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Page 11: lfb88d00
3 7 50256 2523, TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/DRUG ABUSE/ALCOHOLISM/MARIHUANA/ FETUS/PHENCYCLIDINE(FCP)=angel dust/GENETICS--ALCOHOLISM/ RC 565 Me 1980 A.DVANCES IN.:::-=~ 'StJB~'~ANC~~. ABUSE Behavioral and Biological Research A Research Annual Editor: NANCY K. MELLO Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Center Harvard Medical School- McLean Hospital VOLUME 1 • 1980 AIJAI PRESS INC. Creenwich, Connecticul 0 I~~ n n o 0 1 3 6 9
Page 12: lfb88d00
50256 2507 :~iis~t , New ~c~ord, Intecsoience ublishtirs, 13G3-4-31~ 011 v. diugzs. 24 cm. Ed:tora : IM- W. A. No; ea and others. 1. PhoNx:hemistrp-Collected works. t. Noyes, William Albert, 18W ed. QD601.A1a.28 541.35082 63-13593 Ltbrary of Congress 14-l1 0 1 iTi 0 t'1 0 i: 1 6 5 3
Page 13: lfb88d00
50256 2516 QO'- 601 Bu t#DJAP 'r-A 3uxton, iMikLon ADVANCES Ii7 R:?.:I4.TICti C;E?iISTF.Y, Vol. 1, by Miltou Burton and J, hn T.. riagea 1969 401 Pagea Niley-Intecscienca New York Q ~ n n n o 0 1 8 .Ej 2
Page 14: lfb88d00
.50256. •2526 TP 265 i31 1974 2 c. U ~ l/ l l o •, a'. 0 ~ I I~It.NLESIN~HEAMAL ENCINEE8I.NO J. .`'~ ~ HEA'Y' l"RAtItSFER !N FIRES: thermophysics ~ social aspects economic impact PERRY L. DLACKSHEAR, Editor _ Un7K.rtityofAfinneto;. A pvblintlon of tne lqlern.GOnd Centre Rr Heat end 4/rff Tnrofei •NaUTEOINEL7 eOOK JOHN WILEY & SONS Nerr Yo./e Toronlo London Sydney I 2.
Page 15: lfb88d00
50256 2513 • MENTAL HEALTH/STRESS/MIGRATION AND PHYSICAL ILLNESS/TOBACCO--S?•101:ING--PSYCHOLOGY/ OCCUPATIONAL MOBILITY AND HEALTH/SOCIAL EPIDEMIOLOGY , CONTRIBUTIONS OF, TO STUDIES IN PSYCHOSOMATIC MEDICINE/HEART--DIS.EASES--STRESS/HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE/HEALTH/ ,....y~ . . RC •V! Fdvance~ In • -'/Epiderniologic Studies in ` 49 Ps~i~b~~of riati~' Medicin~ • 1.9;; Psyc~iosomatic Mediclne j:,io ~ l94J' "Yo7 Foundcd by BFRTHOLD STOKVLt t; Fct.nt Dctmcti t; ARTxvR JOaas Editor-in ef FRAnz cxsww, Brooklyn, N.Y. Volume Edit STANULAV New Haven, Conn. and fluxz RF[ctctmN, Brook- lyn, N.Y. Editors}i. FRt.meaoEa. F:annover; O.W Htu„ London; L. Law. Stockholro; Z.J. Lt• 1owi.t, Hanover, N.H.; J.C. N[MtAH, Bostor., Maa.; F. Meyut. Battirnore, Md.; EJ. SAQUR, New York, N.Y.; P. SAtt:sauRr, Chicbester Consulting Editon J. BticTtAAra, Leiden-Ocrstreest; O.L. E,,ou., Roebater, N.Y.; H. Wena:R, Bronx, N.Y. S. Karger • Bast:l • MBncDco • Paris • London • Ncw Yo:k • Sydney U 1 t~ i/ tl C; ~i t~i LG 9
Page 16: lfb88d00
50256 2515. QD 469 A Chemical--Physical and theoretical. r~erti~tr~; v.1- 1af4- New York, Academic Press. I v. Illus. 24 cm. Edttor: 1964- P. Lawdin. ' 1. Quantum chemtstry-Collected works. r. L3v-Z1n, Per Tik,c, 1016- ed. QD453.A28 5 41.333052, 64-8!?29 Library of Congress (7-11 v ~ r, c I r~ ri U-. ti~ i> 1
Page 17: lfb88d00
Page 18: lfb88d00
CA ~ - 276 Ad 5025~, 2510 AUVA2iMVFtI P~'.~3M1?~~`Y -~2#k 8,I4lM: ~',C?QL'.IC.S, Vol. a , Wi ked by PaSer Nay 1970 rliercol Oak"r, In., V6C , I ; I I !! ~ ' 248 Pegcs New York ~/cl ti e i G t1 1~ S b
Page 19: lfb88d00
50256 25" xx ~p~I3CES.,~PROGE 55G~~~fE~THODS; SP~IX~L~kEPO~~ Fo6 Food En3.1n?axsng AJw:~+~~: S:S i.'I P. Q:.LSSING METHODS, FE SPE,''L!::, RIiPMT Food F.ng. L4- (::o. 2) 37-52 (Feb. 1962) 0 1 0 0 () Ci 0 1 C; I, --# 7
Page 20: lfb88d00
50256 2512 QD 431 A t~' c~emstr}~. v. 1.-~ J f 7 ~d? ~ 0 ~`- ¢ ~:~~. Yor:c,.c~cqader.,ic Press,15~1- l[Lv. iilus., dlagm 24 cm. Ed?tors: 1044- 31. L Anson (with J. T. Edrsall,1944- Edsail and b:. Eailey.19 Ittusses : Subject index. 1'ole. 1-5, 1a44-l9, in v. 8. 1 Proteins. r. Anson, Mortimer Luv.e. cKi. QD431.A3 • 647.8 Library of Congress - ir52y*`3t 1'. T. 44-8853 rev 2' 0 1 a 6 - - 0 1 6 S 6
Page 21: lfb88d00
50256 2521 BEHAVIOML SCIENCE/EMOTIONS/ \ BF 30 Ad 1979 ._~ °ADVANCMIN `l'fifS`TUDY Op`. -:CO11+I1NUNICA'TIdR''AND `AFFEC.'T "*Y- PERCEPTION OF EMOTION IN SELF AND OTHERS Edited by Patricia Pliner, Kirk R. Blankstein,and Irw,in M.Spigel ennaau c,orre;e University of Toronto ~ Mississau;a, Ontaio, Canada t~ ~PLE?jUM PRESS • NEW YORK AND LONDON
Page 22: lfb88d00
Page 23: lfb88d00
w 0 & . 50256 2529 SEDIMENTATION ANALYSIS/ i'LTP.ACENTRIFI?f;r-/ ANNALS OF THE NEW YOFtK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES VOLUME 164, ART. 1 PAGES 1-305 November 7, 1969 . ~ Editorial Director Editor-in-Chief PETER D. ALBERTSON MARC KRAUSS Editor Emeritus Associate Editor EDWARD M. WEl'ER CYNTHIA KATZ ADVANCES IN ~ULTRACI:NTRIFUCAL" ANALYSIS ~ Consulting Editor DAVID A. YPHANTIS ~ Conference Cochairmen DAVID A. YPHANTIS, MARC LEW1S AND MANUEL GORDON CONTENTS 0 Part l. 'I%eory and Computation I The Ult~acentrifuFe~-~Past and Present. By/ J.~ WILLIA~rS ..................... 3 , Scdimc~ltiod k`quitil~riuit~n A?ulticbmpottint JAlutlofls. By EDWARD F. CtisASSA.. 13 Sedimentation, Partial Specific Volumes and Preferential Solvation in Deoxyribo- nucleate Solutions. Z!v HeNRY1C ELSEPtaERO ................................ 25 i
Page 24: lfb88d00
50256 2517 RC, 756 Ca 2c. 'izt~ resp ry, pb~y~~ol:ogy Caro, Colin Gerald, ed. Advances in respiratory physiology, edited by Colin G. Caro. Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins Co., 1966. 848 p, lllus. 24 cm. Includes bibliographies. 1. Respiration. i. Title. n. Title: Respiratory physiology. QP121.C29 1966a 612.2 66--186J Library of Con, ess iT-li U 1 n n n n 0 1 3 0' 3
Page 25: lfb88d00
50256 2539- TP 715 Ba PoyL `4DVENTURESw~IN WIN$: LBGENDS, HISTORY;'? ~~CI~ES ~ 1 ,. z ... . .. _.. . .,.. . lc-• Balzer, Robert Lawrence. Adventures in wine; levenda, history, recipes. Edited by Anna Marie Peterson. Photos. by the author. [Lcs 4a&eles] W. Ritchie Press [1969] x, 114 p. col. illus. 28 cm. 0 1 11 i i n C1 0 1 0"- 6 ;
Page 26: lfb88d00
50256 2535 ~ iC~L.e IO- 72 ~ V~i.llli3~~$ 1d'Ll!1t:?it:l~}(~JlS~O~_,~ .:.~.~.~, _ ..~ --- ~ Ii*. DI. G. liouchcr, Y1h.D.4 INHALATION THERAPY Volurne 14, Nurnber 5, October 1969 -- - -- ----- r ! \ 7 6 i3
Page 27: lfb88d00
50256 2524 RJR CLASS N0, TEXTBOOK RC 565 Me 1981 Me11o,N.K. (ed.); q~',Sc~~-u~. ~cx•~~trr.vy ~B&~ANCE' A~~JSEY BEHAVIORAL AND BIOLOGICAL ,~Rc~S.EARC1~.:;,VOL;_::'~':: A RESEARCH ANNUAL, lai Press Inc..Greenwich, CT.81.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 638 ! G i a r; n r, u i & 7 p
Page 28: lfb88d00
.yYO~ E~af1 as~~Tsjtqnd ~3~*z~;.~~a~auT a~Sn~ tZZ il~s6Z (uapoyjo-,.oSunen3q :ftm astiui~~~ab3ai~~~itday dkr}8:1:;}liiwi.e:.,1j :~Td t •ZOA `5V0IR=A ROTJMM 3,r1Cfl :H3'd~?~S~t1._i~:fiJ~3fi`1~5;.~1~ S^~3t~V7~QiF •il `Tttag f OZSZ 9SZOS ~ -~•....; ....,r,...-,.K., ,. - ,..-r.,... - . ~ - y
Page 29: lfb88d00
50256 2525 i.1. Mle. -; 3 - 1'lcltr jc, M. E. ; H;t2;f'L, D. C. (Piit:.-bur+:h C:aI"?io1 ^o., PitLsbUlS`}l, Pc.., ti. .~i.? Wiiie°c i:otks l-`)F,•4, 4 n. (; c'v. l904) (bn ~ u~:lisi.j Tobacco S1Gt't ifii?iiO::c:C:. ~ a:191i, No. 1.4, W 5F ;5^ *i-,',t Tobacco c}icn:is[r;,(i~::nl;.£acture): I U~~~ c1 kl) 0 0 1;:~ 7 I
Page 30: lfb88d00
50256 2530 t - "AtY~~~~v`~u~~ 360 New York, Academic Press,1953--. .^j 8 a v. l11ua 29 cun. Editura: v.1- Ii. M. Sadth, 31. A. LaLt7°r. , 1. V1ras research. z. Smith, Kenneth Manley, 18.?''.- e8. QIt3S0.A3 '576.6 5S9.9;i072 53--115;i9 Y.ibrarr ot Congress i1(h v~ r, o nn 0 1 6 r6
Page 31: lfb88d00
50256 2519 QC 451 A ~!i'apec~roscopf ~`'. y. Y-~~. 1959- New York, Intcrscience Publishers. I v W us. 24 cm. Editor: 1959- $ W. Thompson, 1~ Spectrum analysis-Yearbooka, i, Thompson, Harold Warrts, QG151.A2 535.84058 59-137J6 Ubrary of Congress A o ~ rl n no 0 1 3 6 5
Page 32: lfb88d00
50256 2531 ~Vntt~t~ QC 482 Ad 1980 X-RAY DIFFRACTION/COMPUTERS/ eADVANCES s INJ~ Sponsored by University of Denver Research Institute and Department of Chemistry University of Denver ~:~X:=~AY~ANALYSIS ~":1. PLENUM PRESS • NEW YORK AND LONDON fdl' ted by • ~ lohn R. Rhodes Gblurnbla Scienfifit /ndurtriet Aurtin. Twt Cttarles S. Barrett, Donald E Leyden, John B. Newkirk, Paul K. Predecki, and Clayton O. Ruud C'nlverrity oJDenrer DAen.o. t:o/o..do .d . n o n 0 a 1 0" 7 7
Page 33: lfb88d00
Page 34: lfb88d00
50256-2547 I Ex ADVERSE-REACTIANS;.TITLES. Excerptc. 2•i.:dicd roundation EXCERPTA !..; DICA FOUNDATION, MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL. Booklets New York 1 U~ 0) o fl C-)
Page 35: lfb88d00
50256, 2534 ,. ... - { •_.~ Diabetes 27(52) 43~3 (1978) ~ XXI Me-78 ~ADYANI'AGF5;OF,;IFRJJCT.•ASE~.:TNGF.STiON~-(FT-i.)xOVFrB~,;SUGRQSE;~,:(S7"d`)~',,AN1~"'rtb?6"d', S.F. ~J,~ (GTT)=<IN,NUMANS ~~ V ,TZf~~.;,tages-TFrucEo`s~`Tii~~.<<V~ron vuPeak IRI levels (Mean + SE vU/ml) were lower ? crose (STT) and Glucose (GTT) in Humans. N.V. 110- (1'<.05) after FTT in normal subjects (28 + 1) and ' AHt:ON, J.H. KARAM,* and P.H. FOR.;t1AM,* San rran- ryboglycemics (37 +_ 15) as compared with either TT in normals (89 + 20) and hypoglycernics (92 + isco, CA. To compare the effect of ingesting various sug• 2) or STT in normals (60 + 9) and hypoglycemics - ~ ars on circulating glucose (PG), insulin (IRI), (94 + 22). glucagon (Ii:G), arid growth hormone (GH) in 6 nor- Whereas IRG was suppressed comparably by GTT a1 volunteers and 7 subjects referred for "reac- nd STT (-30t), in both normals and hypoglycemics, ive bypoylycemia," 5-hr oral sugar tolerance suppressed IRG by only 6% in both groups. tests were given on separate days. 4hile all 3 sugars initially su,pressed GH in the Plasma glucose fell to less than 62 mg/dl in ~ ~irst 2 hr in most subjects tested, only fructose nly 1 of 6 normal subjects during GTT, while 5 o lid not cause the late elevation in GH usually 7"hypoglycemics" had a nadir of 59 or lcss. in een with GTT and STT. In view of its decreased insulin stimulation ontrast, with F"iT there was less rise In PG (P< .05) and in no subject did PG fall below 65 m(,/dll nd reduced perturbations on plasma glucose, glu- TT resulted in a mean nadir intermediate between agon, and growth hormone responses to sugar inges he above two tests: P values for the hypogly- emics were ion, fructose would seem superior to sucro e and <.01 (FTT vs GTT) arrd <.01 (FTT vs lucose as a dietary sweetening agent. TT) as regards their nadir for plasma glucose. _-..^-~--- ~ + ri n ri ti l) I %-i i; c)
Page 36: lfb88d00
- 50256 2553 _ - ~--- --- : _._ Fe£. pdve!tisers--Great Britain--Pddregges. ; 0, 141 F Federatilen of 3rltish Iacluxtries FSi &WlxsTr-;R CF aRxxzsli r~aaFnCTMIIts, 1933. 1962 33th ed, 1200 P• ~~coa 1Ce11p's OSrsetorias Ltd. 0 1
Page 37: lfb88d00
50256 2532 Soap Cosmet. 51(8) 63-64 84- 85 (1975) / 0 -1-~ yj Hermetically sealed package, . centrolfed delivery rate, ~~ ~,~' controlled spray characteristics and muitiplicity of dispensing forms mentioned at Cosmo Expo 3 serninar. No substitute yet for fluorocarbons in spray colog;les. II 7 I Du2- U D S P , EROSO[.S WERE strongly dc- fenJed, • their benefits cnu- mcratcd. the belief expressed that fluorocarbon aerosol propellants are here to stay, and the contention put forth that "the 1'acts are showing that" there is "less and less of a scien- tific problem" in proving that tluoro- carbon aerosol propellants have little effect on the ozone layer. during the first of two sessions dealing with pres- sure packaging at Cosmo Expo 3. The +.,,~., .t.,.. .,.,.t ... ......, .. .... ~..,+., ... feel that these problems can be over- conic by the valve manufacturer and the formulators." He cautioned, how- ever, that "there are °"''differences in the same perfume" depending on whether CO2 or a fluorocarbon propel- lant is used. "The difference is due to variations in particle size (and) are of sufticient iniportance that they require adjustment by the perfumer." Not only has his firm not discon- tinued work with rluorocarbon propel- ,...... w. . .,.. ...__. ~.... _ . .. . ....... , button construction are er.abling mar- keters to take advantage of certain cost savings in the use of COL as a propellant. At the same time, aerosol fillers are finding that new gassing techniques make it possible to fill CO. on existing equiprnent. Over 25 mil- lion aerosol cans have been fiiled world wide with the new (recision C;F valve using impact pressure fillink techniques." Mr. Grege r,:vealed. By "any standard ot comparison." ~. .. , _ .. .. 0 n .~ U I n n n tj 0 I s%~S
Page 38: lfb88d00
V, 'e, fs 'J iD 1 0 1 aQ~;~, •,z.i.g'~"i~°:.h~ > ITt1 LZSZ 9SZOS
Page 39: lfb88d00
!7 p 9 1 0 0 Uu U 1 0 ,CV 7.'V'DIS-iM 3'ti.I. ip TIUMS a iaLCl.',3, uqOr > F'°. s+F crii Y,:: '~C ~T '~~ RJ ~No - I QESZ 9SZOS
Page 40: lfb88d00
5025b-2562 MARKETING RESEARCH/ SURVEYS/CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY/CONSUMER TESTING/ ADVERTISING/STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/ Handbook of Marketing Research ROBERT FERBER Editor-in-Chief Research Professor of Economics and Marketing Director, Survey Research Laboratory University of IUinoia Urbana, Illinois . McGRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY Now York St. Louis Son Francisco Dusseidori Johannesburg K_aia i_..,pu. l_enden Mexico Montreal New Delhi Panamo Rio de Janeiro Singapore S ney Toronto ~ 0 6 0 1 9 0
Page 41: lfb88d00
50256 2545 .SMOKING AND NEALTH/OCCUPATIOP.kL *HEALTH/TOBACCO--S*iOKINr;--1IE.lt.TFt EFFECT/ ~.. ,.~. ...+ 80 X'Un i i a. Zoe February 5 , 1979 • ADVgRSR`99AC't#~tFi')?CTS"OF'S,WOKING AND THE t. .~; OCCU-hATIONAL ENVIRONMENT , SMOhING and the Public Health Serrice Center for Disease Control National /nstituto for Occupational Safety and Health OCCUPATIONAL ENVIRONMENT February 5, 1979 There is increasing evidence of adverse health ef fects due to the combined actions of tobacco use and exposure to chemical and physical agents in the workpluce. The N~lon~l stit,ute ~or,.Oc,cupational S,afe6y and Health (NIOSIN) recommends that th us o~anHyorr ar~,in(~ of i tob~cc~ pr ducts into the workplace be curtailed in
Page 42: lfb88d00
HD 69 Am Advertising. American McnagEment Association, Iac. NEW PRODL'CTS - NEW PROFITS, Company Experiences in hew• Product Planning, by American Management Association, Inc. and Elizabeth Marting. 1964 303 pages American Management Aasociation, Inc. New York J 1 Ci () 1) i; i, 9 U 0
Page 43: lfb88d00
50256 2551 - L .I; S.P. P,JR CL1'SS tJO. P;.''PHLET 7E : i-~e-73 s.r,. ~ =Adverti sO~=fiuardi'elf, ( C~nadaa DELIVER US FRC': REFOR;"'ED S:'Ot:ERS. Advertiser-Guardian 1978, nn.p. (Feb. 15, 1973) - in Enrlish _ a < i ,, ._...-.- - ,. 0 1 ti Tt i) ii Ci i 6~ `! ; i
Page 44: lfb88d00
50256 2533 i~~pje& oj Exaiiti»g;,iNllico lfiiieurilies in Reg'ressioii analysis ': 78 III Re2-79 nlcltAttl) F. cU`sT Department of Stntiaics, Southern 'Nfcihodi,t University, 1)allls, Texa, 75275, U.S.A. and 1t0131:KT i.. MASO:Vr fionthwest ]tc.earch LUtitute, San Antonio, Texas 78?S4, U.S.A. (;IOMi:TRICS33, 249-2Fil) March 1977 Summary In this pnprr a rcgression nrtnhjsis is pcr/enrrcd with data on spinnl cord injurics in order to dcnronstrotc tl,r &nrfits oJdclrnrrinirrg Irhicli, i,f any, nlullicollincarifics arc prescnl irt prcd(c- tion data. liris'ing tuultieollinrnriltes are shou•n to be useful both in d<trrmining ebnraeteristies of tlic sanlp!rd population as u•r•ll as crplnining possible crratic Wnrior of rarinGlc s<lcclion proccdurrs. La't r•t root rrgrrssion is.ptrforrncd on thc dnta to illu~trnlc onc rrlclllorl of using biased rr,grrssion trchrriryucs to incorporate knou-icdgc of rnullicollincarilies in rlcccloping prediction cqualiona. 1. Introduction Vedicnl experimentation frequently involves the collection of a large amount of data Rnd the Ut1IlZ.^.tion af that clata to pre;fict otte or more reshon!~e %•arial,lc•,. In thi, luoce>s j the data nnslyst commonly employs a linrar ret;ressiost model. The adequacy of the a~sumed 1. model (or a reduced one) is investit:ated with suntmarystatistics suc•h as fiSl;, R', or r(-id ual c tlytt t!:-~r how t%cll the ~ttcti model c~titu:ltrs tl;e ul~<cr%'c.i y ~ `kanr~~~~ U~ utit nr4 =~:t)il~• NSr aSlryu'f~•~• ~~f llr~•~li<•ti~,n or th~• ~•ali~lit3• I,f tlu• trn,:li•1 for a population of Valucs.
Page 45: lfb88d00
50256 2564- HD 69 Du Advertising. Dun S ara.dstre•~t au3iaesa Library A CU2Uw TO :L1iJ.G'""''L::;T SERVYCES 1yG8 260 Pafies Thamss Y. Crolvell. Co. New York 0 1 kl) f, i, i, G 1 9 0 7
Page 46: lfb88d00
.r.•..,,.i..,.s......-~..,~,w~.~..._......~..«+,.,+.t. - ,......r.a...n~..,..~-,.a.~ .. ...,y..+...:~.........w «~ .....aw~a..'..L:..r..... ~ ~.....,.w 73 X Gel 50256 2546 U. S. NATIONAL ]IIGIItdAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADIdINISTRATION/ U. S. DI:PARTr`.rNT OF ]IEALTiI, EDUCATION, & WT:LFAT;I., FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION/ U. S. PUI;LIC IfEALTII SERVICE/ U. S. FEDERAL TP.ADL: CO"•PMISSION/ U. S. SI:CURITIT:S ANI) EXCHANGE CO*f.•ITSSI0I,/TOi'ACCO--ANTI-TOI;ACCO LITrRATURI;/ U. S. EQUAL l.:'•1PLOYAtENT OPI'ORTUNITY CO?MISSIOid/U.S. COST OF LIVI:IG COUI"CIL/ U.S. NATIONAL IIICII(dAY TIIhITIC SAFETY ADI•i71ISTR:.TTO'd/ TOP,ACCO--S?•iOi:II~G--PUBLIC IILALTl1 CIIALLLP~CI'./TOIS1!CCO--S240KING--A*dTI-SI•S0KIIIG CA'SYAIGI:/ Gcllhorn, E. . t, . (Univer si.ty Va., Charlottesville, Va. ; Univ. Minnesota, 2•finneapolis, ~ na., U. S.) Harvard Law Rev. 86 (No. 8) 1380-1441 (June 1973) (in English) Inciuc'c•s detai]ed cliscussion of the,Government's role i.n the siaoking id he::lth controvc'rsy. -4 z 1 } .--...,.... . .. ....,.~r~.a..-s~..-..,..... n.- , .,...-. . ..e .. . Ci 1 0 A n 0 0 1 6 9 2
Page 47: lfb88d00
U,S,GOVFRNrIRr?T PUL'LICATIO?tS/BUSINESS--IP;FORvATIGN SOhRCFS/ 50256 2564 INti'ORILATION SUURCIiS--U.j. GOVLRNHI:NT/TLARI:ETING--INFOP,MATIGid SOURCLS/ z ADVERT SING/. ; . . ' 688 Yr Data Sources for 1969 • ;T3usii~css a.1~.Q 1~~arl:et Aiaalysis PDDL by ?_ .. The Scareerow Press, Inc. Nathalic D. rralii: M.etuclien, N.r. 1•969 4 Second l:dition . S 7
Page 48: lfb88d00
6 0 0 u U U 1 0 O7u •2rCIT6p~.ZOApy LG~ TY. . E9SZ 95ZOS
Page 49: lfb88d00
. • 50256 2540 ,;. SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCH0L0GY/ 77 X Re RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 77 X Re 6 Relinger, H.; Eornstein, P. R.; Bugge, I. D.; Carnody, T. P.; Zohn, C.J.) (Univ. Montana, flissoula, ttont:rna, U. S.) UTILIZATION OF ~1DVERSE P.APID SP10}:ING IN GROUPS: EFFICACY OF TPEAT:•tENT AND MAINTEN?1.'1CE PROCEDURES. Jour. Consult. Clin. Psychol. 45 (No. 2) 245-49 (1977) (in English) I Twenty subjects participated in a smoking-reduction program that attempted; Ito assess the initial effectiveness of a rapid-sinokins procedure administered to ( ~ groups. Efficacy of maintenance was investigated through the use of a contro il procedure and two presumed maintenance-enhancin,r strategies: in vivo booster ~ ' sessions and telephone booster sessions. Results indicated that although 90 % ~ • 1 of all subjects were abstinent po_ttreatment, booster ses~ions had no significant ~ effect on maintenance of treatment gains. 1Vithin-group analyses shoWcd that ( although both experimental groups sionificantly relapsed between posttreatment ~ and the 3-month follow-up, control subjects clid not. These results are discussed i ~ in terms of self-set and the attribution of behavior change I. i
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50256 2548 . i _ CIGARETTES--GI:RMANY/TOBACCO--ADVERTISIr(?/TOBACCO--,;UBSTITUTFS/ 75 VIII Br RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 75 VIII -Br British American Tobacco, Hamburg, Ger. PCift-Eift ;~~,~~S.~i~~',,~F.,QIA .R~F,h~.: GER?iAl+i~ CIGARETTL~~: ~'hr ICHTC,,: CIa~~SS~,' „COaTAI:1INC Express 1975 (No. 8) 13 (Jan. 10, 1975) (in German) The new cigarette combines great mildness with stimulating taste. ~ . ~ *1975, No. 3, W 647* *d* Tobacco PAanufacture: : .- ~-- 0 I Q Ci n 0 0 1 6 9 4
Page 51: lfb88d00
50256 2556 /e • _. •~ _... .. _ . jcaiN A. ]nciustrin! l:cono;iiist • (r Sf3C?CiC7r Iar:•rr:t l:. \\')'»t:x, Rc~carclt :1n.ay,t "'t::ninrtl hc~ca~ch lratiiutc C,rnUiinition, to tlii> re~r.ni t~rie n~ade L~ ).ol•w.A: :1. I lt•r:r1. lr.clu,(rial l:co::ntnia SUm(c.:c1 1Zc>carch lii,titutc 0 1IN G n u"' iI f~> . U •2 e
Page 52: lfb88d00
50256 -12536 r ~ ' VIII Do y~~ ro~ t~ie" ~~e~'ri r~~taa~r~t "o~'~~bb$coo: a:v.~~.x,».~~9~„i, ~s .r,~„t6rr.~ ~..es~dt.at~safis~.a* i cr ol:aov! P. K. : ovcntat;os o^ t*;Q stccm treat.rant of .L`L)aCCO' ~',f P. K. DQro.'KiloVs, I. I. T.O3f37! A. 0. Rspr L!.h and A. 3. S!muk. 3xw+•~wl1 S.~zC'-at Ll 3L +...: w;..~.~....~ ~ _. ...,~~~{...:..-.:~• :.1 I~•- ~r:L?.~! :'~il1.l.P~t.~.~ `~J) sy..t) ^,^C+ G i ~n o i) « 16 6 2
Page 53: lfb88d00
I F.EF Q 123 Ua 1973 50256 2568 ;.IVRARIES,SPr.CiAI, -,)i:P,ECTORIES/DIR?:CTORIES," INTEM•lATIOSAL'1 MARKETING RESEARrii/ADVERTI.S ttr'G/PACKAG7NG---FIIiLIOGR?.PHY/PLASTICS/ SHIPPIi:C,/P.ESEARCFH.--DIPTCTORIES /BLtYER' S GUIDES /FOOD---DIRr.CTOF.TES / CIiEML CAL INDUSTicIES--tiI P.EC'TOP.Ic:S / BIELIOGRAPHY--DIP.ECTOtZIES--7NFORMATLO;i SOURCES/ , Handbuch der iniernd.'sunalen Dokurnentaiion und Information Band 5 Internationa±e Bibliographie der Fach- adressb3cher 5. Ausg2be Vertag DokumFnta;ion Putlach nei Mi]nchen 1973 113ndbJok of lniernationai Documentation and lnrormatiO» Volume 5 International Bibliography of Directories S1' Edition
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50256 25.55 78 1 Ba A MULT I VkRI ATE NEIi RESS I 0ir ANALYS I S OF THE i RESPOaSES OF COi'PETIN6 $I;ANDS TOyf~Mi~,~=jb5i%;;6t. . . ~ by Frank M. Bass and Neil E. Beckwith This working paper is being sent to you for your information and review. Since it is not a finished manuscript, please do not reproduce or publish without written permission'from the Marketing Science Institute. Robert D. Buzzell, Executive Director February, 1971 ,44arketing Science institute 1033 Massachusetts Avenue 02138 id M b h ge, Cam r assac usetts P-9 3-C . • ,.: 1
Page 55: lfb88d00
7l 50256 2565 . . . . Computer App(ications ~~ --' ~~ ..1 ~ EDITOR: .9"0.Jow'xs SUBEDITORS: ;ZasaU 46. 57,?a~e ~a.u~ ~ ~aees el•.a~ctca Zaduahi.~ elvrtata~ilez i~eL~! Dauld ~La+rtgacscea~ . 4 0 DICyNI0• QNSdNs 9 ' ' ~
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Page 57: lfb88d00
50256 2578 1 TS 1109 Adverti8ing ; Lo ~ Long, Robort P. PACKAGE PRIN'TItiG, Iot ed. 1964 224 Pa3r»a Graphic l4agavinea, Inc. Gsrden City, .1. Y. EJ i to
Page 58: lfb88d00
50256 2543 I Un HIM& IJI3RARYJ1F* iiEOICIi[ LITERATURE SEARCH NO. 76-II flfiSJFE VEF-F111,21 , x,;.. ~ v, ! v,s .'i ...ft, -,.., : AStRELATEVITO JL00BADAGRARM' 'anuary 1974 through December 1975 147 Citations Prevared bu John A. Broadzyin U.S. Public Health Service National Institutes of Nealth 9 Nationa]: ,~Libr~ry of Medicine (LM Li, ~.L a..uA . .~~~. I I ~a 4. . ,.~~l ~~c,ic~ aL ed oILoi iographies produced ~ Library's Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System (MEDLARS). :ion of topics is made on the basis of significant current interest in !bject matter. Each Literature Search has•been given a descriptive and may include a brief explanation of the specific point of view of -arch. 0 1 0 0 n G.0 1 6 & 9 1
Page 59: lfb88d00
50256` 2528 QC T--ADVANCEC%~UC~.R~[~'FH~IX?~,"Q~ 721 Ad Advances in tracer methodology. v,4- :~- New York, Distributed by Plenum Press 11963- t,;5 ~'v. lllus., diagrs. 24 cm. "A publication of the New England Nuclear Corporation." Vols. 1- are the Proceedings of the 5th- Symposium on Advances In Tracer Methodology, sponsored by the New Eng.and Nuclear Corp. and other industrial organizations; v. 1 also Includes selected papers from the aret four symposia (1937-8Q) Includes bibliography. 1. Tritium-C.ongresaes. 2. Radioactive tracers-Congresses. L New England Nuclear Corporation, Boston. TK9400.A3 541.388 Library of Congress 16Sf5l 62-13475
Page 60: lfb88d00
55Z 50256 Z O..c.at, ;t A1.C / " •y ~ Nv,~(Y~{ ~ t .f. f'. ? ~- - --,) r-? n~n~r c ~Y ~S ~ ~ c SL~~~~~2 ' ~ ~ / :== S ~~ ~' ~ • +.~~~~ ;~ ~ ~' .i ~ i rLCll,~!tp t Y Ciiif•i::Al f.CC u tlenn Gru~~p pul.:ic~tion EINt. FY•Mf;~ fc. Lr~!IT£D IYbI: lOt:t (;, 125 NIC+H STf;IiT• COLIiEkS WOUD• IOND fk St•lt v t~ 7JN 1ti(tiixr tj `.. Fi7.`, ttcf ~).oc Ft(cr~lift t~',' f'> V
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50256 15a4 NATIONAL LIBRAP,Y OF MEDICINE, XXII MeB9 76 LITERATURE SEARCH NO. 7>-25 S.P. January 1973 through November 1975 129 Citations in English or with an Cngiish Abstract Prepared by CeraZdine D. 1'lowaY ~ 1.. 1 !J__.i1.._ U. U 7 U title and may include a brief explanation of the spec~fic point of view of U.S. Public i-iealth Service , I;stirnal Insti;utes o@ Neal.h , National Library of Medicine I NLM Literature Searchcs are computer-generated bibliographies produced by the Library's Medical Literature Paialysis and Retrieval System (AtEDLARS). Selection of topics is made a- on 11~ V-~~~•n }•~(1sJ, sJ a;;f s;`on; fi r.a_n_t current interest in .1 the subject matter. Each Literature Search has been.given a descriptive
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50256 2571 ' iMANAGEMENT--MARKETINr;/MARKETING/ADVERTISI'd0/ . I SERIES ON MARKETING MANAGEMEN + Series Editor: FREDERICK E. WEBSTER, Jr. The Amos Tuck School of Business Administration Dartmouth College I.• A RONALD PRESS PUBLICATION 4 JOHNWILEYb SONS, New York• Chichester• t3risbane•Toror. Purduc university ~ ," y~t~t.~~ y RARFRT W [`NFCTNIIT i ~. Brand Loyalty Measurement and Management JACOB JACOBY Columbia University X'Y. &Z ,.- 0 1 0, 0 n 0* Q 1 9 1 7
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Page 64: lfb88d00
50256 2583 ' Ref x- 699 Pe Advertising Penni:^.gton, AI1an L. .J4111i\L~l./G Rpi'l:,RLi.YVu V:{.t'JC. TO LIT:::t11TME, by Allan L. Pennins;ton and :coberc A. i•etw:, son 1970 13 Pages D. ti. Iiur:c 1'tsblishing Co. Broinzree, 'laae. . u 1 0 a a 0 0 ( 9 2 9
Page 65: lfb88d00
50256 2575 i , TOBACCO--ADVI:I:TI S IR'.C/TOI3ACC0--S*t(1RINC--PSYCIIOLOGY/ADVrRTISIN(;/ 77 XI Ke CA"Fl, CICARF.TTE/ RJR CLASS NO. PaMPItI.tiT 77 XI F:e F:ey, W. B. *(no affil.)* SUJ.LIMINAL SI:I)UCTION. New American Library Inc., New York, 205 p. (1974) (in ':nl;lish) Contains coraplete chapter and numerous other refercnces to the use of the technique in cigarette advertising. % ~ i n n n tj 0 9 ? l
Page 66: lfb88d00
r 9 6 P S q f~ G U 0 ! 0 O , ~:uia;!131'`l4ri~~liit:X 9,S( r" ~~... ~ -3. ~ ~ . ..~ ~ !r v . .:7 ; ~ t ~.. 9,, •e~.4 - . - .`.f.. .... .... ... • ~ .''~~ ~c Ulil`vcl JO tJDA.a'.'.:uc0D AA 1_,1 IITIGC. 5.1. ill . .a.V __•..... -.n -......v-^' ........r»^".... ,.•. . n J a "~A •~ Y ~~.N•l ~~I I •~ <~a i/ '~/r.~.+r , ... v~:~ -. .. f .. , . , ~~'' .A l •I7~7~ / ~.~R :•„'q`. A A OSSZ 9SZOS
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50256 2588 G. H. 'LOPJG 10th Floor Reynolds Bldg ADVERTISING/ Jow to Advertise By Kenneth Roman and Jane Maas St. Martin's Press I I Ile, ~ ~. Q s = ~l (l `A ~r ~ i`~ ~ A 4
Page 68: lfb88d00
up S'828 Re pDt~L ~c. 'Advertising Rcave$, F..osser REA.LITY IN AlVFkTxSIhG 1Q6! Macgibbon 6 Kee 50256 2586 3t~ .._.._ r. a c.U~sL London
Page 69: lfb88d00
50256 25-57 ; C:i~ ~ C? ~ .t. VC). ~' ~ 1',lrl I uf Jl !'nrls i..S'~,il cor ( : . v• . l: . ;,•' r d G.lG A fa:: 71 `i~'A Ov~~si MG ~- ~.:). (:rllll- :n•. (() :''l. V.r .), clvnir '. i11 ?.J (ln rA )r.':I id 1);I1;. it1fCCt11:? (t' :'t''1(.' :.Qr ,•r:'ll P(al;i ~i. 1 ~lli~"r)Il, 1)rc'-:(!('t:t ~i,UC..~hl' r... ~r,,1, 'Q, SIl'..tltlltirt:l. (ri!(1 tY~: (1,rnl:~~.tr.~1t!. .! f!.:lA::cl1}c . _~„ ~ :Y :r l> •,1_ rc••; I:nuvrnr (_! v;1:ic) i tr.'.1 :(••.:cl Ihc n.llr ~! ulit• r1, !)(atZr) (:1) ;3 '1'r'rt•:;. ii! f:!11;-~ V , r.;..._t.`rlu';r. I'( rr ir l:1' lca (m 1'':,rc ;at l;c•unut:lir. ('i1:1i1't(1'111. t:'?!t?f'l,I:i:'isl4 li NA l--:1n-:i p.lttv I un rc::c:iutiour, (il G,n cr,l;in;; for thc tcrmin:1li(nt r,f Irlr;•.%.•,. J;. rirt :tt.'. /t!~,~! 1 r:tucll;rt~•c ::lr n rr~ u (•n:rltr,i••, rf•r• It'('r.'al ?l:y)(rrl p.:;t,:r. 1
Page 70: lfb88d00
S025s : 257a I HP 5827 Ke 1980 .. ~ ADVERTISING/ MASS MEDIA/ ~ THE !.~ CLAM-PLATE oRGY: _ Wilson Bryan Ke~ And Ot er Subliminals th edia Use to Man~'pulate Your , ~/Behctvior . ;; o/PttZA~ 0 i tl o n CS
Page 71: lfb88d00
.f ~ .'- ! F ! .:.. ~ 50256 2581 21 ,O?qxzwn,:t VJhO t t1 C: P:.,raC1 (iyYoEf Erc.I y tt Candid Ilehort on the ,ement System• ,)rociuct If,an~:s, ~ts f unctiorls and Frustrations t,y cztcitt,ro_ ----- ^ C~r.in Commuli+citions, tnc. ~hicay~, Ilitnoi~ nCl
Page 72: lfb88d00
•10 No 'a> :aaruV f o A ~~~~A uu uUC~ 7t?eJ"n el(t bi»o1~ ti~ s ~~A' I I r u [o Q.l ~: . ~ f ~ ~ .~ P~i f~~ ~ u® e c):,) u a j C-)..l u 0tn~ ,,,' •, -g~ - /~-~.,~,~~~'p , 0
Page 73: lfb88d00
50256 2580 , ..k' . . ~'_: i'~. +: rJ .S. 1.. . ... . ,:. ~.-_:. . . . . ~:~rA1)Z~1.P.T7STt~G~1;11t.~G~i'II Nx-='tAY~.Y:7ING:~~Y~:':'._Y: IlF 63,7 E OI; 1963 PllhT, M:tTSD OG1:IXY LALLANTWE. BOOKS NEW YORK •CJV.L\TFESSI`JN!_J V1' AN AD!rERTI.S~.~~
Page 74: lfb88d00
50256 2582 DISSERTATIONS--UNIVERSITY OF CRICAGO/ 78 XI Adl-79 S:P. . RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Ad -l79 s.p. ~ Peles, Y. (Univ. Chicago, Grad. Sch. Bus., Chicago,I11., i[. S.) f - RATES OF AMORTIZATION OF ADVF.RTISING EXPENDITURES. Ph, D. Thesis, Univ. Chicago, I11., 140 p. (Aug. 12, 969) (in English) *Note date* f *_.__. .-- . . _ ..~. .. - -- ~ The effect of the advertising :~sset J 0: ~ on sales ran be described by an expc.nentia~,distributed lag model with two ` res and ifs corn- ` e dit d ii l bl th ` d ti i i . . ' n u agge a s ng eap va es-- ver e f rm s o%vn a ~ petitors'dvertising effort. The current year expenditures have lower a ~ rate of arnrtiatin de to the fat that adertising has not yet achieved ozoucv I its full earl effect ~ y y . i --- - - - -- -- - - , t~ 1 Q ~~ b U 1`1 `~ t3
Page 75: lfb88d00
6 2585 • - 0 . a . .I '_ 1 HE GREAT AMERICAN BLOW-UP: PUFFERY IN AQVERTISING AND SELLING. By Ivan L. Preston. University of Wisconsin Press. Madison. 1975. Pp. xvi, 368. ($11.95). Reviewed by David A. Rice* Do publishers and authors seek to maximize sales by using flashy book jackets, catchy chapter titles and juicy quotes for the reviewers? Certainly. Would they dare stoop to such seller's puffery with a book like The Great American Blow-Up: Puffery in Advertising and Selling' by Professor Ivan Preston? Of course., With such teasing chapter titles as "Puff, Your Magic's Draggin"' and a bright red, white and blue cartoon cover depict- ing a balloon being pumped up by a dishonest-looking merchant, this book is certain to catch the public eye. The only question is who will get the movie rights. But Blow-Up is neither a tease nor a puff. _..~_._:-... . ._. .. \_- _ _ ... . __ ~ _ _~. ..._..._ ._ .L... .. ~i-.7.....1 ........~~r .+rna• .~ .-.~. .Y ^1l :~, BOOK REVIEWS ~ ~.v . .
Page 76: lfb88d00
50256 2569 A/. -,a, ~. . .; a / y 7/ THE FED]ER.AL tiu SOCIETY .%x;) 11'. Levyr i.lesr TRADE COMMISSION .4 1''if ietli-.11nniversary Syfnporium ' MiL1'm HANDLER ~ ' EDGAR r. BARTON IRA M. MILLSTEIN n ~ n. ~ 0. , Jr~r:~l~. ~'L~FKHAM EDIVIA' M. ZI,',2*,,fER111N V FREDERICK M. ROWE JOHN M. BLAIR
Page 77: lfb88d00
HF 5817 Pr 1975 . 50256 _..258q TOBACCO--A1)VERTISING/U. S. FEDERAL TRADE COTTi•tISSION/ADVEP.TISING/ CONSUMER PROTECTION/LAWS AND LEGISLATIONj P.JR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK HF 5817 Pr 1975 Preston, I. L. . " ; : *(no affil.)* THE GREAT AMERICAN BLOW-UP. ~ Univ. Wisc. Press., 368 p. (1975) (in English) Includes references to tobacco products. ' ~~TIIB BOOK you are about to rcad is a superior picce of work. It demonstrates the shecrest true exccllcnce in its treatment of one of the outstandingly important topics of our time. You will find rvery moment informative and entertaining to a degree you have never before encoun- tered in the world of fine literature. This much-applauded : volwnc has carned for its author a rightful place as one of the top writers on the contemporary scene. The paragraph you have just read is the purest baloncy, and it is precisely the topic of this book. It is puffcryf f 0 t ~(~ ~ Ci () I V .3 U
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TS 2240 Tu 1974 MEASUREMENT OF THE DISTRIBUTED LAG EFFECT OF ADVERTISING EXPENDITURES ON ~hIES OF ~IGARETTE ERANDS GEORGE ROBERT VON TUNGELN 50256 2596 M. S., Souti,ern Illinolt Unlversity, 1956 A Dissertation Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the iniversity of Georaio in Partial Fulfillment pf the f.equirements for the Dopree Doctor of Pfiilosophy G ;i U I a
Page 79: lfb88d00
Add 71 xx MeCs S.P. 50256 2542 U. S. 1'olia )3calt1: hatioasl 3r,atituea of liaa7lth, h.%tioa&I Librgrp of Madicins ADVERSE r.F'gm.C'iS 07 PCOD ADDITIVES (U. S. Publ.io iic+lftith Sa~'..o&, Hatiar-$1 Tsatit.~tra n~ iiwA,etny Ntnttnr±pl, t.ihrrsrv pf Mec3iciueD L.l+ teratu:a Se;::rch 4o. ZG-1J) 1969 3 Fatgas U. S. Dept. of Hem3.th • tiaahiagton, D. C. &EucstAon, acvd WQYfai
Page 80: lfb88d00
~ 50256 2591 Advertiging. Sth (1970) Dsni2l Starch t4 Ssca#x, Znc. STe?u.i:fi/ii0O3'ER 37ill A2.'WAL ?:ZDLsi STL'13Y, T@i1 YE.'&3C3 d7A TC:d.4i ii3Aa:;.ti.718 R2AdiTIg AmOZ?$ II. S. ndulta, by 9ar.*_el Starch & S*aff, T.ne. and C. E. iicopst, ,tir.c. 1970 147 p4ges Daniel Starch & Sts£ff 7ffl•.. Nos+ 'Yerk . 0 I n n n o 0 1 9 3 7
Page 81: lfb88d00
1256 2572 %.-'-7ov4*-cco- ~,,_..._.,.w.._....-~~ .....r... -- ..._.__ ~ FJR CLASS ,';0. Pti•iPHLFT 72 XI Jo Jolson, M. A. ; ?.abris?ao, ::. R. (University :•far}•l:nd, Colleze P,,rk, ''d., t'. S.) TO^:P:'ICE P.~I2:1LT.i:LI.SA I\T O:.T:OPJI_;St'IC I;I)r'STF.I!:S. MSU Bus. Topics 19 (No. 4) 33-:? (Aut+:ain 1971) (in English) *Keyc.ords:* tob 3cco i:idustr}. ::o. 3, tJ °33A *;li: 1'obrt.+co c•; c•.+. )nt(7' 9 n r.r) a
Page 82: lfb88d00
75 XI Wo ADVERTISi:7s:/TOBACCO--ADVERTISItd.=!PADIO BROr1DCASTINC--ALJE.RTISI:dG/ TEL:VISION--ADti'ERTISINC/ = R.JR CLASS NO. PAMPkILET 75 XI Wo Woodby, K. R.; Smith, F. L. (Connors St..Coll., Warner, Okla.; North Tex. St. Univ., Div. Radio- TV-Film, Tex., U. S.) THE CIGARETTE COM.`fERCIAL BAN : A PATTERN FOR CIiANGE. Quart. Jour. Speech 60 (No. 4) 431-41 (1974) (in English) *1975, No. 5, W 1446* *d* Tobacco economics: 0 1 0. 0 0 f1 0 1 ~> 4 7
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Page 84: lfb88d00
lte f . Q - 150 Gu 50256 2606 Adveztisiug--Directories. Klz:'?n, `seward ^r ' ~"•~T ~...~.~C:~~~ ' n~~ ,~..:;i~`.r.:tii:;9 5T>~i EDT'~"IC:i. c~s~.nw ~ . << 1962 423 p. piCD.tiCii-[a.LLZs
Page 85: lfb88d00
50256 2579 / N. C. Project 117 THE ROLE OFVADVERTtSiNG - . IN CHANGING CONCENTRATION REPRINT OF MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES SERIES 20 N0 TOBACCO' Studie: of the Willard F. Mueller and Richard T. Rogers Organi:ation and A¢ioultural EaOtrimeM Sutiap o/ Alady, Gl1faru4 Cornfll, illinoit, IM,", /orq, - K&n.w. Kentue#Y. Itt cA~yw, Mrwqta, : W~r, M.Dr.dy, Ntw MtRYA, MortA Dakaa. OA W, soulh pdkop Md wi/M.Me~. ". Control of the U.S. Food Slr:tem Reprinted from: The Review of Econimics & Statistics. Publ. for Harvard Univ. Vol. LXII, No. , ~~Feb- 19~0 a I ~ a fi i~ ~~ 11
Page 86: lfb88d00
~ ADVEP.TISING/BEVERAGES/FOOD--A1SN'ERTISEMENT/CO!iSII:fF:R PSYCfIOLOGY/ TP . . 37o Di , ~ 50256 ~ 1973 (D . ~ ~ U he ~ ~Qt~tz AQ~~,~cu ~ :~ ~. ~~~.~.q r i c. I Aul a. n-Drd Simon and Schuster ~ ~' ~ i ~ l`'~em ©Irt~t~~a A Subsistence Press Book ©ff 5 Published by arrangement with .y®il t IDLt 5a-nNV15 Chelsea f louse Publishers DEM AMU euicao 2560 . I :. v a t; i)
Page 87: lfb88d00
..b1.~i°n' ( f 50256 2593 om T`iL1; ~ } t.,v ; f" I~erlir:._; CompuTEKa f4A1V A t:9i: I ueN7"lT4 r:drlbc.C~r~r~ / . la7© cr rers r (Editor) r , fl ii 0 E`1 3 y k1n 4-.JC!'CbY A.lvin ®~(' ~ 11lr%." L , ~„~,~~.~.~..~..~. , .:.~..~.~...o
Page 88: lfb88d00
Ad.v6rtis3ng--Gigc,rQtte accounts. FJx:rr:~?^ stiY•i~~.~~ .,..,, `.i aT"'.~ ~i.~t.~ i a.~. ^ wuz a... ~1Q = s$.M 64 AD ~! n vi_fLI:.S37.' rS --50256 2603 C.;
Page 89: lfb88d00
50256 2567 .~. _ ' Ii.S. FEDERAL TRADE CQ?~PfISSTCr1/nISSERTATICNS--iT~lIVERSITY OF YORTH CARni.T '' ADVF.RTISTRG/ HF 5817: Gu 1977: 78-10,454 QJROL, Metin tia-i, 1935- LECEPTI(T: I': z7.=,TISM: A RLVIFI4 OF pAST A'.D Q, 7ar.i FTC PRAGTIQ: /1'JD AV EWFR.'~~.iU B*'?;,;u~QJ OF A •".DV flPPI:CAIC1i FCI2 DEI"r,Crl`'l,: IE!v ?rICN A%'D A MN- APPiZQAW FCIt ERADIGA7L'L ITS FFFELTS. '1he University of `;orth Carolina at O-Opcl Hill, M.D. , 1977 Business A&inistration University«licrofilms(ntemational, Mn Arbor.M+c,;oan 48106 I r . 0 1 n(i t3 ~0 1 '1 t:~
Page 90: lfb88d00
50256 2612 76 XI, Ad -81 $,P. 1 ,o"X1~'~~g:A_ gE~41(14)54,56 (April 6, 1970) H6W T0 JUDGE^A CAMPAIGN'S TRUE EFFtCTIVENESS (THE CANDID BRAND MANAGER) By A BRAND MANAGER t >
Page 91: lfb88d00
50256 2607 I TP 370 Cr Advertising--Food CY,3ss, Jennifer TtiE SUPER:4A,RKE: TRAP, The Conaumer :nd the Food Indust.-y 1970 258 Pages Indiana University Press Bloonington 0 1 0 0 n 0 0 1 9 S 3
Page 92: lfb88d00
~Lbl f n--•7~~rJ 3 uL~~.y ~'~ 7 7 h 10 0 v ta V 1 0 9LSZ 9SZOS
Page 93: lfb88d00
ADVERTISING/U. S. GOVERNMENT ADVERTISING--COVGRESSCS/ 50256 2595 I HF 5827 Tu 1978 THE POLIT1'~.,L`iL ECONOMY, ADVERTISI1. V G ~Cdited by t David G. Tuerck ~ ' Papers presented at a confer.ence held at the American ; Enterprise InstitUr_ , July 9, 1976 (A1;I SYMPOSIUM 79-A) I American Entciprise Institute for Public Policy Research Washington, D.C. v " 0 1 n n n 6 G 1 9 4 1
Page 94: lfb88d00
~ 50256 2597 HF 5415 Ur 1980 NEW PRODUCTS/,,... _ /ZNNOVATION/MARKETI.NG RESEARCH/ CONSUMER PREFERENCE/ TEST MARKETING/ADVERTISING/ DESIGN AND MARKETING OF NEW PRODUCTS. BY GLEN L. URBAN (Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) & JOHN R. HAUSER (J. L. Kellog Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University) . PRENTICE-HALL INTERNATIONAL SERIES IN MANAGEMENT ` Prentice•Hall, Inc.;•Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632 ~ •'.t...~...~.:G..:.~ ::a,,,-..~::.......Z'.~..~....~-- - =i..~....., ~w .~-----°- 7
Page 95: lfb88d00
50256 2592 t. PDDL J AMERICAN MARKETING A$OCIATION I Sevm.ou.r Sudman Robc.m..rt Ferber "3 Survey Research Laboratory University of Illinois Urbana-Cham ai n p 1 ,ell % g 222 South Riverside Plaza * Chicago. Illinois 60606 0 (312) 648-0536 v 13 a
Page 96: lfb88d00
50256 2604 7 %I Fo7 Advartising--Cigarotte accounts. E'o±xl ~ usw."~;y 1•-7 s." G 1 Cl t i 0, o h 1 9 s) 0
Page 97: lfb88d00
50256 2594 4 ADVF.RTISING/TOBACCO--ADVERTISING/CIGARS/ I~ A Conference Sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research HF 5827 Tu 1978 The Economics of Persuasion ISSUES IN DVERTI S ING Edited by David G. Tuerck I American Enterprise Institut:e for Public Policv ResearcH ldashint;ton, D. C. . .. ,.~ ., aq O C, ~l. ri G 1~~ 11 ~J ~. a ~
Page 98: lfb88d00
-- -..::ti..,.....~..,_ 78 XI Adi-81 S. P. Times 5-0256 2621 RJR CLASS PO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Adl-81 s.p. Z"ADVERTISINN BAN ON `TOBACCO ' IS INEVITABLE'.1'; Times, 6636 (Apr. 25, 1981) (in English) A ban on all but the most minor forms of tobacco advertising now seems inevitalbe, and it is expected that legislation will be introduced next year to enforce the controls.... -- .. ~...~.~._........._._._.,.._. ...,.__~__~~..T.e....:-..--, ~ ir, Ei n o 0 19 6 !
Page 99: lfb88d00
50256 2590 TOBACCO--SMOKE--TAR/TABACCOa-SMOKE-NICOTINE/TOBACCO--SMOKE--CAP.BON-MOilOXIDE/ T013ACC0--ADVF.RTIS ING/::TOBACCO--GER2.fANY/ W, - RJR CLASS NO. PAMPIiELT .7-6---IX=5p _, 7k, Spiegel 7.3 1 ~o - ~G S.~ 7 4VERTISING'AND TAR, NICOTINE AND CARBON MONOXIDE VALUES IN WEST GE(iANs; CIGARETTES. ~' `~'' *(Ein Untersuchung der Stiftung Warentest zeigt. daB die superlccichten Zigaretten viel schadliches Kohlenmonoxid enthalten.)* Spiegel 1975 (No. 7) 69 (Apr. 1975) (in German - complete English translation available) - *Keywords:* nicotine,'smoke, constituent; _ , tar, smoke, constituent; carbon monoxide, smoke, constituent. *1975, No. 24, W 8119* *d* Tobacco chemistry (economics) (medicine):
Page 100: lfb88d00
l, 50256 2618 78 XI Ad1-79 -= Shook, Hardy, & Bacon S.P. AI)Mfi1SING-ARGUMENTATION - April, 1979 Contents : 'v b ARGUMENTATION with supporting quotations- Sect. 1-16 BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDIX 1 Background Paper; "CIGARETTE ADVERTISING AND CONSU'~PTION",. . by Shook, Hardy & BAcon, April 1978 APPENDIX 2 Background Paper, "DO ADVERTISING RESTRICTIONS AND WARNING LABELS HAVE THE INTENDED EFFECTS?" by Shook, Hardy & Bacon, December 1977) ~
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j.P.-.2:--/ ~~ r. ~ _Nl...r._._ . . .. .._ . ...c-. -....... ~ _-_...,._r~:,..~........~._~.:.a.+•:..,..~._............a..o..,•..-...._..~ ~. i..J': CLASS :O. i'A?fPHLET 72 XI Cr ~, _f S. ~. ~. (;io }i^rvarcl lut,. .'?v. S(1 (::n. 2) 2', 2;:, 340-141. (Jan.-Feb. 1972) (in .:ni,J.ish) i (:{^aretif:-. r.,nti.ozed. i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Page 102: lfb88d00
50256 2619 78 XI Ad-80 ; S.P. RJR CLASS i10. i'h!?PhLET 78 XI Ad-80 S.P. London, Ct. Grit. t10:•1 AP, JOItlS TOia`.CCO AD CUlic3S DEGATE It! GREAT QnITA.ItI. Adv. Assoc., news release, London, Gt. Brit. (Feb. 1980)-in Ennlish *Abstr, in: Campaign 1930, n.p. (Feb. 8, 1900)* 0 1 01n 1) 6 0 1 9 165 .,
Page 103: lfb88d00
4_ 78 XI Ad-80 .S.P. 50156 2622 t; RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Ad-80 s.!j' Reynolds, R. J. Tobacco International, Winston-Salem, N. C., U. S. ADVERTISING,BANS; WARNING LABELS,-"TAR"/NICOTINE LABELS, AND.OTHER; 'RESTRICTIONS ON THE SALE OF TOBACCO "PRODUCTS WORLDWIDE'- CHART>' ": C Reynolds, R. J. Tobacco International, Winston-Salem, N. C., U. S. News Release (1980) (in English) *Keywords: *nicotine, smoke, constituent; tar, smoke, constituent
Page 104: lfb88d00
n r In N in eenr Ii$ ACRONYMS/A3BREVIATIONS/U. S. REGULATORY AGENCIES/Cn.`d.vODITIP.S MARKET/ 1 MONEY AND FINANCIAI. INSTITUTIONS/BANK. & OTHER FINANCIAL I1~'STITUTIONS/ __,,, Ao , TAXEq/tJAGES--.U: S./PRnnUCTIVITY/PRICE DATA/ECONOMIC INDICATORS/ -..-._l.g7q........ . NATIONAL PR~AUCT.~IND_IYC.ObSF./-~~L?Fs~iA«ATIGlaA~~iTT.SIN~SS-~I«ZA{y~IAI-SA~t~j~~~iS~- ADVERTISING/TOBACCO--ADVERTISING/ ~ noNV joNES-IR«'IN Ilomcwood, lllinois I . ~(il.r(1ftlr T 11 (030- 19 7 9- ~'~~~~ 60430 c~~~~ A L~V~~~~ Edited by SUAINLR N. LEVINE State Unicersity of New York at Stony Brook and Editor Financial Analyst's }landbook Executive Editor Carolinc Levine 0 1 0 ~1 ~ Ci f3 1 `J 2~
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50256 2598 dENT DEPARTMENTS I'f 1•i ieritus, School of Interna- r Director, Legislative Ref- author of The Anterican overnment in Action SIIREE I Science, Dartmouth Col- Political Science Review; vice, Library of Congress ! 9 yl * Commission / ,~r p.eAF-i? MrsiY6 f ?"f1 F Arl 0 C A /P S .Z'N D~f ,R. r FgD,sQAI. . 7Q A DC'//~®Oh -• i.t7Rrt/ w~Ae- t~ R.tT /"Rr3-v.G~C Oat/d',vsf.tR t~.O/ . --1'~NDNrT~2y~ ~ita H P G f k!Q l~.S. ~ wNACEe.G/.t -.4L-A i'IC- C1 ~ t-i Ci ~ Cj tU , Susan ~~abner i 9 4 4 a
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50256 2629 ~ - 78 XI Ad-80 S.P. RJR CLASS PlO. PAl1PIHLFT 78 XI Ad-P0 S.P. 1•! i 1 s on, J. (Tobacco Advisory Council, London, Gt. f3rit.) kAfy"tE#1''1SIflG'~t-,,*TCARF.TTESI - LETTER TO TIIC 03SFRVEP.. Observer 1U~;0, n.p. (Jan. 13, 1980) - in English o t ~n na a 1 9 7a
Page 107: lfb88d00
50256 2608 Advertisio.g--Information sources. C4m=, EMrs. itt=tn, 19fl3- Sourcas of 6u.irms iafoy=tion, bl •ia T. Cor.au, Jr. It--v. ed. Ler~celay, Uai+mr; ir.1 of California Freaa, 19t54o xii, = p. 24 rra. (tlnivsrsity of faIiformia bibrliograpbic guides) 7 0 1 0 0 t1 0 0 1 9 5- 4
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50256 2616 78 . XI Adl 80 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Adl-80 s.p. Johnston, J. • (Univ. of California, Irvine, CA) ADVERTISING AND THE AGGREGATE DEMaNI) FOR CIGARETTES - A COP4ENT' European Economic Review 14, p. 117-125 (1980) (in English) The McGuinnc- Cowiin' a ctudy represented a ccriou; attempt to a;,c%, the impact of ad.erti;m- on tl;e dcmand for ci_arctac; in the UK. both hcLwe and after thc 1962 rreport of the Royal Colleec of Phy,ici:rns 1RCf't. Thiti notr cu%rrs thrcc p+antn. Fir.t. it Ints some genrraI mcthodoh+gscal cnua;ms of the NicGtunnr.,•C'uwline approa:h. St;-crnd. it dcma ,~trata a mathemattcal and conceptual errur in their treatment of L+m_-run cl;r,ticiac;. Third. it ah+nws that corrcetcd c,timates of the long-run cla+ucrtic:. based on the McGumnc.i Coalin_ cmpincal reautts, are approtimatcly thirty pcrccnt and forty percent of th: two .aluc: gt.en in their paper. . . . -:. . . .~ •. . . .
Page 109: lfb88d00
German) 5025-5 2625 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Ad1-81 s.p. World Health Associates, Vaduz, Liechstenstein; Ger. t'~~VERTISI~N~!`CAHPAIGN ON. LOW ;,' TAR'.. CIGABETTES. ~. World Health Assoc:, News Release, Vadut, Liechstenstein, Ger. (1981) *Abstr. in: Kontakter Szene, p. 45-49 (Apr. 27, 1981) (in German) A 5-page German report by the press agency listed as the source above about an advertising campaign by a "mysterious" organization listed above as the author. During the last several months mysterious ads in favor of low 'tar' cigarettes have appeared in German and other newspapers. The name of the "author" of these ads is apparently designed to mislead the readers in believing that it is identical with the World Health Organization. Attempts to identify the organization have been without success. There is suspicion that this may be a campaign by the largest German cigarette company ...,~-.~, , .. ... .Y__._.. _ U~ 0 () 0 Ci 0 1 -9 :1 1 , a
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50256 2587 ~ MAP.l':1;TING r.I:Sl;riltcli/ADCuhTI-,Ii;G/g1;13AVD1;I/:I. sCIrr:Cls/ 75 Y Ro- 3our. of Advertising Res. itf(S)27-31().9i4) Yet another variation ort Haire's classic shopping lis't study suggests the value of ... . . "• . . ~~~~~~.~.~vc c~.~~ ~~~u~~ ~D Resea-rcln . .;l Dan 1?. Robertson and,Robcrt NV. Joselyn Wiiilc, many have praised studies using - under considcrztion, this study found projective techniques as classics in the that a majvr rcason for nonpurchase- ._____ --.-~- rrscarch Gte:ature, such studies are by other housewives was that pur- mxe. We cxp'.ore some of the reasons chaser: were viewed as being "lazy" The purposc of : va:}•, suggest 2lternatives whic'r~ may and as being "poor" wives who failed fold: faciiitate the use of projcetive tech- to plan wetl for their families. ruques, and re,*,ort a study which ap• So vnique was Haire's stt:dy in i!s 1. To p'Irpaif': • a 1 0 1) (1
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.% AdvertisingPsycholoar. BF Aschenbrenner, Helruuth. Die Grundiage der Psychnolgie uer '-•lerbun6. Zweite Aufl. tin:bursf Oberpfalz, Otto Wirtli, i952. 311 p. " cm. 0 1 0 n n 0 0 1 9 5 5
Page 112: lfb88d00
5025b 2615 78 XI Adl-78 S,P. McGuinness, T.; Cowling, K. RJR CL.ASS NO. PA''1PHLET 78 XI Adl-78 s.p. (Univ. har.aick, Coventrv, Ct. Brit.) :'_ADVERTISING AND THE AGGEEGATE DE"fAND FOR CIGARETTES.' c European Econ. Rev. 6 (No. 3) 311-28 (1975) (in English) 1 7 hC Slud)' :.Pccifi, s 2 ntnd~l «hich c~h ains : r!;f c~ a1c dc;mnd for ci~:+rcttcs in 1crn:, of r! ice. ~ II1r:olllc a)ld xdvcrti;i!:c. ]'ll:aicll)• aUout ttle lu-llill cf!Ccls o: S'.~~Olan~! rS 1fi.11Ct1 .^.S :r fU:m of A distinctivr icatarc is lhmt :,n :,ttcn!1•t iz ui:+dc to n,cicurc ::dvcnising in t lcnns of r:1tl,cr th:m using the morc comr:on, but tl~colcti; ~11. illahp:o~r.atc, ~ cxh.nditurc m: ~surc.'1 hc n:odcl is t•_stccl . r: ilut t)ti~rlcrh• t1.K. r'.ar : fr,r tl:c l~.~ ic~d 1^~7 1] to ~] 9GS )\', usim c~: ~1i~ia1~• Ic:,st ~qu~r. c(C'~1-S) I c, rccsinn. Tl,r rc~rdts s.~,,_cst t1::~t ~dvcr Ii~i,1_ h:,d a positivc, ststisii:.Illy significant im.p•!ct on and tl~:a t}:is intpacl mas c.nl)' p'rtly offscl ; ljy nl(• f1.n1-1t ~~f l~ublicity Zivrn t~~ thc l~calth cf "ccts c~f sn;olino. _ ---- / I a
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_.....r..w.~ ....._.._.~,...~.. ... __ _.,_ _~.-.__ . ..,_r ~~._.__..._.~ ;;;,~...._..~ ._ __._._....._~.. >..._.........~~.>~...__..._._.: .. 50756 2599 ADVERTISING / CONSUrtE1:IStd/ 73 I 1de Tit.Rt;LT.I1zG IN THE ZERO GROWTII POPULATION ERA. By I:. B. WEISS Vice-President, Creative Marketing, Doyle Dane Bernbach Inc., New York Fvst pr;nung cnt,Ucd. °NnN• ma•l.rt.ng wdI changc ILom Grovrthmanla to Shnnkntanshili' 01971by Cra.a Cu~nm~~ma~'•unc. Inc . Cb¢apo. Ilt.nas C0611 Secnnd p•,ntrn<1 r•n;.dtd "Riarl.et•nu m U,c lero Grovwth Peoutauon Era" --- O 1973 E•y Cra.n Commun,catwns. IFIc . Chicago. In,non 60611 r a t1 1trl 4 1 0 i1 0 1 y 4 5
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50256 2600 '~~3.,:.--....o ..~,.,-~.«.~.•_q..~~~,-.... .~r._......~..,..-...r.~...r. .....-. ~w...-.--........-.,...~....,~ . _..._-»--•-~,,.~..y,.~....~_._ , ..r~. f'oo A etI0 ----9af DK1ivG1j ",4 a. e, p.- ' To(jA-cGO--f}-AT 0~ 'K il,,owGl P44 BG% ciP. tZ, R C Y~O~, l~S Lwvt~STR~.EI Z'NG. ~`mm, w " l~oF~T~ ft-,E~~~N/eo•vf~~rr,~aess > TO bR'c c- o -- s'4Qr, aON G-E-4/,a'R~e ',r /? ar = sy~ o,~ i~/~ r~T~E T N O MA S W H 1 T ES 1 D` 1 ~ S E L L N K' G - !97 DEATH Cigarette Advertising ~~a 6 0 0 0 1 ya~1d' Pu bI ic Health #
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50256 2626 TOBACCO--ADVERTISING/TOBACCO--CONSUMPTION/ TS 2240 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK TS 2240Be 1977 Behnke, E. A. Be 1977 *(no affil.)* . ;:'ADV$RTISING:'AND CIGARETTIt CONSUMPTION;~.. ' ~ 2 C. *(Werbung und Zigarettenkonsum.)* Economic_Scientific Research Publ. 113 ; Verlag Anton Hain Meisenheim GmbH Herstellung, Ger., 200 p. (1977) : (in German with English abstract) i] The author presents a general review of the effect dvertising on the consumption of sonsumer products and a f o billion dollars increased the total outlay for connsumer pro- ducts by 4.6 billion dollars in the same year and reduced the outlay by 4.1 billion dollars in the following year.indicating an insignificant effect of advertising on the average con- sumption level over a period of^several years. The studyf~ -, cigarettes in foreign countries and the German Federal Re- public. The studies by Taylor and Weiserbs in the U.S. con- cluded that an increase of advertising expenditures by 1 ~ - tj - j~--~ -r, .-- ~-
Page 116: lfb88d00
50256 2617 78 XI Ad1-80 S.r„ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Adl-80 s.p. McGuinness, T.; Cowling, K. (Univ. of Warwick, Coventry, Gr. Brit.) ADVERTISING AND THE AGGREGATE DEMAND FOR CIGARETTEV-A REPLY ` European Economic Review 14, p. 127-130 (1980) (in Rnglish) Johnston's note providcs correctcd values for the long-run advertising clasticities reported in our paper [1dcGuinncss and Cowling (1975)], and also lists lecncral methodological criticisms of the approach therein adopted. The arithmetic correction is welcome. though it (tucs not change the main conclusion of the paper: that there is statistically si:nificant e%idence of a positi.-c effect of advertising on total demand for ciearcttcs. The criticisms provide an opportunity for clarif)•ing a number of issues that arc an ob%•ious source of confusion, and for making an important point about the likely consequences of omitted variables which the authors were unable to make at the time. nG 0 ~
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50256 2559 j6-CaW J" 0 V~ -- • - • ~ = ~ ' OV 4~~~ ~w,p • - ; o o® , .. f< A a &,4-A e Fr~ ,v PWZ rt,7,4>r6,a f0 a A - • i% , ~~, rne ttaking, 2nd Edition Lipid Metabolism Food Engineering, ng tron of Food Preservation, alogy in Food, Agri- 3iology n:al Enaironment tntron F d Processing ood Engineering f Milk Products, Food Processing idustry, 3rd Edition ocessrng, Products Operations, Vols. 1, ~' d Desig Vn Ouahty Control, 3rd 1 11 Fnria I ~& U) U t 9 71 ~~. h Vo ~nI F a PD,0L..- A n ~ t~ a'01 r'F:1 l! ~ 4~ ti t3 11 by NORMAN W. DESROSIER, Ph.D. Director of Research, NABISCO I:esearch Center, :~ u F,gir Lawn, Ncw Jersey and JOHN N- DBMS E
Page 118: lfb88d00
,;.t.~t1,SiTMER , „l~l E ~:1:xSI;;+~/t E~:1:xSI;;+~/ C Et:~~YtJ}:Ii> ~~YtJ}:Ii>~ SCIEIdCc/ l E~:1:xSI;;+~/ iiLit.~LSrCr. l~ •1 - 59256 2573 EFFECTS 0117, aU:~,iAN :if()D1:ES ON PERCEIVED PRODUCT QUALITY : R1.T3LtiMU '.ti'. T{a.\'LtXGd rA-•co S;11I P.1N.^, • lteGC L'nit•ririty, 3funtreal, Caaada Aa experiment o•as cond}:cted to siudy the effects af human modets in ad."er- tisunents on the individual's perception of and attitude toward the proc?uct. • Subleets trere t2sted under three experimental and one control con~itions for eadt of four different prvducs. In the three esper?mentai conditions a mate. a fema'•e and a naie--female rair were used as n;odcls. In the cor.trei condi- tion the product was presented cs•ithout an}• model. The results revealed that the "fitunfiness" of the models for the product i., an important variable in product Ydvertisements. The i.:nplications of congruity theories for product ari.ertisements are discussed. The use of human mudels in printed adver- ti-semeuts is perhaps as old as advertising it- se!f, t•ut it is much more prevale: ± now as compared to the early years of this century. Klapp (1941) n;ures an increase in the use , able consumer attitudes and why? These are the questions that need to be an,«•erecd through sys~ematic e.periniental exploration r Often mamV ad•rertisers use a male or fernate ~ model to p-ose beside the proaucts «•ith t!- k'
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50256 2631 . ~ ~ONTRIBUTIONS -ti/AQVERTISING"'~-COMP'PTITId1V 78 XI Ad -8k ~ ~ ` s. P. 1 !- TO ~ AIVd x1V~al~I~~r' COIVI~L~CT ECONOMIC ANALYSIS ~~,.~~N,OLIGOPOLY OVERTIME" ~ An econonretric investigation in Western European countries Howwoq Ediroi l. TINBERGEN Edllas O. W. JORGENSON J. WAELBROEK NORTH•HOU.AND PUBUSHING COMPANY - AMSTERDAM OXFORD AMERICAN ELSEVIER PUBUSHING COMPANY. INC. - NEW YORK V I / [/ l.i // 0 ~ 9 7 7 JEAN JACQUESyLA.MBIN Un.rrLtt Cadro/pw dr Lovrm* fanbr L'wnenna.r CotAntqar dt Mont 8~t- 1976 }N)RTII-IIOLLAND PUBLISIIING LY)MPANY - AMSTERDAM OXFORD AMLRKAN 1-LSN'IER PUBLUHING COMPANY. INC. - NEN' YURK a 7 1
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50256 „2614 . _ l.tlrYU ~ ~.~y; 78 XI Ad1-79 S.P. . su~nptaow~'unctions By LESTER D. TAYLOR AND nANIEL WEISERBS* The economic effects of advertisino have been a much studicd and hotly de- bated topic for a number of years. By now, there is fairly general agreement that, ix:er Qlia, advertising is important as a barrier- to-entry (see Joe Bain, William Cornanor and Thomas A. \Vilson, Leonard Wciss) and that advertising does succeed in shift- ing demand for individual products (see \Teil Borden, \icholas Kaldor, Robert 0 I Dorfman and Peter Steiner, Lester Telser ~ (11F2)j*krQiar'`Pal~a),'j~uttVheig is little agreement as to the effect of ud•.-ertisinh on 1__ regate consumption. John l:ennetit FP I~v gate, ,.,.._ sumption at the expense of savin~. But as to what the causal mechanism underlying this is, we unfortunately cannot say. ft may be that advertising actually succeeds in altering tastes a lca Galbraitii, uut then again it may be that advertising is siinply serving to bring new goods and ccrvices to the attention of consumers. As already noted, our analysi s concen- trates on the effects of advcrtisin- in the aggregate, and is conducted in ihe frame- work of the state-adjustment moclel of Hendrik fIouthal;kcr and Lester Taylor, as applied to aggregate consumption. Fol- _ --- ,- ~ I
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50256 2610 78 XI •Ad -79 49(41)10/9/78 S .P . ~~ t '~~~~s *~~~~ b~erg :~~~~~ li~~~ ~~~ Copyright 1978 by Crain Communications Inc. Sales of brewers whose 1977 output exceeded 1,000,000 bbls. related to the amount invested by each in general magazines, spot radio, network and spot tv, newspapers and outdoor. These fiqures are not offered as complete records of expenditures; brew- ers spent large sums in point of purcnase materials and other nonmeasured rnedia. Sales figures were taken from Beer Wholesalers' News, the month!y bul- letin of tne Naiional Beer Wholesalers' Assn. of America, copyright 1978. Expenditures were compiled from firlures supplied by Leading National Advertisers and Advertising Age estimates. Previous figures were compiled from LNA, Radio Expenditure Reports, Broadcast Advertisers Reports, Institute of Outdoor Advertising Reports, Newspaper Advertising Bureau (compiled by Media Records) data and AA estimates. BREWER 1977 1976 1975 1974* /WHEUSER•BUSCH (Budweiser, Budweiser malt liquor. Michelob, Michelob Light, Busch, Natural Light) 1,000 bbis. sold .................. 36,600 29,060 35,200 34,100 Adinvestment ................... $58,687,200 $'28,535,300 $27,354,000 $17,839,935 Ad cost per bbi ................... $1.60 980 780 52¢ Adooslpercase .................. 11¢ 70 54 4¢ MILLER BREWING CO. (Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Lowenbrau) 1,000 bbls. sold .................. 24,200 18,403 12.662 9.066 Adirrvestment ................... $43,283,400 $29.114,700 $21,262,000 $13,556.133 AdCostporbbl ................... $1.78 $1.58 $1.65 =1.50 ' Adcostperease,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,•, 1241 • 11d 124 11¢ JOS. SCHLITZ BREWING CO. (Schlitz. Schlitz malt liquor. Oid Milwaukee, Primo, Schlitz Light) ,_ -_,,, 22.130 9A I C'1 ...~ ... . ~ 22.661 0 1 a 0 A cs 0!9 S 6 I i a
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50256 2633 _ RJK t.LA5S N0 , TEX I E{pUK 1IF ,,~ 15 WI-1 Yi3U WildMan,S.S.,- ~'1. Doctoral dissertation, Stanford IJna_verai.ty. 1979 Univ. iMir_rofilm<_; Internationa'l,Ann Arbor, MI,79.(:(N ;ENG,) ISN = 6129 0 f n n n a o 19 7 9
Page 123: lfb88d00
50256 2623 - a Cent., Littlechild, S. C. (Univ. Birmingham, Birmingham, AL., U. S.) 79 XI Unl-81 TOBACCO--ADVERTISING/ CONSUMER POLICY/ RJR CIA SS NO. PAMPHLET 79 XI Unl-81 `ADVERTISING; • BRAND 'LOYALTY AND AABIT. f Analysis Consumer Policy, conf., paper YUniv Pa., Wharton Aflnl. Res. Philadelphia, Pa., 28 p. (May 18-19, 1981) (in English) Smoking mentioned. There is nowadays increasing pressure to restrict the use of certain products, notably tobacco and alcohol, by raising taxation and limiting advertising. One proposed justification for such a policy is the presence of "externalities", or adverse effects on others. It is unlikely that any ; increase in taxation can be defended on such grounds....
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50256 2b2T n TOBACCO--ADVERTISING/TOBACCO--SMOKING-- CIGARETTES--CONSUMPTION--GERMANY/ Reinhold Bergler ~ TS '.L X ~c~ve~r i si rii,:,., ., . 2240 g Be ~t }< ~ kF~V?.k+~! r,.t<.& u. rt ti. •S 1981 arettx`e mokiri. ~ A Psychological studV (Title of original edition (1979) in German was "ZIGARETTENWERBUNG UND ZIGARETTENKONSUMt" TS 2240 Be 1979 3 c Hans I luIx•r I'uhL.hcr. K•rn stutt};arn \•jcnn,t 0 i~) tl f~ C~ 0 t~l %'s
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50256 2632 - 78 XI Adl-81 S. P. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Ad1-81 s.p. Rogers, R. T. (U. S. Dep. Agr., Food System Res. Group, Washington, D. C., U. S.) ~V~RTISING~AND CONCENTRATION CHANGE IN U.S. FOOD AND TOBACCO FRODUGrT Y958--:.72 Amer. Jour. Agr. Econ. 62, No. 5, 1114 (Dec. 1980) (in English) There is increasing evidence that advertising plays an especially prominent role in structural change. Herein the author examines the effect advertising has had on changes in concentration in U. S. Food and Tobacco Product Classes. Regression results indicate that television advertising has had a strong poisitive influence on concentration change. .f, .-~-~.,-..~., s......~............---~..,,...a...,_...... _ ._,., _....,~....,,,_.Y... ._._ . 0 I~ ~ t~ A 0 1 9 7 8 E
Page 126: lfb88d00
50256 2638 a O ' t/ 1/ 1/ ll The Journal of Marketing Volume "K%II JANl1ARY, 1958 ,,,25/l Number 8 ~DV~RTISIN~ aEFFEC'TI~71rNES~=~-IO~~ CAN~ 78 XI Adl -81 IT BE`.'1VIEASURED? ~' S• P• CLARENCE E. ELDRIDGE Vice President George Fry & Associates New York City 0 Advertising continues to play an important role in our national economy. Therefore. the effectiveness of advertising is of great concern both to society and to the individuals whu comprise our rxicty. In spite of the progress that advertising has made over the yc.n, there are two vital respects in which further improvement is needed: in its eQeclive- arss, and in the evaluation of its effectiveness. There are five indispensable ingredients of good advertising. Their presence in any advertisement gives as much assurance as can be given 6eJore the fact that the advertise- ment is a good uric. Also, the author believes that by his suggested aJter-lhe-Jact appraisal.. dre ultintate elfectiveness of the advertising in advancing the objectives for which it was. dcsi/;ned ean Ix• nteasured. The author makes no extravagant claims for his method. He does not suggest that it is the last word, or that it provides a definitive solution to all the problems of improving and evaluating advertising. He merely hopes that it will provide one further modest step ' on tllioad tSbettdladvertising. , ~~ . 1 DF.FICIFNC"rc `.r ..•••--••-•---~- - 1
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78 XI Adl-81 S.P. 50256 2611 . ~Aqi,' nemnbe.1i.197a i9.3, /;'S(1Ii>a) MIV-1941 Costs of cigaret advertising: 1977-1970 Per carton and per million cigarets sold Copyright 1978 by Crain Communications Inc. The top 20 cigaret brands based on 1977 sales, related to the amount invested for each cast Advertisers Reports; lnsbtute of Outdoor Advertising; Leading National AdveAis brand in general magazines, newspapers (including Sunday sections), network tv. spot Radio Advertising Bureau; Radio Expenditure RepoAs, and Television Bureau of Ad tv, network rado, spot rad o and outdoor. The figures are not offered as complete records tising. Newspaper expenditures for 1975. 1976 and 1977 were supplied by sources ir ol expenWtures; tobacco companies spend large sums for point of purchase materials tobacco industry; newspaper totals for the years previous 10 1975 were compiled / and in other nonmeasured media Sales figures for this study were taken from the 1977 figures supplied by the Newspaper Advertising Bureau (compiled by Media Recor Maxwell Report. Advertising expenditures were compiled from figures supplied by Broad- 1977 1976 1975 , 1974 1973 1972' 1972^ 1971'• UoEm, (Plrp SWs IdNorlc) AdinvasmrsrM 969 1N1.690.000 94.2 Ip1,556.100 91.3 822.093.000 88.1 ti25.622,M6 78.8 120,969.962 69.s =21.472 415 $95 5 $18 136 600 59. $16.756 90 AdoopWrmiBian $43023 6335.01 {241.99 =297.N i266 03 . $30896 , . $26096 . 1 $2821 Ad oast per cation a 6t . 6.7t 4.80 5.9L 5.34 6.29 5.2t 8.6 6yeryi (Rsyro/OC)'"• S+ks 8.aons) 68.1 90.1 91.5 90.1 87.9 64.5 6..5 82. AOeresnrnt 644.290.900 830.616.600 $31,733.000 632,874,523 {22,131,689 921.915,149 $11.136.200 j11.6 32.90 Ad msr p.r eiiion 5502.62 tiW .14 8348.80 . =364.54 =251.78 $25935 $131.79 $143 9 M eon pw carbn ' 10t 614 k 6.94 7.3e 54 5.24 2.66 2-9. tba 8ko.n a UVia.msany•.• Saks @wonsl 593 60.7 61.8 60.8 56.1 49.9 49.9 N. Ad irrreslmery 1128.857.200 623.062.400 620,061.100 517,093.560 815.915.007 920,103.779 $15.910.400 $15 034 40( Ad cast per m6ion Ad o061 pH carbn 5486.38 9.7t ><379.94 7.54 632418 6.K 9i281.05 5,6( 6283.6t 5.74 5402.88 6./g 8318.85 6.49 . . t338.6 6.6c Lye IR.yrwbsy.•
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Mv. Ful Advertising expenditures--1964. Fofld Busir:ess T'dE 1964 :•TDZA PXi, . Photo from: Food Rusi ness 13 (No.8) 13-18 (Aug. 1465) 50-256 2640 0 t~ I(1 Ci n t~ 0 i~~ ~ o
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50256 2652 SALES.AND ADVERTISING OF CIGARETTES ( a summary of a papee presented by Robert S. [leinberg, Interr.ationa7. Business Machines) 'S.P; Ad1-79 ~ ~Gi-l.l~Ll~®~f.~s 1t. ~.eJeI.NI^cl2 v~ In Advertising A summary,of papers presented to ARF's Operations Research Discussion Group An A ~dvertising .Rescar:ch__ Found~:t_i4~:. Report __ . 1961, 17-" 0 1 0 6 () Ci 0 1 'J 9 1 S
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a+ at. ~ N t ` AkVlN J. SILK and FRANK P. GEIG; R* 78 XI Adl-79 S.P. Jour. Marketing Res. 9, 2.'. -_26(reb. I972) This study investigates the hypothesis that the ossociation betweeit prospect status and exposvre to print advertising decreases as advertisement size in- creases. Contrary to the hyrothesis, nonlinear relationships were fovrd. ea z _tRti f ,. _. ~ , ;~~~~ Re~a~«rts~ip- Set~ve~n f =~`Pt~~Srb.°iut.~ic? !a' ~vs +P^. wM;~:rw:k +r: ,t:~a-•a+, .r,c Ac~v~rttsr'~g: rxposvrar INTRODUCTIOV AdvertisinU researchers have frequently found positive associations between measures of advertising exposure and those of favorable disposition toward the product, such as interest [9], prospect status [23), and past usage or recent purchase [28]. Such correlations have generally been interpreted as a manifestation of the process of selective exposure [20]-i.e., "audiences tend to expose themselves selectively to those messages which best fit their existin~ predispositions or inclinations" [6, p. 5l]. Recently, there has becn coasiderabie discussion of the hypothesis (credited to Booart) that the association betw~~ p ospy~.~ t s ~tus and ads-ertisin~ exposure will dimint~h ~~ith t~ur~sino, acf `*rQnicht si*te ~j]. She supporting rationale is that since Wse ads tcnCl to stand e.ut nn 2}i• »1r,.• r`rCl1is••Csit1Jn' to\t"1''1' tl'P product h"1.vee signiticant relationship between ad size and exter association between buying plans and c.<hosurc, [26, Jn the laroer study, Smith [27] reported that the t of the data for males was cousistcnt with 13ogart': pothcsis but this was not the case for fcrralcs.- i recently, a member of the I'hiladelpl:ia Mqurrer or zation stated that "with a five-year accumulation o' scores, there appears to be no strong support fo contention that the rcadcrr groups of small ads are r in prospects than those cf larger ads" [1S, p. 77). : ever, evidence consistent with I3ag.ut's hy;pothesi: reported many years ago by llacfley. Readership s: of 273 newspaper ads showed thut the hroporti readers who claicned to be regular users of the ;. tiscd products declined steadily as the size o: the a creased. 'ilic correlation was statistically si;;:iilicat i=7j I 4
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5025.6 2639 78 XI-Adl-81 lG° j3-9 , ~ t S.P._ ~.,.: 'Ad"Ygrfisin~;: Efficacy-~A>~,~Anaiyticor.: Stud~~ ~~ w-~ +~+.:.~,~; by HAROLD W. FOX ~x ~nCtpAnotv of adventure accompanies almost all analytical assignraents. The interplay of operating executives and staff men, the probing into the _arknown, the thrill of discovery, and the climax of imparting the findings are mong the prospective rewards. The subject of the study to be described is advertising effectiveness. However, this article does not teach how to evaluate nedia expenditures or how to conduct an investigation. Rather, it may serve to ,1lustnte the type of work in which financial analysts engage. ~ 4 a 0 !9 8 S
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502-56 2654. WHAT CAN'ONE NEWSPAPER AD DO? 78 XI Adl-81 & S.P. Comments on "What Can One Newspaper Ad Do?" ighlights of a field experiment conducted for the Bureau of Ad`•ertising, AN PA in technical consultation with the .~;~tfg=9 atiorr:A ~ Sponsored by the Newsprint Information Committee Field work and tabulations by the Opinion Research Corporation ~ Princeton, New Jersey , 0 100 0 0 0 zo-oo
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50256 2658 78 XI Adl-81 S.p. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Adl-81 s.p. Columbia Journal Law Social Problems 'Ab~ERTIS'IiJG'AND SHARED MONOPOLY' IN CONSUMER GOODS INDUSTRIES: (" Columbia Jour. Law Soc. Problems 9, 241-278 (1972-1973) (in English) i i Cigarettes mentioned. 0 2 0 0 "f
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,'7s XI Aa1--7~1. S.1'. '" Achenbaum. A-. A. RJR CLASS NO. Mir^HLET 3$ XI Ad; 79 s. (J. Wa1Cer Thompson) = p~ Jour. Adv. Res. 12-13, p. 3-13 (1972-73) (in.English) *Ke ords:* cigarettes. ~ ' - ' acce ~`able ersuasive manner. If the a ea ` , 1"• , P Y PP 1 to dvertisers and their 2gencics seek to sa"' tisfy con- ~ not manipulate them. By their use of i sumers , i ket research, they seek to know what the consumers ( ~ want, to provide them with pioducts which satisf Ity ~ those wants, and to communicate with ihcm in an ! 0 1 ~ n n n 0 1 9 A 3 ' cmotion, it is because people do nnt live by fact : alone. But to call what national advcrlisers do ma- i nipulation is to do wrono both to the good scnsc of a tiie Arnerican housewife and to the facts/ ~ - --------. ---•---T-- --- ------ ~--~ - _ - - 9
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2240 Lu 50256 2646 ~~ 1973rK_.r~- DISST:RTATIn;1S--NORTIIEit11 ILLI\OI S 1!NIIT•.}:SI1'Y/ - r 2 c. 1 aB~CCa-=tf.~~~ ACTUPJ: A'Tn T3tAD: =ii : s: I~nT a~cci- t~?~s~'r,vc~~ RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK TS 224OLu 1973 1 Luksetich, W. A. ~ (Northern Ill. Univ., De Y.alb, Ill., U. S.) ~ ~ . " - ADYEitI ISJLriU;'PltflDifCT-- DIFFI;RENTIATI©:F aANI1'~CIGARETTES.s Northern 111. Univ., Ph. D. Thesis, 195 p. (1973) (in English) x19%~E, No. 1, W 103Y: *d* Tobacco economics: e
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50256 2659 %I Al ~4DVERTTSIt1Gi:x S~IIDITIG''SIi0I~5~'tJ177E```CtA~1~Si A).dan, RGhe:rG pnVF'RTISIN3t SPFNDTt13. S'.30'.ti'S ?•7IDE GAI;dS. Now York TI*rrs, p;, ~(March 7, ZS~'~) µn a ~ 00 n0u2oa5
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50256 2662 < { t > 78 XI Ad-80 - TOBACCO--AUSTRALIA/ S.P. . RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XIAd-80 s.p. Australia Minister Health, West Australian Government, Aust. <...~.-„ ''ADVEttTISING OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS. JULY 1980:"? Aust. Minister Health, West Aust. Gov., about 18 p. (1980) (in English) The final paragraph of the report said, "It is admitted that the data given does not provide direct evidence of a link between advertising and the adoption of cigarettes by children. It does, however, offer circumstantial evidence of such as association".... I 0 1 6 (1) A i/ 0 2. 3 0 8
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; 50256 2635 i 7 6 I Ad T}lE AMERICAN ~F:CONOMIC SYSTEM. .. AND YOUR PART IN IT. k ~ a This booldet was prepared following a Prepared in the public interest byUd,Aduerkisi" ~ nationwide survey invclving Americans from all walks of life. The survey revealed a basic faith in our economic system. It also revealed that most of 440WAtiLondthe US. Departntent oJCommerce in cooperation with the US. Lkportment of Labor Thecopsrighted'Peonuts"illustroGons in this booklet houe been providcd os a public sen•ice througn chr• courtesy • ,' those interviewed had difficulty in describing how our American economic system works and how th~y were involved ir, it. This booklet has been prepared to provide a oJChorks DI Schulz. Charles Tt Schufz Crc.lrrre Associates. t and United Feature Syndicate. Inc, and the ilius:rations may not be copied or reproduced in whole or in port in any. ~ i mcdium Jor ony purpose Specioloppreciation is ocknou•ledged for the oolu.^.tory . ;h quick and simple description of the American economic system. It can serve as one step in a Joumey to better economic understanding-a journey which should be a continuing one for aIl of us. How it all s!aried. Page1 services contributed to this project by Compten Aduertisirg Inc. Y ~ J What is an econorrtic system? Page 2 Three basic questions. Comparing eco ;omic and political systems. Decision•making in our economic system. Paqe3 1 r~ tj n rj r t ~~ F t 4 e
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50256 2644 - Kroon,G.B.', RJR CLASS NO. TEX'TBOqK TS 2240 Kr-1978 Doctoral dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles, CA. 1978 Univ. Mic.rofilMs International.Ann Arbor, MI.78, (IN o L:NG, ) ISN = 6126 t 0 U 1 0(~ ~(l 0 1V 9 0
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50.256 2643 .r' 78 YT M s.r: . S q ADVERTISING TOBACCO ~ A STUDY OF EXPE NDITi; RES AND OF TRENDS I\ Si1L"S PROMOTION. WITH A MEDIC:,L AP?::ND:X. r OREI9ORD BY SIR CYRIL BLACK, J. P. , D. L. , M. P. . , APRIL 2962 PUBLISHED BY Y ' ..~..,~.~.... rv . ;.,ONDO~f : ) CRESS1tiEL:. ?LACE. S. W. 10. al- a cI-RE 6>OS)
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t 50256-2628 a Jour. Political Economy 7(1(5), October 1962 A1']<:12T~~II;1;C;~:~N><? LlisTl:R O. r}a.S)':R . 78 XI Ad1-79 S.P° Ul4vcrsity of Chicagu l. INTROI)UCTION - N A stu(l)• of thc cficcts of advcrlising, clgarcltt•soccupya spcci;tl lllacc.Thc ~ ci~ arcttc industry h;cs bccomc tile traclitioual cxcumplc of rul inclustry in which advcrtisin; has lloscd a Intnit•r to entry of ncte firnls ancl Itccunus tile main comllctitivc «•cxhon by wIlich olig(ilro- lists sccl: to incrrasr their rclati~'c sharc•s. Yet clcslutc thc alLtmclancc of cla t,t, tile inclustry's usc c/f ad~•crtisiul; L;cs not hccn caaminccl ill detail.='1•liis lr.ypcr scc•la to mcasurc various aypccts of comhctitivc advertising to clctcnninc Prcciscly how t~rocr« wlvcrlisiug 1t7ccts salcs. ln the o i n n c'ri . (r u i 9 1 4 largc 1c1vcrlisint, outlays I.)y tltc ci;;arcltc comllanic:: and tile imlxrrtsnt place tile cilgarctlc industry occupics in tile (•cono- my.'1'~I~le 1 s•ho~~•s thcacl~•rrli cin,; outLc~•5 in tiu: six catct;orics for whirh the )n- tcrn:cl ).cvcnuc Service rvholl!: tiw larl;- cst advcrtising cxhcncliturcs. tiincc tllc first tlu cc• catc•t;tlrics includc a v: idc ranrc of pruclucts, thc atuouttt spent on ;cdrer- tisint; ihc goods in thc lattcr thrrc rnoro IIotllul;cnuus catcUorics-- cigarcttcs, Ilccr, rnut.t'. I AuwruTlslnc 1:xrl:nttlTUUrs IN 1951, ltl' SIJ.I:C'I'F.11 CA17iGOR112. t
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50256 2641 . ,. .,.T,..:,,.;r=.,, , .,.,.: .,.. .... . _..-.__ .. .:.. XX ~~E~CPENDYTURES.:BY CORPORATE::~ Soi (1970) Southard, T.eland ADVER'CYSYPiC E:XPEP;M'URES BY CORPOR..TE MP.KE'T IPiC PC^D. Marketing Transyortation Situittion 1969 ((No. 175) 1r)-2-1 (tyov. 1969) 1 0 ~0 o ti 0 0 19 8 7
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50256 2650 MASAO NAKANISHI* • 78 XI Adl-79 S.P. -~--- 0119Z This article develops a stochastic model of consumer response to new products which incorporates the effects of over-time variations in advertising and promo- tion. The model's primary usefulness lies in its ability to generate conditional forecasts of product sales to evaluute alteriiotive marketing programs for new product introduction. . _.. y ~ ~~~ :~~~~t~ on ~~~surr~~r Qf ISOO, -CMkempP.~r 0.d U C ts:,ff ti n () 0 19 9 u P r:
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z 6 ~~~.-...;~.,_~..~~......__ = } '~ ~ ~ 11YU.5RUAN'I-SLORMIV, $.cQ7u~~ll&TfIQ,l ' g0 ) ,zoS,-..lm tr~~~re~t .~c~ 'DKIST~'~~1~.(I~' Jo SlliliIl.UMN, SHIM os -- azfLD S,xviI ZNUDIZrI211mI 21HI LS9Z`9SZQS (I I 0, .d.s 6L-IPV IX 8L 0 \
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~ 50256 2647, . % 33-c17 (1?79 - 0 78 XI Adl-79 S.P. IIERlila('f J. Ict1Tfl:Ll) ANI) KIM U. ItOTZOLL tl~lvc~t.ixin~~arn!'ii'rtjdtrci-Qlialitjr; '~ A.r~ 1f~,IVify Advcrtis~~1 Pioditcts i~citcr?'~ ,: ~..., I It is often conceded that heavily a,lverticcd pr<xlucts cost more than thotc lhat arc not aJvcrtiscd extensively. Rut thcrc is cun• siderable disagreement cuneerning what this difference means. ,W- v¢rtising's critirs often clainr it is cvidcncc of munoholi.tic control over suppJy and priccc, .rhile advcrti>int .defcndcrs generally cun- tcnd it reflccts the hichcr quality of advertised brands. Surpri.inely, there has been almu.t no rcscarch into uliclhcr or not heavily advertised goods orc of hctlcr quality. As aprcliminary inquiry intn this intcresling yucstinn, this paper attempts to examine tho tcla- tionsbip bct.vccn advrrtisingc~pcnditures and product yuality. , Central to many arguments involvin- advertising's varied ccon<)mic: effects and influences is the question of whether advertising is rclatrt.l to hroduct qualitv. Are I)t;uvily atlvt:rtisetl brands of hi-hcr clu;llity ~ I: t1 Ci {~ G G{kJ 9, 3 I 9
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50256 2636 . _ =:.:. TOBACCO--SMOKIN('.--AP;TI-S2•10KING CAMPIIGN/TOBACCO--GREAT BRITAI*I/ TOBACCO--ADVERTISINf;Z 74 X Sm-77 RJR CLASS NO. 1'V•;I':i1 ET 74 X S: -77 Ennals, D. (Great Britain Social Services, Gt. Brit.) ADXtLRTISING CUR1'.S.IN GUVEKi'rt1:NT A?:TI-SP1Jl:II:G DhIVR IN GREAT L'%iITAItI'. Great Britain Social Serv. (rnnals, D.) Gt. Brit. (1977) (in I:n-]ish) *Abstr. in: Smoking liea1th Synopsis (London) 1977, 1 p. (:1ar. 9, 1977)* "A written reply to a Parliamentary Question `,y Mr. Laurie Pavitt, in which Dir. David Fnnals, Secretary of State for Social Services, `indicated the agiee:nenti"which he had reached with the tobacco ,industry, was front page news in all national newspapers except ~the Morning Star. It was reported that there were to be advertising curbs, particularly affecting middle to high-tar cigarettes, and a stronger health warning on cigarette packets. ' There would also be ta:ks on reducing smoking in public places, ~directives to hospitals and'schools, discussions on tobacco-lin:<ed sports sponsorship, extra expenditure on anti-smoking health _ education, and proposals on differential-taxation.,/"-"--" 0 i ~ n n rr Cj 1 9 6" 2 a • . . ,~;~ ..
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TOBACCO--SMOKE--'TAR/TOBACCO=-SMOh.E--hICOTINE/TOBACCO--SIfOKE--CARBON -M0NOXIDE/ TOBACCO--ADVERTISING/:,TOBACCO--GERtLkNY/ RJR CLASS NO. PAtiPHELT 14=IX-~--'Sp ~ Spiegel 7 S f? 7 rA_P.VERTISING'AND TAIt- *•,NICOTINE "AND CARBON MONOXITIE VALUES IN WEST GdMANs;. ..,. ...;~: dx~`~t~'fTES`. , *(Ein Untersuchung der Stiftung Warentest zeigt. daB die superlaichten ~ Zigaretten viel schadliches Kohlenmonoxid enthalten.)* D Spiegel 1975 (No. 7) 69 (Apr. 1975) (in German - complete English V translation available) - ~ *Keywords:* nicotine,'snoke, constituent; ~ tar, smoke, constituent; ~ carbon monox.ide, smoke, constituent. *1975, No. 24, W 8119* *d* Tobacco chemistry (economics) (medicine):
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. . .. ~~~ ~ ~ 50256 2630 " ~ 78 XI Ad-7~i S P RJR CLASS N0. PA. 1PHLET 78 XI Ad s.p. Great ~r3tain-Department Health, Social Security, Gt. Brit. AT„?YERT ISINCr,OF C'IGARETTE_S,` OF'THE'CO"IPONENj:2r:,`OF MANUFACTURED ```' ~I,GAItET1'ES` ANOFt ~iAND R&LING-TOBACCO IN GREAT. E TAIN. ' British Code of Advertising Practice, Appendix M, 5 p. (July 1977) (in English) *Note date* :1S~r.°'I?S~QO: .~.I58 C;.U?:- et t ?~CO~2 i"f:r'JQt1C°,1 '..^Yi973, '-j 'Re i - ~ CL..C.d~i VT1 V,.~.V.~.7J-J:~S ...:b.1.~•p_i b.G .~.~ .G:1~a.• cl_1 ~ C?^^1= 0; ll.:_ n-- S ~cver- ~= '" ^ G L l 0- ( = s u= S _Ii - .. .•-_.." C 1 _ ~ of : ar.,.:,c -: :::.,.5 =^_ ~r.~,~e c-sc~ssJ „ .3 of ~~ - G~rl.:•.7..~-:: C° 7..-::C° o- .`.e COC° I y ~~ . . Q 1 0 () t'/..() o 4 7 u , I
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- ~ 5025-t 2655 ._.r.a_. I MeA7-77 Jour. Market. Res. 14(2)268-269(1977) s . r. ~,7,VERTISIN j~T~ARCi~:T~~. F.~ Tt1 F nF ~F `~ :;This review [writes Ramond) is addressed to all c~ . AF:~.T~#<~ Charles Rarnond. Association of National you who have a stake in understanding how advertisil~ " Advertisers, 1976. viii + 148 pp. paper. works: advertising directors, product managers. ac count executives, copywriters. media buyers, govern- Few in our field can-or in any event do-write ment regulators and their counscl. and of course, tt: as directly as Charles Ramond. Those of us who have advertising researchers themselves. struggled with the periodical literature and textbooks ' as sources of enlightenment for life, work. and teaching ~iy aim [he continues in a second paracraph) is tc in advertising and research will attest to it. For provide you with knowledge that can improve youn practice. Accordingly. I report not just what has beci: example, in Ramond's book the institutional and learned and under what conditions so that you ma% user-benefit groundwork of advertising research is set see whether your organization may do the same. Whcnc and ready for us ribht on the first page, in what we possible, I report the benefits obtained from such used to call a topic paragraph, a construction which understanding; none of us is so committed to advertisinc seems to have fallen into a state of malevolent neglect. 4&-4cCQ o . .. (~ .. . ~. . . -.- - ,~. 0 1 n 0 n U 0 20 cl 1
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50256 2672 SCIENCE AS A PROFESSION/ALFRED P. SLOAN FOUNDATION SERIES/ Q 295 Me 1979 P. B. M E DAWA R `u" tIA1tYH:H c'c)1.()1'11()N Hc>c)Ks HANPF:N & HuN. P(BLISHF:lo. ('A %11i1111)(:F.. Hk(;EKS'RI1%'N PH11_6.I)F:I.PH11 5o,N FR#,~('Is I~ I'NIN)'. \IF~1('U}:IIY.'~.1u PAL'lA). Sll)Vtl • a. V + VV ~, .
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78 XI .1d -•79 50256 2663 1 r: . , . . , • • 8 1 RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLF.T 7 --CI Adl-79 s.p. Schmidt, F. (Univ. Heidelberg, Klin. Mannheim, Mannheim,,Ger.) VADVERfiTSING-TOBACC01' PRODUCTS' IN PUBLIC"TS' A1V'TT=CONSTITUTIO,%"AL"g *(Tabakwarenreklame ir, der "Offentlichkeit ist verfassungswidrig.)* Fortschr. Med. 97 (No. 9) 414-417 (1979) (in German) N . U 1 t1 t1 ~ t1 G Cl 1~ 4 y tr• ~
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50756 2653 I Ad3 (1969) ~A~c~aYLL6 3.'d 0F l. i.ZPO::f c , ...,.,, ,,-„`, `,'_'~r•~T3L~.;~ _~dt.j :,S.ri, 3•0, ? r'64 A f n ::s, ~~ ~ ~ s^~:~8~7Ct2 ~'L'SQt~XCSI k Oil1:G=~: ~."•YL ~~~C. iii'od Yt32k U t n n n o 0 1 9 9 9
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.763:IP,e-79 ,S.P. 50256 2660 in English i'JR CLASS NO. f'r^,!;PHLTT 76 XI Rc-79 S. P. ~W~~ s4WP9 ``M M ~!itMl«I1;f , L o n d o n , Fnnl a n d TO;;ACCO RELt;TTtiL. 11dv. Stand. Authority, news release, London, England (Oct. 1978) - *~.bstr. ir.: Havistead 8 fligate Express 1978, n.p. (Oct. 20, 1978)* *ilote date* `^ I --•-....- 0 iUI (I n G 02 0 ID 6
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50256 2687 TP 156 Aeration A A.iba, Shuichi Biochemical engineering by Shuich.i Aiba, Arthur E. Humphrey and Nancy F. Miliis. New York, Acadenic Press, 1965. vi, 333 p. illus. 27cm. Includes bibliographical references 0 1 () n n 6 u2 0 :~ 3
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50256 2670 79 X Ca SMOKING MI3ITS--1tELINQUISHING/ RJR CLASS t10. fAI~Si'IILET 79 X Ca Cappel, L. k(I!o affil.)k ,~lti3V`ICti~Te~t'L1iI~L~~`11110"~Ti;t~°?I1l±Y U'.`If1C'ILE'`f(1`STnP S'in':1'tit`;`:'~ Radio Merseysidc - Spotlinht 1979, transcript (Jan. 19, 1')'/9) - in Ennlish 0 i~ n~i u u2 0 1 6
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"St•SOKE SCREEN: TOBACCO AND TFiE PUBLIC WEL~ILRF; CHAPTER 3, 29-48(1963) . . l v~,Y'L~SIn`' ~ 78 XI Ad I''1L,t S.P. ~ and.P.-t'otn.otion ~ Ceorge Washington Hill was the patriarch of modern ( "hard sell" cigarctte advertisina. I-Iis was the flambovance and i marketing gcn:us that catapulted Lucky Strike to the first position among modern cigarettes. So complete was his iden- tification with his product that tobacco plants flourished in the garden of his home, and radios in every room bathed him ,~ in the sound of his own ciaarette commercials. tiVhen asked • to assess the impact of advertising upon the growth of ciga- rette consumption, Hill answered: "ifie impetus of those great advertising campaigns . . . built the cigarette busi- ness. . . ." (Italics are mine. ) Other early cigarette industry leaders were equally generous • in crediting advertisind with profound influence upon the over-all consumption of cigarettes. S. Clay ZVilliams main- tained, ". .. if we were to discontinue advertising of our brands ..u you would find a sloughing off of the volume of () SonsAmptjon~lf tQ~acp prPdu~#s it~th j form. ..;' Printer's Ink, a magazine of the advertising industry, sev- eral years ago nominated advertising as "the one feature /5 ', 50256 2649
Page 158: lfb88d00
50256 2665 r tl .~ ~ ; .~ ~o~yS'~1~.+'~/ll 0 1 0 il n 0 0 t0 1
Page 159: lfb88d00
78 XI Adl - 81 s:p. Jour. Advert.'Res. 7 (11) 41-46 (1981) 50256 2656 *kTheAdvertisingSa1es °-Relationsti.ip 1nsi-ghfs.~fr~a~~~-'~'r~~~~~'~~~Functior~ tMode1ing Transfer rnodclinh and analysis providc intcrestinb intcrprctations of ad t crtisinb cffcc t and improvcd sales-forecast accuracy. Arthur J. Adams and Mark N1. Moriarty Accurate sales forccasts are essential in planning marketing stratcgy. For many firms, sales forecasts are constructed for individunl salcx tcrritorics and are cantin- ycnt ulxin thc planncd Icvcl of advcrti.ing and ixr.onnl scFling cxpcnditures tu the verti.ing is dctected in sales. A related is.cue of cunccrn to dccision makers is the dura- tion of advcrtising cffects. If current ad- vcrtising nffccts only anc salcs rcriod, this would havc different implications (or tcmpcral alhxatiun nf ctpcnditures than estimates derived are eont; modcl form. Often, modcl which requires consider.. knowlcdye of the undcrlyi- crating the timc-scries dat. t trnvcrsy. In Ihe cace of salc o I () nnno2. 0 ox
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50256 2642 78 xI AdL-80 S.P. • - ~ RJP CLASS *d0. PAPn'iILI:T 78 XT Acl~-7n s.~~. Laml~sc9orf f, ~. (German I'cononic 'lini stry, T,onn, f'ccrr.!anv) - )' R.M ~:~(I,.IS` IanL53'EI:S/1I,1.Ii,'I fllt TEII'.: ?.:AI;Tff ;'?,~,X('h ;(1A TI4:IIi1G~C~1~~a'.E3 I- fa.~-r . . . , - - - ° . . _~..~. .. TIO:d. (!.'erhun n ist nnerlaeblic?i fuc:r. (lie I,rha1<<ul;; cine, fun':ti.oni.crciuden !'e t tbewerh.^. . ) ' Gernan I'cononic ?fi.nistry (Lam',)sclor.ff, C.), News Release, Bonn, c:cr. (1979) -- in Cerman. icAbstr. in: Tab1k Intern, 1979, p. riot riven, (Oct. 1, 1979)* Adver.tisinp is indispensable for the maintenance of a functioning cor.meti- tion, e::nlained Cerr-kln Economic t•Iinister, (;raf Lnmbsdorff, in his pleas fc, advertininr at the annual neeting of the Central. Cor'riittee on Ac'.vertisinh Business in Bonn. Ile thinks tiiat prohibition of adverti.sins for certain products, such as tobacco products is meaninlr,less and not necessary. Self-control measures by the industry are much better. In addition the Minister added that advertising is a thankful field for training of I 0 Ires~o~$ih~'}ityj a~c ~sQlf-foniro~ as reported hy PA7•, ['elt and I{andelsblatt. ,-- , . .. a ~
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~- 502-56 2683 A ~E#inC;t;'.'~1r'xttfz'~Iti3Yi~rrt". ; ` Starke, StArxesirup, Sti+r3cazucecer. Dms3en, T. Stein- kopff;11951. x, zYm3p. 111us. 22 cm. (TecLnisehe Ibrtat~)irittsberichte, IScI. u3) Blbliogruphy: p. t27M)-'1.91. 1. Starch icedustry. 2. Syrups. 3. Giucode- z TYt1e. Library of Congress t$t . . _...r. . . . 'j " , . f ( Seriea) 55-59z9-1 0 j o Cl o 0 0 :4 v2 9
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78 XI Ad1--79 S:P. Jour. Adv. Res. 15(2)7-•15 (1975) 50256 2657 AD`7ERTISING/SALES RESPONISE FYJNCTIOP,IS ' Bi-rnonthly salcs of ftve Lever bratrds Ambar G: Rao and Peter B. Miller in 15 districts were related todollarsspcnt on TV, print, price-off and trade promotion Allocating a national advertising budget among com- peting geographical areas is a key decision that faces marketing management. Various rules of thumb are often used in making this decision, such as allocation proportional to sales or proportional to potential sales. or awareness or other indirect measures of sales po- tential. Since the real sales implications of such rules are poorly understood, they often result in allocations that are far from optimal from a sales or profit view- point. A management science approach to the allocation problem requires a more direct measure of the rela- tionship between marketing expenditure (investment) and sales (profit). This paper describes and illustrates a ~,rocedure for empirically estimatin~ advertising/~1 sa4~s relltioAs~ip~rort~isNcalt~data/l7ic' roc~urea~ uses distributed lap models to relate market share to number of brands of consumer packaged goods. In every case the advertising/salcs relationship was suc- cessfully estimated. After describing other ap- proaches to the allocation pro- blem, methodology, data, the results, and the application and extension of the findings are reviewed. In the subsequent discussion, absolute magni- tudes have been scaled to pro- tect the confidentiality of the data. However, the functional forms and scientific conclu- sions deduced are unaffected by this scale change. L'
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50256 2678 11 ....~. // Ift 'Wditioncil copics avoilcblc only il;rouoh .orporote F eE~;cs^nt ti.'cs of Corporafe Ac•rnl;crs of The Pockojing lnsf ii;itc. f W~. k t.v"
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75 I l:C, afAK1:Fs TING RESI••:A^.f:1t /r Dt'ERTIS IK.^, J 50256 2602 Joux. of Advart sin F,es~.~oarc~h 1.[;(5) j3-4o~1~f~;) ' •.`li 1Cb~L..~ ~.tt~ ~ --~.ttr'bute ~~.~~ ~~~ ~~ult~ • Brar.e chnicer was morr: a,_c:watcly pI•c~'.~lclc~'d '>1%he)J afrlfudL's 101 :': ~: Ci fV-k'- ~~.rca G. Woodside and James D. C?.o~cey other brands }U~~re also co;;.i~de;°cd. Bass and Wil:cle (1973) have compared tnulti-atrihure xttitude models, nor- rc>,lized for tiithin-subject variance in rca•onses to beliefs ar,d impo;tance weights, to rr,odcls using raw data us- irt~,' erG iS SC: rtof.al regression analyses. The explan3tory pox-ver juinped by more tharj 150 per cent for the nor- malizcd rr.'rur?s, and there were large ir.crcases ui the .,5'erag:. number of :;ib- nificant atts:~ ita when co;rparcd to th- raw cja'.< r:~~~lts. ficacy of normalized, sanu*tated, mutti-attribute models were no bctter than measures such as "brand la,;t pur- chased" and a seven-point preference roting scale for accu:ately forecastin,r, brands purchased over tirne. Hwrever, tl:esc aut: Ors nated that the aiulti- attribute medels may offcr consider- able poten:ial for exami ning the structure of cohsumer atti2udes i:i terms of attr.bute importance liefs 2bout spccific brands. ~ and bc , dis!ik.: ), model structvre, ar,d rno:1:1 tcstinS. The 1"iailc rtlulll"laritoute TP:CTii.l adapted f.:r use in coils':mcr resestch is expresscd in the following equatien: r, (1)B1'=Afi-'a- where B the s±rr.r.Vt/ of the bcl:e: that attribl+te Yk is pa'c-zssed l:•,• b::nu j = tl;e dc~ye:~ to :: h;.Il tl ~, r:.. er.ce of rttrl::re i, is e
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f~ 50256 2689 ~ ai Aeration B1akQbrougn, N. Ced.a BILjCHEMYCAL AND EIOlAGICAt. FaJGINE.ERIlJG SCI~T•iC~ d. 1 1967 AGademi.c Press, London I 0 1 a 6 0 0 0 2 u6*5 S
Page 166: lfb88d00
: Mt>F-C--403--?3 _ Ct'lti3LE1,R YR?:'rERF:?ICE/ , a'1.j -1.: i 1 a: + C'L-Fwc- 32''~ .... ~ j t r;`to-~ .iClu:. ~i71 !~tSeSxcll 1_.!~~-)34..-j(} ~ (l9i ~~ i. James S. Frideres Despite frequent comment on the }oa•cr of advertising, attempts to mea- stue its effects by scientific means have laaged behind con;ecture. Thert is, however, some agreerr.ent concer:i- ing the theoretical impact of ad4crtis- {n general. two main points seem to be presented: (1) providing infor- r:+ation to the audience, and (2) crea.- tio:: of a desire or a nzCd for s u-irc(cu- 12r.PooCi .1ST1Gn° t11P audfence.. TT/ coin»:ercial.s persuaded kids--- tis=lao thern persuaded t/;eir parents--- to btcvi certain br rl;•tds of tovs. Data were obtained tltro::gh struc- dren's programs for the prior week had lured inter,.tiews cunductcd with both the ctildren a::d the parents. Only children betw•een the ages of five and eight were interviewed. For various re,rsons-e.g., no chil- dren, refusals, etc., only 82 of the orig- inal 150 household- selccted provided two intertiievrs and complete us ible re- turns. _ L7uc..Sr. pre4iously been tabulated, znd the re- spondents viere si;nply asked to identi- fy those shows they hid watched. Children were then class:fied by t1:e amount of time they spent watch;s~g the programs. For t; ose classified as hifh (12 hours or mc,re per wee k), nearly 80 per cent clairried that they t;rst saw or heard of tLe toy t"sle~ :V111tG:" on i V. Of tGosr; in rt.- low cate<oT, 61 per U t iJ u i) u CU 1 4 J %' t)
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50256 2692 :II St2 . Aeratiau ~ (1961) ~ ~ i I STUDIES IN A~RATIa*!i JaIfl AGITATION ProZr. Ina. H.icrobio1. 3, 143-72 (1961) ~ t i 0 1 Ci t'i ii i i () 2 U~; 6
Page 168: lfb88d00
xx rier9 -73 s.r. .__....._. ~ ....~.....____._., :._,a._.,_....._ ~,~.a_....._ . . Mea~JL °'~~ "~7~.~~,~~'J~~ .-.r's _, ~-'~ _~_ _1'il '.1l:~'~~J JAh1A, tvov 5, l9:3 v Vo; 226. tdo 6 /(.,~3L . I A New Syndl onle? William N. So}:ol, 1ID;.3Cots~f`Ae`lot~j~; ~fIt, Gildon N. Beall, MD Three patients emp!cyed as meat wrappers developed respiratory symptoms when exposed to the fumes of a pol)•vinyl chloride film cut with a hot wire. The patients were middle•aged vomen who smoked ci~arettes and demonstraied reversible airway obstruction on pulmonary function testing. I he cause of their symptoms is not knovrn, but some ingredient of the polyvinyl chloride film is suspected. 50256 2685
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50256 2686 II Me -72 S.F: 5 Y4'ATER POLLUTION CONTROL RESEARCH SERIES 0 12040 ELW 12/70 : REE1 TMENT. OF-. .. `EFFLUENTS Crown Zellerbach Corporation Lebanon Division Lebanon, Oregon ' for the Environmental Protection Agency By Program I`umber 12040 ELW Project Number WPRD 69-01-68 December, 1970 ~) Fc,r e h; Aae 3A;ierlntRDJcoLi f Pq~ men U.S. Govetnrneot PiLsting Olsae Wcshmytou, D.C, ~. ~- S'r(ce $3 :S
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• .. - . . . 50256 2673 . i S , . . . , - - - TOR'FiLCO-r.TAXATI0I1/TOI3AGC0--LCOI30MICS/ ; ~ f • ^~ "+ :A= ~ . . . • ; . . . , ;~.• ~~~•.;;-. . .~ .. , .. . - . . . . . . . - ~:'. . . .. +J. • .. . . .. ...- ........~ .+r-....-,...~:- ....-... .i„ r' .. .. wu/C..~w.y,itl.~.:.,.. ~,..,,.,, - -..w~~. r- j':rt j. • w .v.r .~ ,y... ~ .t~ '• P... f•: .~ .... . -: •% . . . . . .. . . , , S 2240 -, 44 5 ~ Ti:::TBOOK T RJR CLASS :i0 . LLYV .. . .. . t~ Advisory Co mission..Interfiovernmental F.clations; 1'7ashinf;ton, D., C.,U.S. .... •~T. , ' c, r "r nt. . ~ 1977 A ,T..T.. :~:in P~7 hT. >PO>;I~ILITY. ert;uvernmental Relations, report, 115 p. (Iiay 1977) Advisory Co~im. In t _ _ (in English) %rax - evasion activities. whichh cost the are primarily due to State tax differen- high-tax States and localities an estimated $391 million in revenue losses each year. tials and are a serious problem in 14 Statcs~ and a moderate problem in anoth- er eif;ht States. • s-~- ... _.., . ..~ i
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" 50256 2680 . ~~. Q 144 Su 1975 ~nc~~=B=padQ a of ~ 0 ova~`~nf~C~~ i ~m ~ dvEsmr~,--, O~~ ~'° rc;~ ~`~ ~.`M~d ~ ~ ' C~9 ~ A ReferenCe Guide to Presidential Advisory Committees, Public Advisory Committees, Interagency Committees and Other Government-Related Boards, Panels, Task Forces, Commissions, Conferences, and Other Similar Bodies Serving in a Consultative, Coordinating, Advisory, Research, or lnvestiqative Capacity SECOND EDITION GALE RESEARCH COMPANY • BOOK TOWER • DETROIT, MICHIGAN 48226 Editors: Linda E. Sullivan & Anthony T. Kruzas • t_ 1 Assistant Editors: Rita K. Smith & CJ I~('i 0 6 0 2 0 10"
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50256, 2674, SB 111 \ ' Na • 1975 i . PDDL 1 t . d 1 0 I . BOTANY, ECONOPtIC/: .' ' Ujidefexploited. with Promising Economic Value 'lants al r ropge Report of an Ad Hoc Panel of the:A,dvisory. Co ' '~te~;pn' Technology Inriovation ~ -.~a,:. Board on Science and Technology for. • International Development Commission on International Relations Avec resumi en fransais Con resumen en espanol NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Washing:on, D.C. 1975
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-; 502-56 2669 . TOBACCO--AGRICULTURE/TORACCO--nREAT RRITAIN/TOBACCO--j!ISTORY/ C. T. Reprint of 1615 book. RJR CLASS 140. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 En 1615 AN ADVICE HOW TO PLANT. TOBACCO--IN ENGLAND. (The F.nRli"sh Ex erience, Nicholas Okhs, London, variously paged (1615) (in I:nglish~ ~~T- or utctaking of it in finokc,ifthc robacco be clcanc, c,nd not po),foncd \sitll iuiccs,and o- ~ thcr Arr, I know that lt is an cxccllcnt rcnncdy ~ for the hcad-akc,for thc vrrtiso Qdizincs of thc 11cad,for rl)Olf1 S watcry f omakcs, it prcuailctlt ~ againft the rulncs C dc(1tlEtions, C a11 thc palnS ~ oftllc ioynts thcrby occaGoncd, and acain(t all ~ alfc-ftionsofthc}hcad,\vatcrin7ofthc cycs,and ~ IAot11•akc, tllat it kcchcs offthc gout and fciati- ca;anil tal;ctli away thc"rcdncllc ot thc tacc,tnat ~ ~ atfca it prcfcrncth tiiofc tllat t.,kc it hoth from ; ~ thc Calcnturc or burnins I'cllcr, ar.dfrom thc ~ $ctlruic, that it opcrctlt obflrnWocs, ar.d is ' ~ cxcccc!io~ profit:-iblc in the falling fickcncfi'c. ~ 'I-hc fyr0hc is a good \-omltc,and fo is a draue~ht 1 ~ of \~i~irc or rcnitih \vinc,\sllcrcin fo much of thc ~ lcaic as vi: i"hcth fixc pcncc hath bccnc ftcc- ~ pcdall;iii,ht: thco)-Ictllat droppcth out of a ~ loulchiE)c,killctii'fcttcrs,andallof that kindc. lj ~I Z ~ ~ 5 No. 559)
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78 XI Adl-79 S.P. 9 f)[1N.S Rf;V1 rS9 September, 1.978 pp. 109-10, 113 For years, companies have been searching for a foolproof formula thatwilt show them how much influence advertising has on sales. The answer has proved frustratingly elu sivc. or years, giant . . r. i~• Nabisco Inc faced a problent con:mon to ~ many conipanics with .{; long-estahlished con- sumer hr.xlucts. M- thoutat such Nahiscu hi:uuh a. ltiti (•rackcrs and Fig Nc%%tun% h:I,l solid po%rtiuns in their respective markut.. the caokic at, a cr.ickcr hnsittasc. spend on advertising is %.;isted. l he trou- hlc is. I dun't know which half." }3at it is not for lack ol• trying. As advertisintg rates have soared in recent %cars. curhorate marketing departments hasc been forced to t:isr managentent hcticr justification of the ad tunils they shcll uut.'1 hus, rescarchcrs aml ad a¢cn- cics havc been pouring milliun, uf dollars inlu thr constniction ul cl,ihurntc lhcu- (v matunr~, an~t mayyigci~:nt ..iljJ,ut unc~md~ornriuterttuodcls in an intcnse tv ~ ( t / l ~ ) i 6 47 .~ advertising. On thc creative side, rc- searchers have had conside;able success in finding out from consumer studics the most persuasive kinds of written and hroadc.ut• mcssatcs• At the same time, most companies ha~c becn able to idcnti- fy in grcat detail the kinds of peopic who usc a particular product, as wcll as the kinds of advertising media these poten- tiA customcrx ::rc most likely to ftcc. Lomhincd, those branches of research
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50256 2697 7 Qrandl, 9. pf.RAT 10N LN SUBMERGRD FERMkN7AT lON ) b y L. OPand1; A. SchmLdy and N. Steine r Biotechno] Qg_y and 9Lce:ngtneering 8, 297-31.3 (1966) i~ CA 0 () Ci :~ l~
Page 176: lfb88d00
50256 2681 i/!~7!r1l.Y.~'s~`4.` i/ ~. t ed. L1 Laliaford, ItQ;:nnsd A rrd. Z'echnical ancf con:mercirtl dictic,nary, editetl by R. A. i.angiord and Y.. N. aeberhard. New Yor;t, Chemical Pub. Co. i19P,21 3 r. in 1(10'24, xvi p. )cm. Each co:. has special t. p. only; v. ilc (xF•ith t. p. in t:nFlish) : i;a;- 1ish. Frearh, nnd Gercnan; v. c`wc (with t. p. In 'rt•e:sch) : Fret:c•h, Ger- man, anr; English; v. ;3j (with t. p. in German) : Qermsn, Engl,sh. and French. 1. 'Cc~chnr~tug~-Dictivo t;tes Polr~lot. 2. Comr.tem,>--Dicttcmar- ies-P+31yg1ot. i. AeSerharcl, R. W., joiict ed. ii. Title. ni. Title: Dictionnuire iechnique et cotnmerci:it. n•. Title: Wiirterbuch der TecU- nik und dey ilandols. T1U.L25 1952 603 52-2054 Library of Coug7ess 20i p I 0 a n i, 0 2 0 2 7
Page 177: lfb88d00
50256 2677 . . ... ...._._`...~.a+.w --~s,}....1.}uati.alJ.~..i<....~~~iL.'ia.r6.a'..~............~~..w....._~...-~_.-.........~......... .....~-wr........~..~...~..«...-...r~~.....n.. i:Er Q 'J.44 Su 1973 U.S.f;OVP.P.,N1•fEw'I'S--DIP.I:CTOI'-rES/DIRECTOFtIES/CONSt'LTI?IG SEF;VICES--DIP,l:C1 INFO12MA1ION SOURCES--U..S.. GOVEE'.NrfENT*-DIRECTORIES~ . ~ "~'t E(cs N 1 4 E"a q(•^} °,. i- r " ° f2 (`t fy! F r I*'. F'? 1' E E'' !' ('; f' E Ft l.IU~£+c i.a:wHcc'ti lail. ..vt ?l{.-.1:I'.il.L..ria.RL'Cf A REfL-"flE/IICE cU/L]C. TO fEDE,SAL AcNCY, fNTFI,'AcCNCY, fflll GUV£Ir'~~SI£l:l Ff.!/TElJ BO.!I;DS, CULi,~1ITMCS, C(IUNClLS, COI: tfRE NCES, A41D O TlIER Sl~: ~ll. !' f! AVf T S lnl AN AD 6'I SD/r' }; CO4`SUr. f A T'l NE Of1 Md !'[ S TlGA T/ L'E CA,°lt Cl l Y. EDITOi;S: Linda E. Suilivan and Anthony T. Kruzas ' ASSISTIitJT CDITOR: Jean 8. Stayman ISSUE td0. t JULY 1973 GAt C R£S£ARC/{ C0,^,4PANY lJL7Il01T, !kVCNIGA!L! 48226 0 ia t1 n 0 o 2 u 1j
Page 178: lfb88d00
50256 2695 . rI Ca~ (1967) I 4 Carii]+, A. I AIRATIC:d STUDIES. III. t'1EAS ~.~=.L?*2.EAlT OF DISSOLVED O?CYrEN CUR7.NG 7FUR."."UNTATIQN IN LA-.?,GE FERMENi'ERS, by A, Cac-illi; E. B. Chain, C. Gcnlnrdi, a nd G. M_*sisi Sax. Rept. Inet. Super. Sanita 2, 177-89 (1961) U ...... _ .~.~~.~.-r,......~.~. _ . . . . , _ . . ~ Y. . . . . t - . ~ - . ~ /.. . / 0 1 i/ 1~ ~1i (l Cj 10 4 I ~
Page 179: lfb88d00
50256 2694_ UxATt_I,~ aN~_~Ac~~ .~SSE9~= Sic-ezz, S. D. A£R A~IO:d lutiU A.CIrk:,'I4a IN HLr•F,OBIOLOGICAL FitG~:o~:S , (CQ1unbia Univcraity, Eng. Sc. D.) 1963 160 Fa~a,~ Liniva-ysty if::cw;, ~'ilms Ivc. A=n Arr4o: , 0 1 0 1l 0 0 0 2 0 4 U I
Page 180: lfb88d00
5o2-5s 2684 FOOT)=-IbT'STRY/TOrACCO--ECO"IOMICS--STATISTICAL nATA/ TtANAC:T:MEN --F.CONOMIC ASPECTS/*TO1',(lYOT.IT:S/I"77PSTRI.V. ?tANAI:F.?•iPNT--PFSFARCII/ rT:SFARCH, I'dDI1STP.IAT.--VAT,UI: ANALYSIS/ . HF 5681 C1 1977 ` Kenne,th IV. (Cla:-h-son ., ,. W'ith a foreword bijYaleBrozen American Enterprise Institutc for Public Policy Research,- !{e. Tr; Washington, D.C. ~~ . %~I IIMIIII Effects of Rese(arch and Promotion
Page 181: lfb88d00
50256 2691 Aeratian I I SieSall, S. D. 1'a? ,TbC.3 A:'iD Afi1:A~'IO:T I:j MICf:0i32fl1,C1GICAL PROCF'4SES (Colusabia Univerffiity, Eng. Sc. D.) 1963 160 PaEeg L'niveroity M<crofil ms Xnc. Ama t.:-uor, .r,.. I i 0 1 f i () t) ii 0 2 U S%
Page 182: lfb88d00
1. 7?-C , 4 (;cprintccl `: . cr :,ry 1966 ~~iirerc CJ.~ . 1i. • inic (.!+ it;;•t t G1.C. lly 1~r{>C (:': Sl::r' Cii C O^l~`_i(11r~ :1~ ~C)~l/ U)r (>/4 Co; li,arl,c,., t°I/\ .r. ~ . 1- .a :~,C,a ~~~ju -(;i, ~~j~,., 50256 2679
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502-56 2676 I Adl "AdvisoY'y _Cauncix !~1 >CoT1ege . Chemtstry:- S~r~.~l~;.Pub l.icati on, 12: A(jVissi"± on Ccll` ~P_ f I1Pr1iStry, Co!nuf cl_`F~b cn Taac!:inR Aids , ~•- r:. S,> ;` 4T:~?l ^i~I+!1r+r;n a.-^.->, n... .- rU_~ ~ ,.,,.1. .,..,:...,, .. ~L~ LI~, "„ C:iL=TZSTiZY LInRA't:TES. (Adt'?so.; Cowtcil 011 CoIINc;Q f~nemistr~ ~Sc:rial T~s=)li.catfcn 12) Anril la,*~,(, 44 nafirs Stan=ord Univ., Dept. Cner,., Stanford, Cttii.f . U I i~ Ii fi i~ il 2 ' 2. 2
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50256 2701 ' TI ~N~AERQ~~Gr"~AC~R~A` CUL'~URE`'; Ec k{'~t~J"fUAMBFtEAKER. 1567zcrtola, W. H. _I+02ING PW~+.~` a%W I !l.~1 AEROBIr- BACIERxIi GtJLTUFtE AITfiFt.AW1tS ~ ' I EMPl.OYING l% Ct £U FD1lNlPREJ1JtER. .., .. tu. .,. ric!pt, ox tC:: Ya1.J,q, Qff7i.ca, C;Y NaK61 Research, tJaval Research Gebocator.y RQpoct 6494.) January 20, 1967 8 psg.ca uashi.ngtanr A. G, i , 0 (i ('r P, i1 2 lJ 4 1
Page 185: lfb88d00
50256 2696 QR OffiXf fWMIM ; 151 VSINQ; A,3STFAM„-,STBRtV '~A~I:~•;DISS~VED.:ORYGEDT t` ~ Wa AESIGNT Wallace, C. J. A£RATION STUDIES IN SUgMERGE4 FE'RMEiJTAT7ONS USING A STEAM-STERLLIZABX.E DYSSOLVRD OXYGEN SEySoR O:P YMPROVED tXS"tGN._ (iJpivereity of Mlssavri at Rollo„ PhP,~., Tfe3is) 196'l 189 pp.. Unlversity Microfilms, lnc. A.r.c Arbor, Kith. i ~.-......~. :) 0 0 ~'i 0 'l 0 li a .
Page 186: lfb88d00
50256 2702 II Me5-80 S.P. Cin U•rl ~t,flf•~ (j}}ir.. Ul L~J.ri. ! E('~+ 'i, A r,.4 11 F: v r u m+rnt,d f'rrrif c7 un Proqram U(i+. +,fh: ,. J: I/ rri 1 ' w1,u: t+~ `J 1~ Washutyhm DC :ri:h l Wt,te•r Aerobic~.~ Process Biological,, -Control Wastewater Manual >Treatment Facilities -".EPA ~ u ~~~ ~ n~'~ IU j u4 4 ~
Page 187: lfb88d00
.41 I 4A W - 50256 2703 Smith, Nathan Tiavmund, 788t3- lerobic sporeforlnin~ bucteria iby, I~atlian it, Smith, Ruth E. Gordon jand; Francis E,. Clark. Washinr ton, L~. S. GoVt. I'rint, ( )IF., 119521. 148 p. ilius. 2-1 cm. (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Agriculture monograph no. 16) "Literature cited": p. 13-l-144. 1. Ba^_teria. Sporefcrmtng. 2. Bactcria, Aerobic. (Saries) [HLZ1751.A918 no. 16] Agr 52-534 .# U. S. Dept. of Agr. Libi ) 1Ag84Am no.16 for Library of Congress 1.`tiif51 I 2 U ~9 ~i
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50256 2648 78 XI Adl-79 . S.P. KQ-Y &C"t, at~. .$t~ 5 3 3 q~] ~- 4 O-7 ( I q-7 ~ =4iDVFA,74~Tl$l~G~-Atvn. PROrr,CtkB;~-:lT,Y7 Rober Sherman and Robert Tollison * \Iuch current empirical work in industrial or- ganization rests on a paradigm that has two main links: (i) determinants of market structure vari- ables, and (ii) effects of market structure variables on behavior. For example, technological determi- nants of concentration and entry barriers have been associated in turn with high profitability [2, 16]. Advertising does not fit into this paradigm neatly, for it appears as both an aspect of industry behavior and a determinant of market structure as well [2, 6,301. Jndeed, exactly how advertising is connected to market structure measures has been a subject of controversy [6, 8, 17, 25, 27]. If advertising is accepted as an independent market structure vari- able it is a very important one, because it has been linked stron~ly to hihh profitability [6]. But we shall argue that advertising is not a genuine inde- pendent variable; it depends on technological fac- tors and prices, which determine the variability of t9tal cost with output in the short run. UrhelvariQ)ilit~ of 6taljqost~iitl: thortAunigutpd~t was captured nicely in Lerrer's "measute of mo- given by technology, so it seems more apt to be the determinant of advertising than to be determined by it. But cost variability is not related to adver- tising alone. It also is related to profit when uncer- tainty is present, through an effect it has on the variance of profit. So cost variabilit}- can explain both advertising and profit, and its omission from any study of a relation between them could lead to faulty conclusions. Since cost variability can be represented empirically, these implications need not Oo untested for lack of data. Here, after we review reasons why cost variability will affect both adver- tising and profitability, we investigate the relation- ships empirically. We find that cost variability rather than advertising is a determinant of pront- rates in consumer goods industries, and in other industries as well. Cost Variability as Determinant of Advertising and Profitability n nopoly power" [1S], :vhich equals price minus mar- By solvin,r, jointly for an optimal advertising
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50256 2688 STXiys R~~ a~ .,a s O~sPos,~e/ys ~sTF_ r~>Epr.tNOt/ ittE ~ .q,C,t NTl .o~A e ri rA ED .~~L NOGE~lf ~ r~ vA ~6~ C A'~~ ~ eR~~O So~{ pT~o ~A~~~rii~y/ r : rbiVD.r1 iCr gT~oi~rL The Treatment tD 8 97B<.° of Industrial AVastes /969 ~.y . . Edmund B. Besselievre, P.E. . FllAiSi/ClE t;,;_eow,mercanocetyoicingineers :~..: i: Conseiltant, Forrest & Cotton, Inc., Dallas, Texas 0Z 4 ~....~,.. ..~' y~i _ I
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50256 26T5,. I Adl ~dvf sotq; _~tuicf V`ort°-6o11ega-~CheanistrY°. GpT_1?IRLI'at'S A'iS) P.!'CO'~1':•~'r.NBIM, TI:LE LIST :. ;1£MF.'R.,FADi!A'T.;: C:1F"{YS'i RY LIRi2A1t1ES. (Advisor.v L'oni.cil on College Chemistry Serial Pubi ication 12) April 1966 44 nages Stanford Univ., Dept. Chem., Stanford, Caiif. 0 () () ll G ;z
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50256 2698 PESTICIDE EQUIPMENT/ Sci. Educ. Admin. publ. (NW 14)1-19 (1980) TROPICAL FRUIT FLY CONTROL 81 II Bo By P. A. Boving R. T. Cunningham, and R. G. Winterfeldl 1. ~'A1 isp6li'serxfOt~ Yis~6us"'Ciire 1'oxicaii~YfMl~xtures 8 ;I_' . Exploration into newer and more selective methods of pest control (5, 6)2 has led to the formulation of a lure and a toxicant in a viscous base for the control of selected species of tropical f ruit flies. This formulation is used to reduce uncontrolled wild populations so that releases of sterile insects car maintain dominance over the wild populations. Without this step, a massive release program would be needed initially to overpower the wild population. The isolation of male lures (1, 3) makes the formulation more specific; and, with other protective materials, the formulations now provide: (a) a vehicle for attaching small quantities of chemicals to plant surfaces, (b) protection of the chemicals from atmospheric and soil breakdown forces, and (c) a slow release of the chemicals to extend their effectiveness. 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 4 4
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a IZZ i ' ReA-3 ~ (1969) 50256 2708 %ovqrpt-Ge"et`8t Ca~tporat.Cc~";: F~ ~tBR.9hES SJ7TABLE FOR Th::v PURP4S1r. Bel.gl.an Patent 697, 74$ (May Z, 19tv71, () () 11 0 i k i: ny I
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50256 2668 76 II ke -76 ,6 p 1 Agr. Res. 11(4) 16(1962) . . NITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE VISION OF PUBLIC DOCUMENTS. WASHINGTON 25. D.C. ^ ti r ~ Ce o4.9epniUm Wr it Control A~Yt Verticillium wilt is a threat to heraniums because the disease is diffi- cult to diagnose, ARS scientists advise florists and home gardeners. This funa s disease is often mis• taken for bacterial rot. Some symp- toms are similar. Consequently, pre- cautions taken to eliminate bacterial rot may not always control Avilt. Florists should be especially wary if they grow geranium stock in un- rsterilized outdoor beds to avoid buy- ina cuttinSs that may be infected with acteria, cautions pathologist Frank .1icWhorter of ABS apd tl?~ 0{e,goro gricultural Experiment Station. 71 7- PENALTY FOR PRIVATE USE TO AVOID PAYMENT OF POSTAGE. 5300 /OPO) Crowing geraniums in outdoor beds is especially hazardous because ver- ticillium is found in soil in which certain host plants have been grown. Hosts include trees, herbaceous plants, ornamentals (especially dahlias), many kinds of nursery stock, potatoes, tomatoes, cotton, mint, and berries. Unlike bacteria-infected cuttings, those cuttings from plants infected For control, 1tcR'horter adviscs florists to select stock carefully, grow plants at least two aenerations in sterilized soil, and have test cultures made from select stock for both bac- terial rot and verticillium. • AGRICULTURAL RESEARCt! ~.~. co.urnrT Purt~sc err.a:~sct with verticillium may appear normal when sold. Later symptoms such as dwarfing, yellow spotting and yellow leaves, stem rotting, and wilt may appear in that order. ... Cj ' tl 2 0 1 4 E1 a . I
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• 5025b 2664 7R YI Ad 4O 5.n; s. •s 3 r Ft`T I 8fitd-''` rO'ZA C.C O -4 ,I . ~;°~J1',S•TUI~i'° OI~ E1:P::~DI'i vRES. H\D`OF; TRE\;~ ''~~~z,S*IIiES,`2'ROMOTIG\T 1 N FOREWORD BY SIR CYRIL BLACK. J. P.. D. L. ,M. P. APRII.1962 PUHLISf:ED BY :iIF. ADVER=:S:1G :\Q:JIRY COCNCL ..:a. ~_... LONDON CRESS1ti1,L:. PLACE. S. W. Iv. 0 (FRE 6305)
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50256 2693 ~}~T~ vA rEO s~C 6~ DG ~~~'~t~ R~ trcra,t-,~ ~ T.t r~~a /s~"o~,rosw~'~ri~Nf ~i~ rR~}rPaa~ w~ srr TR c~ r.~.,~tiTf l~a~t L hr~~~J --t~t~r~~~. , / ~~~ W ~S~'A/Dq sTX 1A ~s,E' t~ s.~~ oS/ s/' I~~~ cr~ ~. ~ ~'~~A u "T17C3PO]LH.UTQON DISPOSAL AND REUSE (in two volumes) Volume 1 .4aD 2 by J. E. ZAJIC University of Western Ontario 0 0 U 2 0 :fonel.An, Ontario, Canada \
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50256 2704 AEROBIOLOGY/AI P.--POW.UTIO' X;'-RES1?ARCit /DISI;AS ES--*tICR00RGAN I S*,iS /BIOSYNTIf'CS IS / VIRUSES--BIOLOGY/WATER--POLLUTION/INSECTICIDi;S•--MICROBIAL/ANTIBIOTICS/AFLATOXI?1S/ QR 151 Do 1974 2. ~l.•L _ A I'uGlication of the Socicty for Industrial hlicrobiology. FREONS--TOXICITY/ DEVELO^. ME1 T( TS IN- Procccdings of the I~, T~ ~; r~ rg~~ Thirticth General Mecting ~ L ~ ~ ~ of the ]Q ~ICRO~ ~L~;G~ Socicty for Industrial Microbiology jVJL .r~1L~~J' .ft Held at Evanston, Illinois AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES August 19-24, 1973 ~ ~ . WASHINGTON, D.C. _ r 1974
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30256 2717 INHALATION/ 3 81 II It r 8018 L0268 P /_43 I TOH H J NUCL MED a,':1. C(D, ftw'1 MECHANISMS OFVEROSOL DEPOSITION DOWNSTREAM OF AIRWAY OBSTRUCTION. D.L. Swift, 6.C. Smaldone, P.O. Alderson, H.N.agner Jr. Kyoto University*, Kyoto, Japan, and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD. The problem in giving therapeutic aerosols to the pa- tient with COPD is less penetration of the aerosols in the lung because of their premature deposition in the obstruct- ive airways. This has been noticed for years since the ad- vent of radioaerosol imaging of the lung; however, no ex- tensive study has been done regarding the mechanism of such deposition. The purpose of the study was to evaluate physi- cal parameters regulating the aerosol deposition at the obstructed site, and to provide theoretical basis for proper delivery of the aerosols to the patient with airway obstruction. Monodisperse sebacate,aerosols tagged with uranine were give~.to e~ half ~inch~ d ylestic tube with a circular con- i Istrifcfionf• Thp'amoun"t o~ uranine deposited downstream of the orifice was determined fluoroscopically. The individ- ,~ .ua1 Darameters such as particle size, flow rete, density of
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50256 2705 AIR-•-POLLUTInN-- NT?ALTH F•rFFCT/AIP.--"LCRr7l3I(7LOGY/aTC?fj3rnLC7C:Y---.1 Cft/ MIC.P.OORCAN:IS'iS• -AIR/ IyTER:QATIOVAL BIOLOCiCAt. PROGftA'•'(TSP) / I QR 101 Ed 1979 US/IBP SYNSTHESIS SERIES 10 • AEROBIOLOGY ..;The cologicat Systems Approach Edited by i . Robert L. Edmonds University of Washington Dowden, Hutchinson C& Ross, Inc. Stroudsburg Pennsylvania I 0 1 0 0 0' 11 0 2 U :-; I .
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Y II Me5-80 . THE ECOLOGY OF eromonas hydrophila S.P. _ IN ALBEMARLE SOUND, NORTH CAROLINA by Gerald W. Esch and Terry C. Hazen Department of Biology Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, N.C. January 1980 -f6 8(-) -,2 l(o (o ~v Waler Resources Research Institute 0 1 (Qff Ti-Ig tANk/gR*5IjY OF NORTH CAROLINA 50 256 2710 REPORT NO. 153
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50256 26 71 c an~ J- c."A'- N~~ , XXII MeB9-7fi tVINYL CHLORIDE AND SAFETY AT WORiC 28th May 1975 - Skyline tlotel, Hayes, Middlesex. t'rNATIONAL AP:iI IP:I'liRNe,TIONAL ASFECTS 0F-THF: VCM. ItEAS.TH FNORI.f:M A.W. BARNES S,ASSESE.Mr:NT OF T0\lC RISKS TO WORKERS iN THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY %Amperial Cnemical Industries Ltd. DR• R.?. CRA*:P'1'0*: Britisl~ Industrial Biological Research Association ~CUIUELINES FOR PVC PROCESSORS ~ }l.Dt. CLAYTON vur ECANOMIC ROI.i~ OF PVC AND THE POSSIBILITIES OF S'JBSTITUTIO"1 British Industrial Plastics Ltd. DR. W.A. 110L.htIiS-IdAL.KER !, l' ~r // ~ Bri tish Plustics Federation y ON %4"ADVICC TO PRbCESSORS - METHODS ttF ANAI,YSIS.; b MONITORING OF.VC!l..LEVEI,S 4 (r. THAIN The British Petroleum Cormpany Ltd. (a) F THE PACKA(;INC OF FOOD IN PVC CON1'AINERS E THE EXTRACTION OF VCM DR. M.J. SAXBY British Food Manufacturing Industries Research Association L.H. ADCOCK The Research Assoc. for the Paper & Board, Printing & Pkg.Industry (h) e VINYt. CF1IARLUz' AtONOPff:R IN FnOD PACK_AGING DR. D.A. TESTEP, and T.W. 1-tOFFITT Imocrial Chemical Industries Ltd. TIIE;HEA1,171 AIJD SAFETY AT WY1(:K ACT 1974: IMPLICATIONS FOR INDUSTRY DR. M. KAUF:fAN . :) Rubber & Plastics Processi., Industry Training Board ~ Ttl'r..fHEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK ACT: PVC - A CASE STUD: C.T.Y. COWIE !lmperi-al Chemical Industries Ltd. SUMHWKY i~jl. C.l 'BESSrNT('` ~1 r, ~ •;1 !1 1 BP Chcmicatis Idi~erna{iottil 1,4i. ~ 0 1 7
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'~ 50256 2666 Jour: Adv. Res. ,190 4-g (J ne 1967) , the~+ ~~~.ewa 7S PXI Adl-79 ~~Cb.lim ~.l.Jl~ tIA~Brd~nd: LFONARn A. Lo SCIUTO LARRY II. STIi.ASSMANN WILLIADI D. WI:LLS Rutgers University University of Rochester University of Chicago This laboratory simulation of advertising messages suggests that brand superiority combined with advertising dominance is the most effective way to induce "purchase" and "brand loyalty." T rtis is znE Txtxn in a series of papers reporting a set of laboratory experiments on consumer behavior. Implicit in all of the experiments is the image of a consumer receiving a stream of advertis- . in ~ess es(~` ur~oR s ne ~~teri~l o~tin an~i th~ m~lZfng ~ puii`has'c~ de~sion. It is assumed that real - life purc}tase decisions are detetmined in part bv vertising influences as prices, packaging, dispi. previous experiences with different brands, ant' on. In the experiments, however, all the non .,d tising influences are either controlled or climina and the effects of the advcrtising only are testec The carly experiments in the series iverz desic.; to tPCr the influences of ttirn fartrn•c rn-1,- clr.ni
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50256 2732 XX MeA 7 R: J, Reymolds Tobacco Company, Research and Product Development Department, Science Information Division AROSOL CANS, PATENTS,by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Research and Product Development Department, Science- Information Division, ahd / William W. Menz 1967 Xerox Copies Winston- Salem, N. C. I ~ ~i (1) U u ~ U 7 -_......,.......-- _~_~.._•-,
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112C ~ 50256 2718 J• Mectrochem. Sac.: REVIEWS AND NEWS --------------------------- Z,1/1RG ..75 S, P, Abstract No. 408 Particle-Siae Analysis an. , the_intermetal Relationships in industrial~~tos~ol j;missions l~. E. Jervis, T. M. Rolicrts, anu".f. J. I'aciga, InstiGrte of Environmental Stuaies, and Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont., Canada DI3S 1A4 As a result of the diversity of urban pollution sources, multiclement analysis of environmental sam- ples is of considerable importance in studyinr emis- sion sources and reveaiing interactions or correlations among metals at low concentrations. Developments in instrumental photon activation analysis (IPAA) have extended the number of elements measurable by ac- tivation techniques to include several of environmental interest, notably Pb and Ni, which cannot easily be me3sured at low concentrations by instrumental neu- tron activation analysis. A combination of these meth- ods has been used to measure a number of elements in airborne particulates at various urban sites inciuding expressways and sites in the vicinity of two secondary lead refineries in Toronto where concern has been ex- pressed over Pb concentrations in dustfall and soil as high as 10 %. , U 1 G 0 n 0 0 2 0
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78 xT Adl-•79 s.r. . 50256 2645 The Revi_ew of Economics asd Statistics VOLUriE.l'LI1 \ovt:,oui:K 1967 &q ,./ a3_ yL U Nu-.,tnru 4 ADD~~`RVSfK 6$-1AA ftd? William S. Comanor and Thomas A. Wilson * THIS paper presents an empirical analysis of the role of advertising in consumer goods industrics. Thc primary finding is that advertising has a statistically significant and quantitatively important impact upon profit rates which provide a measure of market pcr- formance as well as indicate the existence of market power. This result is robust, and the estimated multivariate equations account for half of the inter-industry variance of profit rates. This finding has implications which arc pre•- structurc upon profit rates. Not only do profit rates provide some indication of market per- forniance in terms of the normal criteria of allucative efficiency, but also high returns sig- nal the possible existence of market power.-' If exercised in the direction of profit maximi•r.a- tion, market power shoulcl lead to rates of re- turn which exceed those in competitive indus- tries that are comparable in terms of risk and growth of clcntand. In this framework, concentration is simply one dimension of market structure and is not of cisel th op sit of hc,~on isiu~~, re3ci ~d itsclf a measure of monopoly or market power. by 7~clsc~ in ~~rc~~nt ~~npb~taIarticlc~ T}fis ,Anothcr major clintcnsion is the height of entry contradiction is a rctlcction primarily of diifer• barriers, which is determined in part by tech- ~e~~~.~_.._!hn tl "li_li~t _ n r:_ i a t
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REPORT NO. EPA-600/4-79-024 It MeAlc~ ITIE ANOSUBT/TLE 7 9~REGIONAL AIR pOLLUTION STUDY S.P. Dichotomous~l(eroso] Sampling System t V 2. 3. RECIPIENTS ACCESSION NU. 5. REPORT DATE A ril 1979 ~ 6. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION CODE 7. AUTHOR{SI 8• PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NO. E. Nelson 9. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRESS 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. Rockwell International AA603 Ai r Mon i tori ng Cen ter 11. CUNTNACT/GRANT NO. 11640 Administration Drive 68-02-2093 Creve, Coeur, MO 63141 ask Order 102 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory -- RTP, NC 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIOD COVFRLD Final Office of Research and Development 14.SPONSORING AGENCY CODE U.S. Environmental Protection Agency . A: - Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 EPA/600/09 15. SUPPIEMENTARY NOTES , 16. ABSTRACT Ten of twenty-five stations making up the Regional Air Monitoring System (RAMS) in St. Louis were equipped with dichotomous samplers and high volume filter samplers for aerosol measurements. The dichotomous samplers, built by Lawrence Berkeley Labo- ratories (LBL), were designed for automatic operation and were capable of collecting up to 36 samples in each of two size.fractions before filter stacks mu;t be changed. i~nn ( -- (mnn- Most-of the time, the samp,iers(} operat~-d, to collect 12-hour samDles 1jnn.Nnn),, `J l,/ R j U lJ ~. i 50256 2720 a EL
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~.eactians to Aerosol Medication in Infants and Children RoLcrt L. Harris, AfD, and Harr-is D. nircy, Jr., MD • i id particles in air or oxygen; the process of form- duction of very fine particles irn dense concentrations. n acro.sol is defined as a suspension of liqiiid or sol- cer'rain respitatory disorders because it allows the pro- ing an aerosol is called nebulization. 'I'he purpose of Untoward effects have been noted with the use of al- cse particles on the ,~ most all aerosols and may be classified generally in i, to deposi>~th aecosol treatn ent „ ~ + ` ~
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JuQaNA40t ArYtlYn t'tlYtblUqY Vol. 38, No. t, January 1975. P.ieb/ in U.S.A. 72 tii Rt. -7,5' sp. A t~ieory of,aerosok deposition in the human respiratory tract D. B. TAULBEE AND C. P. YU Defiarhnent of Engineering Science, Aerospace Engineering a.nd Nuclear Fnginuring, State University of New York at 13ujfalo, 11uj7alo, New York 14214 TAUt•nEt:, D. B., A!:n C. 1'. 1'u. A theory of aerosol deposition in the hunian respiratory tract. J. Appl. Physiol. 38(l): 77-85. 1975.- The deposition of inhaled aerosol particles in the human respira- tory tract is due to the mechanisms of inertia impaction, Brownian diffusion, and gravitational settling. A theory is developed to pre- dict the particle deposition and its distribution in human respira- tory tract for any breathing condition. A convection-difiusion equation for the particle concentration with a loss term is used to describe the t nsport an~i depositiu t of gartic~rts. Ip his equation, f, t~ u u.~ lj .4 depths in the lung varies with a) the physical properties of acrosol particles such as size, shape, mass, and charge, 6) the breathing conditions including tidal volume, frequenc-', and breathing pattern, and c) the physiological condition: such as residual capacity and airway structure which varies from subject to subject. Rigorous determination of deposi- tion requires a complete knowledge of the airflow pattcrrn lin the lung, which is very complex and yet not full), undcr-
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w+r ~ fY 1 S 0 L .4v ?! V401evu • 1 el"+lrr r .f -t00, /p,9/f As 7S - " 1 YeC 1 .1 ly
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50256 2709 . v~ ~. _ .~ ~.... - III Du2 77 S.P. . a.:1~.t:... ~ A~~`o~oyi'cal ",Data of. Japan: Dew (Frost)-Point Teroperature, Atmospharic Electricity, i Long Nave ,Radiation, Atmospheric Ozone 1971 - 1972 Japan Meteorological Agency, Tokyo. c3722D4 FLD: 4B, 55C S TAZ1221 1974 373p MONITOR: 18 ABSTRACT: Daily upper air data, corrected for temperature error and curvature of the earth, are presented for Japan and its vicinity. The tables include standard pressure levels, temperature and humidi.ty levels, Wind levels, pilot-ba:2oon data rocketsonde dat.a. (Author) DESCRIPTORS: *Aerology, *Japan, *Lower atmosphere, *Mateoroloyical parameters, *Upper atmosphere, Balloon sounding, P.ockpt sounding, Tables (Data), TropospherA IDENTIFIERS: NTISNASA i . , - U ^j ~ Trs -Prices0: 4CS'10:O~HF32. 25
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~ TECFii•JICAL R[PORT DATA ~ 50256 2699 ~ 7 8 X Re -7 9 S. P. (Picasr rtad lNUnutior,s on tlu rtvrrsa before com f>lctin•e/ -_ - . - 1. REPORT NO. 2. 3. RECIPIENT'S ACCESSION•NO. EYA^600 _3_-7G-11Q___•._ ~ 4. T11 LE AND SUBTI f LE 5. REPORT DATE MIDWEST INTERSTATE SULFUR TRANSFORMATION AND TRANSPORT November 1976 I'ROJECT: AerlaT``M~a`s'u~eirit~nx~8'.~f;:Urb1~3~and;.T'a~~r P1anG` 8• PERFORMING OHGANIZATION CODE :Pluluesp,,...SummE:rr, 7. aUT/lOiilS1 8. PERFORMING OAGANIZATION REPOF W.H. White, J.A. Anderson, W.R. Knuth, D.L. Blumenthal, J.C. Hsiung, and R.B. Husar. 9. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRESS 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. Meteorology Research, Inc. 1AA603 464 West Woodbury Road 11• CONTRACT/GRANT NO, Box 637 68-02-1919 Altadena, CA 91001 , 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIOD COV I Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory FINAI. 7/74-6/76 Office of Research and Development 1n.SPONSORINC AGENCY CODE ( U:S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711 EPA-ORD 1S.SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 16. ABSTRACT • - •eiA,.....r T.+rnratotA .~'.si1 fitr Transforn?
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50256 2707 oD 139 Br ~. ln~n k S HVr ritish Coal tJ:.ilizatioii Research A3sociatian. Aerodynamic capture of part:cles; proceedings of a con- ference held at B. C. U. it. A., T I_,; eltherhead, Surrey, 1960. Edited by E. G. Richardson. New York, Symposium Pub- lications Division, Pergamon Press, iJGO. viil, 200 p. illus. 2(f cm. Includes bibliographies. 1. Dynamtcs of a pnrticlc-Congressc3. 2. Flufd isnlmtcw-<7~1n- gresses. 3. Aerosols--(;ongressey. L Richardson, Edward (,fc6, 1S9t3- ed. u. Title. QA85'?.B7 1960 1 531.36 G0-11•3-17 Llbrary of Congress (15]
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76 YxI Ok . . 2722 Okada, T.; Kitani, S. 50256 *(No affil.)* SOME STUDIES OF I,IGHT--SCATTFgI2vG PiEASURF.MENT OF ,~.P~>dZ~~4L PARTICLES. a/. Y$ Funtai Kogaku Kenkyu Kaisi•ti 163 (1974) - in Japanese *Abstr. (in Japanese) in-t Nippon Sembai Kosha Chuo Kenkyusho Kenkyu Hokoku 1974 (No. 116) 80 (1974)* Note: Tobacco smoke is not mentioned in this article. Smoke mentioned is like chiffaiey smoke. o~ he~t r-y : ...... _ •3'J'' ... C) lJ ~ R i C~ iy a
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-~ ,~. . N b , ~ N O ~ CG : " ~ 1171 '- `.Gti t~YVFi l/ 't i -. - ' ;o/ 0 " Ai Mo~-cacI~\rceor . .t ici Si i ~ • ~ \ CI t 1SCIS, \CI llSlllb ~ ~ t',11C7CS, • Broadcasters and Printed Media COUNCIL OF BETTER BUSII`CSS BURCAUS, INC. ' PubJ~sR~d by . `~`~ ~~ r~ _, ; I~cwYorL• • Wa.lunotoo, D.G t' ,.....-.__.._v_,......_._.,..~ ._ _...,...__~,..~ _ ............ ._ . . ._.. .. _ _.._._ __". _._.•.----•-.. ~ _, _. " 9
Page 214: lfb88d00
o:MH *8 'M a ~ n 7. n n V ~,y ~; ' 7~a a~Yia-T 0 1130 "IVISOUOIVM 01/7 J° NOLLOfl}ILSEJO *0 l""ad . ,~ - P U ~ ~~.~ 0 1 ~.. 12 1 ~ 9 ~.~ ~ ~',y r ~~ d b ! Y4~i~ ,~ai ~~vt1p, rrl2/ 9/Y/'r //'JO2 i ;v o ~i~f~/~3'y~7sa`c7E~ {~ ?/.~'y ~affy vd~~l~lJ~ ~ s~7Q 5 a / d o<aI1fe Sf I W yVI &S~ , +YPdr.971,7 k44~~~1r~~~i~so~V~ yo/9'1 -- O„f10r.., 0 ~•V/-7!~o '~ 1b/A9 f.ir{ ~"N~. 'T/
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7:~> /7l p, -=7j- _-~--__ EFFICIENCY OF ~A~EROSOL~ TERS CONSISTING OF ULTRAFINE POLYDISPERSE FIBERS am M231 foo A. A. Kirsh, I. B. Stechkina, and N. A. Fuks UDC 621.928.9:541.182.2; . A method Is proposed for calculating the efficiency of fiber filters consisting of ultrafine fi- bers, in the region of maximum particle penetration. The capture coefficients, which depend on the diffusion and interception of the particles, are calculated taking into account the In- fluence of gas slippage past the fibers, their polydispersion, and the inhomogeneity of the filter structure. The values for the efficiency obtained by this method agree with the exTer- imental results for a"Whatman GF/A" filter. Fiber filters made from ultrafine glass fibers with a radius a< 1 µ are widely used at the present time, and are the most effective means of purification of air from fine aerosol particles. Filters of the "Whatman" GF (A, B, C, D, F) types 1106B, .934AH, etc., have such high efficiency for t!7e trapping of par- ticles that it is very difficult to measure it accurately using standard methods (for exarnnle mstna dtoet.,t 9 o 1 nP noo2o5
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~. -~. .. ~i • .._ .-.......;..-. 50256 2706 - INTERNATIONAL REVIEWS IN 1971 AEROSOL Fiil'SICS AND CHEMISTRY Yor ut~e t _ I9 70 QD ` 549 In 1970 . THE PYNA:rlICS (31j% VOLUME 2 - 19 71 TOPICS Ir~' CURRENT AEkOSOL RESEARf;iI EDiT[D BY PEiLVAM0N PRESS G. M. HIDY . t/.7i[ersily of .rexo.^. AasliK, 7'ex2J A'v7) J. R. Bv OCK Sci!ncc Cci:hr, Noith Amrricaa Roc'-n•e!l Corporation, Thouscr.d Oans, CaGforr,;a 9;,2a-) Oxford • Ncw York • Toronto ' Sydney • Braunschweig , . .~. / . ~__. . . . ...-.n . ~. . ,..<.+. i . . a .. ..r--.. ~.~ .~...~.. . .Y .... . . ~._ -.. .._-. Y .~ r... ..~ .... ~ . .... . ~ - iJ .~ 0 13 !. • LfL+RlA hiJ I
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. 50256`2713 s 74 III Br poklady Akad. Nauk SSSR 214(1)156-58 (1974) ~ ~ By A.A. BRODS};II ~ INFLUENCE OF P}IYSIOCfIF.FtICAL PARAMF.TERS ON DISPERSE COMPOSITION OF ~ CONDENSED A"^.4O:U['*i P?iOSPEIATE AEP.OSO' ' ` ~tl BYUJJ1fiill:(DiI3IIIi0•XIIJIIILIECIM IUPA\II:TP013 AosaaAu AxaReuHa aayr, CCCi~ I974. Toy 214, N t HA 9IICIIEPCIIhItI COCTAB A31'030:IfI YAK 661.635.G8:631.593.12 t)J,IfJIrIECfi~1A rF,XlIO: ~0~~EIICiII'OBAIIIiOI'0 Q~OCOATA A.lIJ10[lIIfl P,.A. sk ~ '/ ' A. t&P0,jCIat1, II. fI. IIOCTISUKOII. C. &. I:AIIII:LEE3IIY, '' •P. A. XIG.'ICGII. II. A. aOFOINIt: A study has been conducted to determine the effect of temperature, Qize of aerc+sol particles and Md3/P20, ratio on the condensation reaction in the preparation of a^¢onium phosphate fertilizer. The size of the h"t3-P7 U5 aerosol ~ particles were deterrained by an electron micrescope. The study revealed that nn aerosol with the largest particles is obtained at 400°C and the size of the Z cerosol particles is independent froris the t:H3/P205 ratio. T".c best result;, in the I preparation of a highly concentrated z-,n:*~oni.us: phosphate fertili.fer with suitable ; ~ /P ratio of 2:1 btained at 400°C and ~H i 0 rtie h l i : 3 2 . 5 cs s s o p ya prope -3 t : I {) ~~ i1 ~'y i~ C 2^50 9
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50256 2731 ~ Soap Cosmet. 21(10) 14 (1975) ~1~705bt:'~ttaCk81~~S.:S. ONE OF the problems facing both aerosol fillers. their suppliers and mar- keters keters of aerosols is that of all the mud - and a lot of it is just that - flung l at aerosols some is bound to stick. The tremendous influence of the press and the media in selling, or unselling, an idea is not to be questioned. In the case of aerosols, with few slight exceptions, for the past year the printed ~' and spoken word has been so overwhelmingly used to disparage these roducts that the con i bd t p s b i fl umer s oun n o e uenced at least to some , ~~ degree, negatively. Whether an absolute majority of consumers is fearful of what aerosols may do to the individual or the environment is not known precisely. But the Y., /ll-l.: (;:. : ~"!.'1 ,,tt- v-C ...C,C mere fact that there is a lurking apprehenslon among many of the better educated must give a marketer pause for thought. In essence this is why major marketers of aerosols are turning to alternate forms of dispensing packages. I As an executive of a large cosmetic firm confided recently, "we've got to be ready in case legislation restricting the use of aerosols is passed." He added that his firm had too much at stake not to investigate and promote other types of packaging, even though it had been for many years a major marketer of aerosols. It is simply a case of marketing economics and noth- ing more. If ir, rlifjin„I+ ~~ r•o%i urhnf tnlnMlri I.onnnn wr~rn nnrnenlc 1n hn r.iven a rlnan t t~ i r~ IDS () 0 0 2 U 7 x.
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Prcisausschrcibcn: Sonncntorschung - . 5. Preis: Q ~ -- -- - ----.• ~, •YVarning system lor ozono destroyer I V Ireon 7 • Fruhwarnsystem fur Ozonzerstorer Freon a Sonnenspektrum / tellurische Linien / JunglrauJoch / hohe Atmosph3re / Flu/3saure / Freone / Ozonschicht Die Astronomen sind notorisch weltfremde Leute. Sie interessieren sich nicht fur uiuere, sie Interessicren sich tur lremde Welten. Sie sind denn auch dankbare Zielscheiben fur a/l fene, die die Nutzlostgkeit der Grundlagenlorschung demonstrieren wollen. Ab und zu aber linden die Sterngucker' zuruck auf unsero Erde - dann werden sie plotzfich sehr nOtzlich. wie der nachfolgende Kurzbericht am 8eispiel de: Nachweises von Flulisdure in der hohen Atmosphare zeigt. Die Astronomen haben - im Gegen- auf der Sonne, beim Durchgang des Son- (Schweiz) in 3580 m Hohe (Qild 1). Das satz zu den Physikern und Chemikern -- nenlichtes durch die Sonnenatmosphare, schmutzigste und teuchteste Drittel der ihre Experimente nicht In der Hand; sie es sind solare Linien. Erdatmosphare hat man dort unter sich. .. . . ~, . -.. . .~: ti .., o .. ,.. .e . , ..._ ~A~.,~ . . n...,, ti r a:. . . ti a ~ o^ a` 0 2 o 2 8 ~ t n . . . , - .. . ~. a
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..~ .. ., ~.>~, ..~.~... ... _ .. __ ~ _. I[ 2. - J. . J 7 U U u ?~~~~ ~~- ..-,.~ t~.L, ~ . ~ . P Y( O • ~ asrwkx"°j~ 50256 2726 40"WI-fg... ' YAK cta.ta : c~t.nt•13).u '0If1'C).IEJ1EH1iE 1'OKCH4I-IOCT{1 f1POHEJIJIEHT0I3, ~ {iCIIOJIb3YER1b13;; B A3P030J1bHbIX CAJR.)IOHAX ~ np0q) An azeotropic mixture of 60 per cent tetrafluormonocl:lorethane (freon 124) and 40 per cent octafluorc)•ctobuli:ane (freon C 318) was studied as a propellent for pesticide cylinders. Judf;ing by the elacticitv of the satura!ed vapours and the chemical (,.I(stabilitv, this mixture rescmlbes that of freons 11 and 12. The azeotropic mixture of N ireons •124 and C 318 with concentrations used for practical purposes is nor.•toxic for warm•bloodcd animals. A slight irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes may occurs if the concentration is exceeded 20-30 times, i. e. up to 10-15 p/m'. Ihe ntixture ~ with the concentration of 15 g!m' and over produced a siight narcotic etlect. wxpe npttraatstwT paMttvut,te x;ttMxxart,t n ntlAe asp03o.zeti: .~ - . _....__.. ..~...w., .,..P~.rPT/p nnnvuurti rPn[+MPHTa1t11oHHO-VCTOI.- e
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, Cf`1~ \ U j(.i ~.. ~ 4 Five to thirty-five miles out in space a gas called ozonc protects us from skin-cancer-causing ultra- violet radiation. Certain common propellants in oru• .rcrosol products, fl!rorocarbons,. have been charged with th(: slow destruction of owne by two West Coast scientists. T he chemical community has hecn sad- dled with the burden of proof and even Congress awakcned to form a special committee on this possibil- ity. Despite many brilliant defenses of fluorocarbons, doubt still lingers in the minds of many scientists. Only rescarcy can answer the the ultraviolet light trapping char- ac:tcristic. This process forriis chlor- ine oxide. Rowland and Molina suggcst that this proccss happens over a long period of tim: and that five to fifteen ycstr5 elap,,e between ground reiease and presence of chlorine or.- idcs in lhe stratosphere. They pre- dict maximum removal of ozone Would occur approximately ten ycars after ground-level release stopped. The earth's atmosphere has been coping with chlorine since creation. Active vo?runoes belch out trcmcn- . . .. are tO cvaluatc thc cffects of fl,loro- carbons. To fxt (»onc dc.struction rates, you need to knox the conccn- trMl(lils of thC <i:rlUUs CpeclCs rcact- ing with ozone, and you t;crd to know Indlvidua: reaction rate con- st,intl. In Rowland and INJolirut's slrarics, they use cithcr itisunicd data or re:rction ratcs t:rkcn from unpt!h- lishcr.l work of other 1->eoplc so it is difficult to tcll how good the data Is." If we singlc out (luorocarbons and ban their production it will have a large effect on the U. S. economy Dr. Raymond L. McCarthv of E:. I
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50256 2730 i ~u)ie" .2 SPI.CTR~GRAPIIIC ANALYSIS OF SOLUTIONS 13Y Tlil: A7:1'.OSOI A. I QJ~I1/~:T101I lII I'IIOD l I,, I. KnrLenlco, L. A. Fadeeva, 0~. 'L. D. S hevelienko,-evelienko, ancf A. Ya. Viclisheva 1 ,_ ~ ~ ~.~ UDC 5-13.923: 546.65: 5•1G.G81 : 5-iGs 682 Methods of emission spcctrc~;r.lphic analysis based on introducint; the test matcrill in the form of a solution into tile excitation source hold out considerable prc>mise. when solutions are analyzed there is no need to consider many factors which are of decisive ilnportance in the analysis of solids: the strenUth of tile crystal lattice, the uniformi(y of thc distribution of tile clcments, the c1lelnical form of tile nlain c:oin- ponent and the test elements, etc. 'I'he effect of forei;;'n or "third" clements bec•omes much les's important when solutions ure spectrohrapbicctlly analyzed. Prclinlinll'y 111ssolutiOll promotes more rapid and uniform discharge of the components of the siimple into tile excitation zone. The i,rohlem of preparing standarcls is simply solvecl: inulti(,le ciilution of the basic standard solu(ion coniainin ; the tes t elements gives a series I ~ ~ 0 1 fl t'i n t~ 02 a 7 a
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. , 50256 2715 46!t YY~~t.cvyr~ v t'(5a?' 72 f-// Re. -7s s.P zf~~ P~ -~sSP Ilesponse Caiculations for Lwinhl-Scattoring~~6wso.1i~,t ;r.. Particle Counters/ t 4l1r / ~ i ker Derry D. Cooke and tJilton Ker Itespon%e calculations for five commercial light-scattering aerusol particle counters have been carried out thal take into account the ernissive power of the light source, the spectral sensitivity of the photc,tube, and the s~ctific geometrical factors for each instrument. Earlier calculations h;,d been published for two of these instruments, but these had not cor.sidered each of these factors appropriatelv. Th2 results indicate a strong depcndence of response upr,n both the real and imaginary part of the refractive index anrl, for a given refractive index, a multivalued respunse in the submicrometer range for three of the five instruments. . . .,._._......._7.~_.___.~-,-e ., a ~ r~ t-A cI n~r 0 2 0
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50256 27t2 III Ira2 - 73 E`ih, EAR, NOSE _,51,(;t) (1972) 347 S.F. The Dangers Aerosat sprays can be purchased in stores for odors in the homes after cooking, cleaning and to rid the air of smoke funles. They are also used as oven e!eaners, hair laca ' uer and furniture po!ish. Millions of tiny partic!c5 arc given off in elouds from the nozz!e. These particles are sma!ier than red blood cells and are breathed into the lungs or infiltrate into otilcr tissues of the body. As a result, these sprays rna~ da;.i.,ge the Itm ;i and heart and even lead to death. C<,yr> nl3y ho citcd v.hcr~ onc 2-i-year-cid woman used an und;;arm deodorant every nlOffll',,. lnC III I^IC'[i (+.~II Ut ii4c uIcOiiCAiilli dlid the t~r i.uri~ed p-c,pr!!ant t`lat shJotS the eon-. tents out of the can. X-ra}s shoWed darw.c;ed (unj- tissues, anci she cornp!aincd of shortness of Lrcnth, vrea{:ness :,;ci cou:;h. H[r ;i',rur; r/:,or01- n~l1C torns. Another patient, a 34-year-old hair dres- ser, was exposed to hairsprays all day in her beauty shop. Shortness of breath, cough, and weakness developed which cleared up after seeking another occupation and avoiding the use of hair sprays. Another patient, a boy of 15 years, began sniffing aerosa!s as ;z kick v•ith a gang of boys, when he went for a walk and dropped dead. After labcrator.y tests were done, it was found that freorl, the propellant, sensitized his heart to eause ventricu!ar fibi!la- tion arld death. Another patient, a 3S-~ear-o!d astha;,tic, used an aerosal broncho di!ator ~o!d over the eoi:nter. T!•le Gt!atC r4.ontalrls a wide noZz!e th3t a patient puts into the mouth a;:d sp r.;y; after a d:;c, brrzith. T!;is re i~vi s asth:na quickly,
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50256 2729 ii1PDu2-73 JoLr,. P~~Ar,ri. ScI. fi (9) (1972)i4 4s-49 S .. /Determination (if 1{ luorin ,tecl`Hyc?roearbon Propellants in Blood of Dogs afi.er-A*. J _ Alrstract Q A GC method utiliiin_,• clectrun•capture detection is de- .L'ON SIIARGI?L" and RA1'~fU\'D KOSS scriltcd for the ros•:t:urrmrnt of crrtain Auorinatcd chloromethanc and eJtloroahaiic J):cl•c•ilants tn,ctog blood. TJte lok%cr limits of quanGtatio-i ucrc 3.3, J(t. 40. and SO nf.)ml. of blood for trichloro- mononuoromcat:tnr, dichluroaitlunrirmctJtnnc, ttichlorouitiuoro- c•tJtanc, and dichl trotr;r,uluuroclhanr, res=vctivc•1j. Thcsc tiuoro- carbons werc dctcrmincJ +imull::nruusly in the aut.riil and vcnous blood of ancstlrcti/cd ru cle and fcnutlc dogs follo:% in_ adrnini.aruion (by in(talatio:~) Of::n ,+rrmol rtristure crintainin; ?; ) of cuclt pfo{tcll;ntt.'1 r::Jt:J ru,ttonc1?lurvnrnrthatte dim0n.lr,rtr.l the hi,•hcst blood I«•.Ic :urd d:: Ir,te.t ~luv.ly, ~tli:r.:rc iticiaoro !itluorontetlt:rnc 8nd dichloro!rtt::ifuor,t tI anc sh; ~cicl 1n,%cr Iau:r,J con'c•n;ralions and dcclrnc.l nuurr r,r;~,Jl~. l ri.:lrlomlrillrr~rorihauc dr'Alncd 81.8 ratc that was intctntcdiat:: bct«•ccn trichhromono(luorontc;Jtanc And dichlorodifluoronsctl:anc. 1~ G 1 0 0 A 0 i, 2 U
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50256 2733 LUNGS--INNALED.PARTICULATES--CLEARANCC/ X ?ie10--73 Sour. Appl. Physiolc,f;y 33 (6)757-62 (1972) S.P, Quantitation off regional Pw-rc~sol;-dearance- in the norma l human lun. ; J. SANCIIIS, M. I?C_)LOVICI-f, R. CHALMERS, 'D NL 1Et1'HOL'SF. R~ginr.a: RrspirJtc: y~ L'r.rt, St. Josc/li's Hos[~ital ara' I~cj,crt:r.cnt of atcdicint, A1c?llasta Ut:ircrsitti•, Hrririlton, Ontario, Canada ~i ? J ~' rp ~ 2 ~ SANCHt.i, J., M. DuLOVzcti, R. CHALMERS, AND M. AitvtiOtiSE. Et `) Quantitatiori of regional aerosol clearance in the nonnal humau duag. J. Appl. Physiol. 33(6): 757-762. 1972.--Lun; zemo.•al of "tI- labclcd human serum aloufuin aerosol droplets of aerodynamic mass median diamcter 3 Hwas quantified in ninc nortnal adults using a scintillation camera interfaced to a data collection system. Regional anal}•!.is was accomplished by dividing the lung into pcrihilar, intenncdiatc, and peripheral zones. These sftov•ed well-differentiated clearance curves, the perihilar having a rapid 5rst phase with t; 0.5 hr, a second with t} 4.5 hr, and a third with 9123 hr. The intermediate zone showed ta.•u phases with ti 8 and 23 }ir, respectivr.ly, whilc the peripheral had an initial increase Kith tj : hr, ful!owed by a decrease with ty 23 hr. At 25 hr, when mucociliary clcarance %.•a:s cuinp!ete, the perihilar, ineezznediate, ar.rl n
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The Science o/tlte Total Environravn! 11 1979) 41-52 b T•asevier Scientt ic u is iing Company, Amsterdam -~rinted in 'I rie Netherlands MeA.-79 S.P. ~ tE•`~re- Kr^n•• IbMINFLUE OF DIFFER •. • SAA~'t'.INf~'SYSTEi%IS.QNA --------- , ~ . . . ... .. ~._ . .. , '!''OLIa3'1`AN'T LEVE):.S L VAN VAECK, G. BRODDIN, W. CAUTREELS and K. VAN CAUWENBERGHE Deportntent o/Chemistry, University o/Antweip (U.I.A.). B-2610 Wilrijh (Belgium) (Received November 14th, 1977; in final form April 5th, 1978) A comparison is made between the analytical data obtained for the organic composition of airborne particulate matter collected with a high volume cascade impactor and a filtration sampler. The concentrations of individual organic pollutants are determined by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. • The total suspended particulate matter concentrat ions: agree within 10"b or better for the two samplers. The individual concentrations of pollcitants agree in most cases within 20 to 30%. It is concluded that both sampling and analytical procedures give consistent results for organic compounds of low volatility. Th ese are preferentially associaied with the smaller particles (<3 Nm) whose collection effic iency is not affected by differences in upper cut-off diameter of the two samplers: Deviations in concentration levels beyond 20 t•a 30% occur for organic compounds of high volatility such as the lower molecular weig*ht polyaromatics, the lower carboxylic acids and the aliphatics. Therefore, it is believed, that volatilisation of compounds from the filtgF sutastrat,e may be,~t iqiportant source of errors in the measurement of organic pqitutatik leblsvs i~ero~ils V. s
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/ e w a • r . iJ tia '-. J .' , ,J (O (, ,,J `7S S . [ qatVa.tri:.Tx Os IX. iOVC +TMT10t tlP 10 A ~J~ IILiGKt 01 21 R`i K.k. tisel.u, kat-Planck-1eetltot (ar Aerono.ic li au Nara, Gernaay. , Uetetlt'of a e nstru•wnt to n sure the cencentration ef aerosols in the aitken nuclet alar tante (p.01 Y f t.f q.l Y), osina the t-rpansion cha-Aer principle, are discussed. The instrunent au[maiullY. •nd at present tiwe Intervala, sa~ples the air tor it. conuot of Altken nuclei. The data is recorded photo- grapAirallY. The instrun.ent ws desitned for lov concentration. in the rante 1 to 1000 ,artlcles per cubic centineter and consequent- ly Poc the hei);ht rante of S to 30 ke. The Jint b.llon tlithtr vich th. in ururrent vere ud• in October of 1977 .nd thcteda[a provide the kasie for this paper. The profiles shov an approti.atel7 con[tant concentration of 300 ~artitlee/crtr betvrrn 5 and LO lro, a decrease ky an order nf euPiitude to 20 partitles/cn3 (n the retion betaen 1o and 20 :nv and then the concentration is shc~n to renain relati.ely tonsteot at 20 particles/c*T above 20 kna. These .tasurrnents will be conpared with the only other pabli%hed data of stratospneric Altkee nuclei conc-tratione available to tne aulhot. eade io 1959, by Junte aod hia co- ' vorkera. f1 C, () u C, 2 Q*,,- 6 5 50256 2719 I
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~ 50256 2743 S1• Ur,o&" Pxratjciaby FibrnuS- Filter Matts de_j jti-~ . ,g. (/ '~) qr- • g~JC' WILLIAVI S. AfAGrE, JR. and LEONARD A. JONAS Edgewood Arsenal. Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. 21010 I •tYENDELL L. ANDrRSON. Nava1 Weapons Laboratory, Dahlgren; Va. 22448 Abstract A semi-empirical formalism for analyzing aerosol filtration by fibrous filters is modified and compared to several theories. Although approximate, the formalism introduced by Dorman 3•4•1 proves to be useful and instructive. The formalism is applied to analysis of penetration-velocity profiles for ten different types of filters, each challenged by dioctyl phthalate (UOP) aerosols of four distinct droplet sizes (0.26, 0.28, 0.30, 0.32 U.m) in the velocity range, 7.2 to 1b)..0 cm/sec. Quantita ive comparison is made vith a simple theoretical model of Fuchst Reasons for discrepancies are considered in terms of modern concepts of filtration. I nno o~oa q
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50256 2737 . CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY--DISSERTATIONS SEE f?ISSERTATIONS--CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY/LUNGS--CANCER/ TOBACCO-SMOKE--HEALTH EFFECT/AIR--POLLUTION--HEALTH EFFECT/' HYDROCARBONS, POLYCYLCIC/ 74-21,588 BELL, Karl knon, 1947- _ AE.ROSOt bEPOSITIOfl`I l~'t~b'bEtS 0r`A7491t~''' 9Ifi7RUTi0lim California Institute of Technology, Ph.D., 1974 Engineering biomedical © 1974 e ,,..~..:.: KARL AlMOH BELL 0, /~, ,7,~Iuv~ S~~ ~.~ tau) Lit ~~ 2 : 3 . ~4 Y ~~ ~j.,. y. -11 11
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50256 2752 _ RJR CLASS NO. TExTEtaUK WD 549 Lo 1980 Mariow,W,.H. (ed.); Latsch,H.K,V, (ed.); RM Topics in Current Physi.r_ ,,Va]., ib. 2 c. Springer-Verlag Berlin.New Yark, NY,fa(l. (:CN : FNG. ) ISN = 6289
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5025'6 2747 AEROSOL INHALERS/INHALATION/ 81 II Me Amer. Jour. Neuroradiol. 1 (3) 213-225 (1980) - J qPn Stirling Meyer' l,vL. Anne Hayman~ ~Ma~ hiro Yamamoto' ~'"Fumihiko Sakai' ~Shinji Nakajima' /Local Cerebral Blood Flow Measured by CT After Stable4enon Inhalation 1 A safe, practical, clirf c lly applicable, noninvasive method for measuring local cerebral blood flow (LCBF) using inert xenon (Xe') and a 60 sec CT scanner has been developed In the baboon. Direct measurement of expired Xe' concentration after short Inhalation (4-7 min) of 40% Xe' and the use of computer-programmed autoradiographic formulas allow accurate, reproducible measurements of LCBF using seria160 sec scans of regions as small as 0.04 cm3. LCBF measurements are possible with a single I min scan. The method reduces radiation exposure, obviates a costly fourth-generation scanner, avoids anesthetic effects of Xe', and reduces the 30 min/scan saturation period. It Is less expensive than emission tomography and minimizes problems of overlap and Compton scatter inherent in "'Xe and positron-emission blood flow measurements. Regions of zero perfusion are demonstrable in three dimensions. Tissue solubility and partition coefficients, as well as LCBF, are measured in vivo with high resolution and reproducibi(ity so that minor regional changes in physical properties of &sufJhat j#er qOublFjty aep/measured. These enhance the potential clinical usefulness of CT scanning.
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50256 274.0 ~ Aroso e l-Effects on Sm~othMuscie S.P. ~ uscle/2.adc1 83-f'J , X rfel 0~?3 Arch Intern I1ed/Yol 131, Jan 1973 ' Aerosols and Smooth \1 - ` ~~niTa,"y.. Visua-Iizat-i*oi ~ =To,chnique - , t Jay A- Nadel, MD, San Francisco There is a new roentgenotogic-technique , brought al)aat }ly atFerent cnd-or ftans in /}t.~ Pt1+.:}:r.I1l:Ci /7f :{Ir1t'1\'s. ung an~ in ihe ~~attern of respira- ~t~'ion11!'he>ct' efCdctsZAllie"d tQ-be for studying airways by using insufilated powdered tantalum as roentgenographic contrast matcri3l. The method allows the ex- rmination of airway dilnensioris arld abnor- maiities (including bronchioles) in vivo. The patterns of deposition can be studied, using tar,talurn particles of different sizes. Topo- graphie study of lung elear.ance mechanisms can also be studicd with this technique. lnhatation of inechanical or cherni- cal irritants stimulates receptors in the airn.ays and re--ults in changes in the mechanical properties of the Inhaled aerosols may have reflex or local effects on airway smooth muscle. Reflex bronchoconstriction occurs when chemically inert particulates deposit on large airways (by stimulating "cough" receptors) or when materials (especiatly chemical irritants) de- posit on smaller airways (,bv stimulating "ir- rit:.::' ..,.c,-.'.rrs). of r- broncho•aciive nlateriais are inha!eti, they deposit in bronchioles that they contract by a local action. The physiological etiects of these two forms cf airway constriction are markedly different.
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AEROSOLS--'JIEASUREt•1ENT & AvALYSIS/PARTICLE SIZE MEASURE`fENT/ 50256 2750 PARTICULATE•SIZE/PARTICLES--LICI[T SCATTERINC/E'.iVIRn:Q?'QE*ITAfT•`10,-#ITORIL\?G/ " INDUSTRIAL EFFLUENTS, PARTICULATE SI?.E/ AIR---POLLUTIOPi--:1;VALYSIS/ QD 549 Lu 1979 ;RMOVMEASUREMENT EDITORS Dale A. Lundgren Environmental Engineering Sciences University of Florida Gainesville, Florida Franklin S. Harris, Jr. Physics and Geophysical Sciences Old Dominion University • Norfolk, Virginia William H. Marlow Brookhaven National Laboratory Associated Universities Upton, New York AYU_nivcrsitY of Florida Book Un v~ crsity Presses of Florida Gainesville / 1979 Morton Lippmann Institute of Environmental Medicine New York University Medical Center New York, New York William E. Clark ~ Environmental Enginecring Department California Polytechnic State'University San Luis Obispo, California Michael D. Durham Environmental Engineering Sciences University of Florida Gainesville, Florida r 7
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- -50256 2751 LASER DOPPLER VFLOCIPtETF.R(LDV)/PARTICLE SIZE MEASUREMENT/. PARTICLES--LIGllT SCATTERING/LIGHT.SCATTERING/11ETERODYNE SPECTROSCOPY/ OPTICAL UETERODYNE SPECTROSCOPY/ AEROSOLS--DROPLETS/ U.S. NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS SPECIAL PUBLICATION 412. 549 Un 'F9LROJUt;I E{`'iS 'SJR DO E [I1 S s~ - 1974_ The Proceedings of a Seminar on Wayne A. Cassatt and Aerosol6ieasurements :; Resemary S. Maddock, editors ...::'. _. May 7, 1974 Sponsored b [~ 3 y Analytical Chemistry Division National Bureau of Standards Institute for Aiaterials:Research ; Washington, D. C. 20234 National Bureau of Standards ' 0 and u J~~ ~,~ J~&e_ ,4,1~ w ashington, D. C. 2 234 -•; be Food and Drug Administration Washington, D. C. 20204 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, Frederick B. Dent, Secretary NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS, Richard W. Roberts, Direclor -Issued October 1974 I tl Ci f1 9 ~:.
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50256 2753 _ RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK QU 549 Lo 4-9S? Marlaw,W. M", Topics in Current I'hysics, Va1. Springer-Ver].ag New Ynrk, :[nc..New York, New York 10010.82. ISN = 5080 oi~o0 0 UiUy9
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50256 2736 a III 1)u2-73 CLi-::1C!•.L TO.l'ICOM1' .(1(2) 299-303 (1972) S,P . LUNG CJIAI:G);S S1':CON)?AJtY TO INHALATION OF U h D 1: l1 A 1;1i GEORGE Q WARD, JR., A4.D., LTC, MC Pulmonary Dist:ase Service A ?O-Fcar-old Caucasian}fenlal.e 1)hysicall tl)erahi,,l calne to our I)eparit?lent of the Army hcl~pit:tl with the chit'f col»,ll.,ir.t u; mild decrea:.c iu eserc'ise rilrsimor.s General Hospital tolerance. Bc'in;; cluiec physically active, she li,:ed to's;:i an(] Deltver, Coloradu n)ovntain clilnh. llcr olll,; ::ymll:u,n had Yen sonic clecrease in her ustlal „ood ylhY::ic.:l c'cd:u•anc•e. There had been no histol•y of occu- patioll:tl or any unl,su:+] t'>:pvsure to hossib)t• toxic syst,(nc•es, spe- cific:.lly t.>cI't•]lit:nl, wirconium, zinc, aluluillu:», or other l:;lo:~:n tclxic inhalant sub:,tallc•es. '1•hcra was llo scnol:history and she haQ 1,c'('n on no lnr(iir'c:tinns, nor v:ls thr_re any par.t hi:aory or family lli.':tol'\' of (':'.1'difJl'vo1):I':'t(1?•Y (ti<-:':1::C. 1;•`r 1,)tlyt i(`al t'?::!:1!1'.i1- 11011 V~?S 11w'L1:1; (`:l'iV 1(,1' a :('w ;:1?2:!11 1)(/:1teJ)(lUl', 1)lUitl\c(1, 19.litt'rior cervic;;l lymph l"r.tw. 1kr chest X-ray, Ito•,':cmI•, salo'.'cci mild hil:ttcl:(I I,ilar :+:;:'n',, : tliy alut A irta 1,:(rlirac'lt;al ac:c'llollailly. '1'llis , is :.ccn un both thc' PA filrri and lllc lalnino;;rar„s, Subscquc'!z! evalua- l.ioll 11)ciUCl".(I 1'(lUiill(' l::l)o)'.ltol'1' : lU(li('s, U'f1iC11 \t'(I'C R1) 1101'111a1, ' illc]\1tii11;', serum calc'ium, s('rv:n pI'vt(•ir electl•oitl,ca•csis, and llct',::ti e skin tc:;ta vitl) ilttorn;.•cli:ac: 1')'1), l:i<•tv;!':;s:nlosis, ttnd v•;ts prrlnrl,:r(i ;cith a l r'sult- ~' A 11v(ar " itl(~i.,! ]i~. ... . . li~ . t '..,. .. .. . . . . .....t.... .. r ... ... . . , .
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/ ( !o + 1 -1 /_ je _,"lS S'•pt 1 Fluoocark~on _ _ 1;1'ropellants ~~: Binding Interaction with Human Alhumiil WIN L. CI-IIOU x and JAUh.-IIIJLY HSIAO Abstract o Binding of trichloromonofluoromethane, dichlorodi- fluuromethane, and dichk:roletratluoroctliane was studied in aqueous 5% human a:bumin so!ution, using the partition coeffi- cient method in scaled serum bottles. The partitiun coefficient and the fraction of fluorocarbons bound were highly dependent on fluorocarbon concentrations. The average binding sites per mole- cule of albumin were 2.17, 0.30, and 0.42 and the binding associa- tion constants were 1.11 X 16', 1.73 X 101, and 5.06 X 10 ` A1-', re- s{,ectively. At the lowest concentration studied, 62.3, 25.5, and 65.6% were found bound to albumin, respectively.'Chis apoears to represent the first extensive study on any gas-albumin interaction. KeyphrasesoF'luorocarbon propellants-bindir.g to human seruni albumin determined using partition coefficient method in sealed serum bottles t3 Tricliloromonotluoromethane-bindinE to human serum albumin O I)ichlorodi(luoromethane-binding to ,~~ ~~74'~ r ~i~x4ba+r/`s' than in waler or normal saline (7). It was posttil~ ed that. such a solubilit.y enhancenncnt mil;ht be due to the binding of the fluorocar l;ons to piasm.a proteins. This postulation was sub:;cquentl~y con- finned by the fluorocarbon-human alhumin !:i ;clic; study with one single concentration, using th,, _>>rti- tion coefficient method (8). In that study, a surpr:s- ingly high degree of binding of the three fluorocar- buns to the purified human and bovine alburnlns wa:: found. Since the possible effect of concentration vari- , ation on the extent of protein bindlnl; for numerC; ~ nolivolatile cotnpoui:ds has been well established, i: was decided to e::tend the investigation by using a wide ran:re of fluorocarbon concentrations. This ah- I 0 2 0 6 0
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50256 2741 M YII Du2-79 ~ S.P. By KENNETH Mt~c') Abstract - The efl'ect of a_rosol extinction on Dobson measurements of total ozone is invectigated, and several recent attempts to resolve this problem are reviewed. It is pointed out that the balloon tncnsure- ments of Paetzold and his colleagues circum.rnt this problem: So1ar-c}cle and quasi•bicnnial eR'ecth ean be clearly discerned in the balloon data. 4 is suggested that Pactzold's data would be ideal for testing strato- spheric models and searching for man's effect on the stratosphzric ozone layer. ~ Aey eords: Aerosol effects; Dobson spectrophotometer; Total ozone. The difliculty of separating aerosol extinction from ozone extinction has long concerned research workers. In 1949 RAMAnATttA*t and KARANDIKAR [ 1] yttcstioned the validity of Dobson's method of correcting ozone measurements for aerosol seattering under hazy conditions. The recent concern about atmospheric ozone makes it more important than ever to establish the accuracy of ozone measurements, and to determine whether changes in the character of aerosol scattering have caused long- term drifts in the Dobson measurements of total ozone. With this in mind, the report a 0 1 n tj n i, 0 :c 0 8 7
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50256 2739 il L "ta 3 ~ (1968) - ; Wainstl.i1a. .1 A= 5GL PHYSICA1. gRO°3BtilI::S - A COLLECIZI02i Qi' PAPr.RS Z9IV 3 Vr..fau3 FzUC3 Winstan-Salem, North Ca..o11na 1 ~ ~-i,,,-.;-:~g.rr*r...,-:~--r- t ,l 9 o r () () 41) G, 0 2 0 a 5
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50256 2755 III Du --76 Verpackungs Rundschau 27 (7)791-794(1976) S,P, 2 AEROSOLPACKUNGEN UND UMWELTSCHUT7. ~OTEC.~I01~i }. ,LA=jWMbjIMENTAILF M&4.$$)WXW The author deals with aerosol packs and environmcntal protection and refers to the 2nd International Sym- posium 'Aspects of the chemical and toxicological nature of environments' which took place in the Institute for ecological and toxicological chemi- stry of the Association for Environ- mental Protection and Protection against Radiation in Munich. Scien- tists pointed to the fact that for un- fnitiated person, technics in general are responsible for environmental pollution, but that only with the aid of technics,tjiere is a chance of supp- lying the world population with all necessairies. 0 Q 0 Q 0 2 1 0 , ., By Dr. Hans Kubler a
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' ' 5025b i 378 JAMES I.. CHAPEL, RLI). and GAIZF THOMAS, TiS.S., Colurnbia Ix )ti:cENT \tONTIIS, there has been a disturbing outhurst of inhalation of aerosol gases for "kicks" by the teenage and )'oan;-adu!t group in several commmities in the Midwest. The source of this gas primarily has been a "cocktail-glass chiller," but the more ad~~enturous types have been cast- ing about and trying other products sudh as hair spray, disinfectant spray and other bombs which deliver matcrials under pressure. The favorite aerosols havc been those delivering Freon as a Aass chiller ("Can of Frost" ) and soiiic of the •n - o ~ - ~-~ -~-- 'V-I2 one type of Freon or :inother: air sanitizers, anti- 1•rerspirants, burn prcparations, colognes, hair dressings, hand lutions, insecticides and rehei- Icnts, paints, pet products, pharmaccuticais, window cleaners, water repcllents, v;axc•s, etc. Toucrrx Sollman= state.s that Freon is relatively non- toxic, but that inhalation of a?U`F vapor produces analgesia anu confUsiun, though not Uncolsscious- ness. Tremors are prominent and convulsion.c
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2728 4i+iz Z.e, • 90 cc( , 9 Il tf ORM4N ~V~nt. f '` y r . ,_.; , :,,., sold fur use in arts and craft tyl,c hohi,ics by sh,rl:c ~,i:$ ~i . nz.urul;rclurcrs ~ 1t, ilt this type of product. The _,lj5~4t;~r~J~ics~iesS; a~~fiai;isd~ ` since ao , d ~lhcciecs nantcd k4 ! I Inproductron of thc a' StR,-1Vith reference to the Ictt_r front A1r Lovius. rctu,ry. concerning the possible ha,,ard to health frorn acrosol c ron.titucalls of tiic aleinatc adhcsisc I luld arc adhesives for impression trays (li.D.J., Ju(y 15); it is rny ;trticularly h:trardous, but aandard .afct~• %%arnins;s opinion that the hazard is indccd very real. ~ dint; acrosols apply, surh as do no( hcat or punc- In my orthodontic practicc I take a large number of Tl,c bulk of the contcnts ;irc the prot)cllantx, impressions, and normally use the adhcsive in solution. t h;rvc bccn uscd safcly for ycar., i,cing non- applying it ssith a brush. Recently as this was out of irrvahlc and arc in group 5 toricity (the lo.%cst stock my suppliers sent an aerosol adhesive. In use ) ;rncl rclatively non-tosicl. sonic of the contents inevitably go past the Iray and fall c ttriti,at Aerosol ~lanufacturcr~' ,\s.ociation is to the ground, and at first I used it over the hand basin. rncd about the umsarrantcd concltisions drawn G but it was soon found that adhesive collected on the l s a rcccnt report in the U.S.A. rreerJine :rcrosv / surfacc of the basin and could only hc rcmoscd by lie cfYrct on ozrnc in the s!ratua~hcrc. No ncw scraping. I therefore used the spray at the far side of the ltce has been produced : nd nce s;~ccuiation is still surgery, where droplets adhered to the floor and then on hyl,othcti:al coml,nter nwdrls and dcsk , !iC dust adhered to the droplets, which the cleaner s:as .Ch comt)ilirg cxisting information, r::thrr than unable to remose esccpt again by scraping. imcntal dat.L I t.uuld lil c to add that Hold is still I reasoned that if any of this stulf Kas inhalcd the thmubhout the U.S.A. adhesive, design:d to adhere to ssrt surfaccs, would adhere to thc lining of the respiratory passagcs, and thcn pt,rtte ~a+uyl I•rJ. dust and bacteria would adhere to the adhesivc, s.hich ~~iy R,,,., t would not be removed by the cilia of the lining of the • ird ~1:utriugs (/ respiratory passages and would presumably remain there ad in/itritunr. I thctefore suspended respiration %%hile -%rr'ninEs about (lie hazards of dcntal practice, using the spray, inhaling again only when I had mos•cd tier they come from the dcfcncc and protcetion away frorn the 'danger zone.' The 'paint•on' auhc5ive tics, the Gcncral Dental Council, the Uch: rtment now having arrived, I have banished tjic aerosut can. Iealth and. Social Ser•.urity or any other source arc 9 l u ~4 U ~~ t1 n u 0
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5025fs 2742 a T< .:`Z ~.~:U""~~`~~ ~~ ~ '(1963) 1 i• , P3 ckaar, -H. td. AJeR0S07L FU.sZ:'.8 - Tim :'O: ai:L'3ITii PAMIR IN rina0ilS FYt,TQSt, by H. W. Y1.ekar.r and L. A. Clarenbur.g CheMicad E:3. 5ci. g !1?J, 1?1l-27 (lyG?) r -~ i
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50256 27b-6 QD 549 Fe 19,71 COMRUSTION/ A~. I3'V~.~I~..L5 INT ARROS1.7EP'`I'J."Y-S1t..S ~ . . No. l : V. A: Fedoseev, Editor ISRAEL PROGRAM FOR SCIENTIFIC TRANSLATIONS Jerus-clcm Londun • New York 1971 I lI h~-~~-\C1 1 U t.) t1~ U U:G ~~~ `~IUi p
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50256 2725 - _ r72 Iri Re, - 7s VJissenschaftiiche ors~cr~ungsarbeit N y j 2i5/75--SYnopse ~~`""'• 1i`, . 7~. 4~7, c.7,2y7C~~'1.~yb 9 d~ ~ INGEf~fi>; UR C Z(Jnl/?4 Ermittlung von Partikelgrof3enverteilungen "(-ir:t•r xr,rrzerttrtttic,rr -vrnr Ins '1'vilt')rr•r+'ern3 1,+•aentr•t dic; r in \IcGi~•crlurncn mit cincr linntcnliiu~r• ~~on crit•n 11)Ulun. in Aerosolstromungen holier ;{onzentration pirr ]nfizisr• Abfiren•r.un;; uncl Lornr>;,rr•n+• .•1u•.Ir•nclrtunfi snlch mit Hilfe einer Streulichtme(3einrichtung * kleiner• \-r,ltrn,en.•er-Imr;.•t cinr:n r•ntsl,rer•I:c•na 1rr,lren :at+fwana Heinz Umhauer •' hin5iolrblicly des uptrsolrr,n Anfl,nue,. I)ac Ur•riit rnuf.lpr•rric•]rt -- wordc•n. Eiclrkurvc•n a•c•rclrn c1+u•clr ~Ir sun_rr•n nn stacro- Zut• r;cLrnd]r•n I.rnrittluug dcr l'artikc•1~•riif3rtt~ erL;ilutri'un par•sur 1'hnsen in C:ns.,triiruunfirnt lussr•n sic•Ir rnit \'nrtc•i1 SttouliclrtrurRrnr tluttlr n ulrtt-r•nclcn. l'iir L;ntersuchwrgr•n im ]3c+reielr ~nrfuhrensteelnti;clrer Fraec•stellunt;en sincl tlubcri lrinsiclrtlic•Ir clr•s prinzil,ic•]lc•n Anfl,auc5 cirrc•r Strc•ulicl+trnc•13- einriclrtturl; (rrbgeschern %-on den rein plrysilualise•luvrn Ar+fnrc(c•- runf;on) vnr nllern folgencle Cetiielrtsptutkte weserrtliclr: 1)ic• Tlessung crdl naclr \l6gliclrkoit in cler jeweils vort;r+Fcbenon Stt•iinnrng e•rfult;err. ulrne claf3 diese clurc•h cl+•rr 'Mc•livorF•an'" fiost'ort m•ircl; bei Vessuu;, an Teilstrurnen clarf sieh cter dis- por•so %ustrnul clcr ]'ttrtilcc•Lr infc+l,e clcr TriN'tr•oment.nulrme nicLtt iinclcrn; cs istt nnzust•reLcu, \[c•;,turf•r•n nuclr bei sclrr 1Lalrc+n Tc ilclronl:a:zcntrntir~ncn durclrfiilrt•en zu ktinncn: soluu (Latices oder Tropfolrr•n clcfini+•r tr•r (;riif.i+•) b-r•tc. r1t:rch clirekten Vet•glciclr mit ciner anrlc ren \Ir•t3rnr•t lwdc ;rc ~t uurrcn. 1)io F.inric•Irtrnrt; tt•w•clc inztt•itichc+n zru t'ntcrsrtehwr;! von Disportiicrwor•gungon tnrd Desa~~lrnncrxtioustncclrunisntrn Lci .•crschicdcnen 1 cststufffre+ktiunc n e•invc.;rtzl unel ft•rt• die J:r•rnittltuifj dorTrohfclrctr{trb4ir•m•c•rtoilturec•n von %erstiiuher•- dusen umt plrarrnazouti5c•hctn llo.icrnurr„ulr•n lu rnn~rcz r,:cn. Als 13e•ispirl sei twt' clio bislrcrigon ]•:rgebnisse der L'ntc•r- nuc•lrun>_; eiuc•r gt•of3orr•u %ttr istuffzet:~toulxnlu5e hinfyr:tt•ia.-c•n. Die Diise wurde mit 11'usser uncl Luft btrtt•iebc•n. a 0 1 l; l`i n 0 i~ 2 0 ! I
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' 50256 2759 I Aeroao3. Photc+meter r::=a.n.af Pal.Gth!'i+ L., J:."e A PJRTAaLE P'atYitTat:x F:R ANU PARTICLE 5YZE ANAT.YTER., by .4lhert L, '[homas, 3r.. , A1v in N.. Bi rd) Jr.; Enbert R. Go17,.ns and Areaton C. Rite LS:wILYIYJZGat .ciCf:.a AJ?1G•':. JQti:. _8 (+'. 701 5"x,-5G (19 61) i 1~ lJ ~ 0 0 .t 1 0 5
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50256 2758 ammmmmK0 Mgtsi. GluBhkov, Yu. 14. a T? n ~.J,,'::n y."....~, :t?v ~F, r'~ ;,~ ~C".~ ~ ts::.. . ~a~i2 A~~ FILTE~~~. Dok:a3y A°-rud. N,i;'k S,ep ru:. 1) -. ~ - (19~'0) - =:i kuozirsn with EogxisYi abstract ~an 0 a2 1 0
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SO'a -1our. 1+uc1. Med. 15(G~i~ x rce- r-Cr 74 i ~ 'aiws ~ la S.P. 19 .• 50256 2738 J.F.ROSOL DEPOSITION IN THF. RESPIF:.TOR7 TRACTIHaru- n-i Itoh,-Yasu;hi Ishii.''9'oru Hori,:ken Ftar~art,oco, jbru Fuiita, Cr.iw~.o Furu°..itsult.-=:]: To:i:i ~ca. - 'yoto Univcrsity Sct~ool uf ::edicine, 'r.yoco, Jopan. I:an~i Takahashi. Atomic Energy :astitut;c, Kyo:o, Japan. The distribution of inhaled particles and gases in the respiratory tracts has been very im- portant probkem in medicine. For example, air pollution or aerosol therapy, should be studied under the synthetic concepts of qas and particle. So aerosol scanning should be reviewed in wider ~ aspects of aerosol science to answer various cliniet.l requirements. First, total_and regional deposition rates in human airways were calculated coniputationa!y. tiext, depositions of 99m-techne- tium colloid in bronchial models and the human, airways were studied by scintillation camera and whole body counter precisely. These theoretical an3 c?cpcrimental studics vere uscful in under- standing normal distributions of aero:,ol wnc Se.s in .the scintigramcns. In healthy subjects, 13]- xenon gas mainely distributed to.:•criphcral s3tes. Sut in aerosol scanning hilar de_usitions were not ignored. This hilar deposit_cns were due to impaction to several bronchial bifurcaEions. :. peripherel airways marked deposition occurred Ly sedimentation. ihese differences in deposition ncchanisr.~s were thouyat quite important in con- sidering pathogenesis of lung cancer and chror.ic obstructive lung disease. In aerosol scannir.g. general:y perforr:ed, this phenomenon was usLa!:J seen, bocause our ultra-sonic nebulizer prod:::cd the aerosols of about 2 micrns. Once airway ce- formity occurs,excessive regional spots and dist- al decrease were scea. These data showed to be careful about aerosol therapy,to diseased lur.g.
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_... ~ ,_. , ATnfi0t1TA/ _ ----_ . :. . : . . 50256 2744 ?2 IIr l?e-7"s C.S. KIAIIG, D. STAUFFF.R.. S.P.AL .:. .._. UAZt.tfiE PfiYS1Cl.L SCEEfVCE VOL. 244 JULY 23 1973 ,~'ossi bilii ies for 1~.i-inospltcf~ic;;;~mosp~ ~ WNW' Yr.ACe £ascs in thca•,mocpl;crc, such as } I,S and SO,, NIT, and ?iOi and sonic orgamic trac.e gases, such as pinenes, arc con- sidcrcd as "potcntia=q" forrrcrs of aerosols and it is r encrally acreptcd that the :,tmosphetic acrosol with particle sizes less ihan about 0.1 tim n.dius results from chcmical reactions in tL*re gas pha se invohi-vg uto.~c gases. The cxact nuchanisms of arrosol formation aae, houcvcr, still unclcar. The fact that E3,e amrnonium io:r Ntl,+ is a vcry cornmon constituent of xcrosols t% ith rarlic7s of radius <1 tun as well as of prccipi- zation and dry dcp~ition does confirm the harticipatiori of smmoni;; in the ovcqzll phaic tr.+nsition hroccss. ..ss-•.~_.~ . . . . . ....~.~...,».,., . - .r -.,,.. - .-, .. ~,a'""~a= =~xsr~-~eezncsw 53 Previously we have described the heteromolecular nuclca- tion' and applied it to gas-to-particle conversion, in which molecules of two or more dificrcnt vapoturs conie together to forrn a liquid solution droplet of critical size consisting of a mixture of these substances. This may bc the dominant process of dropict formation because the nucleation thresh- old for cetcromolccular nucleation can be much lower than nuclcation of pure materials. }tut tnost of ihe primary chemical constitucnts in the Earth's atmosphere do not have low volati- lities and their concentrations atc not suf6cicnt to allow hetcro- ntolecular nuclcation out of the gas phase. Nevertheless, by mcans of chcmical reactions or radiation or other energy input, secondary products with low volatility can be formed and these sccondary reactants may mix with ~+:Ucr- and und: r ~ . . .> . . . ..-- ..,.... . ~--- 0--1 0 - c) r/ 0 u:Z t3 9 0
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50256 2Z35 a.. .. - --, _ . J 1 . ; .~_ ~_..,....~.._.....:~_~..~_.~_.c..._.r,.:m,~...... s,._h..cr~:E~. •i:~;-..._ ....a. Brownian Coagulation in a SubmicroK'~rosol:-Comparison = o'~zTIt~T15'1e"'i~wt~~ or ` ....a a G. \'ICULAU\, \I. K1;RIiL1;, ll.D. COOKE, ANi, E. 'MA'i'IJEWI6 bcparhnu.l of Che•mistr.u ar,d lnslituic of Colloirl and Surfact tiCciutec, Clarl.•soie Collcge of Tcclanolop.q, Pol.vLanr, New I'orl. 13670 Received January 25, 1971;-acecl,ted March 2.r, 1971 This is an czperirnental Etud:- of the coag:dation of rt dibutyl phthwlate acresol cousistin„ nf u narrow distribution of suhmicron ~hhcres. The aerosol is in Poiscuille flow. l.ight-srnttcring d.ua_:rc• obtained early in the life history of tho aeru,~:! and ag,+in after it La, uwlcrr,uio c<,ag:ilaticm.'1'ho : ize distriUtdic:r: o: tl:e initial acrosol is ohtainc•d by im•orsiun or tho light-sc,cttc:•infi data, and thc, :izc distrihutinn is calc::l,:ic•d ::t later tinu•: by niin:crical suluti4u, of Smoluchuvr.!;i's intcgruclitTerential cquntiun :,:iaptcd to thc 1'oi,cuille iicnr. Thc new dktriLctiou is theu u!cd to calcul,,tc lif;ht-zr:ettcrinf; re~:ults which are c•owloa:re:l i•,•ith tht• exycrimentIcl data. :ihe re:a:lts ure in :~^rrr::tui:t,;itl:.:4:ur:l 4 hn"•Ai':~ tbtvey of L'rrni•uis:, coa ;uL•:tion.
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4 3 %Z~ l' /~- ~I~ pl,~: 'r~ ~ / ~ '~'~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ii;itc; and lovics ~ Aerosol sprays now are used for disbursing prac.- tically everything, both liquid and solid. The low- pressure aerosol spraycontainer can be a hazard and has caused some deaths, particularly when heated. It also has been aliused in this a,~e of drut; intoxic•.ltion for "kicks" and caused deaths of in- fants too. However, this is only the immediate prohlem that concerns us for there are major dan- gers in the offing. '1'lle component that nlakes the spiav effective and c•ffic•ient is the real cause of its potc'ntlal harm. lt vaporizes at low temperature and low pressures, and is very inert and tlius remains uiichan,r,ecl for long pcriuds uf time. It has Leen shown to persist in the ntmmsphere and hms hcen fouiid high up in the stritusphwre. . l-Hvre it dvcompo.,~c•s under ul- . . .. . . . .. . .. I . . _. . . - . t . : - 0 1 0 0 6 6 l1 2 u 0 I , . ran 50256 2721 r ja ~em of g #- tg protective zone. '1'his destruction of the ozone layer in turn promises great future danger when the unshielded ultraviolet light then reaches the eart.h's surface in incre.sin„ quantity and affects humans, animals, and plaiitt life. Plastic resins in the spray can cause restrictive lung storage disease and interstitial fibrosis and emhhyseiua. Other as yet unknown dangers uncloubtedly lirk for users and nonusers too. 'l'he practical, if not pragmatic, recctnlnlenda- tion is to rotioni the use of ;ilosol cans c,n the basis of use and necessit.y. \1'ith "wman's lib one would not dare c•liininate its use for hair sprays' Ilo,:.,- ever, there is no reason why 14mol cannot be apremd IV cotton pads in tlic• old-fa,hionc•cl nian- ncr, nor powder applied dircctly or with a pciwcler 1N:....... 1:..., .,r nf ,»nnv 7
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4. 50256 2761 Qn 7 . COPII3USTIO.N/ 1;r;14T_-TRANS FUP./,Ntt%SS TRl..^iS FL• ::/ ADVANCES IN rfIf" V. -A. Fedoseev, Editor A NALSY'FD PP.GSS BOOK JOHN WILEY & SONS New York • Toronto No. 4 ISRAL•i. I'ROGRAM FOR SCICNTIFIC TRANSLATIONS Jccusalecn • London
Page 256: lfb88d00
III Du2-79 S.P, f I ~, ij ~ , L j r.~arr ::: r ::rr7 `• (~ t~ ~ i i S i . ' i , ~ ~ I I.:~3 E! \.~ t 1 tr ,_I- 1..:_ ~ l.! i.J I r-, I L 11 c. ".! WACHSVEFil1RE3ElTU(VG, KLEI3STOErE, E3ESCHiCHTUNG, ICOf,ROSiONS- SCI-IUTZ UND SONSTIGE CHEM,-TECI-tlV. PRODU'sCTE 75. JAHRGANG rA '-T'g.31:1?l~Rzl` I lans Kiit,lcr• Intiihrung +~~ .-x~x~~aesa:+rera~nw~e vrxnrercc^,~xm AUGSBURG. tR. JANU/1R 1979 NfJ. 1-JANUnRHE; T affmWM.1t Ci`':1978 Q*' 1,10RLDWIDE AEROSOL ACTIVITIES DURING 1978 (FREONS, ETC. Nothing new. n Bcricht iiher d:ts Acrusoljahr 1974 (1) a•urdcn (lie Vurteilc nd Vt,rxiil;c dicscr nun 25 Jahrc altrn Spcziah•crhackung cschrichrn. \1'cts das Alter anbctrifft. tnuti mail in I:nmick-. tng und Aufhau .1cr .\crosolhackun_t untcrsc!uirlrn. Will Ian auf (lie cr.trn .\nfiingc ztniickccltcn, ,o mut! m:ut ;. Rntitrim ncnncn, tlc.%rn I;ucntc atif tl:ts Jahr 1927 zuriick- chcn (2). Cirnatt ~m,tiinct9F ut ~c~V ha~tn,:,'~ctz~ 0 Jahrc alt. Doch tntt rlcrcn urltskticut wurtlc in rlrn C1SA 9.1: tmJ in lit:rt,l,:t 10 Jahrc .I,aten ccltunncn. I)cr hicr bchonllichcn`'Rcttclun,rn fiir (lie Acrc,~mth:tckung. (lie inzt%i- schcn zu I:G-I:ichtlinien wurden, und (lie 1iestimmunuen fi.ir vur.rrhacktc \Varcn, wrlnce auch die \linclcstftillinrn_cn hcinhaltrn. Schlicl>liclt i,t hcutc die Dcklaricruni; tic> Inhalt:. in Vt,lumcn und dcs 1'rcitics sc„wic nuch des Gruntll,rci•c.. wcnn es sich nicht um cinr P:tckun! :tus ctcr Stan.farclrcih.• hcutdclt, nut,vcndi;_,. Auf tlie Acra>olintluaric kotnntt jctit cit}r Fltit ,•on 1:C;-Richtlinirn zu, wrlrhe zunt ~rul.irn 1'ril ~l: n litScrce~rn tlrs Vcrlxauch~•rs ecltcn. I licriu i.t zu >a~trn, rl:1l.t sich tlrr:\crusultc.•hnikcn ce titc nur nuih i.T. ttcr I,nxlul.ti.c n 9
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50-256 2756 Zi+ll.y. L3a.iM.::..,~ I:. Tii.E lL:wSt3L Pt''a ICLB COUtitTEa TG'urY i4tr Pol.lNt1.Vn V4%MtTV.:l kisJL. 12, .f I V-.J•i ! \rJ ~...4 O' O 0 {I 0 02 1 02
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, <_.~...._,..,.~ ............_.............+c` ~....._._-- .,............~.._.._..---_."_...._d:.c-: I A~:TEEthATI0:2~1L REVIFt'S I:~ it;SOT,.;.Pl:YSICS AND--L[iE*;i-S~'RY, ~ TOPICS IN CURRENT AXMOSOL R1~SEARCH. ~P . _ - (PART 2) W,-, f . 3 , I 50256 2762 E lT D - • ' - • . O t lY . G. M. IIIDY Stkmar Certtr. R'ortA Air.encon Roc;Welf Corporetion, Titac.malOaA S, C'ol,Jornto 9f360 AND Al-s"y,? J. R. BRCCI: V.i.ertlty of Te.rat. .f , frin• Texor • t. j PERGAM0Ni RESS ,.,. 1 ~ ~ Oxfard • `~ h tw Yoik ' - 3"'o~onro ' ' ' syd,&-,y • Pra;.n,chu•r:9 'Lr'hrary E 4 1 0 0 [1 Cr 0 2 1 0 6
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- 2727 - `~ D v f ~ ~i,;~uY -7-rs. ~_ -,., . _ . .. I sta,--Some time ago I came across a reference in a news- paper article to the effect that certain aerosol adhesives were banned on health grounds in the United States of America. There has also been discussion for sonw time on the possible harmful eftects of the aerosol propellants themselves, and it is argued that chloroAuoromethanes as propellants may deplete the ozone layer leading to increased tnimbers of cases of skin cancer, while the alternatives are either flammable or carcinogenic! I presume that the alginats tray adhesives use a Fluoro- Carbon propellant, though they do not state what the propellant is. My own feeling of course is that as the alternatives, i.e. a 'paint-on' adhesive or no adhesive arc perfectly adequate, it would be wise in view of the controversy not to use aerosols, particularly aerosol adhesives at the moment. Liverpool. B. B. J. Lovtus. ju>:af 15 1975 ,oro mCn1uUs ot mircng ana plac'cment of composites. Air is uitorporatcd into-AhE-matciial during mixing. especially with tliu=pastepastc_systenu, and unlcss a pluEEing techn~que or a syring.e method-isd uscd fpr the insertiombf the matcrial, further voids are left in th, restoration, very often at the comaosite;dentine interface. I3riti,%h Standard 5159: 1975. Spccificat'-on for Dcntal Casting Irn-estmcnts: Part 1, Gypsunt- bon(W Investment ;\9aterialst A FUkT11Ek `s ccification on dcntal equipmertt and materials prcp~red under the authority of the Dcntal Industry Standards Committee appeared recently. As the title indica;es, it is a compromise between the two main 'philosophies' of standardisation {in so far as it prescribes bonding by gyps!rm, but otherwise relics on performance) which ar: formulation of a detailed prescription of contents such as 'not less than X per cent of Y' and so on, or complete reliance pcrfornt- ance standards, taking the view that no matter what the constituents are, this is of little concern to the user as long as the material is suitable •'tor his purpose. The first can inhibit technical devetopmer,t, but is sometimes convenient; the sccond is more popular with users because tests are aimcd at simulating condi- tions of use in practice. `\ Gypsum-bonded investments are a%%ell-known group of dental materials and vne nove!ty of this specification is the demand that encle container shati carry s'clear warning regarding the potential dungcr in handling /thr?se investmrnt matcri: !s dry becau,e of the possibility of inhaling ven,v tine particles of siliceous material.' , = P ccasional Notes .i I G 1n nn Gi U, 2 u 7:S
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DISSER'ri~TIO"3S--L".vIVGriSITY OF I:,LIN'01S/. 50256 2764 - _ QD PfiARMACOK12dET1CS OF UOROCARf3ON 549 Ni , 1974 ~~,. EUk:SlfTTED AS PARTIAt. FULFILLMSNT OF THE REQI:IRE%.EITS FORTHE DEGREE OF DOC'TOR Q" PIIILOSOPNY 7.% PHARMACY (.''1 THE ORADUATE COLt FGE OF THE UNIVERSfTY OF ILLIVOIS AT THE MEDICAL CE\TE:R. 19774 Chtc.go, Illinois 1 F F.EG*dS / 8Y S.1R'rAK,1Z \ia7.I O3•e Vwa.My .1 [.n.P.4 te" •.tNrn.. ~wl....u~ i IH• y,f„ t..wayw f~.~. Vw~..n14. l1/1 t a O I 1J l1 l/ 0 -.U 2 1 ' O
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50256 2778 • -~wS!MW ~ 1lavL8sr C. 140 (e7Ao) q.B.RbSOL SCIEt~~~ 1966 pegev : IkawdQMic. ~ress L.o.ndon i ! i c~ ~~~ ~0 0 2 : 2 4
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. f . 502W2774 Industry Research On Aerosol Safety 7Y S ~ . Y /. by Robcrt P. Giovacchini, Ph.D.* •Gillcttc Medical Cwluation Laboratorics Rockvillc, MarylrnJ ':OS50 O 1 lJ lJ l/ l1 0 .G f 2) C) I /• . ~ . ., .. f~ I ,N 1
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A . le~.. 4,~ (9)/568-.5 V/C/ ~7~'~ Fluorocarbon Aerosol Propellants VI: Interspecies snsru ' ` i ITt ies in B",pd and Pla sna and bN.,. Ulfferences In SoTub ~ ~~ Their Possible Implications in Toxicity Studies sp. SARFARA'L NIAZI and WIN L. CIIIOU x Abstract D Solubilities of the three most commonly used fluoro- carbon aerosol propellants were determined in the blood and plas-' ma of humans, monkeys, dogs, rats, and mice. Differences as large as-rfourfold in blood and more than 33-fold in plasma were found in different species. The partitioning of fluorocarbons between blood cells and plasma showed even greater differences between species. An indirect method was suggested for the calculation of plasma concentrations from total blood concentrations. A compar- ative evaluation was reported for the nonprotein bound fractions of fluorocarbons in the blood sample's of various species. A correla- tion was drawn for the pharmacokinctic properties of the fluoro- carbons within and between species, and a rationale was provided for the extrapolation of toxicity data from animals to humans. ]:eypbrases O Fluorocarbon aerosol propellants-interspecies I U I tl 0 0 El UZ I U y . .50256 2763 . -~- D`,~~ . ~ ^'- 4L 2 s 5~ ~ the gaseous phase at the equilibrium state (19, 2. Such a ratio is, in fact, identical to the partition c~~ ficient, P, beLween the two phases, as used con•:, tionally for nonvolatile compounds between or,:;.i-. and aqueous phases. The purpose of this paper i~ ' report the results of a study on the solubilities c=f • three most commonly used fluorocarbon prol>elln; in the blood and plasma of various spec.ies.'1'he rc.. ble correlation between the solubilities and the ;,i: macokinetic properties and a rationale for extr.,lytion of animal toxicity data to humans also wili ' discussed.
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\ ~ 50256 2769 iL`~~ ~Z a- ~~/(DECeMat.R 20/27, 1975 4, ~'HE MEDICAL JOURNAL OF AUSTRALIA 9G -/ S.. / Sttt: Recent publicity has been given (Journals, August 9 and November 1) ' to the possible hazards from the indiscriminate use of propellants containcd in aero- sols. Thus asthmatics using in- halers, "sniffers" seeking a "trip", surgical pathology residents niak- ing frozen.. sections, housewives performing laundry chores, hair- dressers repcatedlyusing hairsprays and possibly staff dressing surgical wounds in small surgical theatres were all listed as being at risk in one way or another. Conse- quently it is possibic that the use of aerosols as advocated for scuba- divers immediately before descent (Journal. September 6) could also prove hazardous. More- (~ ~DSO[r PROi'~t.I:IIy~JTS•-~+-~ I2olr u).Pnttt over, since fluorocarbons may undergo biotransformation to non- volatile metabolites which can then persist in the tissues for some days bcforc being excreted in the urine.' accumulation of potentially toxic compounds could occur with the repeated use of this particular type of propellant. Considering the above it is possible that infants especially might be at risk from propcllants, not' merely from the cumulative effects of the numerous pressure (Contir,ued on page 961.) ! 1 S p ~ n n ~ 0 0 2
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50256 2779 549 Yo 1979 PARTICLE SIZE/ AER4S0L--,SC(ENCEx-F0R3 ERGlNEERS,% -CONDEN.SAT1011F,,COAGULATION='ANd~. DISPEtiSlOW- Tetsuo Yoshida Yasuo Kousaka Kikuo Okuyama University of Osaka Prefecture POWER C0, LTD. Tokyo,lapan . Y.~., Y ! ~~ E~ n C C 0 2 1 2 5~ , ,~-
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. 50256 2754. :'...r,:C . ~:. '..~' ~ .~ K4~A) 1 }4(/ ii' -~~ ~ .~~•S•,i* ~'.fl \: Soap Costnet. 52k5)96,98,100,127(1 U ...A G tltltl \ a Reasonable optimisrYt expressed that industry will be permitted to resolve scientifically the fluorocarbon propellant/ozone question based on research findings gathered in next two y.-ars. H E OZON E depiet ion hy- pothesis is a scientific issue - and if it had remained a scicntif- ic issue as it should have, all that would have needed to be said is that it is being resolved scientifically (as is true). Instead, it became a thrce- prorgcd controversy - scientific, social and political - with each of these reacting synergistically - cata- ly2ed by the press - to produce an al- By John W. Dickinson Jr.* Vice-president, Legal Affairs GillPtte North America Boston number of industrial applications: for the blowing of plastic foams, as sol- vents needed for metal treating and electronic nianu facture and so on. The issue, however, has become largely an aerosol istue. mathematical modelling and so on. conducted by qualified atmCMpheric scientists at several leading ur+.iver- sities, and coordinated by the Mantt- facturing C'hemists Association. The multi-million dollar program is cx- pccted to provide, within two years. the data which are critical to the deter- mination. The fcderal govcrnment also has initiated major research efforts through various agencies. with NASA. {.oo t1.n nnPr•ccarv cca:u•.• ft:,r.1- ~on~aa+oo
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50256 2783 - III Du -76 s.p. 2 ;~RIiAYS,+ !'AE1~~S& by 1 . Barbara Hogan Dennis Darcey Anne Janney Albert Fritsch Project Director Center for Science in the Public Interest 1757 S Street, Northwest Washington, DC 20009 Copyright O ].~J76 Center for Science in the Public Interest I , , . G 1 A._ TT 2 9 0
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.. .. -~_... . ,. . . ... .... .._, .._~.....~ . . . . . . + 50256 2781 III Du,~-74 S.P t. HOW Af.~ct3Sft*'S11Rx,YS`- CAN AFFECT YOUR SAFETY AND KEALTH I:- bY Albert Fritsch ; Barbara Hogan Susan Guhl ~.enter for Science in the Public Interest 1779 Church Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20036 t 1973 . . ~ i ~~ . . p ~~~ ~ r, O,2 . 2. 7
Page 270: lfb88d00
X1I :;'? --73 S.i'. 2_ 50256 2771 FIORit it"'0 Pi A . 27 (`-') (J-9 12) S1~J-2?. TOXICOLOGIC EVA;.UATION OF INTIAISPI:AY ~~-~.--- T. APOSTOI.O • E. •LAh7.A1'.OTTI - P. ZAIA in Italian with English YISTEft 5 QUALITY COXTF•OL LAFOCATORIES - CASATERGYO (COhfO) - ITALY SUAS'~S/.RY. -/S study vlas ni,7clc to evaluate va,r;inal irritation produced by an inlinlspray acrosol in rats, injccted intrava6ina11y with a coitstant volu- nlc o/ product. At established periods the anirnals were sacrificed and the vaginas diss-^cted out: the organs were fixed and sections were stained by the hanuatoxytin-cosin technique. Alicroscopic investigation was made in order to evaluale mucous menr- C>ranc nnodification; ur,trcated rats were used as controls. s summary 0 1 lJ 0 ll Ci 02 1
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The Dangers of Aeroso Sprays mzw Saawel /. Taub, A4. D. o i o tl n U o 2 1 3 2
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.•...•~~....•.~.~,.........i:_...._~_._..........e::'...a....-.'~...+.~:.a ...... .•,.~__.._......_.'3•:'..~:•.a.._»..._..•_w..is.'.....r,.....~e._+.........-~....-.~»~._....6~ .~..~rs::<,.ra;r.-::.rr.+.~e:..w..r•A~..,~~ l 50256 2773 QD In : j 1972 ,1UkNATIOI:AL REVIHI:S IN r~ROSOL,PHYSICS AND CHE`IISTRY. ~; . T0J'PJCS IN CURRENT ~... .i i PERGAti0,1 PRESS Oxjoi.f:• ; ' iVt+r York S)daey • Brca.•IS.hwe:'g .(J+~i.r.dryof Tiza:, A:frin, Fi~wt . pr i tl....~'-n 9. •~' . • . . . .. . , • ..1+.•i. • . . ..:~s:~-J.~~~.~u~-~~~C~' ' ~ ~` . - . (PART 2) Vo1 • .3 ~ . G. M. HIDY Sckntf Gr.rir• (ti•orsA Anrtrican Rac:.•tl/ Corporafion• IAonsm.l Oaf_s, CcLJornia flI360 ' AND J. R. RREM.. ..
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72 7Z C M:~ riI1STSf 50256 277S (-l ;'; .:'~ • .>'r/ A. S. 1.5andrjko, 1. 1.. Peisakhov, A. N. Rekhttnan, and N. P. Kozyr, Ar t1)C p:cscnl titnc gas is sa!nplcd fro:n vajro: st:catns at relltivcly lu,i1 tcmp--rateres by t1i•^. pozctic-c oi in- tcrn~] fil:.ation of t1): c cr.t-l +c. c) s tl~!ou~;h ]'.. fiL :r n• ~ • ~'.~ ,^ ~ ~, to :: •,-~- kl.':l: Ui'SI fruln liiC SS f111-.-.r5 in r1!'at I)2Ctlio'1, ?.ili1 t1,)S e\'CI1tG:tliy 1:'avS to eiflOrtfoa Of t11.'~ of (1:Sjr'ISI~•a LtV:•ICC .'.lid C1:CrIliGt1 Co!11j:~tltinil StlKjiGS. The tCInprlttU:e rdngC of t1:C j>J!siblc rangC C`i ?.j)~)aC%••LiUa of va po: cnacL nscrs of ti!:-t tyjic (400-qV!°Cj also ],fo%es fraccqr,tc in sorrc instanccs. ~1t~:. 1>fOitiJC1!iC S)'SlEnl Siwt;ln in f!i-. 1 ip, e'llttj lIi1;' OC:t f;C:ll l'2r>:tI frrC'n;l'S ?l o n 0 0 2 12 1 1
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~ . Je~. . ~~ C5?) 7-/,5 7Y ~/%7,5 i abfe I-Plasra:~l~tta~tiGt.c~~tratiQr~lilat•irda~ative liioavailabilitv of Cvclobaibital foiloxinQ Oral Administration of V - - r Fluorocarbon t~qW.o~1 Prllants VII: Prepar interaction Studies with H~um, an and 1. Tablets 2. 'I'ablets 3. Ayueou Although sul and relative b individuals (set values for the same for each - was cornparati- for Preparatioi the drug was f extent when gi, The prese.nt tent of bioavai lower when its ous solution. T. highest absorp Bovine Globulins Usino Partition Coefficient Method JA L ~ Mean Fret (Range , Geoffrey WXe,Og i % Win L Chiou ' I . Deyertment of Pharmacy 100 College of Yharmacy 101(89-136) University of Illinois Medical Center 78 (64-10 )0 ~ Chicago,lL fAG12 Keyphrases o Fluorocarbon atrosol propellants-interaction with human and bovine g:obulins, partition coefficient method O Globulins, human and bovine-interactinn with fluorocarbon aero- sol propellants, partition coefficient method o I'lasma protein binding-interaction of fluorocarbon aerosol propellants with human and bovine globulins, partition coefficient method To the Editor: The partition coefficients of some commonly em- ployed propeliants between the aqueous phase and the head space have been shown to be higher in plasma-air systems for humans (1, 2) and other species (2) than in the water (or normal saline)-air system. This finding was postulated to be due to the bindinQ or complexation of these propellants to cer- 0 1n in 0o 0 .2 1 l 1 sdde Apothekers," K.N.M.P., The (L van Rossum, J. Chromatogr., 88, . de Boer, Eur. J. Clin. Pharmacol., .rott, D. F. Wurster, and T. Higuchi, 47, 376(1958). vps, L. W. Dittert, E. T. Sugita, and ~, 58,119G(1rJG9). wgn," vol. IV, E. J. Ariens, Ed., Ac- chap. 1. ' D. D. Breimer Department of Pharmacology Subfaculty of Pharmacy University of Leiden ,._...._i_....----- Y i
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50256 2766 a Tborax (1969), V., 228.- ~ t r. / . P1 ,D Eff f. ._1- ~ d f~. t t ect o aerVso 'Prype ants a n sur ~t c„ an s on airvrrr re~~sta •I~ ce .~v~c.,~+~~ G-. M. STERLING' AND ). C. BATTEN From St. George's Ilospilal, London, S.ff'.l . The effects on the airways of inhalation of the vchiclcs used in two commercial pressurized bronchodilator acrosnls were studied in 20 normal and seven asthmatic subjects. Changes in bronchial calibre due to bronchoconstriction were measured as changes in airway resistance using a constant volume whole body plethysmograph, and results were expressed as changes in the ratio Airway conductance/Thoracic gas volume (=specific airway conductance). The aerosols caused very slight bronchoconstriction in the normal subjects, with a mean decrease 0 1 ~ tl n ~ 0 2 1 1 2
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- RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK QD 549 Hi 1982- 50256 2790 Hirtds, W. C. ; ~i ,;~~~. EcEHAVIUR, : AND MEABUREMENT 0F~ 'AxRb RNE~.-PARTICLES John Wiley & Sons.New York, NY.82.(IN : ENG.) I5N = 1532 0 I tl n ~ 0 0 2 1 3 6
Page 277: lfb88d00
50256 2787. / i ~a2-~ 1'0 _ I i , ; Infrared Refractive Index of Atmospheric fe+ow-mes- V n r~ n Frederic E. 6oli .4. i 1 3 3
Page 278: lfb88d00
50256 27.48 ~ 1.j itr•,pirUi. (IrJtSI, fi'1 ,1, 3-20 .3-ao ' How should a pressurizedp2hdrenergiqSronch ilator be 81 II Re-81 inhaledO Z- Aero.rol inkaltrr ~ ` ~TEPHEN P. NE11'MaN, DtNlETRI PAVIA & STEWART W. CLARKE ~ . 0 1 r. -. _._. -•n•..- o__._. c•..._ u......:.../ 1.....i.... R.,..I....i /1tr a•ordr. adrenergic beta-rccepcor agonists - aerosol deposition - bronchodilator agents n•spiratowy thrrapy - trl-buulinr. .1lrbad.• Although ahe manulacf urns of ptrssurizrd arlvsol bronchr)dilaton issur instlvctiom for usingthe inhalrrs, little or noexperimemal veriliralionexists. Furthermore, the instruct ions often fail to ta kr into account krwwn facasqbont aerosol deposit ion. We havc Ievirs. rd 1 hr ev idrnce for the most rlli•ctivc mode or modes of itrhalation of prr»urizcd aerosol bronchodilators. soale uf Mfiic•h •hps ariycn from experiments performed in our ):ItxH-ator). In o1dcr to achieve a maximal ell'rct following inhatat ion ofterbutaline sulphate bronchudilator arrusul( Bric•anyl s, Astra Nharmaceu- tieals), the canister should be actuated during a slow (251 min /), decp inhalAtion and breath hv!d subsryurnClyfiN•10s.$IxMScfaxlilatat•anmayberrducedifarrlwrlisinhalydrapidl) (801mi1i /)ur if brrath is held li,r 4 s. %Ve hare considrred tbr apltlirability dthtx .implr ruks tu othcr typrs of bronchodilator and to all patirnts, irrespective of their diagnosis or degree of airway obstruction. The lung solume at M•hich aerosol is rckased into the ailetrram, the importance ofcuordiluting islhalatirat Nilltatrrvllact fiinl~l,INI lhl It'Lllll't IIN'lll]Uf'/yx o" a1N1'r Mnl rl" nNNU6 iuh:J.uiun f.~. u[ 1niila aluSlw tli~r uma~.
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50256 2-T92 - : j ::ero^c 1 t;t_rapy.. 1e1 -* . ~ D Dautrebande, Lucien. A'ticroaerosols:.physiolo~y, pharmacolqggy, ' New York, Academic Press, 1962. .°,88 p. illus. 24 cm. Includes bibliography. , 1. Aerosols. 2. Aerosol therapy. i. Tltle. RDI1G1.D•3 Library of Congress therapeutics. 615.64 62-13087 j J t5j a i ~ n n 0 0 2 1 3 8
Page 280: lfb88d00
X Me72 S.P,10 Jour. Nuclear Pfed. 12(G) (1971) 385-386 50256 2777 , Range tty l'ta.tx J. Ptr.cttr.tc, SArnrt:I. l:. LE><Nt:r%, ' rIt11.tI' 1'1. C001'L•R, A:~1) DoKOTttY K. I:ASTL.\ND. VA Hospital, Houston, Tcx. (Session 25) ~ In the past we have used labeled aerosol for the 1 detection of bronchial obstruction by scannin~. The Perosol was pioduced with uir-jct and ultrasonic type of ncbulizcrs. The parti;le sizc ran;e for thcse ncbulizers is reported to be from 0.01 to 4 microns in size for the former type and 0.01 to 2 microns for the lattcr. While rmst of the studics rendcrcd satis- factory scans, arlifacts such as bulk depositions in larger airways aed inadequate penetration of par- ticlcs into the pulmonary zone occurred. Since penetration and deposition of inhaled particles very largely depc:rd upon the particle size we at- trmpted to_ produce an aerosol with particles of smaller size and a u;:rrowcr range. The altrrn:ttivcs %cere filters, cascadc impactors, or mono-dishcrscd particlc producing gcncrators. We selected a fourth I __....___ ._.-. _..4 _. .- , 0 1 1) 0'C) (1 0 .2 1 J
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F •, OD 549. Sa 1979 , 50254 2788 Second Edeflo`a 9 n t: . ) S 0 PAUL A. asAPMEMS, Ph.D. .. Formerly Research Associate Freon® Prode.: rs Lab-,rarory E!. du Pont d: Nemc,urs & Company Wiln: ington, Delaware W~ ~2[-JZN Mul E-X, :~C~M-t, VAN P'MOSTRANlD REINriOLD CJPfRANY New York Cincinnati Atlanta Lallas San Francisco C, 0 ' Lnnd?,n 'UrontD Melbgurnq ' • i
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50256 2789 D AIR-=-i'OLLUTION--*IZ;ASU1:2i"tENT/INIiALi1'11J:"t/i'~1iZT.r('1.I, SI~~F ;'I?I:f:l'Rl fL??IT/ Q 549 -. tfe LLIPdGS--Ii3IiALED FAP.TICUi.A?£Sf--------• ----. 1973 ICAN INDUSTF i GIENF V r!'f ASSOCIATION P ~a + . . . m~~,j, . "' '~ ~` `- U. S. ATO.'.i1C ENERGY CON1bIISSION (Office of Information Services) ~ MONOGRAPH SERIES O?7 : I1NDUSTRIAL I-iYGIENE THOMAS T. MERCER Deportment of Radiation Biology and Biophysics The University of Rochester Roclustcr, New York WILLtAbt E. MCCORMICK, Managing Editor AMRICAN INDUSIRIAL HYGIENE ASSOCtA•itON Prepared ander the direction of the American Industrial Hygiene Association for The O/,r+ce of Information Services, United States Atomic Energy Commission ACADEMIC PRESS New Yotk and London 1973 A Subsidiary of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers . - - - -.----, 0 i i"), 0 -0 0 0 2 1 3 S
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" 50256 2785 a45a e ~, ~f • t/ ,__,lttsgemiddolinloCation ~ ~.` , . . J'~ . ; . . Omfafe / da spress..n /raLtdrs.._~, .~-Q~A~ LGet Z~/~~~ ,lCi Am Ovcrdoscriin~ zg' mcd a6 'r`asol'sp'rays ved asthirta bronchiale . Af Trocts .r. Ricmann Three case histories are rcported in which the pa- tients were admitled with status asthmaticus follow. Ing gross overdosage with isoprcnalin or orciprena- )in sprays. All three patients had relative bradycar- dia on admission. One of the patients died suddenly and unexpcctedly some hours later while the two others could be discharged in good health alter con- clusion of trcatment. The possible deleterious influ- cnee of ovcrdosage with sprays on the paticnts' con- dition Is discussed. A marked increase in the num- her of asthma deaths in recent years has been re- ported In Britain and is probably connected with aerosol overdosage. It is concluded that until the rea- sons for the presumed latent danger have been deter- mined with ccrtainty, admission to hospital of all lopatients with incipient abuse of aerosols should be o ~ ~ 0 n 0 0 2 1 3 1
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~Jr) l.YDIA 111:\T?'tt. :Z~ 0tr1. ' THE ,IiEDICAL JDURNAL 4fi AUS9'RALIA /~~0~ ~,,,,,,,~'~~72~tx~1~CAf~17$ ASFAhC,'OGtt~f*ATfCYfi;AL ' CAL" Pf ~Ii~a JlthAfZrQ1R>~.G~t~. ~ Six: The recent publicity given, after the death of a child, to the potentially lethal effects of "snifling" aerosol propellants. invites comment on the possible health bazards (in particular to operating theatrc personnel) in medical practice of the less dramatic toxic effects of these agents. Aerosol propellants usually consist of mixtures of fluoroc, rbons. Those used most frequently are dichloro- dlfluoromcthane (}'rcou 12) and trichlorofluoromcthane (Freon 11).' The potentially lethal effects of •'snitiittg" these agents have bcett known industrially for several years after the suddcn death of workers who had Inhaled from a plastic bag filled with tiuoroearbon propcllr.ut.' This report led to the investigation of the possible itnpii- catlot:s of these agents ir, deaths among nsthmatics after therapeutic usc of aerosol the cause of death in arrhythmias provoked by flucrocAtbous to the effect 2443 ahrays° It was suFgested that these patients .4as cardiac the scusitizing/icction of the of adrenalin Experitzlental work showed that ih` dogs fluorocarbon at levels ot,20 to 35 Nt per ntl cafi seusitize the heart to arrhythm\ras produced by adrrnaline." 1leasuretnents of fl-uorocarbon",levels in arteriat blood, taken during the ,9rs/ passage of blood throulth the systemic circulation after normal inhalatiun of aFrosols. sugFestc•d that It was unlikely that propcllant5) were of lmporlnnce in the dea.hs of asthmatic pajfents; and that the explanation lay in the smaller drofilet ~7.t, of aerosols compared with that produced by a,tiwizcrs, attcl the consrquer.t greater absorption of theia• active prtnciple. tievertheless, under certain circumstances aerosol prop.ellants may be an .J-1 C__-- In recent~ars, there has been t:n f3~rcasing aware- ness of the undesirable effects of was t:` anacsthetic aFents iT}/operating theatre atntosphs:res. It 'is possible that eyhosure to trace conecntrations of halo2h,~ne, a recoe jtaed n,yocardial irritant, may, In certain Fredis- occupational h~ r1rd. - .~ posed individuals, cause increased ntyocardial irritability, requently left with a potential threat of subsequent 117ixl.ures of Freon 12 and Freon 11 are the propellants'-., lazardous complications. Radiological control is most desirable to ensure the most often present in aerosol sprays commonly used in the dressing of wounds. One could postulate that the use - -. ~ i 0 ~ f) ~ 0 o 0 2
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50256 2770 I ~ . ~ rtr rnt?-78 s.p. , ~ t t r e I -a f ac. dg, a S - "-r" t c Jf ulc a ~~ aw, no Domenico Giusto i &Y: 91?20p Acroso! protirllanls antl L/tc af retusphcric ozunc Fla}'eY. Giusto, Uotncnico (Fac. Sci., f_'niv. Milano, Milan, Italy). lnquinumtvrto 1977, ]ft(10), 93 :i (Itu)). '!'he r)epletion of stralo~,plteric 03 by chlorufluoruhydrocarbons frutn aerusol Spra)•s is discussed. A. )3aczewski Un in.cresse crescente viene da qualche tempo rivolto at problcma dcllc Ctoro^uoml+at.d'iine ICFP1, piu note cut muchio Frcons. e dd dutno che un )oro eventuate indiscriminato uso pu4 provocatc eR'ambiente e aUa salute dcll'uomo. Puraropiv. scYOndo una cattiva consuetudine che scm- bra orm.ti cunwlid.ta. nd ponatc qucstq prublc:na ai- 1'attcnzione dril'opiniunt pubbtica, attra.•erso incsattcz- u, otnissioni, distorsioai, crruri. si forniscono informa- tioni scorrctte che tendono a dare una visione sba0ia- ta dcl probkma e a ereire a,')atmismi assaluumcnte in- fondati. 06 che piu meta.•iFlia r che qus:i mrz+i .•cn- Fano orar uta.i anche da parte di orrani di informuinnc ehe non accwno fatro uso drUo scandalismo l+er cate• nere credihi;it3. 11 probfema 'c comrliuto e molto im- Purume c tichicde di esscre aflronuto senza istrrismi. Come e noto lr CFP sono coraPo+ti chimici di sintesi ti da tempo, e da~•li anni trrnta Prodotti su sc •'a in. strifT , ch~~s ot(sjiFondpcr rtaziu.:e dcl)'op~rtuno rocart~inn c'G:n~•+M 1 • i "p informazionc hanno infani ipotizzato la pcricuiositi dclk Iwmholcrtc sptay di dccxloranti, lacchc pcr capcl- li e prt>dotti simili, hisogna surtolincare chc in qucsti prodotti lc CFP vcnt;ono usatc cumc prupcIlcnti, cicn come ,rasportatori drlla sostunza chc aei.cc da dcodo- rante, 5swnte rce:; 1'cc•rntua1c prricol,niti di yucste ultime non dccc csscrc confusa con quclla dcltc CFP chc non h.rnnu a)cuna uionc tossica u nocitv dirctu sull'orr;anismo. OFFi comunyue.le CFP s•cnt:uno ptodotte in s:nndi quantita, Li produeinne mondiale si aerin sul milionc di tonnellate annue di cui circa il 50r• nrtai Stati Uniti• con un Iegt;cro calu negli uitimi anni tispctas alle punte massime drl 1974. M dcl 50r-v di yur>ta produziune tro+•a impiceo ncli'industria dct;li arroxJ 150t"u neFli U.S.A., 700(t in Ol.tnda. 80rb in Ir;;hiltcrra), mcntrt rro.•ano un impicgo piu limitatu ncgli alui usi: ]0-15°b come refricennti, 10°i, conte gon(.tnti pcr resine espan- se. L3PO carne solecnti e ar;cnti antitiamma. . . .. ,-.-., . ...... . .,, .. ,. 1, 1... . :. . .... .~ ~ i 1 - t 4
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50256 2801 III Du2-76 Verpackungs Rundschau 27 (7)791-794(1976) S . P . MUStiffArKUNGlttt':tiN11+.UMwIELTSCHUTT.+t AEROSOL PACKS AND ENVIRONAtENTAL PROTECTION. The author deals with aerosol packs and environmcntal protection and refers to the 2nd International Sym- posium 'Aspects of the chemical and toxicological nature of environments' which took place in the Institute for ecological and toxicological chemi- stry of the Association for Environ- mental Protection and Protection against *Radiation in Munich. Scien- tists pointed to the fact that for un- initiated person, technics in general are responsible for environmental pollution, but that only with the aid of technics there is a chance of supp- lying the world population with all necessairies. By Dr. Hans Kubler , , 0
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.--~----+~ . . III Du2-79. 50256 2797. ~ , S.F. Author: Interessengcxneinschaft Aerosole e.V., Frankfurt/Main, Gerrrkzny (Genmn Association for Aerosol Interests) Title: A TFDINICAL AND rMV•i1C ANALYSIS OF TfiF: (iMAN AL'fi(a90L A4AFtFQ;T ANI) ITS SIGVIFICANCF. ALSO - A RI,,VIL'~V OF Tills' SCIIYMFIC SI'AZUS OF- TIT OZONE. HYIX7I'fESIS. Ho's o' n n
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50256 2800 FJ sh ar, M. A. 9L'HF PII T:•1STI?T~!ai,I+l Fn?i: TflE AtaTOMATIC CQU_N.IJOG AND SIZZRJG DF WERosM PARTLCSU, by K. A. Eisher, S. Kat:, A. cad N. R. Alexamnder Prec., IJ&tt. At.r Polluta.on 9ymp. I Los Ange7e6 195$ 112-iL9 (19a) 0 t C~ Q(l C0 2 1 14 6
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50256 2757 C1 : F.I:TEti1'IO`r OF fiADIOACTIVE LABELLF,D '~~t!~~iR~Tf33'.'4rs TT:A~T . X Me - 73 5.P.]0 ATO<<i;ERRENE 20(1) (1972)79-88 'IT~US Ifi 'CNE S1RAftlENSCf{UTZFORSCHUNG • RADIATIOIJ SNIELD(fJG Zur Ataschwictung ra;lioal:tiv rnarlciertcr Acroso{partikcl untctsohicv';11cl:Qr Bescl~aiicnlicit im rzcnscfilichE:n Aictntrakt' ~,, . . .Noa-fi. F.ci~er, W. Ccrnulh, K. Potzl t t ( t _.. Aus dcr fhysilcGsch,Biellim~hsd en foachvnpsstell Gormisch-Porlenkirchen der Frounholer•Gcsellschofl (lciter: Dr. R. Reiter) Abst-vct q<,set.nt;on of rodionclive lobellcd aerosol porlicies of difierent kinds Ic. N.e humon respiratory sructj! Tolal pnrlicle depos;tion in Ihe hurnon respiretory Irocl wos delermined on humon svb/ects (sccrtd qv.e•ly), wilhin o diomc!er ronrlc irom O,OS pm a•p to E pr,r (oerod),nom.c d,caret-~r)- Tne (olIowir,g Icst oerotiols were used: notvrol cerusol in cn o!. ^acncd c,inc , poL'rry, 7n0 sr clc, os r•cIl cs Emc p;:rficlcs c•( 7r.,) ,.:,d t.+.;o s•..juccd l•y maons of c rromc-type oerosc! t;tncrclor. Thc follcw:ny rtir;.mcnt cnd prinnples were uscd jr. Rseosvrina pnrllclc silc tirttr,t.:vl•cn: C~r._rz ar.rosol spcc:ro".crcr (meus• uren,cnt of yorlicir, (.i by hr-s•;••1 rudon dccoy pro•!uc's, ond (,i) by el+unicoi moss deternur.: hon;, ecscaee impoUOr (nerl cle mcusuremen: as (r) cr.d (ii) ct.ovc), ir'cyco countcr v.;th sc(ntq-antly cad•,d multichunnc: onolyner. F.ol•_r.'.or c! s! r -ecsure;.r ti9ta is preponrl•_rnr•!y per(nrn,ed by co••+(+vtcr, (/ v:cs rr-+ruicd shot •n lirc ronSit of on nrrodyr..n•.ic dio• meSc: Lorn 1/:m rv Q}}.:~~: pm, Si,c prur~c6iL:r of de~usiliur eiC urap (rc••n 73 pCr ecnltlu 11 p=/irnJ,'~..+ly A r_~~r..+A,is o/`/.4crer ~-sult+a! • [IiGuvon a!. u;.6r:n r*~x,rrnuT +M.n~ . clli*Y,n Mt~~rn r~s!!f1s EURATOM/INIS DCSCRIPTORS RCSPIkATORY TRACT MAN Ih:IFAII.TIO.d AnSOPrTION (:CTENTION !.F COSOES Fv.C,TIU ES CPAIN SIZi DISTRIBUTION MCASUEING /.!ETiiODS MEASURED VALUES 7.INC OXIDES MAGNESIUt•1 OXIDES 11ATUEAI ACTIVITY RAnON UIBCUIn COMi•OUNDS s rirr dic nurrI,/iihrung der /.rbeitt•n slondcn flilicl der Schutilomrnission des Bvndcsminislcrivms tic•s i•sncrn yur VrrNwng, 0 ;j
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50256 2793 . X'Me~~ -73 . S.P. ~A 348• rch Intern Med/Vol 131,Jan 1973 A'erosol : "Therapy-..in -ACute-.. Symposium-lliller -:a.r ~~~ .~I~~~on~~ : ~~sparaJcory- ~-~isease~.,- William F. aiiller,MD, Dallas . , Aerosol therapy must be applied according to specifie Indications.7hcra?y ranges, ana•' tomically, from smallest to largest airways; physically, from fine "dry" cool to dense heated mists; pharmaculogicaily. from po- tent to bland aEents. bronchodilators in mi- nusct:le amour.ts are used to counter muco- sal cdema and bronchospasni and should be •vsed with eth.; agents. t3land rrists are used to mobilize secretions. t.lucolytics are uscd wh^^ !:~:: potcnt agcn;s ftil. Chest per- euaior ar'id po,tural rtr3nftrrat--s-rainsge arf ac j'ti ncl(Xo wjcuais m~t~jilile~ secfjetior,V Antibiotic aerosols can treat bronchial infec- tions failing to respond to systemie anti- biotics. Antiinflammatory steroids have only limitcd applicability. Antifoaming agents are used in fulminant pulmonary edema when there is no response to orygen and positive pressure ventilation. Cromolyn sodium blocks spasmogen release from type I re- agerric antigen-antibody reactions and shnrlls be used prophylactically for allergic .asthma. I
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~~(-3 3 VJ 17cc , -7S'S.P. / ~~.~ Respiratory Disease i'revalencc in Beauticians and Its Relationship to Acrosol S irays. Aldn !'nlrner A comparative survey of female cosmetologists pratg tieing in Utah tras undertaken to determine if this special subgroup of tlte population was at increased risk of developing pulmonary dysfunction. This survey was prompted by a plethora of case reports indicating that subjects exposed to aerosol hairsprays became ill tivith a disease known as pulmonary thesaurosis. A probability sample of ?G`_' student cosmetologists and 213 graduate cosmetologists from all regions of Utah were medically tested and compared to a uonoccupct- tionally exposed control group of 569 people ntatched by age, smoking history, and region. The medical tests con- sisted of posteroauterior and lateral chest x-ray Fiints, the forced expiratory spirogram pulmonary test, and a medical questionnaire (B\f RC) which included ques- tions on respiratory disease s;inptomatology, occupa- tional histoty, smoking history, and acrosol use. Addi- tionally, a subsample receiced three other tests of respi- ratory function: sputum, closing volunte, and a single- breath carbon monoxide clifTcsion test. 'llte major ciis- ease categories sought were symptonis of sarcoidosis (this -~J ~,./N ~- tuer.ely of Alveolar Marrol>hal;cs frutn Lun}; W:r.htnl;s. J Stercolu/;ic I:valuatiun. !i. l'nrrccl; l:. IluLrr; Jl. Felunu(/lc•r; (:. Knrrnnn; (1'. TuJfcl; C• RirCnrlley; M. fluyuslri; H. l.nl;rucrrlcc With the advent of fibcruptic I,rnncht>scopy, sc},nncntal bronchopulmonary lavagc has I>rrrved useful for rccovcr- ing pulntonary alvcolar nr:tcrolrh:ogcs. Analy%is r>f thcse cells is indie:cucd in infcctiom of r>I»cure nncl untletcr- tnined etiology, in cvalu:uins{ the course of intcrstitial fibrotiis ancl in the diagnosis of many I,ulrnurr,uy clis- orclers. To (late, uo critical stuelv exists to cletermine ol>timum methods of ccll harvest. 'I 0 aurlc this problent. experimental lavage was pcriormed trirh isotunic }:rlinc antl balanced soltuions at rcfr.it;crated (10 <:) , roorn (23• C) and body (37' C) tcurl,cr.utnc.. 5tcrculo!w. a science introduced over a ccntury ago I,y llclc,.c and adapted to the lung recently by \\'ciirt I, tv:r. utieti ur quantitatively compare by clcctron micrt>scol>y tclis har- vrsted in different ways. Iscrtonic salinc• u,lntiun I>rovccl the lavage agent of choice for optintal recoverl• of cells. All macrophages from caclt santpte wcrc plrotrx;raphctl scquentiall.• and were morphotnetric.tlly an:rlyzeJ u,ing a coherent cloul,le-lattice test syxtem. \'trlume densities were cletermined for 8 cellular conrponents: nucleus. a U 2• 1 3U
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50256 2804 , RA 576 Am Aerosols American Association for the Advancement of Science. Committee on Science in the Promotion of Human Welfare. Air Conservation Commission. Air conservation;...report. Washington, 1965 xi, 335.p. 24 cm. (Publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, no. 80) Includes bibliographical references. r) f 01 t; 0 0 0 0 2 1 13 0
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[50256.2791 . _ . .. Ql?- 549 N oSU~-rNERAni~GRUNDtAGE~ AFR PrinCi~les dnd Appl (t t3as.iC ~ CiOC'r •-- 4 tf) 0 0 0 0 2 1 %31 7
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50256 2605 ~ Aerosols Bakhanova, k. A, POSSIBLE INGRF:/1SE IIJ TNE DEGREE OF AEROSOL DISPEI4SION THitOtlGH t.zQUro arSPIrtSIOA ay toU-'fRKUENCy VLTRqSOUNQd by R. A. 9akhanova, A. V. 511..aev and Q. k, S1,imenam8 Coliaia Jour. R. ;,_3 (No. 1) 1?-15 (l19'1)
Page 295: lfb88d00
50256 2802 SULFUR 'DIOXIDF./AE[?_OSOLS/ 1. P~EPO%TT NO. 2. EPA-600/1-78-021- /It1xALATiorr/ 4. TITLE AND SvOTITLE II MeA -79 S.P. PHYSIOLJGICAL RESPONSE TO ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTANTS 9. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRESS Department of Phys•iology Harvard University School of Public Health 665 Huntington Avenue ston h'acs_actu.~etts 02115 1?.SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS Health Effects Research Laboratory RTP,NC Office of Research and Development U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 3 5. ...., v.• • v.+... March 1978 p. PERFORMING ORGANI2ATION CODE I air pollution B.PERFORMINGORC sulfuric acid 10. PROGRAM ELEM sulfates lung toxicity 60L 11. CON"L7iACT/GRANT NO. R-80203,0 ~ 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIOD COVERED 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODE EPA 600/11 '• ~~+YORY NOTES During the period of this grant several materials were examined as air pollutants of interest for their irritant effects. These included sulfuric acid, a series of inoraanic sul~fai;es,_and a comhination of ozone and sulfur dioxide. Some attention U••ry~ nn the i rri tant response to sul fur r 1 y E pi-a 280 41..) ~1 1
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.L.~i 1~:CA ;va.Y.nra 1 k...L+ ..c w.~t:~ at ;c . 1toy".lh~.k!,Y~.c1..iw? h<i Lr.{Yac4u• 50256 279s PP i%k. ` . , .~. i, .. rA-A-h:eszvewSpra;r s 11. fafe of T'reons and Their Acute Topical and SysECZnic Toxicity *%541::~~ ~:Mt f,TC'('cruo Motsun.oto, hIC, USA; K C Pani 111D- LTC Jof•n d Kooaric F11 • .,. r . . , , N . , . It.0S0L t:isslle-adl±esrve spray devel- , Y U.,:,, ««u g, .~..,, ~j tit, Ci- t thi d b I t G B i ns a s e an y arr m .- Washington, DC - pany-, Niles, 111, has been used succe,ssfully in Vietnam for hemostasis of othenvise fatal hemorrhage from liver and I:,ey wounds and for reiuforcement of suture lines of vas- rnnnna~.-.~nfin.+n Intlat• rnt-miro o"rl ~ ~ ~~1 ~ Ci 0 2 14 1
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nn 131) Rr i -aerosols. British Coal Utilization Research Association. Aerodynamic capture of particles; proceedii,.-s of a con- ference held at B. C. U. R. A., Leatherhead, Surrey, 1960. Edited by E. G. Richardson. New York, Symposium Pub- lications Division, Pergamon Press, 19C0. viii, 200 p. Illus. 26 cm. Includes bibliographies. 1. Dynamics of a partlcle--Congresses. 2. Fluid dynamlc*~-C7on- gresses. 3. Aerosols-Congresses. L Richardson, Edward Gick, 1896- ed. u. Tltle. QA85°.I37 19G0 5311.36 60-14917 Ltbrary of Congress 1151 0 1 tl t~ 0 i 0~ i~ S
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Aerosuls. 6usvtnef S, R•, A CRITICAL RtvIEW OP Tfig Tf-CHNIQUFS EOR TbST21*- INSECT:1CIME-S,. I9S9 208 p> C4roKarNtal.t~ Iristi.~tr st' Ent~o~~g~• i.pndon S 0 I9 6 [) C; 0 « 1
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50256 2806- ~~ ~ ~ l D s s If z-W.P. . , k 4``~bs.9" • I,~'. Ci ~31~~i4.•.t~ :Ex . . ~. . ~ ~ ~ Seymaur. M. Blaug and Arnold W. Karig f! 0 n 6 (1 2
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.,.. ~ .•.. C G Y 50256 2780 An Easily Constructed 1~~rbstsl ~prtfyer4~ / ~3> The increa.ing pnpularity of thin-laycr cuid paper chromatography nrtd related , h tuques (suc•.t us thm-laycr clr•ctrni,horest.) has broupht on a dcmnnci for c:,sy tec ncethods for vi.nali•r.:a ion of chromatu~raphic saniple >;puts. Commerci:tlly available aerosol spray caus are tt~zcd to pr„videe the pre:sure neces:ary to ntomize a vi;ualiza- tiou rertt;eut, hut tlu~>e have Surnc cti;a,lvant:xges such n: c.Xpense, hui!cy size, iteed for refill5, und Foneraily tile ucc•d for reagent bottles «•ith 50-100 ml capacity. The figure abov::, a very : implc elrvice for proclucinn :cerosol sprays of chemic•ul xolulions. The pray c:+n be z;,+:teratvil ~imply by blowinfi into the e.ttached rubber or plastic tube. The rc•:t,ent• snl;ttiun i; held in a 3-iu. te,t tube. Changing test tubes cun be c•:c.,ily ncc••nnE,li<heci by nteeuts of the spring clip elothespint Except for n stnall block of wood (or pla :t it•) :,nd u-;priug-type clothc<pin, all of the components nre rc•adily avuil:tble in a typiral IslnOrn.tury nuci can be assembled by students. The cornponenl, :ue I block of wood (nprroxirnatcly 1 in. X 1 in. X 3 in.) i i 1 `f 1 med c ne druppcr, g a" 1 mclting puit,t cnpillar~• tube (breal: ufT r/e in. from closed-end type) Aerosol sproyer. StnM•n w•i+o- I piece of r/, io. fl,•eilrle tubing abnut 16 in. in length out lope or rubber bonds nee- 1:prinfi clutitr~pin essory to hold the componcnts together. 3-in. te.;t tube: (1 X 7:i mm) hpe or rubber I;a:nds 1'he tnanuer uf r.w,•-trctc•tirm of the sprayer is uh.•imt, except for two critical areas. In order to get nu tdficicnt nsp:ratinn (llcrnntuli t•lio,•t ) c,f thw lie; ticl t,l, the c•al,ill:u-Y tube, th(• top of thc• eapi{l:u•y should inte•rseett the center uf tLeolx•ning in tile rt."hl-iuc• cltulymr t,the. To allow f„t tltc ltl, uf the tc;t tulie tc, lit helween the block and c•lutherpin, tile c•lothe.y,ite AL„ul•1 nnt lx• ho'uid t"n tiechtl}- to tile I,L„•'c:. lt :- su~~;cac,l tl,:tt the capillary, eye dropper tube and c•lutl,c•piu lie utt:,r-l,c•J i,vsi.idunlly ti, the block rathcr th:u, attPnll)tUlf'; to att:tch them all at oncc by wrappinl; the total a,~ctuhly. Since the t•:tl,ia:o.•,• K'i!I ur,:c,innall}• Yc•t bruk•?u rnr1(l have to he rt•I,lnr•etl, it ,hould hc idarcd onto the block last so ns to alluw c:,a cy~ ~•n: l uf1r~I,Lc ~'^+~,:un ur t~j ,c. ,^{ h, p)t ,ti,t< Ic c i:uY~ tsl,, works {~c;t for h ilrlinl t„t cthcr thc cuml1oncnt.; ,inro i;Y Iir~E,lt,tal:,,, Itic 1„~ ut ltiAd ut.E c„hiu•ly lu slr}.outat• l,u iti,iu a: N•uul,l rul,i,er b:utd.;. ltotcr;r.-f A. YAT:.tcA /
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PtuckMl, App1! j~4er.~soY.Tht"6PY~ nasiC~ Pr-c.n~iPtNs and ca. Z~4tiv ~ I c71 1 ~ .1p, Eri ed-rici,-Kar.l ssanattsuer-l7e~r3+~g Sfut"erf" i . . - . .:.. . . a n Q 0 0 0 2 14 0
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50256 2776 I 5-. (P 4 1~ Ci tl n~~ 1 22 8018 LN810 P B GNA N i EUR J NUCL A6 Ili(., MEU l4 fi11 in ~r... ~- -• ..-„ ...,. siwsb~ fbAN~' r' 1~4.+ie~ib~ MiL dSSilt~lS`. T~vlLF LVM6 iLASFt~~.~. n..a isldari, ~/.Cerrito,~nuecert, .T`d' imhoro Lung scanning by use of small nebulized partleles permita to obtain dlCferent pot terns of deposition in chronic obstruett ve lung dlsease.Using not short-life r~ dtonuclldes,el3iar activity reaotion thro ugh the major bronchl ellors to obtain de layed tsuges of the deposftion in the a1 veolar reglons.50 patients have been exa ^gned after inhalation of 1-1,5 wCi Au- 19E aerosol by ultrasonic nebulizer.Scin tigrams were carried out soon after the nebulization and unt11 4 ! hours after.The results obtained perwit the following ob- servatlons.1)ln normal subjects irregular breathing during aerosol can bring to an excess of particles in the upper eirways. Scintigraphlo saps becowe norAal in later controls for the elimination, by wucus clearance, of the particlea contained in the bronchi.t)In subJects with high bron chial resistances a prevalent central de position of the particles is observed.De layed acans pernit the evaluation of al- veolar deposition that is always inhoeoge neous.Nevertheless, in subjects with as jor bronchiel obatruction and cllinr acti vity con~proasisslon delayed inages arr Qui te unchanged.J)In subjects with periph. 9
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III Du2-74 S,P. trast sinus tachycardia. , "A To the Erfitor.-Using mice, workers + >;l;le and associates' failcd to dupli- h .;. / ,.. I the five mice whn had not rcccived WILLIAM S. HARRIS, MD L_ _. prohcllant each of whom had in con- at DuPont.' Allen and Hanbur5•s Ltd; ' cate the Tavlnr :rnd1l:irris technique. at and Riker Laboratorles.' and, most I Thev miscL•rs,itic;l as 2:1 A%' hlnek t':c tecently, Egle and associates,• were I m:uiy occurrences of \Venclcebach t,c- In '' 4 A I' hl te cardiotoxicit- riod ( • 5 hl d t 1 k) hi h '1' l t ' emuns ra s : cx ~ r ,,•, o ct : ~~ c :rr una e : 0 of aerosol propcllants. They did not do and }[arris did not. Most of the rc- in the same experirncnts described by sults of Egle and associates invclce Ta}lnr and Harris; «•hich re~•ealc<i comhlete asph} xia and. the:efoic, li~~ that the fluorocarbons, or freons, used all the data of Azar and :^•Ssociaics' to propel aerosols are toxic to the and .iack= (hoth studies used co^ip!ete heart. Errors by these authors and :r<t+hyxia), can hc dismissed as irrcv- Silverglade'' need correction cxal,lv ditTcrent in di sihn [ro: i t: . ~ We did not apply complete as- sturfyof •Caylor a7,1 Harris. Only with phyxia in our experimental mouse Table 3 have E;,le and a.sociatc~ model. The essence of our techniquc• rnoved on to partial asphyxia. T}:c~.c ~ is to apply a degree of asphyxia that data reveal th: t the timc of unsct of ~ otherwise untreated mice will toler- tlic l,rarl} arrhvthmic e~•cnt ~lu: in; z~- ' ate for four minutes without de~•elop- I phcxia was sit;nitic;:nt!y carlicr :. ing bradyarrh,}thmi::. Without pro- (mc•cin ± SE 1.S0 ± 0.11 minutc.<1 : i- g pellants, the degree of partial, or ~ ter propellant 1'r.trcatment than t'.c:r- mild, a,ph,rxia that \%•e a~(li~ causes !i- asi)hS•?:ia alone 0.2') ia!'•
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W.W--- - i0256 2813 j4 •72 I~~Re 7s'THE TOXICOLOGICAL E I::tTIOV OF AI:ROSOI S -41"Ah. sD.G.CLARK Inveresk Research International, Musselburgh, Midlothian, United Kingdom The term 'aerosol' is a general term usLed to descrilk an atmosphere containing partictcwhich remain suspended in the air for a signin,:ant period of time. The aerosol may be a du~!. ..._ _ . _.... _ . . . : .. . : - _ A 1 r~ n ~ c; 0 2 1i; 9
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.~~....~.._~.~ _ __.._..._~W___.~ _......~__..~...__...~ - - __....__._._ 50256-2808 TS 2240 r-r 1972 ALCOHOL/N AEROSOLS/ ILTt/LSD/ MARIJUANA/ " ir r, e"I Tryp . RCOTICS/DEPRESSANTS/CAt'FEINP:/NICOTINE=-AD]5TC2'ION/ BARBITURA'I~S/HF.ROIN/TOBACCO--SMOKING ~ YASY.ISH/ FREONS/ and by EDWARD 1~1. BRECHER , .~JL1;.~J'iC1111. and the Editors of COi.SUMi:R REPORTS ~ The Consumers Union Report on Narcotics, Stimulants, Depressants, Inhalants, .. •:-... . Haiiucinogens, and ~,Vlari juana - including Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol j ~ iQ f;`~~ . ... I • ~l CONSU2,1ERS UNION AtOUAT VER\'ON A'E4V YORK .._._.r.~._.~.~._..~..___~. ~~...,.~..r.n ~..~..~n- - ~.-~_ _.~~~,~ ._. __.._T~,....._... _. ......_.._......~. ,~ ._~Y..~.. ._.
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50256 2796 II Du 77 S,P. '~ 2 Jour. Opt. Soc. 67(2)256(19"")•_,... _. ~ Ostracts for thc Topical Meeting on Attnosphcric Acrosols Thcir Optical Propcrtics and Effccts , , ite1d December 13-15, 1976, in Williamsburg, Virginia Al. Atl KURT EiU 'obannes 1 rmany.- nted. T he aeroso 4 min.) MBB. Comparison of Airborne Lidar Results with a Physical Model of Stratospheric Aerosols. F. G. t'F.RNALI), Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. Univ. of Dcnvcr, Dcm,cr, Colo. 8020R- Features of thc 1973 airborne lidar experiment on re-examination can now be adequately explaincd by a new phy.ical model of the stratospheric aerosols. (Contributed paper, 12 min.) MB9. of the MA2. Me Aerosols: a.; ~ .~ rr ~ 1~MB7.°Aerosol Tropospheric-Stratospheric Exchange. Mk ;r PATRICK MCCORMICK, N.1S.1 langley Researcli Ccntcr. /Iam torr, Va. 23666; T. J. SWISSLtat, St'stcros arrd Applied Scicnec: Riverdalc, Afd. 20840; W. P. CHU, Old Dorninion Univ., Aorfoll Va. 23508.-Rcsulas of stratosphcric aerosol lidar data over the hvo-ycar period after the huctio volcanic eruption will be dis- cussed in terms of possible ckansinb mechanisms. (Contributed Trend of Twilight Color Ratios and Converted Lidar Data paper, 12 min.) Fuego Dust Cloud. FREDERIC E. VOLZ, Ahnospherie JR., Old 17. No. 2, February 1977 Unlv. oj ., _... butions of stratospheric aerosols in 20 km altitude region are summarized with analytic functions used in models to represent, them. (Contributed paper, 12 min.) MA3. Aerosol Size Distribution Inverted from Spectral Solar Attenuation Plus Sca~tFring~Meaoremats. )Elt~.t~ CFj~ ;~ I QUENZEL, Afeteoro(.~+lnstr rt d Un rsit Th~ sierLsfrasK.37, 1 D-80001tfunclrcn 2, Federal Republic of Gcrmany.-Ateasurc- ments at a savannah covering a period of 30 days arc inverted to tnd Meteorological Parameters. RONALD J. SEN- 256 HARD W. STOREY, AND JAMES S. C. CHANG, ;1ey Research C'cntcr, I/anrpton. Va. 23665.-Tethered balloon-based measurements to 400 m altitude of the vertical distributions of temperature, humidity, wind speed, pressure, and aerosol concentration arc discussed. (Contributed paper, 12 min.) MB4. Continuous Measurements of the Natural Aerosol Size Distribution at Rural, Mountain, and Maritime Sites. S. G. 4Eh2~ NGS, Dept. of Physics, Unh•. of Durham, Durham, United Kingdom.-An analysis of continuous r.ieasurements of the nat- ural aerosol size distribution in the radius range 0.25 up to 5.0 µm at rural, mountain, and maritime sites is presented. (Con- 1 tl k s
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50256 2810 Ri. 576 B Library of Congress E151 -77 . . :f. Aeraso? ;?. Includes bibliographies. British Occupational 11ygier.e Society. Inhaled particles and vapours; proceedings of an intcrna- tional syniposim,i organized by thv Britif3h Omthatlrnlal Hygiene Socictr, Otiford, '?S.` ll,u•clt-1 April 1960. I:clite(l by C. N. Davies. New York, Sy~mposittn~. Publications Dici- sion, Pergamon Press, 1961. si, 405 p. illus., diagm, tables. 26 cm. English. German, or rrench, with absirnets ln English. 1. Parttcles--Congresses. 2. Vapor3- Gongress?s. 3. Re::plrator.y organs--(;ongresses. z. Davies, Charles Norman, 1910- ed. u. Title. ~ RA576.B68 1960 ~ 331.822 61-10786 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 1
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P, . .. 151 D -3 I nero•:.o1:.. 50256 2816 I)auirebai:de, Lucicn. Ali.:roierosols: ifhyaiologs, pharmacology, tlierapeutics. Ne:v York, .lcvlruiic Yress, 1900. 3C6 p. 111as. 24 cm. Includes bibltod aphy. 1. Aerosols. 2. Aerosol therapy. L Tltle. RM1ti1.D3 615.64 62-13087 j Ltbrary of Congress ~1 A I
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Aeru.vDt.s 50256 2803 Amelin, A. G. Theory of fog cnndensat.ion (by, !4. G. .Ams:in. 2d e.d., augm. and rev. Edit.e;i by B. V. Deryegi.n. Tran9iati)d irota I'ius;i~.;i by ";. If: ~~~Rn. .I<-msalern, Ivrael 2'rot-mnr, for Scientific '1'rsnsiations, 19G7. xl, 236 p. ilius. 25 m Trenstatton of Teoperi+qecu»e ocxoem o6pasoEatxst ryHaHa npr xmexcaa„tii naoa (rotnans:c•3: Teoreticaez-ct0 oWwcy obr&sov:uil:8 tnmana pri konde:satsii para) Iociudes blbltogre.phks. 1 Fog. I. Title. QC929.F 7 A533 ~ 551.575 Llbrary of Congress r3t 67-8603 C~ E u Ei ~ f~ i; ~ ~4 9
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50256 2819 i III De4 Aerosols , ~ l, r ~ Deriagi.ni, ". t,o A TFiEORY OF OIG- UOC.ATLLE PARTICLES' MoTICN IN X PrFMSING GAS rWX'IuaE. by B. V. Dextagtni and T. I. TAIar..ov, DaKl. Rka~l,. Nauk .. (!Jo<. )) loyo-N2, C19 v?) t._._...~.._..,.n_..-.-,,.~....-...._.,..-.._.--..._.,-.._.:._.,.---.,.~._,..,,......_.-..,_..~..... ~_ .~. - t 1 o r r~ c~ o t~ 0 2 1 6 5
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50256 2821 I Aerosols Der taauir, R. 'J. rL0cf-ULTRAMiCR4SC0PZC MTHOD OF DL•"tC9MIN- ING THE NUMbER CUNCENTRAI`ION AND PARTICLG Sr?-F- Alu4LYSIS OF aEROSOLS ANp RVpROSoLSi bY $, V. Der,j63uinj G, Ja• Ptannaker, A. T. S6orashXlora ar+d N. M,• Sadrjavatara ~7oUt-. of Cel I Oi etSC". 7.-11, rv0~'i•6n C1969) 0~ t1 i~ (~ G u 2 1 6 7
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III 5025,6 2820 Uo2 x, ~~ra~ol~.. s:JCAu, THE S'.TATIST3CS OP X+TPUID SPRAY AMD oUSr ELCCTRIPiCATION 8Y ?HE HO1°PER AND 1AtlY HETN0D ur., i9pl.; ]Ph;~s. 24 (,Noo 1) ~3~~, Jan. 5G ~ ~ ~~--- ••,,.rm» 'r~ . . 2 1 6 6
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50256`2807 i~.,.~,.....~:.:.;..~...._..w _......_....e:'_.,._:_.-----•--•.~. - -'..:..e~= ..~..~. ~ ..::.~,....e_...~. .~...~..W...= - 72 111 It;t, Rf. SP. ~ Air--Pollution/ & a //s . JOc,; ." .3 y- 0)O5°7,2) A Comparison of Filterable Mlsoss and t.~ht Scattering of Photochemical!y Produced;wp A. 11. l3UC'I:I:%\ axu M. A. HUST:\li Air Rcror:rcts lfnard, 43; .4oufh .Sar+ 1'idro .S!recl, Los Ar:gcles, Calijontia 90013 )ieceivetl Nla_: 3, 1971; rcvist•d 13, 1971; acceptod \lny 16, 1071 1'urtit•t:1::1e cmncru!t:~ttions entl nej,Lch•tnctric visil,ilitics nf 10 miles aud le-m, n,ea ,urckl in thr 1.n.9 Ats;nclc> numosplac•rt•, corrt•lated reasnnnldy Nt•ell as 1'.1N s/: .t•hcn cr =- 1.67. Thi, \ ::jne i., ri>;uifc:a,rly y;rc:i trr tlir+n 1.0, a ealuetuttud in other citien. Sludies cuntluctcd in au envirn:ntronl ch:tmber su;;t;r,t that a cubstantinl purtinn „f thr, Ii•„ht-ticatterit,g t,t•ru:,ih prwdu.•t•d ii: phntuchrmical reactiuns is ;:ot collcctt•d 1oy t•ont•cutinnal n:ttSS sarnj+linl; tecju:iqw•s ntilizin); filter-s. This wutdd xeeata-t (nr r•uutc of the tjilierrt:re in tju• vAtie of u in tlie abovr vi.,il,iltty forwuaa ry aI r:h/u~u: t tl hj~hIrn:i'• ~lni jdi-: nrc uut a c~tti<factf,ry tnt•thnd f~ir esiirnat- 1~ lJ i6 ~•:>1!I ilil~~~lyQ~ .•l.i:;ity7tr:t.:~1~ arP jrrrrP.~!. -,,.r.--- . _ . __ ._ . . __ . .... . _~ -- _ . . ..._.~ . __... ~. .. . . . : -. ,~~.~. _ ..........:...:._. ,.,..
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III Du -74 S,P. 50256 2815 2 Environment 16(6) p.16 (1974) E3Y JP.NICC CROSSLAND Spray cans at ann's length THE AEROSOL INDUSTRY has been one ef,the fastest growinp and most successful business enterprises in the United States since its incep- tion in the early 1950s. Last year nearly three biilion a:rosol cans were sold in the U.S. alone. Not only has :here been a steady increase in the total number of aerosol spray containers sold, but an ever-increasing variety of products can be bought in aerosol cans. Along with this growth,- however, has been an increasing number of doubts about the safety-of aerosol dispensing systems. Beginning with evidence, reported . in the late 1950s, that certain chemicals found in hair sprays may cause lung dama,e aftzr being inhaled, the safety of fluorinated hydrocarbon propellant gases (the Freons) as well as a number of other ingedients has been questioned. Most recently, vinyl chloride, an ingredient i» certain brands of hair sprays and pesticide sprays, ;ras been linked to liver cancer in workers employed in tlie manufact:;rrv of pi:+stics. Evidence for the toxicity of Q, 1 0 0 rf 6 C! 2 1 6
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50256 2825 HI G-HL,Y DISPERSED -~~ by N.A. FUCHS and A.G. SUTUGIN Translated by ISRAEL PROGRAM FOR SCIENTIFIC TRANSLATIONS WAl.S7ED PRLSS a A Division of JOHN WILEY & SONS, Inc.. ~ 7 605 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10016 I t ' "'f .19 . 0 ~2 i
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50256 2823 _.•'icro- filin •Aerosols. No. 104 FaEactay Sociery Sf RtES OF PAPFRS FROM A SYMPOSIUM ON SMOKC S, AERosot,Sj ANO AaSTS. soc. ?,g, IM-Y-1213 Ci-Tiq) _ Fat rP%div ; au al papers see C. /.1. 30, l240.q5 (11,33) ~.~;,~.~_._.... ..<. ~ . n 0 0 ;2 1 ~, 9
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50256.281q /OZONE/ rLUOROCARBONS/ FREONS/ AEI'.OSOLS/ /CLIMATE/ CHLORINE/ AROMINE/ AEROSOLS--PROPELLANTS/ III llu2-75 S.P. -- - k ~~orce T i 6c. . .• Transcript of PLoceed~ngs, 7nter.agency on Inadvertent Fiodification'of the Stratosphere '4 Councif on Environmcnt-al Quality, 7?2 Jackson P1. N:W., Washincjton, D.C. 20006, and Federal Council for Science and Technology, 1800 G St. N.W., _ Washinaton. D.C. 20550 The Task Force was formed in response to concerns about effects of some fluorocarbons and other inert gaseous compounds used as the chief propellant in aerosol products and as cooJ.ants and foaming agents. The com••nittee meeting transcribed here is one vehicle for gathering information. The Task Force plans to produce a prclir.,i.nary rcport by June on what is and is not }:nown, ongoing and needed research, an~a federal programs. The Task Force is charged to look at all possible man-induced changes in the stratosphere. ~..».. .... NATIONAL TECHNICAI INfORMAiION S[R\'ICE asr. 3..1fi+i~ 1.1 w. a7)~i~••• v 0 ~ 0 - 0 11 i.i o 2 a 0 0
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AIR--POLLUTION/CADMI[T!i/CILLA & CILIARY MOTIn17/TNTHALATION/ 50256 2798 549 QESfiLLSCHl,FT FOfi AEROSOLFORSCHUNG (GAF) ~ . Ju - ASSOCIATION FOR AEROSOL RESEARCH 1979 ASSOCIATION POUR LA• RECHERCHE DES AEROSOLS In Verbindung mit der ~~ ~ CHEMISCH-PHYSIKALISCHEtJ GESELLSCHAFT >r~~1CP.OSOLS IN SCtI'sNCG, NiCDIC1NE AND TECHNOLOGY t• vAt'.t'oSole::1C1:' NafurlNlSSetlschaft, ~ DYNAMICS 040 MEASUREMENT OF ULTRAFINE AEROSOLS q~:Medizinund: Technik THE ANNUAL CONFF.I:ENCE OF TIIE GESELLSCHAFT FUR AEI:OSOLFORSCHUNG (GAF) _ Dynamik und Nachweis ultrafeiner Aerosole - I-~16-n ftpewEer. H13..iemy Alnt Aa , ~• JAr~lr-n1~ Se:retatyGrner>tr ~ GAF, Maa-Manctdntiw, D4700 Mains iarueuse 23. f•oufxh WA wat Gamay 28, . 2$, S e a t e m b e r 1978,1h/i e n L --- ---~_..--- Goseiisehaft fur Aerosolforschung: E•cq ,ear, in the fa11, the GcxGwhatt f t AnusolfofKAun, fAstoc/a1Wn fo: Arro•ol Kexaaht elpnins • Yun:~ence to lvfn, w,c:her a•c.asls ~•~A Inx . nh aerowls: smtt Ihe~ c•~~: fr.•n . anow G~J. ef rnealzh .ork Prof. Dr. C. Jungo - Dr. R. Jaenicko, ~tainz i1h acrowi~ therure mtcrnea: N1tt-:r:.:..a. Chcmlcal Enontan. i'n.•.co-Cl txn:c. ~LLCtma• finaro. 6tn!i:a1 6n.vrchen. E...conm:ntai..:.. G••avnment Arcn.ie., Ir.u•:nis anJ oahe•. CnJcr the lort Chemisdi-PhysikalischoGeselischaft' 'r1ln+msanf>tecaumneullkrafoeAaoob".Nntatf<oniaemi.+ato.In7Ml'rok.wrDr.0.f9croeE ~ /rom the In.:Nute of f.p:ar•.eed 1'h..ws at We t!m.cn.y of Ylenna. /funJtt•1 anJ forq-rt alanuua 6ua 12 Prof. Dr. M, J. Higatsberger - Dr. H. Posdi, Wien wWna nM anJ J•Y•YNCJ rATLe R-4t ae.J /lallerl cf :nYlYallnletMl. Ole of the pew•n•e n{.cnda.s eon.`eenct la Ihat pcoritat m lerowM Inu~:h n teq.utnrt, p:e.en/eJ aRJ fo tt Qasl eberd©rTa ung ProLDr.O.Preinin ,Wi:;n Wia.ncoeununtnmamla.rcikmyht4eutlclelc+llo\aa.•thalahctonfcrv.cclanJlupecrrwathaaleas g g g euniin•wu.l. afaniceJ k•e ?Owh. I 6tsilec olher mautrt aLl. tui tote on F!tnhne Pardc.1 ala-eJ IAe r1U1 •nrcrN lhew,a/1K4sw on 4h tr •, brder4nebet.nnrstaanJeatwh•ha.er..c~.eJJunn,recrnt)ur• MhPteea/inuuutproittsratrtponal IN 1hlY•rtlical,tYJltloneLllealYet1 irteQCalhallnlhtf.•'W /flnSlflTenlab••nav.nenVp•etf<aa''o6i!ll,af09ea 14e usMn+LUn of Ot etort. L••m Md, ficlJ..UI resalt In m,•v /ap.J t:•yrc,t /n li.e fu'uu KhfeaJ . • . ~/ rb this Itsue o( the 1JUe1.a1 d AMOwI Sr.ci•ce, the tucnJeJ abura.t. o: the -ma'.ct are ator,' I etaEoote.etvonc of the cu+enlull••ns.J.I Le pubinAd lo the Confertn.Y PI,YhVm,t ~hYh tan b: porclua.•'` I . 1 ' tole.ebeixrcury-GtnnnalQ#cGAF. , . - . ' o1 0 0 11) .0 0 2' i45 , ~. ,. ~~
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50256 2832 . III .Aerosols. ; Go I 1 Goyer, Guy C. PRODUCTION ANp CHARACT6AiSTIGS Of SUN- MICRON WpTER AeROSO1S, by Gv- y -]G~ Goy¢r eMd r=ranu¢u q Pida6on 1our. Co17oid Sc.a 3 ]1, b97-703 (f9S6) I _._.~..._.._..~~. .. __-.----~.~__ .,.,..._...__...._.. ...._., , _ .__.._._._.~...-_- 0 1 n 0 0 fi G 21 l6 ,
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_,. 5~^ Aerosol3 ! 50256 281-8 ~. !)avires C. A. Ced.) hEROSOL. S a ..is2l, y4':c)~,!.V ~4 c,erd~ r e s-s L.0 n 40 n I . . . . ~ , . ...c. ~ , , .~ Y ~ . . . . . . . . , - .~ ..,~ ~ a I ~ n~ in- 0 2 1 6 A,
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50256 2822 LUNG DEPOSITION AND CLEARANCE M0DEL/PARTIC LL SIZE CC14POSITION RELATIONSfIIPS/ MFTALS--ANALYSIS/TR11CE ELEI•tI:NTS--APIALYSIS/ (;OMPi1STI0N PRODUCTS/AIR--POLLIITION/ RA ' 76 Ei 975 TRACE+'METALS I:7 URBAN AEROSOLS Research Project 117 Prepared for i/Electric Power Research Institute 3412 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto, California 94304 Final Report October 1975 Prepared.*by New York University Principal Investigators tderril Eiscnbud Theo. J. Kneip Project Manager Harry Kornbcrg / tl r,srosolS `articJiates Jrb3n A':^osphere b:er "'.ant lossil Fuel :o^~ustion Froducts co position of the aerosol in thelNew YorK City atmosphere has een undertaken with the ob;ectives of using the physical and che:rical properties of suspended and settled dusts to characterize their sources, and ascertaininq1the extent to hich trace elecc^nts present in suspended dust are absorbed by iie:r Yerk City residents. t+e fcllow•ing ccnprised the study: a) Deterr..ined the concentration, trace element compo- sitic-i and particle size, and solubility of aerosols and settled dust in i~Iew York'City. ) Studied the tcrporal patterns of the variztion of trace reetal and ion concentration in :otal s:sperGed particulate (TSP) and settle' E-,st. c) Established the effects of c:e:ro'.ogical paraa•eters on the TSP and tra:e ele,,ent concentrations. d) Defined the :ources of the trace metals or ions. e) Related the aerosol trace element compositions t 6-vn tissue burdens. 4~ n n n r,- 17. Ner Ce.Js anJ Uocanent AenIysis. 17e. i>estnptou . . .-... ,. • - 1~~M
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50256 2830 A i Aeros:.~a3. I t GlUf.7J~ Ui ';r. GLQUpe a::A 5M4K&S (INCOQES 'f'D8'5C'cO SMOKC) ,92y 24.r p, Photostat J. and 1. Cbvrp-hi1]. LondOn Pages tsn ?ile y,,n Librs.r.y are Table. of Contents) pt vs p. 49, S. 8t,y,5, g9-101 loS~~ ~o.b ]99 -165 299
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F g.± F.0 ,0 u U U 1 4 I t 't~w alQ ~,ta da~ auaudoranaa p uV ~;(aa.va satj -Z3V °mSd,"Y KG S`93Cha5 qLe~.'~yq -%"aa:}jeQ ~s Losoaa-v i LLBZ 95Z'OS
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50256 2836 1 ~ RA i 576 Aerosols ` H Hatch, Theodore P, PLX'w•' .tPly Q^:n5m^:~ La, . c- _. . ." . ~1 in~4c:yY:,a1 fif~2~n~ l~no~rap;~ S;:r~eso 1964 1'32 p, --.-•-,-~--t-•-•- ~ --,.,-.~,~..:,.-..T..,... „_., ~. ..~., .-.._.~. r t I t 2 i i~ 2
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FRE O:d S--TO XI CI TY /AE ROS OLS / kUIL`0.TLAS/RECIPES/ADIIESIVES--FOR,"tULAE,-RECEIPTS, PRESCRIPTIOt;S/ ! } COSMETICS--FOR.*NLAE/DRUGS--FORDtULAE/FOOD--FORAtULAE, RECEIPTS, PRF,SCRIPTIO::S/ , I 123 Go 1973 : . 1 c. ; .b REF Q 123 Go 1973 I c. i 11 d G~ frR~ Pv'C 1,~CFOu ~f~`~~~t~~ ~' ,~ ~,_~^. ,~ ~_ ~"~, ~`~i u l~ tiL ~~> ~.~ Henry Goldschmiedt, Ph.D. . ~ ' Ll'\~ U ~u Ur u ~u il v T1~ CHEMSCAL PUBLISHING CO., INC, NEW YORK. N. Y. ' y I r) 1 i rl• 6 a 2 ...+ .uiiA.~..f..:.~.r,.__~~..-.•:_... . . . '- 1 . . . .r . ~. ..- .N~ ~ :-.•~.. 3 FI\'ISIIES A:;il COATI~ICS/PAI:;TS/LALOI:~'~7-'OKILS--AI'Pi1I:ATUS iL~ilD Si;{'PLIi:S%~J ..~~.......r..._~.
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50256 2826 549 ~ F Aerosols Fvke, H A ?gE MECHkN,jGS OF qlR~SaES.: Translat~# from the Rctss ( ah b~/ MM. E. lne,hs~i es . special pvbl_;+zation ' -j.2Y:0 ~g5~ A~oc r~T, 449 p, 401 prmy Chemlca,I Ge,n}!r ~aborstcr4es Techn~cal InS*~.fBt~ion D~vi s,c,n) ArmY Chenv'cal Gey;ter''~ h1ary.18rn4 I f
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50256 2841 ' XX Aerosolsr, . rio4 .~ Hodkimson, J. &ayraon! RESPONSR CqI.CUf.AT1oNS FOR LIGHT-SCATTERING AEROSOL COUNTERS ANa PHOTOMC?EftSy toy S.. Rayimaazl Hodkinson, and Jud3Ch N. Creezho2d A?p].. eptLcs k, 1463-1474 (1965) -, 4 E;; t~ r t i 0 2 1 8 7
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:?1 rIII Aerosols ; gu3 50256 2842 Hk&, John Nan-Mai l611 D'nCjVFi) Yi$PA.CrC-P, r'UR AERi3.sOs. SiJ03F,S4i.fiDIFIi:if INu2icaEH ;.il~u"WLit £nv. Sci. Tec. S_ (uo.Z 251-153 t 2. '-1ib3 . • . :i. .. • . a2 1 a 6
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50256 2"0 . Aeronols JO,~''.isi;itst3ty„, 3. Rdy•~~atsd I.rii,..' T r:F'.".T OF ''.E'tURT ICsa SltRPB ON MI:r1SCTi:::S TOR TNE SIZB AKD CONCEH'rRATION OF SUSPENDSD AND SETTLCD PARTICLES ha4ezr{ al ltpSlctnt~ Journal 26, 64-71 Peb. 19SS) 0 _--.~n~-...-u~.,..-r~ () 1 r1 () () i, Ci 2 1 8 n_I
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50256 2834 '" Jour. Opt. Soc. 66(10)1083(1976)''- ADGN 13. htIJNGL, I'resiclcr S.P. - III Du2 76 Acrosols ~ / Itti;'iled 1'al)er TuLI, What Wc f;now About Acrusols and What We Would Like to Know. PRANKI.IN S. HARRIS, JR., /)c•pt. of l'li)•sics anrl Gc ophysical Scirnces, Olcl Dorninion Unircrsity, Norfolk, Va. 23508.-The prescnt knowlcdl r, of atmospheric acro%ols in nature, over land and sea, and in urban environment is briefly suinmarizcd. The various mcasurcnunt tcchniquc.; uscd to oUt.iin infornration un acrosol charactcristics arc reviewed. Sizc distributinn, rc- fractive index, physical form, elentcnlal and chemical nature vary in shacc and time. Discumion is prhmarly on the tropospL•crc but the stratosphere is mentioned. Difficulty of oUtainin ; the large auiomtt of necessary data on the many paramctcrs in real rinic and thc data proccssing arc Serious limitalions in the sul,jcct. The dircc- tion of prescnt efforts is indicat.d. (25 min.) TUCSDAI', 19 OCTOBER 1976 WILLIAM S\VINDL'LL, Presider / ~ i n rl fl n~UiOloeral>~y lu GILA ROOM, 2:00 P.M. ~ ~;,
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50256 2848 III ,Aerosols. La i Lamer, Vic*_nr K. SOME RECE11T ADVAHCES IN Hf1MOGENE()i7S AEROSOI•S, by Victor K. Lamer and pierre R. Gendron. Chemts[ry in ('anada 4 (No. 4) 44-45 (April 1952) 6 0
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50256 2835 Aeroso).s ThXY':.qy .'i. (..llF_,aaF, NRE DRQNCNOD1LA70R AEROSOL INH/lGA1-1ONS RESPONSXBLE FdR AN INCP.£AGE xIi ASTlU'Yt MORTALITY? Ann. AI1ergY a (Ne..3) 230-',fL (1911) t3
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. .. . _ ___ ..._..._ , 50256 2799 ~. ~ 7Zr , ,,- Eine Verdampfungsapparatur zur Fierstellung radioaktiver Aerosole S. P. Von Wolfgang M. Fusch forsdunpuantrum der C•SGAE, Wian Iusommenfossung Am Inslitut for Biologfc des osterreich%schea forschungs- sentrums in Scibcrsdor! louh eine Studic 6ber dos Verholfen inhofierlcr rodiooltiver Acrosole irn Orgonismus von Iwerrd- schweinen. In der vorliegenden /lrbcit wird der dnbei ver- wendete Aeroso/generotor beschric•ben, mittels dessen die fir die Rcotmung dieser Tiere bcnotigten Aerosol-luft-Ge- mische hcrgestellt werden. Der wesenllichste Tcid dieses Gcnerotors ist ein Gosbrenner iurVerdompfung bestrohhcr UO; PcActs. dos Verdompfungsgut um so mehr Schwierigkcitcn. Dos Houptproblem wor dobei, dofi proklisch olle verwendboren Moleriolicn cinc nicdrigcrc Vcrdompfungslompccolur auf- wiesen ols Uronoxid. 5chliefilich L.owShrle siCh bei diesen Bouleilen die Verwendung von Kup(er und Messing, bci donen Wormclcitvermogen und Wormcspeicherkopozilol so put sind, dob Ccschodigunden dirser Teile ouch bei einstiin- diger BcIricbsdouer des Aerosolgencrofors durch :u hohe Temporoturen nicht ouflrelen. Im folle der Brennerdusen mufile jedoch noch durch eine seitliih einwirkende LuflkGh- Abshocl lung fur eine optimole Wormcabgobc gesorgt wcrden, do ,~., , , ... .~ r~e. ~entw?W„(cg R.~~:.1.ud oecr+.. a..o.efeF)jr ..ap.+. _, diese Icichf vcrtundern, wonoch kcinc fokussierung der Brrn- -~_ _~j•l4t+-`'+" ner0omme b:w. kcin Vcrdompten von UO: mchr muglich isl. 1~~ ~~"~ Af Ih. Inad~ta (or E.oiooy olyth. Aushron RaronA Cenler ol Sdbendor. r . Cci dcr Enlwicklung der Brenncrd"u;en war ouch dic Ermitt- _ wuna pes-op7imoicn irormmesecrs aivicniin, t?nr woare:.:caan .~. __. _ .. c.....~........:u.. .o.v.s.......~»..^«. .........~......... .....__.~. s. ~ :'~,..: _ _.~: ~_.......... -..~:y.~ . ~..~ 0 t n ~ ~ o 0 2' 1 A 4
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WATER--ANALYSIS/POLYh'UCLEAR ORGANIC ttATTER/GASES--ANAi.YSIS/nILS--ANAi.YSIS/ 50256 2833 J1 _ 'IR--ANALYSIS/AIR--POLLUTIO'i--A":ALYSIS/: "?:TALS--AyALYSIS/ ENERGY CONVERSION PROCESSES/Ei•1VI2n:JF1E?JTAL 14ONITORING/AEROSQ'LS/ CtlEtfISTR:x,A'7ALYTIC-•-OP,G.ti7IC/CkIE'-tISTF2j', I%OP,GASIC--ANALYSIS; / 1. 11EI0/1T NO. ). ntCVl T(~ ~..huN V / • EPA-000/7-79-029a_ .I •s'f{ ' g. T1TLE AN° Ev.T1TLE Emig810n8 A88e8Hment of Conventional e, nEronT DAT. ~ Stationar Combustion S stems: lvtothods and Proce- `'~ 576 Y Y e. r.nronMlN° 0ROANIZATION COOE Un dures Manual for Sampling and Analyeie 1979 r• AuT"J, W. Hamere ma, D. G. Ackerman, M. M. Ya- mada C ~t Unc,K.T.McGro gor,J.F.CIau- nen.b~.fJ.Krcft, Shi0iro, and 1•:LLZVIoon .IEnrORMINO O110ANIIATION NAME AND AOOnEEJ TRW Systems Group One Space Park ~Rodondo Beach, California -90278 1]. ErONtORINO AOENCr NAME AND AOO~EE• EPA, Office of Research and Development Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory Reoearch Triangle Park, NC 27711 rEnrORMINO OnOAN1iATION nIIORT NO. 10. rnCUORAM L MTNTWa. EHB525 , ^rRa- 88-02-2197 f~i7~n1°D°°vErE° 14. EPONOOHINO AOENCY COOE EPA/600/13 I , u..vrrLEMENTAn,rNOTE.IERL-RTP project officer is Ronald A. Venozia, 'YID-82, 919 541- 2547. The manual describes a detailed and integrated set of sampling and analy- tical procedurea for conventional combustion sources which are compatible with the Information requirements of a comprehensive Level 1 environmental aseessment. The,purpo3e of the data to be generated by these teete is to ultimately provide emis- , ~ 0 i n~~ n r, ~2 1 7 9
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50256 2839 79- l u N a; Microwave Measurements of the Liquid Water Content of Atmospheric,:plQ$ dew 11'. 110, G. :~i. 21ri~i AND 2:. ~l. GoVax Scicrtct Ccizta, Rockxcll Iracrnalinual, Thousand Oaks, Calif. 91360 (\fanusrril,t received 19 Ahril 1974, iit tevised form 24 July 19i4) ABSTRACT Q A new method is described for the nieasuement of the dielectric constant of atmospheric aerusols. From these obscrvations the fri•c• liquid water content of airborne particles can be deduced. An instrument to mcastrre scmi-continuously the dielectric constant of aerosols is discussed, and illustrativce observations are given for urban air in Southern California and for marine and descrt air at non-urban sites. Thc results takcn dwinF the fall of 1972 indicate that a significant fraction of the marine and urban aerosol observed is free watcr in the relative humidity range Lctwcrn 40 and 7510. The liquid water content in the aerosol eorrelates s,lticfactorily -with the extinction coe•flicient for visible light, as measured mith an integrating ncphclomcter. 0 0 0
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50256 2850 71 III ° Aerosols. L i 10 ~ Lindau3r., George C. ~ INtI'IA'L SIZE 1kIS1'RIWUTIONS aF ABROSCLS, ~ by Georga C. Liad_uer, and A. W. Castiemazz, ~ Nucl. S^s.. E:.qg. ~3 !No., 21 212-217 (1971) t f 0 I C~ ~~ n n ~ Z 1 9 6
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Azrosols. 50256 2851' IAdge f Jw,^J3a Y, AN ELECTRON MICROSCAPE STUDY OP SODxUM CNtARI06. PARTI ttES AS USED xN ACRoSOL GENERA'CIONJ by James P. Y.odge end $arOere 2. Tufts Jovr, Co11 oid sc.1, 10.. 256-62 (1955) 0 f n~ n n 0 2 11 9 7
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50256 2838 72 III Hi AEROSOLS/; • Jour. Appl. Mecle. 17 ~-~.tozniz~itlon•tb~ ~,ic~uids by Means of a Rotaticlg Cup ° ilr J. O. 111\'LEt ...0 11. MILDORNt quid, sutiplietl tlTrough a stationary tubc to the inner of a rotating eup ui.lenin3 toward % Lrirn, flows ris- ,ly in a tL•in layer toward this brim and is thrn flung all by ccntriiu;;al action. The flow within this la)cr thc disintcorat:on phcnomena occurring hcd ond the i have becn studic.l, ccpcriuicntally as .yrll as lhco- rallv. A formula has been derivcd for the tl:ickness for tha radial c,:locily of the liquid layer .vithin the s•hich pru.•crl to a.-rce reasonably well %.itli ecperi- tal rcc:ults. Three essentially .Iifferwtt t.•t+cs of dis- ;ration mav (al e place around and beyond the edge ie cup dr.i, ,ated, res f:cctivcl,r, 6,vs (a) tlre state of di. fo:rnalion; . „ .I; - rli,tanc•c bet%%;crn two sulx,Ytucut windings of spiral dcxcriLcd by particles in li-luid la~er b, - thicknc_.i of lirluid torus h-distance of farthcrrnost point of torus to edoe of cup rr J~ co~)rdinatci used in liquid torus t ~ tinre rp A rsdi:J velocity at edge of cup r,.,, ~ radial velocity at distance h from edoe of cup f R rnorncnt :ry t•alue of a surface disturbauce on x liryuid torus wavo lengthof stufaccdisturbance onliquid torus icearil:rmi : inc rrni.•nt of eurface diiturbince 0 i c~ c~r n c, 0 2 1 a4
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-..,...~..,~_.~.,~~...~......,,,...~.,.,.~...w.,.,..».__._.._._.. ._. ....._•~_~ ._ -____-.._---- - ._. ~ l~~;~tc7 --7s S.P. 455 50256 2812 ~ l P11AI;1.fACOLCtGY III i• U 00 4 li A CONT1Ntl11+IC 1 O\ICOT.pC1C REASSESSM£1JT OF ISO- ;-1,'Ry:NALlhl' ,f• •,r kcimberg*, -', •-~ f•lar}'a_rs , and r,. F. \'o ~l,in. Fuod , nd 1)ru/; kesearch Lal.uraturiea, Inc•, A`.aspcth, New Yorl- 11378 Recent clinical reports suFl;esting that increased asthma 1 mortality is a direct con.-equcnce of the use of isoprenaline aerosol disprnscrs has caused reasscssment of their u;c by elinicians, drur firms ar,d reculatory agencies. Intensive ~ toxicologic studtes with rats. guinea pirs, dogs and monkeys at dosage Ievcls far in excess of current commercial metrrcd r dose vials and utilization of several commercial sources of aolubilized, as well as powdered Isoprcnaline HCI have not 1 elicited sirnilar adverse resf.onsca- hcposurc to pure ' aerosols without frank and possibly markcd impingemenl of the buccal mucosa at levels up to 1. 5 mg per kg cause little or no mortality and no cignificant clcctrocardiographit, ~ pressor rnor arlvcric respiratory responses. Ecposure of I to 6 hours totl:ese concentrations represents very large Inerements over clinical dosage equivalents• Complementary studies in cats exposed to particulate carbon (50 and 70 mp, monodisperscd) and C1'I-labelcd 2-50 p corroborate alveolar dcposition and pulmonary exposure. Data suggest the need for rnorc carcfatly dclincatcd studies, isolating the posr.ible t effects due to direct irnpingcmer.t on mucosa and subse- : quent v.•etliny ,(buccal absotptior.) as opposcd to exposure to the aerosol phaGe alet:e. Eaetions in pcrfusicn flov ratcs erc assun:ed to indicate vas- cu2ar coastriction. Supportcd by Grant fEC C/-'23b-JSf'HS. 454 . In () ('j () 21 t - Huorn 1:-311 ; k rl in~ i 4:3 ( Ikp10VASCUl.AR R0L1: IH OXYCER TOXICI rY, C. 0. ttn.,d, ~ PerYics*, A. G. SnlthRt nnd J.-H`Rrauxt'. LSU Sch. .1. in Jhrevc•port, Shrcvcpurt, La. )1101. ')osure of tats (Spraguc-Uavley) to hlt:h pressures of 100x tt at 2 to 5 atmospheren absolute (ata) resulted in a ' puLaonary edema. At 5 ata the survival tine averaged 0. Fenorel arterial pressure averaged 200/160. Puleon- isnous presrure of over 30 r.a Hg vas recorded in doP•s. + results v,re compared vfth pressure recordiny,s ir rate ;lch hypertc•nsfon resulting in pulconary edcna vas pro- by inJcctio:.s of aconitine into th^ :.oterlor hypothnla- i The blood pressure recordings, the gross anj microscupie :ts in thc lungs vere all similar In the pulrmnary edema ~.ed by both r.ethods 1n a double blfnu etudy. Aaco ex- ; to 1001 07 at ac+biont atenspheric pressdre for an avcr•• ' 72 hours dcveloped a fatal pul^onary edema vith sussive •tl effusion. Blood pTescure recordings (tail cuff) indi- t no period of hypertension. Hicroscr,pic examination of jmgs shovcd all respiratory areas to be filled vit•`, cdeca f and up to 17 cc of plcural fluid. These char.ges are tr to those in clinical Icft ventr/cular failure. It t.as {•eportcd that A7P is inhibited by increased oxygen. Our ~ KL indicates that :he r.ajor changes in the lungs seen in oxygen tuzfcity mny be accounted :or by cardiovascular respon- ees. (Supported by VA Crant CO1/9200.1/69-01.)
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50256 2849 Aerosols G. AMMA.2.4J3 -DutWr'ioA: oF firMosQL 'i({)%31:~~,~rj:'•a T>L `Ji 'i.l~~i Ll:~ MoWDY.SPLRSE POLYSTYRCNE LATEX, by C. Langer scz.d A. Lleherc»an 1 :;o;:r. C.t1a'd Sc;encc 15 -171-r-Sso i;.Gc.3r , .. i•. 0 fj a G i~ 2 i I
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502-56 2854 Aerosols. Hin`o_d, J. Dzza COMPA?LBZLITY STll?1IES QF AU)MZNki 1tI?N PRCPELT„ANT AN13 SQLV£N7S FOF. USE T_1! AFi:QSOLS. Jour. Sac. CosiaMcIe Cheroists 15, 311-326 ~1964) ~ L...-~..._~ .~:,..e__.,....~.......,,..~_ y
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72 III Lal AF,ROSOLS/ , . . 50256 29-47 The Self-Preserving aParticle Size Distribution for Brownian Coagulation in the Free-Molecule Regime' F. S. LAI, S. K. FRII:DL:1\nL•'H, J. PICIi=, AND G. M. HIDY {;', 1l. Keck Lnborafories of Environmental Ilealth F,ngineerin® aed Dicision of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Cnlifornia lnstitute of Technolcgy Pasadcna, California 91109 Received June 17, 1971; accepted June 17, 1971 4 1 n 0 0 T3 02 19 3
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.f>! ~ . • " i 50256 2037 ~!%~~; r :-,~~ ! `~ ~a) < / ~' ~/) ~~ ~ i- A. Al1tIZc1I1atica1 Model for Aerosol Diffusion and Depositioll Jr_ ..~~..._ _ .u ,. J:..... )/ (? I IJ. . ..,.~., , ~..• .. nlL,,uEn nsni: ...._.•_....ti.. _ . ....._._...+t.,.......~..s+..Y...T..:..,:.-,...... CONTIIOL of air-borne c•untaminci- tion in foocl-proccz;ina hl:uits Ol• ~CbAVJJJS \ RfROc \tl similar enclosed sliac•c may be accom- plishccl ill sevcral ways. Probahly the cu' `t sr.ost positive al>l>ru:u-lh is to remo%•c ` l or control tl:c source of the airlwrne i``' eontwninant. ln niua eclosed shcs _ SUkIACE OF D:POSi170N and esjlecially iii foacl hroc n cssin~ 11lan :uts, F[G. I Snccmatic illuctralions of aerosol th?s is not hractica~yclueF to kl~e ljr4k df~ c~is~per,~n Ayicl cl~posit~on.4 kno~~•]cdgc al,out t~(:c sdurc•cs. Jt~ sec- ond approach is to hrcvc•nt trailsholt ~oint sourcc in an airstrcani and (b) ~ - - N = D dC . . . . . . . . . [3) dx molecular diffusion cocflicic•nt height above surface of ctc•po- sition. [31-c;u, be iirtegi-aled to ob- taiu the deposition rate ill terms of ILe aerosol concenh•ation (C b) at thc thickness of the acrodynamic boundary l ..•~r ! r. 1
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I MeAl-80~ S.P I. SHEET , CRC-l.PA.AC CAPM-31-79 50256 2945 1. Trtle and Subtrtle . Effects of rosols, Vxides of hitrogen, and Oxidants on Hu.san Health ~ , f 7. Aurhortel Michael T. Kleinman, wtilliar•+ S._Linn, 9. Periororol Or1.ar:aroe \ame aad Adotess The Professional Staff Association of The Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, Inc. 7413 Golondrinas Street kwncv. California 90242 of vol~nte (j ~~s„~o pzont ~,j under ~m~atcid a= ie! t conditior.s.~ '~ . R il . nee.j.eer•s •~eeess.oe Ao. ~i '~~-. S. !`c;orTJate {. )'ertore.el Urlsartat.oe \ o. 10. Prorect Task iir• hert. Cau %o. I1. Coeuact. %;raet \o. 17. T fpe oi Keporn a Co.ered Rancho Los A•aigos Hospital carried out four separate tasks under this pro3ect, eac!1 task indeiendent of the ot.hers. in Task.I, Exposures to A.-zaonium f:itrate, volunteers in nor- ssal health and vcluntecrs with ast`a-a wire exposed to polydisF•crse a..5onilm nitrate aero sol under conditions siraulating 'worst-case' ambient exposures. In Task II, Exposures tc Mixed Ozone, Sulfur Dioxide, and Sulfuric Acid, norr.al qoluntcers expesed to 0.37 prn ozone plus 0.37 pl.n sulfur dioxide l:lus 100 ug/m3 polydisF:crse sulfuric acid aerosol (which was partly neutralized by a.-cnonia during exposure) under sicwlated a.bient condi- tions showed small statistically significant decrements in forced expiratory function. Task III, Exposures to Ambient Air, was intcnded to dctermine whetht•r resjonses to .~sbicr photochemical s.og exposure in a mobile laboratory accurately re:reser,trd responses which would occur outdoors. Task IV, Ozone Exposure and Arterial ltlood Oxygenation, sax pled hemoglobin saturatiorn repeatedly with a Hewlett-Packard ear oxisaeter during expasur~ Jack D. Nackn" Cocrdiliating hesearch Council, Inc. I 219 Perimeter Center Paakway ` Atlanta, Georgia 30346 14. Spooeona8 OrS-o.t.euoa Name sad Aedre.s i
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`f; _2, ' 'yt-..... . . . " CORRt'.SPOT`l'AMOE C14s- ASTHMA AND~~,itj,~."~`~ s. _.... .... ... ~ i1t 1J2':'. '~ L:3 sl / ~:1, . °' v~ 21, I9G7 ZN1J'. Oh` AUSTRALIA Bryan Gandev -1a anI '". firr.: Xr, an earller letter in this correspondence, one of us ugEcsted that more light rniSht bee thrown on tho problem of cath in asthma and the po5~ible relcvance of acrosol or •ml!athorntmetic therapy by careful ctudy of eurvlving atlents than by retrospcctivo asses_mcnt of autopsy iater9al. We have rcccntly had a pat!ent v%hoso history, rogress and tnanarement illustrate this point. The 1%atien., a 20-year-old nurslnt- aide, had had astbma ince the are of six tnonths. Sterolds had been given for ~hrce rronths four years previously. hivo weeks before the resent adrnicsion, she developed xcvcro nxthma and was rcated in another ho;pilal for two weeks with aininophylllne r.d "Bror.kephrin". Atter a fortnight sl:o returned to work, +ut the asthma persistcd in mild degrea and became seriously -torso three days before admission. At tl:is tlme, whilst not in ,ur care, nhe was treated 1-•ittt "13ror.kePhrin", 2 ml. intra- nuscularly four or five times daily, lntcrmittent inttavenous m,nophylilne, and an oral theorhylilne conipound. In addt- lon, sho was using an orciprcnaJine ncrcrol hourly (ono nl><1latlon) during the day and two-ho-jrly at nlght. The ~-:;thma vrorscned, and for 12 liours nrior to .dmis,°lon she ised the aerosol cvery 15 mlr.utcs (four inhalat!ons), and isd "Bronkcphrln" injections (? ml.) on 1h•o occvslons, a tt•OUs overdosaso of sympr.lhornirnatlc egents by any .tanCards. On adntiss:on to I'rinr.e Henry IlosPitnl, r,be ,bvlously had very cevere osthma. 'il:u io:ved exp!ratory tohtrno st one second (F::V,) .van 0'S:, litre. the urterial iCO, (rebre.athing mcthod, conllnned by erturlnl r;us analysis) a•rq 41 mm. I1C, and arterial pO, 52 rnm. (p'zi 7•32). n 1 () 0 0 0 0 z Rot!ertson Ttvontyety;ht hours after admtnnion, sho l,oi-nmo obvlouray tlrcd (at nign we rcitard v:ittt mir,:;lviny) and r;ll;;htly dro•.vny. Clinically, tloe resldratory tnlnuto volumu r.ecrnud to hnva decreased, although no ineutsuromentn woro mado, and theru wn.e a riso 1t, artcrial pCO, to 49 rum. Two hnuro littor, the arterial pCO, l:ad rl:.eu further to 66 min. (p11 7-29), and there in reason to bclicvu that It increnned tnoro over tho next hour or so. The ) 4)V, vrns 0•2G litre. 11cr condition nppcared crltic.l), and we dccido that nho required vcntilatory atlsis- tancu. A naso-trachcal "Portea" tube was in:.ertcd aftor the arlministration of "Scolino" and curaro. Initialiy, it w..s extremely ditllcult to ventilate her lun;;a. tho :n:uamurn posslblo in!latlon (measured with a Wright ventilocncter) bclnf; about 700 tnt. Alter induction of anvathesla with balothane, there was marked improvement, us indicated by an Increase in tho maximunt intiatlon to 1300 tnL and <^ palp .b!y lot:•cr resistance to ln; cttlon v-1th an Ambu bag. .No sputum was aspirated in spite of coneiderable cficrt. Tllnirnal sedation with phenobarbitone was glvern, c^ that she "slept" (!n fact, sho was subsequently ablo to rec:.ll ail :hat passcd), and curarization continued for ten hours. On "air- mi.ti" with n Bird respirator, her arterial F:+_s tensions one hour after lntubatlon were pO2 400 rnm., pCO. 6{ mtn., pH 7-24. Ono and a half hours later the arterial pC;Or wa.a 64 mm., and six hours later 37 tnm. She was then fully con- so!ous a nd allowed to "trigl;er" the machine for herself for lour hours, when the pCO, F+as stable at 40 mL•e. Hg. Ax r,bo r.lc.ir.tained her arterial pCCn at a tiormal value after a further hour v:hen she breathed rootn air spon- 1 2 8 ~ ~ O
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T PETER W. JONES PHILIP LEBER Environmental Assessment Departme, Toxicologist Electric Power Research Institute Environmental Affairs Deparlment Palo Alto, California PPG Industries, Inc. ANN ARBOR SCIENCE PUBLISHERS INC P.O. BOX 1425 • ANN ARBOR. MICH.49106 , , ~ Y .l~' ~1 ~ 1 .r~ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , . J MUTAGENESIS/HYDRaCARBONS, POLYNUCLEAR/BENZD(a)PYRENE/ CKEMISTRY, ANALYTIC--ORGANIC/ 502% 28143 PARTICULATE POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS/ ASBEST ~~ AIR-- POLLUTION/TOBACCO--SMOKE--HYDROCARBONS/~,~~ TOBACCO--SHOKE--P RECURSORS /AEROSOLS / SUI,F.IJR"Dff6XIDE/ CANCER--CAUSATION BY POLYCYCLTG--NYDROCARBONS/ RC PCLYNUCLEA,IR AROMATIC 261 Ca• t rY©ROCARBC'NS 1979 Sponsored by ThirdlXnternationallaymposium on Chemistry and Biotogy-- Carcinogenesis and [J1 utagenesis Edited by and Battelle-Columbus Laboratories U Environmental Protection Agency ffmann-La Roche, Inc. Battolle Memorial Institute, Z`orporate Technical Development
Page 351: lfb88d00
50256 2852 I AIR--POLLUTION --CONTROL/ADDITIVES(Ldbricant, Plastics,engine fuel)/ - ADSORPTION/AEROSOLS/REFRIGERATION & REFRIGERATING MACt7INERY/- AIR--POLLUTION--LAWS/AlETIiANOL/ALKYLATION/ , .OLEFINS/ALCIiOBOLS/ REF 9 Mc 1977 . Encydopeda of Chena:",~al Processng ia n d ~~~i cP n. EXECUTIVE EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR John J. McKetta William A. Cunningham Additives to Alpha MARCEL DEKKER, INC. NEW YORK AND BASEL . . , . ~;~. k 0 I 4oQt`i~+32 1 9i3
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50256 2863 • INHALATION/AEROSOLS/SOL9ENTS--HEALTH HAZARDS/ DRUG ARUSE/ RA 576 On 1978 Solvents, ~Adhesirms, ('(P- Aerosols Proceedings of a Seminar FFeid in Toronto in May, 1977, by the Ontario Ministr yo of Industry and Tourisrn in Cooperation with the Addiction Research Foundation ~~ ADDICTION RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF ONTARIO , 0 I~ 0 tl ~t. __ f}.. . 0 '. ;, . _,'1 9 Toronto, Car;ada a
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\ I . 4 . DISL'A.SE'S--CAGC~: YL.-c:: FRO.^.uCTS/ TOBACCO--ALRALOIDS--BIOSY.YTHF.SIS!c!+R(WATOGtL1PHIC A.VALYSIS--LInGID AiRO"!ATOGRAP!+Y/ TS PSYCHOLUGY, PHYSIOLOGICAL/SEABORG, GLf.A'\ T./TODI), LORD/KER•CER, 'RLTO:~T/ 224~MEi MILLER, NEAL E./LEETE, EDWARD/ KIRKLAND, J. J./ i' 1973 ' RJR CLa.SS NO. TERT300K TS 2240 Fi 1973 ~ ; Horris, Philip, Incorporated, Richc.ond, Va., U. S. ( PRACEEDINCS THE FIRST PHILIP aORRIS SCIE:CE SY-'POSIC`i, RICIL`OOND VA. , ~ x APitIL 26, 1973. ~ ?Uotris, Philip, Inc., aev York, N. Y., 1973, 134 p. (1973) (in English) x Fdited by: NICriOLAS J. :FIIrA w 1A 1 i i ~ •1974, No. 5, W 1578a *d* Tobacco chemistry: ~. .~ar .+.w.. .Jr.n~\. .....E..-~.. ..~as._ .f.r ..~t..~ ~aA.~:..J.....•s .i.~ ~M• 0 1 n hn ' i1 0 2 ~ 02 ~
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72 III Nal pgneS01 ~/ 50255 2860 ~ ,lollRVAL OF coi.i.oto Ecil:xct: 13, 179-157 (195S) •.. THE PR)''.P11Rt1T.iOiT OF Ui•?IFOR1.1 FT:iU1„SIONS BY RJ,i,CTI;IC~1L llISI'I;RSIOiI b'1. A. T•Iau•ab' anci S. G. Mason Pulp and Paper.l?c•scarclc In..filufc nj (.'a,rr,•l.t un1l Dcparti,rcid of Clicinislrq, llcGilj " L~nircr~'rl~, llonf'rccl,'Q ~iTicc, l_'rrn~i~la Ticccircd .1 ugirsl o, 1937, rcriscd NorciaLcr 12, 1957 AI3S'17t:1CT A method of prclxuring cn»ilsions lilvinl; narrow size (listributions in which the disperse pha.tie is fir,t formed n-~ .^.n aerosol, is clcscribed. The method is of general ibility, is p:u•ticulark : uitablc for Iurp::rations of accurately known con- applic. ccilf has ct, n;iaihr.r of nnt:igcs over convcntional - a I O ~ oo
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50256 2866 RA 576 Pe 1979 AIR--PALLUTION--HF.Ai.TH EFFF.C.'T/A$ROS(1T.S/ PARTICULATE IyLATTER/POLLUTIM CONTROL/ ' .- AllQ POLI.UTI(1N--CONTROL/ ~ C Partdes Impact of Airborne Fine Particulates on Health and the Environment Frederica P. Perera, M.P.H. A. Karim Ahmed, Ph.D. Ballinger Publishing Company 0 Cambridge, Massachusetts A Subsidiary of Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. I f4b ri n (j 0 . 7 . ~ ~ ~ .._..__ . . . ,.. . . _.~.. .
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I:n 57 G I-tu 1972 AL}:OSOLS--PULi•iOi1AP,Y R?:TUITION - 50256 2857 1'f)?;hCCO--SASOI;};--AIR YOLLU'}'ION/INDUS9'I'.IAL I~YGIT;P.1;/ I)1'STS--IN}IALATIO': /IN1Il11rATI0i7/ASI`.ESTOS /AZR--POLLUTION--1'OT;ACCC)/ AI R---POLLiJTION/ALLI:I:GI:NS/SILICOSIS/Rc.SPIRATOP,Y OI:GANS--DISI:ASES/ )'; AISEASI:S,OCCU1'ATIONAL/LNVIRONMENTAL HLALT}i/AEROSOLS. ' CIinical.Aspects of Inhaled Particles ;' Edi1cdLy T). C. F. 1lruir, PhD 1ltRCP s: ,. . . x , /-leod of I'1. pfoingp Branrli, Inslirrnt of r~ x Ocrupafiunr.l.ttcdiriat, Iainb:u~li C: llon. Consuhan( Pnytitiar., Cily flospilal, EdinGurRh ~ I i A. DAVIS COMPANY, Philadc yhia .. M1 ~ L -l (f/,41l1 f-, I r. . y @" ¢3~7~jj.'~41Y!` d.. . . ....-. ~..r iir..... a. ....... . •. .a.. w ~. i/: i1t n ' w..l 0 1 -cj ci tt -ri, o Q 3
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Aerosols 50256 2864 a ovctzl.tt~~7.ko'va, R. t:. DcYOSrT'iQN ai,ll COl'.I,GSC~';~F, OP c Y t f,• 1 A t^P n ~ ltri'1O!~ s• 7 A~J.._.15 :,,._, s~. c,a ~.. ~I.~,. tt L& e ANn HYaRuMabIC THREADs, ly E. U. :wehivu:.4ava aud c~. G. itereshcl:aSo Colloid JQur. R. 32 (rio. 5) r L 16 nM-6~ ~1 ('9701 . t'
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50256 2855 I S P INIiALATIO\/ AEROSOLS/ III Du2-73 BR. JOUR. RADIOL. 45(536)(1972)630 '• STUDIf•.S O\ THE ABSORI'TIO\ OF INHALED ~fUOROCAR"aN PROI'L•LLAXT VAFOl1RS CS1V TR•iCFat TECI{\IQCES / IIy~IA. Morgan, A. Black, M. Walsh and '' D. R. 13clchcr '~ ~t,nl7 r.' ~eenf' J P-~sis~t i~ ~iort rrks,~J , ~/ '~-?-•fi:::..:!nrrccll,,.:r:cot/ ~ ~ ' I r~ G ~ ) / /~F71 CY` / j L.StC~S~ri>s ~ / ~/• I'ressurizcrf broncirodr).)t;ttg ac o10 soIs uscd in hc trcaulr~nt of asthroa cont•iin a misture of Nuoroc:rrbon pro, cNants. Curtcntll•, thcrc is sontc concern rc~:.,rJini,- thc crrdiac toxicit}• of thccc contpound;. as all the contn:only tucd prolvll:tnts cor:tain chiorinc to in :rddition liuorine, it is possible to Lthcl thcm ..ith 3'CI and to usc tr.i:cr ntcthods to stud}• their ahr,rht,ort :nid cxcrctioo in hrr.nh• "I i,e tomhounds imruil;•rtrd includcd Iluorocarbon-11, -12, •113and-114. hdlottint; single hrceth administratinn, tnuch of the inhalcd Iluuroc.,rbon vapour t. c.it;,1cJ „ithout h:•ing ab- _ sorbcd• This is hccausc th•_ tluuroc•trhons ha.'c a low lil,id sulubilitt• :rnd ,uc orri.• s1o+%lt• Au„rircd from alccol.:r :ur. ilhsnrl>cd ni.rrcri.rl is c1crctcd i•t hri ath, I:,it tlr< <Ncrction ratc falls cqurtc r.rpidlv and •,Itcr 31) n:rnutcs the bodycontrnt s onl ,• rcc uicJ slowlv• At tlhrs tinrc, tl:c fructron of aJ- O , n n rt,~alnj ~r r,•r.,nud t•:tricd frrrrn an a• cr.yc of 10 I,rr cent fur !fu+truc.., L•,n-1 14 to 23 pc r ccnt fo: . s. . . ._ . • .. .. I
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50256 2828 ",Sm -Tf-& , ~ ~C,,R 4 .~ Brit. F":ed. J. j ; °. A4 ~(1QF~1 • . :.~ -441 _. rrespondcncc .t t,a ~ : . ~ , ~ ~AV Vt'tL' 7.5 $. ~~ ~ntievi u 13rvan R' I'ressurized ;;ejiosols i,f Asthma ronr fssued ~n a State where the These 'lity is only 50y nton ~o+ ~ ,,. ' Sta,•--Ia a pxper presented recently at a within their inevitabte limitations, tneeting of the Itoyal Australasian College to support the view that the general of I'hysicians, shortly to be publ;shed, the in mortality from asthrna in Australia k'iiter drew attention to a dranutic incrcasc ~ changing therapeutic methods. • irt the mortality rate from asthma in Australia individual ease it is incvitable that in th.- ycars 1964 and 1965 7 icath will be auributcd to whatcver sim.plificd stralma n otcr- the tnori cncd just bcfore ~`7c seem rY hat ha li , . pp a ty rate i between the af;cs of S and 54 ycars has dly reluctant to concede that patients j' :, proximately doub)cd in both sezes. It has of asthma, in spite of the almost t n:ore t;ian doubled in two States but has ly L:ross airways obstruction found at t' increased only 500%. in a third, whereas in r. I: is almost equally inevitable that + the remainder-the less populous States-the natic patient in or developing a severe iacrease is less well dcfincd. In ehitdren, by i11 ttcat himsclf--most commonly with '~ eontrast with adults, the increase appears to 1ler. In the individual patient per- bve been progressive over scveral years, and specially the one about to die, ovcr- i+ i; has bccn accompanied by a remarkable 77ay occur for various reasons. While 1 lcvcrsal ot tbt sex ratio, male deaths notv tedly dantir.rous and undesirable, as 1 eonsidcrably outnumbering fcmale. For ty potent drug, ovcrdosage is probably ~ various rcasons these ehattees are eonsiderud i more frequently than we realize; so be real and not attributable to diagnostic ; association with death, if dcmon- j error or cvntusion cannot necessarily be regarded as rnrs 6anging pattern of m t li i or a tv n , taation to age, sex, and geographical dis- tribution docs not appc~r intrinsically exolie- aF.lr: in tesms of changing therapeutic habits. 1'urihermore, thcte is no correlation hchvecn =t~te ntortality rates, or inrrp,-- •~--- + . .•, s c of a eausal role, or as an explana- r all the increased mortality. tve no explanation for the iucrcased .ty in A.usualia. I know of no valid :e for or against a rising prcvalence. palpitations, and iust detectable effects on heart rate and pulse form. The eflects of 5.0 pg. were quite clear and much p.rcater. ' It scems likely that less than 1/200 and probably as little as 1/5J0 of the inhaled dose was quickly absorbed to produce systemic etTects. It would thus appear difficult to aequire a dangerous dose from an aerosol used in any but a grossly excessive way. When a patictit finds that a previously effective bronchodilator fails to give any relief we suggest that lie is entering status, and that eorticosteroids should be given with- out delay. We thus suspect that the patients found dead, having sapidly consumed severa.l canisters, had not been instructed as they should to seek urgent medical a:d should their aerosol become ineffective. Contrary to what some of your corres- pondents suggest, r-.pid and often unexpected death has always occurred in asthma. Only a careful inquiry can establish whether it is now more common, and we ecrtainly welcome the investigation referred to by Dr. it. Do11 and his colleagues (25 March, p. 756). In the mcaatime it would be a pity if asthmatics were deprived of a rcnudy, which s,.. ..~.~. _.. • J I
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S'0256 2869 III i ~-...,...~, Aerosols Romanov, K. V. VOI.riii".:~ ,q 0r T't11: ~: u`w, til FiYGdCSC01'IC SUBSTANCE SOLUTION F4LLIIvG IN R i- r....L ~ Il\ !a'.tl..iV4a7 ti~.w...'':1`.~'T .4• K,Ilo::da. x}fui: ^? (No. 2) 266-75 (March- April 1966) 0! r~ c, n r, t; 21 1 5
Page 362: lfb88d00
50256 2859 I • AiR--Pf1r.1,T!TTn~i--TTFAT,TH FFFF('T4/AFRns(1T,4/nA'TTir'i11,ATES/ RA 576 . l n7n SU1.F•UR T)tnYinF.`. / A, n~R D ~o, T n ke; PaICrtLn`,'~eEB Subcommittee on Airborne Particles Committee on Medical and Biologic Effects of E'nuironmental Pollutants I , 11 Division of Medical Sciences Assembly of Life Sciences National Research Council , R! University Park Press Baldmore 0 5
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50256 2868 AIR--POLLUTION--PARTICULATE MATTER/AIR--POLLUTION--HEALTH EFFECT/ AEROSOLS/ 81 II Re- R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Research & Product S.P. Development Departments, Science Information Division PARTICULATE MATTER (as it relates to health) A Collection of material. 0 1 0. 0 n 0 0 2 ~ t 4 ~ f w.
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80 II Re 50256 282-9 ,--..-------- . S'P' .. 8176 MC1 09 P Use okerosols to eStlYnate pLUlnZOnary GEBH j 465-9fi elurt19 Vi ew eyavw -r.V ~..v....., ... J APPL PHY$ I QL ~'' rA) C r4rl air-space dimensions "'~ ` ~ human lung; monodisperse aerosols; aerosol behavior during breath holding; gravitational deposition J. GEBHART, J. HEYDER, AND W. STAHLHOFEN Gesellschaft fur Strahlen- und Umweltforschung Mbh, Munchen; Abteilung fur Biophysikalische Strahlenforschung, 6000 Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany GEBHART, J., J. HEYDER, AND W. STAHLHOFEN. Use Of aerosols to estimate pulmonary air-space dimensions. J. Appl. Physiol.: Respirat. Environ. Exercise Physiol. 51(2): 465-476, 1981.-Single-breath inhalations of monodisperse aerosols were performed with a group of normal subjects to determine aerosol recovery from the human lung after periods of breath holding. Aerosols of monodisperse nonhygroscopic droplets of bis(2- ethylhexyl) sebacate of between 0.5 and about 2.5 µm diam were used for the inhalation. The inhalation apparatus allows continuous monitoring of particle number concentration and flow rate close to the mouth. Experiments were designed to find the optimum experimental conditions for the principal concept of Palmes et al. (In: Inhaled Particles and Vapours. London: Q lj` 11.._ r . r i a Z V creases exponentially with time (t). For particles larger than about 0.5 )1m diam, the slope of this exponential recovery function [RC(t)] is determined by the terminal settling velocity of the aerosol particles (v) and the radius (r) of the tubes according to RC(t) @ exp(-ZUtI \ rrr J (1) It has been shown in a recent analysis (6) that for vt/ 2r < 0.6 this exponential expression is a satisfactory approximation of the exact numerical solution (see Ap- 7 xix). Pure settling without Brownian motion is used __-...,.-_
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502-56 2872 Aerosols. I ~ SandcYa, Paul A. rvT ";L'7 :'L;:~ tiF Ai.ROMUL TECIfVOL.oGy 197iz K1;i Van ::UST.raF1d New York lciz ;,r+!.7 Co. ~ .~ ~SF•-~w_.ww.~YVaT7:ri . . , i _ . 0 2 ',% 1 6
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ii:e'r • v • . = L ~d>/ -1.9 RRP,-7STIIL \II;I)ICAL JOU1tNdL OF AUST1tALrA FIRST INTERNATIONAT, CONGRESS AICDLCINR' lfcd. J. Aust., 197.9, 1: 3G1•3G3. ON hEi~.~?~QZ.,S..IN I Snduction; bronchopuhnonary challenge; nebtuized radio• nuclidcs. 7'ncraf~y with aerosols has expanded to iuclude many newer substances as n•ell as ne,.v techniques in the treatment of diseases of both the upper and the lower parts of the respiratory tract. Furthermore, aerosol thervpy will find its place in the administration of inedlea• tion required to give a general therapeutic effcct on the body quite apart from effects on the lungs. There is also a possibility of storage of medication in the lung %vith consequent delayed release. The greater efficacy of certain medication when given as an aerosol is iliustrated by the cotiiparison of the effectiveness of orcip:•en;;line when given as an aerosol and when taken orally (20 ing oi orciprenaline given orally induccs a?tlre reduction In broncLospasm, whereas 1•5 In;; of the drug delivered as an aerosol produces a 90% reduction). Particle size in aerosol therapy is critical and thts was entiphasizcd by several papers at the congress. Yart!c!e size can ha measured by light scatter %e:th a ni•l-iielometer, by centrifuT;al techniques or by L•olug-raphy. Failiu e tn Tne Fit•st International Congress on Aerosols in Medicine was held !n Baden bei Wien on Soptember 19, 1973. Over 100 papers were presented (35 in English, the remainder in German with concurrent l;nglish translation). The ,pror-cedings, a collection of pre-congress abstracts, have been published (lviener ,Ucdizindsclie Akadeniie, 19?3). The following report summarizes the remarks of the principal speakers. I:NVIRONMFNI•AL POLLUTION There are now wide applications for aerosols ln laedicine, as well as In other fields. For example, aet osol salt sprays are used in the Leipzig Zoo to protect certain animals, and aerosol vaccination is practised in veterinary ecicnce. Howzver, medical science needs to be much more alert to the dangers from aerosols produced by man's Industrial and commercial activities. There are half a million different pollutants in the lower air layers, the commonest ones occurring as solids and producing haze aerosol therapy can occ:u• if drnpirt size iloi•s not pcrtuit pencU•ation of the leroso! particles to the required eite of depos'.tion within the lungs. 0 1 ~ n n 0 0 2 1 9 9
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~~ . )i. 1`lws3.o. 1'it. _'1 12) ~iltfLlaTS'. Rt ' ' P7t:7i!% tltiTl"a~ii'.^.~•?Y1' ~OJ UCCItpalrJla+ 7 f(liCll;C, l~nXj)7(rb'~L f'iuce ,:.dinfitirgie, I IfJ, %SLl j. Th: distribution of :ICro-,ol particies in cxha'cd air ciiffer: racii;.iTy frr•:„ that of Fiis^s. If the particir_, are oi the appropriate size, then tii~,ir from the ti;lA air io the !un air is dciermitied lar, cly by In this resp~!ct they maj' bC as gases with a C•?a:f(t:(i'i?t of tvhich is virtually zero. 'l he situation represents one llntit of stratii;cd iniior•to• geneity. Since no ae:osol traces cot:vectivee flow p-ecise!v thcr•.~ h% ~eea ttnccrtainty as to the validity of assumin, th :t dil7u;ion o: p:;t;icic; acio,s th:-! interface of tidal air and It1n.C, air is zero o:, conversely, tL :t it car, bo m;:asvrcd. Therc have been suggestions that ..,_ lur;r!s m:tv be rec;rr.ied as composed of two cotn,tartments -- thee upper sitwa4•:: „'here rnechanic,J mixin- is comp/rtcd ani th,: lower airways where tlte heynolds nilr,;b,:r is so low that convectiv%: mixing cannot take place. \Ve have completed two series of experiments in an attempt to p;oduc: direet evidence on the factors dcternanin_ the convective mixing of : erosol in the respiratory tract. The vxperiments examined the chnn,-- in tii.. distribution of :;erosol in ~:xhalcd air in relation to (a) the rat. o" :.irfiox and (b) breath holdin±*.. "i-ir: eficct of a char7ne i7r the rate of airfi,:r.v has been publisheQ 7IevLOtlslY [I]. 1 he results iiiiXli. of acrCSoi b.:hvern inhal.-d air and 1ung air takec place :a ail ievci: of the r:•snirator,; ~ tract but this ti:,as not scnsili%e to the rate of br.~athin•,. The rang~ of airlf.)-.tis 0 2 =1 0 4
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50256 2880 AIR--POLLUTION/PARTICULATE MATTER/AEROSOLS/ METALS/TRACE ELEMENTS / SULFUR OXIDES/GROWTh(PLANTS)/ CARBON DIOXIDE (plant gr~owth)/ AIR--POLLUTION--ANALYSIS/ PROCEEDINGS OF THE SYMPOSIUM ON ENVIRONMENTAL AND CLIMATIC IMPACT OF COAt UTILIZATION HELD IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, APRIL 17-19, 1979 RA 576 Si 1980 ENVIRONMENTAL AND CLIMATIC IMPACT OF/COAL UTILIZATION 1960 ACADEMIC PRESS A Subsidiary o( Harcourt Brace )ovanovtch, Publishers New York London Toronto, Sydney San Francisco a c 0 -fl () edited by JAG ). SINGH NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, Virginia ADARSH DEEPAK Institute for Atmospheric Optics and Remote Sensing Hampton, Virginia
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50256 2873 0 CYCLAPiATI:S/L''TIIYL ALA01InL--PIIAR%;ACOLOG!'/FP.I;ONS--TO?:ICITY /FLI'(1;',r`C A1',r(1:JS / FREONS see also FLUOROCARBO?1S/*'.YCOTOaINS/NITRATF.S/NITRITI:S/*:ITROSA?tINI:S/ PBSTICIDLS---TONICOLOGY/VITATfIN A/ AEROSOLS/FLUOROALI:ANES/ARSI:NIC/ASBF:STOS/ARSP.NIC--'I'OYICOLOGY & BIOCIIEAfISTP.Y/ 4 BENZO(a) PYRFNr/CADMIUI•i/CAFFLINE/CAN NABIS/CARBON If0N0XInI:/ GARCINOGI:NS, C~~~ f1(~~~1SATION/AIR--POLLUTION--CAF.CI;JOGENS/ • M....1 .. ,~lrch. Tozikol. 31. 379-319 (1974) ® by Springer-Vorlag 1974 75 II Sc Review of the Literature LIIOIE SCTILOSsEF. Tbisre%iea- of the lite>•lture, x•luch supplements Vol. 30, includes reports pub- lished in 1973 on toxic activity, dru" side•effects, allergy and addiction. Titles are given in the languat;e o publicatlonl~' All drugs are listed in alphabetical order under non-proprietary names as approved or proposed by WHO. These substanccs are so numerous that many of them have been grouped under general medical or chemical descriptions (e.g. anti- eoagulants; h}'pogl}'cemic agents; phenothiazineQ). A noto under the group headino indicates when agents are also listed individually. Plants are given under their botanical names. The review is preceded by a list of the monographs published in 1973. ~ Monographs :' 1 9 e
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50256 2867 QCy)3V7-S3(/91,r) ~z /I/ R~ - 7s S.p DCpendency of Po(ynuciear Arot-nutic ~Ay~',ac.^.rb.on Content . • ti.:<.rr.~, on Size Distribution of f~tlnospi~eric.~4ococ~ls;i ~ Ronald C. Pierce and Morris Katz* Centre for Research on Environmental Quality, T-115 Steacie Science Eiuilding, York University, 4700 Keele St., Toronto, Ont. M3J ?_F.3, Canada El An examination was made of the dependency of poly- nuclear aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) content on the particle size distribution of atmospheric suspended partic- vlate matter. Ambient aerosols were collected in specific time periods during 1972 and 1973 using size-fractionating cascade impactors (Anderson "Ili-Vol" samplers) at five sites in Toronto. Ont. Collected particulate matter was extracted with benzene in a Soxhlet apparatus. I:ilght I'Ail's and two oxygenated arenes were separated by thin- lavt•r chromatography and identified and analyzed by ab- sotption and fluorescence spectiophotometry. <1'he effi- ciency and accuracy of the procedures involved were stud- ied. The size distribution of i'AH-containin[, nartictaates I r~ ~! ~~ a Since the majority of PAl-I compounds are adsorbed on particulate matter, the great increase in the potential car- cino.-enic effect of such compounds as benzo(a)pyrene by incorporation with substantially inert particulate matter of small size is believed to be brought about by transport through the upper respiratory tract into the bronchioless and alveoli of the lun,gs (1). At present, pro; ress in control of air pollution by atmo- spheric particulate matter is evaluated by calculating the total weight of material collected by standard high-vo- lume sampling technigues (2). However. it is important to realize that the total weilght of particulate collected is a cumulative total of the fractional contribution of all par- .. _.., • _ _ _.. . ...... ..... ~., . _ . . . t..a: .. .. ; : CG 1 n•n n u U 2 :,~. 1 3
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50256 2878 I QD 549 A Aerosols. Shepherd, Herman R. ed. AEROSOLS; SCIENCE AND .ECHNOLOGY. Editor: H. R. Shepherd. Consulting editor: Ed.,,ard Sagarin. Advisory editors: George W. Fiero [and other] New York, Interscience Publishers [1961] 548 p, illus. 24 cm. Includes bibliography.
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72 III Ry AEROSOLS/ • 50256 2870 . Brit. Jour. Appl. Phys.. 10 (1959) 93-97 ' ~::~~ori:a~.<<al c:oton;:inaiion of -'L-'.io nt-ornisinh cn=ci-ncy of a hi~;?.-s;~t;c(1 spi~~nin,; disk :~':oliti3Cr By D. 1. RYLLY, M.Sc.(Eng.), A.1t.t:Mcch.F., Dcpartmcnt of 1\fcchanical Engineering, University of Liverpool (Paper first rccc•ir-ecl3 July, and iir fmal/ornr 17 August, 19531 Elcctrically driven disls of 3 and 5 cm diamctcr %%•crc ro:atcd at s; ecds 20000-60000 rcv/min, and samples of an aqucous spr+y %-:cre analysed for flow r:rtei of 0• 12. 0•42 and 0•77 cm3/s. The reduction in disk speed atomising was determined experimentally usin~ an clcct.onic pulse counter and a rliniat::re dynan~on;eter was devi_cd to simuiate this reduction and measure the power coasumcct. for the electrically driven disk thus obtained arc . compared briefly \.ith thc cIiicicnr,y en:ployin ; air drive and also \.itit that of a simple pressurv atomiser. In all ca-,cs ciiicic:.cics are less than 0.5 LIST OF SYMBOLS . to acconlplish subdivision. In the spinning disk atomiscr o=== sur`:ICC tension (d~n;cm) thc lattcr is cii;:icult to asscss b; an an4l;tic:11 method. The tcst :nuid Ic • cd vcrrlly on to tl-c r•,•ntro'~ • of .r - .. ~o.,~... .,:..~n..li ory r nf .trn..l..! /rni\ . . .. _ ... .. .. s l..•~.rri^1 . ~.".1y L_ _ _. ._... ~cr ~ . . ...~..~_. ~ . . t . a d ~ n i i iy j/ t! 2. :14 ~ ~
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50256 2879 , kctt1975 SHOTKIN, LUDE1\'IG AND THOMPSON, JR. 189 9 1i IJuZ..7,~'s~. Calculated Effects of Aerosols on Sunlight P^WAW Aw"MMa Louts 'A7. Stto•rrtv,' HANS I,unLWiG ARn Jo,iN F. Tito.Nwso*, JR. Brooklravcn A'alhmal l,oGoralory, Uplr» t, N. 1'. (Manuscript received I November 1973, in revised form 25 October 1974) A 13STRACT Solar fluxes have been calculated in a 57-level plane-parallel atmosphere, defincd by Elterman's cross sections, using a two-stream approsimatlon to multiple scatterin;. In this technique, only the integrals of the scatlerine functions are used so the results were checked with a Monte Carlo code which handirc thr
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- - 50256 2881 - J; /-10- -- w Iint.Arcti.Arbeitsmed.34,I37-149(1975) --- Cr by Springcr-Verlag 1975 " 6 92 9 r --PT rsp Effects of ~ro5ols in Common Use on the Ventilatory Capacity of the Lung* Zdcnka Skuric, Fugenija Zus"kin, and Fedor Valic Andrija Stampar School of Public Health, University of 2agreb, Zagreb Received September 11, 1974 / Accepted October 4, 1974 Sumrnary. A group of 17 volunteers were exposed to a body deodorant, an air freshener, air disinfectant, a furniture polish, spot remover, shoe spray, glass defroster, hair spray and, separately, to their volatile components. An imnediate significant fall in ventilatory capacity was recorded upon exposure to each of the sprays. The maximum fall of FEV1.0 rai~ged from 3.3 to 7.4%, that of V 50% VC from 5.3 to 11.3%, while V 752 VC falls ..-`.- --... ....---......_~...!118?4..._ .._ ._ ~n n.
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r 50256 2876 AIR--POLLBTION/AEROSOLS/TOBACCO--SMOKE--AEROSOLS/ •- -- - . .._- -- . _ .- , _ . . . RJR CLASS N0. TEXTBOOK QD 549 Sh 1978 1978 John Wiley Sons, N. Y,, 327 p. (1978) (in English) `` This monograph, together with the recently published Fundamentals oJ QD Shaw, D. T,' - : . . . _. . : , 549 (New York St.. Univ., Buffalo, N, Y., 1T, S.,)., Sh RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN AEROSOL SCIENCE. af'. ' Aerosol Science, provides a state-of-art review on various branches of ' fundamental and applied aerosol science. The monograph contains 13, 1 invited papers presented at the Symposium on Aerosol Science and Tech- Cigarette smoke briefly mentioned p. 269 and measurements with , nology held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, August 30 to September 1, 1976. ' cigarette smoke p. 275-77.. r a
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: :t2 50256 2886 71 :~ III Sp Aerosols SpurAy, K. fFNhL-YTICAZ METHODS FOR DkTERM7iJAT1-ON OF AEROSO.LS DY MEANS OF ME11@RANE ULTRAPItTERS FROM AEROSOI. SAYAP11NC. UNOIR bXTRFMS GA5 CoNpITIoM, by fC. s'pu-ny, J. 88bek &ud J, P Coabo, 5. I du1..l.. czecti, 36 {)hb. 9) Y7q9-:SG (010
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. fl ~10ll 1"/".-•'1s- S.P, ~:~; . - l1.lts^.71.1 " 4 fZ- Y CQBPer,IelII-xtile YleT-oubY ~0-I;o~o~rIo~ ~~ 17po(j)cccol) Il. A. (hJ'1tC 3,444A , t, No. / "7!- 1117 l 73 C 1 ~ ." li(noe (J)aGplilinoc npo113ROJtC'fn0 I1p11GopOn 1tJlsl CCJICItOnaHnFF a3p030.4C11 nallaJIOCL JIIIIllL IIOCJiO !1 A1i!p0n0i1 B0lilit,l, 110 B IIaCTO;I1JiCC BpCN!S1 lia BLnlychacTCSi y:KC GoJICC COT!III TaK11x npnGo- 13 11ay-11t0i( !I naTCiiT:iOii J1iITCpaT)'pC C:ICCrOllllo BaIOTCa ^CCATKII ilOnblx np11GOpOB I! AICTOIlOB Hlisl A9p030.9e11, nO3TONiy 11LI Orpa111141I-11CS1 TCMII paalll, KoTOpLIC nonytnlml lllllporoc npnalCUCBi1C 0113BOR,S;TCfl CCpllilli0. I3CC 01111 11pCi11ta311a4e11L1 npc,uC:ICtl11s1 BCCOi;0i1 KOn1ICHTpiil11111 ayp030J1Ci1 npcACncu!lsl yaCTlll( 110 pa3aicpaal -- JtByx Ba:K- iiX 113MCpC1Il7{1 B 3TOi1 OGJIaCTn. OrOlIItCaCIlI1LiC '.%1CTO;kLl 11CCJ1C110PallilA a3p030ACIl 0 KJIaCC11l)llllnpOIiaTL 110 IICCICOJIbICII\I i1P11311'1- hSo:ICllo na3.1114a1b n p R Ai i,t e(aGcoaloTULlc) :L1, B KOTOpLIX IiClloCpC1ICTBC1ll10 n3.N1CpACTCA IiC- Si RC.1n4iilla (lialiplt\ICp, onpeACJlc111lC pa3i!Cnd CTCI;.7lflll I11,1 \ . IloJlox011. OGw4no (' ! BLICOK07(l>(I)CI:T11n1ILIC (j)11.RL'fpLl \apiliCTCP113)'10'f 110 I1pOCKOICy 4CpC3 lllix 4a- CTlll>, p33\ICJ)O\i 0,3 1•IICAi ilpii CKOpOCTn TC4C11nSI 5 cn'f/C-l1pOCICOK IIC J1OJ1>KCn npCBLl1IJaTL 0,03%. 13 CCCP nccL;,Ia wnpol:oc np1111Ci1C111iC norytItlJln a11aJII1T1l4CC1:11C (I)i1J1LTpL1 A(j)n 113 I1OJ111:.(Cp11l,IX B010- KOil1, 3a p1 Gc:KOSi -(~~1111bTpLt 113 yJILTpaTO11KOr0 CTCKIIOBO.7O1Clla?, n03P.O.TIfl1O11U1c paG0T1Tl. npil TC11nC- paTypax ;lo 1300°C. *nJ1LTpLt 113 Ga3a.-,LTOBLrC Bo,70- K0I1 nLI11Cpi(CllnalOT TCm11CpaTypy 10 700 °C. Olllla ns I1St:Kncitlllllx . TIpoG.7e;-,l B TC?:nn4C-CKnX nC- CJlellOBannf(X a3p030.7C11 -- C0311a111(C aBTO%laTn4CCKOrO i`lero1a ohpclncneln(n 1:o111tc11Tpa1u111. I-Ioxa 11311Go.1ec IICpCI1CKTllitl(1,I.NIiI OKa3a:IJICL nprlGopL1, n 1cOTOpLIX maC- ca ocalixa 11a (})iI:1LTpC ollpCltCJanCTCB no oc.laG.lCi!nio 11.1 ~i n3 1)'~lcnnsl3 1. I(o3(~)(~)Iliti(CIiT IIor70111ClINR f,-.,Iy- qCII C1t1l111IItCl1 N(aCCLI OC.'IitKa 110UTi1 lle 3a131iCnT OT CI'O v~~~~~~nnnvn~n r.nnTnno " nurnnnnunnT~r n^ 1a(nn11T4n CJ ~.0 - i , () ii a 2. 1/ 3
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s . 50256 2884 AEROSOLS/SULFUR DIOXIDE/hITROGEh'0}CIDES/ " CAREO?1 M0230}:IDE/ RA 576 Sp 1974 N , ~ .j Qxfarci Chemistry Series General Editors P. W. ATKINS J. S. E. HOLKER A. K. HOLLIDAY ~i ~ r• 6 ~.~ i~~10 ?11 8 D. J. SPEDD:INiG CLARENDON PRESS . OXFORD ---- - T- 1974
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i 549 50256 2885 P a~ S Spurny, nrcts;~I~s CiinAfffiiRY liMIi t,~i.~iCl~•sI°ON$,ri.~iCl~•sI°ON$, (Pcoceai ngs of the P! rst Ne+.; onal Con-Feru,oe on ~943 p. I ~..~.... .. ...~a.-e ,.-~ . E~ f ~ ~; el) aa G 2 12. 3 1
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50256 2877 /l-- J,4, 2-- 7.5 Sp t Tbc vertical c]istrilnltion of trop>plicric ,n,.,,~Ql;pa t Barrow, Alaska 1/ ~, C~~ j V By CLLNN L. SHANV, Geophysical In.stitute, Urrircrsity nJ Alaska, FairLruettis, Alasktt 99701, U,SA (Manuscript roceived October 0, 1973; revi,:c(l version Afay 3, 1974) A I3STR ACT Tho vertical clistribution of tropospheric aerosols near Rarrow, Ma.;ka (lutitudo 71°21' N, longitude 1SG'30' 1V) was determined by mea•:urin{; the opt.icnl ntruu,pheric trnnsmis.von in the tnid-vi5iblc at diffcrcut altitudcc %rith an nirhmrno photcnr.etcr. Aieasurements of the vertical acrutiol distribution for perio(a in April and Jul}• 1Ui°_, aro discussed. Thco ncrusol conccntr„tion tur both periods Q,xrcn,ctl cspunonti:rlly with incrcaaing height with a sculn hcit;ltt, equal to 1.4 -n.3 krn. A sca,)nul v:u•i:rtion in turbidity (and the corrc,ponrliu.. :-olwun.u• nerosol Iu+idinq) wm found. In Fenor,rl, tho spring tut••birlity values trcro au•gcr th.tn tho rni,l•sun.rucr values, thrrcliy sul;gr;t- ing an am•osol uicchuuisur which opcrntci at low tc<nipr•nrtures. It is ht•pnthc;ized that the aerosoh mny be icu arYAnla srcdr•d Iw nucn t~„fI.z ne,.1 ,,,i-1 c,.r,. .t... ,.•..•. .•-r.•. 0 i nc~ncjoa~>:~~
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5025b 2892 C REF Q 123 Un 1976 TID-26608 Editor Richard Dennis GCA/Technology Division, GCA Corporation Bedford, Massachusetts Prepared for Division of Biomedical and Environmental Research and Division of Reactor Research and Development U. S. Energy Research and Development Administration Published by Technical Information Center 1976 Office of Public Affairs U. S. Energy Research and Development Administr.rtion ~ ~~ 0 t ~ c~ n c~ U2
Page 382: lfb88d00
t DRUG STANDARDS ~ili.HULATION OF AEROSOLS FOR TOPICAL ADMINISTRATION* [iy )ohn J. Sciaxza, Fraucis J. Tinnoy, and William.j. Feely ri,„ stvjy was initiatc+d in order to determine the feasibility of applying topical i,r,l.araiws by means of an aerosol or pressure packed container. Two general t.p• ointmcet bascs .ocre selected for this study; one base Consistins of pCtro• arri liquid pctr%-.]atum, and the other consistingg of polyethylene glycol 400 aad roi?ethylene FI?col 4000. These bases were then formulated with liquefied aad rexr,}cvased Lzase*. It was found that concentrations of about 910% po;y. ai„ieac glycol 440 cnd 10% polyethylene blycol 4000 produced a baAe which Forty ner cent liquid 0! cl ci 0 i; 0 2 ---1 2. 0
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50256 2871 :/t~~. (c~!/t . t'JQG . ,11.l.clc[tI .Ctil2Gc~ ~JG c~~tJ ~. ~r .2 ?7- lll JZG_7.~ MFASURE.ENT OF,LNii~ATION ")'QXICITI' OF AFROSOLS . ~ ~ '~ IN S~L-1LL LABORATORY ANIMALS .~ I:. SACHSSE-, L. ULLMANN, G. VOSS* and R. HESS Research Department, Pharmacruticals Division, Ciba-Geigy Ltd, Basic, Switzerland The only available guidelines for tests of inhalation toxicity in small laboratory ainimais are those set forth in the Federal I-lazardous Substances Act (FIISA) and the subsequent regula- tt.,m. nlihh-!,Pd in thc L1S Fer?zraJ Retnster (1964). These rel;ulations define highly toxic,
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50256 2889 . t . STRATOSPHER"t/OZOE/ AEROSOL QC . : ~CI-ILOR(~ ~ Lt?()lZ()C.1.R13()\TS 879 IN "1'I-IF, 1:NVIRO\1IEI\'1': 198o The t~.erosol Controversy , 7 f. • Editors: r z l .T ! T. M. SUCDFN, C.I3.G• F.R.S. bfaster of Trinity Hall University of Cambridgc and T.F.N'FST e ~ fommr GAitor-inLhief Society of Chemical Ind us try 1 Published for the by ~ SksocILTY or C11L111cAL ELLIS HORN'OOD LTD.. INDUSTRY,London ~ Publishas, L Cichcster ~ 7: ~ ,-~.~,.,...~.. ~ G.o G I 0 0 n 0
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50256 2890 ACFTALi)Efiit`F/ACETONF•/ACI:OLEIN/ACrcYLIC ACID/AGYLATION/ADIPIC ACID/AMYL ALCOlIOL./ AEtLOSOLS/AL!hT iiYDES,ALIP}IATIC/ALKALOIDS/ALCOlIOLS/ALKYLATION/ALLTtP-VUIf/A?:`inNIA/ ANiiLGFSIS/AN'l IIIISTIMINES/FORMIC ACID/AI•IIt:F:S ,ALIPHATIC/RFSINS,AMINO/A.XtINO ACIDS/ REF TP 9 ui 1974 U11manns Encyklopadie der technischen Chemie 4., neubearbeitew und erweiterte Auflage Band 7 mumt3mT.J Acaricide -Antihistaminica Verlag Chemie, Weinheim; Bergstr. Herausge_ecbtn von Redaktion !+ t Prof. Dr. Ernst BartholornG (,.BASF Aktiengescllschaft, Ludw:~haten Dr. Hertha Buchholz-.\lcisenhcimer Dr. Jorg Frenzel, Dr. Rudolf FFefTerlorn Prof. Dr. Ernst Biekert I:noll AG-Chcmische Fabriken, Ludwieshafen Prof. Dr. Heinrich Hellmann Circmischc Werke Hu!s AG, Marl Dr. Hellmut Ley tfetallgesellscbaft AG. Franf:furt/Main r A-. .-7 ~ --.•.,-<,----.- I a
Page 386: lfb88d00
c •'< ~lcc.~rI-- / ,r'i -~4~2~ (Uu/. ~l ~L, ~ 426 At)GVsr 2•4, 1963 OORIGINAL ARTICLt'.S /.•. :-/ A,(t:f.1 : c,4~ L- / J.i? ~-- T}!a LAt:P1 I ~rr Du oquinol 'is r::adily avail;tL•lc it tvould scc/ ~ TSOPRI'sNAL1N1? R=SLo,'I'ANCIi AND i tIL'• USE interrog:uc paticnts spccitic;:;ly for scl . ~ ~ OP P:2ESSU12ISL•~;t~315~1[:, : jtii I4 ,~~iA1I "' - with thc drug before obtainin~ a r.n.t. `' iodine uptake as indices of thyroid functio; , t ~YI. PATEItSOP7 l ' Mcdihalcr-]so 1=oltc' (an Isoi)rcnalint M.13., B.Sc. i.ond., M.R.C.P. , Summary aerosol suphlyinn 0 11 ing. rcr pu;t) i: WELLCOME RFSEARCIt rE1.1.OW 117 CLIN:CAL PnARM1.COLOGY A2a therapcutic doses causCs n1oCiCratc ta::hycarcti;t in hc~au' sL2aor. rsGtsTRAA Ix r.uoIClxr voltuttccrs Chro c h v d s~rc «ith ti ' t ' nr ca 1 I M. T?. CONOLLY M.D. Lond., M.R.C.P. at[DICAL R£t;ISTRAR Il 1 • . y . nc~r..,..c1 D, S. DnvlEs associated tvith resistance to the cardiac stimuiatin,r, clYccr Ph.D. Lond, of isoprenalinc taken by inhalation or intravenous infu-ion LECTUItFR lN 8!OCItFJdISTA} Part of the dose of isoprcnalinc t: kcn by ntcdihalcr i C. T. DOLLERY M.B., L'.Sc. I3irm., F.R.C.P. SBTiIOR LECTIJRER !li CLI\ICAL Th'LRAPEUTICS AND . CONSULTA7:T PHt•SICIAN ' From the Medical Research Council Clririral Pirarmace Research Group, Royal Postgraduate hlcdical School, London tV.12 • '- .---.a.r° --a G. f7P. 2-Semitotarfthrulc plot or serurn•p.B.i. ayatnet tGne. the eight voluntccrs, the immcdiate post-trcatllient r.>3.t. was greater than 100 µg. per 100 ml. Thereafter the mean Kt La t.e Ps.r. of the treatcd group declincd.in anrapproximately ~tt I convcrtcdd in the body to 3-mcthoxyisoprcnalinc. '1-ini: eompound secros to be a weak ;;-adrencrt;ic-rccc):0: ant :gonist and this may explain tlrc resistancc to tLc cardi c effects of isoprcnalinc seen in hcavy uscrs of the tncdiyaler. Introduction MottT.al.trY from astl:ma incrcascd in lintgland anc W;tics between 1961 and 1965 (Spcizcr, Uoll, and 1101 1968). Thcsc workers obtained retrospective dita conccl::- \C';Ics ing 177 of the 184 asthma.dcaths in L'•nt;!and and lichvccn October, 1906, and 1Aarch, 1967. &i^,;, of tLcsc patients had been using sysnpathomintctic L•ronchodi- lator agents administercd by pressurised acrosol, and ia 791~4 +hc cln:v tl<r<t vvac i-onrcnalinc. 57 valicnt5 dicd I
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50256 2899 IY. Aerosols--Acoustic fields Br4 B rank, 0. UDER DAS VFJR.EAL7t:"tJ Vala AEROSOLEIJ IIJ1 AXOBT2SC'OliN FEtD. I. By 6rar,dt, 0, and S, FiiedeMann (Oehavior of Aerosols tn AcoasEicaX F'ie1d. I.) Rolloid-zeltschr,. 75 (No, 2) 129-35 (May I736) i I (} 1 (%, i; .) i1 0 2 2 4 5
Page 388: lfb88d00
L -a 50256. 2882 . _.. .•- .~ AIR--POLLUTION--ANALYSIS/-AEROSOLS/ . r . s• [r '_. . . _ _.. . !- spai te (VIDELINES POR DEVELOPMENT OF A QUALITY ASSURA'ICE PROGRADI ~une 1973 ferenee Method for the Determination of Suspendad Particulate Re , :. ~i ----^ h , y t1u pederal reference method are presented.. These include: • od) in the Atmosphere (Aigh volume ltet 1 1. Aubar(.) Franklin Smith and A Carl Nelson, Jr: 19. YsAws.s.g OGgs..s.tt.a Nar .nd Add.s.• •. ~~12 SOa•W'•I a"aiast1o. N.r.•e .e.d Aed.es• ,/,[_,5f Environ-nental Protection Ageacy National Environmental Research Cer.ter I Research Triangle Institute IResearch Triangle Park, North Carolina 277i1 Research Triangle ?ark, aorth Carolina 277091 15. S.ppleweasry Noaes Cuidelines for quality control of ambient suspended particulate measurements b - 1. 2. 3. 4. s. Cood_operating practices Directions on hov to assess data and qual::y data Directions on how to identify trauble and improve data Directions to permit design of auditing activities quality Procedures which can be used to select action opttons and to eosts This document is not a research report. 17. Re! ads ..! 0ocs..n A..1ysi.. 7. Ds.cry.«. Quality Assurance relate them s It is designed for use by operating personnel. - U. S. DEPARTMEtiT OF C~~:;lERCE Woaal Technical fafor.nation S,ics T t `. . . . . . . ' ! - ' - • . . . - - . . I
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50256.2900 Iser osa].s--Bfbiitgrqfnyr. 3'fe,tidrickaon, Ruth N. Si0GI0GRAPl+Y 0N MGTHOD OF PI44AUCING ;,MO.SCLSo YAPORS AND aASES AS TEST ATMOSP1iERES. 195r.- 44 p+ AEC-U•3915 V. S. Dept, oP Serrvice,s~ OfFiee oR Technical Sel"vi(~. e8 j wachLr1gte Ot? 1), Ci .
Page 390: lfb88d00
5025 6-2901. a Aerosols--Chemicai physical properties-- Determir.ation. Hobbs, Marcus E. .... ... .... . ::... . . .. , An INVEST-IGATION OF _TECHNI•QUES .AND: k18THODS' FOR THE STUDY AND_EVALUATION OF THE PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF SOME AEROSOLS': ( n8amon,g unyori:.Memorial Fund. Research:Pr.~~ect DRIR - 186, jlrogress Report -No:` 4, -Period "Covered: Jan. 16,-1955- Dec. 31, 1955) Duke. Univ., Durham N., C, vario.usl.y, paged..about 115~.;p.,:Jag.:.1~, ~1956. 0 2 2 4 ~'
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50256 2905 Aerosols--DeposYtiar."im-•Lcxr.gs Grws f P8w2 ef ;.i...:% .-0 L.T•`~C 7 0~ t ~ .... i.f:... .. ...._.. . -. p by Paui G)~o:.::, fl'.d T[1roCI0YQ F. :.i:tCI1 IC-1 f. f. 2 0 tTSi. le i~~ ''
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56•256 2894 72~1 Ir va, . ' AEROSOj.S/ ' . .• © / I '~' ~ ~ E ~'k~iE P Ir SJ iC A . L r ~' ~., ~~ ~-t~~±,-T Y Sectiotl B ~ ~ ~ - -_-•.--_--_-- . ~ Pf~rz r 0 1 1unc 19'!?\`o. 33E13 `!'he Production of Sprays and \I:sts o#' Uniform Drop Size b I1f c , y alis ot aiiin Di I]111»sc Type Sprayers r.v W. rr. ~A.D W. C. rur: (`_Lcmical I)rf.iicr I:x}xrim~nt;il Stati~n, ('ortoa), tiCilt,. 0 2 ? ~ 0
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50256 2895 6 le 76 OtttLtOGr:S.P"IC DATA 1. Report Nc l AIR--POLLUTION--ANALYSIS/ ...... o. Ac:~% 'at v'. 3. Reci NVf5nt PS • N~fIS PS 'i XeW ~~! i S6lEiT . r - ~ 6 1 - 6 1 U i j 4. Title and Subtitle Z 5. Report Date j Chemical Analysis of rosols and Airborne Particulates Au ust 1976 ~ (A Bibliography with Abstracts) 6. I 8. Performing Orbanlzauan Rcpt. : Kirk G. Werner and Diane M. Cava naro No. 9. Performing Urganization Name and f.ddress 10. Project/Tack/1i'ork Unit No. National Technical Information Service ' 5285 Port Royal Road 11. Contract/Grant No. Springfield, Virginia 22161 i 12. Sponsoring Orgaaizstion Name and Address Period 13. Type of Report & Covered ~ Supersedes NTIS/PS-75/527 and COM-74-11018 1964 - Tui v, 1976 Research is presented on the chemical analysis and composition of aerosols and ; airborne particulate matter. Techniques discussed range from chromatography to various methods of activation. and spectroscopic analysis. Particle sampling techniques and particle size analysis are excluded. (This updated bibliograpily contains 154 abstracts, 52 of which are new entries to'the previous edition. ) 0 t 2 ~ 4 i e 5
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50256 2897 0 QD 549 Wi 1.980 t AEROSOLS--PUL"!ON.°.RY RETENTION!AEROS^LS--DEPOSITION IN L;,'NGS/ ?NHP.LATION EXpOSURE METNODS/PARTTCLFS--AIR POLLUTION/ GENERATION OF AEROSOLS ~ AND FACILITIES FOR EXPOSURE EXPERIMENTS papers presented at th,~ SympOsium on Aerosol Ge^eraticn and Exposure Facilities held in Hcnolulu, Hawaii, Apr 2-3, 1979 cc-sponsored by the American Chemical SeciPty and the Chemical Snn;etv of Japan Edited By ANN ARBOR SCIENCE PUBLISHERS INC KLAUS WILLEKE P.O. BOX 1425 • ANN ARBOR. MICH.48106 ~ ~..~ ~ .~ Cs r 4
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5Q256 2907 Aerosols--Deposition in Lungs Roi r..r-, Bo SHORT-TERNI Y(]NG CLEARANCE IN RABBITS EXPOSED TO A RADIVAGaIL'E U7-DISPw":SE (6 A2.A 3,,x) IOLYSrYREN& AfROSAL 1966 looseleaf I U I nr, r, i i () 2 _° S :;
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A~s m~;t~l.s--%.nnr_ re~ sfYg . 50256_.2902 British Coal Utilization Research Association. Aerodynamic capture of particles; proceeding's of a con- ference held at 11. C. U. It, A., Lezthprhen.d, Surrey, 1960. Edited hv E. G. I2ichardson. '-N'ew York, Symposium Pub- licntions Division, Pernamon Press, X060. v111, 200 p. illais. 26 cm. Includes bibliod aphies. ~ i 1. Dynamtcs of a partlcle--Congresses. 2. F7ufd dynsmtcs--qon- t giv,sses. 8. Aerosols--G)ngresses. i. Iii^,hardson, Edward liick, 18JG- ed. II. Title. Library of Congress 1151 - (~,A86°.B7 1960 j 531.36 60-14J47 I e
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50256 2906 RA g7f_ Aerosols--Ceposition in lungs H Hatch, 7rFeoeore F . 1°V1.MCNARY DEPOS 1TCON AjJfl RETEN7fON pp liiiu+i,:-;O by 1i.?ocore F, Hat"ch and Paul Gross,. Induatxlal Hv~le-•.e ~s7nn~rP_^h SAxfi~r~, 1954 3:rZ p: Acadecaic Fresa Nev York n n n 0 0 •>.:! 1 2
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QD ' DISST:RTATIQNS--CARNMIE PtELLO\ UN1.`IERSI'l'Y/ PARTICULATE SOLIDS/PARTICLE SIZE *`EASL'RE?tEPyT'/ AEI~OSOLS/ -50256 2898 '~4I~~9_--u., RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK QD 549 Zi 1969 English) Ziesse, N. G. (Carnegie-Mellon Univ., Carnegie Ins. Tech., Pittsburg, Pa., U. S.) THE DEPOSITION OF FINE AIRBORNE PARTICULATES ON ENVIRONMENTAL SURFACES. Carnegie-I':ellon Univ., Ph. D. Thesis, Pittsburg, Pa.,.178p,'.1969 (in r *1973, No. 20, 14 8063* *d* . . _•... : Tobacco ci::.r.:istry. : .. . .- . ~..r.-~.a.; . .~. . . - .....r~+~ ~..r: ..-^-•.-. ..~r+w.*-,.- . .....~.. ..... . .. .. . . . . a
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50256 2903 RA ~ 576 H Aerosols-•L'e-finition ;{ntc?:.; Theodore Fr Pi1U :;PXY D,;:"aSITION A'r!O RE."EN;:ICa OF INMIUC AEROSflLS, by Theodore e E. liatch and Paul Grosz, illdi:::.T.:.31. 1964 ]q2, p. Academ%e Pte" Nuo York I U a ~ a«nj r30 2 sti9
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50256 2888 • ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH EFFECTS RESPARCH SERIES/ LU N GS--INIIALED• NGS--INIIALED PARTICULAT1iS/ ~• w'--"AI:RnSn1.S/AIR=--P0LI.UTION---HEALTII FFFGCT/TN)lAL.ATION/PARTTCLES--AIR POi,LUTIOT~I/ SMnKINR & IIEALTH/Tn13ACC0--SMOKINC--IiEALTIi I:FFI;CT/ - _tPA-600_ 1-77-053_ ~ ~4. iITLE AND~ U0T-1 LE 576 `AIP,60RPIE PARTICLES Na `197 (.-----__- __ 7. AUTItOR(S) Subcolruni ttee on Ai rborne Pa rti cl es ~ 9. PERFORMING ORGANILl.TION NAME AND ADDRESS Committee on Medical and Biologic Effects of Environmental Pollutants trational Academy of Sciences Washington,_ D.C. 20460 _ 1?. SPONSOHING AGENCY NAR4E AND AODRESS ~ Nealth Effects Research Laboratory RTP,NC Office of Research and Development U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 5. REPORT DATF ~ _N_o_vember 1977 6. PE Rf ORMING ORGANIlAYIOt. fl. PE RFORMING ORGANI-l_A11O'. 10. FROGRAM E:LEME.NT NO ~ 1A601 11. CONTRAC7/GRANT NO. ~ 63-02-1226 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PER! 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODF Research TrianglefParA, tt.C.? 27J~11 ji j EPA 600/il ~-- e 1
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50256 2896 A- n ,'I'race G.tses and Ag ~o¢~Pheir Inip<ict on Nttvai T'.robtems and 'I';tcir_ A:.~v .~•.:~~4- ..+.,,:...-~,..,.:.,.._.....x......... Lttportance in the Marine and G1cz~r,al I~;nviro~~tncn[ f ••+c+^.e~ l- E. Wn_ttNtSS, J. W. SWINN[! '~UN,7t. E. I_ArtsoN, ~Z. A. LAh10NTAGNE, ANfY1). J. BRESSAN ~?(~ N J)~ ~ i~ 1•/l Q, 3~Oc c•urr Sc i rrc•es i)rt• siotr GJW, ~ f!N% i l For severat )ears. scientists in the Chemical Oce;rnogr;iphy ;rnd Atmospheric Physics Branches of the Occan Sciences Division have studied the distrihution and concerrraron of gases and aerosols in the ocean and atmosphere. The materi;Js of interest includc carbon monoxiJe. mcthane, and several other low-molecular weight hydrocarbons. Aerosol particutates have been collected aboard NK1: S IIAYES, MIZAR. and aircraft and have b•:cn examined at the Laboratory by scvcr;al techniques. NRL's capabi!ities ar.cl m~th- odotogy, as wc!l as the more significant results are discussed. INTRODUCriON AA considerable part of the program of thc Ocean Sciences Division's Chemical Oceanography 0 1 1) ii ii 1'.~ G?~: - i :? 1475 NRL Pro Fe g. p . (Ta-n. 1975) ~ e
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L 1"Y..;:: i.n,: •~ni, .v) ro,:r L- ,.N . ~. . . r ,• n.: .. . .I , . . . C! ') 4 ¢ r.: :, ,•:,acl lo c»,~ a\;, suw ,:,,c ,,, ,J.,: ,c.nlr:l p) :al.r:.:' s•n;.iw r.'r.L . t /: , ) r ~).tlvtjuj/ 1 -G~o; iI15.\II.Iq3J :1U 'IYNi1.1Jt 9 Y,Y 'LL --- ----- ---- ! . . ~ ._ _. l' v z1o•~ ;f ol/r:urrl,l 0/ 0 f 66Z 9SZOS e-,..4 _y
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N 1 I , r. : ; 40 biseC.y - .ft»47~Z - - I~~ ~ rA._ ;. . . .7 ( ~w.~ o. A..uan I~~wu. c sr ~ / , hl. 3:I l~w 1. Jdy 19'1. ..~s..,,..~•~„ ~.. 4 Stimulation of lung irritant receptors by I/ cigarctte smoke, carbon dust, and histamine aerosol HILNtv SEr.L1CK :LNn J. G. AVIUllICUMBe Urtiursifp I.4n.U.y .f PhjsioloU, OxJa/, Ealowd SRLucx. H1tJ1RY. A.•o J. G. %Vw>.noo>,rc. Sritiw/olri.w ./ &ng causa a puMtonary vcnocolutriction in rabbits and thr *pUN harfl«i by tigvrrKr sr&Li, t.+be»I riul, wnd dislal"iwt .0rwl. 1•cccpton arc sr/uitivc to pulmonary eongcstion (20); it wac J. Appi. Yh)**",J. 31(1 15-19. 1971.-,~1~'c rrco.ccci lon t t imjwrtant to tcst thcir r"punsc to hiatanlinc acro- polentials frwn sin~le bc roc~un0niau y~cp;2 ~~ In~ hieh colxlitiolu thc hcnwdynaroic changcs would MM11n bilattlall vacut4a.n:xnl ralilyt.<.~ - ) he rccep;ors arre stimu- 1c eonsideraWy sluaUcr than with lusta» line in cction~. {~11t`r~d whrn IIM ral/l)it4 L'v!/i1lYI ciqacrtte sino{,._ "iix•ri' carlxx~ 1 t..`a: t..-
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50256 2912 1 II -1 Gr1 1966 Aerosols--Aeposi.tion in L.uigs Frnc. :rt , L':,na:3 F. ?":ULOCLLU'2Y PrRTIGLU CLFt.?'•.'•:c.`B IN THE HUMAN IYO.SE 's,•f Dza~;ic F. Pr4 :teL•ua%d : enry 0 1 0 6 0 6 0 12. F~ S 6
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50256 2887 f~,ta.t. ~-7) /i Du `7r P L r /ox i 'ICITY OI''m#~41~•U~sS,~ ,~:~~~~. ~Sio v l)r. jlviurlo Ihtts rlonu us rn f;~rn•:t/ a~rvicc by ]~utliu:; lu;;clltcr n couttrlir:tlorl litcr:tlin•c in hiv iotntrrnc~n~i~'e rcvioN~•, "'t'nXicily of A rro;ols. "t 1~~•oulrl lil:c to cotiunmtt on Lis :utalysis of thc incrcasc in dcath-r:ttc, :unon;,~ nsilniutlie chilrlrcn :uul yonnh sulults «•Lich orrtu•t•cr] in ccrtain cnnuiric•, rliu•iti, the dccurlc of the 77Glls. 'Phcre u•cre ccrictin cotnt- trics, inclurling tlte United 51:tics nntl Canada, that solri lar•;;e auiowtts of u,thtua ur•hulizcrs but were spared this incrcnse in death rates Ilt:tt was w uuu•kcrl in 1•:ncl:uul, Scollunrl, tuul other countries. My etri~letuio- lo~;ic:tl inrestibation of these itttr•ru:ttional ~lilTcrrnrc, su~~csts that tlie stlc uu~l u,e of thc bi;;h-tlosagc forutti of isol,rotcrcnul (f~'o tin~'s i~yrouq~ r ~;~{ ut (any['~ nar,ly lcrl J l~cr.r) cotlclatlil ~ttfi u•5t'It tk~ inlrrtt:rftun:r}-~ iioas. 1liffcrcnces ill ]trotrrll:utls r:oulrl not cxn!ain t'lrs,: rliffr•rrnrva ir, rlrntl:-r: tr• ~'at•i- F:a; i.:.•::;.tM AG,,ra'~ I. thiul< it ttrrnld Lc usr•fttl 1'ur Ihc clri- rlriniulu;;ists ttn l IrL:ntu:u•nlc~gists to wutk ntun: rlnst•ly in llic ronlitiniii unaly'sis uf this incrc:tse iu tlcatlr-ratt•s. Jto%%-e%cr, until these intcrtutliou:tl v:ui:etions are cslrlninerl U•ilh a tnore 1'c:t5ilrle :tltern:ttim LyIrotl:c.is, J still think tlie weight of llte data point to the toxicity of Ilir: acti%•e itr,rc,licnt (iso- ]notcrettul) as tlre itulrnrtunt 1ar•lor irt these rlcaths r:tthcr tlt:ut lhe l,rol,ellitntti. References 1. Avia?u, ll. M.: Toxieity of II^ro3o18. .1. Clin. J~Ilfll'Ui. 15:86 (1975). 2. Stollcy, P. ll.: A4tl,ins mortality: Why thc U nited States Av:rs strarca :ut cpidccuin of deaths due to n~Ahma. Amer. J;iv. Tcsp. J)is. 10.ri:5`ia (1972). ):ditoriul: Astluna de:1tLii: A quc,tion :m:.a•ered, liril. 3Icd. .1. Novemher :'.i, 1972. .7" 1~_ll7!. J).
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50256 2'914 ..,~.. _ - - -~ t-~L.:....r_.-._..~.._..._ ._ _... AEROSOLS--PULMONARY .°.ETENTION!AE.°.OS^LS--DEPOSITION IN Lt!NGS/ !NHALATION EXpOSIJRE METHODS/PARTTCLFS--AIR POLLUTION/ QD GENERATION OF AEROSOLS ~ 549 AND FACILITIES FOR Wi 1.98° EXPOSURE EXPERIMENTS papers presented at th.-! Symposium on Aerosol Generation and Exposure Facilities held in Hcno?ult:, Hawaii, Apr 2-3, 1979 co-shonsored b, the American Chemical Society and the Chemical tnnie±v of JaGan Edited By ANN ARBOR SCIENCE KJBUSHERS INC KLAUS WILLEKE P.O. BOX 1425 • ANN ARBOR. MICH.48106 c i), il i1-
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!/._7_ 1)cntal Trcat(r0nl },%( Tv/ fI'RISSURi51:1)a~~i~.t , To thc I:dito r: 'l he article, 'Pressuriscu acrosols, a new look' by M. FL Diirr' calls for an c.\pression of a dilTcrcnt vicw- 1 point on st nuntbcr of issues hc has raised. At the same limc, c his opinion rcFarding the lack of :c relationship bct.vctrn the 1 usc of prr.sun.cd acroaols and the increased ntortalit}' from 1 bronchial asthma in [n~land and Wales during thc. years 1 1960- 1960. is entirely valid. However, he omits many im- r portant published observations which indicalc lhat it w•as not ~ lhc tuc of the prc..uriscd aerosol which accountcd for tho 't:piclcmic of asthm:r dc:cths'. Scvcr:cl of the reports suggested t that i.oprenalinc acrasoh may have been responsible. Th:tt I this is untenablc. as Dr Diirr st:rtcs, is supportcd by the I following ccPort.. In a studs, of Ihc usc oF druCs prcccding death front asthma, Spciicr ev el.' statcd tha;tfurthcr evidence is rcquircd bcfo•c the clfcct of thr bronrhoclilator acrosolh can be assascd aclcquatciy. In this study, 113 of the 184 patients who dicd. crnacntrnl :t postmoiteni cxantination. The classical }:ross pathological finclinFs in asthma were observed in 110 (')7°..) of the paticnt.. "Ihick tcnacioux mucus Plugs wcrc present in the smaller bronchi in 1116 (93°;,) of these subjccts. In a later study of the circuntslanccs prrccding death from asthn:a in yoiinb pcoplc. F'rascr tv nl.' found pathological ..... 1........ _f _._.L_. . . . • _. i.. _ . .. _. . of 1'rultlettt (:hilclrcn 50256 2883 undcr-IErtantinc ~~. Artall;csia) I-TI:UNi)li:l? IIh:I IANI)I:'l.1hG. VAN I1K1!\'1)1•:Itti uNUb3t-KT:TA1\1II;N A NA I.G E-S I 1'. ur: Uns hct dic artikel detir Karlan cn _icrtlic uill;:ctvc van clic .SAA1T inlcressanl ;rang 'n Pa:cr o(tntcrkingx wil nta:ck sover landhrcl{,undil;c Prnktitiyn bcircf. Ici uit die arlihcl, was slegs 3 uit 20 kinders sostclik ge.trrintlc of sn:roticst: lindrr., tcr- ascilisccr tvccrd as .cnuwccagtiF, hi.tcrics, :trtl!. 17ns han aannccnt dat 'n inrigting of n wanr dir kindrrs hehauctcl is, 'n groter tlc of spaxticsc Littdcrs sal sien as die' u:rar tlio alt;cntcnc prctktisyn nwct nogtans die hindcrs hehandcl. Na ott% niening erdcrht:id trnlofircr.ctictt•c, scnusvccagtiFc geduld en takt ondcr Plaaslikc •rcrdotvinF Inmccrnritldcl bchandcl tvord. \1cl gccstclik tal spasticec Lindcrs sal ons tocgcc dat 'n of analgesic duiclclik nodig is. 5clfs met riders vind tms dit soms nodir on, cna. a Q Cl tl ~; i~ ~ ~? ~ ~3
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50256 2911_ - _ N6BN1M-1221 ~ ~~" (3at~{e lic Ncrt~,wes~ ~ `al PLUTONIUP1 INNALATION STUOIES' '" LECTURE 1 # TECItI:OLOGY USED IN PLUTOt.IUhi IPlFitiLATION STUDIES* Principal Investigators: J. F. Park, B. 0. Stuart, D. 11. ViZZard, W. J. Bair 0 I ~ n n 0 0 2 2 5 7
Page 409: lfb88d00
50256 2891 Aerosols . U. S. A=o;aic Encs&-7 Cez-.i:>aian, Defense Ra$earch Ca=iteee HANDEOOA ON AEROSOLS 29,10 147 pr:gza U. S. Atamic Fuergy Ccr=ittsg w.:ah1.r.gtan `..- ~~,,~.,.~.~~~,..~.R,._,._...-..~-.~.-.~..-~ ~-...~.-.,r-.,~,.~.......,~o . ~r ~ I 4 ft fl Ct C~ 1,! :~ 7
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50256 2920 ~ a I ; I~T I --- We3 Aerosols--nroplets--Properties (1968) 1'/aLIw bq.1}Z , Aa. , c~w.... . ~~ ~ la~...:~...^:.i L~.~Li411r. Ll,y PL'~~-~i^;w$ - A wi .4.~..r C OLLF: 'Z''?.::d CY Pt2i, ZS 1968 Various Pages ~S b 0 1 l/ C) tl fl 3 2
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50256 2915 N ~. . 4) 353-S-,9 F'n;ITICs E .`i 2 "'vi:S Cochran, vnd A. C. rr4cr.d Sh Iefi en, E . C,1LIbRATIOM OR CLASS FCL3ER WTLTERS FOR Am. Ir+d. Kvs. Assao,. Tune. O9`q 0 ~ t 7 a i1 Pj 0 2 4`? 6 I I I 2 Ae rosols----nete z^zin.at ion Co-
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50256 2904 i ,a 71 jX Aerosots---lleposition in- Lucgs ~ Ba2 . I a ~ Bates,D." N. DEPOSITION.' AND t2g-TSNTAdN MODLL§' FQR V'FER1fAL DMVM)K (J:g' tfi& HUMAN REBFIRAT'IMYT'FML°B, 'tiy 1Y. ~1-. Bates, B. R. Fish„ T.• F. Hatch;- T.T. Mercer and•; P... S:- Morrow' Hea~th C i . . . . _. r. . i U 1 t j o In E 1 u ; ~, :,~. ~~ U I
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50256 ~916 i I QD 5 49 N Aerosols--Distnfertion--Application. Nt:cicel, .'.air.rich Ar-!-''.}~UI.,TF:.`tAPIEt CRL`IVOZ•AC.F3d MIU E+«.TM~F2'dL:~'"VG, (Ac.r.osol-7herapY, &s1c Ptinciples Qnd App"(i•ca. ff iDA ~) ;aSCt Fi4cd~7.C1:^:~S~Z SCt:rtttsUCx~'d_rla~ Stiatt4 ~.~~......r.w~...~~......~. .-w~•.ry~ _ 0 1 t~ h~1 ~j 0 2 ~.' 6 2
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1 ^D 549 Da Atroso2e...9tttrefiT on fkEQbSOL SCZENCE 3.9,66 463 pages AcedeM! a Pr es s h_an d.o.n 50256 2924 I 0! f'~ (', fl
Page 415: lfb88d00
50256 2908 : ~ ~.._.~ e : r I Aerosois---Depositi.o,2 in Lung3 • Hoaau=.R.F. Ti{G D sPC9SITIQiJ OF AT:AtTSYHt:RIC .u: ., ±;:i Ci- `~:E.Fi '1?'Ac T ltea3ti~ P:+ynica 20 (No. 2) <<~-20 ~~~ib) S S 4
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50236 2919 '~~ro9o14.°---liropiets ; A::LtisGf, waox"%-iS, PrIX5$C.`jaL 3'.%?PBs21i.LS - A 0©"UM-0:? 07 F.~URS WinsCon-Ss3ea, North Uxo:.inac tl (', ii ~ ~ ~~ a
Page 417: lfb88d00
50256 2922 QD 549 N I Aeroso ls-•Drugs--:.'isarma cology. Nuckel, Y'.:frx3ch AEROSOL.'[KRAM,, CRouDtAGFN lJND hNUENDUNG., (Aeroco).-?cA::rapyn Bpbic lr:incfples gnd tton. ) 195 ; .:~f p• F'riec~ri theK2r1 Se,~ett,auar-Ver18g StuCtgert 6 i Ci i fl r: () [, uf'~ 1~ ! 6 b
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i 0 U U U U 1 p ycMjsZ "::;-aT 9961 ?pcsquTa si'' °:1 Du,~ Ct alia lia1'1~/LW'x •Fl goIN anb~uy~ax ZrauLr:zx.z~~;-.-~ ~~~c~a~ lZ6Z 9SZOS
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50256- 2928 j III Ju Aerosols--Filtration. (1970) Juda, Isn Tk'ORXYYCXNE TODSTAWT PR03EXTONAlJIA MAT VILTRACTJNYCx, by Jan Tuds and Stah,t.aiun Ch. rosci a1, (Theo reti ce1 ~.r i.n.c~ ~les ~a tj~es i gn i.r,g filter Mats.) Gan, Ued-a, 7e-c.k, S9n i t• 45 (No, 1Q) 413-2,1 (1969) Q ~ cy i, 0 (, i lt % ~,i
Page 420: lfb88d00
502" 2909 II Aerosols--Deposition in Lungs IGr1 i19b6 IClo .ter'_:ottc r, W. { I IREtc-IV7.lON., PEN.E7RAT10N 1lm) rC,fl9IIVh2'ION aP fiUSTS by Td. K1osC*g't:rZtat 6x.d H. J. Bir:u ra;a ! 1966 looseleaf .•__ ._..~,.. ~....-... •._......,~.,.T......_-_-,,..,_.._-. 0 f f~ i~~ t; Cr ~~ J ~ 5
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50256 r 2918 ' ~ LASER DOPPLER VELOCII`IETER(LDV) /PARTICLE SIZE MEASUREMENT/: PARTICLES--LIGIIT SCATTERING/LIGHT.SCATTERING/AETERODYNE SPECTROSCOPY/ U.S. NA'TIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS SPECIAL PUBLICATION 412.. J OPTICAL IIETERODYNE SPECTROSCOPY/ AEROSOLS--DROPLETS/ ~ AEROSOL RN9EASUREfJiER1TS sP . 1974. The Proceedings of a Seminar on Wayne A. Cassatt and .QIj 549 Un Aerosol Measurements May 7, 1974 Resemary S. Maddock, editors Sponsored by Analytical Chemistry Division ~se'National Bureau of Standards Institute for blaterials:Research Washington, D. C. 20234 National Bureau of Standards Lad ", ,G"~l Washington, D. C. 20234 --The Food and Dru Administ ati g r oa Washington, D. C. 20204 - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, Frederick B. Dent, Secretary NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS, Richard W. Roberts, Director •Issued October 1974 0_ i () •0 n. - i•I o : ;e r s
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nISSF.RTATInYS--1hTIVFRSITy nF MARYLAVT)/AFRnSOT.S--FTT,TPATInN/ 50256 2925 FTT.TF.RS AND FIi,TRATION/ < ...~ . . . ._. . . . - ----- .. .. __..~. ._ . 78-8191. nn 549 Fa 1977 FAN, Kuo-chung, 1945- THE SiUDY OF AEROSOL FILT?1+TION USING MODEL GRID FILTERS AlID Ti;;CLEPORE FILTERS. University of Maryland, Ph.D., 1977 Engineering,' chemical University Microfilms International, Ann ArCOr. Mchigan a8106 ~ „ - L . , :. . . t . .,µ+ ~r ~v.<..-...x~.'Y.~.b.•....~.,.r.~ . o a a 7 1 a
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k 50256.2910 ! Q ti n E`i a 2 Asroso.ts--neposition in Lungs LaWahl, i:. u. A'.F ItiVFSTYGATI7Ai OF I:IGAn~."s-,"IF. S'f?Kt: "S AN AeRUSOS. '..iT Tli SPECIAL REF'ERENCE TO R£T Pt•tT 1 ON TN LUNCrS It1 k{uM" SUI3JECTS, by lN. 1")., Lar,:6hiL aitd T..d ."_'Y a. ce.raa l. i :r'r .ns. 111. SCa-e g.c-id. ScS. 504e.~"~lt .11 f . . .. ..+.' - . . . ~ - .-r - .. ~ - - ~ ,.* . . . I
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;:iicrofi].m 173 Aerosols--Growth elocity ZlAuRZ, G• ORONYK AND 6ROWlN, VBLQCITXbS OF AER4SOLS aN WA9&R-SOLUBLE SUBSI'ANCkS L. Ae r.osol-rorscJl. "herap. ~, 263--cB (1955) 50256 2935 t I 0 2 2. 3 1
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50256 2929 { i III Ko4 (1967) Aeros ois-Fi d.tratiou. Kolgai~vv, v. A. i{'iE Pi.'TM Qr 5s:.Mi7rtY£:P i'p.'uaut.ssrJ ORIGINA'PED Bi AVfi6S:L Fr1,T'NTZ.':N. 2. PRELrMtNARY DArA OF 7HE STUar OF CAPt'(-L,4Ry. PHENOMENA IN ra[.'CERSJ by V. A. KoIganvv and L. 9. Ra3vchkevicin. Iau. Ax.ad. Pauk SSSR 1khiM. Ser, i.,.Q_~? (iza. ot 1208 24 (JvnQ. 19,57; 'T!^S!'!T!~S"~w+++...NfLC~ . ^+'T.^^'T^.~!T I : d 1~ in il fi E3 ;r-) :
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50256 2932 ~ AEROSOLS--FILTRATIn\T/ OD 549 Sh 1978 2 C. a FUNDA~~lm-ENTALS OF AERGE30L SUENCE edited by DAVID T. SHAW State University of New York at Buffalo A WILEY-INTERSCIENCE PUBLICATION JOHN 1YILEY & SONS, AsYr York • Chichester • Brisbane • Toronto 0 i n n ncz ~:~:~'lr3
Page 427: lfb88d00
50256 2913 a Zo r At n~•E c-s t ~ z.d ~ .o r.~ ~~ , ..... .... ~ G:".& t1f,if;: Scieucrs 1'0l. 11, Parl 1, pp. 33-42, 1972. ~ Printed ir; Grcai Y.ritain Peri;;tr.ton Press EFFLCT Of' I\tL'.l.f:U GVR!);;: 0\ SUf:FACEi 1'ROPE'.hTIES OF RAT LU~CG . 14, R. A. Rhoades i C:enter for .1ir l:nvironment Studies and Laboratory for Eiu:aan Performance Research The Pcnnsyivania State University, university Park, Pennsylvania 16802 (Rec(Aved 9 Septcsmber 1971; in fin:c] form 29 Noveinber 1971) Sustivary 7he influence c+f cari;on dust on paL.onary surface propc•rties uas c•xami;tcd on rats cxposed cont inuousiy for 16 days to 4 .0 mb/m3 of carL:•,T. ICo differr;:, c t.erc r.otrd ii. the retructive force or surfa-:c tkr.sion frcnr: lu%, 6ashir.Fs of c:ri,on e.%pasrd 1urng,. Lung n;;" y3eld.,d a siE;niii;w:;t in^rra::L: in total phosphulinid and Ic•cithin ia lungs cxl~:.sc;: to c:~ri,o:. Acute cxposurc to carbon dust uu('. uot appoar to :clvc any iia:ac:iiatc cfi'ect on thc surfactant ua"c•ri;:1 . ~ i tl il. f) fi}.`;l V. 2 .•... .,C r.,,.. „r I a
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50256 293+4 4 1-a6-ei AEROSOLS--GENERA7IONI 76 I Ma-81 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHN4LOG` INDUSTRIAL LIAISON PROGRAM MATHEMTICAL MODEL T4R Kt1LTICOMPOKBls'!' AEROSQL 1'ORKATIOW AltD GROIR'Ei IN PLUMES Mark,Bassett, !'red Gelbard, John R. Sfinf.ld D.partment of Chemical lnqine.riny ~ 1 Cr t1 n Ci ~S .
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i L96I T •A d~~~Ia S W'~'~r'fi'l!?!'.e~+ ~ . h ~ •LA Va.~4 4~ 4' C~ r.i a n T'llu:c3 Y r3--S T osO.r aV EZ6Z 9SZOS
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AIR--POLLUTION--ANALY5 i0256 2938 AEROSOLS-=MEASUREMEN T RA 576 Li 1981 IS/ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING/GASES-:1NALYSIS/ & ANALYSIS/ Evaluation ~ of - Ambient Air Quality by Personnel Monitoring SECOND EDITION SECOND EDITION Volume I Volume II Gases and Vapors Aerosols, Monitor Pumps, Calibration, and I .. Quality Control 0 t c~ n. c~ ~ t~ 2 :> '3 4 Author A. L. Linch Consultant Environmental Health Everett, Pennsylvania CRC Psess, Inc. Boca Raton, Florida
Page 431: lfb88d00
~ J.)LCLtrP'-'t1, 1971 , I , ~. ~ c.t; UJtQ _}.~ J hfosQatro NLwS ' ~ -- .,,., . -. 1r- -..-- TEFLON' AS A SURFACJ~ FOR DEPOSITION OF AEROSOL llROPLETS r CiIAkLF..> H. ANpkLRSOV' Acu \1'IL SCHULTE3 t INTROUCCTION. Cotnlnr.nly used mcth- ods in samplin; of aero-d eprays imoh•e the dcpOsitton of spray dtnplcts on the surfacc of glass tnicrosivt c slides. I:ath- burn (tq7o) has rcvie"ctl these and other mcthods of santpling. \\'hen the deposited dropfcts are to be mcasutcd, it is csscnti.d to accur:u.• that they not coalesce on the slide and that they assume a fairly unifunn round shapc. To achieve this, an ulcollhohic coating, is usually applied to the slide. One widely used coating is Ceneral )ilectri: I)ri-Film,a a silicone compound reportccl by. Yeutnans Qq1`.;)•...Hmve.cr, it h.ls b_rn found thot dipping apparently builds up an uneven static charge on the film surface which causes droplets to congregate in dense zones making it dilficult to count them. Trc•atment with a "Static Master" 1~ brush reduces this problem somewhat. DETFRA[INATION OF °SPREAU " FACTOR. May (1945) gices a method for correcting the diameter of the plano<oncex lens formed by the droplet at rest on the slide to the original cliameter of the free floating spherical droldet. In this method, the diameter of the base of the lens and thc focal length of the lens are measured. From thesc two n1eaSurenlelltS, the n (J 2 : 3 ~5
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50256 2936 549 Aero~olsr-Light scait.~s ing-~-Bibliography.. F ~ Fishinen, Myer M. LIGW SCiETTIERING bY COLLOIDAL STSTCMS, AN j January 1Q.5'T gq pages Techn;c31 Service l.abo:rgtorias Rtvta, Zdgs,, Netio 'TB rs el, a ~ ~l ri n
Page 433: lfb88d00
Urosols--Filtratim. 50256 2927 GtvSM7, 1'<<. : `, AER.USOL PRR'rIGC.£S GU?TIJJG ?HRDUGE4 FLtSER FILTERS. Doklady A~Cad, iJavk SSSR .3„~ ( No. 1) 71-74 (1970) -fn Ru:rian wi th Eng#ish abstraat (D f G ~ ~~~ r ~< <1 2 ::! 7
Page 434: lfb88d00
ref Q ~ 123 ~ Un ,A,er©sol.s•---Fi1t: atian . 50256 2933 1J. S. Atoratc: ty-sergy CaMny.i.s;si.an, Nat.ianal gai(i~eau C.:zait: e: HAIdI}BE1'JK ON :.TMGSCtLs s:<~ :~ 1¢7 pa$ es `J ,~. K*Qll11'Cr Ety er8y C0111 E?.J't-t6a, 'Au hlIslD[! C> i , 4 t n E~ 0 t j 0 2 ~ l9
Page 435: lfb88d00
a °3 L8?. LS6i I .&W4ldaiy pje saEdw-ju;:-M `qNa'tQn3" QNn tVq-DV7ann?13 tUddt13HL•1asav3d q"-E::,t;::ij '1u~Pnj •s3sL'a3jQ--S2l1T1'j--SjOSO.zaV , f LE6Z 9SZ0S N 6*7S cib I
Page 436: lfb88d00
7 :Tli6 ci~ect of condcnsatio~t of a vapoicr:on thc aralijS ~~ud of c~•aporation froin :': -_ =.thcir surface on tiie•deposifion of aci•osols in ;ralilliar heds :: . -, . . . _ . . .. . . - . ... . . _ . . .. . ~ ., -.._.•. ._ ~ . N: rucl~s and A Ki ->.I tscii . .. '~ - Karpos•-tnstitute of PhY~sica! ChcmiStty, Nfoscow, USSR . ..,... . .. ~ _ (Rcccir•ed 24 July 1964; in reriscd jorm 7 Scplc•inGer 1964) • ,• . - • :..•.. . . ; e., _ . :;. . . .. .., . . . . • : , • u" Alrs'.nct-nod'fs rx:acT6solsofhcniimin~iritromcn sti•tth lrticlc radii of o•1 ancl o•? , !tm kcre ' l•asud throu;h a column of silica gel, cithcr directh• or upon addition of somc ether val7ou-. In thc ' . taucr cas:. the „ I'ai•iclcs wcrc cntrtincti b•: thc dit'."litiin;v s•a 1,c s~,r f; .rr of t!• - I'~'•~;r 3. 1-.cn
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50256 2941 AeXo5G15urer:antse 9 An+er.ican Society for Teating and V(steriats SYMPaSiUM ON Ax@-PoLLUr ioN MEASu.RVnttivT xrETHaDS, A.aaeric:+a Society ior iaz~d.:in --:LC ::::dr'.Y1~1S Snecial xechnico1 P:blicat;on No. 352. 1963 7 -1, p. Philade?}:+oia, 2a. 0
Page 438: lfb88d00
50256` 2931 C VI To1970 Aerosols--Filtration I , i I Re;r=V.s, M. L. ITLLTRaTIaH )=EL Faorr prese^ted at thq 21ath TobWceo CheMis#s ResCarch Cor+ferer.ce, L.ouisvi'l:.t.et Kentucky, October 28-36, 1990 6 Peges i f fj 7 ~
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50256 2948 I QD 549 F Aerocols--N,easurer,ients . Fuks, N A The mechanics of aerosols, by N. A. Fuchs. Translated from the Russian by R. E. Daisley and Marina Fuchs. Translation edited by C. N. Davies. Rev. and enl. ed. Ox- ford, New l"ork, Pergamon Press; [distributed in the West- ern Hemisphere by Macmillan, New Yorkl 1964. aiv, 408 p. illus. :.~t; cm. Bibliography : p. 378-394. 1. Aerosols. i. Title. QD5*9.F913 1964a - 541.345 64-7385 ~. Library of Congress 0 I f1 CI o t1 0 2 2 9 4
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50256 2944 Aerosols-r.easure~nunt~- Bricard$ 7. PHOTOECtKTRI5C1aE BESTIMMUNG DEP. MORN- . GnOlii:c+`li:.{`I.:ILL'L,;i L,r,iit:;i Ai L.6 (_rrc4r,:i].rctrtc detertn'.rietioil _ r ra_ tic1e si.=e distrtbution of an a.erosol), by ErtCard 7.; N. Oeloncle; ..?. Pcadel and G. Madelade Scauo (: uss~~.~:v; f) 24, 287-90 ;AugusC 19641 u -r- . --~ +-, ^+1 i i ~
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Page 442: lfb88d00
50256 29u5- Aerosols--Measurecents Brockcaus, hrthi-ii: mmubbEN' DEW. NE$SUNG' STAtJB.FORMINGER~ T:LT'FWERUNREINIGUNGISK;, hyi Ar, thur_ and KarT-Heinz.Friedri:che;.. ('.%'amp.llrrg; metbod's:: QC- dtisrz. ljice:• aftr- con.ta%i- . nants) Staub. (Dusseldorf) 25- (No&: ~ ~9) 356-9 .(1965) i.._........_...~-~-.,~--.-.-._.,._ 0 ~ 0 n 02 I
Page 443: lfb88d00
S: 4 p~~ U~) L' i 0 ~ T-,•T;.ia}"ifZlZt' VtG`1UTpU ,dd o6F 59bt L • SNOraVorTd'ar 7JIasnd/ax Mv "OIHs "Rxrs 3I5x1lMcl •a paeyoTtJ --aTpeo • s:,rzawa.x:.s~aw--stosa zat~ 3 G£T CV-1 Lh6Z 9SZOS
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502" 2943 ' III ~ Br Aerosols--Measurements ~ (1.966) 1 Breuer, Hans MCb6iCIiNISCHE GRUNDLAGEN AUF DEN GEBIETE DER MESSUNG STAt1BFORMICER LUpYVERDGREiNIG4AG. (Sarnpling tonditi orLS ir) reggrd to the measurements of dust like air contsminants) 5tavb (Dussu(olorf) 29 (NO. $) 35T-!e (j96S) I , - o I ti ~) n cl ca 1.~ t3 9
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50256 2953 Aerosols--Measuremenis BoLta, b3 SEiDItT--TLRM i-.UNC CLEARANCE IK RA.?;rITS ERPOSED TO A RA,DlOACTIVR DI--PISPEPSE (6 AND 3,*i PGLYSTYRENE /4CR0SoI,, sQ 1c, -1'.i n f
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50256 2946 17~PJLTISTAGE F'IMPACTORS AND iCE TRIFUGALi"tLASSIFIERS/ AIR--POLLUTION--PAP.TiCLES / ENVIROMAIENTAL SCIENCE /AEROSOLS--VEASUREMENTS/ AND TECllNOLOGY PARTICLE SIZE MEASU1tEMENT/ A Wilcy-Imerscicnce Series o[ Texts and Monographs QD 549 Ca 1975 Edited by ROBERT L. t.FETCALF, Univcrnity of Illinois JAMES N. PITTS, Jr., Univtrtity of Cali/vrnia IVERNFR STUNtAi, Eidgenouiecht Trchniiche Floduchufe, Zurieh THE l~!~E~~S~.T.~ E~~~~NT OF A.IRBOR l'T' x't~R~'IC~~~ t ;. . , I`~7CIiARll D. CADLE, Ph. D. NATIONAL CENTER FOR ATMOSP(IERIC RESEARCH BOULDF,R, COLORADO A WILF.Y-InTERSC1EnCE PUBLICATION JOHN WILEY & SONS NEW YORK • LONDON • SYDNEY • TORONTO tt 4, t 0 n n (.l az 1 ~ /, r1 \ .~. ..-l . •~- .. . ' ~
Page 447: lfb88d00
Y t. _/C" (./) (/ i %/) ~ 1 - 3 ~ 6-A 4'•• -•~ ~,~,.....~-.-....-....~. Determination of Aer osol Size Disfributions from 'Spectral Attenuation Mleasurernenfs H. Grassl An iteratiou tnet}hud fur thee determination of size distributions of nerthols frotn spectral attenuatiun da~ tcimilar to~ ie opf.}~re iou ;~~~ p Llished for rloud;, ispr~ented. The ba~is for thi~ iteration is to cumi: ~tlle e~ttinc+il~~n Nti~:•ic ,p f:Morparticles as a set of weighting functions covering the entire r:+d ius re_i ~s S f 50256- 2949 ~.T_-. _...... ..Of R[}i~trl~~')h~~a. 'C!u` tnnctions were op}r:tl:+tc:3 exa:•th• frirttt_the \Iin thenrr.
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. 50256 2959 .. _.1/ ~,~. ~.. ~ 1'`" R`~[~(/~~i~f OF AUTOMOTIVE AND NATURAL HAZES: SCATTERINGFR0MSINGLE PARTICLES r.,r..c....vi -.. ...- V ~ti OPTICAL STUDIES (FINAL REPORT) Authors , ,c David T. Phillips, Ph.D. Philip J. Wyatt, Ph.D 're b vu a k y !y71 Surported by F.nvironmental Protection Agency Air Pollution Control Office and ,Ae aoz&naing Research Council, Tnc. O :10 0 0 0 0 T
Page 449: lfb88d00
50256 2956 f , .~ZI 1Gr1 1966 Aerosols-Measuxer:ents Kl.o^Y!~:';cC~~r, tl. AtTfN?.IONt PETJtxRAT1011 AND rL7MINATYON OF Z*~.'.L~7 D•JSTS by :'. Kl.osterko6ter and N. J, Eia-bro3t I C;ij 100Se18if 0 I t1 0 0 6 0 2 3 0 1
Page 450: lfb88d00
50256 2960 "roscsls--Meas tcrements M(1COC1LlARK PARTJCLr CLTARAIJCE IN "ME D:raald r. Proc::or and "t{:nry Iv, wRgnar, Jr. 0 I~ t~ 0 0 1) 2 3 0 6
Page 451: lfb88d00
50256 29-67 ~ Ix t We 3 Aerosols--Measurements. WeZ1s} Rodney L, 3MPkCTOR STUDrss OW' AERpSpL 1'ART'/CLE SIZE A.tS1'RTPUTrCop, 1954 qZ pp. Duke Unlv, Grad, School of Arbs• Scdecea , Masters 7hes;s aUr/,om, N.C, .~.,..,.,..,,_._.., ____...~...~......~, ._._....~,_---.~.- 0 t ~ 0 n0 0 2 :3 13
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5025'6 2951 ' RA 576 Aerosols--I*asurements ~ H ; 1H&tch, Theodore F. PULl:CN:RY D~..'0SL1Pi(l?ti LYD }?~:^ c;"CIGii Cr INHAt.eD AERQSOLSs by Theodore F. Hatch and Pa.ul Crost, Inawstxlnl hygaene :,br.oa.reP6t Saarf as, 1966 19z p . HcadeMic rress New Yock -- '
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50256 2964 Pef. Q 123 Aerosols--Packaging--Enct•clopedia. He uerzica, A. (ed.) & 1`~TE RNATxONAL ETiCYCLAPAL^IA 0F PP,PuSiTItI7.r:,:? 423PACKAGING (AEROSOLS). He 1966 711 eaAes f'te-ga.men rre.ss . nlew York, r , I
Page 454: lfb88d00
50256 2952 i Aerosals--:`~easurements 4~ Haunam,. R. F_. , r.. ;,: THE,C,ASC,ADE CEt3T~tVPE;T~R.:';:_A .DEAICE_ FOR fiETERMINING THE CONCENTRATION AND SIZE DISTRIBUTION OF AEROSOLS, by Hauman, R. F. and R1 J. Sherwood. Am'.• Ittd' .- Hyg'.- Ab§eid:• JQifr:' 122-31 (MB[t~Cti~- ~Yl•1 =~965~ - ~~..! I . . . . _. .. . . . . . . . . ~.. , . , ~ . ; i i ~ I n i 1 C) 0, 0 ;), ;a 9 a
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50256 2964 v.ECOLOGICAL RESEARCiI SERIES/ ' 1~PA-600/3-76-018 RA 576 Sp . AXF,- -POLLUTION-.-ANALYSIS /AEROSO~S--MEASURrMENTS/07.Oa]E/ THE TRANSPORT OF OXIDANT February 1976 1976 BEYOND URBAN AREAS by Chester W. Spicer, James L. Gemma, Darrell W.•Joseph Philip R. Stricksel, and Gerald F. Ward Columbus, Ohio 432•01 Contract No. 68-02-1714 Joseph J. Bufalini Gas Kinetics and Photochemistry Branch Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711 19 +#f.S: E~TyIRt)NN1~1T ~1T~ PXOTECTIaN WENCY BATTELLE - Columbus Laboratories ~ ( i OFFICE OF RESEARCH AND DEVEI,OP24ENT ENVIRQNMENTAI, SCIENCES PXSEARCH LABOP.ATORY
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50256 2966 TOBACCO--SMOKE--PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIT3UTION/ AEROSOLS--MEASUREi•iENT AND ANALYSIS/PARTICLE SIZE MEASUREMENT/ QD 549 Li 1976 ~~~~~ It Ali~ ~'H(~I[,~ A _ _ 1 /~ . • a ,r r~e~osol Generat2on, .(vl easurenaent, Sampling, and Analysis ,Edited by ~ . BENJAMIN Y. H. LTU Particle Technology Laboratory Mechanical Engineering Department University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota 0 / n. 0 (1 () 0 2 3 1 i~)cademic Press, Inc. \ New York San Francisco London 1976 A subsidiary oj/larcourt Brace Jova»ovick, Publishers (). f I
Page 457: lfb88d00
f . • ~ w ~~ ,2~r~-/~ . p(.M1 ~f ~ l; Al ~- brct.,,acte, tgy[ hfOsV1'1T0 I'r ws 7 ~~~, 499 TEFLO\'!^ AS A SURFACE I OR DEPOSITION OF AEROSOL DltO1'LETS' CIIARLI.S }I. ANI1LRtiOX' A\n 11'tI. SCHIa:t'GI INTRODCCTtOM. Cnnlnlonl%' USC(1 mct(t- ods in sanil.linr of acrowl sw.tys imoh•e the dcposition of spray dr.,pIets on thc surface of glass tnicro.cI-tx' s!i(!cs. I:ath- hurn (1970) has rccicsccd these and othcr nmcthcx(s of samplin.g. \Yhcn the dclwsitc(I ihupIcts arc to bc measured, it is essential to accuract• that they not coalesce on the slidc ancd that they assume a fairly unii('nn round sh.thc. To achieve this, an ulcophohic coatinr is usualiy applied to the sli(Ic. One wi(ic!e used coating is General lacctric f)ri-Film,; a silicone eompound reported by Ycomans „_(i . c~ag). H~ttieccr, it hu b:rn lnwul th:n dipping aprarcutlh• builds up an uneven static charge on the lilm surface which causes droplets to congregate in dense zoncs makini; it ((ilGcult to coun*t theiu. Trcatmcnt with a "Static MLtster"'' brush reduces this prolacro somewhat. DETt:RMtNA'170N OF "SPRLAU " FACTOR. Afa}• (1945) f;i%cs a method for correcting the diameter of the p!ano-concec lens formed by the droplet at rest on the slide to the originii diameter of the free (!oating spherical droplct. In this method, the diameter of the base of the lens and the focal length of the lens are nuasurcd. From thcse two nu•asuremcnta. the aneie. , a 0 1 c3 E3 r, • ; f : j : .; ~ )-
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50256 2972 Aerosols--Particle size. l3inek, B. A 14EW AEROSOL PKRx1CLE ANALYSER, by B. Biiuk and Z. Dohnaloya
Page 459: lfb88d00
50256 2940 E'.•tISSYOII SPJ:CTROSCOPY/AT0:4IC l:P.SO},PTT•ON S_°ECTP.0SCOPY/ACTI JATIO:1 AILALYSZY/ MASS SPI:CTP.O}I1;TRY/RLECTRO~i ?tICitOSCOPY/x--al+Y DIi'FItACTIOV/SPi:(:TP.nSCnP`f/ THLRNML ANALYSIS/INrRARL•'D SPRCTI:OSCOPY/ AIR--POLLUTION--A^IALYSIS/PARTICLES-AIit POLT.UTION--AtdALYSIS/DUST/ -PACROS01-S -*it3ASUI21.`!E:1T AND ANALYSIS/ RA A&aalsio of 576 y Ma s 1978 Ae ~rbo~°~e ~~.~°~~.~~ l ; ~ ~~ ~b y Physical . -~ ~ ~ I~.~ CP.C Presf, Inc. 22SS Palm Ewch Lakss Blvd • Wr.t Palm Beach, Florida 33•tlM • - • _ -a Editor Hanns Malissa Institute of Ana!ytical Chemistry and Microchemistry Technical University of Vienna Vienna. Austria Editor-in-Chie f CRC Analytical Chemistry for Environmental Control Uniscience Series J. W. Robinson a
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-ANALYSiS/TRACE F.GEif:NTS DF.TERML"fATIT:/ ENVIRQNMENTAI. MO NLTORING/tdATER---POLLi1TInN--"TI:ASTJREMrNW 50256 2954 C1iEMIS'1`!2Y, ANALYTIC--TRACE ELF."TF.fiTS/AEROSOLS--=IEASTIRF.XIENTS/ASF3F.STGS/ AIR- -P(1L1.UTICN --MEASURE~4ENT/CRGANO`iF.TALLIC M+iPCU'VT)S/ tY .. ~..QD 1iTITLE . SHEET I N BS SP-464 I ~, __ _... .. ~ . AND SUIiTITLE IsS. Publrcation Date a`~1 Methods and Standards for Environmental'.vleasurement November 1977 ~ ~,n ~' Proeeedings of the 8th Materials Research Symposium .6. Performins Or6anization Code ~ ~77 ! Held September 20-24, 1976 7. AUTHORCSI William H. Kirchhoff, Editor f/. Performing Organ. Report Ne. 9. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRESS 10. Project/Taslc/Eork Unit N NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS DEFARTMENT OF COMMERCE 11. Coptracc/Granr No. WASHINGTON. D.C. 20234 i This book resents the Proceedin s of the 8th M aterials s p g ~ Research Symposium on "Methods and Standards for En vironmental Measurement" held at the National Bureau of Standar ds, ~ Gaithersburg, Maryland, on September 20 through Sep tember 24, i 1976. The Symposium was sponsored by the NBS Insti tute for Materials Research in conjunction with the Offi ce of Air and Water Measurement. 0 The volume contains extended abstracts of the invited and contributed papers in topics of concern at the time of the symposium: Accuracy, the analysis of trace organic compounds in water, multielement analysis, the physical and chemical . characterization of aerosols, in situ methods for water analysis, the application of laser technology to atmospheric oni.toring amb~en air quality monitoring, the chemical ~chaiActe'ri~a~tion o~ i~iprginic and organometallic constituents, F
Page 461: lfb88d00
50256 2950 i 11 Gr 1916 A.erosais--MeasuYem-ents Gross, Pau1 ITS RELArroN To AL4EO.^s'~ C4EAtiAMCW: ,, T'.rSE1R!!TaNY BRQNCM1aS.E, LES IUHS ..• x: r. . p-and by Paul Cxosu, F~ni~. A. gr.tz,.., ThQodo r. e F. 1{a t ch ~Qa3~i4C:i: 1966 0 0 n 0 0 :? *,~ 9 6 :
Page 462: lfb88d00
50256 2970. Ref. 3 123 Aerosols--I'ackaging--Re~t~lations. ~ He A. (ed.) 12- 3t~rs~~:~:~L':v ~ He a~.Ias JIt• .; iU:i:,S tS. i e New ~ .~ ~ ..j . .'i~`f.-~.. . . ' -.., ~ i~_f.. ...-. ~~.Rs . . . (r' 1(7 ~1 Il i~ ti 2 ~ 16
Page 463: lfb88d00
502S6 2957 f III Aeroso].s--Measurements Me I,a K^r, VI--ta:r K< THW METHODS OF FORMING, D£TECTING, AND Mf HSUR)NG TItE SIZE ANR CONCENTRAT70N OF LIQUID AEROSoLS IN TFiE SiZE RANGfi OF 0.01 M 0.28 NJfCIroNS DtAMETER, by Victor K, js Ncr, rdwarJ G. V. 'tbnl and Erwi n 8, Wi1san Jovr. Colloid Scf, 6) 4'll--9(% i1qS0) 0 I ~ t i r~ rr c~ 2 J? 0 :3
Page 464: lfb88d00
50256 2965 ` AIR--POUTION--SULFUR COMPOUNDS/NIT?OGFN 03iIDES--DETERAfINATION/ OLONE/AI--POLLUTION--PARTICLE--DETER*fINATION/GASES--ANALYSIS/ HYDROCAMONS--ANALYSIS/ ALROSOi.S-•-MtiAJUREI;EN'T/ ASTM SPEC~AL TECHNICAL PUBLICATION 555/AIR--POLLUTION--ANALYSIS/ QD INSTRUMENTATION FOR 121 Am 1974 MQNITORING AIR QUALITY A symposium sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Committee D-22 on Methods of Sampling and Analysis of Atmospheres AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS Boulder, Colo., 14-16 Aug. 1973 ASTM SPECIAL TECHNICAL PUBLICATION 555 o I no n i) P. C? B14raj, syt»posium chairman +~~^ ~/:MCf~lC,~~.(! S~~Cif:TY FOR TE:STIf~+G AND MATERIALS io_li
Page 465: lfb88d00
50256 29-75 Aerosols--Particle Size Friedlander, S. K. THFORETICAI. CONSIDCQATIOWS POR xHE PARTYCLE SIZE SPSCTRUM Or xElE 3TRATOSPHERI.C AEROSOL 3our, MeteOrologicaZ Soc. 18 753-759 (1961) ~ o i n r~ ~ ~f o 2 3:>. I
Page 466: lfb88d00
50256 2973 a Aerosols--Partlcle size. British Coal Utilization Research Association. Aerodynamic capture of particles; proceedings of a con- ference held at R. C. U. R. A., Leatherhead, Surrey, 1960. Edited by E. G. Richardson. re.v York, Symposium Pub- lications Division, Pergamon Press, 1960. vrii, 200 p. illus. 26 cm. Includes blblloe apbies. 1. Dynamlcs of a particle-Congrewees. 2. Flufd dynamics---Gun- gresses. 3. Aerosols--Congresses. i. Richardson, Edward Gick, 18J6- ed. n. Title. Q,:'L852.117 1960 5U13 1.3G 60-119 1 7 i Ltbrary of Congress 0 I!1 t i n ( i D2 3 1 9
Page 467: lfb88d00
50256 2968 ` fa ~•Aerosols--Packaginb. Pal ~ The Packaging Institute, Inc. i NATIONAL PACKAGING FGR[ -IM, FULL TEXTS OF PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE 27th ANNUAL MEETING, SEPTEMBER 28-30, 1965, NEW YORK. 4 volumes. , , . 1965 New York I 0 I n t7 n o 0 2 3 1 4 i I
Page 468: lfb88d00
AEROSOLS--MF.ASUREIEtiT & ANA1.YSIS/PARTICI.E SI7.E MF.ASUREMINT/ 50256 2939 pARTICULATF • SI7.E/PARTICLrS---LICIIT SCATTERINC/E'-1VIR0%T!dENTAb-'10;vITORIrIC/ INDUSTRIAL EFPLUENTS, PARTICULATE SIZE/ AIR--POLLUTIOPi--ANALYSIS/ QD 549 Lu 1979 AEROSOL MEASUREMENT EDITORS Dale A. Lundgren Environmental Enginecring Sciences University of Florida Gaincsville, Florida Franklin S. Harris, Jr. Physics and Geophysical Sciences Old Dominion University Norfolk, Virginia William H. Marlow Brookhaven National Laboratory Associated Universities Upton, New York 4 i14) t~ Cl (a Cj 2 2, 3 S niversity of Florida Book Uni crsity Presses of Florida Gainesville / 1979 Morton Lippmann Institute of Environniental Medicine New York University Medical Center New York, New York William E. Clark Environmental Engineering Department California Polytechnic State'University San Luis Obispo, California Michael D. Durham Environmental Engineering Sciences University of Florida Gainesvilic, Florida I
Page 469: lfb88d00
50256 2976 I A.eroao2s-Particle Size iio5ey, An;irew ;). I;VALLtATIU:y OF LJ .`lE:Rr::GL P}(OTO`G..":'M FOR DUST COt1NTING AIVD SixING, by Andrew D. &sey, Werbers N. .7anes and NowsTd E. Ayer Aner. Ind. liy,. Asaoc. Jour. 21 9 1 . ~•; 4 'i1 ::~.f, . [i 2 ~2 2
Page 470: lfb88d00
IzI ' MaB Aerosols•--Particle Size (1970) 1 ftCVa+J, A. E • IMFL.WpCE OF REFRACTIVE IN17E,'X 0111 TUE ACCUt'J4CY OP SYZB t1E.TERMINAITQN OF AERflSOL PARTTChTS WT.TR L7GHT-SCATTERINC+ AFROS[JI. CUUWTERS, by A. Z. Ylsrtats atd p. 'p. Aeevan A.ppl. Optics 9 (No. 8) 1930-1932 (1970) 0 I fi ti ~ ti 0 ~01 2 3
Page 471: lfb88d00
.....a..~.:T'S,n iliSt"I:I(1d • SYi:OH.C O S_IZ;IVHJ tJ I, ti:?LI IU:aU.l1.L't I UO 1;~:::~.1Jf1!{1^ jL'UC!1L'UJ'i~ (JiS,)[P(-)Zj I).ifl11 MO2i.TOW -:I ".nba «:. 2t:IJUM\ U. SVyK'OII rC;t.?t:xoJ trcew~vtJze~ slts•>>;c;ot;I lnl[: u;"w !?',- •; >>t::+ . Y.rr.:1oJ o; suoip)q.;jrI u'I vrrn ~ ~ `~ tt osTn ; tirjfj pr 'slv~:r.~trc n ptist; j 0 U UIV S S H~ S V /tSO'I3 Z?f /tIOI1,rdZlI,.d mlf .S"aa,L'IIw ~'.I~-S:: Gi f 120.I3„~'i:Gd- .n.;.l r ~ n ~- .T1r ~.t4r~~ s2sv:F ;~ic /soi ~t )c--::..~.~T~:~ `~'~4~{•f ::•vamnaaCb
Page 472: lfb88d00
~..4~C4 -- ' V f. /,l14 c,~ r---- h l' 208 !%:e .."c, .a.r.-----°w---~-~- Calculation of Particle Distribution by the Data on Spectral Transparency By KUSIEL S. SIIIFRINt) and A`RY Y. PERELMANI) Pe3bue : Paa[+a6orart oGuun'i +tcro,l onpcacncsnsA xpsrnoti pacnpc,le•ietuut aacnut;tncncpcnori et+CTeN+w 110 pa3%tepa:%+, IrCXO,lst 113 Aa1IHi.fx 0 CC CIICI:TpaI1LfI01 npUJpaVIIOCTII, I)cnouautrwtt na npcoGpa3ouanrnr Mc.11.nusa. Atcvoa ue Concp;r:!rT run<ahnx IIpON3U01tl,Iiw ( r~pca,~o;r;crnni 0 xapah-TCpc Cuch-rpa vaCT)+tt u.1.);:T oTneT n ouiuc.a ot+.2e. flpe,1.lox:etra npocr;)st par6inraA exema, rrpune;zetnr np:n+rpw orpautctutsa, otterlCna 06naCTb CnCtcrpa n Tu1ut :-cT6 rr3MepcntaI npo3pavttocnr, oeo~x~~;~uutae:wst no1ryvennn nfipiuteutut C 3a:t,1ru+m'i To-rnocrt,,r). Cyutecruewso, vr0 paatcTrtasr Cxc.va ycrorNwoa uo ornoUtcttttto u ownQt<a.++ u3.MrpctutH sr pacvcron, n Co;up>r.nT yA epe~mAc6c4ismQK nVio9ROCTn. e~..,.,,;.,.v. ~ • .. . r . .. „ . ,
Page 473: lfb88d00
~~' l t) `lu () 0 i G I S ° n E~Bea ZV'i 0ar-6t s"OSo•::.o no-z"'TtM ' sa~.3;r.Wwo~ ys~gaaag ssoa~aC ucTEv~cs~.o~ " xaUg ax=Gsb •S 't1 azTS aiOT~ZJvd__sTosozad , OB6Z 9SZ0S
Page 474: lfb88d00
I a I Aerosols--Particle Size A PO?T*:iL6 I':LO:y_y:;f:'i FR A,`iD 'PARii~i.~. r2.,1_ oy A~.bc:: J,,, 7homas, Jr. , A1vin N. Rird, 1r.~ Rabert tt. Co11-i.c~r• sndl ~t-eal~n C. R,:t,41_ xu--trm.f.nt Soc, ksnj.r. Jcur. 8(ft,. 7) 52-Sfe (i9 o'i.` ~ l Ii Il i~ (~ `~ ~ :? C ; r
Page 475: lfb88d00
50256 2985 III Ak (1970) = Aerosols--Particles--Determination. A'.t~F~?t.,•,•9 11. N, AU't'C'.'ATIC i.`:.:'.~'...,.~ ~.frvi..:.__.~..' : ..ri' ..~.~.,..~: u :...................:.'.. tl1:f".L'vi: <!J y by 17. P• k e ~J'..:...,... 1 p •.Yi.Y VilV(~iA • ' ..u....V 4 L1.r• `~.~• •.a ...... • •r'• i~ .1-.. J . ........ i•- -^i
Page 476: lfb88d00
-D 549 DES Aeras*s- Pert5clim AEROSOL SCIENCE XC.;C:if Ac.adeMtc Press Lcndor~ 50256 2983 a • n i,.`{ o ~ .i J 9
Page 477: lfb88d00
Aetosal.s-particle Size . j 1 vCt:ll'6?''.1 y P. E. KWlta`~r.:KwK t3i i AA1'YV:'1.': SI7.E I2: AQUf;QVS AFlROS4". .• Am. lc:a. ifyS. 22 (No. 2) 134-138 (1971) ~ 50256 2981 't71.+•~s!sTl;.r•>r.. T.~•..~~'MV'~^i.a:±ssrr*sx~~.x~M•7wr.r.•rr+~se~wbc,Sr7~97~• ~+.±~T.,~•t . s , . . . .~ .. . . . _ - _ . . , _ . . ~ s ~ E i ~ t (l :t n ~ i) 2 :' ~ ~'
Page 478: lfb88d00
ZD Aeroso? s--Partiel.as--Deterr.iinnti.ou. 139 „ :. CadIe, PI.I.ctar?'a De PARTTCtE SIZE, TN_RORY AND DMUSTRUI APPLhATIQW. 1965 ?:,n *s~ ~ r.. . ~ . .z. le; y..M~~ t ... u /I 50256 2988 s
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50256 2955 1,11.7Y f~. ..,~ ;2) (/97.0 '. _. In. Vill-o IVIetllocl of Co1n))arinr; Ciot1c11s Proclucecii'i,uiii~ Rx)ialaliol; Aei•osols for i~fl=iciellcy in Penet.r~~tion of .~~.ir~~T~~ys ;,. a: . \N'. F.'Ilti: Ahtilract !•; Thc clli:irncy of a preasurized inllnL•+tirtn .erosol t!c- p:nd", tu t+ f.uf•r r\trnt, u{,c.n th:v p:+rticlr-.iie (li.triht7tfon (if lit•: cntillyd :.. ! c!n,:,t. \tct!l.+.li ot t!rtcrtninu7,t tL:c I:utii!r•:<iic tlistriivtion of rluu.!s are dillicu!t :+n:1 un7c a:nwtrtin:it. A rnrt!to;1 V,.:• c.:6L:! f0r t!rtrtniininV. conr,):uati\c!: li7r proyor- liun of tt:, ::7.ilt:•.! v,l7i,'il succc-cltrtl ii7 I in.lr.lti7 _• t+ s% s:c•tn (if urt-1i'trJ .+rti%inl: al .i lil!rr. 'fhr af;:ut:nt i n7r.litanlrnt alt+ini+:, t7+ t:'!tt r.a, ti,tlrr;tir +! :!:ittlt:aII). (!i:71Ca1 ttol!, uilif hronciwJil.+tors •!+umrd tl:.+t Ow n7ct!f,>J cn::hic.l cuin!t:~li,u:t~ tt, t>17 1`+:t.li fo`n+.:i.tlt+iol% tif t(ti n;i ti+~,c t:t :;ti` /1:i1~t1+H~}.t tti• ficult; small particles tend to be carried past the slide in the air tl:l(1 vapor stream. Lefc\•hre el ul. (4) attcrlllttrti ttl t)\CrCitttlt` this Cllslitll•allt:^ f.e 111 tlle C•aSC Of flom c+~ntinuotls flc,~,\• l~risstlre packs by frring thrta taa\\n 1: cardtittartl tube, t+ositittl;t:cl \•crtically o\c•r ,t :7nd uUt~\•.in,, a, erit~tl fttr the smullrr I+artielcs t•~ srttl:• Tlte .lis;ttl\illlta7:e of this itt~:thod, Ito\\'c\':•r, is tltat liyuia ~ilt nats sltrint: b~ r\aht ration durin;; tlte s ttlin^ t\:t•io~t,: \': !;.'ll .'!t : •:1t1,i11 ii (iil::llarS•,:CI .rt :( /\rl(~tl;)t' I1~.+17ii1 (:al(I:ai\ apl+:.tr as flitttClie(1 l1 l'l'.%1:7i
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50256 2982 ' ~ IX ~ We3 { Aerosols--Particie size. Wel.ls, Rodney Gs tMPACTaR STUnTCS OR AEROSOL PRAfi[CLE SI2E EIS'iRISoX1M. 4954 4:1 pp. Duke Univ• I (3-rad. School or ANc ir Sal,sncec, hlasters 7hecla purhaM, N.C. I i
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' 50256 2987 TOt3ACC0--S:•i0hE--PARTICLE SIZE DT;T}:RMINATION/ SMOKING AND HEALTH/ pARTT.CLE SIZE MEASUREMENT/ TOBACCO--SMC1:I2dG--11r.AT,'T1I F•.F1'iE('T/ AEROSOLS--PARTICLES---~ D1:TEPi1INATION/ }C •~fe 79 S P ' 10 ' RJR CLASS NO. PAPiPHLET 791X BO Bone, R. C.; Hiller, F. C.; Ebert, R. V.; Phillips, J. R.; McCusker, K. T. (Uniy, Arkansas Med, Cen „ Pulmonary Div.,.Little Rock, Ark., U.S.). TOBACCO AND THE LUNG. Jour. Arkansas Med. Soc. 75 (No. 12) p 458-463 (May. 1979 (in Eng.) ~ A new device SPART (single particle aerodynamic relaxation time) has ~ been developed to study therapeutic aerosols. SPART uses sound waves & laser beams to measure particle size instantly. System is fast & accurate & ideal ~ for studying cigarette smoke. ---------- - , 0 1 o tl n i.) f ) } :; 3 3 !r -
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50256 2996 aarosols--Yhyslcal Chamis+ry Davses, C. H. fed. l MQSOL. scx enc CE 2966 468 Peges A cac#em€ c P reBS Lordon Cl Cl o 6 () 2 .3
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50256 2995 I IX Aerosols--Physical chemical properties Wa 3 ~ ~ Warner; Benjamin-.R-~. , Qn InvesCigation of the Techniques and.Methods for,the study and evaluation•of the:physical and, chemical properties of some aerosols.. ~ By Warner, Benjamin R. and Marcus E. Hobbs. i , .,, ,.... ..:, . .. . .. . . ... (Damon Runyon Memorail Fund; Researc'!i. pr'ofect': DRIR-]86progress report No. ]PTetod Covered • Feb. 1, ]952-Jan. 3], 1953) Duke Univ.; Durham: N: C. 31p: Jan. 26,'1953 ~ ~ .. .. _.-.. ~ 1 !Z 0 ',) I) tl ;--' :: .4 0
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50256 2g90 ._~,... i PARTICLE SIZE MEASUREMENT/AEROSOLS--PARTICLES--DETERMINATION/ ; . 1 . 0-"+ 11 (! •: TT vU- Wom FOUN"'lic-1 Y _,AR , nC LOS ON, GJAXEIVI~DDU*S_~' Howard E. Iieslteth, P.E. Professor of Environmental Engineering Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois ANN ARBOR SCIENCE PUBLISHERS INC P.O. BOX 1425 • ANN ARBOB. MICH. 48106 f
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50256 2971 Aerosols--Particle size Amelin, A. G. Theory of fog condensation tby, A. C?. Arrielin. 2:1 ed., augm. and rev. Eciited by B. V. Dwysrin. '1'rrnslateA from Rus.sian by Z. LermQn. Jerusalem, Isiael Y;•cgr; m for Scientific Translationa, 1967. I zl, 230 p. Illus. 25 cm. Translntfon of TeopeTxyecxti+e OCNODf! oGp?30QaL't;u Tyr.:: r;G ra+r KOHAeHcaWfx napa (rowantzed: Teoretichcs;ae osuovy o;)zvracr.aSra tumana prt Icondenaat.ell pnra) lueludea blbl[ographtea. l. Fog. Y. TItIe. QC929.F7A533 Lfbrary of Congresa 551.575 6 7-8503 -, r31 Q I, fl ~ l fl. ~ 1 i? ~a
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Utl:'~NO I~~j%~:~itLl:[r~JJ1J ~ !1 h.)I~YI ~JI:Jr)JIN?~~ `1 4:-INUoz-SJ •:1 NVtUU -, r , ~ r (.0 „ ~ I ~ ~; o.~ ;, u 1 a aU d r.~.»-.~.-......., . .... r--.- ~ . a e . ,; , F Y` ~ .,. (iG -/,,9 (/.'? Z n r.} u t? 0/ 01 :SPiOf1.JVf7JVMl I 146 ',rD-mr-eG - •. 8L6Z 95Z05 :
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50256 2999 j Dr. Mims ' Lab. 1 Aerosols--Physical chemistry--Bibliography. ~ BIBLIOGRAPHY ON THE PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY OF TOBACCO SMOKE AND AEROSOiS. { -~~.,9.,~,,.; _ ....,..._.~,~:.,....~...~..._ _-,.,__~-_.....,..,,.,...,..,.._, t 1 0 1 n c, n i, r~ ~ s4 4
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50256 29,74 1 Aerosols--Particle Size Httinger, Harry J• CVAL!lATJON OF PAR'rICLE SIZING A1VD AEROSOL 3,WLI::: t- by t1Lzxy .T. ~:::.i~~~r :ad Sacsuel Yosaer Actk, Indust. Hyg.: Assoc.. JouK. 26 (No. I) 17-ZS (1965) ~." ~ n 0 2 S
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72 i I I Mr.. 50256 2980 ! ArROSOL SA1AII'LER FOR CHEMICAL AND b]S1'ERSE- i°IiASl: ANALYSIS (LXCiIf,]tGr (IF 1:y !'F.RIFNCG) A. S. 1`t: ndrlko, l. L. PcisakLov, A. N. hckhtnlzr., Vud N. P. Kozyr' r At tl{^1Sf.'Setl: [i'1]C F: $ is Smaf,l''-U fi6:)t \'a lo; S1:CdR15 at rChtiYC]y hith tempuatUrCs by the pdaCtiCG of in- ICI[l11 fi11r.1Loll o( 11 i--- Gt_~[-i',h^n ?5 ,t:!;); .•11 f.\. 1:,'„ `~ ( • iy}- V;;,:•~.,.r cc+.^ .. 1 ~. .-, ~is ti f;it;.~ F>' . "]~:nlr,tl~, ~:• 1~ [1]. _[:t tc) :'-u- i+:ir, ao:ac [}.,.:ics of dl°t fto:n the Zr,irs; Gbns in tltr,t . na tlds cvCntuall)' l:.ads to Zislortion of (ha te,:ults C•f(tf5}%'/S1U:1 SlV.tlES ::IIII C1'::tS:IC~:I CC'•ltli•_~,.i!i^:{;i1t:11C,. TItC t;[Ill:trdt.'"PC r?nge of ttw pnueblC 1•Il`e of alyilC-?tiGn of 1;1.',S;-fitar \?}) : COfI(:Cn;CtE Of tk:'[ (%or)_,WC) a]Jo iaOVC5;l1a<1C(;t a.^ in sortlc itrtanf;es. `1r0 rrol»;C [l:t. cktll do:;(l in 1 frVt!l':t f.C,'ll :•.t lr.,l^... :..tp;.. 7.. ~~;~. ...~'f ... tl 0 2 .7 3 {)
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50256 3002 ref Q 123 Aerosols--Properties Un U. S. Atcmic EnArpy C~r•~iasion, Natio:z.e1 Befense Regsarch Coan»ittee IiA:+DPG'4K OSi .k:^Cr,^,L^a 1450 zS7 pagQs 0. S. 1{toroiG EnEr.ey CoMNi.tCeE: &hsh.IngSoo ! 0 1 11 ~~~ ~:~ E~ U~' .3 ~ 7
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50256 3000 _ III Duz-75 S.P. 6c. /OZONE/ FLUOROCARBONS/ FREONS/ AEROSOLS/ _ /CLIMATE/ CtiLORINE/ BROAINE/ AEROSOLS--PROPJs'LL.ANTS/ Transcript of Proceedinys, Interagency ~Pask Force on Inadvertent t•fodification-of the Stratosphere ..a Coiincil on Lnvironmental Quality, 722 Jackson P1. Washi?i(~ton, D.C. 20006, and Federal Council for Science and Technology, 1800 G St. N.W., - Washinaton. n.C. 20550 The Task Force was formed in response to concerns about effects of some fluorocarbons and other inert gaseous compounds used as the chief propellant in aerosol products and as coolants and foaming anents. The com:oittee meeting transcribed here is one vehicle for gathering information. The Task Force plans to produce a prelir.•.inary reporL by June on what is and is not known, ongoing and needed research, an3 federal programs. The Task Force is charged to look at all possible man-induced changes in the stratosphere. L.we.a4 b. NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNfORI+tAIION SERVICE k.e.~rail,~ ve. Q I~1 t~ r~ rl f) ~,~ 4IS
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50256 2997 I j QD 549 F •Aeroso2s--Physical Chemistry. Fuks, N A The mechanics of aerosols, by N. A. Fuchs. Translated from th© Russian by R. E. Daisley and Marina Fuchs. Translation edited by C. N. Davies. Rev. and enl. ed. Ox- ford, New York, Pcrgamon Press; idistributed in the West- ern Hemisphere by Macmillan, New Yorkl 1964. aiv, 40S p. illus. 2u cm. BibliographS ; p. 37S-3J4. 1. Aerosols. t. Title. I QD549.F913 19f,f:>. . 541.345 64-i.3S5 Library of Congress ~ 0! ti tl n 2 -3 4
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-Aerosois--Propellants. 50256 3001 Ner.xke, A, CeA.? ` INTE.RNAT loNAh ENGYCtoPAMA OF 1'RESSUR1ZG.D ~ 123pAGcAGJN:. (A~R05o1S1. ~ ` H2 1966 71I pages Pargaman Press New yorki N. Y. 0 Z:.' s>+- "T°s~'t~'-."-i_~7 Q I 7(i 0 ii 0 :? 3~`-.r 6
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AEROSOLS--PARTICLES--DETERMINATION/- ASAEY Y 50256 2986 pIdL10GRA1'IIIC OATA 1. kepett t~... 3• / 'PB,rgn's ~/ e 97 !r• 3H[[T NIOSH-78-10 v 5 s. Kepns Uate I I tr -$Q t. lwlc .nd as~ttlt January 1978 T1IC C S I' ~ 0~ F iP S ER LG FO I N USE I H CAT H E EC FILTER SA! E Se Pe . T . OF L T R ? E D T T 0 L I DF FI4ROUS AEROSOLS 1. 1S, Suppleaeetarr \otes Education, and Welfare, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226 12. Spenserinj Oisani:at'oa %ainr end Add FIBROUS-AEROSOLS ASBESTOS ' • ~ SANE AS ABOIB CANCER . Fk 4 1't/orr.nins Ultan.tatton N.~nt end Addtess • ' bivtsion of Physical Sciences and Engineering, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, U.S. Depdrtment of Health, A.cbtlsl Paul A. Rmrn SAMPLING i d, 1'at/ern.,ej U~ptn~a~nvn Ntr. Ne. 10. Ptoleet/7ask. deek l'nn A.t 11• Conuacl/Graet Ne. . TYpe ol Rtpott :. 1'et1oJ Cosered (CAS' 1~32-21-4) • RESE1RCH-1978 PERSO\AL-PROTECTII'E-EQG'IPM\T AIRBOR\E-COETA?1I\AI~TS . L • '. ~ • . ments of personal exposures to asbestos and other fibrous dusts. 16. Absuacts The use of light scattering from fibrous dusts has.becn investigatcd. It has been found tb s;traight fibers have a sufficiently distincitive scatteYinF pattern that may be counted e~lectronically. Curved fibers m:y also be detected by'focusing the light source, so as to f1luminate only a soalL, relativt.ly straight, secti8n of the'fibcr.• Theoretical' and cxperi ntental information, as well as a proposed instrument, are prescnted in the report. The proposed instrumont would fill a need in'ihdustrial hygiene to'obtain_rapid, accurate measu . ME
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208 ~ ~ m., ~........+._-+•-.. Calculation of Particle Distribution by the Data on Spectral Transparency By KUSIEL S. $Ilib'R[NI) and AxIir Y. PERELJtANI) Pe3toste: Pa:Ira6oTau oGutru'i turo.t onpezCnemrR tcpnoofi pacnpe.ze.1eunn 4acTnrtanenepcuoct encTe.tu.t rlo pa3ttepas+, nexoasl us nalnn.tx 0 e^ cueKTpanLllO11 1IpU7pa41fOCTf/, ocrtouannLU'i na npco6paaoualnnr Aten;liura. Alrron Ite coaep>unT ala<alalx IIp01131t01I611LIx npc;(.lo>KCnnir 0 XBpaKTepC CIICh-Tpa 4acruq u;tai:T OTneT n o6ute.N an.1e. flpe,1noxrena npocrast pac4cnraa cxeata, npnneacuLr npn.+iepw oupantcnllA , ouenena ou'3acTl. cnetcrpa n To4nocTL na.acpcm11 npoapa4nocnl, rlcoGxo;uulL!c;t;lst nony4elu+n oupautclwsi C aalanunii To4nocrLw. CylnccTUcluro, qT0 p:IC4lTllan CxCtt.l yCT0i14ttna nu OTnOt1ICInIIO K OW116t:.ltit I-Iat1CpC1111A 11 paC4CTOD, 11 COJ1Cj)iK11T YMepCl/lude TpCGOU.lF1,13r K IIX iu4110CTn. r : _..-- - - -.... Crry7,~nr.v .. ~ . , , ..../ .. .... . . .
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50256 3009 ,7i iIII Aerosols--Radioactive ~Fr .~ f S. V1. THE.ORETiCA.L CONSxDERATZpNS FOR -t'tiE PARTICLE 5129 SPECTRUM OF' TIiE STRATOSPRERS.C AEROSOL Jour. `tefeorolos1cal SoC. tIs 75Q-159 Cl3GX)
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50256 3008 ,_~..._......:_ 4,r a AEROSOLS--?UL"^.ONP.RY .:ETENTION/AE,°,OS^LS--DEPOSITION IN L',!NGS/ INHA.LATIO^l EXpOSI!RE METHODS/PARTTCLFS--AIR POLLUTION/ QD 549 Wi 1•9H0 GENERATION OF AEROSOLS ~ AND FACILITIES FOR EXPOSURE EXPERIMENTS papers presented at th,~ Symposium on p.erosol Generation and Exposure Facil4ties held in Honolulu, Hawaii, Apr 2-3, 1979 ce-sponsored by the American Che^:ical Society and the Chemical Snc ietY of Japan Edited By ANN ARBOR SCIENCE PUBLISHERS INC KLAUS WILLEKE P.O. BOX 1425 • ANN ARBOR. MICH. 48106 E) ~'1 0- 0
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_...~,........_........__...~__,..~~..,r....~.:.~......--.._w......._--.:.::j..._ __.....a..,,-- ---__-- __. _. _ X Melo-73 5.P. t ArROSOLS~--PULP30PiA.RY RETE=3TI ON/ INllALATION/ 50256 3005 ~ FJR CLASS "0. 'P..L":PNLE: :: *!e1C -73 Pai~~s, r. D. ;~', C:-S. : Goidrini, R. >i. ; A1Lshuier, B. (tiew 'ioz•}• Univ. :':::.'. Center, Dep. Environ. ;•:_d., Dep. Med.; . . . iTEitcL:!^ t::)sj1., C:iL?St Serv.,,N'vw York, N. Y., U.S.) EFr:'.: (~: -`r--°T;i OF I::i«1LATICN Q.`' i.EZ(~S7L F'C::SISTE:;C~ Di'•.:Zlia; FsrrATEi , Jour. Ao^1. r'~•: si c1. 34 {tio. :)'316-60 (1573) (in En-:.i .h) *Keyc;o_4s:• Cicarette s^o.ki^^.
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~ ~ • 50256 2989 ~... .._ • ..:_..d.._~~ .....__ .._ . ~ ..... _ .. . . . . r. . _._ ..~ QI) 117 Dz 1977 2 C. ~ WATER--ANALYSIS/ PARTICLES--AIR POLLUTION--ANALYSIS/ ' ~ ~ AIR--POLLUTION--ANALYSIS/AEROSOLS--PARTICLES-•-DFTERMINATION/ ~ i FLUORESCENCE ANALYSIS/CHEMISTRY, ANALYTIC--FLU[3RI:SCENCE,X-RAY/; X-RAY FLUORESCENCE ANALYSIS r i ~ OF ENVIRONMENTAL SAMPLES edited by Thomas G. Dzubay Research Physicist Environmental Science Research Laboratory U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, North Carolina ANN ARBOR SCIENCE PUBLISHERS INC P.O. BOX 1425 • ANN ARE3OR. MICH. 48106 ,/ I • IN _: V v le L 4d" / ~. ~
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7.: 111 U,.% TtATI01V tleno Ya~uo V -50256 2994 -_.~_ -~.•.~.~..~.. ~...+..~~..,_.`r~~. .~_. -....-.-~ .~~.. ..... ........~ . ... . . ' . 4 /•' ~ ~.,T _~.......r...~~ BI1L1.1J7\ OI' TI1C (•lICVIrAl. S11C11:TY Or JAPAN, StlldiCS of S":.11~ a• ~OIU'lT(?11 r ~CT'C=Olfi~ ~` ~r+.~- T:liCc:~ of TiLUTlT(~ittr ~ ... ~_._._. on !hc S{abili~;ti uf :I ~:~.d i:ntiG, acrost>;l .a2Tr1 .u1 E'siul ibc 1'ar;iclc Dctl"Sli:3' S :I,llo L y:::n auc] I.:,Inu SA\o ~ ,~ _ . . . . .. ~ ~ j i i'.r•(r•iv(•,i April : , 1!171) ) 0 1 ti t./ n t j tl 2 3 3 9
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QTj I?~' Y~:..•:'.i~It~'sll^^:` . 1.~ ~. •r• . . ... . ~• .1 n rv ~ • Ii'.< 'TSS Vi1) i J L .,' ~ ~c'L rC '.I~, ° ~r~~ ( .~ll~• 1.. .:!~ 1' . ~ •~ ,t.~Is Ca.::.,R--,1?'R FOLi.U:'?0IN /. A?R--?Ji.1.u?'I0 :41 AS dr,3m0:/LJ3I5~.~1 :'I::.aLk T:Glrl COr'.L/ ~ FTLTEM; hND FILTRATIO1V JET FLO'~l/' POLYURETHt?trZS--FOa:~85f tj - . ~ 4Cr% . , . , . . i N • ~ ~°~SSESSt'~~E1`~ 7 ~ ~~ ~ ~ AI7.iLORME PARTICLES ~Il3El1Qf31('33~ C1is, A pr)f iCat 2J1is, ` and I t3: PlIGZIlUi3S to DC};::[-c~, ai,ll Di(1};l;\;iCS ~~A~l1:alaltUit Toxicity 1c~c:; j:i ii fiit:~1tt• ..•.:i . %"'~tistr'Y 'Z'IIO\firS T. \1I:I'.CUR ~ i •..~ . C), i t7$t t: 1' 1 ~= ~ '.tUL E. i 1ORROj4' ' ivCt%' Yot]; . ...T. ' ..r , A Pro,-cetliarPrrl,lic:::tior, o,' ;hc Third"t-,clies:ci +,_rnatiori:;'i ti•;o:ricrc:,ic•u on Environmc3ital Tc»::iit d 3' u,A lniu; \•e, N~ CFiAI:LES spri C THO',NIAS • PUI:LISliI rz~,j,eid • Illinois • U.S.A.
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50256 3006 iX j Me 10 APros~•.Ls -F~.I.aonaLy ReCZak;ou ~ (1969) S.P. i i :C. J. DEpL. i $Gir.3:Ct3 Pt,"L.'~4'JAiATt bETt'r.tt"L'1+3:? AND i1U0:: :TXO'1 G`:4 INNRLEO AEftOS OLS ESPCClAL1.Y T0DAC0O SNQKZ- REFtAENCGSj by M. J. Reynolds Tcbacco Co., .3:1 kLqc'~t'r's:h Lwfc.. and Wtll.iam V. Har_x L~69 lt. .~. Rayxwlsia Tc3tccca ~n.\ w3"aQU-5..1:;.a, :1. C. I
Page 504: lfb88d00
~...~...,.,..~,y.._.,. ..•.....~....~:. . ~ 50256 3007 _ ._- ~....- ~ LUNGS--•IHP:ALGD PARTICULATI;S/AEROSOI.S--PUL*tOPIARY RfiTEtiTION/RADI013i0I:0"Y; ' RADIOISOTOPES--HLT~tAN I•iETA1i0LI5t•i/A.,iI,-tALS--rfEDICAL RESEt,RCH/f'.ADI4ISOTOPES-•-TOXICITY/ TOXICOLOGY--ACL'TE-TOXICITIES/ RA - - ANNUAZ: 1tEPM'`'aF•'THE LF-4o ; -~ 1231 In 1973 INHALATION TOXICOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE Category: UC-48 LOVELACE FOUNDATION FOR MEDICAL EDUCATION AND RESEARCH r ALBUQUFRQUE, NEW MEXICO 87108 Edited by ~` October 1, 1972 through September 30, 1973 by the Staff of the Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute 1dr-0. December 1973 R. 0. McClellan, Program Director and F. C. Rupprecht, Technical Editor Prepared for the Division of Biomedical and Environmental Research Atomic Energy Commission under Contract. No. AT(29-0-1013 a
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50256 3012 nD 549 Sp - Ar roscls--Radioact ive Spurny, Kvetcslav ~l /}ER4SOLS, PN~'S iCAL ~;f~ :ISi2Y AND r;°PT+T(J1f•1,41~5. (Procee4ings of thc. Fi.r6t NdtionaL Con~e~~nc~ o:i Acrcao1s. ) 1966 943 p . Gordcn and 2reac~, scfence PJolis~ersj Zhc., Kew Yo rk ~ ' .~ .' 7 0 () :.~i ia (1 'A•. ~f )
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50256 3016 °Aerosols--SpectromeCry. ICubie, Gu3:::.V 0 G°I3Si"IZEL`x ti':: 1'.EZGSCL,cY1lE PAot`.R f i:-.?.`. (1565) .';S 9i`'r-7% 0 n t) n o 0 1 u I 9
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h% ..... .i j-.. n;lr..n.nh r•~. l\~l'\Ir! 1\II11 I/r/: wl.~~ .hr.rur.r.,n~ IhUl/n\ . . i..l.•~itr~ .Ila.nll•raa.l~./..{.••..\\tl(•III`N1~LII/r1,Yl.\ll n~alu•1 I 1I11;1ra/1K1( w.•th..l l..r.hr.r~..~..'.~ rl.-.....n./.•I J.l.•.•t.. J al <~[h 'lv.. J.1'.....r 1... y.r.. 1.•i.~~r~l.~....~. ~..I 1.... r.iw ., ~ r.l.~ .. •...1. w. ~..I. r.rN•.1 . r r r4.add•.I a L.r.r.c• r i 1..,111 'a lu~.< u u. .r.r ~d61. ol 1no..n pan~a< .v. d~.1.rh.rG.m nl a 16r 1.....n. rh......~r1~..t-. "Il~r r<- ! "•0 It..I....I..i: ........ ~..t•rl•.r rl~c J.Irrrn.nal..•n .•f rhr Ivrlr~k sirc II.~[••1 al•;I .r ,a.10 .5 10 7_ a. •u.(1..7 fr, ~..rl t.n.n a O:..a,r.r...u ..JI., n,.i.t AArhn r: In a.< cr..Lul< . d~ Jel.n. rr• ra.. C•dl.w. .•1 r.. lu.tirt lulldh~a~n: ol a~a .ayuir<~ t.}a•.". ln u t•,:. l.d~n•f Cnllrpr of rhanua.,. N. V. iH7.°. ~.. ..._. kz J a•c.C.nr..rLl.h.w,.,~1~1..7-6~:(IA<rm~wv9.1•I:I} ~ I-)ctcrnli>><ltio» o("1'articlc `;izc Distribution of Sclc(,tccl Aerosol Cosmetics. 11. Cascadc I mpactor lJsc in Il Uo;-olllctl-lc aCid lVclgllt- by-l)iffca-cncc ATcthocls' JOIIX J. S(:):VLRA. 1'6.1)•,.rud 1):U'1U AI)1:1.\(A\, MS? I'at,crt[ed.lluy1971, Snarinnr, IT'as/tAtgk•n,l1. (:. 50256 2961 0 1 o cl n U 0 2 3 0 7
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A1:10S41.S---F:..~tC;G~>?tY P.F CC^;T'3nr~ -- 50256 3004 T01;ACC0--S ;n}:L--l,ilt }'O:,T..[fTlO~3!IIiI:1~STRIf~L IIYGILIa./ T)tISTS--T Ta iALATT AT.P.T7 O:~ /1:ST;;.STOS /A7:I:--POLLUTION--TOI3ACC0/ ATI:---POLLI710'd/ALLL••I:GLN S!SILICOS'(S/RT-:.IPIP.ATORY ORGAIdS--DTSEASLSi j; })ISI:ASLS,OCC[_~'ATIO:JAL/LTVIR01\^MNITAI. HI.ALTtI/ALP.OSOLS Clii»cal. Aspects of Inhaled Particles Edltcd Lyy D. C. 17,. 11luir,/'hD AII:CP .r 1 . . 1.. Ifrad njPl.) siologp Ura:rrh, hystirutc of Ortcp.vtional alcdicirit, Lfirihur~k ~ 11011. Con3tataat l'hysitian, City Ilospitaf, F.dinGurglr a ~ ; '? ~ ~ ` ~ h. Ei. D~VIS CONiPAI~IY, Philad~lphia ~ i. xti )CY Y. • ~ „! It • v- vr- ~ ..... - . -.......•..--....... .~.,.. .._. ~ ~.,..>...-v~..•,•--•--v-..«:.:..~.e.•-.~...,r.v..,..•...,..,..•.~.....r-- . . -{-..,..r-' - -- 0 1 - tI n ~ 0 G 0 2. 3 4 9
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50256 3015 :Aerosols--Sizing - ,:.hal+hon, E. ,SI2u: 0F ATM©SFnRuG AF.-f4SowS b"Y' L~C.tib •it71 ~ nT.. .. . ,,,.,, . / . rµ,v b LSJN .1. LQ~.'~.~ R55P-5srneot Airbotne c;adioact;.v., syrr. ra.__. :, ..3 0 0 7. '01' 1 ') 0 0
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50256 3010 ; III Aerosois---RaJioa.tive. ~ , ' Lol-Lotktiart, L. p. , Jr. ~ 1967 FILTER PACK TrzCHPIIQUE FOR mASSInI RADIOAC'TIVL' AfiROSGLS AY PARTICLP. SIZE. ' PARr S- F1NAL. at;.RQAT, by 1,. 8. LQckhart, Jt. , PtsttNrUun, .JY. A_nd A. W. EaL'n{Fier:.:; J."•. (U. S. Dept. ox tha Navy, Offiee of xaval i Hareh 1, 1967 16 pages Wash;.ngton, D. C. .,..,,.-s.-~,~-.... . .. . . . .. .: . _ , ~ . I ~ ~) ~~ r t7 { n o~ o
Page 511: lfb88d00
1 I 4 , ~. . T ~ ~(~trle.~-ttrtiLAt1~ A 0: Tlft: DF.TI:RMINATIO\ OP THE PARNNIETI:RS OF CO11pi.EX r UtSPEIISE POl.YUI:RIC SY.NTEt1S FROM T)IE TURBIDITY SPECTRU.W I ..A /-I, ~ A% S. Ttt. SArhyonolev, F'. I. K1esrHa V! s ~~~.</17 il•~fer ~j Summary An analytical formula is proposcd fnr the e:ponent w of the w•a.•clength of lbe diffrnrnlial turbidity speclrnm in the Angrtnun equation Twhich is expressed Iro tetms of the pha:,r shift p=- :'n(or• -- 1). C!.inw Ihi!c caprrmion il is possible to eakulate the dimen:ions a or 1Le rcl:dive relraction index wM for particles of any size j anJ fd,r any rrlative refractiou inSoa, at U•ast in thr range 1,0 < a. < 1;'3, in addition • to 1ho calibration of a carried onl b. Ile!Icr and cow•orkers for a limited range of a ; and totoe talues of a,. The mMhalt of ciimin7ti..u of the ambiguity in determination of t. fnan n, reaulting from the wr6lating nalur.o of the function x(p) are a.alyud. i Thir rnables to calculate from a the particle p,ramctc•rs of a grrat varicty of disperse ays1~ ui•, which so for has beca donr in the ca-tc• of complex polyn:cric and biological i ealh-vid.l o-yrtrms ordy for parti.k•s with cr < 1,0:-ti 1,10 and a< 2& The rc<ults of the talcuMtion are eomhrcd with the e•aMriwrMal rr=ult_ lN;ed on the data of the experi- ~ ru•ats on the light sca!tering in syMenu, takon from literature. 77he cakulalion ~ al,m•o+ well with experiment. ' ~ r. . . .... __.._- • _ . . . __ 0 g 0 I 0 0 rV 0 0 23 vAf, s11s4:5W€1
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50256 3011 1 R ; MeiO = Aerosols--Radioactive. I Morrow, Paul E. ,• ,. t"L;~ri°;,..S 07 LST a 1.'.:::- _ 4 ... ,.., ...?C;S Ti~r L0WER ~!Z^.',dAY.S : I'..SASU:'.Is:~'.'?NTS AND AEROSOLS '_.970 1!. Pag2s ilni•iaxsity of Rocreeter Rocheste:, New _ork i ~! ~~) ~ fi C1 :'. 3 5 A
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\ ,1 - .-.._...•....•,.~_., aMsOLS--*,2; :SJR XS•Tr/A A°RO":OL''-•?{.q'_"ICLF"--D;:Tl~"n."tIl:A:'T.~.tif 'I CANCER-•AIR POGLW':?0a/ AIR-•?:)LLUTT,,,lj/ A.:3P-STGS/JGr-~iS-•INB:.L ATL7li/ i,Oa,/ n L?ERg A1fD PIL:'R.it': JH/ Ja'T lLQ1.•/ POLxTJRE1'liA:+LS--POAMS/ --•• .• t _ . ASSESSMENT OF 1 ! ' AIRBORNE PARTICLES -- r scudau:cnaals. Applic•ations, aud hnplicatiofu to Dl•p:r+Yj. •:ot 4 l:ioOtit-sics j/rhalatioJ: ToY'icity :1..1•,N : ..~ .~ c.icirir :...•. . s.:ztsU•y • ~'IIOMAS T. AtERCElt o PAUL -L AiOP.itO\Y X%WtNER STUL'ER r t 1'u1,Gc:!tion of the "1'hit ci0 tlxhcstcF 4Wtcrnarion:a.' rrc on E:+t•ir+~nmrntal Tuxirit /- - / CHARLrS C TN.OM/.S • PUTtLISY.E /
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AEROSOLS--RESEARCH--SCIEVTISTS/ 72 III Re-80 Gesellschlft fur Aerosolforsciiung .S,PI 50256 3014 T E I L r\t;rf H P•t E R t_ .Y D T E L I Sj T* P A 11 T I C I 1' A h! T S :1~Rf~~~l_~ Gt?rCIJJ:Ii rji_^•.1h:'s DriZ Gr7~'..'I..LJi.fiAr'T FU='R 3. --5. 04t-r. 19Ui;Tk iF:ri SI 1~1E T;ictr c,'* S i_J_r DR. E. F. i;HF-ROP;3!7N ISRA EL IN S3'r. :3IC! LCKS'. t%'za. P. O. B. 19 i':E:8:3 - Z I ONA I SRZAEL DR. LORENZ /`,M1•1GPUSTER B E R WiiflUt"l:fiJl..HU"110 Gh'fi)I'1 HAUPTST€=LLE FUER s TAUraI1EKAEi•1PFUiIG U. PNEU!`tO',:Oi`:IOSt=4'E RHUt_TUiVG FFtA-'NZ-F~~Si:~In.~ (li (i t? ~ :V .:~i . 9 D-4300 'ESSEN-` 1 { )3 MATS O.' AHLP,E.r G C ~~E~E1=.2CIt I~~;S ~ hIATYGi~;:,L LE"c=::^!"I DEP. 4 9013? W!".H.ra SCH::E.I)E'hs DIPL. Pi-{YS. K. H. L'EC'e:=-R ZENTP.ALt•3 I J0T'U-[P E'XL.,"'.R UNI COc:I TINut_V BUPCsCH ;ZDT6:EG 2 D-3400 GC?ETTI N3EN
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74 IX Pf TOBACCO--SMOKE _ --AEROSOLSf RJR CLASS NO. PMAPHLET 74 IX Pf A iff Pf er, . e (U. S. Army Edgewood Arsenal, Chem. Res. Develop. Lab., Edgewood, Arsenal, Md., U. S.) .. YSI S S 'S`r' . IH CLOUD PH C NLnF EFFECT U. S. Army Edgewood Arsenal, Chem. REs. Develop. Lab., Technical Report ~ ~ CRDLR 3312, Edgewood Arsenal, Md., 29 p. (Sept. 1965) (in English) Tobacco smoke not mentioned. _ a
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50256 3021 ! VI Br4 i i Aerosols--Tobacco smoke--Inhalation--Testing Brc-.I7, D. P. AN I1ST~ ~°:~ t'Fiii iFtB 1U'rn?r!hfIC C _ .. ~ .J: ..~.. .... .:~ ~ . .. : . . .. • .. U. S. t I .._. .,r .~.,....--~--•-. ~-.. . . ~..•.r.-..r...-.-.r-.+.+~..~r- ~ ~ ~ ) (1 (1 ri (l
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50256 3017 QD 549 N Aerasols--Therapie--Statistical physics and technique. Nt:c:v-:t„ c ai-X; cs,; AFROSO(.-TEiERAPIEt GRUNpLACs£N UND ANhiENDl7NG. (Aerosol-Ther.apy, Qasi_e Pri»ciples and Applicsw ei-on..) 1957 Ta7 * . Fri.edri.ch•Kar-l Sthattauer-Varieg Stutt1aak-t Q ~ f~ i7 o o () 2 3 6 2
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nar.--ruLLUt1Urv--HtHL-TH EFFECT/. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH/AEROSOLS--TOXICOLOGY/INHALATION TOXItOLOGY/ LUNGS--PHYSIOPATHOLOGY/RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCES--Tnxir.ninrY~ CANCER--CAUSAjION/SMOKING AND HEALTH/' TOBACCO-=SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ RC 756 Sa 1980 Pulmonary Toxicology of Respirable Particles CON F-791002 Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Hanford Life Sciences Symposium at Richiand, Washington, October 22-24, 1979 Sponsored by Office of Health and Environmental Research Assistant Secretary for Environment U. S. Department of Energy and Pacific Northwest Laborator es Battelle Memor al Institute Editors Charles L. Sanders Fredrick T. Cross Gerald E. Dagle Judith Ann Mahaffey Pacific Northwest Lahorator es 1980 Published by Technical Information Cer ter U. S. Department of Ene-gy I no t1 2 3 6 9
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..~-~,.. 50256 3027 AIR--pOLLllTION__pARTICULATE MATTER/ ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Volume 338 RA 576 AEROSOLS:.. Ne 1980 ANTHROPOGENIC-'AND NATURAL,,.. ~ SOURCES"'ANp'"TRANSPORT Edited by Theo. J. Kneip and Paul J. Lioy 1 The New York Academy of Sciences f l v~''~ ~ = New York, New York y il^e 1980 v 0 1 a 0 n () cl 2 37 2
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50256 3028 ~y . ''~c .y .~: -- -'~ ~ .:..~.........:....:..:..r..r,~n~. 72 III Re - 72 R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company ~4I'Ritl~i}~~ 1972 n t'! ( i 2. i / 3 a
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tv1 ~ To ~+srosals---Tebacc.o smoke. 5025-b 3019 41966 A Mathesraoa, H. D. i[iLl Ji'Ji AC[rt1S+lYON TRAP. SY.7.ti LlssLL4C1TL'Vl4v IN Tf,E C±3T.2 1'*_-'s'10:J A;lD F'R"•,MCY,^. T'l'•?'r3 OF tob*cca Ci3eni8ts' p..esQazch Conference, 20th, p &P 0 0 2, '01 i7 4
Page 522: lfb88d00
50256 3022 Aerosols--Tobacco Smoke--Ir.tia3.ation---Testing i) l.ar,dahl, 1i. 0. Atd IW f:STIGATI4N Or CIGARr::TR S.'!r?;Ci: AS AN AFRi}SUL, rITL`EI ,`'iP :CIr1L :>:: "?l ?S'4f F^1'<! i?~"r?: v^t 77;: FP3 T i):i!:5 Iii titPWa S~3.:ZL'TS, by i4. Tl. L~3^.~~:a? and T. N. Trucmae11 I "'rans. 111. State Aead. Sei. 50 21:3-20 (1957) I c~ 1 * G 1 1) 2 :9 ~, 7 L ! 7
Page 523: lfb88d00
50256 2998 ,~Aarosols---Yhygic.al chemistry SPuXnq, Kvetrosldv AFROSOLS . PH`(9IChL QIEMISTRY ANV pPPL(CqTlo(JE, f:.f L,-ca First National on tiarnsota. } Ms' 9'4s p. Gordcan and 6mach. Scl.ence. PublisHerS s IRe. ) t:cl,• York . -.~~.-,~.'.L'-.-.:'f~.'.+C-~.s~lQ!!!'•a.~.,7a-q=-k~3i".•v-'=-,a~r.~-.~..~-vq~.-r.~':-°'CC~,-~°: T~-~ . . . .. . ._ .. . . I U:? .~ dil
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AIR--POLLUTION=-ANALY~ AEROSOLS-=MEASUREMENT~ RA 576 Li 1981 IS/ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING/GASES--ANALYSIS/ & ANALYSIS/ Evaluation of Ambient Air Quality by Personnel Monitoring SECOND EDITION SECOND EDITION Volume I Volume II Gases and Vapors ~A~r~sisl~;'Mc~fil~or'Pumps;x $C, a1xbmt1-0'fr-,rarrd~~: I . cQ~talit~~Garitrol~~ ~ 0 1 n t1 (l 11 0 1 J*' 7 6 Author A. L. Linch Consultant Environmental Health Everett, Pennsylvania CRC Press, Inc. Boca Raton, Florida I
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50256 3023 i IX -Aerosols--Toxicizy Tests Bo 3 Eoyarchuk, I. F. . .ECI:?ZIQL t._IC:? .r T f .'_ .-. .' . . ...~ ~-...n ;v~~ ,rVa...V1~A~r T.T . .L...'. .. .... _. . . . . _... - - _ wr..l i• :~. Ltli.~ ~. 626 -~:e1 1.....~....-, ~.-......-T-..,.-. .....--.~-..-,..r. ( ! i !
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50256 3026 r. L' . . A mobile analysis instrument for the measurement of rganic " {i vapours and a-p+e- 6f-t'. . WC1- H Frostlingt ErA A Itrantte+ tThe Research Is;stitu!e of National Defence Dept 1, -...._..._. _ . ! . -.. __. . _ .~_ ~..._...__.. -_ f.j_.,__ .__t _....._. _ Sac,le i„Iet S-; 72 04 Sundb~'.k: 6 ~, SyrOder)lnd 1j~ stitste o~~nah tic~ 7 Chemistry, L~=ii~cr;it~• of ~tockholm, Swed~ ~n *The Researcit icuutute of National Defence, .. ~
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• a Authors: Sigal, V. L. and S. S. Dukhin Ti tl e: ~~RbSOLS '-:, OUR: FRIENDS AND OUR ENEMIES.jr Source: Znanie 2, 61 p. (1975) ` y ... r r . . . .
Page 528: lfb88d00
X Me - 73 s.4. 10 . 502-56 3034 r. . ......_ ..Y.. _ Aerosols-in- 4Na.ture .. Melvin W. First, SeD, Boston i . 24-32 Arch Intera Med/Vol 131, Jan 1973 Aerosols/Fitst Atmospheric particles originate from many sources. Globally, natural pa.-ticle-pro- duction mechanisms predominate, but over Ibrge urban areas man-made sources pro- duce a major (raction of total airborne par- ticles. Within the planetary boundary layer, the atmospheric aerosol contains large num- bers of preformed primory particles that have been discharged to the atmosphere from ground sources. At higher elevations, secondary particles, formed by gas phase ' --- -• I 0 0 ~ 3 7 9 reactions between gases ana vapora, u1- ten with the aid of activation energy from sunlight, predominate. All viable par- ticles in the atmosphere are discharged from the earth. Particles have a relatively brief existence in the lower atmosphere and a longer, though finite, residence time at higher altitudes. None remain airborne per- manently and measured concentrations rep- .•cent a temaorary eauilibrium betwecn rates of formation and destruction during the sampling period.
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50256 301 g .., TOBACCO*--SMOKE--PnSSIVE/AEROSOLS--TOBACCO SMOKE/•.- -- ' -- - AriPIiLET "~ ;* 76 TX•fda RJR CLASS N0. P Marmmarclla, L:. ; " (Univ. P.oma, Ist. IEiene, Rome, Italy) ' - ' -" SPECIAL 1•IICROSCOPICAL TECIINIQUES FOR TIiP. CHARACTEP.IZATION OF AEROSOLS. with ,~ *(Particolari tecniche microscopiche per la caratterizzazione di aeros Ann. Ist. Super. Sanita 9(Special issue) 431-41 (1973) (in Spanish English abstract) ' . . . ` their marked difference, both in 'structure "anri naturc; an' importance .not at aU nc~liocahlc should be attributed to the hiah repres~~ntativcness of the inh Yblc fraction. ~The examination of tobacco smoke, taken from a 60 m3 room ..•herc four ciaarcttes had been smoked, clearly shows the varioui degrees of re- • prescntativencss of the particlc;; it may be ohscrved, for example, that carbon and tarr;• residues are for the most part of inhalable sizes. Only -;. the mhKral;, or the other «inert» constituents are, as a rule, coarser in - .. e method outlined here deserved to be applicd and tested for a: ebniber 0"T otlser Sp.•e~tio~t)onf, :; ! !
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5oZ56 3045 ~ TP ; 370 Aerospace feeding. ~ Fl 3 FXenLg2, !':';?rt L,o klJ1NUfA6xL-RZ4r, MLxkE'WWlS titiXN 11ERGSP.ICE VVEMG, ?>•. End Xwn:1d =.- hu3tead 1970 USAF G ! ~ ~, rl {: i 0 2 3 9 0
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50256 3029 . S..l rtie anJ Subtitle ' Aerosols..and•.F'luorqc~arbons-,, ,.`at;on„~„T~e~ekh~qe I I I nu ~-7 7~,;S.urvey, On. CQr)sumeJ~ rr~on,$ S.F 7. Aubor(s) i S. Heport Uate A 7 Nov. 17, 1976; 8. Per(ormiog Organizution Rept. ' No. . - --- 9. P ilorming O:gaoization Name and Address 10. Project/Task/Cork Uoit No. , 4 J . . OOUaCt falY O. i / Cambrid e Survey Resea~ch, Inc. Cambridge, t4ass.. jeVr ies and Associates t~i ', G N l C . • . ~ ' 12. onsoring Organizatioa Name and Address 13. Type of Report & Period • Covered S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ' Manual Wa.shinqton, D.C. 20207 ' ' 14. 16. Abstracts .Tnis survey measured consumer attitudes togard safety, health, and the environment ' in general, and aerosol products in particular. The objectives were to determine consumer awareness of unsafe household products; the level of information supporting consumer opinions; the actions consumers take when aware of hazardous products; and what options consumers would choose as a solution to such problems- This survey is one part of a multi-facated package of CPSC's data gathering efforts relevant to the fluoro- carnon issue. " Among the more significant findings, two-thirds (66.4%) of the American consumers say they would not be bothered at all if aerosol products containing fluorocarbons were resaoved fron the market an9 replaced by solid or liquid products. 0 i n t-, (1 ; j C~ 2;i 1 A . a r17. Key 4'ords and Documeot Analysis. 170. Descriptors
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50256 30 46 The Aerosr,ace Industry St8:1fUr(j ReyeSrCh 7ristit.r.tte 1964-1966 PObklQts 0 a! n t ~ ~ (:i t) ~? `.'. 9 f. .,.._.,. r a
Page 533: lfb88d00
50256 3044, 1 Shepherd, Herman R ed. Aerosols; scienca and technology. Editor: 11. P. Shep- herd. Consultitia editor: T:d.rnrd Sn;~arin. Advisory edi- tors : George W. Fiero (and othersj \ e« York, Inter ciei.rt Publishers [13G1]648 p. ll.us. 24 cm. Includes bibliography. L 6erosols. TP21•1._10JS-15 . 660.2045 G 1-00 i 0; Ltbrsry of Congress ~ - ' 1251 - Z- - - - : - ~+ • f o o n 0 o .~ w? 3 9
Page 534: lfb88d00
50256, 3038 TT.i Fit1,:,Z-7•'... .U ~f.! w, •f:.a~.~....... . . . y.•1 Jl ._. _~ . _ _ ... . / I [t ~ ~ ~~ N A ~'1~'l.,t } . ~ ~ ~1 ~l li~~l~it1 ~~ r~ tlJ _lt- .~ U1~~ ~. 1 ~ HEI-YETIAE r I Ot)ersichtsx eferat / Revue ,Fl~exr'M. llc1 P. lioffrnann-La Roche & Cie S.A., (3ile Dcpartemcnt d~s Recherches GalEniques rJTfi LrzATTCYtr Les atarosols et lcars tl/ilisatioas pharr.a,tccurlques P:rr G. b{: 6nf:inn (ReSu Ic 17 juin 1971) lJ Sommatre 1. F'acecuis phnico•chin.iqw- inllucaSam la st: biSitb des abru<oia et In.r interprttation m,:thtmatiqae 2. L'irUr,do•tiotr dcs m(•at;t -,c,nt-, j ar les w-s rapiratoires 2.1 Afrosnl. de,tind+ auc voics re-pir:.toires Lption 2.2 1.c, a nr+iti •nc pu.•; ao~~a,urc ile 1.4 n,uqueuse ir,nu.nC:uu :'n6~:l r i It il (1 fn rn (1 .? ;i n, .3 '
Page 535: lfb88d00
50256 3047 ; I En Aerospace Industry ,•nG-i neerint; Salarie~ Engineer •,~ Yz•r.rpaver Crr.saissiQn ENGXNkERIlJG SALAMES SPECI~AL j1VAV5TRY Rf FaRi 1;..:.6e ~ ~ i i (i i l.i iJ :! ,i :•, " )
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50256 3032 III Du2- 73 SOAP COSMET. 48 (9) (1972)79 . I THE NEWSPAPER headlines have been hard on aerosols of late. Apart from those that seem to appear regularly over stories of the tragic deaths of youths from "sniffing," one that caught our eye recently starkly stated: "Hair Spray Blarned in Lung Cases." For the many whose newspaper "reading" consists of scanning headlines, the impact of these scare stories is bound to have an adverse effect on aerosol sales. IJany women who use serosofs seem to be aware of an ill-defined hazard in doing so. Some cover their faces k•:hen using hair spray, or even go out of doors when spraying.to -avoid a cencentration of ~-apors and particies. In the hands of an able propagandist such as Ralph Nader, a compiiation -of Ihese "horror" stories, even if thinly documen`.ed, would be all that is needed to turn the wary and the cautious away from the use of aerosols. Unless...itie firms with an interest in pressure packaging take positive s,eps to head off such an eventuality. The Aerosol Public F;elatio„s Commit;ee of the Chemical Specii^aties Mianufacturers Association is the vehicle that should be used not only to investir,ate and %:•here possiblc answer the scare stories, but IUunch an effective "Use Aero~;ols Safely" educalional program. Unfortuaately, the work of the committee, which in the past contributed to the eve.rall sales rtrov:ih of pressure pacl;arting, has been virtuilll, halted. At tn ti~, c. v~,er~thejn3c~c for 3n p>>er~ ~e1~ inform ,t!ve public relations proC rarn Q t~: C+tt': fr~r tr~~h'1 iil~r~~ ~ t'(t.!l ,:!tr.,IlY! {ir. fn\ i.ri,r, .r t( r.•r7r. .rnrr I
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50256 3049 , TA 401 Am 1976 1976 AN6Q9UAL BOOK OF ASTM STANDARDS PART 25 , -- vOetroleum Products and Lubricants (I!I) rI kI; .a 61 2981 - latest; I
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L FC)UI3-A.^.OnTa::ltt:-i`3J1 50256 3050 r 7? _ BACTFat7A/ I APPLICATIONS OF IN INDUSTRY A TECHRNOLOGY TRANSFER PROFILE G,ONTAI,1INATION CONTROL -- - Prepared for - The Technology UtilizGtion Office (Code KT) National Aczonlutics and Space Adrninistration Contract NSR-OG-004-u63 - Prepared by - - '.) Industrial Economicr Division ~Denver Research Lnstitute _ (p University of Denver July 1971 0 1 c1 (1 n ~j n a.~ ~ S I
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50256 3039 Spvrnv, Kvetoslav A??POSOLS, Pf: isZCm. (:'rir~tIS':""Z+ Y!1.`d() AF'PLIC ~~'TU'd :. (Proceedings oF the F'i rst Nettonal Canference on Aerosols.) 1965 943 p. Gor.don and 8reech, Science pabIishe.rs, Inc., New York I 0 T) ~ 549 Sp - a! n t~ ~ ~,0 2 13 8 4
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50256 3041 xx MeB3 gawp:w+~oft~Oi~.~i~ ~~~t~IftO~~~ R. J. Reynolds '&abacc'o: Cisurpatty',, ltesearch and ~ Product Development Departments, Science Information Diviaion,. { AEROSOLS: PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION DATA P~oauc~'Deve~oopmen~oDepaortmen~st;y3ciencerdh and ~ Information Division and Wil,l.i,am W. Menz 1967 looseleaf Winston Salem 0 I a ~ tl f! (1 0 0 2. 3 1<3 6
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~• States) had indicated the presence of particles at high altituctes.'1•his red gl<nv was thus very notice- able after sunset bctwec:n the United States and Hawaii as observed dtIFinfi our (light to Antarctica in early January 1975. At sunrise the following morning the red glow was conspicuously absent behrecn American Samoa and New "l.c•alancl, al- though a narrow haze layer below the airplane's altitude persisted over tnany kilometers. We ex- pected that the aerosol levels over Antarctica there- fore would be quite normal, i.e. very low (less than 1 particle per cubic centimeter for diameters great- er than 0.3 micrometer). Following our br.lloon sounciings.at t`1cAturdo and South Pole stations respectively on )anuary 14 and 16, 1975, we were somewhat surprised to find an enhanced aerosol layer at about 13 kilometers at both stations. The concentration in the layer was largest at the South Pole, exceeding 3 particles per, . cubic centimeter. Figures 1 and 2 show a compari- son of these soundings with those of previous years .l 0 I n r) n o tl :? 50256 3040 s~ z-AerQsais~ A nd -precipitation-~;~~- r A. W. HocArJ AtmoslAeric. Sciettces Rcsr-arcli Center State University of New 1'ork, Albany Scotia, New York 12302 K. Ktxvetn Hokkaido Universfty Sapporro, Japan Several exceptionally heavy periods of ice crystal precipitation occurred during our stay at the South Pole. One of the most notable of these occurred on January 12, 1975, accompanied by a spectacular rirttirtiI riicnIavof -ir-c n-arhotio 01 a
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50256 3051 ,. _ _ _ _ r..+r.....u......~+..+._ __ _ _ -..~ --.-. ...,~_._~ . r - ...~~....~..~ _ _ _...~...~..,...._...~.._..es..~.~....r~<_. _....-...-...~....... _ XX MeF-B-112-73 N72-13071 APPLICATIONS OF ~ ' ~~- A TE'CHN0i.OGY TRANSFER PROFILE_: FOOD TECHNOLOGY :. D. A'f . Mu r r a v Technology Liai.agcmcnt Group Abt Associates Incorporated Camb rid-e, Massachusetts Septe mbe r 1971 vas e~*..rr.era+f~ec~ san~a c ~. r.rc DISTRIBUTED BY: I ~ k.m%A [.,.A" National TccfIllica! I1liorm-~ition Service U. s. n;~1'p;i;; i~+Ei~ T OF CCii;tIiF i;CE 5285 Puit Ro5'aI ftoad, %Sp:ini;:tefd Va. 22151 0 1 t~ t~ c~ E~ i) 2- a `) 6
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1/t 997-1.) _rv . ! ".k, // /~ Ilro 1"al f/J i."t~ANDWFlez `!0Zl.FN Er.;' `.P....F'h` IE F">;i CSMA to Issue "White Paper" defending fluorocarbon propellants from charges that they aro reducing ozone layer of upper atmo- sphere. T ~'(~ he threat to sales and production ttj) of aerosols raised by the re- ported linking of damage to the ozone layer of the upper atmosphere could be one of the most serious faced by pressure packaging. In recent wceks the city councils of New. York and Ann Arbor, Mich.. have passed resolutions calling on thcir citizens not to buy aerosols. The fact that only 50 per cent of all aerosols produced contain the fluorocarbon type propellant linked to the ozone damage hypothesis apparently botlr- ered them not at all. On Oct. 30. in an unusual if not un- held a press conference at which he urged the public immediately to stop buying aerosols. The suggcstion. by Dr. Donald Nd. Hunter of the I:itt Peak National Ohscrvatory in Tucson. Ariz., was described by him as his own personal opinion and not that of his eommittce• which had met in Wash- in.-ton. D.C.. for the first time thc previous Saturday. He would not reveal the conclusions reached at the Oct. 2u' mceting. Panel members, in addition to Dr. Hunten, are: Dr. Francis S. Johnson. .executive director. Center for Ad- vanced Studies. Univereirv nf T.r:c' • '.lt-.fw- ...-.+...-..,. - of Engineering and Applied Physics. Harvard Univcrsity. Both Dr. Michael B. AIcF'Iroy. professor of atorr.ic scicncc, and Dr. Stevcn C. Wofsy. an atntosphcric phys- icist. also of Harvard. wcrc at 1)r. Hunter's press eonfcrcncc. The Nar- vard scicntists did the cafculatioi ti,at indicated fluorocarbon grncs wcre responsible for a rcduction in the pro- lective shicid. Dr. Hunaer's committee. incidcntally. has no mcmbcr who tcfr resents anything remotely rcc:mbfing the fluorocarbon manufacturcts point of vicw. Off=thc rccord. one industry representative tcrmed Dr. Huntcr•s statemcnt as "shooting off his mouth". It had been thought that 17r. Ituntcr should be the "ncutral- chairman of a partisan eommittec. The question was also raised whether a ncw impartial c`tairman shouW be appointed. hieanwhilc, an emergency bricfing a ~ I~1 fl n fi 0 2. J` oR 2.
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50256 30 36 III Du -79 S.P. 2 Sorrth Ajricanloureal ojScienee Vol. 75 "si,bsols`atYtl tlie:0ioing Some )Yun ago. there was nonsiderable concern rAor rhe use of rhloroJluonoa+orbons and other anrhropogenic chemicals posed a threat to she eurrh•s o:one lqrer• Roy Herbert ghvs same of the background and reports on a m•ent ruryfenace which sought to anfuaa whether this threat was nal or not• . t thirty years. That would mean an increase in ultraviolet radiation and an increase in skin cancers at the least. They said also that no important stratospheric process had been left out of their calrulatnms. The right thing to do was to ban all use of F I t and F 12 at once unless it was absotutcly essential. It had to be done at once because the stratosphere reacted so slowly that any action laken to correct the situation, if delayed, would make no dilierence. There was uproar. The US government d f Iations for CF s it~ u atar~ iri lo ormig aerosols. (F.obbfcl spiJng 4 f ~ anti,3 against the theory. it was• obviousy, not one that could be dismissed out of hand June 1079 stratosphere and what went on tnerc was justified and that there were some weighty criticisms that could be mado of thc hypothesis. In general, the eri~ics said that there were not enough facts to go on. What we did know abut:: the subject was inconclusive. It was wtpossible. they said, to he so firm wha the mathematical model was too simple to rcllect the real conditions, and it rsas equally impussiblc when only CFCs had been consakred. Natur•rlly, this did not prove that Rowland and MeNim were necessarily wrong. The only answer was to fad uut more. So programa.rs of reseaah in many countries hcjaa, •nnder .xious. . bikJics, for instance t4.rugh the Eurapcan ~ Community and Uc UN Enviroasncni ' Programmc, and in eassKsnal and industrial laboraturies. Still outinuing, they avolve measurements in abe stratosphere by rockct, aircraft .ad balkxwn, ground 6C by responsible authoritics, but many a
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/ 50256 2992 ,.„•,....... 1• 11C71(.1 !. 4. f ...P.1tc.lll~Cl~1111111:1\11 p.,lnlt ua.d :n p.n (,n:n a .ub,,..a..1 /-, Ic /hc (.udnn. •1c ).•t.,', l~r.i•. Iv . l'll. ; 1.,1 I/.un.:.• u. I,.,,u.• 4di,ll.ucul of U,r tay,.'.rn A.,,rr~ Juu~ 1";•• lokm i l nntnilr, C.ilrrl ot /':unu i. J...vn,. \'. 1. 111!°1 J4r. (.nn,rl. (I.ru,,,!.., i.i.7-Ri: 1/Ac:nllnl Y, 19i1) i)ctcrj-,jin,ltio» oI-1'articlc Sizc Distrihiitioi; of Sclc:c•tcd :lcrosol Co::mctics. Il. (.,>scadc Impactor Usc in FlUO;'o111Ci:'1C and ~'11Clgllt- by.Diffcrciict; \] cthods' JnI)X J. SGIAkk:\. 1'll.ll., aud U:\\')It AI7J':1.11:\X..%LS! I'rc.,!eNCd dlay ?{-°(, 1971, Serninar, 11'n.dliuglun, O. C. 0 1 o t. l t,i : I u +). %~Ij •1 8 ~
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50256 305'8 ~ RC ' 261 A Moraholc^ical Kr Epidemiological and Experimental Analysis I Le,ly f}~T•IDLG~:Y ~s LUPru C,AC,'CEt~, A pfJoTphnlvqi ral EpiAleK;l.~~foil;cc,l arA FxPer,'mental. qn61ysis Vni verSf .tc:ts*'cr!_ct5ei 90 P~e~ C~OSt~h~ n~GISS.
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50256 3031 txAO DUZ-7,z,. . ~ ~.F. - t : P~~..~~. ~.RIACE UTICA rkCrT.h. . HELYETIAE a '.P `Iarn~. . AcJ~ 7 P.1ToRmann-La Roche & Cie S.A., t331e Mpartement de P.echerchcs Galcniques AEFtMOV, AND TH'~.;IR Pf?M~MACt;UTTCAL tJTT:,iZ A~TOtJ ~1i>i'Eli1lCl:1iIlt,U'S Par G: 6l.'Enhian (ReSu le 17juin 1971) Sommatre 1. Faclcurs physica-chintiques influcn~ant la stabilitt des atrosols ct Icur interprftation rn:rthemuique 2. L'introdu.;ion Jcs m.dicaments par Ics voies respiratoires 2.1 Mrosnh Jcain:s aux voics rc.piratnires 2.2 hs cenditions physiologiqucc dc la muqucuse intluen~ant 1'absorprion Ubersiclrtsreferat / Revue fl I n o n o () 2- 3 76
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' PARTICLE SIZE PIEASUREMENT/ 1 , QD 549 Ju 1980 ~ 5o25fr 3043 GESELLSCHAFT FUR AEROSOLFORSCHUNG ASSOCIATION FOR AEROSOL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION POUR LA RECHERCHE DES AEROSOLS Ja~ -- ~ „ ~~~ro~ ~~~ ~ ~~~.~~:~ 1~c - icin.~ ~; _. . _~._~._ _-- ~an&T,eth-nalar~y .4 - TEf68 MR M M rnff .~ .~ '0 I 0i o W 0 0 2 7 Conference 3-5 October, 1979, Dusseldorf, Germany F.R. Host: Professor Dr. H. W. Schlipkoter Editors: W. Stober, R. Jaenicke Mainz, Germany F.R. Gqj~ellscitaftfurAerosoiforschung 7 ki979j J XS e
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II Af (1969) ' ftfahaa'ev. V. A: ~ MOD. LI:iC OF Ti.E PaINCIPLES OP BIOLOGICAL r CATEGYSTa", by V. A., /1fap&s'es, N. -. ~ Trushkina, R. I. SAtybs?ava, a*!d D. V. 4 ~ ' 2) I ~~ 'YO`•ba (Ilnas) f 0 7 o I fl ( 3 il i; i~ 1
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50256 3060 , f BIBLIOGRAPHY--TORACCO/DRUG ARUSF/nRUGS--RESEARCH/ALCOHOLISwt/ TOBACCO--BIRLIOGRAPHY/TOBACCO--S,MOKING--RIRLIOI:?~ AP?1Y/ TOBACCn--SM0KING--PSYCHOLc)GY/OPIATF.S/ ':, TS 2240 ; ]heae -> -of tio1ogy F ~ ` A . 1977 ro. psycho substance use aetive~ f A report and ~ critically annotated bibliodraphy on research into ~ opiate and o the aetiology of alcohol, nicotine, ther psychoactive substance use ~ C. Fazey Carried out with the financial support of the V"United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control (UNFDAC) Q!(l U I) Cl 0 2 d U J
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50256 3048 PART 25 Rotroieurn FrodUcts and E.!.:bricant r, (iii); Includes standards of: Ccmmittee D-2 on Pelru'eom ProOuUs and Lubricants f-7 on /.erosoace industry Mrthods Price $1E.00 01-025074•12 AMERICAf4 SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS r 1916 Race St., PhiIadeiphia, Pa. 19103 v
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HD 69 Sh 1975 50256,3065 r Consumer Products and Consumer Affaks~~~ A. Aliography with Abstracts 4"A Search period covered 1964 - A p r i 1 1975 Carolyn Shonyo National Technical Information Service ~S. DEPAR T h1EyT OF COMMERCE pnRgfietd, Virginia 22161 o ~.fl'o n q 0 2- 4 1 .0 ,_.
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50256 3056 i I ~5~,~;~;;G~RAIs ".PUItPOSE' APPROACH~TO R~AL= SP6 4~~~~~' S AG'CgSS` r~AGEME~T;,IX'11:Q.~MATIOrI: Spiep;el, .T, .. "'T . ... .- • ~o;:. i ifi.~~3(s:~}i~:.~ ' .' „ ., .. i
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50256 3053 . I 'Rull. + VI Re9-77 ; S.P. a Europ. PhvsioPath. Resp. 13(1)137-44(1977) EFFETS DU BIOXYDE D'AZOTE SUR LES MACROPHAGES ALVC-OLAIRES EN SURVIE EN PHASE GAZEUSE. Un nouveau mod'ele experimental pour I'etude in vitro de la cytotoxicite des gaz nocifs EFFECTS OF NITROGEN DIOXIDE ON ALVEOLAR MACROPHAGES SURVIVING IN THE GAS PHASE. A new experimental model for the study of in vitro cytotoxicity of toxic gases i C. Voisin', C. Aerts', E. Jakubczak ", J.L. Houdret "', A.B. Tonnel' avec la collaboration technique do C. Merdy, P. Marquillies et P. Secrdtin ABSTRACT Alveolar macrophages survivin^, in the gas phase wcre exposed to concentrations c f NO (0.1, 1 and 2 rpm) for 30 minutcs. '1'hc cxposcd cells showed morphological chnrccs, a dccrcase in baclericiilai arlivity and a rrduclion of tiie A"I*P content. Thc severity ot these chanl,es is related to NQ, concentration. 1'his new experimental model offers new rossibi- litics for studies on the cytotoxicity of gases. Adenosine friphosp/rnte; nh•colnr mncrophngcs; atittosplrcric poNrrlnirts; bnclcricidcrl activily; cell crrlttrrc in 1/rc gas phase;-cyl-ofo.tici-ay -o/ Kcescs;-sti;a),c~;t clio.t~irle. 0 I n o n t; u 2 , t
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2104 Ati 1972 50-756 3063 THE ALt KZNUM FOI,L DICTIONARY ^ ARCHER In Germmn Fren.r:~ ~n~i;~h itaiian 1 Spaciessti . C?utctn luued by the •AFCO FroptQantl~ SvDCc~thilEte3~~~~•~ Secretarlat: a. Storchenpdsschen, ©erne. Swltzorlend 0 2 4' il fi
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II MeAl-7R S.P. 1 s t t.PA-0o')/R-77-016 T111E JINOfVETII~I s.wlrVMt OATI"" • ~.r • Novcmhcr 1T17 issuing date ;~ontrolling Emissions of Particulates r - - ~ .PERfORMINGONGANIjA11ONCJOE l . AV KO lS E. PERIORMING ORGANIZATION RErORT NO. NA , RlOLL. NG OhOANtjaTiON NAN.E ANO ACIGLEST Aoro2li~tr~tli~1ivJ41tj.al. Acurex Cor poration 10.IRC.GNAM lEM N NO. 1;E623 485 Clyde Avenue . Mountain View, California 94042 8-02-2611 1-U.EFONSORINO AGENCY NAME AND AOORESS 13. TYrE Of REPORT AND rEMi00 COVEpEO ! tober 1977. cial: Throuzh Oc EPA, Office ct Research and D_vplopment _ _ Industrial Environm.ental Resea rch Laboratory 14. SIOPISORING AGENCY COOE 1 j Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 ' EPA/600/13 , 1s.EVr.L.MENTAAY NoTES IERL-1"tTP project officer for this report Is Dennis C'. Drehmel, ! Mnil Drop 61, 919/541-2925. ( ~RA' The report gives a serni-technical overview of the contribution of particu- late matter to the overall U. S. air pollution problem. It also discusses contributions ~ of the I'articulwte Technolo;y Brr:.r.ch of EPA's Industrial Environmental Research' Lkboratory at Research Trians;le Park, N. C. , aimed at solving the particulate pol- fi Slnc out fine particulates as a pollutant of rnalor si[ni ll.n tant control p.oblem „ ,, . enee because of involved health hazaz•es, the report discusses fundamental research ~.f physical and chemical mechanisms particle formation and collection, as well as . 0 1 ~ n n ti t ) 2 3 9 7 L~ 50256 3052 ~ ~~
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j', V a? ?,' () f :; U (•) lJ 1 0 .>.~O!'v...... ~ .~ ..:~L.'..r..~...f...~..+. ~ 0VL- TT^ OTfOg1Ol) '6J,^`..'.r~•~±~~,rfy7_,°:.T_l 57Nv", tmnYd 5'?y : i0 11,3hasie3Hm .z"rea t • Lza36 +8w1t'a i s . ~ . 011 JAM - LSOE 9SZOS
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~ 50256 3059 I IS A..'tbaza, Fixoa D. AETIOLOGY AND l1ECi3ANiIS'H aF CARCTtiO::E:T'r,5YS 1968 Tsva Gim () () n if 0 2 4 () 4 i
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........ .lli.ri~ : fi4 .~'. u - ' S j P q lade . lex ilver .. •, un.*elat•c~3 to the treatment of asth- ~i~'~7rti±~t~ ~?~ltff}#~~'~~. . M1I in man. ~ All the mice recPived pentobarui- To the Editor.-A reccnt issue of tal sodium as an ane:;thetic, The Tiir JOIINNAL (214:81, 1970) car- use of sedative, trant;uilizing, or ried both a report of a study by'1'ay- hypnotic drugs is eontrair.dic•.~ted lor and Harris and an editorial e titled "Cardiac Toxicity of Aeros Propellants." The authors attem the conclusion that the fluorinate hydrocarbon propellants used i bronchodilator aerosols are relate to a clairned increase in sudden, u n expected deaths from asthma durin the last decade. As a service to tho s many physician5 and their patien t who find prc:ssurized bronchodila ing aerosols helpful, we feel it o u responsibility to question the co n clus:ions stated by Taylor s:nd Harr i and t1he data used in their suppoi 't7ie conclusioiLS appear uuwarrar. t F`! `j S . ` showed no differences in the elcctro• w.r3iogram (ECG) recorda in the control animals and thoso that re- ceived the propz;llant. With the pro- pellant and asphyxia, or asphyxia without pro;nellant, a1ll mice exlhibit- n- ol in asthmatic patients because of po- tential det)res.Sion of the respirntory ed immediate tachycardia folluwed by bradyuirdia. A reductiorr in the pt d n d - g tract. This comb;ned with induced asphyxia resulting in total exclusion of air is not rclated to the patho- physiological conditions' pertaining to an asthmatic patient. Taylor and Harris claim that t1he amplitude of the C)I;S complex waa { noted during asphyxia, hyxia, with a return { toward norrnai after asphyxia was t discontinued- ~ Jiistamine was injected intrave- s no:Lsly in dogs -nd crds to produce ~ e s propellant sensitizes the heart to asphyxia. The propvliar.t by itself bronchospasm; rorne of these rc ceived the propellant and othurs 1 t- r produced no demolstrable efTect on cardiac activity. Asphyxia was the served as controls. A mild tachycar- dia occurred in both propellant- i ~ - mechanism by which 2:1 heart block treatc:l and control cats and dogs. s or n-,arl:ed ' br:Jdyrardia was trig- The animals received the p:oT:ellant i , t. gered. Asphyxia was produced by during the inL,liratory phas;, of arti- ~ - wir,I:!»ng a forJn-:",ttAng plastic bag ficial respiration, cnsuring complet,(s t o ~ n~s n
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50256~3066 tsu 11 ty=tiu S.P. Jour.Personality & SociaT Psychofogy Volume 36 January 1978 Number . ~,..,.. .l~leiriory; and Beoi": ~Cqitf~O,O Alice M. Isen Thomas E. Shalker University of Maryland University of Maryland Baltimore County Baltimore County Margaret Clark Lynn Karp University of Maryland Brandeis University College Park Two studies investigated the effect of good mood on cognitive processes. In the first study, co :ducted in a shopping mall, a positive feeling state was induced by giving subjects a free gift, and good mood, thus induced, was found to im- prove subjects' evaluations of the performance and service records of products they owned. In the second study, in which affect was induced by having sub- jects win or lose a computer game in a laboratory setting, subjects who had won the game were found to be better able to recall positive material in mem- ory. The results of the two studies are discussed in terms of the effect that feelings have on accessibility of cognitions. In addition, the nature of affect and the relationship between good mood and behavior i such as helping j are dis- cussed in terms of this proposed cognitive process. 0 0 7 4 1 1
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6 0 [~' T 0 0 U 0 0 (t 'a:T) It.:CX 'S {?:~.ci7 •L3E~~ , ~370 2n:,.a puv Noog •o0oer 700D a¢0l N3Zov3 snoAdY. ,3 z s n . s aq, ,o siaj*ti;t? SnxO pu~ pc~d ~ra ~a,2VS3osg~ d .yy 090£ 95ZOS
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ja l.;t (/g 7~5 > 50256 3030 ff, - l~ ( - - r ~'~s~~~14". Y5r, ~cP/ b Flunromet.hane propellants - used in ncrosol Irrcparations of n:ost symIra- tltuntinictic bruuchuclilators - nta). represent a danger to the asthmatic palient even more immediate Vtan the one illey pose to the ozr,ne laycr of thc earth's atniosplccre (sec B. Com- moner, IIP, \o+•ccnbcr 19 74 ). 1)r. Domingo Aviado of the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania told a recent one-day syncposiunt un tlie therapy of asthnia, cospunsored b}' Lhe Univer- puinte•d out, is small and little reaches tJcc Wuodsh•eam. 7'hese are the reasons, Dr. Aviado told !iosrt'r,~t. Pii.~crtcr:, why re- ports uf uncxpectcd deaths in asthma- tics utiing the I~ru;~crllant vcrusolizccl sytnpathrn,li,nctics have nut cum- monly- bec•n ascribed to the propell;int as such. The deaths wcrc gcncrally attributed either to the paticnt's asthnia, to the toxicity of the meclica- tion, to excessive use of thc aerosol data could lic obtained ( Speizer et al, Fraser et al). 1)cath was sudden and unexpected in 8 1 C/o of the instances, it was found. Some two thirds of the victims had recc•ivccl cortir,ostcroids before death, but thcw clru;;ti were judged nut (cc bc a factur in "a large proportion of the dcaths." However, 1)r. Aviaclu noted, "prcssuri . t acro- sol bronclwclilators had Lccn used by 84% of the patients, and sc.•ctal instances of aerosol abuse were de- ___:~.,,.~ „ a 0 1 IN 0 >1 f) 0 2 3 7 S
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\ .A , I I f ..~ ... .._ . _.. , . .. .. . . ._. _ .. . - ~ -- -- - -_....~. __ ..Y._ _____ .i ' 71 IZ Re-7S CHROMTOCRAPNIC ANALYS:S--MZYlw:. / F.NZ7lffS--CtIROMATOCRAPHY/ ; ' So]S6 3071 , e SEPHAROS E/ CIA FI11E CHEtiICALS, Box 175, 3-7510t, IIppsala 1, Sweden tober, 1974 i , i / © 0 -~ •---- n n n o 0 2 4 1 6 . I
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''Afgh~nistari"=~ "V'ol:'15" 5D256 3080 i :,? C
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QP 50256 3081 941 Al 1974 PDDL /TOXINS / E7CFERIYEZ."L~1. PRDIY.?CTT.Ol7 OF ~e-U T,UI~131tIN CITRUS PROD:~CTS '~c~:.,~: AIDEI.?SAN, C.ary Ccrlier, 1943- The University of Wisconsin, Ph,D,, 1974 }Sicrobioloq
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50256,3068 . tAffective~~ Disorder:: -and lcoholismr,`. ~ amilies: ~ of-Agoraphobics ~ Dennis J. Munjack, MD, Howard B. Moss, MD W Y~~ 8697 MD909 P 869•7/ I MUNJ DJ NO XEROX ARCH GEN PSYCHI AT • We examined the family histories of 68 agoraphobic affective disorder. Shapira et al' have suggested that the patients, 35 subJects with miscellaneous-specific phobias, and presence of agoraphobic symptoms may indicate a liability ten subjects with social phobias. Of the 68 agoraphobic sub- to the development of affective disorder. In addition, they jects, 26 had a positive family history of affective disorder based noted that monosymptomatic phobias and social phobias on our criteria. Five of the subjects with miscetianeous-specific showed no such predisposition. phobias and none of the social phobic subjects had positive Klein and Fink' noted that patients with the agorapho- family histories of affective disorder. The difference between bic syndrome have been described as having a "masked these categories Is statistically significant. Family history of depression." This concept was explained as a "depression alcoholism was found to occur significantly more frequently in overshadowed by severe anxiety." However, the authors the agoraphobic vs the miscellaneous-specific phobic group, but were critical of this view, since they had noted that these not when compared w)tblhg_aoslal photic-group. A-subpoput$= patients were refractory to eiectroconvuisive therapy. in a tion In each phobi,c ca(egory wasgxamtnedJltr p~~t or.res"t rec~ t study, Sheehan et al' also found no evidence for personal depressfve Idnesd ~but{r4o sldtistic i dhlereFce wa~ ~"mlalked depression" among their agoraphobic cohorts. found. The Increased Incidence of affective disorder In first- Investigators at St Thomas' Hospital, London, have dearee relatives distinauishes aooraphobia from other phobic et•aluat,,8 +he usefulness of monoamine oxidase inhibitors
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$!ut 35. 3 f 7-322 (1977) 50256 3061 0 Springcr-Vertag 1977 NOTICE: This materiat may be protected by Copyright Law (fltte 17 U. S. Coae). XXTI MPB9-78 S.P. Zur Atiologie der Thrombozytopenie bei der Vinylchlorid-Krankheit 10 U. Heusermann und H-J. Stutte institut fiir Pathologic dcr. Universitat Kiel. Abtcilung Allgcmeine Pathologic und Pathologische Anatomie, Postfach 4324, D-2300 Kiel I ~Summary. Thrombocytopenia is often one of the first signs of vinylchloride disease. Morphological investibations showed that it is caused by splenic alterations. Besides splenomegaly, there arc significant structural changes in ( r) t~ r the~red pulpl,rords at~gctirs the microcirculation. These quantitative and quaii- tattve alterattons cause increased platelet pooling and increased destruction of platelets, which result in a decrease in thrombocytes in the peripheral blood.
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i L~ i~ ~ tl 4) u t, o ~71b1) v t-ftc ;T v.baa -t) :bt ' d (tta aMo'1 swc-NdzNl dO ittf.dV`d90,LNW0N,9 hILN:f `JJd '3; '3 '=PtC1 i . ?~s?IOZ~V300:'q~ZI'IIgA`IQSN~~ ZLOE 9SZOS ci
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50Z56 3067 ` pyunlrWos.oar V',I. 3. X". R ~. a t 796i b}• Thr Nil:i,mr f WiiLmr Cn. /•nnted nr .a..{, 80 II Ey-80 S.P.. ~pgFECT, VRBALIZA TIUry ~~D DIHECTIU~.~I~ I RACTI~.?~f 4TIt)VO*V` AVT( )\U)IIC RESPU\SES.:". .TOtiEPH J. CA3IP0s oiD HAROLD J. .TOHX,,;;OX Albert Einstein College of 3ledicine, \"eu Fork. Neu, Fork. and Bouding Green Cairersity. Botrling Green. Ohic•] ABSTRACT An experiment was designed to evaluate the effects of pleasantness and un- pleasantness and instructions to verbalize on directional fractionation of auto- nomic response. Degrees of pleasant and unpleasant stimulation were presented to Ss under two verbalization instruction conditions. Something like directional fnctionation was found for the very unpleasant no-verbalization condition only, but the pattern disappeared upon the addition of a later-verbalization requirement. Hore generally, it was found without exception that conditions of no verbalization an accompanied by cardiac deceleration, regardless of degree or of quality of affect, while later verbalization conditio¢i produce cardiac acceleration, again regardless ef de~ree or( ualit~ of ~ect ;Tbe~6uthors conclude that verbalization instructions Kie udpbrtal~~ toitdetermining the degree and direction of cardiac activation.
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AESOP P~i?SOP: A G:;??ERAL FTiRI'0;,r ti?'f'ROAC}i TO I'i;;~'t, 1'i;;, • . ~ U'L'itF~.1 iti:,~.i.SS ~ r , by J. SFiePe1.; J. I:. Su ;ncra, zand ,_ E. ,-, ,.. -.„~,n: r v t l :ia:."l:ii,E}bl:Sc.r r:,i ;G'Ctjg ~ C t 9.a•t 1 i.°i:. .~1_C..a•.. ,a i~ ':liLl •. • .. ` err're:_ 0 ~ () (! ()-1 0240.0 50'l56 3055
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PROTEINS--AFFINITY LABELING/ NUCLEOTIEES/NUCLEIC ACIDS--ENZ Y:~ft3LOGY/ CARBORYDRATF.S--EN'YME SYSTEMS/AMINO ACIDS--ENT.YPiES/' ANTIGENS AND ANTIBODIES/ MethoU/S 2nE"I1tiy7llology SiDNEY P. COLO:•fZCK !4 NATRAv nr• KJ1,^.r.4Ta Volume ~,.'L YI QP 601 Co 1977 EDITED BY . CD T'lrilliant, B. ahoby I NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HE.\LTII DETIIESDA, Df.1RYLkND A1C2T JTT2jdi('~t. TRB NEIZ,%fANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE 1977 R£If01'OT, ISRIF,L ACAD\IIC PRESS Ne„• York San Francisco London A~$ubsijinryl of j;%rcourt Brace Jovnnovich, 1'ublishers _ -,a; ~
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AIR--POLLUTION/CAD`fIU!i/CILIA 6! CILIARY MOTTOX/T ,'HALATI(1N/ ~ 50256 , 3042 549 - GESELLSCHAFT FOR AEROSOLFORSCHUNG (GAF) ' a . Ju ASSOCIATION FOii AEROSOL RESEARCH 1979 _ ASSOCIATION POUR LA RECHERCHE DES AEROSOLS .! c/ In Verbindung mit der / CHEMISCH-PHYSIKALISCHEt1 GESELLSCHAFT V/~OSOts~~OSOts tx actt=riC1%: ,%1cprcM'aiuv i „ ~. t„~EC~~c:Qwc~~~ vAerosole in f~uturwissen~ci~af~t DYNAMICS AND MEASUREM F.NTOFULTRAFINEAEROSOLS Medizin und Technil\ TIIE ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE GESELLSCHAFT FUR AEl:O50LFOKSCt1U\G (GAF) _ Dynamik und Nachweis uitrafeiner Aerosole - ,/ 7Fli feptanbta. tr7. VtcnmAuwia ) . hu %In;1; ce:rtur?•Genent-J GAf. Mu-t'Wnta..tiw4 Di100 MalnL Luttratt 21. routxA JOGO. wat Germay 26. _ 28. S e u t e m b e r 1978, Wi e n L.r--•--~ Gosellschaft tOr Aerosotforschung: Eaq fcar. in the 6tl._!he CcuC.[haA f"r Atr"sotforahunp (Attocia+ron for Arrao! Rt.afth! or{amret s ton:atnct to Minp tote:ha t.-c.+n!..••r4n~ . nh ~trowH: unce th.ry c.~~: !r~n . anow tk'iJ, e(rcaarch .ork ProL Dr. C. Junge - Dr.R.Jaenlcko,MainZ •11!1![IMU!.•Ihtltlrt+nltrNt:\ItlN:Ja'j'.a.lhtT a!EnQtnetfa.P•J:C::•!..fr.)aKnlhO.ha ~!l!Ctna tirianf. MaHol f.t.carchet. G•wtrnrnent Attncit+. IcJu•u- ar-4 o'.ht•a CnJcr the to.x Chemtsdl-PhySikelische Gesellsehaft• •Dfmmi.,a:nl.,e..wrraK'+:afeurarneAee.•,ob".Itiia) or:conrrrrnC~...h.l•tc:e..orOr.o.l•a:n.n~ ~ hom tht Inr.i!ule of 6t!s+.r..~t.l i'h>.ua a+ the Vm.en.y of vtrnna. !IunJuJ anj fory-ua rocnus!t t+um 1: Prof. Dr. M. J. Higut.-berfler - Or. H. PoseSi, Wien talwm n'tl a"d J'vuauJ reccat «sad+t ar..! m.uas cf rnwwl ,ntern!. 1 . Oneo(+htpefa.ta+!.cr.dttneenicnnaf,rh.lprugrtcsmatrwMj..ushurc,u!crlrpre.rmrJtnJsa• t (it:stgeberderTagung'Prof.Dr.O.Preinln ,Wi~n ;"'~IH/na.nlartt111nN(hlDeufif./:ctNto\Nw.thalNetJn.'cIC•tieNnJ+upQCUtWr!hatrOte~ g toM/nWYJ of awed kr :r aar. ! , tfewta other mntem Jn..un le, c on Uhr.nne Par,f.i s Jq.'eJ the Jren fnrnt.t thcx particka on d•t , t! 1 btJtflintOa+KntaseaanAaaowlt.M.tf\cnaJJunntrtatttllru. MI•dc:oet~nuuuapn•rfoa.accr.ror ''a/ 41tMa•ntks!uuJrctonaukawn,Mtrr.c.+halmlhtL<Wofmacrvmtm.nrn..•~•f:m.!unc~<.:0.•ou.hh+stvss . ~ KAie.N. Uw eon.Mnae"n u/ rht tflan. Gum M!h fidJs .dl resu!1 in m.., t ap. J! r.•,'rat tn d t f"'uft. V Is Ihif bsut of the J.wn.al d Aetowt Sa'i.twe. the tclcnJeJ ebnn.n o! !DC rrn:otnct art pvL!.AeJ. h!o!t ; .IaOuralt .efaiona of the to :arJ•wn•n..+l! tic pu!Jnhd to the Confetens Yf..'a...r.tf MCk e.n W, punhasd` I , rtoa the Sarttarry-Geotral of the OAF. 0 10 o 0. 0 0 2. 3 (1 7 =i . ., . . ~ ,.
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f~ i E' ~: (1 t) u U U 1 0 l e..IQsIi'n ':i uloLtuE:7y I pue sIeIbuuaY^ •v u.:o1^ 10, 'sklt.A 'ItlX3W;~JgItax `~;?3 51,~a~ft ~11~~~s~N 33 A1TN1!ay IRI ov ~~ ;~;L ~~ua~a33 (L96T) . t<'T1dI31t~~{3LtTI ~0.~:::~~~9V <~X~U38YAI $O~~i:'~Iitii~3Y S#Lt= Ta bLOE 9SZOS
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, 50256,3079 . II Me -74 THE DETERMThATIO 7 OF FQF2UlLDEH)rDE rNVTfiOt,«.,* 5 ~--- -- _----_.~, 7( ). S 53`6S (1974) .P. • . ~ AND REL.VED COaYOM'DS IN WATER A2iD INDUSTRIAL EFFLUENTS fiey Words: Determination, auto3ated colorinetric cethod, automated fluorometric method, forruldehyde, • carbonyl compounds, vater, industrial effluents, d394faVIP'1(fg6ak Achut V. KulkarniR, Ricky Leung & James F. Ryan Uater Quality Research Division Canada Centre for Inland Waters ' Burlington, Ontario, Canada This-re}.ort describes the autoaatioa of colorimetric and fluoro- netric methods for the determination of low levels of formaldehyde and related compounds in drinking water, natural water and'industrial effluents. The colorimetric method utilizes chromotropic acid ar,d the fluorometric method is based on the reaction of formaldehyde with . a
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50256 3075 L'N7.Y?•iP.S--PU12I):'fCA'CTOT~{'Citi;^T[~ii0~1«'~YIIT(; COFN'LYNQ?S/COFACTOR5/StIGAI; ;/AA;INO ACIDS•-- F.IdQYDU?S j ~';i."r?I)rS/ • - NUCLEIC ACIDS--L'N: YI•1ULC}GY/;'L'C:Lt:U'.l'rnrS/. Qp c 1974 STntiEY P Mclhods in 1%, 60~ Volus;ie o. K:1PLF,`7 i~~~~ i6 ~,tes EJZz.yrrtc I'urfcaEiolr: Part B ~ ; EDITED BY f1'illium B. JUI•nbll SECTION ON ENZYMCS AND CELLULAk HIOCIIEDIISTRY ' NATIONAL INS7TTUlE OF ARTUR(i1S, MLrAHULIi-4, AND Ii1GE5"rIVE UKEASES' NATIONAL INSTITUfES OF IItALT11 . " lETH6SDA, MARYLAND ~, .Meir j'Yildick ' DEPARTMENT OF b1OPN1"SICS 1 - TUti WEIZMANN INSTITUTf•. PP St1ENCF. REIfOVOT, ISRAEL ACADEMIC 1'RLSS New York San Francisco , 11 - 301 . 91~v London 1974 . A Subsidiary of Harcourt lirai-c Jovanovicb, Publishcrs
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50256 3"6 i PZfi_^.S LCX' TS')!:~P+=643 1#FJIWT!1'L Ai;TLG7~ Ci1VDE1.di~::S ifv~ ft ens I2. C. () 1 fi f"I 1') 0 r.1 2 ,?
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- - • ~ ~ 71 Me -74 1rap: cal ProdUcAj institt.:te ..-50256 3084 F'~ R Et ~ l. l" l'v ~ U~bf~ hs*J ePsN t;,=sic 7972 B. U• Jones Trciz'~at Praduccs I;r:titu,c 5G152 Gray's Inn Rozd l.ondon V.'CaY. : LU F-oreign and C:.~smanonweattn Oi f!Ce (UVerSeas DeVelopmen2 Adrnini,tru? ;On) pt, q r° .SrFh'!n ~7p ~-_---,-~ -~.. ; .j: .,... ^ ! f3 tt o i3 (1 ~' ~a ~ ~
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.50256 3054 72 III Ae Automafie, c~ Vitamin C Anaivsis _ `ftt~:S U. fUtschbachcr;and F;. Gicnn Erown cLI~tcAt cHEti~isTRY, vol. ts, No. 9,19n 965 -!o~ An automated meihod of ana!;,sis fcr vitamin C (ascorbi;; acid, denydroascorbic acid, diketo- gulonic acid) is described, in which ascorbic acid as oxidized to dehjdroascorbic acid with Chlor- amine•T and determined by reaction with 2,4-di- nitrophenylhydrazine. Results obtained by auto- mated and manual mcthods agreed within 0.E9 0 for ascorbic acid in liver. By the automated method. So.);'o of ascorbic acid added to tissue homc;en: tes could be accounted for. The prin- cipal dr:,ti•: back to the proposed method is the use of 70°~ perchloric acid, a potent oxidizing agent, to solubit:.-e the osazone. Additional phjas eS Y -rli1 Jre„ th d,pnc Go i g p ~ . ~., j ~ ' • • Avroft,:oly, • ascrnbic 'd,A~l, rr?~Fnsc6l:,icd)ctd,`~ da.ttr,nu?.,;,icc acid •perclrloric ccird uridanl • C1.lcr- uf '2-metlio-.•ethanol (British Drug Houses, Rex- dale, Ontario) and 200 ml of buffer. This solution nnist be made daily. Buffer. This consists of 50 g of citric acid mono- h}•drate, 12 nil of glacial acetic acid, 120 g of so- dium acetate (3 11:0), 3-1 g of sodium hydroxide, diluted %vith water to I liter. The pH is adjusted ". to pIi 6, and the finished buffer should be stored in the culd under toluene. Thiourca. Dissolve 10 g of thiourea iu 100 ml of e,'h.l alcohol:water (1:1, by vol). This reag^:it is not stable f ur more than two months. 2,4-DiuilrophcnyIhydraaine reagent. Dis,olce 10 g of 2,4-dinitrophenrlh.•drazinc in 500 ml of sul- fu ic ecid (1.5 mol/iiter). Filter if necessary and s~~re ~~ a dark glass bottle. PcrcJrloric acid. AnalYtiral gradc 70io per-
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50256 3082 Influence of Aspergillus chevalieri on Production of Aflatoxin in Rice by Aspcrgillus parasiticus K. A. I3oller snd li. W. Schroeder Research Plant Patholorist and Research Leader, respectively, Market Quality Research Group, ARS, USDA, P.O. Drawer I:D, College Station, Texas 77840. In cooperation with the Department of Plant Sciences, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, College Station. • Mention of a trademark or proprietary product does not constitute a guarantee or warranty of the product by the USDA, nor does it imply its approval to the exclusion of other products that may also be suitable. Accepted for publication 5 June 1973. ATzSTRACT f.mail quantities of aftatoxin B, were detected in rica ; inoculatcd with Aspcrgillus parositicus after 14 through 21 days at 85% relative humidity and 30 !o 35 C. Larger .•Suantities of alatoxu, 13, and in addition Ii, , G, , and C, wcre detected after storare at 25 C for 28 days or longer. No allatoxins werc detected at 855a relative humidity, only A.- porasiticus in each of the three temperatures at 100;'o relative humidity.A. noresiticus invaded rapidly but considerably smaller quantities of aflatoxins were produced when rice was simultaneously inoculated with both species at 100r,b rclative humidity. Reduciion in afiatoxin B, ranged from 99% at 25 C, 100% at 30 C, to 0 I n (1 n (i is 2 4 2- 7
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`iUt'.S1: M.11{'::?; .`'T 50256 ,~,l•.?'I,f~'f 3091 ~ ..- ~+ OfTI1- CARC7t•vG'ratiiS_IS - Ll\'1:1'. Z:Uil~;iLl:`.i J ~•iOEL•'1!:ki CP.ACEI:J E . + 1 METHODS IN CANCER RESEAR:,'H Editcd by VGLUME VII HARRIS GUSCt: w ` -- DEPARTMEN? Ot PNiP.%tACULOGY BAYLOR COLi.EGC OF A1r.DICINE NOUSTON. TE7iAS • ACADEMIC PRESS Ncw York London 1973 A Subsidiary of Harcourt Erace Jovanovich, Publishers fl I n o nn C) .' E:0, 6
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50256 3086 hote on Afldtoxani)acomjpesit;.on in the Process of Making Tortilias from Corn University, Collefp Station, Texas 77843 M. ULLOASOSA and H. W. SCHROEDERi, Department of Plant Sciencer, Texas AW TW,/,.c 71e aflatoxins, metabolic products of the mold, Aspergilhus Jlavus Link; are highly toxic to a number of animals and might be toxic to man. Decomposition and removal of aflatoxins from agricultural products has been attempted' (1,2). Fischbach and Campbell (1) reported that temperatures of 300°C. or 4bove were rc ,uired to decompose aflatoxins. They also reported that aflatoxir, extracts treated f or a few seconds with 5% sodium hypochloride lost their fluotescence, and that the reaction products were nontoxic in chick emb.yo bioassay. Dollear and Gardaer` cooked 700 g. of contaminated meal (30% moisture) in ./.%) Sf)(i111ri1 }1VtjT(1Y1fjP• fnr ') hr. n4 im°r 1lnAinvin rnn~nntr~finn ~.~c rn'.'...nn.1 0, 1 n o n n 0 2 4 3 1
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50256 3083 ~ j . ASCORBIC ACID/SMOKING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ MARIHUANA/MUTAGENESIS/AFLATOXIN/TRYPTOPHAN METABOLISM/CADMIUM/ TOBACCO--SMOKE--CADMIUM/tIETALS--TOXICOLOGY/NITROSAMINES/ HERBICIDES/ CANCERT-CAUSATI,QN. B1( CH.F.1`'JICALS/ ORAL CONTRACCPTIVFS/pESTiCID~Sr,TOXICOLOGY/ HYDROCARBONS,'TOXICITYJ -- RA 566 Nutrition and Environmental Health ~9s0 Volume 1 ~~ eS, THE VITAMINS School of Public Health University of Massachusetts A WIIey-IMerscience Publication JOHN WILEY & SONS New York C)%ichester Brfsbane Toronto The Influence of Nutritional Status on Pollutant Toxicity and Carcinogenicity 0 1 n 1) n0 0 2. 4 2 8
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50256 3088 ~.W.,., Charrr-ll?ol. lnlrrnc!!nn_t, 7(1973) 39-50 39 ~,t-Eiswicr3cicnti/ic Pubhshmg Company AmsterdAm--Printed in The Netherlands ,., THE MI:CHANISM OF ACTION OFi,0t:ATCfXIN-A,• ON PROTEIN SYN• ,•. • THESIS; OBSERVATIONS ON MALIGNANT, VIRAL TRANSYORMED AND ' UNTRANSFORMED CELLS IN CULTURE • . ... . ..• . . . . . , ~ . .;~. . • LINDA GARVICAN. F. CAJONE• AND K. R. REES SLJhfM1.RY ....~:r..• t. :`:i. - '.•..,.::....t:>' ! .. •'... . ;t• .. , •.... . .. .. ~. ; ~ . .. (1) Aflatoxin B, was tested against protein and nucleic acid synthesis in a 2iumber of cell lines in culture. . (2) A detailed •investigation was made in CV-1 cells to determine the mecha- nism whereby aflatoxin B, inhibits protein synthesis. •, . . -. (3) Inhib:tion of protein synthesis by aflatoxin B, was not secondary to other changes in. the ccll but was due to a direct action of the toxin on the polysomes. The possible site of its interaction is discussed. 4 I n « n r; o ~). 4 3 3
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. QP 941 Ch 1974 PDDL 50256 3096 r~~TS., ofi "r:ir«c " 9 CMU, Cheng-Chun, 1943- The t]ni.vcrsity of Wisconsin, Ph.D., 1974 Yood Tcchnology University Hicrofilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan ~ i n c~ n n n~14. A
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FAT, .- - -,-'A ~ m~>'s?~?E~ 502156 3078 Air rwrcli p1jrh. Test Genter# Edwards Ail.' FOFC@ Fas--# Gci.lif C :ii:,°i.iac AF'F'~'C fiVZ,iW-,' 3 fox Scycntific anA ".e''£°Gr:r3:' c..:1 "j. Sv TI~~:'.rtr:~~C f,P CiCP.mP.YC4' Va. . . . -~..-....-
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50256 3087 ..._,«a.n..t.~.'.d.+:i::.w.:.,ar,r.:1.,.v.au~:= ..c..:....-~.:.y{.:...~...._:.w:~..--.._-`-~a.:.~+.:~.:..... ......_.....c'..v....k:....~.......~_...~ -..~... il FISIl PR0T1:I.v CONCENTRATE P.'.t?DUCTIO'N/I'P.OTi.T':r STERILI7.ATION/ETIt'i'LENI: OXIDl:/aILK--RACTrRIOLOGY/Sk7r: ;:ICROBIOLOGl / FOOD--2•tICROP.IOLOGY/F:ISCOiiS IN FOOD RF.SF:ARCIt INSTITUTE/ FOOD=-CONTAAtINATIO'1/11AZARDS IN F'OODS/SAI1M0NELLA ASSAY PROC1•;1iURES/ QR 151 Dc'_ A Publication of the Society for Industrial Microbiology AFLATOXIN B1/ 1973 ~'~u ~E.IC.1 ~..1'~1~~Ttsi ~~v .E'~ t.J IN ~.l'~.~USTMAL Volume 14 Proccedings of the Twenty-ninth Gencral lVleeting of the Stacicty for Industrial Microbiology , ... '"`'13e1d at 111inneapolis, hfinnesota August 27 - Scptcnibcr 1, 1972 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF BtOLOGICAL SCIENCES WASHINGTON, D.C. 1973 'Y 1 {s ;1 n o 0
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Wktin ojthe Ary.chnnomic Societp 1yA6, vot. 7(I1.13•.tb 50256 3070 v 80 I I Ey-s~ Affective;' physiological;'and audin S. P. consequences of a~dieric~ presence f,: v..-..... . ...... RICHARD J. BORDEN Purdue Uxiversity, West L4fayette, Indiana 47907 CLYDE HENDRICK Kent State University. Kent, Ohio 44240 and JOHN W. WALKER Purdue University, West Lqlayette, Iwdiarw47907 0 Numerous social facilitation studies have shown that the presence of an audience increases the emission of dominant responses in a variety of learning•performance situations. Extending these notions to attitude change, the effects of audience observation should result in enhanced persuasion whenever acceptance tendencies following a persuasive message are dominant. A persuasive communication which had previously been shown to produce large acceptance responses was presented to male and frmale subjects who were either alone or in the presence of an audience. Contrary to social facilitation expectations, subjects indicated more acceptance of the communication when they were alone. Results of seU report affect measures showed that subjects felt significantly more anxious and hostile when they were being observed. Autonomic measures (heart rate and skin conductance) tended to be unrelated to the audience manipulation, subjects' feeling states, and their attitudinal responses. Apparently, subjects' attitudinal responses were mediated more by competin4 feelings and cognitions, noncompliance tendencies, and rpspoqse nolers~onti~an~rpechsnis~ of ~lnvejor arousal.
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. .. .•.. _ . . _ _ . _ _ DISSERTATIONS---L'NIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN/13I0SYNTHESIS/ASPERGILJXS/ 0256 3095 FLUORIPIETRY/EIIROMATOGRAPHIC AN~',I,YSIS--THIN-LAYER CfIRJ'•tATOGIUUMIY/ QP 941 Sh 1972 2 C. PDDL ~ 1 C. ny CHUN•AWN SHIH A thesis subraittcd in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the dcp.rec of DOCTOR OF PtiILOSOFftY (Food Science-Bacteriology) at the UNIVERSITY oF Htsr_nvtrH 1972 q'r ».n -~C~E.~ ~7jrst%~ ~ J1 /~IP~~
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: 50256 3085 .~ J C7) ~07,:~'Y ~ ----- mngns Y Li C ompiement Activity, Serurn Proteins, and Prof,hroz-n .'11me in Cuinea Pigs Fed Rubrato~in Alone or in Cottlb~.n:~tion with Aflat,6 ", J. L..Ricl:ard, 3"hD;,I. It. Thurston, PhI); C. K. Graham, MS SUMMARY - , activity, serum . The effects of rubratoxin alone and in combination ' time in guine.z with nfiatoxin given orally to guinea pigs were studied. The-con;bination of aflatoxin and rubratoxin given orally for 3 weeks seemed to produce mortality higher than that produced by ivbrator.in alone. Ibtbratoxin given alone r,t a dose level of 6 mg/day suppressed complement activity. All doses of toytins (aflatoxin at 0.01 mg/day ax,d rVbratoxi*j atjlg tu 1Q,mq/fdap) adrniniste~d to ill hClr]V . , ,.._..:.. protein concer.tration3, rjid prot pigs. h/(aterials and Methods Guinea Pags-Female guinea pi;;s weighing bet, Pnd 475 g were randomly allotted to 32 groups of pigs each. Commercially prepared ratinn was ied ter was provided ad libitum throughout the cxlx;ri Assay of Fced--Chloroform cxtracts of a 200- of the guinea pig feed were assayed for n"ato>:in layer chromatography.6 A simila.r sarnple of fccr'
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50256 31" Af lataxir.s, V. 7 1 Palo Altc,, On„r., Anne;.al i ,;..:.~. i''j \,.7!~
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50256 3105 f 4 f CH V Ii MISTRY, ANALYTIC/WATER --ANALYSIS/ ESTROGENS/ AMINS/AFLATOXINS/AMINES, AROMATIC/PESTICIDES/ RC 268 Bo 1979 Carcinogens and Related Substances Analytical Chemistry for Toxicological Research MALCOLM C. BOWMAN Division o/Chemistry National Center for 7bxicological Research Food and Drug Administration /e/%rson. Arkansas MARCEL DEKKER, INC. Ncw York and Bascl . 9 Q ! ~, i o nn n *.! 4 :,0
Page 594: lfb88d00
~~ +~----.~ `'oS.:31:o. 1, Jnnuery, 100, pp. 41-58 , B. Y/.DGIRI,2 VITOD]1:1 REDDY,` ?.S•n., D.C.H., P. .ri. TU!J'U].l:r, ].S.SC:., S. Ci. SRI1:ATiT]A,3 M.B., B.S., D•SC., AND C. CiOPALAl:,d M.D., PIi.D., F.R.C.P.£. . Az .-....~-- ._,Vol ~' 1jh'1~ xNL /.LiCRICLN JOCR%AL or c1-11:/^AL NtTP.rTION /f FIJITOY.IN-CU]:TAMINATBD groundnut rrleal ~~ is known to induce n.arked hepatic c_3amaSc _in various spccics of animals (1-3). ~ ;khe subacute toxic effects of these fungal )SATF:RIAtS AND )dE-MOD5 . Suhjutt. Sixicen paticnts :+•hosc a;c.<rr.r, ,1 fr. 3 months to 2.5 ycars wi;h hi~tologicaily ,,r:r, diagnosis of Indian childhood cirrhosia %%I-rc ..... -......J Tl..... ..•.rn oAn:itir.r; trl t}lr• }Ifh.n41t..
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50256 3104 ANTIFUNGAL AGENTS/ DISSERTATIONS--UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA/ MOLD5/fUNGI/MYGQTOXINS/HERBS/SPICES/FUNGICIDES/AFLATOXINS/ THE INHIBITORY EFFECTS OF HERBS, SPICES, AND OTHER QK .603 PLANT MATERIALS ON MYCOTOXIGENIC MOLDS Az 1981 BY Muftah Ali Azzouz A DISSERTATIO:4 Presented to the Faculty of The Graduate Collcc;e in the linivursity of i:eL•razka In Partial Fulfillrc•nt of P.eqair(.:ents For the Degree of Doctcr of Philo3ophy Major: Food Scirnce and TechnoloEy Under the Supervision o! Profesrar Lloyd B. Puller^ua 0 f) () 0 2 J. <` f 9 Lincoln, Nebraska I Ffay, 1561
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s .. TP FOOD--CONTAMINATION/ A-flatoxint 370 Fr . 1974 AFLATOXINS FORMATION CONDITIONS, PROPERTIES AND IMPORTANCE FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY Eigenschaftew~unaZecieutup.g' fiir die- Bund fur l.ebensmittelrecht und Lebensmittelkunde von 50256 3101 .l 0''o n t l n o H. K. Frank 1974 B. Behr's Verlag Hamburg 4 a • . '{
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50256 3077 • I St'-78_ S.P. STANDPORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL, ~ • ~~ ---~.- 77-179;~ ..e stffluen"~ consumer :" In,1975, there were over 4 million American house- F1LE NO. 77-!79 holds with incomes in excess of S35 000 annually; by 1985, the number in the same income group (in 1975 dollars) will more than double. At the same time, the number of households with incomes in excess of S70 000 is expected to reach nearly 1 million. These affluent con- sumers represent a rich market to business firms that produce a wide variety of products and services such as high-cost homes, financial services, foreign travel, high fashion ap- parel, expensive restaurants, gi;ts, and education (including private schools). Moreover, when real income for the average consumer fell during the recent recession, spending by the , affluent group remained buoyant. This file, specidily prepared for B-i-P, provides a profile of affluent consurr:=rs and their buying habits. The analysis reveals that an increasing propor- tion of upper income consumers in the next ten years will be in the 25 to 45 age range. A large number of these young affluent consumers will live in• families that have two or more wage earners. These double and triple income families will buy time-saving products and services as well as luxury items. (Author: Claire StarrlC)' SRI BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PROG LONG RANGE PLANNING SRRVICF., DATAi.OG FILE T11E AF LUENT CONSUMER by ClaireNStarry, Senior Economist Jtlna 1977 Q t\fl (1 ~1 (l n 2 4 ;? 2 J U
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50256 3093 DISSEliTATIONS--UNIVERSITI' OF CALIFOPNIA, LOS ANGELES/ ~ TUAfORS--RESEARCF;/CANCER--CAUSATION BY AFLATOXINS/CANCER--RESEARCii/ I FOOD--T ~C 1 I ( CA1dTS / 72-2606 RC . 267 El 1971' PDDL . i VL.-/tRRAF,, Amer Eohaened El-Y•aMy, 1940- ,AFtATOXIKVAK It.'VIi~O!('~. S1~,.eEy~ `c~a~,c~ Airo~ _<. S, &"9wzIIMQt7CEDail:40R'SI INIW Ltui.ersity of Ca.lifornia, Los Angeles, 3 Dr,p.K., 1971 Kealth Sciences, public health University Microfilms, A XEftCh(Company. . Ann Arbor. Michigan Oe 197l /U[ER i'•CR)WffiD EL-~'AY.DY EL-AHRAB i T1tiS D;SSGPTATIOV IIAS EEEK HICROFLNED EXACTLY AS_P,ECEIVED j ~~ ~ . . , ~ . , . x~ . . ------- t .
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50256 3100 O-a' ;,,x ,..~ (ilz Persistencia de las '`~afIft;tujo--durante la farmentacion del pozol 7~- w-•.. ~OA1 M. & NsgR-ERA = stence of Aflatoxine during "pozol" fermentation. Rev. lat-omer. .4licro- biol 12:19-25, 1970. Att.stn tt-rs: An investigation was conduced to ob- serve either the persistance or destruction of afla- ito:ins in "pozol" (fermented corn dough used as a basic food by some Indian, groups of the South- eastcrn Mexico), prepared with corn previnusly con. • taminated with a tozicop.enic strain ot .lspergillus flacus Link. both in corn dough inoculated with powl fxom Chiapas, and in corn douph non inoculated. Lt was demonstrated that in both cases the aflato- xdns persist during the whole process of preparation aad fermentation of pozol: even though, during the crtatment ot corn with lime water ("nixtamalizacion") s'Lere was a considerable reduction in the concen- . . I<. . . ~t• .. ~ 11 ~'_: SX . .~'i 0 1 0 {'1 . C1 (! . (~ 2 ~`3 4
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50256 3069 jv;p" of P~+o*~s y pd Social Ptyckotosy 1971, Vol. 17, Iio. 3, 308-313 AIV XEII~QTI.Or1L;~RESPbI~SES AS A FUNCTION OF 80 I I Ey-8l OTH~I~~-PERSON'S: GAM VYC~dPERATIVENESS S. P. IWA TA'O-PERSON G.NiE . CHRIS L. gLEINSE' sxn PAUL D. POHLE\' Cloremont Men's Couga The InBuence of context upon attitude toward a gazing person was investigated by having 50 male undergraduates play a Prisoner's Dilemma (PD) game with a confederate whose gaze (constant gaze versus no gaze) and cooperativeness (100r"c cooperative, 90c/-o cooperative, 100;'~ competitive) were manipulated in a 2 X 3 factorial design. The first part of the study found that subjects' ratings of the con- federate on liking and partner preference were significantly affected by the con- ; federate's cooperativeness (100(7o and 90°Jo cooperative generally chosen above 100c,,-b competitive) but not his gaze. Significant Gaze X Cooperation interactions i occurred for subjects' self-ratings on friendly-hostile and cooperative-competitive ; scales, with subjects in the 1U0~'o competitive-gaze and 100rJo cooperative-no-gaze groups seeing themselves as friendly and cooperative and subjects in the 1U0;'o eompetitive-no-gaze and 100~J'o cooperative-gaze groups giving hostile and com- petitive self-ratings. Although subjects in the 1o competitive-gaze condition rated themselves as cooperative, their actual PD game behavior was highly com- t petitive. A second part of the study supported Kendon's notion that gaze and ( emotional arousal are functionally related by showing that subjects in the gaze 1 condition had significantly higher heart rates than subjects in the no-gaze condi- 1 tion. In addition, heart rates for all subjects decreased significantly during the course of the experiment. Explanations are given for results, and suggestions are ~ 1~ m ie for~ ture~taa~h. ,1 ~
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.~ 50256 3097 . II. Tie-7 6 jl ;. S.P. Manuf. Conf. 55(1)22-43 (Tan. 1.75) ~~'c;M~~i~~ . A7 ~.' NJamu(acturi»~_,Yl'cauut Pi•oclucts to Compl~- with FDA .. l1~~atozin Rc~;ulations The fr,lluccin, m•c «lJS~lt•rrcts• of >>criJC~r.s"l~rc•senlcd. Associations, 1Vcrltrrsrl«y, Dcccrrt/JCt 4, 1974, q! Iltc sc~nin«r sJJattsot•crl lJt! Ilr', \'rtlinnul Pr,rr Frtll cn,Jies of «ll I1«pCrs ptcscrttcr! rrl tltis Scrrt- +ttrt Coct;IC!l in Cc))t%UJlclirlll lCllll."~(ItlrllTrll Con- irt«r tcill hc «c«ilahle llrr•cJttt;h tlrc \'ntirJrt«l ~CC:IicJJll.rsrntrl Peanut htrtlct• .1lrrnir/«cltn•crs Pc«rttrt Cvtcricil. FOOD SAFETY: A kE('ULATORY AND LEGISLATIVE OVERVIEfa By Charles Feldberg, CPC lnternstional Inc. PROPOSED TOLERANCE FOR AFLATOXIN IN PEANiJTS By John R. Wessel, F.D.A. kFLATOXIN RESEARCH: CURRENT STATijS AND OUTLOOK By Charles J. Kensler, Arthur D. Little, Note: Abstvacts of several other papers are in this pamphlet. ..>r . ~ ae.r•~ ~ ow_ ~'r4Z G~ n 0 il 2 ~!~ ?,
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QK 617 Ch 1975 2c. PDDL 1c. - 50256 3109 /FUNGI/ AFLATOXINS/ Molds, Wushrooms, and Mycotoxins Clyde M. Christensen Regents' Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Minnesota University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis 0 1 . ) I 1 0 c I f / `r'. 4: :=i a
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50256 3110- AFLATOXINS /*fYC0T0:iII:S /ASPRRGILLUS/OCIiRATOSINS/P1:I.ICILLIU.'f/ CARCINOCENIC SULSTI!.NCI:S/ _ r(YG, ,~ T .~ ~ I^~'r _ _ _ ' _. ~ Editcd by Afex Cicgler ..L/L//~~~//~ ~~~•(r-~' ~T, 1~, ~f/~" ~ G! ~/' - NorRern Rrior.at Rescarch Laboratory _ Agncultural kesc,,tj Service VOLUMe V! Uoited Sutcs Dcpanment of Agriculturs FuNaAL Toxtws~ *~"•° 1971 ..... ® ACADEMIC PRESS • NEW YORK AND LONDON ~ P:ori.:, 111irois Solomaa Kadis Satnucl J. Aji Research Laboratories ^loat Einstcin !•tedical Ccn;cr Phila.lclphia, Pennsylvania Q ~ C? Il fl ti () ~?
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50256 3111 BOTULIS'i/CLOSTRInIUP1 P(1TULIN[,1i/YF.~T/VI:;tTSES/AFLATOXIrS/ , QR 115 De 1976 2 C. . PDDL 1 C. FOOD M11CR&3IOLOGY: PUBUC HEALTH AND SPOILAGE ASPECTS Edited by MARIO P. DEFIGUEIREDO, Vice President of P.cseerch and Development National Portion Control Chicago, Illinois and DON F. SPLITTSTOESSER, Professor, Cornell University 1 , New York State Agricultural - Experiment Station Geneva, New York THE AV! PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. WESTPORT, CONNECTI CUT L f s A---~- n C) n C) 0 2 (4 '-) b N 0 i
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i IP Me-14 - 8esidue Reviews 41, 13-54 (1972) - 50256 3099 ' S.P. W. M.. Y . . . . . . .... . .~""~:`~iAiiW;Tt; rG I By BEnxAnn I-i. At<\inrieat?* Contents n.ek Far s~111~r .i1 r.• • I. Int roduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 ,, . .) ~~. .~ IL Agricultural commodi :es from plant sources . . ..... 15 a) Contamination l:Ves in oil seeds and nuts .......,15 b) Contar•.unatlcn levels in grains . . . . . . . . . . . 21 c) Contamination leve's in other crops . .... . 24 III. Lflatoxicosis and tissue residues in products from economie animals . 25 a ) Poultry . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . 27 b) Swine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 e) Sheep . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . 33 d ) Cattle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 o ) Fish . . . . . . . • 35 IV. Residues in nroeesse3 foods . . . :it3 i a ~ .1
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50256-3108 . I TP 370 Ch 1973 FISHING IA`DI:STRY/SALMONELLA/5;k,.'~iTATION/AFI,AT!?XI~z S/~iTATION/AFI,AT!?XI~zS/ DISEASF.S--t~I.CR~ORGA*,ISrS~,/TGXICANTS--FOOD/riICRGBIOi.OGY /S--t~I.CR~ORGA*,ISrS~,/TGXICANTS--FOOD/riICRGBIOi.OGY/ ' A~~I CP.~D ~ ~~~. 5 ,~~=~ T Y F88p: =Af UNf626U4Y~ OF NRODUCTS Edited by H'51lES!-DIRX.,'r,SOAND PESTS/ FOOD, FROZEN--MICR0EI0LOGY/ __ C. 0. CHICHESTER H. D. GRAHAM Drpartmrnt of Fax! - Science Depatntent of Dairy and Food Science end Resource CF.ernistry University of .Ccskatcheaan 1'nireraity of F•hodc lslond ' Saskatoon, Saslcatchewan, Ca+wda F:ir.gston, Rhode Islar.d -_~ •1873 ACA nl:: SIC Pi.1:SS Ncw Yor~- and Lor,don . ~J .. . . . .~~ {~ s~ . {~ ..f.~ ..~ E.
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50256 3107 ript Reproduction AFi.ATOXI:VS/CIlRO%tATnrRRPHIC ANALYStS--I.If)Uti) CIIRO~TATOGRAPI1Y (HPLC) / FOOD-'-ANALYSIS/RI:VF.RA(;ES/SOYBEANS/ANTIi(1CYANINS/A."tADOR-1 Cf)MPnUNms/ FLAVORANTS--ANALYS S/ /pROCF.EDINCS OF ArlSY"i°OSLU`'! ON THE ANALYSIS OiY FOODS ANT) rI:VT:P,ACES BY IIPLC, held in Honolulu, Ilaaaii, April 1-6, 1979/ TP 370 Ch 979 A(:ADEMIC PRESS ~ LIOt.JID CHROI~ ~~-rOaT-?l-pHjC ~'~1S O~ FOOD AND ANALBtL. V,t_.Rl""'.GES New York San Francisco London '1979 A Subsidiary of 1 furcourt Brace Jouanouich, Publishers _.~ .___ - ._:. ..r,~..... ..__.~._.~ C Volume 1 Edited by GEORGE CHARALAMBOUS Anheuser Busch, Inc. Technical Center St Louis, Missouri F. ,
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256 3120 COUMARINS/C1101.ESTEROL/CAP.RAGF.ENANS/RESERPINE/nrLATOXINS/ANTI-UIOTICS-/ SAFROLE, ISOSAFROLE, & DIIRYDP,OSAFROLE/TANNINS/ALKALOIDS--TOXICITTI:S/ PYRROLIZIDINE ALKALOIDS/ CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHE,*fICALS/ , RC 267 In 1976 7ARC b10D]OGRAPFI.S CN TfiE EVALUATION OF THE CARCINOGFNIC RISK CF CfiFMICAIS TO Ng1N: -Sane naturally occurring substances Volume 10 This publication represents the views of an 7ARC Working Group on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man which met in Lyon, 7-13 CCtober 1975 Q ~ t 1 /'! (l f t 0 2 .4 k') .1i
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~ 50256 3112 ~'.~ ,.:_.. ~_._._ ...._ .. . ._ . .,.. ~,. _._._....._ ,. .._ _Y ~_.__ _. . . . _~_ _~....... AER01'.IOLO(;Y/AIR--POLLUTIONr-RESI:AP.CI( /DI St: AS I:S--MICRO(1RGA'dISVS /1,7 OSYNIII'ES IS / VIRUSES--BIOLOGY/WATER--POLLVrION/INSECTICIllI:S- :IICROBIAL/ANTIBIOTICS/AFLATOXINS/ QR 151 Dc 1974 ~=11-, A Publication of the Socicty for lndustrialllficrobiology PI'.::ONS---TOXICI'[it/ D,~VE~!'1 J=. .( 7~N 1i. ..: Jt-1 `t , Procccdi gs of,th ~ , INDUSTi'ddAF, Thirtieth Gcneral Mecting of the r Socicty for Industrial Microbiolog}' MICROBIOLOGY AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES WASHINGTON, D.C. 1974 Hcld at Evanston, Illinois August 19-24, 1973 y .
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50256 3113 _.... _,~.-. .. -.._.... -.... PESTIC~'.DF::;--DETik;lriv'ATI-ONITO::ICO(.OGY-~-:;tiRO:-A7L~GP.APIiFGi ~T?iC:.'S/ .. i !Zn CHRO.lATOG2tAPHIC. MA!YSIS--[:f1,:~iICAi. CO'R'OL' XDS/ \i.TIt0SAKi.~;7:;/ ~i 2?Ij Fi FOOD--AL~DITIVrSr-A:7ALYSIS/Ab'LATOXINS/1`tYCOTOXINS/CYCLA.?~,T~:S/ ~ 72 DKUGS-- ~(1 Y S C'E~VC~:R=-CAtiSATIO;~'/T013ACC0--SMOKE--NIT::OSA?•tIrES/ ~ ~ CHRO~T~t Ld . ~ 1'HY O1', ;:'qVI1ZOIv'J~1ENTAF. HAZARDS • RCINOGENIC ~ ~s ~ iOBACCO--CP SUBSTA::C S . . E VOLUMEI LAWRENCE FISHBEIN CARCINOGENS, MUTAGENS AND TERATOGENS -- Chlef, ARal,vtical & Synthetic Chunistry Bianch, Natlonal Institutc of £nvironunental Health Sciences, Research 7riangle Park, N.C., U.S.A. Adjunct Projcssor of Entomology-Toxicology, North Carolina State Cri:iversity, Raleigh,%:C., U•SA. - ELSEVIER PUBLISrIING COMPANY .AAZSTERDAM/LONDON/NEW YORK 1972 .. . . - ry Y 4L, %.4 r 0 ~ na ti;) u 2..ij .8
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50256 3129 i OR ,q 4 Ro Aflatoxins, v. 1. ::0,33, A. H. (Cd. ) ADVANCES IN M.ICi'.OBIAI. PHYSIOTLOGY, edtted by A. H. P.os3~ ana J. Y. Wilk.rtson. v. 1- 1967-- P:r?g York ,.....-_--...-.... . , _..,.~.___.._ 0 ~ (1 E)
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59256 3102 QJ l 203, Am 1973 /HTCROSCGF''r; At7U FI?'~(',T/ Nl!'"RTT:LO.^' / /TRnMP, r'FF:TTS / AFLA'POxT:aS/ t2:L1:CTR0?v AN;ERICAN ASSOCIATION 01~' FP'ED VICROSCOPISTS TWENTY--FIIZST ANNUAL MEETTN-G OFrICIAL PROCEEDINGS JUNE 10 - 15, 1973 TC-ticl !.i\' SY_p111l!r -370 -S1i1 wil!-e J FSill, Sery.-','re.:surer P. 0. :107 1312 .Fstcs Yu^k, Colorado CO$17 0 1 9t o tl (_) i) 2 (z E44 7
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TP 50256--31 25 : 370. Aflatos:iaS In ~ clnCe.zk.aeiona.t =;nca•rrGloppw1A of i:'lG 53. Pargzzon Psr= bir:K York i ; - ~ [~ Ed n (e ~
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0256 3122 (/' ~1,..~:~ :n r RJR CLASS NO. PA.~~fP1iLE'T 72 X Lo Louria, D. B. (New Jersey Coll. Med.-Dent., Dep. Pub. Ilealth-Prev. Med., Newark, N. J., U. S.) i S:YCO'i'OXIy:;S A'iD :f1'COTO:;ICOSES. Ar`LATOXIN-LIKE SL'DST L:CES IN TODACCO. Ann. ParaEit. tlzu;.. Corp. 46 (No. 2) 172 (1971) (in English) *I:eywoxds:* aflatoxin B-2, cured, constituent. % *1972, tdo. 1, W 32* il3rki. QjTonp~cj0 c.~emji trp)' 7
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50256 3124 QR 115 Aflataxin•S Ma j '.y~ i~ r.fii • .r rln..+rY Tn . ,.P ~+ ty R .._ nxjnS; PoPers Pre:sentt04 Ftt tha SYr+foSfv,nv:i Allc1-oblo1• 71~Xrns heTd ct the hTe~?~St7 r!4c tf"a ArCr ic6,1 cheMiC;c~ ;~4ci.r'ry, yC,ltk,~ 'C'erC, by Matc1a5. R, ;;l.y anJ G. h'. Wcg4n . ht~ssPChu ~%°rT I~~'~t~ 1'cch,:~l.n qy 0 1 t~ ~~ r~ :~ ~j 2 1~ ,, 9
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.j 50256 3106 -+ POLYC1iLORINATEI) BIP1ll;NYLS/POIICIIIAP.ItIAT1:D TGRP11C~tYJ.S/A1•'UATOXI"?S/ PESTICIDI:S--TOXIrOLOGY/ III Me9-74 S.P. • 6 BULLETIN OF ENVIRONMENTAL C0:1TAAfINATION Ah'D TOXICOLOGY, 10, (No.2) August 1973 Springer-Verlag ; . New York, N. Y. _ .Table of Contents ~ A NOTE ON SERUM, p.p'DDE AND p.p'DDT RESIDUES IN PERSONS TAKING SUSTAINED ORAL DOSES OF VITAMIN f3s - by h1. Watson, B. Pharaoh, J. Gabica, and W. W. Benson ....................::..:... 65 OXIDATION OF POLYCHLORINA.TED BIPHENYLS BY ACHROMOBACTER pCB by M.Ahmed and D. S.Focht .................................................... 70 RESIDUES OF MIREX IN CHANNEL CATFISH AND OTHER AQUATIC ORGANISMS by H. L. Collins, J. R. Davis, and G. P. Markin ...................................... 73 . .. .. , . . HYDROLYSIS OF EXPLOSIVES IN SEA WATER ' ~ by J. C. Hoffsomrncr and J. M. Rosen ............................................. 78 DETERMINATION OF POLYCHLORINATED ©IPHENYL (PCt3's) RESIDUES f IN GRADES OF PULP. PAPER AND PAPEr:GOARD ' ( by S. I. Shahied, R. P. Stanovick, 0. E. f.1clnturff, and E. -.•~T..~..- wv..~ ~.- . . _~ _._ ~._. , ._ .. _ . . . . . I 9
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Page 621: lfb88d00
CANCCA--CAUSA,TION BY AFLATOSKIN/- AFLATQN IN•;C- A, CJI~O.GEN,ES)S~x 1NH1 BITiflN'OFt-tVLR~,CANCRR _JNDUGT1ON:;N3HYPOPHYSECTOM IZED RATS r . by /n!. .l. Cancer: 4, 422-429 (1969) C. Ni. GOODALI and W. H. BUTLER ~ Nalional Cancer Research l.aboratories, Unirersity of Otago, New Zealand, • and ' - Intact and hypophysectomi.ed ntale rots were fed aflatoxin at a dose (4 Jtg/g ilt diet) sufficieut to produce liver cancers in a/l of the 14 intact rats surriring 49 weeks. Fourteen L•}poph}'sectonli_cd rats also survived t/ris latciN p't•riod, but no lirer tttmors were induced although the animals received aflato.rin at a higher rate than the intact control animals. tlowecer, tumors of e.etrahepatic tissues-particularly of the retro- orbital lacrimal glands-were induced il1 the h}poph}•sectomced rats. The selective blockade of h.patocarciuogenesis bv h}popht•sectonty previously known with aniilroo_o dyes and Jiuorenamines is therefore extended to a new class of che'micals, the a/latoxins. Dirisian of Oncology, Chicago :1lcdical School, Chicago, Ill., USA _ ~,,,,_.jlJC.e,~!v~e~etrd~tJ~al.nflnm~lq.en:qi;nranirr.IudttrAf+nligwr t;vntiarl~bCtpr.c_hreMPti/!~~':ft~'t'~_ w'q
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50256 3133 I I k l AFLATOXINS/ FAO FOOD AND NUTRITION PAPER XX UnG6-80 perspective on vfnycotoxins selected documents otah. Joint fao/who/unep conference on mycotoxins Mid In nairobl, 19-27 september 1977 ' Wnda Ih. spomor.hrp or the food and agriculture organization of the united nations the world health organization _ the united nations environment programme FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION Op`WESGNITED NATIONS - Rome 1979 0 U 2 4 7
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. TOXZG,'SUB.S'iA21CES/AI`LATOXINS/TOXICOLOGY/CA*iCER--CFtUSATION BY AFLATOXINS/ ~ Edited by L I. F. H. PURCI-IASE IN HUMAN HEALTH The Proceedings of a.s~yr~posium held in Pretoria from 2nd to 4th September 1970 under the auspices of the $.outh African Medical Research Council with collaboration of the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. SYMPOSIUM ON MYCOTOXINS MACMILLAN - lq'71 A a
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y_....:_ • 50256 3121 CANC):R--T:TIOIAGY /CANCI;fi--?:NDOC:;;'LNOLOC:'t'/CAtJCrI:---COi.LF.C'II,D? S•707:KS / CANCI:);-•-CAUSATIOi:--)3: EN~'Ir0?-ti; ~~:NT.~1., 1'A'CTLT:S/CAX-C:)t--Iilti(T)'aOiY/ CANCL'R---VIROLOGY/ARLATORINS/- ~ ,tYlQRU5 tiEALTli ORGANf2A110N Z6~CIq IrITERNf:t•IONAL AGENCY FOR R.ESEARCI•I O:•I CANCEF. ~ AND .1473 ; JOHN L. FOGARTY IN'r!.RNATIONIAL r.L)N-r;:F; OF TfIE NAT)ONAL lI`'S1 I 1 UTL•S J}• HL•AL7 H USA HOST _ ir~wI:r.O~T~~~r,NT k".'f j2-~T r", RACTZGNS 1I--I THE ET~OS~OG~' QF i • CANCER IN MAN Procecuings 0/ a meeting held at Prirrsoitcn, Yugosl.rvia, 27 August - 2 ScptcmGcr 1972 . cDtrou R. DOLL ' I. VODOPIJA TECfWrfAL LUI7OR FOR IARC W. DAVIS ,~ARC Scicr~jfic PublicationsxNo. 7 F4~artY~lnturnational CFentcr ~'r_ocecdings o• 18 INTERNATION/,T. AGENCY FOR RESEARCH ON CANCER L,,YON . L 0 n n n () ~973'~ ~I ~' © ,,.,,.. _ ;.~w •~.; . . . , .. . - .
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fe 50256 3130 0 BIODEGR.'~DATION/AFLATOXINS/~ NITROSAMINES/f .,'• POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS/ RC 268 ® ~. S 1 I980 M. W. Slein and E. B. Sansone t 5, : ~S m C a- ~ 4 ~~~~~~0 V~v ~n 3 _ Frederick Cancer Research Center Frederick, Maryland ~ 1 C3 I o n o t l 2 ~ Environmental Control and Research Laboratory ® An Annotated Bib8iogrraphy VAN NVSI FiANU KLINhULU GUMF'ANY NEW YORK CINCWNArI ATLANTA OALLAS SAN FRANCISCO / ' IS LONDON TORONTO MELBOURNE • ~ ...Jy._. 7
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. 50256 3115 MUTAGE't'ESIS, V.I & II/CANCER--CAUSATInN BY CHEMICALS, V. I & II/ DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID, V. I & II/~:UTACENESIS, V.I & II/N1TCL^IC ACIDS, V. I & II/ FUNGAL TOXINS, V. I/Ai'J.ATO:{I*7S, V. I/:"1INES, ARO:I&TIC, V. II/A."tIDES, V. II/ POLA'CYELIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBON METABOLITI:S, V.II/CARCIP:OGENS, V. I & II RC 268 Gr 1979 Editor Philip L. Grover , Chestcr Beatty Rcscarch Institut Institute of Cancer Research Royal Cancer Hospital London, England , -~ ~ ~ ~ f I i 1 (1 v o Chemical Carcinogens ~. ~ ~~ NA ~ Volume I ) Volume II CRC PRliSS, INC. Boca Raton. floridr 33431 ~ e
Page 627: lfb88d00
. 50256 3118 • 0• t , • TOBACCO--LA«--FRANCE/TOBACCO-- T.AWf-FI*TLANi)/ ~ CANCER--RLAT)DrR/ASBP.STOS/S•tOY.TNG AND HEALTH/' ' TOBACCO--SMOKING -HEALTH EFFF.CT/Fn00. c'ARCiNOGENS/; FOOD--COLORS--CARCIHOGF.NS/AFT.ATOXtNS/PESTICIBF.S--TOXtCOLOGX/ '"WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION I V INTERNATIONAL AGENCY FOR INSTITUT NATIONAL DE LA SANTI , RESEARCH ON CANCER ET DE LA RECHERCHE MEUICALC RC 267 In 1979 0 EDI fORS W. DAVIS & C. ROSENFELD YIARC Scicntific Publications No.23 {/fNSERM Symposia scrics Volume 74 t?. CARCINOGENIC RISKS STRATEGIES FOR INTERVENTION RISQUES CANCEROGENES STRATEGIES D'INTERVENTION `"Proctedings of a5ynrposium organi:ed by /ARG a.ra r Institut Nationar ae !a Sante et de la Recherche Mcdica/e (National Institute of Health and Medical Resecrch), held at the lnternationaf Agencyjor Research on Cancer, Lyon, France, 30 November - 2 December 1977 INTERNATIONAL AGENCY FOR RESEARCH ON CANCER LYON I- A 1719 a
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50256 3134 RC 267 Un I t Aflatuxins. J. 9. F:i:..-.!: er• Tws.t, ~...~t.i:..r,c. .: r' n ~+1. S• {>ut~f{G hlsJtilj S~~Y'~ci N-; io~t.~~ Wysit; ngto;t, D. +;. t .. •.,- _ . . ." i 0 ! o t s no 0 'e' ~16 -' 9
Page 629: lfb88d00
50256 3137 ~ TP Aflatoxins. z 631 Wo J wOgFLn= 1io (Etia ) ,~ t•L''CCTCI° :i:S rN r C; y?''t?:f FS, Fxoc ee3ir~;a o.f a S`/1P:vv°'i-iLr[." h°i :~ t:3: TLi.~'~F£.ChUnettr,~.~ ii.Tl.'Z:it.UtiPe of ! 14"6) j ;aj:.'. ~ 1' .. •......,v~~ u ~C Gl !:('chCr'7~',
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1__ 50256 3135 - METALS--TOXICOLOGY/ c CANCER--cAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/AFLATOXINS/VINYL CHL.ORIDE/ CADMIUM/ iCANCER--CAUSATION BY METALS/ASBESTOS/ FfRSTNNUAt REPORT Rc ON,6ARCINOGENS JULY ie8o r. 261 Un 1980 V Pursuant to Section 301(b) (4) of the Public Health Service Act as Amended by Section 202, PL 96-t322 VOLUt,4E .I , VOLUME II Department of Health and Human Services Prepared by ~~National Toxicology Program ~ U.S. Public Heatth. Service . 0 I n r~ t~ c~ ca ~ ~1 ~, n
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c t7 Z: (.) U: U t' U I ~ rl-0-1z3a Ef3C 0`6t owJp •YMiLNmm v `v.lsa,ji.lf• svXxo3et3b
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50256--31 28 RC 117 A:a 1976 fD&- FOOD-•-CONTATtINATNTS /AFLATOXINS /FO(:D--AtICROB]'nLOGY/ CANCL'R--CAtTSATIOD' BY AFLATOXIN/ASPERCIi.Li1S/FiiNGI /OCHRA!'OXI':IS/ CIIT'MI STi:.', ANAi.YTIC/ ~ Z~~~iC~~a~ir~.s and Otbe~.~ .~~~~n~aI ~ Relave-d Food Pz oblems Joseph V. X'.odriclis, T?DI"TOR 1'ODr, Qy1lj nYir~ ~l~9I1Z911J1T.?11091 A~,;mposii:ni shor~sored by the Division of A~ ricultural and roo;i Chemistry aythe 168th , rleetin- of the>:'imc:rican Chemical Socictl~, Atlantic C:ity, N.J., ScPt. 11-13, ] 97 -1.. o i n r) n c) ta AD\'ANCES IN CHEMISTRY SERIES A.J.1ER1 CAN CHEM ICAL SOCI ETY WASIi INGTON, D. C. 1476 _- JC_ I U-y 5 Y. .- .. ,.r-*.... . ..r-.- - .,. •.eI . «..7 „ r 1 a
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QP 551 Wo 3c. 1Cflatoxirg ~ ~ 50256 3138 ~. ).'1:O!'EY?: IiESOURrESr A rY..,-.,,.~r,.`,~a by tI~!c ~.S3V!t•.<C.: oi ~1^i o .' .~ r :.5-":1 HoLti:?., c,S.' tl3o Sc : ....cii.i`LJ.v l:.~l.fL No G !_.. .. 'f; '~ ~ , ..~, .. ' ... ~1 t ' ~ ! () ts tl t~ i~ <. -~ , ~. •
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!:af ~ T? _ 3370 ;sy I t l?.. L,, Aflatoxia:: 50256 3131 ; WSMI O~' r;,~f : ~ T< PC-1n T0 ,TCNM, 156th „.., . . , ~te .~ti!...r ~~ .. ..t:ar ..,. .'•.•~..i ., •.,. yz nri.. ~n'',: tl:: .~~..': . C. 0 1 f~ n n ( t i i ' r", 7 6
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50256 3143 h FOOD--CONTAMINATION/ TP 370 Fr .Aflatoxine 1974 APDATOXIHS;:. Q~;.THE,. FOOD ~ FORMATION, CONDITIONS, PROPU'P.IF«S, -APtD-. IMPORTANG&j INDUSTRY Bildungsbedingungen, Eigenschaften und Bedeutung f ur die Lebensmittelwirtschaft Bund fur Lebensmittelredht und Lebensmictelkunde von 0 0 2 . H. K. Frank 1974 B. Behr's Verlag Hamburg
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, , ~_.. , 50256 3098 ;. M}•coPat!I o!obi;t ct MyCO!. .o;;i:MaPi'1c Vol. SS, :S~~,t Pa^_'_'3`.1-_'GGY I_ f7 i l I l Me-7 4 I . , A"QUA'k,it, f E. B. LILLF1fOJ, R. D. STUI:F?•LEi'IELD, G. M. SIiA\\o\ ~ O L S ' G . . HOT\5 ELL AnStRACT ln liauid eu!tures Srowing and stationary phase cel!, of z7areblc::ririm auran- /iaeu»: \RItL I:-1S4 eliminated af?atoxin Mr. Toxin conccntraHon:of I•iEc^Iml and g ~I, ~ca; 17.LEzVml interfered with bacte:iai ^rowth, and at the h~!Zher k:\cl 4.1 p retno.•ed from t!;e gro•a'th medium b, a milli;ram (dry wei;ht) c.: bacteria. To::in was completely removed from the' liquid mcdium by iucubating 3 X 1410 restfng eells per milliliterwith S fi;;rnl of a''.a.osin tih for 4 h. :ttemnt+:d recovcry of Nfi frorn cells folloNcin, incubation of the l.:cteria.rith the to:vrv dcmen;rrated th:,t the • • Dtr was essentially nonextractable. Racterial cells a!zo removed ailatoxm Mi from toxin-contaminatcd milk. . ~ ALLCROFT and Co•,vorkers (1-4) and nFTo-\GH et al. (10, 11) found h}•droxyiated aflatoxin derivatives ih the r:lillc of co«'s fed _ --__ ..- .. ...._,.-....___ _.....__ , _.._. . -. _......_ .... .. ........ _, .._._.............,_<. ;> 7' 7G
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50256 3139 ASPERGILLUS/FOOD--FnGAL SPOILAGE/: ./CANCER--CAUSATION-F>Y AFLATOXIN/ TUMORIGkNESIS--ANIMaL/MYCOTOXINS/ DEVELOPMENTS (N FOO[) SCIENCE 1 RC 116 He 1978 0 , .~ • ~~ Qoad/ ~ea~: ENV The University, Sallord J.G. HEATHCOTE, Dip. Ed. (Manc.), B.Sc., Hons. (Manc.), Ph.D. (London, King's College), D.Sc. (Manc.), F.C.S., F.R.I.C., The University Reader in Biochemistry, and J.R. FIIBBERT, 13.Sc., Hons., Ph.D. (Sait l.ecturer in Biological Sciences, Glanchester Polytechnic, Manchester ELSEVIER SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING COMPANY Amsterdam - Oxford - New York 197° I a 0 1 7 r~ ~ ij U 1 ~ c; ~
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50256 3? 5'
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502-5b 3127 - ~."i3.J.~ •_.....c~ ~l."r~ 1NU4..:+V.... ..u...ai- i.iJl....rL..... . .. u.....:.Sf.nr~`..... . i ~ ~ '- - MeF (1970) S.P. ":Aflatoxins. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Research and Product Development Departments, Science Information Division ADDITIVES, INGREDIENTS. INCLUDING UNDESIRABLE CONSTITUENTS AND OTHER. D 370. CONTAMINANTS & OTHET: I'tiDES IRABLL' COMPONENTS, by R. J. F.rynolds 1'obacco Co., Research and Product Developraent Departments, Science Information Division, and LeRoy Meek. 1970 A collection of material Winston-Salem, N. C.. .: -.- ,,. • • () .~ 4 7 ' 2 a
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HG 2051 Mi 1977 5025f-31.48 AGRICULTURAL C DIT AND FINANCE IN~FZ~RICA'': ~ by Leonard F. Miller 1977• The Rockefeller Foundation J r a
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. .-5a-ZI.r.TiZ.J'.._J CiEP _Z°I -Z~ E~AIttT 'T t' ^^,' DIRECTORIES, INTERNATIONAL/SOUTH A.*iERICA/AFRIWASIA /ELTROPE/AUSTRIA/GF.RW4:~,'Y/ BELGIUM/DFXMA.QK/ GREAT BRITr113tIITALY/NETHEFtLANDS/*30Rh'AY/StJITZERLAND/U.S.S.R./ REF Handbuctl Handbook Verbande und World Guide Q der internationalen of International Gesellschaften to 123 #~a Dokurnentation Documentation der Scientific '. 1974 und Information and Information Wissenschaft Associations Band 13 Volume 13 Veriag Ookumenta6on - Pullach bei Munchen 1974 ~ t Ausgabe 1"` Edrtion 4 ~ ! 0 (1 7 (~ U ;~.
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5025'6 3155 r C00:U50OKS-•-A'.Tz CA/ i d . ~ ~.J /i hv Lau,_r.a; v: n der. `r,( o:[r r:Dcl tlr; TI:•`-.IF-LIFE BOOKS pl:C,iobr;,p c-I S..cd a, d Richard Jeffery 772dG•LS"r1 !'.:XJLS, L:C':Y YORK V . [ ; u n o
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50256,3159 u6wiSfn~\o wis~a:~: )~• 1 Jan ~ . , . : . ,. . . . . . _~ _ - . . 0 1 (.)() nf; o2a O3 } i a I h .
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50256 3151 i Ref . ~Q : 123 jHa Africa--Libraries--Directories £; u. a 'r_UMIiUC:i L'W:Z TIECF:"1ISCHEN M:Clr^:`::".; T-T_C:a L'ID BA,tiD HIY:,Lt37HyKSAD~~Sfi~JG i~ TEIL 2e .~. L BU •Y4lqlcph;11 .~r. Z. ~i.Lsi Vr flJ':1~.SSLJ uL tf1.. P.:» t .;; # L4JT':.=1.Gas ~ ~ i! !~l ,) i , i)
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50256 31-32 II Me-78 r00D--CARC.INOG}:NS/CANCER--CAUSATION/CANCER--EPIDE.•iIOLOGY/ATLATOXINS/ S,p. NITT'.OSAMINES/MYCOTOXINS/ENVIRONMEC~TAL 11EALTH!YINYI. CHLORIDE/ s11 e_er NCILIc~ F)L; Sj l~l~;! ~ ~~2C,]__671 4. e ltlC 1nd SllbUtlt J• kt{>ort Date i i C e 7(i {~ rn Special Listin(l of c nogen arc r Research on Current Canc ~-~----- 6 ,- _Subs_i,ances i n Food ~ and Druqs (P,l ong with Rel ated Cpi demiol ogy 7. Autllo,(sj 8. 1'crfurminF Ucgnnizhtio N o. 9. !'crforllinE (?,F,~ni;-:,tin„ N„nr and Address DC 10. Projcct/Task/Work U, Sfllii •IIsU(lian Science . InTOrili.tti0n Exchange, Inc. , Washington, Current Cancer Resea rch ('roject Analysis Center. li. cuntrnct/cr:,,tt 140. 12. S{ uns/.,inf: Ory:rniz:rtimn Namc s.nd A.I,i,cs. 13. Type of keporl & I'crl ationGl Cancer I nst. , Gethe Scia, fid. covered International Ca{lc:er Research Data t3an{:. : 14. ~ 15. Su( plrrncntur{• Notcs +..~..~~~.....~~~.~.~ _ 16 . A{.slf:1C1S rr~t~i_•ni ~S'lacui~s~~riculLcLS~1'd~,1Lir na f";,l'~r cccltrring carcinogen.; Cnrclc7oni F
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!56 3141 aR388 r Dia NnhrnnR~tg t ~t974 s7-37 From thc in.titntc of FrKrt Tcchnnlngy of 1'lant Origin, II Me-75 . Agricultural Acadcmy, Poina(i. t'ol:.rd ~' S.P. Aflatoxins=ixrYoods hiicf-`rccdstuffs:!,i ' P>kq2,,. Uc.ter.mination_o£:thc: aflatoxin Bi, B„ G; and G=:: : contents in Grain crops" • J. JANICKI. K. S2EB1DTK0, Dt.. KOKORNLAY., M. WIEWESROWlKA. . . J. CHELKOWSKI and B. GODLEWSKA • The simple method for determination of small amounts of aflatoxins (about 5- ro µg(kg) was ; described. The method was adopted for wheat, barley, rye and oats. Difficulties of atlatoxios determination in cereals are discussed, mainly observed during purification of extracts and ~~ ' scsolation by TLC. Different tests were compared for confirmation of aflatoxins in cereals. Resulta of cereal erops control for contamination with aflatoxins are presented. ~ The differences between results obtained in collaborative studies on the determination of aflatoxin in corn are very considerable, especially for samples of corn with eontent of toxins lo.rer thal zoo µg ,~ Per kg Its. ar]. N t Standards admitted by WHO, on contents of aflatoxins of about ro µg per kg request the elabora- ' tion of considerably more sensitive methods. The detection as well as the precise determination of ' - - •".Ik •T^•-t• nf •rI-0-;n. in .•,% .+,ole ereatec additionally analytical diffic+ilties. In the gteater . / -Atsf / U ~~) n n (l 0 2 41 ~~ 6
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I _ . ...~r..,_., %T6=.1~.MUTANTS`JF . ' ;SPEItGILLUS. FLAVUS.:-, : •v,y: .X.AUP,Ii: L .•LEAICII & K. E: PAPA • : .• : , " 50256 3144 . .. . . ,. ,.. . . ~ • • . . • . . . ;i 4, nab. -''_'3-~ 2 J, 1314 ' • \tyeopaiholol;ia et llycologia api-)licata, vol. "I ,.. Department of Plant Pathology and Plant Genetics University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 30601 ~ !1ssYtucr Mutants of Aspergillus flavus .ceze recovered following the irradiation of conidia with ultraviolet light. Analysis of the mutants for aflatoxins B~, I3=, Gi, ar.d Gq indicated a wide range of variability in aflatoxin levels. None of the isolates produ- ced the G toxins, and four produced little or no aflatoxin BZ. Preducticn of }31 and B= by the mutants ranged from 1.3;loJml to 967 fig/ml and zero to 30pg/inl, respectively. The correlation between production of Bl and B= was statistically significant. There was no apparent correlation between nutritional requirement or conidial color and aflatoxin production. INTRODUCTION ~ 9 ~ I n c~ n ca t~ ~~-~ (I _9
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~ :.rs...~~c~:`.+.. ..+.,~.i..._a•ca:..~.'~..r::ez,_GJ.•.-:.-. _.i..'.r....a~.........-. ...~... . TP 50256. 3150 . IN NVES~.~`v PDDI. UNITED NATtONS FC+OI) AND ACRICULTURE ORC.INIZA7ION ~ Rome, Italy FRUI T' S AND V~; .GL"11TAB LES 370 Ti 1965 AcRT.cu1.TUPJ A'ZP CONSERVATIO:1; b}' . • li. D. TINDALL, M. Sc. (Hort.), N.D.H. witli a chapter by. FLOttENCE A. SAI ....".,.r-..,....,f.~-_,..,,.;,.....~,.,~....-...-~ ..,~,.,~,.. . ..,....-..,,r...~..:. ~ ~ ~ : i) : U 2.
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LIBRARIES--INTEPNATIONAL_ DIRECTORIES/DIRECTORIES--LIBRAEIES7 jKFOBMATION SOURCES=-DIRECTORIF.S/ . . , QF Handbuch Handbook. ' 123 Ra der internationalen of International 1g76_ , Dokumentation Documentation ~ und Information and Information Band 8 Volume 8 . , i I Verfag Dokumentation Pullach bei Mi;nchen 1974 ~. 50256 3153 Internationales World Guide Bibliotheks- to Handbuch Libraries 4. Ausgabe 4"' Edition Teil 1 Part 1 Europa, Amerika ~urope, America 4. Ausgabe 4t Edition Teil 2 Part 2 Afrika, Asien,Ozeanien Mrica, Asia,Dceania$Register ..4'ndex : r: +
Page 653: lfb88d00
~Aic NahrnnF - $ A3 19Y ~ 50256 3142 From thc institnto of Food Technology of t'lant Ori6in, AgricufturaT Acadcmy, I'oznan, Poland • II Me-75 A(intotins'iri ~'tiiail`s''~in'd ~'cci~St'iiff~:~ ; . S'p' Pact=3i'r~'1i~lor`oiict~t;i~oin~tcic mcti>,o~l for dctcr,tnination'*- of aflatoxins 11 l'anil AI='in`Pi-escncc'oF`aflatoxins Bi; B,; Gi=and Gil K SLRBIOTKO, J. CHCLKOWSKI, M. KOKORNIAK, W. SOCALSKA and M. WIRWtliROWSKA Aflatoxinc, Bcstimmung The method of Rfh3tnxins ATI and bT= dctcrmination in prcccnec of aflatoxins I3I, 132. C., and G= is prcscntcdl. The tluorc~ccncc rropertics of atlatoxin bTI and DT=arc discribcd. A simplc mcthod of aflatoxin 11I extraction is proposed. Rcsults of different tcsts for confirmation of aflatoxins 11f Zre discncsed. 1)uring cnntrol of powdcrcd milk from three factories aflatoxins i•T were not detected in final products. •N• r) Ai aflatoxins C+T, and f.t; usually accompany aflatoxins Br, Bs. G3 and G= as wcll as thcir other me- talmtites prescnt mainly in milk and milk products it is reasonable to determine in the sampies ~, affcclcd by mould simultaneously all six mentioned toxins [I, 3. 8. g, to]. To achieve this simulta- aeously the determinati.rn of all six toxins has been carried out in order to choose the most eonver.icnt b method for extraction, purification and ehromatographic separation. Further more there have been examined the fluorescent properties of the aflatoxins INIi and ltT= in solutions and on ehrorrfato- _ 0 I o c3 n o t) f-I :1 7
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V t? I 'I i0i U U t; f) () i 0 ~.. ..Y.TT.o. ,! 31 'a1) raT^,.wi1l ;vTs-mvaj ;mo=,r s3 ~=Td 8 n -: ~bT (4~R9 'o:I uT;©TTrig L yJ L J` ..~ e. . . 1 / 3Ia=og •N CUTa1PT}d puw IMs3V 'd Aq 09 tE 4-SZOS
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50256 3162 _ C'hP~, Er Chem. Eng. Commun Vol. 10, 1-11(1981) `"` ~;~d;nsthc u s n. 0098-644 76 III Re1-81 s.p. "IT}iFRMAL CONDUCTIVITY OF GASEOUS AMMONIA IN THE TEMPERATURE i RANGE 358-925 ~- 2 ~ , ~~~i4~aS. MURAD and S.C. SAXENA Department ojEnergy Engineering Unit•ersity ojlllinois at Chicago Circle (Box 4348) Chicago, Illinois 60680. (Received October J. 1980; in frnal jornr December 1. 1980) 0 1 0 Thermal conductivity or research grade pure ammonia gas has been measured by the column method at pressures of 12.9. 26.3, and 45.0 kN/m' over the tempcraturc range 358 to 925 K. Thc maximum probable error of measurement is 1.5% at 874 K and it increases in magnitude as the temperature decreases. At 405 K, it is about 4.8%. The experimental data are correlated by the following cubic polynomial in temperature: - ' ~~ ('~ k~7!) -~~37 aG 10' ~ 5.~19 .40 '' T+ 8.404 x 10 ' T= + 1.357 x 10' T'. i
Page 656: lfb88d00
I 1 79 III Bel • . Poissx sovxxwL oF cxMMisrnY 50 25 6- 316 3 (t`ORMF.IiLY ROCZNIKI CKEIKIT) / ' - $s. e+v (isr~) ~~. a7-~/ f MASS STUDY ON DIAZAPHENANTHRENCS by Baratollah BEHJATI, Fereidoun RAZMARA, I!1OkAn ANDILIANSj and Thorsten BLUHM 1 Department of Chemistry, National University of Iran, Teheran, Iran (B. B., F. R. and N. A.) Institute of Physical Chemistry, University, Dusseldorf, West Germany (T. B.) Mass spectra of diazaphenanthrenes 1') and 2') have been investigated. To complete this investigation we have prepared six new diazaphenan- threnes (DAP) 3 (a-f) by photocyclodehydrogenation of pyridinalaniline and benzylidenaminopyridine'). ~ I 0 n n (i 0 N \ / T
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50256 3161 AFRII:ANraS/DANISll/N0RW2,GIAN/RUSSIAN LAt3GL'AGI:/SidEDIS1I/ICT:Ll~~tIDIC/LATIN/FFENCIi/ PORTUGUI:SE/S)'riNISlI /CATALAN/ ITALIAN/RUZiANI/`N /IItISH/RUItANIAN/1'JT'LSIi/ALB/:NIAN /PCLISII/ GR1:EK LANGUAGE(Ancient:. & P'odern) /Ai.IiANII>,21/BY?:LORtTSSIAN;`l!KP.AINIAN/POLISH/C?ECII/ SLOVAK/ SLOVI?NE/SEP.BOCROATIAN/MACEllONIAN/BULGARIAN/LATVIAN/LITHUANIAN/I:STONIAN/ FINNISiI/IIUNGARIAi3/;4ALTESE/TU1'.I:ISH/BASQUE./ESPEf:ANTO/ L.ANGUACE AND LAIdGUAG1:S/ Q 210 Al 1975 4 A Manual of European LanguacFes fOr librarians .BOWKER C. G. ALLEN LONDON & NEW YORK F'ormcrly Supcrintcndcnt cf Readers' Services in assoeiation with the London School of Economics Rritish Librery of Yoiitical and 6conomic Science q t 0 (1 n(l 0 2 --") a S
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..~•.y.r._...i~+`•~•-~~....a --.a.••..•......... _....:........,....~........._.......~.J....~...~...e.t..:.~..~.._~:-._ _ .~r.......... -...,~~,.....-......... ' . -•...._i Die i`iahrun- t8 l r II Me-74 S.P,.- I974 1 `I9-23 - -- -----•~: --~ 50256 31-40 From the Institute of Food Technology of Plant Origin, Agricultural Academy, Poznad,, ee Poland f; : ,~..... _ :.. :}} / .A .X1ato,;ciIIS1iii Foads ~~il dstuffs. -A~L~e FluorescencE-`RTicro-inethocLE of ~Aflutad'cj'ig~~Dete~min~tion in-so1utionJ,-'~'j' J. CHELr:otv5l:f, B. GODLEtvSKA, M. IiOKOR\fA1:, K. SZEBI07K0 aIId ~lf. NS'IERIOR~' j~ V _ The fluorescence micromethod of aflatoxins B1. B:, GI and G= determir.ation in solution is --" ~+ described. The amount about o.t µg of aflatoxins BI and Gl, and o,ol µg of aflatoxins B: and G= in one spot after elution with methanol can be determined, with accurac}l about 5°;. The results of described fluorescence method are in agreement with results of spectrophotometric. ~ fluoroden:itometric and visual determinations. A very strong influence of light on rault; , of aflatoxins Bf and Gi determination was stated. Photodecomposition of afla;o.xin; B1 and Gl to several photoproducts was observed. 1, . In our previous paper(i) we described the occurrence of aflatoxins ingrain crops and other prodacts, their biological effect, methods of deterr,iination and detoxification. The mcttwds of determination of aflatuxins are based mainly on their ability to light ab>orption and fluorescence em:ssion. The qnantitati e analysis by fluorescence method can be effected b}• visual evaluation directly on the chrumqtuplates, or fluorodensitometricall}•. I3ecause of its sut•jrctivity the first method git-es ir.accarate re;ult>. fhe~sec ori~,rsqily;~~•~R ,..r-•..........~..T..~.V.. ~,---'~--7•.,",.._.-...,...,_.. . : . - • . .. +rn o 0 a
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10 1 r~ r~Ri 1~~t ~ S~'.~~Dn ~T~ ~~ , £~ t~ G'iA s ~~_ Proceedings of the First U.S. Japan Conference on T®xic Micro-Or-~.nis~~s ~ o i n ii" DiYCOTOX[NS • BOTUGIS\1 n ft U~ ~~. N?$xb <YOd, me~d~l- ~ed 1 UnA;r the U.S: !A;'tiN MFUMIVE FF,OGRA N! (tI (t.4TUFA: .°,ESOCRCES (UlRR) 7
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, 50256 3158 TS TOBACCO--AFRICA/ TOBACCO--AGRICULTURE--AFRICA/ 2240 Sc /~AFRICAN STUDIES NO. 27/ 1968 1 0 S NO TEXTBOOK TS 2240 Sc 1968 • AS Scheffler, W. . :{ . , ,. RJR CL - ,. . SUPERVISED GROWING 0F TOBACCO:ti/FARMERSIN TANZANIA, AFRICA. *(no" affil.)* . . ti ~. ; *(Bauerliche Produktion unter Aufsicht am Beispiel des Tabakanbaus in Tanzania. ) * Weltforum Verlag - Munchen, Ger., 191 p. (1968) (in German)+"• .. ~- _ _ • ' • ' .. - . . .. ~ . - . .. • ;~ - -_.. . .
Page 661: lfb88d00
50256 3164 -1 4- r &'!ev Cohen, MarlyA AP'TER ALL, A Oessert Cook%oo6c for :.7c*;e^g 9b9 : [ 163 Pa;es . f uak & Wa',,~alls t New York ~ ~ ~ r ~ ~ r no U2 :; UP,
Page 662: lfb88d00
Page 663: lfb88d00
50256 3175 TP 653 Agar Gl U101. ~ ~ Glicksnan, Martia GUM TECHNOLOGY 1.4 TNE FOOD INDUSTRY (Food Science and Technology) 1969 590 Pages Academic Press Veaa York 4 t~ t~ n t3 0;~ :~. 1 9
Page 664: lfb88d00
50256 3169 I St7-78 S.P. STANDRORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL 76-163 `After, st:e_charlq, w'hat:~ With the recent ban on saccharin in the U.S., con- FILE N0. 77-163 sumers and manufacturers arc looking for alternative sugar substitutes that are free of ad- verse health effects as well as acceptable in taste and convenience. Initial Finnish and U.S. studies of a new sweetener called xy1itol suggest that this naturally occurring substance not only has the required characteristics, but is safe for diabetics and. prevents dental cavities. Although xylitol costs seven to ten times more than sucrose at present, the price will drop as production increases. This file reviews recent studies of xylitol and assesses its future in the U.S. in light of economic, health, and political factors bearing on its approval for consumer use. (Author: Barbara Goodman) SRI Business Intellipnece Progr , Long Ranp,e~ Planning Service, DATALOG FILE ; XYLITOL ~ ~ / ~/~ ~ . . . . ~ by 13arbaravGoodman, Research Assistant / " April 1977 A new sweetener cAlled xylitol is being tested by both the food industry and academic institutions worldwide in preparation for marketing. . . The primary interest ntire{~ in xylitol ~)ro~,nounceS "xy-lit-tall") thus far has been in ~jts apparen a{ulili`ty Qto reduce d(ent.al caries when included in a normal diet. Nowever, research results have Plso ind3_cated that it is
Page 665: lfb88d00
502g'6 3176 i- -- ~ TP 4gar. Whistler, Roy Lester. Industrial furns, polysaccharides and their derivatives lbyl Roy L. '"'histler (andl James N. BeJliller. \ew York, Academic Press, 1959. 76(3 p. Illus. '-,•! cw. Includes bibliography. 1. Polysaccbarides. :..Be-Miller, Janies N., jolat authur. 1T. Title. TP979.5.P6jV5 :'"~''~ 668.47 59-7691 Z . Library of Conei•ess ~ ~ (101
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50256 31-56 -i,t ::Z 11.ii, / 4 t + 2 C. 11`:)I. 1 C. TIt,fE•21ff FOtI!;,^•,NEIA YORK 1 I ' Carada ' / n ff . !;) 19'0 1int Inc. Aii si;.hts rescr.~td. Pd.tsshed S.eiu uncoos y t C,; is . . /R A ,I / tN~3.i.t.w4y't'•l~ ., _ t h r .~ I
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;...:.,~._., 50256 3177 _ Ag&:r 1iC.Ell„VS13. ~ a,v. ,... 42,t 91, 0: I ;'l ( )
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50256 3166 - XX MeF-E-404-75 Ann. N. Y. Acad. Scienct)237279-85(1974) Linda Nf. Bartoshuk John Il, Pierce Foundation s' New Haren• Connecticut 06319 LrN nd Dr r ment of l:htr!etrrinf9~)?rSri! Pn rlc lfyyrttri %}alr'C'nit r~tl)~ilr.lnl o/ dlcdfcint 41 %•e:.•Afias•e,r' rimar ualities ~ Ilv d 1 arc h One very important difference between taste and olfaction relates to the nunt• ber of elementary sens:uions that can be classified. In olfaction, niany tlifferent odor qualities have been proposed as potential prirnaries but in taste the typical p ) q t~.ua sat to )e sweet, salty, sour, and bttter. I here as been and still is considerable controversy over whether these taste qualities are really primaries and, in fact, even about whether the concept of "primary' is a viable one.' In the light of this. some taste investigators have come to follow a somewhat di(ferent strateoy in st.udying taste quality. Instead of concentrating on finding all pritnaries, they have turned to studying the functional properties of t;weet, sour, salty, and bitter. The conclusions from this line of research are star• tling. To a remarkable extent, these four taste qualities operate independently ot one another. For example. adaptation to a substance of one ,luality t:«reases sensitivity to all other substances witlt that quality. •with the exception of some bitter substances;=•+ but adaptation to one qtrality does not atfect the perception ' of any other qualities.5 That is. erosradahtation is lii(,hl)• specific to the pCrceised r uAitir). lu dtlitiun, mix~ ~ir;s of dilferent qualities do not produce ne,. ! - . lw . . . _ . . _ . ~ ~~,AM'1t=DYNNERTAM& a A - A 7rASTE ILLUSIONSUS0M1: UEXtn\S-I'RATIO\S
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50256 31?9 14 s Giraat BYitaira, A=.vieorq Group for AP-roaQat3 XoeoysRr,h end Dwimlonment FR4M...~'S IN I=T:.*~I~.~TI©21 OF S~cr1LL INVQMIA'YIOiY C'~V-M?S "970 13S Paa_s Cl:s:lna:zauss for Fcdwstsal, £p;~r~~ie2d, 4s. 3cisntiYfc, and Tochnical Itl!ormntion /"N i i1 ( I a'e? 3
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50256-3173 .01 256 ~ 79 X Re-81 S.P. EDITORIAL \/EW ZEALANU MEDICAL JOURNAL 9/(,657) i NOTICE Thi3 inatc0t r ;Y r8 F;A ga1 tl S t-S C11 o'C l ng; protdctad hy ct,,right taw (Title 17 U.S. CodQ), There would br few who «ould disagree with the statemcnt that "smoking is probably the largest single preventable cause of ill health in the world."' This cotncc from the director-general of the World Health Organisation and to back up international awareness of this plague World Health Day on 7 April 1980 was devoted to the theme of smoking. The prime object of this•is to encourage countries APRIL 9, 1980 substances their ill effects at large arc negligible. Those liable to respiratory diseases may have them worsened and in the normal person there are irritativc phenomena of the eyes, nose and throat. A roomful of non-smoking people is tolerable and in New Zealand the progressive abolition of smoking from places where people congregate has major social acceptance now. to take steps to mount long-term campaigns to counter this . There are many economic sides to tobacco. The smoker epidemic. , generates extra demand for medical care becau%c of Smoking is a personal addiction which implies personal worsened hcalth whilc at the same time national tll cxluctivi- choice and like ill addictions once the user is hooked, judg- ty is diminished by early death and absencc from work. ment becomes sadly dcficient. To persuade a smoker to There is no likelihood that these untoward economic stop is just as difficult as getting someone off heroin, and features can be recouped by taxation. The New Zealand perhaps eve more so s th toboSco~ dict•,~ lessypat fitly7 government gets about $140 million a year from the duty on degratled b)~thell;ahilat Ist fbf soi'tfe tii~tZ. Smoking is tobacco wfiich would cover about 7 percent of the gross ex- giving a hostage to the future. penditure of the health budget.
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50256 3172 STRESS/DISEASES--CAUSATION & THEORIES 0F CAUSATION/` SMOKING-AND HEALTH/PSYCHOTHERAPY/BEHAVIORAL SCI~NCE/. RC 49 Ga 1980 w Disorders from Improvements Under the Organic Limitedness of Man - . 0 1 il () ct C) 0 2 '; 16 by D. G. GARAN, Ph.D., J.U.D., LL.D. Anthoe of The Paradox of Pleasure a»d Relarivity, Rdativity for Psychology, and The Key to the Sciences of Man PHILOSOPHICAL LIBRARY e.f iZ.i; New Yock t/
Page 672: lfb88d00
50256 3167 . , II Re- '~p, ' .33- 34 (1973) m• eilLarae~~~ie l ter~~ ~ . ~ l•t.F-C'.e-)~cGt~ >J ~ `/ ne spalte lage{ i samarbeEd mellom Tidsskri f tet. og lnstitutt for Farmakoterapi. isiktcn er r! gi, levene kontinuerlig praktis'z-{.•linisk in/ormasjon om de viktigste midler. Spersm,lY/ra leserne av generell interesse vil vi /orsoke d besvare. .i~r. a, Op" ;~1«~+#ker~d~ink~-piller.; ~ Ellcr: Verden vil bedras En «ny typej pillcr som ikkc har til hensikt a pavirke ;dommer og, symptomer - og som altsa ikkc kan raktcs som noe mcdikament -= har selvfolgelig slop- unna unna cnhver kontroll sl vel nIr det gjcldcr virkning n innholdsstbffcr. De behover da heller ikke omsct- Fjcluiom apotck, men selges, sa vidt vi kan forsta, sentl:,-, p i bcnsinsr.asjoncr. Det hcle spiller jo ltellcr t 1• -_s1_ ..;Ii.,. ;4kr innc- , iTrahsis tert lag neste gano dreier inn pI de «nye sensasjoneile piller som noytraliserer alkoholen-. Da kan man bare atter en gang sla fast at verden vil bedras, og at det fremdeles cr penger 3 tjene pa godtroende mennesker med et enkelt og cffektivr opplegg, et godt navn og ikke minst cn god pris. . Knut Mess Alkohol Interaksjon med lcgemidler Virkningcn av slmtidig tilforscl av alkohol og lc-,e- .r:.li.. wanclt~ rrundli' 1«Tcrapispalten~ for I (1 n v 0 ;? a 1 1
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50256 3181 : /,~.~~.,...._~-.... _._...._ 203 ~ . .. : ~~ 'Zi Clfnica Cltimicn /1cta, 59 (1975) _.2203-207 ~)?slseirer`~cicn~ificshin6 Com.pany, Amstcrdam -•Printed in The Nethcrlancls CCA 6870 ~l,S"L(L~o = . ~: - . THE DE'I'ERMINA'.CION OF j3-AivIINOISOBUTYR.IC ACID IN HUMAN ~ 7 ION-L~XCII~I.NGL'~C,iiIL -t.~.>..;. r.;y_ ..ry..:,:...rT~.•,,~ 011r.,,,,.~.~..'lAlOITRl>,1'HY ` SLI~Uti1 BY E. SOLEW, tXIMSMA RW and H.W. •GOI:DDEb Alnstitute of Clinical Bioclremistry, University of Oslo, Oslo (Norway) and binstilute of Htunan Genetics, University of Hamburg, Hamburg (G.I%.R.) (Received October 3, 1974)
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50256 3165 I i. IX Re 1 2 (1968) L~araf t, D. AFTEaBL'F.i+tING OF 'i`AE E}aWST GASES OF *IJT03 .t'i .HIC:.ES Teth. Ubervach. (Sssea) 4_, 326-328 (Sept., 1963) 1 (J ! n~1 rl 0 0 2 ,-7,) 0 9
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50,256 . 3186 OLFACTION/ . . ,. 82 V Hy Tongue Brushing -1 /Age Effects on entifr~c , and and ell R.J. HYDE, R.P. FELLER, and I.M. SHARON Dental Service, Veterans Administration Hospital, Loma Linda, California 92357 and School of Dentis- try, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California 92350 Tongue brushing with and without dentifrice In young adult and old subjects affected taste detec- tion thresholds, but not taste intensity scaling, for suerose, NaCf, citric acid, and caffeine. Citric acid (sour) and caffeine (bitter) tasted significantly less intense in the older subjects. Olfactory detec- tion thresholds for pyridine improved slightly ajfertoqgue brushingin thiolda sublefts. lt . .y J Dent Res 60(10):1730-1734, October 1981 were completed by each subject. Subjects were instructed not to smoke or ingest any thing besides water for one h befor testing. Taste perception. - For each subject, fivt sessions were held at a standard time of day in the following order: orientation, two control trials, tongue brushing alone, and tongue brushing with a commercial denti- frice.• This sequence ensured that subjects B889 MJ858 P 1730• 1935/ HYDE RJ J DENT RES 0 (fC) ~ 1Q8~~ ,~ s e ast r
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V. 1 11 - ( 0 0 _.u ccoplro~ • aa"-t .!owu *o:) rwL-LIQ:I (I•":u0:[5 .Cr:r,ta:aurjl yrrniaarrv fl io .ros: ,jn.t,1 TTYr ; . u....;...i, ` / e_.llz_,,3 ~ / • ~~• . .. ...., , ' ' . . '"~ '" . ___. . ..... ... . -...i.~.. _. .. - ., . ,;i.. . . I A !~;~~ J l\\S . ~ Of 2 ~ l;~.~ hL lE 9SZOS
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50256 3184 . TS--I'RUIT/'rRUITS/JUICES/ BOTANY/ Ahriccllttcrt; }Tandhc)o3-: No. 399 ,. ~;TAAA ~-H, -1`1- ~ r A,;rictiiittral Research Service . ~t T~:+n i OF ~~~ ~ ~ l`4~.~J.~l:,JJ ~;. lY.l.iJ.LI.L.V t/~T TrF)i•},al.i1'. UNITED S.h .~tkrtj.l:S if ~1la}7~~iki .tll~.tll:i~ri~ ~ tiVashington, D.C. Issucd March 1972 For sale by the Superintendent ot Documents. U.S. Cx;.ernment rrintin¢ Off,ce Washington. D.C. 204G2-Price 51.25 (papcr cover) Stock 2dumbcr 0100-1237 ; . ~ PLA ~ O TP 370 Un 1972 I H I
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5025.6 ~ 3171 SMOKING HABITS--U. S./ TOBACCO--ALCOHOL RELATIONSHIP/ 81 X En RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 81 X En Engs, R. C.; Mulhall, P. F. (Indiana Univ., Bloomington, Ind., U. S.) 'AGAIN.`~-`LET.'S fAOK`K$EFO.,RE`_WE :,LWrd'THE .EFFFiCT5:_fl~'_:$HY~~CALe.AGTIO~'~~Q~ :~ SMOKING:A.KA:DRINKING PATTERNS. J. Alch. Drug. Educ. 26, No. 2, 65-74 (1981) (in Eng.) The use of jogging and other types of vigorous physical activities are becoming increasingly popular alternative programs for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse problems in many communities and schools. The drinking and smoking patterns of a group of university students participating in active endurance and in passive participatory types of exercises were examined before and after a 15-week period of enganging in the activities three times a week at 40 minutes a day.... • ,~.., . ~ s _...,........~..__,_-_-_ ..~...~a. 0 1 tl tt n Cl` 0 2 5 1 5
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50256 -3187 , DAIYb f=RUM.'[•HE NATtON!1L HEALTH SURVEY ;~ rl ~t 1(°~) ~`i ~ t kI , ,'I 3 ~t.~"-!,Ewl11 ~~ ~~, ry (' f \r r '=t C~i li l. \s ~~ lJ~ G;~ t r: li ~ ts w ^ [ ~, t,~}` ~y ~ f u S1 `• F~ la ,._... . < <u6lic Fieullh Service May 1966 tiAge and sex distributions of weight by single inches cf height for adults 18-79yeors ef age in the civilian, noninstitutional population of the United Stctes. n ;1 t1 2- `; 3 ~
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50256 3180 ~ RJR CLASS Nq. TEXTBOOK QP 752 Le 4981 Lear,A. H.; - Ma<.yter's Thesis. Quinnipiac Co1lege. HaMden, CT. 1981 University.Microfilrhs Int'1..Ann Arbor, MI.1981. ISN = 3573 0 I 0 0 0 0 02 G 2. 4
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ti(3itlt:c---HYCx-0LOCY/- 50256 3191 t 74 t Eol R1R CLASS NO. PANPHLET 74 X Boi Bobse, R.; Rose, C: L. ~! (Hellenic Coll., Brookline, Mass.; Veterans Admin. Outpatient C1in.; ~' Boston, Mass., U. S.) AG$- 1'•l~`~INTERPERSO~'AT.' FACTOP.~ '3:AT S;SORtI~C' CESSATION: Jour. Health Soc. Behavior. 14 (No. 4) 381-87 (1973) (in English *1974, No. 17, W 7068* *d* Tobacco medicine (analysis):
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1: 50256 3170 S: LA` ?'El'.; ``''_..;.:':. ,">Tt''„~' Ui 7 i•iu • I ?EqiiC i ~ des SQlr'it•t de TLI)i_'qvi.:'q 1.1 h Ii ~l l r•II ~~~~ { ' a.°~d..~ Uninersita: de i'rooener, f:.t.h, ars Scit•nres r%aturrilrs, ; LaLoratoin• uP IiofQniqite, Cer•tre tiC Surr.r::n;:{• - Thc aui;:nr dctcrininc> t'ti^ cirr rn..s .a.. ntrnlber; for 11 spcci:s ' Le genre Salt•irt cst cunstitue ps:v .IuelZuc GOG espcccS rnpr.rties rians i r~, eIles se re..cor:tres ~alrs les ul ~•fYr:elllts cuntin ents,•ents, piu:; da .t:ers d't,ut.. r' j le b:1Ssit1 IrrC(IitcriN!:Pcn niillr C/i1•3•.tl proCile et 11:G\'ia O!'1:'nt. %~ CCIICS-cl, ICs tlrtts soitt trCS largCfllCnt rri)Undt~c~ Ct Cor!?I) ;rtr:nt t1L noCl- ~ .:..r•..-_._..~..,...i.P: par fxCnll)i2, ICS t3XOn.•i s•` roi- c,f turkikh lalviu. A cnnfirn:ation is i;i.cn fc: ,; 1iw1:tr_n-aiu•r:: spctic; ~i.: sch,rda L. :n S. hurlnin•uirr 1.. ::n = 1G and S. q.-tur•ii fluru lCttl. °n All our rrsult's enrltCrnln; the endcmiu taxa are new i•Sahliu ccresr•itocl Jl. P• rt Auch. 2n = 14, S• rnicrlen•nnni 13ois:• 2n _ t-S, S. rr:ontbrctii i3en!1:. :%-i == 22, S. vcrlm.-cifoliu NI. 13• ?n = 16. S. crascifoliu SiLtL. ct Scl. '-,n S• .'r(aenc- ktnsis 13cc?l. 2n = 1G, S. tcratophyllu 1.. 2n =_ 41). The thrornosnrlec 13 was nhs^r.rci in S. horminu:n L. an<i S. frigidu and too tte dd spioid plunowcns in S. friy%du 13oiss. (2n -- ~:, °1, 2/?). / Q I(7 n(1 0 0 2 :~ I
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50256 3197 DIRECTORIES--U. S./N. C./U.S. OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES/ COMPILED BY Matthew J. Vellucci, Nancy D. `'Vright, and Gene P. Allen Herner and Company . • WASHINGTON, D.C. Closing date for compiling Direaory material July 1, 1974. TNF~O :RM ~a~'Os P~ COU RC4ES PRESS
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50256 3185 ~. , ,a... ~ , . . . ~~v s y! s~~oto3 .. : Tr~~~eal. sc~r~c~e. ~s ~?~~ aT~-Bto (~`x13~ ~--~ I XX* MeF-(42d0- 75 ~CI1aIlUCs in the bact;;ria1 i:ora of fresia f)IIIJ::d CC.Ij)S1Ciiil,f i'1! lC'.S'CC'i1S lI,1dC1 Vtll lUt)S Si~UI'ZgC t> ^~?ili?eI1fi5 Federal Depnrtn:ent of Agricrrln ral Researelr, ,1 foor Plantation, lbadau, Nigeria Abstract Ripe fruits of a ti•nriety of Capsicunt frutesccns rcere ground to a pulp and subjected to eight diJJ'erent storage treatments inrolrim; boilir+g, acMition of sodium chloride aruf refrigc•ration, ar.rl combinations of tlrese. Viable co:rnrs of rricro-orgonisn!s (n:a:nly bactcria' ar,d two rrctArumycctcs) were made on nutrient agar by the dilatiou platc coru:t r:rethod Ins•ice a a•eek for 8 rcrcks. ••., By far the rrost e/jicient stor•a.-r treetnrent, e•itii recpcct to the l,: rc•ls of tnlcr.o-oreanisrns present, rras boiling the pulp and tlrcn adding 20 % by rrci,;lit of aodlenu elrloridc. In tlic pulp tlnrs trcated, there rrer~ no si~~rif cnnt r!i~~~crencet ~yn1{tcple l~rrt tcriny( counts G; 4crr Lat stcrcd in the rcfri~cratvr nrrd tlr~t l~ ft ta_. .l3c,-.lJ t' :,1 t.r .~-.. ...-_.._. ..... - .. .• .. •.
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50256- 3193 - -.......,......_..._....~._.~.......~...M.~..w.,: - - - .~...u...~_..,:..,i..~:....~a~..a ._......~._ .. y; TASTE--TESTING Appetite 1981, 2, 127-136 Age-relate Changes in Flavor Perception.°;, 81 V Stl t D. A. STEVENS , Clark University , Worcester Massachusetts ' - / . . ~,. and H. T. LAWLESS f r~ U.S. Army Natick Research and Development Command ` Three groups of subjects, aged 18-25 years (Youn8~ 36-45 years (Middle) and 56-65 years (Old) judged the similarity of pairs of purced fruits and vegetables and rated the purees on 10 attribute scales. Multidimensional scaling of the similarity judgments produced four-dimensional solutions for each age group. Dimensions associated with tactile and texture attributes were found for each group. An hedonic dimension was indicated for Young and Middle groups, but sweetness ratings correlated with that dimension only for the Young group. Intensity was an impor~ant•dimenaion for the Oldgropp only. In general, the Young rated all the i Eoods as h~ bing at mofe bitte,7 fla*vbr add sharOr character than did the older ones. As a control, subjects also rated the similarities of foods by names only. Analysis of this scaling showed no age differences. ~. _:. ~- y~y 7nsT ~'~f-ct , a
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50256 3192 CIIETIILUMINESCE1vCI:/ PoLY`•1ERS AND P(11.Y`1I'RIZA'!'I,)I1/ 7 6 111 Me j r I l•IN. Iiti P. Or.T on SPACI: Si1JT"lLE t~o:::!l:'PG3.LIC AIATERIAi,S VAGL' LI rl. P'.',EDICT [WN 0 to NASA-LYNT'0Pi B. JOII]•:SOa SPACE CI;NTl:P August, 1975 by G. llavid Meudenhall, John A. l.assell, and l:iclTard A. Alatiian (tt1~SA-CF"1u71IG3) SPAC~ SHOTTLL HoI1t;F'F.+LLZC N76-182'~ 6 ESATPPI7:LS AGE LIF: PI?EDICTI011 F'a3i FVIIECt Cn c l (Battellc Colu~^.bus La1S•. Uhio.) 107 p CSCL 1'IG G3/27 14230 t r i n ! t n t) kfj i? l'I:Ers~~:Ers~ S:;~~~;t";"f~ 'O El~lA E, -~ c. a ~., B«CI'i:,Ll-B Co].u-Hbus L^Lorarorics FFPROD!t.E~ RY N~.1~tGN/.t 1 E:CE ~~ICAI. V.S.Prv.Vti!+:nT C! C(;ryEt.~E : PRIIi~F LLLUr Vh. 22"7
Page 689: lfb88d00
50256 3788 .=, . ~ R(: ~ 275 U ~~.T~ :~~ U. S. rLbl;.c ::ens.h S;:rvice E.G`.--.''D-JtTSI::~.) AND RATES FOR I'4NLIGNZA-S"r r;LUfU,.:iL z 1960. (U. S. Public Health Se;.uice ?ubl. No. 1113.) 1963 113 p. Washingi:on, D. C. ,.. ~ , -. 4.,._ - ..-.. ._
Page 690: lfb88d00
50256 31,68 ~33- 3 (1973) i ~teci~Zaraente Z terav . . . .~ . e5 spalte laae{ i samarbeid mellom Tidsskri f tet- og Institutt f or Farmakoterapi. ta~ er J gi, leSene kontinuerlig praktisk-klinisk informasjon om de viktigste !!en Sporsnt,ll Ira leserne av generell interesse vil vi forsake d besvare. 06L~:'lt,~;/~r ". ~6:~..1,. . . _. , 1 «Af ter•drink»-piller ~ Cllcr: Verden vil bedras «ny typel piller som ikke har til hensikt a pavirke immer og! ! symptomcr - og som altsa ikke kan Ictcs som noe medikament -= har selvfolgelig slop- nna cnhver kontroll sa vel ndr det gjelder virkning innholdssioffer. De behover da heller ikke omsct- jcnnom apotck, men sclgcs, sa vidt vi kan forst$, ,tl:~ p i b~nsinstasjoncr. Det hcle spiller jo hcller 1 t• n. t.,-a: i4kr inne- a praksis tert lag neste gang dreier inn pl de «nye sensasjonelle pillcr som noytraliserer alkoholen•. Da kan man bare atter en gang sla fast at verden vil bedras, og at det fremdcles er penger A tjene pa godtroende menneskcr med ct cnkelt og cffektivt opplegg, et godt navn og ikke minst cn god pris. . Knut Nxss Alkohol Interaksjon-med legemidler ~..Virkningcn av samtidig tilfarsel av alkohol og lcnc- -:.11~. 1.1. n..,t~lt oonclce rrnndiz 1uTcrapispalten~ for 0 l I) o n Q 0 ;~. ~~ . 1 2
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50256- 3183 _ 77 II Sa Giencia 25(S)169 J2(July,/1967) CHElfICAL CRARACTLP,ISTICS 0F'MAGUEY (AGAVL' ATROVIREIfS KARW, ) By SANCIiEZ-MARROQUIN, A. _' CARACTERIZbC1ON QUIMICA DE ENSILADOS DE MAGUEY (AGAVE ATROVIRENS KAi',W.) SUMAiARY Thirty silos prepareel witlh thc le:tves or stems ul Agmir nh•uvirc•c)s plus barley or corn sunaw or sugar cane tttulaxes were an:tl%.,ccl at the encl of 40 clayx of lcrnuntaticm. 21 xil:~gcs were rnn• sitlcred uf good or very gcxxl (luality accorcling to Amer. I)airy Ass. l,attcrns on tltc basis of low 1tN (•1,0 tu •1.5), low :mtm0nia nitrogcn/total nitrc>Ren ratio (•I.ri to Ilt"„) ancl high lactic acid cotucnt (11,01-0,t12t5 g ^„). The .aloonin content was very low t thc fina1 l,r~~cluc•t. ~ I tl 0 n o 0 2 (in Spanish with English abstract) 111KLIt1(:RAf'(A I. Au.r:n, L. A. rl n/.. Aijudy uf Ilie chi•mical chaugtK auil I1:u•Icri(1l41gital diaup^c mUrring iil Rra.r rilal,K. J. .Ixr. Nr. (F:n/;L•umd). 27: _,71 _".I;S, 1937. 2. AR/:1/111AI1D, ,f. (:. y J. 1V. Kur.Mtsm. Purtlier uhrcr- vatimlz uu Ilu• cumINniliun 14 gracc .ilaRc. J. 1)ail.v 1r•., 47: 1 YK:{• 1_".Nt. 11!•'rI. I . Axs. uf (1ff. Agr. (:heuiixtx. Offiii:il auol '1'elllativc Afe1hiK1x uf An:sl,vsis. !i4 vrl. 11':i.liiul;luu. 1). C.. 1915. Z) 'tte• uacln ~•4~u 1a ayuda del 1'ulru~c~lu N:~ciunal del Jl(:~;ur Ali ~icu, 11. F. A. MN(:1If:'/.-NIARKtN,1tIINt -~ _
Page 692: lfb88d00
~A 502-56 3203 . ' XX ~";At'si3l d>1+1RitA~`I(3~t~ : ' 4 ~ MeF ., (1970) R.`.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Research and ~ S.P. Product Development Departments, Science 4 Information Division PROCESSING METHODS AND EQUIPMENT. F 545. a MIXING & BLENDING, by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Research and Product Development Departments, Science Information Division, and LeRoy Meek. 1970 A collection of material Winston-Salem, N. C. ! ~ . . . . s . . . . -;r . . . . . .. () i, Ir) i 1 (1 lr} ()
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..~...::: ._., .~,~ : ;.;..,::~:~.~ .: :.... .... .. ._.,.~.~ ..-- - _... ._. f itef . 5025673199 *1 Q Agents--Pateut.. 146 Un U. S. D2pzrtmnt a': Commtisrce, Patent Office D'sP,Ek.iORY OF M,ISi;REV P1TwUL A1.:1'OnWfS f. kG L?d VS. 1969 200 pages U. S. Dept. of Ccmerca Washinr,toa, D. C. a
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I ar:l7.•1C-: giXYm ~.^~ .' .... . ~9FT J C.7 l~ 1 ~ . ~ Y C±3?:::ui:'~? .. .~.7.~.~..:.F:.:'J J 7 i.l, ....._ .:.......:. __... i~:i~~c'n.'~. .. : t)i U Ci -S56T .`':~$1VM QNV,QN%3 `txo4 ~tnaoa °;,A s- a 0 b6L£ 9SZOS
Page 695: lfb88d00
50256 3200 ~ t ~ 8 f ~ Tho>~as"R~.dfotci; 1t37~3- i~~a,.:_ .. ~ O'Rourke, Charles Edward, 1896- ed. , 1?3-. General engineering handbook; editor-in-chief, Charles Ed- 0 0 ward O'Rourke ... associate editors, Thomas R. Agg, Iiarry Bouchard, Walter B. Carver (and othersl ... 2d ed. New ~1 1 1 T-__ 1_- Tt:ll .-..- 1l1/ll IorK and London, ulcuraw-liiil book couipauy, uic., 1aYV. zi, 1120 p. Ilius., tables (1 double) dtagrs. (1 double) 21". "List of sections" on lining-papers. Includes bibliographies. 1. EnRineering•-Hundbooks, manuals, etc. ford,1878- Library of Congresa i. Agg, Thomas Rad- 4a-13533 TA151.08 1940 tg2uSl &^02 no q
Page 696: lfb88d00
50256 3201. Y _ i . ~~_~Y Toxicity of Food Additives ~ and Contaminants XX MeC5-79 S.P. It needs no saying that food is sel- dom sold on the basis of its nutritive value alone. For the consumer accep- tance, a food has to be sold as a product with flavour, colour and texture cha- racteristics that appeal to consumer and bhoutd be of an advantage to him. For this appearance, a number of food additives are used. For this, the -g.Pradeep. Agga.rl,,v_0,~ ' Department of Pharmacology, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh - 160 012. not detoxified, they will lead to delete- rious results. A number of vegetables especially Brassica Family and Soya Beans contain Nitrogen. Food stuffs like Crambe seed meal contain Goitroge- nous substances which have to be de- toxir:ed before they are used, by treat- ment with gaseous am.*nonia. In gestating rats, caffeine has been amounts and conditions, reasonably re- reported to cause foetal resorption and lated to their use,_should be_taken,in.to. --,othQr_- cbnorma1itiac=.°_.._ Mn nmr~zn,._ a-,a___ _. , n
Page 697: lfb88d00
RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK HF 5417 Ja 1984 50256 3209 Jacobson,R.l..; _ --AGGREGATE• CONSUMPTICIN ANI) 'ADVEI~TISI~lGt Ar MULTIVAR.IATE,.TIME -$ER I~S,,AF'P.RCIACN .... .. Doctoral dissertation. University of California, Berkeley. 1981 ; University Mierofilris International.Ann Arbor, MI.81.(IN E: NG . ) ISN = 2971 0 1 0 0 n t) 0~~~:, 3
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Page 699: lfb88d00
50256 3214 BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/AGGRESSIVENESS/ PSYCHULOaY/ BF 30 Ed 1980 THE MEASUREMENT OF HUMAN AGGRESSIVENESS G. EDMUNDS, B.A., Ph.D. Department of Psychology University of Glasgow and D. C. KENDRICK, B.A., Ph.D. Department of Psychology University of Hull ELLIS HORWOOD LIMITED Publishers Chichester Halsted Press: a division of JOHN WILEY & SONS N'w Yort - Cwcheiter - Briabane - Toron to p I n n n v o >>!, 8
Page 700: lfb88d00
5o25s-319o , I -, . - - /lf- .71 The Agc-DcpcilcTciit 12cspuiisc of Scrum Triglycerides to Dietary ~~ructo.c~ ~ (36113) M. QleNAlaEl:, J. 11. 11'll.}:r, Aru G. A. LFVEILLI;= La6ow'atory of :1'ufrifinnal Kiockctttistry, Department OJ :1mma1 SaPUCe, Unircrsi!y o/ 111iuois at Urbana-CkanrpaiFn, Urbana, 111hzois 61801 Although numerous studies have indicated weit;ht: 1S''jo casein, 0.3(,( L-cX•siinc. 2.0',' that substitution of sucro_e or fructose for solka-floc, •1.0;'() mineral salt.° 0.4'< vitamin glucose iu the diet prurluces an elevation in Inis,9 0.2 jo choline chloride, 5.0;:, corn nil, circulating tri`,lyccricles in the rat (1-9), the and 70.1% crlrbohydrate. The cnrhuh~•cl;atr ._.~.--. _,-_ __. I . .. .. . . ..... ....~. n,._ . _ . . .,.,,t .... . ,.t..t .. •1,,1.1--- r. ..,.,t 71 ~ "1-, . f1 ( , f ) r ~~
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50256 3212 7 ~~ AGOREGATIODI, : CF AEffoSOLS.-a 13,~?3ue.,~?e, J. 5ux?.o
Page 703: lfb88d00
50256 3206 ~XxZ ~ i MeAZ ,1 (1969) S.F. R. J. Psy:iol4s Tcbaccfl Company, Respsrch e..nd Proctuct L4:ve°.cpa4::~ ~~ DcpaxtM^nte, Scie.nce Infozmation Division AGGLG`fEAATICN r-1'4CSSS, A PATENT SE.4r'RCH, by A. J. Reyno9.ds Tcbacco C.ou-spaay, Reeearch and Product llavel.opoaent Uepertneats, Sciczics InfozmsiiAoa Aivis'soc,, and Williaa W. :3wna 1969 CollectiQn of Matezial. Winstan-Srrlem, N. C. C~ !.~ ~ Q' i n n t1 E~ 0 237
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i0256 3189 LUNGS--CANCER--NORTALITY--STATISTICS/TOBACCO--S?10KING--CANCF.R----5IATISTICS/ 74 X Cl RJP. CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 74 X C1 Clemmesen, J.; Nielsen, A. *!nn seffil _1* _ ~ NA'~tO~fiAL AG -rd-AW ST$ +< MOKTAI,FT~~: " Rl~ES4 1s.'m~ Acta Pathol. Microbiol. Scand, Sect. A, 81, 95-96 (1973) (in English) *1974, No. 17, v 7074* *a* Tobacco medicine: 1 ""~" . . . . . . . . . . . . . _ . . . • ,"- - . -. . .. . - - . . . . ~:n!TaP- ... , . . . ... ~ ' . -. _ .. ' . . - . _ . - . C1 ( i R f~ 0 2~y ~
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50256 3202 ,;;,::;..:.....r~~. a_~.._._.........__ 0 t 1 n ki 0 2 AgglomeraL.tan lhc*&s , F. RLBL'T~OSTAZ"IC SBPARATION Or GR~,:yL'1.c11i !tA`XEBMS (U. S. Dapt. of Intecior, suYoau oa 1linas, Bull. No. 603) 1962 253 Pages U. S. Dept, of Int+exioac idsshiagtzn, D. C. 0
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50256 3217 1 I , SMOKING AND HISALTH/TOBACCO--S'y10KING--HEAT.Th "FECT/ OBESITY/AGING/LUNGS--CANCER/EMPHYSEMA/HYPERTENSION/ HEABT--DISEASES/ . RC H®6.~~ r`lJkdisJI,.~JL. 657 ~~ ~ Ba 1976 The Unsuspected IIlness By Broda O. Barnes, M.D., and Lawrence Galton . THOMAS Y. CROWELL COMPANY New York / Established 1834 ~,.}nx ~~ l~"\ Cto J 1";,lP (1 ~~.lr 0 .• . ,
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S02-86 3218 ' LONGEVITY/AGING/SMOKING HABITS--RUSSIA/ RECIPES/ ' A LI) ll%.~ : `CJ ff 85 ~ 1 J~ Ll Be IFT ~ ~~ ~ '` 1976 UcDD 1, l..1 ~~ ~~.,~ 1..~ ~~ I OOJ THE LIFE-STYLE OF THE PEOPLE OF THE CAUCASUS THE DIAL PRESS 1976 NEW YORK ~• ~! 0 2 1.13 () ;~
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. *. I . 50255` 3220 • PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY/ Biochemistry of QP M.S. Kanungo .' , e 86 Ka ~~g e ~ i: g Danaras Hindu University 1980 ft." Varanasi, India Acsdemic Press A SuDsldiary ol Hercourt Brece JovanovicA. PuDlisDeq London e New York e Toronto . Sydney . San Francisco ( 1980
Page 711: lfb88d00
50256 3204 ~ ---- -- --.... - ...,..~...ti.w..._:..c....:' ~~. 4,gloaieration, v.1. Fcef . TP 9 Ullmann, Fritz, 1875- ed. -±~ Encyklopadie der technischen Chemie. 3., Viillig ucu l;e- staltete Aufl. in Gemeinschaft mit S. Ba.lko iet al., hrs,-. vou Wilhelm Foerst. lLunchen, Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1J51- 7 v. illus., dlagrs. 28 cm. COSSTENTS: 1. Bd. Chemtscher Apparatebau und Verfuhrenstechnik. 1. Chemistry, Techuical-Dictionarles-(.erman. helm, 15913- ed. rr. ZYtle. TP9.U614 Library of Congrr~.i 0 i;)4g2j r. Foent, 1Vi1- 52-25376 I O 1 lJ () if lJ 0 2 S) 4 8
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( . n r I 737II P.eI-76 S:P. ~ .i 50256 3211 M.I.T. INDUSTRIAL LIAISON PROGRAM M -AGGhEGAT:, Fi0?EL OF: ENr ;GY At;D ECONOMIC GROWTH by Esteban ilnyilicza Energy Laboratory Working Paper No. rilT-EL 75-G1GWIP August 1975 This paper was prepared for presentation at the Third 4:orld Congress of the clcono7,;etrie Society Toronto, Canada, August 21-26, 1975 ~' '1,,/ a tt n n n 0 21.; +.; r
Page 713: lfb88d00
XX tte>;-F-W-73 E(.LIKERVS A_ W_ AmuLZso.-C 50256 3178 .....___ ~.~,._..~ jour. Dairy Science 39 (1956)1611-12. A-N?AGAItrCt7LTtJRX:JQ;p~~zkQ,', UDILC„AGID -STREPTOCOCCF• 0. IIes:.rsso r ;;Aitl!)--i.A'(iFV75Ka;i3;Lt~-- Ortpon Ap::rutturai .r:pcricnent Station. Tn studies invoh•inl- isolation of lactic slrep- Variou, representntive cotnn:ercinl drLy- Corrallia lococci from vnrious soiuccs it x•ns obsern•ed drated culture medin were stuuied for basis I Ihat luany of the ugr•r cnrdi:c lwoposed for strep- of conilrcrison or because they Lnd been su-- lococci and lnc•tobacilli did nut support gro~rth gested for certain typcs of lactic acid bncir.rial ef fastidious strnius of these orrauiscn,. Some They iucluded the following llifco produc•:s• Inedia that did support rrmwth had disadvan- tryptone glucose beef extract nhar (old ctqnd- tntica from standpoint ot' ense of preparation ard ucilk plating medium), tryptone gluce.e or elarity of medium. Conscqucntl.• a K•ider. yc•r.st c•strnct nrar (ue«• staudxrd tuilk platin;^, inmstigation was conducted pricuarily to evalu- mediun)), tomato juice ngar, trypsin dit,c.t ate additionnl nl-nr culture Inc•din for their agnr, liver veal n.-nr, nucro-assay culture r•.r,ar, ahility to support colony .gro.~•th of fastidious- nutritive cascinate agar,. ~~hcy np•ar, and stocz •. 'frtctie'-sti•cptoi•occi, 'pai•tic•ulnrly 'Strejrtoeoce+rs' culCuie'abnr: 'Baltimore I3iolci~fcal 'Laborr+ory •"rnoris and S. lactie. Other ,treptococci and dchydrnted roedia included: milk protein hy- hc•tobacilli counuonly employed ns starter cul- drolp-Me tnediunt (new standard InilL• plntin- turc; in dairy products nl;o were included in medium), lnctalysnte n.-nr, cunon agar, trYP- the study. ticase soy agar, trypticnse su^ar nrar nrd , : Lnetic uc•id bacteria emplo}•ed' a5 test oronu- lactobacillus selective mediuiu. llch)drnted L- ' iaus in Vnriou, nicdia included: S. L•ictis strains stoc•k culture qbnr of Albicui Laboratorics and 1 ~ 1:, 262, and ATCC 7963; S. crrcnorit 12, 101, Sunkist Growers' oran.-e serutu n-ar No. 77 127, ]49, 169, 20S, 275, 300, 306, nnd ATCC nl.o were used. ; '+:,9G; $. treenoris enr. rtrnncntic•rca 4, Il, 20, The following media reported in the litet:l- ~ s+nd 2?E; S. tlcrrruoplcilus ti, C-3, and \lc; S. turc were compounded in the laborr.tors nccor3- •rHraue A; l.ar•tobrccillnc qrirlop/rilccs Farr; L. in~ to the nuthota' instntctions and t(~tcd for /,~jnctis,39A-7 1.. (j.,;ei ' TCC -t).c^il~nbilil to su f t ( r j r ~' )p o1't cc 1 rmy ~.. ... _ _
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50256 3196` F1 .. ~_.. ~.a ~ (1963) Dass, K. S. GLruaia d.G::ZKG OF SOFI7ACE CF S(3LL'TiOaS. Cnr:.,ent Sci. 4, 405 (1935) n
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..r....-- 1 Q, I n CS C3 ~ 31 Agin~,. v. b Ad RL 50256 3216 ....r.., ..._~......-<._ ADVANCES IY. &xOwC"f or 5uI'it Vol. 1-7, ProcsedioSs of Symposia on tna B'so2o~;:,r af Skin haxd at The Univercity oF 0:agoa 2:a;ical Schoal 1960-66 7 vols. Pergemoa Prass axford
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, 50256 3210 - STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/SOCIAL SCIENCESI ' QA 276 . ' n~q~ n ~~~`~~60 1 0 9 ~t~l' ~ PDDL' 0 1 ploaliqulS ald y SAGE Pubtktations Beverly Hills London ~ rA t~(~~n 0 U 7_ h 4 ) 3 ~
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50256: ~198 - . a / FISHMEAT--RACTERIOLOGY/POULTRY/RACTERIOLOGY-- FOOD--SPOILAGF/ FOOD--MICROPIOLOf Y/ CLOSTRIDIUM BOTULINtT*t/ROTULISM/*tYCO !T O > . XINS/ I American Public Health Assoc., Intersociety/Agency Committee on Methods for the Microbiological Examination of Foods i i QR 115 Am 1976 2e- PADL ~C ~ ~ R . , ~\ a~'I ~ i by rhe APHA a- Pre(Darec C1 [; R f, t) 2 :; :, JAtersociery/Agency Commirree on Microbiolog:cal Merhods for Foods +' S ~'~ ~ • .•r- - (~1Aw~~ ~ F• ~ , LompnCum ~ ~ ,f ® ~ for the Mkcob!oko!c 011 ) 0 Examndon s-~.----- a
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502-56 3215 t .. . _ .: :. f 0 (:°''l•;". / _. i ~.'.. I i ~ -• t ~ __... .._.. _ . NT i) 1;v ti-:D T. R. S!stt.~1~1:1, F.A.5c. ! i.i:lil 1), 1952 ' aand . ... . ... / , .. ., .i. -.. .. • .~ ... ~... . . ..,.. - . . . . r . a
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, r_ _ *. 0 5025fs 3228 GERIATRI. / ~ Contributions to Human Development . VOL. 3, (Successor to 'Bibliotheca «Vita Humana»') Series Editors K.F. Riegel, Vancouver, B.C., and H. Thomae, Bonn .,...~.......+,a.~ t.......-• ........,~~..Y...,~~...~:::~..:.._._.:~~~.._.. ti •Patterns ofAging 1976 Findings from the Bonn Longitudinal Study of Aging Volume Editor H. Thomae, Bonn S. Karger • Basel • htunchen - Paris • London • New York • Sydney 0 0 c) E) n o 0 2 y 7 2 a
Page 723: lfb88d00
\ 11 so~s• 3205 . 7P 3 70 Pi 1972 ,on•,._. Processes Th=y~'ix Doltsrs N!cfiolas Pintauto 2 ~ PATE*T?S--YOOD/HILtC 4R0DL'!':S/3E%'ERAGFS/F.r,O PMD'JCTS/ MONOSODIU:S GLL'TAHATE/ COCOA/S{tEEM-ERS/DAIRY PRODUCTS/_____ • FLOUiL--PROCV.SS ING/ . PROCEsSItiG REVIEW NO. 25. .. . ~~DL !. NOYES DATA CORPORATION Nam ~. • ~;~ng Jr"rn~~ Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656, US.A. 197 .._ _w.t~S :• c • _ - ..••.i•.•. . .. . • . • • , • . . . • . ... • . 1. . . . .... . •: . .. . . . ~ ~ • . . • . ' . . z
Page 724: lfb88d00
50256 3227 4-1 TQBACCO--SENESCENCE/AGING/PLANTS--SENESCENCE/ T08ACCQ--AGING/ Senescence in 7Q; Th 1980 Plants Editor: Kenneth V. Thimann, Ph.D. Professor of Biology The Thimann Laboratories University of California Santa Cruz. California 0 o ~ n 0 0 2 1.3 71 CRC Series in Aging . Editors-in-Chief Richard C. Adelman, Ph.D. Director Aging Research Program Temple University School of Medicine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ George S. Roth, Ph.E Reselrch Biochemist Gerontology Re<enr.h Cente* National Institute on Agin! BaltimoreCit. Hospitals Baltimore, Mar7land CRC Press. Inc. Boca Raton. Florida 9 f
Page 725: lfb88d00
Frssst.o3.e, R. mr~ ._...n~... Cm ~*^"'7"^ ., + I .1 2 la V"alP.i~li.)a~ V Vla:.:.:+~. . :.n•to;~y, B#ochc.;n:.c~:t3~, °~:ysitl:~nq Znd P,eLated SublFcts, Editea by R. 2'assm:.re und J. S. ttobs:cn y.>68 47.5 Pabe3 ;ZacM,ci3. SciEnti£ic rublicatiors ~~~ 50256-3224 j41 Agfing, v. 2 IPa t i (? C? t) 0 0 2 i ia fi
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50256 3229 ~ SPEC~AL REPOR'` 80 II Unl ON~IGING:1979 ~ U.S. F-ARE Public Health Service National Institutes of Health National Institute on Aging NIH Publication No. 80-1907 February 1980 ~ < < ~-1, <<c J 0 I o~1 n a 02. 5 7 3
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50256 3226 /INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STRESS (Univ. Montreal, Can'ada)/ CANCER--CAUSATION BY PSbiCHOLOGICAL FACTORS/STRESS/BE}IAVIi3n'1L SCTE*1CE/ PSYCHOSOMATIC ILLNESS/ CATiC):R--RESEARCH/ GENETIC I:3CLINATION/AGING/ V/SLOAN-KL'.1TERING INSTITUTE CANCER SERIES RC 261 Ta 1979 Series Editors: ROBERT A. GOOD, Ph.D., D1.D., and STACEY B. DAY, M.D., Ph.D., Sloan•Xet:enng Institute forCmncer Research New York; New York Cance~; ~tress, and D~~th Edited by JeanTache, D Sc. International lsstitutt of Stress Pointt-Claire, Quebec. Canada 0 1 0 n n n 0 2 0 PLENUJI MEDICAL BOOK COMPANY New York and London Hans Selye, C.C., M.D, Ph.D, D.Sc. lnternationallnstitute of Stress Montreal. Quebec, Canada and Stacey B. Day, M. D, Ph. D, D Sc. Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Hesearck New York, New York 1 a
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AGING---BIOIAGY/DIET/LONGEVITY/GENETTCS/ " { 0256 3231 SMOKING & HEALTH/ 1• 5 ' A Publication of the Amcrican institutc of Biological Scicnces QP 86 Be 1978 ~'~ia1~~1 f A;in, Edited by John A. Behnke Editor, BioScicruc Caleb E. Finch Professor of Biology and Gcrontology University of Southcrn California Los Angclcs, California and " I ~ . 2 ~+ 7 O , &. . f +.I,, 'l~a~ :I- 0 O ~• .J I PI lcnuin Press • Ncw York a nd London
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; 50256 3232 RODRNTS/ACINC--BIOLQGY/LONCEVITY/TUMOP,S/ RESPIRATORY DISEASF:j QL 55 Bu 1978 ~at~no~~~Y Agin .. ~ ..~ ~ cn-I!.t5 A Morphological and Experimental Study of the Age•Associatcd Lesions in Aging BN/13i, WAG/Rij and (WAG X BN) P, Rats CRC PRESS. INC. 2255 Patm lieach Lakcs Itoui;.:vd. \\'cs, Palin Ueach. rlorida 33409 Author: Joe D. Burek, D.V.NI. ToxicoloFV Research Laboratory Health and Environmental Research 0 t / ~ t 1 ~ Dow Chemical U.S.A. ' ~ o p 2 ~ •, 6 Midland, Michigan K I= r n
Page 730: lfb88d00
~.....:....tAi ." ,er, 320s 75 III Hu Douctjts RE.-me Nirosox Nrgher Teachers' Collcge, Baghdad, Iraq (Received July 3, 1947) It is shown thaj in close packing of spheres, two types of interstice exist, bounded by six and by four convex spherical surfaces. These are termed "square" and "tri- angular." They are connected by a continuous labyrinth through which a ball not exceeding (2/J3-1)r in radius can be threaded. In both cubic and hexagonal arrange- ments, their shape and size arc identical, but their dis- tribution difi'crs. Radii R for n smaller balls, which can take up patterns with cubic symmetry within each square Interstice, are calculated for values of a up to 27 and plotted. The expression . (R>'r)°(V7"i)/ni is used as a test for efC,ciency of packing. When Rlr is plotted against the density increment at- /t PART a1Pnn~rt, ... t__ .. - r+ 0 y ~ o n, o 0 ~ ~,.._ . r~ .7 C7 Density and Packing iu an Aggregato-of Mixed Spheres AV . 'd tributabie to this intcrstitial packing, a set of spires i obtained. At n.=3 and n-9 (R/r bcing, respectively 0.2289 and 0.2166) twin peaks of 13 percent and 12 Tcrccn : appear, which are accentuated by first entry of a sphc;c into the triangular interstice at R/r=0.22475; this con- tributes another 3 percent. The peak of 16 percent at r:-21, R/rr=0.1782, is also reinforced by first entry of 4 spheres in a body-centered tetrahedron at 0.1716, «•ri:~ gives an additional 6 percent. density increment. App;ica- tions to bulk storage, ceramics, and interstitial compoui,ds aad' solid solutions are considered. None of the special packs gives a density increment (i;5sa,,..e {!3'4hnwtv)~J even approaching the 26 percent for fine spherical filter . close packed in the interstices. 7
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0256 3239 SENSES AND SENSE ORGANS--AGING/VISION/TASTE /HEARING/ OLFACTION/PERCEPTION/SENSORY EVALUATION/ QP 458 Co 1981 AYMMINVO, John F. Corso, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Chairman Department of Psychology # State University of New York, Cortland 'A PRARu15R t'RAEGER SI'ECIAL STUDIES• PRAEGER SCIENTIFIC , •. ~~. I ~ 1 00
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50256 3243 QC 771 Ag r i ~ APPLIED LCSI:~.ETRY bq :?. IC. Ag1in*_se7, V. M. Kodyukov, A. F. Lqzkov, snd Yu, Y. Sivintsev 1965 235 pe3cs Chemical Rubber Co. Press Clc,vsland ~~ 0 n 0 0 2 J 3 7
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50-756;3246 QD 341 Aglycyclones. P ~3 t. G o '! P: 1i (£3it C Pl . y2no c9 r Gp E~ y . ant Runecx3ea) ~ ASPZCTS OF PL.`NT PiYE':OL=C C^o.8.`iISiR7. (Proctedings ~ of a Syr.posiua of the Plzzt r:.euolics Group of No.th ~i::erice haid ft the U7ivcrzfty of Toronto, Toronto, O<itsiio, SeptEmber 6-7, 1:063). March 196:+ 103 p. V. C. Runeckles (ed.) KontresZ, Caneda n ~~~ ~ n o 0 2 > 9 0 :
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50256 3238 IiBAAT• • / GERIATRIC PHARMACOLOGY/ ADVANCES IN E%PERIMENT&MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, VOLUME 97/ CANCER/ METABOLISM--HUMAN/GERIATZIC PHARMACOLOGY/DRUGS--AGING/NUTRITION/ PHARMACOLOGICAL Edited by 'ay Roberts INTERVENTION IN Wd,cal College of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Geriatric Center ~ ING PROCESS' • THEAG Richard C. Adelman _ _. PLENUM PRESS • NEW YORK AND LONDON ; Temple University Institute on Aging ~ , and Fek Reaeuch Institute and Philadelphia Get:atric Center and Vincent J. 'Cristof aIo ~ ..~- The Wm ar Institute and Philadelphia Geriatrie Center
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._. ___. ~ Cander, Leon, ed. Aginn of the hui;;; perspectives; the tenth I3,ihnemann sjiniposiurii. Associate editor: John Ii. Aioyer. New York, Grune & Stratton ,11~Cr1, zit, 8Ti p. illus. 26 cm. Includes bibliographies. 1. Lungs-Aging. t. Hahceunnn Medical C.oliege ac;d Hespitxl of Philadelphia. u. Title. QP121.C28 ~ 612.215 64-18884 Library of Congress 1i-11 •-- 'r 1 d
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50256 3251 Journal of Psychosomatic Resoareb, Vol. 18, pp. 13 to 24. Pcraamonpress, 1974. Printed in Great Britain ASTHMA/ PSYCHOSOMATIC MECHANISM UNDER SOCIAL 80 II Ey-81 CHANGES IN JAPAN* S.P. YUJIRO IKEMI, YuKixuto AGO, SHUNJI NAKAGAWA, SHU MORI, NOBUO TAKAHASHI, HIROYUKI SUEMATSU, MINEYASU SUGITA and HIDEKI MATSUBARA (Received 9 Julv 1973) AFrER the termination of the Second World War, Japan was forced to reorganize its social and value systems. It has been a very difficult task to establish a constructive identity because the Japanese suddenly overthrew the old social establishment and traditional value system. Thus, for the younger generation, especially those who were born after the war, "identity crisis" has become a very serious problem. As the only possible way for the economical reconstruction of Japan with its narrow land, the Japanese have attached to the processing industries and expanding trade. ~ t 0 0 n 0 0 2' ; 9 5
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50256-3233 Aging°BiologY' • 31 Co ~ h A?in~ of the CO:ZQQ'S~L'1'1 c:11 and I~~':.rC Pop+~2t.tic:n, Senx,~r:<<:~, i^h6. h ~2t1ti ~n,2 ~nirc. fi~ t a .. ~ ..o_ an populatics; umz~ir.,, :~ ~ = coiiolquav.Ll iieiu ar a ~n~,.scrf1 t~ rev°dsea by the ui+im editors ,iar.jorie Jut~e 1.66. ~Ao ~ Co q autrnors in 1963. ~- o Zf,:~, i• 3aze1, t.:.w d ~ ~ "a: w, n~ 4 6y. ~ . Fisk2 Lccra I 5 S. i:ar~er, rk Y ~ , o 148 25 c.t•+. (Zi:rerdisclplinasy tonics p. ~ ~ in Gerontology, 3) . f t ~ .,. 0 0 0 0 q ~ - S 7 7 _ _ .:,,-.-.,. - -u I
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50256-3221 .. I . 1 SMOKING APlD' f(EALTH/TQSACCG--SMGKIf'lG--PSYCHOLOGY NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY/PSYCHOTROPIC_ DRUGS DRUGS--{PSYCHOTROPIC/AGING/OPIATES/MARIHUANA/ BARBITqRATES/ALCOHOLISM/ANXIETY/MEMORY/DOPAMINE/ ~ 3~ Psychopharmacology: A Generation of Progress P978_ r ~ ~ i Alberto DiMascio, Ph.D. Db.rro. ol P+xAopAat+nomlov Mauach uuar Drpartnvra y/ Meam/ HenltA aad hv/ijw of Ptychletry lPrx*VA--SWpJ n)a u-K- ty sh.,,rof .wedkm. •em,% MmrAr++tO Keith F. Killam, Ph.D. A.Rmoi.ns cRatriwa~ ApRnret o/ Pha-wcolov Qoi-Sur o/Gl0-porir Salod y/Afediriwr AMa Gqlbw:. Raven Press  New York Morris A. Lipton. M.D.. Ph.D. Ob.rbi eblor&+d Sdentn Reramd C~ of tht CAild Dr..lopmmd R.xmcM /nrritra and JuNI Gtia6ain tC- Pm/- olftrArobl fl.f103tq qllYortA CavG'w. SrMd elroakra ayd e4 NaN CmoG.. , 10 1 na on' o 0 2 a.` 6 C-; , . . ~ ! . _ I
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50256 3255 ~ ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH/OCCUPATIONIIL DISEASES/CANCER--PREVENTION & CONTROL/ CANCER--CAUSATION/VINYL CHLORIDE/S*10KINr AND HEALTH/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTII EFFECT/ RC 268 Al; 1977 The Cancer Connection And What We Can Do about It by Lariry,Agr. an Houghton Tlifflin Company • Boston • 1977 / Q!0 in n o tl J:; •9 • 9 I Ir'". i
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I e Agitation STUDIES IN AERATION AND AGITATION Progr. Ina. Microbiol. 3, 143-72 (1961) 50256 3240 o t c~n n oo~~~~q ~.
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50256 3249 - NICOTINE--PHARMACOLOGY/ 8176 MC080 P 345 ANDE K . , AC7A PHYSIOL SCAND Effects of single injections of nicotine on the ascending dopamine pathways in the rat Evidence for increases of dopamine turnover in the mesostriatal and mesolimbic dopamine neurons KURT ANDERSSON'. KJELL FUXE' and _1..UIGI fi:.AC`iNAI'I!-`.a Department of 'Histology. Karolinska Institutet. Stockholm Sweden and Department of 2Human Physiology. University of Modena. Modena. Italy Previous studies have demonstrated that sub- cutaneous administration of nicotine to mice pro- duces a rapid increase in dopamine fluorescence in- tensity in nigral dopamine nerve cells (Lienhart et al. 1975). Furthermore, in these experiments a , 0 q anti` tiv or~ ati w est blis_ ed tw n ~ sii' gle tu~nit~tivity an~d flt~i~resnce~inte~ity # f 81 vX An ' aAysiol Scand 1981 Ac! 112: 345_347 (IfJ/) (Anden et al. 1969). Immediately following decapi- tation the telecephalon was dissected out and taken to histochemical fluorescence analysis using the formaldehyde condensation method of Falck & Hillarp (Falck et al. 196'_). By the quantitative use of the Falck-Hillarp methodology involving a quan- titative microfluorimetric analysis of the sections
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50256 3230 - . .- . : ~. -- _~,.,.ar.s.a~.~ QD Aging---8iology v.8 453 ADY~i..'dCEg IN CHE'.3TCAL PHYSICS. v. Ad New York, Interscience Publiehers, v. diagra. 24 cm. 8ditor: v. 1- I. Prigogino. 1. Chem_stry, Faysxcal and theoret:.cal--Cbllectea t wArks. I. P.ri ;auir~e, I. , ed. ~ Qd3153. A27 541 58-9935 Library oY Con^rese (15) 0 1 t~ n n 0 02 '::-Ik 7 4 : ;
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50256 3242 6iTATvRS~fILHas/.4eH..~/.¢.YTi®X/DA~/T„S,i0S6iv~''it '/? E".f BiLr A~r: , EtiCYCIOPEDIA OF FO D TECHNOLOGY AND FOOD SCIENCE SERIES • VOLUME I /GQ(~D .-6•f/d.i,vc~-,rR~A/G~ FD~D ~. !!ff . . . clo~ ed~a Ency~ ~ 0 f ~ ~ ~ ood Enginee-ring ~ --~--t-__ 6 ~ CARE, W. HALL A. W, PARRALL A. L. R1PPF.N r~ t .i . r...
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50256 3235 ;. 0 i I Translation ' CIGAItBZ`TkSMbK)9 ITS 4 X-wfYOR.:-T.4`wTHE ' R"I CAL! Ta{CO$hf-tae "j3vn-"'YilL Aq~:;i's OF L'?Cri`~..`..'~~' a Ys cMi.'~'.,~s a . ° wTS RLi.ATIC:7 TO 1"rii ;tAo.iC -Us by Ta:c. s::ita. Ksuncichi and Ilar•skG Oha. l3ippoa Se.,bair I:GSha Chuo,Kor.ky*who Ke°~?':;:v Nokoku 1154 (t'o.3C5) 163•7 (1954) - Eagtisb translatica frsm the .Tapaneoo. 3
Page 745: lfb88d00
50256 3253 IANALGESICS AND ANTIPYRETICS/NARCOT-ICS--PIiARMACOD"AMICS/:. I ORPHINF ALKALOIDS 3, ~30~ ~ ~onist~~ and Antagonist , ctions , . 1973 , o~4~c~~~co~re ~~~c~lg~s~cr/ gs : r H. W. hOSTERLITZ ' Aberdeen, Scotland H. O. J. COLLIER Stoke Poges,l3trckinghamshire, l;ngland AND J. E. VILLARREAL i4nn Arbor, 1lfichigan, USA ~ 7 Univcrsity Park Press Baltimorc • London • Tokyo
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50256 3252 r II Ag Microfiche _.:Vy . ('? i:Y• i i~ :.T• ~r41.t~Ci I ~SISILi'TY 0!~ ... .ivZD OF 1:LL. T~' ..', + • JLrilv YIRL•S• 2967 5 pagea C1;:aria.~ho"E ior hederct ScLs:nCi:ic and Tcchnic: I Infamatiaa, National &uxeau of SCandnrda 5prfng F.ieId, Va. 01 (1 In i7 (3 f! U2 . ~
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: QP 86 Sm 1981 1 AGING--BIOLOGY/ RESPIRATORY SYSTEPI/ EXERCISE ~ 30256 3234 AND The Scienti f ic Basis EVERETT L. SMITH - r~Y~ T/'~ Dbrnorol~oe~orrmfoV L6auory 11{,~~w,,. la /iV /V~ ~~r oJAerr~rirr Nomeira lMradry of WiroWn s" Mrwr .l.epoe. .lYCOftrn 51706 and ROBERT C. SERFASS atirror o,xrrrrn...JawweVao.rorJ. 3'01oolo/Mytla/6dre.fion.Rasrrhn , edSchoot Hrlrh EdraHoe L1d.erauy oJNar.eara Ilowrpd4. Ywnam. JSIlJ pj~ert pneaented at the ~A_meriesn CoUe=e of Sports Medicine ICnnual meetinS. May 28-30.1980 Ir veys. Nevada Fjoao. nrw;.nen; Dloy Street d Ramsey Avenue, Box 777 H~lltide, New leney 07205 Editors ~ f ~~ ~ nn G 7~ 78
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I 6 S r 0 U v u c; •8=lT±f~~t.~ (1V?nt~~ ~..... ~.i ~~ .`~./~ n. rt!t ~.ir ' C rsD_'a.,, ~t~lti.ioa sv ` : ` :5 s:i 7d:1diio J*vMIJ&Pis :,&h
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, . . • ' . . • • 50256 3258 •---_-78 XI -ac}-79 RJR CLl!SS.NO. PAItE'iiLLT 78 XI Ad-79 Verband der CfFarettenindustrie, tiamhurg, Germany ~AGi:Ui.P;.EI1T AIN1aNG.=PA?:TICIMT1C GhtL*Vvi:' CIGARETTL ,ASAIiUFACTURIBSG 'C0:•fPA?1Il.;S lf)a ,R~-~,~i~trfrY~ ,LADVk- Verband der Ci.t;zr4ttenindustrie, News Release, (1977) (in Cerman) 2 pp. (Decembcr 20, 1977)* *N`ote date* d! 0 0 n(~ 02 ~~ 0 2
Page 750: lfb88d00
50256 3245 -•- iZ}y.^,0125, ;Y._J3. Fortschritte der Cheir.ie orgaznischer M;turstoffe. Prori;;ss in the chemistry of organic natural products. Progres cli,ns la, ehfinie des substances organiclues naturelles. 1.-'~ : 13d. lYien, Springer-Verlaa tetc.] 19u3- : ".. v. illus. 24 cm. Founded and for coine years edited by L. 2ecbmeister. For holaint;s, see inain entiy. 1. Chemistry, Organic-Yeriod. i. %ecLmeister, Laszlb, 3SSa- ed. c,1p241.rs --, Minnesota. Univ. L1br± ? for Library of Congrr,ss ,5-lrZ4.2;t A C 30--1015{` Q!(i n n n 0 2 '~ ; 1 3
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50256--3236 TRANSLATION RJR CLASS NO. TRA?.SLATION Schonherr, 11. ; Klimisch, ti. J. ; Harket, 11. P. (Cigarette Ind., Res. Inst., Hamburg, Ger.) ~~C~.;~FQ,~I~~~P~~~r;:~ AItU.YAR1i0Uf A'fF.~ PHASE-REACTYONS.'- St~R Beitr. Tabakforsch. 7 (No. 1) 18-23 (1973) (in German - complete English translation available) *1c.75, No. 6, W 1850* *d* Tobacco chemistry: 0!0 0 f) 0 0 29 fin
Page 752: lfb88d00
Y 1'- 50256 3254 iA~ 1 . i ~ (1968) ~ ~ f ~ ~ ~f i;r;f.C .A ri.L F;caT ~;~t~~~t~~ :rt~~:r PA~^x 07 ~ Till. 1.t,f'G, 1:•y~ E;~+.? ~o l:,o: Ccui. &itd Est;lardr, I2'An;FJ.o a Rccpirr-far,n r-llysZol. 5(ttQ. 3) 379-3VIs (Oc:tobor, i 1 I 7e, V) , ~ i ~ 1 I j 1 0 f 1
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50256 3248 82 X An NICOTINE--PHARMACOLOGY/ bSedica) Hiolottv 59: 170-176. 1987 8018 NE129 P ANDE K NED 9IOt, 170 S"I (3): I'1 O -k7 (.p EFFECTS OF ACUTE CENTRAL AND PERIPHERAL ADMINISTRATION OF NICOTINE ON ASCENDING DOPAMINE PATHWAYS IN THE MALE RAT 13RAIN EVWW-CF, :'OR ::L^ATIi:E INi~iJiEi~ iivC HEASES OF DOPAMINE TURNOVER IN VARIOUS TELENCEPHALIC DOPAMINE NERVE TERMINAL SYSTEMS 0 1 0 K. ANDERSSON, K. and P. ENEROTH PROM T!6 DfPARTMP.NT OF HiSTOLOGY. R'AROLnQSRA ntST179JTET. AND THE HORMONE LABORATORY. DEPARTMENT OP OBSTETRI(S AND GYNAECOLOCY. KAROLINSKA HOSPITAL. STOCKHOLM. SWEDEN AND THE DEPARTAff.NT OF HUMAN PHYSIOI.OGY. UNIVFSSITY OF MODENA. MODENA. ITALY The actions of Inlravenlricular Injections and Intravenous Infusions of nicotine were studied on dopa- mine stores and turnover ta discrete areas of the forebraln of normal male rats. This was done by measuring lhe decline of the dopamine stores after tyrosine hydroxylase Inhibition using a-melhyl- lyrosine melhyl ester (H /1/68). The dopsmine concentrations In the various teiencephallc dopamine nerve terminal systems were measured using the Falck-Hillarp methodology involving quantitative microfluorimelry. The calecbolamine concentrations In the anteromedial frontal cortex were measured biochemically using high pressure liquid chromatography combined with electrochemical detection. Iolraventricular experiments. The dopamine levels In discrete areas of nuc. eaudalus and oue. aeeumbens were significantly reduced even with the lowest dose of n.cotine (I o8/rat). Intraventricular InJections of nicoline !p a dose ol_l00 pr/rat produced significant increases of dopamine turnover in w vrrloas t~pes of dopaqtine co*rve~lrminal systems In the nnc. caudatus. nuc. accumbens and tuber- [) eilam o~lictml4ass and foll6w•iny a' dose of 10 pa/rat Increases of dopamine turnover were observed In the medial part of the nno. caudatus. Furthermore, nicotine (100pa/rat) significantly Increased nor- adrenaline but nol dopamine turnover within the anterofrontal cortex. Intravenous experiments. The dopamine levels were selectively reduced bv nirnttn. nnnn .•ar-%
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t 10 '~ HD ! 69 Pe 'i Agreements. 50256 3261 Peraelr+y, .^,2rald A .^>T[4!)Y (1F U;:7T-?) '; T,i•f`;'~l .n e.R FATM?.: CV'PU4:LiO.I F'.,DC'U":, A aisnc:rR:wzian 1970 3302 Pa;..g t;z:•t6r$ity 7atrafill~:z Ann ArLor, ''linhf„c:r, ii ft (3 o 2 :) CQ 5 -
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50256 3266 P,ef..-9Go CC)MMOD ITY PRICES A Source Book and Index Providing References to Wholesale and Retail Quotations for More Than 5,000 r:AgricuituFal,r'Commercial, Industrial, Gale Research Company • Book Tower -~ Detroit, Michigan 46226 .I ?~ y and Consumer Products " Compiled by Paul Wasserman Diane Kemmerlin;; 0 1 0 00 00 2 u I tl ~
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iIl Su3 1968 RiT1iAM11 a7J. atfki Scu, Y. S. AGxTATIQN XY11 HLUM 0f 1CuN-M3TOt;idLN aYLL'iD3, by T. S. Sa sun4 V.A. tdaLaaad Chesa. eY"ams Etg. j9 (No. 8) 77-79 (Aug., 1963) o n' Q 0 a 9 : . .
Page 757: lfb88d00
~mm 50256 3256 ~ ~ II fia-78 S.P. kcr<•mnrc: Ilinl, ku!!., ISS: 98-112. (:\ut;ttzl, 1978) \ 1;lSS~1`LUh'/I : CO.:~'1'ItOi O1' SI'1 CIIr'i . : NEWTON II. COI'1'"- :\\I) I)I;JIOI:I;ST I):\V1:\I'nltT Uepnrhnwtf o/ liioloqicul SciencPs• Uni-z't•rsif~nf Ctdifornia, Snnla Barbara, Ctdi(orttiu 9310/ I Butterflies in the tribe 1-Icliconiini (\ymt)hali(lae) exhibit a highly specific association With one fatnil%• oi clicoh•lc•elonous l,lctntS• the 1'assillr,racear (I)as:itm- vines). Research on heliconians and passion-vines at tlie cotimiunity Ic.•c•l Su~tiest, that many aspects of the butterflies' sc,phisticaterl behavioral capabilities an<l sen;or% ' systems have evolved in the context of the exploitation of larval fr,rul-1>lrtnt resonrces, and that the passion-vines have responcled in turn with a di\-cr:e array of iuor- phological "clefen>es" against heliconian hreclation ( f;enson, L'rowu. and Gilbert.. 1975 ; Gilbert, 1975). This coustittttes an extension of Ehrlich and llavctt's (1904) propose<t model for the coevolution of lnittertlr herl~i. ore~ an(l their plant hosts, which consiclerecl only the stepwise proliteration by the plant and subsequent circumvention by an insect of chemical barriers to lierl,iv)ry. - ! , . . . t .;._. :~. ~ 1 In t^ n02,0100'
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. -' 'at.ar.:c ; ..% .. ..T.I,r i-.I -... ;~ w/,:~i . . . ! Copies of this publication may be obtaine ( `f 1NFORMA710N DIVISION ~31:~~'3~;t< ~ Td ? N fi tC f t~U~1`©EYY~,T2 ,e ~~tt7f - OTTAWA K1A OC7 CINFORMAl1ON CANADA. OTTAWA. 1974 Printed 1967 Flevised 1970.1974 1 l ~y ~+~. .~7/ ~~; «I ' / : 50256 3264 0 1 0{) n(1 tl ~ i~ i~ ~3
Page 759: lfb88d00
50256- 3262 XI ToB2-76 S:P. TOBACCO--LAW--GREAT BRITAIN/TOBACCO--ADVERTISING/ Author: Great Britain, Tobacco Advisory Committee Mar. 1976 ~ .A.cIIr1:-M1II-N.T'1'S COVE_rItic. ii.r•.Ar..Tx WARL'I,.7fS•OANCTGA T2_TT'1_l;-`° P.1C1iI:'I'S ii\r:) L\ :1l)V]~.I:TiSii`:G, a::ll O'f7iL''l.t IiI;L.a'1'l.:D :1i:1'1"1'1:?;S (LABI:I.L;\G. CODE) ,~ The cigarette manufacturers represented on the Tobacco Advisory Coin :;i::1 have, at the request of the Secretary of State for Social Services, agreed that a ti packets of cibarcttes produced by them for the U. K. Trade should carry a Gover:::., health vvarning, and that cid rette advertisements should carry a reference to tr::: health warning. The principles and definitfons that will determine the manner in v:nich t`:is agreement is implemented are set out in the following Codc of Practice. Tne C.Ic:. .. . ... ..._ . . . I .-._\.. .. . . .. . . . . . . . _ . . . . , 0 1 c1 n n o. i) P.6o6. I
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50256 3276 I PLANTS--CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS/PLANTS--ELEMENTS(MINOR)/ ' FERTILIZERS/PLANTS--NUTRIENTS/AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY/ ~ SOILS--TRACE ELEMENTS/ TOBACCO--TRACE ELEMENTS/ S 593 Ch BIBLIOGRAPHY of the Literature on THE MINOMfELEMENTS ~ FOURTH EDITION Volume I - 1948 Volume II - 1951 Volume III - 1953 Volume IV - 1955 and Their Relat' to CO1^P'~ °nd Pu61'uhed 6y tke GIiILEA1V 1VnfRATE FbUCAT10NAL BUREAU. I' Plant and Animal utrition iBroadw•r. New York 5, N. )'. , 1 0 () 16 2 0 0 1 t.) (l f
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50256 3270 _ ~.,~r RINARY SCIENES.,1974 : XEli~x Edited by the Jaques Cattell Press - 1V1111..NA1V D6'\IT®MLl..rN ~ ~ OF SCIENCE . R.R. BOWKEti COMPANY AGRICU_ LTURAL,~NINiAL AIV'D' A Xeroz Education Company New York Gc London % . Rj I1;NTISTS--U.S OGRAPHIES--AIL~ IONARIES/WH0's krd0/AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE/ . , .A ,~ I~ ERIc~I~I~T 131 ,
Page 762: lfb88d00
50256 3257 ~ - Rcfcreucc: Iliol. Bull., 155: 11.i-124. (August, 1978) II Ha-78 P~I~'.S11'L(1/t!~~,.I1. ..,1iI:HAN'IOR •A\C~ S.P. ~;Sr\tSOItY , tOI~~t,Il`IT:S 1 ~ A'E\S'TO\ H. COPI' 2 :1\ f) DI:1IOI:EST I)AVR\ PORT De/wrAntxt of /Jioloyiial .S'iiences, Uuk-erti1y of Califurnia. Santa 13arGura, CaJi/orniu 93106 In a previous paper (Copp and i)avenl->ort, 1975) %ve described for the hcli- conian :1yrairlis vunillue incurnuhr (l:iley) exl,c•ri>ue>tts on larval fceclinl; prefer- ences, adult ovipositional preferences. food-l>lant suitahility of variuu; apecies of Passi flura, and a field survey uf 1>:tssiun-vine infe,tation in Santa Bari,ara County, California. The re•sults indicated that, nioree than any utlier factur ii>ve;ti-gated. ovipositional preferences determine the infest:ition levels of the various local spccics of Passiflorcr.• All remarks to follow romcerning these aspects of ;hc Aqraulis-Passijlura relationship refer to the paper cited above. If the interface of most direct interaction 1>ctween the two organisms is tlte selection of specific I>a:siott-vines as larval food, it follows that tl>e sensury tnuclalities and consequent behavior -o%•ertr:t- this selection can be expectcd to have inilwrtant effects ott the evolution of buth 1>utterliy and 1>lant.. The fOlluWint' exlM' inr:nts were desi-necl to im•estitiatc the tuoclalities and behavior. Re.mults are cliscusse( l itt tlte li~ltt of tlic alnnc ritcd ficld sturlirs.
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50256 3265 fj~ ~"'-,77 North Central Regional Research Publication 235 FF.RTILIZrR/At1D MANUP.ES/I•'ASTE TRE 'ThiENT/ October 1976 TD • . 897 onAgriculLuraL1l Lan6,1`. ' Kn "~,~~,l.'. 1976 ,,~ Planning and RiuC~`~ rt,i.'l~~~i.l ~S~.X~~,~~. ~~ Edited by ' BERNARD D. KNEZEK and ROBERT H. MILLER :~.nplica~~c~~~ 9f'S1udges and ew~..e~~ Sponsored by North Central Regional Committee NC-118, Utilization and Disposal of Municipal, Industrial, and Agricultural Processing Wastes on Land In cooperation with Western Regional Committee W-124, Soil as a Waste Treatment System OHIO AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND DEVEt.OPMENT CENTER Wooster, Ohio ..~..~....~ 0 1 7 t) ; . . . Research Bulletin 1090 0 :? ~ C0 9 • , .. I
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I 14 50256 3278 Frear, Donald Elisha Harding, 1906- ed. Agricultural chemistry, a reference text. New York, Van ' Nostrand 11950-51] 2 v. lUus. 25 cm. Includes bibliographies. Corrrzwrs.-v. 1. Principles of agricultural chemistry.=-v. 2. Practi- cal applications of agricultural chemistry. S585.F84 :~ 630.24 b0-6567 rev J~ Library of Congress ir51d°10j 1
Page 765: lfb88d00
50256 3273 SB 951 IAGRICULT1tRAL`: CHEMICALS:? j977./C' Th /967 lc. b , . SB AC~.~...,r.x'_.. .,.,.. , .~., ~ ., L G:_?'~C+..:.5 ~~•.,. _ ..,..,'...~. ....... 951 t4CS'?~CIJwS a*TD C'Vi^Y:'S F^^~r TT Th _ . I lw - -.a.. ~. . >a ~..... / 1/(~(n7~ 1C. Rr.?.rLLE~1 :. A arD F~ir,~~r*Tr,7na:^ pC^: .. ....r Fu.y IG : iS ".. 4 1967 4 Va1uslea Tiiol.-zoa Pz:hlicatioas Cal:.fornia I Ref. Thom son W. T .. .. . ~ . .. . ~ . . y_. . ~ - . . .. E1 (i r) ti 0 1 u! 7
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50256 3275 Agr3cul tiz:32. chenistrr. .1 QD Association of Otrrial =lgricultural Chemisis. Title varies: v. 1-F,, Official and tentative methods of analysis. On spine, v. 1- Methods of analysis. Vol. 1 Issued by the association's Co,vmi;tee on Eevisioe of Metli- ods; v. 2- by its Committee on Editing JictLccs of dnalr sis. d ~ev:~~92~ ~tW~1 ~~,ly; l9=c~lsd~ Washin ;ton. " a-v. illus.. 25 cm. r, s ~- ~ e Ss s t ; .. c z met lo~s o aina t/ ~t%~ ~'' 1 t ' I i d i l f 139 Olli l 1. Agricultural chemistry. 2. ChemL3try, Analytic. S587.A-73 ,, 630.21 20--21313* Ubrary 'of Congress 153r51b=101
Page 767: lfb88d00
+.-........... ,.,... eL,:_w..u....... _.._~.,if_ ~~...;:.:.e ._c'L:>.a.~'..... ..~.. SUGAI; PA!7~'2iZ'S 1~N)i QUArf,c , HAMKb'Y'XP?G SV.Q0I, LLSi,:If, GFilf•h tiiJi:'.tTIOlt, F'=}? '3' ilax.*~a. AM I:ryLtsTI:D S`se~e J~'~S t. ._ 50256 3269 ~ 384 pe~F-!s Lt. S. U::.pt. crE 45uicu)'f:c-r~ i3 . . C. 0 ' cl 0 n l~ t1 r C)
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50256 3277 PLANTS-=NUTRIENTS/AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY/ FERTILIZERS/SOILS--TRACE ELEMENTS/PLANTS--ELEMENTS (MINOf S 593 Ch 1948 BIBLIOGRAPHY of the Literature on "SODIIJM AND ~"ODINE in relation to Plant and Animalvt~trition Co.pilsd and publi.hed try the Chilean Nitrate Educational Bureau, Inc. 120 BroadWav, NewYork, N. Y. FIRST EDITION vOLUnnE oNE 1948 0 ! 0 ~) n 0 0 ;? :a 2 ~
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I I c; j p p U t,i t3 1 0 .. ~.,.>/ r 21%!) oV t k~ . d7~ 7.LtiT -{ytiQw ' 1`.OIJ.t'IINI'J?IO :1?Ir1.I:InDI;IJh CL\IV QCO:I S\Oi.i.~I~I Q;LLIhIfl lut:,lrlruoD `r.rvj~ uotpd.rlp .. ay~ .c_~lrrr ar~altr~ .rof 1r0113aU1rr0a Jl,llolro~~j :'- ac~l c~jr;i lror,r~ra:~cv~ trr Ovj•~ Pd.w15.1d -. .. • : _ , . . ` A-Fyj~ ,., .: ' 'r ~ ~MINT n7 0 D ~~ ~~_. /SUIxSI~`r.LS-~Q ~2IU.9--~2I:1~'I1tUIziJzf , ~ " /e. aa: eria4r; .dw -ma.DV,.JVW un TZ L9ZE 95 s
Page 770: lfb88d00
0256 3263 Amer. Jour. Cardiology 13 226-31 (1964) - ~UL. The Common Origin of Precordiai Vibrations~ 80 II Ey-80 S.P. *LT~'Af$I+Tti.~.~I!~:''AGRBSt, M.D., F.A.C.C., STANLEY WEGNER, DA.`tIEL J. BLEIFER, M.D., ALFRED LINDSEY, JOHN VAN HOUTEN, KENNETH SCHROYER and HARLEY M. ESTRIN, M.D. Los Angeles . a W '( /, 7ILLIAM HARVEY' in 1628 was the first to ~ J~ / recognize the systolic origin of the apex beat, but it was not until 1839 that James Hope- providcd the first experimental proof that the apex beat was caused by the transmission of cardiac forces to the chest wall. In 1878 the first graphic registration was made by the Marcy capsule' HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT These initial and all subsequent efforts to record precordial movements have had three primary aims: (1) To afford visual representation of audible h,:art sounds for accurate timing and documentatioa of stethoscopic findings. (2) To recard mbaudible fre. quencies (below 30 c.p.s.) where the clinicean has only his tactile sense for perception. (3) To develop V ^ a qethqt( for~j vah}~tin~-~tc ~ct of~';he~ art.~ Duriri~ thl~lt 84 yeai's"of ~fvesation, fiJc m5jor constrictive pericarditis, bundle branch block and cardiac aneurysm. Recently, Bcnchimol and Dimond16 studied the apexcardiogram after a double two-step exercise test. The a..ave was found to double in amplitude in patient; ..ith coronary artery disease but changed little or not at all in normal subjects. The large a wave is due to atrial contraction and reflects an in- creased left ventricular resistance to filling. The ap- pearance of this wave was felt to be definite evidence of coronary disease. In 1953 Eddleman et al.0 described the kineto- cardiogram, a method which recorded low frequency (0 to 30 c.ps.) precordial movements by means of a metal rod air-coupicd to a piezo-elrctric transducer. Lox'• frequency tracings had also been recorded by Johnston and Overy'* in 1951 with a Sanborn electromanometer and in the same year by Luisada and hfagci's Eddlcman et al." have made many use- ful obsrrvations with this technic and have sum- . r.•
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50256 3260 ~.. ...- ..... . . . ^'.. ' . . .. .. ~` S.P.. ... t ~ RJR CLASS NO. PAr1PiiLET 78.i{I Ad-79 s.p. .?. ~ Dutch Smoking Tobacco Industry Association, Hauge; Neth..t AGREE,fENL.QF::PUBLICITY..: BY.:.q1jTCH SMOKING 'TOBACCO INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION. Dutch Smoking TobaccQ,Ind. A soc., Hauge, Neth., 6 p. (1979) (in English) ._-__Includes_RJR_ and Philiu Morr~s. ~ 2. a. The lur,de ,~ tioned tezjns and ideas or ternLs and ideas of a.dentical l L tenor shall be a11cF.aed to be used, though exclusively in fihe.' po21itive degree of eompariron and without rP_%ing use of any /,dd: },o -- J ight, mi].d, extra mUd in such a oontext that it sha1.3l be perfectly clear that 'these wards are used to denote the taste of the cigarette; -- laa, li.ght, poor, mcd.ium . in'.such a mntext that it sha11 be perfectly • clear tJ-iatt these wozds .are used to d,_rote the tar and/or nico{;jne oontent, ha.qeve_r, .exclusively . for cigarettes having a: t:ar and nicotirye J•, f oontent of less than 15 m~ and 1.0 mq per cigarette respect?ve1y;/ -°-3n - - I
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50256 3279 , 4.-risx:iyuxF1 chenistry. International Congress of Botany. Tth, Stockholm, 19;0. YrocPpdin t;.,-; v.iliterld for the Executive CnEnrnlUO'e by Iiuwo Qsva'.d sr.c1. 1?wrrt Aberg. Steckholm, almclvi.t .(,'- Wii<,vli; 8Y" ~V1lthar~z, ~,nss.. Chranica i;ots_nica Co. t~.+.•~; :? 8U9 p. ilLus., po,rts. 27 ez). Includea biblfogruph;ra. 1. Botanv-Conaresses. r. Oq-,Tald, Hugo, 1892- ed. Ix. AI er,;, Ewert,1J09- A. QICLI7 1954 ^~ 54-132~6 Library of Congress 13) ~ ~ ~ ( ) n Ci 0 2 ~a 2 3
Page 773: lfb88d00
50256 3287 Agricultural crogs--greedQrs--Cireotorys i.c,a, Y, T, VNXILD L3ST 07 ??~..ti~T BRFE'J&RS. l:a! 1.95 p. ~,~i~ed ~`3tfcr~„ Fccd F.nd hg,;c-33:uTa's 4rz.an3sa- ~avi:~ F°'-.3du.~.7".i'Se'1. aa.d ?L`.1`.lY'..".ti.r.-m t%;i`l3>:i-,.'.:, C1C2 L''TC&ataZ~`sil Li£TJ- '•3rE:['aGft tio~a'•'y: fl U 02 s:) 3 1
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- 50256 3274 - ~ ' TOXICOLOGY--ACUTE TOXICITIES/HERBICIDES--TOXICOLOGY/DISINFECTANTS/AIR--POLLUTION FUNGICIDES--TOXICITY/STANDARDS/ Title and Subtitle AGR ICULTt11i'M-CHEHIQAIy9' :4AiVD: I};STIC IDES W%0.KL15,,,Uft~•111E? REGISTRY" (SF=-xOXIC.Er^F ECTS OF C1IE19ICAL SUIiSTANCES Author(s) Edward J. Fairchild, Editor Performing Organization Name and A,:dtess Tc racor J i tco ,-Inc. - -- Rockville, Maryland-20852 N i o 5 N; 7`I- / b'0 . . L- .N.e_....- 5~. Y..part Us(c I July 1977 0. !'rli') rra~ng Organization Rept. 2w. (0. i'ro~e:c/r+sk/uork Unit :to. _--_.------•---=--,-- I1. (.on:racr/Gr~nt No. .210-75-0034 '. Sponsoring Organization Name and Address II. 1 Yr, of Report & PrrioJ l Instit N ti t O l S f i ona a u e or ccupat ona afety Health and 4676'Columbia Parkway . . Cincinnati, Ohio 45226 l4. Abstracts This is the first edition of the subfile of agriculturnl chemicals and pesti- cides extracted from the NIOSH Registry of Toxic Effectc of Chemical Substances. It contains 2190 substances that are used to achieve specific agricultural purpo.,es. The subfile was prepared to provide toxic,tty dat,a in order to fncilitate the provision of ' a safe, hepelttyf~Q)entvjir0pmtMt $or;tmpgoylesrhncounterinr ngricutturnt chemicrils at all stages of testing, synthesis, forniulation,and use. `.fhe oubiile attempts to be a 5 list comprehensive in sco e tt - l p .. .- Mr t han a status rr.j,,,,-r „ ,.
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TORACCO--AnVrRTISING/,bT7I;IN(= Arill [iEALTH/ 50256 3259 t.ttn nT rn %.n n..m,vI..T 97 vT T}- ._77 y' 73 XI Fo -77 - ...._. V~~[1JJ .1V. a 111u laa.a~f ••/ -a - vJ. •• •+-+-. I {. S.p. / 1 New Zealand :iinister Health, New Zealand ~ AGRFEI.U:Nx. BETWEEPi riUNxSi},R. OF; 1i)*X.TH: C1' ;.r~HALF &K, OTI !IA1sICO'ANY o LIr F U • ~1'l% t~ Q T4AhCC0 ' ~LL` - S iP D li .>. .;: r - .c . . l . XpiQkRIS (NSW 2CALAND) LTD."~ •TOGETt1E& WITH THEIR }~OLfirING~ ,SU~3S°I'DI~l~~" ~ SUCZA 4~ } ~~GARFTT - ~~' ..r•~s.3~ s ~STRICTIONS UK,ADVEftTISING:` i~~e hcat: the , i.cqLiest of the rt~_nisi:cr ai ~ that' a] l" i~~:ckets o~ cigarette, " "prc~luced for the'~:c:a 7eal~ria ;.' .: trade.` ;lic~uu ci" c.z ry a" -Govei nm cii t'.. i:~~ rn i nc~=...` . ~ `rh~y h avc' f_u r tlicr- ~ ac3x~ed,`i]::af _advcrLiszi,g wil~ he zcstricted_ -:s otit]_i_'ned I t".I ~?_S. (~ocUP•?cYlt. New Zealand Minister iiealth,agieeraent,3p.., (Sept. 29, 1976) (in English) ' `'}ie"~rcpr.c sentativcs, of . IZoLlima;1S• ','oaacco Coi7pzc-, yy Lt W~_1~ cri•...Z a ~~r, j ~,.. ,'4 7.`' d~ . { t~' j. ~ Z c~~ 7td.,. ~-ind Ph'i]_.ip ' " ~ 0 I~l n n 0 U?_ CS n- :;
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5025fr 3286 HG 2051 Mi 1977 ' by Leonard F. Miller `,&GRiCUL+1'URAL C ADIT A1Vp FINANCE 1977 The Rockefeller Foundation 0 2 6 3 0
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50256 3250 -- ---- ------._ _ _-- ---- -----• --- ---- - ~ 81 X Sh1 i , TOBACCO--SMOKE--INHALATION/ ~ Objective iri vivo analysis of anti-smoking Z Z Z- `L r. ,'U1RfN r SHLAHA`, D PAN'lA. 1 R M BATEMAN.~J,~".AGICEU'.`;?tr?Yfl S WCLARKE ;) Fru/1 thc~Ur arirncnrs of Tlrrroc tilcd cinc ond 111edicol Ph~•sics. Thc,Kmar re` los~ a!/Londun _ ~ ~ llla~~ ~~ d IJ~ ~P't";.t~~Et~,, PH~S `LO NDON I"~NCLA '`OY' C~ F~~ ~"~SP t: . .asstrar ~earette filters ha~c been introduced to reduce inhaled smoke and also as a means of brrakinc the smol:inc habit. Twelve volunteers smoked cigarettes through four ventilated anti- smoking filters (NiD-4. Miles Laboratories) and one reference cigarette without an anti-smoking filter in a sinele-blind, crossover manner. The amount of smoke inhaled \%as monitored by a radiotracer technique using' the isotope '1`krypton. Compared to the reference cigarette the amount of isotop: reaching the lung was reduced to 76;;. 63°0, 43°/„ and 37;; for filters I to 4, respectivel.•. which was less than the reduction to 70%, 40°;, 30%, and 20°-; predicted by the manufacturers. In the ca%c of filters 2. 3. and 4, the observed reductions in isotope inhalation were significant (pC0•01) but were also significantly less (pG0-01) than the manufacturers' .. predictions. ~! 0 1 ') 9 . cigarette filters ~ Thnro.e.1981.36.213-216
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50256 3284 -: . , ~•..+.... ,., ---_. __-= .. -- --- . ... .. . :_ .:,..... -- -s:. .... -U. S. :lgricultural Conservation Program Servi.e. Agricultural conservation proai:im; handbooko r~crth Carolin;.^.. ,Washingtonl f?„0 . 1•7E% z- ~;' v. In Illus. 24-29 cm. Issued annually, In parts, for each state. Some Issues, 19 have title: Handbook of conservation practices. Issued, 19 by the Yroduction and ;farketing Administration. Supplements accompany soiue numbers. 1. Soil conservation-U. S. r. Title. S624.A1A26 ~=--1 631.4502 56-3755;, Library of Congress t ~ 157b1i
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50256 3285 American Chemical Society. Jivixion of Agricultural arul Food Clieinistry. Agricttltural control cltemicais: collected papers from tiie symposin o*1 e,conotnic poisons lored e»ted befor e tlic Dic i: iott of Agricultural aud Food Clternistr;; of tiio Anucric::a Ciu--m- ical Society at the 115th national meeting in San F rancisco. March 28 to April 1,1949, and the 116th national meetin; in Atlantic City, September 18 to 23,19-19. lirasltin*tor. (:3;;ilt x, 273 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Advances in chemistry aerles, .) racludes bibltographies. l Insecticides. 2. IIerbictdes. r. Titie. ( 8er!es) i QD1.A355 no. 1 632.951 51--30Q3 Library of C,nn;ress~ ~ i53j5; ~~~ n ci 0 7. ~~ 2 9
Page 781: lfb88d00
50256 3291 76 III Ja Jacobson, Murray FOOD/ Explosibility of aqricultural dusts, by Murray Jacobson, John Nagy, Austin R. Cooper, and Frank J. Ball. [Washinq- ton] U. S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Mines [1961] ~ 23 p. illus., tables. 27 cm. (U. S. Bureau of Mines. Report of investigations, 5753) '1,- Bibliographical footnotes. 1. Dust explosions. I. Title. II. Title: Ag,ricultural dusts, Ez- plosibility of (Series) V-' [TN23.U7 no. 57531 622.06173 U. S. Dept. of the Int. Library ..__...,..,...`_.._~._.-__.. 0 I0 fl n (1 U•2 0 3 5 . • •N
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Z ?., (I e, 0 U e! ti U a.> smag ' OToA Z etro;37N pDZTuil L96t Z'T °TaA 'S66t GA:' SL6r 8OJ St;axMaco'dd - SHZZ3£t0'r~r~ 'Ti; ::F3: `i1t?2?tJN c~~T~tY~Tae8sp - ~ Eez£ 9szos
Page 783: lfb88d00
50256 3280 Agricultural chemistry. T' c~' M N • + . T•R.H•'fAS~ ~(YT":!7hl.7f~ nAfr•1 y v..•n••.nr~1g7 n SMiNI..t:.CLJ%-PS A~}1~ OIJTnTECV . M4 •~ .niVe/iItJLVw4/~ :4I~i ~ T. L`.'~r~(^ rftn t+nn.r.+rw~~Y r..• vrrf.:( 7i's ~ rs~z5 YsV LC • wY California 1 1~ ~: ~~ Q~~ i 1 C~ ~) 0 2
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/o/ XX i 1cF-B-•B39 ~ I : V 50256 3289 /iC.~( ~it'i L3 hG'[Tt tli ~''~~'a''1i~(~'i~`td G Il1T ~Oid A 1-Fport of a Confcrcnco c.rga.ni.sed by the Agricultural Devclolrien-i; Association in conjunction %:ith the Department of Al-ri cu].tvurc and Food rei.encc, U::iversity of Rec-.dir.g. ;'..._. .• July 1971 ,
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50256 3292 ,iC3L Z.~: ~N• SUB~J:tOPICAL'REG~IONS.-v.,. _ By M. Y. NUTTONSON Prepared for presencation .tt the SYMPOSIUM FOR AGRONOMISTS organized by THE JSRAEL MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE 4W with the participation of THE FOOD AND A.GRICUI:I'URE ORGANIZATJON 415P . OF THE UNITED NATIONS Rehovot, israel-April 13-15, 1959 ~• i~ 3 f> ~ }n (1 ~o 0
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50256` 3296 14 Agricultural Qr.g9.neering Richey, C B ed. Agricultural engineers' handbook [by, C. B. Richey, editor-in-chief, Paul Jacobson land] Carl W. Hall. New York, McGraw-Hi11,1961. 880 p. iilus. 24 cm. Includes bibliography. 1. Agricultural engineering. L Title. S675.R5 0 631 58-13912 ~ Library of Congress ,301 ------- 0 0 fa ~1 il 02 6 4 0
Page 787: lfb88d00
f' 2b ~: e 0 0 Tcwa~ QCF;T ~L`;V iiiw ', ' '..4.. t. V Y Ur^.n ~ ~lQI'IU~Ii1.^~ I~ftUN N~ :~iiFl`JnOkf~'L~fli11I~~A~JI~I#~~ r 06Z£ 9SZOS
Page 788: lfb88d00
*cid Z ~e~ee~or~ . .~ , + r,-~ +rKl~' l r i ....-, .. r.~ - . . A8Z£ 9SZOS
Page 789: lfb88d00
50256 3268 , a (1970) ~ ~ UnG9 ~g~icultutal:;:Ac6niiiistration- U. $+ t lM U. S. II3partment of A-r2.cs3.tu•.s, Af,zfculturnl Stntti.3lzstion &nd Coaacxvati.on Service Co.Aa -v^:~ - + °~.a w0 ~ ~' LItJ.l+.;+1„i.~.s:~;...rfn.7• TJ~b 'T.~ S .~{~:'~,a~V ~..i ^ ~b'T.~S.~{~:'~,a OI3I ..:r.L..Sf+i MAh.:.~1I*itii rr"r: a...... 1J r 9lS~~l a~.~Yf(~~+,~Tl7~'~'J~ CP.t'.xL'r'ii.Ii:.: „ Ct'sY2MflIiZTY C;;.=UiT CO.^.a4l.`-iATS0H. PRICE StTi•PO.x, E-C-OnT AidO SJ?,PLUS RP.WVAI, PUBL1C FXi 480, Ci:O}' Ius7aA.CE, O . 0
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Agricultural Colleges-t7.S, U. S. Dept. o f agriculture. L ... Workers in subjects pertaining to agriculture in land- grant colleges and experiment stations ... lft- 1-, '2:>~ Washington, U. S. Govt. print. ofl.,14"- v. 23 cm. • /2;,-1926/27 ..- arw - Miscellaneous circular no. 34, 58, 87 (S21.A45) ; 19`l7/23- are Mis`el:aneous publicntion no. 12, 48, 67, 100, 134, 1:4, 182, 214, 284, 254, :89, 833, 378,,420, 4$J, 5:3a, 65Cz(SaZ1.A4E3) Contributlcn from OJiice of experiment stations. For earlier numbers see List of workers in subjects pertainicg to agriculture and home economics In the U. S. Department of a;ricul- ture and in the state agricultural colleges and experiment stations. (Continued on next card) ta55r35O2J Agr 25-1482 ,._. ~,~.__.,_... -,r....,-..~..T.~..--..,.., 0 , J 0 50256 3282
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F{c*hay C~ B. (cd.) . C+JS4\VVJFV~~siJ 6/c 5.. R+chey, 3u.-,vbson 'txr.e:i CfJ,+.l i'1. =.:li. dVZ.i7 L iiA, i: i3LLti' :~lia' ai V l. 880 p. ilius. 24 cv. 3.n Y4M'~nV[ V`;•S •.. .. i.. ~ O . .... ... . . . _ ~,~ ... n ri n fi~ 02 6 4 3
Page 792: lfb88d00
a! G G 0.0 U t) 0 t".0 • 3 • Q ' uG4u•»Tmsc,. S'c^GTSJ 619 lay2Ra Su£ 19011 *4 !10(l '.i,i.~'3'i L QMI4S::1. 2.1rS.l "~ •w^t! • t•nsrl/arc.~nttR srST~`T+t!InnT~.I~c±.n.~YTR:~.~.Y.t+t~r~ v v 0 S '~ OWL alumm 'O31aw
Page 793: lfb88d00
50256,;129q t TP 370 (Ag"r`i'cu~tu~al'"~coitoinics° ~3egort' ~A;, _145). ~ Gr Creig, W. Smith THE EFFECT OF STATE rll-?) I:'3CAL '~,~XSS Ga PROFITS IN FOOD PnOCESSI'ra;, A Co'+PaT:i po*, s¢ the Efr'ect of State ar,d U-1cal Y'w-ta cu Pra;lto of lhree.ModQi Fodd ProceaeinR yi:a.v in 26 Stste* (Agricu.itural E;,oncrm9.ca Report .I2. 145) 1969 50, PPg;in Michigan State Ur,ivGraity, Ecct haaieiv.5, uCFi• vr QSr1Gl!l.s13i~- ~ . . ,. ~ . ~ . -~.H•: - . . .. . . . .
Page 794: lfb88d00
Agrieuiturt+l engineeYina-_Period•-- S Ind`exes, 50256 3300 40~ Hall, Carl NY 100i--i.lr 0. Lley'w rr in~le,~, ~s M ~ictilturnl ecl~nr.eerin, ~iUri7,, (}]lto+ %,i~rll'Li1tUTA1 ~iU'l ll~tlil+~', f- ~~1 te~i UlUf r fl'Olll Ed`cards Rrothers,llnn l~rber,1.66L ztz,135 p. 29 cM• BibllogrephY : p. 1L7-1`S5. 1. A6Ricultural engiceering-Period.--Inti enbineerinB--L'ibl, i. Title. Z5074.I'%6Ii3 ; 016.63105 Liorary o! Congres3s 151 0 1 0 ~) ~~ ~ 1 0 4 4
Page 795: lfb88d00
50256 3281. t ~n ~ 7:5J Agricultural Chemistr~r--Aialysis Au 'Ol:esga, Leonard T., Jr.; ed. AUY!aE1AT30N Z?t A.`:ALYTICAL CHE4tS1'ltY, Ti:CYiNlOM 3Y2#"z CS3A 1965 9410 1355. 1966, 11967 722 Pages :Rea1as Irc. Naw York I 0:' 1: f 1'1 fl
Page 796: lfb88d00
TL`'j~ f i C3u^'. ~ ~, .- .. a ed 1 PA -=o S6ZE 9SZ4S
Page 797: lfb88d00
50256 3302 tJ:• I,ef 123 :_ t+~ 't 41 ~iR~.~U~ttiRAY: EN@I1~S8Rgt?'HAN08'OOK.I Richey, C B ed. Agricultural engineers' handbook (by, C. B. Richey, editor-in-chief, Pacl Jacobson Eanu, Carl N. Hall. New York, JlcGraw-Hill,1961. 8b0 p. Illus. 24 cm. Inciude.v bibliography. L Agricultural engineering. L TIUe. S675.R5 • ,,r°~ 631 5J-13:~42 j Library of Congress ~ ~ (A
Page 798: lfb88d00
50256 3303 4; Agriculturbl entoxo.loby. SB Smith, xenneth I-1. 931 A textboox of abricultural entomoloby. Cam- S bridge, University Press, 1951. .~,.~..~.„.~. , _ n (l n n o n 2 s) la 7
Page 799: lfb88d00
i _ .. _.__...,.~<~:... .., ' 9 G 0 . t1 U !1 G •u3XW `SsuT!nn-f -+,sItS -kaTCaaAxaA 02V3S t'8'STtPT3d 982rd 19 9961 (LtT ' ON a104a1* s*Tnrr9tc*S Teznl;n0T,23V) ^n"enr- iw.w.~.1a.1.a~A .~i.rL5J1JVita aVVay. Qt1.4 )7 77vt F6ZE 9SZOS
Page 800: lfb88d00
50256 3304 Agricultural equigment Ricksyj C. F. (ad..) AGRxcvLTURaI, ENatrcEUR3' NANDa00K (by) C. g. Richey, editor-in-chief' Paul Jacob9Dn CAnd) Carl W. Hall. New Yorlc, Mc6raw-1f91l. 1961, e80 pr 'Mus. 24 cm. Includes bib/iograPhy. 0! r~ o n n 0 2- 0* 4 V)
Page 801: lfb88d00
50256-3310 ; T *kVicultural''ahd. 4od 'Ch smistry'~~?~ (No. 3) 220 (March 1957). Barrett, Robert E. ENZYIES OF BRIGH T AND BURIEY TOBACCOS. Reprint from:' Agricultural and Food Chemistxy I (No. 3) 220 (March 1957). 0 r ~~ n 4 02 6 ~~
Page 802: lfb88d00
50256 3301 S 405 H ~ACRIt~I~.T~'1~~aIC3~R~t~i~v~l+xi1L~4~;a~1907-:90 0. : ~ Hall, Carl W Agricultural engineering index, 1907-1J60. Reynold_- burg, Ohio, A~-ricultural Consulting Associates; order from Ed wards Brothers, Ann Arbor,1061. xiz, 188 p. 29 cm BibliograpLy : p. 1.c'7-185, 1. Agricultura'. engtneertn;-Period.-Indezes. engineering-Bibi. z. Tlt1e. 2. Agricultural Z5071,P:G1i3 j 016.63105 61-149*2J Library o1 Congreea f~ 2 6 4 S - ......-~---.,-..~.........,.~;-:'.n.,~.,._-...~.>
Page 803: lfb88d00
50256 3309 ;` . QA L 276 L Li 1s7sL L L L L L STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/ ~AGRIC~L~'URAL, . rt~ 1: IWERIMEN''A''ION ~ 7ltonvas M. Little kiten.kw Biunielrixvn, Faneritus hni.rratv of C alilornfa, Hiverside F. Jackson Hills !•:ateiuiun AgTOnomist Univetsit,v of Cali(omia, Daais John Wiley .nd Sons New York C.'hichester Btisbane Toronto !~ : :.1cv l I
Page 804: lfb88d00
50256 3297 , L' r! l ll1j Q Q. , '" 7,1' sy • Tlemson's Low-Prafilti 0 NCL••OVFR tobacco harvesting becomes a reality with the tractor•mounted harvester developed and patented for Clernson University at the Pee Dee Branch Agricultural -xpe;~ment Station at Florence, S.C. AS:11:'ers John G. f\Iphin and Frank Patten of the Pee 1)rC liranclt figured prominently in the harvester devel- opmcnt. With the low-profile harvester the grower plants t1ttrcrCnt tobacco varieties with different maturitv' djtr.. Varyinc; the nitrogen and fertilizer rates also Lclt~, I:int determine which plants to han'est or to hold 'n the tiad. Thus he can sta,-er his hat-vest a•orK iiver tt~• rntire l;arvest season. And he can harvest each tield wtrh one pass• rather than having to make five or six trtil% through each tield. Ac;or,finl; to the tobacco fs rr7ers who already IIJ•C tc.lttt th.• n.•u• cVurm thn rnl.•.- /.~..•e....i •.. a~ C .. (.~~ ~0 Harvter 0 in o n U 02 6 4 1
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F.EF. z 1007 Un 1974 Serials Current!v 50256 3316 Received bYthe NA7IGNAL 974 U.S. Department National Agricultural ot Agriculture Library Beltsville, Maryland 20705 fl 1 r t7 rl (.l tt 2 u r, 0
Page 806: lfb88d00
S ~gr .~cultural c:r~gfn~_ering--3~b1. 4C~5 H Hall, Carl W A.gricultural enr neerinr index, 1907-1960. Re3•nolds- burl;, Ohio, 1-gricultura1 Consulting Associates; ortler fium Edwards 23rothers, Ann Arbor, 061. ztz,135 p. 29 cm. B1b21ograrT~}* : V. 127-135. i. a ..gi.~e ..u..~.ai . .gfi ~cuu ...a..~ ~ui[a. .. ~acuca-u. Eaginw>rtng-Bibl. L Title. Z5074.EGII3 ~ A 016.63:G5 G1-14929 Library of Cai^grexs A, t~ ~~ o U 0 2, ~"~ ~ 2,
Page 807: lfb88d00
50256 3317 ; t .--~ : . . ; . ~ _ ~. .~.. .~.h..-.~.- ~... _. ~ Q 123 B Agricultural machinery--Dictionaries. B+itish Stsnd•x:-ds Tnz.if:v; icn a(2•~.~.S:a: :ia::i ~lY~ ~~~i "ii n.FT.r;i,'.:iv TO AMItilT.,iLQAL MACHMltY JMM) L"TLV:MNi'S,. p. 1963 96 3ritish Slandards flouPe J.cndon O ~ I n n n n 02 0' t-, I ..- ~
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80 II Po S: P. POPCORN IT IS MOST PROBABLE that popcorn, along with the other subspecies of maize, originated in Central America. Archeo- logical discoveries indicate that it was used as a human foodstuff by the ancient in- habitants of these areas, where popping utensils and grain, dating back to 2500 B.c., have been found. In the United States, the crop came into prominence during the late 1880's, and gained steadily in popularity. In 1940, the release of the first h~brids brought about a remarkable increase in demand. History in N.S.W. Very little popcorn was produced in this State before World War I. Until then most of the grain used by confectioners was im- ported from the United States. In 1918, j., n• --y~f -•+-( 1:.+ a riP ec re einr ~ f ~ ~' ~' 50256 3312 changed, and at present the crop is being grown in districts ranging from Tabulum to Mudgee. By comparison with our' major cereal crops, popcorn is a very small crop in this State. Until the advent of hybrids some 1,000 acres of White Rice provided ap- proximately 375 tons of grain per year. Shortly after the release of hybrids, popcorn production doubled. Since 1960, produc- tion has been maintained at about 800 tons a year. The export market for popcorn is increasing. ' - I I
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50256 3318 .1 Agricultural and D:echanicrl CoLlegQ of Texi:.s--Dissert:.tion '. ".: See Dissertation--Agriculturai and RIechaanical College of Texas r------ r - 0 0 0 0 0 2 ~~ i'lp 2
Page 810: lfb88d00
' << . 01 ~ ~ tJltra-Ili" li-Telmocratore.. syr ProcesshL; of Dairy Products .>r, PROCEEDINGS OC A SENIINAR .organized by u~: REPUBI;IiC"~F']R1rL~ANLI~' ~ THE AGglS_Wj $T~T 21-22 May, 1969. ...~" ~ ~ `~',~ `` Publishers: Society of Dairy Technology, 17 Devonshirc Street, London, WIN 213Q. C1 ' I (l 0 n 0 0 2 0' 5q
Page 811: lfb88d00
__~_,......._..~-i_,~._~.~....._........._~_.-._-=~~_............_...-_~Y.~..........~._~. _ Reprint; _Pq~ 0 00)~rH4!#~ Smyth, Henry F., Jr. ZIIE LITEF?ATUh'E OF PESTICIDE TOXICOIfjGYi 411-~T ~teprint from: Agricultural and Food CheMis try A (No. 7) 644 (July 1956). 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2
Page 812: lfb88d00
50256 3319 , 0 ..,.. ....: .. .. ..... ..,,.. . .., ._Agricultural meteorology see Meteorology, AgriculturAl a s~ 3 0 1 C) fl n Cl 0 2 f
Page 813: lfb88d00
50256 3305 '? 1 Agricultural experiment stationB--History. Rnobl:iuch. Parutd Carl, 110;3-- Stat° CI"l1C111t`.:1':2 ( eCl)l'1')lilCllt Statioll$; a lll;tvl'C ~,[.t'c•- aearch policy nliti proceaure ibyl H. C. Knobhluch, E. 'Nf. Law itendl *". P. Mever. ,1':ishinrton, t'. S. Dept. of Arrz- eulture, ! 9(;?. vi, 262 p. tlius. inap (on iining papers) 24 cm. (zU. S. Dcpt. of rtgri^_ulture; `i::<cc;lau-~!uus publication no. W4) Includes bibliogrnphies. 1. Agricultural eaPeriment stations-1?. S. J. 1!. 4.-4gricuiturai etperiwent stationy 2. (aqriculture-Hecearch-iJ. S.-Htat.i r. Title. (Series) S21.A46 no. 904 Agr 6?-2g3 U. S. Nat'l Agr. Libr. for Library of Congress I Ag&IJM no. 9064 t5Y 4 I 0 0 0 0 0 2 6 4 9
Page 814: lfb88d00
, 50256 3313 PiE11a£iS.'. +% 14, (pe1;.c?r.?TPUL) GIAnM Ttj-.DZrM TcW.+ca (YN SCUTH M:ie"0. Fesraiz+.; So, tXis.ea 16 (Isoo 8) l.0..!,2 (i:r:c=bc:' 2vw) Q n 0 t?0 0 2 6 !>7
Page 815: lfb88d00
50256 3308 1 -Aarictzltt:ral experinent --t.ations-U.S. U. S. Dept. of agriculture. ... Workers in subjects pertaining to agriculture in land- gr€tnt colleges and experiment, stotions ... iti?4;:F2~ /g S3 0•s9 , jr-tc~ 60- -1i~ 6i-eaO-043111 Washington, U. S. Govt. print. off., ~v. 9fi~ cm. `r6i2~-at~r-Miacol32tt¢ons'"cTtcn[si "`nr,_ 34~ 53--57,. ER2Y7_=- --"-"are. Misceiinneous publication no; 12, 43, G:, 100, 234, 154, 182, 214, 734; 254, 2ii0, 335, 3~Y9. 4bYt~ 5~~'. i'i5G (S2i.A46) Contrlbution from OBtce of experiment stations. For earlier nun-bers see List of workers In subjects pertninint; to agriculture and home economics in the U. S. Department of a;,ricul- turo and In the state agricultural coltebes and experiment itations. (Coatinued on next card) ta55r3ac°2jt Agr 25--14S2 ~ ~ ~j o n o o !. :.? .`) 2
Page 816: lfb88d00
50256 3330 HC 106 Li 1974 ARCHER 1MINF.RALS/ METALS/ ENERGY/ FOOD/ FOOD--SUPPLYj - /AGRICULTURAL P•RODL't;TS/ ECONOMTCS/ Depc~ndence Of The pnited States On Essential Importcd MAtc:rials, Year 2000 VVOLUME I. Volume II. Appendices Arthur D. Little, Incorporated Prepared for Office Of Naval Research April 1974 t~ ! ;) cl t? 0 0 2 :} 7
Page 817: lfb88d00
RJi: CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK S 21 Un 199? 50256 3325 U. 7. Dep~.artMent of Agriculture, Crop Reporting Board,— Washington, UC. ~,. USDA, Crop Reporting E;oard.Washington, DC.137 p..8?. ISN = 5143 0 IO o nO 0 2 6 6 9
Page 818: lfb88d00
Agricultural experiment stationa--U. S. Knoblauch, H«rold Carl, 190S- ST~:TL. AG::ICL'LTL' :AL i:XPF.I:IMi:,NT STATIONS; A IIISI'GRY OF i:i.SE POLICY nNb PnOCECCi:E, rby-, H. C. Knoblauch, L• . P•?. Law Landl W. P. Meyer. Washington, U. S. Dept. of ?~griculturef 1962. vi, 267 p. illus. map (on lining paners) 24 cm. (U. S. ncpt. of Agriculture Miscellaneous Publication No. 904) Includes bibliogr~:phies. 0 !() t*) n n 0 2 6 c
Page 819: lfb88d00
50256 3306 _ ~ Agriculturol experiment S*-&tian$--Research. ?1 ; Kr:oblauch, Flaruld t'arl, 1J08-- State arricultural experi;nc;it stations; a liistory of re- search policy nnc, procedure ;byl H. C. Knoblauch, E,. ~f. Law tand, i\'. P. lteyer. Washington, L?. S. Dept. of Agri- culture,10G2. dt, 262 p. l)lus. map (on liuing papers) 24 cm. (EU. S. Leptt of Agricuitare, :.tisccllaa:couY publication uo. S'iN) Includes bibliographies. 1. Agrlcultural esperirnent stations-U. S. 11. U. S.-Ag:icultural ecperiment stations; 2. ;Agricultare-Kesearch-U. 5.-1.Iist,; t. Title. (Series) S21.A16 no. 904 U. S. Nat'l Agr. Libr. for f.ibrary of Congress lAg&11I no.9% t5'it Agr fi3 -2S2 0 1 () 0 () 0 0P. 0 51 0
Page 820: lfb88d00
50256 3327 1 , S _ ~ 21 `X gx3s:v#tu~i4 F 4ociv~et#rns:~.en~,fi.f.f #.aieucn VO3: Y'u-Z'&,' i Un U. S. Department of Agr.icu3ture MAJAIR STATISTLCAi. SERLES OF TH£ U. S. DEPAR?Y/ENT OF AGRICULTUREJ Now They Ate Construc.ted anci Uce& Vol6. 7 (U. S. Dept. of Agricuttur.a, Agrlcu7ture Handbook No. 365) 1969, 1970 3 Vols. U. S. Dept. of Agr#cu3ture Nashi.ngton, D. C. o t o o n n o~ 6, 7 1
Page 821: lfb88d00
P.JR CLASS i:rJ. Pet~:}=1iLl;T 75 --VL'i lta 50256 3328 tiarrisoi,, V. L. ([J. S. Dep. Agr., l:co,1. REs. Serv., t4'ashi.n;;ton, }). C., U. S.) FOR TiiE._ Southern Jour. Agr. Econ. G(No.1) 125-31 (July 1974) (in rnl;lish) A_1975, No. 10, W 3413* *d* Tobacco economics: Q ~(~ Cl fl 0 0 2 ;i 7 2
Page 822: lfb88d00
I i ~ 1 b' t' ' el 0 U v (.) tJ c,"1'_T (IiT *0jT) c i;~ao,;i y~x ati,os,,naa a.:,a tt.)aj -~rjso,4otu ~T.`3e5. J..'~Ll 0 ozEr 9szos
Page 823: lfb88d00
50256 3323 ; I Arricult,a:'a1 pest5 v.r•• U. S. .Agricultural Research Service. Plant Quarantine Division. List of intercepted plnut pests. tWashingt.onl ! 9N o i v. 23-2 i cm. Irregular annual Began publication with Feb. 2, 1914 issue. Issued -1928 as ths Information letter (varies) of the F'eflcral iIurticultural 13oard (S1t19.A4) issued 1923-1:r.,1/55 as a supplement to Service and regulatory announcements (later Plant re;;ulatory announceineiits) Title varies: 19 -28, Pests collected from imported plants and plant prodww-ts-192t1, List of IKsts intercepu•d on iwported hlauts and plant products. /'.~.++ .F• . .. . _. .. .. : . " . . tl fi ~(l 02 6 t~ 7 ~'` =~ (Continued on nest card) ~~....~~ 6(}-4f (i03
Page 824: lfb88d00
ToeGt;G.",o -- P,r.i~t, 50256 3322 RJR CLASS NO. PIOMPHLET 75 VII El Elsey, K. D. ' ?5,/j/ El (U. S. Dep. Agr., Agr. Res. Serv., Tobacco Res. Lab., Oxford, N. C., U. S, INFLUENCE OF PLA.T HOST ON SEARCHING SPEED OF TWO PREDATORS. (North Carolina State Univ., Tobacco Reprint Series~No. 462, 1974) Enton op Maga 19 :do. 1) 3-6 (1974) (in English) ~1975, No. 3, W 961* *d* Tobacco agriculture: 16 ~~ t) o rl ` E) (t 2 6 6 A
Page 825: lfb88d00
50256,-3329 !I- MF.TRIC SYSTEI•f/1•fEASIiRI:MENT/IINITS/t __ /CURRENCY/FOREIGN CURRENCIES/ FISII/ FOREIGN MEASURES/CONVERSION FACTORS AND TABLES/AGRICULTUItAL PRODUCTS/FORESTRY/ FRUIT/VECETABLF,S/I.h'ERGY:neasures, conversions, energy value comparisons/CALOP.IES/ CIIEPiICALS/ELECTRONICS/FOOD--NUTRITION/IRON/STEEL--TARLES, CALCULATIONS, ETC:1 FISIIING/PAPER.' and printinl;/TE}:TILES/ACCAUNTINC/ECONOMICS/INTERI:ST RATES/ FOREIGN TP.ADE/IPiPORTS/E}:PORTS/RUSINESS INTELLIGENCE/ REF Q 1'1118 P'-~"Coilwnlist ~ ~ ~ 123 Ec /~, ~~ ,(y i~~ ~ ~~~e ~ ~ 1975 Vc; .~ 'V ik~, ~ ~t,. i ~~11UJI-W-eckone s.p Editorial information compiled by The Economist 0 t ~ c~ n~ o. 2-C) 7'; +; i~ .
Page 826: lfb88d00
50256 3335 e Agricultural Products--Comraerce-Statistics U. S. Dept. r~gric<<lt:irc, Ecc^o^ic FtCSe3:ch Service ~'1.Th:.~w~i .CaJ VGaIOU:'r date3 q 1;t t'~ n C~ U~' 6 71)
Page 827: lfb88d00
50256 _ 3334 /AGRICULTURAL YROI)UCTS--C0;3*JLRCI:-_STAIISTI .S/ 4r> r i C,' •. TP „ , ; ~' . . .. _ ... . .. . ,. 370 Un C'1 ; :~ • 1975 ,";~!'..... f C. (i _ il:~.'li )rl I/if- •-•+ a.s. .... r:rr..r:r e~ r: ..: !; U rE d:•6 $oYII•• 1.iarch I'f . I ~ I~ El (1 C1 0?. :~ 7 Y
Page 828: lfb88d00
50256 3331 . :: .._... TP . 370 ki ` 1914 SECOND EDITION, REVISED AND ENLARGED .p. , ..~.... ...._ _ . _. . . _.. ~ ..-.._ .. _. __ ~. . ~..a._ PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF ~ AGRICULTURAL ANALYSIS • VOLUME 111. ,---=-AGRiCULTJRAL~ PRODUCTSj=1z~-::- A Manual for the Study of Soils. Fertilizers, and - Aoricultural Products BY HARVEY W. WIt EI', A.M., Ph.D. EASTONL PA. THE CHEMICAL PUBLISHING CO. 1914 ' \OwDOM, 9!KaAND: WILLIAMS 6, nOVGaTE 14 ncnaltrrw atNECT, co~[kT CAaDC., a'. C. r / ~ ~ .. _,~ . .-..-.... • .. .. -..-,-.-~. W , 0 I tl 0 0 0 0 2 6 7 5
Page 829: lfb88d00
s 78 II Un 50256 3321 [[, ~sl ic~.R~~~~~ S~st ~ 1 -~eor[j'~ ~~~ / • ~ V '`4l Qrvc;i..6l *i.Af G;'il i Vrfo44~ %~li1 fg o A Proceedings . Economics, Statistics, and Cooperatives Service U.S. Department of Agriculture In cooperation with The National Science Foundation ESCS-07 Edited by A. H. Levis and C. L. Quance Page Introduction Opportunities for Systems Scientists in Modeling Agricultural 3 Systems Toward a Conceptual Framework for Policy Analysis Modeling 9 0 Applications of Systems Science in Projecting Alternative Food 15 . P.nricultural Futures -_- ---- - - --------
Page 830: lfb88d00
50256 3326 S 441 Na 1975 2c. PDDL 1c. griciv£ar-al- ~ : ~Pr.odattion } Committtt on Agricldlmal ProducrinN EJI.rirnr-r DOARflON AGRICULTVRC AND RENE~AlLE RLSOLRCES CONHISSION ON NATURAL RESOURCES NATIONALRESEARC/ICOUNCIL NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES NASHINGTON. D.C. 1975 , U l r~ c~ n 0 02. ~~ 7 tl
Page 831: lfb88d00
XX MeY-B-3.12 i 4Sy;,'~HF.TIC ~'ROlsi!CTS/ 50256 3332 CJ ~ ~~~ A NI D FOR 'A Ca~I I, c li LU ~~ [A L .PR 0 0 u CT S_ A COMPENDIUM ti4ISCElItt;EOUS PUBlICA110i1 NO. 1141 ECONOMIC RESEARCH SERVICE , U.S. DEPpRTMENT Of AGRICULTURE .1._.'/+rUrl__, : Q~ f) 0 n 0 0 2 h 7 6
Page 832: lfb88d00
II nA l. AF-.rA- cu1tUrz: I PV6, C zS -~ ,. 50256 3324 U. S. ,Agrieulturul Rceearcli Serr;ice. Plart Quarao;re Division. List of intercepted plant pests ... (Card 2) Issues for kick title. issued -1927 by the Federal Horticultural Board ; 1928/ 1932/33 by thP Bureau of Plant Quttrantine lerclied ]fr:k-1fj3!/i2 Plant C,luarantinp and Control Administration) by the Bureau of Entnmoloec and 1'lant Quarantiue; 1;>'~1;;,' : p t;?a Agricultutal Research Serrice; 1952/53-1054/35 by the division under Its earlier name. Flart Quarantine Branch. Vols. for 1cV129••1D33/34 and 1940/41 bound witi, U. S. Agricultural Research Service. Plant Coetrol llivision. Plant rey,uiatoty aa- nouncements, 192J-33 and 1931. 1. Plant diseases. 2. Agricultural pests. 3. Plant Guarantlne-U. S. L U. S. Agricultural Research Service. Plnnt Pest Control Division. Plant regulatory announcemN.nts. Supplen:Fnt. (Serie; - U. S. Federal Horticultural Board. Information letter) SB981.A333 60-44603 Library of Congress IIr . ~ i~1 n n n 0 2 6 6 f3
Page 833: lfb88d00
50256 -3337 4 , aAgricultural pro(;ucts--Corz--crce--Statistics U. S. Foreign agricultural Service (1953- ) Foreign a gricultural trade of the United St.ates; trade by countries for calendar year. S'Vashinb on. Y. 27 cm. Title varies: 1911/4:,-1J53, Foreign agricultural trade; United States foreign trade ln agricultural products, value by coantricl (varies slightly) Issued 1911/45-1J51 by Office of Foreign Agricultural Itelations. t,.-...+e-.... C 2 6 if's I
Page 834: lfb88d00
50256 3338 Chase P'EC.in.-otZz-'a Bsr.h ~rt .f~oB .4.. . ~ .~...Lw.:a+i.,i..., litr. pll~:l..G ss i 7eivJw: C~.. Re-poYt o:1 AC3L`cilri 2urI7rG No. 31, 1-3 (Sur~ -ri~~ v 1?54} -~-~:--~~ nr~r~o o2
Page 835: lfb88d00
0 , 50256 3339 Agricultural products--Handbook Fic':a, , C: B. (ed.) I V }L»r~r(rry~.~ n T` .~iNt.a:..4~a~• RJLc (1°y TS C{?YtO.t.-.rta^LlIJ.C;r~ Y?SU! ..+•awh~~n ~4~n CC~ .r4 F~. 1:i.1.l. icrk, 1:'il. 880 p. illus. 24 cm. Ir.ci.ud::n b:.bzic4raa:cy. n
Page 836: lfb88d00
At;riculitua.•a1 products -WAna3ysis . Associai.ion oi t}i~icial Agnculturnl Che:nists. Ofticial methods of analssis. iT6Lj- werr3-,~21~- % °ell Y, /9,5 0, i 9S ~ ~~•'ashinpgton. yv. tllus. 2a cm. a 50256 3333 ~ ~ . . ; ~ Title caries: v. 1-f,, OfNcial and tentative methods of anitlpsia. On spine, v. 1- Methods of analysis. Vol. 1 issued by the associatlon's Committee on Revision of xfetb- ods; v. 2- by its Committee on Editing Methods of Analpsts. 1. Agricultural cbem:stry. 2. Chemistry, Analytic. S587.A°lk 630.24 20--21343• I l ~ Library of Congress '~ i53r51b=101 0`. i~) t~ n 0 0 2 0 7 7
Page 837: lfb88d00
:.3~st;.w+re~..v-r:......•'c;v*..-- °`~.....».....w.+,..~..~..a._.,~a:~a...._.~~.a....~........,..s.il-i.»~.... 1 50256 3340 Agricultural Praducts---Har,4boak U. S. Depertraeut of Agriculture R ~.~~1B~3 :~1B~3: Oh' :~: ~CLMTL':'r'~.L C:iM^iS 1969 (U. S. Department of Agriculture, --a- . a. . ..~ 1969 146 Pages U. S. Dept. of Ayricultuse Washingtoa, D. C. •--~-----. i
Page 838: lfb88d00
50256 3343 COtytI~tODITIES/A(;RICULTURAL PROpUCTS--rIANUF/.CTURE AND TP.ADE--V'ORLD/ CURRENCY (Exchange Rate)/F..vPOF.TS/Ir?F'ORTS/TURACCO--WORLD/ IEAT/DAIRY PRODUCTS/CEREALS/FLOUR/1.'IIEAT/PF.UITS/ //. S 21 Un 1974 366-368. RJR C'LASS NO. Textbook S 21 Un 1974 United Nations'Food Agriculture Orga.nization, Rome TP.ADE YEARBOOK. Trade Yearbook 27, 536 p. (1973) (in English) IncYtides information on "Unmanufactured Tobacco" especially on pngen . U 1 tl 0 0 0 Q. 2 6 8 7
Page 839: lfb88d00
L 50256 3314 Frf F&~~AAfJ~'~`~~CT11"VNil Friedmann, Karen Junl, 1J07- The agricult;:ral iir.port trade of the European Free ''rn~.e Association. ~Washinh onl Foreign Agricultural Seivicc, U. S. Dept. of Agricultttre,19G0. - tt, 8 p. tables. 27 cm. (iU. S. Foreign Agr,cultural Service, FAS- Dd-98) 1. Produce trade-Europe. 2. European Free Trade Aac*ctation. L Title. ( Series : U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1063- ) FAS-M-fl8) S21.Z2383 no. 98 ~~ Agr 6t)-412 II. S. Dept. ot Agr. Libr. ~~ A291.9F"iGFm no. 98 for Library of Congress 13•it ?- 0[l 0 00 2,. 6 5. R
Page 840: lfb88d00
50256 3353 i FORD FOUNDATION GRANTS IN AGRICULTURE/AGRICULTUR.AL RESEARCH/ 79 II Fo Working Against Hungcr Stratcgy for Assistance The Intcrnational (;enters National Programs Looking Ahead Introduction Foundation Assistance ' One of a series of reports on activitics supported by the Ford Foundation. A complcte list: of Foundation publications may be obtained from the Ford Foundation, Office of ltcports, 320 East 43 Strcct, Ncw York 10017. 3 4 8 10 24 39 0 1 0 n n n 0 P. 6 9 T
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50256 3336 4 . _ Agricultural nroducts--Curnmerce--StaEfuttcs I U. S. Deparcment of A*;rioulture =:1~3Cr",` 07 '.,Z''i::.L'. :'~~::~iS 1969 (U. S..Departaent of Agricu~.l`ture, 1969 1146 Pagea U. S. Dept. of Agsricultuxa Washin;:fln, 0. C. r•,"---z;.-~ ,- .-------.. ~ ~ o o n
Page 842: lfb88d00
50256 3345 Q VII I Agricultural products--5tandards. Unp .~ ~ ~ U. Agr' cuYirAral Marketing 5Qrv, _ Narketi.ng Sn;ormati. 0n Divi si.on G-RhDU tJAME9 3N iJ. S. SrANDRR•l7S FpR FARM PR=CTS. i i ~ Agra.culture Hanckbnok No. 157 - Revisec1. ~ y ; Februar;y, r; K P, ~ / ~ f f t t1 ~ n Qx ii t; 9
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50T56 3347 V. Sa r:~D1a`e c..' t1v:.a r.! C.i2o Ai~:iLCu ,~L v1~J [~_GJA>.,4L..V a7~ i~'V4Y~l.1'\t~t T'LALF Bsawdhu 't.r'._tC 9Ly U. S. L%7t, 03 A;,'l: Ce f:^.Cv',L® p.:3 SF.. ~ =v* al.5 li: .~. " . ~- cw ~! „jar ;; ; .ciz'.r1 r'•~ w.~Y2 Ay~ i C. a S40; t=bax 1'S3 24 p. EP-3-Fora;Stt••6a 0 tl n n o 0 2 t? 9 1
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50256 3349 ! I 14 Agricultural research. American Association for the Advancement of Science. Atomic enerLgy and a;riculture; a sytnpositun presented on December 27-2J, 1955, at the Atlanta meeting of tne Anleri- can Association for the Advancement of Science and cospon- sored by the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies, under corttract.vith the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission. I:ditor: C. L. Comar. Associate editors : R. F. Reitemeier land othersl Washinnton,1957. x, 450 p. Illtts., diagrs., tables. 24 cm. (Its Publication no. 49) Includes bibliographies. 1. Itadioisotopes. 2. Radtoactive tracers. 3. Agricultural rerelrch. L Comar, Cyril Lewis, 1014- ed. u. Oak Ridge Institute oi Nu- clear Studie.s. iit. Title. (Series) QH324. A54 l"`1 574.1072 Library of Congress 158x103 -• :-~--~-~-,,.- . - - - . ---• 57--112-18 e 0.1 ,q (1 ~ n i~ i ;) 9.1
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50256 3352 ._.:....._. ..- .-, _ __..:.. TiEDICAL RESEARCii/AGRICULTU'.'.AL RE,'iE4RCH/E'.SGTNi:EitiINC/ ~ -1 A ~,~~~ ~~c ~t~ ~~~t~l;~~~r ~'~~' ~ A guide to Eur or,:an research including n:cdicinc, og:lculture, 4nd cnrinecrlna ' 0 h i rd ~ c iitiony ciition ~~~~~.~ . ~" ~ csor~ P,ejercncc Pul~lisnrri since 1,184 . T . VOLUIyC- I
Page 846: lfb88d00
Mt~~,a.``t~~".'~~sc~+'~,~bus; u Outla-TIoivs4 U. S. Dept. A..griculture, Econoric Reaearch Servi ce A-3itZGu'[.'; iI211L F'ROJUCTS--:•t:[SCuLLlVNEOUS PUBLICATIONS iTarious dates 0 0 00 n o0 2 r3 3.8
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Page 848: lfb88d00
50256 3341 t Ref HA Agricultural products-= :anufacture and trade--World. The Statesman's year-book; statistical and historical annual of the states of the world. Rev. after official returns. Ilst- 1864-19 New Yorkletc.3 St. Martin's PressLetc.1 v. maps (part fold., part col.) 7.9 cm. Subtitle varies. : .. : _ . . .~:., . . r) n n o 02. 6A 5
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Page 850: lfb88d00
0 6 U U u U U i~~0 _~....~...~:.r:41:.......-.._~.J:s...Ssi...~__....:._..~:ul....._..:'.y..'r`.,',..-_,a..~..~.a..i~3. :..c:.l.ltc .r\v~.+i..a...~ i ll^I:a1-i~!V. ,Q. .~ .n4. -,k~rnb Silplun-SVO'7 ;TIVr ,f£rS 'iP C7;~1 _ ~} 17 E t tt: v t ,,.. ~5, 'pi E;,S ' ^N unlownq 'Jn {I 4}c ` :.hj ' S •fil cu 'nt1,". S~~-3dOHS '?3!Aaag xr['~.4x'ixAl sPsti~uux4g--s'PuPasd TQar.q.T','0Ta3r .
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50256 3365 see II. S. Dept. of Agricul.ture., Agricultural Research Service. t3 0 11 0 0 2' 7 0 9 0 : f
Page 853: lfb88d00
Agricultural rase3rch. 50756 3348 i I Advances in agronomy. v. 1- 1 New York, Academic Press,1949- ~a 6~ v. 24 cm. E61tor ; v.1- " A. (i. Norman. L Agriculture. 2. •A.grricultural research. L Norman, Arthur (leoffrey,19o"a- ed. S405.A24 630.72 50-5598 Idbrary of Coogress i53d=31 ! . . - ,~ , . .. . :c t 0 - 1 110 I) 002(-)92. a
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50256 3361 1 I Ref Q 141 Un Agricultural Research Aesearch Sarvice, In:czjtzatian Diviaion DY:Z.GCTORT OF T:iE AGitICITLTURAL M5F.ARCF3 S EwT_CE 1969 135 Pages U. S. Government Pr'ntinb Washlngton, D. C. Office U. S. Departrsent of B,&,ricultuse, Agricultural r (l l~ ~0 02 7 fl )
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Page 856: lfb88d00
50256 3358 I U. S. Argonne A'ati nnal, i,aboratory, Chicago. A conference on radioactive isotopes in agriculture; hch1 on January :2. 13 and 11, 195,6, at Michirgan 6tate Univ.,r- sity, E?tst I ansinn, Michigan. Sponsored by tho l;owwil of Participating Institutions of Argonne \ation;il LaLora- tory. NVashington, U. S. Atomic Energy Cornmi`SioYt t 1.15:61 vi, 415 p. illu5., tables. 26 un. (U. S. Atomic Energy Commis- ston. TID 7512) Includes bibliographies. 1. Biological research. 2. Agricultnral research. 3. Radivarrire tracers. i. Title. it. Title: Radioactive isotopes in agriculture. ( Series ) QC770.U63 no. 7512.`' ~ 630.72 57-61138 Ltbrary of Congress t58k5l I Q`: i n Un o 0 2 / 0 2
Page 857: lfb88d00
' 50256 3351 Z 7914 Un 1981 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH/INFORMATION SOURCES/AGRICULTURE--BIBLIOGRAPHY/ U. S. NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL LIBRARY/ BIOLOGY--BIBLIOGRAPHIES/ Guide to Sources for Agricultural and Biological Research I EDITED BY J. RICHARD BLANCHARD AND LOIS FARRELL Sponsored by the United States National Agricultural Library, United States Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland C1 (; UN.IVBRIPTp 0$ C~kLCVORNIA PRESS Berkeley • Los Angeles 9 London
Page 858: lfb88d00
a kn ~ •• • - - -/AGRICULTURAL RESEARCII/ RESEARCl1--U. S._GOVERNMENT/U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE---BL'BGET/ U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICUL"iU{tl:--SF.RVICES/ INDUSTRY ASSESSMENT 79 1 In OF U.S.D.A. POST-HARVEST TECHNOLOGY RFSEARCH FINAI, REPORT U.S.D.A. Contract No. 53-32RG-8-00005 Project Coordinator: Dr. Harold S. Ricker, U.S.D.A. Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert W. Cairns Staff for IRI/RC: Howard K. Nason, President Willis H. Waldo. Operations Manager 30 August 1978 ()IWUUR&AL;~RF~qE4CTA INSTITUTE RESEARCH CORPORATION J 7800 Bonhomme Avenue St. Louis,l-:0 63105
Page 859: lfb88d00
50256 3367 ~ :. : a Ref. Q Agricultural Research Stations--Persor.nel. 141 U1n Hao, Y, T, WORLD Li.ST 07 PI1.:ti"T BRMIIERS. 2961 195 p. Uni tcd rlat ic:zs, Food ar,d A:r i c-AtssraL Orpen! zA- tion, Plzaat PrG-ducLian and Protectfon Didisicr, Grcp Proc;uction e.zd xreprovemeat Branch ficM o ~ ~ n n 2 7 1 1
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50256 3359 ,:, ' AGRICU TURAL RESEARCH/AGRICULTURE--U. S.--STATISTICS/ ~ GRANT / S 21 Un 1981 An Assessment of the United States Food and Agricultural Research System COMGRES3 0F~ ; Oeke a/ Tachnoloyy Assessment WNn~rpi0n. 0 C 20510 OTA Reporta are the principal documentation of formal assessment projects. These projects are approved in advance by the Technology Assessment Boerd. At the conclusion of a project, the Board has the opportunity to review the report but its release does not necessarily imply endorsement of the results by the Board or ita individual members. 0 1 o nn U 0'2 7 0 3
Page 861: lfb88d00
S 1 Un 1969 50256 3366 c~`~+ ~ o' ~, ~ ~ p i~ C ~ ~ . , ,~ 1~ ~.~~. ~ a~ , ~~ ~ I? ~ ~I.~Il~L~L" a e. - VS`e F, 11n eaa _---~-,. `.,y: v .y Nk ,--, ra~l~ United States Salinity Laboratory Staff L. A. Richards, l;ditor Soi1 and Water Conscrvation Research Branch Jlgricultu~al }l~eaesrd}i`Se?vic~°~`~s~'r°>> _ ~°A~ri~cnraaland~lc~~ye; 6p:::~~: Issued February 1954 Reviewed and approved for reprinting August 1969 ~:~~=~ ,D „ ~x.~ : C'r~•~ :S~. S ~ ti. 7. „4 C I~' 'T ~~~ ~;'T~ ~ C t' r T U H
Page 862: lfb88d00
^ 50256 3362 ~. . ~ Ry Qlytv" /Q71 !n coopcr:.tldi ea•.:i the Iand-Grarit Colleos aad the OF INFORIIATION RESOURCES IN AGRICULTURE AND BIOLOGY iii.i. .40s Owpiled as a FmJcct of the U. S. Cepartrent of F.C;-1culture ~6 ' 1971 Q rJ tl ' ~ ACRICULYJRl.L SCIE:ICES fYrORKR:70U NETw'ORK -DIRECTORY Netional Agrlaulcura. ...oc+.y U,`. Dcpatttznt ot A,^.rtculturm clts llo, llsryland ~ (j - 0 • 2 ~ ~~ le,20745 i - d i°of /
Page 863: lfb88d00
50256 3370 ' : , JJ I gNTISTS--U.S OGRAYHIES--DItIONARIES/WHO's i;d0/AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE/ . ec. isi A. 1974 AMERICA1 `t . M1£NA\NID ~J"OMEN O`FSCIENCE . R.R BOWKER COMPANY AGRICULTURAL, A~NIAfAL AND A x,roX Education Company New York 6c London ~TERINARY SCIENCES 1974 ....._.~....._.....--,r..~,•.,..,_.._... Edited by the Jaques Cattell Press •XEROX Q j,-n n' _Dt-.flL-2-Z_._LA I
Page 864: lfb88d00
.ICi;a1.:--;.ILL r!:LYCi.U.".;)IP, OF ti ol. 1-15, lua;ect .^.a1ule ~, iZeaaers Gu i.s e . 1971 17 vo1a :IcGirav-;ti11 .yooi. Co. :;ev ;ork 58'156 3377 Q!~' t~ n£i 0 2 7:? 1
Page 865: lfb88d00
~• 7S !r Ito 50256 3244, 7214A, i,47 00 anunculin in Clematis flasnrnula and the derirtties of its d ~ c ~--~-~- ~ gh on. Jose }oi;t~jcr o. Rcv. Real Acad` Caeiii: Rxacl., `Fu 4A'0l. Dladiad-59(4), 631-83(1965)(Span). y-~lcthylenc- _butenolide (y-lactone of cis-fi-acetylacrylic acid) (I), called pro- toancmonin by Asahina and Fujita (CA 17, 1465) w•hich easily dimcrizes to III, in. 1`,4°, callcd anc•monin (Y.arrcr, Ci:cniische Rtihe. Bd. XII. lionsliluh'on und Vorkcrnn;en dtr organsschen Pflsr,r.rnsfofJc. }3asel: liirkhaeuser Verlag. ]955. 1207 pp.) has a vesicant and ulcerative action and antibiotic properties (Haynes, Quart. Rev. (Lond(n) 2, 46(191$)). I is foond in plants as the glucoside ranunculin (11) (Hill and van Iicyningen, CA 46, 1702a). 11, abundant in C. jlammula., is casily hydrolyzed by plant enzymes or alkalis, evcn NaOAc. A. and F. believe that. III arises from a cyclobutanc dimcrization to yield IIIa '(cis) or Il1b(lrans). Now the structure of 1II has been confirmed (-II °) and various derivs. of the type IL have been synthesized. C. lfarn-nula (6 kg.), 22 kg. EtOII, and 10 kg. H:O was agitated 4 hrs. in a maccrator, kept 8 days, and filtered through cloth to yield a creen ext. with a strong aromatic odor (soln. a). Sola. a(1 1.) 0 s c~ n n c, a2- Ntb) , w•ashcd with 11:0 until the }120 rcachcd ;" filtcrcd, the solid drie and cluted from C with aq. EtOll (5 fractions of 50 tnl. r 6 r , yiclded: (1) 0.839 g., greenish oil; (2) 2.032 g., oil; (3) 2.72.', r clcar oil; (4) 0.910 g., clear oil which treafed with MeOll cryste+. the crystals were used for seedint; other fractions; and (5) 0.~ g„ dark oil. Fractions 3 and 4 passed through silica gcl :, cluted with L'tOH yielded 25 fractions of 30 ml. cach; fracti 10-23 treated with McOH, seeded, and refrigerated yielded 2 g. of ratiunculin (IV), in. ]35-41°. Cont. Icvulinic acid (4-1 and 0.5 g. 85% }is1'O4 distd. in vacuo under N at (60° (lieati c_ I90°)and the oil (sepd. from the 11,0 that distd.) distrl. yicl;:ec g, p"angclic lactunc (V); bp W. V (2 g.) in 4 ml. CS2 trca; dropµ•isc with 3.25 g. Ilr in 1 vol. CS;, the CSa removed in vac the yellow liquid (odor of garlic, fumcd on contact with air), 20 dibromo-5;`, i~jialihte soln~ cooled to v~ 30i° (CO, r and ~Ic CO) anhyd. C treated slowly with 5.2 g. quinoline yielded 0.9f+5 g. I, 35-10'. deposited crystals of 111, in. 150-2°. I11 (0.50 g. ) in 10 rnl. Ac( contg. 0.040 g. PtO: shakcn 10 min. with H yielded 0.494 g. tct.: hydroancntorun (VI), m. 356°. VI (0.350 g.) in tetraL•ydr furan treated slowly with 0.231 g. LiAlH4 and the mixt. fluxed 16 hrs. yielded 0.368 g. 1,2-di(3-hydroxypropyl)-1 ~ e)clobutanediol, m. 113°. s su aglucon
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'. `u.L.te~is~....a~«+sra.u.~~~a.er.......Jw.._._-._..~.....~_..a......_.,......... ~ ~, Agxic+situral Research Stations--PiaE1t :~ 143, °Breeders. :, 19b1 195 p. Untted r}atkcas, Eec3 E~di ++~r3c,~? tx:aai Or~,~n3fi~~ tion, xlcrt iaa an3 Frotactzcr. Divis.ol", Crap ProduLt:sm gnd I:prov.-mrsr.t Bras.ch Rama I 4`; ~ El n n 0 0 Z 7~ a- U-n M'l0s Y. To 63C).ZLD LIST C.:' 1'`L'+NT BAfiZMZS• I
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50256 3364 , ; / ;,, C - . :~ z) , {,j . RESEARG7I--DIRECT_ORIES/DIcZECTORIES- AGtZECliLTiJF.:?/ I)IRECT ORIES--RESEARCII /IIOItTI CL:. i URE--tJI I?.EC iO:cI ES / FaoD•--I,ESEA,~Cx/ ~ . t-f-it-t f • A guide to Agricultural Research Including Dairy Farming, F~is~heries, Food, Forestry, Horticulture, and Veterinary Scfence, Fifth Cdition , Vo? . 1.- INTERNATIONAL and AFGHANISTAN TO tiJRtdAY. Vol. 2 - PAKISTAN TO ZA.y3IA; INDEX. ~RA1~C15 T I~JT~~~DI'] ' s Scientific Publishers since 1884 - • 0 ! C) ~7 cl 0 0 2 ~? ~o , . . . .,,,._., __..~._..._._.~..r.v....~~_._..._~..~•1_.~_ _ _ .
Page 868: lfb88d00
50256 3376 AfoRICULTURAL. SCIEVCE/ . . • . . .:'~•.•.~ . , SBNdB''RUENT ®EFOCGENCIES OF eRIOPS 951 ' Is 1978 PDDL Ref :( FFTC Bo ok Series No. 1) . Yoshiaki Ishizuka, Professor Emeritus, Hokkaido University, Japan First published December, 1971 Revised edition. February, 1978 14 WENCHOW STREET. TAIPEI TAIWAN. REPUBLIC OF CHINA 0 1 tt f) n () 0 ! 7 ? 0 I
Page 869: lfb88d00
50256 3375 J30TAti1'--Pl1YSTOLOGY /1'l.A,`,'rS--NiJi1Z1.TLCN/PLAtv'LS-- -l ?LTRi1,:::T5/ PLANTS--SO ILL1:S5 CUL'f[i1:E/ YLAP7T ;3IOCHEIftS 1?:Y; AGRICULTURAL SCIENCI:/ QK 867 Ca 1972 PDDL , , t ,~ OoWpEN, t?urCHINSON & ROSS, ir1C, Stroudsourg, Pa. 0 1 n n n o 0 27 1 9
Page 870: lfb88d00
..,... r... _.._....,.w....~..._.o, ...-... _ ... .s.:.._ ~.-.,..-._.,. _.~ _ s...._~~......w...... . _....... _..r _.`...~ --- . - _._ .... ., .,.. . .,~.... _.....«~.... ...cr .ra. _..+......~._.._._...a-..-..._ ~...._ _.s..........~_.~~.~i-~~ _..._..-...~_..._ '~c.. _._.~-_._ _.. .~._..--.. u... ~ ."'° ~ • t ~ ~ ~ "L C°:; .:? ~- ~- ~ - 7,~ B ~° 0 ~ ..~ C" .. ~ ~ N : - a~ poa~. i a reporu on new foc3ds, fabrics, i and ctza4t-jerials I firQesm l waa 50-256 3360 AGRICULTURAL INFORMATION BULLETIN N0.355 UNITED S'i ATES DEPARTMENT OF ~ AGRICULTURE ~ _ C := Vlj T rz t:"T S Foods From the Laboratory---- ---_--_•- new and Better Foods . . . Through Plant Breedin 9- ---•-------.--- C o o2. 7 o 4 More Meat, Bet!er Meat ... . Through Breeding --------------- _..-_..-- Cotton Is Better Than Evar........ _-.- i
Page 871: lfb88d00
50256 3374 S?3 1974 Fl_0Etf U/`~ S1 ATLE: ~"(C !~iyTE~~L. ~(~:~~i~: held at Miarni Beach, r(orida November 5-7, 1974 w ~ i - - . . . . / f ,`/ CI'Ii:U,''i , VEGEYA~31;ES /IUidt;i.^.Li)I:S ~!;7 .;'.~YC.~'-..'f x'Jt:A ^,'C}'.S/GP.AFi;s';;i11T/:.:AN G:;S/ PEii'!:Yl:/PLAIiT SCv'r:i4LSI !/2cl: i/ I,'LUI.IIIA STA'I7; IIC)I.TICULTL'I{.~L SOCIF,TY, 1974 Y. . ' ,•. EIGHTY-SEVENTH Ar.iINuAL MEETING P~ROCIs'BDINGS of fj1P ' 0 1 n n n n 02- 7 1 P~
Page 872: lfb88d00
50256 3372 AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE/ iFERTILIZERS/ S 647 Am 1968 I T H E ROLE OFvPOTASSfUM IN AGRICULTURE Edited by ment Center, TVA, Muscle Shoals, Alabomo, June 18•19, 1968. ~ proceedings of a symposium sponsored and financed by the Tennessee Yol- ley Authority and the American Potash Institute and cosponsored by the Americon Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of Americo, and Soil Science Society of Americo, and held at the Notional fertili:er Develop. V. .l. KILMER Chief, Soils ct Fertilizer Research Rranch, Dirisiott of Agricultural Dn'eloptnent, Terutrssee Valley AtuJtority, AIUSCIe Shouls, Alabama S. E. YOUNTS Virf 1resident, American Prrtn.ch htslitnte. Inc.. Atlortta, Georbitt N. C. BRADY K ~ ~ t'bircctor ~iT ~ ~ {~ R?urck.atuf uf t e Cu nel! Universih• .4gric'ttltura! l:r•crintcn! Jlatio r, Crrrrcll Uait : rsi: s. lthrrca. .\'cso York Published by American Society of Agronon Crop science Society of Ameri Soil Science Society of Americ Mcldison, Wisconsin USA 1968 ~ .0 a
Page 873: lfb88d00
50256 3384 REF ---- Q 123 Un 1976 /~'2 y TERMINOLOGY/ \ Thesaurus of - ~C~ UCULTUAL'TEMS onyxPRESS as used in the Bibliography of Agriculture from data provided by t'• National Agricultural Libra:, U.S. Department of Agriculture i: 9 0!.0 0 0 0 0 2 7 ?,8
Page 874: lfb88d00
50256 3371 AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE/ + . , s PHYSf OLOGi CAIL ASPECTS 589 Am ®FvCROP YIELD 1.969 i/ Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the University of Nebraska, the American Society of Agr^nomy, and the Crop Science Society of America, and held at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr:; Janu- ory 20-24, 1969. Financial support for the symposium come from The Rockefeller Foundotion. Publicution assistance was provided throuah the International Biological Program. Published by Managing Editor: RICHARD C. DINAUER American Society of Agronomy Crop Science Society of America Madison, Wisconsin USA 1969 0 1 ~n R o 0 2 7 1 5
Page 875: lfb88d00
50256 3381 . 0 VII Re-80 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET VII Re-80 s.p. Ag>~~cultttr.~2v,Stabi1'iration,.and; Cotiser`vaCion" Service7-, MH USERS MAY FACE PENALTY Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, News Release (1980) (in English) *Abstr. in: Winston-Salem Journal 1980, p. 28 (June 20, 1980)* *Keywords: maleic hydrazide, tobacco - additive A reduction in price supports is being considered for tobacco farrners who refuse to curb the use of the chemical maleic hydraude. according to Uu director of the Agricultural Subihzation and Cort.servatioo Service /ASCS>. / ' 4 ! 0 0 ~ t 0 0 ? 7 ; 5
Page 876: lfb88d00
50256 3380 Re.f .. ~4^~~ Uv\- , 6griculturyl societies---LDirectorles, Directory of international scientific organizations. Paris, VNTl'.SCO t19a2,~1JiJ01 1 ziil, 217 p. 24 cm. ~ Prepared by the Dept. of Natural Sciences and the Dept. of I;a- cbange of Information of the United Nations Edu~!ational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. 1 Seientifle societies-Direct. 2. :lgricultural societies-Direct. 3. Engineering societies-Direct. z. United NatIons Education®l, Scientific and Cultural Organization. 21 53-260 506 Q10 D5 1953 . ~ . ~ Library of Congress i54d3t n ....,...o .r.~..0.. --,:~.__.._~__.._. ,..r-,.....,,........ .,.,...,...n ~ _...,.-~~
Page 877: lfb88d00
50256 3385 t GLUCOSE--PRODUCTION/C LLULOSE=-FERMENTATION/CELLULOSE--DEGRADATION/ F00D--PRODUCTION/AGRI ULTURAL WASTES--RECYCLING/ WASTE DISPOSAL/ ENERGY RESOURCE QD - Utilization and Recycle 321 of Agricultural Wastes 1980 and Residues . 0 1~l tl tl 0 Editor Michael L. Shuler, Ph.D. Associate Profeisor of Chemical EnsineerinS and Food Sciencc and Technolojy Cornell University Ithaca. New York CRC Praa. Isc. l'1 Y roca satou. FwNd. a. 9 2 t G • .
Page 878: lfb88d00
50256 3387 ~ ~~r{ ct~l re. S Advances ;n agronomy. r. 1-'1 New York, Academic Press,1349- ~ ~ I v. 24 arL Editor: v.1- 11 A. Q. Norman. 1. Agriculture. 2. Agricultural research. z. Norman, Arthur GeoSrey, 1305- ed. S405.A-Q-4 ~ 630.72 50-55rv8 ~.:..,. Library of Congress i53d=31 ~--~-•-•-- ~ 0 0 0 0 0 2 7 3 1 I
Page 879: lfb88d00
50256 3386 ` , a ! tigl'iC'1lt.1L*'@ •e 0 ~ 0~ t; n n 0 U2 73
Page 880: lfb88d00
_ . .__ 1c1G(-. .._. .. ... _._ .. -_ 50256 3379- _ 'Aaron M. Alfschul - !n!Qrnetiono( Agriculturol Development Service • Uniled Stotea Depcrtment of A.pricu!ture • Woshinglon~.C. ,~,fC,ON4S~M'F~E"-BA-jf;f&-f-OR-i.-OW-COS T FROM TEXTBOOK: "SINGLE CELL PROTEIN" 48-64, MEM1 The authors of the preceding papers ha~-e presented et•i- dence of widespread malnutrition, particularly protein malnutrition, on the basis of direct ob_ervatien. 'Moreover, it is made clear that sufficient calories; the developi7ry countries that \:•ere once exporters Evidence has also been presented of severe inability to provide the consequences of such malnutrition are far-reachino: death is only one consequence; another is complete national failure to achieve economic growth because of the impaired physical and mental productivity of the population. a
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50256 3373 -` LEAD/ MF.RCURY/ CADMI M/ NUTRITION/PLANTS-r-1.EAD/PLAr'TS--MERCURY/ ' ' t:,`VIROtdMENTAL HEALTHrPLANTS--CADMIUM/ROOTS--LEAn/ROOTS--MFF;CURY/ROOTS--CADMiUM/ S SOILS--SCIENCE/AGRIC LTUP.AL SCIENCE/TRACE ELE.MENTS--SOILS/POLLUTION/ 589 Di (( ~~ (~ '~'~ 1912 f ~ U~!s 0 ui't] l'..~~ ~~ ~ fd ~.. Pl~ 8 r.~+ I rd ` ' A G R 11; U LTU" r1E Managing Editor RICHARD C. DINAUER ~ Assistant Editors VONDA S. CLARK PATRICIA EITH Proceedings of a symposium held at Muscle Shoals. Alabama, April 20-22, 1971, and cosponsored by the 7en- nessee Valley Authority and the Soil Science Society of America. Soil Science Society of America, Inc. Madison,lNisconsin USA 1972 Editorial Committee J. J. MORTVEDT, chairman P. M. GIORDANO 1'1. L LINDSAY 0 t« r) r1 C 6 2 ?1 7
Page 882: lfb88d00
50256 3369 9 . . ~ ~ Fate r~on, l.avid L?ougiasg a 276 Statistical technique in agricultural research; a simpIe cx- p hosition of practice iund procedure in biometry, by I). I). Paterson ... 1st ed. New York and London, hicGraw-IIill book campanS, inc.,1939. : ir, I1l. 2C3 p. incl. tebiee, dipPre. 23; cm. (Ifalj-title: l.icC.rsw- 11111 public•atlons 1n the agricultural ectences, L. j. Cole, consiilting editor) "Selected bibliography" : p. 243-246. ` 1. Agrtculture-81at. 2. Ststietico. t. Title. ir. Title: A&rlcul- tural research, Statistical technique In. 3J-- ~027 Library of Congress ~ j FID14'l5.rB 149v; 1j 311.2
Page 883: lfb88d00
50256 3392 4 GREENHOUSE HORTICULTURE/HORTICULTURE/ AGRICULTURE/ INSECT CONTROL/ SB 415 Proceedings In 1977 of the INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON Sponsored by . L Environmental Research Laboratory The V[Jniversity CONTROLLED-ENVIRONMENT AGRICULTURE Compiled April 7 and 8, 1977 of Arizona in cooperation with College of Agriculture The University of Arizona with. supporting funds from The Rockefeller Foundation it
Page 884: lfb88d00
50256 -.3396 II Me -81 S.P.S FOR1GRICUITURE North Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Community, Development [tivision of Envirorimental Alanapement 0 0 1 0 0 11 0 0z7 4 0 - Ilatef Quality Management Plan N
Page 885: lfb88d00
3382 . u~•... . ':...:. WASHINGTON: 1972 /~ .... ~ • . A GRI G-, TIETTUMAT-A ~:. ...... UNITLD `STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICli LTURE r . ' .. , 2 ' ` ~ _::'. .: . :. .: ° : :~ . .::.,' 97 /9;2;L : , 73,77) 74, UNITED STATES -r . . ~ . ~..a , • 11 . . .. <J\.l Y lau`{:ala`t ~ i"iUl*1 1 lL\lT vrril,.C ! Yor sale by tbe $u; crintendent of Dc,curnenta. C.S. Covernmant PrinticA Oit•ee VP.sAin¢ton, D.C. 2002-Yr1ce $3.3 (paper cover) -Stack Numter OlOa-02668 V / 6~.~~1r Y 50256 ! 9 ,7319'+ .- 6 o . i o r. n ~'~ Q . 7 2 A
Page 886: lfb88d00
I I • 4a '' ~ .x~v •xa-aQ •s •n a03$uTqswM Seg$d ZLZ 996t ,s ,n csar.bTn~~~~~ ' ..G naT ~Tg~~T fl 1 usag ~u`L ~'° ..u ,•~aI2I~V i gua `~$i°TTaO t~ z -c+so•d I.A aIria !0 ° G°%~a~`yoseV .: f~+«~) rN~7 l Jt ._j f9EE 9SZOS
Page 887: lfb88d00
~TOBACCO--RING SPOT VIRUS/TOBACCO BUDWORM/ TOBACCO--DI.SEASES & PESTS--VIRUSES/ l /PEST CONTROL--HANDBOOKS, MANUALS, ETC./ f TOBACCO MOSAIC VIRUS/TOBACCO--DISEASES & PESTS/ ; Handbook Q 123 P1 1981 , i t O RCSeries in Agriculture Pest Management in /Agriculture I Volume I, 1/9, 2- ~ Q, 3 0 ! Cl o n r1 0 2 7A I -50256 3397 ~ Editor David Pitneatei New York State College of Agriculture and Life Scien. Cornell University New York lthata A. A. Hanson, Editor-in-Chief Vice President and Director of Research W-L Research. Inc. Highland, Maryland CRC Prea, Inc. Boa Raton, Florida h
Page 888: lfb88d00
26---13527 .. , . _ . ;~- . _.. . _ . . - .~ 0 0n 0 tl 273 5 6gx icul.ture. 50256 3391 Huntington, Ei;sworth, 1876- Business Business geography, by Ellsworth Huntington ... and Frank E. Williams ... with the cooperation of Robert M. Brown ... Lenos E. Chase ... 2d ed., rewritten, total issue, twenty-seven thousand. New York, J. Wiley & sons, ine.; London, Chapman & Hall, )imited,1926. zvi, 616 p. incl. front., illus. (mapa) tables, diagre. 28* cm. 1. Geography, Commercial. r. Williams. Frank Ernest. 1877- joint author, ir. Brown, Robert Marshall, 1870- Jo1nt author. m. Chase, Lenox L., joinr author. Librarg of Congress:`~ IiF1025.II8 1f?26 \~I_j t50z1t
Page 889: lfb88d00
5025-6 • 3393 jonea, Wi? ii.m 0. ~^d.) ` C•D PY-SEA..KCH EtYSTI'!'U2°E STUDIES W Tl:RAZ- o.Xg'qf-"L ~~ r!'~?'~D.~'., c: a%.N _ . y ..w. T3 ±~:0 94 Psgej ?--ad R-fc3Trch I^sti*uLe, Sw»:.xy:d, CaA'If. .~ ,auford 1in3varzfty 0! 0 0 f ) 0 0 2 73 .7
Page 890: lfb88d00
t ~ ~ . ~ - . . . . ~ 50256 3363 ... ~ _. i RJR CLASS NO. PAMP1(LET 75 XI Unl U S De artment A riculture Econorcie hesearch Service Washington ~ D. C., U..S.• , ~ :0~ ~1I~~~'Ri~T'~t~ttOPx:'t~.'3D.TNE_ SO'!~-ET<U~IDK_1~1SQ`=1970: ~~ F . .. ac;....s..... e.... . n.rfa~YR)c J ' ~ _ U. S. Dep. Agr., Fcon. Res. qerv.,ERS- Foreign 34J'", Washington, D. C. r 13 p. (June 1973) (in English) ~ .. s 1 t t t ~ 1975, No. 8, 2782* *d* t Tobacco economics: ..... . ..,,_~ .... .., _...>~...;:.~ I o n tt o 0 2 72 7
Page 891: lfb88d00
50256 3388 A.GRICULTURE/. TOBACCO--AGRICULTURE/TOBACCO--BRAZIL/ I 21 Am 1981 Transferrin echnology for Small-Scal arming ASA Special Publication Number 41 Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by Divisions A-4 and A-6 of the American Society of Agronomy in Chicago, Illinois, 3-8 Dec. 1978. 1981 Published by the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY 677 South Segoe Road Madison, Wisconsin 53711 Editor Noble R. Usherwoo( Editor-in-Chief Matthias Stelly Managing Editor David M. Kral Assistant Editor Mary Kay Cousin 0 ~~ o n o 0 2 73 2
Page 892: lfb88d00
Page 893: lfb88d00
jAGt:T.(:Ui.'I'I1Rf?/ A.;,;GiiO'•'I'/ 1.SUTANY/ 50256 3395 /_PLANT--PIiySs.GLOC: / I:ICL•'•/ W1iI:.1T/ CORN/ Cl:REAi,S/- ~LANT s In the P ,(G - IL E 'S ''TZ jP U I ,~..1I .~` ~t ~ JL .~~".,,. ~ A Trip Report of the e~~_meric3n Plant Studies Dcle(.;ation Submitted to the Committee orn Scholarly Communication with tlie People's Republic of China NATIONAL ACADI;h4Y OF SCIENCA.~S 0 Washington, D.C. 1975 0 1 n n n n 0 2 ...I 3 9
Page 894: lfb88d00
FOOD=-CONSUMPTION/FOOD---ECONOMT.CS/ 370 N.c . 1971 am Q,SEPELT TP EUROPE's PUTURE FOOD ~ / AN1t.J ~.. ``~,G-44 ~;" ~-' UE., A Comparison of W~de1s for Projectir.g ; ood Consumption and Agricultural PrJoduction ir, Western European ASSOCIAT1ON SCIENTIFIQUE EUROPEENNE Countries, to 1972 and 1975 /1 MOYEN ET A LONG TERME VOLUME IlI POUR LA PRLVISION ECOtiOM1QUE I Edited by A.M.M. McFARQUHAR Departn:ent of Land Eronomv , University of Cambridge , 1971 NORTIMOLLAND PUBLISHING C011PANY - AMSTERDAM • LONt)ON AMERICAN ELSEVIER PUBLISH1hG CO: 2PANY, INC. - NEW YOIL': F-'il,'~. ~.. „ 50256 3394 a~nc~nriUZ'i3 a
Page 895: lfb88d00
?.. ;_.._ .. l~. . . ._ - . . .. ..:a~c..--o a.~... r..,.... ~..w,.ayu.f....L. ~, .. . ~~` .._. t.: + ~. '~1 - • .. .:.~..~ . . .a..:Y. . ~ ' ..41 I - 50256 3350 A&1CUXtiixW,tt~search 22 (10) 12-13 (1974) ~ XX MeF-F-S1S-74 A BETTER BLA23CtIEP..- Tht eo»lpaet steam blaltcher in oneration. llr. L'rouvt begins proeess bf feeding earrots into the blatrcher as Mr. P•outbert aatjrtsts cotttrnls (left) and Mr. Lieirict: records terriperatttre of protheet aarnple (01UA"l05-28A). . .. ~j .~ experirsmental steatn Llancherr schedule for a..~ater district in the San the AT'.S blancher are only 50.30 }~er ~.. may° sorr.cday help food proces- Francisco Day area, includes purchas- ton of Llanelted peas. With concen- sors to reduce the co,ls of buy'ing water in~ water and ]rrot•iding secondar}• tional steam blanchrrs, these costs ru~ and di~po_inq of u•aste>. Looling to the treatment after its use. By contrast, beti.ecn $0z0 to s1.50; for conven- future, proceaors may achieve even the,c costs for a conventional s:eam tional water blanchers, LO.oO to S1.20. €rcater :avinZr: as rnore utility di,tricts blancher would run from S'0.3a to SO.G(? In operation, thr continuous pilot bcg,in charginC induztrie-i according }rc•r tori of peas or carrots• • with a water plant rnodel funne!s the food product to the vultnne and sirength of the cClu- blancher, S5 a to 51..10. into a circular top conve}•or tray. Wlriie tnt they discharre. 77ie new steam blanclter uses steam inside the funnel the vc-etsbles pile. up. Proce_sor: printarily stc•am-blanch rnore cflicicntty than do cornrnercial forrnin~ a rerticalll• downward rl~or•in~ , food to pattisliy cuok it, thus inactivat- unit;. Conventional blanchers art- at plug, n"seal" nr:aimt r_:-t;,-' b:e^zlg ing cnz}•ure: c!..:. ..::uld cauze off flavor lie.t 60 percent cfficient, vrhile the new Vibratin~ nt 3,600 slroRes per min• in the frcacn pruriuct, ateam blancher i; Letweett : 0• and 95 ute, the tol> cunveyor tray moves uP 10 Tc•st; shoti: that the netr steam lwrcc•nt e icicnt. EQicienc}• i, mei:urcrl 300 pounds af l,ea., per linttr tftrnu};h a blrtncher, tirrder derelo}rmcnt at the by Ihe percenta~,c uf ste,~m drli~•rrcrl to steady lrath uf ,tcatn urrtil th~~ lrrorluct :iRS ~~ csts_rn fir-iutial ite~~rarch Ccn- the t>I:um.he.r that is actually ust•(l to full:; Ihrough a slut, lanclinq on a.%ccond let, ltetkelct•. Calif., c:ut I.latrc}t }lc•:es heat lht.- gotluct. ~~ •iluatinw traty. Thi.: prure;-~ allon•s liwr Dt it cf/;t !If a!-UujJ7 c4nti C,llr tA. T M.
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5025r6 -3400 Agricvlture-406*pifi*ealrw , S U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. 21 Yearbook of a~riculture. 1894-19,4^ -;;" :7 U 1Vashinbton, U. S. Govt. Print. Off. ~/ v. Illus., ports., maps. 24 cm. Title varies: 18M-191J, Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture.-1J'_0-22, Yearbook.-1323-25, Agriculture yearbook. Since 1936 each vol. has also special title. Beginning with 1J3U the Yearbook is designated by the year ia which it is published. Consequently there is no issuR bearing date 1929 'N~ EEantinued on nezt card ) ~ 4-1812i• 1SSr48f730~ "T" -'-r+.R-.,.- - +.!'T.r+wr+..n~~.+T^^./,TS'.r1NP^I^~ : JT(F..n.wd+s+-.-.• ~ i tz ri 0 0 0 2 7 -el A,
Page 897: lfb88d00
50256 3403 tIOJI CAL Comprehensive .Diss er'-Catlooll Index 186.1-1972 Volume 15 ~,G RrCUIr1'URE-':. .~ Xerox University Microfilms Ann Arbor, Michigan 1973 1 . ~ : r n C~ (3 2 ?Z 7 i ~ e
Page 898: lfb88d00
5-0256 3407 z 7914 Un 1981 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH/INFORMATION SOURCES/AGRICULTURE--BIBLIOGRAPHY/ U. S. NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL LIBRARY/ BIOLOGY--BIBLIOGRAPHIES/ Guide to Sources for Agricultural and Biological Research EDITED BY J. RICHARD BLANCHARD AND LOIS FARRELL Sponsored by the United States National Agricultural Library, United States Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland (1 n LfNI?V,ER'SIT%Y qF C',ALPFORNIA PRESS Berkeley • Los Angeles • London r
Page 899: lfb88d00
a~-uG1.f~c~o !.~'~' . . ~. y a.. s INFORb1ATI0N RESOURCES OF IN AGRICULTURE AND BIOLOGY Oonpiled as a froject of the . " ~ aGRICUL7IlALL SCIEUCES II:lQRV.4TIQV NETAC`RS •DI RECTORY . In, ooopcratlai xlta the Iand-Gran6 Co1]Ea!s and Uie U. S. t]e•,,atK,++ent of :{r1cultuze • • National Agricultura: Library ` ~, ~'Gf ,4U ' 1/ . pcpartrent of Af.rlculturn 'n ~" bcltsville, llaryland 7 2, ifo ) 2olos 9
Page 900: lfb88d00
IL1 576 Un 1975 1J>;A'I'1tI°.~/ A.^:7I.C?II,~'Ui:E% 50256 3qp2 /U-O;,LUTION--canrrR/ TOXIC iJUJS'iANC,^.S/ ' i PP1,~JC'.CS OF CI.IR-ON1C EXPOSURE TO .IJOW-IJ1J ,T j~JII .1`O.IJL Ur.1,/.11y rhS I LvT 4 ~. THE ]Jv V] l~O~IIIJJNT c:3'1tE1'AkP•.D FpR TIIE SUI3CO.l1,li.l:TTI?IJ ON 'I'1IL I;NViRLONi%iLNT AN17 '1'IlE' A'I':IiOSPIII;R1: ~ COA111II'L'TL+'El ON SCIENCE AND TEC1iNOLOGY U.S. HOUSL OF lzE:L'R.E'SEN'I'ATI'VES NINE, TY-FOUItTI1 CONGRESS FIRST SESSION BY THE CONGIIESSIVNAL R F.SrA I:CII SEIZVICp,, 1.1B1t.atY 01" CONGRESS NC?1•E\Ilit;lt ?975 Serial 0 0 1 0 () n o 0 2 7 .1 6
Page 901: lfb88d00
50256 3406 Agr3cz:lture--Aliomic e-nergy. U. S. Argonne NationaT Laboratory, Chi.rago. A conference on radioactive isotopes in a,-rieu;ture; held on January 12, 13 and 14, 1956, at Michigan State I'niver- sity, East Lansin-- , Michigan. Sponsored by t've Coutiril of Participating Inst.itutions of Argonno \Tational Labora- tory. Washinbton, U. S. Atomic E.~er~;y Commission vt, 416 p. illus., tabiea. 26 cer. (U. S. itomic Energy Cemmis- sion. TID 7512) Includes bibliographies. 1. B1oIo;ical raselrch. 2. Agricultural research. 3. RadioacaN•e tracers. r. Title. rr. Title: Radioactive isotopes in agriculture. ( Sertes ) QCfi70.U63 no. 7512l 630.72 57-61138 , 1 ISbrary of Con;ress ~''- i5Sc5 0 n!~ f~ h El ~, 7 i~ fl
Page 902: lfb88d00
50256-3389 t n Agriculture .ourns, ChnrlAa P. ;;TUDY ~TD C,C' s~L.;iSSON QF THE I1~Tr5XI?~:C OF IMS BTYLI(:GPAPF:X 0: F..GRaC:ULTLtaE III MUTIO:v ~ -~.^~~n 1f~~n~~'V r hT t ~' . ~s V i TCiL S~wtr.Sal~J ~i: ii V•GWl SL.LU17tlIbi4~ ; ' '.:ET•.VlCL'~S, by C~ac~'L~a ^. Bcnsaa, tf?lelexna i. Kcty:.u 8. d Jo=o B. 2aro-h i 10,59 ~. S. l3a; ~~tra. of Co=aTca ~ 99 P..gen Was5dr-ton, D. C.
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50256 3+t04 I Agriculture,,--.:,'~:, ~rac t s- = i.b"s-A o; ~aply',_ Special Libraries Asscciaf.ior.. En•qiwee,ring Section. Bibliography uf engineering a(bstractiit; services,compiled by Committee on Engineering Abstracting Services, Engi- neering Section, Scien:.e=i'ecluiolo~ry Division, Special Li- braries Association. Edited by Miriam M. Landuyt. New York, Special Libraries A;sociation,1955. 37 p. 29 em. (SLA bibliography, no.1) 1. Englneer:ng-Abstraets--Bib1. r. Landnyt, S11r.ani 3i•, e{ll a. Titie. ( Series) Z5851.S65 ~~ 016.62 55-3726 Library of Ce>ngr!?,m (10h a ~` ~ IL ;r': 7 ~f ~
Page 904: lfb88d00
50256 3408 , j • AGRICULTURE--BIBLIOGRAPHY/ LE*1nVAY, OLGA ( Ed . ) - ~~ f~lbliography d Corn Y a7Cl, . . ~ .Y{'/, - jnternational Maize and ~`~/hea~ ~ Improvement Cen~. ~er, Mexico KEBDVATPt IKGA VOLL^TE I Metuche-.n, N.J. ~ Volume II VOLU`tE III-I:vDEXI:S The Scarecrow Press, Inc.
Page 905: lfb88d00
50256,3390 ivFaR ~R r~ erJ T~~rtivG~-o6y/~0lt'~Q~,fT"~~`./G '" ~i~J/N6{f/SLI~&'s~e~ iYJ~ Tb aHNOL p~y~~~ J h~~0~06y~,~JEDi~l~YE fil~ALTa!'~~deD/ ,00 F 6~ i ~ u~ r a ~L~ I~G! TR Y ~-w D !w ~" S ' ` . ~ ~S .~R~y !/H. ~ ~ 1.lfEIPA~C RC S O ~t~ ~'E/ OL.z a Tii A % .t~ . v~YTR/L ~Pi4fYJ' ,rR ~~r o~+ ~ F 0 R E C A S T S F R 0 M T ii E J A P A r E S E D E L P 6 I With Copparable Forecasts Drawn From the Literature of the West % Cos.piled and Translated by O ~ n 0 0 0 l,;E ";yTU Y CjtQUP A a
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Page 907: lfb88d00
50256 3+111 I . .1 , llgricultl:re--$ib liobrapkv--4u ta lo~s U. S. Dept. of Agric-u lttire. Division of Publications. List of available publications of the United States Dept. of Agriculture. Jluie 1,1920- Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. OfF. no. 22-24cm. irregular. Issued as Miscellaneous publica- tton no. 60 of the Dept. of Agriculture. as List no. 11 of the department's Division of Publications. Title varies slightly. 1. Agriculture-Bibl.--(Jatalogs. 11. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture- Publications, 2. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture--Bibl. ( Series : U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Miscellaneous publication, no. 60. Series : U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Division of Publications. List no. 11) Z5075.U5U572 --- 2d set. ; II. S. Dept. of Agr. Libr. ` for Library of (Congress ~ S21.A46 Agr 29-1725 rev 2• Jl 1Ag841i no. 60 tr!')-'.1'21 I ~ ~ o n n o t~ ~ ~ i 15
Page 908: lfb88d00
~ 50256 3419 ~--R-f - ., Gu I ~ I ; Agriculture--Directories. Klein, )!er74r;3 GUIDE Tt1 k),ii:FclC,;. 7iRECTaP!ES, 5:3i i;~r1 x:N. 1962 428 a. Prenti..#!-1;~.~11, Inc. New Jersey I _.-+r.-n"---- .f o ~^ n n n 0 2 ?~s~ :~
Page 909: lfb88d00
l iTnIi5 Agricui W-ra--BiblicgraT3%zY 50256 3410 eoMMUn1`faT GHrfJES6 MONf}GRRMS IT1 7HE C1SUA LISRARX, cortiprJ.ed 6y Lesl.io Tf C, Kvo aw 1'eter B, 5chrc~er: 'r,'''ti' p n
Page 910: lfb88d00
50256 3415 REF Q 123 La 1977 DICTIONARIES--FOOD/AGRICULTURE---DICTIONARIES/NUTRITION--DICTIONE;P,II:S/ FOOD--DICTIONARIES/ENERGY IN THE FOOD SYSTEM/ !~ci L~L% : La ` L:Ff a , M , ~ EditorinChief ~C I n t ~`, t ~ IJ~iI7~fa~ c ,~ ' tq HS ~f F n G) Q ~ f 61CG8A7J IftLL DDGH CCfs1PAt,,1' New York St L Aucktand Now Delh . ouis S Etogot0 Panama an Francisco Di;sseldorf Paris Johannesburg Sao Paulu London Singiport, Madrid Sydney fl4oxico lokyo Montrcal Toronto i ~.
Page 911: lfb88d00
l t S ' 5g9 C Agriculture--Atc:nic energy. 502S6 3405 American Association for the Advancement of Science. Atomic ener- y and agriculture; a symposium presented on December 27-29, 1955, at the Atlanta meeting of the tluneri- can Association for the Advancement of Science and cospon- sored by the Oak Rid;;e Institute of Nuclear Studies, under contract with the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission. Editor: C. L. Comar. Associate editors: R. F. Reitemeier tand othersl «'ashin.-ton,1957. a, 4 50 p. lllus., diagrs., tables. 24 cm. (Ita Publication no. 49) Includes bibliographies. 1. Itadioisotopes. 2. l:adioactice tracers. 3. Agricultural research. z. Coinar, Cyril Lewis, 1914- ed. ii. Oak Ridge Institttte of Nu- clear Studies, in. Title. (Series) QH324. A54 /"-% 574.1072 57-11248 Library of Congress ~-' 158a10 1 0 i~~ n n r., () ;' 7 ZI z)
Page 912: lfb88d00
%.a 50256 . 3401 1973 21 Un S CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIUNS. ?/4 gTS v TO 45 PARTS 46 TO 51 PARTS 53 TO 209 PARTS 21070 699 ~ d- .~;c. ,~3-,2 09 ,f ,c PARTS 945 TO 9S0 PARTS 981 TO 999 PARTS 1000 TO 1059 . Revised as of :anuary 1, 1973 . pi 199 C.ONTAiNiNG A COa1FiCATtON OF Cf,CUtitF.N;S OF GEN:RAL APPLlCA3iUTY /1ND FUTURE EFFECt AS OF JANUARY 1, 1973 With Rnciflari:s R+~Alished Dy tlfl'Offlce of the Federyl Reester f s!lsttona! Archivcs anc Rccoros Servite Q Cen.rs{ Services Admir.istratioo or as a Special Editfon at the rederal Registtr . . . f . . . - . - . . . . • . . .1~ . I 0 0 2 7 4 ~
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. Agrlculture--Carihbeaa 5025-6 3412 U. S. D, ; ar:maax of A7ts culture, $cGra-ziC n.cStalL:3Y::I2 $^rYi:.L' PRt25F?G-rS euK ACRic.~'cS:.TtRE IN T`siE MIDBI:4lH (U. S. Dapt. of lgricslt=e, EconomAc RlB+tarCh $ie;*~}ri e!g , St.. ~,.el~y ~.......t .....~ Bconaaic 1Rsport 140. 58) 1970 .31 Pages U. S. Dagt. of Agriculti; ra Wse;,,;ingtaa, D. C. o cl n Ct U 2 7 ; 6
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50256 3422 i SB 'Agricultire--Econamic aspects---Caiifornia 187 A Adams, Richard Laban, 1883- Farm management crop manual. [2d] rev. ed. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1953. 177 p. 27 cm. 1 Agriculture-Economic aspects--California. 2. Farm manage- ment. 3. Farm produce-California. SB187.U6A6 1953 631.16 t Library of Conb ess ~ ta54f51 53-11229 j Q f n n n 4 0 2 7 6 6
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50256 3423 ~ FOOD--SUPPLY/ACRICULTURE--ECCrdC'4ICS/ FOOD AND ECONOMICS Lois Simoncls I--iungate Associate Professor Ralph W. Sherman- Professor Emeritus The Ohio State University 0 aw o AVI PUBLISI-IING COMPANY. INC. ~ Westport, Connecticut 0 I 7 ~ t~ Q 0 2 7 6 7
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C1 ~ ~ 0 0 ?. 7 t") fi Apgriculture-'-Econou:icsl k " n t J Q:1•''! l~?'d'"y.i t',:1 LCc ; i~ ip : i 'JI .. .~ :Z 19'v3 15~~ ::~? . .. ", O
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50256 3416 AericLtlture-DictioriLxia3---Gerx,,,-n Haensch, GiL-ither. ti`'Ortorhul;h der Landwirtschaft; Deutsch-Engtisch-Fran- zosisch-Spanisch, systematisch und alphabetisch, von Giin- ther Haensch jundl Gisela Haberka.mp. Dictionary of agri- culture. Dfunchen,.BLV Verlagsgesellschaft 119591 zxiv, 649 p. 22 cm. Added t. p. In French and Spanlsli. 1. Agrtculture--Dictionariw--verman. 2. iermnn-language--??ie- tionaries-Polyglot- r. Haberkamp, G[sela, joint author, ii. Title. 5411.H26 1959a r~- i ~. 630.3 60-43050 Library of Congress 0 0 . n 0 '0~ 7 S 0 [a,
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50256 34-}8 Agriculture--Dictionar4f~ussian/English Ufi®oVehyp B. N. CGLMN2MM9IV8 RLTS3IAK-MdOL3SH A.^-Rf, CUI+'1'i~'a:~"i L'i~'a:~"iL WCi10itPMY. 2;TD : .i3ITXCsi, by Uss9ve:Sy, 13. ;?. ;~. i~ . L~.r:aiRa, Yu 11, PddssauannyUh aad E. 1. C1;uoad-e. 196? 470 Pag®m ftrus=n Press Ltd. New Ycerty I a!~ n n o 0 2 7 ~~.?, :
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50256 3426 VII UnA9 i Agriculture--Economics U. S. Dept. Agriculture, Economics Rcsemrch Service, Statistical Reporting Service PERIODIC REPORTS OF AGRICULTIIFAIL ECG:AriTCS January 1966 14 pages 0 t ~~ n n n n t~ ~7 7 ~
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50256 3430 ; S 495 L Agricuiture--Field plot techniques. LeVIcvf, :s-'wJ~: La r yiELD I-i :Ts IBCfi 111,QilEv by EZvin L. T.;i ae-iy, . 1• ~+ .L.rva~ibt aa.t3 n:~tw`~.71 • blCi.+• Wa+•'w+~ ,~Y~ V ZS52 3:3 ~0 2r:d ed. L'urge43 I'u52~ch;tiy :.o. Hirr.^apoliss 8.3ra. n n n() U2 7 ?4
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50256 3434 e f f a U. S. Dept. of Agric. Office of Information FACT BOOK OF U. S. AGRICULTURE. f ~ ~ ~ Revised March 1963 Washington 169 pp. t ~ ~ t i i 7 F
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50256 3427 i ~-._. _.,__. _ ~.,._....... , _. _.. .. . 405 i H Hall, Carl W i ~ , Agricultural enrineering index, 1907-1960. Reynokis- burg, Ohio, Agricultural Consulting Associates; order from Edwards Brothers, Ann Arbor,11961. ; Yfz.135 p. 29 cm Bibltogrnphy: p. 22?-133. t 6 i s l 1. Agricultural engiueering-Pertod.-Indezes. 2. Agricultural englneeriag-Bibl, i. Title. Z'.i0i4.F.6H3 016.63105 61-1492.9 ~ ~!- Ltbrary of Congress Eg, 40n 0 02 7 7 I I
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50256 3421 . 6e~'..^'i`~°i.`.,'Ci~"'+^s • .. .. ^~ - - ~' I-A c:r AGR iCUITIIRE l~i1N Dii(.;0,,, iii). i 1:) ~~0 ~.~!N! A L VV0 R K ! ~ S t971-72 ~ I k! STi;-rE- A GR I C U L T U L S"l'ATf0I"tS AND OTHIE-1. J; COOPERATING STATE REVISED DECEt:'iBER 1971 Cooperative State Research Service UtlITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Washitzgton, D.C. 3'er aelc by the Su.xrintender.t af 1)ocurnents, U.S. Govern nent Ptinting O^lcc W»shlry;itm, D.C. 22iY;2- Price $1.2.5 Stock Number 6iW-1GCf) . I n_.- n- - n.. 0 - 2 7 t'-j or I
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50256 3409 Micro- film No. 12 7 WMIM". s GO~ttP E.Nr%lrn prJA1.YTA ri6'.i.IYTS 'ipo.P SU Bz~ ~ f ~cnv~', . a . ~ .. . . .. 1. L. v .L .. -... .. .. .. Feut `ts ct'ox.~y tN0. G+@tr~;,n.n. f'16 n i5h anJ~ `~ft~F 3 S}, ~ ~~ 'f Part of a series" on sampnles on haud only. ~ .~ ~~ 0 0 0 0 2 7 5 ~,,,;..~.._,..,.,...,~..•.~.- I ~
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Ref . 50256 3433 Q Agriculture--Glossary U. S. Department of Agriculture, National AQricclturai Library AGi.YC.tLTUC.'~L/BIOi.GGICi.L YO "i tTLA:RY. ~'inL. 1 CATEGORIZED LIST. VOL. 2. ALPHABETICAL LIST 1967 395 Pages, 619 Pages Washington, D. C. I t ~].~.,..,V..^'+e•~.~ ;~.l. r, . ~>~s!r.r!Si-"'~~-st•t^s.'7~+r.+'.!s~!r A"'.~,-.~„-~q~• ..~ . . a...~to^"r•-r~ - i T 7 7
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50256. 3438 4 Agriculture--Information sources--Directories Jer.'.ci^s, Pranr.cs Bri^gs SCIEt:CF RE: E:ZE'+C£ SOURCES. 4 1965 143 p. Illini i3nien Bookstore I11iuoIs
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50256. 3431 v.. X.L Agriculture--Fiorida--Statistics. U, S. Depto of Agric., Agric. Mariceting Ssrv,, Stat. Reportin; 5,t;rv, FLORIDA I1GaICUZTi'aii S:ATZSTICS, by U. S: Dtpto of kgx3co, A,.~rsc. Markme?"ng Sarv., Beporting Serva ar,d Fior'da Dtrt. ef A&rac., Florida Crop and LivEsbock Rcporting $:rv;v.:: 1962 3 pamshlat.a iianhington
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0 0.
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I I 50256-3428 STATIST 'r;.; 'G;?- "' M."V,AP,Md M-1Mt DIE W.t 7,JIh:'SC':AFT Ztt DEaJ Wif,DaUt D:3 L~~~ CYIISCNP~'o' IJl's.TSVATFTS-GEMMOM..TT, (Stati 3 tioal d--i:,a on a-miculture a° tP.o aouatr3Qs of W'1z BL.,•^op,3 za i: cGnomiC Corpoza$ioa.) Fhotoatat irC.-as Dfir Daut3chA Tabakbau .l (h'o. 14) 324 (July 25, 1951) G" ! ~1 r n Cf o < 7 7 2
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74 11 Un A;,ICU~'ii1Ri:_..rC0~t0'•SIG~1 50256 3425 1'AI:?t COSTS Ai,I) PXTUNI;S . Co-o:nercial farn> by type, size, and location U.S. 0I' AGRICULTURE, I:CONO;SIC RESEARCH SERVICE ACRI CULTI%PJ: I:IFUP: -tAT7 0.; L' L'L1.ETI N a0 . 230 I:evised September 1969 Washington, D. C. 20250 G 1~ t~ n f~ U~ 1 r~ ~?
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