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Blalock, John V.

(BW Public Relations Head; TI PR Committee) B&W Executive: TI PR Committee

John V. Blalock was a Brown & Williamson Executive. (PMI's Introduction to Privilege Log and Glossary of Names, Estate of Burl Butler v. PMI, et al, April 19, 1996) John V. Blalock was employed by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation and served on the PR Committee for the Tobacco Institute, Inc. from 1962 to 1964 and served as Director of Public Relations in the CA Department for B&W in 1964, and from 1966-70, and 1972-75. He also served on the Communications Committee for TII from 1970 to 1979 and served on the Budget Committee in 1974. (UCSF B&W 1012.01) He also was a Group Research Manager (Raleigh, Belair, and Barclay in the Mr Department from 1981-1982). (Source: B&W's Initial Disclosure, State of Texas, ATC, et al, 6/5/96 and B&W Personnel List - Draft, 11/30/88)