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These profiles are an authoritative list of different types of information about a document. For example, the People Profiles are a list of individuals who appear in the documents. Not all documents are coded with profiles, but those that are automatically include additional information about the person, organization, operation, etc., when displaying the citation.

You can think of profiles as an official list of names, organizations, cases, etc.

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Additives(1110 records)
Brand(1812 records)
Court Reporter(7 records)
Design Components(287 records)
Hypothesis(30 records)
Keyword(437 records)
Attorneys(146 records)
Case(365 records)
Operations(647 records)
Organizations(5498 records)
People(17786 records)
Region(92 records)
Smoke Constituents(100 records)
Research Team(16 records)
Thesaurus(790 records)