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50255 2503 R,;rA j. ps .)rhmt. (19'9;, 134, 39-45 It The Sensory Filter in Schizophrenia : A Study of Habituation, 80 II Ey-81 Arousal, and the Dopamine Hypothesis S.P. By THOIXiAS HORVATH and RUSSELL MEARES SUMMARY The possible failure of a notional sensory filter in schizophrenia was studied by means of habituation of the orienting response. Non-paranoid schizophrenics failed to habituate, but para- noids habituated normally. Paranoids, however, showed a different impairment : they responded to a dishabituating tone as if the novel stimulus were somewhat familiar. The failure of habituation in non-paranoids could not be explained in terms of arousal when the index was the rate of skin conductance fluctuation. Neurotic controls showed considerably higher levels than either group of schizophrenics. Non-paranoid schizophrenics had lost the normal inverse relation- ship between habituation and level of arousal as manifested in the rate of spontaneous skin conductance fluctuation. u 3 n 4 f1 a tl J 5 1 :Z .6
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. .~ ... .. _ I 50255 2506 FAO FOOD AND NUTRITION PAPER 9 ~ XX UnG6-80 arsenic and in ; in foods: reviews of commonly used methods of analysis prapared by -Mritliam horwitz, ph.d. food and drug administration washington, d.c. 20204, u.s.a. (revised september 1978) I publlahad with tha cooperation of the world health organization and the united nations environment programme FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE \ UNITEQ--MATIONS 6 3 0 G n Q 0 0 5 I 5 ,Jk
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50255 2510 CHRCMATOGP.APHIC ANALYSIS---T.In?1ID C,iRCA""fO171.ArIIY/ ; Qn GRADIENT ELus '271 HORWOOD $EIiIES IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY SeriesBditor: Dr. R. A. CHALMERS ' 1074 LIQUID UniversityojAberdeen • 2 C ELLIS HORWOOD LIMITED CHR®MAT®GRApHY Chichcstcr •r C. LITEANU S. GOCAN University ojCluj, Rumania Edited by: R. A. CHALMERS, yp/ 1a+^ j'` ~ University oJAberdeen V:3 i7 0 n C1 Q.~ a ~ y Halstcd Press: a division of JOHN WILEY & SONS Inc. New York • London • Sydney • 7 I- )11. ,9&(
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r . ~ 50255 2505 HF.ART--DISEASES--TEXTB001:/PULAtONARY FUNCTION/ CIRCULATORY SYSTEM/ ATHEROSCLEROSIS/ RC CA~ D ! A~ Edited by 681 Co `` 1 '`/ HADLEY L. CONN, JR., M.D. 1971 (i/~/• Professor of MeJcine, University of Pennsylvania a n d School of Medicine; Direr,for, Clinical Resear..h Center, Hospital of Ihe Universdy of Pc•nnsytvani Philadclphia, Pennsylvania VA S C UL A R D fSEASES bRVILLE ttORYJ1TZ, M.D. f~ F ProfossorofMedicine.UniversrtyotPennsyhaninScnool Volume I, vOL. II of e,eaicine; fleae of SecUon nn Vascutar , r,d HypcrtensiveDiscases, Pennsy9vnn;a HosP;tzl:Ctacl, Vasu'l;r C6nic, Hospital of th:.• University of PennsyLrania• At tending Cardioto;,ist in Charee of Vascular D,sordcrs. Bryn Mawr Hospital, bryn Maw•r. Penn,yNan,a ith the collaboration of 102 contributors /'!11 rl} LEA & FEBIGER PHILADELPHIA U;~ n o nc; a S 5~ q ,' ~
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If ~zu } lo~tJ y~~ o yb?ai e~ 'sa ;. ~r! ~~S to afn~t~su1 °a$~Zt~ , '~ eu ~ lo.ys~ t~~.~nN saa~~vadd ~ so C~a8pvj (9 snl~ G2$Ed S:p-r. payd aw cw C i, ~ 1 • j 411 1 U. ~A .I ~ p~rd '~av~s a,~ •~ °c,topsJo~ •.r, ~ tY~tn.toH 'L4-C "crK Sar-xas oaiucj,j ~ :~s .~e~ ~-0 a~~a ~.asur 'a8a~ LcrJ 8-4gas evljoaEc) ql "H ~-rana~n~mvt ;~ ~utxa~s Lri3~~n~ 35 i.9?%kUQSd;Y{ aHl NO N4t,i'dDI3.S3ANI NV •~ ~~ ~sauxv};: • woc~lrtt~ •:}c (., •4 ~utzn.rnki ... bOS2 SSZOS ~ . .ry~-T~ - .. . . . I
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50255 2511 CHEMISTRY,ANALYTIC--REAGENTS/CIEMISTRY,INORGANIC/ CHEMICAL TESTS AND REAGENTS/REAGEtITS/ QD ~' 7 7 Ho 1976 . VELLIS HORWOOD SI:R1ES IN ANALYTICAL CHI:M]STRY p Editor: Dr. R. A. Chalniers ZAVIS HOLZBECHER v 11ANDB0OK LUDVIK DIVB 1rXjrrS MILAN KRAL d-" 0V ODP-AI%j1rC DLA ~ i. LADISLAV Sl1(-HA IN IN011GANIC ANALYS1,45- FRANTI9EK VLACIL ELLIS HORWOOD LIMITED Chichcster Halsted Press: a division of JOHN WILEY & SONS Inc. New York . London a Sydney o Torontd , . L S- i; dn i) 0 .> >2. ,U 0 Translator: STANISLAV KOTRLY Series and Translation Editor: DR. R. A.CI IALM[RS University of Aberdeen
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50255 2514 ' . 2:h. P, la?a•i.!I ~~!1 ~11:ti1 l~i^(.Clt!:(~j Qf C~:fI1tiJ •'T1' ^ ~ ~ :! ~ .: i i:;t .l' Cil;: 1:^ it:'ilaOlor:'f tb-}'! 'ItfO:.iCc:a I fo^t_°h t.nd 21ow Yark, l:eit:}tolrl Pub. CNrp. xt1i,51`lp. :4 cro. ! ?. Chcrei~:r~-T~:r,tion~r{cs--T:u~: ,ea. 2. CL'^cUStr; . Tecbnic::; I3ict(nnar(,s -i:uS3~8p. ~i. )~UF°.. a I3!T~IY, ~i--~):Ci'0119~!:S I. lt`O~:na, MCiStili`. T.l.Cla 8Ut(IfiC. 1:. TIa(v. QD;,.HC ~" t~30.3 U-22 l r:~ t . = Ltbrcry of Co:,gceaa `'-~ rf(-11 .)
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0 U U=U L?" ~_p q e8.`A . lSCj S4 Y:il>w,!7..~•Q 9152 SSZOS .
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50255 2520 75 VII Ho RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 75 VII Ho ~Iiosfield;'C:Wiernsman, E. A. (U. S. Dep. Agr., Agr. Res. Serv., Dep. Hort., Univ. Wis., Madison, Wis.; N. C. State Univ., Raleigh, tI. C., U. S.) EFFECT OF AN ALIEN CYTOPLASM AND FERTILITY RESOTRING FACTOR O:J GROWTH, AQRONOMIC CHARACTERS AND CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS IN A MALE-STERILE VARIETY OF FLUE- MED TOBACCO. 4w V1 (N. C. State Univ., Tobacco Reprint Series No. 451, 1974) MOp'Sci. 14 (No. 4) 575-77 (July/Aug. 1974) (in English) *Keywords:* nicotine, green, constituent; nornicotine, green, constituent; alkaloids, total, green, constituent; sugars, reducing, green, constituent; nitrogen, green, constituent. *1975, No. 3, W 964* *d* Tobacco agriculture: 03 0 0 c1 0 05 ~ 2 9 ;•
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V 50255 2502 NITROGEN DIOXIDE, PULMONArRY FUNCTION, AND RESPIRATORY DISEASE* M . HURVATHiTh. D. Director Institute of Environmental Stress University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, California CNCERx as to the toxicity of the oxides of nitrogen has been frequent- y expressed in clinical and toxicological literature. Oxides of nitro- gen are highly reactive compounds and suggest toxic effects on biological systems. The earliest evidence for potential damage to man occurred in the 11he the death of a man and his cal indt as 18041 st where as earl ~ ~ ry y n~~log+~was'recbrde~ after breathing nitric acid fumes. Other occupational,#,, ----- ~ exposures have been seen with the use of explosives which merated.NO.--.
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ou t 11 t102 50255 2512 TechRical Article 1'Ctc--k-T /~ '~-v''~-t-`,f' ~~~n~-~ /" ~ ~ / 80 III Ho2 A REL[ARLE O_AS CHROMATOGRAPHIC METHOD `~ FOR THE DET RMINATlO14 OF THE LOWER FREE ATTY ACIDS IN CHEESE ~ By 1~;x~~4D, and G. T. ~ LLOYD, Dairy Research Laboratory, Division of Food Research, CS.I.R.O., Hiphett, Victoria 1 Introductiou In investigations on the ripening of cheese there was a requiremcnt for a method for the quantitative determina- tion of the free fatty acids in cheese. including acetic acid. Problems are encountered in the quantitative gas chro- 1 matography (GC) determination of aqueous solutions of acetic acid because of distorted peak shapes and ghosting (Acrman and Burgher. 1963). which result from adsorp- tion effects (Base and Bartos, 1970) or from the formation ~ of water;acetic acid azeotropa (Wills, 1972). In more recent wcrk, Ackrnan (1972) used several polymer bead packings ,, and showed that the inclusion of formic acid vapour in the carrier gas considerably reduced these deleterious effects, although occasional double peak formation or premature "rounding oi" of the leading edge of the peak was reported for acetic acid. Afediod The distillaticn procedure for recovering the fatty acids from the cheese was a modification of the method described by Kosikotsski and Dahlberg (1946) (Horwood, 1978). For small numbers of samples the distillate uas reduced to dryness using a rotary evaporator at 20'C. but it was found more convenient to use a large-scale freeze-drier for water removal, direct from the distillation receiver Rasks, when larger numbers of samples were to U 3 0 0 n 0 0 -~ S 2 1
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50255 2528 ..,..~~__ ti".1i ~...~a.7q7 3n ._..1?ii U`T : ),rI L:AC.::J, i'y Ts t-j
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I I i. REPORT NO. 2, 50255 2518 3. R 'yti1 ' 1r EPA-600/1-78-055 - {. ~ ~. TSTLE AND SUaTITLE , 5. REPORT DATE EPIDEMIOTAGIC STUDY OF TFU; EFFECTS OF AUTOMOBILE _ ugust 1978 Q,RAF•FI~., ON BLOOD LEAD LE•~LS 6. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION CUDE II MeA`~80 • S.P, )• AUTHOR(S) 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REMOR D. Johnson, R. Prevost, J. Tillery, K. Kimball, ~:'Ros22i~fcid~~ • 9. PERFORMING ORGANIIATION NAME AND ADDRESS 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. Southwest Research Institute . 1AA601 3600 Yoakum Blvd. I1• CONTfiACT/GRANT NO. Houston, Texas 77006 68-02-2227 12.SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDR-SS 13. TYPE OF REPORf AND PF.RIOD CUVE Health Effects Research Laboratory RTP, NC Office of Research and Development 11.SPONSORING AGENCY CODE U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA 600/11 Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 15. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 16. ABSTRACT This study investigated the absorption of lead by persons of different age-se groups exposed to automobile emissions of lead at traffic densities from less than , 1,0f#,Q c,Ars~pe>:{'~ay'~tq,25ioeo.~caft Ar X ay. Z9~e rclationships between traffic :•
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50255 2501 80 II Ey-81 -. Ce"MM 1-`•>, n. Hemodvnamic Changes as a Function of Classical Aversive Conditioning in Human Subjects IEFFREI A. GLIVER. A%DRF%% C. BRok%E. ..%D"SiF%EN' M. HoR%ATH laiutdfr (y fnt ennu+c. c:,:. Strrm L ni• rnin .•t ( ,;im•rntU. Suntd burh,ira A85TRA1'T Ekn en subjects underw ent a discriminative classical aversive conditioning paradigm .% hik heart rate. stroke index, and hence cardiac index Mere continuoush monitored. Ten uut o( II subjects shoMed heart rate decreases to the conditioned stimulus at the time o( shock onset. l bis decrease In rate did not change other bemodynamic parameters.The hemud~ namic nsponse to the uncon• ditioned stimulus Mas an increase in heart rate and cardiac index e.en though stroke index de- creased. These results suggest that the conditioned heart rate changes in human heart rate con- ditioning are too small to after other hemod%namic .ariabies. DESCRIPTORS: Hemod?namics, Cardi.c index. Stroke index. Classical conditioning. Heart rate. t7 3 n tl tl 0 Q 5 5 i Q I A*
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50255 2523 Kobashi, .Y:',. STUDIES-ON THE THERMAL DECOMPOSITION. 0F_. TOBACCO ALKALOIDS: PART XVII.'PYROLYSIS,OF_ NICOTINE IN NITROGEN ATMOSPHERE,. by Y. Kobashi,. R.: Hoshiaku .and Watanabe. Nippon Nogeikagaku Kaishi 37 .(No,. . J 2-) 76b-68-.. T (j963),,- In Japanese t t a
Page 18: hfb88d00
50255 2515 I H !Lc_: ... ic~hr~a~o, tl.-yj '•fordeci,i 7foseh and Mo^la::=b L. lic;~• i~'ori:. i';inholtf 1'ub. Corp. r19~r+.3 a333.J:'-~+. ~:Clu. }abliC ~rr.; ~s : l,. Xi-aill. '','- dictionr.r- j of cii.rn:str}' aw1 che!•,i;• . ] 2. CI D3tt.1u!,ar{~• 3. ia 1. }lc•s~3~, l+I ;3: c.!~~ l.uCia (Ccr: t:•aicbli lirl?- }t~3ct rtvit,c r. ... O..D5.lIG -., Iq G.3 }.3Drsry of Co::i;res-s ~ .1 ) it-13 ----._ • -_....,. .. ..,.-..._...,~...__. a3.0 .0 .0 0 a6 5 2 4
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50255 2531 Williams, C. B. A SECOND EXPERIMENT OF TESTING THE RELATIVE.EFFICIENCY OF INSECT TRAPS, BY C. B. Williaas; R. A. French, and M.M.,,*' Hosni Bull. Entomol. Res. 46 (No. ]) ]93-204 (1955), ~ 6 .i .6 1) i i 6 - ii ;i j r,; U
Page 20: hfb88d00
50255 2519_ 1I1 ~TII ~Ho .a..c..._:A.+.a~.r.~.....w..i.--•- ~~~~'~~~~~'. r.V.,.}..'JATY4N Of AM A£RaS01. 't'HAIOMETkR 1=0't DUST COUNTING A13A S7ZING, by Andcew t~ ~ri -a ii il iJ ~~?~
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50255 2522 ~,~b~sh r ~5~~''usu}te ': ~RIM'3L DECQMPODITEC0 0F TODACCO !:LKRIATD3,. FART X. TRANSFER CF` rUWGa ALK1bJ.01 D.5 TNTO C:.:WETT£ s?"lOK£ l'3iQIIVCEA RNaM NoRN.1cG:CiNE ri~PE OIGhRE?r :, by Yusuke Kah~~hi.~ Mi:ho:~a l,:.? tataabe a-rd Ri 5 sk+o }Aoshal4ti, S N~p~an 1JUgei:icegaka Xai5hi. LX^.;`U"vr, ttnw comO• t'r/zcj _...,-~ . .. __ .~. ~;i ~l Q fl ci~ u 6 a a/
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c 0 .__ _.._~n. • •..... _. ~.~..s.. .~c.-'..,vh..~. A{ ZMCA F . i . . » t " .--~~ 4r •~~"r:.'[, .~ tZSZ SSZOS`
Page 23: hfb88d00
! ' F~ ~` !:1 ~t1+H~~ U 6!' T i .l ;''..t .~ 4 .%1IiS ~.'S:~i~LJ~~s' e:,tcd 95 i.Si 52 f ?".lj3i.L7 rii v 6ZSZ SSZOS,
Page 24: hfb88d00
~ 50255 2536 1'rT~I~AT..nn(Tn?`.~ n7PE~T(12iT'S/T'l1YS[fTAA'. 1,rnTCnT, ! 1 : iTr.rS/ THE BEST DOCTORS 151 e Ii~TTI-3E LI.S. P REr A Guide to the Finest Specialists, Hospitals, and Health Centers JOHN PEKKANEN Seaview Books . NEW YORK t/ d rv.t.i U ri
Page 25: hfb88d00
..ii6~ - s's#.F.v#.ai.:~ u..-i. .. a a,..~- ._ _ ,_„_~ = --- - ..~.rG-i s...~... w~.as.•.ty ~~...._ ...r s` ..:.~..~ ...... _.....~......._ _ _ .. . .. , ~ . _ . __ . . . . . , 50255 2517 - s.P Selection of High L),sine Corn Using a Scanning Electron Microscope' Crop Science 13 (4) 462-3 (1973) C. E. Wassom antlAMWI~~im1`.,r~::.= ABSTRACT Seseral inbrcd sources of corn (Zra »tays I..), inclurting high-hsiu• ntorli(icd opaciuc•O lincs with hard, translu• tertt tndaspcrm anJ norm.tl hatd, trausltuent endospenn phcnwypcs N'cre c%aniincd with a scanning electron nrie• roscope. Zcin brxlirs s:erc obscr.ctil in the protein tuattix of the nonnal corn phcnotcpc. 1'laciu- santplcs in 70°,0 ethanot and ob,cr%in; coicts produced confinncd that the bodies eontaitu.l rcin. Samples frotn modified opaquc•2 rrnes linown to be high in lAsine did not show elaborate pattans of %oids in the protein ntatrix after ethanol treatment. It was concluded that a scannin; cic•ctron usicrouope is an eccellent tool to identify endosYernis wi.th low iein and potentially morc lysine. AZditionai index v ords: Maizc, Zein, Protein. . y~~.~.....,,....;.~.~..*.x.~....~;~......n•.~~..-••---• .. . tween lysine content and percent zein bodies in coin endosperm. We explored the feasibility of rzpidl)' examining corn endosperm for zein bodies with a scanning elec- tron microscope. Kcrncls sho«•ing small or no zcin bodies, presumed to be high lysinc, were selected for continued use in the breeding projram. MATERIALS AND Df EThiODS Several inbred sources rcpresenting normal and modified cndo• sperms of corn were cxanuncd. Samples were obtained from individual kernels by cutting the kernel bttsc•cen the cap and the embryo with a knife. Top portions containing hard cndo- sperm, pcricarp, aleurone, and sub-alcurone were mounted on aluwninum stu(ls using Duco cement. Ccrtai&i sarnplcs. t:ceorc being mounted, were placed in 70 ;, ethar•.ol for 12 tu 1F .----- U 3 C) Q•fZ i? Q:3 ~;~ b
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50255 2509 XX 'IcF--E-401-y3 - R};LIAP.ILIT1 -,.?:(lUIR12fE;JTS OF AOAC AND FOOD CODF:. IIETIiODS OF liNALYSIS U,B:hI1'A'r.T:a0T OF IIEALTH, EDUCATION AND WIELFARE, FOOD & DRtG fs'J'•fINISTI'JITTOPi By k'1LI.IA'i-#:OMI1'2, Deputy Director, Office of Science, Bureau of Foods, Food and Druo Administration, tilashington, 1). •C. 20204 : , On August 31, 1972, the Food and Drug Ad;ainistration set doT,.-n in written form a policy which it had follottied -for almost three quarters of a century. It stated in the Federal Register (37 FR 16174) that it "is the policy of the Food and Drug Administration in its enforcement programs to utilize the methods of analysis of t:he Association of Official Analytical Che:),ists '. .." This has also been the informa-1 policy of -••otber -£ederal ag_:nci es-••snch -as +feat lnsnection and •Ydcohol Zontrol orgzsniiations. The corresponding Canadian arid State regulatory bodies have also been utilizing AOAC r.iethods for almost a century and in fact were ; instruner,;.al'in establishing the AOAC. The reason these government organ izations harE: relied upon methods approved by the AOAC is its basic requirement for dcar,onstratir.g that the approved r;ethods are reliable, practical, 'and sui-table_-for erlforce^~e~:z~n~ rI
Page 27: hfb88d00
SULFUR OXIDES/ .50355 2530 EDI1rARD W. STENBY, Z/P ,4UL GRIMM, I_ MM, Wjl~~~s~~~.~ ~4 ~/ Stearns Roger En~neering_ Corp II MeAI-81 S.P. '~, J St e A C. r 4Cr c q, 0- C C) n4C c. G E G C ci W C ec=ur ri C3i a V c I-L drP C C ML ri- Ur `it C Cr VjR0 tC EU '~G G'CC CEl~ C: ILCC'. --J' i Tr,strumentation Tech.28(5) 35-42(1981) ~ ~` ct;. are used for flue gas desulfurization chemistry, design, and operation can'be somewhat -)!r, most new utility boilers and many indus- complex. Slurries containing between 5% and 15% t. :1 steam generators. These units are especially by weight slaked lime or pulverized limestone in .--•Ton in facilities that burn coal or heavy oils water absorb the SOz in vertical spray, grid, wt,., Adgh sulfur contents. Controls are implemented impingement plate, sieve tray, horizontal cross flow, on the scrubbers to ensure that SO: removal is con- sistent with federal New Sottrce Performance Stand- ards (NSPS) while minimizing impact on boiler availability and providing cost-effective operation. TABLE I Installcd Utility Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems U,; i i (} f I i i ('1141 :) :i 3 9
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50255 25?8 , RA. 576 Th 1981 r Air Pollution ontrol for ospitals and biviei the ical Facilities Louis Theodore Carland STPM Press New York & London AIR--POLLUTION--CONTROL/ 1 U.y 4
Page 29: hfb88d00
50255 2539 REF. Q 151 Un 1975 /YEDICINF.--DIRECTORY/ }IOSpITALS/ LABOR.ATORIES/ /INFORMATION CENTERS/ IhFOfiK1TI0N SOURCES--DIRECTORIES/ U.S. MEDICAL DIRECTORY8 ! ~ Third Eclition Published by U.S. DIRECTORY SERVICE 121 S.E. lst Street Miami, Plorida 33101 U.S. A. ! u ,S 17, rj f) 1 i 0 4'4 ~; 4 6
Page 30: hfb88d00
50255 2540 . ':ost,i: a2 ~ II . S. Pmb1; c He.P-] tih bervp_ce Y1JBLl.C ttEAE.TH SERVT.CE GRANI'S ANA AWARn`3. , tC', 6, ~'ash-;.ngtan ~ i , 1
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(1D 131 Te 1976 le 1 7 !r it ( ~ ~ `~ , ivci "*; : 5-0255 2533 • ~:A,' • G= 1 ri r ,,y.,~.~. 4- > .~ ' .u Ln , ,-° ~ ~~~ Technicon 1:.~ ~+.:~'y f7 \z~~ c~+ tVc~'r.y'~' ~ t=:a4.1 International Congress G , 1977 , hlCdiad Inc. -P.O. Box 417 Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591 ~ ~.'~ ~.•~ / •~- ~~ ~ ,..vaN 1976 cDec. 13; 14, 15, 1076 Volume -1 vClinical and 4--lospitai Management Symposia 2
Page 32: hfb88d00
50255 2526 _. _ ~ ~ ...._~. . = -- .,_ ~:._.._ . .u.. , .=~r._. ... _._._,.... --- ~ 1X1 !. SP ~ ~HoShlno.. r.o CaMPARA7`IVE STUDxFS ON xHE 7WO POEMS 0'f` 7EAS"f INVAR.TAGb., by J"aro.Hr>ahino, ard A.kiM-a Mmas e y. ll ;J J •~ J
Page 33: hfb88d00
rs ...~.... - - ° --- --„~~.r r - - -~.w~•a~:.....~:.'. ,:.~~..~'-~. . ~....r ~..............i.......:.«...~:.~_..,....~ ~. tQ-.-+ t{aI::a r,aa?d 54 T.~T -xa;L'uFi 'A 'i3 Vuv 13t:x.pci; •S •V XR ~ Sa av'Cju t YY.a u~ IaJn.i1 Jaxa ~J sj::~.^J rl a.ill~z ~ -- LZSZ SSZOS
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50255 2532 . a... . . .. .. y~...~.r,s.r...r--- +.+~.4._~-~ ..~~Y._.. _. - .....~.~..~..•...y~_~-.._.. _ . . . -._ __ _ +-= 71 II Re-72 C /,? ?e,) ) a/- a7 cv, ' ,~ iL 4 f/ ~ 1~: 1 1)) 6v ;i:lVliJ ai - ~^?~l '' c!:'/~-- . 21 ,p Ferment. Trchnol., Vol. 50, No. 1, p. 21-29, 1972) . • ... ,•. ~....i ~./~ .~ ~ p), r N. - ~ a :" V~ ~ z ~ / ~.,, \~lilii+ i J1.:7:0~ ~ .. .. . ., ..... • : Studies on the. Characteristics of Proteolysate in Soybean - A1rso Manufactured with Enzyme Preparation : . , ~. .• :. ~ . • ~ . o uo Tk Tk ]' Iti'h li k• d~ ' l 1 h a cu I t, o uo ao aN~a an ~ c o asatsus o5 idl . • ' ~) ,/ / (Y~ Re<farch In~tute, I'refetturc,~iy-ku, The characteristics of proteeh•sate in 1) enzyme nriso (E.\f.) m nu(actured with only'
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50255 2513 XXI Me-79 ON BIOTF.CHIvOLOGICAL RES}:ARCY. OF THE FRODUCTION OF GLUCOSC- S.P. FRUCTOSE SYRG'k'S. PAI:T. 3. KINETIC IldVF.S'f7G!'.TIONS ON IMMrJBOLI'lED GLUCOAMi'LASE, L/1 ~~~t~~ F ~1~'"'~~~: ~`~ ~"n ~ ~ C --,- •~ = t ~~ S .!,_ . ~ ~ > n !`Z` t G'(`~~ C ~~~~~z~~~C;~;~ ~C~C~ ~~.r.~C~~~ ,,, , "fei! 3. i:inetische Untersuchungen immobilisierter Gtucoamylase" /"/` I Von J. Motlb,"awsshtye und E. Uszici, Budapest s [3eschriebcn wird&c Fierstcllung von immobilisiertcrGlucoamylase. Bisher ubtichc Metnodcn K•crdcn crhiutcrt, bew•cnct und cincr verblcichbarcn 13etrzchtung untcrzogcn. Wciterhin werdcn cine neue Mcthodc dcr ImmoHi;tcruna, und dic cha:a{acristischcn Li,~cn- schafte.nn der cntste,':e:!dcn Produkte vnrecstellt. Die Kinetik dcr imrnobilisiertcn Glu~asmylase wurde unter verschicdcncn Bedin- gungen in Ruhrb.h::'tcrn. I7urchfluBrArbch.Acrn und S5ulenreak- truen bestimmt. Zudem %%ird die l:niwicklung ciner of+tintalen hutzbarmachune djzter Sjetho,t~c ttgd ihu An,wcnduno boi d~r' t lerstetlung vop~Gfubse-Flucto9t: Sti3per>i.diskutkrt.*J :J On Bioteclmotogical Research of the Production of Glncose-Fructose S~rups. Part 3. Kinctic Investigations on Immobilized Glucoamila.w. The production of immobilized glucoamyla,c is dcscriNd as well as mcthods used so far, which arecommcwd, compared and walu atcd. Furthcrmorc, a new method of immobilization and thc charactcristic properties of the product arc prescntcd. Dctermination of the kinetics of immobilized glucoamylasc was carritd out in batch, stirrcd-tank. continuous flow stirred-tank and column reactors. ln addition to , that, deve;opmcnt of an optimum mcthod of utilization in the +~ tcchnoiogy of glucosc-fructose-syrup production and its application are discussed. 4 i
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IIEALTH CARE AGENCIES/U. S. COVER?1ME2:TS--DIRECTORIES/IN.TERNATIONAL ACENCIF_5--1~IRFCTORIT~ GRANT AWAR71 SOURCES/INFORMATION SOLRCF;S--DIRECTI)RIE,i/PUBL1SHi•:RS/RESEABC'.I CBNTERS/ ~ INFORMATION E:NTE:;S/LIBRARIES--GZRECTORIES/INDF.XING AND ABSTRACTING SERIVEFS/ ~ DENTAL CARE ~ N - Ln in N O . In % REP 0 141 Kr 1977 p ~ i~ , .i L. ~ ~ ~~~ ~~ G 0 /A Guide to State, National and International prraitiiiations, Government fi_c,enci---s, Educational Institutions, GNosni€als, Grant-Aviard SourcQs, Health Care Delivery Ageiicies; VJournala; Newsletters, Review Serjals, Abstractiriy-Scrvices, Publishers, Research Centers,tiComputerizedYUata 3anks, Audiovisual Services, and t.ibrariPS and Irtiformation Centers. nU. (19 r1 %) Anthony T. Kruzas Editor Robert Fitch Aii3n Assistant F.ii~nr GALC RFSCARCII COr1S~~~,Y E1 abb:: "~ot'nH •~ aETRQIT, MICHIGAN 48226 I
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INDOLES/ 50255 2525 IT NeAl-79 S.P. Builseki f:agaku 27 (8)520-4 (1978) Gas chromato;rapltic dctcrnrination of trace conecutration of incloles in air using Tcnax-GC prrcult•mn. ~l'AM1ti}~ldr~fty~es!wrt*~ nd Giichi \Lt-r.~'• ('Aichi Gnvironmcntal Rcscarch Center, 7-6, Nagare, Tsnji-tnachi, l:i(a-ku, \agova-slu, Aichi; •+lrutitute of Industrial Scicnce, L'nivcrsity of Tokyo, 7-22-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) The eac chromatogutpltic dctcrmination of a ppb level of % uidohs, i.e., indolc, 2-, 3-, 5-mcthylindo?e, 1,2-, 2,3-, 2,5-ditncthylindole in air was studied by the use of Tenax-CC trapping prccolunrn (60;L'0 tncsh, 3 cm X 8 mm i.d. glass) only or Tcnax--CC tr al,ping precoluntn plus alkaline precolunin (2% NaOFL on gla_u hcads 30/GU mcsh, I cm x 8 mra i.d. glass). The conditions of Tenax-CC and alkaline precolunuts were as follo%s: operating tenmpcrature for the trapJtirg, room temperature (about 20`C); sampling vclocity of samplc air, 5.5 IJmin; volume takcu 50 liter. Thr Tcnax- CC packing mztcrial trappcd samplc air was tranafcrcd into the analytical precolunw(14 cr-i x4 mm i.d. gla.a). The opctatiub tempcranire for ti:e injection of the trapnine satnnL`c inrp r,h~ ~ ,~;, ; ;;( ~ _ o_ ~ ., . . ~cay~t c.tn+pJn cr with. a(lautc ionir.tion detector (P1D), ir•.crc:ucd from the room lr: craturc to 280`C in 42 s. The chrotna- tographic conditions wcrc as follows: main column packing, I or 5q', Siliconc \Ii-li0 on Chrornosorb 11'- (AW, ll\IC:S) Stl/100 mcsh; column sizc, 3 m X 1 or 3mnt i.d. Z;Lacs column; colutnn Icmltcralutc•, I]ll`C; eqf i e r f}c, r4itiof;c~t~ 35-rlr :~(1y}tl;ni~. ;~}tc 7 indolt.~ wcac scJt.uatcc ZZ complctcly ..ithin alwut 14 utin s6thuut tailing, exccltt fur 2,3- and 2,5-±itacthylindolc, w11me _ iL peals wcrc ovcrlapped. In the Tcnax-GC analytical prccolwnn injection method Qtc rcpratabilitics of the retention time and the peak area (as the counts of a digital intcgrator) of 29 to 570 ng of the 7 indolcs were less than 2.2 and 10.9;o in the codiicicnt of variation, reapectivrly. 'I'he P1U detcrtor ro.,,pott,se prrxluccd a straight liuc rcLuiutulup of the peak area or l,ca'a hcil:"u with 5 to 5000 n5 of the 7 indolcs. The r:tiuimtun dctectablc cunccntr:rtion ol the 7 indolr.s was as low as about 0.05 ppb. 12ie prescnt mrth•xf was applied to the dctcnnination ol' indolcs in air c•!' a rat house. (Rcccivcd Nov. 10, 1977) Ti cyrcorda Gas chromatography Indoles Precolumn trapping method Tenax CC Trace vraly-,is ~...w.0~ .,.....~.....~....,.w...w,.
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' YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARS/l10T SPRING ECOLOGY/rlICROORGANIStSS--THERMOPHYLIC/ i0255 2551 SPRINGER SERIES IN MICROBIOLOGY/"17CROBIAL ECOLOGY/ ECOLOGY/ BACTERIOLOGY/ BACTERIA, THERMOPHYLIC/ QR 107 Br 1978 Thomas D. Brock Thermophilic Microorganisms and Life at H igh .Temperatures Springer-Verlag New York Heidelberg Berlin . ~..~...-•-- 0 .......~...~................. ..___------- •-
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'50255 2548 Journal of Psychusomatie Resarch. Vol. 17, pp. 213 to 218. Perramon Press. 1973. Printed in Grut Britain 86 II Ey-81 S.P. HOsTILITY"°AND' NEUROTICISM, AMONG-UNSELECTED" ESSENTIAC. k#YPEWTENSIVES~#' RAYMOND COCHRAti[} (Rereired 26 Jancary 1973) ESSENTIAL hypertension has long been regarded as a prime example of a psychosomatic disorder. lt is a well defined and easily quantified disorder which has serious conse- quences for the sufferer and has no known physiological cause. In addition, temporary elevations of blood pressure are readily produced to a wide variety of stimuli in both animals and man [1, 2]. As part of the psychosomatic hypothesis many authors have attempted to demonstrate a link between certain personality characteristics and essential hypertension. An early exponent of the idea that personality structures are related to hypertension in a causative way was Franz Alexander. and many sub- sequent investigators have followed his lead. It was Alexander's contention that one, neurotic way of handling hostile and aggressive impulses is to repress them so that ' they no longer conflict with the requirements of social living. The accumulation of repressed aggression thereupon "acts like a foreign body which is the source of a permanent irritation" [3]. Chronic inhibited rage leads to a chronic elevation of blood pressure. The testable hypothesis derived from Alexander's formulation is that hy ~ert~ si.ve shpuld sho more repressed and inwardly directed hostility in their personalitv tnan norn'ote~sives. __ __~
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50255 2554 i,~''`~'~ ;'1T;tT(1pTTC! P.11r i-TJ 7_ FI:•LI'J~r~fFI:F I:. l~.j1C3C)PJtlflklkcJe ia'.t 1::,'C'r1'i:'.ia;Uk b~rSLL-~}CiRkpi{Y / . </
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'`c r--~~---..t,;.,~yy: _• . , . . .. '- ~•_.r:~i. .a '.1 ,.._r- _:_.:~._~ `.~..~- ,_W- - r- . '. iiQYch.Lip.ar-Ift' V. r p,o:LCTI4:. P :_:Os.UEa.a oy A. C. and H. t:. u; bsar z., .a~ Y: v...
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50255 2543 ...J i'~1a~Aw LIi.znakov, !:rni.le STUDxL$ UU HD6T AT '1'HE NEW vHGLAJ9D :.NST i2UTE fiC>K KED1CAL R£SEARCif, by rrr.ii le 1.1 Ssns?kevT f+dr.:ia Casty, Jarnea Green, ,"'OFus , .. . , C •o1
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50255 2557 AIRPORTS--J.S.--Y.'iPS/ kI;F. Q 147. Of 1975 ~.~ 411., ia i~,t ~t i~. t rv!A .. ".7•• i1 iA u k .a F •,'.I 1# Vc :) i~;s AN O!lICV.L Ai.L,NE GV1DL rU3UCATION SPRING--1975 Volumo 17, Num6er I v.~
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t, .. C- : r ZUaTMaU 30 vzn2;1cctr ~;.. G <I1-:Va G.~f C..~ vir/'i x M • 6ASZ SSZOS
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. 50255 2544 'Ls . 'S". 4t. 4d - Azz - 15.0 f -;3 /-'v (/7: ~9 ~1 Ilost•It'Iediatcd Microbial Assar'fdr tltc 1)ctection~f 77 II.Re-78 'I C' l 3GG S.P. itutgcnu5 iOrnpOunt Iti l,..:(3 G}sr 261. G. GABRIUGE1 AND M. S. Lf:GATOR (Introduced by J. Reilly) Dit-isiort of Nutrition, Food and Drug Adminislration, Drparl"unt of I/talth, Education, and 1t'rl/art, il'ashington, D. C. 20204 ;~ ~% .)i1-1 Ac<ay sy.tcros for thc study or detection of chcntical ntuta};c•ns ulilizc indicators ranging from microorganisms to tmntntals (1-3). Af icrubial tests (4) havc a nuntbcr of xclvant- agcs since one can observe several gcner- atinns and large Ixilsulalions over a short Ieriocl of limc. ltnctcrial systcnts, however, tcncl to give false negatives for compounds which arc nictal,olizccl to an active state of mamntals (5, 6), and give misleading results for comlxtuncls which arc rendered less active in llie host. The following tiiicrphial assay, twhicA ~uscsla tnHrineShost• to'siicdR~Vtc the test L 1`I , . test contttctund; the remainder was ad- ministered at 1-hr intervals. All mice were sacrificed 30 min after the third injection. f:ach mouse tlicn received I ntl of saline intralscriloncall,v and as much fluid as ltcts- siblc was aseptically removed from the rcri- loncum. Tenfold serial dilutions (10-1 to 10--7) of each ltcritnncal fluid sample were ntctclc in saline. The four highest dilutions were plated on minimal a{ ar with a histidine overlay to f;ivc the total Salmonella cell count, and the three lowest dilutions were plated on minintal
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50255 2545 I`11YTO1sATilOLOGY L,I f Vol_ ts 7sS U1 r Ft 1Onhtht)~R r;i11S1{IC~~'!1 ~n~COlitEtTvt!"''~ It. A. F7owcrs and James \V. Hcndrix Department of Plant Patholory, University of Kcntucky, Lcxin£ton 40506. Senior author now Assistant' Piant Pathologist, University of GcorFia Collcg: of A,r,riculture Experiment Stations, Coastal Plain Station, Tifton 31794. 1:entucky /1Fricultural Gxpcrimcct Station Journal Scrics Paper No. 73-11-133. AccrPted for publication I 1 llcccmbcr 1973. ABSTRACT Population increases of Ph}•lophrhora parnsiriro var. • nfcoriai~at in soil H•cre dcpcndcnt upon pathocencsis. Populations inereased rapidly %+•hen susceptible cultivars wcrc transpl2nicd into artificially or naturally infcstcd soils. With a modcratcly resistant cultivar, populations increased more slouly. I:acc 0 increased to a slir.ht extent with the highly resistant eultivar. Buricy 21 X L8. Nonhost plants Tobacco (h`icorinna ta6ocum L.) is an important cash crop in the southeastern Unitcd States. It is grown continuously for many years in some areas, but more V U r 1 (tomato, pinto hean, cowpca, wheat, and fcscue) had no effcct on populations• and none of thc plants evaluated had any effect on populations of Pyririunr spp. indigcnous to the naturatly infestcd soil. Frccr.in£ and th:rssinr conditions of a•intcr weather had no influcncc on natural populations of P. parasiNca var. nicotianac or P}•lhiurn spp. Yhytopathology 63:718-72J. in plastic containers (27 X 32 X 12 cm deep with draina ce holes) containing 9.1 kg of soil. Plants were iitoculatcd :,; the 4- to 6-leaf stage with unstandardizcd toospor: ISfi. ref. f711 or race I i
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50255 2547 ...~ ~.. M-.-..........•_.. _~....~..o......~ . .-...,~.._s_.....~.....~ ..- a. ~r ~....-.~..._..~. ~.,_ w....-.-..,...... r.........~..~.... ..«...,.-.., ,..._ ....,v.... -i.-+...~ ~ ., .. fiNZYMES/ENZYMES--SYNTHESIS/BIOSYNTHESIS/AMINO ACIDS--BIOSYNTHESIS/ MICROBIOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL/PATEN?'S/ QR 5 3 Va 1973 GENETICS OF ItiDUSTRIt1L MICROORGANISMS Volume I ~L ` BACTERIA Editcd by: ZDENKO VANNEb JOSEF CUDLL` Institutc of hiicrobioloov ~ ~ Czechoslovak Acadcmy of S:icn:cs r Prague ELSEYIER PUBLISHING COMPANY Amsterdam - Lor.dcn - \'e«• York 1973
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50255 2555 rI CUU U ~VT. 0C5t~ATOkK ' ~CU ~ PI''Ji~3]'; > ~ _ _. LA :. Pi'i,0i' tlI'.:cIL ITp; Cnalj)lilCltt. Coal(11iP1= !)y L. fi, St:a'.?;"Tr. 2d ed. 1\'a-11in-ton, ti. S. Atorlric Tcclmic;ll IIi1oY111(it,lon 5Ct'viCc', li!JJ. vlii, 3:3 p. 111lis., dia^rs., tubles. 23 cm. •'I'Le first eGitlbn Cn.^.stifL•tel the n:ajor Iwrt!on of CLc:uic:!1 ?pro~= cssh);^• ::sId eqit!pMcn; (TID--52'ii;), 1'uLllshed by thv A:ra;ic I?a~: ~~ Conunia~ton as u•;c of severnl tioitttr,c_•; for t'r- intern::aCr:,• ferrnce or. the 1'caceful Uses uf :1to:ntc l:nerrti•:' 1. Atotnlc energy res~r•rcl:-LaUoratortea. torlos. i. :tnug, l.ouis u., cu:np. it. 1'ttle. _. Rad!nlsetc'r^ lsb;r::- QC78t?.UG? 11aS r'' ~ h39.fi07a^ ~ .~ SS--G•.v3I LiLrury ef Con^t•ess ~ ~ t501.10i
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74 .I Bu BUDGF.T 'NOTELS &'ELS, OR :RICA, II7C: " ; a : 1974.DI'RtCTORY "~•~ : •.. t - .7~ , . .• . . J ' . ;: Budget Motels and fIotels,.of America, `Ir.c,, 568 Snelling Ave.No. P ul tiin t~ 55104 :! • - • , neso a Is i
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jt:~eCa..04 Cd4jf~r9lJf~/:'s%;-i%~1~: ~ ~ • vo ~0 rf.~'~' t~',C ss © Aa iYe-T~/ I'a 1 ~- PFzdo~~V/ G %0 " 11771 N " 1971 ~ " N O " M. McDonaid .: a li J
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~oc ! .o(i\ a'I ' ~~0lei0) 50255 2561 I r, J SIMPLIFIED CALCULATION i OF PRINCIPAL COMPONENTS 78 III Re2-80 ~, HAR6LD 1;-IOTELLING r S.P. The resolution of a set of n tests or other variates into compo- nents 7., each of which accounts for the greatest possible portion y,, r:, •-- , of the tot •] variance of the tests una.ecounted for by the pre- vious components, has been dealt with by the author in a previous paper (2). Such "factors," on account of their analogy with the prin- cipal axes of a quadric, have been called principal components. The present paper describes a modification of the iterative scheme of cal- culating principal components there presented, in a fashion that ma- terially accelerates convergence. The application of the iterative pro- cess is not confined to statistics, but may be used to obtain the mag- nitudes and orientations of the principal axes of a quadric or hyper- quadric in a manner which will ordinarily be far less laborious than those given in books on geometry. This is true whether the quadrics are ellipsoids or hyperboloids ; the proof of 'convergence given in an earlier paper is applicable to all kinds of central quadrics. 1: or hyper- boloid& some of thp ropjs k; of the characteristic equation would be negative, while for ellipsoids all are positive. If in a statistical prob- lem some of the roots should come out negative, this would indicate D I
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PHENOLS/ 50255- 2524 Bunseki Kagaku 27(S)273-8(19713) II MeA1-79 S.P. SAS CHROMATOGRAPHIC DETERMINATION OF PPB LEVEL CONCl:NTRATION OF pHI:NOLS IN AIR USING TENAX-GC AND ALKALINE PRECOLUMNS. Gas chrorna;u8raPh Y Gas dsrorrsntobrarbic d^tenninatiun of prb level Phenols concentration of ph•rnols in alr usln.- Tcnax•CC hcyu'ord•t* Prccolumn t.'ng method. and alkaline prccoltrmns. ~3tsNjry~,ir~tutAo and Giiehi 111u•roFR (oAichi Environmental Research Urban air Center, 7-6, Nagare, 'Tsuji-machi, Kita-ku, Nagoya- conditions of ::nax-CC and alkaline prccolu;ua were shi, Aichi; •*Institute of Industrial Science, Univer- as follos•s : orerating tt:mp:r,tture for the tr.,npir.g, sity of Tokyo. 7-22-1, Roppongi. Minato-ku, Tokyo) rtwtn ternimrature (about 2S°C); operating tc:nr,cra- The gas chromatographic detertnination of the ppb ture for the ir.jcction of t!:e trapping samp'c.t into level concentration or I I phenols, i. c., pher.ol, o-, m- thc gas chromato:;raph equipped %.ith a fl.irnc ioni- and p-crcsol, 2,3-, 2,5-, 2,6-, 3,4- and 3,5-xylcnol, zation detcctor (FID), incrcascd frum the rm+rn tr:.,- o- and p-cthylphcuol in air succccJed by the usc oC perature to 250°C in 35 s. In the case of thc '1'e:jax- Tenax-GCpreeo:umn (G0/80 mesh, 18emX4mm i.d. GC preculurnn injection method, repeatabili!ics of glass), or Tcnax-GC plus alkalinc precolumn (2?,o the retention times and the peak area (obtained from KOII on glass beads, 30;60 mesh, 3cmx8mm i.d. the cotmts of a digital iute5rator) of (9-..f-5U)rr of glass). The idcntification and dctcrmir,ation of the 11 phenols s.crc less than 1.0?b and 1C.3;b, rearx:c- 11 phenols were carried out based on the difference tiv,ly, expressed as the coefE•cient of variation. The in chromatograms obtained by Tenax-CC or Tenax- FID response showed a linear relationship with the CC plus alkaline prccolumns. The chromatographic peak area of the I I phenols in the range of (2-2000) conditions are as follows : main analytical eolutnn ng. Minimum detectable quantities oC thc I 1 phenols packing, 0.1% SP-1000 on Carbctack C(80JI0) were as low as I ng. The present .:cthod was ap- mesh); column size, 1.75 mX3 mnt i. d. glass;- colu^ir. plied to determine phenols in ambient air of a ohczol temperature, 220°C; carrier gas, nitrogen; flo%t• rate, resin factory, and phcnols in urban air (\agoya area). 37 ml; min. The eleven phcnols were separated (Rcceived Sept. 7, 1977) completely within l8 min. without tailing, ext•ept the , :.. oS'efjdppiu3 eC 2, 3- and 3, 5-x~•1enq1 peaks. .r.The • - • 4 (J .~ , - .) 0 0 k, tj J -1~ .3 :~..
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50255 2542 CAI~Ci;k--ETIO1,oGY/CAi\TCER--EJiD'.1CRI!\OLOCY/CANCl'R--COL1,.:CTE D I,t.1RI:.`ij CA'2CI:i:--Cl,UcA'TIO.'i -11Y rNt'IP,(J:'?ifEiM.L FA'CT'i71 S/CANC$R--Iti2IUi:01.Oc.Y/ CMCLr--VIROLOCY/AFLATOXI.~S/ . ~ IL = Io 267 -1M • rkrfssM Nr-r,trr: ORCATnzr.TlOta IN'C'I:RNA)ZON/'.;. AGENCY FOk RFSF.fiRC.-i ON CANCEI: _ ,.. . ANTJ JOHN F. FOGARTY I"-.'1'ERNA77ONAL CEN]'E.R OF N!a'IONAL lNSYITUTL•S OF }-I-AL'I'i-I USA -HQS~~'~f ENV I~~.Oi~~1'tENTo s . ~ . YNTE R:A:G'ItX0 N Procccdings ol a rnccting bcid at . , LYON '~197rU ~ 1 .~i ,~ ii () f) li 0 IN'[1::RNATIONAI. AGENCY FOA RI:SEARCK ON CANCER Y ....r. Fp~,snY Intcrnational Ccnici cocec~~ngs.I~n. ]£ . ..._. . .,.. . . - . - . .. .~: _n IDITORS F.. DOLL • 1. VODOPIJA 7EOMGAt. LUlTOR FOR LSRc W. DAVIS IAP.C Scie.pIjfic PuSlications Nu. 7 Primoitcn, Yugosl,cvia, 27 August - 2 Sytembcr 1972 E
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50255 2563 i:Otel:"s.•'-'D.i 1:CCC4 :'IES . , .. , , ...., 1 CJ?~:I l1a:1!TA1. lulr ?.95!t t;e•a Yotk i i _--- j ~ 1I V,!."I'J s•• .. ~-~ 3 ='J :J =ij ~i (~ :) .: ~' • .:
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50255 2564 : atct+o3 , Kr.z:,t it; n, 7:u«•1I u A Woi'}: at fl•.'3:, itlUd deolbll for hoteIS. 1'i'Stt11!t:1!ltu'. al!.-1 llt:,llt,hf10o1s, Zo\' E(ZP;fII'iZ A. 1\i12ri1'iAll. ji cSei>oi't; Cr!:!1;.. A` I Pub. CU., Z-1,fiD. vii, 35,^, p. ilius. 24 cru. I;:b1iuzC.l1•}t,v: j,.:',r--i,,^J3. 2. RC3tAUCRht Ilian9^Eplent. S. InStitlttioa nt:~n„~_•r.,ent. 3 Wutk measaretncnt. r. Title. i19-9 1I;" i Sit\ 3iQ i~~ {~iS 3 ° ) \I 11a: ).It•~s:'y o! Coa r~• ; `" iG t4, ..i
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50255 2559 :.,, : REA 13'4bK:3-5rc5 J 468' a i,IJ5 : AT:°,~v iC3i1 :iOi.Gl i,E,SCCI£•.L:~.G'? Mi-Z'eCt:1ry lsy--1' YOZ'::
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50255 2566 P}FbZ°06YHxEi1^'f3C ACIUM6$ :CN TOBACCO i?lAtfIS, Z. C`3?OCHRCKt F 1=RLSM TUBACCO IXAVES, by Ru-ri Hottas 5e1si. 5hitniru arad talntastike 1 smaEci , 38t. Mag. 't'okyu 60 (f1a. 942) Z-?.Co (J2nuaxy
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50255 2565 li.tttcr, f-'s;ti'atd, 1~S7t;- Clli'olhl!1m Ul:il2?1^, Wltl] E)?i'C1,.,1 rPfP:'e.t:CC to its ll:~• :I: /i,(- at]ton,o'Ala ir.r-;u=tr}', by Prof. 1)r.-L]g. e. h. 0. )r. If. Art,dt ncd ])r.-Ing. li'. Kraus., Stnt,tiicl;,: tn itcri.:)hr:: fnngstmt, 13;rliti-Dailein. 7'ranslation froin the G.-rn.:.n 1-v E. ll'. Ytukcr ... With introductorv chr:ntcr: ]aecttc;,i::ci-. 7:;tcticc• and tl]e 1>rop:rtics of cl:romitttn und nica:rl co:lti-L:, by A. 1V. Iiothcr;all ... London, E. .1rr.old & co. t19,i;,) ~~~, ~i P. fnc1. f~lus., tzelcR, uicet-~. 29"'. .(Gonf(nav-d•on•next card) -" 36-1 i99 ft ` t44k2~ l% ,,j 17 i
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50255 2568 Solar Fneny~ by I(.J.N Ffti'ltiDS !ii"IIJ~ii R_SE. or~~ ncor U. ~J L ) Ci 1915 Department of Chemical Eizgin^er. i nz Cambridge, Mass. b+ 11-7,g- V.9 U 0 11 0 U J 5 7 !
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2IX t1tF-D-372.74 (10)11-12,17-18,21 (1973) Fnnd Addi~:ives and Child Dexlelo txzent 50255 2534 . . .._ -_ ._ .- ... . ' . ..~ ~~-c Drial We overv:hclming national and international re- ing practically every system of the body have becn sponse by p3rents as -well as professionals in the attributed to adverse jeactions to flavors and col- 5cdds of inedicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychol- ors. Coniplete control of the symptotns can usual- and education to the recent report delivered ly be efieeted by cxclusion of the offending ac gent, before the Section of Allerzy of the nrt A, linking sti•hile reintroduction of the ehetnic•r.l(s) is followed lry-per/incsis and lcaniing difliculty (11-1.0 to by a recurrence of symptoms. the ingestion of arti6cial flavors and colors, re- Recognizing that convenience foods aic one of fiexts not only the great interest but also the con- . the richest sources of 2rtiticial fizvors and colors, erTn for this critical Problem affccting children, a recent report released by the Department of particuIailythoseof school age.'I'he greatinterest Agriculture is very pertinent. The report states display'ed warrants furthcr consideration of this that more than liali of the foods we buy are ready pro3!um and its broader iniplications. to cook. Itlost of the rest are ready to cat. Only In addition to earbohydratcs,fats, and proteins, 3.3:'o need further prcparation by the co:zsumcr, vbieh constitute the bulk of food chemicals, there e.g., flour, shortening, eggs. r.re nurnerous accessor-v substances occurring in The limited nun:ber of reports pub'.ished on varling concuitrations. Some of these ehemiL..ls adverse reactions to food addltl\'es docs not re- are natural constituents, while others, known as flect the incidence of this problem tlrat would be fa.x7 1.ddititi-cs, aec incorporated into food prod- expected from the very wide distr[buticn of addi- uets eit7icr directly or indirectly during various tives in the food suppl}-. This discrepancy can no st.!ffts~f urt~.ly ,rin ~tf ~^P nnd.Y~~..~~re~tt?r+'"r? ..n.r-.. ~ ~.\Ji j ~ ~+~ • . . . . ~~. . . ~
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• 50255 2569 3:UttC.ir'v,~};~.Lie:alt{::r~NCtti~;'.'S~'Y+:'=~~ illr2 !~L ':Sf R(;?lll~;. i1it~i .('~IC:1~ 01{~.ll. H bOiirg; J.:15) (i. 1`. 1950, 210 p. Ittu~. 2-1 co ,(`1ac1 t~Ik~, Biict~er ctcr Pra~ i~, 3:d. 5) 1'rr^a Flip ?. Pectin. `rPaaS.P~:I175 - -, :-!i-1_~ ~- l :.iLrary o! Cuq;rr•.; l~J t~ ,i +t il +'i i; 6 4
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...... _._..a,.'~'a u;.. ,. ~ ~ 50255 2567 .~i~~~"''' . fTOLt 1. ~.,aF,+:avs+••r f'hS~~zut 4ek.i. NErASOLISiti UP M0kDPNY#.L iN Nl'.Gt3ER PLJkNTS- 711. P.'-itoP}112:INS, AS ONE aF 7}ie 0V SQ1"SV 10El1.CZD VM7F-7•IE.S: by r J. xalzr.fi. .T,..j:.• 7 l ,
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E'ditor's wore: This article de- scribing rhe concept and procen of hot air [noln popping war ' pre red by I W Rock we1J ! w. .:bfor~an re aurhors are with USDA's .lgrrcYltYral Research Sen•ice ar the R'esrern Regional Research Loboraton•, Albany, Cd. a 'VOR ECONOMIC SURVIVAL. .V praent day leedlot operations must be efficient as possible. Studies have shown that processing Fain to inerease its digestibiliq• is an drec- tive way to increase feed efficiency, but the best way to achieve this result has not been ekarSy demonstrated (1-6). A variety of processes ha•r been proposed, including grinding (1), crimping (steam rolling), and flaking (steam rolling to extra thin fta):es) (2), .50255 2550 be done by spraying a small amount of water onto the popped grain prior to rolling; enough to increase the nwis- tune content to about 18-20 Y. Ev+p- orative cooling in an airtonveyor brings the final product back down to a moisture level of 12-13 K. GRAIN POPPER The grain is popped in specifically designed equipment shown diagram- atically in Figure 2. Air is heated hy direct combustion of natural ps and is then mixed and delivered bv a eentrifugal impellcr into a surround- ing circular plenum. The discharge irorn the plenum is in the form of a narrow circumferential slot through which the air enters the radially eom- partmentized popping chambers. The grain is blown by the incoming air up to the top of the ehamber, falls back dawn to the l.ottoni of th• com- partment, siides or rolls down the in- elined surface back toward the circumferential air slot, and is then r J i) U r 1i ci 'j ~;) ii y beat requirement is approximatelv 600.000 Ittu. per ton of grain. About 70% of the heat input is absorbed bl the grain. Heating the combustion air from ambient temperature to the et- baust temperature of approximateiv •50`F. accounts for another 12.^.% of the total heat input. The rest of the beat is lost to the surrounding atmos- pbere. The grain moves into and out of the popper in one of tw,o different wal,. In one design, the partitions forming the popping chambers re.olve around the suction duct leading to the een- trifugal impeller. Grain is fed into thr top of the popper at one point. falls into a popping eh3mber, and is thcn conveyed around to a discharge ehute. The loading and unloading operation, are repeated sequentially from one t:ompartment of the popper to the next. In the second design. the entire body of popping chambers revolvea i
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50255 2570 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK Ref. .Q 150 St Str9.zich;M.U.)Lawhun,K.S.;Charopany,D. W. (ed.); WHISAM (ed.); DOCUMENT RLTR1:LVl1L; S(11.1F:CE:3 AND SERVICES. 1981 ed.- 1 r.. . 1902 ~.~d .-- '1 c. ThE_a Tnfor•Matian Stare.San Francisco, CA. 94105, ISN = 6098 U ~ a il o t'r ii U osy'y
Page 67: hfb88d00
50255 2546 - .-..~.r_r __...._........_._~ ......~_~... :r~_..__.Y ,~..~:..~..__,._~~-- 72 III ORt. Air--i'ollution/ S,F, PhotochernicalLy Produced Aerosols t1 . l l . 7 ) 0C1 \ 1 .1 N a Nt ) .1 kr.l 4i4i C1S-VZl K-i....,.,.. A Comparison of Fifterab!e Mloss and L~ht Scattering of Air Naurrrcc lJnnr.l, 4i, .S.:+rlf. fiarl fifrecl, I,n. Angclrx, Calijor/tin 9UU13 Rcl-cit•cd M:l}• 3, l:ii 1; rcviscll \L•.y 1'1, 1971; acceptcd liny 16, 1071 { l'llrtirtllntc crwcr•n+rati+ms xnd no{tht•lr•nlr•tric visiltiliticx nf 10 mileti nntl 1css, i~ t::e:Vzul--.l ill :h•: ].•+s An;r1r- atrnt.•l,l +•rc. r.trn•I::tcd re:lcrmml,'.v tcc?l ri• 1'.11• - K whcu a=- 1.67. Thik % :,lum• i;.I;;t+ilt+::urIv l;rr:tl:v thor, 1.0, tz V:111o1umtd in rohcr ` ritic_. Sludic= runauctrrl in :.r. 1•a.•in+nnu•rttnl r•h:lnthcr that a sui'stuntinl i lntrtion uf tlt;• li;•%It.scatrt•n-g :•1•r.r:rdk {trrultlrc•d in llhntctt•llrlnic;tl rc:+ctinn& i-, unt 1 rc+llr•ctr•rl I.. %' ct lnclttir:u:l tten>S sarnitliu;; 1+rftuiqr•rs nliliziu" lillcrs. This ttould ~ accnrout f"r sul;tr rd tltr• Oitirtr•ur:• ir. !Lr• N :titn• rd a in tll. :,huvi• t•isil/ilitv fnru.il!:1 / nnd e hukx tl:al LigL~+,ttu t fiW r•r ~:It+t)t!• ., :ur ut.l t: cs! Lfacltrr~ -ncthud fur estirtl: t- Ir11+C.l~a~t{'I;~:. N~trll~yt.~+1..r,{+r1r1N:0 :U7• {+rt`rPltt. ~ W ..~... ... . ~ .. . R ., . - . . . .. ~. . _ _ . _ . . . l -... .. H . . . . . .. . . - . s _ '- ~ .. . _ . .... ... ._.n_ _ s+~..-._~ .. _.: r -..-. .
Page 68: hfb88d00
, Itu i~GLYOXAL~~~..~:....~._.._...._.:.:....- .... :I `, 174 111 ...__' ' ,G- The vapour phase oxidation of ethylene glycol to glyoxal by air was studied in a stainless steet tube reactor using cupric oxide as a catalyst on carriers such as active alumina, pumice stone, silicon carbide, ceramics and fused alumina. A catalyst containing 3 to 5% cupric oxide on pumice stone was found to bc satisfactory for the process. The effects of temperature, period of reaction and concentration of ethylene glycol and oxygen on the yield and conversion to gtyoxal were studied, and the most suitable conditions were determir-ed for the prooess. Carbon dioxide and formaldehyde were the major by-products in the reaction. Formaldehyde was formed mainly due to the homogeneous reactions of ethylene glycol with oxy.-en in the void space of the reactor. The formation of j __^glyoxal and carbon dioxide were correlated by suitable empiricat rate expressions. J. app!- Chc.,i. RinfrcGr:ol- 1974. 2-t, 299-:117 .~~ /\7apour ..._...,__ ..,._- Phase Oxidation of ~01091 }~lcnc Glycol to Glyoxal '' on Supported Cnpric O,~idc t 0 . S. Hot<1nafa1likand S. B. Chandalia ~ ~ J ~ "1)c1,~7nicnt of Clremka! TcchrrnAzy, _(hrAIrsily oj_11ontbatj Afatu~r q)~Qrd, huniba~~40~019 jlndia ' ~ ~ - (Paper rteeiutd ?l.~ May 1973, amrnded paper accepted 23 Fcbruary 1974) ) ki F t ~
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REF. Q 141. Le 1975 50255 2558 ,;:a. -li~~.~'_~, ~~~, G~JID~ t. ' AND r-FRAVEL .~~. TLAS or THr UNITED S7 :AT ES, CANADA, T, EXICO and I'LRTO }?7CO " ~~U1ueth Ep:rlOed 1975 1'UULINicD 13Y A3.i.luP,6t..F-4.N [IIGd TUP. L4i:'4ti>G~ ~ vix Ce\~ Ffici`Ar!r~`~~~ c 7.26 W. QPdTIaRiO ST. Lenhy ItuilJing CtlIi,ACO• lS.UinQiS 4061.0 Pf{ONIE (IarccE Coiic 312) f+l'p^rior 7-3335 or Sllpcrior 7-7EU0
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50255 2584 $ernsrd y MCN.ATiICAk SCJr'..C;<5 :.: -INFORt`~',:I•''F i'aS;z`J °.•I1 Wv(~ Ll ~J~AYC il'~•G.~tt.Tl ~tt.Tl~ ~rU:ill• Archon 3?: S'-'2f.'Y 1
Page 71: hfb88d00
'50255 2572 ' f . . tr. .•: I. I!['il htrta~lri[' :ll:~.: llPs;,•. \'Oll l~.llr;l'.i: dC!'^1' AlIt\['l!'1a1v, voll 0. ]3:Ij[•:. ij. ~lC :11';'i11 IU;I,?! !~ lllu,. .,G cw. D• V 9(?/./'~/ Iuclu.lrs biLli.•~ruphics• V 1 l 4 _ "+ i, 1 , ls: / Y L"y Y•S1irc..rf.J J, N 5;a.~~ 1ia ~ .; 1. CLe;nktry, OrLttnie. t. Iloul,en, Jo;ef, 7S;5- 'ed. r1. Wet•1, Theodor, cd. lu. Jliiller. I:uocn, 1Wa- ed. c~n2 ss.'%.tl-1 4 5-1-~Nc;;s Georgia. Inst. of Teclt. ~ 1 Librnry fo: I•ibrury o: C.'Onz•rits3 (J4IJI l
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Page 73: hfb88d00
50255 2573 /, ':ROPIC!.L FRL'IT./ CITRUS FRUITS/ TP 370 Sm 1971 , t . : FRUIT--DISE&SES E„I'? I'FSTS--i;GNT%aL/ PL ;.9'fS--DISEASZS 4u`?D PES'."S / Asrieulture Handbcok No. .i98 Market Diseases Citrus and 0 thea• Subtropical Fruits By JOHN J.. Sntu,T, research 0lant yat.hclogi3t, ' awAdy1Yxix,47tHCRpk'71G ycseareh plant pat.aolagi,;t, and . , HGWARD B. JottVSo`, !orm^rtq rrearch plant pathc:ogist, biarket Quality RPsearch Divisios Agricultural Research Service ZTiYPTED STATES DEPART`1E\T OF AGRICULTURE Washirston, D. C. Ravis!d May 1951 For +ule *rjy the Supenr.ttr,ie:t oi 'uocurr.ent3, :,o+ezn^:.nt :::nt;ai Me, VJuhir.,Ttun, D. C. 2040: - Prics 70 cects r U ~1 ./ J t
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s I 50255 2578 - c~`~,ur" C 'n •. `~'~ c:I: . . Chc.[u::,l proccss ln hic•:pJes ~b}•I U1af A. llouJcti, IicnuM?l li. lN": t'on tana, liolal:d A. 2d ed. 1ew Yor:, \~'ilett2~~: ~ - ~ ' v. tllus. Zi cli1. CVITE-,T6.--pt. 1. 'M^terlal wnd enerry Lstnnccs. pt: ~:"Q.'11t 2'SRCOYTI' "] C: .. -pt:3; M`:c'MCS 4r,d C::ta1,. -ls. 1. Ct.emical engineerin^. 2. Chemistrs, Fnysieat nnd thec-retlcal. i. Title. t ° r' ~ IiJ.7.T IGJ1•`; GGt7.2S 4 rJ~-~Si)J... T1~ J16rr:ry o' Conoress c'-oj li L ) 11 l/
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G --- . -_.!~... ._.._._. _. -......... _ . . __.. . . . t0[t['S'[at'=t ~' , s.., 'i:~'J :n .t.nu 11 ( f '.U.i{iiiiS 111[of -[Y'iG[ '.l[iJ[\ iM 'i70>ai: tk 'j i st..iiritr.~ p~ta ~a+.~aut.( r ~ ( _•:,[u::nr.Cp •:d =~:,,uc!!:q .izlou~ ,nttt -~:'CIt na,tttni I[".TL F'tt~% tt~.ctt~ittr~~ ~,iopttaj '1~ 1~»tttta_.C H C,)[cjt;,l[rad Sa.ou.lcl il,~rTU;>t[~ ~~ SSZ . . !, , i ~ ! 1 i I CtSZ SSZOS
Page 76: hfb88d00
50255-2586 .r:}oe:t4k!ny~ ~. To 111 f,'-1 Wi.11ia1n5onf ~. 'j'. i ~ MEASUREMENT OF THE ADSORPTION OF ISOPHRENE ~ AND ACETALDEHYDE IN TOBACCO SMOKE BY SOME i COMMON ADSORBENTS, by-J. T. Williamson; D. R. Allman & K. G. Houlman. , .i i i , Paper Presented at the Tobacco Chemists,' Research Conference, )6th, Richmond, September- ]962, 6 pages + 6 graphs. a ., •
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. 50255 2580 ~ S,,tnKIN(: s7ARiTS/ CF,RATIVF, Tl?Ir'KINr,/ ~ : . ,,7 c. Creat: ve Growth (sames BY EUGENE RAUDSEPP WITH GEQRGE}IOUCfi, jR. A HARVBST/ I-IBJ BOOK _w...~_~.___~_...._,........_ ~.. ~ ~.~ .~.. ~'.~ , ir u %J a~i ~
Page 78: hfb88d00
50255 2-575 I I ~Bull. T:urop. PhvsioPath. ResP. 13(1)137-44(1977) t VI Re -77 EFFETS DU BIOXYDE D'AZOTE SUR LES MACROPHAGES ; S.P. 9 ALVtOLAIRES EN SURVIE EN PHASE GAZEUSE. Un nouveau modtle er.perimental pour I'etude In vitro de la cytoto;:icite des gaz nocifs t, e ~ EFFECTS OF NITROGEN DIOXIDE ON ALVEOLAR MACROPHAGES SURVIVING IN THE GAS PHASE. A new experiment;il model for the study of in vitro cylotoxicity of toxic gases C. Voisin', C. Aerts •, E. Jakubczak' ; J.C Ntiuii'et Tonnel • Alveolar macrophagcs survivins in the gas phase wcrc exposcd to concentrations cd NO, (0.1. 1 and 2 rpm) for 30 minutes. Thc cxpuscd cells showed morpholo,ical chnrgcs. a decrease in bactrricidaI activity and a rcJuction of the A't1' contrnt. 'Chc .cscrity ot Ihr..: changcs is rcl::tcd to N<1, concentration. This ncw experimental nwdcl offers new rosNibi- litics for studics on the cytotoxicity of gases. . avec Ia collaboration technique de C. Merdy. P. Marquillies et P. Secretin ABSTRACT Adenos%nc triplrosphnte; alrcolar inacrophages; nlmospheric pollutnnts; haelericidetl aclivily ; ec ll crrlnrre itt !!rc vas phase ; e),lotoxicity of gctses ; nirro3ert dioxide. i
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50255 2587 PY1361.Y?:fC RaACTIONS 9F CAR80HY[JRATE5. Pect ZI. Thercna]. Decampo3itl.cm o'F D-GS.uc-o-51, by Y. Hounniner ar+A S. Patai Lsrael ..Tauc. Cmrr. 7 (No. 4) 5I3-521t M69a . .~
Page 80: hfb88d00
. S- 3HL 410 NOl.D3U '!b'3`JNXILtlHdOSdtV ~ 3xx NI 137)ON HoF.LVSNIacvW i NWS3f{dS(mLV dn NQT1lSOd3Q 3F? f4 R l6SL SSZOS
Page 81: hfb88d00
50255 2582 j --- --- a ~ 7. 69 c~ 1 ~ Hi~' Cn:a; ~it'r i:a Ln,,.,',l infot•rmition retrieti•sl sy:.ttms; edilcja by IAIt:irlns I3IIlfief, JDCw. L•u•-•ins., fol:rc. 23 Ctn. 35/- i .-1:y ti.,~tivirrd itl Aplll 14>`'..S at the Llverraol Sct,cni at stor)ige al.d retr[c•vul !l:lcr.s Adctlc•;~s, ~z~a.~. liullgltliT[7, lt,tii'.i:rC. V13J- ('(1. lI. 1.1\Crpoul. C.)I. ~'nc.!:1,.•; ev. School of 1.11•r)Iri:cnst:itt. r•: (.'i,a;;rtss r CO t21 029.7
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., h. n 4 ~ ~~~re M a 5F~~~ Stud~~~ ~~~ ~~~~'~~C~~C~~ 1NlLLIAf 4 A SCHM!OT Li in i ~~, oa ~ ~ ~ . . „ Member ASHRAE 3. l 9 1 • •-r.• ) ~.. f 1 `ti v =~ ~ ~ E~ ~ ~ . AZ n hospitals the potential dangers from smoke movement are particularly acute tiecause of the ros!ricted mobility of the patients. This paper reviev.s the study )lan of a Research 1'ro;ect and explains the technique wherein smoke movement v;thin hospital buildings is simulated by utilizing an odorless, nonrcxic tracer gas - sulfur hexailuoride (SF•6). Preliminary lindr'ngs of the or,-goina study are pre- tented. This paper Nas presented at the Symposium:.tate.st Developmenis in >"moko and Fire CotStrotVurMg AIStiRAE•s t975fitnnddl ML'etinv; 8o's'ton, MA. k "" 17. The analytical approach will utilize a computer program to determine the potential movement ot smoke in each hospital. This approach was de- veloped several years ago by Battelle Memorial Institute and the Nationai Re- search Council of Canada, and is now being further refined by NBS. This technique has not been applied to complex hospital buildings however, and concepts of leakage, air move- ment and mass flow witl need refinement to ft,lly utilize this method. Work is being conducted in these areas and it is hopeful that meaningful smoke movement patterns can be simulated by computer. The experimental approach uses a tracer gas technique to simulate the movement of smoke. The use cf the tracer gas will indicate the actual movement of smoke within the hospi- tals and wilt provide some of th~ cata necessary !or input to the computer programs.
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50255 2589 ±XXI '.=YKflirYT3C PikACTI.DNS flf CARS6ifYWTkS. Perk IV. Antiydco-Sugac Fa-cmaxaon and 3fiaras~.lyco~yla~it~» ~ a L:. ~': ecma~ R~ncLiotts (ji. Various Crivc-ose Deri-vatr.ve.t:,, by Y. Hauml.nez' arad S. t'aC;•« I ft l1 ';~ ~1 l1 .~ [I
Page 84: hfb88d00
50255 2574 } Pascsoretsro~oor_~'~. pyr+t t l~il by The Sx'uty for Psychophy.iolo" R ram.rcL Vol. e, ~10. ~ AiaLli~ US.A. 80 II Ey=8oTHE INTERACTION OF EXTRAVERSION AND S•P• NEUROTICISIM Il\' ORIENTING RESPONSE HABITUATION w+' +nb',?r, . TIlfOTHT G. SADLER, ROl B. MEFFERD, JR., AXD~ I~BERT ~ HOUCZ1 PsycAiatric and Psychosontatic Research laboratory, V. A. Nospital', Nouston ABSTRACT Twenty different consonant trigrams were presented individually to 38 ob- servers in a standard OR habituation paradigm while the GSRs and BSRs were recorded. The observers were later categorized according to ertraversion and nettroticism (anxiety) scores. All observers evidenced habituation in varying de- grees to these dissimilar stimuli; however, the stable observers responded to rmore of the stimuli than did the neurotics. This basic neuroticism effect was modI- Sed by the extraversion factor as shown by response magnitudes: stable introverts and neurotic ettraverts habituated differently tban did the stable ertraverts and neurotic introverts. This signiScant e=traversion X neuroticiam interaction was also present, in the same form, in the BSR data: stable introverts and neurotic e:traverts had declining BSR values, while with stable estraveris and neurotic introverts, the BSRs increased (i.e., they became less attentive). U D$SCIUPTO$tS:.OR, Habituation, E:traversion, Neuroticism, An:iety, GSR, BSR. (T. G. Sadler)
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7G ZZ . i> .' .a 50255 2571 ; ~DEVELOPMEINT OF AriEQUATION QF STATE FOR GASES I E Vaiaen3tJ of Ati.higan, Msn Arbor, 1ltichiena JOSEPH J. MARTIN r+ud Y1jp itU{1(~ O~ ' a^.•' .?, 1. Pres sure=Volume-Temperature Bcliavior of Pure Cases alldt Lipids More than a hundred equations of state rel:+ting the pressure, vul- ume, and temper::ture of t ar•es have Leen prbroi~cd according to Dodge(7), but onl.• avery few of them have a!tained any practical importance as the noajurity do not represent the da!a %~ith sufficient accuracy. )n this work the siFnifi- cant )rrPC~urc~~olu~nc-tcmp.r:~ture (hercufler referred to ss Pl'T) eharr,cicristics of pure gases have been rxamined in dotail, snd an er,uatiun has bcen developc•d to fit r.rrci'&!V the chsu-:rcteristics com- ~~ ~ .S :l (~ t i I 0 with any great degree of precision and not one of them is considered suitable for the calculation of ac- curate thermodynamic diagranG~t. This does not imply, however, that these two-constant equations have not been extrrmely useful. Van der Waals' cquation was of the greatest ratue in 1t•adinF to the principle of corresponding states. ]n one form the eorrespondinF- state principle sunests that the compra•ssibility factor, r = Pl'/RT, depends unly on t;ie reduced tent- :a Z1'ith nny isotherm taken at }'.=0,2.L1.0, (dZfdP,)r, _ Jim (Z-])/(P.-C) as P. -•-~ 0 0 lirn RT (Z - ])/RTP, ss P. --+ 0 =(1'.;R7') lan(ZIl11?;~P) (5) 1 111 l . •
Page 86: hfb88d00
50255 2599 * :..- ?:L~ Sx` =iiYYQLSaj1.~ _T _ _ N-UT7RI~T/I©?~ALy~PEST CONTROL: THE "SELF- PROTECTION" OF FOODSTUFFS AGAINST TRIBOLIUM CONFUSLTM:d(COLEOPTERA:TENEBRIONIDAE) OFTEN PRESUMABLY THROUGH NUTRITIONAL FACTORS, by H. L. House and A. R. Graham. Can. Entomoldgist 99 (No. ]0) ]082-87 (oct. J967) •• u' ,~ ' U ki u u. .~ :. t,
Page 87: hfb88d00
50255 2600 i ~ MODEM SYNTHETSC REACTI013S. 2"G5 309 p. 1 l.'. A. 3enjsrrein, ;Irc. ~± l• ~~ ~ 1 l1 lI N
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50255 2576 I 2',e5 7 4 S,P. fs p t±b , .~ ~ ~' {FV'~' ln. u: {r= s,~ c V ~ IY `! r l~ t? q s°\F.9~N ~ i P ..~. t3~ ~J !:. ~~ L s.,. G 4~ ._.. _, .~..~ ,..__..~...:._.~.:.__,_. ISA T. .wSAC71O':S: 12 (37i-3S0) 1973 Y. J. Tsingt ~~ Ylrilip 1lforris k Richmond, t'irginia ~: :J: fi?:.fiougenT ~ ~ T. F. Edqar§ J The Unit•ersit}• nf Tcxas Austin, Tczas TAis peper den onstrates that the minicomputer, i.o., a rii3itol system, through recent advances, can comp4te welf wil}, ona}ca conlr.l systems in tha area o1 system control. There arr cngineering difficutiies invjlved in chanc,ing from an onolog system, but there arc benefils Which outweigh these, in:reoscd occuraq+ onJ flexiui{ity being among the advantageous copobititi;-s. rce;tt advznce, in the efficiency .jr,;i capabilities rniniconnj u:crs and concspor;ding cii:ital intcrface uipm^m have rnacle c+i-ita systems Gtri:e comhctitive !h anafo^ controll~rs, e•n en on a loop tasis. is now poc,ible to select s(-:cifi: res:ct.:,;ury 1-,oints tl ,. j'I<,nt for :;~ ~!V~: tlOrl o~ accomplished. This is cspeciall\ ~ useful in rttult:loop and nnulti.•;:Jablc control. In addition, one can vary the structure of the control confiCUrcttions by maintaining several DDC algorithms with v.:rious controller functions within the system. (?1 Inc~rens~•d ._- Q J J ~~ 0 0
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50255 2597 r \ QD 262 Or 1972 v ORGANIC SYNTHESES OF ORGANIC CHEMICALS AN ANNUAL PtBLIC:ITIO\' OF SATISFACTORY . DLETHOllS FOR THE PREPARATION QOLVME 5? 1972 BOARD OF ED1TOf:S : HlCr.alttu•0. 3~OSSSs adiror-in-CAifj RItflARD I:. DCNSO\ - RODl:RT E. IREt.A%D - RDCALD I;i:Cat.O\1' SATOEI' MARA)tUSE AR%,ota L'Ro~St JLRCOLD `•IEi.WAi.D aconoE H. I3i:cNC WATA7tQ AAOATA ~ 1YATt.A.n E. \owND, Sccr.rary to tbt IIoard t• Uniccr.ityoof 11iuneao(o,.Vinr.ehpolis,-IIinnuota JOH\ WILEY AND SONS XE\V YORK • Lo-,DO\ • STD\EY • TOBO\'TO 7 U
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50255 2596 QD 261 i:o 1972 TH'E ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Ni:1NOGRAPH SERIES ~. ... ~-; ~ - r~0 ED r &R N S Y N a FIC 1 11 c ~~.. R i c~.C 71- .1'0 N. S Ser.ond edition Herutr t`O.' Mouse: Georgia lnstitute of Technology .. .., L :, , - _. Ronald t3reslow, Consulting Editor Columbia University W. A. BEr.+ tAMiN, INC. Menlo Park, California 1972 I
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. 1 50255 2588 J PYR01ITj.G RFACIIONS OF iCA7460HXDi2ATE:S. Fact 111. 3hemat Deca"posi kjc,r- of D-4luca5e 'in the P,r`e5ence of Add.iti.ves, by Y.. Haura-iner ssrsel aoc~r. ~i~eT ? (:'c • `i 52.5-534 ~t969} ~3 •7 l ~ 4l l 1 ~J V. ~I ~!
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50255--2b02 p MACRpbRGAN,Sl4 RESa5T'ANT COAT7NGS FOlt AIRCRAVI FUSL TANIiGS. March 18, 1964 iCt ;r. 7th IletF_bna7. Sempe SymposYVro l~.ais Arejele..5
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5025S_ 2581 Jzi ,~ - I-i t. ~, ~ r C:AI:R: t:' 1! tk17 S kI SIiAKCf l 1~7 - / % • 9 1 -w....._.,..-.n. u. . .. ... . I, O\ •11I1: Al'TO\tA"Il:l) :\\AL.YSIS r1i" '~t:t~lit:\I \1(~\OS:\(•Cii:\kll )L:S.l l)L:S,.S ~ IN (1:) (i)I'KOft INS A\I) f'ULl'S \(:('If,\(tIUi:S t.. ' `L/IOtIgN: Js\. S. I,tm., A7.u P. "d ( i., r~ct~ t. llrrr.'r. Lli:rt!.rtJ. (I I t /rrr..!.,• It 1,'A/r t t.•:.rt Ilrl"CVt f ~ (kc;.•t,:a Apnl :.`n.'.. Iv'1. actcplc.l (ot pablJu:, I~th, I`1'1) i t 1 U AIt':I I~,~•.~1 (+fU~~,l ..~:I..yl f.tt- Ilk• a!:LIIaJf 1. .lll;tlllii.:ll~: .!Il:!I: a•. or':IS~•tlr .,. ItAJ... / ., a
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50255 2598 1 ~ ~ C,RPk'f G ACID yLE:NDEif 7N7b :'LGDS::t:'Y FDR CON?RD3. 0r- Ad1 LWSEGT ~'la1 DULZUI: by .:~ C • 21• i•e 1 91 9 9 ~ s, .._,.~.. ._,.., . I
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A q-- ni _.i '~ : r f7' i r n.t r":`1 ^-~~Ua•:Ul'.• ~tt ... , ~/ ~ . f:.. . 1 . . v ~ . . . .. , 50255 2583 ~+• r +/ .L~: ' f C .. it` i Pr.T ;},T!~'t' I':~ITAIh TECH qluAL /7 JP~ ~l~~iAt IOiJ c Oo[I~CE,5 AGlpDE7•Gi'1TLti': SPECIFICATIONS.STANDARDSAND 1SCFitiiCAL tZE!'iI?7S LITEFATURE Ytk1N1EK1 OELlaHAF U i ANIi C:fOFCSfATlOti STUDIES ... li~'LrYUO' 1•OLYILCHNIC SECOND FDITIO!: RY MA FLA. ~ Sf.NH)T. [J:C1U1'LK IY ll'O?.K ' S ` LJNNI?T liC)OKS & CLIVE BJNGLLY a 0 3
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50255 2606 il~ ~'rz~ t c . i 'i~, .. 3 C, rtCh: -± :~or. . Iflil: HGU> t• 1952 13oubzcday Z. } ~ ^ C`lt Ci4Ui CG.~iC$1,310:C , •!\A tr.n..nn
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..... ~....... u..~. ~... f,vuae r:, rir. u. .~...~.~..~,~..~,...,. ~.., _.. 50255 2601 r 72 III Re-78 S.P. Jour. Foren. Sci. 23(1)74 (1978) Propellant Identification by article Size Measurement ~ The identification of propellants in evidential materials or from ammunition samples Is of considerable interest in forensic investigations. Recently the thermal decomposition of nitrocellulose small arms propcllants was studied in an effcrt to provide a method of identi;fying different samples [!.2]. In these studies it was established that differences In thermal characteristics do not provide teliable methods for differentiation betwc^n propellants. Modern production techniques produce propellants uniform in both physical char- acteristics and thermal properties. While the thermal properties and chemical composition differ little for the various propellants, the physical characteristics may provide a way of distinguishing between various propellants. This report presents the results of particle size measurements that show that propellants can be identified in this way. Is displayed on a screen. A reference point is provided on the screen. Movement of the sample Is achieved by micrometre adiustments that nrovide a dirert mPZ~mrP nf thp narriru. Ecperimental Methods The particle dimensions for twelve different propellants were determined by a Gaertner Comparator (Fig. 1). With this instrument the particle is magnified 40 times and its image `l u l l U ! 1 ll tlJ v G / l1 9
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50255 2585 'YCLIC COMPOUADS icxArxs~ yoj..tS 'D1VARD C. TAYLOR f .. .. _ t ~' h_I-"~ -- _..- J.N ID"U" L E S . PART ONE ~. , -4--~,.~ I 2,S' Ed, Icu by Sando:-1i'a ndw. Inc. Rtsearrh and Dercfopmenr Dicision lfanorer, Arsr Jcrsey A ~~ .S 0 ) S ~'1 4
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\ • 50255 2590 ~ I Lp, ( In E, `qo~~9 c,tnu,~-: Cl -7 3 C Fux-. I G -7 3 AJ `7R' TTT. Pv Thermal Degradation of Carbohydrates ~~ i ,- . _ ~~OR,AM NOUMINCR: .ir Tlie therrnal degradation of solid ondJor moltcn carbohydrates is rcrieK•cd and tlas.cifrcd according to /J7res of rcaction.s•. 7lic process is complex and for various rrrono-, oligo- crnd polysacclraridcs it has been shoxvc to consist of trrany comrclitire and con.ccculirc reactions. Primary transfi,rmations which do lrot include ch•crcage of the ccrrhnhi•di•ate carbon .rkeleton, such as atorncrisation, aldose-kctose isonreriscNinn, inter- and intrmnolccular rra»sglyeosylation and inter- and Natramolecnlar dchydration, arc fol/ox•cd by a complex set of reactions yiclding rrhrtilc p: oducls by fraqurcnration of the carhoh)•dratc carbon skclclon. Afcchunistic routes for the j~rmalion of somc of the nuifor volatile products by cI.cc of 14Glabcllcd carGohydrates have bccn eslablishcd. Data ohlairred jur 14C-laLcllcd rlrrcn,sc by us amrd for 14Glahcllcd 1,6-anh7•dro-17-n-ghrcopyrarno.cc by Shafrradclr's group indi- tafcd that the somc volatile products rna~, originate fronr diJfcrer+t parts of tlce gluco.cyl carbac skclcton by parallel routes, Pllhaugh for some i•olatiles one prcjcrcntlal patfiray eonld be observed. The jornration ojglucosiclic anhydro-su,ear.c, irhich are the niairt proclrrct.t frotn various glueosc-conlaining mono-, oliin- and pol.l-sacclcarides, is dis- cussed in relation (o llrc• structure of the carhoh' i•drate. Tlce df(l~rcnt proposed nterhatdAms fnr tlki jo>yimtiwr of l,G•anh)•dro-JT-o-ghicopi'raNnsc as crcl/ as ; I
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50255 2604 0 XXII MeB9 77 S.P. f 1 3 ~ ~~~~V_.T INHALATION TOXICITY OF VINYL CHLOP.IDE (VC) OR VINYLIDINE CHIA RIDE (VDC) IN RATS AvD HICE. C. C. l.rP, J. C. Bhandnrt,* M. t. }lousy.* P. J. Pcters~* J. S. N„od-, anA P. L. Niduest Research Institute, Kansas City, ro 64,110, and Xatl. Inst. of.Environ. Health Sci., NIH, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Lxposure to VC at levels of 250 up to 30,000 ppa for 12 atonths was reported to cause tunors of the stan, lung, bone, liver and/or msmmary gland In rats or mice (Cancer Res. 31: 3160 1971; Lincci-Rvnd. Sc. Fs. Y.at. enat. 56:1, 1974). In the present study, rats of both sexes exposed to 50, 250, or 1s000 ppm of VC. 6 hr/day, 5 days/vicek, for up to 6 runths did not show any significant adverse effects including .eight gain, various clinical laboratory data, chrorro some analysis, os pathologic lesions. In contrast, mice exposed to VC de- veloped bronchiolar adcnona In 2 months and as:mary gland Careinoma with pulmonary metastasls in 6 months. The carct- oogenie effect appeared to be dose related. The bronchiolar adenore,a was also observed In sice exposed to vDC at 55 ppm '(or 6 tvnths. However, the carcinogenic effect of VCC vas questionable. (Supported by Contract No. NIEHS-NOI-ES-2-2084.) 7 '~ ~ 1 ~ ~J .~ .1 ~J i 1 ti L4
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50255 2610 ~TP :715 ;Ho ,k. ; PDl?I. ft, ~;- bi4 tlle rditors of Iiou ;e c; garcien. New lorl:, Conde \nst I'uhlic,tions; i*o{, tt:..'c di;:tril,ution bti• Sinlon t,t,c? Sc!iuster, 1DG7. ~ 401 p. lllu~. (part col.). 1 i i l. l boficry, I nternationnl. T\7•?3..1IIIG 1.iLrary of C'tm_~re~5 '1) cni. I. 1IoU,;c & Fardrn. GI1..~ Gi-31S Gh 1 a
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50255 2615 , a 4. i LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT/WOMEN/HOUSEHOLD AND FAMILY STRUCTURE, TRENX 8-3-80 76 1 Ma-80 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY THE NATION'S FAMILIES 1960-1990 George Masnick and Mary Jo Bane Joint Center for Urban Studies of MIT and Harvard University INDUSTRIAL LIAISON PROGRAM Joint Center for Urban Studies of MIT and Harvard University I DISTRIBUTED FOR INTERNAL USE BN MEMBER COMPANIES ONLY. MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED. is ") :i J
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BVILU7NGf 50255 2607 a 4° -S°w"mw Gw&~WS '~~f ~-xtf- "tm+ 1`&- 4%. I3y L. 0. A :DE'RS0N, F.ngirzcer Forest P,ro+it;et,- Lsbo:-atorti• --- Forest Service LT.. S. Di;:x'AI;T3IENT OF AcRIUL'LTUitE ~. Agriculture Handbook No. 73 • Rcvied July 1970. Fur.n'e by the Suneri.:t<•ndent of Docurr.rnt5. U.S. Go.ernnunt PrintinG Office Wayhingtan, D.C., 20-1J2 - Price E2.25 . , . ~,+.. .., /
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so2ss 2594 HOURLY=•.PRECIPITATION, DAT>K:-~ Nb~;7~H'CAROLINA SEI'-'I`EMB£R1a974'1 f~tp. - 11~1't )Qn:.t,~?t~:j -__~._. l Volume 24 No. 9 Asheville, A1.C. U.S. DEPARTMENT OI' CO!~9M11F,RC ERCE NATIONAL OCEANIC AND A9'MOSPFiERIC ADMINISTRATION ENVIROhMEhTAL DKIA SERVICE DAILY TOTALS D.y of Monlh M 1 2 9 _IL_ 4 5 C 7 B 9 10 11 I2 _1] I< I IS 16 17 t9 1 19 SYI ZI 71 T] 21 1 55 74 17 2g'49I~p - 1-1 (5: - I~rirltlf .Lt I{r[rill! 7.T1 .0. .l• •7i .ll .01 ,t. . 0{ .01 .0. .tl If+r-lJ t. . i •t l,e .1 IlOi+ •.0 / ,f 1, .1 7.! ./ .• I.rLL:TO, / .rt 1,t I t . ,t t,e •t ,t 7•7 .t .0 .1 aa aril u .se t,t. .w .0. ,ot .o. •I7 ,e) t,le ,,e/ .0. Nf+rt t t/i 7.:1 ./, .t] t ,0 .LA 1.'. .ee .ft .fe arac];,te 1,.f ,t. .H 0 . 1 . 0 ,01 i,0f .10 .e! ,It .)• te.. •J~r/ar f..11 ti ,11 .Oa )•ld .0t .fo .tl .il .tt .0. .13 {.11 le ,Ol .01 .It .0) t . . . . . . . . . . .. . OOt. !,t .0 {r0 . . , . . .e .1 ' 1{Ila11Tr tlir 2,1 . 1•t . .1 ,0 .0 Oltl.etl+TO.r l0ct 1 . . .1 . . ,e . . . ,1 • t..rllt! ).l . . . . . .t .1 .0 I la.itle.!,ll O.aVllrrJ. I O.l •,1 •I .1 1.. ,) 1,e . .1 ,e ,7 ,l t,) . ,t ,1 . . . . .,. - .e . . s l+ 6 1 • . •
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50255 2613 ..n.~aoe~siasa~rorc~'~ rrank, R. E. HOUSEYEOLD CORRELA7ES OF "BIM0 LdYAL-Y•' FOK GROGCRY flROD[LCTS, by P. E. T',carr;k, S. P. Uov.r ].va erad R. E, Pat.Pi ' i,,ur. of flkls-i.r:c•~s /::. 237-45 _ - . • - - -_-•- ~~ i ij i; ~• .
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x1 t frc 8Y 50255 2592 I, ' ~ EP:.-150 /3-73-OC6-i _ - .~ ::0s,fq;,~#A _.__._.._1,_ ... ~.... ... . _... _. =.~ IEngineering and Cost Study of Air Pollution Control for the Petrochemical Industry, Volume 9: Polyvinyl Chloride Manufacture R. G. Bellamy, W. A. Schwartz Distributed by-U. _ _ Terh_ Tnfnrm_ a •t••:w\'~\..A~G.t\%~t(`\ Vc\t A\paIIGpfSi .. ~HOudry Vivtsion/Air~.f'roducts- and.Chemicals. Inc. P. 0. Box 427 yaicus Nook. Pennsylvania 190E1 • ~ ftt~OAf p~~I July_ 1975 _ _ _ ~/I •tNtOAMi~V.QNt:A4ilA1~ONCt10t aaf ON4~W4 oRGAh~i•~t~ON Nt!OAi 4n . .Dept. Commerce, National e.rv.ice tO •HO6t.q4 ttt4tNi NO . tTEbk`Yh:ZT L'w: tiT~:~ 68-02-0255 13. trFt Of RfIOn T ANO 0-t wlOo COVt P1 l O I Final ReDort 14 S+Okiow1ti0 wGt tiC. COOE This document is one of a series prepared for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to assist it in determining those petrochemical processes for which standards should be pronulqated. A total of nine petrochemicals produced by twelve distinctly different processes has been selected for this tyce of in-deuth Study. Ten volu^es, entitled EnrTineerinq and Cott 'tudoy of Air Pollution Control for the PetrochMiital industry 3-rhave :•en pre;.arcC. t? S*:'tSJMVGAut1C• % .4t 4VOAOOwtSC EPA, Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards Industrial Studies Branch Research Triangle Park, fi.C. 27711 U .~ 11 [I ~f lJ ~J J ,c) 0 1 a
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50255 2616 TP 370 Gr 1976 GRF.AT BRITAIN -MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND FOOD ~ t , __, . , ~Touseho1d~1~~od"'Corisumptiori , ~ arid E0eriditure: -1974 Annual Report of the National Food Survey Committee LONDON HER MAJESTY'S STATIONERY OFFICE . - { r. .
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i0255 2609 ., COST OF I.IVlr;c: sec TCOr:W I tCS--cus'J's/[•_1CS--CUS7S/ cc%rai ~r;;:[S:-; hUTRITION/SAFETY rUInES/PESTICIDES/DRUG A1;U5}:/1}A:\'nICR,1rTSi f=~1R1~:'vI\C/ I1ISURANCE/li0USING/CLOTIIIT:C/APPLIA.ti'CES/}IOUSE FUPUNIS11I\'GS/ S IAh~ '. 21 Un THE 1913" 'C; ;;COG'K 4r (;LIMICUi'.TURE 1973 1[AhDE001: FOR T}IE 110`1E /~~?4 . U. S. Department of Agriculture • 93d Congress. 1st Session r 1 '. ~.' ? f`Iv Y~ y
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50255 2612 r , }iI Col^-77 S.F. (;t.:i:)5 tu. P/Lii'tiLt:1' t.l (;os.p. Housc3.- Uindsor,; hicorporatcd v 11. S. 7Y1}SACC(1 ti'IT T Ar()ttT':".S S7'•n; S. I",'TI:1)I?I'. ; SnNS ASSF•TS, liouse ldindsor lnc., News Release (1977) (in langlish) Nibstr. in: Dow Jones Bus. iIin1nc131 11Cws Service, 1 p. (June 21, GIl `EIM ICH C0::P; --hJ- HCUSE OF ViIsTSuR * INC. ~'~ SU'~SIDI ti~Y G:- U S fGS., :C,U CU S;,I~U I 1 ACOUI REU CLaiAI7j A'=SL•t5 kiD ALL CIG.tR BRAND "i:?AiiE?nlt,:KS i0r S. rRIEJER 6 SO(IS C":."OF V4ILKES-3A'=RE':;MD JE:a:Ii:i0;1 if F'A. • ,E.Ii~:5_. f I'.•Z~DI SCLOS: C). . ~- . xv . r . I A .4 \1 (J CI l. i1 .. ,) A. 1977;
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50255 2614 AIR--POLLUTION--HEALTH EFFECT/ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH / RA ~Th~ Household En'vironment..-v.,ironment 576 19 980 ~~ and Chronic Il l ness ~- GUIDELNES FOR CONSTRUCTING AND ~ MAINTAINING A LESS POLLUTED RESIDENCE ~ ~ Edited by ~ GUY O. PFEIFFER, M.D. = Link Clrn,r i Alalroon. Ill; nors i. iti'i[h a Foreword bi • I i 4 .10 ., and CASIMIR M. NIKEL, F.A.C.F Richard 11Zackarness, INt.B., B.S., D.P.M. Health Ecology Sy3tems Co. ''s)'rhratrrst rn (.'h,rqr `',Slexrco Clrnua! frolog~ Rnearrh ('rur Cl u . .- . o a ArasrnKsroke U„r...r / . CHARLES C THOMAS • Pt; BLISHER ~~ ~~ '' ~` s~rnyurd'=• iainou • U.S.A.
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I 50255 2605 ~ 4U,16 !WNtFs CATft[_'ttINl•; S. r)AVISON ,x C.~~ltnrr rsiqr uj5 urh ('urulino/Culuurbr~l'«~r;lf(a+«.f~.ev ?9?O,Y and Qw ra~,.~.r< Awt10tr5C'' ~/~Univ rsrtp ojS uth Cbrotirur oyiil:ar Suurh CarolnJa 27501 r' Multiple pairings of alcohol injections with saccharin-flavorc•d w:.ter produced a tony-taAinh r.versien to the normally preferred saccharin solution. Alcohol injections of 1.76 g/ke pro(:uccd a stronr aversion to saccharin-tl•rvored water while injections of 1.17 g/kg produced only a mcrrle:ate avcrsior,. Single puirings of alcohol and saccharin-flavorcd water were not effective in producing an aversion. The investigation of the biological factors in human al.•ultolism has relied rather heavily on experimentation with laboratory animals. It has proven difficult, however, to produce an animal analogue of alcoholism. A number of experimental animals, notably laboratory rats, do not show a p;eference for alcohol in a freetihoice situation nor will rats voluntarily consume (; 3 ") t`, 11 in conditioned taste aversion &A11. PSyehaNons:c S.c.. L (i) 11-S-0(if.^~ Alcohol as the aversive SLIX11LIllis. ~~ ~ . highly preferred saccharin solution in a saccharin-w:.tc; free-choice situation. l1iCTH OD Subjects and Proccdure 1'orty mat, raas, four groups of 10 e:,ch, were adapted t in`tivid.r,l -n..c fnr I r1,.:c Tr- , r•r7iP; ~fr..i -.l.i..4 ;.... r..r... a
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50255 2620 I Ilou°f:un?.d t•cats. ?ifaliis, Ar,rolJ. I11n:1i;o:,lc of pest controi; the lrc•1:~v:c.r, lif(•" histors, COn1IYrl of 11o11Fc11o1ii 1)(r:tS. :~ti ci~. ~i1~ s^lrch & 1)(:vcloiun(•ntCo. tnb-1I jv,sr- tn115. '_11 Cti'. I. Itousehr,lu Tr;;s, 2. Ius.-cts, In,urtous and tr.nc:fc:c1. i. Ztt!:~: I'cst Control. 7`as??i;.?1I3 11'•;,1 1 G3S.i &l-2i.'i•: ; Idbrury of C'orr r~_a f' I7f a u J ~1 U ~: lI ti .~ :. f
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50255 2593 .r7 rr ! // /f a, -f" Direct Enzy matic Conversion of Lactose in Milk to Acid A. G. RAND, JR. and aF,q%QWftRllf Animal Science and Food and Resource Chemistry Departments ' University of Rhode Island Kingston 02881 :p. ,. :`{ Y, INTRODUCTION Commercial production of acidified dairy product~ depends on a fermentative convcr- sion of lactose to lactic acid, a multi-enzN•me process. This slow and complicated biolo(Tical process natural)}, tends to have disadvantages such as susceptibility to contamination and variation in acid formation; and production difficulties like starter preparation, inflexible <f,/-;nTPnt renuircmen!s, and schedul'aiG. .J U ,~ IJ ij and catalase (EC fulfilled this re- quirement under the quiescent conditions nec- essaty for milk gel formation. PROPERTIES OF OXtDOFiEOUCTASEa Gerreral reaction. Overall enzymatic acidifi- cation reaction with oxidoreductases and a source of oxy~en is ilhistrated in Fig. 1. With glucose as tbe substrate, the oxidized form of tti. r•rwvme reacts with the sugar molecule. i zc U x 0 0 . . •..
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50255 2621 i ?X rr i T?he fr•ogr.essive Facme.C HOUSr,iiOLp PRaDUCTS USED 6Y 3OIJYH"N L1V7.NG FAt1TL1F-5 + 1963 47 p ag Ies 'lhe Progressive FatYne* Ebarmioghac:.. Hlsbamia C) I
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-I Jour. Neurochemistry 36 (2) 447- 43 (Feb. 1-987) a-Bungarotoxin Binding in ouse Fly Heads ar, ITO~rpedo Electroplax Stephen W. Junes, *Purpala Sutiershan, and tRichard O. O'Rricn Scr ri„rr u/ ,1'rvrr.,lhi.,/r,i:v rui,l Ilrhrninr, ('„rnrl/ lJ,rirrri, ifv. Irlr,r, a. N, it ) ,ir(. ('..S_1. AAstract: House fly he:rd% contain asite that bind. a-hungarotoun Aith high atliniq. It is present at about 23 pmol g of heads and hinJs i,-hunt;arutmrn tl:rheleJ with ('Hjp~riduxamine phu,phatet revenihly Hith :r A',j 0 r, rl\t. fhr effects of 48 Jrug, haoe hen n compared on the a-hungarutu\in hiniJinE ivtrs of huuse fly and 1r,rl,r,G,. The ph:irnt:,colug~ ofthe hou.e t1% site is similar Ir Ihat previously reported fur neurun;rl (t-hung:uotmin hin,ling .ites in hoth %rrte- hr.rte% and irnertehratrs and is Jiaingui,h;,hle frum that vf the classic nirnlinic nrurumu.cular acetflcholinr receptor. :ts r\cmt+lified h% that rif 1m; t J,, rlec- trnplax. Uifference% het%%crn the house 11) site and /orped, inrlude higher aftinities of the 7tory,,v6o receptor for Jecamrthonium. he\amethunium, r,u h,,- nt)Icholine. and acel%l-/S-methytcholinc. hut IuHer aftinitUrs tior ncutinr. :it- ropme. and Jih)Jru-(3-cr)lhruiJine. Kcy 1*.'c,rds crliunt;arotr,sir. hmJint:- Huuse Ily head u-hungurutmin hinding--Acet)tchuline receptrir.-- \i'.utinic reiel+lurs-7r,r/,rr/,, elerlmpla\-7orprdo aret) lchr,linc receptor. J,anc. S. X1. et al. u-l3ungarotmin binding in huu.r tl\ heuJ..rnJ Iralr,,L, rlr.troplav ./. Nrrrrnrlrrrn. 36. 4J7-a5i 11981). t! i 1. 0 0 0
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i , i 50-255 2611 XI ToB2-77 S.P. T:J;I CUSS :;p. 1'.'u'~I'IiLi:T :1I To!;2-77 s. p. U. S. ]louse Representatives, '?asiiinF;ton, I). C., U.S. HOUSE K1),LS 11')VF. TO F.i\I) LF:1fi SI.TP~?:TS. U:•:.5. ftouse Representatives, :iec•rs Release, 1•lashinf;ton, D. C. (1977) Rnf;1 ish) Ab :tr. in: t~instoi1-Sa1en, Jour. 1977, p. 13 (June 21, 1.377)K r• The House turned back an attempt yester- ~a'* to cnd fcder,,1 price supports for tobacco. hepresenta:ives from tobacco-producin~ states mana^ed to prevent a recorded vote on the issue. ticnicti came before the House during debate on a~1,2.6•billion . briculture appropriatioas .. ~ s . . -....'•. . . ,.w-+. (- a
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.l bINI*1L1! oNIa3}]3SRon '~YoqB~ ua rs~~~ taz~a; . ~ ! d.t ~. L7OZ SS?OS
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50255 2603 Environmenlo! Ileulth Perspeclives XXII MeB9-78 S.PP vo1.21,rr.?s l2. 1971 1 InhaEation Twxccccty of VinyI ChIdride . and Vinyildene Chlorcde~ by C. C. Lee,t J. C. ~3fiandari,~ -- J. M. Winston,-~ ~ ;L'Vtl: °M ~~ House,~- `P. J. Peters,-[' R. L. Dixon,$ and `J. S. Woodst . Exposure of mice to 1000 ppm of vinyl chloride (VC), 6 hr/day, 5 dayslweek, caused some acule deaths M'I(h toaic hepatitis and marked lubuiar nccrasis of the renal cortez. Starting the siah monlh, mice tspoud to 1000, 250, or Ss) ppnt uf VC becamc icthai /;ic, lust wciy;ht quickly, and died. Onlr a few mice ecposed to 50 ppm surrited fur 12 months. Pulnu.uary macropha);e counl was elesated in sume mice. 7'hcrr %as a hi),h incidcncc of brunchioio•alscular adcnoma, mannnary gland tumors includiny; ductnlar adenocarcinorna, synurnous and anapia.tic ecll carcinomas with mesastasis to the lung, artd heman• .. .- --....... ~ t,. r...t.r...... .,. rti.~. .........
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50255 2623 VIII Me -81 4 . ORIGINAL ARTICLES S,d. R STUDIES ON LICORICE ROOT AND LICORICE EXTRACT I 0 PART 4-A NEW SUBSTANCE IN CHINESE LICORICE ROOT By .~~~ouse »Wand Clement K. Swift P REVIOUS PAPERS in THis JovaNAr.' by one of us have dealt principally with methods of analysis for different kinds of lico- rice root and extract, as well as with the distribution of constituents dissolved by organic solvents. No detailed chemical investigation of these various constituents has yet been undertaken, with the exception of the work of Tschirch' and his pupils on the characteristic sweet principle-glycyrrhizin. Tschirch has claimed that glycyrrhizin is the di-glucuronic ether of glycyrrhetic acid, though it seems possible that he was dealing with galacturonic rather than glucuronic acid. 4 t ~ Amer. Jour. Pha rm, 101 , 679-687 (1929 L * 1912, 4 SJr: I9I6. Sk 97; I4zI. 93, 4gt. •An1i. d. Pharrn., 1907, 245, 97; r98, 246, 545; 1909, 1247, 121. I 0 .5~ 1l l~ ('i i1 U.3 :~ .y i:
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50255 2619 tLw~ - C, hc?.d p"ts. SB tY,,rv.2•:, 1i'iiiiwa Ci.irt.r, 1Ri10- ~%~'~ G1unio Ifiu'rc}' ]!}1 1.`.Cea(J'-1,h:,'3 7~~a~1:i1;7VYw. Ii:nOi:13':7, p?1blP1L1^ Z9•1Z. l,, 2:'2 p. iccl. lllus., fo: u a F':;". L:^iauscl:idll :s. 2. tiGll hll(t l7Lil7~(C• f~ 1. YJ-'JI J.:brc.~lp of (ou~:c s -` ~ T7+..".=0.I1J5 ]:NI 1952:i7 GI'•.. :; i. ..v t3 uC u
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50255 2633 /;VhOlt'CH CAROLIM UNION LIST OF SCIENTLFIC SEZVLS 1967 EDITION Edited by I. T. Littleton and Gloria W. .Kouser_. l). H. Hill Library North Carolina State University at Raleigh I u .S i~ lj iIi;
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IX WH1-•74 50255 2627 • RJR CLASS NO. PAIMPHLET IX l.'h 1-74 s.p. ' man•,. T. H. ; Turner, D. :1. ; Wilson, D. A. A. I:. ; Iiousa Armitage , r (Tobacco Fes. Counc., Lab., Harrogate, Yorkshire, Ct. Brit.) THE EVALC:ITION' OF A:4ACHINE FOR INTRODUCING TOBACCO SMOKE ISTO TUE OF A{`IAESTHETIZED ANI.u%J.S DL'RI::G SPO:•iT&1:-+E0L'S RESPIRATION. Quart. Jour. Exp. Physiol. 59, 43-54 (1974) (in English) 311974, No. 5, 11 1512* *d* LiJS GS Tobacco medicine: -r. --r--~~ a ii .S ~.) (! 11 1t U ~3 iJ k~p U
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50255 2626 r:ICOTI*IE--ABSORFTION/ TO ,ACCO--S~rOt:INr--ntt,ySInLOGY/ 72 IX Rel-77 S.P. RJR CLASS 110, PAMPHLET 72 IX Re -77 s.p. ArtnitaEe, A. K.; Dollery, C. T.; Housersan, T. A:; Kohnert E. M1; LeWis, P. J.; Turner, D. H. ; (rlRC Clin. Pharnacol. ReE. Croup, Royal Postgrad. Med. Sch., Nazleton Lab. Europe, Harrogate, Ct. Brit.) s ABSORPTION OF NICOTINE BY ZLt1N DURING CICAR SMOKING. ~ Proc. B.P.S., Jan. 5-7, 1977 (in English) *Abstr. in: Brit. Jour. Pharrn. 59 (No. 3) -~* 493P(1977)* . 1'Nicotine in cigar smoke is thought to be absorbed { mainly from the buccal mucosa, facilitated by th e ~ alkaline pFi of the smoke (Armitage & Turner, 1970). ~ This process is much less rapid than alveolar ~ absorption following inhalation of smoke into the lung. ; Cigar smoke is more irritant than ciFarettc smoke and ~ is thought to be inhaled only rarely. The lower t mortality of exclusive cigar smokers compared with London; cigarette smokers supports this__supposition _ (Hammond, 1966). However, the rapidity and completeness of nicotinc absorption observed in the , prescnt study raises the possibility that some smokers can inhale cigar smoke. If habituated cigarette smokcrs retain the habit of inhaling smoke whcn :hey switch to smoking cigars then they may be at ~ particular health risk since even small cigars contain _more nicotine and tar than the strongest cigarctte. --- --------•- -----•----------~ ~ 1E a .I .! . J :~ .~ t I (1 ~ ~ U
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~t7:~!~CCn -: ."1 ):.F--?'P.r:CU1:SORS/ CIGAi:T.:ii'i'` --LAR::L 12~G/ 50255 2628 , 73 IX 1io ~ t I',,JR CLASS NU. k':1'. ZPIiLL"I' 73 IX I?o .'2!3rf9i•~Ix!q7nw1)vS-nl*-Ir:" `-v f (T^'.,z,ccu I:es. Ccunc. Lab. , I7<r]o;a IIi 11, Ilarrei u:te, YorkF,Itire, i,t. I:rzt, j ~;.~,~~II:S OF CIG':hI:TTi: S:•tU::G USI:l"G Ia:L110ISOTOPICALI.Y T.hi3I:LLI'I) il;ta P,1:)IOISC)1'ii'IC:'d?.Y Li1L'F:LLE ll'F:LLEll NICUiINI: TU Iscitr. TaL::I,fursch. 1973, 12p (1973) (in English)
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50255 2629 hAnIOISOTOI'L'S--TC)F~ACC OS--TC)F~ACCO .S*rOYE/TOrACCO--St.GIKC--PRGCUESOr.S/ 73 IX Ho H] COTINE--TOI'sACCO SMOK}:/_ .CIGARTTTES-I,i',?IELING/`''''" RJR CL t,SS t.0. PAMPHLi:T 73 IX lio Hene;+Sc, L. (ToL,acco I:es. Counc., l.ab., Har.lcw 11111, tlarrogatc, Yoxlahi:-e, Ct. Brit. ) STuIUIl:S OF 1'RA3:Si"1:R USI^;G Ia.ll10IS0TOPIC::LLY LABELLF:J TO?{ACCO CO::SiITUF.NTS. 1'AT'.7' x. TI:!: P1',Li'r.i.ATION Cr, Y~iilIOISOTC`PICAtiLLY LALL LLED CIGA::CTT I;S . )teitr. Tabal:ro_•sch. 1.973, 10 p. (1973) (in English) n};c,}%.'ords:* :.`cotj.uc c3i(r-toluoyl. tartratc)-21-14C, tobacco, additive. dotriacontln~-IG, 17-14C, tobacco, additive. : ! ztl1073' No. ?.'/, ld -- i U .i i) .5 u
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50255 2636 : North American A complclo copy of this rcF:ort is avdilah'c from: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of Report t:o. 459 e Riarcl, 1972 . C: cr-v rt o: G=-n_a'.1c cArts; raznd a.L•c -._. •- l by LYN;~ 1. Cs'l.t6, lan^ U:c lcoaornist I Stanford Rrsearch Inshtule ING nLNGE PLANNI/1li St ItviCf ~ S7ANfOFtO RCSLAIICH 11!Sl ll UTL • Mpnlo ParY.• CaliFornia, U.S.A. • London, Cngtand
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50255 2617 ~~ausgbq~ducts: Tndzlsti'yl 'll '~7) 36-37,;3(1714; introducing a new p7•o~i- i rie4-74 L{ct what's more lnipo'1CI11t S.P.• • rhR11 the right Q11S1veYSI , A; The right questions! y6o A good deal of homework needs to be done by the prod- In most eases the product• form wi11 determine the p Product Form Determines Packaging that erenthing imaginable be considered. being so narrow as to turn off opportunities (or creative de- i vcto ment• and it must avoid being so vague as to requir /+ V `~e the development eycle. Successful. on-time product in- the leader? What arc the cost paramcrcr.'' The more ques- troductions can be directly related to the deftntss with tions that the chemist asks, the more sit,civ the Froduct w1!1 which these activities are directed. " be develop~~d in the least time at the 'cvrloprnent cost. At the inception of a project, this direction must come Subsequentty. from focus group sr.•n,n% and prudi:t from marketing in the form of an etplicit description of the placement in homes more spr ific qucst ons c.n be s~Stcd a! package/product requirements. This description must avoid consumers. ~ ~ , ~% ~~ As simple as the end result may appear, the introduction of product is required? N'hat' are the dcmo.raphics of the any new houxhold or toiletry product is a tremendously target user? 1Vhat form is preferrcd" How much will. shoul,j eompkx undertaking. Virtually every discipline within the or could be used each timc'' How important is frasrance? corporate structure becomes involvrd at some point during What kind of fragrance? What is compctihon doing? l~ ho is ~ uct manager at this conceptual stage. He needs to talk to pachagtng system; Iiquid or lotion in bottlcs. .re3rn m ' r, s i'+,...~•:.a~,~.._wa.1_.s•.._..,t...~..,.,..........__~.~ ~~.~.w-/...:.,jv.•.,....._n-.....~....~r....,•_~-.-.-~~..--..~._ t?~--'^~'.""T"': v .y i i t,J
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50255 2630 TOnACCO--S*t0KE--INHALATION/ _._ ' . 79 VI Ho RJR CT,ASS NO. MPHLET 79 VI Ho Binns, S. H. ; Phillips, K. (Hazleton Lab. Euarope Ltd., Harrogate Gt. Brit.; Ricki t Colman Ltd., Pharm. Div., Hull, Ct. Brit.) ~ 9 TP.IACO~TANE. SYhTHESIS OF HIGH SPECIFIC ACTIVITS_RITIU*f-LABELLED~ Jotir. Labelled Cpds. Iiadiopharm. 14 (~o. 2) 163-168 (1.978) (in English) *Keyt:ords:* dotriacontane, tritium labelled at 15,16,17,18 positions, tobacco, additive. The tobacco snoke particulate phase marker dotriacontane ~ was labelled with tritium at positions 15. 16, 17 and 18 by jjj the catalytic rcduction of dotriaconta-15, 1)-diync. This was cStained by oxidatively coupling hezadec-1-yne, in turn prepared by teaction of nonosodium acetylide with cyristyl bro:Ade.~^
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50255 2638 4 i t ti CCNTER ~ FOP, M+N PO(xY j i RESEAPCH , TA ]83 Ri 1976 ZONING/HnUSING/ V I ® 1F n ~ ~~r + ~~r.1r ~~~~i~ ~~~`~ f 1~ . ,. -, p_., ,--,. .-, :,I ° ~-.. /--,N Dan K. Richardson Regulating Housing Develonment I in the Coastal Zone CENTER FOR URBAN POLICY RESEARCH RUTGERS-THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY r• - NEW EiRUNSWICK NEW - , JcRSEY --
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50255 2637 - EMPLOYREI'iT/IIOUS I idG/POP[fL.ATI02I/F.DUCAT ION /HEALTI(/ SMOKING IiABITS--GRI:AT BRITAIN/TOBACGO--SMOKING---SURVEY/TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYC.110LOCY/ aµ0 RJR CLASS 2:0. Ti:}:TGOOF; TS 2240 Gr GY' Great T.ritain, Office Population Censuses Surveys, Social Survey Divislon; 19 rls- . LonJon, Gt. Brit. English) Ti{E Cta:EP.AL HOUSEHOLD SURVEY. 1972. Her rtajesty's Stationery Office, London, Ct. P.rit. 400 p. (1975) (in Summary: A survey giving data for Great Britain on population, housing, employment, education, health problems, etc. Includes detailed data on British smoking habits broken down by age, sex, tyne of cigarette or other tobacco nroduct, marital sta:us, education, income, region of residence in Britain, etc. All of the data, published in 1975, refers to the status in Great Britain during 1972. However, there are also some earlier comparative data. : r-. .. ~ . • -- J 4 • l I - •, 11 i, v
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50255 2634 NITROGEN OXIDES/ Inter. J. Chem Kinetics 12(8)569-74 (1980) 78 III Py-81 Kinetics of Formation of HCN during : vP~yridine Pyrolysis THOMAg.-'J. HOUSER, MITCHELL HULL, ROBERT M. ALWAY, and TESFAYE BIFTU Department of Chemiatry, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008 Abstract ; ~ The rate of HCN evolution during the inert pyrolysis of pyridine in the temperature range of 90i)`1000°C was determined in a flow system using a stirred-flow reactor. The data indi- cated that HCN was formed through a sequence of reactions rather than during the initial ~ step(s) involving the disappearance of pyridine. The Arrhenius parameters for the first-order step yielding HCN were 39.5 kcal/mol and 6.8 for the activation energy and log frequency ~ factor, respectively. The mechanistic implications of the rate data are discussed, and these are related to the overall pyridine pyrolysis mechanism. I
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. G, TJ 810 Ai 1976 ARCIIER h t; ir i. 50255 2635 HOUSIIdG/ .~ur Ff T 0 il irg, ~ ~rn o\ ~~ ri ~ ~ 3 :: ? TQW~ U~~ MAY 1976 by The AIA Research Corporation Washington, DC for The US Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Pol;cy Development and Research ~. l! ;1 Cont~:..^.t lA/; l-l-5:'i74 e
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50255 2624 avntlVt,v--bMUKING--CARBON MONOXIDE CONTENT OF BLOOA/ TOBACCO--S%fIKE--NICOTINE,C14/ NICOTINN:,C14--A!3SORPTIOV/ NICOTINE,C --*tETAB0LISM--HU*L4N BODY/COTININE,C14--1•IETABOLISM/ 79 X Ar TOBACCO--SMOKE--INIIALATION/TOBACCO-=SMOKING--HEART, EFFECT ON/ Armitage, A.; Dollery, Turner, D. %( }lazleton (Tt~~t. q~st ~ Gt-~.eco1. ~ Lab. Furope, Ltd,) ABOSP.PTION OF NICOTINE English) _ nicotine, smoke, side-stream, constituent, Thr rd,.turlui(rn nf ni(•nrinr frU/n (7,~Urs 11'n.i mir75urrd in 7 nrulc .crrAjcrl.c iihn rr(cl, suu,lyd i ;it tinAlr smnll r'igur (nnrnir,ing t'C•ni(ntinr. Tl,r prnT,rrtiun njnirntinr in thr rnri,ntrcum ` ~ smnh drlirrrrd to the smnkrr's nrnuNr irucprr+rrr lhu,l d,nl (,bs(vrrd fur (il;urrltr.s, 1n(1 the /irnrnrtinrl r f nirolin(• in the r'igdr smn.'r whirh wus rNainrd 1,* y rhr s,nnl,rr st ns u',unl llr(• su,ne. Tl,r lr,r,(l rosr r f,arr,linr rr:uinrd icurird Linrri n l nnd 4.5 ,ng. Artrriul rln.cnra to+ccnlrnlir,ns of nicotine w(rr ns l+ibh as rL•nsr achirvrd bi• cipu,rur sr,,r'l.in8 I ~ br,l rose lnr+re slnirh•. Snmr nicwir.c frn,n smnll riSurs is uGsorLrd by i,:hnlurion of the __-- smntr inlo the l(u,,qs nnrl so,nr.by_brurnl nLsurptinn. RJR C1 aSS NO. PY•iPHLET 79 }: Ar :7'a.Kohner, E.; Lewis, P. J.; ro.•al PcstgrayY, Med. Sch., Clin, Ph.3rri.acei. FROM S"LALL 1rCIGARS, Clin. PharTacol, Ther, 23 (No. 2) 143-51 (1978) (in *Keywords:* nicotine, cured, constituent; nicotine, smoke, constituent; a ..i 0 .J .1
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:1:11. .'i f U:a1 / 50255 2631 OTINt'-N- IiLALS/i:IC01'1.`:i:--t,)iSOPI'T_' O:v , X 2•ie. ] 0 ~. P. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET .74 %__Tu ~~ Aratane, A. I:.;-,.2ivusemanrt,~T. t1r; Turner, II. M. ~ (Tobacco Res. Counc. Lah., Ilarro~atn, Yorkshir.e, Ct. Brit.) 1'Kr~.'~Sf''ER OF E::DOGr:~OCS F.::1) E;OCE;:OL'S RADIOISOTOPICALLY LABELi.ED NICOTINE TO M1I`ST:u A:•i CIG',Rc.TTf; S::O'r;I: AND ITS t-13SOEPTIO,i INTO THE BLOOD OF J1::AI:STiiETIZF.D C`.TS. ~ Quart. Jour. Exp. Physiol. 59, 55-61 (19~$) (in English) . i *1.974, No. 5, W 1659* *d* l• Tobacco r:izdicine: I n t i `! i i !-) ~t J :) 16 u
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50255 2645 itltt fl . ~-~C+~:-l0 ti?CC , 130t~~_~:3C3 ii.-li'.V 1
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i0255 2647 71 II Re-78 Fermentati¢n and EnzymatVc s,p, accharification of,ICellulose and ,tignin Wastes _ .d' i Stanley ?d. Barnett, Donald Aidala, CYiester 'W; Hour~ton, and A. G. Rand Jr. . Departments of Chemical Engineering, Food Science and Technology and Microbiology S0 0rj ,.. ,.
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5025S 2640 75.1 Unl 1970 CENSUS OFZ n?ULI:TION ANU,,FJISING. Sept. 1971 U.S. I3EPARTMENT OF CO!4tERCE, BUREAU OF THE CENSUS PHC(2)-37 FINAL REPORT General Demo ~;rap hit Trend~; for Metropalitt Ji Arcas, 1960 to 1970 . ~ (This series eonsistsof 52 reports-number 1 for the Unite-d States and numlrprs 2 thru 52 ~ 1 for the States and the District of Columbia in alphabetical order rather than order of ~ publication.) ~ ,. . i This publication is one of a series of 1970 census reports concerned mainly . ~ with population and housing trends in metropolitan areas from 1960 to ' 1970. Tf ie main body of the report consists of an analytical text, a stati:tical ~ section containing four tables on population r,haracteristics and one on I ., ~ , ~nd an ppt~,pdi • presenting technical definitions and ~ h9c`~ usi g ~ara, teri tic a `~ .~ . . ~..~ ~_ :~ ~ _ ....._ . . _ ._, ~ . . _ - .
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50255 2618 8] I Ho Retail Sales of Men's Toiletries to Reach $1.5 Billion by 1985 V RETAIL SALES of men's totletrles will top $970 million this year and reach $1.5 billion by 1985, according to a just published report by Packaged Facts. New York The projections assume a continuation of the current growth rate of 15°/6 annually which is expected to level off to 10-11% by the mid-80's. The research company offers several reasons for Its optimistic forecast: 1) A significant increase in the 25-44 male population, the segment most likely to purchase men's toiletries. 2) the fact that men are paying more attention to their personal appearance, and are purchasing their own toiletries, 3) changing distribution patterns which are resulting in increased em- phasis on men's toiletries by drug chains and supermarkets, and 4) in- creased manufacturer activity, Includ- ing the entrance into the field of new marketers and more emphasis on new products and line extensions. Negative fact0-s -include the econoniic climatet which Isicutting down disposable-income spending, the petroleum crisis, which Is reducing the number of shopping visits, the near glut of inen's fragrance lines and the fact that, according to recent su-veys. American males are more conservative In regard to using fragrance than had generally been believed. Greatest growth is expected In toiletry gift sets, whose retail sales In 1979 totaled an estimated $235 million. Since 1971, sales of these sets have risen more than 150%, and today ac- count for an estimated M of all men's toiletry sales- as compared to 22°/6 in 1971. Sales of men's fragrances, which presently account for slightly more than half of all men's toiletry sales, are also expected to rise significantly in the years ahead. Current growth is esti- mated in the 15%-18% range, which will bring 1980 sales to a projecled level In excess of =500 million. However, sales of shaving preparations, which accouru fo/ only 19°A of the overall men's toiletries market, are expect to grow only at their current low leve 4%-S% a year. According to Packe; Facts, these sales were approximat =181 million in 1979, and will proba be no more than $190 million this ye Most active new-product area is i pected lo be men's f ragrances, not o In the high-price prestige and, t also-and to a greater degree--in t mid-price category, which as yet t not been fully exploited. As a rest there will be a gradual whittling do of the share held by the low-pri, mass-distributed men's fragranc which up to now have dominated t market. Among the product trends i pected in men's fragrances are m< "twin" fragrances, i.e. men's ft grances to match women's fragranc and more combination products, combining skin-care with fragrancc Copies of the -eport in the Me Toiletries Market may be obtained In Packaged Facts, 274 Madison M New York, N.Y. 10016. Price is S66( I
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,0255 2639 CbCi"l!t' I:11" i:it:" see"Xi~liSall;S-=C05'I'Sjr:[:!)\ii+11C;~--CGSTS/CCJti I\'UCRITION/SI+FFTY CUIDES/PEiTICIDF.S/TIR';G ARI'SI:/HA.`InICRAFI'S/-G1RDI?N IN(;/ It:SL'R.kNCF/IIOUiING/CLOTIII?:G/APPLIANCI;S/IIOUSI: FUR IISIIII•:GS/ S 21 Un 1973 0 THE I:'73 YEM;FOO;C OF RGRiCULTURE HANDLOOK FOR TIIE IIOME U. S. Departnent of Agriculture • 93d Congress. lst Session t . House Document No. 93-29 ( ` :i 0 u .. i i ~- U ~) i. :. U-; i>
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50255 2644 Ri 1976 0 L~ Li ~~ C 0 ~ Regulating .~f--iousin9 Development in the tNoasta{ Zone TA 183 . POLKYJ ±RESFARCH ~ CENTER FOR UR~AN N Dan K. Richardson 0 3
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50255 2648 .`! C1 r4J t~ ll - 4J J ilOusr'fra,. K. Ot - . Auth7I') , ~ 07 .,fROSOI. T.tEC.OVkAY CaR:'ES i.` 11J.CW IN:, -::"Al k::70(V O F F[OKO~:i:ie :5: 3) 1:y J. JoLx. 1`h~'^ic' . Scc. T.olzlon 2) 22? - 21P (?.S 71) ~ ~.~~
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4. : 50255 2649 j F IiMTaiiTNajFO1ag)cal Swity;-- I3rain mechanisms and drug action, a symposium, fourth annual scientific meeting of the Houston Neurological So- cicty, Tesas Afedical Center, Houston, Texas. Compiled and edited by William S. Fields. Springfield, Ill., Thomas ~1957~ 147 p. 111us. 24 cm. ~ Includes bibllograph,f. 1. Neurology--Congressesu x. Fields, William Straus, 1fl18- ed. u.Tltle. P.C32 i.Ilc 1957 ~ 615.78 b7--•68fr1 2 , Libtary ot Congrexs ~ 1511106 .-. . --u:.•0. .. ..~.,. -~-._~._ ~..~-...y.~ : I
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50255 2632 ./ TOBACCO--S*SOiCE--PRPCURSORS/RADIOISOTOPF.S--TOBACCO ShOK}i/ CT (:ARrTTT'.S--I.ARFLI i~ G / TU)5ACC0--ti,1tOl:JNG---11vII/,LF.D I't11:TICi.ES/I1,'NALATION/ 73 IX Ito TOBACCO--SItOi:E--B70U)(':ICAL RII"r.I?TS/ ~ P.3i: Ci.11~S P;O. PIi.4i'1ILi:T 73 1X llo I)avis, l;. P.. P.oderick, 11. R. E (Tou.~cco T,cs. Cc~unc. Lal+. , liarlo:•, '•1i11, ltarroi;ate, Yorkshire, Gt. Bri.t. ) t <~T~DI .S Oi~ CIG~'•T.:'.:TTE S';~):{E: : R!L':SFf_i: U-.i::G 1~"u)1UJ.SUTOPICALLY LAtiI ~.LEll rr• III. T:!1: USI: OF I)0'F::I•".ta~::TAi;E-•1Ci, J.7-14C AS 1, 1'.R ' ZV:~~.....17 r . OF, F.~ ,...vTPL Z ktL ~_:..._- OF Cl G~.r,LI li: Si:0:.~ ~ FOP, i'i1I: llEl ~ A?:1: t 1L S . ! L'eitr. Taba',forsch. 1973, 16 p. (1973) (in F:ngl.xsh) ~ ~ I ' . y ! , ! I _..-..., v t,f ._is. _~ 1 . 1~ .,._i1....~) ~
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. i 50255 2625_ ; ; NICOTI*1E--METAT30LIS?t=-}1TiNA'N BODY/NICOTINE--PItAR*tACOLOGY/*?ICOTINE--ABSOPPTION/ 77 X Ar RJR CLASS NO. PA~`tPIiLET 77 X Arl 1 Artni tase, A. K. ; Dollery, C. T. ; Georre, C. F. ; I}ouseman, T. 11. ; Lewis, P. J.; Turner, D. M. ' r (Royal Postgrad. Med. SCh., Clin. Pharmacol. REs. Gr., London, Ct. P.rit.; Tobacco Res. Counc., Lab., Harrogate, Gt. Brit.) -ABSORPTION AND METAI30LISM OF NICOTINE BY MAN DURING CIGARETTE SMOKING. Brit. Jour. Clin. Pharmacol. 1 (No. 2) 180-81 (1974) (in English) *Ke)n,lords:* nicotine, smoke, constituent. t :_ ' Tbe centrat pharmacoloFical effects of nicotinc are ~ thought to play an imPort,nt rote in the tobacco smoking habit (Armitaoc, H1ll & Morrison, 1968). ~ Using eigarettes similar to ~ ommercially availabte brands but labclled with ( CJ-nicotinc wc have smoking, by the eoltection and assay of nicotinc iri thc main and sidestream smoke of the cirarette; in , the butt and ash, in the exhaled air and in the blood, urine and (aeccs of tlre smoker. Arterial ~ blood concentrations of nicotine and cotinine were rneasured since these most eloscly reflcet ~ lcvcls within the brain, an or8an with a high blood now., ~ attempted to draw up an accurate halance shecl of ~ the rate of nicotine absorption during normal LJ i. r` ~E~ c1 U c a .i
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TP 370 Fo : 1972 2 c. PDDL 1 C. F.n7.YI•ri:S--FO0Y/ FFfitI-i:TATION / 50255 2650 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ~.F CER EAL C N E M) S TS, PNC. fllooograph Series Volume IV • Ll&lT Ci f fm"clee.:try «nCI TechEeolog,r] ~ ; Edited by.+Dc•F,,14OtiS10f`i, Y9estern Marketing & Nutrition hesearch Division Agricultural Resea-ch Service U.S. Department of Agriculture ` Berkeley, California (retired) . _ L Pubfished by the in~orpurtrted !:t. Pauh 16finnercotn .L .1dlsRl(:,1i' AFStiCr,-'vTE0N OF CI•:ItCAL CFGF.MIA;1s'S, Ii u j .~ :a ~
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50255- 2652 ~ . 73X}io osp.3 TOBACCO--S*t0KItdG--PFiY3IOLOGY A"iD PSYCHOLOGY/ Rjp. C'_.;SS NO. F~.:"'NLET 73 K Ru • Veterans Adrain. S=r:^eider, N; G• ti Cali£ , .S•• tlCUSttt*.; ( tirsiversit}• of Cc:j f., Los er.tc:3oL, Ca:~L., ~.S.••D cL:?:TFTY. ) Br ~L~TrE 3'Z`' ~+973) (i;f r^•~lish Ps;:ctiol. F:ep. %I ~ ~ U ~ + l/ tJ .) .7 ~j I ~
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50255---2646 _.._ __4_~.. _...__ ... ... . ... _ _ . .., ,,. . _.._..__ . .._ _._ _ . ._...__-. _~_.~_~:.Y__. _...._ _ SUAVEY 0r CURREN7 SYSTEMS TOR 5E1.EC-T].\t£ DISSEM:CNATION OF° INFGE3MA7•IflN [SD.t ; 1969 ~_o 5 Pe8aa Cleari.c~owze .for Fede.ca1, Spr.iegf:%.eld, Va. sc~enti~'~~, sr,d 3"~chn~caf, In~or.mat i.or~ *. `.J n .. .-. . • ~ ,-. r Li .~ lJ CJ i f :s l! v :) a :3
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. ... .- v ~r f-. I r t:~S1j 896 d.L 6S9Z SSZOS
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50255 2642 I Wi- 72 S.P. 1970 (MiSUS OFIROD!'T!1C- ~ 7ssued SEptember 1971 • e-. Block Stati StI CS Wl~NSTON-SAIEM, N.C. URBANIZED AREA . GONTENTS ee List of HC(3) Block Statistics Reports IntroCu.tion , rFeesfmiks of Questionnaine Page and kepondent Instructions ~~TASLES 2 Characteristics of Housing Units and Papulation. foW i . Ptaees of 2.`00 InhaD,tants or More: 1970 2 Cliancteristics of Nousing Units on6 Population, by Blocks: 1970 Waps IdentihinQ the blocks covered herein are included in or accompany th,s report. " .S. DEPRRT~ 7ENT 0F COMMERCE SUREAU OF THE C%NSUS
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i0255 2595 .a ne9-ol tFFECT OF VAGOTOMY ON GASTRIC NIT•ROSAMINE PRODUCTION. S.P. a~ ~s} A V'-2f-,9V--29 ,~ _..._.._.. __ imy. ececcntry ~~c ~tTect oi ragotomy on pstrk nitrosaRr`• . demonstrated a highly significant rela- Wnous nitrosalable amines, may be significantly so in six patients studied important in irastric carcinngenesis in serially, N-nitrosamincx (v<OOU2/ ~ anc( T achlorhydria. Animal studies using N- ~ pN (a<0OS). Thcsc data cunliim the ! Mclhyl-N'-nitra-N-nitnmrguaniJinc have signi(icant relationship hctwccn pf 1 an`! demonstratetd accelerated ga,tric canccr ' £ N-nitrosaminc production cct+ccially i achlr+rhyJria. Murz tlctailcJ vtnJic, ar tionship bclween a rise in pastric pH, j : -~ increase in total N-nitrtxamineconcentra- ,r ( REED, <• t. R SMtTN, !' R Hcx+lF. Arn tion and growth of nitrate reducing gut %'C L WAt.TlRS (GastrdirrtvVirwl Unil tlura in upper ga.truintcstinal di.ca.c• Wrxbom Park Ho~pital, SloaiAh. Brrk- including cancer, and also during cime- shire; BriNsk foal Manujactnrinx Inrlu.r- tidine treatment. (+its Rtstarey As.wiafion, Ltarherhead, Fortytight fasting gastric juice speci- Surrrp, and Drportmenr oJPharnwrolnfiy, mens from 29 vagotomised patients, 26 Guy's Hospilal Mediro/ ScMwl. LnnrkonJ when not treated and 22 during cimeti- Gastric cancer develops more frequently dine treatment, were analyscJ bactcrio- in aehlnrhydric conditions, including logically, for pN, nitrite, and total N- partial gastrectomy and vagotomy with nitroso compounds. Yagotomy resulted drainage, a recent report noting a much in siEni/i.;uUly highcr hactc6at l;rnwlh slxxter induction period after thc lattcr (r (1•(114) anJ mwn N-nitruwmitk com- proeedure. There is strong evidence centration (P<00?) compared with nor- indicating that N-nitroso compounds, mal controls. especially when performed formed by gastric flora converting dietary more than siz years previously. Levets nitrate (rjo nitrile) and dietary or endo- also rose during cimetidinc treatment, 0 3 y u u y I
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50255 ~662 Unghvary, 1wr.wr ~~. AUFNAHME DER FLUORESZIERENDEN STOOFFE DES TABAKRAUCHS IN DAS-BLUT UND VERANDERUNG IHRER KONZENTRATION BEIM RAUCHEN, by.L. Unghvary,. M. Hovanyi and F. Farkas. (Uptake of Flourescence Compounds.from Tobacco Smoke into the Blood and Changes of their. Concentration During Smoking.). Photostat from: Zeit. Ernshrungswissenschaft: 3 .(No.)/4) ]68-70 (1963) •! :) / U
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50255 2653 .. TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/STRESS/ 77 X Sc RJR CLASS ;10. PA21P11LLT 77 X • Scl.nei der, N. G. ; j3ouston, J. P. ' (i;niv. Calif., Los 1lrgelcs, Calif., U. S.) S1k)};ING AND A::XIETY. Psychol. Rept. 26, 941-42 (1970) (in English) Sar.rrnary: -A60 of 1035 conuctcd in.iiti•iduals complctcJ the Tayl,'): ~LIni- ` ~ ftst Anxicty Scalc and a qucs:iur.rnirt on vnoking bch..iur. Thv crica indicitcd ~ r that smokers, as a Eroup, scotel hichcr on the anxicry scile thin non5:nulcrs. ` No support for the nn:ion of a signi(ic3nt cnrrelation L:ts,een .:wo••rrrt of $1 nok I- ~ ing and level of an>:icty was obtaincd. Ss rcportcd incrc3srs in smokin; bchav- I i tot during pcr;ods of stress but ind:c.rtcd that thc>c incrc.ses Ncrc usvally not i ; rnaint3ined beyond the period of str.ss. Sc ,rT a
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80 II Ho / 50255 2658 V ! 1 Healt =Related Yehavior 1 Imflact of the Three *iile Island QQuclear Inc? dent Report Submitted to the TMI Advisory Panel On ~lth Research Studies The Pennsylvania Department of Health -- of ._. - Ph.D., ?rincivle :-vest:gator PART I *Robert W. Miller, Ph.D. **George K. Tokuhata, Dr. ?.H., ?`.:._. **Kum Shik Ham, Ph.D. *The Pennsylvania State University, College of Me-=ciae and **The Pennsylvania Depa:tment of Hea1ta April 9, 1980 , +-) Q fI 0 G ia bC-. %) ) ) ) 7
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ADVER7ISING/ r, _ N _ I Mr, 50255 2666 10th Floor f 1.0. Reynolds `"" a Bldg. T IAdvertis e I' By Kenneth Roman and Jane Maas St. Martin's Press I (.i J . ~ U l i .~ f U ) I
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9 5025S 2661 t ~.,~.,~„~.«..~.~ ~ . ~o~utNstl,c, CttC,nt, 471 ~':/° fOli]!1'3 and 1sI:1~L(1:11Crs' tl1C1T }; tc:llr:o!ogti. \et: :'a1•:., F.lsc~;cr, ,°. %'. 3:1u".. di:r,rs., t ItttF3. LJ Ctn. (1?;,,'rir'r'c n?_; :acr { s o:. t'.:e cltctnistry, lat)'slcs arc3 techuo:vtiy oP l:iZ;h 1>>1yntc°;c ar.ll Ft:bctancts) Snclsd,'s biblio„rpphtc3. 1. riencr8i thCor;'. 2. eLlt:ufftiVlrir, Crtic:•, ura: c.t:(1 a:!alys's.c; l.., _. tion of propertics. ]0-1~. 3. jU:+stotncrsl Z. iPlastomcl•sl , ~...~ Lji) r.~itZC1',;~~1. r!aC. r. fVr L1ltrarC oP (`Cnr,resy 1201 i A : 0-v 7f~;
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t;'3,6[) .:-'7Z[ T'L 'Pv;d pL.Y '::nof •3T-a C'CO11 'I:'n) pi.:3 u[3--)A : Jp 1':31% •~)'n :UJI~(:ii?~ U3:~ Ll3A( iI LSa D L`'a1. 'G "V'S '.1'S i.. .. ,::Ui;`•l clti'v P2! ~:'..i:)'r~'"s ) . 4 ( - i I 4 .J :.:.I ., ::•] ~.O 1.T.^.!.5 V ~. f~JFf ~.T.7:tOjt j. l ~ ~~ ~ F•Z. ll{l.LC • ~~ i'Ti'~~}.fiact` k - • -- ~ .1 .E99Z SSZOS
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50255 2660 1 TP 068 D - : f t ::u Dc 13ru;,~c, .i<.rnizn ltdri:~~~, ec~. Adlic,iu~l :cr.d ac]hesi~r;, cc~iteu k~; ~;. :1. 1)e 13 ru~nc ,t ] li .1. . 37ou%~•iiiic. New York, Ia evier ~'t,i). ~;u., ]1~:; Xv,517p. !llas. 23cro. Includc.s 1):Lliograph:cs. ]. Adl:^..ises. ' .l~lluoiun. ctl. ~ - j .. , Tl'~uS.I)~ i ~ \ GC8.3 .>r_ .~ ' - _n ,, ~ 7.Ibrary of Co.^•gress ~ ~ 1Cj?f5i -
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.• 50255 2669 a ~ 6q L`ace~•, liorr+:a7 :' ]io.N' to svoid probate, by Norlnan F. hac( -,.. llOt'L, Colill., Niltlotulj L.~t[lit I'IcllitL'no Col'.rrct!, V{'i;)l i ~ 349 p. forrus. :'-4 cru. f 1 1. T:_ti'.i, r,,traning-L:. S. 2. E'ro~,3te 1:,v' ar, ` prscticti•--L". S. 3. lbr.ns $. t. 1':rlp., ~ j pA i.i:)r.zr; of C,-n^r.~;; t3: 6 5 _a4 .i: -1 t+ .~ l. t l I 1 ~ J U •y . i l
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50255 2651 3~ A ....~- ~~a yn, Intecpretatio:l of aerosol reco\•ery.cur\•es followine- inhalation of - _~ tnonodispcrscd particlc•s/ ]:. I1ot-sl-ux ilr.cl• .lf. J. S:, ;C/1'ilctnJtoco~:iosis / G~ , ,~,,, I;c•s(arclt 1',ie,,, I, ,tt:.~ ul~I.,, ~~l(:I, 1 ~tu11,, C~ r~r aIt , J ~ / Tl1e al'hEcOtio11 of the ).a :\lcr-Sinclair Gcncrator for t)JC lir:,duc'tiotl of tc•spiraUlc 0•u'l•0p ac•ro_c,l I,articlcs by \luir (lJGS) 11us facilitatecl study of tllc rterod\'na:lti: s of thi lung and tllc factors \1'IUC'll C'oIItI'11111te to the dcllusitioll of (Iwzt. :Iac mctflud dc•mon,tr.:t:•(l hus tc\•e:lc-!] clitfcl•cncc•s in tLc l,attc•ru of acrosol rccor(•ry bctwecn normal subjects and patients \: ith irrc\•crsil,lcl,r:rruwim-rtllcll~u:r~ir~~,1~,;\;'e:(r(~n~~~~ cu±l;crn(d\:ith\:'nt•s of cxpressim, tilc• clificrc•llcc~, Lrt«•cctl st:bjrc•ts in (i) the (•(1ccL of Urcatll- 1lulclinry ul,ocl (i(•llr-ition allcl (ii) t}Ic llattcrll of acrosol trr•o\•ery. In nnrmal Subjs•rts Ftudi(•cl l,Y Sill~„lc Lreatli.tc•cllniclu(•; tllc jlcrcent l~c reCU\'C!'y of :'-(•1'OSr~I liC ( t'C:1 C ti \t'Itt1 1J1'cilt ll-~IUlrllil~ lil a tl?atili(•r \^lilCll !t; lf l(~7)•
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0255 2656 . . 0 Amer. Jour. Cardioiogy 13 226-31 (1964) - The Common Origin of Precordial Vibrations* 80 II Ey-80 S.P. CLARENCEM. ACRESS, M.D., F.A.C.C., STANLEY WECNER, DANIEL J. BLEIFER, M.D., ALFRED LINDSEY, 4OA~;:VAi1 HOVTEN, KENNETH SCHROYER on(I HARLEY AT. ESTRIN, M.D. ' Los Angeles WILLIAM HARVEY' in 1628 was the first to recognize the systolic origin of the apex beat, but it was not until 1839 that James I-iope= provided the first experimental proof that the apex beat was caused by the transmission of cardiac forces to the chest wall. In 1878 the first graphic registration was made by the Marcy capsule' HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT These initial and all subsequent efforts to record precordial movements have had three primary aims: (1) To afford visual representation of audible h,:art sounds for accurate timing and documentatio.i of stethoscopic findings. (2) To record n%baudible fre• quencies (bclow 30 c.p.s.) where the clinic; an has only his tactile sense for perception. (3) To develop a method for evaluating thelmction cif the.hear U :~utiisg t~cse 95 ycn4Y ofAnvcttigain, ~'t(+e t~ jor constrictive pericarditis, bundle branch block and cardiac aneurysm. Recently, Bcnchimol and Dimond" studied the apcxcardiogram after a double two-step exercise test. The a wave was found to double in amplitude in patients with coronary artery disease but chaneed little or not at all in normal subjccu. The large a wave is due to atrial contraction and reHects an in- creased left ventricular resistance to filling. The ap- pearance of this wave was fclt to be definite evider.ce of coronary disease. In 1953 Eddleman et al4 described the kineto- eardiogram, a method which recorded low frequency (0 to 30 c.p.s.) precordial movements by means of a metal rod air-coupled to a piezo-electrie transducer. Lov, frequency tracings had also been recorded by Johnston and Ovcry't in 1951 with a Sanborn electtomanometcr and in the same year by Luisada and Magri.'s Eddlcman et ai.'e have made many uce- ful observations with this technic and have sum-
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I 50255 2672 1 G 6 ° Hav~a to BuIld arY~olar_Heafer A complete guide to building and buying solar panels, water heaters, pool heaters, barbecues, and power plants TED LUCAS A MENTOR BOOK R:E"t.E=rICA:L E.9Mr%.A.. V TIMES MlffnOlT ~ NEW YORK AND SCARBOROUGH. ONTARIO THE NCY! ENGLISH LIDRARY LIMITED. LONDON e
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0255 2643 WORLD IiGALTt; ORGANIZATION GENEVA 1 ~ ~-~E~.~..'~'I-~ FI.~21~.~~ AI)IS - ! 2 C. OF Prepared by 100 sp.cialists t . ~ ; rnDL ' ~~"~;E I T~" ~"~~ ~ /',, ~j in 15 countrics 1 C. . -~ J- ) l. Jl r'.L 1~ 1 tii• ~ • - . ENVYLRONMEN~r .+ . . ..... . -..,~...r-,.-.~..._.__.._ ~.. TOIIACC0--S1:0}:I'.--CA):30,.~ Af(',NO?;Ib':/TODACCO--:`tOl;E---til'TP.OS~L1I1~1,:~/ TOnACCO--S'IO}:'r.--.'1I^, POLLUTION/ CA1:130N I10idOXIDI:/I?;::}:CTS/fiODLI:TS/AfII'IJ1LS/1i0i~SI1:C/OCCLTt?TIO?I/:L DI 1':~Si;S./ CLIttATE/1'1:ANSPUI:TP,TI0:7/~n;1dTAL HYC-IEn1:/TO?iIC SUBSTh?:CI S/Afitii ~]:C/I':'.t:~~it?1:/ 1.P.P.ll/?iIi1:C1?RY/ASi3ESTC) S/ CAt:BC~`I MOl~<?XIJ11;/;aIT'fi0G}:;7 0};ID}:S/I~LU:?RIll?:S/l?7.O;yE/ NIT}2A1'P:S/f1iTF:IT:.S/bD'I'/L' SI CTICIDES--TOXICOLO(=YJI'OJ,YCilL01?I:Z/,7'ED P,I1'1~I?T~YLS/ TF}U~TOGJ:,~S/P:OISJ:/TA';~S :v:(~ L}:OISLATIO'd/Cl}F.0"`.OSO:•i;: A3LI:1:1TI0`:S/SA ;I'7'/~TI^;./ 1:I;VIROi:I•tEtiTAL FIi;AL1'li/'TOliA(:C0 --S1'.O;:T:;C--1i1:ALT1} E1'P}:Cf/ AIR--POLLUTIOti--11. ALTI1 1:FFF:CT/PO.,LtTIO::--1dATL'P, /P,/ r;ITh('SA'T;'I:S/ FOOD --CONTA_'`iI;!A*CIO:+/CA?:CI",R--CAUSATL0I7--BY El•+VT_rO:'P.;ENTAL FACTOr'.S/ L-ISf; ,SES--CAUSI:S A:1D ';°f1J:U1?I?;S OF Cl'a':',A7'ION/ 1
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50255 2671 TOBACCO--SMOYING--FAVORARLF TITERATURE/ ' TQBACCO--.1DVERTISINC/ 76 XI Re-78 . . ~ . • ~, . . .. ••~ B.JR CLASS NO. PA`tYHLET 76 aI Re-78 s.p. S.P. Campaign HO.W. THE'.BRITISH TOBACCO COMPANIES ARE BbT'EFYTING THE COU;.TRY. Campaign 1978, p. not given (June 30, 1978) (in English) :'But thc rcal problem is that the tobacco companies do I not stand up for themselves. Their response to criticism, on 41he a"hole. is silence - probably for fear of further legicla- lion against them. However, they do have a case to argue. !They are large cmploYers of labour. They have agreed not ,to encourage young people to take up smoking. And they Iare a massive and uncomplaining supplier of tax to the 'Government ar.d hence of resources to the country/_ a
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50255 2670 ....,._,.,, _ _ . ~~03• -- 17, 1~;5G . ! c ei
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S0255-- 2668 III I)u S.P. A HM-AFRUStiIrcSflRAYSTJ4N MM!ft1"' Y6ffAFM'= ~'ih'9 HEALTH 2, by Albert Fritsch , Barbara Hogan Susan Guhl Center for Science in the Public Interest ~= 1779 Church Si:reet, N.W. Washington., DC 20036 1973 ~ / 0 t I lJ ll •l lr r ~
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50255 2678 Scti by ~. .:.:"c sc o n~. . a ...~...;, :~`. r n~ ~ , ~ ~ ~ L/ •a tl 6 1i ti 6 'I
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I 5t}255 2654 .__...__. __.~.._____._._..._.____-_...._.. _ ..._...._...:.. __. _ - -- ~- --_... _...._ ~~ fdy^ k ^Oli~t7-~3~5/ C4Z7^.~R-~CAJSa~X~~tal ~'?,i\it?LrJGi 1~70 2E~1 iT • C A~"_'FR• 14'~~ Bcir~ (!:c 1' ~ cecdirt s U (!,c CA!~:?P--BI`C1?''~~I-TPY/ CAti::ER••7TROLa3°/ Tenth IWcrnalt~al Cn,r:cr Cvo:^r,ss s ~i ng a Pracee 1~Ith I IntercusLi ~sv-1 Cencer Con~:,ress i ];OUs."i0'3s T!Xt,V - ~ VOLUME I: A. Cellular and AfolccOar Mcchanism! .,:.. C zti~ . CAtl;~D••alalhCSI ~ .._.: TOb'.CC`J-• Tu0Kl,i,^-~:ANC Cy'~YAIGtif HU'J5i0"Ij CON:;RS?`~f : C . 6 f VOLUME 11: VOLUME III: . VOLUME IV: CtnO-cliCsts 23. Rcoulation of Gene Lap-cssiah Expcrimcntsl Cancer Thci:,f,y Ui-i,c,nasis and rlamactncnt Considctacions Sitcs Diao losis and Tiacaacmen: VOLUME V: A.,Environtncntal Causes of e! C•t. C:eleetr: ::r1tt:al of Cac:ccr: SjwiF,r „ , B. Fhic;cntiokr_,yand I)entograplty C. Canccr Education Isditcd and 1'rcparcd for I'uGlication undcr tlrc nircctaon of: I:USS::LI, 11r. CIJhII.F.Y Pu st :_ Cv1`I:i.A\u, At.D.. ll.Sc. ;Iio x.i ,jOAN 1:. ,tifcC:1Y, rl.a, t YE1`.J: !'sOC)h , i1:l)ICAL YU13L1SI4L'I:S • tNr: , 3 l s : l! .. . c~ t.1 ~~ fl LAST WACICLk DR1VI . C)ttCAGO
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4 50255 2675 ~OS XX NcF-C-2M-73 U.S.DEPAF,M:P:T OF AGRICULTUF:E, HOHL AND GAI'.DE27 BULLETIN NO. 166. COt:SU:P'R kNU ME:f'.F:I:TING SERVICE Revised December 1969 Ll
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0 (. ues,I-a-auv ar.3!4ua-,'aS `171'~D 'UN:{hPl: XK1 . ,. ue7~~taui~ ar.~-r.~va}~S ! . -099Z SSZOS
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50255 2681 i I ii11..'~. .,,,. ....,.i:, e ~.. _ _ 4 , , I
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50255 2667 Alulti-dimensfonal scaling can be used tosJiow. . , 78 XI Ad1-79 S.P. M, - c r) o~ ~- ~ ~ I uoa,wz~~. I ~Qw-Adwextising- Can Position a Brand- Robert E. Smith and Robert F. Lusch "Positioning" is a term that has en- joyed widespread use in recent years. Nowever, thcre appears to bc con- sidcrable confusion as to its cxact meaning (Holmcs, 1973). Futthcr com- plicating rnatters is the present lack of a sound rncthodological proccdure for nseasuring the success or failure of a j~+osi~w~nin4' or r,lposit ~6Piing'nmpan of a product. power stccring, autonwtic transmission, engine size, color, and price. Subjcctivc ittributcs are intanfiible and would in- cludc styling. luxury, prestigc of owncr- ship, etc. Clcarly, m:ul.cting is involvcd with both the objcctivc (product) features and the subjective (consumcr pcrccptions) features. Indccd, for J scvet~ I yf~ts maF.etcrs and advcrtiscrs havc used'a term to dcscribc the rclativc markedly from thr tcrm "p:oduct position" in that th; i;cHcr term dcnlt wittr the consumcr's pcrccrtiuns or imares of the product (i.c., the brand's subjective fcatures). In their first juint cffort, Trout and Rics (1972(a)) iii- dicated thc potency of thc position of a pioduct: -For today w: are cnrcring an cra that recoEni7cs Uuth the importancc of the product and the cornp:rny imai;c. I
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IX Re2-79 Pediat. Res. 13(4)44t1(1979) _ S.P. EFFECT OF SMOKING ON THE CLINICAL AND HFSSATOLOGIC EXPRESSION OF ZURICH to rx.drr.Ucly dccrcascd in thr SnK,hcr.. h.,lcs of Neinz boCy fora,otiun in ~,Lulo bl..nd incuhated at 41A and thc ,t^v+unt of fib prcciyitafc,/ in hc~nnl{~ntc• ccpacd lr• isni~rut••ur•1 dl 37"C and WC tn•n• sirynificantly Ir,s in the v+-nl.rrs. ihr•sc finJinys su9'N'%l Ihal t-nviru-n.•nlal fnctnts ~+I,inc elcvaU• IILCO ltvcls m.1y IIwdify the clinic;%l cxl-ta-..inn of un:tablc Ilb's and also may allc, the rwsulls of in vit.o studics of t/srir physiCo-chcmical choractcristics. ..._~<1 , .. 7 % _ _ CiCECT OF Sf101ar1G Ott TUE Ct11p1Cf.L At1D tiEftATOt061C CfPkti5/0U OF Ilp ZURICII. Sli I I_i_a-l f1_ Zinkh.~m,f~pt~,~ 713~,~,~ S_, ~~l Clwr~chc. .md I/inslrnr 5. Cai.) eY The Juhns Ibop4ins Univ Sch of f7rA.. Depts uf Pcd.r, Mcd., Cettv and Colurado St. Univ., Dcpt. of Dincho.., Fort Collins. lonqiludinal SIud/C5 cn. 15 pcrsons with Iib Zurich (fib Z) frum . two unrelated kindred reveiled an unexprct4i0 phenotypic ea;.res- Sinn of lhc hcr.oqlpbiwq•.ithy in some: rcfraetorincss to the , hemoly[ie effects of Suliun.r.iides, polycylhe•0a, normal percen- la9e of rt•ticulucyles, .i11J nnrmal hantcrilebin ('+r) anA h"'oporin (Itx) Icvcls. Dccwse the : ffinity of llb Z for carbon monoxidc (CO) is at least twicr• thal of fih A, and bccausc bindinrt of CO to hcmc incrt•.tscs the 5t..hilicp nf both norr.ol and unstable hcr,,oqlo- bins in vilro, carboryh.rr•vnlvbin (IIbCO) Icvcls ticrc micasured 7., fib Z subjcct, Prrtcntaqe• of I16C0 in 4 m n-sm-,inq females (.Iqr•s li, 16. 27 .ind 41. ycars) :crr G?, 5.1, 6.7, and 5.7; in Ottc OJult Cc..•)lc .ind onc a•fult nalc 5nrot•rr - 17.3 and 19.0e. 1kr^atncril v.riacs vcrc Iri,lhcr ond rrticuloc.•tc counts Irn,cr in t lhc u.t.l.crs vcrsus the nr°r-•:•.ut.••rs. lip an•1 t1a volvcs ticre • e.uJcralcly lrr t~,,r/.cJly Q.-crc.i5rd rn the non-sr.cd.crs, but nurma) ( HB
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___._ -__.___... 50255 2674 XX MeF-C-M-73 U.S. DEYAfiTTtENT OF AGRICULTURE, 1i0ti1: AND GA1tDEN BULLETIN NO. 146. CONSLRMIER AND r1AML'TI1.G SERVICF January 1968 ~ led &A c I
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50255 2676 ~~C~ 21. S. ~)evBrLmenL ^4 AgrS.cutt+-YC, ~'/~l",,1 Coc~sumer actd Marketin ; SeTvi-:a !;9w Ta 8UY FOOD 1 !-_ r-' , e.. n •, .i :~ l~ .j 0 4 1
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50255 2682 1 G5'U }i£:yJ.sh1. S a.i e r~t t.f ic A"rirzn ?H£ L'iVING CELL,. ~~1gT17.i f i C Aml:7`A Cd.R n
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50255 -2677 73 7II P.c1-7E !~ '~h rr-5,-~, ~ ~~,~ ~ F, s, '~,°~,~ OF ~r-` ~` ~r ~~,-~r s . P . T'C, i .ii~~3_ 1..1 " \,J ~ ~ ~.1 \ ~JL Jr V r LJ :.' ~~X/i t(J~._ I ~ VAJ - I1 \ J..J UIJrL"`..Z AL ' Ml 1!.R P, )vO 75 r Opk?-Ildh? k i }rJ»dacai 1'an,mfanmia,-i, Annin GUta,sv.i, Sa;uum Ncit,a, hat,erL C. Roosa, l ~ o r :i ; i at~~ C.~ru?.] L. S1i hcr. Slo: n Sc:h-ni of PajvvjsY•n:. t 3 a
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50255 2686' C:;:'':1: I U•; ~~ ii :~
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50255 2683 11 . "c.xQntlrsc ar„eritan r,jjZ i.;WzNrx cZ.1jv ~ Scienti.f a c Aer_e.rican :,L ,i J \J. S L~ .~
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50255 2673 - •*taTr e~'. .~aaa+eKaa~r*+"n""rrr'°"crs~*t;2-tr" 4 Consumer and Market ~.ng+Serv.:ce NAW TO a1fY StEF ).970 Washington, D. C. l i-1'J<<,cS ~.~.-. .,.
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50255 2690 Jour. Retailing 46(2) 18-26 (1970) 78 XI Ad -81 Smith, Stewart A. S.P. 1 t;-HOW:DO_ CONSUMERS CHOOSE BETWEEN BRANDS OF DURABLE GOODS? ` 0S i'l 7 6 ij G "j s.) 9 9
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I:C,OLOCY/ II ESeA2= 74 Johnny No: izon' 76 Action Booklets. 50255 2688 S.P. -$Qj,i,,1U COND'tICY .Y1. CLEAIV Ul', CP1fI'AZGh ~~ (SO~iT; THINGS YOU CAN DO TO Ii.1P(',OVE YOUR ENVIRONMENT.) (Includes PURPLE MARTINS AND THE ENVI.RONMENT, RULES TO RID rATS BY)
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79 II Unl 50255 2695 HEART--DISEASES--DIAGNOSIS/ - U. S. Public Health Service, I?ational Institutes of Health Y HOW :DOCTORS 'n2R~KOS$ 'HFARZ` DISEASE ~, , (DHEW Publication No. (NIH) 78-'/53 17 pages) ~ :S tl t~ ~', „ ;, ) % () ~ ~~
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50255 2689 I 72 XI Re2-81 S.P. Charts. English) RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 72 XI Re2-81 s.p. Tobacco Tax Council Incorporated, Richmond, Va., U. S. HOW THE CONSUMER DOLLAR FOR CIGARETS IS DISTRIBUTED. - Tables and . ...•...J..wa,•ti.z:.. .... .t.-..a.;.aAy.. ~........, .._. ' Tobacco Tax Council Incorporated, Richmond, Va., 3 p• (Mar. 1980) (in .,, - lJ ~j i~ ~ il lJ tJ ~/ .~ t1
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..•~_.._...._s~.___ I ~. Vd :LiG G .; •.~ ''}1-93 ONVn.t c aFt.c ~ 6C9Z SSZOS
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50255 2685 S:+SE':i- :f I± ., l LJ_Il~jl•~ T~.
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79 X Ha 2 50255 2687 RJR CLASS NO.t P!L*1PHLET 79 X Ha,, Hastings Center Report ' ~ip:.:~,UNGS::UFjILLION5..Or ~A`1F.RiCANS, ~ Nastings Cent, Rept. 9 (No, 1) 2(Feb. 1979) (in English), / ,,,' By the early 1950s, whcn scicntific s studics first showcd a link between ciEar- ( ette smoking and'iung cancer, cigarcUe ~ smoking had become a deeply ;ng:+incd 1 habit in American life. And, all public 4 education cfTorts to the eontrary, it seems 0 3 7 0 0 0 ll . .7 i likely to remain so. For all that thc anti-, sn~oking messages can offer is a probabl 'e ' reduction of health risks, a weak antidotc~ t to the pos;tivc--if illusory-imagcs crc- atcd in the American consciousncss ovcr~ ~ thc past ccntury. I
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50255 2694 TD 897 Po 1976 2 c. WASTE D ISPOSAL/1•!ASTR, INDUSTRIAL/ 1'sNVIRO:~IA(F.NTAI. TF.CHIIOLOCY HANmB00K NO. 4/ H C~UI%r-.7o. : D I S POS E: OF`v/rOX,- ICY=S~1-BS TAN ,CL. S ANUXI.-ANDUSTRi~L-WASTES Philip W. Powers NOYES DATA CORPORATION Perk Ridge. New Jersey London,' England 1976 et I
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75 X Co TOEACCO--SriOKING---MCITIVATION/ available) Coc-ur Sante 50255 2696 St10tiT.1:G 1VtIt1TS-ADL?Ic;iICN/ ;Lii; Ci~~SS NO. i',1:SP1iLi:T 75 N Cc Coeur~S~~, 1975, 3 r. ~.1uly ]97:~) (~irrnch~r ~slish trarsJation *1975, No. 23, W 8435* xri*t Tahr.cco analysie: a
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xx McF-F-QR-7G ,Sil> orSl9 CULLETIN NUMBER NIfQE ,....::., 502-55 2692 uRsciMr, i.lsoRr,TOl'7:I:S, INC. Calparaiso, Indiana - PRINTED SEPTEMBER 1973 - llesiFners and Manufacturers of Precision, High Speed Cutting rquipment for Food Products. TABLE OF CONTL=ITS NOBODY IN THE {-JORLD BUILDS A MACHINE L If; E URSCHEL LABORATORIES . . . . . . . . ... . . . .. . 2 -- g INTRODUCTION TO FOOD PRODUCT INDEX .................... , FOODPRODUCTINDEX ............................ I GENERAL CHARACTERLSTICS OF URSCHEL MACHINERY ........... ' " • SPECLFLCATIONS OF IL9ACHINES . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ ~ ., . . '•~~'~. . . . . . INTRODUCTION TO DESC'RLPTLVE INFORII•1ATLON . . , . . , : ;: , DESCRLPTLVE !NFOR119ATION ON INDIVIDUAL MAClIINES ........ ~. . 0 3 r
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50255 2703 INFORMATION SOURCES--CHEMISTRY/CHEMICAL LITERATURE// QD 6 Ma 1979 HOW TO FIND CHEMICAL INFORMATION A Guide for Practicing Chemists, Teachers. and Sth ROBERT E. bUIZELL A R7LEY-INTERSCIENCE Olin Coryoration PUBLICATION /4.earck Centsr h'em Havrn, CT. JOHV K7LEY & SO.vS Senr York • ChicAs.ee. Brubane • ToronJo ` > > l
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\ ..•',~. .- •. -_. . ' ii M.s-8b Relations Between Substrate Feeding Pattern and Development of Filamentous Bacteria European ). Appl. Microbwl. Qiotcchnol. 9, 63 -77 (1980) So 2SS 26 S7 1 i i in Activated Sludge Processes Part 1: Infk, v n r ~ of Prooan Paramebn 1 E. van den Eynde. R. PoffE, and H. Vcracbocrt IaOorseofium roor l.drsaiele Micev6iolopc aed siocfsie. KaA. Usiv. Leu.e., Kaaa'rak 1Aackriw, 92. 8-3030 He.erfcr, i.or.aiw, !legi.+s l . ! Sa..rey. Laboratory scale activated :t.dje system were operated .nder re- '~ jitoes of continuous or intcnnittcnt feeding of substrate. It was foYad th.t ooa- ~ tiarx~sly fod system repeatedly resukod : the dercbpmcat of hlamcnoous ~ bacteria and bnUcinE of the sludge. Intcr.ittendy fed system did form good ' settliul sfudEcs, without filamrntous bactQ•a. The same resnlts.Kre fo.od as- '/ iiag different sludge IoadinSs and differcat oaoocntntioAs of mixed liquor s+es pended solids. High dissohred oxyscn oo.awtration did not prevent bolhieq i. ,.~ contisaoes systems while low dissolved oxnea concentration rcwhed in b.po- ~ iaE with intamittendy fed system It wus found thu the substrate removal , nte o( intertnittently operated systcros.as always higher than for continuously fed sys[cm The hypothesis is foraubted that iotermittcnt feeding lads to ercV° rates by fbc fortri.E bacteria and thcir predominance 0 s n Q n d i,y 1W serns., which nn re compared to plug flow systems. i / I
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50255 2698 i 1Jiriston-Sa1.ern Chamb~.r of Co"erc.a pAMPHLE7S 0N wlNSZON:, SAL.k,ri AND NuRa)4 CAROL! JVR+ ~• . ~
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50255 2705 t t' jeO ~ 2:avlf::; Vi17.Sz:•1 R. (^c'.) 1101! l.l! 1' )...1! I t. .'' .. S V 6i. C: • p, 7_9 55 313 ~ . St. I i ~ ~ ~ ~ Y ` J
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50255 2699 a 78 XI Ad1-81 S.P. Harvard Bus. Rev. 40(4)137-145, 148 (July- Aug. 1962) B), Cyril Frcci»nu 'H ow _ to - Eval t~ a te • Ilua' much is achrrlitiint; worth? t • 11'h l h y nc~ sixn t c monet an ~al? r,men + D~x~ to nJt'..rl. ' 11? -Advertisii's igContribution • AdhrertisinR dnlGir yardsticks • Task- forc•c b:ul~etiuR al,prcurc•li • nultar-mutril»itiun ttccthchl • 7'Wol +nlrs ejf urt (1i1nl .1:cis t 1 lt ii =~ j c)
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I 50255 2691 R:-.._ .~.. Cvrroll, i'Isii, lSS)5- I3 oti; to Coutrol prnduction i crcv.•ortl Z,% 33rcce W.a:ace. lst ed. New York, AIcGr.:;,-Ilill,''Dii3. 27`_' p. Illus. 24 cm. (.McGrtlw-I7i)1 ranua~, tuca: series) l. Cchts, Industrial. I. Tit7e. ITllJ7.Cf `~', *07.4 6a'i-YC11yi + T.I:,rury cf Coegm-. i75j a , Wl/
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50255 2707 !T 215 ;ire.e liuv; to out n1»Ia ra!e:As. (Is;, ccl.; O.forc', \c;. i York, l~C:;;::Ill011 PI'l'S3 [1M71 xi, 1:'i P. f:rcsiiu':. 20 cm. ~ incl~r~1~•~ bihliorralrl:ivs. 1 1 e 1. 1'aie; t litcrature. i. iitlc. T?:0.'N' 1967 GO~.i'1:; of C'o::^re~~4 " [71 r i 6
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50255 2704 1 DIRECTnRIES/GnVERIvTiF.NT--T.OCAL,~ STATE & NATInNAL/ASSOCTATIf1~'S/ FREEDOM OF I'~FORMATION ACT~y1~1~TFR*;AL REVENUE SERTTICT: FREEDOM OF INFOR*tATI0N/ FREEDOM OF INFOR*LATION ACT OFFICES/U. S. GOVERN*TF:VT---DIRECTORIES/ INFORMATInN SOURCES--U. S. COVERNTMiENT/DATA BASF.S/ ..~.fNFORMA -,.__,.. . ,. . _ _._ ..,T`,, ., tION,~,_.. , ._ . ABO. #=#01/~fi=~~7"~~~~IND `U`i``"COMPANIES~ REF Q 144 Wa 1979 by Washington Researchers EDITOR Donna M. Jablonski EUITORIAL RESEARCH . Peter G. DiChellis . Janice Martz Lucy Norm n Scott McGehee ii t1 .~ ~ . ~
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0 c,:..)7d 5LY I 5?.4{ VIS.! `.' n 7 )~ ' t U:i llt.~ f~.l\w_.~~~( tf./ 1JU ilr[1 S96T I i l..L 969 z 3~:{ . ~ • ' .. ~ 80LZ SSZOS•
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r . 73 IX Gr2:76 - 50255 2693 RJR CLASS NO. PMIPHLET^ 73 IX Gr2-76 Russell, M. . . . . . . . , , . . , .. ) (Maudsley Hosp., Gt. Brit. ,.~, . ... ..... . : Maudlsey Hosp. (Russell, M.) News Release, Gt. Brit. (1976) (in £nglisl *Abstr. in: Sunday Tines 1976, p. not given (June 13, 1976)* ••~
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78 XI Adl-81 S.P. There are eight steps the Camp- bell Soup Co. uses to evaluate promotion in the field. We have found this systematic approach use- ful in increasing_our efticiency. l. Know tko markatiag objse- tlVo o! your promotion. 50255 2700 wow-~o~ Evawate- Sales Pr~~i~tion " tiA1tK1 A. CARTER 2. M.aluat• your liaas oI eoss- ssunicatfo.. Is the complete story going to the field? ls it going out on time? Proper knowledge of the market- ing objectives brings up this prob- lem of communications. Many busi- current activity. Learn from you; own past experience to avoid mak- ing the same mistakes twice. At Campbell Soup our distric managers send in complete report• on activities within their districts These reports record the number o ~ic..lo..c n~.fein.~ ..~... L... ..f ..... a 0 4 l! ` 1 ~1 U •.10 ii. J f
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50255 2709 LIBRARY AND TECIINICAI. INFOR"LATIONJGREAT BF3TAIN--IM'OP.NATION SOURCES/ INFORMATION SOURCES--SOCIAi_ SCIENCES/ ~"~O~s tfliFiCDC~~0i~vt~'A~JOUt Scdences- GILLIAN A. BURRINGTON, FLA Lecturer, Department of Librarianship, Manchester.°olytechnic PERGAMON PRESS Oxfom( • New York • Toronto Sydney • Paris • Braunschweig .: i
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50255 2665 V NO 40.cl- "A-4!V14Cec io 3 61c,) 3a / - 3,~ ~ ~rT1cl /~?s ) ~~ ` I i H!dOSrDses:. iV "Used together they enable us to select the foods we prefer, and to enjoy them more fully." CRAAT D. MORSE, Ph.D. Sauterties, N. Y. FlY DOES ANYONE sometimes prefer honey to any other sweet? Volume for volume, honey (chiefly kvulosc and dcxtro c) is sweeter than j-anulatcd sugar (sucrose). Not only is honcy one of the sweet- est of the swcct% we consume, but it has distinctive flavon, If the particular honcy we arc con%umin~ hai been made by the bccs from a ncctar with a flavor we usually prcfcr, another reason is Present for our liking it. Most honcys h:rve ajtr:u(iycfy~! tabte 11:rvdt3. fln~ cn~rr.• n-f-,. :.. to a degree simultaneous and comp)e- mentary. Our sense of taste is believed by most authorities to limit us to four qualities -sweet, sour, bitter, and salt. Linnaeust listed 11 basic tastes: sweet, sour, sharp. salty, bittcr, fatty, insiPid. astringent, viscous, aqueous, and nouscous. Some writers have even add- ed sound as an auxiliary to this list, pointing out that the crunch of a food. such as a cracker, adds to the total senst of.apprpciatiohi of what we are tatinc. Tclturc dr•rc arv•n+ in +r1.+ -.... All substance% that we eat have vola• lile flavor compounds. The chemi%t strives to idcntify these volatile com- pounds--oihcn that he may imitate thcm in substitute tooJt or drinks. (11'itncsc the rather g.+rxf imitation of original flavor in some artificially flavored drinks). The authnrc of Flavor Research (Principlc% and l cchniques)s writc: "Our perccption of the hasie tactc qu.wlities results from a r.ittcrn of nerve acti%i-y coming from many taste cetls• -" and .....- . Q
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50255 2664 c'nA-ra:~!<--;~s L I V 0 Z-~(jN L- _ .III Du -79 '" ,~ 2 I Cuideliuca r~or :'3 tpht Plannlr.g S~• j~urlnl{ rcri•.)1s o.* O:onc Occurrcn:c 0 M%1Il5(,4f ~:~~~~--- -- --- -- ~. r.a''T'A'C0G ~ I Control DnUi Corporation i Research Di•iision J AvrA..~.) ,I). 1'clr"lt, It. ,:+ilcox~ G. J. ,.I ctro:~l~ /1 ~lbvlan~~a D ~.~rtt ~ C 8 .lk CA"W~r /f') Q-F^- Yl7~OT~Tyf~rlTrf^t1fCa-M . __ . s . - A, - a L . .+ -P I ainneapol is, M 55440 12. ' Rifh Altitu.le ,-allution Praf.;rn.a N..w. w./ AIJ.... On.•.in A S .n< q D t 1 Apartr,mnt ot' Transportation W11 Final ~ep<~t+~ Fedcral Aviation Adn!ni ~tration 1 office of f]:vironnentnlYuality J I s. SuD~l.,nenrvr N..•• 17. K.r Fe.1. aircrnft cabins; i n Ozone Fensonal, Ceof;raFhical ozone '~ _ variutions froe ozonesorri^ CASP data. _ .--...~ klAt jet cruising altituics hiGh ozor.e anau.nts so:netimes occur In the ctibin. Tne purpoe.e of this report is to present, for airli.ie o:-erational personnel, the best eurrent estirszte of the avera;re aasicnt (outside) ozone and its varlability vith tir,e and space. These su=,ries are based on tvo types of observations: balloon ozonesonde data for stations in Jn}vsn, North America, and 4•estc•rn Europe; an1 "G•4SP" data fron con?ercial airliners obtainel under the Global Atmospheric Sampling ProEram, (GASP) conducte.l by the National Aeronautics and ,Space Adainistration. ;Thv rclAtlonshlp of uzone a:•.ount vith stratospl:eric ~trans~pori~rceJtanisisa ig di~cuslkkid, leaiine to the i3entificntion of sevcral mteoroloFical param-t.er3 vhich can be used to quaiitatively forecast ozone on a daily basis. Also pre::crrteG is a preli _insry rerreseion o: ozone vith I
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TG}:f:CCU--ORGA?.~!LLPTIC PkOPERT'IFS j. 50255 2697 ._ _..._. .. ._ . . .-- - -... .._.__...~~__....__~_..... _,... _.ti.__.,.---_......r..w. ~._.,_.._._.. VI Ta3-7 i -Clila•1ICAI. C0.lF'OSITI(lI`/CIC't!F.i.TTI:S--T/sSTF-T::..•TIR!;/ RJP. C:L..:SS :;o, P.,:•1M?LFT VI Ta3--73 1':rti.o, A. ; t::.cl:, F. (F. J. i;ic, luncourt, Switz.) `S'4"F f:T.~ ~- ~'~ ~ . , 7F. ~~• a ~rc n'1 1n - a •I~ . i r n • t ' c t c:r.~_t;ct. . ~.1~.,er.~: an ~, u:~3 an:12:~sc~ie 2 p., Co1c-n., Ger. (`ta-v 21-•25, 1973; (in ~ Ccrz,sn c;itii Translptioa) 1:, l: 5"G5': slr.,t I f : a
Page 207: hfb88d00
50255 2702-- N' 77 XI Fi TOBACCO--ADVERTISING/ RJR CLASS i:0, P:1 I'IIL?'T 77 XI Fl t ~ l~~ ,. ~ , Finast, ,omc:vill.e, ~ : ~1 .., L. S, ~ NUN FiNAST RF1tIVF.it-(;3GAkt'"1'FF.xf,-AL}a. Finast, I+ews hvlew:e, tiomerville, ;las,. (1977) (in I:nf;lish) ~~Abstr. in: Chain Store A;e, 1977, p. 61 (June 1y77)* .~[A switch from service to self- set-vice boosted cit arettes' st:are of ltotal store salcs at i•'irst \ational's Boston division from just morc ~ than 1Sb to an ,,.veraf~e of 3 %. ~ L .1 I p 6 i 1 ll ki
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50255 2715 -- ~ , ~ - -- i X't• , . ~_n', C~n :cr:; 1:..>7 ry r,rc,.,~ i:_llil'ai:. i•.?.l4_'• N I ! • ~~ ~,i 6 ~~ i ; /
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50255 2710 J- ~. ~/ 1 1 % 1_ C. R. l).A., r.L.A• nX}'O}:D • }.ON))t.lN 7OitON7Y) • SYi)N''il' • )'/.%}S • )S}:AUNSC}111`l:}G . j i1 ~1 t i ~, ~i i
Page 210: hfb88d00
50255 2714 ~ ,., .-.,. ~ 2i C), 100 ! Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada HOW FINE TOBACCO IS GROWN, MATURED AND MADE INTO CIGARETTES. 1961 (?) 40 pp. Microfilm Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada, Montreal 7
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50255 ~ TP ~ j~.0Z) ; E: ~ ~ 2706 c:: s:. PiiFi.r.rf.'T.? 1.:r:i.`:: EI2d G. C7,:'.^.I?UCS.!. .i ; G9 2Z9 Ya;;ea :'rrsLi fi6a Y.ork. :1
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I XX M2i •-Q-W-13 S0255 2716 FRUIT AND VEGETABLE FACTS :4ND POtNTEP.S. a: FP.UIT:--AtzD : VECQTA3Lp MAPY"T':'TG "MIff ""MIMEt}'fB9 .,-. ION' C.E. Magoon, R.A. Seelig United Fresh Fruit bVegetable Association, Washington, D. C. j v N
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50255 2722 C 78 XI Adl-81 S.P. HOW.~GM..MEASURES a0, EFFECTIVENESS(, BY GAIL SMITH : 'his week at the spring meeting of ne Assn. of National Advertisers, Gail 3mith, director of advertising and narket research, General Motors -"orp., delivered the following report :)n GM's ad effectiveness study ~ ll 0 r:
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50255 2724 Pr1 ntcr' c Ink (Wooten, 141. Ii. ) Cigaret;:e output in t.t:e Uni:.zad St :te : by brand and ec,.panics, 1fI:1_-61, 64, 66, 69, 70 From: Pr; oter' It+%.- ~ .~ .~ J
Page 215: hfb88d00
. 50255 2718 7s-J. ~'• H EMP-7C~,"G EN E RATE ~ ', eL r y,OD*~Y~syI AS. S,. ~~.YF~ F. D. BARRETT USE YOUR RrcNr HRAI:f Your right brain is the one that produces new ideas. The lef t brain deals only with already existing facts. That we have two brains instead of only one has been discovered only in very recent years. Before that all of us, including the experts, thought we humans had a single two-sided brain. But through research on brain-injured patients and -39 (/y1s-) - r f ~ I ~1 :: r.f r fl i ~ ~
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O ± o~•ni`r113 ~L'~Y , ~.~-*IWO tay I IZLZ SSZOS
Page 217: hfb88d00
50255 2719 • 71 . I As -.CL •-. -,.. _ . ~!'. . .'.l _ . .. .. -... 1. ...: ~.....:.?;J._•.~' .:..._j.T.; .r..~, __....c.s::.~~', Cl
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50255 2729 ~ Tt~i'. Q Ar.~,;. 3car: Co~inc-'i of x;?r:ct~CT':lfnit. ~ ]!;`i 1io:r ]a!;crct'tories rcrvti k'rashir"ۥtcn, D. C. s I^5!, unr: rcd 23 cr.
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50255 2732__ 7t3 XI Ad -81 Advertising Age 41(14)54,56 (April 6, 1970) HOW TO JUDGE A CAMPAIGN'S TRUE EFFtCT1YENESS (THE CANDID BRAND MANAGER) By A BRAND MANAGER t l ~, r. ,• t
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50255 2726 1% 81 V We q~<a) 3vJ- 3 03 Tai LIaTKaoacors 91:1981 ~ ~~~~~ ~ "HOW. ~?DO I'I`'~=-I4EAD AND NECV" !~ ~Tif je~ Probtem 'and t`te ludon W~ AN OBJECTIVE APPROACH SUBJECTI,Jti+E TESTING FOR SENSATION O ASTE AND MELL. Shrewsbury, N.J. As our society becomes increasingly complex and the generall population more urbane, the medical/legal problems facing physicians today are be- coming progressively more sophisticated. Malingering is becoming an in- creasingly common ear, nose and throat problem.1.: opposed to those for he~aring, there are no objective tests for taste ~ and emell. The following'testi has been developed as an objective approach to a subjective test (Table I). ~ S. TxomAs WEsmMA.x, M.D.,
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50255 27i-1 I!~c'0~4::.iCb.d 50Jr?cE5-yEr~^v'[t ~ir t;: G/ . ; . cccording to th-c Universal Ur-cimal Chos.i,rcation L 'Q '~.. ^rl1idC to SoUr cCS of iflrOrlll,^iien Grrtlrae4 BY t f . ll JACK GURi:C!"I", F.L.A. At-4D P!-:IL;P P1_Uh1Q. F.L.a PEP.GAlION PRESS OXFOT.D • LON.:jON LF)I\RUF:GN • i:L"W YORK TOkO:S--O • SYu1,11Y PARIS • GS;r.1JNSCVi\YFlG
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50255 2717 9- '- .v) cp y y I_- POPCORN CLINIC -- ~ y 5) _-::4 -~ ~1 5 ~' y NOW FUNUGATION AFFECTS THE ; 80 rt P0 r-POPPING QUALITY OF POPCCR~J S• P• By 11. B. T. CO'ITON and G. B. WAGNER, Bureau of Entomology, United States Department of Agriculture Corn used for popping purposes frequently becomes infested with insects. This is particularly true in the South, where insects fly to the fieldF and starl infestation in the ripening grain. As : safeguard against losses, ne.vlti har- vested corn is usually fumigated to destro> this small field infestation beforc it can develop to disastrous proportiu.a. _ The writers were recently called of the common fumiganls is rather upon to recommend a fumigant that . striking when excessive concentrations would not injure the popping quality are used and in some cases with nor- of the corn. As there seemed to be mal dosages. Fumigating the corn with no published information on this point hydrocyanic acid improved its pcpping a few experiments were conducted to quality at all dosages tried. A dugare determine what effect, if any, the of 5 lb. of hydrocynnic acid per 1,000 vnPors of our common fumigants had bu. caused an increase in volume due on the popping quality of corn. e 24 Nours to popping of 7 per cent over normTi. Fumigat This advantage was lost, however, at Samples from the same lot of pop- the end of ten days, when thc pop- corn were fumigated for 24 hours with ping quality of the corn was found to carbon di.-ulphide. ethylene dichloride, have returned to normal. rarhon tetrachloride. ethylene oxide, ' _Sarbon Disulphide ,
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50255 2701 - l1 .>< _~..._.....ri ~c-/a/5!- 80 II Po S.P. I I ii u MANUFACTURER-WHOLESALE F6RUM V ~ ~-/ (~_. t1t31 IPA Popcorn Industries Con..ntion Presentatlon) I am just goin.- to take my plant because I know about it. We have on!.: one Dunbar popper in the plant. I read in the papers that we should have a 70 or SO per cent margin of profit. I think our comptroller is wrong becau-~. he cannot come up with that margin of profit. Maybe some of the theaters can but we have not been able to do so. Our popper will pcop nine pound< Ho..~W;to 1=igiirc Your s Popcurii-.Productio>i>t Co_tsBY HARRY T. McNAMARA Vice President. Blue ar Foods, Inc. Rockford. Illinois of corn every three minutes, and the air screen picks it up and puts it in the hoppers above the tumblers. We can charge the tumblers with seven pounds of popcorn at a time. The seasoning is put on by a timer which is checked every hour to see that it is delivering the amount of season- ing it should and then a conveyor picks it up and puts it out in the ro4m. (J One-Man Operation • _.. ,_ cartons, and your tape. That is you- entire cost and you base that again ~ your sales. You have to add on to that direct labor. You have your popper and your three girls there. He consider- that part of the cost of a case of pop- corn. To that he adds on the manu- facturing overhead, which is your janitors, your lights, your p - your gas and everything that goe< into that department. On +- ~f •u-• I
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I MeA7 -79 S.P. by SUZANNE REIFERS Includes information on the 1978 Uniform Guidelines EXECUTIVE Ef~,'TERPRISES PlJ[iLICAT/ONS CO., INC. 33 Wue,t t,Ulh Struot. N#rw Y<xk. Now Y~xk 1UU23 50255 2725 /,~/ . / /. .. . 1., a
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Page 226: hfb88d00
50255 2720 ~~-~- - -. _ TOB ACCO--S *tUKI;7 G--'-tUT I VAT I ON 73 X Ra TOBACCO--SPIOKING--FAVORABi'.E LITERATUP.E/CIGARS/PIPE SMOKING/ -~Y•- ..~-..4'..C.~•r.J._O.e.;••-1 \iP HLI:T 3R CLASS h0. PA.HLI:T 7 .1 _ , ~,-'~.v,'V 3. X -% .....r..... s:~ 'y'.. . A. Ra ! c : Ram, S. P. *(no afifl.)* t tyF ~ OllT ° . . 126 , p. HO~J TU'GET-;,GP.E~ FU (1941) (in English) t f ~ Cuneo Press, Inc., Chicago, *\ote date* f r • 1.1 SE73* *d* *1473, *io. 21, ~ 1,01), Co r.:edicir.e ~, _ . _.~:.:L.~...:......>.~... .. ~- a
Page 227: hfb88d00
50255 2736 _ __.,.~..... _ __~. . 1 7.76 }i,~)" 50 I:IrrW1P-S'P~ ww~. I{oLi LiuI I:~~.Itti Cr..y.....: f~ ..l...C ~u[T C. s
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rl / 1 t t ~1 t r .~• _ - .sr.._..- - aL- ...-_-.L... __.__.__.-- ~J ~ . _ ~. -a+ refr~ OEtZ SSZOS
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Ih'FO~M~T~Cii SO'J:'Cr:S-- ~'JE.T :C1- COL•L~C`1IGi ~~ 50255 2713 BIBLT OGRi~ P'ct1'--rI EDL.Y Ocli{:1PHIrS/ ~ MAN+GE!''~:NT--iIT :.RAI'URT, INr^O::M'~~IOtl,~ =iAG :M32 --PL44NYNG/ , E-'s GlU.~=-~x-l'&'st'JLjD=,-O- ~'~ ~.:-- ~~ -~ ~:Zok "I, Y ~+~( S 2nd Cuition A Guide to Sources of Ir:jrorm,:ti'on arra^ged according to the Universwl Oecimal Classif;caticn BY K. G. B. t3AfCEVdELL, F.t.A.,A.M-.t.l.M. Senior Lecturer, Liverpool Collesre of Commerce PERGA MOPv PRESS Ey ~OxforJ . t.ondon . Edinburgh . New York Toror;to . Syu'nc~v . Pzris . Qraunsch:: a
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50255 2733 , le-- :. :. SMOKING HARITS--RELINOUISHTNG/ CIGARETTF.S--NICOTI";F LOW/ CIGARETTES--TAR LOId/ SMOKING AN1) HFALTiI/TOAAf:CO--S`tOKTNG--HEAT.T11 F,FFECT/ RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 Ha 1978 TS Harris, R. W. 2240 *(no affil.)* Ha TOW TO KEEP ON'SMOKING AND LIVE.- ^ 1978 St. Martin's Press, N. Y., 191 p. (1978) (in English) I commence going stepwise to lower and lower tar and nicotine cigarettes ~ and finally quit altogether. 1) ;i -i (_i il i j i~ I ~S
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50255 2734 YO\1' ((1 i'oI!1'_'It II';ll1S!::tal f!Y):(1 the T':v:/CU U7i ira llc ~::'1,?!:l;cil lc: ~',)ttlr:!ctl: l:i,^_(': L'R (}iG`_-J?11., 1. NCw il:'U!iliCl..4. 2. MaCnt'l!11; Iilli;'.).X-tT.131 G5 S.E GG-7;:,)ti a /
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50255 2741 XY. Ba Uawscn, 3. Car1 HOW TO !:.^.IAZT :I'.v !', HIGH STA';Dt--2I) OF SAiM:\TION Ir: A 13AK1;Y.Y. (Araerican Society of Bakery l"nZineers ?,v1l. No. 176.) 1965 4 p. Chicago, Ill.
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O (9961 ' IdaS) G?'4 1 {6Y ~i i 2If1{7;. G ~[.l'Z Y~.~ ~ E~:'m ~~ yoa T1{ y. ..,,..,.. - SELZ SSZOS
Page 234: hfb88d00
50255 2712 ` I Bxunn, 1;Li.c~= [.. F~:~~t UU: 11: i ii1;R'Lr~~'f , . ^ •. J. Gi1Zt?i: TO SrJJI:C~ ~ ~ltirl:liT'ZGAI, OIs }'1i.hr IN:'C.a:LATS.Oa (, 1 1969 ~ 130 F: Res Yer• Fr.zfjn Pa o,a Nc;,y Yvx}: f ~. / , ~ . i',' ls sh kf 1J ~ / •~j3
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50255 2739 s.i;c. 20 BUYERS' GUIDE Q 1981/82 edition 147 Si ARCHER -HQWYTO:.LOCA-Ti`~'SUPPLIERS-to th'e Eood:Processing-:&,,Severage_ Industry I S.I.C. PUBLISHING COMPANY P.O. Box 6042 Lawrenceville, N.J. 08648 U.S.A. 609-896-9447 I. W., -~ 6) "~ Product Crosf -fndex , Ingredients 'rocessing Aids & nctional Additives Processing Equipment t,[~ (a~ Copyr ght 1.76. This publication may not be reproduced by any means in
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;!d 59 Cc)r~j :C.i~'tutt'C ~ v Ct; (:'~i L[i:? :C'.t `,::IAI;L0.4!'S(U 'i'J",ULLV\ I OA[.Z SSZOS •
Page 237: hfb88d00
50255 2728 MANAGF.MENT--OPEFV,TION/MANiJFACTURE AKD TRADE/ -SE 2 .,. - A Concise Guide for Manufacturers, Serrices, Professions, Retailers, and Wholesalers t OJohn ShuGin, 1972 Economist, Ph.D MBA /~/ C~~~~~ r, c. ~.;. . . CONTENTS Dr.ternunation of Ease Price . . . . . . . . . 2 Msnufactoting, Senice, and Professional Firms . .19 Sa1es of Pcrsonsi P:op:rty and Sen•ices Leases of Penonal P:or eny Proccduial Steps '~ Cost Increases . . . . . . . . . . . . . :21 i i : t,t:A0":'i hrudCzts anC! ll'Stonl ScrV1;.C$ New Y:o-'uct+ and NcA Scni:es Seasonal Fatterns The "fiasc t'ric: Schedule" of a Firm Pay Increzses Cvmputati~~a of Cost :: creases OffscttingCost tyccrcases . . . . . . . . 25 F:ccorJs Computatiun of Profit Sfargins . _ . . . . . . . Cost Ifecrease Due to ~'olutnelncrease 9 Cost Dccresse Duc to Productivity Gain t ~, The tor rrotit rn:.rcin computstion Price tnctcascs . . . . . . . . .29 V C-iai at6rc(' 2,^ 0 'r o' 'rof:.~'0 r^ I lo V. ~F ...t~ ' a" I _`.. Uniform Ycrcentage Pri:e Increase V; n.L!c ?' r. ent~rc h.i:c Increase 9
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50255 2731 (:REAT RRIT.'1t!~~~ ` ~ -x-- --„-=q 78-9ITT nr P.JR CLI:S'S I;O. PhI,PtILET 78 :III Cr \ Grieve, U.. . N Tobacco Workers Union, Gen. Secy., Lo,z.;L~ri, Gt. Brit.) HQYl~ IT•-IS'PRODUCED - TOPACCO. t!IT{l SPECIA1. REFERENCE TO GREAT QkITAI'1. AI!E!•! Jeur. 1977, 24 (Dec. 1977) - in Er.(il ish *tlote date* Also m.entions smoking & health controvcrsy. Note author and affiliation, r ~ t ~ ~ ~ I -.--..,.,.. ._-,~ --.,.-.---. ......_._. , ....,... .,~,.._
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50255 2743 9 Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co./ . . 4T~'ca°~ , • I MeA7-82 P S N ~a - Ot t (3 r ~€~2EgOL rL ~t ~ ( !~w I LI, f~ A Practical Guide From The "How-To" Meeting People At 3M ,-, U:i t-) ui) (1 U~ 1 ' ~r._ •
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50255 2742 Vt:R)iATi)) (:IGAP,I:TTENINDiiSTRIF./ XI Co6-76 TOBACCO--PESTICIDES--RESInUES/TOBACCO--LA'•'--CEP.MA*IY/ S.P. ~r RJR CLASS NO. PAMPIILET XI Co6-76 s. ,~ W1 t~ekindt, W. ; . .' , - . '~(Cerraan Cigarette Manuf., Sci, Dep. Assoc., Ger.) 110W TO MAINTAIN TOBACCO QUALITY IN CASE OF TREATMENT ACAINST INSECTS, SUCKER GROWTH AND BLUE MOULD. ~ jo l~y o~ ~p~~4 ~ 23 + p. (27ov. 18, 1976) 6th, paper,l CORESTA Congress , , ~ : i h) i , s Engl _. . . r . . . 4 I *Kcywords:* azinphos-Methyl; tobacco, additive; diazinon, tobacco, additive; malathion, tobacco', additive; malaoxon, tobacco, additive;- dimethoat, tobacco, additive; ~(Omethoat, tobacco, additive; pa'rathion-ethyl, tobacco, additive; - paraoxon,_tobacco, additive; ' fenthion; tobacco, additive;_ , fenthion-P-S-sulfon, tobacco, additive; parathion-methyl, tobacco, additive;: (in 4
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. 1; . 0 50255 2723 __ _Jtc~.o V ~~0W ~rc~~,:~" ~~ ~~ ~ ~ ..d-t _- - I MeA~-76 S.P. When you bring out a new product, danger lurks at every turn. Here are the commonest pitfalls ancl the ways to avoid thern. By MICHAEL PASCfIKES / Vice President and General Manager, Stratmar Systems The successful introduction of a product, always a hil-h-risk opera- tion, has grown niore di(Ticult in re- cent years. Perhaps the biggest rea- son for this is the time line: a decade ago, a new packnged product had as many as five years to prove itq public appeal (and profitability); today it is a rare product that is allowed two yeara. The value of each-cquare irlch of thelf and c6unt~1- stl;fce kdny'is 40' high that a fast stllrt and a swift nc- pitfall on the path to new product suc- cess in today's marketing scene. I  In resenrch, LA-e consum- ers at their word. You look over the "Summary of Findint;s" in your field research report, and the results are good. Of those who tiampled your pro- posed new product, a high number s.-tid they liked it, and virtually as fman' said th;~), Kptild buy it even if the t~rice K•ere close to your upper ex- pectations. celeration of F,11CS nre lnl}wI_.1_llye. . ~y76 ,.. - - store demonstrators? Does your local sales director have unusually close relationships with chain store mer- chandising manat;ers in the test mar- ket? Did you saturate the market with local advertising in a way that you could not afTord in a regional or national introduction? In short, did the special quality of the test lead to advant;it;ea that could not he duplicated n;+tion:Jly? If it did, then you mu:a either nialch those ad- vant.ngPs in the inlrnductory pro;,rnm -- - -' - - i
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it , ~ ..l ~. .. ,.. .ra•:•1~_..Jl...a..~ti.w.ar..~.~~..~.-....... ~_._s. ..r-..._.~L..1~~......~~_~ ~~_. .. - LZLZ SSZOS
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-•' 50255 2752 r cCCV Gc-i:!ni:I1y 2 p. r. . yr +i i,) i~ t7 U
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50255 2745 T 55 S~t 1972 OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT/SAFETY GUIDES/ ASLESTOS/ LAIr'S ANU LE-MLATIU;i/FEDF,HAL REGULATIJ`S;TAC:iE/POLLUTII)'",•--AiOISE/ LARIiON LN10NC:IDiE/i':udAGE.4.LN'T--?LAN:IL2IG/SAFr-TY SUPERVISI02i/TO?(IC SLi15T:V%C} S/ t %7 ~• ~ ~~~ -~~~ ~~ 'F1anui:ook of the <Viiii. ms-Sieiger Ottupetional Safety and NeaIJt Administration DAVID R. Sl;UtiVALTER ~ Preridcnt ! / Human IZcSourccs Gmscr,ancy Tacvm:3. Wishi„aton lann arbor Scic3zCC PU3USHERS INC.. I P.O. BOX 1425 . ANN ARt3JR, MICHtGAN ao108 I U .y 1i U l~ t, ii U / ~
Page 245: hfb88d00
50255 2747 RJR CLASS N0. PA"1PlILl;'I llolbert, N. ,(Phil.ip Piorris, Inc., New York, N. Y. , U. S. ) ~10 lA.'1ACI:T~.:.~>;~; .~~iKG'f ING _JtESF:~AI:CIi. Jour. Adver. Res. 14 (No. 6) 41-46 (1974) (in English) *Note affiliation* *1975, No. 7, W 2437* *d* Tobacco economics: 75 XI Ho L4 Jr : j l7 l I u U •3 f : u
Page 246: hfb88d00
XI Coi 77 S.P. r i f TOBACCO--ADVERTISING'. / R,t;: Ci,AY. P:~. 1 .~ ',.. ~' " ~~ , . - ;;';_; '.'i ._ t ~ riurri,:, Philip Incori)oratc<i,::P;ct~ Yor-., N. Y., U. S. H0:! TO OPEN A NTad FRA:ITIER.,:-.,Advcrtisera-qnt . Morris, Philip INc., News R?lease, New Yo:r:, N. Y. (1977) (i- Fi,`,li:=+0 *Abstr. in: Satutda y Rev., 1977, p. not p,iv,n ('eb. 19, ]9?7)~~ 7, .- .. l ,.z .
Page 247: hfb88d00
50255 2746 ~i1L'1AGF'dI•:NT BY OhJ1'.CTI;%I;S / 1510 see MANAGErtENT I;Y- OEJCCTiV1:S/- ---- ND 69 Hu 1973 j C. I.P,CIfER 2 c. 1 Jolrn T V. ~-,~iLlImhlc . . . ~ L1U'r~~"J( ~ . ~l \ flitii.iun oE Arr.crican Managcrucnt Associ:~t , a
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50255 2762 XI Co -81 S•P• 1 RJR CLA SS N0. PAMPHLET XI Col-81 s,p, Morris, Philip Incorporated, New York, N. Y., U. S. IiOW PBILIP NORxIS BEDCES DEBT.~ ' Morris, Philip Inc., News Release New York, N. Y. (1981) (in English) *Abstr. in: J. Comm., p, bA (Sept. 9, 1981)* Philip Morris has recently intensified its activity in foreign ~ currency to manage debt after a severe retrenchment in reaction to the 1975 promulgation of Financial Accounting Board Standard 8. ' translations and hedges costs increased net earnings b In 1980, currency I y $3.3 million.... ~ r
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50255 2759 3i+l" fIac~. I ~{1i:,L~ ~:;'^Yl Dd'1`, vy T1.aZ:n r.f::... c'Iili: 5s . t ' U..~. lJ l./ (i l1 U t) / ~-
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50255 2750 81 X Un3 SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/ ~. _ INE3S EXPECT TO EARN FROM SMOKING CESSATION BY MARVIN M. RRISTEIN, PH.D. Chief, Division of Health Economics, American Health Foundation and Associate Professor of Economics, SCNY, Stony Brook, New York For presentation at: -i The National Interagency Council on Smoking and Health's National Conference: "Smokinq and the Workplace", January 9, 1980, Chicago, Illinois. Revtzed:,rith added tables for N.I.C.on S.& H. meetinR, 1'h;; 5, '_?80, Ne~ York Heart As~sociation. Rcv:,;Pd t':.r Conference of Department of Health, State of 0H_C, ": r:ind tae Workplace, Nay 21, 1980, Colunb us, Ohic. 7 U;: r3 A(i
Page 251: hfb88d00
50255 2748 #~fW "?-'"'_ ` C, '9n ; V Biorr, Gun+t_rex•s, ~ 7{t Raw rsry taste testers? labara~vr~ 1 Photostat frvm: Wal },erste.Ln ~ Commvni cat.ions ,a8, 173-7a 1 ~ ! t i t t G •:iO ij l/ c 7 is U .i
Page 252: hfb88d00
50255 2744 .III Me2 S.P. )qx,t.liW,r,1 -zi: c.50 C/Aa4, lm_). -81 II4W--w--.TOo,AIAK & - AZENTIIA = ~ULTIVATI©N~~=: hIIOFITAI3LE ~ B. S~Singh and S. P.~Singh .~ Dcparimcnl ojNorJfculurc, IJaryana Agrlcuhural Univcrsf,y, Hissar-125004. Ex Oriente Lux-"The sun rises in the East." Symbolically this old saying glorifies the East as the Cradle of civilization. The idea of essential oils and aromatic chemical was first conceived and technically empolyed in China, Egypt, Persia and India. Although, in India, there is abundent evidence available to indicate that the production and use of perfumes and aromatics had been developed to a considerable extent for " a long period, yet unfortunately, the flourshing Afanuring ~' Japanese mint responds well to organic mabures which should be applied at the rate of 30 tones per hectare before planting. Green manuring can also be practised. However for a good crop, 150 Kg nitrogen, 80 Kg P,Oa and 60 Kg K30 per hectare is considcred an optimum fertilizer requirments. One fourth of the total nitrogan and full dose of phos- phorus and potash should be applied at the depth of position which India had attained in olden periods, as 6 cm at the time of ploughing. The balance nitrogen the manufactures ofsuperior perfumes cosmetics, degc- should be applied in three split equal doses i.e. 50 days nerated due to lack of proper organization, malprac- after planting, immediately after first cutting and 15 tices and inability to adopt modern techniques for days of re-growth in the furrows opened by plant production of high quality of oil and menthol. Junior hand plough in between rows. / 1 ~ 7
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50255 2753 MORTALITY--WORLD/DISEASES--CAUSES AND TNIARIES OF CAUSATIOh/ STATISTICS--M:DICINE/ Gi• Joan Gamez RA 421 Go 1972 How 41/.w: to young ' Pan Books Loncon and Sydney t
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50255 2765 ~ . . . . ~ . . . .. . . i ~ : 1. _ ti 78 XI Adl-81 S.P. Player, John, Gt. Brit. RJR CIA SS N0. PAMPHLET 78 XI Ad-81 s.p. --gOW PUYERS RODE OUT THE TAX STORM IN GREAT BRITAIN. , Player, John, News Release, Gt. Brit. (1981) (in English) Abstr. in: Campaign, p. not given (July 10, 1981) Keywords: /cigarette/,/advertising/,/ban/,/consumption/ A lengthy article on cigarette advertising mentions briefly that the tobacco lobby "says the anti-smoking pressure groups fail to appreciate that a total ban on all cigarette advertising is likely to have little effect on consumption and could actually prove a disadvantage to health interests".
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t`: `^~? ~ f` h f l t 1 f'1 =(~ C• - i} 1+ v ~ . (6S6~) 9Y.: 51 °''::; vor-lB;va.unNoa JQs '45 .Jy sp j-I, :woJ~ ~E~soaoa~ i L Ta~ !IY IOrrV SlVr"M: O£ t 5aV-~;N ~INo Mok€ f;;1 `~ f~1'r42ts,tl3 ~ ~ .. J T _~ 95LZ SSZOS
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. i 50255 2763 ~--• j ~,,~ RJR CLASS :v0. i'A:a'liLET XI Col-37 s.p. r'Tobacco SMOKERS Tobacco *Abstr. Institute, Washington, D. C., U. S. STAND UP FOR EQUAL RIGHTS. Inst., News Release, l-'ashington, D. C. (1977) (In English) in: Philip Morris News 18 (No. 2) 3(Feb./:•far. 1977)* RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI Col-77 s.p. Vttorris, Philip IncorPorated,2Tew York, N. Y., U. S. PWRLBORO TO BE MARKETED UNDER LICENSE IN THE USSR. Morris, Philip Inc., News Release, New York, N. Y. (1977) (in English) *Abstr. in: Philip Morris tlews 18 (No. 2) 1(Feb./rfar. 1977)W Morris, Philip Incorporated, New York, N. Y., U. S. 2i0W PM OUTPACES TNE I:.DUSTRY. Q Morris, Philip Inc., News Release, New York, N. Y. (1977) (in English) *Abstr. in: Philip Morris *lews 18 (NO. 2) 1(Feb./Pfar. 1977)* Morris, Philip Incorporated, New York, N. Y., U. S. - PM SALES IN 1976 HIT $4.3-BILLION. Morris, Philip Inc., News Release, New York, N. Y. (1977) (in English) *Abstr. in: Philip lforris, News 18 (No. 2) 1(Fcb./Ptar. 1977)* ~ . . E~ ;~ tl 0 1,1". 0
Page 257: hfb88d00
50255 2738 HF-ALtHJ L V . r w.itt llmW ti, ~ ~ With a f~ut,~:o:•d :~))' Isdv;::r,.i R. .1iIn;:41c v.• , tI^G~>~ ~ ~ :. cm. . I. Hygfene. 1. Tltle, R.ti7G.'.% !-I3 '"~~ G13 LlLrary of Congre:~- 'A • -s ~ 7•411 G3-lw•?s 3 ± I
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50255 2751 ?Ja,,~ s3- a S8' w14me-. t,~ 9~d~ ~~ve~ ~o-d a oroL ~ 73 III -81 .P: w -~,Havv~~ ~uic for~~ a KVI/H~f E lectrical Energy By A. BERGMAN, P.E., Plant Enpineer, Stuarts Draft Div., NIBCO Inc., Stuarts Draft, VA T HE QUESTION is often asked: used the same number of kilowatt- mand controller, and power factor "What is a good figure to apply - hours. With some utilities, rates is maintained at an average of as the average eost per kwh of elea charged to users even vary with the 0.965 with power factor improve- trical energy in a typical industrial property tax structure of the taxing ment capacitors. plant?" A study of the rate struc- jurisdiction in which the user is Rate structures applicable to tures of various utility companies located. - large industrial users were gathered reveals that the question has no true The information on which this from 31 utilities, both large and answer, any more than a definition article is based was gathered in the small, in various portions of the exists as to what constitutes a typi- course of power contract negotia- country and studied for special or cal industrial plant. tions with the utility company serv- unusual features. A comparison Industrial power contracts can ing the Stuarts Draft, VA, plant of was made for the effective energy contain a dozen or more billing NIBCO Inc. If a definition for a rate over a period of 1 year, based ingredients in addition to the basic ' typical indtt~tria,l, plant existed, on the operating mode of the energy 41Sarge: Sod~e bt these b~- OStuarts braft wou(d probably come Stuarts Draft plant. The compari- ing elements are reasonably appar- as close as any plant to 6tting it. son was based on only the maior
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50255 2760 SMOKING HABITS--RELINOUISHING/TORACCO--SM(1KING--PSYCHOLOGY/ 78 X Wal • • ..• .., ~ RJR CLASS h0. PA.~IPHLET ~- Wax, R. H. ; Wax, M. L. (k'ashington Univ., Seattle, Wash., U. S.) H0W PEOPLE STOP SMOKING: AN EXPLORATORY STUDY« Mid-Amer. Rev. Sociol. 3 (No. 1) 1-15 (1978) (in English) ~ -~ - - - -- .- .' - ~ ~r---t-t--- a ----r ;+ -- rno ~ es l l i .i ~ y a cmp o q14 ~ s iapprrns as ycop c succcssp,. i khat ~ orsaTy:cd u•ith the aid of data frorn a pilot survey of Mirty ~ ex-srnokers s-prh-unted by othcr types of rnaterials. It Leeoenes priratc a,,d indii,ich,alprvccss inww.b1s conucious scll-dircction wid i ; ~ sclf tnaniputation. rrorn this process tlee individual crncrgcd as a ~ new pcrson w1jo (1)1+as complctcly lost iritcrest in sniokbf8 or (2) knoios tliat hc will »cvcr ssnote ndain. -~ _ apparcnt that stopl,i,ig s1noking ioas, for rnost of the respondcnts, a U:S 0 tI c I ii 78 X Wai 1g?
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50255 2758 L ~` HON TO OR48l+ILXl~~~,~iA~ItFk1,3k,;~, ~~f:Ni~iCAi.•,R~PGA-T:,=. . :301 Holacker, F!. H. iiOrJ TO GROAN12f" AN6 NR].U AUCk(KLCAL, REP0R1 - p Clwaens.It)ino,:.s Te.ct,nic.a7- Center 'Cd.ledn; bF.io
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50255 2755 1 Ul,.) ITT:DrST~,I~S ~• ~. Ue ar.k (:onTir,erCe..: ~'3t~t OffiCe HON TO 0 8Vt t ~j -! N F'ORMRT. 10N FRced UN t-M STA'f~5 pAtI'NTS, ~ 9Cx? P : ] -2~A V• S, ~ecnmQn~ Print ing O!iS ice 1Jashic.q~3an
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50255 2770 COMPUTERS--PROGRAMMING/ QA 76 Ba 1977I ~ ~ ,-,/MICROCOMPUTERS by William Barden, Jr. I Howard W. Soms & Co., Inc. 4300 WEST 62Np ST. INDUWAPpLtS. NDIMIA 4626a USA !' ) t , co~, (~ :3 i i & - t i--- i', 6 u r-7 `Y
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50255 2768 0 : 370 tio 1972 C1i1 l V i J (G. .Jl)wt,.S Cornp(ete Guide To Profitaale Meat Management Cahr_.-rs Books Dtvs:.-)n cf Co :ntrs PuLlishin; Cumpany, Inc. 221 Columous Avenue, tio~trn, idassachuse.cs. L'S.A., 02116 Boston New York Chicago Denver I a : y. . 01 i~ i i 0 ~ 3 l7 . i'
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50255 2766 - '~ ~ (Aa addrtss in ChicaQo on W.dnasdaT, No.emper l,,1lSS, to th• combin.d National Allfad-IPA-TESMA-TEDA Conesssion Forum by! H.Z.Chrisman. Dtraetor of Sales fcr Cr.tora-manutactur.rs of popcorn macb.as 1riI5'~o ces i3-C'+>-icaqo and Nasbvili..; a ~P- ,kHow to- Pop, Better Corn ~' 80 II Po Popcorn Merchandiser 10(9) 14-16, 18-20 (1955) 0 3 ;1 Q 0 t; 0 For some time now the conviction has been growing in me that the proper method of popping corn is a lost art. It is common knowledge that customers sometimes buy popcorn at one situation, and take it to another situation, where popcorn is also being sold, to eat! In other words, there u a significant and noticeable difference in the taste and the eafing qualities (-,f the popcorn produced at these two situations. the experience of wiser heads than ou Poor Qualitp my own, I do want to remind u that Cretors has been in the popcorn The poor quality of the popcorn machine business since 1883: that being sold-or NOT sold-at many Charles Cretors, the founder of the locations today is one of the most company, originated the process of serious problems facing the popcorn popping corn directly in the oil , industry, and unless something is often referred to as the "ti.•et" u: done about it, we ma.• very well see "French Fry" process; and that he the shrinking of .)ur (the theatre) manufactured and patented the fint market. All we .!,: selling is enjoy- machine for "wet" popping. Cretors ment, fun, a pleasant emotion that has never been in the popcorn or origl~fates,t righf~t here .%ith the taste oil bu::iness, ar.d, there: ~re, we fce? `audy+ in [he outh, and when our that it has an unbiased approach to
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COMPU7ERS--PROGRAMMING/ QA 76 St 1980 50255 2769 The Blacksburg Continuing Educotion'" Series How to..,: Program`.and..1nt0ace.:- ... the 6 800 ::. ~' by Andrew C. Staugaard, Jr. Howord W. Soms & Co., Inc. 4300 WEST 62N0 ST. NCMANAPOt.IS. fJOMNA 462tA USA C1 IS fl 0 ~~ E t 1 u:, ~ ~2g. ~
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50255 2772 By EDWIN F. STEFFEK n The pruning of roses, like that of the pruning of the hybrid teas, gran, most other woody plants, is based difloras and tloribundas. If theic is upon a few simple rules. The rest is any question, hybrid teas arc the common sense. The important thing large, individual flowering, c%-cr- I I I . •.
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50255 2775 - TS 2243 Pa aJNIGEFT'~"~' Cl.. ) 1 =-'J • • • ^ .. !s i•,' k -- c> , . . . . - . , • .:~ .. __ , . _ ~ . . . ,_ .. r - . . . . -w.w....r. •~:~-. ~1 •.7 ~! 1 - . l r // 6 •J / Cl -7
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50255 2761 . - ~ . . , ~,. . . . .. _. - - XI Co -j7 F • RJR CLASS NO. PAMPIILET XI Col 77 s.p. ~ S.P. l Morris, Philip Incorporated, New York, tJ. Y., U. S. t 1IOl. PaILIP ?t!1RRIS A' NSEJ}'.T'.S 11i:n tintilTORS .AI.L. LF.TT.I,.RS_. FOR C02ISl^tE[tS: ~ Morris, Philip Inc., "Ieurs Release, New York, tl. Y. (1977) (in English) ~ *Abstr. in: Philip Morris News 18 (No. 1) 3 (Jan. 1977)* . e ~. . ,. ~ 1 .. CI r1 1/ U J I- ~ U I
Page 269: hfb88d00
50255 2774 1'c2 PTA1i"' SAE' P~ryam, Y.GW ~~5 K+3 THH,.FOOJ :CC :?TAi7C3 5 ~I,1 &:'S, From: rood Ir4,is Lri 2s, 3.050: 1~~ 0-2CC3 (1950). ; i I t:
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50255 2771 TS 2~h0 1976 Distributed in the United States by ational Interagency Council on Smoking and Iiealth 419 Park Avcnuc South, New_.Yor N.X. 1Q016,. - , U a+4 1, i~ u a%~3 TOrtACCO--SMOKINC--PAFSIVE/TOBACCO--S*',OKI"'t;--NEAT.Tti EPFF.CT/ STTOKING AND HF.ALTH/nCCT'PATJONAL SAFI:TY ANT) HEnLTi?/F.PdIFIRON"rrr?TAL I'EnTI?/ COURT PROCEEDTNGS/LAT•'S AND LF.RISLATION/ T0..,.PROTE!'T. YOUR, HEALTH. AT. T'ORY .: >HQ4+I,. Copyright 1976 by Donna IM. Shimp, Alfred W. Blumroscn, and Stuart B. Finifter Printed in the United States by New Jersey Appel!ate Printing Company South Plainfield, N.J. Published by Environmental Improvement Associates Salem, New Jersey Craphic Illustration and Cover Design by Sina Patricia Kurman Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 76-55542 ISBN No. 0-918284 LII`IITED FIRST EDITION ii
Page 271: hfb88d00
50255 2776 I ~ AND ~A ~ita`r1'i_v 1i1i?- ]ioxv to reacl Lctler r.nct. faster. ec1. No~ 1'c.r::, Cruncti tlf~alt lltu.4~. :1 cm. •l;l~~~;saetrr carJ." to b:• +;Fcd Wltii ••Al1 clicckiirt of r- coruuiendcY: i:tv~•.": 1.12cadin„. r. Title. I'\S:;.I~! 1~~1 428.4 L+brary of Cor.rrrss P''21 i- i o~ J
Page 272: hfb88d00
_.; ~?~S_:4. }:•S L=0 c,.s0• ~~:~tt.) ~i17CC1C.7 f)!-.~ .... . . r $" ~' ~•W t ("0 « ZaAnle.l al)x 1~'.tiz~c{~ s~: a Cqepeas n~s~ ~ olI ` r ~.xaqa~ =~~oli I -..-r a-> 3ra a::L'k.•a.yr.a(fwls..rs'WS•~cLUOYw:J.:n~L "~. ~•~wr'sMSN.wasW+.w~/v BLLt SSZaS
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50255 2783 -..~....R...~.,.~,,,.~,...,.,--•.-- Haag, Jessie Helen HOW SAFE IS OUR FOOD? (U.S. Department of health, Education, and Welfare, Food and Drug Administration Publications No: 4)) ~ ]967 32 pages Washington, D. C. I o 3 i 0 ~7 ~j l.i J 7 91 " 1:2
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t . 50255 2782 , . XI Coi-80 S.P. RJg CLASS N0.'PAMPHLET XI Col-80 s.p. Reynolds, R. J. Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C., U. S HOS{ RW, :J. -. REYNOLDS MOVED TO . INVESTMENT SPECIALISTS ~) Reynolds, R. J. Tobacco Co., News Release, Winston-Salem, N. C. (1980) (in English) *Abstr. in: Institutional. Investor 14 (No. 4) 103-04 (1980)* - _ , -- , ~ There's a lot more to making R.J. Reynolds' ~ money manager lineup than1sim_pty having .good . ~ performance. ~ ~ u 3 c1 0 n 1) 0 ~ 7 9 1
Page 275: hfb88d00
50255 2781. XI Col-81 S.p. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET XI Co1-81 s.p. Wilson, J. T. (R. J. Reynolds Ind.,,Inc., Winston-Salesi, N. C., U. S.) RBYNOLDS HIXBS PROFITS THROUGH YH7lSICAL DISTRIBUTION: Reynolds, R. J. Ind., Inc. (Wilson, J. T.) New Release, Winston-Salea, N. C. (1981) (in English) *Abstr. in: Manage.ent Rev., p. 29, (Jan. 1981)* ' Distribution costs for sianufacturing companies in the U. S. average 13.E percent of sales. For our tobacco operations, the figure is 5.9 percent. For food unufacturing, the average figure is 14.1 percent of sales. At Del lionte Corp., our figures is 8.4 percent. U 3 ~ 0 ~ 0 0 6 7 9 0
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MARKETING RESEARCI{/ _. ' B siness Norizons 17 (3) 22-26`rITTb) ' 50255 2749 i 3-74 u ~~ EDWARD !1I. TAUBER I~3,~r 'lark~t~.esearch.. - p . . ' 7~ iscoura:es-~ Ma1 or Inriova tion In market research on new products, early attitudes or behavior of eonsumers-are assumed to be valid predictors of adoption be- havior. For innovative products, this assumption may be invalid. I'daoa.d A!. Ta>.ber is a jacvltv member in me.ketins in the G.mduatr School of Busincss at the L'ni:ersity ojSouthern C.li;orwa. The accelerating introduction of new prod- ucts has rcccivcd %.-idcsprcad attention in business literature. Less recognized, however, is the important issue of .ncCther changes in the quality of innovations have kept pace. Where arc the innovations for this quarter- century to compare with electricity, frozen food, television, or the automobile? With By definition, discontinuous innovations can significantly change our lives. At the extreme, these innovations create a new generic category. Highly continuous innova- tions, on the other hand, are simply new brands in an existirig category and readily fit established patterns of consumption behavior. Critics associated with the consumerism movement frequently charge that most so- ealled ne.r• products introduced 4y the major companies arc actually minor variations or " " items. Business should be con- me-too some notable exceptions, many of today's consumer products bclong to generic eate- . eerned about the quality of innovation, not c . a
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b s~C ~ Cl uU v UE C? ..: . Ar.c~t a - . ~t'~'•'~8s+w~' ~~ f.•~il .~.:Z~cZ'.i'tl vL la'~:~ T~~;I T_ £C r.. ... OBLZ SSZOS .;=
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T 175 Sc 50255 2785 General Motors Corporation, Research Laboratories/ Proceedings of the General Motors Symposium on Societal Risk Assessmer held in Warren, Michigan, Oct. 7,9, 1979 1980 TECHNOLOGY ASSESVENT/ SOCIETALRISK ASSESSMENT f REW"9 `sire Ts 9 a(etnoiigh 19 Edited e) . r RICHARD C. SCHWING.nd WALTER A. ALBERS, Jr. Ge1.rraf A/oeors Research LoAo.arorirs PLENUM PRESS • NEW YORK-LONDON • Ifq PUBLISHED SYMPOSIA HeW .u General Maters Rssnrc! Losor.torle+ warren. MrcAi,ae a
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Z<~i f: .a ..") ••- -" -• .;J,l i! -, „ . ,• :~Ti.; v (i.•:'J C,>,_Y. •I~:•~ •0 « nR I ELLZ SSZOS
Page 280: hfb88d00
80 II PO' ~ . Ho s ~ W, Pd-O" Iletter Cor"n ts Told ~ Co~"~cssion IVr"en a~''`Con ention r An address by H. E. CHRISMAN, Director of Sa/es for Cretors, At the Combined Allied-IPA-TESMA-TEDA Forum F OR some time now the conviction quality popcorn, oil, seasoning, and has been growing in me that the popcorn machines that are available. proper method of popping corn Now, poor-quality popped corn has is a lost art. It is common knowlege been blamed on many things. In many that customers sometimes buy popcorn instances, the blame is put on the pop- at one situation, and take it to another corn itself; others blame the oil; still situation, where popcorn is also being others think it is the machine. ALL of sold, to cat! In other words, there is a these things can be, and frequently are, significant and noticeable difference in factors in poor-tasting popcorn. And the taste and the eating qualities of the right here is as good a place as any to popcorn produced at these two situ- observe that it is unwisc to buy cheap ations. equipment or su plies, because there The poor quality of the popcorn be- are no "bargains~ in popcorn, oil, or ing sold-or NOT sold-at many loca- machines these days. Also, remember tions today is one of the most serious that it is false economy to insist on and problems facing the popcorn industry, pay for high-volume corn--corn with a and unlr'ss something is done about it, 34- or 35- or 36-to-1 expansion-and we may very well see the shrinking of then use it in a machine that pops out our (the theatre) market. All we are 26 or 28 volume. And that very thing selling is enjoyment, fun, a pleasant is being done in hundreds of theatres emotion that originates right here with today. One volume on the Official Vol- the taste buds in the mouth, and when unx Tester is worth about $4.00 in sales this point, the corn should begin to pop our product ceases to be eliovabf - - potle~ tial/atS)he ~~ orn machine- ,after about 40 se~ nds (or about 360 t L1 t food, and the same pride and care should go into its selection and the se- lection of the oil in which it is popped, that a good cook devotes to the ingredi- ents of a souffle, for example. OTHER FACTORS YES, THE POPCORN, the oil, or the machine can be blamed for a poor- tasting product, but it can also be at- tributed to several other factors, and because there are several, I will touch on them briefly. You may wish to jot down a few notes as we go along, and then check your popcorn operations when you return home. Some of the things I am going to talk about are maintenance problems, but these prob- lems are common in the industry and need your personal attention. I am sure you are fully aware that the kettle of a popcorn machine has a "popping cycle" . This means that there is an ' optimum", or "best" elapsed time for maximum popping efficiency. The kettle of any popcorn machine, I believe, has completely heated to maxi- tnum efficiency after the third or fourth popping. When the kettle has reached
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kur. 26 ~ . rf. Litrcrmone L ^j)orat,^.rj/, n ~ 'a~vlii 50255 2764 F 0 Pew* CoCg~~'$~ e~.; 4~~~~ ^. ~. _ . : t'.', en e::pos{cd to flcrm~_-, tlean-bu;nir;g pias=ic; gcrcru!!y t~urn like woac,, whereus firc-retardant !-lns'ics evolve c{ense sn.ol:e rupid1y -hc ha_>;ds frcro sr.tokc in h;iildiu; fire> !,;t%c t)c- e eonic a ma::c; of no liltle cn;+ccrn w recent ycars. )n this rezard, the paraph,asing of a point frcm an article is in o,dcr: A common cicncrninatar in thcs~ rccrnt firt, and minv others is ;ne ccncr:aion of hc:r:y smokc. "(1e aaizla_"iny ct7ccts of smnkc en lifc a,d properts :.re -vidcly recotiniz-cd, b ut pcoi Iy •jctir;ci ( t). 1\'orl.cr in th_- fire ficlo agrce that smokc frol- fir•- is h3zatdo:js bccat:.e: + If dcasc, it impedcs escape, rescue, or fire fichling. • It is irritati;r, to thc cy'cs, ro.=, and tl;roat. @ It r•.^3v contaitt toxic con;poncn.ts t,r b.^. dcficicnt in oxygen. e CP::.:'n of i;.- r•,nstitucnts-a - id ,p,ascs--ma_; c'arn- V
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50255 2788 4 V Business Forms Reporter's 4 s e 9- HF 5438 Da 1973 ARCHER By RICHARD G. DAILEY Published by North American Publishing. Co. 134 N. 13th St., Philadelphia. Pa. 19107 Plinted in the l'nited States of America 9 ~ j t ~ ~ Information in this boo1: has heen oStained tron rt- _1ie6te ~nur~e. and carcfullc chccked but no rc>po.-„E-
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(6S6'L) 91-£k `S1. '4-v"nKvd °sPty ;vuv,4 '+V-4~-Q144d ('00o's r"rnaa pUE s~~~-por.z~d Qs*1: Ppa~l o} Mott) ,Q0o8 ~]Y5ldh3S ~~Y i3jj,N5ts4_rZ 0U im;Eq wm Idf1H eS, Xcsa • uqssuor LLLZ SSZOS
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50255 2784 RM 300 Na 1974 Ref.-372 -Cashion -Carlson 0 300 t'i G 01 HOW SAFF:V J1S-SAE=EV•l" The Design of Policy on t~rugs and Cood Additives ACA11r1SY fORIJM first or a 4ries NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Wuhington, D.C. 1974
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. 50255 2786 HEALTli rnUCATI0:3/1!YGII:i~E/;;E :T ;1. i!YGI1 ;;I ; 'i'(1L'f~t:CO--S.:Ci;IT;G--Fi~ Ci!nLG;.`i / SMOKING IIf+FITS==RELIP:QUNI-IING/ S:`IOKJ.idG t1i11) IILALTH/ LARL UB'L L Harcourt Brace jovartovich., Inc. / New York J G S (j 0 a a u 0" j , C1 J : 0 I
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78.111 Re2-79 NO K~~,~L SECRET4 Adi Shamir Department of Mathematics 50255 2789 7-22-79 YIA55h'CHUSET'f3 INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL LIAISON PROGRAM DISTRIBUTED FOR USE B' MEMBER COMPANIES ONL (I Q n 0 0 a 1 9 6 -VlT.tv-
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50255 2787 ijTr i I l;2A OPERRT.[ON Tri ckl.er . C. aac?c I HOW To SELECT C&NTRICUGAI. RANS FOR CrUlET . .. •i~: .-. .- _.:. ,.~ . . . .. ..~ t .7J'-v0 ..._ .. .....,..._. .. .-. „ .. _.. _~ : -- . -- - •---~. -. -~>- .
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50255 2792 ~ ~ Priittel•'s In?; (v'oot;;n, II. ~ Cic-w=.•cti,e o•:tnvtt in the Unfted States tr~ 57, 58s 47, bran:i t_:ra co: ;-panie> 1S'53-56 1t~, .~ , , . 1 59, 60 , 61. 1 lJ
Page 289: hfb88d00
50255 2794 73 III Rel,.'/4 S.P. U. S. nF.YI',RT,.r':T OI' COt^TVcCE, O:FICE OP EI;ERGI' PT',dGRIM, 1dASIITNGTUa, D. C. OctoLer, 1973 o
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50255 2796 s- <_. -,: t pr :. A ~YC:clS~ fFL1'1J:Z~. ~!C': tG t~f~ °'11.^?;2lt~. 'Ne\: YoTl:, `fil:n! :1'U P!'esS C-3 i:. '1i1 I G.-- I 115- 1.ToLacco hGt,!t. i Title. IIV5733.1:i5 )^;i ' ~ 1'7~ i C1- ]'. . y LtLrrs o: i'on ~r_s 115; - .,- U. `,1 u l/ f i r/ 11 J :. .
Page 291: hfb88d00
. . .. .. •. () i,'it. ,r ii`.Yi:i,`'t A08Z SSZOS
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50255.2601 SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/ TS 2240 Ni 1980 , tior- r. to ~_ Stop.Smok'ng Once 'and for All. Rhoda Nichter ® ®shley Books, lnc. Port Wuhington, N. Y. 1105( ~ :;. ; :~ ti 1 t1 u s; l i7 7 0 6
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, . 0 i 50255 2795 4.. .1_ R3P. CLASS 2:0. PAMYHLET XI~Col-77 s.p. Wall Street Journal XI Coir-77 n ISCl~~ ~nS~dC~~!$~fLUNQ$' 1CxCLLQ'~3'l~R~[GS`~ ~~~,~~I~S. S.P. 7)_(in English) Wall St. Jour. 1977, p. 1 (Apr. 14, 197 _ Please continue to read all of the article as R. J. Reynolds Industries is mentioned in the latter part of ~ the article.,,.
Page 294: hfb88d00
r NEA.._. k.Oi.l.t<<-!ii, SO1.:ETh% SMGA.LSI 7 i Ana: z c, .fn~in ~ ~---- - -- - - /~ -_ :al pj7L7t- h^iC7LCFt: C}lt'r:1ic21 SOcletV ?'VG10 ReYi.C•S, `!'LS7_^- No. 612, MC 1, "*ten r.r:e mol:~cl.iles". I 50255 2791 is ,j ; ; a i ; 6 i: `, a i l (i
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78 XI Ad -79 S P 50255 2793 '' -- 1 '~ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Adl-79 s.p. Doron, G: (State Univ, New'York, Binghamton, N. Y., U. S.). ' H0O 'S"SOKI_NG rINCREASED `WHEN TV ADVERTISING OF`• C IGARETTES' WAS BANICED ~ Regulation 1979, p. 49-52 •(Mar./Apr, 1979) (in English) ,. . . The author hypothesizes that: "Since advertising does not necessarily contribute to market•expansion,.. and anti-advertising does-contract market size, it would obviously be in the industry's interest to bring'about the elimination of both." But he claims that FTC is studying making the industry support a fund to pay for smoking ads. . znti- .-e-_•u~_~..r~...-..-.`Ja•-ea~r'L'~-...'.'.:.cM'~....vJ?4~e...r'....•~......._• e 0 J i 1 U !/ ta (} .~
Page 296: hfb88d00
81 X 01 a02SS 2799 SMOKING HABI7S--RELINQUISHINGJ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 81 X 01 01ms, J. S. f11e' iA 'flbN, 1~3,"u10~.~ SMOICING~: EFFECTI~IE' I3EW Ci1PUNCTURE4P0INT DI , * SCOVEREA. Am. J. Acupuncture 9, No. 3, 257-60 (1981) (ENG) Coincidental circumstances resulted in the discovery of a new i~' acupuncture point which has been found effective in stop-smoking programs. This point is located on the wrist, between the Lung and Large Intenstine meridians. Approximately 5,000 patients have been treated for nicotine addiction with this new point, resulting in a success rate approaching approximately 80 percent. (WIL 218 DOC 7) 1982, # 1, W53 Ta(b) (TP) 14 fl e ~ s tj it t i it ~l ~:~I
Page 297: hfb88d00
50255 2798 . A I.~,~' ~ 11c, f ~ CVTJ ~, t Sr l..y. ~.~ ~ : .... ~.~. ~ . . -',. I.l... ` .,_._.t : _.._...C:._ Cr. ~:1. :`.'.... :~... ,~~._... .. C, b :'_. .. .. J3. ~ C. („r.:•-ch 1}. , i ~~ .~ lI U ~ r il U J [~
Page 298: hfb88d00
It;t~ t 55'14 50255 2804 Ho Cn n ~ ~, 1 !~ ~ ca~:,G( t.u'laal '°s~.41~ ki•:.t'6l'd Z:.L3.YCr.^.kt} :'l:::f.8 I 14.0 P£~ E~ f / % ! 1 1 \i L/
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50255 2807 r a r ; ~ 79 X. Re-81 :. S.P- Rehabilitation -33(1-4) 12-16 (1980) G.W.Marsman(Nijmegen): How tetevision helped more than 7000 smokers to stoq,(A report of the effects of an anti-smoking T.V.-serial by dutch television) Exactly two years ago the NCRV (dutch christian broadcasting.company) relayed the serial „Smokingt - This is the way to get rid of it". The content of the six 15 minute programs of this serial was based on the so called „five-day•ptan" by the Seventh•Day-Adventists. The serial was produced in cooperation with Stichting Leven en Gezondheid (Foundation ~ Life and Health) and the section Sociology of Masscommunication of the Nijmegen University, which department was to investigate working and effect of this kind of • „service television". Our research was financed by the Detfdrtment of Health primarily in order to get more information about the utility of television for health education purposes. Part of the seriaf content were T.V.-recordings of the five withdrawal meetings, or- ganized by the Life and Health Foundation. People who enlisted to these meetings ~ of course were not informed in advance that recordings of their meetings would be used for the serial. a 0 3 t; Q f1 G O i ii 1 o'
Page 300: hfb88d00
50255 2805 a English) Beri F..1R CLASS NO. FAt•11'HLET 75 XI Wol - fs' n~er, M. (Polystrep AG, Switz.) V'orld Tobacco Spmp. , paper, London, Ct. Brit.. , 4 p. (:•fay 7-9, 1.975) (in *19_75, N0. 14, W 4G17* %:d* Tobacco mianufactur.e (econoinica V --~y - -t J - ~ ~ -~j-- ~ +- U --., ---1'- -~ ~ -~- -
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50255 2797 ~ D C:nar r.d J. ,r.~ ,, T^t^~ "''°`' .•.1.". AD~• j.s , (~.. ~-1 . L S.'. J~ y • L...J:.GJ ~ ._•J . V • I ?._;:8p,, New i c: 1i.. ~i
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` 50255 2811. RAILROADS/ @ -_ _~ _~IL0 G~ ~ QF I 143 How T,ravel,~uropeEEEA•••nd IAIl{The World E,C~,y ~ rain's Sa - ~ 1979 ~ - By Afarrrin L. Saltzr),an ~ and i .t ~ KaN~ryn S,rltzman Afuilenjan Editor: Barbara F. Saltzurau I ! Country Alaps: Ar,to, n ~lluilen,ar, City Alaps:-Tbo»as Cook Ltd. i 1 C j i: :~ U U
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s.~ .~.--.~ r~-r- iiw;lYot_ o uC+it . a. ~J~~~~ 'Much ill hcalth in Britain today arises from over-indutgence and unwise behaviour' is not, as might be expected, a warning in an old-fash- ioned sermon but a sentence from a(3overn- ment White Paper entitled 'Prevention and Health' (HNi Stationery .^•15ce, price f1.60). Unfortunately like so many goverrtments it lacks the courage of its wet and tcp.d convie- tions about the need to prevent ill health arising from eigarette-smoking and alcohol. Dcspite pious hopes, it is not even always possible to stop smoking and drinking amongst (hose un- der statutory age and, if prevention is to be taken seriously, measures must be adopted that do not depend on the coopcratton or the con- sumer. Why should the Royal College of Phys- icians' recommendation of a withdrawal of all cigarettes yielding more than IS mg or tar or I mg of nicotine be 'far too drastic a stcp to con- template at this stage'? - the health gains would be considerable because it would alTect on 1976 smoking levels some 80% of the agarctte mar- ket. This is but one limitation or the Govcrn- nxnt's policy of coopc•ating with the tnanufae- turers. The agrccnunt of thcindustry 'to dcvote. a morcZfian ft6portidnatdgmouthf of ils proal motiona/ expenditure to the lower-tar brands' may wean smokers away from high-tar and 'more harmful' brands; but Khat if advertising tacitly or covertly increases the individual con- sumption of what the consumer may regard as a'Icss harmful' brandT With cigirette advcrtis- ing blazoned on every hoarding the White Paper makes too much of the ban applied to ITV and independent radio and its restrietion in cincntas to adult viewers. Would the banning of eigarcttc advertising really he re;ardcd as 'an unnecessary restriction on the liberty of the in- dividual'? Clearly the manufacturcrs and the advertising industry can use this argument; but the majority of our population (the non-smok- ers) would not be concerncd whilst the 19 mil- lion 'lifctimc' smoker- could surely take their pick from shops and vending machines. The White Paper mentions and then :hies away from the deterreat po,sibi!itics of taxa- tion. The Govcrrrment is sympathetic with the suggestic.n of the Royal College of Physicians that there should be a special taY dilfcrentiating against the more harmful high-tar cigarettes, but it would be 'inconsistent with the existing harmonized structure of tobacco taxation in the EEC'. Such a policy will ensure that, what- ever are their views about thc EEC, some will be harmonized in death. It is also specious to suggest,that, because of further increases in tQ-tlaccoy tax„,,'soryq smokers may r'orgo necessities : In this context the Government is not only considering health prevent on but a!so the effccts of a cigarette price increase on the retail price index of all purchases, wage negotiations and the economy, a consideration that also applics to any further tax on alcuhol. I3et%cen 1970 and 1976 %%hen the price of basic foods doubled or trebled, the aurage priie of a!cohol relative to the general mov:ment of prices fcil by 4% for bcer, 14'% fur wine and 21'K% for spirits whilst ptr capita disposable income in- erc:rsed by I7'b. 'It might be regarded as un- rcasonihlc', states the 1k 'hite Papcr,'to pcnatire the great majority of people who drink «ithout harm in thc hope of deterring the minority whose drinking does or might cause harm to The Practitioner 179 . ~-wC131G~ I~~`~ /Qv, ~s ~ C" i e
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4 '50255 2e02 ' . .1/ . ~ {~ SNOKING IiABITS--RELINQUISHING/TOBACCO--SMOKIN('.--PSYCH OG / I TS 1 ,2240 i Pe `1973 . I .Smoking ,. ~' Y2r* ~ ~..T (126 p.) bnc mcthodology that has received considerable attcn- by h ' h h tion among t Ls cp,dcmic t c cftorts to combat t at SIDNEY PETRIE throughout history has ' rovcd moic dcadly' than the bubonic plague has bccn hypnosis, and it has been found J in associo:ion with that hypnosis aimed spccifically at the roblcm of. the: , mokcr has bccn brticularly cticctive.;~ ~' ~'L ~ C:ZEPvC„ ~ RHYN SERLIN`, rr~,~: - t t w.RNER BOOKS A Wamer Communications Company t ; G ~ ~~ . I I R i . , ._... ~ , I a
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50255 2812 REF QD .251 Be 1979 F4 G itlL.?0 . t ; rF I '.gz,-4-% i' 3 ` '. > f1 II Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry Beilstein Institute f;rankfiirl/Main ___..,.._ ..,..._,._...._,. ~
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50255- 2808 4'$'~~ tTQ).l, c1i . T4fR L:[V IXGr GELL., :caen't,ific Arnerfcam (SepEer-ber 1.96a) -~1
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50255 2817 : 1 ! "1 I / 0
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.1-al Ilu'U109 t~ijtflq ~A iIOPIIO'1 ijjp•}j ~~tl~ ~~x'w~4 ay~7i.[~)jOOL~i ~i~ LIL'~~tl Aq ~loocs X A I"k;AI., J -nS .3U~ C~~~ ~, oHC69i va /:( ;'LI.{a~tldl.O;--S;::LSAS T.+_'l:II2:LTd CN.V :IJ'Jito1,S II(3;.3.VW2I03hI /o:IISS"a30`sd-`V.LVQ/.".i.I::[~~'Zd--.'Lti'(j: IJVi1Vi~I 908Z SSZOS
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50255 2815 ' ,• RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET ~ National Convenience Stores, Inc., Houston, Texas, XI Me1 77 HOW1. T8; USZ •TNE', rCS PP.ODUCT-,MOJEMENT. STUDY,FIGL'F:.S. S.P. Progressive Grocer/Cozven. Stores, p. 74 (May/June Includes tobacco products., ~ ~Msareness" mrans, aniong othet things, th:it each t)pr nf cumenienct store dcmands inJiviJualind 2Ihxation of I space, merch_ndising strar-:gy, and srre ice , I Itvel. Though difficult tu do, niost s:roes t ean bc elassi5ed by kxation, c estomer mix ~ t.or scaconalitv. " - : .i ~ ,S 6 U ~. U,S. 1977) - In Enblish
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50255 2809 - 79 X Re-81 .~ S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 X Re-81 s.p. E1 R. L. 0. itish American Tobacco Limited, Gt. Brit.) ,:_ HOU TOBACCO -IEEPS TiiE POOR ON THE ROAD TO ECONOMIC SURVIVAL. c British American Tobacco Limited,(Ely, R. L. 0.) News Release Gt. Brit (1981) (in English) • *Abstr. in: Guardian, p. not given (May 18, 1981)* Tobacco is a crop of great economic importance which plays a vital role in many emerging countries as a substantial export earner of foreign exchange and a substitute for imports. The cash income from tobacco growing also provides food shelter and improved living standards to a vast number of peasant farmers and their families.... e U :~~r
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50255 2819 710 `^S -?iTC~.. CT IriiUi...:at ifl!i. Mu .1Tu:1:I:ey, r:~~crF R ' 1958 11ov: ancl XV)arrc• to ]o"I: it t1)); sto dnn(larci :~ arci of L,y S)". U+rs. (ls, ea.) \ew .1fcCTr:,.: lii]1 t1 ~~' Xtt, i~1 p. ~C c:,]. i ]. Reference books-I3ibl. i. Tit:e. 'L1035.1119S 016 5S- GC: ~ Lihr,^.,I• ef Congress i ~' ' r, ~ r• 1,: .J i. .!. L)
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50255 2822 I T 11 Da 1979 REPORT WRITING/TECHNICAL tIRLTING/tdRITING/ ROB r--,4~'~.T A. DAY PRLSST' 325 Chestnut Street Philadclrhia, Pcnnsylvania 19106
Page 313: hfb88d00
SMOY.ING AND HEALTII/ rIANAGEttENT--PRACTICE/ 50255 2821 XI Hi2-76 RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET ~, XI Ili -76 Hoffer W ? . • . *(no affil.)* ' : . H0W WIL?.' YOU HANDLE YOUR NEXT CRISIS?•z.,: _ Assoc. Management 27 (No. 11) 41-44 (Nov. 1975) (in English) This article deals with handlingCrises and rpnorta 5 case studies. The first case study is the one- on smoking beagles and the reaction from the Tobacco Institute. ~... U w~i 11 ~~ ~~ 1 i ri :? .J a~
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:50255 2824 Federal Electric Corporation .LJ.i!! H~1 TO iJRITEr: .EFFECTIVE., ~ REPORTS ~ 9fz5 .: .~~a y ~ ..~, . ''. o, r?e :.~S . .
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50255 2823 ; T In ~ 1 . ~ 7 ~ V .II 1 i 0 i/ 6 l1 ,l i) .y f
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50255 2814 - QA 76 Kr 1969 PDDL coMrUTea--pxoGRAxL*dING . (Versions 5t7 of MDSCAL, October 1969, all in Fortran IV) J. B. Kruskal Frank Carmone Bell Telephone Laboratories University of Waterloo Mur•ray.HilA, New Jersey, U.S.A. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 1. Introduction Multidimensional scaling,-a statistical technioue lon~ used in psycholo~y, is now enjoyino a rapid growth and is spreading to many other fields. Briefly spealtino, it constructs a.confirur.ation,of,points in space from informaticn . U .~ %j U I i tj ~P ..• :. / .3
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Organizational Dynamics 7(2)63-80(1978) %!1C.!p, F/Z ~fX~1ldll.') Iftb' KIVOMP~ Lester A. Digman J>ir°~~~ecutlrles• ! ow do well-managed organizations develop their mana;ers and executives? It is generally agreed that quality of management is largely responsible for long-term organizational effectiveness and success, but m•hat permits some companies to develop and maintain a high-quality management team while others 50255 2818 flounder and find themselvcs in a continual scramble for executive talent (and profits)? To find ansa•crs, an in-depth studv was made of ten companies considered to be among the best managed and a survey was made of 59 others in the same catcuory. The object %vas to look at the managcment and executive development practices of these i i f l h i Th zat ons e or c ues to t r success. e to thank the U.S. Army organ l b h i hi d ona e n at an or- c Af rat the study E~rsineering Training Activity Y was t ._~ _.+.,.-.~-.1..~--.....tsoqi iasin+>~..rr..:~.:...~~. r»~. r _.s...~.~...-+..._,._..- The author w ishes o J 6 r~ r) ;; . o 'i k, : 2 7
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50255 2810 ~ VI II . ~~ 4k.)6-~' r;4,tM ' Yi•intcr'e Ia3: Woo;,en, Ciraret-te oatput in the United Suc~tes by Urand a;_3 co.°:p;,:.ics, 1953-55, 5'1, 581, 47, 1_-S 59, 60, 61. : 1''ro- I
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50255 2790 `, P, " Z) ~ I' Arroso! inhalrrs 2TEPHli1 P. NEWMAN, DF NiETRI PaVlA & STEWART W. Cl ARKE 3-ao CIyR>> /H~wsh~uld ot pressurizedp- drenergigr6ronch ilator beS 81 I i Re-81 &c. a ~ t } Ww. ko;o & . ~ ~ Kr,hir ui, (1tJltl, C1. :4-_~0 ~ 0 3 0 0 n ... _.. _. .r.rao_.._t r__ u.....:..,1 t....d.... r...d•....1 det rrr,ls: adrencrgic bcta-rccrptor agonists - arrosol dcposition - bronchodilator agents - t!>})i1a1,NY thl•rapl - terLuuliur. dbs(rarf: Althougfithemanularturenofprrssutirrdar,vwlbrunchudilatoniaurinmtnsrtiomfor using thr inhalrn, littfe or no rxprrimentalva6firation cxists. Funhrrrnore. the instn,ctionsohrn fait to take intoaccoun+knuwnfactsaboutaeroxslck•position. Weharcrel•iracdthcevidraceforthe rnost c/frl (i. r modr or rrwdes af inhalation of prrssuri~ed sernsol bronchoditaton. rnnrc of ., h ich •lys ariycn from expt•rirncros petformrd in our /.Ixsrator). In urdrr to arhir.r a maxinul rllcct folloi+•ing inhalation of trrbmalinr sulphatc bronchudilatur arros,A ($ricanyls, Aura Pharmacru- ticals). thr canister shouW bc arnutcd during a slow (251 min s), dea•p inha lltion a nd brrat h hrld sutrcyurntll fi,r 10.. Btunrhudilaut ion mayIsr rrducrd if arraxnt id inhak•d rapidl% (80 1 miti ') ur if lnraAt is hrkl 144 s. Wr have ronsidctcd the atlrlit aLiliq of thlx +implr ruk•s tu wher typrsoi brorKJwditator and to all patients, irrespectivr of their diagtx»u or degree ofainray ohstnsction. The lung volume at %whirh aentaol is released into the aintrram, the importancc olcuordiuating rnhala/1tNIM,lhal'nI~N/lal'tnatdql a1M111R•tv•LIINY•nKYlhul'(y.1i atKl'lkrrd'nw,utitiulMlatiun ts al~,alw.tlixuv~•d. t~lutir, 1
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50255 2816 PfyrAolotitd Br/kti. 1970. Vol. 74, No. 1, 66-EO ~ • . :. . H011` ~~~ ~,aSH(SL'LD MEASCRE "GH ANGE"~-OR... SHOULD WCN ~ -l . ... ... . ..~. ,.~:.r:.. 80 I I Ey-81 LEE J. CRONBACH2 AND LITA FURB1I S. P, sranJord Uaire.sily Procedures previously recommended by various authors for the estimation of "change" scores, "residual" or "basefree" measures of change, and other kinds of difference scores are examined. A procedure proposed by Lord is extended to obtain more precise estimates, and an alternative to the Tucker-Damarin-Messick pro; cedure is offered. A consideration of the purposes for which change measures have been sought in the past leads to a series of recommended procedures which solve re- search and personnel-decision problems wilGoul estimation of change scores for individuals. f1 ~S il A persistent puazle in psychometrics has been "the measurement of change." Many in- vestigators have felt, for reasons good or bad, that their substantive questions. required a measure of gain in ability or shift in attitude. "Raw change" or "raw gain" scores formed by subtracting pretest scores from posttest scores lead to fallacious condusions, primarily be- cause such scores are systematically related to afiJ• rz}qdorft; errp; of,lleatyrettylnt.~Llthough tbe unsuttability of such scores has long been _~ :.. ..:~~ . :A base for the final recommendations, and allon' us to explain the limitations of previous papen on the subject. Furthermore, it develops strpe• rior estimators for the kinds of problem when we do recommend using a measure of change. Very likely some investigators will decide to obtain change or difference scores, even fa problems where we consider such measures im- appropriate. Such a person will often find ooc of our estimation formulas better than tbox now suggested in the literature. .
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TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCItOLOGY/St40KING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/50 255 80 X Ex RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 80 X Ejc Executive Fitness Newsletter HOW YOU SHOULD QUIT SMOKING DEPENDS ON WHY YOU DO.~ Executive Fitness Newsletter, p. 3, no date given (in English) Of the 29 million pco- ple %%ho havc quit smoking since 19(,4, it is estimated that 95 percent of them have done so on their own. The best srnoke-cnder of all is ;:ou. U .S t~ # fi, ; ., 0 2829
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50255 2832 ~4.~.. P0+ IW3f W"mdy ``*I". ZJ1Co~:i111L:"1 CICra.'v~:±•1VC~ F.?b. J:o.*:Z.rd, r.L. cil, L. :1c :•: o ~~c. ;; c:ra . .;b E~ 11 i i i .i U i'l
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RJR TRA.'~SLATION C}1R0`1ATOC~P.APIIIC A2:ALISIS--GAS CHP.OMATOGP.APJIY/ 50255 2779 MASS SPL:CTFOM1:Tn.Y,/ RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION Ncuner-Jch1e, N.; Etzwei].er, F.; 7.arske, G. (Giv. udan-Esroll:o AG, rorf:chun,^,r.Pese1 ] schaf t, Dubendorf, Swi t 7.) HOk~-TQ, RECOPD' GA5':CNfi0MTOC:tiAMS 11S3hG 'CI1PIti'.AR~i COI U~1S DII.f CTLY CCUPIBD ~Q; (t.rfAS~sSP~~RO.~ti.1~,R.. :-.CONI~Efi'I`IO'~ 02~`~*I' ~XU 7N PpRAI.);~i.'~WI'~F~'''~~E1ASS' SPECTfiC1~= i r rW4K • # *(Zur Frage der Chrociatof;rar,:n-1tcf,,istricrunl; bei der Direktl:opp2.ung von Kapillarsaulen r:it ci.nem t•tassenspektror.icter. Der AnscliluR eines FID parallel zum 1ia~seasT~cl:cro iete~'. )* Chro-aato};raPliil 7 (No. 7) 323-32 (July ].974) (in German with complet.e • English translation available) end of the l co umn must be indicated continuously in the Jha evell-known :,dvantages of th^ direct coupling of gvs chromato r d i h g ur am ng t e gc/msancilysis without los s Capiilary columns to a mass soectronieter can be ex- - ploiled only if the performance cf the separation unit of informotion and with sufficient sensitivity. Comparisun ; arrd the detectorunit are fully maintained c' n after their ` 'ofchromatograms recorded in differentway%s on the '` ""'= li h :_ eoup ng system. s ows that these rMuirernents are best ~: •• %eombination. Some of the requirements to be met in fulfilled by conti FID i/!lihh order to achieve this are discuss^d.- on the one hand, t4enecng ann parve wt te mass s^./ection of gas chromatographic conditions suilable for . SPectrorneter. The s,nlitting devica used at the out/r, t Qf c c%d 'snlvin3 the analltical problem should not be restricted theapillaryoumn can he mae in such a way that the • by the connection of the chrornatogroph to the mass: apfit ratin, ao'justable to a parlicul:ir volue, rurf7ains cvn- • the charvcteristics of 'stant e•rcn ifgas fluweonditions in the column aro On the othrr hvnd nectrometer . ; , swparation and concentration of substances existing at the ch'n;,iny . -n - n t ) n ~ 7 ~ ~. . - r. - _
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1:. ~ `;4 i7 50255 2835 ..,FFo ~ ~ ~C- 1 1 .~ ! ~ , '.. n"~Jc ~•n .•r., 1' ..y J:~ .,. , . i :~. :' :. ..: t: ~~G9 GS8 :chn i'xt~y w Sc:>rr, It.c~. li
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tTI '•:,;+ ;L •I + l_ > "&.Ituo;p ;o 5j::.IqP[ fD•M1J1,1I '1jRsy n:,Jrqo1 •1 ; •nla tL it 11;3 : fJ ~'.~ TT1J OJJC(i13 J ;•)j(] :iUc.J L' ~~ r ~t ri ! f rt ~ ~i.~`: C3*iCZ' BZBZ SSZOS t~,LI
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. -- ,.t:.jr. .- . 10 1 1 l! li 50255 2813 -lmr Tj,;: - 't') . 'iv .. ~ ~s ;? ,...;;r7 v.....? ~ j r -• .1 i•....f ~ c.C 7 r , •crc, r.. . • ~ ; , . ; . . l _.: -.
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50255 2838 I 73 IX Re2-81 S.P. CELLULOSE--PYROLYSIS/ M IT { nd ustrial Liaison Prog ram R e p o rt 4-51-81 Distributed for Internal Use by Member Companies Only. May Not be Reproducea. J MIT ?RODUCT CJM?OSITIONS AND KINETICS FOR RAPID PYROLSYS OF CELLLZOSE M. R. HA.;ALIGOL. W. A. P~~'^.'ERS;FM~ :~a ~JQAJ~RD„ AND J. P. LONGWELL E\ERGY LAT.30RATORY AND DEPARTALNT OF CH-EMICAL ENGINEERING
Page 328: hfb88d00
50255 2834 TP 983 Po 1974 ~- C' Vi ic. -V,= ~~CIfL~l~1CS, Cosr~nes~ics and Soa;~s- 7 VOLUME I The Raw Matcrials of Pcrfumcry :.; Scvcnth Eciition VOLUML I1 The Production, ;1'SaIM flcture and Aprlica'tion of Pcrfiiri1cs Eighth cdition VOLUME ilI Modern Cosmctics ,, Eighth cdition W. A. l'OUCHER Rcvised by E39 G8':M: H0'%V A R D CHAPMAN AND HALL London A HALSTED I'F.I?SS BOOK JOHN WILL'Y & SONS New York f i i t l J •. ii fi J [1 i j o
Page 329: hfb88d00
50255 2841 CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION CANCER--CAUSATION--BY ENVIRONMENTAL FACTOF OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES/ 81 II Ch THE PREVENTION OF OCCUPATIONAL CANCER: AN ASTMS POLICY DOCUMENT - A REVIEW BY M13, ChB, BD, MFOM (Lond & 1), DIH Medical Adviser to the Chemical Industries Association c: IA lirirk};round 1'apc•r : u .111114• 1980 , .., 3 ~.I ri ~J t1 L3
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RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK RC 261 Un .50255 2843 Santodonato,J.;qqW ;Fsasu,D.;Lande,S.;Selkirk,J.K.;Sheehe, P . ; HEALTH ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT FOR POLYCYCLIC ORGANIC MATTER, 1978 ed. - 1 c.; 1979 ed. - 1 c. U.S. EnvironMental Protection Agency.Research Triangle Park, NC.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 2880 G~kni
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50255 2820 uv & a c,y-o a o. r. Journal of Personality Assess.r,Pn~ 1980, How-ind Why People Accept Personaltty'Feedback- CHRISTOPHER LAYNE nd GLENN ALLY . University of Southern Mississippi Abstract: The present experiment examined a model and a supplementary explanation of fecd- back acceptance. The model consisted of inventory responding under a yea-saying response set and the explanation stated that feedback is accepted because it is accurate and persuasive. "Neu- rotie"and stable undergraduates (n- 120) took several personality inventories and then rated the accuracies of personality'Snterpretations." As predicted, the model mirrored everydetail of feed- back acceptance; also, the accuracyof interpretations related most simply to their acceplance and the undergraduates changed their self-perceplions in the direction of the interpretations. Con- lrary to predictions, individual differences in persuasibility did influence feedback acceptance. For over 30 years there have been numerous investigations of how people accept personality feedback (see Snyder, Shenkel, & Lowery, 1977, for review). Recently, support has been obtained for a model which states that people accept feedback descriptors in the same way that they answer inventory items under a qea-saytng response set (Layne, 1978; Layne & Michels, 1979; Michels & Layne, in press). While the model does indicate a strong similarity between feedback ac- ceptance and test taking, it fails to clearly specify the reasons why people accept Inventory Neuroticism Scale (EPI-N). Students scoring within one-fourth of a standard deviation above or below the mean (m = 12.10) were eliminated. Half of the remaining undergraduatesconsti- tuted a"neurotic" group (n = 60), the other half, a stable group (n = 60). Marerials Materials included the Eysenck Per- sonality Inventory(Eysenck & Eysenck, 1968), two lists of personality descrip- tors, and Janis and Fields'(1956) Test of General Persuasibility. The materials were presented in random order in large " :.-. . __,.. ..............-..-.-. 2.9
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4{.4!~ ~.(.I a{1'.4 T-- CaMRl?I I Cl+T I nN/f•?I'.I T I NG / 50255 2825 t ~,.'JJ •~ 't' :.~ ~ ~ • t r r ' • /! ,~ C ~~~e: .•o : I.°_c~c.,sr,~:~r~, ~t~Gc;c.~•~, o ~,o ,~ 1. a.~~ ~f~;LIF~~ Si. I The material in this hooklet was ta!:en from Effective 14-riting by H. J. Tichy ancE )lc- Speech Wrifin;t Guide'by James J. `"relsh. 7his boo`.;I,~,I c.iocs not ancmp` to teach you everything you need ie know in ord:,-r to im-prove your wri'.irrrf. Coin~ilass other in•rorfant wri;:og tips are contained.in the l-:aors on wl-ich !his booi•.l(:t hased. J E'iiti[1 W tl~i~ :+C) R>> I {i :. I rol e 1~ i .~ (I t. i~{:1`l YC~C1;: SYi~idF1
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/ S S' R~' 0 U U 0 U£ 0 r _'_; '',~ . 1:L:1S1(i Od lYrloI "9 ?LIOA .N7g J1Y l "xmvfwVJ Ja7li rlSa l i1i lil vJ uY I 1-1% *,W.A4Ak,-W 0100 i i tL6t ' T)i t[ 9tOt SS=Ofi Z / \
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% 50255 2840 - 1 I xeB7 -7a S.P. NORTH CAROT.INA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH CENTER, RESEARCH TRIANGELE PAP.K,N: C. DOCUt'iENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT, P. 0 BOX 12235 F.ESEARCH _HANAGEt•YNT , HOward, RESCAP.CH MANAGErE NT, Vol. 16, No. 5 , Se,ptember 1973, pages 8-11. Reprinted by permission of RESEARCH MANAGE*1ENT, 1 Valley, Armonk, New York, 10504.- REPRINTED BY THE AEROSPACE PROVIDED BY THE RESEARCH APPLICATIOtiS CENTER AEROSPACE RESEARCH APPLICATIONS CENTER WITH THF. PERMISSION OF 1(ANAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT SERVICE "The ChanFinG Style of Research In The Business Enterprise", by•Juluis J:,-!~-t 0 9~o ) I l. ~ 0 • / U' .i 11., kl t 1 l1. i.l 0 ' cI .:,q
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50255 2831 ~.,,...~.,.,.;-...,. .. ~~ss.,~.:.r.,.,...... ~ X Dte i0-7 3 S.Y. RJR CL~':SS NO. PP`~:~LET X:ie10-73 S.P. ~ Stunrt, B. 0.; tdillar3, D. H.; Howard•i--&R.B.;, (U. S. At. Energy Comm., Battelle a=a. Inst., Pacific Northwest Lab., Environ. Life Sci. Div., Richland, Wash., U. S.) DIESEL EXH.~LST, UR~A.\IU M\IUM ORE D:JST S:LDIES OF I:;'t'ALED P.ADOti DAUGiiTERS , , AND CIGARETTE S::OLE IN DOGS A.vD HAMSTERS. U. S. Dep. Commer:, Nat. Tech. Inform. Serv., Springfield, Va., n.p. (n.d.) (in English) , . L •a l j CI + 1 ia tI . i
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76 1 Ma-81 50255 2836 MIT Industrial Liaison Program R eoo rt 4-50-81 COAL PYROLYSIS BY HOT SOLIDS FROM A'FLQIDIZED BED. COMBCST'JR JSELrCTy'D REM;T RESULTS JOI'.A1 P. LONGw'c.LL.s,J7kq' ,F,7, ~ t~}i~pWARD ~- W=L'L%i A. ?E'I'F.'RS AND YAW D. YE50AH .t."NERGY LABORATORY AND DEPARTA'r.:.T OF C:rMICaL E: G~ .LEFL~IG Distributed for lnternai Use by Member Companies Only. May Not be Reproduced. I) MIT J, P. LC,7GATE:.L, J. °.:?G4;,RD, W. A. PE-T°_RS A.i+D Y. D. `!'tZ,-,nii 1 Q .S l1 C/ t i li iJ ! ~i ~ {J
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50255 2846 . .. p,Q (•1 . . ;, i : },. • , .. '_:.. .. ::LGNUM UkUTA4I1,E, :INTERNATIGNAL j1RkCT4RY PQTANICAL TxABMN5, Vb3,. ,:~, . ..-, . _... :. :;:., . . 7.:. L'. . ...c~ : •- ... . . ~:. '':..._ .._ .. ` ~.1 t..~.: ..., C:. r) 1 1 t, i lJ .i :i _) -A
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CONSUMER POLICY/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--: 50 2 55 2847 LEGISLATION/ RIS KSi .... 79 XI -Uff-j--8i ~ wt cw t s~S -"-4_7 h10C RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 XI Unl-81 A I (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Ma., U. S.) HABITS, RISKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: A PHJZOSOPHICAL OVERVIEW. Analysis Consumer Policy, conf., paper,,/Univ. Pa., Wharton Appl. Res. Cent., Philadelphia, Pa.,16 p. (May 18-19, 1981) ( n ng s Smoking mentioned. In arguing for degrees of wluntariness, I concluded that we are often at a loss to establish when or to what extent certain habits and practices are voluntary. Whereas, Dr. Wagner 4s arguing that the creation of any law establishes accountability to the extent of its enforcement.... ; w.,..~,.,,.-.--•...,..~,. . .-, ...-r c-•.-; ~ .,.. r,,,..-~. ~...-.. ~..-.. e u s~ i 4 n U ~ il~: S[~
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FU;:L/(;0A1./1'C1i.YC1'CLIC AitQL1'.'IC SULFIJi: Cn:dTAI?dIC:C POLYCYCLIC Al'0';ATTC CO'i.'OUidDS IN. CARI30N f3I,ACi:S/ 50255 2837 79 III '•1a--79 PARTICULATE SOLIDS/ 1. AEPOAT v0. J. RECIPIENT'S AGCESSIOrv NO. EPA-3 i.'0%7-7ti-FV1 4. TITLE aNC _ .:3rITl.E Combustion Research w, Characterization of Particulate Or~anic Matter fron.i Flames 7. AUTHOR{SI R. A. Hites anr> 9. PERFORMING OF•)ANiZAT:ON NAME ANO AOGRESS Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Chemical Engineering Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 5. REPORT OATE AuZUSt !S"li) 6. PERFORMING ORGANIZATICN C: 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION Ri 110. FRC•GRAtn ELEMENT NG. EHE624A 11. CONTRAC T /GRANT NO. Grant R803242 , Tazk 1 12. SP,NSORING AGENCY N.iME :.NC AOORESS _ 13. TYPE OF REPORT ANC PERICO EPA, Office of Research and Develooment Task Final: 8/74-n •'?7 Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory 14. S?ONSORING AGENCY COCE Research Trian~le Park, NC 27711 EPA/600/13 15. SVPPLE`•tENTARY NOTES IERL-RTP project officer is Jotui H. Wasser. M 541-2476. ail Drop e ~. - 1`' aas"'A " T'e `r' po'rt';t.vVs res `uits 'uf`A study of the forrnation and emission of s: polycy clic aa-omatic hyarocw•bona (PAH) from both laminar flames and a turbul, .
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, 50255 283v . ,J,, . i ) ~-. ~ , , ... , -> V0Sr I CSIRO Aust. Div. Fd Res. Tech. Pop. No. 40. 1-73 (1974)..•''~ ( FOOD--TASTF.-TESTING/TASTE--TESTING--STATISTICAL rfETHODS/ The Validity and Usefulness of Subjective Scales with Special Reference to Food Division of Food Rescarch, CSIRO, P.O. Box 12, Cannon Hill, Qld. 4170 This paper sets out to examine th~ possibitit,v of validating subjective scales of magnitude and alcu of difference in magr.itude. Methods of utilizin¢ the lattcr scales in the study of the nrultidrmensional nature of properties are al;o examined. ~ The basis of a statistical tcst of the vjlidity of ratio scales obtained by paired ratio estinwtion is discussed and its limitations in practice examined for a series of properties including Icrgth, ~trenoth of fUvour of sapid solutions, difference in lcneth, distance in twodirncnsional space and drflcrence in flivour intensity. Statistical and graphical procedures are devcloped for studying the nature of any Ltck of validity. Limitation of repertoire of ratio re.;punscs available to individuals is shown to limit the applic- ability of the statisticrl test to rruup means in many cases. Even with the +imp lest tasl•s there i.c sonic statistical evidence for lack of validity, but the reLrtiun of the resulting subjective scale valucs to their physical counterparts and the bncar relation between scale values obtained with studies of both magnitude and difference in magnitude indicate the u.c• tulness of the scales.
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tl ~.~'' M L .,fo; _.L . _... _ . ~ ~ . ... ~ ..... . .~. .._._ .,....... ._ _. ..,.._ ~`~cr~' ~l~'r` ~~,GZ...'l~ ~-~: _.._.Y.._..........__. _ 111te,4,1 --7 ~SP: -.•.-....._ ~- ~ MANAGEMENT PRODUGTIViTY: NKXtZ?--- RiUST[NG OUT OR BtJRNING OU-11-?. tJ4HN. H4 During the past few years the productivity of r•.izn- agement and professional employees has become an Issue of growing importance. The problcrn has two fundamental dimensions. First, there is the changing role of management and the professional in the overall functior•.ing of the organization. Second, there is the issue of changing job and career attitudes and .. .. .- . ~ - -- 1. . _-t___.. .. . (v) A growing interest in second careers. (vi) A ger,eral reevaluation of the "success e: and tlic factors which coalpose it. (vii) A decline in corporate loya;ty and o:ta,::. :• Each of these factors is having an effect o n:- agement productivity. Tiie same phenomenon i. c expressed as lack of motivation and comaii?77.. ,-,d the obsolescCnt nl.:'..: U l7 ~ 0 41 0
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G . (.) ry c. ~ ~., ~ s 1 t ~ jl• T t I. ~ og i. STL; . `;! 11 t l f~1 f#, S• I~ ASBZ SSZOS
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, 50255 2849 Y.c f . 4 11~ 1-IUWRf~D UNl_Vt~RSV•TY 131li-LE'rlM, 1965-66, 1966--61 Washi ogtor% 1
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50255 2833 . good • Chem. 4(2) 4106 (April, 1979) - ~ 76 II Re2-79 S.P. ENTS OF)TEA C; ~._ liOwA.u , y~ ....~,.'. ';._. .: lrulrirul Prudu~-Lc /qslinur. Sh 6? t.run 1rrn.Rt~iJ, Luru/nn NY•Ia' S/.(', t:r.•al Brilrun J . IR.tiei%cd: 4 lonuary. 1978) .aBSTR.aC'T Thisl,upt'r rerit'irs !hc' c•htvrris!rr uJ•J/rt• rululilc• t•ulrslilcurnls u/'Ihlutk !c•tr irilh.y,rriu! rrJivrltrrlulhtirr,ri~rinulrJlht ilr/hurtrrt~/'t•limurr.cliJJi•rc•,rct•.chw/irrrlrt'ullirurcunr! l,rut•t's.ci1rK un their cuny,u•viliulr. This in%urnruliun is tlim-rm.wll ni/h rht• uhjr•rl u/ ussc's.%ing !ht• n•ql• ilr ir/rit lr .cnlnc' u/'tlre rulruilr c•ulrrpr,ruul.~ ci//t,r! !hr /lurl,ur „/-1ru. t • .-Ilh•Nliw! !s t/rtrn'rs it) gup.v in prt'scvU knandt•tl,L rt•. 0 3 a o r, (I G 4s ri 4 2. THEJVOLATILE CONSTITU
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50255 2855 Hoi+e;~'=lt"V,t~'~ , ~ A LABORATORY STUDY 08 THE CIGARETTE BEETLE, LASIODER*fA SERRICORNE (F.) (COL.,- ANOBIIDAE) WITH A CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE ON ITS BIOLOGY. Reprint from: Bulletin of Entomological Research 48 (Pt. ]) 56 p. (March ]957) ~) a, RJ ki
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PESTICIDE TOXICITY 50255 2842 ~ 77 X Re2-78 'R.P. I -A .-Qj Chronic Toxicity for Rats of Food Treated with Hydrogen Cyanide ~Mv 3 = 3 2 5 - DAq ) K1S~5 -JOHN W: HOWARD and R. F. HANZAL Hazleton Laboratories, Fatls Church, Va. A study of the chronic toxicity to rats of food fumigated with hydrogen cyanide showed that food containing 100 and 300 p.p.m. of hydrogen cyanide produced no signs of cyanide toxicity during a 2-year feeding period. At termination hematological values were within normal limits and neither gross nor microscopic examination of tissues revealed evidence of pathology due to hydrogen cyanide feeding. Definite increases in thio- cyanate concentrations were found in the tissues of the experimental animals. The results ~ of this investigation provide data important in the evaluation of the safety and hazards of hydrogen cyanide in view of its varied uses in agriculture and industry. HtrDaoGEx CYANIDE has been used for fumigation for almost 60 years, being introduced originally in Califurnia for the fumigation of citrus trod infc.tcd with scale insects. Coquil- let, 1886, i"iv% crflit fp'r bclgg t+hf ffrst to tnot;ticst its use for dcstroytng tn- oocts on tilants (12, 14). been extended until it now includes the fumigation of dwellings and barracks (11) for the destruction of roaclu., water bugs, and bedbugs, and the fumigation _ of warthouscs_ and`milts (7, 8) against Ucerta;n it5dret:lhat vcatroy food pruducts. ~Since_thcxsarlyjnvcst~~tions the use The gas has alao bccn unhluycd at ports of entry to combat the introduction of (9, 13). Some of the more important of these Ixsts are the pink boll worm and the citrus blac k fly. Fumigation with hydrogcn cyanide is a'so uud to prevent the spread of yellow fcvcr (5) and bu- bonic plagitc epidemics (6). Cyanides arc used cxtcn!ivcly in clcc- lroplating. photography, extrai tion of precious mctals frum ores, and case I 1,._A.~_~„mLlhrnt:
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50255 2848 QP nternational $ymposium on Olfaction and Taste, 5th, 459 IS UVe ~' lioward Ylorey Institute of Experimental Physiology 1975 & Medicine, 1974. Olfaction and taste V. Includes index. §mell-Congresses. 2. Taste-Congresses. 1. , 1. Denton, Dcrek A. 11. Coghlan,-John P. III. ~1^o,MatA- • ~.>fi{otey ltfstif33e of Experimental Physiolo~gy~and Medlcine:. IV. Title. [DNLNL• 1. Smell-Congresses. 2. Taste- ConEresses. W3 OL4S] QP455.157 1974 612'.86 75-14069 ISBN 0-12-209750-5 I I of C' r Jeff ~ ACADEMIC PRESS, INC. 111 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10003 United Kingdom Edition published by ACADEMIC PRESS, INC. (LONDON) LTD.' 24/28 Oval koad, London N W t ~y Librarv o~ f ConFrest CatalocinR in Publication Data a os(;() nc/u'a t1i _; 7 -
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50255 2827 : ----------- - - RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 "fi 1979 ; N. Y., 79 p. (1979) (in English) clsen's book isVfor you. Ilnwl ~ James 1`fichi You Cun Stop Smoi;ing. T'ow tells how the ` ~ author, a three- to fuur-pack smoker fo 1r j thirty-tluee years, gave it up. His mcthodP 1~ Cold turkey. ~:S 7 a r~ n0 •i a :i Q, TOBACCO---S?10KING--PSYCHOLOGY/ SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISIII`,G/ , . . , Michaelsen, J. A. *(no affil,)* SI_OKING NOW, Exposition Press,•Hick•sville, . 14'hy be a slavc to the cibarette habitP How~ ~ 1„ng have you been tclling yourself that ' tomorrow you'1l quit. If you need help (and who doesn't?) in overcoming this costly (physically and financially) addiction,
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50255 2803 MANAGEMENT I3Y 'OBJHCTIVF.s/. - 73 I 1`.cl ° -The Business Quarterly (1,rinter, 1972) S~R-&Z. "ANQ...41L 7A ~+~ IT DALE D. McCONf;EY VALE U. 1.1CCC1r:XEY i. Associate Profcssor of titanazement in the Department of Gusiness and ManaEement, Uriivcrsity of Ms- tonsut-Extcnsiun, \Sadison. His cxtcnsive i:rdustrial c;i erience includes: prc:ident of his own management eonsulting firm, group vice pres(.'ent of United Fruit Company, and vice presi- dent of Bccch-Nut Lifc Savcrs. Inc. He holds bo:h Fraduate and underFraduate degrees in indus- trial managcment fruai New York University where he studied under managcmcnt authorities Prter F. Drucker and Ernest Dale. He ts rrcoFni:.cd generally as one of the pioncers in the dcvel- o2ment of mar•aFcmcnt hy objcctivcs as a system arr: h.is been one of its most active practitioners having helped tu instal: Ihe sy:.t:.r. in m;.ny ('. iffc r?n„ or ,anizations - both as a corporation executive aw1 ir.nre recer tly as a concultant. liis approach has bcen used a-. It,c t•asis for seores of MIEO install.0ion: in Japan, Can.tda, thr U.I:tG a Gtat('s ar7d t.uiot•c. The author of over 700 published articles on var:ot:s aspects of corporate maaac,e:r.cr~.t, he I;as also contributad to -everal business books. fas books, Ho:u To 1.7anagc By Rc>ril!s, P:,;n- nins P:cit Year's I'ro(ii,, aad Up.fating the ~%frnrtSc,•:(•r-,t Pro- eess. were previously published by the American ~fana;;c:~ent Association and arc now availablc in French, Spanisn and ancsc cditions. I lis fourth book, : Srnrt.~crrcnt By Objccti: c< <or Staff Htrntagcrs, wa published in AuEust of 1972 by Vantage rress. His latest boo'r., No-1'orsensc Delegntion, .,ill ba re- lcascd by Arneritan hlanagcmcnt Association in 1973. A frc- quent speakcr, he is also a guest Iccturcr at several rr: duate schools of business including H: rvard and New York L'nivt r- sity. Ife has also Iccturcd at business schools in Europe, Latin Antcri:a and thc 1'hilii.f+ir.es. Mr. A9cConkcy is a membcr of the hoard cf D;rectorf: of thrce corporation; ..s well as several business and profcs"ional or£dailations. 7 A .9 ; i ~.i ('1 6 ii :~ (r i I 0j
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50255 2851 80U Ey. . • Published as a separate and in The lournaf of Pjycholosy, 1980, 104, 171-183. /MAJOR FACTORS OF PERSONALITY~' The U~irersity'oJ Alherta, Camad la ~ I~AU~t ffOtt11RTN I I St1MMARY ~-. --- ' French has recently resurveyed the literature regarding personality fac- tors in order to (a) update his prc~inus survey and (b) complement, in the noncognitive domain, the prestigious French, Ekstrom, and Price kit of reference tests for cognitive factors. This recent survey of persnnalit}• factors is limited in at least two respects: (a) it relies on studies which are. in most cases, limited in size of item pools; (h) it has been greatly influenced by the two systems of Cattell and Guilford. Rather than rely on the pre-1971 literature (which belongs to an era when the factor analysis of a hundred variables was "a large factor analysis"), the writer has undertaken research aimed at accurate delineation of personality factors using item- factoring coupled with item analysis. The article has two purpn;es: (a) to compare the factors in French's survey with those emerging in very recent work, and (b) to make the point that we are now likely to achieve greater - eomprehensiveness and accuracy in the identification of major persona!it% factors. v U 1 • G l C. C
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50255 285,0 Oi? 505 H ~/OSiN:Y -. ~~' Z ~J::~t.. .MC~~ . . :1pl;lie:1 io j;'.Snrvey of plt;;s:csl metliucls utv~1 irI Ilq Amcricalt cc1.i Cl+t nura i l';t .;. l'o., i frl;+, vii, ?931 21 c-n. IrI c2uQc., ••ac Ct fxa'.•, I. letotV"cul iti;; _IcF. 2. Met'iciuc. i. Tit1c. QI15~;~.ll~a 15+1~ , " '~ G12.019•1 l.ibr:u} ut Coa rc;_a ~ I~O~ 3:1-1J 1~;,• t •. . ! •~ ~1 ll 1S -! l1 ~i :~ ~ i
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CHEMISTRY, ORGANIC--SYf:TH'r,SIS/CHEMISTRY--COMPUTERS/ SY ntfias ~s Calnpz~ter-1~,.ssiste~~. ~'Fga~-~i ~c 1 Svilthesis VACS Syinposium Scrics,6j . Robert F. Gould, Zditor W. Todd Wipkc, EDITOR A symhosium coshonsorcd bN UnlverJJty of CalTforrlla, the Division of Chemical Santa Cruz Information and the 'I:DTToR Division of C~mlx~tcrs in 'nce Ut)joh11 Co)u[~a)~y AIdERICAN CIIEr,tiiCAL sOC1ETY_ Chcmistry at the Ccnrcnnial WA51lINGTON, D. C. 1977 ! Jvfecting of the Amcrican `! Chemical Society, New Yorl; ; u .~ ~ J rJ "0 6 0 N.Y., April 7-8, 1976. S
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RS 421 Am 1978 INFORMATION STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL SYSTE4S--COt4PUTERIZED/ CHEMISTRY, MEDICAL AND PHAR.'~W' CEUTICAL/C0.`IPUTERS--INFOI~l'yfTIOt: SCIENCE/ Retrieval ofYMedicinaf Chemical Informatiozi dVwAffr"1-dft11wff ly L' D rrO R The Upjohn Company Margaret M. i'.filne, EDITOR Siutlh, Kline, and French Ann F. Peiinell, EDITOR ICI /Imerica.rj Inc. ~ 14 S S Y M Based on a~}-n~posium cosponsored cI-l by the Divisions of Computers in Chemistry and Chemical Information at t~he 175th Meeting of the 11 nerican Chemical Societ}%, Anaheim, California, March 13-i 7, 1978. P O S I U M S E R I E S 4, ha('a , AI+IERICAN CHEfIICAL SOCIETY I WASHINGTON. D. C. 147! U.3 f! 0 7 i1 o a t~ ~i o .
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.4 : Y p 0 -/A%r. G~++G,4 t~r~o ~0 4'y~.o ~rS f l /. ~r ' . ee~ ,l'"° P v^c.C~1Lf ! ' ~ ' r. 11l NO ~1:1L1OGGRIlPftIC DATA MEE7• PB 238 074 ~ T:r:c and Subtitle 5. Report Date • • 1preliminary Environmental 16zard Assessment of Chlorinated November 1973 Htsphthaienes, Si,,licones, Fluorocarbons, Benzenep~ycarboxy- lates and Ch2o onhenols (. Ao:hor(s) #%11i*F R. Howard & Patrick R. Durkin `. Peeformina OrEenization Namc and Address - Syracuse University Research Corporation• 2•ierrill Lane, University Heights Syracuse, ZdeW York. 13210 ,Z. SponsorinE Or6anizarion Name and Address SA"t" C. i .. A review of five classes of chemical compounds covering production, environ- neutal exposure, environmental effects, health effects, and toxicology. The eZssses covered are benzenepolycarboxylates (including phthalates). chlorinatPd.__ ~ 13. Type o( Report & Period ' N Co.ered e....e...e ~r ' Interim :;&lATIONAL TECHNICAL INfOF:Ml1TION S:RYlCE ~ VS ./ C.+...ua• 40s.A.arwIe. vA. 22151 E
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unKurwlUGkAPHIC ANALYSIS--HIGH PRESSURE LIQUIO CHROMATOGRAPH 50255 2860 JOiJRD1AL OF LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY, 3(7), 1071-1078 (1980) `~ 81 111 Wa PAIRED-ION HI/ PRESSURE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY OFVMETHOTREXATE AND METABOLITES i IN BIOLOGICAL FLUIDS Yeu-Ming Wang*and John A. Benvenuto+ Departments of *Pediatrics and +Developmental Therapeutics The University of Texas System Cancer Center M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute Houston, Texas 77030 ABSTRACT A paired-ion high pressure liquid chromatography procedure (HPLC) is described for the separation of methotrexate and its major metabolites (7-hydroxymethotrexate, 4-amino-4-deoxy-N10- methylpteroic acid, methotrexate diglutamate, methotrexate tri- glutamate), and therapy-related compounds (Diamox and 5-methyl- tetrahydrofolate). The mobile phase consisted of a 70% solution of 5 mM hexanesulfonic acid, pH 3.75, and 30% methanol eluted on a reverse phase column or columns and monitored at 305 nm or 280 nm UV absorption. The lower limit of sensitivity for metho- „ trexat ~and ~ 7-hydro~ N mechotrexate in plasma was 2 pg/ml. I
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50255 2868 1_~...~.~ . i.:G ~.. . . t. . i-~
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i A Summary Report 50255 2862_ II Me -80 Southeast Conference Held at 5 on North Carolina State Universi S•P• Raleigh, North Carolina URBAN STORM'rJATER MANAGEMENT Prepared by April 10-11, 1979 A Conference Chai rman Published by Neil S. Grigg Water Resources Research Institute The University of North Carolina }
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0 y~3Ul -i i.:O?l:"' ~~ •d ~7~ v -t i' » Y :;; : ::zr i5 •t.; )' ~lc. '7.ij ~ '- ~:{','.;;T~~ `~.K.ocaaL w z~a 6 ~. . i. ` I I b98Z SSZOS'
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50255 2863 r.EF. Q 123 Sn 7.975 /At3F.i'O'.•fYI' l3LOOil/ P;,ASMz4/ Si:I;d/ i1SSUC5/ Ti:i;A[i/ "' /BOtZES/ CAi<DIOVA:'sCiJL.AI: SYST!itfi l::.SPTPATORY Oi;GA~?S% /PHYSIOLOGY/ Rcnort oY' tlklo 'E,~.sk GrL:,p otl Izefcreaxcc ` A RLPORS• PRf.P,4nCD RY A TASK 41LOV1' 01- COD1?tITTCC 1 OG 1110 INTGRNATIONAI, CO:•1:!ISSIOt: ON RAD101.O(:1CA1. PROTLC110.7 ADOI'TLD b1' T111S CO>1?11SSIUV IN OCTODCA, '1974 W. S. Savdcr Crnirlnml M. 1. Cook L'. S. Nassct L. R. }Carillu;en ~. Pariy IioNellc '~ 1. ti. 7ipton tlirf.KKAT7ONA1. CODi?11SS1Oa ON R:.DtOLOG1CAL PC.OTCCTION 0 I1o. 27 PERGAMON PRI;SS o%FORU • AI:W YnRK - TORONTO tiYU\LY • UKAUNSt:INYLS6 I
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Page 362: hfb88d00
50255 2865 i a,-Fact®r CHEMISTRY--MATHEttATICS/ ABSORPTION SPECTRA/'KASS SPECTRO*tET4Y/ Analysis EDMUND R. AtALINOWSKI 0 in Professor of Chenmistry Sterens Institute of Technology Chem~stry ~~?~lRRYL4 NQtiVER1RA , 1- Professor ot Chemistry City Unitcrsity ot New 1•ork, Brooklln College A VI'7cy-tnterscieuce Publication 1o6n 1\'iley & Sons Ntw 1'ork Chichcstcr Brisbane Toronto I 7 4
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50255 2871 I VcgcLrblc tanning materials. Luiidon, Btrt!cnvoril:; Scicriti;ic Public:itia:,s, 1°J3. 325 y. fllus. 23 cm. Incluiles b;Llio~;a;.l~y. 1. Ttmulns. SB31 ;.I IG t. Titic. : T.1 brar. oY`Congrc•. i 121 t~Z ~SS3 ~ . •y ~~ l/ r/ 1 I ~ J I i) u
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50255 2861 - THE . II Mes 78 CHOI-lAN RIVER PROJECT S•P• SUMMARY REPORT iD6V 1d5}1~:~rt+lawe] 1s3 ' Grovcr Cook Published by WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA ll i-oc- lar:, _ z.~r-i ter. 2Caordi~::.. r, Cizo;aun Ri.i,70r F'ro,jrct. Pre'rcntly, Environrnental Coorciiruitor, Uivi:.iv,: :;' llealth Scrvt:oc:s, N. 'C. Dopartment of lhunan Rc::ourees. 3Forricr Watcn cc?: ouroos Rw;.carch Invtitute-UNC. 0 3 0 0 o fl 0 j 1; 7 0 ay ~~ a8/ 72~ Sharon i3ond2 .. . 1 . .
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50255 2873 TOBACC(1--SM0KF.--I.UMTNF.SrF.PICE / 78 IX Ho RJR CLASS NO. PAI!PHLET 78 IX Ho Wt Steele, R. H. _ (Johns Hopkins Univ. Sch. Med., Dep. Surg., Baltimore, Md.; Tulane Sch. Med., Dep. Biochem., New Orleans, La., U. S.) CHEMILUMINESCENCE OF CIGARETTE SMOKE. Physiol. Chem. Physics 8, 417-28 (1976) (in English) *Keywords:* oxygen, smoke, constituent.' ~• Clicmihrminesccnce Jrom cignrctle srnoke (acrosol) and s»toke "extrncli'r (suspensoids) are describcd. The cntissau Jront oqucous and organic sus- j. pehsoids pcrsist for hours, are proportional to oxygen solubiliries, possess cncrgy ± of af lensr •1.8 clcclron volrs, and display characteristics x•hich suggest that the iii emissions may be partially sensitized by singlct oxygen. Univ. , e
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50255 2867 77 IX Ho TOBACCO--SrtOKE--LU*tINESCENCE/TOBACCO--S:•10KE--A:VALYSIS/ SMOKING AND HEALTIf/ hJR CLASS NO. PA'?I'11HLT 17 " lio ~! ! Steele, R. H. (Jolins Hopkins Univ. Sch. Med., Dep. Surg., Baltimore, Did.; Tulane Univ. Sch. Med., Dep. Biochem., New Orleans, La., U. S.) CHEMILUMINESCENCE OF CIGARETTE SMOKE. Physiol. Chem. Physics 1976 (No. 8) 417-28 (1976) ( in English) • Chcnrilrrririnccccncr /rcyrir cigr.rNlc :nrokc~(ncrosol) and s»>ol.e "cA Ir,rcrs" ~ (suspc•nunirls) nrc dPScri/IC!!. T/lc cl+tiSSUl+s Jrcnu rulrrcoln• Unrl urgnYric s+rs- pensuic/s pClsisf Jur huurs, nr(' prupurfionnl lu ua)•bcn sol+rbilWcs, pwscss energy of nf h•ast 1.8 clrcYrurt vulis, and rlispluy c hnrurlcrivic s irlric li su,Sgcst thrrt the ~ cuuissruns nmry be prrrtinlh-3cruilizcd by singlrf (,s)•gc•il. li lJ •{ 1 LI fi ../ i)
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50255 2876 e Neveneil, Judd C. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SYNTHESIS WITH CARBON. ISOTOPES. ATOMIC ENERGY PROJECT. Uni versity of 8alifornia, Los Angeles report Nos. 3]6 and 395,•by Judd C.. Nevenzel, David R. Howton, Richard F. Riley and Gunther Steinberg._ Report No. 3,16 - December 1.7, ]954 j.75 pages Report No. 395 - July 25, j957 172 p. The University of california, Los Angeles Campus School of Medicine AtomiQ Energy Project California. i ~~ .S ti U i i i.j 6 ~ ii 6 ~
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• 50255 2853 XX 4ec CANADA R'ATIONAL CA::CER INSTITUTF./ CA,tiCER--BLADDEP,/ CANADA DEPARTt1I:\T OF NATIONAL t1f:ALTtI AND I7CLFl,R::/ SACC1tARIt:/ ' ' ~ A AssoCtATIaN BE;!:FRi n• S. p. • • ARTIFICIAL S4ICETEiiER USE AND HUiiAil BLAOOE~ CAi4CE:Z*. I . » ,1-. A J.D. Burch A.B. f•iiTler EpidEriolocy Uni tr Pfational Cancer Inst.i tute of Canada ,. Universitf of Toronto, Ontario, Canada ' , B. biorri son ' ' Universi ty o,` "ori tisn Columbia, ':zaccuver, Canada . U a 4') G • I', • • P. Gordon. - L.' Veldon Da]housi e Uni versi tf, Ha1 ifax, Nova Scoti a, Canada .Cnanbers • G. Fodor ' . •.6.td. Winsor 1namorial University, St. Jo::ns, i;e;rioundland, Canada . , . • * Tais study aras supported by the t;aticnal Cancer Institictte of Cznada, and in part under fdat;cnal t?eai th P.esearc5 and . Cevelcpment Projact ::o. b131043-.:0 or ;, HeAi t~ and l:el fare Canada. I
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50255 2872 !'I 1`e-13 '. CICAc~F.TTI:S---PAP1'.P.---AnIIITI~TS/T0.??ACCO--S`tt~ia:--Ai~r11.1Ai. !ff:'i';if I)S/ C,-);:i'7SITLO;T/ .Y.r-. ~ ~..+• .. . - . . - .. - . . . . _ _ . . . .. . . ~^1'~ . . . P.JR CLASS NO. PhuliLET VI To-73 s.p. Johnson, R. R. ; Sur.r;:ers, T. ld. ; HW"?7J.:: E-vir. (.~'.ro::n 1.i11ia;r.son Tobacco Corp. , Res. D,~n. , Louisville, Ky. ; Battelle Mecn. Inst., ~~:.ai. Chem. Unit, Colu:abus, Uhiu, U. S.) SMIO:ai Ciii:'.ISTRY CO_: Sf:QU'Ii:,CES 0:' SODIiM C4L0RATI: ON CIGARETTE PAPER. Tobacco Chen:. Res. Conf., 27th, paper, ~:i:istoa-Sa l.er., N. C. (Oct. 3-5, 1973) (in ~n~,~ish) *i.evwords:~~ sodiu~n chlorate, paper, a:9c'.itive; ~ sodium chloride, paper, add4_tive. *1973, No. 23, td10314* *d* Tobacco c::e::.istry;_____-
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50255 2858 , BORON--COLORI1fETRY/B,ROriINE/CARBO?V DIOXIDF/CAP,BON rt0NOXIDE/CYANIDE/'[HIOCYANATF./ CIILORINF./FLiIORINE/IODINE/NITROC;EN--DETF.R~tTNATIO:d/OXYGEN/ OLnNE/IIYDROGEN PEROXT~ PfIOSPHORUS/SELI:NIU'Ni/TELLURIUM/SILICON/SL'LFUR/ CIIE•a4ISTRY, ANALYTIC--COLLL;CTED WORK',^j QI) 113 Colorimetric Determination B0 1978 of Nonmetals CH EM ICAL ANALYSIS A SERIES OF r1o1oGl:APKS ON ANALYTICAL CHESIISTRY AND 1TS APPLICATIONS Edirors P. J. ELVING • 1. D.U1\EFORDNER Editor Emcritus: 1. M. KOLTHOFF F. N'. Bitlmcycr E. Grusttka B. L. }:arger V. Ktivan Advisory Boord V. G. Mossotti A. L. Smith B. Tremillon T. S. West VOLUME 8 G 0 Jond~F: itio~tt~ 4 Y Edrturs DAVID F. BOLTZ (detensed) a .:.-,JAMES A: HotYEL{,~~_:::';: r 'Westein`itiichigin Udivcrsity "` ` David F. Bottz . F. L. Cheng It. K. L Gupta Larry G. Hargis W. J. Holland Jamcs A. Howdl Robcn J.lakubiec Ra!, h A. Johnson Chul:s H. Lueck Stephen ateltregiaa Aurhaz B. G. t•tcssick James AI. Pappcnhagen Gor.inn A. Parkrr Go:dnn D. Pattcrson.lr. G. Victor Potter R. A. Smith Ati:hact J. Taras Louis A. Trudell E. K. WriFht Hennir Zak r
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50255 2880 Proceedings of an International Symposium sponsored by the International Union of Food Science and Technology; the Scandinavian Association of Agricultural Scientists and the Norwegian Agricultrual Food Research Society, held in Oslo, Norway FOOD--1"HERMAL PROCESSIt~G/FOOD--PP.ESERVATION/F00D--C11E?iCAL COmPOSIT MEAT/FISH/MILK PRODUCTS/tdINE/VF,GETABLEC/CEREAL/ PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL AND TP BIOLOGICAL CHANGES IN 370 In FOOD CAUSED BY 1977 THERMAL PROCESSING PDDL Edited by TOIZCLHOYEM and OSKAR hVtkLE The Norwegian Fuod Resc•nrch /usriture, is, Nvrira}• APPLII:D SC1LNCf_ PUI3LISIirRS LP1.11Tt:D LONI)ON u :)" ~~ t/ 0 t1 fi ii ') . 6 y' I ..t• ~...
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~~ L-ASPf~fiAGitiASE/ARGIN I2dE/ii02COKIN AS:.S i CF:: A--3IOSY::TiI;iSIS/A`:IWMA`SFEP.EISES/ Rt1ODA.~iF.SE/ ! Gi.UTA.*IATC.--D£HYDROGEi:ASES/ _ Qp 601 Ad 1973 0 ADVANCES 1ii Ei~IT%Y1511OLQGY AND RELATED AREAS OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGr • Founded 1f;• E. F. \ORD Edited by Aia'O\' UF,ISTEM, VOLUME 39 5 r 1 CORNELL tfNIVERSITY MEDiCAL COLLEGE, NEW YORK 19:3 AN 1NT1•:RSCiENCE © PUBLICATION JOHN WiLi:r & SONS \cr: York • Londun • Sydney • Toronto s c~ r :~ h~ qs r ~ + ,~..+...[!1. ~.~.-..-.....~: ~ . . ;.. .. . , • ~ ., •7 1 11 ~'~ ~l lI =i t) (~ . r 50255 2877
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50-Z55 2870 or:i.at;; 1^~. liii:5 R[!St :Cc1nS. I'Villiliait'., Pvt~?~:r:, Ca-,1^3L~. x~, 1S~ y lf:u---. ?7 riu. (A ;tc.r scr(cs ot jdnnt :. s:iccC,. v. 20) ~ Riblio~!iaph,l': 1. (iunls jtnt7 2. 1'.OtALf, 1.':COn01i::C. i. Title. (Ui'rjia~ Librar;- of Cur,,;r:ss / r. .. . ~ , ~
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50255 2878 }CX mcP-iz!.nOr-74 IUICi:s/ ~= O:'D TF.C11NG'L.OGY f:--Sl_'/';P,,C=F: AND DEZVELOPI:fENT CENTRIF . . OF MA+-AYSIA • . , ~1....r..nr ~ r G ~-,.`IJ'i)1. ~.~t, ~ ~s+ w t~,." :~:>i,u tJc c111 by Food Teclu:olcrist ii1lTi:n hATIO\S I'OGi) .h\!) AGi:ICllLTUr^.C ORG:\\IZ:'.TION nivj5tOj4 Or ("OOD TECHNOLOGY 2~lttiIS7,1>.Y or A(;i:1C('LTVr.: A`:"D 11ALA .'SIA I ) 0 i i :s U
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50255 2887 MANAGEMENT--PRACTICE/ HD *,#l0yWJiiV 69 PERSONAL TIME MANAGEMENT. (+ Study Guide) Ho 1980 10th edition Telstar Productions, 366 N. Prior Ave., St. Paul, Mn. 55104 , I i J i- .. I'• ..1 c i 0 0 Ci %J • ~ ti :' U , .; 0
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50255 2875 ' _ w18,tsh 0 M. P.. PY7iADDXYNE 1)kF7CIL~IYCY AND TRYPTZ3PNAN MST,A- bo1,7SM 1N C1iRONfC ALCCSHbLICS, by M. P, Na15h~ P. J. IJ.. Howarth, and Viment Marke Arn. Jour.. Ct.in~ Nutritior~ 19 (Na.. 6) 379-$~j l4 .J
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50255 2883 _ TOBACCO--ADDITIVES/ VI Ta3 77 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPIiLET VI Ta -7i , k Hoyerraann;~: K::- N::`' . . (Univ. GoettinCen, Cer.) ELMENTARY PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY OF Fi:OCI:SSES IN FLMtES. *(Elementarprozesse in Flzmmen.)* 3 (in Gernan) Tabak Kolloquim, paper, 1 p., Celle, Ger. (June6-10 (1977) *Keywo*rds:* polyolefins, miscellaneous, additive; cellophane, miscellaneous, additive. '0 0 o li 1/ ..i ~. 0
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50255 2886 3 21 1C4 + Peiinecl Syrups :,d :;ugars S.nc. Yen).e1•:,, N. 'i'. Ti:is is iia,,.id .,u;rir. T ~ , a technical ', guide !or tt;n liquid sugar user. YUIIkr'rS ~ 205 p. illus. 2= cm /.
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50255 2885 I QC 801 Ho 1981 ~Fred Hoyle., Hutchinson London Melbourne Sydney A uckland Johannesburg 7 ~ ii i; U•-) i~ G ( 'S ~ ~ ~
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50255 21384 VI. To-72 S.P. T013ACC4--HAR%'ESTING--MACIi I'.3i: / ~ f- _ . - :-N--'._ . - :.. RJR CLASS D0. PA.*ZPiiLE'i' VI To 72 ~ Ntnn, P. N., Jr.;!Hovert,^J. H.1 NcKee, C. G.; Stevens, G. A. +` fi '-'' (University Y.d., Acr. Exp. Sta., Co11eEe Pk., Md., U. S.) k t7Eir' HAF.'.'F.STING SYSTE?t FO?i XI4b:YL.'••`:.7 TOn!:CCO. t • COitCSTA/TCRC Joint Conf., paper, killiaca:burF, Va. (O.t. 22-25, 1972) 1ia12 (in En b ~ , . - ._ . i• I 1 - 1 .~ c ~ U 4J •.J
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50255 2844 ~. III Ilu2-7 S.P. ~ I1. REPOnf r.p 7. -- EPA-560/2_-7_5-001 __ _~_ ~ t.~i11LE ANUS~81.1Lt Environmental Hazard Asaesacaent of One LEnd Two Carbon Fluorocarbons 1. AVT,.0/11 1 W~. A~aa :P'.k• Durkin, A. Nanchett i•PERFOHMIhO ORDA.aZAT1ON NAME A'.U ADO14ESS ~- Life Sciences Division ~Syracuse University Research Corporation Merrill Lane, University Heights Syracuse, New York 13210 12. SPONSORINO AGENCY NAME AND ADOItESS Office of Toxic Subscances VU.S. Environmental Protection Agency Washington, D.C. 20460 3. RECIPIENT'S ACCESSIOMNO. 5. REPORT OATE Se~temher_1911. ---- 6. PERFO MIN6 ORGANIZATION CODC 8. PERFORMING OHGANIZATION REPORT r, SURC TR-74-572.1 10. PROORAM ELEMENT NO. lt. 6 TRAC ~A~~io. EPA 68-01-2202 13. TYPE OK REPORT AND PERIOD COVE F Finul Technlra 1!. SPONSORING AGENCY COD ~. Tech. Inform. Serv. VU. S. Dept._Commerce, Na report reviews the potential environmental hazard from the commercial use of large quantities of saturated, one and two carbon fluorocarbon compounds which are used for the most part as aProsol propellants, refrigerants, solvents, foaming agents, and fire extinguishing agents. The following seven compounds were of major interest: trichlorofluoromethane, dichlorodifluoromethane, chlorodifluoromethane, trichlorotrifluDroethane, dichlorotetrafluoroethane, chloropentafluoroethane, and :_:owot:i:1:::,r=-ethcne. Information on physical and chemical properties, production methods and quantities, commercial uses and factots affec:ing-environoent.a•1 contcr..ination an well as information related to htialEl! add bfdloS'i'cal"effEectd ) are ) revieHed. a
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50255 2882 - Nachr. Chem. Tech. Lab. 26(6)357-62(1978) (translated by G.K.) III Du2-78 CHEMISTRY OF THE ATMOSPHERE (CHEMIE IN DER ATMOSPHARE) S.P. BY REIb'HARD ZELLNER. Abstracts of papers presented at the 77th Annual Meeting of the German Bunsen Society of Physical Chemistry in Konstanr, May 4-6, 1978 ae~~c~ The following authors contributed; C.E.JUNGE/ D.H.EHHALTIVOLZ/.1Z.~~+t!~ KHEDIMf KLIPPEL / MOORTGAT/ SLEMRf SEILER/ SCHMIDT FINKf KLAIS EIL/ OESER; KELKERl H. I. SCHIFF/ GRAB / KORTE/ ILLENBERGER HEUNEMANN- BAUMGAERTFL` H. I,. SCHIFF f' B. A. THRUSfij HACI~ DONOVA~ . HANDWERK/ ZELLNEI~ IERMANN! ZETZSCH t STUHLJ TROE / ZELLNERA kirchne ~- vettermanni FILBY~ GUERTEN HOYERMANN~. SIEVERTt STAUFF~ JACSCHKE /TONKER.~4ANN/ROEDEL/LEID~ER/E. WEISE/H. W. GEORGII/PEICHL/ ~ REITER/SLADKOVIC/POETZL/ ~ i 1 ~ +~x u
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50255 2859 ,,A ~ - , '.' . g76 41/ T3~t 3~f f~- 73 XV Re-81 Botanical Aspects'of Commercial Sage >°? S . P . vz,;T~' ARTHLA 0. TUCKER. M/CH.%EL J. MACIARELLO. AtYDxt5 1* T ::f/OWEI.v'- . .u.. :.~b..4~:. :._ ~p-`- V13f, All books and articles on herbs claim that commercial sage is primarily Salrfa officinalis L.. .or Dalmatian sage cAmerican Spice Trade Association. 1966. 1970: Hanson and Hocking. 1957: Morton. 1976: Parry. 1969: Rosengarten. 1973: Spice Islands. 1y-': Stahl. 1973). In spite of these statements. and in spite of the label on most commercial sage as Dalmatian sage. we have found that the commercial. imported. dried sage sold in the t nited States is about i0-93 c S. trrlnba L.f.. or Greek sage. with 5-S0 i S. aqficinalfs: Ann Page (The Great A&P Tea Co.. Montvale. New Jersey). Celestial Seasonings (Boulder. Colorado). Frontier Co- operative Herbs tMarion. IoNai. Golden Harvest (Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania). House of Herbs (Passaic. NesA Jersey). McCormick (Baltimore. Maryland). Na- ture's W'a% (Pro.o. Utah). Seelect (Chatsworth. California). Spice %larket (New York. Neu York). Tommv's Tea and Spice Co. (College Pazk. Maryland). and Twin Trze4 t%fedford. New lerseyt. The commercial, domestic. dried sage sold in the United States is. however. 100%' S. officinalis: Daddy's Brand (Fountain 1 Run. Kentuckti t and Spice Islands (San Francisco. California). U C) ~f ts Li :h 4 i .) %J a
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50255 2874 74 X Ka RJR CLASS fi0. PA~THLET 74 X Ho Shephard, R. J. . Canadian Forces Base, Toronto, Ont., Can.;Univ. Toronto, Dep. Environ. Health Sch. Hvg., Toronto, Ont., Can.) CARBON MONOXIDE AS A tIWZARD IN AVIATION . Jour. Occupational Med. 15 (No. 11) 874-77 (1973) (in English) *Keywords:* carbon monoxide, smoke, constituent. smoking. *1974, No. 9, W 3418* fd* Tobacco nedicine: I r,;,....,,I
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50255 28g9-- COMPUTERS/ • QA 76 D.R.E.E. A. IMBEAU pp M. PYTLIK 1977 ACCOUNTING PACKAGE M.I.C.S. ~.God;e DEPT. REGIONAL ECONOMIC EXPANSION H.P. 3000 (May 17, 1977 OTTAWA, ONT. K1A Q44 C A N A DA ,, ->.... . , ' USERS CROUP';4-BALTIMORE~, ; I%~ . ~; . . d.
Page 386: hfb88d00
.... ..- ....~~air-.L • ':- ~ CU i) a rJ ll ;l TA 459 H 50255 2888 :O lo~.~ ~la;,: +rca.:, L~' S:,nntcl i,. I1c~}'t ... , xVi,', ~, t p. incl. illas., tab:es- cliarrs. 3Gcia. New 1. T(etnt~- 7::hles, calculutions, etc. °. :Vloys-Tal,les, catcraa- tlons, etc•. 3 Sted=1':riri,~s, culculatioti' , etc. C20.17 ).tbrarc ot C'uneress ~ • - tI A.i---1-'- 2-",-, a
Page 387: hfb88d00
50255 2892 a COMPUTERS/ QA 76 Be 1981 ~s t/ i 1 ~l i 1j ;._____._ ...1 - . - _. HP 1000 Computer Trends !t Proceedings of the FirsrEuropean HP1000 Users Conference April 7-B, 1981 Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands Edited by MATTHIJS BEEKMAN. ALBERT VAN PUTTEN and PETER ZUIDEMA r1tfWLooks R.adDooics Ld Fo. Lane North, Ct.artseY, Surrey i 7 IGt: ~LG'`.i
Page 388: hfb88d00
iII 50255-2866 I 11e5 76 Amer. Lab. 8(2)14,17-19,21-25(1976) s.P. Fac~.or analyzing the. mulli-~ifactor dzita of chr.Z.--irnistr/ i: I Sy Oarryl,G. Howery r . S EVERAL STATISTICAL METHODS for the anal- ysis of large quantities of data have been applied to chemical problems during the past five years. One of these methods, factor analysis, shows special promise for furnishing new and unique insights into the interactions in a wide range of chenlical situations. The following discussion of some aspects of chemical data shows why mathematical methods such as factor analysis are being increasingly used. Essentially all the data eollected by chemists are measurably influenced by more than one factor: chemical data spaces are multifactor in complexity. The term factor is us^d in lieu of equivalent terms such as variable, influence, parameter or property. The total number of factors signiftcantly affecting,.•t. measure• ,, men) dep ;nds op tht #ccut3,cy of.the nreasuremeat. The intpm+nl~tin.+ n( ^I n. i~~l /+t+ ;. ...... „ - I difficult to'ensure that n- I of the n factors are being held constant during a set of measurements. The manner in which chemists usually acquire data can lead to further difticultics in data analysis. Con- sider for example the way in which gas<hromato- gaphic retention data are collected. One group mea- sures the retention of a series of solutes on a particular stationary phase; anothrr group measures the rctenticn of a particular solute on a few stationary phases. Such data can be represented concisely in a two-dirnensional data matrix in which one dimension of the matrix represents one type of chemical entity, e.g., solutes, and the ether dimension represants the other kind of entity, e.g., solvents. Each point in such a data matrix is the measured retention for a particular solute on a particular solvent. Only rarely does one find a cont- _t P 7 11
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50255 289v ~ ~-- CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS--THIN-LAYER CHROMATOGRAPHY/ Vlournal of Chromatography Library - Volume 9 41']H[IIIaT-~,'~ i Editors ~G G~~li~Y A. Zlatkis University of Houston, Houston, Texas 1 O ~S i o o Ci u ~ R E. Kaiser ' Institute ojChromatogrcphy, Bad Durkheim t CLSEVICR SCIENTIFIC PUBLISIIING COMPANY AMSTERDAM - OXFORD - NEW YORK INSTITUTC OF CIIROINIATOG2APIIY I BAD DURKIIL-1M f 1977 C a
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1 p•iu•> >sarl no p'1ll u i tu•-1r)) I ~'liJ(:j J.1Jln1C Ot[.JCJ.({[nt•L 1,1111 J1n111~{:{IpJ.t `UJSJ.a . , '1L,,J.\\)uJjIN[ •).ll(::,1(!1j,; l1tEn ia:(i.at11., °Uv~J.\\.[(+r.j)jl:.tY i'.I•'i-1J.1 ~l(l i!lC({ iIIJ~J.\1J'SlU( ~JiIIIC[j ~JLl.31i~1:[l +~l[ll~) !• i_ ."i{ ~ t.l( l;~ itl{I;~:J; 'JLl]Slll)1[E{Jl~lli(rr.lEll.ll~l:iE ~1lJ=J.\\j~.IU~ Jli:i~El'EJI~J ~([;.'=..1,\\llC!~ ~ul[ETj \iit:j lllt ~.`~[tit{,J,i1:=i1JI{t)llll~.l~i lllltl -)%.11: ~_`~IiEll,lJ~iIJ{E1:1\ 11I1t([ ll(O 'ailli{:)•))3{)iJCU :.~ ~:~illl{:),iji).14.`f.;p 'J;til[u!;J'L•lJni(1oj l)llil -('jClj ~ ~(E?(11.Ed . . .~ . . . -:iJ!,C:1!I ~)Ill .~.IJ(~ ?ill.la' i l!vt~,?i{)i:al:I!.\ ' r 'o-'-•'. ~11" "a!..?F"'ylord tr " r - -~ .. , ._ ~. . .. . - -~-... _ t6BZ SSZOS _ -
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= 50255 2897 TOBACCO--ANTI-SMOKING LITERATURE/TOBACCO--CANADA/TORACCO--CONSUPiPTION/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCIIOLOGY/SMOKING HABITS--gELIhQUISHING/ SMOKING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMOKING--HEALTH EFFECT/ RJR CLASS NO. TEaTP,00K TS 2240 Hr 1976 TS Hranchuk, K. B. ; Christie, D. ;'frrF~`iEiu'r;"7:*f: -,N C. 2240 *(no affil.)* Hr PS:'.CHr1-;,.5OCIAL ASPECTg OF CIGAkETTE SMOKING 1972-76. 1976 R. Wake Associates, review, 215 p. (1976) (in English) Anti-smoking review of the literature fot the dictator purpose of maI•inr people stop smoking all together. I 0 3 i1 () () i~ Cj I) V
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502S5 2890 COMPUTERS/ ....... ~ ~ ..... T QA ~t~ !~~ a li '"n I Hp 1978 / =~"'.) '-f- ;.; ~',~~a~~=s UAL (Basic program for use on the HP 3000 Computer system) L .),ti; `J r' l, 0
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50255 2899 73 X I?r F ,_ T0EACCO--Sr:OKIIX-nli°SICAL - PL•'RFOR~U;XCE/" "'" '" ' RJR CLASS NO. ?A"SPHLET 73 X Hr Komenda, S. ; Siro?.a, A., Navratil, J. (Palacky C'niv.,`:ed. Fac., Dep. Pathol. Yhysiol., O.lomouc, Czech. ) AChTE EFFECT CI' .ri::0'r,ING TOI;ACCO (0.6 g, 1.2 g, 1.8 g) ON VEPJ3n.L A3S0CIATIOXS. Activ. Nerv. Super. 15 (No. 2)-138-39 (1973) (in English) -~-.,. ..,.,-.-. .. ~._ ,.,.~. _._ .~... .,. _. ~ ~
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_ ,' -{ 50255 ' 2900 IL1': Ci.,• c :~ . 'J .'0. P•'.`.Si' '.':': 7^ , nl(V::USC, r7.cdl.j 1.:. . . , 1. ._S + ,. .._~_...~.~, . , n 7-".IF t'.C1'..., :T.'::.^. T 0? (1FC) A•• ;ll T') ~'::'CC 0\ *;lF•.Tljj. C':S. (N0. )) lW.~-4nJ (Z9?2) (in E:1oZt St?) ? , t-' 46* *d:: I., I
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`Il f.:~~ll)i ,K q u 7 ~- ~ Qu ~t,.\1aJaaA ~- Y t t Y i~ ~`!t Z06Z SSZOS ....._.- . a ;.r~Q'..-+r^r:.~e,.....-~ ..~v..
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E 50255 2891 1 Pt3 264 284 TECHNICAL RFVOnT DATA Ilkru r: ue hvurnu.r ol n.r n, rn.• e~r,'.•.•Irfrrl~d 1. REIOAT NO. _E PA-600/8-76-002 t. l. RECII/ENT'S ACCESSION NO. [. 1/TlANOSV~T/TIE,'... - - - H•~S Programmable PoCket alculator Applied to~ _ . REIORT OATE October 1976 !r Pollut.l6n Measurement Studies: Stationary Souress ~EPFORMINGORGA/U[AT/ONCOOE 7:AVTHORISI James W. Ragland, Kenneth M. Cushing, l.IERFOPMINOORGANi[ATION REFONT NO. Joh D. McCain1 and Wallace_13. Smith SORI-EAS-76-447 . Fl PFONMINO OPOAN/[ATION NAME ANO AUUPESS 10. ~RGGRAN ELE MENT NO. Southern Research Institute Ef1E624 2000 Ninth Avenue, South 1. NTRA~~(.q N N. Birmingham, Alabama 35205 68-02-2131 1!. LFONSORINO AGENCY NAME AND AODRESS 17.TYIE OF REIC1qT AND IER/OU COVEPEO EPA, Office of Research and Development ser liandbook_; ll 75-10 76 Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory 14• SFONSORIND AGENCY COUE Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 gpA/600/13 +s.:w.LEMENTARYNOTESIERL-RTP project officer for this i¢anndbook is D. B. Harris , 919/549-8411 Ext 2557, Mail Drop 62. 1.AY RA TThe handbook is intended for persons concerned with air pollution measure- ment studies of stationary industrial sources. It gives detailed description.s of 22 different programs written specifically for the Hewlett Packard Model HP-65 card- programmable pocket calculator. For each program Q%ere Is: a general description, formulas used in the problem solution, numerical exanrples, user Instructions, and 0 I
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50255 2893 81 III En 0) ~ CHIRAL CHEMICALLY BONDED PHASES ON SILICA GEL FOR HPLC NPLG~an c~hiralcn chemisch gcbundenen Phasen' l rt-c ti/I auf K~eselget rr, C,~.' u<< ~, ,rr < , , .<,,. lC 1. r r C'r H. Engelhardt und S. Kromidas Angewandte Physikalische Chemie, Universilut des Saarlandes, D-hh(1(1 Saarbriicken Die chromatographischc Trennung chira- mit Prolin substituierten Polymeren in ler Verbindungen gclingt an synthctischen Gegenwart von Cu''-Ionen (Ligandcn- Polymeren, in die optisch aktive Amid-, austausch-Chromatographie) erzielt 13). Aminosauren-oder Kronenither-Gruppen Leider sind diese Materialien fur die mo- eingefGhrt werden (1-31. Auch Trennungen dernc Ilochleistungs-Flussigkeitrchroma- an Naturstoffen wie Starke und Cellulose ' tographie zu wenig druckstabil. Frfolg- bzw. modiliciertcn Derivaten (4J waren er- rcich war die Ubertragung der Ligan- folgreich. Gro(3e Sclektivitaten wurden an dcna-Chromatogr•aphie auf die IiPLC, I Tabelle I. Sekktivitit der chirakn NationSren Phr.en (Redingungen tiche Teatl Vatinphase Prolinphase N,C' ~(Hr O S ~ ~i'~(Fi+-C~fI`(1t+TNt(~^{?NI/{- •-~c-ICItJ. sS/-CN~--(11~--(1(~ NII- '"1` JC I u=-t' I
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C/l';NAI3I S /'P01.1CC0--Sl40TC.ING--IIEALTII 1SFPECT/ - 50255 2898 .r^e'+7t.:~tw.-r.•-w..~e-~.!'.Rq..~-a^ 73 X}Ir 1± - FJF. CLASS F.J. P~t•Lt'iit .C T.CT 73 X Hr f:omenda, S. ; Si.oka, A. ; t;rej ci, 2. ;'Medek, A. ; Navratil, J. I .}.~ .~ 1 t: (Palacky Uzf v. , aed. Fac., Dep. P.:.t}:ol. Physiol., Olotaouc, Czech. ) _ ~ ACUTE EFFECT 01' SMOKING 1'ETk',.G''i'DR{1C,"titiABINOL WITH TOBACCO ON HIGHER NF::;V.t;S ~ nC111'ITY 114 ; Activ. Nerv. SuFer. 15 (No. 2) ].39-! 0(1.573) (in English) ~ ~ t i , I
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50255 2896 TOBACCO--ANTI-SMOKING LITERATURE/TOBACCO--CANADA/TOBACCO--CONSU`tPTION/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCITOLOGY/SMOKING HABITS--RELINQUISHING/ SMOKING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMOKING--HF.ALTH EFFECT/ .. RJR CLASS N0. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 Hr 1976 TS Christie, D.: t'.ranchuk, M., C. 2240 `7(no affil.)* Hr PSY_1CHQ-'ZnCIAL ASPECT$ OF CIGAi:ETii; 5,10}:ING 1972-76. 1976 R. L+'ake Associates, review, 215 p. (1976) (in f:ngl ish) Anti-smoking review of the literature fot the dictator purpose of mar:ins people stop smoking all together. U 7
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50255 2879 Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc. 217., 434-40(1971) -21NC/TttACE t"ETALS/ 4z--A Idiopathic Hypogeusia With , CCPPER/hICKEL/ DysgeuSia, Hypos-in2a, and Dysosmia A New Syndrome Robert I. Henkin, NSD, PhD; Paul J. Schechter, MD, PhD; Robert Hoye, MD; and Carl F. T. Mattem, bID _ u ..,...- • . Thirtyfive patients with decredsed t'aste acuity (hypogeusia) and decreased olfactory acuity (Yyposmia) with or without perverted taste (dysgeusia) and perverted-3mell (dysosmia) had elevated median detection and recognition thresholds for the taste of salt, sweet, sour, and bitter, and abnormal forced scaling of taste qualities. Electron micrographs of taste receptors showed pathological changes in the taste buds of these patients. No apparent cause could be found for this disturbing and unpleasant symptom complex. These abnormalities appear to comprise a new syndrome which we have termed idiopathic hypogeusia with dysgeusia, hyposmia, and dysosmia. 0 ~aste and smell are sensory i /. - _ ` ! jr(odal~4ies yv~ose .ynpli~tiorpj, of several disease states." In addi- a persistent foul odor in the naso- pharynx, which also could nut be relieved; and vertibo, hearing loss, loss of libido, and unexplained hy- pertension. The patients prescnted themselves to us because we were, to their' knowledge, the only gmup inter- ested and concerned with the clin- ical study of taste abnormalities in man. In general, these paticnts in- itially contacted their local physi- cian after the appearance of theze tipn, we have recently found a 13re symptoms. They were u~uiily to!d . : - ---- :- ~-, I
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50255 2906 - II MeAl-78 S.P. REFERENCE SECfION SCIENCE AND TCCID;OLCGY DIVISION f~,Z. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS TB 72-20 LC SCIENCE TRACER BULLETS V"NOISE POLLUTION --adapted from the MIT Pathfinder format Compiled by A:-Hromockyj,* SCOPE: Excessive noise in the hwnan environment defined in human factor terms or tolerance levels. SUBJECT HEADINGS under which books on noise pollution can be located in the LC card catalogs include the following: NOISE POLLUTION (Highly relevant) AEROPLANE NOISE (Relevant) AIRPORT NOISE (Relevant) CITY NOISE (Relevant) T*Tnv 1Pr/TIT.. ..-.. ... . c f e
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. ';!' ,q~K" KOI xV'I S::V`ds .S06Z SSZOS
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DC ~O L:1 .1`.T ~a3~LlV:iJ.aJ`1CUv?(1 a]l(j0 nL"~ ::Ci;!' L06Z SSZOS
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50255 2901 _,.....,.~..._...•.._ . c;.:•:. - ... . . .~. i:NA1..,YTICR'L TdE"1'}i4D5 POR D£TE3tMiNAT:IVN QF AER0501.S 6Y MEAN3 bC MtMaMN* ULTRAF'.ILTERS, XVITY. AEROSOL SAMPL'iNG UNDER Z.XTRF-ME GAS C6NDI'?:1DNS, by K. Spurny, 3. Nrbek and J. P. Lodge, 3.c. Co11, Czech. 36 (No. S) 27~9-56 (.1971)
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Phatmacology 12: 303-315 (1974) -, 1{1 b u.y-7S s.? • 50255 2911 Binding of Fluorocarbon Aerosol Propcllants to Bovine Albumint I u „J%t•~~t~l,y J}#qo,q,nd /b'irr L. Chiou Ddpartment of Pharmacy, Cotlege of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago Key IVords. Aerosol propcllrnts - Albumin binding • Protcin binding intejactions Abslracl. Rindini; kinetics of three commonly used fluorocarbon acrosol propcll:,ntc, fluorocarbons 11, 12 and 114, were studtcd in aqueous 5-percent bovine albuinin solutions using the partition coefficient principie betv:een aqueous phase and head space in sealed serum bottles. The fluorocarbon concentration in the aqueous phase was analyzed by the extraction method and that in the head space was analyzed directly with gas chromatop; raphy. The numbers of binding sites pcr molecule of protein were 3.03, 1.35 and 1.75, and binding association constants were 1.01 x 10', 7.63 x 10' and 1.45 x 10' .tf-' . respective- ly, for the thrce propcllants. 'I ho percent bound .cas found to he a function of propcllant -. . . .. .. _ • - . ._ _.~..-_..__. _...J:-~ .1.. ------- 4.......a........ 71 AA ....A -7O Is ly F- ( 7
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50255 2916 S (o`~ Pharmacology 13: 128-136 (1975) Thermodynamic Aspect of the Interaction of D~dijgx„oletrafluoroethane with Bovine Albumin' Win L. Chiou unc?~fer'Htiey llsfdo - Dcpartment of Pharmacy, Collegc of Pharmacy, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, School of Public fiealth, University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago 0
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r: S35 50255 2910 RESCa?1RCH STUDY TG 03Ti:Iid D(.ir? rERTAItiIN,r'.. TO '11HE .0}'T.t`•.lfi~ ;:::QUiR.t'z?`:1' FOR DE1; :hRl.T10N Aia . R} }1~`i)Rr'.TI.7;: 0'r CERTAIN MFE2fi-DRIED FRUITS Aia 4EGi:TABIk:S YY ptcF-F•-M-73 2 C: I'DDL 1 C. ~ Satnsoh' T.' ttsia,'Thomas R. Parks, and Joel Stanford Research Institute N.Vn1o Park, California 94025 Contract No. DAAG17-70-C-0187 Food L3b:.ratory U. S. ARMY NAT:C1•: I.ABOF.ATOZIES } Natick, Massa.clausetts 01760 , . Frvjecfi Refcrer,ce;* 728012.12 ' Series: FL-173 :, Technical Report Sidel 73-19-FL February 1973 ~~,~ z y3 1 a~~ IZ. S~ n.mo~`jS V .} ;/ 0 1 r! 1) 6 .j ' I ',
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AIR--ANALYSIS/ so2ss 2908 79 III Hr INSTRUCTION MANUAL F R GUNN-DIODE MICROWAVE CAVITY MMONIA MONITOR i -L'8Wetrct._:-jF~ #irubesh, Alvin S. Maddux, Jr. and David C. Johnson -"-" University of California Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Post Office Box 808 Livermore, California 94550 a6•;..c ,: Y', l y 7 7
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1-14-u"1 /6 I Ma-t31 MQSSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL EXPER:.`1E:tiTaL APPROACHES FOR ACaIE:'I ' BOTH ZERO-ORDER A.ND `:ODLZ.ATED C0\TROLLED itE:.?..aSE FRO:". OL:':SER `"A:RLY SYST`SS ! Fisia~and Robert Langer Department of \utrition and r'ood Science 50255 2918 LlAI50N PROGRAM ~i ~~ • ll U
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502-55 2895 C Physiol. Yig., 1980, 18 (4), 677-687 Interaction of microbial DNA with germinating pollen of ,Nicotiana tabacum 78 VII Ag-81 L. in culture S.P. httosuV TUP$Ar&fd# VA.and VEnw ZAPKOVA-BALATKOVA Institute of Experimentol Botany, Departmeat of Genetics, Czechoslovak Academy of Scier,ces. Fkmi~qovo rom. 2, 16000 Praha 6. Csechoslovakia (Manuscrit re;u k S mai 1980, aoceptb k 20 toot 1980) SUMMARY Key words: exogenous DNA, pollen culture, DNA tyntlresir. Tobacco pollen was incubated for 1.30 and 3.30 hrs aith microbial radioactive DNA and diethylaminoethyl-0extran (DP.AE-dextran). The polycation did not affect pollen tube growth up to l0 µg . m1'' level. At this concentration, the treatment of 2. S X l06 grains in 10m) of cultivation solution resulted in cell surface binding of about 50% from 30 pg of donor DNA against only about 5% in the control. The non-bound DNA was completely degraded by pollen DNase and from the pollen tube retained radioactivity after DNase I treatment only less than 1•/, was DNA-associated, the total retained radioactivity being roughly S times higher in DEAE-dextran treated culture. V .J t 1 TU _~t %l l! a7 ~ lJ 6'i
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50255 2904 Die •Nahrung ISEN 410n'69t Chemie, Biochemie, IVlikrobiologie, Technologie, Brnahrung i 22. JabrBan; 1978 Heft 8 Department of Food Chemistry and Analysis, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology ' (Chairman: Prof. Dr. J. DA\•iDEK), Prague, CSSR ! +XX MeF-E-404-79Prediction of Sensory Quality of Orange Beverage th B i f G Ch t l ~ t~ i P fil on as a o as ro~na obrap >< ro e c es 0 J. POIiOAXh, J. N'ELfaEl:, Nf. TELE\'.iXTOt', 3r. NnDLIttcoV.C, ,j. I"R\ET and J. DA\•IDEK Orange Iirverage prepared from orange concentrate, mngar, citric acid, ascort.ic acid, natural orange oil and .cator, was storcd at +"C• atid at zg °C in glass lwttk•s anQ polyst~-rene cup:;. CIt.an;;t's of qtlour qpd oj flavour aere rorrclated with changcs of ascorl•ic acid .tnd dehwdroai- cNthic•aEid,t.ind uith diungostof piotil11vobtaiocd,yp gac chiomalocraphv uf chloroform cx- traets. Chromahq;r.iphic }K•ik, suitaLlc for the pra•dictiun of scuvtn• yuality t% rre selected by multiple rc~rc-.iun au:~lc.i3 of cxlw nnu•ntal data. Very clo.c currciatiun: ttcrc found for !Lomc 3L5 , , ~`.._.- ~-'i
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50255 2915 III D»2-74 s.r. Research Cornnrunication s iri VOLf3, NO.2 Chemical Patholooy and Pharmacoloby JUNE 1974 ~73 -~7 A 1:F"A SITIPLE APPROACH TO STUDY THE °ROTEI27 BIt7DINC OF YOTMTILE Ai;D Ca">60US CO?1POU?MS I. FLUOROCAIU30:1 AEROSOL I'ROPELLA21iS, HALOT:LS~ ~A2f;) CYCLGPROPAA•E Win L. Chiou andrJqud..Hucy Hsi.ao ' Departaent of Fharrracy, Co?.1eCe of Pharr.+aacy, -- / The University of Illinois ut the 1`edical Center, ABSTRACT A simple equation is derived to estir..ate the fraction of vol.: ile or Laseous compounds bound to the protein in the aqueous r.rotein solut.ion. It is based on the asswnption that an increase in the partition coefficicrrt of the compound betveen the protein solution and air phase as compared to that betr:cen the aqueous phase not containing protein and air phase is attributed P ~~ 10 Cl - ! Y ~
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50255 2920 - 76 I Ma-80 M ~~~C~U~ETT~.~U~ETT~ ~ ~STIT~iTE OF TECH~OLOG~' , . . • 1-55-80 / ?~ w`.1"r~ k r ~ . ~7 ~" ,_ ~ RAPID AND EFFICIENT :E.HOD OF MAXING'SOYyILR I I Lily Fong, Roselie Bright, and Chofiyun Rha Department of Nutrition and Food Science LNIDUSTRI AL LI AISON .PiiOGRAM ~ t • DISTRIBUTE:~ FCR U5~ 3Y ME?418ER CCMPANIES CNLY U
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50255 2926 81 VI Hs TOBACCO--SUGARS/TOBACCO--ANALYTICAL METHODS/ SNUFF/CHEWING TOBACCO/ DENTAL CARIES/ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 81 VI Hs Hsu, S. C., • Pollack, R. Going, R. E. SUGARS PRESENT IN TOBACCO EXTRACTS. - Jour. Amer. Dent. Assoc. 101, No. 6. 915-98 (1980) (in English) •Keywords:• fructose, cured, constituent; glucose, cured, constituent; ~ sucrose, cured, constituent; paltose, cured, constituent; iaomaltose, cured, constituent. A number of sugars that are potentially cariogenie, including fructose, glucose, sucrose, altose, and iaomaltoae, were identified and quantitated by gas-liquid chromatography in chewing tobacco and anuff. s 6 G 0 6 U %~ 9 3 S
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T- vy r~:~T---aGrrle /~M--A:dATsIS/ ~. 50255 2903 ~. *Se N-iol-73 . . . . Scientific Papers of the Institute of CheQical Technolagy(Prague) E 34 65-82 (1972) -- . . r.. • . . . A STUDY OF CIIANGES OF VOLATILE A3tINES IN PACf:ED MEAT DURING •15 DaYS' STORAGB --- ^ DL'SAK CJRDA, VIAI*SiR1'.I.;C1;•titAtiD ANNA PROCINGEROYA -~ D~artcent_of Pre9ervation Technology and Donartn-int of Food ChenistrY, Faculty of roca and u'_c+c2::,--ita1 Tecnnalo^~y, Institnte of Chenica]. Tc,-hnolo^.q, Pra,^•uo_ Received qecerber 15, 1971 the formation of sone volatile aoines and a=onia in packed seat storcd for various tir.os at 20°C and the effect of so:;o factors uftectin ; this Soraation were invectiE r.ted. Tho work was carried out using tvo wi- erobial cultures (aerobic and anaorobic one), t:.o different packing caterials diftoring in porLaability towards o%yren, carbon dioxide azd water•vap3ur, cnd tRo diifcrent typea of pacLing (.r_th and ntt:tout air cushion). L •) +, cj .l 11
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[ :1.3'101'I1VVL"i'i QNY ' 3.i,VEtd nS Snm.[1_h }i1.TP1 5r[I2.4tClS Sm7L:FvP, uS 1~13C~K3d3Q°N[3l~WQId~2I;CS JO ....._,..; . '~«' WAN%& 9961 II 1 AZ6Z SSZOS
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50255 2909 Chemosphere No. 8, pp~Il -~1~._ P ' erPimon Preoa Ltd. Y rinted in Great Brltain. 77 II Re-79 U S.P. / MICROriIAL HUTACICtilCiTY STUDII:S OF iNSEGT CRO!1Tii kECU1.AT0RS AND OTNER POTENTIAL 1t7SECTICIDAI. COMfOUNDS IN SAl•A1n;I1'1•LA--fYPHl'nfRit^t/ Cp ~} «'J ! tttl':~yS~epTlcfl'"lfltiia, John A. AdamovicF and Hi11 L. Kreamcr ' Department of Entor.iology and Center for Environmental Toxicolody University of Wisconsin, Maidson, Wisconsin 53706, U.S.A. U •S il ~ ~ li INTkODUCTiOY l„~• r J J / The large-scale agricultural application of synthetic orFanic In- secticides has bcen-invaluable in r.an's strugy;le for adequato food supply• However, these chemicals have cone under increasing assault in recrnt years bec:,use of their undesirable effects of the environment and its biota. Lack of specificity is one reason why the broad spectriv^ insecti- cides developed during the past three decades have often been asso:inted 04ith4nviYOnmc'tntaLidamaEe. One approach to this problem hns hec a to awke GC I auximal use of"the differences existed between insects and the vertcbratec •--- _ - ----_ ~ ...
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50255 -2933 81 VI Hs TOBACCO--SUGARS/TOBACCO--ANALYTICAL METHODS/ SNUFF/CHEWING TOBACCO/ = DENTAL CARIES/ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 81 VI Hs Pollack, R. L.; Hsu, A. F.; Going, R. E. SUGARS PRESENT IN TOBACCO EXTRACTS. - Jour. Amer. Dent. Assoc. 101, No. 6, 915-98 (1980) (in English) •Keywords:• fructose, cured, constituent; glucose, cured, constituent; ~ sucrose, cured, constituent; •altose, cured, cQnstituent; isomaltose, cured, constituent. A number of sugars that are potentially cariogenic, including fructose, glucose, sucrose, ealtose, and isomaltose, were identified and quantitated by gas-liQuid chromatography in chewing tobacco and snuff. I G a t; C; :,, u.: ~~
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r re:u t L, !'u:t.ti:iaj.. -./ _L.`~% QA 433 Ils 1969 2c. 50255"2927 ~'~1.~l~~;il'~~`~:;lK.~.'f ~•'~(1~ 'I ~r'~~:s ~ ~ S. . ~,:afx th,~cry and ~tc;~-by-step :i(sE.![to;?C io "o pt'a,)lt=.~rrrs VEt r.14SU, Pr,. D. Assoc?atc F'roiessor Drn3rtmOnt of LIer,lriCal Enqinc:oring 1Vayno Statr Univo;;.ity S1f41ON AND SCI IUSTL`!i, h1CVd `i C~; i< 0 .y 1 i 0 o i J (, J 9 3 )
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.~...Y.1,'J.w. .~1.-aJ.....yf-_,~.~'...-..w.aal~S~........--.......-..1..-.~..t-..-. ._..~........ _... 'I Du,-75 Jour. Phartn, Sci. G3(1)1i7G-79(1974) .P. ` `luorocarbon Aerosol Propellants III: .I;ffect of ~Vater Vapor on Sensitivity of Electron-Capture etector durinb C C Analysis Jl`~~VE'r_1CISIA?Y and WIN L. CIIIOU X bslract Q The quantitative depressive effects of the presence of ,arious ernounts of.vater in sarnplrs injected onto a CC column on he detector rr=Ponse to three fluorocarLe,n aerosol propellants :cre investigated. :ryphreses o Ptopellants (fltrorocarlx)n nerocol)-effect of water apor on sen-itivity of electrun-capture detecto:. CC analysi:: O The presence of w<~iter vapor has been known to af- fect adversely the performat:ce of ionization dctec- tcus in CC attalysi:. Lovelock (1) stated that the curt- tninination of water in the carrier gas was objection- i able. Altho;tgh its presctuc c(atld not be immediately li7G/Jaurnof oj Pltarmnecutieal Scie•ncec k . lI. 50255 2913 Aerosols-fluorocarbon propellants, effect of u•atrr vapor on sen- sitivitv of electron-capture detectur. CC analysis 0 Fluorocarbon aero>ol propcllants-effect of N•atcr vapor on sensitivity of rlec- tron-capture detector, CC flnalysis 0 CC-effect uf.c:iter vapor on sensitivity of electrun-cnpture detector during analysis of' tluuro- carbon qerosol propeltants detected, it could !ead to a serious reduction in tlrc, detector sensitivity. It was shown (2) that the sensi-- tivity of a macro-argon detector would hc rcdUccd 10-fold by a chnn~e in water vapor cot;centr.jtit~n from 30 to 1030 ppm (v/v). It was also shown (; } that t 7
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50255 2932 U. S.) TOBACCO--FLUORIDE/TOBACCO--SUGARS/ 80 X Go DENTAL CARIES/ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 80 X Go Going, R. E. ;+~1'~_3.'~ Pollack, R. L. ; Haugh, L. D. (Temple Univ. Sch. Dentistry, Philadelphia; Univ. Vermont, Burlington, SUGAR AND FLUORIDE CONTENT OF VARIOUS FORMS OF TOBACCO. Jour. Amer. Dent. Assoc. 100 (No. 1) 27-33 (1980) (In English) *Keywords:* sugar, total, cured, constituent; fluoride, cured, constituent; glucos4§; cured, constituent. T6epossible relationship between use of tobacco and incidence of caries is investigated by identifying thc totul sugar and the fluoride concentrations in diffcrcnt forms of tobacco from 11 areas of the United States. Variations sverc found ti'vithin as ~ well as between the different forms of tobacco. U s i1 ., . Vt.
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50255 2936 .1'~.z"i~'.. ~`.. ~ i . . . ,~ 11 1• 1 ,• :~tl. G 0 J9 4 S
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50255 2928 , QD 453 We 1981 . .. CENTRIFUGATION/SEPARATION(TECHNOLOGY)/ TECHNIQUES OF CHEMISTRY VOLUME XVI Arnol d Wei ssberger, edi tor SEPA8ATIONS BY C E NTRIF lJ G A L A W1LEY-INTERSCIENCE PUBLICATION PH ~ [~~ O~ /~ ~ I~'~/ A JOHN WILEY & SONS ~+, ~~1 1 V 1 L,,L F`~,~ New York • Chichcster • Brisbane • Toronto ~ " ! 9 ww_ a L-1 EDITOR: EDMOND S. PERRY The. University qf. T~nessee R'se'rrh'.~b°ratn;es ~ i ~! ~. v i ~! Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, New York , r 7
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TOBACCO--LIPIDS1/ TOBACCO--BIOC1iEMISTRY/ 50255 2923 - _ . 79 VI• Ra,- RJR CLASS N0. PA?1PNLET 79 VI , Kau1,.K.; Laine, R. A.; Lester, R. L. (Univ. Ky „ Coll, Med., Dep. Biochem., Lexington, Ky., U. S.) STRUC'TURE OF A_MJOR CLYCOPIIOSI'HOCIiARI•11DF FROM TOBACCO LE,1\'NS, I'SL-i: 2- DI:OXY-2-ACETA:•tI DO-DOGLUCOPl'RANOSYL (a 1- i/a )-D--G1,UC1:F.0101'YR:INOSYL (a 1->2 );•fY01\0 ;1 C01.-1--0- ~ P110SPNOCI:RA.'~fIDE. rnl;iish) Biochemistry 17 (No. 17) 3575--81 (1973) (in) 1 v *Keywords:* 2-Deoxy-2-acetamido--D-Slucopyranosyl( 1 '4)-D-glucurono- ) pyranosyl(al-r2)myoinosit'ol-1-0-phosphoc.eramide., green, constituent. The chcn-iczl structurc of a tnajor 1l)cot~hos• Jihoccramidc from tobacco 1cavcs, calk'd N,SI--) [K. Kaul : nd ` R. L. 1_cstcr (19'15), 1'lonl Ph~•srol. SS, 120J, h:ts now b~•cn Ich:rractirizcd as 2-dcoxy-2-acctalnido-D-~Iucohyranosyl- ~ (a1- •4)D-glucuronopyranos3l(n•1 -2)t,~yoitiositol-l-O- ?; hosplwccratrnidc. Sitcs of sl)•co, idic lin},al;c werc dc•tcrmincd ; by (1) mrth3l_atiom analysis on-a trisncch:+ridc isoLltcd by ~ Il~a,r,ld:,tion of c.1ll)i ':)1 r~duccd PS1.-I : lul (~) j_r:~) !alc ~ i ~uxi1i,flioti cxPctimrnts on 1'SSI_-I. Tl~c ri~,ultii:^ ptv("::1s N'•oc' ~itl~ntificd \.ith Ra chroin:~to;;r,phpfin~ss •~c:sroin:lry.; 1norncric confi;,'ut:aions N\ crc dct%~rn:incd by rc>iNt,incc of thc ; 1~I1Lar5 in t1iL' 1~~(3CCt)l~itid tl:~^C~11121 U~C 10 i11:uI'.11:1~:1 1r1t \ldc ~ ---- • 0 0
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50255 2939 ~ il'u ~ ~ A'N IT1PPbVEA IMPAG7OA FOR AERO50L. ~ STUDIES-MODYFIED NNDERSEN SPI"MPLEft i - i Rnv. . Scl,'rec. S!Na•, 3) 2S3-2S3 ~ ,... . •.t i ~ ~ ~ a ~i ~ (; i 1) -~ 9 4 G
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50255 2917 II Me-75 S.p. -v • Jour. AMer. Soc. 1lort. Sci: 99(3)262-65(1974) Patulin from Penicillium expansunt in t Stone Frults and Pearsi ' J. R$uclranan, N. r. Sommcr, IL J. FortlaFe, E• C. Maxie, F. G. btitchell= ' 3 andD.P.fLlisieh University ojCalijornfy Davis , iibstract. Concentrations of patulin in blue mold lesions caused by Peniciflium ezpanrura Lk. ex Thom in ~ peus and stone fruits wete simriar to thosc reported for apples. Of fruits tested, only the plum was a poor substrate for accumulation of the mycotoxin. The tot;il patulin within disease Iesions inc:eased as the lesions enlarged. However, the concentration of p3lulin varied considerably, with the lari•est lesions usually -~7a I yielding the lowest concentrations. Little or no patuhn permeated healthy tissue surrounding the disease -"' lesions unless fruits were overripe or had senescent breakdown, Per.IciNium expaasurn Lk. ex 71tom, which can grow at 0°C, is commonly the most important storaoe rot organism of app!es and eauees significant losses of pear fruits (I S). It is one o` the most important diseases of swect chcrries in niarixts, particularly in fruits exposed to cool moist conditions in the orchard before harvest (7). Losses of plums due to this di_ras: ue common during marketing, and apricots, peaches, :nd natarines may be attacked during prolonged loH•-temperature IiZeaived for publication November 2, 1973. 2Department ef Pomolot;y. 3tY-partment of Fmironmental Toxicology. t;~ .;2G1, i (1 Ci stonge. In both culture media and in apples. P• ezpansr.n: h s ti: 'ti shown to produce the antrbiutic patulin (4-li%•dro>>•-4l!-fu r r. ~ [3,2t]pyran-?(tifl)one) (2, 8, 19). Patulin has bcen _~-cl to be phytotoxic in that its production by the fun! is ~ growing in old toots has been acsociated with rep+a:rt Fn r? lems of ap l+le trees (I). Sim.il,rly, i:s presence in o;J sv w! hu eaus-d poc•r seedling gro•.k,eh of cereals (13, i4). F.rtu1 •t- j also, has bcen demonstrated to bc a mvcotoxin acutzly tes:- -o i animals (3, 12) and earcinc.,ac 'to rats whcn injea-d I subcutaneously (4). The possibi!ity of chronic effzcts of pazu,,n I endows the blue mold disease with added importaq.c. ; particularly in processed products (6). Normal pNcessinS ~ I
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74 X liu TOBACCO--SMOKIN(~--PASSIVE/ PLAIJI'S--AIR POLLUTIOh---EFFECT7._ 50255 2938 AIR--POLLUTQCN--RESEARCH/ ' P.JR CLASS i;0. PAMz'1tL1:1 74 X llu i (S,'iiiiam Paterson CoZi. N. J. , I•.ayne, r:. J. , U. S. ) : EFF: C)*S OFPT'IYLI:'_•;i: CICAIa;•1';:c: S:tOKF. ON TEII: DI.VI:LOP:IEti1' OF I'i:A Amer. c~l . .caclicr 36 (No. 4) 233-35 (1974) (in EnI .i .l~) *Kcyworus:y ethylcnc, silokc, constituent. *1974. No. 14, t: 579G; *d* ToGacco medicine (agriculture) : .,_._..__ ,.T,..,...,.,, . ~----~---...... _-,~,....~.._.•~_. _ ~..~.,-~.... ~.,...,.•,.. „~,.__ ,..~... ._._ _...
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TECH0lICAL REPORT DATA ~ -- 7 8 X Re7-7 9 S. P. (Plcase read INSw::ctiacs on the rererse ttejora comptrtin,e/ 50255 2 9 25 1. REPORT NO. 2. J. RECIPIENT'S ACCESS10MN0. EPA_600f 3-2 ~--L14__-- -- .1. TITLE AND SUBTi rLE MIDtiJEST INTERSTATE SULFUR TRANSFORMATION AND Tf:ANSPORT PROJECT: Aerial Measurements of Urban and Power Plant Plumes, Summer 1974 7. AUT11Oi115J W.II. White, J.A. Anderson, W.R. Knuth, D.L. Blumenthal, and R.B. Nusar. 9. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRESS Meteorology Research, Inc. 464 West Woodbury Road Box 637 Altadena, CA 91001 12. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory Office of Research and Development U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711 15. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES '16. ABSTRACT U - ••-•--~-~ .t.- 184 .L.....r 6. REPONT OATE November 1976 6. PERFOAMING ORGANIZATION CODE S. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPO•'• 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. 1AA603 11. CONTRACT/GRANT NO. 68-02-1919 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIOD COV - FINAL 7/74-6/76 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODE EPA-ORD T..tnratato 5io1 fstr Transfo ^' i a i I
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•-' 50255 2937 11su s~~+w r. 1'. 1~~.. t}1..~~J .L4~1 ~ ~ ., I5• : 0 Of f'~1 1. ~j
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. r % It:r.nt'-wL nL, u.I 6l-60-CP TYE USL OF AR 1XFPARED RAD10xtFPIC M1C[OSCOPC 1!1 THE FO%UfSTtL•CT:VE DMR'cINAT,OY O' FLFVIELE kACK%Ct SFiSL DFlEtTS er Ftoject Rt!erence: IJ624101D552 U ILiuno A. L.wpL and Frark F!e-! i Paek.sln4 Diviafon ~; and ~ •r h.etr-d. R.+ ?i a ~ Enfiineetlns 5tlen.!as Dlvlslor. ~ Yat 1965 A e i ~ 6eneral Eaulyaent 6 Packasins Latoratory - , U. S. ARTIY NATICl: LAPOQATORIES •t 4 1 ilckt.Ma..$chvtect• 01760 ~ 50255 2941 ~ . ~ ;!
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79 VI Hs-80 50255 2930 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 79 VI Hs-80 ~~; Pollack, R. L.; Going, R. D. (Temple Univ. - School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, Pa.) GAS-LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF SUGARS PRESENT IN TOBACCO EXTRACTS Amer. Assoc. Dental Res. Abstracts 1980 (No. 957) p. 508 (1980) (in English) *Keywords: glucose, cured; fructose, cured; sucrose, cured; maltose, cured; isomaltose, cured - constituer..t 7*Is ttuJy is Ihe-aeciv-J part of s aeries ef -- 1nre.litatiuns prearntint thr poasihle rrlatlon• sAlp belsern lol•a[•:o uae .+nJ drntal earita inerJence. 1'ntrntial carineenic autart are Ident- (I/ed In varlous toTacco 101. ~ M f.as-tiyutJ CAro.ateRrarhi[ (I~I.fI anal•as. All fon• of toMeco .ete nnalyteJ: pou.h, ptut, snuff, ril•t. elRae, cigarctte. citar•atnte-conden•ate a•d eitarette-s..+lr•tonJcnaatt. A uu•hee of con+nn potent/all>r tarlo~rnrt •u:ars vere iJenli(i^A, e.t• sucrn.e, tlurov'.•frncto~e, r '- ;% r tl , oalinat nnd lan.aitn.r. turoae cnnfrnt .+a ~1•1.•ai fnlln.ra_h._I_r.r.•+a- E.___-__..__-__ In [n'1(rntr+Il.•r. t•1 :r•~f1.. •~icr.~•r- t.•ar -j--'---•-----.!i anJ 1<t..r_Itos_a•_ •hr ..•+~vn _.are ~:h.l.co 1;_i tttta[13 itar-•) .+a tr'0 a [••nlllnrl -[r-r. ~ltnar nr i•e~ilt~~a.•. C.,~`Ita .~r ou:h lu~icro e_- 1.11 li..r .5~. n+~llnar ir.! 1. 1_. -1!la•r _~~ta~ In:•a.cna [nnl.nrr! <1,_•ntir•_t•~'ra •( t'•r.r sr~ ar!: el r r1•^t+l:,r~l ert:r a ••,crn•e, ~~ __Str talleu in.l nv la.-.rlt~•-r~ Rn[h tl ar 7n.~ci +trtir •Ir c.n,', a+te• c.•ntltr~._.J tner amm"r. of fnrc!nse .+,.t•ar, •+nJ nn ~ttetahir Ir.el. ui aucrote, nalroar or lao~-.I_ ro~t. .i I
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3 • ,74 a Y.XIII •Re-74 - 711- • IxT. j. rttoD. rt>:9., 11174, VOL. 12, r:o. 1, 99-I 1J • i'rc:sent scop^. arzd fl:•ture trcnd oi` _ hcc:c nactal zorrrsing Fescarca !'. C. 1iS1U* . . ', . 50255 2134 Tl)e seope of tho ct nr: t retie.arch on Fhex;t tnetal for2,inq ia e,:rveyed in the light ef ptacicc+ dofinitiu, , of : trttch-bi!ity on tl~a one~ hi:aci, euo doen drawability on the othor. Yerticuinr erol bi,in is pleced on tho rlucidr.tion of basic conc4pta brour,'tt6 about bv mcent rr:~n-ch, t<uch R, the distinctic,n b_t.SC<n t'no ductility of tho mr.teriel Rnd tl:t• .•xt,s t to ~l.ich it iq ealtloitcd in a pE.r:icui5r pro.:c+ c. Seven] outeta„du:q probirm:; in chect mw.tal forminc are discuc--~~ for thoir potentir.l hene5t to : heet mPtRl clt,~ lneerlnF. It is bclievc.i that pre~c nt rceuita ., itl lead to grer.ter re5nomer.t in ti;o speci:ice.tion and selxtior. of s:-,et mntnW in tho future. es Rell aa to im•eiti;r,tiorvA on auch v:•oblems as w:iniaing cnd non•coaxiat etrain ~ . ' ~ ~ -.. . . ... . :~~.. .. . . .i~t:~'_ .... IfltToductioD In the context of this confcicnce, it is'both inter1141Ztin~ aad s:gnific~nt to survey the }-,resent• scopc and to forecast the future trend of research on such •- --^t -nr ~~rn inatt I3CLUr,Rn 1,.rocess 2S sheet rnetal ferming. Like many
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RJR CLASS NO. PA,"g'HLET 75 III Hu 50255 2950 W~°g'*M'a;,s Pan, K. C.; Perng, C. N. I (Tamkang Coll. Arts Sci., Dep. Chem., Tamsui, Taiwan; Ind. Res. Inst., Union INd. Res. Lab., Hisinchu, Taiwan) PYROLYSIS OF CELLULOSE. I. EFFECT OF DIAMMONIUM PHOSPHATE ON FIRE RETARDATION. 10 so Jour. Chinese Chem. Soc. 22 (No. 1) 97-68 (1975) (in English) ^ Tobacco not mentioned. o.ioo ooG,) I)s 9 1
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50255 2949 ,.. . .... * TOBACCO--PATNOLOGY/ 81 VI At RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET Atkinson, M. M.;v"_iliang'#`:J.`; Van Dyke, C. G. (N. C. State Univ., Dep. Plant Pathol., Raleigh, N. C., U. S.). ADSORPTION OF PSEUDOMONADS TO TOBACCO CELL WALLS AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE TO BACTERIUM-HOST INTERACTIONS. Physiol. Plant Pathol. 18, p. 1-5 (1981) (in English) *Keywords:* pseudomonas fluorescens, tobacco, additive; pseudomonas pisi, tobacco, additive; pseudomonas tabaci, tobacco, additive. Cells of Pseudomonas fluorescens, a saprophyte, P. pisi, a pea pathogen, and P. tabaci, a tobacco pathogen, were introduced into the intercellular spaces of tobacco leaf tissue and subsequently recovered by centrifugation. The percentage recoveries of P. pisi and P. tabaci cells were respectively at least 10-8 and 4-1 times that of P. fluorescens cells. These resutls indicate that„the_efficiency, o~ a4§orption to tobacco cell walls is r ;.~ ti U
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50255 2946 `-.- ~ ....~ .....r..r._.. ~~..~... .. Y_ ac J: v'~.a..~..: .. ...~ ~. r ~. ~.~~. . ...... _ _ ~...~ ~VII / ~' . /r 4Yl~(~~ l,i i~) ! G7.i Cha~, GRnWIH DYNAMTCS OF SMAI.L TOBACCO I'ikld35 AS ATrEUIED BY N:iGttT TTMpERATURE At3D INXT7AL Pa.ANT SI-AE: by A.. H. ~ C V .~ i t CJ i/. . ii U J 9 5 J
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. . 50255 2943 77 VII H!/ TOBACCO--CURING/ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPFU.ET 77 VII H1+1 Huang, B.9p (N. C. State Univ., Raleigh, N. C,, U. S.) SOLAR CURING BARN IS PRACTICAL. English) . • N. C. State Univ. (Huang, *Abstr. in: Winston-Salem uang said in the four years ~ .. ;that Harvell's peaked-roof i solar barn has been in use. It ,has produced high quality ; tobacco at energy savings of 25 per cent over conventional. ~ barns.. • The savings in fuel range [rom 30 to 40 per -cent, .v~ d.S i7 1~ ' il l; ~ 0 .) B.) NeWs Release, r Raleigh, N. C. (1977) Journal 1977, p. 20 (1`tay 9, 1977)* ~ depending on the intensity of the sun. ~ The barn uses a fir•e• to seven-horsepower motor for ~ the fan, needed early in the ' drying process. An auxiliary ' fan, about a half horsepower, ~is used for the final drying, ~ resulting in a, 20 per cent sav- i i~ ng in electricity. i..- - . • • -----~~ { -------~ . : . (in ~'+ll l'I ~y ,~"CJl ( ' J
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. 50255 29u7 BYDBOCOLLOIOS/ .. MASSACHOSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECiNOLOCY, INf1[tST.U[L LIAISON PR()(.QAM 5.39.169 PAPER NO 777 ~26 I!Sa-80 RHEOLO.~ICAY._'PROPERTIES OF FOOD BINDERS ~ ~ rJ ~ G T: Estela Balmaceda, ChoKyun Rha, '~ast~`c iiiuang'k Respectively Graduate Research Assistant Assistant Professor, and Graduate Research Assistant , . Food & Agricultural Engineering Department University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mass. . For Presentation at the 1970 Winter Meeting AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS 1 • Sherraan House Chicago, Illinois 0:~ E7 0 n ri C1 J, 9 s 6 December 8-11, 1970
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~:.._.r.... . ,. ._.....,.:~ ._ 50255 2935 I ~,...: .... . -_ . .:.. .• ... . ,_. . . . , .. _. . . . . _,.~ 7t x It "HE EFFECTS OF SMffK1NG W'tTHt?K V,•'.~.I. ON QUANTTTATiVE1.Y AKAI.YZEA EEGi i~y TuraA M. Zt;a, Getirge A. Ulett., W31.]i-acn Nsu, ~eier~ Klin~en:.a„ zt,~; . „ ... ,... ~ I Q- 3- 0 0 tl tl 0
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50255 2940 74 g1CIZ Re-74 MEASttR„F'*iENTS ON THE FESISTA-NCE OF FLEfiISLE PAC'c~AGING~TO 710 PUNCTURE, ABRASIO'l, AND FLEXURE AND THE RELATIONSHIP OF T:IESE MEASURE"tENTS TO THE PERFO&X~1.'~CE OF PACKAGES SUBJECTED TO JANUARY 1973 COtiDITI_O:dS CAUSING PINHOLE FORMATIO:d. By . . Lpwd.e.I w ~./. Ow161N& Tifr4 aCTwi7r (Ge„rer.orufw) NATIONAL TECHNICAL ~ INFORMATION SEP,VICE US Army i~atick Laboratoriea J••* l. JQ Y• s N f D.V.-...1 .I Ce..•w.rc. spa.ah.+d. VA. 2:1s1 liatick, Fassachusetts 01760 .... -...w.c• The objective of this study is to develop the capability to predict the relative performance of flexible packages in the field from neasuremeats of the mechanical properties of the packaging materials in the laboratory. 2Sethods and appropriate instrsxentation were developed to closely sim ulate measure three c+amage codes recognized as occurring in flexible patkages under soae use ( situations -- puncture, flexure, and abrasion. Pinhole formation resulting frcm expo- sure to these dar.aaing actions was used as the criterion f or assessing raterial resist- ance to such damage. Selected filris and laminates were ranked by these test methods with respect to their resistance to pinhole formation by puncture, flexure, and abrasion. A siLulated combat use test was conducted at Fort Lee, Virginia, to ascertai. the relevancy between the laboratory instrumental determination of these mechanical l properties of laminates and the actual field perforr.lance_of f reeze-dried foods using these la3inates. It was found that laboratory instru=ntal determinations of puncture '.1nd_dbLLS~.4[1_.Tt~C~t~s+r~a.~'i.._.cwi..~..,.~v..~._S.L.~~..~r...,-~...-..._......_..._.~.~.~_.._ ~..~,-..- 1 and I 9 A 9
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74 VI Ch TOBACC.O--GRO,dTH rAC.+'ORS/ 50255 2944 s , RJR CLASS N'o. PA:KP]iI:ET.74 vl~Ch ~: t Chang, C. . (,I. C. State Univ., .°.aleitih, N. C., U. S.) ~ PLANT CnO:'Tli ST_:-:L;L-,TION BASED ON NET CAR:I0:7 DIOXIDE CO:;Si^:C'TION. j (N. C. State i'niv., Tobacco Fepri:zt Series ?lo. 417, 1973) !{ .. ~ A~i~;r. Soc. A-r. En,,. Trans. 16 (No. 4) 724-.'.1.7 (1973) (in English) - ~ ~ *1974, No. 6, ty 1957* *d* Tobacco a~;_.`Lculture: u.! i' _•. .S
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50255 2922 73 i~ l:a ~A*1C1r1:--CELLS--G::Ot:'T)1/ ~ttlf0is--r?Sr,Af;cj:; A Rat i;Ia,lnui,tr}- Carcinoma dn VirQ allli tn Vitro: E~l:~bli~.)~lcl~cr.f of Cional f,illcs of ttie 'J"ltmnr . (pituitary lrortuone/fetal-cnlCeerutn) T.-1v'%IlI:O 1:.-k\0-SI: EOILk• A\i3:pHf4~c Depattment of Biochemistn•, Frinceton Unicereity, 1'rinceton, \ew Jersry 0,;510 Commurticatird by Keith I:. PorGr, Vardi 19, 19.'.3 ABS'I'RACT ClonaIcell iinr.fromapituifan-horntcr.c- dependent rat tnantman- carciuoma •+crr co-tablishcd. The prow th of tltc,e cell linc!, in citro ic ntarkedlv Ftimulatrd in tlte prr-cnce of prolactio. The cells Frow ..clt in a mrdicm Fupplenecntrd ..itlt fctal-calf serun\ (generation titnct 9-10 hr), but do not Fro•.' Mitth ralf~-crurn. Pctal-calfscrunt r:up- ports iittle Fro.A th % hert the ~erunt i! t•ubjected to anti-pro- lactin-afrinit.- ehrontztugraph.. Gel filtration of fetal-calf serunm iredicatrs that the I.'ro..th Ptinlul8tflr.• articit% it in a large rn~Iecrrl, r..'eiglrt ntaterial (clo-.e to 100,0U0), s-ugaeat- ing that pr..laclin is aseociatcd ..ith another r.a•utn coneponcnt. A variant of the oriqinil tumor, ..hiclt does not rcquirc ltorettone for pro..llt, wa.r obtltincd. and donal cell lines of thik tusnnr uCre al:o "tablislecd. The•e cells, in contrast to the horn.orte_c]el.endcr,t ones, Frow ..l cli with ci!lerr .fcta!-ca`.f seatnt (w4tSt ur .t ithout anti-prn- lacttrn lreatr.tent) or calf serum. Proc. 1'at. Acci. Nci. litiR Vol.'•0, \o. 7, pp. 192'_'-1931i, July 1Si3 Their studr iudicated that tl-•is mamm:-rv tumor, wl:cn tranG- lilanted, gera• on'Y in the anirn:rla treated \rilh c-tradio1, ir- rcypccti\•e of t!m vrim,if's-sc•:c. We La\ c n\ainfcinrd tiri~ t+in:or sinc•c Januan•, 1971, by -crialir tran>l,lantinti it suluu- tanrously iu en;,Ic .tz~"9u rats imlrlante,: wbcutauc•ou-l;: with an estradiol lx•L'et (''5 .a11 ha\•e Frown to 2-3 cm in diameter w•ithin 3-1 Reeics and mtnir:ed the hnr,nonc i'.•pcr:- dency. When, however, the piece: of tunir,r %irrc iniplantcd witlrout estradiol, tumor,.; aro,c occasiorrai).N • in 3-4 months- The<c tumors grow \sell, nhcu tnnslrlautcri, cithrr \-,ith c•s- tradiol or \citho;:t c!ztradiol pcllct,. To date ito rncti~t„scs have b:.Pn obEen•ed. Establishrnctel and.Varntcnancc of Ccl: Linc.s. Sato and his Cn11ea!~UCs h:+-.'iz d^Yr•1nr:r1 ;t /ir vrocr-r.IijrQ.fr~r ~"1^1- I
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50255 2955 • . . . . _ _ .. , . ~ 81 VII Hu TOBACCO--GEORGIA/TOBACCO--AGRICULTURE / RJR CIA SS N0. PAMPHLET 81 VII Hu Fletcher, S. M. Georgia Station, Exp., Ga., U. S.) MARKETING GEORGIA TOBACCO FROM FARM TO FIRST BUYER. Ga. Agr. Exp. Sta. Res. Bull. 1981, No. 372, 1-18 (1981) (in English) This study revealed that most tobacco warehouses are located within 20 miles of all tobacco growers. Most of the movement of tobacco from farm to warehouse was in farm operators' vehicles. Most tobacco growers reported having more than one warehouse available to them. Convenience was most frequently cited as the reason for choice of market by tobacco growers.
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. 50255 2945 i . 8Ld =I4. C. TQ'JF'.CGO SCr i C,--4 :\iJ. ~ (^~. 2) y1:1 (3 1~ . ~
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50255 2951 I otrie Enxne Res. (1973) 18, 59-66 78 III Wal-19 S.P. . A New Method for the Measurement of Grain Nloistur~ Content by the Use of Microwaves T. OKABE*; M`T?"-HVANGJr; S. OKANtURA• (n the field of agriculture, where precise and instantanr.ous measurements of the moisture cont:nts of gainsare requiredthis paper shows anew method for measuring the moisture contents by using micro%~aves of 9-4 GHz, with unhulled and unground grains; the moisture content can be tneasured continuously if necessary. MoreoNer. the measurement can be carried out quite independently of the varieties of grains as well as the moisture distribution in the grain that In,s been dried by hot air. The accuracy is high, the errors being Irss than .= 0•S °J, in the measurements for both rice and wheat, the moisture contents of which %ere in the range of 10 to 30°; on wet basis. 1. Inttoduction The reaped grains of rice, wheat, etc. must be dried to the proper moisture content before the lnin is stored. In recent years, a hot-air drier has been used, generally in Asia, to adjust the gtain to the proper moisture content in a short time. In this drying process, it is required to make the precise and instantaneous measurements of the moisture content. ;.Present J3,nds,ZV tt~ojstu,f; mejersgre (&•idio into 2 main classes, which are the direct and the indirect method.
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50255 2914 / .~- .... (([i> ~~ . , Q"'r •:tl ~~~ , w "1S S.~ ~ ~ Flu`r ocal•Lon Acrosol ~P ropellalits V: ,. ~.,. ith LT 13i acti di I A)b i on w n n~ uman uln i: nter «rIN L. CIIIOU X and Abstrr.ct O Rinding of trichloromonofluoroinolhane, dichlorodi- fluoromr•thane, and diclilundetrafluoructhane was sludied in aqueous i,^:. human albumin tolutiun, using the partition coeffi- cient method in sealed sc•rum butt.1ts. The parlitiun coefficient and the fraction of fluorocarbons hound were highly dependent on fluorocarbon concentrations. The average binding sites per mole- cule of albumin were 2.17, 0.30, and 0.42 and lhe binding associa- tion constants were 1.11 X 10', 1.73 X 101, and 5.00 X 10' ,tl'r, re- spectively. At the lowest corx•c-ntration studied, 62.3, 25.5, end 65.6% were found bound to albumin, respectively. This appears to represent the first extensive study on any gas -alburnin interaction. Keyphrases o Fluorocarbon propellants-binding to human serum alLumin determined using partition coefficient method in sealed serum bottles o Trichloromonotluoromethane-binding to human serum albumin O llichlurodifluurumethane-binding to than in %vater or normal saline (7). It was postu'.rt',:ci that such a soluhility enhancement mihht be p;trt,•: due to the binding of the fluorocarbons to proteins. This postulation was subsequentl, cot:- firmed by tlie fluorocarbon-human <;lhumin study with one single conceniration, usi»;; the lvirti- tior: coefficient. meihod (8). ln thatt study, a surpri:~- ingly hiba degree of binding of the three fiuo:ccar- bons to the purified human and bovine altiumins %:a> found. Since the possible effect t,f concentration vari- ation on the extent of protein binding, for numeri;iis nonvolatile compounds has beeh «•cll esta'_AisLed, it was decided to extend the investigation by using a wide ran:re (If fluorocarbon concentratiutis. This :,i)- 7 `:
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_S02S5 295q 73x~/?~-76 S.p. Taiwania 20(2)213-228(May, 1975) ` A RFVISION OF FORMOSAN SALVIAc') 4 % TsEN9-c1liENG; HUANG(2) and J-1uNN-TZOrGj WU(') r ~ L_ G. ~ Abstract: Based on the conclusion of our biosystematic study (Wu & Huang, 1975), the Formosan Salvia have been revised into eleven taxa, i, e., species eight, varieties two, and form one respec- tively. SALVIA (Tourn.) L. [AW.V-JZ 7 213 Perennial herbs of less than 50 cm tall, glabrous or covered with septate hairs; stems usually erect, rarely decumbent. Leaves cauline or clustered at base of stem as if radical ones, simple or compound, sessile or petiolate. Flowers in verticillate eymes forming terminal racemes or panicles, or on a slender scape; bracteoles ovate to elliotic; calvx green, purple or a mixture of both colors, tubular-campanulate, u.~ i) n tl ii CJ 0~/ G. ~l
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50255 -2965 GUILLERM, ROGER/ RADZISZEWSKI, EDMUND/ HUBBR;"'tARY L-./ I MeA2-81 S.P. LITERATURE SEARCH<,Lk~ January 1981 c1 3 0 0 0 6 0 -~ y 74
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50255 2963 76 XI Wa-81 S.P. RJR CLASS NO. PAAIPHLET 76 XI lda-81 s. p. ~; (l~niv. Ky.,Tobacco Health Res. Inst., Lexington , Ky., U. S.) CLEARING THE SMOKE FROM THE ISSUE OF TOBACCO AND HEALTH. Lexington, Ky. Herald-Leader, p.not given (Oct. 28, 2980) (in English) My recent statement that "...smoking is not dangerous to the vast majority of people who smoke" has provoked considerable interest and reaction through both the regional and national media. This statement has not always been reported in its full context, however, and deserves clarification. l U .~ ~' ~ n ti ~1 ") ti 7 :
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50255 2962 RJR CLASS ::0. I'1L1I'11LI;T X.fe -77 s.p. .. X 1e10-77 Kendall, L. G., • O'Donnell, ~ C. • Slade, J.. • Sornberger, G. '" S,P. (Harvard Med. Sch., Bep• Pled., L'oston, :!-Iss•, U. S.) CIiARhCT1:kIZATIOy OF INDIVIDUAL IN11ALATIOa I'ItOFILI:S DURING IIUIMN T0i3:1CC0 CIGARI:TTE S:ioI;I:.G. Clin. 1;es.•24 (P:o. 5) 622A (1976) (in English) ~ , t1 .:* i i `} i2 ii li v t 7 ~
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•.. !! ~'`-T CLZ •n,;1 tj;l :v-?:.!!x .tf E lC`a~SZ~ ^ ~t v ~.°_~=:l~l [a:. Yi.V:I.V:(CI• l it.l 196T t. t96Z SSZOS t
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50255" 2929 I r ' . a .~.1. ~. , ' Ja u.ri-. vc lD -- ia~ 3 3 ( 2 33 s>!1 f 7 5) BoTL C. 4 -P / , 1,80~iialitrr 8Ru~y kS'ci}~ht s~~ and Ultimatc Ou(cumc in Anorexia Ncrvusa t A 11 (KI\I'. M U., /K t'.1'.. 1.K ('.P.v.b..t)..K.tL II~U.IM.U.. M.K./'.1'.ycb.l wwl l.. \//tNtMILI.. M U./.N 1'.1•.tcL 11 AIt%-f'KA( 1IM F:) M•nch ('rr«nlalily InvrnllM). a hi/;hll rdand- ardiild .rlf•ruliny yut.Iwmnain. allow% 2 nw•L.urra of pyt•htraw•ial fnncfitaling nn indrlK•ndt•nl walt•% nNilkd •'rroolinnalil~" and • c><Iro.rnNiu!in/rovrrslon." A pNnllaliqwl or rr•vrrrl~ i/l. hlw Irul~ wrly;hl amrrMirz rrvrwhd a high rk•grt•t• of ••inlrotrr.itm" and variabk• antilunl. uf • rmo/Ntnalil~" un /hev nrt•ncurr.. I.rw am-mnlk of •'r11NNNNIJhIy" wtYt' a\MM'iLlt•d with aI1n/K• at>.Ilt high ••1'w" trvtn". Ftdlowiny; rrrforatiwm of Maly wrighi lo full rnnlrhrd prINiI81Nq1 nn•an k•urla wilhin an inlt•nuvr IrralnK•nt p•I.y ram.%iy nifit•anl rhstn/tt•% nt•rurrtd nn Ihr.r nn•>..vrny: - h(rrraad ratro.rr.km av.rt•.. dtrrr.rd rm4NiqMwlily and lir ati(rt•.. I lowcvrr. pt..ihh yu.lilalivr rhrn/;t, had nt•curnd in Iht• r.li/lr uf crmrlitmalily ancr high Irvrl% wrrr rwrN rrlalyd htpMtd rliniral'oul(.,nw• rnliny yrarl% lalrr. 'fht• naturc ar Ihi% phrnolntnon i% diK•uca•d. IJ ('lin 1'.ythi.lry 4(1:132-J35/ il INII/I-1/1 "I dl'' • M:IIC (1 .~C:/IC I' /a'/Nll ll'tI /CI:II IvCly il/}I1 N s.v(I.•.:InJ vrry ti(w I•:.eu/c.. Vulk-win} Ir.l~lcdhm ttf hatly wcil;h/ :Ind /r{.indhnl; tlt pul.r11,11 pltw'r.•i• Ihrrr wrrr ui/;nilic:uu alnd ullcn maja/ inr/ra.r. in "t't Iruvcl'ciun.'• 11 wa% ilrl;urd /h:d Ihi. t'h:lnp.i. nt•t•n t'bn- ccdly. i\ an st\fvt'1 tuf Ihi ha\i. uf tri.indlcd t't1n111i1 ia' Ihc :Idulra.a'Cn1 iuKl hrr f:unily. slnd /h:d it i\ Ihi. Ih.lr h.curnrr the pryrhulhrI:q+ruli. ihalliul:c'. 5nl:ull fik•umunt nnd (3cal7;c." h:wc id.u /cMlurd. u.in} Ihc I{y.rnuk /'a•r.()nalily luvcnlttry. /h:lt :/ gluup /11' :: Kntlnrlico, di.playrd a prufilr o( hil h"cmuli~m.Ji1)' nnJ Mlw "ralruvcr.iltn.'. In un rxlrnJod nludy ('risp and tilnnibitl` ' :dw, rrMrr1Lti/1hcH Ilwtsr anurrclirs wilh the hiny:crvumilinF typ<tif l(vw wcil:hl runUul pnnlucrd si/;nifirclnl ly highcr li swurcc un Ihc liy.cnrk Ibrw)n:dity Invcnlt)ry Ih:ro thc ahstaining Qruur tyf nnurcclic%. Suih suhjecla atal Jiy play prcmtafiiJ und /.ametimc/+ n.urhid prohlcm. can- crrniny impalsc cunhul in /hc wiJer.tk'i:d and s,rau:d riintczt. Th;• c-urn uf hinrr'.•nmFr: ••1•1 •
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.; t 50255 2952 JOCII MeB9-77 S.P. LACK OF MUTAGENICITY OF VINYL CHLORIDE IN TWO STRAINS OF NEUROSPORi1 CRASSA _ Atulalinn Itrst~nrrR (1977 13 -C,Q ---h`1R - -- -- ~I:ki vii r/Nvlh•Iltll:uttl 13iuntwlic•al I'rt.m Department ojBiochemical and 13iophysical Sciences. The Johns Hopkins Uniuersity, School of llygicne and Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland 21205 (US.A.) (Received April 5th, 1976) (Revision received July 2nd, 1976) (Accepted August 2nd, 1976) No detectable induction of mutations could be found in two strains of Neurospora crassa after their conidia were .treated with vinyl chloride, in ethanol solution and in its gaseous form. The results suggest that although N. crassa seems to lack a detectable level of typical microsomal activating system, the addition of exogenous activa ting systems does not increase mutagenic activity of vinyl chloride in the two strains tested. At the same time these strains were mutated easily by UV and methyl methanesulfonate. B.Z. DRO7.DOIVICZ andkla4q.,,}((jAN(3 ._... _ ~.. _.: . 9 6 1 T 4
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50255 2964 TOBACCO--SUBSTITUTF.S/TOBACCO--SMOKE--BIOLOGICAL TESTING/ CYTREL/ TOBACCO--TAR/ yk 0 A?tPHLET 76 V M P ASS al , N. 76 X Mal .4 • RJR CL ~ lfahajan,' V.; Sornberger, G. C:; iiomans, A:; McCarthy, C.; liuber, G. L.• *(no affil.)* . • A COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF SYNT7iETIC SMOKING MATERIALS A.'4D NATURAL • TOBACCO SMOKE ON THE ANTIBACTERIAL DEFENSES OF THE LUNG. Chest 70 (No. 3) 434 (1976) (in English) 0 *Keyworas:* tar, smoke, constituent. •3 ~= ) U l1 l l l! J 4
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~50255 2957 i Micrafil,n 1177 2) (t.'.,l) C'p. Z).3....t.4.1 () • ~7 i 3 l1 ~ 1 li lj ~1 1/ Cl t)
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50255 2931 l 79 VI Hs . Nsu, '-$. CT; Cornish, Re C. ; Going, R. E. (Temple Univ., Philadelphia, Pa., U. S.) SUGAR CONTENT OF'4CHEWING 'TOBACCOS. TOAACCO--SUGARS/DENTAL CARIES/ ,RJR CLASS NO. PAPiPHLET 79 VI Hs IADR Abstr., 1979;-No. 1130, 1979) (?n English) = *Abstr. in: Jour. Dent. Res. 58 (Special issue A) 374 (1979)('3-:-- *Keywords:* sugar, cured, constituent. : pr:vlau: tt~d~.. ha.e produced ten(ltct,n~ ~_ * ; ta,oree ebovt rbe pou161e .eLtlt•nthlp betreo 0 , eaovnq, teepec[lv.ly, lnPle{ Lt1.b2). plpt 1 12) ud 2i) 752) t1{ar (3 (17 tl a ut ({ ~ ehevlnj tobacco and the 1,ctdrnce ef dent.l . ~ . , , , . , tnuff (1.{02). Accordin, te the oree !n vnlcf ~ t.rlu. Thla reparj' eon<erne the evtat contdnt • ~ the prodvet vae oo1d, 4o[h le~.nd r+.•-e t_. raNou. lora e) tobeeee (roa dtffer.nt ~ _ I Sr-c ts4tcls~Iee-e~htl~uthtenSt±^_<~t~t_?~ .r.oe et th. Vnlted Statas. It !t the ffrot .!•t__ss+a+LC.:~ttnL ren{ln~,' 1n leaf teDecce! ~ pbaee ef an lnvettl,atlon et pocelble ceritt- 1ro. :l.li fa the etl.ect le 31.52 1n the eortb r ,ro.otin+ .nd <arla-1nhtDlttn, svDetancee L / end !n plu{ teDaco., tre. 11.12 !n the eo.w- eo.e.rclel tcb.cco prodvcu. 7oD.ccoe tto. 11 { 1 telo ttetee to :5.11 1. the oeuthh y epecttle eta a ~.re puttheeed ever-th rcounter. All ~ ~ btand, tAtee ,opvltr chevln{ tobaccot contatn- i fore. ef tobacce vere enalya.d: letf, plu{, ed eu,at eontente et ]1.02 (teacb Vut), JJ.S2 eevffp pipe. tij a, et,eret. Core than 120 I (bl{ {ed), and )l.di (red rien). Tro popultr ~ tobatta saapl.e •ae analyted (ot thrlr au{er plo{ b:.nde eont.in.! 21.32 (Ou11 oi [h. tcodsl ~ aoot.nt. by the ph.nol-tultvrle ecld aethod of I I eod 11.li (Oay.-O-L'or\), end tvo Iopvltr sovt( I 1luboe and Ctllae, and by {ee ehtcutotraph7. 6r.nde cont.tnrC 1.6,61 (S\o.l) and 3.J2 Ruulte •hov.d that eh+ dtfferece. 1n au{at { (CopenD.,q), Tb1t ttvdy rat WpporNd b~ i eoatene .ro .l{nltl~.ntn r_ianj the dltfereot ~ TV Cr.nt-te-ASd /700-0)2-2d. (or.e lrff (e~atto entt,.d th h ! ~ h.a 1r.- 1 t ralw 31J.), vlth d.cte..la{ s_e=s-- ~ - ~ ~~ :~ .=~J 7
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50255 2956- 6 1 1/ `i' ~1 ~~.. " - ~ Tu11mus. ISi:ns, 1^OG-- ,r11C C11P11:10.11 SL•li CR in n!',ilt}1 nn(l di~,`;lsi, ti)" 11. X;ii!ili1S IIltbbnrcl. Spri:1~ fcl~l, l ll., 7'l:,;m ;~ 11?G(tI p5 1). tilus. 2-1 cnm. (Ain^rican lecture ruhl:r_:,tlon r.). A Ilu0noerapL iu _1n,cricnn Iccttt:cs In liviud cil(inSstry) Includcs bibl icgrahoy. 1. Tastr. 2. Smell. i. Itubbard, S}•dn^S JoLn; Jolnt 3110107. IL Tit1C. GO--7~~5 1 ~,1P1:,GJ:2S 1(1C0 i,_.'1 152.3 Llbrarp of Con,ress ~J tGlb51
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priMeq.8 from !•wrnol of Food Scienc• .. 50255 2948 t973 by twstavt* of Food Techno(oe;sh • ESTELA QAUhACEDA, CNOKYUN RNA andVANR`71iO1i is Food& Agricultural EngJneering Dept., Univenity o//dauachutert:. Arnherst, ItrA-61W7- 1-SSACUHHETTS ISSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, INDUATRIAL LIAIS(1N PRf1GRA14 . , . 76 I Ma-80 RHEOLOGICAL PROPERTIES OF 1HYDROCOLLOIDS / / Il\?RODUCTIOV YDROCOLLOIDS are used to generally aprove or manipulate the tcxture of sod products because of their ability to tard flow, modify gtllins chsrac- r'tsties, and preseme emulsion and sus- snsions. Rhcolo2ical properties are the ost important factors governing thcse ttsired properties of hydrocolloids ;ticl:sman, 1969). In this study, the rheolo;ical proper- :s of natural and syr•.tlutic hydrocol- ids from different sources, scawceds, atulose and plapt seeds,' k-cr~'', invbsti-~ A. itcd. One sample from each of these a co /- / 51 -7s- 6. After three revoluttons, a rcadins was taken for every rcvotution until the rcadings -p- proached a constant value. 7. Motor was turned off and readir.ves were taken after 1, 2 and 3 min to obtain the equilib- iium yield v-jlue. 8. Each set of readings was taken by plac- ing the spindle into a frcah sample and follovr- fnt the above steps. RESULTS . Ac4 . AN EXAMPLE of the experimental data cwc obtained is presented in Table 1. The general power law equation with yield stress,
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- . - • • . ; . - + 50255- 2953 AIR--POLLUTION/ TOBACCO--AGRICULTURE/TOBACCO---QUALITY--PHYSICAL-CHEMICAL ELE.*fENTS/ ~ TOBACCO--CHEMICAL COMPOSITION--AGRONOMY--RELATIONSHIP/ ! 77 VII Hu RJR CLASS NO. PAPG'}fLET 77 %rII Hul 1 Huang, T. $.., R.; ":ulchi, C. L.; Aycock, H. K., Jr. (Univ. Wis., Cenet. L`rp., Madison, Wi., Univ. Md., Coll. Pk., t;d., U. S.) CORRELATIONS BETiNT•.E:N AIR POLLUTION INJURY AND CERTAIN AGFONO::IC, C.iElfICAL, I-ND PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF *:.1RYLA2vD TOBACCO. Jour. Environ. Qual. 5(No. 4) 352-6 (1976) (in English) • i'.I:eywords:* alkaloids, total, green, constituent; nitdcgen, total, green, constituent. j Thirty-six Maryland tobacco (Nicofiarra labacurn L.} entries in• I i hctwcen weathcr fleck intensity and clcvcn agronomic, ehcrnical, i ' eluding eight parent cultivars /'C.itterton,' 1Yilson,"Gertz,' T; oore; ', and physical characteristics of the tobacco. Reductions in yiefd, i avcranc pricc, and value of the cured tobacco tvcrc associ,tcd with ~ i T1aryland 59,' ?11aryland 10; ?.laryland 64,' and ''."aryland 609') incrcases in weather fleek intensity at two of the thrce locations.' t and 28 hybrids (ol~taincd by cro;sing the eight parent cultivars in ~' all possiblc eombinations including r in c ~taciprocrylaatsnd ) ~•~ cr e in c 1re rron ws972 ro.ws The at pla thr nt ce s Also, taller pLsnts and wider internode lengths wcrc associated svith increased fleck intensity at two of the thrce locations. Days to; locations with diffcring soil types ' 1 flrnver, filling capacity, and burn duration were associmed with in-; f were scored for air pollution injury (weather fleck) at maturity. (' ercased fleck intensity in a positive manner and total alkaloid eon•' t plants grown on deep sanrly soils and showing drou;ht stress I symptoms c~hibiscd less injuiy from air pollution than plants i tents in a negative manner at single locations only. Corr.•lation~ grosvn on sandy loam or silt loam soils. Correlations tvcre made I; Yilues for cithor total nitrogen contents or leaves par plant s:ith -------•---•------------- - weathor fleck intensity wero nonsignificant at all locations. I 0 ,3 0 n il t) C1 6 1l ta 2
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.LLL tnt2-•14 Jour. $tlarta. Sci. 63.(l.0) 1614-18 (1974) 50255" 2912 ,_ S.Y. • ~ IFluorocarbon Aerosol Propellants Ql).L.oss in . -Containers and It_s Impl~cations for Quantitative Analysis ~ WIN L. CIYIOU " and ~i,TAUL'--HLM*Y:I'TSIA_0 ~ ',VN=V„Sl{Yi~:S~aeNcv„cTRy3)Cat.t., PAaara"0 Jrpi,,~411Rt.t•`,C~ah.G:;b~I(60b1o . Table I-Average Percent Loss of Abstract 0 Loss of the thr&e n ost commonly used fluorocarbon Trichlororn~noP.uoromethar•.e Stored it, V::rious Containers ropellants from various types of containers with diPierent at Koom T~mperatwe as u Function oi Ti:ne p aerosol stoppers as a function of time. temperature, d nd initial concentra- tion was in.estigated. The lvss process was found to continue for at least 3 days. The decreasing order of loss frorn serum hottles with three types of stoppers e•as usually: lacquer-eoated rubber stopper < regular (plain) rubber stopper < silicune stopper. Si;,nif- itant loss was 360 with stora,e in commercially available vacuum tubes. Such mechanisms for loss as adsorption, absorption, com- ' ptexation, and permeation are discussed, Keyphrases t] Propellants (iluorocarbon aerosol)-loss from rari• ous containers as a function of time. temperature, and initial con• centration, relationship to a.n.al}•sis O Aerusols-loss of three lluw Propellants fron vsrivus containers• efiects of titne, tem- perature, and concentration 0 Fluorocarbon propetlants. aerosol- loss from various types of containers, effects of tiene, temperature. ti , ch . i ra on ar srrs n me d eon e t c sn . +s.. - -,+.~. ..-.-~-...~ . . ~. •+.•-• ..... --. _. .. , 1'ereent of Los at ~ arious Times Type of Container 2 hr 6 hr 2: hr 48 hr 72 hr 5-mi scru n bnttle with 14.0 24.0 43.0 49.0 59.0 regular rubber stoPpor 5-mi serum bottle with 8.0 21.5 26.0 36.4 49.0 `t lacquer-ccated stoppe r . ~ 5-mi serum bott.c with 16.0 -t0.2 S7.5 93.0 99,0 silicot:e ctopper 15-m1 serum bottle with l t t d 5.2 8.3 15.5 33.0 39.0 I e opper h s -rnlacquerseru-m botcoa tl wi 50 1 5 5 1 7 3 2 6 1 7 8 e t lac<;t:er-coated stopp::r •?-ml vacuum ecn:ai ner . . 10.1 . 23.0 . . . 3S.5 51.5 59.6 t 3-ml vacuum container 8.6 2S.G 31.4 43.6 52.0 5-ml vacuum container 1 , I5 0 7 <0 0 ~ ::; 6 37 ..~.]n ml.vR.c.at1 ~,.-.•~...r:.a`F..- . .:a-.~... . n.,~:.,..~r = . . . 1.....o..-.v. .........n...~~.,.~r~-=f• ,-. v J .r U ~'r ~s ~J t
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74.VE;tlu;.. TOBQCCO--S'.;(?}{E'~=C!:;:;fiSTI:Y/.SYPira;:JISs ORGI+NIC/LA'~E:_LED C~i:J'OI~i;DS/. 50255 2942 CHETiISTRY,0R(;A.'3IC--SY2dTHESIS/ rjR CLASS NO. W-111P1iL1:T 74 VI Hu a3tRP~.. "I Bondiuell, N. E. ; Hof fmann, D. (American tiealth FoLnd., Naylor Dana Inst. Dis., Div. Envirort. Carcino- genesis, New York, N. Y., IT, S.) CHEMICAI. STUDIES ON TOBACCO StiOKE. }OCIII, SYNT1tESIS OF Cl,RI30::-14 LABELLEDt~S~~OSMINE, NORNICOTINE AND :I ~;t3~TROSONOFu:ICOTINE. ~``Jour. LatiiA1ed Corapounds 1G"(No. 1) 79-88 (Jan.-Mar. ].974) (in English) *Ke)-caords:* N-i 1SIy' f not *1974, No. 17, Tobacco chemisi SuMr;ARr dZ-Nornicotine-2'-r4 C ws eyr,tf+esized in four steps. Nicotinic acid (eor8oryt-1461 aiae first estort; fied with diazometkane to yioTd n:ethyi nfeotinate (carboayl-74C). The ester we ocndroccd with 3-Zithio :- ' triaeahyZsiZyZ-2-pyrrolido.ce to 4rive 3-nicotinoyl-.Y-trimetl;yis:Zy'-?- pyrwZidone (ketone caroonyZ-14C1, uhich vas TiydnroZysed oid deearbcrdZatud tin aoweentrated hydrocnlorie acid to give nryosmina-2'-"C. Red+r_tion of tr,dosmina-2'ItC gave r.ornicotina-2'-ZiC. Rcocticn of norniro- tire-2'-l4 C in hydrocAZoric acid rn:th sodium nitrite pove N'-ntitroconor- ni.xtirie-2'-1lC. Furification of ZabeZZed nyosmine, nor+acotine, cnd N'-+titiveonor7ieotine uas aeeo+piished by prepardtive thin layer cnl-i,+,a- ^'1/ i
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50255 2968 8889 MF821 P543 PATT P'`~~ ENVIRON ENTO-MOL /0 w sf-S/rC/yPts 82 VII. Po Heat Unit Re6irements for Emergence of Over%-ultering obacco Budworm, Neliothis virescens (F.)', in Arizonas % ~ t:J M. F. POTTER~.r}j1JB.Ek AND T. F. WATSON Department of Entomology. University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona 85721 ABSTRACT Environ. Entomol. 10: 543-545 (1981) r---~--~ Emergence of overwintering tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens (F.), was monitored in Arizona, and the corresponding thermal accumulations were determined. Nondiapausing pupae emerged after the accumulation of ca. 176 centigrade heat units (CHU) when a threshold temperature range of 12.8 to 30°C was used. An accumulation of ca. 173 CHU rs~ from 1 lanuary (5 cro soil depth) was required for emergence of first moths from over.vin- ~~ syA tering pupae. Heat unit accumulations were less rapid with air temperature data. These data suggest that the physiological processes associated with diapause are nearly complete by _ early January. Alternate hosts are expected to play an important role in the early season since most, if not all, spring emergence occurs before the availability of cotton as a host < ~ plant. 0 3 113 E3 El 0 0~ 9~ i'
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50255 2967 I77 G . '-A Quantitation of the Factors Which Affect the Hydrolase and Transgalactosylase Activities of ~ P-Galactosidase (E. coli) on Lactoset /~CcOG,~,,J. ~(9~ ~99~ ao o l KRuber.XG. Kurz, and K. Wallenfels AsSTttACT: A study was implemented to quantitate the hy- drolase and transgalactosylase activities of 0-galactosidase (E. colf) with lactose as the substrate and to investigate various factors which affect these activities. At low lactose concen- trations the rate of galactose production was equal to the rate of glucose production. The rate of galactose production relative to glucose, however, dropped dramatically at lactose concen- trations higher than 0.05 M and production of trisaccharides and tetrasaccharides began (galactose/giucose ratios of about 2:1 and 3:1, respectively, were found for these two types of oligosaccharideu) At i4east ~ ve differr~nt trisaccharides were _ formed and tlteir pat ern~ of ~'drm3tion~qhowii thdt tuy however, that allolactose could also be formed in significant quantities by the transfer of galsctose to thc 6 position of free glucose, and also by hydrolysis of prcformcd'trisaccharide. A mechanism which fits the initial velocity data was proposed in which the steps involving the formation of an enzyme•ga- lactose•glucose complex, the formation and breakage of allo- lactose on the enzyme, and the release of glucose all seem to be of roughly equal magnitude and rate determining. Various factors affected the amounts of transgalactosylase and hy- drolase activities occurring. At high pkI values (>7.8) the transgalactosylase/hydrolyase activity ratio iiicreased dra- % maycally while it decreased at low pH values (<6.0). At rnid • •w
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50255 2973 r. [.i... r•.1,....~•~:. 1~ . _ . ?. 4 iYPES ;;l'1:5, hy ?=si~:. ~, tt:).'Jt:Lj riJ. i.:a°.1^~.i-. ~ ~?C..• S._°.?,i: 2fIG i:i'n l.V ti~ i. .. C ~,~ ~ ^ L':_ t,llwf:t f.t :.t.Ci L)2 .~~. +
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50255 2970 Translation ANALYSk~S 8Y CA'TALVTC T1Y0:?t)GkNAT10N AND i.'ITRA7).ON 1N NON-AQ1Jts0U5 I'(lED'f.UtK, DbTERi1tNAnGN 0F N1IRTLES 1Ti 7HE PUSENCE UT;' ACf.A ~'y r y s ~ ,.~ . .. ~, ' -1 ~~ U 0 t1 t1 I 1 11 li •. I / /
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'1 . ~ f hF. -.J Cuzin, J. L. j ThF. P:01:U:.T3~0:1 C?T~ 3,4-F:?::;IOPYRENE 11v CIGARETTE Pltl'EE; I:;PR1-:CN:i!:D td'iT11 t..`;•;.:',dIU`f SCi.Fr'+:`;',TEj by J. Ciizf.r., 2i. fivb~r'--tlabarz, i;. *.uel, F.. ?:eyer, i,.r,e R. LaL'a]'jCt. i ~ Transltfon from: Bull. Soc. Chim. France 1960, 982 (1960) .') U jt. aut. L. -
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50255 2969 FOOD--ANALYSIS/ , M MeF-B40-73 A New. Procedure for the Bctennination l5 V '~ Intemat. j.~rit, j~u(r. Rcs. 42 - of Thiamine in roods (1972) 0,~ , .~. ) - y0o . Received for puWication SILVIA NOBJLJi, V. SAVACC, UJkl$tft'•:. Juoe 2i, l91y T6e Vitamin Laboratorics, Roche Products Ptv. Ltd.. Dee U'by, N. S. W. Australia . Summary: A new procedure for the assav of thie2mitre in foods is describcd. jt is Lascd on the /luorir,tctric utcasurenrcrrt of thiocL: ontc in mcthanol solution after coltrntn chronra!oyra;,hy on silicagcl. The c!irom:alograf;lric s!c¢ Whiclt /01- lows oxidation of thiantirec increases the sftei(ieity and scruitivily of tlro . r t7ethod. Rccoveties aJtcr columtt chromatograp&y and evaporatiort oJ the clrrafe of purc Ntiarttinc standard soltttiotrs are 91-100y.. Tlie proccdure is applicable to ahy tyfic of food and has a standard drviation of: # 4a/o for tltia,nitrc contcnts above ?U :nc.g/Ni0 g, f 15°l. for thiamine coutcrrts /ront 4 rrtcg to 20 nteg1100 g, and f80#% for thianrittc contents bclow 4 tnc-ll0og0 sarn files of (aod per day. T The tttcllrod is ra(iid and siurPle and allows one tcrson to assay up to 10 . u,y -% ; i., Lt;, U Q1 I c,
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50255 2980 . . ' . :; 4rauner} ):r i t rl 1N ~:iFi:. ~ . . .... ...a.;3 s ( I i :i ~l ~l ( l 1/ 1.l t,.'.7.1
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50255 2982' EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN/STATISTICAL ANALYSIS/ QA .276 Hu 1974 READING STATISTICS AND RESEARCH SCHUYLER'~1V:'HCJCK~ t University of Tennessee «'ILLIAIN! H. COR1fIER West Virginia University M'ILLIAM C. BOUVDS, JR. University of Tennessee Harper & Row, Publishers New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London
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•50255 2960 NICOTINE--PHARMACOLOGY/ 78XRu IN MAN. ., . ys ~.. . - e . •. t . . - - RJR CLASS NO. PA."'PHLET 78 X Ru Rubin, A. ; "lahajan, M. ; Goldman, M. ; Sornberger, G. (Harvard Med. Sch., Dep. Mede, Boston, Mass., U. S.) THE EFFECT OF TOBACCO NICOTINE CONTINE ON CIGARETTE SMOKING fiEN•kVIOR Clin. REs. 26 (No. 3) A282 (1978) (in English) # --YAitl.nuth nrcratl tnfiican .nn•.n+l•ti.rn i• at .•a all ti.r hrt;h rn 1hi• cnuntrr tn7+)• thcte Is a tr.•n•1 t.•...rJ ...rr a••.+•u •r•.• ••f 1... I.Ir ietlcs. Alcotit.e ~crnno,'..tion, In I•.rrt a G.nati.•n nf trC:•rr1/r• ta t:ontcnt• Is con+iJcreJ tn t+• an tn,•nrl,nt Jclcre.n:rnt •n •lirol t..-h.i.- I Jor. IU•.erer, 1i.itrd J:rta rai+t nn tln. efrrct nf nir•.trn.• :••a IndIrtJ..al !r.o)int p..tterns. To stlwly thi•, lo hc.,lthv r_f1r. •r••1c.1 2 dlrrer•nt re+earch tnt-ac:n ellarr•ttr. enntainrnL a hi~A •nJ a Lrr ~eofKtnlratlnn Of oicntine, a• clr as tha•ir nun e.•.,.rrcial t.t:+nJ u0 Jfffu cnt Ja)s. TiJal volucea anJ . ncle in6.tatinn prufIlcs rere tcs- ~fured b)• r,plyinG n+~nrt~atcro to the rib c.ge anJ rbJu-cn to f)• ro)u-e Jisplucntnt of the cl.est ..nJ dial•hraFw, rt.pe-aivel,r. [arr.••sy• t).cnegJoLin ICO;.a) )cre)s .cre .ca+ureJ 1.efere anJ ir..cJiatetr aft%;r d I sco\In~. _ T.e atcraLe puff celuTe Ji.l not Jtffer_.itA tol..cco nicntrne , Iseasv sucapttbr ~0 C tI i; •~ ,*1 0 , '-concintration. Ih.cvct, in t of /0 subjects the werate Juntion .•c the '1 pu(f .as si~nificant)y incrraseJ (p < •o0t) .ith 10, n.corine +r.lint•, 1 as conp,.rcd to hitbcr nicotine toh..rco, rurthcrnnrr„trcatJ. hul•lu.t Jur-1 ~ !nj'snn)e trhasation ras aGnif7cantly ]on)cr (p - •nUi) in t arekin 10o ni i p t..l nc InT1c i -10. The :.\'erJ encrc:.+ L c in f0;lh ...* 1.7tl: ' r f ll ut s t J +e rcJucls, ~n P diJ not sary •• I nifi r~ntl . f ~ . y a a raryi1~p nicoti~"e conccntr.tinn: fh.r n6•.crv.~ti.•n+ .hr. :hit .L~ri.r 7 ~ nlcoUne tct.acto snol iuL, h-r.an +r.oter> a•.car ta ~ 1.rcqulrcnrnts r-ut by incrrasi il titr..re :hcir n.,ntinc h n ~ L t c ncrt•ar or Jcrth of their i~~.ff rnl.•.a•, ~ ,~ut by 6alJint the Inl•aleJ •..ote for lont;cr r.vinJa, Tla . ti.~ rr•olt in b 1 i1 :a different drosition patttrn of the sr.cte :.emsol .rthin thcir re•prr- ! I atory systc. and tho potr tial for altcrations in tnl.,cco•relat 'cd '
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50255 2979 tflOi ~ i.p . .. ~ ,. .~. ^ G Tvar,vlr.tion ' ....._.._. __ .------- ...._.- l i
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50255 2981 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTB00K IlC: 327 I-lu 1982 Qu61t tr1F'I ( e d . ) ; NEURORECEPTORS, Proceedings of the SyMpo siuM, Berlin (West), 5ept. 28-29, 1981. Walter de Gruyter (Nawthorne),I)--10pp Berlin 30, Gerrhany,t32, ISN = 5078 0 So Q n i1 U a9 9 (a
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TOBt,CCO--SUiSTiTUTES/MARIJUANA /TOBACCO--SMO1:E--BIOLOGICAL 1'ESTING/ 50255 2959 7 5-X e;(2 Cutting, Sitnmons, G.; *(no affil.)* RJR CLASS NO. PA.`iPHLET 15 X Cu2 Pereira, W.; Laguarda, it. A COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF I13PARIED ANTIBACTERIAL DEFENSES OF THE ~IG BY PRODUCTS CO:~SONLY SMOKED BY MAN. Amer. Coll. Chest. Phys., 41st. Annual Sci. Assembly, paper, Anaheim, alif. (Oct. 26-30, 1975) (in English) Rat ;\1f tt•crc h:ut'cstctl lry I,nlmt,n:nY l;n•a}c antl ill ri! *AbstY. in: Chest 68 (No. 3) 407 (1975)hactcricitlal inactivatimt of S albus tltt:uttifictl. Cnr.tt„' Cousidertble cotttro%er+y continuea to stnrounti the icsuc of sutoling antl hcaltlt. 1'otcntial ltcaltlt Itauirds associ:ttetl witlt cigar, syntltctic tobacco sul„titutc antl ntarihuana auoke cnnunnittiun hacc not bccn cxtcn%it•cly c.•aluatcd. To %tutly this, cnrnltaratit•e eQcct% of st} tokc frotn Kcntntl.y trfctcncc tolr.ictu. rcfcrcncc =CtiYc{r syrttht•tic sntni.it,g rtt:ttcri:t! :ntrl m:~rihuanii un ;tlccular tnacrtt(,hagt (.\.N 1) "hactcricitl:rl t:ctis'ity t.•crc c.`;i1uatc4. *1975, No. 22, W 8023* *d* Tobacco chemistry (medicine); r1\M in:tcti%atc.l 71.8 :t 1.8 l,crccnt of h;tctcria :tftct houts of inculration. I:xlu»urc to 8 ntl of ftcslt snw'-., frunt each lrruduct imp:tirctl I,:utcticid:+l activity to ih -!- 0.7 lurccnt, 21.9 -!- °.5 pcrccnt, 13.7- 1.5 ltcrccnt -1::(; I1.•I ± 7.6 (tcrccnt fnr cig:ucttc, cigar, tnhncco sul„tir,•! and ntarilttctua smc,kc, resltccti\cty. :\ttntini%tratinn ,,; };rartcd :mtounts of ciclt agent tlcmontittatcd tltat th;• tlcpression was dosc•tlclzrnclcnt for all proclucts. _\I»nl;:: _ and tlillcrcntial liltration of aIl smoke l,rnducts retc;dr, that the cytotoxin was in tlte g:+s l,ltasc of thc ssnol.c. \:.I hibhly watcr solublc, and was inactivatctl ill stalc sniokc. 'l'hcse results incliuite that a watCr solub!e comhonent "! -------freslt suiokc front a11 connnonly corn,umcd stuoking n+.: tcrials is ecluit•alcntly cytotoxic to the :1\f in a clv~: dependent tnanncr, significantly itnhairing the tri- tcricitial activity of tltc key host c(c:ctu~cll of tltc lult. 0 .i Cj ii 11, 1 i i 6 "-~ r> t'l i;;
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Nicrl,f1 ,;1 115 50255 2975 ..;.z.'• y'~ F". : ?`ctc:rmin atiar: of 3,r+ -c; ;+zcj yrcre vn3 related pnlycyclic h';"Gro• enztxa~ in; the srrtol;e of cigarettes a;nd : re[LC ~aper. I:.•." a~. cl(.N J. .-- :.TUDfS SUTt lA l.Ul'S NfStENCk T:i T:[t~UES AfA4R:.4~trESr EN SO1hT.tON POLYCYCLE.~ ARO A BAS5E 'CVMPBRRTUK~ (~Lc.c,ties at~ the 3..ur,n:~ ~f-'tSew'7t-'L C-.s'' ~y s>~°[ti2b~yX~lti~ J,romet5 c Ny d:cn t axbo~a~c i~n SolutIon at i.c>w Terrepes$t+~ra4~C :ip 6rf.t:~t~. P:Y4 ~: T,Yfs - „ i7 A i
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U 0 .._.:t1 •.. ._.•_. ._iL _.l. . 3._._y ... ,.. . Putt aJjl!;~I 'I~ • . uol~ pifil d~J])iJ~;(iJ.c JIlli aitif~C:,L~O~[liil0,lt J:;tiY .Ic~.t ) 7T~',•.[~~~'1. IRI lf7i)li?i" IfO.~ 1 ~ . . ~ ti;.If)~j IXF IlJixita y 1I7.;!:~)Iiii~1J;J 1)tiil If~.Z;iitOA "iItiCliU!(1%)i( ~ stfr~. ~ ti~ ~t.1t+E ~ ' / ~h-c.vz ,~ 2 -~ -- yv~7~,:qV 67) ~ ~.~ .z 8L6Z SSZOS
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50255 2958 RJR CLASS NO. PA`iP111.i;T 75 X Lal T.a„uarda, R. - Ellenbogen, t•i. ;;:.plan, A. ; Gillis, B. ; 0'Connell, C. ; Pereira, t1. ; i (Harvard ^fed. Sch. , Dep. Med. ThroncSike Lab. ; Beth Israel Eosp. , Bosto:T, Pixss. , U. S.) ACCTCs AIP.1dAY ia:SPtYNSI: TO S;SiIKING TOi;At:CO CIGc`.R1:TTES AND SY;2TIjf;TIC S.`iOi;I::C r MATl•;RIAL IN IIEAt.THS tOLUNT1.E:3;S. Clin. Res. 23 (No. 3) 349A (1975) (in English) Rie purpo>c of the study was to oeasurc acute airvay responscs and cari•oathcnoglobin (tP•CD) lcvrls aftcr inhalation of smokc fron eigarettes conposed of Aentucky rrference tobacco (AR), Synthetic Ynakine t1sterial (S) and a b1cnJ of YJ1 tebacco-;D1 s>rthetic sr.ci.ing naterl.+l (TS)'.I.I1 subjrcts ve-e healthy, nonastr,matic young al•rlts, .ho were both"ssoLers and r.onsnuAers. hbCO lcv¢ls .cre significantly tlevated by XR cigarettes, but not by 15 and S. Partial and full tazlnira etptrato:y fiok-vO1LL^Se r.ancut•crs were perforrned on a prcuao- tachograpl:, ••ith tractnEs photoorapned front an oscilloscope. F1ou rates of pAttial flor-vol4ces at SA vital capacity .ere erapressed as iSO/VSp in Llscc/L. with the following results: *1975, No. 11, W 3924**d* Tobacco taanufacture (tnedic:inc) : ...._..~..-....-......,-.rr»c a Citarettr Bcforc Snokinr Aftcr SmoAins Paircd t tcsc RR 1.69 1.41 p<D.01 TS 1.)0 1.44 • p<C.O-J"J 5 1.63 1.55 ~S Thesc resultS tnJicatc thcrc vas a d.•'te:rsc rn 1~~J1'-„ fa:lu~rnt inh.rlatron of I:R and TS >rautc, but no ch.,ntic rftcr 5t-.rkc5 analy:c.t ecp:rrjtely, thc J•::rra>r in Sy~l4<r~ .~s ~ r~,,ufird t;r ttc rr.n- seroka•rs altcr AN and TS, but nn, aftcr S. R.ora.it I- s vulu•,c, 4j-.~. icsistancc anJ sFccific conductancc rcnarncJ o.<hang,J ifrcr ill proJucts. In co,icluston, pure slnth^ttc ;r+u4rn: n.rtctr.i h- no a,,:;c effect on the above testrJ p.rlarcters, .here.rs rrd~~:~tton of yurr tohac.o anJ :4 hlcnJ nf tu.ra.co jnJ ~yntl;vtr. +a.atrnr; aetcrri l . u.vJ Scutc constrt.tion of ttre snall arrrjys. _ t3 :~ ~ i C! n~x G s Y~a 7 .
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.50255 2976 .1-- ~ N.f cro- 1 film 1:, . 119 ~ v'Mu~ert ?.iebart, M'icha.~ i 1R 8t13Z0-3, t}• PY R.ENE PXROT-ORMA DANS LES MQU t'TS I S).W CAMBU5TtON M L4 CiGA'%"?E, ]3EnCTLUN; RV,CEARCl4ES lAi=S FNCrwRS D'INfiXBIlTON, t t}-13enzopyreme, '~-ornne.d pyra7ytS'tat ly xn tAe 1 ctxvJmjS ti 4 n p t'c>ducts o4 F,rtrc-~, c.h g are.-ttes ancd r ~ 6cgarekt:g paper LdetectiorZ de-tecrr.una#.iortN anal t ~ ihe- effe.cts uf ernn:onium a,1£arrstc s~d oLher ~ ~
Page 480: hfb88d00
50255 2972 - tliatt, H. H., WAtson,IJ. D., Winsten, J. A. 1977. ORIGINS OF HMtAN CANCER, I;ook, C. IIUMAN RISK AS•.ST:SSMENT (Ccl.d Spring llarbor Conferences on Cell Proliferation, vol. 4)Cold Spring l;arbor L^t;ora~ory: . 77 II Re--78 S.P. he S~ln,unclla/i:'icrusonx` P;tut,z~enicity 7esl: I'reciiclivo V Crlconenic Trlnsfornlation of Rocfent Cctl Lines by Chcnl ical Carcinoc~ens 0 \ra!u0 for An:rn;r! ('.:rfrillo0..rliClty J-L1eCcnn ond lr. tt. Ames ~ f'otenti;rf Cnrcinoclen> Tostocf by Irutuction ond fAul:r(genes!s of ['roi~il: ~e ~, in I schcricaria c.oli t<12 P. 1.loreau :md Ii. Uc%oral / C. Ilcidclbcrgcr irat Anti:len Induc!ion nnd Mutability of fliffcrent Genutic I_oci l), Lietabolically Activ:lted C:uc~in;~genic Polycycaic Ilyclroc:rubons irl Cufturcd Mammali:rrr Culls W?etHm-A!PPIN ', Tr ~~Coarparisons vf Cnrcinogenic d nd fvtutart,;nic f'otency /,..... ,...,,...,,......,,...... ;fle l ransform,riion of (ftnnan Diploici Ce(ii; by Chemicai Cnrcinogons Id.^ntific,ltio:! nf Cnrcinoi!ens by t.1ut.rclen Testirul in ~ !`roscy,lril,: ll h R: i;llivc` Rclint,ility lot thc ! and;: of Gc;rciic [larr rgc hlaasured C. v~gct i Un chcdu!ccl [Y: A S, nlhc:;is o! 111r;n,rn Ccll :,t; n 5!lar l Icnol As:::jy`lor C:hcniic;rt Carcinogens 11. rv'ich; [t. II. Lnnr, J. Koroprttnick t'nJ Ll4v U • L t;ak:rn,2, t,Cornparison of Tcsts ro; Mutagcnirity or Cnrcinoclenicity U: ing nt;_::+ys for Spcrrn Abnorrn.iliticr; , Fornlotion of Micronuclc•i, arnd h'utali0rrs in Salnronolla J. A. tl.,Idra a.;o Vl. It. uruco ~ 1
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t% !-i' I {~ f1 I w ~ • . , s ~ J ' (qQ b1) t ~ rici3 as 1~ a ~scra~ ~~r~~~.i~ff ~ . ~ I NA rP }~ s~~Za1B$1J 3 Jar.dEd np uOt;saRwcsD .]'?,CJ 3va-t4:: wa,tKdc/zuaq ~°E t1p anrl&lvjuenb uoiraa-4eQ L'i -d •}a P 8)8rt XI In TE7CI7 ^,~ )~~~?t` AL6Z.SSZOS
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1 / I ~~'tt) i`'l: I :! : :i1 :U T.7 696: t:q ZTYX 066Z SSZOS
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50255 2985 luclu4es U(Llioerupaicel refereuces. d:lt~l, 2lc+i~s~ ai~, Eakerier Pub. Co., 1955- :2 r. tl;us., tables. 2G em. ~.-~-- j)iC'11':tii_'at 1/7'!11^li)1E'3 of tlTr AliiC Oli:::35}1'y, ft•c,:~i llta ccri~•. ith German t:d. L~~ F. IL l~:+tlununn~ .Lnister- ~ , 1. Chemistrf, Orfiautc. h'acli sr¢mc: Wttlter Karl Friedrich 13eruhf1rd Ilucre'. Qll251.11SG 23 547.01 55 51 i i. L}t,-nrp o: Couoress ` ~ t]°t k " !. , . i J 1
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~-p 50255 2988 ' ~~.6s~ a7n7 ~ 7~ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 74 X Sm-76 ~` ~X~oainer. ,+~y. p ' -Hudd6"f1'eI ~b¢cce . - L.at.J .~ (~.~oX r~ ~.'~ia.~'ol.I, SNOKEF.S DOY 'T'CUT TAR' T.ONG /. Huddersfield Examiner, 1976, p, not given (Feb. 26, 1976) (in English) *Abstr. in: Smoking Health Synopsis (London) 1976, 1•p. (Mar. 16, 1976)* Britain's smokers have~aprarently given the 'thumbs~down' to the Government's deciGion to cut the tar and nicotine content of cigarettes. When ne: legislation was announced last year, smokers flocked to tooecconists with enquiries about 'weaker' cigarettes, but withi:: a fortnight the rn jority had resorted to their original 5ra7ds. Smokers generally seem to disbelieve Government proragar.da against the habit.j -`- -.. - . h t r u, U
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-50255 2991 D 321 h ,wi-lhttwsv; L~~4r7~+~~R4! ~art; i&1-wx - The col)e:.t,~::i pnpc:~ o~ C. S. Hudson. Ec:. by I{^.r_:e .: I:(' '...... 2SiK lJLhil BnC: i.cl9oi1 7>. lac}ltl11)'i,r. NOw Z Or}C, ~'riS4~ 1.)ilr- ' ,_ v. Wrf. 24 cm. 7. Iir.na, I:ry'iuonQ bicGc. ry, ( Irervird L'c.iv. 7-!Lr^rt/ ~ for I.a:'ary c: Cou;r«j 151 ~ / t , ~1 u t l l) : 1 i l i•! / U l 1 lJ
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50255 2983 , t . { , 1. - ,:,k:). 19 of the tartai): tlhc '"J.Nf story. i yl Centii: y-Cruits f:5,5<;i ~ 9 2CUp. iilus. 24 cun. 3\,r.•1;,,1"I". Wii!i:vn 1Atir, 1."?- 2. 2litmC:ut„ Itltu.ef;ic:u:in,^, Curnl,anp. I. Title. JII)'.?7:?i~..lI51IS ; ~ C ~8.OGa ur.-S:'U : .,
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50255 2971 TD } 380 Hu i 1977 1 liluROLOGY/1tiATER--POLLUTIO +/ - 1• (iEPORT NO•_- EPA-600/.8-7.7__QO9 -0•TITLC ANDSU6TiTLE "UR13A,'J 4LNFALL-RYNOFF-QUALITY DATA BASE i , ~ ~...~.•.~.,.. C and James P. lieaney ~. Pt I tf01iMINC. ORGANI"LATION NAM[ AND ADUFtES,S D partment of Environmental Engineering Sciences 1 niversity of FloridaI Gainesville, Florida 32611 3. RECIPIENT'S ACCESSION•NO. 5. REPORT DATE July 1977 (Issu_inE Date) 6. PERFORMING ORGANI2AT ION CODE 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPOHT NO 10. PROGRAM [LEMEN1 NO. 1BC611 11• CONT RACT/GRANT NO. 68-03-0496 _ 1 - 113• TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIOD COVERCD C in6.L7 +-4 /- 7Z~- 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODE US Lnvironmental Protection Agency EPA/600/14 Cincinnati, Ohio 4526g I 12. SPONSORING AGLNCY NAME AND ADDRESS Municipal 1.nvironmental Research Laboratory Office of Research and Developmc:nt on a s torln event basis for one or more catchmentes in the folloc jnr I1'v. SUPPLEMLNTAHY NUTES ; P.3c11ard Fie].d, Storm and Combined Sewer Section (201) 321-6674 ~ EPA, Edison, 2:J 088].7 FTS 340-6674 1c. AUST1tncT `j ~ S l 1 dat.^ . ., ~; ,tjrban rnirifal~' rt o; -qucllity gathered by others have been a.,senlbled San Francisco, Ct1; Itrc?_,;a? _f c.unrlt,--1- ____---_
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50255 2987 1 xx ! :feC7 Ily. ~ ~ C. 5. -J:::4 :. . ., t . 1.s .~ ; r ~J <i i LJ J
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-- ~~~,r; , .. 'SD255 2984 -2 4.ITNA~`'.~^~,r RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 72 X Hu 1luttemann, tf.; Os1aald, P.; Lode, H.; Hurlc-Apf j<,_4 ` (Freien Univ. Berlin, Mcd. }ain.-Polilklin., Berlin, Ger.) CiLA\GES I\ PULM0NA.^tY FU:dCTIO:: OF YOUNG PEOPLE AS A RESULT OF CIGARETTE SM(JKING OVER *f ~,;Y YEARS. *(Veraaderungcn der Lungenfunktion Jugendlicher als Folge langjahrigen Zigarettenrac:cher.s. )* A:ut. `:ed. Wochenschr. 96, 1791-93 (1971) (in German with English su.r.c,ary) I *1971, No. 25. W 11(13R* *1-.t;
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50255 3004 e TJ 230 Hu Cut~~ e~'or: and relaf.ed c•.qitil,meliL. 3d eci. 11"ilc3• Nc« ! G2-I p. ;llus. 21 cro 1 . ~ f I I ; I. ConCt')•jne 1.l,1elllile:s, 2, lloisliTin Inachint•rl•, L'1'it).~. i TJ1250.IISG 19~~ "' ~ G?1.bGi 5I-l:~i.;: 1 I Llbra:y o[ Cur,orvSs t5 ;c3~ i ~ i
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(~:eYt) Z~~£~5:£ (£ '0';) L ~~unxc~a I } 1•t.117iJ .Ia 'f i~~1.~ ~ir.~7i~iln~il / t~ 4Ci.~li~':~ :t,tf J an r,n~ ~....~. ,..~ ~`. 7n r~ •.( ! ~zrl•~n~.rL.aT i~J 1_~.. _ Y.._.._.../a.V.l .a. . • . .~.. ..TJ..:.• .1..j W3uT) t1 966Z SSZOS
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50255 3003 • Thc engincers' m:rnt:ul, L,~• RsJph G. 2_; c~a. I~o~r 1 ori:, J. l~"ile} .C sora,~in .; l.on~lon, apnran.''_. I ta I;, limitc;l,193i1. 1!f -Iv, 340 P. incl. tables, ~tagrs. 220 cm. 1. , 2 p . 1, l:nsineering-liandbooks, manunlv, etc. TA151.118 1939 620.2 J.tbrrry of Congress ~•--~ 1•'ii11; e r ~ ~ ; # 't r ~ vJ-°:'~,r1 + l
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50255 3002 + e'Y~ i:u I G M1S"~ c~ -. ~ 2c. .;tr::cturc~ ~,t,ct mc.~l, _i:isrn in or~ar.ophosphorus chir~ s_ try ~hy~ Iludson. Inndon, lNctic ~ ~,. P:~~, Yor~, ~~ccc,~ic ~ y2 - - s. p. _; cin. (Urgen:c cLemistr c• ~++) 1^, ~•. 6) y~ a r;cD of r o^o l1!C1Llj2; (,.Yjn~,r9phIC3. i - 1. U:~i:~.,;~t:n~, t,orus-co:J,r3ue~s. ~ Title. ($erle,) . Ql"111•7. 111 jI1! 1935 ar?fi-1 .07 •-•nfeSS - .d••r • e (J .: 6 t'1 c'3 l1 6 / (; I I
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-_,; s; I ~ <i.~ ~ ~; = ic riffi:irs .J ~ i 1 . .' 50255 2995 ~ op :°~• '..(% t f • ~ 4.C*.1:,•.'~•rL ..y _p - ., ~. ,..~ .._. , Ec:ited by: •Fbw~xdFew~}1wa*~nr~- M.3iyCiizLUt1(l !{uem
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5 --- --~,~~ ---- -------- 025S 3007 LAWREM^E L{vCRMORE LABORATORY Universityof California Livermore,Catiforrwa 94550 Distribution Category II HeAl-79 s.P. UCRL-52473 TOTAL OZONE PZETRIE VAI, FROM SATELLITE MULTICI-UNNE L FILTER RDI®ME TER ME, ASvREME NTs J. E. Lovill, T. J. Sullivan, R. L. Weichel, J. S. Ellis, "7:-G: Huebc6 J. A. Korver, P. P. Weidhaas, and F. A. Phelps May 25, 1978 . . UC-11 L 03 0 0 0 6 0 / 0 1 6
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0 .„ E) ~ ~' E7 U U ~_'-. _ -b ' - tj (G9f ,:) I aD:{a7s11l .,tJat:,:~<:?:Z .:l':':Ci:l ;~ . .. t rJ 600E SSZOS
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50255 3001 t III Du2--8 S.P. 1. Report No. - NASA RP-i049 2. Government Accession No. 4. Title and Subtitle The Stratosphere: Present and Future 7. Author(s) Edited byAtGBW4W*dso4 and Edith 1. Reed 9. Performing Organization Name and Address Goddard Spac'e Flight Center Greenbelt, Maryland 20771 12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address 3. Recipient's Catalog No. 5. Report Date December 1979 6. Performing Organization Code GSFC Code 963 8. Performing Organization Report No. 10. Work Unit No. 11. Contract or Grant No. 13. Type of Report and Period Covered .,r Reference Publication I National Aeronautics and Space Administration Washington, D.C. 20546 14. Sponsoring Agency Code lhis document reports the conclusions of a Workshop held by the National Aeronautics and Space Adminis• tration in June, 1979, to assess those aspects of our cunent knowledge that pertain to the modification of the stratosphere by anthropogenic activities which lead to the release of halocarbons, nitrous and nitric oxide, carbon dioxide, etc. Naturally occurring perturbations such as related to solar or volcanic activity - are likewise considered. The basis of model description is given in terms of the laboratory data for rates and cross sections and the types of models suitable for various purposes. Observed distributions of various trace species arec,onsidered y'n terms of their sources and removal mechanisms and are compared to values tJ U / lJ 1 U ~ • --- - # .
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; 50255 3005 lic Aiii3irS l () 1 4 ` ~ ;, i.:( / . ! 1~"~{. r---Y~ uZ.,. ' ~ , - ~ ~ -r~. _ v r-, - ~. ~ . .< ~ .. ..', . . .. ..i ~._ . '. ~. ,,.fsc;•, I f t fc;ited by: Howard!'enn hudson 6;ary Uiiabciir L'ur;oo
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. . 50255 3008 thb'L5'IyM EXF'A.PI,Sl:UPI OF Cl_AY muzS:c, '.•: =.. V ..`: .. . s.~ .t. .':.[•~.?. J,','« ......_. ~
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; ; 50255 2999 .~ OF- •B I UGRhPi>J CJ4L ; ~ l:u2 ~N~D~~R~,~~:~~1 aR ,PtkP~l~S S~US3l [ Sf~E[D ~ R.- J. Reynolds Tobacco- Corr;: Researdhoand Product Development Depts., Science Information Division . ~ , HUDSON, PERRY B. --COLLECTION OF BIOGRAPHICAL 1 INFORMATION AND/OR .PAPERfi PUBLISHED, by R. J. i ~ , Reynolds Tobacco Co., Research and Product Development:Depts.,.Science Information Division, , I and William W. Menz 1967 looseleaf Winston-Salem, N. C. l~k li J v.~1 +i
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'50255 3000 i l 0 RP-1010 l. Government Access ion No. C1llorotluoromethanes in tllc Stratosphere 7 A t6or(t) It: t~„1ttf~~>Ct al. _ _ 9. PeJorminp Oryani,nr{on Nni..e ond Addre.. Goddard Space I•lig;lt Center Grcenbclt, P.laryland 20771 12. Spontorlny Aqencr Nome cnd Addrea . ) National AcronautiLs and Space Administration ~. Recipienl'f Cololoq Ne. 3-1t.po t Daie- --- ~ Septclnbcr I , 1977_ ~I 6. Perrorminq Orya~i,otion Cod. 624 i!. P.rIoim ny OryaniroGon Repo.t No. G-7725 10. Wor4 Unit No. -~ _ 198-2001 _ 11. Conlroct or Grcnt No. 17. Type ol Report ond Period Co.ere4 Rcfcrcncc Publication Washington, t).C. 20546 r ~• spT- on~er naw.~~r ced: I . r~ T11is document reports thc conclusions of a workshop held by the Njtional Aeronautics and Space Admini .tration to assc>s tltc currcnt knowlcdze of the impact of c111urotluortnncthanc release in thc troposphere on str.lto- sphcric ozonc concentrations. 711c document is divided into five sections: Laboratory ;1ca,uremcnls, Ozonc \tcasurcmcnts and Trends, Minor St,ccies and Aerosol 1`lcasurcloents, Onc-Dimcnsional htodeling, and Siul(irlinun- sional Modeling.
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EVAI;.UATI.bN OF TcaUR TNr;RT FUSTS ON WHFEAT AS 'KUTAcTANTS AGAINST INSEcTS...:)N 5MALL 1~.iNS. (U, S. DeQt., Aq,.r, , fti`. Res. 5etv, ,;`Aacketi.r•g Res. 12epcc'r No. 7001, by Aeimo h W~ l.a Hua ar.d ( C. C. FiF:ief.o, ~ r . .. .. ~I - -
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50255 2998 . ix au3son, Perry Prodvoi: De,v6opmenE lYSFkX BaNAXG AKD $r-NxpIIRUNE RFDUG3'TOA~ Nitl To(3ACCO SKOKE:. by li. 3.. IZeynolds Depar~me,,ts, Researc,h, sra Pr-odUct Dwe-lopmeM SCI enC.e, lr~'Formrati.on D:4vision end W:i .l1i.ar* 1967 3 0 05cle.arr W instoR Sa.l.em, N, C, 14 Col }.ecA3.on ,p~ workSh~, enc~lt~T' c'vr c.es o? ,dence ;. ~ od, ~}o on o~ beRZ pycene :,n to~sc~amok~' a~ ~c:x8t-ciund in-Porm",ora +of f'lax tnd,z -
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50255 3010 I.Il .•SeA4 Huek~c~ llr V (Jt. Au`.hor) OF;* (19f)3) S:o,'_ 7ME PS:RMkNENT MG3STURE EXPAI3SI4N OF C1AY PRCDUGTS T. BRTaCY+S, by S. S. liosls.i.n, Hv V. Sr. W. Nete.ta, a..,. R. k. L:y5.a Comm[lnue Izl th . . . a Fapc.t Nc+. 6Y _.......ti-._~a.._...a (!-)a'-i.....i.~. ~ . : '/ ; .. - r r. r !..f 1 ~1 l/ 1 1 ~i l~ J lI ~ 1 f 9
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TOEACCO--SPfOKING--PSYCttO1,OGY/ 50255 2992 7 4 }: Ca , PAMI'IILLT 74 X Ca RJR CLASS NO. Cameron, P. ; iludson,- D. s *(no affil.)* TCEI:AGIRS' ATTITUDES TO.~'ARD A DATE' S SrIGF:IIIC . Adolescence 8(::o. 31) 433-38 (1973) (in English) *1974, \o. 1, 17 109* *d* _. Tobacco medicine: .. r w. ~.~a.G. i .. f ..... ...... .
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50255 2986 --~.- ~~Itl-.:~+~..~ ~..+r~a".5.:~~ _G.r1..awa ..t • .L:r.rr•iMV - . .-r ~, - -k- ,30-1 yU c.tiS 1'r,(0l-I•trltlN IN ••rttr,:wl: ut-1..~~~1:~ r-~ ~ ,::~.~:.+;lucti(•:tt~~,•~ K ~:•ts~~,<,;cx---:-. lliruiuti uJ Rarrrr,..l,.,1Y. .\'ry!'••ri .tih:r. •1•frrrrdrur,rf 1•.rr,rrnt.af Slut;.,r., l:ra. r.r, .\. u- 3'r.r4 (It,rr" (.l for t•ul.ln:dir•u, Rt.,n•h 4. 04 _') F,r:unim; or frrrthy frruuwtottiun of ar,r:lgr uwl.,.,•. is nu nr•t. I,hr- num••unn itt Ihr• sugnr irr,lrr>tr%•. I••„r it Itrsnrbrr of yv:u• this frrtn,•nt:rtimt ha• s ~rsr.~tn I„ r•rrur tr••t r,nlY isr u.,r!avr~ %ats :rrr.l .,•r:,,, t:usl:, hct ia rrtr,• . typr rd• sinril:u• ,•„nr,•t,tr:rtr,l > rlv:rr tn:ttrr: ik. r• rature, rcvi,••.cr•J by Itu,krr and 1',•,I+•r,:m' i I(t.i', rurr!ain< nr:rnti• rrtrrrrrr,•s to gas Irtrnlyd-liult itt tu„L:..,•~ irn nll rlr _r,•,•s of "•v,•ri!v. it ,•,•rt.rist ir.t;r;s;,a thr• tr:l,;:r,7t iur% Irr4r,•,•.Ir,1 to the of ,xlslr,~i~r fu.aslin~ H'OO, t1i,r tr,idst:l! lrs:ttrri:t? 1,.•,•,unisr;t a rL.r: rr,! nr:,.,. Illsininus nl' 111uN•• NcI+,s harr inc, .Is;r:rt.,I t°ri•: Isrulrlf•m are tsv tu~~lr+ (~l+.•i~~• r:rjit~+•.~1~.,:ir«ri:rr~'`' :~j/,1 •~,r,r,,i.}rc. r'rrt:rist int,.ai aiur. f 1
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:, ...~..,-..•....,.>.,4 _ ..,,..,,3 75 III Hu• DOUGLAS RE:.N7E^ NUDSON• !lilhcr Trachars' College, Baghdad, Iraq* (Received July 3. 1947) It is ahown that in close packing of spheres, two types of interstice exist, bounded by aix and by four convex spherical surfaces. These are termed "square" and "tri- angular." They are eonnected by a continuous :abyrinth through which a ball not exceeding (2/v3-1)r in radius can be threaded. In both cubic and hexagonal arrange- ments, their shape and size arc identical, but their dis- tribution differs. Radii R for n smaller balls, which can take up patterns with cubic symmetry within each square interstice, are calculated for values of n up to 27 and plotted. The expression . I (R/r) a (Jl--1)/ni is used as a test for efficiency of packing. Wben R/r is plotted against the density increment at- tributable to this interstitial packing, a sct of spires i obtained. At nlL-8 and n-9 (R/r bcing, respcctivel. 0.2289 and 0.2166) twin peaks of 13 percent and 12 pcrcu,: appear, which are accentuated by first entry of a into the triangular interstice at R/r->0.2Z473; this con• tributes another 3 percent. The pe.%k of 16 percent a; n=21, R/r=0.1782, is also reinforced by first entry of i spheres in a body-centered tetrahedron at 0.1716, ..•hicF: gives an additional 6 pereent density increment. Applica- tions to bulk storage, ceramics, and interstitial compounu, aod• solid solutions are considered. None of the special packs gives a density increment (a_%.Q.,,. { d'trlu~fv)/, even approaching the 26 percent for fine spherical Cilter , ; close packed in the interstices. ' - A PART () `•} 3.~ t~ U~ 3 ~! U • ~,... ~. ... 10'l %~_f d 1":5y ~ Density and Pacl, n r~g ltz an Ab ngrcgate of Mixed Sphcres o
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50255 3014- E 78 XI Mu-81 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 78 XI Mu-81 (West Coast Univ., C~ ~1if., U. S.) TOBACCO'S LUCRATIVE VT~IIRD WORLD INVASION. Business Soc. Rev, 1960, p. 49-53 (Fall 1980) (in English) Big tobacco companies are starting to make big money by promoting their dangerous products in the Third World. 0:~ ~_~ Pj (I ~ 1 6 l;i 2 :)-'
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0 10 N N ~ w O ~ w \ \ I NI r t .
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! i E 80 I I Po S.P. r r ~-- - .---~ 50255 3019 Bull. Illinois Agr. Exp. Sta. (593) 1-68 (1955) Artificial Drying and Rehydration of Popcorn and Their Effects on Popping Expansion 14 %V:''lr'4P°r.t`"sz.N; .-and W. P. $[wtd' T HF, DEMAND FOR POPCOR\ has incr,•n.r,l tremendousl} since 1942. lts popularity is due to its relatively luw price and to the improved quality resulting from the introduction c,i hybrids. . The popcorn industry, consisting of firms marketing both raw and manufactured (popped) corn, has gro%vn rapidly Nvith practically no background of research on which to base its operations. Consequently each operator forms his own theories without having many facts on which to build. To add to the difficulty, much of tV information which is available is either misapplied or erroneous. Sucn questionable infor- mation may lead an operator to doubt the quality of a crop and so (j ijrej f5t it/e%-eV %%-}frt•rn tr~ grower holds a written contract. I C
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50255 3021 +-- MAY 2 21958 80 IU. S. GEMRTMtNi UF AGRICUITURE S P 1 _ yChanges in While Maturing ~ -. BY W:~.V+vs43lN +r .nd W. RCbEM1~S Bulletin 625 UNIVERSITY OF :LLINOIS i POPCORN KERNELS AND COBS ~ ~ RAGtICSLTURA~L EXPERIMENT STATION ty, y
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III Du2-7ti 50255 30)7 S.P. - . ULTRAVIOLET PHOTOABSORPTION BY HfILOCAr BCNS 11 AND - - ----12 FROM ELECTRO;~-1 ",P ACT - P~EASL'°: ,""ENITS (SUMNIARY) U.S. DEPAR1tAENT OF CO,~if,:ERCE Nalional Technical Information Service PB-255 214 Electron energy loss measurements are made of _- - Freons 11 and 12. The data is•converted to oscillator strength distribution and compared to the existing photoabsorption data in the energy ra relevant to atmospheric photodissociation. ' ~. .1r r nutc~~~ : _1d1~Q~t~~~_ D. L`[3us_t~cll. J~~ R_ .7._~elotta,_S-.R. 9. i~l.iirui0nM. ui«.nxii.i I uiN ANiI Mielczarck, ar.d C.' E. NAT/ONAI. tSUREAU OF STANDARDS Kuyatt DEPARTMEN: OF COMMERCE WASHINGTON. D.C. 20234 PREPARED FOR ARGONNE NATIONAL LABORATORY JUN'E- 19750 0 f% -A t t- L. e
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50255 3016 , - • III Du2 77 S.P. Preliminary P3port onElpctron Energy-Loss eseasurements for CC1F3, CC12F2, and CC13F .~ a National Bureau of Standards, Hashingt.on, D.C. (240 900) Pinal rept. . AUTHOR: Bushnell, D. L. Jr, :Hugbner:~:-R.. H., Celotta, R. J., Nielczarek, S. R. ~ C7134G4 FLD: 4B, 7D, 55E, 99F, 86V GRAI76?.0 E 1975 12p #. PROJECT: trBS-2320151 ' MONITOR: 18 ~ Pub. in Argonne Watl. Lab. Report No. ANL-75-60, Part I. Rad iological and Environr,ental Research Annual Report on Futidanenfal Molecular Physics. and ;,hecistry, p7-17 (Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, 111. , Jul 74-Jun 75) , f ABSTRACT: Currently, nation-vi.de research effc;rts are devoted to studying the possible ozone (03) depletion in the stratosphere by the ehecaical action of chlorine atoms released from CC12F2 or CC13F upon absorption of ultraviolet ~adiation. Since electron-im pact data taken it the fo~ ruArd'sc~tt,erking/direQti:qn can be usEi tc derive oscillator strengths ar.J thus to yield apparent photoabso:ptien cross sections, such an analysis for CC12P2, CC13F, ar.d I a
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IN-SITU HEAS.,iE•~nTS OF HR s ANO OH. ~uTt~r, Co H3373) Y. Cna-rcites (uot. of Phys. A Astronamy, tMie. of Fla., Giinesville, Fl. 32611) &~t (Chr.. 3ept., Colorado College. Go orado Szrin7s, CO 80903) J A. Lurus (het'1 Center for Atmos. Researcb, J Roulder, CO 633:3) Y. Nepps (AISA Gocdsrd Space Flight Center. ireenbelt, i'J) 0. Pnilen (En3. E.ot. Station. Ga. Inst. of Tech., Atlanta. GA 30332) D.D. Dsris (Scho31 of Gcophys. Sci., Ga. Inst. of~Terch._,,Atlan:e, F.t 30332) , --~------•-- . v t; P. Crutzen (!Iat'1 Ceiter for Ataos.Research, 50255 3011 LEVELS AS ESTIMATED FROM SIMPLE MEASUREMENTa OF_ tiN0 AND OH , 3 _ . , ~ A If the local production of ROx is low, the concentrations of S,n: and RO in the rer.ote troposphere are rel,t:ed to t.'WSe of 10403 t1lroqh the rejctionS Ori (•R) • K\Os (•N) KY9a . hv - 0H . RJ~ KVO4 . OH -• H.0 • l:Os t•la.a0) Ref. 1 Ref. 2 Ref. 3 Since Reaction 1 vrcceeds enKh~faster than Mactions 2 A 3, the concentration of 40s (0 • hJ.) nav be appro.inated from cor.centration /.foraation on During the flights, concentration levels of F+'+J) were eeasured t•y nucbert and ta:ra,.,iile 0" ca^centrations vera oJtained by Davis, et el. ttsing these observations, re have i" derived for the first tle,e infor.ution on the distribution of R,1, in the rennte troposphere. These ulccl3tior:s show that ROi levels are surprisingly lor . . f ;J, T. An. Geophy. 59(2)1080(1978) III Du2-79 S.Pe REMOTE TROPOSPHERIC NO AND NO N0= PflOTOCHEMISTRY AND IN-SIR ~ ~ RE)10TL TRO)05PaEtIC '10 A90 N0, LEVELS AS ~` I ESTI!t.TED FA',7/ SN%:E tAOx PH:ITDNEtI[STRT A.V0 ~ i~ ~ t~ t~ ! t, '.~ c7 ~. a
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50255 2994 slcup/tY cLAS:IrICA71oN or T//IS NAOf rNn.n c.l.fnl.r(,;l r,Fao.^,T DCCUr.l:1;7-r,Tioa P,°,G4 . r N( % j~~ ECO'!-Sf3 j i7 ~~ , f f : 'L" f , III Du - (lf a ]ITLC (..,~ s~crnr.) ~ S•T'• STR!'~TOSPHERIC CCi;'1POSITICN l3f(LLOC~l_eoarlE EXPERiP'ENT ~ '1 ~ 3-2G•SEP1E1•.L'ER 1975, ` i• AuLMIVe7__ llarold N./3c,11ard !R'dW.i~~Pf D. f'ENfVhNINl:ON1..N/7.ATIGN NA//E ANU AC10fiESS Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory •% Ffhite Sands Missile Range, New tdexico 88002 , RFAD II:STP.('rT/c^IS 11. COtiTf1OLLING OFrICC NAME AND AUUI7CSS -~I •. MVNIlU/i11/li A(.L/~(.Y I/AMl 0 AUU/aSS(/f ~l(1.Lnf IrCm lonlrnfflnt Ulllr.J US Anny Electronies Cor.;rand Fort Momuouth, hew Jersey 07703 1taC G~ rlCrOr.t p(•tf~ce[:ovenLU ' 5. ' , R&I ,? echnical RcGc~ :Yt. ~ i. rcl:~w.e/:~ax-rew;a: ~s u]_ B. CONTNAGT Ofl liitLNT NUMUtf/;./ 10. /'I-J6NAIe r( LI'Cr17,1•1 CT, T(.'> . ANCA 6 4Q'uv;l/t HUUpCF.S /~~ DA Task tl(3:`~5L1G11L" ~;S /~{2~ 0ct, .fr 1.?771 ~ 127 ~ IS. SlCU/11TY CLASS. (o11A1. r.FOrl) i WNTI ASSIFIED IS. J(,/ CEAS:IFICAl1ON L`J41/I:I;A'.:1 M SCNLUULI t) :y 7 C i ti; ~
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vuaipte,,;otl :.tq pa3!p3 L6i 7 .I..ttit;!:l:!\ S.I I ti,u V D ti' - / k II-rt4r r 1 ~-r I L66Z SSZOS
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. ZJIL 4~ / C, s 6ZOE SSZOS
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50255 3018 ADSORPTION/ v RJR TRANSLATION RJR CLASS NO. TRANSLATION - (Quester Maschinenfabrik., Koln, Ger.) MATHEMATICAL TREATMENT OF VARIOUS SORPTION EQUATIONS FOR TOBACCO. *(Die mathematische Behandlung verschiedener Sorptionsgleichungen fur Tabak.)* Beitr. Tabakfrosch. 6 (No. 2) 62-69 (Sept. 1971) (in German - Complete English translation available.) _*Note_da_te* •G to-day thc theory of sorption phcnomcna ducs t' cumraw.on with cxhcrimcntal results u!~tainrd- for Inot i+rovide for an c>:ar.t analytic~l so'ulion to lhcl tobacco. The lirnils scl•to dclcnninalion rcvcal thcm-( 'problem of the dif(crcnt types of Uindrnr, existinE!sclves even in the sphcre of adsorption, if the calcu- lbcttvccn tlic liquid and Eiscotis phiscs and the matcrial' lation of the Thcury BET is madc on the basis of fivc i to bc studicd. Un~icr llhrsc circunislanccs, Ilic cmj,irical ` molcculai layers. Tinally, Ilic sorption theory .vl1idt' ~rclalions brttrccn tlic cquilif,rirnn nioisturc content and ` has recently been cstalrlishcd by Ka!1mnr:n and which I Ilic rclntivc air humidity is o( incrcasinS siLni(icancc.i is basr•d ort statistical invcstiBations i. prescntrd. '1'lcc , The vilidity of Ilic noathrmatic hiincilrlcs o( the Thcory autbor intends to apply KnlLrrnrrrr's 11wory to tullacco ; L'l;T and of lhe Cqcntion of 1lrnricrr.mr is ezarnine.i liyI and will report the resnlls at a lalcr clatc. ~+-4-A-~~ I ~~
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80 II Po 'Food.Technol. 9(No. 9) 426-430 (1955) 50-255 3025 Reconstituting Moisture in Over-dried Popcorn by Blending with IN'et Popcorn VWMV=LSEN AND W. P. BEMIS Dtporlmnst of Horticuherrc, L'nirrrsity of !lliuois (Manuscript received' May 5, 1955) It is shown in these ezperiments that blending over- dried with wet popcorn in the proper ratios is an ef- fective method of reconstitution. It is adaptable to Lr;e scale operations. The moisture content of popcorn has been shown by Stewart (6) to be one of the most important factors which determines popping expansion. The optimum moisture range will vary according to variety, maturitv, and other factors, but it falls within the limits of 11 to 15rfc. Processors condition their popcorn to secure a nominal moisture content of 13 jo which generally gives the maximum popping expansion. S.P. r In the northern states the moisture content of pop- corn at harvest is usually too high, and the crop must , be conditioned in specially constructed corn cribs. The conditioning period may extend to the following spring, depending upon the initial moisture content. Thus, a considerable capital investment is required for a build- ing and no return is secured from its contents for many ' months. In addition there is no method of precisely con- ; trolling the moisture conter.t of popcorn while stored in ~ a crib. Iluelsen and Thompson (4) proposed drying by artificial heat but acknowledged that the final moisture,~ ~ ~ t
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e Dehydration and Rehydration in Relation to Endosperm Fracturing of Popcornl By W. P. BExzs and University of Illinois, Urba~ Illi„oi r ' , , Euaosra,Rm fracturing is of frequent occurrence in popcorn, but no publication has been found which gives any indication of the causes or the effect on volumetric expansion. The subsequent discussion deals primarily with the causes of fracturing. As these are associated with rapid changes in the moisture content of the kernel considerable at- teahon is Ipven to how water enters the kernel. = -" Fractunng has been noted when popcorn was dried on the ear by artificial heat in the ecially constructed drier described by Huelsen aind Thompson (7).T racturing also occurred when over-dried poQ- eorn was rehydrated. Gernon (5) observed endosperm fractures in debulled popcorn and noted further that even slight injuries to the pericarp caused reductions in popping expansion. Huelsen and Brown (6) discussed fractures in sweet corn endosperms and assumed they were of internal origin associated with maturation. They found that the fractures had no effect on cold test germination Similar matura- ,~ . t t n tVoti fracturtdin p,opcorn rave been observed in the field by the authors while the ears were drying rapidly due to a combination of shank breakage, opened husks and warm dry weather. - I
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50255 3020 I 80 11 Po S.P. .! Artificial Drying of Popcorn : In Relation to Popping Expansioli ~ $Y W.-C~iU „ . < FU". ~ and A. E. THOMPSON fl.partmont of Horticulture. Unirersity of Illinois, Urbana. Illinois (ltfprtnted from proceedtnQa et lhe American Socleti toe Hortlcuiture Sctence) In the northern statcs popcorn is usually harvc%ted when it contains from 15 to 20 pcr cent moisture, and then stored in corn cribs. As the winter months are usually unfavor- able, the stored corn does not come into proper popping condition until the following May or June. This is the oft-season, as market consump- tion is concentrated mainly during the winter months (5). The expense of storing popcorn for long periods has suggested artificial drying as a substitute for cribbing. E!dredge and Lyerly (5) state that corn removed directly from a drier failed to_pSp successfull1even tion to popping expansion and rin- clude that a rather wide range oi moisture is permissible. Willier and Brunson (l1) found little variation in popping expansion within a mois- ture range of 10.1 and 12.7 per ccnt. All of their popping expansions, however, were below 20 volumes. Stewart (9) has studied the relation between moisture and popping ex- pansion more extensively than othci investigators. He concludes that th.• optimum moisture content ranges from 13 to 25 per cent wSth good popping yields rarely obtainable be- low 12 per cent and aboti e 16 per cent moisture. No attempt was made ~ l _.I J~ I r . I
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50255.3031 - .. Qp 141 ~ APTIL! E-D 1973 !j INUTRPC TION 1 rn CUNECAL PRP:CTICE Edited by MICHAEL 1NACC7AK, h1.1). I k(C`HARD P HUEMER 'j .......,_,.~,,..~ Sclected papcrs anc) cli~,cussions from tErc ,I311~ Annual Syrnposiiim of thc Intcrnetional CoEI,Fo of Ap;~liccE Nutrition, Pas.j dena, ~;;1llforrlil. C',*,~ '`'~ ' ~ . A1F:1~I('~\I.tj_;,a11;t)U{~S'--- _ I\'fE;N(:U\'E'11EN'l':1E, N)I,A)i(::11. I;OOE: Lk~l eriiE, A v.nu~ tionitlt. New 1'or1;, Ncw 1'mk ~_ !. (:OI;l'OEtA'I'tON 100k, :utd h,n(Eot; e , i
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50255 3033 I 4 CI'.:~. D rJ. C.'.:.^.1 NQGrENES1S Rt3D Ch?,C.I;,S, by L'.' ^^. .'.: . t~. IC< < D. ' 1~'{4 ~ Cha: ','.haaas Springf ield, 111. i i ~ e
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50255 3034 +..~,_........._~_ RC 280 11u r ;.... , Q:` 'i;:., i-i:i:i;:':'.'~ ~i ;:'1:rf -..... /C`.'6 )'t:±... i~:;; :_ t. .t.~t i>1•r.,h!, Yt.. 1:; C: - a . . ~
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50255 3026 1 ~ P~ c i 8( T i)V~2=3S- (195i) j ~ P(~~`1R~ P~'dYS3OR FORUM Reconstruction of Moisture in Pohc, ru by Process of Steani Blanch:1><g $y W. P. BEMIS and W-X-UtJELS£N'4 Department of Noriicu ture, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois (Reprlnled lrom Food Tochnology, 1953) • It is shown that s:eam blanch- ing is a rapid method of rehy- draiing overdricd popcorn and thereby increasing the popping expansion. Optimum length of blanch depends upon the initial moisture content. Blanching im- proves color of popcorn. It has been demonstrated by Huel- sen and Thompson (2) that popcorn may be artificially dried at tempera- tures ranging from 100 to 130 de- grec s F: (37.8 to 54.•i degrees C.) and zeconstituted with water to the op- timum popping range without detri- rnra•(al cffccs~. It-rr~~ved to be im- l~~"'t?? by 12); lopop 6 is a yellow threc-\vax cross (Purdue Supergold inbreds IS by 30A) by Ia. 28; Purdue 32 is also ~ a three-way cross (Purdue Supergold inbreds 30A by 18) by South Amer ~ ican 24 (Smith and Brunson (3)1, and Illinois 52 is a Japanese Hulless ,~in- gle cross. r Each of the four hybrids v:as planted at three different dates (PaY ? 14, June 5 and June 11. 1952) ir, or- ' der to give a wide range of maiur- : ities. lopop 5 was harvested at 14.4 to 15.5 per cent; lopop 6 at 15.5 to ' 17.6 per cent; Purdue 32 at 21.2 lo I
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50255 3036 }l.D..-__. _. POTENTIAL RO LE OF NON-1QUfRITIVL- FOOD ADDITIVES AND Ct}NTAMINANTS AS ENVIR!)NMENTAI. CAFRGIIQOGM. Photostat frorns Arch. RatFw.l. !fl2 (No. 3) 218-49 (115b)
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S0255-3023 -- 1:~____ 1 ' ( ~a~3)3 80 II Po 5 f - 0 3 :j 0 ,;- c- Estimatilig the Shelling Percentage Of lopop 6 aiid Purdue 202 Popcorn SY W. P. VWi AND VMVVlLiIR-I~ Departmtnt of Horticulhur.. Oair.rsilT .L IIlaaib When popcorn is purchased directly from the field the buyer would like to know the actual shelling percentage and at the sattu time the projected shelling percentage at the usual optimum poppinj moisture of 13 per cent. There are several rapid methods of estimating the awisture content of the kernels. but this information is not sutlkient as the kernels and cobs differ in their moisture content and these differences are variable with respect to both maturity and variety. Fol- lowing the methods used by Milet and Remmenga in Purdue Univer- sity Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 599 entitled "Relations of Kernel. Cob. and Ear Moisture in Dent Corn" (1953) a table of rela- tionships has been worked out for two popcorn h •brids. t Tst. X)ata, u • % ;~. The accompanying table is based points. T%e shelling percentages w ere calculated in turn from the moisture relationships between the kernels and cobs. ln using the table the estimated actual, the projected shelling percentatea at 13 per cent moisture and the cob moistures ma.• be determined once the kernel mois- ture is known. Obviously if any une of the tout components is known one may estimate the magnitude of the other thre. '**^ ~ . • t 6
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Proc. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 1956(No. 67) 451-459 (1956) 50255 3024 , Nfaturity in Relation to Yupping Expansion of I'opcorn' 80-II Po " ' By 1V. 1'. l;cNtts anrl ~F ~;~1 rtzvcr. rlY nj lllirrr,i.c, ~~7~ S(t' ~ lirl,arra, Illinr,is ('~uAtNtt•:u<•tnt. prucc~s(,rs know that l,npcr,rn har.rsted when im- ~ t. niatttrt• will fail to pop satisfactorily, but are uncertain how to dehne "immature." Smith and Brunson (6) state that popcorn must mature cooutpleteh• on the plant, but later IIrunsr,i, and Smith (2) con,irlern•rl that hatti•esting at 20 per cent moisture might be permi5,i- ble. Huel;c•n and Thompson (3) reported that the popping expansion r4 white hulless pvpcurn was not impaired when harvested between 16.2 and 23.1 per cent kernel moisture and dried by heated air, but reductions were noted in satnples harvested at 24.4 and 26.3 per cent kernel mvibture. As a result of later work with additional types of p,-1Kr-rn. Huelsen and Bernis (-3) recommended harvesting N%hen the kernel mt,i,ture did not exceed 25 per cent if the popcorn was to be dried by heated air. The generally accepted meth,4 of determining maturity is by means I: a;• .isture content, htrt unless the proper records of periodic har-vests arc kept it is im~~s~iLle to detc•rmine the rate of maturih• of kernels an.l cobs. The purpose of the experiments reported here is to deter- utinr the relationship between kernel maturity and popping expansion of two popcorn hybrids and to show the moisture relationship between thc ranous components. The me.hod= used follt,w those of lIiles and Itommenga (5) in a very gereral way. These workers showed that in dent coni the cobs lost mnisture more slowly than the kernels did until the kernel nystuye reached 27-30 percent, when the trend was .~ J .. (} 3 o 0 n 0 (3eversedlv ---~•....---- t S
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50255 3032 P-ficrof ~ln . i ~ --CY3.AT]ON bP ENAM}N'FS f ~vctschc, Chem, ~oc~cG,, i_~} {No, 3) ~ .933-93 (1.97o)
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50255 3038 RC ~ 2619, Hu 1834-- -3:_.C. Ciccn";at,ir,!;,,i 1n(I etrvirr,iunental c;inccrs of the r~ tory systeiu tb.•, 11'. C. ]lucper. 13erliii, Tor.:, u;- ~'Nr-~r~+L'):ii~, si, S1S t.. 111111, 26 cut. (Itctieut results la enr,cer p. J5.'_-2J7. 1. Itr,~lrnt<.r} orfians--C:,nc-~r. 2. Occuj,atinnal discas,~?. 1. Title. (--Seric•s) r,C2Gi.r,35 110. s -.} G1G.QG12 6G ]t'?:r , ].Ibrury of Co i ;rc~s ~f;r,f;;r a L, ~ .. . •. 1 . .
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50255 3012 T. Am. Geophy. 59(12)1082(1978) III Du2-79 BULR COMPOSITION OF AEROSOLS IN THE S.P. RUIJC CO`IpOSITl08 OF AEROSOIS IY TI2 !'UIC 7R0lOSP1LrRC . C. Latrus .R:RWkert(both at: Rational Center for Atrv.sph.ricRcscarch, Roulder, CO 80J07+; pres. aJdref (IWCbert): ColoraJu ColleRc, Celorado Sprtnys, CU 8090).) (Sponsor: Qlchard Nilt) 8ulk eeasure.enta of partlculate A03' SO -• W, and h1I * v.rv auJe over cont:ncntal ana .artoe areaS, at alt/tuJrs troa .17 to 7 aa a part ot pruJrct OlO:IAC. Abovc the boutdary layer, l/ttle Jlltrrencv we noted betvecn a1rlnr and contln.•ntal valurs for all b°t vmr,+. Avrreyc surln./conttnental valuaa la the Irrr trop..aph.•re vrre .l0/.U, .18/.)0. .IJ/.:0. anJ .02/.O7 ppbn. rua- prc[lvrly. Ytthln thc bnundary layvr, hovever, Ik~~' anJ K1~" vcre cona W.rrably 0 Q 0 U 0 J0 2 I i REMOTE TROPHOSPYERF. klRkr !n cmu9ncnw• sa.W.ca, Y~Ca11ae NI ttv.• anthropuRrntr and blalol;lcal. swrc.•a of Sk~ anJ 1111) vhllv C1' vaa, ae rr;p.•ct.•J, n,ch hlRhrr [n .Ir[ne arcvs. "thr ntrin,•/cnnclltea• tal kv.daty•Lq.•r avcral:rs vcrc .:'-/.b:, and .ll/.:) for Nilj' SO • p , Cl', anJ Kdy*, n•sp••ctivcly. 5l8ntll- aa~tmttlve eon.•letloos vrrr t.•unJ brtv.•.•n sus[ of th.• lwlk p.rrtlcul..t.• .•oa- t.•ntr.ttl.•ns and b,•tvc:n th.•sr anJ a.vcNl lndcprnJcnt v.a /abl.s, auch a+ a11ttu.lt• Mu tll;nlllr..nt rorr.•latloo vas fainJ with Int siu.l.•, luwv.•r. • fhc b-itlun.tl Crulvr t.•r At.•npiw.rlc R.•- acarrh ls apawotc•d by th- M.Itl.'ua. Scl.v,ce f.n.nJ a [ l.rn. I ut n51 crreJ by authnr>. This p:.Ca uy bo Itratr eopi^.J 1 a
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50255 3037 • lss~~-- . ii:fa the enri_-:,mue:«al of c:ulcel o,r Ct•, IAN'aP1t111-fo11, tY, S. J)l'llt. of I it':11:11, EllUcatlol:, i+'clf,:rc, 2'::~ :ic 1 Tca1t]t Scrvice, C-'r p. illur=., mal,s, llta:,-rc, 26 cui. (l?. S. 1'ublic ITealtii Pablic•utiou no. •:a?. 1'utoiic heilth tvvr.obralth ro. $6) 21iLlio^rnl>l,y: p.4G-5-1. i . 1. ],u -Cancr.;. 1. TW•. (SerIr-s: U. S. fierv!ce. 1';aMication no. 9:)2c;erie,-: L. !~'. ]'uLlic ]IcaliL Pulii°.f• lie:11(i` lao"Ogr.1j,I2 ILo. 31, ~ ,%1-112 SO 61s.2'E bG-t,oo;,i l.il•:ar; c: C r•^.t•eas . ~ t51
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~ 80 II Po Food.Technol. 8(No. 9) 394-397 (1954) 50255 3030 ~ Temperature of Popper in Relation to Volumetric Expansion of Popcorn VfWM**#,3£LtSEAit-aNn W. P. BI±• 41IS Dcparhncnt of Horlicnhur., Cni:rrsity of Iffiiuis (afanuscript received April 24, 1954) Four popcorn hybrids were ased to detervtine the relationship between temperature of the popper and the popping expansions of the corn. It is shown that there is mnch to be gained by preheatinY the popper to temperatures bi;her than 470' F. (243.3' C.). A temperature of ss0' F. (287.8' C.) appears to be op- timaL Maximum popping expansion may be obtained only when the temperature of the popper is in proper relation to the moisture of the sample. Stewart (3) recognized the importance of this relationship, but since he had no means of measuring temperatures he noted that 80 g. samples had an optimum popping time of 125 seconds. BeloH• 105 and above 165 seconds there was usually a drop in expansion. In addition he found that popping time increases :fn relatiop tq;moisture': content' of tl3e sarnple and to'rts weigl"it^ Carr and Ripley (1), who I The tester is rated to operate on a load of 1100 watts at 115 volts. The in:tnutions call for pouring in the liquid sca,oning and then heating the popper until the pyrometer reads 4iU' F. (243.3' G) at which temperature the previously measured sam- ple of popcorn is dumped. Tl:e sample should he at room tem- peraturc. This type oi poppinF is called "wet popping" which gives different re>ults from dry popping 'without added oil. Cocnnut oil measured out in a glass graduate rather than in the crude cup furni,hed with the tester was used in all the experi- ments reported here. In addition only the 6 oz. cu;, was used to measure the popcorn. These details are given as eti•eu slight variations art: capable of changing the volumetric relations. The hybrids Purdue 32 and 202 and lopop 5 and 6 rehydrated with water to the indicated moisture percentages were us,-d in these experiments. All lots had been dried by artificial heat. The samples actually popped were weighed out. 1lcrely measur- ing the samples will give variations up to 7 g. per'6 oz. cup depending upon the care used. Using the same technic in all the experiments 1 replicates of each sample were poured into the eup, weighed and then averaged. This average was the weight of the sample actually popped. All the temperatures subse- ..,, 1 11 , . .I1, _.- I
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50255 3035 ) :t;: :.:-'YCYCOC ARbMAT.[C }VYDt?DChRbUNS ~s1 COFFV.r. 1 Gf 4 ~n.4:i:Tt-'_I 0 e I C) ~1 t 1 6 J l a' 'C1
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, ._. . , . ~ .. . . ; I -:lJx t";Jtt si:vz~'3Co 'ri '.'I ; ~3'3a<i L~j ' f,~ 6t i:U.l tVI ci.L !1'. Ci ~: :1t7.ii1!' ~.:, ~iI I I EAOE SSZOS
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80 II Po I1linois Research 2 (4) 12-13 (1960) S.Pe Searching for reasons why 50255 3028 SOME POPCORN DOESN'T POP WELL }~F SEN11 JI Y tXIES \'T af Y POPCORN POP ivbetter?" is a que.,ticn that shows up in man}' letters received by the Department of Horticulture every fall and minter. Poor popping may, of course, be due to disease. If plants have been severely attacked by bacterial wilt, for example. popping may be in- hibited almost complctcl.•. In most such cases the kernels show visible siSns of damage. Usually, however, the samples ac- colnpanyit;g thc leucr, appear nor- mal in exety way. Seemingly the onlv reason: whv thev rnitrht nou t W. A. Huelsen, Professor of Vegetable Crops, Emeritus, with the machine used to sneasure popping erspon- sion. Professor Huelsen re- tired September 1 ofter 39 years with the University. In addition to his research on popcorn, he hos done o great deol of work on breeding swe•t corn, lima beon., and to,notoes. Over 25 percent of ail sweet corn grown in this country is from his inbreds. A limo beon and a tomato that he developed have won the All American silver medal. He has written a standard reference text on sweet rly are(~' at-}~ m~~..s on~ tn eithe too much dt' too ~littletrndltur~ ~j many ather pub- U 3 7 r e
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79 X Re-82 TOBACCO--SMOKING--PUBLIC/ 50255 3042 S.P. Perlman, Berkeley ODOR: RJR CIA SS NO. PAMPHLET 79 X Re-82 s.p. Cain, W. S.; Isseroff, R.; Leaderer, D.; Bergland, L. G.; Dunn, J. D (John B. Pierce Found. Lab., Lab., Berkeley, CA., U. S.) VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS FOR B. P. ; Lipsitt, E. D. ;'V-&r'4=1r4 : ~. New Haven Conn.; Univ. Calif., Lawrence CONTROL OF OCCUPANCY ODOR AND TOBACCO SMOtT Univ. Ca., Lawrence Berkely Lab. LABORATORY STUDIES FINAL REPORT. p. (Apr. 1981) (Eng) . Energ. Environ. Div., Berkely, CA., 59 The primary conclusions regarding the subjective acceptability of tobacco smoke odor came from a mixed group of both smokers and nonsmokers. Consideration of nonsmokers alone uncovered a very strong intolerance for cigarette smoke odor. This occurred even though the nonsmokers did not have to sit in the room during smoking. Smokers exhibited considerably greater 1i :~ ~
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X Mel6-74 ~ S.P. :7wo- Patf ~ ts for ~Material~~ ...- t. .. ~ {~ Bmnc11ia1 Dama~7c e from inhaled Chest 65 (4) 61-62 (1974) ~ ~2 G l:nyr H. fitihum,ltl.D.;qtl.'•l~~a~slrn, ,lf.D.; G.M. Ilc!prin, i4l.D.; yV.K. Elcf:en: fc, .! I.D.; afuf J: A. ti crchont , 50255 2989 r~he distaT ainvays of less thn 1 mm in diameter have f~~l; that yur.rcetin also produced Icukowtc rc~iu:'tincnt.= ,~y recerltiy become the focui of increased atte+ltion in Perhaps the most interc;lins finding a:es thzt sulfur dio.e- olxlcrstanding human diseas,~-, particularly respiratory ide, adsorbed on carbon or given simul;ancouslv.vI;h ctr- faiiure. Our o.vn interest was directccl to small --invays bon, recruited Icukorytes when the sulfur dioxide (SO:) during studies of the prevalcsacc of byssinosis in which level was 40 ppm.3 Five times the dosage, or 200 p,-1in; eotton dust e.rposure and cigairette smoke were found to was required for leukocyte recruitment %ti•hcn filtered air luvc a strong positive inter2ction in producinr, func- was the carrier without carbon particles. Subsequent- tional loss rncasu,cd by forccd eXpiratorY flow in one ly, certain 1eGned products extracted from cotton con- second (I'EV,) and symptorns of bronchitis.i During taining polyphenolic polymers were found to be rccruit- experiments to dctermine s•RUch agents in cotton dust ers of lcukocytes in this system. \loaohydroxybcn icne causcd chronic bronchitis vv subjected hamsters and (phenol) and a series of polyhydroxyl phenols froln ;,2 guinea pigs to dust e.rposurc and notcd' lcukocyte re- di-hydroxybenzene to chlorogcnic acid when givc11 as mitment throu~llout the ain~•ay.t Appreciating the aerosols failed to recruit leukocytcs, but ~.•ht•n adso:bed lacl: of ex, erimental models fo: srnall air%vay c;isease, this on silica particles recruited lcckocytes av:-_il,v. S;':La tht;_T?at}t¢j~T;'r1C515_9f,t!a?C-.,,..,.•,,,3lflnq failed-trcC'flJlt 1t~nlnCx'lt;S .'tS,Clir.1 Ot1tCrY~A U:i .~I b tl 6 i:`) 9 9 :a a
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r 50255 3039 XX ricF -7 3 }-.ul15 • vrrj. 2s,, 19;a + Tlil: AROI1A O)' l'h.SSIQ:' TRUI'1 J1)It;L. - ~ , .~ , DrJ JUS DE, Gl: U•\TAJ; ;'I: <riYi).~.v f l. 1.l JJfJ[ ~Yk34:~:" ~....- "1 i f.•nl:bafti puJt:S 0}: cilr"lnolLr.F, k. H-VCi' (tP.1c) flui(t, rnai 1973, +ul. ?8, r.'5, p. SC 5-901. 1tFSUA1i. • Ptnni Ict fruirs tTOp'ctus. ,a [trnadil:e, fLssillw0 td,.!!, F- tirt.'ia et 1: si/lcrc tduts L/:J.%te ;,o, '-~ distir•Lur p.v 1'iuhrs~lc de Ia totort:foa d, snn ju~, ur•e fw'e iriaili tt 13 puir~nc~ Cc !nn uOr»e. la tr•:,r; osi:ian dt ta rr.+ctio~ r<la'tit, r_+u tu. Cr a fte i tudicr t vr d,irs tL; rchcur. l-rr t on risvme Irs puLPc:•tlu;;.0a presl'ntc ks ri~c~ta:. d•x:rayss tia:•;•e< p-:r I'auteur cur d-s jus t.a KKh~c de diYCC<c ptosraanhr tt t)'ant [•.abi disr;, n•oCcS de ttabili;itio:~. Iz di.crKonec tnt± t•s tcult+.h til en PsvliC tar k• thm~ drs p::nrd.'s r.c tn:ter.toIt e! t_ di"w^,et~oI d•s ju> If•s tens'iC~Y:•.^.'s sjs:.ptit;trs rt to^.t;r'n, r plus p~a:cuP,i n•:ncni i 1'ofi~inatit~: o^ i.:i~'t~e d.• `r.na6rt~ sor.t p+.~r~,en revne. . S
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50255 3048 78 III Re2-80 S.P. tiL1SS~1CI3U5ETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ANALYSIS TECiNIQUES FOR USE WITH T'KE EXTENDED SDM MODEL f~5: ~ina S . E . Madni ck Center for Infor-.nation Systems Research 2-54-80 INDUSTRIAL LIATSO`i PROGRAM ' 0 :~ ~i A _() k ; t; ! U `i `~.~....~ ~~~
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F d T h 1 7 415-419 (1953) 50255 3027 o ., 80 II P0 0o ec n Reconstitution of Moisture in Popcorn by Steam Blanchinga W. P_E><~r s.4SKD Dtparlutcnf o/ HorIicullwrt, Univcrrily o/ lllinoit (Manuscript receit•ed May 17, 1953) It is shown that steam blanching is a rapid method of rebydrating overdried popcorn and thereby increas- ing the popping expansion. Optimum length of blanch depends upon the iaitial moisture content. Blanching improves color of popcorn. It has been dentonstrated by Huelsen and Thompson (2) that popcorn may be artificially dried at tempera- tures rattging from 100 to 130° F. (37.8 to 5-1.4° C.) and reconstituted with water to the optimum popping range without detrimental effects. It proved to be impossible to control the drying operations so that the final moisture content coincided with the maximum popping volume. Further work on the project indicated that before artificial dn•ing can be recommended for commercial use some method of reconstitution is needed other than adding water or storing in artificially humidi- fied air as described by Dexter (1). Blanching with 7 0 at 15.5 to 17.6% ; Purdue 32 at 21.2 to 29.6% and Illinois 5 2 at 21% moisture. There was no evidence that immaturity at har- vest had any adverse effect on popping expan:ion. Illinuis 52 was used sparingly in the experiments due tu the large per- centages of diseased kernels which popped poorly or not at all. The ears were dried at 1111° F. (43.3' C.) in the thcrmo- statically controlled bin drier described by Huelsen and Thump- son (2). The length of the dr3ing period varied depending upon the initial moisture content. The final moisture content ranged from 7 to 13%. In some of the eaperiments discussed later tlu corn was shelled and dried further at 110° F. (a3.3° C.) before reconstitution. The popcorn was blanched at 208" F. (97.8° C.) in a specially constructed live steam blancher 10 ft. long equipped with a stainless steel mesh belt 12 in. wide. The steam was injected both above and belo%v the belt. The 4 speeds could be varied with cone pulleys. Stop watch readings indicated that the re- spective blanching times were 52, 98, 173 and 357 second;. The popcorn was spread 0.5 in. deep and 8 in. wide on the belt. As specitied later some lots of corn were canned. No. I picnic plaitt cans were used (211 x 400), the fill being 8 oz. per w 7
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1 t .50255 3052 TOBACCO--ANTI-SMOKING LITERATURE/ TOBACCO--SMOKING--PSYCHOLOGY/SMOKING HABITS--SOCIAL CLASS/ TS 2240 Cr 1,970 YOUTH SMOKING BEHAVIOR CHARACTERISTICS AND THEIR EDUCATIONAL IMPLICATIONS ~ A report of thePUniversity of Illinois Anti-Smoking Education Study June 30, 1970 Study Team Members William B.-Creswell, Jr., Professor of Health Education Principal Investigator ? -.liC~!`b~sty Professor of Health Education 1att Donald B. Stone, Associate Professor of Health Education E1 :~ z1 n ~1 t3 The work on which this report is based was performed pursuant to contract number PH 108-66-192 with the United States Public Health Service, Department of toealLh,Zduc9ti*, and Welfare.
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50255 305/ • DISSERTATIONS--TEXAS A&M UNIVISRBITY/PEPPERS/ FLAVORANTS--FOOD/ TP 958 ~ Hu 1977 PDDL 78-6804 ynn;;.i946- YOIJITILE COY?0NEttTS NND PUNGENCY IN FRESH AND PROCESSED JALAPE(10 PEPPERS (Cll?SICUN MtiU!,'M). Texas Abfi University, Ph.D.. 1977 Food Technology lfnivetsity Microfilms Intemational, kr&t•.uwptioNwm ; : } - - - -" - "" .~T ~ - - r ~ I
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50255 3046 I MCB1--78 TUXICOLOG"Y INF01:.hfATION RES:°.';!~S C.';!~SC CENTM ,?.ITBRATURF SFAIcCii INDEX. S. P. II. 2101- 2600 Oak Ridge Natinnal Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn. CONTLYTS INT RODC'CT104 .................................................. r TOXICOLOGY INFOkStATIOX RESPONSE CL\TER Di:SCR1YC10N ......... .u ACK.\()w'LEPGktIt:7S .............................................. u SLCTIOtiI Ln.r.+- Srvrhei ........................................ i Sr.rcAlndn focSe.I rm I ........................................... 45 SLCfiOKII NfIS AI.J.bu Rryont .................................... 6S \TISInJn forSc.u.all ............................................ )7 SECTION111. luun,d PuElwvuom ...................................... !a SECf10N IV: kcqursicn ............................................. 93 %,L s~pf,rrcJ 1.) C, l-. .o::p Iniorn~hon Yroyum. \ition.J I ib-n of MnAcinc. \.DO.rI L-t•luns uf H,.+bl:. U.p,n ncnt of Ha.Jlh. I d.+ulion, anJ N'dtjrc und:r \'LRI Intcrayanty A,,ia:m:ul Xo. i~17.1.71. UCCL]iB1:R 1176 Qd Rd6c Natwnal LaGur.lory uiE RiJEt.ltnncvcr )71iw a{KrarcJ h)VNIOS CARl/llll COi1CGRATIO\ (ur tAc ENERaY RESCALC'11 A[rP [)EVCI.OI'AtE\r ADSIIKISIRATION v:i ti tJ ri it CJ :~:~ ~
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; 50255 3015 _ ]~'-11c111~'1-N-2-l,rclll~'li~t-]yilultuianlinci tilt Potcll t~luliulvi uinc O.itlasc Inltillitut• r rGq~i~'. 17oi;u`Eii, la.r.~x m. ])ovocltut:, A. J. l'i.UXIUeIt, nxl) l'. A. I ultxt:~s lllt•curclt Acparhncnl, (.7/la 1'Jmrntacc+,lical Co,np,tnG, Airisiun oJ ('llla ('orpo)-ntintt, Stt,,,utit, Nc,r Jtrt:ry Recrit•cd May 21, l9CG 810 7'hr s~till,r~is of a srril% of lrrti:ln• incL•utah,inr- antl rrl:llrtl rrnnltmnul- run(ainint; :ut \-!-I.rul~%-nyI -„1,- :;liturnt is lkscril,rtl. Annnil; this.cric,s-.:lro two(1 an,t 10.'lal,lr 1) t%hirh :ul+:,mun); the ttt-,-t I,,,trul nn~m~ ntuinr rxidusc inhil,itur: yct rcln,rtctil. Sun,e :,ctivit}•-•trurtllrc corrrluliuns 6:Ivc Rrcu rn:ulc. ~r ~~Ot ~t:lc, llu~ullut'l;, 1'I.u~t~uat, .lxl, ~-Aitllio:~.~..itn t,...•,..t....:., e ,...: e , Illlllhs,t :11Ct1+{l•sIt•s, :Itlll 111o11n:U11111P (,XI11:1.,(, 1111111)it<)1-,:,= l,rotnl,tccl u: lu ,.N•ntht•sizc :1 J,rl,lr)•nvl:ultinc cunlaillinl; (llis tnuit•t)•. '1'Ititi futll,llccl the rcl,nrt of the nluno- sttnint• oxillasc inLif,ilut•y activity of \-mctllyl-\-2- Irrul,vu} Il,cnz) I:Inlinc (I,:u•t;}•linc).' '1'llc /int c•om- Ix,ulnl I,rrlr.lrltii, ~ nu Illyl \)-Inul,~ n)'I 1 inllatttln)ine (1),' SIll,lrccl al,ltrclxiln:tlcty _'q Iitnt•, Illc uclivity of I,:tr.\f•linc-, tilll jl inth r(1 ill ccrt<tin tc~ls fllc ttlo~t.~otcnl, tl. t, i t ~ . irrc• ~ nv,nnn,tne uci,~,.n in'~,ilulnr I~nn~l,T ~Z'n i..... • . . . . ~ I,R'-Cl{,: R"• ('!t l =t'il 3, It' - c,Fl:.: I{" •• CI I C.=('1 i 4, R'- CII c===c11: It" •(•II.C-(•n S,It'-Cil,; !{" - ('II ('=-l'll, G,1{'- If;lt"~Ct('11.1,('-=l'll 7,1t'- CH i: It" - C1C 1 i.)_C==CI I R R e atso a•i'h to rcl,urt un a few cutl."t•nl•r: of 1 I,t•cl,atccl Cli• ~ tgv :x vlc,lc_Ic l_iv ity _Asitasti's_rclaliuLLJ~ i,LI1i1WL,-L1
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50255 3050 - j } ~: . :..'. Y..._ •..: . t'3ri;_;, Gcorbc Suiton, ]SJ1- J lll', fYl'13 C71C1't';l°h of F/i!17ti. O,:SI11C CtllllllOll);,i =, li\" A::'- Sutt(;tl f'arl:s... ancl J fngll 3 l:trt:)t ] in!1'alu)1 ... \e•,;• Yoek: '1:1(' v'l:i'lll)C:il : atill( g C()1711)a711y, i1'.C., 1932. 231 yr. uia rs. 24 c•u. (:1tu•:ricau chcniics) sn?icty. iiilaiuprilp}/lcay fui-t-aOiC'. . 7. 7hct~,t~ 'Sr:~cntcc. 2. Citcrnlstry, Ortantc. t. )clirtin, Ji,int Alltllor. 17. TitiC - (ZD:,r1;.1'315 t:''1 5'1].3J . i L{brnrc of ConZr(ss - 152b'21 3?---_'' :'K
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I Mes -80 50255 3049 S,p. . 2-56-80 YIaSSACHU5ETTS INSTITUTE OF TECH\OLOGF A 910RMATI4E COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEMATIC DESIGN PE:'HODOLO6l. rI'~ .€~tuf f';~ .~._ ;..X Center for Inforaation Systems Research I\"DGSTRIAL LIAISON PROGRA-1I 0G to fl i; a / • -.1 .;
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; 0255 3047 j ., Proceedings of the PAINT RESEcUCH INSTITUTE OffiC. Dig. Joar. Technol. Eng. 35, 113-128(1963) ~s~~'6 Sorption of Water Vapor , . ~ n . . 1 1 T-T I t~ yc . y rojilil. mc rolymcrs By O. L. HUNT,? R: 3~'~3UFF~`~ attd II. G. SPENCER Clemson Collcgef The charactcristics of Fickian and non-Fickian sorption are reviewed. An cxpctimental in.csiit;ntion of the irater.vapor sorption propcrties of a scrics of hyrltophilic mcrobrancs is preserncd, with a diseussion of thc i.:fluente of polymer structure on sorption rates and procc•ss.s. This report describes sonie sorption propcrties of polymer-water vapor systems in which there r.re chain-chain and water-polymer inter- actions through hydrogen bonding. The purpose of the investigation was to outline from a study of the sorption properties the important sorption mechanisms and strttctural features of the po1ymers which affect the sorption rates. For this purpose the water-vapor sorption properties of membranes composed of mixtures of poly (vinyl alcohol) and poly (methyl vinyl ether•mal.eic acid) were investigated. I u~ u
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50255 3061 . TP 715 Nu 1971 PDDL COOKBOOKS/ COLD DISHES for ALL SEASONS A collection of recipes from soup to s3•11abutr rJ .; i, , l,.a . i bY Chmtniaerand Spike WARD LOCK LLNiI1-LD • LO\bON :.
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50255 3058 ~ < , ~ (~11~~1a, ~,~~~o ~. : Ili~:ry'i ~o;,' ~~ilcr Uf ;)C_ • t i'y , + ci:c^y of hraori.c,an Jiilinarn, ',."aN, a rd 1V iS"u- 11uI Y i Cullen: astory of :1me-icarn onn it.:, ?..: hol er. \cNr Yu.h, Prentice-II,J1 I1',)~rrj 37G ],. 11'11,c3. _^3 ctu. 1. C~t1 Cn, ]?lt,I: I:oY, i. \1'ri;t:t, Tt,.na, Joint w;i', . 1 ID:) ;, -1 O,CSI:5 --\ 92:;.3 i 3 i.fb:ary of Cnn"^,tess (vr,f'3Ol , ;._~'~
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50255 3060 ii,:~ .. ,. : . ,. _ .i~:.. .. r 0 , t i 11 I 1 ~t i ~ ~ y 7~ y ~j 0
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1 50255 3040 E---~-- ~.~huile essenticlle de inenthe au Bresil ESSENTIAL OIL OF rIEI3TlA AI:VENSIS OF BRAZIL. FRUITS 27 (6) (1972) 469-472 Ia culture de la mcntlre, AIenlAe ervensis var. pipcras- bout A bout, et on recouvre de ter:e. On irrip e suivant ks cens ASI1.11VAUI1, a etc introduite au Rresil pa: des immi- besoins. Vanls japunais. F.lte y a prif. une grarrde extension au coure Au Parana, on a simplifiG A 1'extrcme cettc dcrniere dc la seconde Suerre mondialc qua.rd les approvisionne- mEtlrodc. On conuncncc par defrichcr une zone foresticre iacnts en pro.•cr.ance du Japon ont fait dcfaut. Cc psy: as- de grande Etcndue, en y mettant le fou. 11 s'ao~it sourent dc turait, avant 1940, 70 p. cent de la consunrnration mondia• foret ticrgc dont Ic sot asscz Icocr e,t tres ricf.c en humus. Ic avec une production de 600 a 800 lonncs d'huile c&,cn• Apres avoir deharrasce le terrain des Lranchaocs, on lai"e Ucllc. Le retour aux conditions normalcs n'a ranime que sur place les gros troncs ct Ics i=ouclies d'arLrc~, entrc 1^_~• }.artielterncnt I'actMtt! japonaisc dans cc domainc ct le quci: on cnfouit Ics suckers. ll n'y a pas de travail du sol, BrIsil arardc unc position prcpondi•rante. La cultur: de Ia pas d'amcndcrncnt, pas d'irrio:rtion, lcs pluies ctant as z mcnte y occupe plus de 30.000 ha dont 90 p. cent dans rtgulicrement rEparlies. Le sol est oecupd 4 arL. Ia pre:rrii- 1'Etat de I'auama et 10 p. cer•.t dans 1'Etat de Saint-Paul. En te tccolte se fait un an apres la plairtation ct la culture se 1970, la pmductioa l,rc~ilicnne a att~int 2.808 tonnes protonge encore 3 annEcs. Ou rccoltc troi~ fois par an, au d9ruile essenticlic. Fin 1971, lcs cours hratiques su le rnar- ntoment de la floraison, alors quc la richcsse en csscrrcc dc eh6 dc Londre3 on! Lrtc de 30 Fi1:o pour 1'e:sence de men- la plantc attcint son pius haut niveau. the ct de 75 F/k~ cpour lcxecntionnrllAmnrcnthllA menthol ticnt naturel (4). Cette riussilc A la fin de cette exploitation, lcs sols cosnurcnrcut a ----- v
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50255 3059 _:c0 1':.9. ... _ .. the Committee ^ij ~ic. ' . .. .. %'_ ._ . . r ~ .. _ , . Houae of Rept•esar>i8t ive,-5. FALSE AriD M.iSLEAD7.NG ADUE-Sa-Ls]Wx (F]L7EP.- 'f l P CICrRRE7TFS ) . ~ 1957 ?9S pr U. 5- t'rovernrxnt !'Z'iwtins Office, WashiiStor
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i .~ 1 , 1 I, I a / ~;.7 r Ezccuti%•c Enterprises Publications Co., Inc. Publishcrs/New York ! t E }'r
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50255 3065 RC 732 Hu 1981 LUNGS--DISEASES--DIAGNOSIS/ LUNGS--FUNCTION & FUNCTION TESTS/ PULMONARY FUNCTION TESTS/ Lung Function for the Clinician VD:*'i"''T3:'HWg'~aS M.A., B.Sc., B.M., B.Ch., F.R.C.P. The London Hospital, i1'hitechapel, London El and 1981 D. W. Empey M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., M.R.C.P. ACADEMIC PRESS - I The London Chest Hospital, London E2 GRUNE & STRATTON Ci vi ~j ,,~j
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i0255 3045 RA 1231 Ha 1978 ENVIKUNMENTAL HEIi4TN/TOXICOLOGY/I .CADMIUM--TnXICIT2 TECNNICAL iiEPOFiT DATA _ (/Y0'4M 1e4d /ualrtirlu.ql utl rhr Irrrrc~' he•jnre rantplr(InCI 1. HL''tlllt NU . ..- _ T:P71--G00_/_1-78-026 J. .J. TIELC A`:u':uuTITLE If f%:Gqf"-~++, N- 7 JORTA'?LJ t-l,y ~ U1 E: . Revieth of the Environmental Effects of Pollutants: IV, Cndnlum ;a - •- - - --- ---- ill+l:;i ~liinn S Hnmmonn,7 t~ ~~kAtc~+Huf llclen M. Braunntein, .Iohn S. Drury, Cnrnle R. Shriner, Eric B. Leuitl, tlrndfor_d_L. Whitfield, nnd Lei~ft i:. Towill ~_ U PtRFUIiAdLNEi UIIEiAN12A EIl)N NAM1: AND AUUIIESS Informatton Center Complex, Information Division Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37330 June 1978 5. PE RFqRMING, OEIGANIZA TION COL 1 PEI1FOHfAi'1G ORGANIZATIO`J (IEP 10. PROGNAM ELEIdENT NO. 1HA616 11. CONTRAC rlGE7ANT NO. IAG D-5-0403 /7. SPEiNtiEIRING AGENCY NAME AND ADORFSS ' '- IJ, TYPE OF REPOR7 ANO PER70J CC Health Effccts Research Laboratory, Cin-0Ii Final Of f tce of Research and Development 14. SPONSOnING AGENCY CODE U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA/600/10 Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 . Thia report is a review of the scientific literature on the biological and environmEntnl effects of cadmium. Included in the review are ageneral sur+mary and a comprehensive discussion of the following topics as related to cadmium an/ specific cadmium compounds: physical and chemical properties; occurrence; ' synthe9is;and use; .znalytical rethodoloEy; biological aspects in ~licroorganisms. ~ prAnt'sj, v~ild"and'do~~st~ic ahimd'_a`;*and humans; distribution, mobility, and persistence in the environment; assessment of present and potential health and P' hazarria: and review of stlr.rlards znd yoverE•.mE=T+.ta1 regulations.
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50255 3053 3~%~ -s3CIq'77) /rar R.. a Tievr, . tr-. %,•f la ;_ :a` :<: P:•!_-" P-:-• P--.:c - Grei: 8-.'_- 80 ~I Ey-81 S.P. 'PREPARED\ESS' AND 'AROL'SABILITI" .aS DETERMINANTS OF ELECTRODERMAL COtiDITIONING* 1Ck~1~TN'HL'GDAHL.f _MATS FREDRIKSO\ and .~RNE OH~taN* -~bepattmeoi .•f'Ps.'cho og%. Unisetsit% of l"ppsala. Uppsala. St.eden ~~~ IRrcrirrJ :: D:crmhr. l9'bi Somrtan='Arousabilit.'. as defined through spontaneous electrodermal responses. has been empiricallr linked to anxiet~. phobic s%mptoms and outcome of s.ctematic desensitization. Pre- %ious data from our laborator. indicate that 'preparedness: as detined through potennalh phobic cs. fear-irrelesant or'tuutral' conditioned stimuliL is an imponartt determinant of electrodermal conditioning. The present ezperiment compared groups selected to be high or low in spontaneous nespooding during di&reatial conditioning to poteatiall~ phobic or neutral stimuli. It was found that the e/fects of these two factors were essentiaAy addiane. i.e. conditioning and resistance to extusction were betta for phobic stimuli and for high-arousal groups. The high-aroused group with phobic stimuli showed diffuse responding during acquisition. not differentiating betweeu reinforced and unreinforced cves. Howe%er. it was the onh group that failed to extinguish during ?0 trials. which indicates that high arousal gises superior resistance to exttnc- tion particularly for phobic stimuli.
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50255 3067 ~ XXII Pa-74 PACKAGIt3G REPORT from THE PACKAGING INSTITITE, U.S. S.P. by PERSPECTIVE REPORT ON RETORTABLE POUCFi Dz , r P'; Htighe8''~ PACiCAGI[.G IN EUROPE " Milan, Italy Flexible Packaging for Heat Processed Foods St. Louis, 11,'•o. , Nove::ber 28-29, 1973 Star Co. Presented at the Seninar Sponsored jointly by the Flexible Packaging Committee and St. Loui:. Chac~ter THE PACKAGING 1NSTITUTE, U.S.A. 342 Madison Avenue New York, N.Y. 10017 THE PACKAGING INSTITUTE, U.S.A. i I t j i u / ta --~
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50255 3057 H•U ..~.T1 ' 'L1T'T ilG~A,'. ~ '1• pa:S 7ISal ` .C'~~.iJ 1 Ti. CaISCCl' and T'CSf?.'_`.' ..tlp_;I'8^:SlOii. Dh oi.o;>tr:t frc,ra: `'zrr~ 7-6 (::o. 7) oj (Fct:. 15, . 30 (1JE3(7. 7, .19)9) j •U (_?o. 21 ) / ~ti,. / ry / ( -r' \!' • !l (:a,1. !q) vfy (v~-I? /7 • `2; ~ .l~',~'~ 21 ~y^5,
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50255 3056 , ~ C1 Cl i ffon, E. A., Tr. ,(1966 HOLLOW CtIP,YSOMlr VI8£RS; bj a, A. C1i.fton, L W. Huga.ins and H. p,. ShQ 1.1 , . I Am. Miner.alogist Sl, %508-I1 (.1966) Jr.
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-- 50255 3071 - I To C, 1c)6,', Cisnxuttes: 1tsc I'o[t^ti:1 vf a 7:obacC:: i:. . ` " ~iLsr Vn::a Co I .~
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am Rr, i Th.~up~. Vol 19. pp 75 io !tS ~~9~~J .~/p vpmon rna Lr i r rear ntym 50255 3054. 80 II Ey-81 S.P. ~! IKKIC.~4h~ M( U1111~rM~:~tt~_ THE THREE-SYSTEMS-MODEL OF FEAR AND EMOTION*-A CRITICAL EXAMINATION ~y_~~.~1!~tE7H I~UGDn~i1~ Department of Psychology. University of Uppsala (Received 24 !we 1980) Summary-The Tree-Systems-Model' of fear and emotian (Lang. 1968; Rachman. 1978b) is reviewed and discussed. The paper is centered on four topics rekvant to such a view of fear; The definitional focus; Measurement and quantification of components; Implications for etiology; Implications for treatment of phobias. Definitional problems with the radical operationalist view implied by the Tree-Systems-Model are identified and discussed. In addition problems with measurement and quantification of the various components are discussed. Implications for ctio- logy of phobic fears are noted. Finally, it is suggested that treatment methods be individually tailored to the particular component response-profile displayed by each patient, and that the identification of such a profile is included in standard behavioral diagnosis procedures when fear is clinically assessed. _. .. . st....~-~-.sr.r+.... w ~... ..-, .- .-r,._..~--,..,..__.. i~
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50255 3064 ,~~4 3~~ Yr~er, t.. .: , ) •~+i ^ ZtC='Sl `• i~Jaw :.C.:.~ i taLs.ti~.,: ~,, C ~
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50255 3069 S't0l:Ih~C APiD t!EAT.U?/TOPACi;(1--S`fOKIt"~(--TIT'P,LT1l F.FFP.CT/ SMOKING IIArITS--RF.LINOUISlIINC/TOBACCO--6"fOKI"I('.--ANTI-St4OKING CAMPAII'*I/ • TS 2240 flu 1975 8 Hughes, G." *(no affil.)* they quit!" RJR CLASS 210. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 Hu 1975 EIGHT TESTED AND PltOVIa7 WAYSTO QUIT SrlOKING. Robert !l. Godfrey, Carden Grove, Calif., 54p. (1975) (in T:nglish) ~This report has been prepared with the sincere ~ hope that those who have been overcome by thetobac- co habit will find release from it, by applying one of ~ the methods reported in this book. Do not deceive - yourself into thinking that you cannot quit. Anyone ' can quit who really wants to! As a well known doc- tor tor recently said, "Some people insist that they can't ' quit smoking--its tragically funny--because as soon ~ as one of their lungs are removed, you see how quickly _.a e
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w.._.....___. .__ ._<_4_.~...•.~,_._............_,.....~.._........,_._..,._ .~_. 50255 3055 XX 1feF-C-203-73 Flor. ida 'State liorticul'tural• Sooiety,85 192-203 (1972) sa.J1E M-A-"J Aii•SA.L'; BCh.t. IwDiCl, Tc:cs Qa' NR0::t:ssE D ORARG111 JU:Ci QtSl1f.(TY, 1S'71-72' - Jon : A. hrrAW,tY, ltoacFR W. BARr,cl;1, JATtYS G. KIaIR, ICF:I.A S. Ptter.lr. 1ti'ORERT D. CARTER. i•TAR- sIlA:.~ JAMF,.`: F. FISNES:, ELMbR C. HILL; . i-, MATTIM: 1). i1f:,1iAULJA, DONALU 1t. ]:'c:rF.US, AND S. V. TING Flc,ridcs .pcpartUtcnt oj Cib-us J.al:e Alfrcd and ALY1N II. I'.OUSE Agricaclt{{wcl ):csrarcle and l:ducution Center 1.akc Alfred 20 processing plants in Florida durirl; the 1970- ';1 71 re^son ana?yzed usin7 30 J1;P che:nica1 a:.d ptYsical anra;;scs. Avc::~,c, Ir.ini:nui: ._.;3 maxirnum values of each analysis are Pres^nt.-j. A multiple re;,ression analysis of the dat.n re- sultcd in a prediction equation for llavor that used E variables and gave a corrclation, cocu:cient. (r Distinguishir,fi analytical chlracteri stics :,re demonsh•ated between orange conceiArate evapo- rator pumpout and orange pulp wash concentr..te. Data arc !:tuwnarized by hres..ntin~~ avcr:~+~~, minimurn and maximum values from the 30 Jl)_ analysez on each of the 25 sarnples of ' or:lnf;c c~rcc t: ie ar.l .'•7 r:f . , V ~ 's
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50255 3041 • X:{ rSeF-D-W4-73 ~q VACUUM MICROWAVE 1?icYZIjG OF TY.O:'1CAL FP.i;iIT. i2fetIC!c' .1 tiC3r sis e S al 0il S ii:S 110 ttd rf:J u0 f E IN Ei.~, 't.i l:~+Lt~! 1x , a ~f E ri u le s .,... ttt f ~ l i r ~ r i r:r t ~~ ~ i1n s ~~ ., ~.. 1•~.. F.EZ'F13Ti0\ D£5 AROMES GANS L£S FOUDKEJ DE FRttIT'S TFiOF:CAI,XOBTE\L"ESDANSLN FOUR A;SICP.O•0\ D ES SO US VIDE R. HL'ET (IFAC) "M lnsi 1573, col. 29, n•3, F.399405. RFSL116 • La teali;;tioa pntiqve d'un fquipement Ce c.v!•aot par micrtrondes suua cir a p± r.is de proccder a G-- ecsais de dcmicca• tion de jsa a'u:ar,as et de E~n:ci:'e et de p5trs de 5a_ ne. La reucite da t'operatton e.xiZe I'ob:ent:c;t dea 6a fvur ;I'Lnc mousse a.obie at:x twlJes Ce Fcttt diemetre. Gn ::n e a ca rr.utat psr iQ;onctlon de 4•C.hAt65e et d0 h~altdCt~:~r2 a ia L9zticR ;f[t.^.1IER dont Ia t1::FuP Qn platiCrlf s2Ches atte:.^.I '•+ ni7 B9`°r1X. t~fttC }1:.u•v: tknCui rR =:d)u• tartt tonrMat t.u proce^a Elie faterise Ia retention des OompoSes Ya!ati!c odOrt' .•s.cq;iWnt leur tr+nSicrt d:rL• !; Gquide gar raopoK au ~• ..: dtx motr:e; s d'eau. On ••eri ria ma le taux de riteation o~-s c.:.. tc!ati!; esr lonct;on dr !z t~ite da lt moie:u:a. Pour un ,,c:<:u duan4 te Uux dc nrtInuon diminee qwadsatoarcr.tr_tion t:Kc: Fn:~ e l~ . , ~ , ,'" j(/j
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50245 3072 '.'orc7yce, W. 8, FA'C]'ORS GOVEMMG T}}B FTL'MRTTGN OP cIGARE7r£ sMOxe, lby W4 13, Yor.dyca, 1, at. Hu,q,hes, ~Srxl M,. G, Ivarsuno • Paper g+ven at the Tobacco Chern:kstss Resea.m.ti ConferQnce, 14th, W.;nator--SaAem., N, C,, .5 Octob¢r XyW . . .. .. : ,-.
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50255 3077 78 X Hu SMnKING HABITS--~tEASUREMF.NT/TOTiACCD--S'IfOKTNG--PSYCHOi.CGY/• } RJR CLASS NO. PAPIPHLET 78 X Hu HWgi;&xWmjWWA,,; Frederiksen, L. W.; Frazier, M. - (Veterans Adm. Cent.; Univ. Miss. Med. Center, Univ., Miss., U. S.) A CARBON MONOXIDE ANALYZER FOR MEASUREMENT OF SMOKING BEHAVIOR. Behavior Therapy 9, 293-96 (1978) (in English) *Keywords:*_ carbon monoxide, smoke, constituent. ~ An clectrochemically b>+sed CO analyzer (Ecolyzcr) cuit:,ble for use in smoking i assessment is described. The relative advantaEcs ovcr other instrurnents. reliabil- j ity, aceuracy, and faetors in/luencing the use of this instrument are discussed. s
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50255 3080 a . i)lCTIaNA3dY OF &l.1rCTROU7CS 1M) NUCL&ONICS, by L, k. C. Hu~qhes, R. W. 13. Stephens 8nd 3.. il. (3rown :•:c:v York ;-
Page 571: hfb88d00
50255 3076 , T 55 Pr 1978 PULMONARY DISEASE/ LUNGS--DISEASE/SAFETY MF.ASURES/CHF,MICALS--SAFETY MEASURES/ EXPLOSIVES--SAFETY : tF.ASURES /.4XTffZB.T%X}QYHNKFIr%Y/ INDUSTRIAL TOXICOLOGY/OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES--CHEMICALLY'INDUCED/ ENVIRON`lENTAL HEALTH/CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/ _ Chemical Hazards of the Worlcplace Nick H. Proctor, Ph.D. Manager of Xfedical Surveillance and Toxicologist Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation Oakland, California Jameg P:'PTughes;`M.D. Medical Director Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporction Oakland, California J. B. Lippincott Company Philadelphia Toronto ~T- ~ --_-._ -_-- --- ii e
Page 572: hfb88d00
. 502S5 3070 .. z- .~... - .. . ~ . . ,~..u, • . . . . .wn -. . . ..+. -. .,~.. . { ji, ucW: ~ m~du uC~~ h ~ ~.ae~ 1 ,~ _, , „ i~-,~E y y (~ .. `: ~ , j !ct~h"k~:~ NA ti - State University of New York . MEDIwINE--ABDREVIATIONS/ m ~ ABSREVIATIONS--MEDICIIdE/DICTIONARIES--ttEDICINE/ ~ ~ ~~ ~7 f~~~a. ,`,,~_~ oli 01 1 ~ ll '~ .~G.' ,1 ~ ~ Lexington Books D.C. 11e_ctltl anci ('c~mnanv
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~50255 3079 - ~~~......~..~.~~.._. .n..~ ~..~. .__ ~~. _...~ . _ ~~~.i.-...~.... _.~. ..... ~ ... _ ..~..... _ _ ..i.. _ . ~ . . . . ~t~.. .-K..e ar.t'~k'A-JtJV.. ... a ~.1 1 I ,,p {O / XX Z1eF-C-~l--9-73 ~ ~ ~~ ~~ r 1! ~t~1au11!lIt1I'J~.Jc~.3~ ~l-.'a L~ ~ ~Ullt;~4~::~~tili~ l1 U ne'n, CO- Dairy Ini3ustrie3 37 (7)371-373(1972) By J.,ii-.tttJtxftES ~ , . . ,~.,,.... _ .... 5- ~7 l/ l/ /. •l V V t• {a
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50255 3078 t 80 I I Ey-81 S. P. E crcephalo aphv and Clinica/ Neuro hvsio/o '- ' . SPViPP nrih• ol{and Scientific Publishers. Ltd. -- EVALUATION OF A SYNTACTIC PATTERN RECOGNITION APPROACH TO QUANTITATIVE ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS J.R. BOURNE, V. JAGANNATHAN. B. HAMEL t, B.H. JANSEN, J.W. WARD;'J.R. HUGHES I and C.W. ERWIN j School oJEngineering and School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 37235 (U.S.A.) (Accepted for publication: February 24, 1981) Syntactic pattern recognition techniques are used for analysis of a wide variety of scientific problems, including such diverse areas as chromosome analysis and crop evalu• ation (Fu 1974; Gonzalez and Thomason 1978). The major advantage of syntactic.pat= tern ,recognitaon ,is it's ability to organize and "evalttatP'strtt~turd & h pitter(t or'wave fo{In. Although the electroencephalogram (EEG) EEG scoring, we employed a discriminant analysis-based method (Bowling and Bourne 1978; Bourne et al. 1980c). The results of applying this method and the syntactic approach to the same set of EEGs are com- pared. The accuracy of the two computer- ,based approaches is assessed by comparison of the final computer evaluations of each EEG to visual scoring of each paper record. a
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50255 3066 t i j , ~~a~~ •~~~~.~s t,. . tc-i :~ 1?lilninatiun rraciions. _11n.~.terd;im, 1"c;rk, 1;i-ovi<< ]'ub. Co., 1JC~. viit, 215 p. '22 rut. (i:eccilon tnochunlstug tu oiq;:.:uC 1'. 2) 13iioliograpny : j,. 1:Yj-211. 1. Clictuteul r.•artiun4Z. l, :'itk. ( Q1);iG.l't-{ vuLv ii17.13`J Ga-;:'..:. (^R 1~ . J.tbi:ary u; Cv:~rrrs, ~ ~iy I .. . , _ U.~
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r FOOI?---f:C0;:0:!ICS j'tAa:;FACTUF,I: Ahll T1:ADf / - 50255 3073 ?JC Z1eF=t--S60--73 OP'r.F.tiCIt;G : ESt''LiS 01" T001) Ci1aI1:S---1Si1-1972 Statistical Ccnt°nts Compiled by WENDELL EAR LE Piolessor of Markc tr'ng Research Sp°clalrst of the New York State Co!lega of ~.`gricu{ture and Life Sciences A Statutory College of the Stati~ University Cornell Univr_r,ity Publisticd by The f'rogressive Grocer Co;r:pany 708 Third Avenue, New York, N. Y. -
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5U255 3084 'NNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES .. .1 Volume 333 CHEMISTRY, ORGANIC--SYNTHESIS/CATALYSTS--CONCRESSF,S/ QD 262 Ne 1980 TRANSITION fVl ETAL M EDLqTED ORGANIC SYNTHESIS Edited byD. W. Sloctim and0:"R: iiugf~es Thepd~lew York Academy of Sciences New York, New York 1980 9 :;
Page 578: hfb88d00
5a255 3068 PERGAMON TEXTS IN INORGANIC CllEFtISTF.Y, VOL.~6 REF The Chemistry of QD ,.,., , 151 Sn CARBONo 1973 ' CHEMISTRY AZ. L. II. Green and P. Powell Chapters 13 and 14 o( / .- Comprchensive Inorgani: Chemistry , J ~ PERGAA'ION PRESS A. K. Holllday, G;:lRughcs and S. Rl. Wal{:er ORGANOM ETALLIC OXFORD SYDNEY %y 72 /' . A C. Bailar, . NEW YORK . TORONTO . PARIS . BRAUNSCfIWEiG -~. /,/ Y 7j Jr. 11 li .S ~'+i il"r . .-, i• ; , :
Page 579: hfb88d00
Page 580: hfb88d00
50255 3081 ~I`at,hc:; l ,~;tfc 's:e tte~+ Cia1r[i ~:. Ilanclbrx,L• of electronic en"itieering. Gettorul edilors: I,. E. C. lIn:ltc:; (;und, I'. 11'. Ilollancl. With ft fornr;orcl hv 1'et•cy Dun<lreul:. ta;l ccl., t•e.'. ancl resett Cleveland, C;;~; ]'r(•Ps tiirG7t l:,a' 1,. ll:us. ]:1 cm. ( luternat!uasi sc!rti;ific t;.ricti) Fir~t-:{d 1-:L t,uhli:l:eY In I nnQ~a 1.`r:)S-l!w3: r:Mter titlr- ;'t:;-'rin ]t:c~u,!~s L;b1ir; rnphSe;. l. }:h:troui~s-IIan4l,ouR-, u:Anl.'ria, e;c. t. t3oPr,ncl, l't.r 1 «-r.1tr•r. j"lot t:utlsor. tt. Title. '1'1:782,5.TIS 1qE7b ' ~ ~ 621.381 i .~- : Ltbrury of t'oc,_;rL-ss ,GUr3: G ~ -Si-l4
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50255 3083 IX RP -7g S,P, 2 EXPOSURE OF DRIVERS TO CARBON MONOXIDE by A J Hickman andflt R.1iughel~, . Any vievn expressed in this Report are not necessarily those of the Department of the Environment or of the Department of Transport Envirormrnt Divisiun Transport Systems Department Transport and Road Rescarch Laboratory , Crowthorn.:, Beikshire 1978 T/~ ISSN 0305-1293 TRANSPORT and ROAD -• RESEARCH LABORATORY ~ ~~•L~'•~ C Department of the Environment Department of Transport /S- TRRL LABORATORY RFPORT 798
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50255 3086 COOKBOOKS/ ,71STpHu COLD ]®ISI-Ir.N S for ALL SEASONS 1971 ll r ! ll b .~ .- A co cct~oa o rcc~pes rom soup to s} a ub by Charmian and SpjkeHuRhesra, WARD LOCK LLNifl'F:D - LONDON , U'l
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-,.,,.,.,~, ..~~~oul',trc tctSNUNSE/ _ :oi. se, V: i: ~g's~ T . s'J- 90 _ 50255 3074 EFFECT OF AMOUNT OF VERBA ANCHORING AND . NUMBER OF RATING-SCALE CATEGORIES 81 V Be 4[ UPON TRANSA'IITTED INFORMATION A. W. BENDIG AND y. II, HLTGfiFS II` Uuionrity of Piusbicrth The conceptual syntax of Shannon's information theory (6) has stimulated neR• mathematical analyses of old psy- chological problems. Recently Gar- ner and Hake (2) have extended the application of information theory to judgmental rating scales. Their anal- ysis suggests that an informational approach to the problems in construct- ing and refining rating scales may offer advantages over the more traditional psychometric methods of assessing the reliability and validity of such scales. The present study was concerned with the application of information theory to the construction of scales measuring self-ratings. Two studies have reported some 5ndings on the functional relationship of number of response categories and transmitted information. Hake and Garner (4) found that the absolute amount of information transmitted by observers' ratings of the pointer on an instrument dial rose appreciably when the number of response categories was increased from 5ve to ten, but in- creased only slightly for any increases above ten. Pollack (5) reports that the transmitted information of encoded messages increased concomitantly with increases in the number of response alternatives. However, little infor- mation as to experimental procedure :a
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50255 3089 XXII MeB -18 SOtlRCE ASSESSt•lENT: :-~ S.p. 9 POLYVIi4YL CHLORIDE by Z. S. Khan and ~°}1ughe+~ Monsanto Researcii'Co`rnora`tion Dayton, Ohio 45407 Contract No. 68-02-1874 Project Officer EPA-600/2-7 C-00Yi Ronald J. Turner M aY 1978 Industrial Pollution Control Division Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory Cincinnati, Ohio 45263 INDUSTRIAL ENVIROMMENTAL RESEARCH LABORATORY OFFICE OF RESEARCH AND,DEVELOPM-ENT U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL F'ROTECTI0N AGENCY CINCINNATI, OHIO 45268 .~ ~~
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50255 3075 r-,,ffect of blood trailsfasion on the carbon mo:ioxise transfer factor of the tung in man IX Re2-79 S.P. ~ Clinical Scicnce and Afolcndar Slrdici,rc (1 I7F) 54, 6? 7-631 ELIZABETH H. CLARK*, R. L. 1VOODS AND (;VK4t'N~ 1~ A!L~# s I Defarrment oJ.i fediclne, Royal Posrgraduate .Sledirat Schoot, Nammersmilh llospilat, Lon.4on (Receiced 5 October 1977; accePted 9 Jarurary 1978) Summary I, Ten studies were performed on nine patients with hactnatological disorders but with normal lungs, who required intermittent blood transfusions. The transfer Gictor for carbon monoxide and ..c v~ ~ l:~. a l.. .. ,.!..., 4atdn~ l'7iiJCili Y:. ...u ..: o ... ..... (Kc,) wrrc mcaisured wah the sinble brcath tcahniquc bcfurc und a: va:ious intervals aftcr transfusum. , .- / ~ • `t. '11r~ illcvtt r hl~:noClobin(~ cdr~ccn~t`ation incrcast-d fi um 7• 7 to 11 • I;,%/dl. Introduction The measurement of the transfer factor of the h!n.- for carbon monoxide providesvaluablc infortnation on the state of the lungs in disease. The dcpendence of this index on hacmo;lobin conccntration has b,en den1onctrTtF(j nrevioucly in paticnts with chronic anacmia (Guleria, Pandc, i\tarl:osc, Gupta & Jain, 1971; Dinakara, Blumenthal, Johnston, Kauffman & Solnick, 1970) a nd polycythaeinia (ficrbcrt, Weill, Stuckey, Urncr, Gonzales & Ziskand, 1965; 13ur-gess & Itishop, 1963).
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50255 30.96 FOOD--ANTIMICROBIBL PRT:S"RVATIVES/FOOD--BACTF.IZIOLOGY/I3ACTFRIOLOGY, I97D'JSTRAIL/ MICROBIOLOGY,It3DUSTRAIL/STBRILIZATI/O'`f(Chemical, radiation, gases, freeze-drying, hydrostatic pressure, etc. )/ TIIi:Q/OCILTY FOR APPLIED BACTERIOLOGY ~ SYMPOSIUM SERIES NO. 5 QR 115 Sk 1976 ENH.~BI~~ON AND INAC1VAr.['IOI. r OF VEGETATIVE: MICROBES' Edircd by F. A. SKINNER AND h iAIJDO"1 .11V YO1:K . SAN FRANMCO A Sub.Fidiary of llairoatt 1L.icc Juwanurich, 1'uldi.L•us 0 J w.=ri:~ttUC~t~ ~ ACADEMIC PRESS 1976
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7~r,`- ~rC ,,. ~rt 50255 3082 .......Y..r+...-...._..s....wi....~-srr....._~........r.:_.a...l..w......a.~~-+_A-a.4..r~.-~.._~.... .,.~ _-- -.~_ ~ ~..r1w'ye.l....a.L..,- -~r.... ~ RJR Ci.ASS NO. Pl,"i'1iL':T 71 X I3h hha •rt, B.; i::_h1, A.; Rao, P. , Rana, I•S. 1d. ;}IuP,taes,; i-I. J. (St:. Louis L'niv. :ied. Sch. , Dep. Fhysiol. , St. Lo:::s, Mo. , U. S.) EFii:CT U~ CIG:. CTT1: S:•:U::!: OV TI:E CA?:1)IUl'ASCLZf,R SYSTC`i IN IX1GS. Proc. Soc. ?,Ied. 137 (::o. 3) 969-72 (1971) (in L'r.glish) . y~ ! ci ~ ~ i i i; J
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'50255 3092 GLYCULS.((Ux1l;11Y) * ~1oG.+~ f~e f~,i.++~ 8~. 33~- 3 9 (19 p 1 73 X Re -81 THE TOLERANCE OF RABBIT CORNEA FOR S, p; 1 VARIOUS CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES* °~.~ - R a W, I ~ L .. In the course of the studies reported in the preceding papers a great number of substances were injected into the corneas of rabbits and the resulting reactions observed. These experiments were performed, in part, as controls for a wide variety of special studies, in part as a pre- liminary survey of the general toxicology of the corneal tissue. The results are compiled in the table below. Unless otherwise noted, 0.1 ml. of the solution of test substance was injected intracorneally, using a025-27 gauge needle and tuberculin syringe. Occasionally the anterior chamber was entered accidently, in some cases resulting in a persistent edematous bulging of the cornea hi `" h ld fi d h f w c cou be identi ed inically and t alse positive corneal e reaction discarded. The exact quantity injected within limits of 0.05 cc.-0.2 cc. was of less importance than the concentration of the ' injected material. Secondary infection was uncommon. Accidental _ injection of air into the cornea did not increase the severity of the 1 V s U ~ ~ l7 ~
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RT:LATYO:FS/ LI'.IlOR F.ELATIOI:S/PEI;SU?iCF::L--`,A.,yAGI:11I:1.T/ W1'11~~~` ep-?~ a/ . 50255 3063 ~ or ~ 61~ U ~re C S ~ ; ~ . The I3rewers Digest-Aug.1973 48 (8) 32-40 6y Vincent S. Flow•ers t'f~7PfLrl~+L:~ft€~j?#;b~"`r' cind Texas Instruments Inc., Houston, Texas. Of ttro people iii iclcwical joUs, olie Itra.y opt to becolne rr trtrttovcr strrtistic; the otlter inury colttirtuc as rr clissatisftccl cmplo-yce. I;'lt3-? Thc Joflou-inF articlc is rry,rinfcd tcitlt lie:missiou jront thr Jut.•-Arigusl, 1973, issuc of liar.•rrJ Ytt-inc.,a t~c.'iet,, I oluruc il, :\s.rttGrr 4. Cntwriqlet O 1973 by tlac l'rc+idrnl nrut Frllous uf 1:arrnrd L.uilrgr, CnrrtLridgr, dlnAs. -r ,~. it ~I •-1 i,l t 1 4I li i kt i' I, - .~ . - ......t..~. cc stays on a payroll is mean;nLA:.,; the company must also kctcnv tis•k:• tt: stays there. We shall show, in fact, that some carelessly conc:iv_:i mcthods of maintaining a low turn- over rate can be detrimcntal to the financial health of a co:,lpany and the mental health of its employces. To get a more integrated vicw of work-force stability, we mounted a study to investigatc the motivations to stay and proper ways to encour- age it. (The study is described at the top of the opposite paee.) This is the picture that has emerged. Tf'hy do etn ployees stay? The brief answcr is "incrtia." Etnp 1o~•ecs tcn;l -- -------- - --- - -- --- I
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0 0 oi ~~~ 9 , Hu 1967 50255 3091 SCIIAUA1'S OUTLINE OF nT AND PR®Ug.L. IMS OF D II-I'IaTAIMCS EY WILLIAM F. HUGHES, Ph.D. ' ProJessor of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Carnegie Institute of Technology AAID JOHN A. BRIGHTON, Ph.D. Assistant Professor oJ Mechanical Engineering Penruylvania State University SCHAUNff PUBLISHING CO. 257 Park Avenue South, New York 10010 a
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iJ G/ CONFJ:llI:N'1'Ii'1L 50255 3099 IX Re2-79 in Internat: Arch. This paper has bcen subrnit-fi.ed for publication. Occup. & Environ. Health S.p. . 'I'IIE EI'1'h'C'i' OF CAI:L'ON MONO:{I DF. EXPOSURE ON A1ORI'IiOLOGY OF LUNGS AND PULiiONARY ARTERIES IN RABBITS. ,., . .. By [s~ ty#a.= •K'~7 4~46sbr:'a~ ~4 d~~~•X4 .~ DepIC. of Clinical Chemistry CL Rigshospitalet Blegdainsvej 9 DK-2100 Copenhagen This work was sQiFPAWE~by Forschungsgellschaft Rauchen und Gesundh;iit, Hamburg, West Germany t~ Runn~ n~u title: Carb?n Tnonohide and rabbit lunc~g t~ u t: i u u I
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50255 3087 a RJR CLASS NO. TEX1R001< Ref. C~ 151--Wh .l~qhE~sT: ~ (ed. ); Fraser,H. (ed. ); Whei.ptan,T.M, (ed. ); Fsarnett,H.E, (ed.); Barclay,B.A. (ed.); WHLI' S WH(.l IN CANADA, 197i -7:_'; 1973-74; 1975•-76; 1977-78; 1980-81 ; 1982--03. International Press Ltd..'Torontn, Ont., (;an<3da, ().i`! : ENG,. ) tSN = 6276 C, Cj / 0 9 U --------- - ---------- ----- ~
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50255 3093 RESEARCH, INDUSTRIAL/MANAGE*fE:JT--PY.ANNING/ T 175 Hu 1974 /.:, . R&D ).V~'PRODUCT1VOTY 1974, HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANV Study Report Selected R&D organizations in industry, government, and education participated in a study to investigate ways of improving R&D pro- ductivity and to explore the feasibility of evaluating R&D produc- tivity. The ideas expressed in this study report retlect a consensus of the study participants and the authors researched in the liturature; they are not meant to reflect the official policies or practices of Hughes Aircraft Company or any other specific organization parti- cipating in the study:) ~. :. . ~ :. . 7 f r ;~,..+.. _
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(Conf iden tial) ~hi~ paper has been submitted for publication, VI Re9-79 Internat: Arch. Occup. & Environ. Health S.P. EFFECT ON RABBIT LUNG OF EXPOSURE TO 43 np;n NITRIC OXIDE A11D 3.6 ppm NITROGEN DIOXIDE. A light- and electron microscopic study. by 50255 Car••Zm-Augodw Dept. of Clinical Chemistry Rigshospitalet, Blegdamsvej 9 DK-2loo Copenhagen, Denmark. Running tit].e: Effect of NO and NO, on rabbit lung. Supported by a grant from Commission of the European Communities, Environmental Research CJ~ragr~armie, e^Coi)tracends p31}-74-1 ENV DK. 3102 1 6 a
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50255 3108 ubNTILr1TORY T-UNUtUN 114 HEALTtiY NON-SMOKERS MD SMpKERS Seard. Jour. Resr. . L ;.•_5; ( ~.5~,~'~ °- •:) +1 lJ I :I i1 u I +N !
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. Z. "a'I'.'~. Cii7?'. ;~ ]C~-1l. 50255 3094 Zc;itrnhrift. fur J.'bysil:nti•scho Ca^tnit! Neue Fo'ge., L;c. 79, S. 107-f J 1 (1 S72) ~ii.(;c)1aItisI011s t1Cr co-{v'lieIIllSorjl; ioit. - aiuM atin-~i~xl;a.talys«tor ' . . • l~iit 3 lzbbilduagen (EingcgAngeri 8rn 3. Ffs`bruar 1972) UDie Abllan~it;ltieit des Bc:iecktlnZe;racies 0 euics an ciner )x g- tn,lysat•oroberflache adsorbierten Cuue.s -rorn x'a.rl;iz7dlucl: p die5::; Gases l`af3t sich IniL der LaIIUI:.~Tir-Aasorpi•io_isisotLc;rTre~i iT~ del~):;~, l rlur- fiir die einfacllc Adsorl?tiolr (Plysisorption) tIn,feLen. Fol;;Ca: dem crst.(:n 1S,dsorp;.ionsscllritf. ciner Gasmc)'ckcl ~i.:•.itcre r.ungen an der Uberfiai.che oder i~ilden sieh ech,c; cleluisc',e L'iTld€c-;~ der Gasmolcl:el zur Ob::-2:..a:c au3 (lry.L•CIaISOI'}Jtlo:]), :•') L;1t r..... ~~ZI~ ~li]Ulr-~aC::L~.: IIiCITL Il]C~li. - 7 V 1 1 ~ I
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, - ---r. r I Resyir Dis (1981) 62 147-14Q 50255 3107 78 XI Ad1-81 Smoking and lung cancer - now S.P. By: ~~hQ 9 It is generally accepted that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer although there a; few dissidents (3). Smoking should continue for 10 years at least and probably longer befe the mortality from lung cancer exceeqs that for non-smokers. On stopping smoking t relative risk declines but still 15 years after stopping, the mortality in ex-smokers is about double the rate in life-long non-smokers (4). The report by Nbu & Hillerdal in this issue provides further confirmation of •' importance of smoking in the aetiology of lung cancer and gives occasion to examine '• relations between smoking and lung cancer in the light of recent knowledge a suggestions. The special feature ofthe survey by N8u & Hillerdal lies in the comprehensi ness of their patient series, which comprises all cases of bronchial carcinoma diagnosL during 5 years in a defined population. Moreover, all the cases were histologica. y c. cytologically confirmed and the autopsy rate was as high as 95%. Out of the 212 in,.v included, 96% were smokers, the corresponding figure for the 61 women being 34 %. In t f patients aged 30 to 64 years - to allow for the age ofthe control population - the percentaf e were 93 °b and 71 °b, which were significantly higher than those in the controls (67 %and 26% I
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3098 IX Re2-79 S.P. ~ EFFECT OF C:.?~U.I :~10\(~:iIUF i:~I`O~L;IIE ON :1UR'CIC AND 'COP.O\:1R i' I\TIM:1L MO: PiIOT,OGY Iti T:?E R:11,T1T :t.'!tro::.'crosic 30 (1?iS} 53~-3:2 A I:cl::u: t1Ui: LtJ. ~:'`ii,0 L.N. N:~~J::IKS', i:. KJZLDSE::t, If. :i. TIiO'.SSc\t and P. ASTRUP~ !x .W_._ ~ ID.port .r.t rt ojClir.:ccl Chcr:istry. CL l:i~sic prlcl~t, CoF•crl:,,~c,: (L`;r-mcrJ:) cr.d : - Dcp:r:rr:2 :: o; ilur.:c.: Bio:oby cn--* I:eclti:, (Iri::ers:ty.:ty of Surrcy, GlildforJ (Crcot l;'rilcir.) (Rece;ved 24 Zpril, 13:S) • (Accc?tcC :7 ML}•, 105) Xo:1-cholctterot-fed rahbits were expesed to cti•bo:1 monoxide at concentra- tio^s i:, air of citner 200, 2000, or 4000 parts per million (=0.02, 0.2 or vol; vo:). • L'sir•.g the sa-re criteria for in`.i~:1a1 dem; ,e Z.: ,i:1 ea-lier mo=Yl:olo;:c~ stuc!i!s, no histotoxsc cffr•ct on iatirnzl;iubin;itn; l n]cr}>l:olo;y of coro1:o1-), ~:o~:t .^•I:C:O:COp1C e~':Ll1ltlOtl arta:r•cs or tl.e .^•Ur la cou'id 17i: tjC:.lo:lstr:;LCd, when was pcr::,--:,ed bl:nd?y• }Ccy k'o:c's: .lor;c - Ccrbon mor:oxidr - Cororrury crtcrics --Inti~:tc -j*vlurpliolooy - 7 ~) U 1y U. U i i 1t.rrnch:~s ina
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i 50255 3110 ; QAf ) ~ ~ ~i '~ series Editors: t N4 ' ' = Haeit si ttni #.:d 4 10,10 V : .-;- .,.,;• E .=v r.. , --:,' _iT %,_~ (,,C: ~ *. I ~... O'&° %Kz-,Yili Wnn.nAn 41. Nie i ' , . ~~ I c7C. 2 New Procedures and Facilities for Releases 7 and 8 NcGr,v_Hi„ Book Cwmp,ny , r,. ;4 > • r! l l ~1 J ~ j ;;.
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. 50255 3100 t O A tnle.nsUon.1 ~,cnlre. d ._. .-_t n.. C.. ~ Ii....l,M AA S1_~1110901 un~nf.n.v..vt+......,,v............ ~~, . ~.. . ..... t .nd ' ~ I ~ Eitl~f:*«:Z.:I iI:~l::' rr.,...tr: . IX Re3-79 S.P. . Effect of Exposure to 0.5 hpm gydro~;en Cyanide Sin ;ly or Combined with 2C01ip11,i Carbon Monoxide and/or 5 ppm Nitric Oxide on Coronary Arteries, Aorta, Yulmonary Artery, and Lunl;s in tliie Rabuit^ M''r~1`'u`goa7r'A. Dept. Chn. Chcm. CL, RiFshospitalel, Ble€damss,ej 9. DK-2100 Copcnhagcn, ncnmark Suntmary. Exposure of rabbits to 0.5ppm hydrogcn cyanidc alan: or in com- bination with 200 ppm caibon monoxide for one and four wccks or comhinrd exposure to 0.5 ppm hydrogen cynnidc, 200 ppm carbon monOxiLlr, anll 5 ppm nitric oxidc for two weeks did not causc morpholo.gical cllan ;r. in lun;s, pulmonary artcrirs, coronary arteries, or aorta. Thc nccd for sclccti%c toxicity studics with tobacco smokc constituents is stressed. Key words: Hydrogen cyanidc (HCN) - Nitric oxide (NO) - Carbon monoxide (CO) - Histotoxicity/Athcroocnicity - Tobacco smoke-gas phase ! V ~~ 1 i lJ S t j Q 1 i i<j U
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50255 3088 t A - rTECHNiCAL REPORT DATA -- - -- '- - 77 I I Re~O1 Illrur realAYVrnoru on Mr mrnr 3r/arr eomplrfintl S.P. EPA-6_00/2-81-054 L A. 71TLE AND SUETITS.E A Plan To Develop and Implement a Quality Assurance Program for the Ames/Salmonella Test 7. JUTMCR/Sl N. Sexton, L. Myers, and 'T. Htiyhes >,~ , FE/IfO11M/NG OAGANIZA7ION NAME AND ADOAEfE Research Triangle Institute P.O. Box 12194 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 RECI~IENT'i ACCEEStOr.NO. ~ p~a1 1 8 20 6 5 ~f. REFORT OLTF ~_April 1981 Issuino Date. ~E. IERFORMING OROANIZATION COOE ~. FERFORMING OR6AN/ZATION REFOaT NO. I Rl'I No. 43U-1842-06 16. FROGRAM LEMEN N . C9GA1A ON A / AN N . Contract No. 68-02-3226 ~2. EFOMSORING AGENCr' NAME AND ADOREfi 13. T'FE OP REFOIIT AND FERIOD Office of Research and Development (RTP,NC) atth Effects Research Laboratory 1..sroNSORINn AGENCT coDs US Environmental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, NC 277i1 EPA-600/11 This document~discusses a plan to develop and carry out a quality -- assurance program for the Ames/Salmonella test. The Ames test is in one of the 13 categories af, tests ment ned in the Federal Insecticide, alstestocategorieshosen as a model L~ i'`for9tirest:nting a QAn progra Aforll COVEREZ
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50255 _3106 76 1 Ma-78 ~~V.~rl ','~~~~'~y1!I1 ~r~ Marketing Issues of "Idaste" Grown .John X.IkQ.:Huguenirv John D. C. Little Working Paper 837-76 .~..r~ ~~ ~i~ M0,11N . PROGRAM Aquatic Foods1 , 11,/ _/ I Lg C) February 1976 `~( 1 The preparation of this paper has been supported through the NIT. Sea Grant Program by the N.O.A.A. Office of Sea Grant under Grant 04-5-158-1. 2 John E. Iluguenin is an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Aquacultural l:ueineering Laboratory, Idareharn, PfA. John D. C. Little i.s a Professor of Operations Research and idanaFe- went at tlic Sloan School of :;anagcuicnt, r1.I. T. , Carabridge, MA. I U ". : t; no :1 0 .j I 1 ::
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50255 3104 IX Re2-8i s.p. I J ' MYOCARDIAL MORPHOLOGY IN RABBITS EXPOSED TO VARIOUS GAS-PHASE CONSTITUENTS OF TOBACCO SMOKE 6697 MK839 P 181 HUGO C An Ultrastructural Study ATHEROSCLEROSIS ~/-y'Q C /i usia~ Department of Clinical Chemistry CL Rigshospitalet, 9, Blegdamsvej, DK-2100 Copenhagen (Denmark) Rabbits were continuously exposed to 200 ppm carbon monoxide. Using the same criteria as applied by earlier investigators for morphological myocardial damage, no histotoxic effect on myocardial morphology could be demon- strated when electron-microscopic investigations were performed blindly. Simi- larly, exposure to 0.5 ppm. hydrogen cyanide, 0.5 ppm hydrogen cyanide + 200 ppm carbon monoxide, 0.5 ppm hydrogen cyanide + 200 ppm carbon monoxide + 5 ppm nitric oxide and to 50 ppm carbonyl sulphide for 1-7 weeks had no significant effect on myocardial ultrastructure. I 7 i> >1 1 .iI
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RJR CLASS N0. TEXTBOOK HD 69 Hu 1982 Ziu:74Awt#9bCi.RAb(ed. ); Bailey,V. (ed. ); MAKING POLLUTION PREVENTION PAY c ECOLOGY WITH ECONOMY AS P(]L.TCY. Papers presented at a ssyMpo<.siuM held in Winston-Saler1, N,C. Ma y 26-27, 1982 PergaMon Press.New York, NY.B2,(IN : L:NC.) , ISN = 7073 0 3 cl 0 0 0 0 'l 12 2
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vrj!D Cl H ' 8 V'.Ni 1 ,7 "J A8 031103 t~ T130 1VISO13iV\I ayz Jo NOIIOflalS2a ~/Lyqf OJ8 Alhl I ICI!!KII I ;, f ~~ db ~oV~~ ~ - ~~ ; /~ n~~ 1© ~~ 96, -rr f N' W7~ON 01 7jf. /Ya~i.d S?,~
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50255 3103 7P X Rel-79 S.P.. • • RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLF.T 78 X-Rel-79 s.p, Kamstrup, 0.;44Fff1AWC'T; Larsen, E. - (Rigshospitalet, Dep. Clin. Chem., Denmark; Riso Nat. Lab., Chem. Dep., Roskilde, Denmark) ' , LOW CONCENTRATIQNS OF CARBONYL SULPHIDE IN AIR MEASURED BY T13REE ANALYTICAL METHODS. ~ ' Beitrage Tabakforschung, confidential manuscript submitted for publication (1979) (in English) Title should better read: Comparison of three different analytical methods for determing carbonyl sulfide in air and in main stream and side Stream cigarette smoke.' *Keywords:* carbonyl sulfide, smoke, side stream, constituent: carbonyl sulfide, smoke, main stream, constituent. Three methods are described for measuring carbonyl~ ~ ss a ) 1-120 : m ppm sulphide at low concentration levels ( ispectrometry, gas chromatography with an electron cap- ;
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, RJR CLASS NO. Tk:YTEs00K QH 465 Un 1-9a~~ Waters,. A,;Sandhu,S. S.;Ffitiitingh-f-J,~.;Claxton,L,;Nesnaw,S.; SHORT-TERM BIOASSAYS IN THE ANALYSIS OF COMPLEX rNVIRONMENTAL MIXTURES II (PROCEEUINL;S). NTIS (Order No. PB8?--2;3:3172) U.S. EnvironMental Protection Agency.Research Triangle Park, NC.Mar.. ISN = 5617 43 n 0 n c1 0 J 1 a-4 1
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50255 3121 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK G!A 76 Ni It?75 Nie,N.H.;flv1-1:,WH:;Jenkins,J.G.;Steinurenner,K.;lCient,A.H.; STATISTICAL PACKAGE FOR THE SOCIAL SCICNCES. 12 c. McGraw-Hill Book Co..New York, NY.75.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 5263 0~0 0 n 0 U i 1 :; 0
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;0255 3116 ~1 ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENYIRONMt:NTAL SwFFTY 4, )y)_403 ((9BOJ ~ I II Me9-81 9' - The International Register of Potentially ` S.P. Toxic Chemicals IRPTC) . International Register ojPotentially Toxic Chemicals/United Natiuns Enrirunmrnt Programme. World Health Organization. Genrva. Switztrland Received March 2S• 1980 . 1. INTRODUCTION The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, held in Stockholm in 1972, recommended that plans be developed for an International Registry of Data • on Chemicals in the Environment (1). The idea of a register of toxic chemicals to be established under the auspices of the United Nations originated with the suggestion for an International Register of Chemical Compounds, made by the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) of the International Council of Scientific Unions to the second session of the Preparatory Committee for the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in 1971. 0 3 n r7 na o f 1 2 5 0
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50255 3105 (J / ~.E(cc, II I At1~- 6~ S.P. 2 . . e 11ll . ; F_ ~ ~ ~ ~ •ti~l:•,~G(`11 t~r• O Pierre 1 1,~.(' ~/',~~~.,, Ca11b~Jil.rLV J•:'• LV.. ELI:.\al~ii:tJJ / • ~~rt~l~n~' ~ ?~~.+ q''~i~fir~c~~` J~u CJ~UJ~lYrV4 k1.f!-~CAV par RIGnuD(1,2), Otto STfIGI.tt(I). ct Daniel HUGUENiN(1) /.B": blzf5tc Atmosphcric ib:orptim; in ti c nrnr nnd lnidJlc .iiv t( t:ltitudrs ntlefnrd bY rri,- 1'ictrr; Stri,cr, Otto; liu~ucnin, 1/.u:i•I ^((1!',. Cc:ic~c~ ~~nvtrtny, S,tiU.l. Ann C19I3, al(fl. 4i ± GI (Fl). Met~• u+:i.!c u\er Ad,,::r, fr.,n:,•. st : Lj-:c. ) n: r.l i;u,il. \!ra<wcminls ~tr.dr en 3 s!~r> u„rttin;; i:. th;• uv r;r;i:r ~: rr u>td tu dct. the 0, ec•: n. 'I h- t'uci : e>: rr,'.n. o( the V~ •! n,tt J u Lnc ,r lrl.~tian tu tltiludc. Tl.r Ot cun.t. nt 1.a5 x 10^• tnnl/i w'. Thc r•iix,•d ,u!,!r,l Uom b X 10 •~ to 12 X 10 i in N+e rlUlt!t!t ia:tP.rct• In,u, 3:1 i ta :, 1.. 1!. JocC> u r~ F.!'•11Mr, -- P:s »::s'rr~s ~l:orv»,crri,;u,s sr.l!,rir<s orr p.n::is +i'~ ruJicr 1 abu ;1,tion srralosplt,ii.~uc crttrc 3?,S et 3S Lm d'c!lifudc I
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0 ~ O ~ !1 n TD 897 ,v Mo ,°n 1978 WATER--POLLUTION/PESTICIDES--ENVIOR,N",MENTAL FACTORS/POLLUTION CONTROL/ • E PA-G00/2-78-OU4n . v ?N1', r'•'t ~ ( , T~GE+Nf.Z f ~/ ~ ~ -~ ~ ~ d.TI1LEANOSUUiITLESOUrCe A$~ie.g$Inf~Tlt :g$Inf~Tlt: Prioritization of '•f/Ef'G` Stationary Water Pollution Sources _ Jiily 1978 6. PERFOf1MING ORGANIZATION CODE ). AUTHORISt R. II. Rc. ~znil; , }s ~, C. I;•ir,iutis L. D ~ ~ ,J ~,le . ,~, R. B. PERFOHMING ORGANIZATION RLPORT NC ~, rcher,J, C, Ocl6sncr, W, R, ]'.ZcCurley , and~~`Xt"~~ .• ~ MRC-DA-710 9. PEFIFORtdING OROANIZATION NAME ANU ADOHELS Monsanto Research Corporation 10. PHOGHAM E Lt'MENT NO. 1AB015; ROAP 2}1~XM-071 1515 Nicholas Road 11. CUNTPtACI/GF F.NT NO. Dayton, Ohio 45407 68-02-1874 1?. SPONSORING AGENCY NAME AND ADORESS 13. TYPE OF lE PJRT AND PERIOD COVEREE EPA, Office of Research and Development Task ru~:t_1• 8/76-11/77 _ - 1--`------' Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory 14• SPOtiSORING AGENCY CODE Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 EPA/600/13 15. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES IERL-RTP task officer is Dale A. Denny, Mail Drop 62, 919/541- 2547. Similar previous reports are in EPA-C00/2-76-032 and -77-107 series. 16. ABSTRACT The report gives priority lists to aid in selecting specific sources of .,iofnr offlisc~ni c fnt• r)n4ailnri ~Senacm~nt 7f rlr,crri; A t1 • t l ~ i ~ 1n ~Pnat n wn Pr nrinr ~ti7a,t,3n' t3 ,~ ' , ('j ~ i ~ 0 / C:9 ~
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50255 3114 _ MUTAGENICITY/SMOKING AND HEALTH/TOBACCO--SMOKE--TAR/ CARCINOGENS/AIR--POLLUTION--ANALYSIS/l4ATER--POLLUTION--MEASUREMENT/ ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING/ BIOASSAY/ QH Environmental Science Research Volume 15 ' 4En 1978 Application of Short-Term Bioassays in the Fractionation - and Analysis of Complex d 3 (~ Environmental Mixtures Edited by Michael D. Waters, Stephen Nesnow, :~ldiffngk;.Shahbeg S. Sandhu, s,joeJ" i:; and Larry Claxton U.S. EncironmcntnlProtrctiun Aecncs, ~ R=,arcU rionale pq k, lt'ufrh fprohna
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0 TD I. REPORi NO. ~ 380 E PA-bo0/11-76-049 mo f. TITLE AND SU3TITLE 1976 HANn:300K FOR SAMPLING AND SArIPLE PRESERVATION e '_~ OFrtdATER AND vWASTEIJATER . AUT1-lOR(S) J. H. Moser K. R. Huibregtse PERFORMING ORG 1NIZATION NAM[ ANO ADURESS rEnvirex, Inc., A Rexnord Company Environmental Sciences Division 5103 West IIeloit Road Milwaukee, WI 53201 _. SPONSOa1NG AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratory Office of Research and Development KU.S.Environmental Protection Agency Cincinnsti, 011 45268 . SUPPLEMENTAF1Y NOTES . ALfSTRACT 0 i1 50255 3109 3. RECIPIENT'S ACCESSIOvNO. PB-259 946 5. REPORT DATE September 1976 (issuinq 6.PERFORMING ORGANIZATION COE a. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION FtEF 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. 1ND 621 11. CONTRACT/GRANT NO. I Contrac t Wo. 63-0 3-207_` 13. TYPE OF REPORT .>ND PERIOD C Contract - 6/28/74 to 6/J 14. SPONSORING AGENCY CODE EPA-ORD ,,r.,prn ~„ wa,--initiated _with the overall objective of providin;
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R JI: CLASS Nq. TEXTBOOK QA 76 Ni '50255 3120 ~ull..iCz~ki~ (ed. ) ; Nie,N. H. (ed. ); SPSS UPDATE 7-9 : NEW PROCEDURES AND FACILITIES FOR RELEASES 7-5' . i9'l9 - 10 c.; 1981 - 7 c. McGraw - Hill Book Co..New York, N, Y.. ISN = 3579 0 3 a 0 0 0 0! 12 9
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50255 3101 In1. Arch. (lccup. I.nvnron. Itcakth 4?, 1"1 1~,7~J~1j9)- (k t11(rull~>alnl ~ Effect of Exposure to 43 ppm Nitric Oxide and ' VI Re9-79 3.6 ppm Nitro~e~i Dioxide on Rabbit Lu)ib/; r. S.P. % , A Light and Electron Microscopic Studl .l~'%)`%~ ~(\,,1 Department of Clinical Ch¢mi.try, Rigcho,pitnlct, Btegdjmcvej 9, DK-2100 Copcnhagen. Denmatk . Summary. Continuous exposure of rabbits to 43 ppm nitric oxide and 3.6 ppm nittogen dioxide for 6 days did not cause morphological changes in the lungs when compared to specimens front nonexposed rabbits. This is nut in accord,ince with previously reported findings. Key words: Nitric oxide (NO) - Nitrogen dioxidc (N02) - Rabbit lung -- Ilisto- toxicity - Artefacts A1lhoug)t nitric oxide (NO) occurs in concentrations up to 1000 ppm in tobacco smoke, it has mainly attracted toxi.olo&al interest because of its role as 'primary oollutant' in the fonnation of photucl:emical smoz. In a recent revort. resuits from a I
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; '' ":' • t l_, i Q 't . , . •as;.'S' rj :,f[l •{tt l1.`.lnlUJ 10 ~. ~:ui: (t.lla:ai: U 1S;;O •Oillj"•1; i iU r cllt • ' . ;, > ' t ~ f . t . . t . ~.. ;. . f~CJ1 k (C:,L[JUli:1l ~IU ~.•it~',ij ti:Jtjr.!J (la'l•I't:tl litijl[t i i'.3tIl1QJ is?.I1'J~'~.I Ji'.tiJl)C~' • Tr~ t I EZIE SSZOS
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.50255 3124 y ' 3 !i o t} L,& wai ace, ri'a'ttc r, 1;,0':- Ac?ranc•crl ana]ytirtl chcn;istry. by 11'z?tcr 1Va;.;±:c., C'•-r- enco .1. 1 tu1l, cinul Gerald J:. :Marlac. New 1"ori:, Puf,. Cerp.,19:,0. ; 26".1p. f11us. 2-1 cin, I i 1. Chemistry, Analytic. QD75.W25 0 593 T,tbrcrs of ConSre.zs t'3I •S
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50255 3132 3c:0 rzt! =.z ...:i:i.t~J.. i'. ,....~ ..1:~~. i n (;.a ) ) 11 t"d
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50255 -3127 1 _` HuJ~; ~'o~+ri E. CManuFac~u~z a~g Cheln:i0 tsr ~ Asso~iati.,on; Lrc, y Was h~,c~g.~on} ©. Retir~d) C, ~ ~ ~ CNEMILAl. TRADE WZTK RWSiA. 1 May .44 15S'q :12 p;. YI3n~f8eft~r.i~, Ghemi.gtS~ fl55oci9~iD:n~ Tr~c, Wa;nhl%ton 9 3 A. C .
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; ~ C.~ ro n . . S0255 3112 ~ •-- "' ~ ~ f? ~ 3 // >3? W ~ ? w LL -LU O u S / . hORME FRANCAlSE -" J . • HUILES ESSENTIELI.S e FIOfJIOLOGUEE ~ HUILE ESS EtJT1ELLE DE ROMARIN , ~C +scnG l 77 ~ •'- ilX-'.' La pressente norme c: 1971 ,cllcrile cssentic•I/e . nOrmes Iranraises. a oils. co ccln 3r) V~"cnfi (A,~n~r) al oi/.J fra'rcc• A` ocialic.n F, ,ncaisc dc Nunnalisation !'renrr,Sr~n,Llyd ~t t75 ~t~ ipp• (1973) /pr/ lhis il:Ir,Jnr~1 fu: tcscniary ~s ,:,IiOns [Onnfri 5 scnti:,t nil fro ` NF N '° 5-214 ' ~ Aout 197.~ ~ 11Z9 coscrs Ii1c fot!naing a.pcas,m ic1:11/it of il1c drnsit~ Iltic i!r t n; i catancc: cn!our, aroma; rnixil,iGt) aith AOS; ot 9 tr,GC:,I rolatiun; v~!ur est; r s. !uc a/r; (° ethanol; acid s.;duc; czter iation ISO/H 1342 - Juillet anal}'ti 11 nt •1t1a1s r'rcct)I; ti/ t~Irn~ling; fation ct les ittcrences LUX ckaZinFy' NU1 ) ;md l ~ , Y ahcliingv o n 0 0 7 1 2 1 ?I 1. OBJET ,~ .
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\ 1 so=ss » 2s J 4 cz FNRIWBP~ 'c V tV,4 ///.T"e A" ~~~..m 0 F a~ t. a~ ~6~C~~-~,,.~~'~~t_~ porary Methods Walter Wagner and Elasence J.'Hvft ` " Univeni:y ol Cruoil /ndwno S•orc Univea,ty peboil, Mich;pon lcrrc Noctc, Indiono MARCEL DEKKER. INC. NEW YORK 1971 0 3 0 0 (i 0 0/ 1 34
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, . L 50255 3122 a PSYCHOLOGICAL T10NOC:RAPHS, Vol. 33, No. 3, whole No. 150/ SMOKING AND HE;;T.TN/TORACCO--Sr+01:INR--TIEALTH EFFECT/TOBACCO--SMOKIN(:--HEART, EFFECT ON/TORACCO--Sri0KI1•:(b--PHYSICAL PERFORAVINCE--EFFECTSr TS RJR CLASS 1:0. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 liu 1924 2240 ~tt7l~ij ~(~. tE, ~. Hu (Univ. Ulisc., :iadison, ldisc., U. S.) 1924 THE INFLUENCE OF TOBACCO SM01:ING ON 1fENTAL AND ;fOTOR EFFICIENCY. AN EXPERIMENTAL INVESTICATION. Greenwood Press Publishers, ldestport, Conn., 159 p. (1924) (in English) Reprint of 1924 book, _ . I/I.n a Jfinat rccic%v ~ of thc .aiious cflccts of t~~b:~cco'cn~mr ratcdyI , above, it N~~i11 be notcd that only thrcc of tllc 12 fonns of hc ha~ ior ! . ~ t. k 11 n f 1. .r o of ~ .mg. ~ ~ui%•cstio.itcd re%c•al an unnusta a~ c~n ucncc osm~ ihcsc (pulse, lrc•nior) are essentially ph~•sioloFic:~l: Tlie intcrest tof the prescnt in.•csti~ation, on thc othrr hand, is primaril~• in the (more strictly ps}'chological processes. Of thcsc, only one (addi- tion) .hows an umunistakablc effect. Several othcrs show cfrccts +a•ith a fair dc•-nc of rcliability, howcvcr, and arc cntitlcd to con- ~ sidcralion. Probably tlic two most significant tcsts of this intcl- I lectual group as rcvraling the innncncc of snnoking on nuntal ~ efficicnc7•,~rc cun~rlcx mcntal acl~tition and rotc lc_rnint; --' •, 0 r , tI 0 / I i I
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50255 3118 ~ 09 f1 C~l EFPEC3'S ON 5liGAAS aF- S7F.f4T3INC OP MF'AT-M SoYCiF',AN xiAFCLS A.S Tht P]R91' PWCVSa fO[: , FR£PRRtt++G So`: 514UCEf by S;.tt°f.::-tra ~,.. C~c t.. if: !.
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50255 3117 rt ~~v 'S \ ` J~ Immobilizatiun uf ~lucl)se isomcrase to XXI Me-79 Ion-I:xclianbe Materials / ~1sq -0) S.P. ~T:`HUITROARhnd J, LIMON-LASON, Departamento de 7 ~ lJiotecnologiu, Inslituto de• Ltvestiguc•ivnes Riorncdicas, UNAM,_~ ~ A.!'. 70228, Afexico 20, D.F., Afexico. Sumrnary Glucose isomcrase (o-xylose ketol-isomerase EC from ttacillus coagulans was parti:dly purified and imrnobiliicd by adsorption to anion exchangers. The highest activities were obtained when the enzyme was adsorbed to DGAT•,-cclluluse. On immobiliz:+tiun to DEAIi-ceIlulo5c the measured optimum pH value for enzyme activity shifted from 7.2 to 6.8. There was no appreciable difference bctwcen the heat stabilities of soluble and immobilized enzyme. The K. ,,, values for the im- mobilized enzyme were found to be 0.25.41 in the presence of O.Olhf Atg'• and 0.1931 with 0.005.1f A1gr•, while those for the soluble enzyme were 0.11 and 0.17.Sf. re- spectively. Under conditions of continuous isomerization of o-glucose, a decrease of activity with time was observcd, but this decrease was less at a low N1gr• concentration and was affcctcd by column geometry. There were no appreciable diffusiunal limitation effects in pacl.ed-bed columns. ~~0) 0n' 0 0 1 1 ?_ ;,
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50255 3135 Fruits aL d theirProducts FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY .A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS - ,• r.... • ,. .-~-- ' • &iitcd by .. VOLUME 1 I 1070 _ A.R.C• Food Rescara'i Institute, Norwich, England AOADEAITC PRE-SS London and New York t1 .; f's i~ s i ~; i. r1 4 i-i .. -„ . FRi?IT--CH`EAtICAL COMSITION/F RUIT--RIPEN ING/
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50255 3130 ,~~..~v l~s;:~tt~rntsnt~ €Jt,. Au rL,:o 0, :'rler, i.reureace : 7'lie 3.'r:i•:• tiri:!cip1c. 11c T.lurer.ce .T. 1'ct~r & T:a;nsoa'I I1tt1'.. \ew Yorh, 1V. .lio:•row, litt;D. 4.'J5 t ~ 1. afanr.gcuur.t-AneM'ntcs, f: cetiar, sr,tirr, etc. t, JI+i11, I..,j}•- n1ond. 1J1:+- Joint cuti:or. u. Title. PNC, .',.1. Nt31'4 1:)v(l) Libr:ry of Congr~-rs .; v Gi,S'.00?'U i GIR--:Iiol P; bfAt:Q
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.,.:z-r :. ~ 50255. 3111 I:.HUET _ _~ ......_.._._.__~.. _....y ~~huile essentiell(fdn-henthe au~ BresK ESSENTIAL OIL OF M-ENTH11 ARVENSI$ OF BRAZIL. FRUITS 27 (6) (1972) 469-472 bout A bout, et on recouvrc dc terre. On imp e suivant les besoins. Au Parana, on a simplifid a 1'extreme cctte dernicre mEtltodc. On commence par difrichcr une zone forestie:c de grande Etendue, cn y mettant lc fcu. 11 s'a rit soucer,t de foret vierge dont ]c sol as;ez Icocr e~t tres rictu en humus. Apres avoir dcharrasse Ic terrain des branchagcs, on lai<e sur place les gros troncs et !cs iouches d'arbrc<, cutJe Ics• quels on cnfouit ic3 suckers. II n'ti a pas de trav,i1 du soi, pas d'amendcmcnt, pas d'irri-ation, Ics pluics ctat:t aseez rotgulicrement rEpartics. Le sul cst occupd 4 a:i;. l.a prcrnii- re r&olte sc fait un an apres la plvttation ct 11 culture sc prolongo encore 3 annccs. Ou rcco'te trois fois par an, au moment de la floraison, alors quc la richesse en esscnec de ia plantc attcint son plus Iraut nivcau. ° A la fin de cette exploitation les sols cornrncncent A La cultute de la rnenthe, Atentlra arvensis var. piperas- tens b11L11VAUD, aEt6 introduite au l3resil par des immi- gtants japonaiu. Ellc y A pris une grarrdc exten:ion au cours de V seconde guerre mondialc qua.id les approvisionne- inents en provenance du Japon ont fait dcfaut. Ce pays a`- nrrait, avant 194C, 70 p. ccnt de la consontmation ntondia- le avec unc productian de 600 A 800 tonnes d'Ituilc essen- ticlle. Lc rctour aux conditions normales n'a ranimc que partidlement 1'activite japonaise dans cc domaine et le BrEs7 a gardc une position prcpon&rante. La cultur,; de la mento y occupe plus de 30.000 ha dont 90 p. cent dans 1'Etat de Panama et 10 p. cent dans 1'l;tat dc Saint-Paul. En 1970, !a production brc-ilienne a attzint 2.808 tonnes d'hude essentielle. Fin 1971, les cours pratiques sur le mar- thE de l.ondres ont W de 30 F/1b pour l'esscnee de rnen- the ct de 75 Flke nour le mcnthol naturel (-1). ` Cette t4usSNc cxce111ionn,^l1e tient --- ' o -
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50255 3129 NITROGEN OXIDES/ Inter. J. Chem Kinetics 12(8)569-74 (1980) 76 III Py-81 Kinetics of~Formation of HCN during ridine P rol sis --; ~~y y y t ~ THOMAS J. HOUSER, MITCHEt.E` HULL, ROBERT M. ALWAY, and TESFAYE BIFTU Department of Chemistry, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008 Abstract I 01 The rate of HCN evolution during the inert pyrolysis of pyridine in the temperature range of 900-1000°C was determined in a flow system using a stirred-flow reactor. The data indi- cated that HCN was formed through a sequence of reactions rather than during the initial step(s) involving the disappearance of pyridine. The Arrhenius parameters for the first-order atep yielding HCN were 39.5 kcal/mol and 6.8 for the activation energy and log frequency factor, respectively. The mechanistic implications of the rate data are discussed, and these are related to the overall pyridine pyrolysis mechanism. 0 .S ;') 0 0 G 0 / 1 3 a
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50255 3126 73 II Re-73 - - - S,P, Polymer 1`/i (No.3) 96-102 (1973) : Glec~rG~~ I~icrosc.a;~y c~uc~'cs of ira.cture .Piin C~"..l~i~Qi~iQi~fl~S Si~Qi~iQi~fl~SS ll~C:I~i+Q~~Ca.ci~iCCJ~ P. (iealhan, PJi. Gevis and n.-Hul1 v Depsr1menl of L/elallu!gt, and ltalerials Science, Universi,y of Liverpool, PC) Rbx 147, LC4 SEiX, UK _, (l:eccived `!3 (1c:o.`.N 1972) \ / The electron rnicroscopy techniques which can be used to provide definite information about frzcture proct.sses in amorphous thermoplastics are summerized. A comparison is mc=de of the rnicromorphology of crz:zes formed in thin films of polystyrene and the mi::ro- tnnrFholoyy of tE!c: f:Lcture suriaces of buti specimens. This shows that the iracturo be- h: viour ci thin i;ims sicnuiMrs closely the fracture bcl;z-viour of the bul'r, in craze controlled frec'trre and thac t`.^ former procc: Jura n, .y therefore be used for high resolution stuc:ies of fracture l.roccsr.c :. A hriei dcscri;.tion is z,tso Sivcn of ti•.e precautions that have to oa taf.en in tire s4u Jy of i•f,;crrctn t eanr sensi'irce materials and of the developments in electron optical insirunnen!s which r hourcf result in zn improvcntent in the facilities available for electron r,j?croscopy stuc:cs of po,imcrs. l/ t r lJ. U ~' ~~ ~
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"50255 3133 7•. LUNG CANCER FOt. WiAIG POI.(313jUM-210 IiINRLATION IN RA'G5, by C, L, Yu.t 3te, H. 1-.. Ber", snd T. }fv.l.k. - ' --- -- ~ . ~ ! F. t ( /. 1 l I \I A<
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.. ] J . ... t i:aaN Alft't•: n\ 1~••d•IS tl f . /f '><11`.l 1=11;i1t{'tl~l t(J~~.`.ltifZ?l ~;1 ~ ' 1 0O~A7N17V ONI1105NOdi'1•l ~ ,UJ :{,r uOl7J.] llllt4tl.•]lY.aS::UO11At1:{ x _ IIC~IC/S-ZLl l~9- 71C,•!••21 lt:ul.l 11JI1lAUJOCltNid O`JV 1llOdll/ JO 7AAl ~Cl SSl//OOV ONV IMVN A:1NlL1V OV111(1~\/fdG'~i • .<])t:1.-n1u.1 67G00',3 'nti Iuv1J ~t]);;lanlull :•]cIy t•ltlr~l.i:uu,r.l :111L 'nA' 1_Ntll/'>•J_ JVI/1N01'l_I 'ltl 1 : ~~11.11 ~V1, oZ-U\~~-o~ /!~'(1'1 'l:O!11~' t't 5,11,1115 auauuolj~\U~ al~• lOJ 1. )Ii..,) 'ON lN 11Y711 WV1/'IOl/d'OI SS11/C1AV O•.V 11YV•d V(~/IVTINa~tNU .^NnYt/(~ /U )d l ON 111(1d71/ NO11V7/NNOtfO ~N11Y11A11/7d 'i/ ' 1U(1S]l•!:l11 '1 ' 1 'C'L•llltllll'~ ' ~ •l1.Ily.11.111 •al •(• (~r//l`/•If1!' f 7oC11 NO11 V7/NV 9110 CIN1MYUGlII l. ••J • Su(~(1J V 1P1 i•II lu u~11 tt•lf lxl) •Itll. (lcnul.idl: ju a]t•P) SIGi ~t1-1 ALV(1 SH_Odlll f. 1I11/1fISl•y~• I~lll t L 'ON~,nf~57>'lr :1N UAl.l uf'/ p ~_._ lof.lyr......,,•.I.! •.r.... ...f f..•.......:.L.~l•r....ea ~ V 1 V(1 111(hI lTl 1V:)INII:) i l ..............r....'..~....~.._~.. ...~. .~.... .._ .. . f * , eZ lf SSZOS ' .
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50255 3143- ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES VOLUbtE 134. ART. 2 PACES 497-1066 . OH 61 February 28, 1966 Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor EDWARD M. WEYEV HURD HUTCHINS Associate Editor PAUL E. VAN REYEN Ne 1966 THE BIOLOGY OF411 UN1AN ,~ VARIATION* C k Conference Chairman ~ 1 JOSEF BROIEK CONTENTS t i Preface. By JosEPtt F. Kuats ............................... 501 1 i ~ Aims and Background. By JOSEF BR02EK ........................ 502 I ~ i i) SECcnON' 1. GENERAL CONCEPTS I ~ i Introductory Statement. Bv ANCEL KeYS. .._._.~.._~~, r,.. _. 505 r C'
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50255 3146 LGS /t l I r. ` ~ iLT'S, Cr.r]i(};: !:i):10XII%:.- POLLUT1Cr::JTC` :aCC:; .-: i:Jr•:Ii;G--C'1;k.1,0;J };Ci:iI::=7)1; C(~.`eTL~I~1' 01' TiLOL'':./ S!•:OKi:;•`_: }~ 15-25,1yq '! 5%6 S}i 71ir CFfE.f Q; ::1F'. E~c_lir?10, '10,' G'3 /IU:1^II fI?TH ~ i h'E IGI ;! . UriV:'Y•.~r:.y oi Ci..lil~ontiz., Zo$ An5elnsr i Fh.O,, 1 i5 f k:11R; ~ ~ ~ •~ :ror,A~ICEr~cn/i.1!y ! L1 :S sJ- 0 „ i; 6 l is 5
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50255 3136 _ ;. ~ d t1zeiY FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CKWUS L L 7[ait L WY fY^.Jf'iNr I . Ed*cd bT ar.trzw.Rr C O. l1t:C7[ISTix . O. l. WLliYLt A. L MORGA.y ~.:I _ . . '. : .. ' - ,.~ yA.~rC.11V+l.lola''wr..•. A.R_C Food Rescarch Institute, Norwich, Eng~ NOLU.1i: 2 Mt ACl'iDE.NUIC PRPSS London and Nctv York Nuti.r~ ~ i Procoss.N ...- rr~:.o; 0 'a.tio~t ~'A~r:~o~s~ ~ ~ et1 Ll~x~ 1::I~k I.c7Li~ ~ ~r~• ~ ~ ~' ~~. A SERIES OF MONOGRAPtiS . . ~ . FAitorial Houd • " _ . - : t
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XX ilteF-11--710.-73 Ver~al:Ling 22(5) 278-84. t. f:umr,dr~~. (1970) 50255 3119 Een siie'_Ie en' ~evoelige elektro~ra.fische nietihoc~c voor li-ci bei;ulv~1 an -131wat;i;,--ra=f: as •cz.=grootfe -v~n. peri6n..asi -crerpalk t ir !cr san a.feria a1 A KAYID AND ACCURATE rI.FCTP.OGP.APIIIC 21ETHOD FOR THE DETECTION OF LOCATION, • 2:1!;- fiiLK AND SIZF OF °I"IiOLES IN I'ACh~ GI M^ ifAmr`Tmr cloor-r-I: ~,~i-ti~yn,~:»--_ . . . . ,, , Semeasatting Er % ordt cen ovc^icht Cereven van enkele gcbnri6clijke rncercdcr voor Lct opsNoren van poricn in i•c:p: ici;in,r,s.naterir.al. Len elrktro• E;ra*iscbo nrcthueti vuor het rnel en nF.uw- }:cutit; dt :cc:eiEL v:.n pla::ts. or.nt: 1 cn f;root- to %,a-i l,oc ic = :.-c Sl'.-:: -,aterinr.l t•arn kunststof of c+, 1~ l:l,s'~a o: t, .:. :?..::orc't bcsclire~en. _ Unc tuCthocie 6lectrographiquc rapido ct scn- slbte pour )Et rechorche de la plnce, du nombre it do )z inesure do pores en rnntGrir.ti d'cxnbrl- Iago - RGsuruls Uno (•numC•ration d'un nombre do mGthodcs usuallcs pour )a rechcrcho do pores en nntG- riau d'cinbaliage cst clon»6c. Unc nitthodo iflectror,raphiquc rapicic ct sensiblo pour Is dGtenninatiou dc ]n place, du norabrc at dc la mccure de pores dlns des fcuilles mii.ces en matiL•rc pl:st;que ou dc:; couvcrtu.res de )nquo sur nibtnl est dGcrite. •, , i u ~, i, ii
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~ n :/'~i n ~' ' 1'' " . . . ...1 ' xz.r : i i! , t " ~-~~~ ~ ~~` - -- . ..._...._....__....-.__ •:~~s u ~ ; business econometrics division v/,r'ECHNCMIC '~ublisf,ing ~ o., ft 1G5 W. State St., Westport, Conn. 068 ~Uk V 0 R ~ P;: R`rU i! r 1 _ -• ---- ^ (20? :?ti G K... ,. r .. ... . . in cooperaticn with I
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SMOKING AND HEALTH/ ORNL/EIS-163/V1-P1 ORNL/EIS-163/Vl-P2 REF CHEMICALS IDENTIFIED INWUMAN BIOLOGICAL MEDIA, Q 123 Un 1980 A DATA BASE First Annual Report, October 1979 Volume I. Part 1 Records 1-1580 50.255 3140 .is effort was accomplished under the aegis of the Interagency Collaborative Group on Environmental Carcinogenesis, National Cance Institute, National Institutes of Health Chairperson, Dr. Herman F. Kraybill. Date Published - March 1980 Compiled by M. Virginia Cone, Margaret F. Baldauf, Fay M. Martin, and John T. Enaminger Health and Environmental Studies Program Information Center Complex/Information Division OAR RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830 operated by UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION for the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Contract No. W-7405-eng-26 Cindy Stroup, Project Officer Design and Development Branch Survey and Analysis•Division Office of Program Integration and Information Office of Pesticides and Toxic Substances Environmental Protection Agency 401 M Street SW (TS-793) Washington, D.C. 20460 J' r--J J ~-- ~
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50255 3145 a Clinica Chimica IScla, 59 ].97`i) - 203-207 7 " -- -- ---- ' ~) L:Isevier~cicutific' I sublishinb Compai,y, Amsterdam - Printed in The Netherlands TIIT: I)IE'1'I:R?11INATION OF (3-11MINOLSOBUT i`IIIC ACID IN IMAN . .... ~ . .. . . .: .~d ~ . ti I l; , , . E AI '." V Nr 1i BX lON SLILU CI7AT it 'O IIlb 'GL CIIlI I ~ ~ - , ~ ~~ 1 ,C . E. SOLEt1', D.P. AGARWALb and H.!9..GOI:DDEb aInstilutc of Clinical 13iochernislty, University of Oslo, Oslo (Norway) and blnstifutc of !luman Genctics, University of Hemburg, Ilaniburg (G.F.R.) (Received October 3, 1974) =z e_•
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Page 642: hfb88d00
RC 49 Yo 1980 Effects ofdatigue onxliuman Behavior and rPerformance (Citations from the i1TIS Data Base). I Feb 80 Mary E. Young. PBbO-tSU42bj National Technical Information Service, Springfield, U. Report period covered: Rept. for 1964-Jan 60, Supersedes NTIS/PS-79/0071, NTIS/PS-78/0126 and NTIS/PS-77/0064. The bibliography cites references on the psychological and physiological effects of mental and physical fatigue. Reports on circaaian ghythm, work - rest sche0ules, sleep deprivation, and physical endurance are included. (This updated bibliography contains 198 abstracts, 10 of' which are new entries to the previous edition.) STRESS/ 50255 3151 7 PRICE CODE: PC N01/h1F N01 ~ v i t1 i ii l) ~ i i) V
Page 643: hfb88d00
~ _ 50255 3149 - ANATOMY, HUMAN/PHYSIOLOGY/ HUMAN_ • .,,, /1IV/aiGiMYY ~RI~!D ~~•iYSSOLOGY . ALEXANDER P. SPENCE, PhD. I?LLIOTT B. A4ASON, PhD. Srarr Utiirn•r;iry of Nru )ink Gdhge ar GaGroid k, / . THE BENJAMIN/CUA1NlINGS PUBLISEIING CUNiPANY• INC. Mcnlo I'ark, CaliCurni.t • llcading, MasucLusctts Loudun • Antstcrdant • Uuu Mills, Ontario • SyJncy ~A (~~ 1' ~,, 7
Page 644: hfb88d00
L c• .. _ . - . . - ._.. __.•_4 ...-- ilM ~I.'.36,,~iEm `~ r.% L c9U i tjli~? ° j °11~ HYS~n~ ~.'l~! ~ ; v 6-ttiq~.~ v . C :... 1:i.'.:;; `Po ,,J c'~1 0~, nij ` ll ~ ~ c~. ...,,i51 rvv 01 L 4`3 k_ . LhIE SSZOS
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~ti3i; ~t;L`:!itid 44a}-n, Fri.tz THG HllF1AN BODY ~ r t J: ; ......... . . . ~ i . : . . 50255 3155 n .f1 %i :, 0 +) i; ;. / I :)
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50255 3154 OP °8 v Ne 1963 •~"~ , ~:... 11i^fAN BIOLOCY/ ANNALS OF TiiE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES VOLU-ME 110 PAGES I-42A ~~ Z-G ,( yG ~ Volume 1].0 Pp. 1-1018 2",IqC3 I3ODY COMPOSITION PARTI& II Consulting Editor ~ joSEr Bsozr.i: NEW YORK PUBLISIIED BY TIIE ACADEMY September 28, 1983 e ~~ .: :1 CI 1~i 1! u l 1 ) .y
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. 4 50255-3141 . j76 X Fel ' . . ~ . NICOTI:.lE--DETERr1INATION/TOBACCO--SA'OKE--NICOTINE/PfI -- IS/ 1 RJR CLASS NO. PA1IYHLET 16 X Fel Ferguson, B. B.; Wilson, D. J.; Schaffner, W. , (Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn., U. S.) Jf ` DETERPfINATION OF NICOTINE CONCENTRATIONS INAHUrG'1v~tIT.K. 1mer. Jour. Dis. Child 130 (No. 8) 837-39 (1976) (in EnElish) r 1
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50255 3152 GENETICS--BEHAVIORAL/PERS NALITY DISORDERS OF, GENETIC_ASPECTS~ / MEDICAL GENETICS/SEX CHROMOSOME A ORMALITIES--PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECT: RB an CAI , 155 Eu .-. ... 1981 . I 981 Proceedings of the Symposium of ther'Eur- opean Society of Human Ge~ ng~ tics held at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, ;~~Tarcfi 26-28, Editors ELSEVIER/NORTH-HOLLAND BIOMEDICAL PRESS WERNER SCHMID AMSTERDAM • NEW YORK - OXFORD and . A, / JOHANNES NIELSEI~, , ~ I ..~ ~V-- ~ i . V,3 0 U Ci i1 3 f 1 .
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50255 3142 I RC 49 Ha 1975 JAPAN/ STRESS/ IME:thQdf logg/ in ~" ^' ~~ - hQ.1611anyc.~Igi.dG ~ ~. assessment Distributed Exclusively By ft INTERNATIONAL IDEAS IPlC. 1627 Spruce Street Philadelphia PA USA 19103 Taylor & Francis Ltd 10-14 Dlacklin Street London 1'VC2B 5NF 1975 . .-... ~ „ . ~ Edited by R. Hashimoto R.I:ogi E` Grandjean proccedings ofthe.'Symposium held isKytito, Japan under the auspices of &Wndustrial Fntioue Research Committee ofJapan Association olIndustrial Health «+no... ...s ~i0ao ., . I `~
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50255.3150 rF.f: ANf) 'a'!~.~yI~~/^".lT"/^rS~Anf 1i/~it15rT.T :~f'TIVT't'V .1,TP nr~r~t±Tn,/ IIrA?;T -.1CTT~/TTY & IF:~LAVTnR/zT.0nn nnrSSrT,tr,'~T,nn~ t~nT.Il`ir A~1?1 ~VTnn/ ~ rrT±A.VTI)nAT. nn 3r,n . ' An 198n ~. 'S 1~~ ~.® 6~~ ~ c~~.o~ , ~ ~ ~. Htunan Behavior and'.fhysiolo ;ical Response John L. Andreassi Department cf Psychology Baruch College City University of 1\Tew York , NewYork Oxford Oxford Universi+y Press 1980 ,
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a , NATO CONFERENCE SERIES. SERIES III: HUMAN FACTORS, VOL. 9/ NEUROPSYCHIATRY/SENSORY STIt4ULATION--CONGRESSES/BRAIN RESEARCH/ RC 386 Le 1979 HUMAN EVOKED POTENTIALS . ' Applicationcand Probtems Edited by Dietrich Lehmann Un,-fr Moyp'w Zuncn, Sr~u.n.nd and Enoch Callaway un- ry f c.bfo.n,. S~n Frwrt-e. G'Jwn,. t 3 I PublifAld in OoofdlMtipn with NATO SU!^bfic A11i,,s D-t,OM+ bY ' PLENUM PRESS • NEW YORK AND LONDON (~ .~ t i U f7 ~i t) ~ ~ 7 1
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IATROGENIC DISEASES/CANCER--CAUSATION BY DRUGS/ NHARMACOLOGY--CON(;RESSES/CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/ SP10KING AND HEALTH/NYDROCARBONS, POI~YC CLIC CAR NOGENESIS BY ~ ~~,h ~~id ~~~~~~ ~n~ ~` RC .X._ ~, w .... .. ~ • ~ . 268 a1or Z.o ieiatioris~ Co „ar,,ss!!~,,. , 1980 ; ~; ~,,,Ie~Ica~" a c~nogenes~ ~~~~; r Frederick Coulston Philippe Shubik .dnas 1'~ ) Abkx Publf.hiog Corpmaion \ V rronvood, New Jeney
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50255 3153 ~ _._....~.~.~. GENE.TICS--BEHAVIORAL/AEJIAVIORAL SCIENCE/ QH 431t Ka 1976 ARNOLD R. KAPLAN Director, LaGoratcrv ~ of A1r•dical Grnetics Ohio Department of A1e,rtal Heultlr aud Mental Rrtardation Research Center Cleveland, Ohio I Visiting Prufcssor, Dcjmrtu,rut of Preventive .lJedici,tr and Public IlenlNr ~ C.reighto,i Uni:-Prsit}' Schnol nf Alr•dicint' Onrnhn, A'eGrn.c%a CHARLES C THOMAS • PUBLISIIER SflriuJfirlrlllli,rnif • U.S.A. t
Page 654: hfb88d00
t4''" . ~ , ~- (_9~ Pable I Admini -I'lasrn;r ~ra stration of - '~ ~ .....+~ , F~L nc~r;;:rati8n~~`~ntive Bioavailabilitv of Cv - ^" ' l lants VII: Fluorocarbon ~1 r o clobarbital followin~ Oral ~~ i ~ ~-- p oY ~ i h d i di I S ~ ~ . Mean Frel (Range), kJA Prepar t nteract on tu es w Uwan an Geoffrey tt'. 'rng gb 0 1. Tablets Bov ine Globulins Using WinL. Cirio+a' D 100 ~ 2 Tablets _ epcrlment of Pharmecy ' ~ . Partition Coefficient Method College ofl hnrmncy 101 (89-136) 3. Aqueou University of 1llinois Medical Center 78 (G4-100) W Chiceco, IL 60G12 _ • Keyphrases O Fluorocarbon aerosol propellante-interaction F C Although sul and relative b individual; (se( values for the same for each • was comparati- for Preparatiol the drug was f extent when gi, The present :ent of bioavai ower when its ius solution. T. Aghest absorp with human and bovine qlobulins, partition eoefficient method O Globulins, human and bovine-interaction with fluorocarbon aero- sol propellants, partition coeflicient method o Plasma protein binding-interaction of fluorocarbon aerosol propellants with human and bovine globulins, partition coefficient method To the Editor: The partition coefficients of some cominonly em- ployed propellants between the aqueous phase and the head space have been shown to be higher in plasma-air systems for humans (1, 2) and other species (2) than in the water (or normal saline)-air system. This finding was postulated to be due to the binding or complexation of these propellants to cer- 0 .1~ `` u n i r v. / ~- C :i :i 3.dse Apothekers," X.N.M.P., The I, van Rossurn, J. Chromatogr., 88. . de Boer. Eur. J. Clin. Pharmacol., tott, D.1::. Wurster, and T. Higuchi, 47, 376(1958). ups. L. W. Uittett, E. t'. Sugita, and ~ , 58, 119C 19G9). ~tgrt;'vol. IV, E. J. Ariens, Ed., Ac- chap. 1. ' D. D. Breimer Department of Pharmacology Subfaculty of Pharmacy University of Leiden
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50255 -3168 REF RB 41 Zu 1977 ANATO`tY, HU?tAN/ TfGe j OC'6, n S °' [Fun@ f~o R n~H R~~0 ri"n]pJ The Johns Hopkins University Press • Baltimore and London George D. Zuidema, AII•D• .~ tI i . i1 i; ii / 1 7 / a
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HUMAN BODY/ QP 88 Ne 1963 50255 3156 ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCI _ENCES,. VoLVaU: 110 PACFS425-1018 Sept. 26, 1963 BODY COrsPOSTTION + PAR'Ir II Consuiting Editor JOSEF BROZEY AVTSORS TosEF BRo'zEx AND A. R. BEtc= (Conference Co-chairmcn). W. E. Editor Managing Editor HARoiD E. WHwrzz SrANZIr Su.vERZWetc NEW YORK PUBLISHED BY THE ACADEMY September 28,1963 TI I I
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50255 3163 . lnternational Meeting on N-Nitroso Compounds, 7th, , r Tokyo, Japan (Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 1981) - ' VI Re9-81 ; S. P. , , . •y Davfd I1. 1fas, eriso C. Challir, N.v Ln=land Institute for Lif• dei.ne a Maltbam, Nassaehus.tts Philip psrtsan lalti.ors, Maryl.nd Jobn van Rysi• Division ot siostatistfes, . s N.v York 7 iJ .7 (t,) 6 '.' 1/ lj / 1 _f 2 '
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a HF 5549 Ne 1977 ARCHM PERFUP.MANCE--MF.ASUREMEhT/PRODUCTIVITY/ ~pE OCpEEDfl,,.!Gc of the MUMAN FACTORS SOCIE-TY 21 S t ANIt UAL NrirET-E iNG Sar, Frc-Ancisco, California Octob^r 17--20, 1-317 I iI ---~ - . ~ GllTC.:\'JAY~ TO ~~,M,a;k T ._~.~ THE 1=UT"Ur:E r
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50255 3169 MEDICINE--PREVENTIVE/HEALTH CARE/BEHAVIOR AND DIET/ RA 421 Bi 1980 The • Proceedings of the Third International Conference On fHuman Functioning-- September 14-16, 1979 i Century 11 Convention Center Wichita, Kansas 0 1980 Biomedical Synergistics Institute, Inc. 434 North Oliver Street Wichita, Kansas 67208 f U
Page 660: hfb88d00
~ P - C : GT. .U;i:KE..t.. .~.%„i, a.iaii PLC Li, fi::I:T C:;/ IA.JTP:TIUNy/ L1~ 0 F.d,•ted try .A1 «r. E. ;1. E"inerY !d D. 1'a I.., !)5_, !'.K.C.A.(F..), M.F.C.mL, F.?. 5(°_) Prufcssor or;ilnn'7n Gevrtii s, Ur:; rrrsit V o` Ed inburgh Butterwcrth.s Loi.c3vn and i,oston s , ~~ n ~. :. , i i ~i i , i; / I f
Page 661: hfb88d00
~-, cz~&, /J ( C/ lG ~.xt - ie),.),/ ( /% ~ cih~t .r_ .tll bi,j Z.. 7S S. f~ ri , uoroc"ir}~on Aerosol Prohellunt5 V: L'ihding Inter~~?ction with %~ZY,! wIN L. CIIIOU x and JAUI:-IIUI;1' IISIAO Abstract O Rindinp, (,f trichlorurnonotlunromrthanc, dichlururli- tluoro:nethane, and dichiurntetraftunroethane was studied in aqueous ht.rnon albumin solution, using the partition cr,effi- cient method in ~caled serum bnttles.The partition cueificient and the fraction of tluorocarlmns bound were hitrhly dependent on fluorocarbcrn concentrations. 'fL•e average bindin; site; per mnle- cule of albumin were 2.1 7, 0.301, and 0.42 and the binding associa- lion constants were 1.11 X 101, 1.73 X 101, and 5.06 X 10' bf'1, re- spectively. At the lowest concentration studied. 62.3, 25.5, and 65.6% were fourd bound to albumin, respcctively. This appears to represent the first extensive study on any gas-albumin intcractioa. Keyphrases a Fluorocarbon propellants--binding to human serum a1l;wnin determined using partition coefficient n,ethod in sealed serum bottles t] Trichloromonofluororneth:rne-binding to human serum albumin C U;chlurodifluoromethane-binding to than 'tt: water or normal saline (7). It ~~..~ j•,ostul; tc:i that such a soluhility enhancement nji<tht be due to the hindino of the fluorocarl>,,ns to pla>.nla proteins. 7'his poatilation Was Muhsc•quent;y ccr.- firmed by the f1uoroclrbon--ihuman 1ll,urnin study with one single concentration, using the parti- tion coefficient method (8). In that study, a~ur, risingly high degree of binding of the thr<:e fluorocar- bons to the put ified hunian and bovine alhurr,ins wa,- found. Since the possible effect of concentratiun vari- ation on the extent of protein hindin;; for nutnerci;; nonvolatile compounrls has been «-ell established, it was decided to extend the investigation by using a wide rant;e of fluorocarbon concentrations. This ar- I ~ : .•. .. , 1 l~ . i ~) (t ii
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Page 663: hfb88d00
GENETICS--DISrAST:/C0Rn:7ARY 11EA",T nrSEASP,/((U`fAN GE`II:TICS/` v 50255 3172 HYPI;RTEVSIO~i/T[JtNS/IIEART--DISEAST:Sf- ATHF.ROSCLERC51- V PROGRESS IN CLINICAL AND r3I0LOCICAL RESrARCH, VOLU1fE 32/ I RC 685 Si 1979 0 ALAN R. LISS, INC. • NEW YORK GENETIC ANALYSIS OF COMMON DISEASES: APPLICA'fIO.NS TO PREDICTIVE FACTORS IN CORONARY DI SEASE Wprkshop held at Snowbird. Utah August 28-31. 1978 Editon CHARLES F. SING Department of Human Genetics The University of Mich,gan Medical School Ann Artwr, Michigan t . .nd MARK SKOLNICK Department of Medical Biophysics and Computing LOS Hospital and The Un,versity of Utah Salt Lake City. Utah
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50255 3158 STRESS/}iYPERTENSIO.N/HEART--nISEASE i t _Buman._Cardiovascular Systerrf RC ; T.h_e 681 Sh l 1979 j Facts and Concepts John T. Shepherd. M.D., M.Ch., D.Sc., F.R.C.P. Plofissor of PhpiologY and Dean blajo .lkdual &hool and Dipetror for Education Alayo Foundation RocArs(er. Minnesota i 1 Paul M. Vanhoutte, M.D., Ag.E.S. Professor of Pharmarologt and Palhophtsiology Apartment of .Sledinnr Uniurrsiloin Insrrlling .anrmerp" j Univmity of Antroerp 1 wilriik. R.ro;I.m ! Raven Press • New York ~ . ii U / 1 t.) ~ 0
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SAFEIY I-IEASURES/INDUSTRii1L HYGT_R:iL•"/ 4 _.._..._..._ _ ormot/on Sheety(orms part of the savice to CIS subscribers and ls issurd by the 74 fn~ ormot/ on I In3 ~i ernotlonal ~~cupotional Sa~cty and Health lnformatlon Centre (CIS) Internouonal Labour Office, Geneva. Switzerfond Jl3TERINC TANKS AND OTHER ENCLOSED SPACF.S.(CIS Information Sheet,Hbid, 6) fiIRCULAR SAWS. (CIS Information Sheet, Hroz, 7) Aj.EXIBLE SWING DOORS AND AIR CURTAINS (CIS Information Sheet, Hbac, 8) ,fESPIRATORY PROTECTIVE EQUIPt!ENT. (CIS Information Sheet, Tiz, 9) ,LCONONICS OF MACHINE CUARDINC.(CIS Information sheet, Jz Pyn Svk, 10) ]1RTIFICIAL 1¢GHTING IN FACTORY AND OFFICE (CIS Information Sheet, Scip, 11) AGEMENT AND INDUSTRIAL SAFETY ACHIEVE`+E`IT (CIS InfotTr.ation Sheet, Vap Vov, 13) FACfOAS:,AND SAFETIF:' (CIS Information Sheet, Pw:sl(056), 15) OISE IN INDUSTRY. (CIS Information Sheet, Bik, 17) ~IFTY YEARS OF INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION IN OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH, ~" (CIS Information Sheet, Z: sh(02), 19) EpIVINC (CIS Information Sheet, Bbg jham, 20) )3AZARDS OF ).~1SER BEAHS. (CIS BIBLIOGRAPHY, Bqh, 8) ' %E~OST OF-OCCUPATIONAL ACCIDENTS AND DISEASES. THE ~ONO`SICS OF SAFETY AND HEALTH. (CIS BIBLIOGRAPHY, Yom, 7) I
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50255 3137 11 I~T Tt 7E S P 1%~.L?i::?T:!'?ie1J.i2 tT1G-",I5e C.°i s^vlcl.l' cnergy 7=(r.IssClaeri) KC.hCtJc ~ nL1:`•1I-N W,1 1:;G, 5', (2), 123-?28 rFp: e=cnt:; z source of cncrt.}' thal will reuiaia .tn'imi'ecl tovc~. ]n N•iew of lho i°._: ees ;ig .. •7re?tirr :>ent ol her,-,anity and t`+e L^.:: aa;Li, -,y r, ,v cf terrestial, ca::veaticnal ;.inds of trL'n'rj: ene-•_ C:e taaUnum 1•oWN utilisalton of E3::•: coer„r -... li a;sobe an t:r;;ent roal when it co:aes tr ~-curi :g :n;-rti; ior the whole world, at the presc:tt »eli as ... :i:e tul'.tre. K='5 cf er.e: yy :ad lun:'s of tailisation r hetnans a.nd aaiin^)s - throu,~h cornbu:.tiea or chemScal ci^caitPositi,tt 011,1311115 (heat of con,Lu;Gcn or con,Uus- t ale t;as(:s). The sun's heat of radfation offcrs the e;ecrnN l:ossil,ility 0 usin,, :olar cnera. Jn cou.,trics vith so:,- clanlial incident sol: r radialion, Utc•re have i,,r m"ny dccattes been p1anls wl:ich use al :init•iur, ref't;t•t„r ; h:n•;n:: a IosCe surface to cnncent:•:.te the sol:or l:c•:tt c'l hcat exchant,.ers in which steant is pro<iacc'i ior dri:•ine Fenrr- ators. Jn the South of I'rance, a plant .vitit al t n iiu::t S:: i igh t cr_ be Wlised for ciircrt production of elec- reflectars has been ereclecl in which conceutiatc•d se::{r •: ct•r:cr.t f.s:hr cells, e.g. for c•xj:oss+re :eiet.rs or ce-A i; usecl for tnetnl]nrt~ical inve tt,;:{tions; tentj,era- fc: ene: 7 ; ...: space travel :nx] LtfOrianti'Jn, it~r es !n ex^es:a of 7.ODU~'C are reached. Tl:r t:t:tin cls~d- :=+'el;i!e;), iiCr ::e:, t l.ctri <.r crt;l o:,tainca in U,!s v%Jtl t;•<: O: su0, in; tnllutions is litat un Il:e rarlh's :'~•:n,•r is 25 to 30 lir*mcs :.s t•.cp:•nsive :ts Ut:rt frorn all smrface, rolar eneri-y is cnly av:tilable ch,rint, t!te duy =F=~nt.'1 ~:oce:_es hit!tcrt,, and curr:•ntly used, aud lnorcover, it:: varies with lh-! e,ea:.ons. 1'or t"•::u.n::;.ti to s:::e -11: CODU:.I na•- 1:\V oJ instaltrd el.ctric . a continuou_: supply uf cuet't:y, at rnnj;c,nenta :uc rcqu;r:d . Y:~ttich store c~er etectrical or l,otentt:tl rnrrt;y or hu.it. o:tcYt t. The py;3sibilily t,t utili.;lng psunli;;irt ~ .• . t ~ 1c"",C~ ,.}LcC~n 1i1;Al ~titier l1n'o:t/;I• p.ttlt,,:tyrhh^::}! U Lt co:tn(rles havinl; coasitic~raLla s„1:tr irraJlation, whir•t yyy b': tr.e :~:d 0 ::r.:er`p:rtsr), h.is :%o far n,tt t•"•n 1!ecn counlrtrs arc lnostly Ututly popul:tictl and hav:! an tnr.u•'ll- h . ~ .t , t l l ( • .,ut,p c.t, c.•clr i. .. y t•t t, , ar rt,uc c tr,t t c•t.t tv m,.:rn tn ~:~ l.:e.^..ed t~1 a I.r.,or..t.~ry sc:lle, jh[s uttji•:•~t:on of e l.i •,rn,tut•i• thr•r~iSn tr. : h:,ti u,i t., cj?cti i.:'•ly i;t:Ut in hr•at, ::a,t Uu': _ 1--- -
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1_ 'p ('1:S r ~ ~ .. `.:.:J ; t t8lf SSZOS
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50255 31-73 BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/ CHROMOSOME ABERRATIONS/GENETICS--DISEASE/- RADIATION--BIOLOGICAL EFFECT/MUTAGEN~11iT!~, ,~`G~NETIC.ENGIV,J~ t~'J6~y QH 431 Vo 1979 •Hurnanenetics C-i Problems and Approaches \1 ith 420 Figure, and _'IU Table, r .1 ,i ~: ~~ 1 e 1,I Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg NewYork 1979 ii ~!
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~~ XX tTeF-C-4~i-75 Jour. Canad. Med. Assoc. 11t1(2)191.-97,20()(1974) 50255 3157 •Humambotulisrnin Canada (1919-1973) RE-vOY ART,~LE G E. Dolntan,• M.B., B.S., D.P.H., PH.D., F.K.C.P. (Lond.), F.R.e.P.(C), F.R.S.c., Vancouver, D.C. Stmtmary: Since 1919, in Caneda, 181 personncs, dont 83 sont mortes, 62 authcnticated outbreaks of human te qui rcpresente un taurx de botutism havo affected 181 pcrsons, mortetite do 46i'r. Parmi ces eas, with C3 deaths, a fatality fate of 46':r, 1I 1 Epidemics ont pu 6trc rdentihces Among thcse, 41 outbreaks were 1`Cdu point do vue bact6riolugique baeicriologicetly determined (31 in N(dont 31 dans un m:mc Liboratoire) one laboratory) as six typo A '~eommc appartenant au type A(6), four type Is, or~e both A and B, .~,~r'\au type B(4), au type A-B (1) and 30 type E. About two thirds of ~` tt 30 autres conmic appartenant tlro total outbreaKs, cases and '5u type E. Pri;s des deux-tiers du dcaths involved Eskimos and Pacifie knomhrc total d•fpid(:mics, des coast Indian; consuming raw marine ~,cas cliniques ct des deces, ont rntamm3l products and silmon cc9s,, .1r1„iftc•ett des Eequimaux et des Indiens .c.rcc;ivtly. J:hcr ;.a:•c ef c_^_da e~~o !i c6tc du Pacifiquc qui recorded seven occurrences due `' eonsornrnaient des rnarnrnifi:res to miscellonrous vehicles, tlvee bcing tVDe G- Since Jmuarv 1°31 there wS lI C~ 11 stuffs znyvnccre in the ..'or1d, and the first such i%olation from soil. In 1953, in the first of a se:ics of t rcports published by this journal" five ~additional Canadian outbrc:tks ..cre "; dcscribcd, of Mhich two (L-•oth fish- p~orne) Kcre type E. f3}• 1960 onc LaU f a total of 24 outbreaks had been crified in the same laboratory - four as ly'pe A, onc as t%p; H, s^.cn as tv;c E. Coastal 1ndians of British Columbia ~ \` inarins erus et des o^ufs do savmon, rr•<opctivFmor.r. Danc rS'airtrr•s rFninnc had been involved in thrcc of th: 10 )atcst occurrcnces, and U~br.:.!or Ls- kimos in six others, the resncci:~-e vchiclcs bcing sahnon cFcs and r!i: flcsh of marine mammals. 7 nis furin-r .r.i~.v nr ('ona.lian nnthr,-•.t-c tn •h• 11 tJ ~ 1 c) e! 9
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50255__ 3114 Y tTERNAT Qii 1 J IONAL E310LOGICAL PROGRAMME 8 431 ,~q ,,~,~ , , 1976 ~~~/q~.ij~~OE,.Y~. ~~~~f~~I~~11 / ~ invhumoanvgrowth Phyllis B. Evele-#h and J. M. Tanner Lecturer in AnthWology and Prolessor of Child Health and Growth Department ot.0rowth and Development. Institute of Child Health, University of London 1 l ( FORFWORD BY W. H. Chang /lssistant Director-Gencral, World Health Organisation CAME9RIDGr UNIVERSITY PRESS t f ~ CAh4BRID.TiE • ~ LONDON • NAV YdR10 MELDOURNE ti a
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Page 673: hfb88d00
50255 3178 ENVIRON"tENTAL HEALTII/l;I:KAV7oRAL TOXICOf.oGY/LEARf;I';Gi !fEMORY/ MUTAGENESIS/AIR--POLLUTION--HEALTH EFFECT/LUNGS==DISf'ASES/ SULFUR OXIDES/CARBON MONOXIDF./NITROGEN OXIDES/ OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HF-ALTIi/WATER--POLLUTIO'/1INSTE DISPOSAL/ RA 445 Un 1977 'UTUTNT'AMMEAI:,T1i", AND THE .k:~~V-1RaNMENT"'°~-~.. SoME--. -i~._ RESEARCH, NEEDSa ~ Report of the Second Task Force for JR,esearch Plaiininb in Enriroi',inental I-Iealth Science --~U. S. RB+YdtT",i',-t".. Public Hcalth Service/Nati,inal Institutca of Henith A'ational I:IStitLte of Er..•irou:nt-ntal Nealth Scien.es DIfE1V Publicstion No. NIH i7-]277 U;~ r~ G~ i; 0'1 I js ! I
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50255 3166 Yearboak Separate No. 1668 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE toft, ~ i~Cf ei~s~z,.w,.,.,.,.~ t •as~~ ~ b 10 :,.,`.. (With Literature Cited) REPRINT.OF PART 1 OF THE i~iui i~an , PAGES 97-402; 1075-1142 / UNITED STATES GOYERNhtENT PRLr4 TIt2G OFFICE, 1940 .- l% `.• . k-/ fU C'i i 1 U / I () _;i I
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.WE--OAT NO. AIR--POLLUTION--CHEMICALS/ ACRYLONITRILE/ Tlr}~ ~Ma,wsi~rw. :~ A}~,.~ s ..• . f IluiaaIVIxpUsie t mt~spf,oric CunCFntrntions u 0•410jLtlA ci-taScAle;W Volume 1, 11, 111 /L~-011MIN0 CAOA1UjAT1ON NAtt[ AND ADDAt[a 0 PB81-193252- 10O PB81-193260 _ IYrv ] 111CiaIN;%_A[`1`i- 0-0. _-KO .~.1 l7. ~ "LJ a PAPORT DAT@ IA a11i0AZ40OP142AWrA-iC4 C00I A .~R~O.MINO OA7AhtAT~Oti Al1OA1 B37-193278 -gt., ~ro Systems Applications, Inc. °V•I, II Ssn Rafael. CA 94903 12. S.ONSOAINO AOtNCv NAYC ANO ADO11(t/ Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards Environmental Protection Agency ATP, N.C. 27711 _ _ __ 13, Tr-[ O- PO[/OA* Ar0 P1w-00 CO1.6A9O 14 COGhlGNitiO ADlhCv CODS Population exposure was estinated for 29 selected cher.icals or groups of chemicals emitted into the ambient air. The exposure assessments ider,tify types and locations of sources of air pollution; estir.ate emissions, a-5ient concen- trations. and surrounding populations; and provide rough order-of-magnitude estimates of the number of people exposed to various concentrations of the individual chemicals on a nationwide basis. This study was perforned by SysteTs Applications, Incorporated, 6nder the sponsorship of the U.S. Environmental Protectic., Agency. The work was ca-.;.leted as of May 1980. tJ* t7 i~ ~'1 ii 10 -AOOAA4 (. 4
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II MeAl-79 5Q255 3177 S.P. ~HumanHcalth Effects~., Lung 156,95-c07(t979) -and Air Pollution Control PhilosoPhies, N. de Nevers Department of Chemical En~ineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112, USA Abstract. Human health protection is one of the major goals of air pollution control, but not the only one. There can be conflict between the goals: an exam- ple of this type is discussed. There are various philosophies of how to desisn air pollution control regulations. The most common - air quality standards - is bas- ed on a specific assumption about the shape of the air pollutant dose-response curve. The next most common - emission standards - is indifferent to the data on human health effects. The emission tax and cost-benefit philosophies are not as well known. As most widely discussed, the emission tax philosophy would be indifferent to the health data, and the cost-benefit philosophy woA make the greatest demands for detailed, reliable health effects data. The available health effects data are mostly based on epidemiolooy, and are very sparse and unsatis- , fying. Key Kords: Air pollution control - Public health - Epidemiology I 1. U :i i: ~1 ~i i D a 1 8
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50255 3187 '~. r •S ~ n #iUMA1~I~i_ 9WT _ ~ Li }sert, Rensi s~ ! THt RllMAN ORGANxZA'!RON: x'Ti5 MhNAGEMFuT AN D V Ai UE ~-. ~ ". . . . ~ ~ . + I i; i: y
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50255 3191 QP 171 Ci 1, ~ arl;otl; ~;ti at~ ~~ ~ Lnbolistz; ascy: +_losiun on the C~ t'11C :~1 and Lzr-ahc:rical r•r bohvdi-atc utiaizr. 'ion in hcai ~h ar.r ; z.~ ..._ U-. Vici.or. ... Y.aj,;ar. Johns .~o.is;:n5, 1;?j::. '3; .- v-i, 1:!+ n. li. 22 c, :. . , , ~ - --------• . . ...
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50255 3159 CARCINOGENS/CANCER--CAUSATION BY CHEMICALS/ CANCFR--RESEARCH/ RC Human cell carcinogen, ie1 vi ro;jlBenzo[a]pyrene metabolite; hydrocarbon DtiA'- 1 268 t Mi 1981 adduct studies;• = , R PORT DO~~Jk.ElIIA•ii PAGE ~ KhAN /N:.'1'NUl'/lt~NS I ItKI~(Ihk ('lN.t1'1.1:'1'INt: F'uMFt 1. 8 - - v__ f 3. OVT ACCCLf1ON NO 3. R[CVICNT'i CATALOG NVrOtR I ,II ._.~_..,_... .,,-. Chemical Carc nogen Hydra , olynuclear H,+dro- ~• T~ Or RroRT..[R/oD Co''[Rto I ink Icarbon and/or Synthetic J uel Components) I 8/1/80 - 8/31/81 Induced Carcinogenesi_;~ __Human Ce11s,`In_Vitro, a.[RroRMINO o, •oR7N„~.CR 7. AyTNOR(tr) • ~ G ~ ' il E 0• ONTRAC OR GR NUM.[R(y • F 2 ' eo e ~O . o /~ 1 ~.~; -- - 496 ~-8~C ~ 85 / - - ~• • PO O OR(:AN12AT/0/! NA~IC AND AOOR[Lf ~he hio State University 10. •ROORAY [LCY[NT.IROJCCT• TALK AR[A 0~ORK YNI,T M .aR..l~. Res. Foundation- F Iry A~j 1i~1umou~ne~Kiod'43212 1{p 2312 AS 11. CONTROLLING OrFICt NAl,1[ AND AODR[1i • Air Force Office of Scientific Res. ~ Au Bolling AFB, 20332 r 131 •. YONI ORINO AG[NCY NAY[ l ADOR[{K/! N(/~ t t..w Car.thf/My Ofl/aAJ 1L f[CYRITr CLAU. (.! Wo rNen) 1 I I n Unclassified ~q' j / 1641. qEC}asLtcAnoN DowwaRAawD ~ a
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50255 3188 Re J. Reynol.da Tabscoa Ptoduc,t Dey'eLapment ~+~'~ot^rrati.an D~v~isao~a SM015ING MACHINE,S, ACOLLEQ';IXN OF P}3PtRS. &ENERAE,. AXIMAI. SIl1DIE5. HUMAN PARAME7ERS., by R. .J'. Ykey1101015 'TobB,CC:o Co., Re„sRamir art) Product DeveSoprrQnL DalparlrnentS, Sai.0-nsc• Infoam8fii.on AIv:iS:i ort, and 3ohn J, ,1ahalen A ..... . _. .. ~, . z:~ ~ _ u 9 7
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QP PERCEPTION, V. I--X/HUMAN INFORNIATION PROCESSING, V. VIII, IX/ ODOR, V. X/ 0255 3179 360 p~YCHOLOGI(,IPHY~IQLOGICAL1IVIOI--X/SENSESVA'~DISENSATIONDIYG IHEX/SMELLyIVIVIA/ Ca TASTE, VYIII /NEUROPHYSIOLOGY OF SMELL, V. VIA/ OLFACTION, V. VIA/VISION, V.III,V HEARING,I1{.III/BIOPHYSICS OF TASTE, Vol. VIA/ TOBACCO--TASTE--TESTING, V. VIA, NOISE V. IV/PAIN, V. VIB/TOUCH, V.VIB/LANGUAGE & LANGUAGES, Vol. VII/SPEECH, V.VII/ FLAVOAANTS--SENSORY EVALUATION, V. Xl H:1\DBOOK OF I'N:RCEPTIO`', EDITORS: Encwarrl C. Cartrrette anrlllforton P. Friedman Department of Ps)choloF} Uni,crsit>- of Califurnia, Los Angcles Volume I: Historical and Philosophical Roots of Perception. 1974 LoS .q„geles, California - Volume 11: Psychophysical Judgment and Measurement. 1974 !VVolumc Ili: Biology of Perceptual Systems. 1973 ` v'Volume IV: Hearing. 1978 +/Volume V: Seeing. 1975 ~ Volume VIA: Tasting and Smelling. 1978 v*Volume VIB: Feeling and Hurting. 1978 tNolume VII: Language and Speech. 1976 "' Volume Vllt: Perceptual Coding. 1978 rVolume IX: Perceptual Processing. 1978 i/Volume X: Perceptual Ecology. 1978 0 3 c~,n c,~~ { ~~~ •
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50255 3lgg 4 : vCf.Ca(`.o C•2 z a;i i rod:.,c-: Q1l ?957 '. •. C.
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50255 3176 t~ ' h>l lc_ -- .-- t3. TtSI _ A\ J `. ti I I t.c ` nf ~) tl ~ 4~uTd~ts~;e~~~t~ Damages~F.romYN/c5..le Saurce.Air. j.ul_.v 1tiiS ! i.~,,~ 1ir~fiOe16t~fi!Study~~~~-VO'~umz: I6. FERF Ofi~NIN + I I ~Yi c `~ .~~ - - - -- - --- -; - -r " r+' ~.-: iMING ORGANIZ RFO a P i ATION MtrJn's . C Ff7 AUTaORtSIStCve Leung E i 1iot Go 1 os tet n IJorman Da ~ key Univ. Cal. Univ. Cal. - ,,,, N,, Inc i Eureka LaS . ., ` _ Szc.,C~. 95814 Dnvis, CA 95616 L.A.,-CA 9002 ~ - _ :^:1-EOOiS- 0-J16, .9.N:RFJRr.IN3OisG-~1'~ATION.\A~.•f,i.i.u G!~i~FSS Contractor: ?alifornza ~~~r ~esources Board ;t I 1709 11th Street CONTRACT/GRANT NO. . Sacrame;,to, UP. 95814 ' Subcontractor: Eureka Laboratories, Inc. ~ ~ 401 N. 16th Street, Sac. CA 95814 tPA Contract No. 68-01-1889 - --- - -- . ~_ P 0?. SPONSORING AGENCV NAME ANC AGJRESS ~ Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory Office of Research and Development ~ L'.S. Environmental Protection Agency I Corvallis,Oregon 97330 __ 15.SUPPLEN.ENT.:FtV NOTES ERIOD COVE?ED 13. TYPE OF REPO!3` AND Fi nal_ Report it. S?OtiSORING AGENCY CODE EPA/600/02 1/,. AeSTRACT Duri ng the' pas : year, the Cal i fornia Ai r Resources oar concucte:: a survey 1cf 14 health experts on the huran damages froin mobile scurce air pollution. L A variant cf the uelp:li tec:inir.ue ;ras used in the study to arrive at a con"ensus ~jtlasr'.Cia of the experts cr: the Gcse-res'cr.se rclationsiliF O`cr p'.1etocl'.E'r.ical C`xiCiants, a ;ritregen 'd;ox:,delarA ca-ttc j cEftoxic;e' T'l? ~anel experts t'er'e reQuested to ar.sl'~Er rueS- It*oRnaires to CroviUP circa_rnenn~~.• ~•• . i
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50255 3185 eP A ~ i i ~ i ~ lte~~ticn;.i 7n4vir>>, o;i.t:h Impli.catic,ns for retsonal.ity HUMAN NEURAL A2iB BEHAVy:ORA1. A.'VEi4PF1ENT, t ~ 1 Y ',7 c, .1' 1 1 i ( t ; . - 6 {~..%, a 1 V t I U • l1 ! %
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'50255 3192 I }"I'm>..r. Phy::iol ok;y. Conferjnte ~~.):~.~ i TTaTlsn.C'.t:o:19. Ist- Now y~~ t-, / V. ltlu~. 23 cm. cu:)unl, ist;uo fcr ]"t'-i;1 hss clsa r?:! iirctlvre t(tl^• "Mr,bo1!C :nt?rre!:.ttc: 5. Cum"cr,~nce z,,;ousureJ t,; Ju..:utt :.5ecy, Jr. "i a~~ 2tto:. 3. :>Setubollt^r--Co[;gres_.es. Q.1'J.71.CG7 612.0153 G!1 .~~i~ ~. ~ T.IGrety cC ('onE;rtis 17; I ~ 3 ti n ~:} U`I 2 0
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50255 3184 ~v ^ I CANCER -ITt'JNOLOCY/CANCER- •LYMPHOCYTE . , RC: 261 In 1978 I 0 *TMAPPUICA'I~CSN TO CQNCER:x ° - ~ - - - .~..v~.,,;.; 01 / '~Procecdings of the nternational Symposium on i iuman Lvmphocytc Differentiation: Its Aprlication to Canccr, held in Montpellicr (France), 2-4 March, 1978. Sponsored bonstitut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Midicale and Delegation Gcncrale a Ia Recherche Scientifique et Technique. I Ed;ws: B. SERROU I • C. ROSENVI.t) 1 1978 , . r-"n INSERM SYMPOSIUM No. 8 , NOR' L ) D-1_HOLLAND PUBLISHING CO, AAISTERDAIy • NE W YORK • ~fPANY OXFORD U : <i t. s~ I INSTITUT NATIONAL DE LA SANTE ET DE LA RECHERCNE SIEDICALE : I
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50255 3194 }fU:ail .It:2y,r. i C lOb'y. urc:it, Jo:u, Ilerbert. :111 1111 f(Y•ihCtlUll to lUCi!:I11 pi;yc'ioIo`•y. 1 ARdO:?, )"or1;, O. fora t7,l; v,-,': i;; Pre ;,, 153. p. illus., dir;grs., tables. 28 cm. tiuiis) Iitcludt5 (Ox:ot•d uledlra1 ,+.:1Liir, ]. 1'h}s1uSc,ny. i. Title: Ilun,an 612 Lil,rut•}- of Cousres" 0 b~' ? v~
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*Hiuwan4:,.etbo1ogy: concepts and--=~I:=-. 50255 3161 ,c.impliea-trons:,for,.the--sc.iences_ of:. man.. * Behavioral & Brain Sciences (1979),2,1-57 80 Il Ey-81 s.p. Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfeldt FolscRrnj;asfe/ls rur HomMetholpp.e. Me. Plenc/u dnsrdur fu, Ve%1r~•e^ oOn1 s~o%Cpe 8131 See»•esen• Feee/e/ Rep.Dl•c orGermeny Abstracl: ffuman ethnlnge is drfinrd as (hr• bitnlngy of humnn ht•hai i/lr Thr tnrlhrNls il emplo}s and Ihr qurstilln% it lx-l•s ar(• rl.Ja,ratium 1.' IIMr#' RI'rlPralI~ used in the v.rulu• firlJs uf Linlng~, l/ut rst>,•c•iall. •rd./pt.•(I tll lhr stu(I% nf rnan OI)N•rs'atuon and caIlPrlnlPtltrll,rt. nt tlll• IIJt1/rJ •txl st•minalura srtUng as .crl1 as llu• (rlrnl>Jrrlitr mrlhtlcl drricrJ frnm rnnr(Ihult•g) play impnrtant rolrs in hunl,ln ctll ?I ,t• ancl r!.1 nplnrali/rn uf ph%Itq,ont-lic .de111atinns cvnulitutcs utle rlf its f«al inlrrvNs On the Ilrsls of uhst•rsalinns nn cslx•riruti.t?1, 1(1 Ilri%rl! : mmrlrprise•ct childrvn• tvruparatisr primatr and rnimrl I>,•hasil/r .tuJirs, •rnJ crncs-cullural imcsligatitms, crrluin uniNcrnnl alaplations (in Irnn. uf fietYI actilm paltrrns, innalc rrlrasing nlrch•loi.ms, rclrati•n, innalr mntisatinF mcch.lrnisms, and irn. 'r It.,n , di+(Meilillns) hace IKru f//und to c><•cur Ilnwesrr, hnman rlludt/t;p dl.•s ntd rrstricl it4•If tu tflc in.rstiF.rlinn of Oh~ Ill~cnl•lic al?,11,;.1!il• . To,• ylN'slion ac 1n how a Ir•hat inr lultrrn eYrntril/llte'3 fll stlr\'IY(II t'Jt/ IM• I11/4'll tc illl rt•.1>,•ct to culturrl lutlvrm as wc11 Simil.lr wl• to •r, I,n•cvtn IyvC sIU1l1tiI both (YlII11rJIt\ .nd ph%L.t;rnrtic:rlh rsulvtYf prttrrn. Thrnugh c•rrl.s-cuhnrjl sludirs a rlumlx•r t/f 1lnisrr%el s</t.l' 1•drr.lc•Iratr~irs har fxrn tlixa.rn tl S.nm• I1f tlN'Ir allf7;lrt•tll e':1r/Jtl//ll c'JII IM' :Jl'tI/IInt1Yl f/lr l1\ Ih~• fat I lhat inrlalr anll c llltllr•rllc l'\ 1,1 1' I ll.lttl'r' t.•h.,sior ca•1 nften sulr.litulr as funtlitlnal lrItll\J(t•111• fnr nnr rrn lhcr Hilllin a0crtl c.mtrsL. Snmr uK'i.ll intl•r.lcli- n. ca r, rt t: IK•t tnrnplrlrh ~rrbalin.l \rsrrlhrM.•w untlcrlcinG structural rulrs rrmain 11u• s.lnlr l•Fx• disrusrn Ihat nnn.cr!nll am! st•rllal I.'./%/cr• tlntitulc for oue anutlhrr bridgr+ the gals I>,•twtrn thi•sr ser•minzl. Ji.tinei ca1/•iz4•rirs of Iwllasinr, and ttlx•m tllc s%r% f/lr I!-• .I Icl. / ~romm{r of human sucirl !r he.i•Ir rncvlml)raing Lllh the ol'rrLal arnl nnmrrhal I 1 ? 0
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50255 3190 FB 37 1•IU I I ~~li~li~~ PhT~iCft~rOC#Y`ir.~` 11~I(ttQL1~F~T~i~ _TO. ,tlEbFCtNf. Mcsre~aad. G,abert P. F1UMqN PATNOLpGY' AN INiRflDtiCTiC" : _.:.. . ~ ..1_ . ~..i ~ e•...'!.`.. _.i.! ...~:~_ .... .... .. .wm.w.....-~+. ~w....r9.~~v ~0 3 n 4 n (1 0 ! i 9 9
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50255 3196 - 1ius;an ;''i:y f-AurCgq A t(1-\f!)c:-:!C Ul ~lllillll?1 byplOrl'. i?v J. 1~.. ili~llc. i1 ( Cil.y Oxford, -Ncw I or):, 1'erbuy~l~)il 1'r~.:ss i2:yGSy p. 1yhS.' 20 cm. (The Coir:n orj%c;clth a:;.-I i~lG ri di;On:,: litvary. )aoioyy d:visiou) 1. lsiolo,--y. 2. Man r. Title. it. Titic: Iiur_ian b.ology. Q1Tq,jQS.c:".l,r, 1968 ,.-` 612 G7-?,b?n Ltbrnrs o: Congress
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1 .0 #13, i; U . Huroen phys.iology. 50235 3198 1Si'3- C1u~:11i_.iry c,f lnus::mlar coafrtlction. r..,r. t ii ? eal. We:v Yo:•kf Acac':0r.,ic J .M. I3, 7r3° 1-1. lllus. 2•i cur. j 23tblfopaphy p. 7: T-1:,2. I. Aiuscle. i. T1tle. QP321.S9:, 1551 G1e.7442 L1br<:rf of Coner--s ~ ----~~-. -- t,. . • . r, r21 c
Page 692: hfb88d00
5-0255 3182 I 80 II Ey-81 Behav. Brain Sci. 3 461-2 (1980) S.P. 2 articles: by Ondr.l Kondss O.ra.n r.w a o.~croren ~~MC. Cawwr. Uvw..+ry. 1os D r a..n.+. w. Cr.vjw Ib~dY py Vaclav Nnkava >H wrabti/~obi~ O~k wrab d. ~ lrrr C.kyy.rr COr Ftt7 Fep.n 4 Numan Narnlnd i~i lnioia-coenpt.i and /sais are more MQu*nc.d by ontop.ny Though I consrder Eysenck's (1979) condrbonnp modef for neuros#s a valuable contrbutan to research and theory, some basic quest,ons A multivalu~d lopicai n.t modeiNnp conditioninp Authors concerned about suenlohc tlli-r A r.lw +..- kr+ds of uArcasm, wtrch the charrKw,n, ot nr[,uvus .j..,., escape it rs therefore nxich easier /o look for -weak po,t,ts Eysenck (t979) model ot rreurosis than it wou+d be, say to co on the rdea that nerxoses spnrg /rom traS#c e.,Slc:nhal an,a•ty co, srrrlar mysfcal sorrce For w~starK.r;, c,rrn. crxrl(t.rpouj1 out Iri.11 tror I require further dscussron The ftrst one has to do witti Se*gman' (1971) rnportant hypothes4s concerrnnQ the preparedorss ot sorne CSs for readdy cOrH]itioned (ears There is emprr+cat support ta the e>uslence of "preparedness,•" but As nature a not cRrte N«-af 1) Some such CSs are b,olop¢cary prepared or evowLonary deterffwned. but rt is necessary to take into accaml that the henlatAty ndex aMeady drereases during eary chddhood (see, e q, Lurka 1971), therefore. probably many Such CSs are nikwnced by nchv'Jual r.t,eraerrce (see Wyrwseka's comrm:ntary) a
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50255 3193 jIizi:..•i j,.:I5'r•lirioi,l'. A1Lcrt, ] OG;1- eil. 7.)efoSti7lat:pSt :li',li flow Itl 1.11UIJ,,I(!itI \or~)i-11o11at{d Pub. Co.; New York, h{icr,cicr.cc PuhlMi- Ct': ~,A:, :,51~ p. fllus. 2-1 cm. (Deforu;:{tiun end Vow: nioan,rnphs o:: tl{e rl{cofc.sic•ul t•dLaviu:{r (-f m,ttural nnil s}a'.i~elir prur;u;•;,) "i:eport on the 1st Iu;;rcvnticuul Colloouiu{u ou I;Iirutu^:cal i•r:,! . ]etus tn l:ioingy, LCth-Y~tf~ Jul}' 1JirO in Lund ... Abstracts r.nd cu~iu:~s" : p. { tS1I-51G. I;illllogra,•;{;; : p. t517rti37. 1. Itlicolo;-c (]tioior:y ) z. Internatto:{a1 Colloquittnl ot: I t{^ola~;:- eul I'ro!.tvtns :n Itioluoy. 1st, Lund, 1050. lt.'1'ttle. (Serles) QULwJ.1 :6J 1950d :J(4.10S2 . .r.•<-LIiIJ Llhrary of Congress tr33k7j n
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50255 3200 -r• F}:RS()T~NEI •-MIINAGE*fENT--P.ELATIONS/ AN I-InI AP1'1MACI-I RAY A. KI LLIAN A UI1'ISION Ol' A\11;I,ICAN N1ANACI:NII:NT ASSOCIATIONS C~' a t; () i i f.i M, 1)), ~'. / ?-1/1 iri.l ~
Page 695: hfb88d00
50255 3175 /~+. ~- ~ l~ 1': tQ C<L7l,c.~rt'1~ : tT/•lG., <,~: ~~.... hCr. PA2•iPI1LCT 15 X Pa ?s •Y pa, / Pvndit, V. I. ; Phadke, K. ri. a."LAMUR,,, (Central Public Health Eng. Res. Inst., Nagpur) GASF.OUS C0:•S'OSITION OF CIGARETTE SMOKE: EFFECT OV 1IIn'!AN.HEALTH AND AIR POLLUTION. "~f""'7 f1''"`. Indian Jour. Public Health 17 (No. 1) 16-18 (Jan. 1973) (in English) *}:eywords:* carbon diozic:e, smoke, constituent; oxygen, smoke, constituent; carbon monoxide, :>mokc, constituent; nitrogen dioxide, smoke, constituent; nitrogen oxides, smoke, constituent. *1975, No. 5, 4: 1814%` *d* Tobacco ,r.edicine: c il .i z) i~ ~) fj i. I i;
Page 696: hfb88d00
50255 3197 kC 46 Ka , }iu.T.ati p.;;f s j i:.oF;yl-4la j/uvich, 1'ets:• V 1']»•Eao1o,• of muscnl:~r activity i31y, Peter V. Gth ed. 1'hiladclpL;a, S:+;:i:dcr:;, 19G:i. 7iii. 30; p. 'I11u5. :3J GL'. Itiblio,m+i,'t;•, p. °iR-_'95. 1. I:\crci.,~t•. 2. I'hysinlojs. c. 'fitle. QP;01.I: ; 1f1Ct3 G12.7G G;•-11:-:i . f.ihrlrt')' Of ('.o!1='fPf:S _ . 1N
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50255 3195 QP 41 Gu 1981 PHYSIOLOGY/HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY/ M ED{C/`~L PHYSIOLOGY 0 G SIXTH EDIn ARTHUR C. GUYTON, M.D. l Chairman and Professor of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Mississippi, School of Medicine W B. SAUNDERS COMPANY Philadelphia London Toronto 0 3 0 ~~ A~ , TEXTBOOK OF
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I ~ I RC i 889 Ma 1970 ~ 50255 3211 - i :r~:cy N'I I.L1 Aht 11. A1A ST}: RS DIR!<lUR V I R C I N' 1 A E. J U H\ S O\ ASSISIt%T DIRLCi(1R 71/1 R/YRUDI'Cll\f R/(1LU1.1 RI %1 -11 /(o '\D1llr1\ ST. LUI'IS, L/ ISV /1'Itl LIlIL1, BRtIN'N A\D sosTO.
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.~ , l . - . 1 ~ - - .v.'.ti~. ~~~. f... ` - • ir r~ 7s. ~ -, ~ `~k.a~.: ~ ? . ~r;:3~':"~{: ~ ~'~'i~~':~ s P 1- , : . . . .1, ::-tricltloro-l, 2, 2-trillt-oroctltanc) ~ : C.I',. tiAaLvM.D., M. McI.ALiGI-iLIN, ?-[, 1:. MAXFIELI),1'h.D., ~ ~ h~cArlf •Le!•orc[ory fcr Toairo!n,r,y o:rc' Ind:atriai ?lydicirtt, i:. 1. du Font dsNentourl . i ar:d Corupsny, fl'ilr:.t:r~tnr., Lriaccre 19Ey'3 .. , -. . . _ - . • 502-55 3165 ~ -{,r~.eY.,ITcd. Ily},,.'Qsssoc:. JoL_•-.'32 143.-J.52(J-971) }Iuraan volu^tccrs s+crc exposed +o lluoroca.hcn 1!3 rct conzn!r, tioru o .rGsO [ ar.d 1cJih ppm for frve davs, tirrec hours ir•n the wv.,n,ing. and three hours in tha afterr,non at each ccrcen;ratiort, to dcteruiinc the eflect ot repeated exposures to this cornpound. A eoutrol period p:cccdcd the exporacs. Cli,;ical ob;crvatiom, llabaratory tcsls, sul:jcctirc int,bres4c::s, :,nrl rncasurrmcnt cf psychonrotor perforroanoe wtre uscd to dcterrnir~e possible eon:poun3 eFjecu. Thesc tests and obscn•ations did not rcvc--l eridcnc-e of any advcrse effects resvltinIg f.ont the expo>ures. A guleral Improvenent in the psycl.omotor tc,t scures occurred antu tnay iia.•e becri due to sa conticucd lcarninj; cf:cct. Analysiy of b,cath ssrnplcs did not inueartt a significant bod)- buildup of 1ir:orocar'::oa [23. . r - _ . IIE I'U.:.'OS : OF TI si:S:: cxpcnm:'uis l+- -if -....{- 1.. .6.;. Worlc! Nfcriical Association (Dcclaration of Hclsinki) ns adoptcd at th~ir r•zcr'tir.,* in Jtsr,e 1~l.S~.' :~•- ... .. ..: .. I a
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50255 3204 (Rj . 45M 1974 TC-Leffingwell -Roles -304 -404 /ODORS--I=kEFE~rr~Cr( 0noRS--YSYC1i0LC r=Y 1 /QLFACTIiJN/ QDU1tS--DI:Ti.iL"11hATI.Or+/ ~urn a n-tR6.esTonsesw - -104-nviron mnental" f-WoYs 0 "74 EDITED BY AmosTurk Department of Chemistry The City Cohcge of the City University of New York New York, New York J3mes W. Johnston, Jr. Stheols ef Medicine and DenJstry Ceorgetown University Washington, D.C. David G. Moulton 1 Aloneff CbemicalSenses Center L'iuversity of Pennsylvania Philadelohia, Pennsylvania ACADEMIC PRESS ti'ewYockandLondon A Subsidiary of Harcourt Bra:e jcvanovich, Publishers
Page 701: hfb88d00
50255 3201. ' JUL'tMAL or APPl1IlI t'/1Y11"1/KlY Vol. 38, Nu. I, J./nuiry 1975. P-a.d in US.A. 721iiR,& -?s' SF . A tlieory of aerosol deposition in the humarfte'spiratory, tracV D. B. TAULi3i;l: AND C. P. YU heparlmenl of Engineering Science, Aerospace Engineering and Nuclear Engineering, Sla[e University of Ncw York at lhuffalo, I3uffalo, New York 11214 TAut-nt:r:, D. B., A%n C. P. 1'u. A theory of aerosol deposition in !he humon yes`•i,arory tract. J. Appl. Physiol. 38(l): 77-85. 1975.-- The deposition of inhalcd acrusol particles in the human respira- tory tract is duc to the mechanisms of inertia impaction, Bros.nian diffusion, and gravitational scttlin;. A theory is developed to pre- dict the particle deposition and its distribution in human respira- tory tract for any breathing condition. A convcction-diffusion equation for the particle concentration with a loss term is uscd to describe ttr uransport and dcposition of pa uclcse n th:s eq atiop U .S t J 0 il ~ I U i Y 1~ depths in the lung varies with a) the physical properties of aerosol particles such as size, shape, mass, and charge, G) the breathing conditions including tidal volume, frequency, and brcathing pattern, and c) the physiological conditions such as residual capacity and airway structurc which varics from subject to subject. Rigorous determination of deposi- tion requires a complete knowledge of the zirfiow pattern in the lung, which is very complex and yct not fully under-
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50255 3214 Jsrv i.3c, Murray E, TOOACCb,SMUKING IN MbNKEYS. Kew YoA Acad. S6 , :"Conferer.ce on t!Ne Effects o~- Nieotine 4 5rroke un the Centt'sa Nervous 5ystem " pzpec, 3'lAP, Apr3I 1966 .5~ i3 iJ
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SENSES A;a? SENISI: TOUCli/KItiA1:SI'iII:SIS/VIST.()N/ QP 431 Ha 1972 3 C. PDDL 2 C. Ro(e•nd Fiar;ocr `(cverhwlme S^nior Fellow, Ucpart;nent of ; eor7 Sc:ence• ~ ~..4 rn Unive::ity of Rc=ding. CHUit.^,lilLL L(V1t:GSTO.":E ~--- =-~ ~ eolr:cur,a-1 r.Nn L.or4,'aN i;a-YY • ~ ~ 4cC.2- . . ~ . .yi • `/C4=
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5025S 3212 , -- ~ t; . . I .--.~-- . --. -. . . , . . _ _.
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77 -_- 1 C•<~y1NA V ING AC 7/v11 s Il•nrpurlle IYIhOr) Crew Systerls Department , J 'aval lli velo D ne t Ce t ~ p r cr e n n h'arninstcr, Pennsplvania 1£974 0 1 RL#•ONl fI 1lL • 50255r 3199 j.,NC1`4Nf iCCVN- 1• CL-!)II ICAI.ON lL t)NCj.ASSIFIFII_ ~e. cpouv IM1A1: h.'tJ -UT; ];xPO$uRir§,.,TO~,. . "11hL0~•330i-11'~'Di':R' It17t?~ARIC COI:DITIO'S t.OESCSauv.cvE NOtE3(1'YP'ufreporrrnd,rnclu.i- l.rrs) ! Al11nOr~1~1 (Frrsl n.me, middle rnilul• 1.e/ n.•me) ~ ,. . •• Il. •1~11NAC7 FiII?1SrQrS S. HLVOHI OAIL • • Douglas l4e Call ; : ~ •Halon 1301 (CBrF3) has been proposed for use as a fire cxtinFuishing aScnt f , : I , in occupied aircraft sections. To test possible toxicity of this Fas under f~ h~-pobaric conditions, such as would accompany its use in-flight, male Charles k:rer-~-•~ rats and hu^an volunteers uerc exposed for 3-5 minutcs to various 11alon 1301 air iaixtures in a hypobaric ch:v.ibcr maintaincd at 760 torr (sea level), 632 torr i~ (S,C00 ft.), or 3£0 torr (18,000 ft.). Electrocardiograms (GCGs) and lung histolog}•:- j data were collected from the rats. 11 s' Physical exarinations, pulmonary function measurce+ents, psychomotor performance t.". .: 't 1~.valttat~,om ancL,,l:CG; wore c Itai~cd•.frplp the hunrrn stihjccts. Results indicate that ~~ ~ ~xhMUrc td'CG~Nz {tt~Clef~ re(fu^et}• atixosftcric pressures is no more h,^.rr.iiul than ! :; s' r.~ilar exposurc at sea level. Therefore, Ilalon 1301 tiay be a safe fire su,pressa :~ nt:..S ; for usc in occupicd cal,in scctions. ~: 19 Julv 1972
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• 50255 3217 ZJcli J r 1. t i,o;tria, :. (1'C'Fr ,Tcr~ r_ Ccll. CC": m,71:. IleZitl)., • .~.I.. :1i:rt. Interri. 1:) (i.n L•'nslish ) , Ctll'•;;i ~ W:i 1 ; ti~tir ~ K1972, No. 9, V 32SL' 1'oSacco raodici.r: er:e (chc: i:;Ll)t) ~ 0 .1 3 0 t'i (j ti l2 2 6
Page 708: hfb88d00
50255 3210 MENTAL HEALTH PERSONNEL/ t BF 575 Pr 1980 2 C. SAGE STUDIES IN COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH Series Editor: Richard H. Price Communiry Psychology Program, University oj Michiga n 40 Studi.s in Community Mental H.alth 2 /STAFF Bu~ K ®~~ Job ~, tress in the vHuman Services ~ SAGE PUBLICATIONS Beverly Hills London ,_9 ` CARY CHERNISS .ik{ - cr 0 3 0 0 0 ; 0 / 2 1 9
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50255 3202 1 Ind: Odor -Techttol. Assess. 1975, 1-25(197a;A,,I,T.R 1 . :, ,, . ,,:... ~'.., •,.. . •76 Y Mp Angelo C. Aiortesi, Paul 14. Cherem.isiaot f New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, NJ. 07102 P.khard A. Young Pollution Engineering Barrington, 111. 60010 - , .. HUAIAN RESPONSE AND EFFLCTS OF-ODORS - ., . _ ~. 0. bow much more doth beauty brauteous seem By that sweet ornai.lenl wtticb truth doth give. The tose looks fair, but faizer we it deem For that sweet odour which doth in it 11ve. Shakespeue ~~ . Cj I ,~ •i 1 t~i (`i The sense of smell scems to add a fourth dirr.ension to our environment. We.aj;~ablj to fpsp tan otject, Lnspect it thoroughiy, and speak objectively ~i . _.. .. - - - • • - - _- -. _ --_------.._ - - ---- ---- -•
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50255 3208 ~. _..... ..._-._ ___.__._y._ ~ ! a C'P Ce.:irt: il, E'ra;lic At,0ht-ii'. ~ 43]. Thc ltitilnalt sense_.. 1`;e'%\• I'orlr, -%VilL+c ;19: .^,1 tUus. 21 cm. C (A }Yiles Pu'.,Uc,.aon In ps3•cLoio,~y ) ~ I fi 1 I 13F233.G43 ,-" b~-j%"Ssl I 16 2 1 . cnsCC nUd selslLi0i1. I_ib:clPy of `(,qn;,TP~•4 -- J : , A " ~i ~.': ` " ~ ~
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50255 3219 ~ ~:C 260 ~ Fc i i Perry, NUMAN (u. 5. Seymotke TUMOR QtAb1iC `E1,L KiNETiC,j. NeaFth service, ational Ganc.er SclSf-.itu-te Ma,nvfira~-3, 30) !9~,9 2~6 pa(W 1 U, 5. neat. Health, ~-ducat.iGr,; We]farej I Washi.ng-tan, D_ C. ' l :? E
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_ 5Q255 3218 • I ; `_ad ;t'17 s.r. c. ' .z.. CIi: .,1 .: .. jC::?.C:.`..i•},~•` ~:. :5 :;l 1
Page 713: hfb88d00
• _ ,`1u_M LN_G _rAtSlr,/ II MeA -80 TECHNICAL REPORT DATA _ /l9rasr• reaJ hiuruer/ums ort IAt rcerrsc brjurr cumrlcriaFl - 1 111 rt)11r No. ? _ EPQ-EO) ~l 7£; a37a_ J r/1Lf 11NU ;UOTIT Pi~HA~'12i`A~1'l=NV1''ROf~14ffVTA1:~'"EXPOSUR~ ~INDEX~ F01~ AACC EtEt.~r1TS, I. Fifteen Trace Elements in N iw Yo rk , t1.Y. (1971-72) _ _ _ John P. Crc:ason, Thomas A. Hinners, Joseph E. Buingarne _ arld Cecil_Pinkert_on _ 1~Y11// ON4tiN1O;1GAN17.ATION NAMC AND ADDRESS Health Fffects Research Laboratory and Environmental f1onitoring and Support Laboratory Office of Research and Development _ Resear_ch Trian~cl_e Park, N.C._27711 _ 1?~C;PUNSOliIUG A.-,CNCV NAME AND ADDRESS 50255 3207 7. CI ,IEnf C t51 Mry;,~, ~ ~ __'i ~~~" ~ 5" ,FYC " Fw4TP~/ 6. PE 'O g~INaG ORGANIZATION CODE 9. PERFORMING OP.GANIZATION REPORT f. 10. PROGRAM ELEMENT NO. 1AA601 11. N fiAC'T/ RANT NO. 13. TYPE OF REPORT AND PERIOD COVERE Health Effects Research Laboratory RTP,NC Office of Research and Development 1a.SPONSORINGAGENCV U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA 600/11 CODE sT i 1 P N. . 27711 ,15. SuPPI.EMI NTAIIV NOTES ' 1 ARSTRACT (' P.~evious,studies have reveale,d that hair trace element concentrations can re~`lect ez'po?urer fin rtasA df ffanki po`rsoning arid deficiency. Correlations have been found also in some populations living in regions_where metallurgic processes ~ ,--
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50255 3216 PERSONALITY/ STRESS/ BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/ , TOBACCO--SMOKING--PHYSIOUGY & PSYCHOLOGY/ PSYCHOLOGY/ NICOTINE--PHARMACOLOGY/ ' . ,,.._.- ._ _. Human,- _.~..~:.~ ~ Stress BF 575 Ha ; 1979 i- f, and,. - ~ CO~'YlltlOn An Information Processing Approach i ~ Edited by #r VERNON HAMILTON u..;3 '40 iP 0 r z~~ .nt DAVID M. WARBC'RTON Dryar[nunr of Psychoroay Utiren(ry oJRcodin; Enttand JOHN WILEY & SONS Chichcster • New York • Brisbane • Toronto . : ' ~' .
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50255 3215 oozz•aotsieoitees-os2sso2.ooio /~8 9~C) ~Il([ JOURNAL or NERVOUb AND M[NTAL DISEASE J / ~ ~'Ol.lsr~•I: Copyright O 1980 by The N'illiam. i Wilkins Co. Prinled in t%.: 80 II Ey-81 S.P. lHuman Speech •a-nd.Blood Pressure~ ~JAMES J. LYNCH, fP6.p.,' SUE ANN THOMAS, PttO.,'JACK M. LONG. H:6-AM1C.,' KENNETH L. MALINOW lOtf)isGRACE CHICKADONZ, R43., Px-D.,' ~rrq~ARON HONORI KATCHER, iM-$.' The recent development of a noninvasive automated blood pressure device has revealed a strong relationship between human conversation and blood pressure. Conventional tech- niques of pressure measurement such as the stethoscope and manometer, which require silence during the measurement, tended to obscure this important relationship. Findings from this study indicate that interpersonal communications surrounding the measurement of blood pressure can rapidly alter systulic and diastolic pressures. In certain Filuations, changes greater than 20 per cent in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate can occur within 30 aeconds after the initintion of humnn FIK•echh tiuch varinnvr cnn hi• (if criticnl significance in making clinical judgments concerning hyperter>..ion. '1'hese findings are discussed in the context of recent nonpharmacological treatment approaches being devel-^, _ oped to help contro~hy~pErtension.~ 0 3 ; 0 -0 0 0 l;-) 2 4
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TP 370 Un 1973 50255 3220 v_~ ~,r+«-a.:.a..:.G:...~...1..... ~.._ , _s_. •~.. ,.~.~. ._....-...r.«r...~ ~ .~. / ._ ...-i.~r ::... LA:~' .--I'GOL/rCOI}--LA:J AND LEGISL.AiION--U.S/FOOD--•INSPECTION; FEDERAL REGLC{.A'I'IOP:S/ %MrAT _!1'~U POULTRY L1FSi'ECTIOti P.E.ULATIOaS ~ r;EAT INSPECTION JOu'LTF.Y I:dSI'rC:TION RA36IT IR`SPECTION 'p'OL(1`TARY Ii:SP'r'.CT.IOt' Ai3D CETTIFTCATIJti SERVICE •OF P1EAT AND I'0;.'L':ny .:Hl3MA.ti£i~;fii~~.~H~F.~.~~;~~a~. t?C1f~s~.r._•a. • :IN ITSITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICL'LTURE , ANIMAL AND PLANT INSPECTION SEF.4ICE HEAT AND POULTRY I?-.SPECTIO?ti PROGKA.*1 Washington, D. C. May 1973 i s U a s !
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50255 3227 r ...,. ~ i i ~ f i
Page 718: hfb88d00
50255 3225 . ,a:t,GDi.i.ic... t I Ihter,nat;.ora.L Dccumantatiw CznEte AB i3k5 f (! C q LtACT_tONS IN MICRaED1-T'I ON . 1964 4 $noklets Turxrod) Swe den k ~ ,.....__. ~ , .. _ . :~ , j E~ il ~; ~, / 2 ,s t's
Page 719: hfb88d00
50255 3213 XI Co - 72 SMOKING HABITS-,.MEASUREMENTS/TORACCO--SMOK7NG PROCFnUr.F: /F:/ ~ . •.~ v . ... . . ' - - - . . . . . . ' . . • I. S.P. P,Jfi Cl,~SS ti0. PALIPHLCT XI Co6--72s.P. CORKST:1 Smoke Study Group, 1:illia:'sb-":-, Va., U. S. COFESTA Smo;cc Study Group, report, S•1i11iamsbur-, Va. (Oct. 26-27, 7.972) in Fr.gli.sh) *l97?, ::o. ?.', Id 3.0440 *d* ~` Tobacco ,znslvsis: <.. .. . •-..~ . .,. . ~.j._ t.~:,.. .~.. ~ .~. . ~.__ ~ . ~
Page 720: hfb88d00
~ Ut JUCtI Qliltlilllh'I'(1t11at sC1•C(•Illll- tPtit1 N'i1S lN 1'(•\'i`iil _ - • ' , (t)IC zo»c of J))J))Il)t)U)) il•n.i '~rrr•rtcv th.er) ur)c-)r.:lf crr: % ; I/ossible pllal•ulal•etltiial or iudr,Stri;tl l/otelltiality of as thc failure to illllil,it thc ~•I-o,(-tll "f :nl v-rln;ltlt Ut.- ~ .mm)io nf thN<r t;lttv U'lll flPl'1\'ail\'(cs...- ---^.-- --~--_~ --_.--..____ _Y .. _- ----- _- , g(T~ 1 ~-jii'~1: ew 77 XI An I,~oBACCO--SMOKING--PASSIVF,~ RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET ~~ Anderson, L. 0.; Frisk, P.; Lofstedt, B.; Wyon, D. P. 77 XI An n ' *(no affil.)* N NUMAN`R>rSP0,15ES TO DRY, IIUtfIDIFIED AND.INTERAIITTENTLY HUMIDIFIEWIR ` ` ~ ` .IN LARGE OFFICE BUILDINGS. I U. S. Dep. Comm., Nat. Tech. Inform. Serv., Swedish Counc. Building Res., ~ Stockholm, Swed., PB-257 903, 69 p. (1976) (in English) Smoking mentioned passim. . ~The problem of low winter humidity in office ; ( buildings may be alleviated more effectively by en- ; suring that the air temperature does not exceed ~ 20-22oC than by humidifying the air. If air tem- + perature must for some reason rise to 23-240C, a ~ better result is achieved by intermittent than by ~ Lcontinuous humidification. ' ~...~ ~..........s. ...i./w•.t•.t:./j-1 ~:.Y,t~..M~N i. ~. .s... .•_.- •~ _ . .~ . .. .~. ..~ « .. • S . 4 .
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50255 3205 73 X Re -81 ISOCYANATES/TOXICITY--CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS/ CARBONYL FLUORIDE/ S.P. . 2 Jour, of Occupational Med. 15(3) 306-307 (1973) • Human Kesponses to>. Isocyanate= Exposure*, William A. Rye, M.D. Isocyanates as volatile reactive chemical compounds have been re- ported to be responsible for toxic responses in workers exposed to the material and its fumes.'•t6 Responses are primarily associated with the respiratory system, but have involved the skin. As the use of isocyanates increased, reports multiplied but experience has modified ,; some of the earlier concepts. The ` multiple uses of the cQmpounds, •theil pF~sica?~cha~rlcteitics `ih dSflereAt' ap- plications, and industrial hygiene efforts 1.. ^.~nola~n svrv.c..rp4; tn 1ny; r .pcn- - rec process or application. These materials vary from phosphate esters through heavy metals to aromatic diamines. Since the scope of this presentation deals only with isocyanates, all these toxicologically variable chemicals in isocyanate systems and products are in small enough quantity that their presence offers no real hazard. This is not true when industries blend raw chemicals injo system mixtures. O-71s tJ the locyanates per se, the larger the molecular weight of the isocyanate •^ r1UPSo;^•• •he L-.vPr •/s- lntririh•- thP is necessary for exposure response cur. Other considerations are incr volatility with temperature rise rapid hydration and dissipation of i in high humidity. It is possi - estimate reasonably the exposure i of a process using isocyanate pounds on the basis of volatilia saturation curves. If this estimatic dicates that fumes will occur, prot measures should be installed to < the breathing zone of the workc volved. If the breathing zone ,Pntr,•:.... .,r ;r.,-••anaro '' ,I1r•,
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! ,....... a o r a+~'j A.~T ! .er,... : ~ ,.. •- ~'R' , { ££ZE SSZOS
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REF. Q 150 Kr 1975 50255 3224 Subject Directory of Special ~ibraries and lnfocmation Centers ~ EIPST EDITION 4~0 A Subject Classified Edition of Material Taken from "Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers;' Third Edition, Covering Special Libraries, Research Libraries, Information Centers, Archives, and Data Centers Maintained by Government Agencies, Business, Industry, Newspapers, Educational Institutions, Nonprofit Organizations and Societies VOLUME 2: Education and Informatior. Science Librar:es. IncludinR Audiovisual, Picture, Publishing, Rare Book and Reaeational Libraries VOLUME 3: Health Sciences Libraries Including a(l aspects of basic and applied medical sciences . VOLUME 4: .-x -f Social Sciences and,~uininifieil~rariet?" Including Area/Ethnic; Art, Geographv/A1ap', History, Music, Re!igion/Theology, Theater, and Urban/Regional Planning Libraries • • VOLUME S: Science and Technology Libraries Including Agriculture, Environment/Conservation, and Food Science Libraries Margaret Labash Young AnthonyT. Kruzas Flarold Chester Young Professor of Libr:ry Science University of Michigan CALE RESEARCH COMPANY • BOOK TOWER • DETROIT, MICHIGAN 48226 .. ~ . .~ ,1 .~ .• J.i ~ i 1LJ t a t a ~/ . a~ •) .~
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Ii1i)uSTP.1 A't, At,PTNTl BY OBJECTIVES/ PfijQ cc~, r,AtiACF.r1ENT BY OB.IECTIVES!- --- :1F.C!(E?. 2 C. i~n1 .,lil l 1)isi,ioia oE American Managcmcnt Associatiu:. jzn ItIZ....,T`l4, V L 50255 3230 ~'L AiN T li ~E B YT HOW 'ro OB JECTJJ7ES
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z 697 Gw i9-1q INDEKINC ANT) ABSTRACTING/ SCIEVCE--ARSTRACTINt: AND INDEXING/ 50255 3222 TEC}IIdOLOGY--AI3STRACTING AND INUGXING/IIU'tANITIES/ Citation Indexing Its Theory and Applica.tion in Science, Technology, and Humanities Eugene Garfield Institute for Scientific Information Foreword by Robert K. Merton A WILEY-INTERSCI['•.NCE PUBLICATION I JOHN WILEY & SONS tVEW YORK • CHICHESTER • BRISBANE • TORONT(. t7 l 2 .i ` jr, . ~ ~,
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i3 X C1 a.-id Lr.iv. ,_____.~ _~.._~. .._ .. .... _.~._a.__.._..,.<.._._.ti: 50255 3232 - S`i~~tLtiC tiAP,ITS--FELI!'LQUI°liI*lG/ TO'tACC(}--SMOICING--PSYCHOLflGYJ RJR CLASS NO. PA_`S?NIiLCT 73 X C1 Claibarn, ::. L. ; Lewis, P. arid~'~~~1$~ -~~~--- (U^iversit,; Md., College Park, ri1., U.S.; LTMniv..Ga., Athens, Ca., U.S.; Kv., Le\in-ror., _ ., I'.S.) STI* ~:.L!S S ti :;1 i0:v AND S*'.nKItiG: A F.EVISIT. Jour. Clin. usvcncl. 28 (No. 3) 4:IS--19 (1972) - in rnal is!: *1973, No. 10, ?: 4239* *it* :obacco analysis: . !i ~t li Pf ~
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50255 3223 i r ; E:unsas~itics ~ l?~.._-;,; -.' 2f`~Zl• l.C:•Ti:~ • •+rr.. ,
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N±IPt_ ...A... 50255 3237 Car:iR. c:L (Nl•itii, e7i'., C(ti{(W; (''!':Ul1:lU1 air111;- ~.ia? C!%iit-t'iL`•I'•LiSI!• ,ail3ip!'a' _.. 7i. !;. !. A [llaiAl.'n! Wv)W.'r: WiliildCl.1:'.0. •':1 i:. (: )i1CCiCi1:, l~}li'lldCai SOci2tC, I. CiSfco'_c, f 7_Ibiary c'f !`oagrell~s
Page 729: hfb88d00
I huIa(C• l•-.1it•s, t S0255 3239 Lr.w)ir, 1nsacs aSl- Gly coro1 :iitd t)tr :;'.1'coir:i 1)roclurtion, 1)rn,)crt ic:; :,n'l 1•:es. iyy Jawr: 11". 1.-twrie ... .Nor 1-orl:, '1'Ise Chetr;r_I c.ItaliJ" .~~ COI)ii)hnj', 111C., Ia:j3. 9'7 p. Inc1. iliu ., lr,f~irc, din.r,rs. ?3} ct ). (Atncricr:n 6 - ". :i so.iet}•. Dfocal;;ri)joh serk•,. ~no. 44j) 1. Gl3cerin. 2. Gl.•cols. j. Title. '1'l'a73.L3 (rJ , 2 S--?J11~ ` ~~ LSt-rnr}• of Con„rc•ss 15^i1) a \•
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50255 3235 Co. t.. ~s.. -. ~ . _ . . . t
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.50255 3238 1~?lfi(:C`:J!1C5. HANAIIUCH DEP, LEBENSNNI7TELCHEMI E) edi ted L~ J', Se.}~o~n-uJ I e r• I 9(eS- Spri rWr--Yec1aS New Yorh I ~7 lf il l~ ~~ r' f: f
Page 732: hfb88d00
J .. e .. ~ . ti, . , - ~ 1 0 J~- .;.~_ • Y r`~ ~.~'~~~~i~. . .r~_ E, di 1C11" : jo, I:cwYotk • lotrrrtto S}d;tcy \4cxico ~~,;: 1uir:,r:nc.,urF • 1':rn:rnrl Sicigal~orc 1)u;~c~ldorf 1)ircctor, Ur« ic4., Orr & 1'::r tncn 1_ir••~ittd 'L i~ ~ ~ i i: " 3 2L •i/&~ ;•-, 1~~~l~: ,..::.. ~ . c. ^. . •- 50255 E , t 3231
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50255 3240 - - - -- -- ------ ----- --- -___ ---~_--_ _•-._ .. , , !yGE liur.,.ccficnt ; ;~ta i Y~:1 C1': CL' ~ `lt vJ 4: :. .. :: 1y c AQHF;.SY.VE . ' ~ . v a () 0 () t-j 0 J - ~ 4 9
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50255 3242 . :li.:r;.!'sC i:.°.a+ :; . ::\ll:illo~. MiChiL'.? (:n ?FiARMACMGGr OF .l.PiFLAT~',ATIQN.. I11: aNFLUEnCk 6F HYGRDSCOPIC AG'FN IS GN ~TtR.ia'A'r 1CA CtGARt7M SMaX-ml 1)y ylu.tinos and Raymond T ~- z # ..i.
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50255 3221 ~..._,._.. - 9L~/9'lv 7GJl~i .. 77 ' 5 ~IkiJ~IAN '.tNC vhl~'HNh.'~tCY.' ~b / Dr JATfI:S A. I[AT.S'I7a, AI.D. WA81[lNOTON , Ten years. nl;o the clinical features of a synrlrome studicvl in Iran presented to this A..social.inn.' Tlic sllicmt fcatures were growth retarcla- tion, nhsent sexual development, iron deficicncy anemia, and gcol,hagia. These features nre similar to what is seen in experimental zinc deficiency in several species of animals. A colleague, Dr. Ananda Prasad, sug- gasted that zinc deficiency might explain the failure to grow and to de- velop sexually. Shortly •thcre1fter, at the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit in Cairo, Prasad demonstrated alrnorinalities of zine metabolism which were consistent with th;it liypothesiS?•' Furthcrmore, n treatment program in EM•pt of 22 nutritionail dwarfs provided data which were analyzed by Snnclstend of VanrlcrUilt and showed a markedly beneficial 4
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50255 3244 TOBACCO--1'11AR'tACOI: OGl /TO:;ACCO--S:101:1:--TOXI CI1'Y/ 73 x Y,e TOBl1CC0--ADDIMTS--TOX:COLUGS'/TOi;ACCO--i'LAVOF.ANTS/FLAVOI:AI\TS--TO}CICITY/ 1 ' 11IJ~,ECT/L~11 S/TOI;ACCC~--tlll:f:CTA*.TS/DI};TEil'!,!a:F GLICOL/ :.JP. CL.•'•,SS ',;0. PA'i'iiL}•:'t' 73 }: l:ei Fe-jno)c::, I:. .i. Tobr.cco Cor!}.,nir;. t:. C U. S. T01CIC01•OGl OF TOBl,C:CO ADDITIVL'S. A COLLECTION OF MATERIAL. Reyno)C::, }:. :i. Tobacco Co., t-?;.nst.ocL=`.ale,.i, N. C. , vaziously pa;e: *Keywords:* di.ethylene glycol, tobacco, additive. - • !
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50255 3248 1 ( + v ~ j ~V ~ tl i i ~ l.~FiE.STve i4Aw MATCRIAY$ ;iAN)Phlb~>Dt-;9 t% J, I lJ •l 17 ll U
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50255 3246 GLYCOLS/ HU:rIECTANT/ 79 II Rel R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Research & Development S.P. Departments, Science Information Division TRIETHYLENE GLYCOL. A COLLECTION OF MATERIAL relating to toxicity and safety. syn: 2,2'-Ethylenedioxybis (ethanol) Winston--Salem, N. C. November 1979 ~^V i~~ ~ s. }-. .] t! U ~ 1 C
Page 739: hfb88d00
~ a N T. T Tt!^ .._.i : `.i;` ;k.-- + ~ .~ .. .. . ; .` _ iL;i-1'. `ii,.ll l: . ...: . . - ~ i. ~....~ .1 3'rlt)D--AnDITIV!:S--TO'tiICOLOCY/7 tI3ACCO--II[ I.'.(,rA:~TS/HU?tI:CTANTS/ 70C HzF-D-372-74 GRAS (GEi+J1:,-RALI.Y 1;`''C;:1; I?ED erl.KriK-s tkX.nitstwn \nme an,f AC.4ess Iafcreatics Inc. `i5000 Executive ooulejard I I:S SAFE) F DD!' Ii;S"c::.EINTS - 6LYCERIi1E Af;D Gl'LC:a;E;_; iponsorm6 OrIZaniznion \arce and A,oress Rockville, :Iaryland 20852 ISTRITLIED RY. • U. S. DEPAF.T"IliyT OF CO`2tEP.CE, NATIONAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION SERVICE/ ~i' . . 1972 1973 Cher:ical inforzatior., biological data, ard biocaenieal aspects of are given• I in a 218 page surmary containing over 1800 refereace- D PB-221 2_27 U.S. Food and Drug Administration FEy~ UARY 200 "C" Street, S. H. 6'ashington, D. C. 2`?'c04 ' The report sur.marizes the available scientific literature fron 1920 to related to the "safety" of Glycerine and Glycerides as a food ingredient. 1 I , > 0 G :' 2 ~ f~
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50255_3243 VIII S.P. TILtw~A!;TS/~;Ll'COLS/ F001)-=ADD,ITIVES---GEPtERALLY REGARI)En AS SAI'1;/ Hek-I4 PB-221 2335 GP~'~S (GC,;ERALLY RL.COGNI ZED AS SAFE) FOOD I NGRED I ENTS -- -/•.D~~~ 1 + , V r ~~L r:.:D Jil\1 r-,TI rt.S Perfaminb GcFar•rzarion Name and Addrrss )2. Sponsoring Organiza.ion Name And Address t lnformatics Inc. U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( ! ~> .. 6000 E%ecative Roulevard 200 "C" Street, S. W. ~ Rocl:ville, rfarylan(3 20952 Washington, D. C. 20204 ` •. . The report suMlarizes the available scientific literature from 1920 to 1972, related to the "safety" of Propylene Glycol and Derivatives as a food ingre- dient. CF+ea:ical information, biological data, and biochemical aspects of Propylene Glycol and Derivatives are given in a 63 page sumriary containing 282 refcrences. - . Distributed by: U. S. Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Sdrvice. .. ~~ _t i~__: e i. r. . r..- ~., ., S •- ll
Page 741: hfb88d00
. . . .a 50255 3-2v9 TOBACCO--HUMECTANTS/TOBACCO---ANALYTICAL METHODS// CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS-GAS CHROMATOGRAPRY/ CfiROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS-TOBACCO/ 72 IX Te-77 RJR CLASS NO. PAAPtII.ET1 IR Te-77 Tennessee Eastman Conpany, Kingsport, Tenn., U. S. USE OF "TE2iAR-GC" COLMU4 PACKING FOR THE GAS CHRO2•SATOGRAPHIC DETERMINATION OF r tJMECTA..NTS IN TOBACCO. ~ ~ Tenn. Eastrsan Co., Res. Lab., Kingsport, Tenn., FTR-47, 4 p..(1977) (in English) ( *Keywords:* nicotine, cured, constituent; k triethylene glycol, tobacco, additive. 1,2-propanediol, tobacc9, additive; glycerine, tobacco, additive;
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Page 743: hfb88d00
50255 3234- sCI: '2_~^ ~ ~ ::ha Mbe r~ a Y.n} R•. F., uUCCE'AR MaGNETTCti RE56NAtJCE SPECTM M 1952=~1~. ~RRTS I l~N~ II Februbr.y :t954 Jo lI p.. Humb.le D.i_ll ard Refi.»:ing Compor.,,y; Reaears.b ard DeveW„prv-»k Day Evwnp Tt.xa-4 i ~ i .i . ~. Cj
Page 744: hfb88d00
- 50255 3255 CIGARETTES--PAPER--ADDITIVES/. ~ HiJMIC ACID/ VI Ta3-77 RJR CLASS '.t0. PAMPIILET VI Ta3-77 Jodl, R. (Reynolds Tobacco G~b1i) IDEIiTIFICATIO,l OF COLOR SUIISTIL:CES USED IN PAPER OF TOBACCO PPODUCTS G,'ITt{ SPECIAL CONSIDERATION OF HU2dIC ACID. *(Identifizierung von Farbstoffen bei Papicren fur Tatiakarzeugnisse unter besonderer Berucl:sichtigung der Hu:ainsaure.)* Tabal. Kolloquiums, XIX, paper, variously paged , Celle, Ger. (1977) (in Gerr:an) *Key-wordst* humic acid, paper, additive. C)
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50255 3250 14343 FEBRUARY 1979 EE1 II Hes-79 S.P. JOURNAL OF . THE ENVIRONMENTAL ; ENGINEERING DIVISION MONITORING AREAWIDE RURAL WATER QUALfTY By Larry F. Bljven,' P"Ag1t 7:'Hutnenik' I<f. ASCE, Fred A. Koehler,' and Michael R. Overcash' ItfTaOolJCT10M Assessment and regulation of sources impacting water quality over an entire river basin are complex problems. Major components that contribute to an ~ understanding of the physical system include: (1) Relative contribution of point ' sources and nonpoint sources; (2) impact of land-use activities: (3) effectiveness of best management practices: and (4) cause and effect relationships between measurable water quality parameters and subsequent biological impact. ' River basins often have a large number of rural nonpoint inputs, i.e.. subbasins, tto complete spatial and temporal coverage of streams draining these sources is impractiSal. Fortunately,}tatistical theory provides vaLd techniques to estimate - the nr'eln and vati~.nce from randomly ~elec~"ed measurements. Statistical sampling designs for nonpoint sources that account for both the spatial and temporal variations require: (1) A sampling_unit definition aah a lis[ine of all nos,t,l, a
Page 746: hfb88d00
r 228 prue, t.ratf. Ac~<l. S'r i. U.S~1 50255 3 'l7t9,1_r•bruary 1rJ7fi Vul 7:., No. °, pp. 77_1 _ ~ r ' ~ti x~rnriary - / t tl'!tt^;;; 7ttfs 77 IT m, teriil nr;ry be prntocted 1ry Conyr?^hg Lnw !T°!t5 1-1 tt, S, r o~-7R S.P. Construction and charactcrization of an .scherichia coli plasmid bcarill~; a functional gene G of bacteriophage ~iX174* (in vitro reconil)inati(,n/transformation/gerrc-specific suppressor/spike protein) thQ,:Z.&i•;rttL1fl1MAYUN AND IIOm:ftT W. CflAhiril:RS ,3` ~---~ " 7f New York University Schoot of h1c<licine, Depurtment of Riochemistry, 5 i0 First Avenne, New lork, New York 10U1G Comnruntcntrtl by Sruero Ochoa, December 1, 1977 JV AIiSI'RACC In order to study the mutar,enic effects of site-spec;fic, covalcnt rnoilif.ications of hiolo~ically active DNA, we need host cells that are permissive fnr any typc of nwtation that tnielrt he produced in virn from the rnodified DNA. Spe- cifically, we require a f;uneral, in vivo coinplernent:rtion systetn for the bactcrioj,hage Q,X1'la gene C, an r•ssenlial gene that we have chown for our initial studies of chentical rnutagenesis. Toward this end, sve have constructed a plasntid (p~' \G) that carries a funclional copy of OX174 gene C. Three different bacterial strains that are nonpermissive for am!/, a gene C amber mutanl, have been tr:,nsformed with pySXG. The lrans- fonnanls are now txnnissive for this gene C mutant, but not for tlrc gc,ne A_,4r Eiylrrt:u~n)s that have bcyn tested. This p?pcr de- scribes the eonstruction an'tCthe`lfiocFicmival ch=uacVrization of this plasrnid, pdXG, and describes sonic of the biological properties cxhibited by the p,~\G-hearing strains. the gene G product, a virus spike protcin, constitlltivL•ly i host cell. In this contmunieation,.ve describe the constru and c},araeterization of a Colla type plasmid contain segment of ¢X174 replicative form (1lF) DNA carryin}; G. We show that this plasrttid, p,kXC, renders three prev non{wrmissive Escherichia coli strains (1351-1, 1I1-470•: HF. 17,10) ltermiuive for 4)X174 anil, a phage mutard dcl in gene G (5). i`iETI IODS AND M ATI:RIALS tpX174 Strains. Wild type was from 8. C. Warner; r gene G mutant), am3 (a gene E mutant), and amBG (a: mtdant) were from lt. L. Sinshr:imer (5). F. rnli Strainc. F,. coti C(wilcl tyhc).vas from It. C. V
Page 747: hfb88d00
50255 3254 ! 7R Iit Ga TRACF. F,T.F*4T;*ITS--A'[AT.YSTS/ ' . j-VVIRON. SCI. 1iFa1LTN. A12O) 95-101 (1977) I , TRACTIONA2ION AND SRACE .DaAt CO:r[E:Jt OF A C0`L`o=RCIA ^SIC ACID. Tiy Words: Trace metals, humic acid 11via Gaskill, Jr., Janes t. Syrd and `Lrk S. Shuman Department of Environceatal Sciences and Engineering School of Public Health .-Cniversity of North Carolina Cbapel Hill, North Carolina 27514 Lldrieh humie acid was separated into humin, humic acid, and fulvie acid. These fractions and the unfractionated humie msterial were vet digested and analyzed for Cu, Cd, Cr, Fe,:ln, 51, !b and Zn by atomie absorption. Solid samples and digests I •ere also analyzed for mansanese by neutron activation.
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50255 3247 ~°- .~ 1 F.mst, k,. C. 7he toGaaco, ir.duakcy ar.d !~arbi.io.A. i 7 P?a I ~ Irn: Yr•oceed:ings o£ 'A» Tr-syustry Raport,... _. ma~,$e~n~ sym~os x~. : cr~av c~ea by Lhe 2 1i
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50255 3261 'r;un... ""! ir i: ation. t: ss :r.<-.nsic r : ocesSc^ i c:!l a : icns, by Yori:, U: r,:il_T:?Ii'J t-F:lii i~ ~' ~ l
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50255 3258 1J;l-manit, 1'ritz, ]~i5- cd. }•}:lU1)C-d1:' der ieC}itll£ii:21t Ci1:C!llie.. 3 y 1 st,±ltete ildlt. in Gemeins-'.:aftt init. S. B<<I;:E: ;ct cl., ::}t~~ ai~ettb2rE, 1• Wfl}:dI:1 FOM:t, .`iUllcl)cil, U1'b;lll S, .` t, Y. itiuS., dhc,•rR. lg Cu-1. I Cc,xTe-N t!~ -:---1. f?u. Chc^.t:,ct,cr Appa:oteb ;ta und ~ Ch~;uish~,':eais,t:at-T)'.caarartt..-~~crtn~r:. 1 Fc:.. • Tl'J.C;G1•1 ,r.-1p2j 4
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50255 3263 .•-- -- - RJR CLASS NO. PA2dPliLET 72 I?:-TE-75 Tennessee Eastman Kodak Company, 1;inSsport, Tenn., U. S. EFFECT OF TE"f~'ERATURE AND ilU*fIDITY ON FILTER ~. Tennessee }.astman Kodak Co'.-; r:-nssPort; ~Tenn. ;`r"T1:-37, p. (1975) (in English) %rI , - `4 *Keywords:* cellulose acetate, filter, additive; moisture, filter, additive. *1975, No. 12, 14 4265* *d* I 0 3a 0 f1 i I 0 / 2 7 1
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50255 3260 caL:cn, v.l. , 'rP r: [ 1 ~~~• J. 1 1•?J ~iP.'i•SG1C,i! C+1~~11:(('Ci_,n Lo•l,lOSI, ~~C'1'+Yt' nlO:L hiCv~l~J-~~ 111i?s. :=5 cm. I I 1. Chc~u:cal cn tueeriug. 1. Richardson, Jo'..n ='rYnCis, :. au!hor. ~[ cco T.i 14:~.C7p, Li!+r. r: of C:.n~res~ "~~ 1~1
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I ..'J~. . . -.•! . ,,,_+1 ,. _ ._." P~,t*.c, l E zs1 ~~ OLE ' __ ~ ~ S9ZE SSZOS
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~ _ ..... .__._ _ ~ IS + I U -7 4. inle and Sut,ucie 5. Rctwrt C~JIe P u2 NASA GLOI3AL ATMOSPiIER;.C SAMPLING PI:O:xIt1',M (GASh) Februiiry 1977 ~ DATA It1:PORT FOR TA PE VL0005.) V#'- "k 6. f erfornang Orgn tehon Grdv N 7. Au!hnr(s) 8. Verforming Orprnrjtion Rcport No tfl N " iy2h~nik Holdeman and'F D L J ~ ~ E-90BG ~ . y . .. _ . .. 10. Work Unit No. tPf V1 9. Pcrfcxming Orflanization Name and Address N 0 Lewis Research Center 11. Coniract or Grant No. fn National Aeronautics and Space Administration Ohio 44135 Cleveland , 13. Type of Reyxt and Period Covercy 17. Sf»nsoring Agency Name and Addrese Technical :Oemo: andam onautics and S ace Administrati l Ae ti N p r ona on a - Washington, D.C. 20546 14. Sponsoring A2-ncy Code Fully automated GASP air sampling systems on board several commercial I3-747 aircraft in routine airline service are obtaining measurements of trace constituents in the upper tropo- sphere and lower stratosphere. Atmospheric ozone, water vapor, and related flil-1ht and meteorologlcal data were obtained during 214 flights of a United Airlines 13-747 and two Pan American World Airways 13-747's from March through June 1976. In addition, trichloro- fluoromethane data obtained from laboratory analysis of two whole air samples collected in fliaht are renorted. These data arP nmv availahln nn f:GCU f-onn vT.nnnr' f.....,, a,. wr..a=......s r 0 3 It's tj' n 0 0 'I 2 6 1
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50255 3267 ~ I(olzbock, "IV erl,-'r G ~' Ins:ruiur.nts for Incasaielnent i:::d control. New Yo_•:z, i lieinl;old Pub. Corp.,nSa'. ~ 37J p. illus. 23 cr.t. 1. I'Lysical I:ist ruments. I. 'J'it1e. (?Cb",).IIC Librury oi L<~:i .ti59 JaJ:L / rJ JJ-ill r~~ ~ r t
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50255 3257 It P. -Ntth. 1. agric. Sci. ?7 (1979) 277-283 73 I" Z- S.P. A tentative approach to the molecular structure of htimic acids: The spectral evidence for a derivation ofAmic acids from plant-borne esters. 3. Pyrolysis-mass spectrometry G. Minderman Research Institute for Nature Management, Arnhcm, the Netherlands Received: 29 September 1978; accepted: 1 June 1979 Key words: humic acids, pyrolysis, spectrometry, esters Summary 0 •i tJ i The conclusions mentioned in Parts I and 2(Minderman, 1979a, b), about the formation of humic acids, are not contradicted by the results obtained by pyrolysis- mass s.pecyomt`'try.,~heidata support the hypothesis that humic acids can be deriv- ed from simple mixcd cstcrs, formed in the plants or by micro orbanisms. I
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50255 3251 III Du2=79 S.P. Description and Review of Global Measuremencs of Atmospheric Species from GASP by Daniel J. Gauntner, J. D. Holdeman, Daniel Briehl and S'i'AR category 4 Nationhl Aeronautics and Space Administration Lewis Research Center Cleveland. Ohio 44135 Key Words: Air Quality; Trace Constituent Measurements; Acmospher:: Ozone; Water Vapor; Carbon Monoxide; Aerosols; Troposphere-Stracoapher:; large volume of atmospheric constituent data is being collected in Meteorology. the global 1irl.aicr: Ly specially equipped B-747 aircraft. Th:s NASA pro- gram also obtains data from the similarly equipped NASA CV-990 air:ratt during dedicated flights such as a recent near pole-to-pole 1ac:lude survey mission. Aerosol composition data are also collected with a NASA F-106 .' c~s0 c,nc,~/r.~~ . . , 7
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- -50255 3256 ~ GS .' 7.~ S-,~ . Removal of N~`'mic~~-"Acid by Coagulation , _ ~~~ -; `( and Microflotation ~=rancis J. lVJangravi~ig Jr., Cassell,r~gon Matijevic, and ~ 'Tinioth y D. Buzzell, L7 Alan '~Gary B. Saxton '- The clarification of humic-acid si s pensions by moans of coagulation iollowod by sodimontation and by microflotation has boon studied as a function of sol concentration, pN, sol stability, coagulant concentration, and ionic composition. Microflotation producod the samo dogreo of ro- moval as coagulation•sedimentation but at a much fastor rato. r ~. a
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50255 3266 liinni %'I i t} --Decf.rtuinaLior. t'exlcet- Actfotct HUMXDITY ANA MOISTME MEllSUtUMCN'C CONTRpL IN SCIY-NCPI I4ND IC1DU5?AYf aoLvMC 3, FUNnAMOTALS Ali1) STA1df7AR09y Ao 4 ~ .. r ~ .Li141 ~~v.: Y~ lkn'
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50255 3253 78 III •St Org. Geochem. Chemistry [IL Jumie Acids and RelatedvPionients * .~ F. J. Srs;vFnso` and J. H. A. BunER Dcparnncnt of Agronomy, Uniccrsiry of lllinois, Urbana, Illinois and Dirision of Soils, C.S.I.K.O., Adrlaidc, Australia Contcnts I. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 334 11. Extraction arid Fractionation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 535 111. Biochemistry of the Formation of I lumic Substances ....... 537 IV. Methods of Functional Group Analysis . . . . . . . . . . . . . 539 V. Distribution of Oxygcn-containing Punctional Groups ...... 544 V1. Structural Arrangement of Functional Groups as Rcvcalcd by Infrared Analysis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 548 Vll. Structural Basis of liumic Acids . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 553 V111. Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 555 Rcfc rc nccs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 556 t
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QD 31 Br 1978 CHEMISTRY/ tbi •~ 0 0 1-1 6:1 / , iuisimy PR'NCoPLES AND STRUCTURE 50255 3275 GENERAL SECOND EDITION JAMES E. BRADY St. John's University GERARD::_E,._-H_UMJSTON~ . ,I Harcum Junior College j 0 JOHN WILEY & SONS' a New York Santa Barbara Chichester Brisbane Toronto
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i •.: . u 50255 3264 rC)C'~ :ft C;IAl'f.£ 1w 0. T. Z.if:'iii!`xiiA'.1 ... :i1a1•l1' 2:;; rill. ' "1tefc rer.c~:.;" : p. iU-11. Atatlor. tc. In.?`:- tril,i rcLcr:rc'- s:•r:..r, llover. N. H. it.. +~ie: Pa?~~:rouCt:t: tt.L6., snd ch.:.i Ls. i Li`t?sr. cf :,/i..t _ ' j;;1q11 ":1.5", c U ~ .~ -7r
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50255 3236 -r"-AkrC•L tOuGw•: t t~ a, a:td occa_iiona?ly $11 i:u:urn. In onc cas n,a, a simiJar rea%:tic 0- ~ ro: Fit a population crt;cd and dcssroycd i..= X•e pro,%.c that t,t the process of an ir v n sclective ad- -growth in cc!tur cr norn{orr.mittcd ra:nourcn. ' - ttrc txst of at- - n ; tpic results ° ~ Jtr - 7 j?r t thu board t:f i I rt.futcd the t~ J Blood-gas Tensions : nd x,ditiuns xcrc ' Aerosols , by~X-A;;;ljw@ rvc Incn done : ,yalty !uXVards Sttt.-Like Dr. T. T. Chapman (29 No- ! rncnJations of vcn:bcr, p. 557) I too havc just eomplcted a r ycician shoulcl lrial of the effect of \tedihalcr-duo (320µs- t'h:. 'v:cs fiotly isop rcnalinc he.iro:hloride plus 480 pb. ~, tatop.cencnt of p:hc:,)lcphrine bitartratc) on blood gas tcn- ' J en!y to givc sions. Twclvc paticnts undcrgoine trcatrncnt aurhority. for crnphyscma with sli,.ht rcvecsibiliry of I ur•crinrcndcr.ts airway obstruction foilowins broncho<iuator i thr "coEwhccl trcatment were testcd. Eight of these pa- i is poptdar if it ticnts were aiso i.rvcstiEatc.l followinL the ~ c., inhalation of 200 pg. of salb.utamol (Vcr11to- , lin). Some vety intcrestinS changes in blood- i a • i b g s tcns ons a crc o scrvtd, which I hasten to report because of their potential signifi- eance. The Mcdihalcr-duu tests were earried out durir.g the firat week of the trial ar.d the Vcntolin tcsrc durio~, the >ccnnd wcck. lia,h paticnt, aftcr 15 rnint:tci res:, h3d hlc+c,d pressure ar,d pulse rates rec•ordc•_I. Followins: this the ar•rri:J n.:.•~~.. ..•..:..« ELL IlARTON. : ro-kin` Porrv mt ;. wA in llofpiradr, f•. i CrnJ~ ~ First-aid Trattvng Str+.,-For training in first-aid for alI citiAcnt I suggest that it would be art arlvan- ta^.c to havc for Eeneral i:sue a Keather-pninf p ock.et-folrlcr on the principles of acci,lent rnanagcmcnt and Lacic cmcrgcccy l,rtit•aid, uhich Surgeon Kcar Admiral Stan!cy Miles inrplic.ti (22 Novrra'„cr, p. 435) may be tau,ht in a mnrter of hours, using visual aiJs and the handling ui anatnmical ntodcls, as wcll crs practise of rnoutl:-to-mouth and mouth- to-nose artificial resf,iratiun and cztcrral r.atdiac massagc on I:c.usci-Annc. In trrining it nrust never bc furl;naen that to hear is to furl;ct, to see is to understand, and to do is to remcmbcr. The en,rappcd patient mut he expcrt/y extricated, and all the while a cl_ar airway must be maintained. The order of the day ntust b- to keep the patient brcathing, stop him bleeding, and by carcful handlir.g and positioning not to make him worse. Any layrr an ::uitably anj briefly trair:ed can 401) aIl of these things. A dcctor is of special valuc only when he h:is the nccessary• equipnxr.t to ex/+loit ha spcciai skills. Lct us get dotisrZ to the realities of s.ha
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POLYMERS AND POLYt•1ERIZATION--ANALYSIS/ PLASTICS/ POLYMERS AND POLYMERIZATION--SPECTRA/ POLYERS AND POLYMERIZATION--STRUCTURE/ QC 457 Hu 1978 1lUMMEL/SCHOLL ~Atlas of Polymer and Plastics Analysis Second, completely revised edition 0 ~ Vol. ] vPolymers: Structures and Spectra By Prof. Dr.iDietet'O:.Hummcl;Cologne .;.a., _. . ... - - ~ -50255 3278 Carl I ianser Verlag • Munich • Vienna Verlag Chemie • Weinheim • New York V ~, Verlag Chemie International New York •Weinheim' /'`i ~__.('.'. a
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f± ti . ~~ . . 0 i 1: - aLzE sszos
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,50255-3229 III Du -78 - I- S,P, 2 Seifen=01e-Fette-k'achse-1C3. .Tg. -Nr. 20/1977 t/VERPA('KUN(: UNf) TRANSPORT, VERi'AC;r,11NC:SM1tASCf1I?\'F.N, -'`tATF.RIAL,-:`iTTTE1. AEROSOL TECfINOLOGIE. 11 FEA-AEROSCLK@":GRE UN 7. FF.A-ARROSOLAUSSTF,LMG in Brussel, 20. bis 23. Sent. 1977 Die soziale Vcrantworiung des Belriebes in dcr Acrosolindu- strie,,das crneuerte hlarkelingkonzept und die Folgerung aut dl Betricbspotitik- Die Konsequenzen des Vcrbrauchs roLj~;~t i(~vfrr,hk, i'rofesseur consultant dc 1'Intercontinental Service limited (England) Der Dialog Induaric/Vcrhrauchcr und damit die sozialc Vcrantwor- tung des 1lcrstcllcrs gcccnuhcr dcm Konsumcntcn ist nicht als vor- uhcrgehcndc Zcitcrscheinune anzuschcn. Es handclt sich ttm cine an \1'ichtigkcit stanihg zunchmcndc An clcgcnhcit, bcdingt durch den Erof3cren \1'ic.cn.durst hesondcrs der jungeren Gencration, den \Vun.ch nach cinrn ccacrcr. Auft:liirunc iihcr clic il,tndrlsprodukte, die zunchmcnclc Kaufkratt und dic naclt dnnt 2. \Vcltkric-sich deutlich zciFcndc %rnn.•hrtc %ukunftwnwartunr.. Mit stciecn.ler kriiischcr IEinstcllung dcc Vcrbrauchrrs ist cinctccits dic Unsiihcnceit und ande- rcrscits einc cc~~is.c Skcl»is ccccn dic Industric und ihrc an,gchlich nur auf Gcwinn au.:,rrirhtrtc Pohtik .crc.r6ltcrt worden. L)ahcr ist cine Hcitcrc.Aufl.l.uung und Information drinccnd nonwcndiF., tt•olki dar- auf Riicl..icht rrmtinrncn acrdrn mutt, daLt I anr allgcmrin die s.rtiale Vcrantssurtunt; hri siclcn Inaituti mcn hce~t, wic dcr \1'ittschaft, den GcNCrksrhaftc•n, d.r Iiccicruni; und den I:irchcn. Es Sttt, tlic sich immcr vcrmchr.~t)Icn ty.ct(1lnce tf1\'onC,irift~p zutc;rfiillV{t; cipc~ cr~j (olgrcichc l nmri Ik,ht1R zu ~~trciR~n, trittIci cm'IetTtlrs Cicssinns fur neuc Imrstitiunin scnccndcl s%rtdcn sull, Jic scuialcn'Lu.atilcistun- gen dcs Arbciln.•hrnct..ind 7u ~ctl ecscrn und cndlich Jic Kohauffe, das Gc1d und nidht •rul~•tzt clw Nct:schcn mu.son richtit; .inecsrtzl G Aktionsprogramm im Hinblick aut Schulz und Information dc 4erbrauchcrs , T`fiss E. Roberts, Dir. d. Bureau EuropEcn d. Unions dc Consomnu tcurs (England) ' Der Vortrag von F.. Roberrs war chcr acrosolfcindlich und vicl zu cir seitir, zugunstcn des \'cr'brauchers. Dalier mrintc sic etcidt iu AnfanA daC4 ihr kcfcrat dcr Acro~olindustric nicht i.usagcn Kurdc, jcctuch dct Vcrbrauchcr auf die Dauer von Nutzcn sci. lhrc Darstellung uber da AnfanFsstadium der Acrosolc H,ar nlan-clltaft, deshalh war 1hr. Schlulifolgcrum, :jctvt m issc dcr Vcrhrauchcr die Rcchnun_ dics: obcr0:ichlichcn Vcrsniiccns bczahlcnp nicht ubcrraschcnd. >,lim dic5 kcchnung nicht tscitcrhin zu vcrgriiltcrn, ware cin Altcrnativ-Prc gramnt auszuarbcitrn und dcr GescV,cbcr h:ittc dafur zu sttrl:cn, da die 1.chcusc)ualitat crhalten blcibt.a I)ann crtolgte die harstcllun;! de Atdbaucs und der Funktion des curop:iitichcn Itatcs. Nachdrm cs s•u 1957 noch kcinc schla_Ar.iftwc Vcrbrauchcnirganisation E.ab,sind die se 1973 in allcn curo; Ji.chcn 1_din.lrrn• sorsic gIcichzcitiv EG-Vcr brauchcrschuv.abtcilun,•rn vczrundcr wurdcn. die in der 'Lai,chcnzei 400 Richtlinicn crarhcitct haben zum Schutt und zur Infurntatiun dc Vc rbr,utchcr. l)an on tt urdrn tunf bcsundrrn t%icht i,,•e 1'un4, ic ct tcahnt: 1. Rccht auf Sichcrltcit und Gesundhcit (auch bczogcn auf die Anga bcndcr Fcrti;:packungen) 2. kecht auf 1Chnt/ \Ur Nlrtwhaftliclten Intcressen seitcns der Indu S
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~71 4L "_~:.'.'.`,~'~=:{ ..:t:': ;'' ."i:Ii. I i '? r a :'G3t+:~~r ~ ~.iU ::): ?tJ.?C EE(, 7S'. Z L Z£ S S Z 0 S ,
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S-'7~+'r:C'E5f PART .111 ",`~..',L!ICI'1L SCIENCES TF,'s'ORMATi0a "OPCES-..r'::RrQJiCALS/ SMAL S/ l.~f l 1 ll ~ 1-..~ J'fr,.~ ~' I e''t !'-911 , 71VI"• F•IT41; .vr a~ ~ _,t~ [~ ~ ' ~ `j aff~~r r .:- ~ .-- :~ ---~- ''*! _.....~.~-~ cn fe! J i. NYork F is /t.{t•~ U.11CL:::L, v'li~ . ~ C t a~Cill;rrl:~3: °.tr! ~ i:C::Ur3I 1't A p p ;iC:ti $CIG:1Cc P2rt III i:ioi:'sz;ine ` S(:lC'.ct 8R 1(ltr:C'1 3l1^ 1::~ SU iSCft;.a rf RC$/lC5/ V1rlth CXF)C IcTIcC'': lUlOtJ-EIOW
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7 1 IEI ss:?.~uo } 3a : s 3r91'L ; ~JGT ."T__ ",f •s:,.,npo.zd lcor•:aujq •T •rno $;<, ~ISt {p '~a,r{~i 'sa3Lld 'I:ull! 'd Lr 'I;Ie oi~t~i~T, ~ifo•i ~ t)ZSL1o.I ~.)flV 'iO~•1*.InJ j v. ( ~ i)lli: ui!i_?2•;O.li1 °.m'tl"{:,.inll:.;llf a; i i 9LZE SSZOS-
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QC 457 Ilu ]971 50255 3279 k F-IUMMEL/SCHULL Wrared Analysis of Polymers, Resins and Additives . An Atlas VOL. I PLASTICS, ELASTOMERS, FIBERS AND RESINS ey nkW O.tfurmnd Part 1: Tcxc DJILEY-1NTERSCIENCE A Division of John a i4y & Scas, kr- Ntar York London Sydncy Toroow 1971 n t~ :~ s:; G+1 i; U I i
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50255 3268 ll~ueidiry--•Iieterrtinat ir:i--Instruiments ; . { HuMIDxTY Anra Mb3S7a» MIASIAMNT CoMM in ,SULhIGB AN3> INDISTR`C, VQT,UM FMA?It;"N{AIS A" »Tf41.Dfl"$t fLy W"C E C y l:oa :':.'"., :a: ii :::, Ao .,~.,.." ,.. : _..~:.... . _ ..
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. 50255 3271- QC 91.6 W SG3E~~ii~i~}frV?~t~~3#~I N~ s3~+~%a~i~~tirN1~TN.LS . Arr,ol.d HUMII?Ta Y AND NZYSTURE 11Ff•SUREMEWf C0-41'P,61. SCSETK£ AND TNDb57R'f, VUUME 3, FUKDAMENTRtS ANQ STAriDANUS, by Wenl er. v Arno}d A-i~cl 1~al .1 iam A, W.iJdE~kj tdator5,. 1965 5(02 p , Re;nhold, pub.t;.5h.ira Cor?r ncw York r) ~ .) E~ ` ~ eri il (i
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f2 (~ ~+ (1 !1 t~ ~1 /~ S• ~~ . .~ / s -. .. ,.. . .. . ~~a„r 7 pa.r t.r r >l~,r',. S I'nN,~--s,1q :a ~J3!Tl[•.' ~J : it \[UI[`T iCIICIIII~ `)U11 -'.13171 I ~ f CLZf SSZOS
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\ vlt1.ee, I /sTieAi~ T~PreR~T-ltRrE , ~ ~ /1rN t ~FAR ~A G//tTid ~RR~SSNRs ' ' / ~s7?6R~'/.tOK ~ ~~,CR•~T~fe~Vi c COw7~t e~t~,el.~~t s #e s.* "y- - ~ ~~~l.'CTRO/r~G.f~ TRRrNJONt ER ~GtottilRiSS - -~'•«'cTxe~'~cf J / I< 7S' 70/YO -I449 . .: , ~. ~. / ~ 3 0 0 0 0 0 J 2 7 1 HARRYN.HORTON Jet Phcpulsiow Lobo.otory ~ / -
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VI To-73 TOrACCO--.AGRICUI,1tI1;I./T'cT,1,CC0--IIU;IDT;y/ 50255 3269 --~ -- . ;- _,... T07ACC0--C!{EMICAL CO?1PeITi0:1--AGRO:•?0l-fY--Ft'r:LATIONSIiII'/ '~ r ' R.)R CLASS NO. i:42:PHLET VI To-73 s.p. ti Rsi c_ , C. ]). , Jr. ; Srcith, W. T. k (.:crth Carol_::zi State L'n_v., kalei.,,il, N. C., U. S.) S-OPi -TOv `.'CO U3:L''t:GOI'?':i.;:T":' YRELI~it:'~'hRY OI3SFFV~:TIOA'S I2: ~ 1'iil?OTRO*i C'•I .i Tchscco Chc:a. Res. CoZr ., 27th, papcr, id;.nston-Sa1erm, N. C. Oct. 3-5, ~ ls,-)) (zl, L«;,ii,'l) , , ~ R - , c ~ s ~ , No. ?:,, W F,4?-4 ` *d,: 1c~~cca aFrzc:,.:l.ture: . .. . . . ^'~'.T'•-•~.;n,........~,T.,.r,~. i 4
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50255 3281 } a Q") i 1 ~ ?81 llu . Jufr:u•e,1 slicctr:~ of l~ol~-mers in the mediuin a~:a ' tir.^,~clr:rrrtli rc;:ions 1lr;,; t llietei• O. Ilut~,n:el. '_~(•N-r 1'c.r'-, Ir1tEr'~iietlC( ]'ublishcrs (J.:')V: 1 k Plll, sC? p. iilUS. 24 Cm. (i'uifllfer rev ieua, t'. ii) 1 JClblipgCaphr: p. i 1-Si. - ~ { 1. i'o:1"IIIFr: wad rooly'i:ic'rization. 2. Sl.c.!trt:lu, Infra-r,~ii. I. Titlc•. (Seric~) ~ ; ~I1'IJCi.!'UII~ r` ~ u1/.51 VSS-~-,L''J.'J . ~ ~1i ~ if tJ ` 1 1.ilorary of ColtSr"s . .!
Page 778: hfb88d00
~ 7Tf2es ~ "7.5 sp. - ---- - - rhel~'echwnism o` Flocculation -.-~-...-- ~.~Processes in th e. Prelsence of Humic ubstances1 6) y~ The mechanism of flocculation of clay suspensions in V various conditions of interaction with humic and fulvic _ .~;N. Narkis and M. Rebhun acids has boun invostigatod using a radioactiveiy A labelled cationic polyoloctrolyte. It was found that the presence of organic matter in solution or as a complox on tho minoral clay particle surface inhibits the process of flocculation. Therefore largo doses of flocculant are nocossary to produce conditions favorablo for complete reaction. t 7 7 .i ti 6 1 i f,l lJ / 4", .) il
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50255 3280 i1u ~;Til;a'd1 I1R;l.b ts Y.i t?O2~';:a['S~ Yc~licl i'1?:~ WTl$ t]/' 'I T111 T)i!IC1 /~i~TU~j. t.'~' F,jlzll Cj ,1 NG14 irL1Ti' ; V. !n tftus. W, c :1. . i ' .~ ~ . j -! •S Tral,s'.Z!tlon of Att,.s dcr :iTTntstnfc-A1.alS:;: 'wiTlctl was (,s,Zed oa t}le PQtl1Jr*a KunstsiolT-. Lar:r-, tad Gbrrs, r.ud ms:c4, Eiun!n.e:, pt. 1. '1'ert. 2. 2 V. 1. 1•o]}^nrrs rulil ;:oltirr.eriz:a:on-atnl•rsic. ~. Guuis t;ncl Au~ic,l.~ .S• :'ol}r!xrv t~ut! pot~T,eei .:•,, (,ZD13t+.1'31T813 . •. 5iT.i5'8`i3 7n-G6-3:' f y Llbcnrs of Cor„ress ' 0 t^,1
Page 780: hfb88d00
L- t{Qllimal nc VrSEARrH i.be f~~t'~ nl S_ ,/nl A 1 A 1 -A Ph si h mist 50255 3Z70 v - Jonuory-Februory 1977 S - Humidity~Fixed Points ofxBinary Safiurated Aque4us, $olutions . f 76 III Re 80 S.P. No. I Lewis Greenspan Institute for Basic Standards, National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D. C. 20234 (October 22, 1976) An evainatrd cu+npilatiun of ryuilibriunt rrloti%r humi(litirs in air vrrstn /rmt.rralurr from purr pha.e to appruxirnatrt) 10' tsaaral (I atm) in prraurr is prrsrntrd fur 28 binary saturatrd aquwws s-dutiuns. Thr rrlati.e humiditirs of thr suLdi,,,u rangr Frum at.wl 3 tu 98 prrrrnt. Uaiug a dala L+iae fium 21 arparatr in.rctiEatinns cumprising 11(16 indi% idual mrt urrmrnls. flta %rre madr by the mrth,id of lrast fquarrs to rrgular twol%numial ryuatiuns with tru Ihruugh four .•urffiiirnts. Equatiuns and tables are prrarrdrd alun6 with the rstimated unrrnaintira in 1hr rurrrlatad rrsults. Kr. %urds: aqueous sulutiun; eyuilibrium; humidity; rrlativr humidity; salt; saturatrd salb sulutiun; vapor pressure; wrirr salwt. 1. Introduction Research, hygrometer calibrntion, tc•sting and rnatcrial contlitioning uftrn rrquirr the accurate r•untrul of humitlity in a..urkinF; xtrat•t• TI}- rumnwn• mrth U ! trds pf U ki rnntrtd kin} 41 tr ! ~' 4r- tiuns have been produced and many cuntpiletinns of the equilibriurn relative humidities of srlrctrd saturatrd salt aulutions exist, there are no compilations for which the data havr brt-n critit•ally anal.tcd and rstirmttrs of thr unt•rrtain- ti(.s imultrd Fivrn, a strlt which is alH)lutrly cccrntinl to the 7
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50255 3282 (1"5!,) -. 'i'obar•r~o it' ; effects, an~:lysis and ; fi]A•ratio :. (S?. Hum-o' dc;. 7.'abacco . us efectos) F.IIa.Ii.`;1.i.;, y fzii.r2.cictl) i From: 1nlustriia y :-:aimics B. -L 16:339-43 T.ravi , ~.. i'. ~ iil^r'C~ •:y:i i i,c'CJ':i..e (iF':•~ _ 1 } C)
Page 782: hfb88d00
50255 3286 ! Tr - 351, .' A l+iiri,. S'ctttici:'t, 102.3- I ~ tLyt _Sl:uic;;i lZumphrc}' ianci:I\at,cy F. 'Millis. Nec: .ii'v1. Artit:u• J:. 1'o:•k, Acocteniic- e ~ 1'r.: -s, tt, 3' 33 p. atttz• I.,7. cn?. ~ ; bibiiooraplticat referen~r~. Inctuttr i t . I . L f'crntrntation. 2. Chem:cat I1eu1,nares, _-t::-r I F.SrI• IL 9litll3, 1anc,y E'. ItL Title. TP15t;•I'-lA4 19u5 ; , G5-::iG:.-I Ltbrary of C,~ngre;s
Page 783: hfb88d00
, . XX MeD-77 S.P. . {i 50255 3287 ~ { _ s .1. SYMPOSIA/ PROTEINS--BIOSYNTHESIS/ btechnotogy and Bloengineering Symposium No. 7 Single Cell'Protein from Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Proceedings of the Symposium on Single Cell Protein Substrates pre,ented at the First Chemical Congress of the North American Continent, Mexico City, Mexico, November 30-December 5, 1975 Editors: jlrthu.r,E. Humphrey' University o(Pennsyluania Elmer L. Gaden, Jr. Uriiuersity of Vermont 1977: an Interscience-" Publication published by John Wiley & Sons NEW YORK • LONDON • SYDNEY • TORONTO ( ) ',~.- 1 li •{+ %~ I lj I 2 - 9 'C) f a
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50255 328U - a III Du -76 S.I,- 2 Arbeitsschutz 1974 (8-9)23].-236 (Aug.-Sept. 1974) FLUORINATED }lYDROCAP30tdS- Their Iz7portanct as Dry Cleaning SOLVENTS. CIS 75-7G5 Fluorinated hydrocarbons - Their impcrtrnce as dry~ tleaning solvonts IF7uorkoh'en•.vassorstolle - ihre Gcdcatung a,$ LOsemit- i l6) /ur d•e Chen:,schremryunq).tllgwq*hf.lt k`."Arheilsscnulz Koln- Gerrnany /Fed.Rcp1. Auj -Sep. 1974. N e.t -9. p1 f 1`F36. Rlus. 10 rcL (in German) This arGcte erplains the eornt•esiunn and physical properties of vichtoro/luo romcth~n. (` rcon 11) and 1.1.2-tr cLloro-1.2?-tnfluorocthanc (Freon 113). The TLV for concentration of these 2 solvents in air is 1.CKrJppm. the hlghesl Icvel fur a cornmercUat so,rent. It is nevertheless rmportant to ensure adeq'~ate vcncdaGon of premises ohcre these products are used Contrtry to vrhat occurs with the chlorrnatod hydrocarbons. frequent and prolunged ec- posure to F. con 11 and Freon 113 does not harm the human body. Part ot the arGcl=is dacotcd to thc adoastigcs of these solvents for dry elcanrn3 and lhe dotcrar:nation of vapour con;.entraGons in tr e wori place a.r. nZ9aw -~`! L .~ 11 () i ; / :;, ~l \ ~ iJ Ir. 'I ..)
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50255 3283 k IX Re2-7R HUN!ORAL'IM2dUNE' RESPONSE OF THE LUNG AFTER ?" S.P. EXPOSURE TO CARBON MONOXIDEtr..qResponse immune hurnorale du poumon apres exposition au monoxyde de carbone) by I. Garcia and R. Rylander Institute of Social and Preventive•Medicine, 20, quai Ernest Ansermet, CH-1205 Geneva, Switzerland. , from Schiveiz. med. Tdschr. 107.(6), 203-205 (1977) . Translation from French 4 JNVE/im e
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50255 3285 .~ ..+.F~. ......~= ! . s INHERI'i'ANCE 6V LEAF S}{API; IN ME-CURMP -a-GY3ACCU iKICdi 1A1JA TADACUri1 ~.- :~+.'.. . i: :) :... ..-. :' ':,.... t •.. ._. 1
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50255 3291 UI) C`,10: ~~ t~x t:.'S~_ :~ '~'~, .•~ C:F.r lGri G}' (;'3Tt.~tth .:~i:O t4:ia p~.' ~,~ 'J V. J!• i:.-.~-JtliC'- .i• J . .~ _ _ ...... . o-..~ ~........~: .»..-......~.e..-~-._ . . _ .. ._...... « . C.- n f..
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50255 3303 XI To3-81 The Tobacco Institute/ S.P. Dillow, G. L. •1'HE:,.HUNDRED-YEO.WAR AGAINST THE CIGARETTE.f"" reprinted with permission from the American Heritage Publishing Co., J906I Inc. ! 0 .1 0 0 tl 0 u / :S 1 2
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'50255 3294 I1 l ux G.' ~ " t J J. I r ~k . ~ tLA. CJ f
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50255 3290 ./' ?r oc . y''wrv-#- ~~,'~~,~, Wj t-!D ( !4'74) .?.z9 ZaV I I Me5-81 FULL-SCALE ANAEROBIC FILTER TREATS HIGH S.P. STRENGTH WASTES Enrique R. Witt. Research Associate syWiIli.m T: Hnmph1Fy, Dcvelopment Project Manager Celanese Chemical Company Corpus Christi, Texas 78408 Thomas E. Roberts, Supervisor of Environmental Control Celanese Polymer Specialities Company Louisville, Kentucky 40299 BACKGROUND In the early seventies the Celanese Chemical Company Corpus Christi, Texas, Technical Center began evaluating biological treatment for effluents from its Texas plants. It soon became apparent that conventional aerobic techniques (activated sludge, lagoons, etc), although basically applicable, might be difficult to implement. This was due to one or more features of the various effluents such as high chemical oxygen demand (COD), high acidity, hydraulic and/or COD surges, occasional presence of heavy metals, etc. Attention was then turned to anaerobic techniques, and this work culminated in the development of a modified anaerobic filter, which has been extremely successful for treatment of high-strength petrochemical effluents in laboratory and pilot units. 1 0 a tl 0 n1 0V 2 9 9
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i ~ !t 4 ~ r] t~ /• ~ • .. , _ . .. ~.~ ~ ~- ~ -,,.i `3SA'IdNdtL~ZNi~'I3d .2t3Q~I~QQF~L~n1 ~~[?I3C10L! . 66ZE SSZOS
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11 50255 3289 Hu 1963 :;'iir-y Jt.d ~:-:.,:::.-._.... ~' i tle }i. C'F 7.(i:1L0•_^`_'. SU:'Pi.i 1.5. -- 11:,..~ ± ..1 Y::O'Fi~ZUA, by .ludttit ii. }iu;,:phrey Et1d Dorothy B. SoF.zi. 'I 1966 !,•7 p. 1 U. S. Dept. Agric. %IFShinStan I ~1 0
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50255 3298 ~ jjwwkCc.c*: > I 1 Fi ~ 6 i ~ 1. ROJECTkD 1'ANPONkR 1(Ei'J35, 1-UD QRbJI~CTkI) TRA1:N7.NG Rr.Q01:RBKIJTS FOR UpF.RA10[3S AND USF~RS , i 1 Ofi FUTI)RE ,ST1NF0 SYSTEMS (Tec-hriCeL RPpoct bv-7) by C. f, ~ -1 k, /
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. 0 i- 50255 3293 Jour. Experimental Psychology 80 I I E y Vot.. 109, No. 1IV, MAttctt 1980 ~C - The Interactive Effect of Personality, Time of Day, and j,Caffeine: A Test of the Arousal Model ~ William Revelle, M&W-S' M>hiphren Lisa Simon, and Kirby Gilliland Northwestern University SUMMARY The personality dimension of introversion/extraversion is one of the few per- sonality dimensions that can be reliably identified from study to study and investi- gator to investigator. The importance of this dimension within personality theory is due both to the stability of the trait and the influential theory of H. J. Eysenck. The basic assumption in Eysenck's theory of introversion/extraversion is that the personality differences between introverts and extraverts reflect sonic basic differ- ence in the resting level of cortical arousal or activation. Assuming that there is a curvilinear relationship (an inverted U) between levels of stress and performance leads to a test of this arousal theory. That is, moderate increases in stress should hinder the performance of introverts who are presumably already highly aroused. However, the same moderate increase in stress might help the performance of the presumjbjy tlrideriTouteff ey~averts. a
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50255 3300 6 :1"t:J 'SOYX '1'LSSUf:~, QF' A RkT'rV : M, GK~ s, : ~ . ~.+.. ~... ~. .. i:`[ c'.:~, . . , ... ..:~ ... . . _ , JS.?- . ... i ~ •... : ;.c :.. _:~:. . . ... . :: . `... ~ _..~. J... ..;~ _ ;, . . _ _ , .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. _ _. . . _. . ~:. , .,. . .... . .. ti. ~ . ~: ' . s
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•.74 If Ku ' , , • .. BY • (Imperial Coll oe of Tropical Agriculture, Trinidad, B.Tf'.I.) \Yith five Figures In the Text PACE 1 CARFiOiiYnRATES--btf:TF.',~O~.IS~f/ Ann. Botany 7(25)45-GI (1943,Jan•) Wilt of Cacao Fruits ('I`heobroma Cacao) . Reference to Wilt Susceptibility . 50255 3295 IT. A Preliminary Survey of the Carbohydrate hfetabolism with Special I. IPITROOCCTIOId . .. ' . . . . . _ . . . .• 4S II. AZE1TiODS A.\D PROCEDL'RH . ' . . . . . . . 46 III. FRESH 1VEICi{T, Af2SOL(.TE AND PPRCE\TbCE DRY WEICHT, A.\'D AVATEF: COti'TF..'VT OF THE NVALL A1D PULP . . IV. ALCOHOL-SOLLBLE NIATTER OP THE NVALL A.-4-D PULP V. CAItEOHYDaATES OF T7cE FRI;IT WALL . (a) Sucrose, Glucose, and Fructose . . (b) Glycosidic-glucose lei- c. --- ~• . , Cl r. lt -~; ~. .~. a
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50255 3309 ~ . ~ 210 0 ; I 4cszeghD Lasx].o :`~AGTAP.i-AWGOL SZOrAR, ~Hueagaria~~.~lash ~?1.ctivL:_;~; ~} J:......... ~s.c%.L' l..:i::.:~.1 r ":v tO I ~ lI lJ 0 V ~ t1
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rr~~-ts 1 S y34 50255 3302 73 III Rel-81 _ S.P. Solar Energy Concentrator Design and Operation. 1970-July, 1980 (Citations from the Engineering Index Data Base). Sep 80, National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA. Report period covered: Rept. for 1970-Jul 80, Supersedes NTIS/PS-79/0927, and NTIS/PS-78/0839. Worldwide research on the design and operation of various types of solar energy concentrators is discussed. Topic area:a.caver thermal and optical performance of Fresnel lenses, compound parabolic concentrators, fixed mirror concentratord, and pl.anar reflector enhancement of flat plate collector systems. A few abstracts deal with V-trough concentrators and methods to calculate performance of concentrators. A separate Published Search on heliostat systems is available. (This updated bibliography contains 220 abstracts, 53 of which are new entries to the previous edition.) 0300 06 Q I
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. 4. . .L 50255 3297. _ .. . .._ _. . , . ~ . - . ..... • ' . _. . . r:.r.. \ ._....a. IX Me -77 i:JR CLASS `:0. PA1iP11L}:a S.P. 1 llumhl,rics, S. u. :t(no affil.)* ;G - ITS ii1.?:SSI:3C .1':D '+'.AZ"~tl)S. Central Afr. Jour. 1'ocl. 21 (No. 5) 114-15 (11ay 1975) -Frorn st,ltistirs a.*:tilablc for the ?ears 19331 ~ to 1970 it is :cppaicnt that thrnu-lioiit the world on this sidc of the Iron Ctnl:un the incre: sc t in tobacco consumPtinn has hrc•n nrninh• as t ci~:,rc ;tcs rrot prprs or ciS:,rs --- With the tc'nrt)c dcGi~itc cxccPtion of Yir~land) ::nd to a J tl^scer dr,,rce of Ict•Iand and Crc•c•cc. ~ t . IX (in F.nElish) Rrl a
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50255 3306 AFRIY,ANNS/DA;+ISII/t:OF.~•JL'GIAN/R','SS7AN 7.AI;GIi.',GI:J;L'ET)ISII/1C~L~aIDIC/LATII\/FFFK;:I{; PORTUGLII:SE/SPANISI}/i.ATALAN/ITALIAN/RUtiA<<IAiIJIRISH/F.U"tANIAN/L`:FLSH/AI:BANIAN/POLIS}i/ GR'r.EK Li.I;GUAG~::(Ancient & Mo(:e-in)/ALiSt,;iIl,t;/I3Vf'LORUSSIAN,'!I;RAINIAI~/POLISII/CZI:CiI/ SLOVAK/ SL9VE.iII:/SEF.t:OCRCATIAN/I.i.'.CELUi3It.'.d/BUi~(;A:~::JI/LATVIA2+/LITHUANiAN/ rSTONI_AN/ FINNISH/HUNGARIANJr.ALTESE/TURi`ISIi/BASQUE/ESPERANTO/ LANGUAGE AND LANGUAGEIS/ 0 210 Al 1975 I A - i\ 4 ai -t l.i Of ,. ~ v. r 0p c an ~u.- a ;es fOr L1_b1 anans C. ~ . ALLEN Formerly Suptrintcnc:<nt of Reader>' SerYicts fRitish Lihrary of YoDU<a! and Lconnmic Science BOWK ER LOi•IllON & i1EW YORK in r,ssociation with the London School of Economics a
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5025-5 3296 LISSFitTnTiO':S--:70:TI; CAZ,:.;:iA iT/LI';,' COi.Li:G:;/ ~w . OJS^• Y rn••-. , • ll~•llfl7G ~'~ OF IOB~ CCO Vy. A thesis su.b.,,itte d,itted to tae Grndua:; :e Eaculty of horth Caroli.na State College in w:rLial fu- fj_I 1: ;ent' of the req~a~.rerrt;:~ts .~or the Iiegr-ee of riaster ol Scier,ce D: PARTMMT OF l.G R1(:ULi'Ui?AL .~,'ttG72x: -Brix;tG _ R azei" h 196;~ r t ,. 1.1 Af'i'P,OV'r',D B": ~. S ' , . i t ~ 4.4
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50255 3310 - I 4x"SZag}a, XaSZ1o Mr}L'rYAIV ANGflk SZOTA3S, (lfur3ar:i arh--tngl isla Di cti a.mry. ) i 953 Akader:,l.aa i , i ; - .~ ~ .--. , / :
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76 cho P 1 Cresccnt Sircet 2? . V . . \Yaliham, Massachusetts 02154 Nss ~. atroNT 7@T~t III Du , :';~LIGHT OF A UV SPECTROPHOTOMETER ABOARD GALILEO II, THE NASA sap. CONVAIR 990 AIRCRAFT . 4. ocsta,vTrvt NoTts (ryp0 er..rorl.ne rncru.r.o e.l..) . Addendum Rcnort, .1 Dcccmbcr 1975-31 March 1976 •• wuTNONi), (I ,,.f n.P., o.IJW. InI1l.1, 1481 Bach Sellers Frederick A. Hanser i. RCPONi On1C Aiarch 1976 r.. CONT.:.:T OM GN.NT NO. N00014-73-C-031b L..~oj ccr No. Par.:,,nctrics, Inc. 50255 3305 • Unclassified 11. TOTAL NO. Oi r'AGC{ 76. No. Or NCra 39 23 '; i.. ONIGI.~ATOF'f NCPONT NV~UCN131 PANA-UVS-B e. . , ib. 01NLN NCPONT NOla) (.{ny olA.r nYnb..r u..r L'.er b* r..lCt)w ~ IAI. r.porl) R 10. OIlTN,BuT/071 fTAtC.+tNT ~ Approved for public release, distribution. unlimited 11. rVPPLCI~~NT.ART.AOTI~ r, s~ r - R~ep~'~duc~tioW in'whblc bf iA paYt isl ~ 12•SPOYlOHINGMIl11~4TeGT1Y1TY t Office of Naval Rcccarch ~ ited uermated for any purpose of the Un ~ avy of the N Departmcnt ' ^ • 7
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., 50255 3317 is FOOD--SUPPLY/ArRICUT.TURE---T;(,()~;0•!TCS / FOOD AND ECONOMICS Associate L'rofessor Ralph X,1T. Sherman Professor Lineritus The Ohio State University 0.3 n ~~ t1 ~~ 1 3 ?_ ~ 0 (11;~'! EI AVI PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. Westport. Cuniiecticut I
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50255 3316 - f < r) 6 U K r~. . ,~., ... 1...... . ... ~_... ..~~i ~, i,. :i .`... _, L, . T 3l~.1 i:-.I. . _ .• t.~~ J~•.... ...-. :\ .\'.s~~ .... ..... .. r J ._... 1 .~.~ . ... . .. . . •f ~: [ ... ..~,.... , : C.:~ .... ..~ 7 3 ~ 5
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'50255 3288 c;A '901. ~ ttu t4.~yi;e;tx3~,lci"~~:.: ed. Flaidic:, cclit.a by Evner.3 F. 3I;:m;~llre~' ;andl 1)a.~ 1T. j '~~(lr lUllot2:. (,~o~lJtrl~)LltJltr^' S1UthoI's: C J alI7C=• 61i:ir1 r:T..'. ~ othcrsI l.oston, Fluid Amnlificr A~=cciltc:s tl^G,5; xr, 2GS p. a;us. ?."4 clr. i 111 rr (:oanufac(:Irin^ Cour£e j;[l:I-R ;it tii_ T'iSr'.,;iii l'.. vG.:i ~ ~c':uul cf ):usine~s Inilad ~ l,'b?io~7rnpLtcs. 1. Fluid nlup:if~,-rs. z. Tsrar.Joto, D:;rc II., j;,int ed. i,. Tlt;.. '1'J8 -10.11718 7r ' ~ C21.2G 6 1" -: i ., L+.hrrtry o! CougrC?y (C7fil1 lJ .S :4 n i`t il J } 4", `) /
Page 807: hfb88d00
50255 3307 - ~ Yrrio4i::ai ~ ~..~+er~^.'cr•.rr Z11h: 1.41i~~ai 1ai1 InEet'nati.onz] U+nion of Pu.ce~ and Ap} t.iec~J C?+ersi 5t r,y ~ PLFNAR?I L>r~URE$ PRESl=NTED AT TW CpNfl: R1:NC>; dN ?N~. APPLaCATl'tiN OF 'PHY 51 C0'• eltEM-IC4j. MfiTI-t0D5 IN THI: C1{1~MkCAC. ANAL1(SYS NELD tN RODHPE-ST, HUNwRY, !?pKTLZO-z3, by Int.e.(,nat.tional. i!n•ion a4 Pure a-rd At3j36ed C.11emr.5tr.~ aj'`c1 `Ti''t tlur)Ga r•ian Academy o3- Sc~ar)c+es a?d The rivr_-jar.ian C~e~i.ra~ 5~~~~ty 7R..re APp.t. 1 1 I s n ,~ . . . .~ ( r `i t., . l r c J
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' 50255 3312' TRAI3SLATORS / Lasz1o, Janos G. t68 Central Street Andover, cfassachusetts 0].810 ~,~titgar3:ut~;t sarrs~a•L #ofi s A. ~. . , , fA
Page 809: hfb88d00
~ Panametrics, Inc. 50255 3304 REPORT DATE ~ 221 Crescent Strcet 2b. GROUP ' W ltham Massachusetts 02154 N. A. -REPORT TI TLE - ;4d7ESIGN, FABRICATION, AND FLIGHT OF A UV SPECTROPHOTOMETER ABOARD A WB57F HIGH ALTITUDE AIRCRAFT FOR THE CIAP FLIGHT SERIES - SUMMAR` , ~ REPORT •. O E S C R IP T I v E N O T E 3( 7yp. oe t. popt .n d/n clu.l.. d. f..) Final CIAP - Tschnical • ~. AV .HOFISi (f U.t n.m., adAOl. Inltul, l.a nnm.) ~ Frederick A. Hanser ! Bach Sellers ,q;bs~WAh'W+ikla'da l . L 0. OIfTRIBUT/ON 3TATEMENT Approved.fon ~u~ : December 1975 . CONTRAC f OR GRANT NO. `t N00014-73-C-0316 '! PROJECT NO. 7.. TOTAL N~). ('F CA6E•'• 83 Unclas sified 7b. NO. OF NEFS 17 Y.. ORIGINATOR'S REL•r~RT NV~.(MERlij PANA-UVS-7 ib. O'fNER REPORT NO:31 (Ar? otA.r numb.re thAl nuy L...II~.d tAr. ..pore) ic refease, listbibution unlimited. 7
Page 810: hfb88d00
50255 3315 . UNIVERSITIES AND COLLI:GES--EUROPE--Di1:ECTORIES/ DIRECTORIES, 1P:TERNATIONAL / PEI:SUw?IEL ' GEPStANY--UNIVERS ITIES--PERSONNEL/ALl;ANIA/BL•'LGItTlt/BULGARIA/DENMARK/ FItv'LAND/FI'.ANCE/GREECL:/GREAT uI:ITA IN/ Ir:I SIi REPUP.LIC / ICEi.tx'D/ ITeU.Y/ YUGOSLAVIA/LUXEhTPOURG/PIALTA/NETHERLANTUS/NORWAY/AUSTRIA/POLAND/PORTUGAL/ ROAtANIA/SI•iEDE22/SWITZERLAND/SPAIN/CZECIIOSLOV.'11•:IA/TUI'.KEY/IIUNG-kRY/VATICAN/ RUSSIA--UNIVERSITIES--PERSONNEL/ .REF ; Handbuch Handbook Q ; der intemationalen *of International 123 Ha ~ Dokumentation Documentation 1975 und Information and Information i Band 10 Volume 10 Verlag Dokumentation MunCt-ien 1976 S Intemationales VVorld Guide Universitats- to Handbuch Universities 2 Ausgabo 9 Vp's ; 2^d Edrt;on Teil VI Partio . Europa: '~"'u'ro~: Aloanien -bsterreich 'cAlbania -Austria 2^° Edition Part 1/2 u~E°•'ope: Poland-VaGcan, Indeac e t1 :i n n n~j 0 / 3 2 4
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50255 3313 l;~ns;~ ry -- Co,. 11 r. . ,-- ca::..~ 3.:C . C) (~ .~ . ,,i i;
Page 812: hfb88d00
50255 3321 I J._..._.. .._ .. -.__.. 1 ! AF'CtTFR ~ (F .H .Ducininton) TNIS ' , . PA1`~ i R t ~ r THE METALLUF'.GcCAL SOCIETY o/ AIME L~ .~ 345 EAST 47th STftLL-T S i. NFW YORK N Y: 10017 . , . . NEY1 ALUMINUNI ALLOY X7050 . ~ J.T. STALEY, Nr=Y:'-HUySIDKERr I _R . S C NP~i I 0_L..--------- - - -- _~ I f'AFcR t~0• ?MS 1.'emDors $L!A~+cr copy Non-Membem 5:; Oo pt:r cooy F 71- 7
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50255 3318 ",~~*~arrT rrrlt'S A 43 `•~1.~"'".i+,'b'liitt.iiZ'+}l.V..w~'.•'wY.4 L..},. ., ... ~ ...~ ..t - .. ~, .. ~ 1964 4.61 p. U..vie-. y Cv, t,'c~1 I'~rlc 9 ~J .r .. ~ ~l ~ il_ •i . . . • • . I
Page 814: hfb88d00
50255 3311 I r .~ i DICTIONARIES--`tF:DICIVE--POLYC!.OT/`iF.TJICi":E--flICTIONARI ES--POLYCi.OT/ ENGLIS1I LA4GU/ifiE--DICTIONARIES--aEDICI?:E/FREtiCH 111NGUAGC--DICTIONARIES--`!EDICINEi GIiRMAN• LANGUAGE--DICTIOaARIES--ItEDICItiE/iIUNGArIAY t.APGUAGE--DICTInNAR1ES--`11:TtICI: POLISH LANGUAGF.--DICTI0:7ARtLS--MP:DICINE/RUSSIAN LANGUACF.--DICTIONARIES-->iFDICINEi SPANISH LANGUACE--UICTIO::ARIES--'tEDICINC/SLAYIC LANCUACE--DICTI0:7ARIES--`1F.DICINEr ( • 210 E.5.rrhi-.El..t- Mguage ' 1978 DJicCi©.".9.6:18y Meallica-I Teff,.-,hn©1ovjT ~ Containing approximately 8000 technical terms English Spanish German Polish French Hungarian Russian Slovak t Edited by Roald Albert and Harry Hahnewald Pergatnon Press Oxford • New York • Toronto • Sydney Paris - Frankfurt VEB Verlag Technik Berlin t
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50255 3308 i'criodical at. aur. Ynt~rn~~ionaa. Un:~on of Pvre and App1 ied Chem~.S~r.y PLENARY 1ECTURL`S PRESeNIL~D AT ThS CUNFkRRNCE CN Ttt?~ RPDi.tCATIUN Of PHX51Cb-- ~'LX'[CAL N1Z71 -F6D5 l NTHE CµEMICAL MJALNS3S HELD IN l3UDAPE~~i I HUN6ARY, A99II. 20 -23j. 1.9(D(>) by Inte.rnatiana.'L Oniorn of a ure.ard N pplied Chem~ st!'y 3Td Its i i u~d.ri e ~ 2derr~ ~,~ Sc..ier,ce.s and the HunVs-do CheTM;cal. 5ociety Pure Af P.I. Ct,em, •S ., ~ I i i i. 1 C.i
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50255 3322 ECOLOGY/ATPtOSPIIERE/OCEAN/CALBON CYCLE/SULFUR CYCL1:/NITROC;U CYC:Lr./ PlIOSPliOROUS CYCLE/TRACE ELE*fI:N'TS/MERCUI:Y/LEAll/i•1Ar:CANI:SE/UDT/PETP.pLFU`t/ ENERGY /POLLUTI027/ RA 445 Ga 975 dwh n. L"''Cn .5 ~ t 2. ,° rr~. „~.~ . , ~'~Eu~iQ ~'°~t~GLa~;~, ~"i '~. asses~~:~~ ~~;;~~un En~tuer,Crs WILLIAM K.AUFMA?VN, INC. On First Street, Los Altos, California 94022 J' LIU nt ~I ~ ~ . "oheri f,'• G;rrefs FrA~1 T ;..Cc;~3:7iin -.Cynthia hunf .
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Bulletin ojthe PsYchonomic Socict)• 1980, t'oL 15 (S), 339-341 - 50255 3319 Hungry, drunk, and not real mad: Tlie'effects ofalcohol inj ections on`aggressive-responding 80 II Ey-80 S.P. JAMES L. TRAMILL, PAUL E. TURNER, and DAVID A. SISEMORE Univer;i{Y oJSouthern .4lississippi. Hatrieshurk, Afississippi j440/ and ~ STEPHEN F. DAVIS -~, •; Emporia State Unircrsilt~, Emporia, Kansas 66S01 Twos~s/tudies were conducted to assess the effects of acute, low-dose ethanol injections on single-subject shock-elicited aggression. Ethanol mixtures of 3017c and 601-o were used in the first study, and 0`'c and 30c,"c, ethanol mixtures were used in conjunction with 48-h periods of fasting or nonfasting in the second study. The results of the first study', while nonsignificant, indicated that a possible depression of aggressive responding was produced by the low-dose injections. A significant decrease in aggressive responses following low-dose injections was shown in the second studv. Several investigators have reported the effects of 1974; Ulrich & Azrin, 1962). In light of these uncon- alcohol (ethanol) on aggression in animals. However, trolled variables, one is left to speculate on the actual the findings have been quite inconsistent. Elimination of differential effects of alcohol on aggressive responding. aggression was reported in a study of domestic cocks The present investigations were designed to further (Kovach, 1967). Similarly, Bertilson, Mead, Morgret, investigate the effects of ethanol on aggressive responding and De~ erijl~ (1977) eporteJ t.hat t,be princt eff~. t,~n the sinele-. niII.•~I : ~ ~ ~ ~ > O
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50255 3323 T 55 Bo 1977 . .a Contract No. W-7405-eng-26 On'L/TT1-5722 (Volume II of OR1MjTT!-5721) HIALTII DIVISION ndustrial Hygiene Department MATERIALS y6Al LTY D.ATA SIIERTS THE BASIS FOR CONTROL OR"TO?:IC CHEMICALS VOLUriI's II . . ~. W. E. Porter Ci:' ~:: lltinE't v OAK RIDGE IJATIOt :AL LABORATORY Oak Ridge, Tenncs..ee 37f;30 operated by UNIaIJ CnRDIDI: Col:rorcATIOrI ~ ~. ., f9r the NI~TI.ON rENE RCY`'121;5`I'J1RL;II A!'D'DEVLLOPTIlaN'T AI)PIIrIISTP.I~TI.O N. E. Bo3 ton R L Ket Iien Date f'ublished: May 14T7
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50255 3330 E I I.~~~. •-ba_~ f{ .}'~,b~~?.aR f V11~'" . ~ ~ 4L. A G 1:~3WV.\ !!~• i t ,;. PcrsanntI 1 F. (t!a. 3) G',G9
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50255 3327 ' I 80 II Ey-80 ` S.P. i J . ~'• COGNJTIVE PSYCHOLOGY 7, 194-2Z7 (1975) What Does it Mean to be High Verbal? -11M M-f3W,`CLIFFORD LUI,NEBORG, AND IDE LEWIS The Unirersily of Wasliingron Almost twenty years ago Cronbach (1957) deplored the existence two disciplines of scientific psychology; the psychometrician who me ures differences between individuals without much concern for 1 process by which subjects attack tests, and the experimental psyche gist who studies processes in general, without regard for the differenc between individuals. At the time Cronbach wrote, intelligence te~ based on a sophisticated theory of multidimensional measurement, wt often heralded as psychology's greatest technological achieveme There were several theories of how man processes information in gt eral (e.g., the Gestalt view and various adaptations of S-R learni theory), but within experimental psychology the study of cognition N not considered a rapidly developing area. In hindsight, the psychotr. tricians of the 1940s and 1950s were probably quite correct in bcin.- d interested in explanations of individual differences based on the the current theories of cognition. ! .. -_ . Cs .~ li fi ( i Ci U •~ ,• o
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50255 3326 ...~. . . _ . ..._ . . . . , . ..._. . y l ~j .. • . .... .. . .. 0 ..:.'? 3_',Tr
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'S0255 3292 82 II HU e . . . e %: ( bY CoDYj1Dht I- Effect of Temperature Upon~lubilization by a Sc~ric~s of Nonionic VS ;irfactants . ~ nJ C. T. RIjUUL'S tod3 ~Y 7 Co~' ~ 17 U S Tia ^ The soluhiliratiun of henzrric acitl h' four a•alk.dpulyucaetMlene surfactant% as a funatiun uf teml+erature has been e.amine.l h% the.li.t1l.i. and +uluhiIitl teahnique.. In aJditiun tu their u.c in funnulrtiun wnrk. it is.hrran th~t cc.rlu.rtiun uf thc a~luilrh- riurn eunstant% controlling the sr>luhiliiatiun process c.rn he ui use in eluaid.uing miiellar properties. 7 he calaulatiun of the thermu.hnamic rarrmctcrs cuntrulGn} the suluhilization pruaess is discussed •rnd +unte di/liariltics inrliaaterl. M1CCL1..\k Sttl.l'IIII.IZ.\TIUX Ila• lK•ctl stUtlicd cstt•miveh• itt rccent ~laca la~. I~r Ihr pharmati,t tltt• t-•pir i. -rf p:rrtirltl:rr inla•rc•t I)c- r:at~c manv lrh:rnn.r~atttiral G~ttttnlrli•~tl. tltilirc *urfactanl- t,• a•nhantc lltc vrlublc tchcrr t.S,1 an-I (..ti'•,) rt•prv.cnt thr t;raihritnn :rctiviticf uf t!ta• tt-mmiccllar cuul utiri ll.tr ypt t ii - rrl crlMrhlta• and A 6 lltc t•tluililrrintu c•m.tuttt. 'fltcrt• is a-m>itlrr;tlrlc csidcncc uhi.h llutt Iht l lt:rnltarr l r~ical aa•tit itv u( ;r l: tt~ iu nticcll:rr.vacnt•ir a Inncti.,n ul (S„). tLt• •ttitv 11.11 7 U 3 0 00 0 0 l3 0 1
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50255 3331 N RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 73 XI Fol-77 s.p. KJK GLA55 NU. YAPiI'iiLET :. 3 XI Fo -77 S p l J• ~ ~ ritish-American Tobacco Co. Ltd., Croup Res. Develop. Cent., Southampton, Gt. Brit.) A METHOD FOR ELECTROPOLISHING TUNGSTEN FILAMENTS AND BASKETS. Jour. Phys., E. Sci. Instr. 9, 921 (1976) (in English) ( Abstract+A simple method is described for producing vigorous mechanical agitation of tungsten wire structures ~ while they are being clectropolishcd in a 1% potassium j hydroxide solution. The technique enabics a high current ~ density to be used and produces a very highly polished t surface on tungsten baskets and filaments. . i e t
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50255 3329 ~_.. _, . ~ Q~V e.y, XaWr.ence F?.. MVERSZ SMGKIRG AN0 ITS aML ZOKSyQl~v NC~S S fi GAR:1•l38""i AID 50UTH AAjijR-1G.,~tt PE:M~S, b y + . . •.. . .. . ~ a.. : ... . •,'• ~ / l . , , ~ . .._._.. __._.... --- ._.. Q~tt ,F. ~ . •, ' ~ 1 t~ard .....,.a r: v.4. ,~ ..~. i . I
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.6 •. ~ F3 •p0 ~ CN7 no i i G? Z ! SEE£ SSZOS
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..... 50255 3328 . ~- .r: ,..~:. ~. ,„..v_.. . EMFAS!lRE1`1ENT flF i3RAL AND Wl RN:iNG ZGWE TEMPFRATU7,L5 DURTNG CONV:NTIONAE. AND t~EYkRU C:1GAKETIE 5C1GKl=KCt, by li • t ~~ ..J~ .rJ: A.ch. C:-.". . : , . ' ., /
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~__...y.~.__~ ._ ._.,.~..- _._ .:.._~....,r,__.k._._;..:...... ~ ... _ _..;.,u_..,.__._.._.~.._.. .._... 50255 3341 75 Y, Hu TOF,ElCCO--StfO?:ItiG--PSXClIOLQL.'X/S"10.':I'4G; IIABITS--RELItdQL'ISHIt:C/' ~_- ~ TOBACCO--S"tOFING--F.t:LItdQUISIIING / RJR CLASS N0. PAtII'fILET 75 Y. Hul }Iuat i" ~ti;,A.z; Bespalec, D. A. (Loyola Univ., Chicago, I11.•, U. S.) i A?; 1:VALL'ATIO.I OF CU.°.RI:I:T ,`tETt.ODS OF MODIFYING SMOKING BI:HAVIOR. i Jour. Clin. Psychol. 30 (No. 4) 431-38 (1974) (in English) s - *1975, No. 1, W 76* *d* Tobacco medicine: . -z., . ..._. _ -._. ~ il i~ J :Z tl
Page 829: hfb88d00
-`-' " - 50255 3339 Sr Nur.r:;: Vf 1ra~. R: f j t. a.~~ho,rti' r r , 0.::.. U r { ~ :I. ~ 1 la ~ i' l{ l~ ,.
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SOILS--kNAL1 S 1S / 1`L1.SS SPECTFO* LTRY--ORGr,2vLC CQ:;PQUN.ILS/•~~-" :.. a.:_ . _._. ~ .._..:,. _„_ .:_.:.. ..»_~ . . .,_.. . ~ ~ i 74 IIIj Brl ~~> HU3%IUS' TYPI: DISCRII•IINATION USING .I'ATTERN- RECO,(Gk\;ITIOti;l)F,~THE lIASS . ~P~CTF.1 VOLATILE ~'!'ROLYSIS' YRC;nG CTS ~ Jour.Soil Sci, 24 (4) 421-28 (197-3) J. M. BRaCEWELL e.-,-D G. W. ROBERTSON from other soils. The method places all samples on a numerical scale on which mull types appear poqitive up to about 2ox to' and mor types nezative down to about --x5 x to', inteimediate types being reco,-nized in about t:.e middle of the range. It is indicated that the most important pyro!ysis products active in the discn- tnination process are the olenn hydrocarbons, particularly ethyleneq which are in. ttreateE_~bundar.cc i:om mor humus. (The 111acaulay Inseirure for Soil Research, CraigiebusJ~tler, Aberdeen) Summary Mull and mor humus can be distinguished in freely drained British surface soils by the pyrolysis products derived from whole soil samples. About t milligram of soil is pyrolysed at 770 `C in a Curie point anparatus and a sarnple of the volatile decomposition products is allowed to enter a low-resolution m.1ss spectrometer. A numerical value (the' Discriminator Value') which R ill discrirninate betR•een the two humus types is then calculated from the spectrum of each sample. This is per- formed by multiplying the intensity of each mass peak by a weight factor and then sunvning the acighted intensities up to mass iio. The K•eight factors are obtained empirically by tabing sets of spectra from ; I clearly distinguished mull and mor samples and appl}•ing a computerized learning machine procedure. Once obtained, they are relatively easily applied to spectra a U .i
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50255 3334 RJR CLASS NO. TEXTBOOK TS 2240 Hu--i962 AN ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF OPTIMUM FLUE CURED TOBACCO PRODUCTION PRACTICES UNDER ACREAGE CONTRI]1._ AND POUNDAGE Ct]N NIaL . Masters thesis. North Carolina Stat~.~ College, Raleigh, NC. 1962 Univ. MicrofilMs International.Ann Arbor, MI.130 p. .b2, (IiV : ENG. ) ISN = 6035
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50255 3324 AIR --PGLLl;TION/TOBACCO--SMOKING--PUBLIC/ 80 X Hu RJR CLASS NO. PAsiP1Hi.ET 80 X HLj_l *(no affil.)* SIMPLE OIISERVATIONS OF S01E C0NA10id INDOOR ACTIVITIES AS PRODUCERS OF AIRBORNE PARTICULATL•'S Proc. of ASHRAE Sytnp. Cleaner Indoor Air Prog. & Prob., Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 19-22, 1972, p. 8 (1972) (in English) Tobacco sctoke tnent:.oned Particle counts were made with a Climet lttode! C1-201 light scattering parti;le counter. This is a dual chanucl instrument which simultaneously counts particles in two size ranges. 7 hr r_nF:s selectcd for these measurements were par[icles largcr eh:!n 0.3 um, which on a nurnt-er basis is usually comprised mainly of p.-rt:cles smaaer than I Ftm, and particles lirgcr tha-) 3 pm. 7 he counts presented in th.: figures are uncorrectcd instrument resp•-)nses and ase not absolute counts. The measurements were carried out in closed roo^[s of 56.6 m3 (2000 ftj) volume which were sealcd off from the building ventilation system. The cigarette and grease heatinp experiments were performed in an empty roorn while the other counts were made in an office of the sarne size with desks and furn:ture amounting to about 10 to 15 % of the total volume. In a 56.6 m' roorn the ;ampling rate of the counter (0.25 ft3/min = 120 cm3/sec) would account for about 0.0075 air chJnges/hr/ . ., a
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fr. .J V.r.c;rlC.!Cilitf or Sin~o- Ie 1 C1: C1 :.t~ ~h°r E.~"!' ;"t 00.11 1tca~'~.(: ;': ~ G,-Q-i4tmt-nnG L. M. Logan . .. j.-. t - 50255 3332 Thc crni=sion tra ot ,in Jr t•! -ri :• ("; --,?i:.i at a ft;r;.:tion of f)srticlc• size hwe h-:cr r.- curAed h.xt: G µ t t fI Er. 1',o tt,r•.ti,qW'.ir th;t p:.r'ir•1.~, t+n e;. i<ioa f':~: ar utn i:. P u~luc~:i i', ti'•e tastr::rnftlen re.,ir u. 'Plw cu i.. ,t k" e'u:uinatc..l [-c uJeq ta.ei; e:[<erii,~~ i•r tF•ttns of \I:c tr1,, It pti,n ct!,r As tt,c tot rtictr sizr, i, iI, tcttaa-d, tt.m ctninattci ri•vcr-~e. it~; Q:u'itt, eud tiw •t„•r.•htun a,.:rwMc., W t4 rE pli<hed rbte. ThP dnta prt.virte rwtrcr fuNt ti anvcos:.r for c;r ;~+rnut•ira; tf.'• t•rti~-i t:n cf! iuv.•urc 4 f ti :rtir u:rae sa, n,e:rs in N•l:ich tetuper.ttere ,rts licr;t_•• exist, suc•h as ort tire lurrsr a.rf•ue. 'Ctre dat.x :..e of p:•rticuknr itrteresl for iuterlnctitag tire spec•ttat bi.l bavior of circur stc'tar J lice te lr:! t:.lcs. 1S2 RPrLtLD Of'1 tCS JVoL 11, r:o. 1 J January 1972 , , CJ .~i t i ~ J i~ 1) l) l S 16~' li t
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50255 3325 f Onclasaitled'~~~~~~.ANA4YT ' ......'.. : . ._ tttuYlTT CLY1/rICAT.Ow o. Tr11 ract to%.w Or. f'MwM REPORT DOCUMENTATION PAGE •[AD MSTRUCT10N5 atroee co++PLtrn+c roRr W/YlL/I ,_ . . qOYT KCtttOY 180 8- tttC+A/trT•t GAT.wO4 rrrltw .. . . ... / . . . . - • , .• Tl.t f.~t +...r~r - . a• TTa or wtroAT 6 alroo covtato ~Chemlcal Ionisation s 8pectroe+etrya tinal Repor~ - ~ ~ l4/79 ~ - -- . ,.:. .. . _.. .- f. /Ir 6YO• /IL.p/1T rur.t• 7. Ar7yp/(V ..... . .. .. ~jd4_-ba~ih*.IRuntj_P_rofessor of Chem. al I Princi ti - r qA O Ar YYY t4/y I DAAC>,,jt9-76-G-X326~ r _ p gator nves Au 7~- -DA?) f. tMORY1I.C OALAYIZATWw YAYt iYD ADDi1tJi . . .:,. . ••wOOrAr •Ert~ T.r1qltCT, TAfi, ARLA 6 WORt rYIT YW1HAf _ University of Virginia Charlott vill Vi i i 229 1 d.-~- L( / ~g es s, rg n a 0 .) J L 11. COwTYp4lIrO01I1Ct YYt YIO IIDOYtp _ 1L ttPOYT a11Tt . II. A. Army Research Offics ~ January 10,1980 Post Office box 12211 27709 ' + M~+rtt~o..AOu g p 9 nass spectra, for counting protons in organic samples under GC/riS conditions, and for the direct analysis of complex mixture by *riple quadrupolsls+ass spectrometry. Detection limits for ~+i tlorganics un2fer electign capture ne@ative ion KS conditions are in the attomole (10 mole) ran e.l _..:.i ..- ... M~tl br~...~r r b ShOok wtwl l Organic trace analysis, Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrocnetry Q'tssearch results presented in this report include new methodolog for obtaiainq mass spectra of thermally labile organics, for eneratin elemental com osition data from low resolution GC/MS I
Page 835: hfb88d00
50255 3343 SMOKING HA3ITS--fiELII':QUIS:IIuG--rOLLGid-IiP/ 73 X 7e ' . / TCnACCO--S'fOF:I:IG--PSYC;IOLOGT/ . RJR C?..!SS NO. PA.`3HL^cT 73 a?o Hunt, W. A. ; ".-2tarazzo, J. D. - (LovoYa Univ. Ciicago, Den. P3ychol., Chicago, Ill., U.S.; L'niv. Ore., :d. Sch., ~u~-eze, Ore., U.S.) , TH!t: r 1cAR5 L_ATER: ::SC:.tiT llEVELO?}'.t~.'~ITS IN TFE :`.{PE.~I~\TdL :SODIFIC:~TIO:i ' S2':v^KZ.•,.:~.•,.v D:.. a.i1 : yv .r,,,, -. . Jour. Abnor--a1 Psyczol. 81 (No. 2) 2b7-14 (1973) *1973, No. 11, W 43's4* *jt* Tobacco analysie (:w•i i.cir.e) : - in English
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>0255 3340 S"'CKING IIM Z7: ; cc- --S::3'.:1'` ;--:':, Y,AiJf.C+c:. ~ 73 Z`Jo TOUACCn--S.':s:•:I:JG-li~:)i ISiiYat:~ ~ RJR CLASS :jt7. PA`:?LILiT 73 X.Jo ~ <Nurtc-,zbIW Aa. Jour. Abr.ccm. Soc. EPILi1C!:E: ::Z'IGIr•S S'?!uQSIU.`S ON S~'('KI;d; .°,rir,WLU°, AND S:-nKI,,.'G C°SSI.TIC`. *(rso a€zi.l,)* Psy.ho!. 81 (vo. 2) i95-i9t? (1973) (in Enb2ish) '0 t19'3, No. 12, W S1;P* *Irs* Tobacco arialysis(medic±-ne) : r,/ . . . . . . _ . , . _ . ' . . . . .. . . . r.
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.a 50255 3337 i Arch. Tor;icot. 35, 281-294 (1976) TOXICOLOGY ~ 1 VII Re 6 76 S,P. ® by Sprinbcr-Vcrtag 1976 1 Diciaorvos - A 2-Ycar Inhalation Carcinogenesis Study itl Rats Y- ,,..,. .. D. 131air, K. M. llix, P: !3: Hunt, 1:. Thorpe, D. E. Stcvcnson`, and A. I. T. \\'alker Shell Research Ltd.. l wistalt Laboratory, Sittingbourne, Kent, TfE9 RAG, Er.bland G Summary. To detcrmine the effects of dichlorvos vapour on the tumour inci- dence in rats, 5 week old Car%\ orth Farm E strain rats weighing bchweett 94 and 150 g were exposed to 0, 0.05, 0.5 and 5.0 mg/m' in a 2-year inhalation study. The growth rate of all treatca rats was depressed. particularly in the males. There was increased survival of the rats cxhoscd to 5 mgim`. There were no eonsistent di(lerenees in food intakes, organ wei};hts, haematolof,ical or blood Cttnm;clry CYCCht in CllC+FnestC(acC ilcti\'Itle5, .1nV1r1PCt the various groups of rats. No comhoand re!;.tcd r''!lcren.es were seen in acetylcholine and choline esti- mations cttrricd;out' pn a small number of fcmale rats' brain tissues after two ycars''~ cxl~osur'c. Tli'ercivcrc"no gross or microscopical compound-rclated chanf,cs in thc rm,' tissucs. Ultrastructtn'al examination of thc respiratory tissues I
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50255 3342 .:~.s:.~:..~~ ~..: :. ..~.a-s .~:. -....,:.....~.-.. ' - 11,4 eloll,,,~,!/~•''tfls~vcc:~T6~S- f ~ -1ii1C, ~- ,,4'EW s. /W.6 --.Fto Ti r.t7 '/4~.• s-•/- d Aeo* ac. LEARNING A'TECIIANISA'IS IN SiMGKIN G Edited by ~?ViT~a~'rt- A.~ Hunt=` Loyola Unicersity of Chicaoo • n . L .*vl* ;i . Research and conference sponsored by The American Cancer Society / s :~ / t I
Page 839: hfb88d00
.50255 3344 II *feAl--78 (PlcascrcodT[CltciJ(CI1~L/ R~FPOE~T D~~T~ omplc~ingl 1. REPUFtT NO. 2. 3. RECIPIENT'S ACCESSIOMNO. PA-450/1-77-002 E _ _ 4. TITLE AND SUdTII LE 5. FRF.PORT DATE National Air Quality and Emission Trends Report, 1976 _D_ec e_mber 1977 _ G. PERFORMING ORGANI2ATION CUDE 1. AVl HOR(S) ~ ~trt.:f'. Hunt; Jr:;" (EdittiJr)'; T.C. Curran, N.Frank, 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION HEPORT Ni R. Faoro, lJ. Cox, R. Neligan, and C. Mann 9. PERFORh;ING O RGANIZATION NAME AND ADDRLSS 10. PFIOGRAM ELEMENT NO. U.S. Environ!,iental Protection llclency ~ nt Office of Air and Waste t~anagem 11.CONTRACT/GRANTNO. Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711 1?. SPONSOHING AGENCY NAME AND ADDRESS 13. TYPE OF I(l-P ) i AND PERIOD COVEREI. Al~nual 15 14. SPON$OFtING AGLNCY CODE 200/04 1s.:;urF'LCM[NTl~RY NUTES Special f'.1e11t1Un S lUU C be IIIiICC'r 0T~. .e1•1 `~ le CUntl'1 Ut1UnS of l t„_ r~,,.._ cn„ z,n/1 rrl OZONE/CARBON MONOXIDI!/NITROGEN DIOXIDE/SULFUR DIOXIDE/ PARTICLES--AIR POLLUTION(total suspended narticulates)/
Page 840: hfb88d00
Il l (~ tj ~ 1 ~ , `~ ~~ .. ! . a 6EfE SSZOS
Page 841: hfb88d00
u sl~a.r.:u.).) )1) .CIt:.ryl'[ ~--- .~ )`I ~ IC i 1 ..n . ..1.7.j 'oil~.(.'~ 'F3~tiJ31,Q I~t~OIJ{'~11~.)Jll'[ << 'uo;~olL r •pa •S.,iy l ~: t ',•qi'1PI S..;: ul„J I '[t UJ1O.i~j rli:~i3IJ t[a6r saullc~i,iai~i ,to s~>>„r;ih c1f.T. o6s't .1;eaoG'7['a;0rt' BhEE SSZ4S.
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50255 3350 S DeNaven3 C_ G. OPFRATI.ON bY 33MRSK L'6M'J5a5 P LLOT QLANPS, by C. G. De.liayeni M.. .'k. JacvaS ; C. R-. U~underlich= J: h, `4unterj. W, F, Savage ar+d k,. C., ~h~~a~sg#pa (u. S.. pept•, of I1pter.iat', ()F.~ice cj Saline W.B~ec; 'fRe.SearcA and Aev-ele?n'er.t Pcog\"tsb .. .. . ..:. ....'~ .• ~. . _. ..r. .. .. . ...... , - . . C_. ~ ~s ,y :• Cl Si lf Ci i'I V i I
Page 843: hfb88d00
50255 3351 ALI ' . Y', 3C.« /~,liCitOY 1! .lv:] 1:. Vaing La~'I~_i OiYiCc: O. 10±:~!':i]f. ii0. .J3 a. ~i!? ~~~ 3.?lt S:Lrr C$ ~ I
Page 844: hfb88d00
50255 335q-- Ci .'k, i; i, i___ . IIII " p ~ ;±--;~ Fo.,• - - ~ .N ..• i k..f. • .< .~~~~.Wf.r ' (19G9)p.:-_,. ~ . : :.... ; . , '•r~ • ~ 3
Page 845: hfb88d00
, i0255 3336 . t .. ~ Proceedings o' the , . . ~~ . . B ~ ~ ~ ~ PAINT RESE.t~.R~~ I INSTI Z~T'~~ ; Offic. Dig.. Jocr. Technol. Eng. 35, 113-128(1963) ~~7,6 Sorption of Water Vapor y yc rop ~ icolymer~ .1 r By O: 2::"HUNT, R. B. IIUFF* and Ii. G. SPENCER Clemson Colleget The characteristics of Ficl.ian and non-Fickian sorption are reviewed. An cancrimental intiestil;ation of tl~c x,•ater-vapor sorption properties of a series of hydiophilic meinbranes is prescnted, tvith • a discussion of the i:.8uence of polymer structure on sorption rates and process.s. This report describes some sorption properties of polltner-water . ~ i < F. ., ; x. vapor systems in which there :re chain-chain and water-polymer inter- actions through hydrogen bonding. The purpose of the investigation was to outline from a study of the sorption properties the important sorption , I mechanisms and structural features of the polymers which affect the sorption rates. For this purpose the water-%,apor sorption properties of membranes composed of mixtures of poly (vinyl alcohol) and poly (methyl vinyl ether-maleic acid) were investigated. s I tt ~,z 0 l 0 3 :) 0
Page 846: hfb88d00
Vol. 2, No. Z GEOPfII'SICAI. RESEARCIi LETTERS •.. ? . s .~. GeoPhys. R. L. 2 (1) 26-28 (1975) January 19;5 RESIDENCE TIMES-OF AEROSOLS AND GASES IN THE STRATOSFIIERE ~;• Y ' un3ri Kitt Peak National Observatory, Tucson, Arizona 85726 Abstract. Vertical distributions of pariicles (0.1 um radius) and gases are derived for a simplified model of the stratosphere. A constant source acts at a specific range of heiEhts, and the troposphere is a sink. Cravitational settling is shown to have a large effect on the distribution and residence time of the purticles. This effect cannot be ignored in derivation of" vertical eddy coefficients from tracer data, and is of the right magnitude to reconcile the results obtained from p.3rticulate and gaseous radioactivity. where na is atmospheric number density, f= n/na is the mixing ratio of trac?r, and wP is the particle fall velccity. For a gas, wp = 0 and the ::olution of (2) for h < hq is n = QKj (1 - e-h (3) where zo in (1) is the tropopause height. If the value of (3) at he is nq, the rest of the profile has a constant f, or 7 An imoortant.source of information on '~ 0 :S 0 a lj lj U / ;~ -
Page 847: hfb88d00
\ Uoc.1974 ~ • • 1123 1 . .-I Synllt.-is u( 1-(2-Fury1)-2-alkanonts . . . '. . , , . .. ~ .fAdwJl.Sn.d()J..d f>hutMnM.f fhnn6lry. f,1'id.+Nrr. Uai.eni1y,11'khita F,%% Tcsa. 76306 • /tRCd.ej J..e I T, Il14 . • Iw twtwrctiwe with,our niterot in eriutii:jbk kctunes -tative yicld of 2-Lrun»•3,3.limrthylbutanoic srid vas (3), it was lvund of intrriyl to sf nQx.,isx a series o( 1{2- rcevrerrd (rum thc rcactiun mixture. It is su,-gcated that ~wpi~2wll ~~wnrs Prcviuusly tlvcc of Urcse kctwm wae IroLawy rrprescnts a practical stcric limitation to the 0 3- 1-1 0(i 0 0 1 3 5 6 i 7 6-Jl/ 5l:li ,
Page 848: hfb88d00
50255 3358 ; , ; _.. . _. ; .. :. •.. :.,_...._.. .-~,.:. ~.. . _ .. . . .. ..' ~; _'.:. . . ,. . . .. ~,.. .::. -, ti .) ii 6 i! ~J v ~: /
Page 849: hfb88d00
=~ °~s •t~oaUtt~tl.auH ~ tf ~ ~ ,..;.:~3uz 30 •acocl °S 'll l M ( ~'-P 'GiI >z0?.~i .3l1Cta~ ai) oD!ry ,o tJ_0~.~~f+tlx :jO '1w:0 •:i 411) + 1~~=r~.t •;t •a •,Y • roA •a ~s tiy ~ •d •~T '1TOjt ` Sy ~ . u~.~..... I SSEE SSZOS
Page 850: hfb88d00
I >.. . •-- .. ... . • F•. : , . . - ." i ... • ::. .. • . ..:) _ ', _•._ .. , , ...._ _'. . i3 ~H~i~~It~t~3~3 SK~Sf1 SS~~72~d [iQllthitld~S ~Z33ti3 ~' ,, ~' d© NOUV-QLLSaatptE I.Y•lN.Iytli:3dk3 (r,yGT) •V •D tuasu~or , i aot}7tas y.4 r •`1i; !S' ~Jj~l 4 X., ( t ZSEE'SSZOS
Page 851: hfb88d00
50255 3362 RJR CLAS.'.a NO. TEXTBOOK QI) 276 Bo 1978 Kox,G.E.P.;Hunter,W.G. STATISTICS FOR EXPERIMENTS, AN INTRODUCTION TO DESIGN DATA ANALYSIS, AND MODEL BUILDING. Wiley Series in Probability and MatheMatical Statistics,6 c. John Wiley & Sons.NY.78.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 718 .... ~~~ 0 n ( ) p! 3 7 1
Page 852: hfb88d00
• - - `32(155321 ; (.1'1l1ddt( A9 jJNtIJ13W 30 ~i3a`J® ~Hr N; N©l SK~h::a :.;uT. : :: tab~ c~rN:[':bs~a '~'s ~ 9G1) :. 1 •1- i,,y I 7ta lt..^:~ .. ,_...~~~ . ~ , 0 6bEE SSZOS
Page 853: hfb88d00
50255 3359 XI Me 2-82 INDIA/ ISN = 62 S•P• RJR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET XI Me 2 -82 s,p, TENI)U (DISOPYROS MELANOXYLON) LEAVES, ~:[DI CIGARETTES, AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. . ~ Econ. Bot., 35, No. 4, 450-59. 81, (IN : ENG,) The design and roanageMent of tropical forests, as sources of nontimber products, is a r+ajor economic issue for tropical nations. The exploitation of leaves of the tendu tree, Disopyros Melanoxylon Roxb. (Ebenaceae), in the Madhya Pradesh Province of India, for wrappers of bidi cigarettes, is a good example of such a system. It is shown that a whole culture depends upon the harvests of these leaves as a source of income as the demand for bidis is very high. Yet revenues generated by the industry do nat filter back in any appreciable amounts to the tribes harvestinc.~ the tendu leaves, nor is there an effort to manage the tendu forests as a continuous resource. Because the forest is a resource for other products beyond tendu leaves, the absence of sound forest•conser.vation and protection programs means the almost certvain destr ur_ti on" oV t~ e eco`sySTeM. The development of an effective f orest ManageMent _pronraM and the improvement of the t
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50255 3361 78 III Re2-78 A CONFIDENCE RI:GION I'O1II TIiI: cOLUTIO\ CF A SET OP SLIIULTA\EOL;S lsQ[;ATIO\S WITH A\ APPLIC_1TIO\ TO EIPERI.IIE\T:1L D1:SIG\* BY G. E. P. BOX, Imperial Chemical Industri?•q. Blcickley, Jfanchr.•Wr, Engfavtd, and The Institute of Statistics, Raleigh, J:C. AND -iS:"~HU\!,'EA:,.The Instithde of Statistics, P•alcigh, \'C. 1. INTRODUCTIOY The problem of finding limits of error for the solutions of a set of k linca.r equations obtained by equating each of the quantities .. q ~ ~: ~'{ Cl fZ i1 , . .
Page 855: hfb88d00
50255 3363 II Me5-81 s.p. Pi`oo.Nat.Tech. Vo1.i3 Cincinnati. Printed in Great Britain. c DSl 237-243.IAw'PR/Pergamon Press Ltd.19fiG WATER QUALITY DATA FOR WATER QUALITY DECISIONS Walter A. Lyon* and J, $tu,a~t Hunter*4b., *Pennsylvania Department oJEnvironmental Resources **Princeton University • Public policy decisions in the water quality field should be based on the analysis of meaningful data. These data include scientific measurements in the biological, physical, and chemical sciences, and, in engineering. Too often the precision of successive elements of the process is incorpatible with prior elements. For example, the specificity of the ambient data which serves as input to a water quality model may have an entirely different level of quality than that which is used in the design of a treatment plant. Similarly, the level of detail which.is used in the design of the treatment plants may be unjustified in the light of the capability of the operator to successfully control its operation. Regretably, most measurements are simply taken for granted by the decision makers. The measurement process itself, that is, the actual system through which the measurement is finally created, is seldom given attention. The usefulness of measurements becomes a particularly serious matter when one contemplates the wide variety of mandated measurements now required on literally hundreds of water 7 quality responses. 0 0 6 7 7 2
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•S •n h4S'i :I ~ri/r °U~3 w0dc3}I y• ~U ~1 11f Cli: •- 7 = 'J 1TI ! ( i ES£E SSZOS
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50255 336S 7 +~ t « P r IMPER,I.RL TOBACCO CQ./ . 76 X Hu-81 Community Medicine (1981)3, 191-198 Health education ---- who;' - respon not surprising if those motivated to become doctors are not worried about health until it is lost, that most other individuals feel this way. Attempts at healthy living are thwarted by the temptations of a culture geared to high production and high consumption. Prevention of many diseases nowadays means forsaking the bad habits people enjoy; over- eating, too much drinking, taking pUls, staying up late, promiscuous sex; driving fast, smoking cigarettes. The other way, taking trouble, may require special effort such as exercising regularly, proper nutrition,, denjal care and positive efforts to create a harmonious family llfe. Uris gqnerplly ipceqfred tfjat the individual has responsibility in these matters yet, at the same time, in some curious way, that any attempt to coerce fiim into meeting those responsibilities is an intolerable intrusion on individual freedom. The Idea of individual . :,. The (,ord Nunter of Newington ~ (Co__,1X ~~ Yice-Chancellor, l%niversity of BirmJnphiwn L~ One of the most difticult tasks is to teach the medical student about health and i'llness- mostly he is taught about Illness. However, he or she belongs to a generation which, because of nutrition, housing and medical advances of all kinds, does not know illness and death as previous generations did. The most common cause of illness is the motorcycle accident. It is
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50255 3320 193 XX 1•feF-41019~--75 Calif. Agr. 28(9) 4-5(1974) ," A IftR!GR1C- WORLD: ?lfE CtfAi.LE1fGE 'TO `/,fIkffirL2'UP,F." U \1VEKSITY OF' CALIF'OR\IA scientists have eompleted a study of what may well Le the ultimate topic in re- source plannil•o-the M'orld's future food supply. The report, titled "A Nungry «'orld: The Challenge `to Agriculture," reviews the world's potential tequirement for food in 19:;5, and the po>,iLility of sat- isfyin,, that ne(d with crops, livestock and fo_Jd frum the sca. The outcome of a six-month stud)' trig- gered by the worldwide food crisis of 1973, the report was made at the request of J. Ii. I:endrick, l,'.C. 1'icc President, l)icision of A,-ricultural Scieuces. The task force of L'.C. scicntists participatiug in the study set out to answcr such ques- lions as: To whit cxteut wcrc the food short- ages of 1973 tlle result of eontinuing forces that misht produce arrother such crisis? task force considered scienti6c view- points as diverse as thosa of plant scicn- tists and animal scicntists, demographers aud entineers, nutritionists and econo- mists. For instance, in projecting 1985 food supply and demand, the report re- Occts the outlook ui nutritionists, who arc concerned with the amount of cal- orie, and protein that people need, and the outlook of econol:rist_, who are r•.lore likely to consider the amount of food people will consunte at a particular price Thcre were othcr comllicatinnZ ln projecting "effective demand" for food production-the rnarkctplace rcquire- m•nt, as distinct from nutritional rreed- it was neces.aary to allow for non-food uses (sceds, livestock fecd, indu.trial uses) arid lossec to pest:. Only in this way could total dcrnand l-c compared with potcntial total production, and possihlc• shurtaf~cs or surplusc: identified. Just what are the prospects fur No sitnple anxwers Y:or1d food drtnand arid supply, in ., Net•sururi;intl.• rl r,.l-'r .... ._.._.F ~ By Ray CoppocYk distrihution of food amono regions of the w'orid. But in tla- lon„ rlur, lower population growth rat..•s in the aTcveloping countries oRer thr• rmnt prumisc for avoiding rna.s famine. In addition, the have-not nations must dcvclolr nrore capacity to produce their own food, or thee econonmie re- SOUrCe5 trr Ittlrchase it. Rnth Europc and Asia are indicated as major deficit areas for calories and protein, althou;h of enurnc- projected shoriagcs frave va~tly diffcrrnt irnp!;ca- tions far areas whiclr can afiord to l.uy on the world market, like Furupc, tl.:in for those which eannot, like mu~t of Acia. Calorie shortal;cs are expected to be more lhrcatening to the nutritiunal statns of human popul.,tions tf,an protein short- a,!r•s. In faet, the rrport says, if ealu:ic needs cotdd hc satisfied even with conr binations of locally available foods of lower protein quality, there would be no protein deftcicncy. The outlook for actual food shorotes
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t . 0 •"IR P" '~ •l 0 'uiL4~+~i~a 0 '0 ~ . ~ MOIlYlIl3i~il1SIII 9dI0wm "IYllmG'OQU a" 6L6 L'[-! MT 004 ' ltC'-It03 '03M"lUo'J R3 LWIq Le:uL--I:wl+w3 pU* sa3:a=sQr§S 03u1 ma Zw Palus" OQ-limu II NUSI/1IO s . VIN-IMOZ.:I-WO JO AllSaRAiNt1 ~,. . . `"'-"~ tttt SSLOS ...,..,, -. • , . . I i i / __.....__._..~ ,!. \
Page 860: hfb88d00
SU-.3~k~i-ll~( u -.~iU.. y-7o d.L aLtitUM~j •V U!ney U !! ~' 0 ojwqV Aq ionf'~j pno IpS _ jo ,!~V-pz~- ,
Page 861: hfb88d00
IX Re2-80 Chest 77(2)289-90 (1980) S.P. - Peripheral Lung Function and ~ ~ Spirometry in Male Smokers and Exsmokers' . . Neii B. PA&, MD.; Swan F. T.etena?l, M.D.; Naknlm K. Benan, MD.; I?Lns B~. B.Sc.; Antlwny Manttll, M.D.; Charki M. Flrtg~er, M.D.; and Rithard Pdo, H.Sc •• The poor prognosis associated with gross reductions of the forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV,) is establiched,' but the prognostic significance of a mar- ginal reduction in FE,'V, is uncertain, because it is not lmown if loss of airway function is Yeasonably steady and predictable over the years in most smokers destined to de.riop airilaw obatractlon. We iim to obtain :ome informitioo 0o this from contiauing follow-up of inen &st secrsdbed io. West Loodm in 1961.s We ab+eady know thst some of theae mea ao ab,ow Nery consistent trends oves many years, particularly if measurements are made after o.e of broochodi'lator drugs, but we cannot Sp255 3346 We are also studying wbether the use of tests of pe- ripheral lung function can aid in the interpretation of a emwginally lo.v FEV,.• Our approach is similar to that discussed by Knudson and eolleagues" at this meeting, but it will take many years of follow-up to establish the I true predictive value of abnormalities in these tests. Therefore, we will only describe two sub-studies in which we have follow-up data over four to six years. In 1972, McCartby and colleagues' published their studies of closing volume (CV) using the argon bolus technique. We restudied 18 of the middle-aged smokers and 14 of the nonsmokers after an interval of five to six years; although inftially there were large differences in mean values of CV/vital capacity (VC) between smok- ers and non-smokers (smokers 21.0 percent, nonsmokers 10.0 peredst), these differenoes had not widened after five or six years more of smoking (smokers 22.4 percent, nonsnokes 11.9 percent) even though cigarette oon_ suimption in the smokers continued at an average of 28 cigarettes a day and their FEV, fell by an average of 30 . noll~year. yet answer the key question as to what proportion of susceptible smokers show potentially predictable ; changes and what proportion follow an erratic course. - lT' .~ ~ i C/ s+ l i J tU -1 `.y :~ rJ 'q J s 11
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f 50255 3360 ; , Evolutionary Operation Pro ;rani= . G. E. P. B ox Statisticul Techniques Research Group Princeton Universitr Evolutionary Operation is a method for opcrating plant processes. Since the metbod 6 applied by plant personnel them_elves as a continuing normal part of proce3s operatioo it is desirable to reduce the calculations to a simple routine niatter. This piper describes calculation procedures which have been found useful in these circuru- .tanoes. L\'TItODi: CTION 4 t ~-; t=Y In 1957 a method for running production processes called Evolutionary Operation was described in a paper in :lpplied Statistics [1]. Since that time the method has been adoFted extensively in the chemical industry, see for example . (2h t31• U:S il tl n () I t-j / `ot- 1• N O• 1 ,,-~•' 7/- /J TECH\O~fE?AICS FEBRU.taY. 1939 78 III Re2/-/78 Coildeilzed Calculations for 6 V I ,
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50255 3367 i.3tJ i.... OC.CURMI; ..~' AlITAOSRf!11IZE'S :`N TMAG~',fl SPSCKT. CflNDENSAIE. iX) 04 S 1' .3 7 ~ u -
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50255 3372 RJR CLASS NO. PAPiPtiLET 76 - ` W (Gt. Brit. Dept. llealth, London, Ct. Brit.) • MAN-MADE TOBACCO: A BIT OF A DRAG. Sunday Telegraph (London) 1976, p. not given,(Apr. 25, 1976) (in English) 0 .:1 n . C; n 4'1 i i / ..~ .~ I 9
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50255 3364 74 XXIII Re-74 732 lritervnarrdfTtrlJournialof a\ondeAfruclire TeRfin 197^_. Vol. 4. pp. 167-170 v oj~~ n~ ~c c .. ur on au 13rcnch Science Publishcrs Printcd in Great Brit.ain Digital Control for Gauging and Rolling Uitra-thin Sheet Material . LARRY HUNTEtk* . Arnold Eng;neeriag Companr.• Mirengo INinois i. The system employed by 'ie Arnold Enoinecrino Colnpany for ~ producino high quality ultra-thin foil is the latest in automated ', Sendzimir mills. This integrated Reoal system is a patent of ~ Allc~hc~i~ Ludluun Industries Corporation. The system is composed ` accurate clcctro-hYdraulic scrcm do«•n control, contact and radiation of a 15 inch dig,tsil c•ontrolic•d hrecision mi11, a hioh response, ext-emely 1 0 ~ ~ ~. $n(~- 1~tC1Ct\'1i^ d1 "Ital l, f't (i i! Y/ r .S .i
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50255' 3357 C 0 C9r:-i gu @ By J:1.. HunUr ~ ~"- -•---• ond r +'7 : ; : ) 1 R.A.Quadt Director oi reseorch L development L~! J /Uuminum Dir„ Hunter poug;os Corp. /71,07Z eiS)//~-/-;a _ ~)JIJ~LlI', ~'3/ .. blinds without scalping or edge frimming ot the 55 ft lcngfhs, is hot-rot!ed into strip for venetion iZ7vers;de. Calif.. Continuously cost aluminum bar I x 7 in., cut to _. Hunter Douglas Corp., Riverside, Calif. Cost;ng ~! ~f li li ~ J i) i3 c .; e
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50255 3371 76 !C Hu-78 ~ RJR CLASS NO. PA?H'HLET 76 X Hu-78 I HEALTH. Edinburg (Independent Sci.~ Comm. Smoking Health) STRATEGY OF THE 18RITISH' INDEPEKDENT SCIENTIFIC CO;L*tITTEE ON SNOKING British Thoracic Tuberculosis Soc.; Scottish Thoraic Soc., 5 p. (July 1977) (in English) *Note date* j ~ This is not to say that iny Cominittcc is now • prepared to see the ' ! unrestricted use of these substances. We have laid down a number of ~ ~ safe5uards. \Ve believe that we should retain control to thc extent that ; ' manufactttrers should state the precise proportion of inclusion of the ; 1 substitute and the other sprcifications of the cigarettes which ..•ill con- ' tain it. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the scientific evidrnce ! relates only to particular proportions of tobdcco with to~acco substi- tutes and p:+rtic ular types of tobacco. lf manLf.+cturerswished to use the substitute in circumstances widely different from these for the tests, it could be scientifically unsafe to extrapolate the favourable evidence we - - ---~--- --- ~ . I paper, 0 0 r3 rj ri : i G i :~ `! (i
Page 868: hfb88d00
50255 3370 English) 76 XI F,e-78 S.P. RJR CLASS N0. 1'l+*1PHLET 76 X1 Re-%8 s.P. Juri*_er., R. ~_ (Gt. Brit. Committe Smol:ing Hcalth) ~ C1GIRETTI: ' ELACI: 1•lA.k}:ET' IdARN7NG. Gt. Brit. Com:n. Smoking Health (Hunter, R.) Rews helease (1977) (in *Abstr. in: Guardian 1977, p. not given (July ta be""iA- fc•rrin~• lo the Colle,e of j 3'hcaci r.s' r<:r•nt rcr~•nim:nd- stiun tl:at ci;.::rc?tes i•ith a tarf ~ icld cf mure tl:: n 15 m~ ef tar (or I m" of nicutine should bc' Irithi?rz:~n frum sale '~as Eeton a= pi sihJa.` Orer ;~) r,er cent of the s: m0;rd in E:i- wc•uld fsll int:) ,his cc•c- , • . ~~~ - -- - - -- ~ - d `} 2, 1977)* a
Page 869: hfb88d00
_ •.. _.. . -~--~-d-~-~---~-- _ , ` " . ... ,.. - .,v, I ; -; n.t,~-- . • . _ . ' 50255 3369 , . 74 1 Li TfIE SCIENTIFIC AND TECfINICAL IWORMATION CONTAINED ' The Polytechnic of North London School of Librarianship July 1973 / 0 . IN,Nfi~~Yr SPECIFICATIONS - T~HE. EXTENT AND TI?.E FACrORS OF ITS PUBLICATION IN OTfdER FOFJsiS OF LITERATURE A report by ,. F Liebesny, J 1Y Hewitt,-:'P'=S Hunter and lt Hannah 1 I
Page 870: hfb88d00
1 50255 3380 RJR CLASS N0. TEXTBOOK QI) 276 Bo 1978 4yr.:.., y Box,G,E,P . ;~unt7e~+yV ~:'G:;Hunter,J.S. ; STATISTICS FOR EXPERIMENTS. AN INTRODUCTION TO DESIGN DATA ANALYSIS, AND MODEL BUILDING, Wiley Series in Probability and Matheroatical Statistics,6 c. John Wiley & Sons.NY.78.(IN : ENG.) ISN = 718 Q 1-N, E1 o ri i i - ,f J a h ~
Page 871: hfb88d00
50255 3377 TA 418 Hu 1975 .STANDARDIZATION/FOOD/QUALITY CONTROL/ MATERIALS --APPEARANCE/OPTICAL INSTRUrtENTS/COLORI2IETRY/COT,OR/ TY Y3G MEASUBV1' 1W3;1i.1 `I .l Or L'i Jl PEt3..`i.L Al'V C1L. ~r.PUEHtlfrtly. President, Iiunter Associates Laboratory Fairfax, Virginia A WILEY-INTERSCIENCE PUBLICATION sait JOHN WILEY & SONS New York / London / Sydney / Toronto ~o~I . I a~() ~3 i i i; i J+; ~ I
Page 872: hfb88d00
50255 3373 ,-t)R CLASS NO. Yn:•t;>+;L1:T 75 VIII lis (Gt. Bri_ tain Dep. llC^Ith Socir.l Security, Gt. rrit..) TOBACCO S1113STITIPTES A.1D AD'+1IT1Vl:S IN TOGACCO PRODUCI'S. 11;1:IR Ti:STI;it; AND TLARta;TI:dG IN THE'i;`;`!TI:D lier Pta'esi: 'is' StalionierY Of Y fice. London, Gt. Brit,, 29 p. (July • 19`5; J (in English) *Keywords;* particulate matter, smoke, constituent; nicotine, smoke, constituent; hydrogen cyanide, smoke, constituent; phenols, steam volatile, smoke, constituent; aldehydes, volatile, smoke, constituent; carbon monoxide, smoke, constituent; nitrogen oxides, smoke, constituent; nitrites, organic, smoke, constituent; sulfur oxides, smoke, constituent; hydrogen sulfide, smoke, constituent; .metals, smoke, constituent; *1975, No. 15, W 5346* *d* Tobacco manufacture (analysis) (chemistry 2 (medicir.e 9
Page 873: hfb88d00
50255 3378 -R..,,,...,~ t~~ .~ : , . . . ~ . .fu n t~r'; ; am G. 4(Jt. Ai+.ttyor) fjerl.houex, Wr::. P. ST..TY.STCCAL 'EXPER1t+SENTA[. AESIGN: 8059 TE'TS, Y+1i 11 i am. {: . ,i!'-:1'i. . o:_ M :.?.i' it.. 7'j "i!, •.7~i,t..,"^j~ •1 „v\ i~~t.°JCJTI ilf~ ~ .~.~1,1 .. ~'Jf . '~ s..~ •• -,~~~•J~.Iv 11071) 9 l 1 ." ~ i i,~ ~, r ri ( i .. r. l~ 1 , :J 3 sy
Page 874: hfb88d00
50255 3374 I En~lish) RJR CLASS A'0. PAIMPIiLLT 75 XI 6'oi -7: 4"MOM~" .•'~,`~°-a Miiv. Bimingliam, Birmingham, Ala. , U. S.) TOBACCO SU:ISTITUTI:S : A SCIF,t~'i IS'i' S. VIr IJ. World Tot,r_cco Symp., paper', Loncion, Ct. Srit., 5 p. (1f~y 7-9, 1975; (in * 1975, No. 14, 1,7 4613* *dA Tobacco manufacture: (medicir.e): f3 C`1 J
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CONTROLS, .1UTOM.RTIC/IiYBVULIC AND PNEUMAT:C SEhSORS/ PROCESS CONTROL, AUTO*iATIC/CO"4PUTERS/ TS 156 Hu 1978 ARCHER .1 Y U/ L~ J L[ s~[i % V/J L+ is ANO 50255 3375 AMAWWk-ww''ron: P.E. Professor ojEnrincering Tcchnolo.,~, Afonroe Con:niunily College Rochesler, A'ew York Y PRENTICE•NALL, INC., Engle6a•ood (:lil/s, NcwJersey 07632 v 13. 7 1 ~ ~ e t / l.l I ~.ti 4Y `i
Page 876: hfb88d00
50255 3383 j S"'.OE;It'G A"ID III:ALTiI/T(1RACC0--S~%'OKTNr--1IPP.LTtI EFFECT/-,,., ,„ . I ......wC;i -„i,nlT'% Iiv/ RJR CLASS NO. PA2~THLET XI Me2-7f s.p. ~ XI t'.c2-77 Great Britain Independent Sc~.ep;:ific Committee Smoking Health S•P• (Hunter Cor,cnittee) <' ~ BRITISH SMOKERS LIKELY TO BE SUPPLIED WITH FREE CIGARETTES COaTAINI2IG APPROVED TOBACCO SUBSTITUTES (CYTREL AND NSM) FOR YEARS AS PART OF A LONG-TERM FOLLOId-UP TEST Oti HEALTH EFFECTS. Hunter Coc.mittee, News Release, Gt. Brit. (1977) (in English) *Abstr, in: News World 1977, p. not given (Apr. 3, 1977) , London Sunday Express, 1977, p. not given (Apr. 3, 1977) London Sunday Times 1977, p. not given (Apr. 3, 1977 10,000 snokers may be involved in checPs to establish that there are no unexpected extra cancer of other risks from the new brands. Smokers are likely to be chosen by the industry to fit an age, sex, class and location pattern that can be matched to a control group to study the effects. It is expected to cost the companies between S500,000 and 51 million a year. 4 0
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50255 3389 HUNTF.R COM*tITTFF./CREAT BRITAIN INDEPEN?)F.N'T SCIFYTIFIC C0MMITTF,F ON SMnKING AND HEALTH/ , . ~ . 76 X Hu-78 RJR CLASS I30. PA,HLET 76 X Hu-78 Imported Tobacco Products Advisory Council, London, Ct. Brit. SECOND REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT SCIENTIFIC MMITTEE ON S`fOKING b}iEALTH (7/78/B). Imported Tobacco Prod. Advisory Counc., Interim Rept. No. 11, 6 p. (July 1978) (in English) -- - -- . -_._ _-- - -- - - - - - - • - Very briefly ttje new report, still in draft; shows satisfaction with the way thei , voluntary agrecc,ents on substitutes and additives are working and does not - 1 .?assumc ai-y early wove to leEislative `'- 0 S () 0 r) i 1 0 7 .: 9 8
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'50255 3388 I ItJIt CLASS NO. rAM:'11LI:T 74 X Su.-75 =''uMN,:CaniriittN ' IJU::TI;R CO:i`1h."'1'1:I's JIAb CON'A'INU;aU ITS 1)7.SCUSSIO;vS ldITli TilE Ii:UUSTRl ON 7 ii,,; MI;1'HOllS OF TGSTL\C {la. S,i(1tCINC '.•iNT1:RIALS. Finaacial, Tuacs, Timc:;, ;;e;,•s Release, (Apr. 2, 1975) (in Ent;lisli) *Abstr. in: Smokinl; Health .Syiiopsi .(Lonclon) 1975, 1 p. (Apr. 2, 1975):. X1975, No. 8, W 2(i29'`• *d* r Tobscco ari3lvsis, fm! qrlirino~: j
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50255 3381 rA 1199 Hu 1977 1 ., ~.. ~ i t 1 A "n ~~~ ~VA~~~ ~ aCN OF ~' ~.. '~'~ ~ )^~' ~' j'i rT^ "f(~ \, 1 ~Lra1i1 S:. w'~ ~1~ .L`. : tiJ tt./ 1.~ a`. J~` ~ 1~' ~ 0 .t~.3.~ ,r,U3L.F'.~.'.t../ 1 il 1r+i .Etl l Proceedpgs of thcLl'nternational Colloquium 1JL_uxembourg, December 1976 ' Editors and J. G. P. M. SMEE TS }iea;th and Safrty Directorate, Directorate_General Socia! Affairs. Con1mission of thc Europc:'qC0mmunitics J Colloquium orFanised by thF ommission of the European Communitic HcAith and Safcty Directorate in collaboration with the tcrnationat Aczdemy of Environmental Safety, in Luxembourg, , `~Dtcember 7 and 8. 1976. Published for the COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES [) ., t.i i^i r.1 - :~ ~; :j . by PEricaMOx PRESS OkFOftD • NtiW YORK • TORONTO • SYDNEY • oAS'S • PkANl:Ft1R
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... ..... ~....+.~-~_ ~. •~1 3 lv ii1 1F~ !` _ . ; ZBEE SSZOS r
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50255 3398 . .. i .. ... .- ._,.v.. V. 4 ~..::: .• ~- ...~ ~i.'•.1.'t,. .. .~.
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= 50255 3386 TOBACCO--SUBSTITUTES/CIGARETTES--"LESS HAZARDOUS"/ 76 X Hu-80 RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 76 X Hu-80 Hunter Committeet(Independent Scientific Committee Smoking Health), Gt. Brit. DEVELOPMENTS IN TOBACCO PRODUCTS AND THE POSSIBILITY OF "LOWER-RISK" CIGARETTES . , Hunter Committee, Report, 2nd Report, 55 p. (1979) (in English) *Constituents and additives too numerous to list* s. The present report deals with other. considerations and the actions which have been taken in relation to the inclusion i of substitutes and addim-es in tobacco proeiucts. lmportant as this work has bcen, the Committee's funda mental role is to advise on the scientific aspects of less • harmful smoking and to use its influence with the Go.-ernmcnt and !hr industry in the setting of realistic targets for the reduction of noxious cigarette yields. • While continuing its work on substitutes and additives in tobacco pruducts, the Committee has given increased attention to its longer term objectives. The final section of this rcport is devoted to a summary of progress so far towards the, dc%elopment of "lowcr-risk" cigarcttes. together with a comment tm the possibilities for the future. e C! 3 i i L, ri (>1 (J i %-)9 :)
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50255 3392 s' ' -•^- f 74 X Sm-75- ~ SMOI~~o (,?iCGp -_a S ttGc~l ING AND HEALTH/ t - "11'iiLLT 74 X Sr PA SS N0 ~ RJR CL/' . . 7 5 . i ~" zHunter Comitted, Ct. Brit. SAFER CIGARI:TTES. BBC Radio, news Release (Feb. 19, 1975) (in English) *Abstr. in: Smoking Health Synopsis, London, 1975, p. 2-3 (Feb. 24, .~ F *1975, No. 5, W 1641* *d* Tobacco medicine: ~.:r-.~....1~ L.«J.:.~J..w..r+.~+..e.r ~..Lr~.•s.,~...~r..i,.+'..~..ia.-+n.....w.....r...arwc-~:~.r..a•.......w..a•.;...~. -•..-..s... -•.~..
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.50255 3390,• - VIII.Me4-77 S.P. . TOBACCO--ADDITIVES/ .a TOBACCO-GREAT BRITAIN/ RJR CLASS N0. PAP;p}ILET VIII Tie4-77 s.p. Great:Britain; Independent Scientific Cor,saittee on Smoking Hea2tl~ (Ilunter Cocnnittee).,,p LIST OF ADDITIVES APPROVED BY THE HUNTER C0}-24ITTEE. Ct. Brit. Independent Sci. Co-,.=. Smoking Health (Hunter Com.7ittc•e) 14 p. (1977) (in English) ' Additives to numerous to list. ' U~~ o n fl t~ l~9 9
Page 885: hfb88d00
50255- 3393 HUNTER COMMITTEF/f;REAT RRITAIN INDF.PF.NMF.NT SCIENTIFIC CO"ITTFF. ON SMl1KING A*I~J HrALTH/ 76 X Hu-78 ~~~ ' RJR CLASS NO. PAMPHLET 76 X Hu-78 ?<~~ea~x~9'k.~4;~P~c~~London, Gt. Brit. SECOND R'EPORT OF THE INDEPENDEKT SCIENTIFIC CO~L"IITTEE ON SMOKING b HEALTH (7/78/B). Imported Tobacco Prod. Advisory Counc., Interim Rept. No. 11, 6 p. (July 1978) (in English) Very briefly t)je new report, still in draft; shows satisfaction with the way thet ,voluntary abreemcnts on substitutes and additives are working and does not ~~ .5 ~ ~__^_,__._____~.____-.---: - 'Assume ai•y early move to leCislative controls.-,,-/- o/ti0 2
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Ll;C1iE:t i T (A ..~ 50255 3397 (R.1t. Dunnia£tor) ~ . . ; -T= R i '" fil + f ; i/~t~1 THE METALLURGICAL SOCIETY of AIME i SC LEC-i !~J 1 1x 345 EAST 47th STREET. NEW YORK. N.Y. 100 f'm°HUnm.i~vNrt %, UOUS"`eSTR t P.'~' 2 2 1973 CAST t NG=I:PRflCESt-~:-~r FJ. E. STEPHENS I I G. R. VASSILY 4 ; TMS Members St.SOper copy 1 Non-Members $3.oOper copy 0 rI1 Ms~ . . . . . . I PAPER NO. A l1 -41 -^---'---~- i
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50255 3395 M CLASS NO. rnMrliLF'r 74 X Sn:-75 11unt:er Ccmraittee ,, _ ,, H:~ll•. (:Oy1~I1vL',3 :ITS v1.SCUSSIQ:~,0iti'ITH 'fiiif: 1~t:!)!~STi?Y 01 •t}ifi 1'znjes, l:elease, (Apr. 2, 1975) (ir. English) A%bstr. in: S.icokint; Health Syno}>sis (London) 1975, 1 p. (Apr. 2, 19?5)> *1975, No. 8, ld 2629* *d* o~ac ~o, a±4;3 ).sais..(rr,~~iir inn~.e a J;T :i 0 + i 'ii 0 / +i +~ =~
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50255 3400 TOBACCO--S?tOKE--BIOLOGICAI. TESTING/ TOBACCO--GREAT BRITAIN/ IX Whl-78 ~Atlxt~t3lfi~doii•Yt~seaYC~' ~ent1~8~~..~luntingdon;` F.ngland,-~~ r S.P. INHALATION BIOASSAYS OF CIGARETTE SMOKE. .. August, 1978 , I
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50255 3396 f XI t.tP2-77 TOBACCO--f;RF.AT RrITAIN/ RJR CLASS N0. PAMPIILET XI Me2-77 s.p. S'p' Independent Scientific Committee Smoking liealth, Gt. Brit. (llunter Committee) ' ` HUNTER C0t•21ITTEE DECISION O:I TOBACCO SUBSTITUTES: ~IndePendent Sci. Comm. Smoking Health, News Release ; Gt. T3rtt. (1977) (in English) *Ab i• De artment Ilealth Social Security, London, Report No. 77/81 tr (tSar 31, a . n- p . s 1977)*(in I:nglish) _ of those studies.l fThe Independent Scientific Committee on Smoking and }iealth (the Hunter ~ Covnittee) has decided to raise no objection, on the scientific data s,ubmitted to it, to the carefully controlled use of two tobacco substitutes in cigarettes for sctle in this country; but before any cigarettea containing the substitutes, i Cytrel and t1SM (New Sm,king Dtateriol), are marketed the Committee will require the companies concerned to obtain the Committee's agreement to their methods of conducting long-tena human hoelth studios and to set a firm date for the start ~ J ' i ) () () 4 ' - . . .~ : .~~;
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78 III Hu Food Technology 21(6)100-5 1967) Development of the C1trUS 50255 3376 olorimeter IZtcbard a. Huntts,2lx Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc., Fairfax, Virginia SIIbII1iARY An instrument has been developed to measure the color quality of ornnge and other citrus juices. For orange juice,a, the new instrument measures eitrus rednesa: CR = 200 (.1/Y -1), where A and Y are the aruber and green tristinTulus reftrctnnco. A scale can be added to measure citrus 3•ellotir- ness : CY = 100(1 - 0.347Z/Y). In operation, light is projected onto Ln! lr~PCltn~n ~'}~irR ic nnn4s~nor~ in a to standardize the i.uistrument. Work with the initrument has shown that to obtain p,,)d correlations with visual obscc-vntions it is necessary, be- cause of the translucency of citrus juices, to back t. e tubes of juice in the instrument with panels baring about the snn:e re3ectut:ce as the back- ine used in the standard uuit for visual contparisou. • A liulited amou.nt of experience with grapeftuit, lenton. and lime juices in- dicates that the CR and CY scales will be suitable for these tnaterials. It is anticipated that the new instrument ..ITI 1... ..~...1 •_ _.__-..__ 1:_..c.l. _~l.-_ by skilled human observers. Such an iustruaieut would be used p:•iulnrily for orange juice, but there are needs for the color scorino of rrupeftuit, tangerine, linu, lemon, and other citrus juices. In the Sprino of 1963, the Florida Citrus Commission ordered from Hunter Associates Laboratory a prototype citrus colot•imeter. Con- struction of the instrument was to be simple and rugged so that the det-ice would be inexpensive and suitable for the processing laboratory. In nran-e iuire. the, dncirahlr an- a •~ t• t/ ti t/ U / .-Z
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50255 3384 h Xunter -Committee q, -_ . _ _ - _ ~ " '- RTR CLASS N0. PAMPHLET 76 X H~ u-79~ ~ , xlY C Inported Tobacco Products Advisory Council, London, Ct. Brit}; ~ European Econonic Council CO'L`ff.NTS ON THE STILL U?ZPUBLISHED SECOND REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT , SCIENTIFIC CO.ZtITTEE (HG2ITER COMMSTTEE) ON SMOKING & HEALTH. Imported Tobacco Products Advisory Council Interim Report (No. 3) 1 p. (May, 1979) (in English)* . ~, The sceond teport of the Svnter Comnittec has scill cot bcen published dclays ~~ vtiich vcre said to be due to industrial relitions difficulties in the Stationery Officc are nov moro likely to have been due to disaLreemcnt within the Coraittee.' . ~....__:c.,..c..:.:...~_...... _ ,-. . :.,,tr -,~.,~.,
Page 892: hfb88d00
72% rsi 1vB~CCO--S~:L1r:I::r;--I:E~3'L1;1`.T~Rl TRts:.T% r 50255 3401 RJR CLASS 110. PA*:'!'HLF.fi 72 X Bi Bii:ns, R.; '.,ordcn, A. N. (HuntinSdon F.eS. Cent., Huntinedoa, Gt. Brit.) S!tOF;I':G AND F.i:S?InATURY DISE: SE. Prot. Vitae 16 (No. 1) 14 (1971) (in English) k
Page 893: hfb88d00
50255 3379 :I Y.e ;-572 ' JOUR. SANITARY F.":G. nTV. - 9R(SA4) (1972)659-663 ,. S. p. PRODLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH PLANNING IiOD EXPERIF:ESTS -~ ,/.UL M. I3CItTftOL'EX,' A. M. ASCE AI~'D`:YfILLL4M t*r: I~L~RT~tt.'-"~ -7•he ~ ,- rltcrs wish to reply to points t•aised in two communications: (1) 1'he dis- :' JsstoQ by Ko:handzrawan; and (2) a personal communication from Cut.tibert aniel. ~ . IL _a s...,•_ .r_ ..... wa,.l. .,.i _-f- • 11ant:~ noUCCU u1ac uIc curvO in r1~;. i ~~nu vccu ~,n- .oo ...b" an ~ r . t th^ ri.rht end. 1 he proper curve is shown herein as Fig. 6. Daniel also su;- .' ested that L'~e writers cal)lain that the confidence regions reviewed in the •~° __ ° a.lun.-, )~:i, Ly 3•aL.t AtL fic•rt~~ucx an~ 1ti7i1[an~ G. iicnter (l'roc. ?rapcr 6203). °° 4Asst. }'rof., Ci%. and Eov. Fnzrg., 1Le Univ. of Wisconsin, Afadison, Wis. Madison Wis. I j of «'isconsin ;;r, The l'niv S'at and Er a I'rof , _ , , . , .; ., iper do not include any error due to daily sampling variation in the I3OD ' :ran.eters, i.e. •If all the samples are taken or, one day, even widely spread t • 0.217 doy-' .rou,rho-A the tarEet, we only get a eoafidence region on parameters for that Le • ioioomgii :y' Tlte par2meter estimation error analyzed specifically and presented TIME , doys -aphically irn the paper rcpresents the situation for one day only. G ;; ': „ 't; ~ CJ a
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. 50255 3385 RJR CLASS NO. PAt+LDHLET 74 X Sm --7~ Huntct Cominittee Y~ DECISION NEAR ON SYNTHETIC 'TOBACCO'. Times, 1974, p. not given (July 15, 1974) (in English) *Abstr. in: Smoking tlealth Synopsis (London) 1974, 1 p. (July 15, 1974)* t ~.. - .t J ~1974, No. 14, W 6001* *d* Tobacco economics (manufacture) : \I . ~
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HUNTER COMMITTEEI. VIII Me4-80 GREAT BRITAIN, INDEPENDENT SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON SMOKING S.P. AND HEALTH, REPORT, SECOND, TO THE SECRETARIES OF STATE ~a L~xt (Tobacco substitutes, tobacco-additives~ revised guidelines for testing tobacco substitutes, methods for determination of smoke constituents, etc.) December 5, 1978 UZ; 0 G f; (i i) I 9 b The University of Birmingham
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50255 3394 76 X Ilu-76 RJR C1.ASS NO. PA2•fi'HLET 76 X liu-76 Great Britain Independent Scientific Committee Smoking Health f(Itun'i~esz•~Cotnrittee) . UK GO VET.;;:IC1;T' S F.~:PLY TO TIIE TAC' S STATEMENT OF TIIt: 1.STI1 OF S!:I'TE:4BER REGARDING "TEP„1S OF Pi.:FEItt::;CE" FOR A SCIENTIFIC CO.CdITTEE TO STUDY CIGRP.ETTES AND 11EALTH. Hunter Committee, Report, 1976, 4 p. (1976) (in Lnglish) _dUK ~;overnment's rcply to t1~cT~1L:'_~ +~;•~~c Coerittee to study c,*t;arcttcs 1nd hc::_ ttz. _,-~-------"__-~ ~--o--~ ~:._ ._..._..~ . . , T -~,._ ,
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50255 3402 Szn IORACCO--St•ioK1t1G-.-PI-IYSIOL,-PrY t.Nh PSYCtiOLnGY/ I:JK CLASS NO. PA'•Il'HLLT 74 ?: Sin aliuitt:lllf;CioF1' jCCRP_RTCh.•1;Pntre-;=S•r. Srit. YCtI' RI: SAI'i'': WITH A St:O`i:l: GItJ,S : iluntingdoa Res. Ccnt., News i:cle4se, Ct. Brit. (1974) (In I'.n".1ish) ; iz.lbstrt in: Smoki.nz; Health Synopsis (i.ondon) , 1974, 1 p. (Ap)-. 18, 1974) *J_974, No. 9, W 32G7* *d* To`.acco nedicine:
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50255 3408 -~ .. RSFRt.O@~"~~~'~ a~l1M'~!~ !'.. ~ i^:.'t~ .f~.ae 507! 19' ~ ' .S * i iJ f I :' ', i.i
Page 899: hfb88d00
50255 3q03 80 II Ey-81 ' -- S.P. A Review of the Methods Used to Describe and Measure Aggressive Behaviour in Physiological Studies A(;d2FSSIVE BEHAVIOR Volume 6, pages 205-2]S l/%d'o~ ~~~XI-~ MERV oW4 Department of Zoology, University of Glasgow, Glasgow ................................................................................. ................................................................................. A review of the methods used to study behaviour In a number or experiments investigating the physiology of aggession highlights in the following problems: 1) the narrow range of species studied, 2) the inapptopriate conditions in which animals are often housed for observation, 3) the inappropriate stimuli used to elicit aggressive responses in some cases, and 4) the lack of adequate detail with which behaviour is often recorded and analysed. It is stressed that without better techniques for studying behaviour, many questions about the organisation of aggression will remain unanswered. ........................................ ~i......................................... ........................................................ Key words: aggression, ethology, housing, literature, measures, physiology, species, stimuli
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, . .....~- _- .'Y.4_1r.- . -+:.......;.- ...:.....i.1.:_1. XX ?leF-11-731-74 Ti 1 L a Z V 1 \ 1 JJl \~ j.a. .L ~. V a~ ~-J IJ l.-J 50255 3399 Light Metal Age 29 (3-4)6-8 (1971) o~ --- ?deek for Dii 13y IV. E. Stephens, Chicf Eingineer, ]ndustrail Heating and Casting and Geo. Vassily, National Sales :1Sanager Hunter Engineering Co., Inc. ~HE Hli \TER Continuous Strip •'"; Z 1te combination ur~it orerates suc- .F•. Czstung Proccss tor aluminum al- eessfully for casters having an hourh • Joys has now been in cornmcrcial opera- . " production rate up to about 2.501 tion for approximatcl}• 15 3-cars. Stated -•a ,.-.~ ' pounds per hour. For greater produc- in simple tcrms, it is an ingenious short- ~~,~~ f~~,r-~ tion rates, the tss•o-runiace s1•stem as- tut to producing sheet and foil prod- t, sures stable conditior•.s of tcmperature, uets. It :.cconiptishes in a sinele system quantity of nietal, and improved meral a•hat normally requires ingot casting, quality in the holding furnace. «'e scalping, hcating or soal•ing and hot supply the two furnace s)stcm. vener- solling. ally, to foil producers. In either case, The product from the cacter line is the furnace charge may vary fron, coiled aluminum in reroll. gau:ze suit- Gro. Vassity W. C. Stephens 100% piA to 100'"e scrap de;xn,iFr:z (l u i "i 01 0 0 l, 4
Page 901: hfb88d00
50255 3391 TOBACCO--- S`t0KE --TAI:/ ~ TORACCt?--SPtOKE----NICOTI,J?;/ . , :.. - TOBACCO---S*,0K E=-CAR.t;ON 'S01:OrI1)E/TnB `_CC(1--i k nDITTV 1'S/'fOnA CC (t--St'!'.STTT(?TE.S/ SMOKING AND lirAT,':1i/TO!iACCO--LA~.'--rREAT BP.?TAILd/ 76 X Hu RJR CLASS NO. 1'A.":L'1iLET 76 X]lu Creot Britain Independent ScientificCorur,it tee on Smoking Nealth ; REJ)uCTIi~~Nci IN HARMFUL YI)'sLDS F:.OM TIIE TOBACCO (I•.:3i1 SU;;S': iTUT1:S A:JJ ADDITIVES) IN CIGAr,F.':•I'ES - ADVICE TO BE GIVI:4 TO iIEAJ.'Tli P,k:P.1RT.1cPiTS, 1L'\.`:JFACTLR}:T.S A.'3D ' Il•1PORTEI;S - 1.976. Hunter Com.ittee, Report, 1975, 6 p. (19ib) (in i:»f;1 _!.1:) t *Keyward5:fc tar, s•,.oke, constituent; particulate ritter, sroke, cu»stituent; nicotine, smoke, cons:.itucnt; carbon monoxide, smoke, constitu,2nt; • animonia, s+noke, constituent; nitrogen oxides, smoke, constittient; hydroben cynnide, smoke, constituent; acetaldeLyde, `.vo'ce, ccnstituent; •forr.ial.dehyde, t:, ;o1:r•, consti*_uent; acrolein, siaoke, con;titucnt. u :I t1
Page 902: hfb88d00
YI Rea-31 S. P. - - 50255 3368 Journal of EFpidetniolog~• and Ca.nr~iuniq• Health, 1479. 33,164-169 THE RELATIONSHIP BETI•lEEN INDOOR AIR POLLUTION F'ROtS NITROGEN DIOXI': AND RESPIRATORY ILLNESS IN PRIMARY SCHOOLCHILDREN. R. J. t.1ELIA. S. CHI':f:, C. DL' V. FLOREY. B. D. GOLRSTEIt;,:.r. A: HU%TEA. AND A. G. F. B R O O K S. St. Thopnas's Hospital 1ledtc`! School The relationship bctkeen respiratorx iltncss and indoor air pollution from nitrogen dinAidc (KO,) arising from gas eool.inF v.as intestil:atcJ in Rtk+ schoolchilJrtn aged 6 and7 li.ing in AfiJJieshrouFh. Information on lung function. respiretore s) mrtoni,, drmaFrephic datad and litchtn KOt mejsurements were atailahle for [+1'+,% of the ehilJrcn. OutJo.x smoke and sutphur dioaiJt Icttia wcrc IoM in the area (annual acerajes hath <iSµg/m3) Outdoor NOr Icrels measured during one wceL bt 75 .amplers ranFed from 14to:1rph(11t').whereas{.itchcnNOrletelsrangrd from four tu i1t1pph. and bedroom letct, in 1'S randomly uelccteJ homc• ranf.d from three to 169 pph. Kitchen Ircls xcre zignifrcamh higher in Ea• than in clectric 1,itchcns Thc pres alencc ttf resf+itrior~ if(nca w as hil hct in children frrrm hnmc. with Fe, a><tGers thin in th,t>c from homrs with clcctricakt{,c r. (P <(I-111) after allow ing for the effcct% of xe>, and Mvial clas>. The numhcr of cil artttc amolcrx in thc humr di.t not differ helw ecn the hum:. with I:as and thttsc a ith clcct nc eonl,crs. The prct alcncc was al4t a•.nciated in h.tth aLxe. .cith hednpim \Or Setels (P <il4ti). The di.trihuthtn- of vicial cia.. and numhcrof anohers diJ not san Mith heJrtktm NO, les.rl.. As the bcdrextm Icte6 Kl're L'>,trCntell IUw. ani nt/ U'.N4;UatIUn wa% found Ntwcrn thc prc%arncc and lrtchen lttel.. it ras cun+idrrca that htw inJt~tr tcm{xraturr.:mJ high humiJit} s.ere lilsl% eau.e.la the asM)l'tatllfn wyth rd~ LYM`mg • .~... „ Summary of papers presented at the meeting of the Society for Social Medicine in Leeds, September 197b n l • 0
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50255 3409 .._ ..._ _.~. ..~~..... ~>~ _ __._ _. ~ .._ ~.._~.~- - __..._ . ..~ .- ~ . i TP 70 xu ~ ~ 1946. PDDL ,' CONDENSED NtIILI; - AND =r . MILK POWDER pr,EPARF.D FOR FACTORY, SCHOOL AND L:1HORAT,ORY SIXTH EDITION COMPLETELY REWRITTE\ BY . ;O~O::FI~L'DERICh~-, HU1'LIIiER.~ B.S.A., M.S., D.Sc. It J PURLISIIfD IIY TIIC AUTHOH LA CRANCE, :LLI\OIS (1946) ,
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" 50255 3404 ri b~ 1iu~t1~~, tl'i .,~~llswOrtle Ilutlti:t-:en ... ~..•. Fr,:n{c 1:. Wiliictiils ... %,%itih tht; cu<<~~e271f.1 ~F: oz T;c') e-- Ij:'O`•Ca ... Id1!o`i E. C11Rc? ... 2d ed., 1't\4r1Iiufl, t(:.i :i twcrii..)•-scvPll (;nottsanc. New Ynri-, aj. «rlii~v aC 1°c7.uadol1, i it: i~n}rtli .C Iia21, )inlituci, 19?F. zcl, GIC p. tr:ci, 2ront., 111us. (maps) tn}.,l•.,!, diac,ra. ;.±} ],.Geo„rap`rp, COIUri]ErcIo. 10*i Lileo:s, I't,ink I:rr-e!.t, ]K;I- joti:c unthur, tt.. J;rav:n• J:otkit rnyC'l:r:se, l.rr,ox J.., joir.l xuthur. /' Llbrnry of Cs);igr.,,3 ' V,,2g ~ y la(/Z12 2G -23~:~'
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50255 3415 `}5 i:::'.~..'. :.:~ Rt. E- .o--l :t`I x` .::.`..'.:C2..~.i~ t ^: ~~1"V 11.319, 1 T~.. { )('J9 ~ -~:,2 Iir :'CC'!Lt:•;iC.i1
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50255 3405 A brief ilTtrocltlctirnl to thc u>~v of ]3eikiviu's •.. : C1C1' U1'jj.11i1sCllen c]!elI11C, by 1'.I'ile-t. I~ ~:;111T1 1ili11t1'.'rZ ed., 1'ev. Ym'k, J. 1S'ilcl' ,C :nuos, irc•.; tnan& I.r;lll, lilnitc.l, 1f1.3~. x, 34 n. 23 cm. tr•t-ral'!i1t'1 1ti ttitond l t s t I t'i~ f ~~l>lu,~a+,i a r•f 1t , ot tla?~ lir:~ti m of or .:t:ie ~ vtnh.,t;nd. u"A S1: t''. • f-..W. 13ci1 !cit~'s il:tndliuch I 'or or a:ni !'hcn cl:"! i'+":. t' ) l:. 1. Ci!ctuistry, (lr;;rntic. r. )3eil;tvlu, 1'r:c•drk•h 1:•Anr: 1`JO`~• l1tu~Jt,urJt Q~ r orr:uli~c`ten cl ct li~. QD251.1i4•^, I`J;S .`.47 7.iLrury of Congress 1.°p11 E; :S ~ t t7 fi f; i3 / ti 14
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I C: `l l r r 1 tJ fj .L1 c. xa'A-aZI p'41 :,~ Q,~ f: p~ey c~} M6~{1 qFIt. `d-nSb't MVG1 bCtH X P~l wossuor ZLhE sSZ05
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50255 3413 ~: INrA, ~ Tki' p\'YC11v!~l~ //f eil:'b(ill vOlll:i71!11(l'. il1' YnYi:y Tilt Cla11fCa1 S p., 1 1., !1-S,li ji. =t?. Pnl. (_\n?er:c•:;n nr7:1111 SCTIl's. INo. 50i) ]. Chc•Ini:tr}•, Orz;allie. _'. Thcruioc•hemi>:U y. 3. C:irlwli coy+,t,,iuncl=, i. 7.`itle. Q,ll-2 5 S.1I'J ~~ 2:1-1 iC?J i Li1,ra:•y vf Cun:rc-, ~~ 15 11:=21 u.3
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50255 3407 ~Y~aL..i !` 'I'l:c lnt l>at•:iticiti, prol)c•rt ics, cLr•:nical l,c•ltu; iiir awl idc•w,i ficaticnt of orunmic chlr,t•inr: coirliatu)tl1; t;tl,les of c1at1 ol, sk-.k•ctcrl co,nlu,;tncl- uf anlrr nt. \cA"• l"ctrlc, .1. Wilc•.•, 1^4:.. N- .V, 7y 13 p. ~?,: c1n. Cotcr title: U; _:tni.^ <l~luriri_ c,~ nt,otm~'s. ii:~CluQ:r; •"1'iir, toxt (,,f t1ji!~ bno'.c is m:irlc tip of referi•ucc.,; )ial,•ta refrrruc..a ~ctc,tc~ fruut thc cheniical litozacur: iluuagti :. ~~J~•mnr:,ndutn c~f rcrtah~ 1!iiti 1J17 rPf~rcnceC r:v: Ittcc,t;c•t,1C3'_ rc„ulnr tcaC•: It. zN li xat, 1. C'hlorinr orw:udc c'oi11tKwi:Qs. 2. Clduriar a, mn:C 1'at~nts. Ql);1~.C:~TIS r j Wi J )'i111r1rC of CU!l,'(PesS - (J2I'joj t: ~ ~7
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50255 3418 r~ ~/+}i~',.t fr ' - If.-. ;>V-t. ,.... 4 Ct3EM1.C0-P}~Y51 ~!L I- R(JGE55ES T~; '1110 -i YJAYSS ~~• _ .. .. . ,<:. •
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50255 3q_06 _'lne'~;`~.~:~~t~ ~g. .. tz~ ..; of puro o, .santc coatpo~_rl.~; ;,rl.~; ;.~ t t ~ ntitic i _; of de.tFs on :•t•li-:tcci c_:r :jtotn;da of or<ie.r i(ccm~;~o,ti,es of cZt;,:,r. , ~ . -with hyd:•oge:, or with ;).ti•dror:~~n and o:•:,n`) _ by 1•:ra~ : . ra. }.Inntiisr ltunt.c_., ... and Samuel Pnrson3;,iullil-L•n ... ::.•t: York, .1-. 1;'ile. : sons, iiic.; 1:.ondotl, Ch:,pa:an '. Tiall, ?:-n- itc.i,1P11, a:vtt, aI+J 1,. M1 cn,. y. Cheiuatry, Ort~aotc. L 2au:;!I:cn, cainS:l PurozR9, Jo/nt tiathor. u. 2`laa. C1,~~:,SLII~ ~~ bI7 ...~ LSbr;t:F c•f G~n~.r~-ss i53a 2I
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50255 3417 ll1Ll AO;' 1~r.~.l.J--is lt):.UGY/i'slUl.()C;>'--))IC'?'IO:.:';•'r: r.'S,/ FRt:ivCt'• LtL;c=li'.=c:F;--i:ICT7O~~A1'Ii:S/nICTJ~\'A~I-;:S--F?:E?:C':i/ • 1`iF.nlCl.ti1:--DICTIO:~I:RII?3--FRI;~C1i/llIC~IbNhRII:~- •`fEDICI;:::i 219~2~t r I f rI D1, r.l I v 1\ 1\T.i`l l R l. Vo1. 1- A-D -1910 • • Vol. 2- E-M -1977. franSais Vol. 3- N-Z-1972 . DE ~1~ L; D i C IN{ { rJ, DTJ 1JJ.Q1_J0G1L Clt (/IIQ(TC 1'(lll!n2CS A. AI/1NLJIL/1, L. ]1'Il1NUILl1, I14. NICOLE I I-i. LAM IiI:RT a.•ec la cull.Zoration de (clrii~ric Grolo~r'~ucl' I. POLONOVSKI • ct de 3.`.~ ~hiciilistcs G. Ci111'DAU AIASSO\' & CIE I)iteunr ~fnfr.l Jc (•On'.n;e,r;on monJi./e rIe 1e S.urf 1?0 irouleeerJ S,~nrGa~:eiu. I'.ri.-6 '1'OINiI•: I'I:I:1III;R =----- 19;o ----_--- 0 3" i ti i ij 6 !4 2 a
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IOT:[);~) so.t'flo;) lp 1.Ac;qU'l 0.I'TITCCO •0I1Lr •I 's; Irnrrlu/oaa!((u)JU:uut;31p •I •uw f7, 'sl,ill 'i[ IF; ioiC ~ :ll ( l.lC{! ~(7rtllOtlll:OJ ~[(Ii:iJ'l[O![i•' ~udO JO r~:("IL;ICI[.)1(7 OIIT~ _ . . .a . w~:.v . `~. btbG SSZoS
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t f Z3i3 ', i:;.~o •., „.~ i. 1*l•~,. : ~ . Iy (IsL: ..,~:i.. _ ... . , . . "t:A 1zo4";; ; .. •':r•17~•J•lI ~ .. nH IL1 EL Z3'IHc:;.1'd '0\ SS':'iQ :44d :EL'uI ) Z~Z-T*E ~Z Z:;) 9 To';:L o t ! . , EZA£ SSZOS
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IL 7 ---°-- f ..- 50255 3411 Pcpartmtnt of Chcntistry, I:. A. It..it:M Falistan. 1.1.1956 Prescot address of M. \L Hjauc : Uni%crsity of Notre ba:ne, Notre L)antc, indiana, U.S.A. Sivellin; of Ccl1t:"cxe ia Salt Solutiont and its Kcltt:ion to Cre .^.:ct:ii of Io:ts 1'tte cQ' ct of iors on the s«'c:lin- of ecilulose has bee:n stt:dicd b.: scver: 1 WorkCis, \s':W h:t\"c, lio',vCYCr, torccntratC'Ci 1n.ainl)' o1 ti:c !.'otropic }t;rici tGf the ions. \'oa Wcitn:trnt w: i tl;e first to po:nt out thct the «:ciL•n~ po«er of VarioUs salts 6-i-cr.c}ed on the cie, rec of hydration of their catloas. :.;ttcr studies b; Ilc:ri;1, and licc::° c-ntirined ihis by sl:owin^, thra the smciltn; c~cct *, rt c, clc~ itt p:::.t{i.l wit`: the position of ioas in l rcur.dlich's llo- tr(1piC scriCO. in a ~,tt,:~ o:. thc sv, c;lin;^, behaviour of celiuioc:c Vort:s, from the Cor-110r1.'.t ((•:,~-'daNiS (coa7:.:o:'.1)' known as jUiC) tii 5!iSlif:. .. , SOiIlC tli_ %:CfC 111.^.Cit:, :inv IhC%e : rc L:~'L'a 11Ci :'.V. utttCtniiC from jute tSY,!; used for tTC.: j)l:FC:1t s:t:.i\'. 1 i.: