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Durbin, Richard J.

(U.S. Representative in 1994, anti-tobacco voice) Richard J. Durbin was a United States Representative in 1994 (D-IL). He was a leading anti-tobacco voice and a leading antismoking advocate in Congress (LAT 7/18/94; U.S. News 4/18/94). Durbin is concerned about reducing the number of young smokers (U.S. News 4/18/94). He proposed an amendment, with Reps. Synar and Wyden, which would give FDA authority to regulate the manufacture, sale, labeling, advertising, and content of tobacco products, circa 6/94 (AP 6/13/94). Durbin appeared for the 3/25/94 Waxman subcommittee hearing and stated that "Tobacco companies are our nation's number one drug pushers." In May 1994, U.S. representative Martin Meehan wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno signed by six other congress members (Hansen, Stark, Viscols, Durbin, Synar, Foglietta, and Meehan signed). The letter suggested DOJ investigate whether the tobacco Executive violated RICO laws or committed perjury before the Waxman subcommittee (1994) (BN TLR 6/29/94; DJ 5/27/94). The contact in 1994 was Melissa Narins at (202) 225-5271.