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Page 1: mfb88d00
. . Carboayl Compounds ~ Patai, Saul (e:itor) Tt'«.E e'MISI'jY G'r TliE CARoJ:dYL GROUP (Chemistry of Functional Groups) 1966 1027 pages Intnrscience (Wiley) London I
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QD Csrbcnyl Ce*rq;q un3s-a.lnulysis 305 petai, Sau: (ee-iti~r) Pa T-14.p, C:'-Ol-!:3Ti:Y OF 't"tlF. C:1.'iBQaYL GROUP (Che~i.:$-trj cf F:cnC:iuz.a? Grcups) 1966 1027 Psge~ Interscience (Wiley) London i / I
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,.- Yara~bOpJ.~ C~~o~mrd.js--t_sicity ~ TiIE Ci?EMISTRY OF T^dE CIutB0.3YL GF20IiP (Chemistry Of Puncr.ianal Groups) 1966 1027 pages Interacience (Wiley) London 0
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_.__.._... .: .....i:..'....`-i-.'.t1.:~r,...:~.~.ia~- ...~....r _._~.~....w~~.,_ __`~-. ......__. Csrbor>,yl cclapounds.. QD Henecka, Hans, 1903- 305 Chemie der Beta - Dicarbonyl - Verbindungen. Berlin, g Springer, 1950. •1, 409 p. dtagrs. 25 cm. (Organische Chemte In EtnzeIdarstet lungen,4) Bibliographical footnotes. 1. Carbonyl compounds. r. Title. ( Serles) QD305. A6M 547.6 50-56265 Library of Congress -" 12, •- . ~-. . - . ~ I
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{5o256 5004 -~--~.~ Po~~7rR~~RRa'0lYi~:. G'eDie~IP~4t~'1?.r ~/ot~p ~G~A~/Je~1J ` . /'~ A r f R RA+T t~(L~ tf I C/'E /f~/~"L1141~/=~/JcL/S Ieo R0i~N7"„l •-Cf~0sV~, F~fl r~'R A~YT~ -~ I~oDl~~ I 71-16,67A THOl41S, Carolyn Patricia Wallace, 1943- CARBOltYL CO:S?OSITION OF CHICKEK (GAL'_CS 7P3 70 rk DOMESTICUS) At7D TUKY.EY (ltELEAGRIS G;L:,.':AYO) SKIN. The Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D., 1970 Food Technology University Microf ilms. A XEROD(Company. , Ann Arbor. Michigan 0 2 q 5 9'b i I 1 t j
Page 6: mfb88d00
Be1cher, F'onald SL'BMICi',O Nyi:^::S OF ORc:A::IC Wa3.YSIS 1956 l.?3 p. EIsevier i'ublis;zicg Co. Arsterdzn % 1%
Page 7: mfb88d00
50256 5015 i..-..r...~..~~.~.~..Y~~._~..-.~._.~~........~.4...~. ._.~__.__~.....-..t..v.w. -.a+ QD 305 Pa Carbonyl Cowipounds--Syntheslw Patei, Saul (editor) THE C:irMIaT'.tY OF I.:E CAP.SO.dYL GR-3lJ? (Chemistry of Functional Groups) 1966 1027 pages Intarscience (Wiley) London 0 1 0 t t~ 0 tl 0 2 4 o 0 1
Page 8: mfb88d00
QD 305 Tr 1975 /SULFUR COMPOUNDS/ SYNTHESIS, ORGANIC/ /REAI2RADIGEMLNTS(CHEMISTRY) / CARBONYL CO11TOi3NDS/ Su.~ u~~ ~'~ides Aw Emerging Synthetic Intermediates Barry M. Trost Lawrence S. Melvin, Jr. Thif $ Vodume )I ot `OjtGANIC CtlEM1STRY ~'k~;~, ~r m, OC-pn, Editoas: ALFRED T. BIOMQUlsT • .nd HARRY H. WASSERMAN . a !
Page 9: mfb88d00
50256 5021 78XRe1 S. P. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Research & Development Departments, Science Information Division CARBONYL SULFIDE(COS)- Chemical Abstr. ref. on biological properties, and ar?lysis of. A collection of material January, 1978 U 1a o n a ;~ 4 6 0 !
Page 10: mfb88d00
457 Carbony3 cor.ipounds--T_nf rared spectroscopy. I C Colthup, P,o=an B. IL`iROLL'CTION TO Ih'F'IIAM A2D RA24A.N SP=CSCGF'Yp by CQlthup, IkOYran B.; Lawrence H. Daly; baad Stephen E. 6tiber2wy, 1964 511 pp. Academic Press fiev York
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Page 12: mfb88d00
50256 5019 S ilbGrste:in, Otroar THEORIeS OF ODOR PERCEPT(qN AS RE[ATEO To TNE pEVELOPp1EtrT OF 003FJTrYL McTHOpg FOR MEASVRIIe fLAVOR. CARfiONY4 FGAVpRrNG CON- STi.TUENTS OF SOnE VEpErAr3LES, r,enera 1 Discua»ton and 9umm~rT r ly~; The91s (Ph. D) Corrtel l University, 1953. PP • 36-4.t .
Page 13: mfb88d00
._..~-~.-~--- - - 50256 5013 QD 305 Pa _.._..,.._ ~a._.~ .:..__.~.. Carbonyl Cc_.uotLn4R--?eacti.on4 Pattsi., sauX (e=titor) ;xE C'_ :aIST!tY e:' CARt-joiiiT. G..o:)r tps) (Chemistzy of Furcwiar.al C.oL i966 1021 p•seNs Intexscience (,4! 1ey) :ondou I U I n 0 no 24 , 9 v
Page 14: mfb88d00
50256 5014 t v. l.. Carbunyl cmpounds--Rc~actiens Kr.r.ds:, Irving n:?! ?~,:;~C S%C.i-IH£S;S VT-~. t!?•ZAL CRR ;otm,S, Vol. 1, by Z rving 4znder and Yi3ro Pin:.. 1969 517 pPges Interacienc,a (H11ey) New York .-..-~..-p-.,.. _ U 1~ i (~ tl i t :~ Ai o i~ 0
Page 15: mfb88d00
Carbonyl co~,poa»cls--Deoxygenation AuS•sstiaa, R. L. (ed.) P.EDIJCTIOa, TLCHNIQiJ2S AND A?PLICATIONS LY ORGANIC SYNTUESIS 1968 ~ 242 Pages 2farcel Dalcksr, Inc. ; Nex York % . \ i : I
Page 16: mfb88d00
TxrnAvrlr.F,S!' rARRnNYI. rn'~!Pf1U'~i11S/ f .. 50256 5002 Adv. Carhohvd. rhen. Ric+chem. 15 311-4Q(197D) ~ --- - -. . - , - - , 7$ III Ko ~ r REACTIONS OF TREE~ UCAIiS WITII AQUEOUS A11iMONIA• s By M. J. KoKT Department of Chemtslr{l, (Inicersfty of Natal, Pielerrnaritzhurg, and Sugar MlllinR Research Inslitute, DurLan, South Africa 1. in trcxluctinn ............................................................ 311 II. Products Ol,tainr•d ........................ ........................... 312 ~ Ill. Isolation of I'laducts, and Prnhortions Obtaincd .......................... 328 IV. Nfccllanism ...........................................:..........:...... 332 1. Lubry de iltuyn-Alherda van Ef~cnstein Transfonnation ................. 332 2. Formation of C:lycosylamines and Aminodeoxy Sugars ....... ............ 333 3. Fragmentation Mechanism ............... ............................. 340 4. Saccharinie Acids ...................................................... 341 5. Reaction of Uicarbonyl Compounds with Ammonta ..................... 344 8. Fission of Reducing Sugars In Alkalin:. Solution ........................ 343 . 7. Imida;,.ole Formation ................................................. 347 8. Recombination of Sugar Fractions ..................................... 348 • , - . 1%6
Page 17: mfb88d00
.` N Carbonyt Coapo+inds--Oxidation . :-PctAit Saul (editor) THS CItFNISTRY OF TIiF CARE021YL GRQLP (Chemistry uf Functional Groups) 1966 1027 pages Interacience (Wiley) London io ,.
Page 18: mfb88d00
n 1 av Z 0 U Qv 1 0 C-''_ ~;-_...Yu • •---'--_ L~!,~ -•1• ~.Zw Y(~sv t1y1 P.!Y~1 F~• ^(\K./ .._.,..... ~.... ..__.Zs~..~~ ~.QZ ~ TI•Y sR (596T)` saxaTdmoo cmTueTTEd 90 aouasaxd a42 UT suox3TPt1o3 Za~~ bZOS 9SZOS ain=pzadu~W PT'Ffr' Ie suF3aiU ;o t+oTIk(I.uoa=V.,) ! - Y1t
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Page 20: mfb88d00
50256 5017 ~ VI CA.RBOIN1L COi;rj":I':t'Ji7S IN 5'ri5 OILS FROU "r'LL'.:.-:, ,;•Ar;GO. S'.rav, w' 1zi.l, t3. J. mQi Flhi'.•CI~a:~ iC"3•CCOj iq S.r.ta. G, :. imwwv Rs Le S,er13r-3p and S. A. WeyY•.; +1. 2:orth Guro13.na State Collogo ;obica-3 Reprint S©Mos rlo. 86. Rapxintod C--cnt :oheeco (U. S. ) 7.5.3 (Co. 1.2) 20-23 (2obacco Science 1,s 1'7;1-51)_(a960) U ~b 0 (l G 24 6 0 3
Page 21: mfb88d00
I A;i'J: '. S A .; J~i1~g0• V. 1-1. ~ ~ Iq~9'o3~ 19'05' 1TG4 H. J. M31cu-3 atd A. Gv C-i~a;7a9 aco, Acs3enic Press Ssu 7czk U f+3 Q(l (? 2 4 6 1 5
Page 22: mfb88d00
50256 5025 I CAR80WLIEi.t;VG VON A.LEYI::E:1 uEI MILDEN TE:1; GFv1TL1E8EDI~',T 2:G~I~~ II3 GEGE:Y1,'ART V0'i PALLI.DIU;3 iC^MPLEXEa Oi,tCler, K. cL~~:....._.IY!' ~Ila- Vti:.'?. jca at ::i.'.d T:._^srr-t,,ra ft`^rh^^-r"t.ntlr_.a of (??.Ff iss thg FteFance r.i FaI:.t,:l:.vs Cca?.cLcj) (~J K. DiLtitZl'. N. V. K43CE?O%7, D. 8::d ;:. ::?19 .•.n;;ew. Chcm. 80 (ao. 9),_353-358, f°-xv 7. 3.,58) z~
Page 23: mfb88d00
i,arbonyl cocripounds--Gas chrc~ciatos~.~ph;y' a Jnmil~ Jonea, L. A. F',ASS E'dCHANGE METFiL'D FOR OUAhTITATIL'B CAS G?i.CMViTCGRAPHIC AiZALYSIS OF ALIP',iATIC r.ARLO11%'YLS FRO?i THLZR 2,4-D:.NITRCPHE.WLHYDRAZOIP-S, by L. !.. Jones and R. J. Monroe. North Carolina State of the Univ. of iiorth Carolina at Raleigh, TohrYco Reprint Series No. 189. , Anal. Cham. 37• 935-38 (JuAe 1965) 1,. I 4
Page 24: mfb88d00
50256 5020 73 81 R / X e- S.P. t-iuman Kesponses to 2 Jour, or Occupational Med. 15(3) 306-307 (1973) process or application. These materials vary from phosphate esters through heavy metals to aromatic diaminis. Since the scope of this presentation deals only with isocyanates, all these toxicologically variable chemicals in isocyanate systems and products are in small enough quantity that their presence offers no real hazard This Is not true when industries blend raw chemicals into system mixtures. A)As MtheAhocyanates rer se, the larger Isocyanate Exposure William A. Rye, M.D. Isocyanates as volatile reactive chemical compounds have been ne- ported to be responsible for toxic responses in workers exposed to the material and its fumes.''K Responses are primarily associated with the respiratory system, but have involved the skirt As the use of isocyanates increased, reports multiplied but experience has modified r sorne of the earlier concepts. The multiple uses of the compounds, their ph sica` chu ct~ tics n er~~ ap~ phtatiohs, ahH intlbstri~ hyi e Fffo `irts tn .~rrnla~~ q~ppqrr.,~ 1o tO~~•//asw+c.a ISOCYANATES/TOXICITY--CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS CARBONYL FLUORIDE/ h 1,4;tl-, , c,c. 1i . .e a is necessary for exposure response cur. Other considerations are incr volatility with temperature rise rapid hydration and dissipation of i in high humidity. It is possi i estimate reasonably the exposure 1 of a process using isocyanate pounds on the basis of volatilin saturation curves. If this estimatic dicates that fumes will occur, prot measures should be installed to c the breathing zone of the worke t m ecu r weight of thM iuKyanate ~_volved. If the breathing zone in n.wc t.M 'A--" ''"-
Page 25: mfb88d00
j QD 1 305 Carbc+nylati_on I Fa ~ `~n ~alba, Jurnsa , C CAi'J17:3 aJ::0:tI0"' Iil Q'.,GA':I :970 Nsv Xork Sptir.Aer=dcrla:~ 219 pa ;as 50256 5022 tj ,*-k-j 0 Ii () 2 4 6 0 6
Page 26: mfb88d00
T 50256 5030 IMIIvES/CAREn1CAMIDt':EAT.'f' tVL'iIS?Rl1IAA1IDES/AMIDII3IUM SALTS / PYRIDIHIU`4 SALTS/ - ' / ADVANCES IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: Methods and Results QD E. C. TAYLOR, Editor 251 Ad 1979 Edited by Iminiuzn Salts in H. BbHME Organic Chemistry UniversititMarburE/Lahn,Gcrman) Part 2 H. G. VIEHE Universite de Louvain, Bebtiuri . An Interscience a Publication f-t JOHN WILEY dc SONS New York • London • Sydney • Toronto Id k 0 1o -0 n 0 24 6 1 6
Page 27: mfb88d00
N ~ ~ ~ N 0 74 X ruI e U { i7 ~ n 7 ~l 7 ~ :~ _ #3 T03ACCt?--~:'.GKI'~'G -CAT:T30;7 ':"Ql4'YiJr)E COYTF.fiT (?I' RLOOn/ CTrhP. TOBACCi)/ TOBAi.('.0--»SPiOKE--CAP,,'i0N 2d0;~0XIL's/~;AR50 Ns/~;AR50N MOiIOXiI)T:-=-t3L00n/ - P.JR CLASS NO. P:Vf?'iILI:T 74 \ Rul Russell, i•t. A. li. (Institute I'sychintry, Lor.don, Gt. Brit.) BLOOD CA.RBO:CYiI~,J's`-:OCL08IR C11A'VGES DL'IZIhG TOBACCO SMAKING. Postgrad. 1•icd. Jour. 1973 (tio. 49) 684-87 (Oct. 1.973) (i.n English) ,~1974, No. 12, ld 4810* *d* Tobacco medicine:
Page 28: mfb88d00
1 C\ I -, 1 t)),( At : < V %'.21 Av~. 1972 , Notes a ..~,/ . Addition of Picolyl Artio - to a,¢-Unsaturatcd Ccrbonyl Derivatives (1) . Y 3 Ronald F. Borne and Hassan Y. A6ou[-Enein (2) School of Pharmacy, University of !1licsissippi University, \tissicsippi 3867 7 Received March 17, 1972 933 As part of a study designed to cl +rify the structural and a signal at 1715 cm-t eorre,pondina to the unsaturated conformatioual requirements for cholinergic activity of carbonyl group while the addition products contained a pilocarpirie through the synthesis of rlerivativcs of type 3, peak at 1740-1745 em-t for the saturated kelone. The .-..ihe NlP•Irael rnnricr-ation of 2- and 4•picohyl anion, to nmr spectra and elertrental analyses were consistent with I i1 0 0 iJ ~ 4 ~ 0 4
Page 29: mfb88d00
I'7 ;;5: f;TAi IOtJS -••UI I1'FYSITY 50256 5033 0: CAL ~.:'u :IdTr:/r F TJS f Ci~F~Sft:i'"fill:'.^,BIilJLOS ":~,I LT S/ CAc:,-Z)'N Tin;;!%I;Ii'iE--POLLUTI0i1%1UL'ACl;O--S:fO^INC--CE:I:i^ NACl;O--S:fO^INC--CE:I:i^N Pf0?:OXIDr: CONTEi?Y 0'r B?,t3Ojyf SMOKItiO AND I[EALi•fi/ AIR--POLLUTI " ' O ,d 1tA 576 Wi 1975 T5-2i,19a WILLIMS, Louise Anne, 1942- TNE EFFECT OF AIR PCLLUTIQN Cti 1 fJ{ DIPTh I<EIG1tT, Lhtversity of Californ'a, Los Angeies, Ph.D., t9/5 Ev~thro?;,to~y I : CifOX 1_!!l(v3rElty rt~'1Cfo:1ll77S, AnnAroor.Mlcntj.n<aty3 .f I 0 0 104 Q n 0 2 4 b 1 9 I .
Page 30: mfb88d00
50256 5028 ORGANM1:TALT.IC CO'TPOUNDS/ALKAT.T METALS/Xi'."ION COMPOU", DS/IfYTiRIDES/CARJ'.InES/ Tfi:TAI. NITRi11ES/RERYT.T.IUM CoMrnOUtiDS/MAC;NESTU"i OR('ANIC Cn`1POU'.VDS/STRONTIU`•(/ CALCTL,t/RARIU"i/BORO`J CO'fPOUfTDS/CARRORANF.S/ :UMItiT1`•i/GAT.LIUTt/I'QDIUNTHAi.LIUM/ SILICON ORGANIC COtitr'OllNnS/TIN COMPOUP,DS, 'JTIIESTS/f:ERtifA'vTUM/T.F.AT)/~fETALS/ CHEMISTRY. ORGA*IIC--MT:TALLIC MiPODNDS/ CHDiISTRY, ORGANIC--COLLECTED >:ORKS/ nn 11-Z, Ko' Y977 'ilpth P~li~l~ 1? (°i~ T f'P(`~ ~ -~ i _ h 0 p Editor-in-Chief Friedhelm Korte . !~~ ~.~~ ~ 1~ ~ ~ ~L A Critical Survcy of Proven Methods and Their Application in Chemistry, Natural Science, and Medicine V°lume' Main Group Elements and their Compounds Part A Group 0 to IVA Elements and their Compounds Acadcmic Press - New York - London - San Francisco 1977 Edited by C~r~Tlu~m~ P~bli~icrs S~uttbartll 4 Hans Zimmer I ~Kurt Niedenzu . r
Page 31: mfb88d00
50256 5026 81 111 Gr CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--HIGH PRESSURE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHYJ J. Inst. Brew. January-February, 19V Vo1. 86, pp. 35-41 ANALYSlS OF BEERICARBONYLS AT THE PART PER BILLION LEVEL BY COtlltitNF:U LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY AND H1GH PRESSURE LIQUID CHROMATOGttAPHY BY K. C;REENHOFF AND R. E. WHEEI.EE (Arthur Guinness, Son & Co. t,td, Park Royal, t.ondon NW I U) Received 24 June /Sk10 Carbonyl compounds have been lsolated from lager by low pressura distillation and recovered from the distillate as their 2.4-dinitrophenyihydrasona derivatives. The derivatives were subsequently separated Into four monocarbonyl class.s on a magnesia-silica gal column, and then each class re- solved by HPLC. This technique has proved to be sensitive to carbonyls In lager at concentrations below 0•1 ppb and shows a high degree of resolution. So far, twelve methyl ketones, eleven saturated aidshydes and eight alkenats have been separated. The content of both fresh and aged legers has been examined and changes In concwntration discussed In relation to their reported teste thresholds. Key words; beer, carbony4, HPLC, ageing. in this paper we describe our methods for the iaolation, il1TRODUCnON seeparation, and quantification of the afiphatic monocarbunyls present in fresh and aged lager and indicate the relative Examination of the literature reveals that investigations into importance of these compounds to the development of aged oxtdatton and stabng started over 40 years ago, and stnce then, flavour. much information on the formation of volatile compounds in ~ beer durin~age ing h1' be~n ob~Aine~. Ho eveh in he pfst .NR~ ( ( (J =~/ 1 ~ .~....__ __
Page 32: mfb88d00
50256 5045 , AIR--POLLUTION--HEALTH EFFECT/SMOKING AND HEALTH/`tORTALITY/ .,TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/CARBOXYHEItOGLOBIN/? RA 576 La 1977 Air Pollution and Human Health LESTER B. LAVE EUGENE P. SESKIN With the assistance of Michael J. ChaPpie Published for Resources for the Future By The Johns Hopkins University ;'ress Baltimore and London 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 4 6 3 1
Page 33: mfb88d00
50256 5047 IX Re2 77 Kosm. Bio AviaZ:osm. Med. 10, No.6, 62-66(1976) S.P. - THE CONTENT OFAREO:{YHE:W-L0F'IN IN%THE BLOOD AND CAR~iON :KONOXIDE IN THE E}MALED AIR AS P.F.LATED TO V.E CARPnN M0rOXTDE COP;CFNTA.ATION IN THE CHAIiBER ATMOSPHERE. By V. P. 'Savina, N. L. Sokolov and E.I.Nikitin 0 I t~ Q(1 t3 24 o:~ 3
Page 34: mfb88d00
50256 5040 , . . . - ~ TOBACCO--SMnriPv't'--CARDIOVASCULAR I;FFECTS/TCBA.CCO--.S`-fOKINC---}IEART, EI FFCT ON/ SMOKING AND i!EALTH/ TOI?ACCO--S::Oy,E--CARRON *tOPIOXIUE/" 76 X Da2 TJ:;tiCCO•--Si~OiiIivG--CARRO:d ?10h'O:IDL' CO::TL::T OF LLOOD/ ~ RJR CLASS NO. PAI-.PIILE'T 76 X Da2 / Danaher, B. G.; Lichter.stein, 1;.; Sullivan, J. M. (Univ. Oreg., Eugene, Orcg., U. S.) ~ CO.IPARATIVi: EI'k'ECTS OF RAPID ANA :+ORMAl. S1SOKIi7G 01 IIF.:IRT.FA':E AND ~ ~ CA1230XYHE2•AGLOBINJ . -. ~.,.. Jour. Consult. Clin. Psychol. 44 (ti•o. 4) 556-63 (1976) (in T:nglish) *Keywords;* carbon monoxide,sT:oke, constituent; nicotine, smoke, constituent; il a ~I ~i ~ ~ ~ ) b
Page 35: mfb88d00
RLOOD--CARB0:1 PfONOXIDE CONTENT/TOBACCO--SM(7KING--CAR30;1 MONUXIDE CONTENT OF BLOOD/ CARBON MGI30XIDE--BLOOD/ m; 2240 St RJR CLASS NO. TEXTB00K TS 2240 St 1973 a 1973 Stewart, R. D.; Baretta, E. D.; Platte, L. R.; Stewart, E. B.; Dodd, H. C.; Donohoo, K. K.; Graff, S. A.; Kalbfleisch, J. H.; Hake, C. L.; ~~ Yserloo, B. V.; Rimm, A. A.; Newton, P. E. c•, 1 (Medical Coll. Wise., Dep. Environ. Med.., Milwaukee, Wisc., U. S.) "NORMAL" ChRBOXYHE::OGLOigIti LEVELS OF BLOOD DONORS IN THE L-NITED STATES. i Envir. Med: *iCW CRC-COHb-73-1, report. variously paged (May 1973) ; (in English) *1.974, No. 10, W 3985* *d* Tobacco medicine: u 1 0 on () -'.-1 aa .i J
Page 36: mfb88d00
50256 5051 ~ . Carl L. Hake, Ph.D. jvr`2.?~ Anthony Wu, Ph.D. Thomas A. Stewart John 1I. Kalbfleisch, Ph.D. IX Re2-80 A S P. CARI3UXYHEMOGLOIlIN TREND IN CHICAGO BLOOD DONORS, 1970-1974 1 By Richard D. Stewart, M.D., H.P.H. From the Department of Environmental Medicine, The Medical College of Wisconsin, Allen-Bradley Medical Science Laboratory, Milwaukee. Reprint requests to Richard D. Stewart, M.D., The Medical College of Wisconsin, Allen-Bradley Medical Science Laboratory, 8700 W. Wisconsin AL ~p Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53226. / ( G ~ 0 1 n 4 n i3 2 a b:~ 7 _~_
Page 37: mfb88d00
50256 5034 TOBACCfI--S%fOKING--CARROV MONnXIDR CnNTF.NT OF THE R3.fM1)/ SMOKING & HF.AI,TH/TnBACCO--$MOKIVG--HF.AI,TH EFFECT/ . . . .. 78 X~da ' R.1.R CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 X Wa l Wald, N.; Idle, M.; Bailey, A. . _ _ t ; (Radcliffe Infirmary, DHSS Cancer Epidemiol.'Clin. Trials Univ., Dep. Reguius Prof. Med., Oxford; BUPA Med. Cent.; London, Gt. Brit.) CARBOXYHAEMOGLOBIN LEVELS AND INHALING HABITS IN CIGARETTE SMOKERS. Thorax 33, 201-206 (1978) (in English) _ , *Keywords:* carbon monoxide, smoket_constituent.___,.____` In 52(1 mcn who currcntlr .mnkcd only cigarcttcs, carboxyllacniu_ lohin (CUI II)) levels wrrc mca%urcd as a mcthud of estimating tho extcnt to %vhich cigarctac smnkc %%-as inh;Jcd and the rc.ults were cotoparctl with thr>mokcrs' own acscs.mcnt of their inhalin, Thc ntcan C'n11b level aftcr mand:u-dising for the numb--r of cigarcttcs smol .d bcforc the hluod test on thr day of Ihc test was 4•0% in sclf•dcscribcd non-inhalrrs• 1'his wa% murh highcr thnn the mcan Icvc) uf U•7 % in 1891 ~ similar non-xmokcrs, but not vcry dilTcrcnt from thc .tandardi.cd ntcan Irvels of 5•2'/.. Sv%„ ~ and 5-6% in mcn ttho caid they inhalcd slightly. mn; crutcly, or deeply. rcavclivcly. The incrcasing trcnd in tlrc COl lb lct•rls of mcn in the four sclf-de.eritxd inhaling eategoriex (nil to + dccp) tva% small but statistically hi; hly ~i,r,niticant. "I'bc data from this stuJy may help to caplnin } sonie of the smtunmluus cpidCmiulu,;ical results re•gardins the rclatiunship between sclf-dcscrihcd inhalint habit.and the dcvc(l~rrncnt of discases associated with smoking, sueh as ~ coron_iry hcart discasc and lung cancer. ~` U I~~n•n•2 4 o a 0
Page 38: mfb88d00
,_...~.., 50256 5023 F:YDROGENATION/0}:IDATION/ ISOMERI ZATIOII/CARBO:dY LATt Oti/S'ILICON CHEAfISTRY/ CHL?tISTRY, ORGtirlIC--SYNTHESIS/PLATINUM GROUP CATALYSTS/ This is Volume 28 of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY A series of monographs QD Editors: ALFRED T. BLOMQUIST and HARRY WASSERMAN 31973a Organic Syntheses with Noble Metal Catalysts PAUL N. RYLANDER Gn,,vAwJ 1nJulnirl Drriaion !Vrlha.d 1linrralJ aad Chrniicalt Corporalion .tlrnlo Park, Ediron. ,\'r r Jerny A C A D EIM I C P R E S S Ncw York and London 1973 A Subsidiary of Narcourt Dract Jocanoaich, PubliJheri -..-.~._...,---.... ~ylf,ev' 0 1 1 t j n I-, 24 6 [) y
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50256 5058 r, 481 p. Illus. 23 cm. b , i ic ln ottora, .~ll_red Jo..r.. 1 Reactions of or~anic compounds. (2d ed., London, \cNr ; York, Lonrmnns, Green i1~~81 . %„ 251 ~s ~1d~Carbox~rllc ~1d~ d~riva+.ives: ' H ~~ ' f ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1. Chemistry, Organic. 2. Chemical reactlons. r. Title. ~ QD251.H57 1948 0 547 49--2572'' ~ Library of C'onnres4 I53Y1 . 1 r5 .. . . _ . . . _ _ . U 1 t~ (1 t~ ti 14 o4 4
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~ .: ~ ~ ii • t 50256 5035 -~ I~ , IX Re2-78. S.P:. . ' . ... . ~ . ~ . i ~ Car0o,:y~:G~rn6 ~IoE.~:s~ I~vI ~ of s~~~~:c:rs and 11C2n-si '(~i;::~~ S V~~s~_~:~ in the ~~ ~~f of London IWilish Jorrrnnl ojl~rrlres:rlcl Rt di t 1975 c uct c , 32, 115-118 . . . ~. . - . . . . . . •. - -C. M. 'CASTLEDENi_ and f'. V. COLE Anaesthetics Laboratorf. SL Bartholomew's Hc!,~pitai, London EC1A 7E3E' _,. ~.••. ~_- :. ... • . .. • ,. • • ' ' • . .. ':stlcdcn, C. R1. frhd Cole, P. V. (i975). Britis111ournal ojIndaslriolll?cdirinc, 32, 115-118. lcvc~ of s~:~11"CC:s .^.nI f:u::-Sf!IOnC:+i 1:G:i:[31~ in ti:e City Gf L(Hi',~.o:l. The , ~ carboxytizcmo.-!obin (COIIb) l: %•c}s of two groups of wr.lxrs in the City of London wcrc : .' cctcrmincd. Tl:e mean CO4:b ii smol:ers (5•S%) was sirni` cantiy gxater than that of tha , non-smoking crrep (1 3%). In,-eceral, ci^ ;rctte conseapt:on coald bc uirccay rc!ated to the . . COIIb lc%•cl bc:t tb:rc was co^sicierablc indh:c;;;al var•~.-tion. The m::an COM ;cti•c: of nianual U workcrs was si!,nct;cantly lower than that of sccicr.ta ry.worlxrs even though th; former group teodcd to smok-c mor h ca ily. il 0 n ~i ~. I
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50256 5055 ._ Thermochimica A raag it aat j 2n7-2tx - Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company, Amsterdam - Printed in Belgium v 78 111 Py-82 THERMAL DEC . iPOSITI~ON~ F ARBONATES ARBOXYLATES, CCSXALATES, ATES, IoORAfATES, AND ROXIDES JACOB MU and D.D. PERLMUTTER Department ojChemical Engineering, University ojPennsyluania, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (U.S.A.) (Received 13 April 1981) ABSTRACT A study is reported of the controlled decomposition of various metal carbonate carboxylates, oxalates, acetates, formates and hydroxides and their common hydrate~ carried out in a thermogravimetric analyzer, a differential scanning calorimeter, and ~ differential thermal analyzer. Various sample sizes, heating rates, and ambient atmo- spheres were used to demonstrate their influence on the results. Results are given on intermediate comyounls, n the temperature nnge of decomposition for each com- !t ' ~~ O n p~nd;~nd 4 reQtiowcingics.
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Atmosphtrie Cm•fronment, Pergamon Press 1967. Vol. 1, pp. 45-48. Printed in Great Britain. . EFFE OF NITRIC OXIDE; ITROGEN DIOXIpt, OR ZONE ON BLOOD'CARBOXYHEMOGLOSIIW CONCENTRATION DURING LOW-LEVEL'~&RBON MONOXIDE EXPOSURES R. F. LutMtaR, K. A. BuscH and P. L. DELONG Laboratory of Medical and Biological Sciences, Division of Air Pollution, Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. (f7ra1 receired 28 Fibruary 1966 and in flnal jornr 14 July 1966) Abstract-Compared to exposure to CO alone, no enhancement of blood carboxyhemoglobin concentrations was observed following 7-hr exposures of rats and mice to low levels of CO plus NO, NO:, or 03- I 1. INTRODUCTION IRRADIATED automobile exhaust has been shown by NtrrNERS (1962) to contain mix- tures of ozone and oxides of nitrogen along with carbon monoxide. A preliminary investigation pcrformcd by the authors in this lahoratory had suggested that mice t~ cx~Qsed 40 HO pgrn ~p rJys 3• fiptt'~fro cxhihitcd .-- thiFA mic'e cxos~ ~'~_,`„~,~,
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..,~-~.:o. . .e CHIN1 5IKY. LEITEItS, 7.!r i i, ko W.- , .SYNTHLSIS OF Y-LACTONES BY THE CONDENSATION OF 2-_ALY,ENE-1,4-DIOLS ~~ WITH ORTHOCAR8OXYLIC ESTERS ~ ~ ~- r-"~---~ Suciety oC Japan Kiyosi KONDO*and Fumio MORI** * Sagami Chemical Research Center, Nishi-Ohnuma 4-4-1, Saganihara, Kanagawa 229 Central Research Laboratory, Kuraray Co. Ltd., Sakazu, Kurashiki, Okayama 710 Various y-lactones bearing vinylic substituent n++ ~ ~ i7 0 l i l~ r 4 0 4 50256 5057 pp. 741-742, 1974. Published by the Chemical I
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50256 5042 I TOBACCO--SMOkIN('T--PSYC7IDL0(;Y /CIf:ARETTES--CONSiln'TION--DREAT RRITAIN/ ~ S'tOKING IIARITS--`tEP1/CIrARETTP'S--PRTCES/TnpACCO--S"OKIYir--PASSI\?E/ ~ SMOKIPIC HABITS-=RELINnI'ISIII`IC/CARBOXYIIE`IOf:LOBINfj,TOBACCO--S"inKINr--RL(lnr~ , .. ALCOHOLIS*t/S"tOKING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--S'iOKI:VG--HEALTH FFFECT/ : 2240 3 Alcohol dependence and smoking Ed I bchaviour ' 1976 , I SAXON ,,~;;,::i-~ HOUSEILEXINGTON BOOKS G,l(&cvcc -~ l/1 ` ~ Edited by GRIFFITH EDWARDS M. A. H. RUSSELL DAVID HA\VKS MAXINE MAcCAFrL'RTY on behalfof The Addiction Research Unit, Institute of Psychintr}•. Unirc•sAp of London ~~ .-- - 0 1 cl 0(1 (l "' ~24 O 2. a
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50256 5056 It•rRIBUroiis I E. J. YF:C!i, Jlt. W. J. RAY, JR_ ):ICtlAl•[, C. tCkUTTOti SiA11 F:Y Sh.LT%ER t 2.:AkV7X I :16GF.L F.SNU~1) C f-.N;F1.L TH1:Ti;A C. STA[MIA\ TA1 :r.At• L'F.it:uX }' 1:TfF.R NAi:1.1\t,(;.`JOl) ' [,11:Li:.\Y !• Y1"(NC 1 j .. t) I 0 0 ki (1 ;2 *4 PAUL 1). l3UYER R1olcc:.••.r lrxif'le .nd Ucyar:rn.•d of C!.•,c;:r% /.oa A,qtciu, Volulne !'I CARItO•C1'L.1TIO.V dA`D 1,): ('.! 1[ 1: CA' )'L.f YlON - (V0.VUn!i'!:) 7•ItII.ll 1;U11';t),1' ` 1lVn . .~Ir(: 11 !. . .;. .. 1', : - ,J 1tw!on 1:1i2
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50256 5059 ~ ~C ~ 457 i Mi .1.~.-._ Carboysylic acid derivataves'-Infrarel spectra, v. 4, . 8. J, by . G* .. ~~J 6 vOlLL 73 . a.~6~'a ~ ~ JrjnS~oD Ueydaa ~~ ..oa J I ()` 0 0 , 0 > 4 6 4 5
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50256 5054 QP 601 Co 1975 /ENGYMES/ KINASFS/ PHOSPH:ITASL•'S/ GT.YCOSIDASI:S/ /ALDOLASr:S/ DL'iiYDR~1'TASF_S/ CARBOXYLASES/ fUEC:1RBOX1i1,ASF.S/ Mcllcods in Tnxynology Vohcnrc XLII ACarLohydralc Mcfabolis» c Parr C EDITED BY iY. A. 1 {'ood I9%5 W.ltf/car aI TuR11rV1.n1 1rKl/ri~\ .T.TY ('\'I.IA•RT ACADr\iIC PRE`S New Ynrk San Frtluci~co London A 3uMwli.rr u/ H.rcourt Bnn lo~ nnorirh, Publinhavs ~ I t) 0~~ ~:e 4 6 4 0
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. ; 50256 5043 TOBACCO--SMOKING--INHALATION/[NNALATION/CARROX1iHEItOCLOBINO TOBACCO--SMOKIN('t--BLOOD/TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOL(?(,Y/ ` RJR TRANSLATTQ •._, RJR CLASS NO., TRANSLATION uillermN , R.; Radziszewski, E. . ~ ~.•. . . . . _. . .. -•tno arru.)R . . . ... . ~ -'• .-'~-~, . ' . A NEW MET2i0D OF ANALYZING THE ACT OF S2YJKING. • *(Une nouvelle raethode d'analyse de 1'acte du fumeur.)*'" Ann. Tabac Etudes 1'Equipment 13 (Sect. 1) p. 101-110 (1975) (in - French - com lete En li h t l i il b p g s rans at on ava a le.) ~The new method fo~ anni' :h,g the act of smoking ~~•ldrh Is pr~ccnird comprises c„mhin:itlon of lhirc niclfiode of lnvcstivatJon : mcawrcmcnt of the frcqucncy, volume nnd dur:,lion of i~uRs u.cin~; two roml,fa•mcnlary tcchniqurs (mctric- Oow le hnl ne •uid ,•rumclric lo •hni ue ,imullancuus •~n•~1 •sis of lbe vcnlilalor • bcha%tour of t he sn,okcr and ~ ) ~ q lj q ,. . . j j erniuallort of lhe amowil of smokc inhu(ed. i The mcthudoiogy e•us niiaptcd to sludy 1Lc fi0ha.•iour of smokcrs wtwn a 1ow-irritnnt ciizarvttc w•:,s aubslitutrd for lhctr usual cie:uclla Clwing to the clsu,gcx In lhc way of sm~~kint; svhich nre ohscrvcd hi smokcrt, the mrlhod for an ,lyring ;the ucl of smokinb may he snid to be indisl,enaubie lii order to evuluale the polenliut Liolovicni ufTccts of a uen• cigarclte_, o ~ n o t1 a2 4 b 2 9
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IX Re2-78 S.P. • 0 , 50256 5037 Annals of Clinical Rcsrmch 9: 2r,1-2&R, 1977 A 1CARBOXYHABA'IOGLOBIN SATURATION IN RELATION TO ;'rrr-aC~~ • : Gf~ SMO:~ING AND VAI.IOUS OCCUPATIONAL CONDITIONS/. _ 1 . ~,. ~ A. SEPPt1NEN and . J. UUSITALO FROM TtIE AF.PARTMF.NT OP CLINICAi. PHYSIOLOGY. CF.NTRAL 3iOSPITAL OF ABSTRACT -f 7~ 2 TAMPERE ANI) INS/TtTE OF 111OMEDICINE, UNIVERSITY OF TAbtPERF., TAMPERE. F'INLAND I eCivT„ The effects of smoking and occupational conditions on COIIb saturation were studied among employccs on traffic duty, in rrstaurants, in iron foundries, and in an office. Thc subjects werc 139 smokers and 152 nonsmokers working in the scunc environments. Changes in COIlb saturation were observed in samples of blood obtained both bcfore and after the working period. Samplcs of air wcrc collected during the working hours in restaurants, In foundries and In officc, 190 samples In all, for the dclermination of content of CO. Among the nonsmokers there was no change in COtIb saturation In restaurants and In office work. On traffic dnly and in iron foundries the -nrrcase was significant, but the values after work were less than haif the permitted occupational threshold limit valuc (TLY) level of t; ircr ecnt units. In the smoking group the mean values of COllb saturation before work were about twice ti,e mean CO1ib saturation in the nonsmokers after work. In office work and In foundries the mean COlib saturations after the work excceJcd the p:rmitlcd sccupational TLV. KEY WORDS: COttb SATURATION; CO CO%CENTRATION; OCCUPATIONAL CO F.XPOSURE; SMOKING qk -,r~ YO ~ 9 0 C
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50256 5031 Band 25, Heft 5. Mai 1975 IX Re2 76 S.P, Verlag fur Medizin Dr. Ewald Fischer, 6900 rtei~'.~!berg Zentralblatt.fur Arheitsmedizin und r e ssciu z 25(5) 129-32(1975) Origillalarbeilc/r yo..t..~...G...~.~.~.~- ,e f ~ - c ~ L4r,~- ~~g u ~ Gaschromatographisches Verfahren zur Bestimmung des Kohlenoxidgehaltes im Blut*) ' s um m a r y: :, Von H. DRASCHE, L. FUNK und R. HERBOLSHEtSfER D:e bishe: publizicrtcn r:cthoden zur gascliroma- tographischen Bestimmung des Kohlcnmonoxidgc- haltes (CO-Hb) im BIut (HEYNDRICK U. Mit., 1970, IFFLAND u. Mit., 1972) unterscheiden sich gegeniiber der hicr bcsdlriebcnen Methodc in folgcnden Punk- ten: 1. Aus wesentlich grof3crcn Blutmensen (1-2 ml Vcncnhlut) wird das gesamtc ausl;etricbcnc CO zur gasdrromatot;raphisdicn Bestimmtuiy; vcrwcndt-r- U1 0 0 0 0 2 4 n The evaluation of carbort-monoxide-hacmoglobin in small blood samplcs (maximum 100 mcI) by gasdiromatobraphy is dcscribcd. Exact dctcrmination of CO-Hb-lcvcls smaller than 1'/i is possible. us identification of carbon-monoxidc is pcrformcd dircctly in e- a gas sample by the 'hcad-space' mcthod with' a thcrmal- conductivity dctcctor. An aliquot pqrtiop of water diluted U- blood is saturated with carbon monoxide. From thc resulting a- value of saturation the amount of CO-Hb is calculatcd, scpa- ratc dctcrmination of iron in blood a not necessary. Key words: Gaschromatography 'Hcad-spacc'-mcthod. hl~iert. .....n...-.. 1 '7 a of hacmoglobin is lie earboxyhaemoglobis lt- nd • •a- IA 11
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IX Re2-81 S.P. 50256 5049 Experientia 36 (1980). Birkhluser Verlag. Basel (Schweiz) 8e• Ijy7 ,f C)arboxyhemoglobie le.eb between jogging and non-jogging smoken f~ J, i-H~ng Kamt ~~ ,~ Unirersity ojColijornio, Berkeler (Co. 94720/USA). 7 March 1980 Summuryt The hypothesis that regular jogging diminishes blood carboxyhemoglobin levels was tested. 63 smokers were chosen. with 30 of them regular joggers for 3)-ears and 33 of thent sedentary non joggrrs. Blood samples were taken and wrbon monoxide levels measured by a gas chromatograph. Results showed that smoking joggers had significantly lower carbon monoxide levels than smoking non-joggers, with values of the former comparable to non-smokers. It is known that smokers generally have a 8-11% carbon Monoxide (CO) level in circulating blood. In the work environment, the present Federal TWA (time-weighted- average) standard is 50 ppm (55 mg/m3)=. The standard recommended by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupa- tional Ssfety and Health) is 35 ppm with a ceiling value of 200 ppm. The latter value is to limit carboxyhemoglobin formation to 5% in a non-smoker engaged in sedentary activity at normal altitude. CO is odorless and poisonous. It has such an affinity for hemoglobin that oxygen is displaced. If allowed to accumu- late in an cnclosurr. CO may be fatal. Chronic CO poison- ing may initiate or enhance deleterious my%wardial altcra- tion in individuals with restrictcd coronary urter~r blood (low and decreased myocardial lactate pruductions• . monoxide value of 8.S% (maximum 10.1, minimum 7.5• SD- 1.1%). as opposed to joggers with a value of 4.7% (maximum 5.8, minimum 3.9; SD-0.3%). As afore- mentioned, the term non-joggers could actually be replaced by the phrase 'those who seldom exercise'. Statistical analy- sis using the Student t-test shows that the values are significant (p < 0.001). The value of 4.7% plus 2 SD gives about 5.3%. At 95% confidence, it is still below the 8.5% obtained for the non joggers. A'dose-response' effect was thus observed. Diurnal variations which amounted to no more than 3% of the CO value was considered negligible. In follow-up longitudinal studies, decrease in carbon monoxide levels induced by 26 weeks of 3-km daily jogging was observed in 13 individuals (formerly non-joggers) Their blood CO levels were lowered by an average of 14.6% F Cl 1 ~ 0 0 0 2 4 6 3 tJ
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~ nn j411 Carboxylic Acids 50256 5061 • Bi Bird, CJ.ies Eiil!red. Tra:r•ition cccal ia2crc,ectintPg in orC:.i:ic syr ti'he.,Y.s, by C. H. Eird. Loudon, i.;,boS a.; I+GiP YO::;, Lvii+lort, saau~i:i'sC P. (1967) vii, 260 p. tables. 22 1/2 cn. O ~._,_- ---. - ,r _,.~.-.....a-..,o.-.r., U ~ ~l ~ i l tl ~ ~ b ~l !
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50256 5053 t /3 l.1 1 Yt.rI:YT Ci:LLS :NU TLS3t';=S~ - r.I:Ui%Z7t/ Controt of R:bulose-1,5-diphosphate ^arboxylasa Activity During Expansion of Leaves of Capsicum frutescens L. " AM- Sot• », 8:3-9. t971 B. T. STEER CSJ.R.O., Di.•ision ojlrrigotion Research, Griffith, N.S.If!, Australia A Reaivod: 0 November 1972 ABSTRACT TLe activity of ribulose-1.5-diphosphate carbozylase per unit laminar area increases rapidly during early stages or leaf cxpansion in Capsicurn jrutesccns L. cv. California Wor.der. This is follossed by a decrea,e to a level that is constant until etpansion stops. A presious suc;estion that the expansion of youncer leaves in the same ph%•Ilotactic sector cor•.trol'ed the decrease in enzytne activity in oller expanding leaws has not b~~en .criticd by experiment : involving the selecti.e excision of leaves and cotyltdons. Decrease in enz}me acZivity was accomp ~inied by a fall in Fraction I t+ro:rin content but anot: cr ehloroplasti:, enzym-, S-aminoievulinic acid dc);: drase. did not exbibit a dccrease in acti.ity. Inua-chloropiastic m-chanisrts, rathcr than the intluen=t of ot:ier plant ______ are _.._... aub~c~.w._.iua3 wuu .... ..,...,r,.vir....,6 .7M~.,._r c_lfnhncnh+re rarl~iwlati--rl~iwlati acti~~itv durin¢ latcr staees of or~3is, a..~ - - •- - -- --- ., - - - kaf ex,7insioll. INTRODUCTION During the ex,^.ansion of dicotyledo,ious lcaves the capacity for photosynthctic carbon .~. .. . . ... _-...-.. .. . . .-.. ... . : . . .-• .. . .,. .• . . ___..... _T' .. ....._--.• /-`/l. V/ „ ... 0 1 i1 0 0 0 2 4
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.46 50256 5036 VQrfersh lou.nal of Industrial ilfcdicine, 1979, 36, 238-241 ~ / JIK Re2-79 S.P. Carboxyhaemoalobin levels in workers in Leicestershire garages I G. R. KGLMAN1 AND T. J. DAVIES2 From the rCnrplo)•metrt Aledicol Advisory S,•ri•ice, 48 Pri,rces.s Road F.ast, Leicester, ond the IDepartment of Chemical 1'ntholug)•, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester vI ABSTRACT Blood carboxyliacmoglobin (Hbco%) levels were measured in 61 %%orkers in 35 garages in Leicester and Lciccstcrshire. Of 26 workers in large garages in winter, 44°0 of the non- smokers and 20% of the smol;crs had increased CO absorption, the highest Flb(.u,°o being ?6-0 in a non-smoker. Of 35 workers in 24 smaller, randomly chosen rarages visited throughout the )•car (two per month) the corresfondin; figures were 43 % and 14°„ the highest llbr.()"(', boing 21-0. l he possible relevance of these findings to coronary heart disease in garage workers is discussed. Petrol engine exhaust gases may contain tip to 13°; without warninr, and venous blood samples ..erc carbon monoxide (CO), depending on tht. engine's taken from rncchanics in eaclt. lniliVidual mecltanics adjustment (Luwther, 1975). Garage workers arc were free to refuse to give a blood slmple, the acccp- rhrreMrr at ri.k nf absorbing sicnilicant amounts c.f tancc rate bcin.r. atout SU°; of thu,c asked. AII visits U I cl O D U ~4 6 2 a I_ I
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1QD 50256 5062 262 ' ~ i Carbaxylic Acids r Buchlpr, Calvin A. SURVEY OF ORCwVSIC SY:1Tf1CSF,S, by Calvin A. Buehler and Donald ~. a i:ai»uu 1970 1166 Pat es '.:ixey-Inters:ience New Ycrn 2 4 6 4 d
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0 50256 503s TT aP _ c p BIBLIOGRAPNIC DATA 1• It+p,.tt No. SHEET CRC-A PR AC-C A PM-6-68-6 I ~. rtfv .n.l ~~•t+t:e . f Chronic Exposure of Albino Rats to Certain Airborne Pollutants Authw(.) 7. WiMam M. Rsse_ya D.V AA. 9. 1'ctiwmrut; Ur~.rna.u~n \anc .nJ .1JJtcs. Hazleton Laboratories, Inc. 9200 Leesburg Turnpike Vienna, Virginia 22180 lj, ~Zponsocinp llrKnnr.:auon %ane anJ .WJrrss £avfdinatir.g- Pe-seavch -Counei!, Inc. 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York, New York 10020 Animal Ecology Fulmcnary itrogety Dioxide h Monoxlae Cblorobromide - hemoglobin # Erythrocytes Calcium Sulfate 17k hlenti(ier.:O{+cn•F.nJc.! Ters ~. Itrci(,~rrd'x Acc..aun ~a. q 10. 1'ru~a t: l asl :%,+rl: Cnn \o. CAPM-6-68 11. Cvnar.ct!lit++nt Nu. 13. 1ypr ut itcpwt t ('criul covcred 1S. SuppktncntarY Xaes Albino Rats (Rottus Norvegicus) Releasable to the public N vember 1972 16. Ah:.rtacts -This report presents the results of measurements made on rats exposed singly and in bincry ~qmb'nati,Qns o th, (ee aasesi ni}rogen d~'~oxi ~~, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide and Mo ~arti~lafls, ~a61d6m Sulfdt~ d4?d l~ad `dhlorobromide. It briefly summarizes the ~^...L.^.1^Ir+nv uset~, _
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D 50256 5065 1251 ' De ~ Carboxylic Acids DeWolfe, Robert H. Carboxylic ortho acid derivatives; pr2paration and synthctic zapplizationa (by) Robert ii. D_Wolie. Ne•a York, Acad=ic Press, 1970. ix, 557 p. 24 ca. (Orgtr..ic cheQistry; a series of conogrr+phe, v. 14) 0 ' ~ ~to 0 n o
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50256 5044 f. ~ DISSERTATIONS-UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS/ SMnKINr;-AND HFAT.TH/ TOBACCO-SMOKII:G--CARDIOPUY.140~IARY. C{4,t_'s .!T(1RACCQ--S1tOKE--INNALATION/ TOBACCO--S?tOKING--PASSIVF. /TOBACCO--SItOKINf:--BT.OOR/CARROXYHFJ't(K;LOBIHY 1 TS „ R.TR.CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 Hu 1976 2240 8urshman, L. G. hu (Univ; Arkansas,'Fayetteville, Ark., U: S.) ! * •1976. ;. THE,EFFECTS OF SIDESTRF.AM CIGARETTE SPIOKE IaHALATION ON WORK CAPACITY s,,m r.ARnIOPUr.M0NARY MEASURES AMONG SMOKERS AND NONSMOKERS: ah. Thesi37 p: (1976) (ii Elih) Univ. Akrarist;, P D.e, 1tngs The study fdentltied the relationship existing between slde- following each test An initlal ten-mtnute cot rest enabled the stream cigarette smoke and the physlologtcal parameters of establfshment of resting heart rate, blood pressure and Vo,. rort capacity, heart rate, blood pressure, and the carbon During the flftceo-olaute exercfse bout on a treadmill (zero monoxide levels In the blood of volunteers. Thirty-two women perceet grade. 3.4 mph), heart rate, blood pressure and Yoz were cate rfed into four smokln htsto were recorded at s4 and nine minutes of exercise and four go t; ry groups: nonsmokers, , readings were take. Auring five and one-half minutes of re- light smokers, moderate smokers, and hea'smokers. S ifu tests per subject were conducted fn the Human Performance t covery. The data were analyzed using a Two-Way AhOVA Uboratory at the University of Arkansas, utlllzing three smoke ~ wtth Repeated Meassres. The variability, with reference to exposures (20 ppm CO) and three nonexposure sesstons. , smoking hlsfory, was klent/fted using Duncan's New ,tultfple R d ^&4_Test. • A blood samnle was drawn and anal zed for COHb l y pr or an . . . S ~~ . :.. . _ . r
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50256 5060 CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY/ " le5~~a- ire . 't, I -,~--z-;:T 80 III AcI • =t~-~~.~-8 A L ~~_p 4 j ~7& o ` a ~ 2 ~ ,~,~ 'J'i - - METODO DI AtiALIS. Ql•'.ANTITATIVA DEGLI ACIDI BICARBOSSI 1.:C1 !tEDTANTE GAS-CROMATOGRAFIA .A.}CllMPORA'-,G.EOFFA"",L.CHIANESEA.MALORNI~,N.SANNOLO' G.SODANO+,N.TACCOhE"" `Lab. del CNR Arco Felice (NA); " Istituto di Medicina Legale- 11 FacoltA Napoli; 'Clin. Pediatrica II FacoltB Napoli; ••Isti•• *.uto di Industrie Agrarie Portici (NA); ""Ospedale Civile di A vellino. Comunicato ed approvato nella Seduta del 18/12/79 della Sezio- ne di NAPOLI - ~1 t ~ 0~ a 24 0 4 6
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50256 5052 I '~?A2 CARRO:ZYI. GRO!;P DGTrM1NATION l:3 3:n;ZC:ii ~ CELLULOSE -- A LITh:k+.Ti,''.E SEARC;i R. J. l i~i.J~C!t TdU:L°ca Cc.^, ii1V, :r::<.tirCtl i1L"d b•r R. .7. Rz~~anlda ~ `Pobr,cc,~3 Cc"apFny, '_tece3fch and Froduct De:*alo,F> .^at Depa:;iaeAts, Scic:nca Info~catica Diviaival, and W3/1im W. ;ianz 19G7 61in:3tS'.n-SF&1em, N. C. v U I fl 0 .'l 41 :2 a .4 a
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. 0 ~ twt ax.v.1, rv Ft~a-r'1r. CucunrNr I f ,d.~, ~.-. e~ t..~e r...eo,t cr n,- v,r. r.ar: s~aN Cn:' ~~~.~8 ZIV~ Hinred ie U!M.1. 1 77 II Co i 50256 50411 . - 7 ::. . " ` (Rettived fnr puhlication. Starch 31. 1976) .i.:~ . _ . ALICE DF.YOUNC., RORSt;LL R PEN%f?LLY, ANNA L. TAN-tiVU.SON$ AN!) ROnF-ItT 1V. NOPI.l4 Front the Departments of Biochemistry and,lfedicine, State University of New York at Buffalo, Veterans Administration Hoxpital, Buffalo, New York 14215 L,, the affinity of hemoglobin for the 4th CO molecule, has been determined for human adult hemoglobin (HbA) as a function ul pH and the presence of organic phnsphates by mea~urinR the kinetic parameters for the reaction. 1'„ the rate of combination uf CO with the tri!it;anded molecule, was meawred by Ilash photnlysis while f„ the rate of CO dissuciation for the liKand-saluroted mnlecule, .. as ~ measured by ligand replacement. L, is pl!-dependent and affected bv 2,3-diphosphoQl) cerate. Addilinn- ally, this pH dependence of the high affinity state is largely eliminated by carbnxv pcptUdase A dipestion, l.. for human fetal hemoglobin lHhFt in phosphate buffers was also determined and found to be pH-dependent. These re,ults cannot he reconciled within the framew•ork of the tau•state allosteric model. Additional structures in the conformatinnat equilibrium due to either intermediates in the T to R transition ot two or more IZ states must exist. Kinetic Stuc~.'r s on the Binding Affinity of Human Hemoglobin for the 4thtiL'arbon Monoxide Molecule, L,* 0 1 0 0 (1 0 2 4 6 9. 7 • `~
Page 62: mfb88d00
~,-, D 261 C CarbaxYllc acicSa, w• 2. 50256 5068 >2L •i~C: P4..~. =L 4 ~r ~y~i+~Yal.iZa! V• ~ Y:rk ttcw ~:~ts A s ~~. ~a ~0 + ,_r...r..,.~. U 1 t~ 0
Page 63: mfb88d00
50256 5071 t;+rbW2ia acidtt HickinboEtom, Ni;fred Ja,in. Reaciions of organic connpouttds. t2d ec;.) London, \ e« York, Lonbmans, Green i1948] x, 481 p. Illus. 23 cca. 1. Chemistry, Organle. 2. Chemical reactlons. r. Title. 547 QD251.II57 1948 -- '~ Library of Congress ~ ' t20t 49-2573* I ' U i c~ 0n U ~Z 4 6 a'1
Page 64: mfb88d00
0256 5066 ~ 1. - _ /C1:L PEi.rtEATtoN/ IoN EXCIIANGE CHRO?tATOGP.APHY/ HYDROCARBONS/ ALCOIiOLS/ Pi?E`-O:. /A14IN0 SUGARS/ CARBOHYDRATES/ POLYSACCHARIDES/ CARBOXYLIC ACID!/ LIPiDS/ /STF.RIODS/ TERPENES/ A:dINES/ AMINO ACIDS/ PROTEINS/ ENZYMES/ ALKALOIDS/ /NUCLEOSIDES/ PESTICIDES/ QD 271 De 1975 LIQUID COLU111N CHROMATOGRAPHY A Survey of Alodern Techniques and Applications Zdenek Deyl Physiological Institute, Czeclroslovak Acadenry o fSciences, Prague Karel 111acek 3rd Aledical Departnrent, Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague Jaroslav Jandk Institute of Instrumental Analysis, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Brno ELSEVIER SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING COMPANY AMSTERDAM - OXFORD - NEW YORK 1975 U 1,Z 0(1 CI ;e 4 6 :; 2
Page 65: mfb88d00
CIiI',1tISTI:Y, TL•'rllaICAL-•(IICTTn*1ARIES V0LS.1-6/NA':URAL G:,SI'i~;F:j41YDr?OC~+';"~)N5/ ~ ,p PEIRJ.EUM/RF.Fj`IERY P?.OCrSST:S, PF.TROL~a;~f/HYDP.OCAI:BONS, CNLOr.(^7ATEU/' Y'I,OSIVFS,/ ~ FLUORINE C01'.1:'On*DS/BR0•tI;7E C4'`;PCL~IDS/IODZNE CO'.-1P0?r-)DS/ALCO'.i~`.LS/FTi1rRc/0:{IDFS/ ALDEHYDES/ACETALS/KETO'..ES/KF.TE`1F.S/QUI`tONES/CAR7;OXYLIC AC1M/T:STERG/nYFS/ Ln NITROGEN C(WPOLNDS;OR(3ANIC/SULFL'P, COAtPOL'":DS, ORGANIC/0RGA\T'-tETALLIC Cir:TOU`.DS/ HRt:T1hIC!P111:;~OLS/NALIDES/AT•I~ilYDRIDES/PT:ROXIDES , OP.CANIC/PERACIDS/ESTEPS/ SHALF.~ASI* PIT(,'H/ REF CHEMICAL 'TEC1INOLOGY : A:I ENCY CLOPEDIC TREAT*iENT. TP 9 The Economic Application of r'odern Technolcgical Develop;nents Based upon Ch a work originally devised by the late Dr. J. F. van Oss. General Editor 19T"' VOLI;;•tE 4: PETF.OLEL^i, ORGAyIC CHEMICALS AND PLASTICS- 1972 T•J•Td• van Thoor 4, NEWYORK BARVES & NOBLE SOOKS (a division of Harper & Row Publishers. Inc.) ~ w~~~ y o 0
Page 66: mfb88d00
50256 5077 PHOSPHORUS-CONTAINING ESTERS OF SUGARS/SUGAR ET}IERS/ETHERS,.SUGAR/ CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY REVTEW NO.. 32/FATTY ACIDS --ESTERS/, CARBOXYLYC ACIDS--ESTES ~~~FRERS E ES TEiCATION/ QD v ttt ... ~.~J 1l S i 321 Co . 1974 Pren aration and Applications J.C. Colbert ft ~ ~NOYES DATA CORPORATION Park Ridqe, New JersaY London. En9land ! 1974 - -_% ,. . , _
Page 67: mfb88d00
eft9rt»ente*'tWttls- 262 50256 5079 Bu bv Ca:.-- ^ A, R~•s 'al~, _•' t'=7.i E. Pare_R )9 70 1166 ?ro-ec WI1ey-Itttaroci.e::ce i;eT.r Yo:k O --.--._....,.-..,~.....,..,~-,. - U i t) n~'1 i; ~4' 6 'a 5
Page 68: mfb88d00
50256 5078 . RC3 i aJ.':~ a1 ^.'.; • ,+ r ~~ C. ., r Y-, ^.^,~ `~ y• 3 21',.1cs 2..~,. C +• r71ClL,t:03 biU,1.: 0 ti ~(1 0 n t~ ~Z •~ v~~
Page 69: mfb88d00
Pa I Carboxylic Acids . P'stai, SAul (ad.) Tt?S .('i.;.::1 mY OF 04.p 80XY'...C p.CIDS Aiii) naT~,;.S ('14he Chmiatry of Pur.ctiona2 G.:",ps) 1969 11.55 Pwir ,as 1rtarsCluna• T'ubllsacucs heis Yryrk 0 I 50256,5074
Page 70: mfb88d00
50256 5072 1 Carpoxqlic a~.cius, v.i. ~ t ' Ref . , 251 iH Dlethoden der ore:ulischen Cllcnlie (Houbeti-Wtyl) E. ,7(';ai:; r.eu •restilltete ~1Utl•, llr:!!. ~'Oll I'.Ugt'.n ATiliiPr unter )~~ct;it- c1~~rer Jlitwirkun;; vun il, Dlyer, IL Jlcerivein Ew:d, K. Ziegler. Stutt;:ut,G.Tltieme,lJ:,2- v. illus. 20 c®. Includes bibliogrnphies. 1. Chemistry, Organic. t. Itouhen, Josrt, 137;r- ed. ir. R-ey1, Tbeodur, 1S.i1-1fl13, ed. it4 ]liiller, Eugen, 1JiY:r ed. QD253•JM ,- ~ A 54--:;GGs 1`seorgin. Inst of Tech. ~.. / Ltbrnry for Library of Congress t51:3j~ ~ 0 1 l1 1 Q b:S
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50256,5070 _ ..... ~. RJR TRANSLATION CIIR0:IATOGRAPH1C ANALYSIS-"=(:AS CHROMATOGRAPIIY/ ETRR~SI,'.ITION OF`CARBOXYLIC ACID3r IN AOUrOUS SOLUTION BY CAPILLARY GAS CHROMATOGRAPIIY Chromatographia 9 (12) 618-623 (Dec. 1976) Summary : . I digested sludge water. By: R. Gloor and H. Leidner A method is presented for the determination of carboxylic acids at low concentrations (ppb-range, C1 - C2a carboxylie acids) in aqueous solution by capillary gas chromatography. ~ Practical examples are given by the analysis of a pheny!- carboxyllc acid mixture and samples of waste water and I . INTRODUCTION j .. it k '. . .• .,,._, Gas chromato'g-raphic determination of organic acid in aqueous solution can be carri.~ ort ~P tffFre11 w4•s4dc;bendjin6on th4 problca on hand and variety
Page 72: mfb88d00
4 r IX Rer-77 S.P ~. v v Carboxyhe 4(obin Levels in Primary and Secondary}- 'igar and Pipe Srnokers* Allan L. Coldtrwn, ALD., F.C.C.P.°• This study of 130 subjects was pcrformcd to obtain more data about the smoking habits and levels of carboxy- , hcutullobin in s arious types of pipe and cigar smokcrs. These snrokcrs may be divided by history into primary or secondary snrokcrs and also inlo current inh:rlcrs and noninha/crs. ['rior stndics uf carboxyhcnuoglobin Icscls harc yic(dcd contlictin;; rc4ufls, preswnahly due to rGf- fcrcnccs in currcnt hahitk of inlralalion, i%hich ivcre often not faken into account. Cigarcltc, primary pipc, :rnd scc- ondary pipe inlrr.lcrs had similar c:uboxyhcmoglobin ;t 50256 5050 levels that were significantly hi;;hcr thau non•+nokcrs (3.6, 5.0, 5.d, and 1.0 pcrccnt, respcctivcly). Ci-.nr inhalcrs l:ad markedly clcsatcd conccnlralionc of carbox,-hcino~Iubin (13.8 and 11.8 percent in primary and scconil:rry in- halers, respectivcly). Most secondary ci,,,ar :uid Lire smokers inhalcd, whereas uio5t primary snrokers did +so1 Intentional inhalation, ralher Ihan past srnokin; lii,t.,ry is Ihe mnst important f:tctor in dctcrminin,; the c:rrhuiy hcrnoglobin level for each type of smokcr. Che-st 72(1)33--35(July 1977) /.: 0 1 0 0 0 ' o 2 4 63 6'
Page 73: mfb88d00
Aust. !. Chem., 1974. 27 2205-8 . . ~ . • r . s..~"" . ... 75 III Fu The Reaction of CaTboxy~ic Aci(~ with Epoxides , Tsutomu Fujita, Shoji Watanabe and Kyoichi Suga Departrnent of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Chdba University, Yayoicho, Chiba, Japan 280. . Abstract ' Lithium naphthalcnide reacts with carboxylic acids in the presence of dicthylamine to givi anions of lithium carboxylates. Reaction of these anions with various cpoxidcs gives the con ing y-hydroxy acids in good yield. The y-hydroxy acids easily cyclize to give -butyrotactor. ~ Recently the authors reported that lithium naphthaleniJe in tetrah)J! • solution is an excellent reagent for various synthetic organic reactions.'-3 1 n,: tion with thesc studies of lithium naphthalenide, the authors rcportcd the p-:, , u; " ~-Lydruxy aeids` and a new Reformatsky-like reaction ui c:utunuc uciu w;i:, ;~ using lithium naphthatenide in the preseace of diethylamine.s Such react.oi} a•anions of carboxylic acids have been reportcd in many works.6 This articl: ~~ fltip r•1nv~nirnf nrrhnrati^n nf cnhctitttte-i vhut~~rcmlactoncs from hvdroxva, phthalcnide aphthalcnide using Lithium I~a
Page 74: mfb88d00
50256 5076 NITRO COMPOUNDS/NITROSO COr1POUNDS/HYDROXYLAMINES/HYDRAZINES/AZO CoMPOUNDS/ AZOXY COMPOUNDS/AROMATIC COMPOUNDS/AMZNES. ;/.ALIPHATIG' COMPOUNDS/ AZIDO COMPOUNDS/ORGANIC N-OXIDES/OXIKES/AZIRIDINES, AZETIDINES/ CARBOXYLIC ACIDS,AMINO/AMMONIUM COMPOUNDS/NITRILES/THIOCYANATES/ CHEMISTRY, ORGANIC--COLLECTED WORKS/ Methodicurn t Volurne 6 C-N Compounds ha • ~~~'~~cu,!_m A Critical Survey of Proven 'tlethods - and Their Applicatiois in Chetnistry, Natural Science, and kledicine Edited by Editor-in-Chief ' F. Zymalkowski Friedhelm Kor-te Academic Press NewYork • San Franci:;co • London 1971 Georg 1'hicme Publishers Stuttgart \1nhim. F.i;tnr. U 1 0 0 0 0 2 4• 6 6 2
Page 75: mfb88d00
50256 5081 I CAR:iO'l,Yi IC ()qTtkO ACIO DS..tVATIVCS, PRFP.~P.aTZO'J AND SY.11?ETIC aPPLYCN; LC:iS D2`Y'G{fP. iZ Carlaoaylic ortho ccid derivatives; preparttion and syn- thetit, appii,::4,ions ibyt Robert a. DeWolfe. i~ew York, Acldemic Prea:, 15170. iz. 557 p. 24 cm. (Organic chemistry; a serlea of mor.ograph±. ~ .. 14) Includea bibliographiea. I. Esters. 2. Amtdea. t. Title. (Series) (,1,D303. AZ D I4 - . 647'.038 Library of Congt-cv 70 t7I 7 "-12?B ~IA RC
Page 76: mfb88d00
50256 5075 QD 476 W wateYa, W. A. l :s:G".i~'•`~IS:~ Ss:G".i~'•`~IS:~S 0? ~-1 11 ai3iTCa OY tYt(:: NZC C'J'.'nura5. (:'st5ucn,ss ?:u^:.;;•~~.ras au Subjccte.) 1964 152 p. John Mi1aq 6 Scnn, 2ac. 0 ...: .~_T .~..~. _ _ T.... , ,...._ _ T?cv York I a:~ ~. Cl f` t1 C~ i1 0 2 4'
Page 77: mfb88d00
50256 5083 ~ Ix ! Carbo-tymethglcPllulose. .~ tSe 7 ~ R. J. Reynolds Tobsc,co Co., Research Yad ~ Product Devslopmenr Deoalmwnea, Scicnce InfortlAtiC.ll Div:Jion ChItEflXYt;ET11YCEi.LULOSE AF7D CULLOPHA'IF. AS PQSSI3LE STA°TZ:;G .UTSEZ ~.•,S : 4R SYNTaSTiC xOE.'iCCO, A COLLECTIOAI 0; 1',.EF::RE NGES A:;A ARTICLES, by R. J. YR_ynol.is Tobacco (:o. , Research and Product DEvelop:nent Departments, Scienc3 Iaformation Diviston, ru+d Frenk G. Colby. 1963 Various page "rtinston-Sal¢ra, N. C ~~. U i~) Q(l 0;2 4 ~ a y ---s-~---~-- i
Page 78: mfb88d00
50256 5087 Carbox3njethyl cetiuiosa--byrolysis--rva.luaticn: _ ...•'u:. .........~~:.si... .~~~ ... .-. - . 1..... .'.... _ . . . .._ ..v .-........ ~,: _. 1. 7 ) I P. i I ! a 1
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50256 5089 CHROMOSOMF EAI:LTNG/C?tP,OM1'iTItl/CARCI2il"1RmRY0':IC Atd'iICr.N/ CEA see CARCINOEMBRYONiC ANTIGri1/ 267CMe METHODS IN CANCER RcScaRcN 1975 Edited by HARRIS [3USCIi DEI'ARTNII:NT OF FH.4RMACOLOGY BAYLOR COLLI:GE OF hIGDICINE HOUSTON, TEXAS VOLUME XI ACADEMIC PRESS New York San Francisco London 1975 A Subsidiary of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers 0 I0 0 (l 02. 4 6 7 5
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50256,5073 CHEMISIRY LGTTEf:S, pp. 1447-1450, 197•1, Published "V, . &x ,- /Y" -'- ,,.-' . by the Chemical Society of Japan ? 'T.fi-11 0'7ic• 7S~Muy AMINOALUy,MINUM HYDRIDE AS NEW REDUCING AGENTS. I. 1~i JZi SELECTIVE REDUCTION OF CARBOXYLIC ACIDS TO ALDEHYDES Hasayoshi MURAKII) and Teruaki MUKAIYAMA Laboratory of Urganic Chemistry, Tokyo Institutes of Ookayama, tdeguro-Ku, Tokyo 152 Technology A new method for the preparation of aldehydes from carboxylic .,f Aiaminoaluminum hydride is described. Reducing agents, J 1 0 0 0 1"1 9 4 6 :1' 9
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R 50256 5092 1975 /CARCINOEt1BRY0NiC Ah'TIG1 ~:45/ FFTOi'ROiET*?S/ :1;`.T:GF~:S/ /CANC E R--I ~t'ti N(1T.OGY / C/1RCINNOFFTAt PIROFF1N5. ~t~~0~'( Ai~D CI ~rrtiIIS ~ ~~Y A14NALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Voiuine 259 Edited by Flidematsu Hirai and Elliot Alpert The New Yo; k Academy of Scienccs New York, New York 1975 ~ 1 n 0* n n ->. 4 'a' 7d .~__
Page 82: mfb88d00
RC ;!61 mi 50256 5091 1975 %CAaCT.1i(~t'A:?~}tYf1~.'xG ~I1i TGF14",Si`' )'t;'T~~}~i:Ori?I?v ,/ A?'Tii;F:?:S/ CARCiNNC T A1_ .~?ROl~~i"!S: BIOLOGY /1f~~0 CHEMISTRY ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIEfVCE-S v vulunie 259 Edited by I-liderna,su H'rai and Elliot Alpert The New York Academy of Sciences New York, New York 1975 ~ i c~o~nz~5y~ ~.~. ._
Page 83: mfb88d00
50256 5085 ~ ""7 5'-pUy--R' CQS ~ R. J. RL-M-olds Tcbaccn C!r~V3ny, 1 Pro ;uct Dere3.opr.:!nt Jenart*i^nt i, Scierc: 1 Infor.r,atioci 1',ivtsioa A CCLLZC:=O.: (1P P-MMICES, b7 R. J. ?eynclds To;,acco Caapa_ny, Research a:,d rrod+act Dagartments, Scianco Informatior, Uivi3ion, FttiG Nil.ar-a W. Maua 1PA8 Winatou-Sa1em, N.C. •-,- --t,- - r ~ ir , ~~ v 1 1 Q, n i) s....._
Page 84: mfb88d00
50256 5064 V.1-6: CHEMISTRY, ORGANIC/SYNTHESIS, ORGANIC/ VOL. 1: IIYDROCARBO\'S/. . ' °lIIALOGE?I CObiPOUifiS/ALCOHOLS/PIIF..`70LS/ETI[E[',SJ PEROXIDES/ALDEHYDES/t:ETO*TS/QUINO*dES/ A-rt0'4ATICITY/CARBANIONS/CARROCATIONS/ VOL. 2 CARBOXYLIC ACIDS/PHOSPHOROUS C0~IPOUNDS/,IITRITES/;JTTROSAMINES/I!.tINES/NITRO`'ES NITRILES/ISOCYANIDES/AidINES/•1*lINO ACIDS/: VOL. 3: SELE:VIUid/;.._ ..VORGA:dOMETALLIC COMPOUNDS/SULFUR CO*TOUNDS, ORGANIC/ ORCANOSILICON MfPOUNDS/SORON--ORGA*:IC CHE?fISTRY/SILICON ORGANIC CO'4'.yOMS/ SELENIU)t ORGANIC CO"dPOU?.DS/TELLURIUII ORGANIC CO`'Q'OUr;DS/ VOL. 4: AZIN ~Si'°R TDINES/AZOLES/PYRIAINI:.S/QI:Ii:OLII`T::S/NITROC~N--IIETERU+ZYCLIC COi-IPnUN.7: OXYGEN---HETEROC)5,'LIC COIIPOLCyDS/SULFUR--IIETEROCYCLIC COkTPOUNDS/ISnnUIhOLI:~ES/ VOL. 5: NUCLEIC ACIDS/PROTEINS/A'•fQNO ACIDS/PE;rTIDES/CARBOIIYDRATES--CBt:~tISTRY/ LIPIDS--CHE'IISTRY/LIPIDS--BIOCHE%iISTRYISBIOSYNTI(i:SIS%~^TA I[HvE A/J/ VITAMIN B12 /TERPE:vOIDS--BIOSYi,THESIS/JCAROTENOIDS RnF ANTIBIOTICS/`'UCLEOSIDES/ P0..PFtYRIN/SHIKIttIC ACID 24I:TABOLITI:S/ , OD Volume I JStereochemistry, Hydrocarbons, E.dir.dly ). F. STODD 1RT,f 251 COMMDE~-lCNCIVE Hato Compounds, Oxygen Compounda SIR DEREK BARTON. F.R.S. Volumep Riologicai Compounds CO v Volume i Nitrogen Compounds. Carboxytie Aeids. Edirrd by 1. O. Stlrt[Lr.t-At;D 1979 ORGANIC CHENiISTRY Phosphorus Compounds unrvtMm ar antRrooL The S ntf~esis and Reactions of Or anic v°i°m' ~ suiphur, Sctenium. Sil;con, eoror, y/ ~ Oryanometal/ie Compounds Compounds Votumo 0, Heterocyclie Compounds CHAIR1,IAN A.NU DFPLTY C111UK?1AY OF TIIE EDrrORIAL BOARD V 1 Vp7yE}yN or pSErrlkl6 k:ditcd by 1y. NEVILLE 1O\TS ~ ur.Tt'MSmr OF 31rEnIFlo Edired by P. G. SAMMES ' TNF: CrtY lmtwSnY. LMt1OW Fdir.d by C. t1n5L.4>t r~ ,~ ~ ~~ A~\D ~ ~ " Voy~ • N Fnrmu'a, Eubject Author, VN1KKA1Y Of LiENHrLD N. Itly''lD1Oi.LO F.R~ 4 ~ J 11laetlon, and RewV.~l .-; DRAYroY rr ] ~~rrd by C . . . _ -.. - - - -- .-- _ I
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50256 509a tt `ie.41-7R S.P. M11TA(:F`Tt('TTYI CARCI N CG E'H ASSES&J E N T GflOUP'S ASSESSJIENT ,OF- ., cARcINOG..~NIc RIS( sFROM POPULATION EXPOSURE TOv~ADiIUM IN THEAMQIENT AIR ~ U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY , WERNAI Office of Research and Development ,REVIE`:i DRAFT Washington. D.C. 20460 ' MAY 1978 0 c ~~0 0 4 1-0 ~...._._.__ __
Page 86: mfb88d00
~31 Carci:eogenesia, v.7 50256 5098 yh~ I of Spn;,an:.a ca thc: f lo1o,,Ly of Stan yaZd a: i.hy. 'J"'voz:::~y of Ore~,,oa t:cctIcz1 :c.h~o1 , 2.960-66 7 vo1.s. YErgwoa P:€ss Oxford 0 1 OJ 00:,)_1~:3 4
Page 87: mfb88d00
50256 5088 601 E Carbox,voaptlclacesp P. 4. `- r ~ v• I^ ,~.i'•'~ +- .~- (~ 1 t~ Q~i ii l~ 4 74
Page 88: mfb88d00
F , 50256 5095 LT It MeAl-7S rANrF.R--CAUSATIn*T RY PnT.Yr'Y('T.Ir ?iYT)P,nrARR()'QS/ S.P. ARNZn(a)PYRF.*IF/ HYnr,nr^Rqn••C, onT.Ytwrl.Tr/ CARCOGEW I ~~~~~S E S S ~'~~ENT GROUP'S PRELiMIiiARY ),R E P 0 R T 0 N ' EXTERNAL PORq EXPOSURES REVI W DRAFT . JULY 1978 U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY jg~ Office of Research and Development Washington, D.C. 20460 r ~ . a 1 ~~0n-aJ4 6 a ~
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Page 90: mfb88d00
50256 5096 78 II So UIME-LUNES FOR I-Cr7, -TR-1 } l; ARC1 i Ei i„f GEF V,B`OA.C.? Jf iT ~ 41 " A- February, 1976 1 IN SMAL!. RODENTS ; ~ James M. Sontag, Ph. D. ~ , Manager, C3ioassay Operations Segrnent ' Norbcrt P. Pige, D. V. M. Chief, Carcinoyeai Bioassay and Program Resources Branch ~ CARCINOGENESIS PROGF;AM D tti M Sdfi t t U ~ . o , . }.:r o m Associate Directoi, Carcinogenesis Program and DIVISION OF CANCER CAUSE & PREV[PdT{t, Chief, Experimenfal Pathology Branch NATfdNAL CANCER INSTtTUTE BETHESDA, MARYLAND DHEW Publication No. (Nif 0 76 FC?1 ~ 0 1 ~} 0 n il %~ 5 t~ ~
Page 91: mfb88d00
4 ~° Drug Ac ion: 1974 The Basis o P_harmacologY .RM I Principles of 50256 5103 MUTAGENESIS, CHF.MICAL/CARCINOGENESI4/TERATOGF.NtSIS/ SMOKING AND HEALTH/CANCER--EPIDEMIOLOGY/LUNGS--CANCER--CAUSATION/ TOBACCO--SMOKINC--HEALTH EFFECT/DRUGS--PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT/ DRUGS--MF.TABOLISM/DRUGS--TOXICITY/AIR--POLLUTION--HEALTH EFFECT/ ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH/ALLERGIES/ SECOND EDITION 4 4 AVRAM GOLDSTEIN, nn.o. LEWIS ARONOW. Ph.D. SUMNER M. KALMAN, M.D. Professors of Pharmacology Stanford University School of Medicine Stanford, California A Wiley Biomedical-Health Publication R U 1 0 0 0 0 2 4 6 t1Ne~7 York LEY Lo & S~S ~ Sydney Toronto ~ ~ =
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50256 5039 .. rroe. Nad. A d. Sct. USA ~ CARBON MONOKIDE/CARBOXYHEP~OGLOBIN/ Vd. 79 .'o. 1(~ PP. 3.19J-35:S7~ tober 1976J t / - Ch mrs ry e 77 II Co Nature of 02 and CO binding to~thctalloporphyrins andjheme proteins (hemog/obin/infrared vibrational spectra/metal bound superosidcs/dislal binding site) • JAMES P. COLLI`tAN, JOHN I. BRAUMAN. TI{Oh)AS R. 11ALf1E11T, AND KENNETH S. SUSLICK Ikpartmrnt ol Glr•misuy 5tanfwd Univrr>,ty. 5tan(arJ. California ?r9o3 ConlriLutedLy Jamrs P. Collman, July 12,1976 A$S7RACT The O: vibration of dioxygen adducts of Fe and Co model complexes of n,n,n,mtclrapisalamiJoplr~n~Ipur- phyrin ("pfckcl ft•ncc" porph% rin, Tpisl'P) sl, itlt 1-mctlrsiirn- Idazote and zdrit)limida.ole as asial bases are rcrurtcri, oh- tafned with diffcrcncc tcchniuucs bt•t%+ccn t'O., "O-r'O, and NO with a Fourier transfonn infrrrcd sprctrvrnctcr. As- sfgnntenls of rut arc (O_Y.YTpisrP) 1-nrethslrnri(.itule, 1159 em-t in \ujol;(O_)Ft{I'pivl'l') t-trrlylimidarolc, 1163 in bcn- zene; (O•)C(qTpivPP) 1-ntethylimid.rzole, 1150 in \ujol; (O;)Co(Tpis1'1') 1-trithlimidazolc• 11;a in hen7ene. Cumpirisons with other knos.n Fe. Co. Cr.,rnJ Ti Jioxv;;en cnmplcte+ are made,and it is cuncluded that lhe benl Jiuxygen lit:jnd is best vicwed as hound supcrosidc, U•-• The CO affinities uf s:uious hcrnuprotcins and model systerns are JiscusscJ. A t•urrcl.rtiun bcl%sccn the CO strctchio: fre- q~ Qcnc nd~7y.1 bindipg c~ lauI dc~{ rlr.d~Th. a.tUCally 1{~veruaffi~w o~l1r•rn~dfw~toir,i (nr F'fl rnR.,-. ..M . ..... + ! prcpared under Inert .rt,nosphere. Separate samples of these ! solutions were exposrJ to an atmosphere of CO, \O, O., and >°_W torr t"O±(fx,th 51''6 and 9O`b cnrich,d)r. Infrartd shctral data of a!1 svlo,tit"+s were collc chYl fx•twccn 2000 crn'r arxf 7;,0 cm"t on a Diyilab f''1'S 1;i IZ Puurier lransfurm spectrometer, .rt I cm't resolution. A RflIC \LO variablc Ir.rthlcnqth cell fitted with NaCI cvindo%%sand sct lo0.l rnm wjs uscd. I)iffrr- ence srectra %te•re computed nsing the stinJanl suftware of lhe spectrometer. (These i6f fcrence slxctra are.1n:,lr1tnus to s.vmi,lr minus rcfcrcncc ahsurLance spectra on a cunscntional dual Leam spectrumeter.) The csrf ficients in the,Gffr•rrnce slt•r tra were chosen to reduce to Laceline the )xxph% rin bansls at JbV5 1 Cm'r anrf 1001 cns'r; small amounts of r nrvl benze•ne soec- ^'. lrurrs wvre t6.•n rdJrvl or suhtractr.l. to account fur st,vht
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50256 5105 r,c 267 Gr 1°74 . . ~ , Spec. ~~ l ~'c~~ ~l~ _s _s 1~1 ~~ ~rr c~.~~.~g~:~.c:szs Recent Results in Cajzcer Research 44 . ' Springer-`lerllg New Yorlc •Heicl0berg • I3erliii 1974 Grundmann, E., editor 0 1 n a n 0 2 4 6 9 1
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50256 5094 CARBOXYMETFdYLCI:LL1'LOSE A?70 CcLI.OPHAtiF: AS POSSIBLE S?AaTI:.r. "tATE12IALS FOR SY`iTi?ETIC TOAACCOt A COLi,ECTi0": OF REFERENCES e1rli) ART'ICLES. k. J. l..ynotds Tabacco Co., ~c..a. J'iCA 4-:SJ Produz*_ Deve2op=ant Departzents, Sr.:ence IrfoY*~.•ation Di:~isiciz litID CSL`.Q's'1::: AS '~..,;. Pt?SST~?t F S::'~i~::J t:..;tS"L1.T.S t'CZ S:'.~.~~r..T C TC&'XCO, A CO'aJ.ECi.C:l 0F ;L;c i: :: ;ICL3 .1::0 A`tTICLxS, by R. J. vYeynolds iobrcco i;r+. , Researca and Product Developmsnt Departn:ents, Scienca Information Divi3fon, F.nd F:an;c G. Colby. ? ?5$ Various or.g, f`~"'~ Winston-Salem, N. C. ~•_,/` t3 { i7 0 t1 42. a 3! U ---
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\ ~. 50256 5101 1-lOLECULAR BIOLOGY/CANCER--AIOLOGY/MUxAGF. ESIS/CANCER--CELTS/ CANCER--VIRO GY/ CANCBR--GENETIC~_ i t~DV / i RC /~.~CES IN PATNOEifOLOGY',~- ~- 6 ' t I 261 "CAtNCER BIOLOGY. IV go 1977 Differentiation and arcinogenesis~j -r~-- ._- . Edited by Carmia Borek, Ph.D. Cecilia M. Fenoglio, M.D. Donald West King, M.D. College of Physicians and Surgcons of Columbia University New York on a series of lectures and laboratory workshops 6sented at the Given Institute of Pathobiology of the 1niversity of Colorado in Aspen, Colorado, August 1g76 Stratton tnterco;itinental Medical Book Corp. / New Yo0k 4(1 tl 2 4 b g .7
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s 50256 5097 77 II Re-80 S.P. , Carcinoaen prediction in the laboratory: -zx personal view 4 BY R. C. GARNEA _PIFOe. R. Soc. R. 205, f2t-lSi (1o7J) Caneer Reaearch Unit, Univeraity of YorL, p^"'ed "` a"°t B.;ta;n Healington, York Y01 SDD, U.lL. ' Although carcinogens can be divided into various categories, i.e. viruses, physical agents and synthetic and naturally occurring chemicals, it is the latter that give rise to the greatest concern because of their number, quantity and distribution. Present inethods of testing chemicals for potential carcinogenicity rely in the main on administration of these at maximally tolerated dose levels to animals, usually rodents, for the animals' lifetime. Such tests would be economically impractical for all chemicals to which man is exposed. New methods have recently been introduced to screen large numbers of chemicals quickly and cheaply which rely on the unifj-in~ h~•pothesis that all earcino~i•n:^ cheiniculs are electrophiles or must be converted to such by metabolism. These methods will be reviewed and compared with trac'.itional methods of earcinocenicity testing, particularly as to their role in attempting to predict hazard to man. .i U ~ i) Q t3
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50256 5093 I Mutation flescorch 46 (1977) 387-394 _„ 77 II Re-78 S.P. 6TIsevier orlh-llolland Biomedical Press CARCINOGEN ACTIVATION BY HU:14AN LIVEIt ENZYMES IN TIIE AhIES MUTAGENICITY TEST TERRY TANG and MARVIN A. FRIEDMAN Department ojMicrobiology, Deparlmcnt oJPhormacology, and 1tfCV/VCUCancer Ccnler, Virginia Commonwealth Uniuersily, I:ichmond, Virginia 23298 (U.S.A.) (Received 16 February, 1977) (Revision received 3 June, 1977) (Accepted 24 June, 1977) Summary Liver post-mitochondrial supernatants derived from 10 individuals wpr(• used as the source of metabolic activation for carcinogens in the Ames quar.t:tative mutagenicity test using Srrhrtonella typhinuirium TA 100. '17Ie liver sa-v ples were obtained from brstin-dcad donors and antopsy cases. The ability of hurnan enzymes to activate arornatic ainines ranged from u•idetechl,le lo hit;hly active for 2-.tcctylzminoflur,rene. None of the samples exhibited a ~ a~itityto~cti~te~cn~liae. A F;cncrally low .~ctivity was obser;~ect in the c::,la- (,~ ( [~ 0 n b~l~ty"bf h ma ci zymcs to ac:tivatc tl,e nr~lv~~uclc;,r aromatic hydrocarbons, 3A ~..,. -- 1~4ii ~ i~.uvi~.I::~Iii li.- ..~...~
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XK 'IeF-F:-401-73 Jour. Food Science 3t~ (7) 10`?-10~5 (1971) 50256 5086 U. C•P.aHA61t -~ ,----- COept oOChem»t.y, (1ni.vwf~~!'«erto R cn Moysquer, PROJ7U4 . . DEl'ERMtNAT1ON OF JARBO3tYMETHYLCELLULOSE IN FOOD PRODUCTS.' VSfAtifSLCRY-A method was developed to determine sodium carboxymethylcellulose fCMCl !n loodprat'lxts containing three or more hydrocolloidi elter prior remova/ of interlerin0 substances. Papsio r_ar used to digest the proteins; calcium chloride was added to precipitate algin and pectie •cis ard swl/ated hydrocolloidi wrre thcn precipitated by cetylpyridinium chloride lCPC/ in she Orrsence o! 0.sb1 NaCI. Celite 535 or Hyllo Super Cel was edded, the mixturc /iltcred over Reeve enpf Iwa 202 paper and the residue washcd with 0.01% CPC-0.0lM NaCI. T1re liltrate and wasA- tryit ww collected and otiluted with distilled water to ettain i final eoncentration o10.2M NaCI at tAicA concentration the CMC was precipitated selcctively by CPC The mixture was h7tered over a Csl"it.'.3S or Hyllo Supcr Ce/ column and the residue washed with 0.51A NasSOs and then with 0.01% CP'C-0.OIM NaG until the vrashings were negative to the phenol-HsSOs reag.^nt. Finally, the srsidL4e w the column was washed with hot 30% HsSOe and the hydiolyzed ChlC in the eluate detennwed by the 2.7-n,wh tAalenediol test. Based on the amour, t added to mixtures, recoveries of ~ 7$-,M wrre obtained lrom milk and other highly complex and proteinaceous productt with a ttand.r* e;eviation of t Q58 mg, wAen 10 mg of CMC were added. The determination is critically depeader t vpon the dcgree of substitution fOS1 of the CMG As a consequence, the method cannot besppfirl with absolute certainty to unknown samples. 0 t C) Q~ U ~`~ y bI ~
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50256 5107 i 261 . : I Meger, i:rael j Carcinu-er.e; is. l.undon, l'ork; { caucmic Prc:~_, 1961. ?33 p. !tiu.t. 24 cm. Includes bi51[ogr.tphy. L Carcinogenesie. RG'2G1.HC28 1961 ~j G16.J^1 64-533SG j Library of Congrem - ~ 130) 0 i ~ 4 n n 2 4 S 9 3
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I 50256 5104 CANCER--BLADDER/CANCER--STO:SACH/CANCER---INTESTINAL/ I f. Current Topics in Pathology 67 Editors / ~~~~ Continuation of Ergcbnissc der Pathologic E. Grundniann ~V. NldClrSten rCarcinogenesis Cofltributort RC P. Hohn, E. Kunzc, K. Nomura 1-68 C. Witting, W. Schlake Gr 1979 - Editor P9 Grundmann Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg NcwYork 1979 . 0 i~l Q t1 0 24 6 9 (?
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..__t.Y-~...r-e..r..~.:..+:.~r.r.rb>~:.._r..i.:..tw~ar~w...~.M._.~.~..~...........a~....~.~...r._. ............w.........s~..~....Y.~~- -.a~...arca.w-r.ar.r..srs.......+:_r•~ 50256 5080 2 C. AJTORAIJtOGRAFHY /FLL'CT.tESCEaT ,!ICrOSCOPY/ CAABOXYLIG ESTERASES/ 5 -NYDRCtN"Y:'yYPTAarN, E ( S-':T; / KGR1',DREi3ALIB' (IvA)/ P.DP.E:I:,.r.,IN(Aj /BT.OGEi~I~ RH 621 Pa . 1972 HiS 1~Vt..•1.:EMIIJTR 1 • Theor(Aical and Applied , by rHrRO £Dr:.roY A. C,. F:vERSOi4 PEAP.SE . VOLUME 2 Th. Wiiliaris & Wilkins ('ornpanr s- With 15 Cotourcd P'atn cs+<[ daltislf0[O 1iA. (Cam6ri..~c), 1S.*f. (Camtir'd~e Sc Fi.iv.), IL'uat:asicrs (s. ~'sr ~+1,,.~ F.Q.C Y., D.C.R (1_oidon~ F R.C.Pss.'s. !19 Etsch ood Y'hite prqfrsw oI!lisrocF.tr (ray ir. rl.e Ve.4rrsi.y oj r..nrsdun ~zr (/foyal Pcarrua:rate lfrsrcnl School) 1972 ~ Nar.Cnet.-rimntPot!oic;ia,ifao.nrrsmirnXo•pitaf f1tl~SriQSa frl!us.• cnA Vcitinr P.c/iseor :f Pat 4ology tw the VrtA'err:r cj A:aSsnsv ~ ~ Cenl l~trwttor ia lP.rro.lY.rrrrrY, Umrcnqr of xunsas ~(£i ~~ ~+Y rt eJ pu L= ~~ Ylti:i~ fteturer in Hiis:ocht:ninry, I'a•adrrbUt Jnlrorsit) - f ' ~ . . . I . ^.w.r+s.~.. ~_.-_~._, ...-.<•..++c~+~.~..f~..~e_~.... ~.. .~..~..+~-.. ........ , I U i~7 (~ tl 0 :~_ 4 6 4 0'
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50256 5111 CANCER •-RESC,kRCt[/TnRACCO--S*inKE--RIOt.cx:iCAL TESTI":C/ CAIv'CER --1iRF.AST/LUyGS --CAt%ICER---RESEARCH/CANCER--nRAL/ Aymposium on the Syrian Hamstcr in Toxicology and Carcinogencsis Research, Boston, Mass., Novcmbcr 30-Dcccmber 2, 1977 Progress in Experimental Tumor Research , vol• 24 F rHOMBUR(GfR, Cambridge, Mass. RC 267 Ho 1979 , TheSyrian Hamster in Toxicology and vCarcinogenesis%.Research ~ Volume Editor F. HOMBURGER, Cambridge, Mass. I S. Karger • Basel • Munchen • Paris • London • New York • Sydney ,  0 t cl 0 t'1 Q 24 6 9 7
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RC 267 Be 197 50256 5110 W~'G~ ® .~ TES.,. .~ ~It',3 G FOR lemuclc.~as r. rrosp;~ Coiiected Proceer!ings of the t'irst and Second Edited by Working Conferences of Toxicity Testing In Vitro John C.erky, Ph. D. 1975/1976 and P. Clay Sherrod, TIS Convened by the Committee on Carcinoger.esis, f1utagenesis and Toxicity Testiug In Vitro of the Alssue Culture Association, Inc. This publication has been sponsored by the National Center for Toxicological Research Jefferson, Arkansas ,' , ' November, 1977 T~IIE~F'R 9 KL~51V INSTITUfE PRESS'" ~
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50256 5082 MICROCRYSTN,LINE C:ELi.ULOSE/FiETHYL CELLUT.OSE/CARBOXYMETHYL CRLLULOS$,j•° " PRCPYL`tETHYL CET LL'd OSF/FTNYL Cr'T T UI OSE/ O} 'Y . + • • - SODIU.;1 CARROXYtfE7riYL CELLU+.O+E/ITYD.. CELLULOSE ACETATE/ ' GRAS(GEt~LRALLY RECOGNIZED AS SAFI:)/TOXICOLOGY--ACU'TF •TOXICITIES/ ~ FIIA/13F-•78 7 } itk an7j g ~T~t e T~teCS- .p. I (EvAluation of the Health Aspects of Cellulose Cell atives as Food In ul redients i . g v ose Der . iAutAor(s) jPerformin6 nritaniz.tion hame and Address and Certain ' - I No.SCOGS-25 ~ - - -- :~ This report, by a group of qualified scientists designated the Select Com:ittee o:1 GRAS Substances (SCOGS), provides an indeperzdent evaluation of the safety of cellulose and certain cellulose derivative,, when used in foods at present or ~ pr4, ctid ~4tu(j 1 Aveb. 0'h4re,6orK wtkjch was completed Decexl)er 1973 is ~~ suPple:;cnted by a i . _ ... 8. I'erf orminE Organization Re pr 10. Projcct/Task/G'ork Unit No. 11. Contract/Grant No. FDA 72-85 13. Type of ttcport & Period Covered Final - 1920-date I Washington, D.C. 20204 This document supercedes PB 238-793/AS ' (~r-.ederation of AMerican Societies for Experimental Biology ! 9650 Pockville Pike 't 1 Sponsocing prF.njrar Name and Address f Food and Drug Administratioz,_ 200 C Street, S.W. i, St'pplementuy Notes Life Sciences Researeh Office
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~ 50256 5119 V 77 U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Public Health Service' ' National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute ' Etiology Area Report of the AARCINOGENES ISOPROGRAM Fiscal Year 1972, 1973 0 r 4 U ii1 0.n 0 2 4 I 0'S ,
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50256 5122 ~ CarClJsogan3aia ' i .`;ae 3 ' > ~. f 4 ~ (' ' 11<<1 ~ C.. „3 Cia2:CEi:
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50256 5114 CIIEMICALS AVAILABLE: THROUGH THE ~?kCIhOGEIiCSIS: STANDARD RCFERENCi: C0;,1Pf?UND BA:`:K ~ For further information please contact: (ti4~+ CHLt•tICAL t tVIE 1v'-Acetoxy-2-Fluorenylacetamide 4-Aminoazobcnzene 4-Andnobiphenyl 3-Arriu_no-1, 2, 4, -Tri azolc Alll tt~'JC~'nCl~ 0 ^ , ~ ~J 2 4 7 0 2-NnVi.~ll'dnl: :lC `I ' Marcia D. Litwack, Ph.D. M2nager, Inforalation $ Resources Segment, Ca:cinoRenesis, DCCP,::CI Landow Building, Room A-306 7910 Itioodmont Avenue Bethesda, Maryland 20014
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50256 5121 ' i ~ ~ CARCINOGENS/CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/ VALENCE (THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY)/ ! 12sa I Ve ~ 1980 A Theoretical Approach to the Preselection o Carcinogens and Chemical,arcinogenesis, ~ Veljko Veljkovic `Boeis Kid.iF" Insrirrte for Nrrkoe Stienns Beop.ad. YrposlavWo GORDON AND BREACH SCIENCE PUBLISHERS ~ 1 (~ O t i lJ ~' 4 / ~ 1 ~ New York l~n Puis
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' 50256 5112 OBESITY/ORAL COyTRACEPTIVES/CANCER--KInNEYS/CANCER--CEnC;RAPFIICAL/ ;~;E,yS/ CANCER--CAUSATION BY HORunNES/CARCINOGENF.St3/TU40RS--RF.SrARCN/ ('ATFCFfOLAMINEt NEOPLAS~tS/CANCEQ--ETIOLOGY/ADi:N0MA/CANCER--BREAST/CANCER--CERVIX/SLROTnNIN F.ffi:ROC;ET`S/ ® ^ BIOGENIC A~fihES/ RC Influences I PR ESTERO'VE/ 268 • "Pt1t;ESTIar/INSULIN/ Ke ~ "~ T ,,`,,,,,,~^ ® ~ ~ S ~~ Tumorrc0coRT1cc11, ~ iDS1979 /JL1ii].Vl. ~111. --- Editors " Development Volume I , S John A. Kellen, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Clinical Biochemistr Sttnnybrook Medical Centre University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario, Canada CRC PRESS, INC. fBoca Raton, Florida 33431 Russell Hilf, Ph.D. ~ ~ Professor of Biochemistry University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry 0 10 0~~7 2 4 6 9 $ . Rochester, New York
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50256 5129 RJR L:LA;')O NU. 1E:X ibUUK Ittr 261 Ca 1976 Freudenthal,R. (ed.); Jones,P.W. (ed.); CARCINOGENESIS - A COMPREHENSIVE SURVEY. VOL. 11 POLYNUCLEAR AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS, CHEMISTRY, METABOLISM, AND CARCINOGENESIS. International SyMposiuM on Polynuclear AroMatic Hydrocarbons, 1st.6attelle ColuMbus Laboratories, ColuMbus, OH.75. Raven Press.New York, NY.465 p..76.(IN : ENG.) I SN = 3770 I 24 / I 5
Page 116: mfb88d00
SMOY,It~G & HEAL'~Ri ~C~AC~O--S~~CKIirG--"ruBLiCiruLtvINYL (,NLORIDE/NITROGEN DIUXIDt/ ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING/STATISTICAL METHODS/MATHEMATICAL MODELS/ TOXICPSUBSTANCESA(TOXICOLOGICALMTESTING)/PuZONE~eARBpP+ MONOXIDE~T/ RA 576 Un 1981 0 ARC 4IOGEiiCSIS Environme rics 1 . . Selected Papers, v. 6 This volume presents seventeen "Selected Papers" which were given at Environmetrics 81, a conference held in Alexandria, Virginia April 8- 10, 1981. These papers describe a number of research results in areas relating to environmental quality where mathematics and statistics have played a significant role and at the same time they often point to new topics awaiting future investigations. The papers are in part expository in nature; it is hoped that they will be useful to researchers for reference and that they will serve at the same time as an introduction for those who may be entering the field. Selections from a Conference sponsored and sup- ported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and the SIAM Institute for Mathema- tics and Society. Philadelphia 1981 o ~ ~ o n o~~~ o s I
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, UMBERTO SAFFIOTTI, M.D. ~- . HERMAN AUTRUP, Ph.D. - ' Experimental Pathology Branch, ` ' Carcinogenesis Program, Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention AfdD LABORATORY PROCEDURES Edited by: • ~ ----- ~. . 50256 5115 CAXCF.R RFSFARCN/ 2~~ i~~ VI~'~~~~lCIl~CCErJESIS Sa .~. _.._ r~.. . . : 19'8 GUIDE TO THE LITERATURE, RECENT ADVANCES National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20014 Based on presentations made at the Seminar and Workshop on "In Vitro Carcinogenesis", held at the Given Institute of Pathobiology, Aspen, Colorado, July 18-23, 1976, U. Saffiotti and D.W. King, Chairmen U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE Public Health Service National Institutes of Health NATin*1AT. CANCER INSTITUTE CARCIK0N:E!aF.SIS TMINICAT. RFPnPT SF.RTES Nn. 4 1978 DHEW Publication No.(NIH) 78-844 0 1 t~ A n c~ 24 7 0 1 !r. ~sh~ !z !~. ~..rae.wd..~ e! i`xLyta~ ii i. u.~r..ra r.r~raOa W..alnetea. D.~:. fOWI
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RC 280 Ka 1974 2c. /Ii;ilALATIGPi/ 50256 Experimental Lung Cancer Carcinogenesis and E3ioassays ik International Symposium Held at the Bat:elle Seattle Research Center Seattle, WA;'USA, June 23-26, t974 Edited by Eberhard Karbe and James F. Park Springer-Verlag New York Heidelberg Berlin 1974 5127 I 0 1 i,7 0t) ts ;- 4 I!:S
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50256 5128 0 t " 3 0 .1 k'l z CARCfHOCENESTS: A BROAD CRTTTQUIE. A COLLECT'10N OF PAPe'RS PR63ENTEO AT "CHR TUENT 1 GTH AlItiUAI. 9YMPOS1lJr1 ON PVNDAMF NIAL CANCM R6S6ARCHj 1466 1967 774 l+p. The Wi1liwa and Uilkins Caanpany Saltimcce l 1 4
Page 120: mfb88d00
50256 5131 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTEs00K RC 261 Ca 1978 Jones,P.W. (ed.); Freudenthal,R.I. (ed.); CARCINOGENESIS - A COMPREHENSIVE SURVEY. VOL. 3':'iPOLYNUCLEAR AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS. International SyMposiuro on Polynuclear AroMatic Hydrocarbons. 2nd.Battelle ColuMbus Laboratories, ColuMbus, OH.77.2 c. Raven Press.New York, NY.507 p..78.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 3775
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s 50256 51214 k . SERACT:OCS nLA\n15/F.vF--T?',?IT1Th*?/ rA*;mr .. -~ 1ITS ATTn*: /?'nOT)----AnT)T,TTVFS/ CARCh'fN:EXES LS . CUTA":Eri'Sr ~fin'+ATrT.rw/c,.i., nTS~~Crc --T~TTnT,r•^.~/11.1.F.RC E~;S/''hnT~~ +,nnTTTVr.SJ Advances in Modern Toxicology '~ ;? T, 31 VOLUME 4 Editow , Myron A. Mehlman * 1977 ; DERMATOTOXICOLOGY ? AND - HEMISPHERE ,PHARMACOLOGY PUBLISHING CORPORATION .t . -::7-- Washington London EDITED BY FRANCIS.N.;lARZULLI FOOD AND DRUG ADtiINISTRATION A HALSTLa PXFSS IlOOi: HOWARD I. ~UIIBACH UL9VERSITYOFCALIFOR\IA JOHN WILEY & SONS SAN FRANCISCO MEDICAL CENTER U ~ 4 ~ ~ 0
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III Me -79 ~~ICAL BACKCROUND IrTORA1!1TION N TIiE STYRENES 50256 5118 S.P. 9 ; REPORT ONv~ RC~'•-~al~ BIOASSAYS OF TYRENE, BETA-NIiROSTYRFNE, AND S'I'YRE,'VE OXIDE P ~(,~c k(e~ I ~ k Soru'c Q U. S. , ucatien•,-and- Welfare National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute Bethesda, Maryland 20205 FOR RELEASE IN A.M. PAPERS Further Infonnation: Friday, September 21, 1979 MELVA WEBER HARRIET PAGE KINNEDY (301) 496-6641 Bioassay Results in Brief: Long-term animal tests of styrcne and beta- nitrostyrene have yielded no evidence of cancer-causing activity (carcinogenicity) in rats or mice of either sex. The two industrial 0' chemhalh au urd4n 7ak~inB,folystyrene plastics, resins and synthetic rubber. Beta: al.tros tS't'enc wa% t''Cr.'a o. ." l
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G 1 0 s 50256 5120 76 X Ce-80 NCyICRDB/4K•80/Q2 P6*0-92?902 ONCOLOGY OVERVIEW ~ SELECTED ABSTRACTS ~ ~ L ACOHOL AS AN ETIOLOGICAL FACTOR fN ,CARCtNOGENES15 P ~ Fobruary 19, 1980 u.S. D MAE Public Health Service • National Institutes of Health • Natiooal Cancer Institute ' A SERVICE OF THE INTERNATIONAL CANCER RESEARCH DATA BANK (ICRDB) ~ o :~ 4 7 ~ 0 6 0
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50256 5133 ~-7 U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare ~ Public Health Service , National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute ' Etiology Area, Report of the . PtARCINOGEtNESIS PROGRAM Fiscal Year 1972, 1973 , 4 t o p n~, : :~ -i 7 Iv
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50256 5102 . REGULATORY ASPECTS OF - ~CARCINOGENESIS AND FOOD ADDITIVES: THE /DELANEY CLAUSE ACADEMIC PRESS RAPID MANUSCRIPT REPRODUC110N editEd by This ts the Second Volume of a Series Entitled: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Quality under the FREDERICK COULSTON Editorship of Frederick Coulston, Albany, New York insoa,ef of Comp„aeive wd Human roxicology andF-rGid.F'.eifi!-K<xt@-Munic-h----- ----- ~Mzdka: Coi;ose ci tlnion iinivcrsiry AlbanY, New York Other Volumes in Series: Water Quality: Proceedings of an International Forum Edited by Frederick Coulston and Emil Mrak Sponsored by the International Academy of Environmental Safety the International Society for Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (Secotox) M'~1DEMIC PRfSS New York San Franchco lor+:0on A Subsidiary of Man:ourt &x. loy.novich, PuMrshss ~ Das Forum fOr Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft, und Politik e.V., Bonn Q i a o n a 24 6a d FOOD--ADDITIVt?S--RECUi.ATIOr'S / , CA:7CER--CAUS.ITION BY CN)=1IC C(t r
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50256 5130 - AII:--POLLLTIOti--CARCIi'O('EN'S / TOBACCO--S! iOKF.--BENZO[0)L'VP.I;NE/TOBACCO--S'40KE--PRECURSORS/SYN-rHE SIS,ORCA:+IC/ CANCER--CAUSATION BY POLY~IUCLEAR AROMATIC iiYDROCARBONS/CANCER--RESFARCiI/ TOBACCO--S:4OKINC--iIEALTii EFFECT/ OCCUPATIO?JAI. HEALTH/ CO"UTERS--CIIEMiSTKF/ iiYDROCARBOYS,POLY"'CrCAR/Thi3ACC0--S,NtOKE--POLY'tUCLF.AR NYPROCARP,ONS/ ENVIRON:~fENTAL NEALTII/PYP.OLYSIS/BENZO(a)PYRENE/TOBACCO--S~'OKE--ANALYSIS, SMOKING AND l1rALTH/ Carcinogenesis- A ' A Comprehensive Survey RC Vo4ume >C, ~; 261 1976 PofynuclearAromatic Hyr_reca,•bo^s chemistry,1'~letabolisrn, and Carcinogenesis ~ Volume Editors Ralph Freudenthal, Ph.D. Peter W. Jones, D. Phil. Aasocfats Manaqer Associate Manaqer Pathotogy, Phtttnacolo5y, lozicology Organic and Structural Chemistry Sect on endMimat Resources Secrion Rattet(s Co!umbus Laboratories BatlNl. Cotumbus Laboratories Columbus, Ohio Columbus, Ohio . b ~I a 0 0 0 2 4 1I
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/ ~` l_ ! 7 C 0 ") 0 .,d (156T) i LZ'Tt<. 1 .T..~.~3 i lb lS 9SZOS I t
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Sot72•tot 50256 5067 REPORT COCUMENTATION PAGE 9 {q P s ng Organieation Name and Addms FEMA (F1 avor & Extract:f4anufaGturers Assoc. of the U.S. 900 17th Street Washington, D.C. 20006 aZ Sponsoring Organisatlon Name and Address o!2 FDA Ri'a 200 C Street, SW, Washington, D.C. ~J..~. • . ' 3~+DCt~~ antary Note ra.~t-f ~'(,t7f' cl"L~• 14. AGe'raa imit: 200 • ~ ~-t )'~ ~ Frx1D--FT.AVnRAi.TS/PT.AVnR.1VTS--FrMD 'fnYTcnl,t7r;V__Ar'TrTE i._REPOnT NO. •FLA/BF-79/98 Z. L. Tltta and SuEt(tIe Scientific LiterAture Review of Sa1ts of arboxylic~Acids'in Flavor Usage 3 VOL. I. INTRODL'CTION & SUMAItY, TABLES OF DATA, 3IBLIOCRAPHY 7. AutAor(%) YQ . 20204 u This monograph contains a collection of data from'the publis!ied literature fr 1920 to date. Unpublished data from private industry files are also contained iii ;!:- graph. These data cover the,specific group of structurally.rele.tcri cornpDunds desi: the title. Included in this review are data on toxicity and metaboo.sm, usage mid r occurrence. in foods, and compositicinal specifications. This is a 58 page revie;v co: 116 references. • t~ ~~~`•~ 4 ~ tl 2~ S~ 3 >
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26 i ]' 39/2 CEIt/ i:FFi.CT " I' Carcincgep r..[r~ •ti~i `i • 50256 5135 (~.(/~~~' ~~,~~L, ~yp~~ ~ . k' \~/' -+~.;~ ~., VJ ay `l.I M.1.! wj~'. ~ A COLLi.Cl'TC'i OF REPRINTS S..* p2 ~. ~ f per.:5 y ~.. _ . r .- . Fr ed, ~ red CY. F3ock, Judith G. Ta.sseron, Peter_ ;` J. Fryatit t t al. hiSS Information Corporatian 655 Madison Aventie, New York, N. Y. 10021 , Ll_ D\'C1`V i ~ U 1n 0 tl o 2
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50256 5144 III MeA5- S.P. CARCII:OGEfjIC ARCMATIC r 1If1E 3 " FIELD F10idITORII~G ki~D WORKPLACE Dt'C0: lTh :i~:i,TIQ!i by R.tl. Weeks, Jr.., 8.•?. Dean aid S. Y,. Yasuda presented at tne Symposiam on Workplace Control of Carcinogens" sponsored by The~r,~erir:ar~ Ccnference of Governmental Industrial Nygienists Kansas City, 1•1issouri October 25-26,1916 () I ~Onuz47:su \
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~0256 5136 ~,t NTTROFF.V, 2, 4-T)TCNi.nRn-1(4-NTTRnPTIFh'nXY) BF.NT.FyF/ CANCER--CAUSATTnK BY PESTTCIDES/ PF.STICIDRS--TCnf'1R PRnMf1TING/ National Cancer Institute CARCIN4GFNES146J.4w%hatca1,,iteooYt Se" No: 26, 197R- (NCI-CG--TR--26). (CAS No-. 1R3fi-75-5) RC B I4AS SAY OF 267 iIn N ITROFEN 1978 .FOR POSSIBLE )CARCINOGENICITY Carcinogenesis Testing Program Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention National Cancer Institute National Institutes of Health Bethesda, Z;aryland 20014 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF 11EALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE . Public Health Service National Institutes of Health DN£W Puhlicu[ion kA- IYts" '70 Hwi
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50256 5140 ~ dC ~ 267 Ca THE CI.P.CI`iCGEiiIC ACTION CY %ItiEGAL 0?LS: A CHwMYCAL. A2+Il BIuLOCICN. S:tiGY Medical Research Cou^.c_i1, C.:a~:::: aT~:17iC t'.:cC'J.c.~: CL fil11,?Yf:1 O{1^ Cr «ttt'Zo J!C.If':_"f `J7 iiliti•T'PAL - - •'- • -. ~__~..` ~_,.... ...... ..~ ................ .,. v.~. 1~ 15 C Pag.-~s ucr aejeaCy's St::aonar~ Ofiice Lonc:aa e
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WATER--POLLUTION--HEALTH EFFECT/ 76 X Ce-80 ttCl/ICRDB/OK•80/03 PEtW922g03 ONCOLOGY OVERVIEW ~ SELECTED ABSTRACTS 50256 5147 ieantary 26. 1980 U.S. DMRTME Public Health Servtc• • National Institutes of Health • ON National Cancer Institute CARCINC3GE!VIC " CONTAMf NAyTS A SERVICE OF THE INTERNATIONAL CANCER RESEARCH DATA BANK (ICRDBI WATER SUPPLIES ~ I cl-l " i:,<`.'^', 30 0 4 T .S 3 ~- •` /yl ~ _-
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50256 5139 II 'NeA,-77• S.I' TCCHNICAI F?FPORT DATA ' (l~rcosr tra~r lniLUCNuns Nuns un thc rrvtrse DaJorc completing) I I~~A0G~1U/'7-77-055 i 1 P 3. HECI IENT 5 ACCESSIOMNO. ~-------- -- A. TITLE AN1~ SUESTITLE 6. REPORT DATE I June 1977 TNE f4EASURE~4Ef1T OF~C/tRCI~IOGENI VAPORS IN AMBIENT PERfORM N CODE 6 T "TMOSPI~ERES ~ I1 . I G ORGANIZA ION ~, AU1 NORISI 0. PERFORMING ORGANIZAT ION REPORT NO. Edo D. Pellizzari y, PERFOFIMV~G OHGANIZl.TIC~tl NAM[ AND AUDHESS 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. Research Triangle Institute 1NE 625 EQ-07 (FY-77) Research Triangle Park 1.C0 TRACT/GHANTNO. North Carol ina 27711 68-t12-122f3 ' _ ty, SPONSOfUNG AGENCY NAME AND ADUHESS 13, TYPE Of REPORT AND PERIOD COVERED fnvironm^ntal Sciences Research Laboratory- RTP, NC ~6 ~];~ -/76__ Off i ce of Research and Devel op fi(?nt. 14. SPONSORING AGENCY COU[ U.S. Environmental Protection /lgrrncy Research Triangle Park, North Caro1 ina , 27711 ._ ._ ..EPA/600109 NITROSA;~tINE:S--AIR Y~)LI.lJTIOt:/AIF'--PnLLU7']t~~1--CARCINi~r(;••~ 1 (7 I- i 0 n t) 2 4 7 .2 -1) . , , 0 1
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, WATER--POLLUTION--HEALTH EFFECT/ 76 X Ce-80 NCVICRDB/OK•80/03 ONCOLOGY OVERVIEW SELECTED ABSTRACTS Z ON ~ARCINOCENiO CON i Ai1J1fNAiVTS! OF WATER SUPPLIES P880-922903 I 50256 5146 February 26. 1980 U.S. cf±PARTME%S-6F4ifMri+. 1EQ10"Public Health Service • National Inst;.tutes of Health • National Cancer tnstitute A SERVICE OF THE INTERNATIONAL CANCER RESEARCH DATA BANK (ICRDBI I ~~~``L ~ ~ 3~l 0 p 2 4 1S 2 11 !gl ry ---
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50256 5137 /llRUGS--P1tYS IOioG l CAT. E;•'F}:CT/ URt'GS--E VAT:UhTION/ /T?RUGS--TESTING/ 1fUTl1GI:h[;SIS/ . , ~~.~.'C~_~~.o.~~'LxICs~.s ~reshjig . of C~~eil~_~_cals Proceedings CONFERENCE ON CAR(;INOGENESIS TESTING IN TIIE DEVELOPDIENT OF NEW DRUGS May 23-25, 1973 Washington, D. C. Editor: Leon Golberg, M.B., D.Phil., D.Sc. Research Professor of Pathology and Scientific Director Snstitute of Comparative and Hwnan Toxico!ogy The Albany Medical College of Union University CRC PRESS, lnc. 18901 Cranwood Parkway • Cleveland, Ohio 44128 0 i(l Q~l Cl ~ yi I'~ .S
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50256 5152 ; 2 62 B :.irojaage:ti3C QyZY'tsearbons Badger, CeoPt-rey Malcoim. The chcmir:fl oi 17)o11i Mp C. C. T;)omas t1962! ?2 p. illus. 2-4 cm. (American ircture aertea, no. 4:>nl American lectures In living cl:eruistry. Includes bibliography. 1. Carclnoge)La. r. Title. ~'iC?ti?.B3 ~~ G1G.~91 G?-$f,41 ; ~.. Library of Congre--s !3! 0 ;i 7 A n o 2 a l .
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MU1'AGF.1•. ~ . ~EStSif;n:vi.i'.R--r'i~'.P)A•Ms •,.,~...1..,n.F:.D.- ......,Cw~t _.: .' ..5. ,.:.:'R"P,'I" i: YtJrUl.n~ i,:v~: ~ 0256 5132 FyVIROti'~iF,\TAI, HF.ALTH/S`•1nXTNC & 1IF.A1.TI1/TnnA(7Cn--S`1flKIt;G--HF.ALTx PFFECT/ CANCF.Tj--CAUSATIOPI BY C11E~1ICAT.S/T4XIr,OLOGY RC JTouraal of Environmental Patholnoy & Tozicolot;v 1(2)(Nov.-Dec. 1977,3S81 267 Special issue • . Jo Proceedings of the Conference on 197 I- "(f iE STATUS OF PREDICTIVE TOOLS IN APPLICATION TO SAFETY EVALUATION: 2 c• PRESENT AND FUTURE i,/fCarcinogenesis and Mutagenesis) '4Guest Edil'ors: Myron A. Mehiman Morris f. Cranmer P.aymond E. Shapiro 11. APPROACHES TO DETERMINING THE MUTAGF.NIC PROPERTIES OF CHEMICALS: . RISK TO FUTUR •~GENERATIONS 1 T III. REPORT OF THE SUBCOMMITTEE OI: NNALATION TOXICOLOGY OF THE DHEW - r' COMMITTEE TO COORDINATE TOXICOLOGY AND REIATED PROGRAMS ,; Sponsored by the ~Q/ NATIONAL CENTER FOR TOXICOLOGICAL RESEARC fH Food and Drug Adminislration Jeficrson, Arkansas and NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH -- - --stclhoss~a._Ma.vIand n(n(;Y n 0 1 0 0 0 Q 2 4 / 1 8
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75 X Un LUNGS--CA:,CL'R/yITROSA.`:INES/CAFCINc1GENIC SL'BSTA27CES--"tETAB0L.i5~t/ , • - i *. U.3. Departmerr of Health, t;aueation. •FEBRUARY 2-5. 1975 - , ~ and Welfare CARLTON HOUSE - CARCiNOGENESlS PROG?Q.M ' THtPD. Ai1lNui;! CQLLAB 0~:ATI'JE CGiVrE~i'E N CE- ~ OCCUPATIONAL IiEALTH/ENVIRONMENTAL HF.ALTH/CANCER--CAITSATIO?t/ CaNCER--BL.'1DDER/CAI7CER--PANCREAS/TOBACCO--SMOKINC--CANCER/ TOBACC4--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT_/TOBACC.O--S*tOKING--BLADDER £ANCER/ NICOTINE--`tETABOLZSM--HUMAN BODY/CANCER--P.ESEAR(aI/ , • y. Nat3onat tnstitutes of Health . National Cancer Institute DiMicion of Cancer Causi and Preventim ORLANDO, FLORJDA 1 ~~~0 n U2 4 72. 0 _ 1
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TLiMORS /:i::OYLASMS , E}MERIMENTAL/CARCINOGBNESIS---CONGItESSEa/ CA.'3CER--CONCRESSES/CANCER--*fE.TABOLIC COYTROL/CtNCER--CONTROL/ NUCLEIC ACIDS--CARCINOGENIC ACTIVITY/DEO:CY.NUCLEIC ACID/' 261CMe Symposia. on Metabolic Regulation 1974 WY+a+ Al Menim3n Rictucd W. Humon Confirol Piocesses ~ in ileoplasia Rocetdup .l e SrmOOSium betl a the (/nivertitY .f Nebrn*e MrQftel GnUt OmeM, Nebrsike. June 11-12,1913 kgemit Pcess, k. new yorfc i"A loaCan 1914 A Srlwdr.y .f Manoun Oret. Jo+.'wwcb.Pwbtnh.n ACAOfMICPRESS RAPID MANUSCRIPT REPRODUCTION . . Q i 1 ~1 ,! 1 ~ Edired y irlyon R. (71ehlinan 89#81140011d 8ixN.4Vy YiirerMr N Mtlntl e CN%yr e/ Abd4t/N O.al.. N.Msh . . - .,,~._.:.~.. ~. 50256 5123 Richard lU. Haason' hk RaeNri bu:hh enl0ry.rtsat N Iirsltw4hy hyM Y.l..rviry Mtan.! ScAw! /IaYbwil. P/NJ/MM ~
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so~T~` 50256 51 4S REPORT DO~EMENTATION 1,.RErORT NO. OS4tA/RV-79/002 2. . •. Title and L.+trtRl. " Clement's Lists of arcinogeaic'Chet.ieaj9hound iA Aaerican Workplaces =-r 7. ArNwW PB 295976 s. ReO.rt Osls ~~u}y 10, 1978 R •. PeROnning Organisation Rept. No. ~, Mfern+ing OrgsMzatlon Nsint and Address IQ PeOjeet/Tsak/Work Unit Ne. Clement Associates, Inc. 1010 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. jitI ce~t..ct(c) .~c.nuc) Ne. W a s h i n g t o n, D. C. 20007 . oocvn,.nt Ana,y.,. ,, plu,iotwo iL SponsorinQ Orsanizatlon Hsnu snd Address U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety•and Health Administration Washington, D.C. 20210 . Carcinogens, toxic substance `This report is composed of-tvo lists of substances, with CAS numbers, Iimited to those listed in the 1976 Edition of NIOSH's inventory of •EtSuspect Carcinogensl', that appear on the basis of a tentative and - preliminary review to meet OSHA's.7criteria for Category,I,II,•and III, toxic 8ubatancea. , 0 1 () 00 0 -~ 4 >:3 1
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50256 5108 CA:+CER--CO:tt:RESS}:S,V.I,II,III,II,X,!tl/CAVCl.2-•7Il;OLOrY,V,III. I/ ^-~ CAI~CER--CAUSATION GY RAUTATI~~`;,V. I/CANCER--BRI:AST(fluorosCopies),V.I/ 1~ •y ASBESTOS,V.I/'•:UTAGf;NICITY,V,I/C.l'ICER--CAUS.ITIO` 11Y Cl; L'lI'ALS '~ 1/ i~I''P •S "?'•S ~ A2~n CONTIiOI„V.IIYCA..~rr'--cf~Vla,~J.~I,ZI~ ~ANCER--DTAGthOS I S, V. I I/C.1:yC.r.R--fiREASE, V. I I/CA:dCE'.t--F PIDE`1IOIdH'Y , V. I I i/ CANCF.R--ESOPiUiGUS,V.III/..CANCER~-CAUSATIOiI BY DIET,V.III/ ~ CANCER--CAUSATIOP: RY i:ITF,OS.1'tE!~ES,V.III/C:~t;CE!L--GrOGRAPIiICAL,V.iTi/CANCE3--CC 1 ASAESY'OS,V.III/OCCU°ATIO;:AL !t~:ALT'.I,V.III/CA'.•:CER--CAUSATIO;i BY ;.'3:1!:1'IC FACTO!'.S,:d CANCER--BIOLOSY,V.III/C,INCCR--CELLS,V. III/CA:ICER--RONE,V.X /CA"'Ct:R •-SKI:l,V.Y / CANC'•Z--CHILDRL':J,V.X _/i.:1;iCf:T --T2EAT:~TNT,V.:(<YLU':rB--CA:dCER,X /I.!)''rS--CA.`:CLR--'? '.•lE;1T, V. XI/CA:VCF.R---Or,AL, V. XI /CA:JCER--PNARY'l:C, V. XI /CAl:CER---r,H::~!nT1!E°J1PY, V. X, X I," . CANCER--BLADDi:tVX1/CArCEP _?ROSTATEV`Ci/S'10:;I1:c: h IiEALTHVIIXI/ ,..,.,., T03ACC0--S'lOf:I;:C--HEALTII EFFECT, V.II,XI/ J 'ADVM;CES L11 MEDIC.i1., O1~COLOGY, RESEARCIi AND EDL'CA77ON ~ RC VProceedings of the l2th-{nternational Cancer Con8ress, 261 1072 ~ • In 1979 o A res - ;, ~uen s t , 6enero! Ed+tort A CANONICO, O. ES7EVEZ, R. QiAGON and S. BARG, BuenosAires Volumea ndEdltora I ./CARCINOGENKSiS Editor. G. P. Mar`L%on ~. D/ CANCER CO -TT ROL. Editors: A. Smith and C. Alveres {. ~ I tU f EPIDEMIOLOGY. Fititor: jillian M. Sirch i IV YAIOLOGICAL BASIS FOR CANCER DIAGNOSIS. Editor: MarYaret Fox i X J CLINICAL CANCER-PRINCIPAL SITES 1. Editor. S. Kumar XI /CLINICAL CANCER-PRINCIPAL SITES 2. Editor: P. M. Willcinaon 0 n %,:~ z0 6 9 4 PERGAMON PRESS TrIi't?t.'TO SYD"IEY • PARIS FFANXFURT
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,.. r:~ilf& 7p~L/cr/ll/Vwa- / r..a. G4/o Z~7- . .. „ WTER!'JATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND AFPLtEO CHEMISTRY UNION INTFRNATtONALE DE CHIMIE PURE ET APPLIQUEE ONFORF:°Al'iON BULLETIN c TECHNICAL REE'ORTS - NUMRER 4 ~ fiecomtrienc,ed fAetiioc: for Et:nao(a)pyre.^.c in Foods rrnni I n ~ ._v..vr.., ~ ...c. rAC.IaT i,srtC
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_ _PpI __ 50256 5116 ~~5 GENETIC TOXZCOLOGY PROGRAM, BIOCHEMISTRY BRA'MCH/ TESTING LABORaTORIESI ~ n TOXICOLOGY SHORT_TEP-4 TESTS/ENVIRONMENTAL TESTS/BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES/ 1978 CARCINOGEI S/%t(lTAGEN£$IS/A ~tES TYPE TESTIN / ~ . C _ REPORT NO. 41W 2. - 3. RECIPIENT'S ACCESSIOMNO. EPA-600/1-78-052 . TITLE AND SUBTITLE . 5. REPORT DATE DIRECTORY OF SHORT TERM TESTS FOR HEALTII AND July 1978 ECOLOGICAL EFFECTS 6. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION CODE AUTHOR(S) 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NC- . PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRESS 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. Biochemistry Branch iLA629, EHE625, 1AA601 Environmental Toxicology Division 11. CONTRAT/GRANT NO. Health Effects Research Laboratory , , Research Trian 1e Park,NC 27711 2. SPONSORING AGENCY NAMt AND ADDnESS 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIOD COVERED Health Effects Research Laboratory RTP NC , OWice of Research and Development 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODE J4S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA 600/11 Research Trian le Park N C ~ 1f. This directory provides basic information on the short term tests for health and ecological effacts ~eint p,.~rfp4rmcd by various U.S. EPA Laboratories 'E througK th~ Oi?fi~'e cf Il a1f`h and EcolUo~;ic~al tffecto. T;;r yyLL SYatP.IIl_4 nra
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CANCER--CAUSATION/ kLVI.I:IJ C1F F1G7'llUl) )'Ult ASSI~SSINC TIII.~'C;ARGUIKIt~'.PlIC ItA'/.Altil S .AltilS ~ PK0:~1 OAL-l1 S I NG );N I:RCY Tt;GI l N0 LOC I I:S r t Abstrnct 76 I Ma-78 BY JAMES GRUHL This report contains material relevant to the devclopment of inethodoloFics for evaluatin;, tlte cancerr ri;:ks associated with atmospheric pollutants from coal. combusti.on and conver .ion processes. Information is presented on methods and sources (1) of regression analyses i n this f i el d, and (2) of physical.ly si Fni f icant simulation mechanisms, incl.udinl; potential functional modules of such ir.echanisms, particularly those wodules clcaling with energy facility emissi.on characterization:, atmospheric disper sion, acrochemistry, popul.ation exposure patterns, and carcinogenic dor.c-r.esponse studies. In addition to l.istinFs of several key references and bibliographies in these areas, there is n discussion of some of the research in progress, the urgency of the situation, and some of the barriers to the development and dissemination of timely results. INDUSTRIAL LIAISON PROGRAM Acknowl.edgements 0 Q ~ The fundinE . ~or~ hf's d~veJ lopcnint6work was nrovl _ded by unrestricted gifts tn rt.., ZrTm r.......... . _L _a___ - . . -
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1 l f~ Lf..i:taM[~r!+~A'Y V•ra •rN'^ Cl~aMiR t ~ Cr ~ 50256 5153 kinvrir..-n Sairyti: t 53, 213-236 (June 19,155) 4 iJ # +.1 () i~ ~i ~ ~ ~ 3 9
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50256 5158 7CICII MeB9-77 S.P. CARCINOGh.hIC, MUTAGENIC AND TERATOGENIC RISKS ASSOCIATED~ WITII VINYL CHLORIDE ' Afutalion Itesrnrch. 41 (1976) 131-1•tt (M, aovior7Nurlli11~11aiiil Ricrmedical I'r-t•~:r• PETER F. INFANTE, JOSEPH K. WAGONER and RICHARD J. WAXWEILER Uii•isinn of Surveillance. llozard Evaluations and Field Studies. Notiunaf lnslitute for Occupational Sa/cty and Health. Main Post Office BuildinA, Cincinnati, Ohio 4.5202 (U.S.A.) (Received May 13th, 1976) Summary The data presented demonstrate clearly that vinyl chloride (VC) is related to a significant excess of mortality from cancer of the liver, lung and brain among workers occupationally exposed to VC. The risk of dying from cancer of the nnrl hPmatnnnietic svstem also appears to increase with an increase 1? . ~._ , . . . ~~ o ~ nonrj4 4 1 8
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r 50256 5149 • j.14t1. Y VI Re9 79 S.P; . , Carcinogenic Effects of Di(2-hydroxypropyl)nitrosaminq a~o .391 (DHPN) in Male Wistar Rats: Promotion of Pancreatic ~ 3W Cancer by a Raw Soya Flour Diet ~z --7y el'IZ ~ .~ . ~ D. A. LEV ISON, R. G. H. MORGAN. J. S. BR1MACOMBE, D. HOPWOOD. G. COGHILL dt K. G. WORMSLEY Depts. of Pathology. ChemisUy, and Therapeutics. University of Dundee. Dundee. Scotland Levison, D. A.. Morgan, R. G. H.. Brimacombe• J. S., Hopwood. D.. Coghill, G. & Wormsley, K. G. Carcinogenic effects of di(2-hydroxypropyl )nitrosamine (DI i!'N ) in malc Wistar rats: promotion of pancreatic cancer by a raw soya flour dict. Scand. J. Gasoroenr. 1979. 14, 217-224 Di(2-hydroxypropyl)nitrosamine was administered to rats fed raw or heated (control) soya flour diets. The group fed raw soya flour developed hypcrplastic and adenomatous panutatic nodules and pancreatic adcnocarcinomata. We conclude that a diet of raw soya Bour augments the carcinogenicity of pancreatic carcinogens in the rat. Key-words: Nitrosamine; pancreatic cancer; soya flour 1G G. WormsleJ•, 6l.D., Ninewells Nospital, Dundee DD2 IUB. Scotland U I T`rjpre{'us (+orQ( I t;a2) 4shqwed iiat a~iet of soya flour, so th at hrated soya flour does not stimu- raw soya flour prtduccd hypertrophic and adenoma- ' Irtc pancreatic gnowth (3). These rats received ..-.- .. . -- . . -L- -- 1 ----..1. (~, 7
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~ ~ 7S%'ill(, ~~- ` .1ttq I:l~oCbl Olll\OJ/nl'lflfe TOM a~.11 .~a 6, i `^c~-~4G(lLai- r S • 19~ ?. •£~ /fcZ~iGoo~~e?,(cs~'l1~x~xe~~ .,v dIG-OUG•03 aiipTpc,+o~uacTU. an~ur. l'. C. Alorrceca, l:aFl,t. aten• }tayh 13. L3. Gexe,1raHCr:uu 0 1(AIi1lEP01'FFi11011 AKTIII3f10CT11 MJI1>IX K01fIjrIITI'ALi11i1 1IY11'P0;i0RII ~1L'TII11:1AUIfiA TIPII I1ItI'.'111SIU1IIi ON CARCINOGENIC ACTIVITY OF LOW CONCFNTStATIONS OF A'1TIZOSODIMETIII'LA•'aI,IF IN INHALATION . G. E. hfoaecu, V. V. Benemensl,•y !n capcrinicnis on l3alb/c mice and \t'istar rats the authors have studied the carcinopcnic activity of nitrosodimctli•:1 ;minc (NDMA) in daily inhalations of the drug in concentritions of 0.005 rng/rO 'and 0.2 mg/rn3 during 17 months for mice and 25 months for rals. Iir the concentration of 0.2 u:~/m' tumors would arise eoirsiderairly rarlicr and in laro'cr amo1n1ls than in control animals, as well as in animals inhaling KDNA in tlic conecntralion of o.NjS mg/in3 and not diffcrin.gy in this respect f:o;n con• trol animals. u ~,7 o n rr ~~ ~2 6 50256 5142 JSC.
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TOXICOT.CGY--ACUTC T(1:CICITIES/(EP1FRALLY KFC(1GN1Z[:D AS SArf:(GRAS)f'RETTNOL/ CA.vCF.It--CAliSATION BY CHEMICALS/ rtae 0 r~1 s t- ~ %0 ~ N 0 ~ .14. Ticte;nd Subtitle ('S. Keyott vste ew of the Recent Literature on the Health Aspects or 1 1977 itamin A, Vitamin A Acetate and Vitamin A Palmitate as Food Ingredients y_ Aue6nrr.l ~ 9. Pertorming Organization Name and Address Life Sciences Research''Office , rrederatiou of :merican Societies for Experimental-Biology 9550 Rockville Pike Bethesda, Md. 20014 Fodd and Drug Administration 200 C Street S.W. Waahington, D.C. 20204 12. Sponsoring Organization Name and Address aa i ' 1°,827s73s 8. Performiog Orgsnization No. 10. Ptoject/Task/Work Unic 11. Contract/Grant No. FDA 223-75-2004 13. Type of Report & Perioc Coveted Update 1971-1976 14. formation contained in a _ 6rmatics, Inc. (PB 241-949/AS? 1 to 1976 concerning the health ingredient. Topics include: the in humans and animals; acute toxic cies; clinical reports of adverse ei of vitamin A with respect to the actions ofllcareinogenie aaentsr; nnd the teracager gff,Gct~of vi,7tmin ~in~ i.cg ar}d~rgats and speculations on its possible human terta er~ci f e7Ac~itln taPic'~ dis sA incttide the effects of vita:ain A on membra: t4Qnispp_ ],jyjAl Wttgbnllam r,nd rhe ±r•:•_,unn nvstem. This inforration is gJ - . _- ... . j short-term toxicity studies iri five animal s absorption, metabolism and storage of vitamin related effects of the use of vitamin A as a fo This report summarizes recent publications from 1 scientific literature review nrenared for FDA by I 15. Supplementary Notes Thi$ report cupplements and updates Michael J. Wade, Ph.D. ~BF-7$/26 ------------___ .
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256 5159 1 50 ' ~. ~ Da L'_~. :.r.7:iJ~.. ~.~: ~ C:~ C C;~ • ---v~ ....•,-~ • -~ il . ~::~ van L.:, A. 3ilbao 3,:?. C. A. SoO3rh. Fi:otos't.-t frcns T. t:wty. Car.cer ?.:at. 11 (N:,). 1) 53-<il (Ju3,7 1,:A) fin
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sgy_ 264a1 Dio-3489 50256 5148 CA~~CER--CAUSATIOy/ '~ 80 II Se Yorkshop oo th. Il.altb Lffects ofMota.roltaic Techsolo=T irookhates Natioaal Laboracory -Ai1> >1-Ausast 2, 1979 fo.o Arw of la~s iassareb to IdeatifyICeaecic orKsreisoxesic [Ifects ~ 1. l. Setla+. liolofy DsPStsest, 8UL MASirk n. .~ .~..~. 1~~.-.. .« 3o shert rasio tasicological effoets of awr tecbaologies are relati.ely easy to e.aloase. iow.er, tbe 1064 range effects are aveh sratt difficalt to assess siae• they really coecera dosa-eff.ct relatioas ia bmass at Iow doses and low doso rates. At hiib dos• lerelS, oso can sasars .atagesicicq ia assays asias bacteria or srsliao col:o or carciaosesicitT ia aaiaal test sTscesa. dt low dose rates it saq be tacbaicallT iapossible to sol.e the Orobls for bnsm 1111` }olalatioas or e.ea for si.aplo asioal oars. Lresber that even ia one ! •f the better scadiad fields - ionisiag radiacioa - tLere is sci:•1 osAsas~ di7a~*eosl~bo.c tbe iat.r}retati.+ of low dose data. (~ i „t J U,. j lJ `~G ~. ~ ...._- !
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~'ti~ 'kJ'~' ~IIS 50256 5165 ~ oy 11 1E EVrU.11AT I0N OF i'r1E C'.T2C;'VOGf4!gC R„ I Sr,OP CFEMI C1LS 'I'O MAN : Some arcmatic amines, hydrazine and related substances, ~' I11-nitroso compounds ar:d misc~ellaneous alkylating agents r Volume 4 This publication represents the views of the JARC Y~orking Group on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Ch°r.iicals to Msn which met in Lyon, 18-25 June 1973 International Agency for Research on Cancer ..r
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XXII -MeR„-77 S.P. • 50256 5162 INSERM SYMPOSIA SERIES Vol. 52 • , /AI:C SCIENTIFIC PU8L/CAT/ONS N• 13 Environmental Pollution and Carcinogenic Risks Pollution de I'environnement et risques cancbrogene, 4iaNSERM, 1976, Vol. 52, pp. 171•l76 • ~ CARCINOGENIC POTENTIAL OF CHLORINATED ETHYLENES " I TENTATIVE MOLECULAR RULES I D. HENSCHLER (`), G. BONSE (`) and H. GREIM (") ~ (') Insti;uts of Toxicology, Universit6t of Wurzburp, D8700 Wurzbury, Versbacher Landstrasse 9. (••) Department of Toxicology. Gesellschaft fur Strahlen- und Umweltforschung, DS042 Miinchen-Neuherberp, R.F.A. 1 The carcinogenic action of vinyl chloride (VCM) is now well established in man (1) and in experimental animals (2). Malignant liver tumors in mice have also been produced with trichlorethylene (TRI),,,though.after aministration of rather high daily oral doses 4 u~;~ O n q ~~ 1 4~
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P,C 267 In 1973 If pC hr~::OC~ n,F'f iS ~ OU T7 Di 50256 5166 EVALUATION OF 11C~ :.ARCINOC:E4*C _it1S~,OF CFiHMICAL.S TO M: So,"ie %rganoc.hlorine p-sticides ~ Volu,me 5 This publication rcprescnts the vie:•rs of the I/1RC Workino Croup on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man which met in Lyon, 22-29 October 1973 International Agency for Research on Cancer er C! { 0 Q G G2 4 l:; '1.
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50256 5155 Csrcir.dgenic -hydroc:zr'cons., Shires, Ttiomas Kay " AN ANALYTIC EVALUATION OF THE INTKACELLULAR DISTRIBUTION OF 'CARCYIrbGENtt-I4YDAOCARBONS (Uni . Oklahoma ~h. D. Thesis) 1965 310 University Microfilms Ann Arbor, Michigan --.~.-t_----- .
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50256 5167 RC 267 In 1974 /B."•.tiZEVE/ DIAZO COTfP0Ui7llS/ POLYC;1LO 7c.I^I.ATFU EI1'iiliilYLSi /VINYL CHLORIDE/ IARC WNOGRl1PI1S # ON 71 !E EVALlL4TI0Y OF T1-9: CARCIDlO(ENIC RISSIC . WOF (1 !E•f I ('.ALS TO MAN : Some anti-thyroid and related substances, nit ofurans and industrial chemicals ..; ~ Voliune 7 I'his publication represents the views of two IARC Working Groups on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Afan which met in Lyon, 4-11 Febniary 1974 and 18-24 June 1974 International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) a 1 0 o0 0 .2 4 / .; J . I
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L -_'...__ ~...i. - .....~.~.. ..__..... ~ III lte9-74 1'ood Cosmetic Toxic. 2 64-5 (1964) S . P . C-A:RCIi:OGENIC LACTONES Iiecause of the then known r;utagenic activity posszcsed by fl-propiolactortc (!) Walpole et a!. (Brit. J. Pharmacol. 1954, 9, 306) tested this compound along with a variety of alkyl ethyleneimine derivatives for carcinogenic activity.• Repeated twice-weekly subcutaneous injezions into rats of 2 mg If 100 g body «eight for 12-5 w•ceks produced mali;nant tuM-ours ia,A,eeks 28-55. The weak activity of I can be accentuated by simultaneous administration of a cocarcinogen or promoter such as croton oil (Salaman, in Ciba Foundation S)-mposrunt on Carcinogenesis, edited by Wolste<<holme & O'Connor, Churchill, London, 1958, p.70). In contrast to the aromatic polycyclic carcinogens, lactones are widespread in nature ana are present as constituents in plants, micro-oreanisms and animal tissues.. It is therefore not only of grcat interest but also of considerable practical importance that lactones should be tested for carcinogenicity. This task has been undertaken by Dickens & Jones (Cited in F.C.T. 19`i3, 1, 158) %tiho examined a series of fourteen 4- and 5-membered rin- lactones. Work along these lines was later extended to a furthcr 7 lactones and preominary results obtair.ed were reported by Dickens & Jones (Cited in F.C.T. 1963, 1, 15S), together with the surgested struct;tral requirements for lactone carcinogenicity. High chernical reactivity toWards nucleopnilic substances e..o: -S1-I groups, intact cy-clie ring.d structure and al3-unsaturation or pres_; ce U (1r nreier.^,l;lv bo.;f1. a[1^i3r :n L.i. Clo-:'_iy... _. .1 () ") o ;~ ji a/ 2.
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50256 5182 1 . I NEOPLASMS--POPiJLAR I7ORKS/CANCER/CARCtN(1CFHICITI/,ItUTACENICIT' RC The Story of Canccr 262 Br On Its Nature, Causcs, and Control 1977 Artnin G I3raun The Rockefeller University 1977 Addison-Wesley Publishing Company Advanced Book Program Rcad ing, Massachusetts London • Amsterdarn • Don t•tills, Ontario • Sydney • Tokyo i A 0 i 0 ono2 4 7 6 8 ( /Y 11
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...~~_ . ~M, . 50256 5172 - TOBACCO--T.AW- -FRANCE /TORACCO-- T.ALJr- FI!JT.A" / CANCER--RLADDER/!1SnESTOS/S%tOYTtiG A'Vn HEALTH/' - TOBACCO--SMOKING -HEALTH EFFECT/Fn<10- r'ARCTNnx;F;NS/1 • FOOD--COLORS--CARCINOGF.NS/AFLATO?CINS/PF.STICIHF.S--TOXICOLOGy/ '~ WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION I{ V INTERNATIONAL AGENCY FOR INSTIM NATIONAL DE LA SANT( RESEARCH ON CANCER ET DE LA RECHERCHE MEUICALL RC 267 In 1979 0 EDITORS W. DAVIS & C. ROSENFELD YURC Scientilic Publications No. 25 1/fNSERM Symposia series Voluau 74 . CARCINOGENIC RISKS' STRATEGIES FOR INTERVEN.TIOh RISQUES CANCI~ROGPNES STRATtGIES D'INTERVENTION 41roceedlat oJaSymporimn o.la,L-ed br I.tRC uwa • lnrrltar Naiie.rae !o Sw.te et de lo Recherche Medicak (National leatitwte of Health and Medinl Resecrch), 4eL at tlle Iatunratiawt Aarecy jor Research on Cwen.. Lyo% fiwre, 30 Noreniber - 2 December 1977 INTERNATIONAL AGENCY FOR RESEARCH ON CAlIC'ER 0 n _2 4 7 :11) t3 LYON 1..
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75 X Un Li7NGS--CANCt:R/H LTRnS.LMI'rES/C/IRCttiO!tiQFIC SL'88TAi'1CL'rS--r!ETAROLIS.q/ I OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH/ENVIRO!JMEhTAL HEALTH/CA.'rCEP.--CAL'SATION/ 50256 5178 CANCER--B LADDER/ CAhCER--PAP:CRF.•AS /TOBACCO--S"IOKING--CA:v CER/ TOBACC4--S?10KING--HEALTH EFFECT_/TOBACC•O--S`fOKINC--BLADDER £ADTCER/ I+tICOTINE--~tETAIIOLZSM--HUMAN BODY/CANCER--P.ESEARCIi/ CARClFdOGENESlS PRCGRAM « . . . SP, . TH1P.D_ AN{'dur"L COLLASO°ATI'JE COi~lEESc~SC~ -/ *.. us. oepartme,r ot Hearn. E~ueatia,, FESRUA RY 2-5. 1975 - , ~ and wetrare CARLTON HGilSE ' Nationar Institutes or Health - OR, AN DO F . National Cancer Institut~ . LOR/DA OArWon of Cancer Causi and Praention R . /. 0 1 C Q tI tl 2 4 /~~ 4
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50256 5163 i F , ' XX•tIeA4-80 S.P. EGGS/MILK PRODUCTS/CANCER--CAUSATION BY DIET/ '~ 760~vT~Ct DRAt~L-1i362-L ~ __L~jY__ 3 ~ Z C. T1Tlefw.l.rM!Ay ~_. ~ G 6 ~ ~arcinogenic poteAtial of C~oleatarol~idatioa J 0u •{1 wOtl(,/ p Eli:abeth e. . •[nrosMI.ooatoAw,:.VOM MArl •ro.GO111tq Drovo 1Tniversitr / Providenee, RI 02912 I T..e Or Oc.OAT e.e010o COVC4fo Final (1 Feb 1977-31 Jan 19801 6 •[".ONwirG 0e6. N[POwt wvwe[" .~ t. ~CQrTi1A~T on Ooawf wUret~(.J r DMC.."29-77-C-00731PV Y •/1O6w.r tl[YCrT,1/1OJCCf• TAtQ •Aa&& vf111R YrIT wuwYlA• Project 1: P-14362-L It. c011TAO~.UMOOF•,CeMCrc.wo.oo~ett ,~ _ oA1..DATa- U. S. Aripr Research Otftce /, r Aprt~: .~."98 / Post Office Box 12211 0_s wvwstwor..oes Research Triangle Park NC 27709 VAL MOtp O"JM • r• M•W[ e.oollet!(ir rff...w, (... c..w.p4v Olqts! 1!. leCYRITt C6Aff. (.I tM..y.n) is, OqT//ACT (T'~~ .. w.~rw .IA M sw.-0T AI/ IMVl4 0, M..* a a pilot experiment rs found striking indication that the inclusion in the diet of a dehydrated egg and milk povder, which ia produced for human consumptioi induced a t,igh incidence of liver tumors in nice. 17e postulated that the carcia gea(s) sight be oxidation products of cholesterol. Subsequent pilot experiments; ravealed an increase in the incidence of liver tumors after brief inclusion in the diet of 1.0% S,6-epoxide of cholesterol, but not after prolonged inclusioa of 0.1% 3,l,6-trihydroxycholesterol. -- zt4 i`av~ . / ) . .
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50256 5161 ~ • "J' /9 t • . ~r ~/ 0 VI Re9-8 S'P~ ; . Carcinogenic nitrosGrninQs, I ~ ? in foods'" . problematical suhject at the be- 'inning of this year and these results are given below in the form ol an abstract. More than two years ago, after having developed new methods of measuring minute quantities ol niVosamines (e.g. one millionth parl ol a gramme In a kilo- gramme), PREUSSMANN. EISENBRAND and SPIEGELHAL- DER began to conslder the ques- fJon of the average daily Intake of nttrosamines via lood and drirdt of the normal consumer In . 1 r f Wetl-known scientists working at the German Cancer Research A 1_o z''zStj- the Federal Republie of Ger- many, nitrosamines having shown themselves to be carcino- gonic In animal experiments. They examined about 3000 sam- pies of food, including drinks, for nitrosamine and their results Indicaled that the normal con- sumer daily absorbs a mean va- lue of about 1.1 microgrammes. W%% of this comes from beer. In which on average (15f1 samples were esamined) 1.3 microgram- mes per kilogramme (Le. 1.3 mlt- lionth parts of a gramme per kilo- gramme) were found, and only 10•/. from mest and sausage products. ` Cenlre In Heidelberg produced ' new results on this somewhat Biofogical effects The sciontist, claim thal nit.osa- mine Is one of the strongest r.v- cinogens known today. Of nvwe than 130 different representa5ven of thi•. substance about 80% h.rve beer. shown to cause cancer in animals. Particularlv active cortr pounds of this group have been tested on many species ol ammal (e.g. rodents of various kindaL dogs• cats, pigs, fish, birds ano monkeys). No species of am.nal resistant to the carcinogenic er• fects of these compounds nas been found. It is true that t'we are no conclusive epidemioWay caf data showing that niUosa- mines also DroduCe Cancer iw man, but it is very unlikely frai man would react differently -o.m the many animal species e•ana Ined. PREUSSMANN. EI EM BRAND and SPIEGELf1Al *r atated that symptoms of aruA• poisoning by N-nilrosodime~%M amine (NOMA) are comparat e i man and animal. .
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50256 S174 CC 117 Ci 1971 P DDL AFLATOXIfiS /'fYCOTOXI,dS/ASPERGILLUS%0(,'EIRATOXI\S/PENICILLIii',•1/ CAcRCItQG"IG=SIIBSTA3:CESA VOLUME Vl+ FuwoAL .ToxtK - 1971 . . . • Edited by Alex Ciegler Nurthern Resional RcxarcA 1~ icrobial Tqxzns ® AC.tDEMIC PRF,SS • NEW YORK AND LONDON . f U I~~ o n r1 :~ 4 / ~ u Labaatory Arricultural Research Servicc United States Depanm•.nt of Ilsriculture Peoria, tllinois Solomon Kadis Samuel J. Ajl Rexarch Lnborataies A1boA Einstein hledical Center Philadolphia, Pennsylvania
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2(;7 in 1973 ~AS11 ,ios/ tSi:r?LC/ criRG`sit :f/ r'T( iirL./ 1rG?~/ I.rA , i or~; c,1~;nS/ IARC 147::OGM!'1!5 i+I EVA-_UATION OF TIi1: 2:11POF C1i1311ICALG 1O M: Some inorganic and organo;r,etallic compounds 40 0 Volwne 2 This publication is the outcome of the mceting of two IARC Working Groups on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man, Lyon, 7 October and 29 November - 4 December 1972 International Agency for Research on Car:cer AO U i o 4 n o 2 4 7 -'!a U
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f 50256 5186 CANCER--CAUSaTION--IiY ENCIRON`tE`1TAL FACTORS/CA:4CEY--EP?DE.1tIOL(1GY1 ~fUTAGEaESIS/C.%:~CIsR--G1,NETICS/(;ARCINtK:FNICITY/ El`;VI?'.()',:'•?!~i,TAL HP.ALTli/ CAi:CER--CAL'SATION --GY CHE*iICALS/CANCEP.--EPIDF.;iIOLOGY/ SMOKING AND iiEALTH/TOBACCO--S?40KING•--IiEALTII EFFECT/ The4iversity of Texas System Cancer Center M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute 31st Annual Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research RC 268 Gr 1979 Carcinogens: Identification and Mechanisms of Action Edited by Raven Press  New York A. Clark Griffin, Ph.D. Depritntcaf of Rruhemisrry Tke Unirersity of Te.ws S,Vftem Cancer Center eN. D. Anderson //ocpirul and Tumor /nstitute lfousron. Texas 0 1 0 0 0 a:z a/ 72 Charles R. Shaw, M.D. Drpartnrenrs of Biolu,,:y aad Pediatrics The Univ:rsity of Tc.ura Sy t.m Cancer Ccntcr M. D. Anderson lluspirul and Turnor Institute /lousron. felas i
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II\'G/G/ CANCER--CAUSATION SY CHFMICALS/ A-'`ti:S-TYPE TF,ST CHE:9ICAL INDUSTRY INSTITUTE OF TOXICOLOGY, WORKSHOP, PROCEEDINGS OF, Research Tr`4ingle Park, N. C. Aug. 11-12, 1977/CRC TOXICOLOGY SERIES/MUTtiCESESIS/ GEUETICS--DISEASE/ GENETICS--CHEMICAL/CAREnI<OGEt1ICI'!'t/CANCER--CAUSATIOV BY CHE.`~57. Qx Strateles For 465 ~ ~' ., 1979 1l1®1 t~~i•ri ~.11 .~. d/S 1.i1167 ~C. For - ~ Mutagens/CarcinogenS Editor Editor-in-Chief CRC Toxicology Scries Byron E. Butterworth Leon Golberg Chief of Gcnetic Toxicology Chcmical Industry Institute of Toxicology President Research Triangle Park, North Carolina Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology CRC Press, Inc. :arch Triangle Park, North Carolina 2235 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. - Wesi Palm Deach, Florida 33409
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MUTAGENICITY/AMES-TYPE TESTING/ CARCINOGENICITYA 50256 5185 77 II Re-81 S.P. E j GUID LINES FOR THE TESTING partment of Heahh and Social Securit7. . . . - .. _ . A ~ _ - . .. R.po.t on Hstth and Soeial SubJ.eb 24 MUTAGENICITY ~, ...... Consumer Products and the Environment ~ Committee on Mutagenicity of Chemicals in Food fr{' .50 net Her MajWs Statione~ OKoe a1 0 0n a2 47 7 -1 •
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50256 5170 y -&A 74 1 UnOy U. S. LAWS & LEGISLATION/ nccunatinnll Safety & J/Pslth Admini4tration FnrRAL RF.f;TSTF.R, " "'Uf: ;pU, e U T 0 5rg-R / lie, 1977 StJSS'rANCES POSING A P4TEf '~i,~L ~'~CCUPA"i 10~lAL -~,I;CINOGEEdf C RISK AND rEGULA'i fON OFVIO):fC iDC1,41'i IFlCATI01N, CLASSiFICATION , ~ ti ;~`aE R ~~~~~~~ LAS O~ ~ u . S ,Occuj2ational SaEefi~ c~ 0 n ._ _ ta :.0 4 ! 5 6 PART V! Heclfih Admink.iwtion
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50256 5187 RC 267 In 1980 AMES-TYPE TESTING/CARCINOGENICI`fYs MUTAGENYCITY/ CANCER--STITISTICAL METHODS/ .vOUM lF-Al nf OROwN1zAMON IN'IERNA'I7ONAL AGENCY FOR RESEARCH ON CANCER LONG-TERM AND SHORT-TERM SCREENING ASSAYS FOR CARCINOGENS: A CRITICAL APPRAISAL j lARC MONOGRAlHS, SUTtLEMENT= . 3" Repmm of URC.I bc Work* (iroaps vW .el i. Hamver. F•A.O., 74 J..e, 1979. nt mcctina orq.ooed by the Mediani.ele Hoelrelnle 1iaoowr, Irs Co.n:ciom of the Eaopea Caemueitia MO dc IARC IIf[ERNA77ONAL AGENCY FOR RCH ON CANCER p 1 ii 011 e`VWd 1,.. I
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50256 5177 i RC 268 De 1976 o 2 . iCANCER--CAUSATION--BY ENVIROhTtENTA1. FACTORS/ •tCARCINOGENIC SUBSTANCES--METABOLISMA f ENVIRONMENTAL CARCINOCENS/CANCER--CONCRESSES/BENLPYRENI .t ~ IN VjITRO METABOLIC ACTIVATION ~ IN t ~ ~ UTAGENESIS TLSTING prucccclings of thc{fiymPusium on the Role of Metabolic Activati()n in Pruducing Mut,i~;cnic and Carcinobcnic Environmental Clicmicals, Rcscarch Trianblc Park, North Carolina, Fcbruary 9-11, 1976. Editurs Frederick J. de Scrres James R. l'onts ~ John R.13cnd P•icluucl,\1. 1'nillk,t .
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50256 5179 1 . mO4 batCf[W$sW0 substancES--arscvr+or:?. rLs La4 G.TV-:,!;;J" D3 Fk r7 3'A-21-'-C F.-.;l Lti-r-al`i7C? P„ FRC4:U!"IS ~',~';'~ ^~ y [! ~+ (t ~+F ,~ ~}~ ~' v./ (yJly A-J ul.a1l GS'J JJJa.+a•.!i1J Jj...~11t'~1S J. C' F.':. ;:wcn.3 Ja ^.)r.n at r.xi 3. J.n tha t~.":=lcax C~~cszt~c;~a of :'a'.:acca Smoke T';:;:r.r--% t:zq /~~Jttica of Fc,u~O wwpawTM.a3 to Cc=p2ot©ly Ectractrii Tcbmco. ~li lll. .ScQ. Vt3L:.d. .c:C. tlat.w 1~7 (ji0. 304) 41.7- 53 (3.Su`s)- In x=+)nch with ErnY.!wh l~ ) t ) d (~ ~I / -a ~ I
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! : : .1 • s= . . :: - , . . . y. 0 74'=gLa, . 50256 5189 ~ , THE TESTING OF CHEMICALS FOR Published by authority oi yA , The Honourable Marc Lalonde , RCINOGENIC1T1l, MUTAGENICITY Minister of Health and Welfare Canada M C ' L e iair. M.D. AND TEPATOGENICiTY aunce _ SEFFfEfJiBER 1973 Deputy Minister of Health A.W. Johnson , ~ Deputy Minister of Welfare
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50256 5192 NEOPLASMS/ECOLOGY--CONGRESSES/CANCER-_-CONGRESSES/ CANCER--CAUSATION--BY ENVRIONMENTAL FACTORS/CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/ TOBACCO--SHOKING--HEALTH ErFECT/SMOKING AND HF.ALTH/MUTAGENICITY/ ALCOHOLISM/TOBACCO--ALCOHOL--RELATIONSHIP/' ; CARCINOGEKICITYy/ RC 267 Fa 1978 . Progress in Biochemical Pharmacology Vo1.14 Ecological Perspectives on Carcinogens and Series Editor R. PAOLETT[, Milan Can cer Control Setoctcd Papers of th 1 t • e n ernational Conferencc, Crcmons 1. C.C. Sroct:, Ncw York, N.Y.; L. SANTAhfARIA, Pavia; P.L. IMARIANI, Cremona, and S. GoRI,NI, Milan Volume Editors + S. Karger • IIasel • Munchen • Paris • London • New York • Sydnty o I n 0n o 2 4 77 6
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50256 5176 TOXICOLOGY--ACUTE TOXICITIES/CIIEMICAL COMPOUNDS--TOXICITY/ ENVIR0I1MF:NTAL HEALTH/OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH/NICOTINE--P1iARMACOLOGY/ CARCINOGENIC SUBSTANCES/MUTAGENS/ REF i i;ICI_1t)GkA(`{IIC DA fA ~ l. Itcl•art No. ~'-' --- __ 2. Ci' 6 5 ;III:~ c tvI c~sI ~-•TS..--75 /l ~' J3 Q 7-1 ~it(c ::ni! Subtitlc S. Rt•port Date -' 123 ~ IleF,lsrLy of Toxic Lffects of Cheroical Substances tine 1975 Un 1.975 r:~liticn 6. /97S' 7. Autnor(s1 18. Performing Organization R No. n 1-1L~_ ILqL b a , . a V ***r-s r--- -- ~9. 1'erl~rn,,nf Urp•.tci.:;twon Narae and~i ddress 10. Projeet/'fask/Work Un.t f 1atL•'ld/PHS/Center for Disease Control ;vational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 11. Contract/Grnnt No. ~5G00 Fishors Lane CDC 99-74-92 12. Spunsoring U:g.mization Namc an.1 Address 13. •fype of Rcport & f'er•o! U.S~.DEPT. COrIPIERCE, NATIONAL Covcred ,, TECHNICAL INFORMATTON SF.RVTI R ~ Supers,~des Toxic Substances List-1974 Edition The 1975 Edition of the Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances, forn:erl• known i•.s th Ni.OSII Tox.tc Subatunces List, is the fifth Edition prepared in comp:i wit.h taz requi ~-er,.~_-nts of ttta Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (PL-91-;') '1•ttR~~istr~r contains toxicity iufo~-mation cn approximately 17,000 unique cheu'_c i stcli+tace~ aD nC(I ii' t ;:3out~ ~s~00cje~p~n;rn•s. (nC,rr~1t tt n is given on route of en(. ~ toxic do;;e and toxi._ ~'f'tcc_ts ir.ciuc;inr an i,~•':I i^'; ^r,~existing evidence of the
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50256 5151 III Me,9-74' Soe. Lond. B. is5. t6=-tSt (1974) 9 nNad in (hinl 1l.ifni („rn /r'arcinobenic hazards in natural and mari-made envnor_n.ents B F B E rt a E L F R S %-* ^ ~ ~14faqnotia Colla e Bel Roya;W'ersey;'Channel Isl~tnr's ~ I Cti,c;cA k/ ~ / The complex interaction betrcEen environment and man is recognized but nnt ahvays -11 understood; it can be of a dama;i.ns or benericial kind, and tl-.is is particularly sa if cheniicul substances or their tnirtures, mctaholites, pyrolytic or degrndation product3 parti°ipate in this gain-losa rclationship. Among them, thcsa passea,ing eytotoxic propcrtir.j, i.e. carcino- or muta- or terato•genio activities, represent inherent dangers for man and F_-imals. Thcx chemicals may originate in the environmer•.t iwelf; or taay be aubstaners from natural sources, but spread by man through his technology polluting air, water, soil and food; or t::ay be solely man•roade, introduced by him into the environment, frequently expected to have useful effects but sometimes found to have noxious ones. Whate:-er their source, tt.ey run• siai of oroenic as well as inotganio materialy and hace a variety of chemical structurei (ia the widest sense). As carcinu•, routa•, arid tcreto•grnicity may be functionally con-n-w-ted witb molVcular and/or etcetronio structural f~•aturea of chemicals (and of tit_ir tar2etp, cellular constituents), attempts will be described to examine such lin'.c.s, brc'.we their recognition might be helpful in p:edicting undesirable properties. It will be indicated that, aa in the field of therapeutic drugs, no general rules aro likely to exist, except insida groupa or families of substances. This tneana that vigilance in the form of sareening tests, if possible improved and simplified, will have to be carried out again and agcin, yet without panio and suspicion that
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r 50256 51e1 • TORACCO--SM(1KE--HFAT,TH EFFFCT/ TOBACCO--SMOKE--CIT.TARY F.FFECT/SMCKiNC & HF.AT,TU'/tGRACCO--Si18STITUTES/ INHALATIO"1/TOXICOLOGY/TERATOLOf:Y/rARCINnrEVICiTY/ RA 1195 . Ra 1977 Cu G'~''~nt Ap~.i~'tfi~'~~~~3s in Edited by BRYAN BALLANTYN E BSc, MD, PhD, MRCPath, FlBiol Senior Medical Officer (Research), Ministry of Defence JOHN WRIGHT & SONS LIMITED BRISTOL 1977 2 4 IC'S /
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50256 5188 ;v -.._ 0 1 a 0 0 - il 2 4 / 7 4 64,4,. `-~ 4IJTAI:RPlF. S T 4/rF.%tpT TrS __ TAr"Y rnr rF /e-ARChIngF-lTt: I't'vt OH 465 xi 1977 v . ; Edited by B.J. KILBEY, together with M.LEGATOR W. NICHOLS and C. RAMEL Department of Cenetics. University of EdinburgJr. Edinburgh, Scotland Department of Medicine, University of Texos, Galveston, Tex., U.S.A. Institute for Medical Research, Camden, N.J., U.S.A. . v ~_.~ . Wallenberg Laborotory, University of Stockholm, Sweden ~ EISEVIER SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING COMPANY -1 -7,10/ HANDBOOK OF MUTAGENICITY TEST PROCEDURES AMSTERDAM - NEW YORK - OXFORD 1977 ~ , r' v~' ~~ ~ c~- ,
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.," 50256 5200 BIOASSAY/CARCINOGENS/ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING/MUTAGENICITY/ AMES TYPE TESTING/ APPLIED METHODS IN ONCOLOGY Volume 3 465 Wi 1980 :THE PREDICTIVE VALUE OF Editors G.M. Williams SHO T-TERM SCREENING TESTS R. Ktoes I ARCINOGENICTTY ~ ~W~ Waaijers EVALUATION K.W. van de Poll Workshop on the Predictive Value of in vitro Short-Term Screening Tests in the Evaluation of Carcinogenicity held in Dalen, The Netherlands on April 28-29, 1980. 1980 Organized under the auspices of the Scientific Council of The Netherlands Cancer Society (Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds). ELSEVIER/NORTH-HOLLAND BIOMEDICAL PRESS AMSTERDAM • NEW YORK • OXFORD U 1 0 0 no 2 4 7 3 6
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9 . 50256 5198 NTTROFEN, 2,4-DTCNLnRO-1(4-NTTRnpNF.NnXY)RRNLFNF/ CANCER--CAIISATTnm BY PESTTCTDES/ PF.STICTnRS--TIPinR PRO*inTING/ National Cancer Institute CARCIND(:F•NF.SIS Technical. Renort Series No. 26, 197R (NCI-Cr.-TR-26) (CAS No. 1R35-75-5) RC B 7.OKS SAY UF 767 _ lin NITROFEN 1978 , FOR POSSII3LE)CARCINOGENICITY Carcinogenesis Testing Program Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention National Cancer Institute National institutes of Health Bethesda, Maryland 20014 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE Public Health Service National Institutes of Health TiHFiI u..&.a r--''
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~~ C •/~~r ~ 7 ~ ~ ~-l- '•MYIM'r7 . . • 1 . ' (Jl/$n n1o1 f) luod q<~ ul p.p,o•)J srM VN lo lualU••a %cln +ql :.4Y•pulJ y.q snnur. ul p)V.y•p alaw VN •91JJ~ S'0 w./y p.1 •lur.l S.Id.ncs N•au W VA1 )u luauoj +~p •~i.ip•uc Ja poyu{u aql uo :lu 1.un.L~f1 •1'n(MIJ pcufj 4! (VNI s)upur.n»lu ;.I a/u.iJaw.ura snouc. JO vuapuu( 041 uu eh•p lua/Jna Ju;niealwns pala»alJ y a.a;.a y . tLN011-7oY•(f~Q~•••!'I'M•lYlOe\•O~lV'1•"•\~l N \~;1 •.•l.ol, •r.•ul u• V •pu) !7 •••l~l'L'ud Nw1•lV'\ ) •~'•~J7NY •7•I las•el•lxeM MOJ.1 Q003 fa S4NIt{OSOILLIV•N JM77ONObY3 'tC VBOXeY( ',r. 'J xFiaH xnxxTInwnx wnprrolrvx ~ ~113Wb'1136Y '9 'll •tlDIlllXdV 'll 'J yfiDx xnxwllnaovong dourfop a,S •Ull>1.')90)fO1,L00Y 'll"it xToN xrauhn/rnx dowxorj 6C 6ag IA xu.Ls[fivodu xi9uatnEju fl iqHU[tiL£ad.L{'!N-N amlmapdab[tuM - •MIM • ~)d irl~ M N •JO aTl snMl.wN JAdM •d:),:) H V •MMPINY VIAIMnMN •ONJJ -odahwvM NMdolydogev \vat NV `,OW OMM)DhMWMY-0MNt - Z -M(N 0ih,~~~,~  ~d l ///!~~~/ ~ •NM 11\MhJ<p11 \i7VVg~•d~?i~ J ' 'jtyr •MHVJMU •u(1NUMg I/MNSf/tdl0) NI\HI•hN MMmdoi) . . - aNNooaoNO+uoH 'U v -M>;o•oMRd-COUHXdV 'll •J • /t06~,YJl f {f •N', r,~V,"n.r -•-s,:•~ Y" " f es,vr-zl.e ~ - SS'9wi'LC9:I 9 )(VA : ~.'e/)~~-~ ','p' • 'N p .-•, , •,r,a2 . f~ -ieJMRVodu .n.a.~•w • -.....J -odahN9M M:)OM1"4 • '•1).M -i• 7nMiM •r .-)1nMJOJOMg ecwu•N• ntlo.ow laen{aegod •cod 'd7» HWY 11NN9JMU •IAJMI)My 1MVdOgCV MMm -deU - V3WVUVW '9 '11 091S 9SZOS
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50256 5204 ~ 261 AP..^.MATI:. r"•I-:It:ES AidD T!? :IP. !:--Oi:TI:T7.F.7 M^c. ~I Fo 'I Poirler, L. A. THE CARC iNDGEHI C ITY /1ND METAt;01.I SN OF SEVEIRAL AROMRTIC AMINES AND tH6[R N-Oxr012C0 AF.RrVATwES (Univ. of W;sconsin, Ph.D_ Thesis) 1965 245 p. Univarsity tAiccofilms J4ntti Arbor, Micbigan U t i) Q cl 0 -2 4/ 9 U i
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50256 5206 C'ET~ :~Y :i,1ii!~G. "Sicro,. ~ i ilrl ' No. 42 Irine, A. C. CARCIi1Cu:NICI7"t OF FATS BaCW?dED BY 'ciEAT0G. Iticrofilm 90 pp. 1954 u "i U A 11u :2 -1/ 92
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]2 II Di Ce~-NCFiL--CALTSATION BY C'elE!'9ICALS/ BRIT. MD. BULL. 20 (1964) 96-101 i•AG`I'p;`I5S AND kELATED SUBSTANCES Fisnk Dick.rrt 7u v:y larfe ehem:cal group ef lc.onc•s inaudc5 n=ay oompour.3s F.a%ing.rcll-markcd bio!o^i.:.1 tcthitit& Ln rryst of tLrse .c:i%,c compos:nds, as v:a^. point~ out in a szluablc review by li,.%•n:s (1S4c), t`.c 1^c;o^e r.^3 a i__lf u~sativatad, and t> e p!.ysia;o~cal or phs-cn-:colog c•~l cc~oits .s~~iated t~ith this t~ ,r. of eh. mic• .1 scn~-c re arc e-trao: ci ~~ aly c i~_r; nuts S Con:lusions Jtcfcrcnca " b Matoxin• a earcino-en prc5erft in Lnfeated troua3- b Chcn!: l spscu 2 Other 4s..m:Y:c3 ri^.e :ystenu 3 Cartinc -: S-a ca are3 nm, systuses 4 CS.rcinoo-ccic 6c,:rnacrcd lartoccs • . Parasorb:c a:id ]) d-PropEolnctcn: as cmi:.c,;..o e bio:o;;--l aspccts C~1RC~\TOG£~\ZC 7_•ACI'rJi~FS AND ~i RELATED SUBS'TANCES FRANK DICKENS t•i.A. D.Sc F.F.S. Cowro.dlr.sriturs oJB:•oct.anltrs7 Y•iddlascz tlnrpiral col Sc,%,til. Lordaw vb. z ~ 50256 5157 ~ tinogrnie activity: AL three types of eompoun3 also pry!e i rauLSEenie efCeets. ia ermmon with many re:ated ._tit agettts (for rcferenecssx Ross, 1962, p. 65; tiVal;M?_, I St some of whi_h are a:ro cancir:e;cnic. ft••!'ropioL:ctcno in antibacterial and furt_cistatic agent :.nd has bcc, a us-d f the preps:ztion of tcnowds (for rcferrnocs sce Dickes1e, 1~c} Some of these prrpcr•.i:s lave also been fowtd to b: p-=,e.: atnong the carcino-=ne lactones to be dcaa•ibcd Mle;& Shortly aftcr the work of \Yatpo!e et al. (195:). P.ce 1 Gkndcaning (1956) slnwcd that A-p:opiotactone e3s ca-aE) of inducinr skin tumatas, iaciuS:no some carc;nocia:a, .1 tiioe; an action that xs much crtl:.r.ccd by tho use of c- )tc 1 oil as a toc.vcinorca (Salrmsn, 1959). Skin-turnour ;:u duction by P-prop:oL-.icRte has been ob:•..n• od.n•od also by :..:art (1961) and by Pzlira, 40r& G: hcl;an (1962). As far as wo arc Ztsa-^, the carcino;en:e nature of lac: ^an other ihan Pprop:o`--ctorte t.s r.ot ber.n reported by c ao workcrs. Siuoc I95G rt rave becn studyLn in our labor _~_rl tIx ability of a'rroc.p cf Isctorus and related eompoue -1 t t induae tumours aftc: repeatod tv•icc•weelrly subm-tar -tf injcction into rats, :u.d in some instan;ts by skin p:inti - i a m;x. This s; ork was eone joint:y vdt!t Dr H. E. tL 7oncs 2=a in p•'+rtA azth hir H. lI. ZJsynforth, 1 1. A-YtVtobetone as Csr•inoeen U 1 ~) Q i~ ~; ~~ I•d :i
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I ~ ., .• 50256 5201 / PHOTOSFNSITIZERS/PESTICIDES--TO~c*co(ork u , ENVIRONMENTAL HFALTH/*tUTAGENICITY/CARCIwOGENICITY/ iI ' TERATOGENICITY. CREENINC: .FOR ECOLOGICAL EFFF.CTS/REALTH 'STATIST 0LASTICS'ANDrPLASTICIZERS/ FIRE RETARDAI3TS/METALS/ RA 1230 T.To 1976 77~fs report contains the collectire riews oJ an fnternatlonal srorp of experts and does not necessarily represent the ded- •loat or the stated policy of the World Health Organizatton. /WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION TECHNICAL REPORT SERIES No. 586 HEALTH HAZARDS FROM NEW ;'ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTANTS Report of a WHO Study Group WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION 2 4 7 -A 7 GENEVA :qi,- 1974
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RA 576 St 1977 U I _.--- ` - ; , 50256 5195 A.: AIR--POLLUTION--HEALTH F.FFECT/ANTAGENESIS/CARCINOGENICITY/ # CANCER--CAUSATION--BY ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS/ TPaEM2 EIDITI01V C-IG mJRO\A(GN'1'Al. SC1r.NCrc VOLUME II An Interdiuiplin:+rl• \fouogr.sph Scrics F.ditor.: Douc.sws 11. 3:. Lre, I-:. N'cnu.rt. Ilrsvson, and DsNtrr. nKV.N The Effects of Air Pollution A comrl~.u, fist of titlrs in this scrics appcars at thf tnd of this vuluntc. r.mtcd by t+ ~ At;itur C. Stern t Dcpartutcnt of lincironmcntsl Scicaccs and rnginr ring 11~ School of Public Health ~ Uni%crsit' • of Norlli Cnruliun at Chapel Hill Chnpcl tlill, North Cnrolina t j:1CAU1:\11C 1'1tI:PS New York San Francisco London 1977 ! A Subsidiary of ]lnrcourt ]tracc Jovanovich, PuLli+hcrs ~) ~Q n ~ 2 A / ~ I
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I 6!. b~' t~ t,.~ CI c) I ~ 0 x:- ~z~oti e ra-' .zairj1s'.I °Z t SOZS 95ZOS J 1 j
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50256 5196 F()C1D--TOXICITY/R'L'TR ITI(1N--nT SFASL/rARCIPOGASIICITT4 i tdymposium on Toxicology and Nutrition, Alfort, November 17-19, 1976 Qp 141 .Bo 1978 World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics Vol. 29 Series Editor Geojjrey N. Bourne, Atlanta, Ga. r1 0 To~cology and Nutrition Volume Editor , R 7}uhaut, Paris and R. F'errcndo, Alfort S. Karger • Basel • Miinchen • Paris • London • New York • Sydney o t n 4 ~~ z~/~:~ _... ~...~
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; C_trc:~ nurens C,ancer--Co^ur= a•~ion n 50256 5211 U~ ~,
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I ' 50256 5199 f ,RC 267 Un 1977 Q ~;~a ~ ~ C F ationat Cancer Institut: r ~ ~ 11 '~~'1+,~ c; • ~ r ' t;.,. C r? ~' E ~I E " ~' '~;~ CARCINOGCNCSIS i Technical Report Series ;.~January, 1977 C. A S N, o. c ~2-2?•~ ~ U.S. DEt'ARl'MIENT OF HkALTN, EnUC/1TtON, AND WELFARE r~y nl'~ fic~ ~<< ~~~r~{ ~e ~r i tt+~,tidtlat 1t~>cFtticcS`'of~~~?Itli $ ~..~~
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50256 5203 t WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION/UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME/ MUTAGENICITY/CARCINOGENICITY/INHALATION EXPOSURE/ RA ' 1231 FJ 1 978 PRINCIPLES AND METHODS FOR 2C. EVALUATING THE TOXICITY OF CHEMICALS. PART I t Pubtished tmder the joint tponsonhip of the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Htahh Or;anization , ~ .~r World Health Orjaniutioa Geneva 1978 ~ v I c) ono24 7 8 q 76i.np eoaum. the ao0eeti.e rte." of aa iaoe- .ational °",roup of apern and doa n« .rity repamt tAs deei:ou a the saad potiey of wwr 1b Www Neah6 orpnisation « t6. Ueiaa Natlont Fa.'voemnM hoawnmr - __...- *.a.
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50256 5209 CANCER-RESEARCH/ RC 267 Da 1978 i _ _(~`i.~!(,~/ ~.~7, ~ _ _ The We!!co»re Research Laboratorres. Pr J..~1L C.i. l.L ~-' and Problems R. W. Brimblccombt Ca.rcinobeniC't~' . ~d ted b . ~~ y ~~5~~~ : A. D. Dayan ~ Smith. Kline and French Laboratories. oyal College of Physicians. London on Ppeeedings of a$"ymposium held at the Vriday, December 2, 1977 0 1 ci 0 0 0 2 4 - / 9 t-hjiversity Park Press BaYtimore I , ~t,
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\ I 1 S02S6 5197 1UL00"?.S--LeltICnId1CY/1P.?tATIC CfrYPAlMS--FVVIR0h&!E`*ML ASPECTS/ " '1POLYCItt.nRIKATF.D RiP1tFNtLS/F '" • = DInXUr(TCDO)/ POLYnRO^tIrL1TED /slPltE.\'Yi.S/:IYflR(1~'.ARROhS, NAU1c:FSATED ARmt1TIC/ EIiVIRO.Y.`tE.\TAL IiEALTH/PESTICIDES--TOXICOIACY/'•JATLR--I'OLLITf IOY/ RA 1242 Ke 1979 PEMSIST~Ii1T P OISONS i!ERSICIDES--TOXICOL(CY/ '~,'r.xSeT!'"-yITf(U: roLnGY/ Chemical Pollntants In the Environment NNary-Jsne'Schneider, Ph.D. Tre Ne.v Yorlt Acs&my ot Saeaas New Yoric, New York 1979 oioono~4 7 a.s
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17 6 l a~,- U u a cz 1 o ' --% ' •-'' ^ - : ~. L . ~ _ ~ V ",._. ... . gOZS 9SZOS
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50256 5191 I- ~; . til! : v`. ~ CIe~.C. . ._ ..: , Z <' l,: ~ ~! i d E E F: l! :3 by fatl1 lMi'. NCl'"f7u(lo- ~- r~ . . Ii\'U1JSTi:1A ~ arcIt mmtct Cy 'i; t EU E E i~, ;.,.,.:.. ttu.. f , 4 , ti~E iF1~ Cu ~ itiVEij ~ t' Fr i r~ ~~~ I ~S ~~~1~ ToxicoloFic di+cascs of tn;tn and .^,niraats, associatcd with motds rrowing on foodF, hc%•c bccn s•ecornizcd for ceniurics. Only in reccnt ycflrN, how•crer, have theae mycotoxicowe~: received the nttc:ition of many I0hornto:ics nnd sL-iilcd scicntiets nround the world in a broad ititer- 'tlisci{}linnry effort. This rc%`cw covcrs t;rc literature on ni}•cotcsicoscs but cen!crs on those about which mort ia Lnown, tarticu!nriy thc diseases nssoci,,Ited with mottebe',itc•e elnboreted by sonic etrsiar of /,a;wrg~lJi, !'cnicillin, Fuearirt, Stacl&ybotrys, cuu' Cfaviceps. 'fhe uFcquitous ncturc of the t,f:atoNir.s, toxic metnbotitcs pioduced by Aa1rrgillicr fiart:r, mnl:e thern inrporlnnt to pubiic health, eal;ccielly since it is uaw known thr:t crrtuin n:enr of t
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50256 5193 0 1 RA 1190 Ro 1980 , c/CARCINOGEMICITY/TOXICITY TESTING/. : EPA-550/1-80-001 . _ L i.TITEE A4J1UtT~1.: Scientific Kationale for the Selection of Toxicit; Testing ltethodsA Hwnan Nealth Assessment / AUTNOii,i/- _ R. H. Ross, M. G. Ryon, H. W. Daugherty, J. S. Drury, J. T. Ensa.inRCr, and N. V.-Cone 7 YlRF0/~1A1tiG ONf,AN1ZATIAN NA\tF At~U ADOPkSS _- Wf Health and L'nvironmcntal Studies Program Oak Ridge National Laboratory H.U. duK w Oak Ridge, Tpnnessee 37830 12. SiONSO,U':G ~GENCY NA\1l A;O AJ:JRESS Office of Pesticides and Toxic Substances U.S. Environmental Protection Agency S REPORTOATE ~ I_P-ubl_icn_t ion_ date Decom_ber 1980 ~. PL RFORMING ORiANIZAT/ON CODE *. Pt11F ORMING ORtAK/7A!ION REPORT NO. RNL/CfS-151 10. PMOGRAM L lE'.IENT NFI. L1.(:S/1RA(,`T~NANT NO. ~- O-D-X0856 _~ /3. TYP! Oi RLPORT ANO PLH, OUCOVERLO i_na1 _ _ 11 SvOA%ORING AGENCY CODE Washington, D.C. 20460 1 ~. This document is' the Uirst of a tvo-pprt literature ana:vsis of paramrtE'r:: associated with the various toxi,:ity testinp methods (test anie:.ll selection, pat'•,,log. requirements, etc.) Acute, slll,chroliic, 1•hronic, rn,d r:lrvinugenic testinj~ 1*.etln'Js are covered; a discussion of some basic experimental contiidcrationti iti a1v./ inrluclv.i. This report was prepared for the puri)ose,Q f assistin.. :ind %uh;•tirtin~; the l•.S. I:Il:irr:- men~tl j'rr~qctgn ~enf'r t,~ itt~ e~'orjs ty de%/•l~~p 1;uiJclines for morc• cf(icicnt .~ncl eco~{umi~al ~{es ng i•rnr.,dures. 401 T4 4t. Sl.'
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~ __~---_- -- . AMES-TYPE TF,STINl:/'"UTA('FN I(:(TY/PARf'T1MV,?ICCT'T*/.1IR--POGGUZr(7Y--RNA LY.Sr,S/ 50256 5194 WATER--ANALYSISPaASTE ,JATER A4A1.Y !aASTE NATF,R--A:VALYSIS/ . •1) N-NITROSO CnMPOUtr')S/COttPUTERS--C1IFMISTRY/ATC1'ITC ARSORPTTnri 4PF.CTRCr1ETRYA. FOURIER TRA:ZSFORM ANALYSiS/CHROMATOCRAPHIC ANALYSIS--InN Cltqn*L1Tnc;RAP11Y/ ATOMIC EM S ION SPECTPSISCOP RACF T:L 4EN S/ENVIRO`ME~ITAL '~(ONITORINC/ OH onitorin~ ~oxic §u~stances 465 / Dennis Schuctzle, EDITC A m 1979 Based on /symposium sponsored by the ACS Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry at the 174th Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Chicago, Illinois, August 31, 1977. ACS SYMPOSIUhA SERIES A1rliRICAN CHiMICAt SOC11Ty WASHINOTON. D. C. 1979 I ~ 0 1 0 0 " Q 2-1
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• 50256 5210 . , . e . XXII MeB -80 : . S. P. 9 •- ; I ! , SnrnrrnA ahctrar`te March 4, 1980 , . ~ On i; THE;,CARCINOGENICITY OF VtNYL, ~ CHLORIDE AND RELATED COMPOUI`t+ ~ Benjamin L Van Duuren. Sc.D. Consultin` Review.r U.S. Public Health Service • National Institutes of Health • National Cancer Institute A SERVICE OF THE INTERNATIONAL CANCER RESEARCH DATA BANK (ICROB) A fiorrfeo of the International Cancer Research Data Bank (ICRDB) Protranw of the National Cancer Institute / ~-WGQU (aF'sc> (l I 01 0*0 n 024 7 9 ~
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50256 5202 III MeAS-78 S.P. I t + CARC,.I:IOCENICITY4 INTERNA IONAL LABOR ORGANIiATION (ILO)/WORLD HF.ALTH ORG.INIZATION(t~;10) 1 lw ~~1: .~ h:iGi<ia~l~l~ la~J:'1~4Gl1? L Report of a WHO Expert Commiitee with the parlicipaiion of IIA 'VYorid Health Organization Technical Report Series Wo:ld Healih Organization Geneva 1977 . ~ 0 t c~ 0el 0 2 4!8 3 i c t' i 0
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• e . a 50256 5218 GENCETICS--CANCER/ CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/RNA VIRUSES/ ICARCINOGEN'E/CANCER--CAUSATION BY GENETIC FACTORS/ + Genetic Differences RC 268 Ko 1 • 1980 in Chemical Carcinogenesis EdRo. cRc rr.ss. inc. Rkhud E. Kouri >bca Ruoa, Flor;da pirecrorof Reuarcb •/ittoEiolosical Atsociatp letAesda, Afarylaad 0 1 0 0 n 0 2 48 0 4
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50256 5220 MUTAGENLCITY(AMES TYPE TESTING/SALMONELLA/ PROGRESS IN MUTATION RESEARCH VOLUME I RC 268 Pr 1981 Evaluation of Sl~ort TermTests fo~arcinogens _ ~ Report of the International Collaborative Program Edited by Frederick J. de Serres, PH. Dl Associate Director for Genetics National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Research Triangle Park. North l",.arolina i and Elsevier/North-Holland New York - Amsterdam • O)cford 0 I Cl ` 0 0 lJ~~c ~h~ ~o D' Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd. •1 :...la..
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I . i 50256 5227 - I•tUTAGE:vESIS, V.I & II/CANCER--CAUSATION BY C11E?tICALS, V. I & II/ DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID, V. I & II/:IUTAGi:NESIS, V.I & II/NUCLEIC ACIDS, V. I & II/ FUNGAL TOXINS, V. I/AFLATOXI:`iS, V. I/^.?fINES, ARO`.WIC, V. II/A.`[IDES, V. II/ POLYCYTLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBON METABOLITES, V.II/CARCI?IOGE;19F; V. I & II RC 268 Gr 1979 Editor Philip L. Grover , Chemical Carcinogens and DNA Volume I ) Volume II Chester Beatty Research Institute Institute of Cancer Research Royal Cancer Hospital London, England I r CRC PRESS, INC. Boca Raton, Florida 33431 t t si~ 0 ~ f.l Q~l ~~t ~ d I 3
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50256 5216 PUBLIC HEALTH/U. S.--ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY/ENVIRONPIENTAL HEALTH/ CARCINOGENS/SACCHARIN/WATER--POLLUTION--LAI4S/SULFUR DIOXIDE/ Studies in the Regulation ojBconomic Activity RA The Scientific Basis 445 Cr of Health and Safety 1981 Regulation ROBERT W. CRANDALL LESTER B. LAVE Editors The Brookings Institution / Washington. D.C. . t_ ._ . o1 n0 0 0 243 0 2 - 1
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50256 5212 RA ~ ADVt.ci;;LS 576 ~ Ad 1977 i , ...a ow r'w++" *'*4 . f ._.,..,.~........-. ; IN ENVIROIT:dEMAT. SCIENCE APlD TECIINOLOGY, VOL. $'James~rN. Robert L. IN THE AIR AND ' WATER ENVIRONMENTS FATE OF POLa.u~~.rrT~ orn paper presentcd i hnrt at the symposiwn on uj 1'oth,tants in ~t(c Ar:r and Water l;nvironments" 1G51h lYationnll.4nierican Chenzical Society Aleetitlg sni•ironntcntul Chemistry Division held in April 1975 in 1'hiladelPlua, Pcnnsylzania A Wilcy-Intcrscicncc YuLlicztioit JOHN TJLLI.' qj-SfQS rj 0 Ncu•York / London / Sydney / Toronto A. Part 1 MccLanism of Interaction A Pitt~ Mcte ' 1 F- I ., ~ ,. ~ ~ , l:dited by I. Ii. SUF"h;:'1' Drexcl Univcrs4y Bev.-lcen Environments F Ucpartment of Cilcmistry J and m ronmcnlai t nginccrnnq und Sciee Philadetph ia, 1'cnnsylsahia Mattiematieal ilTodeling and ;1 The kh)*7ficA Fate of Pollutants '. ~. +1 L_
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\ I 1 / so2sa.s:1• • a OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION so ii o" REGULATION COVERING THE IDENTIFICATION, CLASSIFICATION. AND REG LATfON OF POTENTIAL OCCUPATIONAL+IIDOAM *„ 1~ 45 FR 5002. January 22. 1980 10 .fl r •MM0w 1a IrOrs/reA Op TME SUREAU OF NAT/ONAI AfiMRS INC . WASHMM/GTON. O C 20077 C 11 EIAIC,~L BtGULATIN REPORTER I ,, I ~ A weekly review of activity alfecting chemical users and manufacturers ~ Vahnim 3. NwonpK 43 THE BUREAU OF NATIONAL AFFAIRS. INC. Jwwary 25• 19: ~ SPECIAL REPORT NOTE: This Full Text item is not intended to be filed in the &arrest Reports binder. The final regulation portion of this document will be publisbed in the Cltiemical Regulation Reporter Reference File. Tbis Ac;j ribor4nf# bokef for your files or may be discarded when ao longer needed.
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~" 50256 5224 1 MUTAGENICITY/SMOKINr, AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMOKE--TAR/ F CARCINOGENS/AIR--POLLUTION--ANALYSIS/WATER--POLLUTION--MEASUREMENT/ ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING/ BIOASSAY/ ' QH , 465 En `1978 Environmental Science Research Volume 1 S Application of Short-Terrn Bioassays in the Fractionation - and Analysis of Complex Environmental Mixtures Edited by Michael D. Waters, Stephen Nesnow, Joellen L. Huisingh, Shahbeg S. Sandhu, and Larry Claxton U.S. Ens ironmenla! Prutrcrion Agencv Rcsearch Triangle Park. North Carolina ~ 1 n Q n c) 2 4 a 1 U
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aj 50256 5223 Ec /CA\CER--PRKVENTION AND COwTROL/ CA?iCER--BLADDER/ cancer /CANCER--SKIN/ ASBESTOS/ NICKEL/ Industrial Carcinogens4 ODERN MONOGRAPHS IN INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE F.rlitor its ChinJ: AN'1'l1ONY J. I..i\'l.A, 3LD. Cnnmulring F•dilor: RICl1ARD 11. OIiK. M.fl. By R. E. 1:Cl:AR •~ r.U., 1'h.D., F.AX.P. Director, Medical Research Division, Esso ReFcart•h ;ii„1 Engincering Company, Linden, N. ].; A«ucime Clinic;il Professor of Industrial ATedicine; New York University, Postgraduate Medical School; Instructor in 111ef1ivin,•, Cornell University, :Ifedical School GRUNE & STRATTON • 1959 NNEW YORK .,aD 1.0.N1,r,%1 4 0 1 il 0 n n 24 j 0 9
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50256 5222 RC PESTICIDES--TOXICOLOGY/FOOD--ADDITIVES--TOXICOLOGY/ 267 'litle and Subtitle Cr Environmental C-arcinogens 1975 ~ (A ~ bliograpl~y with Abstracts) 7. Author(s) Pernell W. Crockett 9. Pcr(oru nr, Organt•r.aton Narr ; nd Addr ; t~ona'~1~Technical Information Service 5285 Port Royal Road Sprir,gfield, Virginia 22161 NTIS/PS-75/844 s. keport 1ate ~ Novernber, 1975 8. 1'cr(otmint Orrnniratiun I:. No. 10. Ptojcct/Task/u'ork Untt h, 11. Contract/rrant No. 12. Sponsoring Organization Name and Address / 13. Typc of Report & 1'erioJ I Covered SamF: _1964-Oct . , 1975 Supcr.sedes NTIS/PS-74/086 .The bibliography cites research*reports on the identification, sources, and toxicity of environmental cercinogens. Included arf• data orr pesticides, fire extinguishing acent.s, environmental pollt: ,..:,,,,•:...~.._... ,,..:..r:~,.,.'. ~ ants, and food additives. (Contains Y5S -a2is!racts) 0 1 Cl 0n p2 4 d 0 3 .
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s 50256 5232 FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS/CYANOGENS/CYANIDE/ CARCINOGENS`/CANCER--CAUSATION /CARCINOGENS(NATURALLY oCCURRING)/ HEMAGGLUTININGS(LECTINS)/PROTEASE INHIBITORS/ENZYMES--ENHIBITORS/ ALLERGENS/FOOD--CO:QTAMINATION/ -TP SECOND EDITION 370 EDITED BY Li 1980 TU„(~ (~(,~`mIm' !, ~T` I I ,~~ IRVIN E. LIENER l l 1'•„3, , l U•, ,~' Department of Biochemistry ~I`1a~1t ~~~~UI'~~~( (~ ~+~5 ` Collcgc of Biological Sciences i f tili • nnesota ty o • Univers ?t ~. y!, ~µ . ' St. Paul, Minnesota .~. • ACADEMIC PRESS 1980 A Suhsidian• tJflcvcotvt lJran•t Jntu~to~ii'h. Publishers New York London 'I'oronto Sydney San Francisco 0 1 i1 0 tl a 1~ r3 ~ 8 i. I
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50256 5207 77CARCINOGENICITY OF RESIDUAL-FUEL OILS BY S• p. / NONBIOLOGICAL LABORATORY'N1ETIIODS: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Part I. Laboratory Methods of Analysis Parl II. Analysis Results RogcrS. Cichorz Quality E.ngincering and Contrul, SERVICE LAl3tr tZA7 ORiLS GROUP ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL ATOMICS INTERNATIONAL DI VISION ROCKY FLATS PLANT P.O. BOX 464 GOLDEN, COLORADO 80401 3 UPreared~undp,t Coqtra E(2~ 2) I33 j 9 t U idrltht~ Albuquerque Oper.j tions t:1f f ic• RFI'-2436 UC-48 BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE TID-4500-R64 1'rinted April 9, 1976 SUB]ECT DESCRIPTORS Bibliographies Carcinogcnicity Fuel Oils Oils - Petrnleutn Products Clwmu.d Composition C'.*.r^:; A Analysis
Page 225: mfb88d00
euofyld7AGRAPHY/ .._. -..antv ACCHARIN~ RISK BENEFIT RAYIO/CARCINOGENS/ LABELIN /"';, ,,.;-.=/HEALTH EDUCATION/CONSUMER PROTECTION/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--SOClAL ACCEPTABILITY/ 50256 5236 W T' Edited by - LOUIS A. MORRIS Food and Drug Administration MICHAEL B. MAZIS The American University IVAN BAROFSKY ' The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions COLD SPRING HAROO_R LABORATORY 1980 ttJ, j\l~G' Jw,.C ~
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CC~g ~~D r G11*~Ci:R--tc):~t~RE~~SES/CAI.CFF.--!'I ~T ARCi{fCA';C1.1? -? PII~F"IOLr GYi 50256 5228 RC CANCER--CALTSATION/C:1;;CER=-CAL'SATIO:I--BY E:.VIRM?EN'.AL 1'ACTOP.5/ 262 In f"IVIR0N?tEi:TAL NEALTII/OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND IjrAL'1'ti ACI'/ 1973 n ~~ June 28-Z9, 1973 . Mellon Institute of Carnegie-Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Indu 5231 Centre Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania' 15232 CHEMICAL C..ARCINQGEN- P~OCEEDINGS OF THE SYMPOSIUP.Z . j~° i` ON `- -- - ~ 1973 " ; . . , )
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50256 5244 RC 262 Sa 1981 CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/CARCINOGENS/ ;I : CACEC CCAIISICG CIEIECLLS N. MWIM SAX i 0 1 rl q n~ 2 J 3 I Assisted by: Elizabeth K. Wbisburger, David Schottenield,Joanna Haas, Benjamin Feiner, Barry I. Castleman, and Richard J. Lewis,Sr. 0 ® ® VAN NOSTRAND REINHOLD COMPANY NEW Y'Oq( ~ A' SAN iRMJC6C~o VELDOLM4 r
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RA M[JTA(:RNS/rAR/'.T*iOCENSC5IPLTY CODiW 12#2, e~suocsA.«IC oArA s"ter MOSH-77~108 Un t d i M I . •1976 tori. Reeooe~ended Standa .,. ` eeupatlonsl Criteria V ..r . ., > . .. •, . . . l.. . r<..,., u.,. Oct 9)6 (NaCN, ICCN, and L,c~osure toikydrogen Cyanide andyCyanide S.lt. e. G(~'~)2 A.rE.rf.) 7. • . R.pt. Nw •. P.rlo.nlea Ur~a.~.u:e. N.~e ..d Addre.. N.. Natlonal lnstitute for Occupational Safety and Health 4676 Colus.bLa Pkvy. 11. C«rne,/G.sn N.. Cincinnati, Ohio 45226 Recooaended criterla for a standard lntended to proteet the health of vorkers against erposure to hydrogen cyanida and cyanide ealta, especially sodtus cyanide, potasatum cyanide and calcium cyanide, for up to a 10-hour work ahift, 40-hour work week, over alifetico. Occupational expocure to these compounds is deflned as oxposure to airborne concentrations greater than the corresponding action levele, or one-half the corresponding recocmended ceiling environmental e.posure limit. The iaain topiee covered includet reco®endatione for levels of cyanide !n the workplace air, !n- cluding sampling and aselysls; medical a•irveillance; personal protective equipment and clothing; informing employees of cyanide hazarda; work practicea and control procedures; sanitation, monttoring and recordkeeping; biologic effecte of exposure, locluding epidemiology, carcinogenicity, ssutagenieity, and teratogenicity; environ- mental data and engineering controls. Analy_inr . T.niAertolory Prcventive nedleiee CnrclnoPens Safety enr.lr.eertnp kute•er.e T,L~ cl 0 1-~ 8 0 7 TOXICOLOGY--ACUTE TUXILI••!t'S/TERATnC;FMS .a.
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50256 5207 1195 Un 1980 CANCER--STATISTICS/CARCINOGENS) Toxic Chemicals and Publf c Protection U. S. COUNCIL ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY May 1980 A Report to the President by the Toxic Substances Strategy Committee
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0 50256 5226 NITROSAMINES /ClIE4ICALS--CARCINOCENICITY/CHLOROF'f)RM/IIYDROCARBONS--TnXICf1LOGY/ CANCER---CAUSATION BY CtIEMICALS/OCCUPATIONAL Hr.A1.TH/ENVIRnNt•[ENTAL HEALTH/ ALKYLATING Al'FNTS/ARO; W IC HYf)ROCARAOAi6/ RC.; • _ 267 ,• Potential ndustrial Carcinogent andAutagens:•,. • Ft 1477 1. AuTr+OR(s 't- ".+ " Lawrence Fishbein P• SERfORMINO O/l(iAN12AfION NAME AND ADDNE;.$ National Center for Toxicological Research.~,.. ..: Jefferson Arkansas 72079 .:: • • Vf1': ::,; , . . .. ~ .• l~ .t... 'j;~.•i" . .f.•. t .. May,- - 19 7.7 . PERfORMINIi ORGAk11AVON CODE f' .2 i 8. PERfORMINO OROANI2ATION REPORT No. 10. PHOORAM ELEMENT NO. EPA-IA644-0472 ~1. SPONSORINO AGENCY NAME ANO AODRESS.... 1~• TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIOD COVEREO ~ffice of Toxic Substances ~PAGo=EtNGY COOE ill.S. Environmental Protection A enc '` 18. SPONSORING Washington, DC 20460 g • y 'Ninety industrial chemicals, illustrative of.16 major classes and 19 structural sub-categories have been reviewed primarily in terms of their reported carcinogenicity and/or mutagenicity. The compounds were selected based on factors including: their reported carcinogenicity and/or mutagenicity, their chemical structures and relation- ships to known carcinogens or mutagens, their volus,e or use characteristics, and sugyested or estimated potential populations at risk. . U R#ditfion~llyJ gfr•mayje a;petyts fwhW-e known) of their synthesis (a rimarily in ter* of the nature of the ros;ible hazardous trace ir, nurities). use patterns•, chemical and ' • 1 - 1 - . ! - - 1 . - - - - a J . .J ~+. . - _1 -~-~ ~ 1~ W --- - _ _ . . . _ ~ _-. - L-11 w Fa 4e h:1 uA / . .
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- 50256 5225 vfl. s. PQSLTC RtAL77 dBUtVZCS, XArrotUG INSTITUt HBAL?ft, NA?IO!iAL !fA?Zt1NAt. CAlICER ItISTIME/ ~; The Politics of Caneer, by Sastiel tpstein (1918) 533 pp. Appendix II Evalua tion of I/Environmental Xarcinogens* I Report to the Stugeoa Ceneral, USPHS April 22, 1970 Ad Hoc Committee on the E.-Juation of Low Levets • of Environmeatai Chemical Carcinogens 2ltembera of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Evaluation of Low Leuels of Environmental Cht;mical Carcinogens , Nattonal Cancer Institute Bsthesda. btarylanaS `Tbts report was introduced as an achibit and published in fu11 in both the 6olfowint Senate hearings: 'Chemicsls and the Futurs o! Jtan; hearings bo- tsone the Subcommittee on Executive Rcossanization and Co.•ernment Re- fearcb oEthe Committee on Covernment Operations: United States Senate, Apiil 8 aqd 7. 1971; and the'Fedcral En.ironmental Pesticide Control Act,' 4beadng,t befon/ the Suberommittee on Agicv[tural Research and Ceneral Legislsifm of the Committee oa Atriculture and Forestry, United States Seasts, i.tarrb .-:.L isiti .
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50256 5233 AMES TYPE TESTING/TOBACCO--SrioKE--BIOLOGICAL TESTING/ v 78 X Mc RJR CLASS NO. PA."iPHI.ET 78 X Mc McCann, J.; Choi, E.; Yamasaki, E.; Ames, B. N. (Univ. Calif, Dc?. Biochern.~Be.rkeley, Calif., U. S.) DETECTION OF ARCIkOGEI+~AS fUTAGENS IN THE SALMONELLA/MICROSOME TEST: nicity c'Zta from linear dosc•resj»nsc curvcs are prescntcd: .~ :holruc; .arics otcr a l0E-fold rangc. Therc is a liif;h corrcla- tion l+c.-wccn carcino~cnicily and ruut:rLcriicity: S;0 c(15G/ 17•f) of carcinogcns arc ruutagcnic in the Icst ::nd dcstrilc tlre scccrc lirnitations inhcrer.t in dcfining nonrarcinoLenicity, 'fcw °non c:+rcinoZ;cns" show any c1,•t;rec of rnutaFcnicity. Thc rec,4ls also dcmolrstratc thc great ulility, aud dcfinc Ilre lirnitations, of Ilrc tcst in dctrcting cn.•ironmcnl:rl carcino. srns- Jncludes Cigarette sl,loking and nicotine, About 300 carcinogcns and non-carcinogcns i of a..ide .•ariety of c}rcmicil qpes Iravc been tested for rnu- taEcnici:y in the sirnple ~a/rnnne/la~nricrocorne test. The test uscs 6;!clcria as scnsitive indicators for DNA danragc, arid marnrnilian Ii.cr catracts for mcta6olic conversion of carcin- oZcns to tLcir actisc mutagcnic fonns. Qu.rntitatis•c ruutagc- ASSAY OF 300 CHEMICALS. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 72 (No. 12) 5135-39 (Dec. o I n a n o:Z 4 3 i 9 197) (in En;lisli) _.~....~_ .
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50256 5173 XM• Nel3 -76 ' , ; ... .:.. .. : .: : s.p. g . . a (/~) 999~/avo~/9~~~ .~~~~ ~.._......._ -1L Iws ttxres (mo notts brdvts, ou corrc,pondanct d propos d'un arHclt) !oi1nrir pour puMicarion dsns ccrrt nrbrique doltt+a dVe courts tr rrtArgEr sous furmt de krrrt. Ns scro.r publiE: tn fonc- rion de lcur inrr'r1t gc'nfral poru ks drffHtnres discirlir.ts. dans an dEln( d'turiion un mois. H6matomo rCtro-placcntairo recondalro A un dic~ostll~ Intra-uti:rin L'obscrvation suivante soutPve 1e problZrnc d:s dan- gers dc la cohabitation .st4rilct + grosscsse.. 11 s'al;it d'une quatrilme pare, quatrieme ges:e de 29 ans ayant tccouchE norma!ement par Ics voies naturcl!cs i rrois reprises (1963 - 1966 - 1969). A cctte ti,oque, en acco-d asee la patiente il lui cst inslrb un Ekpositif intra-utfrin de t)pe Lippes B, au Centre de Planning Familifl. DEbut man 1975, elle consult: pocir une amEnorrh"e de Imois: on di)onostique une grossesse di:butantc mct:ant en cause I'expuisiun du stfnlet. La grossesse (volue normalemer.t jusqu'zu terme et le 30 no- vembre 1975 elle est admise 3 la mat.rnitd de 1'ht,pital rc~ional de Bizerte (,our rupture srontar,le Ce Ia poche des ca:x laissant t'tcouler un Iiquide rouge brique. L'extmen obstltricaa montre une hauteur utErine 1 32 cm, un fatus tEte en bas. dos i gauc5e. L:: bruits du ccxur sant ;Q2s tc~ElErt~Pfq~nceAINJ/~n). l.~ w~~, c Xc! ~~E U 1rfrlatf , 2 c r~Stnla:tdil 0;.A.'be cs( a c 7. (1201mn). Is T.A. : 12/7, la 1emF•:r.2t:re : 35,5 •C. Ir_ r-,.. a'. ..rc,- - r ,..t.. %/R8!a canc&(gLno du chlorure do vfnyfo L'analyse commcntEe de I'tditorial du 1.led !. Ausir. 1975. 62, 455-456. (Souv. Presse rnc'd. 1975. 4. 2911) ap- pclle un certain nombrc de commentaires quant A I'in- tcrprattation qu'ellc fournit des donntcs connucs actuel- Iement sur la question de Ia cancErogEnicitt du chiorure de vinyl. L'utilisation du point d'interrogation dansle titre pa- rait tout A fait inadEqUate. II n'existe. en effct, plus au-' cun doute : le chlorure de vinyl est rnctribZne, 3 la fois chcz I'animal de laboratoire et chez I'homrne. Les r4ftrcnccs sCrieuses, tant du point de vue exp~lrimental que, malheurcus:ment de I'tpiddmiologie humaine, ne manquent pas. Les limites maximaies autorisEes imposfes A I'indus- trie amEricaine sont, depuis le 1•' janvicr 1975, de I ppm (valcur moyenne inttgrfe par rapp.ort au temps : pour toutc pEriode de S heures par jour, 5 jours par scmaine) et unc valeur plafond de S ppm pour toutc plriode ma- ximum d'exposition de 15 minutes a EtE Egalement fixEe (7). Quant I cette limite de I ppm. elle est bien au-dcl- sus de la limite de ddtection des moyens techniques mo- dernes (chromatographie en phase gazcuse qui permet d'att:indre une sensibi!itE de 1'ordre de 0.1 ppm avec une prEcision de 6 t.). L'abaisscment ct le contrble ef- fectif dcs seutis d'exrosition est donc dans le domaine du fostihle actuellement r8)-
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50256 5230 CARCINOGENS/CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/ cANCFR--RESEARCH/ RC Human cell carcinogen, in vi ro;~/Benzo[a]pyrene metabolite; hydrourbon ONA - 268 u,adduct studies, ? ~ Mi R PORT 00 X J 1 1981 I i O PAGE ' OMN ~ ~cr.AU Ih2:'1'KUl"/'IuNS ItKFYt1tK ('11611'LF:1'INfi h'/IkN wj.~}!?j ~fJl..` n. r... ~ Z. OVT ACCtli/OY r0 • AtCVItwT't CATALOG wYYttw Chemical C+ arc~no9en ydra , olynucler FUidro- `carbon and/or Synthetic J uel Components) d t. Tr. OI11`.O/IT..tR1OOCO'.Y11t0 /1/80 - 8/31/81 ,In uced Carcino9enesi_;„ Human Ce11s, _. ,In Yitro. . -- . a„ro/~wlwoo. •011TrYY0t/1 T. AyTN0/1(S) ~ I Geo e E.l tlo / w/1 O wYYe[/I(y F496?-8~C $S ~~ / ' ~ - p 9. PfA~ h~o ~tate Unj versityo AOO/ltlii es. Foundetion- 10. T,.AiK w./IO,tcL/Y. AR[A •ROGII A Y~ AY CL fO1lR WlM Yw1.T TK ~~-.. GJlumtiugne8~iiod'4321 2312 A5 11. COwr/1OLllwO OraCt wAr[ AND Aoo1lLft Air Force Office of Scientific Res. Bollin9 AFB, 20332 131 YOrI O Iw A rAMt t AO Rtii(If _411(l~ / Nqr stW//ly 01110" ..~~ ~ a•/// 4 ~ ~ l, 0 O " ~, ttCY1qT. CLAi{. [M W, ,," ~ Unclassified ( ~ ' t LA3l/IICATIO OOOwOR r0 1
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kc. ?E7 Cit 1975 50256 5215 NJP.NICOTLAf,, rur~~o:Ic/ A.''t'iclc at~d Subti;l;/ Suspected &11-cino,ene--A Subf ile of the tii0:,ll y?'oxi.c Sc!bstnrues L i s t -f~ 7. l.~tlwr(s) f~h; alzi_-af'tt,ziL1_ N mt cnJ Addn-ss i ti t' i ( (l 9 , : a ur rgan orrn cr nF . tf. F'rt(orming Qtranizat; N u. J'racor Jitco, Inc. •1.77i, r:. Jcf fcrson S kockvil le, t-;d. 20852 I12. 'Jar.sorinj; U.l;aniaation Nnrnc nn.! Address t*Ialiot:~;i ]ust:.tute for Occupatioi'•al.S8fety and Iiealili/CDCI4 j r ;nC 99-74-92 3. Typc of krpo:t & f'cc: C:o vetcd 5600 Pi ;;;iOrs Lane la. N:i:;•' ~ U. S. PUBLICE HEALTH SERVICE,- L, r,-l'-+i Atseu.u-k-A,'j } t 1•S:'. 20852 k:rckv:ille , te• A(rr,tr.,cts1'hc pub.l icat ion is thc f i r;ci 0 f •.evcrrl ::uTTil.esto tlie afZ;:;li 'i'o::a.c Sut,uti,nces 'r'ilc. For thc purpose of this cmipil.atiolt, agents ot tnat i,1l; ttt tumots are cl.zssed as ca_-ci.nof;t'ns. The otujectlves of ;i~i5 e'titio~: .... 0 ia A r1 02 4 3 0 1
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50256 5249 METALS--TOXICOLOGY/ ° CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/AFLATOXINS/VINYL CHLORIDE/ CADMIUM7 ,'CANCER~-~~AUSATION BY METALS/ASBESTOS/ . . FiRSZ,' NNUAL REPORT 2~C ON ARCINOOENS ~ JULY ' y~o .. Un 1980,iq $ t Pur.uant to Section 301(b) (4) ot the Public Health Sorvtco Act as Amended by Sectlon 232. PL p6-622 _ ? IF VOLUME I, VOLUME I I Department of Health and Human Services Prep.red by ~~ National Toxicology Program 0 U.S. Public Health. Service U 1 0.0 n~ 24 8:; s
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I BIOASSAY/CARCINOGENS7ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING/MUTAGENICITY/ AMES TYPE TESTING/ APPLIED 1vIETHODS IN ONCOLOGY Volume 3 QH 465 Wi 1980 --THE PREDICTIVE VALUE OF SHO T-TERM SCREENING TESTS R. Kroes I ARCINOGENICITY H.W Waaijers and EVALUATION K. W. van de Pol l Workshop on the Predictive Value of in vitro Short-Term Screening Tests in the Evaluation of Carcinogenicity held in Dalen, The Netherlands on April 28-29,1980. 1980 Organized under the auspices of the Scientific Council of The Netherlands Cancer Society (Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds). ELSEVIER/NORTH-HOLLAND BIOMEDICAL PRESS AMSTERDAM • NEW YORK • OXFORD Editors G.M. Williarm U ta 0 0 0 2 4 8 38
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50256 5246 I I , CA2:CER--PRF.VFNTI(lh /CA`1CF.R-- R hCHF.`TISTi(//CARCt2+VX:E1VO/ TOBACCO--S.~tOKT*7r,--NEALTi[ F.FFECT/SMOKIrG ANn I;ELATIt/ DIET AND DISEASE/ RC Carcinogenesis- 261 A Comprehensive Survey Ca ' Volume 5 1980 Modifiers of Chemical Carcinogenesis: An Approach to the Biochemical Mechanism and Cancer Prevention Editor . rl }l 2 a 3 3 2 Thomas J. Slaga, Ph.D. Cancer and Toxicology Piogwm Biofogy Di.isiow Aok Ridge Narional LaSavrwy Oak Ridge. TenResnr Raven Press  New York 4 ` J #I/
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50256 5235 RC 268 Mi 1979 T08ACCQ--SlIOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/AhES YPE TESTING/ FOOD--CARCINOGENS DIET AND DISEAS Proceedin of the 9th Internationa ymposium of The rincess Takamatsu Cancer Researchj~~ t ",,, ` T9 F dTko197 n o . , u ~ Y . We r-f.n....... ,. 00, :..a.a&-maaa: a n 'W.. iqaLl.t.ti. TI;RALLI' t1C.l.'RR11G )IWAO HIRONO ! ARCIN'OGE\ 11;T.%GENS AND ITAICASLII SUG[ , - M t . .; ~ ~ ~ ~ f ~ : t i t J i M R ' 1!t)Dl: LATt)RS OF ' ' ES A. MILI .F - and SHOZO TAICAy,Uy~ This proceeding is devoted to interpreting dte .nbjects rather broadly, including naturally ogetts as wd1 as csrcinoRcttesis. the sessions cover the following toxins, carcinogens derived from tagens formed during the pyrolysii of tro»miees and nitrosatnides that may be formed ia foodt oc Nt dvo and naturallY occurring factors that tnodulatea t!am de+.e1,..^p. ment of cancer. JAPAN SCIENTIFIC SaCIETIFS PRESS, Tokyo UNIVERSITY PARK PRESS, Baltimore ~ ~ t~ o n a 2 4 a-2 1
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50256 5243 TUMORS--CLASSIFICATION/CANCER--ETIOLOGY/CARCIN0GZMJ INFLAI•L*iATION/ CANCER--CAUSATION BY RADIATION/CANCER--CAPSATION BY VIRUSES/ MEDTItEINE~AI~I~iESEtv/~CyY IIORPtONES/ SARCOttA /TU!`fORS--TER~"SINOLOGY/ RC }~ Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data 261 A~V !iY Rigdon, R. H. Ri Trauma and cancer. 1975 ~ ~'(/~'~ Ti~ ~ Bibliography: p. ~] ,~'L~,~ ~~ ,~ tfi;~ Includes index. / - v~/ ii~+ i 1. Traumatism-Complications and sequelae. f/ '~ 2. Cancer. I. Title. [DNLM: 1. Forscnic mcdi- ~cine. 2. Neoplasms-Etiotogy. 3. Wounds and in- PATiIOLOGY FOR THE LAWYER juries-Complications. W725 R567t] ~ R.D.31.R53 616994 75-9858 ISBN 0-398-03441-9 ey ~ ! R. H. RIGDON, M.D. ProJeawr ot Paho6.gy I Xeinidl TAt Univrruty of Tesaf.Sk<6ro( Branth G.h•rilon, Teaau f CHARLES C THOMAS . PUBLISHER Springfield . lllinois . U.S.A. s ~ I : u Ir~ 0 n o 1 ad 29 I
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E[ti'VIR0Nt4ENTAL 1TONITORI:VG/. . - AIR--?20LLUTIOIY--G`ARCiNOGE\S/ ~ AIR--POLLUTIO.d--ANALYSIS/CIfEMISTRY, AKALYTICj -ORGA.vIC/I[YDRCfCARGOA'S, AiALOGENATEn,' CHR03L`.TOGRAPFILC-.A,`'ALYSIS-~~G.4iS.-CH<<0;.(.4lOrItAI7RY/jtASS SPECTROxiFqRY/ CARCINOGENS . _. . - - .. . . _ l~ . .. ---- G TECHNICAL REPORT DATA /Pkose revd /nunrctrons on tlie rcverse be/bn coml.feNnRJ /. R VPA POR-60 T Nbi/2 79 --081 2, . RECIPIENTS ACCESSION•NO. 4. TITLE ANO SUTITLE ~ . REPORT DATE AMBIENT AIR CARCINOGENIC VAPORS • Ma 1979 Improved Sampling and Analytical Techniques .PERFOitM)NGORGAN)2ATIONCODE and Field Studies 7. AUTHORIS) ' . PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NO. Edo D. Pellizzari 9. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRESS 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. Research Triangle Institute 1AD712 DB-13 (FY-79) P0 Box 121 94 N RACT/GHANT NCj- Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 68-02- 2764 . 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME ANO ADDRESS 1J.TVPE OF REPORT AND PERIOD COVERED Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory--RTP, NC Final Office of Research and Development 1t.SPONSORING AGENCVCODE US Environmental Protection Agency EPA/600/09 Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 1S.SUPPLCMLNTARr NOTES 1 (~+•Ci~.f1 4 8 1 i, lJ S/ `1 ~. P . 50256 5202 E44t4..
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50256 5238 CANCER--CAUSATION BY NITROSAMINES/CARCINOGENS/ TOBACCO--~SgKE~I.NdSR~PN~S4~'P~l~VD~S/~S~aG/ & HEALTH/' RC F N Nitroso Compounds 268 ~ Sc ~ 1981 ; Rkbard A. Scanlan, Earrot Oregon State University Steves R. Tannenbsom, Entrot Massachusetts Institute of Technology ACS SrMPOS1UM $111 E3174 ArllltAll cNIr1eA1 tOC11Tr wA/NINOTON.D.C. ~ to11 1 0 1 o o n 4 2 •4 4 2. a 0 Based on a symposium cosponsored by the Divisions of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and Pesticide Chemistry at the 181st Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Atlanta, Georgia, March 31-April 1, 1981. u
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50256 5240 U.S. NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY A?v'D IiT:ALTH/'CANCIER--CAUSATION RY CNEMICALSJ BIDLIOGRAPHIC OATA l. ke ~~,rt No. :: 2. ~ 3. Recipient's Aeees~iua No. SHEET EA-560/1-76-003 Report Date , 4. l itle and Subtitlc 5. ~ March 1976 An 0rtdering of the NIOSH Suspected C a ~einogAns 6. ~ , ~ List Based Only on Data Contained in"~he List 7. Author(s) 8. Per(otmins Organization Rept. ~ No. 9. Per(orming Orgenisation Name and Address c!• S D~~~ wn+~c ec 10. Ptojeet/Taslc/Work Unit No. 0ffice -of T ' b&ta."ces-- 2LA328 - ' U:S: Env rl onmental Protection Agency 11• Coatr.ct/Graor No. 401 "M" Street, S.W. Washington, D.C. 20460 15. Supplementary N,3tes programming and computer generated by Tracor Jitco, Inc. Rockville MD 20851 under contract 68-01-3255, Task 3 /: 16. Abstracts Thi s.document i s the fi rst product of an effort to a rrange the substances presented in the NIOSH Suspected Carcinogens Subfile in a meaningful and useful way. Utilizing carcinogenic related data pre sented in the NIOSH Subfile, a four-digit number was computed.for each s ubstance to indicate ' cepn ~hat;might be warrant t e relative deqree of coU ~ ed regardina its , ss;blAlcaQciAg~e. o'i`>~"nt*i e~ ~is first 1 istina in this docurent presents the substances in order of the four-dinit n itmber computed for_each. -
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4 50256 5251 AIR--ANALYSIS/CHEMISTRY, p.NALYTIC--ORGANIC/&4MINES--CARCINOGEP:S/ AAiINES--CHROMATOGRAPHY/ Development of Sampling and by • .. Analytical Methods for Carcincigensir R. R'Mo~Jr. July 1---December 31, 1974 ~2-) 1®S\~VaI aM®s scientific laboratory . of the(I U_niversity of California, 1t73 AIAMOS, NEW MEXICO 87545 Issued: September 1975 u.5. This work was supported by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Cincinnati, Ohio. Projeci R-219. I his progress report on the ('arcino};cn program sponsored hy the Natioital Institute for Occupational Safcty and Ilealth -(NInSII) discusses the facilities. acrosol/v:tpor Rc•ncration and ~~ s<1~1pli~; satc~i~, cb~•n~t~ al 4;ot~Ist~:ui anal>ti<a! inaruii~~ ntn- " liu dc% clci>>:a; s:c::`'!i~:;; .tr.~ :~n-~I.•Iera1 I~ruc-cdureti for thc I! •LA 6042-i i  S. M. Rappaport H. J. Ettinger E. E. Campbell Progress Report UC-41 1
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50256 5239 , ---•~ " BIODEGRADATI~N/AFLATOXINS/~ NITROSAMINES// '• POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS/ RC 268 S1 1980 mrs; '7 a d a ALL E®n of Cmc ha !al . ~C ~_ 3(~c~C7~a ' ~~~ ~• An Annotated Pdibliography M.W. Stein and E.B. Sansone ' E arironmental Control and Raeuch hboratory Frederick Cancer Raearch Center ' , Frederick, Maryland • ~tNf3 0 VAN NOSTRAND REINHOLD COMPANY NEW MOnK GNCNRUrI ATLANTA DALLAS SAN FAANGSCO ' ~~, TORONTO MELlOtNiNE 0 •' • • 6 t r `1J 2 4 (~ ~ ~ , LLiI.
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50256 5254 FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS/CYANOGENS/CYANIDE/ CARCINOGENS/CANCER--CAUSATION /CARCINOGENS(NATURALLY OCCURRING){ HEMAGGLUTININGS(LECTINS)/PROTEASE INHIBITORS/ENZYIMES--ENHIBITORS/ ALLERGENS/F00D--CUNTAMINATION/ •TP SECOND EDITION 370 , Li EDITED BY 1980 TO,((t (r(j,, t(m'T' l/NT~ I ,~~ IRVIN E. LIENER ll l,,1" ,, t, Dcpartment of f3iochernistry ~1'/.,NT ~~"U~,S~t('; ~+~S ` ~ Co11eFe of BiofoFical Sciences nne. ,, f U f h1" ota ntVCT5Ity O r s 5 / „ . ~ ` : tI ~~ St. Paul, Minnesota ACADEt191C PRESS 1950 "-. , ` A Subsidiary of Hrrrruun llrure• Jurapwvirh. Publishcrs New York London Toronto Sydney San Francisco ;. o ~ ~4no 2 4 3 4 0
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50256 5250 I , no i CARCINOGENS/CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/ VALENCE (THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY)/ I RC A Theoretical Approach to the ~ 268 Preselection o Carcinogens sarcinogenesis ~ 9e and Chemical,~arcinogenesi iI80 ~ Vcljko Ve{jkovic "Boris Xidric' lesritrrrJor Nrdtar Sclenrtn Btoprad. YwQosJovio GORDON AND BREACH SCIENCE PUBLISHERS ~ ~ ~ 3 O Na.r York [ dw Paris
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50256 S217 bi0assay aptity. (ERA citation os:o116 • 3NL-28148 IX Whl-81 S.P. 10. E.~OSUBE 0T RODENTS t0 AR?ICVi ATE INOGLIQS+~ Discussion Leader, Robert T. Drev FIRST FRESENL?IOIt'- Robert T. Drev MASTER The exposure of anisuls to particulate carcinogens ir becomins extremely complicated in litht of recent retulations passcd in Washington. Thus, it is ap- propriate to consider the methodolosy whereby we can expose anisuls to highly hazardous particulates. . r Exposure of animals to very toxic vapors does not pose nearly the problem R. T. Drew. &nd W. J. MoornwL P . &ookhawn National Lab., Uplon, NY. 1978. 20p ODNF- 7s 102SS2 dNL-2f7w Prios oodr PC A02/MF A01 An exposure ctumber despn for carcinopen particle testint. faality is that ooRside~s personnel safety u wall a 82) that expU urf o`'anO l~, toupar~ieu~atedca~ inqSens represents. The buildup and dccay of vapors in a chaaber have been vell described (tilver, 14461 liacFarlaad,
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50256 5261 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK RC 261 Un 1981 U.S, National Technical InforMation Service. CARCINOGENS FOUND IN THE PETROLEUM AND PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRIES. 1976-DECEMBER 1980. U.S. National Technical InforMation Service.Springfield, VA.81 (IN c ENG,) I SN = 3528 0 t o 0 n 02 4 8 4 1
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50256 5262 RJR l.LAJJ r10, 1LX1L+GJK Xr.. 261 Un 1982 U.S. National Technical Information Service. CARCINOGENS FOUND IN THE PETROLEUM AND PETROCHEMICW INDUSTRIES. 1981. U,S. National Technical Information Service,Springfield, VA,B2, (IN : ENG.) ISN = 3529 0 I i~ 4 cl 02 4 8 4 8
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l -- x 50256 5258 ~ Ro6 CARCI2ZOGERi 10. C ZGAA..,~,, ~ i F: if .:r v..,.... _ _._ . __ r- f,~~~.:;. u I~l t7 ~ i~ 1~~`s 4 4
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50256 5245 , CHRO`~.ATOGF~~PHIC ANALYSIS--LIQUIB CIIRO'L,TOCRApII_v/ : ~ J=~~ 10 III Se CT-1 Jt T HJG-II:-PRESSJI' E LIC I TUGK.I~.P~I~~': A NEW TEC?~II~~iI~1i FOR S T i1T.~YIhTG 1,IETABJIJ~.`~IN~ II AIN; 7 ' t ACT'I IGi~~ OF CT~1;sICAL (,1%79 Jaut:s I:, Scl;;;c;; . Ccr(•ir;r~rc,:cr,•r !'iv,~rvr~r, L';'nlor~ O; !: Ric;;r. It'nlro:Jr! L^Lc.rclor ~ c%Ipo:rd tu1 )o' I~lltt'$ /.•t ' 1 itl t~i'lt rClu 'S IT1C''t1 1Ct C• N r Iil .l Cti - ..... . Cl. t ~ii. , ,, .z /'T_J t t Jlat .,;1 tU; „•r\ 1.. 17,, t. 1,1 .. . . ~ CAKCINO. JE-IqS4
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50256 5248 . 1 ~. , i},JX i ! f' 1. ~' ~ c 7 r ~- . •a !r~ u ~. a.a s-- 1' rl' ~~ nnn~~~L11111//~lll + il i '.-~; m!=F/t +:+i~~~ ~,, ; 1 ~ ~ii1 _' ~~I .~;~;R L~'~~ t?E;t .1 .1 .' ,~ r~ l''~ 1'e iA U.S. DEPA -- -. .. ...,.A. v. ~~ V ~: RTMFNT nG urTA i ,.. _ n. tuUCATION, ANID WELFARE Public Health Service o' 'National Ins( Nw~~j~~ '11• '1J7YatA rs I Cancer Institute tes of Health 0 Q , ~~N7ER! ~ TIONAL CANCEIR (~lE El ~ (~ ~ RCH DATA E3A . h~'~• NK (ICRD[3? 7~ x r,Q-7a NCI/ICRDQ/SL-1t ~r SPECIAL LISTI NG '' r~Tlsui3,D,.2,,~-C `;'~°~~T E i Fy ~l'~ 4:~"V@a y N~R 2 L.~ '• . . .i . . ~1- ,.r ~ ai1: :: ::=f,.:,.,~ :, r; „ : ~/l~~ Mt{~„J' xYr . . ~ S /~„~I~~lj C~1 li ~,:~ti ~ ~~r~r
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fe RA 76 ;Un 19~80 2+, C. I - • I 50256 S2 3q AIR--POLLUTION--CARCINOGENS/ •y.paT ..3 E?A-600/2-80-015 2 A 'I '.: ati:) S.,fTIT;E ~ POTENTIAL ATMOSPHERIC•C RCINOGEM! Phase 1. Identification and Classification 7 a%,r..04.;. Ca'rl R. Fictsillin, Leland B. Mote, and Daryl G. DeAngelis 7. PEC/PIfNT'f ACCESSiOn•NO. Pf; 5-? <.- ..-/_-~/4'~' ,~ ' mi1 ~anuary 1980 . PSRIOIIMING ORGANi2AT/OA COOC 0EAfORMING OAGANi2ATlON a•CFJA* NO. MRC-DA-870 •EAfC41nA- OAG.%Ni ATIO~.:.\J.~OOR(SS /0. QAM EL M h h. Monsanto ~esearc~i Corporation Dayton Laboratory ''Air pol?ution 1HE775D C3-005 F~-79j 1515 Nicholas Road, P.O. Box 8, Station B*Carcinogens " ' Y Dayton, Ohio 45407 •Reviews ~ 68-02-2771 ~ 'identi fyin ig t2 SPP•.."J4~. G"J4~.G aGE~.CS vAME AND AOO11ESf 13. TYPt Qf /1EPO11T An0 PER'OO COvtREO I Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory -- RTP, NC Interim 9/77 - 10/78 0ffice of Research and Development 1•.:.ONsORING AGCtiCYcoot U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Trianole Park. NnrtF raw.%iin. 77711 cotiicnnInn /A cchiarehensive literature search i;,entified more than 125 high-voluine chemicals having' the petertiai of becoming airborr.e carcinogenic pollutants. Based on carcinogenicity I and mutagenicity data, t.:,: ,:ollutants were divided into three categories: probable ~ carci!!ogens, pr,ssibl-! carcinogens, and probable noncarcinoqens. Additienal data were 1 collected for the possible and probable carcinogens including their annual production, i 61 { 0 n 0 24 32 U
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50256 5259 . ACS Monogr. 173, 701-28(1976),' XX MeA4-77 Carcinogens in Food S.P. 3'1 P. Grasso and C. O'Hare, The British Inductrial Biological Research Association, Woodmansterne Road, Carshalton, Surrey, England I I 1 CHEMICAL CARCINOGENES CONtPRISE organic compounds of many different type and a few inorganic"substances, and thece can cause tumors in a wide ran~e c mammalian species including man. Pott (1) made the eariie--t observatior on man and first perceived an etiological relationship between the scrot cancer of chimney sweeps and the soot to which they were occupationallv e posed. This observation was amply confirmed, and work in the 1930's I Cook et at. (2) demonstrated that the responsible asents in soot were a fa:ni of polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons (see Chapter 5). Other chemicals have been firmly associated with the developme^t . , .. _ . _, , . . . ;;
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50256 5269 ~ aa2 ~ (1969) Hatfleld. CeoiyR tl., .,vur. cf tt:a Azj..N. (.Io. i) 453? 4(-5-408 I 0-1 iIo r102 a3 35
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..:ammwx~ 50256 5266 OC~uPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH/ENVIRON?iENTAL IiEALTH/a_+rtT_`.' ~ SAFETY GUIDES/ III` MeA -7~. S. .. 5 C:plRC1NO~'aENS -- Regulation and Control I A MANAGEMENTGUIDE TO CARCENOGENS-- Regulation and Control DHEW Publication No. (NIOSH) 77-205 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE' Public Health Service Center for Disease Control National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Division of Technical Services Cincinnati, Ohio 45226 August 1977 fee Dofe by tM SuperMtenAenl of Documenle-. 11.S. Governm.nt prtntlng 0(f1ce, ta'.eAington, D.C. 20402 o ~ ~0 0 0 2 4 3 ,f 1
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f I S02S6 ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH/CARCINOGENS--CONGRESSES/Ii.S.--ENVIRONMENTAL PQi.ICY/ III Me9-80 S.P. ~ ~ "Material in this book is drawn from a conference HAZARDS To ; YOUR HEALTH gr,en by the New York Academy of Sciences in June 1978 entitled the Puhlic control of environmental az r s I 1th l d " The Problem of Environmental Disease Jam~Sc Gorman Th wew• York Academy of Sciences New York, New York 1979 o: ~ c~oh:~'2 a . rea r a 1. Emironrnental health-Congresses. 2. Environmentally induced disc•asc•s-Cc,ngresses. 3. Carcinogens-Congresses. 4. Em ironmental health-United States-Conqresses. 5. Environmental policc-L'nited Statez-Conqresses. 1. New York Academy of Sciences. JI. Title. RA636.A°_G67 616.9'8 79-2h2i2 5255 The Ne.%• York Academy of Sciences believes that it has a responsibility to encourage the disscminatiorr of scientific information. For this reason, 11a:.arcls to Your flcalth: 7'hc Probh•nr of I:nc-irunnrcntal Di+ratic, was s%rittcn for th'• general public on the basis of the proceedings of an Acarlrrny conference entitled Public Control of Environmental Health ffazard.. I he full proceedings of the conference have been p,thlished as Volume 329 of the Annals of Thi• \'ew York Academy of Sciences. Positions taken by thc• conferrnce Pa-ticipanh whose work forms the basis for this volrune are their orn% n aud not those of Thc Academy. The Acadcrny has no intent to influenc•e lct;i.latiorr hy the pul)litihin; of such opinions. 8 a ~ > .
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o c~ ~~ 4l U 0 i _u.,..... _...____~.,~ SJ.•.. ` "d TZT 1:-T aati 2aT10~,-z~°rTt"e' ~;nFt Oy z9z OLZS 9SZOS
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50256 5263 CA;:: ER--CAL'SATION--F.1' E:;VIP.f~;d~1F.:`i';3L FACTOnS/CA:vCER--EPLDI::!IOL(1("i 1 ~NTACEyESIS/CaiiCEIC---GF?:ETIC ;/C.1:tiC7\'OGLi7ICITY/ ENVIP.0`?`~R:;'t'AL HEAL:'I1/ CAI2CER--CAUSA'TION --BY C:jL?1ICALS/ CAi;CER---EPIDEP(IOLnGY/ S'.JOI:ING AND HEALTH/TO$ACCO--S' iO::Ii;G•--IIFALTII EFFECT/ The,Univcrsity of Texas System Cancer Center M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute 31st Annual Symgosicm on Fundamental Cancer Research RC 268 Gr 1979 Carcinogens: Identification and Mechan isms of Action ; Edited by Raven Press  New York A. Clark Griffin, Ph.D. 1k portntrnr of Rmchcmistry The Univ, rsity of Tcxas.Spvern Cancer Ce•nter At. D. Anderson llucpitul and Tumor lnstitute /Iouston. 1'exos 0 1 nOna 24849 Charles R. Shaw, M.D. Depvtments of sioG,:p arid Prdiatrics The Univcrsity of 7'c.mc J1 ~trin ( ariicr Cc.ater AL D. Anderson Ilorpiral um/ !'umor bistirute /lousto+1. 1"s as I
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. . , . ~ , 50256 5257 TFACE ELEMENTS IN CARCI"10GENESIS/ CARCII:OGEVS--METABOLIS~t/CANCER--CAUSATIOV/ CA$CII:OGEIS--TRACE ELErfg~ 3/CANCER--CAUSATION BY DIET/ NU'PRITIOV--YEARBO(1KS'/ DIET IN DISEASE/ QP Advances in CA'NCER--COLON/SELENIUK/ :' 141 ATHEROSCLEROSIS/_ ._ 19„ R~utritsiona -3 Resea~ch ~ Volume 2 ~ : Edited by Harold H. Draper ~ : Unlrenlry o/Guelpq ~ CuelpH, Ontarfo, C'onade I ANTICARCINOGENS/ Plenum Press • New York and London . ;1.
Page 264: mfb88d00
50256 5276 CARCINGPfi1 OF THE LUNG Re 4 ~ (1483? h S. F, 1 Ochgn%r, A.l.tan Cl.:CI:3JiS~1 OF THE LUNG 3 ?a„ea 1 0 0~:1 i ) 2 4 d 'i 2
Page 265: mfb88d00
50256 5267 Carcinogens and Related Substances Analytical Chemistry for Toxicological Research MALCOLM C. BOWMAN Division of Chemistry National Center for 7bxicoloaical2esearch Food and Drug Administration lefferson. Arkansas MARCEL 4EKKER, INC. New York and Base] , , ~MISTRY, ANALYTIC/WATER --ANALYSIS/ ESTROGENS/ AMINS/AFLATOXINS/AMINES, AROMATIC/PESTICIDES/ RC 268 Bo 1979 U 1~ 0 n~~' a 8, 3
Page 266: mfb88d00
RC ~ 269 50256 5273 ~ Bu I d CARCIP:0%,G: OF IM .L*.I:lEtiTAIRi TR.kCT; ET?ULO:Y AND PaTh ODGL\F:BIS. )3urdette, Wllter .1 ed. Carcinoma of the alimentary tract; etiology and patho- genesis, editedt by !j',ilter J. Burdette. Salt Lake City, rni- vecsity of Ltali Yress,1965. z, '?33 p. tllus., maps. 2T cm. Includes bibliographies. 1. Alimentar?- canal-Cancer. r. Title. RC280.A4B8 616.9913 65-28701 Library of Congress {~- ) L67d3t :
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Page 268: mfb88d00
50256 5268 (11DLfUGkl,PHIC dATA SH[L'T 4. Title and Subtitle Kcport No. NTIS/PS-74 Ca rci nogens A Selected Bibliography with Abstracts ). Author(s) Pernell W. Crockett 9. 1'ct(onning C)rganization 1Jame and Addrens 'Otional Technical Information Service 5285 Port Royal Road jS Dcpartment of C,,mmcrco Spr ini;fielcl, Virginia 22161 12. Snonsorinp OrTanization Name and Addiess . 15. Supylcrncntary frctcs t3 1 0 0 0 fl 24 3-i 4 3. !(cciric9 t's Aecessiv". S. Rcport I)a!c Novemher, 1?: 13. "!•ypc r>f ltcl,ort & 1'c± Covcred 1961 - Scl)t(,,i~i/.~ 10. 1'roj octl i.~sk/u ori: L r 11. ConrractJC:ant No. 1
Page 269: mfb88d00
50256 5271 RC 261 Sh 1974 /CANCER--ETIO?AGY/ CAriCFR--PATi.OLCCY/ CA:vCER--CLItdICAL ASPcCTS/ /CAhCER--DIAGhOSIS/ CANN^,ER--LMML'tiOLOGY/ 13IZ~?1~1C~~ 1 AL C- 4 1ix - R C I 1`d0 1r1A ~i.D. Nortl;icestern Unli-ersity Aleclical School Chicago, 111inois Chief of Surl;crf/, VA Rewureh llospilal Aftcnding Stubcon, j\'o1ihtccstcrn ,Slcr•.wriul 1lospital Chicago, Illinois THOMAS 1Y. SIIILLDS, Profcssor of Surgcry lt'ith Sections on 1\I\fU\OLO(:IC FEATURFS and Immtunolhcrupy by Roy E. Ritts, Jr., \t.D. Profc'ssor and Clwirman, Depurtnicnt of dlicrnbi,ih:gy Mayo Craduute Schocl of 1lcdicine Roclicster, Alinnesota C1in1tLES C TIIOINfAS • YUBLISIIE R Spt•ingficld • Illinois • U.S.A. 0 1 a o rl 02 4 3:~ 7
Page 270: mfb88d00
f 1 . t10 . 60 . 1 . ... 3. ~ ~ .'. . . 50256 5278 rrt ~r~ . _.. _ -.. . _. .._ «... • ..\.71. i . .~7 f~C _ . . _ ~~.1 ~ r1. . . . .'.l ... . . r')
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50256 5275 ^?"r:i~ iIG! VOL. I. L +~a 1`4 1'M :r~. ~~ "tuS C 3 .Y`Ai\~'1 p7 3an3So e1't2 Tn?:f~''Sslo o 0 , l G2. 4 3 a I a ci
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Page 273: mfb88d00
~`c 50256 5241 267 Un VrAT'r.R--POLLUTrG.1/ 1y75 z rre iini nary Assessment of Suspected -tarci r,ogens Drinking ,dater Interim Report to Congress: AppL)id ices AVTr+OI:( ;) 0 f f i,r.a ~~Trzi~-StrbstanZZ~ ;"'EPA"' PERFOkNi1NCi ORGANIZATION NA45E AND ADDRESS Office of Toxic Substances s: E)ivironmental Protection Agency ~'' 401 ."M:' St. , SW _ Washirlgton, OC 20460 _ 1?. SPONSORING AGENCY tiAME AND ADDRESS Same as No. 9 stri'bui:ed by: nept. Comuterce,National Technical 15. SUPPLEASENTARY NO1 ES .~l~~rl.--~/ '_) i. in __lune_1~75_ G. PCRFOfiG!ING pI1GANIZATION COOE Office of Toxic_Subs. ,_EFA_ 8, PEf1FOi11~1iN0 ORGAt~'IZATION ftr/'UF1: 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. flone Assianed 11 CONTRACT/GHANT NO. NA 13. l YPE OF REPOfi"f .' ND !'GH10D t-OVtf, !Zeport to Congres s 1A. SPONSORING AGENCY CGG=- Inforntation Sprvic•P To be follo,-ied by another report in December 1975, an updated and expanded ver~z: of the June report. 6. AESTRACT ~ This document contains detailed-technical exNlanat:ons of the research dr-Scribta briefly in the main report. The seven sections of the Appendix include presentation of the mathodology and anal sis of the Naticnal Organics 'veconkLisian& ~GrAb;()re2i)n3~ai4$ rAsus of pilot plants to remove 1•ruter .1 co:,tominants; prel irilinary health effects assessment and other studi-,s.
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50256 5272 I ARONC:ZAL il".I1i:ZP4 A L`OG Tfik.T. •~::!:1 PEItIGL -WCaT. » t~ . ~ +:a ~..o 1-3 S.Ir?J r'? F*~: Ci.'': C,r' r1 A p{Y' A . ... ~.~ v Ju-:,Y _0.- 1965 1 an3 20 lied. srib=e 6(Ztio.vS3) sTul;f 20, 19065 . ..-.. --~--.---...-~._. T 3 0 0 , 1 i) 0 1 u J
Page 275: mfb88d00
50256 5282 ~ VIIS Card, D. aut. Le3 iAzui0, =. R' . :. . .,~:"'_ .v 111L.k1:.:: .: ~..~_•~. iI'~.:JS~ ,aS SC'.,, alC.:~ ~i~' (•,J. 4 aF:: HIGI'.•QG•i IiY i~R, by Ev a. Lc+lS, Card L:,d Kentuc%yjNS-icy fapt• Sta. Bult. 515. March 1948 14 P• Krxjtuc!=y Agric. ExPt. Stat'on* ; 0"1 o 'onrl :z 4 3s~
Page 276: mfb88d00
50256 5274 I • CANCER--BLADDER/SWEETENERS/TOBACCQ--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ UIET AND DISc.ME/SACCHARIN/CYCLAMATES/ t'rogress in Editor Cancer Research and Therapy Volume 18 John G. Connollv Department of Surgery (Urol: ; . University of Toronto Toronto, Onrario, Canac Carcinoma of the Bladder i Raven Press  New York L , 0 0 Q 10 0 0 a 24 3
Page 277: mfb88d00
CAI;I1MiC1~/GItiCI:F:/ 495 '; Pu 197k 197.2 2 C. PDDI~ 1 C. =F :; :; YAL'SS/! UI/TL71t?:i'Ii./' TROPICAL CROPS 50256 5285 Monocotyledons 1-- ~c. /970L J. W. PURSEGLOVE Halsted Press Division JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC. New York 11 u 1 0 0 1 a ~: 4 8 1 1
Page 278: mfb88d00
11 O'~-- ~ ©3 SPECIFICATION FOR CARDAMOMS ` BRITISH STANDARDS INSTITUTION Iccorporated by Royal Charter British Standsrds House, 2ParS: St., London, «'lY 4AA Telegrams: Standards London 14'1 Telephone: 01-629 9000 50256 5287 I
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50256 5279 r YPIC, 8 -- 7I' s.'p. ~; ~ '`~,~ ~: ~,f ~ V r"t 6e4Ue'vJO h1I CRO FI ll"-APERTIIRE RU()Ef: c"W" CARD W-fts { I R,D. #2, 354 Wilmingtan Pikd. Chcdcis Ford, Pa. 1931? ` (2151 358-1100 ~ -,--. I ~.~~---V, ~ i~ ~- ~-~- ~~~ I , r ~ ~? C: I i) 0+ J>'4 , r ~'16 1 ~ .; t1,4'.0+''. 1N U.:ilu ~'---~
Page 280: mfb88d00
.i 50256 S289 ~ 7 77 II Ne REART--DISEASES/ ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Volume 147, Article 8 Pages 305-362 Bditorin-Chiej Edward M. Weyer July 10. 1968 Associate Editor Marjorie A. Musil 0 Mawging Editor Marc Krauss COMPARATIVE ASPECTS OF ACQUIRED'CARDIA(i - DYSFUNCTION IN DOG AND MAN' °t`n Inc) 2 -0's7s 0 CONTENTS v
Page 281: mfb88d00
50256 5256 ---t - ---- -- TFACE ELEMENTS IN CARCI:VOCENESIS/ CARCIIIOGE:VS--METABOLISy/CANCER--CAUSATIOV/ CA$CII:OGENS--TRACE ELE" *ITS/CANCER--CAUSATION BY DIET/ '.NUTRITI0~I--YEARBOOKS~~ DIET IN DISEASE/ QP Advances in CA' NCER--COLO*I/SELE'QIU`t/ a' 141 ATHEROSCLEROSIS/_ -_ Ad ~~ ANTICARCINOGENS/ 1979 NJut~tionaI Volume 2 Edited by Harold H. Draper unrrersrry o/GudpA cuerpa, o.r..b, c.n.j. Plenum Press • New York and London . , ,~ 0 1 0 0 n Q ~4 3 4 2
Page 282: mfb88d00
50256 5277 1 -'S1 t.fi'3 L+,'~~'tYr"'~*.~,~~'tYr"'~*.~ ~~t!~CliIL'u~3 ~~I:~~LTiFs iUd L~3 Clai'ciiivr.le3 t•rGIIchllquco primitifs, pr Jlalu'ice 13zr;,*tv , ... Jacques De(arue ... Jean Paillas ... Roger Ru1li~re ... _`.i1szzoa et C", 1967. 1 6t.^2 p. tlius., coi. plates. 2i cm. 180 F. Inciudes bibacgraphles. 1. Brouchl-Cancer. r. Bartdty, Jfaurtce Jacques C1ftent, 189T- [RC2SO.B91 ".-) 616.9'94'23 67-E5357/SC NLSi-Sbared Cataloging for Library of Congress -' t2i ll 0 1 0 :~, 4 t3 5 3
Page 283: mfb88d00
Les substances canceirogenes ~ dans les aEirnents La'ma GRICIUTE 50256 5260 F (is~-P, ) 0 Masson, Paris, 1978 Cr•rre International de Recherche sur le Cancer (C1RC), 150, tours Albers-Thontas, F 69372 Lyon C;dex 2. VI Re9-78 S.P. SUMMARY : Garcinogens in foodKs There is no evidence at present tltat certain elreinicals are respottsible for cer:ain hrmtan cancers (with the exception af aflatoxin, which is the most susprct agent in the drvelopmcnt of primary liver cancer in some districts of Africa and in Thailand). A numbcr of chanicals which are carcinogenic to animals are present in htonan food.' Any ehcnrical which induces tumorrrs in animals should be considered as a potcntial human carcinogen. Ilnt special studies urrist be trndcrtal,•ctt bcforc the role played by these substances in thc dcvclopment of luuuratt cancer can bc definitely rualuatcd. First priority should be given to polyc,yclic aromatic hydrocarbons and N-ttitroso compounds by reason of their gcncral distrihution in the lutman euviron- ntutt and their high efficiency in animal expe- rintents. o~~on~2' 4 8 4 6 RfsuMf : A 1'luure acetrclle il n'est pas certain qu'une sithstance chitnique alimentaire quc(conque soit tote des causes du cancer eltez 1'hotntue (a 1'exception de l'aflaroxine pour les cancers primitifs du foie dans certaines rrglons d'Afrique ct en 77tailandr). Un ccrtain nontbre de sabstattccs chimiqats can- ectrogJnes chez 1'anirnal sont presentes dans 1'ali- ntctttation huntaine. Toute substartcc cancdrogcne pour lcs aninraux dcvrait etrc camidcree comttu potcntionncJlcnicnt caucdrogMc pnitr /'hotnnu, ntais dcs dtttdcs prfciscs doircttt c'trc cntrcpriscs pour c'valttcr dc'finitizcntent le rvle qtt'clles loitcnr dans la ca:cerogenesse hrttnaine. La prioritd doit etre donnfe aux hydrocarbures aromatiqrtes poly- cycliques et aux courposfs N-rtitrosds, car tlt sont largetttent prisents dans I'environnentent et tr2s actifs lors de 1'experitttentation attitttale. :
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50256 5291 STRESS/HEART--DISEASES--PSYCHOSOMATIC ASPECTS/ 80 II Ey-81 BIBLIOGRAPHY S.P. Prepared by BIOBEHAVIORAL FACTORS ASSOCIATED Margaret E. Mattson, Ph.: WI SUDDEN DEATH AND and ~ IAC ARRHYTH?MS4 Angela D. Mickalide Behavioral Medicine Branch Division of Heart and Vascular Diseases National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. 0 1 n 0 n n 2 4 8 7 7
Page 285: mfb88d00
Q!) 321 Ad Carder.o2idid, v. 21 50256 5295 Advances in carbohydrate chemistry, v. 1- New York, N. Y., Academic press inc., 1945- v. diagrs. 23 1/2 cm. annual. i
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Page 287: mfb88d00
HEART--DISEASES--PREVENTION/ PHARMACOLOGY--ANIMALS/ RC 685 Se 1958 The Chemical Prevention of i - fCardiac Necroses ~ IIANS SELYE. M.D., PH.D., D.Sc. T1IE RONALD PRESS COMPANY • NEW YORK . 0 1 "l () 11 i i` 2 -•
Page 288: mfb88d00
IIEART--DISEASES/ 1 77 II Ne-77 ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Volume 147, Article 8 Pages 305-362 July 10, 1968 COMPARATIVE ASPECTS OY"ACQUIREDICARDIAC! DYSFUNCTION IN OG AND MAN Authors I.W. Buchanan, D.K. Detweiler, Robert L. Hamlin, Thomas Killip, H. L'uginbuhl, D.F. Patterson, Robert R. Pensinger, C. Roger Smith, Bernard M. Wagner. Edrtor-in-Chiej %0 1 0 0 1 0 2 4 3 3 Jdward M. Weyer
Page 289: mfb88d00
C.C 50256 5299 681 Dr Cardid6-3rYhYthaia,s. -- I2re ifUx, Larnercl S. (ed. ) MECKANISnS ANO THSRAPY OF CRRDCAC ARRH1?1iMrAS, the Eou.rteenth Ha3,namann syenpo9ium, edi.ted by Leonafd S. Oreifus and Ui11 f am Likofl', 1966 704 p. Grust & Stratton New York I 0 ri 05 2. 4 j .3 ~i . !
Page 290: mfb88d00
50256 5265 1 ,: ~ , ~~ --~^-- ._--__.----. , -PtSTICIUES--D~TER3SIt+ATI01J/-L OXICOL.,G1---CIaRr•~„t1~1T~.~•RAPHIC QD CHRO;S.ITOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--CEEMCAL COMPOU'vJS/ NI'PRVSA-%'INES/ 271i• Fi F'OOD--ADDITIVES~--A.~IALYSIS /AFLATCKINS/:•tYCOTVXI~IS/CYCLA.`•tATES/ If772 DRUGS--. Y TS /^ANCER=-CAL~SATION/TOBACCO--S`iOKE--NITROSAMINES/ ~ CHROI~1S~RA~'HY OF L~NVXROI~MENTAL HAZARDS ~ .1 TOBACCO--CARCINOGENfC.SUBSTtU1CLE VOLUME MUTAGENS AND TERATOGENS CAI~CINOGENS , = LAWRENCE FISHBEIN ' Chlef, Analytical & Synthetic Chemistry Brancfi, NatfoaalInstftute ojFnvironmental Health Scfences, Researeh Triangle Park, M C., U.S.A. Adjunct Professor of Entomology-Toxicology, North Carolina State University, ' Ralefgh, N, . C., U.S..l. ELSEVIER PUBLISHING COMPANY AMSTERDAM/LONDON/NEW YORK ' : 1972 . : -
Page 291: mfb88d00
50256 5290 HEART--TRANSPLANTS/GRAFT FAILURE/ K' " 82 II Bi Circulation 41 753-72 (1970) Cardiac Transpla>t><tatio>I>< >o<>< '~Tan V1I. Cardiac Allograft Pathology'3 B f CfiARLFS P. BIEBER, M.D., EDWARD B. S7l\s0:1, M.1J. \onaWx E. SttLaW.aY, M.D., RosE PAYNE, PxD., AND JON KOSEK, M.D. SUMMARY To datc. 12 of 18 patients receiving cardiac allografts at the Stanford Medical Center havc died. Five of thcse died with some degree of graft failure resulting from rejection injury. The remaining seven demonstrated some morphulopc evidence of rejection, but death wa, clue to other cauxes including pulmonary hypertension in t..•o, hemorrhage .md sepsis in one, infectiun in two, cerebral emlxAi.m in one, and hepatic failure ii one. Acute rejection injury was defined in 10 allografts, accelerated acute rejection in one, and chronic reyection in nine. The clinical signs of allugraft rejection and their morphologic correlates were e~nti0.• prMictell fr in the study of orthotopic canine cardiac allografts. The criiiicai'fe•ati res'di~d mosF'of the anatomic leciont of acute rejection were usually reversible Ihv current met6odc of irnmunotuppreasive therapy. Chronic rejecticm, t!;' AIutlLll I#-Y11CGLLA0n in coronan' a:teriCs, was
Page 292: mfb88d00
~71 X CAItDIAC ?tA'!'P. BF.Si naSFS TO : IGARETTE S`.ORE - 50256 5305 lEr A STUDY UTILIZING ILADIOT.°.LEMETf.Y r.ZVii1. C::oelz3 h'. CArUM:: F:a:: TO CM-.,nErrE, 5!:07.2 - A S17.113Y U1ILIZI:'C 2AD1G?c.?•;~~IET3Y PL; cho, hyeiolozy 3 (:•io. 1) 75-81 (1971)
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1 ... , . ..!. Ly..c,~ 96ZS 9SZOS L ~~~
Page 294: mfb88d00
~Ji.kev:crj i• ::It tr. ':ttc .:I, tltcrlindt IIY Du2-7~i /1'l)?~ICf'1'Y OF r1FROSOL FILL~:'I;T,L:1:~';' S;T,L:1:~';'S O` 'f fit IZ.i SYIi;"kTORY S ~P . ANI) CII:CUi.:1TO1t1' SYS'','::'.Lr' .-r.1-. .^% ! (I)CAItT)fAC A1'.RHYTIi\lI A iN TIIT: P.Ii3US1~4 s ~ `)i1-,1lNCO,M!AVIADO and RII[:OSLAW A! I3ELE.J ~ ~l =~ , D~P rln:ertt Of Phermacu!Uoy, ni~ rrity ojI'enre;yluanio S_e1i0o! oj ~ledtcine, 1 Pni!adclphra Pa. 19174(U.S.A.) 1~~(- ~ S- ~='11 <<) , IIf • R e'tved Se tember 3rd 1973) ec p (Revision received September 29th, 1973) (Accepted October 2nd, 1973) 50256 5292 The propellants used in aerosols were investigated in anc:s~hetized mice. The 15 propellants studied can be placed ',nto the follo«'ing three groups: 6 propellants that induce arrh;•tl;mia ar.d sensitize the heart to epinephrine; 6 propeliants that sensitize the heart to epinephrine-induced arihythntia; and 3 propellants that neither induce arrhythmia nor sensitize the heart. The inost toxic with respect to the induction of cm-cliac arrliythmia is trichlorofluo- romethane (FC 11) which is, coincidentally, the most widely used low pres- : I sure propellant in aerosols. INTRODUCTION 0 1 :) D tf) ;; :~ 4 3 7 6
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50256 5281 Card, v3,a G., jt. aut. B; cra, Gaor,n,a B. P :C'.aItiG BL'::LB'1 TC3BaCCJ Y7a SALI'., by Gyorgo B. Bycss, 11aA,a. G. Card acd t.~ic~dull V. v1 ~f.r4~Y'+y ;L.ivaroity of K-..ntucky, !,.^,rictaltural z4xau3io» Ssrvico, Cali^:;s of ~.gzicuituza :-aad at,ns Econoiice Laautct 1-14) ~ VII UnA ~ (1969) ?fi55 8 PEges :aivaraity of Kzat+icky F.axicgtoa, I:3nr.uclcy o i i) 0ri o .xP 4 ii 5/
Page 296: mfb88d00
50256 5288 i. . (;hcVi.-/liol..InAractioris, :+.2 (t978)') s+7--308 297 O k:isevier%North•Holland~ Scientific Pub!ishers Ltd. 77 II Re-79 MUTAGI;N'IS,irrY OF DICHLORVOS AND OTHER STRUCTURALLY ftELATIs'Dyi'ESTICIDCS IN SAL~l1ONELLA AND STI2SPTO~1-1 YCES* .w r A. CARERE, V.A. OliTALI, Qk~',qRDAMQ-1Mnd G. MORPURGO Isliluto Supcriorc di Sanila and Orto Botanico, Uniuersila di Roma (Italy) (Received July lst, 1977) (Revision received November 17th, 1977) (Accepted Februarv 28th. 19781 The following pesticides: azinphosm^thyl, diallate, dichlorvos, EPTC, fenchlorphos, mcvinphos, monocrotophos, noruron, pvrathionmethyl, triallate, txichlorphon and vegadex were tested for the ability to induce his' revertants in four l:istidines requiring strains of Salmonella typhim.urium- TAI 535(missense), TAI 53G, TAI 537 and TAI 53S (frame-shift)- and resistance to Iow levels of streptomycin in Streptomyces coelicolor. Dichlorvs, which is a phosphoric ester with a dichlorovinyl group as side chain, and tricitlurhhon, which is known for its spontaneous conver>;on in dichlorvos, are Iwth unutagenic in Salmonella (strain TA1535) and Strep• tom yces. Five ort;anophospho~nis pes 'icides similar to dichlorvos but devoid of the ;qk: iia#. Ata,47nic Three car' uncilr:;, cliall:itc, tris,ilatc .vul vri!xlex, which contain a chloro- ~. 811o-1,-1ih siniil.u. 1.41 Ua .~ utLiliwb.OS are mut..'1Ce111C 1'1 S:1-eUto- I
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Page 298: mfb88d00
. t i { III nu„-77 S.P. Ann. A11er¢y 30 536-541 (1973) 50256 5304 Dogs exposed to hrpercapnia and fuorocarbon aerosol propellant do not show car- diac arrh,t•thmias when repeated itjections of isoproterenol are giren. The experi- ments support the vicw tlrat there is tittle reason to doubt the safet}, of pressurized bronchodilators irhen used as directed bt• the phisician. CARDIAC EFFECTS OF ISOPROTERENOL, HYPOXIA, HYPERCAPNIA AND. FLUOROCARBON PROPELLANTS AND THEIR USE IN ASTHMA INHALERS D. G. CLARK, Ph.D. and D. J. TINSTON, B.Sc. REPORTS HAVE APPEARED in the literature describing an increase in mor- talitr trom asthma during the last dec- dc.'~Sot~ rc•~ort,ha i~ ca t}tpt U ~ 1 e re~ r~t~y ~e re i tc to i Z~ce ccssive use of pressurized aerosol bron- cl~c,':~laiur,. the cardiac etT'ects of isoproterenol, hypoxia, hypercapnia and fluorocarbon propellant. singly and in combination. Trichlorofluoromethane (tluorocarbon 11)' ic the i1%,%t 0; Irmacolo6cally ac- tive of the fluottv.,rbon propellantsyt0 J. •-
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50256 5294 III Me2 (1969) S.P. Carde2kiul, Firi8 ` PREPARAZI:?:.;3 hI C.'~'.`20i1Y .°.Ti:.icOcIC7,ICr I:iSATo'Z, i;Gv! IsI. SI':i-nSZ n.T. SOS:I`s't7i':L', by :3yrio CardeLini, Gi--:i .:ario Ciagolbai, FeJico Libor:tore and F3.c.:ano t-torlac..hi Ann. Chia. (_:cme) 58 (8-9) 9I4-921 (1968) Q I1 0 0 a 2 4 t3 3 0
Page 300: mfb88d00
_ ~._._._..,.:.,. ~...~ ~ .~.., ~~,. ._ ..~ .. ~ _ , 50256 5 : - I4P~ 300 -.T I,/f I1c,:,-'71 5.p Sic; ni~'~.cant '-,).r-diac A.rrhv,thmxas* Induced by Comm on Respiratory Mancuvcrs* , Ll`.%YRGNCE E. LAMB, M.D., F.A.C.C., GEORGE DER%:hS1AN, bt.D.,anrl CttARLES A. SARiiuFF, bt.D. Randolph Air Force Base, Texas ~ r'"~y~tLE RoLE of the carotid sinus reflex in slow- , ~ ing the heart and in causing cardiac arrest t~ in certain instances is well known. Not so wcll known is the role oi respiratory reflexes in re- la!ion to cardiac arrhythraias, Not only may such rcflcxcs be associated with cardiac slowing vascular hemodynamics in individuals in such sensitive occupations as aviation. Ot3SERYAi'IONS Cardiac Slowing During Rrrath-Holdins: The most common response to respiration may be 0 10 0 1 o 2 4 8 3 Q'
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50256 5302 III Du2-73 Appraisal Halogenated Fire Extinguishing Agents, Froc.,Sym,. S• P• CARUIEJ2 EFFECTS OF fL4LOCENATED 1JYDRGCI!UONS r 114-2G - Willard S. Aarris A3 ST P.f.C"P , University of Illinois College of Medicine This brief review demonstrates that, contrary to their videspread reputation as inert, the fluoroalkane,gases, or Frcons, that are used as aerosol pi•oPellants are rapidly-acting and potent cardiac toxins. T'his ' discovery, first reported in mice, has been confim.ed during adequate oxygenation, either in vitro or in vivo, in rats, cats, dogs, moukeys _-and man• The fluorocarbons, or Freons, that propel aerosols are toxic to the mouse heart, sensitizing it to the early appearance of sinus bradycardin and atrioventricular block during a subsequent partfa1 as- phyr.ic challenge. Our studies have also shown that these gases enter the artcrial blood in rr.onkeys, cats and dogs after inhalaticn and des- Io ~ r i w~ ..` S. ..= ,..,.:^^e Cf 39 ..j seconut: -- cause vonrricular pre:.iz-.ture beats, ventricular bivcminy, a:1d ventricul~,r tact-cardia when breathed by awal:e or anesthetized conl:eys, lower .+-terial pressure vnd periraeT-c1 resistance in seve.cl species, I,nd, <(sUihL for C.Eti1 ~:5, are diL•CCtly tCY.iC to U i n 0~1 ii 1~ b~~
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1 Y!1 f~~C14C~x..{ 7s••:EFI7r: ia::.i-{,}i !:~ i:1:LtJt. , 50256'5315 1 Lucs a ^ G. B. lil:'. CVI7i :ALL 1. T,. -~Ar+7...•S A`i11 _ ..aL._ O? ;itl~Ln:~I~'?S2S D',.SICCL;1. :Torth Csr.:)1 ins Sfata Co21.e+g9 ToLicco F4print Sarieq No. 1?. Rupri~t fromt "ljcolo;in ~7 (PJo. 6) i93-'YS¢ ( Novei:bar•L-3cersber 1955) ti U - 1 0 0. f) G ">. 4 9 f;
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50256 5280 a V 1L UnA CarB; 0,4VtlW4, , 1 t. 3c:t. (1969) B,'.a!clay, !Ir~;~~ll ~. ....-- ?' G:3 ~ t.I..S i1.'Sh.F?:5, by 4: ccdall C. Bir:tlay, 3. 8; azs aad D:k:3 G. Cs.-4 ("niveYsity of Kentacky, Ccwperatire Entc.usion tiovolt .".n ARxictal.ture and Hwe Eecflua-nlcs Circu.lrar Zl3) 1953 16 Fa%2s LFaiq©rsity of Kentucky e - Lexiag.*.nn, r'~steac.~=q 01 i1 0 tl tl 2 1 u4 6
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50256 5319 DEATH, SUDDEN--CONGRESSES/-. • :/CARDIOLOGY/HEART--DISEASES/ RC 681 Ad 1978 Advances in Cardiology Vol. 25 SuddenX_ ~ronary Death ;4th Paavo Nurmi ymposium, Helsinki, September 15--17, 1977/ Editors VESA MANNINEN and PEN7TI I. HALONEN, Helsinki { 34 ti8tua and 41 tables, 1978 i S. Karger • Basel - Milnchen • Paris - London - New York • Sydney t I ~ 2 49 ;;
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3.4, X.I1_:_fn13ACCQ -I!i.ti"tkCOLOGY/uICQTIhr,--11J:ARI-DISEE:SE/" 50256 5303 : . ~ NICOTINE---INTRAVENOUS INJECTIO'VRJR CU.SS r0. FxvXHLT;T 74 X 11 Ilebekk, A.; Lekven, J. (Un?v. Oslo, Inst. Exp. Med. Res., Ulleval Hosp., Oslo, Nor*.~uy) CARI3IAC EFFECTS OF NICOTINE IN DOGS. Sca:.d. Jour. Clin. Invest. 33 (No. 2) 153-59 (1974) (in English) *1974, No. 17, W 7053* *d* Tobacco rcedicine: . -.-----~---, - --,-r -:- 0 1Al 0 n 0 ;~ 4.b A ~ 9
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50256 5307 1 RS 403 Me CARDIAC STi'•fiJZ.A':T SU3STA.tiCES. CAitti'[AC 3'iyiUU.,lT SU"STetNCZS, by R01:nd ;1. iiioro e;z3 (::4dicir.al Cre:aistsy, a scrieo af LaacliZ:zpt4 Vu:. 6.) 1957 288 pr,ges Acndamic Preaa Uew York
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6 i,' C t '! U U \l 1 LJ I ....+~- - ~-"'--~ - ~ ~- E ... - .._. ~......~. -_ ..,~..r.a_.~.. U 'vd aa'"'Tq:'td 9 W'J y /!Y ..,....... vyo ...... •va 141ti `n;noim.:Va : co Y.3nad v ng ~ IZES 9SZOS Ev31"w,w"J T89 ~ 3 Id
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50256 5314 Car.d.tna2 producta CONVERVpN PACTORS, _..,._._......~-~-.--•-•----.- _ _ +J i t~ Q.~ i ~a ti 9 0 U
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+ Iri Du2-7b .fouz. ttmeY. >!'ted. J~a'Qor.'Z22 'J86-89 C1972) $• P• 50256 5306 ~ -~ • ~ ~ ~ ce• ~ Ca~~~ac Rate and Rh ~sm in l~ ~ce ~ Affeeted by Haloalkane Propellants . John L. :ole, Jr., PhD; James W. Putney, Jr., PhD; and Joseph F. Borzelleca, PhD Haloafkane gases, used as aerosol propellants, have been reported to Methods cause death presumably by means of cardiotoxic reaction. The influence Seventy-two male mice of the ICr; of these agents on cardiac activity and cardiac responses to asphyxia • strain weighing from :3;, to d5 p, i were studied in anesthetized mice. The animals were exposed to either (39.4 ±0A, mean ±SE) were anestl.•~- nitrogen, propellant, propellant plus isoproterenol, or propellant plus tized with sodium pcntobarbital, -) albuterol, and then asphyxiatcd for two minutes. Exposure to propellant . nig/ka intraperitoncally. Needle ck :- ~ propellant plus iseproterenol, or propellant plus albuterol did not shorten trodes were subcutaneously insert -u the onset time nor ir.crease the severity of the asphyxia-induced into the four extremities for electr - ~ , bradycardia. The frequency of 2:1 atrioventricular (AV) block was not cardiooraphic recording (usually le .i significantly altered by exposure to the propellant or propellant mixtures. II) with a polygraph. After a 55-se ~_... ___Exnasu~ rc: n(}L)a,.~r~t;a~t:~1,~.itt.ne';aL~:ro;.nt-~f-ks: ~v..:~;~.?•~t. o_.nd Tr.trol~cr_i__od, tl r r~ 0 ! fon i D 2. 4 :j -) 2 •
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50256 5312 ' , ' i ; t( HEART--TRANSPLANTS/GRAFT FAILURE/ " " " 82 II Bi Circulation 41 753-72 (1970) Cardiac Tra>t><sp]antation in '1lan one. Acute rejection injury was ~ acute rejection in e ne in 10 allugra ts, acce erate d d d l fi f one, and chronic rejection in nine. ~ The clinical signs of allugraft rejection and their morphologic correlates were es~qntia~ as pre)~icte~ fr~i the study of orth~~topic canine cardiac allografts. The cl~l'ical ?e•1taFes and f1',ost of the anatomic lesions of acute rejection were usually reversible bv current methods of immunesuppre~sive therapy. Chrnnic• rejectiom, ......;(...fw1 i rimarilv h.• .,1,1;e... • . _. ~ t, •._..... .- .....ative n~tAu~,A y~~~~,~.kraUon in coronary urtcnrs, Was A'II. Cardiac Allo,raft Pathology By CttAtu.FS P. BIEBER, M.D., EDWARD B. Snxsox, 111.u. NOR\1AX E. SI[L'\iI-VAl', M.D., ROSE PAYNE, PHD., AND JO\ KOSErc, M.D. SUMMARY To date. 12 of 18 patients receiving cardiac allugrafts at the Stanford Medical Center h:n•c died. Five of these died with some degree of graft failure resulting from rejection injury. The remaining seven demonstrated some morphulogic evidence of rejection, but death \.•a% due to other causes including pulmonary hypertension in two, hemorrhage and sepsik in one, infectiun in two, cerebral emlmlism in one, and hepatic failure ii
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50256 5313 HF.ART--DISEASES--TEXTBOOK/PULriONARY FIJNCTION/ CIRCULATORY SYSTEM/ ATHEROSCLEROSIS/ RC C/~\ ~, RDIAC Edited by 681 Co HADLEY L. CONN, JR., M.D. 1771 Cvol• T f iI > Professor of AScdicine. Uni+ersity of Penn;ytvanla ~ n d .°,chool of ASedirine; ITrc~ctor, Ciniral Resaarch ~ r Center. Hospotal of the UniversFty of Pennsyreania. Phdadctphla, Pennsy7vania VASC U l....A R D ESEA5 ES ORVILLE H^RWITZ, M.D. ~~..~ Professorol Med~cine. Universityof Penn,~i,,;nl,:5u -oot Vol ume I voL • II of Medicine; Head ot Srctwn rn Vascu!v and l/yp•-r ~ lonsiveDiscasc•s• Penncylrcma Hospd,iI,C'-f. Va<. ~!ar Clinic, Hospda I of the Univervty of Ptn-.ylv.,nia. At- lending Cardiotolisl in Charge of Vascul,r G.>orders, Bryn Mawr Ilospital, E3ryn hawr, Penn;ylvrn:3 ith the collaboration of 102 corliributors LEA & FEBIGER • PHILADELPHIA 0 I tl Q tl ti ~~~ 99
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50256 5318 HF.ART--DISEASES--DIAGtdoSTS/CARDIOVASCULAR DISP:ASE/CARDTt)GRAPHY/+ RC ~ ' , a ~ 1 ~, n !'1 n r1 J1~ r1~ r`~ , 669 } t I i L A ~ ' " 17 I~S ~~1' ~ ~ ~ Be ~~ / 1 3 u k J li i u l~ I l~i J 1 4.f.7 1977 Mato ~~:~%OnCr;4f c5M, Director, Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases Good Samaritan Hospital f'hoenix, Arizona !~ 'Th 1~Uilli~ms & Wilkins Company Q '~ BA~TIMORE 0 7
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50256 5308 - -r.__.1 III Du2' 73 S, P. 11 Carctiol. Prat. 22(6)A55-57 (1971) CARDIAC AIND SYSTIr:-,TC TOXIC ACTION OF AEROSOL PROPFLLAt:T AGENTS. E.A TCS.^s..r'tMl r!: E:`rzaF7Pr: CA /E' CxENF!''ALE t7ru PaopwZALZ1`~~Fa A: P.asG1LrG. I gas fluoroalcani (cioL 1 derivati fluorurati degli idrocarburi a forte capacita compres- siva, tipo metano, butano, ecc.) in uso come propelienti per gli aerosol, sono risultati sperimentalmente assai tossici per il cuore di 34 topi da Iaboratorio (J.A.M.A., 214, 81, 1970) sensibilizzandoli a qualunque condi- zione di ipo-ssia. Gii o`fetti cardiotogici ri- scontrati furono di marcatd brac;icardia sinu- saie, oppure ul contrario di tachiaritmia, oppure di blocco A-V semr`lice, taivoita di dissociazione A-V, infine si notarono ancho . d~11c~tli+~ z Q~i d ~;i r ( ' / ,~uaCri. 9 4 -~ 4 La sensibilizzazione sul miocardio fu rapida, tatora rapidissima, duratura e lelale. Cic accadde anche ai ratti e ai cani. Si pensa che questi propellenti possiedano una capacita cardiotossica capace di nuo- cere a piiu specie animali e anche all'uor,io, provocando bradi-aritmie, tachi-aritmie, r;ia soprattutto un„ grave deoressione del mio- cardio di lavoro, che si estrinsecherebbe el-t- tricamente attraverso una sefierenza specifi- ca del miocardio di conduzione. Sul!'iion:o li tossicita cardiotropa di questi propellenti aerosotici si riveia in parti-co;are nelle con- dizioni concomitanti d'ipos:.iw Iieve o n:; r-
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50256 5322 HEART--DISEASES/ TORACCO--SMOKING--CARDIOVASCULAR EFFECTS/ SMOKING AND HEALTH/ / . . RC Con~trOvers. ~_es ln`Cardlolooy , 681 ~~ CO 1977 ELIOT CORDAY, M.D. I EDITOR /CARDIOVASCULAR CLINICS, i/ou, hw/ ~ f Albert N. Brest, M.D. I Eclitor-ill-Clief Qfl 1y) F. A. DAVIS COMPANY, PI-IILADI:LI'HIA ~ --1 il _ 11 4-44-8-- -. 1 I
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IX ReZ-80 S.P. Cardiac function in goats exposed to carbon monoxid P I 6 Ct /' ~ ...., . : A- ..'. . 50256 5293 10 , , ) ~ 9 -3 ~l ( l%'%~) .~.._ ~ NVILLIAM E. JAMES, CLYDE E. TUCKER, AND ROBERT F. GROVER IleparNnenl of I'Jti:siolo~y and Cardioca.cculcrrpubnonary Reaearch Laboratory, Unicersily of Color•udo School o/Meclicine, 1)enver, Colorudo 80262 JAats, Wn.t,tAM b:., Ct.vne F:. TUcsFat, Ann HOHeRT F. GRUvt:K. Curdiac liutclron in gouts exposed lo carbon n:on- oxide. J. Ap1l1. Physiol.: Respirat. Envirun. }•:xercise Physiol. 47(2): 4N--13a, 1979.-Tu investigate the putitiibility that pro- longed carlson nwncxide (CO) exposure would depress myocar- dial function, six chronically in.trumented, unsedated buals were r•rpcnrd to I60-'1t10 tipn~-~ CO fur 2 wk, resulting in a mean carboxyhetnoglol,in saturatiun of'.Q ;.. Cardiac index and stroke volume n•mainetl undhan.-cd dtiring and after expostire. Hent- atocrit and herno-lobin concentration started increasing on the 1001 day r.f eclx'.ure, this increase reached statistical signifi- cance (1' < l/,05) on the Gth postexposure day. Contractility (V,,,.,) of Ilrr 1t•ft ventricular tuyocardiunt and ht•nrt rate were unchaul;r~ durpig )o: ~.• tt~'O•Mut K~' th1~' re &ni.J untg (P < O.OiT d~t5r:~ i• 1 at':.unic tiiue tltutnl; tlue lsl xk utter cent investigations have noted deleterious effects u•itl IIbCO saturations in the range of 4-15`'0 (4, G, 1-1, 2•1. `x 31). Furthernuore, heavy smoking and scwere air hollutiot can induce HbCO saturations within the 4-15<<. range 0 2, 8, 28). The tnetiian IIhCO concentrations for 1 p...k day cigarette smokers who inhale is 5-9 c(12). It is not clear whether carbon monoxide ha, a dire• deleterious effect on the rnyucardiurn. In an attempt I determine whether there is ttn effect on the tnyocarc.iu as well as the balance of the oxygen transport sy lc instrumentcd goats were studied bc•fure, durin~,, and..ft 2 wk exposure to a level uf carbon monoxv.le %% '1r resulted in 20"~ i•arboxj•henuol;lobin.
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RC 681 Pr 1978 HF.AR'T--DISEASES--TEXTBOOK/HYPERT'ENS ION/ PRQ~I~ESS IN~~~fsRBIOLQGY, VoLUM.. Edited by PAUL N. YU, M.D. 50256 5327 Hj TnT_TAT l.^ r'"_rll1TNAAIiAT A/f ?N V 111 N 1. V V V t 1 1.11, 1.1. . Sarah McCort Ward Professor of Medicine and Head, Professor of Clinical Cardiology, Cardiology Unit, Unim•ersity of Royal Postgraduate Aledical Scho 4, Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, Lngland Rochester, New York L E A & F E B I G E R • Plriladelpllia, 1978
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. ~ 17u.,, rlr) 4 fn , . =. DOCU:.iEta• C0:1TIioL .7LTl. • Ft E. D 50256 5310 j J rnfrrrJ r1r~ q,r o.»rwff .rpa•I h rln../!•r;. ISrrurllY rlnf.i!ir.fie•+r•Illtlr• Mw rf.l.e•-r/.nflnl•-...: .nn••f••:rn nv•r te 1. V4•GaNAT-NG ACT•YaTr •l:c:,,n.afrru~:,a•/) , t..e.ril~'OSl:1.CJR$1• LLASSI/ICATt:•\ Aerospace `Sedical Research LsL•cratory, f~crost:c~ce ~ Unclassiiied hiedi-cal Division, Air )'orce Systcms Coma;and, i't'right 4• C-Hcur fillty r girl ~lll_rn7rf'f: B?tnC'.,~n{i?o : 54.`.3. 11 /w Key words: , CARDIAC TOXICITY OF AEROSOL PROPELLANTS. a. p[SC/iU•TrVL IcOTCS (n•,.r of trport end inc/auire 1.ItT) • tul.rDfu51 (/a•.t nar.e, .niLdl. /••it.el, l•sl r.e•n••) 1!Jill: rd S. IIarris, M. D. protection of the public a;Uinst air pollution zind to>:icological problems %•:ith aircraft, . rrlissi~e~s, ir,nc.)sp~e ~uh~,Clc~. 4 3 9 6 l l '' F 1 t C:ontinuous exposure Patholc;y Toaicolo;;ica1 s;:rcening Gas c;iro:::ator,«,p hy d. Electrcn n1iCrO5G:Jp`f Propellant toxicity { Nl~OHI UAIL `_ - _ • '-'ic. 1C•lAl. IaO.Ot nwGls - T6iNO.OF~NCFf _ December 1971 8 ~ 1 0 This report was presented at the Proceedin-s of the 2nd Annual Confer.:nce on l:n\'il'ol:rTlellti7l T.7xicolo,:)y, sponsored by the Systel'.ied Cerpe+catiC)rl and heid irl Fi:irhorn, Chio on 31 August, I arci 2 Scp :ci:i ' bcr 1971. Major technical crcas discusscd ~rt(:ludcd toxicolo;ica1 evaluation oi volatile h,lc3cnatcd corr.p,;unds, 1
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- COHOL --RELATIO;7SHIP/GENETICS--DISEASE/CMTdLACy/ SNOKING HARITS--TWINS/ 50256 5323 Series editor: reorge J. BreWer et al t/PROGRESS IN CLINICAL AND RIOLnGICAL RESEA.RCH, VOL. 24C/ ~ R 850 Pr 1978 ~iLor,~ALFi_.~NA'vCE f~ ~ ~~~ + ~1 V r U lf Wr ES EDITOR ~ Proceedings of the Second International WALTER E NANCE Congress on Twin Studies August 29--September 1, 1977 Chairman, Department of Human Genetic Washington, DC Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College of Virginia r al L C Richmond, Virginia ASSOCIATE EDITORS lG Cnc tiGtll %SLU d ho Ds GORDONALLEN National Institute of Mental Health • Rockville. Maryland and • U 1 n 0 n~ ~4 90 9 PAOLO PARISI Gregor Mendcl Institute Rome, Italy I --- .......r ~ s
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ii~1>~,~- 7 r"Sy~ 50256 5331 .~. i'«a j6.i:S .:3.,i L,.7 TJ L ~,.i,at: ~ ,......,..._.~.., _.~_.._,......-....._._ r.-..-_...,...- __.._..,~.r,......_._...-.. AD-A011 258 CARDIOPHYSI0LOGICAL STUDICS WITH ;TRCSSED Arita'ALS Robert T. Drew, et al Aerospace r•.edical Research Laboratory h'right-Pat-terson Air Force Case, Ohio December 1974 Natiortal i'echnical Intornntion Service I I U. S. UEPAi Tf~9Etti' OF C0i•li 14 E R C E Robert T. Drew, et al Aerospace !'edical Research Laboratory Wright-Patterson Air Force Case, Ohio Gecember 1974 t , 0 ~~ 0~i 0 2 4 1 1 !
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50256 5324 RC 681 Pr 1981 PAUL N. YU, M.D. Sarah McCort Ward Professor of Medicine and Head, Cardiology Unit, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Rochester, New York and SMOKING & HEALTH/PACEMAKERS/ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY/ CARDIOMYOPATHY/ CARDIOLOGY/ _./HYPERTENSION/ HEART--DISEASES--CONGENITAL/SUDDEN DEATH/CORONARY HEART ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY/ PROGRESS IN CARDIOLOGY) Ve1 ro _ ~ Edited br t/ O JOHN F. GOODWIN, M.D. Professor of Clinica! Cardioiotp, ^ ~' ~yq! nn {~grad ~ ~{qe M/dital~hool, ~,L EUA ~&jp F~E BreI~G E R • Philadelphin. 1911 DISEASE/; i .
Page 322: mfb88d00
50256 5332 Cardiopylmanarq diseaae:•-a3vsacao Banyai, t-ndxLv br Avd:pw r.yas ~: a~ ro ;•r L. ozs~~.s. I9 „~.5s 1.. Gaxc~n (ed9oj 156~3 359 ;,, Year Book xQdicai Publ:dt:err, Inc. Chiragu 4 9 1
Page 323: mfb88d00
-T~C, - - -v : ~r~~ 4:.,/ -- - •~ ~p~ - / ----•- •~--- ~ . - - ? I '. ° Ar, • t _~v.,- ..n...~....-+.~..~n... .r,.ea.v.y+.~...-. r-- . . , 50256 5320 .v, r..o-.-. . ._YM..>t.w'•.r ~-.,.,_....,y,hs'....i~-r..~._....; : .~...... • 1tJR CLASS 2;0. PArNliLET 71 X Ar ~ 7i "~/0 5"Z- Aronow, 1!. S. ; Rokaw, S. N. *(no affil.)'• Et'FECT OE' S~tOKING-U:D'uCED CAREO::Ylii 7MOGLOSIt: ON A?;GINA. A^crican Coll. Chest F:ssoc. , rieetir.d 37th. ann. , paper, Philadelphi _:, (Oct.. 24-23, 1971) (iii ::tiglish) ~, 4. ~ 0 ~ j~27 obacco i..c cine: . _ - . ._. .. . . . .. . . . _ _ _.. _. .•..... . _... ...
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50256 5328 11EART--DISEASES/TOBACCO--SriOKING--HcART, EFFECT 0N/SMOKING AND HEALTli/ CLINICAL CARDIOLOGY MONOGRAPHS, Series consultants: J. Willis Hurst CARDIOLOGY4 ~ & RC 692 St 1978 W ~Liih~~~°~~ti e Dean T. Mason idT ~.A. ~0 Plc i:C2 ~:~ ~ l:'rlited by: WiEtian2 B. Stroag, M.D. Chnrbonnier Profc,ssnr and Director Scrtion ojPediatric C«rdiology AleJic•nl College of Georgia Aususta, Georgia .y Grunc & Siratton } A SuGsicliriiv c f Ilurcnru7 Rrucc !uvnnoricli, PuG!ishrrs New York San Francisco London u ~ n0 1 oz4 9 1 4
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50256 5342 RC 681 Ko 1980 Central Int raction Betwe n _ espiratory and ardiovascufar Cont ol Systems Edited by H. P. Koepchen • S. M. Hilton - A Trzebski Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York 1980 0 1 0 0 -1 u:..-* 4 9 2 8
Page 326: mfb88d00
111 Du~-73 S.P. Alex Azar, `M, John A. Zapp, Phi) Charles F. Reinhardt, MD Gordon J. Stopps;,MB, BS Cardiac Toziciti' of ~ Aerosol l'rop;:llants To the Edaca.-Ta},lor and H-trris' recently rep.1:.ed expcritnents ti\hich they interpr:ecd as dentonstratin.r;' that the fluc,rucarL•un pru{!ellants used in ast.i :m i:~h~lcr~ produced a toxic efiect o: the ht•art of anesthe- tized mice, .:'r`:-it could cxplain sacl- dcn deaths ina.thm:ltics znd v:hich casts doubt ezt the s:tfctv of other 8erosol j,roJ~cts. We beheve that their fittdinc; tuav te t's:r.loiwA on a (,hysiolor:ic iosis which is relete_d tA thn -- tft'i- !ti.•rit 50256 5309 _ JAG)A r,+~rch ], 1971 a Vcl "115, t.o 9 Responses (M~eait z SE) of hS.ce to Asphyxia Chan,^.es in Neart "'' No. • Rate 25 s.c Atter . of Asphyaia 6cSun Condition Mice t6cats/min) Aphyaia atone l2 _ -1e3_= 3.2 Nitroy,rn ano asv'~Yiia 12 -1oS = 43.ti rSOpro!^"enol hytlrochlorit}e an_d . spnyn3 ~iChlOrOdi!IUOr~7.T. ethane and jiSPhys!3 12 -155 - 41.6 12 -143 ± 33.9 produced in control aninta:s asphyx- iated for a lonser time. In our laboratory, groups of 12 mice anesthetized with liU tc.-/k.- of pentobarbital sodium intraperitonc- ally were exposcd for five secor.ds to 1Cn~ry, nitro~.en, lU0?L ct.ichtoro li- flu,;romethane (hreun 12), or thc nust ,''rotn a sin.-l;: t'i,charKe of i~o- t!r~•'t:r. t)~>1 lt ~Ir(...!"il(t tae / l t~~^:.I in n ~. 4 d 9 No. of Mice Dtvelvping ~ Atarked Sir, s Cradycardia Heart IVithout Block Heart Clock Letters 3501 onset of BrsGiarrhy- thrt..a After Asphl+!j aegun tsec) 6! -'23.4 -18= 48r 30 = 7.9 23 = 5.9 phyxiated, nitrogen-exposed mice, suFgesting', that the effect seen is a direct effect of ano.cia on the he3rt and is not reflex mediated. I '!'c.ylor arid Harris''' reported tachyc:irdi;, in their control mice in contrast to bradycardia and heart block in their treated mice. Such a firtding cortfirnts the scspicion, rnon- tintt:-i c?rli•:r. . r{,.t t}r.rr rnnr.,.t -i. , _ . . .. . . 'l, •- -" ..... .. '. ' . tr" , . ._._ . . .: :. . .. r. , .. , -.., . " • . 1 -" . . . . . ._r._ _ i
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50256 5329 RC SMOKING & HEALTH/PACEMAKERS/ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY/ ~ 681 CARDIOMYOPATHY/ CARDIOLOGY/ ./HYPERTENSION/ ~ Pr HEART--DISEASES--CONGENITAL/SUDDEN DEATH/CORONARY HEART DISEASE/; 1981 ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY/ PROGRESS I , . IN CARDIOLOGY,1(e2. 10 Edited by PAUL N. YU, M.D. Saaah McCort Ward Professor of Medicine and Head, Cardiology Unit, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Rochester, New York and JOHN F. GOODWIN, M.D. Professor of Clinical Ca.diolopy, O n ~ Rqypl Po,t~grac~qre AledicQCchoot, S , lJ Lal~don ~n81440 ~LEA & FEBIGER • Philadelphla, 1981 0 r
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50256 5316 American Heart Jour. 74, 523-9(1967) The cardiocirc tatory changes caused br intravenous~fantin and its solven% Sydney Louis, M.D. Henn Krm, M.D. Flrlcher McDowell, .'fl.D. New York. N. Y. I n 1956 an intravcnous,preparation of diphcnyIhydantoin itantin) I~ccame • a.~ailable eommercial . It is prepared by dissolving the drug ' i a solvent which con- tains 40 per ccn ~rol~~•Icnc glycol, 10 pcr cent ethy1 alcohol and water, with the pH adjusted to 11. A high pi l is required because Dilantin is poorly soluble in a less alkaline aqueous solution. It was introduced in this form with a suggested initial dose of 250 mg. or less for the Inan- agement of status cpilepticus. Since that ntii intZca i~g ~Foses~l~a:~ _ b~;n et~ccl witlt_ ~ u ~ .~i a x In this setting, the introduction of =~ plrcnteral Dilantin as a trcatmcnt for :, cardiac arrhythmias seemed paradoxical. i7 However, careful evaluation of rhythui `~ disturbances has indicated that it niay be A a safe and useful drug in the therapy of r ventricular premature beats and vcntricu- ' lar tachycardia, particularly when these disturbances rcsult front digitalis intoxica- tion.'-' In our laboratory its efficacy has been related to the maintenance of a critical blood lcvcl.' ~i ~ccc.pt iil>'cstl~;Lt1QJ15_1Rt_o_t1Le_efrecLS...
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XX ?1eF-D-303-73 LARGE CABDAMf1M., By I). R. Mukherji - - ~- -- --~ 50256 5283 SPICES/ Wor2d Crops 25(1)31-33 (1973) Vit T'ttt)t: cwxoa>s7llst tElellnria cnrfa- SoiI-climatic requirements _Yomurn Mutortl. isre- cardatnom /JAPIrrtomurn Ju1,e.:dsw. Koxh) I,tlnno~x p the farnil.• Zir~mctne. It is a percnnial Viu:rt h=.ing long L:nceolate bves bcrnc on a•-rAd sh~m,t. ('i: 1). propasated pritnxniy thrr»tgh rhizoines. iB thrives a'eII ftK arer .:+ t•ears nnrln lcft, titntrred for, it trcrrs 3-sui in heit;ltt. j'lov'ers at•m h..rnw on !:'tort Imdunck-s alternately on l,rW flratous and yros• trate panicles at the t,atie of the ptunt aear the Etrourd kceL The flowers have a large, .t'hite. tre.traJ strrn•Iikn lip srtd open frorn the bR•r of the flowering axis toM-ards the tip. Titc rnore or l(sA.; triang•tlar fruit or crp,ulc i., bruxdar Loti .z3t the r*een in colour when tuuipe end pur}+ to brown wiwn ripe. It contains iU tu ~') htud. round. gtecnish-bluck t.o darw-i)cmwu ree•Js embedded in 4>f~ !.liruy. j!1~ •1:L c in:lp ~ - ~ .. • .. tl,c- A native of the t:ustcrn Himalayan region, the ver.• spv•cific agro-clirnatic requirements for tlte crop hnt•e re- stricted its commercial cultivation to a tnere 1,6•?01ha in the D,lrjtrrline tlictrtct between an attituda of S30 and 1.Sa0hn above sea-level. (iutside India. it is cultivated to s•,rnc extent in ,ikkim and Nepal, ndjoining the Darjeorling district. Under the canopy of not rer,r denso i., e.rbirict.c•ti wet.•, iKr¢e carttatnom thrives well by the bide of sprines and rivulets, where cnc-ut±h organic tnntter is deposited due to la!ling leave-s and wlrcre thcre is r,u ttatcr•log};ing duc to well-drained liLitt -oils and groslucl:v sloping grotliont. IriF. 2). It thrit'cs well in acidic suil. ul-{ varying 4•:r-1;-t). Trie idcnl clin:utic conrittlons for lurgo cnrci,wtccn_ia, a_ tt-iziiuutn tetah_•raturc Varicties Large cardatnom is a high!}• crnsa. pollinated crop, the pollinatnig a~cncs b2ing insects ltko bce3, ants. etc, `tvind and water. As a cnos:wl.nllitutted cnip, wide ti•ariabilit.• in ccnetic t•lutroctcrs showing morphological nnd rh_ ;io- lo;ical expressions ahr>ukl lHr c•xfN•ctcd in this crop. Such rt wi:lr•e vnriubtlttt•. however, ia not ti:nnd nnt{ onl.- tltroc or four di.tinct mntpholugicul tyla:s hnt•u becn i,ol:ztcd so tar. 'ftti: i, due to the fact that vct;ctatit•re prr.qVu_,ttiun had been i!t(nl.tt•d in tlti: crop trr,nt thm very hccinnine. tiG.n.,ut•or, t.rpt ntur•I: r-f variubility hus Ir•,•n 1'nutul itt plant_i grown ct•r•n frri:n •ru• wvrls .luv to tlir• fuct th:tt unll.• it .jne!r tu~n tv ii ~~ n~ r- ully {;r.mn in n latrtir•uLtr un•:r .u44i t144- nren: an• i<iab.tr•41 tiu'• tn tuttttral Ikirrjcrn like thtlir•ult to•rr:uu.: !n ttie lsrl!.. 'flrn+. jiutund c rp.~•IHd!u:~ttu:~i Ir•tar. n rli(.
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FTD-ID(RS)T-1731-77 21 November 1977 50256 5338 MICROFICHE NH: CS177122018 III Du SOME RECENT STUDII~S IN T1tL' -OARDIOTC'dICIW OP S.P. 2-79 AERO:OL E'ROPELLA;iTS . By: 7iSad Durakovic, Luka Stilincwic, et al. English pages: 11 Source: LiJecnicki Vjesnik, Vol 98, No. . July 1976, pp 374-378 . Country of origin: Yugoslavia Translated by: LItiCtIISTIC SYSTEMS, INC. 1'33657-76-D-0389 R. Nikolik ReQuestcr: FTD/FHE 7, unlimited. Approved for public release; distribution ., ~ 0 1 r)'0 0 .0 24 9 :~ 4
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50256 S34S 11EART--DISEASES/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--CARDIOVASCULAR EFFECTS/ SMOKING AND HEALTH/ RC 681 Co 1977 , Cc~ntroversies in'~Cardiology .:7- EjJIOT CORDAY, M.D. I EDITOR /CARDIOVASCUhAR CLINICS, t/at•g~, do. I r Albert N. Brest, M.D. I Editor-in-Chief F. A. DAVIS COMPANY, PI-lILf1DCLPHIA . , ,
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„~...~rF.~~i.~.-. ..r . ..~.._~.f.... RG 681 Cardiovascular disease Br Brast, Albert N. HYPE ;TMS7'vB C1!RZ07ASCt7LAR DISEASE, Val. I 1569 332 Pagas &. A. Oavis Compaay PhiladQlphis 50256 5348 0 1 tl 0~~ c~ 2 4 9 :1 4
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50256 5343 STRESS/HYPERTENSION/HEART--nISEASE i ~ RC 681 Sh 1979 I ~ ~ I FETUS/ - ~ The Human Cardiovasculall System c ~ Facts and Concepts t John T. Shepherd, M.D., M.Ch., D.Sc., F.R.C.P. phg/asor of PhJt iarogy a n d Drna Map lled'ual School ad Dir[tlor for Edutafion MM Foundation RacAcue., Mir+.esola 0 1 n 4 n a 1 4 9 >9 Paul M. Vanhoutte, M.D., Ag.E.S. Ptiufasor of PAannarologT and PatMpA7.riolop Drporhnrnf of .yrdinne Uwivenitairr lrul.lling.4n1we+Pen Usiversity of.lnttierp Wilriik N.l.iwM Raven Press . New York "r '''
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• ., 50256 5340 3~ Arb. hig. rada, 25 (l974) 349.-~ , PROBLEM KARDIOTOKSICNOSTI POTISNIH PLINOVA Z. DuRAKoVit" i L. ATii•iTTOVIF ' The paper deals with the problem of cardiotoxicity of propellants - the cllloro-fluoro deri%•atives of mcthane and cthane - which have found a large application in the production of aerosols. In animal expcriments the inhalation of propellants was found to disturb the heart rhythm. Owing to cxtensive use of aerosols the necessity for further research into the toxicity of propel- lants is pointed out. 11 ~!l n 1 f1 `~ =~ ~:~ o
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11 , . I e ..._._.....- E DC:Cli!dEl: T C;i::'i 1;OL 'JATA - R /f.r..Ilr N.I./f•r.l,rn wf tlele. I•ri: :! r1.•.•f1.•,).~nwfwf{wn tr.aal,. • 1.0:•:.:.•.~-.:.•. •Cl...:•,:.q.rr.rs.u:.~or~ ~ .leros; ace ~•?edfs;:i iteser~rch Lr:b~rator;•, f.erospace , 50256 5333 Key words: Continuous exposure Pathology TOY.IColoyical scrcening 1"edical Uivisi:.i, Afr °'orcc: Sys,cms Co:na:ar.d, \1'right- pi:•r: rr~...~ Air r.~rco g1 ~e. C)t~ic 4S'33. ~ ~ : T Z. /,.i r1lC G Electron ra^_rosco?y Pro, cllar.t toxicity ~.,:"ARDL::PULI:CA'r.RY EFFECTS CF FLUGROCARBt;i`I Gv.•!:POUXDS. f "llominjo Iv;. Aviado, M. , , discuss:.d incl;;ded tcxicolcjical evaluation of volatile halogenated compour.i?s, pro.ectiorn of the public aga:nst air pollution and toxicological problems witIn aircra.t, missiles, and srace vehiclcs. ~ / 1 r:nd 2 Se;%teli:bcr 1971. :l,aior tecnnical areoa (-:iio en 31 liugust Fairborz EnVironmental 'iCXlcolc:gy, sr.o:lsore0 :)y the SysteivSe(: Corporation and held in D. .,./.S e. f..) ~ This report wus presentec: at the Procecdin.^,s of the 2nd Annual Conicrcnce on ~ ncvoa.u.lc December 1971 n 0 2 4 9 1 :9 0
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50256 5317 82 II Wi ~ .•-- J 701 IEEE TMHSACT70H3 ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING. VOL. BM6 t, HO. 10. OCTOBER 19t1 Physical Principles of the Displacement ardiograph Including a New Device Sensitive to Variations in Torso Resistivity DAVID L. 1MiLSON AND DAVID H. GESELOWIT"Z, FELLOW, tEEE . , 0 I Abrn.et-flw df.plaoeme.t eudioo.pb (DCIi) Y a aonoo.bctbq devia wAkA snna disp4oerneab araociat.d with Wa ardiae eyde duough e higr-fr.p.e,ey et.rtromayMk Mid inter.criar Mt•a.w a aaastrg ooi .nd Uta thorax. TRe ca7 i. toated in the tunby chcuit or tr oaclIalor, and perterbatioaa b tM oanllatioa rroqeeaq, 1.e., rry tio,acy BadulatloB (Flf), Iprltfns troe titwe d6plaarneeb we alo.i. Iw.d. 71e deviee, oriiinaQy dssaib.d by Vo, Y imDar to earliar de.tat reoorted by otEen. Sepwtlft ot ay.dtlve aed Indoctlw .ffecb witY a ap.cirtw thield iadiate. Orat Hte princiql interaNoB Y tluovf caVP.dtaeo., eatsNr tlum indachnoe. Experhnentai aud tlnaetlal resulb wpat dial dw DCG ie relativesy in.endWe a Mternd wovemenb aa oompared to diwLameata ot the p.eurdiu.. A new trdrnsqw toe mwnitorbig ardiae activity Y reported .4dd ot tlw orcaj(«. wip ap.~ rau,et am tude ala (14 :~t i 1u°d~uca~tllrded~ tvc 1i~rra tes>rt< ErowA brductl..y coupl.d.~reflect.d mlaun A. .a Tar AM device doa raapo-W atmkaads t.laurwY .s..rft impedance. 7ltis "reflected" impedance consists of both reactive and resistive components, depending on the electrical properties of the object. Capacitance between the cod and circuit ground ako affects the impedance of the tuning circuit. Lsrge objects are effectivety capacitively grounded at the frequency at which the DCC operates (6]. Thus, capacitance between the coil and objects in its vicinity introduces an addi- tional reactive impedance in the tuning circuit. Motion of objects In the vicinity of the coil would, therefore, introduce a time-vtry'utg component of impedance in the tuning circuit through both a magnetic and an electric interaction. Vu and co-worken have claimed that the device works thrulilt tfid nJwi,.e mechanism [l], (7J. They present con- 11kru%g, rtaum.eta aw .hether the DCG responds to precordial .~. +.....trm+r..or.o.nta. Fenton and Vas reported experi-
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50256 5350 CARDIOVASCULAR DISEAJE)ISCHEMIC/DIET A DISEASE/ HEART--DISEASES/ RC 681 Ca 1982 Metabolic Risk Factors in Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease Lars A. Carlson Bengt Pernow Kin; Grstq(V Research lwinus Dtpartment of Clinical Plnsiology KarolinsRn Hospital Karolinska Hospita! Karo/in,aFa lnstirrte Karofinska Insritute SfockAobo. Swedee StockhoLn. Swtden .Raven Press, New York r u t n 0 n 0 2 4 y=4 U'
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DIET AND DISEASE/CARDIOVASCtlIAR DISEASej 50256 5346 LIPIDS--METABOLISM/ CURRENT TOPI~EW TRENDJD-N WrUTb%YN, RC 681 Ba 1981 I LIPID RESEARCH, AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES EDITORS Nlcolis 0. fiazin LSU Eye Cent.r School of Medicine Louisiana State University New Orleans, Louisiana Rodotfo Paolettl Istituto di Farmacolopia e di Farmacopnosia Universitat di Milano Mifan, Italy James M. Iacono Office of Human Nutrition Science and Education Administration United States Department of Agriculture Washington, D.C. ASSOCIATE EDITORS Haydie E. Pascuat de Bazin LSU Eye Center School of Medicine Louisiana State University New Orleans, Louisiana Etena S. Rodriguez de Turco and Telma S. Alonso Instituto de investipaclones BioQuimicas Universidad Nacional de1 Sur Consejo Nacionai de Investigaciones Cier I Bahia Blanca, Argentina Alan R. Lies, Inc., Naw York . 0 I c~ 0 n 0 2 4 9 3 2
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ti~..y...,_ti..:..~-..., .... -. . ~._~ _. .- _..__._.-~.._~_.~..~._.,._~._.. _.. _._..,._X~..,_ ... .:~~..fa...~.,.:.,:-...i.r-. _.._.~ _..... _ Toxicologr. 2 (1974) 381-395 50256 5334 ~ .ira`...t S•p• TOXICITY OF AEROSOL PROPELLANTS IN THE RESPIRATORY AND O Fdsevier/Idorth-Holland, Amsterdam - Printcd in The Netherlands III Duz-74 CIRCULATORY SYSTEMS IV. CARDIOTOXICITY IN THE A'IONKEY*- llIROSLAW A. BELEJ, DAVID GARY SMITH and DOMINGO M. AVIADO Depnrtmen[ of Phormacology. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Pht7adelphia, Pa. 19174 (U.S.A.) (Receired March 14th, 1974) The 15 fluorocarbons which can be used to propel aerosols have been grouped into 4 classes, depending on their potential to elicit cardiac ar- rhythmia and depression of myocardial contractility. The most toxic propel- lant, trichIoroflu.oromethane (FC 11) produces both forms of cardiotoxicity when inhaled in concentrations of 2.5-5%. The minimal proarrhythmic con- centration in the monkey is reduced by i.v. infusion of epinephrine or by production of myocardial ischemia. The combination of the two effects reduced the minimal proarrhythmic concentration to 0.5%. This pheno- menon suggests that the hazard of exposure to aerosol propellants is increas- ...-_. ` - . - (Accepted blarc-h 16th, 1974)
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•~ IX Re2-78 s.p. Arch, Path. Lab. Med. 102 (7) 377-80 (July 1978) Cardiomyopathy Proauced - by CiU arette Smoke Ultrastruciural Ot,servrtions in Guinea I'igs John Lough, >ill, FRCP • Guinea pigs vrere restrained in a arnorting machine and were exposed to the smoke of e1Sht cigarettes a day, live days a week for 12 to 15 weeks. One group of anima!s Inhaled filtered smoke from which most of the tar and nicotine had been remo:ed. Heart weight of the smoking animals was found to be signifi- eanlly Increased in both the filt•:red and unfiltered grou: s. Toxic changes were evident in mycczrdial mitochondria that were associated with edema, increased lipid and enhanced autophagolysosonial activity. 7h~tseledzrdiQmyo~athyis probably ca ed y cal on ~n ~., apao resembles the charges of c;-%ronic Inter- mittent hypoxia. 50256 5330 predispose to arrhythmia and cardiac machine'; the head of earh gluinca pig was arrest. held in place in the ch.t n:!.er, but Carbon. monoxide (COj" and nico- the eyes were protected. Thrcv an;rnals tine have both been implicated as were exposed to un:iltered snwkn, tt.ree to smoke that wai i18-: efl throu~% a Cam- contributinK to tnvocardial injury in smokets, and exposure to CO has been bridge filter(thc tilter was madc of K!asi shown to cause a cardiom}•opathy in fiber, I to 2 mm thick ar,d I I rr.m in diameter, and ~~•a , capable of remuvine rabbits after contin~ious exposure to 99,9=r of all particles with a diameter of 180 ppm for two %. eeks.' > 0.3 µm), and two animals acted as The study herein presented was controls. Additional cnntrol anirnali of the designed to determine whether myo- same age and sex were not p{acol in the cardial injury can be produced by ciga- smoking machine. ,r^tt sm~ e a d tqtr}~ to discriminate The cigarettes were a star~~anl Cana- ~I~etl~en`he ~ffec4 of CO and those dian blend, 72 em in IenKth, and they %erc of nicotine by compwrina groups of smoked to a len~•.h of 2.5 cm. Each animal osed tu fil as exposed to eight cikar•rtte; per day, nd unfil- ~c as ex anintxls tcred c p : ~tt&A_~tro ~t7I_Zd~ t;ve days a N'eek,,and a ten-mir.a!e rest
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t 50256 5347 liEnRT--DTSEASL'5--ilIACNOSIS/CI',iZDI()VASCtJ~ L11R DISR<\SE%CA,",,IOCRApE,y/ .I , f7 ~~ ',7 , r ~i~~1FiVp~.t ~ 17 ~J LL7 Director. Institute for Carciiovascular Diseases Good Samaritr,n Hospital Phoeniz, Arirona RC 669 te 1977 .l 4 TIZy ~%illi- ,ims & VJilkins Compary BAL7IA1GRE a ! t~. 0 ~ ~, # - - -- -- • 'k=
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..~- nT ~a2 ?4 50256 5311 L_JJour. Ateer. Med. Assoc. 222 527-20(1972) S.P. Cardiac Toxicity of Aerosol Propellants - . By ALEX SILVEF.GLADE, MD No longer may the fluorocarbon propellants used in pres- surized bronchodilator aerosols be considered "inert"; nor should t.n:y be judged unsafe and a contributing cause of death in asthmatic patients. The facts are clearly established in the ccniderable rescarch of the past two years. These Iulooenate:I hydrocarbon propellants, sometimes called 8uoroalkane or haloalkane gases, bear a number of trade names, the more common being Freon in the United States aad Arcton in England. The various fluorocarbon com- pounds are designated by numbers. Thc pro fcllants uscd in the bronchodilator aerosols in the United States include 8uotocarbons 11, 12, and 114. Fluorocarbon will be repre- scnted here by the letter F. . That exposure to ffuororrbon compounds in• high concen- tration for five minutes was capable of sensitizing the hearts of conscious dogs to lirbe intravenously given doses of eni- ncphrinc, resultin'" in srrious cardiac arrhythmias, was first -----~....~ a.ssumpticns of Taylor and Harris. Their study was ooorlc designed. INfice, with a tidal air volume of 0.2 to 0.23 rr.I, are not suited for studies of respiration. As fhyxia is not .in appropriate method of testing the cardiotoxicity of an}• Lb- stance since it has been known for 60 years that deg rivinz experimental animals of air for even a few minutes w;I: produce first tachycardi2, then bradycardia, atrio.-cntricta:r heart block and complete heart block.s It is incredible ;har 12 mice could be denied air for four mini:tes without t rn ducing major changes in cardiac performance. As Davi.: Jack3 has said: "There can be a few, if any, mammalian species for which this is tnie. Our mice responded to .1s- phyxia with brief tachycardia which was follo\,.•cd by 5rad1 - cardia and then by major arrhythmias as the degrce ei hypoxia increased." Experiments to check the results of Taylor and Harriswe-; conducted by \icClure,s by Azar and associates,' ar.d F- Jack.3 All failed to confirm the earlier work. All found tl:_ asYhyxia alone produced luofound chan^es in 11 .cr.. -.:-.-.1-.,....-~.r.a 1..., ~: ~-.;~,..~..~,~....~..~~,.~.~..,.,P.,._.-_....~ i n a 11i ,>a
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50256 5354 6 RC 585 Fr 1981 Ashevdle. 1Vorth Carolina ALLERGIES/OCCU,PATIONAL DISEASES/PNEUMONITIS/ CARDIOVASCULAR DZSEASES Bi-Annual ~ Edited by Review . Claude Albee Frazier, M.D. of Chiel o/ ABergy j Memonal M~ son Hospita! ALLERGY SiaJJ, kmber ~r St Joseph's Hospilal 0 ` 1979-198 ~ u Meaical Examination PuWishing Co..lne ® an Excerpla,4edica co"qarry 0 ~ n Q ~ 0 2 4 94 4- j
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50256 5352 ATHEROSCLEROSIS/ SMOKING AND HEALTH/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEART, EFFECT ON/CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE/' HYPERTENSION/ DIEr ANU DISEASE/ RC 681 Da 1980 The Framingham Study The.Epidemiology of Atherosclerotic Disease Thomas Royle Dawber A CouMOxwEAZ.Tx FvNa Boox Harvard University Press Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England 1980 0 1 `I 0 , 1 l7 2 4 9 w+ 3
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50256 5359 80 I I Nal HYPERTENSION/OBESITY/DIET & DISEASE/CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE/. CANCER--CAUSATION BY DIET/ TOWARD HEALTHFUL DIETS Food and Nutrition Board Division of Biological Sciences Assembly of Life Sciences National Research Council NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Washington, D.C. 1980 . I ` . . , . 0-A n p n o 24 9 4 s .
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SMOKING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEART, EFFECT ON/ 50256 5356 HEART--DISEASES/CARDIOVAS ISF.AS F.RT SIoN/ ATXE 692 1 -_ Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium held in Houston, Nov. 6-9, 1979 Edited by Antonio M. Gotto, Jr. Louis C. Smith Barbara Allen 0 Sprin er-Verlag " C)New dk a I?eidelberg Berlin
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- - _ . ~._ .. - - y~.. ~..:.,`...._ «::..~....._~,...._..,._..r...:.,...a ~.__..~.- - .~ ....._.__..r_..._--- - - --- - -- HEART--DISEASES/CARDIOVASCtlt:AiC DI3EASI/TOBACCO--HEART PISEASES/`IAVIOR!pERS4NALiTT/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--CARDIOVASCULAR EFFECTS/TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEART, EFFECT G*:i RC 681 Fr 1974 iype2 C. llyp BEHAVIOR AND YOUR HEART MEYER FRIED2N-IAN, M. D. and RAY H. ROSEN MAN, 1~1. D. ~,. .. . ALFRED A. KNOPF ~ NEW YORK 1974 = ,........._.E---•.>..-_.--.-.....-.~. - . - . . . ~ . , • ,..~ - - . . ...: .....•~-.-, ,,.-.,.-- ....-_.-..._,.,.~,,... , u t !~ ~ ~ i) . y 4 9
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50256 S34q ~ ~ 1 80 II Ey-81 S.P. , , The Cardiovascular-Behavioral Interaction--As~ It Appears Today A PAUc A. OsusT .Nediral StAw4. Centrtin nf XwtA CurtBwo. Chapel W7 0 1 ~.~.91~ ~ 1~ ~}~ sM1lR) Tnf ~.KA M•~,`~1a~ AMtV~~ Presidential Address, 1975 ABSTRACT Research Is reviewed coacernin` tke interrelatioas6ip amont; cardiodrnamia. blood pressure co.trd niecba.isias. saoatlc activitY. and the stimulus parameter of active vs passive copint. Emerging evideuce suggests that with p.asive coping such as classical aversive conditionia=. the heart ts more under vapl cootrd which is dtrectfottdly tfaked witb somatic nctlvit,v, wbUe blood preswre Is more doadnated by vascutar prareses.%'ki active coping such as slack avoidance. the Aeart Is oader greater sympathetic costrol wkkk Is direetio.ally isdependeak of coscomit.at somatic acti.ity. whik cardiac W1uesces on blood pressnre becaae more dotttiaaait. Several current psvckophysioiogical issMes an discussed iededi.td tie poatibk sid.i6cawce aif tYese etects for cudbvascot.r disease proc c i iDfWRlffOff: HyUt r~ tioai.j. Shock avoida.ce e. " [of&. Blood pressure, Sotnatic artisit,r. Classical coadi- . I
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.;__. .,.~....~ 50256 5325 ~ 'i1nICINE---c'I.IEICAL/^,ASTRnT;,aTrRnLn,v/rARDInT.!N;JR/T.UVc,S---^TSrASTS/ KYL"•L'Y--nl f FAS F.S /11FP1:1T(1Lnr,Y/ (7A`;Ci;R j",E,)T;n),r,rY/ P Sw(:•T TATRY / r,1! )'Lr tATnT.nr'Y / rN 1nCRIVOLnGY/nTSrASES, INrP,CThUS/Irnr*1nLnGY/rItAR~S1CnLOCY ---rLI"1IrA1./ nER *4ATOLOCY /L1J"IGS--CA'1C ET:/ NOW 45 Clinical Re 1979 In tern aI Medicine LriTLE, BROWN AND COMPANY. BOSTON VM Edited by L. Barth Reller, M.D. Anoeiate Pro(essor o(Medicine, Univenity o(Colorndo School q(,lfedicine; Univenity of Colorado Medical Center, Denver Steven A. Sahn, M.D. Acrociate Pro(essor of Medicine, University o/Cdorado School o(,Wedicine; Univen:ity of Colorado Mediaal Center, Denver Robert W. Schrier, M.D. Profes+or o(Medicine and Chairman, Department ofMedicina, University ojColorado School o(hledicinr, University of Colorado Medical Center, Denvvr Foreword by Gordon Meiklejohn, M.D., C.M. Projeaor o(,Nedicine and Chainnan Emeritua, Departme.tit o(.1ledicine, Univenrity 4 Cdorado School of Xfedieine; Unitiersity of Colorado Medical Cenler, Denvn 0.1 00002.4 9 111
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CARMOVA9CM0 W!.=AW`:UTRTTION--DISEASE/ 75 X Ca Amer. Johr. Public Health 5170-75(1961) UM-:MaaS or- M:TAP.lf ASSESSCa`caz iea cuc:nacar E;AHOL02ViC 5 UVb5 BF CAEIDICVASCULAR ©1SCASES : Marjorie Contoni, bf.P.ff., F.A.P.NA.; Ralph S. PogenLorger, lr., M.D., Dr.P.N., F.A.P.H.A.; ~ . and Dean E. Kra eaer, hl.SM , CARDIOVASCULAR diseases cause more rence of cardiovascular disease has than half of all deaths in our popu• added a new dimension to the field of Iation and are respoisible for a large nutrition-quite different from the tra- •proportion of all illne_cses and disability. -ditional teaching of normal nutrition ~ -Yarious epidemivlogic studies of cardiovascular diseases use dietary ; 0 _ Q-~-- - - . ~~ ~ • f~ 6 • n i) 2 4 4 assessment to determinc -tice relatiore of dietary patterns to discase '~ i~ ' di p d b i 2 cc ec y a s jj. crent risk of being afJecte a This paper reviews such. methods and outlines c~a ~ problem areas in the conchlct of these studies.
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..VL._..tijal- - 50256 5353 CHILDREN DISEASES/ rSTILrA/ AIR---POLLLTInti--R?:SEARC1l/ ~Ct~ -POLLUTION---HEALTIi EFFECTSJRESPIRATORY ORGANS--DISEASES/ LUNGS--CANCER--AIR POLLUTIO'1/CARI3YQVASCULAA DISF.ASE/iCEEtVOUS SYSTEP!/ RA 576 Fi 1976 • CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS OF AIR POLLUTION RESEARCH AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSGCIA'TjCN Air Pollution Medical Research Conference December 5-6,1974 Asher J. Finkcl and Ward C. Duel i Editors 'Publishing Sciences Group, Inc. Acton, Mossachuse-tts a subsidisry of CHC Corporation ~~ ~ o I n. 0, ) 4 9 .i 9
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j" 2 l' Arch. Intern. `ted. 132 (2) ~ 292(1973) 50256 5337 Letters to the Editor Card'+oloxic Eflacts ~ of v but oc- fibrillation heralded demise ti hi t i h , on m suse, or g -concen ra to o the Edito~.-I read ~.ith interest ie lnhaled Aerosol Symposium ap- curred only after evidence of signifi- whether, indeed, a hazard exists when ear:ng in the January issue of the cant sinus, then junctional brady- these ubiquitous products are used as rclcites of Irctcrnol .1!cdicine. cardia was recorded. Atrioventricular intended. Of particular interest to me was blocks occurred, but were al«•a}•s rela- - NtiqcY C. FLOWERS, MD r. Harris' summary of the cardio- ti~•ely late findings compared to pace- .. Medical College of Georgia maker suppression. Augusta ,xic effects of aerosol propellants. I In stitl another set of experiments ~ -~ *t concerned, however, that a body it was demonstrated that slight de- '/ L Flowers 1\'C, Horan LG: Nonano~ic ( ' eyperimental evidence with differ- grees of acidosis tended to protect aerosol arrh}•thmias. J.~3fA '-19:33, 19?~2. it emphasis has bt-en o~•erlooked. against lethal effects of freon inhala- 2 Flowers NC, Horan LG: The electrical Wlth constant, high-frequency tape sequelae of aerosol inhalation. Am Heart J tion with unquestioned statistical sig- gs;b4t, 19i2 cordieg from multiple intracardiac nificance. Thus, variation in the acid- 3. Flowers NC, Horan LG: Arrhvthmias ~d extracardiac sites, doos exposed ! base response of the host may explain and cardiac mechanism associated with similar fashion to the human ~•ic- why some sniffers die after the first death in deliberate, high-concentration us infre uentl died, with cardiac aerosol inhalation, in Coe~rcrctccc on To.rie q y exposure, while others may return for Hazards ef Ha<<xarbnn P~•npcl/ants• Dep .chanisms suggesting increased ex- repeated, successive indulgences over of Health, Education and Welfare, Public ability or automaticity. Rather, quite a long period of time.' Health Service, Food and Drug Adminis- !re aPp~:red to be a progressive, I write this letter, then, first to add ~ation, Washington, DC, 197~, pp 1~-4s. )four.d suppression of first the si- -`4. Flowers NC, Horan LG: aad-base re- atriae node and then svccessi~el balance and completeness to the re- " Iatior~ships and the cardiac response to , y rtin of the state of kno«•led e re- aerosol inhalation. Chest 63:74, 1973. rer pacemaker sites.'-' Even with garding cardiac response. Second, be- efu) and constant control of oxy- ~use freon-pronelled products ocr•+r~•- ~... i and carbon dio~:ide 1~ Aerosol Propeslarrts 1%~ animals ventricular tachycardia and whether such a hazard is restricted
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50256 5341 , RC 682 En 1975 y!nYING F1AnITS--RFLI1TniJISI1INr /TORACCO--SMnKlNt"--NrTfI-S'tOKit`r; CA*+DAIC*1/ TORACCO--SMOKIN+^,--PSYC'1TnLO(;Y/SMn?'.I?IC ANT) 11EALTI!/TOBACCO--SA1OKINt^--ItEART PROT3I.E!"q BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/fIEART--DISEASES/ APPLYIW BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE TO - ARQIOVASCULAR RISK ..... PROCEEDINGS OF A CONFERENCE Seattle, Washington June 17-19, 1974 Edited by Al n J. Enelow, M.D. and J ith B. Henderson, Ph.D. rican t teart Association. Inc. 19 75 > 4 y 2 7
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50256 5366 AEART--DISEASES/ II Me -80 Geochemistry of r'V~ater S.P. S in Relation to ~ v Cardiovascular Disease I PANEL ON THE GEOCHEMISTRY OF WATER 4i RELATION TO CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE Subcommittee on the Geochemical Environmeat in Relation to Health and Disease. U.S. National Committee for Geochemistry Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Scieaces National Research Council .~ NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Washington, D.C. 1979 ~! tl ~ n U 24 9 0
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50256 5364 HEART--DISEASES/ATHERO CLEROSIS/CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASEj~ LIFE-STYLES AND HEART ISEASE/ STRESS/IQRA&hsgxxS6dgKiligxxkEARl;xxffkkx TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEAR , EFFECT ON/ RC 681 Ma 1978 .W. COMBATING THE #1 KILLER The SCIENCE Report on Heart Research jean L Marx and Gina Bari Kolata qP16h & Prsfaoe try Jererniah StamIer, M.D. Anurican Astodat{on for the Adrancament of Science I ~ ~ ) ) ~ ~ d o ~~oinC4 2 1 9 5 0
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i III !)u -~15 S.P Cardiopulmonary Toxicity of Propellants 50256 5335 for Aerosols Jour. Clin. Pharm. 15(1)105-15(1975) MIROSLAW A. EELEJ, P6.D„ o.d DOMINGO M. AVIADO. M.D. Ph71.d.lphi.. P.nna. I I A. W ttr:.N; aerosol products were first intro- duced for medicinal use in the 1950s, refrigerants werc used as propellants. The cla.csification of the comparatice life hazards of rcfrigerants that h.d been pre- pared by the Underwriters' Laboratories guided the selection of propcllants. The • substances rated as being of hig h tosicit% were those which after 2 hottrs' exposure at concentrations of from 0.5(,~ to 2.5$'0 were lethal or producti.-c of serious in- jury. Chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, and meth;-Ichloridc were categorized as highly toxic vapors.l The flaorinated hydrocarbons did not produce serious injury in animals exposed to 2.5r/o'concentrations for 2 hours and were, on this basis, accepted as safe by the industry for use as propellants in bility with the product dispensed as aerosol. The increasing number of deaths at- tributable to the use or abuse of aerosol products makes it ncccc•ary ti reexamine the toxicity of the propellants (seo refer- ences cited in review of litcrature'). To thi.a end, we attempted in the present study to establish a basis for claccih•ing the propellants according to their pri- niary effect on the cardiopulmonary s.•s- tent. \\ ith the exception of Reinhnrdt et al.'s study of the rel;.tive abilit.• of the propellants to induce cardiac arrhythmia in the dog,' no such corupari-Ani has, until now, been undertaken. lfalothanc, a gen- eral anesthetic, was added to the list of nine halocarbou propellants to provide a standard for comparison. Because such a U 1 0 '0 n 0 2• 4 •9 .2 ' I I a..........+enn nannnt Ln nnnrl~inta~t anfol~• in
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50256 5369 XERCISE/SMOKING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEART, EFFECT ON/ C : C?,Gr?'' . , ent ~'ontroz~ers2es a 1 80 ~~ 2/ G Xardiovascular Dzsease + EDITED BY ELLIOT RAPAPORT, M.D. Professor of Medicine. University of California, San Francisco; Chief of Cardiology, San Franchco General Hospital, San Francisco, California 1980 W. B. SAUNDERS COMPANY Philadtlphia • London • Toronto 0 1 n 0 n 0 2 4 9 S 5
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S0256 5362 QP 141 ATHLETES--KUTRITION/DIET/krLIG'.-iT REDUCING/HEART--DISEASES/ CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE/ ' VInternational Series Series Editors: i on Sport Sciences, VolUt11E.' 7 Richard C. Nelson, Ph. D. In and 1978 ~' n U ^~r°'M ~'~ ~ Chauncey A. Morchouse, Ph. D. ~/~~ ~ ~ The Pennsylvania State University 9 AEflD \Y NE L~. l!r•!~ Y orjY University Park Press Baltinzore 0 Edited by: Jana Patizhov,4, M.D., D. Sc. Research Institute ' f) O F~lty-rof Ffiys~al 1iuc~tio$ Char!e_Yj Tnfpers'~lv '~ Prague, Czechoslovakia an.:
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50256 5372 CANCI?R--CONTROL/CARDIO`'ASCUT.AR UISEASF,/STl•.TISTICS--HF,ALT!l, GliROPE/ -- •-~EUROPE/ No. 2 1973 1973 Not for Sale Distributed by the REGIONAL OFFICE FOR EUROPE World Health Organization COPENHAGEN ' PUBLIC NEALTti IN EUROPE 2. ' RA CHRONIC DISEASES 445 wo o ~ o0 ooz4 y_~a
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RB 113 Se 1976 50256 5371 DISEASES---CAiISATION AND Ti[I;OaIES OF CAUSATION/ MENTAL HYOIENE/TENSION/LITNGS--DISEASES/ItEART--DISEASES/ CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE/,eANCER--CAiiSATION/ i IN HEALTH AND DISEASE HANS SELYE Hans Sclyc, C.C., M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., D.Sc. (hon.), M.D. (hon.), F.N.A. (hon.), F.R.S. (C), F.I.C.S. (hon.), Profcs.aor and Director, Institut de Itlcdccinc ct dc Chirurgie capcrimentales, Univcrsitc de \Iontreal, "Montreal 101, Que., Canada BUTTP:R\YORTI IS Boston Lorutor. /9?6 tJ 1;1 Q .1 6 2 4 y~~~ / ~
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.. Ii: 50256 5375 - - TOBACCO--SMORINC--CARDIOVASC(TLAR EPPECTS/ - • i..'/SMORINC AND HEALTH/ CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM--POPULAR WORKS/ HEART--DISEASES/ CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASEI--POPQId1R WORKS/ 1 RC 672 De 1977 n o n o z 49 6 I : Tla ]E LWING H]E~~ Michael DeBakey, M.D. and Antonio Go«o, M.D. Illustratcd by Herbert R. Smith ' ~ ~ __~~... .. ... ~....~..,~ ..., ~
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50256 5368 I ~ RA 445 Un 1979 HEART--DISEASESY CORONARY HEART DISEASE/CARDIt211ASCUT.P.R DISEASE, TOBACCO--S`10KING--HEALTii EFFECT/ HEALTH EDUCATION/PHYSICAL FITNESS/health care/ORAL DISEASES/ DENTAL CA.RIES/CA.v(:EP,--P?;EVE:3TI0ti'/BIFTH IJEIGHT/'t':NTAL IIEALTH/ HEA'L .. THY P-E0- >~ ~ LE ThevSurgeon General's Report On Health Promotion AndiZisease Prevention ~. 2, Background Papers 1979 Repoyt to th6turgeon General on f'eaith Promotion and%Otsease Prevention by The Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences Division of Kea11h Promotion and Disease Prcvcirrion ELENA O. NIGIITINGALE, M.D., Ph. D., Director VICKI KALMAR, MPH, Projec[ Coordinator U.S. DEPARTIGfENTDF , ARE-- ~ r~ 0 ~ .~,~~] i. ,~ Public Health Service o~n 0 , Ofilce Ot the~Assi3tant Secretary for /lcatth and Surqeon General DHEW (PHS) Publicatiat No. 79 55071A
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{ ',t31 L4rdiova3_U1ar lli3easa--~p~uc.; i.o]-o;;Y 50256 5374 ~lLn 1 ii. S. picblic A_a1Li Srrvic•~, Ystio::nl scsti:u~.-,s af l:::alkh TS8 S'IL"JT, "sn Epid,=ic+lc,;z-'cal Iavestigatioa of Cardiovaecula: Di5eaue, SAct. 9-22 1969 14 Sectiona U. S. Dcrt. Ii.E.W., Va9hing:on, D. C. Public f:ralth NgCfoVal Institute;i.jf 1:<:alth f `. , .-.-.•.,. . .- p~~1 ~ l1 ~'l aV S U
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. EPTi)E"4InLDGY/ITAT.T?1N NATIONAT. PROf:^A'iS TO r,nNTr.nT. CPn.^nTMIARC1rT.Ar RTSK Ftir,TrlnC/ TY`t1v)----CnVSiT'TTIn~I --ITAT.v/'ti1tTPTTTn"---')Tq'FAqR/T)IT~T A?'D nTSF.1S1?/,'1T'1T:nnSrT,F:FnST.S---*1FF.T/ T1YPT:RTEIrSIOV RFSTsARC111.q'•t'1KT.~?r.--DATA nASP. A-*•'n T^F."fiS/ 'tF~'tT--nTSRASF.S/ TQRACCO--S'4D1;IrIG--IIEART, FFFF.CT D'I/ rAF,DInVASC1tt 4Q DISF.AS~ Rr Atherosclerosis Reviews 6Q2 Volume 7 Chief Editors: Antonio At. Gotto and Rodolro Paoktti rn Measurement and Control of&7&rdiovascular Risk Factors Volume Editor C Ruth Johnsson Hegyeli, M.D. d~ Assistont Director jor lnternational Programs National Hear4 Lun& and nstirute ~',~ B! f , f~ 0,110 • ~ " ? ' ~' NaflMha! rituus ojlfealth ~1 ' ~ I ' i ~ ~ ~ Bethesda Maryknd i • ~
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10256 5370 -SIBLT(?(;RAPaY--T`i:DICINgiCAP.DIOVASCULRR SYSTf;M--DISI;tiSFS--SI"T.iOGRAPHY/ ,, RC CAR~~~VAS~U~AR 5enia S. Rurt~rs. Ph.D. fiAl ~O ScrwFY, MCr.t.O.w...0(~..W M I` fMt~O~11N$q'Mt4 1974 D1SEASE: InIn C. `luhfcr, M.A. V...,+a..nw te.rr Epidemiotogy, Prevention, and Rehabiiitation ~~Imt..rvww/.lc+Ir~ANK~R~nnlw~rFOn• 01rfa~ N ~.~I«wr.aew Mw.e+..f M. G.a.r+.+. s1 tw,e-c ...N A Cuide to the literature '`""'`°"`"""`/.°" °"''" ° " """/ -.~.<.-... . 40 N fwv.p Wr~..qro~ Vn,w.rer wte.J U+~... ww++t•.• O C Volume l:1960 - 1973 t,, 0 /97 ~ ~. tFUPLENUM • NEW YORK-1JASl4INGTON-tONOON , ., 0 - U- (Y - n-.. (). 0-- -:a - 4 . - y ~_ o
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50256 5367 : PREGNANCY, COMPLICATIONS OF/FETUS/INPANTS, MORTALITY/SMOKING AND HEALTA/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/BIRTH WEIGHT/ALCOHOLIS`t/CAFFEINF"/ ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH/CHROMOSOME ABERRATInNS/CANCER--CAUSATION BY GENETIC FACTORS/ CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES/CARDIOyASCULAR MALFORMATIONS/GENETICS--DISEASES/DiET/ BIRTH DEFECTS INSTITUTE SYMPOSIA bnest B Hook, Dwight T. /aneridh, and /on H. Porter, tditavs: BIRTH DEFECTS Risks and Consequences Froceed s or, ~~~ by ~+D Symposium on?:irth Dctcc•ts: Risks and Consequencqe Sponsored by thc•Birrh Dctects /nstitute of the .SBily Kelly rNew York State Department of Health Ernest B. Hook t He/d in A/bany, New York, November 7-8, 1974 Dwight T. Janerich Academic Press. Inc. M.w Yorts Srn f.+neiue eondow tan H. Porter A sAhM:.ryot tt,.cp,rt er.cehwno.id,.wNih.., 1976 tLtA Qrtee" /rotitKe lMµw Yonf St.r. Oen..tnow of llnhA A+E.nY. Ahw Yaff - 0
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50256 5379 CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE MORTALITY/HEALTH INDICATORS/ INFANT FEEDING TRENDS/DENTISTRY, PREVENTIVE/ SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/SMOKING AND HEALTH/ h RA .445 An 1981 I Ni~UAL REVIEW OF ~UBLIC HEALTH LESTER BRESLOW, Editor University of California at Los Angeles VOL UME 2 JONATHAN E. FIELDING, Associate Editor 1981 University ot Californis at Los Angeles ~ } n 0 .a WAR ~S. LAVE, Associate Editor The Brookings Institution
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50256 5336 79-` E^- -/ ~982 Journal oJ Mrdic•inal ['hemistry, 1978, VVol. 21, No. 9 ~_`~0a' ~ Cardioselectivity as a Function of Molecular Structure in fl-Adrenoceptor Blocki~ Agents of the 1-(Para-substituted aryloxy)-3-(isopropylanlino)propan-2-ol Typel ~ Mordechai F,rez,'2 Gad Shtacher,t and Marta Weinstock3 Department of /'hyciolngy ard Pharmacology, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel. Received Ae.gu.rt 22, 1977 The relationship between molecular structure and cardicnelectivity is described in the 1-(para-substituted aryl- oxyl-a-(isopr(.pylamirno)prupan-2-ol type of ;i-adrenoceptur blocking agents. Cardiuae)ectivity in the aforementioned series requires that the aromatic substiiution in the percition para to the amino alcohol side chain will have a minimal linear length of i.0 A. Highest cardiuselectivity is obtained when this para substituent is a rigid group coplanar with the aromatic ring. This may result from steric hindrance for binding at the d2-adrenoceptor subtype which does not occur in the 6I subtype. Evidence in favor of this suggestion was obtained by the finding that the trnns isomer of )-14-(I-propenyl)-2-meth+)xyphenoxyl-3-(isupropylamino)propan-2-ol is cardiaselective (1Ji/r3i = 25), whereas the cis isomer is )32 selective (R,/ds = 0.1). . O-AdrenocepG+r blocking agents are being used in- creasingly in the treatment of angina pectoris, arrhythmias, and hypertension.' It is desirable that the drugs will block selectively li-adrenoceptors in the heart (iii) with little or no activity on bronchial or vascular Oi•,) receptors.s A nu~ ber,ufc~{rdi cle~ ive-~-adr nocg l)t` blo~' kiq agents 7ff thb arSfoxy~ropa4tol~hiin~ty~et are~kneWn date, most of which contain a suhstitnent pira to the aminn alrnhnl cirlp r'hoin 4 c-c..uruc_ protons, was identical with the patterns of cis- and trans-isoeugenols known in the literature e The ketalic phenol precursor of 12 was obtained Ey ketalization of :1-(4-hydroxyphenvl)propan-2-one.y Ke- taliiation was achieved under acidic catalysis in two way;: (a) the azeotropic distillation with benzene as a solvent ar•c'd p-'1'usOH as catalyst (ethylene );lvcol was used here , n much hit;her proportion than usual due to its role a, ...i...... . r... .ti.. .A.._ ., -.--j :- ---'-- •- -- .. _ . ,
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50256 5380 6~1 S Scherf, Da%-id, 1~i1J- Cardiovascular disens,s, by David Sc;',:erf aial 7.i::>> ,;. Boyd. ^4 ed. rev. a: I enl. New r or;;, Urune . Sn atcc :. 1958. 820p. ttlus. 25 i:m. , 1. Cardiosa.scular sy°tem-Diseasem. r. Boyd, Linn Jobn, JoInt nutbor. [RCCS1] 616.1 5?-10-1:6 ; Library of Congress L. I(1 011 J 24 9 . i 0
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IX Re2-79 S.P. 50256 5377 BrUish Journal of /ntGcatrial Xledicine 197y , 3(, 85-97 Cardiovascular disease and environmental exposurd K. D. ROSENMAN From the Environmentul Sciences Laboratory, Mount Sinai School ojAtedicine ojrhe City University ojNeN• York, USA ABSTRM:T This paper reviews the possible association between cardiovascular disease and occupa- tional and environmental agents. The effects of carbon monoxide, fbrogenicdusts, carbon disulphide, hea%y metals, noise, radiation, heat, cold, solvents and fluorocarbons are discussed. New directions for investigation are suggested. There has been a growing awareness of the relation- ship bet..etn the quality of the environment and the incidence of human disease, particularly in relation to chemical carcinogenesis and lung disease. In eontrast. studies of the aetiology of coronary arteriosclerotic heart disease (CAHD) have not usually been concerned with exposure to environ- ---._~ .~_.~_ TL,,... -....~:~.. ...1.:..~. 1.~. r ~..o...:n...~l 30 years ago CAHD was generally felt to be a non-modifiable degenerative process of ageing. This concept has changed wi th subsequent epidemiological and clinical studies. Our understanding of CAFID (the leading cause of death in the United States of America) has not progressed to such an extent that one could easily maintain that the present list of e~nr.A riet- rarrnre ie rnmnlrtr u I o Q t I : a `,! .a 9 S 3
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50256 5378 .' x Mcs .^At^t7Tt}'visf ;s.;R c7T:i :iSE : IcLr, cVAN3 C,^t^."TX, rA. 1. C?,r'-RACTF,cI~'iIC> C: THE STUDY PO?iRATION . cr, ~v~ T J14/Ja A_1 L;~~aj ~/.~;.~rS ~a,-;•".;v ! •~ ~0 dly ~i,3 r;~o ~ 2 Ca ~'aLra:3! %a:.3 G1 Fe ~ it bj ° 4. ~a, ~?3 ^~ ~ . S.) 78 12) lv'IbS7 C)
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50256 5383 HEART--DI RC 681 El 1979 S&e,cs and the. I~.~~~jor i~~rd-ncvasc ular"- "' DLsordezrslw I ROBERTS. ELIOT, M.D., F.A.C.C. 0...L.....~~ _~.. .. ~ rUTURA t'UBLISHIIYd COMPANY ~ Mount Klsco, New York 1979 PEASES --STRESS/. , atno~a'~y~y
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: .,.. ~ - -.;T 50256 5387 2240 Si•AKFl:G. N New York Academy of Sciences CA.RDIOVASCUL?4 EFFECTS OF NICOTINE AND ShSOKING. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 90 (No. 1) 1-344 (September 27, 1960) S,_ries of papers presented at a conference on March 24-26, 1960. 0 () 0 +1 6 241 4 •1 7 3
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50256 5392 BLOOD PRESSURE/ Cardiovascular~sychophysiology _ RC 681 current issues in Ob response mechanisms, 1974 v6iofeedback, ac • and methodology ALDINE PUBLISHING COMPANY/chicago I ~14'i A t~ , ~~ W~~ , . . I edited by Paul A. Obrist A. H. Black Jasper Brener Leo V. DiCara I . 0 111 0 n 0 2 4 9 7' 8 ., .
Page 383: mfb88d00
50256 5373 1 . f?F: RT--~ISFASF.S CART)IOLO~/^CARDIOVASCLR DISEASEV--nIAGNOSIs/FUTUROLOGY SEF FORF.CASTING/ RC r,, ~• 682 E ~~ t`-~ 4, I 1976 vLa ..-~ ~ ..." ` . ~ '~ . ....: I JOHN WILEY & SONS, New York • Toronto ISRAEL UNIVERSITIES PRESS,Jennalem ~ .. ~ 0-"t"- 0--- 0 ti- 0 I . E. Stoupol A HALSTE O PRESS BOOK
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50256 5376 SMOKING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMORING--HEALTH EFFECT/ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH/ OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES/AIR--POLLUTION_-HEALTR EFFECT/aUTRITION--DISEASEJ ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, A SiILEY-INTERSCIENCE SERIES OF TESTS MONOGRAPHS Edited by Robert L. Metcalt'et. al. GENETICS--DISEASE/CARDxOVASCiTLAA DISEASB--WATE*/ RA 566 Ca 1978 Edward J. Calabrese University of Masuachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts A Wiley-Interscience Publication JOHN WILEY AND SONS New York Chichester Brisbane Toronto Pollutants and /High-Risk " Groups The Biological Basis of Increased Human Susceptibility to Environmenta! and Occupational Pollutants
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HYPERTEhSIc __.......~.... i.irnia,tlviv/A'1'HEROSCLEROSIS/ 50256 5390 HEART DISEASES/ RC 681 Ro 1978 ACADEMIC PRESS London GRUNE & STRATTON New York A024976 J Royal Society of Medicine Internotiono! Congress and Symposium Series Number Card iovas..cukP-1r Medicine ~ ~, ~s®~i ~.r®versies-'.~-, x Ediled by CLIVE WOOD 1978 THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE I Wimpole Street, London Published jointly by
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_..~.. _~.~._. 1 RC 681 Ob 1981 PSYCHOLOGY, PHYSIOLOGICAL/ 50256 5393 Cardiovascular /Psychophysiology A Perspective Paul A.Obrist (Jhiversity oj:Vo.th Carolina aapel Hill. North Carolina Plenum Press • New York and London 0 I ~Qn o24979. 1
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50256 5396 And _ ardiovascular Response In Type A Subjects and Coronary Patients Theodore M. Dembroski, Ph.D., James M. MacDougall, Ph.D., , and Robert Lushene, Ph.D. The present study tested the hypothesis that Type A subjects respond wit/4 greater cardiovascular response than Type B subjects during the structured interview used to assess the Tvpe A pattern. Coronary patients (n =31J and patient controls /n = 33/ were subjected to the interview and a bistory quiz while ECG and blood pressure were monitored. As predicted. Type A relative to Type B subjects evidenced significanrly greater increases in botlr systolic and diastolic blood pressure. which were sustained over the course of the entire 12-15 minute interview. Type A J&Ar . F~ ,S'to~ S (4) 80 II Ey-81 S.P. Inte personal Interaction o i a 0 n o 2 4 9 a Z I
Page 388: mfb88d00
50256 5384 ~ IiC - 631 Un 1978 11FART- (f10L1oGRAPNIC OATA ~u'• No. 2. 3. Hccip icnt~ic sion ao. I u(r:ET IID-SCOR 78 _ 1. Title anJ 5vhtitle , S. Neputt Uate Ischemic Heart Disease SCOR Progress Reports Nov. 1, 1978(suhr,ittcc tlovembe r 1, 1978 • 6. 8. f'crfor~ning Ur~anizatiaa Rept. ). Author(.. ) o. . a tt ached sheet N Se 9. Pcrforming Otsanization Name and AdJccss 10. Project/Task/11'otk Unit ::o. See attached sheet C?1•4??LES E. RAC1:L!?Y(SCr)R ')IpF.CTOR) Univ. A11lb1'ria "[edical Tenter 11. Cvattact/Gtanc No. 12. Sponsocing Ccg.tnization Name and AJJ:ess Cardiac Diseases Branch, Division of 1{eart and Vascular Hational Heart, lung, and Blood Institute, t1IH Bethesda, Maryland 20205 15. Supplementaty Notes 14. 16. Aeatactstltlltidisciplinary clinical and fundamental research studies are conducted and directed at the reduction of death and disability from ischemic heart disease. Results are reported in such areas as the short and long term evaluation of theraF e in various patient subgroups, evaluation of techniques for the early detection ane 0 •.1 C1 q n 0 14 y T U .; , See attached sheet 13. Type o( Repou & 1'ctiod Coveted Disease.progress-annual
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50256 5394 © - murnaa oT me nuro ........ e rv..iv~ru sy.tert, 40 ?3I! 138 I48 1 . Efa:vier or o.n iome ic r.r CARDIOVASCULAR REFLEXES AND INTERRELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN SYMPATHETIC AND PARASYMPATHETIC ACTIVITY 80 II Ey-81 S.P. MARK KOLLAI and KIYOMI KOI2UMI t Department ojPAyiioloQy, Semme/weis Medical Uniucnity, Budapest (Hungary) end State University oJNew York. Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1 1 1203 (U.S.A.) Key words: cardiac vagus nerve - cardiac sympathetic nerve - reciprocal control - non-reciprocal control - tonic activity - autonomic reflex - neural control of the heart -autonomic nervous system Simultaneous recordings from vagal and sympathetic nerve fibers innervat- ing the heart have enabled us to study relationships between activity in these two autonomic nerves. Our recent studies, as well as those of others, are reviewed with respect to tonic activity and reflex actions in these two auto- nomic efferents. Discharges of the two nerves in relation to blood pressure pulses and to respiratory cycles are reciprocal. During slower fluctuations of hemodynamic changes which occur spontaneously, such as during Mayer ~ waves, a reciprocal relationship between activity in the two autonomic ~ nerves is also observed. On the other hand, in reflex responses both recipro- 0 1 0 Q d 0 2 4 9 3 0 0 IF I
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- ~ 50256 S395 CO,%iPiTTERS--"EDICI*IF./ . }IEART--DISEASES ANNALS OF THE`d~EW YORK ACADE)(tY OF SCIENCE VOLUME 126, ART. 2 PAGEs 681-940 RC 683 Ne 1965 ARDIOVASCULAR ItESEAR CONTENTS ~ Introduction. By LEE D. CADY AND MENARD M. GERTI.ER .................. 683 Developmcnt of a Computer System for Scoring and Interpretation of Minnesota Multiph: sic Personality Inventories in a Medical Clinic. By JOHN S. PEARSl/N, }I(ri1'ARD P. ROME, WF.NhELL N}. SWENSON, PETE MATAYA, THomAs L.L3R,+,tiNICK ............................................... 684 Paychometric Evaluations in Cariovascular Epidemiolopy. By R. B. SHEI:F.LI.E AND ADHIAN M. OSTFEI.D ............................................ 696 ~ ~ l! 1 o Somatic ' 1I:- c lini d C ronary Heart Disease: A Study by 111eans of ~ '~non~vn ~•Ivi~tr~lt . ~laliot. P 4cna. •vn L'MCaRn F: IfttNT_JR 'f1R HAROLD E. WHIPPLE HURD HUTCHINS Editor August 6, 1965 Aasociafe Editor CO~IPUTATION FOR CH~ Conference Cochairman LEE D. CADY, JR. AND MENARD M. GERTLER
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Nr 50256 5404 Gei Cardiovascular svstem$. Gefter, t.:' ;'.! ... ., Myat~a~~. , ~77 p~;es C. V. 2foZoy Cecnany St. Tcui3 .~.,--- ' , ^~Y . . . . , ! I ~-~ ~ n ~ u ~ a y 3 u
Page 392: mfb88d00
70C;+CCO--SFtOK ING--PSYCf fOLOG Y/ 50256 5400 QUESTIONP.AIRES/TOBACCO--SM01<IMG--SURVEY/ r ' HEART--DISEASES--STATISTICAL AiJALYSIS OF OCCURRENCE/ WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Mo.•JOuRAPH SERIES NO. 56/ : RC CARDIOVASCULAR 681 `SURVCY 1VIETI-IODS ~ I 1968 = 0 A 0-1 0 0.o2 4 9 A : O.A. ROSE. DM., M.R.C.P. Mp/rr.r r/V.Arrl Sr+l~„L a,r.f fr,.b.r.d.r7. fir6. Sr ~..1 rJ 1II twY ..I Tn.l-! M. J:. ,.r, L../vr. Gn1rN H. BLACKbURN, M.D. 1.Iw.rwJ a/ M ri!•~FrJ Hrt~ •,.r, 3,16 .,rI,J LMit N.olrE• (~irrril~ s/ MGnrwr, F/4,wp.h., 4,.., (lSA WORLD HEALTH ORGANILITION ~ GENEVA i 11N ~ s .J -_ ,
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50256 5405 BF 575 Mc 1974 STRESS What it is MIat it call do to your health How to fight back by Wat[er 1tfcQuade and Ann Ailcman E P. DUTTON & CO.. ING / NEW YORK / 1974 /CAJiOtAWAlfCULM' 4"TIM/ DIGESTIO"+/ ULGFRS/ /SI:F.LETAL SYSTEMS/ MNSCLES/ I`L*tU'IITY/ DIARETES/ /CORONARY HEART DISEASE/ PSYCHOLOGY/ PHYSIOLOGY/ T il Q!1 0~ 4 9 9 1
Page 394: mfb88d00
• 50256 5399 RC 681 Be 1980 HYPERTENSION/CHILDREN/ATHEROSCLEROSIS of Atherosclerosis ry and Essential Hypertension The Earl Natural Histo I Risk Factors q in Children BLOOD PRESSURE/ _ Cardiovascular IN CHILDREN/DIET AND DISEASE/ /BOGALUSA HEART STUDY/ GERAID S. 6E RENSON, M.D. and C. A. McMahan, Ph.D. Antonie W. Voors, M.D., Dr.P.H. Larry S. Webber, Ph.D. Sarhanur R. Srinivasan, Ph.D. Cail C. Fnnk, R.D., M.P.H. Theda A. foster, M.S. Caroline V. Bbnde, M.D., M.P.H. With the editorial assi:tance of Caroline Andrews, B.AA and Helen E. Heste., MA. loutsiana State University New York Oxfwd OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 1990 . 0- 1 n~ n o 2 4 9~ 5 .
Page 395: mfb88d00
50256 5397 Act{r. nerv. sup. (p*aM), tJ, 19d1, No. 1 . 64-68 Cardio'Vascular responses in stress testing related to some ~ ' Ey-81 personality characteristics 80I I . 5 A. Slaby, M. Horr , E. FranM Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiolo®, Prague The fact that significant associations have been proved between the Type A behaviour pattern and the indrlence of coronary heart disease (Rosenman • d 1 t~ a ~1 o 2 4 9 a 3 ,
Page 396: mfb88d00
50256 5408 \ 360 PSYCHO OGY, PHYSIOLOGICAL/CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM/" BRAIN RESEARCH/ QP Psychophysiological St 1980 Recording ROBERT M. STERN WILLIAM J. RAY 73e reooyi..ni. suce Uoi.esin CHRISTOPHER M. DAVIS Simoe Froa Uni.miry Ne.v York Oxdoc+d OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 1980 0 I n On~49 94 _ ---------- ---- - ---.~
Page 397: mfb88d00
50256 5386 ,.M,. ._._.._.~.__._._.._._.~,...._>...._....Y...r._...._._,. . irOClI:r,E1tT COrtTROI. DL7A • G g U l;ey words: ICrr.~rtr~ rf..r/flr.r,nw../1rN rf rIsn.rlo•d Lv.'ran; rnnof, N.v, n,usl I-r a+Irrr/ /.c«rt ..Al/AC .(. 1,%11• ~Coryar.l..v,LOr) , i:0.Mc Aerospace 1.•Jedical f:c:search Laboratory, 1lerosnace Un 1"cdical Division, Air Force Systems Command, Wright 7~ G/ P L' t_=' C--n hfr !'c`c~ R-scr h:o !S~i33. I,. I.IFOhl 1„ll ~ CARDIOVASCULAR EFFECTS OF FLUOROCARBON EXPQSURh. `';: l~ 1ex Azar,jVl. D. 'f .nQlnctusi.'. LAres) ' '`wA _ J• t•f_.'Or11 VAT( December 1971 1). /.L31/1AG 1 .1. L,t n.r..el This report r:as presented*at the Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on Environmental Toxico:oay, sponsored by the Syste'.-ied Corporation and held In Fairbr.rn, Ghio on 31 August, 1 and 2 Sepicn-iber 1971. Major technical areas discussed included toY.icoloy^ical evaluation of volatile h<ilogenated compbunds, protection of the public against air pollution and tc>:icoloc?ieal problems with aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles. U I~ 0 n 0 2 a y 7:1 . i Continuous exposure ~ r h l P o?; o at Toxicolonical screening C-.'as cnroruatoyrn; hy .~ i Electron microscopy i Propellant toxicity j ~ _1'1 . t-. `... I I .~ t 0
Page 398: mfb88d00
50256 5410 '/ . ~ I CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM--DISEASES/ HEART --DISEASES/DIET AND DISEASE/ RC Cholesterol DONALD M. BER~VICK, M.D. ~ SHAN CRETIN, Ph.D. 681 Children, EMMETT B. KEELER, Ph.D. Be 1980 and Heart Disease An Analysis of Alternatives New York / Oxford OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 1980 () _... ,. o l 0 0 1
Page 399: mfb88d00
50256 5385 ]~fiul- 7 ssP T//61OL'NVAL 0/ I'IUN9IAPOLM7r Avu F3PCNIIMPIArAL TIIr.RAPrcrncw Vnl. 192, Kn. I CIwYriNllt O IU7S by Tbe N'illinnu & N'ilkin. Co. /'rintrf in U.3.A. ~ ~ '' IH 0 k2- -7j 5.p . cARVIOj'ASCUL.'l1t rFrrscTS OF ACUT1. AND CIMONIC INIIALATIO.ITS OF rLUOItOC.111I3O\' 12 IN RABBITS GEORGE J. TAYLOR, IV' AND ROBERT T. DREW Pharmaeofopy Branch, Valionat lnstilvfe of Environmental /leallh Sciences, Research T'rianplc !'ark, North Carolina Acccpted for publication August 3, 1974 ABSTRACT TAYLOR, (riEO1tGE J. Iti' AND IZO9EkT T. DRF.1V: Cardiovascular ctlcrts of acute and chronic inhalations of fluorocarbon 12 in rabbits. J. Yharmacol. Exp. Ther. 192: 129-135,1075. u i n ~ n~~4 9 7 1
Page 400: mfb88d00
FPIT)E`'1ZOLCCY/ITAT.TAY N:1TIrNAL PnrrIA'1S TO r,n'yT?rT, >;'.^^"•?1TM1AC/:1TT,AR rTSK rArTo','4/ Fnn')--COVS1T`TTI(M --ITAL v/\IITPiTTr?:!- -^TqFASP,/T)IF'P A'~r) T)TSFA:i?/.1Tili;°f)crT,FRn1;TS--')TFT/ HY?F.RTEh'SI!)N RFSF..'1RC111S`i')KI'!r,--DATA R,1SF. A?~'n TR1•"T)S/ ?1F.,%.'?T--t1TSFAST~.S/ TOR.ACCO--S'•tnKIP'C--11F.ART, EyFT:CT C?I/ r,A^I',It1VASl:uJ..4R T)ISFASr./ VOlullle 7 Chief Cditorsc Antonio M. Gotto and Rodolfo Paolelti Atherosclerosis Reviews Measurement and Control ofz 6ardiovasculat Risk Factorsr Volume Editor f ,f ~.t Ruth Johnsson Hegyeli, M.D. Asststant Directos jor lnternational Pr»gwms Narional Heart. Lun& and 0 4 ~, BI lnstitute 2 `7 7/,'orid~ol f ilutts o/' H<olth Bethesdrt. Maryland I , i
Page 401: mfb88d00
50256 5401 .! ~ RC ~ 681 ~ Am ~ 1979 HEART--PE(YS I DL()(:Y/ HANDI' C10K OF PIIVSIOLOGV • /a V/ ~~aVM~' VvI/a)iIV.LVI{JfVV ,/IVJVL4~ 4~VIi . : , ( of pJ},siological knowlcdse pd concctits I . ~ , ~ SI:CTION 2: The Cardiovascular System ~ ~ ~ i Ci l i l SECTION 2 Volunu Editor: ROBERT M. L1~.RNE i ; rcu at on y : Formcr ~ Assouatc Ldrlur. ~) , 11 , NICK ..l I.1.1.I.AI~IS , i Cdit E ti STEPHEN I: EIGER C i , VOLUME I. or: xecu ve .. . I ~ 1 nND 1979 'sJological Socico' ni.rnEsun MnRvt fllJterlcan PI I I , s , . 9 The Ilcarl E f t 0 .1 Q 2 4 9 8 7 i
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q N 50256 5q09 CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM--DISEASES/HEART--DISEASES/BEHAVIORAL RISK FACTORS/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--PUBLIC/Sh10KING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEART, EFFECT 0~ EXERCISE/HYPERTENSION/ 0 The Americzeai A\IY\/Cl.fA":rn A Guide to Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases L R Ovtlon n 0 n - --6---. . N.rr 1bAt I
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...~~ ~ :---- . ~ 50256 5412 ;• a 10 CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM--DISEASE3/HYGIENE/LIFE STYLE/EXERCISE/ BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION/SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/STRESS/ TOAACCO--SMOKING--PSECHOLOGY/ R" 776 The American Way 1978 of Life Need Not Be Hazardous • to- Your Health JOHN W. FARQUHAR, M.D. w•w•NOitToN & COMrANY. . . ~ Ne..• Nbrk p . 0 1 a 0 n 0 24 9 9 3
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r 50256 5391 rti.omo.w.na.oc. Copnvt • 1975 t, ne Sodeti forR+td~r 4.2, 'yC3`-y3d' vati:.wL himM in t; 5,A ; ~ go~.~ 80 I I Ey-81 s s ~Q `~ ------"- ,P, Cardiovascula~ and NeuroPhYsiolo8'c Correlates ~ : of Sensory Intake and Rejection. II. Interview -*,34, Behavior .,j ~,~ / THows E. B17TKER, MON7Y S. BUCHSBAUM, REDFORD B. WIWAMS, JR., AND LYMAN C. WYNNE A[uh PrpAi." BrswcA a.1 Labor" of Clinkd PsycAabioloV. N.tiand Iws4ho af Mtwm! HroW, BetAad. 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 a 9 7 7 _ AsS'fRACT As paet ot a three task study of the influeece of attentional style on cardio.ascular response, 19 eoRaal roluateert+ were gieea a 1S-mia Interview during which systolic and diastolic blood pressure, digital pube.olume, beart rue, and forearm blood flow were recorded. At the same time two observers iodepeadently assessed five elements of the subjecta' inter.iew behavior, arousal, eye contact with the hsteniewer, rdI ee.elatioD of Interview center, attentiveness to the Interviewer, and overall tranaac• tioaateagagement in the inter.iew task.lVben subjects were divided into groups of interview attenders and sooatteoden on the basia of inter.iewer ratings, attenders had a mean decrease in forearm blood _eow aod sonattenders a mean Increase. These group difference. e:tended across a word identifxatios - ~ a.A vQ I
Page 406: mfb88d00
50256.5406 .1 ~o~asrevler sySret't(j Selzer, Arthur. Th9 heurt, its function in health and disease. Ber?:eiey. University of California Pres:,1JC6. zii, 301 p. 1llus. 22 cm. (Perspectives in medic[^e g1j) L Heart-Diseases. 2. Cardlovascuiar system. r. Title. RCGSI.S14 , --~ 616.1 e5--25(~~3 Library of Congress ~ =~ (GGf5i . 0 1 0 0 t1 0 21 9 9 2
Page 407: mfb88d00
....~.~_. . ~_~ . 50256 5422 ~ 1 i i . .~ IX , Ca Carden, S. Z, ' The pre5ence of 3, 4-benxpyrene 1n ci garette smoke, by Cerdon, S, Z, and E. T. Alvard, PhotoStat. ~
Page 408: mfb88d00
50256 5403 MODIFICATIOt1 OF PATHOLOGICAL BEHAVIOR reports developrnents in reseorch, theory and treotment techniques in several significant txhavioral areas. The conceptual modal out of which the book evolved is in chapter one. which indicates that a complete analysis of any behavioral rxea or class o( behaviors should logically include research aimed at discovering etiologicol and maintenance as well as treatment voriobtes. The book reviews the progress in ioboratory and clinical techniques in particularly important areas of behavior pathology. e.g. neurotic, hallucinatory. outistic. psychosomatic. alcoholic. and smxiking behaviors. This volume is useful for professional theropists, students and specialists in the areas of mental health and behavl%xal sciences. It can be used os a text and a . BEHAVIOR THERAPY/PSYCHOPATIiOLOGY/CARDIOVASCULAR ALCOHOL I St•t/ TO 1;ACCO--SMOK I ti t.;--P SYC I IOLOGY / SMOKI:7G HABI'CS--RELIaOUISIiI~r•,/ RC 483 Da 1979 roteGmefrau(le.0 n 0 2 4 y$ 9 PAOMFBCATION OF Ir'Ai HOWGICA't.. . B E HA V E00" -r~ EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSES OF ETIOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR 771ERAPY Edited by Robert S. Davidson, Ph.D. Veterans Administration Medical Centrr. \tivtii and University oC Miami GARDNER PRESS, INC., NEW YORK Distributed by Ilalstcd Prcss Division of John Wilcy & Sons. Inc. NF.M YORK • IOyI)ON • SYDNEY • TORUN r0
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50256 5420 RJR CLASS NU. fEXiBUUK Kl: bby la 1982 Stee,E.W.V. (ed.); Dixon,R.L. (ed.); CARDIOVASCULAR TOXICOLOGY.1 Target Organ Toxicology Series, Raven Press.New York, NY.82.(IN s ENG.) ISN = 3168 ~ I 0 0 0 0 :Z 3 0 0 6
Page 410: mfb88d00
50256 5402 ~ CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM/BLOOD PRESStJRE/NEUROPHYSIOLOGY/NERVOUS S1jj.STEM/ 1~ I . HEARTBEATS/ANXIETY/STRESS ANALYSIS/ rtEDICINE, PSYCHOMATIC/ I PSYCHOLOGY, PHYSIOLOGICAL/ SALIVATION/ RC 465 Br 1975 THE BIOFEEDBACK I SYLLABUS I I Edited by BARBARA II. BROWN, PhD. CAisf, Eaperiewtiel Phpiology letenm AdmfmLt..tion !lo.tpita .S:PYlvtdt, callfo/wlO t«ron, Dspo.rment of P,yChi.eq UCrw taradi<.r C.,uer t« eanta. C.afe.*r. A HANDBOOK FOR THE 1"S,l'CHOPHYSIOLOGIC STUDY OF w BIOFEEDBACK CHARLES C THOMAS • PUBLXSHER SP'iElw • luinois • a.S.A. 0 ~/n ~ n n 2 4
Page 411: mfb88d00
. , ~ , i . ; 50256 sa » TOBACCO--SMORING--CARDIOVASCULAR EFFECTS/ - -. :: - _ /SM.ORING AND ftEALTR/ CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEI4--POPULAR ii0R1CS/ HEART--DISEASES/ CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES-POPULAR WORKS/ RC 672 De 1977 ~ 1H LIWILNG iH[IE~~~' Michael DeBakey, Al. D. and Antonio Gotto, Af. D. n 0 t1 0:2 3U Q3 Illustratcd by Herbert R. Smith ~
Page 412: mfb88d00
RC 631 Cr 1975 50256 5381 -, , o I n 4 n G ~4 -~ 4 tir Ir ,'~ - Cardiovascular Diseases. Vol. 1. 1964.-1.572. - (A Bibliography with Abstrac:ts) ,J Volu:ne I reports 151 r.f^re•,cc: orn t'r.e epid:miology. etiology, risi; factors, diagnociy, p.tthd-,-, >. tl:erapy, and r.,h„bilit:s!;on oi cardiova:.t-.,,,x_ c'.isc~asas. For rcputts o;, cer.iiac assict de,rcea sea t`e :`cblishal Seara`t, CG\I-74- :)198, Mcx ;ar.ical 1i^arts. Cardiovascular Diseases. Vol. 2. 1973-L574: (A Bibl.iograp"y with Abstracts) Rescarch is icportcd uo the eriderniclc~,-y, etinlos;~, ri•A factors, diagnosis, p;ttholcgy, rheranl•, and :cl:ahititatien u: cardinvxscuiar dise"'scs. nre 106 r.•fcre„ces.inclu:leJ. For rerorts c n cardiac nssist devices, see the F'ublished Scar-cfi, CO1t-74-10198, ?dcc'.ianical ll'•acts. Pernell W. Crockett National Technical Informarion Service 52$5 Port Royal Road Sprinefield, Virginia 22161 ,, T '
Page 413: mfb88d00
I i+, suthcr. 50256 5421 C8Idrl!! f3. ~ f f Al vord, F. t . Inh.ibition of tora+ation of 3,4-b$nipyrene from cigsrette paper smoke, by E, T. Alvers and S. Z.. Cardon (Rand Davelopment Corp., C.leveland, Ohio). Photostat of paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for the Advances of 9ctence, Atlantas Goorg:a, December 27,
Page 414: mfb88d00
50256 5411 OXFORD MEDICAL PULBICATIONSf , COUMARINS/SMOKPVG AND HEALTH/TOfil1CCA--SMnKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEART, EFF?CT nN/CARDI4VASCULAR S4STEM--DISEI DISEASES--CAUSES.b THEORIES OF CAUSATION/t . DRUGS--SIDE EFFECTS/ I t RC 90 DA . 1979 OZFORD OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS tltM YOR[ 1979 TOLONTO o t c~ o~ tt (l 2 a 9 9- 7 AIILK(HUMAN)/ latrogenic diseases &-mid edtm P. F. D'ARCY, . nuaw, PH D, Dsc, rs, CQIW, fR1C Profesror oJPhonnacy. The Queen's uni.mpy of deyast, Formerly Professor of Pharmacabsy, drd Deae, facvlty of Pharmacy, Ualrrnlty.JKhartorw .oJ L P. GRIFFIN, a sc, ntD, tW s Se>tia Principal Afedica: Officn, Medl:fnes Di.ttlm. lArywrurrent of Neahh and Social .faruy, ll...rny Conawltatt cfinical Phaaw.r.l.rit, Lister HorPi! "
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,. 50256 5016 TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING? RC 81 St 1981 CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM--DISEASES--PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS/ HEAR7 -DISEASES--PSYCHOSOMATIC ASPECTS/HYPERTENSION/STRESS/ Psychological Factors in Cardiovascular Disorders ANDREW STEPTOE 1981 - St Grorge's Hospital llledical School ACADEMIC PRESS L'nii ersiD- of London A Subsidiag of Harcourt Brace,7oranorirh, Publishers LONDON NEW YORK TORONTO SYD\El' 0 1 n O n Q~~ o a~
Page 417: mfb88d00
~ r ~ frn %o ~ N 0 ..•_" : `I3IIiLII)CP,APIt7--P'EDICItJE/C~iRDfOHAfiCtftrARtSY3TF.I1`--UISL~.~.SE5--B7.~LIt3GMk'i{~/ G81CF.o CARDlC~VAS~~JLAi~ Senft~S~2Q.:~a(s, PhD. 1974 S.^:O/MN1 XW.LN DISEASE Irvin C. titohler, M.A. ft Epidemiology, Prevention, and Rehabilitation A Cu1de to the Literature Volume I:1960 - 1973 1Q?y d;w•w.anr.w (e•w M.r0 1~a~aw w w}u r. /w•s ~h.n r... Mwor Oh4N N P.Maa~r.ew VM.••. N wn c~.~+vt N~e r~'1 1c .s. Ce~•...a x 0....... .ar i.. e a h Cwo•w u-•w•-:r n+•eu Ca- w-ya+. 0 ----•.,.-.-.-r--..- --.-• • - . r. _^.~_. . . . t k'' -.__ IFI/rtiENUM • NEW YORK-1rASHINGTON-IONDON -r • --- .. . . . . _ n U 0 A 0 2 a 1 CJ 1_ 0 IV
Page 418: mfb88d00
50256 5427 r.3R CLASS NO. PAMPHL}:T 75 VI Pr Prado, A. B. ; Carvalho D. D. ; Silva, Il. C. ; Guir.iaraes, L. F.- L. ; Carcdoso, M. A. A. V *(no affil.)* IDENTIFICATION /uND SP1:CTl:OSPi(OTOMF,TRIC DFTF.IL`-11NATION OF NICOTINE IN ".'°'~r~."'~..,....-r---«...........;..... r,`~'~.`~°~... URINE FROM SMOKERS. *(Identificacao e dosagem espectrofotometrica.de nicotina em urina de fumantes.)* Rev. Rrasil. Med. 31 (No. 9) 607-10 (1974) (in Portuguese) *1975, No. 11, Id 3928* *d* Tobacco analysis (medicine): 0 1 n 0 n0 2. i 0 1 3
Page 419: mfb88d00
50256 5418 RS 403 Ko i9'l6 CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM, DRUGS ACTING ONIANTI8I0TICS/ANTIVIr.AL SLIISTAT.C1:~ CA\CL'R-DP.1'CS/ KI[INF.Y, DRUGS ACTiN(; 0:~/ NERVOUS SYSTEK, CENTRAL & PERIPIIERAL,.DRUGS ACTING Oh/ CHEMISTRY, MEDICAL AND I'IU:RMACEJI`ICaL/Cliir:'IOTIIERAPFUTIC AGEti1'S/ DRUGS--NLRV(1US SYSTEM. (CEP;'t'RAL)/IIORAI:INES/ VITAMIVS/ ESSENTIALS OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY ANDREJUS KOROLKON/AS Associatc Prcfessor of Pharmaccutical Chcmistry Pacuity of Pharmaceuticat Sciences Univcrsity of Sao Paulo JOSEPH H. BURCKHALTER A N'ILGYdNTERSClEhCL PUIsLlCATION Profcssot of ?dcdicinal Chcwistry Coll,gc of Pharmacy 'f{rc Univcrsity o! Dachi; 3n n 0 2 ~ U Ot q JOHN zt'l1.CY & SONS, New York • London
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50256 5426 Ly 1945 Tha- care au3 ra;,air of cook~. z 271 Lydenberg, Mury 'aiiLrr, iS-3- The care and repnir of Looks, by IIan•y Miller Lyaenbei;• and John Archer. New 1 ork, The R. R. BoR~ker com~;an3~, 1945. 4 D. L, 3-123 p., 1 L u pL 20} cm. "Third and revised edition." "A list of references" : p. fi6-116. 1, Booka-Conservation and restoration. 2. Bookbinding-Repai:- 1ng. r. Archer, John, joint author. rr. Title. Z701.L98 1945 . ~ 025.7 45--3534 Llbrary of Congress 154e=?i n 1 n Q f? t~ ~ a t~ 1~L
Page 421: mfb88d00
4 50256 5428 • 11-64-79 c'A ,~tt ~z,. ~' AEVT~1.~s~~y...~,~ 76 1 «3 -s0 If ARSS ACHUQL"TTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY s I . , . ~ ( WORK CAREERS IN MID-LIFS 8arbara S. Lawrence Alfred P. Sloan School of Managemen! C l i', -! , ' ' ' •,.,% •~ (:~; ~ ,• _ r~ ~.~'-''7[%). ' / PIIDGAM I1TDUSTHIAL LIAISDN/ 0 1 n 4 r1 tI 2 :i 0 14 11 DISTRI©UTCO FOR USE E3Y hIEMBER COrAP.,rtiES ONlif
Page 422: mfb88d00
6 (j 0r 2~ 0 U 0 a!-'0 tr •ox} ~ `vt se (t95T) MR3 swis -ms040ua PCXnt'i pvp •pJ"'fv `.r. `$ •, Of~• °~ `N A-q 43N01Y 9XOW:: 11', C~~'s"f ~ r. ~ EZbS 95ZOS
Page 423: mfb88d00
50256 5430 I MeA -80 CA Nti [:. L:.:i d PC..AWNIMto7 S.P. I PRACTOCES an AKIA 5urarey report James ~il. Walkor Thomas G. Gntteridge wUU`j ~1U A DIVISION OF AMERICAN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATICNS . U I n01 n 0 2 a0 1 6 i
Page 424: mfb88d00
50256 5432 ,(-)Carer.e-2 epoxidated by means of peracetic acid. r:......~.;~:,.. .. .r~C3 PC ......... ... ... ..~~ Zcron hnd Boreta Sadzik. ((")CAet;?e-2 ep;,a,iQated b-1 keens o.c raracet:ic 8;.id. ) Rocsni',:i Chamii Ann. Soc. Chim. Polantiml ~:'.. 1&S9 k-390-0) __ 0 U 1 tl () 11 () 2, :i 0 1 8
Page 425: mfb88d00
50256 5a 35 r-/QlbExt C&AoVs G• V. • FU(iCiJ UKhi~ii~~ 1957 41 ps: es L'ntvjrsity Fress Csrbr3dc;e+ Z`3ss. 0 cl 2 ~ 0 '1 1
Page 426: mfb88d00
v 50256 5414 ASCORBIC ACIn/VITA`!IN E DIET/DENTAL CARIES/CARDIf1VASl'ULAR DISEASF /1lEART--nISI'ASF.S/" CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM--DISFASF.*nIET/11FNTAL CAR1ES/11EART--DISF.ASrS F0013--NUTRITION/ORF.SITY/TRACF. F.LE?'ENTS--HFALT11 F.FFF.CT/VITA*+IN C/ CORONARY HFART n''.SEASE/TORAf:CO--riitnY.IN(:--}IF.ART, EFFECT ON/ TP 370 La i 1975 : PDDL `T`h(p:%." KlTh1ton JC1ss: 'd r THEODORE P. LABUZA University of Minnesota PUBLISHIN a CO. ~ St. Paul • New York • Boston WEST Los Angeles • San Francisco o '1 0 o n () 2
Page 427: mfb88d00
N ~ 50256 5388 . PREGTTANCY, COMPLICATIONS OF/FETUS/INFANTS, MORTALITT/SMOKING AND HEALTH/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/BIRTH WEIGHT/ALCOHOLISM/CAFFEINE;" / ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH/CHROMOSOME ABERRATInyS/CANCER--CAUSATION BY GENETIC FACTORS/ CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES/CARDIOYASCULAR iKALFORMATI0N3/GENETICS--DISEASES/DIET/ BIRTH DEFECTS INSTITUTE SYMPOSIA ts iss ~. 1976 frrxst At /Iaok, Aviyht T. /er:erich, and /on H. Rxter, Mitom BIRTH DEFECTS Risks and Consequences Edited by Proceedinys ofs Symposiunr on&'Irrh 0cfects: Risks and Conscquences Spoinsoie0 b y thC •Birth pelects lnstitute of the Sally Kelly rlVew York State Depwtment of Hea/th Ernest 8. Hook t H&W "' A/bany, New Yont, tvoveinbeir )-8 1974 Dwight T. Janerich Academic Press. Inc. IVe,r ye.k s.w s.ano+,a, coiwon lan H. Porter As,&,,d,;,q„tawan,t 1976 lkYA O.t.etr Inu7taf. NY1Y YIMR SfK1 DepWf"MM of HMtfA MawY. NYw 1br4 U i i.
Page 428: mfb88d00
50256 5425 flet•i York, N.Y.~ CARE AND VAIP;TEiIAPlCE OF OftGlU;IZATIONAL RELATIOiISNIPS. Training & Dev. Jour. 33 (No. 5) 52, 57-58 (t'ay 1979) - in English ^ *Note affiliation)* 0 ~ I MeA7-79 RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET I MeA7-79 S.P. s.P. St ~k, L. 1•1. ilip f-lorris Inc., Corp. Training, Dev. & College Pel. Dep., ~ 1;~ n n a;J, a v 1 1- ~
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t I 0 i: 0 ~ -I{VaiE/ Tf'+. .~j•..... -..l.~l.~.a'J I •, •v ;?..3~ =~.;- f I.aJi.: ?~ c,uEJ u 0 AE AS 9SZOS
Page 430: mfb88d00
GASFS- !,'; etil,i':; ',r!;r ~!i{trni;imii.t Acr' 75 IT_I Lu tn4 ~ '. ucyar.amxto d.^ Qoimica Pnaliti._a, Facu!cacl dc Farmzcia y 5io,uimica, Univc:s!d:.d dc P.ucnos Airts, Argcn!ina Idcntificz:tion of.:Sulftir Dio.:idc by ,1~*~Pili: ry Nicthods. • Iti'cw Reagents for Sulfur Dioxidc, H,.'ro_cn Sulfide, and ~ Other Reduciv; Gascs` By P. 1<.uis and G N. C;arducci ~ 1L'ith i Figurc (itrcerNcd DccemGer 15. 1972. Revised March 24, 1973) 'The atsaytic3l idcntification of sulfur dioxidc from suificc, thio- sulfate or from thc atmosph-fre is of p ractic. l imporr..nce. Tht pro- eedurts cnployed and the interprctation of results should eonsicS.r the r~, pid e.idatior, of the sulfur d;i.xide rr ~,f its compouudi and the poseibk interaction with other componcnr: in thc s3mple. - The jxuposes of :h: pres:nt eornmunication are: a) To classify the das>ical tcsts 'or sulfur dic,idc on th,: hL:.: 50256 5424 . f U2 3- U 1:U
Page 431: mfb88d00
50256 5429 HU CAREEtt Di:VELCP:4E:vT AND ?rI'Ii,IZf,TION OF ENGINEERING AuD fiCIE2:C4 GRADUATI:S Parkoff, Stephen Bruce CAREER DEVELOPMENT A.*id) UTILIZATIO:T OF ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE GRADUATES 1964 405 pages Columbia Univ. Ph. D. Thesis _ . _..,_~.-....... ~ i
Page 432: mfb88d00
VOL. 1: CARDIOVASCUL.AQ!ltIfIM W/IIEART--DISFNSE:S%DEI'.;tATOLOGY/E:QDOCRI"IOLf?CY% IDLCFRS/ o+ GASTROENTEROLOGY/IIE*tATOLOGY/LEUKL.IIA/A"JLOOD/I?CN?IOLO!:Y/ANTICE`JS & A;ITIRODIES/ ~ VOL. 2: DISEASES, INFECTIVE AND PARASITIC/:dL•'UROLOf;Y/ONCOLOGY/CA;.CER--C}Ili-1OTIICRAPY/ " HODKINS DISEASE/CA.vCEF--CLINICAI. ASPECTS/' LaMS--CANCER/PSYCIIIATRY/ ALCOHOLISM/RESPIRATORY TP.ACT--IDISEASES/ASTH?•tA/RRONCtiIAL DISEASE/ KIDNEY/ SC~ENTIFIC 4 ~ AI~'~.E ~.$IC~T REF RC 46 Ru 1979 VOLU`tE 1 and 2. Edward Rubenstein, M.D., F.A.C.P. Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education and Professor of Clinical Medicin Stanford University School of Medicine EDITOR IN CHIEF Daniel D. Federman, M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Medicine and Dean for Students ana Harvard Medical School EDITOR Scientific American, New Yor U 1 000 02 4 9 7a ~J
Page 433: mfb88d00
HD 69 Sa 1974 2 C. P.ESEARC:H, IIvDUSTRIAL/HANAGEtff.hT--PLAPiNING/ 50256 5431 Careers in & D.Sevelommmelit J.H.Sauna'ta:s hlnsanto Textiles Company o ~n ~ U S~~ I ~~S e a ~"c ~ PFnsacola,Florida ~ . I ~ MARCEL DEKKER, INC. NewYork 1974 f . ;: . i . -.~--- , , .. .5 0 1 7 0 1 ~ 0 ft.tl 2 wjb~-'°-~' , - , . =~. .~ .;
Page 434: mfb88d00
502 56 5400 HE 585 Ho -_L ... _ _ a_.~ a .... ~.u+.t~ ..~....~ a.~.r~._•~ Cargo I:and! ing. I?al~-,v :wac..i a, P. iz,{.'j ~ `f~ ~ V" ~. • 1962 2220 pnyss CtJitldll .'i::;aL-L'-L'' C::SSf`J, itiG. ci.:70r1d-i3 ' ~on0no2. _~() , ~~ q
Page 435: mfb88d00
50256 5437 11~ G:iG CARGO C0:rrAIidF,RS, THEIR STOiyAGE, llA:;DLI-:i ~ 1 585 i Ta i .,w\ .{(~ .,i:...;; :`'^ ''& 1i?1a, ~ie:lri~a 4Ly~ i CAr~o containers; their stowaae, handl;n_~ and n:overr:eiit. aritiir:e Corn2ll 'M Jtd e Tabak I- Cambrid i~ ll Terrn: b g .. . , . ~ y t ~ Press, 1970. i Ir, 386 p. tGus., forms. 24 cm. 10.00 ~ "Summary of size and weight limits and reciprocity authority (by ' regions), In effect as of January 20, 1^t;3": fold. leaf inserted. Bibitography: p. 1. Containerizatton. 2. Conteiners. r. Title. HF37 i 0.T3 ..-~ 380.5'2 TS-100Ck,G SBN 87();3-1:343-1 i ~ aiARC Library of Congress ---~ 70 [4; U 2 3
Page 436: mfb88d00
RXII ~Lil Cargo Hsndling ; 50256 5443 Lfttlp, Artri.•, D., Zn^c.~a~wted SJi:SI'F.: 1 : •i3 FOtt r~s' y?yD '.-, '~s'~ `-, t'oa... I _.. itiL.a ~ Ja~J 7 .~y ~TSPL'.:.t..:'I ~.r , ~';, b. 2-A:pp:tnii sr:ab 1969, 70 2 Col4. aaa S(`Ji1Grit:=.Ga(1, Jl;. Sri!?i,:taf±C, :3_^.d T{'a::Za:Fi TTrf Gl'^.atfC1 U i ~ U n ~1 ~ ~ 0 2 y
Page 437: mfb88d00
50256 5413 CARDIOVASCULAR SYST@t--DISEASES/TOBACCO--CARDIOVASCULAR DISEtSES, TOBACCO--SMOKING--CARDIOVASCULAR EFFECTS/ RC 667 Hu 1974 ARTERIES AND VEINS I EDITbR-IN-CHlEF j. WILLIS HURST, M.D. IJO(fLOt Ind CAOi/ID/Q DrPIRnUnf of MtQICIIU t. .ot~ THIRD EDITION .ot~ Ud.aa(ty Sc3ool o! Medicia. Atiuaer C.o4U The EDMRS R. Bruce Logue, M.D. hqhttot o/ Mtdicins (C.rdiu:uYy) leoty Uni.vniq School o/ McAicint ..ov Uni..mv cutk ANmt& Goty. I. . _ >tcGRAW.ItILL KOOK COMPANT . ~ • Klstl.tq r.1tic.tJor Ntr YorR Sc Lonn Srn h+adreo Dptrldw/ loAaeau*M Kua(. Lnmpur :-0+m i Metko Moaua! N.w pe)Li lYrr Artir Sao AuJo SieWpon Sydney Tbtyo *.wy ryt~- Robert C. Schlant, M.D. ho)Trntor o/ MsdiNu Dinceoti Diruion o/ Caediolo:y. Dspaemeat of Medldrr lmosy Uotweniq S(bool of Medicins atkM Gm%.. 4 9 9 9 P~ine~e Kisa Wenger, M.D. AvAuwr oj Medicirr (C.mdio)op) jmoq UltweqtvSeAmi nl ,
Page 438: mfb88d00
ti ~ ~ 585 t Ta J Cargc iian311ttg 50256 5445 T,_s•:,,~!,., F1..., n .,un . Cat';;O Co[tSSiLtb2'8; Lh+Gir SILQVd~B, h.cilIaZ. s.%d c4veyeut, by L^znr_n D. ?'abak. rs•ohrittca, t7ai., C^,rne.11 :"iRCa.ticut PrenB, •A9A ix, 3k"o p. i23us., fn:ra. 24 cm. 0 1 11 .0 #'i 0 2-S 0 3 1 J
Page 439: mfb88d00
50256 5438 )-. U1 . S,Ja...~, .. w M . 4 ....z .i.. . Labos :trz:IBrds F3~.!gistrctiOn j:. S:% !'::_"'iY I:1 x:r''~Jvc;7!;,'->,'" (~?~:2Gtl ~;"AR. 5' C11lto; *ttdTV"`' Un ;{ S m .~ ~~ fLabr (U. S. UvJC. of 1.3'Jot, Wa.gL` 851C3 LzbOC St•sndards Adninist:ation zulletia 2to. Z4U) ; 1969 29 pagse ~ U. 3. Uept* of Labor wsshingtan, A. C. ; 0 .1 U.. - t 11 0 11 0 2, :~ 0 2. 4
Page 440: mfb88d00
50256 5441 / Cargo Handling II-=er, Jatla R. C:?':l'A12ISR SLRih;LS 0? ?"23 ATU-V!`IC, J.,N0. A^:d Ctd. I:70 3:6 Praea 0 V • I o~ cl ~ n (1 2 a" U a 7
Page 441: mfb88d00
SHIPPING CO:vTAINE)tS/CARGO H/1NDLING/PACKAGING--COtiTAIi+GRS/ DIRECTORIES, INTPRNATIO:VAL/TRANSPORTATI4N/ 50256 5439 -1 .-- EiE 585 Ho 1972 Containerisation International Year Book 1972 Editor Malcolm Hodd Compiled by Douglas Edwards (ProductiQns) of London A compendium of containcr facts, published for the professicnal traP.'ic manager, freight forwarder and transportation consultant, designed also to serve as an cfficient, up-to-date guide for exporters and importers everywhere National Magazine Co Ltd • London
Page 442: mfb88d00
I r ,') 297 50256 5433 t• A•wvvtcr/north•Holiind Scientitic Publishers Ltd. 77 II.Re-79 S,c{. e MUTAGE\7~3`1'Y Or DICHLORVOS AND OTHER STRUCTURALLY RELATEDvOESTICJDES IN SALjIIONELLA AND STREPTO.IIYCLS* A:G°ARWMV.A. C'ltTALI, G. CARDAMONE and G. A'IORPURGO Jsliluto Superiorc di Sanitd and Orto Botanico, Universita di Roma (Italy) (Rcccived July 1st, 1977) (Revision received November 17th, 1977) (Accepted Februarv 28th. 19781 The following pesticides: azinphosm~,thyl, diallate, dichlorvos, EPTC, fenchlorphos, mevinphos, monocrotophos, noruron, parathionrnethyl, triallate, trichlorphon and vegadex were tested for the ability to induce Iiis* revertants in fmur histidines requiring strains of Salmonella typhimurium-- TAI 535(missc•nse), 'PAI 53G, TAI 537 and TAI 53S (frame-shift)- and resistance to low levels of streptomycin in S:reptomyces coelicolor. Dich)orvos, which is a phosphoric ester with a dichlorovinyl group as side chain, and trichlurphon, which is known for its spontaneous conversion in dichlorvos, are both mutagenic in Salmonella (strain TA1535) and Strep- to,aiycVs. , (FivbJorxurhu:,Pu'As 19sticides similar to dichlorvos but devoid of the vinyl group art! imt mutsvenic. Three car' cwiat~s, dialtate, triallate and vei-l^., which contain a chloro- allyl group siniiLu- lu llie vinyl 1;wtip of dichImvog ;ire mutagenic in S.rcpto- /nyPs; triAi i 1,. .1iul .; :.iL: uuur-rn.l.....
Page 443: mfb88d00
50256 5450 I:C Ca 5 , Css#~~3 1~s2:~~, J. M. -?;• AA . _ ..0. 0.'' LA CC:a:' ~. v:~ ?wl LL ""A';A.. ~STI IT h' " (Ir.dustrial jmatho3 for tha uQte*_-minatfoa of burning prope:-ti^a of tobacco. ) Congr. intern. Iad. A-,,r. A1ir-.nt. 10th (Madrtd) 10 (No. 4) 3372-81 (1954) :~ ~ L;
Page 444: mfb88d00
J 50256 5455 j (1967) ~ GBrt?t.'~ . ' = ` c,,.,,.,.~_ AERA':1:::~ '1T:. ~... s .....~1~+.J.' .V:3 7`i A. CSt'.1.1'_, •S. S. ^.`:L! n, G. ~ Sc i.. Kc_pt. It:=:.. Supsr. Ssnitn ~ I I r !j i ; ) 0 11 G 12 a 0 4 1
Page 445: mfb88d00
50256 5447 ~ .. ~ T,; 2240 I Caricad, J. r. AFP, IC:-T IQ'" ` lk Ct;LT ;P!r ? ; r 3 ~:S SUBST:.'::.£S AE Ct~!SSA.`.,F. (APPl1,,,T10': CF TO TIE c:.lTL-E Cf- T;,,"COC). (in Frcr.ch ui!5 cr list. ADS:r 1Yo1'1'7 .U~ISCCG (ai!1!T ~ t ?~ .~, .:~i i: .:iL L •„-' L r.-_'r e, AbOu':: 15G0 ; ' ?es (oZ , ,n ~ , C^pt~, ll:v }.; ~ ~,'7 -'7f;11Z1 13:.d NCr13 Tob:--CCO vo.^.f73 S hT;:~.^il3.~y ~~77~ ~ i'~ Q tl ~~ a`:~ t1 1 1
Page 446: mfb88d00
50256 5436 'wre7: 9. 1t'!, Jt. Author Me~ (1969)"rn andez, R - ,. . , ... ,., .... ,, •.. .u . :i cl Cr""* ',~ :rICT V'~S~L~~`~TA~17~ r*'hVLA}~~ R•t.;%,Yft Vo. LG~~) ^,*TtmtAr of :`3 Tr,r~r~:3r ~ U I~,(~ n t~ ~.i U>~ i , v 4
Page 447: mfb88d00
50256 5449 f j TS , 2240 i. I .'~? -- , i ._ r~ C U.. . .. _.. ~i. .~ ..._. ~(:"IIc' jz-.LOrta 1ce cf 1'@S?3 T'C.1 fcr tc J3 ccc C'; :. l ... ..•_ , Intarn3tiio::jI Scientific Tobacco Co1;;r:cae, Firat. ;TIG?IAL SCIE':TI''IC TC3nCr.C FIRST (}'r;,Tinr Ccn?:to Seiarittfiqua Zn¢91:~3- tion.31 dii :ab,-Ac. ) 1it 1 ~C VCLM•2Z, 1rti5 LXYX plus 803 FsFes. In Francy and in En8lish. 9. E. Io T. A. • Par ia - Eez'gara.i 0
Page 448: mfb88d00
6 5: () c_ r n v V t: 1 0 0 •-v {::,,6- J ~ (,~'L':lDl)~... C'.1' .. ~.1?.~ C:IC_f..'~.:~ i ... ~ ~:.,... .IQ LIGZ t:. ,4 o t:X LL:4 LiT~I~v.T 2 T ESbS 9SZ05
Page 449: mfb88d00
1::XZ ' ~'" ~ ~c . .. i a .IOGF ..4.IC E.rEt:T 0. DIF...RG ..;~T CARB0::ID~AT..S :.. 50256 5456 ~Gu TiiE CA. (1968) DDRY pNLi aOZSt. DIETS ~ ~ i.T.c;, L'rr.Gr ftra.:.naa 4r.d Edc:a:n L.T :n,u a ~ Cdor..t. Tiduk. 6~, ;SG6-523 (1935) ~ 1 .1) 0 n il 1~ U 4 2
Page 450: mfb88d00
p S: nF r Q U-0 U I- Q I ,-. (C-f 6Z poi:Zi q1Z--s1 t ~ t ~t~5`a (::'.+w ^~Tn~ C:~~rC.iTl'J 10~, . r. r~-r, ,~ I +'1 jo uoz4-cquol; E ~. i ZSbS 9SZOS l I
Page 451: mfb88d00
50256 5451 r,tAYAL'X "vc SE"ZTICU~ CT ""L~3T IC , 'f j .Caeldst* J: !sf` jt. s,t~orr ~2iU LE ltI'.ZTiT2T Oc i'C::IIF JU TA43.C. ('eseareh or. ~aneti~~ and Cirripd .-us by t:.e 3iolo1ca1 'fotaeco Tese~rey Irs:i.~te of ~cvii-e+ m• w Spaln.) In frcnch with English $unrary by :• E1c:raz anz J. Caridzd. World 'i''';acc~. CQ~~;;cPSS, ;'irs~, : • ~ :%:'J;'i'.•.'1,. '-,- , . .; : it1T 7 N(l~ LC: _ „ L~G r n . - `P r,. _ -~, f L ~..ri~h '.: t~ ~ [~a_ j . ~ About 1500 pAi;3s (an i^,nd :iho.at 11?" I'hoto;tsC - 1:. ',':1-12n:h or•d F:oncho World ;chscco C0n,;rays A-1at3*_~10+.-A ci t1') 0 n 0 1 ti U.1 !
Page 452: mfb88d00
50256 5448 I VII ~+1 C~L3tJiT~iLI~:~ (C:C::3f,tO 3 cn tho Bti.vnir~ ProoarZios of Tclu^czo. ), 1; "._, t'1c.raa lairm crA J. N.. Cra-s~:gd Ie'u~.~..T0. EnC1i:h c.r.3 ca r.cl«^icrs onlq. PhotLSt,z ;*, Prj-;= Ara1.os i:njtituto 'r'acion3l ' ds i::i,3d I (I' ,ov ! ,, 581»:85 (G:LE~~~r 1350 ~...~ _ _ -- ---_-...- . ~_ . - ---- •- -_ - .-~- - . --a-- - Caridu3. Igelani* J. rt., J t. aut. i Ala ~ 0 - 1 0 () 11 0 a i 0
Page 453: mfb88d00
..,. 'iY.re- Cnrt" Ve"rn;o;; , '.~el2e r" Lect!ire Series i 262 50256 5457 ~ Bo , ~ Boyd, Williar.i, 1sS5- The spontaneous regression of cancer. Sprinbfield, Ill., C. C. Tlioml; (1966] ~ viii, 99 p. illus. 24cm. (The Carl Vernon Wellrr lecture s?r:es) 1 Bibliography: p. L~O-96. 1. Cancer. r. T(tle~ RC?62.I3G3 Library of Congress .-~ ~ ~../ 616.00407 cg1 G6-21I13
Page 454: mfb88d00
50256 5462 , TOBACCO--GEORGIA/TOBACCO--fLUE-CURED--GEORGIA/ 81 VII Ca TOBACCO--AGRICULTURE/TOBACCO--ECONOMICS/ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 81 VII Ca Carley, D. H.*X (Univ. Ga., Ga. Exp. Sta., Dep. Agr. Econ., Ga., U. S.) THE CHANGING STRUCTURE OF FLUE-CURED TOBACCO FARMS IN GEORGIA. Georgia Agr. Exp. 1981, No. 367, 1-19 (1981) (in English) l Mechanization at the production level, increasing costs of production, a decreasing demand for tobacco, and a support price-'arketing quota program have led to changes in the structure of flue-cured tobacco farms. Such changes have resulted in organizational and nanagement adjustments. Documentation of some of these adjustments can lead to an improved understanding of the future direction of the flue-cured tobacco production sector in Georgia.... ~3 U ~ C1 0 ii t? 4
Page 455: mfb88d00
50256 5465 cu:l"r'_:: ~yZie: l:o:a tf.- • . TUN F'r::.r.TF,A.s7:.:7 Gr SALT AND OF ::L:A: i::t'p a•r0D3iJe7FS WHILE 13r^,ITiG ;:o. S+~) _4;n ss r,~-~s U. S. c.f Ccrcsrce. :;acizia%ton, D. C. Y~z.`o.~aat.c:n : ervxce ~:! a tro a n a ;~. .; u~-~ 1
Page 456: mfb88d00
50256 5463 TOBACCO--FLUE -CURED•--GEORGIA/ TOBACCO--ALLOntENT/TOBACCO--GEORGIA/ - T0BACC0--EC0PI0'.~iICS/ 79 XI Ca -- TOBACCO--AGRICUFTURE--LAND-RENTAL/~ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 XI Ca Carley, D. H. 1! (Univ. Ga., Coll. Agr. Exp. Sta., Georgia Sta., Ga., U, S~ ~ FARP1 RENTAL PRACTICES IN SOUTH GEORGIA WITH EMPHASIS ON~PEIINUTS AND FLUE-CURED TOBACCO. - ~ Ga. Agr. Exp. Sta. 1978 (No. 220) 5-36 (1978) (in English) ~y-Rcntal of land, allotments, and quota is an important activity of Georgia , agriculture. The rental market though is imreifect with quite variable ~ rates and arrangements. Objectives of this study were to determine the , structure of the rental market and types of rental activity, to determine prevailing rental rates and variability in rates, and to anal ze factors ~ influencing and contributing to various levels of rental rates•. a 1 t] Q(1 t) ;~ ~`i 0 .a 9
Page 457: mfb88d00
XXI MeA -76 S.P. . 50256 Sa5a `" ./Y Cn-!t"~:5 can"v®l flaronv~~t~ the ~~se of 5a~gar ~UTG ~~F~V ~C q Int. Dent. J. 26(1)4-13(1976) C :1r,..t , ~~.~......~ ,' A,I',je Scheinin, DOdont, DOdont hc, FDSRCSEng, Hon FFIDRCS[rel, Finland Professor and I-len.d, Departnnent of Operative Dentistry, htstitutc of Dentistry, Univ crsity of Tirrku, Firtland IntroJuctlon conducted in ordcr to monitor the gcncral The concept of sonie natural sugars bcing less health and to identify side effects occurring in cariof:cnic than sucrose has recently been the test subjects. tested through various indirect and direct The second study comprised partial sub- measures. Although the cariogenicity in man stitution, the effects of a S- or X-containing has bccn the ultimate cor»idcration, the chcwing gum beinL compared during 1 year. sequential effects of these sugar substitutes In ttiis stuc+y also, the clinical and radioGraphic lat klost~ An Asesbid t*ough 41'riab]es U recordings of caries were supplemented by generally thought to be linked with caries bio.!icniical and microbiological analyses of 5 I
Page 458: mfb88d00
Carlini, C2aci R. S., jt, aut. 50256 5q72 . ... ~, . _. . , ; . _.. `. _.. • ~:.', _ ' r. c Jn ~%.:....'.. _.... ..... t:. C....~'::1.^ , :.. . 5 ..r~ t . i. .. ..~T. f'... . . .. .-_ , . ....•~ --- . •. 0 u ~ ~ l~ +1 t 1 J J U-~ ~i
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50256 5469 II Mes 77 FOR A CLEANER ENVIRONMENT AND MOIt7-PRODUCTIVE LAND PUT WASTEWATER TO USE. S.P, I 10 6/ W I=) - May 8 and June 30,1914. Prepared by A. R. Rubin and James M. Stewart, Water Resources Research Institute, and Bobby L Carlile:Extension Soil Scientist, N. C. State University (The development of this publication was supported in part by funds pro- vided by the Office of Water Research and Technology of the U. S. Depart- ment of the Interior, as authorized under the Water Resources Research Act of 1964, as amended and the Water Resources Research Institutes of the South Atlantic-Gulf Region.) Published by ,,Tf-fE NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICE North Carolina State University at Raleigh and the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Cooperating. State University Station, Raleigh, N. C., George Hyatt, Jr., Director. Distributed in furtherance of the Acts of Congress of Ag 38 PNoto O.ditu w.l.rfaU pt•" paq.• S and • : NortD Carottre IA. P.ynold. A•
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50256 • 5a7t il Cel Carlini, E, A., jt. aut. ..~.: LL.._..... (:. jS:i:1.... . ~'.~ . . .. ~:•7C:i ~i 4..1t~f:J. ~.i~.1`tl: [^~fa C. C:3s:c, Glcr.i Ci:Y1`L.^_i ; 7d •^'.. A. Cf::l..7l. AxcS. Ia,::irn. .. .
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50256 5474 lorg&ce, JcaFph TOXIC ?SOLDS FO~,`-3 !N C=?tMES, by Joseph Forgacs and Waltcr Csr11 Forgacs, 3. and Crxr12, W. ,Y4•va RElease, New York City, N. Y. (Sept. 1S, 1966) Abstr. in: Washington Post and (New York) Daily News (Sept. 16, 1966) I Q+Z :i U ti i7 0 1 ~~ t7 41
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0 z~oc tau0 «I 9LAS 9SZOS -toalij xxI
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50256 5478 RBSBARCH, INDUSTRI:IL, HANDBOOK OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT I T 175 Ca 1978 2 c. pnrn. 1 C. ~ 0 1 n 0+1 02 3 0 t5 4 FORMS AND FORMATS by - Robert D. Carfseny and James F. McHugh PRENTICE-HALL, INC. Englewood Ctiffs, N. J. 14 ~ 1 4 f ,t
Page 464: mfb88d00
v •0' OC.y 73) ~,/' ,~-I ` J P~w. Plwrowe., 1973. 25, 33-31 1Ceufred AsWart 3, 1972 The effect of pore size of the inhaler support upon the concentration of volatile drug ernerging in the air stream from a nasal inhaler* . ~.~~ cJQ Q 1nc.r w~c~CS+ 1TU ~ P- A. bt AE~iSt Depmtment ojPharr. taey, Chelsea College, Unirerslty oJLot:don, Lor.don, S.TV.3, U.K. 'P-4 /3h ( The effect that the pore size of the inhaler support has upon the T"oi- t h l h i i h i i i f f `'~ t amp ne emerg inet y e am ng on o n t e a rstream ooncentrat rom a nasal inhaler has been investigated over a range of temperatures using a series of sintercd glass plugs of differing porosity. The results showed that there was a reduction in the drug concentration .vaI, riecr.•ice irt,_nnre.Si7O nf the nli,r!s_._An_attemr,!-was.made tQ 0 1 ; ) 0 0 (14 2, ~; U 14 :13 i'
Page 465: mfb88d00
50256 5470 RJR CLASS N0. TEXTBOOK RC 261 Fr Frank,A.L.;Carlin,M.DA 0 COURTROOM MEDICINE. VOL. 13. CANCER. Tncl. Rev. 1981; Suppl. & Rev. 1982 Matthew Dender.NY.78.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 689 0 I tl Q(1 U 2 :i 0 S 6
Page 466: mfb88d00
1 50156 5q68 . . -. ~~.-._ 1 i . i r`':- • ~q 0-1 r '1 ~ ~ _ ~ ~ l -..- _C. . -_ _ 1 Me5-if s.P. OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA . I r r- ~ ~. `I ' a,ad v&ac"e By Bobby L. Carlile and Joseph A. Phillips ~ ' .
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RJR CLASS NO. PANPHLET 75 VZZZ Mo 50256 5475 Di Muro, A. ; 1lw eg1rI~.~ Montazer, R. (Istituto Sperimentale Per 11 Tabacco, Scafti , Salerno, Italy; Iranian Tobacco Co., Teheran, Iran) CONTROL TRIALS OF THE CIGARETrE BEETLE (LASIODERMA SERRICOILNE F.) WI::: PHOSPHINE. 0 or *(Wsperienze di lotta con fosfina contro:il tarlo del tabacco.)* Inf. Fitopatol. 22 (No. 3) 25-29 (1975) (in Italian with Enlgish sum,.-. *Keywords:* phosphine, tobacco, additive. I U 1 n 0 n 0 2 ~ 0 6 1
Page 468: mfb88d00
50256 5459 CarleS, Juie9 CONTRfCUTION' A L'STUn& CNROMATOGRAPKIQUf DES PRINC[PAUX ACCDES ORG/INfOUFSi by Jules Carles: Ateirt Sennefder aM Ahhc--MII.r+e Lzcogte (Chccwfa1 oilraphie Sta.dy on Prino(ple Orlaoia Acids.) euU. soc. Cr,i,a. 6191. jo_'j 2z1-n2 09sa) .i U 4 S
Page 469: mfb88d00
50256 5473 "IiOFSTRA U;VIVF,R4ITY--nTSSF.RTATIO`IS see `fSISSFRTATT(1NS --HOFSTRA U*?TVERSjQ'%!j TOBACCO--SMOKTNC--PSYCHOLOGY/SMOKT"1G HARTTS--PSYC1inLOGY/ ' 78-6162 TS 2240 Cn 1978 '(f- ' - nol .SMi E1ixa6ttfi,lta3Say;- 1950- PERCEFT10` OF THE PERSO`fAL ATTRIEUTES CF N.1LE ANJ FEY.aLE S`1JKERS AS A FU:,CTIi.'i OF THE SJ( htiD SMAkING STATUS of THE 05SEnVER. Hofstra l.'niversity, Ph.D., 1978 Pt,rcholoo;y, social r,~ .J d ~ UniversityRlicrofilmsIntemaiional, A,. ~.~..u4NQ.. a i os O 1978 p,TIAEE7H KASSAY CARLL I O ~ ~ 0 o O ). J u ~ y. ALL RIGHTS REStR'.'ED
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50256 Sa67 II Mes 76 EVALUATION OF SOIL SYSTEMS UNC-WRRI-76-118 S.P. FOR LAND DISPOSAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND MUNICIPAL EFFLUENTS By B. l-. Carlile and J. A. Phillips Department of Soil Science Agricultural Experiment Station Schoq of Agriculture and Life Sciences K4urth Carolina Si.ai:e University Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 The work upon which this publication is based was supported in part by funds provided by the Office of 'Hater Research and Technology, U. S. Department of the Interior, through the Nfater Resources Research Institute of The University of North Carolina as authorized under the Water Resources Research Act of 1964, as amended. Additional support was provided by the North Carolina Agricultural FYnPrir,wnl- Ctatinn. June 1976 l:
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50256 5482 CARDIOVASCULAR DISEA~E/ISCHEMIC/DIET & DISEASE/ HEART--DISEASES/ RC 681 Ca 1982 : Metabolic Risk Factors in Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease Lars A: Er1ini 4_ Bengt Pernow King Gr.rtq( V Research Institwr Departmrnt of Clinical PJqsiolorr Karolinska Hospital Kasolins4a Hospital Karolinska lnstinut Karolinska Instirute Stockholm. Sweden Stockholm, Swedrn .Raven Press, New York 0 1 CI 0 n 0 2S 0 i 3
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~, VeC10-72 ` - - , . 2tiITSCHR. PPLMN-2ENTHYSIOL. 68 (1) (1972) 63-72 ' Laboratorium voor Planoenbiodumie, Carnoy-instituur, Leuven, Belgium The Fate of Label from Glucose-U-14-C during rncubation and Chase Experiments in hiunb Bean Tissue. An Approach to the Problem of Dilution and Compartlnentation A. R C.Atrttett and A. J. VAN LAERfi Summary The fate of label from glucose-U-t'C has beea followed during 8 hours in mung bean tissue. Most of the label was recovered in cell wall material, COs and free sur_ars whiie only minor amounts are found in organic acids, amino acids, lipids and phosphate esters. The specifie activity (S. A.) data of the sugars provide evidence for cellu!ar compartmenta- tion of carbohvdraces. Con{+artmentarion of glucose within the cytoplasm is considered intprobable, takin; into account experimental da:a of label randomization in cell wall material and incorporation of "C in different compounds with varying glucose concentrations. The data of cfiase e<<.iriments suggest a low turnover for cell wall material, fructose, glucose, organic acids and lipids. Or.ly the label in sucrose, amino acids and phosphate esters decreases to a r.teasurable extent during the cfiase period. We calculated that less than 1 per cent of the ce11if1ir gluco,e is in the active compartment. Our results provide sonic sut•port for tF.e estimation of respiratory pathways by means of the t'COs-release, corrected for label randomization, using glucose-1, -2- and -6-"C. c tion Introduction ~ ,
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50256 5480 OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA II Ne5 77 S.P. ,FC4<< .LGL' 'e4 ~ZRGG~ 0~ .G'a~uC '7~'at~e~zt d~ 71Zcuuct~iaB ?~l/a¢;C~~cuate~c by, C. Edwin Young and Gerald A. CarlsoA o 1 0 0 0 0 2 Sus0st,9?§ ~ lRtroductlen
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50256 5481 I XX MeF -316-81 k ~.:I Oversttado«1 a:w-s:SS p:!) d ~ aa ef Stlmatw P Po1e.Wlior ef pdor by aCARLSOW. SU~y~f~~BERTA.ROSELLINI~g~ROk ` have beeo stron y-Within~t~~ REY, to odors b ~Y implicated in tlte M~wtion of ~ tions Y taste when compoun~ and foUowed~tionin` Experiments are reported which investi nature and duration of iate the role of both fyintthic odor-tastecompou~ r phenomenon. D eexposure in modi_ ~ 1 ~ 0 n 0 2 S 0 6 7
Page 475: mfb88d00
.! 50256 5461 r /i'7.3 - ) ./. Ji,arnt. !'l.(un;ur., 1972, 24, 13-19 ~ ~ . ;` .-. ,.• i i. I _,, l:e-ceit•e.t Mey 19, 1971 cs;!~ •~ '0 Yr 1,he infllience of t"Li.e mo;M-ure c:,pntent of f'rie fibrous suphort of afl«:;,.1 upon 1:ne C4i"lCetltrai.,On of Cj1'1! ; in t}lV :"1ir strC'iM7. , ,. ,. a ~~ i'. A. M. AY.!siSTKCi>iG, I. fi. CA(.L6CS I.ND R. 1'. f•:N)NF_K Dcparlnrcn! of 1'harntacy, Cltclsca Jrivc•rsF1Y of Lopulr.1t, Londou, S.1i".3, U.K. Thc. nu.isture contents oi cellulosrC v._•ct; te and pah^;- Fibrous st:rp;irt matr! iJ, w,^cl ;n jms^.A inh:-dcrs ha•..: t, ;a dc't,r:- irxd b;; infrarcd , . . , ...... ~ .. . , :~:,. . , .. ;,: . C! 1 0 0 0 :1 ~), 0 4 7
Page 476: mfb88d00
50256 5483 __._.,..~.- ~- ~-- --'73 NII' Sm - ' "-"'"TaAACCO--HYBP.IDIZATIbN/ RJP. CLASS NO. ?AMMLF:T 73 VII SM Smitti, N. I{.; Caclsoni P. S. 0`• (srookhaven :.?tt. Lab., Biol. Dep., Upton, N. Y., U. S.) I`:"!'E:SPCCIFIC PLANT H'i'c:=IilIZATI0:3. Geaetics 71 (`:o. 3) 560 (1972) (in Fn ;lish) *ICeywords:* tobacco p?an ts. .~ 9 4 tl 02 a0
Page 477: mfb88d00
50256 5464 Carl#-wy ; 1r. P. « PATT.::i?IS v:t PLUID .'tI!C DISrRIBiiTIOti IN THE SO;T:}l::t1.ST, 31959 AND PROJECTED 1975.. by Carley, D. (I. and J. C. Purcell. (t;ecrgia Experiment Station, Southern Co- ope:ntive Series, Bulletin No. 105) Juna 1965 71 p. Ceorgia E xperi3ent Station, Expcri^er,t, Ga. - ~sY:1Rn„' .^F n a ! 1 ff 2. J U ~i U .~ .. L
Page 478: mfb88d00
i ~ Z alV1"li>A .., .•..- Er oro 4 ,lurl~rt>c~,.~p;;tt',~.r,cL~~ c;urr/u( /^~'q'~r"t~+~G~ ~ )I00:i : ID?IlIus rl ~ ~+ ; • . J ' ' ~ '4 `a ~-
Page 479: mfb88d00
?: L 0 S 7 a v 0 ~ I 0 r T CU LSoi `OZ-•LT r_d . ,_._ ,~ o ~ ..r.. ~~.tia yQi~ L!, c]flD~y G.l:•~pqOT uc..:T.i ?4. •~ ' S p~ d~ •Z •~ " • s: • . S . .. . .,_ -.. . a Srl"~ 6 +-. . / 1 1 h
Page 480: mfb88d00
5 L 0 S?' U V 0 U 1 0 f , O (S~:6T) SLT-ZtT '9T '~t~~~q '3uOpo ' ' Rs~ yYa2:• nEr ,La •coss;,2c~, cs; iQ 17XV? l:o 120 4,, : ,.. r ( 1 6Y K lLtOS / k I 1-..?_..
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50256 5496 ""3 ~ (1968) 1 t l5G--i66 U1 (] 0 tI
Page 482: mfb88d00
lVU V-bv , clean, cheer- conditioning, ;ith tub and •st are located offering over- nd 510.0a for , add another s inqure about at you're look- DIRECTORIES--U.S./ DIRECTORIES--U.S./ NATIONAL DIRECTORY OF BUDGET MOTELS 4 -a i So2S6 5485 A NATION-WIDE GUIDE TO OVER 700 LOW-COST CHAIN MOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS Edited by RAYMOND CARLSON ~ (All entries have been provided by the motel chains. While the listings ore believed to be from reliable sourca, the author and pablisher do not vouch for or guarantee tkem, nor Ls responsibility asiumed for transactions which may result from publishing this type of injormation. J PILOT BOOKS • NEW YORK Q n 0 1 5 0 7 ~i- I . .,;.I C7**-. f
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50256 5490 BF 30 Ha 1980 MEMORY/ BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/ PERSON MEMO Y: The Cognitive Basis o cial p-erception Lm LAWRENCE ERLBAUM ASSOCIATES. PUBLISHERS 1980 Hillsd.le, New Ja.ey ~ ~ Edited by REID HASTIE Harvard Univwrilty THOMAS M. OSTROM Ohio State University EBBE B. EBBESEN Unlv.rsity of Calilornia, San Disyo ROBERT S. WYER, JR. Univsrsity of Illinois at UrDana-Champ DAVID L HAMILTON University of Calilornla, Santa Barbara DONAL t. CARLiTON ~ University of Iowa U 1:) 0 fl a 2S 0 7 6
Page 484: mfb88d00
.-• -....L 50256 5497 T A CattiRet2i; !'~ii'll'p'' (*t osbfC ; ` 403 Chemic;il ~ m:4icutioli aaul properties of engineering n C terials. Loucion, l•:. .\rnuld t1;1-}0j rii, 804 p. Illus. 23 cm. Includea bibliographies. 1. Alaterials. i. Title. 1A403.G[f ~ 620.1 ~ Library of Congress ~ i32k2; J~ r~ 0 ~1 U i' ~ U, ; s 3
Page 485: mfb88d00
. r~ THE ECJr;: ~~~~C~~ OF rONTAINEjZISA.r. +~ . rOw ~ K. M. .IOHr:SnN ... Senior Rescarch Fcllos•, Rcscarch S chnol of Sccial Sclcace ilustralian National Uni ti ersity H. C. GARNETT ~ LtcAtree 1Gt .4/+rllcd 1;~•oriornlcs Ur:ircrsil)• of Ghrj,:ow Lundon GEORGE ALLEN & UNWIN LTD RUSKIN 1iOU~8 MUSLUM STRF.ET 0 1 0 0 n 0 9. :; () ~), d
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50256 51494 7CI Co1 7 6 S.P. FTC SAYS. English) RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI Co1=76 s.p. U. S. Federal Trade Corunission, Washington, D. C., U. S. CARLTONS L01dEST IN NICOTINE. PLAYERS CIGARETTES HIG1iEST IN IRRITANTS, U. S. Fed. Trade Comm., News Release, Washington, D. C: (1976) (In *Abstr. in: Winston-Salem SEntinel, 1976, p. 12 (Apr. 22, 1976)* ._lf you have a' ' ack.of filter-tipped C-Irlton 70s in your ket, you're- smoking - the • brand the '7crJeral government says is the lowest in !4at and nicotine of 145 cigarette brands. a I 4 0 n 0 2 S U6 0
Page 487: mfb88d00
. 50256 S ~,~yjs V ~7 _ T`E, C~L?, EIj~'~be=1! '~',D 11ZT~IC Cy QVID, Y CF C~4 (L'~~rer8ir•ER ~ UIM,`~:~pp~~ 9~~MC:."aYF"^E 19~~ ~ f P`°~Y1v~DL~=:D SC.LRYT~1r J .. , IaC. 15? Ps , t A V-- &A Ar-,~%r
Page 488: mfb88d00
50256 5492 .J ~-~ Y 80 II Ey-80 Marital Conflict: Relations Among Behaviors, a~ S,p. Outcomes, and Distress l lownd of Co.sulnq a.r CtiNcal hycAolop 1980, VVol. 48. No- 4. r60-46{ Paul Koren Kathe Carlton A Regional Research Institute, Eastern State Hospital. Portland State University Lexington. Kentucky David Shaw Veterans Administration Hospital, Portland, Oregon The present study investigated relations among the conflict behaviors, con- flict outcomes, and marital distress of 60 married couples. The behaviors examined were solution proposals, inquiry, criticism, and responsiveness: the outcomes examined were attainment of objective resolutions and mutual satisfaction. Three major issues were of interest: (a) the differentiation of distressed and nondistressed couples on the basis of behaviors. (b) the pre- diction of outcomes on the basis of behaviors, and (c) the prediction of out- comes on the basis of behaviors and marital distress together. Findings indicated that two behaviors, responsiveness and criticism, differentiated distressed and nondistressed couples and predicted both types of outcomes. A third behavior, solution proposal, predicted attainment of resolutions but not mutual satisfaction. The measure of marital distress supplemented the be- haviors in predicting both types of outcomes. Theoretical and clinical im- - plications are discussed. 0~1 A 0 14~U"2 7)a ~ ) ) 7
Page 489: mfb88d00
72 VII Ca TO?SA;;CO--HY£RIDI2ATTOw/ ,.. - _ ,~ ... ..-..--~ t . .. ~-._. ._,,. _ . . ,...<.,: ., 50256 5484 RJR CLASS NO. P.L"3aLET !2 :'II Ca Carlsow, P. S.; Smith, H. H.; Dearing, R. D. ('-,rc•ckhavez '.at. Lab., D.,n. Biol. :'pton, N. Y., U. S.) PA-t,:.SE1U:.t. I`~'C-Ei:Sc ECI F1C Pu.1N"I HYBaI7I2ATI0yT. P-o;.. Nat. Acad. Sci. U. S. 69, 2292-94 (1972) (in English) fTeywords:* Nicotiana glauca and N. Langsdorffii. *1972, No. 1P,, V' 5230* *d* Tob-ncco agriculture: 2 .a V ~ V
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Page 491: mfb88d00
50256 5505 NEWSPAPERS/ Carmody, Deirdrel(New York Times, 2/4/78, P. 1) THE PRESS: PROFIT AND LOSS 78 I Ne ~ d n 0 2 ~ () '9
Page 492: mfb88d00
II MeA1-81 S.P. SAri~L.~; Ah^ tiEN11LATION CONTRot o! o/ASBESTOS DUST IN A MARINITE- SHOP 50256 5y88 .11eaFfn- csrlsiiwl% Basil C. Bincllri A?u-.io- in,, Alumax Mill PruJj.ts. San P'ateo, California Riverside, Califurnir P ~s s-- .r~ z (N~ eu~ ~uY,-) I The devel.ipcoent of tCe Hunter continuous sheet caster for aluwiaur, in the a,rd-fifties required a new system for transferring the molten metal trcx. the holding furnace, controlling accurately the head level and intr;.- ducing the flowing mrtal between two water-cooled, rotating, steel rolls. Tn-:! hazards to employees in handling the asbestos containing Marinite• b:-ard used for the transfer system insulation liner were gralually moni- mized by impruved vacuuming, ventilation and use of protective equipn.er.t during faGrication. These improvements are described in chronological sequence. More recently, a limitation of the use of Marinite through substitu- tion has been effective in reducing personal exposure levels. O lamp}ing eJ inQivipyals/is ~'scussed and the results over several I~e rtlare%retdntelYand' de f~led.
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50256 5504 I Series / Number 07-024 STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/ 8ER ES: QUANTITATIVE APPLICATIONS IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCLS,'14/ QA iEZCBCWiEfZSWittL ~76 Us ~981 4 ,ZC, IGIU.I1!G SAGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Series editor: John L. Sullivan JOHN P. McIVER EDWARD G. CARMINES Indiana University 1 0 ~(l ~ Il 0 SAGE PUBLICATIONS Beverly Hills London 2 ~ 0 9 0
Page 494: mfb88d00
50256 5502 I II Ca (1967) fsmiasti, G. HL, AZIONI FP~'it;ACOT.OGTCHE ItiTF.kVER}?:+i".I NFf,i.O SVILL?'PO DI REAZIG:dI INFLe.M.1-fATORIL: SPERI:'EE`JTALI. (Cantagonistic Activity Caused by Different Subst_nces in the Development of Experimental Infla=atory Reactions) Arch. Intern. Pharmacodyn. 158 (No. 2) 339-53 (1965) ~ U 1 17 0 c1 0'~ a U~; ~
Page 495: mfb88d00
50256 5499 1 I 80 IX He TOBACCO--SMOKE--ANALYTICAL METHODS/ RJR CLASS 1a0. PAMPHLET 80 IX He eecht, S. 8.1 Carnella, Oft Aoffmann, D. (Aaerican Health Tound., Naylor Dana Inst. Dis. Prev., Div. Che.. Carcinoq. tnviron. Carcinog., Valhalla, M. Y. U.S.) QUAlR'ITATIVB ANALYSIS Dt ALKYL-2-8YDRDXY-2-CYCLOPDi'PEN-I-ONES IN 'i'OiA000 i1DlZ . J. L.er. Chea. Soc., oonfidential sunuscript, subaitted for publication , p. not nuwbered (1980) (in snqlish) 2-Hydroxy-3-~nethyl-2-cyclopenten-l-c~ne-3-aethyl-1d 14 C (-3-methyl-C) vas synthesized and employed au internal standard for the quantiative analysis of 1 and related alkyl-2-hydroxy-2-cyclopenten-l-ones in ciqarette ssoke. *Mywords:• constituents too nuserous to list. 0 i ~ 0 tl 0 2 5 U 3 5
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50256 5501 III Du2-77 S.P. ratospheric Measurement Requirements and . Satellite-Borne Remote nsing Capabilities itre -Corp., t1=Lean, va: UTHOR: Carmichael, J. 4., Eldridge, R. G., Frey, E. J., Friedman, E. ., Ghovanlou, A. 8. 6913J3 FLD: 04A, 55A, 68A STAR1413 eb 76 223p EPT NO: NASA-CR-144911, MTR-7007 ONTRACT: F19628-75-C-00f)1 ONITOR: 18 ubm-Sponsored by NASA. BSTRACT: The capabilities of specific NASA remote sensing systPAs to rovide appropriate measurements of s*ratosnheric parameters for otential user needs were a ssessed. This was used to evaluate the apabilities of the remote sensing systems to perform qlobal onitoring of the stratospherA. The folloving conclusions were eached: (1) The performance of current remote stratospheric sensors, n some cp~mpA re$ .quite w~11 with i9pntified measurec~er.t Y h'bi~lit'~ ~`to~ m'~aWure other species has not bePn ~ . . • _.... L~..., a1. 0
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50256 5446 78 III, Ca1 ('a+r.vr. A r1rv+Arn. Ynr I. p{o rv a4 r'Crr.rv.. Irest, t•7A Iriettti irt r;rr.1 8ntai. CHEMTSTRY, GRGANTC--STRUCTURE DETF.RMT~!ATTO*T/f;1fF.lfISTRY--r,Dr•1PUTF.r4/ '71['I'LICnTIONS OF AR'1'lFIC1AL 1N'1'[:LLIG[;NCE FOR CHEMICAL INFERENCE-XX "1N'fi:I.1.ICENT" USE OF CONS1'RAINTS IN COMf'UTf:R-ASSISTED ~ S'I'RUCi'URE 1:f_UCIDATION•t .1tA1rNfMME:,CAMAA'tf and I)CNr:IS H. Sstmf Ikparlmcntr-f l'hcmistry,Stnninrd Univcr.ity.St,rnford•CA9d IOt,U.S.A. (Rerrirrd 19 Afnrch 1976) O Ah.lract-The (YrN(il?N prvyr.rm for cnmputcr-:r..i.tcd strurture c1u.iJ;rtion con.truch Mn,oihlc snlutions to a stru:torc clarid.rlinn pmhlcm frrror ahrmc and uthcr.uuclur:rl unil` %upplicJ by the.hcmi.l. \1ou wch prohlcmv have m:rnyrranlr.rint.unIhcpLm.fiililyofccrtainIypc.uf.Inritures.l hc%ccrnmlr:unharc:JwSUpphcJtulhc pm' i;rrun.liul ernn•tr:rints cvprc.•cJ in chcmic:rl tcrmc cannul alway. bc eusily u,rnclatcJ into thc more rir.id Fr:iph-Ihcnrct i;:d domain of Ihc ~rruchur Fencrdur. nce currcnl mclhnJc uf irnpltmcnration uf eon.tr,intt in(:UtJG F.N arc dcscrib;J in Icrrns of the ardcFie. wc h.rve :rJuplcd to cmul:,te a chcmi.t's reasoning about rnolccul:u structures. We havc prcviou.ly dc,cril,cJ the CONGEN program (Smith & ('arh;ul. 1975; Carhart cl ul., 1975) for eomputcr-;rs.i.tcd .Irurlure clucidcrlion. '1'he function of this program i., );ivcn infcr.ncc.:rhuut.tructural features , of ; un~ r~H n ~o st e%t, (ulitNrs Ir~ stru urC ucicta- ' Iiiit~roti;Itn ;rhA to ~ovi~a t traran?tt th~~nu ~fiusible svlutions have becn uvcrlouked. Previous dc~:rit•ti.e prc.cntation. (Smith .l• ( .rrh rrt:197S: ('irh.rrt rr af . I1)7-) this were not done, many structure elucidation problems attacked u.ing computcr-bascd methods such as CON- GEN would bc impossible hcc:rusc there is neither computer time nor sturage to generate all possibilitics and test them retrospectively with constraints. In subsequent seq.•ions we dc-(-•:bc our mcch:miscis for implementing tonNtr-,.ms rn ( r )',GEN. Although sume constraints can t: :• ,': ::..-.li .;, ~ompietc structures, we have wherever I
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50256 5493 I I I Ihu 2 7 6 . S.P. t 0 •%.1I.ChPCI Iar%I.%Vnt.sIKnt %ruNrVA QVo.s Y tr,;rrkf*'.'Tr.mc-1.R. 4....«.1A- ---- Flttorocarbon Toxicity: Aerosol Deaths and Anaesthetic I:cactions RODNFY F. CAHI:i'OM, 41.1> Office ojState %fedical Rzr,miner, Department of Pathnloy,q, Division of h;;u1 .lfedicine, University oJArkansas Collcgr oj }fedicine, Little Roc•k, Alt 72201 ABSTRACT Twelve cases of death du(! to fluorocarbon inhalation have been seen in a four year period 1971-1975. The source of the material has been coininer- cial spray cans. The postniortcm examinations are nonspecific, but a history ofeacitcnicnt or sudden dcath is often elicitcd. Confi miation of tLe cause of death was made by demoastration of a halogenated hydrocarbon in the blood by gas chromatography. introduction National concern over the extent of dntg abuse by our young people reached its peak durin-- the 1cU60's. At thii time, many types of drugs were used and many novel comhitlations were discovered. No Qg o4onipourd for1roclocini; altered mental sensationr• was overluol..•d. ;1p- . . _... .. t.. . .i_ ...t.. --- .L.. r. I r :.. hydrocarbon \Vhich )ias been s)u,wu to have cardiovascular effects' (figure 1). The fluoroa:l:ant. have sporadically been incriminated as the culprit in caus- ing sudden death and, recently, they have bcen suspected of contributing to the destrnction of the ozone 1a) cr of our atnnu.p!wn ' One of the earlir`st reports ol adr•a ih by self-administered lluoroal-
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79 X Re-81 Carlens, Eric ~ 50256 Sa58 S.P. RECOGNIZE NON-SMOKING AS THE NORM 1' LAKANIIOHINOrN-VOIyM 76.NN3t.,9JS (ERKANN ICKE-ROKNINGEN SOM NORM:) I ~.~ 644k TM1441 Erkann icke-rokningeri (1~ som norm ! FOrra aret kom The Royal CuIIcFc uf Phy.ician med .in trcJjc varninE..krift -5nxiking ur Hcalth• Jar man jiimaitllJc tie Iuhak.hctingaJc sjukdum:una mcJ Gu.ulcrna i ylnFcn tiJ. Och i 1r kommcr USA:% hiihuvlrJ.Jcparlcmrnt mcJ en .ammmn.t,illninp i trErl.tcn.fuimat av I5- lrig luh;ik,furvkninl;. Jar man Jclar cng- cl.m:tnncn+ uppfatlning. Och autligcn fu- rcGFEcr nu fr5n %1'hlO:% cvlxrtkummiUCr en elegant litcn iivcr.ikt. Jar man rcJu- girr Wc for cpiJcmin% umfattning och f6r tie krafttaF .um furJra% for att hckiim- p,t den (Cunlrulling the .muking epidem- ic. WllO Technical Rclsort Scric. 636 197y). l igur I.om ar h'stmtaJ Jurifrln uch .am cnJaa .piinncr u.cr tie .cna.lc ?t SrAn vi,~r h4( tvA intclQatiypcll.~ far.~itcr atYi.ctllaranhra.(~lu :~ju v*.cALcn,t}i- hcnkulu. och lungcanccr intc tv1 hclt 4 }amtorhara cluncelcr. Och ar lungcanrcr enJa.t till 90 pn>t or.akaJ av rukninl;. Lkl. Jrahhar den hus,uJsakliEcn a1Jic in- Jivitkr. mcJan tuhcrkulu.cn skiirJaJc fl<a offer i yngre llJrrr. Men A andra siJan har Iungcancer upp.kattats ulgiira enJa.t en cj'sittcJcl av riikningcn. sku1J- kanma. Tyrirr kan den stratc(;i .um tillnm- parJc% vid luherkultt.hck:~mpningcn intc amiinJa% mut ritk%mitlan. Vid %itLtn av stora mcdicinska fram.tcg ut6iurJc .5- kcrligcn Jcl iikaJe vui.tlnJct cn v:i.cnl- lig Gaktar viJ den framglnE.rika kampcn mul tuhcrkulu.cn. Vid rokning :rr det .n:uare t.urtum. In4cn ar numcra ,1 fat- lig all hanflion hchiivcr :na1 fian tie ci- I;arrrurr asm cnlil;l rcklumcn iir ctt .yn- lil;l ultryck frir lyrka txh framgang. Sar- skilt har Jclta nu huq:st ptcJikm :ivcn i ilh0 -
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f~ 6 0 t~ 4~~ 0(3 t C~ ~ ~ ;~=1 u OLE 5t ~ OLE dZ EtSS 95Z05
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, [. ~ 7405 Ca ; 1965 1 Corne, E g 50256 5514 Artificial intelligence techniques tbyl ~'. B. Carne. Wa,-h- ington, Spartan Division, Books, inc. t°1965j •itl, 14J p. Ilius. °4 cm. Includes bibliographies. l. Artificial Intelligence. t. Title. Q335.C3 1965 001.635 65-2T043 Ubrary of Congress •_.,.,• j4•-11 0 ~ tl Q n l; 1.3 1 0 0 - .._4._ -- •
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50256 5510 4S~ ;413 i Gr .a v~vra 8ricnla, -,iaup o: iui34::r3^-r3 Y'...13 AT. ,.• AT. W e1 iyL.~tJ ~ ~,1 :58 pa7~u ,.s Hc,Y H•zju.ztp'8 5":st:Gr.:•rv C: f ic3 Lc-irdt~,., r~-,~;lcad 0 I
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, . I , CQMPUTERS-- . r'K~1CKA'Mi,`1'(' QA 76 Kr 1969 PRDL 50256 5509 HOW TO USE M-D-SCAL, A PROGRAM TO DO i4ULTIDIf•IENSIONAL SCALING AND MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNFOLDING (Versions 5M of MDSCAL, October 1969, all in Fortran IV) J. B. Kruskal Bell Telephone Laboratories University of Waterloo Murray.Hill, New Jersey, U.S.A. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I 1. Introduction Multidimensional scaling, a statistical technioue long used in psychology, is now enjoying a rapid growth and is spreading to many other fields. Briefly speaking, it 9snitry+..~ anc(6fi~u~atoorgoSpoints in space from infor.aticn - !
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. ... . - ~ .. . . . ~ ". _-_ _-_ .. _ . ,..:r::.:. _ =-.-'SYP3'FHESIS,QRGAi'tIC/L'ICILOCICAL CHEMQ•fi'TRY=-LIPI.DS-/ .. ~~ 50256 5+179 ` 74 III 'Ca 15t JournoloJMrdicinof Clumutry. 1944, Vol 11, Xo. 2 / S~-17 , Cycloalkanones. 3. Structure-Activity Relationships of Hypocholesterolemic Cyclooctanone Derivatives G-L CarUon.ti. H. Hall, G. S. Abernethy,2 and C. Piantadosi' LJepartntent o(Medicinal Chemistry, School ojWmrmoq, Uniuenity of North Carofinq Chopt(Hilt North Carolino 2?511. ReceiueeAuiwt 10, 1973 - . ... _~..- .-.~. . • . 'The structure-activity relationship (SAR) of a series of novel bypocbolesterolemit agents related to 2,8•dibenzylcy- dooctanone has been determined. Mstiasum lo«rerin` of cholesterol is obtained .hea an a,a'-dibenzyla,o'-dLsub- tttituted ketone syf tem is present. Atncatic substitution has been studied in a su!messful attecJt to eliminate the estroteaic side effect of the lead compound; 2.8-bis(4'•methvlbenzyl)cyclooctanonK reUitu some hypocaolestero• kmic activity and has little estrogenicity. The syntbesiu of 32 derivatives is described. Tbe hypocholesterolemic and antifertility activities of a ErptrimentalSeetiots h•• bcen reviousl re- f d-br 1 1 1k e n s c .- .in i ~ nzy yc os oncs a o x t p Y Melting pointa were taken on a Mel-Temp anparatus and were ported. The compounds reported here represent an ez- c„mcted. Elemental analyses (Atlantic rticrolab) indicated by teasioo of that work to determine the h}•pocholesterolemie element wene correct within f0.•t°,.. fnf•ared and nmr spectra ot and estrogenic activities of a stries of derivatives of 2,3• ail compounds were consistent with the assicned structure. dibenzylcyctorctanone (1). Four areas nf the parent eorn- 2,8-tii.(arylidene)cyctooctrnonea. General Procedure. A ao- pound have bcen modifcd: the ryclcrxtane rinA, the ear-- lution of 5C (0.2t5 mol) of freshly cut Na in 125 ml of absolute bonyl function, the aethylene s:de chain, and the uomat- E:OH waa prepared ira a 2.1A-mI three-neck fla+k fitted rith au• icpucieue. clti+nica1 ctirr •. ari a _, _ _ ._•_ -- - - - i U ~ t) tl ~ 0 :2 5 0 a 5
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I L 6 01: Z: 0 U 0 t; 1-0 , V7 8-i50;7 (Gt 'or:) rL`Lf.TTll P-I .+. J ~ i liiv% :rv~1 ..~! ' .a 11SJ f~r S ~r• :.R T1.., ~ S' :: iI,L&c~~! ~ .•._ .~ . T ~ : T:i `"0 . _ LLSS 95ZOS . ' ~ -
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50256 5487 -- SQ.i ~9~ ~y~.~iyia-) . Improved Geranium Branching w2th y6 ~`~-~~Growth Regulator Sprays s /t' pinching or 2 weeks before, a:. / compared to untreated pin:hed or~, nonpinched plants. TIBA sprays---= generally increased branching 2.5-7.5 , cm over nonsprayed pinched plants, but • j ~ had no effect on branching > 7.5 cm. W. J. Carpenter and W. H. Carlsont ' Michigan State University, East Lansing IM sprays did not increase branching over pinched but untreated plants. Untreated pinched plants had tignif'icantly more branches > 7.5 cm than nonpinched plants, but had similar branching 2.5-7.5 cm. I A b s t r a c t. F o t i a r s p r a y s o f recorded S weeks after pinching as well Both ethephon and BA sprays (2<hloroethyt)phosphonic acid (ethephon), as days from pinching to opening the delayed geranium flowering (Table 2), 6•bea:ylamino purine (BA), and first floret on the first inflorescence. at all 3 application dates with the 6-(bcn:yiamino)-9-(2-tetrahydropyran-yl)- In trial 2, rooted cuttings of 'Dark greatest delay with BA treatment 2 9H-purine (PBA) sig"it`'ca"t1y increased the Red Irene' were potted Feb. 3, 1971 weeks before pinching and ethephon Wnching of pinched 'Dark Red irene' and plants were pinched March 4 and sprays at pinching or 2 weeks after ptraniura (Pelcrgonilun hortortrnt Bailey). ~3prayiag pinched plants with sprays were applied either Feb. 18, pinching. 2,3,5-triiodobenzoic acid (TtBA) and blarch 4, or 18. Trial 2 was identical to Our results indicate that ethephon, imtoteacetic acid (IAA) frequently increased trial 1 in all other respects. BA, PBA and frequently TIBA greatly tbe branch no. over pinched but untreated Growth regulator sprays of promote the lateral branching of p6ats. ilzximum stimutation of branching of ethephon, BA, PBA and TIBA applied geranium and significantly increase pinched plants occurred from growth at pinching.-induced more branches > branching > 7.5 cm, a potential source rejulatoe sprays at the time of pinching. 7.5 cm than treatment applied 2 weeks of terminal cuttings. Sprays of these Ethephom anA serayssignitic.antly delayed ~for~ or 2 weeks after pinching, while growth regulating chemicals at pinching 0, nG _,jeatipent(j wy-hs*fore rinchintt had may be valuable in commercial .-•-..
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50256 5495 SNUFF/CIG TOBACCO- S/PIPE S*tOKING/TOBACCO--POE1'RY/TOBACCO--SMOKING--FAVORABLE LITERATURE/ ADVERTTSING/TOBACCO--HISTORY--ENGLAND/ TOBACCO--MEDICINAL USES/ REF lamer, TS ilE AOKER'S TEXTBOOK:(A COLLECTION OF 14 PAMPHLETS in A COMMON BINDER) 2240 (1889, Liverpool, Published at the Office of "Copes Tobacco Plant") Ha COPE'S SMOKE ROOM BOOKLETS: 1890 No. 1 ER's TEXTBOOK , Liverpool, 1890 THE PO K No. 2 ~ ~~ THE'/S~tc3~cER' S GARLAND, PART I, Liverpool, 1890 No. 3 James homson: Selections from his contributions to Cope's Tobacr Plant ~ No. 4 Charles amb: KN~ PEIrfJLS , Liverpool 1890 No. 5 Thom~ arlylef ABLE TALK, Liverpool, 1890 I ,Liverpool, 1889 No. 6 THE~S!1tOKERS GeRLA`lD, PART II, . NO. 7 VAkiBER: ALL ABOUT IT hv J. G.Aaddow, Liverpool, 1.892 I No. 8+IC E.'S MIXTURE SELECTED FROM HIS TOBACCO PLANT, Liverpool, 1893 ) No. 9 IPES iMEERSCHAUM, PART III , AMERICAN PIPES-rPart.I, 1895, Liverpool No.11 THE'SMOKER'S GARLAND, PART III No.12 PIPES b ERSCNAUM, PART II PIP. : ENGLISH AND EUROPEAN, Liverpool, 1896 No.13 John skin: N HIMSELF & THINGS IN GENERAL, Liverpool, 1893 ONoo1.4 nT!1 Tg RY; 0 r~ IP. IdA TER RALEIGH AND A DAY IN A TOBACCO FACTORY Bv os~oh a~[om'J Lernool, 1893
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50256 5508 / itun. Trrlruol. ahrir., 10~7i, 24 (1). 8.i-~)ti• 76 II Re2-76 STUDY 0Fv10RA.*IGE ESSENTIAL OILS.L. ANALYSIS BY INFRARED S.P. SPECTROSCOPY. ( In yrenca with English abstract) t-TUDE, D'HGILL'S LSSI:.'TILLLES D'ORA\GT?. .. . • j. = A\AI,1'SF PAR SYE•CTROSCOPIR I\rRAROUGIi ' S F:,C,A,117X -#,xjuana RFI.L:\\ATO et .\. Hli)ALGO inslilut d'U,eaqac - D(#:n de 1'a61ls .• C. S. 1. C.., Scrrauo. 1'_'1. Madrid (lisragnu) The composition of 19 commercial samples of sweet orange oil cultivated in different , regions has been studied by infrared spectroscopy. Three samples were previously separated by column chromatography in order to obtain less complicated mixtures. A spectroscopic method is given for the quantitative determination of limonene. The results obtained by infrared spectroscopy have been confirmed in some cases by gas chromatography/ /),_I L,)E1k..a./,.-- , 4 ~----r , ~ OS, 0 I~l 0 ~ 02 a U 94 ..---- .._ i
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50256 5520 REVIEW OF SHORT-TERM SCREENING TESTS FOR MUTAGENS, 77 II Re-80 TOXIGENS, AND CARCINOGENS s.P. HeatiiJ`. Carney%and Bruce S. Hass Division of Biological and Medical Research Argonne National Laboratory 9700 South Cass Avenue Argonne, Illinois 60439 July 1979 ANL-BIM-79-1 Fall 1977 participant in the Undergraduate Honors Research Program, College of William and Mary. This program is supported by the Argonne Center for Educational Affairs. Present address for H. J. Carney: Resource Ecology Program School of Natural Resources University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 0 1 0 0 n.p 2s 1 0 S Present address for B. S. Hass: Biology Division Oak Ridge National Laboratory P. 0. Box Y Oak Ridge, Tennessee 3783, r
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`~ Li u tl LL~.F L+J [:~j I~es t-~ui t+~b~fA E2 i t'~J CAIRrEGfDILLII:OIS STEEL COrIPOIiATION uKlT[o STATiS srac• CO210a/1TIOM tucsrsuAer PITTSBUi GK __ CKICAGO 50256 5516 . . ._ . ...~: ~.. . ~. . 0 r 1 N . . __-..~,'.~_._....~~...._.~..: ~ 0 a 0 n a 2
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QD 5'6 C 50256 5523 CscrneY, Thomas P + Luborator,y- fractional distillation. New Tork,lllacmillan, 1919. vIt, Y39 p. dian R. 23 cm. Includes "ITeterences" "General bibliography" : p. 229-251. 1. Distillation, Fractional. QD5?6.C33 ~~ 542.48 4~J--50?3i' { Library of Congress ~ i50a10j
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1 r r d 1~ 7: C~ U 0 U I.CI __-ce._..r......a~.~...._..._,~._..~_~~.._._.. __..~~.~._.a...__ sL:+ ?`7 lt aJ SZun T 6lSS 9SZOS
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~J: 55 5512 • N(:REDIENTS / GRAS(GENERALLY RECOGNIZED AS SAFE)/FOOD--I , MAY 1973 F r%& - TP SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE REVIEWS ON GENERALLY pe-223 sss ,~ 370 RECOGNIZED AS SAFE (GRAS) FOOD INGREDIENTS, ,~NAUBA WAX s rT~ ~ Soonsoring Organization: ' S. Dept. Health Pecformin Or anisaion Nsme and Address U. Edueation & Welfare . j , a , ~ xanklia lnstitute ResearchLaboratories ~°d and Drug Administration ~enfemlri Frankl1n Patks+ay «_ _ _ 200 "C" Street, S. W. ~Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WashinRton. D. C. ` 31 V U.-;S. DEPAltTMENT OF CO'RAERCE , ' : Utw 11ational Technical Information Service ~ The Scientific Literature Review summarizes the available scientific'.literature I trom 1920 to 1973 related to the safety of Carnauba Wax as a food ingredient•. I Chemieal information, biological data, and biochemical aspects of Carnauba Wax are given in a 12 page summary containing 31 references. 9
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~ OPERATIONS RESEARCH/MANAGE~MNT--OPERATION/INDUSTR/fiL MANAGEMENT--RESEARCH/ 50256 5515 RESEARCH--U. S./CARNEGIE CONL4ISSIO;t OIi' HIGHER EDUCaTION/DIVERSIFICATION/ RESEARCH, INDUSTRAIL--U. S./ Q 180 Or I e o1Z~hoft 1972 ese~rcl Il7stitute ITS ORIGIN, OPERATION, PROBLEMS, AND PROSPECTS Ninth of a Series of Profilcs Sponsored by The Carnegie Commission on Higher Education by 67 -~'- u,rold 01-.la»s Program on Technology and Society, MCGRAW-NILL BOOK COMPANY ilarvardUniversily New York St. Couis San Frmicisco Di7sseldor/ [Ondon Sydney Toronto hlerico Panama )ohannesburg Kua(a Crunyu. Montreal New Ucl/d Rio de Janeiro Singapore .*
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50256 5522 nC TOT,ACCO--St10KING--PSYCN.OLOGY/- DLRAVIORAL SCIE'dCE/ `~ 529~1a-,'-TOBACCO--SMi3F:•INC~-•RELi~vQUISEIINC./~RUCS---HE}lA1iIORt.L'EFFECq'S/---..--'_. t D^UG RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK fiC 567 C 1971 Carne•7t R. E, (F:astern Ky. Univ.•, Rich;,o.r,d, Ky. , U. S,) - RISK-TAKUG li.:MVIOR. CO:;CEPTS, 2•.I:THODS, luiD hPPLICATIOtS TO SMOi:I`dG ALUSE. A:: :) Charles C. Thcmas, Sprinafield, Ill., 211 p., 1971"(publ. 1973?) c i r) ono:~:; 1 0 8
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. . 50256 5506 , SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/ 77 X Re RJR CLASS N0. P1.htPHLET 77 X Re5 6 Relinger, H.; EoXnstein, P. H.; Bugge, I. D.; Cartaody, T. Arz; Zohn, C.J.) (Univ. P:ontana, fissoula, 2-fantanap U. S.) UTILIZATION OF ~1DVERSE RAPID SMOKING IN GROUPS: EFFICACY OF TRf:AT2"tE:NT A'vD MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES. Jour. Consult. Clin. Psychol. 45 (No. 2) 245-49 (1977) (in English) -- ._ .. __ -.._-- - - - _ . _ -- . __ - -- --- ----- -• --- -- ---_ -- ~Twenty subjects participated in a smoking-reduction program that attempted 'i ~ to assess the initial effectiveness of a rapid-smoking procedure administered to l ~ groups. Efficacy of maintenance was investigated through the use of a control procedure and two presumed maintenance-enhancing strategies: in vivo booster ~ ~ sessions and telephone booster sessions. Results indicated that although 90i'o 1 • of all subjects were abstinent posttreatment, booster ses~ions had no si;nificant effect on maintenance of treatment gains. 11'ithin-group analyses showed that I although both experimental groups significantly relapsed between posttreatnunt ~ and the 3-munth follow-up, control subjects did not. These results are discussed I in terms of self-set and the attribution of bchavior cbange. 0 tl 0 2 3 0 9. 2 !a' T
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50256 5503 276 Us 2 C. QOOL t Cs DATA--INTERPRETATION & CORRELATION/ 1I1. FACTOR ANALYSIS by Jyc-Oq Kim and Charlen W. Mueller J,1l MULTIPLE INDICATORS: A. tstro0.ctlom by JoAn L SW6ran a.1 ~. Stanley Feldnue t.K. EXPLORATORY DATA ANALYSIS by Frederict Hanris with Brian E, py.;ng 17. RELIABILITY AND VAUDITY ASSESSMENT by Ed.aR O. Caraxioes74nA ' Richard A. Zeller L_T G-F9DL ,.JL ANALYZING PANEL DATA by Gresory R Martur Ir - /STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/ SAGE UNIVERSITY PAPERS Aa ECOLOGICAL INFERENCE by taura Ir.ie tanEbcio and Atta. J. LicAtm.o rll. MULTIDtMENS1ONAL SCALING by Jo.epb B. Kruwlul and Myro. WuA Seria: QUANTITATIVE APPLICATIONS ''IZ ANALYSIS OF COVARIANCE by Albert R. Wildt and OUi T. AMoW IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES ~ v• j -- ~~' IJ. INTRODUCTION TO FACTOR ANALYSIS by J.c-On K)m aM1 CAauka W. Muclkr SfriK Editor. John L4uliivsn, Univenity of Minnpots !c L ytiVA iy Ot~lsnwt ~ trciyea aad Hciwt NorOotb F'l OPERATIOPIS RESEARCH METHODS br Seuart NaEel+ritb Marian Neef V'7.~. CAUSAL MODELING by Herbsrt B. Aaha ._e! ESTS OF SIGNIFiCA1`EE-iy~Tr H~d t: .yT COHORT ANALYSIS by Norval D. GkM S Is.ir X,L CANOiitCAL**AtYSIS AND FACTOR COMPARISON by Mark ylT.-ANALXSi4 O: NOSUNA46AFK by H. T. Reyaofda . {Z ~AS,YSISOF OR0{PKAL~AiA•blt-Da~d K. HiWobaa/. James D. l.aie8. and Howard Roscnthal -nAC-74iliE-SERIES-ANMLYS1SrAeyr4miatr Tainl4.as by Ctarka W. Our°w' Jr. 5U . ..
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50256 5517 ~ar^c~f a Itictituts oZ lwct~rtolc~ ±v, (=rndeyate Schoa 1 o!- IflolfrnlrtntAr1rritt#stretloir Renrints Nosr.. 118; 130, 167, 179, 183, 228, 271, 275, - ;- .. 1 . Ol' . • ~ CO.I : C.'=G'! C!~ 'rPc't;+? EsS 1: ,... Peraayivszia 0
Page 519: mfb88d00
50256 5518 ___ ,'~ " ?z,l •~c~s~. >~L~ ~~ 81 III Ca • Determination f*vjascorbic'1sorbic and,6enzoi ~ acids In citrus~ Auices by high-performance liquid chromatography J. CARNEVALE} A method is described for the simultaneous estimation of ascorbic, sorbic and benzoic acids in citrus juices by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) using a µBondapak/CN column and 2% acetic acid /methanol (19:1) as mobile phase. Detection of ascorbic acid was at 254 nm and of sorbic and benzoic acids at 230 nm. For ascorbic acid good agreement was obtained between HPLC and 2. 6-dichloro- phenolindophenol methods. Average recoveries of sorbic and benzoic acids added to orange and grapefruit juices were 102% and 99%, respectively. _. a 1-0 0 1) 4 2 i 1. -fl .4
Page 520: mfb88d00
- a..r,...~n,t..e.n.e..,..T"t . ~_ _~... ...-_ _.,~_.. .. II '.~'1eA _ 80 S. P t (Please reaa /nsrrucrnoni on rhe .rw..a. eyw~ co,npl'cr„g/ 1. REPORT NO. 1 2. 3. R CIPIENT S ACCESSION NO. EPA-600/1-79-024 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE 5. REPORT DATE rjodel for measuring the hPAlth impact from changing 'AA?~ust 1979 levels of ambient air pollution: Morbidit-y study 6. PERFORMING ORGANIZATIO- N CpD~ F. AUTHOR(S) 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPO/11 Tsukasa Namekata, Hettrkar' W.~`Carno&, Zanet-Flourney-Gil Eileen O'Farrell and`Domenic J.-Reda PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND AOORESS 9 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. . Dept. of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 1AA816 School of Public Health 11. ONTRACT/GRANT NO. University of Illinois 68-02-2492 Chicago, IL 60680 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS 13. TYPE OF REPORT ANO PERIOD COV Health Effects Research Lab 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODE Office of Research & Development ~ U.S. EPA EPA/600/11 Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711 75. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 16. ABSTRACT This study quantitatively examines the relationshi p between human health a::d ambi~~ t air co ~cen~ ra~yio of e m jopollutants in the city of Chicago. This i~ in which linear regression models have `e l~ ~ ~di ~ ~ s a -y iibb biibbb ttie hibr esC repoYt developed to quantitatively estimate the degree of the air pollution contributior
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. N. .• 50256 5498 TOBACCO--ANALYSIS./TORACCO--SMOKE--ANALYSIS/ VI To-7$ RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET : ~ S.P. Hecht, S. S. ; Ctntneliallp Hoffmann, D. ~ - (American Health Found., Naylor Dana Inst. Dis. Prevent., Valhalla, ~., U. S.) ALCOHOLS CHEMICAL STUDIES ON TOBACCO SMOKE - LIV. DETER.~IINATION OF HYDROXYP_N AND HYDROXYPHENYL ETHANOLS IN TOBACCO AND TOBACCO SMOKE. Jour. Anal. Toxicol. 2 (No. 2) 56=59 (1978) (in English) *Keywords:* 2-(p-hydroxyphenyl)ethanol, smoke, constituent; m-hydroxybenzyl alcohol, smoke, constituent; 2-(p-hydroxyphenyl)ethanol, cured, constituent. 2-(p-hydroxyphenyl)-ethanot (PHPE) and m-hydroxybonzyl alcohol (fAHBA) were major components of subtractions of the tumor-promoting irections of cigarette smoke condensate (CSC). To further investigate the possibte role of these and ( rolated compounds in tumor promotion and cocarcinogenesis by CSC, an analytical mothod was developed for , ~ hydroxyphenyi ethanols and hydroxybenzyi alcohois in ~ tobaccoand tobacco srnoAe. The method consisted of a series ' of solvent partitions iotlowed by prcparative thin-layer ~ ct~on Jogr.*phyrT-l.ind gas-liquid chromalography_o/-the
Page 522: mfb88d00
O XI Co ~ J6 o S~P ERTIS ING/TOBACCO--ECONOMICS/ , RJR CLASS N0. PA~iPHLtiT ' XI Co+- Carolina Financial Times, Weigh, N.- C., U. S. RAY HOOKER: MANAGING NORTH CAROLINA'S BIGGEST BUDGET. Carolina Financial Times, 1976, p. 20 (Feb. 23, 1976) (in English) -'RJR's advertising budget. 0 1 4 0 cl o 2 .5 1 1 9
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! Ket 'lli Q 147 Ca I S~G- 81 - ~c. olins Bic+lo2t'si Supply .iT.t+L.OGUC!!L F.':'i'i:r.YALS KyI -i..i . X_ . 2J/l~ ~ '- -, ~ - 50256 5532 Compasry , .,... ~.oo r+sgab Bwrlir.qtzn, N. C. . . ..~--- r
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50256 5537 { TOBACCO--PIGMENTS/TOBACCO--CAROTENOIDS/TOBACCO--ISOPRENOIDS/ : k 80 VI Re R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Research & Product Dev. Departments, Science Information Division CAROTENES _& ISOPRENES IN TOBACCOL LITERATURE SEARCH OFCHEMICAL ABSTRACTS. o~oQnoz
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`* o . '. ~.-+. .-. .. -.* <.
Page 526: mfb88d00
~ 50256 5500 _,.-.TQBACCO :::~--SMOKE--ANALYSIS- =1.A8QB.ATORY••`STTHAD.S/ 3 D~S - RJR C1.ASS NO. PAltP1ILET VT To 79 s. r. ./T Carmelln, Sf; ifeclit, S. S.; !:ntfrwin, t). VI To-79 (Areric:in ~-K•atth I'nundtition, I!iv. F.nvironr..ent 1 Carcinnf;enesiS, Va]Iial:.c S.P. ::. 1'., U. :;.) . : QUANTITATIVE Ai'iALYSIS OF ALt:YL-2-I:YDP.O:CY-2 C'iCLOPENTE%-10.+ES 1.1 70!;ACC..- Tohacco ('hem. T,es. Cnnf., 33rd, tape, Lexinr ton, Ky. (Oct. 29-31, 19701) (in En;,lish) . S1'0KE ~Llkyl-2-hydroxy-2-cyclopenten-l-ones are reeognised flavor compounds in tobacco ~ss»ke, as well as being present in certain of the biologically active fractions of smoke. A method for the quantitative analysis of alkyl-2-hydroxy-2-cyf/open- ~ten-l-ones was developed. 2-Hydroxy-3-methyl-2-cyclopenten-l-one-methyl- "C was lsynthesized for use oa an internal standard. Ethyl-2-oxocyclopentanecarboxylate was alk~rkated with 1"CH I to yield ethyl-l-methyl-2-oxocyclopentanecarboxylace- eethyl- C vhich vas chlor}gated, giving ethyl-3,3-dichloro-l-nethyl-2-oxocyclo- ;pentanecarboxylate-methyl- C. The latter was hydrolyzfd under acidic condi- tiona14o 2-hydroxy-3-methyl-2-cyclopenten-l-one-methyl- "C, in 23x overall yield Ifrom CH I. For the quantitative analysis, 20 weight selected cigarettes vete , smoked an2~ the snoke was collected at -76C. Internal standard was added and eondensate was distributed between ether and aqueous base, pH 12. The aqueous ~phase was acidified to pH 6 and extracted with ether. The ether extract, containing the vcak acids, vas dried and concentrated and the alkyl-2-hydroxy-2-s eyclopenten-l-ones were enriched by thin layer chromatography on silica qel vith• elution by 70:30/benzene:ether. Quantification was by gas chromatography on a 6 ft glass column of 3Z XE-60 on Chroauorb W-HP. A typical U.S. 85 ® nonfilter cigarette contained 47 ug of 2-hydroxy-3-methyl-2-cyclopenten-l-one and a nuaber of other alkyl-2-hydroxy-2-cyclo?enten-l-onea. 0 1 C~ 0 fl Q~ a 0 8 6
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Gsroteaa -..- . see Carotenoids 50256 5536 ~ ~ 0 A 1) r1 ~~ S 1 9. 1
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50256 5530 1167 R1R CL1s3S NO. PA.~SPHLET 73 VII Mc -U7 114c McNeil, J. ;.. ; Brooks, W. tf. . , (North Carolina State I'niv., Dep. Entor.iol., Ralci.sh, N. C., U. S. ) INTERA.CTIO:d OF THE HYP::RDARASITOIDS CAROLACCUS AE:VEiIVIRiDIS` (HY*i.: :- r PTF.R0:yt4LIDAE) IND SPILOCEIALCIS SIDE (HYM.: CiIALCI'DIDAE) WITH THE atICROSPORIW:4S NOSEIMA UF.LIOTIIIDIS ~?lll~N. CANPOLIiTIDIS. ~ :7niv., Tobacco Reprint Series No. 450, 1974) Entomophaga 19 (No. 2) 195-2C4 (1974) (in English) *Keywords:* catolaccus aeneoviridis, tobacco, additive; spilochalcis side, tobacco, additive; nosema heliothidis, tobacco, additive; nosema campeolitidis, tobacco, additive. *1975, No. 3, VJ 962* *d* Tobacco agriculture: U 141 0 0 0 2 S i 110
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~ •i. 801 50256 5540 1 As Gauotenoi.ts, 3rd. ::d. Asaaciztion of iTitLas,i:-i CS2mf.sts -F VZ"_'AYIN ASS aY. 2c.d ed. 1951 Interscienca New York 0 - -~ -.....<-,..-~...n..~. 0 1 Q () 0 a 2 ~ 12. o
Page 530: mfb88d00
, 50256 5521 .' A..enw, x'n,. vd. n 17 1-171 1 +R~~nww7-insTid-7 nmM ie G"af ariwe O M O-up.uasN HrOma" iocwup BIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS IN DEFINING HYGIENE , STANDARDS FOR PARTICULATES IX whi -80 S.P* tr~:~ltii~et~ . ~ ' lCt Liotited, Ceotral Toaicoto6y Laboratory, Atderky Parlt. Nr Maocks6dd, QtesAire SK I0 4TJ, UX. 1 , I O! 0 . .. AMaac!-Some of the principb which inAuaxs the extent of a progranune for p.rticulates *ithi4 an industrial toxicology laboratory am presented with emphlsis on the aoproacha adopted at 1CI's Central Toxicology Laboratory. Here, new techruques have boen ic:roduced Aoth for the generation of atnuoFhetrs and monitoring of animals. A new type of inhslatioA dtaatber is desuibed for exposing rodents to tmtetials as part of a chronic toxicity/carcino• SetliCitY study programme. fhis chamber has been designed to reduce manpower and eiiminats the tteed for dicTerent types ofchamben required for thtt various physical forros of autwspheres ibst po be encountered. Some factors which must be taken into account in the extrapolation of anim:l data to man ats disaassed. In particular, the value of additiooal tests for assessing lung function foltowinS apot+ure is prssatted toietha with a daaiptiws of tlie non-iavasiva method used. t o 0 2 ~ ~41 `1 . . 1 l• .,
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50256 5542 Caroten0ics, "r. ::" Bicehe.,nica! Soci2ly• London. g m;gosi a. r. o. l- } Gambridge, L'nicersi~y 1'ress,1818- S ~ / ;,r. 111,1s. 25 cam. i, $Sologtcal chemiatef-<'Allected works. Ql-I345.B522 --~ 612.015 of ConSress ~ c2l Ltbrar9 51-8J3T
Page 532: mfb88d00
50256 5544 STEROIDS AND STEROLS/CAROTENOIDS/CANNABINOIDS/TERPENES/ ,/Q Specialist Periodical Report -The`-/Chemical Society Burlington House, London, W1 V OBN QD 416 Ch ,Jferpenoids a nd Steroids Volume 3 Senior reporter' A Review of the Literature Published between K. H.Voverton Vol. 1. Sept. 1969 and August 1970 K. H. Overton Vol. 2. Sept. 1970 and August 1971 K. H. Overton Vol. ~. !Sept. 1971 and August 1972 K. H. Overton Vol. • ISept. 1972 and August 1973 K. H. Q erton Vol. 5. ',Sept. 1973 and August 1974 K. H. verton Vol. 6. Sept. 1974 and August 1915 J. R, anson Vol. 7. Sept. 1975 and August 1976 J. R. Hanson Vol. 8. Sept. 1976 and August 1977 J. R. Hanson Vol. 9 Sept. 1977 and August 1978 ~-~-CT ~ ; ~ :3 0
Page 533: mfb88d00
5Q256 5545 0 ~ ~7 0 tl ~7 :~ ~; T.8lttyil0ids; v..I9I . `t Deuel, Harry James, 1597- The lipids; their chemistry and biochemistry. 'New Yorn; Interscience Publishers,1S5i- 3v. illus. 24 cm. Bibltograpbfcal footnotes. Co~revre.-v. 1. Chemistry. 1. Ltp[ds. QP 7 51.D-19 574.1923 51-5 i i G i Library of Congress ~ ;a5,gq5l
Page 534: mfb88d00
_.J i_-l. - -- t3watorioiats-v 50256 5539 G0tnp: rati.e bi;xhen;is:ry of hhotorrlciive :l-~!tW'•nS. e York, Academic !'trss, 1060. zic, 437 p. filus., di;igrs. 21 cm. (SyinPo~13 on cornparative btu:- ogv, ~.11 Inc?ude: Nblio,raphica. Alle,:, Mary 1922- od. 'V 1. Riolo_ical cheoiistry-t'on¢ress~,s. ^. Lt~rht - l'hcsi lo~ r'. efrect-Con;;resses. i. Title. ( ~eries ) Q1I~01.SSS vo1.1 ; 571.191 EO_1}2G_, LEbrary of Contress (201
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50256 5526 RC 756 CF 2c. Caro, C.oli><t Gera!d, Ea'. Advances in rt=piratoz;y pht•:iologr, edited by Coiia G. Caro. B:iltll?loI'C, Williams &11,'i',kins Co., 1JCC,. 848 p. lilus. 24 cm. Includes blbllographtee. 1. ILe: plratlon. x . Title. a. Title: Respiratory pbjsioiogy. QP121.C23 1966a ~ 612.2 Ltbrarp of Congress ;7-1l ~ t . /i .rr _ -r-...~ ~....-.. r^~,.... • 1 ~ 1 0 a 0 0 2 J 1 1 2
Page 536: mfb88d00
r (I ff) r i° C7 U C v 1 n , t o~%,t ~48.t) °r sQ0.T.2v !L'aa-.~j 1t'~60~GL~ 'Cuz-=TH 'V °0 pgs UO.:y--O 'T < <.Ci .!t` •~•- •" ~","-.t.7 ^.. tv ~ . tir }~ 3iZ~il)~, 1~ . '~~:rt u~~a~ 511 HJi~~17~"a~~T •~.~5 SM:iC~ ~ J T:.CV.: l:T :1 ~~~'~J~-Ji~ • +"--a • -~f `.: 3 `zloc:i.tW~D LOSS 9SZOS
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1 MeF i (7.971) Carab Eean p 50256 5S28 S.P. :. ~.:~.. :e'_- . J~ ^~a.as]:Z. 1) I ') 0
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50256 5535 -.~ .~b.. ..> ...~.~:.,... ~ .~....... _._....... ~.~.... ~._ - .. _~.y...>_.~.-.... _:..:_...___~.__.~.... . _ ~~to i `?' . Ole~~ g~ ~ COOKBOOKS--SEAFOOD/ ,by Ca.rotyn T. .Xetie~ Musiratecd by dM'wr,;icL 2'erntsort Sims it~ez natza :aZ :1~~ in~ .~ Pubt'islxing Com i cQm.~~•'f'.'.., ZC . .~.s,...,.t.•..-,.-.-~.~.~n.....~.......a~s.....~.~.we.....~... ~...-.-.-...- .... ~- .-..... _...._....,,.-_ . _ f „-...-... ~. ,.~ A. ~ ..~ ..~ ~ 1 0 0 ~~~ ~ I~Z I
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\ , 4 1 4t.4, . ., ~-~---- _ . - --- CD ~ `J l 8arvt.no3da S02S6 SS41 ; . . ~ i B nrKenaethtliFr "Cuc, lik. ~ ~ The natural pigroents. KEv York, Interscience Pub'i;hcr=, 1960. t . I O06 p. 24 cm. (Tbe Chemlrtr; of tatural pev+due',s; a oerkx of I txsb oo the eovatkotlon of uatursi yrw-Cuct.m v. 4) ~ Iadudcs b:1 _sograpby. ~ ~ 1. Pismenh. L Tltle. QI>i41.D-i3 19C0 -1 b4i.8G ®Q-Si30 ; tayrars of cong. s ,xq ! ~ ~ , i ~ , i , , r 0 1 4 0 n 0 2 S t 2 7 ~ .
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50256 5534 1 Scientia NorticuJturae, 3(1975) 239-245 III~ E1sAVier Scientific Publishing Company, Amsterdam - Printed in The Netherlanda ~l6 1L1?s -7i;EFFECT OF STAGE OF RIPENING AND ETHEPHON TREATMENT ON ~A COLOR CONTENT OF PAPRIKA PEPPER ZEMEDU WORKU', ROBERT C. HERNER and ROBERT L. CAROLUS Department ojHorticutture. Michigan State University. East Lansing, ltfieh. (U.S.A.) •Department ojPlant Scionces, Haile Sellassle I Uniuersity, Dire Dawa (Ethiopia) Michigan Agriculture Experiment Station Journal Article No. 5836 (Received August 9th, 1974) Worku, Z., Herner, R.C. and Carolus, R.L, 1975. Effect of stage of ripening and ethephon treatment on color content of paprika pepper. Scientia Flort., 3: 239-245. In order to determine the proper time to harvest paprika pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) fruits to obtain maximum extractable color, two maturity indexes were evaluated. Most consistent results were obtained when fully shriveled fruits were harvested. Foliar applications of ethephon (50, 100, 200 and 500 ppm) were made on two cultivars, 'Paprika-505' and'Paprika-D.Z.'. Total extractable color and capsanthin content were determined using fully shriveled pericarp tissue. Some flower and leaf abscission was caused by treating plants with 500 ppm ethephon and leaves of plants treated with 200 or 500 ppm gthephon turned yellow. Ethephon stimulated ripening and increased the total ex• tractable color and capsanthin levels of paprika fruits.'Pap riM. 505' contained more total .~sanjhin*anaapri6a-D.Z.' as a result of ethephon treatment. ex&ct4jle c@or kAd cy
Page 541: mfb88d00
t . PESTICIDES--DETERMINATIOPJ/ . . II MeA1 S.P. I -80 I 0 - 0 50256 5527 TECNNtCAL REPORT DATA• %rfeme.raC /Ratnscnani on che eeren. belore compieHnol {. REPORT NO. 7. . UClfjEyTS ACCE55{ON11O. EPA-600 4-80-008 vF ~WC • /$ ).S C 4. TITLE ANDSUBTITLE ./1EPORT OATE Polyurethane Foam as Trapping Agent for Airborne anuar 1 80 's •' d31g_ hesticides: Analytical Method Development .PERFORM{NG ORGANIZATION couE 7. AUTtiOR{5) . PE/IFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT 4C James D. Adams and Jeaeqlf 1V .Vwe'+g . PERFORAUNG ORGANI2ATION N.1ME AND AOORESS Soll tiitrogcn and Environmental Chemistry Laboratory B lt vill A i l l R h C 10. PR CRAM EL MEN N. A1VL1A e s e gr cu tura esearc enter 1 U.S. Department of Agriculture Interagency Agreement Beltsville, Maryland 20705 78-D-X0449 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND AOORESS Environmental Research Laboratory--Athens GA 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PfNIOD COVE-EO Final, 9176-1/79 Office of Research and Development 14,s.ONSORING AcENCYCOOE U.S. Environmental Protection A3.ncy EPA/600/01 Athens, Georgia 30605 15. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES .. . , . - ~ ~ . . -eC~~ 16. ABS ACT- A method for detemining levels of organochlorlne, organophospherus, and N-x-:A carbamate insecticides in air was developed using 4.4 cm-diameter plugs of polyur!- thane foam as traps and a modified Sherma-Shafik multiresidue procedure for analys.s of foam extracts. With this method, the minimum detectable air concentrations for vapors of 17 of the 18 organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides tested was 0 1 ~nogtam pir c ic etei or ~ess. Six carbamate pesticides did not volatilize in i G ~ t ldf irAenlE amo ts o allolri~nalysis. . .. . The
Page 542: mfb88d00
GRaS(GEN'ERALLY RECOGNIZED AS SAFE) /FOOD--INGREDIENTS/ 50256 5529 TOXICOLOGY--FOOD--It:GREDIENTS/ REF Tp EVALUATION OF THE HEALTH ASPECTS OF (;ARO8 BEAN A Pg. 221 952 R IN REDIENT s FOOD ~ I . '---- , . ep.a ,ce . 370 Un •~" _ - 1972 ocmiad Or6anizacion t::iax and Address 1 ~ _ D,_„ecember. 1Q72 Life Sciences Research Off ice ILUderation of American Societies for Experimental Siology _ i 9650 Rockville Pike Distribute by: MpM jechr.ir.zl In{omfixt S~,-stim + Bethesda, Har land l~ rp ~ 12. ~+~sociej Oraanizaci n\ame ar.d Address .~ ''~' OuA~T~.~ENT CF M'X Bureau of Foods (1 ~'$• DEPT. HEALT~1, EDUCATIOa & WELFARE, . I ~ ~. Food and Dru''Administratio#~ . ( 200 "C" Street, S.W. I . ~ Washington, D.C. 202n4 ~ This report by a group of qualified scientists, ilesignated the Select oo GRAS Substances (SCOGS), provides an independent evaluation on the of-carob bean gum in food at its present or proj}ected level of use. . Comraittee safaty
Page 543: mfb88d00
Carr,tettAds. 50256 5547 I, L, VOL. ±I, S:.:.._;t'.ic ~?t^ jl.il% .l-rIJ (~L\'JI:JLi1~J. 1956 73 3 p.3Q93. Long^sno. G:esn er.d Co.i London-:'ov York- lo2'o21to. Volu:*a I'_s an ur.cl+.r::Tr9dci`e t:;xtboo'r., i!?d therdfore rrot a•.3ileb2a in tho Lib; s.-g. 0 i () I tl Q '1 (1 2 -i
Page 544: mfb88d00
iarotalaids. " U 1 ~~ Q ~I ~ 1 % J I ~f M
Page 545: mfb88d00
50256 5552 ~ Q? Gc,oCw3a, Tre-,(tr ",:'ahworth. ~ 67J. The comparative biochemistry of the carotenoids. Lon- i G don, Chapaian & IIa:1,1052. 's56 p. tilus. 23 cm. lncludes blbliography. 1. Carotfnolds. i. Title. QP671.G65 ~ 612.015 Library of Congress ~--~ E31 53-499 1 ~ f~J o r~ Ci ~.; 1
Page 546: mfb88d00
50256 5551 QO 44i G Carotenal44 Goodwin, Trevcr Wa[%%ort?i. c4l. C;iemi~trv : n,? biochemi-~tr3• of p11nt ni;anenti, e.itt'A 1w . T. `.1". Good.va:. London, 'New l orl., _\cauetnic Pre&z, Wt;.- siti. W P. tllus. °4 cm. Includes bit-tio;raplties. 1. Flgments. 2. Botanical chemistry. t. Title. (ZIi6tt9.GG:i ~ti~ 591.19~ G-1-24G71 Library of Congress - -- ---. _ _ . . _._....,....~.....,,.~..n... ~1 i os a tl icj 2 ; 1 3 /
Page 547: mfb88d00
671 F 4 Garot©aoiud•• 50256 5550 Foa, Denis Lleweli}n, 1:w1- Animal l,iochrcnieG and structural colours; physical, ehem- ioul, distributional & physiological features of colcur•: d bodies in the animal world. Cambridge lEng.j Univereii,y Press, 1953. ziit, 878 p. illus. (part col.) tables. 26 cm. Biblloe aphy: p. 312-339. 1. Pigments. 2. Color of nnimals. i. Title. QP671.F6 591.19 63--12228 Librery of Congress '` i54k15j 0 1 0 CI c1 ~~.~ i a 6
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50256 5525 ON RF.TENT_Oti OF P~',nIOACi IVE LABELLED r~r.':OSOL - FiC"'AN RESPIR;TORY TRACT. •`1 S X 2te1o 73 ATO:•~:ER,'~L`:E 20(1) (1972) 79-88 P - . e Aeslract PARTICLES 0'r' DIFFERENT KIi:DS IN TilTi STRAHIEhSCHUTLFORSCHUNG • RADlATION SHIEIDING Zur Abschoiclung r,-, c=io?i:tiv marlcierter Aerosolpartikel untersehiee1;11c"9r Qeschaffer.;iEit irn mensc,tlichen Aterntrakt' ~;1 .. ~1'on R. F:circr, W. Ccrnufh, }:. l'otzl 1 t 1 t Aus der PhYsilclisch Eio46mohschen Forschunpsslelle Gormisch-Porlenkirdsen der FrounhofeJ•Gesellschofl (leiter: Dr. R. Reittr) Weetention of rodieoclive Iobelled aerosol parlicles of difierent kinds in /l.e humon rc:piratorT tracs'j jctot porticte Z-Fositien in Ihe h~RSon respirotory Iroct was determined on humon sv`.,;ec!s (;ccr.d qu•erts), v.,,hin o dson,err ron,e (rom 0,09 trm op to < ym (oero J, c_^ •c d cmeler). Tne (utiuv:ined lest nerosols were used: noturot eero:D1 in cn cLe-!o,rd -ne pol'ery, Zn0 srr.cse, os wcll as (no pc ..cl;. r! . _ -. ~ . - ~ __~:c! !:y u1 _ f~o rt ~)Pc eerosot rr_.r•t Tt e ic! c•. n; ec .; r-t end pr;n;•r!es v.ere uud in w.easur.'•i; t%•rC: 5,:! C(•Co•: atrJ]nl s:)[crrp•-.erer s tmcnr c.' t.,n ::cs W .r t..;i rc:!)i dcccy .:•tmicul r,ass c~.r•rrr. nc'on), cct[o•c impcacr (porl•clc meosur.-rnrnl os (1 on~ (,1) -ryco counter v.,rh s~bsequcot!.~ e,.!e!r•d mulf,chonnel 'r es t' e r„ce:rc, wta is prcpocdcro„I/ f•e:ta~mcd ty eorr., c:}cr. I! . cs rr..ru!eA tno' r'1 tbe ren.,e of on ecroa'•~r.~r_ dio- i'elu (rOr^. S p- 1, C.C•:'e., t~.? I•rc:r.,...~'/ ul de(`o;rt-on v.rl! d.cp (rum 7L )~' e d^'o rrIt Of, I,..M. t~.`iF. lo f7+ l1t.T I.`e er's.lt ,p EURATOWINIS GCSCRIPIORS kESPIPATORY TRACT LtAN INIIATATION ACr SOt•i' ~ ION PEIENTION AEROSOIS PAF:TICIES GP-AIN S,LE DISTRIEUTIOrJ MEASUi!t•I:. L'.ETttODS MEASURED VALUES Z/NC O` tUES MAGNESIWr1 OxIDtS NATUF'l.t ACIIVITY PAUON IAUEU[U COaPOUraDS r Fur dic D rr!•rvhrun~ dcr Ar1.eilcn sload•cn /l.iFlcl dcr $chuttiommiss.cn dr S hvn(Irs.::~ni5lcncrns dct Inncrn lur Vc'rld0un(y. '
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50256 5531 7-3 11 Re-73 ''lle StrexCtIxre of tlie ceNS of the jnesopIiyli and S.P. P1tE•eilCllymat(3t15 I}i1ridl£; sI?ef:th of the Gramineac J I Etot,y Lertn. Soc., 66: 259-275. With 6 piates and I figure R. C. CAiI OLITN", F.L.S.' June 1973 .6hn Ray !/erbariu»t, Universily of Sydney S. 1V. l.. JACOFS, ; National llc'rl1arium, I;olarlic Cardens, Syd»ey and • M. VI:S3: !;'kclron Aiicroscope (hril, Unil'crsily of Sydney Acceprrd Jor puAtrcorion Afoy 1972 I IU 1 By a eonpatiion of the uttrastruccural feetures of the yarenchymatous bundle sheath and the rnesnphyll it can be shown that the grasscs can be divided into a nurnber of Froups roughly eorresponding to thoce propo:ed by ltrowa, viz. t'ooid, Er.hrustoid, Par,itoid, AruttdinoiJ, EiirnLuwid anJ Ari),tiJc,id. !n partL_tdar the ultra%tructural fcatures strengthen the grounds for scrarrtinl! ttm type of Icaf an.tolny from the panicoid type. Thcsc u?tractructural diffecencec sc:r:r :o Ge rorrct:tcd saith di£ferences in `hotos% nthctic parl:vtays, and, where thcy do not cotrclatc with t1,- taxonc:n:ic dAicions, ncithcr do the rt,oto>ynthctic pzthways. Thc corrctatinn with a taaonomy ba.cd on mi.rochnrctcrc a v.c{I .s tria.tioscopic cl:aiactcrs is Cuicr.lty r.,,-d c.ccnt ia tlw ca;c of "t'Lr.a;uriti or t" Fra<ccs, :nd iu p~rr- ',r the triLs
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Pridham, J. B. (Sd.) T ;F,PF.NOIDS IN PLANTS 50256 5563 1967 257 Pages Academic Press London 0 i iI 0 1 4 9 1
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50256 5564 h::r'. dn 251 Ro Carotoincyl4's V. ZI B Rodd, E. a. Clir'r.•ffSi TIY OF CARBON CGi~iPOUNT.3: A MODERN COF'":PREIC-rJSIV:.' T-M,iISE. Amsterasm, Ne a Ycric, Elsevier A:b. Co., 1951 - v. illus. 23 cm. r I , --r> ~,....~..,..~.n.-.., ._ -0 1 11 l7 tl f i :? S, I - 3 u
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TOBACCQ--CARO1'EN4IDS/ 50256 55a6 80 VI En , i RJR CLASS ND. PA"SPHLET 80 VI En Enz11, C. R.; Wahlberg, I. wedish Tobacco Co., Res. Dep., Stockholm, Swed,) CARO?'ENOIDS,'= In: Biochemical Application of Masrr Spectrometry, First Supplementary Volume, Chapter 13B, p. 407-438 (1980) (in English) *Note affiliation* . • Lcarotcnoids. It atso includes a compilatioll of cti:+g-# The prescnt chapter diccusscs th•: in chain rcac- 'nostically useful pcaks as::ociatcd with the frab-, '_tions^in thc light of a (l1orougli anal)•sis of thc imcntation of various cnd groups prrscnt in! ~intcnsity ratios^for thc (Af -92)" and-(M-• lt~h)" ~carotcnoids. Mcchanisms arc 6i.~cn for son~c of "pcaks in the spectra of structura{{y vacicd thcsc icactiuns. ~~ U I1 0 a tl 23- 1 3- 2*
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11 370 Ph 19;0 50256'5562 S ADDITIs'r~S/ 1 _ FAOD- i ` - n rersitv oi iqssacnuFettS=P; si i; --ser..-n,~ UTL+RE !JS J.fSILIT7 OF lIJRIdl. CapO?E.+IO:AS"_ _ r 1. _ A hlesu4atton Ftasent.3 TS(WA5 PBI2..Ip Snbmltted to the Graduate School of th. ' Unlrers2ty of N.essaehusotts in partial lblfillnent of the requirements for the degro* of ~ I o 0 11 o 2. :i 1 -4 a
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50256 5567 CAROTENOIDS--BIOCHEMISTRY/ I/ -yeJ . QP 671 Go 1980 THE BIOCHEMISTRY OF THE CAROTENOID S Volume t Plants SECOND EDITION T. W. GOODWIN, C.B.E., F.R.S. Johnsron Professor of BiocAeraLtrry " C H A P M A N A N D H A L L University of Liverpoo! I London and New York ~ t n 0 l~ ~~ ~f5p Ii 3
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CRrot er.c,I ds. 50256 5561 Ph,I;, TT. C. SLtit•O CO118ge .'.,t'3 p. I'; ;0 P.n!si~;hs 24. C. t3a8 C3:.d :. 0 1 () 0 11l ;> a 1 <1 I
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50256 5554 Perforaiea Orpeizatio. Nsae sod Address Informatics, Inc. 6000 Executive Boulevard Rockville, MD. 20852 L Spoeeorisa Orasat.nio. Nuse .od Addree. ~ Washington, D.C. 20204 U.S. Food and Drug Administration 200 "C" Street, S.W. Ab.ena. PB 241 9E e3 pIF on~e October 22, 1974 6. 6. Performinj Orgenizstion w No. TR-72-1552-58 10. Project/T.ek/7ork Vo,r ) 11. Costr.u/Gr.et No. FDA 72-104 ~ 13. Type of Report & Period Covered Final 1920 to 1974 1'L The Scientific lit Literature Review summarizes the available scientific eratur food e from 1920 to 1974 related to the safety of carotenes as a ingredient. Chemical information, biological data, and biochemical a.~ect~of arotlne oare given in a 6 page summary containing 1973 4.1 ~i REF TP 370 Un BIBLIOGRA(•NIC DATA SHEET 1. Repac No. FDABF-GRAS-253 ttee ue SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE REVIEWS ON GF~fE RALLY COGNIZED AS SAFE (GRAS) FOOD INGREDIENT ~S OTENa~ 6 1974 F. Aabee(s) I
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50256 5548 4. ip Casritvnold+r V. 501:i c ~ =n ?'aw `_/o_': Cm".- f3rtRh - 7. lo S ~J:"CHfi 7f P ",,a .... -, 2o L:'La, P.l.^.Ct 3e _ t' :.. ;f:.cnr~e ! 4• C- .._.,___._...r-=.---•- o I o 0 c1 ~; '~ i* 1 :S w
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F, t) U 0 C) 1 0 1,~7.. n . . °'GT ° p3 i?Xfl Tap PUEi : °(a7 0 :.r:`r`v C.7!~ 'JI~Sr1~n~• r,T- LSSS 9SZOS
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50256 5572 I Cnrotenoids•.-Biosynthesis. &-rrreid, ret4r (ea.) pT ' t ~- ^' ~~/: 1~L C'"~.. J : u5c 1963 %'3~ p~ P=rg;~:rion 'Fzeas lork U 1 c) 0 t1 _;~ '? ~ 1i
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50256 5556 Garotanoida. -ii Karrer, P.1ui, 1SSn- Carotenoids, by Pau1 Iinrrer and Ernst Jucker. Tr.,r,.• lated and rew. by Ernest A. Braude. \ew York, E?;evier Pub. Co., 1950. z, 381 p. Illus. 25 cm. Includes bibliographical refereuces. 1. Carotinotds. r. Jucker, Ernst, 1913- ;oint atahor. [QPG71.1,C J ,-,, 612.015-I A 51-7:.5 T Illfnois, tnin. Library 1~ for Library of Cougress ' i52k5i 0 1 0 0 11 0 2 i 1 4 /.
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t Casrti3noia32 v .5, v.~.~ v.!=~., 50256 5549 Fortsclu•iae ~ier Ch~ ~~i1e ~t:,- i Pro lnct~ _ . the chcmi~try of oin iniC nah~r.il pr~~~ i l ~ B'a ~ I :45 F n h. i . lts clumie rI e~er~'erla~`tetr ~n103S-~ ~-~~' t`Iles. 1.-; ~Vien, ,"prin~ n v. illug. 24 rn'• Founded and for some years edited by L. 7.elhmeiater. L Chemistry, Organic-Pertod. r. Zechweister, L:tV1G, ed. QD211.F6 A C 39-lOl;i" 3Linnesotc. Univ. Llbr J L54r54Q2lt for Library of Congress -•- 0 1 tl. 0 il ('1 2 ; I ,.; a
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Q! + Carothwids. 50256 5553 123 Ha by 'J. SCa.,.~rIl•I12sr. V. I9t~i- Sp~ Nst• Yo:k s U 1 0 () ()
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50256 5571 , r ~v ~ 251 A -..-.~--~-•-- ti;&sqtes+catds.•i3i.:synthesis, v. 4, Advan--%as tn orLYc.tic c;h-.::^3sixy2 ceth;.d: Fsd I~- .I?ar tors, Zata;:zcieuce Fc:L.:sYera, vo elanra, 21) cm, -u 1 () 0 r1 17.:1 L; 1~ I
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~ 601 50256 5570 ~ A Car•e±~+~~1d~--Rir~•rit~ as3s T ~-. tl. advAr.crs in er~.-mo!c~;~ e:.3 related sLbjects (.f v. 1- New York, Inter•:,cience Publishers, 1311- v. 111ua 24 cmL Title varies: v. 1-2, Advances In enzymology and related eub;ects. Editors: v. 1- F. F. Nord (with C. Ii. 1`'erkmnn, v, 1-5) Beginning with v. 2, each volume Includes lndez cumulative from . L L Enzymes. t, Nord, Friedrich Franz, 1689- ed. QP601.A1A3 Library of Cocgress i5SrG7b=5t 41-9? 13"
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50256 5569 ttdRaOG'G> Care[e2notd~-~#eode+eta"~r3'-- Ret 0 123 Na 2 c. -u 1 i7 A t1 i 1.~c ~ PI4tl:.':z1 ::r.tiJrl.rj~. .j of Sclence;t UIv.i3+on of Chernistry aad Ch-~~ic31 Tt:.t:r.alo;;p, Co.--mittee oii 3ioio;ical Clem~-stij aPECIFICA:CIC;'S ayN0 CP.ITERYA FOR BI4CHE`iICAL C0.`-TOU`DS, 2ND EDI i'ION 1967 518 ?a;;es National ?ogaarch Council, 2;ationaZ Academp of Scieuces Washingron a .3 j
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` 50256 5543 78 II Ca Cama, Homi R 9 CHANGES THE METABOLISM OF AROTENOIDS AND' ITAMIN A Ui+;DEP DIFFERENT TRESS CONDITIONS Final Report,(Nov. 18, 1971 to Dec. 12, 1976) 91 pp. 9partment of Biochemistry, ndian Institute of Science Bangalore, Karnataka, India v , U1 o 0 n 0 2 ~!2 9
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50ZSS-5s' , ~' . °,_ `. { C'.ARO'~'E,NOIDS BIOSYhT!iESIS/ !CHEtdISTRY, OROANIC--CAROTENOIDS/VITArtIN A./ QP OOD--COLOR5/SYNTFiESIS ORGANIC a Co-editors Huc~ Gtlr%tArtN and ULRicH SOt.StS Chemical Research Department ' F. Hofrmana-La Roche & Co. L td., Basie, S xitzerland t971 '1~~- CT~ ~~' ~i`'' -~ :i `-•~ '~~~ " BYRKHX7JSFR VERLAG HASEt. ' Edited by CYT't`O ISLER ' Chemical Research Department " ``' ' ~l~ `HoRrcYann,L:a Roche & Co. Ltd, Basle, Switzerland '
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50256 5574 Carotennlds--Blosynthssie. ro'> d-;xn, i~. - ~: nxt as ?:i r;7~ '::Z.~ ,i C.?i:"i.`.OL:''.'A3a . .:d Yfi:'2t, ::c, 356 p, 1It :s, 4 cn. Irc1uZ.;s bI51 #oP,raahies, -o 1 nono2 :~ 1 6 o
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• sFcaqauzeoFt.-•apy 0302" Z. V h 0 C! I a
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Qp' 50256 5577 416 Caroter.oid3----Biosynthests. R fiichards, Jaiin a. BZt^5;^.i'if~:SZS CF S1Zti'_13'^3, ACLT'JG'.:Ii4S, by Jo«n H. s::d B. ltendrickaon. hron.iers In chemistry. 1964 416 p. W. A. BQnfecin, Inc. New York O
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~ QD Q«i:a~eviwid~-~~~oayrrrh.csis 341 50256 5576 _A P Pr:.dh...ij .T. B. $IOSY:,':.? ;iTC PAT'?N'i1'S IN $7G: FR FLA:4TS, PS:enolic3 Group Sy-mpo3ilr.a, Pz--czcdin;3, A?til, 1964. ptidham, J.3 and T. SWa4n 1965 212 pagzt Acade:nic Preas London ~ ~ { a 0 i7 (i G -)' :7 iZ , I ]
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r 50256 5578 ' ~ 9icsSmttiesia~')aic~oa; Q3.ha FaunBati.on S,Pp os ~a 8[BSYNtRES:IS CC ?ERPE33E3 _^,,M S=LS. I 1959 311 J. ana A, cburchM JAa. Laralon. . 0 1 il - 0 tj a 2 3 1 ~i 4
Page 573: mfb88d00
50256 5580 usisa G! aDtda~-Clr.~aa t rT a nd 8io ct~ ~zi : i r~, v. .22. Annual review of biochemistry. v. 1- ' ~ 1932-5'I Stanford L'niversity, Calif., Annual reviews, inc. tetc.l 1932- S" ri - ..6 .. dt,igrs. 2;3 em. Editors: 1932- J. M. Luck and others. Vols. 1A 1f1,32-34, were published by Stanford university press. IrnrsES : Vols.1-10,1932-43. 1. Biologlcal chemistry-Yearbooks. 2, phyeloioglcal Yearbooks. L Luck, James Murray, 1899- ed. QP50LA7 ~' ~ 612.015058 Ltbrary of Congress t ja53r43pnt chemistrp- 32--25(1J3 U 1~I Q na 2 5 1 u 6
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QD Carotenoids--Chemistry & Biocnemiscry 50256 5582 441 G :....'.., ....; :.c 1: _.-,...~.~~..,- ...._. .. - - --- n; -..-..-.-~.... --.
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50256 5560 s#oleGlrwce a chemience vyllvy avtMat n 5- TWj_- CC -i S" s.rC . 1OTO ,.~ ~ ( C~'~.~~. 1 !/iiv dusitanu a dusidwnanu sodneho na obsah izarotenoidu a vitaminu A ve vejcich nosnic t G t? ~i~ t?"ce In a trial ss'ith layers we followed the infiuence of graded sodiwn r.itrite (0,6-1,2°J0) E and sodium nitrate (0,6-3 °,'°) lcvels In feed ration upon the quality of eggs froni the viewpoint of cg ; yolic pigmentation and v itwnin A as tvcli as its provitarnin. M conteuts. With scxliuzn nitrite levels (0.6-1,2 a0) total carotenoids in the egg Sol6 decreased on the avcr.~e by G1,1 °.o, the carotene content by 21,4 ~% and the vita- min A content by 1I~~° as against the control group and 11so the egg yield went down con_siderabl,v. The application of :odiuin-nitrate levels (0,6-3%) effccted on 1or~lt the contrsrv an inrro~e^ ..f e~~ ~~ 0 I t~ 0(1 02 :~ 1 4 The influence of rg~~;~,e wd ~t ^te upon the content d y~E~m~~~n o iayers,/~ oiavids ~~ ~ _'
Page 576: mfb88d00
5C1 Carote:',oids--i-i:c-'.erTir--ati°nI v•'+ 50256 5584 Dtethods of biochenucai r.nalysis. v. 1- \ ew York, Interscience Publishers t1954- 1 v. ilh!s., dlagrs. 24 cm. Editor : v. 1- D. Glice. 1. Chewistry, Analytic. 2. riological cbemistry. i. Glick, D::cid, 1908- ed. .1 QD271.-3IIG 543.8 54-7? ;3 Library ot Congress (53k1j 0 1 (l 0 0 G2 :~ 1 7 U
Page 577: mfb88d00
50256 5565 ~ ~"910 , 1 ~_3 EN ~ ~ Carctenc369, v. 10. Rul•.:a.id, Wilhz'im, 1878- ed. I1sndbach der FflanzPnphysiolobie, nrs.g. von W. Ruliland in Gemeinschaft mit E. Ashby tet al.i Berlin, Springer, 1:1b"a 0• 1, s, 3j v, S? i i;k L" 2, i; '? f c" /i' izrf, ! /3 v. I l lust 2$ cm. ~.ntributions In German or English; added t. p.: Encyclopedia of plant physiology. 7ncludes blbliographiea. (bNTeYra.-Bd. 1. Genetinche Grundlar;en phyatologisr.her Vor- glnge, gonstitution der Pflanzenzelle. Bearb. von D. C). Catchesiae, et LL; redigiert von H. Ullrich und H. J. Eogen. Bd. 3. Pflanze und «naser. Bearb. von aI. J. Adrlanl, et al. ; redigiert ' von 0. Stocker. I L Hant physiology. i. Title. n. Title: Encyclopedla ot plant physlology. Q]Ei71LR83 ; 56-3135 rev Library of Congress ' ir57g1, \ { i I o il o ;' -i 1:i I
Page 578: mfb88d00
50256 5585 I II Crtrctenaidar--l-Nitrition effec;j rn. 11 1 Wi2 Witt.mann, Helga WNTElt?liCHUNGi;;t UBER DIE V'EJU.iJDEP.UNG Da; CAROTIN0IDK02•I''rOi:EI+TG:1 VON R;-iODGTCF.UL.'i ItUB?:; I:1 ABHAPiGIGKEIT VON r.RI7r~HRU1GS'..^DIiiGUiI~:E:i : (Changes in carotene of Hhodotor ula rubra depending on conditions cf nutrition.) Photostat from: Arch. rlikrobiol. ZI (No. 4) 373-91 (1957) n -u 1(? 0 Cl Cl . 2 a i i
Page 579: mfb88d00
50256 5566 ~ CHLOROGENIC AE~ZD-Y"t-ESOLRYIN SYSISESIS/VONOIDS--BIOSYNTNBSIS/ ( AROMATIC COMPOUNi)S~--SYNTHESI~CHE"12STRY,CHE"12STRY, (1RGANIC••-RIOSYNTNF.SIS/ i STEROIDS AND STEROLS--BIOSYyTHESIS/I'_AROTE'Q0ID3/TERPENOIDS/ VITAMtNS/ CO'JMARIN--RIOSYNTHESIS/. -ENZYMES/ ; QD 262 We 1980 . THE BIOSYNTHESIS OF AROMATIC COMPOUNDS. ULRICH WIISS Nattonal Institutes of H.altb B.th..da. Maryland i. NucxAEl. EDWARDS Tbe Qni.ersitY of Conn.ctiwt. Stcrrs A Wii.T-Int.rsdsnc. Publication I01QN WILBY & SONS. New York • Chich.st.r • Brisban. • Totonto 0 0 () tl 0 2, a I a1 2 ' • , .,
Page 580: mfb88d00
! Ct rot e^e"Al ~ .. 1 1~ 2240 Uir-+r d_o ~ ~ a ~ Fo2'l••~-T ::.V3r91'.a1; Y,ll ~ .:..,~ J 1~'1 ~I ~~ i1 ~S 1 7 :3 50256 5587 icn vn• i:uiCGAs•b3"a. L ._.. . .,.,..-.._... _> .-_
Page 581: mfb88d00
R 1,1 CLAT± NO. T1._XTB'UUK QP 671 Ba 19£31 50256 5588 Esaunrnfeind,J.C,; CAROTENOIDS AS COLORANTS AND VITAMIN A PRECURSORS. TECHNOLOGICAL AND NUTRITIONAL APPLICATIONS. Food Science & Technology, A Series of Monogrcaph s,VoJ.. 16. AcadeMic Press.New York, NY,81. ISN = 6069 0 1 0 0 t1 02 ~ 1 74
Page 582: mfb88d00
50256 5581 T08ACCQ--ALKALOIDS--BLOCHF.*tISTRY/PLANT BIOCHt;.MI3:'. ~ ALKALOIDS--BIOGENESIS/ISOPRENOIDS/TERPENOIDS/STER4ZITS AND STF.ROG CAROTENOIDS--CHFaiISTRY AND BIOCtiB~MISTRY/QUINONES/Q CHROMANOLS/PKSNoLTC COMP, AMINO ACIDS--PLANTS/CYANOGENIC GLYCOSIDES/GLYCOSIDES/BETALAINS/ LIPIDS--BIOCHEMISTRY/CARBOHYDRATES--PLANTS/ ENCYLCOPEDIA OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, NEW SERIES, VOLiME 8/ 4~S Be 1979 Secondary Plant Products Springer-Verlag Berlin Heide,lberg NewYork 1980 , tl r I.I . ' Edited by E. A. Bell and B.V. Charlwood ~ Contributors B. L. Archer D.V. Banthorpe E. A. Bell B.V. Charhvood ~ E.E.Conn G. B. Fodor T.W. Goodwin D. Groger C. Grunwald J. B. Harborne E. Leete M. Luckner 4oo ~~'I~J.lbrp7 K. Ittothes J. G. Roddick T.A. Smith ~ d oi-_ M. tep'fzen G.A.Thompson,Jr. D.R.Thrclfall : E.w. Undcrhill I . ,
Page 583: mfb88d00
III ~ M09 Carpsate~~ Charles' !': {Jt. Author) 50256 5598 (168) bmy=h, Henry F., Jr. S.Y. FUgT:'.M EXPBKIE4:CE WITH THE RAA',GB FINDING TEST IrJ THE IiiD:;STIiLAL TCaICOLO„^Y i.Afi'JR4TO::Y, by Henry F. Siayth, Jr., and Ctisrles P. Csrp^aater Jour. Iad. HyE. Toxicol. 30, 63-68 (1948) U 1 C1 U t~ 0.~ ~ ~~~
Page 584: mfb88d00
50256 5599 ~III Carpenter; Chiarlei P. (Jt. Author) MF 19 (1961p1q4h, Fiearp F., Jr. S.P. TtiB PLACE OF TIiE RA:?GL ~F'Za'.Ds4v i EST ZN THE II3rU3TUAL TOXICOLOGY LUC2<1IO:tY, hy HeuV7 F. Suyth, Jr., 8na Charle3 P. Crx; i:nte; Jour. Ind. Hyg. Toxicol. ^„5, 2ri9-273 (1944) 0 1 tl o r1 a 2 .; lda s
Page 585: mfb88d00
50256.5590 ~ 1'3 ~ 22;,0 ] C G-irpert, :;obert • Cie ri'eisse K_ette; Ronan der Cigarette. b3unc'nonp WilheLn Heyne,, 1955. 303 p. 23 cm. I - 0 1 i7 a , l ~l 2, J 1 7 u
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50256 5595 Carpenter. Charles Ilalsey. 1J03-• 382 photomicro;raPhs oi 01 papernial,in^ fiiwrs, Charles lI. Carpenter and Laivren~e. Leney. [ Qe.-. ed.) Syracuse, State liniversity of New York, Collece of For- estry,1952. 152 p. illus. 23 cm. (State Lnfreisity of NFw lotk Cn1;,• . of Forestry at Syracuse. Technical publication 74, r. 23, r). l; Pu511shed In 1932 under title: An atlas of papermaki,s3 .7Ltra. 1. Fibers. 2. Yar.ermal;ing and trade. TS110O.C23- 1952 - •Gi 6.1 52- 6?~30 ; Library of Congress -_ 151 °
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50256 5559 AT.KAT.nTnS--r)iF.MTSTPY/AT,K 1T.nTnS--pITARmArnT.nr;Y/STFRnTnS & STF.RnT,S--gTnS'Y";TNFSTS STF.RnTnS 4 STRRnT,S--('1iRMTSTRY/TFRpF.`lnTnS/TFRpF.*IRS--SF.SnUTTFRPR*'FS/ AT.KALninS--SYNTHRSIS/PTr,!4ENTS, '%'ATIIRAT./r.lIF*ATST°Y, nRr,ANIn--SYNTNFSTS/ PYRANS/PYRRM,FS 4 ne'RTVATTVF'S/nitT*TnwFS/nARnTrxnTnS/ptlFVnLS/ NTr(1TINE--QHAR%1A(:nT.nGY/ TSnpRF*TnTnS--RTn ,YtvTnEti15/ yolume 11 VNatural Compounds met Chi~nicu~°." 1 On 117 Ko 1q78 A Critical Survey of Proven Methods and Their Application in Chemistry, Natural Science, and Medicine Editoc-in-Chtef Friedhelm Korte N Contributions from Part 3 Steroids, Terpenes and Alkaloids v/Steroids, Terpenes and Alkaloids Edited by F. Korte and M. Goto M. Ihara, Sendai E. R. H. Joncs, Oxford R. A. N;cotaus, Napia S. No7oe, Scndai S. Shibata. Tokyo P. H. Solomon. New Yo t V. Tbalkr, Oxford R.H. Thomson, Old Abe Yer T. Tokoroyama, Osaka K. Tsukida, Kobe S. Yamamurz, Nagoya C3. Baumann, Giessen T. Kametani, Sendai J.W. Buchler, Aachen T. Kato, Sendai R. Crouch, New York A. Kawaguchi, Sendai A. Gossauer, Braunschweig T. Kawasaki, Fukuoka T. Goto, Nagoya Y. Kitahara. Sendai S. Hayashi, Hiroshima T. Kubota, Osaka Y. Hirata, Nagoya K. Nakanishi, New York ve?rs iislclnc FuUlUllClf JWast;,7rt ICeadcmic Fre<s Ncw York • 1 rn Francisco • London tya t._
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~ III Carp..rter:= Gharics P. (Jt. Author) 50256 5601 ~ Me, 9 (1960syth, iicad;r F., Jr. ~ ._~. ~ S.P. +.?XIDIT: DATA, LIST IV, Sy Henry 'r•. S:.ryth, Jr., Cnarle.$ P. Carpeater_, and Csrroll S. Wail Arch. Ind. Hyg. Occupationsl Med. 4, 119-122 (1931) O ~ I 0 0 ;1 a 2 s 1 3 /
Page 589: mfb88d00
50256 5602 G`arpenlri';I--L'tlarlem F. (Jt. Author) (196%tb, Ecnry r., Jr. S. Y, PX.GE-PT4DItit', TO :iCTTY DATA, L,? S i iT, by Henry F, &,ayih, Jr., Cktarleg P. Carpcutcr, Carroll S. S.'eil, ana UrbEno Co ?ozraAi A.rcb. Iord. Syg. Occupatianal ::ed. 10, 6J.-5 S (1954) . Y ~.r.~,.... ..._ .,. ~ ,_.~.nr T .~, - 0 1 o 0 4'l 0 ~t :~ I da
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50256 5593 4OCIOECONOMIC ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES SERIES/ II MeA1-77 HEALTH COSTS OF AIR POLLUTION DAMAGES S.P. A Study of Hospitalization Costs by Ben H. Carpenter, D.A. LeSourd, James R. Chromy, and Walter D. Bach Research Triangle Institute P.O. Box 12194 Research Triangle Park, N.C. 27709 - Contract No. 68-01-0427 EPA-600/5-77-006 Project Officer February 1977 .1 0 n o '0 1 () Donald G. Gillette Criteria and Special Studies Office U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Health Effects Research Laboratory Research Triangle Park, N.C. 27711 U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY OFFICE OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. HEALTH EFFECTS RESEARCH LABORATORY ~ VES€~IRC TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. 27711 . . ,- ! i : 11
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50256 5603 TA Carrenter=, C.fi. v 183 IncreasiciL rroductioii, decreesin& costs. New Ycrk, E;abineerir.g 2lisbszir.e Co., i9~0. xiii, 432 p. 24 cm. <J u t:'~ 0n 0 ~~ i.3 I
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a . 50256 5573 V.1-6: CIIE•1ISTRY, ORGANIC/SYNTHESIS, ORGANIC/ VOL. 1: HYDRnCARBO,dS/. . ' "/H.ALOGEN COTLp0UiMS/ALCOHOLS/PIIENOLS/ETI(Et?S PEROXIDES/ALDEHYDES/KETONES/QL'INO*JES/ ARiY. LATICITY/CA'tBANIO?;S/CARKOCAT_t)PIS/ VOL. 2 CARBOXYLIC ACIDS/PHOSPHOROUS COkfPOUNDS/PIITRITES/;dTTROSAI4INES/IMINES/NITRO`iES PII1'RILES/ISOCYAtdIDES/AIAINES/.1"tINO ACIDS/: - ' VOL. 3: SELE:VIUM/;'. ._ ,.7/ORGA:IOMETALLIC COMPOUNDS/SULFUR COMPOUNDS, ORCANIC/ ORGANOSILICON COKPOUNDS/}30RON--ORGA*iIC CHEMISTRY/SILICON ORGANIC COCiPOUNDS/ SELENIU`•1 ORGANIC CO*1POU?IDS/TELLURIU I O:tGA.vIC CO`II'OUPIDS/ VOL. 4: AZIN:S;?vRTDINES/AZOLES/?YRIAINI;.S/QL'INOLIN::S/NITROGEN---IiE'PERirCYCLIC CO:J'D OXYGEN--HF.T:.AOCYtiLTG COI•iPOLNDS/SULFUR--IIETEROCYCLIC CO'4POLTIDR/ISO'),UINOLItvES/ VOL. 5: NUCLEIC ACIDS/PROTEINS/A'•fQNO ACIDS/PEPTIDES/CARBOIIYDRATES--CHh:>tISTRY/ LIPIDS--CHE"1ISTRY/LIPIDS--BIOCHEti1ISTRY/BInSYNTHI:SIS/ALttALnIDS--3If)SYI':THEgz S/ VITA1~iIN Bl2 /TERPENOIDS--BIOSYNTHESIS//~ROTENOIDS--BIOSYNTt1ESI~i VITA°tI[v A/ Q~>C Ai1TIBI0TIC5/NUCLEOSIDES/ F'O:tP'IiYRIf;/SHIKIMIC ACIU :dF:T:1DOLITLS/ ~ f1D 251 Co 1979 Volume l e/Stereochemistrv_ Hvd.n~A.h.,n. Edired by 7. F. STODDnf.T f CQI`,~t~REI-~~RSIVE nalo t;ompounds, Oxygen Compounds Ot;GANIC CHEMISTRY uMVF..m a sMErlflLo vowme Z Nitrogen Compounds. Carboxyiic Acids, Edirrd by 1. O. SIriHLRLAND Phosphorus Compounds uvIVIRSnr oe Lnuroac v S l °i"me ~ u phur, Sefenium, Silicon, Boron, The S nthesis and Reactions of Or anic Y g Organomotollic Compounds Compounds Voiume ¢' Heterocyciie Compounds CHAfRMAN /L%u DEPlr1Y Cr(AIk-M-N OF TIC EDrrOk1AL 60ARD 0 DlEK ~LsARTON. F.R.S. a ~ Voiumek Diotogieal Compounds 0 iG] ,t . DAVID ULL7S, F.R.S. Votine d Pormu'e, Sub/ect, Author. v: .keaction, and keagent Wide.es Edi:cd by D. NGVTLLC IOKES / {TTVE/13ny ei y/FJt1EL0 Edired by P. O. SAMMES / na arr a.rvsnrtr. Le.vw Edited by E. ItASLA.%t ~ un:.ism or wsneLn Ediud by C. l. DRAYCON .`
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,1. -PJITS, 3/ 3/CNL0R0PliYLL, Suppl. 3/ CY'f;tUS `>.. ti z Yli0t0S1::"rli'.STS, Suppl• OCliE.`(IS7•7.Y, St±~PSu 1. 3~C,IROTEti01:'S--CII::lISTRY AND B10Ca}`IIST2Y. YIG:-1c.N'fS--BIOSI:;TIIi:SIS, PP Mpl. 3~ , . ..• , _-,-_.~: ~.-...-..~~.:.... S,~-C ~... _" .. _. ,:,TI4~. ~ •~ ~ ,I: ) nr1 I!;a c~: } ra,,,; i ..:-. ., -.:::.. .. ... ar • C0:•:C:'.NTr, ~~AG~)a11 }:1:C(:1'i'1':i ~~:ZI) i~. ^,..,, . '5 F:~C,~ }(ilt H[!`~nN CO:;S:''I?'TI(•:~; B ~c:~~ ~ :u;:~::~C CRI.. .: ~ TE::Pr.r..'U :C FWg--D?2YIi•G/• Tp ' ~` ~ iI, 3.' `~ CE ki IN . YOLiJ?AE 2C 3.973 `'A • "N e`- H ~C I's Ed:rrd by _ TjjE CiiE*1ISTRY 0F PLA23T YIvnNaS, Supp1. 3. (1972) , . } C. 0. Ctnct:esrt`r. 'J~t 1:~~(r't: ~a Founo.!um. lic. t: c v Yak. ~ e o Z'o: @ o~•d khcc't I:t:n3 pnfutnlt7 of );ir4sta,.Fkcdc a::nd . B,1,t. ZSRAY. C%acYn7lr o( Co::!o: 'a &a•i s, Ca li /G.•'. io ' 1913 JICADL• .•SIC rRlaS..' e•• Y:rk and L--cadon AL $ub tidivY ot tit+~c~uaa Dc•ce ~~•af"~ic::, tuS::+~ 0. F. S'1F%lAr?r Univ:psa; o/ Qi:i.• r-li;ora,,;
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50256 5604 C,,arpenter, Frames ~Iis::O.~RPH FGR ,- ..:~~~•~'• t~ura ?iEAS'~~1NG LtNGTH CNARA:- srt of (U.S, ~p~r'tri NL+. 7 : :~ i 1967 14 pa~~cs ,. -(i I a a n a 2 ~; 1 9 0
Page 595: mfb88d00
50256 5605 .101) .(,1 C. A u L' il O r) is..^.Athi>.rc.":321, K. :<+ _~ c.: :A~. v~~~~;:3 uf Pco~ ~Ea AT 'it LCL'~LS. 2. SL LCT,^•,.3 BI::=S'..::;~':S, by K. "nr,nth3r==in, K. J. Cz:peotcr ar.d M. C. :1z:7'•.:cjm I ,3rit. Jour. Nutr. 22 (tio. 2) 199-205 (1968) 0 U 1o 0 o o 2 J 1 4
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i Iol} (1968) 50256 5606 ceroesnt.r, K. J. ~ '~s"1:. a ' iIJZRITTO:~.A2. VAT.,!~f2 OF P3~R Pa^vTEII':S :°Bi) A: ..:!':: 7.c:LS. 2. .idG C-Dt':Mu CP RtTS, by K. J. Carp3nter and K. Ananthsracsaa :rit. Jour. Nutr. 22 (No. 2) 183-197 (May, 1963) 1 ' Z
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I . Jdur. F",jr,n, ~,t f''1 Br _ 2GFiP PROCLCt)INGS OF TISF': it P.S., 2Gd-27th PrAkCH, 1975 ~ 7.5 !_/ fE,1-i.~ ~ A new approicit to the evpl,,ation of the `~ I afety of6fl~ouringf steis K.R. EiUTTFnWORTH', 0AsRPAA,44AV4 I.E. GAUNT, P. GRASSO & A.G. LLOYD The British Industrial Biological Research Association, Woodnti3nsterne Road, Carshalton, Surrey C•.xperiments have been performed which are designed to determine whether it is possible to reduce the amoutit of animal experimentation that is needed to assess the safety of flavauring materials. Many of the flavours are esters which aic :caaily hy.trolysed in riru to th---ir component acids and aicohuls. It is postulated that if the toxicity of e.,ch component is known then it might be possible to extrapolate the results to other esters of a particular serics, with a 0 1 o 0 (1 il 1 t 7 5 50256 5589 groups of ten m31e rats. After 21 days the animals were killed and comparisons of the hepatic effects wcre made. T he lesions wele classified into three typ es according to severity; narne:y periportal cell enlargement, followed by necrosis, and subsequent fibrosis with bile duct hyperplasia. The severities of the hepatic effects from the straight chain esters were similar to those produced by allyl alcohol and were more marked than those fro,n the branched chain oncs. In terms of the number of animals affectcd, there was a positive relationship between the dose of ester ::dn:nistered and the degree of periportal dim ;_a,c. The animals given thee high dose of the straight chain esters exhibited the most extreme lesions and in many instances the effects were so ruarked as to obscure any signs of early damage. '11te results of these in vivo experiments a,e in agrcenrent with the in vitro hydrolysis studies. l he
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NAi'URr'.I. PI~Oll',:CTS/7Si)I'P.)J"IOIDS/STCROIDS AND STf:ROL~--FIOCHI:*fISTRY/ 50256 STMO1RS AND STER(?LS--CHL''.,ISTRY/TRITERPENUIhS/ Ct,Y,('.1TP,hOIDS--Clfi:TlISTRY AND B7OC'tiEMISTf!Y/Si:S(2UITERPEt.E:S/I'L4VOPIOIDS/ AKTf11:ACL'hL''/idA:'IIT1.r1LE?:.r/I:IT'ROGF.I1 CO:D'OLTI;DS/BENZENOIDS/ QD e 416 Sc fir'~t 'E,: ~1 ~ ~ 1973 1 ,~ 2 C. ' 1~~J~i1t~t~l;1iltttlll uw , r( +( i f1*Id U~Gt! PAUl J. SCI;cU~fl , Dtporlrr.tal ojClstmislry Universitj ojffawai! HonoWlr, Nawaii ACMEAiIC PRESS 1973 New York and London /30 5583 0 I() A 1) (J 2 -~ 1 i 9
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50256 5608 CarPentea[-, R. Aua:or) Wi T1• t0 o- :o:;:%ico tu:n ;o:;: .CCo '-irtf•c''c) ... • , R. !S. ':c%;srn and ;t. U. C~rp ~ ~~ :r ':xaas. P,^cr. ';ae:. 5oc. 14_ (:;-:;. 1) (1971) 0 I tl 0 fi ~~.i ~9 4
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50256 5591 " _... ~..~. . . c.~,...-~_-- ....~.,:.,~.. ~; PERIdPICALS-=1NDERE_LGOVER.`ltF::VT PUIiTfICATI7Nt-/ti.S.C_0VER".gNT PUBLJCATIONSf INFORMATION SOURCES•--U.S.GOVEkDSMF.NT/ . Il: DEX TD L.03. EM M. It's'i PE~a ~ PER11102:9L5 1007 I:N Publi~. 1974 Mn Watt.rs. Jr. • . Editor: . Aam CWPs~ - I'S lroJect Consufsant Giiss 5. Robertson. Professor ot k,bran Administration. (JnMnity of 1/{ms Chicago Cuds Campus . . , ,A C0MITUTER-G 'ERATED GUIDE TO SELECTED TITLES BY AUTHOR AND SUBJECT } ~ JANUARY through MARCH 1974 tndaxing servica by EDIT. INCOR°ORATED Mary Russell. Executive Vico President Josn Koepke. Director of Indexing Services Ilssociata Indsx.rs: Eupenia Collins Florence Cromien Mary Davis Roborta Kangilaski fNF©RDATA tNTERNATtDNAi. iNCORPORATED .t ~ P ~ ; CI-3fCAGt~ " ~. r : •~ . R. {T :.
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50256 5597 i f 7 -a-- • . Ltst "'A RLl tl l.:l.....i. . V7C ;. dGC w c,~Rrr•.N-r;:>t, ~',r;t 11. ,, U:,li:~\C) C. Jl:aN A. `> L I., :tl;d JUIiYC11 S. cr.rntgit4fellorl (:1•i{•trsi0•, •1-1G0 Fi;tl, iirr•e:ur, 1'iffsGr•rrh, 1'•i:7f;YjrRr,in 1.`•='13 ~Acut~ Ir,•.ici'p ~nrt i:il:;tir+1 f!.r!:t fnt :'•,r:l :'iiQ co:ai'~ns!r!s :Irc I`rc-,'::tci, (ur ~. t.:crri r;; ~wtciai:~! cr.:rallrf.'1:,! t~ro ~uch. lrlll~ r;tct! iu :~ f, . I J ll"Ar1:.. ~•';1!\ 5711:. l!t<~ cl nn(,•. ~..t fll(il::li'i! i111 ' .. (,~ill 1
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50256 5586 "To=T~i'" TOR6G".~ORA6CO--~-C~ROTEhTf}I•i~SICiIRA:Kft'If}~iitAPt~~C~ANA:LYSIS~.-FOBA ~~ ..s:P.'•. •RJR Cl.ASS-N0.• PAMP}iLET VI To-74 s.p. . (R: J. Reynolds Tobacco Co:, Res. Dep:, Wins[on-Salem, N: C., U. S.) SPECTROPii0T0aETRIC DETER.t4IilATION OF TOTAL CAF.OTFNOIDS IN CURED A.Vf) CREGN TOBACCO LEAVES. ` • Tobacco Checn. Res. Conf., parer, ,Raleigh,.N. C. (Oct. 28-30, 1974) (in... English) *'Note affiliation* *Keywords:* a-carotene, cured, constituent; . `, cured;; consti•tu.etnt; ±, , .. ,:... _ .. . .'1 _B carotetle, , gXe.en.• ;.~ons~itue.nt';.'. . cryproxantnin, curea, consclEucnc; ' =1uCeiit; cured; confititueri[;-' lutein-5,6-epoxide, green, constituent; peoxanthin•; ,green,,. ~onstitucnt violaxanthin, fircen, cotistitucnt; "" ze'axanthin. 'ccred, constituent.' ''' .. .~ 75~. ~ . . . ~..,•,. , o. 19, ta ,,.,... ..,,. . . ~ ' ... . . . . ~ . . - . ~ .. . . . ' . . . .. :.~'_ ~i t .. . . . ~~ ~ ---' • -- - _ . _ ....'' . `.
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50256 5594 XXII MeB7-75 S.P. 4. T/TlE ANO SU6Tn Lc Vinyl Chloride--An Eisses©inent of k:mission3 • Control Techniques and Coste ~ PB 237 343 ~ --- - E. pc.oar oATE Seraember 1974 ."EF"Itp.odur.d by t NATIONAL TECIiNICAL lNFORF4ATtON SERV I E C #aT wo '7. AUINORl6t •IEpA_650/2-74-097_ • "Ea' ' U S Oap.nment ol Comma/e~ r. SprinCf~dd VA 72151 fl_en_H._..arG_ente_r_ ---- --- _ . i.ICaFOnr~U•O GaG NNIZAT/ON f.Ar,Ak AND ADDRESS 10.1hOOkAM kLC/AENT h0. Research Triangle Institute P.O. Box 12194 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 1AB015; ROAP 21.':U`: -003 HTCoNTAX ' tA H6- 68-02-1325 ( T &sk 17) '~tr~ 13.TYYE OF Rfr6RT AND YEhIOD COVEREO 12. SrOtiSOpING AGENCY NA/AE AND ADDRESS ~ ~~ 4 C 4 i~/ l ~ - 7 Fina11 7 , /•H' PA, Oifice of Research and D.~velonment V 11.5>•ONSORI/aj AGENCY CGDi L NERC-RTP, Control S`~jstems Laboratory Research Triangle Par'•c, NC 27711 J " A`~' A The report gives resulia of a survey of conceptual techniques applicable to vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) emiacion reduction riith respect to VC monomer and polymer production. VCM emission pointp have been identified and qu?.ntified for four ty7~s of monomer plants--hydrochlor Snctior. of acetylene, chlorination/o:rychl- o ination of ethylene wtith~oxygen an~~j da,h~ drochlorinatio:~, and direct chlorination ~p{F~~}e~ uprit~tai~--tir~dl~ur tvTne nf nnlvmrtr rnanutarturp--nus-
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50256 5610 I 'II To. 1T5 6 vtCS"i,Tll1T'~+ • ~~oL10.~'~r~ CArpenter, "Jobart and Robqr t: The d eterminati.on of menthol in cigar/ ette fi11-r. .:, u~ C cc :,i; . ' -'3d 'Y'3C~..~. = v ~-- ~- -- ~ ~ ~~~ 0 tl t~ ;~ 5 I') ~
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! 50256 5613 i FLUIDIZED BED OMBUSTICN EMISSIONS TOXICOLOGY PROGRAM I I MeAj-$Q STATUS REPORT OCTOBER 1979 S • P • Category: Edited by , R. E. Cirqlater '4 Vinhalation Toxicology Research Institute lovelace Biomedical and Environmental Research Institute P. 0. Box $890, Albuquerque, NM 8711S : October 1979 ~<U LF-74 UC-48 E~ 1~~ 0+3 A 2~ i 9 y
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p 6 1 C:? 0 u 0 0 1 0 y... _._...... lZ '~d-e•c;~) Eb sazsas- :n',b: 4a ' .2FjJ Z6-grr Aq L'd, -ane TeQ ~ Z l9S 95ZOS ',~F `aaaQo~ `aa7~aal~sZ si a'
Page 607: mfb88d00
. :.~. _ ._ . 1 . . ~./ / ,a -- ON UI% 6A %D Ln N 0 6A r , u .c-~...T,..~...--- V VI~•I~'K,--~.' I . . :~U ~...._.. ~,_-,.........t . r[~ . ~ a. • List ~1' T ~~x~~eL~~~ 1~a~~.'i.rl.}r l~'iiCcl. H1:\RY F. S~1'i"Tli, JR., Pn.ll., CIlAR1.FS P. CAltrr:\TER, 1'h.n., CARROL S. WEIL, M.A., \( C, :usd JE:1N. A. 51'R1EGC1., 13S. URllA\O (,. . . , , Jlfellwr In~titute of Industriaf Xcsrarch, Pitbburgh, T'tnrsyh'artia Q A table prescn.s acutc to.icity and i:ritation data ou n.ore than 300 compnunds, accuntula!cu in a contiuuing progract for ccrccnin; potcntial coiniucrci:rl products. Thc s'.+:tdardizcd cxt?csiiucutal rnctlio.Sb are dc.scsibcd. L -7.,, 0 ~ c1 Q I~ a :4 J 1 3 2
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' III Carpontef"'q Chlrl4s tt- (JC., duthor) 50256 5600 Me9 (1968~ S.P. ' ° I B~A.yOE-7 IP.DING TQ_ .?CITY DAiA, LI3T 111. by Hanry F. Fnqth, Jr., Chsrlee P. Carpenter, and Gsrrol3, S. Uail Jour. Ind. Hyg. ToxtCol. 31, 60-62 (1949) , 1 I i ' 0 1 !1 0o o 2 ~i 1 {3 4
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Page 610: mfb88d00
50256 5609 V a Ci3I'pPTlte:', R. a. , jt. author `.•:..rtin, '1. J., ;nd _ 1~ . ~.. . i;e Dcterrrlnntior. of G1ycerol in u ~ ~,ono;ti
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50256 5615 wssrw.~, d. w4..,AuCt2or) Diagmism, Warren tirxr,t, 1.05- The tictrk side of the :imrlrtpl:zcc; tLe pli;_ht of tlie American consumer t1,_„ Warren G. JLagnuson mtd Jk-sn C;trpe,. 1•:n;;lewooci C1iffs, 'N. J., Preutice-1I111 (1968, =v. 240 p. 2.~, cm. 23ibliography : p. 217-227. 1. Consumer protert!oo-U. S. r, Carper. Jean, joint author. Ir. Titie. 1IC110.C63128 G-10.73 tiJ-_'u:',IiJ Library of Contirrss isi - G i t~ U il ~3 2 ~:Z
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Page 613: mfb88d00
50256 5622 Carr. I2onild garAn, 1 ~.K.13- '1'he brcath of life ibSt Donald E. Carr. tLt ed., 1Nw York, `+orton ;1965; 17ap. 22cm. 1. Air-Pollution. L Title. TDSS3.C35 628.5 64-23574 Library of Congress ~ X4?1i - 0 1 11l 0 11 0 2 `3 2 0 6
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50256 5568 QK 861 St BOTANICAL CHEMISTRY, V.4--8/STEROIDS & STEROLS--BIOSYNTHESIS, V. 4/ v.4 TERPENOIDS--BIOCHEMISTRY, V.4/CAROTENOIDS--BIOCHEMISTRY, V. 4/FATTY ACIDS--BIOSYNTHESI PHOSPHOLIPIDS,V.4/TOBACCO--AMINO ACIDS,V. 5/TOBACCO--TISSUE CULTURE,V.6,7/ TOBACCO--DISEASES & PESTS--VIRUSES, ~I.q/NUCLEIC ACIDS--BIOCHEMISTRY, V. 6/ LIGNINS,V. 7/FLAVONOIDS,V.1/ALKALOIDS=-METABOLISM,V.7/QUINONES,V.7/GLYCOSICES,V.7/ NATURAL PRODUCTS, V. 1/PLANTS--PHOTOSYNTHESIS,V. 8/ THE BIOCHEMISTRY OF PLANTS, A COMPREHENSIVE TREATISE Volume 4 oI.ipids: Struclure and Function (t990 ~ P. K. Stwmpj. 6ditur ,Volwme J-~Amino Acids and Derlvativa (1490) B. l.~fiJlin, Ftlitur Volume 64rotelns and Nucleic Acids 198 1) F. K. Stumpf and E. E. Cooa EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics University of California Davis, California .~ Vulwme 7 ndfry Plant Products ~ lq$ () E. E.,f'unn, Editor Vulwme 8~olosy thes[s C199 1 M. D/Iatch and N. K.~uardman, 6dirors o - 'ACA 0EIf~IC P R E SS Abr hamAsanws, Editor .1 .eiYr•::d:.:>7 YI '~'~areM~11
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50256 5623 Carr,F. IA ; RJll N0. TLArbOt.,K fi;?1;j [;a 1qtsi ESS1=NTIAL:i OF THE PATI=NT. Patunt Inf'orMation, Tnc_..Chapel Hill, N. L'. 27514.81. ISN 6099 0 I ~ 0 n 0 2a- 2 0 9
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50256 5624 Carr,F. K.-P RJR CLASS NO, TEXTBOOK T215 Ca 1982 SEARCHING PATENT DOCUMENTS; FOR PATENTABILITY AND INFORMATION. We should receive the discounted price of $50.00 for the two boolcs, Pate+nt InforMation, Inr_ ,,(:h,.~pel Hill, N. C. 2%514.02. ISN = 6100 0 1 ~ 0 0 a 2 -1' 2 1 U
Page 617: mfb88d00
50256 5618 1AL 150~- ~ ht' iil'ant-, Jchn ~ ~ 1'he pharmacolo;,-;ic priuci;>lt~s Of !;lrclical pactice; a toxt- boolc on pharmncc,lo,gy anii tl:crapeLt:cs fur i,iecliri, ~-tu ~ dents, physicians, and the members of the I,rofcs;ions allie'l to medicine, by Johz. C. Krantz anci C. Jcllca Carr. -lti1 ca. ~ Baltimore, ~;'illiams.C Wilkins, 1958. 1313 p. Illus. 24 cm. 1. Therapeutfes. 2. Pharmacology. r. Carr, Ch,irles 1910- joint author. ir. Title. RJi10LIi i 9 1958 Library of Cuu9ress ~ 615 5S-65G5 + 13"S'11JJ 0 10 0 i1 U;Z ~ 2 t~ ~1
Page 618: mfb88d00
50256 5616 ~ . ~ ~ 217 r CarT,ovvi.chf 1'uqens A,- RUSS rAN--E,NGLtSft BI4LQO:ICAL AND MEtiI'CAL, DiCT TOPINQK . 19S8 400 r Technical Dict•iona.ries Co., pew Xork 2 10 2
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50256 5607 I ., MeA7-78 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PA•!PHLET I-?leA7-78 s.p. Po;eford, N. R. ; r.erpenteY;''-P: 3: "t mperial Tobacco Ltd., Gt. Brit.) ANALYTICAL APPROACH TO lMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT AND PARTICIPATION. Pers. *Note AN Rev. 7 (No. 2)11-17 (1978) (in English) affiliation* This article describes an analytical approach which has been ~ developed by two practi.ing Personnel 1`tanagers in industry. ~ to achieve the following objectives: - j I To describe and analyse the scope of the term 'em- 1' ployee invoh.ment'. ` - ( 2 -To define and clarify terms and expressions which have ' been used in public debate on this subject, often indis- { criminatcly. 7 3- To establish the interrelationships between the various forms of participation discussed and practised, particu- . . • larly in the UK. ~ The structure resulting fiom this analysis appears, in addi- ~~ tion, to offer the following facilities: _ ~ -- ----- - - 0 ~[l.0 fl 0 2 S 19 3
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{ 50256 5617 , r~;~r$tna Tt~,ag 29u5 ~25-17 ~z:t. :::.~t,~> -, ; ~ ~ , Q - Q 1 (1 0.l i) 1.i 2 i:i J
Page 621: mfb88d00
.w& -4 A4.v C$rpent.er, , R. D. ; :I t• s' u~•'•w`-' 50256 5611 Poindexter, E. H., Jr. THE I3GL:TIC'_: GF ~LLn;Ir~I:E 6AID I~:. Ii,OI•1 TOBisCCO AtID CIGkRETTE S2:CKE, by E. H. Poindexter, Jr. and Ft. D. Carpenter. Reprint frcan: Phytocherdstry 1_, pp. 2].5-221. (1962)
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VI I I- 3: M: °'° Cverr; - j t. suth or J°2 ' 50256 5625 (1969) .tch"'.solt, ~'. N. .LL"Ia::&TZC 07 E:tIGIiT LEA.~? TO'Jt.CCOf by V. II. Jc.b=son s..d J. H. CitT. (N. C. Stct® Gaiv. Tchacco Lwprint Sorias I:o. 262) F.eprint fzcrjs Tobe-ccO (i7.S.) 1~7 ~t:o. 14) 25-29 (Tobacco Sci. XZ, 181-1II~5~) (1S58) n 0 1i i 0 t1 a 2 -,1' 2 1 1
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50256 5630 j:.... .:.. .. ,vrv.. .) Li l. L f-uLLJLAN/LEVAN/PROTEOGLYCAN/HYALURONIC ACID/NEPARIN/CARRAGEENANS/ DEXTRAN/AMYLOSE/STARCH--ANALYSIS(affinity chromatography)/ 0, D 321 Am 1981 alution Properties of f'olysaccharides ~ David A. Brant, EDiTOR . Uniti~ersiry of California VA C S S Y M P O S I U M S E R i E s150 Based on a symposium AM[2ICAN CHEMICAL fOCIlTT WAlNINOTON, 0. C. 1981 t 0 i Q Q o t1 :~ a 2 1 6 sponsored by the Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry at the 179th Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Houston, Texas, March 24-27, 1980. N I
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4 RC 280 Co 1977 -. I -a 50256 5621 . .1~ ~ r LUhGS--CANCER--TREATTSE\'T/SMOKING & HEALTH/ E. TOBACCO--S`tOnING--HEALTH EFFECT/ i LEVNIG WETr i LUNG CANCi R A Rererence Book for People With Luna Cancnr anei Their Farni:ias Written by Barbara G. Cox, B.S. In collaboration with David T. Carr, M.[j, and Robert E. Lee, M.D. (Uustrated by John W. Desley Sponsored by the Cancer Rehabititation Procaram Mayo Comprehensive Cancer Center Under Contr:.i.:t CN 45120 G From the Natiorral Cancer lnatitute 0 ! n o n tl 2 1 2 tl 1 r ~. i f
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'' T i 653 G1 ' ZiZ~.c~'3Ta322~ i:nrt~n F~)J GU`t TEC::.';')LCV IN Ts'.E ItcDJSTRY ;: ac-d Science and Tech-aolo,y) 50256 5635 590 Pases _caaemic Press tiew York I ,.: ~.._~-.,. .,-~..-..-...,~..---.-.-,:... _... 0 1 -l Q nLa 2 ~ 2 a 1
Page 626: mfb88d00
r t E 7 IZ: F < U U d U 1 0 - --..- _- .- C3 (U-1t 'Gi Yt-xeV) •ii.•9,', (9r •CV) 95i (•.c,' 'fl) o0aeqcy sut SL•L9 `L ';45 'qvd, smxi..z3 autsdoy ~ 'Ihi •0td t ` ~±qf.-'1 `t° 'f pug x-lE"J 'f 04ZIRm '+J' 'x 'r Iq 3"l 3va"I . -7-y *r 6fltescsi L •31c3 •'r ..i.w •t. s=.TR, -------* -- t _-.Mwf,a--v -: Stqy I I,1 I 9Z9S 9SZOS
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50256 5627 ~ s l ; I 1 12 THE POPCORN MERCHANDISER I~ s ~ 80 II Po ~~. o 6.~ -1 a POPCORN DRYING ~~9~4i: Bt A. II. CAAA 0 I a 0 a 0 2 Hesa Warming & V.atilatiaQ Co. Fifty years ago most popcorn was a small ear, small berry variety that matured nicely in the average grow- ing season in the corn belt. Recently there has been introduced sevcral hybrid varieties all of which are large eared, soft berried and having the advantages of a greater yield per acre and far greater popping volume. Unfortunately it is a semi- tropical plant requiring about a third more time to mature. There just isn't time in our climate for it to fully mature so it comes from the field, with a high moisture that makes it unsafe to store unless air can freely circulate around it. Ripeii- g~or is' drying process and '~wh8!! n~ur doesn't have time, we must take over and finish the job. some was ov:r dri:d which ra havoc with the popping volume. In the proven method of artifi drying the corn is picked when ture and shelled at moisture of 20 22''h. If the moisture is greater corn must be dried on the cob to proper moisture for shelling or can be shelled at high moisture frozen. The shelled corn can be through the drier one, two or t times until tests indicate the des moisture point has been reached. too much moisture is removed one time the shrinking of the h will set up a strain that results cracks or checks in the hull. will permit steam to escape there will be little or no popping.7, guard against this when drying v moist popcorn the safe method is remove only part of the moist
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50256 5634 QP 701 Am 1975 /CARltAGEF.NAN/ ALGINATES/ CAI'.BOHYDRA'rE--I•+.ETABCiLiS1i; SL'GAI:S/ /FRUCTOSE/ MALTOSE/ OLIGOSACCItARIDF.S/ LACTOSE/ FOLYSACCI111RIDES/ Physiological Effects of Food Carbohydrates Allene Jcanes and John Hodge, Editors A symposium co-sponsored by the Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry and the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry at the 168th Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Atlantic City, N. J., Sept. 11-12, 197 4. qACS SYMPOSIUM SERIES .. A M E R 1 C A N C H E M 1 C A L S O C 1 E T Y 0 WASHINGTON, 0. C. 197! t~ 0 0 0 --;2 a-. 2 2 c~ 15
Page 629: mfb88d00
50256 5636 COUMARINS/CIInLESTF,ROL/CARRAGEENAN*RESF.RPINE/AFLATOXINS/ANTIBIOTICSI SAFROLE, ISOSAFROLE, & DIHYDP.nSAFROLE/TAN2JINS/ALKALOInS--TOXICITIES/ PYRROLI?.IDINE ALKALOIDS/ CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/ , RC 267 In 1976 IABC MDNOCRAPHS CN ZI-IE LVAIIJATIC+N OF THE CARCIIJC)GENIC RISK CF CIEKQCAIS 70 MN: -Sane naturally occurring substances Voltmie 10 Ztiis publication represents the views of an IARC Working Group on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chesmicals to Man %4dch met in Lyon, 7-13 Cctaber 1975 0 I c) Q r1 c) a 3 22. 2
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i 50256 5639 Wt,istler, Roy Lester (ed.) Z?-C;',=,TRT-AL GLNS, Yolysaccr.n ric'_es and th;:ir derivati•res, by Whistler, Roy Lester aad James N. Ee.tiSiller. 1959 766 pp. Academic Press New York . C I ij 0 irl 0 2 :? 22 6
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Page 632: mfb88d00
. i )256 5632 ISHEET ~ I'D1./BF-77/1O1. ~ _ c a Ju a e vow., • • u Evaluation of the Health Aspects ofTCurageenari'as XX MeC -77 Food Ingredient. ~ % "~ S.P. Fy, Author(s) a 9. Pcrformin (h~anization Nam- anJ AJJr.•ss Life ~Sciences Research Office Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 9650 Rockville Pike Bethesda, Maryland 20014 Iy Sponsorina Orasnizacion Name and Address 0 levels of use. . or projected of the safety of carrageenan, when used in food'at present nt evaluatiort Committee on GRAS Substances (SCOGS), provides an independe the Select This report, by a group of qualified scientists designated Food and Drug Administration 200 "C't Street, S.W. ~ Washington, D. C. 20204 (l o n o z a z 1 8 ~_ . s: Rr:p,it Dao June 1973 a 8. hN/orminK (kprnic.rtwn N. N.~• SCOCS-6 10. /'rujc. t! t a.l~ ~l'orl 1'int \~~. ~ 1. ( ontr.ct/<•rint Nu. FDA 72-85 o/ rieyort R 1'erirxl 13. Type ovcrc G J Final-1920 to date Ir.
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/ ~7t~C4 ~' Z.~/r~'t = ~CL~' ~:~C.~L ~ < ~~°''" ~ ( 7) f " fj .. - ~ 1io/- //// - fj"-S1b 7,3 Chunical Engineering Science. 1971. Vol. 26. pp. 1101-111 I. Pergamon Press Printed in Great Britain. 0 Study of dynamic behaviour of chemical plants by digital simulation A. BRAhIBILLAt. A. CARRACCIOLO DI FORINO _t. CELATI. J. H. KARDASZ and G. NARDINIt Istituto di Elaborazione dell'Informazione, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. Pisa. Italy (Received 13 July 1970) Abstract-The paper contains a classification and solution of the pariial differential equations derised from one dimen.ional model-, of device, w.xl.ing, in a chemical plant in unsteady state. It is shown that..+hen the flow rate::+nd the hold-ups are constant along an spparatus. the syaem of partial differential equations churacterisinc the device is hyperbolie, and that in this case, the arising difference equatiun, in e xFliciy 'rrm are I ncar in the new vaiues of the unknow n,. ( ~ ~n e~~m;~'c~of t~ ct1tqiL ta ot ~he r.~mic behas iour of a plant including temperatures and cum- pSsttions controh ts Fi. en as an arpl:cauor.. - I
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50256 5644 73 XI Fo1-82 S.P. ISN = 163 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 73 XI Fol-82 s.p. Carrdras Rothnans.'r'Gt. E+rit. . ROTHMANS DRAWS UP ADS THREAT PLAN IN GREAT BRITAIN , Carreras RothMans. news release, Gt. Brit.. 81, (IN : ENG,> * ABSTR. IN : CaMpaign. Y. 4. 810911. The growing likelihood of an eventual total ban on cigarette advertising has proMpted Carreras RothMans to appoint the sale! proMotions agency IMP to handle all of its UK brands below the line. Carreras intends to establish new ways of Marketinca cigarettes before a total ban is iMposed.... 2 :3 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 2
Page 635: mfb88d00
.. ... . _ . .~, ~w.~ _. 50256 5631 r I. 0 i G 010 0 -'J. ~ . / 1.-./ "'l~ . V ~~ AND THL I R. rI SES V. J. Ch.«P.i-ma ; M.A., ]) h.D. (cancab.), F.L.S. Yrojcsrcr of Ro:urty, ~1ucl:fau~! U:rivcrsity EDITION Ri 1J•; T17.YL li ',Iti ~ Co. LTD. ; I 1:. ~~ l ettc: L~~~c T.ondon ]:C' ~ ~~ 2 I
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50256 5633 XX MeF- -213-81 •IbL1OGRAINIC DATA 1• RePon No. t P .~.~.~ .~ B ~E i~1EET tDA ,-GRAS-006 GG1. G ue• ue !KeponUarc GRAS ENERALLY RECOGNIZED AS SAlE) Au ust 1972 TOOD INGREDiENTS rtagetnan 4 •• .~i 7. Aruhor(*) aNurlaroinr; Orp~ni..atinn ke~ . Vcrl.rtnb.f l>,R.er..aioe N..rAnd AJJre.. 10. 1'rnlecrilr.4/lbrt Unh 1, TR-72-1552-03 Intor111atica Inc. 11. t~uutrr~r/l.r.M Nn, 6000 Executive Boulevard R ckvi e llar a d 20852 FDA 72-104 1=. SpmrsurinR Ckttanisstioe Name and Address 13. Typt ol Kepun & F'eriu.! U.S. Food and Drug Administration eo.ered 200 "C" Street, S. W. Final - 1920 to 197 Washington, D. C. 20204 14. 1S. Suppkweauy Note. 16. Absv.cr,. The~s report suumarises the available scientific literature from 1920 to 1972, related to the "safety" of Qarrageenan as a food ingredient. Chemical information biological data, and biochemical aspects of carrapteenan are given in a 68 page atm>mary containing over 400 references. 0 .a J 2 ! 9
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` Improved Geranium Branching with ~ ~6 ~'-~-zGrowth Regulator Spray// W. J. Carpenter and W. H. Carlsont Michigan State University, East Lansing AistrQet. Foliar sprays of (24Naoethyl)phosphonic acid (ethephon), 6-beasylamino purine (BA). and 6-(tiesii y l a m i n o)-9 -( 2•te trahyd ropyran-yl ). 9tlpmioe (PBA) significantly increased the brsndrnf ot pinched 'Dark Red lrene' ~ gcraaria (Pclargortirun hortonint Bailey). Spraying pinched plants with 2,3.5-triiodobenzoic acid (TIBA) and nelaioeetic acid (lAA) frequently increased Oie iraech no. over pinched but untreated rbnts >tammum stimulation of branching of piacbed plants occurred from growth se3.61or sprays at the time of pinching. fd.epNon and sp ys si~nificantly delayed ;~- r, 0 n _o recorded S weeks after pinching as well as days from pinching to opening the first floret on the first inflorescence. In trial 2, rooted cuttings of 'Dark Red Irene' were potted Feb. 3, 1971 and plants were pinched March 4 and sprays were applied either Feb. 18, March 4, or 18. Trial 2 was identical to trial 1 in all other respects. Growth regulator sprays of ethephon, BA, PBA and TIBA applied at pinching, fnduced more branches > 7.5 cm than treatment applied 2 weeks Offorr, or weeks after pinching, while 1~ieataknt, ~wjOrs 6)fore rinchinFt had 50256 5614 - pinching or 2 weeks before, as ./ compared to untreated pin~hed on~`~ nonpinched plants. TIBA sprays generally increased branching 2.5-7.5 cm over nonsprayed pinched plants, but had no effect on branching > 7.5 cm. IAA sprays did not increase branching over pinched but untreated plants. Untreated pinched plants had ai=ttificantly more branches > 7.5 cm than nonpinched plants, but had similar branching 2.5-7.5 cm. Both ethephon and BA sprays delayed geranium flowering (Table 2), at all 3 application dates with the greatest delay with BA treatment 2 weeks before pinching and ethephon sprays at pinching or 2 weeks after pinching. Our results indicate that ethephon, BA, PBA and frequently TIBA greatly promote the lateral branching of geranium and significantly increase branching > 7.5 cm, a potential source of terminal cuttings. Sprays of these growth regulating chemicals at pinching may be valuable in commercial •• •w
Page 638: mfb88d00
50256 5640 (Fa ~&/ -4n, i sSo - 3 ~. RJR CLASS NO. TEXTb00K QD 281 AM 1980 Arc her CarrahQr,C'`.E'.,"Jr-t (ed.); Tsuda,M. (ed.); MODIFICATION OF POLYMERS. American Chemical Society. Division of Organic Coatings & Plastics.ACS/CSJ CheMical Congress.Honolulu, Hawaii.79, American Chemical Society Symposium Series,1?1. American Chemical Society,Wasington, DC.80.(IN : ENG,) ISN = 641 ic . 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 5- 2 2 0
Page 639: mfb88d00
73 XI Fo- il CIGARF.TI:S--GY.EAT rRITAIN/GP.EAT TiCITAI..--TV1~ACCO/ 50256 5646 RJR CLASS X0. PA?Lt'HiET 73 XI Fol-74 s.p. Confectioner Tobacconist tiewsagent CARp4.RAS BGTU;•tA::S - A S?A;;IA?.a AND A P.L'SSIAN STARTED IT A?.L. IN 19TEi, t CENTURY LO::DOY... Confectioner Tobacconist tiewsagent 1974, 10 (Jan. 25, 1974) (in English) ~ ~ *1974, No. 7, W 2613* *d* Tobacco economics:
Page 640: mfb88d00
50256 5650 Ca rr:i l. i.~. Ca+:3'SoY, %~ `~.T ;.~. li 1953 --t- -f-It -- 2?`1 F- -..3 ~ Pic;~r•t z o;, ic I+1 0 0 17 2i 2 .1 0'
Page 641: mfb88d00
50256 5643 TOBACCO--GREAT BRITAIN/ XI Me -79 S.P. : ~-RJR CLASS N0. PhA1PlILET XI Me2-7`Q s.p. 2 Rossum. R. V. (Carreras Rothmans, Gt. Brit. ) . . - - - - .& t GREAT TOBACCO SUBSTITUTE DISASTER IN GREAT BRITAIN. , Carreras Rothmans, (Rossum; R. V.) News Release, Gt. Brit. (1978) (in *Abstr in Grocer (London) 1978, p..66-6_9 (Sept. 16, 1978)* ~~ - - - ~ - . . -- ~ ` ~ ~ ONE of the g _reatast ~ ' failures of all time was I'the tobacco substitute ~i launch, which vvas fill- i ed with paradoxes and t selling contradictions. ~ An analysis of this ma5give fiasco is I ~~iven here,~~ v~ a o n n 2 ~ 2 > 9
Page 642: mfb88d00
C1 80 I I P o ,...t a m .,,-~.a .4*,,.,,- .. s r , Proc. Indiana Academy Sci: 261-69 (1920 ~~ !~ R.It`t`lliis-qnd }:. F. Itiri.tim, Purdue Unfveratty. "What puts the 'pop' In pop cornt" iM a question which Is often ioked about and one which ReemR never to have lbeen considered seriously enough to lead to any investiRation. Some think the Rubject Is not worth study while others look upon It as one of the myKteries of nature which can never be unfolded and (o them It i« In the same class as the qnestiori, "Why Is the grass green"? Pop corn has been a very popular food from rery early times and is becoming more common an Improved methods of preparation render it more and more appetiaing. ~ t Tlleories of Popplxy . ~ I The writer formerly was led to think the canse and degree of popping was in proportion to the hygroacopic water contained In the corn when heated, but a little investigation convinees one that popping Is quite Independent of ;lJ.G 1 `'r J
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50256 5653 SERVICE D'I;'CPLOITATIO~t IAOUSTRtEi.LE DF..S TARACS ET DES ALT.U'fETTF.S/ I 76 :CI Re-79 S.P. RJR CLASS :;cl. 1'?„1'IiLET 76 XI Re-79 S.P. Catri6r&;" SA *(SEITA, 1'aris, France) THE IIEALTH COwTR0v1:RSY OVER TOBACCO AS Sla::i RY THE FP.i:"Ci[ T013ACCn :]O:]OP01: f . "Norbre dr. Francais fum^nt exap,er.omnt et ri;el." Part 1& 2, (in Freach, with cor.il+lete P.n'-1ish translntion)(,1une 30, 1979)* I'rance-Soir, 1M, (June 3,), 1979)* 0 I~ 4 n~0 2 `~ 2 s y
Page 644: mfb88d00
1 50256 5592 i CPA 70-135 I. ~1wn.orr,tR prlt.nizrtinn \.rne .nJ Ad.lresa 13. 1 ~I a• vf Krpw~ te {'cr.~,! c.'~rrr~ Air Pollution Control Office Enviro;u*entai Yrotection Agency Final __Rescarch Triangle Park, `'orth C3rolina 27711 t, ...ccr t 1 .1(•!J'rl(!tl 1 ulr . ..T ~•i,i~ - ~~ 4. .r . P..•p «: tr S 1~ Yrcvalencr•e of Chronic Respiratory Diseasc in Chattanooga: ` June 25, 1971 Effects of Cor.munity Fxpesure to litrogen O:cides 6 VI Re9-80 S.p, . , 7. ~~lp,rt.l R {~ t} r~+ 4 . ennC i Pv e t 8. I•orlurmIn~ IRg.1niiai.~n Hrrt. Ponald ld. Jackson N °• 1. 1'crf.YmrnK thK.rn~z.rua,n .a.1 .1J•!rrss 10. 1'rolr'~t I+•k, Itwk :nit N.. Statistics fiesearch Division Research Triangle Institute il. c ontr.,e t,r.nt NO. Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711 The prevalence of chronic respiratory illness among 3,500 parents of hign school students was studied in Chzttanoofa during the last quarter of 1970. Data were obtained from parents of students in four senior high schools, the neighborhoods of which had an exposure gradicnt to atrespheric nitrogen dioxide. The smoking habits of respondents were measured by the usual questionnaire techniques anu by carbon ronoxide concentrations in alveolar breath saaples. Lung function was measured by one second forced exoiratory volume (FEV) tests. Chronic respiratory illness was classified using a seven scale Neverity rating. [ireat?t carbon monoxide levels were correlated with snokinA habits, FEV ar,d severity rating of chronic respiratory illness. FEV tent rL,,,lts, corrected for IIe1Cht, age, sex, race, and CO, were significantly lower amor.y, sample parents living in the hiFh-nitrogen dioxide exposure area. Residents of that area did not show a significantly higher prevalectce of chronic respiratory illness.• d 11 lx " 17 M `y~ ~.~Ic~: K~t~ r a ~u di.rte ' S.okin i t/br; , g,( Cornunities • Lung / _' ~ ~+--.---..~- - . . - R.+ent rarinn . Il
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, 50256 5647 QA 76 Ca . 1979 COMPUTERS AND INSTRUMENTATION 0 , . ! i '4 ~ ~pyS 1 0-1 tl d tt.0 2 S 2;~~ S ~ ., A Practical Handbook of Measurement, Inte~facing and ControliCircuits ALM CARRIC:g ~ Zratoe Sdenti6c Instruments Ltd. Manchester. UIC HEYOEtd LoMOo. • r,c.R:.t.tFa:w • ,utUM 1
Page 646: mfb88d00
50256 5658 SPECTROSCOPY/CHEMISTRY--COMPUTERS/SPECTROPHOTOMf:TRY/ FOURIEIw'TRAN'SFORTI SPECTROSCOPY/MASS' SPECTROSCOPY/ QA 76 Ca 1974 Computers .far Spectroscopists by mrmbers of the ALTRAVIOLET SPECTROTMETRY GROUP Editrd by R. A. G. CARRINf.Tt7IV; 13.Sc. A HALSTED PItL'SS BOOK JOHN WILEY & SONS 'New York Toronto o i i) o ii a .~ -j 2 - 1 4 ,~ 1 . '-~• ?,; %c 4. 1 i
Page 647: mfb88d00
QA 76 Ca 1979 COMPUTERS/ 50256 5655 NTIS/PS-79/0002 Artificial Intelligence (A Bibliography with Abstracts). Feb 79 ~arri4=~i~ .,..-. National Technical Information Service U.S. Department of Commerce Springfield, Va. 22161 Report period covered: Rept. for 1970-Jari 79 Supersedes NTIS/PS-78/0024, NTIS/PS-77/0044, NTIS/PS-75/397, and COM-73-11714. Many subfields of artificial intelligence are cited in this bibliography. These include natural language generation by computer, learning machines, question answering systems, theorem proving, and speech understanding. (This updated bibliography contains 177 abstracts, 27 of which are new entries to the previous edition.) rj I PSC10 C(NE rj I Nf 1/~lF4f 0j 1
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50256 5642 CARRERAS ROTHMANS L'PD.ft . E. FROST/TOPACCO-SMOF:E--CARBON NOiiOXIDY/ TOBACCO--SMOKE--A\'ALYTICAL MET}t0I1S/ IX Re2-76 tjR :,•LaSS :vO, i.c2-iv S.P. Browner, R. F.; Copeland, G. K. E.; Stockvell, P. B.; Bergman, I. (Laboratory Gov. Chem., Dep. Ind., London, Gt. Brit.; Safety Mines Res. Establishment, Red Hill, Sheffield, Gt. Brit.) DETERXINATION OF CARBON MONOXIDE IN CIGARETTE SMOKE USING AN ELECTRO- CHEMICAL TRANSDUCER. . ` - Confidential manuscript submitted for publication in Beitr. Tabakforsch. variously pafed (1976) (in English) *Keywords:* carbon monoxide, smoke, constitucnt. / I ayatea fo: the in-lins eeasur.=ent of puff by puff•l.v.ls of carbon e:ono:id. on a Filtrona 300 scolin6 mnchine durin6 routine cmocinL of eigar.tte for tar and nlcotins yi.lda has be.n dev.loped. The technlqu. luvolv.s th. in:roducti.n I of a trt.naducer into tTe a w tion line behind the Ca:bridgo filt.r. This trene3uc.~' eocprlsea an el.ctroc5eaical eell bridged by a pair of solecoid valves vhic* a:m t:nder t1.e control of th. cotton Eats saokinR tereinator but are actuted, o.her then at th. butt mark, by an additional inductive tiains svitch oc th. crar.ks!~.!t. Raault. u.ir.` thistoc}.niSuo cospnr* v.ll vith results froa .:istina off-line techniqu.s sucb as gae-aolid chrocatorraphy. 0 1 Cl 0 ~ 0:Z a2 2$ I
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50256 5656 II MeA1-79 S.P. Atmospheric Modeling of Air Pollution. Volume 1979 (A Bibliography with Abstracts). Jul 79 Brian Carrigan j National Technical Information Service U.S. Department of Commerce Springfield, Va. 22161 NTIS/PS-79/0690 3. 1977-June, Report period covered: Rept. for 1977-Jun 79 Supersedes NTIS/PS-78/0631, NTIS/PS-77/0566, NTIS/PS-76/0509, and NTIS/PS-75/476. See also Volume 1, 1964-1973, NTIS/PS-76/0508 and Volume 2, 1974-1976, NTIS/PS-78/0630. Lower atmospheric modeling of air pollution from both mobile and stationary sources are covered in the bibliography. Models cover local diffusion, urban heat islands, precipitation washout, worldwide diffusion, climatology, and spno$~, r os~he}' i m e in concerning supersonic aircraft ahe'~x~u~d. (T'hi~ u~a~ed'~bibliography contains 258 abstracts, 85 of which are new ec:tri.s Lm r-r- n-;-s• „dt~-1 __ •
Page 650: mfb88d00
50256 5651 ('AFRIER AND nt'avT.n,^-DL`:r FF";'CT3 ()` 'i:'s; '+;:TAP;!'T.Tv;-- I I (1? 7T: -TRY?TOPN!!T•-T -4-(' 1 ': gaNke3, L. V. a-:a Max ss:hraLlnr (1966) CA;,,*~I-rR AIyD GV:.RiAADh,^. EFrEL'TS ON 'TiiE Pt1;TA3nLIS'S OF Di.-'E'r,r,)cop'h"=1'a-C14 C1Qaringhousa for Federal Scientific and Technical In£orrztion Springfield, Va. - 0 I0 0 t1 41 ;). '*; 23 7
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50256 5652 , rucacxrrr:.nr.u.~a~uv~~ 23, 110- 120 (1978) -----~ MICR0ANAT.YSIS/ !/A i 78 iii Bi Automatic Microanalyzers .• t IV. Autorrj~ic 'Anatyzpr for Rapid Mic'rodetermination of ~/Chlorine ort6romine in Organic Compounds' MAUUrce Bicois, Ct:xWMC-ARMMtPIC, AND Prirr.trre LtNr:r Sen•iee Ccnlrud de 6licvoanalvst du Cenlre 11'cuiorraf de In RrcJierc'ht Srientifique, 2 Rue Ilenry !)unarN. 94320 Tlriuis. Frnnc e Rcccivcd October 27, 1977 I 4 i 0 n o 2 INTRODUCTION The microdetermination of chlorine or bromine has been dealt with ir many papers particularly rel;tted to the techniques of sample hrocessirg. The techniques used in our laboratory were reviewed in :r previous pa{ ei by Debal and Levy (3). Concurrently with these classical t.;chniqucs :1nc aiming at the objective we adopted for other elemental detcrmination, (CH, 0, N, CIIN) we became interested in the development of an a~ao matic microanalyzer for the rapid determination of chlorine or bromine.
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50256 5641 Wrrn Rwo.cM Vd IS. pp IW4 w 1106. IV%I ( Q`Ir- 1711 %1 rN11N4.IMNr21%10 ~ Pnnm~ rwr u~m rr% ~> rtxr~ :eT. ~~~• ~` ~~ w I • 1 `. CrT76/M • h17t1 Pnpwta. Mre.a LW 'NITROSAMINES IN TAP WATER AFTER CONCENTRATION BY A CARBONACEOUS AbSORBENT/ ~~~ 81 VI Re - g ~ '`:J S. P. /WALTER I. KIMOTOa~ VIN J. DOOLEY,~3OIW C~11~ 4 and WAt.t" FtDDm Eastern Regional Research Center. Agricultural Research, Science and Education Administr•r U.S. Department of Agriculture, Philadelphia, PA 19118. USA. Abstracl-Ambersorb'XE-340 arbonaceous adsorbent removed trace levels of vblatile nitrosamines (NAs) that wcre added to the influent water. Recovery of seven added NAs was between 58 99", as determined by a gas-liquid chromatograph interfaced with a Thermal Energy Analyzer (GLC-TEA). When municipal (tap) water (10-421.) wa:c fassed through the Ambersorb XE-340 column. N-nitroso- dimethylamine (NDMA; 0.003-0.006µg I- ) and -morpholine (NMOR; 0.006-0.01tij+g 1-1) were the principal NAs found. All of the NDMA and 19 of 20 NMOR samples were contirmed by high resolution m:us spcctrometry. Secondary amines added to tap water at levels of I mg1'' and 10pg 1-' formed apparent NAs. suggesting a possible component(s) in the water that wused NA formation. Low levels of volatile NAs were detected by GLC-TEA in commercial, pure, adsorbents (activated carbon). NAs were confirmed by high resolution mass spectrometry except where concentrations were too low In the latter wsc, the apparent NAs were round to be photolabile when subjected to u.v. light (365 nm) and were reanaly7ed by GLC-TEA thus providing additional evidence that the TEA responsive compounds q were N As. 0 0 tt 0- 2 S 2 2 7
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50256 5649 .., . 1929 11 PvWL. Edited by D. C. Li.nsaY, Phvsicisl ~C.~ARRIER E\GI~EERI\G CORYORaT(o\, ~.. TiEN'ARi:, N. J. DRYINGar.a PROCESSING . f. MATERIALS bymeansof CONDITIONED AIR A TREATISE for hlanufacturers. TP 155 Ca . Engineers and Students-an • illustrated discussion of the man% interesting problems involvcd in t*oe drying and processing of numcrous familiar materials, under controlled conditionso( tempcraturc.humiclitr ~ .and air movement. Based on investibatir)n: by tlle Rt:S(iAkC(( Dl:PARTm(.;NT Of CARRIF:k EXGI\I:I:RI\G CORf'OF;:1TluN 217.S
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50256 5667 R Tll CLASO NO. TI:.XTE+(70K I7A 76 In 1999 HrooTes,A. (ed. ); Carroll,.b. (ed. ); I-fancock,J. (ed. ); MAKING COMPUTER CONTROL WORK IN THE PROCESS INDUSTRIES. Institution of CheMical Engineers, North Western E+ranr..h. Manchester, Gt. Brit..80,(IN : ENG.) ISN = 7261 0 1 0 0 n 0 2 3 2 3 3
Page 655: mfb88d00
~ crcot- , n 2240 50256 5663 ~ H U. S. Dept. Health,~ Education, and Welfare, Public ~ Health Service, Surgeon General's Advisory Committee on Smoking and Health. a SMOKIPiG AND HEALTH. - REPORT OF THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE SURGEON'GENERA.L OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE. U. S. DepC.. Health, , Deucatiorr, , Nd Welfare,, Pullic . Health Publication N. 1103.. JanuarX 1964 -387 pp. U. S. Edpt. of:Health , Educatiqn and,Welfare Washington, D. ~, 0 __...~-...._..-.,~.-.,.._ ~ (7 t t~Ot1~:? :33 2A
Page 656: mfb88d00
50256 5660 Resouretl2ecQVery artd Conservatinn. 3(197R) 165-178 165 Elsevier Scientilic guTlia ing onip;,ny, , mster-7c am- Mn'ted in The Netherlands t Mes-7R S.P. ENZYMES AND MICROORGANISMS IN FOOD INDUSTRY WASTE PROCESSING AND CONVERSION TO USEFUL PRODUCTS: A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE* pAVG'1L:F CARROAQi Department o/Food Science and Technology. University o/Calijornia, Davis. CA 95616 U.3A) CHARLES R. WILKE Department of Chemical Engineering, University ojCalifornia, Berkeley, CA 94720 U.SA) Received 25th August 1976) Bioconrersion of food processing wastes is receiving increased attention with the realiza tion that waste components represent an available and utilizable resource for conversion to useful products. Liquid wastes are characterized as d':ute streams containing sugars, starches, proteins, and fats. Solid wastes are generally cellulosic, but may contain other bio- polymers. The greatest potential for economic bioconversion is represented by processes to convert cellulose to glucose, glucose to alcohol and protein, starch to invert sugar, and dilute.~vastestre~ns tQ mefhane by anaerobic digestion. Microbial or enzymatic processes IJacc,~tnpl3h tbfse a~nvebions are described. ~
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50256 5654 oANNALS OF THE /EW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES E f;, QH 509 Ne 1975 Main entry under title: Volume 264 CARRIERS AND CHANNELS IN BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS Carriers and channels in biological systems. The (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences ; v. 264) "Papers . . . of an international conference . . . held by the Ney/T'ork Academy of Sciences on February 24-27, 1975:" l.soSiological transDoSt--Congresses. 2. ~tembranes (Biology)--Congresses. 3. Ion-permeable membianes=-Con- gresses. 4. Bilayer lipid mombranes--Congresses. I. Shamoo, Adil E. lI. New York Academy of Sciences. III. Serics: New York Academy of Sciences. Annali ; v. 2W(DNLM: 1. Biological transport--Congresses. 2.a•Cclhmembranepermcability--Congresses. W1 AN626YL " d01 C316r v. 264/QlH .Ql1.NS vol.264 (QH509J 508'.Is (574.8'751 ISBN 0-89072-018-5 7544053 Edited by Adil E. Shamoo New York Academy of Sciences New York, New York 1975 0 Io o n tl .Z S 2 4 0
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1 . . ' r= I'rc--.X. Sx. Ir- .?. 13. 0 9. 3=1-33.3 (19 7 1) I'riraed in Cscar 3:rilnin ~-; i:'. ~: Tlle deveIoImlent of conimerci<s.I processcs ior -tlle production of 6-aminopeniciflanic acid (G-11PA-) )3t T. ;Z. Cxxr,z:vcrox- 13c_rharn. I;csc(arc,'t I."?borrl!oricY, CI(rrerdnn 1;eid, 1{"o>•lising, J5`ICSSCz Er: t;u jlrccc'cl;:i: }r:t! t'i ~ 1!' F I•IISt ~.~i1RtI1 L;rS (11.=Cl)YE'f}' of U:~hi. il!l!1 ]~ ::~::^<lll(Ii( CoIILilta il ~.l1CC'"::I(>!: Uf 1/ (Sc::"ij Illliro;•tItiit, :',::A- f.~I1}:ii';~1C' Il(' ;t li~Irt~ htiS (i'!',!1C'~l 1 I1CiS' tho I11"}~ ::)r I:t'.lllAr`" 6-tiPA. )t:~y llt r?1 ti'all`;fo?'t!'.rr1 w1:)!l:l t+'.G last ¢ 1 ~ t;:%ci~i n 0 5 . 2 50256 5659 j
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50256 5661 . r d697 MC363 P 172 KRON Z BR IT J PSYCHIAT /b / PSl'CHIATRIC ASPECTS OF DIABETES AIELLITUSb DIABETES AND DEPRESSION) DEAR $IR, /' ~ //1 In his review article on this subject (Journal, January 1981, 138, 1-9), Dr Wilkinson alluded to a possible relationship between diabetes mellitus and affective disorder, but found little evidence in the literature to support this conclusion. Recent develop- ments in the psychoendocrinology of the affective disorders have shown lowered glucose utilization rate and insulin resistance in patients with endogenous depression (Mueller et al, 1969; Carroll, 1969; Wright et al, 1978). Although the diabetogenic (Ifn)_ _ et al, 1971) are often secreted in excessive amounts. This is most likely the basis for the instability of diabetic patients who also suffer from depression. Further studies among larger samples of diabetic patients are needed to enhance our understanding of the relation between diabetes mellitus and depression. I ZIAD KRONFOL "JOHN GREDEN 't BEMMARD CARRO& Clinical Studies Unit, Department ojPsychiatry, University of Michigan, Ann.Irbor, Michigan 48109 Z `~ 3T TAeln~1Y 0/ G j/4 - Serum glucose, mg/100 ' Insulin, Imipramine, Day Hamilton• 8.00 a.m. 4.00 p.m. 8.00 a.m.•• u/24 hrs dose 0 i 0 0 n 0 2 5 2 4 7
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~--•-Xl-frte2 'T~~"'~~ ''`-~'r-RJR CLAS3 NO. P•lYHLET aI Mc2-78 S. P. ' S.P. rRossum, Rex van Ca reras kotnmans Cigarette Manufacturers Rr'.ASO:IS FOR Tlll: FAILURE OF CIGARETTcS C0:•:TAIiII`C TOi~ACCJ SiiLSTITUT :S IN GREAT BRITAIN. Carreras ~othmans Cigarette ;ianufacturers, Rossum, Rex van, Imperial Tobacco Company, Duckham, Sydney News Release, (1978) (in English) v1duckha:n, Sydney -Kmheri.al Tobacco ConPlny *Abstr. in: BBC Radio Program for "Today", 3 pp (Apr. 28, 1978)* ~~ CI.11SS N0. PAl4I'tILET XI 1e2- 78 S. P. XI Me2-78Ros um, Rex van S.p. „(Carreras Rothman Cigarette Manufacturers, London, Great Britain REASONS rOR3HE FAILURE OF C GARETTES_C011TAI2iING TOBACCO SUBSTITUTES IN GREAT BRITAIN. c~ A ~ ~' ~5~~_ J(f'~~~ t rt; Carreras Rothman Cigarette Man. News Release, London, Gt. Brit. (1973) (in English) *Abstr. in: Financial Times, 1978, p. not given, (April, 27, 1978)* -- . i~ _ _.__ _ . , . . . . . ~ 10 . ToLaccn Sah;titutes • ' ~ Rex van horsum, 1t.rketing Director of Carre*a3 Rothmans, and Sydncy lNckhan, ;'*$arketir.e Director of Imperial TobaccL,, wcre interviewed about the' • a3i7ure of tob: cco sub::titut. ciearettes. 'Both mcn bl;u:ed the t;overnrent's. ••~ nttitude, pointing out that statew.cnt;. },ad been iasucd to the effect that ~~ J smo;cing ^tibstitutes wav fust as likely to be dangerous as sc.or,ing tob.:Eco.: They felt tratno adcuuate reason could be given to smokers to suitch to the new S.:aking ?!aterials. y' B.?.~ fadio,Ar .} 1' I' j
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73 X 1102 50256 5666 TOBACCO--S;SOKING--PASSIVE/NICOTINE--EXCRETION/NICOTINE--DETERMINATION/ MASS SPECTROPETRY--02GANIC MiPOLR1DS/ RJR CLASS "NO. PA:•tPHLET 73 X Ho2 Horning, E. C.; Horning, M. G.; Carroll, D. I.; Stillwell, R. N.; Dzidic, I. , (Faylor Univ. Coll. Med., Inst. Lipid Res., Houston, Tex., U. S.) NICOTINE IN S^i0's:: RS, ti0,d-S:.OKERS A`:D F.00;1 AIR. Life Sci. 13, 1331-1346 (1973) (in English) *1973, No. 24, W 104E£i* *d* . ~ T-o-';.~cco~co medicine (chemistry) ; > =J--...i--...-........-._~».~._.... ..~.._,--..~. _..d..~...~t...,._...3,.i............e.d~.,.:...-- --i~-.3....:...n..G1:.~L_:3-~....•.J - - . ~=-r-- - I t il () +l i.l 2- .; 2 i 2
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50256 5670 :d- :iD Carroli, Phit, la`)r.- IIow to control production costs. Foreword by Bruc3 Wallace. lst cd. New York, 'McGras-liill, 1953. 272 p. fllas. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill industrial organization and management series) 1 Costs, Industrial. ~ Title. j HI?47.C3 •657.4 52-10844 Library of Congress [151 '}- U 1 0 0 n 0 2 `; 23 6
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50256 5675 RJIZ L.LAJJ NO. iEX (600K HD 69 Br 1982 Archer Brownstone,D. M.;Carruth;Grjt WHERE TO FIND BUSINESS INFORMATION: A WORLDWIDE GUIDE FOR EVERYONE WHO NEEDS THE ANSWERS TO BUSINESS QUESTIONS. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..New York, NY 10158. ISN = 5011 0 1 0 0 0 0 2=i 2 ~ 4
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1'o1. (~3~ (/97-5) 2, No. 3 CEOPiiYSICAL RESEARCH LC7T13RS ~Dtiy-2 ssp EST1MTE OF THE CONTRIBUTION OF T'dE SPACE SHUTTLE EFFLUENT TO THE NATURAL STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL D. J. Hofmann, D. E. Carroll and J. H. Rosen Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming 82071 Abstract. During the period 1979-1990, the National Acronautics and Space Administration is planning some 580 (or approximately one per week) space shutt]e flights. Each of these flight con- figurations will include two large solid fuel rocket boosters (SRB) which will emit aluminum oxide (A1203) particles as exhaust products. We estimate the equilibriur.m distribution of such particles in the stratosphere and suggest that the shuttle contribution of very small particles, r-0.01 Um may be nonnegligible. r, r t~al F,tratqsn~ri~~er; ol2 i I 50256 5665 March 1975 et al., 1968), we can obtain a mean latitudin?1 dispersion distance of the order 5-10 x 103 km (Bauer, 1974). 104 hn corresponds to the dis- tance from pole to equator, thus, if we assumr the aerosol to be dispersed uniformly throughcit the northern hemispheric stratosphere, we shoi.:d , be well within a factor of two of the actual ait uation. For the space shuttle A1203 source function we use the data of a Jet Propulsion Laborator) study C. Varsi, private communication, 1974). ~ -d This work delineates the amount of A1203 emit: ....- ..s...«.~.. a.. . ~ ~ Le...i {.ntvotan 1'l. Irm (t}iP. a:
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) ( 40 80 II Ey-R0 S.P. cognit' rve anxiety than the other two groups. The relaxation group reported more sensations of greate r cardiac decekrations following each tone, more frontal alpha, and fewer symptoms of exhibi ects were tested in the psychophysiology laboratory at the end of the 5-week period, All subjduring which tirne they were exposed to 5 very loud tones. While relaxing as deeply as possible using the techniques they had kamed and anticipating the loud tones, the meditation group ted higher heart rates and higher integrated frontahs EMG activity, but they also showed weeks during which time the two treatment groups received 4 weekly sessions of group training. (witho ut specific instructionl Subjects were given paper and pencil tests two times, separated by S relaxat ion, clinically standardized meditation, or a waiting list control group asked to relax daily Sum conditions: progressive raary-Thirtysix volunteer subjects were assigned to one of three muscu lar relaxation than the other groups, but also some symptoms of hyperventilation. The ~resu are~e nera~ y coQs~st~ wit Dav!~son and Schwartz's (1976) categorization of meditation ~ gnltli e' ~,1ss a tlEhniqth , aA0 ' sugg t lh~f frontal EFC alpha may be a physiological marker for bsence the a of cogniti.e antiiety. Phys~olopul findings ahtio support Gokman and Schwartz's (1976) suggestan rhat meditatu+n pr!pares pcoLie to eaa. ~ --- { 50256 5657 '•a./wr Rn f Tkr.a le. . lro W1 ( / '"O) ~,.. un es. Ltd 19N0. rriniM m Grrat nMai. PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL AND COGNITIVE RESPONSES TO STRESSFUL STIMULI IN SUBJECTS PRACTICING PROGRESSIVE RELAXATION AND CLINICALLY STANDARDIZED MEDITATION PAUL M. LEHRER,* SAUNDRA SCHOICKET'r, PA'T~1~t'/1~ CAR~~104T~ and ROBERT L. WOOLFOLK§ (Raceired 18 Decemher 1979)
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50156 5673 MANAGF.MFN-T--PLA23NING/ PJRSOVNEi•--MAPiAGEMF.yT/ _EXECUTI JES/ 6gfluCa ItrIIUSTRrAL riAhAG[:*fENT/ 1973 2 C. MANAI;EME[VT BY BJECTJVES AP!'LICAr1OR'S AND RI SEARCN STEPHEN J. CARROLL4 JR.• Department of Business Administration University of Maryland HFNRY T.. TOC(= .TR, ' Department of Management Michigan State University TliE MACMILLAN COtilPANY, NEW YORK COLLIER-MAChSILLAN LIMITED, LONDON . ~._._ .._... _ . 7 y
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50256 5679 77 XII Re-81 S.P. NICOTINE--DETERMINATION./ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 77 XII Re-81 s.p. Carruthers, C* Neilson, A. (N. Y. St. Dep. Health, Roswell Pk. Mem. Inst., Buffalo, N. Y., U. S.) A SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURE FOR THE GAS CHR0MAT0GRAPHIC DETERMINATION OF NICOTINE: APPLICATION OF THE METHOD TO HOUSE SKIN. Mikrochieica Acta 1980, II, p. 59-66 (1980) (in English) The gas chroaatographic procedure can be used for the rapid and accuratt determination of s.all amounts of nicotine in biological material. Application of the method proved successful in the determination of the disappearance of nicotine from mouse skin following the application of this alkaloid directly to the skin surface. A plot of ug of nicotine per mg DNA or protein of nouse skin versus the time in hr following the application of nicotine showed that the biological half-life of nicotine in eouse skin over the first 6 hr is 1.2 hr. 1 o ~ o o a 0 2 .i 2 0' 5
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CHEMISTRY, ORCAhIC--SY:dTHESLS/SYhTHESIS, ORCANIC/ j(:~QmbridAe Chemistry Texts QD 262 Ca 1971 2C. - ~ Sowle Munn methoals of 9rgarilc syntheSiS W_r+~Ar~R-I2 UT H E Tt S-`'' Cl+unietry Deportment Unicatity oJ£xeter CAMBRIDGE at the University Press, 1971
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50256 5684 QC 32? C Caralaw, Homtio Scott, ,IS70- Conciuction of he.it in so1it1s, by II. S. C:ics;u.r :n:+t J. C. Jae`Ter. Oxford [Enl;.j Cl. rendon Press, 1947. cvi, 38t3 p. diagrs. 25 cm. aj ,j.- Heat--Conduction. 2. laplace transformation. i. Jaeter, John Conrad, 1JU7- joint author. QC321.0243 536.2 4 7-305 s 1` 1 ibrary of Congress - 1,i3q1) l) ~.t~ tl il ~i '2 2 7 U
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50256 5638 A !iI RHI--IOLOGY OF WATER SO~~UB~.E GUMS AND CnTT TDS , ,() , . compris:ng, papers (zvith discussinns) read at a_7ornt Symposi~:m organised by the Cclluir? and Surface G'hemist~y Group and thc 13ritish Soc:c}y of Rheology held on 28 .1larch, :.965 at the Scl;ool of 1'harm,uy, Brunswick Square, ' .C.r J_or.( lo!:, I4 - S.C.I. MONOGRAPH . CF CLly11~ GI C]iL:~fICAi_ I'DUSTRI't~.+•`qr=j~ S.W.1 LONDON, d ~ n (~ ~ • .~ I? l. ? .<L.V~N': t/ THTR , , I l/~GpH:
Page 671: mfb88d00
G. "itIc and S thtitl tdOF.?IICOTI\TE, NITROSO/ Sushected C::rcino3ecis--A Subf i.le of the List 7. Au;ho (s) 50256 5660 ~I 15. tCepott l)ate 1JIOS14•"!'lc,xic Substances .ca 8. 1'crforroing UcK,-k t:izat ic No. 10. Pro;t-«/'r;ks'K/w O;~:i; I IIL_('iri.~:Jr T ~l~i_~_U~_.s.:;.:ra1L ' 9. 1'ctfotmiug Ucy,aair.atiou ;lc•r,e t.nd Address Tracor Ji.tco, Inc. i77G r:. Jef ferson S I KocE:vil2e, ;:d. 20852 !/JTc.e. I 11. Contracc!Grant No. 1.':DC 99-74-92 ~ll. SF oncotinft Utc.:niration t:ctrnc . n,{ Address ~-- -- 13. Tyrc oi P.c{•c.:t fi 1'cr ijz:tional lnstitutc fer Occupat-1.G1~ a1 ;afet.y and Y.ealth/CDC! Covettd 1;1;EHt ~J . S. PUL'LICL IiEALTit S1:RVICE; C~.r~:ii ,6~ D's2an~ C~crtv~ ) 14. KJc:cvillc•, 1•1.' 20852 16. hl,tit:act5'1'he publ i at ion is thc f i)' ;r of s~ v~r~;ast T i iles tu l:USii 7:0 :ic~ .SuliE (:S2ncc•C: For the 1);lrpw;C: of tt1iG c0!:ipil.tti!ln, agents ciusi[:' beat)1 or ~naljs;;:a)~e turnarc: are classed ;s ca:~•cino~;c)ls. '1'l1e ot)jcctives of this editlGO 1s tc ~ 5600 Lonc a 1 n ~ n cr 1~ 2 , 0
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50256 5674 . .. 81 X Lel NICOTINE--PHARMACOLOGY/ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 11 X Lei Le y, C. J.; C&V'4o4, TA; Young, K. ~ i1ip Morris, Inc., New York, N. Y., U. S.) - STEREOSPECIFIC NICOTINIC-CHOLINERGIC RECEPTORS MEDIATE THE PROSTRATION SYNDROME. Neurochemistry Psychopharmacol., meeting, paper, (1981) (in Abstr. in: B. Psychonomic Soc. 18, No. 2, 79 (1981) v ::00-S:1S(3Ei) Stereospecifk Nkodnk-Cbolloertic Receptors Mediate tYe Prastndoe S)odrome. C. ). LEVY_ L. CARRON, & K. YOUNG, >-PhUi Morris R Studies were conducted which demonstrated tlut ()~iiootin~ times more active than (+)-nicotine in pro- ducing the prostration syndrome in rats, as characterized by Abood et al. (197E). Furthermore, the prostntion syndrome is bloc ed b7c pr ' ection of m ecamylamine hydrochloride but not (~ 0 (~ ~] by p~einje0tion' he>~me~niu mnium chloride. These results suggest that the prostration syndrome is mediated by stereospecific nicotink<holinergic sites in the brain. i Eng)
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50256 5669 . .. 18. CONSUMER PRODUCT TESTING STATISTICS RIAVIS B. CAKt{OLL Scclio/t Ucc:cI, Ccnwrul Fua(Ls Corpurofiun 0 r7 n a Two aspects of consumcr testing that from a.tatistic•ian's pr'int of view appear to have been overlooked, arc the ncecd for gre:ater flexiUility in rlanr.ing consuntcr tests and tllt• opportunity for nture effiicient, use of consumer test data. In order to nt;t!.c ntun• c•fficient use of the am:e, there nt;tst be greater flexibility itt the )ila:InintC stage. Ordinaiily, tile rnoie stanciarcli-r.t•13 t11e procedure the t;mat«.•r tl e ejjicienet _ i?ut when qtlalit~~ and cttl;ttutitt• of iltt~/rnr.ltic+u frl;ttt . sin'~?e test are consic3+.•r.•ci. st,ul{.larclizatilm can bc rs- A-l'!15i5't`. E.'.C11 tv>l 1)lt>11ici 1)t• fittl•:l tl) .f,: ~au)il! ilt At fYtlta..it is i:U'±•: t T _ ..1 ._.... .. :/ t~t -t'.ti.t)Ut ~..UC..~.-..
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50256 5662 TOXICOLOGY--ACUTE TOXICITIES/CHEMICAL COP4'OUNDS--TOXICITY/ ENVIRONMENTAL IIEALTki/OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND tIEALTI!/NICOTINE--PIIARMACOLOGY/ CARCINOGENIC SUBSTANCES/MUTAGENS/ REF ~:IrSI-Ic)GkAV{IIC l)h7A~~• Iccl•art No. NIOSlL--TSI.-•75 Q ~n. I~ctc auit Subritle 123 IZ ~ ,£,j,,,.1yi ~,£,j,,,.1y of Toxic Lffects of Chemical Substances Un I 1975 L•:diticn IQ7S; ..7: Aut;iores/ ' -- Il_.__i_~~1_k.~.ir'_LL~i 9. 1'erlurn.inS t)rp,.xci.::ttion t6rac and Address U.~.DEPT, COrlIr1ERCE, NATIONAL I Covcrcd f7; L? TECHNICAL INFORMATTON -,FRVtr-F SuperscJes Toxic Substances List-1974 Edition I The 1975 ^dition oi the Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances, fora:erl knoti-tl ~-.s the ?ILOSfi Toxic Substances List, is the fifth Edition prepared in comF? 1 with t1ae requi:er;.ents of ttte Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (PL-91-59 1;0s 4c-1)tt~ c~t~ns~tox)tci~y ~if mation on approximately 17,000 unique chen :c s~~.b stances a~y lonG with ,0 s~ionyn:s. Information is given on route of c n' toxic dose a,id toxic effects ir.ci+tding arI indication of existing evidence of the 1 p3 246 5>> S. kc•purt Date ! _--t,un l 7~_ 5 6. 8. /'er(orming Organization P. N o. 10. Project/"f:isk/u'ork Un.t t 11. Conttact/Grnnt No. CDC 99-74-92 12. `~punsoring (1:F-ini::ation Namc and Address 13. Type of Report & Periol CIIE!d/1'!iS/Center for Disease Control S,Nrttioilal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ~ 5600 Fishi!rs Lane
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50256 5681 BF 575 Ca 1974 • . --h..w--At:TI-SMOKTti'^/ The 'Western "WaY of Death Stress, T~rrsiolj and Hem•1 /r.acks IV1ntcolm Carruthers, M.D. PANTI[CC)N Rpoxs A Uirision o[ Random liou~c, Ncw York l,0 ~- G 1 c~ 0(1 i) ;~ . i Z's 1
Page 676: mfb88d00
50256 5688 Carsr,,, Stcv::n ' OECPl•"G^.. 0: T.• ~ t n.n a...n iIl}:CTa.rS Ttl ~r~fS TPr,,.;,n 1 ?L ~ .. '•T I'd .:=P. kFSFZr,1T!1RY TP,t,:'.Y, bv ;ietr. z Carr-on, fiich: ~ a ~';OlC:aR1@r, and riOf1ETst : AYr:e',''L+'r. An. Rcv. Re3ntr:t. Disernes 93 (';o. 3-Pt, 2) F;>-92 (March lg6o j U i C~l tj ~ a2 7 4
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i Reprint 50256 5683 1 C;rrut!iers, W., jt* author . Johnstone, R. A. W CO.MPOSITI0:1 OF CIGARETTE SMOKE: SOME UYA-30ILING COMPONENTS, by R. A. Johnstone, P. M. Quan, and 1i. Carruthers. Reprint from: Nature 195 (No. 4848) 1267-1269 (Sept. 29, 1962) 0 t'l U2 a 2-i 9
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50256 5671 73 XI Fo1-76 S.P. TOBACCO--GREAT BRITAIN/ TOBACCO-4fANUFACT(IRE AND TRADE--GREAT BRITAIN/ RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET 73 XI Fol - 76 s.p.` de 7-oete P, Bevan, Lnndow, Gt. grit. TIIE TOBACCO I;iCUSTRY : A REVI EW. de Zoete A[:evan,• 138 n. , London, Gt. P.rit. (Geceniber 1974) - In Engl ish Df4ailed stock brokers review of the tobacco indostry of Great Britain, including exnorts. Revic*rs the various companies: Lrrnerial [arouo, Gallaher, ~nth;r,ans Ir,s.ernational, Elfred Dunhiil, P. J. Carrol , British-American Tobacco, /!.~~~atil , Tohicco Securities 1'rust,and Siemssen Ftunter. Also includes information on subsidiaries of British Ar;?ric4n Totacco Comoany outside Great Britain, and similar inforri3tion for other British ccmPanies, as vie1l as information on brands and their market shares, smoking statistics, etc.
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50256 5668 Jour. Anim. Sci. 370) 275-76 (1973) r...+.....-~--- XX ?SeC3-73 S.P. ~sG. DiOXOSnI)IU1%i GLU"CAMATI: S7 UDIES IJ7 YOUNG 1'1CS. L1(.~11~er,d 1'. R. lolaud, jlcivcrsity of Arrilw;, f ci?:trtiRc. );ACted ncaborn (wa11, necdium ;.nd large) and ?-wrck-otd anirnils wcrc used in dcter!ninc it mono- sodiurn flutarn-ac (DSSC1 is a h;:;,;r~t~ccmic agent in yolm^ A si; nifuant ?•I: C-trestnlcnt cflcct (1'<.Qf) was a}IoSCI, in Iiri;C nCN'l"vrn and old but not in sni-.ll and rc.. ~ialn ucwbnrn pigs. Ini- ti;tl factil,r blvod t:l-icose lc%'c!s wcre Li.dhcr in meJ- iuro and 1~rKe r,c,,'t,orn and 2•%vcrl:-old ll,an smail 1 ncti\born pirs. 11ata showcd that a filuconcorcnic t{ rnrchanisai is abc-ent or mininlatly active in newborn l l~s but t-raduol(y incrca•.ts t%ith ar c.
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50256 5676 1.'Tag~ket Diseases of Aspara ;us, Onions, Beans, ~.''eas, Carruts,,~Celery, q PLA2rPS--DISEASES AND FESTS/ Agricultrtv Hpudlsook No. 303 t 7dC YraF-C-223-73 ; :y ~, c ~CL•rC - R\77~ ~..._~lr...r. l v--. r. .~:\JL. and Related Vecretables UMTED STATES DEPART3tE!iT OF AGRICULTURE Agricultural Rexarch Service Market Quality Raeurch Division . // u= At d ao I Xlpr. w..a;stoo, D.c. . r,.wa i9M 0 1 0 0 11 0 2 -; 2 :i 2
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.4 ed. Drug research and derelopment by, F.(igar B. Cartcr,_a,l othersl Ed. by AuEtin 5mith and Arthur ll. Iierrich. Nc w York, P.eccre Yub. Co.,1918. zi, 5'Je p. 24 cm. B1Dllography : p. 5T9--M 1. Pharmacology. 2. Druge-Patents. t Carter. FCrr itrock, 1886- tu. Herrlc)c. Arthur Donald. 1906- yolet eJ. ttt. Tttl. QP905.S6 r) 615.072 48-9112• Llbrary of Congress '- - t15t ~ t~ 1~1 t~ n 0 ~ i~~2
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• . . • TOBACCO--IRELAND/CIGARETTES--LABELLIh'G/CIGARF.TTES--TAR/ 50256 5672 73 XI Fo -77 RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET 73 XI Fo1-77 s.p. S.P. Carroll, R. J. Company Limited, Dublin, Irelan& CIGARETTE PACKS TO HAVE 'TAR GROUP' DETAIL. -- Carroll, P. J. Co., Ltd., News Release, Dublin, Ireland (1977) <in English) *Abstr. in: Irish Times 1977, p. not given (Mar. 12, 1977)* ( AN ' 1RISt1 cigaretre comp_any--„_ announced that it is taking the step -= unprcccdented In this country - of printing ~ lnformation on ach ot lts cigarette packs i concerning the ar group" lnto which the _d~arettes fall. I ' Thc~roupings arc arranged according to certain ranges of average tar'yields. T hey go ~ troni the "low" group; with .avcr:!ve • tar of 0•10 niilligrams per ciCarette, to the "high" catesory, with 29•and-over milligrams of tar per ciparette. '+ In bctwecn these extrcmes there ar ,"low ~' to.mlddle'f, "middle".and,';mlddle. to hlgh"tJ ~groups.: • ~. . ~ ..:' . , Two o!• lhe com_pany t ciYAt,braddi4ill ] ~lnto* the; "1owltar",.category; and its,ownf announcement stresses'that ft does no. pro- '.duce any cigarettes - although1 ' one brand"lishigh ~tn tar" the "middle' to hlgh"I '• catcgory~.t __._.__,...._. ~ . .., ...,.... _ V , o 0 l1 t1
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50256 5698 g.X CerteT~ G'. pf:; Jt. author. I Ne .,..:..,_ .,; A~ . s -- : -.. ..~ ..,,.. . . ~ ~ ~ , Lr t'., L ..t.:'~l_a~_s; s~ tro Cr_°-:.'tzi s I I ) o r non~~z ~~~~a
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1 / 1 50256 s6eo ' •.76XCa1 0 '1OsACCA--Sf1t71CIlK'.--PS7ci10[AGT/'hOi&ACCO--S`mIRP;-=PHTSIOLOGICAL FFFYCT/ Ca CLASS PlWPItLE2 76 X 110 1 J l . s. ., t i f (St Mas'yss Nosp. Ned. Sc6.. Dep. • 1:1+es. Pathol., London, Ct. Erit.) ~'. WDIMGATIOb1 OF I7JE NORADBF.NALINE RELA?E8 EFFECTS OF SHOiCIHC sY SETA- Fsycitolosical Ked. 251-56 (1976) (in English) . ._...~.` _ r_.~. _ : ' =1rNOPits Increases in plasma noradrcnaline Mrre found in a group of 12 subjccts smokina ] d`orettes. The associatcd riscs in pulse rate, blood pressure and plasma rrce fatty acids could be • 1111 whc~litinhibition~a Pscls arca •su ~ did ( ; notkctbectiveiai faion, ndicain s that ccrcctor othcfrc.rar s more l R important reinforccrs. it is suggcstcd that noradrenalinc rckase in the hypothalamus is the f,nal 1conunon pathway to plcasure in n+any situations, inciudin smc+kin• -' -` --- . +
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ax- yvle r.c'..2 .1 ?- 13 50256 5675 1t;LTS/T3EAICS, S."! A?/^LAC_'FnI'r~.TFS I n.t.'±i'aF.:'d^.IT i111?11CCOLI/ 23I?LTSSCLS S?':Q~~ ~/C.1~:_l'.nCPESIY'!!~'tr2'S71'rA1ILIFL'".Ji?ICEi.;.^TAC/CFT.;:•'.'ir+:i~I'RkI%.S/ C:,LL:XRDS; C"k`F, ti'.'f i:TIC;tA~i,EkRIES/T_l?JDE(.In:::' %!:\'! ~.ti1T! (;Pi,.1°:Tl".`:j)IVL- c SCAtt~~fLE/ FICS/FRl1IT A'`-D \'t.CF.T:\'FLf: FIT.'.1 DI22Ci0kY!r~!~LICI'=~1~SP.fiF.R:?I.?SI~•F:APEF~?!JIT/KOt??,a~3I/ i.ESO:~S; LEiTLLr/LI".F.S1i YCI1^cES/'7CS~ir.~7;SS/'f[iST.1^•.D GkrEiiSl`)F:RA/PARSLE PF~4CI!F.S/~'c.\tS/:'L'2SI:1:~ ''ELO::SI.°I.`.;:^,nnLrclPLq`+r+-PkTi!1F.S/FG`IEr,?.A`.r~TESIP~DIS~:rS/ RASf'Br.RRIE, SlSiL4.LLOTS/SPI." C1{/STR1!Jt1L.^.vIES/TA'dGELOSf ITATER C'trSS/UATkaL':ELO.:S/ ~• ^r ~ L~n AG} T'~.PZ'TsL.[.S r`ID `'*'Gril'..aLE F ACTS X:D POI*3TE^c/ • vj~ IitiITLD Fti~.Sii :3L'IT :_' ~ V:.G::.T~,SLE i,SSn~:.IA:'iC:J~ .., • . t ., . _ -._ . - ~ _ _. ._ _ _ . . . . v 1 s l ~ 1 i l/ ~ ~ ~ c~ '
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50256 5695 4:. :Ai~AiliiO .JZ . ~.?~ ., ,.:. :. Cwnu 3la p A. t.i~ltlr. UA J,L~: N1".. :1L JUV:A:-.T. i'ilO D.1 AI•1,0:JIQ i: s1 ,:1":_:'v:1 tI *-• ~• .LJ:yU ~ (l'n,^oielum clsi.f<,_-ata V: iat,~d ci;-are-tto paper a^~d czncorcj:~o;lio L;:drocart-o::o. f,L-1 A. Ccndo]•.lp A, J. lnialp and K, Peraa,L3. Fiio}c:.tat frc':ie B. Soc. Ital. I3io1, X4 (l;o. 10) 432•-54 (1=`,Y' 31., 1S,So) - 1:a Xta11aa 0 i 0 I~1 G tl 0 2~~ i3 I
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78 I I I Ca 2 50256 5690 Actn. Crystalloqraphica 3t4'P 4 ~ Acta Cryst. (1978). B34, 1275-1280 ~ _ art )12.5-80(1978) Crystai Structur e of L-i"yrosyl-glycyl-glycinc Monohydrate, the N-Tert;linal Tripeptide of the Enl:cpha.lins By W. q. CARSOJAt:D M. L. 1-IACKERT* Department ojChemTstry, Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute, The Uniueisity oJTezas,Austin, Texas 78712, USA (Rccciccd 9 August 1977; accepted 27 October 1977) The trircptide t: tyrosvI-glycyl-glycine, the N-tcrminal portion of endobenous pentapeptides with opiate activity (the cn!:cphahns), crystalli?cs from acctic acid/isopropanol so!utions as the hydrate (C„H ,- N,O,.k1,0). Crystals of the tripcptidc are orthorhombic, a = 9.549 (2), b= 18-405 (5). c= 8.012 (t) ~, space group /'2,2,2,. «ith Z= 4. Data were collected on a four-circ!e diffractometer and the structure was soNcd by direct methods (R = 0.029). The molecule exists in the crystal as a zwitterion with extensive inter- molecular hydrogcn bonding. Although no intramolecular hydrogen b<)nds are present, the molecule assumes a conformation (~) J - 81 °, p= - 12°) similar to that of a Icll-handcd n-helix (9 = 57°, yi = 48°). Thc avcragc C.-C. •' is 3•80 (2) A. 0 Introduction 2rcat dcal of intcrest. 'Thcsc substances, dcsi;;natcd t n 0 n 0 232 7 b I
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50256 5691 ~ '15 i ?.240 1 i Seehofar and P. "'rsan: S t1 !,',r o~.r tob:,.cco ~rowtn in areas of Cemav. l n+ernalianal ScSvnt t_f.xc Tohac.co Cungcess~ 2nd, (jr493e15 pRocE&o(Ncs OF TRE. SEGGNO INTE1QArRTIONAl. SCCEf31).FIG TaM= CotXRfdS, 1WU k9Sg. FedSub - 1'ftec SQ.. ~lUI-~S~l3f OS$ (AA1.ishcd Iqv) - 1•n Erj.,.zh axd lFr.ftac:k 10 .. ra,~^M'~ '•- n t. n t1 ;; Q 2 _i 2 7 7
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50256 5689 yT7 Amer. Ind. Pyg. Assoc. Jour 21, 457-61(1962) Tgie Responses of Animals Inhaling Nitroben Diosi~Ie , For Si>oI ;Ie, Short-term Exposures TTiEOPHILL~S R. CAR.SOM,l1tITCHELT. S. ROSENIiOLTZ, M.D., FRANK T. WILINSKI, and MAURICE H. WEEKS Directorate of Medical Restarch, U. S. Army Chemical Ilerearch and Dettlopment Laboratories, Army Chemical Center, Maryland Q Rats and dogs were exposed for single 5- to GO-minule pcriods to various con- centrations of NO,. Changcs in lung to body wcit;ht ratios of rats corrclatcd dircctly • with Ihc sevcrily of cxhosurc to NO,. The kidncy t8 body wcight ratios of rat., the hcmatocrits, and blood platclct counts of dogs were of littlc or no valuc in evaluating tlcc scs•crily of NO, cxposures. Dogs had only mild toxic signs at NO, conccnlrations .+hich causcd pulmonary cdcma in rats. Tsascd on lung to body weight ratios of rat., the rccponccs of dogs, and the pathological chantzcs found in cxpoccd animals, lhe threshold concentrations of NO, found were 104, 65, and 28 ppnt for 5, 15, s+nd 60 minutes, respectively. Inf roduction 1-0-0 f1•o 2 _~ 2'?.~ %dcath. No~+•c~•cr, the differcnccs in approach
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\ 50256 ssss RJR CLASS NO. PAMPITLE'1' 75 X lUniv. eva a, l~.as Vegas, Nev., U. S.) EFFECTS OF CICAItETTE SMD:IKG ONT ~T.ARKING. Perceptual Motor Skills 0, 134ZM46 (1974) (in F.nglish) *1975, No. 7, W 2432* *d* Tobacco analysis (medicine): 0 1 0 0 n o 23 Z 8 5 S Ca 1
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50256 5677 r ~ ASPARAGUS/BEANS/CABBAGEY /CARROTSf~ELERY/CORV/CUCU'iBEFS/LETTUCE/ CANTAI,OUPES/ONIONS/PF:ASIPEYPERS/POTATOES/SPINACH/SIJEET POTATOES/ TO"fATOES /[JATERML•'LOV/ E SB 321 Wa 1975 z c. Il GeorEjo W. Ware U.S. Department of Agriculture, Relired; Formerly, in Charge, Fruit ond Truck Dranch Experiment Stotion, University of Arkansas The Interstato Printers & Pub!isiiara, Inr. ~.w ~ 4Ytuy iuH ~ 1 a 0 c~ U;2 ~~. s~ J. P.1;1cColfum Professor of Plant Pl-ys:ology, Emeritus, College of Aflricultvr_, University of -Illinois ~
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50256 5692 72 III Re _'I2,„ S.P. Laboratory Measurements of Li ;ht Scattering i l by S mu ate>ri AL;nosp heric Aerosofs 4qn/ R. G. Quiney and A. t. Carswell.. Using the Stokes vector formulation measurements are reported of the four principal components of the scattering inatrix under controlled laborratory conditions. Two range.; of scattering condition.i are oonaidered: atmo;pheric air as a functi.n of relative humidity (HAZE) and water droplet clouds (FOGS). A SO-mW (G:3^_5-:Z) He-Ne la-;er is used a~s the light source. A sensitive automated polar nephelorneter, which tm; been developed for the.,e measurements, recordw the scattered light as a function of scattering angle from fi° to l74°. A digital computer is used to calculate the matrix elements from the raw expcriinental data. The rc.;ults may be compared with the theoretical computations of Deir- rnendjian and the field p•ork of Rnzenberg. The re,ults of the eaperiments show• pronounced dependence upon the relative hmmidity and the propertie; of the fogs that are explicable qualitatively. However, quantitative inversion of light scattering data to obtain such information a.9 the size distribution re- quires compreheuiive experiments of high preci.;ion and large amounts of computer time. o ~ t1 a n t~ 2 3 2 7 8.
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ANTIRInTICS--CiHEt*ISTP.Y jiiISSERTATIC!NG--~t1~r'It'FRSITY OF WISC4~ISIT/ QD 377 Ca 1976 I. STRUCTURES OF OLIGObYCINS A AND C II. STRUCTURES OF THREE ISuL'FRIC'OCTADECADIENCIC ACIDS POSSESSI?+G DIVALE'NT CATION I0N0PHORETIC ACTIVITY i III. -I2iSECTICIDAL C01•:PONENTS OF tDILL AND fANISE PLANTS A thesis subaitted to the Craduate School of the University of Wisconsin->tadisoa in partial fulfillnent of the requirenents for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy EY _SVY T} CARTEQ ."b' ~N, ~rec~o bn,r..~d_d;, DOcmber 19_ Ttay )976 AuLus[ 19
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50256 5649 , 78 XI Adl-81 S.P. WHY CONTINUED ADVERTISING IS NECESSARY: A NEW EXPLANATION Continucd adscrnising seems to be a well<uablished marketing primiple. But why should it be necessary? The answcr lics in rccngnitiun of one chuacteristic of the decision making proaess urr der conditious of wt.cruinty. liHlividuals deal with uncertainty by mrans of extensise simplifications of rcality; this may result in a high social cost. Continued advertising is necessary because of a simplification consumers mate to fscilitate brand selection. This means that many interrelationdiips between advertising, wles, and consuwner behavior can be lx•ttcr understood. 0 I n 4 n3 23 2 T He necessity of continued advertis- ing is a well-established rnarketing principle. But why should it be neces- sary? Traditionally, continued advertising is explained by the need to rducate the young, the rate of forgetting, or the character of the learning process. But these lines of reasoning are invalid. On the other hand, a logically and empir- iPlly~lid explanation can be derived ~Jlth a ecognition of certain character- istics of the decisiorr•making Nrueesa, by advertising. Such an argument, Iwu cver, ignores the tremendous impact o personal influence. A child is immciser in a stimulus pattern largely shaped b adults. As sociologists point out, famil and neighborhood groups are the :hw media which exert influence up-,a child. Youths acquire most of their lean ing from these intimate groups. TT wealth of alternatively possible resP no to a given stimulus are narrowed ,i~r ~ to a few, so that potentially confli. +u~ situations will be resolved quite siu.p
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50256 5706 QA 276 Na 1975 pplied ultivariate Analysis and Xxperimental Designs N. KRISHNAN NAMBOODIRI u~..a•rc.+n.. ~us~ LsWfs P. cwltrsx'E c.,.,.u- .f a.dww, MarAuVew SrY. (hdwr*7 HUBERT M. BLALOCY, JR. =.(of= o t 0 on0 2 3 2 9 a
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50256 5701 78 xr Adl-81 S.P. CCItl,. /~ltC[!J /;2C7ri6~. /// •J- 9(44_,<~ How to Evaluate Sales Promotion ..5"~•:'7i'FF'~~i'h..: ~s K..-.... _~ .1 i tAii~~e There are eight steps the Camp- bell Soup Co. uses to evaluate promotion in the field. We have found this systematic approach use- ful in Increasing-our efficiency. 1. Know tre ssarketistg oijoe- ti.o 01 Yorr Frossotloss. _, t.aLato your 1[ses o/ soss• ssasaisatlos. Is the complete story going to the field? Is it going out on time? Proper knowledge of the market- Ing objectives brings up this prob- 1em of communications. Many busi- current activity. Learn from y( ,r own past experience to avoid m.K- ing the same mistakes twice. At Campbell Soup our distrrc• managers send in complcte repore on activities within their distri~ u These reports record the number o - I
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50256 5703 Carter, Jimmy/AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY/ 76 X Am-77 Bourne, P. / *(no affil.)* ~ ' RJR CLASS NO. PM;PNLET 77 X Bo . , 1z' DR. BOURNE QN ~lOKINCs AND HEALTH. REMARKS BEFORE THE 'AD NOC CO`L~fITTEE r - ~ SMOKING ANDTOBACCO RESEARCH, NOVEIMBER 10. Congressional Record, 123 (No. 184) 2 p. (Nov. 15, 1977) (in English) The :ssue of tobuco rclatcd hcnlt)t proo- lems contlnucs to be one touching the ]tves ~ of almost e%cryone 1n the country. Yet 1t ts a ; problem which tLe gocernment nlone cannot solve. Presldent Carter Is very cwncerned about tobacco aso and the hcaTlh_haFa3s e sociaie8 wiiY {„riii dur- tu~ his Presidentlil cP.mraf~n hL bcliet thaC, ~ "ti ~~ie~mcrican peU-- lcli a- •eZcen :I dcqualTy
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50256 5704 CARTEIt+ JIM'IYt/U. S. CnVEE*d`tEaT PUn1.ICATIntiS/ ' Ei4f3ARG0ED FOR RELEASE October 31, •1979 UNTIL AFTER THE BRIEFING WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1979 Office of the White House Press Secretary ------------------------------------------ ---------------------- 79 I Ca THE WHITE HOUSE '.i Y FACT SHEETi / THE PRESIDF.NT'SI% NDUSTRIAL LINA'OVATION INITIhTIVES . RA:Y.GROUt;D The President ir•itiated a"Domc.>tic Policy Review" in April 1978 to ideritify appropriate government actions in connection k!th innovation. The President asked the Secretary of Commerce to lead the Review. The charge given the Commerce Department was: "What actions should the Federal government taY•e to encourage industrial innovation?" Durint the course of the Review members of the Administration consulted with hundreds of Froups and individuals from industry, labor, acadc^:ia, ?r.d puGlic interest organizations. Supgestions embodied in t?~,i force reports were rendered by 150 of these people. hei,n ,-rcPc^c~ nc ti s have been reviewed and analyzPd by the es£een~. •3n oss~ce, recommendations ultimately selected ty the President a^p designed either to develop a r+i;sing reTourc^ or influence decisionmakers in the direction of innovatic-
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X i CaA 50256 5713 (1970) 4 L'oyfC~~~ ~: ti~ ! 1i;::.=:ewX =C R *7 '.--.i..Ci 7- Ge a+I.,:t'} L. Cetcer, W. b. Yerca,vs"1 and P. J. C. r..a Jcv::.-. a~ Fat~ avc~; 37 79-£0 0! tl Q 0 o 2 ; .2 9 9
Page 700: mfb88d00
i aprt.lw+lsj barrc*$ arlrlaxxi, lyl~- .:u . ~ 4P Biochemic?l prep::rations. v. 1- < ~ 519 New York. J. Wiley t1P49-- B 1v.2-tcm. l::ditors : 1f)-I0- -1• H. E. Carter and others. 50256 5702 1. Biological chPmistrf-Cottected works. 2. Biolo;ieal productc. z. Carter. llerbert Eduuwd. 11,410- ed. i QP30J.B5 ~ 612.015072 49-S3Ou" Library of Congress ~ i521n315j ~ I l? Q~ i~:Z ~ 2~ t3
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50256 5721 C artt:r r All t.n n, Od, M&R[.CAN UNIVER317,lEs AND COLt.IGES. , 1964 1339 p, Amarican Councill an SducatioQ Washington _.._.. .,.... ~.-~ - t7 i i~ U 4,1 0 2 i.S 17 /
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~ nn 506 Ca 50256 5714 v..t . .- .` >-~ .. .t•.Y(+~ a.. ... .. ..,....:._ .... a•..._.._. a:... : ~_'.....,~i ~~... ~~. r.n. _i" .t . n _ -. P i ..1. : . .....'l: (U. S. 1Kn*jonal v-iiSA e,i of 5tr.:v3Arda spec:.ai « L'OilLa.2CR1 .hJ!) 1969 571 pagca U. S. Dept. of CazmeYce SiaisiliAr;GOi1, D. C. U I~ 0 ~ r~ ;, ; 3C) u
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50256 5723 Cectwrighf, Ann x A.IS?R I f3UT lON ti~i ~~ 6^..~1 v's t.t• A n. U i i) 0 ~t ii l a:S i~ N
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50256 5687 , ~. I I I Me9-7 7. S. p. l~Jt~e ..~Ce. ,F~ee~ • c>ra <.~c~.6t o r-eL.2J~.a-~BC .~ P/9l / 9G r:o 1 ~E Safety Evaluation of Dow Corning 360 rluid and Antifoarn A~ A NUMBER of polytiloxanes with unique ph.•4cal prop- ~ erties have achieted wide.<pread u:r as components of eo<metie and toilet goods formulations. Though often grouped under the general heading of filicones or siloxanes, this is a misconception since each bacic type of formulation must be con-idered as a di-tinct entity compo.,ed of unique 6roupinga of either a cyclic or linear nature, with drfinitive configurations and apecific character6tic4. Three materials of the dimethylpoltsilotane famih•, Dow Corning'- Antifoam A and Dow Corning` 360 Fluid of 50 and 350 centistoke vis- cosity. were intensicely in+estiEated by means of oral adminis- •F.od *ea Dinrvs tteu.rtl Labor.tnrtew, tut, Dt.ayetl. Nsw Y.rk. tration to rats and rabbits. Dow Corntng 360 Fluid is chemr call,v identical to Dow Corning* 200 Fluid reponed on in the literature, but the former is subject to a greater degree of purification from the anatytical fLtandpoin Fourteen yeari ago, Curting (1, 2) reported on two of these products then de-ignated as DC :lrttifoam A and DC 200 Fluid. He stated that when fed in combination with cholesterol, Anti- foam A cau-ed changes in tlie renal architecture of rabbits and DC 200 Fluid caused w•iderpread cellular infittration pu- ticalarly in the 1iver and kidney of rabbits. *%either caused any lr-ions in rats. In his atudies, Cutting had included rabbits ted diets containing cholesterol alone or cholesterol and a sili• Table I Average Body Weight Data in Rabbits-8 Months (iGlouip p n {j Pexi • - - S. CARSON, M. S. WEINBERG, and B. L OSER• Body Weighti Final Net Gain
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50256 5717 . •. ,.- XI ToB2-77 S.P. _ •- RJR CLASS NO. PAMPIILET XI ToB2-77 s.p. Winston-Salern Sentinel • CARTER FAVORS TOBACCO MONEY. Winston-Salem Sentinel, 1977, p. 1 (June 28, 1977) (in English) .._.-..~President Carteir favors continuation of. the government's tobacco support program, according to his press secretary. Jody Powell. • In remarks yesterda,v. Powell indicated that Carter does not irt-. tend to join Joseph A. Califano, secretarr of Health, Education and «'elfare, in Calitano's recent su.-gestion'that the government stop its tobacco support program on brounds that smoking is a health hazard. In another development yesterday, Carter signed into law a bill.. ,: designed to cut down- on , speculative leasing of tobacco', - : marketing quotas, the..Ne~•s, and Observer of Raleigh reported. . ~ ~ ~ O ~ 0 ) ~ ~ ~
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O -~ . g n.fj ~rC 1:V bZLS 9SZOS t~~
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50256 5709 7 7Q6 Un 1978 I cod by A. Aran Moyhiai P.ter P.ru ~~ w Ca~u Robert F. _Bark_ a RADIATION--SOURCES/POLONT HEALTH/: "~-210/rp~g~qCCO-- POLONIUM_210 ENVIRONMENTAL ~DIOAC~VITM IN-C DIO UM NOUS MATE IAL TY/ ONSUMER PRODUC Ed TS ' Aua+=t 1978 S. NucNn Rpulatwy Commiuion Wathirqton, D.C. 20555 NURKi/CP-0p01 0 1 0 0 A 0 2 - 2 9 5
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cfr 0--, . '!':'' A':b '.tT`: 50256 5697 tX ;;,2 ;-C-OZ& Amer. Jour. F.. el.. Viticult. ?3(?.)(.::72) 14-:7 EV~-~ '&.. `; r :`l" I ^v N C3 F VU f NI~-".-. C G I N C. W. h'AGCL, M. AtP.LLF,H, G. H.CAqTElt,end W. J. CLORE , r-p r;ment of Food Science and Tecttno! .cy, Pullm:+n, %Yashington rJS163, and Irrigated Agri:ulture Research and Er'~^sior. Center, 1'ro:ser, 1V:-shinc;ton Scien:ific paf.cr No. 3i1t. Collego of A9riculture, Washin,ton S~ t' ,:cr~ cy. Ft '!n.an, Project No. G;,50. This v,seareh was support^d in part by a eoopcrati:e agreement tra< Wcet;.rn '.' .:,c!:nj ;nd t:ctritional fi•. ;.carch Dirision, F r,r„u'turtl Research Service, U. S. Departmcct nf C,tl,!3rni8 °4710, r.n.d grant 1ur:;!s rna:if' f:oRt the farrior Wasnington \'Jtno _'d Gra.ver's Cocutcit. Presented a: tiie Anruat h'.cctirg cf ,h`. Ar-erican Society of Enolo,ists, Palo Alto, C: ti- for.ra. June 2•:-2,. 1571. Ten gra, c t-; ric•tw: ~rwxn at the Irrig: teci Agri- results. The effect of total he<t units durit:-(~ ti:c cu!ture I:c~c::tcfl ana Extert,ion Center in Waat:trrr- mattu)-ation season is discussecl. Uaits accurnui;;re;; :cn «'ere steti:c`cl frn• their st;it::bi:itv for proclu tion dut•i;t;; rlttrttst and ;'ente::llier have «marked effe.t <•f xvine• A1~,i:\-Sis of tl:e nlu;ts and Nvincs oVer the on tile titt'atabte acidity of the raust. 'Most of t}t-, past four yea.s is prescntecl in adciition to tastc panel wines showed excellent varietal characte:•istics. '-,f !hr n,lnntinl nt!n1;ft• nf fnl. The vat•ieties are 'Chat lnttnaY', 'Chenin l,;zrt~'. 2 3 3
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50256 5720 t .,stten, J~+~~ '~ ,/'C ~'It~ . Tl~ • .)...+.~.. i. . _ _. v .._... ._ti . ~ . ._ .....- ° - - - • .. .- ~SL1qLi1y 1>: l o Oi by ti30ii.! K..._Y ~.1D e :c;s Z? it:.~.i.2:! ~ ,. Il Yatt•_. Jean Catton an•i Ilrgla4-c 1965 284 Ati:iv3V-'2 Vimpri,-i2: r:f L."t Ca{ 55e aa3-i0i:.^:l= ~C'• SeClt='ata so.^.iale ule 0 1 •() 0 0 0 2 a3 0 0'
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50256 5712 LLi Me7 (1969) Ca«t-er, R: i~. ROtFNaNG ANAMIS, Yt-p- tlotQnone CcntQnt cf Samples of Oexrls, iauchecarpus and TQphrosf: f rM Central and 3oqth AmQrica, the QeXg.iaa Congo,, and Zahitf, by 2. H, Cattet„ S, B: So?aaa~r, 1~. D. na.hr~ acad thathar~ Gseen. Sosp cn+wa. 4eciolties A. (e:a. It) 127 J19#T-j U 1 t1 Q na :~. a2 ~ y
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QP PERCEPTION, V. I--X/HUMAN INFORMATION PROCESSING, V. VIII, IX/ ODOR, V. X/ 360 TASTE--TESTING, VOL. VIA/VISION, V. III, V, VIII, IX/CODING THEORY, V.VI11/ 57 1 9 Ca ?51:CHOLOGI(, PHYqIQLOGICAL, V. I--X/SENSES AND SENSATION, V. I--X/SMELL, V.VIA/ ,5()256 TASTE, Y Y~ II %NEUROPHYSIOLOGY OF SMELL, V. VIA/ OLFACTION, V. VIA/VISION, V.III,V HEARING,'Ig.III/BIOPHYSICS OF TASTE, Vol. VIA/ TOBACCO--TASTE--TESTING, V. VIA, NOISE V. IV/PAIN V. VIB/TOUCH, V.VIB/LANGUAGE & LANGUAGES, Vol. VII/SPEECH, V.VII/ FLAVORANTS--SENSOI~Y EVALUATION, V. X/ HANDBOOK OF PERCEPTIOV, EDITORS: Edir•osdC. Catrererr0and Aforion P. Friedman Department of Ps% choloEY Volume I: Historical and Philosophical Roots of Perception. 1974 University of California, Los Angeles LoS qngeles, California , Volume II: Psychophysical Judgment and Measurement. 1974 -z~ e. ! VVolume III: Biology of Perceptual Systems. 1973 ` ./Volume IV: Hearing. 1978 rVolume V: Seeing. 1975 ~ Volume VIA: Tasting and Smelling. 1978 VVolume VIB: Feeling and Hurting. 1978 VVolume VII: Language and Speech. 1976 r Volume VIII: Perceptual Coding. 1978 v/Volume IX: Perceptual Processing. 1978 t/Volume X: Perceptual Ecology. 1978 0 I cl 0(1 02. 33 4~; •
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4 50256 5710 • LU R13BERT/ J THE I A OF THE PLANTERS taf TOBACCO- in Yhghfia, . 0 i . q",0 A 0 2 .i c As r.:prcCcntcd by T ri x rs s r L v r s; figned by, ~'~e~fi~nt of the Council~~``a~n~`p"ca ~cr of the Doufe of Bwgcfies. A VZ NDICATI O N •Ot' thr, fti3
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J' 1!„ S:i.,-5•-i4 v l:or'r.s Assoc. ~ An lr1-provec+ Nc~~hod for Dcicrmining 4raanics uy Activi,tcd Carbon Adsorpti ~ Soly~~rlt L';,trac'cion-~--Pi. If (-rest ~vleihoa I'ulpl, Vr/, Bueloti~r, J. Kei~`h CarsY,•ell~and James 1.rf. Symons January's JOUZNt'~L contained the description and ramifications of a tne:/ test procec3ure for or4anics in water. Here is the second installment of this two-part articfe, which dctails the complete test procedure.° Oig:+nic contaminants- natural substa;tccs, ir»ccti,:ides, hcrbiciJcs, and othcr r a~,ricultura l,ricultural chcmicais- cntcr «'~ctcr supp!ics frorn prccipita- tion rrnuti. 1)~~;n:•.tic tiv:.gc t+nd irt- du,tsia'. ~s•astes, clepcndins; upon the d~~rcc of trcatnunt, contributc con- t2n~inant~ iii varicws ~InAunts. As a result of : ccid.nt;tl spills and Jcal:s, in~}uatial c~rt;anic a-rrstcs also cntcr strcar,is. Soir.c of lhc contaminants, sampicr and cxtraction technique and to distinguish it from the hirh-flow (hf) and low-flow (If) carben adsorp- tion method (CAM) Icchnique rec- ommcndcd in the 13th edition of Sla~rdard Mc•tlrods.' 'ITtc U-CA mcthod is a modification of this car- licr w-ork'' General Discussion 7l:is is a 50256 5694 vidcs the or~r.nics .into two o _cncral classcs-chloroform solublc a.(d alco- hol soluble-and should be ~s•it},in tsis cap; bilitics of most .L•a.tcr-tr•~ztrncnt- plarrt laboratories as w'~ll as ccntra! laboratUrics. Altitou-h the toxi;o;o~i- cal studics on the compot:ctas of CCE-nt and CAE-rn were not com- plctc at this time (1972), control of thc' conccntratioas of CCE-m and CAE-tn in drinking water ~•:ill pro- lcct the consumcr as th.:sc stedics conti~ue. The proposcd 1972 US 1:PA rravin:ctric adsorntion- Drittking ~1'atrr Standarc's st:~'c th: t . (~1. ~~ ,,;r ai•, t.it, t_: . /t',` ('nT:rrt,t.ati~i^.. . nr (-('t' , ••. t
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, a i 1'AT);T--iA'.ALYS.f S/ tssoc. II . c -74 S.P. ( ~ ~, --- I;riVll ~~I~rolrcc~ 5 7 7 i ~~ ior Daiermining Qrgunics by ~';c~ ivaicd Carbon Adsorption ~tt~d ~ol~~en~ i~;;ii~uct;on--Part I Ro!pL- W. Guelow, J. 1.'eith Caisweil, and Jurnes 14. Symons tncreasin,r;ly, organics in water are receiving attention. According to the autf,ors of this inriicte, t°,cre has been t,o appar:,tus that combines t{te features ef low cost, rcliability, portubility, and ease uf use--until now. Here is a first inst ;I',ncnt, detailing the apparatus and descrit,in'-, Sen- errrlly, tha tantific~';ions of testing. In P: arch, the JOUfZNAL will publish eomplete test rrocedures. In tl,: past, thc c~.pcn:c and incon- vcr.icncc- of the avai:ab;c rn_thods for n-t=asru:r.1c., the f;cncral apu;ic contcnt of w:~+cr using activated earhon ad- soriTticn .:nd solvent cx.trsction prc- vcn;cc r,i:,,:y watcr-treatm,_nt-plant op:ratm f,om mcasuria- this impor- t:,rt p~,r;.rr^tcr in t1:c ir water. various types of watcrs showedd that this techniquc can dctcrrninc extract co:rcentrations within a tenfold rangc in orpnic coiitcnt bct~vccn clean water :nd surfa ce water ccavily influ- rnced by upstream discharges of \v.:Stes. 0 1 r) 0o Z 23 2 7 9 50256 5693 -~ -- - - ~ ~ _ ; - . ~_~ 3 and pollution-control practiccs clatir ; back to 1952.1-3 After dcwrPtic a from the activatcd carbon, thc ics can be ciuanti icd Eras•inietric:.I y or analyzed by gas chromo:o-r.r--:: f, infrared spectroscopy, or nxass .pc.- troscopy. Because of simplicity, t? c gravimctric rncthod was cho:~en in th s study. Iii-h-ftow carLon-adsorptioa-tnctio- od sampler. The s~,mplcr c:cvc1ol'c' in 1951-52 samp(cd 5,001 ra !<! watcr, which pascad throu;;h it .• a 0.25 gprn (945 no • rate. In suh~cqucnt yc:as, t'!;s s^ r-
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\ , ,~rw.f a/ Alydw iwd CJM.~(trr. 1974. Vid.1 ?.N.. !!!.3 .f. 1 Gbcoside Cleavage Reactions on ?.rythr omycin A. Preparation otgrythronolide At 7n ttI ? r,~-„f,,m„Wr,, so2ss 5695 ~-- ~ .e 3 Aoudd A. LeMabicv,• itichard W. Kiers/ead. Aera" XeWWrA prpirtawewt Lrq M. Twe. QWWtN.wt a/M&--Ai.lob ..d B. Gtvabcryc our..t+a.wr yt1lmWller.". lh/fisaww-!w RwAr. i.r.. NMtfryt N....k+yry 0711a RerrimJ Pebw.ry I t. 1974 Bketiw ck..aGe of the wpr. dadiw.r, >tr trtstazcwt of erytherw.qd. A.aime (1) .itA 1s HCI in wetA.ael p. •idad b-rl-deww.iwykrythf.rrdide A..ioe (2) .iic! .as prrirwa as the emrapwMliac r-.cayl acetrAaiaae (4). 'iweali.ent of lAe l.aime 2 with .itows acid pic'Hel the oo.re.pewdipt krtanq SII de.n...iw,rkry~ Mowalide A (3). Vytonwa anly{atn.a d J k1meJ y oikl hrdwly.is p.e tbt 3-atetyl detivative S. Osidatiua of 1.ith J.as lMpeqt pkMed Ibe 3-bttwx 'I. )r•rythmaade A a:i.e (11) ..s ebtaincd by tee.taeet d 3•de{dinwetbyla..ia.l- rA•-~!~IraeMhrawrciw A uaime (140) •ith 3% Hd iw .mlwwt. PCNiw. acid tre.l..wt .f I1 thew p.ovided sr- yLbwaalide A(13). Y1e prrtutatima d 3 sJ 13 ..as pa..i6k secwise tlk !-kctooe .as ye+tasted as the eaimse dr- ie aAw eka.ap. Prior ta thia .wt c.wpowads 3 a.A 131wd .ot been pispond due t..ud-estaFpaed tra.d.a .atiaa. iarolvieK the nnpnKeeted 9-bet..re. - . It dr Itol bten pnwibk ptttiiausk to rrtrwre the .W- the ketoae and tlw tactonw b.s nat bew altered in tbe m, /~nd u~m fr~ m~ th~int!~s dne reaction sequence. An increaat in negative amplitude for to aaalid a1 ilruiikn~.~QonDl7t~e t~-' botb b.nds is also olmerved ..hen the CD spectra of eqib- fonaatkas invdve fonaraaa of an ieternai awi etlev by troatpaa B and S-O-ck-%o.aatioyfer)-thnxwtide B are coea- addition o( the C-6 h)-dnbcYt to the earboopf at C-9 i.)- parA• Acetylatioa of 2 gave the diacetate 4 aitb two ace- -~ +~ nr.k in k nmr sL2Rqmm and a mojlcuiar ioo at m/e /
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50256 5716 • V;% I'sFFI:CTS Oi, [1•'E{ALAT?ON OF FREON 113 ON LABORATORY ANINLALS I AiARL-TR-70-102 Vertv:nn L. Carter, ,lMa}or, USAF, VC PAPI:R NO. 20 National Acronautics and Space Administration __ }Ic~isto,i, Texas j James D. T•1?cr%ven, Ph. l). paul I~t. Chil:os, M. D. .~ - ~ Sy~ste?~~Ied ;;orporation 14355 33th Street, N. E. ; Wr:ght-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio Seattle, Washington i and ~ 1'eaneth C. B:.ck, Fh. D. ~-~ I I Ae.rosnacc Nteaical Research :_.ahor atory Wzi~ht-i' icCCrson Air I'o:icO ~3'a_;c, Ohio ---------_- __ _ _ - - ~ . , __ ?,,.. ;; . _. i:ct~~' Cf t•'.i: i`~ P'.':r::::'~ C.:,: ~c::c G~ G t I .. ' ` . .-... . . • • • • - - - ~ ~ '~~ • ~ . ... . .. . . . . ~'.'.... _ .. . _. _..... ... _.•. , .-'
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50256 5715 es •.OW III Pu -76 ® S.P. 2 ~.' l THE EF1'ECT OF BRO;.10TRIFLUOiiOMCTHANE ON OPERANT BEHAVIOR IN MONKEYS Verttoo 4,: Curter,, Jr., Major, USAF, VC Kenneth C. Back, Ph. D. Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory lYright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio and Donald N. Farrer, Ph. D. 6571 st .Aero:ncdical Research Laboratory Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico INTRODC'CTION , r AMRL-TR-69-130 PAPER NO. 5 The Apollo and School of Aerospace Medicine fires in January nf 1967 have stimu- lated a great deal of int.:-est by the U.S. Air Force in the search for catisfactory fire suppression aoents for ~~se in ox%lgen rich atmospheres. Agents, inc,uding water and various haloalkanes, i;ave been evaluaced for effectiveness in these atmosoheres (Botteri and I\tanheim, 1969). Of the agents for which some fire fighting axpericnce ~exits, ('?nl~vat~dr-a~~c~' :•vmo~rifl~orTie~ ne i~otcntially fulfilled the estab- - - - ••.••h LCiut iilL ncwc etiecrive nn iaound for pound basis. I
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50256 5708 II ries-74 S.P. . ORGANIC POLLUTANT I'MI'''IFICITION EPA-R2-73-234 JuLp- 1973 ' TRY UTILIZING MASS SPEC~RO:W ~:cGuire Program ; . John M by 3Eler.~ent~1B15 Ann L. Alford 027 Mike H. Carter * : . Southeast Environ^:ental Research Laboratory College Station Road Athens, Georgia 30601 NATIM':1L ENVIRO::.L:'~iTAL RESEARCH CE*7TER OFFICE OF 7-3SEAF.CH r_ND MOVITORING U. S. ENVIRON:•W.ITAL PF?OT:.CTIO:J AGENCY ,CORVALLIS, OREGO1.i 97330 i~ 2 ~ .
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!9 c?: i' U p t i I ~ ~ ..m...4.....__,..._ .~_.. . ~ ~., . ___•- __.. .~....~_._ ~__ ~ * Y*' rw.].! ., ,..._ r., .r C'!' s: .... : . . _~ ~~1'~ ...:. ~ IUS 9SZOS IITA
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7 I S' tF. 0 U 0 U 1 0 . ~.. ~. jo dic1a'.0 8~'.Io rU:x:::-T }.•`~~Gsa•'i.V QTPsr -f. ~.~s..::e.2.:eY8.7 T-n 9ZLS 9SZ05 i L --.. ..... X `
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\ ! •. . i .. - . _ . :~~,. ...awr 30236 III Du3 79 Bull Amer. Physical Soc. 24(2)134-5(1979) S70S S.P. I1WATIVE IONS P'ORMED BY ELECTRON I1tPACT ON PLUOROGRBONS. / atl.e le.~a Ferse~~[Irttr~. l.~xt ea flsrocarloaa.&+l, SAW'kS,; L.C. CtM15TM'aMVW, ard `,'$Jov@wdwkKft (1aL Rlds. Kitlaw..1 la6sratnrlre-M.ytotff.e tau tes.ltf.lt (ro. 10r-owerRf (0-10 N) electrow Lpact w 2-CaFf, c-C%ft. 2-C..Ft, awi c-t'%FL Na.e fee. •tedted •.iag a frape.t tf.e-ef-flfRAt .aaa fewa f.c)ude: C.F; apectroeettr. Ot.served •CI-FG-•(+0-0, 0.)). ~ CIFy a(2.), t.2). CIFj (3.1). CjFi (S.t), Crj (3.)). .M F- (3.2) frro. 2-C4Ft: CIFy- (4.1). qFj (4.l, ).f). . A. r Clj Cffl C%fj;' •.0, o.!), awi F- Wa, 6.3, 7.9. 10.2) [ram c-C~Ft; (I.S. 3.0), C!j (3.!). ad F' (3.)1 [r.+ 2-C.FG: (4.., 2.0), CIFj (1.l. •.0, 7.0). and r(..1, 6.7, 7.G, 6.3) fro. e-C.Ft. val..em fo pareet6eae. I 1 .
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~_.... . . w.. .~ .-..,..,...~.. ~ ..~_ ~ _.._.-_._._ --- - - -_ 50256 5686 .rj1~uZ~7Ss.P. A CCNTII:tIf;1G T9YIC01.Gt'rC R}'/.SSF.SS).tEFJT OF 157- 45S t PIInltr.fACO1OGY {{{/) - fl:00 :1F.1 , . ' : k£ L;L((.'b AFi; ;01 ;. S. Carson; J. cheimt•erg~, .--" °_A, P.'a_c}.ars*,.:nd ~:_F__ Vo.i _,'}'uod and Drug kesearch ' . Lr~bv:at~rire, 1nc„ t.taspet,i, :fcw York 1137N Iaccnt cl.nical reports suFSe.ting tl,at increased asthma mortality is a direct consequence of the use of Isoprenaline . aerosol dispensere has caused reassessment of their use by elinieians, drug frrrns and reg-:latory agencies. Intensive ~ toxicologic studies w,th rats, go:nea pigs, dogs and monkeys at doszge lavels far in excess of current commercisl metered dose vials and utilization o• several commercial sources of ~ solubilized, as well as powde.ed isoprenaline HCt have not 1 elicited sirr.ilar adverse responses. Exposure to pure ' aerosols without frank and possibly marked impir••gerner,t of the buccal tnucosa at levels up to 1. 5 mg per kg cause little or no rnortatity and no significant elcctrocardiographit preasor ncr adversc respiratory responses. Expcsure of ~ I to 6 hours tothese concentrations represents very large Increments over clinical dosage equivalents. Complementary sted,es in cats exposed to particulate carbon (SO and 70 mN, rnonodisprzsed) and C1S-(abelcd 2-50 µ corroborate alveolar depos:tion ar:d rulmonary exposure. Data suggest the need ~ for rnore carefully delineated studies, isolating the possible ef:ects due to direct impingement on murosa and subse- quent wctting (b.,ccal : bsorption) aa opposed to exposure to the aerosol Fhose alone. Cuctfors In pettu-fon flott rat.ee are assumed to indicate '•as- cular cowt,lction. SuFn,ortcd by Grant fEC-W2)L-USPgS. . 454 0 t o o r1 U 1 a 2 7 t - Ituum F:-31 1 + rerl'utg _ 111.~L4~~ 'L4~~' 7,1S',p 453 ~ 1Rfr10YASCULAR ROLE IN t))(yC.EN Tt1y.iCITY. C. D. Vond. = ier}1rss~A. G. SnfthsLand J. I/. i_rat_i_^xs. LSU Sch. ./. In 5hrevcport.. Shrcvcport, La. 71101. ')osure of tats (Spral;uc-Pavley) to hfRh pressures of IOOx rl at 2 to S atmospheres absolute (ata) resulted In a ' pulmonary edema. At S ata the survival tlme averaged ~t. Fenoral arterlal pressure averaged 200J180. Pulnon- :tnous pressure of over 30 ra Hg vas recorded 1n doae. + re+ults vere con,patrd .•tth pressure recordings In rata ;(ch hypertcnsion resulting it. pulnonary edca•a vas pro- by by Injections of aconttine in:o the antrrlor h-ncthala- ~ Tne blcod pressure record/ngs, the gross acd microscopte is 1n the lungs vere all alnilar in t:,e pulmonary edcza ':ed by both mcthods 1n a double blind study. Fats ex- ; to 1COX 02 at a*bier•t atmosphertc pre.sure for an a•:er- ` 72 hours doveloped a fatal pul:on:rry edcna vith rasslve ~tl effusion. blood pressure recnrd(r;rs (ta/1 cuft) lndl- 1 no perlod of hypertenstor. Hltro.;cr,pic eaamtnatton of rtnas shavcd all respiratory areas to be filled vich edeaa j and up to 17 cc of plcural fluid. These char.ges :re tr to those In clinical left ver.trtcular f.•ilure. !t hat :eported that ATP Is fnhibited by lr,crezsed c:rygen. Our ircA fndlcates that the major chau3es In the lungs se_n In oxygen toxicity m•-iy be accounted for by cardiovascular respon- ses. (Supperted by VA Crant I01/3200.1/69-01.) , '°`y!yq+.w.Ra-a.~ 7 ~ ~ 1
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50256 5707 ~wee.~Po.c r.,~%o.~ HOOx f G ~t ~ t s~.~/BGRS~ SJ'0 Ye>"/~/~iat,C'~Pl~ sY~~~1 ~A-1 E SS E N YiAL XT1AS F/AdR/ f4 oFIBER CHEMISTRY Mary E. Carter FMCC orporatfon American Viscose Division Research and Development Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania i ..:r...a..h.4
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I / i I i , . .~....... -/ . - - •---.-.+ . ... _.~.. r,. u.,... ~ S02S6 5711 i XX HeF-C-203-73 Florida State HorticultuYal'Sooiety,85 192-203 (1972)- SONIE PdEI='J Ai.~ALYTICAL f 11DiC~1TO:2S OF PROCESSED lORft A. AT7A11'AY, . 12oncrje W BAna:,v, JAMES c. E417r., BELA ~C.BV51.1~•. ?~T4R- i~Iw:~. ~t. !vV:NiRT:, 1'aCl J. 1 t.ZtJli, 1AM1;:: R 1~suLT., Eurcte C. 1IttL, Rteruxn L. IIuecAar, riarrnmv D. >iiMAVi.rA, DONALD lt- Peneus, A*ro & V. Tir.c FlorWa Dcparlwnext of Citrxs Lnkc Alfrcd and ALVrr; ' II. Roon . 71 Mre..w ~.-.. ...~.....t «._. . en ~r1v .~w...q.el ar.C maYifnum Valucs of each analysis are presented. A multipk refircm sion anah•sls of the data re- sulted in a prediction equation for Aavor that nsed G variabJes sod gave a corre:ation eoc0'icient Distinguishing analytical characteristics are denaonstrated betwMcn oranre concentrate rrapo- rator pumpout and orange pulp wash eoacentrate. Dats are summrri:cd by presrntinr arcra1~r, minimum and nwximum values from the 30 JDP analyses oo each of the 25 aainples of -oianfie ard •pricaltxrel RueorcA~ ard RdKCalion Cexter Lnkc Alfrcd 0 I.._0 •Q ORANGE JUtCE QUALITY, 1971 72' - ' 20 proeessint plants ia Florida doring the 1970- ~ M
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50256 5739 \I ~. _ .. i . . T1a U`' u r ~ ~ o 0 u ;4 1 s 1.). IS I
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; lYai1513i:J.l So256 5734 ce rageo. N. • DETECTION AND DETERMINATION IN TOBACCO SMOKE OF 3Uf35TANCE9'FORMED BY-'THE DECUMPOSBITION OF ZINC• ETHYLE~3EBISDIT`~tIO~AIt$~tAT~:~ . '• firawsfatopvi: fr~i~i-": T.Wa ec0.) 65:~,23B-=244 (1-96,3~: O 0 1I l () i t; :?
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50256 5703 TOBACCO--CHEMISTRY/TOBACCO--SMOKE--CHEMISTRY/ RJR TRANSLATION TOBACCO--SMOKE--GAS PHASE/TOBACCO--SMOKE--ANALYTICAL hiETHODSi RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION Neri, M.; Carugno, Nl%- Rossi, S. (Piazza Mastai, Roma, Italy) NEW AUTOMATIC METHOD FOR MEASURING THE REACTION BETWEEN CIGARETTE SMOKE COMPOUNDS. Annals Tabac, Sect. I, 16, p. 89-95 (1978) (in French - complete English translation available) The reactivity of thiols with cigarette smoke was the subject of those investigations. This paper describes a new analytical method to determine the products of these reactions. The reactions of certain compounds such as NO + No2, aldehydes, ketones and free radicals with thiols will also be described....
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50256 5728 CIGARS--WRAPPF.R/TOBAC:CO--TO!3ACC0--l:L1RI`lG--l:HLTfICAL CHAKCT:/ TOBACCO--PROTEI'3S/TOBACCO--NITROCCN/ RJR CLASS NO. PA`iPF1LCT Vi To 79 S. P. Cartwright, 1! ; Cnrnell, A. ; Bertinuson, T. ;?•lolloy, :i; ; i[ale, T. ; 1•'irtnar . VI To-7Q :onsulicated VF<zr Co., Glastonbury, Ct., U. S.) S.P. ASSI:SS:1T:4T OFVC.TGAT: t•'P.h3'1'CF LEAF CURE A."ID Sl'•T.SEQ1?C:TT }--:R1R.'iTATIO\ i-Y ?'.0':ITOCI::C PI:OTEIV/:.'I'1'I:OGEN LEV::LS. Tobacco Chem. Res. Conf., 33rd, tape, Lexington, Ky (Oct. 29- 31, 1°7:) (in Er.f li ,-1t) ;lreviously, an evaluation of an experiaental tobacco batn, a controlled environ- ment room (CER), was described. The efficacy of the cure for cigar wrapper leaf was monitored by determining protein and total nitrogen levels. The results ;indicated a non-uniform cure and a correlation between the distribution of ;protein levels and probable sit flow. Consequently, the CER was modified and a nev study conducted. To accomplish the objective of aasessing the curing environment, representative samples were taken throughout the CER for eacb of tvo separate primiags. Gross curing environment was sraitored by recording ,temperature/humidity gauges. Data froe individual sample positions Indicated that the unitormity of cure was improved over the earlier study. For second and r!stb priaings, respectively, protein/total nitrogen averaged 1.16/3.47: and 1.29/3.73Z, slightly louer than conventional barn-cured cigar leaf. Fersenta- tioo produced only a slight enhancement in cure uniformity as well as protein nitrogen and total nitrogen percentages. The soluble nitrogen/protein (SN/FN) ratio decreased slightly. a 1 4 a -
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•1 Transla- tion 50256 5737 OE L 3-4 B='LOi M23E L DI .1LT:;I ?tll.:iCiCLICI .^-EZ Nt;U0 T:"L:~'~ CRO:ViTOC!UrIA I,I ;t,SL CA5S03A, by II. CsruSrao =2 C. Girv:,imozzi-SarmEnni. (Datemin ;ticn oi 3,G-banzopyr0na and o*_h ,r polycy.ltc aro=tic hydrocarbc:is tirou;;n 23s chromntograpr,y. ) 11 Tchccco 63 (iio. 692) 295-Q2 (July-Sept. 1959) Englinh transls*.ian .r_ Zt&1isn. ~.~
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50256 5735 VI Re9-77 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAtTHLET VI P.e9-77 s.p. Lionetti, G.; `:eri, M.; Caruyno, tl.f L'LECTRODE. EnSlish) t(no affil.)* DETEF.Mtir'~TI0:3 OF NITF.OGT:N OXI])I:S IN CIGAI'.I:TTE S'.;OKE WITET A GltS-S1:?:SI";G International Tobacco Sci. Congr., 6th, Tokyo, Jap., paper (1976) (in tl;eyc,ords:* nitrogen dioxide, snoke, constituent; nitric oxide, snoke, constituent. _ --. ---•.. -------. .. __. _ _._ -- - - - • _ _ _ ----•------_.. ------ ---- ----- `• A potentiometric method vras• developed to determine ~ b.a ~as-sensing electrode the nitrogen dioxide and y y ~ ; separate1 ; the nitric oxide which are`present in tobacco smoke..-__ s.U ir 0 1 il (I i) (i 2 .i 3 :~. I
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Ou*t+o? ?i.• a.:I G. _, _.i: .~r..~ . t~ 50256 5741 i,2 :JO Z'e6e'3I'f!il on to'G?Q,-!o by .1 .:rq: Y afeot of fe.r^: Pr:i.,tioh on &as su:,a w.~ne!e ; r: studi~d on i,cntucky: loo :eoo., .~. . A ~ . .. .. . i .. .,, _ • . ..J l , ... .. .. '' J . . .. .. . • .. ~ v . . / 1 .. .. -. .. . t . _ . . J ? ~1 ..11_:3 yd .::
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50256 5731 TOBACCO--SMOKE--AROMA/TOBACCO--SMOKE--TASTE/TOBACCO--SMOKE--ANALYSIS/ CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--TOBACCO SMOKE/CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--GAS CHROMATO( CIGARETTES--PAPER--S190KE COMPOSITION/CIGARS/TOBACCO--PYROLYSIS/ VI To-80 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET VI To-1980 s.p. Cartvrisht, Y:; Cornell, A.; Olender,V. (Consolidated Cigar Co., Glastonbury, Ct., U. S.) PRELIMINARY STUDIES ON MICRO-PYROLYSIS GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY (PGC) PROFILING OF TOBACCO COMPONENTS. Tobacco Che.. Res., Conf., 34th, paper, Rich.ond, Va. (Oct. 27-29, 1980) (in English) *Keywords:* neophytadiene, smoke, constituent; nicotine, smoke, constituent; furfural, smoke, constituent; d-li.onene, smoke, constituent; phenol, smoke, constituent; cresols, smoke, constituent. The use of siicro-PGC to rapidly not only identify tobaccos but also to evaluate smoke cosiponents and their levels and to subsequently estimate taste and aroma c, ar cte~ is ics using_ ictojraa uany~t ities of materials could represent a considd~ab~e d1vi _ a lbbos~to~y Ni.ePanA personnel requiresxnts. I
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' 50256 5747 . 81 IX Ja TOBACCO--TAR--DETERMINATION/7' TOBACCO--SMOKE--NICOTINE--DETERMINATION/ RJR C USS NO. PAMPHLET 81 IX Ja Jadraque, D.; Cartajst, A.'~ (Tabacalera S.A. Lab. Cent., Madrid, Spain) NICOTINE A ND TAR OF CIGARETTE SMOKE CONDENSATES. A FULLY AUTOMATED METHOD. Beitr. Tabakforsch. Confidential Manuscript submitted for publication, 9+ p. (1981) (in English) aKeywords:e nicotine, smoke, constituent; tar, smoke, constituent. The present paper describes a two-step analytical procedure, the second of which provides data on several components in a fully automated way. 0 ~ ~l Q (1
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RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK BF 30 Ca 1981 50256 5750 Carver,C. S"~-;Scheier,M. F . ; ATTENTION AND SELF-REGULATION: A CONTROL - THEORY APPROACH TO HUMAN BEHAVIOR. Springer Series in Social Psychology, Springer-Verlag New York Inc..New York, NY 10010.81. ISN = 3592 I d i n~nozo ~ ~
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l r 9 cs<<<0 uou I () .+,.....~.c~_v__.. .":f~:: ~ i. : ; t l' .. t.. . , . . . _ . _ __c . . . , - . , .. .. . _ - . - -/- ... ~ ©}:Qr-IR ". i . Uv. CO^r UT L-CL:.; 'jcCjTlS : i'.n Mc'.T ~-.I 1_7Q ~,;0. Ccse.i 07zz ~. ObLS 9SZ05
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, , , I 50256 5716 JA theor. Biol. (1978) 73, 575-SE4- n(!iiS;S !i'SiM.-?i f:f Relative 1'Iutagcnic Potcncies Dctcrnlined in the 77 II Re-79 Micronucleus Test S.P. - MAtvn+ A. fluEnwtxt ac SrPLUa Mro Axnto~:rn SWAtzt DeparhNenls oJPharmacofty cnd Bioslalistiu Jlledic»l College : oj Yirjinla Jtccltlr Scfernws Dirision, Virginia Commorrn•ral:ls . Uniorrsitr and McvJ YCU Cancer Center , (Receind 20(h May 1977) Data from two publiations wfikh iocludc doso-resporse data were suDject to rr,odel fitting u;iog a Poisson distribution and a lioear dosL-response ftmct'an. In Swiss mice, acctylaminofluortne was the Mvakest mutagco tesled. ADatosin IIr, 3-mcthvkhotanthrene and dimeth)initrosa.-nine were 66,1<, and 140 times as potcnt, respcctively. In hamsters aflatoxin B, was inadivc w-hrie 3-mcthykholanthrenc and dimet:»•Ini:rosamine were ?1 and 246 times as potent as acctylaminotluotena. EMS.vas the weakest nwtagrn fated by Matter R GrauN-ilcr with iMchicine and 7GA1 teing 232 and 3_19•a times as potent. Trenimon,cycicphcK;)hamide ard MMS acre b:st approx- imated by a ywdratic tuncuon due to their pronounced bone marrow toxicity. Neither MNNG nor caf:cice werc ae:'se in this test. 1 ~ 0 1 0 0 n 0 23 3 0 4 I ..--* jf ~- --~. ...~„ :s..
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50256 5746 REF Q 123 Fi 1973 DICTIONARIES/ • exaco~a o I , ~~Vfu ~~~ C'~' N ~~ ~ ~ 9 ~~ ~~vs by k JAMES H. FiL{aNS and er~.2s SIMON AND SCHUSTER, NEW YORK DONALD L CARUTH +# 1 - .
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0 50256 5745 82 X Ne TOBACCCO--S1?OKE--BIOLOGICAL TESTING/ TITLE: Study of the action of smoke on alcoholdchydroocnasc, lactic dehydrogenase and malate dehydrogenase enzymes AUTHORS: Dr. Mi re 1 1 a NER 1 - D~ttyOdla :C~IIi/GN0 ~ Presented at the 7thWnternational Tobacco Scientific Congress /in Manila; Philippines, November 1980 Unpublished manuscript / q . AOMINISTRATION OF THE STATE MONOPOLY A-i-tiS 'the present work we tr i ed to acqu i re a better kno ~ wledge of the action of the cigarette whole smoke and vapour ~ phase on three enzymes: yeast alcohol dehydrogenase (Y*H) lactic dehydrogenase (LHD), and malate dehydrogenase (MDH). V ~ I' 0 l1• ~~ e_T~ sbbje;dt~.~ i nvest i gated by several authors ( lrl2) in oPder ~to explain the mechan~~ of enzyme inhibition by smo L• a~•d tn ciete~rmine which`sctances are responsible for this
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50256 5729 CIIIAk TOTiACCO/TORACCO--ANALYTICAL METI?ODS/TORACC0--T3ASIC FRACTIOPIS/ AlI To-76 1UnhC:(:U--QUALITY/ RJF, CLASS N0e PAMPHLET VI To-76 o.pe . SIp. Cartvriglrt, 1d.'; Cornell, A.; Olender, Ve S.; Price, R. /(Consoli,ated Cigar Corp., G1.^stonbury, Ct.; Sutliff Tobacco Co., Richmond, Va.` U. Se Dt'VELOPMENT OF A REPRODUCIBLE METHOD FOR DETER1fINATION OF TOTAL VOLATILE BASES (TVB) IN CIGAR TOBACCOS. Tobacco Chem. Res. Conf., 30th, paper, Nashville, Tenn. (Oct. 18-20, (in English) ,'Keywordst* bases,_total_volatilem_curede constituent. ~[xperlmentation vas conducted to establlsh a rlnpl•t reproduclble TVg analysls. The ~e +parameters examined included ladicator type, mono- vs. diprotonated acld, sodium • hydroxide pellet a4dltion, variations !n the basie distilling aolutlona (mixtures of i Y trleodlum phosphate (TSP) and sodium hydroxide), TSP source, rate of d1st111atlon, o[ dl.tillae, sa_ple s1se, and ratio of sa.7tle site to TSP.solutlon. amount i _ JJJThe iesvlts demonstrated that the best e-adpoint !s obtained with the achromatic (mlred) ce o td ] t ' f s, presen r ndicator. No difference resulted from use of mono- or diprotic ac l absence of sodlum hydroxide pellets, TSP source, or froa mixtur^_a of TSP and sodium ' t i hydroxide. Rate of d1st111ation, anount of distillate, aample sise, and ratio of .artple slse to TSP solution were influential in determining the TVB yield. gased on these t experiments, a 1.0-g semple a1:e and a rate of distillation to yleld 500 cc distillate 1 I ' in 7P-40 minutea represent optl-um eondltiona for best reproducibirity. The ratio ot - 3 cc TSP per 100 mg sample (dry velght) vas adopted. 1 S . _-•------ Interlaboratory comparisons of TVd data must be ecru;inized carefully aince a change 1m ~ ooeratine -vara+seters ea~l_reiult_!n alaniflcant dlfferences. 0 _'0 o n 4 Z 3 ! a 1976) I
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50256 5736 "112 VI Re-78 S,P, RJR CLASS NO. PA."iPHLET 72 VI Re-78 s.p. Perinelli, M. A.; Carugno, N': (?tonopoli Stato Servizio Ricerche Chimiche Technologiche, Rome, Italy) DETEIL"f1NATI0N OF. TRACE I•fETALS IN CIGARETTE'SMOKE BY FLA,11:L1:SS ATO:-tIC ABSORPTION SPECTROMETRY. - International Tobacco Sci. Congr., 6th, paper, (Nov. 1976) (in English) *Keywords:* cadmium, cured, constituent; cadmium, smoke, constituent; nickel, cured, constituent; nickel, smoke, constituent.' zinc, cured, constituent; zinc, smoke, constituent; lead, cured, constituent; lead, smoke, constituent; 17 p., Tokyo, Jap. 0 1 0 0 0 0 V. 11; J2. 2
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%V r T&3-7z 50256 5742 ' CIC hRETTES--MANUF'ACTUFtE AND TRAllE--TECHNOLOGY/ I:.lIi CI.!l>S :;0. P~V,-IF'trL1:T \/1 Ta3 1? . Csrugno, H. ; `torc•t Ll, C. j:c~:;^} T.^1)'~ "i'c:b:..^..C<i . .,roli, s C'.T'::.'?.'i~ . ~ ~ ~7 Q ~ i~ a j J~ c3
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50256 5730 VI To-76 CIGAR TOFIACCO/TOBACCO--PROTF,INS/TOBACCO--ANALYTICAL *!ETHODS/ S,Pe TOBACCO-CR(1';'TH REGULAT(1FS/TORACCO--CURINr PROTEIN/ PHOSPHONIC ACID, CIILOROETHYL-/ RJR CLASS N0, PA~*iPHLET VI To-76 s. p. Cornell, A.; CartWrfghE, 41e; Bertinuson, T.; Alexander, Me (Consplidated Cigar Corp., Glastonbury, Conn., Ue S.) EVALUATION OF THE EFFECT OF 2dODIFICATIONS IN TiIE CURING OF CIGAR WRAPPER LF.AF, INCLUDING F.TfIREL TREAT:ENT, BY TfONITOP.ING PROTEIN LEVELS. Tobacco Chem. Resa Conf., 30th, paper, Nashville, Tenn. (Oct. 18020, *Keywords:* 2-chloroethylphosphic acid, tobacco, additive; nitroRen protein, cured, constituent. Previoua vort haa dezonstrated the importance of tobacco protltn levels aa vell a. tAe~ ~ratte of aoluble/inaoluble nttrogenous constituents (protein/non-pratein) to leaf and ~smoking quality. A convenient, rapid method vaa therefore desired for protein dater- eination vhlch could be utilized both to monitor and to aeeasa the effect of alterations 'ie the curing procesa of ciyar tobaccos. I 0 1 ;) 'nltrogen, four methods vere evaluatedo the CHA, Yickery, Ga1n!e, and gacoa procedures. lOn the baets of simplicity, the 3acon procedure vae adoptal. 'Analysis of protein levels vas utilized to follov tobacco .eder seversl experir.ent,l +curing regimens: (a) conventional ahed, (b) air-cure, (c) accelerated cure, and (d) +•eoutrolled.environment room. "ThP etfect of the grolth regulating agent 2-chloroethylphosphonte acid (CEPA) vas also evaluated under the fMar curirg regzm~.ns, CEPA promoted readily measurable senescence 'ar.d probably decreased cu:ing tire. 1 Por total nttrogen, the Colenan Nitrogen Analyzer (CNA) vae satisfactory. Por proteto Q n i) 2 3 3 I 6 . 1976) I
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~ X:,, aeF-H-700-73 PIRA BIBLIOCI'.AP11Y 50256 5752 ~ ~ IIIFORRLATION DEPARTI1iENT I3I13LIOGRAPHY NO. 596 GAS PEILITCABIT,T'I'I' OF PACKAGING ?4A TEI'. L LS compil ed by K,-4~arver.'_ The Research A9sociation for the Paper and Board, ;;Printing ar~d Packaging Industries Randalls Road, Letherhead, Surrey, England-.. . y ~.w.~~~t^.r~..rc...r..-ry....r.r~+rr..re....w~...r~~..a+~-»..s~-.......+.. ..~-r..+ • I r
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50256 5748 RJR CLASS NO. PA..fi'HLI.T 75 V1 Pr Prado, A. B.; Carvalho U. DA, Silva, H. C.; Cuimaraes, L. 1'.-L.; Carcdoso, '11-t. A. A. *(no ai•fi1.)* IDENTIFICATION Eu\D SPT:CTROSPaO'I'05~~RIC n1:TEMUNATION OF :dICOTI::1: Iiv URIIvE FRO:t SMOKERS. *(Identificacao e dosagem espectrofotometrica de nicotina en urina de fumantes.)* Rev. Rrasil. Pied. 31 (No. 9) 607-10 (1974) (in Portuguese) *1975, No. 11, W 3928* *d* Tobacco analysis (meeic:ine) : o i 0 ono;z:; 3 3 4
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50256 5754 aD I CAS Pri nted Access Tools 1977 P DL A Workbook Chemical Abstracts Service ®Copyright 1977 by the American Chemical Socieq• 11 SS Sixteenth Street, N.W. A Division of The American Chemical Society Washington, D.C. i •l',i / o i ~an~~:~s4 0 .
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50256-5725 t`~1't'.tZ"'- ~t~ ~ , t ~,.. t ~~~.ql...t- l: .r.r-~ {~ a:~. --t~:..a'~i S:. _. .rn- ~ , • .- Gt1i .~.:1 a~ .~.1"..Z •'J .r.v~ a7s Gr Sili::.~e:s7a i'O 1'j• l'~.,s~W~ rn ` Dr3t. J. prov. Sac. Y.od. 2_f,2 363" (29a0) Ia ..-,...-..._,.r.....~,.- ..-~.,~..~ r - t) I tl ~ ~ t i 1.~ S I ~ I
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50256 5755 ; i Published by CHEMICAL ASS1"RACTS SERVICE A division of the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETYICOLUMBUS, OHIO 43210 :i J 4 l
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,. ! ~ ' ~ 74 X BaZ 2iICOTI~'~--METpgp ISM--Iil7~tpii BODY/- URINE--ANALYSIS/ 50256 5749 TOBACCO--SrIOKING--L?,INE R3R CLASS NO. P&MPHLET 74 X Ba2 Baptista Prado, A. ; Carvalho v. -D. D. ;, Candido Silba, H. ;. Fernando, L. ; Guimaraes, L.; Alves Cardoso, M. A. (Faculdade Far.n. Odontol. Ribeirao Preto,'Disciplina, Ribeirao, Preto, I Sao Paulo, Brazil) t:LEV£LS OF NICOTINE IN URINE FROM SMOKERS. ~ *(Identificacao e dosagem espectrofotometrica de nicotina em urina de fumantes.)* r.e t ~th&psais'~ ~th English Rev. Brasil. Med. 31 (No. 9) 607-10 (1974) (in ~s sumaa.ry) *1974, No. 22, W 8624* *d* Tobacco medicine (analysis): .., :iy--°.-_-- - .:s-- - - - -- -r
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\ i M , 50256 5736 n.aa, EVALt~ATI013 OF YOLYtiUCLEAR HYDkOCA:tR04S IN CIGARETTE S."iOKE aT GI.r.SS CAPILLARY COL[HiNS by N. Carugno and S. Roosi (Italy, Ar.rr.inistrazione dei Moaopoli di Stato, Rome) Tobacco Cfiemists' Research Conference, 19th paper (scheduled but not actually delivered), Lexington, ICeatacky, (October 26-28, 1965) trev. ref. (Abstr. only--coaplete paper available now.) o 1 o 0 0 o;1 5 3 z 4 . i. r /
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I Ch18 75 Chemical Abstracts Service 50256 5756 CAS TODAY, FACTS ANII FIGURES ABOUT CHEMICAL ABSYRACTS SERCICE: 1974 American Chemical Society CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS SERVICE - A Division of the llmerican Chemical Society Columbus, Ohio ;k la ~l i~ 2, ~~.4 2 t
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RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK T 55 Ca 50256 5763 Casarett,L.J. (ed.); Doull,J. (ed.); CASARETT AND DOULL'S TOXICOLOGYr THE BASIC SCIENCE OF POISONS) 1st ed. (1975) entitled "Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons"; 2nd ed. (1980) MacMillan Publishing Co., Inc..New York, NY.(IN ; ENG.) ISN = 5468 0 1 0 0 tl 02 a 3 4 y I
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50256.5757 t ! ~ I CAS TDi+A7, FACTS A°.rD FIGUR.SS, 6!JPIi C11 18 ANAiIVERSARY EDITIO'N.. Chemical Abstracts Service CAS TODAY, FACTS AIVD FIGURES, 60TH i ANNIVERSARY EDITION. 1957 ~ American Chemical Society Columbus, Ohio --a> - .-r,.-- ----yr- •:. (} 1 tl 0 ~ tl :? : J
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RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK T 55 Ca Casarett,Lr3. (ed.); Doull,J. (ed.); 50256 5761 CASARETT AND DOULL'S TOXICOLOGY: THE BASIC SCIENCE OF POISONS. 1st ed. (1975) entitled "Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons"; 2nd ed. (1980) MacMillan Publishing Co., Inc..New York, NY.(IN : ENG.) I SN = 5468 0 I 0 0 0 () 2 .i 3 4 7
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I Add 171 ~X Me10 i S.P. Casare`t, Locsis .T. 'i0:{i'"1U?:',Y - THE RESP2P.AT0RY TDACT 50256 5762 Annua7. P.Cviev of Phar-r.acoloEy 11 425-446 (1971) ~ a t ci o n~~ 13 . 3 4 4
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50256 5758 78 VII Ag-81 S.P. TOUACCO--BUkLEY--l;UR1NS/ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 VII Ag-81 s.p. Walton, L. R.; Swetnam, L. d.; Casads, J. A; Duncan, G. A. (Univ. Ky., Agr. Eng. Dep., Lexington, Ky., U. S.) CURING PRIMED BURLEY TOBACCO LEAVES WITH NATURAL AIR. Amer. Soc. Agr. Eng. 23, No. 6, 1573-? (1980) (in English) Burley tobacco leaves were cured with unheated forced air in both spiked racks ind in boxes designed to simulate big box curing. Airflow rates of 5.61 and 7.48 N /h/kg (1.5 and 2 c ria/lb) yielded the beat rack-cured tobacco. The box-curee tobaco was of very poor Quality. all of the experi.entally cured tobacco was significantly lower in equivalent uarekt price than atalk-out barn-cured control. , 0 1 ~ 0 ~ tl 2~ 34 4
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.11 . ~ 50256 5732 - ~ III I?u2-77 S.P. EMISSIONS OF POLLUTAt1TS It+ THE STRATOSPHERE by (European Space Agency Technical Translation Marcel Garrerel, Roland 6orghi2, Jacques Caruel3, • ESA TT-341 Marcel Devienne4, Jean Duterque5, Philippe Gastebois6 and Claude Verdier7 December 1976 1. OttERA Power Enginec:ring Scientific Director 2. ONEPA Research Gro1p head 3. St%ECN,A Combustion Division head 4. CtIRS high Energy Volecular Physics Laboratory Head 5. ONERA Research Engi neer 6. SNECN.A Corbustion Division Research anJ Pollution Department Ftanager 7. ONERA Research Laboratory head ~ Translation of Publication No. 1976-3 - COVOS P.eport No. 5 'Emissions de Polluants dans la Stratosphere" Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches kerospatiales 29, Avenue de la Division Leclerc, 92320 Chatillon FRAtrCE
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Ya373 _. , ~ .~.F_.....~._,...___.-.._..__ .. ,.._..... 50256 ?utiD Ti:ADL--SNI?PIt~C i.O:~T.,Iti~RS/ ,, j 73 CLASS ~:0. Ptt_=1iLFT t'I ~a-_ ;G ~~tCCO--FAC: A IaG. i~ TZtr_f, G• .) St:~:e- ~ ^QI. OF PFI:iTI~G ~.~.J., .i r l. ~inTF.'.•. !._. SJi. . 1'f T)"l1C~eCfCR~Cr l. ite: +~r =sba'a' l : : _ '3 ve: ar Taba:c-t:ol paPer, ..~• 1J, W .i J'.~ J'7•1 1.1973, ' ` ,t ~LCt.lt~u~..haiyS:S1 ~ ~C.-:; .. . TOb A'i THPE bei p•. INITIAL „ ...:. ,. PaC~_,GI:rG OF U ' 1) lJ S, l~ / J J .l ~
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b ! ~' ~ + U V d ~' 0 sL;^.,ct llrnvloZYox h-.,qvs (•ca44a:.e''s=a a3 uotqc!t4--Oo JTo uoll'"np 0-4 :.Zr ,Lw= oY FTT.:D ~- :.Z:v...~ r„` ~ j'.~' 1 't{ JC%Tr1.{n7 •a nc •I[ Eet I" EELS 9SZOS
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50256 5764 ._. . .. . ~ . . ~. ..L r:tcc,~NA '6, , .l.. ~^..,.,:';;, W x PIS , ~._._.. ._ ::.Vi in ~ha u-'ie p of Qo,c,-err.;~ ~, . .~.L:+.C. 7I-cs!. :7 0 ---'-~--------~ - -- . --• - .-- -~--• - i:S :i U U I0 0 () a 2
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50256 5768 ~III 1'HE CASCADE IMPACTOR: AN II3STP.L'MEP:T FOR SA:•SPi.7?:G Li6 COARSE F.F.ROSOLS ~ (1968) JAay, K. R. ....:. ._....i.:.~::. .. .._:~~~a.:.~ra: ... ._ .. .._.......... .. ... .. . _ _. ..~... . ~s ...:..__~:: ~. ._. ~.~.~. :. V S.a:! :J.ie:• .a.2, a \:
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0) * Eur. J. ftiochem SU, 71-82 (1974) 7f't t 13u-j New Sialic Acids .~.~...~-~,. ldentification of N.-Glycotoyl.-0,,tcctxlneurar~ninic Actls and N.-Acct~-D-glycolqyltieu'r.ttminic.Ac~~s by I~i~pl'ovcd Mcthods for Dctcction of N-ncyl and 4~-A~~%i Groups and by Gai.i~uid~o~taography Hans-Pctcr 13USCNER, Jorge CASAlS-5Tb`l•F7ET!and Roland SCHAUER Institut for Physiologische Chemie der Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Arbeitsgruppe for Zcllchemie (Received June 4/Septcmbcr 9, 1914) 1. Sialic acids were released by dilutc acids or by neumninidase from glycoprotcins of bovi:.,. and equine submandibular gh!nds, from glycoproteins of cquine blood plasma and fra:n cqeii,. ~:. erythrocytc membranes. They were purified by ion-exchanFe chromatography and fractionated 0 1 CIQ~1 tl 2:340
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~ III 50256 5766 ~ Ho2 (1966) . ~ ~ THE CASCAnE CtiN."i`.IPETER: A I:FVICF FCt? DETER:iT?T'.'%: TNE CO,':C:F::TR{.'1'Ltiii ?l\D SIZE IiIS'!'R) Wi'CION Cr <1LPOS:ILF. Etsu':+--,.: :. F. T;'?'. (,7-•:T'.:IPtiTi'r: A DEVI(M isa -••- J l1%' S O1..C.rt by U«ila?m.+ :{ arQ }:. J. :i`'t62x'ivClod. ?o~ lI[-3I (*:arch--4pril 1965) O v t a a 0 a ;~- -i 3 :) 2
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M 261 T r 1975 i l'roc,^.ccjinp,s XI l>>tc_r>>ationai C'ancer C`.onr,ress Florcnce, 20-26 October 1974 VVolume 2 Voll}mr3 3 50256 5772 Caielnical and C`"I=lccr yiclemio?ogY, viral oncogci,csis ' cjivironment'al factors ~.~ F.diras Picrro Bucalos,F U.•nbcrlo ! loonari Na1a1e Coscinelli ~ 1975 Fxcerpta Mcdica Amsterdani American Elsevier Publishing Co. Inc. New York 0 1 n 0 n 0 2 a 3~ 8
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50256 5777 I I ~teAl-7 7 S. P. COMBUSTION-GENERATED INDOOR AIR POLLUTION I. FIELD MEASUREMENTS 8/75 - 10/75 Craig D. Hollowell, Robert J. Budnitz, George D. Caser and Gregory NV. Traynor January 1976 LBL-4416 UC-11 TID-4500-R63 Prepared for the U. S. Energy Research and Development Administration under Contract W-7405-ENG-48 0 i n 0
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50256 5776 • C. . POLLUTION CONTROL/LAWS .8 LEGISLATION/FEDERAL REGISTER/ WASTE DISPOSAL/ Q RCRA AZARDOl1S 123 . WASTES` HANDBOOK 1980 0 Tom Watson, Rldaway M. Hatl, Jr., J.ffr.y J. Davidson, and Davii R, Cas04 GOVERNMENT INSTITUTES INC. ( AUGUST 1980 • 0 I 0 0 0 0 7. I . t
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RC 261. Pr 1975 Proceedings 50256 5771 XI International Cancer -Congress Florence, 20-26 October 1974 Volume 1 Cell biology and tumor immunology 1A Mitors Pietro Bucalossi Urnberto Veronesi Natale Cascinelli 1975 Excerpta Medica Amsterdam American Elsevier Publishing Co. Inc. New York U i n o n E~ z~ 3~ I I I
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RC 261 Fr 1975 /TOBl~CCO--SMti~il--NF.Aii'E!/ CA,':Cl:R--CAU5AT1f)N BY TOBACCO/ /Cfa::;I•:R--Ct,t1SATI0.-N BY SM(i?,'I\G/ 1'OB1',CCO--S;1Qi:IN'(,--CA":CT:R/ Procccdings ' XI International Cancer Congress h:orence, 20-26 Octobcr 1974 Volume-4 Editors Cancer Campa. lglls, Pierro Bucolossi aCtCCtl011 rellabilitatioTl U~nberfn Vcrorresi,, ~ ~ s i 11afa?e Cosci~+eUi clinical cla.ssification-_ ; 1975 ~ Excerhta Mcdica Amsterda*1: ~ 'Amcrican Elsevier Publishing Co. Inc. New York 50256 5773 0 1 0 0 0 0 2S) 33- 9
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c x r;el0 -75 S.P. 50256 5774 RJR CLASS NO. PA.`THLE'P X *Se20-75 s.p. tdehner, A. P. ; Bair, lJ. J. ; Haller, W. A. ; Casr., k. C. • (Battelle, Pacific ;:orthuest Lab., 4io1. Dep., Ric}iland, Wash., U. S. ) I1.L'POSITIO:: OF tt3I0::UCLIDF-LA}',ELET) CICARETTE S:,ORE I"~ DOGS. ,,.•r Jour. Agpl. Phys'iol. 37 (:.o. 4) 630-33 (Oct. 1974) (in English) *I:cywords:* 42Potassium, tobacco, additive; . SZlsromine, tobacco, additive; 24sodlum, tobacco, additive. *1974, :fo. 24, ld 9305* *d* Tobacco riedicine:
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50256 5753 [A ir fX C *' f9 11 4. p'7°s--7I1' 197a)Nippon Nogeikagaku Kaishi 47, (-)-Carvone 0 Pseudomonas ovalis, 6-1 -X 80 III No' K x ~sim A (-t 0 1) . a M It Ni, IR eIt. ec (*BLIFfA**A1t iliAiii it###) PH#148V 8A8 H * V Conversion o(-)-Carvone by Pseudq(onas ovalis, Strain 6-1 Iicrobial Conversion of Orpenes Part XIII) By Yoshiaki NOMA and Chuji TATSUMt Dspartrncnt of AQricwltwral Chemistry, College of Ayricwltwrt, Univsrsity of Osaka Prtjsctwrs, Sakai • / (1) 705-711 (19: As a part of the series on the microbial conversion of terpenes, the conversion of (-)-carvone by a newly Isolated microorganism, PsewdomoRas ovalis, strain 6-1, has been extensively investigated. (-)-Carvone is easily reduced to give (+)-dihydrocarvone, (+)-isodihydrocarvone. (+)-neodihydrocarveol, (-)-dihydrocarveol, (+)-isodihydrocarveol, and (+)-neoisodihy- 4n q3 tbiI bageria ; (+)-dihydrocarvone and ( ~ )-dihydrocarveol &ocaneolily tV act* are the major pr;ducts. The metabolic pathways are also discussed. (Received June 8, 1973) I
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/ 4 s-- jo•irnal d Perx+aaliry aed Sorial Prycbolaa 1950. Vbi. d"v. No. 2, 286-293 ; 50256 57S1 T)Te A Behavior Pattern, Sex Role Orientation 80 II Ey-80 and Psychological Adjustment S.P. Eileen DeGregorio and Charle's S. earverv~ University of Miami It was argued that the Type A "coronary-prone" behavior pattern is adaptive within the context of a highly masculine sex role orientation, but that it inter- feres with successful functioning among persons for whom such an orientation is lacking. This interference was expected to predominate in areas of behavior that are interpersonal in nature. Based on this reasoning, it was predicted that the combination of a Type A behavioral style and a sex role orientation low in masculinity would be associated with low social self-esteem, high social anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, because our culture expects women to be more socially adept than men, it was expected that these tendencies toward maladjust- ment would be more pronounced among women than men. A study of 213 col- lege students yielded results that were consistent with these predictions. A behavior pattern called Type A has been found to have negative implications for cardio- vascular health among both men and women (e.g., Bengtsson, 1973; Kenigsberg, Zyzanski, Jenkins, Wardu•ell, & Licciardello, 1974; dose ~a t ~ 19~ S; w;tosei'lnatt~& '~ried- an.~9~~ T ht pi'e3ent study examined the hypothesis that this behavioral stvle mav alcn word aggressivc is firmly associated in most people's minds with masculinity. Aggressiveness is not the only characteristic of the Type A behavior pattern that has a counterpart in the masculine stereotype, how- ever. Exaggerated achievement striving is also characteristic of the Type A (Glass. 1977), An~ ~ ~~.~.,n ,,.,._~. .,_._ ........... ........a:..,. ., r •
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50256 5780 r~print 135 CASr, iilS~'I~S: ~C'r: TO RE::VF, CC5::5 iNfiAGG~? ' :JA'i'~RIrlLS a~,LF.~TIC`i. Du Flond, T. C. (e3. ) 135 CASE I'.ISTORIE:': H'W'D REDUCE COSTS Tf;KUGH rATERIALS S: LEMCr:. Reprint from: Naterisls and N:ethods 40 70-116 (N.ay 1954). 0 I - t1 2 -i .S 7 lU
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I coor, Robert ii,, "jt, aut. 50256 ts,oxo, C:o•:i~^ Eo S'<<Lre:':T t ~~ F'L:,'..Lik LZAVc's A!tE USED Lul czc~r~r~~ :0 s.u:;t s~:e:c~:~~ VURBs, by GFArge Lc faOrC Z',d :v)Cert :to c68ea 5780 r.am'eil P~~~: i!.-rArial Institute, press rQlease, ku;. Ahstr, in; ?•:kd, Tr3,butee i:u3, 3(Aug. 30, 1°u3) I i 1 0 n U' :=:
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~78 111 Re2-IIO I / S_P_ 50256 5765 4 Multivariant technique for multiclass pattern recognition . ~ I ". ~ Cttarles F. Hester and David casaserd .i P:. b • ... : 1>; A technique fur mldlictac%uptical twttern rewytnition uf ditfert•nt t>t ran / t icr \'ICW~ U~ All UtlJf CI Ne IICWrIhMI. Each muttitlat. reprecentation /of an uhject is dm-ribed as an orth4mnrnl:d basis functinn expamion, and a single averaKed matched .patial filter is then pnK11n•ed frnm a aeikhtr•ct linear combination nr thexe tunc- tioaa The terhnique is dernwi.ctrrotCd Inr a tcnninal tni..ile Kuidanr r:Ippli~ ;Itiun usinK Ili lunk im;IKery. N L Introduction In most pattern recut;nitiun problems, ntulticla.ses (e.g., different perspective views) of the same uhject must be recognized, and discrimination between mul- tiobjects (different but similar objects) must be main- 0•1 nQnO:Za~i~~1 l-, specific application well since it properly utilizes th+ control, dynamic range. smtl Ilrxihility uf digital hru cessors together with the real-time and parallel pru cessing features of uptic,tl•ystems. Prior approache to the multiclass and multitlbject pattern recognitit)
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50256 5785 Cl+i&.Yi51'fJNI*S O!F .?CCTDEtSTS iN iNC CHEMLCAL iNDUSiY',~. ~f,0`, a Yn\SS~~~r}~ ~' f}V ~fanufactLri.^.t; Checr.;sss' ~Qsceiation. &fecy ~#nd Fire Protection Committee. Case histories of accidents in the chemical industry. [Nashington, 'Manufacturing Chemists' Association] 119G~,- ~ v. dtagrs. 28 cnm. -71 1. Chemical industries-Accidenta t. Title. TP149.D1295 , - , G3-716 E ,. Library of Congresa E31 ~ 6 7( I U 1 0 0 0 0 2
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78 XT Ad -79 S.P. 1 Jour. Adv. To determine its optimal level of ad vertising, a f irnt can sa f el v ignore .. Res. 12(3)37-4n (1972) 50256 5778 - The Effects of Advertising Carry-Over )Cenneth E. Case and James E. Shamblin This paper examines the carry-over ef- fects of advertising on current budget- inj decisions. A widely accepted no- tion of carry-over assumes that expo- sure is concentrated in a relatively short period of time, but this exposure is distributed, although decayed, over future time periods. The decay rate has been found to vary with the type of advertising, sale-price advertising de- 0 1 t~ 0 n'0 predisposed to favor a previously used brand. The probability that a consum- er habitually continues to buy a brand decays with time, the rate depending on the reaction to the currently used product and the extent to which the consumer even considers the purchase of a brand not currently being used. The motivation for the work con- veyfd k%re stems from the paper by 2--) J 54 Development In order to develop an extension to Simon's models, a brief review of the basic model concept is presented. Consider an advertising expenditure At which results in a net revenue R,(the subscript t indicates an arbi-
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50256 5775 XF.PSttRE,~'.L:v*'t ::F CIG?RETTE SMOKE DEPOSITED IN' DOGS BY A i:E:'Ii4D SZtfJLATING PU*LA.'~ S:IdiCING, to the Council for Tobacco Research, New York (Nov. 1967) by A. P. Wehner• W. J. Bair; J. F. Park; W. A. Raller and .. C. Case Battelle Memorial Institute, Pacifid Nort west Ldboratories, Richland, Wash.j see FGC files
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50256 5722 ___.---- Carbon Monoxide Insertion Reactions in [MetFloxy(cyclopentadiene dimer)]platinum(11) Derivatives t3y G. Carturan, M. Graziani, and U. 8clluco, FacoltA di Chimica Indlstri3le, UniversitA di Bologna, Viale Risorgimento 4. 40136 Bologna, and Facolth di Chinka Industriale, The University, Venezia, Italy (Pt(C,oH,;•OMe) (PPh,)Xj (X = CI, Me, or Ph) reacts with carbon monoxide under mild conditions to give novel platinum(u) carbonyl derivatives. The reactions are interpreted in terms of a carbon monoride insertion across the platinum-carbon a bond, followed by displacement of the elefin by a further molecule of cjrbon monoxide. A possible reaction scheme is suggested. 2t:cexrtY we have prepared some novel platinunl(tt) 2060 and 1 720 cm'1 atttibuted to a tertninal and acyl omplexes having two metal-carbon a-bonds arrd a carborryl group re-;pectively. netal-olefin - bond of the type ;Pt(MeO•diene)L(Ph);. If the reaction is followed by means of i.r. spectroscopy 'he rcactions of the4~e complexes both with nucleophilic the band which aPpears first (at 1720 cm-t) corresponds nd ele:tropliilic ascnts led to a selective cleavagee of to an ac}•) c:rbonyl group. As tlr-, reaction proceeds a and - bonds.i We now report the reactions of these second band appears at 20ti(1 an-t and this is attributed ornplcxes 'Ptf,Cl,~l{,_ (t~ie)(PPh3)Ri {/1)- (11I); R = to a terurinal carbonyl group. These ol:.>ervations are 1, `ic, or Ph; ( j inl~r •Q~ie 1'~ 7~ne(llox}~ricydlo-3 con) isteit .vith .he reaetihn =.• l r• l.ce: (I) -~- (W) >(V). i,?,l,rr" s'dec t cn ~ ~ I} with carbon :uonoxide under "file frr>t titrl) re ir:i r> c lrl -;r.1 irr,.;ttion across the 1Lii C(1nClltron-Z. AfteC a i1PnZelle 'nr fllca
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50256 5783 '74`7C -Av 'T'OBACCO-=SROKING=-FAVORABI.E - LITERATUREI S;!(L`KING AND HEALTII% -RJR Ci.ASS NO. PAMPHLET 74 X Av Aviado, D. M. (Univ. Pa., Sch. Med., Dep. Pharrnacol., Univ. Pk., Pa., U. S.) THE CASE AGAINST TOBACCO IS NOT CLOSED... WHY SMOKING MAY NOT B&r "DA23C€x(3US TO YOUR HEALTH". 0 Executive Health 10 (No. 11) 6 p. (1974) (in English) Y u *1974, No. 17, W 7303a* *d* Tobacco medicine: I .tl 0 0 t7 ~. ~ :3 6 y . . ]
Page 779: mfb88d00
COaPUTERS--?ROGRA24S/PARTICLE SIZE MEASUREtSEILTT/POLLUT•.ILIAT.C0NTR0L/DUST/PARTICULAT;.SOLIDS f d ! f ! ' P / Ntuu, M uru un tI e Mene 'tlrnr eumr elrnr) rose rea 1 ( QA + 76 ; Sp ~1978 1.REPOH; hO. - 1. EPA-600/7-78-226 J.TITLE Ar.O5t;9TITLE Cascade Impactor Data Reduction with SR-52 and TI-59 Programmable Calculators 7. AuT.+ORIS1 Leslie E. ' Sparks 9. PERFOH\1ING OROANIZAI ION NAME ANU ADDRESS U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711 11.SPONSORrNJ AGENCY NAASE AND AUnRESS EPA, Office of Research aitd Development Industrial Environir.ental Research Laboratory Res- carcn ~1 • -~r•ia_~~,n ~~e-r~ ~ ~ ,,.,arl.~- li~'- 27741---- - - S. RErOH1 DATE November 1978 G. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION CODE 10. PRGGHAM ELEMENT NO. EHE624A 11. CONT RACI /GRANT NO NA (Inhouse) 13 . TYPE Or REPORT ANO h-RIOO COVEREL User Manual; 5-6j78 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODC --E-PA,/M0/13 - 1s.StPPLEMENTARY, NOTEs Author Sparks' mail drop is 61; his phone is 919 541-2J25. '1'he-report provides useful tools for obtaining particle size distributions and graded peneti ation data from cascade impactor measurements. The programs calculate impactor aerodynamic cut pohits, total mass collected by the implctor, cau~LtiO nQcsrfra(gtioA_ 1eis t~ari",foiSeach stage, log-normal size distribution parameters for the data, and graded penetration. Thc^e programs are written for the 't'e.~s IrL;trumentg SR-52 :utd TI=59 prof, r:lmin;ible calculators and the PC-100A
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\ / L , _.-,_.,. r I 50256 5759 I . ..~ 7 01%~ .~z TOBACCO--BURLEY--PHYSICAL PROPERTIBS/TOBACCG--LEAVES--PHYSICAL PROPERTIES/ TOBACCO--MOISTURE/ TOBACCO--STEMS/ r. Soc. re Eng. 19(2)582-384(1976) . ~. I W / ' ~a o~' a 76 VII • sticity E the Cure_d Burlcy Tobacco Miari t• Unus R. Walton, John N. Walker t*3m-rt scnron rwEAeaen AME AiAE AfAE T HE handling of burky tobacco rithout breakage aftcr it is cured r depends on the softness and pliability ~, of thc leaves. which vary mith moisture content. Jeffrey (1940) iindicated that /eaf nroisture content must bc in the 20 and 30 percent (dry basis) range when they are to be removed from the stalk and tied in hands (bundles of leaves that can be consenicntly held bt the hand) in the conventional man- Dtt'. they are marketed. The modulus of clasticity of the tobacco stalk has been determined for application to the design of mechanical harrestcrs for both flue cured (Suggs and Splinter 1965 and Young and Suggs 1967) and burley tobacco (Casada et al. 1969). The modulus of rupture also would be an important parameter in all of these arcas, but it would be of particular importance in describing tM A.... .* -..;..+. .a._ .. I 0 1 0 0 n 0 2S 34 5 I . >. L I inwffrcient to obtain true ' rium. and natural variations biology caused actual moist y~ tents to differ from the setcctc' to sonrc extent; tow-rrer, a goc4 tion in moisture contents over: tirc range was obtained. ' Thc specimens were tested a wpportrd beams. The simn~ ported beam equation is given; ~
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50256 5769 t and Step;ien Goranson An exlxrirncntal nettivork of modified cascade impactors was set up, as part of the I~rational Ait Sumill:,nce Network, to deterrninc grav:metn'cat?y the' partiac size distribution of suspended particutate rnatter in the air in six uroan arcas. During 1970, samrJc; v:are collcctca at a flow rate of S to 6 cfn•i for a 2a•hour period once every 2wecks according to a prrarrar.ced schedule. 11ie raodifi,~d cnsc3d: impactor, the analytica] nkUiodcio;y, and the compu;cr r•rn,-cssing of d;,tn arc r!.,cri::ed. PARTICLES--AII: POLLUI'ION-ANALYSIS f AI R--PCLLUT. lON--PAR'C I CLE- DET_ E R2•i2 NAT IO:V j CASCADE 1iViP.laCTgR,NETWaR; _ I~. ,Cj,ENVJRO'.MEIdTAi. PROTECTION AGENCY - Office of Administration Research Triangle Pxrl:, North Carolina July 1972 National Emironmental Research Center i .~ s~ ~ u 1 ~~3 t1 0 2
Page 782: mfb88d00
50256 5790 t , TP Case Institute of Techrnoicgy, C1c•relsnci, Ohio. * 968 lcnesicn and edhvsives--fuuuLa_eiLt~-ls siid rri~.c- C tice. Parers resd st a syccposiuii held at Ca: e Institute of Technolo~3• in uleve~siid, Ciiio E.1iud at a Conference neld in i~onuon, ~nbls.,d. :.oa~ :: 1954. 2;~9 p. 26 cm. , a 1 0 on 0 ;4 ~,51 0 I
Page 783: mfb88d00
r.l . A, ..h!.li r , 1. ,.- d . ..... . .~. 1 \~ al~lrl,.r/., t/~k . .. .......~~.• ... /'\H11(.LF liF. .•.-. . ~.,. . ... (~t.l a. .1.-.. .~,~r. . .\~.,...IJ.~~.n,~~~ l. .. ....1 . .1.., f..~• •......... 1_•..~ ~i..•iil~,: . ..1, w. ..v! ~1 ,r.. ,.~ .... ... ...ai~ a ~ ,• .. i,... ... . L.tl• nr .... ~~ ~.hv• . n r r<. ..I u5io Ih< ol,~lu,l< Uh< HyuK. tw) iS; /... r., .«.t. ro...~., r r. •-e7 i ru. 11 «J. I v, 19; q 1.l: :? t/ I)(•tc)•)11111;tt1C)11 L)f1':LI"t)clc Size histril-)utic)n of Sclcctcd Aerosol (:c):;mcti(•.,. 11. Cascade Iinpactor Usc in F111cFrolnct)•ic and t1'cigl)t- h•r-I.~iflcrc)icc 1lctl~c/ds' i J(1FIX J. SCI:\I:1::\, 19. 13., /rla L).\\71l !\U7:1 \L\\, \l.S! 1'r!.!n(!d ,11cy N-'s, 14i l, Srrrlinrtr, IPath:rrglor:, U. C. U ; it 0 /) 0 2 3 0
Page 784: mfb88d00
50256 5782 '78'XI Adl-80 S.P. RJP, CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Adl 80 s.p. Tobacco Advisory Council CASE AGAINST I:.;:i::It:G CIGARI:TTE ADV£RTISIN(#l Tobacco Advisory Council, News Release, (1980) - in English. *Abstr. in: Smoking Health, 1980, p. not given (Feb. 5, 1950)* - ,-- .-- ~ At a pro~;s wnicrcnco isi R clta•:t c~n _•t Januar • it r::ic stated that at thc r.•cluc:at oC tr.%ctarr. Aclvisnry Counc.il was circulating a haflvt c:c•ttinq out th., casc fnr contircuin.l aclvcrti:.ing and Ic,r w:%int:.ininq thr principle of voluntary aflrevmonts. A Lo:rdcnr sl+okcsman for one nanufacturer loointed out that, withuut aclvc•rtisitiq, cu~to,:!rs would be unav:are of nec: 1»-o.luet devclnl.ra.:-ntsiavourahla- to health. r , . .r..;.•.?v.~:._...c: . :.r.~i.'lt.~•.r..~~ .. ~.-......_ -r~ . ~1.:...:.,~.~.-' ..~.~.... - -. . . _..~_•_
Page 785: mfb88d00
P. .c z U, U 0 c' I 4 b.f ....::..~~.:..... _.. O 'd 85uT all aa?'o'+ puu 'V 'U T4 C ..... ~ • ,..... .._ ~J tf7i Ot. *y wr jiBFtJ t c) a 6LLS 9SZOS
Page 786: mfb88d00
50256 5789 Gr ~~ Inpti t•ato os .. ....._.. ., I . .~. ~.,.r~ ...ai .>.... ~ . , e~ _. _ . ._...._I •%_.,v.•al •ai a..,~ :.i e+.=,a a..+«a+ ... a - . .on..+..r,r.+db }.• r....~ ••~~ .....a• •..a .,n m,..~......1.. M~aM ..A I+..~,i.~ s... aL•~ YL ~rJYJ l/L of CLQzical Indua try 1954 n;s. 3-229 ; *e,i,cLv of C:.-::Mical ]Cn3y>atry, L,Qndon, YorkAn3 Jc`~cr - U t r
Page 787: mfb88d00
II MeA2 76 S.P. LEACHATE DM4AGE ASSESSMENT Case Study of the Peoples Avenue Solid Waste Disnosal Site in ao_c3:ford. Illinois ' This report (SW-517) was written by KENNETH A. SHUSTER A CURRENT REPORT ON SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT JUNE 1976 U. S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY 1976 ,.' o ~ nona;~~~d ~
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50256 5798 ~ TJ C~:E tilWir3 Ck CkOtYEEa1=i9 DEi1CY, 3rd ev. 230 ~ Th I I ~r,7C* 9 2a C.;~ ri G . . ::I~:, r, ;; ~r1 J .1~.. .. .:ttti: _ .'. ~3' 3°~^'1 (_~2• Cl.i.11 b_r J. ",ec:. ;_3 a. Vir ;il '' I", : :-yg 7 62 p2•,a3 i'.~o''ll.i5r1 Co. .`lew YGt'k. 3 .3 4
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J 1 ~l C) 0 :} ij Ca2 lL 50256 5791 Case lnstitute alt '_rect±ino1 agYc. 121 fi~ TC ,. ... . _ ..-. t• =~ ~~ ~ .:1Q \3:]ti ys ~a''a.ti•yn ..•.a~ 3 l J _j
Page 790: mfb88d00
Co-74 ~ S P 1 ._ _xc-z- •• A1lison, tt. J. ; Pezzi 1, A. ; Hase;;awa, I.; Gerszten, l:. (Virginia Commonwealth Univ. , ried. Coll. Va. He<lth Sci. 1`iv. , 1!k:P, Pathol. , Rich~:ond, Va. ; auseo Regional de Ica, lea, l.'ciu; I'hil :p „~~rris, Inc., • ~ Cent., Rich~:ond, Va. , U. S.) s A CASI: 0V ~ilOOKl~OIL~I INFESTATION IN A PitE(,'OI•U:4EII!N ...*tc°ICA.ri. Amer. Jour: ':'hys. Anthropoi. 41 (No. 1) 103-6 (1974) (in U;iglish) *Note affiliation* ~ *1974, No. 21, W F164* *d* Tobacco Listory: 50256 5787 - F.i fi (:LASS 2•:0 . 1' AItPIM,1:'I
Page 791: mfb88d00
50256 5792 _ ;/TOBACCO--HISTORY/CARTER, ROBERT/. HOLLOWAY, JOHN/. T f-1 E 1 , OF TIiT: PLANTERS 4f TOBACCO• in V1igtnra, . . . As reprefe«ted by T Ii r nz S 2: L V E S ; iigned by the 1'reficinr of the counC11,'' ~ ~ ' 117 C1t~JCaKClr Of the Houfe of Btirgoes. _).~_2' . To a'h;ch is :u;drd, 0 i 'a.,t1 o :2 :i . ; I A VINDICATION L ' Of che f;cid ~ ;
Page 792: mfb88d00
50256 5794 MEDICAL RESEARCH/ The Gmaju~.~oCl.~~~~~J_' ~.~oCl.~~~~~J_'~ Review 000abQ,. 1 Nurs. Res. 30 (1) 21-24 (1981) oc-, ~ 81 II GoA Case Study of No-Risk Decisions ' in Health-Related Research~ ~. ' Susan R. Gortner •' Erica Heath . Patricia Sanders Factors as.cociated witb revvew ojre- searclr protocols jadged to pose little or no risk to hunran subjects were identified in a case stusy ojth; Conr- ntittee on Ifuntan Research o,r the University of California. San Fran- cisco. dixumcntcd cxpcricncc) may bc con- sidcrcd for cxpcditcd revieN•. Actions and expcricnccs of IRBs, thus, have become important in dcfining risk in hcalth-rclatcd research and in policy formulation. Brown (1979) summarized the ma- jor points that nced to be considcrcd Purpose. The purposc of this study was to identify factors associated w i:h institutional review of research proto- cols that % cre judged by the Ccmmit- tce on Human Rcsearch of the l;n; vcrsity of California at San Franci~: to pose little or no risk to human s_ jccts. Of particular in:crest wcre: t- 0 I il n 0 0 2 3 3 U
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50256 5801 SMOKING 1-IABITS--RELINQUISHING/TOEACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/ 76 X Da RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 76 X Da Dawley, H. H., Jr.; Aurich, L. W. (VA Hosp., New Orleans; Tulane Univ. Sch. Med., New Orleans, La.; Univ. Southern Miss., Miss., U. S.) CASE STUDY: ELIMIVATION OP SMOKING BEHAVIOR T'HROUGH AVERSIVE SMOKING AND OTHER PROCEDURES.. :. Psychol. Rept. 37,;799-802 (1975) (in English) ; . t I 0 0 0 0 0 2 Z 38 7
Page 794: mfb88d00
50256 5813 '1 Y 370 Caseiu~,and whey product3. We Webb, Byz;m H. BYPRGD'iC:S FRu i tiI1.K, edited by Byron H. Webb and Earle 0. Wnitticr. 1970 2nd ad. 423 paRes AqI Publishing Co., Inc. Westport, Co:,n.
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, t , TA 248 Ta 19216 PDDL CA~.7„ BIt1 . Its Pr•eparation, Chemistry Technicat Utili,-ation TAGUE, Ph•D• Aasocialc Pro!cssor of Chani-wrnJ. ' Kansas S(ale AprieuUurat Co!lepe NrM YORK D. VAN NOc~;rRA'_\D CO1IPANNY EiGnq• \yARREIV STHEEt . O 0 0 n 0 2 and . ..~-_.~~ .:-...
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50256 5797 ~ .,. I il : "r: C?' ' :L'l:. CiA. Mil].er, Lois -;'at*ox TI?E rAC S uE-FEND FILT=R-;"IP CIG;?LM~: . •eur) Reprint from: Reaeer's ri-est 71 (3,") No. 4%3, 33-39 (July, '?77); 27 (January, 1358): 71 (?~o. 425) p. 25-3' (=e' 1957. ); 73 (i'o. 1:36) ;7-71) (A.;~ _lsL 1 , ) ;3 ~9 :3
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50256 5809 ~. . ~. . .~. ' . '370f . c f(r~fsn Spella.cy, Joha t . ctssz~ ~~~~v° 1953 523 pages Licho cype Procesa : v. ^ a:::. I u I ~ . . ~. - . . . ' . ~ . . • . ~ t 0 0 9 5
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50256 5793 III Du2 S.P. ; Forensic Scicnce, 10 (19_77) 253 - 2G0 (5T'Iscvlcr 'cyuuia S.A., Lausanne -- 1'rinted in the Netherlands CASI. RGPORT OF DI.ATIIS CAUSED BY FREON GAS MASAIIIKO MOitITA*, AKEMI MIKI*, HISASIiI KAZAMA* SAK ATA* * r. ~- tlz. i and MASAKATSU Deparlrnenf ojLel;al Medicine, Sapporo Afcdical College, Sapporo (Japon) (Received December 31, 1976; aaccepted in revised form August 8, 1977) A report of two Dutopsies which is thought to be the first case of its kind in Japan is presented here. The cause of death was concluded to be oxygen deficiency from the fillin(; of a compartment by Freon gas escaping from a cylinder. Ilowever, the authors suspect that Freon per se is not a non-toxic substance as had been believed hut has somo tuxicity because of the existence of fat droplcts in hepatocytes of mice exposed to Freon gas and because of the behavioral findings on them during experimcnts. INTRODUCTION The authors had an opportunity to participate in a forensic autopsy re- garcled as the first cmse of its kind, at least in Japan. The cause of death was explosively escaping gas which was used for refrigeration aboard a trawling shilTTf's 4p64 ~ 1~vf! I n~' ~9losent the r.ase in which six fishermen died in the com- partment of a clr; h sea fishing I,uat and will also include c•xperimentol data l`li!]!•.^1'f1i~11! tlw ,I(4'1(ll'n
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.- -. ' TA 8nr i O~ A 1 \ . 01 An 4 1°l74- 197 ASTM STAN® ARDS. - ~ . PART 21 Cellulose; Casein::,Flexible Barrier Materials; ' lk- Leather in.. d d tomo 1 ~ d t d e M 50256 5805 C-2S on eaa.u4 .na sue.w a4ct..n 14~r. N"dI OAIIiIIW o1arIo7+s. - f.: a, Fwoo+b emm.. n,.wnw AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIAtS ,~1p }~~;5 IL - ------=----~_ ar s s iI [ u s . G-ts cn Glf0pr " ce0ubr pai"tr." 1916 Rad 6i., PhilaC.lphia, Pa. 19103. U I'o 0 t'1 0:L ~ 3~ 1
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I I 50256 5812 PROTEASES, CYSTEINE, titration of/CASEIK S011STRATBS, proteolytic## activities oq/BLOOD CLOTTING I:N2Yr1ES/KALLIKREINS/ PROTEASES from Gametes and Developing Embryos/PEPTIDASES/ QP 601 Co 1976 Mcllcods in Enzymology (Sidney P. Colowick, editor) Volume XLV lProtcol/- )`ltictE ~zzy~~zcs r _ ~ PQ7'tB rnITl:n BY Lasao,Lo)-and ~ ' lly l1 l' lI 1NG ~ S- PA111*51 1 O,/~a N f'~TI`It V, C~ InF.It.OjTY •1'1. \R N101.(K:1' ~[ ~~eV:.xSTO., ll.l.l.ul, .1l'.1M:\IIC, l'lI I !
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74 I Le Sci. ttort. 25 115-123 (19'4) 50256 5786 ~ i ' -them as a mark, with just that little bit of extra quality than the next brand. The system worked and in many instances close ties were established between wholesaler and grower, but to work, the system relied on first class public transport. Growers expected to hand their floners over to the carrier, be he an airline or a shipping firm, and have the flowers delivered to any town in the kingdom boasting the semblance of a wholesale flower market, in time for the next day's trading. He, the grower, accepted no discipline with regard to where the flowers were sent, or in what quantity or in what style of packaoe . ~ He expected to be free to please himself in all these respects; how often have we seen a consignment of 20 boxes divided by the grow•er between four salesmen in four different markets. During the 1960's the system started to break down and the standard of (YanRuard Ltd.) Cut 8owers have been exported from the Islands for many years and, as far as Jersey is concerned, the pattern of marketing has been for each individual grower to establish a link with his wholesalers in markets all over the country. Trade was conducted very much on the basis of what I will call "brand image" and by this I mean a small scale family concern producing flowers and exporting CASE HISTORX OF A SUCCESSFUL iN,ARK LMNG t ~ GROUP BY Joxx LE GAtLAs ; ~ s - ~ 1 ~€ ~ ~ ' ~ ~ ~- ~ ; ~ ~ :f ; , = t . a I o O t1 O~? ~.S 72
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50256 5806 Chau, 4acon F. 1?lE EFFEtT OF ENZYMA4CC HVDROLY9C5 cSN jHE NUTRtTlVE VAU1E OF CASElU. 3our, Nutrit icm 36 (Na, 1) Z34--q4 (14''/!) 0 0 1 [) A n il ~
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. II r1eA -76 S.P. 2 50256 5817 LEACHATE DAMAGE ASSESSMENT Case Study of the Fox Valley Solid Waste Disposal Site, in Aurora . Illinois' - ; This report (SW-514) was written r~ by KENNETH A. SHUSTER , ~ A CURRENT REPORT ON SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT JUr`E 1976 U. S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY , 1976 . r• 0 1 Cl 0n 02 3 4 0 3
Page 804: mfb88d00
50256 5816 ' 252 Caaorie, ~!erjer~~e C: (Jt. PL-c;-)-.ri Ro R.soerrts, .Tohn D. Oi.Gf::JIC t:HE.fI5T'dZ, oy John D- I:aberta and N.nrjoria C. Czzcrio v:57 844 Pagna W, A. Benjaain, Inc. New York ;+- 0 1a 0 7 U 2 i4 0 2
Page 805: mfb88d00
l;ASI: FiI:S`j'i::PA I:F•SF.KVE L'NLVl:I,SITI --I`25: k:Ri oT7C~;~• ^F.E 50256 5802 ~..... DI5SIY1`.'!4:4_0;<S --CA:;E GiF.STEit~I IZESL'i.: ~i.:~ *JPII'vii',sT'L'y TS 555 Sk 1975 - A.c~s, r- r P.ADTA:iION Etd11i":NC`rD P: L:CIPITE.TIUN IN AL-4% Cu BY III.GH VOLTAGE F.LECTi:Oti Id;.CRCySCGi'1' By PHILIP S. SKLAD 4-= titted in pr•'•_ial fu.lfil'.r::-it of the n:riiram.nt; for ttr- c1•-gree of Qx-tor of Fhilos:,17~7f srkasis Tdaisor. ; Prof. T. E. Hitc?i=11 Divzsir.,n o: Mitallul-7y errl 1!atrri.alr^ Sc..ienca C--c i EeF,iu:ber 27, 1974 1/ / ;; I ~ ~ CI 0 r) Q2 .i J3 8
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__ 50256 5804 PAPER--ASTtT STANDARDS/PACKAGING7 CASETNI' CELLt3LOSE--ASTM STF.NDARDS/SHIPPItiG CO:ZTAINERS/ LEATHEfA-ASTPS STANDARDS/ `°l Am 1973 1973 ; ANNUAL etJ®K OF IncJudes standards a1.- A S T PVq STANDARDS toniftn.. PART 15 °-° °^P.p.Ta^°.aar.rodum Paper; Packaging: Cellulose; Casein; G-10 on Packaqmq °-27onCero1Seir°`°"°`°so °•r,va,,vFlexibfe Barrier Materials; D48 on Casr n and S m.ra Prarw+ Mater 4y 0-31 on `°a`h °` f-1 on Fle.,W. Bam.r Macenft Business Copy Products; Leather US on Coor Pr«i..au hK. $34 so 01.016073•11 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS 1916 Race St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 19103 9 0
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Page 808: mfb88d00
50256 5814 VI fie9-78 S.P. FOOD--CARCINOGENS/ al probiema dei8e nkr®sammeceae nec prmdatta carscei c®ntenentinitrati e 'i' - Insaccati stagionag; ~ Ind. Alimentare. (7-8):105-8(1977) NITROSAMINES INZEAT PRODUCTS CONTAI NING NITRATES AND NITRITES 1. Seasoned Sausages. A. Panizzi, G. Luppi, and G. Caserio ~ Laboratori Chimici Citterio.S.P.A., Rho u6tG'itd Department of Animal Pathology and Meat Inspection, University of Milan ;~. . .~ ~ .,:.. Wrl
Page 809: mfb88d00
50256 5810 1~7c,7-- 1972 + f ~H ~~: ~;~~ P, ~J~avC~J PART 1G Paper; C,:liulose; Casein; Parrier R/1a2eriais; Busirless Copy Products; Leather Includcs sfandaids aI 40 Commitwe D 6 0*+ Papcr and P.•p"r Pwd:uts D-1G c•• Pact..,J,n0 U~Ji o.~ ia'iu'ose a:••f C•.•L;h:.a• Denvaturs D 7-`• r~~r Cis!•-n and 5:rr,~~e+ Yt.~rrm M,atcrials U. 31 0+• lcatl•Tr f-7 on f•r..~t.'u Qarnr-r 1,+attn;K f-S trn busrncst Ccnv Frotutis l4;'te S3JUV 01-015072•11 IM^.GRICaid EOClETY FOR T[:STI1:G AND MATEIiIALS ~ 1 9 SfJG f:r,cn ;'.• 19103
Page 810: mfb88d00
50256 5811 ! 4 1 TP 248 S Sstern:cister, Fd.+•ir., : g -6v- Cusein ana its inulustri;tl applications, by Edwin l:~ei~ter an-1 l~ re~lErick L. I3ro•,~-ne ... i'd ed. \ew Reinltolil publishing corporation, 1J3J. 433, t11r p• col. fr+,nt., illus., dlagrs. 23 cm. (Aniericau chr•mic,,l aoclety. Jfono;,raph series. (no• 30j) Blank pagges for'•Memoranda" ((11j at end) Bibliography xt end of each chapter except chapter 6. CoxreN'ra.--CaseRi In ruflk and its Isolation, by F. L. Browne.- The organic chetnistr}• uf casein, Toy It• A. (;-~rtner.=[',e phv~i,;t chemistry of casefn, by F. )f.. Browne.-Tite ntanuf,,(ture c,f by A. O. Dnhibert.=11•stitiz and :rnalysis of ca:k-in, hy I:il%kin S _,tr•r- tueister.-Storage of casrin, by .>,. 11. 11"arth.-Casi•in plusti-s 1,v c;. If. C) {f.'mtfnned on next card) 3'J-.i i l C la:i2hli 0 1 () a 0 0 2 '3' 31) I
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50256 5818 II_ MeA2-76 LEACHATE DAMAGE ASSESSMENT S.P. -ille Solid Waste Disposal Site Case Sttidy of the Say% in Islip (Long Island) . New York - s...r.._ This report (SW-509) was written by KENNETH A, SHUSTER A CURRENT REPORT ON SOLID WASTE Zi,ANAGEMENT JUNE 1976 U. S, ENVIRONAZENrAL PROTECTION AGENCY 1976 ~ I tl A t~ ~ 1 a~ ~~
Page 812: mfb88d00
jrJ s,j~r_~f 0~ 7hY Tti`YGr~`as ~ December 1970 50256 5903 ~ Rsaeurciz anc3 Dave:lop:i-tent Frutisesti Repert Na. 630 ~ , ( ? rP ~ ~ t ~ i~ `,'. tt~ A'& }' /' ~~, rnl r~T •~n ~ y~ it,.firn~l, ~ 1:l in, ~. !' ~r15,Ern anc! T. Cuse~ionnc, ~uUf Sou;h ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ LI:S-dreCf (;S~TitUie, t'~e'N ~iriG•Ur1 5,5, LL~UISiGfS3, for C+ii!:.i` of Saline \rknt1. l11tr•rt-if; W. Cii:`Jm, /aS5i5t• ~' -
Page 813: mfb88d00
we5b 5815 T rttT 262 Ro Cao.rter; *farf 6rt e C`. ,'j t. au t. ;cberts, John D. ?iASIC PRINCf.PL.:S OF ORGM4IC :::I"'"iTSTRY, by John D. Roberts and :•:-I rjorie C. Caserio 1965 1315 Pa~es ::. A. li2njzmin, Inc. New York 0 1 t1 0 l 1 0 a 3 4 0 1
Page 814: mfb88d00
Cas8ttl--ASTM Starndsrds# pt. ZS t-s:ericsn So"!gtisy for TiTstenS Ka!erfa?s BOOK OF A,,S.T-?i. STtu:DAnUS I::CLL'DING TENTATLVF_S., vo !a iilua,, plates, diagrs~ 24 ca. C. i-" 1 4
Page 815: mfb88d00
0 U 1~ f, ~ ti C'C. P Q l •o •(( lj2oac°.u fQf.m 8Z°tiA OL% 'S afi C,5: x 1::t ~. J rG f::,i lkVLwtriLl0 :: £ZI ' b £Z8S 9SZOS .3ald
Page 816: mfb88d00
HF 50256 5819 1 Bursk, Edivar.i Collins, i:m);- Cases in r.-,arketing mana»ement (by, Edward C. Burs'o-. Englewood Clill's. \. .;., Frenticz-Hail t0t;51 116 p. 111us. 23 cm. (Prentlce-Iiaii foucdation9 of marLetir.g series) Some of the materia! :+.r,pezred, !n mc.;dzd form, in the author'9 Text ar.d casr3 in mur'aetiag, publkhed by PrPCt!ee-Hall tn 13h2 1. Marketing. r. Title. 11F3115.B773 ; _/ ~ 633.80136 63-1C;,3I Ubrary of Con;re~ \ (3) 0 10 0 1 U 2 3 4 3 5 11
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50256 5800 . 7~ St7-78 S.P. "STANDFORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL 7G-21 ,~ecltnological innovation: This set of 30 case studies provides a close look at the process of technological innovation - and its degree of success - in private companies ranging from under S10 million in sales to over 5100 million, and spanning 11 broad industrial classifications. The innovations include both new products and processes. The incentives for innovation include savings in capital, labor, and materials; product quality improvement; and regulatory compliance. Applications cover the spectrum from com- puter peripherals to consumer packaging. (Author: Edward C. :Yood) FILE NO. 76-21 162 pp., incl. chart. Please enclose a $25 check payable to SRI to cover special reproduction and handling costs. SRI BUSI SS INTELLIGENCE PROGRA.`t, LONG RANGE PLANNING SERVICE, DATALOG FILE vCASE STUDIES ON THE PROCESS OF TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS = IN THE ECO ONf Y'S PRIVATE SECT O!~ By: EOWARO C. 000 Approv ed by: March 1975 ROBERT M. RODDEN, Director Prepared for: Operations Evaluation Depanmen 'It Q ( QFF1~ qfi N~T1t3ryAL iRRt4 AUESSMENT GEORGE D. HOPKINS, Executive Director ~ ~(AT NALv S NCE Fdl1N AT N a Engineering Systems Division ~ WASHINGTON, D.C. 20550 1 s-- ~"_~3 _~----
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1 50256 5820 : ~ , . '1 0 t S140KING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/TOBACCO--SIIOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/ t ~ TS ~ 2240 ~ Ca ~ 1980 ~ ~ Cia~`'~is W. Casewnt Photographa 0 on0z, ai 4 0 0' JUUAN h41:SSNF.I1 w XI•:W YOI1K
Page 819: mfb88d00
50256 5822 CARLGS J. HILADO, HEATHER J. CUMMING AND COLLlitt.R CA3FiVe Fire Satety Center . _ University of San Francisco ~ San Francisco, California 94117 C XXII MeB9-79 S.P. ` TOXICITY OF PYROLYSIS GASES G~~ ~~ LASTICS AND ELASTOMERS ' R OM P F ABSTRACT: Toxicity test data on 95 samples of plastics and elastomers, pyrolyzed in accordance with the USF toxicity screening test method, are presented. The samples consisted of 50 samples of solid polymers, 16 samples of solid elastomers. 12 samples of rigid cellular polymers, and 17 samples of flexible cellular polymers. Data were obtained using the rising temperature program from 200°C to 800'C, and less extensive data were obtained using a fixed temperature of 800°C. 0 I 0 0 0 02 a- 4 0 3
Page 820: mfb88d00
i 50256 5824 Casey, James P F 1915- PulP and haper: chemi,tt•t' and chemical technology. New l"ork. Intercience Publishers,1952. 2 v. (zxili, 1405 p.) t1lua. 24 cm. Bibliographical footnotea CoNrsKre.-.. 1. Pulping and papermaking.-v. 2. Propertteg of paper and converting. Corollary reading (p. 1351) 1. Paper making and trade. 2. R'ood-pulp. t Title. TS11Q5.C?0 676 51-13782 rev Ltbrars of Consress ~ (r:~2k3i i l l7 0 cJ 2 ") 4 1 U
Page 821: mfb88d00
50256 5825 Caaey, J:Ic-,es P. 1915- Pulp and palier: che:iistr.Y and chemical tcc'mo1ol-,. New York, Interscionce Publish:.rs, 1952~1`~</ 3v. (xxiii, 1405 2.) illus. 24 cri. Giblio,~~~raphical. footnotes d t ~ 0 1 a 0 ,.1 a2 .! 4 1 1
Page 822: mfb88d00
; '"`.i C4ashas. YfsfwllL 50256 5832 Uznikrishnan, H, K. QJeiLITii CO:,itZOL 0.I C:SSaiW ICERt.'LL,S Indian CaohEw Jour. 4(ho. 2) 3-5 (1;67) 0 0 1 Cl 0 1-0 t'i 2 i 4 1 d.
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50256 5830 MANAGE:4ENT/ BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE/INDUSTRIAL MANACEr1F.NT/ REF Q 123 Ca 1975 LA.'V~VYER'S DESYN.. BOOK FOURTH EDITION The Lawyer's Everyday Instant Answer Book by William al. Cssey - .. . Revised by IBP Research and Editorial Staff Institute for Business Planning, Inc. IBP Plaza, Enblewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632 0 ~ 0 0 In O 2:i 4 1 6
Page 824: mfb88d00
50256 5829 TOP,iIC.CO. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET VI To-74 s.p. Casap, t~f. ,~:'* Fire, J. V. (A.'V Tech. Cent., A.*1F Inc., Stamford, Conn., U. S. ) Tiil: IDENTIFICATION OF CELLULOSE FIBERS ISOLATED FROM RECONSTITUTED Tobacco Chem. Res. Conf.., 28th, paper, Raleigh, N. C. (1974) (in Engl.ish *1975, No. 12, W 4011* *d* Tobacco chenistry: c~ t nonoz~41 ~
Page 825: mfb88d00
50256 5833 (;n5 THS CAS1iEW iaiT (19693 Raphsc+.t, Nursy H. ?IIS CASHf.'H NiJT, Pt. I-Iatroduction; Pt. II-Processing Prior ico Marketing end h'esr Quality Control Proceduras Manufacturing Confectionar I 43 (No. 9, 10) 37-39, 32-35 (Sept. 1963) (Oct. 1963) J 1 ~7 Q n (j ;e-. 3 4 1
Page 826: mfb88d00
50256 5839 vanc3 ~oofG:~Y anc3~oof , jaspe;r VOL L : `.~~ JC'TS. ;,JG? AY I Pu'bl. CO . Rsstpoxt, Con"ct O Q j) a2 .,' 4 2 5 I I
Page 827: mfb88d00
50256 5828 Casey, Robert 3 ' ell. ` Punched cards; their applications tv science and industrt•: edited by Robert S. Cnsey and James 11". Perry. New 1 ork, Book Division, L'einhola,1951~ A,, clti, b06 p. tllus. .-t cm. BiblluarapbS: p. ~-}57j--133. 1. Punched card systews. LYerry, Jawes Whitney, 11.'07- Joint ed. E. Title. Q180A1@33 ~~ 651.26 51-12~l11 Library of COn'o're83 ~,J (5_r3^g310j , 1 __ ~ .- .. .- ~ ~..-~r.+ ~.._...,uf b........a.` .~.
Page 828: mfb88d00
.. 50256 5796 III I1u 7R Setfen-nle-FPtte-l.rachsn-1r)3, Jn,. -'Vr.2A/1477 S.P. 2- vVFRPACKUVG UNT) TRAN"SPnRT, VF.RPACKU*I(:SK.A4C1[INF.N,-MATERTAT.,-MITTF.T. AEROSOL TECINTOLnGIF.. 11 FF.A-AF.RnSOLYfD"1CRFR 11*1n 7. FF.A-AFR0Sr!,- LAUSSTF.T.T.l1Nf; in Rru55e1, ?fl, hi4 23. SPnt. 1077 ase Study: die positive Aktion des Industriesektors in den USA ' ,,F~.Agef, Prasidcnt dcr CS\1A (USA) use/schilderte die FKW/Ozon-l lypothese, welchc sich zu cincr poli- .chen Kontruvcrse au-.gewirkt hat. Es bcstchcn gro0e Gecensatze .isehcn den Auffassunecn der Industric, den 13churden und den cin- Inen Ircicn \Visscnscnafticrn. Auch die Piesse hat sich durrh Gber- :ibunc und Vcrhrcitung falschcr Informationrn schuldie ccmacht. nsel schil.icrte dann die Fortichunc+proeramme der FKN'-Hcrstcller ed die I3cmiihungen der CSMA. Dabei kam cr auf den NAS-Report i sprechen (aerosol report 15. 32-t. 1976). Die zu envartendcn be- irdlichen Vorschriftcn und das FKW-Verbut in Oregon wurden von m erlautert und die dcrzcitioc Situation der Aerosole wie folgt pr5zi- ert: nde 1977 werdcn in den USA nur noch 20% der Aerosole FKW- reibmittel enthaltcn. Dic Altcrnativ-Trcibmittel und -S}stemc nch- .en zu. Die Acrosolindustric ist intensiv bcrr,iiht, ihre Position zu -habiliticren, wobci sic sich dcr Atasscnmcdicn bcdicnt. Die FK\V- eien Aerosolc nchmcn wicdcr zu (aerosol report 16, 304, 1977). .tlgcntcin ist die Aerosolindustric wicdcr optimistisch. • • . Die Industrie hat das Wort: eine Obersicht uber die Aktionen und Bemuhungen der Aerosolindustrie, um den Forderungen d9KIVerbraucherverbando gerecht zu vrerden . D. Af. de Kock, Public-Relation-Dir. Naarden International (Niedcrlandc) Trotz gcmcinsamer Grundintcresscn von Flcrstcllcrn und Vcrbrau- chern gibt es Umtimmigkeitcn, besondcrs wenn der dirckte Kontakt gcstort ist, was auch durch dazwischcn geschaltete htakier, Agcntcn. Zwischcnhandler und durch tangriffc der I3chordcn und Vcrbrauchcr- organisationcn gcschchcn kann. Daher ist cin dircktcr Dialog zur Auf- kl5rune notwendig. Damit sich der Vcrbraucher uber Preis und Quali- tat richtig informieren kann, mull die Industrie ihre Produkte und dcrcn Ven%•cndung richtib erlautern. Die Vcrbraucherverh:inde kon- nen dabei positive Arbcit Ici.ten, urn die urnfanggrcichc Aufk3;irung des Verbrauchers zu verbessern. Nur dann, wenn sich das Ilauptin!eresse au.' die politische Etx:ue vcrschicbt, sollte die Industrie hart sctn und encrgischcn Widcrstand teisten. Wichtig ist auch zu wissen, daLl es kein Produkt ohnc Risiko gibt, das geltc fiir Acrosolc wie fur Konscrvcn- dosen, Autos oder Kaffecmuhlcn. Entscheidend beim Verh5ltnis HerstellerNerbraucher ist die Suche nach tincr Vertrauensbasis. Die Angebote des F'roduzenten mussen re Envartungen des Vcrbrauchers ertiillen. Um die Wunsche des Q ' ~ O (~ ~ 2 onsumcnten kennenzulcrncn, ist ein fruhzeitigcr Dialog dringend erforderlich.
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50256 5842 Reprint CASHIIvG i;i UN i.WxEP.Sl BLUES. +.. . ; s 45-44s -I 0a 1 t3 0 tl 0 2 i 4 2a
Page 830: mfb88d00
.\:t ~ Un5 Ca3howr,uts j (1969) 1 ., ~ .~ u 50256 5838 ti isyY mn,,sT', n. STu'DIE:, t~:° T:.:. U..-' PAGY.c:TJ RtM0:7S Pert 3- -s0!eT~ratica, by X. vityas=.gar, T. ;cs. AsVSthu3rnyana, 8. krtmtnujsm eutd C. Yamcawara Rao J'-lur. lood Sci. Tcchool. (Myeore) 3 (No. 2) 59-61 (July, 1966) 0 1 0 0 ~ U:~ ~•~ 2 4
Page 831: mfb88d00
50256 5836 .,.. Ua (19o9s ;reirz, A., Jr. S' p' C0:'r JSICl JQi: +aICA DA CASTA,''ti.4 A8 f'AJU 2. Obtc:i;ac+ i`a P^t4eto ;)o A:;scsrditm OccidP-1it.11e T.. ~:a Zp3t~~do Cristalino. ISo1_Meeto 13G Frido r;nycsrdicu E Sua ~:iiOa' icr~.ti.~iGtGmat:ifi Da I!zt ravarmeil:o (Chcaicz!1 Ccnmpooition of ths Cssr.ev Nut 2. Tha 0, rajninG of tc:a L . Ba14a~a in a CY;st~?li~ed 5t~te. IsaZation of :na Ar.lcaxlic Acid r.nd Its Ide, afi.&tion by the Iuf ra-rad Spectru:j), by A. Porclra,Jr., 0 ,-....a-.,...,_... ,,,_,_-.-. .,.,, _ -.- 0 42 2
Page 832: mfb88d00
~._.____~~s-~. --- .. ... ---..._...... ~ II Casey, Adria, ft- author ~B12 50256 5821 8lix""r,v, ST;.--jI.:S O:i i:v.;T t' :^c.`iSS :.T T'.i: :,'w'N sV;i.l,i:0 INSTiTL'T8 Y'UI tiEWC<'+L RkM::0, by Lila 3Bir.sr.!:ov, Adzla c;.:,ey, Jz=z. Cracn, John .e11ar, John fiautc:a, ar.d Dwid w:lklns. :f:aat rafense System, StudiGs of Sw.=s%arY Caztied out at r"4e :::v T-ngland Ir.stitute for Hadical fiesearc). ) July 1967 - •-_d V.-'. efie}.d, C_, ^ : CIA, 0 I a 0 +'t 0 t S 4 0 7 I
Page 833: mfb88d00
.-~~- U"5 50256 5835 SlPS~~ Jr. ~``";CS7CC~.0 Q{~'_:FTCA S`A I:. C.??u I YarE 0 •~~:.c. ~ ' r:__ ~ D~ .?: 4CC •~ ic=r,~Q i~a r..i.6^7~m'1.'"~7 L,, O • x t_:3 Cj8hsw Nut 1 ~:' ~ r .~.. ...vl, T 1'_ 3! O_ ~ x.1hA C ' x£cp) !b3+ A. P3sefr.~, Jr. ; x~._~ azd M. ?erEdra 0 Da u~L.uaas t.3:'iln. Do ugtresc:o$ Agroa. 3(i4a. 3) 45-~;~.5 ;J S 46 y ) z U ---..-..,~.~.. U 1 0 0 ;~ t') 2. :3 4 i ;! I
Page 834: mfb88d00
50256 5844 B.,° .7w. It;U:i~ii.Iri!. i.IC3'vLZ3LC~Y 1958 480 PaGAn 3,-ha uilay and Soaa, Io.c. N"r York 0 0 1 l~ ~ ll C1 ~:.~ ~.y l)
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`tX 50256 5834 5 ~ (1969) ,;. CASHE:V 'ZI-17T "ROCFS'iING, Part ; tts11, F. J. Ct.StiW ;Ii3T PR(?CESSI*iG, Part I, by F. J. Hall aad L. Bank,a Trop. Sci. 7(No. 1) 12-26 (1965) 0 1 0 0 + 0 ;~ i4 :! 0
Page 836: mfb88d00
- (Card 2) 50256 5837 .i o?O; Zt..lr.O G: F•ca, M. Jose RtbeYro ar,d , :'P:n•~re7_s? ~prof.•E! 7-1io (Sf:pt. 2562) o ~ n o n o2 ~-~ a~
Page 837: mfb88d00
0 t,t 0 v 10 ~ iEy6Y £E-[o y ~r y .. ._ .~_ .a....:./ l• 4. i :it.1. (696T) f : a~xai ~TddY .ws~ysr~ E e r, ~ lEBS 9SZOS
Page 838: mfb88d00
. . 50256 5826 Pf ch~ ( `'40 .TS: !2•r_aT;.wr~q •.Tn r+~.a. s>~..n ~.~ F:: ~.1:... ......._..~.:t,~... .lt:L ~~~~~ n.~ a 4 i~ T~ 7 t LLL/: IL''.l~'.Id F7.S rAii:f.U~t'. i. +d -2 5 /V7 40e (/% Yo 3.9160 500 Pa ,ea '1t1C•mciT-I?CC i.nC. :eb'.W yu-1-k 0 . . 0
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81 II Re-81 N S.P. ao >n ASBESTOS-RELATED "DISEASES ~ ~~ ,/ ^~T17 . • • ~r~ ` ~ t / s ' A ssi ulm Prufcssr>r of ,%lcdicinF•7Ri~; 6 KEIVIVE?"tf• R: "CASEY;T*t-13:- CLIN CHEST 875 P ,IN i CASE KR ~ L WILLIAM N. ROM, 1bi. .-i~ ;--M Ch~ ~f.'Uiv~sxrn ~rf OccupatHrnal ati 1 F.nvirunn ~ ntal H?~A~r Depanmem o amil) and Gmtmunuy edicine; .assistant Prufess.rr of Mcdicine in the _T Di% ision of Rcspiratury, Critic:ll Care. and Occupatirrnal (Pulnxrnarn) Medicine; Director of the Rocky 1•lountain Center for Occupati/rnal and Em ironmental Health. University of Utah College of Medicine. Salt lr• ke City, Utah I1cr for (kcu at rnal 'wlrt F•nvir tn nt r.~hh, Uni~•enitc uf Ut•.h Collegc of Medicinc. 'alfble City, Utah - Fan Ih' and Communny \1edlclncfIR(ck) t•1 ~ 1(~ IMK: .1S\I\I:Illt 1'11/11••\Mlr 1/1 2 FARIYAD MOATAMED, 7tfifl: - Assistant Professor of Pathology. Unisersity of Utah College of Medicine. Salt Lake City, Utah 0 1 f) 4~l n2 :i 4 i ~~~ss~4y5~~. ~ YL J 18 179- .202-, MED,t(t) (/pf1Y 'D.~a-3~ t I
Page 840: mfb88d00
r.e I. ~ Q 50256 5849 ~ 123 I~.Z~,~BI;CK IItrt'. I~'BEt1",dlTi'EL^:'.:.~;IE, edit,d tta by J. Schoxmu! 1©x. V. 1965•- sr,r!rn^r-Verlag New York n ----...w---,•-- .. - -.r-W .- . 0 13 ~ ti il 2 3 4 3 5
Page 841: mfb88d00
50256 5843 uvr.rfu" w.awrs~..a.rwrnr/1....d~ EPA-60029Q-13t I I Me5~8~ ~ ~~~0~ C~*~~~~ Auyusl 5980 S . P . P.s..e+ .~e o.,.wvn+.+ V 13 EPA Control ,f~-- StrategiesJfor the Activated Sludge Process ' By Thomas K. Keinath ; Bryan 5: Cashion ~ 0 1 U0 ntl2'i 4 2 9
Page 842: mfb88d00
F t- c; 70 V 0 U I t'y '~£5~6rb £',`,80£~S"~~~fii?s]Fa!y Ta~ ~~assnua a~{~ac~' ";~u 3 2a3solo.~r . ._ i~ . .... . ,.,,,_.~ ... ,... 8una~asF~E, Wo4E pVn S unja~3~s. aap, ~Se,z3. 4nd 6aawqo,4....'2,z-c s %rj OSBS 95Z05
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50256 5853 TP 370 Ca 1977 PDDL ENERGY TECHNOLOGY REVIEW NO. 13/FOOD TECHNOLOGY REVIEW NO. 42/ , ..,~ . Enc r~~-S~~~`ng C ec ~nd~ues for the Food Industry Edited by M.E..Caspe0 NOYES DATA CORPORATION Park Ridpo, Nsw Jersey, U.S.A. 1977 S4d ~ :j 9 53/r 1 .:~.n~~g_~ ,.
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TORIICCO--IRRADIATF.n/TOBACCO--CHEMICAL CO`iPOSTTION--IRRADIATION EFFECT/ TOBACCO--SMOKE--CHEttICAL COMPOSITION, IRRADIATION EFI'F.CT/RADIATION--TOBACCO/ VI To-76 S.P. . RJR CLASS Y'0. PA*fPHLET VI To-76 s.p. Casey,- W. J.{; Bhatt, S: A.; Suhy, W. M.; Fiore,.J. V.-, (AMF Inc~; Stamford, Conn., U. S.) HIGH-ENERGI'IELF.CTRO:V-BEAM PROCESSING OF TOBACCO. Tobacco Chem.' P.es. Conf., 30th, paper, Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 18-20, 1976 (in English) - - . : - - , ~ , Beitrage Tabakforschiing, confidential manuscript submitted for publication *Constituents too numerous to •list* ~ i•Thi1e it is knoc.n that ioniziag radia~ion'cari ut tively little is known concerning radiation effects on tobacco jand its cor„bustion products. In an effort to study such changes, .~ chemical, biologicalaxlphysical changes in organic tissue, rela- doses up to 50 tdrads, generated electron2cally by a high voltage J ~ . , . . Virginia Bright tobacco was exposed to ionizing radiation at
Page 845: mfb88d00
50256 5848 Food Science and Technology Abstracts(FSTA)/CASIIi ayatete,/'* Zentralstell fur maschinelle Dokumentation(ZMD)/ Computer Aided Subject INdex system/ INDEXIN¢ AND AB S TRACT I NG--AUTOMATI C/ AGRINDEX/AQUATIC SCIENCE AND FISHERIES ABSTRACTS(ASFA)/ f z 699 Sc ~ 1976 Computer aided SU'XB?JwK:JCT INDIEM y S X S 1 ~l'u M for the Life Sciences ~. 7 by Klaus Schneider Verlag Dokumentation ''Munchen • 0 1 d0 0 0 z:i 4 :;4
Page 846: mfb88d00
50256 5855 I Ca Casa; Jules S. 3t. A4trar ;. .` ,y t~ YT; ry( R.r„ti" tn• r :D3' ~~ ~.'.~...vt. 1 } . .'1 t ! --i- i T n _...--..-..-!.~.~- & ; i n c n u t.~. . "~ 4
Page 847: mfb88d00
50256 5854 . Caapax, V. L. . SiuDY Ge C::LC3ImmED FF.STICZDPS IN OY.STMS 'rX) ESj'L1aFd ~ i 3"dZR'J:^~c:T 0? :'ti% lSO1iILE 8AY A.i'.I~:~., by • ---- ' L. 4CU,IOi, a. d. a.K+r.cawr~'vw, r• ia• .w.........~, 3. C. LaiSg, Jr. and J. L. Gsinas 1969 47 Pages U. S. Dept. of Fealth, Educatioa Wasr.i:igtoa, D.C. and Welf ars ~~ ~~ t: C1 1 1) 0 0 0 42 ; 4 4 0
Page 848: mfb88d00
k a S. P• (fl)Case History of Innuvation/ ~ By 1. P. Cascy', Elkhart, Indiana (USA) . +_ t, NiFh fructosc corn syrup, or isnnscrircd corn syrup as it is io•nctirncs crlfcd, qu.i!:F s as 2 major innovation bccausc this new product is hiving a rcvolution try clfcct on thc i np~rti%t swcttcncr busincss. 71u history of high fructose corn syrup is p.trticul.~rly intcresting bcc3usc of the varicd reac.trds Icssnns it tc.dics. Tlus articl; tr.ucs ard in.ly:,s t!.c %cqucnce of eve:its ic the dcvcloprncnt of high fructosc corn syrup froin thc tin,c uf thc b.tslc Jiscovcrv and conccptior. of product to thc simc of cornmcrcialli.aion. (Zusammcnfassung Scitc 105; Rcsumi i l.t page 203) \ 50256 5788 ._ _.._..._._ '+ XXI Me-78 t. Background or. Sucrose, Corn Syrups, and Dextrose ?n order to appteciate the cvcnts leading to the innovation of high fructose corn syrup it is ncccssary to rcvicw the econonsic and tcchnical backgrounds of the sugar (sucrosc) industry anJ the cs,rn wet nsilling inJustry (stirds, cor» syrup, and dextrose) since these are the busincsscs involved. Thcsc 2rc discussed hric(ly below. 1.1. Itackgron.nd on Sugar Mdystry ' SugaRsucrt~Sc) i~as cCtr)'on? knu4s, ir~cxtrcrtSfl} 'fl}' 1^7`Jf tant food ingrcdirnt It is cunsunsrd in va%t qunntitica in the .. inrjnuri+l'-,.d fn.r..+.. Aw..uai ..u,...rnw.~+ :_ •k_ •• ' • High Fructose Corn Syrup ~ I source in countrics with coldcr clim.ttcs in ordcr to rclicse thcns front tutil dcpcnticncc upon thc tsopic..l su;;ar c.u•.:. Thcra is strong politi.al inccntis'c tu h.trc a huiuc•hasrd sugar industry. Sugar cinnuntics arc tuco compli.ared to sliccusa in t!ct:.;I. t unt; rangc costs irc csl+fetcJ to rise hciausc of Iisrit. f acrc.1l;c, Ihi;;lt Libur input, ansl hif;h,~r tr.inspssrt.ition dcsrg s. In 1974, an unusnally siram.stic incrc.ssc occurc.l in tf,c pr _e of sugar. Scvcral thcorics h.tcc been prui.os:d to c.hl.tir. t'• evcnt, but the sirnplc fact is th.it •.surltd dcrnand Ih d lti 't tiros. ii,g I r•rc, tLin production. It is •viJcly Zcccprrd th:~t sucr...e h,.I 6.. n sclling fur scscral v: trs at tn'.tlwr;rnu?lc'
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50256 5847 FLAVORANTS/ ~u. ~,,3i,t,rl1.~ -~!G~rtavf l!lcse -~i~r.f. 325 - C' -7"( ~~ . a 81.7V C Q r ` / FLAVOUR jMPACT VALUES: A NEW CONCEPT FOR ASSIGNING NUMERICAL VALUES FOR THE POTENCY OF INDIVIDUAL FLAVOUR COMPONENTS AND THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO THE OVERALL FLAVOUR PROFILE d.J: Caattslr$ and F. B. Whitfield 'Food Research Laboratory, CSIRO Division d Food Research, North Ryde, Bi. S. W. 2113/AUS Certain vointile constituents d a food are Important to ita sensory propert es and are vital to mahe consumption o[ this food a pleasurable experience. 1t h- afquae for the separation and identification oI the volatile components occur..ng so foods have advanced rapidly over recent years as indicated by the large vo1- nme d publiahed work. However, studiea relating the contribution o[ individuai aroma compounds to the overall aroma profile of the food have been relatively 0 1 a 0 0 02 S 4 :; 3
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A .: , ~ Cass, Julea S. 50256 5857 Federaticn a£ ican SoC:etles for C~~"tw U~::. C~ by a 3`:eO ':..:.f AIj LtSr+ iN LS ' 3-.d L212! Lzrz°-• Ca;;q, Ire:.:: = ril 1553, (per,essticn Fro.~ec;ings, ~-~rraz ~P SL•?p1e:~ nL ~ ~. 13.~ 1°63 25C p• Wsv~riy P~-csS, T.~ca Ba ltfmore, li3. .S a : ;3 ~G S 4 4
Page 851: mfb88d00
50256 5851 1. Mt/VNI NV. 2. EPA-560/2-70-009 4. T/TLE ANO SUDTITLE Investigation of Selected Potential Environmental Contaminants:tFormaldehyde 7. AUTHORIS) Judith F. Kitchens, Robert E. Casnar`, William E. ! Harward, III, Eruno J. ;dacri, Gordon S. Edwards (C.W.U.1 9. PERFORMING ORGANI2ATION NAME AND ADDRESS • - >.IOENTIFIERS/OPEN ENOEDTERMS Atlantic Research Corporation 5390 Cherokee Avenue Pollution Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Environmental fate N 12. SPONSORING AGENCV NAME AND ADDRESS ?{utagen Carcinogen Office of Toxic Substances U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Washington, D.C. 20460 S. REPORT DATE Published 7. PE fOR ING ORGANI2ATION CODE 16. ABSTRACT This report reviews the potential environmental hazards of forwaldehyde resulting from its manufacture, use, production from combustion processes and inadvertent pro- duction in the environment. Nascent sources of foruialdehyde, such as paraformaldehyde . tri^xane .^..n.d ti:^_X:.-nctt:y!C.^.Ctetraminc, u:c also rCvit::ra?u. The TJ&,)'ur auUCLE: ui atWUb- I phcric discharge of formaldehyde is combustion processes, specifically from auto- mobile mobile emissions. Forma?li@hy,3e is a1s a product off atrospheric ;~otooxidatior, of u h;dro~rbas e~it~}d kom:lutc~obifes ~Photochemical degradation of formaldehyde also occurs in the atmosphere. Formaldehyde is a mutagen is lower animals such as Drosophila and bacteria. This property is the basis of its use as a fumigant. Even . ly 7
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Page 853: mfb88d00
MeB9-76 UA.a.. INITIAL DATA ON THE PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF SMOKE PRODUCED BY BURNING MATERIALS iiNnFR nrFFERENTCONDITIONS" • ~ Manuscript recerve uctooer r,'fai5 Revised manuscript received November 20, 1975 C. P. BAN KSTON Graduate Research Assistant Research Engineer E. A. PowELL Assistant Professor ABSTRACT: This paper describes results obtained in a series of small- B. T. ZINN scale tests investigating the properties of the combustion products gener- ReyentS•Piofessor ated during the burning of samples of wood, rigid urethane foam and PVC '` plastic under nonflaming conditions, in a recently-developed ventilated combustion products test chamber. Ventilation gas compositions and radi- ant heating levels were varied to simulate real-fire situations. Smoke part- iclesize distributions are determined through sampling techniques utilizing a Whitby aerosol analyzer and an Andersen sampler (i.e., a cascade impact- or). A particle Mass Monitor gives data on mass of particulate per unit volume of ventilation gas. Also, the weight loss of each sample is continu- ously measured during each test. Available results provide quantitative and qualitative data on the burning rates of the samples and properties of the particulate matter generated by burning the above-mentioned materials. Differences in smoke properties are evident as burning conditions vary. 0 0 1 o O n t1 ;~ :' -) 4 4 5 School of Aerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia 30332 .
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.f o w~. . A-A e,/ - aaG It}vv 9 s/4ss oC. G 7('2) 99 -~'i5/e~V. N 7, ~. es=- 7s S; ~ Removal of Numic'"" Acid by Coagulation IlandMiqroflotation/ .~~W- rancis J. Mangrav~g Jr., L imo th y, D. Buzzell, E: Alan ~ . Cassel1,~`tgon Ma tije vic, and Gary B. Saxton The clarification of humic-acid sus- pensions by moans of coagulation followod by sedimentation and by microflotation has been studied as a function of sol concentration, pH, sol stability, coagulant concentration, and ionic composition. Microflotation_ produced the same degree of re- moval as coagulation-sedimentation but at a much faster rate. 50256 596a
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M~~sirQ ~ j7L Cassell's nc:: Li.tii: dictionary. Latin-EiiglisEnglis'..- Lntin by D. P. Sinnpszon. New York, Funk &«'.lgilalt? t1JG0, °1'039i zQtli, f_<S3 p. 24 cm. 1. Latin language-Dictlonaries-Engllsb. 2. English languase-- Dictionaries-L.1tin. i. Simpson, D. P., ed. PA2365.L3C3 1060 ~ 473.2 t Library of Congresa - ' L61gs20j 60-7305
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50256 5845 s~~..~......, f ~~+ .IOEe~skf; ~'!!3lk7I' ` Mortin Vc,. (3uren High School Queens, Nr:vv York City, 11427 7P • _1..._ _. .~.._.....r.-___. DOI110.astraw5ans fur ChemistrY These dc monstrntions and the sequence in which their ptesentation is st:~F;ested may serve to initiate and main- tain student interest it; such topics as (1) the development of acid-base theories and (2) bond strength. Sources of thes(. demonstrations or variations of them are the texts by Alyca and Dutton' and the not so easily obtainable one by Fok'Ics? Students readily frame an operational d?finition of acids on demonstrations or experiments dealing with taste, indicator reactions, replacement of hydro„en by ac- tive metals, and acid-base neutralization resulting in tfte fonnation of water c.nd a salt. Listing of common acid for- mulas results in student recognition of hydrogen as an ti;I ,,, .-- ,~ 7s-v.1 C'a,,. ~~tg ~~ i .....•--~° both the specific propc:rties of thc solvent and the p'w- nomenon of ionic dissociation centra! to acid-base br•ha.'- ior and failed in the recognition and cxplanation of base reactions in the gas phase. and in nonionizable snl- vents. Demonstrations of these reactions lead to t~e Brunsted-Lowry definitions. Gas Phase Reactions 1) Invert a bottle of dry hydrosen chloride river a bottle of dry ammonia and remove the cover plates. 2) Bring the mcistened stoppers from bottles of concentrat'd hydrochloric acid and concentrated aqueous amnienia t~ kithin a distance of 2-3 in. 0 ~ Q 0 0 0 2 a4 .; I
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\ .r al a') Itit- -aoyli eio,)) ,t W r.., .. . XXI Me-78 ~ High Fructose Corn Syrup S• P• ~1}Case History of Innovation/ By t.`f ;ADs•"kt Elkhart, Indiana (USA) J A }GFIh fructosr corn syrup, or isonscnzcd corn syrup as it is wmetimes calleJ, q.ali6cs as a major innovation hccausc this new product is having a rrsulurioniry eRrct on the in:jcx:tant sweetcncr business. 7 hc history of high fructose corn syrup is panicularly intcrt•stinF bccavu o: the caricd rescardt lessuns it tcadres. This article traecs and anahi.s the scquence of e.r1ss in the dcrclopnunt of high fructose corn syrup frorn the time of the basic discovery and :onceptiot of product to the timc of commcrciafli7ation. (Zusammcnfassung $citr 203; kcsumc a la pay;c 203) f. Background on Sucrose. Corn Syrups, and Dextrose !n order to apprcciatc the cvcnts Icading to the innovation of high fructosc corn syruls it is necessary to review the cconomic and tcduricar badcgrouuJs of shc sugar (sucrusc) industry aud thc iuro wct nriliing inJustry (stardr, corn syrup, anJ dcxtrosc) since thcsc arc thr busincsscs involvcJ. These arc discusscJ bricfly below. 1.;. Rad grntrnd on Sug.n Industry ^ ~~ -~ ~ ~ `Eug>~sucr~~r) i f~ ~•~ss c~FryorTlr knuw'f, arTTztrc :cly impor • tant food ingtcdirnt. )t is ru( sum.J rn ya,tatitics in the indusuial'v.•.i .•s.~..... n.,..,,,i ..,..........,.,._ v _. _ .. . - source in countrics with coldcr clim.rtcs in order to rdic.e thcns (cons total dcpcndcncc upon the tropical su~ar eanc. Thcrc is strong politiial incentive to Issvc a home•baseJ sugar inJustry. Sugtr econuntiis arc too eotnplicatcJ to tliscuss iii dct 1 I un}; r.usFc cu.ts arc c>,pcacJ w risc bccausc of acrea;;c, hi;;h Iatwr input, and Itighrr tran.ptsnation shar s In 1974. an unusually dramatic incrc.ssc cccurcd in th: p. c of sugar. S:vcr-•J ch:orics have bccn propascJ to cxplsin .a cvcnt, but rl- simlJc (act is tlrat s+orl.l dcrnanJ had b. Ernwinr, (.•t r,h.1n production. It iis widely acccptcd thtt t~u scliinl; fur several ) cars at an "abnorm.tliy'
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50256 5861 LASER DOPPLER VELOCIMETER(LDV) /PARTICLE SIZE MEASURE:~.EPiT/. „ PARTICLES--LIGfIT SCATTERING/LIGHT SCATTERING/IIETERODYNE SPECTROSCOPY/ OPTICAL HETERODYNE SPECTROSCOPY/ AEROSOLS--DROPLETS/ U.S. NAfiIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS SPECIAL PUBLICATION 412. . QD 549 Un 1974 AEROSOL MEASUREPVIERlTS s~ . The Proceedings of a Seminar on Aerosol Measurements May ?,1974 . ~..,..~:.._. WapetA;-Cssse.tl and Resemary S. Maddock, editors Sponsored by Analytical Chemistry Division ~RreNattonal Bureau or Standards Institute for Materials:Research Washington, D. C. 20234 National Bureau of Standards and ,G~~ Washington, D. C. 20234 --Tae Food and Drug Admtnlstratt~oTn Wasbinston, D. C. 20204 - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, Frederick B. Dent, Secretary NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS, Richord W. Roberts, Dir.ctor •issued October 1974 0 'n 0 i2 a 4=a ~ ~n: Ptu ' .;, ... .
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50256 5874 R. J. Revnolds Tobacco Co., Research and Product Development ~.~ Depart,nents, Science Information Division ~~ CASSETaE TAPE RECORDERS. .Z 1972 A collection of material k'inston-Salem, N. C. 0 1 0 0 0 () 2. 3 4 :") 0
Page 860: mfb88d00
50256 5852 0 143 Pu 1'179 ARCHER DIRECTORIES/ . P UUM. 10 29Q0 FU:;L IS {NtR Nan S. Casa,% 4 ! Hugo F. Miranda ~ ~G:S! C JVlI'.1L LtlliCi st7 Idalia Nieves-Acosta 'Mark S. Smestad 'Pablo E. Torres 0 ~Iw rLui Ea ci,~S~ crucu lmmJlmnl utLl"V41topY Is orm3 D:i' YG&P. wivi^3 an rc'7',w&%St. C(grrf^.]10 1979 Gr T1ill M1Caa E:buD. Itie. The zxibFsfier r( this book makes no representation that it is absolutrty accwate or complete. Enois and omiss;ms, typographical, clerical and otherwise, sometires xcur and tfiis possibility e)aAs in respect to anything prSrted in the 4oak Huxe, nothing therein should be relied u,ron in any cistarxe wherein there is any possitAtty of any loss or damage in any direction resu" from any puSGcation, sotement error or omisston in this book This aWes to al ma$er printed in this book. / (1 , 0 t 0 0 4 n 0 2.~ :3 3 ~
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50256 5869 !`_ { ~r-4 F?'~.i ~.... '..~.'.~.'~a:.'.:.7 . .............w•...._._.w~.._ ~.-. ~......_~.. _ .._.........~. ~ . ....:...~.. . , ~, . t..1..1'tJ . 71 ~~L ~F.7L r% ~ ,~ r n ~ NT GUIDE TO c SYNONYMS i £~ I: ELl 1TH-4,DNVO R. D S FDITFL' $Y I -~ t So.I.Idayakawa i 0 t7 Q fl, 0 2 :i REYISrD AY P. J. Fletcher CA5 ~.')L'LL • LONDOti I ~ I ,r
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~ TP ~715 ~ Fa N IV. CASSEROLEV 50256 5872 L ~ ....~~, V. V:..; :TAssL::S. ayo6 5 ro?.u. Irtvcatc P.ccipes Press, Irc, Lauiavt lle, i u13~ti~~.51 o 1 to o o i; ;), ".') 4 ; 8
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79 iI Jo • 50256 58S ' ANI?'tALS--EXPERIMENTAL TECH!VIr)UE/ RAVIS, P,It,F;yj COI;ZI'ArZAr'IVL /1~4NI;STrIESIA in Labo'~atoi-v 1tnirri.als ~ Federation ProceedinRs, 28(No4)p. 1373--1576, July-Aug. 1969 Planncd l,}• TIiL CO~l:~IITfI:P. FOR T1lE PIa;1'~+.RATIO~ ~~tilcr/ b}: 1~ V M OI' A T7:CIINICAL GifILl: FOR Ct7NJ:':1lZATIVI: .LLlorr . ii-t.LR p.KESTIl1.SI:~ IN Lr1RORA'1(~l;Y A:,;INIALS MAx BEN ~ (A C lection of papers from THE OURP:AL OF AvESTHF.STnLOl+Y 29 ( k) ' J,til-1Cuq. 1QAR pn. 621--R27) and from y / ~~ \El;DIhGS 2R(k)p. 1313-15° ` ~ ' ~ ~ ' r ~ ~ ~~ 1\~lf ~S l~i ~ x~ ~~~r ~;. Jly-Aus~/ 1969) u N LI`~ -\'Q,US S~.'S'FLjlT~h - , fllf. IOURNAL OF rif"r, [7w1,....w rp 7~~.....1.nr A I ll%(llI(~ lY~ . ~--•°- --s - - - Jui~-Augiist19CS 7nE.~r.rarIcAN sociErs of ~r~~•FS1 RnsIw.~cIsrs. I~•c. I ~ n l _ ' j4, ~~- o 0 1 n a n6 2. S 4 4 2
Page 864: mfb88d00
'ef ., 50256 5867 ` 1'' 3 Ca CA9SELLr3 D1CT10NMtY OP ADBRk`vrATlrONs cc,mpi 1ed by J. W, Cvrnett and C. N. J. Kyte 1966 2 20 Fse9es C8sse11 6 CampaT+y Ltd : • London -.-- r . .~..+-- ~-...... ,-.__ _-.,._ ,.v. .~._. ~--.r........ .,..., _ U t c~ ~ nc~ ~t ~ 4~ 3
Page 865: mfb88d00
50256 5860 C. PERRY E;ANKSTON,1 EIbGENE A. POWELL,2 R08tiHT A. CASSANOVA,1 AND BEN T. ZINNe School ofAerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Tcchrrology Atlanta, Georgia 30332 XXII MeB -78Jvur. Fire Flam. 8(4)395-411(1977) S.P. 8 DETAILED MEASUREMENTS OF THE PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF SMOKE PARTICULATES NON-MEDICAL FIT ' GENERATED BY FLAMING MATERIALSS Original manuscript received Wy 6, 1977 Revised manuscript received lsne 20.1977 ABSTRACT: This paper describes results obtained in a series of small•sca e tests investigating the properties of the combustion products generateO during the burningot samples of wood, a rigid urethane foam and a risd PVC plastic under fLirniny conditions. in the ventilated Combustion P-o- ducts Test Chamfxr at Georgia Tech. Smoke particle size distributio^s. average particle diaxneter, particulate mass concentration, and optiui density measuremests were taken utilizing sampling techniques and an n situ optical analys-s system. Ventilation gas composit,ons were varied -o simulate real-fire sitratinns and results show that par.iculate characterist ~s I1 n ~ ~ ~ • 4 4 , are not significandti affected by changes in atmospheric composition ' x lI ~f,~, ~ `9 y ~the materials tested_ However, the measured properties of smoke parti:r lates generated dur;.y flanrN combustion were found to be both quali:r tively and quantiuewely d-tfe,ent from those observed under nonflaming +.+x„i.+n. Frnnt.r...r.r..aara n.nrauv srtuller__1nd for wood an
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~ S:•tOF:I„C AND IIEAI,-1I;/'fE)P.nCCO--S".•fOl:ItdC--TIEA1.'f'II L:FFECT/ MEDICIKP., PSYCIiSU'.!^TIC/PSYCI;(?1.nr:Y( PHYSTCTAN-PATIEPIT 1TInvS/ R 723 Ca 1976 The Healer's Art A Newll pproach to the Doctor-Palic~r it Relotionship ERIC J. CASSELL, M.D J. B. Lippincott Compny Philadelphia al id New )brk I 4
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50256 5858 ~ . Ihyslol. aiochrm. (1975) S_201-207 Published by Munkseaard, Copenhagen, Dcnmart )Yo pan may be reproduced by anrTtocess without written permission from the author(s) ~ Vt Re977The Effect of-Vstamin E on NO2 Induced Redox s• P• Changes in the Human Erythrocyte l.1.1. Cwaar aJD. H. StMStors Department of Medicine, University of California at Los Angeles, School of Medicine Los Angeles, California 90024, US.A. Rteeked 1Jlanuary, oecrOrrd jorOubfirarion 25 Frbrrory 1971 Human erythroeyta admixed with vitamin E supplements (50 pE.'ml) were exposed to NO, in Ooncentrations of 20Qfi00 p.p.m. at 3TC for 2 h. No protecti.e clkct against the increase in the redox ratio[NAD'J; [NADHJ normally produced by NOs was obsencd. It is postulated that NOs Jnesesses the redox ratio by a mechanism independent of that producing hcmolysis and prcrented by vitamin E. This may imol.e alteration of NADH dependent enzymes by NO,. 0 1n a previous study (Cassan 1974), human erythrocytcs exposed aerobically to NO: underwent changes in the redox ratio (NAD• IJ (NADH) sug-.estive of a marked shift to a eare oxidized state. The concentrations of NOa requircd to induce this change were Vater than those needed to induce similar changes in more complex cells such as the J a Material and Methodt Assay ojRrdox-Srare . The redox ratio [NAD•],'[NADH) was deterd mined indirectly by the mcthod of Ksebs (Krebs & Veech, 1969), using the equilibrium intracellular concentrations of the substrates and products of the lactate dehydrogenase . t ; , i
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50256 5873 ! 1 Q a10 C Czsset, +. xi&- .? Voc-°tLulaire technique, cloctricite., &`IYIICPR, mCt.'.Ill!rv1A; 6d. rev. et augln. Paris, Berger-Le•:rialt, 1:151. G33 p. 16 cm. Llbrary of Congresa 1. Technolot;y-ntctlona rtrs. 2. Tcchnol ~~p-Df ctionrri w--r :.-i:c' . 3. Englleh 1r+nKuase- Dlct!onarir~ F'itnch. 4. Freach laugvne•r-- Dictlopa rles-Engl i sh. T10.C82 1951 1\ ) 5f ~,5G14 0 10 4 0 0 2 `i " i _z 9
Page 869: mfb88d00
50256 5865 ! uc 7 a O t~I U 0 Q 2 ~ ra~ -. y Casaeil, Lr3c J.; jt. author McCarrall, Jciries 11IR Pt?G:.:]'i:IO:I AND IMIrESS IN S*:OKi:RS A.tiD ?;C\-S by McC; rro'.1 ,,1 srnr_ s; Eric J. Casselt; Doris hl. Wolter; Ioseph D. :3ountain; Judith R. Diamond aad Isabel M. Zountain. 1966 10 p. : cper presented at the American i'_adical Assn., A!r Pollutioa Med. 7ea. Conf., Loe Angeles, Warch 2-4, 1966 ~ I ....y«. .._. ~. f
Page 870: mfb88d00
QA 281 Ca 50256 5876 C&$W7, Harold rxotYlts. Oxidation-reduction polymer3; redox polymers tbyl Har- old G. Cassidy and Kenneth A. Kun. Tew York, Int,er- science Publishers ,1965j z., S07 p. ttlus. 24cm. (Polftner reviews, v. Ill Includes blbltographEcal reterences. l. Polymers and polywerizatlon. 2. Ozldatlon•reductlon reaction. [. Sun, Kenneth A., joint author. u. Title. (Series) QD471.C35 .. 541.2254 G5-14726 Library of Congress ~ •_~ A
Page 871: mfb88d00
RA 50256 5863 576 Sa Casse3.. Kenneth'~ Jr... editcr l6v ,~ •7 . at~~~J~ira ~'^' OJa So s Ca=2r .. . . ~ ALl,z~if,Ft U. S. 256 r+u Fva.:::~4Z? . 0 ~ I i) 0 tl U~ a 4 4
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50256 5868 { 210 J B I C`aas,2's1's ;~rr~ra rtl.f.ot.tv:7ary. Betteridge, iiaro;d T ed. 'i'lte new Cas-,ell's Germcui dictionary, Germ:,n-Ennli-h, Euhlish-t:erman. Basef.1 on the editions by Karl Breal- Coml,letely rev. and re-edited. With a foreword by Ger- hard Cordes. \'ew York, Funk & Wagnalls (1938, :xlx,619p. 24cm. 1. Ger,nan language-Dictlonaries-Dngli,-h. 2. English langitnge--. Dlctionarics-German. r. L'reul, I:arl Hertuuun, 1S';4)-1J32. lI. Title. ur. Title: Cas.cell's German dict?onary. PF 3C-k0.1345 f''\ 433.2 Library of Con;ress ^`""' i51VIO0l 58--i92 -1 o i n 0 n o2, a 4i 4
Page 873: mfb88d00
1'. Zw,~. 50256 5877 I Wcis6berger, Arnold, 13IJ3- ed. Technique of ol,g anic eLeui6tr~. t\cw York, Illteracicnco P1lbllsher;, 1945- v. in illus. 24 : ni. Half title: each voL has aiso specin: t. P. Includes h::~lioeraplilex Cp~1TE:iTS.-;v. 11 Physical methods of organic chem!stry. 2 v.- v. 2. CatnlTtle. photoct:emical and electrolytic reectious.-v. 3. lireit. Ing and coolinz J1ixlng. Crntrifusinz. E,trnctton an1 4istrit,,:ticn. Dialysts and electrodia lysis. Crystalli;.ation und recr,at;iilizntinn. Filtration. .'ol.•ent retnoral, evaporation and dryin,^..-v. 4. Giatiii,i. tton.-v. 5. Adsorhtion and chr,n,nto,raphy.--v. 6. *.Aiicro and semi- micro metho-~L=.--v. 7. Organic solvents. 2d ed.-v. 8. Invf-.qti,otlon of reactions.-v. 9. Chemical applications of spectroscopy.-v. 10. Funda- mentals of chromatography. 1. Chemistry, Organic. QD251.W367 ~ 547 45-8533 rev 2 Library of Congress ir57y4% 0 i U 0(1 f`, ~~4-; ;;
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50256 5882 NORNICOTINE--SYN'T.IESIS/ANABASINE--SYNTHESIS/TOBACCO--ALKALOIDS--SYNTHESIS/ . . . . . , . . . ~ 78 XII Ng RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XII Ng -- Nguyen, T. L.; Cast noli, N., Jr.f (Univ. Calif., Dep Pharm. Chem., Sch. Pharm., San Francisco, Calif.,U.S.) THE SYNTHESES OF EUTERIUM LABELLED TOBACCO ALKALOIDS, NICOTINE, NORNICO- TINE AND COTININE. Jour. Labelled Compd. Radiopharm. 14 (No. 6) 919-934 (1978) (in English) - -- - - - - - ~- - - - A variety of deuterium labelled tobacco alkaloids ~ 1 ~ has been prepared for metabolic studies. Reduction of ! ~ myosmine with sodium borodeuteride provided nornicotine- 1 i 2'-d,. Myosmine also underwent smooth base catalyzed ~ exchange with deuterium oxide to myosmine-3',3'-d2 , which could be reduced to nornicotine-3',3'-d2 and ~ nornicotine-2',3',3'-d3. Thus avenues to nicotine 1 alkaloids labelled at C2, and/or C3, have been estab- : r 4 t ~ o 2 .~4h~ o 0 n . , ___ . -- - - - - --~_~
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i TS } 2240 jC 50256 5894 CAaCf.?.~~, .7nrn .I. 1965 ES pL;as C~3:~cn Pre._ Nari Yor;: 0 .... . ..-w • ti e.. . -~ . ..~sw~..~..~•. ~-~ ....~. •. IF ~ 1 ~ Q ~ 0~1 4 3 0
Page 876: mfb88d00
50256 5890 03 tM:D.YiD:: IN iii$ :3LOOD aFT:Z TC'.,'_:C0 ...a.•_tl..s ' I F~Jta r;3a. (FePLCB) 38, 1014-].a2%, It:.lia.a s.•ith Ezqlish 11sLracC ~..r-:_.~_,,;, . _ • . - ____ ._ . , , -.~-..--....._...........,..~....,~ .,....- 0! n 4 ~~ u 2 a 4? b IF J
Page 877: mfb88d00
' • ' 50256 5883 78 XII Ca RJR CLASS N0. °A."1FH1.ET 7R ?C1?. Ca Ca3tggtsdif;~A: %~r~. Melikian, A. P. ; Rosnati,. V. *(no affil.)* f THE SYNTHESIS .OF rPYRROLIDINE-SUBSTITUTED . ICOTINE ANALOGS. Jour. Phartn. Sci. 58 (No. 7) 860-63 (July 1969) (in English) . v As part of a program to synthuize nicotine homolous ' and analogs, the potentially versatile condrncation of 3-pyridyl ~ lithium .~ith a 1-pyrroline-l-oxide (cyclic nitrone) has been studied. The product, an N-hydrox.'nornicotine dcrivative, was oM3ined in moJrrate yield and could br convrrted by way of the eorrespond- ing m)•osmine and nornicotine compounds to the desired pem- dimeth)lnicotine homolog. Spectral characteristics of these and ' eertain side products are repurtrd. __ ~- I 0 Q ~-C1 ;~.~ ~ o S
Page 878: mfb88d00
50256 5892 j 1• 210 C Castilla's Spanistt and 1?nz?i~i: t.-ciici,,al dictiunary. Lon(luii, Routledne & Paul t19;8~ 2P. 2JCn:. CoNrears.-v. 1. English-Spanish.--v. 2. cpantsh-Engllsh. 1. Tecbnology-Dtcttonaries. 2. English language-Dictionares- Spanish. 3. Techno:o,^y-Dictionaries-Spanish. 4. Spanish izn• guage-Dicttonaries-Enalish. T9.C34 f- ~ 603 53-2320 Library of Congress `-~ 139b5, ~ ~ t~ 4' c1 ty .4 ~ 4 7 3
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50256 5781 VETHYLENE GLYCOT./ III Me - S.P. 9 SMtARY; W(AD. LEK 1974 XX , VIf, g ALEKSANDER POPf.AWSKI, TFI2GSA OT,EF7SKA "- (~1Z$'ti~/~'~ ~ ~~ ~1 ~ ~' :J Jll.~ ti''C~~ QOl'op-p- o( Ck..- ,f1 PRZYPADEK OSTREGO ZATRUCIA GLIKOLtlt'[ ETYLEi4OWY1i R. ~o~l~.ws~ i ~stid. T dleuskc~• Z OSrodka Sztuc ej Nerki Akademii Medycznej w I3ialyms.oku Kicrownik Osrodka: dr mcd. A. Popia:uski A severe poisoning with ethylene glycol is described. The patient"was 28 year old male. Extracorporeal dialysis (artificial kidney) was used during 11 i;ours A rapid improvement of the general condition of the patient was obtained with returW6f'normaZ valtiet of 3abotatory indices. ciccz l;rsta, bcz,uarwna, pcvz, zI1p1Cnu, o stouicawym smaku. U-,,%'azany jest za najbardziej toksyczny z l;rupy alkoholi dtivuwodorollcnowych (10). Glbwn:l clrol;;t z;itrucia jest ptr.r~voci pokartnowy, najczcstszJ przyczyn.) - potnyl)cowe lub satnoistne Przyjc;cie glikolu etylenowet?u, rilbo picie tr;;o plyml, jako n,tpoju alkoholowc•go. Stnicrtcrlna d~c%Vlcrt duustna glikolu clla czlowicka doroslct;o wynosi lOt) nil (10). Tol:syczne dzialanie tcj sttbst;zn- cji laczy Si' scislc z jej przetni,ina tv ttstroju, Okolo GOolo tego zwiaxl:ct %i'ydala sica w ci.lt;u 3 dni przcz drogi c~cidcchowc W p.7staci CO2, okoto 20-; Oo/o elinlinow;uut jest z lnoczc•in w st<inie nic zmicnionytn, re sMa ulcl;n przeminnic )riorhemic•zttej ('1.). llroi;i przctniany rie sa zUpclnic po- znanc, hriyjnt,-ijc sir nastc;pujtcy srYcctzlat: glikol ctyletiowy -r alclch~d O glil:olowy -~ kwa:c i1lioksaluwy --> knvas sz.c•zatviotivy (przy wspcilucl::iatc 0 cQiytj'1'o~,Ai».$ -Alloi-,fvio\~kj (10). Ostatni 1>rociukt renlccji ocll:lcccl;t ,.ic; l;lcwvic w kan.~lilcach ilcrrkowych w lxo;;taci tccy•;r.talow szcrativiunu wah- ~ ttia ('-9. A
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! 81 I ~... ~-~ =1 I M/ • ..a / 50256 5879 No extinction of~f rosine aminotransferase Inducibility in rat hepatoma-~uman fibroblast hybrids containin the g human X chromosome l_ C. SELLEM, 16. CA41ift4and M.C. WEISS + CytogeneL Cell Genet 30 9(1981) Centre de GEnEtique MolEculaire du C.N.R.S., Gif-sur-Yvette Several years ago, CROCE et al. (1973) reported that the human X chromosome carries a regulatory gene responsible for the extinction of glucocorticoid hormone induc- ibility of rat hepatoma cell tyrosine amino- transferase (TAT; E.C. We at- tempted to confirm this assignment for the Chinese hamster (WElss et al., 1975) and the rat (DESCHATRETiE et al., 1979), but were unable to reproduce the observations of CuoCE et al. We have therefore under- o 1 0 0 o 0 2. 'a6 5 E.C. and resistant to 3 mM ouabain. like the Fu5AH cells used by CROCe et al. (1973), Fao cells are derived from clone Faza967, a sub- clone of the Reuber H35 hepatoma line H411EC3 of P7TOT et al. (1964). In selective medium con- taining hypoxanthine, thymidine, aminopterin (HAT), and 0.3 mm ouabain, both parental cell types die and only hybrid cells that produce human X-linked HPRT can survive. Cell fusion was obtained by treating mixed cultures with poly- ethylene glycol (NtNlo and Welss, manuscript in preparation) or UV-inactivated Sendai virus (HAR- RIS and WATKINS, 1965); hybrid colonies were
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1 t p I Rk'POnI Nn EPA-450/3-75-0 -a J 4: TITLE ANO SUBTITLE Photochemical Oxidant Modeling: Volume I - Techniques Applicable to Highway System Evaluation. 7. AUTHORIS) F. A. Record, R. M. Patterson, D. :.. Bryant, and A. H. Castaline ' 9. PERFORMING OR"-ANIIATION NAME AND ADDRESS GCA Corporation GCA/Technology Division Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS Environmental Protection Agency Office of Air and Waste Management Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711 50256 5886 TECHNtCl1L REPORT DATA jrr,•afe rra,l IN.um t,ru,t un N„ erv, nr brJur~ rnrnplefingl F~ - 1. PE CIPIENT'S ACCp"'nrrl,i7. 6. REPORT DATE April 1975 6. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION C 68-02-1376 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIO, Final 14. SPONSORING AGENCY COOE
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~ III nu -77 - s.P. 4 BIBLl0G11APHIC DATA 1. Report Au.r -- 2. 3. Reeipient's Aecess.on No. SHEET NOAA-74013108-4 '. i!I - ?Y a~ Yl~.i -ii' 4. Title anJ Subtttle S. Report 1)+ee An Automated Objective Technique For Constructing Tropical Nov„1973 Cyclone Best Tracks 6- 7• Author(s) 8. I'crforminF Uraaoiz.Atton Hept. Martin !!. Cassit)i and Stephen G. Co1Ran No. 9. NerfnrminF l/rganizat.oo \.me anJ AJJress lo. Nrojeet/Tash/Qoelc Uoit No. U. S. Fleet Weather Central/ - Joint Typhoon Warning Center 11. cootrace/otaot No. Guam, Marianas Islands 12. Sponsoring UrRaoizauoo Name and Address 13. Type of Repurt 6r 1'eriod t Cofered 14. IS. Supplemeac+ry \otes Monthly Weather Review 101(11);524-829, November 1973. 16. ASsrracts A cg~ puCg rij~ed ¢,bje tiv.g teehn~•,q ue~has.been developed to assist in the construction and sccacid-order ~f tiropit,al~kyc~lbnt~po~ns1ysi'~ tAci:9. The progrzw employs linear . • t t r~ i 1 i ° .,.. - -- -- .t.. een...+ .n.n. G.tnr F`-_ 1s.e fl`CtUl .itlLJll ailal jntelve:::~. Qll 50256 5880 A& , I
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50256 5e89 III Du2-77 S.P. KINETICS 0F THE PEIOTOCHEMICAL DECO"SPOSITION OF OZONE IN 3130 h ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT Instituto Superior de Investigaciones Buenos Aires (Argentina) F•acultad de Quimica Y Farmacia (404544) Final technical rept. 1 Aug 65-1 Oct 68 AUTHOR: Castellano. E.4, Schumacher, H. J. 5813E2 FLD: 7E, 4A USGRDR6909 Feb 69 37p* GRANT: AF-AFOSR-979-65 fSOtlITOR: AFRPL-TR-69-42 ' , ABSTRACT: To better define its stability, the following selected routes of ozone deconposition were investigated: (a) the photochemical decomposition of ozone by.the use of an Hg-line 3130a light source; (b) the behavior of 0(ID) atoms as species possiblti capable of initiating ozone decomposition; and (c) the kinetics of th'_• 0('D) + 03 to 2 02 reaction in the presence of oxygen and iner~ gases. Results demonstrate that the maximum quantum efficiency is t 0 1 0 . 0 c1 0 2 a q .7 •5 , . , : .. . . : .,e. , 0
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.t , TOBACCO--SMOKItIG--PSYCHOLOGY/CAFFEI`lE/*:ICOTINF:--PHARMACOLOGY/ STI*fULA:;TS " DRUGS--A.I1MAL RESPONSE/ PIIARK4CELfTICAL RESEARCf{/A.*!PIIETMINES/ 50256 , RJR CLASS NO. PA%1If'IiLET 74 X. Cal 74 X Ca Castellano, G. ; Sansone, ti. ; Renzi, P. ; Annecker, L. 1(Centre Nat. Rr~s. , Lab. Psyc}eobiol. Psycliopharriacol. , Rome, Italy CENTRAL STIMMANT DRUGS ON AVOIDA:`:CE BEHAVIOUR IN IIA.~:STEP.S. Pharrsacolog. Res. Commun. S(No. 3) 287-93 (1973) (in English) *Ke3n.ords:* nicotine. ~- *1974, No. 12, W 4823* *d* Tobacco medicine: 01 n 0 n 0 2 5 4 7 4
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50256 5898 GASTINC;' NP.TAIA/''rF'TAT.T.T!Rr;Y/ 71-23,558 T*I 707 Ma 1977 ARCHFR FtATHEK, Jacob, 1949- SIMdlLATION OF HEAT FLOW AND THERMAL STRESSES IN CONTINUOUS CASTING: APPLICATION t1F THE YAOEL TO INTERNAL CRACKING. University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D., 1977 Enginecring, metallurgy i 1 : . 1 i Xerox University Microfilms, ,m,ub«.MlchlpanaEtob . . . - -- -----'T-- I 0 1(l 0 n~ 1 i 4 8 4 I
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ir.X 1t2F'-t1 ~-i3 Bf:IV'FRAG'r.S/C'rTRttS IFRU;T'3/ r n.n !t r ~u crr <<+ ~. t: i: t: G i ii~ t3y D. J. Casimir-and f3. V. Chandier Divisian of Food Prese:vstion, CSIRO. Ryde, N.S.W. /n the past few ycars, Australian processors have shown an ir,creasing interest in r.omr,iin;ited citrus products, which have been a feature of :he fruit bea•. rae*e Industry. for seve.al decades overscas, particularly in Britain (Char/ey 19G3). Whereas com:entional citrus be;erages use only the juice !raction of tiie fruit (approxin:~:!,~tv 53°t for oranges) v:ith the : dJition of sugar. ei;ric aciri, coiourings, rrtd .`lavotr;rps, cor•.,n;ir.uted citrus prodacts utiiize a hisher !o'.at proportion of the fruit by co,nL•:ning •:ariocs tru;t ir3c';o^s and extracts, not at::ays inciudiny the juice, in the inr:nulation of t~e drink. . r {l ! ~ ~r `. t! rl !. L 4 Li., L 1,:. L Ey `~ L i' II ~ li 50256 5846 xc y 43 2 v
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50256 5880 MASS SPECTROMETRY--BIOCHEMISTRY/BIOLOGICAL Ci[EMISTRY--ANALYSIS/ COMPUTERS--CHE!`tISTRY/ CHRO21ATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS/ SpECTRLnf A,vj .LYSIS/ M ahmrn ~f% Wnwo En ~~traz,3Edited by ~LOG;3r1n. ~2'~TO"'Ve7 Q Milan. Italy Alberto Frigerlo Chief, Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research Milan, Italy rn ~~ ~ and ftiNLiU~s~".~ t~1~~61~1~«i~t~a6,1:4tf~ Pieal Castagnoti jr VoCurSf,e I School of Pharmacy University of California San Francisco, California Proceedings of the 2nd internationsi~ ymposium ~ of Mass Spectrometry in Biochemistry and Atedicine, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, June, 1974 _ , SPECTRUM PUBLICATIONS, INC. New York Distributed by ilaisted Press S P Books Division of I tj Q () a DWsioiaof kn AiIcQ& Sons M"X Y.,,k Z'C~"vitto l.nndnn
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~ , F / 2 aD kn %-0 1 e+~. Ul N 0 N aZi'1'-.t) ` r 1 ~ n rr~~c;; s+.yGy: +~ 3e 1.i . r ~i Library Technology Reports ;,. ~ - ;~. ; ~ CASSETTE TAPE RECDRDERS FOR LIBRARIES J July, 1971 by United States Testing Company, Inc. This article describes and evaluates cassette tape recorders designed and/or advertised for institutional use. The initial selection of eight tape recorders includes principal manufacturers of such equipment vho dis- tribute nationally in the United States, and consists of those models most frequently considered by librariaiis. The machines included accotrmodate only one tape format (cassettes) and operate at one speed (1F3 ips). They are all monophonic and have a frequency response in the middle range. Other models and brands will be evaluated in the future as the occasion arises, ...--.-1 ..ij•. {.~~..~,], r~q~r,~; •.:j~ 1.~n n{9~' ~rl r~ ti_i~is zrt:ici.e_ as suA~leclents. _ ~ ,1 U I1 _j ~( a~ .) i. :. ?, ,.....
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IRO1 N /METALSERROUSAtF.TALLURGY/FINIStIES AND COATIN(:S/*tETALS--CORROSION/ CORROSION AND AA`3TI-COPROSIYES/STEEL/CASTING,~fFTALS/CO~tYOSITE MATERIALS/ REF CHE*fICAL TECtINOLOGY:AN ENCYCLOPEDIC TREATMENT. TP " The k:cononic Application of 11:odern Technological Developments Based upon 9 a work originally devised by the late Dr. J. F. van Oss. Ch Ceneral Editor /J7o VOLUME 3: rZTALS AND ORF.S- 1970 T.J.W. van Thoor 113k.1 I b;Etl' YORK KAR\ ES dc :`OBLE BOOKS (a division of NarE+er & Row Pubii~,hcrs, ... . : _.~.........~.....~~........._ .-. _ ._..-..---~---T---- , V 4 .3 3
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50256 5871 ,~ .-- / ~- ~ %~!~ ~3 ~-~`,!z/. WATER RESOURCES BULLETIN VOL. 13, NO. 3 AME;RICAN WATER RESOURCES ASSOCIATION OC"+ )BER 1977 II Me -78 BACTERIAL RELATIONSHIPS IN STORMWATL•RSt S.P. S E. M. Dhvis, D~ M. Casserty and J. D. ~foore2 ABSTRACT: Data were developed within a three-year period for indicator bacteria and three species of bacterial palhogens following rural storm event hydrobraphs. The first (lu.h con- cept was conf¢med in all hydrographs. Bacterial density peaking occurred at or before the hydrograph peaks. FC and FS values wcre higher in more developed areas than the primary rural test site and their numerical ratios followed similar ttcnds. Chlorine demand of storrs w•aters varied between 8 and 16 me/1 and, the ozone requirement was greater than 32 mg/I in the same waters. Aficrgrowt!t of total co!iform bacteria occurred following chlorine and ozone doses or 16 mg/1 and 32 mg/1 respectively. Fecal coli!'ornn. fccal streptococci, Salmonella sp., and Pseudonronas sp. all were reduced to near detectable limits by the disinfrctants up to 8 days. Staphylococcus sp. demonstrated a propensity to rcestablish their popalations. Mu!ti• pie regression analysis of the bacterial groups and species in storm waters suygested the fecal streptococci to have been the most useful group in evaluating bacterial storm wrter quality, with staphylocci having been closely related insofar as their statistical .i,,nit7cance was concerned. (KEY TERMS: coliform; storm water disinfection; urbanization; land use; water quaGty.) 0 I ~~ 0]n_ 0.2, a 4 5 7 ..a~.R." _ .
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50256 5899 73 III :Se . 4 _..~_......._.. __ ~ ._. .r.... . ._._._._ _...~- ____.---~-• .A...LOY COMPOS i TES SIMULTANEOUS CASTING..OF -' :G.-J. Binczewski PAPER NO. I q 82 2 and " I A7 - . .. . ;~ K_ Kramer '_ . aI. ,~~ . . .,. .~ . pAP! H F Si.~ F,.~. C F101 t: 345 EA~T 4Tth STtREET. SNEW YORK. N.Y. 10017 () 0 11 0 :~ J 4 3 5 i le
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50256 5893 TX P.e.-}7' S.P. Riocher±istry l_5(.24 344-9 (197G) , . 0 Carbon Monoxide Binding Properties o0emoglobin M Iwatet l. M. Salhany.• C. L. Castillo, and S, Ogawa ABSTRACT•The kinetic and equilibrium CO binding propcr- ties of hcmoglobin (1!b) NI Iwatc (a2 871 tis --- Tyr /f2) have been investigated. The results show that the az(Mct)J4.(CO) Irlromtr of this protein has a low affinity for CO, as indicated by the stopped-flow and flash-photolysis kinctic, as well as the CO binding cquilibrium, measurements. Ilowcver, it has been found that the phosphatc-frce a:(A1ct)O:(CO) tctramcr does tend to dimerize extcnsively (K.1 = 55 vM). The high-affinity forms seen in earlier kinetic measurements may be explained by this fact. When dimers are accounted for in the functional studics, the results show that the tctramer binds CO nonco- operatively either with or without the allosteric cofactor. ino- sitol hcxaphosphate (IHP). IHP appears to influence the funetional properties of a solution of 1 fb tii lwate by stabilizing T T 0 j n 0 n 0 2 -a 4 .7 •9 the tetrameric state of a-~rcration, 0 the population of hiEh-aftii;ity dimcrs. with 11-I1' prescnt (0.23 s') and the C rmer eithcr with or without IFIP (). °C are uscd lo calculate the cquilibr obtaincd (8.3 X 10s M -1) is similar binding measurcmcnts on the phosph- 10s A1-') estimated from the ohscrvcr: total hcme conccntration. By showing the high-affinity componcnt sccn in c.:: with lib NI Iwate,.~c can no.v more r• operative CO binding to this tctramc with both of thc active,6-hcmes pres_ ty.
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X .~: 50256 5885 H 9 . ' 4 R,I•R C1.AS8 No. PAMPHLET 79 X r:E ., ~. NguYen, T. L'.; Gruenke, L. D.: E2lstageti~f, ~(Univ,~Calif,, Dep. Pharm, Chem., San Francisco,, Calif., U. S.)- METABOLIC OXIDATION OF NICOTINE TO CHEMICALLY REACTIVE INTER:AEnIATES.: .,' Jour, Medicinal Chem 22 (No 3) 259-63 (1979) (in English) . . + Sludics on the metaboliem of nicotine by rr.bbit livet micrusomal fractions in the presence of 0.01 A( sudwm cyarijde ~ have led to the characleri:aliun uf two isuuieric cyanunicotine compounds. The locatiuns of the q ann gruu, s were established by G('-F.i\1S analysts of the deuterium-L,irled pruducts oLtained from the sperificaDy deuteriur.r,aiKled ~ substrates (S)•nicr,line•S',S' d=, (R,q)•nicutine•2',S'.S'-d,, and (R,S)•nicotine•N-mclhj!-da. Orie cyanu adduct xas shown to be S'-e) anunia,tin., a prnducl previnusly isolated frum similar microsomai preps:ations. 71u sucond q ano ~ addrxt Mas shown lu he N•(cyanr.meth)-iiir,rnicutine; this structure assignruent vras cw,firmed by syntheas Furmatiun t of N•(cyammnethyl)nornicutine appcsrs to uccur, at least in part, withuut prior nitrugen-carTwn bund cleavrge, ~ impiicaling the in situ Ceneratiun uf the N-mcthyleniminium species during the course of inetalx,lic uxidati%e ~_N-demethylatiun of nicotine. ____t • 0 n ~3 2 a 4 7 I
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i 7 Reynolds Metals Company EASTIUW AL8lRNp!! U 1. il 0 n 0 2 50256 5900 -..-..,r.
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RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK T 55 AM 1982 Castino,G.T. ;(ed.); HarMathy,T.Z. (ed.); 50256 5903 FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT. AMerican Society for Testing & Materials. ASTM CoMMittee E-5. Fire Standards.Hilton Head, SC.June 4, 1980. AMerican Society for Testing & Materials. ASTM Special Technical Publication,762. AMerican Society for Testing & Materials.Philadelphia, PA.82. (IN ; ENG. ) ISN = 708 4 I n Q 0 0 2S 4- 8 9
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50256 5891 - Parfurte und K(Ismctiks - Kosmetologic - Kusrnecische CF.cmic XX MeF-D-W-74 -• . • : . NEW A'fBP.F.IC ODOF:IFEc.OL'S ?•fATTERS. • . Neue Ambra-Riecnstoffe P/~~Fl)f~/I'tRi~ + KOSMEI-I Sarrsmsry ~,'•il6elro S a n d e r m a n n t) und Reinhard C a sttA=j. . Ambra, einer der feinsten Ried~stoffe, .cird als patho- lo;isd,es Produkt im Darm des Potcora"s Rebiidct und an den Kiiscen vicler Landcr geiur.cen. Dieses Roh- produict enthi!t etwa 1 s%s an ricc,cnden Besund.eilen. ~ctit~zer a?s eas 'tr.i:vredckt_ s nd_-ao?t!.?_tnirrte_ K p /„!l, v~c f~-icsLcc (~ . 'New ambrcic odoriferous matters T1,e structural formulae of defined ambreic odaciferous taattcrs are indicatcd xnd the coherence bctwmn c_our and s::reoytemistry is treated Raw materials and the . ~ synthesis of the most irneortant ambrrie bodies are dis- etssed. As the raw materials manool and sc!arcoi are d~ ex~ensi.•e and larixoi difficult to obtain, a r•.ea• svat~esis o•f inethcd d•as deveioped to mcdiFv t4e eonvertica of A` sjitab':e diere adducts to oxvdes to E n n i n c a a-d -- t'j :~ a4 7 7
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So2s6 5878 C ~ D Cf[k0MATOG71,':P!1YiAIR -= t~Aia'S? Si C'tt}c} RAP'r'.C -LI~ 1?T RJR CLASS NO. PP,14:liLtiT 75 I:i FY Frci, R. td. ; Beall, K. ; Cassidy, R. 14.1: • (Atomie Energy Canada, Gen. Chcci. Sect., Chalk P,iver, Qnt., Can. ) D1:TER'lI;7AiI0:: OF 1.?9tiLr:TIC~~7~f:GGE` Hi.1F.P.GCYCL:: SP.GCYCL::S IN AIR Sl~iFLTS i~Y . _.: fiICaf-SYEED LIQUID CHRO;:ATUGfv1P'riY. 2-Sikrochim. Acta 1974, 859-G9 (1974) (in English) *Ke}Raords:* cigarette smoke. *1975, NO. 1. W 79* *d-` Tb'vacco cher.iistry: -..._, _._.>.-~. .. _ ......__... ~~ .,"........-......,~..• __~.;... . ~„.r_ .~__.._.~...~. . . ~~;; ~1 ~ 1 t~ Qo u•~). ~; 4
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. ~. . .. . .{ ... .. ~ , 50256 5901 74 XXIII Re-74 Casting Enp,ineerino , Jan./Feb. 1971 731 VERSATILE ALUPtIN[M CASTINGS. "..!"".'.°c""-r"~'.*,~!+ ~ • --- ` - ~ - 1
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Auuhisis, !0K, v. 6, n" 10, p. 437 44 440 50256 5887 ' VI Reg-79 S.P. Identification des N-nitros.a mines par spectronietrie de masse -9 ~.`j. ., Ltude des spectres do leurs derives d'oxydation y f . '` 'y CAS WALKLR N&liEGNAROJ ct E. A. SUA1AfAR Y Tt~ SL' .C V ~rational de Rech che sur le Crrnc r, Seruice des Corufrncd.re. de I'enrirorrn ment, J J.l~ cuur AII~Thumu~ F69UU,yL}wn J. Fi-d ~.E I ~'1/' 1•s iass spc•ctrometry analysis of 11'-nitrosamincsi mass spectra / of thc•ir os.dation dcri~athcs ! The mass ~+cc~a r~ox~atiq~ d~vati~cs tQ sc,~n ,' volatile N-nitkssan nc~ n osotllme~ITylalttine,-~ nt't~o- sodiethyfammc, N-nitrosodiProp}lamine, N-nitro;omcthyl- pentplamine, N-nitroiodibutylarnine, N ri'r. ., { t~rr,hnr, RPSUhM Ce trarall presetNe les spectres rle masse des clcriues de sept N-ttitrosrttninrs voltttiles (N-nitrosotGmc%t/tt•lamine, 3•nltrosodie~th)•lumitte, N-nitrosotGprop),lrunine, N-nit-oso nWtlryIpc'wrlomiir,•, N•nitrosuiliprupl•%mitte, N-nilrosopipe- riJiue, N•nitrownrrruGJo-•t Eottramntrnt rrclterclti'es dans N-ititr:)so. vrrol;dincl snuwht in en '- _ -
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50256 5902 IH 775 Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Sales, Inc. Ka CASTING KAISER ALUMINUM, lst, 2iw1 sd. y, ARCHER 1956, 65 2 Vols. Oakland, Calif. U~[l 0 [l (1 2 j 4 3 8
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400 50256 5909 Ca Castle, Ra~te+ond N ' ToPfCS .l4 HEtE.ROCIICLIC CHIEMIS7RY. 264 pages Wliey-IrYt.ecscience NeN Yock 1969 il :~ ~ 4 9 4
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50256 5909 i CE:.tvCISTRY, ORGANIC--SYNTHESIS/ SYNTHESIS, ORGANIC/ XX MeF-B-190-73 VITAMIN B-12: TOTAL SYNTHESIS. ( PDi)L) By W.B. Castle & R. B. Woodward (on Cassette Tapes). 1972 PETER A. LEER,`tAKERS SYMPOSIUrt, PAPER, WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, MIDDLETOI.'N, CONNECTICUt, November 29, 1972. i Pr.1O ff; NqWell. < U I il Q Cl tl 2i 4 9 5
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50256 5906 QD 400 ,Je 1973 THE CHEMISTRY OF IiETEROCYCL[C COAtP01•N,)y, A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS ARNOLD wEISSnERGER and EDWARD C. TAYL02 Fdirors PYRIDAZINES Uirrd by Raymond N. C: stte DtFarUntnf of Chtniffiy QrtjAain Youna Un'ttairr Prooo, UraN AN (MtRSCIENCLb PuaLICATIOV i973 JOI{N WSLEY & SONS NE1Y YORK • LONDON . SYDNEY • TORONTO U / il () (1. 0 2. 'i 4 9 2
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t'?t'. TP1.:~~L ~1LU'.~ TO:~ACCO--S:iF.ETS--F;CO!;STITUTFD/ ZOBACI'~--MACHI'i':~', / C:1'DIES ON 'ir.E BEIRP'.IOR OF RU::NINC E'i7i LESS STEEL. BANDS OF U.:,TING 50256 MACHIhES FOR VISCOUS SUSf'ENSIO:IS CONTAINIICG "OJjD ~ARTICLES. .(in Cerv.an with complete English transY.: on ` Ber. Inst. Tabakforschung, Dresden 20, 70-78 (1973) 7.31 . By: H. Rauer and D. Iielmich -It is well known that installations,in which the casting split is caused in part by the endless steel band itself, are used in casting of viscous suspensions contair.inR solid'particles. The size of the casting split and Its variability tlas a direct effect on the thickness and and uniformity of the resulting sheet. Undesirable variations nay turn into a variable quantity functionally related to a constant quantity, such as energy for drying of the cast sheet, which may lead to deviations of the preset parameters of filQ forming. For this reason, it was , . n u~2 3 4 3 2 5896 I
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50256 5907 Ua + I V ~ Ca st1 e,- Raqr»or4 N. • TE11E 5YN7A1£SIX OF POSS 18M' DEG9ADATIQIJ' FRvOtiC)'s OP' N LCbrIN8 , b; T.'a Ccs t 1- a r. =. :,?.fred BL:.: t;er. Fhot_o:;4at ~rorns 7, A~erb Plasrruaa, A~sba. ~ ~ G~-1G~ (1`rS+t) l 0 1 0 0A 0 2 1 4 9 .3
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/ 6 b~• ~ 0 U 0 U} 0 -...a•: _. 0 ltLGtl LtZ-ZCZ ~Z 'or;t f;~ •~ti~ •ZoJ •Ton~ •~,:;~~,~ „ , Ti- `De;iJva:iY li0 S:.vLiiidlt.ZatG` •~ ~ AR ll6S 9SZOS
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50256 5905 QD 4 00 Wz TiiE Ct{EaI52'RY OF HETEROCYCLIC COytPr)G`:DS 1513 ~Y A SERIES OF SiOKOGRAYHSP%~, A rl. A.RNOLD WEISSBERGER aod EDWARD C. TAYLOR £dilorr C 0ND E, N !3,D P 'Y R ID AZII:ILS : I~ l'TG N NC)T..I.N.E, S :: AND P `ITI-f AL.AZINES. - 'i ce;crtl) RaymOtul N: Clascis . a:.PnR 71!c^,T OF !~f Yt5 TLY lY.GIiA•l 1OV- •<7 J-,Yfl1141>I YYC\17. 4(W JU1-t1 WI'.»Y k SON3, N F:1Y )'6tcl: • LrJ+iiJON • SYiI\FY • "ii t)RONT() -------_- /
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50256 5415 t76 X Ca RJR CLASS N0, PAMPHLET 76 X Ca ~ • Castro; As; Prieto, I. ' . . ! : (13niv. Miami Sch. Med., Dep. Pathol. Med., Miami, Fla., U. S.) NICOTINE ANTIBODY PRODUCTION. COMPARISON CF TWO NICOTINE CONJUGATES IN ' - DIFFERENT ANIMAL SPECIES, • . Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 67 (No. 2) 583-89 (1975) (in English) ~ 1 Q 0 (l ~ 23 5. 0 1 '
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C?~f: J =~ag~j .; i i;at ~~ ~ -., J+,. 50256 5916 I , ~ Q1 .... . ~:.....~.»•. S.:.V..,~.Z•..i.~~ .-....:..j.~ ~'.,( ii~ t,, J~ lf, ..a ,__. . ._ ...1~.~ ....... : p v_..j~._.'.i i-`i.. `.1u...... . 0 I ~~ 0 il 0 2- :~ a l~ 2
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50256 5919 TOiACCQ--S`101:ING--PSYCitOLOGY/S?10KIPtG HFI;ITS--F:3:i.I4QUIS1::2 G/ ~ . ._. . - 73 X Ta2 RJR CLASS N0. PA.'~1PIILET 73 X Ta2 \\~ Taserin, J. S.; Neumann, C. P. (Silver Hill Found „:Jew Canaan, Conn., U. S.) £A3SPAIGU.,9,., Co^pr. Psychiatry 14 (No. 1) 35-40 (1973) (in English) . 0 *1973, No. 7, 14 2802* *lm* Tobacco medici:le:
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50256 5895 CHrtOMATOGRAPHIC ANLAYSIS--GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY/MASS SPECTROMETRY/ I Q(POf1T MO. II MeA,-80 S.P. 0 i a 0 h 0 Tr*(( .wDSVf/TrT(( EYALUATION OF THE BASIC GC/MS/COMr'LTER ANALYSIS TECHNIQUE FOR POLLUTANT ANALYSIS T AYTM0-k-IS1 J. E. 8unch, N. f. CNt111A, D. Smith, J. T. 8ursey and E. D. Pellizzari o("WOmm'wG Ofa.4wri.T'Ow wAr( .r.D.DD^ES! Research Triangle Institute P. 0. Box 12194 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 12. i.ONfO" rNG.G(NCV NAM( .ND.DOA(ff Environmentil Sciences Research Laboratory - RTP. NC Office of Research and Development U. S. Environeental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 it.. WM~(M[NTwn~ NOT(f }TWA_T . ta(CrP~1ti1 s.C(SSOw wO aR Rn 202716 - ~ ATr po ul T Lion •Organic compounds •"Yapors •Chemical analysis 7•Gas chromato3raphy *tiass spectroscopy Computers ,o( 10- ±Cvaluat1on 1LD7628 DB-O11 FY-19} , /IA / r~.?. 4O 68-02-2998 13.Tt1( Oi /1(.OAT ANO ~(~~OD CC~'( Final 11. {IO"oAING .O( wc. coo( EPA/600/09 The basic gas chromatographic/mass spectrpnetric/computer technique for the analysis of vapor-phase organic compounds collected on a solid sorEent was evaluated. Emphasis was placed on the assessment of performance and improverent in techniques in the following areas: (1) wide-bore wall coated columns for organic vapor-phase analysis; (2) gas chromatography/negative chemical ionization aiass spectrometry/computer analysis of haio9enated/hydrocarbons in ambient air; (3) the concentration of vapor-phase organics from the atmosphere on solid sOrber,t- %r -%brtu eac_~or ; anu (4) qualitative and quantitative analysis of vapor-phase ~or c til'~ing~the improved technology.
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50256 5913 t.. ;77 VT Ca NTCOTINE--DF.T,F.RMINATION (in Biological fluids)/• . { In .,al6t ~' RJI: CLASS 140. PAi-;PHLET 77 l'I Ca ~` Castro, A:;!Malkus, H.; Eisenhart, W.; McKennis, H. ,, (Univ. Miami, Sch. tfed., Dep. Pathol., Hormone Res. Lab., Miami, Fla., . West Virgir.ia Sch. Med , Dep. Pharmacol., West Va.; Union Carbide Corp. Res., ' Tarrytown, N. Y., U. ~ ) AUTOMATED VktADIOD-L*tUNOASSAY OF N7COTINE. ' Manuscript subuiitted for publication , 21 p. (1977) (in 1:nFlish) . .....~...~1/.r.~.a•.......'....ti.f...:^_.._._~._... . .-.. . ...• ..i/.~..~:_..._ . '_...sJ:r.'._. .. _ • ~ Herein is described~a totally automated procedurc Ifor radioimmunoassay of nicotine in which all phases of the assay are automated in a single system (Ccntria). This system permits a new approach to a nonequilibrium : procedure by providing for the simul_aneous incubation and separation of many samples. Two different nicoti.ne t I
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?: 0 U o v t o 0 • rJ~ t .. *Q ~Ts~st,a~lo0 ~ ZZ6S 9SZOS
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50256 5927 1 filrn 110. 37 Ca*_.t148t =~~-tbM ina ti c•1. Schmidt, Jesef Adolf BW:1Y :U I :,I%?C3ICLCiIF D33 TWA& F';:~ ~ ':T:1'"IC2'. (Contribut;o-:s to the r.icrobiolo?y of tobacco fer^.aatation.) Ph.D. 'ihesis Technische Whschule "Firdericiana" Karlsruhe, 79 p. (typed.) Iliustra ted vith 11 curvas. 14 tables. ~-\ K3rlsruhe ( Lece~:ber) 1;?5'~) - '1ic:ofilm.~ Jl` U{ 0 0 n l~ 2 S 5 1 •;
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Acrospace 'ted, 45(1) 12-j4 (.r.')V.) ~1 t1 .r ~ 50256 5881 ~.I '~J !] ~c,~i .,.J .ss n a .~, r tt-~ ~ to.~ ~ r~! ~~e ~ .. :, l.+ ' t.al7) ~ Y. CASSU7UW$. A. hUhtVEtBY, and L. E. FA?.xI rk R ~ci n ~ !: k t+ 1~1..~`. ~' w~ c Ph l S h l d vsio ogy, Departmena o} c oo( of :v e icine, State University oi New Yor-'%, at ttuffaio, 13ufjnlo, New York 14214 ~ r~^I e':r"u ] l.~.+~ !.Q E:'t~ ~. y'' ~1 r.~ 4l L la~i 'w~ r; et <. ~s Fs"~ -+ • e.,~ at t.~J ~ta ~ 1] {d Cassvro, Y., S. A. NU•``,Et.Y, and L. E. F&,tmt. Inert gas tw'cshout in rars: E.n!,ancen„c•nr h}' /luorocarbon infusion. Aero- sl.a:e `led. s5(1):1'-t4, 1974. I-iuorocarbon IFCI eornpounrls arc inert and show hi[6 N, so7ubility. Experimcnts te,ted .+hcther FC infusion would in- rrcace N, remosal 1i'1J trom subcutaneous au pockets In rats. f C emulsion ..as injerted so that FC ccnstituted about c2S"o of btood •oturne in treated animals. VNr was measured under tbree eonditfons: :0 hrs in air, 20 hrs or 5 hrs in 1U0%