKinetics anal Engineering F4 ffl$ ~NA-wlauftw This review article surveys representative literature on enzyme Icinctics and engineering published from January 1969 to Auaust 1971. Particular nttcntion is given to methods of attaching enzymes to solid supports, and to factors, such as pii and tempcrature, which r.iTect 2he reaction rate. Re- ccnt thcories nccounting for the high selectivity and high rate of enzyme reactions, calculations tal;ins into consideration the effects of diffusion, meth- ods for analyzing kinet(c dat.z, and proposals for enzyme reactors arc evalu- ated. Also revie.vcd arc recent methods for extr:tction of enzymcs from c-,lis, procedives for synthesizing cnzymes artificially, and tcchniqucs for isulating and purifying enzymes. 0 31 1-) () n $~1 #<; 2 9 f REYlCW PAP; . _> _57'o ~------ ~~ ...-~- ~ . ~ R. G. CARI30NEl.L AN, - ~i?`~1td:*s*fflWA*WMc Dtportment of Chcmicoi Ea9Eneer:;. Princelon Unirr-r: Princeton, New Jersey 0t35-. a ,
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, VOL. 5, NO. 4 III Th12-78 S.P. 50335 8211 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS /s-,-0. ,5/ 1- a'O ~ APRIL 1978 STRATOSPE[ERIC OZOPIE MEAS(JREdIIJT WITH AN IIlFRARM HETERODYUE SPECTR02•MQt • Mian t4.Abbas*, S~~q~~Iyp~l,i~, Michael J. t4umma, '•David Buhl,-Yirgil.G. Kunde,_and Larry W. Brown 1 . Infrared and Radio Astronomy Branch, Code 693, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland 20771 Abstract. A stratospheric ozone absorption line in the 10 4.an band has been measured and resolved completely, using an infrared heterodyne spectrometer with a spectral resolu- tion of 5 G4{z (0.000167 cm"1). The vertical concentration profile of stratospheric ozone is obtained through an analytical inversion of the measured spectral line profile. The absolute total column density was 0.32 t 0.02 cm-atm with a peak nixing ratio occurring at ...24 km. The (7,1,6) - (7,1,7) 03 line center frequency was found to be 1043.1772 * 0.00033 cm l, or 420 t 10 t=iz higher than the P(24) C02 ' laser line frequency. This research note reports measurements of a stratdaphericiazon~ co{~CenVjatiQn profi0 ~ t throuQ'h detection f infrar`ed atisorptiori liries V1*h A hn*Prnrltma erwnfi.rmmatar Thnen Ms.ne11ro- its limitations has been given elsewhere Abbas, et al. 1976, 1977; t•7urrsna, et al. 1977). In heterodyne detection, the infrared radia-- .-tion from-the source at frequency v is mixed with radiation from the local oscillator (IA)' at frequency vo, and the difference frequency signal in a bandwidth B both below and above the LO frequency is detected. This is referred to as double-sideband detection (DSB) in this paper. The DSB signal at frequency bv = Iv-vol corresponds to ~SB(bv) = Iv(vo + dv) + Iv(vo - 6v) 1) where Iv is the source infrared radiance.• The :ntensity in the lower (upper) sideband may be retrieved by subtracting the upl.er (lower) sideband contribution. Thir, may be done triviallv if the unwantPrt eifiehanA h,~ ..- F
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1. Report No. 2. Government Aa'euion No. 3. Recipient's Catalog No. 4. Titte.ndSubtitle ;;tratospheric Sounding by Infrarec~ 5. aeport Oate. ~ Heterodyne Spectroscop (y 8. Performing Oryaniration Code . 7. Author(r) t.finn M. Abbas, tiirdil (;. hunde, Mtchsel J. Mttt^i>a, TNW%V;~Xo,tiuk,_David Da!il 9. Pcrlorming Orsanicatien Name and Address 8. Performing Organization Repon No. 10. Work Unit No. 11. Contract or Grant No. 13 Tvpe of Report and Peiiod Coveoed ~ sufficiently high rea;alution (- 5 1•ac ::r O.OOUIb7 c:a-1). :t:e -c,;nstituents' vertical distributions can t!rc,t be e:•xluats.,i ::.:ur.itely by tu:alytic inver- sion af the r.:ensured line profiles. Estie:ates of the detec',:ion sensi:ivity ot' tr t:eter-•dy^te recei~•er are given in terms ct' tainimur., detectable v~,lur..e nixin,; retios at• sLrcttos^t:c constituents, indicat:ng tt l:.rt;e nuntier •>s' :ain•.)r ccnstitue:rt.: uttictt cnn be studied. Stratospheric ape•:',.:~11 line s::ui,es, nnd the resolution rrquired ~ in li~•!•t •~f calculsted ::%nttict+c line gru:i:c to rensurit them or scurs~ • Intensity pn..filcs oi infrarcd ..zectia.. lir.e., of stre,.osp..erAc constituents can be i'ull.y reso_~~ed wi t!a a!:etero~.~me srec*,r:~eter oi' . 12. SsorinA Agcnt,y Name and Address ~ ~iASAGoddetrd d ,pnce Flivht Center 1t1. tTKZ ~ ~ . ~. - ~ •~ r~ fc~>' sot~e ratt~st~t:eri r.t~3ctit~le3 in u n:del etn-jspt,er•,~. Thc inversion , tecltttique for evulustion ')t Fas cxtcer..,rati--n prot'iles is briefly descr:be.t = and' a;pllcations to o~•rtt!let:c line3 :-1' 04.C O _i'~_n3_1i~0_a`e~•r ~en ^~n
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a . . . . . . . - . . .. . .. ~. .. . . r . . - - - - ~ - - III Du - S.P. . . ~. . . ,t: 50335 8213 . :.< k o.- N. D. S m I r n o v, V. V. F a d e e v. On Possible Measurement of the Stratosphere Ozone Density by a Lidar. It is suggested that the method of the romparative absorption be used for remote mea- surements of thc stratosphere ozone concentration by means of a lidar. On the basis of the cal- culations of the back scattered radiation intensity a spectral region is chosen within which these measurements are possible (3(>7-3:t?nm). Pnssible emts;ion is discussed of the high-po- wer laser radiation in the required frequency band. 77 2 ( , I a
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I 50335 8214 To-C! tnicc 1 Ut:f~ -78067 III Du -79 2 a Ec~i~l,3 (::~~~ S P . . t CSCL C4A Cr.clas ! c.1S[:fr.°.c"7 4I'st: At: IkFt'ii f~fL FEZ::FCIYME SPECICC'SETft• (NASI) 16 (. FC PC7./!;F A0,1 ~y~ M ~~{: l!Y 'r [!C''1 :-aY ~ ~~`%:~~~a t~~;:~; (;7,aSe,-T::-78C67) !1KA'tCSF:3FT:1C C"LCtif t17ti-17532 tI 1~ 8 vt~ ! t~` b~ i3 J ~ e~ t: G .3 .~~ ~. ~,~ 1~.,x ~ ~d+~,:yi~~ C{~ vr y Nr_wan ~'fi1*0d-Cr-Kost1ukt (~ v 4.;`:)J'sy vhs] ' zi - .7 kv. C rown 1 %om~VI-411 tutu . . Space Administration ` ' G3/ab CS0Su National Aeronautics and f+n.'!sl~srr~ Cr.-..~a ~:lln{.! f~wr.4. VVMYF~M v}...vv ..~~.u vwt~Sr~ Greenbelt, h".arytan:J 20771 0 e
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50335 8215 r , ( s -. ~ ~ VII Re -79 S.P.. RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET r 7,B""; Piasecka-Grzeszek; A." .` (Zaklad Ekologii Zwalczania Chwastow,InstytutUprawy,YNawozenia i~ '. Gleboznawstswa, Wroclaw) DETERMINATION OF BENFLURALIN AND ISOPROPALIIN RESIDUES IN TOBACCO- LEAVES. ; ..' `. . • : . : L Chemia. Analyticzna 24; p. 481-85 (1979) (In Polish with English abstr.). *(Oznaczanie Pozostalosci Benfluraliny I Izopropaliny w Lisciach Tytoniu.)* isopropalin, tobacco, additive. v c * * . o additi benfluralin tobac e; : :: Ke words: ,, ; y . --y... • - . " - e eztiacte7 Benfluralin and isorropaliri werfroin planttissuwith acetonitrile. e The extract was purified by liquid-liquid extraction with hexane• and by column chromatography over aluminium,oxide. , I " Final measurement was performed by electron capture gas-liquid chromato- graphy. - • . . , The procedure has a test sensitivity 0.001 ppm for benfluralin and 0.002 ppm for alin recoveries about 85°/°c ! isopro p r f1 n-~ ? 1J ?~~ ~r
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50335 8216' Gig. Sanit. 1978(1)63-8(1978) -Vi Re9 79 ME?TIIOnS OF N-NITROSAMINE ANALYSIS IN ENVIRONMENTAL OBJECTS. S.P. in Russian with english abstract. by;rlostat(itlKivsekilgWf4,*=i:;` Melamed, D.B. I a r A review with 51 references. A general review of the methods 6n the isolation, purification and analysis of nitrosamines in environmental objects with emphasis on volatile nitrosamines. The isolation and purification of nitrosamines presents difficult problems because of their small quantities and interferences by other componnds . The most fr frequently used methods for the isolation of nitrosamines involves steam distidlation or solvent extraction. The sample is first steam distilled and the distaillate is purified by repeated fractionation at atmospheric pressure in vacuum. The extration of nitrosamines from aqueous solution is most often conducted with methylene chlorideznd the sample is purified by repeated distillation. The completeness of isolation of nitrosamines in these methods depends on the method, apparatus, and special procedure. Additional purification is conducted by column and thin layer chromatography. The determination of nitrosamines involves all modern procedures and methods such as spectrometry, fluorometrf. chromatography, i GC-masr spectrometry, etc.. The indirect detm. of nitrosamines is based on the determ. primary reaction products involved :Ln the fo ation ~f t~tbr~ssamir~eY aet~~c%'s~c~rs111 q~~tr~sam~es are detn. by common'~.y use me ni,*r _... ~. Sii[I11llES are va cu ~.^, a °a on ae r~..,c u . ~r t. ~..Z. ..au ..~.a.~ rt^^ .wa:s,+f the &ampl~ n~ detn.~e -V c (j ;Tieg~;ad~i;tioi+, p#pdu~t a;1 ~:~1P_ methods, coup~ed GC-*fass sPec roduces tU r_ L .. . r-t -I.- - qP . . G, !g1G..fG,- t S~.cCanT/i4XGt~'C X i c.u.u.wi v n(~w~ S/kct+-otC~';fy +~ ,.afr.:_.~ tw:..c~ov.+w • ,,,e ~
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. 50335 8217 • YAK Gtj,91:697.1:546.85 li~ J~ . - ^ ' " eimble IM-nIiTP o3ati]nHbl B nl'tL[ACBb1X nI)oAyKTax Karlusepo VI Re'-79 • ~`yaC°l:-''`1~aS,EY•k'+tfot/s~~1 a 9 1lonmop xumuaecKra tragx jl. J!• KOCTIOICOBCKIIFI. S• p• dox.no Guoaoztarecxfcx xar ~ r I! II YX IIIlOB 11 G A1 EJIAMElI --"'" P uarcGuf3arn xu ll4ccKUx KafK f• rh. 31iYKOBA , ' S .7 • )0 , i . uCrs• . 2,. ; ~ Al I:. cAaClNoG!•vlC K•nl7ltosA.uNFS 1?t rooU PrOU- • K~utul.ulil 1.1.• Atlhip... C1, t1t.l.mrd UD• 7.LYl... Ci IY,A. t\Yf/11/..Y• ~IuKYw, I :\1rl 7i Y.h KAiYI U•\ a UI \IcYJr/rit.Y i~l(1):10G-/lO lflS wntenl of NA M'.Is rccat.k.l io fisU Q.nlt (2•(KN u8IL6)• food plwlu.ta. UclKndini• on thc nce111oJ uf anal~.is, llle cuntcnl uf NA in mou s.lrop0.s ranpcJ G14N U.3 ta : i r) . YC/kG• NA %ere Jeteaed in .atiaus 1L•h Pendua4: Illt o-a% A reriew is Prescntcd stlmroariring eurrent d.da on t6e ,~', .. InciJenc~ of varieus carciuufcnie N•uitra.rnlinc. INA) in (31 Itcfs) (In KUS) p. . ~-• • : •! r...... .. . . '•I•' la- .' .':).yx. . .. ~ . . _. .+: . ~•A• J1. KOCTIOKODCKHa -- - r. H• APXNf1O3-pyKO.opN- • ~ c1apWNM NayV111.1N COipy/jNNK fenn Aa60paTOpNN KANI{cpo- • ry yyCv NT~ nNTmNN• AMH reNO. NNCTNTYTa nNTaNNrr P. ~CCC"'6nn0 NafhNai'~N- ~ AN`H CCCP. ~~fpyr TKay4Naa TepcCo<+: iNMN4eCKN0 N N- h/;TYlpeCbt•: t/1MN4lAcMe KeN- - 3NKtNXNMN4eCKNC )ACTOAN t(eporeNa N NR pOtlt. • KOK- ...aw...s •uanr. riNl.nflrN4P. 4lOOreNeaC. ' Q. 6, MAflAMEQ - ctap- WNM naGOpaNT HNC1NTyra nwralNn AMH CCCP. Paa- pa6arrlnacT nleTOpu aNanNaa 6No11orN4CCKN a:.tNTNI.Ii lae• . U{CCen,  4aCrNOCTN NaNyepO- reMO., a nNUle.aa npopyKTaw.
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50335 8218 a -: - -...-.~.....»...:. _ _~. _ YI Re9-81 S.P. -7 - _ - ~ THE USE OF THE REACTION PRODUCTS OF 7-CHLORO-4-NITROBENZENE-2- ";JJ'• ' '' OXA-1,3-DIAZOLE WITH AMINES FOR THE DETERMINATION OF N-NITROSAMINE S BY A COMPOSITE METHOD ~ it F. A. Medvedev, d.D. X Melame UDC 543.8:543.21:543.42( The high carcinogenic activity of N-nitrosamines (NA) and detection of these compounds in various environmental materials - water, air, and soil - and also in foodstuffs have madc it necessary to look for reliable-methods of determining microamounts of NA. Various methoc are in existence for determining NA (1-3]; however, because of the complexity of the probler research continues on the development of new, more advanced methods. The most reliable re- sults are obtained on using chromato-mass-spectrometry (4, 5]; accordingly, it is recomaendc that all data obtained by other methods be checked by this method (6, 7]. Direct determina- tion of NA by this method requires careful purification of the extracts, while interpretatic of chromatograms and deciphering the q:ass spectra during analysis of complex test materials is complicated by the coincidence of the NA peaks and those of certain impurities [4]. Ac- cordingly, it has become necessary to look for methods of determining NA in the form of vari ous derivatives (5, 8, 9]. , The present article is devoted to the development of composite methods of analyzing NA in various environmental materials, the same derivatives being used in all the methods - NBC amines, ~the,.reactitqn p~odufts of the'jecandairy amines, formed on denitrosating NA, with 7- chloro-4'=nitrobenzene-2=oxa-l,~-diazote (~1BD `chloride). 7
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I 50335 8219 ` Proc. Japan Acad., 53 (1977) 95 26. Comutagenic Action of. Norharman and `ilarman 77 II Re-79 S•P• By Minako NAGAO,*) Takie YAHACI,*) Takashi KAWACIII,*) Takashi SUCIatvRA,*) :Takiio 'KOSUCE,**) Kuniro TsUJt,**) Keiji WAKABAYASHI,**) Shigenobu DZIZUSAKI,***> and Takashi 11TATSUDfOTO***' (Communicated by Hamao UJIEZAII•a, Dt. d. A., Feb. 1'2, 1977) *' National Cancer Center Research Institute, 5-1-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104. **' Shizuoka College of Pharmacy, 2-2-1, Oshika, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka- ken 422. ~ **'2 Central Research Institute, The 'r3apan Tobacco and Salt Public Cor- poration, 6-2 Umegaoka Alidori-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa-kcn 227. We have previously communicated the highly mutafienic prin- ciples, 3-amino-l,4-dimethyl-5H-pyrido[4,3-b]indole (Trp-P-1) and 3- amino-l-methyl-5H-pyrido[4,3-b]indole (Trp-P-2) produced by pyro- lysis of D, L-tryptophan (Sugimura et al., 1977). During the isola- tion of these r-carboline compounds, it was noticed that the recovery of the mutagenic activity was markedly decreased at the step of the f1 n
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u" fy 3 i3 -/ 50 335 9 220 ~ p•o. JJ Proc. Japan Ac•ad., 54, Ser. B (1078) .bG9 - Ci ~ 1 ~ ---~----•._ rna6 y 7/ VI Re -79 S.P.9 1. 1071solcttioti arid Stractitrc Detcr»iiiiation of a Mictafic!iic ' Substance in LLysine Pyrolysate c ?._ ~ ~ IiGKeiji WAKAIiAYASHI,*) Kuniro TSUJI,*)kTAVM%L.`M1T-~O~r-" ._...____.,._ 2 Kei TAKeI)A,**l-Kentaro YA11Act;Clti,**4"Koichi SIIUnO,**) yYoichi 11TAKA,*"`~' Toshihiko Olcanlo'r0,**r'ralcie YAIIACI,***c ~ra ------- ,yAiinako I~'AG.~O,"'**' ancl~iklshi SUCIN;L1tA"**) ~ (Conimunicated by liamuo UatezAwA, M. J. A., Nov. 13, 1978) As reported in previous papers, we demonstrated the mutageni- cities of pyrc!1ysate:c of proteinous foods (Sugimura et at., 1cJ77i)), proteins (I\'at;ao ct al., 1977a) and amino acids (1'at.•cio et al., 1977U). The tnutul,•rns were isolated from a tryptophan pyI•ulysate and were iclentitiecl as a-:unino-1,•1-dimethy1-5/1-tiyrido[•1..',-b]inclole (Trp-I'-I) uncl .3-.uiiino-1 methyl-5ll-plriclo(1.:;-h]indol~~(`I'rp-P-?) (Sugimur:c ct al.. 1a77ai; Kosuve et (il.. 1978). The mutugens found in a);lut.!mic ,~ __. .. 9 , c~ ~~ l~ n n r~ ~~3 0 f
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50335 8221 ! (Crcni. Pharm. isuu. UDC 5/T. ,fG6. Z. Of. 03: GlS. ZTT. ~. Ol/. S. OiG: T-' l2G(2) 611••619 t1918)~ f 7 7soiaon 1tiand Structure Studies of blutagenic Principles I ~" i A A'J 1'. 1 t J a ntno cl }ro ysa cs; .2. ' -t I{UN ({El)1 NVAKIDAYA511 '6 1 R O TSU)I l TOSI11111K0 QfiAMOTU ~ ,~ e, , , , I{oICNI SIIUDO,- YOICIII IITAKA,-'AKIKO ITAI,161 TAKASIII SUGIAfUItI. "2TAKASNI KAWACF1r;Z~tiI1~NAK0 NAGAO~TAKIE YAIIAGI, antl Z.UKo SF1.o101 Skisuoka College oJ Pkarsnacy,'a> Facsalty of P/rarsuqcenfical Sciessce, Univnsi[y ~_ of 7okyo,1el and ' !N Jti eal Canyr C~alcr I~ss~firlcsr) -44;'// 4 e, ff c. s ~ (Received October 1, 1977) The present paper describes the detail of the scrach of mutagenic principles in tars from amino acids, especially from tryptophan. A series of amino acids was pyrolyzcd and. was tested tlscir mutagenicity to find that basic fractions frosn pyrolysates of tryptoplsan, ornitine, glutamic acid, serine, lysine and creatine showed potent muta;;enicitics to TA9S than the fractions from pyrolysates of other amino acids. Among them the active prin- ciples in the pyrolysate of tryptoplsan were identified as 3-amino-l,4-dimctlsyl-51i-pyrido- (4,3-b]indole (dcsiFnated as Trp-P-1) and 3-amino-l-methyl-5lI-pyrido(4,3-bjinslole (designated as Trp-P-2). Among several antimicrobial tar constituents, it was found that 2-amino-5-plsenyl- pyridine, benzo(/;quinolinc and phenanthridine also were mutagcnic. Keywords-mutagen; tryptophan; tar constituent; 51I-pyrido(-1,3-b]indol; amino-carboline; carcinogen; aminopyridine; phcnylalanine; bcnzo(j)quinolisse; amino acid 7 6
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em. Pharm Bull. ( 6 )147S--1475(1981)~ 50335 8222 7 7 I I Re-81 A Potent Mutagen - isolated from a Pyrolysate bV- Ornithiae S. P. MASAMI YOKOTA K81JI WAKABAYASHI ~ Kusuo NARITA MnaAxo NAGAO KENTARO YAMAGUCHI Ko1cH1 SHUDO TAICL~;~i*~+' TAKASHI SUGIMURA* Yo1CHI IITAICA i TOSH/HIKo OKAMOTO* A potent mutagen was isolated from & pyrolysate of L-ornithine. The mutagenic activity of this compound on Salmosella fypltirKuriuni TA 98 was 28400 revertants/0.5 µg. This compound was deduced to be 4-amino-a-methyl-lX-2,5,10,1Ob-tetraasafluoranthene by X-ray crystallographic analysis. Keywords-l.-ornithine; bacterial mutagen; pyrolysate; asafluoranthene deriva- tive; X-ray structural analysis ®
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50335 8223 e C{ifN7 STRY LI=TTGRS, pp.. 1237-1240, 1474. d by the Chemical Society of A NI,W SYNTHETIC MF,TNOD FOR E-SU135T7TiITED ba' s-13llTI.NOL7nl;s Y.iyoshi Ih'AI, kjn~Sti$:%6alf O:tj and Hisashi UDA a-Phenylsulfinyll.acton->s 2 underwent the Pummnerer rearrangement and subsequent elimination of acetic acid by treating with hot acetic anhydride to give a-phenylthiobutenolides 4. Conjugate addition reaction of 4 with organocopper reagents or malonic ester followed by oxidation to sulfoxidcs and pyrolysis afforded e-monosubsti.tuted or disubstituted butenolides 6?.n moderate overall yields. ..... ..u.r . - .- t .._. - .,......1.~ r ; 1 i% t C~r1
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. 50335 822u SYIZTHESISj,.ORQ'~~G/GREMfS'IR~;-OR~AAT~C =SYIGTHES2S~ :1 _. ~ ~ 'y -- CFWISTRY LETTERS_,~~ 385-388L~19T4, • Published•by the Chemical.Society of•Japan ; a s• . ~~• .. . • . . . . . •- _ ._ .:K• :..• . . ~... t:. .. i• .. .:c..r .~. ...r-.. . 74 -...-.._ .. ..,...:..;~..; .. . ~ , . ~-. .:,. :~: ...~.. -. ~ _•.. ... . ..• ... .•, _~•.•_•~' i}'~:. . .. A NEW SYNTHETIC lIETHOD FOR Y-SUBSTITUTED aa'6•.:'ENOLIDES I~ 5~. ' lCiyoshi IWAI, liikio KAWAI, y,ti}Xp~hi;; :ROSUGI;; and Hisashi UDA . ~• . •'Chemical Research Institute of Non-Aqueous Solutions, . .:" ' •!•• i•.. •.• :.•._ , . ' . .. .. . .. . a' ~... s~ •~~• Tohoku IIniversity, Katahira-2, Sendai 980 _ ' -' Reaction of the dilithio derivative of phenylthioacetic acid with. f i t l id b ti d h lthi b erm na epox es gave 7-su tute a-p eny s o-Y- utyrolactones ., • .. . . . .. . • .-.•~ . : . . which were oxidized to sulfoxides and then pyrolyzed to qive Y-substi- tuted a-butenolides in moderate overall yields. - . . .J. -. • . •,: ....~~ ~ ' ~'.. s . .i ~ • . . . . . . .. .. . .. . - '..r . . • . .. ~ . . . , . . . . . • . . In connection with the synthetic studies ofnatural' products, we requirg a : / We outline :#synthesis of variously substituted Abutenolides for model experiments. . hcare a new convenient method for the synthesis of Y-substituted Aa's-butenolides
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50335 8225 ...,-~...:..:.- ;Vol. $1, 1973) Fixed Cell-bound Lipase in Pscudonronas 19731 895-903 No 12 Vo1 51 hnol 7 J F . , p. , , ., . ec erment, ( . 71 II Re-74 S.°. . b(,tld Ilidco $iJ 7.LIKI Fixation 'of Cell-bouii lpase~ and Pi opertles ot ttie. Fixed.I:ioase as an Immooilized Enzymt •Fermentation Rcsearch Institute. Ina;t, C:niba 895 Lipase produced by Pseadomortus ntepltilica var. linoiytica ;vas obsen•ed in the cell-bourd fraction when the bacterium was r ruµn in a ti:edium which contained am- monium sulfate. When the cell-bound fraction µ•as incubated at 45~C for 24 hr in a phospha-e buffer at pH values from 6 to 7, 'the bound lipase ..•as essily released from the cell. Howcs•er, when the cell-bound fraction %%as maintained a! l0'C for 30 min in acetate buffer at pH 5.0, 90°0 of the ccll-bound lipase was ftacd to the ccll. The Fxcd lipasc was hardly liberated evcn when the preparation was incubated under conditions favorable for release of the ccll-bound lipase. . The fixed lipase activity exhibited 83;; of the soluble lipase a:tivity extracted from . the eell. The optimum temperature and heat stability of the fixed lipase were the same as those of tlte soluble lipase e.tracted from the cell. However a s:gnift:ant difference , between th: two preparations was observed for the act+vation er,ergy of hydrolysis of olise oil emulsion. The fixed lipase could be used continuall}' for hy-drolyscs of tributyrin and triacetin. \ 1 l)
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50335 8226 --- , I ~rel~o,r'•~ POL' HM 6aEDNa xu'RI`E. (M* is -i.t he rnnfut t,o smoke?) 32 peges ].957 Mostor,t 3h Apssisna ~-•. ~ . . _-,..._.....,,._ . .. _ ~.,.:_ . . _ . v . .~..,.,_ . .. c
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173 50335 8227 III O~'1 .°.ogyo ?~ar:aical Zasst,i (2i :559-6~ :1~i3) . VOLATILE CON.MTt23vTS OF LILIF.S. 2. THE STEILrOCEiEMISTRY OF +~'r .. t1yInATIa:1 PJ?OUt.iCTS OF i.;.INl;LOnL. (in JaPz:lese ca•itb English stttanazy) I a } .~w~...~'''~.~ VL'LATIt_E C~`NSTgTUENTS 4~ t_ILICS. 2. { t 2~r ~'~ J r TFtZ STER=oCHEN:STFtY OF TriE GxiOATtON PROO:lCTS OF LlF:~NAtk., ` I5. Of:4YAK: 7. UH5:1KA Ae KOTAY.E tt. DSAKA-SHI. JAPAN. t~~t tNST (1PG CHCK FAC SCi. Kt:A-KU OSAKA CtrY UNtV . • . ~ J CHEN SOC JAP. C#4E* LND CHEµ tOT3(E).354-62. IH JAPANESE. ~' ' .. . -.-. . . . ~ .. - ;y The Stereochemistry af_ the Oxidation Products of Lina(coh ., . .. • " Tomoni OK1zAxt, Akio OnsuxA and hlft'18'Tbf,tttt°- -~ = i "'•--- IwstUwfe aJoriaa:c Ci:e,nislrr. Fecl7ty oJ Scicnca, Osaka City U>sioirsily; ' . -~ " ' 1~'ishiogin 2rl:i, FGtc-ktt, Osoka-ski, Japan - ` The absolute structures of linalool (1), trans- and cis-)inal)-:oxides C2) and [3), treni-- and eis-2,6,6-trimethyl-2-viny1-5-h3•droxytetrahrdropyran (4) and (5?, and 2.G,6-trimethyl-2-vinyl- : 5-ketotetrah;•dropl•rsn [6) obtained from Lilivst Ma+Firroi Koid:. were determined. In the compounds (2)-•-(6) the abso?ute confrgurations at Ct;) positior, :etaine that' of eo-existeat linelool t1) which is presumed to be a biosy nthetic precursor. "" It was pointed out that the dire:•tions of the specific rot:•itions of (3J and CS'j were reported erroneously b.• Y.l_ia et al'l. + .a!-" tilc Constiturnts of Lilies IL . ~ . - . • . • _ .-.~. .
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. 50335 8228 73VIF:o T:?I;E'iCC4--EE!ti ZOPY.^.I•:NE/ TC3,ACCC-•--GREECE/TOF,'t:C(:G--S"1OI:E---PO:.YCYt:LT.C }IYDR(`CARPC7t:S/ TOFi ACCO--S.10'r:E----BEitiZCPYF.E'1E/ • R,;R CLASS 2M. PA.'~SPHY.ET 73 VI Y.ra Ko t aki:? , G.~ IXSIF9U* *(No afFl1.)A ~ C0NITc 1'1 OF C?:CCI?<OGFaTC POLYCYCLIC IiYDRCC.ARBOiJS OF TAE 3,4-BF;I2OPY2ENr. 3vPE IN .(, i2EEK CIGrLriETTES AND TOBACCO. *(!tecaercne sur la ten_•ur en hydrocarbures polycliques car:ceri-enes du type be^zo-3,4-pyrer.e des tigarette: et des tabacs Gre^s.)* 1 Ann. x'::1.s. Expert. Chim. 65 (No. 702) 265-73 (July/Aug. 1972) - in r French with En,lisn nbsr,rdct. *Key<acrds:* 3,4-Benzopyrene, cured,.constituent •. 3,4-Beazopyrene, sriol:e, ccnstituent. *1973, No. ,11, t! G724x ' ToLac,.o ~ 0 n r
Page 730: yrm95d00
50335 8229 T(1LAl'.CL1--•-TIr';ZOPYI?r *I"/ 73 VI Ko TCtBACCO--GREFC::/T0",ACr0--S:iO,'. :;--POLYCYC'LIC IIYD::OCAI:fiON.S/ TOaACCC)--ShivKE---3Fa1 ZOI'YREf7E / - -~~i~.•JVbMi*TKo t.aAlJ, L. * (.\\• f 4 ~?., . ) Js Y fijIt CL;SS ;;0. PA.'`iPHT..ET 73 V'i Y.o C0N,3.`~1' OF CARCI\OGcVIC POLYCYCLIC HYDROCr.RBOi?S OF THE 3,4-BF~ZOPYRE~'E :YPE IN rZ£EK CIC~+RET'I"ES AND TOBACCO. `i *(Recherche sur la teneur en hydrocarbures pelycliques car.cerigenes du _ype be.^.zo-3,4-pyrene des digarettes et des tabacs Grecs.)* Ann. :als. Expert. Chim. 63 (No. 702) 2G:i-•73 (July/Aug. 1972) - in ?rer.ch with English abstract. w *Keywords:* 3,4-Benzopy:.ene, cured, c:on:.tituent 3,4-Benzopyrene, smoke, Zor.stituent. *1373, Itio. 11, W 4724* *.it* Tobacco che::i4-str; : C .4 f? (1 fl 4 ) {
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50335 6230 -Y Me~,~7,5"A 11 1~'~. P OL L U T E 0 N s,f. ~ CO~?SIDERATIONS i IN RE SID_{ NTIAL PLANI` ING V 0 L U rvil T. M. Briggs, M. Overstreet, `~~vthariy< anc3 T. tN. Devitt \JUAL U 19 ENVIRONr,41:NTAL PRO7'ECl'lOlv AGENCY Office of Air and tliaste Management Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards Research Triangle Park, N. C. 27711 July 1974 C
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Ideas in Progress SMOKING & HEALTH/ RC 261 Ko 979 I 0 CANCER Myths and Realities of Cause and Cure Q&~°.tKO.Lhari~(N1BBS, MS, MSC [\tED]) Lopa A. Mehta (r1BBS, rss) . LONDON MARION BOYARS aoS1•Ov
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50335 8232 ILTERS AND FILTRATION/ XI ReA -76 The.iber Society, Inc., Symposium S.P. 1U FIE,'.OUS STRUCTURES FOR GAS AND LIQUID FILTRATION. . , Jour. Textile Institute 67(6)June 1976 THE AIR-PERtiEABILITY OF NON-!dOVF.WYABRICS Ry and A. Newton 0 :4 r) n r, 7 I ~: :; i n
Page 734: yrm95d00
e CIIARACTERIZIITION OF ORGAIdIC II MeA1-78 PARTICULATE :,ATTER S.P. . (Contract No. ARB 5-Ei82 ) epared for: California Air Resources Board . Research Section P. 0. Box 2815 Sacramento, CA 95812 Final Report CA/DO!(/:,INI,/SI'- July 1977 ;• ' . P® 279 20 by B. R. Appe1,.E. M. Hoffer, M. Haik, S. M. Wa].l, R. L. KniChts* and J. J. Wesolowski Air and Industrial Hygiene laboratory 0 0 n t~ ~:; : E 7 L.nboratory Services Branch California Department of Health 2151 Berkeley t•1:1y
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. 50335 8234 Author) *fuc, I l.or, :! r ;;. :if? 1'3i.?.1s XG:`t, by E'eteY' L. t-IuC11er, k:r :3.cto L. r:;•.-t'r.ny, Loiais ;t. Pierce, Theodore l;L}.sIk~v. ::iler, h~,:da and Ktm-k':,`t !to;,ve (Ap: i1 1971) E;f.pr:f.utcu froca: An"a-jytica]. C;je-aiutry !.rr:u-:.1 i;evic:r, 43 (::o. S) UR - 15it
Page 736: yrm95d00
50335 8235 -° " ~ F.eprint , Ps1.kv V?TL2.4 T.o _.....--v........... _.~~,_.. J ~ ii~:: . I A.~'.•~ E:a'w:.'V:. iJ : : o b< L. .'•'t3Zkf Zlu.l .- ~ .,_. ~.. - < _..~..;...., AY4iA ~2P A~1 ft~=,Gi4 .~i14:4 1Yr} ..~~v O ~ ~.~~'
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50335 8236 TtA 576 Fa 4(et#.o,&j;pp,a,i.4 Experiraental Apprh oach to Lung Cancer, p. ?.97-34. -Farber, -S. M. THE AIR WE BREATHE. A STUDY OF MAN AND HIS ENVIRONMENT, by S. M. Farber and R. H. L. Wilson (ed.) - 1961_ - 414 pages Cherles C. Thomas Springfield, Illinois i
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: 50335 8237 c SMOKING HABITS TOBACCO--MARKETING/ !TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/ 81 XI Fo ~ °~a~f S~P~ RJR CIA SS NO. PAMPHLET 81 XI Fo Fox K. F. A. ;~~~~~~:'~*; (Univ. Santa C1ara., Santa Clara, Calif., U. S.) REDUCING CIGARETTE SMOKING; AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SOCIAL MARKETING? Jour. Health Care Mktg. 1, No. 1, 8-17 (Winter, 1980-1981) (in English) This article considers the range of approaches used to reduce cigarette smoking and notes their limited success. Technological solutions, economic incentives and disincentives, legislation, and public education have had an impact on cigarette use, but smoking remains a significant threat to health. .. t~ n t; ~~ j;~ ~~ 1
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0 ~---....._... - 76 XI Wa S.P. Kot7:er;,-P: (Northwestern IF ; 50335 8238 • _,.., . . . .. . • RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLEI' 76 XI Wa s.p. Univ., Evanston, Ill., U. S.) WARNING ON OVF.R-;1%1::;UTI-dG. Northwestern Univ. (l:otler, P.) News Release, Evanston, Ill. (1976) (in English) *Abstr. in: New Xork Times, 1976, p. 70 (Oct. 28, 1916)*' `As an ezample; f;° cited ycars or con= tinued growth in c~ ~r•~<<^ a~`!?vert!s~~ :-ditur~ in o;d`i io pro:ecc snares, ratner than crca!in~ g-o~eth, because no company v;ould ~viliin;ly cut its promotion buc^et. Than in 1971, tho Govcrnmcnt banned cigarette ad- from tcta-vision and radio. vertising After that, he a:tded. "the industry en- f jo),ed -vCindfal- ..^ij: Ii•cn t~^v t~s°d to di~•crctv 1nto 4 Ir :..c.:,:r.cs.. c .. . .....w... . •.. . . „ ... . ~ ..5 `~.wH~-..r~~. :;~': ;Jt .~...I-~n. i.I;4....• ...:~.....~j}.w .. ~ ~,
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72 1II Re-72 50335 8239 S.P. `rriE REV}t:1C OF SG:IE\TIFIC INST}:CA}EmTS ~VOLV?!!: 43. hVM}rER a --AtJGtST 11074 Design and Perforrll.a:zce of the i,ovelace Aerosol Partic?e Separator* _ P. firnrRxrraf ,t.-sn hf. E. L}GUT Firr.'sw Product Infialaliou laboratoriet, l.ovrlace Foundalion for 3t edical Educafiorr and Researek, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108 (Received 16 August 1971; and in final form, 31 March 1972) Tht Lovelace aerosol particle sepziatur (LAPS) provide; a continuous sepatation of aerosol particles in the taicron and sut.micron s:zc ranges according to their aerodyr.amic equivalent diameters. This new device uses the hrinciple of centrifuSai separation of particles in a spinning spiral dut:t. ; he LAPS is essentially a spinning rotor driven by a motor at a desired constant speed. An aerosol sample is drawn into an expanding spiral duct through an inlet at the axis of the rotor and is entrained in a laminar stream of clean air and drawn by negative pressure t5:ough the channel. The parttcles arc depositcd according to their serodynamic diameters along a 46.2 cm long eollection fc.il lining the outer ..-;!li of the spiral duct and the very small particles on a 51ter at the exit end of the spiral, thereby providing a continuous separation of aerosol particles in the entire size range of interest. The device is telatively ine.pensive, rugge.l, easy to operate, and can be drivea either by an induction-type household motor or by a more clal,orate centrift„e drive. Jt is suitable for separating aerosol particks for a variety of purposes in- duding analysis of aerodynamic particle size distribution, preparation of monodisperse parti:ies, measur..inent of densities of spherical aerosol particles, and tneasurement of particle shape factors. Because the eentrifugal forces are directed toward tl;e coliection foil and cause the collected particles to be held firmly in place, the instrument can be used to collect large samples without significant change in calibration or resolution characteristics. a -- - - -
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50335 82U0 Ytot~chct~r, Ler,dal-Her.rY. A;M .~ ; I ud~rstnt~tltn~ food tbyt I.cnrinl I I. Iiutschevur 3fut~:u t t lic~1'illi;uus. \e++ )'ori:.11'iley tinCqJ vi. 49t; p. flitts. 23 em. ' 1. Cookery. 2. Food. it. Title. TXuli ;x67 SBX -171-;A3,34-7 Libtat•;• of Con;;t•r,s ~ ~ttitr.ii r. 3icWilliAms, hfarqaret, joint au;hor. 641.5 Jf tY.C tJ; a t i ~ k4 i :.3 k
Page 742: yrm95d00
50335 8241 II Me-75 'S.P. ~ .. ~ . . A rn.rr"o Tt11cRONIOI.tN:Y. Fcb. 1974. pYJ23-4'V ' Va 1• 21. \'o. 2 oq A.nta s.r r r 1T ~`i Amcncun , ac~ct. ul'i ~~icnrbW . - . ..~• . . In Vitro Metabolism of T-2 Toxin. ~ ROBERT A. ELLISON AND Flf~l'1'WWt'K0TSO School of Pharmacy, Uniucrsit}• of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Receiveo for publication 11 October 1973 stable in gastric juice for at least I h. Incubation of T-2 toxin with the 9,000 xR supernatant fluid of both human and bovine liver hom", enate resulted in conversion to a single, deacetylated product identified as 1IT-2 toxin. Metabolism is more rapid in human liver. HT-2 toxin was not produced when human plasma was the incubating medium nor was it produced by treatrnent of T-2 toxin with simulated gastric juice. T-2 toxin was The genus Fusorium is a widely occurring fungus which has caused substantial economic loss due to its pathogcnicity towards crops used as feeds and foods (3). Associated with Fusrlriuin infection of cereal grains have been several characteristic mventnlirncn¢ :.+ "rt, Human li.•er, stored at 0 C for 14 months, was obtained via university hospitals from a 22- year-old male who died of pulmonary edema. Both human and bovine 9.000 x g supernatar.ts were prepared as follows and incubated identi- ..n.......t...---..._ . _ _." . .. . .. e 3 2 5
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50335 8242 - . XXI MeAs-79 S.P. The American Journal ojClinica! Nutririon 30: AIAKCN 1977, pp. 394-4111. Printod in U.S.A. ~ - Sucrose sensitivity of patients with coronary- artery d isease.' ,2 P. !. Palurnbo,' M. D., Esperanza R. Briones,• M.S., Ralph A. Nelson,' M. D., Ph. D. and X:"IZOitkd4 P/t. D., M. D. MR* . ASSTRACT Various loads of simple arbohydratc wcrc fed to 148 patients with known eoronary-artery disease (CAD) for 4 days in the Clinical Research Center. The 148 patients werc grouped according tq the diet rcgimcn tcstcd-sucrosc (low and high), glucose, and fructose. A high-sucrosc diet was fed to 29 control subjccts. Diets containing 2 g of simplc carbohydrate (predominantly either sucrose or glucose) per kilogram of body weight per day had no significant effect on fasting plasma glucosc, serum triglycerides, or serum trce fatti acids. However, diets containing 4 g uf simple carbohydrate (preduminantly sucrose) or 2 g of fructose per kilogram of body weight per day produced a significant nx in serum triglycerides with decreases in fasting plasma glucose and free fatty acids. Serum cholesterol diminished in all the diet gruups, probably because of the decreased fat and cholesterol intakes. The increase of serum triglycerides in CAD patients receiving simple carbohydrate at the 4-e/kg rate was significantly greater than in the normal control subjects fed the same dict, suggesting a sensitivity of CAD patients to this stimulus. No sigriCGeant correlation could be demonstratcd between changes in serum triglycer- itk:s and the extent of CAD (one, two, or three vessels) as determined from coronary angio- gtams. Am. !. Clin. Nutr. 30: 394-401. 1977. 9 0 0 n 61 { J3 >. A Sucrose consumption has been implicatcd Material and methods
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50335 8243 Kr.auss, 1?. KO):CYT,I.Di)::~„Z;`P:ST ZUR P:aTttNG V0N VU-1 It i::.'i;tll G3GE:: 'i, a f;: i. =C,l.3*1:.~?.csr, '~.:~<t a~ F:~c;~cf.ctse 11`•4ltiWS ~ u~.t~::. -' 1, ~ G . C:Fl s i~. ~:%~T.•.-- O~SZ:4)ia . .. .. R ri~-i«1S1^li (J3.[1. 1.~7vJ~ TTl ../~.:.ar_:n hMti~~.^~ tl 4::t.~.11 EnUliah . :i:1::....aay 7 i
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~ 50335 8244 . • . RTR TRANSLATION DECQMITIO4 OF BIOLOCICAL MATERIALS FOR TAE DETERMINATION OF EXTREMELY LOW CONTE.'iTS OF TRACE ELEMENTS IN LIMITED Ai•IOU\'TS WITH NITRIC ACID UNDER PRESSURE IN A TEFLON TUBE. - . . • . • .. - • - . . . . • .•., . ~ . . • • ~., • .. ~.. -... . • Zeitschr. Anal. Chem. 260 (No. 3) 207-209 (1972) By: V1 ~ Kaiser, G.; Tschopel, P.; Tolg, C. SUI '~lARY • CHEMISTRY, ANALYTIC--TRACE ELEMENTS--DETER`fI:1ATI0:d/ TRACE ELEMENTS--ANALYSIS/PIERCURY/SELENIUM/IODINE/ I .. . .~• ,,.~ . , - . - For the determination of trace elemeau ~ (< 10"'t%) In biolo; cat materials (e.g. tissue, food, sewage muds) in samples < 500 mg a pressure decoLnr.o.z• tion with nitric acid or a mixture of nitric and hydrofiuoric acid in a teflon tube is described. The reco, cr ies for t6e.olatile elements, e.g. Hg. Se and I, in the ng-range were investigated by the tracer method and were • ~ fomd to be > 98°/r . le • rF ,
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' T • . n. :. ~... .. 50335 8245 73 VII Ch _ ~.~......,.,..~.~.. _ .___,....:.:..:, _.:..... ..:•...._ .k. .,,. L,_ ._.. ... .. : .~. _ TO . . .... _..~ -----.. ~ ~._.. __ ~ µ.....,_, .. , BACCO--GRO:d'rii--Ni1'TRIEtiT 50LXI'I?tl`d/ ' R3P. CLASS 'r;J. Pi..flIai.E1 ?3 VIZ Ch ~, . Chnndler, ':. T. ;'cfarsac, 2Z. T. ; i;,ouehicovskv;- Y4 . (Centre `:at. Rech. Sci., Lab. P,otos~:l., .f'eif-:~~~r-`!v::tte, Fr.) vanr~cv~Ts;: ; Tr- GYnc,*TH OF TOBACCO CLL:.S iNI Liti::TD SWSi'EtiS.0:7. Can. Jour. Sot. 50, 22h5-70 (3.973) (:~n Ln~;~'_st~i . *x973, Na. 3, W 836* *lm* --~--,.---....--•--- -. -- ---,-,,. _~.. o .3 Cl o fl C! I I
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-` 50335 6245 ~ ~fYiF}~~,i2 . . V 7 CiiIA: J CA2~^vkRy !lIi' JJ Sc:Yo-= Bunt, T.~s«~w Hospo U (lyoo 1) 35-36 (Z'E,LLL"%r,,r 3c.;61) e
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50335 8247 4 FINAL PROGRESS REPORT DENTAL CARIES/ "Evaluation of an Intraoral Test of Numan.'C:arioQenicity as a t•todel for Caries Studies" Sponsored by Contract I,o. F%IIN-t4IDR-72-2030 by Theodo.r.e Koulous-ides~;:D.M:O:`;M:S.`~ Professor of Dentistry Senior Scientist, iDR Principal Investigator for the Contract FINAL PROGRESS REPORT, COt4TRACT 140. illll-!-lIDR-72-2030 Sections 2.0 and 3.0 by 64~ Dr. C. A. Ostrom and. t4s_. Loretta Wi l lowby / - 4
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50335 8248 , * GL- L` , , 80 T I E 81 S D v-yf- •ty .., y- ... . . Z;,;." lournal oJ Ps 19-26 Printed in Great Britain 10 72 cholo (1981) . y , gy Social%desirability in the Eysenck Personality Inventory S. Dunnett,- ~ dpn" P. J. Barber To investigate the extent to which the social desirability of test items can bias Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) score profiles, a group of subjects was asked to rate the items of the EPI in terms of their social desirability. Three further groups were asked to complete the inventory honestly. or in such a way as to give a good or bad impression of themselves. Test items measuring extraversion were rated as socially undesirable, whereas those measuring neuroticism were rated as undesirable. Compared with subjects asked to respond honestly, subjects attempting to give a good impression tended to endorse items rated as socially desirable and hence to respond in the direction of stable extraversion. Similarly, subjects asked to give a bad impression tended to give socially undesirable responses and hence tended to appear as neurotic introverts. The lie scale did not effectively discriminate faking subjects from honest subjects. It is concluded that a social desirability response set can consistently bias subjects' scores on the EPI and this is not detected by the lie scale. A recurrent difficulty in the validation of all personality questionnaires lies in the operation of various response sets. These include the tendency, described by Edwards (1955, 1957) as 0
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50335 8249 .~ 1 74 X Sm-78 TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCIiOLOGY/ CLASS .. . . . . . RJ ,R . .. . N0 . PA?•fPHLGT 74 X Sr~-78 rd„x,~, up~'rn'~e; *(no affil.)* WHY SMOKE? XXth Century, Larousee Encyclopedia. (in_Zu`&7h)r r: *Abstr. in: Smoking Health Synopsis (London) 1977, 1 p. (Nov. 24, 1977)* According to French paycholoCist Cyrille Houoernik, in "7Ath Ccntiuy", tne" --, 'I ou~seKe en c)~~di~of the modern ~orld, tbcre .~re se~iah:ea ons for smoking ;-nd they can be seen as four circles. ~(1) The interior circle - the action of tobacco coraponcnts, especiall,y nicotine, on the central nervous system. ~{2) The circle of buccal sensibility, or taste. (;, 7be body circle - the action of smoking gives :•n appearance of social comfort or case: a male smokcr in virile and a.+oman who smokes is the equal of a man. (4) The exterior circle - that in, the reries of ritual exchanCes with other people, which are probably among the strongcst pressures inducing the non- c:voker to snoke. The article sugge.sts that it ciieht be simpler to say that the cicarette is a ~ ibrin of coe.pensation and ccmething like the sweet vhich, when we were small, ~ comforted us when we f el8 lonely, ~ ^--- ----• i3 .7 { 1 i 1 ! ) ?i i 4J4 ~ :J .r ~
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50335 8250 IX Wh -81 S.P~ A CAPABILITIES STATEMENT FOR INHALATION TOXICOLOGY STUDIES USING A NOSE-ONLY INHALATION SYSTEM Prepared by ~ ~ Carol J. Henry, Ph.D. ~. Ken K. Kanagalingam, Ph.D. < William C. Hall, V.M.D., Ph.D. March 18, 1981 } Ph. D . t/Microbiological Associates 5221 River Road Bethesda. Maryland 20016 (301) 654-3400 It. 0, :3 Ca 0 ^ f I I s ;; I ~I
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50335 8251 lX whl-81 In: Pulmonary Toxicology ;of Respirable Particles (Proc. of S.P. 19th Annu. Hanford Life Sciences Symposium, Oct. 22-24, 1979 Editor: Charles L. Sanders, et al (1980) Publish. by U. S. Dept. Energy., Tech. Inform. Center pp. 177,178 ` The Dosimetry and Distribution of Whole Cigarette Smoke Particulates in Inbred Strains of Mice: Comparison of a Large Smoke-Exposure Machine (SEM) with a Small-Capacity Smoke-Exposure Machine (Walton) C. J. HENRY,* C. E. WHITMIRE,'$ A. LOPEZ,• D. R. DANSIE.• M. D. AVERY,Od E. CATON,t J. R. STOKELY,t R. W. HOLMBERG,t M. R. GUERIN,t and`1t;:~:~ROUR~~., •Department of Experimental Oncology and Department of Biochemical Oncology, Microbiological Associates, Bethesda, Maryland; tAnalytical Chemistry Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee The disposition and the internal distribution o total particulate matter (TPDI) of cigarette smoke were examined under conditions of high TPDt deposition in the lungs of mice. Two different smoke-exposure systems were used. The smoke- exposure machine (SEM II) is a large-capacity (480 mice) dynamic system in which smoke is routed throueh the animal containment unit as a continuously 7 0 3 tl o o n I J 3 3 5
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50335 8252 f. L GENCETICS--CANCEIt/ °CAIVCER--CAUSATION BY C13EMICALS/RNA VIRUSES/ `CARCINOGENS/CANCER--CAUSATION BY GENETIC FACTORS/ { Genetic Differences RC in Chemical 268 i Ko Carcinogenesis 1980 1 • Eehor =: RiClurd E.1COt.d A Dircetor of Rescard MicroDiotositat Asseciatp BctAesda, Ataryh.d CRC Prcu, lne. Boca Rston, F{orida t ® 0 :; 0 0 0 k't 1 37 0" X' h
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50335 8253 1 RC 778 Kourilsky, Racu1` Ko • ' ' ::i~4li~ : E SU^ ? EPl(%?)CxFK T:T L PRfrPBYif:a F: L ;; j.YA..v LA iITI: CHI:tGi:iQJ:: ET DE L'F?•rPHYS'•5.~~~i (Inquiry in the EtioloF;S <^.-..d Prophylsct;c of Chmaic }:xos,cii•;t•iv and Fulr;ortY,;-q En.y:,yser.;ji } by T:Gou.! }:.^.ari.i.L+'ky, DE1iifi@ liT'i.3.1C, 12zT: }:.itCC:s .Zc3P. CaYtt)R c'4Siti . .TCE'.n,-C{'ff?c[]E.' f1'i•ltf;Z87.b , ~ Acheve d''ron.•-mEr par la Caiss:.~ Ragionsle 1 1F .- r - ~.....~-.._~.- .~-.. ....~...-.-, .~-~r...,-~--.-...~- ....~_~r...-.... . ....._..~~,,,~._.A,.o,isy~yss.~ e ..5+ ~ '. . ~!
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50335 8254 Qj-,r,,L,v t'tgv-,u.,cr w.,A 4e •~ "? XXtt MeA9-7 a Relative Toxilcity of the Pyrolysis Products S.P. From Some Thermoplastic and.Thermoset Polymers pES and WILLIAM J. GILWEE, JR. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Ames Rescarch Center Moffett Field, California 94035 and CARLOS J. HILADO Fire Sdfety Center University of Sari Francisco San Francisco, California 94117 Relative toxicity data on the pyrolysis products ofa variety of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers are presented. The data ue presented in terms of time to incapacitation and time to death with a fixed sample weight of 1.0 g, and in terms of the apparent lethal concentration required to produce 50 percent mortality within a fixed exposure period of 30 min. INTRODUCTION T ermoplastic and thermoset polymers are used in wa ide variety of applications because of their versatil- ±,v ity;and ercpnotlt,y. Kiteria~ intended for a~plications 't t " l `! ~.f k r i . efBuent from some synthetic polymers. The chamber has a total free volume of 4.2 liters, and is made of an upper dome section and a:ower base section, both %%ith a diameter of 203 mm.
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50335 8255 .; PARTICLE SIZE/ 549 Yo 1979 AEROSOL SCIENCE FOR ENGINEERS -CONDENSATION, COAGULATION AND DISPERSION- Tetsuo Yoshida YasKousaka~, Kikuo Okuyama University of Osaka Prefecture POWER CO, LTD. Tokyo, lapan , ~<.. _ .,, 0 3 n 0 n o 13 3 ~ 9
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.i..~ t`~:.A.c.~.~~ ... .Y,.....a .... ~~...-?.`.+.J.. - . O vav.r;al- Tr.r.aI i.ecl sw-1 'V °d -1sz: Miz °M:z ~.~ 9c 1"MAV v0oSS c.~ Al,r•! "iMl ::0 T,arMs r~i 'd `eAat*'s1-iu+elXbsv*A x ovzz u ~. . t 9Sz8 SEEOS
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If V .; 50335 8257 VI Re9-78 S.P. THE FATE OF NITROGEN OXIDES IN THE ATI4OSPHERE--SUMMARY OF AN EXPLORATORY • STUDY IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA FINAL REPORT CRC-APRAC Project No. CAPA-9-71 to COORDINATING RESEARCH COUNCIL, INC. March, 1977 by Chester 4J, Spicer, Darrell 1-1. Joseph, and BATTELLE Columbus Laboratories 505 King Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43201 r (~ ;lBattel1e ~is not enga~jed3in•,.re earch for advertising, sales promotion, or publicity pur•poses, and this report may ' - not be reproduced in full or in part I nn
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50335 8258 THE1sMAL ANALYSIS -VOL 2 - PZOCEEDN'GS FQURTH'.CTA BUdAPfST 19?4 229 -.1 ~~ 78 III Py-78 - ~ / THERMAL DEGRADATION OF A SERIES OF 1+t0*IO-O-METNYL-DAdLUCOSE DEP.IVATES M. Kogik,1 V. Reiser, l and4-W:Kp.gA 2 . . Department of Textile, Pulp and Paper Technology, Slovak Technical University, 880 37 Bratislava 2. Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 809 33 Bratislava Czechoslovakia ABSTRACT () 0 . The thermal degradation of inethyl d- and -a-D-glucopyra- noside, 2-0-, 3-0-, 4-0-, and 6-0-methyl-D-glucose has been studied by DTA and TG in the range of 20-500°C. The formation of several volatile products has been determined. Significant differences in the amount of 2-furan aldehydes formed by .t thermal treatment of Cl-OMe, C2-OMe, and those of C3, C4~ ~Cg~Obtee derivaYivc~ Np!ve been observed. Based on the results obtained the effect of the substituents upon the course of ions such as transglycosylstion or
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50335 8259 ~ VY ~IC~<<acs~~!.~tAl- ~~~ Jinwra, A. RUCTTCyt3S IN T'IL'; 13YO1-M.'?IiESIS LUBEI:1:b t.'.ia U:iTT?.A hLl'aRLOIDS, by A. Jiuc3ra, P. Kovgcs, I!o 5mqgrovicova, aad N. : U vovcs. I,losdia SG (tdo. 2) 1.50-Sb (1.96T) n n
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8260 73yII~Re-l4 g,P, Acta. Agronomica Acad.Scient. tiung. 22 (3-4)400-05 (1973) PRRIC.UtP T1iICF\ESS IN Ol'AQLE-2 `.U1ZE (ZEA MAYS L.) D. GUPTA,'4iaCOVACS/AND ITS NORMAL A`a,LCGLE It is a general experience of r.taize breedcrs that opaque•'2 waize usual!y matures some- what later thatl nornlLl nlaize (L.\1tBl:RT rt al. 1969. P..Fz et al. 1969. F:ov.ics et al. 1970, 11971). It was shown by L4aBt:nt et al. (1969) that the opac}ue-: maize had nearly 4 per cent more 6rain moisture durin.; the early har.•est period than its normal analogue. Pc:nnt•--Ce %.Nt: (1967) observed in slow aad fast drying maize hybrids that the differential rates of water loss were due to the physical structure of the pericarp and not to metabolic processes within the kernel. It was ob=erced hV Iita:M ct al. (1970) that some of the endosperm nrutants modify peri- earp thickness in maize. The work reported herein was designed to study if there was any anatoraical modifica- tion, eithibr in the stru^ture or tLe thickness of the pericarp of the opaque-'2 rnaize car.•opsis. through which the grain moi=ture must be released during the maturity process. Ineorporation of the opaque-2 gene from the san.e initial eource to several of the inbred linesisoncof the current pro_rar.imes of the in;titute. Two inbred lines \6 and rZ61 were cro>sed with R'61:1o:, the donor of the o: gene, and back crossed three timci with the normal. The bomosysous oz forms of these lines and their normal analogues were used in this analv=is. Ears obtained from the sib-I,olliaation of single cross hybrids produced from a cr„si betwren (\6 o,X R61 o_) on the one hand. aud (\6 X 1161) on the other were the tnatcrials used in thir stud.•. The ears were harvested 56 days after pollination. Ten kernels from each h;: Lrid, five from the npper half of the ear and fi.•e from the base of the ear were examined for pericarp thickness with the•procedure described belo... w -
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TP 370 Edito'r) Am LACC r cnc e,6e u( ed .) FO^'? MU SXOC?I'GIt3b'ERI:vC - F.~?i :1'iCla.1?', AM hv Bnn Lat+rennQ n)W E. J. f:oval (henical tiuj;inecr{.ng ^rogrcss Sympositra Ses:ies Vol. 67 (`o. 103)1971) 1371 1E3 Pagta Amer.csn Ins*f&uCe of New York ChemicuZ l:ng:•evro 0 ~ 3" 4 C
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50335 8262 A x~. IIII ~. GIR (lo~s) ;Covaie:~a, ~,:'~ (JC Author) L:~r ~'y4nrna, h'. P. EY(d:.'HiSIS AND C0:WET;,SION (tF 2.,3-I;;'.^,: YC'AOLOa~X1a~0Ir~, P. r-.eils y~suoT ~ and V. h. Y,ovwlc,va Aacl. I;F:Rcri:g$. Ss: 11 (F.a. 12) J.O':;_00 ..:r.6..~~7)-Yn I:u:sfan s:f:.ti En,2i,h t.oa'.rsat
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50335 8263 /~7 PI' ' 7~ 7~ ° °5 ( ' L~TII' ~!G ~~ ~ .._ , 1i1 Ni AerQso~. Tissue Ai . es~~%e S~.~~: ~,' ~~:..C~. :.: ~ . XT. Fate oF T'z•eons and Their Acute y To, ical and Systemic Toxicity LTC Tertto 1~. at cumofo, Is?C, USA; K C Pani MI)• LTC.~o).ii;f-~qvp~ic ~Itf~ r . . , , .. . ... . u r. C ,f-1U.3OL fissue-adhesive Fpray deveI- -_ VULi~ULL(LVVLIIIV:VL41'.[lULLLLL,1~1li,VU ~~~; i ti d b G , 4 4it s JlLJ u an a y 17arr W .LL~G..M- ~lC•'C li'a.cliineton, DC - pany~, I1iles, TII, has Lyien used successfully in Vlemuam for hemostasis of otherwise fatal hemorrhage from liver and kidncy wounds and for reinforcement of suture lines of vaj;- Cl :1 () 0 1-) tZ I .'a 3 /4 7
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U U U(J: ~. Q . ; . :.rs~"d `"%=`LYr:-J...~~~+.~ ~ W64f) TS-Tfr~ ~rS t-a"~i '~.~;3 •:.Tuii i3.",+, :.'•.C3;,{ °:( P:LtJ TZtDI;i •S': jTV•t,^t"tC,C~` •R L-'~i-`YS'UL: y ._ ~.~ r. •~ eret~~~:~i~ :; rq klY er^ "..,~in..,~..,.~,y......- ...as~,. ST~.~T°f''.'~~~-tt+' Q1V i •:3 ~-V~~'4~ ~t. r uaraL,TsusjT I- I b9Z8 SEEOS
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50335 8265 CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS CHRO1NJ/I<TQGRAPHY/ 78 III Et Anal. Chem. 36(8) 31A-41A(1964) Author: L. S. Ettre The.:aCovats. Retentiomlndex--Sysfiem 3 i I . 1111<111 PIIhY• I':v•I.lT t11J t•IIPU- / uI:t1UgI:11/1Iy .I:ulur :uul \INI'lin I/7 1 IlU•II ( i1111t•11 I ll:lt t lu 1•l•) t•11I inll tinu• lur Inurr t•In•rvrttln• rt•tcn- tiun vtdunu•1 uf :I Ilun• ,ull.t:lncc uu cr1•tain 4;:1, t•11rulUatu"I•:11111ic r,lhuun i, :I rll:uartl r ~;Ilnr N•I111•l1 1't/11111 ln• 11,1•/I lul• tlll• Illl•Iltl- 11/'al lllll 1/f -,:11111114• 1•4 111111111 11•IltS. 7'Gr ~:uul• aulllul~ :11-u r1t,11illltl . e 0 3.0 n n 0, 1 (Ir) I1. II:I. lu, tlr:~rrilllit't• v:11111•. int.r•1•r•sI, t;u1 lm talt•111a1t•II tlirrcl (t•). tiinl•c it i, always rr/hlrrll Ir/ ' fruul tlu rllrulnalu~r:un. 1/" (', IIII•rr i• llu %v;t.%' 11/ IIt•,1•rillc '1'lu• 11-t• uf ri•I:Itivc rrlention v: Illc 1t•IUlrl•Ialurr tlt 1~1 tult ut~ ilf the "ttt•• i• at I/rl••1•nt tllc rlluat lcct•llt rctt•ntiun.. tuclhutl. Its I,:vic sllurtcoming :; a ctmclll•icm nf tlli~, Lhtr mo~t ho%t~c~•I~r ,•I~r, tllr fact that it is alml 11 :;~tillt~-~Int:ul lulllw~l trltl irnLlv i, illllm..ihlr In fix onc :;t:ulll:u Lhl t1 ftlrr, ill tluul~• r•u,t:s, illllrlisl~ Il l li • li l f h l lrst n r r 1r rr u urr r u rr u li. tt•Ilt rt• 1111• rt•It•nl itlll I11•II:1~'iul• tlf rlal:l r annul I/~• 11~/ ~1 rlilt rl l~•. . • . • , . . , nrtlt•r lu rlt't•rt•aluc• (Ilis rlillicill , 3 4 3 9 ~1} _I~
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50335 8266 _r. '~ Sov. Genet. 8 (1)34-39(Jan. 1972) ~. eA S"TUDY OF INTERSPECIES IIYBRIDS OF MINT IN THE FIRST GENERATION C . ;~ ~ -) R.G. Belyaeva and INTRODUCTION 0 All the varieties of mint used in industry belong to the species Mentha pipcrita L. and are charac- terized by a low content of essential oil (2-2.8%) and of menthol (45-50j). Repeated attempts to cultivate the high-mcnthol species M. arvensis var. piperascens Holm and M. sachalinensis (Brig) Kudo (70-50% of menthol) have been unsuccessful, since they have a low yield of leaves and form a small rhizome which does not well withstand the winter. In view of the almost complete sterility of the plants because of their hybrid origin [1-3J, the breed- fng of Dlentha piperita was performed by the simplest method at first - selection from vegetative pro- geny [4]. Selection from the generative progeny of these clones of diploid mint as used at the Lubenskii -station of the All-Union Institute of Medicinal Plants (VILR) has permitted the derivation of the first hibh-
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50335 ©267 aA /975- C-7) -7-9_3D ) IdL J. ~'l4-'r YJ1K 665.527.652/.654.002.3 ° NosbiE~ BbIC01f0(1p0AyiiTliBNb1H CQ~IT I~1ATb[ {{y6apc~~aa 6 ~ ry: n1: Kb'rr."ne c%k- . /1. e: ko d a s ti., B. M. h;OBIf1IE[3A, tiaHn. c.-x. HavK A. r. KOAAW, •J1. n. MEl1lEPAKOB 111e5h( hei ya KB~, R• P. CeBCpO-11eBr;03CAOR 3Uh0AbK0A Un6I7NOR CTOHI(UR BCPC0t03x020 Hi1lIKflO-tl("CACOOBOTC.1bCl:U2O UKCTUTU70 .eennpcrerxhbrx p.zc7exuu Al ATa nepetlHaA - OxHo 113 1ia11G0 Aee 113BeCTHbIX ap0\faT119CCKlfX paCTeHllll. FIpOAVKThI ee ne- pepaGOTKH (.A11CT, 3q)IIpHOC 1faC.•'10, MCHTO:1) WHpOKO 11Cn0.7b3YlOTCA B \1tMItKO-(rapMauCBTll4e- •CKU!1, napQtK)mepil0-KOCRICTwICCK011 H n11LLleBOlt I'Ipn\Ibiu1.1CHHOCTH. Ea:erolilafa noTpeGHOCTb CipaHbl B 3d)nplroM Macae Mfarbf COCTaB:1neT npliMepno 400 T H\•;toB- ncrnopszeTCa .~In1J1b fla 25-30 ;o. B CBSi3n C3TJIM Heo6xo;nafo 311at111TC.'IbHO yI;C1111t111Tb \•pox;aii H •cGop a1RTHOro Cblpbsl B CTpa11C. .71OCTIIUh aroro t,lt~clio~~ CaeT pjcu~)et}~isf r1'ioui~~lleir„ nc~rk•K\ zb- -T\' oll 3i!?lla~ CC 3 C'.9b1~3d1111~1, a'~•al: ? it~l- ~ ~ 16R11RAjlew hi[hly productive mint vnriety Kubanskaya 6. Kutiak.a.. V . \l.;, liaia:+h• A. (1.: Mrahchervnkuv, A. 1•. Be~ (Sev: F'a~•k. %im naya Op ln. Ftants., \'r~s. ~ imichno-i+sled. `; `~- Inst. Lek. R+icl. li, l5ilt/. bfnsbr%hir: /4nm-xl. -19:.i. nP (7), 29-30 (1" •s). A ne.• mint hvhriJ with a high cuntrnt ur 1 easrntinl oil .nr! nieethut (I 170-1/!-G) a.is obtained b,v 11' inters;.ecies 1 bridizatiun. The plant yicid+ 91-t8 kg es>entinl: IH :1}' oil/ha.... , ._... ~ YPoH:ai1. v;~,..... . p. 11oM >,iac.71c ux !te npeBbiWaeT 50%. VBCAH11HTb KOAl14eCTB0 MCfiTOaa B MHTHO1f MaC:IC D'71Y.HO TOJIb]i0 I1)'TCM BbIBCaCII;Ifi BbICOi:J- MCtIT0.9bHbIX COPTO3. CeBepo-I\aBKa3CKafl 30- Ha.7bllafl OnblTilafl CTaHuIIA BCCC010311oro llar1HO- HCC 1e110BaTe:IbCK01•o fIHCTIITyTa .7CKapCTBeuflbl\ paCTenHtf (BILT1P) B COAp)'HCeCTBC C I•iHCTHTV- ToM ulrro:lornH If retieTfiKH CO AI-i CCCP c 1965 r. npoaOXnT CeaeKUnofulylo paGory c nfn- Toii ncpetiHOil, CTpCM1ICb Bb1BCCTlI Bb1COKOnpOA)'K- THBHnic copra. AterOnoM Mex:BHnouoit rHGpH;t113auHH nonytle- Hbf r1lGpllZu c Bf.ICOf:nM coucpa:alnlem 3c})Hpno- r0 efacna 11 MeHTona. OAilaxo GOlIbt111111CTBO HX I
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• 50335 8268 .• . I t i I III Du2-80 S.P. tttooph, VoL 118 (1980), Birkh3user Verlag, Basel Instantaneous Global Ozone Balance Including Observed Nitrogen Dioxide By Susruv Soc.oMON, HAROLD S. JoHNStoN, V"wiifW KdwALczYU; and IVAN WasoN 1) 1 I I Abttroet- The catalytic destruction of stratospheric ozone by the oxides of nitrogen is believed to be an important part of the global ozone balance. The lack of sufficient measurements of NO. concentrations has impeded efforts to quantify this process. Recent measuremenis of stratospheric nitrogen dioxide from ground-based stations as well as aircraft and balloons have provided a lint approximation to a global distribution of NOa vertical columns at sunset. These observed vertical columns have been translated into time-dependent vertical NO, profiles by means of a one-dimensional atmospheric photochemical model. Using recent observations of air temperature ~ and ozone along with this information, the independent instantaneous (one second) rates of ozone production from oxygen photolysis, P(03), of ozone destruction from pure oxygen species (Chap- man reactions) L(OA, and of ozone destruction by nitrogen oxides L(NO,) were estimated over the three-dimensional atmosphere. These quantities are displayed as zonal average contour maps, summed over various latitude zones, summed over various altitude bands, and integrated globally between 15 and 45 km. Although the global summation between 15 and 45 km by no means tells the complete story, these numbers are of some interest, and the relative values are: P(O,). 100; L(O:), 15; L(NO:). 45 ± 15. It is to be emphasized that• this relative NO, contribution to the ~ ~ Integrated pzone.balapce is not a measure of the sensitivity of ozone to possible perturbations of 6ratbsphef'k N6„ Mkent,$odel results must be examined for current estimates of this sensitivity. ..- Ker words: NO, distribution; Ozone destruction by NO,. ~-- i=„'
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50335 8269 'I .._ .~ . . __._.. ......4.r . ..._ j K:w.'_. Gt1:ac:7 by J (.;Tacle:~x A'~.accLic itc~cr~~zc~ (z:a) f;pccLrr-c4 Pc;Otoatl-It, fx..~;:a: I,cs?f~tin Acwdr I'Swr:ganal C;,)ac3j4: (Go-rdol';z~-s ReP4 Ac;rs )?.s 15j.,F3 (3.953.) C>
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u , S•P: 2 SECRETION OF INSULIN BY THE CANINE PANCRL'AS`---"'`'~ PERFUSBD EX VIVO WITH FLUOROCARBON EMULSION 'WrIfW71lWskilirvi.D., A. Kolodej, D.v.M., and M. Kocylowski, M.D., tdmonlon, Alberta, Canada s p L Ttts tttctr sot.vBU.trY of liquid fluorocarbon for oxygen and carbon dioxide permits its use, in emulsified form, as an adequate replacement for erythrocytes. With the aid of an emulsifying sur- factant, liquid fluorocarbon can be converted into stable particles, representing artificial eryth- rocytes, which can be suspended in .a simulated physiological solution. Emulsified fluorocarbon has been used for partial or total replacement of blood crythrocytcs in pcrfusion fluids. We prcviously perfused canine stomachs (3, 5, 9) . ~vt(qa~'od ~ctdcnopa crcajtic-)lot~l~,s O~ with • t~lo Iles's; pi•btci~frc~ tlctbroeArbii7t cmulsion. We found that thc cxocrinc function of thc isolatcd III D -79 milliliters; Pluronic F-68, poloxamer 188, as the surfactant-25 grams; sodium chloridc-G grams; potassium chloridc-200 milligrams; cal- cium chloride-300 milligrams; monosodiunt acid phosphate•watcr-50 milligrams; magne- sium chloridc•water-100 milligrams; bovine albumin---1 grams, distilled water to I liter. "1'his perfusate was adjusted to p11 8.0 with sodium bicarhonate. Glucose was added in various amounts prior to, or during, pcrfusion. •1'!te ini- tial volume of the perfusate was 1,500 milliliters. A detailed description o(' the perfusion circuit and of the instruments used was rcportctl C1rCvinuclv ('Z 11 „f fhr nerfusatr "•-
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50335 8271 ~ Current Genetic! A Physical Map of Nicotiana tabacum Plastid DNA Including the Location of Structural Genes for Ribosomal RNAs and the Large Subunit of Ribulose Bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase 81 VII Se Current Genetics 3, 189-204 (1981) 1 Patrick Seyert;1Cl;i~`,:U*4i14?.„ and Reinhold G. Herrmann2 1 1:,aboratoire de Biochimie Fonctionnelle des Plantes, 13288 Marseille Cedex 2, France 2 Botanisches Institut der Universit3t, UniversitAtsstr. 1, 4 D"usseldorf 1, FRG Summary 1) Tobacco plastids contain a homogeneous population of double-stranded circular DNA molecules, 101 Megadalton (160 kbp) in circumference. In neutral CsCI equilibrium gradients, this DNA displays a den- sity of 1.697 - cm3 which is equivalent to an aver- ~age basei*C~om~sitiAof(37.7 inole4G;S. -',t'j bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase on tobacco ptDNA. A 3.5 kbp-long fragment of the large single- copy region of the tobacco chromosome is comple- mentary to structural sequences of the spinach gene. 5) Mapping and hybridization data suggest that the to- bacco and spinach ptDNAs share striking similarities in anatomy and sequence.
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50335 8272 lsHrr. Rrcopnition Per`atnnn Prese 1976. Vol. R, pp. 1-4. Ptinted in Grcet nrilain //2 AN ORTHOGONAL FEATURE SELECTION METHOD .~ . r ~~~ M5~ ~ ~ i t)era_rtmen ttment of Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle, 1V.rshington 98195, U.S.A. / , . and C F. BcNDFR Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, University of Californkt, Livermore CA 94550, U.S.A. (Received 22 August 1974) Abstract-A new preprocessing method that has found considerable use for chemical applications is presented. Features are selected that are useful for class discrimination, orthogonal, and at least in part, retain identity to the original measurements. A brief introduction to chemical pattern recognition is presented followed by a description of the method and an application to mass spectral data analysis. i U~ nn n ~~.;~ 3~~ t • • 'M
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50335 8273 VI Re 7R METilnT1S OF DETERMINATION nF CARCT!~'nC.F.~~IC N-NITRnSAMINES T'~T S.P. 9- FOOD ANn ANI*tAT, FF,F.nS. A RF.VTF.I:T CF THE LTTF.rtATURE- ~ / tiROAfAT. CI1F.M .. TOKSYKOL. X. 1B7T14),31Jr-3~1 •q,1,7`1 ,~- • . . •. ' ' ~d- ~a~s~ A• METODY OZNACZANIA KARCYNOGRNNYCH N-NITROZOAMIN, W ARTYKULACH SPOGYWCZYCH I PASEACH - Z'Lakladu, Farmakologii i ToksykologIi Instytutu Wcterynard w Pulawach Kicrownik: prof. dr hab. 7'. Jus=kicuncz N-nitrozoaminy jako okreglona gnipa z~t•i~zk6w azotowych byly znane che- mikom jui od minionego stulecia. Stosunkowo niedawno jednakie zwr6cono nI nic bacznicjsza uwagq w zwiqzku ze stwicrdzcniem przez Magee i Itarnesa w 1956 r. karcynogennych wla9c»wosci N-nitrozodwumetyloaminy (1). Badania N-nitrozoamin prowadzone w ci~gu ostatnich 10-15 lat wykazaly, ie z og6lnej liczby przcszlo 100 Iioznanych dotad N-mitrocoamin ponad polowa wykazuje sil- . . . . . . • __ ._... .,. ,.~..., ~ . d I if 0 n ")
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. 50335 8274 CHEriI.STRY--COLIP~JTERS/F.T.F.CTRnNIC nATA PRnCESSIr1G/nATA--PRGCF.SSIN'!;/ AMERICAN CHEMICAL SnCTF.TY, DTVISInN nF C1'1~*UTERR T't CitT^SISTRY/. 4 Chemoill ctrics: QD 39 Am 1977 14.C , ~: Theory and Application , .: f ~- '$fu-ft-Rv-=K,ovml5ki, EDITOR Ajymposium sponsored by the University of Wa.rhington Division of Computers in Cherpistrv A C S S Y M P O S 1 U M S E. R I at the 172nd Meeting of the . AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY American Chemical Society, San Francisco, Calif., 4 ~ ~ . Sept.(,2, 1 ,~ k76~ ,. f? , I k-i WASHiNGTON.O..C. 1977
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~.~,Q.a.:::>s._-: _,_. _ _.._:._..~.~~~.: :.;...._.::... CJ ssa~,~ a'~tt'3}7rt~atJ aO-PavI 'dd ~t6Y 1.G6t 'S Fa8 Zv:y 4::mwwtv~i "'4axaag dr~~T4Ov 1h; 7r~T~vqa -olf.a Ei:?o6oSA.'_j ao -o S-aT,4azqj px3q,~ sq,4 ;o uoTssz.,-,p av p~~rY ~ nTr,vo~C~ 'riMaMd a0C'i9 d0 MitMi1vNVDM-:Y7;_ . ~1 f SL.ZB SFEOS
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. 50335 8276 B001 LK756 P Chemosphere. Vol. 10. No. 3. oo 303 - 312, 1981 ~ J A KN A CHEMC)SPHE RE Printed in Great britain II Me -81 S.P,S PIXE TRACE ELEMENT ANALYSIS OF AN AQUATIC PLANT AS INDICATOR OF HEAVY METAL POLLUTION 303 f • Andreas Jahnke , Teruo Shimmen;~f)~ ~, ^~*11wlto and Toshimitsu Yamazaki ~ +xcrc~•_ Faculty of Science and Institute of Medical Science, Univeraity of Tokyo, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108, Japan +Fakultet fiir Physik, E 12, Tschnische Universitiit Miinchen, 8046 Garching, West-Germany Abstract A neu way of detecting trace elements in water is developed by using charged articlp Lnduced X_-Fay €mis,sion (P.~XE) analysis of cell valls of f ha~ra aoral'lin e, L fsaah.iuta'r dlga. c
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50335 8277 TOBACCO--LAW--CZECHOSLOVAKIA/ RI ToB2-78 S.P. RJR CLASS NO.t PA"iPHLET 3:I °'oB2-78 s. p. E-)f:ozak,-J:`; Bajan, A. ; Kubik, A. ; Kolar, J.; Krivanek, J. ; Strnad, M. (Chest-Clin., Kutna Hora, Czech.) ANTI-SMOKING LEGISLATION AND THE FIGHT IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA. Scand Jour. Resp, Dis. 1978.(S102),157-8, (1978).(in English) ~ ' ' /~The campaign against smok.ing is i ~ At present there is no law in Czechoslo-I Ivakia which would cornprehensively solvef regarded as a serious social and ecunomic ~ all of the aspects of•the prol)lern of smok-ttt ~ problem. For this reason, it is intended that s ing, and its effects upon the people's hca'th~l : the efforts made so far .vi11 be contin~Sed - - - " ;' with greatcr intensit~~7~_ _ "__ .~ ~~ r ri i1
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50335-- 8278 _ _.. .._.. .~.~.._;._.,._..._-.. ~_ ...•.r. ~.: Lqii?.5a.i.'f3w lnucQ ~ ~ tt i~j~L:.~+i 1 ri .` l~ SF:~~~iv 0.~` 1:i•i.~:~«/~h~TIi's,'~i» V6 t"«i ;L : OUP31l.M27;:,9 c2 ll,,r T.-22{•:•,7 Pu;jao ::n-n.,Di: r;i,y md Tva fimo Jr.•.p_:n) :40-4 OW5; ldl L1i . .._. _ _..._.........es.....,r-.., ...,.,,,..~---,...,•~4,.,....,~-, '1, ~
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50335 8279 Activ. Nerv. sup. (Praha) 23 (1) 62-64 (1981) Self-rating questionnaire and structured interview in type A behaviour pattern classification: Analysis of discrepancies M. Hon;bth, E. Frantik -~ Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Praha When R. H. Rosenman and M. Friedman proposed to distinguish persons with type A and type B behaviour pattern as groups of pe(,ple differently sus- ceptible to coronary heart disease, they took into account the overall impres- sion gained in anamnestic interviews with their patients about their usual reactions and their own observations of behaviour durinti the examination. They tried to record somehow their overall impression and therefore proposed a standard set of questions in a structured interview recorded on a tape. and criteria for the subsequent evaluation of the record. Later they proposed also a schema for evaluating overt behaviour during the intem•iew and an analysis of individual answers in the tape record, as to ccmtent and form (vocal and other qualities). as well as an analysis of specific. for type A typical, attitudes during the interview. Decisive however is still the final global judgement of the rater, iL e. dichotomic classification in to type A and B. 0:~ ~ 0 rl 0 1~ ~ c~ 3
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50335 8280 76 VI Ko GROWTH PROMOTING SUBSTANCES/ TOBACCO--STALK--UTILIZATION/ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 76 VI Ko r :~1~szhul~i~~g~ Yat aw *(no affil: USE OF SOriE FOOD INDUSTRY BY PRODUCTS AS GROWTH STIMULANTS FOR `.o:F'ODDER YEASTS. ~` Khim. Ind. (Sofia) 47 (No. 2) 84-9 (1975) (in Bulgarian with English abstract). y The hydrolyzate of tobacco stalks used as a growth stimulant for fodder yeast had the following properties: 2.06% soluble compounds, : 3.8% dry substances, 7.14 g/1, biotin, 10.32mg/1 , . nicotinic acid, 1.0% citric,acid and amino acids. The hydrolyzate was added in the amount of :5% .to 1 1.. modified Kryuchkov nutrient solution consisting'essentially of 1.29g/1 (NIi4)2 and 20;:, 1 glucose. The pH of the solution was adjusted ' to 5 and incubated with Canadida intermedia P1 *1976, No. 4, W 1548* 50 at 30°C for 16 hrs. Addition of tobacco ~ Tobacco analysis (man stalk hydrolyzate increased the yield of fodder yeast by 11.5% and protein by 8-20%. - ...-._. . . •J '° l1 J .... . _ .. _-.. U;~0 n n0 1 J 3 6 A
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EpA-600_/3-77-120 j T~TIE ANUt;UOTITIE _ r_* 50335 6281 9It:T£FS:F.TYOtielL CONFEELE7CE ON OY.IDM7TS, 1976 • ANALYSIS OF EVIDL•NGE A2:D VIEWF'OINTS Part VIII. The Issue of Optimum Oxidant Control Strat~gy ). AUTNORiSI 13. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NO. 12. SVONSORING AGENCY NAIaF. AND ADDStESS 13. TYPE OF REPORT AN,D PERIOD COVERE[: Enviro:u:iental Sciences Research Laboratory - RTP, NC Final Off ice of Research and Development 14. SPONSORINO AGENCY CODE Z: ~t°•.ezs~atea~urriija~ion°u~a~issloninr~wM~oxk, NY 3-4 DA-7-2175A 8. DA-7-2005: 3.',-P'.~M-KAzia1.' S. 'F. Spuhler 7. L. Jag~r 2. J. Paisie 4. B. Becl:er 6. K. Waid 8. G. Wol f 9. FERFORMING ORGANI7.ATtON NAME AND ADDRESS 10. PROGRAM EIEMEN N. 1, & 2. Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene, Baltimore, M1AAU03 A7-13 (FY-76) 3. & 4. Dept. of Natural Resources, l4adison, WZ 1.c N A G'rA 5. & 6. Texas Air Control Board, Austin, TX 1-2 DA-7-1934A 7. DA-7-2044: 1. w. Fsonta U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 1s. ASSTrzACT J.R r ;-Q, _,u•e no.~ B. REPORT DATE -- ~~- -D-eceMer 1977 _ Ib. rERFORMING ORGANIZATION CODE EPA/600/09 Partially funded by the Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. •In recognition of the important and somewhat controversial nature of the oxidant control problera, the U.S. Enviror.mental Protection Agency (EPA) organized and conducted a 5-day International Conference in Senteiuber 1975. Thg aMr.n tha+r* ~.. _ w .~ i) o 1 -3 36 'r; . 9 I
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- ;IT 50335 6282 ~Y.o3 ~o~lcvs; Ys. _ tt. OF ?hFIMS BY OPPIMTC by :--. 2:. &oasasa ard Ya. i. 11~a~ a.:Q9a~ iZat3 y ktiBeU €s, S. A6:pt. ar Ca~.~ezce, 5prir.cf.iold,. E=e. . ..., rvr. S. s`y t3 n ii t~i ; o 6
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50335 8283 81 IX Gr CIGARETTES--PHYSICAL PROPERTIES/TOBACCO--SMOKE--TAR/ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 81 IX Gr _wskIoj-~~,T.• Grunberg, N. E. ; Morse, D. E. ; Maycock, V. A. ;&z.l9 (Uniformed Services.Univ. Health Sci., Dep. Med. Psychol., Behtesda, Md., U. S.; Addiction Res. Found., Toronto, Ont., Can.) A CAUTION FOR CIGARETTE SMOKERS AND SMOKING RESEARCHERS. American Psychol. Assoc., annual meeting, paper, Los Angeles, CA., Aug. 1981 (in Eaglish) Tar and nicotine yields'of cigarettes are used by health care professionals, medical psychologists, epidemiologists, and public health policymakers to make many decisions concerning cigarette smoking. Unfortunately, this information may be, in some cases, grossly inaccurate. The present study examined the relationship between reported tar yields and changes in a particular physical characteristic of filter cigarettes (the overwrap length) which may artifically affect the reported values.... \ ~ 0 3 ` 0 . 0 n 0 1 8 3 6 7
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50335 8284 t i (Columbia Univ., Dep. Psychol., Ncw York, N. Y., U. S.) EFFECTS OFrCAFFEINE CONSUTiPTION ON NICOTINE CO:1SL^.•1PTION. Psycjiopharmacology 47,p16S-G8 (1976)J(in EnBlish) • _.' .~Eolfee-0rinking cigarctte .mukcn take in 1 more nicotine when thcy ingc.t :dmna no caffcine , than when they inLcsl an amuunt uf r.dfrine ranginE I from 75 mg to 300 mg. They du nut Iakc in rcldti.•cly ~ kss nicotine as the dnx af c:dlcioc incr.aws Oom ~ 75 mg to 300 mg. It sccnts. then. tliat Nlmrthing due ~ to cuffcine deficit is respun.ihlc fur dic rll'cct. I Icavicr 1 users of r.dfeine shos• this cll.,vt L%..tnrnav dwn do ---- -- - ~ , - . . . . 0 .3 0 0 n*- 0 1.13 3 6 9 NICOTINE--PHARMACOLOCY/ 76 X Ko TOBACCO--StiOKINC--PSYCIIOLOCY/ IL1R CLASS NO. PA.*iPIILET 76 X Ko .. , ,... .,r . .. . . r,Iighter uscrs of ca(kine. The.c rc.uh% arr di.ruscd in ' tcrms of the discriminahility uf catlrinc and nicotinc ~ deficits and the poisiblc inllutn.e of Jilfrrcnti:J tolrr-rnce to caffeine. The impurt.m:r ut'.i,.iluatiqt I caffeine eonsumption when .tu.f.me ui:utinc u>c and the importanee of con.idcring tl;c chnmni•: Ies.I ~ of usC of thcse drugs sshcn .tur': ing Ihcir rlrcCts on I bchavior is indic:ued. ' -- - ---- - ---- --, r--_-..r
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50335 8285 BISSERTaTIUNS-•-COLITrc131t. UIaIVi:F.S ITY/A:ICC?•1'Ir:i_---PIiAFa:ACCd.OGY/ COFFEE/ TS P.JK :.JUSS XG. TL.l"!'13C0:: i; 2240 ha19 i5 2240 F:o Mo's ~.~..W"M 1975 (Columbia Unf.v., New York, N. Y. , U. S.) THE EFFECTS OF CAFFEINE CONSUMPTION ON tt3 C.OT_ 7N_E Co_N_Sir_a_rrT nv _ Columbia Univ.,~Ph. D. Thesis, New Yorkp•`:7. Y,, 51 p. (1975) (in Er.g7.i,~. 0 3 i,) 0 ti 0 1;i 3 ts 9
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50335 6286 HYDROGEN ION CONCENTRATION (ORAL)/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--kHYSI(1-CtTEMICAL PROCESSES/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--PIIYSIOLOGY AND PSYCIIOLOGY/ TOBACCO--TASTE/TOBACCO--SMOKING--TASTE/NICOTINE--PHARMACOLOGY/ 79 X Ko RJR CLASS NO. PA.MPHLET 79 X Ko Kleiman, R. M: ([deslcyan Uni.v., Dep. Psychol., 'Mi ddl etown, CT., U. S. ) EFFECTS OF ORAL PH ON CIGARI:'!•TE ST•;OKING. • Pharmacol, Biochern. BehavJ.or. 9, 477-80 (1978) (in English) ' ~1'rrntc:~l+ility ttr nicrtinc :+cru» Ihc uta) muca.:+ h:+d h.cn +}n+t+n Io 1.e :r tfit.:t 1in.:Ir j fun.li+a+ t+f tlt:+Iir,it) in lhc or:+l c:+vit)'. I(rtc. ++r:+l pll in ci,tarrlie %InttkCrn «•:r% nt:mil.ul:+tc.l frrnn 1i11 5 1u K h)' I in.r• t%ith I 1<, , nwtt'~:+n.l \1.11:. inc . hltlr,•n. A% :+Il.:+linil) •inirc:+•rd, ci1[:nrlte I:mC ~Sa~ pi It'ci~cd :I~ ~tlani;rl. ntOrr l+ittcr..+nd. in }mu,nc ntu:t un; lra.:+nt::ut+i hc:n1•IUIC :+:cclrr:+ICJ ail:hll)•. Niittiinc a•If•:1+lntini.tr:Iliun:uul I,l+t,+d Prc%•tuc wrlc nni + } ii:!?r.in.:al. I)ilTrlcnti.+l ::h.++:P1inn af ni~+ttinc :atd crua :+d:q+t.+tiun uf .++ur l+t I+ilfcr 1:L1c~ :u~l^rih di.i u..ed_r. +_%; t:in:o-_+ I:n,l% t•++I I11C ~ .3 i~ 0 0 •ij ! d :~ 7 . 0
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TOBACCO--S,\IOKI.NG--:IICOTINE/TOEACCO--SMOKE--TAR REDUCTIO.: J CHEWING CUM--NICOTIhE/SMOKING HABITS--PSYCI:OLOGY/ 50335 8287 75 X Ko/ _... _. • RJR CLASS NO. PA~'F.LET 75 X Kc~~ - - =.Rozlcwski>, _?L: 7*.-; Jarvik, M. E. ; Gritz, E. P.. (h'esleyan Univ., Dep. Psychol., Dep. Psyctiiatty Yharr~ar_ol. ,Middleto•.rn, Conn., U. S.; Univ. Calif., Los Angeles, Dep. Psychosoc. 1`ied., Brentwood Vet. Admin. Iiosp., Los Angeles, Calif., U. S. ) NICOTINE REGULATION AND CIGARET2E SMOKING. Clin. Pharm. ].7 (No. 1) 93-97 (1975) (in English) *Keywords:* nicotine, smoke, constituent; tar, smoke, constituent. *1975, No. 5, W 1447* *d* Tobacco medicine: 7 1 I I
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50335 8288 l•Or~ACCO--S11O1~:IN(•~-TSYCI1i)LOGv / 76 X I:o2 RJR CLASS P.'tii:'IILI•;T 76 X Ko2 99A1jikAAk0-M.:~•'fK.; lIarfordt M. R. (1•iCS1C'_)icia uniVs 'i•Ij3CIZCtonj CC)ntl., U. S.) ON 1'IIE SICVIF'ICA.":CL OF i:I:VER USII:G A U'r:UG: Al £Y.i .'•SPLE FRO?: CICAfiCTTF SNOI:ING, 4) 433-34 (1976) (ln English) Jour. Abnortnal Psychol. 85 (No. Nontiscrs of a drug who have r.cvcr once tried the, drug arc usuallp treated by rescarchcrs in the .<anle u•ay as noriu.~s rs «'hn have had sonic experience with the dtuo. These nonuscr vroups at.r, holc•cccr, si--nificantiv different: The former group has not h.ul th: chancc to h.ivc the cffccts of takin; the drug act as a motivation for or apinst the drug ucc, whereas thc lattcr has had this opportunity. Thc• discussion of this problcr.i uses csamplcs from research on cigarette sn-.ok-in,-. f' ~ x to t: n i4 e This work was supportcd by prants from \Vrslcy: n Univcrsit.• and !w f'iiillil. \Tm-r+, li.S.A. t?kiou: h the Bch:~~~inral Rr.niyrr~ ii Ai .~vnrainrYnf thc 1'hillip Alorris 1tc:carch Ccntcr, 1:irhmunrl, vire;iiiia. Rcqucas for reprints shnuld Itc sent to f.ynu T. }:ozlowski, Ilctr,trlmrnt nf Pc}ch~dn; ~, \Vc;Ic)an Uni- versity, Dfiddlctown, Cunnc:ticut 0G157.
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1 50335 8290 EDITED DY PHYSIOLOGICAL ECOLOGY A Series of Monographs, Texts, and Treatfses ' TOCACCO--AG^ICl!LTUREJ u~rver.i~ o~ wr~„ Alm;to,r, wixonsm `ECOLOGY/BOTANY--ECOLOGY/GROWTH(PLANTS)/RADIATION/ ~ 'ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION/STRESS INJURY/ TOBACCO MOSAIC VIRUS/ 545 RESPONSES OF PLANTS TO Le ENVIRONMENTAL ,ISTRESSES 1972 1972 J. LEVITT Oi.Wsa d WAOfa/ idue.r Unr..n7h .l Aiiwwi tdww., M:«wi )4 p A AOEr,~~IC PRESS New York San Fr.ncitoo London ~ / A >#uOciGi.ry of H.rcourt Br.c. Jov.noricA, PublifAar i . ~ _
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50335 8291 III ~ Ko5 ~ ~ Kozmi~ta; Z. P: ' F~~y"~'°ELECTROKINETIC POTENTIAL AND pH AT THE ISOELECTRIC POINTS OF HYDRARGILLITE AND OF THE PRODUCTS OF ITS THERMAL TREATMENT, by Z. P. Kozmina, M. P. Belova and V. A.- Sannikov Kolloidnyi Zhur. 25 169-173 (1963) 0 . .~-_.-.... ~~r_., _...-,..,.,.....,.,..~.._....,.....,.,-~. .,~....,,~,.....-~-.5~.,..,,,..~,..~.T-.~r.~.-,..~-F 0300 00 1 J 37r
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A S.Ij.G PlCUC1:F1)INGS 50335 8292 XX t4eF-C-UT-74 Proceed.ings Arn. Soc. of Rrewintel', Chemists, 1.971,105-115(7.Q72 New T(:d1111(j[IC ,fol• the Cold StcrilizaLion ~ .xya ~ of Beer . i~... o.ra ~""'r" '' 11 /- l o ~ cc s 1Cau i z:;;1STtcscarcl LaLoralorics Jos Schlitz /re:cing Co J.:1c J,-,r,.)., 1.,. P. D. itAYi\1;" atid J. CU'l,\1;R, ColTec Div., A'utrico, Inc., [Vihvaukee, Wis. 0 nc of th:; modern brewing trends has been the consumcr's desire for a natural and fresh tastinc beer, particularly packao d draft Lccrs. flistorically, it has Lccn rccoGnized that hcat pastcuriaation of bccr exerts an a&er~e influence on flavor and srtbstantialiy changes its nalur4) 'taste through hcal-induced oxidation and ether effects. Many brewers also have found that the elimination of heat pa;tcurization adds has created new cold sterilization methods which are bcino used in commercial practice for the cold pasteurization of beer (11,13,14). We now ..•ish to discuss tiicsc methods in the lioht of practical production cxpcricnce and the current n•oulatory climate governing them. We will also present sonic new concepts in lhc field of cold sterilization. ~_ pcrhaps_ -innthcr nio n'': or more of s}icl f Sterilization n-ith n•Ilcptyl p-Ilydroxy . . . ' __ ~ -. . , r . . . ..._ . -r:a..a...-•~~~..+~-..... ,~. _.._ . .
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50335 8293 Can. J. Genet. Cytol. 22(2) 173-82 78 VII ag-81 /GENETIC ANALti'S1S nF QUANTITATIVE CHARACTERS IN S. p. CICAR AN1) 1'l l'E "lYH3ACCO NICOTIANA-TANACUAt. 1. MORPHOLOGICAL CHARACTERSI t 1. S. OGILVIE' AND',M~l `~LiK~ 'Canada Department of Agricutture Experimental Farm, _L'Assomption, Qufbec. JOK 1G0 and =Tobacco /nstitute, P[aninska 1. 41000, Zagreb, Yugoslavia Comparatively little is known on the inheritance of various quantitative characters in cigar filler tobacco. The production of improved cultivars depends on the avail- ability of suitable germ plasm and the mode of action of the genes which control the various characters under investigation. An experimental design for determining the type of gene action would suggest the breeding methodology to exploit the available variability for the maximum economic benefits. The diallel form of analysis has been used in a number of studies with flue- cured tobacco (Chaplin, 1961; Matzinger and Mann, 1962; Povilaitis, 1966) and to a lesser extent with burley and Maryland types (Fan and Aycock, 1974; Legg et al., 1969, 1970) and dark tobacco (Espino and Capote. 1976), with some studies on hybridization between different types (Povilaitis, 1970, 1971; Chang and Shyu, 1976). Until recently, there has been very little such analysis on cigar tobacco, one exception being that of Dubey (1975). - 13 3 7 7
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72 71 Y 1:6 ~ ~l i.f' 3 / . 50335 8294 f AEROSOL SA1,SI'LER FOR CHEMICAL A1'1) 1)}SPI:ItSE- F'HASE ANALYSIS (EXCilA1:G::OF 1:1;PFit)ENCL) A. S. h4.^.ndriko, I. 1.. PciS.'.k11oV, A. N. Rckhtman, and ;itr••:f,wKoyry3.;s c At t'ic p:cscnt tirnc Eas Is sa:,t;phj fro:n wpo: srraartu at rc•latIvely iuga tcm,xratures by tiie pratctica of in- ternal filtrn ticn of t1 :c dwt-ladcn Eras tl rcra"b gl^a tiLal •?,:olcrn"• ty}rs va.h,r caad r.r•'rs [1). it is criffic:at to scp- ar: l: sornc s}-:t,ics o` d.st [ro:n ti,c fih:rs in tuat riictilod, ana tlus cv:ntually }caJs to distortio2l of tllc r,sults of c11sL^.r;ioa sa;;tica and c1.t.rnicll cc:oilon iticn rtudir•s. Ti:c tntni.~:ratn:c range of the possible rangc of app:icr.tion ; of F;las>-fit::r \•ayo: c•o:,ccn:cts of tit:~t t~~ ;2 (:00-:1,,G"Cj a):o }*:'cYcs Ir. cdec;t:ac In sotna tustanccs. We proN]c 111C sc•stClll SltO;tn f2t 1•1^ 1 fo: sa:::rvil:^ rltt;t f;c:rl strcFir's ?L a:~ r~ 0 r~ ra 113 3 7 F
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e;k>.AIi.S"uad `$;vPsZaojy PIu..ay 'd IE : yfil pUc auT7 u~3!oZ Acl `;r;lZ'I NQOI. Cu.l ~)~7tifl~iL t'•'.T.oq Pu TZ, S5Z8 SEEOS
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50335 8296 VOL. S, N0.(S ) GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS ;o~0 • NAY 1978 0 ~ III Du2-78 i S.Y. RADIATIVE EQUILIBRIUN TE?1PF.RATURES IN T11E STRATOSPHERE AND MF.SOSPHERE - A COMPARISON FOR THE STELLAR OCCULTATION AND BUV OZONE DATA W. R. Kuhn, t1+"RtiiE9l'!Y; R. J. Cicerone and S. Liu Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Hichigan 48109 •Abstract. Recently published ozone densities in the equatorial stratosphere and mesosphere from satellite stellar occultation measurements are appreciably larger than previous independent s<idlatitude measuremente and ozone dcnsities pre- dicted by photochemical theory. We have calcu- lated radiative equilibrium temperature profiles with a stratosphere-mesosphere optimized model for each of these ozone profiles ani find that the stellar occultation studies cannot be dis- counted on energy balance grounds. Introduction Recent stellar occultarion measuremen!s of niphttime equatorial ozone between 45 km and 110 km by Mr&ler et nl. (1976, 1977] are two to thrce tiAaes :,igher than the midlatitude ozone ~ concco.trations of KrueF,or nnd_ Hinzncr (1976]. a1 fl~code~icaT) ph~tpchc ical-~,a1c~ -ati`6 ic ,ler r ~`5' f~_ et al., 1977) also y~cld ozooe con ns ~~ntr ions aDout three times lower than the etellar occulta- tion results. Frtra ozone sources or a very dry w in i u (,1) Is 1rr1 tn flt the C1 tropospheric profile was shifted, a new boundary flux determined, and the calculat*ons for the strat:,sphere and mesosphere repeated. This pro- cedure was continued until the outgoing flux agreed to within + 12 of that measured by vnnderHaAr and Suomi (1971]. The tropopsheric water vapor Is from HeClatcher et al. (1971]. The C02 and 03 concentrations were fixed at 4.56 x 10-` and 4.8 x 10-° gm/ns respectively. The cloud cover was assumed to be 50% with the cloud tops located at 525 mb. Our "atandard" upper air model for ozone (Figure 1) is from Krucecr nnd Minzner (1976]. Tlds model applies to latitudes of 30' to 60'; however, the equatorial ozone data presented earlier by K_ ru Ser_ (1973J yield essentially the same profile as given in their 30' to 6Q' latitude model. Also ahown are the equotoriol ozone data for the stellar occultation mensurements of jitjler et Al. (1977); the water vapor mixing ratio Is from Liu et al,. (1976), and the C02 amount Is 4.56 x 10'~ gm/gm. The stratosphere ozone conr.entrations shown in'
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~ r 0 /7 6 8'-?•ey c.sv3) i uA> >, 1901] . SCIENCE. they bnd ever ottendcd. - A11 were hearty and unanimous in the desire that the gen- eral meetings of the society should be con- tinucd and made an annual event. No fur- ther justification of these meetings is needed than that they have been successful, that they have attracted many members from a distance and that their continuance is de- sired by those who are acquainted with them ; furthermore, it should not be neces- sary to defend our oldest scientific society for carrying out in practical form the broad policy which it has upheld for more than a centur3- and a half. Nevertheless, since there has been some misunderstanding as to the purpose of these general meetings, it may not be amiss to point out the fact that in no sense are 683 The program of the meeting with ab- st.racts of some of the papers presented fol- lows; most of these papers will be printed in'full in publications of the society: TIIIIRSDAY, APRIL 2. rlfornivig Session, 10 o'clock. President Smith in the chair. • President's dddress of Welcome: Professor EDGAR F41SW tTn.. The Structurc of the Corn Grain and Its Relation to Popping: Professor ujpny; ,~Jof Philadelpbia. ere is a•marked difference in the struc- ture of the several parts of corn grains, and according to the character of the endosperm three distinct kinds of grains may be dis- tinguished as follows: (1) One variety, i- •A'K .' --0 -m-7 M W
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f 01 __...Y~.....~.. ~....., <s.. '.:..,<u:::.........-..~. ~.Y~...:..,_.....-.._._..._..-~ . n (£95T `•2das) EZ£-9Z£ `'l (cto©sg) "Aavn.i.qn •u;:OX S3"i3It?' .. UID•IfiiT•i i:o SSSTJ'J ?.Vf'Th."i:I ryi1S ti0 IVI;ZYMMRi.i:3:i:VII' B6Z8 SEEOS
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~ 50335 8299 _.~ -- ~ ;. s VI .~ Zur papierchromtographischen Trennunp von Alkaloiden; Dargestellt am Beispiel der drei -1 TaUakalkaloide: Nikotin, Nornikotin, und Ana - basin. From: Pharmazie 8_:251-56 (1953). ...,,.P..,.,.., . . ..-.,.. . ~,,,. ,._ .• -. ..-...a,....-......,~,.n,~ . • ~
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._----- ~ 74, SP 1af.,mr.~li"r, /Irl•. 1'ul 10. pp jJt• tlt. I'al.rninn Prr. j'nnrrJ in /7a+d I)rit.ie 50335 8300 BUY OR COPY? DFL A LI13RARY OPERATIONS ]tESFAItC 'r!I,Q WILLIAAi BRUCE PIIT Vcpartment of !'hilosophy, Georgetown Urivcrsity, Washington, D.C. College of Library and Information Services. University of \iary!and, College Park, Maryland (Reeeired 30 July 1974) Summary-The probl:rn of how much of a branch library's budget shoud be spent on acquisition of new maleri:d ac opposed to holding capital in reserve to photoduplicatte material at the main library upon demand is presented. A mnthematii:J mudel is constructed and discussed in detnil, and a solution procedure basen on a dyrnmic programming epproach is developed. Sever,d photoduplication policies are considered, modeled, and compared. An cxample problem is presented to show how the formulas work. Thus a library problem represenlative of the farbcr prublems of library networks is developed further as an example of library operations research. INTRODUCTION C.ONSlqrk the varinnc rnrn.+lAV (: 3 0 0 0 () I J .3 A 4
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50335 8301 • - - ""FREbTVVYF#CRQFV, DONALD H. GRANBOIS, and JOHN O. SUTAMERS*- Jour. Marketing Res. 10, 235-241(August 1973) , t 78 XI Ad - 79 An analysis is preser.!ed showing the association between a summated brand S. P. 1 evaluation index and brands purchased over time. The summoted index was no more predictive than simpler measures such a; "brand lost purchased" and a 7- point rating scale, although the summated index may hove value as a diagnostic tool. Brand Evaluation and Brand Cho-ice: A Longitudinal Study INTRODUCTION needed which compire the ability of the comF 3fie usefulness of brand-specific measures of attitude in predicting choice or purchase has been demonstrated , in several studies [1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 18 j. Recently, i recognition of the diagnostic and interpretive possibili- ties ties of multidimensional measures incorporating con- sumers' assessments of brands in terms of their attributes + has stimulated much research. For example, a_recent re~rjew ~ aasynth~sis~ 33 empirical studies using nul:i- at~fi,bd4 c d~pdsitio m~dels t14jtl[r, iJes0ioqls, at- tribute tribute importance or evaluation scores are weighted by L bclief or evaluation scores for brands so that a summed model to predict brands purchased over time a of one-dimensional predictors. The research r: here deals directly with thcse issucs. Data are pr shon•ing the relationships between a measure si: that reported by Bass and Talarzyk ~7] and bra r chased over time for three product classes: coffee. juice, and paper towels. The objectives of this : are: (1) to test whether this measure based on th ation of brand attributes is predictive of brar chased over time; . nd (2) to comparce the predic of ihis sunimated measure with an overall 7-poi sc:;le, brand first mcntioiiied, last brand purch2
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50335 6302 1 , X s~dd~:.4W SiIt:ITsILTRe'~'\' OF I'YiriiY3m 1'1:.A2TI0£:P,P-:E:lLT:: El' rE,tul S:.s:i.3, by j. tf. Rrcft c;ar? D. C. Erw:,'.a Fhyeapsl:lEaZogy 57 (A:o. S) 866-6bt3 (1967) ..-,...,,~.._.._.,._ .~.-.-~ .•-z..p.,,. .?..A-.'.„-.•,.~..n.~....-.. ,•~..~.:.T,._ () A t'1 ~ i7 f) I ~3 3 A 0^*
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50335 8303 ! I , Chem.-Biof. Interactions, 31 (1980) 81-92 "'1 f~ 8I •® Elsevier/North-Holland Scient' ic u Fshers Ltd. I Re9-80 NITROSAAIINE CARCINOGENICITY: A QUANTITATIVE S.p. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MOLECUL AR STRUCTURE AND ORGAN SELECTIYITY FOR A SERIES OF ACYCLIC N-NITROSO CODIPOUNDS AB. EDELMAN,PA .TRW-,;T'+": KRAFT; W.M. RAND and J.S. WISHNOK* Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Massachusetts I:astitute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139 (U.S.A.) (Received October 9th, 1979) (Revision received February 11th, 1980) (Accepted February 18th, 1980) A mathematical model has been developed which describes the selectivity between liver and other target organs for a series of carcinogenic N-nitro- sodialkylamines. The, relationship requires structural terms for the parent molecule as well as for the potential metabolites. This suggests that the nitrosamine metabolites are involved in tumor induction and that they participate directly in the mechanisms responsible for selecting the target organ. . . 3 A 7 , . i= 1
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.. s K. .; 50335 8304 I Me -74 s . Environm:nt-a! Protcction Techno;agy Series ..KF,AF',t'--BFFI.UENT--COLQR L'H.4RAC3'ERIZATIO.%I=iiiy£OR£- }1tM ' . By TREA3?MVL:~ John W. Swanson Aardev S. Dugal rion A. Buchanan Edgar E. Dickey f • 1: Prepared for - i • EPA-R2-73-141 February 1973 OFFICE OF F.ESEr'1RCH AND ::ONITORING U.S. ENVIRO*^IEVTAL PROTECTION AGENCY WASHINGTON, D.C. 20460 , . ( . . . . , . ,. . C, .,l lp) 'i )() ():
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50335 8305 . ;_ .~ ^ ~)P&" .!f 72 II Rel-7K , ,/?. i*uz-A f If ~tT~~~~ vvUey ~~~racid . icts 'Quality Sei11ina?•' fot' f ood editars reveals Go1/1 p[1111r is 111StCtll111 g stezu ttltl•u/iffi-ntion system. at Stockton, Il1., whey unit CHI CAGO. Aug. 2.--Art;res- sive research in whey products for use in baking and other foods was ~0-, .3 /976, ) by r°aft ~ emphasized by cornpany officials at a recent "Quility Seminar" for food editors hcld at the Kraftco Research and Development facil- ity. The two-clay pro;;ram, which In- cludi,da loiu• of the ICraftco pilot balc- cry kitchens and t:uncral laboratories in addilion lo a seminar, also included avisil to Ihe compruty's Stockton, Ill., cheQ.qc and whoy planls. Protcin whcy extract coming New clevelopn:ents revealecl dw•iug TiScrchanc'isers & liam,Zlcrs at counEry run ivains in Nebraska and NapTSi:ls ~ i .i ~ j ! ` , 1` 1J ~. ltz a . ~. r ~L.1'.°. \,,t; N~..~~ : :: .~ 4°ji the program included the fact that l:raftco is installing an uilrafillration system at the whey unit at Stockton. Stanley Osri, national sales manager for industrial producls, on qucstioning by lhe footl eclitors, revealed that thc system is intencled to produce a whey extract prolcin similar to *thnl pro- duced by olhrr companies. IL is ;,-en- crally believed that 1'1"1' Continental Rakinti Co.'s 1'roclaim Bread iuacle use of such a product. Mr. Osri pointed oul that certain inherent econoinies in the ICraflco process were expactetl to resull in a cheaper producl thvt pres- ently offered hy others in the irnlus- try. Compauly officials revealed that ap- proxim, tely 100,000 lbs of sweet Whey per day received from the Stockton cheese plant will be ulilized in the ultrafillration system. L:u•1os:, the p5 irtciliai-rct idiic of the proccss; wiii be in turn liscd by thc pluut's fcrmen• lalion syslcm which producc; dena- ~,,.,,..,,~~~ .. . .,,: , L'
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Vt .T:, ..i_. ~ ~ 1 i t ~ __..._._---.-. .__..._ s ..,_. _.~.-. , 50335 8306 r L I --- ~ Kr +.'tY.. I r'={Ii. L-.'b. iCChn<r}u.[:A 19, (1967) '9 0 t t
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50335 8307 VA.RrRTSONS of !NI: PRarVO~= aP sMdM IN fiNE YERME1JIP/4TYOt3 OF '1bBAC'W. Zhur. pri kiad. }5h;m: (USSR) 11 (No. 3) 51.5-2t" - J~ral-i.st+ -fr4nslqt3.on I C) E? ~
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50335 8308 . WATER--ANALYSIS/PnLYt.UCLE.NR ORGAtiIC NATTER/CASES--Ai`ALYSIS/nILS--AtlAt.YSIS/ AIR--AICALYSIS/AIR--POLLUTin.':--A":ALYSIS/. . ' ' :' •• •tETALS--ANALYSIS/ ENERGY COWEitSIQY PROCLSSCS/EiiYIRQaNE.`ITAL 110aIT0RIVC/AEROSnLS/ CIiE:•tISTXY,A'1ALYTIC--OIt(:.1:1IC/CHE:IISTx'y, I.%ORGASIC--ANALYSTS: / ~,/1{POATNO. • !. _y --- l./IlGlP/ T . `J~7I.U• N . EPA-600/7-79-029a_ _ b•7 5 ., TITa AND.v.T/TL. Emissions Assessment of Conventional {' Nt/0/1T OATS RA Stationary Combustion Systems: Methods and Proce- 576 Ua J~ for Sampling and Analysis {, f{lltOIIMINO OROANIZATIOM COD. dures Manual 1979 r.AUTN A! J.W liamersma D.G,Ackerman M M Ya- •F{AFO11MIN0O/1OANI2ATION/1{POPTNO. . , , . . mad C p, Zeo,C li;i_ ,. T. T1cGre Zor,J, F. Clau- ~ ~ ~~ ~1•;•Krr.ftJ ~hit ro, and E LiV[oon een !• I/RfORMINO OnOANI2ATION NAMS ANO A0O/1tlJ /0. 1110O11AM ~ MaFiY • TRW Systems Group EHB525 Ono Space Park • Rodondo Beach, California 90278 88-02-2197 17.lPONlOR/NOAO[NCYNAMIANDA00; E/! TV! O ~~ HT 4 I~~IOOCOVt~iO 6,'t~- fL97i~ Y~1naf Office of Research and Development EPA ; , Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory u• lrONlOnINO Ao {ncr COO{ Reoearch Triangle Park, NC 27711 EPA/600/13 u.iVPIIIMINTAIIY NOTItIERL-RTP project officer is Ronald A. Venozia, y:D-82, 919 5Y1- 2.547. ~ The manual describes a detailed and 1nts grated set of oampang and analy- tical procedures for conventional combustion sources which are con:pati'olo with the information requirements of a colnprehensive Level I environmental aseeasment. The,purpose of the data to be generated by these teot8 is to ultimately provide omis- C 3 0 , 0 _ E I 0 ~ .i 3 9 2 r
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50335 8309 MEDICINE--ABBREVIATIONS/ACRONYMS/ F REF Q 123 Ga 1976 Abbreviations and Acronyms in M edicine and Nursing SOLOMON GARB, M.D., F.A.C.P. Lfbrar) of Congresa Cataloging In Publication Data Garb, Solomon. Abbreviations and acronyms in medicine and nursing. BiblioGraphy: p. 1. Medicir.e--Abbreviations. 2. Medicine--Acronyms. 3. Nursing--Abbreviations. 4. Nursing--Acronyms. Scientific nirec•tnr. American Medical Center at Denver Associatc Clinical Professor ofSledic•ine, University of Colotado Medical College I. Krakauer, Eleanor, soint author. II. Justice, Car- son, joint author. III. Title. (DHL'4: 1. Medicine-- Abbreviations. 2. Melicine--Acronyms. 3. Nursing-- Abbreviations. 4. fiursing--Acronyms. W13 G213a) R121.G22 61o'.1'48 75-29483 issN o-8261-2000-8 ' r Publishing Company i,7,, Springe Now York .ELIC-~ANaR 'K,RAK'A1lER4*,,-:w_ Medical Librarian. American Medical Center at Denver CARSON JUSTICE Administrative Assistant. American Medical Center at Ucnrer
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50335 8310 CHEMISTRY,ANALYTIC--REAGENTS/CHEMISTRY,I230RGANIC/ CHEMICAL TESTS AND REAGENTS/REAGENTS/ QD ~' 7 7 Ho 1976 V rL•LLIS HORWOOD SHRIES IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Editor: Dr. R. A. Chalmers V'**fft A N D B 0 ®K OF ORGANIC RE' AGE' N7CS IN INORGANIC ANALYSIS ELLIS HORWOOD LIMITED Chichcster Halsted Press: a division of JOHN WILEY & SONS Inc. New York o London o Sydney o Toronto ZA.VI9 HOLZBECHER LUDVI K. DIVI9 iM ILAN.K IUAI;=~-...- LADISLAV 9UCHA FRANTI9EY, VLACIL Translator: STAI`ISLAV KoTRLY Series pnd Translation Editor: DR.R. A.CIIALMGRS University of Aberdeen J X'-n o () ( 1 ) a 3 - 9 4
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1 , ~ 1 TP 50335 8311 370 K O: QIJti;.ITY COi;Tf+OL FOR TiiB F()oC. It:; .:SatY, by Amiliud and Ber.nard A. lhrigg. c.~' ,2 c~.. 196211SL :i? P., S lv The AVI F'u'a14.zhing Co. , Inc. Westport, Conn. :P ti 9
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81 V Kr ~ i 50335 8312 TASTE--TESTING--STATISTICAL METHODS/. SENSORY EVALUATION/ A NON-PARAMETRIC RANKING METHOD FOR THE STATISTICAL EVALUATION OF SENSORY DATA• TA#!H V_IIAQW4.*£: w University of Maryland, College Park. Md., U.S.A. and G. KAHAN, D. COOPER, and A. PAPAVASILIOU McCormick Company, Inc.. Ballimore, Md., U.S.A. Abstract. Sensory data are rarely normally distributed and should, therefore, be statistically analyzed by non-parametric techniques. A computer program was devised for generating tabular data by which up to twenty samples can be compared following evaluation by as many as seventy-fi%e panelists. When sAmples are initially ranked, rank sums for each sample may be compared to appropriate entries 11 t~n tht tables dir~tly.tl_( sci}lar values arc assigned by panelists, the technique is still useful, but the alues must' first~be cofiverfeb to ranks. I
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50335 8313 I ., .:. ,. .e ` ~ C4~:..:.r.1.r 1.:.~:l. 3a1r.a .~11•~Z~xFI~:D FflR F'c-J;:iJCQ F.;n3 t'a?. Z-.,,5, 100-108 (1952) ~<..~ _ _....._..,....._.~ : .~.v ~~.,.-.-~ __- ..~.,. .,,,_...a.........,~,,,.~--.-.r.~ .
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50335 8 31 u rUuk:-.~;'i>:h ~ ui:ia ~t:5i,:- l:;'HLUi13'lUr.1 1.11, Cor:Sl!1IrR TI:STINC/ 370 Kr 1973 2 C. TEXTURE MEASUREMENTS F°DL OF FOODS 1 C. PSYCHOPHYSICAL FUNDAMt:NTALS; SENSORY, DtECHANICAL, AND CHEMICAL PROCEDURES, AND THEIR INTERRELATIONSHIPS Edircd by y?~"~`'~ A>~vI`I~t1~S'~Clt`Art1rR - _- (Professor or Food Scienca) • (/nheraity o/Maryland. Collegc Park, Mor)-land and ALINA S. SZCZESNIAK (Senior Research Specialist) Generol Foodt Corporation. )Vhire Plainr, New York in collaboration with selected authorities on the physiology, anatomy, chemistry, rheology and psychology of texture assessment of food . D.REIDEL PUBLISHING COhiPANY DORDRECHT - HOLL A'dD / BOSTON-U.S.A.
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'12 11 Kx• QuCU?'••'..^):CG;2 "1L D7SEItSr." ~"~ 50335 8315 M sl4N't;llliw' i y Ttte E'orrc°.;;'riun o's (_'l.rmical and Ercvi.r4v'Incntal : hrc:cst>rc.>icn<.s foI• NVcrl:crs 1:?x,possed to N'i1.yl _C:i..}~_ride-- ~::~'+" - -._f- ~--------- C. and J. E: MUI CHLGRO Thc /)on Chrc;ia+l Co.+:pnny. A!idiond. I.ficAi);on 46640 _ (! -:~/v tncihod i% c'c,cai6;d fc.r /t+t slfitiaica! comsolidatic+n xud cotr.lation of cn•irct r,rnt?! c.c+ •:+r. n:rr:l.:;nd clir,icrl tiuJit+t•~ r•-.it:r u. nu casaal,lv i, r.toup of I+c:.I h~' tut lc %+otl-cr. c~poscd rnulin:l In vit+}! calutidc fur pcriuus up ft' :: ycarS. fi.tro i.cc(i~c iu Il+c s:rdy rc~.aI• kc%ctaM slrt;~licallJ sittni!icant cffccts fiunt cinonic c.:tast,re% tu %inyl chloric!e .+ud [recas uf vit:)li::e•ne ehloride. 0 :; o 0 r" r) i"p :9 .9
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' 50335 8316 $1 III Un-81 i of Azides - AZIDES/ Handling, Storability, and Destruction , B. D. Pollock, W. J. Fisco; "A, ,. ~ and A. C. Forsyth' ~~ A. INTRODUCTION This chapter is concerned with the handling and storage of azides, particularly lead azide, in the laboratory and in bulk. The two principal requirements are that the material reach the end of this part of the "trail" in serviceable form, and above all, that it do so without harm to personnel. The sensitivity and -explosivity of theSie substances rqnder the subject of safety of major concern, not only in the plant but also in the laboratory. The latter is also true because a continuing program of research and development constantly presents new 0 -; n 0 n n 13 4 0 0
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50335 83t7 ---~ - ~ ~II K~r~ ~7u1 ~an CJt. . Author~,, . Ki : (1963) i 1 K: ?.,..^~r arvi Ra1:y A.nn Garth Y.lxrshbawa, Au.i.u? , ~rr~;!`'.~1L •~ , :.:"' ^,. ~;G'.i QF t :.. . :',U~''=~~:J7~.".: i i.lr.;t;~'~( ?TH Plh~.a h'OR tsNl'IFSi0a1C ASSAYS, by Amie2. Mrshbdtur, Kij F A An.abi.c4i+c3 CtsemaeheYap. 3,_2 W:,. 8) 5/a'_i--550 11967) CJI
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~.i")`., !. V. ,~, fi .% %,r . fr1 !t` ~l~.~.~ ~ ~ ~~i Pvtanagernent MjxroG?,l'el' Sima'dnr {11 :,1LIf-Ok:P.1A STATE COLLEGE AT LOS ANGELES CONSULlANT= HOME ECONOMICS AND COtiS! 1h1ER AFFAIRS JOHN iwILEY & SrJNS, !i,!C:. Now Yor' . • London • Sydney • Toronio ;,. i3 (? f~ i~ i u 1' i~ ?
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50335 8320 SM0I:INC HABITS---PHYSICIA:~S; TO}iACCO--S?IOi;It~'Cr•-FAVOTtt.BLE LITERATURT / 78 X J(r la\VIKUtirtlavI'Al, Ht ALYn/ S;(li0 f1ff11.)^ THE Rl•S1;S OF HF.ALTH. RJR CLASS NO. PAIMPHLLT 7 8 X Kr Newswc•ek 1978, .p. 11 (Feb. 6, 1978) (in Ene]i.sh) cv.•arc: lit•inF mrry bc 1rar.;irrl:n:s to 1 ~ y cnn hc:tltlrh l:ocli o( us cvcry cl:ty c.\po.cc liiinsc•1( to cotnillrss risla to liis he.11lh--so:nc l:nown, nmrny suspcc•tccl, :incl irmv:ncral~l: utlr_rs yet to 1>e unc•ut•- crccl. •1'l)c cit;.uctlcs we smc:l:e. (lie alc•ulrol ac ciririk, t1LC clict .\•e t;rl, tlre ; utcm-'<1~ilr•s v:c• (1tivc•, t-,crlrnps t•rcn tlu rve brcatlrc rnay tc prcscni sul:.t.tntial }rc,; llll,isi:s. ~iuaofus:uca;:nteufthcsc i risks and yrt fcw of trs ar tu.illy stut ') smol:iny; or clrinkirrt;, st:ry oll• tile hit;h- ~t•ays, or lctsc• ~~~cil~l:t. Not c\•cn tlrc tnosl ~ Le:+ltli-cvnscitr»s :.rnont{ us has clc-ciclcd ~ to slo;i 1>:c: tlring.~ ~ (1 t1. Cf . 4.0 '4
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50335 8321 fxx a ~ Shl ~ (1968) N:: R4t~o~l- ~ ShC?.tc :, L. R. , Jr. ~ ~ fi .t'.~•L?RIEI:`.: 0:• allE F.'-tf.??EIl : nn Y P~.Ld•J4.~•..J T`a~ ~..~.L~SI,.Yi by L. R. ShaltGti, .1r:, ~ t:. V. 1-c: rdn.l-'L.r, t3. F. Sv.xi-Apv-iew, F:. I'. Baex, R. 1'. EJ.! dotC, J. B. H}>a :rir,a, anG 11. Kramer 19a9 30 Przgas of Haa!t;l:, l.;du4E:.i.a:3, r;r:c! F:el.ftze, Vs.oQ ar.1 Aru; AcwIszis;xrati.on . _,....._~...._-...~....~.~-~..,~... ~, ., ~ t 4 0 S
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50335 8322 ASSOCIATION SttISSE DES FARRTCANTS nF. CIGARETTES/ 0~k.MEW-,%3'2ERRE/MUSTFp, EDQL~1Rn/AR`+QLD, EDOt'ARD/ART'h j ANTOINE/ HAUSEr.MAVtl, *~cAx/ 73 Xi Ad -80 S. P. 1 SIdI S S TV Rni^:nTAr.LE :1r!;ATF. ON S't(1Ki"'G AND HFALTa, ADVERTISING, SOCIAL COST. Anri1. 21, 198n (in French) 0 ~.~ rl3 f1 n t~ o i 34 n 6 ~A i
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50335 8323 Plant;cnd Soil -16(473-426 (1977) 77 VII Ra TOBACCO--GROWTH FACTORS/ f ..._ T'[s. 2969 P.I:T_:17'IVl? GI:OWTH A\ll \UTRII'sNT ACCUMULA"I'IO\T 1ZA"I']?S FOR TO1,ACCOy by C. 1)AVII) IZr1Pf:R, Jr. 1)eparluicnl of Soil S(icncc, North Carulina Stalc UnivcrsilY, 12alcigh, North Caruliua, U.S.A. and ])AVIll 7'. I't1TTLrso~T, LA\N'I:I:NCJ? R..rA (:SONS** and ISAUi; si:A)Mr-iz~ llcpartment of Botany, Duke llniecr;ily, Durhacn, \orlh Caroliua, U.S.A. t) :i I-) n n( ; 1:; J. 0 7
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5Q335 8324 1322 __ SU • A1AA JOURNAL VOL. 15, NO. 9 ITT nu2-7R' S.P. 4 7F/ ' I• v. f Potential Ozone Column Ic~crcasc Ivcs~~iti~i~; ~~m Qu bsonic and Supc>i sonic Aircraft NOX Elilissions George F. VVidhopf,' Lcslie Glattj and The Aerospace Corporalion, LosAngeles, Calif. A/e'o-dimensional lime•dependenl pholochetnical model developed to describe file meridional distribution of the imporlanl Iracc species in file stralospherc and troposphere continuously throuphout the year has been uwd to estimate file effcct on ozone of NO, cmissions, supplied by file Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), from a combined fleet of supersonic and subsonic aircraft prnjected to be operational in 1990. I-lie net effect of this combined fleet is lo increatie the atntospheric ozone level slightly (macimum local cutumn change <_ 1.5°b) for the given chemical system. 1liV.h-altitude injections of NO, result in a decrease in file ozone column abo.e approximately 15-16 km, as predicted in numerous previous studics. However, this reduction is smaller than the inercase in (lie ozone column resulting fruin file production of ozone through the mcthane-smor chemical c3 cte resutling from file large amount of !\O; deposited at lower altitudes (L 13 kin). Relative laliludinal and seasonal variations of (he ozone change are large, being I;reatesl in (lie fall and least in thc late spring and .ummcr seasons. Since (lie changes in lhe ozone column are sensitive to file methane-smog reaction system, mnre in- ~~ formation rcga~rdiqe Ihe rates at which these rr~ctiqps proceed is needed to affirm (lie presc~ri initial estimates. t: ."! 1.i ' - - ~ -------- --1'~'..
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--~± --- ~ ....._ . _..s.._ ...._.._ _.~ 50335 8325 73 111 Me , . 1 J. Binczewski W 4LOY COMPOS 1 TES S IMUL.TANEOUS CAST t NG OF '` PA PE SEE,. G..: CT1OIt"I 345 EATTA 7tA STREE7. NfiW YORK. N.Y. 10017 _ ~ - - ------ •--• - .-,...,-....-..._ i PAPER NO, 2A72-82 , . .... .. .`: Ae :Ej I • . . 1 , fl
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. • al+~r _tnlron Rrstarth, ;: ty~) gt-g2 ' O1Jsc.•icr ScivntiGc 1'ul•liRhing Crirnl)any, :\mstcn}ain--Prlntcd in Thc Nt:thcrlands ' • .1i1R SI{iTAG1:NICITY OF SACCHARIN . ~~t..~. . • . Ikpartu:rut aJ radiation Gtucti•cs cud C~ituricel. Atuln;nKsis, 5talt• Uttiversily of Leiden, LeidtK (Tke .\•rthrrlands) . c
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1 50335 8327 a .~...... :~ r" Atv IDE2iTI?~rLATIO:~ OF CC~J!.~:U ! \.ViipONliNi:i, i7y 11T. E. Food F.enaarch ti5 712-719 (?G, 00) r , ~ .
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50335 8328 Add 71 xx i P1eE 6 ~S.P. > i Y f . :4 ... . . ~ rr.:! cdel, Pau]. sMU CaNSTxrsr;.rS aF xdZ t.RoM CuM!'LF:X OF CJi~I'::E, by Paul Friedel, Victor 'r:rampl, 7'ereiiyc Ru:fferc, Jbar. A. Rezzner, Francis ?4. Shcniharri cana Maurazio A. Cianturco JJour. ftgr. Pooc1 Cht.:a. ? 9{th. 3) 530 (~Lay-3uue 1971) I .,..,. -..,.,.-...., ~..,-.., . i ~ !•e rs / r~ f':; . • 2
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50335 8329 ~-- ~ Tp~7 ; S 2~%ji . ~~ .. ~ Not For Publication Presented Before the Division of 4Jater, Air and Waste Cheaistry . _ American Chemical Society • . ChicaBo, Illinoic, September 13-18, 1970 EFFECTIVE PROCESSES FOR TFX OXIDATION OF CO TO C02 ' R. F. Sutt, R. S. Joyce, Y.,'~~`:Ccann, J. R. Lutchko, and G. S. Tobias Pittsburgh Activatcd Carbon Division, Calgon Corporation It.TF.ODUCTION P. 0. Box 1346, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15230 I The catalytic oxidation of carbon nonoxide has•been widely reported in the'liter- J ature.(1,1). Pl:itir.ura group c::tais or one or more transition metal oxides a=e I e_,c~:ncr,~l Iy_ u~ect ~~-i, tElir. .jsri.~f6 c;taly,st.: tiorc,-il1y, these nre supported orn a tl:erm.~ll ylly ~ . .... . __.. a..i. . _ . .... _ . . 1 , . . . - . -..-..._-.,...._....__._ . .r_.~++.r .. . .
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YITo 50335 8330 1965 l~nr~e> M~ -F xt~ ~~ ~ ~RMtIlsNG S~i~aa'tvE Eff x,exsNcy CI'6AW-'i'SE QHAliQOAI~, Ier Krsnd, 1+l, ~.; .D. D. 71.RsQlbec,k, araJr. R. xutchlaa,; Tayer n 13 4
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50335 8331 ....~.,._.,_.._~.,_k..:.n~.:._...,.~...~...~.e.....x,.i..:...~..+_...~......._._~...- - • - -.H.~ -caL,....v.:~::ii TS Smirnov, L.I. :ce.40 Bioct.eade des TOE-,ks. Den Haag, W. Junl:, 1940. 176 r. 28 cm. .^ T)w-.+sT+.w..~- f,' ~ el ) 1 {1 r -- , !1 C•' 1 ) . . ~ ,7 l
Page 833: yrm95d00
50335 8332 ~; _ 73 TdE :CC.~---2:ALI:IC IIYI)I'.A?.Tp~ jTO,"..~( CU=~S°f0;:r4G='a1i~ALTH L•'fiFFCT/--.- L l ~ ~ - F IP CL ' SS N0 Pa-fFIi E ~ . • ; . L T VII Re-73 s.p. e } .F. i'r,•.;,v, 1-r. 1). ;..n-czova, Y. rI. , , - t c.) . (T.,t'tut Phy:;iol. P1antos .•I I'opov E,cad. Bulg. Sci., Bul ' OF TFic: R't:SU)UAi. QU~UMTTI;S OF ifALEI:C HYDRA?.1DE IN TOB:1CCo : Quan:ires lteslc3uc•11es D'Iiydrazide Maleiyuc Dans + 1G ; FC'J7.llf_'s 4. . cnt L;C. ) i` al;st: act) t Summary: Sci. 26 (i;o. 6) £119--21 (1973) (in Bulgarian with English hyCrazide, tobacco, additive. Colorimtric metliod(n-di.mcthyland.nosbenzaldehyde) only briefly described. Results lead to the conclusion that the residual quantities are insignificant from a health point of view. The literature on the alleged deleterious ef_f.ects of maleic hydrazide is briefly reviewed. :i1 .. f' ;~ Ct o f? :'r I' R l ) I
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. 50335 8333 ~~ : ~ohn ris~ja.n, 3bD9 ~ T- '~'' ° Tlio pii u•-ii icologic principles of medical practice; a test- book on pharmacology and tlierapeutics for medical M•u- dents, physicians, and the rnembers of the professions allied to medicirie, by Jolin C. Krantz and C. Je11etY Carr. 4th ed. Baltimore, Williams & lS'ill.ins,1958. 1313 p. Illus. 24 cm. 1. Theraiwutics: ' 2. 'Ph4rmlcala~' -*---I: -Carr, Charles Jelleff, 1910- Joint author. ii. Title. r.Drlo1.h79 13: S 615 58-G3G.-. f Library of Congress ~"'l 15Sh5j a r' . ~A 6 7
Page 835: yrm95d00
,`i ' 50335 8334 . 1. ORIGIHATIH G A6TIVITV :4 I iJN CUSSIFIED j guntia ;don Research Center, Inc. • . Box 6857 t6cROU. - 7 Raltimore, Md. 21204 _ ' ;~ZII Du 2 •~ . k 13. Ali: nACT c The Frinci;.^1 ob ject of *h°se investigations was to dete"cdn:: the physico- chemical propcr:ics of hexafluo:oisopropyl t:ethyl other, an rnc:a-ictic. Considering that ar,ec,tl:esia and the con.,ulsive seizure encompass the complete epectrL:n of central nervous system activity, these txro agents servc as excellent means to obtain a'clue concerning these phases of cercb:•al activity: 1. Iiexafluorodiethyl ether (Indoklon) and its Isomer (tS0) ' • I ~ The pharnacolooic antagonism between the isomers'is strikinS. It appears nnn0 3. REPORT TITIL < ~ pharmacolog:c Studies. The Physicochemical Properties of Fluorir.Ltcd Agents that Evoke Central l:ervous System Stimulation and Depression _..•.': !. OCS:.~I' T/~'C NOTCS (7yyo el repert &nd /ne1w.1.o dar00) r• Fina1 F.eport, 1 Jan 1°65 - 24_ Seattnber 1967 . f, AUTHOw~) (t-~a n~mb (Int n.m.. tnlU.U ..
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50335 8335 _....__ ~..........._._ ........ ..~. - -- .y.~...~.,w-~-- -..,~..~a.~i ~ i L . . 4 604 1 , ,_ ..., .,: _. . Krasilfnikov;'N. "A' ' -""and others BIOLOGY. OF ANTIBIOTIC-PRODUCING" ACTINOMYCETE9 1966 338 pages Israel Program for Scientific- Translations Jerusalem (Translated from Russian) ~..,..~ . , ... _. _ ... -. . •--... _. . ..._ _.. .,.,,. ,.,,. •.,--- . , a ; ,~ ~ n ! :.1
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:Qk :.d 82 ~ Kr ; 50335 6336 - . 'YisktW , IN. 'A Y„."Fa TO tiwTx:'.O:-rI:.STAt.BS LSGG 1,04 f'atge& Pr.ogr_am for Scientific 3'e:t:--aa? = T:7a::slctiot:3 Ltd. 0 / 0 ~q j i '•~ ~ 1 f :) e
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50335 8337 300 and Treaanu ent of 1979 Subo tantse Abuse ToBACCO- •SMOKYNG---i'SrcHOr.oGY/s^t0KINO HARITS--RET.INqUISHIfi ALCOHOLISM/nBESITY/ DRUG ABUSF./ - .._ . `'earliiavlo6'~'al Ancaly5is Editor: , Y,T.«py:..... . A-t~t~~m. arr A;L.K__rasnegoyr~ Ph.D. - /NIDA Research Monograph 25 , June 1979 ~ rt . . ~ ~~Fublic Health Service ~.; %1lcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration National Institute on Drug Abuse Division of Research 5G00 Fisners Lane L3 Rockvillp, Maryland 20857
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50335 8338 -TS ~ 2240 r Un t 1979 ~ sL..r . TOBACCO--SMOKING=-PSYCHOLOGY/SMOKING.HABITS--RELINQl7ISHING/ SMOKING AND HEALTH/NICOTINE--PHARMACOLOGY / TOBACCO--SMOKING--PHYSIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY/ T he., B, e h a-, v ao r a 8 A, s pet c t, s of Smohlnng Editor: -N0TMVt°A~-Kra-sn-egCSr; Ph. D. 0 -3 o - 1• n n1 a ~ . NIDA Research Monograph 26 August 1979 pEpAfl~hEN F Cjf-+#[Atfitt €t~tiENTrOtd: A+Vf31N[tFARE- j/S . Public Health Service Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration National Institute on Drug Abuse Division of Research 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, Maryland 20857 4 2 2 For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printinr* Office. 41'asttin_pt(?nt D.C. 20402 ,
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50335 8339 SMOKING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMOKING--BSYCHOLOGY/ ___ TOBACCO--SMOKING--PHYSIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGO/NICOTINE--PHAR'.•fACOLOGY/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ ~ NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON DRUG ABUSE (NIDA) RESEARCH MONOGRAPH SERIES 2" ~ , TS 2240 Un 1979 ~ Editor: 'N6ffffa'W~A: ":Kfatn'egor.-, Ph.D ;DmoPaong as a Uep-n6"yde nce Process NIDA Research Monograph 23 January 1979 , ((,S, Public Health Service Aicohot, Drug Abuse, and Mcntat Health Administration National Institute on Drug Abuse Division of Research 5600 Flshe;% Lane 1 3 RCckvi{ie, Maryland 20857 ..
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50335 8340 ! TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/SMOKING AND HEALTH/ ADDICTION/TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/ f/. •C, &aGi.Zc,. V--`..G 81 X Kr YNATIONAL INSTITUTE ON DRUG ABUSE TECHNICAL REVIEW CIGARETTE SHOKING AS AN DICTION Thursday and-Friday, August 23 and 24, 1979 IFINAL REPORT , !loderators : Ph. D . , Pierre F. Renault, M.D. Macro Systems, Inc. September 18, 1979 This report summarizes the Technical Review on Cigarette Smoking as an Addiction that took place on Thursday and Friday, August 23 and 24, 1979. - • ~---- as,l~ fQpc~meeting vYas `spopso~red ,by the National Institute on Drug A~use Thisr (NIDA), 'Division of Research,. to evaluate the scientific evidence that exists for
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f. •r DRUG ABUSE/ NICOTINE--PHARytACnLOGY TOBACCO--SMOKI\G--•PHAR'°tACnLnGICAL EFFECT/ OBESITY/ALCOH(1LISM/HEROIN/MARIHUANA/ RM 300 ' Kr 1978 50335 0341 ' t- f_ I 5elf-Adrrinistration of Abused Substances: Methods for Study Editor: i~Nprrr>I~r~.~A,r Krasnegot, Ph.D. NIDA Research Monograph 20 i July 1978 Public Heatth Service Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration National Institute on Drug Abuse V ,+ Division of Rescarch 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, Maryland 20857 ' Li"t l11w ~ l r ~~.~?(± ~ rZ n 4 . _.~_ :_.. •...._.~ ~ ~ c
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50335 8342 i Translation 'ICrasnizskaya N, A. jt aut P. P. ~ , ~?`~'?~r.';~. !,L'C,_f„i-n,;~~a~t Z'.••;~r.,s .;t.S?Il~f~tt r h . .-. .... .. . ... . . . . _ . . . . . .. . . _.. . . _ S~:v.:>. ',i:..ss i~:..':L;.;.r'; rv~•r;.Y~~.~.t: -. :., t~: • . .....1.'. ~ - .. .~. 3 i • A. f`~, i 1 ~i ~. ^ f- : ~ < i ~ • •? i• . Qy i V .,.V... t! •. 0
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- ....._,<. , . ... .-_ .. ~--•-~= 50335 8343 j~~....._.. ,...,__..y...: .~:.._ - .-_.~ _u . __ _.. _ " _ Krasnitskaya,':~: t: aur.,.._..,:. , . P. °• •,. 1'±i!:_r.. ... ~.~J..aT~-:l„ .~ n+' .1~: . ....:,. ..i~.~. vC,~%SZtCtV c ,_..._.,,.._~ ... -~--~-T-~--- i
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50335 8344 ~____ , 71 ~X ~Kr ~ , .~ .a ty. aSi....t,~tI:.N Ji~~ F Tl1t' I:U.*" rf.VU~+J Qs .u s.~ ail Tt-)Ijr,uiO sr:o.cirl, o IN T11.. cAUSATION OF t t,.,,. ~ ..... ... IaLaib ~rtu'1Y:..li 17 (/oo• 1) 5.?-U2 t'atiz T.'r.;;l.icai TxansZ-rartcrn , i s
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•n71131suV23 c;sjTZ2a3 (F'avdax1 -afd) FUa Im.tUpo W-n-'Jflsnu - {LQSz) i9-(!S ('! •o~i) l-lZoTo%up .isoxdoA (':1S?tads tS3aBCtiO:l 3o iaOL`--32tlTCl7 +ilf3Sf,7C)MiEi : d?ati . ...,.....- ca ~...,..rx2 • .4...o1vald.a~~a ••4~a aU~ , u3 r - . _ , . ;, ,,...a~G'i3ueftj) 3MU.idl'lixJ-;'11MQ A VA~"::::i:z'vZI •a •D Em:Po4.Za3:) . . F 7~X ~ ~. a :. ._ _ H.. _ ... . R ..-. .. _ ->....-...._,a.-~~ ~::r.. .--___ ..rx-. .. Sh£8 5££oS
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50335 8346 Kra:ss, 8. : W~v5TFi=:S 1'LD DEEia WITH SIICOWSE 0a ul..il;:i:5i; t::..h• G: ws Uo3. 10, 223-26 (1955) O ~e. er.r wv ~ - rw.. . Kr:+~~^*(a^`~%.wr~*.r.~.w1.v~~.w+w~~~+~-~~.R.wy+.~wr.+rN.'+Mrpu+w'ti{.'r'wf_'~R's1-iww :? : ;"; r) n i ~ i _~ ~: : ~
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50335 8347 ~ 00019969/EIN70197-0510200/0 .__ Ptrpmon Pras Lid ORAL IMPLANTATION OF SALIVA-TREATED STREPTOCOCCUS MUTANS IN MAN 8566 L0958 P 197 SVAN M ARCH ORAL BIOL .. 76 IIyRe-81 S.P. . Ar~ r 'ol 2d tm._14Z~te nntc In Grat 1119118411 MONA SVANBERG and~ r ~` Department of Cariology, Faculty of Odontology, Univers Gothenburg, Sweden Summary-implantation into 9 subjects of a strain of streptomycin-resistant Streptococcus mutans was compared between treatment of the organism with saliva from a subject with high indigenous levels of Strep. mutans, and that of saliva from a subject with low indigenous levels of Strep. mutans. Implantation after I day was significantly greater when the Strep. mutans was treated with saliva from the subject with high Strep. mutans levels. The susceptibility of implan- tantation subjects varied and the variation appeared reproducible. In 2 subjects, Strep. mutans was implanted on 8 separate occasions, when the organism was treated with saliva from persons with high or low Strep. mutans levels. Implantation was greater when saliva from persons with high levels of Strep. mutans was used. The findings imply that, in persons with high levels of Strep. rraitans, saliva either contains components which promote implantation or lacks components that inhibit implantation. 0 0 3 n n n n I a 43 1 -
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50335 8348 79 VI Kr TOBACCO--PECTINS/TOBACCO--ANALYTICAL METHODS/ _ _- `RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 VI Kr xrarcho~ds;'~:`G$; Kirtchev, N. A.• - • *Keywords:* pectic substances, cured,.constituent;. . Mentions Philip Morris brands. (Higher Inst. Food Ind., Plovdiv, Bulg.) DETERMINATION AND CHARACTERIZATION-OF-PECTIC SUBSTANCES IN TOBACCO, Dokl. Bolgarskoi Akad. Nauk 31 (No. 11) 1425-7 (1978) (in English) polyuronic acid, cured, constituent. _...-.____...__ : ' --, . - ~ 1 1 sence substances in the tobacco leaf, together with a high ash content, makes rt difficult to get renroducible results even if generally accepted methods for .L 1 tobacco showed that they were not quite suitable for that purpose. The pie-.i ~ A careful siudy of the methods used in analysis of pectic substances of determining the pectrc content are strictly applred. A ceriam progress as een ~ noticed in the method of P y r i k i a. M o 1 d e n h a u e r(6J, but in this case it ~ is not possible again to obtain exact information about the' condition of the ~ pectic substances in the tobacco leaf, which is of great importance in esthriat- ~ ing their eftect on the technological and smoking properties of tobacco. On ~ the basis of our long experience in the study of pectic, substances from vari- 1^~~S law rr~tPrials; we have_developed methods for the determination and cha- or:.~ the__rasulfs of whicr we ouiiine iri this -rcp . j4acterization••of : tobacco pectin,~ ..
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Il~ ~/yy~`~~yy~~~~'~j r~'~ ~:" I r'v'v'T ~'Y C1 ~ V ~ ~i.. .~ ``j n.' WN ~ M d LACTOSE I:~' A\1\l:\L ~1\ll lI['1I:1~ l'1•:I:I)1\(.: A RL1"1I:1~' \/ lt. I,. ATKI\SO\, F. I[.-dZRAT7.I:Ii, wvn G. F. ST}':R':1HT Lrpcrtincnt of Poultry Lluaba~dry, L'nirrraity of Cntijornia, Luria i I Lactose is found only in milk. It is a reducing (li.accharie3e.~•hic•h on h~•(lrolr- j;; yields e(ju~3l quantities of glucose and galtlctose. Since lactose has bccn shown to exhibit nlutarotation, it exists in botll tile alpha and beta forln. lt ~ is formed i~l thc mrunm.u.~• "lanti from glucose or gl~•cogen and is not notlthl.• ~' chau~ecl by lnoclit'ications of tile maternal (lict, or b,r the level of blood sugar. }t: i The Ilercental;e of lactose in milk varies si~llificnntl}• for tlil'ferent sj~eciec. +~; } Iiuman milk has a hi;:hrr lactose cont~'nt than thc tnill; of (ixir~• animals. When t• F babies are reared otl co\\•'a nlilk, it is cttstonlur.• to add some carbohydrate sut•il , as lactose, SI(Cl'OaC, t;tlll•U~f', maltose, or c~rxtrin. ~~UI11j)ill•ll to other sll{.(tll's. lacto.c is less soluble and less sweet. This lacl: ot sweetness makes it ideal for fCt'(~111~ j~1t'1(tti, itll(1 j1i~'i~~iiis, 11c<tlusc it does llot retard the appetite. l.ac'tc1.c is lcss readily li~ tirol~•z~'(1 in the intcstinc than other (li~ae~~h.u•icl~'c, aunl stmlc of it is absonce~l:uul r~~ac•llcs th~~ t~toc,l stt•~~anl intac•t. Iierc~u.~• t:S' its 5.~~~•••
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k,- 50335 f1350 i. ~ . . . • . . • .N~i . . • , . ~.Lr.r,.. . ' • 1ti ood Sciente and Tcchnolooyr 74 III Kr l by Springer•ti'erlag 19i4 Vol• 8 (19711 p. 35-49 . • .. , dLodel Studies on Reactions Occurrinb in Oxidations of T.ipnin Avilh Molecular Oxygen in Alkaline Jledia* . ~. • j, .. ,~y1:iKleitTZ>r, P,,CLSVS, ~V. Lo~ •SrY t:nd J. S. GxbTZL . ; Tnstitut fiu Organiache Chemie dcr Gni.enitst Wien and School of Forest Resourcce, \•orth • Carolina State University, Raleigh r w ,: :::,~;. •.. t. ~ Absiract' : . . • L' . . $sslc repctions governing the degradation-of libnin in ocidation with tnoIcculai oiygcrt initial phase. The critical oxidation potkntials (COP) according to'Ficsec irere• fcund' Lo~''.. ;'::: represent a useful measure for the ease of electron mlease from lignin-rclatcd phenolic models. At loK• alkalinity rough correlations were observed betuecn the measured CONaud the initial ~ •' 6xygcnatioirt rates. The results Qbtained fFotn quantum mecdanical calculations of critical i ozidation.potcntiala arc briefly discu§scd. . ~ Tho importanc•e ot' phenoxy radicals and the hypothetical cyclohexadienone bydroper. ezidcs as intermediates is outlined in view of such degradation reactions as oxidativC side•chaiu .• t "eliminatioas, dcmctbosylations, and splitting of aromatic ringa•. ._ ..,, . .. ,•. •In(roduction. ~1: ~=~ c d usc in the u) a u~dustty li it d f h d t id l 1 p p c. n pap as oun r ; oxygeit tu ie pas ot> t y i such as in the production of canillin from spent sulphite liquor. The etziphasiting;tho,radical.(ho