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Tt7~rA-~C-fl ^-~Gono-~+ o~-4,~~~ _~/v,rlay~ i r~_L 50272 7507 PJR CLASS NO. 1'AMPHLET 73 VII Re-75. .73 (Tobacco Associates, Washington, D. C., U. S.) WORLD TRADE AND F~ O:.O.1IC POLICY FOR TOBACCO IN 1975. Tobacco Workers Cor.f., 26th, paper, Charleston, S. C. (Jan. 27-30, 1975) (in English) *1975, No. 5, W 1643a* *d* Tobacco economics: •../ I
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50272 7505 VI Re9-81 S.P. r , Brirish lourna/ 01 UrQ1~19811, 53, I15-I IR 'L79E s ssociauon o 4io og~TcZSrgm t. 0007-1331/81/06710115f02.00 The Role of N-nitrosamine in Carcinogenesis at the Ureterocolic Anastomosis M. STEWART, M. J. HILL, R. C. B. PUGH and "MI 1(~t~+ St Peter's Hospitals, London Summary-Seven cases of colonic tumours occurring at the ureterocolic anastomosis (UCA) in patients diverted for benign disease are presented and comparisons made with existing literature. There appears to be a definite increase in the incidence of colonic malignancy in patients with this diversion. A theory of carcinogenesis involving bacterial activation of endogenously formed N-nitrosamine is suggested. Preliminary results of rectal urine analysis support this theory in U that high concentrations of N-nitrosamlne trve been found and mutagens demonstrated. ~~ ~ ~ ~) l l Ij u :7 7 I
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50272 7508 - [+if113ates , ~~ A'. , OILS, FATS G?:'D Y'ATTY FOODS, TBEIIt PRACTICAL P.2W7.AtATION 1966 488 pages J. & A. Chutchfll Ltd. London ...,~...~;..~.,.,,.t,_,~.,~..,,.,..~~-.. .. . . . .. , . - - _ - . 0 ' .. . .- t .7 ~J li .~ [I
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50272 7501 rI ~ AN AUTOMATED PROCEDURE FOR THE DETERMINATION • ~. . OF A:'~QdONIA IN TOBACCO P. F. Collins, W. W. Iaivirence and 'J. F:~', Wi113.ams Research Department. Liggett and 2•":yers Incorporated Durham, North Carclina 2?702 , a T ddce iem; sit' ~asra~e~, ChN Qerc~ee) , ~arar •/le, 1'J7. ; fi ~ . . ZI ,~ 7 7 7
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50272 7503 71 ai_L To-72 - - - - TOBACCO--NI1'I20GE*I/ """'~'~.""......~....._~.~:. ~._ _ _ ....~.. _.~ - RJR CL.'.SS NO. PA'.~IILET VZ To 72 (Lirgett `i}•ers Inc., Res. Pap., Durhar:., N. C., U. S.) COi.LAP,ORATIVE STI:LY OF Ai:iO:fmATE1i :WTHOD F!1R Tlir DETER':I:vATION ~ NITRATE \ITROG:::: 1:1 TOyACCO. Wi11ia:~ ~burg, Va., 14 p. ~ (Oct. 22-28, 1972) (in Enlisa) y• *"^•~•~Ya~:* r.itrate nitrogen, cured, constituent. ~ J.::otc: affiliation.* ~.~ .~ "1972, No. 22, W 9970* Alc:* fn`.~-cco cnz:Ta.s:rv: u a a 7 9 OF a
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~i r ~ ~~ ~t ! ! r~ 91 . q~~q (t .~',S~ `.:Dq-~~~ (h •Q~I) Y[ 1Cazsa©(l •ua:;a CvaSCi:t7 .0 GTno'Y `:c~=-ximv: =: OLSL ZLZOS,
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50272 7514 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK Z 665 AM - AMerican Society for InforMation Science.Cuadra,C.A. (ed.); ~~l3~1rf'~yit E. (ed . ); ANNUAL REVIEW OF INFORMATION 5C:[ENCE AND T-'.CHN(]LOGY. VULS. 1-17. Covering years 1966-1982 : Knowledge Industry Publications, Inc..Whi.te Plains, NY. (:[N ENG.) ISN = 5457 0 rs 0 o 0 0 a5 3 9 0
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50272 7516 4 Nutritional Aspects of Human Physical and Athletic Performance By ~LLtAMS: Ph.D., F.A.C.S.M. Drrncfor. Human PrrJormaue l.aboratury Old Uornintnn ('nerrssrty, Mn/ulk. I'irginra 0 CHARLES C THOMAS • PUBLISHER Sprin~el d •~ Il~ ois • U.S.A. r; i~ ATHLETES--NUTRITION/PHYSICAL FITNESS/DIET/VITAMINS/ QP 141 Wi 976
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50272 7515 72 III Re-81 S.P.- Amer.,Aour. of Medicine 6~6)891-894 (1980) The Adequacy oQnhalation of Aerosol from ~ Canister Nebulizers CHANG SHIM. M.D. 14, M.D. Bronx, New YorkL r-~ Thirty patients hospitalized with asthma who had been taking aerosol bronchodilators from canister nebulizers were evaluated for their aerosol inhalation technique. Fourteen patients (47 percent) used an incorrect technique. The most frequent mistake was to inhale first, then to actuate the canister and breathhold. These patients were taught the correct technique. Some learned it easily but others had difficulty. With a teaching aid, incorporating a horn which is actuated by inspiration, all 14 patients learned to Inhale the aerosol correctly. When retested five of the 10 patients had reverted to the old incorrect technique and required another lesson. Physicians who prescribe aerosol medication from a canister nebulizer should evaluate each patient for the aerosol inhalation technique. Those who Inhale incorrectly should be taught repeatedly until they learn the correct technique and retain it. The teaching aid, utilizing an audio signal, Is helpful in this training. , _ ..... _...... . ~~'.., . .~..~_.....:.z.:m:. ..,.:~... _.
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50272 7511 v 1?iZSITY OF ( 1t.iT01aQYAfX'F.'1'li$jC1~ItiIiOXYiIAt:?SOiiuG?IItI~1U:i CAI:BC;?: r:7i'.~XIU:--~O'..1.UiTOtdjTG,il+CCO--SMOI:3t1:;--(;1aRTit);3 MO:QOXI.I?I: C:4NTEir'T St•iCI:INIi.: /:i:T.) HEI!LiK/ ,rc.A 57a F+i 1975 A1 I:---I'O?,LUT7.01v'' 75-25,1;'4 'f:IE EF FECT OF AIP, POLLUIIUN' C'r f,UfWI CIRTN ~ NcIGf{T. 4:: f s LSeSversit, of California, Los Angeles, Ph.D., 1975 kiiL•ro}»lo3y ~ }~CtfCi Ui'i`ir31'tily Mil.^.CoiIilYlo, tirnArwr.A!:e1Nger.a?t:7 : t .E .., ti . I AiiGE"il::S/ OF IiL00U/ : I
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50272 7520 z 665 Am 1976 u . Volume 1976 ~~u~l ~~vo(sw Of 9nform~~~on ~~9ence and Technology . MARTHA.E.:IN.! LL,IAMS, Editor;:; Published by AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION SCIENCE ISSN; 00664200 CODEN: ARISBc . .i CONPUTERS--INFORMATION SCIENCE/ s y U
Page 12: tvk78d00
50272 7518 ~.. xx Wi3 ~ (1969) Nill.iaaas,'~M. L.. THE FIT~ID!!k"~r 'r' PtTc"~LS 07 Tfli'sFi-~AL BACTERIOLOGY IN r00D PRO CgSSItV^y 1 1969 37 PagEa hrcades3ctoa, KaW BrUIIflUiak, Car.ada ~~ , ~- -., r* ` . ~ " ti 0 (: ti ~~1 I tI .a / ~ di
Page 13: tvk78d00
. 50272 7509 _~._~_...-._.~..r..... ~._. .__.L_ .._-.____.~_... - - ti......,+..2i~t TK 2920 Wi Williams, Keith Rolls, ed. An introduction to fuel cells, edited by Keith R. Williams. Contributors: 3L R. Andrew tand othersj Amsterdam, New York, Elsevier Pub. Co., 1966. xlv, 329 p. Illus. 23 cm. Ituludes bibliographies. 1. Fuel cells. L Title. TI:290"1.j1'5 T,ibrory of Congress ~ t1 ~ tt tt S.4 J c. '` 621..3,59 65-13902 ///) iG7o5]
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- 50272 7519 • 73 II%• Me RECOYERY OF ALUES rR0M METAL- MiM A72- 64 V E i~ ~~..I ~~~ ~ rJ 3 S E~STA47 h S7E ~ SELECSdtiE'W YpAK. N.Y. 10017 f! t) ij a.~ o •AND PO•TL ! N l NGS PAPER NO. S :§ :R r
Page 15: tvk78d00
}4.•, ''=RF.RRICRR1lTI0N ANn`RF.Fc ?:CF:RATI~IG `ihCtITt7I I:YJ • __<:~.. ENERGY RESOURCF.S/HLATING/F•LECTRIC P(iI'Il?R/ • TJ .1974 ., ' ~~ 7 ~1! ~1. ~' t1.~~~:.1~~.. . .~: j~~.ILs k\. ~QJF I by Technaleevv - j, gacjiard_:~'Villiarns; Ifi.D. Associate f'rofcssoraf h'Icchanic::l Enginccring a ~~~~ Georoia Institute of Technoiogy Atlanta, Georgia A ',,~I ~ c afiE .~, ~ ~ . . 1 . ~ ..` • . . • . . - , . . .. . ;.-......,,.......F.~-.~. _~._. . r~..-..~y.~. : ~-. ...•.-.~....~.....-.7._ _ _ ..__~. . ~ . ~ ...~ 7
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l ~ 50272 7521 \ A' Directory and Data Sourcebook . . , _. . Compiled and Edited By Marlha E. Wiiiiams and Sandra H. Rouse 0 ._ Inforrnatipp Retrieval Research Laboratory ,I;. 0 1 g a O t li i L b ence a ora ory na d Sc oo~ ; 699 "i 1976 Bibiiographic•,,Data Bases • . ~ .- ' Computer-Readable . s _ ...~ ~ j ; -, _ ~ University of Illinois ~: i ,,.F.n.,. u1innec
Page 17: tvk78d00
50272 7522 ROTANY--P1iYSI0T.0C:Y/PLANTS--DISP:ASPS AND PT:STS/ e ~^ ; ; ~:',h', STZ /F,ncyc:lopedia. '; ~ I IlC ; ) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~1._..~~; 1976 j l.l.~ ~~ + ~ ~~ 1 . .i ' `lY ~a~~r..L ~. / ~ l I\zc\N, Scries N 6 Volu»-ic 4 V~ci wc(T~b)~ ~' ~ col 5 . rc A,./Pirs )/ji, G6 ttinnoen M. I fzi nimormaiU1, I Iar~~arc
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80 II Ey-81 S.P. 50272 7512 B..,)'.:oc. din. P»•chol. (t9io). 9, PP• s2s-s;t uret Printed in Great Britain The Communication of Inferior and Superior Attitudes by Verbal and Non-verbal Signals* By \I ICH AEL ARGI LE, 'VERON IC A SALTER, HIL ARI NICHOLSON;,;~,LARYLI-V~n ILLIA\[S'-• AND PHILIP BURGESS Institute of Experimental Psychology, Oxford C nti'Ksttti• Ratings were made by t2o subjects of 18 video-tapes in whidt verbal and non-verbal cue for Inferior, Equal and Superior were varied and combined in a; x; design. The typet messages (verbal alone) were rated by further subjects, as were video-tapes of a petforme reading numbera (non-verbal alone) ; the two sets of ates alone had identical effects on ratings In combination, both kinds of cue had a reduced effect, but it was found that non-verba cues now had 4•; times the effect of verbal cues on shifts of ratings, and accounted for to• times as most variance; verbal cues were only able to act as muhiptiers of consistent non verbal cues. There was little evidence of double-bind effects. Atshais of individual difference showed that females were relatively more responsive m aoa-.erbal compared with .•crbi; cues, and that more neurotic subjects found the eombaation of Superior (non-t erbal) wit Inferior (verl,u)) unpleasatt, and responded more to verbal cues for Inferior-Superior.
Page 19: tvk78d00
502T1 7517 VI I I' Me4-81 S.P. ~~ Jour. Pharm. Pharmacol. 30Supp1~) 94 (1978) l/TFCHNiO1IFS IN PI ANT CFI I ONfl fliCPFRCiAN PI11 TIIRG (I V L T.D.Turner, F.P.S.,rzli:T4'i1fljams, Welsh School of Pharmacy, UWIST, King Edwar VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF1 323U. The potential for bioproduction of important medicinal constituents in plant cell cultures'was recognised in the early 1950's. Examination of the biochemistry of the dedifferentiated cells, use of precursors and mod}fied ¢hysiological conditions permits cultivation with improved yields of constituent. Recent reviews of the potential application of medicinal plant tissue cultures in studies of chemical constituents, transformation and growth, extend from fields of fermentation technology to biochemical engineering and pharmacy. (Teuscher, 1973). The use of plant cell suspensions in production is enhanced by the possible control of growth with the elimination of environment factors such as microbial contamination. The biochemical potential of cell suspensions has been expected to be genetically the same as the plant tissue from which it was induced. (Turner, 1971). Attempts to produce a range of medicinal compounds has resulted in a number of successes in particular for anthraquinones (Rai, 1976, Rai & Turner, 1974). and glycosides. In the range of quinone compounds, studies indicate possible high yields of laxative-type compounds particularly from Cassia spp. Cultures of Glychyrrhiza lg abra•(liquorice) cells contain glycyrrhfzin vith yieldof 3=42df petentialstor anti-ulcer compounds (Killacky, 1977). . n..~....~......«.....-~....-..-r_,...,-."-,.............-..._...,,.. . . . -----_-- - - . . _ . .
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50272 7532 685RCGe 1975 Psychological aspects of m~yocardial infarction and c ,,,oronary care Edited by W. DOYLE GENTRY, Ph.D. REDFORD-1B:'" ~WILCIAINS; )R'.;' M:D: ~ Duke University Medical Center Durham, North Carolina THE C. V. MOSBY COMPANY ,
Page 21: tvk78d00
TOBACCO---SI10EE---ALDEI,YDE3 / 5_0272 7504 , TOAACCO--SN,O::E---YYllROGL•'Tt CYANIDE/ ,.;,.. ; P.JP1 \~I'...SS NO. ?.,:0'L'L::i VI To 1972 '~ Collins, P. T'.; Sarji, h. :•f.;.M7:1JUAm' , iZj (Liggett Myers Inc., Res. Dep., Durha:n, N. C., U. S.) A TRAPPING SYSTE.f FOR THE COMBINED DETEP.:-i?NATI0\' OF TOTAI. }ICU AND TOTAL , GAS Piir"LSE ALU=::Y7SS i:: CIG~I'.:.TTE SMOKE. CJ::;ST.1/TC RC Joint Conf., Syiap., paper, Williamsburg, Va., 26 p, (Oct. 22-1 28, 1972) ;i n ~ :Elish) t *keyc.•or.:s:* acetaldehyde, smoke, constituent; ~ aldwiydes, total, smoke, constituent; *Note affiliation.* . , ~ ,+o .. . 21, W ~: * .. 9769* 1~: Tobacco chemistry: }iCN, smoke, cor.stituent. ~ . - --j--- - t e ti :7 ti; U hi i~ U:) J~ i~ lj
Page 22: tvk78d00
50272 7502 TOBl:CCO--ANALYTIf,AL riL;T1i0DS'TOBACCn--AA1IN0 ACIUS••~-I)I:TI:P~II;ZATIO:i; V] To-73 > __._ _.. . . _ _ , . -.. ..._ .. : ,. S.P. 1;3R CLASS EU. I'A`iPliLET VI To-73s.p, Coll in_ , P. F. ; Sr.rj i, N. ?'4. • =. (i jp ;;i. r T.IyCiS ii. T}.l:il :;, ~~. C., t*. S.) ',:i ::ATEJ ?):;::. FQ:: D::2'I:_.:!L0.`I 0i' TOT,ufINO ACI:^,S Al;D ITS .:E;'~.ICA IJ:~ TO ANALiSIS OI' Tu:.;CCO. 1'o~• :cco Ci:cn. Conf.. , ?.7t1:, r,arer, , 'N.in_ ton-Sa1c:ry:, N. C. (1.973) (in I.ng1.2 5a:) n.^.rl.c•ucine, curcd, co:ystl tucnt; cur tinstituc:,, a~.a:..,.. , c~, ct . ; ' bu:,;: ir. cc:recl, constituent; asp.~.ri.:ir.c:, c::rcd, con: tit:.:er.t; as^ :r tlc 3=id, c;i.: ed , ca:;:: t-i t:uc-nt; fixuLG::;i.c acid, c4rcd, covstituc_nt; cu}:r.3; constatiu<r,t; 1;1qc:i.r:^., cmlrec:, co:.stituc: t; cG11sL'_st!<.:Itt; IC:1C:.,11; , c.21'Gd, cOn$l:i:.ttc:ilt i «-...._.-. -.....•..~...- .~ . ...._._.. , . _._,-,.~._. ~ -...-_..._..,.,, . -_• ..... . . . . ...-..,_..--.........~. ..~....._ i ii !.i :S • i J f y
Page 23: tvk78d00
• 50272 7534 L Micro-organisms--0ollected works. QR1.SG233 589.95082 54-3996 Library of Congress - i57r55ws15j QR '*IWUII*-WI»-R.; Er o.. W. ) . 41 _ S Society for General Diicrobiotogy. Symposium. t1st1- Apr.1J49- 6 7 Cambridge tEng., etc.l (;,P. tllus. 23-26cm. Each vol, has also a distinctive title: 1st, The nature of the bac- terial surface.-2d, The nature of virus multipllcation.-3d, Adapta- tion in micro-organisms.--4th, Autotrophic micro-organisms.
Page 24: tvk78d00
~ Z1 M~ t? U , ' ~ ` Eel°lC~ifj °.?J2 '~~YrS~~ t;C?-3ils~`°~~ ~/~ °a? ;=•'( U C(1(iJi iJi r 't~Ct?3 Fl y~ Xq °SjTZO.;d t~.?, ~J ~'k7 ~'J a Q~'6~ ~; `~: tit.~ a ', ~ _ ~ '.? 7 ?~ ~ f'~ Ei ~:.1a ;~ ° °A oaao",Vl i -~ArIq;nb tnb X ] f SZSL ZLZOS
Page 25: tvk78d00
RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK RC 669 Su +982 Surwit,R.S. ,;Shapiro,D.; BEHAVIORAL APPROACHES TO CARDIOVASCULAR DISE=ASE. Behavioral Medicine, AcadeMic Press.NY.82. ISN = 3753 0 Otl (l f; f; 03N 05
Page 26: tvk78d00
50272 7527 ~_ AP:ATOaY;- IIUMA;7/ -k ' E~r3BAY'. .~ t~.~Ttl lY (D 1H Y 35ih British eQliQioit ~ ~ edited by ROGER WARWICh PETER''=VftLIxAS ~. B.Sc., Ph.D.,11.D. D.Sc.,11fA., bI.B., B.Chir. Professors of Anatomv :_ Guy's Hospital Medical School, University of London With tht Auutance of ow Departmrntal CoUcayues: t . Richud E. M. Aloote, D.F.A., \t.NI.A.3L, F.R.S.A.-111utnatiow Lawtcncc 11. Bannister, B.Sc., Ph.D.-Cjtology Stwn AI. Standring, B.Sc., Ph.D.-Bib(iography E. Lowell Rees, \I.B., B.S.-Index Jdttey Ir'. Osborn, B.D.S., Ph.D., F.D.S.R.C.S.-Drntal.4natomy ... • W. !. SAU\DERS COMPA\Y IHILAUELPfItA L t LY!1CY . . . . . I . . . . A/ L7 0 0 . i1
Page 27: tvk78d00
%, = lidsllis.rao, R.- T: ~` • •rta: 'sF"s`A:;OLIS.'•i 0F CCSTAI:+ r.MIGS Ma) FOOD Glk:•*I'KCALS 114 F:i'„r*i 15r.^,1. X• Y. A.CaV• of St'i«• 143-554 (1471) ;~ ,.. r. li 179
Page 28: tvk78d00
50272 7541 Inorganic chemistry (by, C. S. G. Phillips and R. J. P. Williams. \ew York, Oxford University Press, 19G5- v. lllus. 24 cm. QD -_Williams;''R:~I : P: (jt. author) 151 p Phillips, Courtenay Stanley Goss. Includes bibliographies. CONTENTS.-V. 1. Principles and non-metals. . 1. Chemistry, Inorganic. r. Williams, Robert Joseph Pnton, Joint author. 65-"7cGc :J k ( /
Page 29: tvk78d00
50272 7536 ;. l ;,: :..Y~.-.w........~...~•~..:x.... ...,.._.. Giv.~._......~....r_.._~.~._.._....__..~~-~~....u.~.~......w.~....._.._.._..~.. QP 801 B L Tho Biochemistry of B vitamins tby, Rober J. Williams innd others, New York, Reinhold Pub. Corp. 119501 x, 741 p. dtagrs. 24 cm. (American Chemical Society. Mono- graph series, no. 110) Includes bibliographies. QP801.V5135823 ~ Library of Congress 1. Vitamins, z. Williams, Roger John, 1833- B vitamins. (Series) ti. Title: 574.194 50-9511 t52t=3, - _ . : . ,
Page 30: tvk78d00
50272 7543 ; III Ws3 ~ Williams, R. lt:: (Jt. Author) •- (I968) fiUCkI, Ce 01'~::.~z;wt?:3 '1'HE D : STIGS:, FaFLIT::J11.1y AND OF P?'.-^1T. Ural"b D by C. Fuc:1.t, T. i-.ay:: S and 1:. ::. ::11Z:1=z .;?j. 25$-264 (3.c1t5) Xnd. Cheruiwt P :t :' .
Page 31: tvk78d00
POROUS MATERIALS/GA i ES--DIFFUSION/ C ' 185 Cu 1980 ; frawt Aret, Aqeerhr uN.e.dfr of if n.a "rrr., AResr:r .I 54272 7540 Diffusion in i Gases and Porous ~ R. E. Gntingham Media ! 8f d - L-naGl oJMo dellY4 - Mw dellYh. Arlee/wv PIENUM PRESS • NEW YORK AND LONDC t ~ ~~ (a il 5 4
Page 32: tvk78d00
50272 -7533 ELECTRONIC DATA-PROCESSING/DATA--PROCESSING/CO;IPUTERS--DIGITAL/TITP.ATIONS/ CHEPSISTRY--COMPUTERS/KINETICS/CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY/ QD 39 Wi 1975 2 C. Digital electronics and laboratory computer experiments. Bibliography: p. Includes index. 1. Electronic data processing-Chemistry. 2. Electronic digital computers. I. Wilkins, Charles L. QD39.3.E46D53 542'.8 75-11570 ISBN 0•306-30822•3 Charles L. Wilkins University of Nebraska Sam P. Perone Purdue University Charles E. Klopfenstein University of Oregon University of Nebraska Donald E. Jones Western h4aryland College PLENUM PRESS ~ NEW YORK AND LONDON ~i 1! f 1 (J t.i .y °Y ~J Ci
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®mn+rn avptrsu L93Y Vxl PIfAA ovo:uOil 'I.ea;aTi[YTA~~ . s; 6FSL ZLZOS
Page 34: tvk78d00
R,r• JViUiams, Richard Tecwyn. :- - • 410 Deto.icution mechnnimns; the metabolistn of druos nud v allied orpanic compounds. London, CLnpninn .C I-inll, 1947. viil, 288 p. 23 cm. Bibliography: p. 252-274. 1. Chemistry, \iedicul and pharmaceutical. 2. Druga. 8. \letabo- Uam. I. Title. ItS410rIV5 615.3 48--2753* Library of Congress ~ 13e3~ •.-.-•- . - -"CS'" t U:~ •ti ~ !.
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50272 7542 ftME PUR'1N EtL STUti:[ES OF ~:JY?_ :u I1L --t n; Ly ll. J• r• L. F'i.:.c(:i•:AiZ P,*.-;; sX. i;sml. 7 1-15 (1954) cr .U 7 I-i
Page 36: tvk78d00
50272 7547 4 a 4 VI Reg 77 S.P. • +1rrh Intern Mcd/Vol 1,,q, July 1971 I The Response of Lung Tissue and Surfactant to Nitrogen Dioxide Exposure. ";Ronald/t.,Wi11i3eis; PhD; Rodney A. Rhoades, PhD; snd•William S. Adams, PhD, University Park, Pa , A control group of rats was exposed to filtered air and an experi. mental group to nitrogen dioxide levels of 15 ppm. Surface ten• sion•area curves were recorded from fresh lung washings of ex. eised lungs. Total phospholipid and lecithin concentrations were ._ determined as an index of surfactant quantity, and an analysis of the surface tension•area curves was made by computer ec niques. Total phospholipid and lecithin concentrations from the experi. mental animals were significantly higher, but the percentage con• j~ tributed by tcatbin was nc?rly identical for both rroupc Nitrogen V '~ t j n Gdiofdtle exdosuiA at this lev3l appt•ars to alter the properties of surf• ~ctant demonstrated on surface tension balance, since higher
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50272 7552 .. ti 0 RC 280 Wi 1977 . . / LUNGS--CANCER/LUNGS--CANCER--TREATMENT/CHEMOTHERAPY/ ,f0rocccdings of the Frederick E. lunes bicmoreal Symposium in Thoracic Surgery, Columbus, Ohio, October 7-8, 1976 Perspectives in Lung Cancer Editors T.&_Willrams;"jr., HE. Wilson and D.S. Yohn, Columbus, Ohio S. Karger • Basel • hfunchen • Paris • London • New York • Sydncy 0 6 ;1Z r
Page 38: tvk78d00
50272 7528 f I+ Du-?G _}:PA!/501 :7_ 5-07 3 I 2 1.'IITLEANOSUIITITLC Prelimina'ry Economic Impact Assessment of Poonible ReBulatory Action to Control Atmospheric Eroisaions of_Select-2d lf,al.ocarbona, 7. AUTtIOR(S) ~ ~ R E Sh3me1 J K 0' Nei11 r 9 li~l]ock, I'iLP.0Tschirch ~ 76072-80 9. PERFORMING :)FiGANIZATIOit NAME AND ADDRESS 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. m, RE~'ORT UA1't :_ G. September 1975 fi. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION CnU 4. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REP. v(~l S . ' !& ~Arthur Dl. Little, Inc. f•,,.~. ~ ~1 ~ ~I~- !1[`nrn Park ~fi..~,(~C'Y~[aX `~'~ ~ /11.CONTHACT/GRAN NO. Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140 `jV"s/"C-4 68-02-13ti9 Task 8 i4. SPONSORING AGEN(:VZ'~Jui= ;Environmental Protection Agency Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards Research Trianole Park, North Carolina 27711 The report identifies relative economic impacts, on affected industries, of possible regulatory action to control atmospheric emissions of selected halu- carbons. Emphasis is placed on five halocarbons: chlorofluorocarbons 11, 12 and 22, and chlorocarbons, carbon tetrachloride and methyl chloroform. As backgrcund the report provides inforrnation on U.S. and world production, use and atn-ospheric e:iissions of fifteen halocarbons. The report also examines alternz.tives for emission abatement and the conversion timetables required for,i ab~ltensent. Finally; 4„descr~.ption of industry structure, including ap~+rox'~~e sc~ a~~l e>hpl4 ym'nt`-~.e~~ls for affected sectors, is presented.
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}:. Q 123 , THE Ei`:C7 CLGPE13YA OF BIOCI~£.*iIST.^.`s', by ~ I.eser J. 1?i11ie5s and Edwin M. Ls^~ford, Jr. ((-ds.) 19G7 676 pages Refnhald Pu`ulishiAg Corp. New lc+rk . I Ref. 502-72 7537 , ~) v -~
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50272 7535 R. . J. _ . virm-srim.mrZt3u 0' Dz ;Er'SE RC,SIS'rASdCh PlI7 Tj",S r1p ~~nL F~~aD~ ~q Qr, pAWMI.S. FFtotostav f:;ums r,rcrso He-2. fi.ac:do SciQ (::'lf ~~ 221-4 (:1;,61' • ,
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50272 75-51 VI 'ro-73 TQBACCO:-•-SPtOKE-•-A13ALYTICM. ~1ETilOBS/T()-3nCCO-•-S,"i01:F.--NITRIC OXIDL/ ~f-...y.........-~..1.~.!l.. _. r-nr;...~.1._ .~.,..- .+-F`;!•fw?~~ RJR Cf.ASS AC. PA'•!i'1iLET VI Tu•-73 - -41w#l'~`~-'1~"}I3~ Bel.:, C. W., II (Lil;,,qet.t uyer:, i_nc., U::.h-:n, N. C.) ti. S.) A_": ItiF'%13Ep Mi•.Ti-i01) I•:iF U$TEl'.?lI':11`..T10N OF :il'1':ZIC CiXI3'~L' L):Vi:LS IN CIG AI:GTTE SXO::i:. Tobacco Che::t. Kes. Conf., 27th, pape.r, Wi•nston-Sa1er.•, :I. C., 19 p. (Oct. 3-5, 1973) (in Enolisin) *;;otee aftili.Atfc:z* ri:e•;.lords:* i~'itric oxide, ;xoke, c:)nstituent. ., l G 6 6 () ii ti G :a .1 y
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nr: 4 11#3 Gu 1975 Guide, fcn World SClcn^e .Consulting editor : 3106r";ili3nis,•bSA, BSc, DI'hil, FRIC Va lv me 6 . -_-G ~IU.Il~ . Editor : Sarah Wulsh BA M4I3Ct:S aOllGSON - 50272 7556 •, r. - r ;R--- .~ ,s (~ t; „ ~i ~: :~ :S .. . •. ~.
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I 50272 7550 il () El 41) Q ij ~Wilxleme i ` T'4 .~~k* , Ait INP:Ai.E3? tLhTHOD FJR TiiE BuiMICU..R.II0I4 OP CO AiD CO h:.'Jf;L,~'i Zh C11Ct;P.ETTE SXOKE, by T. 9. MI111E:m-3 srd C. S3. nsik Puper Pr.9entc:d ag thc 24th TcrbPaco Chcn3.sto Roaesrch Can:Y:rcnco, 1.o,,imvillo, KenCecLq, Oatcbax 25--397,,M0 17 Pages a
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TOBACCO--SMOKE--ANALYTICAL METHODS/ - • 50272 7549 r~. VI Re9-74 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET VI Re '-79 s,i ~ 9. ' p' . : Aft ~' 0.iggett Myers Tobacco Co, Inc: Res.'•Dep Durham N C U S ) . , ., , , , ., . . THE DETERMINATIOtd OF NITRIC OXIDE••IN GAS.PHASE CIGARETTE SMOKE BY " NONDISPERSIVE INFRARED ANALYSIS. : .' . . • Beitrage Tabakforschung, confidential manuscript submitted for-publicatior + 4 . *Ke)naords:* nitric oxide, smoke, constituent. m . mixtures follows similar kineticQ. The dea volume o a g brid e d f C .~ by NDIR. The oxidation of NO in smoke and in standard gas-air Nitric oxide in cigarette smoke is conveniently determi:.ed ~betwean puffs and NO levels in succeeding puffs are cumulatively ` filter cassettes allows No oxidation to occur in the itfterval ireduced. Some oxidation also occurs in the NDIR analyzer before - - -- ~ --~ 0 6 r: ; ~ ~ a a : = >
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50272 7513 80 sr• ~:'43-FF*KDgTVFtrs ivta fs t 9t;4 , ; ~~~~he of: Expansion IEf f ecfi L~ 0 . L,... . ' I -- ., - . _ _ 5 ;: . on Cereal GP~ins`~ Seeds x. oy vtpfitiel~ nnd Sheldon~~.a t~ia e~ :~~v . ` r ' " " , I k• Many people h a v e asked the ..~' questions "uhat is expansion?" and "What does expansion do to cereal grains?" ;J For practical purposes, expansion could ba describcd as a method of in- ;~ flating a matcrill or causin it to ;: swell. In the case of grains and veget.. able matter, this is done by subjecting ^+~ ' thc material to heat, pressure and ~.:_ hiqh-shcar mixing treatment, while in- r-, -troducing and blending with supcr- ~: heated water. The material, at an v tcd t r el t h i d i . ~ c a emrcra u c, s c urnc n- EDtTbR'S 111OTE: The authors, Mr. Williants and Mr. Baer, are with - the V. D. Anderson Co., Cleveland, Ohio, maker ot the Anderson Ex- pand et. . to a wft dough-like mass r.c3 then discharged from the expandcr so that the sudden decrease in pressure allows the supet-heated water to vaporizc in- stantly. This causes the material to swell, inflate or expand.
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-50272 7555 nE_r- Q 143 Cu 1975 GW ~c~.e to I VVorld Science Cotlsvltin,.^, editor :ravacvxill, tp~s J~!A, l3Sc, f~Piri, F'l:(C .,...,,+. . Voimme- 4 Itaiv Editor : Howard Moore P1tD FRA~TCIS HODG-xtSIO~.~ Sceenfili.• Puhlishcrs since 1884 9 :, ~; iS ~~ _: ii ! i
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50272 7531 i hycmomvswLmv Capniiitt s 1975 by 71e Society G t ~ I 80 II Ey-81 $.p. i g oL ! ~ $1 S ( i57~) 0t _ ~ /.a y.3'y-y3y Vol. 12. No • hophyuolo~ RestOrch W 0 - hioted in U.S.A Cardiovascul a~ ~ and Neurophysiologic Correlates of Sensory Intake and Rejection. II. Interview 4~,34- Behavior THOMAS E. BITTKER, MONTE S. BUCHSBAUM; REDFOR_ Q B,WILUAMS, JR:, AND LYMAN C. WYNNE Adult PsycAiatr)r BrancA and Laborotory of C/inicol PiycAoblology, Nntio+wl Instiluu ojMrnwl Health, Bethesda ABSTRACI' As paR of a three task study of the Influence of attentional style on cardiovascular response, 19 normal volunteers were given a 1S-min interview during which systolic and diastolic blood pressure, digital pulse volume, heart rate, and forearm blood flow were recorded. At the same time two observers Independently assessed five elements of the subjects' interview behavior; arousal, eye contact with the interviewer, self-revelatlon of Interview center, attentiveness to the interviewer, and overall transac- tional engagement In the interview task. When subjects were divided into groups of interview attenders and nonattenden on the basis of interviewer ratings, attenders had a mean decrease in forearm blood 8ow and nonattenders a mean Increase. These group differences extended across a word identification
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(mzo) 50272 7530 A Contprchctuive Va por-T.iduid I?quilihritun Computer Prograa>.--KVALUE RAYIv~o.1~n:A~:A iZ'.vVit;><anMS`Am) cRNr_•ST I. sicNLCv Ctrllen College of 1•:ngineer•ing, Unirersity of llou.slon, Horrston, Texas 77004 (USA) ko (Rcccivcd: 2 t--cbruary, 1970) Tlte 1:1'A l. UE rocrtiirr rrrrs de rc lupeclus un ir:lc t rcrlc r! package for calc•rclaling nurllic•unrponent rapor-liqcricl equilibrium K-ralues nt luw to ntoderatc pressures. Includecd as optional subroutines are Ihe calculation of vapor phase fugacit), cucffic•ients ria the ririal or Redlich-kn•ong equa; ions of state, and tlie calculation of liquid phase actirities via the en, uations of l i'ilson, Van Laar and IlilclcbrancL Also inchrcleci is an arrxiliarv program CURI•7T for frlling rapor pressure data annd obtaining rquation-of-statc constauts fronr expcrimen- .tal (tata. F.xtcnsir•e use is rmrde of the Aicrrclrcardt niethod for solring n!u/tl-dinlcnsional, non-linear equa- tions; Ihe cr'•cria of equil:!:rru;t being that cf equal t•apor and liquir! fugac•ities. Tlrr's)s~ ~nt, i~Iuclr f ras ~eell-~ hora:cghll• t: ~Sted, S±•ill t) solr•c dew poi»t or ~i:rb.'~le poirlt probleris tiritjl c~Ifler -n -- P -- t. 1 7.,... ...r.,.hh nc nc data are spccified, diagnostic nicssag+;s arc printed. In case no starting guesses foj the unknown are given, the system generates its own. Given P-x, P-I,, T-x, or T-1, daja, K`JALUi: computes T-I,, T-x, P-y, or P-x data. ln mvny respects, the system is an expanded and improved version of that ollered by Prausnitz, Eckert, Oryc and O'Connell.' A major point of departure is the com- putational technique employed. Whcreas Prausnitz cl al. rely almost solely on iterative trial-and-crr•crr computations, the approach used here, i%hcrever feasible, is to solve cquations simultancously using a Marquardt multi-dimensional, non-linear equation- solving routir.o, The Marquardt algorithm and program are given by Henley and P.osc;n.2 THERMODYNAMIC CORRLI.l+.T3ONS r•M P r OVt:D
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REF. 50272 . 7554 Guide to World Science Q 143 Gu Consulting editor AT0`I6ilwlYilliainstMA, IsSc, DPlul, FRIC 1975 Volume 5 The Netherlands Volume 22 United States of America Part 1 Volume 23 . United States of America Part 2. Volume 24 Canada FRANCIS H®DGS®N Scienti/7c Publishcrs since 1884
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50272 7557 REF _ Q i - Guide to World Science 143 Cu 1976 Consulting cditor :MA, BSc, DI'hil, FItIC Volume,12 + ~ reece,Aurkey, and the 4<rab States Editors : Greece and Turkey : Stella E. L. Nhecler /Arab States/-Khawaja 1'. Shah, BSc, MSc Volume 1.4'~/Cliina,v Volume 15 South-east rAsia Editor : S. C. Fuller, BA ndia, and C -entral Asia i Volume 17 Y'/JapZ:l Editor : D. B. Forbes Editors : China : Alan Winter, BSc, PhD, MA India and Ccntral Asia : Antony Kamm, MA Bangladesh : M. N. G. A. Khan FRANCIS H©DGSON Sekntfc PablGshcrs since 1884 .i ~ ~... .: •) • It , 1 ~. ~ 1~
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50272 7559 REF Industrial Research in the United Kingdom i s z t ~ Former title: INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH IN BRITAIN. A reference guide to organizations and establishmeitts Ninth edition ~ . Consultant Editor ~ ~ I ,yM,hMJJ1J ms; MA, BSc, DPhil, CChem, FRIC, FRHistS 4L.M ~ r ~ FRANCIS H®DGSON „ an imprint of Longman Group Limited :.:
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Ref. GUIDE 70 ti;J$RLD ~IENCE. Publ. Francis Hodgson, 2nd ed. Q Consulting editor; ;jrcwavm**wWj44-.*amsm 143 Gu Vol. 1. !~,'ted Kingdom and Republic of Ireland 1974 Vol. 2. Fj•ance ~ Vol. 3. Germany ~ vol. 8. ySAi tzerl and and aj~tstri a vol. 9. ,~.pain &.Drtugal vol.10. Eastern EuroDe OW vol. 13. owIsrael vol. 18. Aystral i a and Llgw Zeal and vol. 19. ~sntral Africa vol. 20. South Africa and Rhodesia ul'.-21 i; atin~Areriua 50272 7553
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50272 7560 h.'~1 IIi h IIO'JUCz`I0?J TU CI<-~."0?;1:,'z't3sTWP?iY DFite Ual,520wn 100 PSget3 Cil~~a9.G~:1 p0r1li^c,".ng, Ideca Yu;.'st Co, , xnC, .< : f.... .....,.,..,, .~ _z.~ 1 - .y. . ... . . 1) u „ i) ^ „ ~ ~! !; ~ •~ iS
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.t 502.72 7524 . J. Insl. ITrew. July_-AuGust 1977 Vol. 83 pn. 213 219 , , , , , CHROMATOGRAPItIC ANALYSIS--FLAVORS/ APPARATUS AND PROCEDURE FOR REPRODUCIBLE, fIIGI-i-RrSOLUTION 78 III Wi GAS CIIROI3ATOGR:IPIIIC ANALYSIS OF ALCOHOLIC BL;vLRA.GL' I-I CAllSPACr VOLATI LLS . . ,~~~~~ I3Y P: :LWVtt3-1A~1S AT.D C. R. STRAUSS (T/re Auslrnlirrn Winc Research btsNltrlc, Glen Osnroitd, SotNb iJtrsn•alio, 5064) Rrccired 12 A'oveuiber 1976 'r. A readily established method is reported for concentrating headspace volatiles on a bed of thc. porous lmlymer, Chromasorb 105. Tfin trapimcl cornamnents are transferred hy a desorption toch- niciue onto a small pitrr, of JFJG coilted support material. The volatilos can then be injected onto a hicllr-rosolittion clas chrom~ctoOr.j/>hic column b;~ a sirnhle process. The ~~pparatus rec!uiracl and the st.~•l)s invulved iri tizo procedure .rre discussed in detail. The precision of the methocl for the quantitative determination of alcoholic beverage headspaec volatiles is assessed for a ranqe of tyhical cocnpouncJs. Fwsrnples are cliven c,f applications of the techniryue to tho analysis of alcoholic spirits ar,c; beveraUes. Key ~~~nrils: annli•sis-nethorl, gvt.s-chromntng:•npln•, hemrl- results arc reported of thc hcadspacc analysis of a variciy sprrcc, spirits, minc. alcoholic bcvcragcs ancf spirits. These rantr frum :;rom.rriih samplcs such as wines mui hr;tnclic; to relatively :romm-fic, T..r,.~.....~..~.. ~. . a ~ ~~ ;: n t _ :l U c-) ,
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50272 7523 II e Wi2lisma,~ author) KcBn, H. T. CEiE'.UCTw.i'.I7,tSTxC:i OF A FFt1TE':Sfi PB.CA;iCEO BY P&[:UMO:IM1S Xa.AM.P.ar~4Na, by U. T. ia,ecti, P. H. W21.1[C.a.r., and J. C. 11alker Phytopathology 1_7, 217-262 (1966) _ 0
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50272 7562 Micro-', " f ilm Plo. 90 ~~. t U. r., yt o .~ '+~x ~,•~~ .~:~s~~'ft . N: ~~ U
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' 50272 7561 a SMOKING HABITS--ADOLESCENTS/' TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/ SMOKING HABITS--PERSONALITY/ SUMMARY AND IMPLICATIONS OF REVIEW OF LITERATURE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF 80 X U n 6 RELATED TO ADOLESCENT SMOKING HEALTH, EDUCATION,APJD WELFARE Health Services and Mental Health Administration Center for Disease Control ' National Clearinghouse for Smoking and Health Bethesda, Maryland 20016 '?he Project upon which this publication is based was performed pursuant to Contract No. HSM 110-71-145 with the Health Seryices and Mental Health Administration, Oepartment of Health, Education, and Welfare." September 1971 Reprinted 1972
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50272 7565 ELECTROCHEMICAL ANALYSIS/ANIONS/ELECTROCHEMISTRY/ QD 115 Wi 1979 Handbook of Anion Determination . ~~ .4SY ._.-..,:,rfi~!w School of Chemistry, University of Bath Butterworths London Boston Sydney Wellington Durban Toionto Y , ~. . i.
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50272 7571 „s Bo 1975 PDDL . 0 COOKBOOKS/ 4~~ O."4K Traditional and Contemporary Recipes Initially Compiled and Adapted by Letha Booth and the Staff of Colonial Williamsburg With Commentary by Joan Parry Dutton Color Photographs 6y Taylor Bigg.r Leo;ir, Jr. Line Drawinzr 6 y Yernon Wooten _ Publislicd by ~if11C~; COLO;V~IAQ\1'1t,LiAN1S1SURC FOUNDATION N'illiauuGvrg, Virginia . I
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50272 7563 QC 457 B ox `~~.J.iamB°j'TVsai Zt~rtdt,-! t J1:au Barnes, Robert Bomding, 190G- Llfrared spectro5cohy, industrial ,pplictttions : ucl bibli- ogratplly 1by1 R. I3owlinh 13;trtles, IloLert C. Gore, t rner Lid(lel, ttnd V:in 'l.undt 11'illi;utls ... New York, Reinhold puhlishin~ corporation,194-1. v, 111, `r3Q h. dtnfirs. 23y cm. "InfrnrfYl spectroscopy" (p. 1-113) is reprtnted from an article by It. R. Barnes, U. Liddel, and V. Z. \1'illianis which +tpPe71rerl in Industrial and engineering chemistry, analytical edition, r. 15, no. 11. C/. p. tiil Iitbliography : p. 114-228. 1. Spectrum, Infra-red. 2. Spectrum anal}•sis-1iib1. r. Liddel, Urner, 1txY.i- ,ioint nuthor. tt. t;m•e. 1Tulx•rt Cumniins. U907- joint author. tii. Williams, \'an Zandt, Joint .uithor. iv. Title. QC457. B3:3 /~ 535.84 4-1----41 i 3 Library of Congress " i;,3nr21 i 'j :: S I
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50272 7569 TOBACCO--SMOKING--PASSIVE/TOBACCO--SMOKING--SURVEY/American Lung Assoc. of N. Y./ 78 X Wi . RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XVi . ~' k'illiford, W. R.; Alexiou, N. G.; Wflli'.~~~"~=S,I"r'-:~~ = (N. Y. St. Dep. Mental Hyb., Div. N. Y. State Dep. t Civil Serv. Employee Health Serv., Albany, N. Y.; American Lung Assoc. New York St., Albany, N. Y., U.. S.) : ', ' S* :ING ATTITUDES, PRACTICES AND PROGRA.*i POTENTIAL IN THE WORK ENVInO\'•'ENT. ` merican Pub. Health Assoc., annual meeting, 105th, paper, Washington, D. C. (Nov. , 1977) (in English) ~ c s r Tradition, apathy, lack of education or a combination of all these l C ~ cha racteristics of Civil Service Depart©ent W ork force has to account for j i nonsmokers curvcyed f tti 62' " indicate that they are 4• the o e ^ fact that . ; bothered at work b~~ cr~oke, •~c~t only 11:: indicate a ki11i~:Cnesa to participate . . 7 . ~ in reco:r-mending suit:.ble ways for tobacco snoke to be reduced in the work = place. , :~
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/ I / I 1'o). 2, No. T S0272 7564 DETECTION OF FLUOF.OCAt:BONS :N THE STRATOSPHERE • F. S. Aonomo, J. N. Brookr, A. Goldman, + F. H. Murcr: y and 4 aAc.{.,;:: . CIGNl1'S1CA1, r.F.StrJK:;! ~lrtr:its ~~c.j ~G~-!L%:r'rl ltarcL )S'75 ` ~ -1-a- 19 4 1- ? ssp D. G. Murcray, Department of Physics and Astronomy. University of Dem-:r, Abstract. Infrared laboratorl• absorption spectral measurements of CF2C12 ani CFCI; are applieJ to baltoon flight data of August I2, 1960. A volume mixing ratio of 5 x 1 U' I t is dr_rived for C2'2C1 .~nd a prc•bablc volumc mix- ing ratio of ?x 10-{1 is estimated for CFC13. These values are compared with calculations by Civesen and by Cicerone et a:. for 21 km. In addalon, an upper limit for HF in the lower ctratospherc up to 30 krn is set at 3x 10-10 v/v for Sevtember 30. 1965. Denver, Colorado 80210 Identificetion of Fluoroca:l-onx Both CF2Cl2 aud CFC)3 exhibit strono ab- sorption fcatures in the 800-950 cr:z'1 spect1: 1 region (see Figure 1). CF2C12 has two ah:.rp spectral featurea at 921.9+0. 2 cnz-I and 9Z3. 2, 0. 2 cm-I in addition to thc brcad band absorp• tion, while CFC13 has only a broad band appear- ance centered at F47 cm-1 under the observed repohition of 0.4 cm-1. Thc crl C12 band at 922 cm' I and th^ Cf'ClI band at 847 cm' I occur 0 0(1 0'1 () il S' 4 4 0 I
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50272 7570 _ .... ... ._ ..:. ...;;_s...,,. _ .__. <TC~rt riJt IiJC:--SliRVxY/ - 73 X Wi.l- SPfJE:I;:C' tiAB1TS--STI;DLNTS/ P.JR GLr.SS 73 }: :.'il A~r,~ rstown, _ `D :OB LrCO Curr. C; {.nia" p. 1(July 7, 1973) (in English) I ., *}~~7 i, \c~. 1 - 5313*
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50272 7545 ~ RCS-JuruN.\t. oK rrx~rcr r.,,f:~r~rrrt:r.r.\r. sucii:-rY 11, G'L7-G;r, (1972) VI Pe9-77 Influence of Nitrogcn Dioxide on the Uptake of ' macrophages. The data presented indicate that the inability of ItrciiAwr..n: Wii.r.r,tatK,-.r..r,tatK, Jt:,\. 1). Ac,-rurr, AND . . . Ql'F:NT1:1 N. :tll'It\'ll: Acpnrtmrvit of 111irrulihdnryU, I.uwinuri (;rog Srho"l of dlydiciilc, 11'iusfnn-tinlrut, Nurth. Giruliim 2710:1 Reccived December 27, 1971; acccl,ted hebruary 21, 1972 A 3 hour exposure of rabbit alveolar macrolrhages in a•ii!n to an' atmosphere containing '3:i ppm AO, does not prevcnt the uptake of parainlluenza-:3 viru:c by the tnarrol,hages. The exposcd macro- phages also are capal,le of producing viru, I:\A. I:c,ults of studies on the interaction uf radioactive I,arainlluenza-3 virus with alveolar ntacrophage; show that more virus attaches to \O, treated macrophal,•es than to normal macruphugcs. 'More virus also al,pcar:r to 3x~netratc NO, treated macrophages than normal NO, treated alveolar macrophages to produce interferon is not due to a defect in adsorption, penetration, or uncoating of parain- . t 4•r' . Parainfluenza-3 Virus by Alveolar Macrophages' fluenza-3 virus or to the complete inhibition of RNA synthesis. ; Thus, the nature of the NO_ induced biochemical lesion which Inhibits interferon production remains to be elucidated. C~ Y) -,t j. t f-^ti~ i 1 lai t3 i
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-- ._.WW..+YaYr.1~tY.aAan. )QC MeF-B-190--74 .° 50272 -7538 The etTropbic" Value of Foods' - . -• :; "•Pra, xa<. e~a. s~ vs~s • ' (nutrition/rats/diet/oomparati.e value/9- or 1'L-week test) • Vol. 70, No. 3, pp. 710-713, March 1973 .R04_i1JRiT.WItLUMS, JAMES D. IIEFFLEY; r1AN-LI YEW, AND CHARLFS W. BODE Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute and Department of Chemistry, The Univendty of Tesu at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712 ~ Ce.c'nbuled b;l $oqer. J. 17illiamr, December 18,1972 ABSTRACT Foods must furnish (t') calories, which "vital stuS" vrithout ahich no living organism can continue ean readily be measured, and (ii) raw materials neocssary to eidst. Individual species have widely different synthetic for the building and maintenance of metabolic machinery powers; hence, the nutritional needs of each species is b:ehl)• which malces possible fuel utilization. We have called this "beyond-caloric" quality of food its "trophie" ca.ue. distinctive. Yet when their metabolic machinery is built, This concept has more unity than appears on the sur- it contains a vast array of common element's. Even the ma- faee, and is capable of approximate measurement by bio- chinery involved in reproduction, the nucleic acids (R11.r.a logical testing as our experiments show. and DNAs), are generally built from the same units regardlcss The trophic value of a food cannot be ascertained from food composition tables because only a smattering of the of the organism involved. neeesaary information is commonly furnished. A food The "vital stug" which contributes trophic value to a food c,annot support life if it is missing, or deficient with respect . exhibits another kind of unity. It is well recognized that a to, any one of the necessary nutrients. A tabulation which complete protein cannot be built if even one of its amino acids Includes only a few nutrients-e.g., calcium, thiamin, is missing. I,ikewise, the building of complete, workable ribo8avin, niacit., phosphorus, and iron-can be woefully misleading, especially if these individual nutrients have metabolic machinery cannot possibly take place if even one been added by way of fortification. little cog is missing. Adequate food must.contribute the total The measurement we have applied to a number of foods package. A food or food mixture which has been altered in sa potentially valuable for comparing similar food prod- such a ssa as to lose or inactivate even one of thr approai- .r~>..n...._~.+...+s.io+. .aFts..or-lojrY . . . _.~..,i. ~ j ~ },: S ~ S 13
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-50272 7526 ~ . . _._.....i Amt. elin. Biochent. 8(1971) 13- /-5 CHEMISTRY, ANALYTIC--INSTRI3MElv'TS/ 77 III Fl Some Fundamental Aspects of Continuous b7ow Analysis , • A. Fc.ECtc, R. D. Bt:GC,'P: I;'VVii:i.rXMS"1ND D. RActovzcR Biotbemfstry Department, Glasgow Royal Ipfirnrary and Dcpartbnent o/Mechonica! Engineering, University ojGla;,?ow w 1 This-study was yndcrtakcn in an attempt to assess th, practical and 4hcorcti~al limitations of through- put of continus flow analytical systems such as the Tcchnicon AutoAnalyzcr. In many laboratories using Tcchr.icon cc;uipmcnt the fastest sampling rate in common use is 6t)jh and in our own labora- tory this rate is frcqucntly limiting. For example, more than 320 clcctrolytes may have to be analysed in one day. Also with the t.dvcnt of discrctc systems of analysis capab!c of processing 120, 150 or evcn 300 samples in or.c hour it is important to assess whethcr the continuous llow system has any inherent ~ _ ..__ ..r ........,,..,. ..,~.. '-S ,4"!; 2. 1967; Walker el al., 1970) that 'carry-over' is the main factor which limits sampling rate in cor.tinuous flow analysis. A s:mplc r,ta thcmatical rnodcl de- scribing carry-ovcr can be dcvc!oprd as follows. The convcntio:,al scpar:tion of sac:p !e ',,Iubs' and plain rca~cnt 'slugs' is rc;xcsc;: cd diagrar;,- matically in Firu:c :. The carry-ov:,r from rragcnt slug' A to the nrs: sample •slag' R is Q,, that from sample 'slug' B to the sc;,onJ sr.mp!c 'slt:a C is Qa and so on (expressing Q per unit lcngth of tube travcrscd). It follows that 4 i
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~ 50272 7576 = VI ,}~~?iL1~ld«~sma;-':3':Y.'f.~"a'ad J: ' R.-: t,1Lr.an: Vapour To YhLse An,lysis of Consecutive Puffs During the 1963 Smoking of a Cigarette. TOBACCO CHI:MISTS• RFSi:ARCti CbY3FERF.NC£6 17th September 1963 tMnntredl9 Quebec, Canada
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5U272 7577 T 215 wi <I rt~~ ~l~ili~KOn, John AwTold . , I'f Ti:?,T I,YCE?.SYiw A!'Ii) P.CDYtLYT'fC .~ , 1963 258 PFges , Ur,S©crv•st, Microf-D-mc, Znc. P~.'!n Arbar, 2-fich.
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Page 70: tvk78d00
50,272 7575 VI To1962 a?.- T. I M-ASiTREMENT OF ..... 1,.er, ;. T,..... ~} T r.,.'~ L:J Fry f(~ ' Mr,~ .r.7 l1S1 U 1Ji.ia.! ...~v.... r.,..r ...,-r.,.rr~ S [. , r c T~c • ,~t:a`:Va isl~ :u~a.t.:~ l7y tdo T. .i5.11 .i4~f;.L3"n f D 0, I'.olo?aw;;. ~ ~ i.l:i:~ t1,L.'-:: . 6
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50272 7558 CREAT BRT.TAIN--DIRECTOIT.IES/RI:SEARCII--f;REAT BRITAIN/ , RESEARCH, INDUSTRIAL/DIRECTORIES--CREATBRITAIN/ i -REF ; Industrial 143 . 4ft- ' RESEARCH IN BRITAIN 1976 ~ Edhor: Til'eYOi.L WNGms; MA, BSc, DPhtl, F'R[C . Associate Ed&ors Ste1L E. L. Wheeler . FRANCIS HODGSON Scknti/Ic Publishen since 1884 ~.~ 1 r! li .`l ~',
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50272 7548 . .. C-) Jourunl of Mcdicinal ciutl I'Iiarmacec:tic,il Cliemistry IZ CoAl-18 S.P. - ~~-~ -- ~.•oi. The llct.djolisni of [3-"C]Couninrin ~ . ~ li. IC.~tcttF~ and Department of hiocl,c»,i•m-y, `: `` .~.,. :. St. 31ary's Ho~s1~,t~1 lleclical Scliool (iiniz•crsity of Loiulo„), London, 11'.a In an earlier paperl -we a1ve an account of a qualitative iu.•esti- ~ation of the fate of conmzrin in the animll body. 3- and 7- Ity-droxycoumarin were proved by isolation to be nietabolites of coumlrin in rahbit.. We also showed by paper chro„iato;rahhy- tl,at these two compounds .ccre nuctabolitesf of coumarin in the ferret, guinez pig, mouse and rat. Furthermore, eviclencc was obtained that a- and S-hydroxl'cown.uin .c^_.re metabolites, albeit mino.• one., in most of tLese animals. li'e did not find 4- and G-hydroxycouniarin, G,7-dih.•droxrcc,uiuari,i, o-cotunaria rcid (o-hydrosy--fran•s-ci,unamic :(cid), nielilotic acid (o-hy(1roxN-- pheny11iropionic zcid) or salict•lic acid in t1,e urine of ani,alls tiloscd with couniarin. Since the above paper m•as published and while thc present work was in prooress, two papers have appeared on -t.he metaho- li,ni of coumarin. Furul z° ;~1s conf;rnied t1t1t 3- and 7-lhydroxy>- ti7
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50272 7587 . .. -• ,_... . . _ _~_. . ._.._ .. ..:~~. _ _ CIGARETTES--DENSITY/ TOBACCO--DENSITY/ 77 VI W~ -RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 77 V/ Wil Will,iaiAsoti';::.Ti;:.G.~'; MacKinnon, J. G,; Jenkins, R. W.; Frisch, A. F. (Univ. Va.; Philip Morris Res. Cent., Richmond, Va., U. S.) , r DENSITY MEASUREMENTS IN A BURNING CIGARETTE.. - Letter Trans. Amer. Nucl. Soc. 26, 165 (1977) (in English) *Note affiliation* ~ In summary, the absolute measurement by beta attenu-_1 ~ation of the density of a nonhomogenous loosely packed litem, such as a cigarette, will be in error by several percent. However, small changes in the density have been 'measured in the tobacco, rod as the cigarette is smoked. l 1 ~it 1 ~^f
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50272 7574 ~ lwmi ~~~ C:0 I'•AF.7`i'X ht.i7 TCMCCQ,* to- .Yo Ca ~ Tv^a.a~~. ~o C. StaU C031eriea Tcbacao Neprini; Barfa:1 P-OprIDt frCh'4! aa pEir'"w gr^^'Ao i'v~ lfrt~a ~.~ ~~
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50272 7581 TOBACCO--ANALYTICAL MElHOUS/ 81 VI Mc TOBACCO--PHENOLS--DETERMINATION/ RJR CLASS NO. PAM PHLET 81 VI Mc McClure, W. (N. C. State Univ., Raleigh, N. C.; U. S. Dep. Agr., Agr. Res., Tobacco Res. Lab., Oxford, N. C., U. S.) RAPID SPECTROPHOTOMETRIC ANALYSIS OF THE CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF TOBACCO. PART III: POLYPHENOLS. Beitr. Tabakforsch., confidential manuscript, submitted for publication, 15+ p. (1981) (in English) +Keywords:• polyphenols, cured, constituent; chlorogenic acid, cured, constituent; rutin, cured, constituent; caffeic acid, cured, constituent. Two hundred thirty-eight ground samples of tobacco were scanned with a computerized near infratred (NIR) spectrophotometer to study the relationship of NIR spectra to the polyphenol content of the samples. A multiple linear regression model was used to select the most appropriate wavelengths for making the 0 ;"j N () nr, 0 S j; !; 7
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~ !Y ..~ • ~.~ ";:..i ~ t M67) IIT-flTT '•h'JS •LZDX •z3r.,'V '^oilit.X,T, 'Q '?' PttD uv':PaN 9H oii ';-- 'IS •D 'I "4 'NOi:J.dA.CJ..V id021jd1gK A(I a`K1SYS nXI)`!FO!. Q:1`J 0:3yr0l 30 SIS.t'N::N 0 ft r l 0
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50Z72 7589 RJR CLASS NO. PATPHLET 75 IX Wi Batalo, D. P. ; Jenki.ns, R. W. ;'Frisch, A. F. (Univ. Va.,Charlottesville, Va.; Philip MOrris Res. Cent., Richmond, Va., U. S.) MEASUREt•L':NT OF THE CIGARETTE AIR VOLUME WITH RADIOACTIVE AGRON. Trans. Amer. Nucl. ~oc. 21, *1975, No. 16, W 5592* *d* Tobacco chemistry: ii
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50272 7568 . T/TLE(..cdSrONlf.1 + I Du •-7 ' ' I It1C at:l l+ :1Xt+ Ua)\C. !11 \lX(: :11 Uk, XI N:1TI:k 1 s.p. w~Tltl li~lt,}rr rkl~rrl.r:~ ulael~l.l+ ll:u~l ~I~u:rl~~l. f~t,I+Il~~y:Tkll. ~11.f~S1)I~I:~~1.~T.1. i ~ ~r REPORT OJCUMENTATION PAGE 1 ~ KF_All lNSlkl~('Ttt•ti5 ' ItEFOKk : tl~!r! (:rl.t; r•1)HN 1. REDORT NUYOtN ,) pOVT ACCESSIO4 NO.' ) RLCIpICNT•S ~AfA4J:. 1.•.Mtll.e1 Ct1XTtL1CT RI:Pt37t'I' - S TvotpiR(onRtEVfRIJ:)C~.fMf^• " icnt ! f i c Rrlwrt S. . ~ _ E f.ERfORMING OAG Rf.PORT NdMHtN ./ 7- AuTMORi.I .- . ' 9 CONTRALT J/1 :.RANT NuMBLR:./ 11:+ri(1 (:. i!urcrl}• •luhn .1. Kosters Jamc. \. Rr.1ul.. 11a rrn l:u 1 Jn:u! ! !. PCRFJNM-Ny OR.iA4%2AT/ON N1MC AAO ACCRESS ,. PR•.;.NA. t.LY1S: LN71f.~- Uuit•.rsit.• oi Uenrcr •REA E •_R.• U\/I VUVIIfRi -• ' l+rpt ut 1'h~•.i: s attJ A.t rhnumv henvrr, t:t) Kh2tlt+ 1S CCVTRJLL/NGO«ICt tiAlrE •NO AOApESS , 72".REPORT ZATE !iti .1na%' rtal I i.t ic kc%c:Ir.lt I. IUur:It.Iry ~ l 11 I<Rtk~~``-19'- .~i•rrdt•cn Pror i nt: t;ruunJ,~ttf 2,1005 `... /T N,,..~1 R_6 P•;.I.s 1±!+ ' 1• •i1NITQV,N{: AtytNCr NAME (i AOONESSf/t dll(.rnnr /rn.w i.•nbMltn8 U/b~e• 1S SEC1lRITr C~ASS roI lAr...ren• l!% :\t•tn,' ?L+tcrlol I+rcrlupr.;rnt ~ RraJinrs. Ca:Im:InJ >utll I:l:cnho~~cr :~rrnut• ItNC1.:1~~t1•IIt+ • - •.1/.x~tnJria, VA "•:S•: ` ~~ . . ~~. oi: :tal.~cA.~o~ OOwGRAO1M4 SCNEOJLC , . If DISTRIPUf1ON SIATCMENT (e(M/t kepae/• , , (~! ~~ f 7. () i1 1 j 0 :;
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"1585 - - - - - - - - - . . - - xI col-79 s.E. 50272 ...; .. . ,,..., . .,s.. . . ..,._ . ,,•. . .. ,~ . ; " RJR CLASS NO. PAMPNLET XI-Col-79 s.p,. ~• (Univ, Va., Charlottesville•~ Va., U. S.) •~ CIGARETTE COMBUSTION - A ILIP ~fORRIS RESEARCH•GRANT. Univ. Va.;'News Release Charlottesville Va. (1979) (in English).• • , , , *Abstr..ini RIchmond Times Dispat.ch, Sect. D, 1979, p 1 (1979)* ----~-----_..__..- - ! Areas of study includethe follotving: C . ~ ~analyze the air flow, combustion rate, distribution of elcn:ents ' !and combustion products of a burning cigarette, use of radiation Ito trace tobacco elcinents and byproducts, including chlorine, brornine, soditnn and manganese. nther experiments have been • ~conducted to see whether a relationship exists between the elcxnents ~in a tobacco leaf and its position on the stalk of the plant.
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50272 7580 v TOBACCO--GFNETICS--CHEMICAL COMPOSITION/TOBACCO--FLUE-CUR?;D---CO"lPOSITION/ TOBACCO--BURLEY/ .. ' 78 VI Lel - . .. .-•- -- - ...... : ... ,:. 5 . -. - RJR CLASS NO. PA.~iPHLET 78 VI Legg, P. D. ; Chaplin, J. F. ;a~i'x~=`:RN E. (U. S. Dep. Agr., Agr. Res. Serv., Univ. Ky.;"Lexington, Ky.; St. L'niv., Dep. Crop. Sci., Oxford, N. C.)~ GENETIC DIVERSITY IN BURLEY AND FLUE-CURED TOBACCO. Crop Sci. 17 (No. 6) 943-47 (1977) (in English) XKeywords:1 ash, cured, constitucnt; chlorides, cured, constituent; ' alkalinity, cured, constituent; nitrate, cured, constituent; , . acids, cured, constituent; hydrogen ion concentration,.cured~, constituent; ' nitrogen, a-amino-, cured, constituent; alkaloids, total, cured, constituent; cellulose, cured, constituent; starch, cured, constituent; sugars, reducing, cured, constituent; polyphenols, cured, cons,tituentt Q .) i 1 `I i I ~ I lA 5 4 5 Lel N. C. F
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~s A i V i\; i.Jl. \ f"V:.rlJ lAiiJ1Y l•~.1 iLdd:V.L l.ti:.:.e•.:.lel.a.X. a1'.::J ' f..` ' . 51:iTi,' 0i? 1`HF Af'.T 1ZE~~ILW O:v SLJJDGE I3:CZ1~i~Rt~TtON PI'~.~XTICE -- by S. Ealakrishnr,n, Ph.D. ' K. W. Okey, P.E. i. Resource Engineering Associat6s Wilton, Connecticut 06897 ; for the i1 •! i i V 50272 7572 ' , FEDERAL WATL;R QUALITY ADMINISTRATION , Dk:PAR',MEDIT OF TlLS. I2iTERIOR , LJ,c- Program #17070 DIV Contract f-14-12-499 Fh'QA Project Officer, B. V. Salotto " Advanced Waste Treatment Research Laboratory Cincinnati, Ohio April, 1970 ... . . ,
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6tI -..~ • ..,.._...._ ~ = - - ;~ (E96I '006) 6G-£L~7 'd '7,,y :L:os; a;,i;~?j3 ° Loi cC ^.c:3.'1 43 C#N i'r4i:y3l~9 ~a.E • • •f) '•5 Ja~o~'~Fi~'3!f . E6SL ZLZaS
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50272-7596 TP 9~' H Haslam, John. Identification and analysis of plastics (by, J. Haslam tandj H. A. Willis. London, Ili6'e Books; Princeton, N. J., Van Nostrand t19651 7,483 P. tllus. 26 cm. Includes bibliographies. 1. PlnFtics. i. Willis, Harry Arthur, iolnt author. u. Title. TP11•10.I13 1965 668.42 65-2401 of Con Llbrnr ress 2 g y t I ~ cj6 i ) () 0 ;It U E)"
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ti.u~OT'oq C3~ ~ 34'~ ~^1 ~a^ 0? °tI °CL _',zn8 '.4 C..zp '~0 •r.'uo=UxT'CTx ELSL ZLZOS
Page 85: tvk78d00
. 50272 75-86 CIGARETTES--BURNING PROPERTIES/ . ~ CIGARETTES--TEMPERATURE PROFILE/CICAP.F.TTES--PENSITY.PY.OFILE / ~ . 1 77 IX se RJR CLASS NO. PA."iPHLET 77 IX Je . ? Jenl:ins, R. W. , Jr. ; I'risr.h, A. F. ; MacKinnon, J. G. ; k'iU.iurasoni T.' G.+ ; - (Philip Morris Res. Cent., Richmond, Va.; Univ. Va., Dep. 27uc1. EnC., ; Charlottesville, Va., U. S.) ~ CI GARETTE Si iOKE FOF,'•IATION. STUDIES . IV. THE DYNAMIC Mf ASUREMENT OF 'THE ~ A.~:IAL DENSITY OF A IiL'RNING CIGAUTTE. ~ Manuscript to be published in Beitr. Tabakforschung, 16 p. (197])•(in $ English) . _...._. .. _.._.... *Note affiliation* we have demonstrated a technique --using . 'beta attenuation to neasure dynamically the density profile iof a burning cigarette. The density changes which occurred have been correlated with known temperature profiles of cigarettes. In addition, the buildup and re-evaporation ~of condensable water on the tobacco rod is observed. Detailed
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50272 7566 III Du 79 ::S.Pi. 2- Oeon. ` . ...... . . -.r.. ....... .r.. te ..w..w rsf l.w,ti/s M N0e! ra.r1M Constituent height profiles are derived for HNO„ n3, H,O, C?',Clz. CFCI, . • ~,tnd .tvro y-~;dc~t:•`.aC ~r atit~or\cs frOT. si•tCt:al :.'~lildt ~d Lr~! :il;7rv. 'S '.'. f u i.'.rrtlcnr-rrcs r.rA REPCtlT PAGE rrrr:cr- c,: r-•!"j •Tl4I TNyr I ii ` ~--- C3!.'TPAc:T aHPORT l Rat~t~ ~t-~ ~zz . r ~. ...._ ~ ..__ r. . a ~ . u irr ur v 1 O ~ L'D-ARt:TIC,~TIZ.iT0.iPIiI:It1C CO::STITUG21TS,.•..t,' •~ ~ 'r t 1 R k : ' t4 l ~ nt « itR c•?ECTRAL rADIOl.iETIt1C.,1,4F:ASURF:N.:NT5 •JFl'cientifie I'cport '3xvid q. !.`:urcray, I Frank Id.4Surcray Anrun/Goldrrsao,vJ ~`~'~ Unlvarsity of Denver (Colorndo S4mir,ary) ~ Deaartmcn2 of I';.•rsica. Drnver, r'olor.adn P0208 / //// ' t• l:w1 w0/.1. - ti7 ..iIL, R.-fl (fY7~' ' R~cf1~S2_~Ll f~ 1i..1~=^^--^==-'~~ v~ nt:.r nf;-.:.- :r.-. nL' C:,1•.n •:..Cwpc.cilt 1.o.~ti•ina •. _/ I„ Arr.f E~1lli;tic ke~oarch !.a::drat~~~~V ~P•`% (• ~~ ?Y• 7tnr :tr ri~t ~ ~.~:.~ . ~ r'vltt/G1cM3 Cr . a. •~•r..ti~4 Cf•..dM Ly C.wufUm QlG.+1 4. : Y CjA11. (.r ra+. - j -- -- , 1~: r!f aORLI fGwyfft...n.w,...a0. Spectral Radiomtry Fluorocarbons Wattr Vapor Atmospheric Consti2uent Profiles __ Nitric Acid ;~... . Ainr.oppfuric-Enisn ian Spsctroscory i~ 0 . ij ii ~~ _~ ~ir
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50272 7592 TOBACCO--SMOKING--PASSIVE/TOBACCO--SPiOKING--SURVEY/American Lung Assoc. of N. Y./ 78 X Wi RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 X k'i ~' ~Y~or~; .',(~,;.R, ; Alexiou, N. G. ; Wil liams, W. R. (N. Y. St. Dep. Mental Hyb., Div. Alcoholism, N. Y.; N. Y. State Dep. } Civil Serv. Employee Hea]th Serv., Albany, N. Y.; American Lung Assoc. New York St., Albany, N. Y., U. S.)' S--6 ING ATTITUDES, P.RACTICES AND PROGRAM POTENTIAL IN THE IdO1:K ENV1R0'->1ENT. : merican Pub. llealth Assoc., annual meeting, 105th, paper, Washington, D. C. (Nov. 2, 1977) (i.rI Enolish) ... - , . : _ .. _..._ ~ Tradition, apathy, lack of educatioa. orr a combination of all thcne f f h ;characteristics of Civil as orce Service Departpent work the fact that 62% of the noaswokera surveyed indicate that to account or they are ! bothered at hork b;, smoke, yet oaly 11:: indicate a hilliugnesa to participate in recommending suitabie uays for tobscco snoke tc be reduced in the work 1 _,_..~........~ , ri 'i 4,1 l 1 t.1 1 j 0 Sj 4 1 6 l!
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50272 7599 XX McA5-72 Review of N.,A-forld Rke ~''~arfcets Major jouppi.«rs James bY: Wiilis °° - -t;.5. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE / FOREIGN AGRiCULTURAL SERVItE / FAS-M-246 / AUGUST 1972 f f •-ti...~...~ .~ ... ~ . . ! . .~...~r.,~ ...- ._. __~._..,_. a d c~ t~ n;t r~~ s~-4 t.-7 - S
Page 89: tvk78d00
50272 7594 TOBACCO--ALKALOIDS--DETERMINATION/TOBACCO--ANALYTICAL MF.THODS/ 79 VI St . . . •. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 VI St Stahl, E. ; (Univ. Saarlandes, Pharmakognosie Anal. Phytochem., Bundesrepublik itschland, Ger.) EaTRACTION OF ALKALOIDS WITH SUPERCRITICAL GASES IN DIRECT COUPLING WITH ~ :N-LAYER CHRO?fATOGRAPHY. *(Extraktion von,Alkaloiden mit uberkritischen Gasenin direkter I:opplung 1 t der Du_tinschicht-Chromatographie.)* ,'• . Plant:a Medica 34, 192-202 (1978) (in German with English abstract) _ J The extraction power of supercritical carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide for ~ ll l ' China, Colchicum, Coni,an, Fphedra, ' E ~Ipccaciranha,,Nicoliana p O ium' Rait- t _J , pure a .a oids, their salts, and their cor- ~ responding medicinal plants was exa- Uned. The mairn alkaloids of the fol- Ilowing plants were selected• Areca, y . 41 r ~ 7
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~".~~...:.- ,._...~,.~,.o._..~. TP 986 Ha 1972 50272 7597 IDENTIFI CATI ON AND ANALYSIS OF PI..ASTICS.s * J. HASLAM, mSc., F.R.t.C. Formny Ckirf Analyst Imperial Chtmiial Industries Ltd Plastics Division 4i,:-A,.:11.'ILLIS. q.sc., t.c.t. Research Associate ~ Leader of the Iny"ra-red and ,Yucliar Mqqnetic Raortance Seclion, Physics Division, Research Department, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd, Plastics Division D. C. M. SQUIRRELL, esc., F.R.I.C. Leader of the Research Section, Analytical Division, Research Department, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd Plashu Division LONDON ILIFFE BOOKS 1 -1 ~ ,_,~.,...,...,,,~.,.....,.,.,.,.....~.,_. ..~..., ...,,,...,.~. ....-_._.-..-.~..~...'-.~.~,-r-....-~,~-:..~..-~, 0 6 ~ A:~l Cl 0~4 73
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1 L Eai? 19 V U~? zZ~QIOI ~U9pI~31 +~ ` a pL»,~~ r~~ hx Cia1iv ~~. ~~~,Lhv R • ~`~ ~ sFF ~ zvl~ a C ~?Q . ~ ~...... ....,.: c . ~ aqr S6SL ZLZOS
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MICROSCOPE AND MICROSCOPY--TECHNIQUE/ QH 211 G1 1980 Practical Methods in ELECTRON MICROSCOPY REPLICA, SHADOWING AND FREEZE-ETCHING TECIINIQUL T:~MART &'%TLT_rWN1 /)r ~,drl,,,r,ll U( /ji!,l. r.'r 1)r!lltuu.rir C'nirrr.~ilr ,1•rn'u Scwiu. C'unucG, Volume 8 lidilivl hr AUDREY M. GCAUERT .S/rungc-rrunv Rc'scarrh /,rlhurula.r C innhridgc• 1980 NORTH-HOLLAND PUBLISHING COMPANY AMSTERDAM - NEW YORK • OXFORD ARTI{lI R J. It()%11: Ocpcn•lnnc•nw u/'Biuchc•,nislrr 1980 NORTH-HOLLAND PUBL•ISHING COMPANY AMSTERDAM - NEW YORK OXFORD OoCfA~~C3s4 7 y
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50272 7608 Wills. Hirsh, Cermzrd 0. PI15tSIMi.V'S GUIDE TO WILLS, TRUSTS, 1'u'VD ES'LWSS. Photostat £rom: J. Am. Med. Assoc. 131, (,No. 3) 217-41 (July 21, 1961) 4 0 ;
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50272 7578 . , ~3 XXII *teB9-76 281 ' carricd to the alveolar walls where they might be Since vinyl chloride is a gas at normal temperature retained and thus sct up a reaction of the type seen on and pressure, inhalation is the important route light microscopy. of exposure in industry, and most animal studies Section ojOccupational Mcdicine formation seen on clectron microscopy. No obvious ,Dg:KiSk1Villi;trosow vascular abnormality exccpt on fluorescent cxamina- (ICI Lt(l, Central Medical Group, tion. lt might be of importance that some of the worst Frclshaw Ilall, Wilrnslow, affectcd men were conccrned in a polymerization ChcsJrire SK91 Q13) ~1 ' process that yicldcd 'plastiso~', a very fine PVC powder with particle size around 0.5 µm. Thesce f. aevictr of Animal Studies particles containin, vinyl ehloride rnonomcr could bc ; Professar I J Selikoff (Mount Sinai School ojMedic ine, City University of New York) Enid that pulmonary abnormalities had been unexpectedly common findings among some 1200 vinyl chloridc polymcrization workers in his studics. Obstructive pulmona ry function defects wcre noted in approximately 50%. Neither age nor ciF;arettc smoking served to explain the findings. For those under age 40, obstructive findings were predominantly among cigarette smokers, as expected. After that age, however, the prevalence of changes was very much the same among smokers and nonsmokers. Of course, age correlated stron ;ly withWra~iQn ofem~oyment. These two,~actors were analysed separately a.n.d it ivas round ihat fhe cfirtnGeS were generaliy among smokers with less than 20 years have used this method of closing. Many cxpcri- mental siudics have demonstrated the very low acute toxicity of the compound. The acute in- halation toxicity was studied by Mastromatteo et al. (1960), v~;ho found that the lethal concentra- tion for mice, rats and guinea-pigs exposed for 30 minutes was between 200 and 300 000 parts/106. In long-term studies few toxic effects were re- ported, though Torkelson et al. (1961) found that inhalation of vinyl chloride resulted in minimal ' microscopic changes in the liver and kidneys of several species of experimental animals exposed Rseven hours a day to 500-:00 parts/10° for six- month periods. No significant changes svcre f~„n.t in -r1,r enrrire rvnncrri tn_50_7artS/10° for
Page 95: tvk78d00
_ ... .. _... . .~. ~ ..r....__ . _ ~.~ .. ~__ _ _.>,.~:......s . *,7.t..-, A -r. .il . .it OF P7. •x ,-, i . ~.t S J 1:+ 2`~ r ~12 (%atn -ia•,- t~~~ iT122V~3?';If.'cy I'!~esg i~. ,,
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, Willits; . C. ':0.'_.(Jt:i.r Author) s~..: Underwood, J•. C. E;OMaIPi^v OF SUGAR SOLUT]CCKS. III. EFFECT Oh Pli ON THL COLOR l?iZODUCED IN DILUTE GLUCOSL' SOLUrIONS C(;.`iT~'JNXaG tMI?tO ACIDS WITJ! ailE A.'SIHO CRCUP IN DIM:tCid'P POSITIONS IN T!!E : OL£tULL', by J. C. Underwcod, H. G. Lento, a?'.d C. 0. h'i1litS Voad ReEecrch 24, 181-164 (1959) ~~c . .. . , .. ; f i
Page 97: tvk78d00
50272 7603 - III 46Willits;:_C:_. 0:,,: (Jt:.~. Author), Le2 (1968)LeAto, H. G. BROtdNIHG OF SUGAR SOLUxI0NS. IV. THE EFFECT OF pH ON THE VOLATILE P1:flllUt;TS OF RLDUCItZG SUGAII.R, by 1i. G. Lento; J. C. Undezcrood, r.ud C. O. Willits hood Research 25, 750-756 (1960)
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50272 7606 :s L~">~~::i Iit C'iJb'%i1.cL MT:1tlloD3, 1:J.GGO.3Y ANA PHYa).pi.dD„i: e 1- _t.9b,5- Ac.e,s3emG.c 0
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0 . . a. FINAL PROGRESS REPORT 50272-7607 DENTAL CARIES/ "Fvaluation of an Intraoral Test of Human,l:arioaenicity as a Model for Caries Studies" Sponsored by Contract No. i-41IH-tdIDR-72-2030 by Theodore Koulourides, D.M.D.,t4.S. Professor of Dentistry Senior Scientist, IDR Principal Investigator for the Contract FIi4AL PROGRESS REPORT, CONTRACT 140. iJIH4lIDR-72-2030 Sections 2.0 and 3.0 by Dr. C. A. Ostran and ds: . lore~~a,,hf.i 1„lut~t~y* , , i
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% 1 50272 7579 TOBACCO--CHEMICAL CO*IPOSITION--AGROVOMY--RELATIONSHIPq ,"...,_...,,..,_ ..-...: _. .. RJR CLASS NO. PAr1PHLET VI To 79 s. p, - ti~ ~~~~~R Chaplin, J. F. ~U, S. Dep. AFr. , SEA-AR, 0::f.ord, :~. C. , U. S. ) VI To-79 EFFECT OF PLA::TIKG AND HARVL•'ST DATES ON CI?EMICAL COhSTIT1T,:ITS OF P_ALE- S • P. YELLO:d TOi,t;CCO. Tobacco Chem. Res. Conf., 33rd, tape, Lexington, Ky. (Oct. 29-31, 1979,` (in L:nglish) ~ M isogenic line of a pale-yeliors~flue-cured tobacco'"(PY-10)_and i[s Tecuirent ~~ parent (NC-2326) were transplanted at two dates (three weeks apart). Four ; harvests were made by stalk position, each at four harvest times. Ground samples of cured leaf and green leaf oven-dried at 80C immediately after harvest, twere analyzed for several chemical constituents. For both tobaccos, the starches at harvest and total polyphenols and sugars at the end of cure were . generally higher for the younger than for the older tobacco. Total alkaloids iand a-amino nitrogen at the end of cure were generally lower for the younger ithan•for the older tobacco. For different harvest times, the levels of starch in the pale-yellow line at harvest and sugars at the end of cure were more predictable in the young than in the old tobacco. The best overall management scheme for the pale-yellow line appeared to be: plant two or three weeks later ~ than aotmal, delay harvest of the first and second priming about one week, , harvest the third priming on schedule, and harvest the fourth prining one wee ik earlier. The pale-yellow line appeared to be adaptable to a management scheme ~ in which only two harvests are rude for the entire pldht. a
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. , , 50272 7615 I .; ~ rj -V41lo, Rena v^`;:.. ;y STCIL;GS t'S SUBUX°,.",A:I ; by, Rewt Wills, F,elle Mrm. an:t Geo.ee V. SteF1a;r. t i~cf-s:geratian Eng. S6, 237-23S (1945) ~--s,...-~......~..,,, ~.~....~.~•~..~.
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50272 7588 ~ . . . . • .. ` . 74 `IX W;i " TOB~CCCr==SrtOf:E=-ANALYTICAI. N[ETIIODS%TOBACCO--SMOhF.--CO"iPOsITION/ RJR CLASS 2:0. PAPWHLR'P 74 IX Wi G:`; Chiang, A. S.; Jenkins, I:. W.; Lester, G. E.; . . .1 Newman, k. R. - (Univ. Va., Charlottesville, Va.; Phillip Morris Res. Cent., New York, ti. Y., U. S.) A MATERIAL BALANCE OF SELECTED LLEI•II:NTS IN CICAF.RTTP, S*,OY.E. Trans. Amer. Nucl.. Soc. 18 (No. 3.97) 64-65 (June 23, 1974) (in RnSlish) *I%'e)'47ordS:* sodium, smo,:e, constituent; man&anese, smoke, constituent; potassium, smoke, constituent; chlorine, smoke, constituent; ' bromine, smoke, constituent. *1974, No. 17, 6! 7156* *d* Tobacco chemistry: . . . .. . ; : . . . ~ .(- . . . . ~ i . ' , .. . . . • i . t}
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50272 7612 ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES FOR NEW BRITISH TOBACCO PLANT. ~ Refrig. Air Cond. 78 (No. 932) S°1.-52 (1975) (in English)• . . • . . • : . . . . . .• . - - • . . • •,.• . .. '.Dust.reclaim and controlled ,.•.~iaidity are among the special problems"• posed by.the*handling of tobacco in'the manufacture of cigarettes, and the new .'W. D. and H. 0. Wills factbry in Hartcliffe, Bristol, claimed to.be the largest tobacco raanufacturing plant in Europe, provided an unusual.'challenge for Drake and.Scull Engineering Ltd, mechanical and electrical services-contractor.' . S.P. wills, W. D. ; 'Gt. Brit. . 73 XI Fol --76 GREAT BRITAIA'--TOBACCO. g„)R CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 73_ XI Fo1-76 .. - . . - • •. . ~ . . . . _ - : . ., . .. I
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: 50272 761 L ' • - 73 XI Fo 74 RJR CLASS NO. PAZ•fPHLET 73 XI Fol-74 s.p. S.P. 1pi11s, W. D.; Wills; `~t: 0., Gt. Brit. English) AIR C0NDITJ.ONING FOR EUI:OPE' S LARCEST TOBACCO FACTORY. l:efriReration Air Cond. 77, (No. 914) 57,,..59, 80 (May 1974) (in hoT only is \Y. D. and 11. 0. \1'ills the largest tobacco manu- ~ tacturer in Britain but it now has the largest factory in Europe i and one which is claimed to be the most technically advanced : in the world. ~ it is also unique in the proportion of the contract which was ,devote3 to engineering services; at a cost of about 16.5 million, . +it is believed to be the lar;est engioeering services contract 'carried out anywhere in Europe. t 1-1974, No. 17, W 7184* *d* s r - r ~ Tobacco :.~~.;nufacture: f t~ ~1 ~ '9i il, 11 : 0 6 a
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Aft,t;AC'EFiEt:T --MAR};ETINC/NE1l ri:onuc°cs/*IArlACrr.L:aT--rLANNING/PRODUC:-DEVra.c'r' r~I:N; / INNUi'Ai.i.(iN INDL'S1RT .L /1-G1RI:E•SING R'r.'SEAItCH/DECISZOI•I rLti:Z?vG/:UL\ArE:1EIvT--CUaPUT:.F.S /F't <': 1%1ANAGEt~ NT/ ,:i: i'yG/ f • ~ It HD ! 69 Wi Creati ng a nd RAa: ke#i ng ~ 1973 ~ 2 C. PDDL , Vev1t Products viewpoints of leading authorities I S 1C.' collated and edited by ~ rGoYdod:Wills:rPrcf2ssor of Marketing and Logistics Studies, ' Cranfield School of Management Roy Hayhurst, Head of Business Studies, the National insti:ute fcr Higher Education. Limerick ~ r : Oavid Midgley, SSRC Research Feilow in Fashion Dynamics. Cranfie!d School of Management i Crosby Lockwood Staples London - .!
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50272 7582 _ 73 1i1 Re 7R A'ucl. Tech. 39(1)10-17(1.971'1)- ~-.__. ENERGY MODELING AND FORECASTING AT THE U.S. ENERGY RESEARCH AN D DEVELOPM ENT ADMINISTRATION °1tMiPtiittV-k&M~~:1AV%N and KEYWORDS: U.S. ERDA. ergy models, energy der., energy supplies, lorecasring, l ning .z:.. ~ ?'he applicar;ou of a conrhined set of 0 ccotromic ntoclels dcscrihing thc complex in; of the naliotr's etrcrgv srstc•!tt ittrprovecl 11tt. EDWARD J. IiANRAHAN processes at the L:S. Energy Research artu U. S. Dcpartmcnt of l:ircrsv Office of tlre Assistant Adininistrator for I'lanning and Analysis {t'aslcFirgton, D.C 20545 Received November 1, 1976 Accepted for I'ublicatiun Janu3ry 23, 1978 a ment Adtltinistratiort for new tcchtrologr ttretrt. The models include ccvnometric teclr., macroecortotnic projcctiotrs, ittpttt-outprtt 11 for sector dctail, linear programming ahhrt, resource alloccitioai, attc! accounting tools ` physical constraints. Comparisott sttcclics o, of energy prices alone versus a cvmhb energy hrices atrcl nctr technology show technology llennits higher gross natioatrri ERD, growth rate, morc jobs, lower dc-livcrcd et+ci dcrivt atrd imhrorccl ctrc'rsy-ccottomic cfficiency. . • _.: .~.J . _ _ ,, .ij ai~.uv.m .an ...~ ........•. . u.• ...w.~ ..vu. .... ..a•• ~ ' -- ----1=-- i
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RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK PF 30 Bi i-982 Mendlewicz,J. (ed. ); Berner,P. (cd. ); Gabriel,E. (ed.); NEW TRENDS IN SUICIDE PREVENTION. Bibliotheca Psychiatrica,No. 162. S. Karger.New York, NY.S2.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 5429 U S:i f~ I n~~ n Q t1 G
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50272 7591 j USDA Farmers Bull. 554, 3-12 (1921) 8Q. I I Po -___ - s•P• POP COTi\T FOR TII>: AIARIiET.I C. P. )IAntt.zv. 1'Aiet in Clu,r9c ot Curn /nrrefig,rti,nu, snd-~:~11 fldt,tf7t5~ 6Ztra/f/IcJs+isfanf in !'orn /,n•,•.dinnlianx, nffi.•,•.,t Ccrcol Inrtsliflati,n+.r. CONTENTS. raje. raM DaaertpUon of pop ecra----:------ 3 Culture of pup cora------------ -- + Types and classcs of V.p ,±,rn---- 3 Efoll------------------------ 5 ZYteot of ptroducttua------------ 4 raantlng ood cultlratlnr------- • Popplnr Vualits------- ----------- Theory of popph:----------- Faetort 1nIIueneint tLo poppla: 4 4 I:Ipening-------------------- n arvesUor and storinZ -------- ]Iarketlnr ------------------- Z a 9 quality - ---- ----------- s Keed plot------------------- 11 taaea.e .oiom.: due to Market supply---------------- --- 12 papplnC ------ ---------- ti I'op•corn products------------ 12 Export trade ---------------- 12 Does It pay to p•oR pop cora t---- 12 (I (#irs4nd:kernqls are :~ialler than those of field corn and the stalks DESCRIPTION OF POP CORN. T HE PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTIC that serves to dis- tinguish pop corn from other kinds of *corn is the tendency of its kernels to evel•t or turn inside out on being heated. This pe- culiarity has given rise to the scientific name of Zea eserta, by which term pop corn is known to the botanist. . It differs from the flint type of corn in having a larger proportion of horny stlb;tance (corne- ous endosperm ) con=titilting the starchy portion of the kernel. The
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VII 'rdi ~ ~ear~pY~ket AlDr--_ 50272 7,620 Sporm angium foraus.tioii by Phyto tit,aora Yara- : itica Dastur vLr. Ivicotiunae 13redu de llaan) llzcker. From: J. E.lisiia Mitchell Sci. Soc. _U:235- 43 (1954). Z) 1i t~ li t~ ~ ~ hi ~ U
Page 110: tvk78d00
50272 7621 . ~ _ ~.~_. ~4 ..y... - .. --pami,hlet Wi].ls, Wirt H. ivo~~- The ut].iizEt:ion of cLirbon anci nitrogen com- pounds by Yh to,)hthor_ Parasitica Dastur var. ~1 Nico_tianae (Breda de ha4M) Tucker. LEQmr I. Rli.s:na M, tnhe> > B-c.i. S.ac. -7n:231-35 • (1954). 0
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I (696t) tS-9:£ (£ 'uPi) u5 AgOjOqlTdvlSq.; ,~,..;.,.., . .. _--- -.. u eou=nuZ Fuu atm `Ov0y3ol A0 ),mS :wt"S tIaV :.3a:.Faw"At Y :y0T7O -ZZ9L ZLZOS /I
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50272 7624 r• 73 XI Fol-81 S.P. RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET 73 XI Fol-81 s.p. Cory, C. R. ~ (W. D., H. 0. Wills, Gt. Brit.) '` . +AKiiILLS!`: FOWES Wills, W. D., H. 0., News Release, Ct. Brit. (1981) (in English) *Abstr. in: New Statesman, pt not given (Mar. 27, 1981)* 'Taking on the Tobacco Men' was prominently featured on the front cover of your issue of the 27th February, accompanied by an allegation that my company, W. D. & H. 0. Wills, used blackmail against a national paper, the Sunday Times. I must object most strongly to this accusation and the implication that Wills deliberately threatened to withdraw its advertising from the Sunday Times unless a change was made in that paper's editorial policy....
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50272 7605 X.l' '1f MeC4 (1968) SIFbJP P'_t00JCEFS piAIii1AL (:J. :i. aJtit]f'.YtI[lfbai: Ol tlgYil:Lt.tO:UgP ~u:.: , 1965 112 rsgas D. C. 1 /-t.U.t,ad 1`l(:J E11aP11D6'~J:C li0. lSN)
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50272 7619 TS TOBI`_CiA--IiI::TOitY--i:N'C.LAi:D/TOL'I,C(:O--E,"dGLA1,?I)/ 2240 Al TOUACCO---t1A2vUFACTL'RL AND T1.AOL'--CRCAS' T,RZTAItd/• 1973 RJR CIr:SS NO. 'i:.XTBCOii TS 2240 Al 1973 Alford, B. W. L. .O~?~MENI '0~ 'ftiL' U, ; IC..- i013ACC0: T?~>)LS'.':?Y:'- MF F...a~~-... ,: r.. Methucn Co., Ltd., London, Ct. F,rA., 500 r. (19?3) (in English) *_1975, No. 1, W 56* *d* , Tobacco c:.onomi.c.::: 0 0t/ ti 0 lj ~i , Y
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73 XI Fo -74 RJR CLASS N0. PA2'4?HLET 73 XI Fol-74 s.p. S.P. English) . . . . s._ . . - _ - .. ~ - ~ - _ • . NoT only is W. D. and H. 0. Wills the largest tobacco manu- ~ fa.cturcr in Britain but it now has the largest factory in Europe ; and one which is claimed to be the most technically advanced in the world. 1t is also unique in the proportion of the contract which was !dcvoted to cnainccrin.- services; at a cost of about £6.5 million, ;it is believed to be the largest engineering services contract :earricd out anywhere in Europe. j , . . - ~ *1974, No. 17, W 7184* *d* ~ Tobacco manufacture: - t - . . /~t311~;I~i•; 1ti'ills, H. 0., Gt. Brit. AIR COtiDITIONING FOR EUP.03.'3:'S LARGEST TOhACCO I'ACTORY. Refrigeration Air Cond. 77, (No. 914) 57, ;.59, 80 (May 1974) (in 50272 7616 .. _.. __ .. . .: . ... .._._ _..-_ .._.. . ......., ~.. _.. .. < . a
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• " 50272 7567 •~ -. VOL. S, NO. 4 ~ ~ j~C,7,~)- O ccorllvslcAl. Rr.seARCli t.crrcRs III Du -78 S.P. f S• VERTICAL DISTRIBUTION OF NO2 IR THE STRATOSPNERE AS DL'TERrIINED Ffi BALLOON MEASUREPiEN1'S OF SOLAR SPECTRA IN THE 4500A REGION ` (~ 1~:~c1 q/ A. Goldman, F.C. Fernald,ift~ yfJj>4"'and D.C. Murcray Department of Physics, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado 80208 Abstract. The stratospheric NO mixing ratio their ratio, already corrected for Rayleigh scat- profile in the 20-40 kia altitude range is derived tering. are shown In Fig. 3. The Rayleigh scatter- from balloon-borne observations of the rolar spec- ing transmittance ratio between the high sun path from In the visible region. By comparisons of to the low sun path is separately plotted on the high sun and lou sun spectra at float altitude same figure and is labcllcd Rayleigh. At low sun ('ti<40 km), a number of NO features are identified. the change of air mass during the scnn was taken 2 The resulting NO2 profile showc a gradual increase into account In this ratio. Also sho:m in this above 20 km to a peak value of 13 ppb(v) near 35 figvre are synthetic absorption spectra of NO, and km, followed by a gradual decrease to 10.5 ppb(v) 0, based on the unpublished abst•rption cocifi- at 40 km. dents of Johnston and Cral.au at '-SX r.solution [19771. These coafficients are in rood agreewent Introduction ~ with previously published values (the sources agree within +10;i; see bclnw for refercuces) and Atmospheric NO2 amnunts derived from solar spec- were the only ones convenirntly available for the tra In the visible region were rcQnrted carller by region of interest. In a digital form. The ~as Brewer pt al. [19731, Noxon [197.5J, and Kerr and amounts used here are 0.01 atm cm NO2 and 20 atm 11cElroy [1976]. A more detailed study of the•ntmo- cm O.t, both cht-sen to exaF,etatr- the expected ut- spheric NO2 features in the solar spectraun In the mospheric absorptions. Act.ual gac amountc along visible region is reported here, showing a new the sunset path for scan 89 as dc!rlved by ray-tra- dctcrminatinn of the t:ct,~ profile bat:c•d on nolar cing computatlons [Coldm.w el nl.. 19771 with a spectra obtaiued during'a bnlluoa flight of 9 Feb. standard 0 distribution and the NO, distribution 1977 b,y our„group from Itollon.•tn Al'B,.Ncw_liS i.o. derivc•d In3the pre4ent paper are 0.0086 atm eN NO2 The flL~ ;ht :covc•*nd tlka vi:-i~Je Tegiolls (35T1I1~-600C~) and 10.8 atm cm 0 at ~U.G71 ic•so]ution and reached it float altitude The vcait fine structure of the der,raded resolu- of 'w0 km. a..,. . ... - • - `
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50272-7604 I III Le2 -Willits,,. C"; i0:=(Jt.=:.Author):._-* (1968) Lenro, H. G. Bfifl'elNxiJG OF SUGAR SOLUTIONS. V. EI'X'ECT OF PH 0.7 'BRO~t''rII.IG OF TF.IQSES, by H. G. Lem-L'o, J. C. Ucde2vood and C. 0. Willita Food F:QScrsrch 25, 757-63 (1960) ~,r--.....,-. !
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Add 71 ~ Wi11s; J. H..(Jt. Author)'~ xx MeE3 S'p' Roseablu.m, I. Aa EVAt.Ul:TLONI OF Wr•, FTF: CTS OF 'inNOS4DIU:i GLU1iA4ATE IN PI !1a`i1) A•`:I:ViLS, by I. aosenbluma, D. a. Serrone, J. C. Ulleea, Jr., J. 5red2cy, J, li, 'di'ils end F. Coulst.oa I Societp cf Toxl.co2of y, Ar.c:aal :i~ cr"~P+ Sth ,a~.ziiC:~, Geo rY.~, `rr.t3 1:,-i4 0 AUsLr. i.n- ro~;ico~. Apnl•~~ hat-~rscol. Z (::o. 1) 314 (July 197Uz AF +~~-r,~27~cr+yc.r,r~.y.~.-.a.7~" . t. . . ~ . . .
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- - _ -_ r-- .~i..~...i..sJ.rr- u^ V -Mi: '0 ']: 9 'ti '(t 69':T sTt,~f),ir.q ~IyOT~*'r3? `?y~Sn !~ID 'n0w iIt snIOm ]'?•, c ataUIDDIN Ao Noxsy..D. •u 0 . sTTIM ' 0 ``Fl '9 ' d 't1 :., (696T) £oZ IA ,.,-•_-,-...„.---K•..n--.---...~: -~T.:.-~,.s.~-....-...-...~.r..~.........._ . Ll9L ZLZOS
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50272 76.28 ur 267 Me 1976 CAP;CF.R--TREAT;IFNT/ IpN UpdOf'FNICITY/ BR1:/'ST CANCFr^,/WILMS ' 'TTJ?10R/l'LT?C0C0RTI(;QInS/ RNA/PIIIYDROFOLATF RFDL?CTASi:/CA";CEP.--rT'SI:AP,Cii/ EI\7.Y*`I;S--CA:'CI:R--CITr*IOT1IFP,AFFL'TIC AGP`',TS / METHODS IN CANCER RESEARCH Edited by IfARRIS BUSCII e / . , t j 1 1 .. i i 1)FPARIA(L\i (71P11\RNx('ULt)(iI' ~ BAYLOR ('U111t71i 01 SJ Ult I%L 11oPSlu\, VOLUME XIII ACAJEMIC PHESS New York San Francisco Lonclcm 1976 A Subsidiary of 1{a(cowl (latce Jovint)Iich, Publishels ~. c~1;.'' w:'...... .,..... 0 LJ~ t J ( 1 1~ J ~ I (s !) i J 0 i / . t 1. .
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502-72 7609 -. w_. M( ?SeF-E-__6-73 Biochem. Jour. 99 (1966) 667-76. . 4 i ;' Mechanisms of Lipid Peroxide Formation in Animal Tissties~~-~-- , Dqiorbxurt of IlincAanistry,111edical Cdlzge oJSt I3art7iolornew's IIoapitaI, London, E.C. I l. Homogenates of rat liver, spleen, heart and kidney form lipid peroxides when I incubated in vitro and r.ctively catalyso peroxido formstion in emulsions of ~ linoloic acid or linolenic acid. 2. Jn liver, catalytic activity is distributed ~. throughout tho nuclear, mitochondrial and microsomal fractions and is present in tho l00000g supernatant. Activity is w•eak in the nuclear fraction. 3. Dilute I .rJv) homogenntes catalyso peroxidation over the range pH5•0-8•0 but ~ eoncentrated (5°1, ..•/v) homogenates inhibit peroxidation and destroy peroxide ! if the solut ion is moro alkalino than pH 7•0. 4. Ascorbic acid increases tho ralo of / peroxidalion of unsaturated fat-tv acids catalyFCY9'by whole homogenatcs of livor. I hoai-t, l:idnuy and spleen at pH C•0 but not at• pH 7•4. 5. Catalysis of peroxidation of .' ~ unsaturatcd fatty acids by tho mitochondrial and microsomal fractions of livor , is inhibited by ascorbic acid at pH 7•4 but the activity of tho supernatant fraction is enhanced. G. Inorganic iron or ferritin are active catalyste in the presence of r/ ascorbic acid. 7. Lipid pcroxide formation in linoleic acid or linolenic acid emulsions catnly sod by tissue homogenates is partially inhibited by I:DTA but ~ stimulatcd by o-phenanthrolino. 8. Cysteine or glutathiono (lnim) inhibits '4. I / : i poroxide formation catalysed by wholo homogenates, mitochondria or lraomo- .. ,r protein. Inhibition increasos with increase of pH.
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: c~7un,uo ,u' o~arqos ; *P:R *9S if `T 'oN ; (Ils:Tdu3 u}) (£C61) 'd 00S j'lTtU 'IJ `uopuoZ ..Prj '.00 uon4jald t.. ';'!1.S1Q'KI 00:1".iI0.L '?! 'Il :li1.L 30 -M 'II `hao3)td s,r.6t TV (_17GZ S,T, a000UX'IT '0AI SSY'I7 'gf'li 's961-9aLT £L6T r'i?Lvi.7~?`? uV:(?+ i--3aVdT. Q~t`J :~xnzoVant~:~'i-i--030VfI0Z 'IV 0:'ZZ /t)0 )i~f!OL--:da~r Llan xV'_2[J SJ, °- EL9L ZLZOS '
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PRACTICAL riUT II4SPECTYC3iI 50272 7637 1968 196 Pages r,ir:ckwe:il Scientific Uxford Publications
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50272 7618 and.Scull Engineering Ltd, mechanical and electrical services--i:ontractor. posed by.the handling of tobacco in'the manufacture of cigarettes, and the new ="W. D.'and H: 0. Wills factbry in Hartcliffe, Bristol, 'claimed to be the largest tobacco manufacturing plant in Europe, provided an unusual"challenge for Drake Dust-reclaim and controlled humidity are among the special problems. . ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES FOR NEW BRITISH TOBACCO PLANT. Refrig. Air Cond. 78 (No. 932) 53-52 (1975) (in English) 73 XI Fol-76 GREAT BRITAIN--TOBACCO PJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 73 XI Pol-76 s.; •~k-,Dp; Wills, H. 0., Ct. Brit. . , . - .:. : , ... - , I 0 6 tl " P, Col .... . . ~ . :
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0 50272 7636 . , WATER--ANALYSIS/COMPUTERS--CHEMISTRY/CHEMISTRY, I ~D ? 380 Wi 1974 ANALYTIC--SPECTROMETIC METHODS/ ANAI YTIr.n[ eriC:nirC:c KAONOGRAPH No. 2 The Cher~ical Analysis Qf Water General Principles and Techniques by WIISorrv Originally published by THE SOCIETY FOR ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY ~ tl i~ tl n I/ C1 ' ~ 1974 Reprinted by .~ ~THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY BURLINGT~~i HOUSE. LONDON. WIV OBN
Page 127: tvk78d00
5SZ272 7627 _-__.... ....:_._._..__._ `_ T6gACCO--SMOKING--PASSIVF.f_ r '_ _.._.._ ____ _...... _ _ .. . . . 76 '!{'I Wi` - _' . , .. . ~ I RJR CLASS N0. PA24PHLLT 76 XI Wi 2 Wilmington Stnr-News'` SMOKING IN PUBLIC: LKT'S 'VOT9. Wilmington Star-News, 1975, p. . - • - N , •• ..., 1975) (in Enslish)
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5p27a 7629 -I; ..~.._ _. . ,. .:__~.~._._.._.,:..,; ' tltE JOURNAL OF CHEatICaL PHYSICS zliv ~01- UafE 2S. NUMBER(6 ) <rtECE\tBER, 1956) ..~ it.. -. ~ 78 III 141 Infrared Investigation of l cetic„Acid and Acetic Acid-d Vapors ~ and a Vibrational Assignment for the Monomeric Acids Dcparlmcnl aJ Cl:cmisby, Auckland G'nircrsity Collcre, duekland, \ e.n Zealand The infrared spectra of acetic acid and acetic acid-d, as vapors at 150°C, have been obtained from 2-25µ and an assignment of the fundamental vibrational frequencies made for the monomeric acids, With the exception of the two low lying type A" torsional frequencies. Infrared sprctra of the two acids, in the vapor phase, have also been obtained over the a-13µ region at 23', 63°, 103', and 150° and the cciect of temperature on some oi the irequenciei discussed. s i INTRODUCTION T IiE study of the infrared spectrum of acetic acid is complicated by the fact that, even in the .•apor. phase, acetic acid is a mixture of two species, monomers and dimers, the latter being formed by 'ver,v strong Dydrogeu bondino between two monomeric molecules ._ .:.~a . 9 vestigated and extended to cover the region front 2-25 µ. Making use of the vibrational assignments previously reported for sodium acetate,' a vibrational assionment oi all the fundamentals, with the exception of the two type :l" torsional modes, has been made for the two acids. The effect of temperature on the infrared spectra ..i *1... •onnre nf thn tq;n Rerds, in the J-1J p region, has . ,, . , , ' ~; i,~ i~ i~ ': u ar S 0 a
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50272 7633 RJR CLASS NO. PATIPHd.ET_75 X Wi Kellner, P. *(no affil.)* IS BRITAIN READY TO STOP SMOKING? • " Sunday Times, 1975, p. nVt given, London, England (Aug. 10, 1975) (in English) *l o7S ' M., l ft TJ A177* *A* 6 t`i 0 n 0 G 5 a0 9
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~f ui2.son, 8rian .Ys- (ede)- . , A,Sy.•b4 Dsr"..h.vfTMe VOL• In Kail~~~ii P u^~Iv.qnPj. ..1t•. ~.r`. -...~. 1 , 7.41~17{UV4a6U-sT 1970 C4:5 fr.SUc A.SUB . L«zidon x-~t~.*e+.,r?yit+wtFS~!f•°re:n.r.~
Page 131: tvk78d00
50272 7630 4P Piycbolodicsl Reporu. 1975. 37, 135-138. © Psychological Reports 1975 INTRUSIVfi AND REPETITIVE THOUGHT AFTER A DEPRESSING f 80 I I Ey-81 FILM: A PILOT STUDY' ~:~11A1~~.Y _.WILNFR' AND MARDI J. HOROW ITZ $, P. Uwiverfity o/ Gfi/orwi., SM Fsascifco , Scbool o/ Afedicine Srrmmsry.-A hypothesis of increased intrusive and repetitive thoughts after any undischarged negative emotional-idearional staa was based on previous ex- periments which involved fiim; which araised fear and anger and was extended eo include a film that arouses sadoess. 19 university students saw a film with a separation theme and had levels of intrusions, film references, and negative affect similar to those of subjects who saw films with themes of bodily injury. A series of experiments concerned with cognitive response to stress have validated predictions of intrusive and repetitive thoughts after films that aroused fear and anger (Horowitz, 1970; Horowitz & Becker, 1971a, 1971b, 1971c, 1972, 1973; Horowitz, Becker, & Moscowitz, 1971; Horowitz, Becka, Moscowitz, & Rashid, 1972). Since a m~a ority of subjects had at least one episode of intrusive 1) aouAt aff4se&g btrei" Qm, it was hypothesized that such changes repre- sent a general response tendency. Because all of the films used in previous ex- periments had bodily-injury themes. it seemed desirable to extend the findings by
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50272 7634 78 X Wi RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 X 1di~ W; S:;; Vuorikemia, K. 0. *(no affil.)* , TITANIUM DIOXIDE PIGMENT - A POTENTIAL HEALTH HAZARD? FATIPEC Congr. 13, 79-84 (1976) (in English) _ _ t enium d"oxide pigments are usuelly characterited as being complete/y inort and harmless substances. While thsrs Is no apparent e Trt n iumt t sesson to change the picture redical/y, certain fects must be recognized. Physicslly, paint pigments consist ol psrticulets matter having • f ~ diameter o/0. f through 1.5vm, which means thet the range overlaps the sise renge of lung damaging dusf. Chemically, TIOt pigments never consist only ol pure titanium dioxide but contain different modifying agents up to 20 % in cortsin ceses. Hence the 'solubility' oI the pigment is by 4 no mea.is a Iixed property but depends on the composition. l.e. the commereiel grede in each parbcular case. In some applications the eontent of ~ heavy metals as trace elements in the pigment may Se .•ritlcal, and must therelore be determined precisely. A new technique for the atomiC f•bsorption analysis o/ pigments from a dduted suspension without any dissolution steps is deseuibed The technique Is partieulerly su%tlble for routine determinations of trace elements.
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Rl JSMORIN(' ATfi HEA7TH/ 50272 7623 TORACCO--AnV} RTISI. G . - 73 Y.I-Fo -77 RJR CLASS NO. PAMi'IiLET 73 XI I'o1-77 s.p. S.F. 1 New Zealand Minister Health, New Zealand • ~ AGRFEIU^IT BEi'~dET:N MINISTER OF HEALTII 0*~''BEl1ALF OF IIEW ZEALAND COVF.R;:I•fi;NT ANDI OT1I:'L1`v'S TOBACCO CO.II'ANY, LTD., 1"J.D. & 11.0. ;LLS (NEW ZI:ALA:UD) LiD., AND PIIILIP~~:ORRIS (NEW ZEALAND) LTD., TOGETHER WITH THEIR HOLDING, SUBSIDIARY OF ASSOCIATED COATA:dIES IN NEW ZEALAND, ON WARNING NOTICES ON CIGARETTE PACKETS A:7D RESTRICTIONS ON ADVERTISING. New Zealand Minister iiealth,agreement,3p,.•(Sept. 29, 1976) (in English) ------ .r ~•T)~e' representatives_ 'of. 12othrna7s `~ob~~cco Coin ~z i~ny Ltd;"~,` ~N.n.- Wi11s: {I~~e.,~ Z~aland Ltd: nd Phi t~p r'o"r):3.s ?ea:l as~d the'"):equest oE: the Dti.~zistc~ r~zistc~r ci I:.eali:}i _that- al cke~s`.of_ ~cigarel_tes''prcduccd ior the,~7e:~ Zea-1- 1 n:;::;~:'~ ~ trade=?-~l,~~ud ci" car*'ry"~ a* Goveriir~el~t'..t.a1 ~, ni ng;`', - y have furi liex~ ' i agr~ci3 `{]:a.c' adveri i~li~a will:~~e ie si~ricted_ ~~s: oui:l.incd' a:i~_ , ~7f. h ~ s c.ocur..eni.. . - -- I t• ~ • . ~) ~I 1 1 - ,, Cf ly ..~r . . s; , I
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50272 7645 ' QD 75 Wi 1968 CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY/ DISTILLATION/ ` CtiROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--LIQUID CHROMATOGRAHY/ION EXCHANGE/ ~". . COMPREHENSIVE ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Edited by CECIL°L: WILSON, PH.D., D.SC., F.R.I.c., DAVID W. WILSON, w.sc., F.R. Professor of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistr. Head of the Chemistry Deportment The Queen's University of Belfast -Sir John Cass College. l.ondox VOLU3fE IIB i ,tHYSICAL AwtEPARATION METHODS ELSEVIER PUBLISHING COMPANY AWSTERDAM LONDON , NEW YORK z968 ~ t ! ~ :. r _....__..,.t._.~ I
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,0272 7626 ~ M XX eC7-30 S.~P. J. Afed. CAem. 1950, Z3, V3-11O Peptidc Sweeteners. 3. Effect of Modifying the Peptide Bond en the Sweet Taste of L-Aspartyl-L-phcnylalanine Methyl Ester and Its Analogues Scott A. MacDonald:Qtkit*.,Willsott,t• Michael Chorev,ls Fred S. Vernacchia; • and Murray Goodman• Department of Chemiitr+; tietinsrity o/ CaliJornia, San Diego, La Joffa. California 92093. Received September 21, 1979 A series of analecar,dw.ixned to assess the importance of the amide bond in the dipeptide sweetener t.-aspar- tyl-4phenylalanine methyl ester has been .ynthPSized and testad. Thc peptide bond was methylnted, replaced by an ester bond, or reversed. All vf these mudifications produced compounds that did not have a sweet taste. We conclude that the steric, electr.mic, and directional characteristics of the amide bond are essential for biological activity in the dipeptidc sweeteners. The artificial sweetener t.-aspartyl-t: phenylalanine methyl ester [Asp-Phe-O~~tc (la)] is not only 150 times ~-N N 1 100, c " ` `"t ~ ~~ ~ / ~c/ ~ " HI b t I M•t Lw1O aweeter than sucrose but also possesses excellent taste properties. A large number of analogues have been syn- thesized in art attempt to improve upon these qualities and to understand which structural features are necessary to elicit a sweet taste. It has been demonstrated that, while the N-terminal residue of sweet analo~ues is restricted to aspartic acidz• or aminomalonic2b acid, the C-terminal t t . c) ; ~j (l i1 tl ['i . U S ~~~ . ~ o 0 ~`--IJ4 ~ i 1 ~ c\ _ CHs a b t :_ tr~rJ~r N I t i O~ Nl~c \ ~~~\ /W) YYIYYIaa 0'~ (f= 3 carbonyl)-L-aspartic acid,B-benzyl esteta to (S)-phenyllactic acid methyl ester with carbonyldiimidazule.r The methyl ester of (S)-phenyllactic acid (I'lac) was prepared by ea- 1 ., a
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Ref.. Q 14b' ,Wilson,;_Bernice S., editor. , .. . L.j, t;r.c 1:-~.n~c^ S. ~~i.•!`_^rt!_~ ....._. ......,.
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50272 7590 otQ. 3S lo !s_d ~ C~ y~7~ . -•---~. FACTORS AFFECTING THE POPPING QUALITY OF POP 80- II Po CORN' S gyformerly dsaislant dpronornist, and ARTSUR M. BRII\sor, Assoeta prono-niat, O ce oj Cereal Crops and DCseasea Bureau oj Plant lndtutry, UAited States Departmtnt of dprticulture P INTRODUCTION Only during the last half century has corn popping developed into an industry of commercial importance. The resulting demand for pop corn has given the stimulus necessary to the growing of the cro in a large way and has expanded the acreage very considerably. he quality of pop corn depends upon its palatability or flavor and upon its poppuig expansion. Although it is commonly recog- nized that great differences eaist in the "poppability" of different ~. varieties and in vari- ous lots of the same variety, the matter n 4 ` co _ -on the oasis of pop COrn, flint COrn, J. t•_Dlagrammatlc teptbeentation of loation and relative propor- dent corn, or flour ~~ borny atmA and so[t suveh in the four main c~aases of seems not to have been studied in a crit- ical way. All starchy corns may be placed in one of the four classes-
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v 50272 7644 W EMI$TRY, ANALYTIC,Vols. IIA--IID,III,IV,V,VI,VII. I QD f 7s wi ' COMPREHENSIVE 1964 ~ t ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY ELECTROCHEMICAL ANALYSIS/ELECTRODEPOSITION/CONDUCTIMETRIC TITRATIONS/ CECIL L. MJLSON, PH.D., D.SC., F.R.I.C., (Vols. IIA--I1D) . Rojsssor oJIno.`anic and AualyticalChtmistry Edited by Conbibutors to Volunze II A ?h< Quetn's Unionsify oJBcljasl A. J. LINDSEY lR.D., D.SC., F.R.I.C., M.I.E.E. DONALD G. DAVIS, JR. PH.D. and DAVID W. WJ.LSON, u.sc., F.R.LC. (VO1S. Xrad oJths Chsmislry Depa.tmrnl Sir JoAn Cass Cofkts. London VOLUME IIA $UC,I~ GAU.~ltiiT HODSs, ELSEV'.IER PUBLISHING COMPANY AMSTERDAM LONDON NEW YORK 1964 IIA---IID)
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50272 7631 oh~h~ 80 II Ey-81 S.P. Psychqsomatic Med. 39(6) Life Event Questionnaires 418--431--o 977) for Measuring Presumptive Stress MARDi Hl3R0111TL. N(D. C.-\THERI\F S(}LAEFER. BA. DnXa;.n Htxcrro. PND: NAND B.jRB.jRA LE\'1X. \1SX1' Cumulative stress from the impact of life events has become an important variable in psychosomatic and psychological research. This article provides both short and long life events questionnaires that add to incidence information the remoteness or recency in time of a given experience. In the weight assignment system that leads to a single presumptive stress score. events remote in time have less influence than recent events. The reliabi lit}• of weight assignment was checked in subject groups that differed by sex. age. and status.ll'omen weighted life events as more stressful than did men: other differences in Rroups..ere less important. In spite of th, sex differential. review of these data suggests use of the same weight assignments for all subgroups rather than differential weighting by sex and age. Reliability was also checked by test and retest methods: in contrast to common sense expectation. a disappointingly low level of reliabilit>•..•as found. The implications for investigative use of life events questionnaires are discussed. n 0 a s s 0 7
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I ~....~G~:.a..-......r..az~~:.~a...:a......,...,...'~i.a..~.....~...:a:.~...~..iana,.~.....`.~::wt... .:.we.:.s3i~'+liG.:.r.ia~:..a:.:a:3 71 XI Wi 50272 7639 Y: . : Wi].aasa, Bob MA-tfATte ADi C:AIN HtSR`C f,VE. Oiflk'R hUS Canz-,rrUKlasal P.Qr-ord 117 (No. 94) (Ju:a: 13, 1:~71)
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50272 7632 80 I I Ey-81 S. P. Q"L .. Ic" • _.g3 /g~y g# (iy-~6) Stress Films, Emotion, and Cognitive Response Yardi $orowits, o The Cllnkal fMory of ths rpstlt/on compulsion Is som.- Imnp taken to msan that nswotic persons, when traumatis.d, wi'p develop compulsive npsdtions of ths trauma. Our sapar/- eNnt suggests tttat thua Is a morm panaral aff.ct-that various •,f" of Oarsons, aMr a rarfoty of stressful events, will tsnd to daralop Intrusive and stlmulus-r.p.tltlva thouphh tM Mss IbNf does not nscessar/ly hwe to have a n.patlw valence. ffqulvalanl effects wsr. nolsd after stimuli that arous.d positlw ~~fs 1) l! ~osa. aMo~ ti ~Iaf a~ous! *phoric (AnCA Qan IryeAlNrr 30s1J39f1-1341, 197i) only in persons with neurotic predispositions to The hypothesis of intrusive and repetitive thot stress in general was tested in a series of 1 reported and replicated experiments. The res ported the hypothesis.-* The stress stimuli wer bodily injury and, as such, tended to evoke fear. V is highly relevant to the concepts of stress and tra a specific and limited emotion. The theory t intrusive repetitioueness as a general response one that would be ex}x•c•ted after the arousal of ot of ideas and emntions Thi would invhud,_,u..,
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50272- 7652 ;* ~WiTson M : . ~ .C~a~rlefl--0 ; 'coznp.~ American drug index. i1956j- %%"' 'I J Philadelphia, Lippincott. /yG Y L/ v. 21 cm. Compilers: yf)5G- 0. O. \Pllson, T. E. Jones. 1. Drugs. r. Wilson, Charles Owens, 1911- RS355.•r148 615 Library of Congress 159r57h% ., comp. 55-c2sc I
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5027-2 7649 - ; QD ~ 75 w Wilson, Cecil Leeburn, ed: '`' , Comprehensive analy tical chemistry, edited by Cecil L. Wilson and David 117. Wilson. Amsterdam, New York, Elsevier Pub. Co., 1959- %"/ec e-, .2 v. Illus., diagrs., tables. 24 ctn. Includes biblloeraphies. CopTE~'z's.--v. lA- / J Classical analysis. ? joint ed. n.'1'itle. Q,D75.1V75 543.082 Library of Cona •ess i60x151 1. Chemistry, Analytic. i. VL'ilson, David Woodburn, 1917- ~..-~..,..-, . ...~ -.....~.: ~,..~ ~ ..,....,~ _.~ .., 58-10158 0 1 ~ _ GJ 6. 11 _. 0 fi i S ;~ ~
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~ 5 U U V:;U U. ->~..~~~ ._..::.~.~.~....•.e....~.. - 1..4S1711 SSL-J{jL "41 OY`7s '!Y(JrcC:o 1--l' SE9L ZLZOS
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~• IX trtH -74' l t 50272 7655 RJR CLAS S NO. PAl'IPHLET IX Wh 74 s. p. ' Armitage, A. K. ; Houseman, T. H. ; Turner, D. .!. ; Wilson,< -D,, 1_ (Tobacco Res. Counc., Lab., Flarrogate, Yorkshire, Gt. Brit.) THE £Vi'iL.C :T1L:: OF A MACHINE FOR I:;TaODGCI\G TOBACCO SMOKE INTO THE LUNGS OF AitiAESTHETIZED A.`il:iaLS DL'RI::G SPO:dTA:•:EOL'S P.ESPI.T~1TIOiI. Quart. Jour. Exp. Physiol. 59, 43-54 (1974) (in English) *].974, No. 5, 11 1512* *d* Tobacco medicine: , r t
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73 ZI? ni .5U272 7641 4r.i{Al.:S i ~^,AS AIR=-POLLt;i y,c, ~ UNITED S'T.y'I'3.:S ~r:~~rtiiZTti'iENI• OF IIr''I'EI:IUR Bureau of Mines Repor t cSf Investigaiions,,7i00 Interpretation of Gas Chroxriato;ranbic' Spectra in Routine Analysis of Exhaust Hvdrocarbons ~ By 13. Dimitriades, C. 3. R uible, Bartlesville Energy Research Center, B^rt!esville, Ckla. .__..._ _,-.-._.-_..... _,.._ Y .~,~.-.-,, ..~. .. .-a--~-,r ,~......,...,.i.~.....-.~.,.... ,.. ~.~„...-.r .. ~ 0 ~~ t; R r t~ : 0 :~ ~ 1. ~ ,
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50272 7648 ' a 'Wilsont' Cecih L.•,. jt.• author. ` .01 Belcher, Ronald. New methods in analytical chemistry tbyl Ronald }3elcher and Cecil L.1Vilson. \e« York, Reinhold Pub. Corp. 11955, 287 p. illms. 23 cm. 1. Chemtstry, Analytic. ir. Title. i. Wilson, Cecil Leeburn, joint author. QD75.B37 a °'~ 543 Library of Congress °~-~~f t5t3x10, - t . 0 6 o fy 0 t1 i3 S . 2 4 55-14754 I I
Page 150: tvk78d00
50272 7658 __ e l 176 X F ~ . f --- • - -_.. _ . _ ~.._ - - -- - NICOTINE--DETERMINATION/TOBACCO--SriOKE--NICOTINE/ttZYS-IS/ ~ ; % L ' 6 X F el NLET 1 RJR CLASS :70. PA:iI f~ .. C t.. ".. t.f ^- °--- __ n n t f~ ~__- - r-.--,t--. . ~S rergusvn, D. D.~ ~l~SYd] L.. Jr j Dlllaiilllli, (Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn., U. S.) , . DETERPfINATIO:J OF NICOTINE CO:dCENTRATIONS IN IILNG'1N•fiILK. - Amer. Jour. Dis..Child 130 (No. 8) 837-39 (1976) (in English)
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$02fi2 7661 3 I'LI Re -76 l .1' . x Y ~ . ~,.7~ r'd~~ Tr ,~ 7~ ~ T ~',~~~~T~~~' T~'T~ ~1~,~~'~ ~ ~ ~'~ ~~ ~'~C1~I~~~~ ~~~ ~ INDUSTRIAL UAISO~T PROGRAM ! 3-1-?5 CAPITALIS M AT THE CROSSROADS: _ INCENTIVES rOR RESOURCE. CONSERVATION l1 f ~~rdQt Lw"l -94 i
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50272 7654 • .~..~.. •,.: ;. •.:. ,... .., . . e .~, ,-. . " - •'~' :.,. ~.:'. :.... . y ,. y v o ... .,..:.... . ; •-/ • f•1 :) il tJ ~.~ c, i i E'/' n il t~ ~
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50272 7664 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK HF 5415 Sp 1902 SpekMan,R.k.;4~~qh~~~=`~~~~ _ ISSUES IN INDUSTRIAL MARKET.7.NC7 s A VIEW TO THE Fl1TUidl::. AMprican Marketing Association Proceedings Series, AMerican Marketing A,soc9.ation.Ghi.r.:ago, :LL.8.'_'. Arr.her a SN = 5581 Ooo4 ()Gus L;Alu
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. . -, . , u ~.a~`.~a.~LlJwiiile~~if[s•...:...-.:rra~-i!ir~-. -~~'•~ ..~..~..w~.r'~•~•••-...syK~tr.rG.:~ur.a.~ . .A 50272 7651 (1968) Wilaolt, C. W. ; - IIY : , ' SE1'li:2A7T7:0.l OF tr'Gt..AT}.'LC rT..A.COP.S 1'fiO;3 CLLERY Pro*r. Tiorld.a State liort. Soc. 739 249-253. (1965) v:•,.r~.<. ..~.-r.. ..-.w-,+s~.--raA~'-~!rT•--Tr+.-:7-e~-.FS;+f--r-.aRR.+~-a.n•+r _ _ . . ~+4"'i.+A.,r+'~1 . . ;,~ • = ,. ~ ; i i• :' I i , ~3 ~7 =~ :r~ I
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50272 7646 QD COMPREHENSIVE •75. . -wi 1975 ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Edited by THE LATE CECIL L. WILSON, u.R.1.A., FH.D., D.SC., F.R.I.C., F.I.C.L AUTHOR OF THIS VOLUME E. $[sHpr . Department of Chemistry, University of Exeter, Exeter Professor of Analylical Cbeniislry TAe Qween's U.iversily of Belfasl and . DAVID W. WILSON. az.sc., F.R.t.C. Bead of fAe Chemistry Dcparbeenf City of London Polytechnic VOLUME IID ~ ELSEVIER SCIENTIFIC I'UI3LISHING COMPANY AXStERDAX OXFORD NEW YORK 1975 r
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50272 7671 . , ;;. u~lsata; ~. W. Methods fand -WAS North Carolina State Co11eCe Tobacco reprint series No. 18.
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50272 7656 73 TTT r,e --8n S.r. -1 f! ~ ~~.~IN FIly`iturlrIn by William }T. Ra.nl:ine, III 'A Wi7 ~ibn ~' by David Photogxaphy by Fa.rin A. Aehkar Lorien Houee, publieher P. 0. Box 1112 Black Mounta.in, 21. Carolina 28711 Anoezab7.ed By IIand 5 Pro3c•etH To Help Free You From Depending On Any 11ae1 Other Than The Sun. y~;l 6 l1 l 0 ii , ~ ~ J V , '7 r) a7 . ,
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50272 7666 i QD 75 Wi 1968 CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY/ DISTILLATION/ CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS-LIQUID CHRO:rIATOGRAHY/ION EXC1iANGE/ COMPREHENSIVE -, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Edited by p ~ : i r CECIL L. `VILSON, px.D., D.sc., F.R.I.C., VAVID- W. WILSON, al.sc., F.R. Professor of Inorganic and Aualytical Chan.ists Head of the Chemistry Department The Queen's University of Belfast •Sir John Cass College. London VOLUME IIB JHYSICAL EPARATION METHODS - ELSEVIER PUBLISHING COMPANY AMSETERDAlU LOrDON NEW YORK s968 :, a 2 ~ i # t
Page 160: tvk78d00
ELECTROCHEMICAL ANALYSIS/ELECTRODEPOSITION/CONDUCTIMETRIC TITRATIONS/ i C~HEMI$TRY, ANALYTIC,Vols. IIA--IID,III,IV,V,VI,VII. QD { 75 Wi ' 1964 t Edited by CECIL L. JULSCN, PH.D., D.SC., F.R.I.C., (VO18. IIA--IID) , ' Professor of lsor6uoic sxd Asialyfical C6eniisfry Contributors to VOjIdlIP, II A Tb QreeM's URiuersify of Belfosf A. J. LINDSEY P$.D., D.SC., F.R.I.C., At.I.E.E. DONALD G. DAV7S, JR. PH.D. T. S. BURKHALTER and DAVID W:WSON, usc., F.R.I.c. Xesd of lhe Chanistry DeporlmeN( Sie JoAM Csss CoWe6e. Louto" VOLUME IIA (Vols. IIA--IID) GAL.~s~THaDS. ELSEV~I~fiT~ PUBLISHING COMPANY AIISTERDAit LONDON NEW YORIC =964 0 6 0 0 0 COMPREHENSIVE ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
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50272 7668 QD COMPREHENSIVE ' 75. . i9is ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Edited by THE LATE CECIL L. WILSON, M.R.I.A., PH.D., D.SC., F.R.LC., F.I.C.I. AUTHOR OF THIS VOLUME Prol„sorolAnarye;catC" rmiury E. BisuoP Department of Chemistry, T/uQwcr+i s 1Jrivsrsity ojBdjaat University of Exeter, Exeter and DI~YIIS-W. WILSOrT, M.3C., P.R LC. Xtad o/tAe ClkrNistry Dspartmswt City ojLondori PolytecAnic YOLUlIE IID I/ ELSEVIER SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING COJIPANY ANSTERDAJd OXFORD NEW YORK 1975 .f
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. 73 XI ,~8 ut ,~ust•what determmes the amount of tar - regar- f ~ded as a greatcr danger to hcalthh than nicotine? lvlr. Derek Wilson' is Gallaher's ue taf-bT researeh and ~development and he explains ~ !that it depends • on threo' ,things: th-_ blends of tobacco 4 in a cigarctte, the type of ,paper used and, in tdtcr tips, t, h~type of~ -J.+ 5a272 -7653 Fo -77 .:S.P. w~~i`~otiF~e:'D. ?.JR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 73-XI Foi 77 s.p. I(Gallahers, London, Gt. Brit.) THE THREE WAYS TO CONTROL THE TAR IN YOUR CIGARETTE. Gallahers (Wilson, D.) News Release, London, Gt: Brit. (1977) (in English) *Abstr. in: Belfast Telegraph, p. not given (1977)*(in English) Gallaher's is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Tobacco Co. _.T
Page 163: tvk78d00
III MeA2-78 S.P. . 502_72 7659 MANGANESE/ SOIi.S--NUTRIENTS/ COr4dUN. YN SOIL SCIJ:NCE ANA PLANT ANALYSIS, 9(4), 317-333 (1978) AI'i'LIF:I) Pin I:XTRACTFD BY FOUR bUi7]IODS COkJ2G1.A'IZI) l•;I1}I v Mn CO:~CF\-TRATIONS I`d SOYBI:A:ti 1.EAF TISSUIi OV A S(XITIU:ASTGILN SOIL la:Y WOFJ)S: Double Acid, 0.1N H3P04 , DTPA, Smal l Exchanl;e, pH L. M. Shumanl,«,:•*-*Juw1,,,, F. C. Bosweljl, )•i. B. Parker2, and K. Olilcil University of Georgia Georgia Station Fareriment, Georgia 30212 and q . Coastal F'lain Station Tifton, Georgia 31794 I
Page 164: tvk78d00
Wilson.. :David„W.,Jt4; e4,_,. Wilson, Cecil Leeburn, ed. Comprehensive analytical chemistry, edited by Cecil L 1Vilson and David IV. ZVilson. Amsterdsun, New York, Elsevier Pub. Co.,1959-/ i~ & ;,-) v. illus., diagrs., tables. 24 cm. Includes bibliographies. Coxrsxrs. v. 1A-: .:~ Classical analysis. 1. Chemistry, Analytic. i. Wilson, David Woodburn, 1917- joint ed. tt.l9tle. QD7G.11'75 Library of Congress ~ ~ 543.082 ,,J i60x15 ~...r ..:.. .-~...-..-.: _-...-,.r,..;...T.,+_....~ ~.c--^ . : . ,r-~ 58-10158 ~.n'-.~sxt+J? u 0
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II Me5-78 S .P . QUARTERLY REPORT - EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF LEACHATE 'FROl; STORED SOLIDS June 1, 1977 to January 1, 1978 Contract No. W. J. Boegly, Jr. H. S. Arora E. C. Davis R. G. S. Rao fl:-rW:t:Wilson~ Jrc-:: _ Environmental Sciences Division Energy Division, Fossil Energy Environmental Program, C. R. Boston, Program Manager January 1978 OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830 • operated by UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION for the DEPARPIEN'B OF. ENERGY 0 i7 ri tA 45 b a 5 5 50272 7679 W-7405-eng-26 L ORNL/TM-E304
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. 50272 7670 " ~ QC ,Wi1;on. rdgar Bright,• 1909- = 451 Molecular vibrations; the theory of infrared and Ramnn W tibrntional spectra iby, E. Bright Wilson, Jr., J. C. Decius tnnd, Paul C. Cross. \ew York, 'McGra,w-Hill, 1955. 388 p. tnus. 24 cm. Includes bibliography. 1. Spectrum, Infra-red. 2. ltnm;tn effect. x. Title. ; QC454.WG7 ~ ~ *53J.1 535.84 54-8099 Library of Congress (`.• i5.ix10j
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50272 7674- -,,, Nileoni:, Graham Selby., 1895-- j t au Topley, Wiluam Whiteman Carlton, 1886- Topley and Wilson's Principles of bacteriology and inuntl- nit•y. 3d ed. Her. by G. S. Wilson and A. A. Miles. Bal- timore, Williams and Wilkins, 1946. 2 v. (2054 p.) illus., ports., dlagrs. 24 cm. Includes bibliographies. L Bacteriology. 2. Immunity. r. Wilson, Graham Selby, 189r,r- joint author. u. Miles, Arnold Ashley, la04- [QIt46.T 616.01 A 48-7365' North Carolina. Untv.`j Library for Library of Congress 151c=71
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50272 76Z..7 ti.. W. t•ht l-Von Cc ' A'PPL,CJ:i) .`',CIZ.ILB 2HU T'.:ONCILQGT Ii.I:X 19650 2966, / •% . % i.ew Xork 1470 ps~ea
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L 50??2 7675 / LUNGS--CANCER/LUNGS--CANCER--TREATMENT/CHEMOTHERAPY/ „4oceedings of the Frederick E. Jones Dtcmorial Symposium in i horacic Surgery, Columbus, Ohio, October 7-8, 1976 *. ti . RC 280 Perspectives in Lung Cancer 141 Editors 1977 T.E. Williams, jr., N.fi::'Wilson and D.S. Yohn. Columbus, Ohio S. Karger • Basel • Munchen • Paris • London • New York • Sydney . a . V (j ~ ~~ U r3 `J a ,.
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4 . ~' 50272 7643 73 I.TI Rel-76 r Tn,,~~m i rc~ r ,r,~rv ~r ,r~~ ~ ~~ ~ ' ' S. P. ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ T~~l lF:1 s ~k, ~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~ 1h1~ ~ l ~r. T ~. ~ ~ N JS ~ ~ f~ L L~t~~' ~ ~ ~1~( 11' Gr.~~'~ ~r~ r-AR 219 75 104 CAN TiiE WUicLD 70.FMR') OFF)C OIL? , b .1 l3i,-dufi~:l Fonm-ifvzssaian, Arr;un Gatcxaski, Stbu:ro C;ciia, Itdaerti C. faoosa, r s ~ ~ r+ ~,: _. ia :~ a9 X4 ~~ . :~.~ ,. Slo;dn Sc'r.c.ol of tdan;igcmazt
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50272 7660 Environmental Pouutton 12(1)73-82 (1977). IITie577 s.r.- 0 5 v NITRII=ICATION IN SOIL TREATED WITH DOMESTIC AND INDUSTRIAC. SEWAGE SLUDGE Dcpartnrent of Agrnnomi, University qjGerugia, Georgia StaNon, 6:xprriment, Georgia 30212, USA Dried selrage slurlge fi•om either predominantly domestic or industrial sources 1+•as incorporated into soil at rates o/'0, I, 4 or 16 nrg/g and the soils irere incubated Iritlt or x•itlrout the addition of 100 Irglg NHd' - N at 30'C. Saniples it•ere taken at weekly&rtert•alsforsLrllrek.candanalysedforNll4+ - Narrd(NO3- + NOZ-) - N. At the tn•o highest rates, industrial sludge reduced rtitr f cation during tlre first t/rree to four weeks of the exrerinret:!, 1:•itl; the highest rate cornpletely inhibitirrg nitrification for tlre frrst tlco we. ks. At the highest rate, the domestic sludge reduced nitr f cation on1y slightly. Analyses showed that the inilustrial sludge corrtained higher levels of several ntetals, particulcrrlr7_n, Cd arrd Pb. It it•as caruluded tlrat reduced nitrificatiarl at the high rates of industrial sludge Iras caused by these metals. This corrclusion Isas supported by the fndirtg that nitrifrc•ation iras inliibited in soils treated 1,•ith 16 mg/g of donres7ic sludge tirhiclt had been treated u•ith inorganic salts to give concentrations of utctals comparat.-le Ivith those iu tlre industrial sludge. (j n i i i.i t3 6 :> .i b 4 ------'~- I , ,; ,
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502-72 7672 . . . . : . . , ~~`_. • ~~. -%1'vi'r. •. 2•iULTL*.OULI) BLOW-1•SOULDIR'C, PARTS I and II. P1aat9.ca 32, S9ii--900, 1007-1008 (1966) GJ U 6 to f Ci 0. ii u~;
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ENVIRO:VMENTAL IfONITORIT NG/APt--POLLUTION/ RA POINT SOURCE MODEL 576 Fa EVALUATION AND DEVELOPMENT 1977 , STUDY prepared by Allan Fabrick Ralph Sklarew John Wilson. Contract A5-058-87 for the 50272 7684 California Air Resources Board and the California Energy Resburces Conservation and Development Commission AO:Vff ff SC 1F,'NC'l:' APPLICA TlON.S. INC: 875 Westlake Blvd.,- Suite 212, Westlake Village, 213/889-05~.4f~ ~~ ~ ~ a U ~ : California 91361
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(GSCL) 70•+1L! `:l •Y`1'J T.~C~LLnJ r1qE,IT,a •ci t.A7iu7 ti: n 'linT •~ •.l ::..o.i u'; ';1 io:Z)iit f.c; icl 57,'0 ul I0'0 it0 :1L»lVtS U'!zS c:!:. ilI S'!USL"1;.`d tllP.C?I7 t!.0 i•'_7a T J?!.Z£d_~~t4'JJ QtiN `..~'.iSIs :-WT. t:0 rslwt •2 au-sJ ~A `aay,l °'1 ~ys ('~ne •~fi) =•S ux~xl =}uosTYM «w III
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50272 7682 78 XI Ad-80 S.P. r }(14 50!; `-j:"' _;k RJR CLASS P20. PAt1PHILET 78 XI Ad-P,0 S.P. (Trb a"cco Jldvitory Council, London, Gt. f3rit.) t;D'rERTISItIG C1GARFTTES - LETTER TO THE OiiSERVEP.. ()bser~~er 1u~,0, n.p. (Jan. 13, 1980) - in English ~ G~~ 70 t', i; U
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50272 7663 82 II tli , 902 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING. VOL. BMl'.;a, NO. 10. OCTOBER 1931 Physical Principles of the Displacement~Cardiograph Including a New Device Sensitive to Variations in Torso Resistivity ' A/CVI6:L .WLLsO1rAND DAVID B. GESELOWITZ, FELLOW, IEEE ..~w~wi..: a..LC...".: e U .tbrtroct-7he displacement cardiograph (DCG) Y a aoneontactins devia which eenses displacements associated .rith the cardiac eyde through a high-frequenry electromagnetic field intenetion between a sensing coil and the thorax. The coil is located in the tuning circuit of an oscillator, and perturbations in the oscillation frequency, i.e., fre- quency modulation (FM), resulting from tissue displacements are atod- tond. The device, originally descdbed by Vu, Is similu to earlkr devices reported by others. Separation of capacitive and induedve effects with a capacitive shield indicates that the principal interaction is through ppacitance, nthet than inductance. Experimental and theoretical results suggest that the DCG is relatively inaendtive to internal movements as compared to displaaments of the precordium. A new technique for monitoring cardiac activity is reported whkfi utilizes the amplitude modulation (AM) of the oscillator. With aptti- ,jive abieldinS{1ye hate.wcoessfully~o rded,'waveforms ti~Ytah stW/t `ttiom ~hk indl~ti.~etyt doupldd! nfletA~d re9ffiance'ih the'&U. Ais AM device does respond significantly to internil movanenta. impedance. This "reflected" impedance consists of both reactive and resistive components, depending on the electrical properties of the object. Capacitance between the coil and circuit ground also affects the impedance of the tuning circuit. Large objects are effectively eapacitively grounded at the frequency at which the DCC operates (6). Thus, capacitance between the coil and objects in its vicinity introduces an addi- tional reactive impedance in the tuning circuit. Motion of objects in the vicinity of the iwig would, therefore, introduce a time-varying component of impedance in the tuning circuit through both a magnetic and an electric interaction. Vas and co-workers have claimed that the device works through the inductive mechanism [1) [7J. They present con- flicting statements on whether the DCG responds to precordial or intrathoracic movements. Fenton and Vas reported experi-
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~' 183 -' ~ 50272 7657 CAN JOUR. PLANT SCI. 52 (5)(1972)763-768. YSEL'1)LI\G GiCU`\"1'II UF ~ P'OL'It .fGl.'(ll'I'R(hY SPI:Cat.ti ~ ED \. ,-- 1~ JOHNSTON, S. SMOLIAK. and :::~';..':WIMw Retearch Srniion, Ccurada Agrictrlrurc, LeNrbrief;e, Alhcrle ?"1! 41t1. Reccit•ed Afrry 17, 1972, aecepted lurte 30, 1972. ABSTRACT S:cdlings of crestcd whcatcr:+ss (Agropyron dcsrrmruat (Fi.ch. cx Link) Schult.), cult Summit, slender m hc:,t^_rass (Atr.rpworr Jrachycouluu: (Link) M:ihe), cult 1'ri:nar, rubrsccnt whccit;'rass (.-ttv'npprun frichop/wrislR (Link) Richt.), cult (irccr,lcaf, and quack- grass (Agr:y>yrat ra•pras (L.) 1i:auv.) tt•trc grown in the _prcnhuuac for 6 weeks. Each µect: 20 plants of cach st*zcies were harvested for ~roti•th analy-.i~. Dry t~cight accumulation in A. lrichopAunrnr and A. repcers exccedcd that in A. descrlorrrm and .4. tracbi-cuuGrrn, althou_h nct assimilation ratc and relative growth ratc did nut diticr among strcics. A- rrichof,6urrinr excelled in tolat wri;tht of rootc, total leaf wei-ht, leaf area, ancl I:af nrra ratio: A. rcpcr,s ' excclled jn total shc: th w•cieht. total wci,r,ht of top~.rowth, and pcrccnt total non+tructural carbohydrates. \\'c su_acst that tt.e dcsirablc ch:+ractcriaics of A. rrp: ns should bc utilized in Canadian grass-brccdina progranu. 1ZESUV E : U croissancc des plantulcs d'agropyre 'a lc tsux d'assimilation ncilc ct eclui de crois- crcte (Agrof~t•rurt rfc•scrlonu:t (Pisch. er Link) sance retativc n'aicnt pas dif*crc entrc Jes Schult.), cult Summit, d•acropy'rc Frcle csp~ces, A. rrichnphurrun s'est rc,..'Ir sup•:ricur (flFropyron lnrc•/iYear:hrne (l.ink) 1laftc), en cc qui conecrnc Ic lsoids total e(cs ra:u:cs, lc cult )'rimar, d'acropyrr puhccccnt (A^ropyron poids total dc fcuillcs, )a surface foiiaire c*. .)
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50272 7683 Ch+e. Sd. (1966) 31, 1-7. .N. I METABOLIC INTER-RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN CYANIDE, ~ 77 X tte2-78 THIOCYANATE AND vITAM IN B12 IN I S.P. SMOKERS AND NON-SMOKERS t.,r,Vf1.SON_.)LND D. M. MATTHEWS M.RC Clinical Genetics Research Unit, Institute of Child Health, and Institute ojNeurology, London; and Department oJChcmical Pathology, Institute ojNeurology, The National Hospital, London (Rstetned 12luly 1965) ~ SUMMARY 1. Plasma cyanide, thiocyanate and serum B12 concentrations were estimated in twenty-sevcn healthy subjects of whom seventeen were smokers and ten were non- smokers. The proportion of scrum B12 extractable in the absence of added cyanide was higher in smokers than in non-smokcrs. Taking bothsmokcrs and non-smokcrs togcthcr, there was a positive correlation »dbelecti-1;yahldc ed Aiocyhn4 concentrations. There was an inverse relationship between the thiocyanate concentration and the ditTerence betwcen the total serum tractabie in the absen'ce of cyanide. As in a previous
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50272 7693 76 X Wil RJR CLASS NO. PAMPllLET 76 X Wil Chang, R. S. L.; Bowman, E. R.; McY.ennis, H., Jr. (Medical Coll. Va., Dept. Pharwric'ol., Richmond, Va., U. S.) NICOTINE-LIKE ACTIONS OF CIS-~ETANICOTINE AND TRANS-MFTA'lICOTINE. Jour. Pharmacol. Exp. Therap. 1_96 (No. 3) 685-96 (1976) (in English) NICOTINE--PHAR*iACOLOGY / () t1 c, 0 ~1 6 () 0'_ iJ 4") 9
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~1 ~ 1j t1 :; ~s :s-a"A~; IL- sZ 4. HEC4. Wilaen Couzpany-.': : BiQM:'yPttY YNll :1r, F Qca.Eyrte.rZq Fn.dc:c to BioBxc :hical Matcrial f.n Faoka Cua ri:gaZiaeS. Vol. '1.2AFroa. 1-4 Nov. 19b7 Aag. 1968 Ii. W. WiloQn Co. .7 a 4 Volo.• Bxo:u:, l+c-vs York t
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J.-: LeRoy k'ilson _}+... J1i.,., aut.- -r .zr- Hp a~c?; ~o t't3•~~eN AITO Iee So FcT, :; D. Ci'ur:ex nc-ed wic; Jo ct.;., r~ i~""i~ jtI t7oL2n'o &:.,..o wl7C ..J > 0 6 0 G ' r f v u S :; • ~) 4
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50272 7680 .. , j S•P• Observed Nitrogen Dioxide III Du2-80 Instantaneous Global Ozone Balance Including . Pageoph, Vol. 118 (1980), Birkh3user Verlag, Base! By SUSAN SOLOMON, HAROLD S. IOHNSTON, MARTA KOWALCZYK, and • '~t~ wilsoN'~ I s bt:tween 15 and 45 km Although the global summation between 15 and 45 km by no means te . the complete story, these numbers are of some in:erest, and the relative values are: PIU,). 100; L(O,), 15; L(NO„), 45 ± 15. It is to be emphasized that this relative NO, contribution to the ,..U 6 ~ Q ~ intejrated_ozone balance,is not a measure of the sensitivity of ozone to possible perturbations of t Mstrttbspl>Wic 14b,; teCenl+rtodkl results must be examined for current estimates of this sensitivity. ' Abstract - The catalytic destruction of stratospheric ozone by the oxides of nitrogen is believed to be an important part of the global ozone balance. The lack of sufficient measurements of NO, j concentrations has impeded efforts to quantify this process. Recent measurements of stratospheric ~ i nitrogen dioxide from ground-based stations as well as aircraft and balloons have provided a } Srrst approximation to a global distribution of NOa vertical columns at sunset. These obsetved vertical columns have been translated into time-dependent vertical NO, profiles by means of a 1_ oae-dimensional atmospheric photochemical model. Using recent observations of air temperature 6 and ozone along with this information, the indeFendent instantaneous (one second) rates of ozone production from oxygen photolysis, P(O,), of ozone destruction from pure oxygen species (Chap- man rnan reactions) L(O.), and of ozone destruction by nitrogen oxides L(NO.) were estimated over ~ ; the three-dimensional atmosphere. These quantities are displayed as zonal average contour maps. ~ suntmed over various latitude zones, summed over various altitude bands. and integrated globally ll '• , , Key words: NO2 distribution; Ozone destruction by NO:. -- -r-'---
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50272 7690 XI Col-81 S.P. .... RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI Col-81 s.p. •iI17io~:~iT ~":µ A (1t.'J. Reynolds Ind., Inc., Winston-Salem, N. C., U. S.) H0W R. J. REYNOLDS HIKES PROFITS THROUGH PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION. Reynolds, R. J. Ind., Inc. (Wilson, J. T.) News Release, Winaton-Salem, N. C. (1981) (in English) •Abstr. in: Management Rev., p. 29, (Jan. 1981)* ' Distribution costs for manufacturing companies in the U. S. average 13.E percent of sales. For our tobacco operations, the figure is 5.9 percent. For food unufacturinQ, the average f igure is 14.1 percent of sales. At Del Monte Corp., our figures is 8.4 percent. i; n oo pit) a5 ~~i ~
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aT ~, . :~~_AiO L~8$ . RJR CLASS NO, TEXTBOOK RC 261 Wi 1981- 50272 7667 THE INCIDENCE OF CANCER IN BLACKS AND WHITES: THE INFLUENCE OF SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS, BUFFALO, NY, 1971-1975, Doctoral dissertation. University of New York at Buffalo. 19C31 Uniy. MicrofilMs International.Ann Arbor, MI.81.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 1530 0 6 0 0 0 U U5 :)- 6 3
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50272 7686 *(no .affil.)* TOBACCO ADDICTS. RWK (.LAJJ 1VU. 1'I\:71 1:L1.1 / a .... -, .. -Washington Post, 1975, p. not given (Apr. 21, 1975) (in English) *1975, No. 8, W 2781* *d* Tobacco economics (medicine): :
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;i 50272 7685 / SMOKING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ TOBACCO--SMOKE--BI0L0GICAL TESTING/ XI Me2 77 S.P. ~ Br. J. Cancer (1fl77) 35. 329. STUDIES ON THE LOCAL AND SYSTEMIC CARCINOGENICITY OF TOPICALLY APPLIED SMOKE CONDENSATE FROM A SUBSTITUTE SDIOKII\'G MATERIAL DI. J. L. CLr1PP, D. lI. CONXINQ .ur•nff: 1L'ILSON r From lhe Central Toxicology LaGoralory, Imperial CJeenuicnl IridteslrieR Limited, Alderley Park, illaccle.cfrcld, Clicelure SIi10 4TJ Received 23 September 1976 Accepted 12 October 1976 t~ Summary.-The topical carcinogenicity to mouse skin of smoke condensates ob- t-j ~ tained from a tobacco substitttte (NSNl), alone or in combination with tobacco, has d been compared %%•ith condensate from tobacco and with acetone, the solvent used. ,~ Sixteen different types of cigarette were used to make the condensates, and the are- standardiud results have been analysed accordint' to the 1Veibull distribution model. The results show that NSAI condensate has less than 25% of the potency of tobacco condensate (37",;, at 95% upper confidence limit), and that condensates from blends of NSN1 and tobacco ar: similarly reduced in activity. General pathology analysis failed to reveal abnormalities_ clue,to 1~SM. /,f ca t.1 r) ~ t li Tnt: chetnicnl complexit ; of ci"sirette circumference (clcsinuted A nnd R resCe^- -,.;.;'-
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50272 7692 76 II S.P. Agri. Res. 3. Kcrala, 1974: 12 ;2) 113-116 S ReI-76 , VARIETAL REACTIONS OF GINGER (Zingiber offitlnele R.) TOWARDS SOFT ROT CAUSED BY Pythfum ophonidermowm (EDSON) FETZ C. BALAGOPAL, S. BHAVANI DcYI, G. INDRASENAY and JG I. WILSON•, 0 . Norticultural Research Station, Ambalavayal Rhizome rot or'soft rot of ginger is known to occur in almnst all the areas 0 where this crop is grown and often heavy lossess occur in different loca;ities. A = number of species of Pythium, viz, Pythium apitanidermatetm, P. myriotylum, E P¢racile and P. butleri have been reported tn be isolated from rotting tissues. But the parasitism of only P. a phanidermatum, P. myriotyhcm have so far been tested and proved: Chemical contrc,l of this secd borne/soil borne disease has very often failed in the field. Studies were therefore undertaken at the Horticultiural Re- search Station, Ambalavayal to screen resistant, moderately resistant, moderately sus• .' ceptible and susceptible varieties of ginger against soft rot. . Material and Methods 0 :~ i7 n ~ irr U S ;S . v ti - - - - - ~ I r
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50272 7676 TP 482 Wi ~L . 4 ktta'oq;-~arxy- L:-: Fd 0 At~fi c.ZCA.*i CEEMSL- V1l.'2aETIkS, by j.tilson, llarry f~. L. and G. W. Reinbold (Pfizer ChFese Monographs, Vol. 2) 1965 65 p. Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc. Nov York 0 :i 2
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50272 7691 Ro}•al No11ou•ay Co11eRe, Unir,erfily of LeNrdan, l,n'ndon, Eugland 1. Introduction .............. * .............. ; . 1 11. 1~e A4ierofibti!!ar Framework and Its Changes in Growth.. . 3 lIL' A. Some Hibher Plant Celis . .......................... 3. B. Some Algal Cells ....... ................ .. ....... ~ 14 C. CCeneral Remarks ............ ........... . . r .. . ' . . , 29 The iaonlrbri.llar Matrix of the Wall and Its Rolc in Wall • Extensibility ........... .... .. . .... A. General Nature ............. .:....:.. ..... . , . .... _ ~ .. . .~......~~ r - 31 31. .32 .
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50272 7704 R JR CLASS Nq. TEXTBOOK G!C 451 Me 19B2 MeMory,J. D.WWW~d`~~i~,WA ~ NMR OF AROMATIC COMPOUNDS. John Wi ley & Sons, Inc..New Yor ic, New Yor k. f3:a , 1;3N = 5653 () c~ (3 0 n 0 0 5 5 3 0
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)272 7695 III Du2-79 S.P. EVALUATION Or A SHORT T(:RM OXIDANT CONTROL 5Ti1-ATI:f,Y ~-,'.' .1 j ! r.;, q :3 4 . FINAL RIiPORT Prepared under Contract Ido. AkEs 4-718 For the California Air Resources Board Sacramento, California 95814 May 1976 by: Kett~;_.R;';Wilsort arid Barbara Llkus UNIVERSITY OF CALIrOFLNIA, SAN DIEGO. Department of Chemistry La Jolla, California 92093 (714) 452-3289 I The sta ments•and co+cl45ioJs in this report arc those of the contrac.or ~~ 0 0 r -~j u U .~ -.,
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. 50272 7694 - ......~,.s..: Cleras;if:s, Scsi3.^. A. T_1_i^_Ar_?IIt).'?`i OF NARCOTIC ARCOTIC P.ti:^ti;'i, FOR \•T, [j•.t•~~5 \'f~,G!'AL :~: ' ~ .Zwi>>, tJ -Jo?zrt A. CXcrn_nts t:.nr., Ir~ . 0 6 0 G• i; 1 "1 J S • . ra tlct~. Scf. U..,~.~,„ 1.st , IGO:~-•:_G1s (1902) 7 u
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50272 7705 XXII -_YWilson, N.' R. (Jt.~Author)Y„ •~ Mo (1969) HCXL~?Dl, B. T. SIAW MOLDI:tiG, by f3. T. Morg..n, D.L. Fst~.~rs Ead H. P. ~•al;,cS P1autice Tach. 12 61-63 (Nov. 1966) 0 t..st?~~-w'P•.!1+~ ~s+is.+.• .+w. ;~+w^.^~+~a-ns...-r •ral!~~..~w~+^.+~ti[+7w^fw7w.~"!^1'.?^'~ 7= V V ../ 06 i~ CI P,
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5023-2 7707 81 III Lo CATALYSTS,Cd/ ~) RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 81 III Lo Loee, D. B.; Kassman, A. J.;'e:Wil~bi4~~NNX-:f hilip'Morris Res., Richmond, Va., U. S.) THE SURFACE STRUCTURE AND ASSOCIATED REHYDRATION PHENOMENA OBSERVED ON CU/A1203. ' Jour. Catalysis 67, 22 6-230 (1981) (in English) 0 h in o n ii Cl :i ~~, 3
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III Du S.P. EPA-500/3-77-:118 3. T1,Tt,E AhDSUBTITLE 50272 7696 h INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON OXIDANTS, 1976 - ~ ANALYSIS OF EVIDENCE AND 'VIF_WPOINTS Part VI. The Issue of Air Quality Simulation ). AUTHOR/S) 1. John H. Seinfeld 2. 9. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRESS 1. California lnst. of Technology, Pasadena, CA. 2. Univ. of California-San Diego, La Jolla, CA. ! ~ 3. RF :r~E ~c~h;VO63 5. REP1iO~'RTafLDiAI f~( DATE hovearber 1977 _ 6. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION CCO - 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory - RTP, NC 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPC 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. 1AA603 AJ-13 (FY-76) 11. CONTRACT/GRANT NO. 1. DA-7-2143A 2L2?sT 13. TYPE OF RE('ORT AND PERIOD COV ~ rFiu~~1 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODE EPA/600/09 s Partially funded Ly the Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. Office of Research and Development U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 15. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 16. ABSTRACT Tn rornnnitinn t- 1.1 ) ~ ') J ..F thn :.......~...... ....a .._...a._. __._.. tl
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j ~ 78 XI Adl-79 '5.~. 50272 7703 / Tho cconomic nnd social implications of cigarettc smokinrL / i a I / Part III : Effects of possible Government measures to reduce smoking ' Author : AC:::.:'lri~lsoiai~C i .:?i?eg a ?(~ F:,~w / 1 1 (` Date : 9.8.78 , ~ 1. Introduction 1.1 Parts I and II of this paper examined the various papers in the literature on the ccd'nom}c costs and benefits of siaoking but did not comment in detail on the likely effect of steps which could be taken by tho Government to reduce the level of smoking. Two of the papers reviewed in Part I(D.H.S.S., 1072; Atkinson and Townsend, 1077) estimated the cffect• that a reduction in smoking of up to 40 'Vp over a five year period would have on the numbers of deaths due to smoking, on health care costs and on sickness and social security payments. The D.1t.S.S. paper merely assumed that it would be possible to • - . . _N IF G~ fi G il i, (i S ti 7 9
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! QA 166 Wi 1979 c / d. : P COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY / OPERATIONS RESEARCH/GRAPH THEORY/ APPLICATIONS OF GRAPH THEORY Edited by f~... ..::.. ..:D~~~ ~ . Robi>~ ilson# ' Faculty of Mathematics, The Open University, England and Lowell W. Beineke Department of Mathematics, Purdue University at Fort Wayne, lndiana, USA 1979 5027-2 7712 ACADEMIC PRESS London New York San Francisco A Subsidiary of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers
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50272 7701 Jut, o f c~ L3 (t( ) , . Lifelong Hyperarousal in the Spontaneously. Hypertensive Rat Indicated by Operant Behavior 80 II Ey-81 S.P. CARL F. SCHAEFER. DANIEL J. BRACKETT. 4q4 ~'/-gV ~V~~~~T~l,TAND C. G. GUNN n<~~:~.,. Depaitntents of Anest4 esrologi• and .NeJicine. Universitv ojOklahoma Health Sciences Center. and the Veterans Administration Hospital. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Abstract-Instrumental conditioning techniques were used to obtain objective evidence of differences in behavioral arousal between the spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR) and the normotensive ancestral Wistar Kyoto (WKY) strain. Subjective emotionality ratings previously indicated that the genetically hypertensive rats were more active and aggressive than their normotensive cousins. In a lengthy series of operant conditioning sessions using a small number of adult female SHR and WKY rats. hyperarousal in the SHR was confirmed by their significantly higher response outputs on either response conting4nt or time contiSent !~ted*s of jeinforcement. Conditioned emotionality tests 1t?ringtthis Mies Vezpenments also suggested hyperarousal and aggressiveness in the t SHR. since the fear-conditioned stimulus suppressed bar-pressing in the SHR much less
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50272 7-689 s= Wi1sar1t; John RPVe3.~- 1928- ' ed. Pretoria. National Chemical Research Laboratory. Process Development Division. Demineralization by electrodialysis. Edited by J. R. wil- son. London, Butterworths Scientific Publications, 1960. 378 p. illus. 23 cm. 1. Saline watP.rs-DQlLlncraliz4tlon. 2. iClectrodialys(s. S. Mine Nratcr. i. Wilson, John ltcuel, 1928- ed. in. Title. TD433.P7 C> G~-2fl9G . I Library of Congress A L t i rf () o (j i; J~ au 1-0:
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1 1 o i; +q ;. ..- Hs+-.~.;Yj !`•:,••rrw»n AF.•:: 'fJYi,t7+.. L.'sV •• . ~4iEll ~ 90LL ZLZOS X ~ t, . _ .
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50272 7702 '1 11T- TO M GnSS N,).~~mp~, l~ t q' Cohort analysis of cigarette smoking and of4mortality from four associated diseases TOBACCO REESEARCFI COUNCIL by G:F. Todd Occu&ional Paper 3 Honorary Research Fellow, LONDON 1976 Department of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. P.N. Lee and•M.J.-Wilson;:; Tobacco Research Council Tobacco Research Council "Cohort analysis" means an analysis in which the basic material is classified by the year of birth of the subjects rather than by the year in which the event of interest (such as death) happened to them. This pan~,r present~ analyses in ~oho•rt foxm both of death rates from t+ .~ tr ti (~i 0 U S ;~ * ii the four main cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, namely, heart and oAL cUcuulat3.vC
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XII $0272-7714 Td i i (1969) _:biiltvaa;-Rabnxt C1Y1:OHLC rvAvTTYtr" TL~(UCJl.IY: Y. Ir4i i1~,.Ct,i L'F MC'C?TXNE, S[f:.:t,3;:, Te"Wr:ATE, A11"a I:LI.iONT.;:, uy rubest Il. 6.';.1sou a.ad Fqayd D--Eda. ~•::r. Ind. Iirg. Taxf.ctrl. x, 55.~.-.FiG~i (1~3'sG )G)
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YMLRS'ANll POL•Y'tERIZAT'IpN--CRYSTALLIiIITYL 50272 7650 74 LII'~:i ~'OL . J.ouri rolyner Sci. 10 •503-5(1953)- ; .. ... ..:. rr L~TrRS TO TI-Ir EDITORS : A% tr~:~>ii5tl:4, G. L. P AI;R ' Dept. of Physics•, Washington University, Sr_: ?,ouisr: ?tissr,uri ~ . .: w'ruclear rlfa-rnetic licsottunce Detertttiricitiot. of 1)egree of CrysiallinitY eti Two !'olpiiers* , . . . . . • • . • ~ Received Jon. •23, 1953 ~ ~ Nuclear inaanetic rrso~iance stu~lies of the lii~ear polymers, j~ol.•et}~ylene and poMetrafluoroeth.•lene (Teflon)' suggc•st a tossihle new r,icthod for deterniuiina the relative percentages of crystalline and ainorpllous phases coexistinrr in these pokmers. The measuremc:nt of degree of cr..-stallinity by this nietho(t is straig~htforward and results are reF,roducihle within a fc:N,. .i . - per -cent. Furthermore, the (leterlllination represents the aN-erage crystal- ~ linity over sarnples with mass the order of grams. It is felt that, at least ~ for these linear polyu~ers, this nuclear resonance method may have impor- * tant advanta~es of convenience and accuracy over methods previously used ~ ; to cleterniine the degree of crystallinit}•, such as measurements of denbity,' r+ ~
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50272 7713 f •~ Wy9 /G J.!v Q ~ . . .'.% . i North Carolina State Colleve Tobacco Reprint Series No. II* . . . . . ,~ •. ~ . . .
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L V.. . F s 0 0 (1 0 E; v ... . . ..... . ~ s"yo:zTzrT sm4otu QO s;&t.;uLlO se ;~i <lC1 T:'C~t O Cr a r .~..1,~...7 p.T O~ ~ ,i~ 1.•s Tf 7 T. 7: [~ ~. ~~ i .~,~I~~hGal.l.: U S ~ i C:IY PTVri d0 IG::z-:31 V atA 2{IV .,R?•?, dli 's "ac-'Rt43 •pa '•Z •H 'g ."aost'LM q: LLLL ZLZOS
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50272 7662- TOBACCO--SNOKING--PASSIVE/TOBACCO--SrlOKING--ANTI-SrtOKING CAMTAICN/ 75-X 11m1-" Ainerican"-Association for the Advancement of Science INDOOR AIR QUALITY Source: Confidential Unofficial Unedited Transcript, Variously paged, 52 pp. ty typed, Shook, IJardy & Bacon, Kansas City, Missouri (Feb. 1976) Arrangad by KAkr. 11. KA.au (Research Uiret•tu,•, S.T.O.1'...N(orar'e•ul, (jur.) Saturday. 21 February i ~ Sheraton, l.ibert} C 2:00 p.m. Pres inK: lCat:L II. Caaats In<fuvr r~ir Qu• it}•-Current StatuY of Knu~~•led;,•e . YUCo~t.(l'icr Prear. anr: t'Irie•I• 6'+ry., JO)IX F ' ' rtlrrr+fielJ. ( r+rr++J 2'h. Rea. C'orq•; uj J.~~_~~eil:++Ilu+rd, l{ InNu~ ncc t+f T~r ccn Cumbttitiom Prtrlirct.t +,n Indoor llit• Quality • It 1fikTr+\ rr1:N U'ruJ: t_l (JCceepntiowat ffraltl•, rrarL $c/t. of l'erLlir flrrrlt ; C++iu. of f'ittd nri;Gt Indoor Air Qtutlity,-,11~virlrnce for Eic:r!th E:ticrt.i BF:XJA111X C. F?:Itkis, Jt:. (f i•ul: nf f:'n:ira+t. fllrtirit n+ttlJrtJ'rty, Scl~ uj f%thlic fleulth, lf,rrf•rer~l (',rie.) Legal :~~cpeets u~n;mokers' Rights CLt:X\ A. Ciqt,L-HBR('. (Ge+t. Colrx.i..l, ~lclinr. q+S+r~o{. . in rrtd fleullh, {f irslei+egto+t D.C.) -` _ , Discussantrs• Pat:L Gvw.ws G•txsac. Praf, of flte++,ar+ Dct•ef., St. •llarr,/'e, Coll., St. dlrtry:s• City, ;o. CnRx, BENJA\tls G. FERRIS, JK.; CLENx A. C:n* r,aExc, I;AkL H. RaAB, DAcro=G.wf1'tLSON (ProJ: of .lloch. Eng., 11fIT), and Jotix E. YocoM IND00)~AIR QU(A••yyLI~r~/ e';;~~ff/77itor: {~~1rt9ur ~~..t~.ern (':~to be publ. by'~Academic Press ($40.) l7 '# ~1 '. U V
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50272 7708 TIn. Jnrx:;Ar. l,r I'iiAewI n-,;1 .Nu Iarrr.iRU:SrAl.'llnrM rrnn. Cof•Y~4:- ~, _ ~~. ~u2. ~7 ~ V0. P,a. x... Z FUI\CTit)N A L AIN 1) ST1tUC'1'Li13AL CHANGE S IN ISOLA'1'Ell ,Li'1L'13I'I' LI VI:R i1,ITOCIiONURIA INDUCED 13Y 1,, 1,iJORUllICIILOROMLTIiAiVL•'' &MUE41wow~ 0. W. VAN AUIC):1\', A. 0. 1IL•'Al)I,RSO\', It. T. S. L1:P:.. *jW~~'-,VVTMVr.1\'D J. N. J3pLLI\'Ch.R Dcporlrncnt of F.xvironmextal Scir,nccs, firiuthuest Foundalio:: ;or Resenrc% and I:dueation, San Antonio, Texas Accepted for publication January 8, 1975 ARSTRACT VA,, Avsex, 0. W., A. 0. 11t:xnLRSON, R. 7'. S. LEE, R. H. WILSON AND J. ii. rot.LIXGF'.R: Ftunctional and structurnl cllanges in isolated rabbit liver Initochondfia induced by fluorcxjichlorotnethane. J. Yharmacul. Exp. Ther. 193: ;Z9-;35, 1975. ,1 ....... ........,'1 ..1-..... .., nnrl olan ir. ort~mn_ 0b il n n o t) S S f3 4
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. . ~ , . , ..,. ... :., . • • .. . . . - . . autz .tu1u:n).nxl trt 'siptxu atjjL)atu SnutaeA uo pOP)JucidnS >>trtn~aut tut~ci .taAlts ji.w ilnxuuutn uucpts.) Ju uoiai:ptXU st;u~u.);iua>>at~ otj1 uo S11u1)L•:YI)31A111, uolaatll1oJ) 1,11 s7s.i.artd :ri~.Clcle~ pue ~t.tt.unuty.iurt, u.i.~.~tl.xl li.il,l:~t AptiAO Inutlu .e.a urn t.ie.u ayt I.r r.tyl 'OI,.Q(i ,wrl.xl Ilcj tuu Inlr nuttelrrxu jnp .tmuattt(I.t .xll Il.ity.~~ lutnrlr'.rYrt..intt.!e I.utu .nlt Ut tctlt Ir.itejlmuntualitt'uw0(u.l:(Ut1aP.U u ut stuuIJc.u .c"t Iry ,: 10 :1. ucletl .Neut e wut.l .'I`Oulv"tVj ."w VOtul\'U°3V 'uuilt•"Otuur .n11 Ju .t~.cit:iucut•nttur.tuent e iutl~lw.no~ t.inlwr.ul .nutl.hotutt '.rlyniu.ut A 1.rAttel.u tr or 'u.r;t.iXu ..Ait.>c )u .;ul tytl.%\ Ir.rrxlwu.r.tlr IlvN j.t..llti ay.l. ncur iut ttu.rl JoAlr; AtnlleI.AJ.r .nll )u uutli.rxltuu.t.~lr )rt tu.rt~.i .iqt ut Ir.ilel.a1 ~Lnr~l.r N1 ut•lruuu( sc." .rlnau ttutyl.u.wl jwtr .tlnso muiz uu It.rt.uxldn. atcutas -utsu.t.Ki 1.r..l!: )u tu.rutic3_1t lenu.xli Irue ytuYe :rAUS.u:(i.1d J.Itjt: .CItAII.n: .xl.l. jaI;.I)1S(IV . v-._.-.,.., ,w~c•It11?I '?1 uN~"~"?r`c,~ Ir~V.•) .'z.l.v.l ~1~I~IU1C •~11 t. )V 0.1. NO1.1.V'1:'12I NI NOI.L1SOJ1-j0:) 'IV:)tll':'lll:) 'Ai S.Lha.`)V;'!2I :•1.LVNV:)NViV21;Id • 2I:1~1'11S (I['iUS Ail atli\U,\UIV NUf121VJ :IU NU1.LV(11XU ;Ill.l. (T56T)89-6501 `6Z 'Iua4,) •anor •ue0. ,. •d•S LL-Za?I XI• i 669L ZLZOS 9
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50272 -a727 ~~ Wilsonj Theodore A.. (Jt. Author); - Beavers, Gordon S. VORTBX GP.OWTti IN JL'TS, by Gordon S. DGSvcrs Aud Theodiore lo. Wilson .tOur. Fluio M Wc. 64 (Pt. 1) 97-112 (1.470)
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50272 7673 ... ;' r XX NeF-GAW-75 New Zealand Jour. Al;r. 129(3) 33,35(1974) CONTROL OF CELERY LHAP SPOT. , Qs (~"s'~~"~ ;~1'lt:St)N; Seienti,t, Celery leaf spot infection started ~ ~inrticul ural 2-, :Irch S+fnt-ikN, Pukekohc fo show up in unsprayed plots five yNeW zCAI-ANO U[t'r,~t\GR~ 5~11 `'>> i") l~h~EA• weeks after the treatmcnts corn- ~Nl rescari~i .tation field Our first trial compared weekly menced. Heavy leaf spotting and ~p rCt: trials have confirmed local applications of benomyl at the nor= death of older leaves followed, and reports that the systemic fungicide mal spraying rate and twice normal only mancb-spraycd plats remaincd benomyt (f3enlate) which previously strength, with maneb at a standard frce of disease. Lack of control with gave exccllent control of celery leaf tate (2.2 kg/ha of Dithane M22) high rates of benomvl conflrmcd spot (Srpruria apilralal can no and an unsprayed control. In addi- local reports that the chemical was longer be rclied on for protection tion, MBC as Bavistin at normal not performing as expected. aNainst this disease in the Pukekohe strength was included in the com- Final yield figures shown in ~the di.trict. l:ffective alternatives that parison. All treatments were `aable demonstr: te the differences in emerged from the trial included applied in 900 litres of water per ha disease level which occunred. At eaptafol and manch. when used in a (80 gal/acre). harvest, in czriy Octebcr, folia fe rce.ular protective programme. The variety of celery used was weight of the standard rate benomyl As has occurred with a number of Tall Utah No. 15 planted on May 3, and M BC plots was only one other diseases, such as powdery 1973. and a total of 16 sprays at quarter of that 'in *maneb-treated mildew of cucurbit crops. the use of weekly intervals were applied. To plots. Wher. the rate of benomyl bcnomyl or related benzimidazole encourage disease the trial area was was doubled to 0.8 kg/ha, disease ehemicals initially gave very effec- artificially inoculated with a local incidence aas reduced and yields in- live controt, but resistant fungus strain of Srptoria apiicola earlv in crr;-c•d r•w *I,;• -.- -'11 -'-
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` T~L~6OU, -S~. ll. APPLIED 1LttD WEP.ZMRNTElL MICROSCOPY 1967 159 PnSes Rurges3 Publishing Co. Minneapolie, Minu. : :. 0,;: [s .0 0 S :. 9 9
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50272 7715 ,:.Wi.l.son, Robert li.; _ . CtiRUNIC IrLCGTTNti TOXIC" . Itl. EFT'I:CT 0F K'LCO'L'I:7E-C(}2iI'AMZNG DIL;S GN tiISTCz•C.ii tu1D kEICc1TS OP C.:Sl.Ivs oP iLLBGNo UTS, by MUext H. WiLcon, Ja?.cs B. tAcHO.u81at snd r1G}•d DeEds JocRr. Ind. Hyg. 20, 468-481 (1938) , 1... . 5~9 t
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v i4 ~ Wilson;: .Robert _.W.~~ ~- ?1SCt3AY3IZIf:G FI:~J,2pGYT,D 1C`LACCO r,~.Yi7:;S~~ Vorth Carolina St.,cte Co11cCo Tobacco R9pr'n+. Sariea No. 23. Reprxnt; f roM: Agr icultural En;inagring (t:o. 6) 40''/»410y (:ime 1956). 0 6 (f li ii f'J ~1 Ir ~4r!A~ V
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..... ...• ..0 %..& %..e %1 7. ii-t ir 50272 7697 3• Rcj.v:r Fu, i , , (rritation *and Lachrymation In Rc.lation to Survey of E}e 1974 ~ . llir S'o((utiovn,. ...: " " '~' 6. I 7. Aur6rrr(s) • 8. I'er(ortninr OrRanizatiun krl_t. No. 9. I'crlr•rminx Org,tnir urrrn ti.tm.• utJ AJJrr•.c 10. Proic-ct!T.iskJRotk Unit.%u. Copley International Corporation CRC-AVRAC-CAPM--17 7817 Herschel Avenue t1. conrrao;cirant No. La Jolla, California 92037 ~ 12. Spnu.urinK l)r);ynii.+rrnn \arnc .rml .tiJdrr•s. 13. Typc o( Itcport & Period N;!!T~c)NAL TCCHNICI~L Coordinating Rescarch Council, Inc. 2- tov~'r~~d ' _ 30 Rockefeller Plaza ~(~~-UI2h1AiI0N SFItVIC[' - t r rnrre Final ' ; ~ ~kSprin~r~Flrt VA Y2 151 New York, New York 10020 14. , . I5. Supplrrncntary Nutc. Not releasable to the public until July 1974. - lc: Ab:.rr:,rts A critical literature review of eye irritation and lachrymation in reiation to air pollution. L.iterature was obtained from an abstract search aerformed bv thp Fnvirnn•nnnfal Rn+~~+t.... I ..r r~.r %%,.- VJ-% 1 lY1-1/"/ 1- 1
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50272 7718 The Vocabulary of Organic Chemistry ~ Milton Orchin Fred Kaplan Roger S. Macomber _ ~ R. Maiaha~i Wileon"?~, ......... :. Hans Zimmei Organlc Division, Department of Chemistry •~ University of Cincinnati Qncionati, Ohio A Mtte7•tasdeaa ~btlatiqe JOHN W[LEY! SONS, Ne~vYort•C4iohater.Brotrae.Toroato _....._._..,~_..._ ~........._.-.~ •-»---s--~~..-~--.-,~--,._ ._.. _. _.. ...._-..... _..,,..,.-..,. D 291 19 80 CHEMI RY, ORGANIC--DICTIONARIES/
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• ' ~' . _ - _- _ ' . . -_. , i ....- .._ .... ~ _ ..-..._._ _......~•....~.w...~+...~~,.a..~r ...er:..~.- ~ ~-. 50272-7700 . ' ..~ . ., • .:~.-. . . ;, • .. •: ~ .,... ~ ~ ; .: ,j '.,..<.....~:.. ~. ; . a 25 108-11~i (1974) ~" ~.;; .•.};r.. h.~. ~ ~ 74 I Wi , WHAT ~ j~ . . • .: : : .. . . . , . , . L~7 1 $RKETING? ~ ; r .! Marketina and, s:cond, -the relevance of Marketing to the horticultural basiittsf: ' .A'Iarkcting : •There are.tw'o distinct sch_ools of thoughtabout.ihe subiect. One,.for-cxample, Drucker' and his disciplcs see only two,tasks of nianagement,'"Markeiing aird''• °# ; innovation". Since this was writtcp nineteen years aao, one might argue that today innovation is one element of Marketing so that his gospcl could be ,t re-written: :"The- sole task• of manageruentt is Rfarketing". How docs this appeal to you :~ The 'second school of thought: saysarkctin~ is. a.: rion- subjectl" The high priest 'is'Robert Townsend, -one-time leader •of Avis attd. ll h h h f b t O i ' ~ U i es -se cr uut or o t c p t e rgan sar on : I "Marketing departments-=-1ike plar,nin~ dcparimcpts; pcrsonnct•dcpart- : mepts: nianagement dcvelop.ment departments: advertisin, departmeutst:; ' ~~ . . - • . public relations departmerits-are usuatly camouflaoe desiened to coiet="` "4_ ! (Durham University Business School) , 1r'his.paper attempts to,-throw light on: two'issues; first, the subjcct of • '.,....,,.,_._~ .,,,, up for lazy or worn-out chief executives. -• . • . . . ..r.. , .. . _ - ; -- -.-....... ~ - • ---~-- -. ~ _.. ;_ .... ~..._...-..,.a..:......_...- .......,..,....~ ...... . s. ~ ,., .. : .;. . ~ ... ~- ....r.. ~~, V
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~1IR--POLLUTION--PARTICLE--DE-fERMINATION/ 50272 7720 -- ' 1 1 '6•"asTR"`T The manual lists and describes the instruments an ec ~niques a are available for measuring the concentration or size distribution of particles suspendl In process streams. The standard, official, well estzblist~ed methods are describ as well as some experimental methods and prototype instruments. To the extent . ' .- n~ f~ tj ~~ 9 6 S tl~ , . ~~ - -~ - ' - : T(CNNICAI. REPORT OATA • //Y• n: iru./ Inwurhu.n un Ui~ rrn.• Iv LN•• umrlrunrl 1 / ~ / UN ~ 1 EP_A_-6_00/7-_7_8-04_3__ L.. _ J. flfCL •1NDau01/f~E S REPORT DATE Technical Manual: A Survey of Equipment and Methods . March 1978 for Particulate Sampling in Industrial Process 6. PERFORMING ORGAN12AfION CODE Streams 7. AVTI~OHISI _ 8. PERFORMING ORGANIiAT1ON REPORT ' W.'-B. Smith, P. R. Cavanaugh, and,R; R: .WiLsoci, k 9 PtRFORMING CROANI2ATION NAME AND AODRESS Institute Southern Research 10. PR(.GRAM EIEMENT NO. , , EHEf,24 2000 Ninth Avenue, South 11. CONTRACTiGNANT NO. Birmingham, Alabama 35205 68-02-2131, T. D. 10904A 17. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS Office of Research and Development EPA 13. TYPE OF R(FORT ANO PERIOD COVE:'- 'Task I'inal; 2f77-1/78 , Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory 14•5/ONSORIN6AGENCYCODE Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 EPA/600/13 1s.SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES ~I2L-RTP project officer is D.13ruce Harris, Mail Drop 62, 919/541-2557. , 1
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s .V. •S S Q 0 V• U U 4 Q v C-a1 !.'L (9 •o«) tif xcztrao 3c,0,7 ,j lc;,ooti.a u 'uu'=~ •0 °u ~%~ct: :,.zrno •; •Q s~r3~,., °^a °!rI ~. •l; ° r saoaT';i.s °H 'a ~r.''c~~~ °H '2i ~ •{4 ~SvT,L y:I: JTO ~P[~LZT«T, i~t,i~ Ci~'; gZ'TI,T;Iy f.C:7,S V °il °H sr~'•-moii •-iou4n3; t-If :i .R .•H..lluoaZpMN e 60LL ZLZOS .
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6b'561 4?. .Ic^.LjLa.a~.~+,e. •o~~a~r.~ auax~r3s~H r~ar:r;t0 ~c3 ~; ar~aoS ~,za,.uo~ aql~ 30 44gt£ `2aV:Oai•1 'C'cnuuy ccn %u a©nx2 xadiM 7 a . =OnMr, ar~flC;r,_:, °.f ~~ cuTf~suT dt) "wAM l:OlkdI:OSm, a;rv "r:orxamJ,s-za "MiR/,., ~ Ta •µo xapas v °~{ ~1a2{ ~1~'~ttoH zoH i 9LLL ZLZOS
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50272 7719 IR--POLLUTION==PARTICLE--QETERMINATION/ENVIRONEMENTAL MONITORING/ TECHNICAL REPORT DATA I[.'erfe Dt rflrett Itaalacwtnonf on fht rortCO~nnlrrtnd ~(/{ 1. REPORT NO. _____ _ _ . ETQ171 ~ O ~7( EPA-600/7-79-0 2 Wi a. TITLE ANO SVBTiTLE S. REf•ORT UA E 1{,79 Guidelines for t articulate Sampling in Gaseous 6. ICRFORMJanuarvING 1979 ORGANIZATION COOf ~ Effluents from Industrial Processes ~ 7. AVTMORISI ' B. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NO. ; Kr R; Wilson;JA. , P. R. Cavanaugh, K. 11~, Cushing, ~ W. E: Farthing, and W. B. Smith , SORI-EAS-79-023 ~ V1 RFOR611NG OROANIZATION NAME ANO AOORESS . 10. IRCGGf1AM ELEMENT NO. Southern Research Institute ' EHE624 ~ 2000 Ninth Avenue South 1{. oNTRACTI ANTNO. 35205 68-02-2111, T. D. 10904 Bi i Al h b rm n gam a ama , 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME ANO AOORESS . EPA, Office of Research and Development Industrial Environmental Research Labdratory Research Triangle Park, NC 277ll 1S.SUPVIEMENTARV NOTES 919/541-2557. 17.TVf+E OF REPORT ANO vERIOO COvEREO Task Final: 1-9/78 14.5PONSORING AGENCY COOE EPA/600/13 IERL-RTP project officer is D. Bruce Harris, Mail Drop•62, Is.AOSTRACT The report lists and briefly describes man y instruments ar:d techniques used to measure the concentration or size distribution of particles suspended in process streams. Standard (well establi*hed) methcds are described, as well as some experimental methods and prototype instruments. Irstruments and procedures for measuring mass concentration, opacity, and d particle size distribution are Qsctibecr; Pr~9ce~re~,forL~lanining and Implementing tests for control device eval- uation are also included.
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50272 7734 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK QI) 75 Wi t-9t32 Sveh1a,G. (ed,); W3"AM ANVWU1;~S QWjft MOMEREHEi~SI-VE~ANA4YTCl~EMISTRY;~,t:VUL`i~' ~ 4djWtCHEMICAI. MICttOSCOPY : THERMOMICROSCOPY OF ORGANIC COMI'QUNDS. Elsevier Scientific Publishing Co..New York, NY.fa:_', (IN s ENG. ) ISN =55;2 a o o o no 0 9 6 1 0
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50272 7740 . VVtnchell, ~ Alexander Newton, 1874- - The optical properties of organic compounds. 2d ed., enl. and completely rev. New 1 ork, Academic Press, 1954. xviti, 487 p. diagrs. (2 In pocket) 2-1 cm. 1. Chemistry, Organic. 2. Opt!cs, Physlcal. 3. Crystallobraphy. t. Title. QD651.1V54 1954547 54-G347 t Library of Congress i15- , I ~ ~ ji+ ti it '.! t7 i +
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/ P. N ~ ~ 79 X Rel SMnKINr N.ARtTS--SnCIAL C1.ASS/TORACCO--SwnrtNn--PSYI'11OL~:Y/ =::o::I::C :::..:zrs- rv . RJR CLASS NO. YAliPHLET 79 X Rel H Redican, K. J.; Olsen, L. K.; Stone, D. s.; ~iit o (Arizona St. Univ., Tempe, Az.; Univ. Ill., Urbana, Ill.; Univ. Nebraska, Lincoln, Ne., U. S.) 1 4 , CIGARETTE SMOKING ATTITUDES OF LOWER SOCIECONJMIC SIXTH GRADE STUDENTS. Jour. Drug. Educ. 9 (No. 1) 55-65 (1979) (in English) ~ Littk reseatch has been done asv:ssing the cigucttc smoking attitudes of IoWei` ~ socioeconomic sludents• In addition, therc is a lack of in!ormation with resped to , assessing the impact of health education progran» on bwer socioeconomic groups. t The study wa, conducted in tl::ce lower sociocconornic tkmcntary xlwols in a, nridwcstcrn and castcrn mcteopalitaq area. All stuJcnts involved ir. thc study ' compkted the attitude invcntoryn both a prc-posttcst desiKn, and a Solomon iTree ' Group Design weru used io as.ess the ciCucttc snmoking attitudes o( lo+'cr socio- ~ econonsic sixth Crade sludents aftcr~eaposure to a special health proFram. The ~ fndinrs rcveakd that students eapo.ed to the special hcahh program dcvcbpcd morc ~ positive attiludes toward not smoking than students receiving thcir 'scgular Ixalth . , , _-- instruction.- 0 b n oh U d S S 9 7 .....r.-. .. _. /
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II - 50272 7726 Ma3 ~-Wilson; T: R. C.~, jt. aut. ` ~:. (1967) C,f:~3i-;:~ s?t ::i: iitlaED SiATi,5,~by . L. J. a.^.cl T. i:. r;. Wi1 ,on. (U. S. Ve=n. r,,,>•ic., Tech. Bull. 479.) 1935 Ii::i P, ges t7a5cti;tk,~ aa
Page 226: tvk78d00
50272 7728 III Du2 S.P. cpn-65014-7s-006 4T11LEANOSUOTITEE 7A Spectroscnpic Study of California Smog 1, AUTIIORISI P.L. Hanst, V.11. Wilson, R.K. Patterson, B.W Cay, Jr., _L.W,~Cha.nt.X.-and -C. S.sl tton '9: PERFOHMING OkG%.NIZATIGN NAN."..1NU AOORESS I U.S. Eavironmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development i Nationai Envtronmental Research Center Resea.,~h Triangle Park, Norch Carolina 27711 12. SPONSORIN;. AGENCY NAME AND AOORESS PB 241 022- S, REPORT DATE February 1975 16. PCRFOqMING ORGANIZnT10:j COOE 8. PERFOhMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NO. 10. PROGRAM EIEMENT NO. 1AA003 (21A!:.13-13) 1 t. ONT9ACT/GPAIiT NU. 13, TYPE OF k£PORT AND PERIOD COVERED .. _Fina 1 14.LPONSORINO Af.ENCY CODE r 15. SUPPIlMENTARY NOTES Aftc wnsoq5 Is.wesTtiACr Long-patli infrarcd spectroscopy has yielded data on the composition and chemistry of tae polluted air at Pasadena, California. Infrared raeiaticn was trans- mitted along a 417-neter path folded between mirrors in a glass tube 9 neters long. Spectra of polluted air were reccrded with a Fourier transform spectrometer systea (jnd.yer0ipq,tceA; irCjraki> 6de,qga(r}st.;the spectra of humidified reie:ence air. This• ratio plotting allowed the observation of weak pollu:anc absorption linEs by removing .t,e
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50272 7738 ~ d6 9 7MH919 P 3 (/ LUND ULF J HUM STRESS 7(3) J_/j t/ff Catecholamine and Cortisol Excretion Patterns In Three-Year-Old Children and Their Parents e three year-olds, their mothers and fathers during night rest, one day at home and one day at hospital. The stay in the hospital, which x•as part oja longitudinal study ojthe jamilies, induced a pronounced rise in adrenaline excretion and a moderate increase in noradrenaline excretion in relation to the at-home level. Although the catecholamine excretion in relation to body weight was much higher in the children, the magnitude ojthe increase at the hospital was about the same in all the family members. The adrenaline excretion was also affected by the diverse conditions at the hospital and showed, jor exampl~,ia marked decrease during lunch hour. ~ 9he cortt'sol excretton at the 4ospiral tended to be elevated only in fathers. On the average, mothers excreted about the same amount of adrenaline as Ulf Lundberg, Ph.D., Peter de Chateau, M.D. -~ ~... ~<1h ets1~.,M.D.. and Marianne Frankenhaeuser, Ph.D. Urinary catecholamine and cortisol excretion K•as studied in a group of I
Page 228: tvk78d00
M$19a aY ot6~:';S~-az xoqo$ao tAslan:3sxsx '3ITTas;no; Is~ixa~~,_*oa •,13T~sa•~3 332TOLCJ aoo:.rio:~ LiyqZ eii7 3u ;.-awa€eaxd xfldvd A-0aAnll •V •.7 fJL4D {bVlliiIJ 's! 'M ,x*Pjai?a 40 Y• ~Q I SS`:S ;~~~X'IcyTll `3~ `: Q .~I.:o`dZ:%213 QAIV sUazI,NVoYIcfir M-tttim ZWr.(l oE-i1sn oa,trgoa ctam mau cn mms °r: Zos axv scnoz~`.!'rY mM,ooxu ao mouvwxxss a:z;cro•a zxa .3 .j. +AOxU*a L
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50272 7733 RJR CLASS N0, TEXTBOOK QD 75 Wi 1-982 Marhol,M.;Svehla,G. (ed.); V ~1~;; '' ~r„L~:Pb"-Gk1F,.dTStT8)('-": i . t=MYS~FtY. THEIR ".PROPERTIF,:3; ~,. ~S ii~3 : ~GHEM:CS ~t~~~ ~~. ~~ .w.~. .. E].5evier Scienti`ic Fub~lishing Co; ,iVew York, NY.82. (IN c ENG. ) :[ SN = 6075 , 0 o o n n o U 5 6 n v
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50272- 7731 QD 75 Wi 1975 MICROANALYSIS/GASES--ANALYSIS/ ~son and WilsonY.Az,~ COMPREHENSIVE.. ANALYTICAT.-t- ; Edited by G. S~VE~H kAr PH.D., D.SC., F.R.LC. (VOIS . III--VI I) III~T- Contributors to Volume VOLUME III ,~-- RA. Chalmers, Department of Chemistry, University ;Vi les iti t S El E l ~ l t tnu e amp emen s ta ysts w . Aberdeen ~ W.T. Elwell. Imperial Metal Industries Ltd., P.O. Box Birmingham K.W. Fung, Department of Chemistry, University of h ' Malaysia The late M. Kozlowski, Kazach State University, Ali G. MamantoV, Department of Chemistry, Universky . Tenn., U.S.A. 0. Songina, Kazach State University, Alma Ata, U.S.S Ci. TtSlg Max-Planck-Institut fur Metallforschung, Schv ' Standards and Standardtzatton Separations by Liquid Amalgams Vacuutn Fusion Analysis of Gases in Metals 'a°` Electroanalysis in Molten Salts ELSEVIER SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING COMPANY AMSTERDAM OXFORD NEW YORK 1975 .Cfe ~p y ~ rI ;j ~ 5<. t~ f c3 c D.F. W6od, Imperial Metal Industries Ltd.. P.O. Box 2 .-••..
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TOBACCO--I.IPIIDS/TOBACCO--CURING--CHF.MICAL CHANGE/ 50272 7717 RJR, CLASS ?;0. PA`THLI:T VI' To 79 s. r. • Schepartz, A. I.; lalin;;tor., J. 1t, ; Cha-plin, .1. F. VI To-79 (l1~^ • ~- . S. I-,I~, Asr., Si:A-AP,, Touzcco ]Iea~tf~ Serv., :t` ^•~ S.P. Ca. ; U. S. IJ~p. ~~rr.,:.PA-AIt, Tobacco l:es. L.~b., Oxford, N. C., U. 5.) .1\ ANALYSIS OF TliF; VARIATION IN LI:AI' LIPIDS DURING 77,F. CI•kxG OF FLi :: CCRED TOBACCOS. Tobacco Chemi. }:es. Conf., 33rd, tape, Lexin;toa, Ey. (Oct. 29-31, 197:) (in English) An analytical study was made on the levels ofyliplds present in tvo flui-cured to0acco varieties (:7E.95 and LA 53) during five intervals in the curing p at harvest, half-way through yelloving, end of yelloving, end of leaf drying and completely cured. Samples were from four primings, three replicates each. 'hrelve lipld components were assayed on each sample. These data were analyzed statistically via computer. It was concluded that: (1) significant change4 occurred in most of the lipids during curing (total hexane extractables. so- {lanesol, hydrocarbon waxes and neophytadieae increased; fatty acids decreased); 'mo2sttofrtheelipidslverefstronglybdependenteupon allithree; factors,-variety~ls of : ip=iming and interval in che curing. `'. 0 6 C)~+l n (i i1 S ;a
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50272 7745 r i 73 ?;T h;n TO};A CCO--ADVf.RTl RJR CLASS NO. °A"Pi'.LrT. 73 XT ._....,~.--_. ''all Sr.: eet Journal 1 71 0': :12N' T IT ., ~. . ,.. . Wall St. Jour. 3973, p. ':' (Jan. IJ, 1973) (in !:n;,lish) 10973, No. 1., 14 53* *d* I o'.,acco eccr.an:i cs : _. ,:.<... . ~ ... ._... 1
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l1 0 50272 Wfiltsidre,.G. u.;. ~; , S0M PIIXSIC.t.I. AND Ct1EMICAL CfiAhGES IN ST0RW FLULCUItF:U TOBACCO Rhodeels Agr. Jour. E7 (No. 4) 94-97 (July/Aug. 1S7C) RT^T7^".^~ r 7737 ~ i r ~ , i
Page 234: tvk78d00
50272 7743 ! - e„?. j ` V.3 1d'(` 22 f ~ Cook, L. C. (R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., 7 p. (Feb. 15, 1973) (in English) *Keywords:* .., _._.--. - RJR CLASS NO. PA.*PHLET 72 IX Re7-73 Winston-Salem, Y. C., U. S.) Res. Seminar, paper, Winston-Salem, N. acids, organic, cured, constituent; pigments, cured, constituent; polyphenols, cured, constituent. constituent; oils, essential, cured, constituent; pentosans, cured, constituent; pentoses, cured, constituent; phenols, cured, constituent; hydrogen ion concentration, cured, lignin, cured, constituent; nicotine, cured, constituent; anmonia, cured, constl.tuent; carbohydrates, cured, constituent; cellulose, cured, constituent; C. , \ e :. ~; :: i3 ~' iy lY ti. E;
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.,_~ 50272 7744 RJR CLASS NO. P'L'-iPIILLT 72 IX Rel-73 S.P. Reynolds, R. J. Tobacco Co:npany, t.'insfon-Salern, N. C., U. S. W~~e6~iR&~i'~vhrI'IT~:R CiG1RS ='"'i,'}iY"TI:R-COSTF.J~'e,RSY? }ie;nol_ds; R: J: Tobacco rio. , (Jan. 15, 1973) (in English) Press Release, 5 p., Winston-Salem, N. C. t *1973, 'No. 4, W ].174* *1m* Tobacco economics: +~ :~ ~3 s: 11 ll
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. 50272 7747 NIA. SS,r~CTIU)SETTS INSTITUTE. OF. TECHNOLOGY `. a UTUSTRJAL LIAISON P' ~ ` . : : ~~1.~ ~.,.~.TY.~'aI. 76 I Ma-80 ,.... . . ~ ... .,- *, ~:~:~- .EN£RGX CONVERSYOI~ - DE5YGN `~1~1.wU1L~~ R. H. Miller, J. Dugundji, M. Martinez-Sanchez, J. Gohard, S. Chung, and J. Wendell Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics • 17
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,. ..r.. . ' - . 50272 7750 % ` ' • _ . •.~: ... _. . . • _. • RJR CLASS N0. TRANSLATION j Muller, U. (Kantonales Lab. Lebensmittel Trinkwasserkontr., Bern, Switzerland) DETERMINATION OF CAll*iIt?M IN TOBACCO BY ATOMIC ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY. *(Die BestimmunR von Cadmium in Tabak mittels Atomaborptions- spekrophotometrie.)* Afitt. Ceb. Lebensm. Hyg. 66 (No. 1) 64 -73 (1975) - in Cerman -- complet EqCjish tranqlarSion availabl~.. ° *Keywords:* Cadmium, cured, constituent. *1975, No. 11, K2, jt* Tobacco chemistry: ' ':.. Z.~.. a
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. 50272 7758 J; Yang, li, Y. STAi8=LIZT_i:G APPLE WINE tJITIi GLUCOSE OXIDASE Faod Rcssesrch 20 42-46 (1955) L ;, lT. ; 18 .A .
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50272 7754 Reprint 1 11 U ~`~WINI?S ;~~, CHAT~.~9IN INDUSTRIAL CHEtdICItL. Chemical a.nd Engineering News. WINIDS OF CHAPr,,E IN INDUSTRIAL CM 4ICAL. Reprint from: Chem. Eng. News, p. 88-109. (March 23, 1964) • • t ) .'~ (,1 r+dn'..r-~ r!•'~,^rter•T_'TV-w'~'49!t7!•'^ i[ :F!~~
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50272 7756 Proceedings of an International Symposium spor.sored by the International Union of Food Science and Technology; the Scandinavian Association of Agricultural Scientists and the Norwegian Agricultrual Food Research Society, held in Oslo, Norway FOOD-=-TiIERMAL PROCESSING/FOOD--PRESERVATIOAi/FOOD--C1iE'•iICAL COMPOSIT MEAT/FISH/MILY, PRODUCTS/WI*iE/VEGETABLES/CEREAL/ PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL AND TP BIOLOGICAL CHANGES IN 370 In FOOD CAUSED BY 19" THERMAL PROCESSING PDDL F.(Iited by TORE HQSYEM and OSKAR KVALE The Norwegimt Food Research hrsritute, As, Nunrati• APPLII:D SCIENCE PUBLISHERS LINM1T1:D LONDON • () ' I U i: d-; •.. •) ~ s. a
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78 XI Adl-79 S.P. Sn272 7775 . The Review 0 i--4,COnOmiCS and Statistics VOLUME XLIX \'ovy:IMut:K 1967 ,,ap -/ a 3- y~ 0 Nu.%mrR 4 ADVLI.TISING \MARKrT STRUCTURL• AND PERFORMANCE William S. Comanor and'•i'hftjasA.~L%!il5ongt T IIIS paper presents an empirical analysis of the role of advertising in consumer goods industrics. The primary finding is that ad\,crtisint; has a statistically sipnificant and quantitati\•cly important impact ul)on profit rates which provide a measure of market her- formance as wcll as indicate the existence of market power. This result is robust, and the estimated multivariale equations account for half of the inter-industry variance of profit rates. This finding has iml)lications which arc 1)re- cisely the c~pl~pj ite•~f the oncli, io~s re Jci) 16 by Tel'scr in a rec~nt in)1)o~ranl arti~lc.' Thls contradiction is a retlcction primnrily of ciiffcr- structure upon profit rates. Not only ~o profit rates provide some indication of market per- formance in ternis of the normal criteria of allocative efficiency, but also high returns sig- nal the possible existence of market Power.= If exercised in the direction of profit maximiza- tion, market power should lead to rates of rc- turn which exceed those in competitive indus- tries that arc comparable in terms of risk and growth of demand. In this framework, concentration is simply one dimension of market structure and is not of seli a mea;ure oi monol)oly or market power. ,nother major dinicnsioa) is the height of entry barriers, which is-dctcrmincd in part by tcch- ,...
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50272 7741 Winchell, Constance Mabel, 189G-- ' 'Guide to reference books. 7th ed. ~ Chicago, American Library Association,1951. avii, &15 p. 28 cm. "Based on the Guide to reference books, sixth edition, by Isadore Gilbert Sludge." . Su:~,Acnent, 1950-52.Chica~;o, 1954• 117 ?-" 1. Reference books-Bibl. r. _ Mudge, Isadore Gilbert, 1875-- Guiue to reference books. Z1Q8e.1Vi9 1951 = 016 51-1115 i Library of Congress ~~ t53eS15,
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In 79 X Re -79 S.P.' r NO. ~. CTA-600/_7_- 7 7-021 a.Ti1LC -mt)SUurIT1.C - SULF'Axf•.S iP! Titli ATF1(15P1Su1u: A ProCress Report on Pro.Jact iiISTT 1 -„~ f~V` 1d~~i R Charlsocl, f..a. Iiusar, K.T. Whitby and D. Biumcnthal ,:~~F nrt~RM:~.} l)fit;n VfZ 1TIr~~ Ni:Mf IiN() A4U/1ESa i:llvironmettt;ll. Sciences Ra:e.irch Laberatory ~ iNi f:.cF : E hesearch ::nd M%veloRment: ~ t3.S. Fnvira--,,.raAncal. Ptotectton Agency i ~ ,t~sc.•:.rca T:•i;inglr Pir!., North C.1rolina 27711 ,:. 5T0hSOafNv AGCNCY NAMC ANO AOUNESS Fnviranment a1 Sc iences Research Laboratc: -y - RTP, J:'f ice o: Rese:.lrch and Development t U.S. knvi.ronroental Protectior. Agency Resesrch Triangle Fark, North Carolina 27711 SVFPI ARl' NOTFS i ~ --- ;lA. 46.SY~aCi - nr) r~ ci 5 U fl~ -' ~ .6...7/YIVIIL ro 4rVJIJ UHIN fr Fn).~ lN.lnlrlfruu uN !!re nrf7.ic' hrJnn• comlilttinXJ NC 3. t~YCT~ ~~'S {~( S51 Nc}4 ~ / S.}iEP . T D March 1977 0. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION COU: 0. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION RcPC 10. PROGRAM EIEMENT NO. ).NF.625 11. CONTRACT/GRANT NO. 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIOOCC Interim 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODE FpA/600/09
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y t C rw~ ;i •E- Aq .. r c.wra,.c 13 :. . 1.:w... ..u~.rt u. _. _. . uH £ZT a ;ag ..-..~~:~..~+R ...,..~,.~.~......-~~.,.,~..........-.~..,..,,._....._,.. _..,,.,r,~.;.~....,--,.Q.~ ......~-....,~~_.~~.._ r .. . ~, LSLL ZLZOS
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. _ ~ / r. t, •v •s•n '•r •a" A vr.lHVu .ay! `.O:J -7 3oa:Iw Iq p.~:n r::rd ari// nJ::u;iJPA j l sasll ic>>h.-f 1un1xrsslr 'Aclca-j •S s3ioloq JJv,1JRifV.-`•3iQt~p~3t,13aftui:Qj~jti: . 'l"0:7P9, ' J :nrd r NOLLICl1 fl Lt t01 7 sJnlIQ uT.W s-IVJIS4iaH0 J-O VIOIJ<<o-t0AOINI Hw ~ ~ Nti ..f ~. . ~, -~0 I~r~~~ . lu a o [ Ki a:i6le ZLZOS b7d
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50272 7755 Y .~....a~'ate.1.~.~'.+...L~..:...r...:..~....a.~~..a~.~.ti~~..e.:.~.._~...~ .~..-..... ~._....~i'...e.a~.r: ....aw~_. ..1_t'~.:.u.. .. Wine, v. 22 F;itcyclc,npet a r~£ chtI^fcat tWrai?:alo~Y, cr??.ted by F:i:-:> az:c; L'rn.,a' F. CtI;'.: ". Tc?a°t j1. Scott a L'.a..t..... An thor.j Str_nden. 2r.d ed. Nesa Yor.K, t~3LE'.zti~: ).ertl:C ri:c_y+Viui~rua c., J ra~. t.L...3 v. a.Iluc. 27 cm . IracXi+de3 b ;.b liograp:lies . Ccatcnt3. v. S- A to A?.u=inum E a
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- ;74 II•Ilu 1 1 URP,OIiYM.T2:S--tt1•:TA1~0LISM/ • Ann. Eatany 7(25)45-61 (1743,Jan.) ; ~ 50.272 7735 a 'alu .. 71M, arjld~~ "~~5~. ~-y ~c,~~r~,CiatibtlsHif^9~Atlt SpeciAl . i pr; i'itc.~usccptwility=- •i. . BY ~~ ~~. . ; ~ .~ ( - ; E. C. HUMPHRIES • (Imperial Coll oe of Tropical Agriculture, Trinidad, B.ji!I.) •• With fico FIgures in the Text PACE - I. INTRODUCTION . . . ' . r . . . , . • . .• 4S II. MmIOnS .L\D YROCEDURE . . . . . . . . . 46 III. FRE,SFi WEi:.1IT, AASOLL'TE AND PERCzNTdGE DRY WEIGHT, A•\'D NVATER COh-T1:V1' OF tiHE NVALL AND PULP . . . . . . . . . , 47 IV. hLCOHOL-SOLL'IILE NIATTER OF TFiE NVALL XND PULP . . . . 51 V. CARI:OIri-DaaTES OF TIIE FRL3IT NVALL . . . • . , . ' . . . . • 53 (a) Sucrose, Glucose, and Fructose . . . . ' •. . . . 53. (6) Glycosidic-s1u:.o:,e . . . . . . . . . . ' 54 ."^---c-r.-~,~.-+,77?!s ~ ~ _ . . • _\ . .. . . • . ' ' . . . .:e . ~ .~.. . " . .. . r _ _ ~ . ' . . . . • - ~
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50272 7752 RS 79 Me 1978' 2 C. TABLE --- ---OF-- /MOLECdJLli7{ WEIGHTS A COMPANION VOLUME TO THE MERCK INDEX NINTH EDITION Editors •M'ffW1~dlf(514 lk2_. Susan Budavari Margarct Noether Fertig Georg Albers-Schonbcrg Published by MERCK & CO., INC. RANWAY, N.J., U.S.A. '--~ -~ I
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Flwa g Fc:l.L-t F,. tri•: 4 c=j n.=.E.Yo STrxXM, ~ITI, DMrscH- L.RID L'i? ] (t•Jist ioi;acco r-rr'.'e:'sct7oYi Tt2Cy'?~a?~ by 4 Parcan-te Strcrv lx:.,ductioiz :L-i c;ern~~- ond Ci-c-ew) F1otzi?'.;a'6 frt`~'t2t LaY?a?:-L^r 41tn1„ p, 6 (r`c:wu-u7 2:±3 I;::1) ,. . . 50272 7736 I XI Ta2 w;Parcent.-,~ Strong Psduotion" in' Germar~~'and Greece 7
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50272 7710 .,__..,.,_. ._ .......~~ ._.~..,..,q,,.:aa.....:,.<d s...».. ~ _ I I I Di.z2 7 3 S.P . By 0.W .VA.'~ AL•itEy ; ~r~~~ Naturs.issenschatten 60 (5)259 (May 1973) .~ r Haiogenated Hydrocarbon Induced Reduction in Couplind, Parameters of Rabbit Liver and hfung Bean liitochondria 0. W. t'atiAulkirrl Departmer.tof Ph.•sicaland liiolo,ical Sciences. Southu-estRcxar:h Institute, Saa.autouio,Texas U.S.A. 782S4 R. H.Wilson Pti-cr.lures i t:. The i,ulatlun mrdrum for the munz L:•i:r, contatnrd to ;.\f tnannttnl, f mC;mt bovine scr, m alhumin, 4nl\t cth%•Icnt•diatninctrtraacctic acid. q4 mAt tris•tricint•, pli .4. anrl 4 IuAI cy•trinr. Uunr:, the last ccntrl(uzatlun :14r mitnchonilrta were pa.;c.l thrnuth an O.S AI sn,lt layer. Prut:•ln ilettrnunatlnns and o.yzraph procedures have prcvi- ousl}• been de.,cnlu•-! iG'. The cunecntration of ADP was deter. miiled slx•etruphotomctne-1lh• at 3GU ntr. usin:,, a mllhmolar atnorbance eul•fficirnt of I j.l. Thc Freon was addcd in alirluot+ Departzrt-atof Fotan)•,':hc Cnivcr;it)•of Texas, from a saturatrd ntediant cuntaining 12 tn.;tnl at 27'C. Aostin,Tr,:z- t:.S.A. 7S712 The rctiults in I'i~,. t:hott• the le.'el: of respiration, rerhiratory control htate I ll re:plr:uton rates state IV respiratlon rat.ec) Hatogenat-d htdruclrbons. in particular the fluoroalfiane .7; and AAP U ratios for nutoehondrin i.;ola:cd from the two gases or Freon,ts reeacric nantc Ifalons: arayideh• used today sourcrs of ti,sceat fioth sources show that re:oiratort• control as ref:i;erant,, aero;ol proarllant;. orcan!c solvents and fire allues decrcaced when the Freon -*cas added. %~'ith rabbit liver extingui.arr, L.cau>r of c%•rtain..upcrror chc.^.ucal and phl sical mitnchcndri:., a solution containin, 4).10. Frcun ( I.u m:;mll ?ropertics a^.C L,ec.,usc thc.' are tclt to be zelatlvelv r,on-tox:e produced a,io% reduction in respirator}' control but no change ;t.2;. How<<rr, recent lnti'a•.trcat:oas lnrtiatcd by rtu:i,- in the :~DI'/Q ratios. When the concentration of Freon was t iminate a~ ni propcllant-tyae haln;caated hydrucar:.ons by increased to tr.2 °.,..the respiratorp control rate decreased to ebildren:_.-t•1 }u:mc adults. tatr de:noastrated that high levels 62•; of control values and ADP.'O values dropped from 1.0 to of these :orzl~.)ur,~;; can be hca!th hazards resulttr.; in cardiac 1.5. A 1.1 °° Freon solution showed a complete lack ot resptra- arrhj•thr::i aw1 rt•en e1-:,tn in all epeclec studied it:cludinq rat, tory control (data -at stown). While respiratory coatrol GL, 4~•%o L3.'. :..u.. :3_. i.at:iC li :Cnb~% n icvltccrlllllg thr tll••et4 ~•a19eb were reduced, the respiration rates were not altered b)' of t1wb: te-cpourd; or. the Lueic metaLoli=m of living cells. th: presence of the Freon e%•en at saturating concentr:,tions, Tbis paper rcjnr:; effrct; of one such eoazpour,d. Freon-21 which tndieate that tile Freon is not acting as a clas,.tcal {CY.CI.I:, E:c.:. ai~1J.,:urr,c:hanel. un the pr.cr» of us:idatUCr. . 'a 0; f) 0 n 0 0 ~:' 6 ~' 1
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RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK QD 75 Wi 1982- 50272 7732 Sveh1a,G, (ed,); Jespersen,N.D. (ed.); `. #-idiLSOWANif`W Yt $ON'9:;COPSPI2ENr=N$Ivm-tANA.~I~':~~'iawCHEm .IwT.R~'Od *Xl';Iftff HERKAWWWAtWff~~1~~AR`~1g'~ ~IOCHEMICAL AND CLINICAL APPLICATIONS OF THERMOMETRIC AND THERMAL ANALYSIS. Elsevier Scientific Publishing Co..New York, NY.82.(IN c ENG.) ISN = 3163
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50272 7766 123 Ha Wine=-Analysis, v.7 il?iSaJbL+l::: v.
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50272 7748 78 XI Adl-81 ~,. S. P. =: _. Yi:d.a KM. ON SOME ANALYTICAL APPROACHES TO THE STUDY OF CONSUMER BRAND-SWITCHING BEHAVIOR. Microfiche order ,~ Nations! Library EW*th6quenatonale 37762 a Canada dt, Canada .. COPYRIGHT MATERIAL CANADIAN t'RSPRODUCTION ISr*61C''P'S."FTTED ON MICROFICHE SUR MICROf ICME , DROIT D'AUT;EUR RESERVE Microfiche~RW7=' jZCPRODUqiqy§0tLNTd:es'COp ess available from: de microfiche de la: National Litxary of Canada Bib/iothAque nationale du Canada Collections Development Branch. Direction du d6veloppement des collections Canadian Thases on Microfiche Service Service des thhes canadiennes aur microfiche Ottawa K1A ON4 Ottawa K1A ON4 no. I .y
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50272 7768 1.;:. Wine--P}ienolic substancesI ( Advancea in iood gesearch. v. 1-- A'A'f '~~cJ~ New York, A•a}1cmic Pres9, a0 v. 24 cy. E .
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PAUL E GREEN, Y.O"^~ 1(NDnd ARUN K JAlN• 54272 7746 78 XI Ad1-79 S.P. Jour. Mktg. Res. 9 , 371-7 (r'ov. 1972) . In many cases of practical interest the marketing researcher may wish to analyze preferences for collections of items. This article shows how these collec- tions can be analyzed by conjoint measurement techniques. An application of ' conjoint measurement fio measuring menu preferences is illustrated. Preference Measurement of Item Collections In a recent JMR article, Green and Rao [4J described the applicability of conjoint measurement to the quanti- fication of ordinal preferences for multiattribute aiterna- tives. This article extends the earlier discussion by con- centrating on the problem of utility measurement of multiattribute stimuli in which the attributes themselves are items and the alternative stimuli consist of various collections of the items--commodity "bundles." 4 ~ a This topic has' bccn relatively ni:glecled irl'the'scalidg `' literature, although in marketing, especially, one often would tx: of are suitable for a variety of anticipated problcm-solvir. situations. Included in the notion of ideall assortmei may be the desire for variety (1 ], as possibly illustratc by the common obscrvation of consumer invcntorir that contain several different types of magazines, phont graph records, aftcr-dinner cordials, and so on. In order to motivate the discussion, assume that th researcher is interested in persons' preferences for van ous food items, exemplified by the following sets i entrees, desserts, and prices: a
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~--- - _ i TF Amerine, Maynard Andrew, 1J11- Tho technology of Wino making, by M. A.11:nerine, Berg, and W. V. Cruess. 2d ed. Westport, Cor.r Pub. Co.,1JG7. ' A,m ! ~ Ix, 790 p. illus. 24 cm. Inclu'des bibliographies. 1. Wine and wine making. r. Berg, IIarold W., joint 50272 7771 ; j 370 ~ t•7ine and wine maki•np, u. Crueas, William Vere, 1S8G- TP548.A47 1967 Library of Congress joint quthor. ru. Title. 663'.2 66 c71 .•.~-T.^:_-,~_~....v..,....-,.~.....~..... _ • • , .
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72 ZII Fe_74 Trans. A>per. Nttcl. S. 17 103(1973) S•P• -''-Uses of isotopes ard Accelcrator Sources fi,- X-Ray-Spectroscopy '~ /i:lement4l Analysis of Aerosol-Size Frac-%tions by Pretort-Induced ~:=i:ay Emission, T1:oi~:as B. Jolrnnssa:,,/J. jti'illiam h`clsor., I1{cuc 1.. Van Gricl.eu,~JoMt- .Ii',-< 1Yin.clrestcr<, (Fla .Statc Univ) Analysis of sr,iall thin deposits of aerosol particles, sampled by cascade impactor on specially prepared poly- Ftyrenc foils, has been carried out by proton-induced x-ray emission (PIXE)''' with a sensitivity and precision suitable for application to atmospheric chemical investi- galion. 1mplctors commonly operate at flow rates < 2 m'/h, and tnany trace elements occurring ::t concen- - tratioas of I to lODO ng/m' exhibit important atmospheric variations over a few hours cr less. Consequently, an iniporlar•t performance rea,uirement is the ability to tneasurc with reasonable pr^cision as little ass a few nanograms of an element in . size fraction collected from r; few tn' of air. Our method is most suit: t-le for ele- ments emitting a rays in the ra noe 3 to 30 kev, and for north Fk,rida aerosuls, the perforniancc requiremes:t is met for rno<.t elen:ents from 1"K to''13r by K x-ray detec- 5027--2 7742 clements In size fractions collected from < 5 rn' of air. We bclieve that the methc+d may be extended to other application.;, such as analysis of air filters, rocic mincr- al components, and biolojical tissues, where sensitivity at the nanogram level and resolution of middle-wei,ht elements is desired in small. inhomoi:encous samples. The method may also be interfaced with proton elastic scattering for light-element atLilysis in the same satnple.' 1. T. B. JOHANSSON, IR. AKSELSSON, and S. A. E. JO- IIANSSON, "X-Ray Analysis: Elemental Trace Analy- sis at the 10-'=g Level," Nucl. lrulr. htethods, 84, 141 (1970). T. B. JOIiANSSON, R. EI:SEISSON, and S. A. E. JO- ISArSSON, I'l's oton-Induced X-Ray Emission Spectro- scopy in Elemental Trade Analysis," Advc:accs in Y-Ray Analysis, Vol. 15, rp. 373-357, Plct:urn Press, 2. 3. New Yorl: (1972). , , . J. \V. l.'F.1SON, I. WILLLE.I.SS, T. B. JOILANSSOI.•, R. E. VAN GF.IEKEN, X. R. CHAPMAN, and J. W. 1`.7N- CiIE.STER, "Elemental Analysis *of Aeroscls Using Proton Scattering," I E E E Meeting Program, San t 4
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,AIlG0110L,1l: SEVERAGES/ 50272 7769 X}i &,. .tT.. iREMrolds Tobacco Co., Research and Product Development MeF Mp4pflrtmer;,ts, Science Information Division, and LeRoy:Meek C 241 S. P. II.ND'bVIDU4:, FOODS. C 241. WINE,= FLAVORS,. ,-. ~ 73 A Collection of Material 04'n,nst.on-1,?.zlem, N: C.
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50272 7770 TP 557 Am 1981 A'ired~Sr}afe~`~'~~, ~ If~`~WI- Maynard A. Amerine, EDITOR Wine Inrtitute A C S S Y M P O S 1 U M S E R I E AMERICAN CNEMICAt SOCIITY WAfNINOTON. 0. C. 1981 R ,145 A symposium sponsored by the Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry at the Second Chemical Congress of the North American Continent (180th ACS National Meeting), Las Vegas, Nevada, -August 26, 1980.
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TASTE- TESTING--FLAVOR/ QP 456 Du 1974 502?2 7780 . A MATTER ~ OF ; '~`1~STE ine and wine-tasting Jack Durac ANDRE DEUTSCH
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50272 7779 /WINE AND WINEMAf:INGj ENZYMOLOGY/ Ff:h:T-t.f7%T10:'\'/ TP 37aWe 1974 PDDL ADVANCES. IN CHEMISTRY SERIES ~ - Chemistry of WirLemai,:inb A. Dizxsmoor Webb, F.ditor A symposium sponsored by 14wthe Division of Agricultural TC - LeffinEwell and Food Chemistry at th:: TC - Feagin TC - 241 1GSth Meeting of the B. Sha,h (Meek) 1lmerican Chemical Society, D311as, Texas, April 12-13, 1973. AMERECAN CNEMlCAI SOCICTY tj;1 ~_..+ _ _ WASHINGION. D. C. 1974 a
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X 1~ !YT ..-Li.L~ • \ 3 C* A O t? _ - `l (: o n 6SLL ZLZOS
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(+ - el f) :.; TP 715 Ba I)ll I)L_. La14eIY.' '"DoVeAY.{. LICbr:i4in6rV. , C . .a....~.Yi-• Adventures in wine; leoends, history, recipes. Edited by Anna Marie Peterson. Photos. by the cuthor. [Los Angelesj 11. Ritchie Press [1969J
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-V.:1'.....~.a.,.. ~.~_w+S'~.a~...........~....+.rw..a~~."J..~r..~l~a:.._ ' V~ ~ AAAm I , / Wine-••Ma K ing ~ . , ::.r:.l: :f_~ _ :._~:M: 50272- 7767 Azacr3n2, rs.yaard A. J:ICRQEICIACY OF 1?ZttL'2:!lKIIiG, by ?L3ynaxd A. I':u,criAe und Ralph E. Kunkee Anu. fiev. MicxobioZ. ZZ 323-358 (1968) t ; s
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75 III Sc - , 7,. T,c~uvhl. ntc:_.-For, c]>. ]:~5 93-tJtJ (1974) 0 1>y J. 1'. l3Lrb~uunn;~iu»c icn ~• 5tT272 7760 Kurze Oricinalmlaeluneen Xdcntifizieruna von 3,7-Dilnctllyl-7,5,7-octat_ricn-3-ol iit5 fJUChtl,,,t: KolI1po12CI1tC dCs Tranbcn- und Wcinaroinas Peter Schrcicr, Tricdrich Dran-urt und Aibrr.cht Junl;cr* Tnstitut• titr Chcmisch-tccl>nischc Analy:4c und chemischo LobcrLamittcttect>nolo~ic der TU :1liunchen, Froising-1Vei1>enstephan (BRD) Eingcgangen ern 27. Januar 1974 Identification of 3,'I-Duncthyl-1,5,'1-octairacn~3-ol„as a Volatile Comjxnzent of the Grapc= 1rii1 ~Vin&lirozu3 -C. 4r. - Sun>mar>>. Another monotcrBen alcohol, 3,7-Dimcthvl-1,5,7-octatricn-3-ol (IIo-tricnol) bits becn identified by mclns of the combination gaschroa>atograrLy-mass-spectron>etrv in aroma extracts obtnincd f>•om grapes and «•ines of the varieties 1licsling, Trao:incr, I:ulu>vler, Jluller- TJiurgau, SchcurcLe, Optiuta and Ries:ar>er. The concentration of the arotna cotupoucnt depends on the varietics. Aromatic varieties show the 1>iolecst valuea. Zusamn>cninssung. In Aromacxtruktcn IIits Weintrauben und Wcinen der S)orten RiC.S.'in?, Trami»er, hufdndcr, :li uller-Thurqau, ScbeurcLe, Op!i>na und Iacslancr wurdo cin wcitcrer 1'erpvn- allcohol gaschrumatorral~hisch-massens-~ektrontel.risclt als 3,7-Diniethvl-1,:i,7-octatrien•3-ol (lIo- tricnol) ickntifizir: t. Die t'crbiudunl; liqgt sortenobl>angig in untcrschicdlichcr 2:onzcntratipn vor, r•obei in arouiabetonten Sorten dic !>ucl>stcn Gchalte gefunden n•urden. . _3 Y i e
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50272 7782 MUISTURL--DETERMINATION/TOBACCO--MUISTURP.--DETER.AfZNAT1ON/ WATER--ANALYSIS/TOBACCO--ANALYSIS/ CHEMISTRY, ANALYTIC/- CHEMICAL ANALYSIS, A SERIES OF MONOCRAPHS ON ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY AND ITS APPLICATIONS, VOL. 5: Ser. ed.=P.-J. Elving &-.T:-D. Winefordnet"F 14Z Aquametry Mi Part I 1977 A Treatise on Methods for the Determination of Water Second Edition JOHN MITCHELL, Jr. E. !L du Pont de Nemours & Company Wilmington. Delaware DONALD MILTON SMITH Waquott, bfassachusetts A WILEY-INTERSCIENCE PUBLICATION JOHN WILEY & SONS New York / London / Sydney / Toronto I
Page 268: tvk78d00
0272 7764 i JG ' Ctiem. Mikrobiol. Tcdifiol. Lebensm. 3. 1s4--ISO 007 Gaschromatograpniscn-massenspektromei,rische Untersuchung fliichtiger Inhaltsstoffe des Weines der TU Miindun• Freising-Weihenstephan (Eingcgangen am 1. 3. 19741 CLC-Mass-Spectrometrlcal lnvestigation of volatile constituents of w•ine V. Alcohols, hydroxy-esters• lactones and other polar compounds of %%ine-fiavour ~ro-'V% jo 1 ro1 (yc M.^4 4i. .. •..,, .. COW • 4-.,,1_ • Ic. Alkohole, Hydroxy-Ester, Lactone und andere polare -.3 . Komponenten des Weinaromas% 44 " - yr~ T° ~ P. SCHRG(ER und F. DRAWk.RT Institut f8r Chemisch-technisdte Analyse und chemische Lebensmitteltechnoloeie metrieal data of 25 aroma eompounds. Identifiod for the first time in wines are reported. ~; Summarys A[oma compounds obtained L; liquid-liquid eatrnction of wines of the varietics Riesling. Riilar,dcr, Traminer and Sdteurebe have been fractioned on silicagel by means of the column-chromatogrnrh.v. After separation of the nonpolar compounds by pentano 84 aroma substances have been separated and identified by means of the combination gaschromatoRraphy-mass-speclromotry in the polar fractions of the p entone- ether-, ether- and methnnol-clutions. Among these componenls we found 33 alcohols. 16 polar esters, fi lactonas• ti secondary amides. 0 volatile phenolic compounds and 7 constituents of furanoic or pyranoic structure. Moreover the sulphur containing compounds have been identified by means of an attached flame photometric detoetor. Regarding to the flavour of varinus wines the specifities of the varieties are essentially determined by quantitative differances of the aroma eomp„unds. Those aroma substances descending from the grupes, particularly the terpen-alcohols and the furunoic and pyranoic dcrivates are very impurtant. The mass spectro- : ~ Mitleilung V
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t TP rTREVi.RAGBS/WI:~F.-. ~'.ND S~1It.EMA,CI1':G/ DAT.I:Y PRODUCTS/ 3I0 Ea I - . . 1g72 ~ '~`~Ilt~ ~i~;ieeoeo, amda , John E hie ' "272 7774 'Euggalmal - arrid ~' Drawings by Jamcs J. Spanfeller ,:~~rfl Y~,u~s on IIriSYA U7LlIiskey HARPER & ROW, PUBLISHERS New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London :... .. ~ ~
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• • 50272 7753 76 X Ki S'MOKII;G IiA}'sITS--DRT!vTKI1:G/ ALCOtIOL tSM / / RJR CLASS T\0. i'A."ij'HI.ET .76 X Ki Kirchdorfer, A. M. ; l!eg.^_r, 3. P. ; Krier, ~ ~(Yharinaton S. A., Sci. Dep., Bio~,gio-L•ul;ano; Deutsche Klinik ~~ liasnostic GmbH, Wiesb4den, Ger.) ~ ~ ~ STUDY OF THE FROBLEP;. OF TIiE FLEXIBLE AGE IlOUNUARY, PART III. S?;OI:II:G ' !,'.~D DRII:KIi:G RAIiITS. . ~ ;.*(Stuc.ie zum problcm der flexiblen altersErenze. Teil III. ,^..~uch- und TrinlcgeWohuticiten. ) * Pharnaton S. A., Sci. Dep., RioBgio-LuLano; Deutsche Klin. Diagnostic GiiibH, ldicsbaden, Cer, report.(1976) (in German with English sumeary) ~ Thc study revealed thatlon the average men drink and smoke eore than women. Cencrally, men s^o::e less vith increasing .ige, but only the 4G-55 age group I of inen consumed less alcohol than the rest of men.. tiomen of the age group ~ 1 up to 45 years are drinking on the average more alcohol than older women. Single persons of both sexes drink and sc^..ke more than married couples, widowcrs and 9ivorcces in that order. The living conditiou_- have no effect on ~'drin}arS, but people living :n singlc houses smoke r.:ore than people living in apartr..cyit~hnu~.es,._Frofcssional men exhibit more or less the xs:::e drinking ^_ a
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50272 7778 FOOD--YEAST/WINE AND WINEMARING/FERMENTATION/ QR 151 Ro 1970 . PDDL THE YEASTS Ldited by ANTHONY H. ROSE School of Biological Sciences, Bath Uniaersity, Claverion Down, Bath, England. AND J. S. HARRISON Volume 3 YEAST TECHNOLOGY 1970 ACADEMIC PRESS • LONDON and NEW YORK 0• a ;.f w± i; ` " l~ r 43 l?
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50272 7777 - Wine and Winemaking Qzeelch, M: rq Tltorne. Herbs for daily use in hone mAdicine and cookexyo by Mary T ~,ca-== Q•Walch, With dsewings by K. E. P.S.vErt-:ioore. London, ua`vai asi.u i i~u~a dawiCd;i j xyai~ j 320 p. iuc2. front., plates. 19 cm. 4 a
Page 273: tvk78d00
. 50272 7781 . .°.Winef4rdner,., J. D., Jt. Aut. --' Pezcons, M. L. Ai2PI~0Y.Il1l~~u ',Lk+'-ZtailjS l7 b WIDTi:5 C~;~ A NLTIXi?R OF ATO:i1CC S:'rCIrAL`.. C.>zlYiiS UJED IIt A'SO:;IC-H:~K.L~5I0.~ J'LMiai .rtrLCiTC.Z'ti•L::Til:Z, by i':. 'u. W. J. McCastihy snd J. D. t~':.::cxc~dncr App1.. Spactry. ?Q (No. 4) 223••JO (L9Go) rA+~• ,.a
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5U272 7762 70. JAIIRGAr1G MAI 1974 1I):1-T s ~~ - (5") , cD s-7a Cl 0. 1 I - ~ ~ ,~ 1 Aus dern Chcrnischen U~~tersuchunysarnt Rheinhessen, Mainz ~?I"o C(~ Cfn~.c~ L ~ ur T~cnntnis ftudu~r,cr Tnhzltsstoffc in !Wcin und .)ncicrcn ali,oholiscl~c:i Gcir:ir~Yccn PM~ :ittnc~lunq ]lI •} .~- ~rr/~ C.-,/LJ~!t ~ fj yY<v CZ~G(if/ti+.~.;n s aLr ~1/ a:~ ~G ~ 'Lur gasro~~inlor~rl(plti~ciic~i I3esiiml.~r,nun uiid mnssc~tsoek~rnr,.,:iriscticn Ar~cfun yaschr n:afo raphisch "J ni ., r / ge e~ ger jj .n r t~rf~~'liicnr,t~:1t~ci ~iru~a(tssto ~r~+ U: a u~ e Von C. 13raun und E. Hicke r ~iy 'T ~-~UNDSCH,-Af_f dem recht komplexen Aromastoffgemisch von Wein Stoffe g]eicherr gaschromatographiscnen Verhaltens vorh.,nden sind, die auch auf unterschiedlich polaren Sau]en nicht getrenr;t werden k5nnen (sie5e dazu 5). 1. F•inleituny Fiir die J3estimmung von Alkoholen C, bi; C:; und von Athylacetat hat sich in der Praxis die von C. Rein- hard 1• =) b^schriebene GC-h7ethodP durdhm-srt7. t.
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50272 7772 TOM )1 1 ~4 • 13b111• ? : • ~ ,~ , ~ •~. , ` l? u) C / ` M,6 F" 303-7.5 ~ ~ YAK 634.87-1•633.21 ~ STUDY OF SUESTANCES RESPONSIBLE FOP, G~~ f E AROMA • - AND TFiEtR CONTRIBUTION TO THE:~ ~tFi:AVOdtt;;~q • i • ~ . A. 1C. RODOPULO, 1. A. EGOROV. A. A. BEZZUBOV. 1G P. SKJIti 0 ~ . , Academy ~ •-: , • • ... - • . . . . . . ' i3okh lnstitute of f3iochemistry, USSR Acodemy of Sciences; Timiryazeu Agricu!turo!. of these grape varieties showed the following classes of compounds: aliphatic alcohols C2 to Cio, aromatic alcohols-benzene and A-phenyl ethyl, terpenic al'cohols--lir•alool, fieraniol, nerol, r.•terpineol, esters, carbonyl eompounds, acids 'and hydrocarbons of the terpenic and aromatic series. The specific muscat aroma depends mainly on the presence L; of,terpcnic, compounds iQ,gr$pcs:Jinalool,.gcraniol, nerol, a-tcrp:neol and their acetate ' Thc volatile composition of muscat grapes. Saperavi grapes and their hybrid Sap-2- ravi Northern cultivated' in Armenia and in the Crimea was investigated. Volatile oils I // ~!~
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50272 7761 t , s I t • T ~i:~1I1C~lillctltOt~r~ ::111I_ 1C11SYCIS utit~ '/.ii'a tn.'1.;[ii?ii:: YOII Pic71'/.oCst.tl;rl; in ti c1Ii. r XZp.i'C)lUICH i3nt! MittcillSn~ .^.tlY 4CiII ~~O::CIlullssilLi:tut (IC[ ~S11:a1i~a:~SF'IftSGflIIfa :~lr:n~ ~~.15!CI:Clt'ii~ ~ 1?•Ingc~.aincn am 2S. ~1u-as; 157^ ' t +~itschr, n ~,!_ ` ` • Lr_b nsnitt. unteis-ti.rorsc;:, 1513(2)109-1.;(3 ntay bc detctut:n.:d scp:!atcl}. /-:;:amrncn .zsr•lnq, a ' )lu %ucc dcr Acstilla;icn zur prl:rot:;c.rischen T;rsci:+tmun~ dc~ ahcslols in \Ycitl wirJ einc 1'rataion von 10 r.tl rihrc Li:11tsL:orptioa i °:;') urri ur; rc- jnci~sctr uLJ daratls tnit ltilfc cir.cr 1:ir•i+; _rar:,rll •3cr };cr.zoc!z4ur"-rl.--?t• ri<t cir.pr ;- r(cnzc von'-I r1:~~;1r: u+ittrlt. i:ri ~ r iclhciti :e:a t'viiicl::u von l:clicoe.&'iutc :::.d SorbinMtttc l:1- teidc :i,utct; tlel:cncinar.,ics b:~titn:nt urr;L_a• Itapid lL:t11o:] for tltc Iktcct:on and Dc:crrniaation o,•D Cn: c Acid ia i~ Suvtra~rv. n ring dcstillation for py"urnaectric etlly1 a1.o1to1 Jcdcrzt:i:+,,:i.m a 10 rol-f.action is LA-cu for nlca:•urclucat of i:s Ii;ht aLsor?,tion at :.>30::r,(-,' :31•f tlm. BccL:c:: ;osttcut ij dcur- 7Gltl^r) }.\• Y!(1nS Ot rt C'illl(atl0n cllrvC d6ri'll to :.) SitolI• IC sotbic acir: is j-•:<scr.t ta l:otil uC':ci5 1'r:nzip der 1!.•tht.,.7e F:21-i•-, dt•tAn'•tr•t14tln.^~ eirirr f:?tticrBP ArIJC.•i: [a) 1taJC'tl •.. `( al! 1!,` LC:i r111rC r,U::'1 );.Il'LO:~S.ituo gc!t•LcatliC:i/ 2+:r Iiur•-~rrcirtun_ von 1Cr:n ~•er::~nnei,~r: I~T.A'. )la~] 1~C. t?!:1t:1•f71^ U'i:+l•'t Ch,ICI:^rt;r•I'~? RUi ('~.:OIL'a,i_;(~ i. ::CCI. [:3. --!'C::l~iir 11.;, l0• E t ~j , ~ .,,. • ... •• ,. . , ..., • _ .. ,.. . . ._ . . . .. . , I
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50272 7766 QD 75 Ka 1981 CHEt~II:STRY,. hNALYTIC--QUAI.ITY CONTROL/ CHEMICAL ANALYSIS VOLUME 60 A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS ON Quality Control in ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY AND ITS APPLICATIONS AMalytieal Chemistry Fditors P. J. ELYINC,,4j"~~'~~IER Editor Emeritus: 1. M. KOLTHOFF G. KATEMAN F. W. PIJPERS Department of Anatylical Cbemutry Adoisory Board Catholic Unioersiry of Nijnugen Fred W. Billmeyer, Jr. Victor C. Mossotd The Nerherlands Ell Gnvhlcs A. iree Smith A WILEY-INTERSCIENCE PUBLICAT1O:V Barry L. Kareer Bernud T1nem11 Villam Krfran T. S. Weat A WILEY•IN7ERSCIENCE PUBLICATION JOHN WILEY & SONS New York Chichester Brisbane Torontc f ~ ~JOHN nE>E',& SON,S U New York / Chichester / Brisbane / Toronto r
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50272 7789 AT0I4IC _.SPECTROSCOPIC -METIIODS/SPECTROSCOPY, r40LECULAR/ELECTROrtAGNE1'IC RADIATION/ EMISSION SPECTROSCOPY/TRACE ELEFiENTS--ANALYSIS/SPECTRUPI ANALYSIS/ ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENTS/FLUORESCENCE SPECTROSCOPY/LUMINESCENCE SPECTROSCOPY/ ACTIVATION ANALYSIS/X-RAYS--SPECTRO:R;TRY/ CHEMICAL ANALYSIS. A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and itfApplications VOI.UN1~, 46 . D ~•n(~(~ n~ ry r. J. I~:1.1~11C 117 •.I. u. ~1INrCO~?(7mlat Q ~ 3 l~,6~W -~~ ~ C,E.l~r,7~~.~.~7 EDITOR ENIFUf; V5: ~..,. XVj:i-liolI,: Wj S~ectro,co ic Methods For TJlements 1976 1 p Edited by .~'~ . mov, }+E F=4=1•UMS A W1LI;1'-INTERSCIE:`iCE PI1Y.! :CATIUN JOElN WiLEi" SO1i..~ New York / Lonclan / S.-cir.ey / 'I'oronto
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' 50272 77.39 ~ VII CoA 79 Cereal Foods World 24(1)19-21,26 (1979) ...~, ! S.P. 27 Phosphine and Methyl Bromide Fumigation of Cammadities in Woven Plastic or Paper Bags' Henry A. Highland. William H. Schoenherr, Temple F.'Winburn*, and Donald E. Lawson' Fabric and paper bags are used to ship and store many food grains and cereals. In many parts of the world jute is the principal fabric used; in other area>bags arc made of cotton, woven plastic, or paper. All four types of bags are used extensively in foreign aid prot;rams. Ricc, whole grains, bulgur, and beans are shipped in bags of jut: or woven polypropylene (PP); flour is shippcd in cotton or paper bags; and most processed cereals are shipped in insect-resistant multiwall paper bags with liners made of polyethylene (PL•) film. Often these packaged foods must he fumigated after they havc been transportcd, usually during extended storage tinder conditions that are conducive to insect attack. In most parts off the world such fumigation of stacked bags is done with methyl bromide (bromomcthane) or phosphine. ' Previous invcstigatots have reported that effectiveness of methyl bromide fumigation,of st.1ckcd.hay,s tuuaUy depends on were higher (83, 91, or 101 rihlets per 1000 ftt} than currenth recommended (5). Also, M .., ., . Eor and 11'hite (6) reported that cottonseed in bags with 3-mtl 1'E; liners and in bags made of4- mil P1: could be effcctivcly fumigated with 60 phosphine tahlets per 1000 h', though the PE film retarded movement of tl:r phosphine. Childs and Overby (7) reported that movement of phosphinc was relatively slow through P[: filmand thruugh PE- coated kraft paper. Our tests were conducted in India to determine the concentrations of phosphine and methyl bromide in commodities packebcd in woven I'P bags and I't: linal paper bags during fumigation and acration. Mortality of insects in thr bags during treatment was detcrmincd, and residues in the commodities wcrc determincd by chemical analyses. llAotorinla an.l tUnlhnda a
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50272 7795- I Ad 1972 EN2YPfES, 1M2dOTtILY?.ED/ RF.2v-NETS/WIN'ES/MICROBIOLOGICAL ASSAYS/ ASSAYS/ COU?iCRMYCIP:S/ CHLORA~fi'HENICOL/METHAI;OL/CAhADA/- NATIOI.AL Ri:SEAkCH COUNCIL OF CANADA/ ADVANCES IN ! • AppI icd Microbiology „0LU~Mt: )s Edited by D. PERIMAN Scbool of Fhormocy ' Thc Unirersiy of Wisconsin ":son, Wisconsin • ACADEMIC PRESS, New York and London 1- ;t3RA Ay )972
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, 9 _---~. "272 7785 t ~ - 7d- r Ck tnterference on lr~agnesic~n~ by Trace Concomitants in- .~6ame AtoflltcS~pti pectrQmefry • C. T. Chen on&,).v•{3:,Wi6efoedner¢ # Contribution front the Departmcnt of Chemistry, University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, U.S.A. 32611 Received : July 12, 1974. Accepted : June 4, 1975. Vz ~- ._.:- = ~._...-~ i Resumc: Les •intet•Jcrences causces par la presen- acetylene flow rate ancl application . of an cl< <- ce de traces, qui ont gr••nE+ralentent etc ncgligces trical field across the sprayer and burner 1ri., dans les communications pn•ecedentes, sont ette- are cotcsidered :citJc respect to the Mg atomir u' dices dans cet article. On a envisage l'influence sorption signals. de la Jai61e prcssion de vapezct• des gouttelettes d'eati, du point dc fusion clcvc des particules so- Introduction -. U I ,-. (; i7 a ., I
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50272 7783 E QD 75 Ec 1979 CHEMISTRY, ANALYTIC--MATHEMATICSA STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/ Information Theory CHEMICAL ANALYSIS as Applied to j,, • ,,, A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS ON C11~irniCal /~ L"lllalysis ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY AND ITS APPLICATION: KAREL ECKSCHLAGER VOLUME53 lartinrte of lno-gcnic Chnnr.ttry of Csecho.slooak - Acadenry of Sciences, Prague VLADIMIR STEPANEK - • Errofronnunta! Raremrh Centm , 6diton P. J. ELVING, Editor Emeritus: I. M. KOLTHOFF Ar,.... A WREYdNIF.RSCIF.NCE PUBUCA'ilON JOHN WILEY & SONS New York J C6ic6ester / Brisbane / Toronto
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Jour of Ad t' ' b v 2 er ising esearch 0 (3) June 1980, pp. 25--31 ~ 78 XI AdI-81 S.P.. • n N Analysis of Advertising Experiments t. N W, ° 1\ In a recent article in tkis Journal (Enis and Cox, 1975), the authors argued that experimentation is a useful tool for evaluating advertising effectiveness. They also felt that a limitation on the use of experiments is due to managers' To careful design and execution must be coupled appropriate . .. tion, the researcher must be careful at the data-analysis stage that the ap- proaches used are congruent to the questions being asked. This paper does not discuss forecasting implications since emphasis is inferential in nature. lack of skill in interpreting results. This To address this issue of experimental paper points out that the interpretation analysis, I have divided the paper into of experimental results is not straight- three main parts. The first part reviews forward for several reasons. the major advertising experiments that (1) There are various modeling ap- have appeared in the literature. This Previous Studies In evaluating the analyses performed in previous studies, one of the criteria used is the level of aggregation of th( analysis. On a continuum of aggregE tion levels, the endpoints are individuL consuming unit (e.g., panel) data an 6rm-level measures. From the forme we can obtain purchase and/or attituc 9 .
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SOZIZ 779` ..~. BORON--COLOP.TMI.TRY/RR02•tINE/CARBON DIOXIDE/CARBON DiO\7OXIDE/CYANIDr/TIIIOCYANATE/ CIILORTNN / FLUORINE/ IODINI:/NITROG]:N--DF.TERMINATIO:d/oi~YGEN/ OZONE/HYDROGEN PEROXL PHOSPHORUS/SELENIUM/TELLURIUM/SILICON/SULFUR/ CHEMISTRY, ANALYTIC--COLLECTED WORK'r"/ QD 113 Colorimetric Determination R° 1978 of Nonmetals C IIEMICAL ANALYSIS A SERIES OF DfONOGRAPHS ON ANALYTICAL CHEMISTI2Y AND ITS APPLICATIONS Editors P. J. ELVING • ~1.D;*>t17NEFdR(iNER~' _, f s..:. . _ . Editor Emeritus: I.1tf. KOLTI {0FF F.1t'. Billmcyer F. Grushka B. L. Karger V. Krivan Advisory Board VOLUME 8 V. G.>lossottl A. L. Smith . B. Trcmillon 1. S.11'est Second Edition • t , t,s David F. Boltz . K. L. Cheng II. K. L. Gupta Larry G. Ilarsis W. J. Hou,nd Jamcs A. I towcll Robert J.lakubiec Ralph A. Johnson Charlec Il. Lueck Stct•hen aleFregian Editors DAVID F. BOLTZ (deceased) JAMES A. HOWELL 11'estern i,tichigan University , Authors B. G. %tcssick James %I. Papp cnhagen GorJon A. Parker GorJun 1). Patterson, Jr. C. Victor Potter R. A. Smith Dli:ha.•1 J. Taras Louis A.'hudal F.. k. Wrip.ht Bcnnir. %ak a
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50272 7799 SMOKING BBtiAVIEIR--PSYCHOLOGY/ . _ ~ 73 X Wi TOBACCO--S~10KIaG--RELIiJQUISHING/ ~ ~ .r.,iZ CL«SS N0. PA:1I'i?Lr-T 73 X:•: i 2A!`Lr~R;=~'~.- (t'-niversfc;r K*y., Ps,chol. I?e-p.,Lc:-taa_-tor., %v., U.S.) PARri :%?:. :3 0?' D:?vSI7 Ci^.::TRACTS IA " ::: :::ODjT'IC.iTI0N OF S".t;lCItiG. Psychol. Rec. 23 1) 49-60 (1973) (in F'^%'lish) *Z3;3, No. 9, W 392y3* *jt* Tobacco a^nI.L•si3: 4 :
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50272 _7788 ATOMIC ...SPECTROSCOPIC"PtETHODS/SPECTROSCOPY, MOLECULAR/ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION/ EMISSION SPECTROSCOPY/TRACF. F.LEME?:TS--ANALYSIS/SPECTRUPi ANALYSIS/ ELECTRONIC MT?ASUREPtENTS/F:.UORESCEiJCE SPECTROSCOPY/LUMINESCENCE SPECTROSCOPY/ ACTIVATION ANALYSIS/Y.-F.AYS--SPECTRO'IETP.Y/ CHEMICAL ANALYSIS. A Series of Monographs on Analytical Applications VOI.UN1:•; 46 QD 117 1976 ~• Trace Analys~ ~~ Chemistry and it 4 l.d:rorr . P. a. t:INtNG • J;;MWF,FoRUxt:u EDITOR E~Wl'.lirrliS: i. bL Kot.TUnr•r• Spectro:copic Methocis For Eleiiients Ed;tcd by J. D. «'ItiEFE,'1;DN;;1:. A Wtl.rl•-)IVTERSC1i'.P;cl: rUP.LICA•rtoN JO1iN WILEY & SOi: S Nrw Yurk / Lo:ulon / Sydncy / Toruuto )! L 1 0 ' ~ 0 (a i) ti t~ :~
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: 50272 7801 ...~...._ .... _... ~.... `..~.___._~._ _. ~..~.~ _ __.r.. _... T 11 K .,.~ Wi.nFrey,. RobJ.eys 189,9-. ; ~ jt au Kerekes, Frank, 1896- Report preparation, including correspondence and tech- nic11 writing tby, Frank Kerekes iand, Robley Winfrey. 2d ed. Ames, Iowa State College Press i19513 xiv, 448 p. illus. (part col. ) 29 cm. First published In 1948 under title: manual of report preparation. Bibliography: p. 401-403. 1. Iteport writing. x. Winfrey, Robley, 18cfj- joint author. n. Title. 1?L1478.Ii4 1951 651.78 51-9D03 ~... Library of Congress ~ --' i52tz10, 1 7
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78 III Fi Am: Jour. Enol. Vitic., 7(3)97-105(1976) 50272 7796 r (ttTERACT(ONS BETWE'N,,IVTHOCYANtNS,VPHENOLIC ~ COMPOUNDS, AND ACETALDEHY E AND THE1R SIGNIFICANCE IN RED WINES C. F. Timberlake and P. Bridle Cider and Fruit Juices Section, Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol, BS18 9AF, England. Thanks are due Dr. G. Hrazdina, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, New York, for the gift of some of the anthocyanins; Dr. L. Jurd, Western Regional Laboratory, ARS, Berkeley, California, for a gift of 7-hydroxy-6-methyl flavylium chloride; and our colleagues Dr. F. W. Beech and Mr. A. G. H. Lea for helpful discussion of some aspects. Accepted for publication July 21, 1976. ABSTRACT , ... ..--- Interactions between pure anthocyanins [malvi- with extent of the shift varying with the type of din (Mv) 3-glucoside, %Iv.3,5-diglucoside, and RZv--., component. The orders of decreasing reactivity 3-p-coumarvlglucosi(le-5-glticoside),' phenolic com-' 'trere ~'L~ 3-glucoside >~I~• 3-p-couniar,rlglucoside- pounds [(-)-epicatechin, (+)-catechin, (-)-epigal- 5-glucoside >\Iv 3,5-diglucoside, and trimer C1 e
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•t 50272 7790 - ~ . _ .~ , _., .. ... ._ .. ....,~.. ... _ _ _.. _ .,.__.w_._. . ......... , . . Scand. f. work environ. & health 3 (1977) 1-15 2 I Un6-77 Occupational health standards An international comparisonl by BO HOLMBERG, Ph.D., and ftUG~,i, HOLMBERG, B. and NVINELL, M. Occupational health standards: An international eomparison. Scand. j. wor.k environ. & health 3(1977) 1-15. The background for establishing standards for toxic agents is reviewed, and the standards of 14 different countries, including Sweden, are compared with special reference to criteria and organizational aspects. The differences among countries in the numerical limit value.; for toxic substances are largely due to differences in definitions, biomedical criteria. technical feasibility and sociopolitical judgements. Key words: international aspects, maximum allowable concentrations, occupationa . standards, sanitary norms, threshold limit values. i I e
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' 50272 7784 CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--FLOW INJECTION ANALYSIS/ INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS/CHEMISTRY, ANALYTIC--INSTRUMENTS/ COLORIMETRY/ t !_.. ., t - 1 ,.. ~ f i Flow Injection' JAROMIR RL~~ICKA I Analysis, ELO HARALD HANSEN • fh.•nusin (H•Mirrwrer A ' Tb Tn*oriw! Unirrrsih cl( lkniearl ; Cyti.hrk~~./kenwd f .~...a~.. .a..,d•,. . _~,.. T,.-~ CHEMICAL ANALYSIS ~ ~ A SERIES OF MON(X;RAPHS OtI : u- ANALYTICA-L CHEMISTRY AND ITS APPLICATIUNS VOLUME 62 ~- P.1. ELVING Eli;~, ; E•dit.>/ tauritffs: 1. M. KOLTHOF~ A N7LEl'•1\7ERSCIEVCE R7UC ATIOV JOHN WILEY & SONS : 11 ~1 f-~) ~1 J .a : a Nm Yort`• 6 CUcbrgaY 0 Rrisb.oe • Torwto
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I / , 50272 7775 ae" . TP 9 E / &rd viaeraikinp Unat v. 15. Encyclopedia of cLcntical terlmologY, edited by Raymond F,. Kirk and Ilonuld F. Othnler. .\ssi-tant editors: Janct D. Scott and :\ntllonv Standen. New York, Interscience En- cyclolxvlia, inc. t1t/47-5t;1 15 V. tnu4. n CL1. bibll+y r:+phl.~. Iuclud+s CosTC!crs.-v. 1. A toAnthriwldrs.-v. 2. Anthrone lc carbon-arc.-- r. 3. Carhon (wut'd) to clnchupLeu.-v. J. Clneole to de:trww.-.. S. DI- to e:plosh•es.-v. 6. E:Ploatces Irnut'dl to furtural.-.. 7. Fur- naces to folite.-v. 8. Ion eichange to wct:+l plating.-r. 9. Jtetal sur- face treauoent to penlcillin.-v. 10. 11•ntatrne to 1Mlyuiethlne dyes.- v. 11. Polyols to ruttu.--.. 12. Snbudiuc to ;tilbe,trul.-.. 13. $Iilhite to tfkr+nocbeu+Islry.-v. lt. 'l'b+•ruia:j,u•rtulcs to .cstcrprooflng.- T. 15. WaKes to xyux+st+•n.l. 1nd+•r to col:c, 1-15. 1. Chewlutry, '1'ecbuit:+/-Dictl+ws:rhK. i. Kirk. Itaywuod laler, 18J0- ed. u.OtAuxer. Douald F'r.derick•, 190t- ed. TP9.E68 GG0.3 48-234 rev 2' Idbrnrp of Congress "" Ir57ur + I
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r . ~~ca tVINIE e:riD WI2,-r.%,tA.KZtte:/ 5-0272 7776 XX 14eF-~C/~ kner. Jour. F.nol. :'f ;.~icult. 23(1) (1972) 14-17 EvALUP!~TcDr>> OF WINE GrRAPES G~,Otwr\l IN wAsHtNGToN :- .. , C. W. NAGEL, tJl. ATALLAH, G• 1-1. CAR7CR •and W. J. CLORE , Department of Food Science and '(echnology, Pul!mc+n, Wnshin,ton 99163. and Irrigated Agriculture Rvsearch and Extc•n:.ic.n Gen!er, Presser, tV::shinr;ton Scientific paper No. 3711. College of Agriculturc, Washington Statc Lrnner~ ty, F'ullma:;. Project No. CDc;0. This rescarch was supported in part by a coopera!ive .;reemcr,t I und Nutritioniat R•,E:earch Division, Agricultural Rescarch Service, U. S. D3partmert of the t'arfie!in, Agriculture, 6erke:ey, Caliiornia 94710, and grant funds made a,vailabie fro:n the former 1'dashingtoa \7ino r.cc: Grape Gro..•~r's Council. Presented at the Annual hSeeting of the American Society of Enolocists, Palo Alto, Ca:i- iornia, Ju^L- 24-26. 1971. 'I'en gt•a3n. vat•ie;,cs at the Irrigated Agri- results. The effect of total heat tmits dut:n7 il,e c•ulture I,c:;crrrch ::;ul I,Ntetisien Center in W:>,shing- matun•ation•settson is discussed. Units nccitnttilr.:e : ton xvere studied for illcir sui..a;i!.ity for hroduction . cluring, August and September have a marked cffc:: of «ine. AnalN•;is of the musts and N~'ines over the on the tit~•ltable acidity of the must. .llost of tae ar:-t foal• years is j~resented in adciition to taste 1)anel wines showed excellent varietal characteristics. T'~ ~l~ ~tinn n( `hn anln»fi;il .nnalilN' n rI•;,n(111 fot;. _ The Vat•ieties arp 'Ch-adomm.v',..'Chenin__ blanc'. .
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50272 7806 QP 601 Wi 1973 S--INll[1::1TI1',Lr .1'PLICATIO:IS/ CLL'COSE--ISC~~I:'L^,Sr/ /1:N7.Y~IES--IAi!;nISILT'l.i:D/ L?.ZYTSES--i'JRTI:ICATIOiTf /i:N7.Y rtrS--APPT.ICATI0'c7S / ENZYME ENG1 .!. V EERI1 V G Volume 2 Edited by E.Kendall Pye Dc{nnmer.t of Eiochcmuvy Scbool o/ Ated1-me Uni.euity of Penesylro~ro PMfadefyhia. i.nnsylranta Lemuel BAIVingard, Jr: A DepnrtneM of PF.nrnacc:oqy ScAuo1 0l 1!ed Urivc.^.rry o' P:•'r:.u:qh Pftlshurqh. PenasyLonia PLENUM i'RESS • NEW YORK AND LONDON _.... , .,. --.- _ . __... .~ .. t.i :. 's. .. ;:
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50272 7802 -Wing-tsit,: . Ghan.. (Jt...Autho-r)..._.. ~ Bvsh, Wi1iiF,., fiheoc!are: d^- .r 4L t t,- r.,riltfiem -A:hoo±3 Q:6 ft-n `.`v.•.i..".:~sYGn.`3} ? 95:? 570 Pv~eN cgl=b' u Lfnivo: city I's_^x.j xcu Ya::= .
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50272 7724 . .~'r~'%G //~l: /c'',9' ~/l~1V f~f~/~ UG i`"i ~~'~ C1f' J"E.~'o ~' ~ / / G ~/'~~'/~'f.: OR r li:? Ci:'~,~rG rnf,.yrp /S'G4r/ ic --- f'6.9c%"i~•v /:'tiji} -lvftT C~r' n r- C'~T R/S~ • ;/st >,f ;rR y. 0/i C-o-r,v%c S Y'/;~r~' ~ s ~'S / o R~~,v ~ c C~ OM~ G ~•s~Gt ~~: Cfr ~r c r ~ Ei~.c- a ~/ ^ ~, ~,~ ,.5~';.v;l/,1f: F:•S` 4•? <f,t/1,G~~ r`'~' ~~ t'st`Z I~ C~'~ t~*r'.'.~~::~. r'-~[ ~zr'~'~ 01 I'v { 1 !~ . f ~ ~~~'r t•' j ~~ i f' j `.,~ Dr (Yr1 ~ 1.~.5 ~ tx.3 ~:3 .. :. d Ez~ Stephati` t~Rr.v, 171.lton- {t-~a34«ed4) L {~ 444...... -:~ ~.~ ~ 1 iL'sc -, r I i9/l- 11 ~ / ~ JJ E~t i.] F' -,ilPf~ hi1(1(;t-6~ V:lrnla ~ 6 n ! I (i ~ t ` (~f;i ~i 34 , - 7 ` ~~ 1: ~'m j~l• L iLse~l
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,.... -.;.~.• - - - - ....._..._ -~a.:._......_.:~.•.,.~.n..-•.,.a..~: ....x..n:..:.i. ^ - ~ 1201 a:ON • ti'[ J:1 L "OOR $x1.'I"'vmTX 0ySY Ol7aoM atil3 3o cpooj) QzO:aXFa 9Ul D2:?u q:iflOM ;:v;"L ~.ie° ,-• ...V r,o~~.y~-•'K .'r.~.,. a~.t1f1 ~ Suu1•JrT1 uL~7~,.s•i.z~ il'Li~ S~r{.•r~ •~~~ 03-,v ~~ SZI~IIdS QNV=4 ~=~ SSNIM : SSdIOS?I Qiu'3'. SlIBIdS'II?IV:'ScZHIM , _ • ~ . ... - . . , - ! - 96LL ZLZOS
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50272 1804 XX MeC7-7£3 s.P. OF MOLECULAR SIZE Guy A. Crosby, ; Grant E. Dul3ois, Ron L. FIaZe, Steve C. t~El°; D I h'iEWS I 0NS I N SYNTHET I C SI'lEETEir'Ef;S, ANATOr•1[CAL COMPARTMENTALIZATION BY ADJUSTMEN'P' Pebecca. A. Steplienson, Patricia C. FIanC, and L'aZ Zadr..X, A Contribution to the Conference on "Sweeteners and Dental Caries" Sponsored by the National Institute of Dental Research and the Harvard School of rental Medicine from the Chemical Synthesis Laborat-ories, DYTdAPOL Palo Alto, California, 94304 , ii I
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50272 7800 ...~.:..:.~.~,..~. , a 't!r.fJ~!'Sl-'r~S6} n~f~tid sa_t, -, Fk!,tr~31:l~Fis Fax cxcAr.r'r:~s A.rTB DirER TaW.CcO rao;,ITTs. x`eb. 7, 1066 9 p.
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50272 7787 { OPTOACOUSTICS/. 4 CHEMICAL ANALYSIS A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS ON A L L A N R O S E N C W A I C ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY AND ITS APPLICATIONS Universrry oJCalifornfQ Lawrence Lioennore Laboratory VOLUME 57 Photoacou tics and Photoacoustia ~?pectroscopy 6 6 A WII.XY-rTITXSCIKNCE PUWJGTION JOHN WILEY & SONS New York / (hIcbester / Brisbane / Toroo/o Emrors P. J. ELVING Ediror 6meriha: I. M. KOLTHOFF AJot#ory soent F. W. Billmryer V. Q. Mo..oti F. Gwhka A. L. Smitb B. L. Karpr B. Trwilbs V. Kriwo T. S. Wat
Page 301: tvk78d00
50272 7809 , N ii Insfilnle of lluman Yulrilion ;~ Cofumbia tlniversify Collrge uf Pl+)sitiunt and Surgeona A wIt.1:Y-IN'1T.1:SCIENCE PUBLICATION ~: Ncw York • Chiclicstcr • nrisbanc f' JOHN WILEY & SONS RC 262 Wi 1977 - !; I/CURRENT CONCEPTS IN NUTRITION ~ CANCER--NUTRITION/ M)'ron 1:'inick, Tdi(or NT T T'-i-'D T'rT' Tn.l~.T 6_ XT n 1N VJL A~ A.L 1L iJ 1 V ! 11 ~1 ~,.J t: CANCER i~ - Ediled by • Toronto
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RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 75 X Da ' 50272 7807 TTacJley, 1 i. H. , Jr. ;3ffii jjfCel&'- C;- W. }'', (Veterans Admin. Nosp., New Orleans, La.; Univ. Tex., Austin, Tex.,U. S.) ASSESSING THE ATTITUDE OF VETERANS TOWARD A SMOKING qESS~AT ON PROGRAM N A HOSPITAL SETTING. Perceptual ~iotor Skills 40 (No. 2) 448-450 (1975) (in English)
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50272 7810 431 G Jevsn Po ~~ ~ L ~:. ...;.r.~1 ~ G _~:.., ..._.._.~ ACT".: L~'.Y`L: ..3L4 •n (:nL.d k.;Utm i p 3 vs ~ in V..
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Jour. Adv. Res. 1062 28-33 (June 1962) 50272 7808 Three Measures of the A:dvertisirlg 78 XI Adl-79 S.P. Value of Media Context :&HAIiI.~.~,1.~INICI4 µ r ~ ~..; New York City Where advertising is placed-its message, ratings of its sponsor, A NEW YoRt: builder erected exactly the same six-room ranclt-style house on quarter-acres of land in Nassau, Bergen, Fairfield and Westchester eounties. The house cost $29.000 in \ assau, $23,000 in Bergen, $°_j,000 in Fairfield, and $33,000 in Westchester. The value of the land, because of its surroundinbs, was different in each community. Media researchers have exhibited considerable in- terest in the surroiundings within which an adver- vehicle-affects recall of its and returns of its coupon. tisement appears (Schwerin, 196U). One has cattea for rigorous measurement of qualitative media effects (Weilbacher, 1960). If the same advertisement is worth more to an advertiser in one magazine than in another, we might call this the "real estate value" of the context in which,the advertisement is perceived. This is a report of three studies undertaken to explore some dimensions of this value and to provide data that would help in an actual media decision. If
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QP 601 Mi 1972 a G. . ~ t. ~ rr1.~5rc~ G (.fs GL'vCOSEiHitshfttZk2/ I'RCC:.'CSi':: CNRO,LATOGRAPHYC AN'ALYSIS--;."...'P1S51/ 1 E'.'~ll i~S--TECrII::Oi..^.GY/ENZYI ~S--PL°.TA80LISM/L'YZYi•LES--NO"!?:~C.t.:ATIIRL'/ ENZY?lES--I,IDUSTI2IAL APPLICA'1I0N/ENZYMES--BIOSYaTi-IESIS/ ENZYMES--PURiFICATION /F.2iMiF:S--PREPARATION AND ASSAY/ BiofechnoSogy and Biocngincering Syr+ipasi+sm . No. 3 , ) California. rDITQR: Lemuel II: Ning.tird Jr ~ Unit+crsity of Pit!sbur, .7r'e and ,G i VZYl Ae. Fr iya 'i~~ NN [11UNL7 Pahcrs in part from the Ent;inccrin~ Foundation Conference On `~I,nzy me Er.,ineerin~,"':~U~Ust Si-Iv, 1971. ~~c nn~~ter, 'eiV Ilam.pshire, and the G-1th annuat mcm•sng rif thE:- :1mcric2n In- stitute of Chemical Is'n;ineers, De^cniber 1, 1971, &.n Francisco, Slalc Unii•ersily of 11r erc York at Bu•lfafo 1972: fnterscience Publishers a division of JOH\ 1VILEY & SONS NEW YORK • LONDON • SYDNEY • TORONTO t
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:.:.,~.., - _..~..- - -_._...~.._._-.._.._~.........:___T..,.+._...~_~_. - - ~ i~:S51 ° TaS °nilov •7, °Pi °u:-IY °A °!v °UI'v atYrlsi Cf=B : o .IrauS ~: ~ sLaaza;~ .. ..~..~..r,..~......-- i . ~ ~ ~~ . . . . . . f • ~ . ~ . . . ~ . . ~ ~. . : -. j ` EIBL ZLZOS
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VIII -ii3nkler-i- .ioseph - Reference Material in 50272 7816 -1 Me Connection with Strickman k ilter R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Research and Product Development Depts., Science Information Division ROBERT L. STRICKMAN AND COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY NEWLY DEVELOPED FILTER - MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL, by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Research and Product Development Depts., Science Information Division and William W. Menz 1967 Collection of material Winston-Salem, N. C. J
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50272-7812 ' erk1iT1ii e abratory
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. 1'rnr.lln.Stntc llurt^5ur. 'J":z",n-='u_"" " 50272 7749 79 II Sp METHYL i3ROM,DE AND 4'-EiOSPHINE ; _UMIGATION INJURY TO AVOCADOS AND P/IANGOS` 1). II. Srst.utNc, C. A. l;rNsr1un•r•.R,-DA ~;t+f~~t=1~'~:ibtctrrtl'k J. lt. Ktxc, W. 17. Rr.t:nt:u, Anu A. K. ]tuniurrr, JR. 13601 Olcl Cttt lr•r Road, USDi1,A~rieulteurnl llc.%cnreh Service, SuLtro%ical Ilorticullicrc Tcsccncli Statio~:, tllinnti, FI. 33155 Additional index words. Rlnrrgi/cra indica L., Pcrsca americaria Mill., fruit flies. AGstract. Methyl bromide (MB) increased the decay of hard mature 'Booth 8', 'Lula', and 'P/lonroe' avocados (Persea americana Mill.) fumigated with 24, 32, 40, or 48 mg MB/ liter for 2 hr at 21'C. Phosphine (P:i:;) slinhtly injured 'Booth 8', 'Lula', and 'Taylor', but not 'Booth 3', avocados fumigated with 1000 mg PH,/liter for 48 hr at 21'C and did not injare 'Booth 3', 'Lula', and 'Taylor' avocados fumigated with 500 mg/liter. Methyl bromide incteased decay of hard mature green 'Keitt' and 'Tommy Atkins' mangos (ldlangiiera indica L.) fumigated with 32 and 48 mg/liter, respectively, for 2 hr at 21 °C, but caused no obvious injury to fruits of either cultivar fumigatc:d with 16 mg/liter. Residues of MB were less than 0.02 mg/liter in manros held at 25'C and analyzed 24 hr after fumigation. PH, caused injury, increased decay, and retarded ripening of 'Keitt' and 'Tommy Atkins' mangos fumigated with•,500 nig/liter (naximum xoncn) or les$-for:48 l d f fl ° avor. or e C. Fumigated fruits were not samp hr at 21 at 21"C. Pruits were liandlecl in eomnicrciul fil, cartons tlruu};hout the test' to sinrulate the cond; contrncrcial lianc.llinb. FurniKntium. For fumil;atic,n with ]M;, cartons cados or nt.utgos were placcd iu a 0.8-n1' chani fumigated for :. lir at 21°C: with 16, 32, or •f8 mrg 11I11. I or fuiuiriatiou with PI1;, cartons of frults \rei iu a 1:1-m' ch:unber or a fp-ni" van and funiil;at• days at 21°C tirith 200-1000 tng/liter (max ccmcn) The chamber was aerated for i0 min after funti;;at eartons were removed and aired for 2 hr before lj' storage. Tlhc number of cartous used for cacit v varied from 2 to 6. Storage. Fumigated and unftnnigatcd cartons cados and mauKos were storecl at 7°C and 130, res for 1-1-16 days. After stora~e, fruits were rated for dccay, color (nian;os), and injure. Acceptablc fri transfcrred to 21°C to determine the time needed to the soft-ripc cating stage. Ripe fruits were ratc. ca.,, injnry, and acceptability. In some tests, funti;; unfumi;;ated fruits -were not. stored at low temp, ripened at 21°C. . Qunlity rnti»gs. Ratin;s of fruits for various f:: summarizcal in Table 1. Fruits with moderate or s ca1; -Were-consiclercd--terracccl;t-a!ae.-Frtaits-witlt-!x authracnose ancl slight stem-eud rot were also a unacceptable. Percentage decav in Tables 2. 4 and • n
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?'AII2CUILD'S !3*CTlC?::J';:' t3r T'sX:i'.T.L.:S 1:fi7 662 FF;;F.n ~. Fairchild I?'uh3.ichcit3.m:,, Inc. tew N. ~ ~S!~J•... . . . . . • . . " ,-,-n•-•-s-•---",-r. "
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h''-;L ,* t'`, C~ t,j tX.r.vi~ GvlN: ~.~C~G rLtI.GE W~ .J%.~v,c:.a w: -`!» C~c?JCJ /, s~=.~!~tl r•v~E ~+ ~!a L~GL~ ,• /97l ' S ~ ' ~~ cL ' I • ~ t , 607 - oll l ~-til l a" '07 . I ~ A 1A :*A j- /.2 =•i>. r# '-, fis~wf; stn.. fg I A Loo!~clcaf Sen~ice fo: 4dvert.i~ers, A.dvertisin, Aaencies, $road~zstcrs and Printed Media .. . - _ . • • .., ~. ' - : `«/ 4 ra6.'isbrdby ~ COUhCIL OF B..TTRR BUSITL• SS BUREAUS, INC. XcwYorc a'..!•ru~ oo,DTG 41 9
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50272 7819 ..`.a:a t:.. a~ .~a......,..~a:_. ..-a..~. Krewatch, A. V. . FACILITIES FOR PROCESSING TOBACCO by A. V. Kra_wa_teh, P. N. Winn. Jr. and K. U. Feltoa (Univ. Marylr,nd, Dept. Agr. EngineexinII) Univ. Harylend Ext. Scrv., Fact Sheet 170 4 pages (1966) .
Page 313: tvk78d00
50272 7820 VI. To-72 S.P. TOBACCO--HARVESTIhG--MACHINE/ 0 ~._•.~. .-.- ~ .. ..~........... .- . V i RJR C1.RSS I`0. PAY.PHLEirVI To 72 x;;tdinn, Jr:; Hovert, J. H.; `4cKee, C. G.; Stevens, C. A. ~(Univcrsity Y.3., Aer. ::xp. Sta., College Pk., Md., U. S.) t:EW 11AfiVf:STING SYSTEM FOR `:4CTLjk:.D TOB6.;C0. COR1'STA/•PCF,C Joint Conf., paper, Willia=sburg, Va. (Oct. 22-28, 1972) t (in Lngiibii) t 1 1 ~. 1_. ~
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References • • ' "- - 50272 7822 * 7 TOBACCO--CANADA/ _ • . .. . ., , • , , 71 X Ca 78 S P j= . . .*SPHLET 71 Vi- 78 s p C PA RJR CLASS NO • . . . • .; <.,..:. . 1'J{ 4t~~~l+re~p~~Prep Pres's~ ~ . . . . . ; FEW SCHOOLS (IN WINNIPEG, CANADA) ENFORCE BAN BUT SMOKING IS ON THE Winnipe. & Free. Presss, 1978, p. not given (Jan. 12, 1978) (in English) Smoking by students in Winnipeg high schools is not allowed nmost of the time, but most high school.students can light up the second they leave the build- irig. ' ~ Spokesmen for most greater Winnipeg school divisions'said in separate• interviews their school boards' policies don't prohibit high school students from• smoking on school grounds.
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t3 VII 818 R 7 7 e- 3: 50272 TOBACCO--NITROCE,i/TOBACCO---AI:};ALO":bS/ S.P. - (University.;dd. , Ddp. Agr._Eng., BULY .CUP.ED :tl`.P.YLA:r'D. TOBACCO 1972 (in - TABLE. Tobacco Workers' Fnglish) ' r t ~ t ~ RJP. CLASS NO. PA.'~SPHLET 73 VII Re College Park, Md., U. S.) SEASOX.. SUMu.RY OF NITROGEN Conf., 25th, Paper, Hamilton, '°.~... .--,-,-r.,.a..,-....,.....--;......--..n..,....,..---...-. ._.-.-n.,,...-. . w,_..._,_._._.. ~.,_.~..-~_.__ ' .. Oiit: , C an. , 1 S.1'. . ~ ~ JAVll A.LY,.U.OIO ; ~ p. (Aug. 7-9,~ I .,
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50272 7827 TOBACCO INDUSTRY--COURT CASES/ - XI Co1 -82 S.P. PHILLIP MORRIS,Iljfp.Z 117 RJR-CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI Co 1-82 s.p, Winona, Mn. News. Winona, Mn. News. not given. 81, (IN : ENG.) A Winona Man has filed a $1.5 roillion civil complaint against Philip Morris, Inc. because he has become addicted to the:i.r cigarettes....
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50272 7830 - POLYIIERS & POLYMERIZATION/ 28D Bo. 1979 MACROMOLEC ULES An Introduction to Polymer Science Edited by F. A. BOVEY 0 and BELL LABORATORIES MURRAY HILL, NEW JERSEY ' ACADEMIC PRESS New York San Francisco London 1979 A Subsidiary of Harcoon Brace Jovanovich. Publisben
Page 318: tvk78d00
e 157, 31--37 (1076) 50272 7765 :~ try J. F. ]3crginann, lliinc:ic~i Ml'i-"" ~ Q'iSCll)'olllatogI'a p h15cl1-inassetlsp ekt.romctl•iscli:;; Untersucllulig fliiclltibcr Xlillaltsstofl'e des Weilics IV.ATacliNveis sekundiirer A.mide in Ncin, -Potor Sclrreier, Triedrich Drawert tmd A.lbrcchi; Junker Institut fur Chemiscli•technisclie'Analyse und chemische T.ebensmittcltcchnologio der TU liim- ]3RD h h i i 1 h X+' ng- an ( ) c en, rc s Yci cnstcp k/ ` - 'J 'Pinn Juni 1(174 cin ani (j ~ . GLC-A'f, ss•Spcct•rometrica,i Invest•iga,tion of Volatile Constituents of .~iu©.:C- ~, IV. Identification of SecondrryAnz.ides jn Wines Suirrmaa•y. Aroma extracts obt•-tincd by liquid-liquid extraction of wines from various sorts havo been fractioned employing column•chron,atographv and usingsilica-cl as adForbcnt•. In the polar nicthnnol-clut:ions Lho following eccondnry amidcs have bcca gnschroniatogrr.phically ccPa- rated and idcntificd by mcnns of a niass•s7cctromctcr: N•ctl,yl-aeetlmiclc, N•i:,obutyl•; cct:u,iido, N•(2-mctl,ylbutylj-nret tmicto, N•(3-methylbutyl)-acetami(j,o, h'•(3•[n;ethylil,ioj•preP; i j r.ceta- mido, and N-(2-phcnylet)iyI)•acetamide. .llorcovcr tho sulphur containing compo.,nd L:s becn identified by means of an attached fiamo photometric detector. 7.'ho different possibilitic:i of the formation of tho secondary amidca during tho fcrmontation proc3~s aro discusscd. Zusamnienjas,nwtg. Durch I+'litssi~•I~li~ssii;•l;xtralaion a,:a 1Ycinen vc•recl,icclencr Sortcn getc•onncno Arouiakonzentrato «•urden E:iiulcnchroranto,;rapl,i:ch an L'icsclocl fr.~tl;tionicrt. In den polaren Aletl,ttnol•)•;lutioncn wurden folgendo sel:uncliiro Amido ~^ecl:rom:,to~raphi~cll E;otrennt und mttssenspek±ro,netrisch identif+iicrZ: aV.a~thyl acet.uuid, a~'-}robctyl 1c~t :mir;, butylj=ncetatnid;' 11~•(3•1letbylbut~rIl•uc;4::r.id. aV•(:;•f'fct.'•,v?fhiol-rroT,.l~-n~ •tntn ~? ~++••1 r~- G
Page 319: tvk78d00
50272 7829 i Winslou, C. E. (Jt: 'Aut.) Sohr.en, or-'~ B". Jro Tr.kY ,`~ ': cTLII:CZS rN Dxvi MATxCM ZYy ,~".,, 1•1, C~ i+. Pl,~:ril, Sehoenborn, . ' e_*4 Cc; B. ti1n21o'a. 19,591 2,5 l•1cnt d5t!-. St, Idms vorlt 36t, zJd 1'a ~ -......a..,.~.,..:.~,~...•.R.~:.~-r.~..-t~.,... ,..:~
Page 320: tvk78d00
50272 7817 - . •_~ -~.T• x__~•__~.s~iaia.~• ~.a~i%~SSM~`+Y.:.•.i~'~LJ~'r'1 ~-^~rr`i~-S~'' 71 VII 1Wi A I Winks, . R. G. . PR4.riPHXNE F''JMIGAITOI4 OF FARM STOiLt'D '! OBACCCI. uiteenals.nd .AHr. Jour. 95 (Na. 11) 747-751 ,S..wrv'~_-"-`?--~"j^r?*~r;.s~'-""'!;:5~:--•.-~:,•s-:r_t.:....,.~.:.~;...-o.,r-.~.--1.~.e.., . T
Page 321: tvk78d00
, l I A 502_72 7828 DEATH--CAUSES/ VITAL STATISTICS/MORTALITY--U.S./STUDIES IN POPULATION SERIES/ RA 407 Pr 1976 ARORTAL~TY PATTERNS.H.HaiWinsborough v IN NATIONAL POPULATIONS With special reference to recorded causes of death Departnicnf oI Sociolo,9y Unirtrsitp of {i'ashinnron Seattle, K'ashingron SAMUEL H. PRESTON Ctnter/or Stndies in Demofiraplit• and 6colonr ACADEMIC PRESS New York San Francisco London A Subsidiary oJFlarcourr Bracc Joranorich. Publishers A I a
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50272 7831 1! MeA, -80 S. P. , ASBESTOS IN AIR A Bibliography with Abstracts 1964-1980 NLM/TIRC-80/2 - y- J. G. Pruett and S: C#; VVlii"sTb*"'~ Toxicology Information Response Center Information Center Complex/Information Division Oak Ridge National Laboratory• Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830 Prepared for the Information Response to Chemical Crises Project July 1980 By acceptance of this article, the publisher or recipient acknowledges the U.S. Government's right to retain a nonexclusive, royalty-free license in and to any copyright covering the article. I
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76 XI Re-79 • S.P. RJR' (:LASS IvU. 1'A"7:'!lLt1 /b ,i1 s.F>. "YELLOW TEETH, BLANK LOOK GIVE HIM AWAY." Winnipeg Pre _1978, p. not given (Sept. 30, 1978) (irr Enplish) Deals with pe smoking and*proUlems allegedly associated with it. .
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50272 7826 TOBACCO INDUSTRY--COURT CASES/ - XI Co -82 S.P. PHILLIP MQRRIS,IIX.~ 117 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI Co 1-82 s, p. WINONAN SUES CIGARETTE MAKER . Winona, Mn. News. not given. 81. (IN : ENG.) A Winona Man has filed a $1.5 roillion civil coMplaint against Philip Morris, Inc. because he has become addicted to thc:ai.r cigarettes.... 9
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50272 7797 r'~'. - • ~. - ~~---, ., 7s~i~ l3~ Atttt. Tcclutol. agric., x973, 22 (2),x53-IG3• ~- V. !. .~ ) Research on Fraudulent Arotnatization of Natural Sweet.,k'ines.- ~and Basis Wines by C,ori'ander and Elder. RECHERCHES SUR L'AROMII.TISATTON rRt1UDULLUSL DES VINS DOUX N A.TURLLS ET DES IIXSTULLE.S PAR LE CORIANDRE (COhII1N'D,iURI SATI-VUIl7.L.) BT LE SUREAU (§AlI1B UCUS n'X GRI L.) / C. 63AYOI4oVE This study forms the first step in the pursuit of an analytical pro+ocol to disclosc thc fraud wLieh consists of imilatin; the aroma characteristic of di nsca( wines. To this c•ucl• curianclcr scccl And cider flower are added to natural sweet wines and basis seines, the pentane extracts of .chich arc thcn analysed by gas chromato;;raphy. '1'hc mclho.l of :uialysinf; the icsults obtained takee inlo account tl.c ciiffurciit varianls ble in the addition of aromatizers during thc mnkin.^, cf s.•incs. It s6owccl four non•idc•ntific•d volatile fractinns : two of which are characteristic of rldcr, one charactcrictic ot coriander :,nd oric eonlmon to both. The effectiveness of the method could Lr incrcased by thc usc of niore sclccti.•c ~ a
Page 326: tvk78d00
.it 50272 7825 8,46',Wirograd;' ` P: *(no affil.)* VfOBACCO ROW. - Letter. 77 Y. T'v--77 RJR CLASS NO. PfJiPHLtiT 77 X Ec-77 Natural History 86 (No. 6)76-77 (1977) (in English) Aornegay, H. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 77 X Ec-77 (Tobacco Inst., Washington, D. C., U. S.) TOBACCO ROW. - Letter. Natural History 86 (No. 6) 74-76 (1977) (in English) -j . 4 0 I!
Page 327: tvk78d00
....__._. __._s._,~ _ ..... ~....~._.__.,_ _. ...-,,. .. ._._ _ TP 715 Es 1971 CUOl:ROOKS / 50272 7839 THE A."fERICAN liEART ASSOCIATION COOKBOOK. Recipes selected, compiled, and testcd under the direction o f Ruthe Eshletnan and Afnr3- .Wiltst.ou, Nutritionists \ _ .~: ' David McKay Company, Inc., New York o f the American Heart Association Illustrationu by Tonia Hasnpson ~ov
Page 328: tvk78d00
.. , a 50272 7840 _ COm T~.~ , YI~S._ t T •s•N r'.,^~ M•rn -~:1. :tF'J Ci\ ~T L .. ~~: r. n. ~•~~ r : Ui? SfU.ir.i)il`i x,4 .~11iLGGx~.:.L h4\ hy .. ~ . ., ~. ~. :r 0 t
Page 329: tvk78d00
5022-2 7832 `~lr~as Q ~~; A~~: TIiE EI'FE„^T OI~' CIG.L%M"i'E 5140iMIG Q:1 SF(:Rtir3QIi, . F'hotostat froM-t J, Gono I'oychol. 6P lcp..95 (LQ32)
Page 330: tvk78d00
EieF'-i,~.-O._,,.---73 .50272 7811 '/ID r A~Nl.P~i1Ah~~!'Atl•f1~4 :~~ I;~1Fa 9 yn6~:~~~~~ ~-af;~~iUEt TAPPI 33 (~ 950; 5 ,_.~-9;A ~ L " or, a ~ ~jf +~~ar ~ fJ _:~L~9e) La L! ~i1:a ta~1;.~o.11G ~L-4lL~ ! _ . A. , ~i~d:bS~.~UIioLJ C"41Vl7iGjblf' Oi~i~ L4 K:*and GEORGI: R. SEARS. Tf•is report presents new data for a number of r<aturated snit Rolutions ernploye.l in rvaintaininR constant relative humidity in e".rntiall.• moisturc-tiFht encloaures. The equilibrium relative i:umidity and the vapor pressure of ssturated solutions arc given for three tempcratttres.- nemcly, 73, Eb, and Iofl°F. For the readers' convenience, charts showing thc dependence of the relative humidity on temperature are presented so that the equilihrium relative humidity o.-er a Raturated solution may he ob- tained for any teruperature hetM•ecn room temperature and 1C0'F. r+ r r ~ ~.~...,,r 4 Ll e:~ it dV\t e .. , Cj o . AI'PARATUS Of the methods available for the determination of the relative humidity over a saturated salt soiution, tLe mexsurement of the vapor pressure of the solution ap- peared to be most accurate. Thismethod directlyme ~~s- ttres a func:amental quantity involved in the concept of relative humidity, which is defined in the present 11-ork as the ratio of the actual water-N•apor pressure in any space to the pressure of saturated •a•ater vapor at the same temperature. A schematic drawing of tlie vapor- precsure apparatus is shown in Fig. 1; with the cscr-n- I I 11 .
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50272 7821 .. . ODORS--AIR POLLUTION/ODORS--RI:SEAFCII /AIR--POLLUTION--ODORS/ Zbl. Bakt. Hyg., 1. Abt. Orig. B 162, 41-50 (1976} Aus deln Medizinischcn Institut fur Lttfthygiene und Silikoseforschung an der Universitat D•tisseldorf (Dircktor: I'rof. Dr. med. H.-W.SCHLICKOTER) Zur Wirkung von Geruchsstoffen in Labor- und Feld ttntersuch ungen 1 /On the Efl'ect of Odourants in Laboratory and Field Tests (1EtV}Ft1YU1.•und J. KASTKA Odour nuisance reactions are of considerable importance in environmental hygiene. Their scientific analysis calls for a high degree of flexibifty ir+n the selec.ion oi adequate "access routes". The present paper deals with results of laboratory and fieid in.•cstigarions in conjunction with the problem of odour pollution. In a laboratory test 50 tcst sl:Jfcct] were exposed for 2% hours either to H,S b:.muli at a level of about 2.5 ppm or to pure air. The following effects were investigated: perception and evaluation of stimuli, subjective feeling as well as ability to concentrate. As expected, perceived intensity and intolerance of the stimulus decreased linearly with the duration of exposure; the subjective feeling and concentration were not significantly affected by smell as was demonstrated by com- parative checks. By contrast, field investigations of differently exposed groups of population clearly demonstrated negative effects of odour polhttion. 704 inhabitants of the city of Diisseldorf, residing in control and cxposed areas, were given standardised questionnaires by inter- viewers to obtain infortnation on reactions to offensive smcll. The multivariate data analysis produced a 3-factor reactiolt pattern, with factor I (general reaction to offensive smell on a sensory basis) being particularly discriminatory. Moreover, it was found that, under identical exposure conditions, persons with a low adaptive tolerance professed themselves to be ntuclt. more disturbed by the smell t!tan did others with a higher degree of adaptive tolerance to the nuisance. A comparison of the lahorarocy findint c with thc fi~l ] v,t,~.•. s.,..•.~~+~1~•~ I
Page 332: tvk78d00
- 50272 7841 r+..~i.,..~i::... ., a.,.~e...«.~_~_~._-.. .. ..........~.~_:~.. -._ _.~._. .,.~ .__. ...,......~.i..a:.laro.-.«.:..' iw.m:ar..s.i:y IID / Winston cigarettes--Development 69 Fu Furst, Sidney TILE STRATECT OF C!iA."lCE FOr. BUSZaEaS SLCCDSS edited by Furst, Sidr.cy .:~d Milton Si:er:an 1969 186 psges Clurkson N. Potter, Inc. New York, N. Y.
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,1 5U272-7842 Winston Ciruretteg-Filter tip--Filtering action. i r 91 ~, lJ1VL~~n ^nT: ~+~^ .•r.^.•.• .tV:,?livlJY Ja•jWl-1. o CtlatlJ .i. Id,o1Ji UusM~.lli4 .. E4 !
Page 334: tvk78d00
50272_7824 ' r ^ ~ .' RJR CLASS 2.0 . PAMPHLET 71 X Ca-78 s p. ~ ~ S'Winnf peg ~'i•ibune ~ A i- , RESTAURANTS CLEAR THE AIR FOR TON-S~;OKING DINERS IN WINNIPEG. ..,.• Winnipeg Tribune 1978, p. not given (Jan. 24, 1978) (in EnFlish) Non-smokers will soon be able to dine in public without_the threat of . ` cigarette smoke wafting across.their meals. :, A group of Winnipeg restaurants has agreed to take part in an experiment - which will set aside no smoking sections. ~
Page 335: tvk78d00
50272 7843 . ,~- IX•.. Winston cigarettes--ril.ter tip- hing size--P.ico- V;y2 tine content. Wyndor, ~-'ISnost L, 50ME PRACT1Cr1L ASPt t;TS OF TI(E SMG?; i t:U*CM:CE32 PROBLE;I, by Eraest Lo 'rlyrid.or and Uietrich Hoff- r,n,anno t:ew Enrlo.nd Journal of t•iedicinQS 261 (tcoa 11) ~ S~iQv4S (l4arcr 17, k9i:a)
Page 336: tvk78d00
50272 7833 CANADA NATIONAL CA vCIai INSTITUTE/ CANCER--BLADDER/ CANADA DEPART;tENT OF NATIO:IAL iIEALTH AND T•IGLFAt E/ SACCttARIt7/ _ aN ASSOCIATIOiZ 6Ei?:'EEiI XX ~teC » . ~_~ S.P. • • / . ARTIFICIAL S'rlCETENER USE A14o HUt•L;N 6L:SOOE? CANCER*. G.R. Ho:•ia . J.D. Burch A.B. fiilTer 't.'s~. .Cnar~bers • G. Fodor. ' heaaoriaT University, St. Jo hns, i•;~ar"oundiand? Canada EpidEriolooy Uni t, P;ational Cancer Tnsti tulf-e o-" Canada ,. University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada , ' , B. Ftorri son ' ' ' Un'iversity of "oritisn Colwbia,'!zncoc:ver, Canada • . P. Gordon. • L.' t.'eldon • . 5 ;~,0 ' i3 Oalhousie University, Halzfax,Nova Scotia, Canada Tais study rras supported by the t:aticnal Cancer Institiute of Canada, and in part d under l-;atlional Heal th Research and • Cevelopment ?rojact :;o. 61310:3-30 of Heal th and l•:e1 iare Canada.
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50272 7838 r TP 715 Ri`' 1967 z& . CQOKBOOKS=-MEXICAN/RECIPESj ._. M .... _ ''' '.- "l. .~ . I . . _ ~~ and by and I"Lcy-- Eleanor • RiAt RECIi ES Ringiand ~/ii~src~n= ' T =:~'e ,' '?" " E r~.~o;rti+.vtf n bGilW : e{l ' ~ . E ,a i San Antoc;o. icxss 7
Page 338: tvk78d00
50272 78415 I i Wirlston_:Prgnttjig-..Ca::, w St'LCI}z'~"i TGv;t, ~Y~'~; l;I''T~ OF:d:~I`iS?;iS, by ~.'Lneton P~int"S Co* ar,d riuc.': printing Co. 2 boob:Ietn Hinstea-S~1cm, I,;. C. cnd L;ssLon, Pa. w • . i
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Page 340: tvk78d00
50272 7845 IX Wins,6on cigarettes--Smoke condensate. h'y2 Wyndex, r'rnest L- .°OM P1Zr'1(,T1.CiiL ASP: CmS OF V?E SIiOKI~+CC?.`;C::3 PROBLE1•ty by Lrncst Lo Wynder fand Di©Lril,:h !;o":i- 61T.nno h'et, En£lar,d Josrna1 of ;•SedicinoF 9262 (I3o~ 11) 54Q-45 (March 17, 19050) 0 ,
Page 341: tvk78d00
~i}•i. NSlT ~.. { . ir !I(~ /lls dA.:~ .t,~sr V l~ S ~1....1_.....r!'~ ~......._s. l:.li_ -.a _ t:. .._I ..•S: v::..Se': - -- (:~-i. , s ~.~-r.^...+~+.^'~,..~--~- . .. . . . ~ . . . . . . . . . ~ - ZSBL ZLZOS
Page 342: tvk78d00
50272 7850 Gubernlck, Cynthia E, THE U3_P4}ic2•ANCE 0F 7NE DECISiOi1•mA.:IItG PROCESS TO CITY FL.hNINIt'•a k:vB UI+r::Ci D.L',VEId}P4 MWT. A C~.SE STUDY OF t'2IP.'STQii-SALEIdp PJo Co 1959 172 p. Chapel Hill, N. C.
Page 343: tvk78d00
50272 7836 BnvLonmenlal !lealth Peispeclives XXII MeB9-78 S.P. Vu1.21. pp.25-12, 1977 ~ Is ehalatoon To'Xcc'sty of VinyI Chilo~•m 7 and Vin,lidene Chloridef 2?~/Zlc Z by C. C. ~.e o,~ ~J~ C. B6ia n aarE,-~ d~*b~/•~nsico-~r; ~-~ ~ UV. ~3. ~ou~e,-~ `'P. J. Porers,•'F~. L. E3i~:on,$ and `J. S. Woods:~ . k I I:xposure or mice to 1000 ppm of.inyl chloride (VC), 6lrr/day, S dayvweck, caused sonre acute deaths with toxic hcp:rtitis and marked tubular necrosis of thc renal cortex. 5tartint; the sixth monah, mice ex)wscd to 1000, 250, or 50 ppm dd VC became Iethurl;ic, lusl weil;hl yuickl), and died. Only a few mice exposed to 50 ppm survi%ed for 12 mrin'hc. f'ulmnuary macruphage cuunt was elevated in snme mice. There was a high incidcncc of brunchiulu•alvcolar adenoma, mammary gland tumors including duchriar adenocarcinoma, squumous and anaplastic cell carcinomas wlth metAstasis to the lung, and heman- . . . . . - . ~ -~ - . : I . . .. . . . - . , . e . _ . - . r - ri"i r; . {t
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43.wmA.... ~c1,ic4ftc, 72 Boc,r.caa Gray School of Medicine Library I A COLLECTION OF MATERIAL. Bo !L0272 7855 Sit_ 1972 Winston-Salem, N. C.
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50272 7860 TS TnRACCO--HISTORY/NnRTH CARnLTNA--HTSTnRY/WINSTON-SALF.M--HISTnRY/ 2240 R. J. REYNOLDS TORACCn COMPANY--HISTnRY/ T.i. 1976 Linn, J. W. RJR CLASS NO. TE\TfiOOK iS 2240 Li 19iU *(no affil.)* THE CRAY FAMILY AND ALLIED LINES. Salisbury Printing Co., Salisbury, N. C., 627p. (1976) (in Errglish) ,
Page 346: tvk78d00
4 . . ; , ~---- , ~r i* - A~- (/, ) 4.~57-Z o ( i9'77 ) 8 IIIiLi,New sample supply 1 technique fo Aiiefd a - SOi ~r ~l ~tion I ~Oass ~ i 'i spectrometry . I 1{ 1) l.inticn, 1! IJ Winklcr•.tntl 11 1) Itcckcy Institut fiir 1'hy.-A iilischc ('hcntic c!cr Univcr.it;it lionn, S3Ov lionn, \\'cgc!crarassc 12, Wc.t Grrmany lic•c•c•irec! 4 Juirr 1976, iin /ineil /iarm 31 Jccniiw;r 1977 Abstruct A new samplc-Icr,tctirnp. Icchnic!uc is t!rscribcd for cntillrts covered with rnicrun,r.!irs ns u`cct in licltl ctcuorption ma.s s!xcUromrlry. An increase in ion %cnsitivity of aboul tttiv urdcr: of m;tl;ttituc!a over lite xl;tntL•trd syringe technique c,tn l,i: obtained with lite new mcthocl. It consists cs.cntially in lratling lhc santp!r only on lu :t tint;tli hctrlion uf ; lite needles in front of lltc cuunlcr electrode crppusite the Iicltl F il nOtlC. syringe lcchnic)uc lcchniyuc'. 50272, 7815 which we dcsignatc`:it 2 Experimental The scnsitivity is given by j Udr 'S•- KAu, 01p...e ic''frtinl=ltiuitiii e ( where (/ is the measured voliage (V) at the ntu!tihlirr exi / lite lime (s) for complete dr,or!niun of lite s;tm).Ic. R tl resistance (S!) at lite nutltihlirr cxil, A the uml;Iilication of tl• multip!icr atncl n, Ihc mncntnl (nl;) uf tltc satuplc t!rtxi.ilt•tl u lite cmitlcr.Thc mass cnn Ix: rchlucctl by Ihc vulumc I' (lci) t Ih.: sululiun ahh!ictl 11) lhe cntillcr and tlic cunccntraliun (mg I t): rn==c1'. Thc total chcurl.r is mca.urrJ by rclxutc xcanz over lite masses K1' and (h1 i• 1)' tluring slow Itcalingt lite cmitlcr. The currcnl- time curve i% integrated by hlanimclt of tltc urca obl;tinecl ttn lite recorder aflcr connrction of tt, Ikaks to at sniattth curve: ~ L(f tll-- ~.~r~'r .t i
Page 347: tvk78d00
So2n 7862 Winston-•Sa1em ChaniUer of Corunerce PArIPHLETS ON Wti1SI0I1-SALEi•i APiD NORTH CAROLI NTA. 0
Page 348: tvk78d00
50272 7837 i , ...~..~_.__~_.._~. Ft?QD--PT?Ot :JCT:0;1 / ~~aCOlrii`~20c3~~5^PdS~.i Z'LOC1~iGts ky i,.Taaesax-Mr..lfins ton A Director of .Tac;.bs-Winston Labcratories Inc.r:7.Y.N.Y.10007 Director of Research-National Macaroni Ma:ufacturers Assoc. --..-r..~-~..._~~.-........ I
Page 349: tvk78d00
50272 7844 :._ `......_ _. ~._....~.ir: _.v.aw~_...._s IX YJinston'cigarettes--Fill;er tip--King size--Tar Wy2 content. W;*n:.ler, p--a nt?: t rJ- SJ[•2 F'c"VICTICRE, ASPECTS OF THI: Sf,0Ia22G~CANC'R Fr 0'3LEr1~ by Ern _~; L L. Wyndor end Dic trlch f:off- innnn , Ncia Enrlun:i 3ourr:al of M,~-dicino= 262 (:ip. lI ) (~.to~--~1~~ (i3:~rch ).7s 1S' ~0} 3 L~
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50272 7864 ., Winston-:alem Visitoris guide. Winston-Salem Chamber of Cor.ur.erce PAMPF.LETS ON hfINSTOId-SALEt•; AI1ll NORTH CAROLINA. c~
Page 351: tvk78d00
HLLtKtal tJ/ 50272 7814 .`t'7 LAN'RENCE M. LICHTENSTEIN, M.D., pH.D.,t PHILIP S. NORMAN, N.D.$ and ` ~fl~~tbElaFj~ N. D. ~~.. . . Baltimore, Maryland The role of immunotherapy in ragweed hay fever has been investigated by a com- bination of clinical and laboratory technics. In the clinical study a course of immun- ization with the principal antigen of ragweed (antigen E) was compared to placebo • injections in matched groups of patients. Double blind evaluation of the patient's symptoms was performed in a semiquantitative fashion by patient diary and physi- cian cian examination. The laboratory study involved an in vitro model of human allergic reactipns: the antigenically induced release of histamine from the isolated leukocytes of sensitive donors. This system allows an independent evaluation of cellular reacti.ity and the level of blocking antibodies, the latter measured by their ability to inhibit the in vitro allergic response. The sensitivity of an untreated donor s cells to ragweed anti- gen E correlated significantly (P < 0.01) with the degree of clinical illness suffered dur- ing the season of ragweed pollination. Immunotherapy did not change the do-e-response __.relationships of the sensitive cells, but the cell sensitivity symptom correlation was Clinical and in Vitro Studies on the Role of Immunotherapy in Ragweed IHay Fever~ I ~~ lt 9i 11 L
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Winston-Salem Chamber of Col~~erce pA1:1PFiLi1S ON 4TINS^l0i!-:iAL}'2: ni;D ilGHTIi C1litOLII:A. ~ . ~. . _ . .
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50272 785-1 • . . . I Wi- 72 S.P. 4 e - ~ - -- _,- .• - 1970 ONSUS OF HOUSING _ : B I o c k Jssuec( S~~pt~yer 1971 l~ l t S l 1 C S h _.~~1lS~~N-At,~£i~l;~M:£~'iJRBAN1i£t~`"ARE~'"~-~-- NTENTS ~ List of HC(3) Block Statistics RepoRs Introduction "'- ~ =eaesimiNS of Questionnaire Page _ . and Respondent Instructions T/tB lES I Characteristics of Housing Units and Population, for ~ ~. Places of 2,500 Inhab-tants or More: 1970 • 2 Characteristics of Housing Units end Population, by Blocks: 1970 ~ Maps Identiying the blocks tavtrod herein are lecluded in or - U.S. DEPARTMENT ~ accompany this report. OF COMMERCE • BUREAU OF THE CEHSUS r
Page 354: tvk78d00
50272 7854 Winston-Selem} N. C. ::: •, :}a lr^.~-:t7e•Y L .L~ .~.~~...•:1. ._.. \r• JN . •.~••w 1. .f..~s~e.~~''tii ti t
Page 355: tvk78d00
50272 7857 ~. _...~ _. • ._.. .._.. .... _..._ , Wi • Winston-Salem--Economie Deve3opsnont. Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce PAI,,YHLE15 ON WINSTia-; ALEM AND NORTH CAROLIIyh. ,
Page 356: tvk78d00
i 50272 7871 ' Llinston-Suleni Chr1,il.er of Comnerce Pr":':I":IL?:r S":IL?:rS 0i; :?I:'S_'0?i-SA".`_::•: liND ::0 :1i'Ii Ci.ROLIIdA.
Page 357: tvk78d00
k<<viinstor-S,-il:oil and roi;Y%qth Comat3• Directory of V a C:~•L::':('J6 CJ . f1+.),1! Liyi6-.}i.{.G.:1 Cr ~ Z' T~ 1;a Y ~'f C` i 4 1 f. ~~;f 1at:.1~a.~ csR„~::,xW:.
Page 358: tvk78d00
50272 7847 • , S .~ ~ ~ s " f e ~ 1 ~ r{ r" Yt ~ ; ~ r. . 1 i . /_:', f ! ~ ,~ : t, t 3~ 1~ ~ . NORTH CAROT.INA--ldATER/ `~~ r ;-, ~1` k.N~.Y-~~ TD 897 Ai 1970 .. , Y C ~:.` w)1 r SLIP ~ ' Service-Learning Intemshih Project Office 7, City Nall P. O, Box 2511 Winston-Salem, tv'. C. 27102 9 by f-"t • •^,' c'`+• r y. ~~h Suily .1r.. }lirsi:'orr1: r ., lt'i!b:rt` A. .Spnul SL1P Intcrn.c - Snn:Mcr 1970 and I'etcr D. ff'ci;l, 1'+r.l) Fcculry AJriccr Joint Sponsors: Water and Sewer Division t)epartment of Public Works City of Winston•Salcnt f'. O. Box 2:i11 Winston-Satem, N. C. 27102 Dypnrtment of Biol,tV Wake F orest Univc,lity ('. 0. 7'l35 iiaynol,l,, ;;t.a icin 1`lin~t~n `;a! m, i?urth Coruliota 2710:1
Page 359: tvk78d00
.. 4.~4..._....~..._.r ...w..-.Y~.:.........rr..a_w...t•..ati..C..~~i 50272 7869 / G;1 Idl?7~.~TOh•SLS~.:*i Aida NQR'=!: CAZOLiarS s
Page 360: tvk78d00
50272 7865 =; t P.ef~~~~ ~ }iA Winstonr..~f.h.n, N.Cy.--Occupf.tions pad industrie: ~ 4 U. S. Bureau of Labor Statiatica. Occupatious and industries in the tvarious renionsi Prepared for the Veterans 1ldministration. Washington, Vetcralls Administration ,1_05-1-55. f~ v. Illus. 20 cm. "VA pamphlet 7-7." CJo:qTSNTS.--1:-New-England.-States.-2. Middle Atlantic £tates.-- 3.--Eaat--NortL-CentraL Statea.-4. West North Oentral States.--b. South Atlantic States-6. East South Ceutrnl Statm-7. West -South-Central -States.--8. Mountain State.s: 9. i'ncttic States. 1. U. S.-Occupations. 2. U. S.-Indus. 3. Vocational guidance. i. U. S. Veterans Administration. u. Title. HC106.5.A5G2 331.7 L 54-178 U. S. Dept. of Labor. 0 Library for Library of Congress 11qt , .~• ~
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I Wi - 502-72 7870 .Uinston-,Sa1.e.mt.. GhamborY-o:r,. Comerca. . WINSTON-SALEM CHIIMER OF COTII,ZRCE - REPORTS. 5 P. Chr,mber of Cox¢nerce, Winston-Sulem, N. C. ;-.
Page 362: tvk78d00
# ~xl / I 01 •r--Winston*~aal,.catn: 50272 -7853 01:3 S--Im liOW3~^~~Ctil" ~,n tT~a ~•"ae I•111~i.'S0}I TCr.ikOC4 S:1Ui' V. ranev Iascixw%-!s .1;Jo 0'.csl SrOsmp Xr..:0 1:3r.-itaawa].em, 1;o Co
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Page 364: tvk78d00
50272 78-66 .~~Iinston-.°_alecn~:.:?dort~~..ira~~olina -E;;x Gu], ture_s~ ksus•t~~5;~3.e~ C ~~~rbsr of Cr r:r:~r~+_•t,~ uM-`i'ON-•SnLEt•f AND XCr Ux CA I;oL.M , i
Page 365: tvk78d00
50272 78-72 ~Winston-Se1em Chur-chesi .'r,finston-aalcmridl.= C. • ~i+,...F i.n1/~J.~F `r~ ~'~.:CyJO.f`:ia::r~`~:1 i . P~1?, rr~~::; OIZ Wi'.SiJ1:1•SI j Et iA3t 7; t:R lH T+~ '~' : Ci~:..it ~..i:%e 4
Page 366: tvk78d00
50272 7859 F 254 L Winstori-Sa 1em- -History LetIer, Hugh Talmage, 1901- North Carolina; the history of a southern State, by Ilugh Talmag© Lefjer and Albert Ray Newsome. Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press (1954] aii, 676 p. maps. 25 cm. Bibliography: p. 16111-639. 1. North Carolina-IIist. r. Newsome, Albert Ray, 1804-1951, joint author. F254.L39 /7975.6 54-790-1` .~ Library of Congress ~ t55n10, ..! ~.. .) . .I .,_. - - .~,..~._...-..._......~......_ ~...~........•_......._..,...._.ai•:~•....,._._._ - ~•e"..,.~>.. - =i..:;.o.:.n.~.i
Page 367: tvk78d00
50272 7863 , .. .,. . ~ r .~. :} ..~ .Of L.n Wir.Stori-ialem--;larl:ot arca--C,iamLcr of Ccr-..rce Survey report. Winston-S.^1em Ch :mber of Cor.unerce PAMYHLSTS ON ZJIIISiLIL.SA.LIId AI+D NORTH ChRdDLTPdA.
Page 368: tvk78d00
50272 7868 ~i~inston-S~3~17 '~Crii2mUe~TMof '° Conmerce.- AAINUAL REPORT. !y ": if ;
Page 369: tvk78d00
. • F1~TT'Tn: T`l7 H,L't:0i? C;'y I•.f'i'IVS-:iO,~S"I"1 !'_0 S ?cLI9d ~. ao.zoucuo0 So aa;;Lmn{o v:aT-uS-UO~ sU fM ...iu 5 T. ~\ T.:r '~ Th(~ ) :~TTQT/~ f_,-'ti" • TPA > BLBL ZLZOS
Page 370: tvk78d00
50272 7881 - F.MPLnXEF. BT:NBFITS/ _ (r.rochure4) t~r. a.. nsfon-~a~cm iicA1'th Are I Re 80 s.r. 250 Charlois Boulevard Winston-Salem, N. C. 27103 i.
Page 371: tvk78d00
.i tri: Sr::r L~JZ 9l.s Il 6e• u.V u :~ °v.: :r--, ~,r;d0 .,0 0 {cl-waT ~a~'v oil v sa ~.z~ ~np::_r--ti a"Cc~uo~.su }M
Page 372: tvk78d00
< 0 .. 6-, ~ bi G 9 -7 -~ ,i °e. K *,~- `xi,-*, c: M:rrI a u i :t.9 ~~ I c'o G T'1T C~ 71L fL@L ZLZOS
Page 373: tvk78d00
502Z-2 7879 ..Winston-Salem=-Foundation;-Mirror°19?1 r'tr_Tt::to3'1.-Sz1lCTd (°,Yt.Il1lJa':r Cf L°L'=. :".: Ca hLXxS CN II:6.144TGid-SL#.T,I;Fi ES-D t;RTli L
Page 374: tvk78d00
50272 7875 0 i._t L ° ~' ~' ~'r--,.,'::C.t.['C'3 ^':....ta~~,~ a~ Gt; Adii? t:OR1I, Vt].ir ~ll.tt r~ ,
Page 375: tvk78d00
50272 1877 ~ min" ::"-:XAL :'i:ap ?.;~~~ 1941 aa
Page 376: tvk78d00
•d QZ ~ AIM Z951 'w-tLnIi laosaa,1 T='uT3 .~~ ~1(w(t •S *fl i-RSitS3 S..~a e' 5-~. Q lYda~'If~7 4c^.'.3xa3"'"v...D :~ '" .I =Z `:ii•:4x.f[1 .,~ `:i:1;': ';:I}Z C?':a):i~.. 7S~*.,;u^ 7 t3.t.ef "1~1..v.c~i rr~n.a,ti t.Ata~w •A+'ta.. .T Cal. Ky. 4I0 zl.'e.-U :VeX7.iAdva/ `V~sl 40.3 °tI 4iIar'I1r'9 ..m:C:: `OJ55 °;::iiS:iC?: so S:tS:Lo -mu5 C 7m+:Il s::s,..=:j am x nasana 4sa::-Kaooa go °~dwQ 'S 'n snsu03--maYeS-u01sujM - .'.•-a}^.7'Ran~'~.iR~a-.. .-rT~"~±.V11 M-` . ' , . . .~:si~ 9SSL ZLZOS
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50272 7885 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK Ref. Q 141-I•ii Polk, R.L. & Co. Publishera.RichMond, VA. 1982 For Suburban Area Listings see Win ston-5aa.eM Suburban Directory Old editions discarded Polk, R.L. & Co. Pubii.shers.R;i.chMond, VA.82, (].N : EN(:,', ) ISN = 6502 o ej 41 i/ 0IS 7 i) Z
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' •% .. . _.....~..-........._......`..-.. -.y/-.._ •~i 50272 7880 ~ I 1Wi /9h7 Winston-Sal.e.m,Foundation,_, Retrospect 1970 1•7iasFton-Sairm Ch::mber of Commerce I'tliri':tiY.r:;3 ON 4;IieS.OId-SALI~.i•1 Ai;D hOI:xH r,~nnt.•~~ae ^.~.,-~.~„!'*.~-~- v
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0 a" U LV~.lYd ~ 0l'7 t 7 r~~ o~ 7a'`y r,i ~rt~T ~::t~i r:~t t r~sr:~.~.t ;,~i~ ~~.~:u? •t 7a T!'l , ~i:T.g VI'eY aT'-o x 9L8L ZLZOS
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I U.. .-CeoloZical Survcy Yost 0ffice Fox 2857 ~~• S. Ccological Survr.y c;, DcPARTt~ ~'~'`• +. g post office ~x 2857 •• F.cJT UF CC.:, .ER ~ Falci h, North Carolina 27602 Kerth Carolina 27602 tdationa{ Tec{~nica! info~nation Sen•! .° ~0272 7849 By k• L. Lindskov ~, ,. j aJ,~.. --- ' 1. . ~ 12. , %.m.•aoJ ,Wdre.. DISTRIBUTED BY: n 1;e -74 liOVt:~IEtiZ 1~F;D OISFE~:SIO!i OF SOLiiELE liATEF:IALS' S.p. S IN ,S4tE.w CREFX, l:!lsODY CREEY.. AND RIVER CEn'Ef.N; kSTON-S/1i.EM dND SALISSCIRY, NORTH CAROLINA complete vithin a feL miles beloJ the cenfluence. flok periods does not conaletr.ly disperse laterally for oore thar. 10 miles below t:.e eonfluencc, but, vucn the Ya6kin :iver dischargc is above 5.000 efs, lateral ntxing is eoncentration can be estimated at any location when flow rates are betveen 80 and 500 efs at the Huddy Creek garins stacion and betveen 1,500 and 10,000 cfs• at the Yadkin College gagtng station. SJatcr enterine the Yaikin River frou Muddy Creck dur:ng lov- sion causes the maxtmuo concentrations resuitir.g frora slug inlections to decrease significantly as the traveltine increases. A relation is presented so the m:ximum 1S- Jul•,+iewenury \aes Prepared in cooperation with the City of Wir.ston-Sal Pr,. and the Nort6 Carolina Board of Water and Air Resource:. Relaticnshi- are presented for prs•dictirg t-aveltir.e ac any location within the reach studied. Total travelti3e :•:.en the dischartes at the Muddy Creek and Yadkin College gaging stations are 400 and 8,000 cfs, respectivcly, is about 1: hours for the leading edge and aboct 33 for the trailing edge. In contrast', when the clscharges are as low ts 100 and 2,0"v0 cfs the travcltimes are 39 and 55 hours. Longitudinal disper- 17. A.y I.sd....J il-n. u, A..y•r.. 17.. Ik-cnrro., •Path of pollutants, *dispersion: application methods, flov characteristics, tiase, •.fluorescence, edye releases, surface waters, Nptth Caro;ina, A :> . x.ftt,fft-;, i , a
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50272 7882 _. _- - --.--_ --- --- -- -- - - - ».~----.. . - - - . . - ~ _--- ----- TOBACCO--RUSSIA/TOBACCO--SMOKING--ANTI-SMOKING CAMPAIGN/ ~Smoking is still a pupular vice ~ ~ in the Soviet 4nio7's first "no- smuking city." but anti:inok- ; ing campaigners haven't given ~ up. One year after Sochi launch- ~ ed 'a campaign to snuff out ~ cigarettes. in-any citizens •ot ~ this pleasant Black Sea resort ~ 850 miles south of \toscow • embarrassed b` htl sli ceent ~ l o • 0 0 4) i 0 t eE t.), Ytnstpn-Salem Journa]1,,=;,: Wa-77 S.P. ~ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 76 XI Tda-77 s.p. ANTISmOKING CA."SPAIGNERS PERSISTENT. -Winston-Salem Jour. 1977, p. 26 (July 14, 1977) l (in English) ~ ~ .j
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50272 7889 - _ XI Co~ -77 S.P. RJR C;LAS3 i:O. I'If'it'l1LI:1 Aj C()1-77 s.p. ESQUIRE 1•;RITER Ri;SL:::RI:C'L'ING SAIITN REYNOLDS STORY. 1ti'i.nston-Salem Jour. 1977, p. 1(Aug. 31, 1977) (in l',nf;lish) f i
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50272 7891 ti SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/ 76 XI Wa-81 . S•P• RJR CLASS NO. PAMPflLET 76 XI Wa-81 s.p. N3~s~ott=SSle.~. Journal°t~+x. =~e:es v wasarxza . ,, NE KICKED THE HABIT; OTHERS NOT SO LUC'KY. • *Abstr. in: Winston-Salem J., p. 22 (JULY 10, 1981)* So we gathered before him - about 100 of us - in a hot, crowded room at Benton Convention Center. It was May 29, a little more than a month ago, and for 2 1/2 hours, Hoke, the hypnotist, worked his wonders. For some of us, it has worked. For others, it has not. Statistics compiled by the American Lung Association show that.about .two-thirds of those who try to stop smoking through hypnosis will still not be smoking after six months.... ~
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50272 7890 TOP,ACCO--FINLAND/TORACCO--RUSSIA/ T" RJR CLASS NO. PAMP1iLET XI ToB2-77 5.J)• pston-rS,alem;: Jou"r- al FINLA?3D i S SMOKING LAW TOUGH. Winston-Salem Jour. 1977, p. ~The strictest smdcing law in 1 t~e world came ir.to effect in ~ Finland on Toesday. It is novi t illegal to smoke in. places to ~ ~~hich everybody has free ~ access - induding public of- fices, haspitals. ,.schools; 6 (1•iar. 3, 1977) (in English) thcater' s.'' buses: -'taxis; mcetings to which minors are admitted and Parliament. It is also illegal_'to. sell • tobacco products to anyone ur.der 16 or to advertise new tobacco or -alcoholic producls. . p. s* . a
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50272 7.874 I L.*A "s.~ Ae,-1s74 (FORSY'TH~COUN'rY';-~N.':) , n •} , ~r , lC.-~9.~5~ 14`1y, ~'' 'F1~rw , , , ~ 4 For Suburban Area Listings See Winston - Salem ; Suburban Directory . HILL DIIZE O'I'OR-Y C,OINIPANY r- v t3 L Z 8 1 i r 12. s 2910 W. Cloy atreet a Richmond, Va. 23230 Tc i. (703) 359-6001 A Ubrory CX Cwt CN lown ct.~ p(,( V • " City Direaorie (s Avoiloble At' t Chorober o! Commeri:e ,. 14~J: ;~~Y Cify C;uy majoll diredorics in o„a ti•oiurne • , ~. 11.1 Buy ers' Guicic and Classificd Busincss Directory Alphabe'ical Directory Strcei Direc;cry =;; of Household ers ~~ and Busiresses '~I Numerical ~ 'ielepf,one r t't~ Directory , ".JSi~ia~:A-a.7 9
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0 •a 50272 7888 - -....~_..-~ - -. ..~ 76 XI tdA-77t S.F. - RJR CLASS NO. YAASI'HLET.76 XI Wa-77 s.p. a Winston-Salem Journal. DESENSITIZED TO RISK. Winston-Salem Jotir, 1977, p. 4 (:far. 25, 1977) (in English) Sales fioures s~,ow that cioarctte ( Health authorities are puziled by this ~ t smoking was on the increase last year, , _ "irrational" attitude, but it seemsi j despite all the crusading and carn- paigning against it. Cigarette brands ~ clear to me that the American publie today is suffering from a plain case of ~ ~ and types continue to proliferate, and I ovcrUll. We have simply become ~ ~ more pcople try more of them I, S desensitized to the risk of disease and; _. . searchin., for that magical combination t _death by absorbing toxic substances/i of harmlcssness and flavor. : i's irT ~ ~
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50272 7883 , 76 X L'i SM0I:ING IIABITS--RELINQUIS1iING/ - . RJR CLASS N0. PAPIPt1LET 76 X N ~. BLRCKGUM FAVORED FOR CHEW, Winston-Salem; Journal 1976, p. 11 (Mar. 18, 1976) (in English) ' . r.. ..:- . • • 4 •..
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;. t 50272 7904 Wa5 ' • Winston-Salem Journal--Newspaper Clippings Wall Street Journal MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTED MATERIAL
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50272 7994 77 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI Mel-77 ~ XI Me b rn.:c,: ,y t i :' 3fZtORE PEOPLE ARE SMOKING. Winston-Salem Jour. 1977, p. 6 (Jan. 25, 1977) (in English) i tismoking campaigns cannot ~ keep the rate of cigarette smokIng from rising 3 to 4 per 4 cent a year due to population , growth and because tobacco is the first luxury item poor peo- 'p1e buy,. agricull~re ot~icials said Monday./... •-- ;- '1 : L~ ti> . . . !
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50272 7886 76 XI Wa-79 S.P. - ;bK. _ 1'ftelt A CI7Y OF t:ILLE::S? Winston-Salen Sentinel, 1979, RJR CLhSS NO. PA."iP1iLET 7GXI 17a-79 S. P. p, 1 (t•tar. 21, 1979) (in Engl.is'A)* :~Folks in more than a half-million South' Sl:ghtlwsmaller type lists that "every•thing"; Florida hauseholds picl:ed up their btiarni.las "Pienty of high-paying jobs, low taxes, not : Heralds Sunday morning and saw, on the front; much crin:e, four colleges, a symphony and an 'page of the Sunday magazine, "Tropic," a pic-! industr.• that kills 115,A')0 people a year./ :ture of the Winston-Salem skv!i^°. Large tyW_ describes the Twin City as "The touc that has 'ev~er••thir.q.~--- , ~. ti, .. a
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•4 . - 50272 7892 .a..__•;- XI Me1 77- S, p, ..FtJR CLASS 140. PArfP11LET XI 2•iel-77 s. p. _ i' :. . .Wina.ton-S4kleia. Journal s. AN INCREASING NMMF3ER OF PEOPLE ARE SHOPPING AT CONVENIENCE STORES FOR ~ SMALL PURCHASES SUCH AS CIGARETTES. t' Winston-Salem Jour. 1977 (. , p. 52 (June 30, 1977) i I. - . . .»..A ~:'• ..::,...a._ ~b:ore thari 7U per cent of the~transactions were made; ,ocery items. beer and soft drinks; gr between 3 p.m. and closing (usually II p.m.). and more than 50 per cent of the stores' sales came on Friday. nights • and weekends; . . . ' = The average customer spends less than five minutes in the : store, buys three items, and spenas $1.52; -The best•sellinR items, in order, are tobacco products, inilk, ` - The average store has weekly sales of 55,568, and makes a; • pprofit after taxes of 1.5 per cent; . . ': s...,•;i.-•-- . - Sixty per cent of the store managers who were surveyed said I 1Si6 was their best year ever. / '•• , t +' . . . (in English) I
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011, NEW SNUFF CATCIIIaG ` Winston-Salem Journal, 1977, p. B-10 (Jan. Re•molds, which does not rrake sauff noIN ; is taxirg a hard look at -the gro•;ing success of wet snuff and is w•eighing the possibilities of making it, says Paul Ray, cewiy, named manager-of specialty tobacco prediict~s 1Yet snuf f is used primarily by men, accord'ing ' to industry spokzsmea .. . , •._ .: . I • .50272 7895 VIII MP.A,-7.7 . :. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET tdi>SS t~it~ -$n~e~t=Joumal ~ VIII 1•ieA2-77 16, 1977) (in English) . ©
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.: 50272 7910 _ XI Coi 77 S.P, RJR CLASS NO. PAaH'HLET XI Coi 77 s. ~1Y~~~o~r~ie~e~s ~Sentinel_a CIGARETTE COWBOY HAS DRESS STYLE. ' Winston-Salem Sentinel, p. 21 (July 14, 1977) (in English) . , .
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, 50272-7893 ~ 71 VII Rer77 S.P. ' RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET %,~IVII ReT77 s.p. WZnston-Saleta_;JournaU LEAF HARVESTER CAUSES LITTLE MIGRA•TION. , Winston-Salem Journal 1977, p. 17 (Apr. 18, 1977) (in English) 1 -(.Disruptions to; lobacco harti'est workers as a• result of inechanization will be. smaller than many: agricultural officials and: ~ olhers had feared, say two; economists who have been: } studying the subjcct.for some: ~ time. r t . r Some migration of workers" frorn tobacco farms will occur• as more and more tobacco growers begin • using' mechanical harvcsters and: bulk curing systems, but it will not hc massive in nature, the cconomists saidJ
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! 1 50272 7897 (_?~i Cfl '7 ~ ~ S, ~ • IhDUSCRY <01-1% 011111131 1:u1 ul tilC t~sU prot•ides a prrshective rin !tc}•nulds that it-s nnl pn::cihlc Jo achicrc by simply ctxr.par- inr it a•ith.nnu other 1:'in: ton• Salem company. The coin- parison can show how the two giants operate in arcas beyond ,lhc mere ci;arcltc-branJ ricalries, and can show whal { ;thcy'vc achieved in other ! t f . . RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI Co1-77 S.P. Winston-SaIem- Journal;- Winston-Salem,. N.C., U.S.- -~ RJR AND PHILIP MORRIS - RICHI,OND COMPANY' S GROINYH CHALLENGES LEADER. Winston-Salem Journal, P. D16 (Sunday, May ~ in addition, the comparicon can give an insiCht into Philip ~: dtorris, a company «'hirh hr,s orown cstraordinarily over th. • ~:1ast decad;: and which- if it : eeps on, rnight wcil begin to j'take cu~tomers away fron ; Rcynolds. If that happens, : there could be somc impact on . ',\SinstomSatem 29, 1977) - in English rf•
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50272 7901 PERIQUE TOBACCO/ 76 XI Wa-80 S.P. • KJK 46i.naa rW. reu•lrni.c• .v nLwn-uv a.p. ~~~~~ UNIQUE TOBACCO MAY DISAPPEAR. Winston-Salem Jour. p. 5 (Nov. 24, 1980) (in English) Tobacco connoisseurs around the world soon may be without the strong, aromatic perique tobacco grown only in St. james Parris, for the first time in nearly two centuries... a 0
Page 397: tvk78d00
~qI~ Y1 ~s~~ry *r c~ Pc:,;: UYflce D~; ~''~x~~ent V O•.f, ai i~i..'~~S„L~ Z.ia. VV~ ii~F•v.vt'+is c v:- t;ent t r ~L tY:e z'3tion..~,1 Zip CQls vxxec~:;~: •. , Vp
Page 398: tvk78d00
J RJR CLASS NO. PA2•fPHLET 76 )Vy,,% ~ S.1p Winstoa-Salctn Jour. 1976, p. E-8 (Oct. 24, 1976) (in English) 47iri~t:bn~-Sa]-em' Journal Si•AI:YNG HABIT IS HARD TO rRr'AK. - Letter. ,ft n{ay hclp to anwlyze just. 'what you gct out of snickirb. Sonic prol,le feel citi::rcttcs, keep thena roing; tt:~ ~c can substitutc sun{c ::ctirity. such os a brisk walk 0rJ I don't ntcan pacing around the living •. ruurn ). : A)aybe your pleasure comes ' ftonl hanalin}; the ciEarct:e; ; . try do:x~lin~ ~~t to~5~ tvi~ti a pen•. i *197G, No. 23, W 8803 1 *d* t ~ Tobacco analysis: 0 • , i 50272 7898 - I:; 76 _X1t.Ta ~ _ . . S.. P... _ ..-,.-.. _ 61. Consider %Oether you u:,e ci;arcttes to fccl pod or to avoid feeling b:d. :t happens lhat tnany smo{:crs use cigarettcs as a crutch to Lcla them gct throul!h momtnts of strc•ss; ag:rin, ::ubstitutcs are t:eeded, and food - in ntodera- tion - oftcn ts advised. _• •
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50272 7914 . TORPCCO--*'f)vtT" CAR()LINA/MOP,T1! CAROT.INA---TOBAC'CO/TO?iAC(A--I?Cf'!~*tICS / , INCn*lE--*I(1RTN CARnL?*IA/ 76 XI Wa-77 _ RJR CLASS N0. PA?•PHLET 76 aI Wa-7 7 s. p. C.WinstonzSalero, Sentine2-TOBACCO IliCO:`.E BY N. C. COtP.dTIES. - Map. Winston-Salem Sentinel, 1977, p.•3 (1977) (in English) . •. . ~ t i
Page 400: tvk78d00
, . . TOR.ACCO--QL'ALITY/T(1BACC0--PRICES/ • 76 Xt Wa-77 S.P.. 50272 7915 `:. »"...... RJR CLASS NO. PA"tPHLET 76 Y.I.k'al-77 s.p. % 313riston-Saleia "Sentinel ~._- TOBACCO QUALITY DECLIA'ING. , ' Winston-Salem Sentinel, 1977, p. 3 (July 18, 1977)-(in English) FlueL~urcd lobacco_offered a't-{ 'l8 rnarkets in. the Gcorgia- 1 Florida leaf belt last week was less plentiful and of poorer oualitv. cornoared with last . y ca>~ ~- -
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50272 7903 76 XI Wa-81 S.P. - ~ill6'dG,LL1S£'4: Nd~,X`*.'.,,rs-'2~'~ . SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/ RJR CIA SS NO. PAMPHLET 76 XI Wa-81 s.p. r I~. WANT TO QUIT? FIND THE STRATEGY THAT SUITS YOU. Winston-Salem J., p. 22 (July 10, 1981) (in English) The old saw that it is easy to quit smoking - "I've done it 400 times" - is all too familiar to millions of smokers who would like to kick the habit. Many strategies to help enlarge the ranks of former smokers have been devised, ranging from special chewing gums and countdown filters to hypnosis and group therapy.... .. C/ ~-! ~.l 1 ~ , hr
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50272 7902 -•-- XI Co1-73 S.P, - P..;n CLASS 2;C. PAIiYi;i.xT ~~ (l0 73 ' ~k~!.~ -~-~o-;~C~_'_- U. S c:c.lr,:r~L co.~1.SwiI.~~. r 1!insta: -~~lp~: Jour. , w'in3tor.-Sa1em, N. C., 1973, n, p, (Jur.c 1, 1973) (i:l I:nFJ.i.sh) +'-_19`/3, No. 13, W 5283* t1r~* n, tr-..: Mf.a {'Ci`~~- ~y~r ., . _ , .... _ .,.. . -... . ~ . .. .....~ n . --.v+ . . .. ~ . i , a
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5027 2_7911 TOBACCO- HISTORY/ 7 6 XI F1a-77 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 76 XI Wa-77 s.p. S P. Winston-Salem Sentlnel;,..t ' DUKE HO:iESTF.AD TELL STORY OF TOBACCO. Winston-Salem Sentinel, 1977, p. 13 (Iday 16, 1977) (in English) Mentions RJR. -~The formal opening of the • new Duke Homestead State }listoric Site in Durham.at 2 . p.m. Saturday will ciimax siX• years of effort to assure perpetuation of the story of tobacco in North Carolina / a
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50272 7899 _.. .7b` :cf Wa `. ~~.. . S.P. ti ..h~.~..~w wti•.. ~:..'_r..i f... n • 1.. - . . .. . • ' RJR CLASS :10. PAMPIILET 76 XI Wa s.p. Wiit§ t o'hw q a l eiii ;:1 o u rn n 1, TOBACCO IPJI)USTI'.Y I'OI: fS~ DRFE-KTl:D. (FRANK E. MOSSO ) . Winston-Salem Jour., 1976, p. 1(:Iov. 4, 1976) (in English) ~' The' cigarettc iadustry ..Yas relieved cf perhaps its most persistent foe in -Congress.: Tuesday when Sen. Frar.:; F,. ' Aios, D-titah, was bcaten in - his: bid for• a'fourth: six-yzar, "terma`~; .-~ -.. i. .' ~..-.~...-.af+..i.-..;c:V.~...... . v~.......r.w-....-t....w:...a.. ~..ws-. .. ~-..... - \.
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tWinstgn-Salem-. Journal; Winston-Salem, N. C.,U. S. A CULTURAL TRF.ND 1JiAY HAVE BROAD IFtPLICATO`7S. Winston-Sa1em,Journal, 1976, p. 4 (July 10, 1976) (in English) TOBACCO --SMOKING--PUBLIC HEALTH CHALLENGE/ 50272 7887 76 XI Wi . ^ ~ RJR CLASS NO. PA.I-iPNLET 76 XI Wii lTobacco iridustry representatives are ~outragcd.' A spokesman for. Washington's Tobacco Institute bristles that "the report is no surprise in light of the massive and unwarranted attack on smoking over the past dozcn years." Federal and state law is , becoming increasingly hostlle.- Over r. ft t~ .a half the 50 states have passed legis•~ ~ lation protecting nonsmokcrs from f tobacco fumes in public p!aces, and the) 197G Public llealtl Service rcport calls; ~ for a "coherent government programi to reduce smoking" bcginning wJth the ; elimination of subsidies -ot • tobacco i farmer~ . ~~,~. -~ ~'---- a
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. r i .~.~ 50272 7919 , SMOKING AND HELATH/ 76 XI Wa-77 S- P. RJR CLASS NO. PA?1PHLET 7b X/ Wt - J,7 ; "Nins.ton-Saleip Sentinel ' 1.'HAT'S YOUR RISK-FACTOR PROFILE? Winston-Salem Sentinel 1977, p. 21 (June 30, 1977) (in English) *Keywords:* Cigarette smoking. -
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50272 7884 i XI Me -77 RJR CLASS N0. PAZ•iPHLET XI .W*,-77 s. ~ ~. CHANGES IN '.CHEWING TOBACCO PRODUCTION. . ' KI-ost cornpanies use a basic no-nonsense technique to t and sell chewin tobac- : i g ag. e rr co There's r.othing fancy ia- `•olved: the products are set ~ o* -it on-a stielf and e.xpected to sell themselves ., ~~ 'lhis prirni!ive approach con- l.:_____,__._._ tc3sls sha`rvl~• i~it4-the lavish:~ big-money effort the tobacco ~ companies employ to sell cigarettes. But irs typical of ' the relaxed, low-key, frier•dly ~ atmosphere that disting-jishes -the chewir.g tobacco irdustry , as a w-hole, spokesmen here say,7 ~ Y-.- - .. i"1 {a f7 (? ~ : ; il : ~ . : Winston-Salem Jour., 1977, p. B-10 (Jan. 16, 1977) (in English)
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~_..: ~ i c• 50272 7908 - , f . :.. .. ..._-, ....:.,>_.. • XI ToB2-77 S.P. RJR CLASS N0. PA.*tP1iLET XI ToB2-77 s.p. Winston=Sa.ietn>.Setttinei • . . , CARTER rAVORS TOBACCO riONEY. Winston-Salem Sentinel, 1977, p. 1(June 28, 1977) (in English) ~: _ : . _;•. _.._.r -+~President Carter favors continuation of. the government's tobacco support program, according to his press secretary. Jody Powell. in remarks yesterday, vowell indicated that Carter does not in-. tend to join Joseph A. Califano, secretarj of Health, Education and Welfare, in Califano's recent suggestion'that the government • stop its tobacco support program on grounds that smoking is a. . • hazard. health In another development yesterday, Carter signed into law a bill.. • . . . , designed to cut down- on speculative leasing of tobaccu ' : marketir.c quotas. the News, : and Observer of Raleigh reported. . .;....r.-.. .: .,.a.+;..et,:. :..._'r:.s.,.,:.• :. ....r,,..:...:..:. . • ~ ~'• i I a
Page 409: tvk78d00
c. •`- 50272 7917 0 i. 72 %I Re~-.77 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 72 XI Re2-77 s.p. <~ititsto~ri~Salem::5ent3nel~ _ - . U. S. MAY ALLOW STATE TO TAX PX CIGARETTES. ~~If Congress permits states to tax cigarettes sold in military ex- ' changes and commissaries. North Carolina doesn t stand to gain ~ a lot of money - probably $1 to $1.5 million yearly. But it would be another step along a path states have taken toward fully taxing*men and women in the armed forces who are I stationed within their borders. .
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~ 50272 7923 , . ~ w S, ~ U :~ ' T(IUIES t3r CiI~t1ZS+Jfi.PTICtN 0:I OFZI3ES USi:i~i 0. - --,j-^rFti.on, Proo. S,-:np. F,eelo ]9'A, 2F39-2Q4, .. . •. . . . . . . . . . . . . . I
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502-72 7900 ! ~ & _-XI•..ToB2 7-7 5:V. ~ - -TOBACCO--LAW--CANADA/.., . j r Wiristiiri=fia~erf: , nirrnal' ~ TORt).lTU GETS ii0-S; iUi:IiX oRWI;+.1i+(a:. ldinst:on-Sa1em. Jour. 1977, p. 6 (June 22,1977) (in En,;lish) ~~~itho~t a word of debate, City Council >ttonday passed aL sweepin~ bvlaw which defines the puff - on cigarette, cigar or pipe-- as a prrhibited ae, ~ tivity in most public places. 1 l'wTJ'. CLASS t;O. PA`iP1II,ET XI ToB2-77 s.p. e
Page 412: tvk78d00
I 50272 7896 77 Y. 41i SMOKING t1ATiITS--RELINOUISItITG/ RJR CLASS NO. PAT•II'HLET 77 X~~ Wiiiston-Saieni Journal' QUIT SIfOKING? YES, YOU CAN DO IT. Winston-Salem Jour. 1977, p. E18 (Feb. 27, 1977) (in English) ~he b;rsic ingredients fur suctessful quitting are ~ Alotivation -.1~ incling strong, important, per- ! sonal rea!:ons for wanting to give up cigarcltc's, ~ rrasrms that will help to reiriforce your decision to quit vrhen the guing gcls rough. Insight - Ucdcrst;rndin;; what cigarettes do for you so that you can•find substitutes and lcarn to do wihout them. Since diffcrcnt• people srtioke -fur c:iffcrcnt rcasons, what works for onc would-be ~ quitlcr may nut work for anotlicr. .i ,, :., ~ . . . . . . 1---•--, _ Attrtude -- VieK•ing quitting as a plus,.as attain- i ing a new sense of self-control and estcem, wi!i m:rke It a lot easier than if you think you arc givinfi 1 sumething u _ ... -- !Ael_ --- - • ..-- ,
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50272 7920 ~ XXI WIHSTON-SALU1.:,$TARCIi,.SEMIIdAR- --} PROC1tAM; °MISCELLAi3E(k;: , Pe CORRESPONDEN~4sQNLY~- __..~_-..~-._.~ . I Penick and Ford, Ltd. WINSTON-SALEM STARCH SEMIrI::P, - PROGFI+.M, MISCELLUECUS COP,P.ESPONDE*1CE OaLY Not•enbor 13-14, 1967 Ninstou-Salem, N.C. 7-.lrl-,-TS--.,. -
Page 414: tvk78d00
50272 7922 ~ I tti ~, 2ho.atiinstcn-Salem Teaccer.z7Co17.oge.:.,,,. Winston-Salem Cr.amber of Corvnerce PA2II'HLE,TS ON WINSTON-SALEM AI:D NORTH Clu:CLIIIE'.. 0 -7r7-- T.zT4e*a.-..-.^"- .. . . ..
Page 415: tvk78d00
X Ac-76 F i. , c , 50272- 7913 k3R CLASS N0, PA:4P/tLF.T X Ac-76 Wi.nstcsn-Sa1e1n Stntinel S2'OKING 130TiIERS LALW.L'.i;rr.S, BUT THEY OPPOSE BA."i\Ia.O IT. hinston-Salcia Sentinel, 1976, p. 15 (Oct. 28, 197i:) (in English) • -l3ut t~,e lawmakers are less valiing than other adults to cn- dorse stronger federal rules ~ ::gainst public cit arctte smo}:ing, according to a survey 'rclcnscd by Action on Smoking aud liealth./^._- . . .. ... ..._ _. .. .._.-.. . ,.. . _, ..,.......... _,.. ............ a
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~tl1j..~VllV ii,i.lt;)i:1 CphJ LI~~S~'IC4T~"?~!'1 1,10 Sx-1"'~itiit~'3 S*0bL ZLZOS
Page 417: tvk78d00
76 XI Wa-77 S.P. 50272 7916 - -- - -- _ - i TOBACCO--ECONOMICS/TOBACCO--NORTH CAROLINA/TOBACCO--HISTORY/. TOBACCO--MANUFACTURE AND TRADE--NORTH CAROLINA/TOBACGO--ALLOTN.ENT/ tobacco--TOBACCO--PRICES/ r . RJR CLASS NO. PA~"iPHLET 76 XI Wa-77s. p. ~Winston-Sa1e>+i Sentinel ' TOBACCO TODAY. PART I- BATTLE LINES ETCHED IN THE FURROWS. PART 4 - DIRTY LEAVES PUTTING PINCH ON PROGRAM. PART 5 -- IiEALTH CONTROVERSY. PART 2 - REAMS OF RULES PROTECT THE FIRMERS. PART 3 - PRICE SUPPORTS. Winston-Salem Sentinel, 1977 p. 1 (July 18, 1977) (in English) p. 1 (July 19, 1977) - ~-~ - p. 1 (July 20, 1977) - 1er 1iattlcfsrldis~onc the farrriers'arc not'f , 1(Jul 21 1977) caling with, and'one t.iat.R~aj.in t~c long p y • e."much mdre 'of. a'. problcm than the p• 1 (July 22, 1977) It is lhe batllcficld of public:opinion, tlic !•anti-tobacco.groups and ultimalely ihe 'alcs.Congress, with; ils lifc-and-dcathr :r,;lhc•rcdcral•tobacco progran: lhat ha iahc gro%vin uJ._llic leaf for dccadcs;,,l_I - ,. 0
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50272 7927 XXII O Wi2 (1969) o3sink#!Yt p .l-. - D.°;'~ ` SCxEYCE ON TdE YZI?Cii, SHEET MATERIALS FOR WRAPPING FROZEN FOODS .. _ . -,. . . . . . . . ....... v~ri• tYV • ~.e, VL~"7 \J41J ~ 1.3et1 f .. ~ . ' . ' . . ra.. . . . . . ~ - . . .. .
Page 419: tvk78d00
50272 7926 - a II Mes-76 S.P. METHOD STUDY 2, NUTRIENT ANALYSES, MANUAL METHODS . An Evaluation of Analytical Methods for Water and V1astewater. l ~ F. ,A- _ n ~ / a~~.~i9C~4! *`.r C! •'' . L . .V 1970 ' ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AG:•NVY Water Quality Office Analytical Quality Control Laboratory 1014 Rroadway Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 :e ~i ..
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50272 79.18 : z .76 XI Wa-77 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAr1PHLET 76 XI Ula-77 s.p. ~TinstQn-S,aletn-Sent• VOTE S1JAP SOUGHTWITH TOBACCO FOE. ', ' Winston-Salem Sentinel, 1977, p. 15 (July 20, 1977) (in English) - o acco Several 1\orth Carolina rongessman ~ sav they are worl:ing ta'trade votes in an attempt to defeat anti- lcgislation:~ '•r' ~t 3 \luch of the trading is centering around amendments to an $il billion farm bill caliing for• a new sugar program artd increased wheat and corn supports. • •Another amendment, hoticecer, calls for an end to the tobacco sponsorcd b~• Rep. James P: .That amendment .upport program , . ~Juhnsun, R-Colo:;*would put the tobacco prugrainout of existence ~b. 198 0 / l'%" ° _ : 1
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* RJR CLASS.NO. PAMPHLET 72 XI ReZ-77 s. Hoeae Edition) BILL AIMED AT. N. C. LITTER. ENVIRON1tENTALISTS WAIiT TAX ON PRODUCTS. Winston-Sales, Sentinel, 197? p. 11 (Mar. 16, 1977) (in English) I • The tax on„Ij,, R•~•nolds o'~acco o: and other tobacco mmanufacturers (or•ciraraetie ss es aiune annareatN .rould be businesses in this state by s.ich a law wrould total maey miilionc 1 Indicates that ~thf taxes K•hich e•ould.be extracted from A r---r- -w. quick check of figures from the K.C. Departmeat of Revenue~ I abosit 5263.OOQ_a_Yea~:. . .
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50272. 7912 TOBACCO--SMOKINt',--PASSIVE/ , . _._.._~... _ .._........_.....K........ ,... ., ..- XI ToB2 77 S.P. • RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI Tos2-77 s.p. Wins ton-Sat~`~fi'~p~i~ lirt~1~~ ; SMOKF.D-OUT EMPLOYE TAKES ACTION. COURT AWARDS MAN $700 EVERY 2 WEEKS ' IN COMPENSATION. Winston-Salem Sentinel, 1977, p. 17 (June 23, 1977) (in English) i . . _ r-+..~y... l hcffice of Fcdcra O Employee ' ~.Compccsation agrccd %%ith him anJ t rccedcnt ' a- • . p t. 1't Peterkc's was not the conventional of a factory worker exposed to ; E: r,gcrous chcmicats. Ifc was a~~hitc- ~ tllFl Sil oa crhpoyc In theoca Security L ~ istration's IIalticnorc officcs, tlamcs his miscri:s on the ' lte smoke that wafted his way he dcsks of his fclluw %,rorkcrsy . •: . .~- ,Eranted him about S;N cvery two ,x•ccks In compcnsation in a case that hic laN scr and others believe may sct a .r~s:..:.•>...::....::w.,i,;:._.. 4 I
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1, MINERAL AND PHYSICAL ANALYSES An Evaluation of FWPCA Analytical Methods for Surface Waters June 1969 Federal Water Pollution Control Administration Division of Water Quality Research Analytical Quality Control Laboratory Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 O.S. DEPARTMENT 0Y INTERIOR
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CHICAGO FIRMPAYS PEOPLE TO EAT --A1JD TEST --FOOD ;. 77 V Ch _.1i. F't3UD--TASTF.-TESTINC/CQNSUMER TESTING/ Winston Saletn Sentinel,-i::5/30/77-j~p.•v8-..,.,,j By CILARLES CHAJIBERLAIN CHICAGO (AI') -= Roy Roberts served coffee at his place and paid peuplc S2 a cup to drir.'- it. And he threw a french fry ~)arty for 46 children and lbeir parcitts, paying each family 512 for coming. When Roberts wants to invite people to his Home Arts Guild 'lesearch Center, he selccts soecific pro::ps from a file of 5,000 `amilies. They may eat new and unusual kinds of food, use all 7itfereat kinds of products from car «•ax to bubble gum or >elcct the most attractive pacl:ages from the shelves of a -niniature supermarket. All Roberts asks in return are their ratir.gs of the products, -easons and suggestions. I'.e sells their answers to the nanutacturers. Carrying on a family business that started 50 }•ears ago, Zoberts, 49, runs a testing ground on the 2Jch floor of a :;hicago skyscraper, where there are s;~cret roems with one- .vay a•indo«s, a big kitchen, a te:evisicn room showing only ,ommercials and a.battery of researchers keeping tabs on eactions. Roberts has about 300 projects a year. T he tests are per- ormed ar.d tabulated by the research company's own staff :ilh a report issued to the client. 5i1272 7909 . The ', San-unal .. . P ~~C ~ ~~ ..-..../ . hospital equipment. And 100 children tried to remove caps from gasoline cans. And a ~ro~p chose the most attractive of hali a dozen styles of a new portable television set yet to be produced. . "One of our bia breaks in censumer research came throuoh a blind taste-test for a margarine producer 10 years ago," Roberts ,-ecalled. "He knew he had hit it good when they couldn't tell his product from butter." Roberts said one of his most humorous survevs K•as •the testing c:one for a mattress manufacturer. He put the mattresses on 10 beds and had people jump up and down on . them. "Amory thinps that wrnt over a•lth a thn.t ..•~.~
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50272 7933 TOBACCO--PHARMACOLOGY/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ TOBACCO--SMOKE--PHARMACOLOGY/SMOKING AND HEALTH/ TS 2240 THE SCIENTIFIC CASE AGAINST SMOKING. Ni (Based on the latest Surgeon General's Report). 1980 A Herbert Michelman Book Crown Publishers, Inc. New jork
Page 426: tvk78d00
50272 7929 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 Wi-1980 EFFECTS OF BRAND FADING ON RISK EXPOSURE AND SMOKING BEHAVIOR. Dottoral dissertation. Uniyersity of Pittsburgh. 1980 Uni.yersity MicrofilMs International.Ann Arbor, MI.80.(IN ; ENG.) ISN = 3516
Page 427: tvk78d00
. , ; .: Wintgr, Pf3Z5qNS %t; YuJR bMD 50272 7932 J:569 243 P.-gea CYaira POoliahero, Inc. hew York A I ) •
Page 428: tvk78d00
RC 681 .<,Winter;: _William, ... j t.. author Pr Priz::-,:±s:t~.l., MYron 1;F.t.T:T Axi:,.CK, NEW 1:OPL'', NIi'rT Oa7WL..T:.'I)^vE, I•I1:,d LITF;., by Pi-inzmetal, Myron and willia:a Wir.; er 1965 232 1>. Si.rnon anc? Schuster New York i
Page 429: tvk78d00
50272 7834 P.JR CLASS NO. PAr4'HI.ET - XI Camp 1i gn XI Me2-78 ~t`N'*P10ri OF THE TOBACCO SUCSTITUT'r.S. P Cai:spaign, 1977,~p. 30, (Nov. 18, :.S'77)*(:n English) S. • . , .• _.., r.-,.:: : _:,..,o.rr..__`•'__-.._,.:_ ....:........ __,.._:..a.:._~...~_..-.....:.~- - --a.,.~.~..- _~' 1 . .' inb r co tubaitutcs 9203 cn of the _ _R.,,..... . . . - .,-_._., •..-. •-.•.-.... _ , . . . . . - .: ;JY~~t.r.^~-,.~-.-r.:.r•.R..t`+%.r~.t.w. -rrf;.rr,..+.-ra.~.,c .V~;~'..-.t-.••_.r;~.~.s~rrn.. . - ~ . . . . . f. - .. nbout the action bcinC; iahcn F,^,air.st toLacco sutsti:ctcs. Fc has always said t~;::t we mua.t loo~s for s:afer erol:ir.g ^:terial:s and he wanto to encoure.~o rcaea:cl: in thi:; field, tiiough Covcrnc,nt ;wlicy recr.;s to be to put an end to it. "I think o:;c's Got to co b^ck tn }iuX2ey and ecccpt that there is evic?ence that civilised u;~n r,eeds sor-r, Y.ind of cocial d.nq; - but one that do.cr.'t 1:!;J:e pcop)e ran do•.m Ycop)c in •their cur:•, and doesn't mz,hc -Vum behave xnti-vocially; and doc•sn't nM:e thcm violent, and duesn't destr:,y their health." - -,~•.~- 1. j:rofi)e of Ir,nsVA-4try sa; s that this pr.;.ctic:in(; family doctor han an icprer.:a•re record r su;,;::;:: for cnt3-:nol:inr cc^.IIj.ait;t1n. but he is anmrry - , . , . . - •, • . . . • e.s.ti.+r:~i:n..~:.:rs...~ii%,s.'t~v :rr.i.: ~u~.~ r~.i;tr S«ww:n:it:i~C:lG.•:r•~a+i..e•~a.,G~+LrL~ ii:~w:~.i.ib3::s~f.~,:i,:~sa. ii.,i~iu A y , CI., f V a . . . , • ~. ' i r. ;. . _ i ~ . ~ } ;.' , :y • , " ~~ ' ---3=- - s:._-~___L»_ ~.__~_~_._.~.:__1i ~_.._-------=-- - •
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50272 7928 72 ~I ~lE"i 6a~gl,,,,,~~tAl AIR--PGLLUTIO\--aNALYSIS f ~ Muitiwavelength Nephelometer Measurements in . t ~JOUJI. ~A~~. ll'1L~PlP• • ~ C Los Angeles Smog ~erosols tl. Correlation with Size Distributions, Vo!ume Concentrations AHLQL'IST CILI I:I TIiTI:LT~I: o'~r:"1I'3'i~TTRR axc) \ C R J • ~ T I' '0N ~: , , . . . . . . . . . , ~ 1t'alcr an~? air llcsu+rrcrs Dit•isi;,n, Ciril F.n,oineeriny Departueenl, Lrnitersily of 1T'ashinqton, Scatlle, 1{'asbiotglun 98105 AXD li. T. «'7iIT13Y, Pti. B. IIUSAR, A-,tD B. Y. H. JLIU , ~ > Particl.: Tccl.uoloq,+r Laboratory, .llcchunical En,ainu in.g Dcpartbnenl, Uvi+Yrsily of .1linncxvia, Mr.rtcapolis, JI:nludolc 55455 i L'eceived \f;trch 2G 1!171; nt•mptetl Junc 1 1371 . . , -.. . ~. _ . . : ~ ... • . .. - . - . .. . e
Page 431: tvk78d00
50272 7930 x ScAl D:.7 ~.lii/.'t~U.C.S DES i'.l~~~C~ILt'i r.ti iOLT 'i:•3 .~. 0N 1`u. TAl '"s~ I`+TS 1:!tSSC~iEYDLR2C ~~TAliOLT'i:•3 TiaCG~?a~i Iti hNF:I~i ~i~ by E, ~ i.i.~'! j.o s.RCt:'t1. F ..,t..n Ctl thQ i.atuiics o£ tho t:~ina=Y c~cre~S.oa oi cr.rto'oolit~~ c~ the hi ac;asV,Jc wai.nec. ) Vcrhr,n6. I (1:r>ig 1965) , ,~or.~...
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50272 7939 , jt. ~.~"-Wintersteinp Alfred, ~t. author. 5asxvrc;h! G~~,~:c3 j:7Qr/:+ S~h..~~il:/~JLAl:I [I`ii\ l..:L r:L.1 ~:,....-Jw lLyit~3w"a:.+ ."1;J 4t7 d(*u~S'~ vY.''".•..; 2a tZZ_..i'. ......,~~.....,....:. n)o'~.O.~.i;:?'~ ~.O.~.i;:?'~~ fI':i:.^.S 7ES5tr P;:. i2 \:.~f.iJ ~ ., f
Page 433: tvk78d00
t TP 370 W "t,5~,~?sjiatQ..Grace .0. ._. ,^ _~~2-. jt ai Winton, Andrew Lincoln, 18G1•-19-IG. The analysis of foods, by Andrew L. Winton ... and Kate Barber Winton ... With 208 illustrations. New York, J. Wiley & sons, inc.; London, Chapman & 1I,i11, ltd. t19-t5j zil, 909 p. tltus., dingrs. 221 cm. Text on lining-papers. Includes bibliographical references. 1. Food-Analysis. i. Winton, l:ate Grace (Ilarber) 1882- joint author. TX541.W48 ~ 543.1 45-4502 Library of Congress (51021 9
Page 434: tvk78d00
. -idi.nton; .; X.Ate L;rac© (Barber), 1852=~~ " jt au TP Winton, Andrew Lincoln, 1Stri- 370 . The structure and composition of foods, by Andrew L. W Winton ... and Kate Barber Winton ... New York, J. Wiley & sons, inc.; London, Chapman & I-lall, limited, 1932-39. 4 v. illus. 24 cm. Centimeter and inicromillimeter rule inserted In V. 1. Bibliographical foot-notes. CoNTt1NTS.-I. Cereals, starch, oil seeds, nuts, oils, forage plants.- Ii. Vegetables, legumes, frults.-IU. ',Niilk (including human,), butter, cheese, ice cream, eggs, mcat, nu•at extracts, gelatin, animai :ats. poultry, fish, shellfiFh.-IV. Surar, sirup, honey, tea, coffee, cocoa, spices, extracts, yeast, haklng po«•der. 1. Food-Analysis. I. W9nton, Kate Grace (Barber) 1882- joint author. 32-5261 Library of Congress -t, T\5-i1.W55 149r 31v11 513.1
Page 435: tvk78d00
• 50272 7942 TP ~ Winton, Andrew Lincoln, 18G4-, . 370 The structure and composition of foods, by Andrew L. W Winton ... and Kate Barber Winton ... New York, J. Wiley PU v(_ & sons, inc.; London, Chapman & Hall, limited, 1932-39. 4 v. Illus. 24 cm. j Centimeter and mlcromillimeter rule inserted in v. 1. ,~ Bibliographical foot-notes. oJ ~, CO\Tt;NTS.--I. Cereals, stnrch, oil seeds, nuts, oils, forage plants.-- Ii. Vegetables, legunies, frults.--ni. Milk (including human), butter, cheese, Ice cream, eggs, meat, ment estracts, geJatin, animal fats, poultry, fish, shellfish.-IV. Su ;nr, sirup, honey, tea, coffee, cocoa, spices, extracts, yeast, baking pom-der. 1. Food-Analysis. z. Winton, Kate Grace (Barber) 1882- joint author. ~ Library of Congress ~„~ 'lui~7i1~55 t49r31v11 15 -13.1 i
Page 436: tvk78d00
PESTICIDE EQUIPMENT/ 50 27 2 7936 Sci. Educ. Admin. pubi. (NW 14)1-19 (1980) 8/ II Bo TROPICAL FRUIT FLY CONTROL By P. A. Boving R. T. Cunningham, and* ~~~ e ;e ~~~~~ . _ 1. An Aerial ispenser for Viscous Lure-Toxicant Mixtures Exploration into newer and more selective methods of pest control (5, 6)2 has led to the formulation of a lure and a toxicant in a viscous base for the control of selected species of tropical fruit flies. This formulation is used to reduce uncontrolled wild populations so that releases of sterile insects cat naintain dominance over the wild populations. Without this step, a massive release program would be needed initially to overpower the wild population. The isolation of male lures (1, 3) makes the formulation more specific; and, with other protective materials, the formulations now provide: (a) a vehicle for attaching small quantities of chemicals to plant surfaces, (b) protection of the chemicals from atmospheric and soil breakdown forces, and (c) a slow release of the chemicals to extend their effectiveness. e
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50272 7931 Ingredients harmful and desirable found icu pac..aged fvods. with complete inforsiation for the cansu3er, A CO*FSLR-'iER' S DI(."TIQ`iARY OF FOOD ADDITI'JES. :OOD--ADDITIVES--UIR.ECTORIES/FODCi---IFLPVt)kA*STS/FLAVO'_'.~NTS -L,l,looi By `~RT1~IftIN~~~~x Crown PuGtishers, Inc., New York ~ C r;/1 L. .• 4 I v .-.---- f ""'''_-' ~ . «..............-r,........~....n.,.-..~ .-~--.-........_. _.. __.... .,..-,., .t .-..~.. +cs.....~.Y, 1~
Page 438: tvk78d00
50272 7921 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK Ref. Q 141-Hi 1982 i: l7~TW.if..'/"~''Y...e.'la~.w i.'r: ,_. . „ ,.y a~i~M~~`~~gl.~PTH1, COUNTY, N. C:)r CITY DxRECTORY, 4Y MIX =179llR'AIZApLCr `.AND''~ WALKERTOWNry:;" Directory contains four roa jor directories: 1. Buyers' Guide & Classified Business Directory; 2. Alphabetical Directory; 3. Street Directory of Householders & Businesses; 4. NuMerical Telephone Directory Old editions given to Engineering I)ept. R.L. Polk & Co. Publishers.RichMond, VA.82.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 4480 ,
Page 439: tvk78d00
50272 7937 , ~ } SPECTROSCOPY LtTTERS, 12(768). 535-557 (1979) ~ I p~, 6 II Re--iSUASSAY OF ESSF-%TIdL OILS: II. Assay of Methylsalicylate in1/..'SntergreenOil.~/SntergreenOil. I- ep0 Keyvordss `! hylsalicylate, NPQt Analysis; ~':~t Analysis, Wintergreen Oil: Salicylic acid, Methyl ester, N^IIt Analysts. H. A. E1-Obeid and H. :1. A. Hassan. Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chenistry., College of Pharviacy, Riyad Cniversity.. Riyad, Saudi Arabia. Abstract• An til4t procedure is described for the quantitative deterair.ation of siethy1sa11cylate as a drug entity and in wintergreen oil. For standard sifxtures containing the pure drug a aean result of 99.9 + 0.75: w/v vas obtained. A^.alysis of a vintergreen eil sarple for its contents of aethyl- salicylate gave a nean result of 99.2 +_ 0.L7X v/v. The results are compared vith those obtained using the official procedure. I ~ Y
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50272 7946 RC 46 Ha 1974 MPDICINF.--PI',ACTICEfTOI'.ACCO--S*:0I;1`:G--IlLALTIi'};I'p, CT/ - Harrison's Vclh ~ ,fL rdl '~~. , ,~~ ~ , ,, ~ qo l J Y-M-, sevor:f~ .:~n , : EDITORS A1fAXWELL'M: 1NINTROBBL B.A.. .1f.D.. 13.Sc. Ofed.1. Ph.D.. D.Sc. (Kon.. 'f-nit.). D.Sc. (i!:-n. C'LN. IL.1.C.P. ,.C.P., Disunguished Pro;eisor of Inxrna! .i,cdicine. Unis•erstty of L'::.3 CoUt:e ofAiedicine. Salt Lake City. j ! MeQIe-T-Mili Eook Company A BLAI:/STOV PC"8LlCA T1Ov
Page 441: tvk78d00
77 11 Re-80 S.p. 50,272 7945 THE APrRCiPRI/1TE USE OF GENETIC TOi(ICOLGSY IN INQUSTRY J. L. Eplcr, ";~~i~0~; A. q. NardiOr,^e and F. l•J. Larirar ar : Ciolo3Y Division, Oak Rid3e National Laboratory, Oak RidOe, TN 37330 ;c,intlY ;noit~o~~^~ U.S. . i~ .. .Jic :+ ..~....lir:1. Gy Pt?1';;e of this ai'tic1C, ti1Q r'.?'J1•i-h^r or to m1:'lin c: ri:+(i~)hClUSiV:, ~1C::i1:3 in co,'urin0 the :.rticlc. ,
Page 442: tvk78d00
~u..~e..-+.~--.'a. -a....~r:- _..~.~ - -- - - -.....-~. ~i':c.iiir.ui::..w..~...~ VIII 50272 7938 bli2 s yr1_~SI., k'ooi:s:°n :e'blzaceo Jcvs.ma1 87, (Ibo 30) 16-Irt": 20sv?.1 ij;a4; 2z'&
Page 443: tvk78d00
50272 7957 x Sc3 ~I '.~.I i.~ ~ . . . ~ ~~M~; • Schievelhein, H. (Univ. Mc.~nchen, C:zriur.giuchn KXin., i:slnisch--Cherii.sches I:z;:i., Ger+r.any) ZUR WII2KUI'G VON J.OBF.LIN L'E ! r i:!: NIKOTIP'E:vfi1,~'JHNiTNG. (The Eff'ccL• of lobeLine du.~1ng Yacot- xrs witildrzva1. ) Had. Klinik 53 (No. 21) 88C--S2 (*i,~y 24, I9G3) 0
Page 444: tvk78d00
50272 7941 ' TP 370 W 0/ ,;.Winton, Andrew T.Incolrn, 1804--1946. - The analysis of foods, by Andrew L. «'inton ... and Nate Barber Winton ... With 208 illustrations. New York, J. «'iiey & sons, inc.; London, Chaprnan .C Hall, ltd. (1945, x11, i193 p. t11us., diagrs. 221 cm. Text on lioing-papers. Includes bibliographicalre[erences. 1. Food-Analysis. r. Joint author. . ,~: r. Winton, Kate Grace (Barber) 18S2- `rv'~` -.xi41.«t48~ ~ ~~ 543.1 45-45C2 Library of Congress' i51or'2i ~ .-.....~.--. ,, .,. .. ~ ; .r ---... .>. . , . ~ •- _ - - . T ..,.. -,
Page 445: tvk78d00
a•.:~ r , a ~ ~,.... .. -• ~ „ es •. , ~; e ,~~:5~ '~3 wti~l..~:.T e:.i ~i,~ Lt ~:'yJTi$Yx:.?F;J a , ~,. °YUl ITu#~.K,~wt,L1. Mrr''~,t~ .nTtvf M! ~ r./~ Y.',TPt~!••+a~ r+wr. rr,.7 4r.1'u~in! r". wL.. :Il '. jO(I ^ "aS`1V 07'r, ` ` T:~e)" }.I ~ ....+...rr....• .....--v.r..~. _ _ _ . . :~w.. . . _ ~~ r..-.t.,~ ..-w...w.. . . !. ZS6L ZLZOS I
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50272 7940 C0""PUTERS/ QA 76 Sh 1980 c./.2 GaW M. Wdnleq,.dlla SOFTWARE~'SYCHOLOGY Human Factors in Computer and Information Systems , ~ BEN SHNEIDERMAN Associote ProJessor Department oJComputer Science Universiry ojMoryland WINTHROP PUBLISHERS, INC. Canibridae, Massochwsens
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50272 7935 n the inlKtilarKR OrCirt7a/n ':9r-:413. . 's tit the fn:cr7j4YiriC erOt1: 'rsu 1..). Phit7q+inc AyiC. nhine Staur Agr. Res. Rpt. d.c+rlk.cra+de tcwasasm ina Arha.ior r+f fl.ll+ttas : 651-657. Mt% or NiAbcer tehda.iA : 2 t0-273. bLnn.' F:d ur Acad. Nat. ~.Psm and thcir n.-pra pt. Rend. Labor. Csrls` 24 us.es in Nrl.isrrs. Garctiea RANDALL (ed.) Second INM x Intcrnationa! Dcsiop• nitin.Ia B.R.CRAwAtL ~wre. Agenc7 for (nterea- rJ. roxlic (H. salrRrV7o). ' led spceies of Nrdi.cw to i - Rrcei•redd AuP. J966 ' Assmcr A total of SI red and white commercial varieties of trench celery were grown and examined for winter hardiness at the National Vegetable Research Station. Although some plants of most varieties survived the winter, none showed a commercially useful degree of winter hardiness, in that none .vcre marketable after moder^te frost. The ted varicties had a significanf'.y better survival than the white varicties. In the first season, sing:e plant sclections were made from the varieties having both the highest percentage of winter survival and the best agronomic characters. Althou¢h some of the progenies derived from these selccted plantc by sclf•pollination showed a stnall increase in wintcr survival as compared with their parent varieties when both were grown in the second sea:on, no plants of these progenies were sUriciently hardy to remain marketable after moderate frost. I: was concluded that none of the varieties tested showed any pronticc as a source of winter hardiness to be used in a breeding procramme, and that s:kction for onegerier- ation from within these varieties did not improve winter hatdincss to a useful extent. . INI RODUCi1ON _. - There strw hvn main tunwe nf rroneh rol.rv ivhit.e snsl r.A Th. tsttrr ie eeid e.- ti. t6. t G. J. FMlLKNFJt. National Ve:etabk Reseatch Station, Wclksbournc, Warwiclc 9
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i TS 2240 P a..aY Pp+'k1 IRKliI3 MAfJGi`GKEY.T~`.h~?~h~c~s„~~E Pyra!df C. Lri Dxr ts rx* J~'A2•"J~ A:i.'.i'_:: :.•C:'.~bi yv:4 ?t.i °'bii'.,'~yxE~:L'~f. 11:~'D ::~''.,~WYL~;:F'.S'}.'A2•" Ls & 2uaCt~c;., oH Piltcx-i:tp ~yriia?Z"L~Aot • Dft' N4tzrureg 6(c.vo 7ia) 732-ji3 (1962) ••Fr. rs: ! R!2S1 E: i ttT .,
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50272 7924 I I 04 •' Proc. Amer. kfktQ. Assoc. F.z11 Conf. 1971 411-15(1971) - 78• XY Adl--79 S.P, • An Experiment in Inducing and -7rs' .Measuring Changes in s.,. B d A ttit u ,FREDER/CK Y/. WINTER;JR, and JAMES l. GINTER• ~hets hos been relatively little research on the relationship between attitude change and behavior chorr,fe. This outhors describe the design of a loboratory experiment carried out in thii area. In the fall of 1910 a laboratory experiment was conducted by the authors to collect data for the in- •estlgalion of cross-sectional and dynamic h.•poth- eses concernir.g brand attitudes and their reiation to brand choice. The experiment was conducted in the Behavioral Science Laboratory of the Krannert Graduate School of Industrial Administration, at Purdue University, and was funded by a grant to Professor Frank.rt. Bass from the Educational Foundation ot the American Association of Adver- Using Agencies. It has been noted that the relationship between attitude change and behavior change has been tn- y adequately researched in the marketing literature, particularly at the individual level. Studies have demonstrated correlation between attitude and be- Aavtor at a point in tinte,but this does not constitute qu!red to explore the differential attityde-choice relationships in different market secrnents. Details of the implementation and design are giS•e : in the following sections. SELECTION CF FRCDUCTS FOR STUDY Product categories included in the study were facial tissues, scouring pads, spray disinfectants, and a eommon household cleaning product. It has been agreed that neither the brands nor the specific nature of the latter category be divulged. Brands selected for study within each category are shown in Figure 1. Brand X in the household cleaning category and Dow spray disinfectant were "new" brands which were not being sold or advertised in the Lafayette area at the time of the study. ,
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; 50272 7964 NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE SPECTRA QC 451 We 1980 INTERPRETATION OF k/C'ARBON-13 NMR SPECTRA F. W. Wehrli andCAYirlAli0.t;. 00~t0- •~+~ London • PIdIsdilpAls • Rhains / a
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50272 7962 i ..~ l~wnul a( Pc % Journal of Personality & Social Psychology 1981 Vo1 40 No 4 615-626 , , . , •Kae A)cMd.yicyt Asocialior1 oo_ 2-3s t4,'M t/4uw•oe t ss,• 80 II Ey-81 s.p. /Culture and the Perception of Social Dominance From Facial Expression/ y aroline F. Keating, Allan Mazur, and Marshall H. Segall ~ Syracuse University . Paulo G. Cysneiros ~Villiam T. Divale .; Yo. Federal University of Pernambuco York College, City University of New Pernambuco, Brazil CpJanet E. Kilbride University of Delaware .41 Peter Leahy University of Akron aSuntaree Komin Research Center National Institute of Development Administration Bangkok, Thailand yBlake Thurman Hobart and William Smith Colleges Konstanz. Konstanz, Germany Eyebrow and mouth gestures, ideptified from nonhuman primate studies as po- tcntial human dominance gestures. w•ere tested in a series of cross-cultural ex- perim*nts. Pairc of human ponrait nhotnnraahs were shown to observers in I1
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4 - ~ ..- .. ~a 50272 7958 , . . Wirkung von N02 ~m I~t,~~er~i~l~ a~ A#errbI %M k fflmKt. r~ AM Mnf MV MOVO , VI Re =77~ S.P.9 i n._ 'd :. , • .. _ *,. be~ Normalpersonen ~ Int.Arch.Occup.Environ.Hlth 38,31-44(1976 M. BEIL * und W. T. ULMER Institut fur Lungenfunktionsfcrschung Bochum in Verbindung mit der Westfalischen Wilhelms-Universit3t MOnster (Chefarzt: Professor Dr. W. T. Ulmer) Effect of NO2 in Workroom Concentrations on Respiratory Mechanics and Bronchial Susceptibility to Acetylcholine in Normal Persons • Summary: Sixteen healthy persons were exposed to O(= control), 1(= 1.8 mg/m3), 2.5 (= 4.5 mg/m3), 5 (= 9 mg/m3), and 7.5 (= 13.5 mg/m3) ppm NO2 for 2 h and 8 healthy persons to 5 ppm N02 for 14 h in an airconditioning plant. Temperature and humidity were kept constant. We determined the airway resistance (Rt), the endexspiratory thoracic gas volume (I(;V), the arterial 02- (Pa02) and C02-(PaCO2) tension, and the bronchial susceptibility to bronchoconstricting irritants by considering the increase of the Rt-value after inhalation of acetylcholine ((1Rt after • ACfI). 4 Gde
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50272 7947 ~' 7R TIT S.P. Journal of Organo_ mctallic ClicmijjLyi152 (1978) 101-109 ~,~ c lsevier Seyuoia S.A., Lausanne - Printed in The NetlierlincTs-- COMPUTER GRAPHICS DETERMINATION AND DISPLAY OF STEREOISOMERS IN COO1tDINATION CO'MPOUNDS F. CHOPLIN', R. DORSCHNER, G. KAUFMANN Laboratoire de Nlodeles Injormatiqucs appliqucs d la Synthese (ERA 671), ULP, Institut Li Bet, 4, rue Blaise Pascal. 67000 Strasbourg (France) • and Ilepartment of Chemistry, University of Calijornia, Santa Cruz, California 95060 (U.S.A.) (Received December 9th, 1977) An interactive computer program has been written to determine and display stereoisomers of coordination compounds, which include one trigonal bipyramid or one octahedral stereocenter, and up to six tetrahedral centers. Recognition of isomers is made via a stereodescriptor calculated by means of a naming algo- rithm. Introduction The determination of the number of isomers and their structures in coordi- nation compounds, by using different models or methods [ 11, is often prone to errors, even in most simple cases. Computer determination appears to be more a --,•., . .,,. . . ..
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50272- 7950 J
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50272 7963 RF.Fti::'1 Cj^ Z`23E SCA4'IL,Lr (f£GdI''f?;,rnTFC t?~SI'al) ~°a:~ rt~..~: va~,::.~.~~x~.: c. U.PSr:r:, uy r:..:.a t:. Virtlt Gad H:. N. GrathercsoF:]l 3:.aE, tsz. Pharra. t:rsoc. 13, 217-2f 9(].S'24)
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50272 7948 ~ CHEMISTRY, ORGANIC--SYNTHESIS/CHEAtISTRY--COMPUTF.RS/ OD ~ . , Synt-hQS;s,Qr~y:L., ~-/ 2Wi ~ 4 Coiilpt-~ter-Ass~ste~. ~)rgali~. (!c i9»-1, ~Synthesis I ,. j"IorroR Universil y o f Calz f ornia, Santa Crliz ACS Symposium Series , 61 Robert F. Gould, Editor W. Jeffrey Howe, EDITOR Tbc Uf,jo!»a Company AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY WASHINGTON, D. C. 1977 + .. . . +~_ . .. , :~ . R 5_- •~'.~'.. _.w....a..._.~r ~K_. ___. ..... .... _ . ___. _._ . . . . __. . .. , . f A symposiuin cosponsored b} thc Division of Chemical Information and the Division of Computers in Chemistry at the Centcnnial Mceting of the American Chemical Society, New York N.Y., April 7-8, 1976.
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50272 7956 VI Req~ ~~8 S.P. tiH.Arrh.lrrrup.l.nvii~rii.111Ur•ln,I•I5 IS'lI'177t ~ Wirkung von Glukokortikostcroidcn bei der expec i mcntcUcn Inhalation von Stickstof'i'(lioxicl (NQZ ) ' 6-1 C. von Nicdingr, I). Krckclcr2 und A. (3cuthanr ~ r Krankcnhauc I3etti;inirn fur dic Graf.chaft ,\lorrs, I)-4130 \locrn, l:cdcral Rcbuplic of Ccnnany ° Dcutsrltc Sulvuy-11'crkr, U.-1134 Rluinberg, Fcd.ril Rcpublik of (;cnnany I Cffcct of Clucocorticostcroids on Experimental Inhalation of Nitrogen llioxidc t_--' / . Summary. I I healthy male subjects aged 20 to 38 years (9 nonsntokcts, 2 smo- ' kers) where exposed for 2 h to 0(= control), 5 and 10 ppm NO2, respectivcly, in att exposure chamber with constant humidity and tempcraturc. Clucocorticostc• roids were given in diffcrent modes, either by inhalation from a metered (lose in- halcr or by intravenous injection. Parameters of interest were airway resistance (Rt) and arterial oxygen partial pressure (Pa02 ). ~ t l Main results of this controlled experimental study were, that local sapplication of') mg dcxamcthason-2l-isonicotinat per inhalationcm and intravenous applica- tion of 40 mg 6-mctltylpicdnisolon-Itcmisuccinate protect against the NO2-cffect on airway resistance and artcrial oxygen partial pressure. ' From this, the combined local and systemic application of glucocorticosteroids ~'l ~~ ic ~n nffn..~:. . ... ...._ . . ~ .......... .._.... . . . . . - .
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50272 7967 ~ 0 • ;'. -~ - POLITICAL-ECONO~SIC STUDY TQ.. 50/I1rRfiS~~Fi.~~'..TSi'~OLITISCHL' 'STUDtEI3 .50)ft SMOKING HABITS--GEiLNfANY/TOBACCO--GER,*IA.\'Y/TOB:ICCO--Si'10KING--PSYCtIOLOGY/ : TOBACCO--ADVERTISING/ q' ' RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 Ro 1978 • Roper, B. - - , - - - SMOKING MOTIVATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN WEST GERMANY *(Rauchmotivationen Jugendlicher)* Vandenhoeck Ruprecht Gottingen, Ger., 231 p (1978) (in German) TS 2240 Ro .1978 , 3 e• Advertising cannot be identified as a causal factor to initiate teenage smoking. This is the main result of a recent publication by Professor Burkhardt Rope head of the economic department of the Rheinische-Westfalische Technische Hochschule, Aachen. . The study consists of: 1. Introduction into the problem and definitions 2. Review of the main studies concerning teenage smoking in various countries.• 3. Discussion and critical evaluation of the main results.
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7X:3 a jr i rirV.WazymjyssrtsM. ZILimm;11nd?~'~~ -VaI' Sf1WSlrMO wSalfUikllCt'"" . s,W.4Y!R"5.-,-~-,r++s-.-.i.¢-+'ir<.--.-+--,--'c.a.=..,...,~~-..~-.•r..~.~..,-T':^- 196L ZLZOS
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50272 7955 I .• • . i . ODORS--AIR POLLUTION/ODORS--RESEARCH /AIR--POLLUTION--ODORS/ Zbl. Bakt. Hyg., 1. Abt. Orig. B 162, 41-50 (1976} Aus dem Medizinischen Institut fur Lttfthygiene und Silikoscforschung an der Universitat D'tisseldorf (Dircktor: Prof. Dr. med. H: 1`V.SCHLIPKOTER) I:abor-,und 4&W ~ld~terst~ch~ge>att1. ; /On the Eff'ect of Odourants in Laboratory and Field Tests G. CUINNEKE und J. KASTKA Odour nuisance reactions are of considerable importance in environmental hygiene. Their scientific analysis calls for a high degree of flexihility irn the sclxtion of adequate "access routes". Tl:c present paper deals with results of laboratory and field investigations in conjunction with the problem of odour pollution. In a laboratory test 50 test st:bjcct~. %vere exposed for 2'/: hours either to H:S a:.tttuli at a level of about 2.5 ppm or to pure air. The following effects were investigated: perception and evaluation of stimuli, subjective feeling as well as ability to concentrate. As expected, perceived intensity and intolerance 'of the stimulus decreased linearly with the duration of exposure; the subjective feeling and concentration were not significantly affected by smell as was demonstrated by com- parativc checks. By contrast, field investigations of differently exposed groups of population clearly demonstrated negative effects of odour poll-ttion. 704 inhabitants of the city of Diisseldorf, residing in control and exposed areas, were given standardised questionnaires by inter- viewers to obtain information on reactions to of_fensive smell. The ;•i;lriva -'~••- ' u-a~-a - .i.u c ana,sis produced a 3-factor reaction pattern, with factor! (general reaction to offrnsive smell on a sensory basis) being particularly discriminatory. Moreover, it was found that, under identical exposure conditions, persons with a low adaptive tolerance professed themseh•es to be much tnore dis'ttjrbei, by the smell than did othcrs with a higher degree ' of adaptivc toleianee to the nuisance. A eomp tricon of the l•thorttor• findings with the field values surrescc tl.,. .6.. .-'.• .:;- e
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50272 7965 TP 370 . Wi 1942 PDDL • N.CINERALS IN NUTRITION . . ... ~.,.~ ar :. .ZOLTON,T. IN'IRTSCHt1TTER, A4. D. Clinician in Charge, Clinic for Diabetes, Depatt- ment of Medicine. I+fount Sinai Hospital, Clevc- land; Visiting Physici-in, Dcparttuent of Medicine, Cleveland City livspitai• Clinical Instructor in Medicine, School of Afedicine, Western Reserve University, Cleveland. REINHOLD PUBLISHING CORPORATiON 330 WEST FORTI'-SECO`D ST., NEW YORT.. U. S. A. 194Z
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50272 7960 1 k 1 IX Re2-77 S.P. Ynt.Arch.Occup. LnviXOn.ll lt_h_3G, fi7-103 (1975) ~ by Springer=Verlag 1975' i I Original lnvcsfigations t:'Wirkungeri°'niedri' "r '-Kohl~nmonoxid-Korizentratioi~en K ~ auf die Flimmorver•sci-imelzungsfrequenz-~. - ; •:und das::~uhjokti"ve; Be~inderi "des{ Menschon* ANNETTA WE(3E:R, CARLO JE=RMINI und ETIENNE GRANDJEAN lnstitut fur Iiyyi.ene und nrbeitsrhysiologie der Eidgenossischcn Technischen Hochschule, Mirich I ( I:ingegangen am 2. Juli 1975 / Angenonnen am 1. Septewber 1975 ~Effects of T.ow Carbon 1`tonoxide Concentrations ~ on Flicker Fusion Freguency and on Subjective Feelings n
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l 50272 7949 699 Wi 1974 - Computer RepreJeiitation and Manipulation. o~ ~.!A1e~1~.[le^U.1 Departmcnl of Chem/stry Prutcelon Univcrsily Princeton, New Jersey Information RICHARD J. FL•:LllAfANN Dh•Pslon bf Computer Research & Tcchnology National lnsrilutcs of Heallh Bethesda, Maryland : STEPHEN R. HELLER ', ERNEST hIYDE ICf Pharmaceruical Division Notionallnstitutes ojh(ealth Cheshire, England Betl:esda, Maryland A WILEY-INTERSCIENCE PUBLICATION Division ojComprder Research & Technology JOHN WILEY & SONS, New York • London • Sydney • Toronto i ..
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50272 7951 172 ! . . Nolte a. a.: VPrken TreihRau vun Do+ier-Arnnu.n roncuo nserrrst III Du2 79 S.P. Dtu1t. ated. YVsdu. 1Ca (tf7f). t7~1v. Q Geug Thicrue Yerlag. Stunpn .t.. .,,r..-. ' D. Nolte, D. Berger und E. Forster - /ondwngsanstak fur Krankhei•en der Atmun`sorpna ued It. Mediriaibdte Apteilun{ dcs Stidtbdus Kronkenhauxs {ad Reidtenhaq (Che(arat: trol. Dr. D. Nolte) Bei 2S Asthmapaticnten fand sich regelmaf3ig ein Ansticg des mit der Oszillationsmethode gemessenen Atctnwiderstandes, wenn ihnen Treib- gas aus einem Dosier-Aerosol in die Aiundhohle oder in die Nasenhohlc gespruht wurde. Am Naturmodell des laryngektomierten Patienten und aufgrund der Blockierbarkeit mit einem Anticholinergikum 1ieCs sich zeigen, daf3 es sich um einen bronchokonstriktorischen Reflex handelt, der vom lokalen 'Kaltereiz des Treibgascs ausgelost wird. TT ITTTT:1T1I1 11' Deutahe A&Jwnisdu VI'nd:em.irdt 4 ,d' Do acrosol propcllants produce a bronchoconstrictor eftcct? 2S asthnta paticnts regularly khowed an increasp in respira- tory resisatnce, as measured by the oscillation method, after propellant frorn a dosage acrosol had been sprayed into their buccal or nasal cavity. This effect, which was also seen in three larynFectontiscd patients, could bc bincked by iprattopium bromidc, an ar.ticho!inerae agent. Evidently it is due to a bronchoconstrictor reAex elicitcd by the lucal low- temperature stimulus produced by the propellant, r_ I' ^~. r-.* ,iYt I
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XI Col-78 S.P. 50272 7968 ' ~ RJR CLIISS NO. ,rA.•Y}[LET F? ('•,1-:R ,, :~ ~ 0 FlA)1:.1; I'til: . ::1) 'f HE . NIL'i.T I S ('(lNT I.`;['?: TY1 : iOV.. 1': ;T?' . i'[' . • [S. *(;•lultis tummeln sic'i aiif den Euromar'Kten.)* Wrtschaftswoche 147S (No. 34) 39 (Aug. 18, 1978) (in Gerrnan - complete unedited EnQlish--trans-lat-ien_avai?able)--- Menlt} ons R. J. Reynolds. /~fhe large mu.ltinational companies use the European money markets not only for obtaining the lowest interest rates for a loan, but also for other purposes. For example, R. J. Reynolds plays the European money market against the national market of a European country when it becomes desirable to invest at+: excess of foreign funds. Abely explained, "at the moment we are placing t•tarks and Gulden in the Euro^ean money market via London, because the return in the European market is higher than in the national (=U.S.) market". I ~, .~ .. ~
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l TOBACCO--SMOKIPIG~-PASSIVE/' - 56272 7969 79 XI Sc . . ~. .~, RJR CLASS NO. PArtPHLET 79 XI ~2 • °'~'cftnefli~' ~ *(Facli ~ h ' i 1 oc.lsc ule Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany)* PROTECTION OF NO`d-SM0KERS IN GERMANY-A (A;THENT CONTRARY TO THE PAPER BY • we£HI'sN5C'dRIF£; ^*TC, ,-i2.'SCHOLZ, R.#.eeC„ (Nichtrauciierschutz: Abwehr- oder Foerderungsanspruch?) Wochenschrift fuer Betriebswirtschaft Steuerrecht Wirtschaftsrecht Arbeits recht, 1979 (No. 23), pp. 21-23 (June 8, 1979)-in German. r I r '~ Z Uu ..s...r r ... ..~. ...r.... i
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50272 7977 3. ~...._ _..:.....~.,.:..::~ :.._ tdlscons:ixi--ToUacco--Hi :toxy. Tobacco Instltute, Inc. TOBACCO HISTORY SERIES. 1960 Tobacco Institute, Inc. 4:ashinCton, D. C. I 1
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81 A UC SMQtK.iYG ANO HEaLTH/ Allergie u. ImmunoL tQ (1980) 3-14 • J. A. Bartb, Leipzig/DDR 50272 7959 Ans dem FoescLuagsinatitutb fflr L~gea~rsal<heiten mod 11uber1n:3oee BerIia-Bucli(• (Direktor: OMR Prof. Dr. med. habil. P. S?EL~iBAi:C!), Abt. Kliniscbe Immunologie (Leiter: Dr. sc- med. B.-Cs- BssoMAxx) -Wl: ,dP.~y?..4n''t~:•a.' $Ys~.~~rstt : ~. TUZ~~~BUIL9 Suf t~if! ~mUIt~UII~,loII (Literaturstudie) S.-Cs. BssoY.a" Effect of smoking on immune function (Review) ' Swn+sary: 3everal tobacco antigens have been isolated inducing both precipitating and rnaginic wtibodies in humans and ezperirnental animaL. Chronic smoking leads to histological changes in the respiratory tracht. - Alterations of bumoral immunity have been demonstratnd in the respire- tory tract of smokera. Smoking may impair the systemic humoral immunity both in vitro and in viva CeII•mediated immunity ate alterated locally and .ystematically in smokers. - The clinical incidence of tabacco allergy Is not sure, but there are evidenoee that allergic individuals ars more sensitive to the nonapecific noaous effects of active or passive smoking than healthy individuals. Se'auorde: Smoking - Tabac - Immune function - Allergy. w ... ..,.,...-,....,.,.. , . -r--~.r-••~ •-- ~R r.._..~...-..-__ ~:. ..~.. .
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X1 Toc 72 TOBACCO INSTII'VTE t INC. i0L"t.CCO HISTORY SERIES. ?970 r ~.r.:, .... . .-j TOBACCO INSTITUTE, INC. , WLSHINGTO:I, D. C. 0 . - i -50272 7984
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Q 147. Di 1972 14 n0- Celt CLASSIF'IED D IRECTORY of 32nd EDITION Wisconsin Manufacturers . .. 1973... PUBLISHED BY VYISCONSIN MANEJFACTUR£RS' ' ASSOCIATION 324 East W:scor,dr. Avenuo 271-9428 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 Copyright 1955, 1956. 1957. 1958, 1959, 1960. 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969. 1970, 1971, 1972 by Wisconsin Manufacturers' Association I
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50272 79'76 TOBACCO :INSTITUTE/ TOBACCO--WISCONSIN/TOBACCO INDUSTRY--U. S.. 79 X1 Un1-81 TOBACCO--TAXES/'-" COVINGTON & BURLING, Prepared for/ WISCONSIN--TOBACCO/ ~ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 XI Un1-81 Univ. Pennsylvania, arton Applied Research Center; Wharton Econometri Forecasting Associates, Incorporated, Philadelphia, Pa., U. S. A STUDY OF THE U. S. TOBACCO INDUSTRY'S ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION TO THE STATE AND COUNTIES OF'WISCONSIN 1979. Univ. Pa., Wharton Appl. Res. Cent.; Wharton Econometric Forecasting Assoc., Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., 71 p. (July 1980) (in English) Wisconsin was the eleventh ranking state in tobacco farming as measured by employment in 1979, the sixteenth in intermediate distribution of tobacco products, and the twenty-sixth in retailing/vending of tobacco products. Its employment in tobacco farming represented one percent of total tobacco farming employment in the nation; its employment in intermediate distribution represented 2.1 percent of the national total; and its employment in retailing/vending a
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I . 50 2 7 2 7983 Tobacco Institute, Inc. TOBACCO HISTORY SERIES. 1960 Tobacco Institute, Inc. Washington, D. C. w . -t 0 a
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50272 7973 I 81 II Wi CANCER--GEOGRAPHICAL/ e.u.+.Ws Kc.s.wft .» SOM-101 I Descriptive Data on Cancer in Wisconsin, 1977 -- lsortality, Reported Cases. ~ REPORT DOCUMEKTATION L OtPOR* ku PAGE _ _ Hk P-0030573 sw.w. ~ Ardw(N R Mrww~ O+iaYUa.w M..r w Ara... Wisconsin Dept. of Health and Social Services, Madison. Bureau of Health Statistics. f,jd'Rc:c; jo5"7.-? a w,..w o«. i470- a hAM.Yne Q•r•MS.w+ A.a. w. ---- 1fw hNKVTM"/MtM MnR 11& .y.._._ IL t.«bKnC! « Grawtfp b: so wb tiry..Mbwnar.wc...w. Samt as box 9 u S Sa wM/..nr.ry IMb.a , , _ . .'.,.,~ ...r ~..~......:. ~. ~ .__ __-.
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1-IICROSCOF'F. AI.D :RCI'.OSCOPY. --TECFj•NZQVEL _ 1 t 50272 7970 Tntraduction to ELECTRON MICROSCOPY Second Edition by SkWbiWtSG~WZO&t, Ph.D. Proftssor, Drpartmsnt of Biology Yeshrva University, New York City PERGAMON PRESS New York • Toronto '* Oxford • Sydney • Braunschweig . ,
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50272 7987 - t . v T w Wise, John Kenneth. ' 215 Patent law in the research laboratory. iATew York, Rein- y hold,°1955j 145 p. 18 cm. (A Iteinhold pilot book, 4) 1. Patent laws and legislation-U. S. x. Title. 608 55--1003 i LfUrnry of Congress N~~ 171 ~~...~.-~.r.-..: ..,.....,-..-.-,.,..._;-:r..,.... . . . ,-..~.. .-. ^er=. -... ....s-.~c•c.,-..a+.a~.....+~-titnT~s. a
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50272 7985 -WisconsizY: ""University: -Forest- Products- I,aborn tory. See U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Forest Service. Forest Products Iaboratoryp Niadison, Wisconsin. I
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50272 7978 'Wipconsin Agricultural`Experiment Station. Johnson, James and co-workers BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PUBLICATICNS ON TOBACCO, TOBACCO AISEASESO rICSAIC VIRUSj OTHER PLANT VIRUSES, ETC., 1919-1cf)2. Wisconsin Agri- cultural Experiment Station. l2 p. Typed ( p. 1 missing) • w ~- . - ~ . ~~-: -:.-`• . . . . z?r~" . . . .. . - . . ~ . • .. .. ~ - . . -~:~ - ' ..
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50272 7971 - 78 III Re2-82 s.p. improved Miie scattering algorithms v t'~~fo 1• D~ fi.c~s ~y (r J~s-o s_ 0 9(~ f~o~ Scattering of electromagnetic radiation from a sphere, so-called Mie scattering, requires calculations that can become lengthy and even impossible for those with limited resources. At the same time, such calcula- tions are required for the widest variety of optical applications, extending from the shortest UV to the lon• gest microwave and radar wavelengths. This paper briefly describes new and thoroughly documented Mie scattering algorithms that result in considerable improvements In speed by employing more efficient formu- lations and vector structure. The algorithms are particularly fast on the Cray1 and similar vector-process- ing computers. , ~ . . , ,. ~ . . . . ~~ ~
Page 479: tvk78d00
CIIMAiOGRAPIiY Uf THE UNIlEO SIATES P:U: 85 (BY STATE( &, - -7 r7-7 s . ~M S' . E~r t'`Z~~:4 {~iViYi ..••w f 4(t~ ~:d' Tv~E~i P wir~a l.u III'e ~~~ . r. . t~; Y 4~ II~ .:Y Y ~ U.S. DEPARTLIVIT OF COt:'19f'.RCE National Occanic and Atmosplicric Administration Environmcntal Data Scrvicc- . IVational Climatic CctitCr Ashcvil Ic. July 1973 I
Page 480: tvk78d00
„ ..~--- 50272 7953 I C La- 97- /G I I C o A -78 S.p. 1 Aus dern lituul~e•stlntllteilseml. :11nx nun 1'ellenl~•uJer-Incliful. l3crliu-I)irl,lerrt. l.nLurefuriurtr /iir " Erniilerungsl/ybiene; Leiler: !'ro/eusnr Dr. Ur. rnerl. F'. 11nr ,tin(f von Cu> i iiureri iiifexu >< aurac i~l '~ ~. l7.ar. a.; sswxu~ta4es.ra~t.e~.: a '. " 11~ti~se~ v •>t~i~~icinl"t`<v Von 11. 11 o I I ttud F. 13 u r Fiir diu lnxikulu~-i.ehe 13t•wertueg %un Cutnarin uud (:utuorin enthaltenticn llrug-ru ("I•uu{.ulwltuc. 1'unillc•. %vurit•Ikruut. 11'aldrnciste-r) bei 1•crm•tvtduu.- iur tlru- ntuti;ie•rttrt, Von Lt•hr•nsntitteln .:eir uuch tlie• I'riifun,, tniiglitlu•r Effrk'tc uuf tlit• 1•anltryuuul- uud 1•'etul<•nt- a•icklnur sn%eie dic 1\'irkun- auf die \uchkumtnrn vuu U;iu,un bi> zuut Alt.rt-r.lrrtuin (5. wuchr) von Ittt('rC55C. i_) ( ! i ~J i+ `..~ ti t3 '.! ;1Ielltotlik Fiir div 1'rr.ndic trurd.n gecdilrdht+rrifc M•eihliJlr X\tltt•\liiu: uu> rigrrtrr %uilit im Alter von 6-lu \1•udaru (AnGuu-+l.%.rprt-r aieht %un P' --_•t F) ulit \lunu.hen dr, glridteu Stumu~r. t.i~ltdt I'i t-J li trrpaurt. Ilrr %ritlnm)l,t drr Itry;att"s nnd d.~nnt da•r ti, IruQitnrug.trrtnin (r.nr ltr,limuiuu; d.•r 'fraehtigkril•Jaorr) /:owt' an Ilnnd Jrr 6rbilJrtrn 1'eginulplri;ptr dtr.rkt rrutittrlt a:rtdru. Ih ungr~•uuteuru 1Cribelhen acnrJrn unrnitlell,ur rtaih SiJltl.aracrd.• clrs 1•ugiuulpfroptrr %nn dru MunnJirn i.ulirrt und in t.uarlL.•Jir gearlil. Uie Anr.uhl dcr 11'ribthrn. hri drneo trols rinrq t;childrV• • ......._.. . .. ii ;, Co3o).
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50272 7979 e I 81 II Wi _som-101 lbrtality, Reported Z-ases. sconsin, 1977 -- Descriptive Data on Cancer in CANCER--GEOGRAPHICAL/ REPORT DQCUMENTATION +- ~~T ~ PAGE ` _ HfiP-0030573 ~ f. Art4r(p ~ wYM O.SsM:.4" M4.w ..d AMdrw : ~ ~- ~ces:~-"'* sociaf Servi cWr~ai~~~n ~ep~,t o€ ~ealth°ana_', Nadisoa. Bureau of`Nc`alth Statistics. Tr-WS.r OrS.ASaIt" N- a.e AiFmN Samt as box 9 1!. s.oW~.~ary Mw.a a ftecw.W. Agc......a !1,f/Pc,C•joS73 aw..«1o... a .rwW..K ors.n4sum ..o:. N.. -- • - u Hni.esn.ww«. u.N w. ti: c«nK+ca « o..~ca w: 40 eov iL T". M MoMt tPr1a~ Ca.se" K
Page 482: tvk78d00
50272 7966 _IKQN. Ai -ti,IIRTSCHiM-LEX C;1bs's._ ~ :. UJTR7'~Ct}!r~'f5 <:~.~X1 }?(~N, ~i ., .. .. ~,'......_..._ .,.~t Y::i'~A:'i- rw.:'l.~.L.~a:.a ...r~.i~t..~.. U:...i-' ~_ ~•.. . ..•:a
Page 483: tvk78d00
50272 7972 I W CL1MATOGftIIRHY OF THE UNITED STATES N0. 60 '~t~r`~:~ ~` . » r ~;} ~ r u i1~ ~ - d ii t~ V 4 c~1 vs :.D~ u it - V ~ , ?Y s• f . ..__ _.x. ~~~~~ NATIONALOCCANICANO ENVIRONt.1['NTAL NATIONAL CLIMATIC CENTER ` 1'Lj '~.ta~ ATMOSPI/CRIC AOMINISTRATION / DATA SCRVICC / ASIICVILLE, N.C. AUGUST l:17 ...... :~ - t , ..................................................... ........... K. '. K .., >: t r . , . ~ fff
Page 484: tvk78d00
50272_7995 , . .. . ;..:. , ~ , jr." . . . . . . - . . . . ~ -.h:::auaFsky; Theadore<::•-:. . M f:''•PL.Z(?AT?'d+.d OP CRYOri?h'XCS YI? THE R11kE:Y It3DAMs by 'lheodUrA i;;:uhaotaky sait I'.. 'u. M!~:;; Chew. Eng. Frdg. S}'mp. Set. 62 (E'0, 69) uG-"a.`. (196fi)
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50272 _7991 .- ..: ~3=:ysU..:...... ENZYMES--INDUST'RIAL APPLICATIONS/ENZYMES--IMMOBILIZED/PAPAYA/ ALCOHOL DEHYDROGENASES/COENZYMES/ r TOPICS IN ENZYME AND FERMENTATION BIOTECHNOLOGY 5 Editor: -AKIV`AMnSEMAX~.Ph.D., F.R.I.C., M.I.Biol Biochemistry Division, Department of Biochemistry University of Surrey, Guildford ELLIS HORWOOD LIMITED Publishers • Chichester Halsted Press: a division of JOHN WILEY & SONS -New York • Chichester • Brisbane • Toronto a
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50272 8000 HF 5550 Sw 1975 1 C. PDDL lc. LI a, a e t i n v j Basi'r s. A Hotx-to Guide for r0am-gers By Allen Sweeny and OMWMsff6?,~J`r: &IRILICO"PL't / 1 ~ ~ A division of American Management Associations I v
Page 487: tvk78d00
UI 11 JF1/ - . Br..q. Anaesth. (1981), 53, 69S -73S 50272 7993 LOW FLOW AND "CL ED" SYSTE FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF .fNHALATION.! NAESTHESIA A. A. SPENCE, R. H. ALLISON ANDMX~1& r In the United Kingdom most inhalation anaesthe- tics are administered from non-rebreathing sys- tems and there are several possible reasons for this. The cost of gases and vapours constitutes a rela- tively small proportion of the total cost of the surgical treatment, and supplies of both are as- sured at all times. There is undoubted attraction in predicting accurately the inspired concentrations of anaesthetics and in knowing that there are no problems of disposal of carbon dioxide provided alveolar ventilation is adequate. A generation of anaesthetists has been trained to the concept of MAC and has grown accustomed to reliable, "dephlogisticated air at a cheap rate " using quick- lime water. The first use in anaesthesia is variously attributed to John Snow, who used solution of potassa as the absorbent in experiments on him- self, and to Alfred Coleman, who used slake lime (Duncum, 1947). Joseph Clover wrote of Coleman's method: "I do not think enough gas is saved to pay for the trouble of its purification". D. E. Jackson (1915) described apparatus consist- ing of a rebreathing bag connected to a rigid, mainly metal, circuit through which gas was pumped. Jackson's system was intended to be used for anaesthesia in animals, although further modi- 9
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50272 8004 ... ,. ..~. .,,.. ,,: Wis`senscti'aftli'cher -Foz'~ctiungsstelle ~m Ver~and' der` CiRarettenindustr.6 see 9 Verband der Cigarettenindustrie, Wissenschaftliche Forschungsstelle
Page 489: tvk78d00
,. 50272 7988 ' . I TP Wise; Louis Elsberg, 1388- . ed. Wood chemistry. 2d ed. Edited by Louis E. 1Vise and I:dwin C. Jahn. Contributors: F. E. Brauns iand others] New York, Reinhold,1352. 2 v. illus. 24 cm. (American Chemical Society. l+fonograDh series, no. 97) 1. Wood-Chemistry. 2. Wood. 3. Cellulose. i. Jnlm, Edwin C., Joint ed. TY9J7.jY62 ~ 660, 282 52-10221 rev j Library of Congress Er33a10j 7
Page 490: tvk78d00
50272 7989 i AV ' . • ~...~, ~. GLUCOSE ISOMERASE/ CATALYSIS/ENZYMES--INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS/ POLYMER-ATTACHED HOMOGENEOUS CATALYSIS/ soi ENZYMIC AND Du NON-ENZIMC CATALYSIS 1980 Edited by PETER DUNNILL Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, University College London 'r71I:A>tiirysOM '*4 BiocherNstry Division, Department of Biochemistry, University of Surrey. Guildford NORMAN BLAKEBROUGH National College of Food Technology, Weybridge Published for the by SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL ELLIS HORWOOD LTD., INDUSTRY, London Publishers, Chichester i 7
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50272 8002 'I'oL:kCC:n... R.7R CL/•,rS NO. 1'1.1uT 72 it-Utl ldi .,(.:(:r) i;11 C?N . (_S:ir.-A;.r. 1972) (iij lane,;Iish)
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50272 7999 /I'1?OSP;iORUS/ l!R51:NIC/ ",ITIMONY/ /IiI St IUTIi/ Gt'Y1elIn Hc~~'1Qb1,tch der Anorganischen Cheii-ise Erganzungsvverk zur achten Auflage Band 24 New Supplement Series Pc-:rf iuorhaiogeFioc•gano-Veri3inaunaen E-ia uptaruppeneiernente Teil 3 Vcrbindungen von Phosphor, Arson. ~;. Antimon und ~t Springer-Verlag Berlin • Heidelberg New York 1975
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50272 7986 gI III pr;'vCHROMOXOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--HIGH PERFORMANCE LIQUID CHROMATOGF t Analysis oWhenolic Acids by High Performance Liquid ChromatogArphy Using a Step-%'Vise Gradient Peter Prokscbr4j6W83Wif~,,,and Eloy Rodriguez Phytochemical Laboratory, Department of Ewlogy and Evolutionary Iliuk~;y. Univcrsity of California, Irvine 92717, USA I Naturforsch. 36 c, 357-360 (1981); received December 29,1980 High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Phenolic Acids, Adi•wusiunia jusciculurum, A. sparsrfoliunt, Phyllospadix arouleri A high performance liquid chromatographic method for analyzing phenolic acids on reverse phase C t8 ts described. Twelve substituted bcnr.oic and cinnamic acid dcrirativcx as wcll as the parent acids were resolved in less than 25 min. Separation was achie.ed by using a step-wise $radient of three different solvent systems and by adding ammonium acctatc for preventing intramolecular hydrogen bonding of the •rcids. The applicability of the described method to crude plant extracts i% dcmonstratcd with Adenostoma fasciculatum. Adenosroma sparsjolium and Plirllospudi.r scuuh•ri. The percent composition of the phenolic acids within the three extracts is given. 7
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RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK RA 1242 Ve-1981 Vennesland,B. (ed.)- .. ConnE.E. (ed.); Knowles,C.J. (ed.); Westley,J. (ed.); ~$t~ (ed.); CYANIDE IN BIOLOGY. AcadeMic Press.New York, N. Y..1981. ISN = 3520
Page 495: tvk78d00
50272 7998 t . Lx y ., Chem. Btol. Interactions, 31 (1980) 81-92 ~%~/ 81 ' O Elsevier/North-Holland Scie ~t ic u ishers Ltd, f((` ...t I Re9-80 NTTROSA111INE CARCINOGENICITY: A QUANTITATIVE Sp RELATIONSHIP BEWEEN MOLECULAR STRUCTURE AND ORGAN 0. SELECTIVITY FOR A SERIES OF ACYCLIC N-NITROSO COMPOUNDS A;S. E-I3ELMA?:,Pf'i T RI^;•u"1 L. K°n a,W.a:i. RAN..T+ al:d :~rw. Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, bfA 02139 (U.S.A.) (Received October 9th, 1979) (Revision received February 11th, 1980) (Accepted February 18th, 1980) A mathematical model has been developed which describes the selectivity between liver and other target organs for a series of carcinogenic N-nitro- sodialkylamines. The relationship requires structural terms for the parent molecule as well as for the potential metabolites. This suggests that the nitrosamine metabolites are involved in tumor induction and that they participate directly in the mechanisms responsible for selecting the target organ. 0 .; I
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50272 7990 . _ ~. .16 ~ -GLUCOSE--I :iOMERASE/ ~ ENGINF.ERIh'C;-•-3IOCIMMICAL/El N'LY*'fPTS--INIDUSTi IAL AI'FLTCAi In:V/ E2;ZY.•;L S--SYNTi,L•'SI,`i/ ENZY'ES--YURII'T CATIfi,<</ I.P;ZY?'fES---I'1.10131L I'LED/ PKOTE SES/CAI'.3O}iYDRASES/IIYnROLASLS/OXIDOREDUCTASI;S/ 4P Handbook of 601 : wi ~n7y~~; Tl.oteehnoiob3' 1975 /' Editor 'M~:"~4~4~r~ll_,~;` PIt.D., F.R.r.C., 1r.r. J3ioi.. Deparin:cnt of Bioelumistry, University of S,vrey, Guildford ELLIS IIO16VOOll LIMITED Publishcr, Chichcster Halstcd Press. a divisron of JOHN \VILEY .:. SONS Inc. Dtcw York • Lor don • Sydney • Toronto ,,,~~ ,~/ ( 1-'tf~ 1. l" ~. 1./,0 I J
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/ , / . , .. I 76 X F.h TOBACCO--SMOiCING--PSYCHOLO(:Y/ RJR CLASS NO. PA.*SPHLF.T 76 X Eh 50272 8003 Ehrnsperger, H.; {iagner, K.; Hehnart, H. (Medizinische Abteilung Krankenhauses Hunchen-Schvabing; I Forschcrgruppe Diabets/Klinik• Ccr.) .. ... !.i COiiO:. KNOWLEDGE OF DISADVANTAGES OF WRONG NLTRITZ0:1 AND OF EFFECT OF, . AND NICOTINE. .... , , , ~ .~ *(Daa_IiiesaR-vs~r di0'lfacl~Ee~e3~ner •falsc~i~en 8fnabtWa• and ura 'den Ein:' von CenuBgiften. (trgebniase einer Eeficagung bei 100 ArbeitnehMeru einca Gzaiis+~'tebs) • ) * • . . . Infusionstherapie 2, 359-64 (1975) (in German with English summary) . . . f •. >- . 4 *1976, No. 1, W 456* *d* Tobacco chemistry (economics):
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Page 499: tvk78d00
t . RC 692 Am 1972 i 502-72 8009 THF: PATIUICI:NESIS CWATP.ERf1SCLEP.OSIS edited by R, W. WISSLER, Ph.D., M.U: Department of Pathology, the University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois J. C. GEER, M.D. Department of Pathology, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio series editor NATHAN KAUFMAN, M.D. Department of Pathology, Queen'a University Kingston, Ontario, Canada ', AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PATHOLOGISTS AND BACTERIOLOGISTS ;-JAt MONTREAL, CANADA 1971 THE R7LWAMS &W7LKIIJS COMPANY Baltimore I972 a
Page 500: tvk78d00
50272 8008 ABEiANi)LUNGftN ~ • DER REIEIN[SCiI-WESTF;ti.ISCEII:N AKADI•:-%IIIi Df'•R WISSf:NSCIfAFTIiN RC 692 Ha ' 1978 Von erner H. Hauss , und Rolf Lehmann Westdeutscher Verlag BAND 63 TOBACCO--SKOKING--HEART,,T•.T'FECT ON/ ARTERIOSCLEROSIS/ International„8ymposium State of Prevention and Therapy in Humari Arteriosclcrosis and in Animal Models Unter der Schirmherrschaft der Rheinisch-Westfalischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 1177 e 7
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ti. L:,...~.., ~.., ... _.,. : s .i r .~.. .... .. _ -5:ii~tirN X ~,~ lYW ._ir]w7nLY'ii~lir -SioiV1111~J . Sttttl . J. A::D C2:CARi:TTI: 5.~~;f trs, Ntscon:,±n !%cdo Jo f~? (,too 53 2?9 (N~~y 2953) 50272 7982 e
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50272 7980 QR 151 Da 1973 r.r9:l::.ir..t~..a.i.rau.:.~.r..w...~.:.-.r..Y.++m®.=..xw.,.c-u..::'~_ ..~...~..~....~~.~a.......:......:...... - ;v...-~.~:...~:..~... ..~. - FISH PROTEIN CO;ICEtiTRATE PF.ODUCTION/PP.(%,TEI.•: CO';CL•'t;TI'ATF PROnUCTI0:1/ STERILIZATION/RTIIYLI'sNR OXII)I./MILI:--IiACTL•'RIOLOGY/SKii; t1Ic;R01iI0L0 ;Y/ FOOD--itICRUDIOLOGY/WISC027SII4 rOOD RRSPARCII LiaS:'I1i.11'E/ FOOD=-CONTAI'lINATION/IIAZARnS IN FOOnS/SALMONCLLA ASSAY PROCrI)URL•S/ A Publication of the Society for Industrial Microbiology AF'„ATOXIN 132/ • IN 11 VD US TRIAL M I C.1, OB1OLna Volume 14 Proceedings of the Twcnty-ninth Gcncral Tieeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology 'Iic1d at hiinneapolis, Niinncsota August 27 - Scpteniber 1, 1972 AML'RICAN INSTITUTE OF 131OLOGICAL SCIC.NC[S WASNiNGTOU, D.C. t973 ,.~..~ ..^.__~_.,.._..... ~._..,., ..,~.~.r,. . . _ ~.._~._ ~. _ .. . ~r...T _.. r ~
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50272.8005 - xx Je2 ,W-XSSENSCHAFTLICl4E~'•GTtUVdi)T:AGBPFDER (1969) 4L,SENSURI'SCHEM-C•ERUCHS--U;TP- GESCM,~ACK5-A;VAi,.Y&E. Jal2insk, Cin~1~ !~'.''ESSRaSCHhF`i'L2:ChTs Ct?UtiPLAG?a4 DER SEZ.SORISCRL'M (Sci4ntific vc+a.u for F•encoa-y EvcZustion of ^asta axsd SmeLZ.) Ooxdicn 1968, 2-26 (1968) - In Gamen with Y.ngAish etuamaxy
Page 504: tvk78d00
50272 7994 ';• -SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION- . Research, Development, ond Des;s-~+ U S G A . 1 . . w.enmsnt q.ney -+.. .~14J No.92 1'YtA1'V tSL.YEMENT AIDS I MeA -74 for small manufs,cturers S_P_ Washin=ton. D. C. First printed February 1958 Reprinted April 1973 WY,L ,q*Ti?'YONF~`~0ET~-h-R43rITA13LE NEW P n 'U&S~ By Aastin r. Fisher, Jr., Manager, New England Office, Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts SUMMARY Successful new products, as a rule, result from a carefully - reasoned development pol- iry, plus the time of qualified men, plns mon- ey. The "nix" of these ingredients varies, of course, but each is needed. New product plans should fit in with existing comoany sven;ths. Physical, human, and finaacial car-abilities must be understood and o.•er-conndecce avoid- ed. Useful ideas can come from books, arti- cles, and from trade and professional meetings, L t nfJ~r r"nn- cr~e r r hu t •ishin S~st ~ . . . aau _. ,.: s . . --. --. ~-.....-.--._ _ ._ tion program based on developing new prod:ets must be borne by management. Decisions on long- range planning, assignrrent of key cen, anc commit- ment of funds can be made only by t'se chief of- ficers and directors (if the concern is a corporation). Furthermore, little accomp!ishment can be expect- ed on the part of middle-level exec_tives a:less their superiors clearly su:-.)ort and encoura5= their participation in a definite program. Creat;•rity and drive towards new product objectives will zot tlour- :..w.._~..., .,~.._~.._.~. ._..._,: :.
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+ 50272 7997 . . Chem.•9ioL Interactions, 20 (1978) 43-54 O ElsevicrJNorth~lfollaild Scientific Publishers Lfil-~-- VI Re9-78 S.P. NITROSAMINE CARCINOGENICITY: A QUANTITATIVE HANSCH-TAh~r S'I'ILUCTUR.E-ACl'iVITY RELATIONSHIP a1,Qlif#*~T8HNOK, MICHAEL C. ARCHER, ANDREW S. 1'sDELMAN and WILLIAM IvI.`RAND Deportment of Nutrition and Food Science, Massachusetts Insititute of Technology, Cambridgc. Massachusetts 02139 (U.S.A.) (Received May 4th, 1977) (itevision received October 5th, 1977) fArrontn.l llnt../.... ot.. tn~-r% Statistically signfficant correlations have been demonstrated betwee carcinogenic activity,., water-hexane nartition coefficients and electron`: factors for an extensive series of N-nitroso compounds. Electronic facto: were ,xpressed by the Taft o* values of substituents on the carbon aton alpha to the N-nitroso group. Such correlations indicate that transport ( the carcinogen to its active site has an important effect on its potency. Tt correlations also implicate reactivity at the a-carbon in the determination 1 carcinogenic activity and point out various structural types which do nl follow the general rule. a
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e QA 276 Us 2 C. poDL l C. .50272 7992 . •' DATA--INTERPRETATION & CORRELATION/ - /STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/ SAGE UNIVERSITY PAPERS /a ECOLOGICAL INFERENCE by laura Irwin Langbein and Altan J. Lichtman -f1. MULTIDIMENSIONAL SCALING by Josaph B. Kruskal and Mytoi N`ish"tj Series: OUANTITATIVE APPLICATIONS '/Z ANALYSIS OF COVARIANCE by Albcrt R. Wildt and Oiti T. Ahtola IN THE SOCIAL SCI ENCES J v• 11 INTRODUCTION TO FACTOR ANAEYSIS by Jac-On Kim and Charka W. Mueller / I ; 14. FACTOR ANALYS(S by Jac-On Kim and Charlcs W. Mueller Series Editor. John Ly$uRivan, University of Minnesota 413. MULTIPLE INDICATORS: An Indoducqon by John L Sulhvan and Stanley Feldman XL ~ALy+~19OFYARi,4#IEgyy{~tpppQR lverxsand Hetmut Norpoth r,16. EXPLORATORY DATA ANALYSlSby Frederick Harewigwith Brian E. Dearing , 17. RELIAB1LiTY AND VALIDITY ASSESSMENT by Edward G. Carmincsand 11 OPERATIONS RESEARCH METHODS by Stuart Nagel with Marian Nee ~2 ~ ~ V7. CAUSAL MODELING by Herbert B. Asher Richard A. ZNlcr ..,~, jLST4 OF SIGNIFICAivt6+p40mo*-& Henhd ~ 08- ANALYZING PANEL DATA by Gregory B. Markus. COHORT ANALYSIS by Norvd D. Glenn CANOir1CAL-ANALYSiS AND FACTOR COMPARISON by Muk S. Levias Y4rAKALYSIS O: NOMINAL DA'FA by H. T. Reynolds tit. ANALYSIS OF ORDINAL DAiA-hYDa`'id K. Hikfebrand. James D. LainK. and Howard Rosenthal •L*-"#1£ SERIES ANALYSBSrllepe+aios Teehaiqaea by Chsrlea W. Osttom. Jr. f 9
Page 507: tvk78d00
50272 8012 c le. V -::Niswes5er,;William J A line-formula chemical notation. New York, Cron-c-?!. 1954. 1,10 p. 22 cm. 1. Chemistry-1otation. i. Title. Qnrn.Ir-I() f 541.9 Library of Congress ., ~ ~ 11bJ
Page 508: tvk78d00
--w QD ' 7 Sm 1976 50272 8015 TI~;;XfS~SS~R~'~INE-~'ORMUt,~ C1~iICAti -NOTATION•I << Third Edition Elbert G. Smith, Ph. D., Editor TM Professor of Chemistry )iills College .74me"` ~,x` U. S. A. California Oakland , , Peter A. Baker, Associate Editor Systems Research Pharmaceuticals Division ~ Imperial Chemical Industries Alderley Park, Cheshire, U. K. CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY .__.....~T., b t' 'th - - - - - , .x w ll i a ora ion in co members of The Chemical Notation Association Revision of October 1975 ; . , . c
Page 509: tvk78d00
50272 8024 TS m(+~titjrtt"~(TM"VBfif6fCg;P "04988Ww- 1105 14fodern pulp and paper niaking, a practicnl treatise. 2d o 1•i ed. By G. S. Witham, sr. New York, Reinhold publishin(I., corporation,19-12. 2 p. 1., 7-70:i p. incl. Ulus., tables, diagrs., forms. fold, p1. 23} cm. 1. Nood•pulp. 2. Paper making and trade. i. Title. TS1103.11'55. -1942 . G76 42-~4J93 Ltbrarp of Covgress ~. ~ 152W1 j
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50272 8016 78 I I I Co3 - 81 Yestn. s1o.. xem. Drus. 27 (2) 1980, p.14T-160 S.P. UDS 681.3:5.41.6:543.422.4/5 t'~M! ISYh53ER ~IN$-POAt~91.A' CNEMICAL NOTATION-TO-CONNECTIOK-:~- ~, .-. ~ , . . . . , r Dh~ C0; Y6AlI~'P1tOGAAM ,~ .~sa~.:,~. J CIP) Boris Kidri6 Inst{.u6~ Che LSubljana, Yvgoa3.r4a . G CUSTOMER'S COPY 4F3©triPUES WITH COPYRIGHT LAW CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS SERVICE Advantages and limitations of a WLN-to-CT conversion >jr/l,l.. Abstract probran implemented on a PDP 11/3Y computer are described and discussed. The program is incorporated in an interactive, multiuser chemical information systec in order to provide fast and flexible chesical structure data retrieval on the base of spectrometric data and vice versa. Eaphasis' is given to providing of adJitional information needed for the creation of the struc:Lre image. a
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50272 8011 - t'olocular Str~tcturo -,nd Ta ate Stim+ala tion. L ~ 7 L F~ Or~~~ T':~~~:It;~ iMJO
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50272 8021 TOBACCO--SMOKE--ANALYTICAL METHODS/TOBACCO--SMOKE--CHEMICAL COMPOSITION/ a 80 IX W1 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 80 IX Wi Sledziewski, P. (Chemistry Establishment of Seal Fisheries Institute of Maritime Academy, Szczecin, Poland) MALONAL GENERATION CONDITIONS OF THE TOBACCO S2:OKE Die Nahrung 24 (No. 3) 24311980) (in English) *Keywords: malonal - smoke (constituent) The rx+s.ihihty uf matonic dialJchN& formation in the tobacco smoke was investigated and the conditions of the degree of mulunal Erncr:uiun by amulc compounJ% were stated. The malun,d conccntratiun in smoke of ci}arettr, uith tittcra i% in the mran IuNer 12M.7 mg I,gl than in smuke ul'cigarcttea N uhout li)ters (35.Q ing! kv). The hi.hc.t content, of m.Junil were re.rt%eJ in "Lc)ir" (41.7 m): kg). "RadumAic" (35.2 mg.kg) .ivarcur..%ith liltcis and "Spor1" uuhout liltcrs (4_'.b mf;. kg1 and by a half Iuwcr tn "(itcwonl" cigarctles with tiltcrs117 x mg kg). •
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50272 8031 , PYRIDINE AND DERIVATIVES/NICOTiNE--ABS(1RPTI(1N SPECTRA/ ( - . .. . . , , . . . 78 XII Wi RJR CLASS NO. PPti`iPHLET 78 \II t2i a . (National Inst. Health, l.'ashington, D. C., U. S.) SPECTROPHOTOMETRIC DIFFERENCES BETWEEN AMINOHETEROCYCLIC BASES AND THF.1R SALTS. Experientia 10, 420-23 (1954) (in English) *Keywords:* nicotine. _ - ~y.A full rrport~ on further »scs of the irnmc~nium bands fc~r diaSnostic ' purposes (positional rffeet of alk~•1 substituents in ~ pyridincs and quinolines, shift to longer .vavc length in~ i:rromatic \-oxiJe hydre~ctilorides, lcrtiminc-euu;nine` 'tautomcrism, clc.l_.ppcar in the near future ~~ *Note datet S 4 ..' e: ~ . . ~.. S
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v( SURFACTANTS/ DIFFUSION/ 50272 8029 't J. Phonn. Phormac., 1973, 25, 273-280 Received October 2, 1972 i 81 tIII ~li The transfer of salicylic acid across a + t Cellophane membrane from ~ micellar solutions of polysorbates 20 and 80 y ND 7. H. COLLETT ~ ` Department of Pharmacy, University ojManchester Mls 9PL, U.K. : In the pH range I to 5 there is a linear relation between the rate constant for salicylic acid transfer across a cellophane. membrane and the fraction of ionized drug present at each pH. The rate constant for ionized molecules is about 60% of that for unionized molecules. The presence of polysorbates 20 and 80 in the drug solution markedly decreases the apparent transfer rate constant of salicylic acid at low pH. When transfer rate constants obtained in the presence of surfactant are calculated in terms of the non-micellar concentration of salicylic acid they compare favourably with those obtained in the absence of surfactant. These results indicate that micellar drug does not participate in the transfer process. a
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5.0272 8023 ~ 76 IX Fr ~ ~. CIGARETTES--TAR CONTENI'/CIGARETTES--NICOTIh'E CONTEiri/ TOBACCO--SM01:E--NLCOTINB/TOBACCO---SNO:CE--TAR/CI CARETTI:S--GERPShNY/ ~ :; RJh CLASS t10. PAMPHLET 76 IX Fr Freize;-t Reisen : . -.VWI,t'II : -. a Freizeit Rr_isen 3, p. 3(:976) (in German with 1s'nglish abstract) . ~ . *(2fit blauera Dunst ins T31aue.)* *Keywords:•; nicotine, smoke, constituent; : tar,.smoke,' constituent. ~~: __.. ~--- - -~ ----- Tar and nicotine values in the smoke of each cigarette are listed for the following brands (in order of increasing tar values): Reemtsma; Krone; Lord Extra; Atika; Camel Filter; Ernte 23; HB; Lux Filter; Peter Stuyvesant arom.; Marlboro.
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........~,. _. _ . ... i.. i.~~ •'».~ v....c~..5....~.:.: _`.c..`-a.e•..:...~.........-........~...,.. ....... _ S Op . 5 CiiE*tISTRY--CO:^'Pt:TE1tS / ~ECNN1CA1 a'1tiANt3SCRiPT 490 CQiJ'iPUTER. APPLICATIONS .,, P YHIE "WLN„ (WISWESSER Uv E-NOTATION) . JANUARY 1969 DEPA2TN1EtvT OF THE ARMY Catt E^. etrick Frederick, t4aryl n r,d i , , _ ~ '~~ a.pod'ud by 0h. - , CIEARINGHOUSE '^ /?P foGo•..l Sc•e~b4t ri Tcd•n~<.1 `I Mn eYmae•on eYmae•on Spc•noa a;•: Y. 71151 ~y A 7 Z~~3 ~ ., ~ a1 ~ ~
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AmB •~IbiiESSEA~ L-INE.: i~tf}TATIOhS.>CORR~SPONDIN(: =TQ~AI~IG 1969 ::cecie•ty 51.~~' •at•• ~ }! •~..11•IL.y•~LL• '( • n ~J~1`i J l rM~• tJ'~fff1!`C TO fw3.ia~: sFiUi..i1 7s:.u~+sucw.~ 1958 1.44 Pe;;as AmaxS.eltu Cherci.c:n;, 5ocigty Colmbmc, ~3'A^
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50272 8010 ' t TP ~ 370 Ma e:Wissman; Sarry- B; (Jt. Edit:or) ; Diarple, Gary A Grocery manufacturing in the United States. Edited by Gary A. Marple and Ilarry B. Wissmann. New York. Praeger (1968, iuvili, (1?2 p. ilitts. 25 ctu. economic und social development) ( Praeger special studies in U. S. Published In cooperation with Arthur D. Littie, Inc. Includes bibliographical references. 1. F(KUt iudustrv and trullf•-t'. S. t. 11'issmau, Eiarry I3.. Joint authur. t[. Little (Arthur U.) iue. m. Title. Library of Cougre~s 0335A'i'GfFiuu9T 3 67-2524I 151 I
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(9961 '6 40N) I (6Y 'OX) W/ s,itowxsg ZZ08 ZLZOS
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1 1 50272 7975 ~ I Un2S-7 j r ~ S.P. ~ ) A Q'T1TL:1 CTP.TFS t i t : 1:OiJ t ; PU£UCA 1 ' 4 '~ rj 1 ~4~ 7 1 ~ ~ r 1 ' . ! 1 ~ .. ; Y C-1 s ClIPY9ATOGRf;PNY 0F TNE t1IdITEQ STA?ES N'0. 81 (B-Y STATE) _T &A . ~~'sr.~~~ *a ,PC?.,'~' :,.~~ l ••W y WP U ,y (j . : y ~ `~ti iy IS { . V :N E :.J EJ-3 6~ r ~ u ~ l. l•:r~ F~,~e, ; t•-~ r• :•«•• ts t: v ~.f i: ~ ~ ~ i. Gl ~ti i :. ~ ~ i~ p ~. ~•: U.S. pF.PARTG'"11T !7F CO6SI:IErI:CE Ariional Ocranic a.ntl A:ptosl-.stetia AdmEri;tratiat Environmcntat Gata Scrvicc e^r* ~ {f ~t) (r;• ~1 r'r t-a: .•e .e r .. U'1! ~ ti+'•.+'tl1b ~ ~ w a `n -' . .2.. `i' Y r-+ H National Climatic Center /1Shvvilli•• N.C. nuqust 1973 t~f,fw ~. ......~t.l•:...~-....~~.5~...:J,.~._.....•.~ :.l_w...•.•.•..rt:~rda.w:f. i... .. . .~......r_.... ..... 1 %-a• ~. '1... .~. ,,,,h,S,7...,. T.. ~.. . . ._. r.. . ' •f~ :~• .. .. :~... .. f~. •Yf 1{ . F ~.•.. ... \4 •'..~(.•..~'ar'''~• i • .. . . . ~ . . ..._. .•........ -. • ...- ..• . • . . OEPARTi.SVtI VF + I CO?lit: ~!a'r: ~:: I 1 a
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50272 8028 mal of Esl+erimental Psye6oL~: 1:al IIetuvior Processa 1976. Vol. 4, No. 3, 767-t75 74 V ne T:1STF--TFSTT'''f:--~'T.AVnn/ ~ v Within Compound Flavor Associations' Robert A. Rescorla and Christopher L. Cunningham Yale University Two experiments used a flavor-aversion learning paradigm to detect the pres-, enee of associations within a compound of simultaneously presented flavor conditioned stimuli. Experiment 1 exposed rats to two two-elcment coin- pounds, and then administered poison followinfi.separate presentation of one element of one compound. The animals were then given te6t exposures to the second element of each compound. Consumption of each element during this test reflected the poisoning history of the element with which it had pre-- viously been presented in compound. When one element of a compound had been poisoned, consumption of the other element was reduced. Experiment 2 employed a complementary design. After initial nonreinforced exposure, two two-element compounds were each followed by poison. Then one compound was extinguished and the rat given test exposures to the second elemcnt of each compound. Consumption of each clement during the test reflected the extinction hiAory of dhe element with which it had previously been presented in compound. Both designs were such as to imply the occurrence of associa- tive learning, dependent upon .iie joint presentation of the elements in com- pound. These results suggest that with flavors there is substantial within- compound learning of associations among simultaneously presented stimuli. I
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81 X SP 50272 8030 Anatoxin-a: A Novel, Potent Agonist at the-Nicotinic Receptor C. E. SPIVAK, -"L, 'AND E. X. ALBUQUERQUE' • Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, and t Laboratory of Chemistry, National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolism and Digestive Diseases, Bethesda, Maryland 20014 Received February 21, 1980; Accepted May 19, 1980 , _ SUMMARY SPIVAK, C. E., B. WITKOP AND E. X. ALBUQUERQUE. Anatoain-a: A novel, potent agonist at the nicotinic receptor. MoL Pharmacol. 18: 384-394 (1980). Anatoxin-a, a•senlirigid, bicyclic amine, caused a depolarizing blockade of the indirectly elicited twitch in frog sartorius muscle. Concentration-response studies of contracture in the rectus abdominis arid depolarization in the sartorius muscles of the frog showed that it is the most potent of the nicotinic agonists. It produced desensitization, and the kinetic and steady-state parameters found from chronically denervated rat soleus muscle were similar for anatoxin-a and acetylcholine. When endplate regions of frog sartorius fibers were voltage clamped, anatoxin-a induced endplate currents and concomitant increases in endplate current noise. Fourier analysis of this noise revealed that the average single channel lifetime was indistinguishable from that induced by acetylcholine; the single
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50272 8032 .Y._ru.,.' .1II . MaA7 "`Witkowski,;=H.--(Jt. Author ~ ~ (1968) Malajk.a, D. THE USE OI' SO;ILTIZEA PAPER TO DETEWIh$ ALCF.LCrI•G'S ItZ TIt:CTU:.ES. I. TIhC'PU.n.A CYtdCM02dAE, by h. l4al.ejls and H. t•atkowC}r.3. gu.tl. Soc. tiais Sci. Lettres Poznen, 8er. C. 27-33 (1959) ~ , - - • ... .. • .. . • . . • ~.. . . . . • • .
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~. • 74 T-T.T Sin 50272-8014 -- TUTt'1121AL LESSONS UPd T!(E h'"i"?~`x~r ~5'tV(a i;fi~L~=:~ft!a7:.ilf'+C1~i3~ds ~4~#3`l©~lr~ • A~ by i a . i Elbert G. Smith, Ph. U., Professor of Chemistry I Mills College, Oakland, California . ~ The s)inbol list and rules of the Wiswesser notation in this . a ariphlet are quoted by permission of the publishers from ~'The Wiswesser Line-Formula Chemical Notation," by Elbert G. Swith and Collaborators, D1cGra~~-lfill Book Company, New York, 1968. Students of this notation are urged to consult this book for more detailed discussions of these notation L ~ s rules, together with additional problems with ansv-ers. ~ F 04~ ~~i '4Q-L a(yk ' May 1972 f
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50272 8025 a t/ ~ TS 'Q1t6ariAeorGe •Strong,° 1860-1939 (Ed.)1lodern Pulp and Paper ~ 1105 A'akin9. CAlkin John Iiurness 1J01- f b f )liodern pulp and paper making. 3d ed. rer. and edited by John B. Calkin. Previous editions by George S. Withnm, Sr. New York, Reinhold Pub. Corp. 119571 549 p. illus. 24 cm. Includes biblio ;raphy. 1. Wood-pulp. 2. Paper makina and trade. r. \Vitham, George Strong, 180P-1039. 1lodern pulp and paper making. it. Title. TS1105.C25 1957 676 57-7G35I Library of Congress 1101 e
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1 50272 8034 ~~ XII Wi. (1969) „,._Witko*aski,--Henryk -(Jt-. Author)- Lewandowski, Anzclm CIISCIONITI3 P11PwR. 111. IIETELMSIhIhG T'PIE SiJa OF t.T.Kt.LOIDS Ir? YCLLQ'.1 LUPIris, by Anze1M LFCwsnd4Vski and ttsnryk Witkow,-,ki ChGm. Aaal. 4, 321-327 (195S)--tliCh EnSlieh Suarn aSy ~ RT'^.'.'.=^v..:e~.'~'T..;%ayr,TST'.e-.n_•.~--.~~
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50272 8033 .:.a..r:..~~ .,:a...~ .:.:. wt..2 ~.+..s. ' .,.JC~+,ai;~_.,.._ ........~.........ae:.....•s.-.. .......•..e~.>~.i r -r HiCr.osr8ki; , lie~x~ryk.. .. CriIOaI'~g PAl'E.P.. IT. API'LbCATZO?1 h0R ALKtsLCtID DET~,~ii??F;,TIQY:S Chcm. Aaal. G, (Nas. 1-2) 317-320 (1959)-- With Eaglich Scr..~casry i! ~~:. . . . . . . ... .
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V1 !tey-•77 S-. P. 3our. Johft S ,1r.ri:ik1J1t1I(i Depa,lmerd of lJu:,itivn .:nd i vod ' ;cicnces 11,as~n lru .c!ts Insli;Vta (,I Tarhnui09Y CanPuriQja, 02139 -..,-- . -- ., _ __..1 50272 7996 Chera. Isduc, ; i (7)440-2(1(977) -` - - ~t.Jw~l•t4LfV ~alrlw4~/t•{t7 I Tablo 1. N nilrusoJi,;lhllr,mines (:titro,runincs) hrn•;; lsecn recog- nir,ccl since the mid ]95U's r5 hc},,auto,xic aurnls (1--3) and have suLsequcutly hecvl found tc+!>c• potent eNrclnhf;cns in a tvide variety of anim:(1 s},ecics (•4', 5).'I'here is no direct evi- dc•ncc to r,sst,ciatc hurn;tn cnuc•cr •„;:?, iiitrv:,a,i,inc•s, )nit cvery type of aniui,il th:a has Lcrn tc~tco has been fuund to be susceptiLle to nitrus,nriuc carcinr,LVncsis, and it is nc,w widely acceptecl that nitros<,tnines are probably carcinogenic to hu- mi_rls r. • 1 le carclno;,,:•nlc potency of a gt\,en nitrosamine may vary Ernong species (7) ancl heiw(•en male:> :,nd fen,ales of the : atne species (8). In ;.ddition, within a group of 1ni;n<Js of the same strain and sex, the potency of nitros:,lnines can vary by ::everal orders of magnitude (9, 10). For the 131) rat (9) this variation --- ~~ - a.q 7 C.arClnogCnlCitics of lvilrOsanti:,cs Nitrusarnine Cartinogcnicity4; M-nitrosodirncthylamine 2.27 N-nitrpsodir:thytamine 3.20 N-nitrusopyrroGdine 2.64 N•ni:rosoprulinc <0.6 N•nitrosornu, photine 1.95 N-nitrosodWmylamine 0.6 N-nitrosodicyclot,exyiamine <0.6 C C>ctined as log (1/D:oI, where /)so ii the total molar dosc required to indu; c: tumors in 50'a, of the test msimals (9. 10). Table 2.0 Variations in Target Organs for Nitrosarnines can be rour, hly:associatecl xrith mo)ec:ular strucJ.ure; the small, compounr:b more volatile nilrosauli,res af,}r• cr to be t;r,ncrally rnnre active ~ Mode of Administration Organ r<, = R, orai tivtr 1 r l ~ t ih th J til • d n art „ an e cFs t e cr,rnlx,ttn J) ,. c ~ l 1.,«a.,+...,-.. l~i~rta . ~nli~ry{^~u j a~t sr'~ O:•~ R ~y..• r• ~s llr~i i V Cc.:' s! ~ 't~ ., 't! ~ ~rt~ " f0.r tt E~: a
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x-RAx niFFRAcziorv -STOq.A5 OF AbP)rlaN CAMPOlSND55 0F AT!IYWSk' WITFI '1KI0RC;AI`CK; SAt.T5, ,.. ` ~. ~ s .. ~ _ _, _ . . . ... ..
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50272 8026 , . .. . . ... . . `..::~.xv..~s:v.~..~.w...i....:.:a:.w.:.ti'-._ . ..-._. ... _ ._._. ....~':~i e ..dWi therfdg"-4i3.Ui*jwI+I,: f-j oiu/i;V: author. QP bZcGord, Carey Pratt, 1SSG- 45$ Odors, physiolory and control, by Carey P. McCord ana M William N. lVitheridge. Ist ed. New 1 or.;, 'McGraw-Ilill Book Co., 1949. zx, 405 p. tllus. 2-1 cm: ; Blbliographq: p. 273-397. 1. Deodorizatlon. 2. Odors. r. Witheridge, William N., joint author. Y'H7GG2.:1I3 ~ `.~ 628.52 -1~J--7i37 "' Idbrars -o! Congress ``~' i52i=31 ~-,,-Q ,_....,.~.... . a
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50272 8035 Levar.doc,•sici E Atuelm Ll i':,Cx 1: i: CZ*:yC;7.E',,7ID_'. C~:UF.:tiL.7 Z.1t::~u%Tv :Cx AVAWi.caW 'rY*ir..?:v ZA r•L,~.OcA i:x)juj.Y V (<<:~r.titr~ti~~e BR~ tt:~^~ion n£ Zaz.~_:-n•~ At_~;"?o3.C:n iT.i;cZh°s oT C':tl:..:,ir_c-- P::rc:r)p i,y ufci ane- 14aticow;i:ig Jerzy Platekp and Danuta Brzozka. Ctt;:miP NaxaI:YyGmi no S5%-53
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502Z2 8020 NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE SPECTROSCOPY/ ANNUAL REPORTS ON RI~~R SPECTROSCOPY Edited by G. A. WEBB Department olChemistry, University o/Surrey, Guildlord, Surrey. England VOLUME 11B 1981 l NitroAen NMR Spectroscopy ... L. STEFANIAK and G. A. WEBB ACADEMIC PRESS A Subsidiary of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers London . New York . Toronto 9 Sydney . San Francisco a
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50272 8027 ~ /,a c 0. - / 96 -*T 359 - 114 ( /9 77 II Re-79 S.P. THE ACTIOLV OF SOME L..\CTO\ES A\D 3EL:1.iE0 i0)1PrJJ!%0S . Oti HL'SfA.\ CHROMOSONIES Departmcnt oi Bioiogy as Appiiad co \Irdicina. Middlesex Hospita: ltedicai Schoo.. London W. 1, Great Britaut. Sittee 1956 Dickens and his collaboratorsl have beer. 3:ud.•ing ;he ability of a Sro~e of lactones and related compounds to induce tutaours af:er either :wice weekly sub. cutaneous injection into rats or painting onto the skin of mice. Earller one iach oompound. B-propiolactone, had been shown to induce tun:ours at the site of injection is 9 out of 12 rats treated2. jB-propiolactone nad also brerr shown by Smith & Srb3 , Smith k Lotfy{ and b} Swanson & tiierz3 to break the chromosomes )f Vicia and allius:. II is also known to be a mutagen in yeast, bacteria and Neurosopora. However. recently bterz & Brewen6 are reported as having found no soecific action on the chromosomes of the chinese hamster. They used corneal epithelium and saw no aberrations in the cells In doses approaching'and surpassing the LDSo. However, ir. ao initial assay of bone marrow cells with far lower doses they found aberrations. The present study is a preliminary investigation into :he possibility of using lraryotype analysis of human leucocyte cultures ss a screenir•g tes: for carcinogenic s ; setivity with these compounds. t I
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50272 8018 .P. 14'$F1F88gR;-T;INE=YNfXFAT-IOY-SERYICF.S/nRUGFILI :S/nRUGFILI: FACT I MeB -78 S . l ARUGrII.r TAPE FORMAT/ ~ V(imieat, Alarmalion . llana~~nu~l, -Oria P.O. BOX 2740 • 411 ROUTE 70 EAST CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY 08034 (609) 795-6767 CIMI-DRUGFILETM FACT-SHEET W[IAT IS CIMI-DRUGFILE? The CIMI-DRUGFTLr is primarily intended for organiza- tions that are doing new product research in the p}-,ar.ma- ceutical (human and animal health care) industry. It is a unique searchable file of the ingredients found in the marketed drugs of the world. With this database, one can quickly locate all the ingredients having a common structural feature, e.g., all the benzodi.azepines; or all I I
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50272 8001. SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/TOBACCO--SriOKING--PSYClIOLOGY/ 79 X Ba ' ' 1 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 X Bal *Immi:fv~PWAA Rooney, E. J. (Univ. Mass., Amherst;,Mass.; Rhode Island Jr. Coll., R. I., U. S.) A COMPARISON OF THOUGHT STOPPING AND COVERT SENSITIZATION TECHNIQUES THE TREATMENT OF S:10KING: A BRIEF REPORT. Psychol. Record 24, 191-92 (1974) (in English) *Note date* ' 11 Ss who s~nokrd-24 cigarct:es pcr dav +~cre di.idcrl into 3' andl in vcrt Scnsiliz,ation ht Sto C Th t ~ , g, pp groups, oug a ucalrncn ~A!!c^1jon•Placcbo, for a l0•session prngparn to climinale 5inoking +I. ~Sio ificanl reductions vvere found for lxuth the Thougght Stopping ~tn3 Co.'crt Sensitizatiort groups iromrdiatcl~• after the prograrrt ~was tr:mint+ted. The Ss in The Attention P]acebo ~;toup and a no- ,coatact control group did not rcY3ucc cizarctte consumption. A 4-I lmonth fellow-un did not indicate si;;nificant reduction in smokin fg i in anY o[ thc Eroups. IN
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ti' I Re9-82 Toxicology, 21 (1981) 37-45 50272 8039 -A$,p, t, e.~er ott o an cientificPubtishenLtd. MODIFICATION OF LUNG TUMOR DEVELOPMENT IN A/J MICE* .- 4~3,.I'~'~CH4'.P.J. HAKKINENte and J.P. KEHRER"+1 ~ Biology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Oak Ridge, TN 37830 (U.S.A.) (Received February 12th, 1981) (Accepted April 24th, 1981) Strain A mice were injected with urethan, 3-methylcholanthrene or dimethylnitrosamine and given repeated injections of butylated hydrosy- toluene (BHT). This treatment significantly increased multiplicity of lung tumors induced by all 3 carcinogens. Two other antioxidants, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) or a-tocopherol (vitamin E) did not enhance tumor formation, nor did methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MIviT), an agent capable of producing cell proliferation in lung. Lungs were more susceptible to the carcinogenic action of urethan 2 weeks following BHT- induced injury, but not during the phase of acute cell proliferation in lung. It is concluded that the effects of BHT on lung tumor development in mice are not related to its properties as an antioxidant or to its capability to produce extensive cell proliferation in lung. C
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. I::gORML SOCIAL GE`.()U? I\FLl?i:aCr ON CONSUiiC+.t 3ItAKD Ci!OICE Jour., of Marketi»r ?.coearch 6 473-75 (3.969) 50272 8046 r 77 I f .
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50272 8042 i , ~. 80 II Ey-81 S.P. IMPEDANCE CARDIOGRAPHY AS A NONINVASIVE METHOD OF MONITORING CARDIAC FUNCTION AND OTHER PARAMETERS OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM' W. 0. Kubicek, Ph.D., R. P. Patterson, M.E.E., andD,: A: Witsot, M.E.E. Deparuneat oJ Physlcal Medicine and Rehabilirarion. College oj Medical Sciences, Universily o) Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Classical physiology texts describe the basic function of the heart as a bloa pump. Ironically, after centuries of research since William Harvey's disclosure o the nature of the circulatory system,' the pumping action of the heart remains ai elusive parameter to measure without resorting to'inconvenient, expensive, an( somewhat traumatic procedures requiring sterile surgery to insert catheters int, or near the heart. At the same time, relatively simple, noninvasive methods an available to record other parameters related to myocardial function such a electrical activity, pulse rate, and blood pressure. Obviously, a great need exist for a similarly simple noninvasive method of obtaining information concemin; the mechanical activity of the heart. About 300 years elapsed following Harvey's classic experiment before Atzle and Lehmann attempted to utilize small transthoracic electrical impedanc( changes observed during the cardiac cycle to study myocardial function by : capacitance system = Nyoboer and co-workers'•* and otherss later modified anc improved on this work. Geddes and Baker have published an excellent review 0 the use of electrical impedance measurements in the detection of a variety o0 physiological events.° I
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Al,. ..n nn•- ., 'L'~~`t~ ~TkT `'=vf, •*sTUTu=:0d •atru.q •VvM 'l'i .~• PS~ ~ Sl Y i»~.:,..vi 'tQ ~:FT,7;it1?:-,•;:3 4 `J !.,:-".i3 ~!'~'rU~11~J f S:'1( :~!31If'iS~tHa:7 (3 ot}4nV -' 3f) -Xd.zuaH - `'FxsMOx3W, ':. L£08 ZLZOS
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50272 8044 HIGH-LATITUDE SOU!iDIttGS OF STRATOSPHERIC OZONE OURIt~G IiINTE_R III Du2-79 S.P9 by 4 Paul Schlyter, Andrew I'.atthetts and DEPARTI;FIlT OF IiETEOROLOGY REPORT AP- 17 UNIVERSITY OF STOCt:hOLt-f (MISU) 1977-07-28 UDC 551.510.4: INTERNATI0IAL METEOROLOGICAL 551.510.5: INSTITUIE IN STOCK110Ltf (ItfI) 551.513 Arrhenius Laboratory S-10o 91 SIMI',MOIt4, Sweden Tel. 08/150160/2405 As a part of an extensive investigation of minor constituents in tt stratosphere and n3scsphere at high latitudes at the end of ijir,ter,e these b3l loon ozone sour.dings were perforinQd almost every day curinc a two-week period between t:arch 4 and f;arch 18, 19?5. The bal ir=n ar+ launched from ESPS."wE in Northern Sweden, between 10 and 17 loczi time.The balloon carried cheailumene scent detectors, and also a ~ thermometer. This report contains a brief theoretical outline, presentation of the observed data, co:pariscn with total ozone reasurr-^nts durint. the canpaign p:riod, but also during previous years at the sar,» f season. Comparison with r..e4vurenr..nts of ozone at the ground is also made. These ozone data suggest a relation between total ozone ar:d temperature. The shape of the ozone profiles are also related with
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r 50272 8051 TOBACCO--LAW--GERMANY/ TOBACCO--PESTICIDES/ --- ------- - - -- ~ . t -.• • ~~' .. ~~• ~ VI Ta3-78 - RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET VI Ta3 78 `_ '_ ~i~'En~1t~n~~~i~!' Wissenschaftliche Abt. erband Cigaretteind., Hamburg, Ger.) PRACTICAL EXPERIENCES IN TH THE LEGISLATION LIMITING A~"10L't1TS OF PESTICIDES ON TOBACCO AND TOBACCO PRODUCTS. ; *(Erfahrungen mit der Hochstmengen-Verordnung Pflanzenschutzmittel bei der Kontrolle von Tabakerzeugnissen.)*. ' •. . , Quester Tabak-Kolloquium, 20th, paper, Orleans, Fr., variously paged (May 1978) . - . . _ = °:. . . *Special translation'available upon request* - i --- ; , .. . . .. :
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?251 1 A 50272_8056 = , Wit~a,g reaction, v. 1. ` Advances in organic chemistry : methods and results. v. 1- New York, Interscienco Publishers,19G0- ' J v, diagrs. 24 cm. Editors: 19(DO- R. A. Raphael, E. O. Taylor and H. Wynb2rg. Includes bibliography. ed. 1. Chemistry, Organic. x. Raphael, Ralph Alexander, 1931- G„1D251.A3G ~~ 547 59-] 303G LiLrary- of Congress 1251 . , . a
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.l 50272 8Q61 TOBACCO--CHEMICAL COMPOSITION--GENETIC MQDIFICATIpN/ $0 '.VI, *i; RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 80 VI Wi (Istituto Sperimentale per la Cerealicoltura - Foggia) GENETIC APPROACHES TO TOXICOLOGICAL PROBLEMS OF TOBACCO Atti. Assoc. Genetica Ital. 24 p. 332-337 (1979) (in Italian) • The "tobacco and health" problen is exar.ined from the point of view of altering smoking chemical comoosition through genetic control of tobacco constituents. The actual fev results, the trend of vork in progress and methods and techniques of using genetic variability con- tained in Nicotiana tabacum and Nicotiana species are discussed.
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50272 8068 '"I S au~ N- ~~ 8a 6.P. Ann. appl. Biol. (1981')'98. 333-338 Printed In Great Britain Growth compensation for destroyed and replaced plants in Central African field tobacco* BY M. J. P. SHAW ArtvI: "aw ` ~. Tobacco Research Board P.O. Box 1909, Salisburv, Zimbabwe (Accepted 5 January 1981) SUMMARY Plants surrounding a gap in stand compensated to some extent for leaf yield lost to missing plants. The contribution of plants in an adjacent row was much less than that of plants next to the gap within the row. Losses were reduced and quality was improved by replacing destroyed plants within two weeks of the original planting. 333
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50272 8043 /'~ .'. - U'M. . 1AA*VZ4 C.&4' a ~).. oe. r 6 930) 1D ( 1474i 7 A q• t - . - yy oy II Me5-81 FULL-SCALE ANAEROBIC FILTER TREATS HIGH ~~~ 8/ S. P. STRENGTH WASTES EAtOM;y,Yftt; Research Associate William J. Humphrey, Development Project Manager Celanese Chemical Company Corpus Christi, Texas 78408 Thomas E. Roberts, Supervisor of Environmental Control Celanesc Polymer Specialities Company Louisville, Kentucky 40299 BACKGROUND In the early seventies the Celanese Chemical Company Corpus Christi, Texas, Technical Center began evaluating biological treatment for effluents from its Texas plants. It soon became apparent that conventional aerobic techniques (activated sludge, lagoons, etc), although basically applicable, might be difficult to implement. This was due to one or more features of the various effluents such as high chemical oxygen demand (COD), high acidity, hydraulic andJor COD surges, occasional presence of heavy metals, etc. Attention was then turned to anaerobic techniques, and this work culminated in the development of a modified anaerobic filter, which has been extremely successful for treatment of high-strength petrochemical effluents in laboratory and pilot units. 7
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50272 8047 ScotiisAlorrnul ef Political Ecoeony. vol. 28. No. 1. Februarv 1981 r G436-9?9''hl /MKVeiRn 50'.(x) C 1981 Seoatisb Eeonomie SoNeiS s 86-91 ~ THE EFFECTiS7{lOF HEALTH WARNINGS AND ADVERTISING ON THE DEMAND FOR 78 XI Ad1-81 ~. CIGARETTES $,P. ~'1ND CHRISTOPHER L. PASS r Management Centre, University of Bradford H INTRODUCTION There exists substantial evidence to indicate that smoking. particularly cigarette smoking, constitutes a serious health risk. The Government has therefore attempted to secure a limitation on the total amount of money spent by the manufacturers on advertising in the belief that such expenditure is an important factor influencing the overall level of cigarette consumption. In addition, there has been considerable anti-smoking publicity. The purpose of this paper is to assess the effects of health scares and manufacturers' advertising on the demand for cigarettes.
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50272 8041 . . Development and Evaluation (i.f an Im pedance 80 II Ey-81 S.P. Cardiac Output System W. G. KvstcEtc, PH.D., J. N. KAuvEtas, M.D., R. P. PArressox, M.S.E.E.;riiX'A:ri'soL-,.M.S.E.E., and R. H. MA-rrso,,s, PH.D. A four electrode impedance plethysmographic system was developed which apparently monitors right heart ventricular output. Two band electrodes were placed around the sub- ject's neck, a third b.nd around the thorax at the level of the xiphisternal joint, and the fourth around the abdomen. The upper neck electrode and abdomen electrode were ex- eited by a 100 kHz constant sinusoidal current and the re- sultant voltage (impedance) changes occurring with the car- diac cycle were monitored from the inner two electrodes. Stroke volume was calculated from the impedance change information using a formula relating Impedance changes to volume changes in a conducting s solid. comparison study J_. w7tl1 i iIIIIUI[aneOYS.I[aneO._ ___ YS impedance and dye dilution measurements under rest and exer- eise conditions was carried out on 10 healthy young adult males. Preliminary results indicate that the impedance method predicts relative changes (ratios) in cardiac output with an accuracy of ± 16 per cent with 95 per cent confidence. with metallic bands in the positions described abovt illustrates the positions of the electrodes, Figure 1. Foi use in this study, the electrodes were made by wrappini 4 mm. wide tinned copper braid shielding with a con ductive cloth (Velcro Hi-Meg conductive pile V-22-11 NVZ) and then sewing the electrodes on Velcro pile foi a backing. The electrodes were fastened together usinf Velcro number 80 hook material. Both neck electrode: were sewn on a single 2 inch backing and each elec• trode used around the abdomen was sewn on a 1 inct backing. The outer two electrodes were connected to a con- -,stant current source providing 6 ma 100 kHz sinusoida: ' current. The inner two electrodes were connected to : I
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50272 8057 CANCF.R--BLADDER/CAidCER--STOMACH/CANCER--INTESTINAL/ /current Topics in Pathology 67 Editors Continuation o[ Ergebnissc der Pathologic ~arcinogenesis • e .' ! i RC f68 Gr 1979 Contributors P. Hohn, E. Kunzc, K. Nomura MWitting,l'V. Schla{:.e. ~/ Editor ~'E. Grundmann Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg NewYork 1979 • i / E. Grundmann WHrr.:irsten
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50272 8060 TranslFition ~`t+ttttutarq: . \: M d K:r O 11 U:SzcC9 (4 ti `.~i9+~l:: k~ . --',`; ',.41~~...:. r iw~::::. s .. ~.. .... x ... ~._. J. _.•.. . .. ~~, r.....w._
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50272 ~ 8059 a.' CICARETTES-VILTFRS/ ~. P,JR CLASS NO. YAMi'IiLF.T 75 VIII Va Vadics, ?.. ;-:Wi;t.tma,uftL1b_*VIII Va *(no affil:)* 75 MANUFACTURING PROCESSING CONTROL OF CIGARETTI: FILTERS ON i•LITIIE?tATIC- STATISTICAL BASIS. 4V *(Filterrudak gyartaskozi ellenorzese matematikai-statisztikai aiapcn.)* Dohanyipar 21 (No. 12) 47-54 (1974) (in IIun6arian with English abstract) A method is described for the control of cigarette filter rods during the manufacturing process on a mathematical and statistical basis. The authors.-present the theoretical considerations for the control and tested the major parameters of filter rods in domestic productio-i. The weight of the filter rod was found to be the predomnant parameter. Methods :.re mentioned involving the testing of the weight of filter rods and other parameters on the mathematical and statistical basis worked out by computer. - *1975, No. 3, W 1008* *dk Tobacco manufacture: 9. ~ i :~
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50272 "48 VEF.13AN)1 CI(;ARF:TTENINDIISTRIE/ XI Co6-76 TOBACCO--PESTICIDES--RF.SIDUES/TQBACCO--LA!•'--GF.RMANY/ S.P, RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET XI Co6-76 s.p. : , ,'Witrtekindt, w:' , -`~CGersnan Cigarette Manuf., Sci: Dep. Assoc., Ger.) :- 110W TO MAINTAIN TOBACCO QUALITY IN CASE OF TREATMENT ACAINST IySECTS, 4 ~ o ~'~7 UE MOULD K N B p ~ y D L GROWTH A SUCKER. _ ~ CORESTA Con*gress, 6th; paper, f 23 + p. (tdov, 18, 1976) (in ~ English) i azinphos-methyl,.tobacco, additive;. _ *Keywords:* '` diazinon, tobacco, additive; malathion, tobacco', additive; malaoxon, tobacco, additive;• dimethoat,,tobacco, additive; .. _s'Omethoat, tobacco, additive;• ~ ;' parathion-ethyl, tobacco, additive; paraoxori, tobacco, additive; parathion-methyl, tobacco, additive;.`. . fenthion `.tobacco additive;: , , , xenttlion-r-s-sulton; tobacco, add_i_ti_vP! ,. .. .. :. . • ~ _ ~ . ~ .
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50272 8036 - Witkowski, . Henryk, jt. author:-:;:,,_ , kawwm,"awal.!. AmznIx Ci3'a;fiZZT,axM> r-STYX-ATXGSl ct•' ,E TG7a1L CGI+' L'Vir OF TOL!'.CL'J l:IN.:t.=.J?XF-3 VY i'1-A';S QE? nQV^...G!iK :F.t`1 FILM P.'M31, bv Ar.a2lcc Le-emnd-wear3$ hl-Ilr;4 Wqi.`timji6LLip .=fi4rY FlatC::L 4`::ej D.:aat.u Clj;.aiia j•zt:1jtyczrus 6, 551 (101) - ErigLi®b trr~.niemscs £rrsa Lt.cs i'ssSi:rho 0 ., : .. ~ . . ••• . .~. .,. . .. . .• .~
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, 50272 8066 , 7f ACYI-CYCLOI'[:NTANONES ,' ~-- .~ Vlll.• ON TIIE SYNTiII:SIS OF jj,6jjjtKONE M. VANDEWALLE, L. VAN Wi1NSl3EItGI1F.•• and • A synthcsis of calythronc (I) is described s1artinc from 3•mcthyl-1,2,4-cycloprn• tanetrionc. The total yicLf is 33%. The kcy intermediate fc,r the synthesis is 2•ntcthyl•t,S,S-tricthoay-2•cyclopcntcnc•1•,ine /Vl. The mcthocl has general appli- 'cability for Ihc synthcsis of 2-:icyi-4,S-diallyl•a,3•cyclopcntrnedioncs. Calythronc (I), a compound isolatcd from calythrix tctragona, has becn idrntificd as 2-isovalcryl-4,5-dimcthyl-l,3-cyclopentcnedionc (I, 3). It is closcly rclatcd to 2-isovalerylindancdionc-1,3 (II), kno%%n as %alonc %%hich has insccticidal propcrtics [3J. . c'-.._-,,, r,,,. ,t,,, c,„th.•;ic nf c:,I%thrnne has•c already been published. Bull. Soc. Chim. Bclgcs, 30 (1971) 39-42 //
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Xa 50272 80b3 ldil (1968) l::~7?~F~li"i's G:L l,3zt 5st7:'s!:^F: l)mjm. ~:Cu~,3T~t!:? I'1 ri:T_•un: !,S !.:"1TSTi:~i vY T'~;Yt-IIfJ~~31 ~:sl=i;^I.:E, by S. 11. 11;2:Y:va:., R. 1:. Dpdoxgh, V. 'i'ulfi rr.d D. GL1L-•art ~ rr}-<-z. l;n. Soc. tiar%. SGL. ~';0, G05-[+16 (L;G2)
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•50272 8073 78 XI Ad-80 S.P. RJR CLASS N0. PMLLT 78 XI Ad-80 Neue Zuercher Zeitung MA::I)ATORY AND VOLL.JTARY CIGARETTE ADVERTISING RI:STRICTIO\'S I:: SWITZR RLAN D. *("t~o`blcivE di'e'Sef~stl:ontrolle der' I'.cklameverbaende?")* r Neue Zuercher Zeitung, 1980, p. not given, (Jan. 25, 1980) - in Cerran.
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50272 8072 ' WORLD METEONOLOGICAL ORGANIZATION II I Du _80 PAPERS PRESENTED S.P. 2 AT THB / WMO. SY3IPOSIUTON TIIE '~EOP IIYSICAL =-ASPECT&-A4VD CONSEQUENCES OF ° :: CIIAIVGES-'IIY YIIE CO~iIP®SITI®N OF~---~ liv; TIIE'S'STRATOSPHERE''-~ ~ Toronto, 26-30 June 1978 WDiO-No.511 .-•.~ •I S.eM.rt.t .f th. W.rU Metesrol.gc.l Or`.eisatios . Ceo... . lwitserl" 19Ji 0 i
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t / i . ~/ . / ~ / / . . ...~.Ly...* _ .. ...e /•.y~..~.._ -v.. ~.,i , 1 0 GERMAAN LANGUACE--DIGTIONAkIES--POLYGLOT/fRENCH LANGU.4CE--DICTIO»AT.IES--POLYCLnT / ~ , Y ' ' 0 . r:. RS; . Q •LFRTD IYYI'T;1[ANN • JOEL IiLOS t0'" I ~ 4 , 210 Wi / `- ~ rv 1973 Dictionary of Data Frccessing . ' ~ W O including Applications in Industry, Administration and Busir.ess Fachworterb:lcft der i3u-LenverGrbeitung mit Amrendunssgcbietcn in Indus:rie, Verwaltung und lti'irtschaft Dictionnaire du i rai:err~on-L des Qonnees et de son application dans 1'industrir, 1'administrat;on et 1'rconcr.nic SEOOYD. REYI3EL AND L\LARaED LD:YIO\ I o.~:a ~~ EISJ:VII:R SCIEN-lIFIC PUBLISIII\'G COJIPAXY AMSTL1.Dr11i - LONDON - NEW YORK 1973 L i Il 1r"0; ry - .. -.-.,,.... _ r~ _ _..,.~--_---~---- . - • , ~-----~..---•-.~. . .-...- .`, - .
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50272 8054 J xxx 3 Wi1967 ; , ON IDRFCi.`rA ALDOL COi1DL't aA:ICcYS Record of GhCa. Progr. ~8 (tdo. 1) 1.4-60 (1967) a ,
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NITROGEN OXIIIES/: ~. :/GASES--ANAT,YSIS/~YROLYSIS /CIIFMISTRY, ANALYTIC%"r• PARTICUX.ATES--SOLIDS PARTICULATE SOLIDS/COMBUSTION PRODI7CTS/ i~ POLYMER$ & POLYMERIZATION-'-PYROLYSIS/CARRQN "tONOXIDE--flF.TFRP9TNATTnN/ ! CHROMATO(,RAHHIC ANALYSIS--ION CHROMATOGRAPHY/SULFUR DIOXIDE/ I AIR--POLtUTION--ANALYSIS/AMMONIUM IONS/AIR--POLT.UTION--PARTICLES--DETERMIX,ITI N .~ t' ~ ` QD GI \LG' CVV 117 C F L Y ~°1 S , A ~t; =aLVC A I``1116f ; % ~ t 10 rA A T 0 1 rirL 1 L Sa 1978 2 C. ~ { : ~ i i : s I _ OF P~r'~_L~.~ IAI~ i S ~` Edited by E(JGL(;,,!E SA:'ViCEi1 Chief j. D. P~~ULiN Research Chernist " `&LW~"J~ Research Chemist Samp ing and~A-na~Tysis Methods Branch Environmental Research Center Environmental Protection Agency Research Triang!e P,rk, North Carolina ANN ARBOR SCIENCE Pl1BLISHt:RS INC P.O. BOX 1425 • ANN ARBOR. PAlCH.48106
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50272 8050 I _ L-Iw t C.1~`t J. Pnys.,A: Math. Gen.. Vol. 12.{Yo. 5)1979. Printed in Great Britain - a L ~0 4 - t ~~ / ~ ` t.ETTER TO TlIE EDITOR 1( nnn_rnnt*a nnrrnlnlii.r.a• :r.t rr.nlrn• r.nrf:nln u ..T a.....~ . as..ha. ...... .a.a.....~ a;~.aavna. wb~`a r~'.rga.. .a 4 n~ w / ,~ . 79 I Fo V U ` ' S R Forrestt and yf+ Randall Laboratory of Physics. Univcrsityof Atichit;an, Ann Artwr, \fichigan 48109, USA Received S February •1979 N> 77c',~ • . Abstract. Ultrafinc smoke particles stick together to form chain-like at;crcgates. We find that the particle density has lont;-range correlations of the same form in iron, iinc or silicon dioxide aggregates. The correlation data suggest a power-law spatial drt,cndence giving a ltausdorltdimension between 1•7 and t•9. We discus the consistency of these results..•ith a model based on percolation. We also compare our results with a ran.lomt-w•alk moxlel. which has a nominal 1 iausdorti dimension (if 2. 1. Introduction lot t~$3Q~9?55 Certain extended physical systems (Fisher 1974) such as a fluid near its critical point have a fluctuating density p(r) whose spatial correlations extend to arhitrarily long distance. In such cases the correlations typically obcy a characteristic power law
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Ttt}) }DU};-%AL OF C)lt:MICAI. PHYSICS 50272 8045 YOLUDiE SS, \UsiDJ:F 3 1 AUGUST 1971 Structure of Carbon Monoxide CheJnisorbed on Platinum* f:r:r::a:ru C. LtN, ANn R. 11. HA!ai,tAr;tae liej.ar:uitnl n/ C.lrcrorisl.y, A'ansac Slalc L'ui:-ersily, 3lanlrollan, f:ousas GbSJl (Received 26 February 1971) p. i/NQ-sr/ C-O stretching frequencics for "C160, "C160, and '=C'iO chemisorbed on silica supported platinum at 25° and 2AU' are used to demonstrate that the bonding to the surface is via the earhon atom. Lmpirieal force constant corrclations suggest that the best single structure approximation is 1't-C=O. INTRODUCTION Bccausc the level of developmcnt of knowlcdoe in surface cltemistry, has often lagged behind that of general chemical knowledge, studies in the surface chcniistr)• of nlctals have often depended upon analogies with conventional inorganic chemistry.t Consequently, it has generally• been assumed that, by analogy- with the known structures of the metal carbonx•ls, the chemi- sorption of carbon monoxide on transit.inri. metals takes place via the carbon atom. Infrared spectroscopy. has become a K-cll-establisltcd technique in the study of surface species and has led to new information about the structures of surface spccics.'-4 Investigations of carbon nlot,ozide chemisor bca on platinlant'-1 and iron'•s mixtures of carbon monoxide on silica-supported plat- inum we have obtained data at 23° and 20(1° for t=C'"O, "Ct1O, and '1CtgO which strongly support the Pt-C-0 structure and thus support the usefulness of analobries with conventional inorganic chemistry in studies of surface ciceniistr}% In addition empirical force constant correlations )•ield estimates oi lengths and bond orders for the C-0 and Pt-C bonds. EXPERIMENTAL The experimental methods used to obtain the spectra of carbon monoxide chemisorbed on silica-supported platinum are similar to those reported prcviousl3-'•9 and have been ricscribccl in detail clsc«•h.:rc.'° A ntixturc. of a I , t UndCr condltlr)ns \t'I1Crt'..t}U• al~cna.t+n...l.~•..a~-.~7...,. ._ __nn n......_.......~.~.. _•_.•..... ....- ..-._ .-
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50272 8067 8018 LU449 P 2215 AN.OR MA VI Re9 - 81 LIFE sci s.p. aB C~D~: a~~s-aaal (9y~ , DECREASED SUPEROXIDE ANION RADICAL PRODUCTION BY RAT ALVEOLAR MACROPHAGES FOLLOWINC INHALATION OF OZONE OR NITROGEN DIOXIDE Marie A. Amoruso,ittdj. )hW-;;b1i.tZ`and Bernard D. Goldstein Department of Environmental and Community Medicine CMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854 Department of Environmental Medicine, New York University Medical Center, New York, New York 10016 (Received in final form February 23, 1981) Summary In vivo exposure of rats to ozone or nitrogen dioxide resu ts ina dose-dependent decrease in superoxide anion radical production (02•) by alveolar macrophages isolated from the exposed animals. When alveolar macrophages from ozone-exposed animals were stimulated with phorbol myris- tate acetate (PMA, a non-phagocytic stimulus of 02• pro- duction) the decrease in O2• production ranged from 85.9% of control at 3.2 ppm-hrs ozone to 7% of control at 10.5 ppm-hrs. In a similar fashion, o_• ?"' pMA-
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50272 8052 21 21er 11-711-7 3 - Jour. Electrochem. Soc. 119(9)1185-6(1972) h-Pii-s Prod::ced by 1-'ydr:ating and Anneaiing Atuminum Foil Ccai G Dunn" - . Retearch and Development Center, Ger.eral Electric Company, Schenectady, New York 12301 i~oad.D~noid R;~Ysgters.: ,. ~ . ' Rlcctronic Capacitor and Battery Department, GeneraI Elcetric Company, Co3umbia; South Caroiina 29202 .; Ws note reports some surface phenomena, including smoother surfaces, then held for 10 mla In air at I ~ the formation of relatively large crystallographically 600'C, and finally cooled at a suitable rat,e for VC-pit ~ orieMed pits, on aluminum reacted with boiling water formation within the large sub~;rains. pritu to hcating in air. Z'cr identification purposes and From the ahove res:rults one may conclude that tt:e to distinruish them from thermal pits or vacancy con- development of the k-pits is a consequence of the ry- deosaiion pits (VC-pits) we call the present pits, dration treatment; and h-pits, since they can form a2 h-pct.c f.lthou2h other studies have been reported of ter_!p^Tatt:re, arc t:n•vke VC-pits, which iorm oniy atter ~ in tts ciehydra!ion of bocrmite films (1). pnd high a d:;.Y i:.:er.,Yo,atLsac temperature reactions betwcen boehmite films and the Gr-ain boundaries r.eaeral2y provided preferred sites substcate t. luminum (2), the present h-pit observations for h-pits. This fcatL;e will be illustrated usinj, a fir:e- -~..-,---..~_a.(~T't.7_UP..ri~,~~---~..~~__.~..-
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. ., .. . 50272 8.049 •. . _ . _ - - - _ - --• -- - _ _ _ - .-- - -• ~'IX Me ~79 RJR CLASS NO. PA1•tPHLET IX Me9-79 s:r. 9 Forrest, S. R.;WINV; wom ~ S.P. (Univ. Michigali, Ann Arbor, Mich., U.S.) , : fLONG RANGE CORRELATIONS IN SMOKE PARTICLE AGGREGATES , ' . Bull. Amer. Phys. Soc. ?4 (No. 3) 3601 (1979) (in Eagli$h) y Ultraffne s oke partfcles stlek to}ether to [orm nin-{ .'. ^ , 11ike aEgrcgates. t~e ffnd that the particle dc•nsity haa / • !long-range correlations of the same form in Son, a1nc. jlor silicon dioxide aggregates. The correlation data Isuggest a pover-lav s;atfal dependence giving a ~'1lausdorff dfc+ensfon betveen 1.7 and 1.8. Ve discuss the -----~-••-- ,oeonsistenev of theap vtrh a mrul.l baaPA - / ' r -' Cll 5'YFartlcle Slze Dlntributton_v via Hobilft Tech- Y__.__ •~ t~ ulStt!~./ S.R.tFORREST and T•H}••SAtiUERS, JR., l:niv. of a Hich,j Ann Ari,or--Ge have mcasured th.e nobillty in hrlfum .- :. ~ gas of charged Fe particles uhoxe rndll are in the range • of 2UR<r<1UOt. From the dlstribtitlon !n parttcle mobility, the particle size distrfl-ution fs inferred. The particles are formed by pulsed evaporatfon in a cryogenic helfum gas environment from a tungsten filamcnt electroplated vfth iron. A sizeable fractien are singly charged. They pa:s through a honoReneoas electrie field . region of known length and are ccllected en a netal •' plate connected to a fast electror.etcr. Keasurement of - current pulse shape yields particle velocicy, uoSility in • the gas aabient, and the particle size distribution• The size distributlon is 1n good agreement with measurements c r.ade via electron nicroscepy, and is approxf+acely log- normal. An advantage of the method 1s the imnediate ' ' availabllity of the size distribution. i ~ .. .~ ... : - .. . . • . . IP°'-
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7~ ~s A5-s~ ~ S.Q. Ann. appL Biol. (1981) 98, 339-346 Printed in Great Britain I 5C-121 A -"6 "-~ A model relating yield to individual plant area for predicting growth compensation in Central African field tobacco* BY ATtD M. J. P. SHAW Tobacco Research Board, P.O. Box 1909, SalisburY, Zinlbabtive (Accepted 5 Januar), 1981) SUMMARY A model based on the concept of the circle of influence of a plant is used to estimate the relationship between yield and area/plant for tobacco crops with gaps in stand. The model predicts the average yield of plants in any configuration that includes missing plants and is used to predict the economic consequences of loss in stand from pest or other damage. 50272 8069 - «
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50272 8062 e`: Wittwer;; S. N: (Jt. Authar) + Buknvar, r:. J. Cjs2!:.nxz.L'-rc A.c111) ta;D HrGUR Fz,IAaNTS Y. cIENERAL G:Ql."•iIi rimF0nE&, by rI. J. 13uF:nvacc and S. Ii. q4arL•. BLll. "'.fch. l:,;r. B%pt. Sda. 39 (I:o. 2) s"07•-32 i (1960) - !7%-m.c~.~,.-e.-..•;7Tya.+,;:....,;, ,.... . ,-.. •. :, ..ti•t. , ,
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uU . i i, ty-ts l 50272 8055 S. P t . ~ , . - - Q a, Q Z. A l S f ~e r •- t . . s9.6 • ._ (s) ~8 -101 Personality Resemblance Among Adolescents and Their Parents ~ in Biologically Related and Adoptive Families Sandra Scarr Yale University Patricia L. Webber and Richard A. Weinberg University of.Minnesota California State University, orthridge Personality resemblance among members of biologically related and adoptive families was studied in a large sample of late adolescents and their parents. Introversion-extraversion, measured with the Eysenck Personality Inventory and the Differential Personality Questionnaire, and neuroticism, measured with the Eysenck Personality Inventory and the Activity Preference Questionnaire, were assessed. The modest degree of personality resemblance among biological rela- tives exceeded the minimal similarities of adopted relatives. The estimated her- itabilities for the personality measures were much lower than those obtained in studies of identical and fraternal twins, which suggests that twin studies have exaggerated the degree of genetic variation in personality. The results indicate that most of the variance in personality measures is due to individual differences. among siblings within the same families. 8
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.:,.......r._..::..:~._:_.....:,_..~.:. 50272 8079 ~ XI Co6 - 75 1L1R CLASS 'Nn. rAMPIi1.I:T XI Cnr~-7,~rc.n. ~ s.p. .ist0 (1{:iuni--l.:c!rkc }:orbcr Co., }IrunburF:, (;c'r. ) M1iTl1OU"a OF iq:AS1:RI:;GrFI1.1.INC C:APACI7'Y UF`('TGAR}:i'"C!: I'TLLI-:R. (:U;;):ST/1 Syo,posi.um, Papcr.,/::o;ttrcux, SWitz. (Sept. 22-27, 1~?i•'+) ~ . 1 *197_5, No. 7, W 2107%~ „d:~ Tobacco chc;aisCrv (a.n^lysis) : ..~..~.--- , ``
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50272 8074 ESSIiNUS AND ESSENTIAL ~ - .~ {t\I'VESTIGA."tIO.N INTO THU. - COtIPOSlTtON • . SPAt{ISH.' .SPIKt.-•' La,VENQEf: . OIL . ' ,I , . . . . . 73 ILL kcu' Soap, Per£umery; Cpstnetics ~.2~ 739-:40;744 (1969)- `- l\TRODL'CTIU\ By "'R. ter HEIDE ar.d R. TIMMER • 1` the hlant tar.;ilx ef t::c L.:Ginlot ~ thc oils of spil.c laticndcr, lavandin and :ztcndcr zrc-clos_la rclated. . • , SU~11iARY .?taracteristic of sfake larcndet oil is Thc eomposition oi' some Spanish spike lavender oils (1_a.•andula Spica a high cor,tcnt of camphor and low D.C.) v: as invcstipated by ehroniatograrhic techniques and chemical group :ontcnt of linai0 acctate as compared aith thc other oils, separation. The components were identified by f;as chromatographic A literature study mnccrning thc retention indices, infra rcd spectroscopyand in some cases by \NfR and .ompositirnt of these oils rrvca,ed that njass spectrometry. Twenty-five components were identifi.-d, of ..•hich comparatively little infornmation was t6 werc not previously known to occur in spike 4il.
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/(d X 13eF E-150-73 REDBODr:'S GUIDE TO IN;ISE DIETING ' I You have only to wall: into any book- Redbook 1973 79,130-138 (June, 1973) 50272 8040 17te chai-rman of }larwird's Nutrition Department takes a no-nonsense :].oolc at the current crop of diet books and tells •you how to distinguish the fads from the facts. by Frectrick J. Sto re, M. D., ond usually far ou:scll the former. For the reader browsing through the shch•cs in scarch of somc!hing hclpful, thc• p:obic:ni is hov; to tcll the sound advice from thcunsour.d. I can sugecsl some Fcncral ruidclincs- facts to use as touchstones. For cx- amplc, there aree three b:aic facts •about dic•tin,- thac no trustuort:ry u•ritcrof c'.ict bcx,lcr wi1i ipnorc. store to rcal»e that Americans are preoccupied witir the subject of food. llict books and h^alth•foad books fill shclf after !:hclf and seem to be snapped up almost as fast as they arc printed. Somc of these books are cx- ccllcnt; othcrs, however, t:ive advice• thiit is usclcss, mislc::dinO or even downritht dan~xcous. And the latter Sccond, the only sound way to lose wciEht is to do it rradually. Crash diets atmost always backfirc, because as soon as the dictcr has achicvcd her Foal, shc hcavcs a sigh of relief, goes : bac): to her o;d catinfi habits and soon regains the wcirht she has lost. Fur- thcr, rapid weight rain, which often occurs after a fast loss of wcigitt, usually is accotnpanicd by an increase in blood cholcstcrol and fats. T)tis, of eoursc, is an trnneecssan• h.,rd to the hcart and blood vcsscls. An in- tclii fcnt diet docs more 1h an just • lower your weight; it must also ro• cduc_atc your cating- pattcrns. Third, incrcascd physical activity• (c.vetl just walkinr) is atr imports+nt factor in (Corrritiuecd on pagc J30) a
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50272 8097 / ~ 80 III Pr EMPERICAL ESTIMATION OF EFFECTIVE!.~SIFFUSION COEFFICIENT IN POROUS SYSTEMS. Empirische Atischatzung effektiver piffusionskoeffizienten in porosen Systemen Klaus Probst und Kt0us Wohatahrt•
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50272 9081 ~,q .. 2240 P -^V4:3~3Ru*-WIRD~l?TE -H9LI,%%. FAfIDE; BFR i 9-16rlUTZZJ',: 4RUE NM Pyrikf, C„ 4'0i;;;RCi1 1ti'InD DIF HELLE i lOT:$E DE.°, ZIGAi.F; ?:. Ef(2 LE!.T? (C;1i1&GS for thej 1.3.;',,t color of cignxeti;es.) M-,pri.nt f'vomc D;.e l:eh,!,r,smitt al -Inc?un trics ~ (No. 9) 291 (Dspt-mherp 1956) . .
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50272 8065 ~ _ . .. l_._. .-. ...... _.. ... •. •A•_.. .. . . .... .... ... .... ..r..KJ:~ .._ . ..~...-r~-~~.~......~ ._~......... XX pie}-UZa3-73 DEVELOPMENTS WriICki fiEVOLUTI0:1I2ED THE VEGETABLE Y.`DUS;'RY. By~ - ~ ...:: Amer. Veg.~ Grower 21 (2) 18-22 (1973) T '~`HERE'S a world-wide "green revo- ~ totion" going on, and dramatic in- ereases in productivity of rice, «•heat, corn, and grain sorghum have received tnuch publicity. An equally remark• able production efficiency record has occurred with some vc•getable crops - notab:y potatoes, peas, tomatocss, and sweet com. POTATOES Achievements with this crop rank as one of the greatest suc- cess stories in American a~!riculture. Yields have multiplied f-)urfold since the rnid•1940's. Such a production rrcord during the same interval has been exceeded by no other crop. TFe potato industry record in the ` Columbia L'asin of 1~ashingioa is a i classic. f•'iftcEn years ago acreaae had tq. 15.1!(f). ..:~,: . . . . ', killed or die for a lack of something. crease in productivity of tomatoes Russets in the Columbia Ba_in may grown for prc:cessini, and mere than a produce up to 1000 hundred weight fivefold gain in California. per acre, and have gone as high as Eighty percent of all proces_:ns 1300. Good growers produce tomatoes in the USA srere c:o•,vn :n 700-750 cwt. per acre. California in 1972, and essentia;l}• ail According to Bob Kunkel two fae• were mechanicalh• har:ested. Varieties tor groups, 1) climate reoulated and 2) were made amenable to the harnesr man controlled, are involved in maxi• machine. This fabulous rzsearci: mizing the production efficiency of accomplis?traerit in Calijorzia v:as a Washington potatoes. Sunlight, day joint effort in plant breedin; and ma- and night temperature, inherent soil chine design. It was achieved by the fertility, and rainfall must be coupled splendid co-ordinating efforts of t;r:i- K•itlt the grower controlled variables of versity of California professor (r^tired) irrigation, fertilizers, soil fumigation, G. C. Hanna. „ and spacing. A package of all must be put to• SWEET CORN The explosive in- gether in the rit;ht comhiriation if the creases in production efficie!;<<' o: t`iis greatest efficiency ir production is to crop for processing parallel tiia;r ot: be attained. 'I'his has occurred in the field com and occurtec; as a rcsuit o: r. ,.. .. _ .:>~ .. ._. ,._,.. , .. .~ . . ~, .._ _.the aI:Opfion of sirnila,r t"(1..^c.i ., i ..
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QR 115 Ma I. johj~j` `iTGlTAY C" SCIW FC'JDITI^-.,..'r jiT~r~3x:s. 13"t'0-« . i : . . r• s ~OXIT~,~, Ycuexs krPacnted ar_ Li:.. .- ... 5;r,jos.1 IfiCYODi13l YQ!:xT18 !Se?ACl x?f: til~ tihn lu~riecn Cha.71ca1 Socletiy, York, 12, l:6o, b; i•f. t^.lca, R. 1. tczd C. 2'. 1:;); an. 1967 171 ypa. ~~A!t?l?Chtl~?/E?47:i 3_^t2t. xCCj'lnl'•ln?f (~L`mb :'
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; 50272 8089 W~' tdXCOTOw.Z~;3 Yi1 F::aISTiIFFS, 1'roccedin; c of a Symnosivm held at the ::2s:~nchusette. Xnati.tcctQ of .Technolc3y t,: rch 1.8 f:nd Mwrc}i 1s, ].S:i=t. 1965 ?_911 pp. N`assachuscti;s Znstitute oi~ `1'cchnOlo6y C-c;o.bridZc ,:_ 1 ~ TP ~ 631.
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I I. ~ 78 f • 50272 8077• . . • TORACCO--SMOKTNG--PSYCHOLOGY/SMOKING HABITS--RF.T.INOiiTSHING/ Ei -- RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 X.Ei Eiser, J. R.; Sutton, S. R,; Mipber, ,*i!4raw (Institut Psychiatry, Addiction Res. Unit., London, Gt. Brit.) SMOKERS; NON-SMOKERS AND THE ATTRIBUTION OF ADDICTION. ~ self•attrbuted addiction was also relevant to the prediction of which smckers claiTed to be trying to rcduce i or give up srrking. Impliwtions of these data for attribution thcory, and for health education, are ~ - Brit. Jour. Soc. Clin. Psychol. 16, 329-36 (1977) (in English) l : *Note~date* - - -- - fQuestionnaires concerncd with attitudes towards ciEarette smoking were com_pietcd by 368 res -po-ndcnts who .cre taking part in a survey of audience reactions to one wcek's tclevision prucrammes. Cicarctte smokers ~ r•cre asked how ditficult it would be for theat to give up cigarettcs, whether thcy would like to do so. . 11 *.hethcr they felt they were addicted to cigarettes. and how often a cigarette ca-, e them real pleasure. ~ Non•smokers were asked parallel questions to determine their perceptions of the avcrage cigarette smoker. tncomparison to how smokers saw themselses. non-smokers saw the average smoker as more addicted. and ~ asdedving less pleasure from cigarettes. Smokers who saw themselves as more addicted felt it would be more diificult for them to give up, smoked more cigarettes per day, said they would like to give up more, and derived somewhat more pleasure from cigarettes. Amorg those who had never smoked ciEarettes. the otinbution of addiction to the avtrage smoker was related only to perceived difficulty of giving up. Lesser I dscussed. .-.._ _~r~...
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M: 50272 8088 = . 11 Me-78 -Annu. Rev. Pharmacol. MYCOTOXINS INTRODUCTION 15, 437-451(1975) ~6629 ~ ' Departnunt of Nutrition and Food Science. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 ;: Mycotoxins are secondary mold metabolites that produce toxic reactions in animals or people exposed to them. Although it is not a novel concept that fungi are able to produce biologically active metabolites, the fact that some food spoilage molds ` can inject such substances into the food supply has conic to be widely appreciated ". only within the last two decades. Mass outbreaks of overt poisoning by moldy food has been documented in only a few instances in human populations, but somewhat more frequently in domestic animals. Historically, ergotism caused by scabrous '. grains was recognized during the Middle Ages, and although large-scale episodes T are now uncommon in man, small outbreaks still occur (1), and the toxicosis is • frequently seen in domestic animals (2). In only one other instance is there extensive documentation of mycotoxin poisoning in humans. This is a syndrome known as ~! alimentary toxic aleukia (ATA), a pan-leukocytopcnia that occurred in the USSR during the later years of World War Ii (3). A.mycotoxic•tsis caused by compounds eventual(7 to be called aflatoxins was first sc~ ` reported in 1960-1961, and this particular problem 1iad a number of economic and
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50272 8096 ~- ,,.~ .. _. . , _ . , _ < r,........ . . _ _ , , -- - .. .._- . _ . . fiJh Ct.1.SS ~'0 , Yh: a'lILET 72 X Jat ~. J4ro?~~., ':I. f,.; Spil.ken, A. 'L.; :rorr^an, .`I.; Wohlb.4rgj,~,t;.,:1b; Knapp, t't;iv. Sch. *led., Div. P:yrbint:c'y, Boston, :•fass., U. S.) ~ 0-,PLr:SUVAJ.IIl 1:'+D T;;''A'I'..::;T C:ONUL7:l.,•';S ASSUCIr1TE.) IdITlI SliCCI:SS I\ A S:10i:I:IC; t'.:'_'. 33 (No. G) 545-56 (::ov.-Ik:c. a .17]) (in English)
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L= 78 XI Ad -79 S•..P. 50272 8076 '' ' ~ 1 RJR CLASS NO. PA';PHLET 7~XI Adl-79 s.~. Elser, J. R.; Sutton, S. R,~~k~~+xDlw*• (:+ddiction-Res. Unit, Inst. Psychiatr., London, Gt. Brit.: Indcp.•nuent Broadcasting Authority, London, Gt. Brit.) CAN TELEVISION INFLUENCE 5°10I:I\G? rl'Mil?i:I: t.VIDIE\CE, Brit. Jour, Addict. 1978, 294-98 (1978) (in English) ' /x l ru/,aI frr/ urtrrpI,ri4 rurflr.n,ul.n%'rr,trlir'm ttr,reun.nllu Jr,•u /m,n,6n,hug t•,rdurri .,/rrr+fi,rrll)• uilnrd nll:rlf,ir,.9 ur+trillin~ ~rotulrrti Ir, ~itr rrli vunl.tit~ (tr'(:,,rul!lrnllh.\'Gurr' fun~rrurrmr r„r (:runnrlrr / I'arulllRC'l l•'~'.~~,lnaurirlr' ~ in 1 i Gr unt I' l/lili)..1 i idrrt ~nn~ rmrrmr ul,f„ nrrtl b, f,rndurr r;lf rrh , f~rrJ)ir irnl rr{,rilurlr ; ; fnruGirrrti"rri/usrnrr/inl/rr,r/nlirrh•rm,tl/turnrb,'rnfonuLr,ttrq , ,rrltrr~,qll/r„n~41h,'~urrr~~-nrlr.~lrtinnv/G~ Ihu t•n•Iru ~ ~,tir/ du r irnr h t iq~ l„ .lu~, ot r, ~h„'r IGrir wunl, ir,, otrrn• %lig/ri/r Gi'Gr r i„rr,i Ilrna mut-r'inrrr3. .1'n,,,4,11 6 ndn! lu j r t.',Nr/i rrf,lnuvirxdlrlr srurr G/rr•i%rr,n /,tu~turnurr~ (i,•t rr•rrd lluur Ihmr a•Iro Grul rrrrrr.wuo/i,l. /I i% u,rnGul rl lhul i ' l,•lrr•iti,ro u,ur Gr a trv/ul t,rulirrnr /ur lsr,rllh ,,Grudirr,t „rr Ibr %rrr„I i .~ r .
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VIII f+ie -79 I 50272 8091 Summary NO TOBACCO +H."CVo&o+Oand Z. \1ALxLs: Studies on the contamination by lead and cadmiuni during smoke drying of cereals ' Direct drying of cereals with diesel oil as a fuel does not increase the lead and cadmium contents. From the viewpoint of food hygiene and in the interest of the consumer's protection, hoa•ever, it is recommendable to abandon this kind of drying since previous studies have shouzt that it involves the risk of contamination by cancerogcnic hydrocarbons. --• tiahrung I 22 1 7---- ~ 1978 1 647-654 ~ Zentralinstitut for ErnAbrung in Potsclam-Rchbrackc (Dircktor: Prof. Dr. H. 2IAFNEL), Forschungszentrum fGr 3folekularbiologie und Nfedizin, Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, und Forschungszentrum for Nahrungs- und Ernahrungshvgiene des Instituts f .d tu'fnr Hygicne und1'pidem-iologic in Prag, [`SSR (f-citrr_:,Prof. Dr. A. %VOLF ~. CJel 't.t~t ~d. Untefsuchungen zur Blei- ~,~ine/Cadmiumkontaznination bei der Rauchgastrocknung von Getreide
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IIi Re2. ,,,79 T. Am." Geophq. 59(12)1076 (19781 S,P. . =SAL 80AGETS FOR_CARBO..N_MONflSIDE_AND NITROGEN OXIDES, ~ GL lWCF.TS FOR CARgON ?fOWI1DE A.\'D . .,' Cf'A ~ j yft0.0GE.+i O1IiDE5 J. A. W an }11!!ff ~- ~athtT . *Awwr-wolk M. a. MeElroy (all at: Center for Earth and Planetary Physics, Harvard University, Cambridte, MA 02138) Global and regional budgets for carbon swnoxide and nitrogen oxides will be ?resented. Ve vill discuss the distribution and magnitude of sources from combustion of fossil fuels, oxidation of hydrocarbons, forest fires, agri- culturaf practices. plants ar.d the ocean. Sources for V) from lightning and the oxada- tion of aVAoni1.and sinks other thah .ashout of nitrie aeid will be eonsidered. Extfnsive use wili be sude of ineasurements of Ws and NO ~ in rainfall. ke will highlight uncertain- tUs in the estiaatcs of irdividual sources and sinks, eaphasiting phys;cal tiattations and observational constraints. Tropospheric CN concentrations will be discussed.
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50272 8085 ~ MA.RCII 19: YOL. 6, N0. S!~ GEOPIIYSICAL F'tiSEARCH LL•TiERS ..__----- IIT Pu •-Sn STRATOSPHERiC CHEh1ISfRY: MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS 2 M. J. Prathcr, M. !). McElroy, S:'C:'1No:ayj J. A. Lofan .r Center for Earth and Planetary Physics,Harvard University,Cambridge, Mass. Abstract. It is shown that the equations describing chemical partitioning arnung Clx IHCi, CI, CIO, CIN03`, NOt (NO. NO2. NO3. N-Oj. IINO-). ('INO;) and HOx (UI1, t10,) may admit multiple sulutions. I hese solutions apply to the high latitude winter strutosphrre v;here abrupt spatial va>iatiuns may be ex- pcc!cd for Nt)-). CIO and CINOi. Present models for stratosph.ric chemistry involve more than twenty species which interact thruugh acumplex set of chemical reactions. Concentrations of individual cumpuunds are obtained by solving an appropriate set of kinetic eyus:tiuns. These equations are intrinsically non-linear and it is apparent that they may admit the pos-ibility of multiplc aolutiuns. It is usually a.sunied that only one solution has physical sig- nificance, that alternate roots should involve negative or imagi- nary values for species concentrations. It appears, huwever, that this assumption is unjustified and that multip!e solutions may indeed occur under conditions arising in lower regions of the winter stratosphere. The existence of widely disparate so• - lutions to the kinetic equations could provide an explanation for < some puzzling features in the observed distributirn of stratus- rt.cri~ regulated in large measure by OH, NO and NO2, through th= reactions and OH + HCI -+ 1120 + CI (7) CIO + NO-+ CI + N02 (8) CIO + N02 + M-+ CIN03 + M. (9) The concentration of Clx exceeds that of NO, in the lower stratosphere, as is evident in Figure 1. The manner in which the concentration of CIO varies as a function of Clx is shown in Fig- ure 2 for several altitudes at 60°N, winter. The general behavior exhibited by the various curves in Fig- ure 2 may be readily understood. The concentration of CIO var- ies linearly as a function of Clx at low concentrations of Clx. with approximately 0.1% of Clx present as CIO. The concentra- tiun of CIO varies linearly with Clx also at high concentrations of Clx where CIO is the dominant component. The transition from the low to'the high Cax regimes exhibits behavior
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50272 8082 • TS A'TCTJI??3~'S iT I+C ME:.LL3 2240 FEa'-'lITHTICId ~'2I AUTaICa-" ((',ld and 'P'ew ?"--V~ods of I Tobacco Fermentation in ::ulstria) (Section of the (Over) Intarnationel Scientific Tobacco Con1resrt,. Firet. ?NTF2r7-I'PZGt)AT. SCIENTIF'iC TOB,a,rrr rr;i;:?~ FIRST (Pr.ouir,r Contfres Sclentifique, Interna- tiona1 du Tc,hsc. ) IN ?Wt: iICLU;•f:Sa 1955 LX"X plus 803 pafyes. In Fror,ch c+nc: in Enniish. S. E. I. T. A. - Paris - L';rg©rac • 0.1
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, 50272 8106 QD -- NVoker; Gertrtld Johanna. 1875- 421 Die Chemie der naturlichen Alkaloide; mit besonderer w Beriicksichtigung ihrer Bionenese. Stuttgart, F. Tnke, 1a53r'' a, v. lllus. 25 cm. 1. Alkaloids. QD421.W84 517.8 54-1G131 j i. Title. Library of Cun~gress I
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.V • 50.272 8090 , . I . . _ . . .. . _ ._.._.....:..: .sd - - ~ Dic Nahrung ~3 - 3 '969 2,i_.~6~ I . . - i -. L - . ..~. XXII MeB -77 TESTING OF PLASTIC COMMODITIES: THE MIGRATION OF BIS S.P. 9 [2-ETHYLHEXYL)[DII(OCTYL-1-14C) STANNYLENE]DITtiIODIACETATE FROM RIGID PVC INTO EDIBLE OIL n 73citrag •r.ur Prufunl; von L'cdarfsgcgt:nstandcn aus Plastcn. Untcrsuchungcn iibc>.' lllc AUslVandcl•I111g von Di-n-ociyl-(1-7-0C)-zinndithio;lykols~itirc-2-iitllylhuxylcstcr aos IIart-PVC in Spciscol H. SEInLF.R,~H. Nl'a;GOx,'%I. I1:tRrtc und W.-J. UtinX 1-1. Sr;tnLr.R, H. 1\-oecox, M. N+RTtc and W.-J. Utin}: Contribution to the testing of plastic eontmodities. Studies on the miaration of di-n-octyl-(i-"C)tin z-ethylhexyl-dimcrcapto- cthanoatc from rigid polyvinyl chloride into edible oil In contribution of previous investigations; the authors studies (by means 01 a tracer leehni- quc) the ruigration behaviour of di-n-octyl-(:-t4C)tin 2-cthylhc•xyl-dimcrc.ipto-cthanoate, nhich is used as a stabilizer in processing polyvinyl chloride, against edible oil. For this pur- pose, the n-octy1 groups of the stabilizer were labelled with carbon-14. The labcllino technique is described. The labelled stabilizer was incorporated into polyvinyl chloride shects which were stored in sunflo%%er oil for varying times and at different temperatures and exposures to light. The migrated stabilizer was extracted, and the carbon-1q activity was measured in a liquid scintillator. After aio-day storage at 45 °C. (_ 6 months at xo °C.) the authors found, as previously by means of a photometric method, about 0.45 p.p.m. of stabilizer in the oil. No depemlence on temperature was observed in the practice-like range of o°-30 °C. The effect of light and the behaviour of the reaction product of the stabilizer (di-n-octyltin dichloridc) and of the not heat-treated stabilizer could not be fully elucidated.
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50272 8095 sr;~s.r.....e.a7 Ref Q 1234 ~ F Mi: l ~ ~ • Wo l:F3BREVIA'f'2r:?S ::T t;Lbr:elfs GE.~^.?•isu C:~r::iC1sI R. rt. L::~hiFater and 11. 1). Gi;O%St(sa 1965 63 pggea SpEcial S.fbrszfes Avsocfati an t4; w Yor.k j
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50272 8108 a V IDRe9-81 NOic National Emiss3on Inventory Estimates P880-22405 8 . 6i 'b EPA-AA-TEB-80-19 'roirf August `1980"'A Test and Evaluation Branch Emission Control Technology Division Mobile Source Air Pollution Control Office of Air, Noise, and Radiation Environmental Protection Agency
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tie2 wf,-Wojnaiowski, :W. ;(Jt. Author) (1969) S.P: Toiaeairo, P. SThREQCiiL'HISTaY OF CQMPGiJN)S IN THB CE!&l:hS SLRIFS, by P. F?aissaa.ro, X. Plattticr, W. i•:ojnrwcovaki cud G. tkriason ftchurchss 16 89-103 t7ec. 1967) 1
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L z2 rj) /a9 -I9 5Q272 8071 Hgr in3. Barbara' Chmielarz, mgr ini.~IKOpet;:Wizt~er~ SYNTHESIS, ORGANIC/ Instytut Chonii Przeqyetor.ej, Praoorrnia Subotsnoji Zapachorryoh, Yfarosawa 76 III Ch PREPARATION OFVJ,AVOURING COMPOUNDS IN CONDENSATION REACTION OF BENZOIC ,ALDEHYDE AND BENZYL CHLORIDE WITH KETONES. Y'reRezr.tion of f1avoUrSaa cor•aoundr in condecse.tion reaction of benzo-1 Ic clceh.---ea end benrvl chiori.de vr'_th keteres.- In condensation of ben- soic aldehyde or bensyl chloride with acetone, scetophenone end their honologuee the aromatio-aliphctic ketones with interesting flcvouring properties can be obtained. Fourteen of these compounde were obtained. The phycical and flayouring properties of theso substances and the me- thode of obtaining then Rere described. Six of obtained compound were known esnd used in perfuuery, the remaining substances were not used until now, and their flavouring properties were described the first time. . xiniejez4 praoQ rrykone5o w celu por,•i$kszenia aeortynentu surowc6n dla prsemyetu per-
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Br. J. soc. clin. PsvchoL (1978), 17. 189-190 Printed in Great Britain • 78 XI Adl-7.8 S.P. t Sniokers' and non-smokers' attr ibutions about smoking: A case of actor-observer difFerences? J. Richard Eiser, Stephen R. Sutton andN1IMWVoberMCtnf 189 51.a. According to Jones & Nisbctt (1971), actors tend to explain their own behaviour in terms of situational factors, or characteristics of the object of their bchaviour, whereas observers of the same behaviour tend to attribute it to characteristics of the actors themselves. Recently, Eiser. Sutton & Wobcr (077) suggested that there may be a similar tendency in smokers' and non-smokers' views about cigarette smoking: non-smokers ('observers') may seek to explain smoking in terms of assumed characteristics of the average smoker, and smokers ('actors) may attach greater weight to factors such as the pleasure which smoking provides. The present report extends this approach, including additional comparisons between smokcrs' and non-smokcrs' attributiuns. As in our previous study, data were obtained from a brief supplementary questionnaire attached to programme appreciation diaries distributed by the Indep:ndent Broadcasting Authority, London. In all 1393 diaries were distributed to cvaluate programmes in the week of 17 May 1976 to a representative sample of the population of N.W. England, aged 18 years and over. Of these 576 were drawn at random from the electoral register, the remainder having responded to previous surveys (including our own). A total of 367 usable diaries were rcturncd (a fairly typical response rate), of which 314 were accompanied by usable questionnaires. As in our previous study, subjects were classficd by sex (n for females, 170; for malcs, 143), age (18-34 years. n= 102; 35-54 years, n= 110; 55 years and over, n a 102) and social class (AI3C,. n = 109; C,, n= 109; DE, n= 96), and also into snroker.s (n = 115), nerer-smokers (n= 117), and ex-snrokers (n == 82) on the basis of the answers to a question asking if they had smoked cigarettes regularly during 1975, or had ever done so in the past. These figures imply some ovcrrcpresent:uiem of cx•smokers and underrcprescntation of SmoKCrs comnarr
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M•FCbtFERZt:G PI:.L Oi•S , 3rd cd., 1954 1034 PKges t~;::picm Society for 1i2-6.as 1'ark, Ohio r:L.tn~ 0
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50272 8112 TA kY• Woldman, Norman Emme,: 1899-, ,e..~..~.~...~: .u-~.~..: 490 Engineering alloys; names, properties, usENs, by Norman yj E. Woldinan ... and Rore.r J. ~ietzler ... tCleveland, amer- ican society for metals,1J451 10 p. 1., 832 p. tllus. 23} cm. "Second edition." First edltton, 1936, by Norman E. Woldman and Albert J. Dorn- blatt. • 1. Alloys. 1. Dtetzler, Roger J., jotnt author. tr. Americttn eo- ciety for metals. m. Title. TA490.W57 -lUi5 620.18 Library of Cone ess ~~ i52b"21 45-10005 I I. .. ... . . . . .ti
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50272 8 Q75 78 XI Adl-78 S.p, RJR CLASS N0, PAMPHLET 78 XI Adl-78 Eiser, J. R. ; Sutton, S. R. ;6vkv0w-w*'-W (Addiction Res. Unit, Inst. Psychiatry, London; Audience Res. Dep. Independent Broadcasting Authority, London) CAN TELEVISION INFLUENCE SMOKING? Brit. Jour. Addict. 73, 21.5-219 (1978) (in English) Tht ir f,.rnrc un rigrnrflt srnn/.ns' bttifudrs and btl,nr.ir,ur nJtu o trlrt isiuu yrobrnnuncs Lruodcosl in Af,til 1975 is nssrs~rd ~ frorn 1L,rt C:alluf,/,olls (:1lorch,:1/,ril n,rd,]u1y,1975) and a/,uslnl swct~ (Sr/,tr,nbn,lrJiS). 7Gr.4fuil Calhrf, j,cll ' Au,rr•td tGat srnolrrs u•Lo knd srcn !br firsl pragrarnrnt trrrt urort lil.rb' t6un tl:oat u•Iro had not to arl.nou•lydgr ihat sr:ruLing u>as haruJul tu tltir n.cn l,ralth and that snrc/.ing tr,um ururt drut/u than rond auidrruls (alllrougk nrost sfill rrgard raad ottidrnts as tlu grcnfrr (oust). 7ht Srf,lrurLcr surzrV Anurd that 59 Jtr «nt of siuoktrs who rnnrrn6ntd saing titlur .)• Irnd tritd to gi:.r up s,nol.ing ar sonrr tirnr r!uring 1975, owtvmf-arrd with 32/,tr trrrt u•bo sou• uritl.cr f rngranrrnc suid ll,i ;trogronunt. .4nrung tl osr who trird to gi:a uf,, !Gt wtttss-ratr tvas not signi ,tor,t)• kigLer for vituars (G1 J,tr tent) 11 on , nan_viru:ns (59 j,n crnl). - -=- .--- _ - . r -1
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~~~t~, SxS3a •..; ~~3~,u~TaS ijj' OR t PN+ iO3 ALMA.~~ VU jtM SLpi j / ~N do 4AUII'JV3'x' 9.10 4.41 141i0Z ME ® I 6 Y. r \r I !: i`t
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mDu2 77 CHDiISTRY AND P2iYSICS OF THE STRATOSP1lEjtE. reprinted from T Reviews of S.P. • ys cs r4, 13, iy>s~ vr..~ .~y~~ 13 F. & Rowland and M. J. Molina t,j.9-11•Jhlorofluoromethanes in the Environment 1-36 E. Bauer and F. R. Gilbnore ~• ~' Effect of Atmospheric Nuclear Explosions on Total Ozone 451-458 , E it Reiter ~ •C•li' MStratospheric-Tropospheric Exchange Processes 459-474 R D. Ccdlc and G. li! Grams N'r'11 +rStratospheric Aerosol Particles and Their Optical Properties 475-501 K 11r1t0W hl•0'"'yStratosphcric Ozone: An Introduction to Its Study 593-636 K S Johnston j~•jr~Global Ozone Balance in the Natural Stratosphere 637-649 J A. Jh+aA and N. R. Afukl:crjce N.0 dOoarces ot Stratospheric Gaseous Chlorine 650-658 rn IVhfu an C . ki d R . eaara '!: Sbi N A CrmpHTirtan of One•ni•nPnsional Theoreticel Models of Stratospheric Minor Constituents 2-12 . : r~'fichael8. .'llcElroy, James -i'. Elki+:s.^SttpAin C.,tYojs,yt and Yuk Ling Yung Swrces and Sinks for Atmospheric N20 143-150 L G. Anderson ' : . . . • G'v'.ZAtmospheric Chemical Kinetics Data Survey 151-171 •-- - =---
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. •_- . • - . - a 50272_ 81 09 ~ • , . . ---- ..r_._ .. ..~. t . linica Chimica Acta 70 391-398 ® Elsevier cientific Publishing Company, Amsterdam -Printed in The Netherlands 77 III So CCA 7836 ABSORPTION SPEGTROSCOPY v DETERA4INATION OFYLINC IN FINGERNAILS BY NON-FLAME ATOMIC ARTHUR SOHLER, PATRICK WOLCOTT and CARL C. PFEIFFER Brnin Bio Center, 1225 State Road„Princeton, N.J. 08540 (U.S.A.) (Received February 11, 1976) The determination of Zn in fingernails directly using the graphite furnace presented certain difficulties due to the anomalous behavior of the analyte in the furnace. The appearance of two peaks which were due to Zn and not to any background interference was noted. The Zn value obtained by adding the area of these two peaks compared fairly well with Zn levels determined by wet ashing and subsequent determination either in the furnace or flame. Wet ashed sam- ples gave only a single peak. It was possible to produce a model of the phenom- enon with various Zn salts in a non aqueous matrix. Under these conditions - . t 7 (`I ..,nt~llin '7n I
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50272 8098 SMOKING HABITS--STUDENTS/TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/ 80 X Wo (Univ.-~of --Miami~ INITIATION OF CIGARETTE SMOKING: BEHAVIOR Jour. of Consulting and Clinical (1970) (in English) RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 80 X Wo IS IT RELATED TO PARENTAL SMOKING Psychology 34 (No. 2), p. 148-151 It Is widely accepted that aitboush t5ere is a direct re7at9oasbip bttweea tle dgarette smoking of pareats acd their teevaqed childr-a, the obvrred int3uences ttre only tnnsitory and do cot endu:e to adulthood. However. ieenti5cntion theory would predict the opoosite: that a youe; adult's smokirq beraoior ahould be directty related to his parents' smoking behavior. In i':e present study, the smoking behavicr and tatci'y MabrZitp of 251 uadzr¢ndnate men and women and their oarents ocere studird. The crsults support the ideaVi6=- tion interpretation of the fa:her•son smokio>.y pattern, as father-son smoking bebmriors were directly related in intact iaail:es. The •rarsbk of (smily fntatlness aas a h:r.Lly reIrnnt moderator of the parect-son smoking pattern. ?Ls motLer and daugtiter smokica pattesrs remained enigmstic.
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50272 8110 Editors ~TO~ ~._~ i~'~~s `~"~F,Tj`~~~-.,-~~ ~~ ~~ ,' (~ V~~'IIE ~~~ ~' .f1 1 `~ ~. .~. ~.~i-a ~.7~ ~, J - - ---. ±w s-MIMKW0M~-- JoKN t;. RUFF h%ssor oJ£r.gir.ecrieq At.ocfate P~ojcuor oj CAen:istry .nd Chnairtry fJnivasity of Cewgis Broo•n UniueTSity, Prooidenei R.L .lthrnr, Ca b1eGR:1R'•H:LL BOOK COMPANY New York St. Louis Son Franciseo Dusseldorf lohannesburg Kuala Lumpur London :tfexico t t, Ato.atrea! New Delhi Panama Rio de loneiro • Singo, ore Sydney Toronto a a .
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50272 8113 ~_.~_.:.. .. r.y. __. ..~. _.. ~ _ ~ ...........~_- ~ `--Wcs1ek~;,-FrRncis tlrth, CTlsrie s D. 1l7MINI:tWRT.:O It£S}:14T:CiI h!iD U.:^,s.'is,-.G1=MP.`1's', Tt~c }1; J1AV7.07 Oi' SCIPNTISTS AN'D E'.t ,.Lt:k:ERS IIl ORGMMA'CIO:?S. 1964 585 p. Ricbard D. ?'-nAn, Inc. IiQxewood, Yi.l.
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50272 8094 7G1 ~16_7c P »t. •~i{e':`'Wo hi,`;-2qadraY Y®K f' oN" 4Y{169I tr: ihe Avthors I .z`Apjasied t® Ligh$-Hyrdrocarbons K. A. KOBE and H. E. von ROSENBERG TItE Wohl equation of state (equa• tion 1) is used quite cxlensively in F.urope to represent the behavior of gases. It is seen to be intermediate be- tNeen thc ran der Waals cqua;ion with tN'o empirical constants and the Beat- tic•Bridgeman equation with five etn• pirical constdnts and hcnre it will give greater accuracy than the former hut • . _. .._ _ 7_ .- . .. . re-RTec1a-3.75 paYe 4 . (4) The value of thc critical ratio, re, of 3.75 given by the Woh1 equation is in good agrecment with the experimental values for most normal substances (3.5 to 3.8), whereas the van der Waal.s equation gives a value of only 9 67_ Kenneth A. Ko,be, a no/ive Minneeo• :on, recei.ed hic 6.S.. /n.S., ond Ph.D. Keeneth A. Kobo deoraee frow Minneeoto Unl. versltT. Ho looqh/ o/ Minnn solo fro/s 1916 to IV30,ond fhe Univereily of W ashinp/on frow 1931 to 1941, and cinca /he latler dale hor•been one of /he leaching aan o/ /he uni. .eniry of Teeer. Hie profersionol eeperience inctudec development of o procerr now ured by arodleyrikh Compony in reco.er- iny monyonere from Iow•yrode ora; o lochrymo'ory preporotion, which ie /he wor po/ CNS. employed by our Chemieal Co•prj Iechnieol firectoc /or three yeon for M.anqone/e Nodoc/e, Iw. w../ w. ww..w... w.4.. w...~.r. .._. ri.c .
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50272 8080 ~CICLL MeB -77G~esundheits~sc~hutz am Arhe~~itsplatz ~ ~OBAC O--S~ O~K~;--~t CInILORIDE/1 $.p. 9 rS. hJt r> l_Q ~'LE'f_' _L-k1 f'VC -~/.IB zF'-CLaJ , Wo~urc~.entsteht bei PVC-larbeitern Krebs? A~ t1 ' V 0 a Vinylchlorid /Chloracetaldehyd / Stollwechsel / gone / biologische Uberwachung Norpoth, K.: Wodurch entstehl bei PVC-Arbel- tern Krebs? UMSCHAU 76 (1976). Heft 21. S. 684-686. Summary: Investigations of the metabolism of Vinylchlo- ride have shown that the volatile compound Is not cancorogenic "per se" but undergoes oxi- . dative biotransformation to highly reactive al- kytating melabolites. The further metabolism, ' so far known until now, is characterized by the / Interaction between glutathion and one or i more of the primary alkylating metabolites rI leading to the non alkylating conjugation pro- ducts thiodiacetic acid and S-(2-carboxy-me- thyl)cysteine. These compounds are excreted as main melabolites in the urine. It is under In- vestigation whether other compounds which were transformed in vivo to the same or similar alkylating metabolites as it is vinyl chloride are to be considered as also carcinogenic ones. A further question is. whether by quan,:tativ de- termination of the urine concentration of thiodiacetic acid and S-(2-carboxymethyl)cy- steine, the uptake of vinyl chloride on working places can be controlled. Berulskrebs / , ~r~ ` o ~ Inhalationskarzino- Literatur. 6 1. Thiess, A M.; Frenzel-Beyme, R.: Relro- ,~ spektive Erhebungen zur Mortatitat und Morbiditat nach VC-Exposition in der Bun- desrepublik Deutschland. (Eine Ubersicht iiber die bis Ende 1974 In der BRD als Be- rufskrankheit anerkannten 180 Falle, nach Symptomen aufgeschliisselt.) ASP 4 (1975) c 73-75. 2. Maltoni, C.: Experiments on Vinyl itilonae. Bericht vor dem ,.Labour Hearing Depart- ment". Washington. DC, 15. Februar 1974. 3. Grigurescu. I.; Toba, G. H.: Clorura di vinyl. Aspecte de toxicologie industrialia. Rev. chim. rom. 17 (1966) S. 499-501. 4. Malaveille, C.; Bartsch, H.; Barbin, A.; Ca- mus. AiM.; Montesano, R.: Mutagenicity of vinyl chloride, chioroelhylenoxide, chloro- acetaldehyde and chloroethanol. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 63 (1975) S. 363-370. 5. Green, T.; Hathway, D. E.: The biological fate in rats of vinyl chloride in relation to its oncogenicity. Chem. Biol. Interactions 11 (1975) S. 545-562. 6.'Muller, G.; Norpoth, K.: Bestimmung zweier Urinmetabolite ' des Vinylchlorids. Natur- wiss. 62 (1975) S. 541. 7. Norpolh, K.: Studies on the metabolism of a R l,n. v- Dehydrogenase Falk, H. et al.: Hepatic disease among wor- kers at a vinylchloride polymerisation plant. JAMA 230, S. 59. 9. Hoffmann, D.; Patrianakos, C:; Brunnc- mann, K. D.; Gori, G. B.: Chromatographic Determination of Vinyl Chloride in Tobacco Smoke. Annal. Chem. 48 (1976) S. 47-50. 1 1 Prof. Dr. K. Norpoth, Institut fur Staubtungenforschung und Arbcitsmedizin dar Universitat Munster/Westf. o tionen von Vinytchtorid zwtschen 0,78 ppb und einigen ppm gemessen wurden (ej. Aufgrund des Nachweises geringer Mengen Vinytchlorid (Nanogrammbe- _ reich) im Rauch einer 'Ligarette mufi be- fiirchtet werden, daB das Inhalationskar- zinogen grundsatztich bei der Verbren- nung chloridhaltiger organischer Mate- rialien-er>_tstehen kanqf91,_ n~a ~u, vo,urar ti~r Y Crsi:mals Ube krebs (Leberangiosarkome) bei a nischen PVC-Arbeltern berichtet stand in der Bundesrepublik de r ri~td+v _ •. -
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50272 8107 --VoYes Fr~ri~ > jt bu QC Bowen, Edmund John, 1898- 477 Fluorescence of solutions, by E. J. Bowen and Frank ~ B 1Vokes. London, \Tew 1 ork, Lonrmans, Green 11953j vli, 911). iltus. 22 cm. Includes bibliographies. 1. Fluorescence. 2. Solution (Chemistry) i. Wokes, Frank, Joint author. QC477.B64 ' 535.3 5-465 Ltbrary of Congress ~ / 159h51
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50272 8117 English title: RISKS DUE TO VINYL CHLORIDE DURING MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS USING POLYVINYL CHLORIDE. XXII MeB9-79 Chlorure de vinyle S.P. 678.743.2 TRhDUCTION I.N.R.S. 39 B-77 S0IUTZ A. , jMVFrD.t'' ~b.:.:~:w.. .. .^.ISQUES LIES AU CHLORURE DE VINYLE LORS DES OPERATIONS DE TRANSFOR'~IATION DU PCV (Extrait) (GeiRhrdung durch Vinylchlorid bei der PVC - Weiterver- arbeitung). Di-t Beruisgenossenschait,Ai-l.-emstjne,ne, n° 1, janvier 1977, _Cpp. 7-13] , pp. 10-13, ill., bibliogr. ~ 1''
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50272 8114 ~ r- ~ ~ Tg ~ 2240 D ~ . .. .. . . . . , ..r: . . ,
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,0272 8100 Pr-11'J0 \\ ict:, liJ.cuttr.tllc 2') ~..kr hD. , `rJ Q:A 1'„r.chunF~cinctitut c1:r I rn:hrun••at•irtschaft ~~~ ~ 1)1: f,63.5•001.5 .1S"0 W0 rl.ur gilscllruutalu;;riFl.;!iscit;ll ,1r:11ys; va!1 Q;lutitilative Ccsiimulung cun A cctill+l~ !t}•d, ls.\'+.,~Saurciitll~ lrs(cr, hic;litalUl, }M,111U1-(j), UtJli!UuI-(1). llrq~!;:i:~)) ((~• ~~-,~t((i!IijiClJli111F)I O~, „Am)-Iilll;uholcu•• uull li,\ilnul-(f) • &0~i~s~1~?r.oi3~,ij~}I~und \\•crncr I'Cannhauscr ') Thc.jC.LC.-an:1).Si~ or Qu:rntitativc cictcrtninatinn uf itc.ct,tlclcl)~~clc, ruc;/t~1~ y *accta~tc,` cttt~t.tccr.^c, nict.ban~l, but:,,ttul;,(1), hutatiol-(2), lu~},:~nc,J-(1•), 2-nirt ajxi~c,1-(i), f,itols" ancl lir:anc~l-(1). ,\ t.m;cratur~,rr.c~cnnnicJ Gt:-mcthr:d tt ih'. qunnttt:itive~dctrcmitr.ttion r~f•tcn'.olatilc cr.nstiturntc of shirits is clcscrib.t!. lEixtra:sivt: stut:i.s havc b.•cn nu.acic and it was found, that tL•c hmportiom bcm-cen 2-mcth!•1- proranr,l-(1) ancl "amylaleohols" -w:,s constant. It is tltcrcfurr enr•cIutlccl tl.at thc>c V. •1:ttile alcohols do not eeintrilwtc to the eharactcristie aa>nla of spirits. A sh,.,rt revicw of csistinb atancfards is amcndcd. _ ~----.-, •_eai~aat,rt::Un~'1CCtCr, ,tlCttll+lql, 1)U- tanc,!-(1), Rutanol-(2), Nrotrtnol-(1), 2-.Nfct1,~•If•ropant~l-(1), „Ant?~L•tlla,hr~le" M .•.....-..1 /1\ .....t 1~r .i..•Il........1 /t\1 ..•..1 l-r..•. ..1./!\ l•n.+.+,.... n..•.n4- a~~
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502'l2 8120 . ~ TS ~ 2240 A Wv1fi author. r'lue-Cur( d • Tobacco. Chemical Composition of Rib and Blade Tissues. ~iilacia•J%Ct1Gi1.LC,~1. Sociaty~ Dit•ision c A{.ricu:l v~zrw? E:nd Food Chemi sLZlyo Chc~mist?~~ cY' Tobucco, a symposlu:- prcw;:nf;ed a tho A. C. S, i}is.momj. mUO'cin~; 4 Prcz:1: ?nd. j,.:.r~ i';n;. 4.,~: 2C5-~1•.. ~--~~,- n c1,~~ n o S* 9.9 t)
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50272 8099 II Me -77 S.P. 5 ; RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET II Mes-77 s.p, i i VoTdi,ch_~~.;.H:.; Pfannhauser, lyd.; Blaicher, G.; Tiefenbacher, K. : (Forschungsins~titut Ernahrungswirtschaft, BlaasstraBe, Wien, Austr.) 'ANALYSIS OF~'POLYCYCLIMROI•iATIC HYDROCARBONS IN DRINKING AND UTILITY 1•IATE1 *(Analyse polycyclischer aromatischer_Kohlenwasserstoffe in Trink-und Nutzwasser.)* ` Lebensmittelchem. gerichtliche Chem. 30 (No. 8) (in German with English abstract) ~ 141-60 (Jan. 1976) ~ .._._._..__~..__ { The arrount~of polycyclir• aronatic hydrocarbons is~an~i^rncortant~ ~~ t indicator for the quality of drinkina•water. The "in--situ" fluorescence • i imethod n.akes nossihle a substantially more sensitive and more accurate deterrAnation of these substances. The method involvis the treatment of _' I a 750 nl. water sample with 100 ml. A5" chcsrhoric acid in a lX senaration 4funnel and a three tinx~s extraction with 100, 50, and 5r) ril. nentane. The combined ex:rac`t is dried over "a.,SO1, cenc^ntrated to ahout r' rr1. and ' ~purified on .n aluninura oxide anc'`silica cel column. The cn1i:Tn was eluted ; with 100 ml• nentane, the eluates concentrated, treated with 0.5 ml. ethanol, 'anain cnncentrated to about ().2-n.3 rl. and transfcrrrd nuantitatively to , DC-plates, using acetone-pyridine-r.:eth,nol-%rater develnping solution. The ~!individual cnn-ounds were identified by fluorescenee sneetroscopy. ;a~~....~..... ..•._...~._.. ...-.., . . . - . . . . , . . • ~ \
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50272 8119 .~..~.~~~._.u ..~..a.~ ..~ IN.1 ' ! Wo 1 _., V<S _ . .Vb....~ •V ~..~~a.a.. ../V...~.~~....... M ~•i..vat.w_. _-v.~ t r 1 n 0 s 9 O
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50272 8121 0 . V,' F, ' pamphlet .~«,•e ~ ~~II j~~o 1 `..;. ........_....,...+ .. tn {, n~ ......._...« _.....~.~. Yf{Slfi'l~tA!u.c~ ~ u~j f A Ae ~,.~.~.....~. t z~:.~ y i!1 t+o ~Nai~•LCOtut)y t+feLt ~+. "t.. :'.:.(;tl3,Y .~ i j I
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~ TOhACCO--LF.AVFS--i'Ii1'SICf.L PROPEP'PIES/ 73 l'II Wo T0I3ACCCf=-QI'AL7:TY--LEAF STFit'CTURE/ 50272 8123 ~.V s{.,..:~: RJR CLASS 140. PA.*SPhLET 73 VII Wo ~ tdt}3~y~~' A~; Jones, E. F. .(Du?:e Univ., Durham, ,I. C., U. S.) ~` CO:~'ARATIVE STRUCTURE OF GI:EEid LEAVES OF ORIENTAL TOBACCO AT DIFFERENT LEVELS ON T'c.i STALK I` RE:.ATIO:J TO THEIR QUALITY L'FON CURING. £:,11.. *Tor:•ey Bot. Club 71, 512-28 (1944) (in English) *Note datek ~ . . ~ ~ ~ # I e ri i 1 () n n n ko c; i 9 ce, ~"~
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73 V1 I ti'o :.lRL!.l ,r_.T)RE/ 50272-81 24 TOW:CC0--LEf,VT: S=-Pi:YSI!,'~~:. .~-r'...• ~-.r-rw.~ : . ~<•.^,.i ..:er«.,_v-......•,..,.~...r.~..... ...'^sr.w-~•......,..:~,. . ~+,s,s^rr-` .- _- ......-+..r......--....~.,.....:..-v..r~... .-, RJR CL.-',SS NO. PA.'2HLET 73 ,VII Wo (1)u?-:e Univ. , Duxhsn, :.. C. , U. S. ) FURTHER CG:CSIT1EFa:TxO:: Gi' G?-A-ND1JJ.:1: L£Ar }'.AIF.S OF TOBACCO AND OF THEIR . SIG:;IFM::41Cr. ~idl. Torrey Bet. Club 73, 224-34 (1946) (in English) ti:ote date* 0 0 0 . G 0 6 0 0 0
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, ' 50272 8086 '-~- ~ V(» . ts1, SO. fl S JOttKNAI. 01: (ih.OI'iIYSICAI. Itl'SliAit('II r~ JANl1ARY-20. 1978 , ` tiOTICfia This rnaiarial may be protected by Copyright l.aw (71tte 17 U. S. Code). ITI ntr2-7R S.P. Temporal and Latitudinal Variations of Stratospheric Trace Gases: A Critical Comparison Between Theory and Experiment Crnrrr Jor Partlr and Planrrarr Physics. Nartard Uaiutrsiry, Canrbridgr. Afa.uachurrrrs 0:13R (ilnhrl calculatiuns of str:uuaphcric 110.. CI„ and NO, arc presented which include the cffcc,s of pl:inct.u% alhcdu and diurnal and %c:+con;rl variations of the insnl:itinn. Comparisons arc made with a Mide ranFc of atmu.pheric mcacurcmentc at dilfcrent latitude-% and altitudes. Agrccment between theory and ohccrvations is }xncrally within a factor of 2. The theory appears to explain adequately the major fcaturca of latitudc and sc;reonal distributions of NO, and tINO,• The results indicate that mcsocphcric Oil mwkcs an ahpreciahle contribution to the total OH-column abundance and strongly surFest that nitrogcn oxidc. exict principally in the torm of Ft NO, at high latitudes in winter. Therc are di0icultics in reconciling 011, ('10. and 0, ohscrvations in the upper stratosphere. 1. INTRODUCTION Stratotihhcric oionc controls the flux of ultraviolet sunlight at the carth's surface /C7tapnran• 19301, and it dctcrmincs the photochcntictry• temperature. and wind structure of thc strato- sphere. 1 hc po..ibilit% that anthroreic cnic activities might al- tcr the abundance of stratospheric ozone was first widely rcc- oFniicd in 1971. At that timc, attention was focuccd on the inicction of oxides of nilroccnlNCl t . ~ 2. CHEFtISTRY OF TIIE STRATOSPNCRE Tablc I summari7es the chemical reactions and rate con stants used in the present calculations. Of principal intercs here arc the reactjons which affect hydroxyl radicals, nitroFct oxides, chlorine oxides, and ozone. The net source of strato spheric ozone is photodissociation of O, near 2000 A. O. + hv -• nf'P1 + nrrP1 a . r
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50272 8126 ___ . .~s a..yt.;..,. - >.._... .~.s~.::.~.L._:...'s...-- -- QD 471 ~ Wo ~ : I:;PAt~e1TIQN Mi.THOAs TSZ t3R~Ga.,'dIC ~ C!i~i? STi v t.t,D r7CCME2_rrSTRy 1-`-'6g 237 Pr.ttec Aca.d^nIc Prose htw 4'ork r) 0 6 11 11 .
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. rddaRm F ' ~ s+ S.•. 19 224 D GiiLUV+. S0272 •115 Da%mts. A, F. PSTOTAY 0p lixCMKC INOCltNMSi by h, F. Dawaon, D. a. . n, A. F. DtVwxo, ii. L. llk-.'+ Gawu A. P. irto.itf, nc-Inr'.nt l7vcm. O'hic~+:.i.9try and 3'n*1vstry 1938 ,.,.. f.y lJ. ®
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b~(l 0 U•U G'' U 0 I TAK AV I-TA ; - ZZlB ZLZOS
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i " 50272 81 35- a r V'radArio' « c -A. :: Wo1f , . , Pa;a!~hl.ci, . Grcwth curve,: of oriental tobacco and their Wo si~nificance. From: Bull. Torrey }3ot. Club 'l :lyy -211+ (194.7 ) . -- p. sI o 0 6 t'; 4 I
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50272 8132 , ~ ..........._... _ . ~. I I VI Wo :.tqo]...fi~ Frederi.ak Ae .- d i The chlorophyll contant of cc.tr,• :°' ~~- j cur ed and Turkish tabacc^ vKr) Frederick Ao Wolf and Froderici; T ~ , . _, j Fra:n~ A~;ronor~;~ ~)ouznax 1.7.5 ;;'-°~;? ~ ......... .._ .~ .~. -- --- ---- -~ t I
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1 50272 8116 rA V, 7- .5'0 rnc• -ORS AffC.CTI.G Trl1i RL•PROr)U('IrsI(,rrY 1N ~ ROLYSIS GAS ('111:O.NtATOGRAI'I iY (P(;C)• 79 IZT Pv-7R 5- CX4jjWj,lYtA1[ and Ram L. Levy McDwtncli Duuol•rs Research Laboratories McDunncll Duuglas Corp., St. Louis, Mo. 63166 INTRODUCTION Thc achicvcmcnt of interlaburatory rcproducibility in PGC, similar tu that of IR, MS and NMR, wifl apen now pussibilities for analysis and -rr:,tly expand PGC's utility. \'urmmIi7.Cd 11yrogrU711s obtained under stand::rd cuoditiuns could be cunt- pilcd and used as rcfcrencc spectra. Titc accunwLitiun of compiled rrferoucc drta will Pcrmit Ilto dcductiun uf ntodosuf th.rntal fragmcntatiun which, in turn, cuuld be used for intcrprn tatiun of ncw p)•ru,r.ints not listcd in the compiled data. To . bring about the rcalization uf this potential, the PGC subgroup uf the British GC Discussion Group h;is undertaken adetailed study into tltc hruhlcuis of intcrlabura- tury rcprudu.:ibiiity in t'GC (1). It should be emphasized that excollent qualitative and quantitativc intralaboratury rcproducibility has been acliiovcd by many wurkcrs (2) and thcrcfure shuultl.nut be confuxd with problems of ipt, fl:,buratory rcpro- ducibilily. I
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VII Z1o5. " ~ Ho c h t7 cf n o u0' 0 liereciit:;ry abnornk:].ities in tobacco, by F.A. Wolf and D.G. Sharp. Fromt J. Elisha nitctell Sci. Soc. 68: g5-92 (195.4 . ~
Page 622: tvk78d00
. ..:.~i.:.+.~.'.e ~~.~::... - - - w.__ .....~......~....---....-i.........~.r.~~..s...~.. ~ ~-__...~w.~...~....a~.~...e..-(: 1 50272 8129 I 47olf, Frederick A.: Biocnetni stry of toba cco a nthra cno se . ~ vI Tobscco C::ieni.st::' F:emt)r.-h (:on',I-c.mnm. ~ To • Tobacco Chc:t!.at:' `Ir_sn3rch C"onI-crenco. 11J6 Gtj}AndeCI b~S~LT'JL't;a
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l< n~Cr/ iv1 r ~ /! Cl^ d~i.. r.. E.. .'v'r:i.o.•"•y .., t;~-.'l.e-A..'v{. ~.:Zt.d.~'Si F~<: lv^..~!"X S.' I R d"• y r.:.~%+1`idl1~ .3.vf"lC~.u J ~. ~ ~ •O. ~ i~/'.r4:..~~:u~u~# f n4zhor{,p Tnrs vol.' nr tr. e%c or a' /%lf VH\-,.N.,1"r ov \FYVC\f6 r\xu.n,u ^\ 'Fux ItOxA,.u 1'rcrCo.! vA+ R;~~c)(t.\`f!.\'rS' 1LlXU1t,X)K S0: Uc:\TA'YI•• CY);T 11 ANrn4OOl{ FTN.iNl'I.31. flAXD1:INti: OI'?ICI' ~t.~1:~Ct:\IFXr 11AXDHIHIr: \F_4~ hlTl\C IIAN1111-)0% lllc«I )1; CTln-: I I ANnlt:: PO1: \19.TF:ItL`.U- IiAXh;.IXC ILiVltl0,11C ::O\IMMIL'fTl\'1. Tr:S:1SG ILA:Ulu,lrK PC)i;FSTRY N=.\I)It()C)X FIF'I'Ii EDITION .YRU>fVSJA'ixd~t~ rh.D.' ~ Ua'n'entmr or A:~xsr~t;.vte WAL1Fdi C. ICGLL, Ph.D., C.T.A. Ur:1\'L?ti*Y C. kIrGnG.IN NORTON M. bEDFOitD, Ph.D, C.P.A. L',arrrwre or ILuxoa 7 dihn'ia1 Coeuuhauh 50272 8070 A~J~,,.'' ~.J 1'iTr~t~NTS' HANDBOOK
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~i U i3 9 i) o J U i: i ^ n C`.7 r i .._.. .a J, wZ t'l.`tt . . ' T" . . . ./ ay.A oE tQ ZLZOS !
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50272 8101 XX HeF_D,M-73 Nach«'eis und Idcnti[izicrull-,1:iinstTiclLcr -,t:a"crlc%1icllcr FarL•atoffc0 4Wl.t%Rn. 1S:'otntr7i:und Jlrt.c.. CixACES ~--~~..,.- -:tlitteiltmo aus-dcn~'orschuno in-~tut der Ern:il:run-sa•irtsrhaft, w-i"rFt~terteic:a• ~• - Eingcgaogcn am '9. No.timbcr M1 ~ ~- EDtcctionltnd Idcntifictttio nctttion ot:lrtiiical 1Vatcr•$o1ui;Ie vccshrff4. 01 Surrniary. 197 s1•nthctic dt•cstnlTs in food and coomctic` are dctected by isolatine 3 groups of dyestufFs by mcan` of the %vool•dyeinc technique and separat:on by paper chramato. Erai!hv usiat 6 distinct solccnt+. Ccrt3in characteri~tics of the iso.atcd a3ccstufi's are discussed, afiou~ing a safcr estimation of colouring agents in rarisuts samples than so sar possible. • '/•uHtmmcn/n..svng. rs winl ein :lrbeitagang zum XacL%.•ris von 1J7 `rn'itrti<c•hen FarbstotTen in Lcbcnemittcln und l:osmetikn bcsc•hriebcn. Rei dc•r kolien:r,r ;mittcls Wollfac:cn crfolgt bcrcits Auftrcnnenng in fiinf Farb:tofTe;ruppen. Uic Trrnr.un.- N.ird papic-cr-hrotr.ato=•raphisch mit Eechs nach bestinuntcn Gc:richtspunkten ausseu•iihlu•n k'IirGn±ittelgc•rr.isc3.es ci~~rciigcfuist. Die ti'ortcilc c?cs ncucn ~"erfabrens liegen darin. dap sowohi durch ciic _Anzahl der bcrucksicit- tigten Farbstc+fTr al+ auch durch die Identifizicrun• mittel3 zahireicher ci•araicteristisciter Eigen- aftcn die 13curtciluue von I'robcn mit grLlfcrcr Sic-hcnccit als bishcr trit~g(ich ist. ecF1 1'orFctragen.•on Dr. 11. Gnaucr am 15.4.197, 1 ani:il3licit der Intcrtt:ctionalcn Lcbrnsniiticl- chcmischcn Fac•hta_ung des Vercinai UsterreicLi.ccher C7temiker in 11"ica_ WcFen des Frolicn Umfangcs dcr crarbeitctcn Datcn kontct.: die nruthlc-un; nicht in einer Fachzeitschrift crfulgen. sondern u urde im 1•:i;-cnt•crf_, in Form cincr 3assciure hcrau.zcbracht. j Sio kann attf Anfordcrunq gegen l:rleeun- ciner 5chutzecLiihr vont Fosa•itun-sinstitut der Er- 1:I i > 111)U 11i b i h f G Q/J stra , : - en, exoeen werc t, aac c en. nuhrungs.eirtse n
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50272 8125- . _____ - - .__.. ...__.,....-... .._... 73 VII Wo TOBAC00--QUALITY--LEAF STRUCTURE/ T013ACC0--LEAVES--PHYSICAL P:;OPr.RTIF.S/ _. _. IN ~ _._ ~ I { r RJR CL.4SS NO. PAPtPHLET 73 VII Wo ;1 , i Bentley, N. J.; Woi'f;~F: ; ~ f •(Puke .Un3.y. , Durnara, N. C., U. S.) GLANDULAR LEAF nAIP.S GF 0'r.IENTnL TOBACCO. . i : t f Bull. Torrey Sot. Club 72, 345-60 (1945) (in English) *Note date* ` i i , ; i I 0 _._~y ... {' f)- -~- . 0. -tj... 6_ 0 -0. {
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XXII MeB -77 S.P. 9 0 . 50272 8092 Die Nabrung 13 I 4T19G9 11 393-350 TESTING OF PLASTIC COMMODITIES MIGRATION OF PVC STABILIZERS INTO EDIBLE OIL lieitt•ag zur Priiftln; von l3cdarfsgcgcnst:illclcn ates Plastcn. Zur Migration von PVC-Stabi.lisatorcn in Sj',ciscul D. jtaii.r-. uud \\'.-j. Uau$ Summary ~ I). jr:IiLr :uid W.-J. L'r'us: Contribution to the tcsting ot plastic cornnw(tt- tics. On thc migration of PVC stabilizrrs into edible oil To confirm the safety of hl:estic shop paekinrs for celiblc oil, the authors studics the migration of the PVC ,tabilizors nsal, i.e. di-n-uctyl-tii) z-clhylhc.xyl-dinicrcaytu-ct}ha noatc (1). Uis-(A- aminucrutanic ~eid) tl~iexlirthylrnr~lytol c,tcr (11) and liis-(N-:uninocrutonic acid)-cthy-lrnc- glycol ester (I1I). Storage trials with sunflu\rrr oil in 1'\'C bottles showed that aftcr a period Up to 6 InOnths at most 2 p.p.m. I and lrs than 0.25 p.p.m. JI or I1T had mi3e:rfeQ into the oil. Since the daily tolcrancc duscof I furhmuan Lcings (o.nuGpng.Jk,,,. of budy wcight) is not excee•ded if at most jo g of plastic-packcd cdiblc oil are consumcd, the use of the a1ove-mrn- tioned compound roight l.ie con.idcred as safe. The admissible amounl of organo-tin stabilizer of at mo-A 2°,o in PVC nu:st lx rrspcctcd in any case. ^•
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50272 8138 e L o no u ,) 0 14 iUWi1Ali r'; i 1• i .3 d t~ li 1 ('n U ~, ~ , '~ Pinl~~aw /nr.•r~ua of Borony llult Cnirtniry
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50272 8139 I ~ Wolf; Frederictc' Adolpti,- 1SS5- o Ec 603 w The Fungi, by Frederick A. Wolf and Frederick T. Wolf. \ dw York, J. Wiley (1947] 2 v. tllus., ports. 22 cm. Includes bibliographies. 1. Fungi. i. Wolf, Frederick Taylor, joint author. QIi603.\Z'q f~ b69.2 47--4634 Library of Con;ress 151r47qr'2j (~ h t i 0 ,1 0 U b U~~ a . . . . . . . . ,. .'
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50272 8137 . ,• VII Wo6 rTc~-"71L= 4: Wo3.Q.:F. edorick-&~ .- Tur:cish or oriental tobacco. From: A:conomic Bo t^,rt 2;32-41 (1940). U
Page 631: tvk78d00
50272 8140 i - j t,- Includes bibliographies. I ~ lJ ~ 22l,G ~ w ~ZVnI#, ~rcdgrick Adoipkv ~ n Tobacco'diseases and decays. i2d ed., rev. and enl.) Dur- ham, N. C., Duke University Press,1fl57. $90 p. lllus. 24 em. 1. Tobacco-Diseases and pests. SBG08.T71W 3 1957 F- z 633.71 Library of Congress 157c51 57-6286 i -717 Om"W"
Page 632: tvk78d00
; . 50272 8104__ ~ .77 II•I .Ba2 poiymer, ...-•-•--. ._..._ . .--._ --•- ~. ~'- AIAA JOURNAL _/Q. VOf. 15, N- yroiysis over a Wide Range of Heating Rates A. D. Baer,' J. H. Hedges,l' J. D. Seader,' K. M. Jayakar,t and`I;;~Vj ikf-J The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah Experimental si-cight loss data are presented for the pyrolysis of three reinforced poh meric materials that were hcatcd in nitrogen to tenipcratures as hiy h as 700'C at constant heating rates from l0'C/min to 4200'C/min. Tests at lorn cearint; rates r+ere conducted rrilh a tlettler Thermoanalyzer. A thin-film technique was u+ed fo obtain high hcalinyt rate data. Fstr•apolation of low heating rate results tn high hcating rate conditions is not rcliable. 1 torrerer, data for each ma/crial over a Nictc• ran{ e of heatinl; rates are eorrelatcd quite salisfactorily by tt sint;ic kinetic equation, whcrcin the kinetic paramclcrs arc deternrined by the quasitincariiation technique. lntroduction A L17iOUG1I ttlc various laboratory thermal analysis tcchniqncs, diffcrcntial thcrmal analysis (1)TA), differential scanning calorimetry (1)SC), thcrnroyravimciric analysis (TGA), ctc., are basically quantitative tcchniqucs, test results for many materials arc often only qualitatively . plication of these materials was at a heating rat, proximately 10,000'C/min. By use of results fronl I types of tests, an evaluation of various extra procedures could be made. Although scvcral matcri evaluated during this work, only three ablative ir designated as A, B, and C are considered hcre, sit oll rhn rvrw-c nf hPhavinr nnto-41 Tahlr I nr
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50272 8134 - . -. ..~..-.~_ ~.-..~<..,_...-...,....~..~. - - t ......~ ~ ~ VZI Wot n ftkfe 1ftderick.A. ' {:J3P.'tRAl"YVi: sTf.UC."2'ETitE aF GPi~i MAM: art' 0I:Y3::a:L TOBAcco 1.'i iUEc.. 0N THE &iaf; mi mwlaIU:~ 'ic7 1ar^.YZ Qu'i1.I:Y UpON CURX1eG, by rxndatriO. A. W-s1f snd ::. Yclton 3oncs. (t:o. Euil.Tatxoy lioten. C? vh 71 { ac.~~. ISk4}. 0A0 _ .•, . .. ~ ...,^,
Page 634: tvk78d00
J3 '~ ~ '1..... l.t.....,k • +J l~l'l ZTM Zbt9 ZLZOS •,zct{1tte .IIA
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' ~'U 0 9 ~. (J. 4 E> '~ .I ;`o V LZLB ZLZOS
Page 636: tvk78d00
50272 8143 11I2 to 8 Frsderiak AO n•, r, •• chemical ac,n,msitic, : • „, .. . : xlr ~ spot, Ct:.:~: it3C:d t..uc.C.A. ar.d rusaraun wiiLs by F. A. Aolf T Wolf. and F . r: . I'hyto-pALhOlory fl h~l !~ ~ ~~ C1 ~ i) 19 • ... •, . • . . •. . ., . . .. • . . •
Page 637: tvk78d00
50.272 8144 WolfI F ;~ T. • 'It. atr. V'i ~ry Y+o3 f, I'reuerie::t A. Th© ctl.;~:m:cphlY:.l !cliLtttt Gf cC: r:.::3-- ,;ured &'i.d i°L2-iSt8r1 i ,-,bACcc Frederic.t Ay r,o.l.f and Frederick 'a', ; From± A_;Y,t;r,p~f' _.._.,..
Page 638: tvk78d00
50272 8147 .Reprint :....~......~. w-irolf, Frederick T. NUTRITICN AND NE'TtiBQLIS24 OF THE TOBACCO WILT FUSARItJM. Reprint from: Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 82 (No. 5) 343-354 (September 1955). I ...._:~,r,..- ~. !T - U ea t 1 fl tl U1 t) ~~3 ~.~
Page 639: tvk78d00
50272 8133 . i ~ TS J 2240 1I j T'olf, frcder-Iei: ~t: i r T-' Ci+I.C~:( P!''7: l C+;::TET' t`F CERT~ i it / FLlT-i,0N:O AtiD TC1ti(1Sil T02'.^.CC V-::IrT!CS (!n Enylish)t7 Freeieriek : . 4o1f and Frec;erick 1. ~,clf. !r.,+rnr„lor.ai. S,; ;snfl;'~. TrbctCO Co':c"e.•tir rt-t`... tr?'.RAR;1C".L SC:1:V'1 i1C TC*4-1C:C rC,uS~ES' FIRSt IPrtr:ev G+•++r~'ro 5c! ari`+'.qll (ntlr+'r.:!crv.I ds inGt4.•) ii: ;vc 19~5 :XY!! piuc f,1 ;n Frcnc~ .nd 1.^. Er.g.[ch. &.. C. :o- T. A. , Ppr,c. 7 o o (~ h {~ ~
Page 640: tvk78d00
_ ~~.:. .~.....~...~:.: ~ .~:,~.~.:..x:,.., r I O 50272 8131 ~.._.1..~.•.~.>,~ -- ;,.+:r..5...,._....i VII Wp S -,, woU-,,Frbacr3.ck A. Z'he chemi:cal composition of lez ves `' diavased tobacco: Ring epot, tirili:, a.r.d fuaariwa Nri Ic., by F. A. Wolf and F. T. Wolf. Frn:~,. ~*~onrti:ho..~l.~~: 45-Of.%i-50Kl,~ ,~ - .. .,Y..~, _ E ry 0 i1 r ' l. i 7
Page 641: tvk78d00
~__ _r...__. .._. ~.. ..:._ 50272 81U8 i VII e t;c,,,t.cco 1~2~c in 7 : l ~•7l f A t I`Oiit: u .` ~:+u=. ,5 `.F_r ". .-~. . -. . . . . . . " .. •; . . . .i?= :Cl(,'• 7052151t..,
Page 642: tvk78d00
. . . . . . . , . - . . .. . - ~ ~°1 0 9 7 ~. ~: . ;• ~9 ...:~ 1'i. ['ieuoTT~•I :.,.. • j' ' voi • LO:^.r:.YsC{= 7i~ :j,,jaua =:Yn ~ =ta~x2rLx`a 43~aM ttM IIA ~.....,-~....., -_.-•-- v lb L8 ZLZOS
Page 643: tvk78d00
5,0272 8149 RC 262 Ar a ~ 1 :Nolf; 6:. (Jt: Author)- kr.r.c,, J. C. CiiE'?tlCfzl. INUUCTIQIS QF CANCER SrI:UCTUE2bI, :::::ES lRM SICLCSICe.L. :i~.^.ui~~til:St-.S, Y'o.. 1 1;y J. C. Arcoa, N. F. AxEua r~UCt G. kblf ).9613 491 Fr•ieF A"dumic Rrcso hEvy )' o ri: ~
Page 644: tvk78d00
50272 8146 j t au OK Wolf, Frederick Adolph, 1885- 603 The Fungi, by Frederick A. Wolf and Frederick T. Wolf. w New York, J. Wiley j194i1 2 v. fllus., ports. 22 cm. InCliidesiiluiiograp#'aiFS. 1. Fungi. i. Wolf, Frederick Taylor, joint author. QK603.W6 589.2 Library of Congress t.../ t51r47q*l . * 9. 2 47-4634
Page 645: tvk78d00
50272 0_126 . ../.? .Sry.{ T1 ~ T • (3 , , n , .~ t . • . .. . . . . . • ' .. ~ ' . . . , 3 • . . • . • ' • • . , • . . . . . \ . • • . • -.__•_ .
Page 646: tvk78d00
50272 81 54 TS - Wolf r .Jacob-,_?~'-_~- 22L,0 Der TAbak und die Tabsksfabrikate. L©ipzig., -l ~ W Behrnh. Friedr. Voigt.. 1912. 392 p 2!; cm. ~ ~ 3 a ~ i ~ n~t tl f~ '' f i : w 0 ~h
Page 647: tvk78d00
Page 648: tvk78d00
502.-72 8152 1 .~ ~IY Un t- Wolf, Iia>rold W : .. : C $ l Sampling microbiological aerosols tby1 Harold W. Wolf Ittlld others. 1Ynshingrton, U. S. Public Health Service,1J59j ; v, 53 p. illus. 2G cm. (!U. S., Public Health Service. Publica- i ! tion no. 686. Public health monograph no. 60) 1 Bibliography: p. 51 53. ~ 1 i i , 1. Air-13acteriology. 2. Air-Analysis. 1. Title. (SeriPs: 1 U. S. Public IIealth Service. Publication no. GSt;. Series: U. S. Public llealth Ser~•ice. Public health monograph no. 00) i i ~~ C~ ',1e1.11'c j ~"j C? l.i 1J1 50-COO~J { I Llbrary of Congress "'' tCAfTt , i.% o i; Cl 9
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rro^ Sci. 1_5(f,)775-7#1n751 50272 8118 ~ ~_- 74 ITT f,'c~ Automated Hydrolysis of Nonreducing y ugars and Fructosans - from Plant 0 Wolf and T. L. Elinlorc: ABSTRACT Analytical procedures for chentical analysis of earbo- hydrates by measuring reducing power befote and after hydrolysis, have been autoniate•d once the carbohydratcs have been rcmo%ed from the plant tissue. Sugars and tructosans were removed from forage tissue by hut water treatment. Reducing sugars in an aliqunt were assayed by automated procedures without acid hydrolysis. Total water-soluble earbohydrates were tneasured with auto- inated acid hydrolysis of the same .rlirluot. tiunreducing carbohydrates were calculated as the clifference between total watcr-snluble carbohydrates and reducing sugars. Sucrose and fructosan were completely hydrolyzcd dur- ing the 2 rnin. exposure to 0.2 N acid at 95 C that were the conditions in autontatcd hydrolysis. However, starch, if present in the water solution, was not broken down by ttre automated hydrolysis procedure due to low acid concentration and short duration of exposure to heat. Automated procedures increased lab efficiency, re• duced routine errors, and eliminated filtration, pipctting, and manual dihttion often required by most procedures. Additionrtf index trords: Carbuhydratcs, Grasses, al- falfa, TNC, Fructosan, I'Iet}tucls. Tissuc " Af ATERIAIS AND ',NIETI I ODS An AutoAnal}zcr s}%tctn (Icchnician ]nsaruntcnt Corp., Tar- rytown, N.Y.) was assctnblcd accordin, to the flow chagram of Gaines (I). \1c eloublr•d the lcngth of the heating eoil suggested by Gaincs to 13 in twd thus, increased thtt sensitivity of the oxiclatian•rcctuction step (Fig. IA). A scconcl hcatino coil, also 13 nt in lengtlt, was rnctallcd in the hc'ating bath (or use durinc automated acid hytlrolysis (Fig. 111). Certain rcaoent solutiuns were also changcd durino autumatccl hydrol.-sis. Reagents. potaisium ferricyanicle, dissolve 1.51) g of K3 Fe (Ci\), in water and dilute to 1 liter; 0.2 .1f phosphate buffer. dissolve 76 g Na,i'O,/2 11,0 in water and dilute to I liter; I N hydrochloric acid stock solution, dilttte 99 ml NCl to I liter with tcater; and reducing sugar stock standard, dissolve I g of glucose or fructose in water and bring to I liter. Thlmol ean be used as a preservative in the suoar standard. Free Reclucino Sugars. Aliquots of tissue extracts and of known standards were assayed by an .auto•Analyzer as described by Gaines (1) and modified slightly. Accattse watet• was ttsed as the cxtractant, neutralization was not rc(luired; thus, tube no. 3 carried only water as a diluent (Fig. )A). Size of tubing for sampl.ag (tube no. 2) and dilution (tube no. 3) eatt be changed to accommodate widely varying suc r concentrations (7). Nonreducing Sugars Plus FYuclosnrti. Aliduots used for tLc reducing sugar test were usecl. in a subsequent run ot. the AutoAnalyzcr with ntodificatious that permitted machiue Raft a
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SYP:T}iL.iI::,O-=kMIC/ CieEM.iSTRl[, OI?C..1',t~I(:--c'it7TIt::S7S/IsCTII:Clli.:iLl-Di?,t)II;; F.Jt7 Tp :::.SLATIOP7 RJR CLASS ;; r Wartburg, R. R. V. ; ~ (Eidg. Tech. Hochschule, Org.'Chen. Lab., Zvrich, Switz.) c~ A NEW PRODUCTIVE ACCESS TO llIilYDROACTINODiOLi.DE A:-:D a-SUBSTITUIGU N DERIVA7IVES. ` ~ *(Ein neuer, ergiebiger Zugang zu Dihydroactioriudiolid und a-subctitaier-- ten Fu!:anderivaten.)* Helv. Chim. Acta 57 (No. 3) 916-19 (Apr. 27, 1974) (in German - comap;e,:e English translation available) *Keywords:* dihydroactinodiolide, cured, constituent.
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50272 8158 !~.lI) nQ•T CT' I?r? tl_ i'~.Cs`4 CC3';i: lIt'I.LS, by "t. .T. i2oti ; Tt. 1•f, ~iui,ta:2i4~r,; .1o}in A. Cat:rioa; E. C. Y,nSt'WA.I.lt F:ii,i C. *e. }LiSt cr reF1. :.sstry ,'.?. GS1-7Q (LS5S) (e 01 6 l} i Z!
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502Z2 8145 VII ~~y'~au~~~~hor Wi1 Schramm, Robert J., Jr. - The tr3nsl;irati on of Black shank-infected tobacco, by R. J. S: hrarma, Jr. and F. `j. Wolf. Iro:n: J. Elisha 1-Iitchell Sci. Soc 70:255-61 19 I .I Cl t, ' 1 0 fl ~i ti c, C 7 i . .. :, .~~.... . ... ..,......--. ---
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Zuij quantitatiycn Bcstiinlnun; von QuecksilLcr in biologischcm ivlatcrial ; I II. Untcrsuatuupcn uber Aufschlul3 und }3cstirnmuno mittcls AtomaLsorption in der Gasphase« "` ,rAelrbeiiE•A%'oidich und 1Vcrner Pfannhauscr For,chungsinst.itut der Ernahrungsn•it•tschaft, Wien (OstcrreicL) Z. Lcbett.sm. L'ntc•rs.-l?orsch. 155, 271--`?7G (1n71) Eingeganacn am °S. Januar 1D74 oby J. J:'. )3crc-mann, .NIiinchcn Lt)i•t Contribution to the Quantitativo Analysis of liercury in Biological 3fntcrinl. II. Invcstigations on Diocstion and Dctcrnunation"Gy AAS in the Vapor Phase Sumraary. A routine method for traces of mercury pre:.ent in fish ancl )nusscl preserves in the nanogram rar.go is described. The sources of errors in tho di;cstion stcp andd the di,turbanco :n dotcrniinin:; tncrcur,.v by AtSS in the va1K)r phase ar0 (liSSUnscd. Recovery rate Ncas In the range of 0.5 p,•nt the standird d~viation amount9 to A survey on the )ncrcury contcn, of pre.serres dca!el in Austria is given. Zuaammmr,Joasunp. IFitr dio L'estimntun- von Qu,:cksilberspuren int \ano-ramn:bereicli a•inl eino in dc: I:o:rtincuntersu;:hun;, bex3ltrto llcthodu be-scbricben. I)ie h:iufisptcn Fehierfji,ellcn snd Storun;,,,mi,;licLi;citen dcr tlio)nabsorption in der Gaaphaze sowie cini;;e Aufsclilusi,ctLoden trcrdcn dis::u:iart. Din \1°iecb•rfinaungrrata betrug die bci:untc :~nalrso a•ci;L iin 1D:~rcic(t ~•ott 0,.`: p}~m ciltc Staa~ardab~t~eiciiunn von 4;Ja°~, auf. l:in Lberblic•Ic ubcr anal)-zcn von in Ostar- re:cte im ]ian3cl ciluiltlichen Visch- und aiwseLclkonscrven wird oe~cbcn. i .. . 1. 1: nlclhtu; . . ~ .- • - . . . -. . -,s . _~ . - ~ .. ~ . +:i
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III 19u2-79 S.P. 50272 8156 INTERIM REPORT: PROJECTING ATMO sPHERIC EMISSIONS FROM CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS USED IN SOLVT APPLICATIONS Adel e R. Palmer, Can a,aj SAMTA MONtCA. CAL yotob A WORKING NOTE prepared for the ENVI^OttyENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY RAMO/~jrj-1 o272-EPA October ]97Q Contract No.: EPA 68-01-3882 This Note is intended only to transmit preliminary research results to a Rand sponsor and may not be distributed with- out the approval of that sponsor. Views or conclusions expressed herein may be tentative and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the sponsor. C : a;~ ~ n :~ () () n t~ 0 6 0 ~ ,
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50272 8160 CAtiCCR--F.PIUI:M IOLOCY/I:NVIRO-`.^.41:^}TAL }1RAL'fU/I:TiINIC rR!',IIPS--U. S./ CANCrR---RACIAL rACTnRS/CANCI:R---rrOCRAP1i7CA1./SNiQ}:ITt'C AVD H}sALTF}/ TOBACCO---SMOKIi:G--3}L•'ALT}} EFFECT/ CA';C1?R--SI::C DIFF1'Rf_NCT:S/ 1 'IC 261 We 1979 ,,1....f,vNCER MOR TItIlTY ENVIRONMENTAL AND.ETHNIC FACTORS by , ACADEMIC PRESS NEW YORK SAN FRANCISCO LONDON 1979 A Subsidiary of I-Narcourt Brace Jovarrovick, Publishers 0 0 , 0 () o(} U 6 a... Dorothy Gaites Wellin~ton Eleanor J. Macdonald ,Patrieia: F. wotf r~r t Department of Epidemiology The University of Texas System Cancer Center Texas Medical Center Houston, Texas
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50272 8166 - STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/ Nonparametric Statistical M ethods MYLES HOLLANDER Tbc PlwiAa Siac thnivrrsiry A QA 276 Ho 1973 DCS~G~.{AS A:; WOLFE .. Tbe Ohio srmr unJrerrity JOHN WILEY & SONS, New York • CAk6e.ter • Brisb.ne • p(,~ l UW A WILEY PUBLICATION IN APPLIED STATISTICS ~l 6 ~ 0 (1 0 q ~ ;l A Toronto I
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50272 8150 ...`..`: ~ FcC ~~t~~aa>rge. :1~?,: - ; ~ 261 Chemical induciion of cancer. Cambridge, Harvard Uni- f ld versitti Press,lJ52. i xiil, 2;i0 p. Illus. 1fl cm. Includes bibliographical references. ~ ~ 1. Cancer rescarch. Ilarvard Univ. Library( :. for Library of Congress A 54-sssa ,.,,~....~...., - - C
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~; ~0; 9 0 Cl i~ G v;= t~ (0961t) TZS-6US 65 'w-ouo -ua3TJuuya 3IOt1 ax~q~ot: nsu >~z~.~ty ~~~a FC~ u..1:+'~:,C~;:RQXS~:+..tf::::,~il?~-Q .9.i1!' L.::'J ia.7 s~%iJarae.`i?.~aat saaaew ~ -6I-~31t-- ~~~'s~~+i$ suvi1 ' utti~~Y~PI (89~T) aM III t 6S t8 ZLZOS
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50272 8164 ~~:~c ~Wolfey-Alice riiYdrecY;' ioint.mz'c::or. ~ Doub, Albert, 1J17- Tobac.co in the United States: production, markctinr, manufacturing rand, exports. I]'repareci anci arrangv±i by Albert Doub, Jr., and Alice Woliei Washington, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Scrvico ~119611 62 p. Illus., maps. 2G cm. (jII. S. Dept. of Ao iculture, cellaneous publtcation no. SG7) Cover title. ISlbliography : p. GO-G2. 1. Tobacco-U. S. 2. Tobacco n7:U)ufncture and lra<]r-i'. S. LWolfe, Alice Jllldred, 1003- ;otnt nutiior. (Serics) S21.A-16 no. SC7 U. S. Dept. of Agr. LiUr. lAfiS-11i no. 867 for Library of Congress Mis- 1~~Cl~t-. ~J Q CJ n f a t1, 6 0 •1 (l
Page 660: tvk78d00
i0272 8157 Stain Technol. 27, 107-112 (1952) PREPARING SERIAL SECTIONS OF MATURE CORN ANl) 1Vl1EAT KERNELS' R. A. Z.ARKIN, M. \l. \/AtAIASTt•'RM, 1. M. Crt.t .L3k~fr<tiYtii.f~enrl C. E. Rtsr,11'orllrrrn !f./,•innnl lfescorr•li Lrbnrnlory, U. S. Depr. o/ Agritnllrrrr, !'enrin, lllinois= Recehe.J fur publication Scpt. i, 19.;1 Aa.mtAcr.-1lfethods arc described for preparing serial sections of paraffintmbeddcd mature corn antl wheat kernels. Prior to em- bedding corn kernels are killed and fixed in formalin-aceto-alcohol - (FAA), then steeped 5 da.•s in 507, glycerol. After embedding by a _ special procedure, a thin slice is cut from one side of the kernel and the first few cell layers removed. The exposed surface is submerged _ in 20% glacial acetic acid in 60~f~ ethanol for 2 or 8 days depending U on the surface exposed, 2 days in air at 100~'fo relative humidity at room temperature, and 2 days in air at 100% relative humidity at 8°G, successively. Wheat kernels, fixed in formalin-aceto-alcohol and embedded by the regular paraffin procedure, are similarly trimmed to expose a surface which is submerged in 20~Jo glacial acetic acid in 60~f~ ethanol for 2 days, 2 days in air at 100% relative humidity at room temperature and 2 days in air at 100ao relative --" humidity at 8°G, successisely. The corn and wheat kernels prepared by these methods give good serial sections when cut as thin as 14Et. The application of these methods to other seeds and caryopses is suggeited. v
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»_.....o,~..,... . . _s._ : : . ... ,~. . ..~ .. . _ ._. _, . _. -. _ 50272 81714 447 IBRE OPTICS v~PTICAL PHYSICS AND _ ENGINEERING ti d P Th ~ Al rac eory an ce Series Editor. WI1iAiq L Wotte* i 1973 opiraol srieoee. csor.r ~ W.rsJty oJA.lro+a T.eioe. ANsom i by . W. B. Allan Mlnistry ojDeJena Fort Nolrtend Sevenoakr Kau PLENUM PRESS • LONDON AND NEW YORK i. Cl ~~ 0 ~~1 n n U 0 6
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• , . 50272 8161 STRESS/HEART--DISEASES--SOCIAL ASPECTS/CORONARY HEART DISEASE/'• ITALIE;N AMERICANS/ I RC 669 Br 1979 .- T. .t~. .6t 8 E by ~, ~ 1~ John G. Bruhn andcStMait ~Nalf R,~..~,1,~ ~-1~` '~ t~ ~ Photographs by Remsen Wolff Cr'~("'®~~ Norman ~~ University of Oklahoma PresF An Anatomy of Health ~ (r . y . . 0
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' •• 50272 8172 XX ISeC7-77 S.P. i91.: LM' _ . ~ ~ ~ ' ;/ L~ ~~ j ~ t ~ ~ UU' ~ U; Lj_.J ~ _~ j i l j-I I , I .E ~ ;,;!III! ' i. ..: A Round Table hcld on April 21. 1977 and sponsorcd by the Center for I Icalth Policy Rcscarch of the American Enterprise Institute for Puhlic Policy Rcscarch, Washington, D.C. , John Charles Daly, Moderator Sherwin Gardner James G. Martin Frank J. Rauscher Sidney:Wo..lf.e (1 t, ~~ ~ n 0 0 6 .t3 4
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50272 8170 TP 715 Wo 197O, 2C C 00KB00KS--CARI BBI: A N/ - . _-,PDM_ ~..~` r~9 t ~ 0 Ot t/oe ~ • ]r1a12 ~~0 '1l'~l n d, S 2.nd t1;c Editors or ; J)~-~c}tc~~ra~~lled by Richard Meek TIVII.L'.r.lrI; BOOKS rsc~gKS'~~~:1~•0 IL i i
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._ _ ....._.._.~ ..:__._..._....~..... .... __.. _ _. .__.__.. . __...~ 502? 2 61 03 Schll^Pz;lct)lodc zun.z 1lTacijwc;:i uad iur Pc~iialmll?in "'-- , t . , ~'or. P,cn ~ccsaurc in ~;•cin. ~ >Ilml Un'o' aUs e^r:3 J~ . - . , ~ ~~~~snd ~snd Ii..~\:~L>:at Foac:iwi~,sutst;tuL der I:n: L[unostsrtsnhalt, iCicr, (Ostcrrrich) >~'/ y Einnroanorn am nS. Ar^_us•. 1972 • • i . 1 xx r; ~ ~- c-~ _ ! 73 ZeiL-sciir. Leber.sn;ttel- unteis-•u.Fornctt, 't31 ~, 0 ' ' ~ Raj:id JIcthod for tLc I)etcction and ~ctc: mi:uitiost of I>eitzoic Acid in iV t / iuc ~ Starrrncry.~iurir.~ dcstillation for lrkr.omctric cth.1 al;ohol detcrminntioa a]0 rt1.1r.tctioa is t:tl:c•n fo: of its li~~i:t ab"O:l+tiorn at 3:i0: ::3 314 rim. 1;anzoic acirl content is dctcr- rnittC[: )w ri!^rins of II C:'i}+r:+tiUa curve t!Ot:'1: to'« t.^.gjl. It sor;;ic acid is p:cscnta5'..-lell, l.rot!: I ti+ay bc detcrniinrcd scparatcly. 7.t srtrr:me::(us :~r~1. Jtn %!i^c dcr T?cst:!lation zelr tiy',•nomctr;schen I>c5tln5mung dcs rlthnnols in 11•cin %-rirJ cirlc 1'r. laion von 10 :n! : utc.fan~en, ihrc 3.ichtab;orption imi L'3ti ur/i 3]•1 ntrt tlc- rr.r~scn t+nd darnus mit }lilf+• cinc•r ]•ach~icr:[clcn c:e* }:cr.zsc~irucrchalt rr.it cinrr ]:rfasat:n~„s- j;iri1,zc A-oii' rl,'l1 rruattp! t. }:ci f;!c•icl,zcitc~ct:t 1'orlic~;en . on I:cn: oec:iwc un6 SolbicLC:•ituc ~:vn> cu bcidc S:.urcu rtcbcr.cin•indcr bcstinuat ~scr.ku. 2'rinzip der ?Icl3 r~'e l:rfa rruivq~cr. bci dcr Amrrrriur.?, ciner ftit`Icrcn tlri,:•iL (1) I:aben gez~it,•t. daft rteben Sorbni- rr.11:c Rilt1i .nl 1:or..<.c:r;erun^ vua 11'c•in t•en.eaucL -wird. llu \aetin•eis l;La•.;l.ru ];c<titn:::u:+- r:-fo!••i i:rilic'.+ [ttci~c:.vt ci~ -o:antngrrt;!u:chcr:t [?--1') c.o:eritr.rati :d e,:r [1a, 14 1 9e+'C `'Vv•r ~t.i, ltij n%1f7, Y6ri).:flt•CY JPU!t_•rtlri!• liRrril i011 . . r..t •... ..__ . . ._.. _ . .. .. .. ... . . .... ... • . .. .. . - -. . . . . . . .. . . :.~ r-r C
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: 50272 8173 - CYTQLd.[;Y/CI:LLS--BIQLOGY/ENZYMES--S''.WTfiESIB/ LIPIDS/PROfiEINS/AIICROSCOrE AND tiZCROSCOPY/ QH - 573 Wo 1972 Biology o - the. Cell ~ Stepheni,~~JATOlfe,-*4 University of Ccli fornia, Davis Wadsworth Publishing Company, Inc. Belmont, Cali fornia L /. JI!, ) -~ ' . . . . .. .+.....a.....~.. . .-..,..~.-r•-~.+.a....---•~;~..-......._ .. ;...,r.--.,.~~...-.-..-,..~--..-.~...~..-~.~_._......e.~ C1 n rj t1 n n~ 6 0 4 9
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i . IX Wh -80 S.P.1 EVALUATION OF A 50272 -81 85 J RECENTLY DESIGNED MULTI-TIERED EXPOSURE CHAMBER R. ~L.~~,:~B/e~e+~th{e ~4J1C~kRV k~",,ia L. C. Griffis C. H. Hobbs R. 0. McClellan LF-67 Category: .UC-4E Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute, Lovelace Biomedical and Enviroror,ental Research Institute, P. 0. Box 5890, Albuquerque, NM 87115 November 1979 Prepared for the Office of Environmental Research of the Assistant Secretary for the Environment, U. S. Department of Energy under Contract Number EY-76-C-04-1013. Research conducted in facilities fully accredited by the American Association for the Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care. 0 6 o 0 n 0 0 6 0 6 i
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50272 8192 / Wolff rearrangement see Rearrangements (chemistry) -- -'-77,..•, -rl-9-1 ' 0 6 ;1 0 . (t U 0 6 ~3. • n ~
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To 7IS-1J !9~c~ /C• IES il?!i41FF 3OORS. Nts YOaR . •~" , Q WV fr.e 1^c p.i~Ms c 00 r. BrN)N=--'v A xa L:~: .k ri J 50272 8171 txG1 ~.l~.' 1' ~J.I"9~~ ~~~o;~-i~,a of tj~e ~`a: bbean,~rl~zrlds Meat artd Noutmj .................................:...~u Vegc ta bles ................ ............:................ 76 P.-lisbc< aruf Sau:es ................................... 91 Breads .................... .............................99 Desserts ...............................................103 Drinks ................... .......:....................125 EnF lish Index ........................................134 Gribhcan Index .....................................137 , Glossar} ....................................:........139 D:ail•O:der Sources ..................................114 Illustrations: llow to PCel a Green P°.antaln ........................81 How to Tackle a Ripe : tango :.....................116 }Ic+1i• to Prepare Pincappite Wedges ................119 goo ar,,~frhr 1i'orld ca.w1 hYd.O iwJ'...o•rr in t...b. e _..n.-<'1 ~ ...... __ - -
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50272 8179 TRXaP03T OF ozJ::L' AssocI3r.E0 {;lrri :,`; rj i::;ss III Du2-79 anc' Paul J. 'Lioy S.P. Interstate Ssrttation Co~:aissior. $NL"~69 Gregory D. :Iig/it Cunn2ctirut D_psrt.ent of Ecvv1-rQ=e;ttal- Protect-jon RonaId E. ?fayers Richard T. Ceders:all. , . Departcent of Ap;.lied Science Brookhaven ::ctio..a.l Laborator~ Upton, ::ew Yor'r. 11973 ~ in the Proceedings. Presented at the 70th Annual Meeting, Air Pollution Control Association (APCA), Toronto, Ontario, Canada', Jur.a 20-24, 1977. Thiap paper Will appear 1,.• -V , ~"r 0 • .,;... .. . . " 0 n .0 .0 6 0 5 ) `5
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• 50272 8165 L3~fo - y 3 Np-(1CEt This material may be protected by Copyright Law (Title 17 U. S• 78 III Py . ~ tv FEBRUARY 1969, a large meteorite fell near Pueblito de Allende, Mexico. Analysis indi- cated that more than 50 different oraanic corn- pounds were present in that meteorite. The technique used to obtain this data was pyroly- sis gas chromato~raphy (PGC), a rclativcly , simple but versatile method for analyzing or- `"gartic materials. ••. -1 -Pyrolysis gas chromatography, although a recent analytical technique, actually, is a com- bination of something old and something new. Pyrolysis, or controlled thermal frac'rnentation, ••!has been.used for many years to elucidate or- :' ganic structures. More than 100 years ago iso- prene was isolated from the pyrolysis of natural *••-• rubber, thereby identifying it as the monomeric ~ • . =t unit in rubber. - Cy~zo;~ATo~2A~yy 6~: 'C~~rr~'tte6l. "Wo manager eheniical physics research Dr..Ram J. Levy associate seientist andJohn Q. Walker associate scientist McDonnell Douglas Corp. . Research Laboratories itificci. Pyrclysis tem- from 500 to 900 C. partner for gas chro- rolysis devic.:s can be gas chrumatographic ty and a suitable gas :an resolve a pyroly- y specific pattern of peaKi; u1 pyrugratn. design simplicity is a mixed blessing The simple construction of pyrolysis de- vices has encouraged many workers to design their own pyrolysis units or modify existing units or designs. The case with which a system can be constructed, however, has been a mixed blessing. Gas chromafography; on the other hand, - The number of units described so far in '(~e has, gairled ~id~~,fama in; ihe,Aast ;1"5 y~arslas ~ the literature, for example, almost equals the ' f an extremely powerful and sensitive analytical number of publications dealing with the tech- method-but with limitations. The material to r•.ique. As a result, interlaboratory renroauci- a
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, 50272 8191 Ix ~ r~ Wo Volff 1:::tdilliatd THE UwE OF RADIOISOTOPES A'S TRACE}ZS IN CIGAR- ETTE "R.OKE, by W. A. Wolff, E. G. Purdom, and J. A. Isenhower. From: The North Carolina ldedical Journal 11: 159-b371954 ) . 0 (3 0 h U6 7 .:.. . .... ..t
Page 673: tvk78d00
50272 8162 Llbrary of Congress 110I "L" x -, ~ 1. Chemistry, OrganiN-Blbl. i. Title. i ~ Z5524.08K5 016.547 61-18796 Kh1rlsch, Norman. lndes to reviews, symposia volumes, and monob aphs in organic chemistry for the period 1940-1960. Compiled and ~ edited by Norman I:harasch and Walter Wolf and Elaine C. P. Iiarrison. New York, Pergamon Press, 1962. , vlll, 845 p. 29 cm. ~. .. :;,. i'' _ Kept up to date by annual volumes. '! 0 "s i : -. () 0 0 () 1) i D .. i i ±
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a 50272 8169 RJR CLASS ::0. I'!.;•il'fiLET VI I Re6-76 s. r. VII Re6-76 Armstrong, J. F.; Staiff, D. C.; Comer, S. 11. S•P• (U. S. Environ. Prot. A-., Pest. Toxic Sub. Effect Lab., Field Studies Sect., ldenatchee, Wash., U. S.) POTENTIAL EXPOSURE OF 1~70R}:F.R SRS TO PARATHION THROUGH CONT112~1I\AiION OF CI Gi.F.ETTES . Bu11.-Environ: Contam. Toxicol. 13 (No. 3) 369-76 (1975) (in Englistt) :~~;ey~~oras:'` Parathion, tobacco, additive. , ~7bc purpose of the present paper is to dcterninc potcntial iparathion conta.-iination of cignrcttes by r..pray drift, to deter- lninc contaninatfon through contact witlt hands d••ring pesticide ' ; appiication or fnuit thinning activitiec, and to drtrnninc the ~ effect of washing hands oa cirarette contn:,iinntion. ~ 0 0 ~I 0 () 6 0 4 5 • /
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Two-Stage Two-Sample AAedian Test 78 111 wol ~0272 6167 ~; ~auglcis=A~.~V~olie~ Dapartmont of Statistics The Ohio Stolo University Columbus, Ohio 43210 TECtiNOMETRICS©, VOL. 19, NO. 4, NOVEMBER 1977 . -- -_~.--- - ~f==- - In this piapcr we consider a class of distribution-free two-stage two-s;iinplc median tect% mr (ocution diffcrcnces. t:xacl null distribution tables are provided and a negative binomuil approximation is presented for obtaining approximate a level cutoff poirm. The test pro- eedures have the capability of obtaining asymptotic power restrictions against alternatives of interest and are particularly appropriate for conipditor product testing settings. Criteria for selecting it particular test from the class are discussed. Y.t3Y WORDS Two-s.uapic test nonparamctric distribution-frce test two-sta~ proffdurfl median tcst 0 n f1 (,3 6 U 4 3 negative binomial distribution In this paper, we will concentrate on the specific properties and nccessary tables for a particular one of these partially sequential proccdures that is non- parametric in nature and based upon the sample mc- dian of the "standard-control" observations. This two-stage two-sampie median test is useful in many scttings, but we dcmonstrate that it has partic::lar ,t •t,,. ..r
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50272 8181 F"J00--QU:tL I TY / FCOD--P ROCE5 S II~'G /ttiAT--P 120CES 5 I:d! r j FUOTJ--PRESER~Ir".TIVES/ E.~1;1 F3?In :~.,~ aeF--F- ~ ? 3 `fko QUALITY AND ITS PR: SElRL%VATIU;•: Philadelphia, ra. IN PROCESSED EOCOInS Eastern r:arkF.ting and Nutrition Research Division Proceedings Agricultural Research Service, USDA Eastern Experiment Station Collaborators' Conference U.S. DE?ARTA!ENT OF AGRICULTURE October 26•27, 1971 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE • }'; RS 73-7 4 Jnne 1972 /( !I Z-v6de IRTM , ?~;,
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50272 8195 ' ~ . .. . _ ...;.... 1 ~Translation. ; -°` WolfC'ang Philipp, jt. aut.hor. Pyrikix Constantin 2HE EFFECT OF VAP.IOiJS INORGANIC SALTS UPON THE C02•;BUSTIFiILITY OF FE}'1.ENTED TdBACCO, by Constantin Pyriki and Wolfgang Fhilipp. Translation from: Berichte_des Instituts fur Tabakforschung Dresden 2(P7o. 1) 94-111 (1955).
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50272 8?-86 rch Toxicnl 46_? 1-4n (1990 .,,c+,l....f 1 TOXICOLOGY w' SIII mL.•I - VrrLi} I vNl t 77 II Re-81 s.p. Mutagenicity Testing with Salmonella 1liicrosome Test H. Greim, Rr. Giiggelmann. K. H. Summer, and Gesellschaft fur Strahlrn- und Umweltforschung. Wnchen, Abteilung ToxikoloFie. Ingolstadter Landstralk 1. D-Bl>a2 Neuhenccrg, Fedcral Repuhlic of Germany Abstract. This in vitro mutagenicity test system comprises five different strains of S. ttphimurirurr as target cells with the rat liver S-9 fraction anc appropriate co-factors for metabolic activation of the chemical tested. Thc bacterial tester strains detect both mutations induced by base pit?r substitutions and intercalation (frame shift mutations). Usually l0"-109 cells of an overnight culture or an exponentiallv growing culture are incubated fot ~ 2-3 days with a mixture ofS-9, co-factors, soft agar and the chemical on , histjdine; efi~ien gar. The S-9 fraction is obtained from the livers of rats ~ t~ (1 ~pret?~at~~ w•tt}t ~I mg'l;g chlorinated biphenyIs (Clophen A-SU, Aroclor ~ 1254) to obtain high metabolic activity. For reproducibility it is essential to . ~ ~ a..-tti7n ...~~~F.nti^ .i!`[;1~ir.• nn~~ n.rotein cnntent of rhe C.o ^.,rl to ttce thref
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I b V' 0 9 1 t L rY•n::a uy..: J-:qrl) ;O Put ..,/.~11>ny'J.HWvftlrl•Jl4w.)/1~•e.\CSJr) ulaw,/ Jrrt ~nl,:rl•IaJ1 t : ~lu.>ap t.>,Ivd I . Ilr !•lj 'lj,:fr•!J :. .:1 l1:• .rll jo a.\Ilcl•u Jyl Ju1•\rJ (.•\nlws s r stuJ! .r=1. .• 1•:ni ..v.,.l .yl •It)i.ql 1 q~l~,.od s~ 11 )~ ulJlqrud :•r/l :/~109 r,: I~JSII Jrf .\ .•:1 .~nlnq,l ~ • .•t ;r . ..r,rl3 .•-11 '.~II~.q011 :I::.Irnq~~ 'hllll0 nrrt .y ) r.,i..lrf u...~l.f u r.l rr.:a .l r.v:r •: J.. ..:.1• \...•,...\I 1...,~a I..rll rr r Lrquuv.l.f on( JP:.u)Il.t I nn: i./aarn,rl lu:•rl:llK•l..Ir ya,. 1.j..:.,lr. rl,lr:.,;.•, rl•1 :~lo.w u! J/rln•,rJ IcuO~a -L•1 n1,1 O u••1JCJ.1 x.n ; 1.~Jr•1~::ia 1•.rP.d:••. .• ::~t R ql >.:d1AJ JI .d u1J ONI J J . 11 i 1'~i 1 4 Y 1'1 Y , . .~. . y^•1 rr'il / i"l d1y:.lil•lT ~d'1U•N .l{A[[Y[( rI\V ~rl"IIII:) \L1.)IY[Y . tt:M v:•1c:•tH 0.11 ii:M-0:ilt.t% A.i•1 •~.. 1 1 / r ., . /
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~: .... . ,•7.}. .. .. ~ . .. . .. • '::,: . ..t. . ` ' ~ . . . ... • . . . . . . . . .. . .a .i ~ • . . • . • • . . . , . . . S • 1: 9 . 0 •9 0 0 U. ..0 41) V a tV:.r6j 't "U (n E~c~.~.~ rz: . :YY-.Oa iitll a`s~ Mv :-O I*i~.~ri' Cs ~•~ f, ~.J it i ~ V Q iI r~ a~i5l `. •h "~~^' ~:i1t7~.:3:}I Ovan :,,
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_+.... .~..~.a~a._~.T..~.......e.:.."~~y.+.s.....w-........~..+a....~-:..t.~._-.a._.._~:?.'~.+.r~_:.da.a.-r .wwr..~s.C.. ' ' ± )do ~ I 50272 8188 ,r;:Wolfi'., . Wf.a.liarn A-.~~: Nicotine in blood in relation to smo.king, by l•lilliam A. Wolff, M.A. Haw?cins, and W.i;, Giles. From: J. Pharmacol. ~~ Thera . 9-~:La548 (1949) : ~ . . , .. . .. .. . i (J F3 1~ :SJ~ .~ n. ~ ~ V iy Q
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50272 8196 JSa..a...+rv.wY...~..r~..~r.~4r~-+L......~.u._~-..~.e.~.r...f.-......._....+r. rau..r~..w.xfYrY.~ ~ ~ .~ IAe, 1906-- : . Commission on Iiuman Resources and Advanced Trainin;. America's resources of speci.Ilized talenL; u current ap- - hrai:al and a look ahead; rcport, prrp,Irecl by 1Lac1 11'olilc, rli.•nnfiv _1cF nrI - Yn.v \'n.•lr TTn,•,.n,• -1~1i.~_ ~.v.,i~ Xr111, 332p. iI1llS. 2' cIn. Bibliographical footuotes. 1. l.'rofessions-U. S. r. R'oifie, Dael Lee, 190(4- u. Title. 11D8038.U5C58 0 331.7 5-1--9933 Library of Congress 15512151 t I
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II Du2- 3.P. EPA-600/3-77-120 1 50 T/ 1 ts 1 I c j71TLE AND SuOT-TLE J. R `iP~ =1r- ML- TJ "V+rHt.-) L. r - b. REPORT DATE becertiber 1977 b. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION COOE Part Viii. The Issue of Optimum Oxidant Control Strattkgy i9I23TE4II1ATIONt%L COaFEftL•'tiCE 011 OY.IMNTS, 1976 ADIALYSIS OF ELiIDENCE AND VIEWPOINPS f, AUTHOR/Sl {3. PERFORMING ORGANI2ATION REPORT NO. 1. W. fsonta 3. P. Koziar 5. 'F. Spuhler 7. L. Jag r 2. J. Paisic 4. B. Becker 6. K. Waid 8.fM 0. PERFORMIt:G ORGANI7.ATiON NAME AND ADDREw 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. 1. & 2. Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene, Baltimore, M1AA603 AJ-13 (FY-76) 3. & 4. Dept. of Natural Resources, Madison, VJI 1 3NfiR~ %1: 5. & 6. Texas Air Control Board, Austin, TX j.-2 DA-7-1934A '7. DA-7-2J44: Z: r~t°-.e•rs~.-'atea~uanitl .i'~onu6o.e.^z.Siiss"~onint.~& w Yo: k, NY 3-4 DA-7-2175A 8. DA-7-2005: 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS Erlviro:unental Sciences Fesearch Laboratory - RTP, NC Office of Fbesearch and Development U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 16. SVPPLEMENTARY NOTES 13. TYPE OF REPORT AKD PERIOD COVEREC Final 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODE EPA/600/09 a Partially funded by the Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. 16. A TRACT • -In recognition of the important and somevrhat controversial nature of the oxidant control problem, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) organized and conducted a 5-day International Conference in Sentember 1976. Thas >1»rp tha+n _ 1 n f)
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REP ceD 151 Gm 1978 ~~.. , V 1 1 1 e 1 i1/ 1 1an dbt„1 c1 1 /6GSTEN/ der- Anorganischen Chemie Leopold Gmelin/ s Achte__viiiiig neu bearbeitete Auflage Main Series, 8th Edition V V -Wolf tam- ~ Springer-Verlag Berlin - Heidelberg - NeW York 1978 Erganzungsband Teii B 1 ' System-Nummer 54 Die Systeme mit Edelgasen, Wasserstoff und Sauerstoff - Hartmut Katscher HAUPTREDAKTEUR (EDITOR IN CHIEF) REDAKTEURE DIESES BANDES Lieselotte Berg, Hiltrud Hein, Hartmut Katscher (EDITORS) 0 Qn - ft (l ~~ t! T~. WISSENSCHAFTII E Hermann Jehn MITARBEITER (M8X-Pianck-InStitut fUr MetallfOrSChung, Stuttgart) h Schneider, Friedrich Schroder (Gmelin-Institut)
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50272 8175 t Semantic Conditioning and Generalfzation of the Galvanic Sldh Response-Orienting Reflex with Overt and Covert Activity S, 80 II Ey-81 S.P. tN~..t ~~, Vd. ~+~W I7-t .~: ~,t ~06, H.. :. /, w . Irving Maltzman, Jay Gould, Mary Pende ~`g rY, and Crit~`'4Yolff:` University of California, Los Angeles - SUMMARY The galvanic slrin response was obtained from 36 college students in a differential semantic conditioning and generalization situation in which different groups were instructed to perform a pedal response whenever they heard a tone, covertly free associate whenever they heard a tone, or sit quietly and listen to words and tones. During conditioning the tone always followed the word ttcar in 10 sec. Condition- ing trials occurred interspersed among unrelated filler words. T6e generalization test followed conditioning without interruption and consisted of five presentations of the word a"t interspersed among unrelated words. The unconditioned stimulus (UCS) was omitted during generalisation. 0 ) () 0 0 0 0 6 0 S 1
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50272 8176 581 ~ Be ~ 3ec:rwon, W. C::LL DII°PERF ;"TnTIOIi AND FiQr,Pt.OGF.i:ESIS, BY W. Aeeb-mann, R. J. Gautheret, P. D. hie:+,wl;oop, C. W. .•'ard3.rxv, V. B. W+_gglesuorth, k. Wolff, nnd J. A. D. ':eevaart ;Ir_ternational Lcr.ture Course, Wageniugeu, The :;--41:arZundst April 26-9, 1965) ~9 'v10 4209 PageR :vorLh-12o11and Pulil:.r,hin; Co., Amsterdan n r~ ') n 5 2
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50272 8199' ~ Ref. Wolfram and wolfram alloys, v. 22 a TP iij 9 '~ En f.:~cyclop~L,.~ oi c}~~~;,~c~1 r~r.huc.i~?,,yr ectftec: +~ 1963 by lZntvT':.?nd E. FA.•:.: FT.d Pt7:1v•..r` L'. Vt}1i a . D. 5r.o-&:t R,iu; . ~ !!^'hr::: Stahden. 2nd edw l:ea York, -~ . ... • . _ . .. . •.~i w vI il.IvF! . 17 cm. inciucirsa bit,1; cMz:>r::i.et . t^ AItzritirtkts+s . .... . .__ _ `~_•, . _ u .6 U 7 S n
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50272 8193 TORECASTING/SOCIAL SCIENCES/6'OMEN/ECONOMICS/RACISM/ U.S. SOCIAL CONDITIONS/ }ili 201 Am 1973 VOLUME 408 JULY 1973 T H E ANNALS of The American Academy of Political and Social Science RICHARD D. LAMBERT, Editor ALAN W. HESTON, 4ssistant Editor THE F,UTURE SOCIETY: ASPECTS OF • ~ AMERICA IN THE YEAR 2000 ; Special Editor oJ This Volume ~ President , The American Academy of Political and Social Science Professor of Sociology University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PIIILADELPII IA 0~ 1973. by TIIg AI[LtICwN ACADLMY or POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SC16NCg 0 [.' 0 0 6 Utl rats urved ~ Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 7g-7t956 r - ~C Gli~ ty~
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® .~ ~~:'t~~ . A. OaG'MR:'m © c % -Poroa alua2ao ao e-!~ej Pa& . -- • (s~ac~' z) 'I~edl~ta . . -. . 'r - . . '~. •- _ A . .~
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50272 8204 ~ ._ III =-Wolirom;- Me1vi11.e. L. •, .j t. aut. Bil (1970) ' Binicley ~ endelld ,. V. CiilLO`tATUGRAPFiY Or SUCARS A31I) FEL?1TED SU13SThtiCES, by [•Tende11 td. :3i:,k•?ey .nd Melville L. h'olfrom. 1948 31 pages Sugar Res. rounda;:io:1, Inc. Wew York
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5o27r 8184 , ~.r, *te*-B-ITT-73 .The F.mer. Jour. CJ.in. Nuttr. 26438-45(1973) .. ' .. ... . R... .. . .r-.~.-~. r..~i~n.....r....-_... perspectives 'In nutrition Who eats for ceairh?'Ji , 5ocac time aro when I was traveling y: throush Asia I m.t a compatriot wlto carried ~ a suitc:tcc with c:nci _cncy rations: packa;cd cracl:ets, some. canncd food, and even ~ bottlcd water. He atc only in ti•c big l,ntcls, , Western foo:. alici drank oniy [reslily brewed r tea and i_~ott!c.i soft dri;~::s. I:avi!;= in ~Asia a good pottion of my ;ifc I•fclt sorry ~ for hitn, p:trticu'ariv 1;;(:. usi I a:r vcr; fond ~ of As!~,1 loila "t1it1, to n)y' have not t`Ccn i,l'.y' sicl:t:r If~)t?1 C lllnb 111 r\~Ct ihwn ityoqj- on AmCrlca ._.--~- -----• . to vegetables and fruits available in the markets. As there is no r..auily a•:aiua ble terrs to describ:, these Fcop?^, I aa coining, for use in this papcr, with ton;ue-in-chc, i;, the term "hcalth foodist." There are 1nionb health foodists cx- tr =ists, of course. 'l here are those who :.at a Zen-macrobiotic dict, sta:tin; out with nctniu.- but brctvn ric•'. Tflicre are various of vc•-:tar;ans, a ic;: of t'r.rm lbsta:air.-! from any kind of prot:•in. T.'t.r: a:,, somc who con,un:v- v: h;:t seen, to bC ri::icu- In,:; rloantttic; or stl, ;}!cl:.cr.tal .'it;tt;lins znii
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50272 8202 *' •j t h- `1i it;s-.. Whistler, Roy Lester, ed. Methods in carbohydrate chemistry. Editors: Roy I.. Whistler tandl Di. L. Wolfrom. AssisUint odiLors: James N. Bebiiller tandl F. Shafizadeh. New York, Academic Press, , ~ ~~ ? , ` ,, ,,. , 1902- , ,/ .. "~:- , , Y 1,, . .- ~v. illus. 24 cm. ~!' C,' .- bibli h I l d ograp y. nc u es -- CONTENTB: V. 1. Analy sis and preparation of sugars. 1. CarboLydrates-Collected works. z Wolfrom, Melville Law- rence, 1f)00- joint ed. ii. Title. QD321.WSG3 ) 547.7SOS2 Ef1-183~ j Library of Congress ~"M' (M - • U '~ ;t Q fi ii t) 0 D: ( a
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5027Z8163 ~ 'rW/~ ~ w ( •~ / +~Ir~ ` ~. ~ ~/ ' ;71 I ^~~A 4~50YBE/iN'S AS /'1 FOOD SOUI:CE Authors: W. J. IYFJLF•,-• , -, 1Tcad,h4csa Products Im•rstiFations J. C. COWAN Chief, Oilseed CroEls 1,: horatory U. S. Dcpartmcnt of.,;riculture Northcrn 1•11:lrl:ctlnC and Nuiritiott Research Div. 1'cori: , lil. A DwIsION OF ~~c C:)".^.?.'c )•.'L'C l: ~~ ): 'Y 7T'lT_e1=):2: co. `~ ~f~~t ci,1: : i! r••~k~ ,:~.~t!: ~,.~„}, a~~o a~lac a
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50272 8205 77 X Re--78 S.P. ~ HYDROGEN CYANIDE L_ .17 -79 C UJ Hazards, Toxicology, Prevention and Management of Poisoning Jack.H.; WolfsifL-_lli.py Linden, New Jersey, and C. Boyd Shaffer, Ph.D., New York City S INCE the literature on the subject of cya- nides is quite voluminous, we have chosen to narrow the scope of this review by restrict- ing consideration to hydrogen cyanide (HCN) alone. This delimitation has little effect on those sections dealing with toxicological and medical aspects, inasmuch as poisoning is a function of cyanide ion (CN) whgthep, the latter offginates frof.ii the acid orrfroin soluble inorganic salts. ; product is now manufactured almost exclusively by the high-temperature reaction of ammonia and natural gas (methane) over a platinum catalyst. Liquid HCN is a water-white to bluish- white substance with a specific gravity of about 0.7 and an odor that is most accurately de- scribed as characteristic, but which some ob- servers allege resembles that of "bitter al- monda" or "neach pits: " The liauid tc I a
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!t I j (3 • i3 c; 0 p f i_Ci:Ji!ai'.l+:;iif.I jF~zj11L;72,Ta ?a~i +lY;f.Sl(<lT`)a (eJJ a lc),.y j:3{)i' 1,) J.ti y LITLt(j 'C ./ A(T s /11J-~'1va.~Y7 L _•I ' f..I?Il `17~•.'.T(~?.a'. y N 111 7 '3 .a.... .......la. ...:a.{.i/....• V' f'ti (lt;i0A 1 ' :la$ "w°" / 90Z8 ZLZOS
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50272 8200 I Ref. Wolfram compounds, v. 22 - TY ~ 9 En E,^,c-.7`~+inncdil ot 1963 t,yStf'yva.>rd i:. Kirk F. Cti:- ..: . AnCh^:Y Si.nr.d;f. 2.ad cd. l4: Yoxic, .., V . D.l.I.t<1. ?.7 Cr1. )`.rkClur3ecT bib3.iogr`nhicej.
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50272 8213 - Ref. BF 31 Wo 1973 /UICTIQNARIES/ BE!lAVIOt:/ PSYCtiULO;Y/ r~J:~}MI t, p i e`,, J ; xu F'Y Compilcd 2;iA lidilcd by ]BENJAkE1N 13. WO,(MAN VAN nOS: Y•Atr1) RI:II:iiOLD COMu•,;InY Mw York C.Kinr.ri Trroaa I".;.e >!~~awr..e 7 -`.! :; i' 0 to c) UA (1 A ()
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50272 8215 ' S`PUGs G^ CICRtt~i"1`H a r ^i i At?J F~Lx~:r •~:i. _ ,r:, .~ :-..-•~ ,i'e.r. Io FiL7i .L I1: ; . ~ 3. Ame Ms36 A3ooc,r 1? Cncme Lsboretory lV . , (h no 10) c:-',7 (.lu3.;; 4., 3.9:3) ~ 1( i (1 . n
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54272 8180 80 II Ey-80 B. S.P. t- .~-- EMOTIONS AND SKIN T£'MPERATt'RE: OBSERVATIONS ON P ATIE1'TS DCRL\ G PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC (PSYCHOr1NLALYTIC) INTERVIEWS t ,~; ...-,y;. _. BELA hSITTFZDIAIJIT, ai.D, w.~ti ~~tOI:~ C' ~`OLFP, ~i.D ~ The purpose of this study was to investigate the telationship between the flow of psychological evvnts observed during psychoanalytic inten-ierrs snd conconnitant bodily states as indicated by changes in finger temperature. A previous in- vestigation by the authors (14) showed that e:- perimentally induced affective disturbance was afmost invariably accompanied by a fall in finger temperature. The methods used then were de- signed to elicit a strong emotional response to a de5nite stimulus. In the present study the method consisted of recording changes in finger temperature continuously durin$ prplonged psy- cDo~alY~'t~ in~*. ;procMure offered observed. The chief difference between d; interviews and the sessions to which the patie bad been accustomed was the locale of the hospi instead of the analyst's office. They reclined cc fortably as usual, and the use of the Hai radiometer as described in our previous paper (I entailed no inconvenience. The observatic took place in a constant-temperature room at t New York Hospital. Room temperature a: clothing were so regulated by an assistant th each patient maintained a high and even fing temperature in a relaxed emotional state for se eral hours, in a preliminary control period. Aft, that, each experimental interview was precede
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~ 50272 8209 ODORS/OLFACTION/ 78 V Wor t !A theor. Biol. (1977) 66, 181-193 A Quantitativc Structure-activity Approach to C'Iicmoreccption: Importance of Lipophilic Propcrticsf *Z,!V'jE?t~DovtmQut: MoccArrr, FRANSOISE HEYi<tANS AND JEAN-JACQUES GODFRO(D Laboratoire de Plrarntacochimte hloleculaire, Uniuersite Paris i'!l, 75221 Paris Cedcx 05, France (Received 9 March 1976, and iit reuised form 23 July 1976) A multiparamctcr regression analysis utilizing physico-chcmical para- meters, and commonly known as the Hansch approach has been extended to a set of existing data on olfactive threshold and olfactive stimulatory effectiveness of organic molecules. The compatibility of various parameters has been studied .h ith adcquate statistical m:thods, and we conclude that the lipophilic character (exprssed by the octaholJwater partition coeRicicnt) of the molecules is an essential parameter related to preliminary non-specific action and transport across the muccous/lipid intcrphase and the membrane of the olfactivc organ. Such an approach allows the refocusing of the problem of the relation- ship between structure and olfactive properties. - ~~ . . '~ '~ 1 n n f1 o (, (1 ci ti' i 01 . . . ; 7
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IX l, tih 3 50272 8217 •~*~ K~- 3.1r l' _.- i IL^L y • - ~ . r...~ ~ ... l.rw V ....+~ /~.EvJA~uN~-J.I~ V• v1v ~y^~ l 6
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4i ".T S.l 0 • . problemes d emballage des corps gras It - migration dans les corps gras alimontaires des traces de chlorure de vinyle monomere .. des embaltages'~ RFCG 77-~7 ~ _~.A - 1 ProblB~es d'embollege des corps pras. (I - Migret~oti- dans loorps qros elimenteiros des trecos de chlorla<! ~s vin (o nonomoro des ombollopos. T Problems in packings for edible IatsCU - Migration of tr' vuiyl chloride monomer from packingi in edible fats: J.-P. WOIFF ..................................... Rdsutrti •• L:am~,5oretiott des tedwtiqtrrs de dosage dv cAJor~~re de vinyle monomere dons les huiles pai radoprion de /a techniqt~ *M e de respace do tete s permet dabaissee ls seuil de detection au voisinage de queJques ppb. Malhcureusement, ~ prhertce do pmdlurts volateis d'oxydation dans ks huiles conservees depuis quelques semaines rend le dosage du chlorure do ~KLt n>o+!qrRl~* dpn~ /4; cqq7q gtag DCEt~4oSAqt pJus diflicile quo dans ks tiquides aqueux. L e dosage direct du ch/orure dD v'rryb morarnbe dons la paroi do /a boureiNe permet de conlirrner /es resultats de Panalyse directe et d'allirmer qu'a l'hetn acdrede ~ teneuren chbrwe do polyvinyle rnortornere des hudes emballees drns le chforure de polyvinylo et commercialisces ux k marcti: irartta;s est inler;ewe s 3 ppe.. Amounts wi th French products are 1 ess 3ppb. , r_ . ., . PROIlLBMS Iti~ PACK/p1~+$~: FOR EDIgER PATS. II. MIGRATION OF TRpC' VINYL CHLORIDE MONOMER PROM PACKINGS IN EDIBLE FATS: J. P. t~IOLF ,:_ , tis ~I~/k,/uC~ ((t,( Y 4
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50272 8216 ~ _..~ ....: _ ____. - _...,... ~.. { _.._ ~._...._.,.,...,:. - - ~ ~.:. ....,.... r.~ . .. .. . . . .. . . ., A S7'UllY ('F CIGt1ctT;"::rS, CIG~ITZ'',Tl': SMCKEs FI7..TFIS. PAi;'i '' 7I. SP~ CIaL LCld~tiTCCT11~ J~ Aua. t'rJJ.rnsoc.s Chsr.i. Laboratory- 122 li) Yo>5-35 (July zY, 19~3) -. x . , _ . e . . . - . ...Z-..^-...-.~ .. . , - .. . . . . . .. . ~ . - ~ . . .. . ~ , . .~ i i
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50272 8203 !I ~ ~Wol~o~a; Fel.villo•w LawrencQ; ?aUt1:=:: QD Advances in carbohydrate chemistry. v. 1-ti 1,- 321 New York, X. Y., Academic press ine.,191Ci-!)` l Ad S,~v. diagra. 231 cm. annual. F.dltors: 1945- : - W. W. 'riginau, ni. L :'oif.-iiu,. Ctun.~r~ulativ© subject and author indox for Vol. 1-11 in Vol. 12. 1. Carbohydratrs-Tear-books. r. Plgman, 1V111lnm Wr.rd, 1910- ed. ri. Wolfrom, :+te1vt11e Lawrence, 1J00- ed. QD321. A2 ~~ ~ 547.3 45-11351 T,Ibrarp_of_ ConnrFC.4 L53):l2t - .......~...,,~e-~~ I
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50272 8214 ENCYCLOPEDIAS AND DICTIONARIESJDICTIONARIES--MEDICINE/ TOBACCO--SMOfiING--PSYCHOLOGY, vols. II, IV, V. VIII, IX,XI/ SMOKING AND HEALTH/ ~F International 19i7 Encyclopedia / Of SYCHIATRY, SYCHOLOGY, /PSYCHOANALYSIS &'4BUROLOGY Ptoduced for by, & Aesculapius Publisfjirs, Inc. Van No trand Re' hol o an BENJAMIN B. V(rOLMAN~ ! t ~~ I n , ` ' t ~ t7 ~~ ~ ~ ~ yf,) Editor
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50272 8194 ' J^r . :~ XX ~feF-U-3~-IG ISA Proc., 3rd. intern. Cas (.hwomatography Syr^posiur.i, Michi£;an State Univ., Uast -Lansinc .*Sicti. (1961) 2£s9-•295 THE ApWCAT14:V 0F GAS CttRCN!:TOCRp.P!{Y TO TIi.S A;:AL7SIS CF FLAVOR CC'J'GiE1:TS ; discussion Will te concerned with efforts to:rerd peel of the fruit, co::tritu•,.e sit;nifica::t)y to' AB.rTR ACT OF CITRUS JUIC}:S4 by Richiird' it:'Vc) ford =sn9 John A. Attavay Associato Chce4st and Food Technologist Florida Citrus Conmission lalke All'rc<d, Florida . Gas liquid chror;atoCrophy hss been ap;,licd to the separation of the co-:p)rx nixtures of vola- tile conponer.ts recovercd fron citrus juices. The natural citrus flr:vors contain roi cx- tresoly lerge nu?..ber of ccr.ranents. Their chemieal cherncteristics rr.r.;e frox those mirtures vhich are rainly h•,•: rocs•ton to e eroup of oxygenated cor.pour.9s ccr,sistinC of a m~•r.Ler of isocers end substancos which are readily subject to Chra csl chanSo. The citrus flavor eoaponents are hiehly polar, cre present in low concentrations, are c.ost)y heet labi)e, ar9 possess a wide range of boilir.Z points. artifact forcations r ay be ranirizcd ani posslbl}- clir..inatcd. Thus, a coapositc of the flavor cocponente in a fresh ard unchr::,;cd state rsy be uoro nearly assured. This is csprciilly ant vhcn dea)ir,,; with ss._plcs havir,, differcnt origins and produced in cc.--ercir.l opc•raticns. Also, the iso)r.tion of chrcr.aloV~nphicr1)ly puro frections for absolute identsication h+s provid- ed for o degree of reliability r_r:d spccd of analysi: not previously passiblo. ~ 1?uch of the data presented rn3 publis! ? e-)'?; date concernir.C GLC analyses of citrss vo •-•-^,-•^ corcponents has dealt with the es;cn~iaj o~' principally 1 emon and ora^.Ee 1~ ~> > +• '---~-,f The results presented ir.c)u3c both isotherral " and linear proJre^:~cd tcr.,pc•rature c.oplicstions The volatile cor•.ponents present in the c~ of Ecs chror.atoCrap`.y to the problem. So=o essential oils; which have their ori,;in In tt. C 0 t~ ~l (l ~~ i I U ti 0 *. 7 0
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50272 8211 l~ic.-tcan, Chemicoa,_Socicty-i'.eeting,,New York, April 4-9, 1976 (A collection of papers given at this tw-etinp are in this pamphlet) TDCILN]:C11L r]EIrDS AND DrVRLO3?MJ:NTS IN TIiC ' PAPER INDUSTRY OF THE UNITED STATES 76 zii nm as7Tny='~VO1lwVige - and Roy P. Whitney The Institute of Paper Chemistry, Appleton, Wisconsin In recent years, staff inemhers at The Institute of Paper Chem- istry have engaged periodically in attempts to assesss the future needs of the pulp and paper industry of the United States, in order that our research programs might be better planned and im- plemented. This exercise has undoubtedly gone forward at essen- ) . e n r~ cr o 6 0 A •7
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50272 8197 - , 1 . . . 7i;;T!7 . I s { . ~ ~.S OPTIMUM DESIGNS IN REGRESSION PROBLEMS ~` 78 III Re2-78 Dy J. Iitt:r•EW AND WlYo15%it;i')ri'r Corncll Uniecraity ]:. Introduction and Summary. Although rc_gre!~sinn problems have been considered by workers in all .cienees for many year., until recently relatively little attention has been paid to the optimum de.-ign of experiments in such problems. At what values of the independcut. v:riable :4huuld one take ob_rn•a- tion!z, and in what• proportions? 'I'he purpose of this paper is to develop u~eful comput.ltional procedures for findiiih optimum de_~ibn; in regre~iAon probleiuz of estirnation, tcsting hypotheses, etc. In Section 2wc shall develop the theory for the ejse where the de~ired inference concerns ' just one of the reo e_s~.ion coe8i- cients, and illustrative examples will be given in Section 3. Lt Section 4 the theory for the case of itderence on several coefficients is developed; here there is a choice of several pwsible optitnality criteria, as discu~~cd in [l]. In Scction 3 we treat the problem of global estim:ttion of the rcgressir,n fanction, rathcr than of the indi%tidual coefficients. • We shall no%v indicate briefly some of the computational aslxcts of the scarcb for optimum designs by considering the problem of Section 2when•iu the in- ference concern- one of 1.• regression coefficients. For the sake of concrctene:s, we rb:t1l occasionally refer here to the example of pulynru>>ial rcgrc!i4iuu on the real interval [- , 11 where all ob.,,erv:ations an indclx,ndent and liave the rume n nt + A i (1 10 A. ti'ffe c(tt`,uh•atic case is rather trivial to treat by our nictho&, so we shall svmctimes refer here to the ca-e of cubic rceression. In the latter ca;c we sunnole eill f.im•,rr.n•;<irni ca•fiicicnts to Ix unl;non•u, anrhr~s~-tn -;r•- -
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1 i 50272 8177 . ~3-9.T ~ ~'~- ~-- 611 136i,9're - V lfi • ) ~-I~ --_- . kL r~ . 7_v~~. jo 4,_ . US /Flavor and cheaical evaluati'ons of fresh and aK.d m.vrket milk/ H. F. Sht,es; G. F. Srnyk, R. A. La•dfurd, D. K. 8andla:r, andIMMIN6 llf: Curna•ll Cnivcrsity, lthaca, `iv. *1 C ,V A 53 aedlAer cunauraor taSte panel and an ; ma:mba•r trained pane1 a•valucua•d sanples frnn :4 pastcurizinvl plants selected randu-aly. ^ana•li%t+ scorcd samplos from aich plant with- [n 4) huurs aftvr pruccssing (fra•xh) and after hoidinK unt i l tlu• Ka•1 t-Av" date 0••avl). . Ytae a••vd sartples were p[el:ad up from }:ra.•a•rv .t.•r.•s wh.•r.aee tl•c fra•sh v:mpla•s wa•ra• nlcl•e•I up frua lhu nl.tnts. All samples v.•rc stored at 6.7 C until tested. Thc conc.imcr v.ut.•l used cUt i point hrdunic scale wich verbal a:ata•coriv:c ranaim; from liku extra•mt~iv tn dis- ~ "'.e cstrca.ly. The tra[na•J ranal uaxed cha• .;Oti.l :act•rin!; xv.ton. A hiShlv sittnifia:ant :urr.•lation of .94 was found ba•twc.n tba• cun+utn.•r and traIna•d p.ui.•l scura•x f..r a11 uunnla•». Th.• a•an.um.•r pana•1 !%ave di.tika• r.ttin;;, t.• 1 fr.•.h and 11 ;t••••d S.t,u1cK. 1 h•• trainad panwl dc:irrib.d the uff-fl:rvorn in thv+e I ir.•xh .rampla•s uK uxidir.a•d (Ii•;ht) or burnt. ilalf of th: fresh samples were dawcrihod as coukvd by the trained pancl, hut thcv aurv considered acceptable by both taste panels. In the apcd ,anples, l-1 nf the 11 sampley disliked by the consumer panel were criticiza•d as beinv, fruitv-fcrmcnt.d. rancid or bauh by the trainod panel. ':he other dislika•d arted sampte was described as o;idized (il,^.ht). Samplvr of the m[IkY wr•re tc~•ccd tu d.tcrainr tAc acid duKroo valuc (,\qV), tyra:aine value (TV) and pyruvate content (1'C). Th.• avera;.• valucs far the 11 di.liked t+R•vi sampla•s w:•e 1.3 for AbV, b/i mg/1 for T\' and 24 nr/1 fur i'C. The curre.pundinR nvvra:,a fur th: It 1ika:d a!tc•d samples were 1.3. 471nd I~_. Ilv cumpar[sun tha• ava•raeo fur the 24 frash sanpl.a-were 0.9, 33 and b. Tha•::c rrauits..h.w thac .nhxt.umtinl .•h:nno.s had taken plac•t by tha• sell-by date. The flavor tlat.•rior.itiun of the tiamplos raisv!t questions aL.ntt ahe thvr the se 11-by d.uev ar- rea 1 ist Ic. KEYWURUSi yilk, t'lavor. LlpoSysi llcruhtal I1rt.rioratlon, Stnrate St+lhlllt•v ,. ._ 6t ~ () -0 b 0 ta 1, •/-, * Q
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RA 576 wf O 2 c. ,,_~Wolozin, Harold,:1~30. - ._ _ cd. .. . '1'1ie economic, of ,tie pollutimn; ~papersl edited by Harold wolozin. 11st ed.l \ew York, \1'. «'. \orton 11966, 318 p. illus., map. 22 ctn. Papers read at a symposium held at American University In 1W and supported by the U. S. Public Health Seriice. I3ibliography : p. 13031,310. a 1. Air-I'ollution-Econoni(c nspects-U. S. t• L'• S. Public HealtirService. tt. American University, \VasLtngton, D. C. uI. Title. T D I IG1ltt :\~~1'G ( ~ -~ 333.93 66-15319 Library of Congress 1i-1i i) C.l '91
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~ c: -..~.: ~ _._...:..~...:_......... _~.... .-.~:.•.,......~.. ~ ~,..N L~.+..f. ~ i I T "~"~ 91"1 .t1b J SZZB ZLZOS
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Page 714: tvk78d00
50272 8229 A-•4olratenho3ilx .:,. ed; Ciba Foundation. The cl:emical structure of proteins; a Ciba Fouudation sSmiposium. Editors for the CiLa Foundation: G. 1:. 1v. Wolsteuholmo and ilfargaret P. Cameron. ))ostou, Little, Brown 11954F1 ait, 222 p. ilius., dfagrs., tables. 21 cm. 1. Protelns. 1. Nolstenholine, Gordon E. W., ed. It. Title. QD431.C47 -~, *5-17.92 547.8 54--1-1351 Library of Congress ~ 1121 r- 9
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-`NQ t, T171E AND SUBTITI! 1 Market Input/Output Studies 7 ~ 4 ~ /Task I ~ Y Vinylidene Chloride aesrlOatsf r M. L;nne,Yeufeld, Marcus Sittenfield (MarcuR Sittenfield and Assuciates) and Robert E B d ~ , oy - . ~._.. !J. FERFOfIMING ORQANIZATION NAMt AND AOONESS AI,iRBACH Associates; Inc. (AAI) - 121 North Broad Street Philadeiphia; Pa. 19107 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME ANO AOORESi Office of Toxic Substances (T.S. Environmental Protection Agency '•:ashington, D.C. 20460 , Recent reports of the possible carcinogenic properties of vinylidene chloride, because-ot-structural similarity to vinyl chloride, prc+cntad this investigation. This report views the chemical and pnjsical properties'of vinylidene chloride (VDC) and its iraportant derivitives polymers. A detailed. discussion. of the manufacturing process, includi ~ ._ .• . . . . ... . _ _ . ~ r . - ~"~,"-..-... and
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'^t Review of SciP tif ~ hc ur:en,4~ ,~s4 ~), 2' 1. ;1973~ 74 i wo An Tnterpolator for eacng ~~ots ln --c -•zl,,a~ ~csrr~;~ : A ^ 1 " ~ .. - - ., ~..,.«.... . btem'L:^ Vlfoll:c°='"'$ }.x Whemtt Laboratory of Nuclear Chemisiry University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgk Pennsylvania 15213 ~ (Received 7 February 1973) A simple device is described by means of which one can read accurate numerical velues from the y' - minuacule data oiots which are published in scientific journals. -.1 17 ; Editors of technical journals generally frown upon the horizontal decade grid lines intersect the decade indices 3t s redundant display of numerical data in both tabular and the rule's edge (points A and B). AIaintainin; this orienta- ~ graphical form. Faced with the choice of a single format, tion of the rule, one then slides it horizontally until the ; authors most frequently opt for the graph as having the point C falls also on the rule's edge as shown in the fioure. ~ most impact in exi,ibiting trends and relationships among There, its ordinate value can be read from the scale. (The n variables. But because of the very small size of the tigure value is 3.7X 102 in the illustration.) which ultimately appears on the journal's page, the author The method is based upon the elementary geometric must severely curtail the number of ordinate and abscissa proposition that parallel lines cut off proportional sez;ments index markings on his drawing and must omit all or most of two transversals. In the present application the crdinate of the horizontal and vertical grid lines, thereby frustrating axis and the rute constitute two transverSals of the paral!d, the interested reader who might want to read numerical horizontal grid '.ines of the ploL. These parallel lines cut values from the plot. The accuracy with which the author the rule's scale into seo rtents which are proportional to and his draftsman prepared the figure, while maintained units on the ordinate axis, thereby producing true o,dinate by the photographic reduction processes employed in the readings on the rule. Whether the ord:nate and rule are publishing process, is thus lost to the ultimate user of the divided logarithmicallv-or _- ..: S"i ti .•;ri (t I
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50r272 8201 . -,Fi'l:CT OF ~ (~~ ~r"~ JJJ , 0 0 rK3irilaflOTl ~ ~111f' - li ~ Y "i. 12). {YY$~ ):1 Tlii lilt0l~'N1nG ItrACI IO~ OF D GLUCOSF, D-I?P.UC1'USL, SUCROSI: :1 ~!a l:A\i' CAI~E SUGAR. ~\L'UI:G 1 '[T 1; Al 11~1 in1:LI~Y 1 . . . :~~x ; ~•lY. ~~: Kean York Sugar 7'radc Laboratory, Clarl:, New.krsey miAVLA.WNTV OAi 03io Stotc Uniucrsily, Columbus, Oliio ~ r: „, : 0n t'f t1 h0 f7
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Journal of Personality and Social Ys)•cLology 1980, Vol 39, Xu. 4. 054 oiU 50272 8220 80 I I Ey-80 CognitiveSimilarit). ill Dyaclie Cc»tnmtrtlic•citicnf S. P. Valerie R. Patlgett and RoV"- :~~` o+~~tn lndiana Universit) T7ale and female cullece students used a ranking procedure to indicate aFree- ment with each of two sets of collinearity items. Later, ~,0 males and SO fe- males met in same-sex d)•acis to complete a communication task; dyads at- tempted to communicate single words related to the content domains of the orieinal collinearit)• item. Pairs of males who were collinear in one content domain were found to communicate more effectively within that domain than thw,e who were not cnllinear. and cullinearit.• in one dunt.tin had no etic.t n!: communication accuracy in the other. The same general pattern was found for females. The data sugGest that earlier findin.-s concernin~ the impact of col- linearity were not due to other. umneasured similaritie; between the co:n- municatinF persons. Fttr ve•ars social !ts)•cholori:ts have held formt•ti better on course examinations wht that tNtio individuals can understand one an- the% ~~er ecu,niti~c•ly similar to the inctructt other better if they are somehow alike. New- who happened to teach the eourse, an 4
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' 50272 8212 ~ N h 24 2{980 175-183 D un g , . K a r 80 III Scl Zentralinstitut fur Ernahrung in Potsdam-Rchbruckc (Uircktor: Prof. Dr. H. Hmmt.), 3~-a- rachungsJ.entrum fur Molckularbiologic und Mecficin. Akad~em-/ic- dcr Wis;cnys5~haftcn dcr DDR Fe 3 e ~ 6e';n 1t.1.c-i.LaLy/ T"!wL ~~a2.~'L`ri*e~t~ r ~rv'aJ)i4~ti7,. .:.G~~ Az-'-Cza.t-_ 1~1c-.C•e-.C• sL~acZc....a~, 333 Aroma-Optimierultgsversuche an Aminosaure-Glucose-Motlellsystcnten tSia~t'~ R. Sct tRGaitx und :" Summary zah,n.« )CSI&A R. Scttac5nrr.x and G. Wt3t.i,:: Studies about optimal conditions fongavour formation in amino acidlglucose- R~ modcl systems ~ The compocition of amino acids has been evaluated as to the formation of meat-like flavour during bcat treatment in the presencc of glucose. Pure amino acids as well as mixtures being combined according to statis- ticral plans havc been reacted in aqucous medium delivering pmdurts which have becn characterized sensori- cally as well as by instrumental analysis. Type and quantity of amino acids have been optimized using the scnsory impression as an index. . Test results indicated the influence of single amino acids, optimal test eonditions, and the optimal comro- sition. 1 he o, timizcd m«1cl is characteri7cd by very high amounts of glutamic acid and high amuuntc of aspartic aciJ, arginined and proline. Already half of the amino acids tested formed a product which was optimal in aroma and could not be improved as to the meatlike quality. 4 0 n F ; 1 (1 f`n , 0 Ci i i 6 ( 1 A) A r, .
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50272 8228 _ .. . ; W'olstentvs?w-a;'.Gordi~n ~(Ed itor)____..~....._.~ 1RAi Srinpos:uin on Drug Res13onses in blin, London, 1966. Drug responses in man; Ciba Foundation volume. Edi- • by txoraon t1 r. . ~.. ~_oisC.ena ] ]oinl__ _0 ] afl(lti t"Vl-tr1- n__.1_Rtll T]_..._... ai7nM ~~awa., ted nn Little, Brown 119671 257 p. 111us. 24 cm. (SBN 9000130I0) Sponsored by the Ctba Foundation. 1. Drugs-Side eCectF-Congrms.~. r. Wolstenholme. Cordon D. W., ed. rr. Porter, Ruth, ed. ur. Ciba Ibundatlon. iv. Title. R111301.S9 1966 615'.7 67-2vi33 L{brary of Congress 17, . . 7 .. . . _ . . _ . ' 3 1 i ]
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50272 8233 ' McCsrroll, Jtcmcs AIR VoLt.UUION AND ILL.NESS IN SHOKERS AND N021-SHOKERS, by McCarroil, Jeimee; Eric J. Csssell; Doric W. Wolter; Joseph D. Mountain; Judith R. Diamond and Isabel M. 4tountain. 1966 10 p. Paper presented at the Ame*icnn Medical Ascn., Air Pollution riNd. Res. Conf., Los tungeles, March 2-4, 1966 0 ~~ `.f 1 r3 -0 0 6 ~ ~
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50272 8231 . ~ QD 271 C Ciba Foundation. v Ciba Foundation symposiwn on paper elec•tropl,oirsis. , Editors for the Ciba Foundation: G. E. W. Wolstenholme and Elaine C. P. Millar. Boston, Little, Brown 11956, zlt, 224 p. 111us. 22 cm. Includes blblloa aphlea. 1. Paper electrophoresis. r. Wolstenhoime, Gordon E. W., ed. u. Dilllar, Elaine U. P., ed. uz. Title: Symposium on paper electro- phoresls. iv. Title: Paper electrophoresis. RB55.C5 1956 616.0756 56-5J202 Library of Congress `J (57q10l ........~.,-~=~...-,e.~ 01 S t' i# 7
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,~Wa2stenho7ane, Gordon E. iS., ed: `' .- Ciba Foundation S}'mposiun>m on Carcinogenesis: llecha• nisms of Action, London,Ms. Ciba Foundation Symposium on Carcinobenesis: 'Mecha- nistns of Action. Editors for the Ciba Foundation: G. E. `i'. Wolstenholme and Mnevo O'Connor. Boston, Little, Brown 11959, zi1, 83G p. illus., diaers., tables. 21 cm. Includes bibliographies. . 1. CatucYr-Couzressc:s. 2. Curriiiu,rns. i. Wolstenhohne, Gor- den B. W., ed. in. O'Connor, Maeve, ed. RCZ61.A2745 1958 ~ 61G.i191 59-?.42-~ I,ibrnry of Con;ress "'~ 1101 a
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Page 725: tvk78d00
v7x" s-Q272 8240 ~ lfu Hutchoson, T. B. Investigations of the role of starter solutions in flue cured tobacco production, by Hutcheson, T. B, and Woltz, W. G., 1955. North Cas'rolina Agricultural Experiment Station Raleigh, N. C. North Carolina State College Tobacco reprint series No. $. 20 p. Reprint of North Carolina Agricultural bcperimqnt Station, Technica7' `,\ Bulletin No. 112. n
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. RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK RC 327 Wo 1981- 50272 8234 ~;Raalte,H,G.S. van; ;Vtja&g4= BEHAVIOURAL TOXICOLOGY; EXPERIMENTAL METHODS AND RESULTS IN MAN. Medical Biological Lab..Rijswijk, The Netherlands.81.tIN e ENG.) ISN = 1537 0 i~ tl t1 n (1 0 6 1 1 0
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80 II Ey-80 S.P. Comprehensive Psychiatry 21(4)308-16 (1980) J ( 50272 8224 ` Treatment of Narcotic Addiction by Inhibition of Craving: Contending With a Cherished Habit ( 6", T~ I).~1. jMj,QOtK:Vyatpd; Gerald A. Groves, and Steven Fischer T HE INDEFINITELY REPEATED occurrence of powerful impulses to take drugs is the essence of drug addiction. These impulses are correlated with activity of the automatic nervous system. As early as 1941, Himmelsbach noted that the morphine abstinence syndrome (or craving) was "a disturbance affecting the autonomic division of the nervous system."' The syndrome that results from repeated doses of narcotics has the features of a learned habit. Although narcotic habits always include motor acts that may have socially motivated components, treatment that concentrates on motor acts without attention to autonomic events inevitably misses the crux of the problem. The substantial failure of attempts to modify drug-taking behavior by measures directed at motor behaviors is exactly what was to have been expected. I 0 is o 0 n a o 6 1n o
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50272 8232 I zoitaehr. Angev. Entcmol. 59 (No. 4) 397-402 (1•?57) , .~,~ ~..,._....~..~..-.-.~..,~.~-~,. 0 i; i3 (? 0 t~ t) A , 1 0 8 j VI I Y- Woltar; B:. (,It. Author) ~ Jul (19G8jursit*a. G. U:~ii:i ~T~C~N~`.G~ [38^R DIE 1JI::i;i+a^~ wE!.CY1;3a.? : PF7,i+.2~U:~XNTALSST4fiFL A0F DU 11BR Y.E;r.VETi IN DFOG-vtdvULv`BRbl i (r::;.ct of Sccondury Plfaa~ CcmgWilaN%3 oa ri.i:, Sold '"yabioals of Ci.garetta Beet3.c+. 1. Gr(r~;th oi: La=^reo in DxLZ Poc.,dorr»), by G. 3:.irnlt:::, run1 B. Valtfrs
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.*W8`1 tffmI 4r.m-'eF"{J-e:~"""flior? 1dcCgnte, C. B. GROIMi AtiD MINCR!':L ItiniTa"RITTi0:1 OF TQilACCO, by C. B. idcCanta, and 11. G. Wolta (ct. C. State College Tc+:-~acco lteprint Scxie3 go. 238) 50272 8237 Reprinted fro:n: Actvances in ACranora; 1.~, 211-65 (10,67) J. . 0 b a n " ~f lJ C~ 1
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50272 8239 Yi i ~~ Yeltz~ i~. t~. jt ; ruthor. P'1 Pointer, John Phte XiVESTIGAiT.Cc3S OF HAII. DAMAGED TCPACCOy by John Pc:t© Pointer ana W. G. 1•'oxtz. North Ce rol.ina Sf,a to Col.le g3 l obs ceo Ropr :ut SeriQs No. 20. aCtober 1956 31 p. kepr{n2 ci No~-ta Corolirs 1!;ricul•Ci.r31 Exporimont Stationa icchnic::l I3ull.otin 123. (a n o 0 b ! 1 q
Page 731: tvk78d00
50272 --0226 CI:2CULt1:JR° L:aL' :ESPIRIASTCtl' W_ . _.59 TZ_:_rICi~(11;~, A rih_ . syw~u~xc•:s. :~arc~a by C. r. 'd. :loletenholrae ana Julio i:niUht 1969 310 r$se: Little, browu and Co. Lsston 0
Page 732: tvk78d00
.,. ... ,..,...,. a ..~.~ ~ ......~..~....~......_~~.._,._........ _.__~..._._ .~:..< VT .ho 0 50272 8236 1961 At+S^t~~y.~1 ~, i"iL'SJt.~ »1:L iO:.l.1'J V-; 1Z ..; ~ J•%-D SCk i:nj O: t;:iT 1S OF CURM 1-9 Vo1"43p 1!. N. Em$G8 C.'M.d la ps Ty rr:, i a ~v-a at the 15~ :'~~.c~, C1emin- j, CauCerenoaP FiO.it143p:::~ f 1 L a
Page 733: tvk78d00
502-72 8247 ~ ; . ~ McCants, C. B. Urea and calcium cyanAmide in tobacco plant beds, by C. R. McCants and W. G. Woltz. r:alcifh, North C<<r:,lina Lrricultura.l Fxperiment Station, 31 p. Technical Bull. 105- M.a,y, 19K~t. U fa ' Cl E.a ~?. (1 0 ~i ~ ~ ~
Page 734: tvk78d00
50272 8219 VII CoA2-79 S.P. i Afr.) . . • ..i . . , . . _ . .. . •r , RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET VII CoA2_79 s.p. Els, J. M. ; Van Wyk, R. J. ; t?~a~~~t.~8; (Tobacco Res. Inst., Rustenburg; Shell S. A., Pty Ltd., Johannesburg,- S.' RESIDUAL EFFICACY OF TETRACHLORVINPHOS AGAINST LASIODERMA SERRICORNE (F.). Phytophylactica 10, 81-84 (1978) (in EnQlish) 1 cien gave virtually no control of cigarette bcctle on any of the abovc-rncnuoned surfaces. ~ 11essian, plactie, glass, ccment and brick panels were sprayed with tetrachlorvinphos and bro- niocyclen. The dosaLes used %:•ere I g and 2 g activc ingredicnt pcr in' for tetrachlorvinphos and 2,5 g r• ~~°_~_ ~.-- ~'h -'-- ' J---~ a~iivae int;itiriii~i per ni- wr ~~iiiTiOtyi`~cn. r nc nnPCiiCiul'S were evaluated for residual toxicity 8~`elnst ~ adult cigarette Ixclles, [.osiuJcnrra terricorvu (F.), using exposure periods of 1, 5 and 15 minutes: Mortality was assessed at the termination of a 72-hour post-exposure period. Except on brick surfaces, the effective residual life of Ictrachlorvinphos at dosages of I g and 2 g aetive ingredient per in' was two and six months respectively. On brick surfaces the cfTrctive residual life at the two dossgcs was three wecks and Iwo months respectively. At the dosage tcstcd, bromocy- C' a 7 0 t~ 0 n fi (1 9 5 t n
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50272 8241 VI ~ We 11 (1970) ~~ .. Wo1ta;,~ W.. G. ,_ j K..._.aut. :f . A. DC\IS LES .°.C.T.:Z5 P?4I14:_S 7.TBia;"-: * ,~. DU i:E ~~1c xt.~> ; oy .1. A. N.8 j ~r...w : , W. C. ~9 ol~. :'.. (Changes ±r_ the t.ree Anir_v Acica oi ToL•nc_•o IIurinh (M. C. ::,~te rni..ct.-{_; Agrii:uituaol .:::1 F~~17~'73L Sl:ai:lon, ,'`lobrCCU Kf3i71'i:2l- Se11eS :vo, 291) 7r*_. Toba:.co Scf.• Congr. Athens-'q56, 7t.5-772 (+-566) -- .:,.,~,_: . . . . ~ ~ . . . .
Page 736: tvk78d00
50272 8221 •-. t ( A r. ('`~ ~'r (? 1 (~c • c f f. .. /'' .t~`.e-! t, i>, .j~.= ~`5 FEI ~.Pi ie`e•, X!. i ~- ` %i 7r- ~ ~ tobrri J tt'oi•,::ra Jr. =~' 6t~~ C --L i{- , 1•farine`)'i ~:heries l:c~vicaa 3 t9•-1U) 45-57 (1972) . ~ ~I . ZT,~ rCsillt of the 1970 .aectin^ o! U.5, and Soviet fishery t.ciecltis, :s i.: Ziosccw v: as a joir.; rer•earch pro-r:.: ; to i.i.•esti- J;ate the :brimp r e: ;n'JrCes in the Gulf of Alaska. The Soviet I'•(;Fcea"ch Ci'Ssel rK?'!fl' survi.l'ed Jf:S:1Gre arf.2s 3otlth of the Alaska Pe!i1T7s1!!aanij ilt.lt' KC\'li3k 1.I?r:Ci fro.'11 January lhrC1L?{'h nq,,r r.h I t!; 1. U.S. scicr.tists were ltern:ittt:d to go aboard and particil>: te in the Soviet part cif the :-esearch. Fishcr}':-cicntists fro:n the Unit,,d Slatrs and tlic So: i;'t Union havc rrlet an:?trall; sinc:e 15GG lodi :cr__ ~: r~ ~+.a. cc= o: mutaal i:.;erest and the rcr-:.is of t!w-ir t r.:;earch. llurin,=, the 2.lvsco•,• tn; l_.rl i:t 1) cc:r.. .. 1 C-7t!, tiicy ciir.- cu nsecl th(-. .,%:rina> spx•c:c-, • c"n soutt: of the l:l:c:.i:rt;'crlcii;t ncur t!-ti.- ar,.. ~t::;::c~i .c cO..~'c)i,:ec; 7J.>.-S ict . - '~ `1't) `~•.........._...r-•:~'` ~ m-atlinc. Bec avse the data gathered clt:riaf; thc = oviet researca c:-uise coi;.airte~l ir.forr.ta- tion of ::csnsiderz~ble interest to U.S. sci(-n- tts:4 F;nG ! 1 s h 1!i f' I•':CiUs:r\', i.\': o biol!)-7,i`'t s ; r~ra !i c: F'S'.o;iia'.: ... ~~cr~ 'ory--Perry A. 'J;i:na;-.on Jr. at:u 1--were invited to c:c- coinaan•: the i;ri.li e::^in~ tt r rcr:~in,'c ^ oi a n
Page 737: tvk78d00
502T2 8183 DHEW Publ. 1977, 28-33 (1977) REVIEW OF CU::I::r+,hITr-rECrII'dIQ'tJ i S E07R THE 79 III La ANALYSIS OF F1BER5 IN :'ALC A. M. Lanner A. N. Rohl , ,-,,~ R. Izlirnentidis, and S. i3I irrcy A. Talc as a bioloniciill)• active substance Occupational exposure to talc dust in the work in an inductrial or consumer product sctting, unless place has been associated with the develoument of the nature of the materials themsclves are known. luno scarring which has been termed talc- One objective of this study was the development of osis.'-'•12•"-''• Canicians have described talcosis_ as a the analytical techniques required to answer this fine, diffuse, biateral progressive scarring which may, fundamental question. if severe, produce disability or premature death. In addition to scarred lungs, reports have suggested that excess malignant tumors occur amonp these workmen." So= im•estigators have sug ;ested that "fibrous talcs' possess greater fibrogenicity than the platy varicties.~•" This observation, as well as evidence su~~;;sting that ta'.c-associ;tted diseases rc- scmble asbestos diseases,' R'tas prompted investiga- tors 1o su~^est tl:at the ; bers within the talc are the rtici!+~ biolO.~ica}~ a4veMecrtll. 7<4t, aDnua)er(& 61 observations have dcntonstrated wat nonfibrous plat}• tale may pro'; :c diseasee in occupationxlly exposed B. Talc as a mineral Talc has been def ned as a mineral species on the basis of its structure, che;nistry• and physical proper- ties.=46`12 Its geo'ogical ori?in is complex. The initial rock-types, metamorphic proc: s,,es and minerals are so diverse that the talc end-product is often a complex mixture of many maniesium silicate min- crals. Laboratory s!udies of talc mineral synthe- sis"-3' and mincralo~ical studies of the materials
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i 502T2 8245 ,~ a 'Ner•~!'~ Soiae effects of topping and sucxering flue- cured tobacco. Raleibh, North Cr-Lvolina Aeri- cultural Experiment Station, 1955. -• 24 p. 23 cm. (Technical Bull. No. 106). . .. ,. . _ , . fi (i ~•,? o n c) p(% 1 7
Page 739: tvk78d00
1 a 50272 8253 ..!Mr,-1,'omtanI s•'Col].ege - of the -University --.af-,Nortlr-Caro1ins, see North Carolina. University. Wocnan's Colle~e* e
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~-• A .•r- 1vxw rvRK ACaDEMY-OF SCIENCES 50272 8257 HO 1397 Ne 1979 VOLUME 323 .; I . Expandinythe Rolu o omen f- in the Sciences Edited by ANNE M. BRISCOE AND SHEILA M. PFAFFLIN THE~,P~EW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES NEW YORK, NEW YORK 1979 0 1 rt o 0 6 1 :~ .1
Page 741: tvk78d00
I 50272 8258 _, 0 80 XI Co WOMEN/CONSUMER BEHAVIOR/ P,1R CIASS NO. PAMPHLET 80 XI Co Consumer Store Business Research Data Center CQ3SUMER STUDY. THE t'EMAIE CUSTOMER (PART 2). Consumer Store Bus. Res.Data Cent. 1980, p. 81, 84, 86, 88, 92, 94-95(Sept./Oct. 1980) (in English) *Keywords:* tobacco products. More information on this rapidly-growing segment of your market, drawn from our 1980 Customer Behavior Study and including pioneer research on "The Black Female Customer." I ;I (1 (1 0 o li lJ & 1 3 4
Page 742: tvk78d00
VII McA2 I J 50272 8243 ) ,--,• Wo1tc, - I'lcGauts, C. B. .r^mn~i i...na;.Atv:i.~.l3i.:T 1)f`:Lr:i•.a, FLRi`ILM"R NITi;UG1;.. Ahf3 S I:;:.LD i.IN`J Tar:*C:A. Ly C. B. 1tcCanta, .:aJ k•. G. [daXt« (i..dOria, C 'n".o3.irra Sttae cf the univ. CyJ s;oYCi1 lic•:'0lxt'la L':; ^tL:a-Zag.a s i.^,Ut3Qc:U , )..,.. !~n `~ ~"is~ .... 1?.. ~ :.{. . . . . ~ . . -~ - - . . .- ' _-. 7 e
Page 743: tvk78d00
__~~.. .~....-aw~... - _ _ ~....~..:y-..+~•..w .........wa+..v:w...w.f.r:G.~...r...~.........._...... _.._-.. 73--YIZ ?..o TOBACCO--ACRiCULTL'RE/TOTiACCO--\I'PRATES/ 50272 8248 RJZ CLASS NO. PA`IMF!LET 73 ViI S.o Lon;, R. C. . (`'orth Caroiina St. '•:r:Iv., Crop Sci. Dep. l,Uo1tz); Soil Sci. Dep., Raleigh, U.S.) DEPLETION OF ^EILI!:CTASE.ACTICITY IN RESPO':SE TO SOIL LEACHINC. , F' .•o. .,~•+, ".~i;;i ;h, N.C., 1973 .::.co ic 44. St. Znit., T;:b Frir.t 5e:. '~ 1972) (in En,ii ;L;){ *Ee;~rir.te3 fro m: .?~r^n. `Jour. F4, 789-792 (Nov./Dec. *Re-:Arords:* ::icotiia^1 tanacun.w ~ ::itratc reductase, green, constituent. *1973, No. 8, W 3643* -*Jt* Tobacco agriculture: ~ ~. o n n to a 6 1 2 4
Page 744: tvk78d00
50272 8210 ~ ~ Ticro__~-417h11p.~ehn; i.1.. fi lrt i 52 . ~ntit7:~,~F L, , ,,.~t •~.f•~ ;..:. s, •.. t1I3Lc2 ~`•T`. ,~.~ [, ~:. l,r.~..~ ~1:~3 rn:' "T ~.• ~.i_ i:,..:, C;.l ~a_•.. ,~• y ,` ., A ^ F tho ~". a3;.~3L?`s`C:3 G~'::.:~'~l.~ ,I ''~:~'I' by I. Bottger .,~l.~,I 'r s}, and R. Yl011 f-i enn .~.c.~cIZZI f?~coar r::rlra (,Tsra) 302-"~0 , << . ... . . .. . ...,. . , ..,
Page 745: tvk78d00
50272 8259 DRUG ABUSE/ALCOHOLISM/WOMEN/PSYCHOTHERAPY/ RM 300 Do 1978 Vx: Recognition J f ) R erra e ~ '~I~ 1 `~U ~' Rehahilitatior ~ , ~ ; ~,~~' ~ ,r~1I: L~'~ fr~ f~ I 2~-~ 1~'~~' ~ .~ Edited by JANET DOWSLING and ANNE fAacLENNAN Proce dinc~s of a Conference sponsored by thel8onwood Institute, Toronto, June 4, 1977 Addiction Research Foundation Toronto, Canada n AA a () :i -l n n t ) C7 6 1 .1 s
Page 746: tvk78d00
50272 8255 FORECASTING/SOCIAL SCIENCES/WOMEN/ECONOMICS/RACISM/U.S. SOCIAL CONDITIONS/ HPi 201 Am 1973 ' VOLUME 408 JULY 1973 'g'HE ANNALS of The American Academy of Political and Social Science RICHARD D. LA:IIBERT, Editor ALAN W. HESTON, flssistant Editor AMERICA IN THE YEAR 2000 Spccial Editor of This Volume MARVIN E. «'OLFGANG President , The American Academy o f Political and Social Science Professor of Sociology University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PHILADELPHIA TNL AHLIICwY ACADlYY O/ POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCICNCL s O/97 b • . y 'i . p n n n f~ t, o h f All R`hes rrved THE F~,UTURE SOCIETY: ASPECTS Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 7J-78958 OF a
Page 747: tvk78d00
TOBACCO--PRICE SUPPORT / TOBACCO--U. S./ 50272 8251 , . . - , . ~ . . . -- 79.XI Wo RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 XI Wo'. ~ ` ~ ( S, ) .U. Dep. Agr., Food Agr. Sect., Washington, D. C• , U, S.•'. - • . . . . - . . J Con ressional Re's Serv' Rev 96th Conress ^ 10 11 14 (Mar 1979) THOSE TOBACCO cUBSIDI'ES ' ' (in English) f' ~~ ;,VI I _ :Sr-6 vcrnmcnt is simultaneously supporting the production and marketing of tobacco whilc :~ discouraging its consumption. Tobacco critics have focused on this apparent contradiction in policy, t frequently arXuin; that Department of Agriculture, (USDA) subsidies should be eliminated. Often the `~ arguments and debate are conducted with s ome misunderstanding about the ~eal purposes, economic h f b f d c to costs o t acco proaratns. its, an ;. ~ bcne V ~.. • ' •• . ~ I . . . _ . . ~, . . . - - . - I a
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50272 8256 HJOGRAPHIES UISI~TIONARIES/WHO's WHO/AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE/ .,~::......s u Q. AML1..R8 CA1 `i ; ' - MEN AND VVOMEN`~l OF SCIENCu.. . R.R BOWKER CObiPANY AGRICULTURAL, A~NIArAL AND _ A xeroX Ed„,at;oR Company New York & London ' . ERINARY SCIENCES I974 ~ Edited by the Jaques Cattell Press ' XERLJA , - -- ---- ~}--- FT- -~1 -{~---A-~-~--t'~ -I- -s- I
Page 749: tvk78d00
. r. L~?2e~c-rJ ~(i ) a-9 79> 10272 8249 . The Water Hyadnith: II Mes--79 S.P. Fom o°PUomc H'llest to rr* I~c~e~0t0~0 P~vde Or 13YUMDOMOWNTOWaND REBECCA C MCDONALD Originating in Venezuela; the %vater hyacinth has now spread to 50 countries around the world. It has proved to lie a persistent and expensive aquatic weed problem in every part of the world it has ever invaded. In the US alone, 700 000 hectares of waterways are occupied by this champion colonizer, costing the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Florida over $i l million a year in control measures. Despite all efforts, the problem continues to grow. The ~uthors show how the plant's vor-icio~~us a petite and explosive growth rate c n be ~ut t~wc~r. ~ 1~ ~A ~`~:11%& a, e. c v C
Page 750: tvk78d00
50272 8265 i i } LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT/WOMEN/HOUSEHOLD AND FAMILY STRUCTURE, TREW 8-3-80 76 I Ma-80 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY THE NATION'S FAMILIES 1960-1990 George Masnick and tlary Jo Bane Joint Center for Urban Studies of MIT and Harvard University INDUSTRIAL LIAISON PROGRAM Joint Center for Urban Studies of MIT and Harvard University I n o 0' 6 1 4 1 DISTRIBUTED FOR INTERNAL USE B) MEMBER COMPANIES ONLY. MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED. 7
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50272 8260 I Meq7 -80 S.P. 01'iT d EW PWAY `JA47i ERS. ~Rtaw~7 WhAt Qxx WW...W. m  v vr v~..a v ~i~ iiW%ff C./~ 1:y p Y~i : an AMA survey report Martha G. Burrow DE9.OP0R9(a - .a..." %,....~ A DIVISION OF AMERICAN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION: 0 d (~ (~ n 0 0 6 1 3 6
Page 752: tvk78d00
::d 3 d a ~ ,. . .~.. . . - •. ~... . . _ _ ,.yc F ~ 1.?iG{ ~~_._t ~'~~ t y~=a A O~~-MGALMES, CICAI?Y:':r +c,.:#' : Y A2Y1J VM\ur.17. P1Rl J.Y. tI.NVlJl1_S tJl+T(~4 r•ftr,rR.•• ...te.... ANP AnD_!'I~??:. • _ . TIP C1'sR8L:MS.. al's+sa7 .!. I:1d. MSd. ribBUv`.j, i.iA>•* /~•. .~.•{~ 1 ~ . .. ;.9 ~ . F x
Page 753: tvk78d00
50272 8235 t. jt.. author. Nattihesan. Tr t3,, rr, B-O.Co r -an th z. 4-ec Vi t zat i0n -~b~D~1.~.CA r ~ , :„: ~: _ . .. . . . . . , • , ...~4'a:R ........ 7: 2J~ .} Jr... V:.i _•Jl..~... ~t:7 , . '.r..• .. , ~. .., _.~.r~1.._ i. ... ..i1.,...... . ~[. ,.....:y .,,, .,. +w.sry!~!•^rt~:~^'.~!.ey •-. ~ ... .. . .~T,~v~.~ , nT~ti``~ ~~, .~ :~~~.".~.tw~l"•Mt~r~J` ~ J ~ ~ 0 D n~} b I
Page 754: tvk78d00
4 . .. 50272 8267 .. 9 ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES L~,O SvccESSFU acrN IN TIrE SCIENCES: AN ANALYSIS OF DETGR\IINANTS* Editor and Con jerence Chairperson Rurtl B. KUNDSIN Advisory Conunittee MARY G. AMPOLA IOLANDA E. Low IANE V. ANDERSON CONTLNTS Opening RcmarY.s. ---- VOLUME 208 M I-cc'h 15,1973 t~ f~ 7 0 ', k-) Ci , , 1 f:~
Page 755: tvk78d00
1 vI I ..aZtTOlt7., W...C,: (.Tt,.' 'at2t 1.;C4 . _ .. _ . . .~._ . ~:.~N.-..w...:nG......,~.._... X . S.0272 8238 zia ' A..J•".J .~:.al C~' C~°'^ A.., J°4'.,.f F(~T::TChTSO:. r•K /r ~cr, •'. L~~< rT' CY 1V:,~ls`i\ilJ .l ti.'=N?Qr: AtiD irM,:TE rM:DIS OF u:Roc.4, 17 0 :; ..:.•r3cs ro. %~,',o 0. S:.o;;lcy cu~.d N. Ga b~o3 ~«. i'c,3-th Caralina S;,lui;o Co'.1.@rt3 iobacco Rapr3nt 1959) (Jin•rewba~ 0 44 L
Page 756: tvk78d00
XI Col-77 50272 8252 RJR CLASS NO. PA21I'l1LET XI Col-77 s. p, Reynolds, R. J. Industries, Incorporated, Winston-Salem, N. C., U. S. hTOMAN~ ):XECUTIVE• bRAWWT0 MARKETING BY CURIOSITY:: Reynolds, R. J. Ind., News Release, Winston-Salem, N. C. (1977) (in ~ ' English) *Abstr. in: Winston-Salem Journal 1977, p. 8(t•far. 11, 1977)* I j lFhe story- is"abo-ut "Sal1}i" 1have johs :vity"i:-::;;- r )i ~ itlacKinnon, one of the hi;hest- responsi'~ilities. + ranking women executives in 1 [+fiss i•1acKi rw, s aut;e, in- the company. Miss M:,cKinnon t clude setting s;: ~ssZ:rs for ~ is the only ferna!e cigar ette ' selling and pron.,c.ng i\ow, + brand manager tor Re.•:,o1ds deterrnining budg:~.s j,:d work- and holds a job that is nonnal- ~ ino with the New 1:'c':'c adver- 1y given to a man. Few•e,• than ~ tising agency ~,romotes 2J other ~tiomen at F'.e~•nufds ,the brard.~) --J 1 - n. n o n , U 0 n 0 . 9
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• 502?2- 8264 • L WOMEN/ PSYCHOSOMATIC M~'jf)ICINE/MEDICINE, PSYCHOSOMATIC/ IENCE/ SC SOCIETY,!ST Q BEHAVIOKAL ESS,AND DISEASE RC YOLU1ttE 3 49 Le 1978 PRODUCTIVE AND REPRODUCTIVE AGE-- ~~ MALE/FEMALL ROLES AND RELATIONSHIPS Ldrled by LENNART LL'VI, M.D. Dirtctor, Laborotory for Clin]cel Stress Research, I:oroti.uka Institute. Stoc4hobn Tfie symposium on which this volrunc is based was sponsored jourtly by • THE/NIVERSITY OF UPPSALA . anu , THE~VORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Oxford OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS New York, Toronto 1978 0
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50272 8266 tEARNING/LANGUAGE ACQUISITION/DIVORCE/WOMEN/VISION/ i I +'AMNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Volume 309 ~ BF PSYCHOLOGY: ~ 30 Ne THE STATE OF THE ART~978 Edited by Kurt Salzinger and Florence L. Denmark The vNew York Academy of Sciences •New York, New York 1978 . 0 6 cn n n. fl U 6 1A ?. I
Page 759: tvk78d00
50272 8269. . ... DISSERTATIONS--U*TIVERSITY OF HOUSTON/BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/ WOMEN/OCCUPATIONAL CHOICE/PERSONALITY/ BF 30 Sc 1979 TESTOSTrRONE CONCF.i'fTRATION, PZ9SJNALIT.° PaTTEMYS, AND OCCUPATIOIYAL CEiOICE Ih 'RObtO by . .., •t r'9 uv_~ 1 ( I I~ ~ tl ~ tl n ~ t1 U h ~ 4 5 Gail Lewis Schindler lcay 1979 0 A Dissertation Presented to The Faculty of the Colleqe of Education The University of Houston In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the DeSree Doctor of.Fd ucation a
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, . 11 TS 2240 Un 1980 50272 8273 ~ TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/SMOKING & HEALTH/ THE HEALTH CONSEQUENCES OF S OKHNG a report of the Surgeon General FOR v0MEN % h,l.,, ,,, . . S. . oi~,• , ,a • ,. ~. . . .,,, .. • . .... . .. ...... a o is ri n ni j tj 6 1 4 9
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50272 8254 I Po 2 Womar}'s Day. Juky-:iept. 114 n. I ~J r> f3 n n fs rtr S~~~.
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Page 763: tvk78d00
50272 8275 a ENVIRONMENT HEALTH/CARBON MONOXIDE/WOMEN/TOXICOLOGY/ PSYCHOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL/STRESS/IATROGENIC DISEASES/ PESTICIDES- OXICOLOGY/ ~ EVELOPMENTS IN ~ccupationaf Medicine Edited by CARL ZENZ, M.D., Sc.D. Consultant to Division of Heafth, State of Wisconsin; Consultant to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Rockville, Maryland; Associate Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health, University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois; Consultant to U.S. Department of Labor, Washington, D.C.
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50272 8244 ' .. - _ ~- . . , , . .. f) tathor.> - Copley, T. L. Soil manage:nent o° bright tobacco in l oGer Pt~dmont, by T. L. Copley, Luke A. Forrest and W. G. Woltz. North Carolina Ctate Colle,;e Tobacco reprint series No. 4. ftepii#nt: North Carolina 5t:Ae Ex;,erime7t Statio n Bulletin No. 392. 35 p. 23 cm.
Page 765: tvk78d00
J ,~....i a. ..t.;• •... t °EI °S 1`'•i:T"d 4.i,liLa'S!•I b+a 4f•1 g°.:(' ~LI~Li ffa u ~ ;(~~'i O ~ ~ 7T. ~~*1J ~•rr7 ~T"i ::.>Lav..~......~ ~ :L.a ~.~.11u :... r~ 'y ~.U~, "u utN ~.,uTt I;•trtTl r+~'ti r RtTV 6-"RrTtfA r•rYrlS!'s'~' !7rt f•~t r1!^tr yy__, Jiwa:.. L`~1Y t;V •.; ±tI~LV .. WJ ~~ n T T;~1 + r~T, ~} ;l~ M.t.rs ; n e.~~7 tT x,. t~ {3 U L' a .} 4 0 I . ZhZB ZLZOS . 11 .•''nu ....- Y•~. `.'tY+•wr.~• 1
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50272 8272 WOMEN/OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH/FETUS/CANCER--CAUSATION/ 79 II Un COMPREHENSIVE'rB!BLIOGRAPHY . ON P J REGNANCY AND WORK The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Chicago, Illinois 60601 Coritract No. 210-76-0159 lf:S:--DEPARTMENT-OF HEALTH;-EDUCATION, AND-1JELFARE -P-ubl ic_ Heal th -Service- -Center--for- Disease Control. 2l,S.National Institute for Occupational Safety and Hcalth Office of Extramural Coordination and Special Projects Rockville, Maryland 20758 March 1978 Fw eale hy lh. Superlnt.nJrnl uf 1)o.wnenlr, U.S. Ga.rrnm.nt Prlnt/ng Uffl~.', 6~oshinrtun. D.C. 20102 ~ O~) :l 0(1 E1 0 6 41
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r.srt ............. ^m~- ..~~....._ •`^jr 'r, -- • r :.'., C , _. ... •, T' - ; •. . . f .... Vi',y` Gvv.. .:. . i ..` ...i.Ci tA ~ "a:) VJ4 v.':n~~.:i~v • .c,...,:~ t:.?,^~.~l.e.~ 9 / A~~~ ~~~1 -~.•i~;....~:` .. • _ 1~ ::~i:u ~. t'1:. ~C)y d,~.'ti~ 1.~~ v'r • tv ~ L~'nt~-:~^y ~•~~~ . ..~. . ~..r ~ +~~•-•n }.f ~:i .:`.L {6 Q.JJVMji 31aINtf;'LTi~~V4-1 (W. -.•.-•~ -~r .,/r•s 7•^• ,7 r~a•~fn^__Jc t i "jo TiJY-i ~...w.~•:~:\..:,J.~:~:~t a4til'~tl e. f»-~r:.:~ :il , ~~ ~47 ~Mtl~4 t"•%4tt8 .-fl 8CE 0 0 uU` U C? u 9bZ8 ZLZOS o--y-~:~t. • . . .
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U:IIVERSITY OF PITTSBURG--DISSERTATIONS see DISSERTATIO*JS--Ut:IVERUTY OF MANAE'sEZ1ENT BY OBJCCTIVES/:tANAGEifENT--COriPUTERS/PERSO;INEL--r1A.~1A('I;riENT/ ; . U-?1,335 . UD ( ~ . . 4f-! 0 69 Wo ` COMTER AUG. LNTED !'JINAGEMLtIT BY OBJECTIVES: 1973 / ~ ~`ITT~BUTIOhS Or SELECTED PERFOR~~INCE, ' SATISFACTIOY A::D PERSO:rALITY VARIABLES . ' Uaiveraity of Pittsburgh, Ph.D., 1973 { Business /ldninistration University Microtitans. A XERO)(Company, Ann Arbor. Michigan 1 6 a o n rl -.. 0 0 2 PITTSBUF.G/ ; .~ , a
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50272 8271 - 0 • y of I BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/SOCIAL PSYCIIOLOGY/ETi[NIC'GROUPS/ WO;tIi;I/ PSYCHOLOGY / 13F 30 Ta 1978 ItUROPEAN MONOGRAPHS IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 14 Series Editor: HENRI TAJfEL Differentiation between Social Groups »AI HENRI TAJFEL Department of Psychology, University of Bristol, UK studies in the social psychology of intergroup relations Published in cooperation with EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF EXPERIMENTAL SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY by ACADEMIC PRESS London, New York and San Francisco A Subsidiary of Harcourt Brace Juvanovich, Publishers ~ ~ a o c~ t2 0 6 ! Q 7 ,r. . • ,.
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REF Q 151 St 1977 50272 8270 AVw)S/~-R[n'S [-JtlnJ"mrm. p°T.+.F wT*.'N'R3S/PRT7.F.S/nj,YMpTr r,AMF: WTN?r•n5/ . P[R.TTtFR PRI7.f' i.]T`.-1F.RS/ARC}1TTECr'?F ANIn PT.Ar]hTI*ut AWAPn [aIldNFRS'*/ ART--A'L7ApTt [aT"1"?F?SlRnnpR--AWARTI WT%%'TVi /R4nZn RRnAnr..AsTTNr.--ATaArn *JT'.'*IFRS/ YF.TFVTRTnv--PP.T•F t•?TVTIERS/C(1'.JRnYS x TAmTA*N /nANr,F/F.ARrITON /SPnRTS--A?,1ARn WTWVERS/ A[TMMnATLF. RArT„r.--A[aA.°.') [TTti•,*F'?S/`R~~T~--.AWAFP WTNNF.RS/MILTTARv--ATJADfl 4,T?•••rqS/ WnTTnN pT('TiTPFS /pHf1Tl1(,RAPHY/PnFT.°.Y/SCI!^'f'F.--AIdAR!) WTFN"F.IRS /Wn*1F.'V Stuart, Sandra Lee WHn WnN i:MA^P W(EN. A RECORD BnnR OF WTr?r-tS. Lyle Stuart Inc. Secaucus, N. T. 1977 iJ i 1 L1 o n t.) 0 6 1 t! Cf
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PERSONNEL--MANAGEMENT/IaOME:V/CREATIVITY/`LANAGE*tENT - 50272 8263 HF 5549 Ki 1979 PDDL IT~S CGsIE4 TftlITO7T LiE1JB) ° GGxeg• a9. IIGeCGi:rac .11)iriision af~luscvicnt0faLtitgclltCC.t AsSOC'i.Sai02tS Revised Edilntio,1fl ... _ ~.~...~_~~.__.... . n 0 c~ n o0 0 0 n{3 9
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50272 8281 XI_To3-7,9 S.P. RJR CLASS N0. PAMPNLET XI To3-79 s.p. Tobacco Institute, Washington, D. C., U. S. ,~:woMEN.-A,t~n'; s~rbK~rfG:,~ Tobacco pInstitute, Washington, D. C., pamphlet (Sept. 1979) (in English) i" \Vomen have become a special tar- get get of anti-smokers in recent years. ; Because The Tobacco Institute feels ~ that full, free and informed discus- ~_sion of the controvcrsy_is in the pub- lic interest for all adults-male as well as fcmale-it has gathered here ~ the most frequently heard allegations 1 concerning women and smoking and + presents answers, so far as they are • a o 6 tl - n n ti 0 6 1 y 7
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50272_8277 1 ~ English) TOBACCO--SMORING--PSYCHOLOGY/SMORING HABITS--WOMEN/SMORING i HEALTH/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ 78 R Ford, B. *(no affil.)* I RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 X Fo ~ Cood Housekeeping, Sect. Better Way, 1978, p. 301-302 (Nov. 1978) (in 'Heart atta`chs, cancer;-early menopause are"not the only risks women smokers face. h'ew studies show they miscarry often, and children born to them have more problems
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50272 8278 0 I ~/FAO FOOD AND NUTRITION PAPER 8 XX UnG6-80 . S.P. ,*women: eirvgfood,r~,production, 4wfood-handting'and-nutrition° =~Vith` speciaf. emphasis,:- , . -on africa:>. 4. a rcpod ofthf protein-calorie advisory group (pag) of the united nations system June 1977 FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE.UNITED NATIONS ~~ fiome 1979 V \ C4 ~~~~{ ~ p nn 0 b 1~4 . I
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50272 8283 R.J'R CLt1 SS NO. PANIiPi1Ll:'~ 71 tl St, St.•itzer].:and, Fec?ey-,11. Service Public iiygiene, Switz. Sctitzerland, Fed. Serv. Pub: liyg., New,4 Rele.lc:e, 1 h. (1975) *At;st)'. in: Smoking Health Synposis (London) ].475, ). p. (,iay 30, 1975)k 0~ 0 tl n '0 t1 6 1!~ 9
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gU2r72 8262 MaRTALITY /S?10P.IPi CIPiC AND I;EALTII/TOPACCO--S',10KING--IIrALTII PFrECT/ PENSIONS/ (:reat Britain Occupational Pensions Board . • . 77 I Gr SOC1Ai. SECURITY ACT 1973 /E~ua1 Status ~ for hlvell and -,W.onie11 in ~~i~on~IP i on ~~~~~mes A report of thc Occupational 1'ensions Board in accordance with Section 66 of the Social Sectirih, Act 1973 Prescnued to Parliamc»t by tlte Sccrclar}• of State for Social Services b1• Conrmmrd of Her Alajesty August 1976 M a () .~ ~1 n Cl o n L O R' D O N ? 1k }IEIt MA TrSTY'S STATION'r:RY OI-.FIC'I?
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STATISTICS--MEDICINE/MEDICAL STATISTICS/MEIIICAL CARE--U. S./ 50 27 2 e261 •MALPRACTICE/PHYSICIANS/WOMEN/ - I Center for Health Services Research and Development i I! ~~ , t~AMERIC/1N MEDICAL ASSOCIATION l J \~_ _. I RA .407 Ant 1979 I ~ Revised EdiifAn , John C Gaffney ' ~ Editor 6.5N 4. Q _ t VC 1-~~ ~~n v ~i Patter" of Medical Practice Trends in Physicians' fees, incomes, & expenses'. Physicians work patteras;Physician Manpower; ~ Activity, Location and specialty of physicians ^ G C, Physician-population ratios - i lt b a y y spec Physicians net incomes . ~ ~ .. 0 6 €! 0 a 0 0 6!;~ 7
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a.__.. . ._ _.._....e... ~ . _._,., x;,:~ 50212 a279 ~ YtEF Q 151 Am 1974 The first edition of the DIRECTORY Of WOMEN PHYSICIANS !N T NC UNlT ED STATES is a supptament to the 1973 AMERICAN MEDICAL DIRECTORY. ; d-r : r,.... ..,...,.. . _ ~ i 3: ERNEST B. HOWARD, M.D. Executive Vice President AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 535 NORTH DEAP,t3ORN STREET CHICAGO, IL. 60610 , Y 0 . a
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50272- 8274 81 V Ve . . a MARKETING RESEARCH/CONSUMER BEHAVIOR/ jour. CQnsumer Research 7 189T-197 (Sept.1980) Changing'Roles of ~lomen-A ltife-Style .. Analysis ALLADI VENKATESH* This paper explores the implications of the changing roles of women for consumer research. Three groups of women-feminists, moderates, and tra- ditionalists- were inctuded in the study. Differences and similarities among the groups were observed in selected life-style and demographic character• istics. The study focuses on some sociological aspects of changing roles of women, and formally incorporates them into consumer behavior measures H istorically, consumer and market researchers Consumer researchers have only recently begun to have viewed women in the roles of wife, mother, address themselves to some of these social and eco- homemaker, and hostess, or single girl preparatory to nomic issues. Empirical research has been limited to these roles (I)avis 1970. DDouglas 1976; Ferher. 1974; role portrayals of women in advertisements (tielkauui Kopenen I9E,0; Wells 1974; Wells and Tigcrl 1971; and Belkaoui 1976; Courtney and Lockeretz 1971; Wilson 1966). Roles outside the family, such as career Lundstrom and Scimpaglia 1977; Venkatesan and woman or professional worker. which may be called Losco 1975; Wagner and Banos 1973; Wortzel and "social roles " were given little or no attentio (SSan-,. IFrisbje 1974) and other related issues, such as female zoni 1977). ?it. thesei'olePtre'i±ystfrdingronkierableh irole perception changes (Green and Cunningham 1975) importance with the impact of the women's.movement and working and nonworking women (Douglas 1976; .n 06, Ani.•.:,.;on .f•-nr 54..0-11 10741
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TU 380 Ta Wong,.. Chung-ming, (.It... Autho:}_ 9[lt~G.S:.:. . ' .. .. ~ Talbert, S. G. :%NUA'L ON SQIJ'M llISTILL1TI0a OF SALINE WATER, by S. C. Talbert, J. A. Y.ibliag, G. 0. G. Lof, Chung-ming '•Ior.g and 1Mcrett N. Sieder (U. S. Aepartueent cf the Interior, af f ice of SaYittn tJater, Reaearc:: and Devalopnent Progreso Report No. 546) 1970 263 haF,es : U. S. Dept. of Interio~)' Jashington, U. C.
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50272- 8280 ~ . ~5.. ~t~ ..,.-.,.ft I / . RJR t:ii. PIMi'11L1:T. 72 X liu5 U. S. })C•i).',Tt^iC-At. 1}E•Ftl.f}1, l7aUCtll:iol1, 1'lE..0.t::1 SC1'Vjt'^. j}C ^3 tl: 1':Cilte i. li: 31L}1 :'.C1.^... .:~Si:Ta`•~ ti;C3t:l.C7I:1I C1.G3T ia, ;:lou&e S1aOkli1~ Iie3ltli, :•1d., li. S. Y1:S, '1lli:F:: i.R.E .S 110111 OF GQJ:l }'oi: lii'1} L'.1, 1;UC:^., (1:S:S) /2 ../S)2) . ;.:t:. 1.C?ltC. 1JUC1I i11 SC'T'V. , 1:GCkV111Cf ri.P. (1'cC. j"t•l) (..:~ i.ttl;1.3.~!,1 , `t~ C1 ~ i~ t7 n } .r'~ L7 i
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50272 8296 RJR CLASS NO. i'AT:^IiLI:,^ 75 VI Wo R.; Kuo, T.; Ryan, C. A. (tdashington St. Univ. , Dep'. A~r. Chem., Pullman, tda,hingt_on, U. S.) GROWTH-D}:PCNDENT ACCUMULATION AND UTILIZATI0N OF PY,t)'1'EINASE INH713iTUt; I IN TOS3ACC0 •CALLUS TISSUES. ~'i;io~~optrys. Res. Commun. 63 (No. 1) 121-25 (1975) (in English) *Keynaords:* Inhibitor I, green, constituent; protein, soluble, Sreen, constituent. *1975, No. 16, W5593* *d* Tobacco chemistry: ar 0 ty 0 0n 0 L) 6 ! 7 ;?
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(846t) TrI = L6ZB ZLZOS ,
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t Kcrr , S-I. K. 17IL' Efi:^iCT n"+_•• 0?: fiLAII?3I:R, CF::ZC! 1wt;:;'s~:i. iI1+ IJ. K. KGx?.' ; Ai. P. E. Ler•era; S. K. C. kno t:nd Z. ~[ ~ n ~nc4yk c 4 y k Ac.•*d. Of t(ed. of Ta.onL•o, Sectf.on of Uroiugy, aspo;. 3 pp., Toronto, Csna6a Q•'Iorch 16, 1965) CC) b ' fl (l ft b 1 0
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e I Me -77 S.P. 5 ~r_g":fe ~illvx,o•aX/ OVa A Decision-Directed Clustering Algorithm for Discrete Data - 'AhiDRF.WJC;'0:;,WONG'Atvn T. S. LIU Abstract-This.article presents a decision-directed appYoach for classifying discrete data. In the clustering algorithm, probable clusters arc initiated through the use of a sorting scheme based on the estimated probahility distribution of the data and an arbitrary distance measure. The subsequent iterative reclassification pro- cedures are directed by the est iuiated distribut iai of cac., class. The distribution estimatien adopted is modified from the dependence tree procedure. The algorithm turformance is then evaluated through the use of simulated and clinical data. Finally, the nltio- rithm is applied to disease catcgurization and to signs and symptoms extraction for cach disease class. Index Tcrins-Classificntion of clinical data, classification of discrete data, clustering, computer diagnosis, decision-directed ~ n t i I1lnnusrript rcrv•ived Fehruarv 1•t, 19715; revisrd nclnber 26, 1975. A. 1:. t'. \1'ou;; is witli tiu• 1tinicchniplngw 1'au•rain i~~. .~ .._~t.,n.... j I kj,~ . /97~
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50272 8282 i i 74 X Sm-76 - RJR CLASS N0. °AAtYliLET 74 X Sra-76 1forris, Philip U.K., Gt. Brit. Financial Ti.res, 1976, p. not given (Oct. 1.5, 1976) (in T;ngl ish) . F r *Abstr. in: SmokinS llealr.h Synopsis (London) 1976, 1. p. (Oct. ?.5, A nct•F cigarette~aired specifically at r:onen snolcers a:as 1~.unch-d ~ ~ yt:sierday by Philip r:orris in a further nove to estt:blish itself j 111' in th2 Ui: »arket. The decision tc; • flo this when a]cing siz:: I ~ price war is ragin~i follo:vs cver 2,000 O interv iews in tvhich, the ra..nufacturer s clain, the product r:hich tvonen described as the cne ~ they w~_nfed was seen to natcii exzctly with Virginia slins - as th : ll d i . net•i brand is ca e ~ told the Ti:-es F3usinvss Diary: not exl:erir•~enting with ~ tobacco sirb .titutes. I-le dwi rt E,elieve in ther.. The r,~,c.son why 1 pcop!e snolcce is nir_oti.ne .^.nd tihe kick pcople (jet out of srioicinu. ae:ay if you put in substitirtes." Robnrt liernans, rjanarjir.y director of iFhilip J•Iorr,.sls UK o*:-eratien D n *E) 0 0 6
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50272 8290 #1 iII Au2-77 S.P. Effect of Pollutant Gases on Ozone Production by Simulatea Solar .P.adiation ' 9 , Hational Aeronautics and Space Administration. Lewis F?esearch Center, Cleveland, Ohio. . At1TFtOR W*U, Sittker, D. A. C3643E4 FLD: 4A, 55A STAR1219 : , 1974 3Gp REPT NO: tiASA-TM-X-71573, E-8013 4otiITOR: 18 • Conf-Prescr.tEd at 2D Intern, Conf. On the Environ. :mpact of Aerospac3 • Opzrations i n the High Atmosphere, San Diego, Calif., 5-10 Jul. 197 4; Sponsored by Att. Meteorol. Soc. And the Aiaa. .. ,. •:ABSTItACT: Experiments using simulated solar radiation in a chamber, with a controlled 'atmospheric pressure near 1 atmosphe=P, uere . Conducted to evaluate 03 production. The effects of. CO and ti20,were analyzed to determine if the CO and H20 addition could reduce !;0 destruction of 03. The results show that a0 is dastroyed while destroyi~g 03. ^ t! 0 • 1'1 (I " r1 0 0 6
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e XX MeF-n-33o-76 Quantitative Determination of actones in Cheddar C,;teese ~ `rj t-~:~•. -lC~V "N, P. WON(3; R. ELLIS, and D. E. LaCROW U. S. Department of IHgncu; twe Beltsviile, MD 23705 I I . ABS7 RACT Lactones in Cheddar cheese were de- termined by a simplc column extraction tcchnique followed by gas chromatogra- phy of the cheese extract. Gamma car- bon-12 and delta carbon-10, -12, and -14 were determined quantitatively and cor- related with development of cheese fla- vor. The quantities of the lactones indi- cate that they may be important to Methods for iderttifying lactones ir, checse aree not quantitative, and other methods of lactone analysis in butteroil, such as isotope dilution (6) and steam distillation (2) are tedious. The method sugaested for determini.:g lactoncs is bas:d upon a flavor extraction technique that has been modified 'to extract specifically lactones followed by their identifi- cation by gas chromatography. Cheddar cheese was analyzed for lactones by this method and 1'C, o and 6C.... (:. , - anr1 C:. . tv... .i......, .,..i_---•--- 0 ,} 0 0n 0 06 1 7 0
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502-72 8288 t U 6 - 81 11 Sh I i 1PUTER ASS],CED INTERPRETATION OF„ VEliTI II1T10N-PERFUS10N IMAGING INJ,/fUl.l,pti4R1 EMBOLISM.i;41„Kong; E.E. Camirgo, P.O. Alderso B. Biello, R.U. Kat:, 0. Mulpica, K.11. ug ass, .N. Wagner, Jr. The Johns ibpkins Medical Institutions, Baltimoro, fD. and The Mlinckrodt Insti- tute of Radiology, St. Louis, sr). 8018 L0268 P r4,2- ALDt PO J NUCL MED p ~ LL~ : Q• ~y 3 t~yy! A computer-assisted diagnostic algorithi has been de- veloped to assist physicians in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism (PE) based solely on combined vcntilation-perfus- ion (VP) scanning and chest radiography. 71ie current data base consists of 239 patients who had Xe-133 single breath, equilibrium and delayed washout ventilation studies immedi- ately followed by Tc-99m microsphere perfusion scans, chest x-ray within 12 hrs and pulmonary angiograms within 72 hrs of the scans. The program is based on a sequential response of the physician to serial questions posed by the computer with regard to the number and size of perfusion defects to- gether with the relationship of ventilation and perfusion, and the presence, absence and size of an abnormal radio- graphic opacity for each defect. Using the characteristics of the scans in the,data base thc computer estimates the probability of PE. The program a1+o generates curves re- lating post vs. pre test probability for various-VP pat- terns. In 72 interpretations of 25 now studies by 3 experi- enced physicians, the mean computer-assisted probability (t) of PE was 10% (pcO:OI) closer to the angiographie diagnosis than the phyjiciaas' uryjssistod diagnosis. Of the lthdi(~ chojen bY)the lompuE?r t6ibe in the probability ranges 0-20t, 20-40% and 80-100: the frequcncies of PE by angiography were respectively 11'., 2aS, and 8::. Because of
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50272 8291 NASA Technical Paper 1192 ' TII n»1-7R Effect of Nitric Oxide on Photocheinical Ozone Formation in Mixtures of Air With National Aeronautics and Space Administratic 1!/~olecular Chlorine a nd Scientitic and 7echnic; With Trichiorofluoromethane intormation Office 1978 David A. Bittker and &gmJ6~Q0$q- Lewis Research Center Cleveland, Ohio 0
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50272 -8265 V , ~ -bBA f,(i77S ,565~ . Easlern Rceionaf Rcscarcls La?wrafory', P.:ilodtlphia, Pa. fgf1S (U.S.A.)' -J. h: NvO1'CHII: wxn_.".TW_A'l'O_N;hi,L•4W S}ai . . . . . • _ ~. . ltiochhn.lliopk%s. .{cia, 2S9 (1972).347 ` COVALE\T BO\DI\G O1' rL\G:1L #-GALACTOSID?lSE• TO GLASS J (Rcecivcd June 2Gt'r. lg72) , SIi3:JIAH1' . .. ~ .. As,4er;illus rzi,-crfl-oalactosidase (p'-v-galactoside galactoh)drolase, EC3.2.1.23) was purified by arT,nitr chromatography on porous glass columns containing the the subStratc wcre cumr,arable; ho-wever, the P of the bound enzyInc -was decreased by 6o°0• Galactu-e %Ms a competitive inhibitor of the A. nigerP-galactosidase. inhibitor, p-amir.oplienx'1-~-D-tliiozalactopt'raiio:ide. The enzyme was coupled to , glass-b3• diazo-linkaoe and retained 7j°,o of its tlieoretica1 activity. Enzt'me properties, such as temperature and pH optima, and enzt•tne ~tabilit3•, were not af:ected by inse?t!Nlirat;on. Calculated li,n values for the free and bound enzti•mes trith lactose as i a 1 b 1 U iA (1 Cl n il 0 6
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iQD 281 !Jo Wood v. 2 C'.g sC°.bC:RlcCR, -- 50-272 8309 ~) t i .` r); •'Z ; " o t~ 1' 8 Ft
Page 793: tvk78d00
50272 8276 PROFESSIONALS IN CIIEMISTRY: ].974 A Com rehcnsi ve~Ren,y;a~t on: Gr~c~wth and Ch,,~ictei-istics ctivi t.:~ ~..~ ,. . ^~~. , -•-r-- c- an , ~u E!njluyers . Salar3 e5 ~ Women Chcmists ~;;Ply/Dand March, 1975 dftTAR Panagl.3 A. Beiie,tci,taz, rh.D. tifatua D. FAizat . American Che;nical Society/ Office 1155 Sixt«enth SL.. N.W. Washington, D.C. ~)~, ~l (l tl () f.l f~ ~ ~~ of Manpower Studies 2 a
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502~72 8289 -...._...,,_., . ~ _....~~~t'I. SJ 1:LT, .3 ...._ .~_......-. .. ...... 73 ;t L•;.~ RJR C?.aSS \0. P:i`:?'i:!,S;T ~:3 X B31 (t'icroriz I?o;:^., Lor.dcn, C!n•_., C<_n.) EFFFCT-. OF S;ii..~'O:~TTT. 0` TI?r CT~::ii:?:T':F II :BIT. C:1n. Nlad. .\ssuc. Taur. 107 (No. 8) 727 (1972) (in T:rs-1ish) A 1973, c:n. 1 , Q ~+a+ f :a * Tobacco rzedi.cine (analysis) : •+....~.-...+~~.3- ~.. e (! 0 11 o n f! (1 r~
Page 795: tvk78d00
III Du2-78 S.P. t , 50272 8292 I. Report-No. , r-- 2. Government Accession No. - NASA TP-1093 - L 4. Title and Sut,tipe EFFECT OF T RICIILOROFLUOROM1:T1IANI: AND MOLECULAR CIILORINE ON OZONE FOR.ATION BY SIMULATED SOLAR RADIATION 7. Author(s) , David A. Bittker and , .: . w4, 9. Performing Organization Name and Address National Aerouautics anti Space Administration Lewis Research Center Cleveland, Ohio 44135 1?. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address National Aeronautics and Space Administration Washin~ton, D. C. 205,16 15. Supplementary Notes IL 3.~Reeipicnt's Gttaioj ,vo. 5. Relwrt Date November 1977 G. Pcrforming Org,,m:aLon Code 8. PcrformirqOrg;,ni:.mon Rr/wrt No. E-907a 10. lVork Unit No. 198-10 11. Contracl or Gr,,nt \o. 13. Type of Report a^d Period Covered Technical Paper 14. Sponsoring Aqcncy l'kte 16. Abstract Mixtures of air with either C1l or CFC13 were photolyzed in a reaction chamber by simulated Osol:~r r~jlia~n. ~'Oz~i~e l~lu:~ion ~rastitfm~rarily inhiUited by C1,, ar.tl permanently inhibited _ r ti 7
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.w t TA 401 Am 1977 . .1977 ANNUAL. SOOEf,, OF ASTM STAN, DQRDS /Wood; ~Adhesives PART 22 Includes standards ol: Committee D-7 on Wooa D-14 on Adhesives Price $33.00 01-022077-45 ~ AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS r ~,..AI..r~~_/is.V. 1916 Race St.. Philadetphia, Pa. 19103 0 6 n o n n O..b I. 7' 6 50272 8300 I I n ° , ~ . .
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ti U ~a t3 C1 t1 n0 6 1. 78 jf. Ref. q Wood. 123 Br Oc PDDL /G. Brif.t, l:cnaeth :J. (ed.) •i:A21D"K OF PULY 1."tU YAPislt TEClLNtiU)GY, 2ud cd. 19170 VAn l,o3trani. RainhoLd Campany 723 T'ap,es Neu York "r<".~"s ~ r.-~..a. r...ps ... r+~. 1
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50272 8310 -*~ TA 419 K :, wood. Kollmann, Franz,. 1JOG- Technologie des Flolzes und der Iloizwerkstoffe. 2., neu- be.^.rl.D, und erlv, eite_rte A»il. Berlin; Sprinzer, 1951- / v. fllus., tables (6 on 9 leaves !n pocket) 26 cm. "E~'egiinzungen und Berlchttgungen": leaf lnserted in v.1. Published 1fl3G under title: Technologle des Holzes. Bibliographical footnotes. CoNSt:xTs.-1. Bd. Anatomle und Pathologte, Chemle, Physik, Elaa- ttzit&t und b'estigkett. ~ 1. Wood. 2. Woodwork. 3. Wood flnishing. z. Tttle. T:L114.Kt--=W 624.12 51-3700 Library of Congress (D t21 I n~~ i) 0'~• 7 0 6 IP. 6
Page 799: tvk78d00
50272 8342 ' Wood, v. >r. J Ullmann, Fritz, 1875- ed. Encyklopadie der technischen Chemie. ^ 3., vollig neu ge- staltete Aufl, in Gemeinschaft mit S. Balke tet al.l hrsg. von• IA'ilhelm Foerst. Munchen, Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1951-- //V. Illus., dtagrs. 28 cm. CoN-rri:crs.-1. Bd. Chemtscher Apparatebau und Verfahrenstechntk. ~ TP9.U614 ~~ t.ibrnu•)• of Cungrrs3•~. 154t,2i 1. Cherotstry, Techn(cal-Dictlonarles-Gerinanh t. Foerst, Wit- hPlm, MR- ed. u. Title. 52-25376 e 0 fl ;*f ~ i n n (j n 6 ~ ~ ~i
Page 800: tvk78d00
WOOD, V.6/SYVTHETIC PRODi7CTS, V.6/PAPF.RMARINr AND" -MADE--'iEL:-i`tP1Lr.r;Y ov.6 j FIBEP.S, A.4Il`~.AL,V,6/FIBERS, SYNTPETIC, V.6/FABRICS,V.6/FIBEP.S,VE^EiABLE,V.6/ Co PLASTICS,V.6/ POLY~{ERS AND POLY`tERIZATION,v.6/POLYVIICYL CHLORIDE;7.6/ ' /TEXTILES, V.6/ ~F r- CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY:AN ENCYCLOPEDIC TREATMENT. N TP 0 The,Econotaic Application of t.odern Technological Developments Based upon n g Ch a work originally devised by the late Dr. J. F. van Oss. Ge neral Editor ~973 Volume 6 ~Voud, papcr, textiles and ~ t~~graphic materials-1973 T.J.iid. van Thoor I tiEW YORK BARVES & NOBLE BOOKS (a division of Harper & Row Publishers, lnc.) ...,--~T ..w... ,~ ~ 77 .,......e...-._......... ~~~ c7 i ~ i 7 4l :J i) 0 i~ 0 0
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. ~ ~ Wood, v. 15. - ~ R3f. ~ Encyclopedia of chemical teclinology, editea by I:nyrr,ol:cl E'. TP Kirk and Donald F. Othmer. Assistant editors: J.[llet D. 9 Scott and Anthony Stanclelt. New York, Interscience En- v E cyclopedia, inc. t1J47-561 Cl ra f l:~? n C} () ky 15 v. tllus. 27 cm. lnclude:; bibliographies. - CovTerrs.-v, 1. A to Airtlirimides,-v, 2: Anthroue to carbon-arc.- v. 3. Carbon (cont'd) to cinchopheu.-v. 4. Ctneole to destrose.-v. 5. DI- to exploslves.-v. 6. Explosives (cont'd) to furfural.-v. 7. Fur- naces to lolite.-v. 8. Ion exchange to metal platiug.-v. 9. \Ietal sur- face treatment to penicillln.-v. 10. I'entacene to pols•methine dyes.- v. 11. Polyols to rutin.-v. 12. 14abadiue to Stilbestrol.-v. 13. Stilbite to thermochemistry.-v. 14. Thermodyuawics to waterproofina.- v. 15. Waxes to zt•mosterrnl. IndPx to vols. 1-13. 1. Chemistry, Techuical--Dictionaries. t. KIrk, Raywond Eller, 1890- ed. tt.Othmer, Donald Frederick, 1904- ed. TPJ.E68 ~.J ~:: 660.3 48-234 rev 2* Library of Congress tr57o'21 . 7 .9
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., J ... Woo3. 50272 8301 Barkas, Wilfred W Diechanical properties of wood and paper, by '"'. Iti-. Barkas, R. F. S. Hearmon, and H. 17. Rarice. Edited by P. Meredith. Ainsterdam, North-Holland 1'ub. Co.; New York, Interscience Publishers,1953- • rr. illus. 24 cm. (Deformation and flow; monographs on the rheological behaviour of natural and sy nthetic products) 1. \\'ood. 2. Paper. 8. Rheology. z. A:eredith, Beginald, ed. rr. Title. TA419.B37 Ir"N 620.12 G3-10576 j Library of Congress 115) .,~..~~.•~r.s-~:.~sw-• . . . ~ c P, ro 06 t' 7 7
Page 803: tvk78d00
..._..~.~ __... -- - - <..~..,.._a...~»..~__........:. a....~..:.rr... _'..1 WoW . 50272 8303 TA Hagglund, Erik, 1887- 419 Chemistry of wood. New York, Academic 1'ress, 1951. H z. 631 p. fUus. 24 cm. Translated by Peter Oesper. "A new, revised English edition of'Holzchemle."' Includes bibliographles. L Wood. 2. Wood-Chemistry. Full name: Erik Karl Maurltz RAgglund. TA419.H253 !17 1 620.12 Library of Congress - i_'01 ..r-~^-^"!.t-~,'C:-;,-•,..~-..,.,,~; -.fi..~-.:---~+r.ws+ez++....+ , .. , . .. • -~ .. 51-6980
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50272 8311 , Sh'imm, Alfred Joaquim, 1897- Chemical processing of wood, by Alfred J. Stamm and Ehvin E. Hnrris. New York, Chemical Pub. Co., 1953. 593 p. illus. 23 cm. Includes bibliography. 1. Wood. r. I7arris, Elwin Elmer, 1807- joint author. u. Title. TA41O.S79 ( *G63.7 53-1435 j Library of Congress ~ 1151 ~ ~1 ci i ) ." .R I1 f l 0 6 T a l
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.0 ^.' . .- v..~ ~'.. ~ Ci:i. ", 1 L"iYu hLtf:.;Q `3)SY 'zT-iT •r ^vemcrzo poo,,j
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50272 8304 Ref. «. , Qp a 281 En ENCYCLOPEUYA OF POLYMER SCIENCE AND TECii\OLOC:'f ; PLASTICS, RESINS, RUBBERS, FIBERS. v. 1964- Interscience (tdxley) New York f v. 15 Wood
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50272 8298 ~w- 60 (7),Z 5a_& kl(iyk) FATTY ACIDSY-CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS/ 80 III Wo Method for the Routine Quantitative Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Major Free Fatty Acids in Butter and Cream' ,Wl/. WOO i.nd R. C. LINDSAY Department of Food Science University of Wisconsin Madison 53706 ABSTRACT A rapid quantitative method was developed for routine analysis of the major, even carbon-numbered free fatty acids in butter and cream. Free fatty acids were isolated directly from intact samples by a modified silicic acid- potassium hydroxide atrestant column and werc separated by gas chromatography with a 1.8 m x 2 mm inner diameter glass 0 6 (l tpluttyp pykeb wjV 1P% 7ieo24ttyl suitable quantitative data for individual FFA could be obtained for cream and butter on a routine basis. Earlier reports on the gas chromatographic (GC) quantification of FFA in dairy products have included isolation of fat (1) and FFA esterification (1, 9) in the analysis. These procedures frequently lead to distorted FFA profiles that are different from intact samples (8) and are not adapted easily to routine analyses. More recently, the availability of a
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50272 8320 Wood'. TP Wise, Louis Elsberg, 1888- ed. 997 Wood chemistry. 2d ed. Edited by Louis E. Wise and .,_ W l:d.~in C. Jahn. Contributors: F. E. Brauns tnna, otners, Now York, Reinhold,1952. 2 v. illus. 2•4 cm. (American Chemical Socfety. Monograph series, no. 97) t7 !~ o p p, ,V El , 1. «ood-Chemistry. 2. Wood. 3. Cellulose. i. Jahu, Edwin C., Joint ed. ,~ TYJ97.w52 ~ GGO.282 Library of Congress Lr53s10j () h 52-10221 rev j I
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S 21 Un Wood, 1968 .3 550272 8319 ta,p u. S. GOVL. PtiDt. Oi,L. cra. ,por::r,., 74 il 6 !' :; c;
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50272 8315 , _- -.._....,..~._ __. . _.., .. r~ - - :.............r-.....r. - .~.,..~..........-,--•-•.------- - ----~_.~...._.,._,_.....~ . . . ... . . ._. _- , .73 YI Ma RECOVERY OF COLLAFSE IN EUCALI'P2'Z:S DELEGATE\'SI.S BY USE OF ANHYDROUS ANL1MOINL•1 AND STEAM Wood & i~ r ~( ~)12'-2?(1972) ~ t~. ta' cllac~a J , CSIRO Foreit Produc's L•tbor.rtory, Melboume, Austtatia • (Received -20 September 1972) ABSZRAC'P ' ' . . . Eucalyptus dclcpatensis wur>d dried to S, 12. and 18^'c moisture content was treated ..•ith steam and auh)Y1rU!1s a:11n:ON.1 to recover c9lila})SO, Steam or ammonia Fave simi!ar re5ults in terms of the optimum t*r.a'•ine moicture eontent, viz. 1°%. but steamint: was the more effective at other le.r;s. Arruumni1 s.ceil; collapsed wood cnnsiderubiv, hut o:d}• part of thi:z "rcr,o.•ery" is permanent. At the iot.cis moisture content, further shrinkage may occur. ".. _- _ ._ V .__~._.__ ~__ ..__ ~ ...~«a ..~... ...4_._.. _._... . .~. ~~.• ...~_.. ..w.~~ .._....__... .._...__ __ . , a ~ i~ ) n ~1 0 0 6 ! 9 1
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50272 8323 -...-! - - ...~.. _.. - - ,..... t~ `` ~~ ..r.- ~-.,....~ TA 419 B Wood--Bark--Chemistry Br!?vin9r:r,, gerCitc T::s, ].90:.~- ed. TrtF C't?,i~IISmY C,.7 v,,,C•Oi). t:':! 1:cr?'. in.*.^ruC:.(: :CC i abl'.'.c:}:eX9• 11'v.i0 x: 689 p. iltue. 24 cm. ii;cZud,-:•o b£.bi.io&raphies. 0 :) n~ Ei ti 6 19 9
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~ _ - ------~ -'r 50272 8284 a _..i Qm0/e S ~ ~c41 C 4~.. ~ -,T -HE IP 713'49#4' s NT~ qd y 'V'~~Q e.-V L rl) U~-. coommomm s o A wy 9. C -R,LD /c1! .:T. FRX~; ~ .00,-f E+- N-~ r~~ 0 ~~ ~Z o n cl V U4en Quat
Page 813: tvk78d00
Wood--Chemistry 5027-2 8325 Browning, Bertie l.e.e, 1U3£- ed. Tho chomistry of wood. Now York, Inte+recience Pub- lfshors,lfls3. z, 68A p. fnus. 24 cm. Zncludes bibllographiea 1. Wood-Chemlatry. z. Title. T1i421.B7 ~- 674.184 68-1G416 Ltbrary of Oongrea . . -'-c-•~ y• .. , ~ - . - -•.^•. .. •. r.r-._ . , -. . .. . . . . . . a ~ E' =1
Page 814: tvk78d00
! a - Fire Safety Center ~ __ ~ ( l,c'I '(,, ~FE J / Y 1~ ' University of San Francisco li' ++ -- San Francisco, California 94117 rr p 9 ^77 f RELATIVE TOXICITY~ ~F~PYROLYSIS 1 PRODUCTS OF SOME WVOOD SAMPLES •.• ~ Original manuscript received February 4, 1977 Revised manuscript received March 28, 1977 ABSTRACT: Nine samples of wood provided by the Eastern Forest Prod. ucts Laboratory of Canada were evaluated for relative toxicity using the USF/NASA screening test method. The samples of hardwoods were aspen poplar, beech, yellow birch, and red oak. The samples of softwoods were western red cedar. Douglas fir, western hemlock, eastern white pine, and southern yellow pine. There was no significant ditlerence among these nine wood samples with regard to relative toxicity under these particular test conditions. ~
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50272 8318 LITERATURF. REFERI:NCES--BIBLIOGR;PHY/T.`;FOR"tATION SOUfiC: S--TEKTILI:S/ CAVERNriENT--LITEF.ATUF.E I:dFORPfATION/DIREi.TORIES--INPOi:MATI0:1 SOL'RCiS / PULP A:iD_PAPER/SY:VTHETIC PRODL'CTS/POLY:IERS AND POLY~fERI2ATI0a/ COTTON /PLASTI CS %tdOOD/ FABRI CS /tdnOL/ z , 7914 So 1973 ~ f ~ A BRIEF GUGaE s .R'r. ~r~ . cr~.,,~ ~c~;;~ ~'~XT~~ ~ ~`~~=O~~'f~ATI~'~~ i ~il.?is`a `tiC• C k. c.r •4ta ri ~ f.~~ By Helen G. Sommar Manager, Technical Information Center Celanese fiben Company ~ jP fnformation Resources Press ~ Washington, D.G 1973 ~ , .. . .~ . -. .. _- . , .. . . . .. . --r'7~;-+,-.°.,,r.~..~-r.,--...-.-•» .. "~. -- . . TO SO~ r'f~S OY a n+~a;n c~~~? ~9 4
Page 816: tvk78d00
50272 8322 tr'ood--aS'PiQ stondards, pt. 6. 15 .._....._ _. . _._ .J American Society for Tesii:ig iFtaterials. Book af A. S.'1'..11. stau(lard5 includinb tentatives. 1'hilac.lelphia. v. in Illus., plates, diagrs. 24 cm. Triennlal (3034 and 1fl-16 bienni~~:) with supplements Issued In the Intervening Sears. Forrued 1•y the union of Iis Rook o? A. S. T. M. standurds acd Its L`ook of A. S. T. M. tentative stt:nciards. Title varies saghtls. Cover t!tle, 1J3:)-- : A. S. T. 1i. standards. Issucd 1:139-45 In 3 pts. a year; 1J-1G--43 In 5 pts.; 194J- In G pts. 1. L•'ngineering-Societies, etc. 2. Jiaterials--Testin;;. TA401.AG53 ~ ~ [JJra]±~3]0~ Library of Congress 9-0-10i1-i * -- - . ...,_...aa,....-~,.,...t..~! S ~ t~ t ) 0 f1 CI 9 i
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50272 8326 I Hagglund, Eril:, 1887- Chemistry of wood. New York, Academic Press, 1951. x, 631 p. illus. 24 cm. Translated by Peter Oesper. "A new, revised English edition of 'Holzchemle.' ' Includes bibiiographies. 1. Wood. 2. Wood-Chemistry. Full name: Erik Karl bfaurltz Iiiibglund. TA419.11253 ~ 620.12 51-C980 Lib:ary'ot Congress 1201 o.~, r! (~ r~ ~) 0 . 6 2
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. 0 XXII MeB9-78 S.P. J. Occup. Med. 19(9)623-8(1977) Mortality Among Employees of PVC Fabricators 50272 8295 " I U. b. Cude). Leonard Chiazze, Jr., Sc.b.; William E. Nichols, Ph.D.; and !Qua a-qcjJg, :kc.D. A eross-sectional mortality study of 4,341 deaths occurring companies engaged in the fabrication of PVC resin into finished among current and former employees of 17 PVC fabricators products. A number of alternative study decigns was considered. during 1964-1973 is presented. The objectives are: (1) to iden- and it was decided that a proportional mortality study would best tify any angiosarcoma deaths among the employees of these meet the urgent need for information. The study concentrated on fabricators, and (2) to examine the distribution of deaths by deaths oarurring during the ten-year period 1964-1973 among ac- cause. No angiosarcoma deaths were found among the study tive fabricating employees plus retirees. Since it was not possible group. Sex-race-cause-specific Proportionate Mortality Ratios to identify those employees with only vinyl chloride exposure. the (PMR's) were computed, using Ihe corresponding U.S. mor- study focused on deceaced employees who worked anywhere in tality as the standard. Among white employees, there appears those plants where PVC fabrication was carried on. The primary to be an excess in total cancer mortality, particularly that of objective of the study was to determine whether or not any anSio- the digestive system. Observed Lf~ ath~ wefr foynd 1 exee~ed ' sarcoma deaths had occurred among employees of the fabricators the expect~t in tancc~rs A) thc brera~t and drnar~ or},/ans under study. A secondary objective was to examine the distribu- among white females. Deficit mortality was observed in lion of all deaths by cause. a eirrhosis of liver arnon;. Eoth m
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,. Wood--Chemistry. TP Wise, Louis Elsberg, 1888- ed. 997 Wood cbemistr3•. 2d ed. Edited by Louis E. iti'ise and W Edwin C. Jabn. Contributors: F. E. Brauns j1nd otliei-41 New York, Reinhold, 1952. 2 v. illus. 24 cm. (American Lhemicai Society. 3ionogrr.pn series, no. 97) 1. Nood-CLemistry. 2. Wood. 3. Cellulose. i. Jahu, I:dwin C., Joint ed. TP997.1V~,2 ~~ 660.282 52-10221 rev j Library of Congress Lra3s10j 4 a Q~{ 1 ~ r1 0 t'l
Page 820: tvk78d00
50272 8328- (j i} () ~ --=-- r TS 1105 T Wood--Chcunistry. tia`F` F'Llj~ flnd Iti" Y ' 4p"~ 1. C~ r^ n /~ , ~fS ai{.:.~~:lv ~.V~ siV.ci.Sr~~~ yZ `:Y~7~Sr: t Q ii i':.?• Ve 1948 234 Pa V4W. ~;or`:s ._ ~ li n :1 0 4
Page 821: tvk78d00
5027-2 8317 ldood Scjence, -2 (3)179-85. (.1an. 1970) 76 TII Some Aspects of j41.U15tU1'C `So1'ptiE3I1 ~ ~ , DynaYnxcs iri Wood ; ~ . ~ C. SKAAR C. PRICHANANDA R. W. DAVIDSON ABSTRACT. Ycllow birch (Bctula allcglunnicusis Britton) was used as a model wor`d to investigate non-Fickian moisture movement in wood. The hypothesis was proposed that diffusion is nat the only proccs; operative in moisture sorption. Steady-state and unsteady-state moisture movement experiments were conducted at 40'C. over a wide ,range of relative humidities, and in two structural directions, longitudinal (0.64 cm thick) and tangential (0.25 cm thick). 'iine experimental results given in the form of diffusion coefficients show anomalo.u diffusion within the range investigated, in agree- ment with findings of Christensen and Kelsey (1959) and of Christensen (1960). The Interpretation of non-Fickian behavior was based on the variations of the apparent diffusion coc•tficients determined by ur.steady-state adsorption and desorption, from those obtained by steady-state methods. The latter were used to represent true Fickian diffusion cn the grounds that they were independent ef time. Non-Fickian diffusion behavior predominated at higher relative humidities in which the rate of sorption is believed to have been controlled by the rate of rearrangement of molecules in the vrood structure. An attempt was made to synthesize this with diffusion behavior. rp ~ HE SORPTtON OP MOtSTURC in wood when ex- wood. In this case the differences in energy () % ; 6 JL' pose`~ to` 'ordinfry f"ondit+ons df usp is Y' ievels represent differences of chemical ~ dynamic process in which moisture is continualfya potential. • mirratin within the wood structure. This mi- If Fickian diffusion governs the rate of -+ iSturc movement through wood thcn one I ; i C
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EITRUSION/ 50272 8316 ~(Atokasati Cak4aisAi Vol. 20. No. S, p. 217-•?2.'t (1974) (Original article)) r u• Jour. Jap. Wood Res. Soc. ' 75 III Ma ~A Fundamental Study on Mechanical Handling of 1Vood, Particles. II. ~ •a 'I The Behavior of Pressure Transmitted by the Plunger to the Wood Particle 7ayer Extruded in the Tapered Plane Dies at the Start": Yoshihiro MATAx1•' and Hiroaki, NA1aL11URA- The •purpose of the present paper is to provide some information regarding the trar.s mission cf pressure through the wood particle layer in the tapered plane dNes at the start of extrusion. : he pressure exerted by the plunger is resolved into the two principal components .vhich act on the d:e outlet in the direction of extrusion and vertically to the die plane respectively. A• the constant extrusion ratio, these pressures are more easily transmitted with enlarging the die angle and with decreasing in the'glue spread; particularly, the vertical pressure acting on the die plane distributes in a chevron form showing the maximum value at the central part. It is noteworthy that the instaa• taneous change in the distribution of vertical pressure over the die plane at the opening of die octlet is reasonably due to the substitution of die plane for the die outlet supporting the transmissive preuure, and to the appreciable sliding motion of layer toward the die outlet. 1. IIdTRODUCTIOi\r sion process for the wood product should involve the mechanical analysis of the compressibi!ity __..... ~.__ . .____ _~rt,~ .........f~~... . ...s .......... _....A .._..t.._._ _a _._-I ___••_,_ t_...__ ._. .t__ J:__ . .L,. •••-----, I 1 92
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50272 8308 --- "'" --TOREST PRODUCTS LABORATORY (Madison, Wie. S7?05) PIOO• Nat. Afad. SN. USA FOREST SERVICF., U.S. OtPARTMFNT OF AGRICULTURE Vol. 72, No. 7, pp. 2,515-2519, July 1975 APProveA Technical Article Biochcmistry 76 A C S>;[eeting N. Y. April 4-9, 1976 Prn eparation and microbial decomposition of synthetic [14C]lif;nins (IjAnin biodegradatinn/waod dccay/dehydrogenative polymerizate) ~ T. K. KIRK,• W. J. C~OANNORS,e` R. D. I3LEAMt, W. F. HACKETTt, AND J. G. ZEIKUSt aPorest Products Laboratory. U.S.D A.. Madison, Wisconsin 53705: and r Department of Bacteriology. University of W isconsin, Madison, W isc. 53706 Communicated 6v Ellis B. Cowling, bfarch 28, l975 ABSTRACP A definitive assay for microbiological and biochemical researclt on the biodcgradation of lignin was de- veloped using radioactive synthetic lignins specifically la- beled in the side chains, aromatic rin¢s or in the methoxyl groups. The I t'Cili£nins were prehared by oxidative polymer- ization with peroxidase and Ii:02 o(specifically labcled con- iferyl alcohol (4-hydroxy-3-mcthoxvcinnamyl alcohol). The synthetic polymers were shown by spectroscopic and chemi- esl methods to contain the same intennonom,!r linkages found in.natural lignins. Incubation of the (i'C)Vgnins with known lignin•degrading fungi and with a forest soil resulted in r4COz evolution. Ugnin is a major structural component of vascular plants andmakr.s up a large fraction of the carbon in the biosphere. Ilhlrin¢ the a~st 30 vears thr ctrueth:rn and hircvntt•neae rf ). Coniferaldehyde was reduced to coniferyl alcohol (Ia) at room temperature with NaBH4 in 50% (v:v) aqueous etha- nol. Extraction and work-up gave a crystalluie produrt in quantitative yield, the purity of which ..•as established by thin-layer chromatography, gas chromatriGraphy, and PMR. Recrystallization from 1,2-dichioroethano provided white needles of melting point 74.b-75° (corrected); (ref. 10, :4- 6°). Analysis: calculated OCH3, 17.2%`°; found, 17.1e. The Ph1R spectrum agreed with published data (11). Cltra% iolet (UV) spectruin in 95.°° ethanol 292 nm, e- S.SS X 1Q3; 262 nm, e- 1.45 X 101. Coniferyl alcohol 11.7 g(9.45 mmol)l and S0 mg of perox- idase (EC, Type 11, Sigma, St. Louis, Mo.) were dis- ,_enlvptt in SiHI ml nf .Inns`cwl e...l•:..r rt•nen.++e..'tu.frn. lA(ll..__ a n n n+~
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50272 8293 _ ~ ~ir.rGr:a~.~.~.ra.iti~..ii.•<•.~:. ..r..~4 '1 III Ra 4 (1968) Wong, = 3 : If : ` t Auttior Itttnc, W. A. . J BT ltfi'I.C'iOl'.S FOR DSTRFL'`".I21VZR3 TIiE Pt,..RTICLL-- SYZB S2ISZP.IDU'iIQ"IS OF AI:k:OSOLS, by V. E. Itaws e.ncl J. B. Wor$ A. !i. Ei. Arcb. lud. Iiyg. A. 464-477 (1952) y.w.~A!•.r.~,..-.~Cl~!!.'C~.".lf`~,"~-r.~'wF'^:~l15===~=-. ~•--•"..."?.~..:,. . . . . . . . - . , r (l '~ fl C) fi ! ~ ~ . . .
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TS 1105 T Wood--Composition. Tec:a2i~,t', An::a a,iO~'.,cn of tj- : t:!lp cnd I'apx:r Yct•~es ~t;z~,p %.'.{: .. w{i..:»vs1~n :i_i=1jJ V IsF Vt ~ TAVt i i'.M~..~',-,w tit7h .:.'1'€Ofl I+tOo V o 1943 2-14 pc i~'~l? Yc,rk 17, •Q i', {! t~ ~ 0 L1 6 r`. 0j, 9
Page 826: tvk78d00
~..,_.w~._., .. . ~ i'1n0I}=.-AS'TM STANDARDS/ADfI::SZ VES--STAfiDA~~ 50272 8321 .ZL'A. ....+~:.M . ~.L..:~~ . . tU~S / TA .. y i ~ ~~o1 Am E~ ~~~~ ~~~~. ~~• 1974 1974 ~~ G T ~~ ~~T A ~~'~ I~ ~'~ R ° a : 1 _. ~.~ /ndudcs slarrdards o.'.• Wood;.Adhesives Commiaee D•7 on WccC D•14 on Adhcst.es Prke 530.00 01-022074-45 - AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND F/1ATF.R1lalS 1816 R cs S Philadst his Pa ti9103 "• L?-, • . , v ~-~s~^-~ / t f qlq . I {v. . a . n. n
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50272 8338 _ 151 r 4R Wooa--Aegredation, riicrobf al. Tu „ !:iF, t•SlMC3F,x0LOGY 0? FA:'.RiCtjTEA Mht^i Rs~.LS. I~•e7 296 In-.,r•,Qs ". ' A. Cinurcitill Y.t4. London 7 . ~....~....~..-~..,,s :~c`-•-,w-~...-~r.,~r- : , .. . a~•. C~ .; ~1 4 t1 0 E1 fi .2 14 , a
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50272 8337 1. Cellulose. 2. Cellulase. r. (lascoigne, Margaret 11L, joint author. ir. Title. QD ;iood---Deg.rudution, En;;n, atic 321 ' G Gascoigne, John Allan. Biolog,ical degradation of celluloso ,by, J. A. Gascoitno and Margaret Df. Gnscoit;n©. London, Butterworth, 1960. 264 p. lllus. 23 cm. (Organic chemistry monographs) Includes bibliography. QD321.G198 .._~.... ~ i..r,...:..... r'm'5..1...~a3...:i./~4:J 547.782 61-66221 t Library of Congress j62f51 a
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Page 830: tvk78d00
;:u~ u -() l' 9 0 (raQo-Ed 169 ncbM o,'V m-1 1) -Ja AYLstmin ~1Nl L . 'x •K 'ut3!)i ~ N .C.z z s t alz;lj~- - paQ,`1 LZEB ZLZOS
Page 831: tvk78d00
50272 8344 WOOD--PYROLYSIS/CELLULOSE--PYROLYSIS/LIGNIN/NEMICELLULOSE/PYROLYSIS/ C THEORIES OF THE COMBUSTION OF WOOD AND ITS CONTROL 78 III Py-81 By F. L. BROWNE, Chemist Forest Products Laboratory, 1 Forest Service U. S. Department of Agriculture in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin Introduction Report 3 No. 21 2 As a rule wood d6es not burn directly (44, 7q, 114). - It first undergoes ther- mal de~i ,radation, or yr~1 ~~s - ,$ me~ of~~the products of which are combus- tible galiesiwaporQ; ~~ tfz~tstl~. 'IInd'er appropriate conditions the products may A Survey of the Literature December 1958 Information reviewed and reaffirmed 196 36 D^ 18 rpra.nPn n be set afire and, if enough of their heat of cornb~sti
Page 832: tvk78d00
50272 8331 Wood--Compositlon Browning, Bertie Lee, 1J02- ed. Tho chemistry of wood. New York, Interscienco Pub- lishers,1963. i, a89 p. illus. 24 cw. Includes blbi(ograpLtc& 1. Wood-Chamistry. i. Title. TA4i1.B7 ,~ 67IL184 ds-1541'3 Library of ()ougrem U 6• 1j 0 6 2 0 7 ~_';I ,7-11 4
Page 833: tvk78d00
502?2 8342 ?.. t1. ~ t~.0 n r~..:0 6 . `i(. ~l . ti.. , .%s 7j`iii-r ~ . ''.i•' i-S:y i~: ~~ NooD
Page 834: tvk78d00
50272 82340 Wood.--Yi~ysa.aal proparties--Tab1.eE, v. IV, pt J~ Landolt, Hans Heinrich, 1831-1910. Zahlonworte und Tunktionen aus Physik, Chemie, Astro- nomie, Geophysik und Technik; in Gemeinschaft mit J. Bar- tels tet al.j und unter Vorbereitender Tiitwirkung von J. D'Ans tet al.l hrsg. von Arnold Eucken. 6. Aufl. Berlin, Springer, 1950- v. diagrs., tables. 28 cm. At head of title: Landolt-RSrnstefn. Previously published under title: Pbysikalischcbemiscbe Tabellen. Includes bibliographies. Correh-rs.--1. Bd. Atom- und Dlolekularphysik. 1. T. Atoine und Iouen. 1. 1'hy-sics--1'al,)cs, etc. 2. Cheu;istry-Tabks, etc. I. stein, ltlchard, 1852- 1913. u. T1tle. QCGLL33 ~~ 641.9 51-1 GG8 Library of Congress 1.',1q15j 4 (f ;> i 3 n 0 ti 0
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50272 8350 TS 1109 C ~ Wood-4~-St:Lndards. Canadian Pulp and Paper Associat ion. Engineering Data Sheets.Committee.. Engineering Data Sheets. Looseleaf. v o ~a r l::n n 0 0 6 2 >
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G~• .. . ~.T~i' _ ~- e s j.sATo ioit;j--nvoM 114 Z L£ r ` 6££8 ZLZOS
Page 837: tvk78d00
a U. S. Dept. Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, U. S..FOREST SERVICE RESEARCH IPAPER FPL 6 JUNE 1963 EFFE OF VARIOUS CHEMICALS ON jHER1120GRAVIMETRIC ANALYSIS ~ OF PONDEROSA PINE 1 by F. L. BROWNE, Chemist ~~r'"`'~ , and W. K. TANG, Chemical Engineer !~ ~ , 0 Forest Products Laborator~•,- Forest Service K_ U.S. Department of Agriculture 0 ~ o 0 n o 0 6 ?. 1 9
Page 838: tvk78d00
50272 8347 . . .. . . ~ .. .. . . . tl :~ 0 '@ n 0 0 h 2, l'%oG4-^-Pol~r'sLiCC(1&r 1Gt?s, v. 1d.- 4U Advances in carbohydrate chemistry. v. 1- 321 New York, N. Y., Academic press ine.,1945- A v. diagi-x. 23} cm. annual. Editors: 1945- w. w. Pigmau, :li. L. R'olfrom. 1. Carbonhydrates-lear-boo3:s. i. Piginnn, 1Villiam Ward, 1910- ed. 11. Wolfrom, \Iclville Lawrence, 1900- ed. QD321.A2 547.3 45-11351 Library of Congress L5fg21 9
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veZ OQ C; U U. :i ;9 0 'va 'UT973s~'r'ilTxdcv' w!1G4[2='F.4VOTO aa^oaC1 6 996T ~n •ntnwmf•rf ~~rn7.r.~_tTit+Kwrrne~tt~T ~n 4~f CR1T •'~( .Sl3rla~'.vY J1t1SayLiOY~iJ:JTI•7J17y VV UV27[7.b..a'1 n(1.1Y dic-Cfi 21FiS $0 m1il3 Sit.L 't1 '!l 'tTrTWATd wxNAToaf.d--PocM 8fiE9 ZLZOS
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50272 8360 R JR CLASS iV0,'TL-'xTEsa(7K Ref. , Q 123-Cr NEW TRADE NAMES, 1979, 19t32. An interedition suppleMent to 'TRADE NAM1= S DICTIONARY Gale Research Co..Detroit, MI.(IN : ENG.) ISN 6180 0~ c~ (1 n 0 0 6 2 3 6
Page 841: tvk78d00
. 50272 8324 S WOOD--BARK--MEh2STr. / " 73 iI Ch Z'HE~;~I1l~i~~a~~l'~U.`OS3L,:~ll7~1~DUSTI?I.1L tTSL:S OI~ ~3:11iIL . 0 . 4. S. Chow Departrnent of ihe Environnient, Canadian Forestry Service, Western Forest Products LalMratorv. Var,coerver, British Celunrbia A,BSIRUCT A kinetic shrdy indicated that the phenniic 5ubst.acea in Douglas-fir ar.d red ald^r imrk can be polyntrrized by bigh-tcurt•rr,iture heatru~,•. Ore:+r,ic estra.:tives that may be ie:uhcd out by the action ef water are coudenscKl to water insolnbles. Ilcat-treated I;ark is 0,1o.cn to be an apprropriate material for the deaning up of oil spills on water withclyt !r t,rrr~atc:, to high P.OD and tx>ssihle toxicity to fish. 1Le oil absorption of har., depenuir,5 on i:s particle size, is two to seven times its u•eir,ht. A vacupnt system was devrlop:•d for hot pressing bari: boards, m•hich techniraic avoids blister formation caused by the evnlntion of gases from cvndensation and deiryc!r:rtion reactions tn thick boards. Bark hoards made under an appropriate time-temperature scltcdule hive both internal band streu-th and hen<iine mochtlus of ntpture similar t') bark bo::rds made with 4.5% phrnolic resin and subse ,uetrt!}• pressed at a rnoderate tinie.-temperature schedule, precluding pol.7nerization of the bark extractives. Hot stacking tncreasrd the internal bond streneth of b:r:rrds. Dimeesioual stability is tJtc t:ro:t siguificr:nt prcp,,rty of these bark boards. Properly made bari: boards have a much s:u.rl!,•r ti+ickness sweliins; ,urd l;near espansion tt+an bark %,o:rrds made with •3.5;'o pfhenoliC re-ui at,er soakinr in water :or 72 hr. a,-•...~...,....r...~..-.....~,,~..~~~..,.....-. - ..........._,_,.. ..._.r..~.....~,......,._..--.,. __..._. _. x ..,~. ...,. , .: I n6 tl ~l fl C) U~~ '.~. 00
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WOOD--CIIRMISTRY/ 50272 8330 76 III Ya ~ Ct't!'mlcal Composition . , of Trachoitls A mathematical description of the properriA of each layer of a tracheid wall requires a delineation of the substances present in these layers. I; is helpful to know the chemical composition of the wood as a whole, but it is much more meaningful in a study of this l:inc'to know the composition of the specific cell types that have been tested, since there are significant differ- ences in composition even within a sin-p!e growth increment of one spe- cies!"') lnforniation of this sort can be combined with knowledge of the distribution of constituents from other studies (Chapter 4) to give the pro- portions of cross-sectionallrea occupied by structural framework materials in each laycr. t., G.rmednt;ne such a m,nthematical exoression for mechanical proper- I Yale Univ. Press 1967, 59-77(1967) a 0 ~~ n 0 n () o 6 ?. 0
Page 843: tvk78d00
1 ::C:1i:.', Y r'~ r WQ7t QNjf .li V TM!M ' o MSMD -fin.i. ~Y •.. s....~+.....~ . • ~ . ~.:.. . - f. :~ . .~,t . . ~:. . ._ ._ .-~ .- '6. "a < ® iC*
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A •c.`! t.1 C: ,fv r .,;~..i 'i~I:~:~ 4' , i ...> _...
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Page 846: tvk78d00
Page 847: tvk78d00
• 50272 8359 . ~ . . . . . . .. . .. .::. ~ . . . . . , : ~ . . , . . a, _..r:~.: .-~:.~:.4 .~.~~.~..c..>~. ea.,-,.....~..e:....Ksw.:~.! _...... ..._ _._. ..L~: ti,....> . .r.a:. .r.. ....... _ 1 .a..r..e~.. . . . .... ~. . rs 2240 Wood,..Christopher, jt, authar. F1 Fleteber, C. 2:. CC:"_J'3 S:•'.~E :;i3"vui S!.'pi~i.t:C, hy Ftntch+a:, C. 24.; hftryey Cole; huia JFger ind C,:1i3ta-- Pi1cS: Vot:d 1965 125 p. Pe^.~;ui.ai i:.•:,: s London, IazC,land O ~.~--~---~-w- 0 6 o -o n cy 0 6 2 1; I
Page 848: tvk78d00
50272 6349 ! Qn 321 Wood--Pyrolys33--Evaluation ~ Ta Tang, NaLter Ywci-Yusn EFFEt.^T (3s' IthO: GAI:iC ,~'ii.:.TS 0:: x`tM 1TF.OMSI.,i, TGNxTS0.1, l~`~i COaiRUSTiON OF N'3O0, CULi.ULUSE, t.I:D h1021Itv (Univezuaty of tlSmconnin. Ph.U. tl-4cfiis) 1964 275 pcaav Univereiti.y 1:4.cra::i3ras Ann Arbor, Yichisr.n 2 . a ~
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502?2' 8334 e • --7;7,Cle) 6e'/- Py 7S ~',(~` Thermal degradation and sponthneous'ignition &l in outdoor chip storage IF; r)STEN BERGMAN. Royal College of Forestry. Department of Forest Products. Stockholm KEYWORDS: Chips, Outdoor storage, Thermochemistry, Wood resin, Ignition. SUMMARY: The paper describes a fire in a large pile of unscrccned birch pulp- wood chips. The cause of the firc was assumed to be spontaneous ignition in layers of tincs, found in diffcrent loca- tions of the pile where the fire s:artcd. Such layers were formed when the chips were blown out over thc pile. A literature study showed that spon- taneous ignition of sawdust, especially 0 Uppsatsen beskriver en brand i en stor stack av os311ad bjiirkmassavcds- flis. Brandorsaken antogs vara sjalvan- landning i en dcl skikt av finpartiklar (span), som patraffadcs i det omradc av stacken dar branden biiriadc. Dessa skikt av sn5n bildades n2r flisen bl3stes ut 6vcr stacken. En studie av litteraturen visadc att s3g- span och s5rskilt hartsrik skgsp3n kan sj:ilvantanda trots laga omgivande tem- pcraturer. Spanutskott tr:in stllning av ntassavedsflis kan innch311a tre till tio birch pulpwood chips at 2rforrum Sul- phate Mill in southern Sweden. The cause of the fire was presumed to be spontaneous ignition. The extir,c- tion of the fire, which took six weeks, has earlirr been described in two Swedish papers (1, 2). Most of the chips were saved, but about 65 000 ms were rejected due to high charcoal content. The fire damage was esti- . _. a ~. ..s..... ~•, ..:~r:.. c...r. r.. () n n 0 6 2 1 c1
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- RJR._CLASS N0, TEXTBOOK QA 276 Da 50272 72 8367 Daniel,C.; ` i'~ ~~"~~ ~ FITTING EQUATIONS TO DATA. COMPUTER ANALYSIS OF MULTIFACTpR DATA. 1st ed. (1971) - 1 c.; 2nd ed. (1980) - I c. John Wiley & Sons.New York, NY.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 3151 0 6 n 0 0 0 0 6 2 jg 3
Page 851: tvk78d00
80 II Ey-81 PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY 14, 89--90 (1977)_ S.P. . 3. Jennings. 3. R. 6r•M:~°',C~w'alter Reed Army insutute o esearch) Principal component separation of pre- and post-response eQ'eclc on cardiac interbeat- intervals in a reaction time (RT) task. Statistical de- pendencies in physiological data pose interpretive prob- lems for most psychophysiological research. Cardiac interheat-intervals (IBis) exhibit such statistical dc- pendencies as well as sensitivity to a variety of physio- logical and psychological variables. Consequently, the average cardiac response in tasks such a% reaction time may reflect a complex mixture in which the effect of both psychological events and cardiac control mechan- isms may be represented in each IBI. In this report satisfactory separation of independent components under- lying the average IBI response to a choice RT task is demonstrated. Principal component analyses of variance- covariance matrices were performed on sets of 1280 RT trials from each of 8 subjects. Components w•cre then labelled allowing comparisons and averaging across subjects. The first fowr componcnts were clcar-cut. con- sistent, and accounted for over 83% of the variance in all subjects. Thesc were: a) a pre-response or anticipatory deceleration component; b) a post-response or motor eBort component; c) an initial values component; and d) an RT componem loading almost exclusi%ely on the RT Q~~ n tl n 4 0 6 2 3 0
Page 852: tvk78d00
50272 836'1 73 III Rel-76 + Sl,P. . , INDUSTRIAL LIAISON PROGRAM 3-a3-Ts V RF.'RGY SYSTEM MODELING dIr'D FQP.ECAS:ING Renneth C. Hoffmau Brookhaven National Laboratory and .%Massachusetts Instit.ute of Techr.ology Energy Laboratory. EnerLj Laborato*y Working Paper No. 75-013T.'P l
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WooO--5tandard C) ~~~ c~ ,~ :'s t) 6 2 9. 7
Page 854: tvk78d00
50272 8357 c•.AUIl:.;:,.e - X At LaB T.aruners, B. A STUDY OF B`ISSIt?OSIc, C4IROIdT_C P.ESI'IR Nt'OitY STM?i.'0.':S, /',t1D V:':NTI;.%,iORY CAPACITY Ia ~,':GLISIf Mii7 DUT(:H CO'L iGa "'-QnyMm", rI:3'ii -Si•£CZi ;, REFERENCE TO AT'MUSPfI :k?'C pGi,LU'PZCid. P.q B. Lrm.,^czs ; K.S.F, Schfll.it;g a;td Joan Walford; Susan ~ierdaws; S.A. Roach; ll. Vsn dYn Fioren w-n Gendereit; Y.G. Van dc.r Veen anc3 C,.II. Wood _ Brit. Jour, II':j ~~!d. 21 124-34 (1964) r) il 0 6
Page 855: tvk78d00
iX 50272 8355 II3.LGd.zm-P I. ';~ 20 :'STDn,.~ 0i' CHRC.:IC F.^ SP,`.R- `;.llL2A J11.t7=.•l..jJp li \Il::.~l'a AA:J.LVII Or vxj;,w:S,, MtR ;TNtiY:dG"l.a S., At~ Gx~~1^S Sid STAYIn:.•o L ~rn.rnssTrr+ 1i~ 3.0 ~L4 ~c i:~ L~.`'.I:.'ig ~1b l.z Cc;hrnxisa .T. C. ftSlscn7 e.n3 Co Ht SIc;a* n, otu Pmma k:lt, Jo '16nc?ust-9•e I*d. :! 6¢ r. ~ ego ~
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HYPER'PEriSION/aYOCA.DIAL INFARCTION/ATHEROSCLEROSIS/ 50272 8353 -HEART nISFd1SES/ V/ Royal Society of Medicine Internbtional Congress and Symposium Series Number RC 681 Ro 1978 CQ,~°dcQ~~2,SCU~O1r ~~~~o~ane Ctrres Gn,OVeSiEditedby _, dUNWWOOO U. PuL-lished jointly by 1978 TLJC pl1VA1 c/1/^1e1T•v /~%r_ ".e-...r+....- ---- -_- __.- ~.~~-..~. . v. ...••v.v..~~. /•SI...a.Jl)'1:...1:-. - I Wimnole Street London I [l` V;z'x'A , ` , %~ : R \I I...•.AC ' ' . DE ~s` ~ MIC PRESS A . London ~ ~ GRUNE & STRATT[)N fl (l ~i C1 06 P. 7. 9. fJew York ., ( / ' " .'!~ ~-
Page 857: tvk78d00
50272 8352 ,.. La J. _~. ~-.-a..:.f~`t.~: ` '~U ~ . t~ J•L)~`. ry+ ~Tt ^t 'L.rI•~/uJ pe~_e+~'aee_L_._Ll t.wJJ . F1t.J. LJZl l.' J V+• r. • ;-il c- CItG?r'IZ ii.i 'iit~. via°t's.~ a.i~..., e t.:.^., by L. v.,. C. l1.'c.lsoa. S. T)ain. ACr? a. , Tbcti. Bull. 4713.) 1935 108 pno~AE 11F';iOxcg::oa n : o t1 il 0 J ~' ~ ~ ~
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50272 8314 i , PLAINT CPLLS RND TISSLrrS/Cx.Z:.?:iOSi:---PLiu:TS/kl(?'GD/.. • i iI-n T-~it1 G. Li :" : ~S T FL:,TI~ SSIUi U TO ~ ,jx 1:;~-1VALi, C:iYSTa LLINI7. Wood & Fiht;: 4 (3) '1.04-11 (Ig72) h~'. Lojty .11. EI-o.stat and R. 1i'. Ili"c•ll.wood Fa:utty of 'to:cstry, Vnive»ity of 13citis': C.olan:bia, :'ancouver 8, II.C. i.FSTRAt;T .. X-ray diffraction techniyue was utiuzrd to dctermine Lhe reiatit•e degree of e.rysta!l9nitv . of so?nc ccn:frreus~rreus wuud n:nici; liou_:.rs-fir (1'scrfdr*trc,-a r.tcn.iesii (\;iri).) Franro) norn:a! .,ncd c•urnirc-assion wueci, a:un nerr-: :.cood nf Si:;:a s, ^ree ( Fic,:a ritc;lten.s;s (Bong.) Carr.) and westem hc•tnlcck (Tst.l;u it:-tcro;,itye!s (Raf.) Sar;.). Tota1 c:cc•p veluCs wCte 1ti•Ji;.rbi,• t:n:n a nrctiio:a stuc!>• for t~•sesarr.plr: nr3tche•d s.•ttlt thosc t:scu inr' detcrtnirur.; e'.e;: _e o~ cr+.;:,llinit;. Cre"n rc:, onse %•:tu mwasurecd c:ic._ t.vn constant I:acls ~ porresn,mdinc; t:r initi.,i ar:,.n fcvcls of c.t;JO { a; and ;i,I:UU (B) ;finc?rrs!ir.cn. The reLuwc oi fi•ll-w;tll crlst;oiih•.it.• w>,s fc,ta:J to be linc.trly currci::rcc! {ir,t•crs!~:y, trit;: si:o:t•tcrm crv;:. i:c,ntu of ti:iN i:,,.•:;tiratio,: ::iso t.`rst cci',-.+::!t c:ystali:n'.ty contributes t:r to !: .' an•! 51.5y~ of th•• total vari:,Lilitv in crr:•p rc=;pornc testecd at consta::t to strain ies•ds (A) ;.ad (B), n:apectirelv. It i: surfe;!eJ that a reis:i. lv •,1;h d_~rcc oi crysta:!inity :a::eascs the ri~e•Lly of :ell ~.a!'y •+.•i~~ci: !h~rrei,y r^.si•ts rcrrr•,~ c:t i% r:r;et:on. o ;, n n n o 9 : o a
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50272 8362 , ,. . , ~ f. nwr. biol. Arr. U:l~. (t967)~7. 23-3t ~'riated in Grcat licitai~ 77 III Wo DETERMINATION O /F NITRATE IN SEA WATER BY CADMIUM-COPPER ~- REDUCTION TO NITRITE* , By E. D. Wo62,°F. A. J. AxulszxoNG2 Axn F. A. RicHms' 1 Departmcnt of Oceanograpby, University of Washington, Seattle a The Plymouth Laboratory, kng.land ~ .~ R d' d bl d f 6 f 1 A a n accurate, epen e etetaunanon o o Erg-at./ o- . o ,- m sea water has been developed. The sxmple is treated with tetrasodium ethylcnediamine- tetraacctate solution and passed through a column of copperized cadrnium filings. A nearly quantitative reduction of nitrate to nitrite results. Nitrite is then deteraiined by a diazotization method. Neither sulphide nor hi;b nitrite con- i eeatrations interferes. Approximately eight samples per hour per column can be anVysectotlf~ stj6datcl de,6ation of o-1Z jig-at./L at the zo pd at./l. level.
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. - 50272 8364 ~ St7-?u S.P. `STANDFORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL 76-21 echnological innovation: This set of 30 case studies provides a close look at the FILE NO. 76 21 process of technological innovation - and its degree of success - in privste companies 162 pp., incl. chart. Please ranging from under Sl0 million in sales to over $100 million, and spanning 11 broad enclose a $25 check industrial classifications. The innovations include both new products and processes. The payable to SRI to cover incentives for innovation include savings in capital, labor, and materials; product quality special reproduction and improvement; and regulator)• compliance. Applications cover the spectrum from com- handling costs. puter peripherals to consumer packaging. (Author: Edward C. ;Vood) SRI BUSI SS INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM, LONG RANGE PLANNING SERVICE, DATALOG FILE ~,SE STUDIES ON THE PROCESS OF TECHNOLOOICAL INNOVATlONS March 1975 IN THE ECONOMY'S PRIVATE SECTOR By: :"OM~D-`C.~,l~b6 Approved by: ~ ROBERT M. RODDEN, Director Prepared for: Qperations Evaluation Department OFFICE OF NATIONAL R&D ASSESSMENT GEORGE D. HOPKINS, Executive Director ~~ : NATIONA L SCI ENCE fpU1,4,DA~'101*:~ (~ Engineerin9 Systems Division ~ 8 WASHINGTON, D.C. 20550 ' ~ 7"~ 31•p.I
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50272 8356 ,. . l ' x F).1 jq.ody -.c.; x., it* rut. '11LJ Oi' tlFS-,M/iTC'V S:1mm_'s .. n:htJ JBP OA y y:. 0 i> ~ Yitct ~^ ,~ s ~4~ G~4 '~ x•i•,~f` V~~~tdia~i t•~~.~.t1{} i'1'.Y'..~ •• -13. 4ra~~ (/:k'-f>.liv sc),~
Page 862: tvk78d00
• 50272 8369 RJR CLASS NO. PAMI`NLfiT 75 }tI Wo2 (Sheffield Cent. Innovation Productivity, Ct. Urit.) GREAT BRITAIN - YOUR PRODi,'C"fIVITY SLIP IS SlIOIdIPIG. \ Financial Times, •'J :•=~.•n-. .,-~'.,, J ,n.. ic _ .~....~;..t. 19'I:S ~FiLJJ~J) ~j i.ttj~,iL~.., *Keywords:* tobacco. *1975, No. 11, W 3889* *d* Tobacco economics: ~r4=.•.~ir.r,:.~.+,....... .. -n:+..t-.. .vr.r~..-. a.+ •..-..^.. .~ «-v ..w,.. . .- . w_-. •. _. o~~ n n n 0 0 6 2 4 5
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a i . 4 I ~.-. e.. 50272 8365 Iy ~ - . _ . . .... r - ..---_ - ~. ~ . 4 car~-• ~'r ~cF) 'I 1 ~ra (194C) ll U'~ Temperature Effects during Absorption of Water Varottr by Keralin--Rchly ~ We would agree that Watt and McMahon may be correct in concluding ~ difTusion rate contributec to the rate of u tak ~~" tFiat a finit of H'at !` ~'a b p ; e e er pour y keratin in the early stages of absorption. lt is. however, difficult to assess the extent of this contribution; and in our opinion extremely careful experimental I work would be required to do so. ; We assumed the diQ'usion contribution to be small after examination of the absorption data ot' Kiny'. If one reduces the time scale in ia;. 5 in tiu ratio of the square of tne sample thickness, then diffusion curves for samples 7µm thick may be estimated. The results show that a sample of this thickness would acquire a regain of about 1S"o in 3-4 sec and not 30 sec as measured. REFERENCE ~ G. King. Tra,u. Furndiw Snc., 1945, 41, 328. Wool Industries Research Associatioa, Torridon. Headir,gley Lane, Lecds 6. - C1 ;, o (l n fl 0 6 2 - 4 1 G. K,rvo OPWO1.196~5E ~5E 20.1.196
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50272 8375 - II -}Woo~; `Joan °Ra ~w jC:>>.author~~.: _wr •~ Wr r . h L...1 ath /1 1I. ' lt, •'^'t t !'t>(a...,.yr ~t/.~~.:...I • p~.~1tY:q~t.t7 ~ ~1'.,1,:_..... ..t.., by 1. a. F_ea:~, J. ......~:.n r..~.. :O:.ii i:. `.:':)Lj. 11' (1 l! C7 /• -' '
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50272 8370 -s,..... -77 • Environtnental Jlealth P Vol.16, Jr~ Z • pp. 25-40,1976 erspecttves Geeraflon •nand Characterzation iof Aerosols and Va-ors ~~or 1nhaaton loEHperi~~en~~ ~ by M. I. Tillery, ' G. O:-INood,*~ and H. J. Ettinger* Control of aerosol and .•apor characteristics that affect the toxicity of inhaled contaminants often determines the methods of generating exposure atmospheres. Generation methods for aero- sols and vapors are presented. The characteristics of the resulting exposure atmosphere and the limitations of the %arious generation methods are discussed. Methods and instruments for measur- Ing the airborne contaminant with respect to.•arious characteristics arc also described. The toxicity of airborne materials is related to various characteristics of the material, the impor- tAnt ones bei detpep~len~ on`meot~anis~msr~and site oP toxJc re~actions ~ Yarat~~eters'of known im- portance include particle size, particle shape, ,. diameter or the diameter of a unit density sphe~ that has the same terminal settling velocity the particle of interest (1). For a spherical par; cle of diameter D and density () the aerodynat:, diameter DAE ts given by eq. (1): ~
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Q / 210 W 50272 8368 #;:.'tYciod, Frederirlc Thomsk6; -19U5=~x Curreut 1•:nl;lish usage, a cunci::e dictionary. Lonuion, Macniillan; New York, St. _llnrt.iu', PreS_, 19G•3. ctt, 278 p. 20 cm. I. I:nglicti Ianguagt-IJiocns, corrertioIc,, errors. I. Title. rE11C0.11•66 16162 Library of C ongress ..._.-~-
Page 867: tvk78d00
® s.- ., x e rleadeva, Svaan H. ~Sf'a'RAaGRY SD3P=S AbSD SAOK= KAD'saS CiY SEN30R 1N?USTRIAL ST!!" (IN t--RUT BRiTliFN), by •be3d.wa, Susan H.; C.N. ldOOd a7Ld R. S. !. Sahilliag. .< Erit. Jowc. Zerftatr. ?Sed. Ll, 149•53 (April 1965 N 4 ., .~~ ~ ~ . .. . • . ~... ~
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50272 0384 R Tll CLASS Nq. 1 L:TDC10iC QP 601 Go (ed, ); Colowick,a.l'. (ecl. ); I<apa.<an,N.(:I, Qd. ); METHODS IN-ENZYMqL(]GY. VOL. 9. CARBOHYDRATE METABOLISM. PART A. (1966) V(]L.41 . CARBOHYDRATE METABOLISM. PART Ii .(197.~', ) VLIL. 42. CARBOHYDRATE ME'['AEtqLISM. PART C. (1975) VUL. i35' . CARBOHYDRATE METlt1C{UL:[f.;M. PART D. (19B2) VOL. 90. CARBOHYDRATE METABqLa'aM, PART E. (1S'02) AcadeMir_ Press.New York, NY. (:LN : F:N(,. ) a f3Pl = 549€3 1) 61 n n nn 0 6 2 h 0
Page 869: tvk78d00
50272 8390 4P Wood, Wi11is A. 601 (editer), v. ,9 , Co Colowick, Sidney P. Methods in enzymology, edited by Sidney P. Colowick and Nathan 0. Kaplan. New York, Academic Press, 1955- v, illus. 24 cm. ~ ,~ n
Page 870: tvk78d00
` . . .. . -:~= . -~ . . . .L~_ Loll- (5 lir bT) .~:q 7DOZ •: r t,.-~.. r ir ~r1;, ,._~= C!:~`~I~'u as`l~ ra'Z t) l.~ d`: 7 '~ •~ .T n ( •rT { f ~ i`•. -• ~ . ~ v.71'{J O•.t. a. .~., r... .`~ ~.V ..wusl~ .i...w .b...r:~s7 'r .
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50272 8377- ~ __ a . ,. _ ..>9..L_...~aT ...a. TP 370 -....Weod; -Leve12~-(Jt-:--Anfitaor)-»-- We '•'Aet~, Ise~y'e l3. FOgD SLi,vxC.: IN xNSTITUrZONS, 4th ed., by Levelj.a tdow ena Vi:.• ;inie F. ._. .u,... . i465 702 Ya"';0 a ,`:.3n SFZ' Ie~ b Sont~, Inc. t:cii York ~ lP t1 L 1 `, .~ 1 l1 tJ .6. !
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50272 8335 DYNAMIC ~iECH:~NIt;:1T_. }'hC•.J~'ERT?E S AND 11ICIIOSTIIC. C'1VI'iE OF SOME ~1RBUN I7LI~ H~lI;I~~1~'OUllSt Wood & Fiber 4(3)2'2,-24(1972) +CbPE AidD .iICkU~CG7Y--PLANTS/ P. tt. Ei~1t%C;2.'2tJ1'tt 73 II B1 School of Fore.: Rcyources.and tilati•rial Scie:.;ct UcPartnmnt, the Penr.;y lvania State llniv::rsity, U:•i:er•;ty Yarlc. Petasxylvania :6S03 G. llf. Jenkins Ucpartmeut of 1•Setallt:rgy, University Coilege of Swansea, Glammorgan, Wales, L'.K. and ' . . D. E. Kl:rle I Material Sciences Ihparhnent, the Ponnsyl%:"nio Statc University, Unirzrsity Pari:. ~'cnc~:ylcunix Ni542 AtiS'IAAC'f' D>Tarnic tne•rhanical propp•rtics (I)\1P! front 100 to 400 K~m•e been ciettn+iin;•d for c+1acS, cherry, ca:lw.^.i•r.rci at cemnerahorre fr;±-n .:f)3 !0 2:T„ K in an inr.rt atinos)?te:-:•. 'i 1u- ~ cl: stic rnoc:ulus of R 5k^Cllti~`ts t:arexnui.•.ed .t! ~iJ.. Ii ahow•s a marlxq &c;aZS^ with lsrm tre^-ti:xnt. but this trencl anvc•.trs to 1•e resresei 3s tl:,o eari,c)maion tcmp^r,,ture i< incrcased. Inh•ru:u friction das:t su;:mst ar.at tlurc are rel: th-Ay c<nnnlm eciaxc:tir-s fo- all spe^ir.:eas. Scznnin, el; _tron micn;erav!t: f.:r ca:unniie.l blaek cb,:rry, bir_u, ^,1e, and _ v, hi!e o^i, are prr:1•nh il. 'fhc :::~nnat ,): trcllu'ar inteCritv ,hat r:ri~ains ajtrr earlx>n;z e:inn , , J
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50272 8385 QP 601 Co 1975 /CARBOHYDRATES--APIALI'SIS/ ENZYMI:S--ASSAi/ ENZiMES--OX7J)ATIVFi /ENZYrES--REDUCING/ ISOt•tE1tASES/ - .tCtll.Ulj.) l )L E7Lzy»iolow)l Yolumu aLI, CarLohydra.tc r`Ictabolisitt .., rarr B HllITFa) BY j'1; if:: iVcm MlAlI1V[\1 1" \NCn1.\I,a1~T NN'IIIC~!f KT.,(Y. C'., nCt'-1I1 ACArn'JrIC 1'RESS Xcw York R:,n rr,nci.cn Lmrl.,n A l7ul..i,li p o( ))arcuun ISN,(C JJY040,'KI,, {•nLli•hrn CI !'~ ~) El ~ `•~ 1 a
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50272 8389 J -VoG3;'•W11 tisaA_~:5..:~~~ Fawcett, Howard 11 ed. Safety and accident prevention in chemical operations tbcl Howard Ii. Fawcett tand, William S. Wood. New 1 ork, Interscience Publishers t19G51 arii, fili p. Illus., map, port. 24 cm. Includes blbiiographles. 1. Chemical lndustrles-Safety measures. • r. Wood, William Samuel, 2913- jolut ed. It. Title. TP149.F37 ~ 331.523 65-12713 ,::./ Llbrlry of Congress 17-11 -- . . . . ~ . -' . . . ._.,.r,~......~,_.~-.~.-_.~..e.^---.-.-...~p.....~...:'-!'- '7!-}e.~+ . 0, i ,; 0 6 2 s 5
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~ WOOD A 'FUEL/FUEL/ TA 419 Ti 1981 i 4V00 COMBU5TION -~-Principi~Crocesses; ~. -<.. ... . :E.conomics:;~~s;; ~~ David A. Tillman Amadeo J. Rossi William D. Kitto 1 Envirosphere Company Division o/ Ebasco Services, Incorponted Bellevuq Wuhington :~ 0 n 0 0 6 50272 8392 ACADEMIC PRESS 1981 -" A Subsidiary of Harcoaxt drxe lonnovkh Pub/ahas New york London Toronto Sydney San Fn,ncisco l .- 1
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XX MeF-C-ZUE-74 ' . . ` gL W'!FWD,•fe.ll•, MA. Archives Path. 71 471-79 (1961) . - - - - . ; (}UIRLES P. L1RSON, )t.D. In April of 1960 a shipment of- living rainbow trout in tra:tsit from a commercial rish hatchery in Ida.So was stopped at the California State border for a routine en- trance inspection. In the examination which followed, numerous small white spots and slightly raised nodules were observed in livers of many of the fish and entry was refused. Thus occurred t':e first observation of Iiepatic earcinoma in high incidence in a population of artificially reared trout in the United States. The purpose of this paper is to describe the pathology of this interesting distase, detail briefly its incidence and dis- tribution, and discuss the presently available information on etiology. Submitted for yublication July 3Q 1960. -- lvo grant sup port. ' From the fcpartmcnt of Pathoto~-y, Tacoma Cencnl Hosl•+taL _ x TACOMA. q'ASK• Hepatic' . Carcinoma - 50272 8363 in Rainbow Trout • - •Pathology ' Trout affected with this hepatic carcinoma are not obviously moribund. In fact, they are at the opposite extreme and usually appear as normal, healthy, fast-growing fish. The disease is not rapidly fatal and hatchery fish probably survive for half to three- fourths of their normal life span. As the disease progresses, apparently the de:o:cify- ing mechanisms of normal hepatic tissue are compromised or replaced and when such fish are subjected to the stress of trans- portation (where metabolic products ac- cumula:e which ordinarily would be handled by the liver) heavy mortalities occur. In older fish in which extensive disease is present, obvious tumors can be seen bu!ging under the body wall (Fig. i). These fish frequently have blood-stained ascitcs. I :3 .i Grott Exoaunatioa -The early lesions may present a variety of gross character- istics. Multicentric, small, oval, almost translucent lesions are frequently observed in an otherwise normal-appearing liver. These lesions are usually much lighter in color than the surround:ng liver tissue, are almost translucent and have smooth rounded contours. These are important differential gross diagnostic features since opaque, sharply angulatcd, irree lar white liver spots Fig. 1-Thrce 2-year-old rainbow trout, all in- volv ed by liver tumor. \o:e ab!ominal '.ail bulging oi upper 2 fish due to massive tumors. Lower 5sh appears grossly normal e:cternally, but liver eontainrd a small grossly obsen•«b!e tctmor when the fish M•as opened ? . 0 1 r 1 i I S i
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50272 8386 a QR 41 .4Woad,W.. Haft'"1~~`Quthor) ~ ,, Dgv4e, Pn.rrinxd D. M"lC::bDIOIdiGY, by D0rnaard D. UarLa, Isautto Dulhccco, Uc-,W..n 11. Eiaon, UFro1d S. GiVr:ber8 r.nc2 W. Barg,v k'ood, Jr. 1968 1464 Panc.s I ,:.rargar t~ F:ve kubl:shurc tr"Ear 1otr:
Page 878: tvk78d00
cn~-7'f a 177 ~ , ~ 74 XXIII Re-74 732 16 J L sascsicr Sequoia S.A., Lausanne--Printed in Switzerland ~~ © . THE l\TERPRETATION OF IMPEDANCE MEASUREMENTS ON O\IDE-COATED ALUMINIUM __ ,.. -I PaRT•1. A CORRECTION PROCEDURE FOR "'%N'ET" MEASUREMENTS 2. A. RICHARDSON*, ~('`x3lli=A;* UiA\'D A. l. BREEN t Corrosion Scicrict Diiision. Department of Chtmhel Engineering, L'nirersit)• of Alanchastrr lnsritwte pJScirnreord TachnoJog}•. Vaachcstrr (Gt. Brirainj (Recei.-od October 6. 197:: accepted December 16. 1972) Correctio.ns for solution and double layer losces are essential when con- sidering `wet" impedance data for instilating oxide films on aluminium. The • ~• apFli:ation and implications of a suitable correction procedure are described. Corrected capacitances of oxide films are dependent upon film thickness and ~.~ary only slightly with frequency. Corrected dissipation factors of anodic films ir.dependentof both thicknesc and frequency. Thc corrected dissipation factors ', o'air-formed films are f:equency-independent but are markedly higher than for ; anodic films. There is no evidence of asignificant variation of resistivity through the thickness of barrier-t%pe anodic alumina films, when corrected data are used. ; , ~ f~ ` : h A cT I : - , .~.. .__. ..............~.,... _....._.~,..~
Page 879: tvk78d00
. 50272 8393 I Wood finis}11.ng. Kollmanzt, I+ranz, 1900- Tecbnologie des IIolz.es und der ITolzwerkstufle. 2., neu- bearbd und cmeiterte Aufi. I3erlin, Springer, 1951- / v. Illus., tables (0 on fl leaves in pocket) 20 cm. "Ergauzur,gen und Berlchtigunged": leaf fnserted !n V. L Publlsbed 1930 under title: Technologie des iioim,a. Bibliogrnphical footnotes. CoNTSmrs.-1. Bd. Anatomle und Pathologle, Chemle, Phyrtk, Elas- tizlttit und Festtglaelt. 1. Wood. 2. Woodwork. 3. Wood flntabfng. L Title. TA419.KG52 ,, 620.12 61-3700 . 0 .1.~. _ ~...i.. _. r......~ l _..r. . 1.-..-w .. ..w.:-.'s.w:..4. • .-..,.... . w . «- :S.S:1~ ..~ .Ki_.. ~... •.-Ai w.. ys:..r1 Library of Congress 0 .~.n 11 () 0 6 P 6 9 - 121 .,•~,., ...
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50272 8387 - 77 I Co stanccs was rcm:u ,..tu,Lo. . f these substances in shaking ca[ture `+•as cxcrerne S- l d o )ie .. The•• .r+.. ~nar 11intC t)1•oCluced a la:;e atnount oLATB alld , DISSFRTA IONSURU SS/AIR FORCE INSTITUTE OF TECHATOLOGY/ 1. REPORT NUMklErt 2. GOVT ACCESSION NOI 3. RECIPIENT'S CATALOG NUMBER SLSR 19-76B 4. TITLE (and~ Dtttty S. TYPE OF REPORT Q PERIOD COVEREO SURVEYVRESPONSE BIAS: EFFECTS OF Master's Thesis INTRODUCTORY APPROACHES AND FEEDBACK ON HONESTY OF RESPONSE. i. PERFORMING ORG. REPORT NUMBER i Gary R. Goetzman, Major, USAF I Wdndell;$z ,Wood';-"-Captain, USAF !. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND AOORESS Graduate Education Division. School of Systems and Logistics Air Force Institute of Technology,WPAFB,OH 1/. CONTROLLING OFFICE NAME AND ADDRESS Department of Research and Communicative Studies (SLGR) AFIT/SLGR, WPAFB, OH 45433 .r,.:vi/OitOs (ConNnue on r.r.r.e aiQi tl nic~i.iv~ and /d.ntlfr ar'blouc n~D.r) 'sponse bias eedback of survey results AuthofitArian (dpptoat:h f! 6 2 , 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT. PROJECT, TASiC AREA A wORK UNIT NUMI3ERS 12. REPORT OATH September 1976 13. NUMBER OF PAGES 1lLL UlJ~abaVY Humanistic approach Comparison of approaches
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50272 8379 79 X Re-ei city centre restaurants S.P. non-smoking tables in two Belfast a (8) 0011 Survey of public attitudes to provision of fleal,t.L MichaelA!Wot3d. MIHE, Affil RSH . ~ Liz Dennes, SRN, MIPM, Cl . P ~, . Lettie Brooks, SRN, SCM $ Ulster Cancer Foundation ! {; ~ , restaurants, it was decided to carry out an o,pinion morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea on ~ survey in August, 1979. Two Belfast city centre Tuesday. August 21, 1979, Thursday August 23, ; restaurants kindly agreed to take part. They were 1979 and Saturday August 25, 1979. A: F. W. Woolworth & Co, and The following results were obtained: B: Brands & Normans, a restaurant in a fashionable department store largely catering for j socio economic group 1-3. Smoker Non-Smoker Both of these restaurants allocated half of their Resrow.onrA Yes No Yes No ` tables, appropriately marked, for non-smokers. lt was felt that the questionnaire to be used 1' ooyouapproreottb~ _ Non•SmokingTables. 169 21 302 a ; should be kept as simple as possible. 2. Would you like to see , , Three questions were asked: more Non-Smoking Tables! 92 99 255 54 1. Do you approve of the 'non-smoking' tables in 3. Areyouasmokert 191 309 this restaurant? 2. Would you like to see more 'non-smoking' tables in this restaurant? ~- ~ n~ 0 t~ Cl Q b 25 S TO TEST public reaction to non-smoking areas in days to complete S00 questionnaires. This included •
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50272 8396 .-..~.r.wr.~.~.~, ~ Wood, Praper, Adhesives, Shipping Containers, Cellulose, Ieathor, pt. 6 American Society for Testing Materials. Book of A. S. T. _lf. standards including tentatives. 103G- Philadelphia. v. In illus., plates, diagrs. 24 cm. ' Triennial (1944 and 1946 biennial) with supplements issued in the Intervening years. Formed by the union of its Book of A. S. T. M. standards and Its Book of A. S. T. 51. tentative standards. , Title varies slightly. Cover title, 1930- : A. S. T. 1L standards. Issued 1J3J-4, In 3 pts. a year; 131G-1S In 5 pts.; 1949- in 6 pts. 1. F.ngineering-Soctettes, etc. 2. 'Materials-Testtng. TA401.AG53 Library of Congress (JDl'J1u310J 7 ?_ 40-1071 2'
Page 883: tvk78d00
50272 8391 , _.~.....>.~...~..w ...~_......,„. - ..~._.~..~...~.L. j TP 997 a W~.+do-•S:ianm g .nv_ ..., Wise, Louis Elsberg, 1888- ed. Wood chemistry. 2d ed. Edited by Louis E. Wise and Edwin C. Jalui. Contributors: F. E. Brauns tand othersj New York, heinhold,1952. 2 v. Illus. 24 cm. (Americnn Chemical Society. Monograph serles, no. 97) 1. Wood-Chemistry. 2. Wood. 8. Cellulose, z. Jahn, Edwin C., folnt ed. TPJJ7.\j'n2- ~ ~ 660.282 52-10221 rev j Library of Congress trb3x10j t) 6 2 ,S 7
Page 884: tvk78d00
u~....~ i_...-..,..+ ..+.4._~ ~_.~...1.~.._.._a......-..__.......c-.--° Y~r.~iGtSas .,Yood, Ge(arge: B~.Gon~ 17y7-1879, . ed . v The T3ispensatory of the t'nited States of America. (istr- --- -!•'= "----ecl. --1'11ilacle-1p1u,~Gj-i-=,I;lliotsanclco. tete.l 153; -19i J. 13. Lillpincott colupany tetc.; 1851-19-; -:: ^v." illus., diagrs. 23-27 cm. On spine: L'nitwl States dispensatory. Editors: 1st-l4th, 1&3:1-77. G. It. Wond (with Franklin RaicLP. 1S:i3- .ri8; 11. C. Wood, 1877)-15th-19th, 1SS3-11DO7, 11. C. Wtxul, J. 1'. Remington, S. P. Cadtler and others.--20th, 191S, J. 1'. Itetuiwton. IT. C. Wood, jr. and otliers.-2lst- 192G- . If. C. Wood jr. (with C. H. La Wall and others, 1926-37; Arthur Osol and others. 1t143- The 191h ed. based upon the United Slates ]th:-rinavupu•ia: 2601 upon the United States piiarwacopwia and the Iiritkh liiiarwacopu•ta; I~ : (.(~t4t~ied-t.+t-uwct.cu~~l) .. , ~ ~ ~. I•~^rl&~1~1 7 -313°7 -..;..eai-~,e-r-..-r...•-- .. . . .-a~'.-,....~...-.....-.... , .U•...~ f"! .R:.~:1 .~'l tI. 6. ?.
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V Cj •i; 9 0 U U .u 0 9 () (0•. 6T) 86Z-'a-RZ ` l1L'CV LoPuo11 30 • Zcg • Zol3 • w*x a po0.'1 •.f y,zoT'I Pnv • a •u •g 'uTvpaw •M sz=r f.q `Nn^d'v3?iL Ss :'. ~.`? ^'wt fi^;V `xCi3;1'1t23 S,^,JonUv S.T3 t?0 uzUT ::I vI3v 0It:o1razns 'Minvz aa r:oYr3,9os" •M somvr 4uYvujw (896T) .,,`/"ql f1Y TA , III
Page 886: tvk78d00
.- TS 2240 w 50272 8366 Wood, Frank Leighton, 1874--: - . 11'hnt you should know about. tobacco, by Frank Leighton Wood ... Foreword by Irving Fisher ... Grand Rnpids, liich., Zondervan publishing house 119411 8 p. l., 13-147 p. 20 cm. "References": p.14;r147. 1. Tubucco. 2. Tol,a,-co l:abtt. z. Title. RC371.TG«'64 61:1.84 S G41--231 11. S. Army Die<licnl Libr. f„r l.it,rary u: ( uu,r,. ~ C' r; ~3 ~3 r1 il ?. 4 2. r"=flii - .. .- : •- """".."""'°~.'~
Page 887: tvk78d00
50272 8395 .._._s_~_._...._....---_.__.~_._. . _ WOOD A TA 419 Ti 1981 FUEL/FUEL/ WOO MBUSTION Principlcs, Processes, and Economics David A. Tillman Amadeo J. Rossi William D. Kitto ACADEMIC PRESS 1981 A Subsidiary o/ Harcourt Brace lovanovkA. Pu6/ishevs New York London Toronto Sydney San Frapcisco , ~ Envirosphe.e Company Divisfon o/ Ebasco Servicet, Jncopaated sdtevu4 Washington O a c1 0 n Cl n6 ?. 7 I
Page 888: tvk78d00
50272 8400 ,. COAL/SEAWATER/METALS/NATURAL RESOURCES/ SOLID WASTE/ ORE FORMATION, GEOCHEMISTRY OF/MINERAL RESOURCESI /WOOD AND PLANT MATERIALS/ENERGY RESOURCES/ , QC 73 AM 1976 American Association for the Advancement , of aterials. aterLiS: Science No. 4 in a series ' . , of special ' • SCIENCE Re®~''~i~'~ j~ ],~ e Compendia 'L,,j. ~~K.~ ' Edited by PHILIP H. ABELSON ALLEN L. HAMMOND ;/ Li, W; . It__ p and Nonrenewable e n o n n utResources k.
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50272 8404 TJ . . . . • . . . • . . . . . ~ 1109 - Wood--pulp. C - Canadian Pulp and Paper Association. Engineering Data Sheet Committee. Engineering Data Sheets. Looseleaf. .~~ .• :. ... - . .. U 6 0 (1 n. o o 6 ~ r, n
Page 890: tvk78d00
50272 8388 .__-.-_•__72.I.4, ~i ~ < -r-) hf the anwo'cal LalbQra, tory ~ ~ V. '~fA\ ~ f_ 11: • f. r~~ ~( Edited by tdORMAN V. STEERE, ;~.~ ~;r1 ~ ~ [ 1 140 Melbourne Ave. S.E. , „~ , -.s .. -. ;C.HIt. A Safety Survey in Research csnd )evo#oprnent lahoratories Minneapolis, Minn. 55414 , ,a.~Williartt S. Waad,,Safety Coordinator, Applied Research Deparlmenf, Sun Oil Company, ..a _.~.:.........:.sn:.._ ..t. . ~ feafure. m generally quite favorable. Response revealed the following opinions: regular maintenance of equipment should not be neglected housekeeping in-pections are effective criticisms the Safety Engineer has made in their areas have been good the present R 6:. D.miety program could The Research and Development L•b- action, safety organizetion, and safety be improved somewhat :at.>rie~ of Sun Oil Connr.;n•• reccuti • res•wr.:=ibilit~•. The other Gi the emplo.ee s own section is safe to ) ~ ) ~ questions work in_ ~-........ ..?i':~rsi: o..r~~6...»=a-.=.N,r. . -_. .... .. ..,....r _ -...~:.n........... .« . ..wi•~ _..... .. ... .. .,...~ _ .. -..ae._r~«.~.,_. ...-~.-e. t, n nn 0 6 Marcus Hook, Pa. 19061
Page 891: tvk78d00
50272 8373 ~,. - : 'V_X-003s - ~3o7r.&~~:~t The Dispensatory of tlte trnited States of America. !`' '" ecl. !'hiltuielp]I1a, G1']t;r, Elliot, and co. tetc.l 18ti3--t9; J. B. Lii,pincolt company ictc.; 1fv-1-19,• i- = Iilus., di;t;rs. 23-27 em. On spine: United Ctates dishensator.. Editors: lst-14th, 1Saa-77, G. li. Wood (.vith Franklin Bache. 1R3;- H. C. Wood, 1S771--L•:~th-19th, 1SS:3-1:N17, II. C. Woud. T. I'. Renttu,:ton, S. P. Sadtler and otherz. _Oth, 1918, J. P. Itetuin^ton. Ii. C. Wood, Jr. and others.-2lst- 192G- Ii. C. Wood Jr. (with C. li. Ln Wall and othera, 1926-37; Arthur Osol and others. 'ihe 19th ed. based upon the United Stat" Ph:.rmarop(via: '-h)th upon the United States nh.u•w;tcoixriu and the British phatrwacoiNrin; '~ (~ntttfuttecLou.nest-.card) ~;~ i-- ;13?i 'xl t l 0 tl 0 7. 9 tJ2r4SC4iJ1
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kOOd-p11.Lp. Joint Textbook Committee of the Paper Industry of the United Slates and Canada. The manufacture of pulp and paper. 3rd ed. vo13. 3-5. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1937. 3v. 23 cm. 0 ....n,. _.~, ,.:..r . ..,.-~ - .~
Page 893: tvk78d00
50272 8397 Ref. Wood and Paper; Printed Matter, Sched. 2. : HJ 60£tl Lhi3ted StaCes Toriff Cumloaiozi _.,._~~~<.:...:...z _... ._. Un .;~... SU:'`•MABUS QF TItME AND TAP;X,1~ F L2dI'oP•2UiTI0:1, PREPRRE.D IN TEP..`S OF THE TLRIF2' SCt;L'DUL.CS OF THE UiITED STATLS (TSUS).Sched.l., Vols. ; Sched. 2, Voig. Sched. 3, Vol.a. Sct,ad. 4, Vols. Sched. 5, Vole. ~ Sched. 6, Vols. Sched. 7, Vols. .1966 Vols. Washington, D. C. 0 ~r- atr±c+.~~ f 7 0 :- 0 n 0 0 6 2 7 3
Page 894: tvk78d00
.._~.._, .-. . 7zC-1 >VL~.~~..U 1: ~" , C_? 3) c /-~; 7..:Z) ~ arly_ production of sclf b anccelcry (A ~ I. SANDWl:LL A~;I7~kk1~~~/~"`~7~ Sto:Luri ;t l~~~tts~ I; rrtri~ncutaf flortlrt:'frtrr Station '7'I'HE supcriur quality of thc tclf blaachinp cclcry raricty Iathom BIanchinG has been proved over a number of } caa in trisls carried aut ctt sevc; ai Lxp:rimc nta; Horticulture Stations. It has not however bcen rm rded-as an carly varict}•. It was reported froni Sto,l;bricl~c House (i95o) that Iathom Blanching does not lend itself to earl}• crops uccause ot poor tslancltir•g until after mut-Aui;ust, but it has the a3vwitu;c of producing solid sticks with little waste and in addition seems to be fairly resistant to bacterial soft rot. 'fhc best early varieties, in ; particul;m Gc+kicn Sclf Iaanchin;, havc provcd.vzry susceptiblc to this trouble s and furihcnnure in some seasons have produccd a high percentage of bolters. L.athom I;lancaing on the other hand has produced fcw bolters. Bolting in celer}• is gcnera!ly considered to be duc to the subjection of yotsng plants to low temperatures. Shoemaker (tg$3) reported that bolting is mainly due to exposure of young plants to a temperatur;c of between -z and 1o°C and that the amount of bolting increases as &c ,neri,~ 3 ?. ~ b A t~ n A n 4 0 6
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50272 8402 --1-"-'- , Ref. Wood and Related Product3 II, Sched. 2, v. 2. 11J 6081 United States Tariff Cos:iRsion n 0 6 ~~ n n. 0 0 ,6 2 1. 8 StJ14tAfiT,ES 4F Ti~Ar1. l'.:iD TA.r.xFF Ti,I1pOVIATIOIJ, PREPA:~.ED 114 TE:,?:SS QF T'.-iE iAP.IFF SGHEDL'L.ES 0I? THE UNITED STA'xES (TSiJS).Sched.1,, Volo. Schcd. 2, Vols. Sched. 3, Vola. Sched. 4, Vols. Sched. 5, Vo1s. Sciied. 6, Vole. Sched. 7, Vols: 1966 Vols. uashinEton, D. C. C> 1
Page 896: tvk78d00
r, .liood-l,u.lp... k.._ _... ~._. ..........-"..~._...._ ... _ .-..~. ... r.e..r.':+::Y..~~.:.1' v 50272- 8407 Casey, James P ;915- Pulp aund paper: chemistry- and chemicnl technology. New York, Interscience Publisliers,1052. 2 v. (xxiii, 140:i p.) illus. 24 cm. Rihlio,grnphical footnotes. CorTF-Nrs.--v. 1. Pulping and paperma:cing. v. 2. Properties of paper and converting. Corollary reading (p. 1351) 1. Paper making and trade. 2. Wood-pulp. i. Title. TS1105.C29 ~ 676 51-13782 rev Library of Congress (r52k3) ..~..T.'.e+t..~~..!e~T~TF-: . . . .. .. . . . ^r.T!V.'_!.. . ... ., .. , ` - . [ . . . .. 1 , lJ i7 f) -t ) n 0 0
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50272 8405 <: I r, ,.. . wOCd-iUlF• . TS - 1C80 C "~.: ~.+.,.-.......: ~-.::a:..d v Con3dian NZp and Fbp9r Associstion. 2schnic.al Soction. Fort2eth'nnna»7. R89tlI1(;o January ?.7-29, 1°54 MAntrRalp 2%rI{f43, G s G4 470 p.28 cm. ~ D c f l c ~ ~ 0 ..•..,e~~ , 0 ;, --) :p n U 0 6 2
Page 898: tvk78d00
50272 8412 M ~~ .~i....t a.,.....~.7.,r.~ of t~•.: '~i:.. StiJ f::a~ ~~, A~.` ~_.,.u..,a ...r.........v...i:rJ .'3.. Cv:^.i i.Tn..• . ..... ......... . vo 2 3 cr?: l;C.t't;:F. S+.£r.: 4~s: .'si1~i3.,rC H! Z C.:>rA, 0 ~ .. . --,m•-.-~..~-~- .-.;~. " 7 C1. o. .n. P . Cl. 62
Page 899: tvk78d00
Wood-pulp. Witham, George Strong, 1860-1939. t INfodern pulp ancI paper making, a rract.ical treatise. 2d ed. By G. S. Wilhann, sr. New 1 ork, Reinhold publishing corporation,19f2. 2 p. 1., 7-705 p. tncl. tllus., ti:bIcs, dingrs., fonns, fold, p1, 233 cm. , 1. Wood-pulp. 2. Paper maktng and trade. r. Tttle. TS1105.1VSs- 1942 ., 676 42r-499S Library of Congress ( 152W1l . _ . .. . .. . . . . ~ I rl ~ U G;? ~ 7 0 t) 0 0
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50272 8401 • , --- ~=:i~::~~.rac.•r'.i....«u...,::y:_~....,..~.,-,...._.•...._.+,.:.:v•..;......_.~~. -`.~...~-.~r..........._...~.... Wood and heiated ProducCs I, Sched. 2, v. 1. ... 6081 Un United Stiat*a Ta.if: Cwmaissian SUM?.F.IES 0? TItP.gR MD TAR1K? Xh?a0:1`iMJH, PRBPAF,RD M TRP.>?i UF UiE iARXPF SCHiMUL1;3 0? ~ THE U::YTLD SI'AIM; (TS'JS).Sched..L, VoIE. Sched. 2, Vols. SchcG. 3, Vols. Sche a. 4, Vo3s. Sct,ect. 5, `lol--•. Sched. 6, Vo1s. Sched. 7, Eo?H. 1966 Vols. Wavlhingron, D. C. . ~} ~ r~ ~r3 0 0 6 ^ 7 7
Page 901: tvk78d00
{: 50272 8414 Browning, Bertie Lee, 1902- ed. The chemistry of wood. New York, Interscience lishers,1863. x, fs89 P. Ulu$. 24 cm. Includes bibliographies. Pub- L Wood--Chomlatry. r. Title. TA421.B7 Idbrary of C'•onSrais ` ~ c7-11 n 0 0 6. ?... 9 tl a
Page 902: tvk78d00
~ ~ i; 9 ~ 0 0 u '0 ~ : ~ ~;.:r..~..~.:.~ - .~,~~.....~...::.... ~.:~:..~.:::::. -ctJi}trvvtaA .$C, ~tYi(.VriJY G:'~M'~',lYt: 1:.I:~q! t 0 dTna-•pooM 60Tt SS 1 ' 90tt8 ZLZOS
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50272 8409 ~ a.t-.~~.......~au ...-.:..-.s....~.~...ar~......~. 411w.!LL...~.fw.s ..-...-_.. - -....rwrr.~..-.........wK.l J_ ~ Wood-pulp. - ~ TS Joint Textbook Committee of the Paper Industry of the 1105 United States and Canada. ' J Pulp and paper manufacture. I'repared under the dircjc- tion of the Joint Executive Committm on Vocational Lducn- tion Representing the I'ulp and Paper Industry of t:ne United States and Canada. J. Newell Stephenson, editor- in-chief. 1st ed. New York, bicGraw-Hi11,1950- . v. inus. 24 cm. '' new series of four books based on the 3d edition of volumes m, iv, and v of lits, 'Tho manufacture of pulp and paper."' Includesblbltograptdea. (over ) QoNTENTS.--v. 1. Preparation & treatment of w ood pulp. 1. Paper making and trade. 2. Wood-pulp. • i. Stephenson, J. Newell, ed. IL Title. ... TS1105.JG5 676 51-9G49 Ubrary of Congress j3(h
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50272 8398 tJood ~~'a par i S1;3ppiljg Centa in^i-oj A&ie slve ti Cei lulose, ~sathvr, Ca se; n, pt. 6, 11359 Suph] . American Society for Testing Materials. Book of A. S. T. lt. standards including tentatives. 193J- Philadelphia. v. In illus., plates, dingrs. 24 cm. Triennial (1944 and 10,16 biennial) with supplements issued In the Intervening years. Formed by the union of Its Book of A. S. T. 11. standards and Its Boolc of A. S. T. AL. tentative standards. , , Title varies slightly. Cover title, 1~J.`iJ- : A. S. T. M. standards. Issued 1039-45 In 3 pts. a year; 104C-44 In 5 pts.; 1949- iIn 6 pts. 1. Fn^ineering-Soc•ietieR, etc. 2. \Iaterials-Testing. TA401.AG53 Li.brlr,• of Congress J5')r:,1us10j 40-10i 12* U b c~ t~ n0 0 6 P. 7 4
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71 11 s.p. 50272 8382 RP-713 Role of Cell-wall-degrading Enzymes in the Development of Leaf Spots Caused by Ascochyta pisi and Mycosphaerella pinodes An„. Dot. as, 45r-74, =97t MICHELE C. HLATHt and Department of Botany and Plant Technology, hnperial Collcae, London, S.TI! 7 Date received: S May 1970 .ABSTRaCT Extracts of limited and spreading lesions caused by 11ycosphaerella pinodes on detached pea leaflets contained protcolytic, cellulolytic, and rectol}tic enzymcs although only in spreading lesions was there much degradation of cell walls. The brown tissue from limited ltil. pinodes lesions was resistatit to maceration by enzymes from spreading lcsions. Limited lesions contained water-soluble, 95 per cent ethanol insoluble, partially dia)-sable, inhibitors of pectin trans- climina;c which is probably the m:uerating cnz.:nc. GTccn, spreading 111L pinodcs lesions developed only on lcaIIi ts floating on water. Growth of thesc lesions was accompanied by continotts loss of phenolic substances to the water while the phenol content in infected tissue remained similar to tint in uninoculated controls. In contrast, the phenol content in matnrc, limited Al. pi,zod:s lesions on leaflets suspcndcd just above the water level was about four times that in hcalthy tissue. It is suggested that loss of phenolics front-flc:ating !eaActs-pr::ver:ts-tissuc--#:row::i-ng-and the d^.•,.t^ : n~.^.•.* r • ~ ~~ ~..a./v~ I/• Va al°Jlstanl~4 01, tll{ l.l:~l «•alls to maccration. 13ut this t)"pe of rc,c',~tancc does not appear to be a majorfactor in the 1inlitatfan of'It•sitStjs o(t)husj~-nd4d tisspe. i i a
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1969 2 Vo7.n. ::cGruw--liill 13oor Compzny New York Q 6 0 :0/l 0 0 6 2 9 1 _Wood Pulp---Chemistry Pj,/.;/rlacdonald, Ronald G. / t . rtn.P AJdD PAPER ;fANUFACTURS:-Vo1. 1.-The Pulping of Wood. Vol. 2-Contro l, Scscondary Fiher, Si:rz:cturr.]. Board End Coating, by jconaia V. lltzccionaid a^.a ,7oiin N. 'rraiiKi3_:L
Page 907: tvk78d00
~ .. + is Woed.•pu1p. •. 502?-2 8403 ~ iio5 , ~ ^,alkin, Jo1u1 13urgess, 790-i-- Modern pulp and paper making. 3d ed. rev. and edited by John B. Calkin. Previous editions by George U. Witham, Sr. New York, Reinhold Pub. Corp. i19571 b49 p. Illus. 24 cm. Includes bibliography. 1. wood-pulp. 2. Paper making and trade. t. Witham, George Strong, 1SGl>-1J39. 2%Iodern pulp and paper making. ii. Title. TS1105.C25 1957 676 57-7635 j ` ..: ,.1 Libro ry of Congress t101 . . . . _. .. . , .. . .. , , - .a.. :I .y
Page 908: tvk78d00
/ cr% o% on 0 N N O ~ , WOOD, V.6/SY:ITHFTIC PRODUCTS, t'.G/PAPF.RMNCIFr: ARU TRAIIE=TEG'f'•C1TUOGY&V.b / FIBF.RS, A.`fI"J1L,V.6/FIT,F•RS, SYKTPF.TtC, V.6/FARRICS,V.6/FIEERS,VErETABLE,V.6/ PLASTICS,V.6/ POLY`+ERS AND POLY`tERIZATION,v.6/POLYVI\'YL CHLORIDE;V.6/ . /TEXTILES, V.6/ REF CNtMCAL TECfiNOLOCY : AN ENCYCLOPEDIC TREATltENT. T? 'IUe.Econoaic Application of r:odern Technological Developments Based upon 9 a vork originally devised by the late Dr. J. F. van Oss. Ch GeneraZ Editor ~73 Volurre o-~oJ:p~per.(adil~iM +~e~P~'~~'1973 T.J.W. van Thoor ~ I11111! tiEWYORK B!~ ,ti gARNES& NOBLE BOOKS (a divisiun of Harper 8c Row Publishers. 1; _.: ~ .•.~-..--.---. - . ..... 0 6 n 0 n(t n b 2 7 S X--~ '
Page 909: tvk78d00
50272 8413 ; • ~.: (deut4euedo3 Qest eurd)-- 32-18230* i Wood-pulp--Bilb1. - J TS Pulp and paper manufacture, bibliography and United States 1080 patents. T New York, Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper : Industry. v. 23 cm. annual. I'reviously issued annually In the society's Technical association papers and in the Paper trade journal. Title varies: 1931, I3ibliq;raphy of paper making and United States patents on paper making and related subjects.-103 -37, tfibliography, of pulp and paper makingand United SUates patents on h:iper makiuo and related subjects.-1J3S-41. I'ulp and papermaking, bibliography and United States patents. Title on spine, 1931-53: Bibliography of papermaking and U. S. patents (varies slightly) . ~ 4~i U a n U U 6 2' #3 9 • . -,.
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; 73 II Re- ELECTRO` Y::CROSCOFYJ ~ 50272 8-419 s ~ . ~ . . WOODLtTRASTRUCTU ..nck ~ . ~ AN-ATLAS OF ELECTP,ON MtCROGRAPHSr'` . , . . . . . ~ ~ . , ~ By WILFRED A. COTE, JR. UNlVERS1TY OF WASHINGTON PRESS Seattle and London ._. ~_,...,.Q.,. v -x---- ._~-r....;~..-...,.Y.,.._......._-,. 0 t3 6 () 0 n 0 0 6 ?9 1; i
Page 911: tvk78d00
BUILDINC/ , - 50272 8394 .€ By L. O. ANDEIIS:)`+i, Engineer Forest Prociucts Laboratory--- Forest Service U.. S. DEYAIiTiIF.:tiT OF AGRTC:iJLTliRF . _~. Agrieulture Handbook No. i3 • Revised July 1970. For sale by the 5uperintendent of Bxunieatf.. U.S. Co.ernment Printing OAece Wash:ngtoi. D.C., 20-i02--Pricr, bl.:5 l , j ..F..,. .~- -„- . ..~ ~ :..t.~,.--~. r.- ,,..,. - ...~.....,,.r.. -..,~ ..,.-, ..~, _. ~ ._.. _.__ ....._ r ~, _..,.~...,._ ..._.. ~ ,,. . tl .~ , ~ 0 n 0 p 6 2 ? ' 11
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75 XI Wo ADVERTISING/TOBACCO--ADVERTISItJ,:!PADIO BROADCASTING--ADVERTISING/ 0272 8426 TELEVISION--ADVERTISING/ ' RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 75 XI Wo Smith, F. L. (Connors St. Coll.,_Warner, Okla.; North Tex. St. Univ., Div. Radio- TV-Film, Tex. , U. S. ) THE CIGARETTE COMMERCIAL BAN: A PATTERV FOR CHANGE. Quart. Jour. Speech 60 (No. 4) 431-41 (1974) (in English) *1975, No. 5, W 1446* *d* Tobacco economics: , 0 t) ( j o n ii 0 6 .-l! 0 2 z
Page 913: tvk78d00
50272 PART 22 Adhesives .-,, :WpQd~ : 1 ; L--- Intludes s(a.adards of: Comn,ittea 0•7 or. Wood 0•14 on Adhestves Mu 530.00 01•022074•45 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATGRIAIS 1918 Raca St.. Philad.tphia. Pa. 19103 _.._ ~, ..:. 8416 4 . . . . • . . . ' - ' 1 -~.'OOD--AS1'~i STAP3 .. DARDS/ADHESXVES--STANDARDS , ., ..:.... ~«_».~... 4..._ . _ _ ~ .~ .._....r..._.. ~ .~,. .. __...:~..._.,'. ~. A N N' mul A ~. .E: 0 0 K OL,° ' ~ ~. ~ ~ AS`~'M S~'f~ ~~ DAE~ ~~` ~~ I
Page 914: tvk78d00
50272 8410 I TS 1080 M : t,bod3pul.g. Maine. University. University of AIaine lectures on pulp and paper manufac- ture, edited by Lyle C. Jenness and John Lewis. New York, Lockwood Trade Journal Co. i1951- .`. ~ cl v. illus., ports. 30 cm. Series 2 has title: University of Maine industrial lectures on pulp and paper manufacture. Includes bibliographies. • ' 1. Wood-pulp. 2. Paper making and trade. i. Jenness, Lyle Clayton. 1iln0- ed. tt. Lewis. John.191R- ed. TS10SO.DI~i3 676 51-62134 rev Lil,rary of Congre s p•.;3e j ~ ' . . . . . . ~ `. .
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50272 84-18 CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS--HANDBOOK/ ~/~ ~~ / OILS,~VFCETABLE/OILS, EDIBLE/FATSI~COKE AND SELECTEDyCOAI. CHEMICALS/ JIRON irvSSEEL INDUSTRY, CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES COMMON TO THE/WOOD & PULP CHEMICALS/ PAPER IN'OtJSTRY, CHEMTCAL SUBSTANCES MANUFACTURED IN THI:/FERTILIZER INDUSTRY, CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES MANUFACTURED IN THE/POLYMERS & POLYMERItATION--TOXICITY/ REF tvTOXIC SUBSTANCES CONTROL,ACT (TSCA) • Q 123 PL 94-469 Un 1977 . ~ CANDIDATE LIST OF rr~ CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES~ !~o-~• I LzG•~i v~'~ ~~C. ~~~') 14N ADDENDUM jt(pc.) j T~ (lC.) /57 1 Chemical Substances of Unknown or Variable Composition, 1C. Complex Reaction Products and Biological Materials //Pr~ L /9 1' 7, March 1978. _ ./U S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Toxic Substances r ' h[ast}ing~pnODC~ 20460 u / r . '11~
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50272 8425 ! Ru l ~ i .'3 61 r' a QP ~i~d~t~~fT~11`e~ t3~~~Autt,or) _ .1 ~ Library of Concress Ruch, Theodore Cedric, 1906- AIourophysiology ~by, Theodore C. Ruch lar.d other.nl 2d ed, Philadelphia. Saunders, 1965. xiv, 538 p. lllus. 27 cm. "Reprlnted from Physiology and blophystcs, 19tv edl;!on of Ilowel:- Fulton Textbook of physiology. Edited by Theodore C. Ruch ... and Harry D. Patton." Includea blbltographles.~ 1 1. Nervous system. r. Title. ~ QP355.R8 1965 612.8 < .- 17-1] 65-25647 7 0. (")On nO c, 63n t
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50272 8428 TOBACCO--Sf40KING--SOCIAL COST/TOBACCO--St.10KING--Pua1-IG / _.. ~.i.f l N(5as C?,R-7"-4 c-oC ~)c ^~~ "x -79--X.L Unj-81 ` ` RJR CIA SS NO. PAMPHLET 79 XI Unl-81 (Univ. Canterbury, Dep. Econ., Christchur , N. Z.) COST-BENEFIT A NALYSIS OF CONSUMER POLICY• FRAMEWORK AND CRITIQUE. Analysis Consumer Policy, conf., paper, Wniv. Pa., Wharton Appl. Res. Cent., Philadelphia, Pa., 62 p. (May 18-19, 1981) (in Eng is • Smoking mentioned. Cost-benefit analysis is conventionally viewed as an aid to efficient resource allocation in the public sgctor. Regulatory proposals can be evaluated using the principles of cost-benefit analysis. Successful proposals vill be those which can be shown to generate a potential Pareto-improvement in economic welfare.... 7 o.5 a 0 n o ~~~ 0 A
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•3 '.K Oa:U.^.A t`sr'"iwd XajY'tv!a 0 45ivj Z9 .7~3 li. cifl .:.^!da'i f"lOMA Vri \L.adi'T tiVX '"Ir1Y lJ ££b8 ZLZOS b96T
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50272 8383 76 IIi Ru Philos- Magazine 2~., 24 -~"61(1 1 .' , f9Lo»~ ~}ec~t- Wares. ~ ~XXV ( I, Focul Isola~'on o , , i ' ,. By H. IvsLNS a»coOI l ~~. ~ rPHE isolation of very lon~ : heat;-waves, which is usually accom lislied" b selective multi le reflexions ltest- ; ~ strablen jnethod). can be accomplis11e1 also by selective A4- hki d A R b nass sc ens an u refra,ction. It was shotn n in 1899 by . that it was possible to separate very long beat-waves from the radiation ot' an incandescent sonrce by means of quartz prisms • of small angle *. This inethod, involvin ; the use of a speo- trometer, did not however prove to t.e very efficient, on account of the large loss of energy, and the isolated radiation disappeared almost entirely if a quartz plate of any con- siderable thickness was interposed in the patL of the rays. " , •. The ' metl:od which will be presently described is free from these objections, and has enabW us {o obt;dn beat- waves 'ot' areater m1vc;-length than any hitherto observed nnd with sufficient intensity to make accurate meisurements U•'=aof i itht;'tr f~ro~ertlc!s6possiblie. 9 Like the other method, it depends upon the selective refraction of qu:irtz, the sej:ara- , ,*i.... L ...:r+.. 1.. .r.nnac_nLjnr±c-_n2 rlntC/il'!~T- ---
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•t.~auLJ-" -l.Ul, lU1\L/ L Lf1lv 1 %.1'.LLJ CY 11JJU2.'J--UULj T03.1CC0--EN'LYMI:,ACTTVITY/ . , . - . , . . .., . . , t- -- , . , . :79 VI Wo 'RTR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 VI Wo. j : j ~' ydlM~t7; Pomerantz, A.' H.; Binns, A. N, t tillfrey, V. -G, ; Braun, A.C. ' 50272 8374 (Rockefeller Univ., New York, N. Y., U. S,) : ,. INHIBITION OF MAMMALIAN PROTEIN KINASE AND PHOSPHt1DIESTERASE'ACTIVITTES •~ BY. A.CYCLIC AMP-LIKE COMPOUN