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911111 - 911114 Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, California Scientific Sessions 640000 Program

Date: 19911111/DE
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COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS FOR NEXT YEAR'S PROGRAM Please return to the CME Booth at the Convention Center or mail by. November 27, 1991, to CME Office, Scientific and Corporate Meet- ings, American Heart Association, 7272 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75231. 4 i
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f Scientific . Sessions ~ ~ ~ November 11-14, 1991 Anaheim Convention Center ~ Anaheim, California Program
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Oral slide Poder Popuad How-to CvD ToPlics PresenYm rresent'ro Seet(nan Senions Goel's Cardiovascular Radiology - - - - - Cardiovascular SunBery, - - - - - Clinical Cardiology - - - - - Community Programs - - - - - EPidnmobgt and Prevention - - - - - High Blood Pressure Research - - - - - Nutrition - - - - - Kidney - - - - - stroke - - - - - TFirombosis - - - - - 5. Please rate how well the following topics were covered at the sessions, using the five-point scale below: 5 - Excellent 4 - Very satisfactory 3 - Satisfactory 2 - Somewhat satisfactory 1 - Not satisfactory To ia. - Arteriosclerosis - Basic Science and Circulation, - Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care - Cardiovascular Disease in the Young - Cardiovascular Nursing - Cardiovascular Radiology - Cardiovascuiar Surgery - Clinical Cardiology - Community Programs - Epidemiology and Prevention - High Blood Pressure Research - Nutrition - Kidney - Stroke - Thrombosis 6. Please rate the sessions overall in terms of how well it achieved its objectives: Objective: The 64th Scientific Sessions provides three and one-half days of comprehensive educational experi- ence in the major facets of cardiovascular disease, its pathophysioiogy; diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Check one: - 5 = Excellent - 4 - Very satisfactory. - 3 - Satisfactory _ 2 = Somewhat satisfactory - 1 - Not satisfactory Signature (optionai): , Physicians interested in CME credit should complete and return this form to the CME booth at the Convention Center by 1 na, Thursday, November 14, or mail it by Nbvember 27, 1991, to CME Office, Scientific and Corporate Meetings, American Heart Association, 7272 Greenville Avenue, Dallas,lX 75231. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for mailing your certificate. © I
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Wednesday Am Oral (Slide) Presentations ........... 273 Poster Presentations ................ 295 Wednesday Pr,,, Oral (Slide) Presentations ........... 319 Poster Presentations ................ 349 Thursday N,, Oral (Slide) Presentations ........... 382 Poster Presentations ................ 404 Richards (Dickinson W.) Memorial Lecture.... 31, 37,228 Scientific Council Activities ........................ 31 Scientific Councils' Distinguished Achievement Awards ......., ................................ 42 Sherry (Sol) Lecture ....................... 35, 38, 244 Shuttle Bus Service ............................... 30 Slide Presentations .............. (See Research Reports). Speaker Prep Rooms .............................. 30 Social Activities .................... (Inside front cover), Sunday Afternoon Programs ....................... 45 Taussig (Helen B.) Memorial Lecture ......... 32, 38; 242 Telephone Message Center ........................ 30 Transportation ................................ 29,30, White (Paul Dudley) International Lecture ....... 37, 17& Young Investigator Prize in Thrombosis ......... 35,244 5
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AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Anne Golden Chainnan, Board of Directors Edward S. Cooper President-elect Gerard A. Kaiser Vice President, Councils Thomas W. Smith Vice President, Research 0 W. Virgil Brown President Frangois M. Abboud Immediate Past President Sidney C. Smith Jr. Vice President, Programs Rodman D. Starke Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs C
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SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL CHAIRMEN Richard W. St. Clair Arteriosclerosis Charles A. Hales Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Martha N. Hill Cardiovascular Nursing Donald B. Doty Cardiovascular Surgery. Arnold M. Katz Basic Science Edward B. Clark Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Barry T. Katzen Cardiovascular Radiology Stephen F. Vatner Circulation 0
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SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL CHAIRMEN m Gerald M. Pohost Clinical Cardiology Allen W. Cowley Jr. High Blood Pressure Research J. Donald Easton Stroke Alan Chait Nlrtrition Committee Albert Oberman Epidemiology and Prevention Zalman S. Agus Kidney Ralph L Nachman Thrombosis Michael R. Rosen Chairman, Committee on Scientific Sessions Program
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COMMITTEE ON SCIENTIFIC SESSIONS PROGRAM Michael R. Rosen, Chairman, New York, NY Harold C. Strauss, Vice Chairman, Durham~ NC Michael A. Bettmann, Boston, MA John P. DiMarco, Charlottesville, VA Barbara J. Fletcher, Atlanta, GA Charles K. Francis, New York, NY William H. Gaasch, Worcester; MA Haralambos Gavras, Boston, MA Godfrey3. Getz, Chicago, IL Robert G. Hart, San Antonio, TX David R. Hathaway, Indianapolis, IN Joanne S. Ingwall, Boston, MA Russell V. Luepker, Minneapolis, MN I David McCall, San Antonio, TX Diana Marver, Dallas, TX D. Craig Miller, Stanford, James H. Moller, Minneapolis, MN Robert J. Myerburg, Miami, FL Marlene Rabinovitch, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Harold R. Roberts, Chapel Hill, NC Albert P. Rocchini, Ann Arbor, MI Ernst /. Schaefer, Boston, MA Marc D. Thames, Cleveland, OH SUBCOMMITTEE ON EXHIBITS Joanne S. Ingwall, Chairman, Boston, MA Michael A. Bettmann, Boston, MA Barbara J. Fletcher, Atlanta, GA Charles K. Francis, New York, NY Russell V. Luepker, Minneapolis, MN Albert P. Rocchini, Ann Arbor, Ml Ernst J. Schaefer, Boston, MA COUNCIL PROGRAM COMMITTEES Council on Arteriosclerosis Godfrey S. Getz, Chairman, Chicago, IL William A. Bradley, Birmingham, AL Lawrence C. Chan, Houston, TX Allen D. Cooper, Palo Alto, CA Henry Ginsberg, New York, NY Jane M. Glick, Philadelphia, PA F. Jeffrey Feld, Iowa City, IA Jon C. Lewis, Winston-Salem, NC Ray C. Pittman, La Jolla, CA David L Williams, Stony Brook, NY ®
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of grades for each abstract, including,the occasional individual grade that deviates from the norm: This system is used not only to ensure that grades are equitably attainedJ but as a check on the perfor- mance and''" consistency of the reviewers themselves. In July, the Committee on Scientific Sessions Program meets to prepare the final Nbvember program. Sub- committees, selected by the councils, represent spe- cialty areas of individual councils at this meeting. Their purpose is to aid the subcommittee chairmen in organizing each council's sessions and to make final reviews of grades, including variant single grades. Accepted abstracts are assigned to poster or podium sessions. Assignment to one or the other session is no reflection on the grade or quality of an abstract. Podium sessions are organized according to specific themes, and'the goal of thematic consistency is often the reason for assignment of a particular abstract to an oral presentation rather than to a poster session. Once planned, the proposed sessions are submitted to the chairman of the Committee on Scientific Ses- sions Program. His role, along with the chairmen rep- resenting individual councils, is to ensure that a balanced program is presented, giving fair representa- tion to all councils in both poster and podium ses- sions. To achieve this goal, some rearrangement of sessions may be required, but abstracts are not removed friom the program. Hence, the selection process comprises evaluation of' abstracts by graders, evaluation of grades and of grad- ers by an independent subcommittee, and a priori- tization process that evaluates strengths of individuali abst'racts. In the last five years, 30-34% of submitted's abst'racts have been accepted for presentation. The percentage of abstracts submitted from each spe- cialty area is used as a rough index to the number of abstracts each council will place on the final program. The result of this process is a program that evolvess from over 9,000 submitted abstracts. The Committee on Scientific Sessions Program believes that every effort is being made to ensure a fair and~ equitable review of all abstracts. Nevertheless, problems some- times occur, and suggestions about improving the review process are sought. Comments should be addressed to the chairman of'the Committee on Sci- entific Sessions Program or the chairmen of the pro- gram subcommittees of individual councils. 17
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Council on Basic Science David R. Hathaway, Chairman, Indianapolis, IN Michael P. Bevilacqua, Boston, MA L Maximilian Buja, Houston, TX Augustus O. Grant, Durham, NC David G. Harrison, Atlanta, GA Judith Swain, Durham, NC Council on Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Marlene Rabinovitch, Chairman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Michael S. Wolin, Vice Chairman, Valhalla, NY B. Taylor Thompson, Boston, MA Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Albert P. Rocchini, Chairman, Ann Arbor, Mi D. Woodrow Benson, Chicago, IL Howard P. Gutgesell, Charlottesville, VA Thomas J. Hougen, Washington, DC David Teitel, San Francisco, CA Council on Cardiovascular Nursing Barbara J. Fletcher, Chairman, Atlanta, GA Gayle R. Whitman, Vice Chai'rman, Cleveland, OH Laura L Hayman, Philadelphia, PA Marguerite L Kinney, Birmingham, AL Anne Verderber, San Diego, CA Council on Cardiovascular Radiology Michael A. Bettmann, Chairman, Boston; MA Murray G. Baron, Atlanta, GA Barry T. Katzen, Miami, FL Stephen W. Miller, Boston, MA Council on Cardiovascular Surgery D. Craig Miller, Chairman, Stanford, CA Jerry Goldstone, San Francisco, CA James K. Kirklin, Birmingham, AL D. Glenn Pennington, St. Louis, MO Eric A. Rose, New York, NY Hartzell V. Schaff, Rochester, MN Larry W. Stephenson, Detroit, MI Richard D. Weisel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Winfield J. Wells, Los Angeles, CA ®
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November 1991 TO: Phyxiicians/Scientists Attending AHA's 64th Scientific Sessions FROM: James H. Youngblood, Director Scientific and Corporate Meetings SUBJECT: 1. Evaluation of Scientific Sessions 2. Application for CME Category I Credit Toward AMA's Physician's Recognition Award Please complete this brief evaluation form. Your response will help the AHA design better sessions. Physicians interested in CME credit should complete and return this form to the CME booth at the Convention Center by 1 rn., Thursday, November 14, or mail it by November 27, 1991, to CME Office, Scientific and Corporate Meetings, American Heart Association, 7272 Greenville Avenue, Dal- las, TX 75231. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for mailing your certificate. 1. Indicate your major specialty: Check one. - Adult cardiologist - Hematologist - Basic scientist - Internist - Cardiovascular - Nephrologist surgeon - Neurologist - Clinical - Pediatric cardiologist pharmacologist - Radiologist - Emergency and' - Other (specify) critical care - General practitioner 2. Please rate the following aspects of each plenary session: • Quality of presentation • Applicability of the topic to your professional needs Use the following five-point scale: 5 = Very high 4=High 3 - Average 2=Low 1 a Very low Did rrot Meearv Satdon Qmlitr Aodia6iNtY Atterd r I. Acute Revascularization: Consensus and Controversy, II; Sunvival'in Heart Failure 111.1 Cardiovascular Actions of Adenosine IV. Rapid Identification ard. Treatment of Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction: National Implications V. Newer Approaches to Pulrrwnary. Hypertension V1. The Treatment of , Isolated Systolic Hypertension - - - VII:. Diagnosisand Management of Supraventricular, Anhy[hmias.
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Council on Circulation Marc D. Thames, Chairman, Cleveland, OH Donald D. Heistad, Vice Chairman, Iowa City, IA Lewis C. Becker, Baltimore, MD Paul /. Cannon, New York, NY Thomas H. Hintze, Valhalla, NY A. James Liedtke, Madison, WI Council on Clinical Cardiology William H. Gaasch, Chairman, Worcester, MA James L Ritchie, Vice Chairman, Seattle, WA Masood Akhtar, Milwaukee, WI William F. Armstrong, Ann Arbor, MII Robert O. Bonow, Bethesda, MD John P. DiMarco, Charlottesville, VA Victor Froelicher, Long Beach, CA Thomas B. Graboys, Boston, MA Beverly Lorell, Boston, MA Milton Packer, New York, NY Miguel A. Quinones, Houston, TX Gary S. Roubin, Birmingham, AL Ralph Shabetai, San Diego, CA A. Jamil Tajik, Rochester, MN David O. Williams, Providence, RI Council on Epidemiology and Prevention Russell V. Luepker, Chairman, Minneapolis, MN! Stephen P. Fortmann, Vice Chairman, Palo Alto, CA Robert J. Garrison, Bethesda, MD Philip Greenland, Rochester, NY Maurice B. Mittlemaric, Winston-Salem, NC Thomas A. Pearson, Cooperstown, NY Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller, Bronx, NY Council for High Blood Pressure Research Haralambos S. Gavras, Chairman, Boston, MA Henry R. Black, New Haven, CT Donald J. DiPette, Galveston, TX Victor J. Dzau, Stanford, CA Gregory D. Fink, East Lansing, MI Clarence Grim, Los Angeles, CA Joseph R. Haywood, San Antonio, TX Patrick J. Mulrow, Toledo, OH Phillip G. Schmid, Iowa City, IA Council on Kidney in Cardiovascular Disease Diana Marver, Chairman, Dallas, TX John C. Burnett Jr., Rochester~ MN Louis Ercolani, Charleston, MA R. Tyler Miller, Dallas, TX 02
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Did'not nenarv sesdon uali~t AooBcabiOtv Aitma + VIIIJ An®oplasty,Restenosis: Molecular Mechanisms and Evolving Therapeutic Strategies - - - IX. CurrentJssues in Vahrular Heart Disease - - - X: Clinical Expression of Hypertrophy and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - - - XIJ Diagnosis and Management of' Syncope - - - XIIJ New Insights From CAST and CAST 11!Atiout Management of High-Risk Postinfarction Patients - - - XIIIJ Coronary Revascularization in the 1990s - - - 3. Please rate the following aspects of each lecture: • Quality of' presentation • Applicability of the topic to your professional needs Use the following five-point scale: 5 = Very high 4 = High 3 - Average 2=Low 1 - Very low Die not Leca.e Qn.W Aoolikabililv Attene. Conner - - - Duff - - - P.D. White International - - - Richards - - - Brown - - - Rashkind - - - Nursing - - - Dahl - - - - - - Dotter Laennec - - - Sherry - - - Thrombosis - - - Glenn - - - Taussig - - - Keys - - - 4. Please rate the quality of the following sessions, using the five-point scale below: 5 - Very high 4 - High 3 = Average 2 - Low 1 = Very low (NOTE: Use NA [not applicable] when there are no events for that topic, i.e., no How-to Sessions on Kidney). Oral sWe roAer Iostsrad T-11- Ireaent'ns Presenrro sem(nae How-to CVD sessiom CoePa Arteriosderosis - - - - - Basic Science and', Circulation, - - - - - Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care - - - - - Cardiovascular Disease in the Young - - - - - Cardiovascular Nursing. - - - - - ©
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Stroke Council Robert G. Hart, Chairman, San Antonio, TX David G. Sherman, Vice Chairman, San Antonio; TX Vladimir C. Hachinski, London, Ontario, Canada Hermes A. Kontos, Richmond, VA William Pulsinelli, New York, NY Council on Thrombosis Harold R. Roberts, Chairman, ChapeliHill, NC George Broze, St. Louis, MO Andrei Z. Budzynski, Philadelphia, PA James H. Chesebro, Rochester, MN Barbara Furie, Boston, MA Ralph L Nachman, New York, NY David R. Phillips, S. San Francisco, CA Mortimer Poncz, Philadelphia, PA Susan E. Rittenhouse, Burlington, VT Nutrition Committee Ernst J. Schaefer, Chairman, Boston, MA Frank A. Franklin, New Orleans, LA Theodore A. Kotchen, Morgantown, WV Community Programs James H. Moller, Chairman, Minneapolis, MN Susanna L Cunningham, Seattle, WA ®
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Table of Contents (Continued) Lembright (Katharine) Award ............... 32, 42, 195 Levine (Samuel A.) Young Clinical Investigator Competition ............................. 34, 41, 78 Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the Heart ........................ 48 Marcus (Melvin L) Young Investigator Awards Competition ....................... 33; 41, 74 Moderated Poster Presentations ... 44, 85, 105, 134, 158, 199, 220,,251, 271, 295, 349, 372, 404 Moderated Poster Session ........................ 159 Molecular Biology in Hypertension ................. 46 Molecular Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease: Molecular Pathophysiology and Diagnostic Implications ....... 47 Named Lectures .................................. 36 Natriuretic Peptides and Cardiovascular Regulation ... 45 New Therapies and Technologies for Cardiac Care ................................... 51 News Media Headquarters ........................ 29 Officers of the American Heart Association ............ 8 Opening Session ................................. 65 Page (Irvine H.) Award .................... 31, 41, 237 Past Presidents of the American Heart Association .... 11 i Pharmaceutical Roundtable ........................ 63 Plenary Sessions Monday Na................................. 66 PM ............................... 106 Tuesday nM,............................... 170 PM ............................... 221 Wednesday AM................................ 272 PM................................ . 318 Thursday nM ................................ 381 Poster Presentations (See Research Reports) Poster Presenters' Storage ......................... 29 Postgraduate Seminars .................... 53, 160,373 President's Message ............................... 7 Presidential Address .............................. 65 Press Room ..................................... ............................. 29 Program at a Glance ................... (Front foldout) Rashkind (William J.) Memorial Lecture .......... 32, 39 Receptions and Dinners ........................... 31 Research Achievement Award ................... 41,65 Research Fellowship Symposium .................... 43 Research Reports (See also Program at a Glance Foldout) Monday N,, Oral (Slide) Presentations ............ 68 Poster Presentations ................. 85 Monday PM Oral (Slide) Presentations ........... ,107 Poster Presentations ............... 134 Tuesday AMOral (Slide) ' Presentations ........... 171 Poster Presentations ............... 199 Tuesday PM Oral (Slide), Presentations ........... 222 Poster Presentations ................ 251 I 4
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'CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE STATEMENT In accordance with the Committee on Scientific Ses- sions Program of the American Heart Association's guidelines on conflict of interest, certain invited presenters have indicated that they have a relation- ship which, in the context of the subject of their invited presentation, could be perceived as a real on apparent conflict of interest. This pertains to relation- ships with pharmaceutical' companies, biomedical device manufacturers, or other corporations whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the presentation topic. Such relationships include, but are not limited to, employment by an ind'ustrial' concern, ownership of stock, membership on a standing advisory council or committee, being on the board of directors, or being publicly associated with the company or its products. Other areas of real or perceived conflict of interest could include receiving honoraria or consulting fees or receiving grants or funds from such corporations or individuals repre- senting such corporations. Those invited presenters who have disclosed the existence of such a relationship are identified by an asterisk (")' in the program. The American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions is a scientific and educational meeting for the pur- pose of exchanging and discussing research results and scientific developments in the field of cardiovas- cular, research. Accordingly, the American Heart Association cannot and does not offer any assurance or warranty of'the accuracy, truthfulness, or original- ity of the information presented at the Sessions. 27
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Please note that all subjects are arranged in alphabetical order. Page Abstract Grading Consultants ...................... 18 American Heart Association's Officers, Medical Vice Presidents, and Scientific Council Chairmen .... 8 American Heart Association's Past Presidents ......... 11 American Heart Association's Pharmaceutical Roundtable .................................... 63 American Heart Association President's Message ...... 7 American Heart Association Research Fellowship Symposium .................................... 43 Authorlndex ................................... 436 Awards ......................................... 41 Basic Research Prize ........................... 41,65 Brown (George E.) Memorial Lecture ......... 33, 38,226 Business Meetings and Receptions .................. 31 Cardiovascular Conferences ............... 57, 164,376 Cardiovascular Disease: 1991 Research Reports ...... 67 Committee on Scientific Sessions Program ........... 12 ConflicFof Interest Disclosure Statement ............ 27 Conner (Lewis A.) Memorial Lecture ............ 65, 136 Continuing Education Credits ........ (Inside front cover) Council Program Committees ...................... 12 Critical Care for the Cardiologist ................... 50 Dahl (Lewis K.) Memorial Lecture ........... 35, 39, 332 Dotter (Charles T.) Memorial Lecture ........ 32, 37, 175 Duff (George Lyman) Memorial Lecture ...... 31, 36, 123 Emergency (Cardiac Life Support Systems) ...(Inside front cover) Evaluation of Scientific Sessions ............ (Front insert) Excellence in Nursing Lecture ...................... 32 Exhibits Commercial Exhibits ........................... 427 Exhibit Hours .................................. 28 Public Service Exhibits ......................... 427 Subcommittee on Exhibits ....................... 12 Featured Research ..... 112, 113, 132, 171, 185, 223, 273, 278, 287, 319,, 321, 400 Floor Plans ............................. (Back foldout) Future Meeting Dates ............................ 434 Generallnformation .............................. 28 Glenn (William W.L) Lecture .. . ... . . . .. . . . . 33, 127, 136 Grading and Selecting Abstracts .................... 16 Herrick (James B.) Award ........ . ... . ... . . . . . . 34,41 How-to Sessions ......................... 61, 168,379 Intermissions ..................................... 28 Issues in Cardiac Care: 1991 Update hschemic Cardiomyopathy-Treatment Options and Issues ......................................... 52 Jobs Available/Jobs Sought ........................ 28 Joint Interventional Catheter and Surgical Management of Difficult Problems in Congenital Heart Disease ..... 49 Katz (Louis N.) Prize Competition ............ ,31, 41, 75 Keys (Ancel) Lecture ....................... 35, 36, 125 Laennec Lecture ........................... 35, 40, 348 ©
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SCIENTIFIC COUNCILS ACTIVITIES Council on Cardiovascular Surgery William W:L Glenn Lecture Nov. 11 2:00 Pm Executive Committee Meeting Nov. 12 7:00 Am Annual Business Meeting Nov. 12 12:00 NooN Reception Nov. 12' 7:00 Pm Dinnert , Nov. 12' 7:45 Pm California Pavilion B Anaheim Hilton Hotel Santa Monica Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel California Pavilion B Anaheim Hilton Hotel Marina Ballroom 2' Disneyland Hotel Marina Ballroom 3 Disneyland Hotel Council on Circulation Executive Committee Meeting Mezzanine 14 Nov. 10 5:00 Pm Anaheim Hilton Hotel Melvin L Marcus Young Investigator Awards in Cardiovascular Integrated Physiology Competition Nov. 11 10:45 N., George E. Brown Memorial Lecture Nov. 12 2:00 Pm Reception Nov. 12 7:0&rn, Dinnert/Annual Business Meeting Nov. 12 7:45 Pm Room C-1 Convention Center Room A-7 Convention Center North Lounge Disneyland Hotel North i Ballroom Disneyland Hotel tTickets required and available in advance from the American Heart Association Registrar or at the Dinner, Ticket Booth, Convention Center, until 3:00 w:., Monday, November,l il L ®
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Derek G. Gibson, London, United Kingdom, Robert S. Gibson, Charlottesville, VA Wayne R. Giles, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Richard A. Gillis, Washington, DC Robert F. Gilmour Jr., Ithaca, NY Henry Ginsburg, New York, NY Mark Ginsburg, La Jolla, CA Donald D. Glower, Durham, NC Richard A. Goldstein, Houstonj TX Sidney Goldstein, Detroit, MI Antoinette Gomes, Los Angeles, CA J. Anthony Gomes, New York, NY Joel M. Gore, Worcester, MA Mervyn S. Gotsman, Jerusalem, Israel K. Lance Gould, Houston, TX Joey P. Granger, Jackson, MS Alan J. Greenfield, Boston, MA Joseph C. Greenfield Jr., Durham, NC Julius H. Grollman, Torrance, CA Garrett J. Gross, Milwaukee, WI William Grossman, Boston, MA Thomas Guarnieri, Baltimore, MD Gerald N. Guiraudon, London, Ontario, Canada Diana F. Guthaner, Palo Alto, CA David D. Gutterman, Iowa City, IA Charles A. Hales, Boston, MA Peter Hanrath, Aachenj Federal Republic of' Germany Aviad Haramati, Washington, DC Joanne S. Harrell, Chapel Hill, NC Renee Hartz, Chicago, IL David J. Hearse, London, United Kingdom William Helknbrand, New Haven, CT Philip D. Henry, Houston, TX Robert J. Herfkens, Stanford, CA Otto M. Hess, Zurich, Switzerland Charles B. Higgins, San Francisco, CA James E. Hixson, San Antonio, TX Mark Hlatky, Stanford, CA Brian Hoit, Cincinnati, OH Robert Holden, Indianapolis, IN David R. Holmes, Rochester, MN Charles J. Homcy, Pearl River, NY Allan HordoF, New York, NY Leonard N. Horowitz, Philadelphia, PA Steven A. Houser, Philadelphia, PA S.K. Stephen Huang, Worcester, MA James C. Huhta, Philadelphia, PA Herbert Hultgren, Stanford, CA Joseph R. Hume, Reno, NV David H. Humes, Ann Arbor, MI Raymond E. Ideker, Durham, NC Neil B. Ingels Jr., Palo Alto, CA Paul A. Insel, La Jolla; CA Jeffrey M. Isner, Brighton, MA Harlan E. Ives, San Francisco, CA. Ravi Iyengar, New York, NY' Warren M. Jackman, Oklahoma City, OK W.R. Eric Jamieson, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 21 ! i ~ I i
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NOTE Cardiac Life Support Systems Two emergency first aid and' cardiac life support systems will be located near the exhibit hall. In an emergency, call extension 8062 or 8087. hogram Objectives and Target Audience The annual AHA Scientific Sessions program provides three and one- half days of comprehensive educational experience in major facets of cardiovascular disease, including its pathophysiology„ diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. New developments in clinical, and basic research are presented in simultaneous sessions on adult and pediat- ric cardiology, surgery,radiology; and nursing, with focus on cardio- pulmonary, medicine, hypertension, stroke, renal disease, thrombosis, and preventive medicine. In addition, state-of-the-art lectures are presented by experts on topics important to both practi+ tioners and researchers in cardiovascular disease. Scientific Sessions are designed to improve the medical iand nursing care of the cardiovascular patient by providing members of the med- ical and allied professions with an educational program eohancing their knowledge, advancing their skills, and apprising them of the latest developments in medical and nursing research. Continuing Education Credits Applications for continuing education credits will be awailab'fe at the AHA registration desk beginning Tuesday, November 12: fhysidans: The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Educa- tion recognizes the American Heart Association as an accredited sponsor for continuing medical education activities for physicians. The AHA designates this continuing medical education activity as Category, I of~ the Physician's Recognition Award of the American Medical Association. One credit hour may be claimed for each hour of participation. A maximum of 24 credit hours may be claimed for attending the Scientific Sessions. An additional 4 hours may be claimed for attending one of the Sunday Afternoon Programs. Nurses: Continuingfduwtion credits will be available for the Sunday Afternoon ~ Programs, Plenary Sessions, , Postgraduate Seminars, Car- diovascular Conferences, How-to Sessions,, Named Lectures, and Research Abstract presentations. A maximum of 4125 Category A CEUs may be claimed by attending the Scientific Sessions. Sodal Acilvities A program of social activities has been planned for men, women; and children during the Scientific Sessions. Information will be available at the Anaheim Convention Center Local Information and Tour Desk during the following times: Sunday, Nov. 10 8:00 Am-5:30 Pra Monday, Nov. 11 8:00 Am-5:30 wa Tuesday, Nov. 12 8:00 Am-5:30 rra Wednesday, Nov. 13 8:00 Am-5:30 PM,
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE WELCOME TO THE 64TH SCIENTIFIC SESSIONS OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION During this second week of November 1991, scientists from ail over the world have gathered in Anaheim, Califomia,,to share the results of their research and to receive the comments of their col- leagues. Each year, this meeting represents the crowning achieve- ment of the American Heart Association in !ts effort to bring new knowledge to bear on the reduction of disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The success of this meeting is reflected in the continuing increase in the number of papers submit- ted. This year, more than 9,000 abstracts were reviewed, andsome 2,900 were selected for presentation: This represents a doubling in the number ofi submitted abstracts in only eight years. The most spectacular growth has come from scientific groups outside the United States and Canada. This yearl for the first time, the number of, foreign abstracts equals those from North America. This is truly an international meeting, for the very best science in the cardiovascular field is prnsented'from most parts of the world: Although focused on cardiovascular diseases, the program is extremely diverse. It will be possible to hear presentations that extend from the structure of genes and their molecular products to the testing of specific social and behavioral interventions at the com- munity ievel.,Yet, because of the sheer volume of work submitted and the careful, thorough efforts of'the reviewers„one is virtually certain of the highest scientific quality in every session. Furthermore, we are very fortunate to have with us senior scientists who are world leaders in their fields to provide us with up-to-date reviews and summary statements about progress in key areas of research. Often these lectures are tied to the presentation of awards for outstanding research. Other awards are given to younger investigators who are demonstrating outstanding,productivity in the early phases of their scientific careers. Finally, many of you can attend teaching sessions in which highly, qualified clinicians and Investigators share their experience and practical new approaches to patient management with you. On the exhibit floor, the latest in drugs, equipment, and educational materials for d'wgnosis,,treatment, and prevention of heart disease can be found. With the Scientific Sessions, as so much in the 20th century, we have learned that growth -even very high-quaiity growth -is not without consequences. The volume of work presented and the size of the facilities required to house all 26,000 of us may create a transient sense of bei~g overwhelmed and frustrated. I sincerely hope that you have studied the program and planned a strategy to iake maximum advantage of this great learning opportunity. If you learn new techniques for making the most of your experience at the Scientific Sessions or if you have solutions to problems you may have encountered, we would appreciate your completing the question- naire and providing us with your input. It has been our goal to make Ihis the very best Scientific Sessions you have ever attended. We hope that, with your help and input, the Scientific Sessions will continue to grow better each year. W. Virgil'grown American Heart Association November 1991 7
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GRADING AND SELECTING ABSTRACTS Questions invariably arise about the grading and selection of abstracts presented'. at the AHA annual Scientific Sessions. The planning of the meeting, supervision of grading, and selection,of abstracts are all'functions of the Committee on Scientific Sessions Program. This committee consists of a chairman, selected by the chairman of the Steering Committee; program chairmen, who represent individual scien- tific councils and are selected by their councils; four at-large members, selected by the chairman of the Steering Committee; representatives from the Com- munity Programs, Nutrition, and Electrocardiography Committees selected by those committees; and an Exhibits chairman, selected by the chairman of the Committee on Scientific Sessions Program. Commit- tee members serve a three-year term, except the Community Programs representative and Members- at-Large, who serve a one-year term. The committee meets twice yearly, in January and' July: At the January meeting, all aspects-successes and failures-of the preceding November meeting are reviewed, with a goal of enhancing the quality of future Scientific Sessions. An outline of the coming meeting is drafted. Suggestions also are reviewed by committee members for Plenary Sessions, Postgradu- ate Seminars, Cardiovascular Conferences, and How- to Sessions. By the end of the January meeting, the Plenary Sessions have beem planned, with sessions occasionally left open until July to accommodate areas of topical interest. All other sessions are assigned to subcommittees of the Program Commit~ tee, which consider their relative merits and interrela- tionships. (The final schedule for these sessions is completed by tvtarch.). Abstract submission packets, mailed to prospective Scientific Sessions participants, include a list of abstract categories that fall under the aegis of the individual AHA councils or are in an "intercouncil" category. Researchers submitting abstracts select a category that best represents their work. When the abstracts are received at the AHA National Center, they are immediately sent to abstract graders, individ- uals selected by the program chairmen of individual councils. More than one committee of graders is assigned to review categories for which experience suggests there will be large numbers of abstracts. Abstract grades are returned to the National Center where they are tabulated. A computer listing is pre- pared for each category that includes the name of the first author, the abstract number, the grade assigned by each abstract grader, and the mean and normalL ized grades. Normalized grades are used only when there is more than one review group for a category. This computer listing, provided! to each subcomrnit- tee chairman before the July meeting, permits review. 16
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GENERAL INFORMATION Abstracts From the 64th Scientific Sessions: A copy of the supplement to Circulation containing the abstracts and author and subject indexes will be reserved for each registrant of the Scientific Sessions. A voucher for one copy of Abstracts From the 64th Scientific Sessions will be included in your preregistra- tion packet. Abstracts can be picked up in the regis- tration area at' the Convention Center beginning, Sunddy, November 10. Additional copies will be available on site for $15 each. Airline Desk: American Airlines and US Air will staff service desks in the North Lobby of the Convention Center from Monday through Thursday: Exhibit Hours Monday, Nov. 11 ................ 9:00 Am-5:30 PM T!uesday; Nov. 12 ................ 9:00 n,m-5:30 Pm Wednesday, Nov: 13 ............. 9:00 Aun-5:30 ww Thursday, Nov. 14 ............... 9:00 Ana-12:30 PM Food Service: Two courtyard restaurants and one large exhibit hall restaurant will be in the Convention Center as well as numerous concession stands. Food service is also available at several hotels and restau- rants within brief walking distance from the Conven- tion Center. Guest Attendance: One guest badge per registrant may be picked' up in the registration area of the Anaheim Convention Center. Guests are not eligible for continuing medical education credit, Children under the age of 16 will not be admitted into the exhibit hall. Hotel Information/People Finder. This service can locate the hote[ assignment of any participant by computer. It will be available Sunday through Wednesday in the Registration Area of the Conven- tion Center. This service is supported by a grant from: Wyeth-Ayerst and Lederle Laboratories Intermissions: All sessions will break simultaneously on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10:00-10:45 Am and 3:30-4:00 PM; and on Thursday from 10:00-10:45 Am to facilitate visiting the exhibits in the Convention Center.. Jobs Available/Jobs Sought: Space is available in Lobby D ofl the Convention Center for posting messages about employment possibilities. Local Tours: A full schedule of special tours is printed in the Social Program that was mailed to all advance I ' 28
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PAST PRESIDENTS OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION 1924-25 Lewis A. Conner 1925-26 Joseph Sailer 1927-28 James B. Herrick 1929-30 William H. Robey 1931-32 Robert H. Halsey. 1933-34 Stewart R. Roberts 1935-36 John Wyckoff 1937-38 William J. Kerr 1939-40 William D. Stroud 1941-42 Paul D. White 1943-44 Roy W. Scott 1945-46 Annual Meeting Cancelled- Officers Retained 1946-47 Howard F. West 1947-48 Arlie R. Barnes 1948-49 Tinsley R. Harrison 1949-50 H.M. Marvin 1950-51 Howard B. Sprague 1951-52 Louis N. Katz 1952-53 Irving S. Wright 1953-54 Robert L King 1954-55 E. Cowles Andrus 1955-56 Irvine H. Page 1956-57 Edgar V. Allen 1957-58 Robert W. Wilkins 1958-59 Francis L Chamberlain 1959-60 A. Carlton Ernstene 1960-61 Oglesby Paul 1961-62 J. Scott Butterworth 1962-63 James V. Warren 1963-64 John J. Sampson 1964-65 Carleton B. Chapman 1965-66 Hekn B. Taussig 1966-67 Lewis E. January 1967-68 less E. Edwards 1968-69 Walter B. Frommeyer Jr. 1969-70 W. Proctor Harvey 1970-71 William W.L Glenn 1971-72 J. Willis Hurst 1972-73 Paul N. Yu 1973-74 Richard S. Ross 1974-75 Elliot Rapaport 1975-76 John T. Shepherd 1976-77 Harriet P. Dustan 1977-78 W. Gerald Austen 1978-79 John W. Eckstein 1979-80 Thomas N. James 1980-81 James A. Schoenberger 1981-82 Donald C. Harrison 1982-83 Mary Jane Jesse 1983-84 Antonio M. Gotto Jr. 1984-86 Thomas J. Ryant 1986-87' Kenneth I. Shine 1987-88 Howard E. Morgan 1988-89 Bernadine Healy 1989-90 Myron L Weisfeldt 1990-91 FranSois M. Abboud tDr. Ryan served from November 1984 to July 1986. 11
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SCIENTIFIC COUNCILS ACTIVITIES Council on Clinical Cardiology Committee on CVD in the Elderly Meeting Mezzanine 1 Nov. 11 7:00 Am Anaheim Hilton Hotel Committee on Cardiac Transplantation Mezzanine 2 Nov. 11 7:00 nm Anaheim Hilton Hotel Samuel A. Levine Young Clinical Investigator Award Competition Room C-5 Nov. 11 10:45 Am Convention Center Committee on Exercise and Cardiac Rehabilitation Meeting Mezzanine 1 Nov:,11 12:00 NOON Anaheim Hilton Hotel Committee on Cardiac Catheterization Meeting Mezzanine 1 Nov. 12 7:00 An, Anaheim Hilton Hotel Committee on Intensive Cardiac Care Meeting Mezzanine 2 Nov. 12 7:00 An Anaheim Hilton Hotel Committee on Sudden Cardiac Death Meeting Mezzanine 1 Nov. 12 12:00 NOON Anaheim Hilton Hotel Committee on Postgraduate Education Meeting Mezzanine 2 Nov. 12 12:00 NooN Anaheim Hilton Hotel Reception Center Lounge Nov. 12 7:00 Pm Disneyland Hotel Dinnert/Distinguished Achievement Award/James B. Herrick Award/Annual Business Meeting/Recognition of New Fellows Center Ballroom Nov: 12 7:45 rM, Disneyland Hotel Committee on ECG and Electrophysiology Meeting Mezzanine I Nov: 13 7:00 A+., Anaheim Hilton Hotel Committee on Advanced Cardiac Imaging Meeting Mezzanine 2 Nov. 13 7:00 Ara Anaheim Hilton Hotel Committee on Echocardiography Meeting Mezzanine 1 Nov. 13 12:00 NooN Anaheim Hilton Hotel Council Representatives Meeting El Capitan Nov. 13 12:00 NOON Anaheim Hilton Hotel tTickets required and available in advance from the American Heart Association Registrar or at the Dinner Ticket Booth) , Convention Center, until 3:00 .m, Monday, November,l il~ 34
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. Judah Weinberger, New York, NY James N. Weiss, Los Angeles, CA Robert M. Weiss, Iowa City, IA H.I.J. Wellens, Maastricht, The NptherlandS Lewis Wexler, Stanford, CA Richard White, Cleveland, OH A. Richard Whorton, Durham, NC W. Gil Wier, Baltimore, MD David J. Wilber, Maywood, IL Josiah N. Wilcox, Atlanta, GA L. Wilhelmsen, Goteborg, Sweden Roberta G. Williams, Los Angeles, CA R. Sanders Williams, Dallas, TX James S.T. Yao, Chicago, IL Frank C.P. Yin, Baltimore, MD Miguel Zabalgoitia, San Antonio, TX Radovan Zak, Chicago, IL Michael R. Zile, Charleston, SC Douglas P. Zipes, Indianapolis, IN William A. Zoghbi, Houston, TX The Committee on Scientific Sessions Program expresses appreciation to the grading consultants who gave time and talent in the selection of' abstracts for the 64th Scientific Sessions. 26
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NAMED LECTURES Tuesday, November 12 William 1• Rashkind Memorial Lecture Established in 1986 by Dr. Rashkind and his family shortly before his death. Dr. Rashkind was an internationally known pediatric cardiologist credited for the development of bal- loon atrial septostomy, also known as the "Rashkind proce- dure." Dr. Rashkind was an active volunteer for the AHA both at the national ~and state levels. This year's presentation reflects Dr. Rashkind's desire for harmony between the humanities and medicine. The first lecture was presented'in 1987. Werner Forssman and Self-Experimentation: Who Goes First? Lawrence K. Altman, New York, NY Marina Ballroom 3 7:45 PM Disneyland Hotel (Page 32). Made possible by a grant from the late Dr. Rashkind and his family. Wednesday, November 13 Lewis K. Dahl Memorial Lecture Established in 1988 by the Council for High Blood Pressure Research! in honor of Dr. Dahl's pioneering work on the relations between salt, the kidney, and hypertension and the establishment of a major genetically based experimental model of hypertension, the Dahl salt-sensitive rat. The Role of Nitric Oxide and Prostaglandins in the Maintenance of Renal Function and Blood Pressure Juan C. Romero, Rochester; MN Room C-5 1:00 PM Convention Center (Page 332) Made possible by a grant from Merck Sharp & Dohme. a9
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ABSTRACT GRADING CONSULTANTS Hanna Abboud, San Antonio, TX Walter H. Abelmann, Boston, MA Jonathan Abrams, Albuquerque, NM Ruth G. Abramson, New York, NY Douglass F. Adams, Boston, MA Robert S. Adelstein, Bethesda, MD Cary W. Akins, Boston, MA Abass Alavi, Philadelphia, PA Edwin Alderman, Stanford; CA Hugh D. Allen, Columbus, OH Margaret D. Allen, Seattle, WA Seth L Alper, Boston, MA Richard K. Alpert, Seattle, WA David C. Anderson, Minneapolis, MN Jeffrey L Anderson, Salt Lake City, UT Page A.W. Anderson, Durham, NC Robert J. Anderson, Denver, CO Charles Antzelevitch, Utica, NY Michael Artman, Mobile, AL Richard W. Asinger, Minneapolis, MN Christos A. Athanasoulis, Boston, MA Dianne L Atkins, Iowa City, IA Gerard Aurigemma, Worcester, MA Robert J. Bache, Minneapolis, MN David M. Bader, New York, NY Kamel F. Badr, Nashville, TN George Bakris, New Orleans, LA Robert S. Balaban, Bethesda, MD Gust H. Bardy, Seattle, WA Susan Barman, East Lansing, MI Paula O. Barrett, New Haven, CT Klemens H. Barth, Washington, DC Arthur L Bassett, Miami, FL Kenneth Bauer, Boston, MA Linda Baumann, Madison, WII William A. Baumgartner, Baltimore, MD Diane Becker, Baltimore, MD Gary J. Becker, Miami, FL George A. Beller, Charlottesville, VA Claude R. Benedict, Houston, TX Paul B. Bennett, Nashville, TN Lee Benson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Steven R. Bergmann, St. Louis, MO Daniel S. Berman, Los Angeles, CA Michel Bertrand, Lille, France Henry R. Besch Jr., Indianapolis, IN Rafael Beyar, Haifa, Israel Joseph J. Biliadello, St. Louis, MO Sanford P. Bishop, Birmingham, AL Alvin S. Blaustein, Cincinnatij OH Colin M. Bloor, La Jolla, CA William E. Boden, Boston, MA Roberto Bolli, Houston, TX Harisios Boudoulas, Columbus, OH Penelope A. Boyden, New York, NY Warren M. Breisblatt, Albany, NY 10
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NAMED LECTURES Tuesday, November 12 Paul Dudley White International Lecture Established'in 1966 by the Board of Directors oflthe Ameri- can Heart Association. The first lecture honored Dr. Paul Dudley White, an eminent Boston physician, for his leader- ship in the advancement of cardiology throughout the world. Dr.lNhite was also one of the founding fathers and a past president'f of the American Heart Association. The first lecture was presented in, 1967. Nitric Oxide: Physiology, Pathology, and Clinical Relevance Saivador Moncada, Beckenham, United~ Kingdom Main Arena 9:00 An Convention Center (Page 170) Tuesday, November 12 Charles T. Dotter Memorial Lecture Established'~in 1987 by the Council on Cardiovascular Radi- ology in honor of Dr. Dotter, who contributed heavily to the evaluation of cardiovascular angiography and pioneered the development of angioplasty and other interventional cardio- vascular procedures. The first lecture was presented in 1987. Evaluation of Cardiovascular Function Using MRI Charles B. Higgins, Sam Francisco; CA Room A-7 10:45 Am Convention Center (Page 175) Made possible by a grant from the George and Cleo Cook Memorial Foundation of Cook Incorporated. Tuesday, November 12 Dickinson W. Richards Memorial Lecture Established in 1973 by the Council' on Cardiopulmonary Disease (now known as the Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Council). Dr. Richards shared the Nobel Prize in 1956 with Drs. Andre Cournand and Wemer Forssman for work leading to a practical method of cardiac catheterization. Dr. Richards served as associate editor of Circulation in the 19505. The first lecture was presented in 1973. The Cellular Biology of Pulmonary Edema Norman C. Staub, San Francisco-, CA Room A-10 2:00 Pm Convention Center (Page 228) Made possible by a grant from Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories. 37
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OTHER LECTURES Tuesday, November 12 Eighth Annual Excellence in Nursing Lecture: Practicing Nirrse and Leadership Joyce C. Clifford, Boston, MA Marina Ballroom 4 7:45 rM Disneyland Hotel (Page 32) Made possible by a grant from Marion-Merrell Dow Inc. Wednesday, November 13 Laennec Lecture: Ventricular Diastolic Function -Possibilities and Limita6ons of Noninvasive Assessment by Doppler Echocardiography Liv K. Hatle, Trondheim, Norway Grand Ballroom Salons F-K 2:00 wrs Anaheim Marriott Hotel (Page 348) 40
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1 Tuesday, November 12 Katharine A. Lembright Award Susan R. Gortner, San Francisco, CA Marriott Hall S 10:45 nrn Anaheim Marriott Hotel (Page 195) Tuesday, November 12 The Young Investigator Prize in Thrombosis Competition Adam S. Asch, New York, NY Stephen C.T. Lam, Chicago, IL Marschall S. Runge, Atlanta, GA California Pavilion C 2:30 PM Anaheim Hilton Hotel (Page 244), Scientific Councils' Distinguished Achievement Awards Tuesday, November 12 Richard J. Havel, San Francisco, CA Council on Arteriosclerosis South Ballroom 7:45 Pm Disneyland Hotel Tuesday, November 12 Arnold M. Katz, Farmington, CT Council on Basic Science North Ballroom 7:45 Pm Disneyland Hotel Tuesday, November 12 Ronald M. Lauer, Iowa City; IA Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Marina Ballroom 3 7:45 Pm Disneyland Hotel Tuesday, November 12 Jacquelyn A. Huebsch, St. Paul, MN Council on Cardiovascular Nursing Marina Ballroom 41 7:45 Pm Disneyland Hotel Tuesday, November 12 Robert7. Myerburg, Miami, FL Council omClinical Cardiology Center Ballroom 7:45 Pm Disneyland Hotel ®
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RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP SYMPOSIUM (By Invitation Only) The American Heart Association's National Center Research Committee sponsors this annual symposium in conjunction with the AHA's Scientific Sessions. This symposium brings together AHA Established Investigators and Clinician-Scientist Awardees in the fourth year of their five-year fellowships. The poster session provides the awardees with an opportunity to become acquainted with each other, to discuss their research, and to become familiar with opportunities to work with the AHA. Park Plaza Ballroom Inn at the Park Hotel Saturday=Sunday, November 9-10, 1991 Presiding: Jan L Breslow, New York, NY Chairman, National Center Research Committee Darrell D. Fanestil, La Jolla, CA Vice Chairman, National Centen Research Committee Saturday 7:30 nN Science Lecture: Garden Room Genetic Basis of Lipoprotein Disorders With Coronary Heart Disease Susceptibility Jan L Breslow, New York, NY Chairman, National Center Research Committee Sunday 8:00 ua Plenary Session: Garden Room AHA Overview Myron L Weisfeldt, Baltimore, MD Past President, American Heart Association 10:00 ua Poster Session Park Plaza Ballroom 12:00 NOON Adjournment 43 Y
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Margo A. Denke, Dallas, TX J.M. Detry, Bruxelles, Belgium James A. DeWeese, Rochester, NY George A. Diamond, Los Angeles, CA John N. Diana, Lexington~ KY Mark E. Dibner-Dunlap, Cleveland, OH Giuseppe DiPasquale, Bologna, Italy Howard Dittrich, San Diego, CA Donald B. Doty, Salt Lake City, UT Janice G. Douglas, Cleveland, OH Pamela S. Douglas, Boston, MA James M. Downey, Mobile, AL David 1. Driscoll, Rochester, MN Thomas D. DuBose Jr., Houston, TX Sandra Dunbar, Atlanta; GA Douglas C. Eaton, Atlanta, GA Brooks S. Edwards, Rochester, MN Daniel Eisenberg, Burbank, CA Uri Elkayam, Los Angeles, CA Stephen G. Ellis, Cleveland; OH Mary B. Engler, San Francisco, CA Robert L Engler, San Diego, CA Michael L Epstein, Gainesville, FL N.A. Mark Estes 111, Boston) MA Stephen Factor, Bronx, NY Rodney Falk, Boston, MA John T. Fallon, Boston, MA Frank M. Faraci, Iowa City, IA David P. Faxon, Boston; MA Eric O. Feigl, Seattle, WA William Feinberg, Tucson, AZ Steven B. Feinstein, Chicago, IL George Feldman, Portland, OR James Feramisco, La Jolla, CA Michael A. Fifer, Boston, MA Tim A. Fischell, Stanford, CA Garret A. FitzGerald, Nashville, TN Gerald F. Fletcher, Atlanta, GA Ross D. Fletcher, Washington, DC Nancy C. Flowers, Augusta, GA Silvia S. Fojo, Bethesda, MD Edward D. Folland, Worcester, MA Aaron Folsom, Minneapolis, MN Noble O. Fowler, Cincinnati, OH Paul L Fox, Cleveland, OH Barry A. Franklin, Birmingham, MI Michael Freed, Boston, MA Gregory L Freeman, San Antonio, TX M. Heikki Frick, Helsinki, Finland' Erika S. Froelicher, Redondo Beach, CA John T. Funai, Richmond, VA Valentin Faster, New York, NY Kim P. Gallagher, Ann Arbor, MI Julius M. Gardin, Orange, CA Timothy S. Gardner, Baltimore, MD Arthur Garson Jr., Houston, TX Edward M. Geltman, St. Louis, MO Gary Gerstenblith, Baltimore, MD Henry Gewirtz, Providence, RI Raymond J. Gibbons, Rochester,, MN 20
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SCIENTIFIC COUNCILS ACTIVITIES Laennec Society Executive Committee Meeting Nov. 12 12:00 NooN Annual Business Meeting Nov. 13 1:45 PM Laenner Lecture Nov. 13 2:00 PM Mezzanine 4 Anaheim Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom Salons F-K Anaheim Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom Salons F-K Anaheim Marriott Hotel Council on Epidemiology and Prevention Executive Committee Meeting Malibu Room Nov. 10: 2:00 PM Anaheim Hilton Hotel Ancel Keys Lecture California Pavilion A Nov. 11 2:00 PM Anaheim Hilton Hotel Committee on Criteria and Methods Mezzanine 3 Nov. 13 12:00 NOON Anaheim Hilton Hotel Council for High Blood Pressure Research Professional Education Committee Mezzanine 3 Nov. 11 12:00 NOON Anaheim Marriott Hotel Lewis K. Dahl Memorial Lecture Room C-5 Nov. 13 1:00 PM Convention Center Council on Kidney in Cardiovascular Disease Executive Committee Meeting Santa Monica Room Nov. 10 10:00 AM Anaheim Hilton Hotel Council on Thrombosis Sol Sherry Lecture Nov. 12 2:00 PM The Young Investigator Prizes in Thrombosis Competition Nov. 12 2:30 PM Annual Business Meeting Nov. 13 12:00 NOON Nutrition Committee Nutrition Long-Range Planning Committee Nov. 9 9:00 ,w, Nutrition Committee Meeting Nov: 9 12:00 NOON'. California Pavilion C Anaheim Hilton Hotel California Pavilion C Anaheim Hilton Hotel California Pavilion C Anaheim Hilton Hotel Malibu Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel Malibu Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel m
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 Restaurant Reservations: A restaurant reservation ser- vice, staffed by attendants who are able to make rec- ommendations as well' as reservations, will be available at the Convention Center from Sunday through Wednesday. Shuttle Bus Service: Shuttle bus service will be availa- ble between most participating hotels an6 the Anaheim, Convention Center Sunday, November 10, through Thursday, November 14. Some hotels near the Convention Center will' have shuttle service in inclement' weather only. Some hotels in outlying areas will have limited service. For schedules, please see separate shuttle bus flyers and signs posted in each ofF'icial hotel. The shuttle bus service is partially supported by grants from: CIBA-GEIGY Corporation Marion-Merrell Dow, Inc. Speaker Prep Rooms: Rooms 4-5 at the Convention Center are for use by speakers in setting up and previewing slides before their presentations. This service is supported by a grant from: Squibb U.S. Pharmaceutical Group Telephone Message Center: An electronic message center will be located in the lobby of the Convention Center near the meeting rooms and plenary sessions area; Hours will be 8:00 Ana-5:30 PM, Sunday, November 10, through Wednesday, November 13, and 8:00 Nm-12:00 NOON on Thursday, November 14. Please check the monitors at the message center periodi- cally to avoid missing calls. The telephone number at the message center is (714) 490-2301. This service is supported by a grant from: Wyeth-Ayerst and Lederle Laboratories 30
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Julio E. Perez, St. Louis, MO Muthu Periasamy, Burlington, VT William A. Pettinger, Omaha, NE Marc A. Pfeffer, Boston, MA David Piwnica-Worms, Boston, MA Gerald M. Pohost, Birmingham, AL Joseph Polak, Boston; MA Michael L Pollock, Gainesville, FL Philip A. Poole-Wilson, London,. United Kingdom John M. Porter, Portlandj OR Eric R. Powers, Charlottesville, VA Craig M. Pratt, Houston, TX Milton Pressler, Indianapolis, IN Ronald Prineas, Miami, FL David B. Pryor, Durham, NC Albert Raizner, Houston, TX Harry Rakowski, Toronto, Ontario, Canada David P. Rardon, Indianapolis, IN Nathaniel Reichek, Philadelphia, PA Bruce A. Reitz, Baltimore, MD Barbara Riegel, San Diego, CA Jeffrey Robbins, Cincinnati, OH Robert Roberts, Houston, TX Dan M. Roden, Nashville, TN'. J. Roelandt, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Juan C. Romero, Rochester, MN! Robert Rosenberg, Chapel Hill, NC Amon Rosenthal, Ann Arbor, MI Allan M. Ross, Washington, DC Gabor M. Rubanyi, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany Lewis J. Rubin, Baltimore, MD John A. Rumberger, Rochester, MN' Jeremy N. Ruskin, Boston, MA Thomas Ryan, Indianapolis, IN Thomas J. Ryan, Boston, MA Jeffrey E. Saffitz, St. Louis, MO David Sahn, San Diego, CA Sanjeev Saksena, Newark, NJ Deeb Salem, Boston, MA Timothy A. Sanborn, New York, NY Peter Savage, Bethesda, MD Virginia J. Savin, Kansas City, KS Antonio Scarpa, Cleveland, OH Melvin M. Scheinman, San Francisco, CA Heinrich R. Schelbert, Los Angeles, CA James Scheuer, Bronx; NY Richard M. Schieken, Richmond, VA Robert C. Schlant, Atlanta, GA Michael D. Schneider, Houston, TX Frederick J. Schoen, Boston, MA Pamela Schultz, Minneapolis, MN Thomas R. Schwab, Rochester, MN Markus Schwaiger, Ann Arbor, MI Donald E. Schwarten, Carmel; IN Peter J. Schwartz, Milan, Italy John R. Sedor, Cleveland, OH Christine E. Seidman, Boston, MA 24
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registrants. It is also available at the desk for Tours and Local Information in the North Lobby of the Con- vention Center. Meetings and Product Directory: An electronic meet- ings and product directory, indexed' by session, sym- posium, other meetings, and exhibit company names, will be available to participants in the Registration Area of the Convention Center. Staff will'be available for assistance with this computerized service. This service is supported by a grant from: Wyeth-Ayerst and Lederle Laboratories News Media: News media headquarters for the Sci- entific Sessions will be maintained in Rooms 2-3 of the Convention Center. All arrangements for inter- views with news representatives and inquiries regard- ing releases should be referred to news media headquarters. The telephone number for news media headquarters is (714) 490-2302. No Smoking Policy: AHA policy prohibits smoking in all areas of the Convention Center and all hotel meet- ing rooms hosting AHA functions.. On-site Registration: Registration at the Anaheim Convention Center is scheduled for the days and hours shown below. AM PM Sunday, Nov. 10 Convention Center 8:00-6:00 Monday, Nov. 11 Convention Center 7:00-5:00 Tuesday, Nov. 12 Convention Center 8:00-5:00 Wednesday, Nov: 13 Convention Center 8:00-5:00 Thursday, Nov, 14 Convention Center 8:00-12:00 The following fees apply to on-site registrants. Member US $125 Nonmember 250 Trainee 20 Thursday Only so Proof of AHA membership (scientific council) or let- _ ter verifying trainee status from department head/ mentor on the institution's stationery must be presented at time of registration; otherwise, a registra- tion fee of $250 will be charged. No refunds will be made for on-site fees. Poster Presenters' Storage: A storage area has been set up in Lobby D of the Convention Center. Presenters may store their materials in this area before and after presentations. Rental Cars: Alamo will staff a service desk in the North Lobby of the Convention Center Sunday through Wedhesday: Cars will be available in Anaheim and at all airports at discounted rates. 29
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Stuart W. Jamieson, San Diego, CA Craig T. January, Chicago, IL Louise S. Jenkins, Milwaukee, WI Robert B. Jennings, Durham, NC Lynne L Johnson, New York, NY Pedro A. Jose, Washington, DC Mark E. Josephson, Philadelphia, PA William L Joyner, Johnson City, TN I Alan Kadish, Chicago, IL Gabor Kaley, Valhalla, NY John P. Kane, San Francisco, CA Howard Kantor, Boston; MA. Robert B. Karp, Chicago, IL David A. Kass, Baltimore, MD Mark T. Keating, Salt Lake City, UT Harold L Kennedy, Chicago, IL Donald Kennerly, Dallas, TX Richard E. Kerber, Iowa City, IA Morton Kern, St. Louis, MO Spencer B. King, Atlanta, GA Andre G. Kleber, Bern, Switzerland George J. Klein, London~ Ontario, Canada Helmut Klein, Hannover, Federal' Republic of Germany Thomas S. Klitzner, Los Angeles, CA H. Sidney Klopfenstein, Winston-Salem, NC Brian Kobilka, Stanford, CA Marvin A. Konstam, Boston~ MA Peter R. Kowey, Wynnewood, PA William E. Kraus, Durham, NC. Karl H. Kuck, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany Lewis Kuller, Pittsburgh, PA Arthur J. Labovitz, St! Louis, MO Edward G. Lakatta, Baltimore, MD Hillel Laks, Los Angeles, CA Kathryn G. Lamping, Iowa City, IA Jonathan J. Langberg, Ann Arbor~ MI Stephen M. Lanier, Boston, MA Ronald M. Lauer, Iowa City; IA Ralph Lazzara, Oklahoma City, OK Richard W. Lee, Scottsdale, AZ Todd Leff, New York, NY Michael H. Lehmann, Detroit, MI Leslie A. Leinwand, Bronx, NY Nicholas J. Lembo, Atlanta, GA Jeffrey A. Leppo, Worcester, MA Edward J. Lesnefsky, Cleveland, OH Roberto Levi, New York; NY Robert A. Levine, Brookline, MA Sidney Levitsky, Boston, MA Martin M. LeWinter, Burlington, VT Peter Libby, Boston, MA Martin 1. Lipton, Chicago, IL William C. Little, Winston-Salem, NC James E. Lock, Boston,, MA Benedict R. Lucchesi, Ann Arbor, MI Kevin Lynch, Charlottesville, VA Rehan Mahmud, Greenville, NC Jonathan C. Makielski, Chicago, IL 22
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AWARDS Monday, November 11 Melvin L Marcus Young Investigator Awards in Cardiovascular Integrated Physiology FINALISTS: Richard L Converse Jr., Dallas, TX Masafumi Kitakaze, Osaka, Japan Sheldon E. Litwin, Boston) MA H.A. Rockman, La Jolla, CA Gregory G. Schwartz, San Francisco, CA Room C-1 10:45 Am Convention Center (Page 74) Made possible by a grant from Marion-Merrell Dow Inc. Monday; November 11 Research Achievement Award Main Arena 9:20 Am Convention Center (Page 65). Monday; November 11 Basic Research Prize MainiArena 9:20 Am Convention Center (Page 65) Monday, November 11 Louis N. Katz Basic Science Research Prizes for Young Investigators FINALISTS: Roger D. Bies, Houston, TX Elazer R. Edelman, Boston, MA Timothy F. Osborne, Irvine, CA Mary Sora-Thomas, Winston-Salem, NC. Nigel Mackman, La Jolla, CA Room C-2 10:45 Am Convention Center (Page 75) Monday, November 11 Samuel A. Levine Young Clinical Investigator Awards FINALISTS: Thomas R. Porter, Richmond, VA Michael Ragosta, Charlottesville, VA David S. Rosenbaum, Cleveland OH Virend K. Somers, Iowa City, IA Alan C. Yeung, Boston, MA 10:45 Am Room C-5 (Page 78) Convention Center Tue3day, November 12 Irvine H. Page Arteriosclerosis Research Awards for Young Investigators Katherine Amberson-Hajjar, New York, NY Bernard E. Bihain, New Orleans, LA Michael E. Pape, Kalamazoo,,MI Mary E. Reyland, Stony Brook, NY Russell L Widom, Boston, MA Pacific Ballroom A 4:00 PM Anaheim Hilton Hotel (Page 237) Tuesday, November 12 James B. Herrick Award Thomas W. Smith, Boston, MA Center Ballroom 7:45 PM Disneyland Hotel (Page 34), 41
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NAMED LECTURES Tuesday, November 12 George E. Brown Memorial Lecture Established in 1935 by friends of Dr, Brown soon after his death. His clinical research in the field of peripheral circula- tion resulted in many outstanding contributions. He was a: member oflone of the small groups that formed the Section for the Study of Peripheral Circulation (later to become the ; Council on Circulation) of the American Heart Association. The first lecture was presented in 1937. The Advance of Human Cardiovascular and Neural Physiology Allyn L Mark, Iowa City, IA Room A-7 2:0&Pm Convention Center (Page 226). Tuesday, November 12 Sol Sherry Lecture in Thrombosis The Sol Sherrydectureship honors the founder of the Coun- cil on Thrombosis. During the 1960s, Dr. Sherry was quick to recognize that little attention was being given to the studyy of thrombosis and that there was inadequate appreciatiomof its importance as a major public health problem. Together with other leaders in the field, he initiated and headed a task force on thrombosis for the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council. In 1970, this resulted in a national conference omm thrombosis. These efforts also resulted in the International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis, the creation of Specialized'Centers of Throm-. bosis Research (NHLBI),, and~ the start of the Council on Thrombosis. Diverse Roles of Cytokines in Vascular Growth Thomas F. Deuel, St. Louis, MO ' California Pavilion C 2:00 Pm Anaheim Hilton Hotel (Page 244) Made possible by individual contributions from colleagues of Dr. Sherry. Tuesday, November 12' Helen B. Taussig Memorial Lecture Established in 1972 by the Council on Cardiovasculan Dis- ease in the Young. Dr. Taussig, the first woman to serve as president of the Americani Heart Association, is best known for her work in the field of'. congenital cardiac defects. In 1945, she was codeveloper of the first operation to relieve tetralogy of Fallot. The first lecture was presented in 1973. Linkage of Reentrant Arrhythmias, Connective Tissue Development, and Side-to-Side Separation of Cardiac Cells Madison S. Spach, Durham;, NC California Pavilion A 2:Ww.+ Anaheim Hilton Hotel (Page 242), Made possible by individual contributions from members of the Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young. 38
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Eduardo Marban, Baltimore, MD Daniel B. Mark, Durham, NC James D. Marsh, Boston, MA Randolph P. Martin, Iowa City; IA James B. Martins, Iowa City, IA Vidoria Marx, Ann Arbor, MI Barry M. Massie, San Francisco, CA ).ick M. Matloff, Los Angeles, CA Gerald Maurer, Los Angeles, CA Timothy C. McCowan, Little Rock, AR William /. McKenna, London, United Kingdom Gordon McLean, Pittsburgh, PA Jeanie B. McMillin, Houston, TX Bernhard Meier, Geneva, Switzerland' Joel Menard, Paris, France C. Kay Millar, Salt Lake City, UT Fletcher Miller, Rochester, MN Nancy Houston Miller, Palo Alto, CA Virginia M. Miller, Rochester,,MN Jeffrey P. Moak, Houston, TX Orson Moe, Dallas, TX James H. Moller, Minneapolis, MN Douglas S. Moodie, Cleveland; OH David D. Moore, Boston, MA J. Randall Moorman, Charlottesville, VA Kathleen G. Morgan, Boston, MA Aubrey R. Morrison, St. Louis, MO Arthur /. Moss, Rochester, NY Kevin M. Mullane, San Diego, CA James E. Muller, Boston, MA Charles E. Mullins, Houston; TX Joseph P. Murgo, New Orleans, LA Elizabeth Murphy, Research Triangle Park, NC John T. Murray, Nashville, TN Gerald V. Naccarelli, Houston, TX Bernardo Nadal-Ginard, Boston, MA Makoto Nakazawa, Tokyo, Japan Navin C. Nanda, Birmingham, AL Karl Nath, Minneapolis, MN Stan Nattel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Laurence Needleman, Philadelphia, PA. Mark T. Nelson, Burlington, VT INona Nemer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada lane W. Newberger, Boston, MA Robert J. Nicolosi, Lowell, MA Rick A. Nishimura, Rochester, MN Steven Nissen, Lexington, KY Sigurd Nitter-Hauge, Oslo, Norway Judy K. Ockene, Worcester, MA John B. O'Connell, Jackson, MS Jae K. Oh, Rochester, MN! William O'Neill, Royal Oak, MI JoJio C. Palmaz, San Antonio, TX Larry Palmer, New York, NY John O. Parker, Kingston, Ontario, Canada C. Leon Partain, Nashville, TN Sampath Parthasarathy, La Jolla, CA Alan S. Pearlman, Seattle, WA Patricia Penkoske, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Carl J. Pepine, Gainesville, FL 23
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Natriuretir Peptides and Cardiovascular Regulation Sunday Afternoon Program Pacific A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 1:00 PM-3:30 PM Chairmen: Robert J. Cody, Columbus, OH' Fumiaki Marumo, Tokyo, Japan, 1:00 Atrial Nahiurctic Peptides and Brain NatriurMic Rptides as Cardiac Hor+nones Kazuwa Nakao,. Kyoto,. Japan 1:25 Reprlatiorr of AtrW Natriuretic Peptides.(',ene Ezpression David G. Gardner, San Francisco; CA. 1:50 Molecular Bktloay of Atrial Natriurelic Peptieles Receptors Andrew Protter, Mt. View, CA. 2:15 Break Z:4S BioloBical Actioro o( Card'iac Hormones Thomas M. Maack,.New.York, NY 3:05 Atrial NatriurcNc Peptides in the t'atlrophysiolosy and Therapeutics of CHF John C...Bumett.)R, Rochester, MNI 3:30. Adjbunrnent Sponsored by the Councils on Kidney and High Blood Pressure Research. Mease note: Separate registration is requieed to attend this progtam. Attendance is limited to first 200 registrants. SUN PM NOV 10 45
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Gunter Breithardt, Munster, Federal Republic of Germany Elliot A. Brinton, New York,, NY Michael R. Bristow, Salt Lake City, UT. Opal F. Brown, Columbia, SC Bruce H. Brundage, Torrance, CA Dirk L Brutsaert, Antwerp, Belgium Thomas F. Budinger, Berkeley, CA Alfred E. Buxton, Philadelphia, PA Michael E. Cain, St. Louis, MO Robert M. Califf, Durham, NC Paolo G. Camici, London, United Kingdom A. John Camm, London, United Kingdom David S. Cannom, Los Angeles, CA John M. Canty Jr., Buffalo, NY Blase A. Carabello, Charlestoni SC John D. Carroll, Chicago, IL Patrick Casey, Durham, NC S. Ward Casscells, Bethesda, MD Wilfredo R. Castaneda, Minneapolis, MN Alan Chait, Seattle, WA Bernard R. Chaitman, St. Louis, MO David A. Chappell, Iowa City, IA Jorge Cheirif, Houston, TX Melvin D. Cheitlin, San Francisco,,CA Peng-Sheng Chen, San Diego, CA James Chesebro, Rochester, MN Kenneth R. Chien,, La Jolla, CA John S. Child, Los Angeles, CA William M. Chilian, College Station, TX David E. Clapham, Rochester, MN Bernard J. Clark, Philadelphia, PA Edward B. Clark, Rochester, NY William A. Clark, Chicago, IL Craig W. Clarkson, New Orleans, LA Michael W. Cleman, New Haven, CT William T. Clusin, Stanford, CA Frederick R. Cobb, Durham, NC Robert 1. Cody, Columbus, OH Ira S. Cohen, Stony Brook, NY Richard A. Cohen, Boston, MA Lawrence H. Cohn, Boston, MA Thomas 1. Colatsky, Princeton, NJ Edward Coleman, Durham, NC Chester Conrad, Boston, MA Peter B. Corr, St. Louis, MO James W: Covell, La Jolla, CA Michael H. Crawford, Albuquerque, NM Mark H. Creager, Boston, MA John Michael Criley, Torrance, CA John Cronan, Providence, RI Charles L Curry, Washington, DC Sergio Dalla-Volta, Padova, Italy Peter Danilo Jr., New York, NY Alan Daugherty, St. Louis, MO Sandra Daugherty, Reno, NV Nicholas O. Davidson, Chicago, IL Guy Debacker, Gent, Belgium Gregory J. Dehmer, Chapel Hill, NC Anthony DeMaria, Lexington, KY m n
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MODERATED POSTER PRESENTATIONS This is the second year the Scientific Sessions features moderated poster sessions. The purpose of these ses- sions is to invite dialogue between senior discussants and investigators who are presenting posters. The sessions are theme-oriented, and all abstracts in any session have a common frame of reference. These sessions begin with discussants viewing each of their assigned posters. Presenters then briefly (maximum of 5 minutes) summarize their posters. A question-and-answer period will follow each presen- tation. Physicians and scientists presenting,other pos- ters, as well as other interested parties, are encouraged to participate in the discussions. Posten presenters are required to attend their entire sessions. At' present, this program remains experimental. The Committee on Scientific Sessions Program invites comments on the success of this approach as well as the desirability of its continuation. 44
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Patrick W. Serruys, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Pravin M. Shah, Loma Linda, CA James A. Shaver, Pittsburgh, PA L Thomas Sheffield, Birmingham, AL Ulrich Sigwart, London, United Kingdom Norman A. Silverman, Detroit, MI Norman H. Silverman, San Francisco, CA Paul C. Simpson Jr., San Francisco, CA David J. Skorton, Iowa City, IA Peter Sleight, Oxford, United Kingdom Sidney C. Smith Jr., San Diego, CA Thomas Smitherman, Pittsburgh, PA A. Rebecca Snider, Ann Arbor, MI Joseph F. Spear, Philadelphia, PA. Thomas L Spray, St. Louis, MO Richard S. Stack, Durham, NC Bruce A. Stanton, Hanover~ NH. Mark R. Starling, Ann Arbor, MI Susan F. Steinberg, New York, NY Robert Steiner, Stanford, CA Kurt Stenmark, Denver, CO William G. Stevenson, Los Angeles, CA Gary L Stiles, Durham, NC. Neil J. Stone, Chicago, IL Vikas P. Sukhatme, Chicago, IL Wadi'N. Suki, Houston, TX Raymond Taillefer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Akira Takeshita, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan Mark B. Taubman, New York, NY Anne L Taylor, Cleveland, OH Patrick Tchou, Pittsburgh; PA Paul S. Teirstein, La Jolla, CA John X. Thomas Jr., Maywood, IL Gilbert R. Thompson, London, United Kingdom Mark E. Thompson, Pittsburgh, PA Sandra Lee Tidwell, Seattle, WA Robert J. Tomanek, Iowa City, IA Eric J. Topol, Cleveland, OH' Kevin Turley, San Francisco; CA John V. Tyberg, Calgary, Alberta, Canada James E. Udelson, Boston) MA Patrick K. Umeda, Birmingham, AL Barry F. Uretsky, Pittsburgh, PA Philip Ursell, New York, NY Arina van Breda, Alexandria, VA D. van der Westhuyzen, Capetown, South Africa Stephen F. Vatner, Southborough, MA Victoria L Vetter, Philadelphia;, PA Ronald G. Victor, Dallas, TX Margaret Von Dreele, Portland, OR Frans J.Th. Wackers, New Haven, CT Albert L Waldo, Cleveland, OH Kenneth Walsh, Cleveland, OHi Richard A. Walsh, Cincinnati, OH David G. Wamock, Birmingham,,AL August M. Watanabe, Indianapolis, IN Levi Watkins, Baltimore, MD Larry S. Webber, New Orleans, LA. Karl T. Weber, Columbia, MO 25
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SCIENTIFIC COUNCILS ACTIVITIES Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Annual Business Meeting Nov. 12 12:00 Noor, Helen B. Taussig Memorial Lecture Room C-6 Convention Center California Pavilion A Nov. 12 Reception Nov. 12 Dinnert Nov. 12 2:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:45 PM Anaheim Hilton Hotel Marina Ballroom 2 Disneyland Hotel Marina Ballroom 3 Disneyland Hotel William J. Rashkind Memorial Lecture+/ Distinguished Achievement Award Marina Ballroom 3 Nov. 12 7:45 PM Disneyland Hotel Council on Cardiovascular Nursing Pediatric Cardiovascular Nursing Committee Mezzanine 4'. Nov. 111 7:00 AM Anaheim Hilton Hotel Council Representatives Meeting/Luncheon Newport Beach Room Nov. 11', 12:00 a,ooN, Anaheim Marriott Hotel Katharine A. Lembright Award Marriott Hall S Nov. 12 10:45 nm Anaheim Marriott Hotel Annual Business Meeting Marriott Hall S Nov. 12 12:00 rwor, Anaheim Hilton Hotel Reception Marina Ballroom 1 Nov. 12 7:00 PM Disneyland Hotel Dinnert/Distinguished Achievement Award Marina Ballroom 4 Nov. 12 7:45 PM Disneyland Hotel Excellence in Nursing Lecturet Marina Ballroom 4 Nov. 12 7:45 PM Disneyland Hotel Council on Cardiovascular Radiology Subcommittee on New Imaging Modalities Mezzanine 4 Nov. 11 12:00 NOON Anaheim Hilton Hotel Executive Committee Meeting Malibu Room Nov. 12 7:00 Am Anaheim Hilton Hotel Charles T. Dotter Memorial Lecture Room A-7 Nov. 12 10:45 AM Convention Center Subcommittee on Transcatheter Therapy of Peripheral Vascular Disease Coronado F Nov. 12 5:30 PM Disneyland Hotel Reception Avalon Room Nov. 12 7:00 PM Disneyland Hotel Dinnert/Annual Business Meeting Avalon Room Nov. 12 7:45 PM Disneyland Hotel tTickets required and available in advance from the American Heart Association Registrar or at the Dinner Ticket Booth, Convention Center, until 3:00 rM; Monday, November 11. ®
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SCIENTIFIC COUNCILS ACTIVITIES Council on Arteriosclerosis Long-Range Planning Committee Mezzanine 2 Nov. 9 6:00 Pm Anaheim Hilton Hotel Executive Committee Meeting Carmel Room Nov. 10 8:00 Am Anaheim Hilton Hotel George Lyman Duff Lecture Pacific C Nov. 11 8:00 Pm Anaheim Hilton Hotel Irvine H. Page Award Presentations Pacific A Nov. 12 4:00 Pm Anaheim Hilton Hotel Annual Business Meeting Pacific B Nov. 12 5:30 w., Anaheim Hilton Hotel Reception South Lounge Nov: 12 7:00 Pm Disneyland Hotel Dinnert/Distinguished Achievement Award/Tribute to Dr. Irvine H. Page South Ballroom Nov: 12 7:45 Pm Disneyland Hotel Council on Basic Science Louis N. Katz Prize Competition Room C-2 Nov. 11 10:45 ua Convention Center Reception North Lounge Nov. 12 7:00 PM Disneyland Hotel Dinnert/Annual Business Meeting/Distinguished Achievement Award North Ballroom Nov. 12 7:45 Pm Disneyland Hotel Council on Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Executive Committee Meeting Nov. 10 5:00 Pm Mezzanine 13 Anaheim Hilton Hotel Dickinson W. Richards Memorial Lecture Room A-10 Nov. 12 2:00 PM Convention Center Annual Business Meeting Room A-10 Nov. 12 Reception Nov. 12 Dinnert' Nov. 12 5:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:45 Pm Convention Center North Lounge Disneyland Hotel North Ballroom Disneyland Hotel tTickets required and'available in advance from the American Heart Association Registrar or at the Dinner Ticket Booth, Convention Center, until 3:00 n., Monday, November 11 i ®
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 SUN PM NOV 10 Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the Heart Sunday Afternoon Program Pacific D Anaheim Hilton Hotel 1:00 PM-4:30 PM Chairmen: Joanne S. Ingwall, Boston, MA Charles B. Higgins, San Francisco, CA 1:00 A Primer of Cardiac MRI/MftS Antoinette Gomes, Los Angeies; CA 1:20 MR1 of Left Venlritvlar Wall Motion Elias Zerhouni; Baitimore,.MD 1:40 Cine MR1in the Evaluation.of Se6mental Wall Motion.in the Normal and Diseased Heart Leon AxeiJ Philadelphia,. PA 2:08 Mitll of Congenital HeartD"aease Richard White, Cleveland, OH 1 2:20 Human Cardiac Spectroscopy: Iscliemiia Robert G. Weiss, Baltimore, MD 2:40 areak 3*8 Is MRI UsefW in the Evaluation of Myocardial Ischemia? Pros and Cons Pro-Charles 8. Higgins, San Francisco, CA Con-Robert')i Herfkens, Stanford, CA 4:08 Disaasion 4:30 AdJoanment Sponsored by,the Councih on Cardiovascudar.Radiology and Basic scienoe. Please note: Separate registration is required to attendd this program. Attendancee isiilmited to Bast'~800 registrants. 48
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NAMED LECTURES Monday, November 11 Lewis A. Conner Memorial Lecture Established in 1937 by the Board of Directors of the Ameri- can Heart Association in honor of Dr. Conner, its first presi- dent, the first editor of the American Heart Journal, and a man who did more than any other to advance and direct the activities of the American Heart Association after its organi- zation in 1923. The first lecture was presented in 1938;, Monkeys and Understanding Coronary Heart Disease in Women Thomas B. Clarkson, Winston-Salem, NC Main Arena 9:30 Am Convention Center (Page 65) Monday, November 19 William W.L Glenn Lecture Established in 1988' by the Council on Cardiovascular Sur- g4ry to honor Dr. William Wa. Glenn, AHA president in 1970-1971 and the first surgeon to hold that office. Active since 1957 in programs of the AHA, Dr. Glenn spearheaded early activities of the council. A pioneer in cardiac surgery, he made important contributions to the treatment of con- genital and acquired heart disease. From Glenn to Fontan: A Continuing Evolution Aldo B. Castaneda, Boston, MA California Pavilion B 2:00 PmAnaheim Hilton Hotel (Page 127) Made possible by individual contributions from friends and colleagues of Dr. Glenn. Monday, November 11 Ancel Keys Lecture Established in 1990, by the Council on, Epidemiology and Prevention to honor Dr. Ancel Keys. A founding member of the council, Dr. Keys has had a long and distinguished scien- tific career in the study of cardiovascular diseases, their coa relates, causes, and prevention in the United States and abroad. The first lecture was presented in 1990. Prevention: Whence and Whither Henry W. Blackburn, Minneapolis, MN California Pavilion A 2:00 wm Anaheim Hilton Hotel (Page 125) Supported by the Council on Epidemiology and Prevention. Monday, November 11 George Lyman Duff Memorial Lecture Established in 1956 by the Society for: the Study of Arterio- sclerosis in memory of Dr, Duffj a founding member and past president of the society: Dr. Duff was one of Canada's most distinguished pathologists and medical educators. The first lecture was presented in 1957. Atherogenesis in Diabetes Edwin L Bierman, Seattle, WA Pacific A 8:00 PM Anaheim Hilton Hotel (Page 123) Supported by the Council on Arteriosclerosis 1 36
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New Therapies and Technologies for Cardiac Care Sunday Afternoon Program California Pavilion C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 1:00 PM-4:3O Pnl Chairmen: Gerald M. Pohost, Birmingham, AL Joseph S. Alpert, Worcester, MA 1:00 New.Approadresto the Treatmentof Unstable Angina James E. Muller, Boston, MA t30 Current Approadres for Aaeasins Myocardial Viability Gerald M. Pohost, Birmingham, AL 2:00 Clinical VaMe of Detecting SIMet Ischemia Michael H. Crawford, Albuquerque, NM 2:30 Role of Circulatory Support in Angioplasty Robert'A. Vogel, Baltimore, MD 3700 Rreak 3:30 NewEvldencefor Coronary AtAerosckrosis Regession 8. Greg Brown, Seattle, WA 4:00 CatAeter 1.terventkms for Arthylhmias WarrenM: /ackman,.Oklahoma City, OK. 4:30 Adjournment Sponsored byy the Council on ClininlCardiology.. Measenote: Separate registration iss required to.attend this program. Attendance is limited to first 1,200:registrants: SUN PM NOV 10 51
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NOV 10 Molecular Biology in Hypertension Sunday Afternoon Program Pacific B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 1 :Q0 PM-4:00 PM' Chairmen: Patrick J. Mulrow, Toledo, OH Victor J. Dzau, Stanford, CA 1:00 Molecular Biology of ftenin in Hyqertension lulie R. Inglefinger, Boston, MA , 1:30 Nlolecvlar Biology of Sodium.Potassium ATPatein Hypertension Victoria Herrera, Boston, MA 2:00 Molecular Analysis of Alphai Receptorr in Hypertension Diane Handy, Boston, MA 2:30 Break 3.00 Mokcvlar Biofogyy of Kinins Julie Chao, Charleston, SC 3:30 Tramgenk AAodels in Hypertension I.D. Ganten, Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany 1:00 Adjournment Sponsored by the Councils on High Blood Pressure Research and Kidney. Please notr. Separate registration is required to attend this.program. Attendance is.limited to first 250 registrants. 46
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Council on Clinical Cardiology Palos Verdes Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 4. Efficacy of New Coronary Devices: Atherectomy- Lasers-Stents Moderator: Gary S. Roubin, Birmingham, AL Do We Need Alternatives to Balloon Angioplasty? Gary S. Roubin, Birmingham, AL Expectations and Limitations of Laser and Atherectomy Devices William W. O'Neill, Royal Oak, MI Problems With Coronary Stenting Ulrich Sigwart, London, United Kingdom How Do We Assess Efficacy? The Device Registry Katherine M. Detre, Pittsburgh, PA Council on Clinical Cardiology Orange County Ballroom Salon 3' Anaheim Marriott Hotel S. Quantitation of Valve Stenosis Moderator: Joseph Murgo, New Orleans, LA Use of Valve Resistance in Aortic Stenosis Kent Richards, Albuquerque, NM Use of Valve Resistance in Mitral Stenosis Karl E. Hammermeister, Denver, CO Value of Exercise/Pharmacologic Stress in Aortic Stenosis Joseph Murgo, New Orleans, LA Impact of Left Ventricular Function John D. Carroll, Chicago, IL Pressure Half-Time Measure in Mitral Stenosis Pravin Shah, Loma Linda, CA Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Grand Ballroom Salon A Anaheim Marriott Hotel 6. Pharmacological Management of Children With Hyperlipidemia Moderator: Reginald' Washington, Denver,, CO Selection Criteria for the Pediatric Lipid Patient Who Requires Pharmacological Intervention Samuel Gidding, Chicago, IL Use of Bile Acid Resins in the Pediatric Patient: Safety,. Efficacy, and Dosage Donald M. Black, Ann Arbor, MI Use of Niacin in the Pediatric Patient: Safety, Efficacy, and Dosage Richard J. Deckelbaum, New York, NY Use of Lovastatin and Other Lipid-Lowering Agents in the Pediatric Patient James Zavoral, Minneapolis, MN so
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Councils on Clinical Cardiology, Arteriosclerosis, Basic Science, and Circulation California Pavilion A Anaheim i Hilton Hotel 6. Vascular Aging: From Biology to Clinical Disease Chairman: Victor ). Dzau, Stanford, CA Effect of Aging on the Biology of the Vasculature Victor J. Dzau, Stanford, CA Physiologic Changes in the Aging Aorta Michael F. O'Rourke, Sydney, New South Wales,. Australia The Effect of Aging on the Heart Edward Lakatta, Baltimore, MD Clinical Implications of the Aging Aorta: Systolic Hypertension Marvin Moser, White Plains, NY Left Ventricular Diastolic Function in the Elderly: Cardiac-Vascular Interactions Julius M. Gardin, Orange, CA Councils on Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care, Circulation, and Clinical Cardiology Grand Ballroom Salon E Anaheim Marriott Hotel 7. CPR: Present Status and New Advances Chairman: Richard E. Kerber, Iowa City, IA Improving the Circulation of Blood During CPR: Role of the Heart Nisha Chandra, Baltimore, MD Improving the Circulation of Blood During CPR: Role of the Lungs Henry Fessler, Baltimore, MD Energy, Current, and Impedance in Defibrillation Richard E. Kerber, Iowa City, IA Role of Automated External Defibrillators in Cardiac Arrest W: Douglas Weaver, Seattle, WA Councils on Clinical Cardiology and Circulation California Pavilion B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8. Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Chairman: Francis J. Klocke, Buffalo, NY Contrast Echocardiography Sanjiv Kaulj Charlottesville, VA Planar Thallium Imaging Sanjiv Kaul, Charlottesville, VA SPECT Thallium Imaging lamshid' Maddahi; Los Angeles,, CA PET Imaging Heinrich Schelbert, Los Angeles, CA Cine CT Imaging Bruce H. Brundage, Torrance, CA ss s
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How-to Sessions 8:30 ~ PM-1©:3O wv1 SUN EVE NOV 10 Council on Clinical Cardiology Grand Ballroom Saion C Anaheim Marriott Hotel 1. How to Manage Patients With Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome George J. Klein, London, Ontario, Canada (Moderator) "Jbnathan Langberg, Ann Arbor, Ml Warren M. Jackman, Oklahoma City, OK William M. Miles, Indianapolis, IN Nutrition Committee Grand Ballroom Salon D Anaheim Marriott Hotel 2. How to Lower Lipids Without Drugs Neil 1. Stone, Chicago, IL (Moderator) Daniel Eisenberg, Burbank, CA Steven Haffner, San Antonio, TX ArJene Caggiula, Pittsburgh, PA Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Oceanside Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel' 3. How to Decide on the Indications for Invasive Electrophysiological Testing in Children John Kugler, Omaha, NE (Moderator) Co-burn J. Porter, Rochester, MN Paul C. Gillette, Charleston, SC Victoria L. Vetter, Philadelphia, PA Council for High Blood Pressure Research Sunset Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 4. How to Diagnose and Treat Renovascular Hypertension 'Hpnry Black, New Haven, CT (Moderator) Marc A. Pohl, Cleveland; OH Donald Vidt, Cleveland, OH Council on Cardiovascular Radiology Orange County Ballroom Salon 5 Anaheim Marriott Hotel S. How to Utilize Imaging Studies Curtis Green, Washington, DC (Moderator) David J. Skorton, Iowa City, IA Lawrence M. Boxt, New York, NY Daniel Berman, Los Angeles, CA 'See FaBe 27. m
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Council on Cardiovascular Nursing Palisades Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 6. Recovery From Cardiac Events: Coaching Patient and Family Kathleen Dracup, Los Angeles, CA (Moderator). Laura Rossi, Boston, MA Nancy Houston-Miller, Palo Alto, CA Kathleen B. King, Rochester, NY' Councils on Thrombosis and Cardiovascular Radiology Carmel Room Anaheim Hilton Hoteli 7. How to Prevent Pulmonary Emboli: Indications for Inferior Vena Caval Filters 'Lazar Greenfield,,Ann~Arbor; MI (Moderator). Paul Jaques, Chapel Hill, NC A.G.G. Turpie, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Council on Clinical Cardiology Manhattan Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8. How to Perform Head-up Tilt Tests Menashe B. Waxman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Moderator). Marilyn Cox, Miami, FL Jasbir Sra, Milwaukee, WI Robert S. Sheldon; Calgary, Alberta, Canada Council on Clinical Cardiology Redondo Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 9. How to Diagnose Complex Arrhythmias From the Standard ECG Leonard'S. Dreifus, Philadelphia, PA (Moderator) William P. Nelson, Columbia, SC •Borys Surawicz, Indianapolis, IN I Sm page 27. u I i
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SUN PM NOV 10 Issues in Cardiac Care: 1991 Update Ischemic Cardiomyopathy-Treatment Options and Issues Sunday Afternoon Program California Pavilion D Anaheimi Hilton Hotel 1:00 PM-5:00 PM Chairmen: Elaine Daily, San Diego, CA. D. Craig Miller, Stanford, CA 1:00. Overviewr The tlunging Face of Irchemic. Grd'amyopathy Elaine Dail*,. San Diego, CA 1:10 Surgical Therapies: Revauulariration Versus Transplantation Eric Rose, New York, . N Y 1:40 Medical Therapies: Role of lnotropes Arnold M:.Katz,. Farmington) CT 2:10 Significance and Management of Arrhythmia in Idchemic Card'iomyopathy. Patrick Tchou, Mihvaukee,.Wl 2:35 Quality of Eifr- Differentiating Outcomes of Cardiomyopathy Verws Tranrplanted Iatientt Kathldrn A. Dracup, Los Angeles, CA 3:00 Break 3:30 f.arg-termManagement of the Cardiac Transplint ( atient Bernice Colemanj Los Angeles, CA 3:55. R.amial Costs of IschemkCardiomyopathy and Ib Trmtments Suzanne K. White, Atlanta, CA 4:20 Role of Cardimnynpla+ry^ Now and in the Future Chu-lEng Ch'iu, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 4:40 Short- and t.otsg-tr:rm tlfe of Assist Devices Susan ): Quaa11 Sala Lake City, UT 5.00 Adjburmnent Sponsored by the Council on Cardiovascular Nursing. Please note: Separate registration is required.to attend.this program. Attendance is limited to first.000Yegistrants. This session will be audiotaped. ®
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Postgraduate Seminars 8:30 PM-1O:30 PAA SUN EVE NOV 10 Councils on Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care, Arteriosclerosis, Basic Science, Circulation, and Hypertension Grand BallroomiSalon F Anaheim Marrio% Hotel 1. Endothelial Biology in Pulmonary and Systemic Vascular Disease: Response to Injury Revisited Chairman: Russell Ross, Seattle, WA Endothelial Cells, Interleukins, and Pathophysiology of Coronary Anteriopathy Peter Libby, Boston, MA Injury and Expression of Chemotactic Factors, FDGF, KC, plus JE Gene Expression Mark Taubman, New York, NY Endothelial-Leukocyte-Monocyte Interactions, ARDS, and Vascular Disease *John Harlan, Seattle, WA Endothelial-Smooth Muscle Interactions: TGFB plus Pulmonary Vascular Disease Barbara Meyrick, Nashville, TN Endothelial Genetic Engineering and Treatment of Pulmonary and Systemic Vascular Disease Una S. Ryan, St. Louis, MO Councils on Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care, Cardiovascular Disease in the Young, Basic Science, and Circulation Pacific A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2. Extracellular Matrix, Growth Factors, and Cardiovascular Development Chairman: Margaret Kirby, Augusta, GA Endothelial Basement Membrane Proteoglycan: Role in Pulmonary Vascular Development William Benitz, Palo Alto, CA Regulation of Collagen and Elastin in Cardiovascular Development Tom Rosenquist, Augusta, GA Integrins and Laminin in Vascular Development Charles Little, Charlottesville, VA Regulation of Cardiac Morphogenesis by Glycosaminoglycans Scott H. Baldwin, Philadelphia, PA Transforming Growth Factor and Other Factors in Cardiac Differentiation Roger Markwald, Milwaukee, 1NI See .page27. 53 !
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Council on Arteriosclerosis Orange County Ballroom Salon 2 Anaheim Marriott Hotel 10. Approach to the Hyperlipemic Patient Moderator: Antonio M. Gotto Jr., Houston, TX' Basic Lipoprotein Physiology Gloria Vega, Dallas, TX Elevated Cholesterol: Women and Elderly Patients Henry N. Ginsberg, New York, NY Hyperchylomicronemia Gustav Schonfeld, St. Louis, MO Apolipoprotein E Isoforms: Role in Lipid Homeostasis Jean Davignon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Council on Cardiovascular Nursing Grand Ballroom Salon B Anaheim Marriott Hotel 11. New Advances in the Management of Tachyarrhythmias in Children: Nursing Implications Moderator: ~ Karen Uzark, Ann Arbor, Ml Transesophageal Pacing Elizabeth Tong, San Francisco, CA Radiofrequency Ablation Sarah LeRoy,,Ann Arbor, MI Surgical Ablation Vicki Zeigler,, Charleston, SC Antitachycardia Pacemakers and Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators Elaine Daberkow, Denver, CO 60
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{ MON AM NOV 11 Plenary Session I Symposium: Acute Revascularization-Consensus and Controversy Main Arena 10:45 AM-12:00 NOON: Chairmen: ). Ward Kennedy, Seattle, WA Robert L Frye, Rochester, MN 10:4sleswm F.om the Me6atrials. Peter Sleight Oxford, United Kingdom 11:00 Should htclusion critetia Be Fxpandedt. Robert M. Califf, Durham„NC 11:15 Acute /rCA:,M Alternative to Thromtiolysis William W,,O'Neil4 RoyallOak, MI' 11:30 Adjutw.b to Thromboltsis: Acute and. t,on6-tersn RoGert Roberts, Houston, TX 11e45 ManaRement of htknb. With ~FaiRd Revarcu6arizaGoe Eric J. Topol; Ann Arbor, MI This session will be audiotaped. ~ tr9
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Councils on Cardiovascular Surgery, Clinical Cardiology, and Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Pacific B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 3. Intraoperative Echo Guidance and Assessment Chairman: Ann Bolger, Palo Alto, CA Epicardial Versus Transesophageal Echocardiographic Imaging Ann Bolger, Palo Alto; CA Implications in Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease Ross Ungerleider~ Durham, NC Role in Procedures for Valvular Heart Disease William Stewart, Cleveland, OH Applications in Patients With Aortic Dissection Gerald Maurer, Los Angeles, CA Council on Basic Science Capistrano Room Anaheim Hilton Hoteli 4. Molecular Biology of Mechanical Load Chairman: Michael' D. Schneider, Houston, TX Micromechanics and Control of Cell Form and Function Donald'Ingber, Boston, MA Stretch-Inactivated Ion Channels in Muscular Dystrophy Jeffrey Lansman, San Francisco, CA Genetic Analysis of Mechanoreceptors Ching Kung, Madison, WI Gene Induction via Mechanical Signals Janet Braam, Houston, TX' Council on Arteriosclerosis and the Nutrition Committee San Simeon Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 5. Lipoproteins and Cardiovascular Disease: Beyond LDL and HDL Measurement Chairman: John D. Brunzell, Seattle, WA Increased Apo B Levels and LDL Size Heterogeneity Ronald M. Krauss, Berkeley, CA Lp(a). Joseph Loscalzo, Boston) MA Postprandial Lipoproteins Ernst Schaefer, Boston, MA HDL Heterogeneity Bryan Brewer Jr.,, Rockville, MD sr
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Molecular Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease: Molecular Pathophysiology and Diagnostic Implications Sunday Afternoon Program Pacific C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 1:00 PM-3:30 PM Chairmen: Judith L Swain, Durham, NC A. James Liedtke, Madison, WII 1:00 LiokaRe Analysia of Genetic Diseases Christine E.. Seidman, .ISoston,, MA 1:25 Mokadar Genetics of the Long QT Syndrome Mark Keating,.5alt Lake City, UT 1:50 Mokcular rolymorphbm of lipoproteiss and Receptors: Pathophy.iolo`r, and ProRnosis Helen H. Hobbs, Dallas, TX 2:15. Break 2:40 Geoeliu of Hypertrophk Cardiomyopatlry and Its Implications for other Dkeases Robert Roberts, Houstonn TX 3:05 Traat;enk Mice for Investisation of Normal and Abnormal Cardiovascular tirKtiorr Loren ~Field, Indianapolis, IN Adiornroent Sponsored by the Ca.rcib on Arteriasderoiis and Rasic Science. Meae note: Separate registration is required to attend this program. Attendance is lim~ited. to fint 1,000 registrants. SUN PM NOV 10 47
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Councils on Cardiovascular Surgery, Clinical Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease in the Young, Circulation, and Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Huntington Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 9. Current Status of Mitral Valve Surgery for Mitral Regurgitation Chairman: William H. Gaasch, Worcester, MA Pathophysiology of Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction Due to Chronic Mitral Regurgitation Blase Carabello, Charleston, SC Mitral Repair for Degenerative Valve Disease Delos M. Cosgrove, Cleveland, OH Mitral Valve Repair. Implications in Terms of Left Ventricular Systolic Function Alain Carpentier, Paris, France Durability of Mitral Valve Repair Carlos G. Duran, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Councils on Arteriosclerosis and Thrombosis Avila Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 10. Gene Transfer in Understanding and Treatment of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis Chairman: Godfrey S. Getz, Chicago, IL Thrombomodulin Regulation and Expression William Dittman, Durham, NC Gene Transfer to Endothelial Cells Tucker Collins, Boston, MA Heterologous HDL in Mice Tony Hayek, New York, NY The Biosynthesis of Apolipoproteins John M. Taylor, San Francisco, CA Council on Thrombosis Laguna Room Anaheim ~ Hilton Hotel 11. The Role of the Vasculature in Thrombosis Chairman: Charles T. Esmon, Oklahoma City, OK Thrombomodulin in Health and Disease Charles T. Esmon, Oklahoma City, OK Modulation of Endothelial Function by Host Response Mediaton David M. Stern, New York, NY Thrombosis and Inflammation Aaron J. Marcus, New York, NY Endothelial Cells and Membrane Glycoproteins in Health and Disease Sandor S. Shapiro, Philadelphia, PA 56
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Opening Session Main Arena 8:45 AM-10:15 AM Chairman: W. Virgil Brown, Atlanta, GA President, American Heart Association urs open+.a of the cMh sdentlfic Sessions Michael R. Rosen, New York,.NYChaimwn, Committee on Scientific Sessions Program }00 lheddend'al Address W. Virgil Brown, Atlanta, GA t.20 Presentation of the Rereardr Achievement Award to: John A. Clements, San Francisco„CA Abraham M. Rudolph, San Francisco, CA' he.cMadan of the task Re.earch Prize to: Bemardo Nidal-Ginard, Boston, MA James A. Spudich; Sunford,~ CA , l.30 Lewis A. Ca.ur Meoorial lectrnr Monkeys and Understanding Coronary Heart Disease kr Wuman Thomas B. Clarkson, , Winston-Salem, NC la:1s Niterwillsidon and Exhibit. This session will be audiotaped and videotaped. MON AM NOV 11 65
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CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE 1991 Research Reports These sessions are devoted to reports of original investigations. They will be of particular interest to physicians, nurses, and basic scientists working in depth in the more specialized fields of cardiovascular, disease. Abstracts of papers were evaluated by the appropri- ate program committees. Final selections were made by the Committee on Scientific Sessions Program based on recommendations from the program committees. Abstract Numbers: To facilitate cross-reference between the program and published abstracts, a numbering system has been adopted. The number following the title of each presentationi is the same number of the abstract published in the supplemental issue of Circulation, Abstracts From the 64th Scientific Sessions, October 1991. Each attendee is entitled to one free copy. Additional copies may be purchased for $15 in the registration area only on Sunday and in the main lobby of the Convention Center Monday through Thursday. Time Limit for Papers: Ten minutes is permitted for presentation and three minutes for discussion. Special Note Featured research sessions will be held Monday afternoon through Thursday morning. These abstract sessions will include a state-of-the-art lecture on an area of current investigative interest. Michael R. Rosen, Chairman Committee on Scientific Sessions Program m
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Just what heart researchers have been hoping for. =AMZMCAN HEART ASSOCIATION PHARMACEUTICAL ROUNWABLE ® The member companies of the AHA Phar- maceutical Roundtable offer new hope for the future of vital cardiovascular research. With their unprecedented commitment of time, expertise and funding, these pharmaceutical leaders have the opportunity to exchange ideas and information relevant to heart research„while also supporting promising projects Altogether, cardiovascular researchers couldh't hope for a more dedicated circle of friends and supporters. FOUNDING MEMBERS Bristol-Myers Squibb Wyeth -Ayerst CIBA GEIGY Corporation Genentech, Inc. Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corporation Laboratories Winthrop Pharmacenticalsl Division of Sterling Drug, Inc. REGULAR MEMBERS Boehringer Ingelheim SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pharmaceuticals Parke-Davis Company, a division of Warner- Lambert Company OAmerican HeartAssociation m
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The American Heart Association Dedicates the 1991 Plenary Sessions to the Fbunding Members of the Pharmaceutical Roundtable. nff AAIMCM HEART ASSOCIATION PHARMACEUTICAI. ROUNDTABLE FOUNDING MEMBERS Bristol-Myers Squibb CIBA-GEIGY Corporation Genentech, Inc. Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corporation Wyeth-Ayerst Iiboratoriee Winthrop Pharmaceuticals/ Division of Sterling Drug, Inc. ~ ~ American Heart Association f4
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Cardiovascular Conferences 8:30 PM-10:30 PM Council on Clinical Cardiology SUN EVE NOV 10 Malibu Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 1. Future of Positive Inotropic Agents in Heart Failure Moderator: Milton Packer, New York, NY Pharmacologic Mechanisms *Wilson S. Colucci; Boston, MA Utility of Intravenous Drugs Michael R. Bristow, Salt Lake City, UT Utility of Oral Agents Carl Leier, Columbus, OH Effect on Survival Salim Yusuf, Bethesda, MD Council on Clinical Cardiology Santa Monica Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2. Exercise and Arrhythmia Moderator. Jerome Fleg, Baltimore, MD Overview of the Problem Jerome Fleg, Baltimore, MD Significance and Management of Arrhythmias During Exercise Victor F. Froelicher, Long Beach, CA Arrhythmia in Cardiac Rehabilitation Gerald F. Fletcher, Atlanta, GA Role of Exercise Testing in Evaluation of Antiarrhythmic Drug Therapy 'Phiiip J. Podrid, Boston, MA Councils on Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery El Capitan Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 3. Identification of Viable Myocardium in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease and Left Ventricular Dysfunction Moderator: George Belier, Ch4,rlottesville, VA Echocardiography William F. Armstrong, Ann Arbor, MI Thallium'01 Scintigraphy Charles Boucher, Boston, MA Positron Emission Tomography Markus Schwaiger, Ann Arbor, MI Implications for Transplant Versus CABG Lynne Warner Stevenson~ Los Angeles, CA 'Seepa®e 27. ®
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f SUN PM NOV 10 Critical Care for the Cardiologist Sunday Afternoon Program California Pavilion B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 1:00 PM-3:4O PM Chairmen: Richard K. Albert, Seattle, WA B. Taylor Thompson, Boston, MA 1:00 SepsirkducedAcute Lung In/ury:.Diayrosis and Managemeel Gordon R. Bernard,.Nashville, TN 1:20 New Ideas (or Treatment of AduM Respiratory Distress Syndrome Richard K. Albert,. Seattle, WA. 1:40. Cardiorespiratory, Assist Therapy: BalkronPanps, ECMO, and High Frequency Ventilatkan Robert L. Kormos„Pittsburgh, PA 2:00 Break 2:40 New. Concepts In Ventilator Management of COPD and ARDS/ohn j. Marini~ St. Paul~ MN 3:00 Treatment of 1)ver Failure Robert Carrithers, Seattle, WA 3:20 Brain Renscitatkon Christopher Veremakis, St. Louis, MO. 3:40 Adiourrrnent Sponsored by the Council on Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care. Please note: Separate registration is required to attend'thisprogram. Attendance is limited to Flrst 500 registrants. so
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Councils on Clinical Cardiology and Circulation Orange County Ballroom Salon 4 Anaheim Marriott Hotel 7. Autonomic Nervous System and Cardiac Arrhythmias Moderator: Peter J. Schwartz, Milano, Italy Autonomic Effects on Sinus and Atrioventricular Node Eric Prystowsky; Indianapolis, IN Neurocardiogenic Syncope David' Benditt, Minneapolis, MN Supraventricular Tachycardia 'John~P. DiMarco, Charlottesville, VA Long QT Syndrome Peter J. Schwartz, Milano, Italy Councils on Cardiovascular Surgery and Clinical Cardiology San Clemente Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8. Optimal Intraoperative Protection of the Myocardium When Using Arterial Conduits for Myocardial Revascularization Moderator: Cary Akins, Bostonj MA Effectiveness of Antegrade and/or Retrograde Cardioplegia "Gerald Buckberg, Los Angeles, CA Topical Cooling Adjuncts and Consideration of the Right Ventricle PatO. Daily, San Diego, CA Individual Strategies for Different Situations, Including Redo's Robert Guyton, Atlanta, GA Adjunctive Metabolic Modulation for Cardioplegic Techniques Richard Weisel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Is There Still a Role for Hypothennic Fibrillatory Arrest? Cary Akins, Boston, MA Councils on Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Orange County Ballroom Salon 1 Anaheim Marriott Hotel 9. Cardiac Transplantation: Basic and Clinical Update Moderator John B. O'Connell, Jackson, MS Recipient Selection Barry F. Uretsky, Pittsburgh, PA Donor Selection and Management Michael Fowler, Stanford, CA Diagnosis and Treatment of Rejection Maria Rosa Costanzo-Nordin, Maywood, IL Allograft Vasculopathy Eric A. Rose, New York, NY *See page27. ®
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I MON AM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Pericardial Disease Room A-6 10:45 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Brian D. Hoit, Cincinnati, OH Lawrence R. Burwell, Charlottesville, VA. 10a4s Percutaneous Ralloon Pericardiotonry for Mre Treatment of Periurdiab Effusion and Tanqonade 0013 Andrew A. Ziskind, A. Craig Pearce,.Peter C. Bbck,.Howard M. Wald- man, Howard L. Pames, Patricia L. Colegrove, Igor F.,Palicios. Univer- sity of Maryland~ Hospital,.Baltimore, MD, and Massachusetts General Hospital, . Boston, . MA . 11:00 Evidence That Left VeMricrlar Diastolic Collapse Occurs Priorr to Pul- srn Paradoxos and Hypotension in Regional Left Heart Cardiac Tampwude 0014 Steven.Schwaetz,.Natesa Pandian,.Qiiling Cao,.Tsui-Lieh Hsu,.Mark Aronovitz, Michael Pontoriero, Xi Zhang, James Diehl. TuHs-New England Medical Center, Boston, MA' 11:15 Diayrostic Value of SysWlic Separation on Superior Vena Cava Flow in Acute Cardiac Tanrpanade 0015 Wataru Amano, Ichiro Hasegawa,.Yuepeng Wang. University of Tokyo, , Tokyo;lapan 11:30 Left Ventricular PseudohypeMophy in Cardiac Tamponade: A Canine Model 0016 Ela Disegni,. Micha S. F'einberg,. Mickey Scheinowitz,. Nira Varda, Moshe Neuman„MichaellMotro, Alexander Battler, Elieser Kaplinsky, Zvi V2red. Tel Aviv Univereity, Tel-Hashomer, Israel11A5Respiratory Changes in Pulmonary Venous riow. Distinguish Constric- live Pericarditis From Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. 0017 Allan L. Klein„Gerald 1. Cohen, Joseph F. Pietrolungo, William 1. Stew- arA, Richard D:.White„Gregory L..Pearce, Kathleen Husbands, Ernesto E.. Sakedo..Cleveland Clinic,. Cleveland,.OH 70 i
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MON AM NOV 11 Basic Science/Circulation: Atrioventricular Conduction Room C-3' 10:45 AM=12:00 NOON Chairmen: Charles Antzelevitch, Utica, NY Stanley Nattel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada KeitaroHashiimoto; Univenity.of California,.San Francisco, San Fran- ~ cisco, CA, and Yamanashi Medical Center, Yamanashi„Japan 11:oU A Global'.hfatlrcmatical Model of Atrioventriicular. Node Conduction Accounts for Diver.e Nodal Rehaviors. 0046 Mario Talajic,. Christine Villemaire,. Demetrios Papadatos, Leon Glass, StanleyNattel..Montieal Heart Institute,.Montreal„Quebec, Canada 11:15 High.Density Extracellu/ar Mapping of the Atrioventricvlar.Node In.a. Superfused Rabbit Model 0047 . Laurence M. Epstein, Joseph F.: Spear, E. Neii. Moore. Uniwersity, of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 11:30 Frequency-Dependent Effect of Quinidine on Conduction Over an Mh- nwc. Relationship Between.Refractoriness and Conduction Velocity, 0048 Anzhen Qi~ JohnA., Yeung-Lai.-Wah~ Charles R. Kerr. Universityy of British Columbia, Vancouver, British ~Columbia,: Canada 11:15 Fluorescence Spectroscopy for tdentification.of the Atrioventricu4ar Node Prior.to Laser Ablation 0049 Michael OeH, Bernard Hug, Uta Stiirmer, Frank Zgoda; Gerhard Muller. KhmikumSteglitz, Berlin, and Laser Medizin Zentrum, FederaliRepublic ofGermany, 10~:4S Changes in Extracellular Space Modulate Atriorentricular Noda" and Hisian Conduction: A New Mechanism to Ezptain Atrioventricular Nodal WenckebadtRiodc p84S Keith G. Lurie, Shigeru~Motomuna,.John.Dutton,i Gozoh Tsujimoto, 76
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Joint Interventional Catheter and Surgical Management of Difficult Problems in Congenital Heart Disease Sunday Afternoon Program California Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hbtel 1:00 PM-5:00 ' PM Chairmen: James E. Lock, Boston, MA William G. Williams, Tloronto, Ontario, Canada Tetrdogy,of Fallot With Pulmonary Atresia and Diminutive or Discontinuous Pulmonary Arleries 1:Op Overview of Probfetn, Use of lMifocaiization, and Palliative Outflow Tract Procedtrer Francisco.J. Puga;.Roehester, MN1:26 Wioon Dilation and stesNing of Ffypoplastic Pulmonary Arteries and Coil Emboiitation of Coliaterab Martin P. O'Llaughlin,. Houston, TX1:4o Collaborative IntervenUotai Card'abgy: Surgical Approach to Pulmonary Artery. Reconstruction John E. MayenJr,,.Boston,.MA 2:00 Break . Multiple Muscular Ventricular Seplal Defects 2:15 Sorgical MaeageneM of MuNipk and Mtscviar.vsDs in Complex ffeart Disease EdwardiL. Bove, Ann Arbor„MI 2:35 Catlteter Closure of Murnslu VSDs James E. Lock, Boston, MA 2:55 Combined Catheter Closure and Surgical Approach to Multiple VSDs Richard A. Jonas, Boston,. MA 3:15 Discunion 3:30 tkeak. Fontans at Inaeased Risk 3A5 The Partial Fontan ConcepE Bidirectional Glenns and the Snare Tedrtique Hillel ILaks, Los Angeles, CA 4:05 Fenestrated Fontans Witiwm.Hellenbrand, New Haven, CT 4:20 Discurdon 5.00 Adjournment Sponsored by the. Councils on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young . and Cardiovascular Surgery. SUN PM NOV 10 fMease note: Separate registration is required to attend this program. Attendance islimitied to first 500 registrants. m
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MON AM NOV 11 Circulation: Melvin L Marcus Young Investigator Awards in Cardiovascular Integrated Physiology Competition Room C-1 10:45 AM-12:00 NooN Chairmen: Stephen F. Vatner, Southboroughj MA Thomas H. Hintze, Valhalla; NY 10:45 Paradoxical YVNhdrawal of Sympathelic Vasaconstridian During Dial- Ysh-loducedHYpaend- 0035 Richard~ L... Converse Jr., Tage N... Jacobsen, Fetnal. Fouad,. Robert D. Toto,.TroyM, Obregoni Ronald G. Victor. UAiversity of Texas South- western Medical Center, Dallas, TX 11:00 superozide Dbrnulase Enhancet Iscliernia-hdu¢ed Reactive Hyper- enrk How and Adenorine Release im Doge A Role of 5'-NircleotiAase Activilty 0036 Masafumi iKitakaze, MasatsugW Hon, Seiji Takashima, Kunimitsu Iwai, Hiroshi Sato, Yukihiro Koretsune, Michitoshi Inoue, Akira Kitabatake,. Takenobu Kamada.,The First Department of Medicine, Osaka Univer- sity, Osaka, Japan i 11:15 hitracellular G" Handling and Reta-Adrenergic Responsiveness in Surviving Myocandium Frmo Rab With Large Infarctions 0037 Sheldon E. Litwin, James P. Morgan., The Harvard Thorndike Laboratory of 8eth lsrael'Hospital, Boston, MA 11:30 An In Vhro Model of CanYac Hypertrophy in the Mouse: f]uraderiza- tion and Applkadoro 0038 .. Howard A., Rockman, Robert S..Ross, Kirk U. Knowlton,, Loren IJ Field, John Ross Jr., Kenneth R. Chien. University of California, Sam Diego, La Jolla, CA, and Krannert Institute of Cardiak)gy; Indianapolis, IN 11:l5. Faeqelia of Acute Right VenhicdarMesutre Overload 0035. Gregory G: Schwartz, Sean Steinman, Jorge Gucia„Clifford'Greyson„ /rlich'aeI Weiner, gaory.Massie. Urtiversiryo6California,.San Francisco,, San Francisco, CA m
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Artef•iosclerosis: Lipases and Lipid Transfers Pacific B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 10:45 AM-12:15 PM MON AM Chairmen: Robert H. Eckel, Denver, CO Ira J. Goldberg, New'York, NY 10:45 Analysis of the Catafytic Triad of Upoprolein Lipase by Site-Directed Mutaeenesis of Ser-132, Asp-156, and His-241 0073 Joseph Ernmerich, Obaidullah Beg,.. Jonas Peterson, Lorenzo Previato, John,D. Brunzell,l HJ Bryan Brewer Jr,, Silvia Santamarina-Fojo. National Heart, Lung, andBlood. Institute, National. Institutes of. Health;. 11:00. Bethesda, MDi and Uniwersity.ofWashingtonA Seattle, WA Strvcture-Furdfon.Relatiauhips of Human Lipoprotein Upase 0074. Fabrizia #austineBla,.Louis C. Smith, LawrenceLhan...Baylor College of, Medicine, Houston, TX , 11:15 Divergent Effects of cAMP on Upaprotein Lipase Gene Transcription in , Adipotyfes and Myocytes 0075 MaryV: Raynolds, Dalan R. {ensen~ Robert H! Eckel. Division ofEndo- l f 11:30 crino ogy, University o Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver,.CO hocesfing of Upoprotein Upase 0076 1:45. Osnati Ben-Zeev, Mark H.,Doolilttle, Richard C. Davis;.John Elovson, Michael C. Schotz: Veterans Administration Wadsworth Medical ICenter and Department of Medicine, University of Caliifornia,losAngeles;.Los Angeles, CA Characierization of a Chinreric Upase: .. Domain ExchanEe Between Hepatic and lipoprolein lipaser 0077 2A0 Richard C. Davis, Howard Wong,. Juditlh Nikazy; Kimberly E. Seebart,. Michael C. Schotz.. Veterans Administration Wadsworth Medical. Center and Department of Medicine,.University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Varfatioas in Hepalic Upae and Upoprotein Upase Activities As+od- ated With Low Density Lipoprotein Subclass Patterns 0078 Hannia Campos, Darlene M. Dreon, Ronald M... Krauss. Lawrence BerkeleyLaboratory,.Berkeley, CA m
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Clinical Cardiology: Clinical Studies of Myocarditis/AIDS Room AR2 10:45 ~ AM-12~:1S PM' Chairmen: H. Sidney Klopfenstein, Winston-Salem, NC Walter H. Abelmann, Boston, MA MON AM NOV 11 10:45 Incitlence and Clinical Characteristics of Myocarditis 00 NlyocanditisTreatmenf Trial Investigators. University of Utah Medic Center, Salt Lake City,.UT 11:00 High Incidence of Myocarditis by Endomyocardial Biopsy in Patien With Dilated Cardiomyopathy 00 07 al ts 00 Uwe Kuhl„ Bettina Daun, Bettina. Seeberg, Heinz-Peter Scfiultlheis University of Dusseltlorf, Dusseldbrf, Federal Republic of Germany 11c15 The Role of the Vascular fodotlrcln.n in Myocardith 00 s. 09 Bernhard Maisch, Odo Weyerer, Philiipps-University Marburg, Marbur Federal Republicc of Germany, 11:30 Natural History of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Associated Hea Disease 00 g, rt 10 ~ Judith Hsia, SaraAdams,.Alfan M. Ross.. George Washington Universit y, Washington, DC 1m5 High Risk Protik for the Development of Congestive Heart Failure HIV-Related Cardkmyopalhy 00 in 11 Ahvie Herskowitz, Sharon B. , Willoughby, A.A. Ansari; David A. Ne manm, David Vlaharv,.Noe! R.,Rose,.Kenneth U. Baughman. lohnsHo kins University, Baltimore,.MD 12d0 Cardiomyopathy. Associated With Mtiretroviral Therapy in SixHI u- p- V- Intected Patients 00 12 Sharon B. Wilbughby, Kennethil Baugh'man, William E. Beschorne David'A. Neumann, Ah'vie Herskowitz.. Johns Hopk'insHospital, Bal more, MD r, ti- fA ~
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I MON AM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Aortic Stenosis Room AR1 1 0:AS AM-12:15 PM Chairmen: Eugenia P. Carroll, Chicago, IL Deeb Salem, Boston, MA 10:45 Aorlic Vahre Resistance in Aortic Stenosis 0001 Dale Cannon, Michael Zile, Fred Crawford,. Blase Carabello. Medical . University of South Carolina and the Gazes Cardiac Research Institute,. Chadeston,, SC 11:00 Inaccuracy of Constant Aortic Valve Area: and Resistance Models in Aortk StenasisPatienfsWith.Poor Left Ventrkvlar Function: An In Vivo Study 0002 Pir W. Sh'ah,.Bob S. Hu, DianeTovey,.Riehard LL Popp. Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Stanford University; Stanford, CA 11:15 Pressore Recovery in Aortic Slenoss: M, In Vitro Study in a PufsatileHow Model 0003 Woffdam Voelker, Thomas Steltzer, Thomas Graf, Martin Brandt, Anselm Schmidt, Karl Karsch, Helmut Reul. Helrnholtz Institute, Aachen University, and. Department of,Cardiology~ Tuebingen Univer- sity, Tuebingen, Federal Republic of Germany 11:30: Compaeisar of Ventricrdar: and Myoprdiai Function in Adaptation to. Aortic Stenosil 0004 Stanley A. Gall Jr., R. Eric Lilly; V,, Antoine Keller, J. Scott Rankin, Donald D. Glower. Duke.Unirvenity, Durham,.NC 11:415 DifferentW Response of the Left Ventricle to Aortic Stenosis in 8derly Women Verws Men ooOS John ~ D! Carroll, Eugenia : P. Carroll,. Ted Feldman, . David M. Ward, Robert B. Karp. Urtiversityof Chicago, Chicago„IL'. 12:00. Effect of Postoperative Regreuion of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy on . Coronary Artery Dirnensl6ro 0006 Bruno Villari, Otto M, Hess, Cristoph Meier, AhtonellaPucilio, Hans P.. Krayenbueh'Ii. Cardi'ology; University Hospital„Zurich, Switzerland! 66 I
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MON AM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiologyr Heart Failure Room A-9 10:45 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: James E. Udelson, Boston, MA Sergio Dalla-Volta, Padova, Italy, 10:45 The Six-Minute Walk Test Predicts Morbidity and Mortality In Patiems WMh Left Ventricvlar Dysfunction 0024 Vera Bittner, William J.,Rogen, Debra H. Weiner,.Erwin Schr&der, lohn B. Kostis, Marvin W: Kronenberg, Patricia Woods, John J. Gregory; Robert M; Kohn, ShrikantiBangdiwala,.Gilbert Gosselin, SalimYusuf, for the SOLVD Registry Investigators. lUniversity, of Alabama at Birming- ham„Birmingham, AL 11A0 Regional Ventilation-Perfusion Misrnatch and Exercise Capacity, in Chronic Heart Failure 0025 Neal G. Uren;. Simon W. Davies,, Andrew G. Irwin, Sally t. Jordan, Andrew /.W. Hil9on, John E. Agnew,.David ~P. Lipkyn. Royal Free. Hospi- tal,. London,. United Kingdom 11:15 Excessive Oxygen Deficit Incurred In Heart Failure During Lowdevel Exercise Below. Peak~ Capacity 0026 Catherine Chelimsky-Fallick, Lynne W. Stevenson, Virginia Lem,. Brian . J: Whipp. University of Cafifornia, Los Angeles, School of Medicine;. Los Angeles, CA 11:30. Metabolic Requirements Remain Normal in Advanced Heart Failure Despite Sympatlretic Activation 0027 MicheleA'. Hamilton, Lynne W. Stevenson, Gregg C.. Fonarow, Cathe- rine Chelimsky-Fallick..University. of Caiifornia, Los Angeles, School of Medicinejos Angeles, CA , . 11:45 Eariy Skeletal Muscle Anaerobic Metabolism Occurs Independent of Muscle Atrophy in Heart Failure 0021! Martin I.Sullivan, H.,Cecil Charles,.Rosa.Negro-Villar,.James E.. Ken- nedy, Frederick R. Cobb. Duke University.and Veterans Administration Medical'.Centers, Durham, NC 72
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Basic Science/Circulation: MON Determinants of Performance aM in the Intact Heart Poster Presentation Boards P51-P57 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM psi Changes in Left Atrial. Reservoir, Tramport, and Booqer rrnc0o. Du r-. in6lnaeaxd Preload or InoUopic State 014 7 P52 Yasuhiro Nishikawa, James P. Roberts, Ping Tan, H. Sidney. Klopfe stein. Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest University, Wi ston,Salem, NC Effect of Difraption of Mitral Apparatus on Left Ventrkular Cantrad n- n- N- it1'. In Oogs 014 8 Hideo Shintani, Stanton A. Glantz. Uniwersity, of California, San Fra n- P53 cdsco; San Francisco,.CA Effect of Atrioventricvlar Sequential Pacing on Right Ventricul ar Chamber Contraclilily of In Situ Dog Heart 014 ! P54 Takashi Nozawa, Osamu Wada, Shinji Ishizaka„ Hidetwgu Asano Toyama Med. and Pharm:.Universfty, Toyama,.Japan Inlluence of Abrupt Changes in LeN Ventricular Vdi.ne on IIighR Ve i. n- tritdar Function 015 0 PSS. Eivmd S.P. Myhre; Bryan K. Slink'er,.Martin.M. LeWinter:,University. Vermont, Burlington, VT Alerhankaa of Syftopc Ven6icvlarlnteraction 015 HitoshiYaku,.Bryan K. Stinker,.Eiviind S.P. Myhre, Martin M:.LeWinte of 1 r.. P56 University.of Vermont, Burlington, VT Effect of Vagal Stimulation on Left VeMiiarlar CanlractiBty 015 2 PS7 Robert Ji Applegate,. William C. Little.. Bowman Gray. School Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC Phy.iobgy,of Paradoxical Pulse In the Co..doae Dog 015 oU 3 Michael A. Savitti George S. Tyson, Joseph R. Elbeery, Charles H . Owen, Donald D. Glower, J. Scott Rankin. Universitly of Californ Hospital.and CVR1; San Franeiseo,.CA ia. !1 ~
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MON AM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Samuel A. Levine Young Clinical Investigator Awards Competition Room C-5 10:45 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Gerald M. Pohost, Birmingham, AL Joseph S. Alpert, Worcester, MA 10:45 Charaderizatlon of fulrrronary Arterial Stiffness by, Simdtaneous Intrava.crrlar Ultrawud and Ne.rodynamk Sludies In Patients Wi1A CorrReftlve Heart Failure 0056 Thomas R.: Porter, David 0. Sayktr;,Natesa G. Pandian, John V. Nixon, Pramod K. Mohanty. McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA 11:00 Importance of Collateral-Derived Rbod How on Myocardial Viability In Patients With Recent Myocardiai. tnfanaorr . 0057 Michael Ragosta,.Eric R. Powers,.Peter J: Sabia, Ian I. Sarembock,. Law- rence.R. Burwell, Sanjiiv.KauL..Universityof Virginia,.Charlotlesvillle„VA 11:15 Repolarizatioe Alternans: An 9ec4ocardioyaphic Marker of A`rirytA- mia Vulnerability I. Man OpSg David S. Rosenbaum, Lance Jackson, Angela Leigh, Jeremy N. Ruskin, Richard J. Cohen. Massachusetts General Hospital ~and~ Massachusetts Institute of'Technology, Boston„ MA 11:30 Autonoork and Fler.odynandc AMeratluro During Synchronized and. REM Sleep ie Nornul Numaru 0059 Virend K. Somers,. Mark E..Dyken, All*n L Mark,.Fran4ois M. Abboud. University of Iowa, lowa City, IA 13:45 Aiheroscierash Disturbs the Va.onalor Response of Cororrary, Arteries to Mental Strea 0060 Alan C. Yeung,.Vladimir~l.Nekshtein,.David S. Krantz,.loseph'~A. Vita, Thomas J. Ryan Jr., Peter Ganz, Andrew P. Selwyn. Brigham and Women'A Hospital, Boston, MA 74
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Epidemiology and Prevention: Epidemiology I Poster Presentation Boards P34-P42 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM MON AM NOV 11 P34 Mitral V61ve Prolapse in a Biracial Cohorf of Young AduHs: The CARDIA Study 0130 John M. Flack, Julius.Gardin, Samuel Gidding;.Teri Manolio, Chris Sed- lacek, Eileen Nelson,~ David Jacobs. UniversityoPMinnesota, Minneap- oli3,./v1N P35 The National Cholesterol Education Program Pediatric Guidelines: How Many. Children Require Cholesterol Screeningi 0131 Barbara A. Dennison,.PauIIL.. Jenkins, Thomas A. Pearson.,The Maoy, Imogene Bassett Research Institute, Cooperstown,, NYP36The Genetics of Systolic Blood Pressure Tracking During Eady, Adolescence 0132 Monica M. Goble, MichaellMosteller, Richard M. Schieken. Medical College of Virginia,.Richmond,l VAP37 Relationship of Race, Sex, Systolic Blood Pressure Levels, and Body Mass to Left' Ventricviar. Mass in Heallhy, Young Adutb: The CARDIA Study 0133 Julius M. Gardin,.Lynne E:. Wagenknecht, HodaAnton,Culver, John Flack,,SamuelGiddimg, Nathan D. Wong,.Teri A. Manolio. University of: California, Irvine,.Orange,.CA P36 Heart Size In the Upper NMmal Range Predicts a Threefold Increase In Cardiovascolar. Mortafity Among Apparentfy, Healthy Men . Aged Greater Than 50 Years Wilha Physical Fitness Bekrv,.But Not Above,. Age Mean. 0134 Leiv Sandvik, Jan Erikssen,. Erik. Thaulow,. Gunnar, Erikssen, Reidar Mundal,,Trygve Aakhus. Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway P3f Erlrocard'rographic Determinants of Clinical Outcome in Subjecis With . Coronary Heart Disease 013S Mauozio Gakferisi, Michael S. Lauer, Daniel Levy. Framingham Heart. Study,. Framinghami MA' P40 Physkal Aciivity Associated With Less Left Ventricular Mass in Chil- drere The lArrrcatine Study 0136 Kathleen F. Janz, Larry T. Mahoney, Trudy, L.. Burns, lane Golden, Ron- ald~M. Lauer. Universityof.Iowa, Iowa City„IAP41 Migraine and Subsequent ftirks of Cardiovascular Disease in the Phyri- ciarn' Health Study 0137 JulieE..Buring,. Patricia R. Hebert, JoAnn E. Manson; Meir JJ Stampfer, Nancy,R; Cook, Richard'Peto; Charles H. Hennekens. Harvard MedicaL School, Bostone MA' P42Heigh't and Ridc of Future Myocardial Infarction 0138 Patricia R. Hebert, Janet W. Rich-Edwards, JoAnn E. Manson, Paul M. Ridker, Julie E.Burting, Charies H. Hennekens...Channing Laboratory, Brigham and Women'sHospital, Harvard Medical Schoot,! Boston,i MA 69
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 8asic Science/Circu/ation: Mechanics of the Isolated Heart Poster Presentation Boards P43-P50 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed* 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Presenti 10:45 AM-12:45 PM sirrsle-Reaf Venus Steady'state Assenment of Left Ventricular fuec- tion 0139 Kenneth B. Campbell, Hesameddin Taherij Robert D. Kirkpatrick„Bryan K.. Slinker. Washington StateUniversity,.Pullman; WA, and!Univershy of Vermont, Budington,~ VT Real-Thne Volurnes in the Workhr0 RatHeart 0140 Daniel G.,Waksman, Michael D. Herr,,Joseph J. Mclnerney: Depart, ment of Medicine and Department of Bioengineering, Pennsy/vania State University, Hershey, PA The RetisHve troperties of the VeMride Do Not Wirie O:ygen in Dog HeaA 0141 Osamu Kawaguchi, Yoichi iGoto, Shiho Futaki, Yuichi Ohgoshi,i Hitoshi , Yaku, Katsuya Hata, Toshiyuki Takasago,, Akio Saeki, Hiroyuki Suga. National Cardiovascular Center, Osaka,. lapan. Physiologic Afterload'Irofonss Pressure-Generating Capacity im Iso- lahd Canine Left VMtsides 0142 Daniel BurkhoH, Pieter P. de Tombe, William C. Hunter. The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD Contractile Dynamics of the Left Veatricle: Effect of Volume and Acti- vatlon 0143 Sanjeev G...Shroff,.Kenneth B, Campbell. University ofiChicago; Chi- cago,.IL,. and Washington State. University, Pullhwn,. WA Does Optinul Heart Rate for.rump Fr.u.lion Differ Between Ri6M and Left VeatriclerT 0144 Hiroshi Miyawaki, Seiji Yamaguchi, Yoshiaki Tamada, Masanori Shirakabe, Akio Fukui, Hitonob'u Tomoike. Yamagata University, Yama- gata,Japan Medursoelec4ical Feedback Effect of Altering frreload and Afierk>ad in Setvo-ConEralked Isolated Canine Veetrides 0145 David'E. Hansen. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN ARerations in.left Veo6icular Medranics in Rapid hcin6-hdraced He.rt Failrsre 0146 Matthew R. Wolff, Yasuhiko Harasawa, Pieter P. deTombe- Daniel Burkhoff,, William C. Hunter, David A. Kass. Jhefohns Hopkins Medi- cal Institutions, Baltimore, MD
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MON AM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Catheter Ablation of Accessory Pathways I California Pavilion D Anaheim~ Hilton Hotell 10:45 AM-t2:t5 PM Chairmen: Karl H. Kuck, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany. Warren M. Jackman, Oklahoma City, OK 10:45late Recurrences After Radiofnquency, Catheter Ablation of AccessoryPatlrways 0091 Jonathan f. Langberg, Yoon-Nyun Kim, Hugh Calkins, Ip5oSousa, Rafef E8-Atassi,.Jefferson Burroughs, Angel Leon, Fred. Morady. University of Mich'igan,.Ann Arbor,.Ml 11AQ Right Ahial Approach to RadiofreQuency,Curremt Catheter Ablation of Mferoseptal Accessory Pathways 0092 Karl H. Kuck, Michael Schiuter;,Wolfgangpuckeck, IannisChi4adAkis. University Hospitai. Eppendorf, Hamburg,.Fedpral IRepublicnf Germany, 11:15 Radiofrequerrcy Abiation, Elucidates Accessory, Pathway Anatomy, 0093 James H. McClelland, Karen J. Beckman,.Xumzh'ang Wang, H. AndrewHazlitlt,. Michael IJ Prior, Nicholas Twidale, Kriegh P:.Moultlon, Carlos A. Roman,. Ralph Lazzara, Warren M. Jaekman.,University of Oklahoma and Veterans AdmimistrationMedical.Center, Oklahoma City, OK 11:30 Effect of Atrial Endocardial Radiofrequency Ablation of Accessory, Pathways on Coronary Artery, Anatomy 0094 AIIenj. Solomon, Cynthialol. Tracy, John F. Swartz,.Kathleen M. Rea- gan, Pamela E. Karasik. Georgetown University.and Uniformed Serviees. Univenity, of theHealth Sciences, Washington;,DC 11:45AbdiUorr of lrft-Sided Accessory Pathways Using Radiofrequency, EnerYy: Efficacy of Atrial Insertion Site Ablation 0095 Mohammad Jazayeri„ Jasbin Sraf, David Krum, Randy Nest, Issam Al- gitar,.Tanvir Bajwa, Masood Akhtar. Sinai Samaritan Medical Center, Mihvaukee, WI' 12d10. New.Genentlon of Catheters for.Mappin6 and Abiation:.A Rotating Tip and Lateral Defkctabfe. Catheters 0096 Boaz Avitall, John Hare, Cynthia Lessila, Hua Gao, Charles Buckoff, Zalmen Blandc, Mohammad Jazayeri; Masood Akhtar. Sinai Samaritan Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI 94
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MON AM NOV 11 Cardiovascular Nursing: Issues in Coronary Artery Disease Poster Presentation Boards P138-P144' Convention Center Exhibit'Hall Poster Displayedi 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10i45 AM-12:45 PM P138' The Coronary Artery Bypass Strrgery Experience in Wornen: DifficuRia in Recruitment 0234 Sue:M.,Penckofer, Karyn Holdn,.NanayM. Fink, Maureen Barren. Uni: versity of Illinois, Chicago;. Loyola Medical Center, Maywood, and1 Good Samaritan Hospital,.Downers Grove, IL P139 Patient Perceptions of Quality of Life One Year.After CoronaryArtery Surgery; Was It Worth ~ItT. 023SKathleen B. King,.Laura A. Porter) Lisa Norsen. Univers'rfy.ofiRochester, Rochester,. NY, P140 Variables Affecting the Reporting of Pain Following an Acute Myocar. dial.Infarction0236 Judith M. Schwartz, Colleen S. Keller. Arizona5tate University, Tempe, AZ P141 Cardiovascular Responses to Bedmaking In Acute Myocardiaa Infarc- tion Patients Compared to Two Control Graupa. 023>Joanne S. Harceil,. Carolyn iGraham, Penny N. Welty,. Mary J. Jackson. AmeliaG: Futrell, Steven Forst,.LuA'nn:FerrelL University.of North Cao- olilna, Chapel Hill; NC P142 Is Informed Consent Possible During Acute Myocardial Infarction? Implications in Clinical Trials 0238. Kathleen C. Voigt, RobertiA. Short, Marcus A. DeWood. The Heart Institute oflSpokane; Deaconess and.Sacred Heart Medical Cenlers, Spok'ane, WA' P143 Follow-up of CPR-Trained Family, Members of. High-Risk Cardiac Patients 0239 Kathleen Dracup, DebraK: Moser,.Ce6ne Marsden,.SheIMy,E'. Taybr,. Peter M. Guzy. University of California, Los Angeles, School of Nursing, School of Medicine, and'Department.of Psychology, Los Angeles;.CA P144 N4rsingAPproach to Asymptoroatic Nonfustaieed Ventricular Tadty- cardia in the Post-CAST Era 0240 Susan A. Walthalli Debra Frankovich, Barbara Fromm, Julie FresardJ Karen Merritt, Michael H.,Lehmann., Wayne State University/Harper Hospital,.Detroit, MI 100 III
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MON AM NOV 11 Arteriosclerosis: Transgenic Animals in Lipoprotein Research Pacific A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 10:45 AMr12:15 PM Chairmen: /an L. Breslow, New York, NY Lawrence C. Chan, Houston, TX 10:45 Tissue-Specific Expression of the Human Apolipoprotein A-IV.Gene in TranigenicMfce 0067 Stephen J. Laueri W. Scott Simonet,. Nathan Bucay, Harshini V: de Silva, John M:.Taylor,:Gladstone Foundation Laboratories, University of Cak- fomia, San Francisco, CA 11:Ot1 InteracMon of ~ Human Apo A-1 and CETr Genes in . Transgenic Mice llerttlb In a Profound Decrease in HOL Cholesterol 0066 Tony Hayekl, Tova Chajek-Shaul,.Annemarie Walsh, LuisB.,Agellon„ Philippe Moulin, Alan R. Talll, Jaut L. Bresbw: The Rockefeller University, and Columbia University,.New York, NY 11:15 Tnnrgt:nk Mice Exprexina Apolipoprotein ft 0069 Weijun Xiong. Eva2sigmond,.Antonio M. Gotto qr.,.K;Y: Lei,.Lawrence. Chan. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, T%', 11:30 Liver-Spetifn: Regulation of the Human Apolipoprotein E/C-I Gene Locus in Transgenic Mice 0070 W.,Scott Simonet, Nathan Bucay, David W. Walker,.Guoming Zhu,. John M. Taylor. GlAdstoneFoundation Laboratories, University of Cali-. fomia, San Francisco; CA 11:45 Eapresrion.of Human Apolipoprotein E Vaiantsin Transgenic Mice 0071 Sergio Fazio; Yukio Horie; W. Scott Simonetj Karl H.Weisgraber, John M.:Taylor,.Stanley C. Ra1PJr. Gladstone.Foundation Laboratories, Uni- versity of California, SanFrancisco; CA 12:00 Overrxprtssiott of Human Apolipoprolein C-111 in Transgenic Mice Caurn Abnormal Accumulation of Low Density he-leta-MiEra6ng Apolipoprotein 114ti-6Al-Containins and Alpha-Migrating Apo1P poprotein E-Al-Cottttaittiug flpoproteinK 0072 Harshini . V.: de Silva, Stephen l. Lauer, W.Soott Simonet, Jaime Mas. Oliva, Karl iH. Weisgraber, John M. Taylor. Gladstone Foundation Latxr, ratories, University of California, San Francisco, CA so
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MON AM NOV 11 Arteriosclerosis: Vessel Wall I Poster Presentation Boards P11-P14 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12;45 PM, P11 Protetliop FromAtherorclerosis in Vein Graft by Rigid E.temal Sup- port 0107 /ean Batellier, Michel Wassef, Regine Merval, Micheline Duriez, Aliin, Tedgui. Hopital Lariboisi&e, Paris, France P12 Relatfomhip of Shear Strep to AUherordnoris Progresrion 0106 C. Michael Gibson,~ Lazaro Diaz, Krisna Kandarpa, Richard C. Pasternak, Frank M.sacks,.Charles Feldman, TamasSandor,.Peter H. Stone. Brig- ham and'Women's Hospital and8eth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA, P13 Lywplwsphalidyldqlire: Eueratial Ro1ein the Produclion of Immu- noreadivt EndotlreNn-(1,2) In EndotheNal Cells by Oxidited Low Den- 9iW Lipnproteirn 0109 Fran4oise Martin-Nizard,.Hayat Sqali-Houssaini,.Patrick Duriez, lean- Charlbs Fruchant. Institirt.Pasteur, Lilie„France P14 Parifked Low Density Upoproteirn Increase the Exposure of Fibrinogen Binding Sild PollorrinR StinwEatlan With ADP 0110 Gijsbert van Willigen, Genie Gorter, lan-Will4m N. Akkerman. Univer- sity Hospital Utrecht,.Utredrt,.The. Netherlands 96
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MON AM NOV 11 Stroke: Stroke-Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Therapy Poster Presentation Boards P23-P33 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM, Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12;45 PM P23 ilte SVoke Potential of Aortk Plaque 0119 Edward A. Fisher, Jeffrey A. Stahli, Jacqqreline H. Budd,l Richard Ll Taikowski, Allan S. Klapper,.Jesse Weinberg, Stanley,Tubrim, Deborah R. Horowitz, Michael Ostrow,.Martin E. Goldman. Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York,. NY. P24 Intra-aortic Debris as a: Potential source of Embolik.Stroke 0120 David C. Rubin, Mary, W.' Hawke,.Clara V:..Massey, Gary, D. Plotbick. Urtiversiry of Maryiand,. Baltimore, MD P25 Cerebral Ischemia During Defibrillator Testing 0121 Igor Singer, Harvey. Edmonds, Jacoba Van der Laken, David SIatM, Erie Austina Joel IKupersmith. University of Louisville, Louisville,. KY P26 Transcatheter Clowre of Patent Foramen OvakAfter.Presunted Para- do><ical Embolism 0122 Nancy D. Bridges, William Hellenbrand, Larry Latson,. James. Filiano,. Stanton Perry, John F~. Keane,. Jane W,. Newburger, Christy Faherty,. James E.. Lock..Children's Hospital, Boston; MA P27 Forty-Three-Month Fdlowwp of Extracraoiai Carotid Arterial Disease and Mitral Annular Gkium for Thrtamboembolia Stroke in Elderly Patients 0123 Wilbert S. Aronow, Myron R. Schoenfeld, Hal Gutstein..HebrewHospi- tal. for Chronic Sick and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx,. NY P20 An Absence of Nocturnal Blood Pressure Fall Is Associated With Silent. Cerebrovacttlar Damagec0124, Akiko Kawamoto,. Kazuyuki Shimada,.. Masanori: . Nishinaga, Shigeaki Kimura, Toshio Ozawa. Kochi Medi¢al School, Kochi, and Jichi Medical School, Japan P29 Prevention of Embolic Stroke by a Novel Antagonist of Platelet GP llb/IUa 0125 Christof M1 Kessler, Andrew B. Kelly, William D: Suggs, Roberti M. Scarborough,,Israel F. Charo, David R. Phillips,,Laurence A. Harker,, Stephen R:. Hanson.Emory, University,. Atlanta,. GA,. University of'. Liibeck; Federal Republic of~Germany; and COR Therapeutics, San Francisco, CA, P30 Platelet Activation in Cerebrovascular Stroke 0126 ChristofM.. Kessler, BruceC.,Mackay, Ulla M. Marzec, Laurence A.. Harker: Emory Uhiversity,.Atlanta, GA, and University of Lubedc,.F'ed4 eral. Republic of Germany P31 Withdraum0127P32Cyclic Flow Reductions In Stenosed Monkey Carotid Arteries Due to. Acute Platelet Thrombus Formation: Inhibited With Aspirin Rut. Renewed With.Epinepbrine 0128. John D. Folts, Ross L. Levine, Paul L. Kaufman. Departments of Medicine, Neuroloi and Ophth'almology;.Universityofi Wisconsin,. Madison, Wl P33 The Incidence of Small Cerebral InfarcYions in.Patienb With Attial'Fibrillation 0119' Ikuko Katoh, Nobuko Iwata, Toshiyuki Tanaka, Hiroshi Ohe,.Naoya Watanabe, Yasushi Kanoh, Yasuyuki Kurimoto,. Shigenobu Yamada. Yodogawa Christiam.Hospital,.Osaka,Japan Ot
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Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Room A-10 10:45 AM-12:15 PM Chairmen: Marc S. Visner, Worcester, MA Nisha Chandra, Baltimore, lv1 D MON AM NOV 11 10:45 Correc7ion of Intrawryocadial Hypercarbic Addosif with farbicarb rreventil EzacerbaHon of Hypercubia and Transient Contractile Osprestion Auociahd With Sodium Bicarbanate 0029 Joshua R: Sonett, Lauren S. Baker, Mark A. Knox, Hsi Cheng,.. Laurence Landow, Marc S. Yisner,:Univversity of Massachusetts, Worcester, MA' 11A10 Tke inA.ence of High Periwioa Pressures in a Cardne Card'iac Areed Model 0030 Mark G. Angelos, Daniei J. DeBehnke, James E. Leasure. Wright i State University, Dayton, OH 11:15 Cheit fMedtania D.ring ir.pact Loading Differ From Manual CrR 0031 Howard R. Levin, Kreg G: Gruben, Joshua E. Tsitlik, AIan,D. Guerct, Neil S. Rothman,~ W. David Sullivan, Myron L Weisfeldt, Henry R. Halperin. The Johns Hopkins School of Medi'cime, Baltimore, MD 11:30 AUial Natriuretic Factor limits tbe Pressor Response After High-Do.e Epi.ephrire OneiK CPR In Humanm 0032 Norman A... Paradis,. William i B. ,Malarkey,. Gerard B. Martin, Mark G. Goettin6, Emanuel P. Rivers, Michael P. Pryor, Richard M. Nowak. New York ,Universitly,, NewYork„ NY' 11:45 Active Comprewioe-Deaomyrerion Resuscitation: A New Metlrod of Cardlopulrnanary Re.uadtatfon 0033 Todd J, Cohen, Keley J. Tucker, Rita F. Redberg, Keith G. Lurie, Michael C. Chin, Nelson B: Schiller, Melvin M. Scheinman, Michael L Callaham. , University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 12:00 VenfBaBon Dains CpR M34 Nisha C. Chandda, Kreg G:,Gruhen, Joshua E. Tsitlik, Alan D. GuerciJ Solbert Permutt, Myron L. Weisfeldt. The Johns Hopkins Medical Inst, Baltimore, MD 73
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Cardiovascular Surgery: Peripheral Vascular Disease I California Pavilion B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 10:45 AM-12:1i5 PM Chairmen: Hartzell V. Schaff, Rochester, MN Harry L Bush Jr., New York, NY MON AM 10:45Prediciing Long-term Cardiac Complications After Vascular SurEery: Importance of Preoperative Clinical Features, Thallium Data, and tRri- operative Complicatbns 0065 Sumita D. Paul, Christopher M. Coley, Terry S. Field, Charles A. Boucber, David C. Brewster, Richard P. Cambria, William A. Abbott, Kim A. E'ag9e..Massachusetts General Hospital,l Boston, MA 11:06 ProprosHc Value of Oipyridamole Thallium in Patients With Peripheral Vascular Disease 00" I. Michael Bacharach,.Todd D: Miller, Alan R. Zinsmeister. Minnesota CCinic, Rochester, MN 11:15 Three-Dir.ensianal Rernnshncfioe of ; the Carotid Bifurcation With Vascular Ultrasound Using a New Porition Registration Device 0087 Michael J. Vbnesh, Charles L. Mesh, Kok-hwee Ng, Donna R. Black- bum„David D. McPherson, James S.T. Yao. Northwestern University, Chicago, IL 11:30 Improved Detection of Source of Peripheral Arterial Embolism With TnnresaqhasealEchocardiography 0086 Ian W: Black,. Andrew P. Hopkins;.Lineoln C-L. Lee, Beverley M...lacob- son, Warten. F. Walsh. Prince Henry Hospital,. Sydney,. New South Wales, Australia 11:45 New ClassNkallan of Aortic Dissection by,Transesophageal Edrocardi- o6raphy 0089 Raimund Erbel, Hellmut Oelert, Jurgen Meyer, Maria Puth, Dirk HBus- mann, Werner Danie4, Stephano Maffei, Aurelio Caruso, Gianni Slavich, George Sutherland, Susanne Mohr-Kahaly, Xavier Marcwggi,i European Cooperative Study Group. University of Mainz, Mainz, Federal Repub- Bc of Germany 12:00 Outcome of Stanford Type B AMe Aortic Dissection 00" Kazuo Neya,.Hideo Adachi; Shunei Kyo,.Sosuke Kimura„YujiYokote, Ryozo Omoto. Sailama Medical'SchoolJ Saitama, lapan Ek]
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Basic Science: Louis N. Katz Prize Competition Room C -2 10:45 AM-12:45 rM Chairmen: Arnold M. Katz, Farmington, CT Judith L Swain, Philadelphia, PA MON AM 10:45 Dystropkin mRNA Transcripts Are DiHerentially Expressed Darin ; Heart, Skeletal Murck, and firain DevelopmenE 004 0 1:05 Roger D.,Bies,Stephanie F, Phelps, M. Dolores Conez, Robert Robert C. Thomas Caskey; Jeffery S. Chamberlain. Baylor College of Medicin Houston, TK,.and Universiryof Michigan.Medi¢ali School, AnnArbo MI Bask Fibroblast Growtlr Factor Enhancer ahe Coupliof of InEim s, e,: r, al Hyperplaria and Ptoliferation of Vasa Vasonnn in Injured ltat Arteri 004 es 1 11:25 Elazer R..Edeltlnan, MatthewA.. Nugent, MorrisJ..,tCamovsky: Harva Medical SchoolJ Boston, MA sin{le Nudeotlde Resolution of Sterol Reaalatory.Re6ionof HMG Co rd A Redudase Promoter 004 2 11:s Timothy F. Osborne. University of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA Spedes-Spet,ific Regulation of Ihe Apo A-1 Gene 004 3 12:U5 Mary Sorci+Thomas,. MaryW:, Kearns. Bowman Gray School Medicine, Winston-Salem,. NC Cooperative Interaciicm Between NF-1(appa-8 and AP-1 hoteins A of re RearrMed for llpopolyraodiar{de Induction of t6e Human Tmue Fact Promoter 00 or " Nigel . Mackman, Thomas S. Edgington. Research Institute of Scrip Clinic, La Jolla, CA ps 75
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Cardiovascular Surgery: Peripheral Vascular Disease II Poster Presentation Boards P15-P22 Convention ~ Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AMr12:45 PM MON AM NOV 11 t15 Role of HyaerRpidemia and Lp(a) In IntLnal Hype+plaiu rollowing Carotid 6idaAerectany. 0111 Harry,L. Bush Jr., Denise C. Sernashko; Daniel Levine, Thomas Parker,. Stuart D. Saal„Bnuce R. Gordom Cornell Universiry„New York, NY f 16 Neurological Oukane Following Repair of AtKwryHm of the Aortic Arcfi Using Frofound Hypotlrcmda and Ciradatory ArroK 0112 Christie T.T. Tan, Hart2elll V. Sch'aff. Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation) Rochester, MN. f 17 Vasadar St.oolh Mwcle Cell Oulgrowlh From Hmaan Athermderofk Lesimn.Ohhined Ierwftr&oudy. by Diredional AtlwrecLmny. 0113 J. Geoffrey Pickering, Lawrence Weir, K. Rosenfield, J. Stetz, JJM. Isner. St; Elitabeth'sHospital,.Tuhs University,.Boston, MA plft Carnitine Hm.eo.fasts i. Intermittent Claudkailan 0114 Fabio di Lisa, Gregorio Brevetti, Roberta Menabb, Sergio Perna, Noris Siliprandi. Department of Medicine, Second'Medi'ral Schoo6 University, of,Naples„Naples, and Institute of Biological Chemistry„Unirversity of Padua, Padua,.ltaly- P19 Expansion Rak of Thorack Aortk AnetryNro. 0115 Yoshiaki Masuda, Kazunori Tak'anashi, Junichiro Takasu;.Yutaka Aoyagi, Nobuhiro Morooka, Shigeru Watanabe, Yoshiaki Inagaki. Chiba Uni- versity, Chiba, Japan P20 The Age-Aaodahd ataeae in AAerta4 SUffneu Is Attenuated by Chranic EnercYe 0116 Peter Vaitkevi¢ius, James Engel, Jeanette Wright, Loretta Lakatta,. Andrew Goldberg, Jerome Fleg. Gerontology Research Center, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, and Geriatrics Division, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD 121, Deep EtdarEae~o.y Versa Sryerfitiai Mttlm.l flalloon Injury: Differ- eatial Response to ftarit FiMobla.l Growth Fadar 0117 Michael A. Parish, Eugene A. Gtrossi; Tohru Asai„F; Gnegory, Baumann, Aubrey C. Galloway: New 'York University Medical Center, New York, NY F 22 Protection of frn.U.drerdc spiul Cord N/ury by Ierfudon Cooling of the Intrathecal spaae 011g Koichi Tabayashi, Koki Niibori, Hidbhiko Konno, Hitoshi Mohri. Tohoku University, Sendaii Japan 119
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Basic Science/Circulation: Vascular Pathophysiology- Clinical Studies Room C-4 10:45 AM-12:15 PM Chairmen: Helmut Drexler, Freiburg, Federal Republic of Germany Richard O. Cannon III, Bethesda, MD MON AM NOV 11 10:45 rardotltelirtm-Dependeet and -Independent Vasodilation and Reactive Hypenemia In HeaNhy imokers 0050 ChristinaR3ngeraark,.Ake Wennmakln. Gothenburg. University,.Goth, enburg, Sweden 11:00 L.ocalization, of, the Increase in Coronary Vascular Resistance After Cigarette Smoking in Honuns 0051 James E. Quillen, Jimes D. Rossen, J. Antonio G. Lopez, Stefen L. DeBoel, Michael D. Winniford. University of Iowa and Veterans Admin- istration Medical Center, Iowa City,.lA 11:15 Evidence for the Presence of a'"Myorardial Raynaud's Mrenontenon"" In Patients With Systemic Sclerosi. 0052 Akihido Tani,, Yoshio Ish'ida, Takakazu Morozumi, Chinchou Takijiti, Kazufumii . Kimura,. Michitoshi Inoue, Takenobu ~ Kamadi. The First Department~o6 Medicine and the Depanmentof Dermatology,, Osaka UniNersitySchool of Medidne, Osaka, Japan 11:30 Evidence Suggesttos TiutFndatlroRal Dysfunction Is.Nol the Cause of Coronary Vasospunr In Patients With Variant Angina 0053 Kensuke Egashira,. Tetsuzi Inou, Yositaka Hirooka. Research institute of Angiocardiology, Kyushu University School o6Medicine,. Fukuoka;, Japan 11:45 Effect of tntracoronary r-Aranine Infusion on Acetykialine-Induced Vaocrmstrictlon of Large At6eronatouw Coronary Arteries in Numans 0054 Jean L Dubois-Rand6, Robin Zelinsky, Serge Adnot, Georges EII Badaoui, . Hans. Decoster, Alain ~ Castaigne. . Henri i Mondor Ui4iversity; Creteil-Paris, France 12:00 i•Arginitte Improvea Endotlrclial Function in the Coronary Microcircv- latbn of Patieeb WNh Hyperdrolhterolemia 0055 Hehnut Drexkr,. Anddeas M. Zeiher; Hanjiirg Jrrst. University of Frei- burg, Freiburg, Federal Republic of Germany 77
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MON AM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Ventricular Tachycardia/ Sudden Death California Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hoteli 10:45 AM-12:15 PM Chairmen: Sanjeev Saksena, Newark, NJ Gerald V. Naccarelli, Hbuston, TX 10.45 Factors Aaociated With Sudden Cardiac Death In Survivors of Acute Myonrdial Infarction 0079 Michael O. Sweeney, A[thuriI. Moss, Shirley Eberly, Mark Andtews. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 11:00 Unfavorable Outoorne In Patients With Primary Electrical Disease Who Survived Cardiac Arrest oppp Eric F. Wever,. Richard N. Hauer, Anton Oomen, Patricia F. Bakker, Ertienne O: Roblbs de Medina. University Hospital, Utrecht, The Netherlands 11:15 Is Low Ejection Fraction the BeN Way to Select Cardiac Arrest Survi- vors Who Will BeneBt Frorn an fmplantable Der6rillatort 0091, Mark H. Anderson, A. John Camm. Su George's Hospital Medical SchoolJ London,,England 1130 Actuarial ProbabNily of A,uloatatic Iwtptantabk Cardioverter-Defibril-, latoe Shocke lit Sudden Death Suerivnrs With No Inducible Ventricular Tadtyrardia 0082 Jasfiir Sra, Anita Krebs, Kathi Axtell,l AnwarDhala, Masood iAkhaar. Sinai i Samaritan Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI i 11:45 Survival Rater of Patients With MalipuM Ventricvlar ArrhyHuaia:, Comparison of Medical Therapy, Versus tieplantable Defibrillator Therapy, 0003 Chung W. Choue, Soo G: Kim, Kevin J. Ferrick, James A. Roth, John D. Fisher, Montetrore Medical'Center, Bronx, NY 13:00 9ectraphyaaloek Tepins and Nbmrrtaiaed Ventricular Tachycardia: Final Report of a Prospective Study In Patients With Coronary Artery. Disease and Impaired Ventrinilar Function 0064 David J. Wilber, Brian Olshansky„Patriek Scanlon. Loyola:Uniwenity Medical Center, Maywood, IL m
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Cardiovascular Radiology: Contrast Media/Vascular Therapy Moderated Poster, Presentation Boards P1-P10 Convention Center Exhibit Hall' Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Discussants: Alan ). Greenfield, Boston, MA Gary ). Becker, Miami, FL MON AM 1`1 Safety of High Versus Low Oanolality Contrarf Media In Diagnosfic Cardiac Calfwkwitadart 0097 Earl P. Steinberg, Richard D. Moore, NeiE R. Powe, Sandra L. Graziano; Ramana Gopalan, Marc R. Litt, Jeffrey A. Brinker. Johns Hopkins. Uni- versity, Baltimore, MD n oNnotic Effects of Intravenous InJecdon of ContraN Media on Cirnr- latlag f ta.ma Volume In Cardiac IaNeaN: Comparisou Between Nonfonk and frlonoadd Dimer ConlraR Media 0040 KenJi sakuma„ Mitsuhiro Fukao, Shigeo Kakinoki, Ichiro Sakuma. Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Hokkaido University School of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan n Inaease in Blood aad Plasma Volume After Mgfocardlography: Are There Differencer Between High- and low-0smolality Contra.t Mediai 0099 Rainer Schr3der, Harald Fischer, Gisberl Kober, Martin Kaltenbach. University. Hospital, Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republicof'Germany. Pt InhNtition of ADf•-Iodrrced f latekt Aggregation by lorric and Noniortic CankaA Media in Human Plasma 0100 Rohil AMora, Nighat Khan, Asru K. Sinha. Columbia University and' Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY PS DNecYio.al Caronary AWerecbrny of Splrenou. Vein Graft Opid tesforn 0101 Kirk N. Garratt, Malcolm R. BeIIJ Peter B. Berger, John F. Bresnahan,~ Stuart T. Higano. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN', Pi Directional Caronauy Atheredorny for Tbrovolms-Coniaining lnions: Irnproved Oukotne 0102 David R. Hohlnes, Stephen G. Ellis, Kirk N' Garratt. Mayo Clink, Roch- ester, MN P7 Emergency f1a11ooe ValwfopWly,a. Me Primary Procedure In hdent. With Aortk S4erroda and Cardfo0edc Sladc 0103 Alain Cribier, Fehmi Remadi, Ren6 Koning, Luis Kortsartz, Guenter Stix, Brice Letac. UniversKy, of Rouen, Rouen, France fA A Prospective EvalraBon of Steqvbe Mitral Balloon DBatation Using the Ntone TedwAq.e 0104 A. Vahanian, P.L. Michel, B. Cormier, G. Ghanem, E. Dadez, B. lung, ):P. Maroni,i J. Acar. Tenon Hospital, Paris, France P9 Hemodyaatttit Profile of Hepatk Venom Outflow Obrtruciion aed Impact of Penyhneow Trarrhssinal AnOioptuly 0305 Upendra Kaul, Vishwa Dev, K. Srinath Reddy, Samiran Nundy, Harbans Wasir. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, hhdia P10 No.operatlve Treaheent of Membraaous obtrrrcilon of Inferior Vena Cava by rarqAaneorw Balbon Trarnluminal Angiopla.ty 0106 Xue-Liang Yang, Chuan-Rong Chen, Tsung O. Cheng. Guangdong Car- diovascular Institute, Guangzhou, China, and George Washington Uni- versitly, , Washington, , DC m
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MON AM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Left Ventricular Function I Poster Presentation Boards P58-P69 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AMr12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM P58 Srrrvival'and Predictors of Survival in Patients With Congestive Heart FaNure Due to t]ratas• Disease 0154 Charles Mady, Antonio C:P. Baeretto,.Evandro T.,Mesquita, Rita H.A.. Cardoso, Julia T. Fukushima, PauJo R5. Silva. Heart Institute, University, of S-ao Paulo, S5o PauJo„Brazil P59 Sensidvityy and Specificity, of the Tilt Test in Adults 0155MasanorilOkabe,.Mark Schlucter, L'on.Castlf, JamesMaloney,.Fetnat Fouad-Tarazi: The Cleveland. Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH P60 Paradoxinl Vasocans/rktive Response to Volume Loading in Patients With DiLited Cardiomyopatlry 0156 Massimo Volpe, Cristina Tritto,. Nicola DeLuca,. Raffaele Marchegiano, Paolo deCampora, Bruno Trimarco. First.ClilnieaMedica,.University of Naples,. Naples, Italy P61 Analysis of Changes in Regional Left Ventricular Function Produced by Tachypatns 0157 Peter S. Rahko. University of!.Wisconsin,~ Madison,.WI. P62 The Physibkogical Rasis of Thoracic Impedance Measurements of Stroke Volume 01St1 Gwyneth.deVries-Owens; John V. Tyberg.:. The University of Calgary, Calgary~ Alberta, Canada P63 Us:efrdness of Dual-Rekl Conductance Catheterin Man: In Comparison With Sin(ile-Fkld'Conductance Catheter 0159 Yoshihiko Hayashi,, Motoshi Takeuchi, Michio Odake, Hildeyukil Takaoka. Kobe University School ofMedicine,.Kob'e, Japan P64 Left Ventricular Ejectlon Perfomunce in Patients With Mitral Stenosis 0160 Shinya Goto; Shunnosuke Handa,. Makoto ~ Akaishi,. Sumihisa Abe, Satoshi Ogawa. Keio University, Tokyo; Japan P65 Caklum Regulation of Maximum Oxygen Consurrrptioa in the Rat Heart 0161. Shao T.,Wua loan Wikman-Coffelt,.Shoji~ Kojima, William W.,Parmley:. Universiqr,ofCafifomia,, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA P66 Excitatioe-Coneraction eouplin6 in.Hrrrnan Ventricular Myocytes From Patients With Terminal Heart Failure 0162 Dirk J. Beuckelmann, Michael Nibauer, ENand Erdmann..Depanmenl i of Medicine IJ University of Munich,. Munich, Federal RepublieofGermany P67 Acute Effects of EBranol on Cardiac Function and lntracellular Calcium 0163 Shoji Kojima,..S'hao.T~ Wu,..Joan Wikman-Coffelt,.William W. Parmky. University of Cafifornia;.San Francisco, San Francisco, CA' P68 Dipyridamole Impain LusHropy in Isolated RatMyorardinm and in Human Left Ventricle 0164 Alain Nitenberg, Yves Lecarpentier, Isabelle Antony, DenieChevnla. INSERM ~U251, ,CHU'Bich'at,. Paris,. France P69 Henrodynamic Correlates of Diastolic Relaxation and Filling in Aortic Stenosb 0165Jean L..Vanoverschelde,. BahijaEssamri,. Claude Hanet; ,%avievMicliel.. Jacques Cosyns, lean M. Detry, William ~ Wijns. University of I.ouvain. Brussels,Belgium i 92 V
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Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: Preventive Cardiology in the Young Room A-7 10:45 nM-12:15 PM MON AM Chairmen: Rae-Ellen W. Kavey, Syracuse, NY R. Curtis Ellison, Boston, MA 10:45 Inverse Anodalion of Dictary Caldum With Systolic Blood herure in Yarng Chitdren: iUe Eraelagtiaw Chiltirnit's Sfudr 80118 Matthew W. Giilman, Susan A. Oliveria; Lynn L. Moore, R. Curtis Elii- son. Boston University 5chool of Medicine, Boston, MA' 11:00 Is Inmdin ResMfance Responsibie for the Lipid AMwrmalitles Seep In Obedlyi 0019 lulia Steinberger, IUbert P. Rocchini. University of Minnesota, Minneap- olis, MN' 11:15 baggerafed Rfood Re.wre Response to Exercke In Children With 8evate! LDL Choleskeol 0020 Rae-Ellen W. Kavey, Oaniei A. Kveselis, Nancy E. Emm. State University of New Yodc Health Science Center at Syracuse, Syracuse, NY 11:30 Hfectlvenen of a Payllk.n-EnritheA Step I Diet In Hyyerdmleder- oledc Cigdirea, 0021 Christine L. Williams, Adene Spark, Nancy Halay; Caren Axekad; Bar. bara Stmbino.~ New York Medical College and American Health Foun- dation, Valhalla, NY 11:45 Rladc-1Mhke D(fferenaes In Apolipopistain E Mrcnotlpes and Theif Relatlon to Ltpaprolein Conoentratione The eogahun Heart Sludy, 002Z Sathanur R: Srinivasan, Christian Ehnholm, Wendy Wattigney, Gerald S. Berenson. Louisiana State University Medical Center, New Orleans, LA, and National'Publik Health Institute, Helsinl6, Finland' 12:00 Lons-term Effects of r-Ery1hropoietln on Cardiac Performance In ChNdree 0023 Gerard R. Martin, Raymon 1. Ongkingo, Mary E. Turner, Elaine S. Skurow, Edward I. Ruley. Children's National Medical Center, Washing- ton,, DC 71 1
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MON AM NOV 11 Basic Science/Circulation: Myocardial Perfusion and Function Poster Presentation Boards P82-P88 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM P82 Medunicai Coupling of the Myocardium With Coronary Circulation in the. Beating and Arrested Heart . 0178JJ Yasha Kresh, Fred Frasch,. Matthew McVey,. Stanley K. Brockman, Abraham Noordergraaf: Hahnemann University; Philadelphia, PA' P83 ChanBes in Myocardiai Stiffness Due to Coronary Perfusion Are Primadiy Related to Periusion of Postarteriolar Vessels 0179 JonR. Resar, Robert M. Judd,.Henry R. Hallberin,, Frank C.P. Yin. Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore,.MD P84 Different Effects of Coronary Perfusion Pressure on Diastolic Proper.ties of Left and Ritht VeMricies 0180 AkioFukui,. Seijii Yamaguchi,. Yoshiaki Tamada,. Hiroshi Miyawaki, Gajendra Ban'rya,. Masanori Shirakabe. Yamagata University, .Yamagata,. Japan P05 Difference of Gregg's Phenomenon Between Left Ventride and RiBht VerNride 0181 ~. Akio Fukui, Seiji Yamaguchi,, Hiroshi Miyawaki,, Yoshiaki Tanmada,. Masanori Shirakabe. Yamagata. University„Yamagata; Japan P86 Gregg's Phenomenon Exists in Uitratlun Trahiecuiae 0182 Vincent J.A. Sehouten,.CoaP.,Aliaart, Nico Westerhof. Laboratory.for, Physiology, Free Universiry; Amsterdam„The Neth'eriandsP87 Evidence for the Gregg Phenomenon in Tetanized'Myocardium 0183 Julie Z. Livingston,,Joni R. Resar, Henry R. Halperin,.Frank.C.P: Yin.. Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD Pg8 Mode of Coronary, Perfuslon Modifies Left Ventricular Contractiiity and EnerOetka 0134 Akio Saekij Yoichi'.Goto„ Shiho Futaki,.Osamu Kawaguchi,. Katsuya Hata, Toshiyuki Takasago,.Tad W. Taylor, Takehiko Nishioka, Hikoyuki ~ Suga. National. Cardiovascular Center,. Suita,. Osaka, Japan 94
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Council on Arteriosclerosis Presents: George Lyman Duff Memorial Lecture Pacific C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8:00 PM e,pp, Atberosenesif InDiabetes Eddvin L. Bierman,.5eattle,..WA Supported by the Canc91 on AAeriosclerosis I Thii lecture will be audiotaped.. i NOV 11
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Clinical Cardiology: Left Ventricular Function I (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P70-P81 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AMr12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM MON AM P70 Comparison of Global and Regional Left Ventricular Function in Heart Failure Caused by Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy or Ischemic Heart Disease 0166 Michel F. Rousseau, Christian van Eyll,l Henri Van Mechelen, Andre A. Chadier,.Hubert Pouleur. University,of Louvain, Brussels,.Belgipm: P7t, End-Systolic Indices of Contractile Function Developed From Multlpk Variably Loaded Reab Following Release of the Valsalva Maneuver 0167 Blase Carabello; James Phillips, Michael Zile.,Medical University of South Carolina, Gazes Cardiac Research Institute;, and the Veterans Administration Medical Center, Charleston, SC P72 Sustained PoatetctraapMolic Polentiatioe Nrytb Repetitive 6ctrastimuR in Atrial Myocardium 0168 Wesley, W. Brooks, Oscar H. L.. Bing, ChestenH. Conrad, JoshuaGreen- berg,. William H. Gaasch., Boston Veterans Administration Medical Center, Boston, : MA,, and Medical I Center of Central Massachusetts, Worchester, MA . P73 Diaftolic Farction of the NonfRling Human Left Ventricle 0169 Walter J. Paulus, Michel F. Rousseau,. Pascali Vantrimpont, Ian Stock- broeckx, Bart Couck. Cardiovascular Center, Aalst, and University, of Louvain, Brussels, Belgium P74 AnIntraoperative Study of the Relationship Between Left and Right Pericardial Pressures in the Human Heart 0170 Roy A. Semlacheq.Douglas R. Hamilton,.Joho V,.Tyberg, Teresa.M. Kieser. University of Calgary, Calgary,.Alberta,.Canada.. P75 A Clinical Method for Estimating Tranemural Filling Pressure Durloa Positive End-Expiratory Pressure Ventilation. 0171 Otto A. Smiseth, Christopher R. Thompson, Hilton Ling„ Phyllis Whalen, Murray,Robinson„Robert.T. Miyagishima. St. Paul's Hospital, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada P76 Can Dobutamine Attenuate Adverse Ventricular Interaction in .rxperi-men41 Right Ventricular Infarctiont 0172 lames E.. Calvin,:Daphne M. Conroy. University of Ottawa Heart Insti- tute, Ottawa,.Ontario, Canada P77Circumflez Occlueion:Alten Mitral Subvalvular Medunia 0173 Stephen C. Rayhill, LuisCastro; Marek A.. Ni¢zyponuk,:Neil B. Ingels, George T. Oaughters,. Kwok L. , Yun, Ann F. Bolger, Carol W. Mead, Geraldine C. Derby,. D; Craig Miller. Stanford University. School of Medicine, Stanford, CAP7t Estimation of Systolic Storage Volume Ratio of the Left Atrium With Gneangiography. 0174 Hiroshi Miwa,: Michio Arakawa,. Kensaku Kagawa,. Tosh'ryuki, Noda, Kazuhiko. Nishigaki;. Yoshimi Itlou,. Senri Hirakawa. Gifu University, Gifu,.lapan P79 Afferload Mismatch of Left Atrium Booster Pump Function in the Human Diseased Heart 0175 Kazuhiro Katayama,. Masunori Matsuzaki, Kohoshiro Moritani;.Yasuo Matsuda,. Reizo Kusukawa. Yamaguchi Universidy,.Ube, Japan ~ P80 Increased Left Atriaf. Reservoir FunctionDuring.Cardiac Tampmnde, Decreased Function During Henwrrhase 0176. Yasubiro Nishikawa, James P. Roberts, Robert Dysko, Michael Talcott, Ping Tan,. H. Sidney. Klopfenstein. The Bowman Gray Schoollof Medicine, Winston-Salem,.NC Ps1 Stintieraphic Pulmonary Mean Transit Timr- A Simple Index for Pre- ciie. Objedive, and Noninvasive Monitoring of Congestive Heart FaR- are Palienb 0177 Osita Onyekwere, Sorin Brener, Frederick Jaeger, Mark Schluchter, Robert Hobbs, Gustavo Rincon, Fetnat Fouad. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland„OH 93
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I High Blood Pressure Research: Humoral Aspects of Hypertension Poster Presentation Boards P107-P113 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster, Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM MON AM NOV 11- P107 Role of rndolhelium-Derived Rela.ing Fador in Antihypertensive Effect of Captopril 0203 Yuji Otsuka, Nobuhisa Yamamoto,. Tatsuya Okabe,. Tsugio Osada,. Toshio Kushiro; Nagao Kajiwara Department of Cardiology, Nihon, University, Tokyo, Japan r10g Antihypertensive Effect of a Nonpeptlde Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonist in Renal Hypertensive Rats 0204 Pancras C. Wong,.Thomas.M. Reitly,.Pieter B.M.W.M. Timmermans. The Du Pont Merck Pharmaceutical Co., Wilmington, DE r109 Neutral £ndopeptidase Is Invohrod In EndotheRal Degradation of 16nfs 0205 Kristof Graf, Claus Bossaller, Michael'GrSfe, Wolfgang Auch-Schwelk, ClausR.. Baumgarten,)ochen Niehus, Eckart Fleck. Department of Car- diology, German Heart Imstitute Berlin, Departmem of Clinical~ Immu- nology, FU Bedin„Federal Republic of Germany ?1t0 Role of rrdotlulium-Derived Relaxing Factor ia Antihyperterrive Effect of Probucol in SHR 0206 YujilOtsuka, Nobuhisa Yamamoto; Ttsuya Okabe, Tsugio Osada, Toshio Kushiro,. Nagao Kajiwara. Department~ of Cardiology, Nihon Uhiveniy, Tokyo„Ifpan Ittt Synthesis of Medullipsin I Invol'ves an Oxidative Step 0207 E. , Eric Muirhead, Bennie Brooks, Lawrence W: Byers. Univeniiy, of Tennessee and Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, TN I Ptli Hemodymmit and Humoral Mechaniftm of Hypothyroid Hyper- tession 0208 Jose M. Cabral; Fetnat M. Fouad-Tarazi, Emmanuel L Bravo. Cleveland Clinic Research Institute, Cleveland, OH P113 The Shear Stress for Disaggregating Red Rlood Cells Is Increased in Hypertension 0T09Mamhoud Razavian,. Jaime Levenson„ Muriel Del-Pino, Alain Simon. Hopital Broussais,. Paris, France 97
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MON PM NOV 11 Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Therapeutic Agents, Platelets, and Clotting. Room AR2 2:0DPM=S:1S PM Chairmen: Burton E. Sobel, St. Louis, MO John D. Betteridge, London, United Kingdom 2:00 NMbition of Induction of Plasnrino6en Activator Inhibitor Type 1.by, Gemfibrorlli 030{ Satoshi'Fujiii, Burton E..Soliel. Washington University, St.. Louis, MO 2:15 Reoombinant Plasmino8en Activator Inhibitor-1 Protects Platelets Against the Proteolytic Effects of'~Pfasnrin 0309 Thomas M., Reilly, Susan M. Spitz,. Adrienne L. Racanelli, Mark .5. For- sythe, Shaker.A. Mousa. The DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company, W ilmington, . DE 2:30 Vitroneclin's Protective Effect on Recombinant Mur.inogen Activator hnhibilor-1: Structural and Functional Analysis 0310 Shaker A. Mousa, Mark S. Forsythe, Michael C.. Mayo, Anil M. Dwivedi,i Thomas M:,ReiBy..TheDuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company„Wil, mington, DE. 2:45 Diuggregation of Human Platelets: Effects of Nitroglycerin,.N-Acetyl- cysteine, and S-Nitrosothiols 0311 Yul'ry, Y, Chirfmv, lurate I:.Naujalis,.R. Edward. Sage, John D. Horowitz. The.Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide„South Australia, Australia 3:00 Platekl Aggregation and.Its Reversal by. Nilroglycerin fn Patients With Angina. Pectoris 0312 Yuliy Y. Chirkov, /urate.I...Naujalis; R..Edward Sage, John D..Horowirz:. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide,.South Australia, Australia 3:15 RMS 180,291: Profile of a Potent, Orally Active Thromboxane Aj Prostaglandin Endoperoxide Receptor Antagonist . 0313 Martin L. Ogletree,.Don, N. Harris, William A. Schumacher, Steven E., Hall,.BaerbelR. Brown, Raj.N. Misra. BristolJMyers Squibb Company,.. Princeton,, NJ I 3:30 Infermisslon and Exhibits 4:00 Ocavpancy, of Adenosine Receptors by Caffeine Prevenb the Expres- sion of Heferolo6ous Sensitization to Prostacyclin in Human Platelets 0314. Subir Pau1,.Benedicta Kurunwune,.Italo.Biaggioni. Vanderbilt..Uniwer- sity, Nashville, TN 4:15 Effect of Aspirin and Serotonin Receptor Blockade on Coronary,Occlu-sion by Thrornbus Formation. 0315 Claude R. Benedict,. Gerald E:. Todd. Uni~versityy of Texas Medical School,.Houston, TX 4:30Inhibitiarr of the Vasonrotor Adions of Thrombin by Argatroban 0316Mark ) i Winn,. Kalpana lain, David ID. Ku. Department of Phanmacology,. University of Alabama at Birmingham;.Bimoingham,AL 4:45 Nltrate Infusion Even in Low Dose Decreases the Anticoagulant Effect of Heparin Through a Direct Effect on Heparin Lerek 0317Michael J. Brack', Anthony. H. Gershlikk'. Groby, Road Hospital, Leicester, United Kingdom 5.00 Inhibition of Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation After Experimental Bal- loon Angioplasty: Comparison of Low Molecular Weigh'1 Heparin and UhfractionatedMeparin . 0318 Martin Oberhoff, Hartmuti.Hanke; Stefan Hassenstein,.SybilleHanke, Joachim Kamenz, Eb'erhartd. Betz. Department of Cardiology and Department of Physiology, University ofSiibingen, Tubingen; Federal Republic of Germany. 108
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MON PM NOV 11 2:00 Effects of Converting-Enzyme Inhihition on MoAality, (SOLVO) Bentam Pitt, Ann iAobor, MI I 2:15 Effects on Morbidity and Quality of Life (SOLVD) Salim Yusuf,.Bethesda;.MD 2:30Dired-Actin` Vasodilators (V-Heft II) Jay. N. Cohn, Minneapolis, MN I 2:45 VentrIcular Anhytfnnfas and'Sudden Death Robert ). Myerburg,. Miami, F'L 3.00 Surgical Approaches to Heart Failure: Cardiomyoplasty, Tramplanfation, and Devices Chu-Jeng Chiu, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Plenary Session ll Symposium: Survival in Heart Failure Main Arena 2:00 PM-3:15 PM Chairmen: Milton Packer, New York, NY Philip A. Poole-Wilson, London, United Kingdom' Plenary Session lll Symposium: Cardiovascular Actions of Adenosine Main Arena 3:30 PM-4:45 PM Chairmen: Luiz Belardinelli, Gainesville, FL Robert M. Berne, Charlottesville, VA 3:30 Adenofine Reoeptow.and an Overview of Mechanisms of Action Gary L. Stiles, Durham, NC 3:45 Effects of Adenoaine on Human Caronary Rlood Flow Robert M. Wiison, Minneapoli's, MN 4:00 hoteciive Role of Adenoaine During Cardiac Ischernia Robert M. Mentzen Jp, Buffalo, . NY 4:15 Role of Aderosine ht Diagnosis and Treatment of Anlrylhmias JohnP. DiMarco, Charlottesville, VA 4:30 Adenoriee "rT1SciNigraphy'and Echocardlography in Man Mario 5. Verani,i Houston;,TX These sessions will be audiotaped.. 106
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Cardiovascular Radiology/ Clinical Cardiology: Positron Emission Tomography- Oxygen Consumption, Ischemia, and Perfusion Reserve Poster Presentation Boards P89-P94 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AMr12c45 PM, MON AM NOV 11 r89 Validation of Quantification of Myocardial Oxygen Coroumplion and Oxygen Extraction Fraction Using °O, and Positron Emission Tor.opaphy. 0185 Yusuke Yamamoto, , Ranil de Silva, ChristopherG:. Rhodes, Hidehiro IidA, Claire Taylor, Terry Jones, Attilib Maseri. MRC Cyclotron Unit and Cardiovascular Unit, Hammersmith Hospital,.London,.United Kingdom P90 Lon of Coronary terfrnion Reserve In PET Ischemia 0184 Johannes Czemin, Gerold Porenta, Giiran Rosenquist, William Kuhle, Marc DeGroof, Janine Krivokapich,~ Richard. Brunken;. Freny Mody, Michael E. Phelps, Heinrich.R: Schelb'ert. University of California,. Los Angeles, School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA P91 Influence of Left Ventricvlu Man on the Identification of Coronary. Artery Disease Using Dipyridamok ShessRb-82 PET 0187Th'omas H. Marwick, Sebastian A. Cook,.Antoine M. Lafont, Donald A. Underwood,.Ernesto E. Sa4cedo. ClevelftndClinic Foundatimn;.Cleve- land, OH P92 Inadequate Myocardial ikriuioa in Hypertensive Heart Assessed by Positron Emission Tomography and Echocard'ayaphy 0188 Yosh'ikazu Tamura,. Hidehirolida,.Akira Takahashi,. Yukihiko Ono,. Kazuo Uemura;. twao ~ Kanno, Matsutarou Murakami~ Shuichi I Miura. Research Institute for Brain and Blood Vesseh„Akita; Japan P93 ReBional Tracer Distribution of N-13 Ammonia and Rubidium-82 in the Normal Human Heart 0189 Rob Beanlands, Otto Muzik, Gary D. Hutchins„Kevim Allman, Juergen vom.Dah'I~ Kien Lee, Markus Schwaiger. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI P94 Co.t-EffecdNeness of Four. Clinical strategies to Diagnose Coronary Disease: Superiority of PET Versus 11-201, Exercise ECG, and Coronary An8logaphyy at Various Prevaleeces 0190 Randolph; E.. Pattenon,.Robert L. Eisner, Steven, F. Horowitz. Carlyle. Fraser Heart Center, Crawford Long Hospital of Emory University,. Department of.Medicine (Cardiology) and.Department ofRadioktgy,. Emory. Unirersity, School of Medicine, Atlanta,. GA;, and Beth Israel. Medical Center, Mount Sinai School of Medikine,. NewYork,.. NY m
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8asic Science/Cardiovascular Radiology/Clinical Cardiology/ Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: Cation Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Room C -6 10:45AMr12:15PM Chairmen: Joanne S. Ingwall, Boston, MA Elizabeth Murphy, Research Triangle Park, NC MON AM NOV 11 10:4S Evidence (or Na'-Dependent HCO, E6ecftanRe During IscAemia and Reflow In the kolated Rat Heart 0061 Monique Bernard, Joanne S. Ingwall.l Faculte de Medicine, Marseille, France, and Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston„MA 11:UU Ricarbonate Dependence of Recovery from NttraceBtdar Aoldosia Drr- ieR Sodlwo-HydroRm Antiport MMbiUUn 0062 Andrew A. Grace, Heidi L Kirschenloh'a, Gerry A. Smith, James C., Mntcalfe. Edward L Craare. Peter1_ Weicsherem lamie I i Vandentiere: ! Universitwof Cambridae. Cambddae: United Kinadom 11:15 Dbsocia8o.e of IntracelMdar Sodium From Contractile State In Guinea Pig Hearts Treated With Ouabaiu 0063 Nina B. Butwell, Ravichandran Ramasamy„A. Dean Sherry, Craig,R., Malloy. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Univer- sity of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, TX 11:30 Roleof Na' Accumulation on Hypoxia-lnduadDiartolic Dysfunciion . in HypeRrophied Hearts 0064 Takatoshi Mochizuki, Monique Bernard,llana Reis, Ellen O. Weintlerg,. Souen Ngoy, Carl S. Apstein, , Joanne 5.' Ingwall,l Beverly H. Lorell. HarvardUniversity.and BostonUniversity,.Boston,.MA,. 11:45 ReboundRecovery .of:Intraeellulut'otaeianAfter.ReversibleMyour- dial In/r.y, 0065 Satoru Kuki, Taizo Hiraish'i6 Hiroshi iTakami,.Hirosh'i, Watari...Osaka Uni- versity Medical School, Sakai, Japan 12:00 'Il NMR Spechoacopr as a Method to Define Medtaeisms of Trans- sarcolmnmal Sodiunt Movements Durhts bcfietnia and Reperftdon. 0066 Claudia A. Keon,. Jean-Fnnsois Nedelec, . Kieran Clarke., Institute for Biological Sciences, National, Research Council, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 79 N 0 N W N N tG CD i~ I
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MON AM NOV 11 High Blood Pressure Research: Cardiac Hypertrophy-Clinical and Molecular Aspects. Poster Presentati©n Boards P95-P1 06 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM=12:45 PM, Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM P95 Increased Anglotensin Il-stimulated Collagen Sypthesis in CuMured Cardiac FRHoblasb From Spontaneausly Hyperlensive Rats 0191 Hitoshi Sano, Hitoshi Okada, , Hideaki Kawaguchi, Hisakazu Yasuda. Hokkaido University 5chool 'of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan P96 Regression of Myoandial Fibrosis In Hypertension by ACE Inhibition Versus Adrenergic Rlodnde 0192 Christian G. Bdlla, Karl T. , Weber. Division of Cardiology; University of Missouri,:Coiumbia, MO P97 Myocarrfial HypeArophy and Cardiac Reta-Adrenoceplon in Hyper- teraive 5ino-Denervated Dop 0193 Michel iGalinier, Jean,Mchel Senar,.Philippe Valet,. Jacques Puel, lean- Louis Montastruc,.lean-Paul Bounhoure...Toulouse University,.Tou- louse, France P98 Prcdondrunt Ezpreasion of Skeletal Afpha-Actin mRNA in the le(t Vea- triadar Fndorardiwu and Apex at the Early Stage of Pressure Overload 0194 Masashi iNakata, Michio Chiba, Eiji Sumida, Emiko SumidA, Hiroki Oka, Yoshinori Koga: Kurume University Schoo6of Medicine, Kurume, Japan P99 Alterations in SarcoplasmicRetiwlum Cakium ATPase and ANF mRNA i. Cardiac Hyperlropby 0195 Peter M. Buttrick, Matt L. Kaplan, James Scheuer. Albert ~ Einstein CoIJ lege of.Medi¢ine, Bronx,.NY P100 EnalaprB Reduces the Eehanced.1,2-Diacyliflyceroi Content and RNA Syafhesis in Spanlaneorply, Hyperteudve Rat Hearts Before Established Hypdteroion 01% Kenji Okumura,~ Junichiro Kondo, Masahito Muramatsu, Yosh'ioiwama, Kiyokazu. Shirnizu,.Hiroshi iAsano,.Hidekazu Hashimoto,.TakayukiYto. Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan, P101 increase of GI-Alpha Proteins and Reduced cAMP Fonnation in Car- diac Hypertrophy Due to Spontaneous Hypertesrion in Rafs 0197 Michael' Bohm, Peter Gierschik, Andreas Knorq Katharina L'arisch,. Korinna Weismann, Erlandtrdmann. Medizinische Klinik.l, Muirchen;, Federal Republic of Germany, P102 Enhanced Myocardial Gs-Alpha Aqfvity, Was.TransaiplionaRy Regu- lated In SpoManeausly, FlyperleMive Rats 0199 Shiim-ich'i Maie,., Fumitaka Ohsuzu,: Schui¢hi' Katsushika,. Masahiko Akanuma, Haruo. Nakamura; National Defense Medical College, Tokorozawa,Japan P103 Novel Monoclonal Antibodies Specific for Human Cardiac Myasin IiRM Chain 1: Useful Tools for Analyses o(Overloaded Hearb 0199 Kazuteru Fujimolo„Koichi Nakao, Ken Okumura,. Michih'isalougasaki,. Yasumichi Hitosh'i4 Kiyoshi Takatsu,. Hidkyuki Yamamoto,. Eishiohi Miyamoto. Kumamoto University, Kumamoto,.Japan P104 The Relationships of Parental Hi.tory,o(.Hypertension to Left Ventricu- lar Structure and Diastolic Fillins In Norrnotensive Young Adults 0200 Alan L. Hindprliter, Park W. Williis IV, Kathleen C. Light: University of North Carolina at Chapel HiII,:Chapei Hill, NC P10S LeNVentricular Hypertrophyy in Trcgnancy-Induced Hypertension 0201 loseph A. Asch,.Martin S. Bilsker, Maureen~H. Lowery,.Anth'ony Lat Donald G. Willis, Christina M. Asch,.Robert J1 Myerburg,. Kenneth M. Kessler. Udviversityof Miami,.Miami,.FL P106 Dif(ercnlial Effects of Ndropeptide Y'on ReaNng FrequencY, of SHR and WKY Neonatal VeMriadar Myocytes 0202Jacqueline C. Baker,.Leona /„Rubin. Universityof Missouri, Columbia,. MO %
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Basic Science/Circu/ation: Endothelial Pathophysiology Room AR1 2:00 PM-S:0() PM MON PM NOV 11 Chairmen: Lawrence D. Horwitz, Denver, CO Thomas F. L'uscher, Basel, Switzerland 2M Reoxygenated Human AorOc rrdothelia! Cells Generate Free Radreak 0297 Jay. L...Zweier,. Periannan Kuppusamy, Gerard A. Lutty. Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, BalYimore,.MD Withdrawn 0290 x15 Myoprdiai Edema: Vascular Endodhelial Cdl', Susceptibilily to Oxidant Injury 0299 Donald A.G: Miclde, Richard D. Weisel,. Ren-Ke Li, NisarShaikh. Toronto General Hospital,.Taronto; Ontario, Canada 230 Ihchemia and'Reperturion Causes Coronary Endotlielial Injury Which Subsides Over Two Weeks 0300 Lawrence D. Horwitz, Ira M.. Dauber,.Julie. Ll Peach.,Urtiversityof Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver„CO 2:45 Platelets Mtentiate Anoxic Contraction of Rat Aortic Itings Via lndo- mNhacht-SenAWe Medmtkrn 0301 B.C. Yang, V:K. Chandna, D.L. Lawson, 11. Mehta. Unirversity,ofiFbriday and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Gainesville, FL 3:00 Effect of Aggregating Platelets on the Release of Endotlrein From Intact Porcine Coronary Artery 0302. Milan Novakovic, Ch'antal M:,Boulanger, Thomas F. Luschen Depart- ment of Medicine„Department'of Clinical Pharmacology,.and Depart- ment of Cardiology, University Hospital,.Basel, Switzerland 3:15 Vasorpatm in Stenotk Arleriec The Role of rlatekts and Endotlielium 0303 Andrew S. Weyrich, Gustavo A. Solis, William iP. Santamore. The Bow- man Gray School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, and The Philadel- phia Heart Institute, Philadelphia, PA 3:30 Intemtiafon and Exhibits 4:00 Role of Nitric Oxide in the Hyporeactirity to Naepihepluine Induced by Tumor Necrosis Factor in tlie Microdrevlation of Skeletal Muscle in Rats 0304 Eric Vicautj Nathalie Baudry. Laboratory d'Etude de la Microcirculation, Department of Biophysics, and INSERM U141, Hopital F. Widaly Paris, France 4:15 Transfonnins Growth Factar Oeta Attenuates Iscfienra-Mduced Altera- tions In Cenebrovasadar Responses 0305 William M: Armstead;, RdoertMirro, Samuel L. Zuckerman,Masaaki Shibata, Charles W.l.effler. University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN 4:30 Hypoxic Va.ornnatriction Is E.nhanced in Verek Made Hyporeactive by Induction of Endotheliaro-Lkrived' Relaxing Factor Synthase Through Incvbation With 6dotoxin 0306 Thomas M. Mctoughlin„Roger A..Jbhns. University of Virginia. Health Sciences Center, Charlottesville, VA 4:45 Interaaibns of Tumor Necro>is Fador Alpha, Inferkukin-1 Oeta, and Fndotoxim Effects on EsdotiKlil.n-Derived Relaxing Factor and Nitric Oxide Production in Vascular EndoOreRal Cells 0307 Paul R. Myers, Thomas F. Wrightj Janet L. Parker, H.,Richard Adams. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 107 i
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I Basic Science/Circulafion: Modulation of Calcium Channels Room C-4 2:00 PM-3:1 S PM Chairmen: Richard B. Robinson, New York, NY Clive M. Baumgarten, Richmond, VA -MON PM 2:Oli Is Phosphorylation Required for Dihydrtopyridine Agonists lo UPregu- late. L-Type Ca' Channelsr 0403 C. Wililiam Balke, W: Gil Wier, Eduardo Marban. University of Maryland' and Johns Hopkins University,. Baltimore, MD1 2:15 Transforming Growth Factor-Beta Modulates the.Calciumt Current ofVenGicular Myiocytes 0404 Takeo Kaneko,.Katsuaki Enomoto, Yasuo Tsuda,.5houzou. Kanaya; Takehikb Fu{ino. First Department o6lnternallMedicine, Kyushu Uni- versity, Fukuok'a,,lapan 2:30 A Negadve Inotropic Effect of,17-Reta-Estradiok Exantined in Cardiac Myocytes Isolated From Guinea Pig 0405 Canwen Jiang, Peter Collilns, Seibu MbchizukS,.Phili'p M, Sarrel,l Philip A.Poole-Wihon,.Kenneth T. MacLeod.: National Heart and Lung Institute, London,.UniSed Kingdom 2:45 Novel Regulation of Cardiac L-Type Calcium Channels by Mg" and MgATP Revealed~by Plwtolysis of Caged Magnesium 0406 Brian O'Rourke, Peter H. Backx, Eduardo.Marban. Johns Hopkins Uoi- versity, Baltimore, MD 3:0o Role of Vokage-Gated Ca" Channels in Regulating Resting Membrane Potential in Coronary Artery, smooth Musde Cells 0107Xiaodong Wan,. Normand Leblanc.: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba,.Canada 117
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Clinical Cardiology: Coronary Atherectomy I Room A-1 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Neal A. Scott, Atlanta, GA John B. Simpson, Palo Alto, CA MON PM NOV 11 tA0 Restenorh Differencer Between Atherectomy and SteMing Are bV61ined Vngelf'b1'Vessel Selectilors 0319 Richard E. Kuntz, Tomoaki,Hinohara, Robert D. Sarian, John B. Simp- son,.Donald ~S.:Bailn. Harvard-ThomdikeLaboratory, Beth Israel Hospi- tal; Boston; MA, and Sequoia Hospital, Redwood City, CA T15 Experience of. Direclional. Coronary. AOterectomy: 6a Procedures Over 4 Yean 0320 Matthew R. Selmon, Tomoaki'Hinohara„James W. Vetter, Gregory C. Robertson, Thomas C. Bartzokis, Bruce J. McAuley; Dennis J1 Sheehan, Lissa 1. Bradeni John B. Simtpson.. Sequoia Hospital,.Redwood City, CA2:30 rsrLion of Deep Wall Coapatents by Directional Coronary Atlrcr- eMmy. Does Not itcreaae. Rertenoria 0321 Richard E. Kuntz, Matthew R. Selmon, Gregory C. Robertson, Stuart N. Schnitt, Robert D. Saflan, Harvard-Thorndike Laboratory, Beth Israel l Hospital, Boston, MA, and Seqpoia Hhspitali Redwood City, CA b45 "Whole Arfery, Resteoork"After Coronary, Atheredbmy: A Quanlita- fhro. MsiopaphkStedy 0322 Mark L. Smucker, Diane Kil, Paul F. Howard, William S. SamaL St- Joseph's and Indiana University Medical Centers, South Bend; IN 3*0 Risk of SWe-frandi Occltnion Following Directional Coronary Atlier- edot.y 0323 Kevin i j. Vaska, Irving Franco,. Patrick L.. Whitlow, Cleveland Clinic Foundation,.Cleveland, OH 3:15 Reasons for Failed Directional Coronary. Atlmreclomy, and Subsequent Outcome 0324 James W. Vetter, Matthew R. Seldnon,i Gregory C. Robertson, Thomas C. Bartzokis,.Dennis J. Sheehan,)acqueline H. Lee,.John B. Simpson. Sequoia Hospital, Redwood City, CA 3.30 lnterntipian and rsddbik 1:00 Coronary. Tramluminal Frdractfon-Eadarteredomy: . A. Multicenter bwerience 0325 Harry R. Phillips, MichaellH. Sketch Jr., Thomas B. Meany, Joseph P. Galichia, Robert C. Feldman, Craig M: Walker, Steven R. Sawchak, Christopher M. O'Connor, Thomas.C. Wall, Jamesf. Tcheng,. Richard S. Stack.,Duk'e University Medical Center, Durham, NC 4:15 Multlcenter Re{Ittry of rerculaneorr Coronary RotaHonal Ablation Using the Rotablator 0326 Maurice Buchbinder, David Warth, Nadim Zacca, Raimund Erbel, Wm. O'Neill, Jean Marco, Kenneth Kent. University of California, San Diego, Medica6 Center, San Diego, CA 4130 Use of the RoU6latar In 14tlents With "Undilalable" Coronary Lesfon. 0327 Mark Reisman, Martin B. Leon, Isabel. Rivera; Augusto D. Pichard, Lowelll F. Satler, Maurice Buchbinder. University, of California, San Diego, Medical Center, San Diego, CA MS hrartaneotr Tranrlutninal Coronary, Rotational. Ablation: Siio-Montlr Rertenaia Rate 0328 David C. Warth, Michael Bertrand„Maurice Buchbinder, Ulrich Diett, Jean-Louis Fourrier, Nadim; Zacca.. Providence Medical. Center,. Seattle, WA. SOO rercvtanemr Tranduminal Coronary Rotational Ablatlon: Serial Angl- opaphk Follow-uqrby Quantitative MglographY0329 Kirk L. Peterson, Isabel IRivera, Martin McDaniel, David Watth, Nadim Zacca, Todd Sherman, Maurice Buchbinder. Sharp/University ofCali- fomia,.San Diego,amage Processing Lab'oratory,.San Diego; CA 109
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Clinical Cardiology: Heart Failure- Mechanisms and Therapy Poster Presentation Boards P126-P137 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10J45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-1i2:45 PM MON AM' p126 Compliant Properties of the Carotid Artery, in Congestive Heart Failu re 022 2 Silvia G. Lage, Liliane KopelJ Maaistela C. Monachini, Sharon ~M. Col e- man, Joseph R Polak,..Mark A. Creager. Heart Institute, S5o Paul o, P127 Brazil, and Brigham and Women's Hospital,.Boston,.MA Abnormal Arterial Oxygenation in CHF Patients 022 3 128 Eric J, Stanek; Andrew.R.Nara,.Kingman P. Strohh Michael 1. Decke Ravi~.N..Nair,.MarkA. Munger. University.Hospitais of Cleveland, Ca Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH Dissociation of' Oxygen From Herttoglobin, . in . Chronic Heart Failu r, se re 072 4 129 Simon W. Davies,. Norma Blair, Sally L.. Jordan, John D.M. Richard David P. Lipkin. The. Royal Free and University College Hiaspita London; United Kingdom Relationship of Peak Exercise Capacity to Functional Measures i s,. l,' n Chronic Heart Failure 022 5 P130 Simon W. Davies, Saiiy, L... Jordan, David P. Lipkin., The Royal Fre Hospital„London„United Kingdom N Maximal Exercise Testing a Useful Method to Evaluate Treatment e of Moderate Heart Faiiuret. 022 6 Karl Swedberg, Ole Amtorp; Torstein Gundersen, Jouko Remes, Ber Nilsson, fon the Ramipril Triai Study Group. 2ktra Hospital, Gotebor it g,. P131 Sweden, Gentofte;.Denmaek,.Arendal, Norway, and Kuopio, Finland Potentiation of Nitrate Effect Does Occur Affer Salfhydryl Group s Supply in Heart Failure Patients Treated With tsosorbide Dinitral 022 e 7 Anil Mehra,. Enrique Ostrzega; Avraham Shotan, Janet Johnso n, P132 Shahbudin H..Rahimtoola; Urf Elkayam. LosAngeies County-Universi of Southern California Medical Center, Los. Angeles,. CA . Elevated Plasma.Cydic Guanosine Morwpluppltate in Patients Wit tyy h Chronic Heart Failure and Reduction PvRowinB Nitrate Therapy 022 8 Avralnam Shotan, Enrique Ostrzega, Anil Mehra, Janet Jbhnsonl U ri P133 Elkayam. Los Angeles County-University, of Southern California Med cal Center, Los Angeies,. CA Mechani.m of Nkorandii Intolerance in Patients With Heart Failur i- e 022 9 Takayoshi Tsutamoto, Nobuo Miyauchi,; Toshiyuki Kanamori,; Masahik o P134 Kinosh'ita..Shiga University, of. Medical Science„Otsu,. Japan Di`Rali'a Versus Vewurinone for Neurahonnonal Activation in Patien ts With Heart.Failure 023 0 Takayoshi i Tsutamoto, Tetsuhiro Yamada, Masahiko ~ Kinoshita.. Shiga University of Medical Science, Otsu,:Japan P13SEndocardial Fnrdothdium Reveals a Functional Difference Between Captopril and Enalaprilat. 0231 Michel P. Vandbnbroucke, Diek L. Brutsaert::Department of Physioiogy,. University of Antwerp„Antwerp, Belgium P136 Effecth of Magnesium l]doritle Replacement in Clronic Heart Failure: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial 0232 Yaver, Bashir; James F. Sneddon„Ann Staunton, Guy A. Haywood, lain A. Simpson,. A., John Camm. St. George's Hospital Medical School,. London, United:Kingdom P137 Does Intravenous Magnesium Sulfate Decrease ArrhytMnia Frequency in CHF? 0233 Stephen S.Gottlieb„MichaellL. Fisher, Michelle C. Weinberg, Nancy Goeenberg., UAiversity of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
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MON PM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Cardiomyopathy I (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P32-P33 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P32 outflow Impingement on the Mitral Valve CounteracYs the venmriEffed and trevents Sy.tolic Anterior Motion: Flow Siadies o901 Michael S. Simpson, Xavier P. Lefebvre; Shengqiu, He, Ajit P. Yoganathan, Robert A. Levine: MassachusettsGeneral!Hospital,..Bos- ton„MA,.. and Georgia Institute of Technology„Atlanta,.GA P33 Reneficial Eflecth of Mgiotemin Converting Enzyme Inhibition in Seven Symptomatic AorUc Stenai/ 0582 Andrew.A. Grace, Nicholas H. Brook's, Peter M., Schofield. Papwonh. Hospitai,l Cambridge, and'Wythenshawe HospitalJ Manchester~ United' Kingdom 13. i
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Clinical Cardiology: Mechanisms of Exercise Intolerance in Heart Failure Moderated Poster Presentation Boards P191-P200 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM=12:45 PM MON AM NOV 11 Discussants: Thierry H. Lejemtel, Bronx, NY John R. Wilson, Philadelphia, PA. P191 Acute Effect of Balloon Mitral Vah+uloplasty o. Exercise Capacity, Ven- tiiatlan, and Skeletal Muscle Oxygenation 0207 Kevin Marzo, Howard C. Henmann, Andrea Rein, Donna Marxini., University of Pennsylvania, Ph'iladelphia, PA P192 Pulmonary and VOsnJar: Factors Are Important Delermhsants of Peak Exercire Oxyaen C.muunptiun in Heart Failure 0288 Mark D. Kraemer, Spencer H. Kubo, Thomas S. Rector, Nancy Beuns- vokl. UniNersitly,ofMinnesota; Minneapolis, MNI P193 Rok of Reduced Ventilatory Efficiency in Exercise Intolerance in Chronic Heart Failure 0289 Hiroshi'.Yokoyama, Hideyuki Sato,.Hitoshi Ozaki, Katsuji Imai, Dan Lij Michitoshi Inoue, . Takenobu ~ Kamada. , The First . Department . of Medicine, Osaka University School of,Medicine, Osaka, Japan P194 . Respiratory, Muscle Strength Is an Important Determinate of Dyspnea ln Patients With Clronic Heart raiU.e 0290 Donna Mancini,i David Henson, Andrea Rein, Sanford Levine:.Philadel+ phia Veterans Administration Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA P195 Peripheral Vascular Abnormalities and' Peak Aerobic Capacity, in Patients Wilh Chronic Heart Failure 0291 Stuaet..D. Ka1z,.Guillame /ondeau,.Marie Galvao„Edmund H. Sonnen- biikk, Thierry H. Le)emtel. Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY P1%B Abnormal Msrde Endurance in Congestive Heart Failure Indepen- dent of Blood Flow? 0292 johnR. Minotti,. Roberta. K. Oka,. Lauren M. Wells, lin Chnistoph, Barry M: Massie: Veterans Administration Medical Center and'the University of California, San Francisco; San Francisco; CA P197 Low of Skeletal Muscle Mass Is a Major Determinant of Exercise Intol- erance in Chronic Heart Failure 0293 Kyoko Mryagi,i Hidetsugu Asanoi, Shinji' Ishizaka, Tomoki i Kameyama, Shigetake Sasayama. Toyama MedJ and Pharm. , University, Toyama, lapan P190The Oxidative Enayme Activity. Decreases in All fiber Types in Skeletal 199 Muscle of Patients With Chronic Heartt:.FaiWre 0291 Helmut Drexltr, Elisabeth Funke, Urs Riede.,Medizinische Klinik and Pathobgischeslnstitul, Freiburg, Fedbra6 Republic of Germany Effects of Phyrkal Training on Skeletal Muscle Metabolism in Chronic 20o Heart failare: "P NMR Spectroscopy Study 0295 Stamatis Adamopoulos, Andrew.I.C...Coats, Leonard Amolda, Fran4ois Brunnote, Campbell Thompson, Theo E. Meyer, George Radda, Bheeshma Rajagopalan. Cardiac Department, Iohn,Raddiffe Hospital,, and MRC NMRUniti,.Oxfurd University, Oxford, United Kingdom Skeletal Muscle AdrenerOk Activation Is Increased at Rest and During Exercise:In Chronic Heart Failure02% Martin /. Sullivan,.Cynthia M. Kubn,.H: Cecil.Charles, Rosa Negro- Villaq lames E. Kennedy; Frederick R.. Cobb: Duke University.and Vet- 11f/ erans Administration Medical. Center, Durham,.NC ~!A W'A W 105
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I Epidemiology and Prevention: Epidemiology and Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease California Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-3:30 PM Chairmen: Russell V. Luepker, Minneapolis, MIN Albert Oberman, Birmingham, AL MON PM NOV 11 2Bp rArrcet Keys lecVre: f•reveMion-Whence and WhBher Henry. W. Blackburn, Minneapolis, MN . 2:45 Are Aorlic Aneuryrer Caused by Adwrosclerods1 0469 Dwayne M. Reedi Colin B. Reed, Grant N. Stemmermann, Takuji l Hayashi. Honolulu Heart Propam, Honolulu, HI 3>sp The Impact of Urbaairaeioa ae Cardiovascular Risk Factors /n an ladis- euarr Population of the Nidrlands of Ecuador 6/76 Juan Carlos Zevallos, Ira S. Ockene, Susana Callay; Maria L Baca. The Fundaci5n Munciacion, Quito, Ecuador, and the University of Massa ch'usetts Medical Center, Worcester, MA 3a1S Sydolk Blood Pressure b More Strorgly Related to MorhlNy, Than DiaNolta 12-Year Data on 347,97e Men. 0471 Jeremiah Stamkr, James D. Neaton, Deborah N! Wentworth, Joanna Shih, Jerome D. Cohen, Lewis H. Kullpr, William B. Kannelj for the MRFIT Research Group: Northwestern University,Medical School, Chi- cago, IL 'This lecture will be audiotape& 125
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Clinical Cardiology: Prognosis and Outcome of Acute Infarction Poster Presentatiom Boands P145-P156 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 1i0:45 AM-12:45 PM MON AM NOV 11 P145 Triggering of Onset of Myocardial Infarction by Heavy Exertion 0241 Malcolmi Maclrare, laneSherwood, Murray Mittleman, Robert Goldberg, Geoffrey H. Tofler, )ames E. Muller, for the Myocardial Infarction Onset Study Investigators. Deaconess Hospital, Harvard Medical S'chool„Boston,.M.A. P14iIncreased QT Dispersion In Patients With Ventrkular.FibrillaRon.Pol- bwing Myocardial brfardion. 0242 P. Daniel Higham,.Stephen S. Furniss, Ronald!W:F. Campbell. Univer- sity Cardiology Department, Newcastle upon Tyne, Uhited'Kingdom P147 Prognostic Significance of Spontaneous Reperfuaiun Arrbythoias 0243 Luc A. PieYaed, FrangoisMathus,. Adelin Albert, HQnnE. Kulbertus. Uhiversityof Liege, Liege, Belgium P148Relatiomhip of Onset of Acute Myocardial Infarction to the Time of Awakening: The CAST Experience 0244 Robert W. Peters,. Robert G. Zoble;. Yudi i Pawitan,, Philip Lpibsort, Adrienne Ettinger;, for the CAST Investigators. Baltimore Veterans Administration ivtedical~ Center, Baltimore, MD P149' In-Horpital and Long-term Course After Inferior. Myocardial Infarc- tion: Prognostic Impact of Right Ventricular Infarction 0245 Manfred~ Zehender, Wolfgang Kasper, Martin Schonthalbr, Manfred Olschewski. Uniwersityof Flreiburg,. Freiburg, FederalRepubbic of Germany P150 Gap Between Coronary. Artery Ocdusiom and Myocardial lefarctions inthe INTACT Study 0246 Stefan los4 Wolf Rafflenbeul, Peter Nikutta, Birgitt Wiese, Hartmut Hecker, Paul LichtlPn: Hannover Medica6 School, Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany P1S1 Can Electrocardiographic Signs of Alrial Infarciion on the Admission KG Predict . Development of Supraventricular Arrhyllunias During Hospitalization? 0247 Finn E. Nielsen,.Henni~ngH. Andersen„PaullGram-Hansen, HenrikT. Serensen, lb C, Klausen,.lensMeller-Petersen.Department of Cardiob- ogy, Aalborg HospitalJ Denmark P152 Impact of Thrombolyrin on the Overall Mortality of Acute Trantmural Myocard•iallnfarction in.Hospitalized Patilots 0248 Heiko von der Leyen,.loakim.Spyndopoulos,.Sepideh /abbarian,i Die- trich iC. Gulba, Paul R. Lich'tlen., Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany P153 Implementation of Thrombolylic Therapy in.Patients With Acute Myo- cardial Infarction 0249 Solomon ~ Behar on behalf of the Israel Societyy for the Prevention, of Heart Attacks. Neufeld:Heart Research Institute,.Tel Hashomeqasrael P154 . Withdrawn 0250 P155 The Clinical Impad of Thronmbolytic Therapy in Nbnselected Patients P154 With~ Acute Myocardial lnfarction. 0251 Velaitham Umachandran,:Kulasegaram Ranjadayalan, Adam D. Timmis. Cardiac Uniq Newham General Hospital, and London Chest Hospital,. London,.United Kingdom The Prognostic Significance of Early Invenionof T Waves After Tlrrornbolyfk Therapy,for.Acnrte Myocardial Infardion 0252 Shkxni Matetzky, Gabriel Barabash, Amir Shahar, Babeth Rabinowitz,. Shmuel Rath, Yedael HarZahav, Oren Agranat, Eliesen Kaplinsky,. Hanoch Hod. The Heart Institute, Sheba Medical Center, Tel- Hashomer, Israel I Ida
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 MON PM NOV 11 Basic Science/Circulation: IC+' Channels in Ventricular Myocytes Room C-4 4:00 PM-5:30 PM Chairmeni Augustus O. Grant, Durham, NC Leonid V. Rosenshtraukh, Moscow, USSR 4*0 Quaolifative Analysis of Closed-State Blodc by 4-Aminopyridine of the Transient PotassiumCumnt in Fenet VentricularMypcytbs 0400 DonaldL. Campbell„Yusheng,Qu, Randall L. Rasmusson„HaroW C. Strauss. Duke Uhiversity,.Durh'am; NC 4:15 Stable AlammaNan Expression of a Human Cardiac K' Channel 0409 Dirk J. Snyders,.Karen M. Knoth, Steve L. Roberds, Mi¢hael M. Tamkun. Vanderbilt University Medical School, Nashville, TN 4:30 ModuLation of lonic Currents and Contractility by. Neuropeptide Yin Rat Venhicular Myocytes 0410 Thomas Weis, Ulrich ~Borchard; Barbara J. McDermott,.B.Cherie Millar, H.. Mich'ael'. Piper. Heinrich-Heine University,. DusseJdorf, Federal Republic of Germany, and Department of Th'erapeutics;.Queen's Uni- versity, Belfast, United Kingdom 4:45 ModHication of the VbMa>Re Dependence of Transient Outward Cur- rent In Canine VeMricular Myocy/es 0411 Gea-Ny Tseng,.Reza. Ziai~ Arthur J. Blume. Department of.Pharmacol- ogy,. Columbia University, . New York,, and CVJCNS. Research Section,. MRD, American Cyanamid, Pearl River, NY S:00 The Transient Outward Potassium Current in Isolated FerrN Right Ven,. tricu6ar Myocytes: A Quantila0ve KineficAnalysis 0412 Donald L. Campbell, Yusheng Qu,i Randall I L.. Rasmusson, Harold C... Strauss. Duke University, Durham;.NC lk15 Evidence for a Transient Outward Current in Human Vlntricular Epi- cardlu® 0413 Nipavan Chiamvimonvat, Li. Wang, Teresa M. Kieser, Andrew Maitland, Henry J. Duff. University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada ElE
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I I MON NOV 11 Basic Science/Circulation: Mechanisms of Activation of Cardiovascular/Visceral Afferents Room C-3 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Akira Takeshita, Fukuoka, Japan Robert Rea, Iowa City, IA 2:00 ladomathadn Can Reduce Acute Downward Rarorcceptor ReseHin` in the Dog 0392 Wei Wang, Marian Briindle, Jrving H. Zucker. University of Nebraska College of Mediicine,.Omaha, NE - 2:15 Effe~b of Hipeei.wi4remia on Arterial RaromNea:es in Rab 0393 Donafd.A. Morgan, Thomas W. Balbn, Allyn L Mark. Veterans Adminis- tration Medical Center and Cardiovascular Center, Uhiversity of lowa,: Iowa City,.IA 2:30 Natekt hoducts Moddlate Sensifivityof Arterial Raroreoeptors; Roks o/ Throodsoxane. Serofonie, and ADI 0399 Zhi Li, Mark W. Chapieau. Cardiovascular Center and'University, of Iowa College of Medicine and'Departmene of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, . Ibwa. City, IA 2:45 Stimulation of Chenw.ensitive Tadhw by Acetykholine in the CaroOd Sinaw of Dogs Is Mediated by an Endothelfal Cydaoxysena.e Product 0395 Harold D. Schultz. Department o( Physiology and Biophysics, Univer- sity oflNebraska College of Medicine, Omaha, NE 3.00 4toreaed Intracellular Cakium in Rerpon.e to Stfetch In Nodose Sen- wry Neuronc A Cellular Model of Oarareceptor TraesMtctlon 03% George Hajduczok, Ram V: , Sharma, Ramesh ~ C. Bhalla, Francois M. Abboud. University of Iowa College of Medicine„Ibwa City, IA' 3:15 Differencea In Aotmamit Function In Patients With Sqenl lNyacadial bdtemia 0397 Canl F. Shakespeare, Alex Crowther, Ian C. Cooper, Michael M. Webb- Pepkoe. St. Thomas' Hospital, London, England 3e30 NMermialon and E ddWts 4:00 Enhanced Ventricular Reflex Rmtaglandin-Mediated Rradycardia During hdn0-Induoed Heart Failure In Conscious Dop 0390 Thomas H.,HintLe, Xiaobin Xu„Jie Wang. Department of Physiology, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY 4:15 AngnaphylNm Attenuates Aclirafioe of Cardiac Sympathe0c Afkrents Dsriy lAyocudial bdhea" in Dogs 0399 Mark E.. Dibner-Dunlap; Marc D. . Thames. Veterans Administration Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland. OH 4:30 Role of Hepatorenal Reflex In Postprandiai Natriuresis In Cumcious Dop 0400 Hironobu Morita, Tsunenori' Matsuda,. Fujim Furuya, Mahfuzur R. Khanchowdhury, Hiroshi Hosomi. Kagawa Medical,School, Kagawa, Japan 4:45 Reflex ConVol of Renaf Nerve AcNvily via the Oseorcceptor in die . tiepato-ftRal Re{ion. 0401 Hiroshi'Hosomi,i Kunitada Ishiki, HironobuMbrita: Kagawa Medical School, Kagawa, Japan S:00 I.dwminlly SerriRre Abdominal Vbceral Afferents Respond to lactic Add Rut Not Sodiun Lactate or Respiratory AcMosis 0402 GregoryL.. Stahl, John C. LonghurstJ University of California, Davis, i7avis,.CA 116
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MON AM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease I Poster Presentation Boards P157-P168 Convention:Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM' Presenter Presenti 10;45 AM-12:45 PM P157 ChanRes in Mean Coronary. Artery Diameter CorrelateWilh Progres_ fion of Coronary ArteryDixase 0253 Jaap W. Deckers, JeroenVos,.Gary.D. Walford. Johns Hopkins.Univer- sity„Baltimiore, MD, Thoraxcenter,.Univenity Hospital: "Dijk'zigt,° and Erasmus University; Rotterdam, The Netherlands P1S8 Irregular and Smooth Cororury, Arteriosraphic t.esioes: Cortqtaison of Nttrrraf HiMtory, 0254 Jacob I. Haft, Amer A. AI-Zarka.. St. Michael'sMedica! Center, Newark, NJ' P159 Successful PTCA Retards M6iographic Progression of AtlMerosderosis In the Dilated Segment 0255 Jaap W. Deckers,. Stephan Jost,. Peter Nikutta, Birgitt Wiese, Hartmut. Hecker. Medizinische Hochschule,: Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany,.Thoraxcenter, University. Hospitial."Dijkzigt;' and'Erasmus Uniiversity,.Rotterdam, The Netherlands P160. Inappareet Diffuse Progression of Coronary Artery Disease in Insulin- Dependent Diabetes Mellitus 0256 Daniel J..,Tiede,.Susan M. Meyer, Carl W,..Wh'ide..Universiay.ofMinne- sota,. Minneapolils,. MN P161. Influence of . Cholesterol on . Existing and New Coronary Lesions Assessed by, Quantitative Anaiography, 0257PeterNikutta, Stefan Jost; Birgitt Wiese, laap Deckers;.Hartmul Heck'eu, Peter Uppolt, Wolf Rafflenbeul, Paul G. Hugenboltz, Paul R. Lichtlen, and the INTACT Group. Hannover.Mediwl ISchool, Hannover, Federal' Republic of Germany P162 Alterations of the Pbw Velocity Profile Reflect the Degree of Slenosis in Coronary Artery, Disease 02S8 Karl Dennig, Josef Dirschinger; Werner RudolpN. German Heart Center, Munich',i Federal Republic of Germany P163 Dynamic Changes In Transstenotic Pressure Gradient With Intracoro- nary Papaverine: An Index of Sterwsb Severityi 0259 Bernard De Bruyne; Walter J,.Paulus, Guy,R. Heyndrickx. Cardiovascu-lar Center, Aalst, Belgium P164 rive-Year Anaibaraphk Folfowwp of Disease Progression in the Coro- nary Artery Surgery Study 0260 Edwin L. Alderman,: Scott Corley, Lloyd D., Fisher,.Bernard R., Chaitman,: David!P. Faxon, Eric Foster, Thomas Killip, Julio A. Sosa, Martial G. Bourassa. Stanford University, Stanford, CA, and'Coordinating ~Center, University of'Washington, Seattle, WA P165 PfoBnasfs Following First Q Wive and Non-Q Wave MI 0261 Clifford Berger, Joanne M. Murabito, Jane C. Evansy.Keaven M. Ander: son, Daniel Levy. Framingham3tudy, Framingham, MA P166Quantitatlve.Two-Dinxnsfonal'fchocardiogaphy Is a Major Pro;nos- tic Factor for Survival Following Myocardial Infarction 0262 Martin St. John ~Sutton, Marc A.. PfeHer, Theodore Plappern, David F.. Gordon,.Gervasio A. Lamas, Sandra I. Lewis, Franeis J. Menapace, Lem- uel A., Moye; JohnO. Parkerl.Jean L. Rouleau, Eugene Braunwakl.i Brigh'am~andlWomen's Hospital, Boston, MA P167 The Effect of Mifd Coronary Artery, Disease on5urvival 0263 James H. Crenshaw,. Faten EIJZeky, Roger VanderZwaag, David M. Mirvis, K.B. Ramanathan,.Jay M: Sulllivan:,Univeaitlyof'Tennesseeand Baptist Memorial Hospital,.Memphis, TNP1fi8 Coronary-MSfo6raphy and Exercise Testing After Five Years Among Patients With Silent Ischemia 0264, Donald A. Weiner, Thomasll Ryan,.Lori Parsons„Lloyd D. Fisher, Bernard R. Chaitman,.L. Thomas Sheffield, Felix El Tristani. Boston Univer- sity sity Medical Cemer,. Boston,. MA iID
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Clinical Cardiology: New Coronary Interventional Devices I Poster Presentation Boards P169-P7 79 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AMr12:45 PM Presenter: Present: 10:45 AM=12:45 PM NOV 11 I169. Wifhdrawn 0265 P170 . A New Temporary Intracoronary Stenl: I. Vitro Pressure-FbwCharac-terisdiy 0266 Robert D. Simari, Robert S. Schwartz, Stuart ~ T. Higano; David R. Holmes Jr. Mayo Clini¢,Rochester,MN/171 Treatmenl of Acute Coranary0isuctian Dwing Coronary Angioplasty With a New Steerable Stent Catheter 0267 Christodoulos Stefanadis, loannis KaIlGkazaros; Costas Stratos, Filippos Triposkiadis, Charalambos Viachopoulos, Costas Toutouzas„Panagicrotis Karayiannakot, Paul Toutouzas. Division ofi Cardiology, University of Athens, Athens, Greece ?172 Tranrcatheter Oodurion: The Treatment of Choice for the Adult With a Patent Ductus AReriorus 0260 Michael I. Landzberg; Nancy D. Bridges, Stanton B. Perry, John F. Keane, Chris E. Faherty, James E. Lock. Children's Hospital,l Boston, MA P173 Double Umbrella Cloare of Atrial Septal Defects in Adults 0269 Mi¢hael Ji Landzberg, Nancy D. Bridges, Jrtaryvan der Velde, John A Bittl, Igor F. Palacios, Chris E. Faherty, James E. Lock. Children's Hospi- tal, Bostan;MA P174 Tramvenous Correction of Symptomatic or Oversized Atrial Septal Defects In Adults by the Sideris Oultoned Device 0270 Eleftherios B. Sideris,P. Syamasundar Rao, John Lekakis, Eleftherios D: Tourifds, Spyridon D. Moulopoulos:Department of Clinia'a6 Therapeu- tics, University of Athens, Athens, Greece 1175 A Vascular Hanodasir Device for -erculaneous Interventioaal Proce- dares 0271 Alvaro Mprino; Alejandro Corvalan, Timothy A. Sanborn.: Mount Sinai Medical Center,New York, NY P176 Imnrediate Sealin= of Arttrial Wnciure Sites After Catheterirslion and -TCA Using a Vascular Hemostarb Device With Col4genc An Inlema- tional Reghtry 0272 Joseph Emst~ Roel Kloos, Rainer Schrad@r, Martin Kaltenback, Ulrich Sigwart, Timothy A. Sanborn. AntoniusHospital, Nieuwegein„TheNeth'erlands -177 Implantation of a New Esprrdalde Artificial AoAic Valve (the Stent- Valve) by Tramlurnlnal Catheter Tedmiqrre in Clored-Chert /i6s 0273 Henning R. Andersen, Lars L. Knudsen,John M. Hasenkam. Aarhus University Hospilal, Aarhus, Denmark P178 MEioronoplasty: -ercutaneaur Intravascular Plaque Ablation With Ultrarourt6 Late Results in Peripheral Arteries 0274 Cesar Monteverde Grether, Mario Velez y Tello, Ricardo Jauregi Agui- lar, Ricardo Garcia, Guillermo Nava Lopez. Hbspital d! Cardiologia "Luis Mendez" GMN,Mexico City, Mpxia:o P179 SMde Wave Thrombus Ablation: A Promising Nbniiwasire Method for Medr,aniul Thrombolyfis 0275 Uri Rosenschein, Dejan Geberinich, Steven J.Yakubov, David S. Bach, Paul L. Sonda, Gerald D. Adrams;Eric J. Topol.University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,Ml 0al
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 MON PM NOV 11 Kidney: Humoral Regulation of Cardiorenal Homeostasis. Room C-6 2:00 PM-5: 15 PM Chairmen: Margaret M. Redfield, Rochester, MN! Gary S. Francis, Minneapolis, MN 2:00 The Role of Nlhic Oxide in Real Circulation In Vivo 0425 P31 A. Naess, Knut A.. Kirkebeen, Geir Christensen. Institute for Experi- mental Medical!Research„Unirversity.of Oslo, Ullevaal Hospital, Oslo, Norway. 2:15 Role of Angiotensln 11 in IheRegulation of BmaLCardiovascular. and Renal Function 0426 David P. Chan,.John C. Burnett Jr,,Mayo CJinic,.Roch'ester,.MN 2:30 siptificance of Action of Angiotensin 11 in Congestive Heart Failure in Con.dous Dogs 0427 Marohito Murakami, Hiromichi Suzuki,.Mareo Naitoh, HidetomoNakamoto,.Yoh Kageyama,.Atsuhiro Ichihara, Takao,Saruto. Depart-t ment of Internal Medicine, KeioUniversity,.Tokyo,.Japan 2:45 Neural and Hormonal Modulation,of the Renal Responses to Atrial Natriuretic Factor In Experimental Heart Failure 0428 DaniellVillarreal,.Ronald H. Freeman, Robert A..Joh'nson..University of Missouri' and HiS. Truman, .. Veterans Administration Hospitali, Columbia, MO 3:00 Effect of Alpha,-Adrenergic Blockade on Intrarenal Hemodynarnia in Heart Failure Rats 0429 Toshio ~Nish'ikimi,.Edward ~D.,Fmhlich. Alton Ochsner Medical. Founda- tion, New.Orleans, LA 3:15 Rrain Natrinretk tePlida Its Release andMetabolilm~ in Man 0430 Chim C. Lang,Anna M. . Choy, Teck K. Khong, Joseph G. Motwani,. Allan D. Struthers. Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland 3:30 Intermission and Exh'ibits 4s70 Chronic Effects of Angioten.in on Atrial Nahiureiic Peptide secretion and Uriury'Sodirrrr Excretion During Controlled Increments in Right Atrial Pressure 0431 Thomas EL Lohmeier,. Yojii Shin, Robert L. Hester, Glenn A. Reinhart:. University of Mississippi Medical Center,,Jackson,.MS4:15 Renal. Tubular Actions of Lhodilatin, a Recently. Discovered NatriureNc Peptide 0432 Swama Balasubramaniam;.Mark & Perrella, JohniC..BurrtettiJfn,Mayo Clinic., Rochester, MN 4:30 hthibifioo . of Endopeptidafe 24.11 in . Essential Hypertension: Hemo- dynamic and Hormonal Effects 0433 A.,Mark Richards,.Gary, Wittert,. Ian G. Crozier~ Eric A. Espiner, Timoth'y. G, Yandle, Hamid Ikram. The Princess Margaret Hospitalj Christchureh,. New Zealand' 4:45 Is Moephine-Irrdaoed Diurefif Mediated by Atr{al Natriuretic Factori 0434 JolantaGutkowska,. Linghe Pan, Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, Montreal, Canada 5:00 Rentl Nlicroraacular Reattfvityy to Angiotensin 11 Following High and Low hotein Feeding in Ratf0435 Sharon R. Inman, Nicholas T. Stowe, Shigeru Satoh,. Ben K Brouhard,1 Joseph V. Nallly jr,, Donald G. . Vidt. The Cleveland Clinic foundation,Cleveland, OH 120 N O N W ~ ~ W
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I MON PM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Valvular Heart Disease/ Endocarditis (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P45-P46 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00' PM , P45 InNnediale Change of LeftVentriwlar Function Afler. Perculaneous. Tramvenous Mitral Commisurotomy, 0594 Satoshi~ Yasuda, Seiki. Nagata, Fuminobu Ishikura, Takashi Yamabe; Satoshi~ Nakatani, Jun Tamai, Kunio Miyatake. National Cardiovascular Center, , Osaka, Japan P46 Patients Wilh Milral Stenosis and Sinus Rhytlhm Havee a Hypercoasu- labk state 0595 Syed M:. Jafri, Lbuis Caceres;. Howard. Rosman, Tsuenenori' Ozawa, Eberhard Mammen., Heart ~and Vasculan Ihstitute, Henry Ford IHospitalJ Detroit, MI 140
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MON PM NOV 11 Featured Research: Cardiac Disease- Patient Perspective Grand Ballroom Salons A-E Anaheim Marriott Hotel 2:00 PM-S: 1S PM Chairmen: Martha N. Hill, Baltimore, MD Marguerite R. Kinney, Birlllinghamj AL 2:UU State of t!rc Arh lhdng With Cardiac Disease Kathleen A. Dracup; Los Angeles, CA. 2:30 Uncertainty and Depression In Sudden Cardiac Arrnt Swrlvon 0530 Carolyn C. Main, Susan LL Woods,. Charles Maynard. YrginiaMason Medical Center and the University of Washington, Seattle, WA 2:45 Predictors of Isydrorodal Adjudment in Outpatieots With Ventritylar UYarhylkm6as 0531 Louise S. Jenkins, Laura 1J Burke. University of Wisconsin, Miilwaukee, WI 3:00 Sytnptoan Experienced After Internal CardloreRer Defibrillator Dirdnrgea 0S32 Sandra B. Dunbar, Marie Rafalawski. Julia Ann Purcell, Christi'Deaton- Wamrer, : Emory, University, ,Atlanta,. GA 3:15 RelaOmalap of Health Quality of Life Variables and Adhereeoe In the CAST 0533 Eleanor B. Schron, Yudi Pawitan„LanyGorkin, Joyce C. Kellen, Safiy A. Shumaker, for the CAST Investigators. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Bethesda, MD 3:30 MEendstion aed Eaddbits 4:00. Social Styport atd Adfuatanent FdlowkqAnRe Myonrdial Infarction 0534 Barbara l• Riegel, Kathleen A. Dracup, M. Lynn Brecht. Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego,:and'4he University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 4:15 Does Overprotective Beharlor Caox Cardiac tevalidiaa in.Iost- Myocardial IsfancUat htieetst 0535 Barbara 1- Riegel, Kathleen A. Dracup, Adeline Nyamathi. Sharp Memo- rial Hbspita4. San Diego, and the University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeks, CA 4:30 Making llfestyle Changes After a flrst Myocardial MfarcOon 053i Judith 1• Warren, Kathleen M. Healey, lanelle A. larson.:Universiey of' Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 4A5 Copktg Rerponses of Coronary Artery Bypass htfeets and Their Spo- 0537 Sue M. Penckofer,,Anne 1ak»viec, Nancy M. Fink, Lynne E. Hutson- Danekas.,Loyola Universitly, Chicago, IL - 5:00 Relatlmrhipa Between Stren, Sodal Supporl, and Short- and Inn term.HeaNh Outoo.w ie CardiacPatlenb . 0530 Bernice C. Yates. University of Oklahoma Health, Sciences Center, , Oklahoma City,:OK This session will be audiotaped. 132 ~ I i
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MON AM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Neurohumoral Mechanisms in Heart Failure I Poster Presentation Boards P114-P125 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12;45 PM P114 Effect of A1pha,-Adrenoceptor Bktckade on Cald-foduced Forearm Visocomtriction in Patients With Congestive Heart Failure and in. Nonnalst 0210 Ciro Indolfi, Gerd~ Heusch',~ Vittorio Ambrosini, Giuseppe Gargiulo,. Antonio Rapaceiuolo, Carmen Salvatore, Massitlno Volpe, Massimo. Chiariello. Universityof Naples, Naples,.Italy; and Essen, Federall Republic of IGermany. PJ15 Modulation of Sympatlmtic.Drive by'Dopaminergic Receptor Stimuia- tion in fuitemic Heart Failure 0211 MichelF...Rousseau, Juan Raigoso, Sylvie Ahn,.Natale R: Musso,.Gae- tano Lo4ti,. Huberti Pouleur. University, of Louvain,. Brussels, , Belgium,, and University of Genoa,.Genoa,:Itaiy P116 Relatanof Beta-Adrenergic Receptor Stalur to Peak.Exercine inldio- pathic Dilated Cardiomyopatlty 0212 Michel White, Edward M. Gilbert, Frank Yanowilz, Patrice Mealey, Stephanie.Olsen, Patti Larabee, Michael R.:Bristow: University of Utah, Saltl Lake City, UT P117 Hemodynamic and Prognostic Significance of the Adrenal Response in Chronic Heart Failure 0213 Jonathan Sackner-Bernstein, Joshua Penn, Marrick L. Kukin, Norma Medina, Madeline Yushak, HenryKrum, Milton Packer. Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York,: NYP11gAssestment of Autonomic Dysfunction With 24-Hour Spectral Analysis of Heart Rat:e Variabililies in Chrasic Heart Failure 0214. Akihiro Tani; Yoshio Ishida, Takakazu Morozumi, HiroshilTakeda,, Michitoshi Inoue. The FGrst Department of Medidne, Osaka University Schooll of Medicine, Osaka, Japan P119 Decreased PoRexercise Vaaal Reac/ivation.its Heart Faflurr. Associa- tion With Increased sn.ceptiftiRly to VeMriadar Tadtycardia 0215 Katsuji Imai, Hideyuki:Sato, Hitoshi Ozaki,.Hiroshi~Yokoyama; DanLi; Michitoshi Inoue. The First Department ofiMedicine,.OsakaUniversity School of.Medicine, Osaka,. Japan P120 Elevated Concentrationss of a Ouafxain-like Compound in Congestive Heart Faikrre 02i6Steph'en S. Gottlieb, Amy. C. Rogowski,.Michelle Weinberg, Catherine M. Krich'ten,,Bruce P. Hamilton, John M. Hamlryn., University of Mary- land'School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD P121 Insulin Levels in Patients With Chronic Heart Faflure and NOnnal Glu- cose Tolerance. 0217 Robert A. Wrigh't, Andrew D. Flapan, George M. Alberti, Keith A. Fox. Univeersity,of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, and University of New- castle upon Tyne,.Neweastle upon Tyne,.United Kingdom P122 Immune Alterations in Chronic Congestive Heart Failure 0218 Stan Hwang, Tamara 1. Harris, Alan S. Maisel. San Diego Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Universilryof California, San Diego,.San Diego; CA P123 Hemodynamic, Renal, and Hormonal Effects of the Bradykinin Antago- nist Hoe 140 in Conscious Dogs With and WItlrout Heart Failure 0219 Dietmar. Elsner~ ,Andreas Muntze, Eckhard P- Kromer, Gi.nter A.J. Rieg-. ger. Med. Univ.-Klinik,. Wurzburg, Federal Republic of Germany P124 Saline Load and Sodium ExcretioninPatknts With Left Ventricvlar DysfuactiotK Relatkuukip to Neuroendocrine Activity 0220 Thomas H. Johnson, Susan M. Ziesche, Michelle M. Berg,, Elliot Ch'es- ler, Alfredo M..Beltran, GaryS. Francis. Univeniryof Minnesota, Minm- neapoiis,. MN P125 Ouabain Promotes Sodiuro, Excretion and Mhibits Plasma Renin Adir ily in Congestive Heart Failure 0221 Margareti A. Lloyd,. Sharon M. Sandberg, Brooks S. Edwands. Mayo Clinic,. Rochester, MN' 98
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MON PM NOV 11 Cardiovascular Disease in the Young/Cardiovascular Surgery: Cardiovascular Surgery in Infant and Child 11 Poster Presentation Boards P14-P21 Convention, Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P14 idraoperativelmplantation of a Septai Ocduder Device for CTosaro of Mu.cviar Ventrkular Oefecls 0S63 David C. Cleveland„Lee.N. Benson, JohmL. Coles,RobertM: Free- dom,.George. A. Trusler, Ivan M. Rebeyka,. William G. Williiams. The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Omario; Canada P1S Modified Fontan Procedure in Patients Les Than Four Years of Age 0564 Jeffrey M. Pearl, Hille4 Laks, Davis C. Drinkwater, E1ilMilgalter, EIiiR. Capouya, Barbara L. George, Roberta G. Williams. University of Califor- nia, Los Angeles, Medikal Center,. Los .Angeles,. CA P16 Witldrawn 0565 P17 Incidence of fndocardidc After 5urgical Repair of Congenital Heart Deftcts. 0566Cynthia D. Morris, Victor D. Menashe. Oregon ~Health Sciences UiM1iver- sity,. Portland,.OR P70 Aboi6hmenl of a Chronic VoiLme Overload: Implications for Diastolic Function of the Syrtemic Ventricle InunediatelyAfter Fonlan Repair 0567 Marc Gewillilg,. Wim i Daenen, Andre. E. Aubert,. L4cas Van der Hauwaert.. Leuven University, Gasthuisberg,. Belgium P19 Hiah-Frequenty /et VentRation for Respiratory Failure Following Con- tenital.Heart Suesery 0568 Keith C.,Kocis,.Jon:N. Meliones, MaryK:.Dek'eon,, Louise E. Calbw~ Edward. L.. Bove; Flavian M. , Lupinetti. Uniwersity, of Michigan, Ann Arboq Ml P2/1 ~ Total Extracarduc.Cavo-Puimonary Connection: A New.Podoperatire. Hemodynamk Pattern 0569 Salvatore Giannico, Antonio Corno, Bruno Marino; M. Paoli Cicini, Antonio Amodeo,. Carlo ~ Marcelletti. D.M:C.C.P. Ospedale Bambino Gesu, Rome„Italy P21 ECMO Rescue in Children During Cardiac Arrest Following Cardiac Surferyr The Pittsbugh Experknoe 0570 Pedro JJ del Nido,.Heidi JJ Dalton, Ann ~E. Thompson,:RalpSh D. Siewers., University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh;.PA 136
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. ~r1pAr tYE MfV~~° Se1.YFfn,l/ew-b SeFFlala, aad Cardfwa,cvlar ConrecenteF WO :.rta.3~ wl (5te N6es 53ix) _ -~- r..b+ . - . Rf4HDAY AM . _ _ .. - 1f4NDAYlA~ w •b5 MI A-~ A-w C-f Ca C-S C-• C-3 i..Ylr]/be fi1FpY" MVMIDN D yliOTtIWIC ® CIMCY CNDIDLOGri tt.n.wpF.yW 6tlwaAet.phy- - G1m1OVASCUA[ MIO/1f FltfasYM.aYms.M faWM CIMCY CAm1OW4T'NMacn N Caw.b16d1ao:AoppMF Cre rd! ~yoold~ Fslwien . . TFtO~ F W Nb .nd Tlw.b W: CIMCN GMIDWGTS ta.r Caai/Y MrIay1NN- - Emaerwi ad UNid l.uw CI1NCwl CNGIDlOL1: b Cunpk. CIIACY Y VOIDlOGV1MU.eW-CYY4J fasl~ QMO WYDD/I SAIONF Fi C.BOr.wMt ~ .d CDirJ IMh CAFD/DIOr.MS 4D Vwlbbft OWdICFwAtn SE SbN FOS= SESSIONS FOS= SESSIONS .. TOSM SESSK)NS '~ila_Ci.Yr Will FYC /M5 rIDFS.. -_ ' .- TY..-!Yr CMOFDVAK" IADIDW4T:-tawarMW/V-br IIa++R' .V19tl06U90l161~apqNl Mtl/bdWn 1 MSIC SCB/6/dCIRATId! 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Arteriosclerosis: Regulation of Gene Expression Pacific A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Nicholas O. Davidson, Chicago, IL Donna M. Driscoll, San Antonio, TX MON PM NOV 11 2M Recognition of Proximal Human Apo Clll Promoter by NFY Type, C/EBP, and a Family of Heat-atabk Acfivities 0436 Christos Cladaras, Kinya Ogami, Dimitris Kardassis, Margdri' Hadzo- poulou-Uadaras, Vassilis I. Zannis.,Boston UniversityMedical,Center, Boston, MA , 2:1s Regulation of Apolirtopralein Ctn Gene Expreuion by Three Nuclear Retxpton 0437 Michelle Metus-Snyder, Francis M. Sladek, Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Sotirios K. Karathanasis. ChiWren's Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA, and Rockefeller University, New York,.NY, 2:30 A Caamon SinBle Strand-Specific and Double Strand-Specific DNA Bindiog FactorRernpJdzea.SterolRegulatory Elements 0438 Judah Weinberger, Helene Stark Columbia University, New York, NY 2:45 Relation.t,ip Belwecn Apo A-I C',ene Mutations and Effects on LCAT Activa8on,,11pW Bindih6, and Disc Foooafibn 0439 Anne Minnich, Xavier CoBet, Robert L. Hamilton, Christopher 1. Field. ing, Vassilis I. Zannis. Boston iUniversity, Medical Center,. Boston,. MA,, and University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 3:06 Ahered In Vfho Apo AI Promoter AdYvityy and In Vivo Apo AI Produc- tion Rate Associated With a rolyrnorphismat . Porition -76 in . the Human Apo AI Gene 0440 Jonathan.D.Smith, Eliot A. Brinton, )an L. Breslow.,Th'e Rockefeller University, New York„NY 3:15 Developmenlal Regulation of Apollpoproteln Al Expression in Tran.- Bettic Mice OM11 Elina N. Golder, Deepa A. Kumar, Edward'M. Rubin: Lawrence Berke- ley Laboratory, Berkeley; University of California, Berkeley, CA, 3:30 Mtermiuiott and ExMbits 4:00 Regulation of Human Apoproleie E Gene Expression by cAMP and Llpopr01e4111 0462 Lisa Marie Olson, Tsugumich'i Uemura, Catherine A. Reardon, Godfrey. S. Getz. DepartmeM of Pathokrgy, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 1:15 Padtransladaral Control of Mavophage Apolipoprotein E Secretion 0443 Theodore Mazzone, Lydia.Pustelinikas,.Catherine A. Reardon. Rush Medical College and University of Chicago, Chiwgo,.IL! ~ 36 Mechanism of Tnn.ctWonal Induction of the Apo E Gene In Differen- tlatly Monocytes 0444 Khaja Bash'eeruddina Lisa Olson, Catherine Reardon, Godfrey Getz, Theodore Mazzone. Rush Medical College and University of Chicago, Chicago,. IL •%S A Negative Regulatory Reglon Sof the HumanApolipoprotein B Gene 0445 Bernhard Paulweber, Alan R. Brooks, BnanP..Nagy; Beairiz Levy-Wila son. Gladstone Foundation Laboratories, University,of California,.San. Francisco; San Francisco, CA S:OB Modulation of Erqeexion off the Human LPL Gene by an Octamer Bhding Proteirr 0446 Lorenzo Previato, Catherine Parrot,. Silvia Santamarina-Fojo. Molecular Disease Branch,. National! Heart,. LWng, and BloodInstitute,. National Institutes of'Health, Bethesda, MD 121
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I Arteriosclerosis: Vessel Wall 111 Poster Presentation Boards P11-P13 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM MON PM NOV 11 P11 Bene8c7al AnSioRraphic and dinical Response to MuNifador ModiR- ntion in the Stanford Coronary Risk Intetrention Project (SCRtP) 0560 Eddvin . L. Alderman,. William L. Haskell, JoanM. Fair, H. Robert Superko, David )i Maron,.Mary Ann Champagne,.Sally F. Mackey; Paul T.,WiBiams,. Ronald M. Krauss, John ~W: Faaquhar, and the SCRIP staff. Stanford Ui4iversity,. Stanford, and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA . f 12 Demomtration of Improvemeot of Endothdiwm-Depemkrrt Fsnciion of Con" and Resistance Venxls With aAsinine by Ultrawud Tedi- niqne in Hypercfioledtrolenk Patients 0561 Hideo Yamamoto, Satoshi Suzuki,.Hisashi Kai, Mitsuru Noma,.Hitoshii Yoshimura, Tsukasa Tajimi, Masayoshi Sugihara„Yutaka Kikuchi. Kyu- shu Welfare Pension,Hospital, Kitakyushu, Japan P13 Inhibition.by DI1P 753, a Nonpeptide AnRlOternin 11 Antasonirt, of Neointima lrwmatio. Following Balloon Injury of Rat Carotld AAerks 0562 Raymond F. Kauffman, James S. Bean, Karen M. Zimmerman,.Raymond. R. Brown, Mitchell I. Steinberg. LGII'y Research Laboratories, Efi Lilly and Company,. I ndianapolis,. I N 135
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MON PM NOV 11 Epidemiology and Prevention: Lipids California Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 4:00 PM-S:1S PM' Chairmen: Walter H. Ettinger, Winston-Salem, NC Melissa A. Austin, Seattle, WA 4:00 The Arsociation of Lipoyrolein(a)1Nith Arterial Wall Thidcesing in a liradal Cohort The ARIC Study 0472 Pamela f.,Schreiner, Robert Smith, Joel Morrisett, Gregory P. Samsa.. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 4.15 Fastins Emulin Is Correlated Wi1h g-Year Chaeges in Lipidr, tipoPro. teins, and lbod Pressme 0473 Braxton D. Mitchell, Steven M. Haffner, Michael P. Stern. University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio,,T% 4:30 Apoprotein E AMeKc Di.tribu6on and lipapnWei.(a) levels in Rn.hh tVaaa{eeariaro 0474 . Kari Kervinen, Julnanii . Sabkannel,~ AnHi'.Hynninen, Y. Antero KesSniemi. , Department of Internal Medicine, University of Oulu,.Oulu; Finland 4:45 Effect of Ezerdre Training on Upoprotein Cholesterol With Spcdal Refeeeaoe to AlsoNpoprotein E Polymorphhm . 047S Rainer Rauramaa, Ilkka Vuori, Esa Himal3inen, Juloa Venarainen, 11kka Penttila, Sari Vibs3nen, Pekka Oja. Kuoplo Research Institute of Exer- cise Medicine, Kuopio, and. UKK Institute, Tampere,. Finland, S.i0 hedoaninanee of Large ! uw' Density ltpoprolein Partldes a Normo- rqklemic Patiwb WNh Coronary Arfery Dkaeme 0476 Hannia Campos, Ghislaine.0: Roedereq.Suzanne Lussier-Cacan, JeanDavingnon, Ronald! M. Krauss. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, gerke- ky; CA, and Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec,. Canada 126 4
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Clinical Cardiology: Exercise Poster Presentation Boards P47-P50 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayedi 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM MON PM NOV 11 N7 Respiratory Muscle Fatigue Does NM Occur During Exercise in Patients With Chranic Heart Fallure 05% Donru. Mandni„David Henson, John LaManca, Andrea Rein, Sanford'Levine. Phiiideiphia Veterans Administration Medical Center, Philadel- phia, , PA f48 significance of Muscle Atrophy in Heart Failure 0597 John R. Minotti, Roberta K. Oka,. Lauren M.:Wells,.Ian Christoph, Barry M: Massie. Veterans Adihtinistration Medical Center and the University ofiCaJifomia, San Francisco, San Frandsco; CA P49 Myonrdial Hyperemia in Response to Dipyridarnok Is Depressed In Alhktes With Left Ventricular HypeArophy, 0598 Martha J: SenneH, Steven R. Bergmann, Judy 1, Hartman, Edward'M: Geltman, Washington University, St..Louis, MO f SO HemoJynamfc Determinants of Maxieul Ventilatory O.ygen Uptake in ~f atienb With.Coronary Artery Disease 0599 Jonathan Myers, James Wallis, Kenneth G. Lehmann, William,Graet- tinger, William ~ Waibal, Victor F. Froelicher.. Long Beach Veterans Administration Medical Center,.L'ong Beach, CA, 141 t
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MON PM NOV 11 Featured Research: Myocardial Viability Room A-9 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Heinrich R. Schelbert, Los Angeles, CA Robert O. Bonow, Bethesda, MD 2df0 State of fAe Arb Wentlfication of Viabie Myocardlum Robert O: Bonow„Bethesda, MD 2:30 The Frequency of Late Rediseribution in Rest ThalBum-201 Sdn- dwaPhic stun" 0352 Kent A. Takemoto, Hosen Kiat, Jbhn Friedman,.Haim Silber, Yoli Biasio, , Waher Pa/mas, Daniel S: Bemwn. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, i.os AnOeles, CA 2-45 Can RepinB ThaRMs-201 Itoa`in6 Pred4t bnprovernen( in Fvacfioo After Reraswlarisatloo in Patlerts With Severely Reduced Leff Ves- Itricullat Functlissi 0353 Michael Ragosta, George A. Beller, Denny, D. Watton, Sanjiv Kaul, Lawrence W. Gimple. University of Virginia, Chadottesvillp, NA 3M f.aa.wdaroe and Discordance Between ReR-Redblr>botion ThaBiow for At.e.in6 Viabk M aardkmr Compariwn WRh Metabolic Activity 61' PET 0354 Vasken Dilsizian, Stephen L. Bacharach, Pasquale Perrone-Filardi', James A. Arrighi, Simone Maurea, Robert O. Bonow. National Heart, Lung, and Bbod Institute, Bethesda, MD 3:15 How and MetaboBc Correlates of Fundionai Recovery After ArNerior hdereia or Iefmmtioa 035S C6cBe Grandin, Bahija Essamri, Jean-Louis J. Vanoverschelde, Guy, R. Heyndriekx, Jean Renkin, Jean,Marie Detry, William Wijns, Jacques A. Melin. University of Louvain, Brussels, and Cardiovascular Centeq Aalst, Belgium 3:30 Lhntlsdon and Fadd6ib 490 RdadansAiy Between Myocardial flow Reductions and O.idaWe a.d Glyaolytk Metabopar. in Chronic Haman bder.k Heart Dhease 0356 Richard C. Brunken, Sammy Y. Chan, Johannes Czemin,~ Freny Vaghai- walla-Mody, Sanjiv Gambhir, Michael E. Phelps, Heinri¢h R Schelbert. University of Califomia, Los Angeles, School of Medicine, Los Angeks, CA 4:15 Ultraslnc4ral Correlates of How-Metabolbm Mismatch Pattern eo Pa.i6oe Emission Tomography 0357 Qui3tophe Deprb. Jacques A. MeBn, Bahija Essamri, Ceciie Grandin, William Wijns, Marcel Borgers. University, of Lnuvain, Brussels, and Janssen Research, Beerse, Belgium 4:30 Car.paraflve AupNnent of Myacardial VIa6iRty, With Thaliium-201 and TrlAe-Teboroufne IMaoar InuBir6 0356 Robert C. Hendel, Seth T. Dahlberg, Michele Parker, Brenda A., McSherry; Howard Weinstein, Jeffrey A.,Leppo: University of Massa- chusetts Medical Center, Worcester, MA 4:45 Left Ventrhvlar Fvnclion and Redistribution Influence /he AaeanrerN . of Myora.dlal Salvage With Tc-99m-5edaM161 035! Albert J.: Sinusas,.QingXin Shi„Peter 1. Vitols, George Hamish,i Barry. L. Iaret,. Frans J.Th., Wackers. Yale University,. New Haven, CT Sdf0 A Si.pk TecMiqre Usin6Tc-99m-Ses1aMlBl Is A.sociated With Co1- Werah and Predictive of Salvage After Late Reperfusion Therapy 0360 Timothy. F. Christian, Robert S. Schwarti,. Bernard J. Gersfia Raymond f. Gibbons. Mayo Climic, Rochester, MN'. This session will be audiotaped. 112
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, Basic Science/Circulation: Coronary Circulation-Physiology Room C-2 2:00 PM=5 15 PM MON PM NOV 11 Chairmen:. John N. Diana, Lexington, KY Douglas M. Griggs Jr., Columbia, MO 140 Nthacorottary Injeciion of Basic Rbroblast Growth Fador Enhances Collateral Rktod Flow fn the Canine Myocardium 0381 Ellis F. Uhger, Shmeul Banai, Mbtie Shou, Michael IT.18klilsch, Stephen E.. Epstein. National Heart,. Lung, and Blood IInstitute, Bethesda, MD 2:15 Effects of Cydoo.ygenase Blockade on Coronary Collateral Blood pow 0382 John Ahman„Daniel Dulas, Robert J. Bache. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 2:30 Improved Reserve of Cantinaoasly Perfused Coronary Collaterals in the ResfinR, Cotnciotn Pony 0383 Douglas ML Griggs Jr., Roger B. Boatwright, David O. Williams, Harold E. Garner. University ofMissouri, Columbia„MO 845Cononary Collateral Development: k Absence of Coratary, Reserve a Necessary Prerequisitet 0384 Michael V. Cohen., Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY' 9:00 Endothellal Fusutiatt In Welll Developed Canine Coronary Collateral Veueb0385 John Altman, Daniel DulAs, David D. Uaxson„David C. Homans, Robert 1. Bache. University of Mimnesota,.Minneapolis, MN 3:15 Effects of NetsrolttatoralSubNances on the Porcine Coronary Venous Microciradation 0786 Frank W: SeBke, Robert G. Johnson, Ronald M: Weintraub. Beth Israel Hospital.and Harvard Medical'Schoolj Boston,.MA330 Intemtisdon and Exhibili 4:00! Adenosine Is Not Lrvobed In Auforcgulatory. Coronary Microvascular Di9ation In Vivo 0387 TatsuyaKomam, Kathryn G, Liamping, Charles LL Eastham, Kevin C. Dellsperger. University of Iowa;.IowaCity; IA 4,15 Pnenure-How Relatlotnhips kt Tetanized Myocardiwn 0388 Julie Z. Livingston,. Jon ~. R. , Resar,. Frank C.P. Yin. The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD 4:90 Coronary Constrictor Pathway From Mlerior Hypothalamtn Includes Nlurons k. Rostroventralatval Meduqa0309 Angie R. Cave,. Tim S. LaMaster, David D. Gunerman.. University of' Iowa College of Medicine and Veterans Administration Medical Center; , Iowa City,.IA 4A5 No AntJtramnwral Steal Effect of Alpha-Adrenergic Coronary Vaso- comtrictlon During Adnenergk Adivatlott 0390 Dietrich Baumgart,. PeterKowaliik,. Brian. D:, Guth, Gerd1 Heusch.. Department of: . Pathophysiology,. Universityy of Essen, Essen, Federal . Republicc of Germany. 5:00 EDRF Is Responsible for the Enhancement of Endothelium-Mediated Dilation of Large CoranaryArtery During Chronic.Increases In Coro- nary Blood F1ow in Conscious Dogs 0391 lie Wang, ThomasH.~ Hintze. Department of Physiology, New York Medical Colk+.ge, Valhalla, NY' 1,5 ~ 0 N w ~ 0 $ m 0 0
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 MON PM NOV 11 Thrombosis: Platelets and Coagulation Fadors I California Pavilion C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: James H. Morrissey, Oklahoma City, OK Herman K. Gold, Boston, MA 2:06IdtBsifiat of natektAdhesion byPlateiet•Derived Liposomes tµt6. James M. Parks, Randalll C. Haddock, John R. Grammer, Clark D. Baker, Gary. S. Roubin,.Fran4ois M. Booyse.Division of Cardiovascular Dis- ease„University.ofAlabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL. 2:15 Glycoprolein 11b-Illa A1ed"iater In Vivo Platelet Thrombus Fonnation at High Shear Following Thromboiytit: Tlterapy. 0487Burt Adelman, John Strony,, David R. Phillips, Robert M. Scarborough, Anly.Song,. Israel F. Charo. Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, and COR Therapeutics„South San Francisco,,CA2:30 Factor V Expression in Hrrtnan Umbilical Vein FadotltelialCells04Btt NancyL.L.,Shen, Thomas S. Edgington..Department of Immunology, Research Institute oflScripps Clinic, Layolla, CA 2:45 Evidencee for Autoactivation of Factor VII Following Complex Fonru- tkm With CeR-Snrface Ti»ue Factor 0489 Tornohiro Nakagaki, Donald C. Foster, Walter Kisiel. University of New Mexico,.Albuquerque; NM, 3A0 Kinetic Studieton the Interaclion(i).of Gla-Domainless Factor Vlla and a Recombinant Tissue Factor tadring Its Transnembrane and Cytaplis- nritDomains 0490 Pierre. F. Neuenschwander,. James H. Ntorrissey: Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Oklahoma City, , OK . 3:15 Nbvel Cbtfing Assayy for. Factor Vila in Plasma Using a Trssue Factor Mutant That Does Not Support Activation of Factor VII 0491 lames H. Morrissey, B. Gail Macik. Oklahoma Medical Research Foun, dation, CNdahoma City, OK, and'Duke University Medical Center,,Dur- ham, NC 3:30 Mternrission and Exhibits 4:00 Inhibition.of.Arferial Thrombus Formation With a Novel GP-llb/llta Fibrinogen Receptor Antagonist in a Baboon Model of ~ Platekt- Depmdnd Arterial Thrombosis 0492 John T.,Davidson, Linda W. SchaffAr, Robert.1...Gould,. Ruth F. Nutt,. Stephen.F. Brady, Daniel F. Veber, EdgarG.,Brown III„Peter K.S. Siegl. Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories,West.Point, PA 4:15 A Recombinant vWF Fragment and Aurin Tricarboxylic Acid. Both Inbibit the vWF Binding to Glycaprotein lb That Is Reqafred for Platelet AdFtesion to Collagen Under now Conditions 0493 B. Rita Alevriadou,.JoeLLI Moake, Zaverio M..Ruggeri; N. Turner„Larry V,, Mclntire, Martin D. Phillips. Rice University,. Houston;. TX; and Scripps Clinic, La Jo6'a„CA 4:30 Incidence of Tbrombotic Occbrsions inFxperimental Holmium taser. AnBbplarty Compared to Excimer Laser Angioplasty 0494 Stefan Hassenstein, Hartmut . Hanke, Sybille Hanke, Martin Oberhoft, Joachim Kamenz,. Reimer Rieben„Eberhard Betz. Department of Cand, ology and Department of Physiology, University of Tiibingen, Tu'bingen, Federali Republic of Germany 4:45 Medtanifm of.Fador Xa Inhibition by Recombinant.AMistasin and Probing of the Reactive Site by Directed Mutagertdh 0495 Christopher,T. Dunwiddie,: Elka M. Nutt,.Loren.D. Schultz,. Kathryn IHoffman: Merck Sharp & Dohme, West Point, PA SM Endobronchial l Instillation of G4120, a Platelet GNIb/IIIa Receptor Anta;ortiht. During Tbrontbolysis With rt-PA 04% Herman K. Gold, Tsunehiro Yasuda, Robert C. Leinbach,~ LuisGuerrera. ChikashiKoh'mura, Kelly Fitzpatrick,. John T...Fallon, MaryA:,Napier. Stuart Bunting, Desire Collen. Massachusetts General IHospital,.Boston. MA,.and Genetech, Inc.,.South.San.Franciseo, CA 128
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Clinical Cardiology: Technical Considerations in Color Flow Quantitation Room C-5 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: David J. Sahn, San Diego, CA Ajit P. Yoganathan, Atlanta, GA MON PM 2,00 A Metbod for Correction of the Significant Time Error in Color poppler I4owImagef 0414 Birgitta Janerot'SjBberg, Lars Eidenvall,l Bengt Wranne,.Dani Lbyd, Per Ask... LinkSping University~ LinKd'ping, Sweden 2:15 Flow Convergence Estimates of Mitral Regurgitation Obta'uted by Using tbe Iint, Second, and Third ARa Zones Observed on Color Doppler MQ Traon In Sheep Wilh surSicaYy Produced Mikal Regurgitatim 0415 Jun Zhang, Robin iShandas, Michael Ilones„Azucena Munllb, Soon U! Kang, Robert WEintraub, Izumi Yamada, Lilliam Valdes-Cruz, David'1. Sahn. University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA 2:30 WaG likering Sipti(icantly, Increases Doppler Velocity In Proximal Flow Convergence 0416 Pieter M. Vandervoort,.David H. Thoreaul Arthurf. Weyman, JamesD. Thomas. Nlassachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA L45 The Flow Convergence Region Proximal to a Reguegitant Orifice Has a NoolremfrpMerkal Velocity Field 0417 Susan A. Barclay, Xiong Changsh'eng,. Dan Loyd, GunnarAndersson, Per Ask,.Bengt.Wranne. Linkoping University,.LGnkoping, Sweden 3M Effect of Changes in Nyquist Limif on the Assessment of Aortic RegurRitation Severity by Tranreropingeal Color poppler Echocardi- ography 041e Nelson Pizzano, Raja15. Sanya6, Navin C. Nanda, Raj IS. Ballal, Pohoey Fan, Frederick Helmcke, John Cooper, Hans Jain, H. Nath.; University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham,.AL 3:15 Sensitivity Prvbknu of Color Doppler Compenaated by, Echo Contrast Agents: bper{mental and Cli.ical Stndies 0419 Helen von Bibra, Hans U. Stempfle, Franz Hartmann, Christian Fiiischke,. Reinhard ScfiliefJ Hans P. Emslander. I Medizinische Klinik/Technical UniversiOy,,Munich, Federal Republic of Germany, 330 Ntermiraian and Exbibits 4:00 ktDirectionDoerNotAffecthlmonary.VeeanHowReverralinleN. and RightPubwnary Veimin Severe Mitral Regurgitation . 0420 Anthony,C. Pearson, Mary E. Alton, Rick J. Whyles,,Tomaszli Pasierski. Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 4:15 Color Flow Doppler Assessment of Severity of Mitral Regurgifation: Comparison to Q.anfihtive Doppler in Central', and Eccentric lets 0421 Maurice E. Sararw,.Mary Kmhn, A.Jamii. Tajik. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN4:30 vorfex Viwaliation In Regugitant /ete UlingLaser Row Mapping, Color. Doppler,, and Albrrsex: Partick+ 0422 Edinond Rambod, Steven S. Khan, Michele DeRoberlis, David Allen, Gerald Maurer. Cedars-Sinai iMedi¢al~ Center, Los Angeles, CA' 4:45 imaging High-Velocity RegurgitaM lets by color-Now Mapping With- out Ali'asing Effect 0423 Claude Scheufile; Beat Grossniklaus, Bruno Dousse. Centre Cardiologi- que dut Nord,.Saint-Denis, France,.and Hoffmann-LaRoche;.Basel, SwNtedandI SM' Tranre.oplugeal Edacardfograpbic Evaluation of Stenotic. Valvalar. Lesiom.by Color Doppler Using the New.••Quasar" Technology 0424. Pohoey.Fan,.Navin C. Nanda,.Peter J! Czuwala,.Andreas5. Anayiotos;. PeterWalker, Ajit P. Yoganathan. University of Alabama at Birmingham,. Birmingham, AL 119
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High Blood Pressure Research: Clinical Hypertension- Cardiovascular Aspects and Clinical Trials Grand Ballroom Salons F-K Anaheim Marriott Hotel 2:00 PM-S: 15 PM Chairmen: i William C. Cushman, Memphis, TN John B. Kostis, New Brunswick, NJ MON PM NOV 11 2c00 Endothelial Dysftnciion of the Coronary Miaova.culalure in Hyper- teroion 0539 Arshed A., Quyyumi,.Richard1O. Cannon III, Julio A. Panza,..Step,hen E. Epstein. National Heart, Lung, and'Blood Institute, Bethesda,. MD I . 215Aspirin Is.Afsocia&d With Improved Firdothelial Vasodilator Function i In the Coronary Microvesels of HypeAendve Patients 0540 ~ Charles B:,Treasure, J. Larry Klein, David G. Harrison, R. Wayne Alexander. Emory.University School.of Medicine,.Atlanta,.GA, ~ 2:30 Improvement of Coronary Reserve by Chronic Treatment With ACE Inhibitors 0541 I Martin Vogt WoifgangMotz,.Bernd Piiritz, Sibylle Scheler, Bodo E. i Strauer. Department of Medicine, University of D'ussekiorf, Dusseldorf, Federal Republic of Germany j 245 Polytystk Ovary Syndrome: Ladc of Hypertension Despite Insulin . . Resistance 0542 Sebastian Zimmermann, Robert A. Phillips, C.aig Wilkenfeld, Andrea Dunaif, Diane T. Finegood, Maria Aideljan, Sylvan Wallenstein, Richard GoI Lawrence R. Krakoff. Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY, and the University ofiAlberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 3A01 Left Ventricvlar Supernormal . Contradility and HyperLrsdinenria In Lean Eaential HypeAeruive Suhjects 0S43 Guilhem du Cailar, Jean Ritistein, Jean L. LWc Pasquier, Albert Mimran. Department of Medicine, CHU-Montpellier„Montpellier, France 3:15 Is Skep Apnea a Confounder of the Relationship Between Obesity and ; I Systemic HypeAeruiont 0S44 ~ lan Wilcox, Tian S. Yang, Jan A. Hedner, Ronald R. Grunstein. Royal Prince Alhed'Hospitaq Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 3:30 Intennrk.ion and Exhibits 4A0 Relatk>,otrip Retwreen Blood Pressure Change and Mortality Among j MRFlT HypeAemlves 0545. Jerome D. Cohen, Steven M., Butler, leffrey A. Cutler, James D. Neaton, ~i fonth'eMRFIT ResearchGroup..St. Louis University, St. Louis,.MO 4:1S Effectiveness of Treatment on Left Ventrkular Man Reduction in Elderly Srb/ecb With laolated Systolic Hyperlemion 054i Elizabeth O. Ofili, Norbert D. Uy, Ramon Castello, Jeanette St. Vrain, Tim J. Martin, Brian Lewis, Jerome D. Cohen, Arthur I. Labovitz. St. Louis UnivensityMedica6Center, Sti,Louis, MO 4:30 MonoOterapy, of HyperMrrfarr Results of Major Subgroup Analyses at One Year 0S47 Barry M. Massie, William C. Cushman, Domenic i. Reda, Barry J. Mater- son, for the Veterans Administration Cooperative Study Group on Antihypertensive Agents. Veterans Administration Medical Center, San Francisco, CA445 Effect of Propranolol, Nacebo,.and Non-Dnrg Tfrerapyoo Sexual I'vnc- tion of Hypertensive Maks. 0540 John B. Kostis, Raymond C. Rosen,.Lynn Taska., UMDN)-Robert Wood JohnsonMedicai School, New. Brunswick, NJ . s*O Dopamine. tieta-Hydroxylase May. Be Controlled trr a Sin81e Gene i. Olacks0S49 Clarence E:. Grima D.T. O'Connor, T.W: Wilson, H.S. Fraser, G.D. Nicholson„T.A.. Hatsell...Charks R. Drew UnbJenityy of Medicine and Science, Los Angeles, CA,.and the University of West Indies,.Barbados I I ® N ~ N W ~ O O N O~
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MON PM NOV 11 Basic Science/Circulation: Neutrophils in Ischemia/ Reperfusion Injury Room A-6 2:00 PM-5: 15 PM Chairmen:. C. Wayne Smith, Houston, TX Kim P. Gallagher, Ann Arbor, MI 2:00 Soiubk Carttqlenxnt Receptor 1 Administered Only at the rmte of Reperhrion Prevents Posdfdremk Contractile Failure 0330 Suresh ~ Shandelya, Douglas T. Fearon,. Myron . L. . Weisfeldt, Jay L.. Zweier..Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions,. Baitimore,.MD 2:15 Hunan Recanbinant Soluble CompkmentReceptor 1 ilrerapeutkaUy Reduces Myocardial bchenric/Reperf/nion Injury 0331 Edward F. Smith III, Michael J.I DiMatRino,,Pam A. Davis, John W,.Egan,i Don E.. Griswold, Leonard M.. Hillegass, Kei-Lai IFbng, Karen S. Brown,i Carl S. Crysler. SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Department of Pharmacology and'Department of.Drug Metabolism, King of Prussia,.PA' 2:30 Soluble Human CRi Prevents Human Complesnent-Mediated Damage in the tiab6it Perfused Iw1aKd Heart 0332 Jbnathon W: Homeister, Paul S. Satoh,.Benedict R. Lucchesi. Universitiyy of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 2:45 Activated Ntulrophik May SWirrcanNy Contribute to Increased Aden-. osine Levels ie Reperhscd Myourdium 0333 John A.. Morrow, john J. Murray, Mervyn B..Forman. Vanderbilt Univer- sity, Nashville, TN 3.00 56eytaidnase and t-IA Reduce NeatroPlril Oxygen Radical Generation In Vitro 0334 joMn Lindenfeld„Kathleen A. Stringer, Edward JJ Lesnefsky; John E. Repine. Division iof Cardioiogy, and the Webb-Waring Lung Institute, University,of Colorado, Denver, CO 3:15 Reduction of Myocardial ischemia-Reperfusion Injury by a Recombi- eant Neutrophil Seuetory Leukoproteinase Inhibflor 0335 Andrew J. Budi,. Michael J..Lim~ Andreas R. Huber, Stephen J. Weiss. Uniwersity, of Michigan, Ann Arbor,. Ml' 3:30 htermiqion and HdtibRs 4:0U The Recombirant Receptor Antagonist,to /nterkukii-1 Reduces Myo- cardiai Neubophii Accumulation and Tlaue Injury Following lsdrernia and Reperlwion . 0336 Beth L'. Karolie,.Stephen J. Weiss,.AndreasR..Huber, Michaeli;.Lim, Andrew Ji Buda. University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI 4:15 CD18-ICAM-1-Dependent Nlutraphil-fndotlielial Cell and NeWo- phR-Myocyte Adherencee ls homoted by. Hypoxk Myocyter Evidence for.Hypwrk Myorylr-Detived ActivaBng Factors 0337Yoshiki Sawa;. Sabine Bemotat-Danielowski- Monica StoB;. Jutta Schaper. Max-Plaodc-lnstitute,: Bad Nauheim, Federal ~Repul>tic of C.ermany. 4:30 stimdation of ICAM-1 mRNA in Isdromic andReperfused Canine Myocardium 0330 Donald C. Anderson, C. Wayne Smith, Lloyd H.,Michaelj Mark 1.. Entmam BaylorColl'ege of Medicine, Houston, TX 4:45Inflananatory RepriatJan of Canine GMf-1400 mRNA 0339 William.E.. Sanders,.Raymond W. Wilson, Lloyd H: Michael, Mark L.. Entman, Donald C. Anderson. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 5d10 Direct Transfer of Reactive Oxygen From Neutrophils to Cardiac Myo- cytes at Site of Mac-1-1CAM-1 Adherence 0340 Keith Youker, Gilbert Kukielka, , Takadvka Shoji, Addison A. Tayk r C. Wayne Smith, Mark L..f:nman. Baylor College of Medicine,.Houslon, TX 110
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MON PM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Echocardiographic Assessment of Cardiac Function and Hemodynamics-New Methods (Continued). Poster, Presentation Boards P110-P111i Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM=5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM P110 Pulmonary Venouc How Pattems in Heart Transplant Recipienb and ie NMmab 0659 Christoph H. Spes, Hans U. Stempfl'e, Christiane E. Angermann, Alan G. Fraser, Bernhard' M. Kemkes, Karl Theisen. Med. Klinik Innenstadt, Univ. Miin¢hen,.Muinchen, Federal~ Republic of Germany, and Univer- sity Hospital lot WAles, Cardiff, United Kingdom P111 Mechanism of Increment of the Diastolic Rumble In Mitral Stenosix in teft latera) PotRion 0560 Ryuichiro<Anan, ShoichiroNakao, Masato Higashi, Kazuyuki. Kubola, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Kazuaki Kiyonaga, Shinichi Arima, Shinichi Minagoe, Hiromitsu Tanaka. Kagoshima University, Kagoshima, Japan 14!
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MON PM NOV 11 Basic Science: lon Transport in Cardiac Muscle (Continued). Poster Presentation Boards P124-P125 Convention Center Exhibit Halli Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM=5:00 PM' Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5 i00 PM P124, ttok of the Na; Aalivated K Channe4 and the Furosemide-sensitive Na-K-CI Cotransporter in K Efflux During Global bdiemia in the Iso- IatedRat Heart, 0673 Atsuo Mitanij Michael L Shattbck: Cardiovascular Research, St. Thomas' Hospital,.London,.lDniEed KingdiamP125 Relative Roles of Na-Ca Exchange and. SarcoPlasmic Retinium in . Relaxation of the Cytorolic Ca Transient in Heart 0674 Ru-Chi Shieh, Daniell. Willifbrd. Department of.Ph'armacology; Uni,- versify.ofAochester,.Rochester, NY 1S0
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Basic Science/Cardiovascular Radiology/Clinical Cardiology/ Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: Cine-Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Continued) Poster Presentatiom Boards P84-P87 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00' PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM MON PM NOV 11 M Maprctic Resonance ImaEing of Perfusion Defects in.Human Myocar- dium Using Infusion of Gadolfniam-DTPA and Pharmacologically Induced Hyperemia 0633 Michel A. Galiee, Albert C. van Rossum, Frans.C: Visser, Jaap Valk. Free. University Hospital Amsterdam,,Amsterdam,.The. Neth'edands. Pa5 Quantiflcationof.Coronary Cakium Reflects the Angiographic Extentof Coronary Artery Direare 0634 Arthur S. Agatston, Warren R. Janowitz; Nobuyuki Aizawa, Julius Gasso,. Frank Hildner, Manuel IViamonte, Ronald Prineas.,University.of Miami,. Miamij FL, and Shonan KamakuraHospital,.Japan P86 N6ninrasive Three-Dimensional Motion Analysis of the Myocardium Using Phare Contrasl MRI 0635 Norben J.I Pek:,.Robert'~J: Herfkens, Lorie R: PeIQ,.Jimes R. Sayre. Stan- ford University, Stanfond, CA P87Finite StrakaUrine SPAMM in.Nornul Human.LeH.Ventricler 0636 Krishanu B. Gupta,.AndrewA. Bogdan, Kenneth E. Fellows, Eric A. Hoffman. University of Pennsylvania Medical Schooi, Philadelphia, PA 14S 0
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 MON PM NOV 11 Basic Science/Circulation: Mechanical-Energetic Correlates Room C-1 2:00 PM-5:15 PNS Chairmen: Yoichi' Goto, Osaka, Japan Norman R. Alpert, Burlington, VT 2A0 Delemdnants of ATP Depletion Durtieg Metabolic Inhibition of Rat Cardiac Trabecvlae 0370 WeiDongGao, Henk.E.D.J. ter Keurs. Department ofiMedi¢ine,.Uni- versiry of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2:15 Myocardial Oxygen Consumption 6 Coastant Regardless of EKternal Mechanical Work Duri.g Relaxation Period 0371 Katsuya Hata, Yoichi Goto, Shiho Futaki,riitoshi Yaku, Osamu Kawa- guchi, Toshiyuki Takasago, Akio Saeki,i Takehiko Nishioka, Tad W. Tay- lor„Hiroyuki 5uga. National Cardiovascular Center, Osaka, Japan 2:30 Reduced Vascular Compliance Alten Left . Ventricular Energetia But Not Contractile Fonctlon In Vivo 0372 Raymond ~KeIIy,.Rich'ard Tunin,.Daivid A.. Kass. The Johns Hopkins Mpd- ical Institutions, Baltimore, MD 2:45 Adetar:re Yweaes Oaygan UBrvatim tiRaency a Cadrr Myocardi.n 0373 Shang-Chiun Lee, Yukitaka Shizukuda, H. Fred Downey. Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, Fort Worth, TX 3:00 Impact of Addorison Venhicvlar Efrucienc.y, 0374 DanielBurkhoff,. Pieter P. de Tombe,. Gary Gerstenblith. The Johns Hopkins Nledi¢al~ Institu0ions,.Baltitmore, MD 3:15. Constant Myorardlal Conbach'Iity, and Oxygen Consumption Between Atrial Fibrillation and Regular Atrial Rhythm a1Malclred Heart Rate 0375 Osamu Kawaguchi, Yoichii Goto, Shiho Futaki, Yuichi Ohgoshi, Hitosh'i Yaku„KatsuyaHata,.TOshiyuki Takasago, Akio Saeki,.Hinoyuki.5uga. National Cardiovascu4ari Center,.Osaka,. Japan 3:30 Intermixion and Exhibits 4M Addotis Increare. Oxygen Co.t of Contracdlity'in Dog Left Ventricle 0376 Katsuya.Hata, Yoich'i~Goto, Osamu Kawaguchi,i Sh'iho Futaki, Toshiyuki Takasago, Akio 5aeki, Takehiko Nishioka, Tad' W. Taylor, HiroyuJu Suga.,National CardiovascularCenter; Osaka, Japan 4:15 Myocardial Energdks in Control and Failing Human Myocardium: Influerrce of boprohreaol and Uuabain 0377 Gerd. Hasenfuss, Louis A.. Mulieri, Bruce I.. Leavitt,. Christian Holu- barsch,. Norman R. Alpert Department.o"ardiology; Unirenity, of Freiburg,.. Freiburg,. Federal Republic of Germany, and College of Medicine, Univenity.of.Vermont, Burlington, VT 4:30 Energetics of the Fafling Heart Greater Oremomedhanicil E/ficiency Ru1 Increased Inotropk Cost 0379 Matthew R. Wolff,.P-ietev P. de Tombe, Yasuhiko Harasawa„Daniet Burkhoff, William C. Hunter,.Gary'Gerstenblith, David A. Kass: The Johns Hopkins Medical Institlutions,. Baltimore,.MD 4:45 Left Ventrkuhr Mechanics and Energetics in Dogs With Padng- Induced Heart Failure 0379 Yoichi Goto, Hitoshi Yaku, Yuiohii Oh'goshi, Shiho ~ Futaki, Osamu Kawaguchi,, Katsuya Hata, Toshiyuki Takasago,. Akio Saeki„ Hiroyuki'. Suga..National Cardiovascular Center, Osaka,. Japan i 5:00 Evaluatlon of Cardiac Emxgelics Models Uiing Indirec7 CalorimNry,ie the Cancious Dog 0390 R. Eric Lilly, Stanley A. GaILIr,,.JamesW,,Davie, V. AntoineKellrr, I_ Scott Rankin,.Donald~D. Glower. Duke University, Durham,.NC 114
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MON AM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Restenosis-Experimental Poster Presentation Boards P180-P190 Convention Center Exhibit Ha11 Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Presenter Present: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Pi80 An Inierventfanal Approach to Coronary Gene Trarofer 0276 Gregory D. Chapman, Chang 5. Lim, Roger S. Gammon, Steph'en C. CuIp,Robert P. Bauman, Judith L. Swain, Richard S. Stack.Duk'eUni, versity Medical Center,,Durham~ NC P1B1 Lymphocyte/Monocyte lnterleukin-2 Receptor-Targeted Furion Toxim Therapy With DAR,..-IL2 Prevents Proliferative -ostan8iopiasty Ret+tenwit 0277 0. Douglas Miller,Steven B. Paige, Fermin O.,Tio, Steven R. Bailey, Corey A. Waters, Thasia G Woodworth, Jean C. Nichols. Su LouisUnfvetsity,Medicai Center, St. Louis,MO, and Seragen, Boston, MAP182 Cycloaporine A Does Not Inhibit Restenosif In Experimental An- 8lophisly 0278 Patrice A. McKenney; Jesse W. Currier, Christian C. Haudenschild, Deanna Heyman,David P. Faxon.Boston Uhiversity Medical Center, Boston, MA P183 Enaiapril Does Not inhibR Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation in a Bal- loon-Injured Coronary Artery , Swine Model of Intimaf Hyperplaia 0279 Edward C. Santoian,Michael B. Gravanis, Steven P.Karas,Kristin A. Anderberg, Joel E. Schneider, James A. Hearn, Spencer, B. King 111. Emory University, School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA, P184 In Situ Hybridization of,Coronary Atherectomy Spechneos Ident-d'tes Actively Ptoliferalin8 Smooth Muscle Cells 0280 Michael Sfmons, Guy Lederc; Marianne Kearney, LawrerKe Weir, Jeffrey M. Isner, Donald 5: Baim, Robert D. Safian, Harvard-Thomdike labora, tory, fleth Israel Hospiial,i and St. Elizabeth's Hospitai, Boston, MA PIBS Hwnae Cell Cukure as "Pretureenin8 System" for a Pharmacological Approach to the Prevention of ReAeaain8 Events After AnBioplasty, 0281 Rainer Voisard, Peter C. Dartsch, Ulrich ~ Seitzer, Clemens Grupp, Dietmar Roth, Matthias Kochs, Vinzenz Hombach. University of Uko, , Uhn, and University of Tubingen~ TGbingen, F'ederal Republic of Germany P188 EzperimentallMravascufar Sten8n8: Proliferative Rerpome of Smooth Aitscle Celht 0282 Hartmut Hanke, Stefan Hassenstein, Joachim Kamenz, Martin Oberhoff, Andreas Baumbach, Eberhard Betz, Karl R. Karsch. Depart- ment of Cardiology and Department of Physiology, University of Tubingen, Tribingen, Federal Republic of Germany P187 Coronary Restenosk and the ImpoAanae of Muraf Throntbus: Results in a Parciee Coronary Model 0283 Robert S. Schwartz„Kermeth C. Huiier, William D. Edwards,.AlUan R. Camrud,. Michael Jorgenson, David R. Holmes. Mayo foundation, Rocfiester,MN P788 Locaf Delivery of Heparin and MelhMrexate Fails to InhibitIn V'rvo Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation 0284 David A. Cox, Peter G. Anderson, Gary S. Roubin, Chia Y, Chou1 Subodh'K. Agrawal, J.I BradleyCaverwfer. University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL P/89 In Vitro AasaHneM of PoiyaAirks aaSlow Release DrvB Carriers 028S Martin Ebecke, AmdtBuchwallf, Herbert Stricker, Volkec Wiegaod Universidy,of Gifttidgen, GSttinBen, federai Republic of Germany P190 Locally Delivered AnBiopepNn Reducer InNmal Hyperplasia Following 8alloon Injury in Rabbits 0286 Mum K. Hong. Tahira Bhatti, Bradford J. Matthews„Karen S. Stark, Sam S. t:athapermat, Marie L. Foegh, Peter W. Ramwell, Kenneth M. Kent. Georgetown Univenify Medical Center; Washington,i DC 104
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MON Postgraduate Seminars EVE 8:30 PM-1O:30 PM NOV 11 Councils on Clinical Cardiology and Basic Science f4lalibu Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 12. Immune Mechanisms of Cardiac Allograft Chairman: Douglas James Norman, Portland; OR Cellular Mechanisms of Cardiac Transplant Rejection: Experimental Models Bruce Hall, Stanford, CA Activation and Propagation of the Immune Responses/Cell Signaling Philip Halloran, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Vascular-Immune System Interactions Jeffrey Platt', Minneapolis, MN Histocompatibility: Relevance to Heart Transplantation Douglas James Norman, Portland, OR Future Directions: Tolerance, Genetic Engineering, Xenotransplantation Eric A. Rose, New York, NY Councils on Thombosis, Basic Science, and Clinical Cardiology Pacific B Anaheim,Hilton Hotel 13. Switches and Signals: Mechanisms of Platelet Activation Chairman: Garret A. FitzGerald, Nashville, TN Membrane Receptors for Platelet Agonists Shaun R. Coughlin,,San Francisco,,CA G-Proteins in Platelets Lawrence Brass„ Philadelphia, PA Eicosanoids as Intra- and Extracellular Modulators of Platelet Activation Garret A. FitzGerald, Nashville, TN Regulation of Glycoprotein Ilb/Illa Complex Expression David Phillips, South San Francisco, CA 160
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Cardiovascular Radiology: Intravenous Ultrasound/ Peripheral Vascular Poster Presentation Boards P63-P73 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 ,PMr5:00 PM Presenter: Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM MON PM NOV 11 P63 Real-Time Lesion Charaderization During Angioplasty, Using the Strea-Time.Curve. 0612 Kevin i. Vaska, Antoine Lafont. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleve- land„OH P64. Design, Development,, and Initial Human Testing of an Ultra- Low-Profik 3.5Fr(1.16mm) Coronary I.trava.cvlar Ultrasound Device 0613 David C. Booth',~ Steven E. Nissen, John C. Gurley, Mark Bates, Alex MoDonnelll, Michael Eberle. University of, Kentucky and Veterans Administration Medical Center,. Lexington,. KY N'iS Badncatter of 30 MHz Ultrasound by Human Blood k Caused by Red Blood Cells and Enhanced by Rouleaux Formation 0614 Maurits S. van der Heiden, Machteld G. de Kroon, Lucas H. Sava4le, Cornelius Borst. Heart Lung Institute, University Hospital Utrecht) , Utrecht, and TNO Institute of AppliedPhysics, The Netherlands P66 Intravascular Ultrasound Morphology Followieg Coronary Balloon Angiopla.fy and Rotational Atlrerectomy 0615 Paul S. Gilmore, Theodore A. Bass, Alan B. , Miger, Robert F. Percy, Donald A. Conetta. University of Florida Health Science Center, Jack- sonville, FL P67 Ultrasound Plaque Composition Determines Directiunal Coronary Atheredorny Effect 0616 Fadi A.,Matae, Garry.S..Mintz,,Benjamin.N. Potkin,,Marjaneh'~Akbari,i TerryE. Laa,.KennethM. Kent,.Martin B. Leon. Washington Hospital Center, Washington,~ DC P68 Intravancular Uitra+owd for tbe Evaluation of IMervenfional Therapy in Coronary, Artery Diiease 0617 Gerald S. Werner, Volker Wiegand,.Heinri¢h Kreuzer. Departmem.of Cardiology,. University of Gottingen„ Gottingen,i Federal Republic of Germany. P69 Cro.s-Sectlorul and Three-Dimensional Intravascular Ultrasound Analysis of Coronary Artery Geometry After Rotational Athercetonry 0618 Gary.S.Mintz„Benjamin N. Potk'in„Gad Keren,.Sh'aron,L. Eldredge, Lowell F. Satler. Washington Hospital Center,. Wash'ington,,DC t 70 Effect of IfCA on Coronary Wall Arcfiitecture Analyzed by NWavascu- lar Ultrasound 0619 Thomas C. Gerber, )unbo Ge,.Giinter Giirge,..Hans-)urgen Rupprecht, liirgen Meyer;Raimund'Erbel.l Second'MedicallClinic. Mainz Univer- sity, Mainz, Federal Republic of Germany P71 Low Dose Arterial UrokLwe for Lower Extremity llmb Salvagr. Expe- rience in 132 Cases 0620 Gary J. Becker, D. . Skip Sailee,. Suzanne LeBIAng, James F. Benenati,. Gerald Zemel,.BarryT. Katzen. Baptist Hospitab of Miami, Miami, FL m WithMawn 0621. M73 Syndrroni=ed Coronary, Venous Relroperfution:Support or Srperflu- ous Wilh Coronary, Anpoplastyl 0622 Christoph ~ A. Nienaber, Michael I Abend, Tim Rehders, , Chunguang Chen, Division of Cardiology; University Hospitali Eppendod, Hambuag, Federal Republkof Germany 143
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Councils on Basic Science and Circulation Orange County Ballroom Salon 1 Anaheim Marriott Hotel 17. Mechanism of Vascular Tone Chairman: David R. Hathaway, Indianapolis, IN G-Protein-Associated Signal Transduction Avril Somylo, Charlottesville, VA Mechanisms of [Ca'*] Regulation Chris Rembold, Charlottesville, VA Mechanisms of Myosin Regulation Kristine Kamm, Dallas, TX Mechanisms of Actin Regulation Michael Walsh, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Mechanisms of Energy Regulation Richard Paul, Cincinnati; OH Council on Cardiovascular Radiology San Simeon, Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 18. MRI of the Heart Chairman: Charles Higgins, San Francisco, CA Cine MR1 in the Evaluation of Valvular Heart Disease Leon Axel, Philadelphia, PA MRI of Left Ventricular Wall Motion Elias Zerhouni, Baltimore, MD MRi of Congenital Heart Disease Richard D. White, Cleveland, OH MRI for the Evaluation of Blood Flow in the Central Cardiovascular System Charles Higgins, San Francisco, CA Council on Circulation Pacific A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 19. Cardiovascular Alterations in Pregnancy. Chairman: Charles R. Rosenfeld, Dallas, TX Systemic and Uteroplacental Changes: Absence of Angiotensin 11 Receptor Downregulation Charles R. Rosenfeld, Dallas, TX Prostanoids and Their Mode of Action Ronald R. Magness, Dallas, TX Modulation of the Resistance Circulation Margaret McLaughlin, Cincinnati, OH Alterations in Vascular Smooth Muscle Receptor Signaling Kirk P. Conrad, Albuquerque, NM Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension: Alterations in Placental Eicosanoids Scott Walsh; Richmond, VA ®
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Clinical Cardiology: Cardiomyopathy I Poster Presentation Boards P22-P31 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM MON PM P22 Alpha and Beta Cardiac Myosin Heavy. Chain Isoforms Are Major AutoanOgensin Dilated Cardiomyopathy. 0571 Alida L.P. Caforio, Maurizia Grazzimi,.Gian Franco,Bottazzo, William 1. McKenna, Stefano Schiaffino. University of Padova, Padova, Italy, and Cardiological Sciences, St. George'sHospita6 Medical School, London, England P23 HLA and Immunogkrbulin Genes May, Confer Susceptibility to Dilated CardiomyoPadry 0572 H'rrofumi Nishi;.Akinori Kimura, Haruhito Harada, Yoshinori Koga, Takehiko Sasazuki, Hironori Toshima, for the Japan Idiopathic Cardio- myopathy Research Committee. Kurume University, Kurume, and Kyu- shu University, Fukuoka,, Japan P24 An Antibody-induced Disorder in Myonrdial Energy Metabolism Can Cause Cardiac Failure 0S73 Heinz-Peter SchuHheiss;. Karsten Schulze,. Rolf Schauer. Un'n•ersityy of Dusseldorf,Dusseldorf, Federal Republi¢of.Germany P25Im.nure-Mediated Modulation of Sarcopfasmic Reticulum.FiaKYion in Patients With Dilated Cardlomyopathy 0574 Constantinos J. Limas, Irvin F. Goldenberg, Catherine Limas. University oflMinnesota and'~the Minneapolis Heart Institute, Minneapolis,.MNP26light and Electron Microscopic.Localiiation of.Atrial and Rrain Hatri- uretic Peptides in Ventriadar Myocardium With Dilated Cirdiomy- opathy: Double Immunocytochemistry Using Specific Monodonal Antibodies 0575 Koji Hasegawa,.Hisayoshi Fujiwara, Takako Fujiwara,.Chui¢hiiKawai. Kyoto University, Kyoto,.Japan P27. Aatoantibodies Against Human Ventricular Myosin Heavy, Chain in Patients With Myocardifisand Dilated Card'iomyppathy 0576 Bernward Lauer, Klaus Padberg,, Peter Schwimmbeck, Heinz-Peter Schultheiss. Department of Cardiology, University of Diisseldorf, Dus- seidorf, Federal Republic of Germany P2a Eowrophil-Mcdiated Injury in Restrictive Cardiomyopatlry: Evidence From Imrmmofluorescence Staining of Endomyocardial Biopsies 0577 Lyle 1. Olsoni GalemN. Vonk, Gail M. Kephart, William D. Edwards, Gerald li Gleich. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN P29. Prediction of Recovery of Cardiac Function From:Histological Findings in Acute Myocarditis. 0570 Tetsuo Minamino; Masatake Fukunami„Masaharu Ohmori,.Katsuomi' Iwakura, Kazuaki Kumagai, Takahisa Yamada, Nobuhiko Kondoh,. Eiichiroh Tsujimura, Noritake Hoki. Division of Cardiology,.OsakaPre- fectural . Hospital, ,Osaka,, Japan P30 Electrotonic Modulation of ~ the QRS/T Wave Detected by Signal- Averaged ECG In Patients With HypertroplrirCardiomyopathy: Rela- tion of,ECG Fhrdings to Changes in outflow Obstruction Due to Dwal Chambn. Pacirg 0579 Thea McAreavey, Neal Epstein, Lameh Fananapazir. National Institutes of Healtlh, Bethesda, MD P31. Neodymium-YAG Laser Cardiac Myop6asty: Acute and Chronic,.C.ross and Histokogic Findings and Associated W4II Motion Abnormalities 0500 Douglas W. Losordo; Dov. GaIJ Marianne Kearney,.John Hogan,. Gregory Brucker. TuftsUniversity, SchoolioP.Medicine, St. Elilzabeth'sHospital,l Boston, MA 137
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Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Cardiac Myocyte Gene Regulation Room A-7 2:00 PM-5: 15 PM Chairmen: Laurence H. Kedes, Los Angeles, CA Vijak Mahdavi, Boston, MA MON PM 20 IdeeOfintion of a CanHac-SpeciBcTraraaiptional Enhancer That Res- ii the rxprerlon of the Slow/Cardiac Traponin C Gene In Vitro and In vfvo 0341 Michael S. Pammcek, Eliav Barr, Anuradha ). Vora, Frank lung Jeffrey M. Leiden. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,. MI 1 2:15 ReydaBon of the Hrrasan Cardiac iraponin C f:ene 0342 Thorkif H. Christensen, Larry Kedes. Institute for Genetic Medicine and Department of Biochemistry, University of Southern California School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA , 2:30 The "CCAC lrnC' Is E.KrNfal for Myoslobin Promoter Funcdou M Mad Rat MyocardNn 0343 Christian M. Grohe, Michael E. lessen, Robert Chao, W. Steves Ring R. Sanders Williams. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX 2:t5 Moleadar Medra.lan of Doxanrbidn Effect on Gene Expression in Cdl Model of CardiowPapal6y 0344 Masahiko Kurabayashi, Larry Kedes. Institute for Genetic Medicine and Department of Biochemistry, University of Southern California School of Medicine, Lbs Angeles, CA 3A0 Fos and )un Regulate heferenWl brducNon of the Skeletal Alpha-Adin Gene in Neonatal Rat Heart CeBs 0345 Nanette H: Bishopric,: Keith A. Webster. Veterans Administration Medi- cal Center, and'University of Califomia„San Francisco, San Francisco, and SRI International, Menlo Padc, CA 3:15 AdivaUon of tlrc Sloektal Alpha-Actin Promoter Lt Cardiac Myocytes 0346 Larry R Karns, Ken-ichi Kariya, Pauli C. Simpson. University of Califor- nia, San Francisco, and Veterans Administeation Medical Center, San Francisco, CA 3:30 brkn.iMbn ani EdrEblk k00 CakG.n, Oat Not cAMP or Coatractllity; Mediates Beta-Adrerresk Inruttlon of the 5keletal Alpha-Ae1hr Gene in Cultured Heart Mwcle Cellr 0347 Nanette H.:Bishoprfc, Keith A. Webster. Veterans Administration Medi- cal Center and University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, and SRI International, Menlo Park, CA k15 A Ubiquibrrs (HF-1a) and a Distinct A-T-Rk1r Bbrdies Factor (HF-lb) Mediate Cardf.c-SOedfk Expression of the Myosf. LiOM Chai.-2 Geee 0310 Hong Zhu, Sutip Navankasattusas, Arnold Garcia, Sylvia M. Evans, Ken, neth R. Chien. University, of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA 430 Mapping the Reprlatory 9emmb of the Alpha Myosin Heavy Chain Ge.e In vfvo 0349 Peter M. Buttrick, Matt L Kaplan,.Richard'N. Kitsis, Leslie A.. Leinwand. Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY 1%5 DWinMd Receptor Complexes Associated With the Binding of TR-Alpha and TR-111eta to the Rabbit Cardiac beta-Myuds Heavy Csahr hor.o/er 0350 Patrick K. Umeda„)ody.M. Welborn,.RhondaL. Carter,.William W. Chin, Douglas S. Daring University of Alabama at Birmingham, Bk- mingham, AL, and Brfghamand Women's Hospital, Boston, :MA, 30 A 64-bp Resinn of the Oeta-Myosis Heavy chain Gene f•romoter Medi ~- alsis Mypcyk-SpecNk- and Alpha-l-Adrenersio- and Protein Kinase C-Stlnulated Expression i. Card{ac.Myocytes 0351 Ken-ichi Kariya„Lhny R. Kann, Paul C. Simpson. University of Califor, nia, San Francisco, and Veterans Administration Medical Center, San Francisco,,CA I +, 111
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1 Councils on Epidemiology and Prevention and Kidney Sunset Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 18. Cardiovascular Heart Disease in African-Americans Moderator: Charles K. Francis, New York, NY CHD Mortality in Blacks Versus Whites Julian Keil, Charleston, SC Clinical Presentation of CHD in African-Americans Herman Taylor, Birmingham, AL Risk Factors in Young Adults: Prevalence Diane Bild, Bethesda, MD Risk Factors: Disease Correlations Janice Douglas, Cleveland, OH Preventive Cardiology in African-Americans: The Birth of a Discipline Charles K. Francis, New York, NY Councils on Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery El Capitan Room Anaheim HiltomHotel 19. Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery for Multivessel Coronary Disease Moderator: Shahbudin H. Rahimtoola, Los Angeles, CA Randomized Trials: CABRI Michel BertrandJ Lille, France Randomized Trials: BARI Robert L. Frye, Rochester, MN Current Assessment of CABG Bruce W. Lytle, Cleveland, OH Current Assessment of PTCA Ronald E. Vlietstra, Lakeland, FL Council on Clinical Cardiology Grand Ballroom Salon B Anaheim Marriott Hotel' 20. Can Coronary Angiography Predict the Site of Subsequent Myocardial Infarction? Moderator: William C. Little, Winston-Salem, NC Serial Angiographic Studies Before and After Myocardial Infarction William C. Little, Winston-Salem, NC Quantitative Angiography After Myocardial Infarction B. Greg Brown, Seattle, WA Prospective Angiographic Study of Myocardial Infarction and Coronary Occlusion Mark W.I. Webster, Auckland, New Zealand Pathologic Study of the Culprit Plaque in Myocardial Infarction Paris Constantinides, Shreveportl LA 1K
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Council on Basic Science and the Cardiac Electrophysiology Society Avila Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel ' 20. The Meeting of Molecular Biology and Electrophysiology I Chairman: Morton F. Arnsdorf, Chicago, IL Primer on Molecular Biology for the Eledrophysiologist Eric C. Beyer, St. Louis, MO Primer on Electrophysiology for the Molecular Biologists Harry Fozzard, Chicago, IL Molecular Biology in the Study of Gap Junctions Jean-Paul Revel, Pasadena, CA 1111
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MON How-to Sessions EVE 8:30 PM-TO'3O PM' NOV 11 Council on Clinical Cardiology Orange Country Ballroom Salon 4 Anaheim Marriott Hotel 10. How to Perform Transesophageal Echocardiography Nelson Schiller, San Francisco, CA (Moderator) Peter Hanrath, Aachen, Federal Republic of Germany Bruce Shively; Albuquerque, NM William Schiavone, Akron, OH Council on Clinical Cardiology Palos Verdes Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 11. How to Assess Left Ventricular Diastolic Function Gregory L. Freeman, San Antonio, TX (Moderator) Martin Sullivan,, Durham, NC Robert Bonow, Bethesda, MD Rick A. Nishimura, Rochester, MN Council on Clinical Cardiology Orange County Ballroom Salon 5 Anaheim Marriott',Hotel 12. How to Evaluate the Postinfarction Patient Robert Gibson, Charlottesville, VA (lvtoderator) John J.,Mahmarian, Houston, TX L. David Hillis, Dallas, TiX Robert DeBusk, Palb Alto, CA Councils on Cardiovascular Surgery and Clinical Cardiology Carmel Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 13. How to Use Intraoperative Echo William K. Freeman, Rochester, MN (Moderator) Ann Bolger, Stanford, CA Fausto Pinto, Stanford, CA Henry M. Spotnitz,,New York, NY Councils on Circulation, Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care, and Clinical Cardiology Manhattan Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 14. How to Perform Lung Transplantation R. Morton Bolman, Minneapolis, MN (Moderator) G. Alexander Patterson, St. Louis, MO John Calhoon, San Antonio, TX t68
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MON PM NOV 11 8asic Science/Cardiovascular Radiology/Clinical Cardiology/ Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: Cine-Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Poster, Presentation Boards P74-P83 Convention Center Exhibit Halll Poster Displayed: 2:00' PMr5:00 PM' Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P74 Detection and Quantitation of Intracardiac SMmts Using Ultrafast Car- diac MR Imaging and Gadolinium-DTPA in Youag Adults p623Warren J. Manning.Dennis JJ Atkinson, J. Anthony Parker, Robert R. Edelman.. Beth Israel Hospital,l Boston,i MA P75 High ResotYtion Ultrafast CT in the Diagnosis of Experimental Polnro- nary. ranbolistn 0624 . WilUiamStanford., Brad H. Thompson, SteveK:,Landas,James J...Ger- aghty, Timothy J. Reiners, Mark NJ Jabro, Jeffrey R. Galvin. The Univer- sity,of Iowa Hospitals and'~Clinics, Iowa Ci1y,.IAP76 Automatic Myorard'ial CaMoar Detet.tian of Cine-Camptlcd Tonograplrc lmages 0625Karun~P. Phidip, Edwin~.L Dove, NdnaL. Gotteiner, Michael J. Vonesh,. JuddE. Reed,.John A. Rumberger;Witliam Stanford,.Krishna 8:Chan- dran, David! D. McPherson. University,of Iowa„IowaCity,.IA,.MayoClinic, Rochester, MN,,and NorthwesternUniversity; Chicago;.ILi P77 Dipyridamole MRI'. Detection of Myocardial Hypoperfusion in Man 0626 Saul Schaefer, Remvan.Tyen, David Saloner. Department of Medicine and Department of Radiology, Veterans Administration Medical Center, and University of California,,San iFrancisco,. San Francisco,.CAP7g Invenion Recovery.and Gradient Recalled Echo Planar MRI Measure- ment of Gd-DTPA-BMA Transit: Detection of Acute Myocardial hcHemia 0627 Michael i F.. Wendland,. Maythem Saeed, Takayuki Masui, , Charles 8. Higgins. Department of Radiology, University of California, San Fran- cisco, San Francisco, CA P79 Three-Dimensional In Vivo Analysis of the Left Ventride Following Acute Right Ventricle Hyperlension 0626 Douglas J- Pearce, Louis J- Detl'Italia,. Gerald G. Blackwell,. H: Ross Singleton,.Gerald. M., Pohost. University of Alabama at~Birmingham,. Birmingham, AL PBO Preischemic Glycogen Doec Not Correlate With PostiscNemic Recovery' Yt Rat Hearb:A°C NMR Study 0629 Ronald D: Pritchard,: Pamela B. Garlick. Radiological. Sciences;,Guy's Hospital,l LonI United Kingdom i Pfi1 Validity of fat CT ts6mates of Intramyocardial Blood VoMune: Evalua- tion WftA Geometry of ifeadedHeart Wall 0630 Yun-he Liu, Erik L.. Ritman: Mayo.MedicallSchool, Rochester, MN P82 Deeection of. Cardiac Transplant Rejection by Magnetic Resonance Imaging and SpeCirO-opy 0631 ChristophenL. Wolfle,.TeresaDeMarco,.Gary R..Caputo, Wilbert M. Chew,.Walter EL Finkbeiner, Charles B. Higgins, Kanu Chatterjee: Uihi- versity of California. San.Francisco, San Francisco, CAPg3 Accurate. Estimation of.Right:Ventricular Mass in the Dog Using Mig'neNc Resonance Imaging 0672Kenneth M. McDonald,.Todd Parish,.Paul Wennberg,.GaryS. Francis,. Arthur Stilllman,JayN. Cohn, David Hunter. University of Minnesota,. Minneapolis, MN 144
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Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Grand Ballroom Salon A Anaheim Marriott Hotel 15. How to Perform Exercise Physiology Testing in Pediatrics Fred)ames, Cincinnati, OH (Moderator). Wayne Franklin, Columbus, OH I Bruce S. Alpert, Memphis, TN Gerald Marx, Boston~ MA Councils on Cardiovascular Surgery and Clinical Cardiology Palisades Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 16. How to Treat Endocarditis Surgically Lawrence H. Cohn, Boston) MA (Moderator) Noel L. Mills, New Orleans, LA Bernard'S. Goldman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Sidney Levitsky, Boston, MA 10
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Featured Research: Endothelium-Signal Transdudion and Pulmonary Vasoreactivity Room A-10 MON PM 2:00 PM-5`.15 PM Chairmen: Ivan F. McMurtry, Denver, CO Michael S. Wolin, Valhalla, NY 200 Slate of the Arf: The i-Arsieine-Nihic Oxide-Cyclic GMP Pathway: A Io&nt EndoOenap Mec#aniWn for Modulatin0 Pubsonary Vaadar Tone Louis. J..IBnarro. Los Angeks,. CA 20 Mhahd Nitric OxMk: A Selective Pulmonary Va.odilator Revasin8 Hwaap HYPoxic Pulmonary Va.ooomhiclion 0361 Hans Blomqvist, Claes Frostell, Goran Hedenstiema, Warren M. Zapol. Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden, and Massachusetts General Hos- pital, Bostonj MA 2:l5 holonOed ara8on of InAaled Nitric Oxide-InduKed V»odilatatfon in Perfused Rabbit tun0 0362 Stephen RiYrwr, C. Norman GOlis. Yale University, New Haven, CT 3:00 !JG-MonosnetltYl+-ArOLtine ReJazet rreconaictcd Canine intrapulmo- PuY Arlerk+ 0363 Mary L Tod, Chun-Ming Tseng, Ueorwrd Goodman, Lewis J. Rubin. Univesify.of.Maryland, Baltimore,.MD 3:15 fY'-Nitro+-Arjinh.e Methyl Ester Selectively Inhfbib Vasodilator Rerponres In the Pulmonary VaMdar Red of the Cat 0364 Timothy J. McMahon, James S. Hood, Philip J. Kadowitz. Tulane Medi- cal School, New Orleans, LA 330 IMeraiiuion and Exhibits 4:00 6tdottieW.n-Dependeat and -Ydependent cGMP Relaxant Mecha- eirro Appear to Metillale Oxygen Tension Respaqet In Calf hdmo- aary Resistance ArMip 03fiS Hatim A. Omar, Michael S. Wolih. New York Medical College, Val- halla, NY 4ss Hypoxia stiawlate. Endothelln-1 Release From PnlmonaryA.tery. SaaMh Mwde Celb In Vitro 0366 David Langleben, Lenuta Serban, Dominique Blais, Farida Mohamed, Duncan I. Stewart. McGill University„Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1:30 cAAV Attnwatp fndotlrc6.-1-l.d.ced Protein Klnare C Activation and PGE, Syeitherb In Qitl.ed Pulmonary Va.adar S.moOh Muscle Cells 0367 Karleen S. Callahan, Imad S. Fanukh, Jbhn R. MicfiaeU The University of Utah; SaK Lake City, UT MSRoleof Gfiatrbu In /.4.o.ary Varaiar.Rerponses 0360 Albert Hyman, Qingzhong Hao, Howard Lippton. Department of Sur- f{ery, Tulane Medfcal School, and Department of Puhlnonary; Louisiana State University, Medical Center, New Orleans, LA SOO tlieR~rn 6deVpndeet VasOdBalon Ane Marloedly Decreaudt la Can- rcias Dop Fallowie0le(t LrK AMkofraroplantalbn 0369 Kimitoshi Nishiwalci,.PankajiM: Desai, William P. Peterson,,Daniel P., Nyhan, Peter Rock, Bing X. Tong, Charles G. Pribble, Paul A. Munay.. The Johns Hopkins Medical InstiMutionsy. Baltimore, MD ; 113 '1
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MON PM NOV 11 Basic Science: Modulation of Calcium Channels Poster Presentation Boards P138-P7 42 Convention Center Exhibit Halll Poster Displayed: 2:00 1PMr5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM P138 Modulatkm of I, by ATP In Isolated Ferret Right VeaMiodar Myoqler 066) Yusheng . Qu, Donald! L.. Campbell, A. Richard Whonon, Harokl: C: Strauss. Duke Uitiversity„Durham; NC P139 Lort;-Chain Atykarnitines Suppress Rather Than Stimutate the Volt- a`e-Oependentl-Type Calcium Current 0696 Jianyi Wu,.Peter B. Corr. Washington University, St. Louis, MO: P140 Inotropic and Chronotropic Actions by FaUy Aads Which Increase Intracellular Calcium and Shortening in Cardiac Myocytes 0689 . Marvin Bacaner, Michael Hoey,.Hiroshi lkenouchi,i William Berry. Uni, versity, of Minnesota, Minneapolisy. MN, and UniWersity, of Utah„Salt , Lake City,. UTI P141 Modulation of Basal 6 by Adenosine in Isolated Ferret Right Ventricu- lar Myocyles 0690 Yusheng Qu,.Donald L. Campbell, A..RichardWhorton„Harokl C.. Strauss. Duke University, Durham,.NC P142 Novel Type of Ca" Current in Rat fetal. VeMrindar. Cardiomyocyten 0691 Noritsugu Tohse, Hiroshi i Masuda,. Nicholas Sperelakis. , University of Cincinnati; Cincinnali,.OH 152
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Councils on Circulation and Clinical Cardiology California Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 14. Mechanisms of Altered Ventricular Function in Pressure-Overload Hypertrophy Chairman: Richard A. Walsh, Cincinnati, OH Coronary Circulation William M. Chilian, College Station, TX Cardiac Interstitium Karl T. Weber, Columbia, MO Energy Metabolism Carl S. Apstein, Boston, MA Contractile Proteins Richard A. Walsh, Cincinnati, OH Councils on Clinical Cardiology, Stroke, and Cardiovascular Surgery California Pavilion B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 15. Management Problems in Cardiac Disease in the Elderly Chairman: Melvin D. Cheitlin, San Francisco, CA Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke: When Do the Benefits of Anticoagulation Outweigh the Risks? Valentin Fuster, New York, NY Valvuloplasty for Aortic Stenosis in the Aged: Is It Ever Preferable to Aortic Valve Surgery? Charles R. McKay, Iowa City, IA Is Thrombolysis lustified in Acute Myocardial Infarction In the Elderly? Eric J. Topol, Ann Arbor, Ml Valvular Surgery in the Elderly: Risks and Results Mortimer Buckley, Boston, MA Councils on Cardiovascular Nursing, Clinical Cardiology, and Epidemiology Huntington Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 16. Challenges of Longevity Chairman: Susan R. -Gortner, San Francisco, CA Magnitude of the Problem Bernard J. Gersh, Rochester, MN Treating Coronary Risk Factors: Right or Ritual? William McFate Smith, San Francisco, CA Impact of Added Years on Quality of Life Marie Ji Cowan, Seattle, WA Ethical Considerations in Care of the Aging Gottlieb C. Freisinger, Nashville;TN Economic Considerations: Dollars and Sense Mark A. Hlatky, Stanford,CA ®
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Basic Science: Outward Current in Cardiac Muscle (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P165-P167 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM, MON PM t•16S Hechophpialogkal Charaderil8n and Trammural Distribumon of M Celk inlhe Canine Ventricle 0714 Serge Sitouri, Charles Mtlelevitch. Masonic Medical Research Labora- tory, Utica, NY P166 Canine Mtrar.yacardial Cells WNM Long Action Potential Duration 0715 Yong-gao Wang, Robert 11 Hariman, Gary. A.. Gintant, . Eric K. Louie,. Ming H. Hwang, Henry S. Lbeb, Hines Veterans Administration Hosp-tal and Loyola University MedicaLCenter, .Maywood,.IL, and'Masonic Medical Research Laboratory, Utica, NY P167 Refledioe In a Single Fiber: A Model Study 0716 Candido Cabo, RogerC. Barr. Duke Uniwersiry,.Durfiam„NC 1ss
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Council on Cardiovascular Radiology Grand Ballroom Salon C Anaheim Marriott Hotel 21. Noninvasive Imaging of Vascular Disease: A Modality Overview Moderator David C. Levin; Philadelphia, PA Vascular MRI Robert J. Herfkens, Stanford, CA Color Doppler Conrad Carl Jaffe, Bethesda, MD Vascular Computed Tomography Timothy J. Welch, Rochestery MN Advances in Digital Vascular Imaging Theron Ovitt, Tucson, AZ Councils on High Blood Pressure Research and Epidemiology and Prevention and the Committee on Nutrition Santa Monica Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 22. Recent Research on Hypertension Prevention and Control Moderator: Claude Lenfant, Bethesda, MD The Role of Na/K in Hypertension Prevention Louis Tobian, Minneapolis, MN The Role of Obesity in Hypertension Prevention Edward D. Frohlich, New Orleans, LA Final Results of TOHP: Phase I Nemat Borhani, Carnelian Bay, CA Is Plasma Renin a Predictor of Response to Nonpharmacologic Treatment of Hypertension? M. Donald Blaufox, Bronx; NY 167
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Clinical Cardiology: Echocardiographic Assessment of Cardiac Fundion and Hemodynamics-New Methods Poster Presentation Boards P100-P109 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 ,PMr5:00 PM MON PM NOV .11 P100 Reduced Doppler dP/dt Is a Better Predictor.Than Ejection Fraction of Adverse OnEconte Following Valve Repair for. Mitral Regurgitation 0649 Julius Torelli,.WililiamJ..Stewart;,L'oretta Isada,.Pauk Casale,.Ernesto E. Salcedo., Cleveland Clinic Foundation,i Cleveland, OH P/01 Influence of.Age on Exercise Pulmonary Artery Pressure:.A Doppler Study' 0650 Rita F. Redberg, Kelly 1. Tucker, Brian F. O'Kelly, N@Ison B:,Schiller. University'of Calilfornia„San Francisco, San Francisco, CA P102 Nbninvasiverytimation of Left VeMricalar End-Diastolic Pressure Using Trandhoraoic Doppler-Determined Pulmonary Venous Atrial Flow Reversal 0651 Satoshi Nakatani, Hiroyuki' Yoshitomi, /un Tamai, Hisao Matsuda; Shintaro Beppu, Seiki iNagata; Kunio Miyatake. National Cardiovascular Center, Suita, Osaka, Japan P103 Measurement of Pulmonary Venous HowVelodty, by Pulsed Doppler Traruesophaiteal Erlsowdiography, to Predilct, Palrrronary, Artery Pres- sure and Left Ventricular E.d-Diastolic Pressure 0652 Thomas Hofmann, Wolfgang Kasper, Burkhardt i Langenstein„Thomas Meinertz.JllMed.Clinic, AK St..Georg Hamburg and.Med. Clinic IIIJ University,of Freiburg, Federal Republic of Germany P104 Influence of i Postural Change on Pulmonary Venous Flow Pattern . In Heart Failure 0653 KazuakiiTanabe, Nobuyuki'Ooyake, Yutaka Ishibashi, Tetsurou~Ohta; Toshio Shimada, Sh'igefumii Morioka, Katsutoshi Moriqama. Shimane Medical University, Izumo; Japan P105 Abnormal Left Ventricular Diastolic Filling Patterns in Acute Hypoxic Pulmonary Hypertension at High Altilude 0654 Manfred Ritter, Rolf Jennk Marco Maggiorini, Oswald~Oelz. University' Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland P10f Determination of Right Ventricular Mass by Echocardiography Using a Sbell Model 0655 Nicole M. Aebischeq.FerencCzegledy, Diane R. SmRh,.Jose Katz. Brown,Univenity; Providence,. RI, ardColumbia Uhiversity, N@w York; NY P107 Importance of Pressure Recovery, for.Doppkr-CaWeter Gradient Com- pariwrn In Coarcialiar 0656 Helmut.Baumgartner„Heinz Schima, Gerald Tulzer, Peter Kiihn, Krankenhaus Barmherzige Schwestern, Linz,.. Austria P1D0 Doppkr-Catlteter Gradient Relationship in Coarctation: Dependence on Stenosis Morphology 0657 Helmut Baumgartner, Heinz Schima, Gera4d. Tulzer, Peter Kiihn: Krankenhaus Barmherzige Schwestern, linz,. Austria P109. NonYwasive Assessment of the Pulmonary Artery Pressure Respo.x to Exercise After Heart Transplantation . 0658 Kelly J. Tucker, Rita F. Redberg„ David PIbss, Teresa DeMarco, Elyse Foster, N61son.B: Sch'iller. University of California, San Francisco,San~ Francisco, CA 147
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MON Cardiovascular Conferences EVE 8:30 PM-10:30 Pm NOV 11 Council on Thrombosis Orange County Ballroom Salon 2 Anaheim Marriott Hotel' 12. Emerging and New Anticoagulant Strategies Moderator: Fletcher B. Taylor, Oklahoma City, OK Activated Protein C Fletcher B. Taylor, Oklahoma City, OK Synthetic Peptides Inhibiting von Willebrand Factor Zaverio M: Ruggeri; La Jolla, CA Naturally Occurring Anticoagulants: Hirudin Stuart Stone, Basel, Switzerland Hirudin Analogs `John Maraganore, Cambridge, MA Antibodies to Platelet Membrane Glycoprotein lb Jonathan Miller, Syracuse, NY Council on Clinical Cardiology RedondaRoom AnaheimiHilton Hotel 13. Sudden Cardiac Death Moderator: Jeremy Ruskin, Boston, MA Diagnostic Evaluation Jeremy Ruskin, Boston, MA Antiarrhythmic Drugs 'Gerald Naccarelli, Houston, TX Surgical Therapy John M: Miller, Philadelphia, PA ICDs Paul Troup, Milwaukee, WI Councils on Clinical Cardiology, High Blood Pressure Research, and Cardiovascular Surgery San Clemente Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 14. Management of Heart Disease in Women Moderator: Pamela S. Douglas, Boston, MA Risk Factor Management Julie Buring, Brookline, MA Treatment of Hypertension Ellen Cohen, Bronx, NY Management of Heart Disease During Pregnancy Nanette Wenger, Atlanta, GA Treatment of Coronary Disease: PTCA and CABG Renee Hartz, Chicago, IL *See page 27:. ti{
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MON PM NOV 11 Arteriosderosis: Vessel Wall 11 Pacific B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-S:] S PM Chairmen: Michael E. Rosenfeld, La Jolla, CA /on C. Lewis, Winston-Salem, NC 2:00 Arterial Remodeling Does Not Occur In an EndMhelYal Deoudation, Model of Alherosckrosis in Rabbits 0447 Richard E. Kerbeq..Mark L. Armstrong, Robert A:,Kieso; Karen Fbx- Eastham, Pamela K:Tompkins.,UniWersity.of Iowa, IowaCity,.IA, 2:15 In Vhro Gene Transfer. Postangioplasty inAtfierosclerotic Arteries 044D Guyieclerc, DovGal, Sigrid Nikol, Marianne Kearney, Lawrence Wefd, Jeffrey M: Isner. Tufts University: School of: Medicine, St. Elizabeth's Hospital,,Bostom, MA2:30 Induction of Mgiotensin Conver8ng Enzyme in Neointima After Ral- loonlnjury 0419 Hiromi Rakugi, Jose Krieger, Dale.S. Wang, Victor J. Dzau,.Riahard E:. Pratt. Falk Cardiovascular Research Center, Stanford University; Stan- ford, CA 2:45 Reparative Response of the Attnial. Wall: Invasion of Macrophages, and Smooth Musde Cell Proliferation After. Fxperimental Balloon An9oVlast1'0150 Hartmut Hanke, Stefan Hassenstein, Martin Oberhoff,. Jpach'im Kamenz,. Eberhard. Betz,:ABen M. Gown,.Karl R.: Karsch. Department of. Cardiologyy andDepartment.of Physiology, University of Tubimgen,. Tiibingen,. Federal IRepublicc of iGermany, and. Department of Pathology, , Seattle, WA. 3:0o Reoxygenation Stimulates 1L-1-AIpha Production, Increasing leuko- tyle Adherence to Etdotltelimn via Expression of 1CAM-1 and ELAM-1 0451 Revati Shreeniwas, Shin Koga, Caesar.Butura, ChristineR., Norton, Barry A. Wolikzky, Ann Goklsteina Joseph Plocinski, William Benjamin,, Daniel K. Bums, David Stern. Columbia University, New.York,.NY,.and'~Hoff- mann-La Roche, . Nutley, , NJ. 3:15 Early Induciion of an Atlrcrosderosis-Assodated EndotMlial-Leuko- cyte Adhesion Molecule by, an Atherogenic Diet In Rabbiti 0452 Hongmei Li,.Myron I. Cybulsky; Michael A:,Gimbrone Jr.,..Peter Libby. Brigham and Women's.Hospkal, Boston,.MA 3.30 tnlennission and Exhibits 4:00 Fish ONs Reduce Platelet-Monocyte-EndoUtelial Celll brteracBons Over. Lesions of Coronary Arteries In Swine d453Dong Nack Kima Josef Schmee, Choong Sik Lee, Allison Eastman, )ef- fery S. Ross, Wilbur A. Thomas. Albany. Medical College, Albany, NY 4:15 HDLr Abolishes LDL-Induced Monocyte Trartsmigration Into the Subendolhelial Space of Cocvltures of Human Aortic Wall CeRs 0454, Mahamad Navab,.Susan Imes,.Gregory P..Hough, Richard'W. Bork- Alan M. Fogelman. University of California, Los Angeles, School ofi Medicine,. Los Angeles,. CA430 Regulation of Human Monocyte Migration by. Cell Surface Receptors for Advanced Glycosylation End Products 0455 Ann-Marie. Schmidt, Jerry Brett,. Shi-Du ~. Yan, Samuel I C. Silverstein;. David Stern. Columbia Un'rversity;.New.York,.NY 4:45 Cloning and Expression of the 40 Klbdaltorr Cell Surface Receptor for Advanced Glycosylatfon End Products (RAGE 40): Its Role in Mediating AGE-Cellular Inleracfions 0456 Mike Neeper,.Anne-Mane SchmidU Feng Wang, Yu-Ching Pan,.David. Stem,.Alan Shaw~ Hoffman-La Roche Ine.,.Nutley,.NJ,.Colemb'ia Uni~- versity,.New.York, NY, and Merck Sharp &.Dohme„West Point, PASiA6 Staurosporine, a Potent'inhibitor of Protein Kinase C, Prevents Ilepair- ment of EndWhelitrm-Dependent Relaxatan.by Oxidized LIH in Pig . Coronary Arteries 045, Masamichi Ohgushi, Kiyotaka Kugiyama, Toyoaki Murohara, Kohp Fukunaga, Eishichi Miyamoto. Kumamoto University, Kumamolo; lapan ®
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Councils on Cardiovascular Radiology and Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Orange County Ballfoom Salon 3 Anaheim i Marriott Hotel l 15. Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism Wtoderator Michael i Bettmann, Boston, MA Choice of Modalities in the Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism Michael Bettmann, Boston)MA Noninvasive Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis Franklin Miller, Salt Lake City, UT Pulmonary Angiography Gordon McLean, Pittsburgh; PA Noninvasive Pulmonary Imaging E. Gordon DePuey; New York, NY Clinical and Analytical Overview Jack Hirsh, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada I Councils on Circulation and Clinical Cardiology Oceanside Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 16. Coronary Collateral Circulation Moderator: Robert J. Bache, Minneapolis, MN Coronary, Collateral Circulation Robert J. Bache, Minneapolis, MN Differing Functional Characteristics of Epicardial and Intramural Collateral Vessels Konrad Scheel, Fort Worth,,TX Vasomotor Activity of Coronary Collateral Vessels David~ G. Harrison, Atlanta, GA Angiogenesis in Collateral Vessel Development Wolfgang Schaper, Bad Nauheim, Federal Republic of Germany Dynamic Alterations of Collateral Flow in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease Attilio Maseri, London~ United Kingdom Council on Cardiovascular Nursing Laguna Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 17. Hemodynamic Monitoring in the Critically iII Cardiac Patient Moderator: Sandra Dunbar, Atlanta,,GA SVO, Monitoring Kathy White,, Mobile, AL Cardiac Output: A Right or a Ritual? Elaine Daily; San Diego, CA Advanced Hemodynamic Wave Interpretation Della: Burns, San Diego, CA Complications Revisited Kathleen M.141cCauley; Philadelphia, PA Research Findings Related to Hemodynamic Monitoring Gemma T. Kennedy, San Antonio, TX 165
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Cardiovascular Disease in the Young/Cardiovascular Surgery: Cardiovascular Surgery in Infant and Child I California Pavilion B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: George G. Lindesmith, Los Angeles, CA Albert P. Rocchini, Minneapolis, MN MON PM NOV 11 xptl WWRiam WL Gleen Lecture: From Gkm to Fontan-A Continuing Ero6rtlon Aldo R. Castaineda, Boston, MA Mp Effecl of reneWation on Oulaome of rartan Repair 0477 Nancy D. Brid®es, John E Mayer, James E. Lock, Aldo R. CastaiSeda. Children's Hospital, Boston, MA Y:45 iereatralyd ronhe With Delayed Catheler t]mure: Effects of VoMwu Loading arrd RaMe renertratlan on oxy{en fkRvery 047! Constantine Mavroudis, Vincent R. Zales, Cad L(ladceri Alexander J. Muster, Lanry A. tatson. Childi!en's Memorial Hospital, Chicago„IL k9D DetnniYrrMs of S- to 15-Year Oulcorne i. Survivors of the Modi/kd FoMan Operatlon 0479 Patrick W. O'Leary, David J. DnscollJ Kenneth P. Cifford, Robert H. Fe1dt, HartzeR V. Schaff, Francisco J. Puga, Gordon K. Danielson. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 3:15 late Follow-up of Survivorr of Ihe fanhn f rocedrre Performed During the 1970r for TrinrOld Atrerfa and Double Inlet Left Veatride 04R0 Douglas D. Mair,.Gordon K. Danielson, Francisco J. Puga: Mayo Clinie, Rochester, MN I 3:30 Inhrrnirrion iod f3ddbib 4!0 Partial Rivent•icdar Repair of Prd.anary Atresia Wflh Intact Ventricv- lar Septr.c U.e of ae Adjustable Atrioreptal Defect 0481 HiYel Laks, Jeffrey M: Pearl, Eli Milgalter, Davis C. Drinkwater, Jay M. Jannakani, Josephine Isabel Jones, Barbara 1. George, Roberta G~ Wil- liams. University of Califomia, Los An®eles, Medical Center, Lbs Ange- les, CA 4:1S Results of a RfRht VenMarlar Oatflow f atdr for Pdrnanary Atrnia and Intact Venlricdar Septrn 0482 Julia steinbeiger,.James Nt.Berry; John L..Bass, John E. Foker, Albert~P: Rocchimi. University of Minnesota,. Minneapolis,. MN 4:50 AI4aWw pH Strategy O.rhy Core Cooling Worreu DevebpmerNal Outaroe After Circdatory Aerat 0483 Richard A. Jonas, Jane W. Newburger, Gil IWernovsky; David M. Farrell, Leonard A. Rappaport~ David C. 6ellinger. Children's Hospital, Harvard Medial5chool; Boston, MA 4A5 Fadon Awodat[d WRh ClareoatlmMsb Following Ciroulatory Arrot In Chll/ren Witli Heart Direae 0464 Pierre C. Wong, Richard A. Jonas, Charles F. Barlow, Aldo R. Castaneda, James E. Lock, David L Wesse4. Children's Hospital, Hanrard'Medical School, Boston, MA SO0 A New Teolmique for Extending tlre Use of Allogafb hr Neonatal and Infant Cardiac Sr.Rery MOS Robert E. Michler, Jan M. Queagebeur, Columbia Univenity; New York, NY iecture willl be audiotaped. , ® I
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I MON PM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Contrast Echo-New Developments Poster Presentation Boards P88-P99 Convention Center Exhibit Hal[ Poster Displayed: 2:00' PM-5:00' PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM,-4:00 PM P88 Assessmerrl of Regional Myocardial Perfusion in Syndrome X by Myo- cardPal CoMrasl Echocardrbsraphy 0637 Kohji, Hiyamuta, Akilniko Shiraishi, Takafumi Ueno„Hideki Yoshiyama; AkihikoYamaga, Hidekatsu Maruyama,.Masayoshi Yoh',, Hisao.Ikeda, YoshinoriKoga,. Hironori Toshima: Kurume University School of Medicine; Kurume, Japan P89 Can Contrast Echocardio;raphk Reflow Predict tlre Myocardial'Sal- va8e in Ihe LonB Termtpfr38 YoungJOe Lim, Tohru Masuyama, Ak'io Kohama; Shinsuke Namto., Kawachi General Hospital, Osaka„lapan P90 Helero8eneily of Myocardial Reperfusion in Acute Myocardial ilnfarc- Uoo: Its Correlation to Iscfiernk Myocardial Damage 0639 Hiroshi Ito, Noriko Sakai, Masahito Aburaya, Hisahiro. Yu, . Yorihiko Higashino; Takazo Minamino. Sakurabashi Watanabe Hospital, Osaka, lapani P91 Ultrasonk Signal Processing Affects the Relation of Contrast Concen- tration to Pixel Intensity 0640 Richard A. Wray, William A. Zoghbi; Miguel A. Quinones, Jorge Cheirif B. Baylor College.of Medicine,. Houston, TX P92 Effect of Aconsfk Power on Measurements Derived On-line Front . Myocardial Time-InteesRy Curves in a Dog Model 0641 Richard A:.. Wray, Judith K. Mickelson, Joseph Brayenec, William A. Zoghbi,. Miguel A. Quinones, Jorge. Cheirif B. Baylor Collegee of Medicine, Houston,TX P93 A NewRiocompa6bk and Biodegradable Contrast ABerrtt for Left Heart Opacifkatlon 0642 Rainer J. Zotz, Raimund ErbelJ AzelWakh; Volker~Krone: Second Med- ical Clinic, Mainz,.and Hoechst AG,.Frankfurt, Federa6 RepublicoC Germany P94 Contrast Echo Mathematia: Nonseometric Ejeetion Fraction Calcvla- ffon.Given.Nonbolus Contrast Delivery 0643 Jack G, Mottley, KadiQ; Schwarz,. Richard S. Meltzer. University, of Rochester, Rochester, NY P95 Tranaesopha,eal Echocardiographk Identification of Two Types of Left Atrial Spontaneous Contrast in.Patients Wi/h.Mllral Merfranical Pros- thetk Vakes 064s. Dylan ~ Taylor, Kwan L. Chan. Universityy of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa,. Ontario,~ Canada P% Eclwgenk Smoke h Platelet Independent 0645 Alvaro Merino, Paul J. Hauptman, Valentin Fuster, Lina. Badimon, Juan /. Badimon,.Martim.E Goldman. Mount Sinai Hospital, NewYork,. NY P97 MecAarrisms Underlying Head-uy Tilt-Induced Syncope: An Edrocar- dloyaphk Study 0646 Ramon Castelb,. Denise Janosik, Akbar Mehdirad, Elizabeth O. Otiln. Carey Fredman,,Jeamette A., Sti Vrain) Patricia Lenzen,.Arthur L.Llab'ovitz, St. Louis UrtiversityMedi¢ali Center, St.. Louis, MO P98 Preoperative Ultrasound. Asaessaunt of Saphenous Veins for Suitability for Coronary,Artery Bypass Surgery. 0647 LuizPinheiro, Suresh P. Jain,.Jennifer Barnes, Richard Embry, Randalll Nord, Navin C. Nanda, Albert Pacifico..University of Alabama at Bir- mimgliam) Birmingham, AL P99 Vela9ty Wave Propagation In the Arterial System Clnosely. Correlales With Pulse Wave Propagation . 06" RamdasG. Pai,.PravinM., Shah..Loma Linda UniversityMedical Center,. Loma Linda, CA 146
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MON PM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Exercise Capacityf Expired Gases Moderated Poster Presentation Boards P190-P199 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster IDisplayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Discussants: Victor F. Froelicher, Long Beach, CA Robert A. O'Rourke, SaniAntonio, TX P190 Chronic Atrial. Fibrillation: Impact on Hemodynam)c Response to Exe.- cise and Survival 0739 Kenji Ueshima, Jonathan Myers, Takeo Kawaguchi,.)ames Liu,i Paul M. Ribisl,.Victor F. FroeBcher. Long Beach.Veterans Administration~Medi- wl Center, Long Beach, CA , P191 The Effect of Atrial Fibrillation on Exercise Tolerance in Patients With Norma) Hearts 0740: Laura A. Dalla Vecchia; Shmuel Ravid, Thomas & Graboys, Bernard Lown. Lowni Cardiovascular Centeq,Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA P192 Peripheral Adaptations to Exercise Training Compensate for. Age- Re)atedDifferencn )n Aerobic Capacity in Healthy Men. 0741 ~, Pollly A.,Beere,: Dalane W..Kitzman, MiriamMorey; Michael B. Higgin- both'am, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC P193. Influence of Pu)hwrrary, Diffusion Capacity on Exercise-Induced'Hypoxia in Orthotopic Heart Tramplant Patients 0742 RandyW. Braith, Marian C. Limacher, Scott H. Leggett,.Miehael L.. PoBock,.Edward D. Staples:,Center for Exercise5cience,,University.ot' Florida, Gainesvill'e,.RL P194 Diastolic Mechan)ires of Exercise Capac9tyy in Healthy Subjects 0743 )ean L., Vanoverschelde,.Bahija Essamri, Roland Vanbutsele,.Anne-M- D'Hondt) Jacques.Cosyns, )ean M:,Detry,Jacqwes A. Melin. University of Louvain, Brusse)s, Belgium P195 Effect of Hyperoxia on Exercise Perfarntance in.Heart Failure 0744 David ~P. Moore, AdelkR. Weston, J. Michael Hughes, Celia M. Oak)ey, John G. Cleland. Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospitia)„Lbndon; . United Kingdom P1% Spifoergometry to Evaluate DifferentFams of Rate Adaptive Pacing 074S Franz van Erckelens,. Martin Sigmandl Charlotte Reupcke. Medical Clinic I,RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Federal Republic of Germany P197 /nflrrence of Left Ventri¢vlar Chamber Size on.Maximal Heart Rate 0746 Wil)iam. F. Graettingeq. David~ H:. Smith,. Joel M. Neutel,l Jonathan Myers, Michael A. Weber. Veterans AdministrationiMedicallCentrr, . Long Beach;.and University of California,.Irvine, Irvine, CA P198 Exercise Perfoonance In the Elderly k Related to Doppler Left Ventric- dar Diastolic Filling Pattern 0747 Bruce K. Sh'ively„Thomas G. Cagle, Frank T. Gurule, ErikaA'. Smith, Betty J..Skipper,.Michael IH. Crawford. Urtiversity of New Mexico and Veterans Administratian Medical Centeq.Albuquerque, NM P199 Effed.of Propranolol on.Age-Astrociated Changes in Left Ventrirutar Performance During Exercise 0748 )eromeLL Fleg, Steven Sch'ulman,.Frances O'Connor,.Gary Gr•rsu•mblith, )on F. Clulow, Dale G. Renlund,.Edward G. Lakana. GeromokrRy. Research Center, Natimnai Institute on Aging,. National I tnsuautr•s rd Healtha Baltimore, MD 156
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MON PM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: TransesophagealEchocardiography- Clinical Applications Marriott Hall S Anaheim Marriott Hotell 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: James B. Seward, Rochester, MN Gerald Maurer, Los Angeles, CA 2-00 Transewphateal Echourdiography'in Patients Wilh.Slwck 9yndrome 0S0g Jae K. Oh, Lawrence J. Sinak, William K. Freeman, James B. Seward, Bijoy.K. Kh'andberia, A. Jamil Tajik.,Mayo Clinic,,Rochester,.MN 2:15 Trameaopfugeal Echocardiogaphic Findings in Severe Blunt (]test'. . Trauma 05" John F.. Moloney, Carol' I. Duffy; Jonathan F.. Plehn. Dartmouth- Hitchcock Medical Center, Hanover, NH I 2:30 Transesophageal Echocardiograpbic Mapping of Koch's Triangle Enhances Radiofrequency Ablation of Atrioventricndar Nodal Reentry Ac+hYllunias 0510 WilliamJ..Bommer, Jawahar DesaiJ University of California,.Davis; Sac- ramento, CA 2:45 Aortic Intramural Hematoma Visualized by Transesophageal Edto- cardi'opaphy 0511. Susanne Mohn-Kahaly, Raimund Erbel,.Maria Puth, Rainer Zotz, Jurgen Meyer, , Second Medical Clinic,: University of ~ Mainz,. Mainz, Federal Republic oflGermany. 3.00 Aortk f erivalvular. Defecls: Characterization by Transesophageal Echocardibgraphy 0512 Candace D. Dick,. Jeroslav. Skopal,. Valerie Ulstad, Helmut Lange, Charles Herzog, Jeanne Olson,.David Homans, Richard Asinger,,Hen- nepin County Medical Center, University of Minnesota, Abbot-North- western Hospital~ Minneapolis, MN, 3s15 Transesophaseal Edacardlographk Recognition of Subaortic fompli- ptionp of Aortic Valve En/bcardRk 0513 Ramesh C. Bansal, K. Chandrasekaran, Dean G. Karalis, Patricia M. Applegate,.Kenneth, R.Jutzy„John 1. Ross Jr. Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, CA, and Hahnemann University„ Philiadllph'ia, PA 3:30 Intennialon and E.Idbifs 4:00 f lanimetry of Stenotic Aortic Valve Area. Uiang Multiplane Tram- eraphaSealEchoardfography 0514 Rainer Hoffmann,:Frank A. Flachskampf, Peter Hanrath.:Medikal Clinic I, Klinikum iRWTH IAach'en,.Aach'en,.Federal Republic of Germany, 4:15 EAbnatlon of AAitral Valve Area Using Biplane Transesophageal Color Doppler EchocardiographY 0515 Chunguang Chen, Bidke Sohneider, Britta Sievers,. Dietman Koschyk. Thomas Meinertz, Christian Hamm,. Wolfram Kupper. University Hos-pita6 Hamburg ,Hamburg, Federal Republic oflGermany. 4:30 Transesophageal Echo Guiding Perculaneous Balbon Mitral Valvalo- pta+ty U1ing Matrix Biplane Probe 0516 Shunei Kyo, Takeshi.Motoyama,.Hiroshi Imafuku, Makoto Matsumura, YutakaDohi,.Ryozo Omoto..Saitama Medical School,.Saijama; Japan 4:45 Second-Run Bypass Rafed.on NNraoperative Transesophageal Echo- cardfography: Avoidance of Unfavorable Outcome 0517 Raj S. Ballal, Navin C. Nanda, Hans Jain, Rajat S. Sanyal, Fredenck Helmcke, TandawE..Samdarshi; Nelson.Pizzano. University.of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL 5:00 The Urefdneu of Routine TramesophaBeaf Echocardioaraphy for AR Cardlovarndar.5.rgery OStO William J. Bommer, David M. Follette, Amira Safwat, Herbert A. Berkoff. University of Califomia,pavis, Sacramento,.CA 130
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Clinical Cardiology: Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty-Acute Complications Marriott Hall N Anaheim Marriott Hotel' 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: David P. Faxon, Boston, MA William O'Neill, Royal Oak, MI MON PM NOV 11 2-00galloon Material as a Risk Factor for Coronary Angioplasty, Procedural. Complications 0519 KevimJ. Berry, Thomas M. Drew; George. R. McKendall, Barry L. Sharaf, . Edward S. Thomas, David'O. Williams. Rhode Island Hospital, Brown University, Provideni 2:15 Coronary Dissection Following PfCA: Predictors of Major ccfiemk CampRcatian 0520 MalcoimR. Bell, Peter 8. Berger, Guy S. Reeder, Kirk A. Gai David R. Holmes Jr. MayoClinic, Rochester, MN' 2:30 Changing Management of Abrupt Cbwre With Perfusion Balloon and. taser Balloon Catheters 0S21 Richard M. Pomerantz, Richard E. , Kuntz,. Robert N... Piana,. loseph P. Carrozta,..Gregg J. Reis,.BeverlyH. Loreil,.Robert'D. Safian;.Donald S. Baim. Harvard-Thorndik'e, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA' 2:45One-Year Follow-up of PTCA-Induced Dissectiots Treated With a Per- fusion Balloon Catheler. 0522 Charles Landau, Alice K. Jacobs, Jesse W. Currier) Seth D. Bilazarian,. Mark L. Leitschuh„Thomas J. Ryana David'P. Faxon. Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA 3:00 ReAenotii and Long-term OuOcame Following Successful Treatment of . Abrapt Cbsure Durieg and After Mgioplaqy 0S23 Alan N. Tenaglia, Donald'E F'oAina David /. Frid, Laura H1 Gardner, Charlotte L Nelson„Iames E. Tcfieng, Robert M: Califfl Duke Medical I Center, Durham, NC 3:15 ReKenwis and Left Ventricular Funcdon Following Repeat PTCA for Acute Closure 0524 Lawrence M: , Title, Michael .1. Curtis,, Todd! 1• Anderson, Merrili L.. Knudtson~ Mouh'ieddin Traboulsi. University of Calgary; Calgary, Alberta,:Canada 3:30 qrtennissian.and isrhibits 4:00 Validation of a Statistical Model to Predict Risk for Henmodynamic Compromise During PfCA 0S25 Bruce A. Bergelson, Alice K. Jacobs, L. Adrienne Cupples, Michael G. KyBer,.NkhoGs A. Ruocco,.Thomas/. Ryan, Davidi P. Faxon..Boston University Medica! Center,. Boston, MA 4:15 Outcome of Cardi'opuloonary Bypass-Supported Angioplasty in Patients WNhSevereiy Compromised Ventricvlu iynttion 0526Roberti A'. Vogel, for the National Registry of Supported Angioplasty Participants. University of Maryland Hospital,.Baltilmore, MD 4:30 Emergency Cardiopimonary' 6ypass: Initial Report of the National Registry of Supported Anglaplasty i artkipants 0527 Pau6 A. Overlie, Robert A. Vogel, William iW: O'Neill, Sidney C. Smith Ir., Michael R. Mooney, JamesD..OToole,. Morton 1. Kemi Robert J. Freedman If+,Methodist/St. Mary Hospitals, Lubbock, TX 4%5 Cardioprdmooary. Rypass_Supported ifCA: Long-term Follow-rQ in 142 Hish-Rifk Patients 0820 Fayaz Shawi, MichaelDomarnki, Marc Wish. . Washington Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park,:. MD S*0 Long-tenn Follow-up of Patients Undergoing Cardiopulmonary Cypas-Supported Coranary Meiopiady: ReRNtry Rewits 0S29 Robert A.. Vogel,. Fayaz Shaw; forr the Nationali Registry, of Supported Angioplasty Participants. University of Marylandi Hospital, Baltimore, and Washington Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, MD 131
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TUES AM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Echocardiography in Acute Myocardial Infardion-Assessment of Remodeling, Viability, and Prognosis (Continued) Room A-10: 11:30 AM-12:00 NOON 11:30 Which Stress-[rJJocard'wsraphic Test Is Best Suifablrfo kJeMify feop- ardiced Myocardiimr shortly. After MypcarNal hrfarctiooi 0827 Klaus Schrodeq,Heinz Voltler, Birgit Hansen, Thomas Linderep Chris- toph Spielberg,.HelgaMiinzberg, Rolf Schroden.KlinikumSteglitzFree University. Berlin, Berlin, Federal Republic of Gemrany 11:45 In-Hospital Prognoat6c Value of Dipyridamole &lrocardiographic Test t erfonned Three Days After. Acute Myocardial Infarction 0828 Francesco Chiarella, Stefano Domenicucci, Paolo Bellotli,i Luigi Moroni, Gabriele Lupi,.Gianni ~Scarsi, Carlo Vecchio. Cardiokogy. Division,. E.O.. Galliera,.Genova, Italy 176
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I TUES AM NOV 12 Plenary Session IV Main Arena: 9:00 AM 10:15 AM Chairmen: Fran4ois M. Abboud, Iowa City,; IA Claude Lenfant, Bethesda, MD 40o Paul Dudky White International Leclurs NiMric Oxide: Physiology, Patliolosy, and Cifoical Relevance Salvador Moncad6, Beckenham, Kent, United Kingdom Symposium: Rapid Identification and Treatment of Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction: Nitionai Implications 9:45Propam Model Michael J...Horan,, Bethesda, MD 10:W Requisites for Identification and Treatment of Patients Myron L.. WeisfeMt,, Baltimore, MD Plenary Session V Symposium: Newer Approaches to Pulmonary Hypertension Main Arena 10:45 AM-12:O0 NOON Chairmen: Joel D. Cooper, St. Louis, MO Alfred P. Fishman, Philadelphia, PA 1aA5 New Concepts in the Pathobiology, of Pulmonary urvertension Madene Rabinovitch, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 11A0 Phamtacothenpy of hhtrornry.Hypertension Lewis Rubiin, Baltimore,.MD 11:15 Selection of Patients for Pulmonary, Tiromboendarteredomy Kenneth M. Moser, San Diego,,CA 11:30 Pulmonary TMa.boendaRercctomyy for. Chronic Pulmonary, Emboiiam Pat O:,Daily; San Diego, CA 11:45 Ttanplantatlon for.Pulmonary Hypertension Magdi Yacoub, London, Uhited Kingdom i These sessions will be audiotaped.. 179
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MON PM NOV 11 Clinical Cardio%gy: Rapid Identification and Determinants of Coronary Reperfusion and Patency Pacific C Anaheim Hilton Hbtel 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Charles L Curry, Washington, DC Robert M. Califf, Durham, NC 2:00 Rapid Determination of Coronary Reperhnion in Acute Myocardial InfarctionPatienb Using MyoRlohin IGoetin o;t58 Gerard A: Dillon, Avery. K. Ellis, Francis.J. Klocke. State University of New.York at .Buffalo,.Buffaio, NY' 2:15 Does TIMI Grade 2 Perfurion Reprererst a Morfly Patent Artery, or a Moatiy Occluded Arteryt Err:ymatic and Electrocardiographic Evidence F.om the TEAM-2 Study 0459 Labros Karagounis,. Sherman. Sorensen,. FidelaMoreno; Ronald~ L. Menlove, Jeffrey, L.. Anderson, and the TEAM-2 Investigators. University ofiUtah, LDS Hospital, SaR Lake Cioy, UT 2:30 A Singk.Monocloeal Synthetic PepBde-Rared Radioinurrnnwspay Spe- dfic for Human Cardiac Ventricular Myosin Ijght Chain 1: Early Diag- nosis of Acute Myocardial lnfarctiorr o466Philip D. Nicol, Varun i. Sehgal, Ban ~An Khaw., Weliesiey. Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,.and Massachusetts General Hospitak Bos- ton, MA 2:45 Streptokinare Titen 1 to 4 Years After Intravenous Streptokinase 0461 John M. Elliott,.David!B. Cross,.Stevrart Cederhoim-Wiiliams,:Harvey D., White. Green Lane Hospital, Auckland, NewZeaiand; and John Ra& cliffe Hospital, Oxford, United Kingdom 3:00 Heparin-Induced Partial Thromboplastin Time After Thrombolysa: Prolongation Magnitude Determines Coronary. Patency 0462 iUidith Hsia, Neal Kktinwn, Frank..Aguirre,. Bernard R.: Chaitman, Robert Roberts,.ANan M. Ross.George Washington~University,.Washington, DC3:15 Troponin T: A Marker of Reperiution of the Infarct Zone 0463 Hugo A. Katus,.Thomas Scheffold, Andrew.Remppis, Paul Kerth, Wolf- gang Ruedinger. University, of Heidelberg and Boehringer, Mannheiim,. Federal Republic of Germany 3:30 intermirsion and Eadtihils 4:00. Morritoring. Peak Serurr Myoglobim for Noninvasive Prediction of Cor- onary Reperffuion in Patients 0464 PetenClemmensen, Birgit Jurlander,.Peer Grande, EL MagnusOhman, Galen S. Wagner. Department of Medicine B,. Rigshospitalet, Copen- hagen, Denmark,, and Cardiovascular Division, DukeUnhversity, Durham, NC 4:15 Electrocardiographic Signs of Reperfusion in. Acute Myocardial IrrfarcNorr o46S Pieter A. Doevendans,.Anton P. Gorgels, Hein i.i. Welllens..University Hospital Maastricht, Maastricht, The Netherlands 4:30 Early Detection of Coronary. Reperfuiron Based on Serum Myogiobin. Concentration 04" Junnichi Ishii,i Masanori Nomura,.Toshikazu Ando, Hirosh'i, Hasegawa: Mamoru Kimura,. Reiji Tateishi, Hiroshi Kurokawa, Takeshi Kondu; Hitoshi iHishida, Yasushi Mizuno. Fujita Health.University, Aichi, lapan 4:45Creatine 16naae MB Appearance. Rate After Tkrombolytic.Therapy. Reflects Reridual5tenomB Determined by,Quantitative Coronary.An6i- ography o467Lawrence Y. Ong, Stephen J. Green, Vellore T. Padmanabhan, Peter M. Reiser, John B. Morrison. North Shore Unirveersity, Hospital-Cornel0 Uni- versity. Medical Coil'ege,. Manhasset,. NY 5:00 The Relative Roles of Clinical Variablq and Continuous ST Segment Monitoring for "Reai lirrre"Noninvasive Detection Reperfusion In the TAMI 7 Trial 0468 Mitchell W. Krucoff,'Beverly LL Wagner,Ktistina N. Sigmon,.Christaa- pher M. O'Connor,.Christopher B. Granger, Dean J. Kereiakes.:BarryS: George;.ThomasC. Wall, Joseph.K! Samaha, and'th'e TAMI.7Study. Group. Duke University Medical Center, Durham;,NC 124
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i In C.a.r.. a•.r ~AYAM - - W®NKDAr M1 -- - - - TMURSDAr AM MAN A•6VA ~ 1hv.pnNC Sbw~ ~~~ wd'F+W wa FwAY:i bM SYYFOIIU• CWNrAI W~ d a I/FTKNwtic Cadwnppal:y AN ~% •:Wl+t fam UST rtl UST 11 AEOa ~n~nl a My:-Dq . . .. aa nroi..c a..N,r w w:we- a s~ .... neu.r sessloi/ ns l 1MS SYMIODIN.t C.urtTn.IFUtFS yt VYW/.~ te t99pt 1MS SVWOlIlll:k Caat/y Rev.ca/fatlnn in V 1 IFA~ SBfAlClk V.Nv SIMa ~:d-Fle:.. - IUYD mFA•C/k DevanqnwNY Gw:e F.Psbn . TzMyrrdY-HOMM.MaC M~c_hw,nnu / CalMaer Alttriw, d Accetwry V.Ihw+y. N - AM] ANDIp4ry/p1~ -- .. _ -.. Wp0104Y:iMr1.Wa:TabPW/N' CApqVASCUN" .. rid PoytMtlc dThWNn-30T _ . _ . qNCAI CA~qIOCTe SWnl Aven/In/-VMticNr T.NicA:dlT - _ A-1 CDNCAI CAm1OLOGf: C.do:ayt - IFATI~ •BAMC/6 Ne. 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CAm1DVASCTMI AI•Gah NM/r NM ~y 1 AryNp4pT-E:pwwa.M+/ letu•s ON(Y WDIDIUGY: Y[1.nYC //W DYSe-Cl.pic CAmqM11ONAlY AFO CNICAL CAE M:nw,Y VMertNw/' CNDIDVASCIMI MDIDIOGT/aM[M C11•OIOIOGri MiW.r GSMfX GSOIDIOII'. MdrnY[ 14at1 BYene T6etayy N C.*.MY-Aalbobet nd Sy.Vd•ak Y.wvatlw, MSK S[BiQ/CKLIATIDIN PaMMMNdbn Vwekar NemodeNn{ MSIC fCIBYQ/C1K1M1pK CJMb.atlYU Frhdory In Hypwlnaon ~:d C~dY[ Ytl Y . . - . . . . . . . . - . - Yn F MS1C SClK4/CONIAl10M AtWrndYl FIIM••MY rW i.M.e CINICK CA•D/DlO4l't ld' Vearkul. F.:,cNOn NI O S~IO~K, AND MbTGRADU~yM1HOW-T - ~ hS•wF1L•7•wt D.e LMe a CwY.Y 4. LoYn) PROGRAM AT A GLANCE 2
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Basic Science/Circulation: Coronary Circulation- Basic Concepts Poster Presentation Boards P179-P189 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayedi 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present 3:00 PM-5:00 PM' MON PM NOV 11 P179 Role of Endothelia'nn-Derived Nitric Oxidee in Myocardial Reactive Hyperemia 0728 Hiroshi Ishizaka,.Ken Okumuea,.Hiroshige Yamabe,.TakeshiTsuchiya. Kumamoto University,.Kumarnoto; Japan P180N-Omega-Nitro-i-ArBinine. Blunts Myocardial Reactive Hyperemia in Conscious Dogs 0729 Michel LavalYee, Richard Pare,.Robert~ Parent.. Department,of Physiol- ogy,. University of Montreal, and'Montreal Heart Institute,. Montreal, Quebec, Canada P161 The Effects of Nitric Oxide.5ynt6esis.lnkibifor on Reactive Hyperemia and Flow-Mediated Dilation of Coronary Artery in Conscious Dogs 0730 Kohei Muramatsu, Yoshihiro Imamura, Takahiro Narishige,. Teisuke Takahashi, Hiromitsu Kasuya: Hitonobu Tomoike. Kyushu University School of Medicine, Fukuoka, Japan P181 The ATP-Sensitive K' Chamtel Does Not Modulate Metabolic Vaso- dilation 0731 Thomas Aversano, .PamelaOuyang,.Howard Silverman.~ )ohns Hopkins Medical llnstitutions, Baltimore;.MD P183 ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channel Plays a Critical Roke in Maintenance of Basal Coronary Tone 0732 Frederick F. Samaha, Frederick W:. Hpineman, Joni Fkming,. Carlos Ince, Robert S. Balaban. Laboratory of Cardiac Energetics, Nttional Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD P184 Size-Dependent SensRivity of Coronary, Arteriales to. ATP-Sensitive K• Channel Opener 0733 Kouichi Sato, Hiroshi Kanatsuka„Nobuyo Sekiguchi, Kenjiro Akai, Yan Wang,. Kouichi'Ashikawa,~ Tamotsu Takishima.. Tohoku.University and. National Sendai Hospital, Sendai, Japan P18S The Role of ATP-SenaNve K' Channels in Responses of Coronary Arte- rial Mittovepels During Brief Ischemia and Reactive Hyperemia 0734 Hiroshi Kanatsuka, Nobuyo Sekiguchi, Kouich'i Sato,. Kenjiro Akai, Yan Wang, Kouichi Ashikawa, Tamotsu Takishima. , First Department of Internal Medicine, Tohoku University„and NationallSendai Hospital, Sendai, Japan P186 Participation of ProsfaBlandins.and Potasdum.Channek in.Acetylcho- uneanduced C'aatary. Atteriolar Dilatton In Dogs 0735 Tatsuya Komaru, KathrynG:.Lamping, Charles.L.. Eastham;.Kevin C. Delldperger. University oflowa,.Iowa City,.IA. P187The Role of ATP-Sensitive K Channels In Metabolic Regulation of Coro- nary, Blood Flow 0736 TakahiroNarishige,. Kensuke Egashira, Yoshihiro Imamura,. Teisuke Takahashi, Akira Takeshita. Kyushu University, School of Medicime,. Fukuoka,Japan P188 Dilation of Large Coronary. Arteries Induc[d'by Potassium ChannelOpenen In ConuciousDo6s Is Abolished After Coronary.Endothelium. Removal 0737Ch'nistophe Drieu la Rochelle, Eric Roupie, , Luc Hittinger, Jean-Luc Dubois-Rande; Vincent Richard,Jean-Fransois Giudicellij Alain Berdeaux. Faculte de Medecine Paris-Sud and CHU Henri Mondor, France P189 Role of ATP-Sensifive Potassium Channel in Control of Basal Coronary Blood Flow in Dogs 0738 Yoshihiro Imamura, Hitonobu Tomoike;. Takahiro Narishige,. Teisuke Takah'ashi,.Hiromitu Kasuya. Kyushu University, Fuk'uoka;Japan 157 6 M
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MON PM NOV 11 Arteriosclerosis: Lipoprotein Metabolism I Moderated Poster Presentation Boards P1-P10 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Discussants: Eliot A. Brinton,lNinston-Salem, NC Loren A. Zech, Bethesda, MD Henry N. Ginsberg, New York, NY Frank M. Sacks, Boston, MA Pl Widdnwn 0s50 P2 ACAT hJrfbiHon by CI-976 Lowers IAL aakRerol In ItabWts Fed a C6okaEerol-Free Dkt o551 Brian R. Krause, Karen A. Kieft, Bruce J. Auerbach, Richard L. Stanfield, Richard F. Bousley, Charles L. Bisgaier. Parkie-Davis Pharmaceutical Research Division, Ann Arbor, MI f 3 Kinetits of Choksteryl Ester Transfer to Hanan Plaswa Apo t- CoetaMrMr{ lipoproteiro 91 Roben D.,Phaid, Joseph D.Neff, Deborah App{ebaum-Bowden.lohnsHopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, and Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC P4 . Role of Apo E in HDL Clroleperol E.ter.Melabolbm.ln Ratb. 0553 Brigitte M. Richard; Ray C. Pittman. University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA P5 Abnon.al Regulation of l]ioksterol Synthesb In f•atient. Wflh Familial HypvBpidenda and Increased ExcreUon of Mevalo.ate 0554. James S. Prihoda, Anmradha S. Pappu, D. Roger lllimgworth. Oregon Heahh Sciences University, Portland, OR P6 ApollpopmleG E Is Aoqdnd by VLDL and IDL After Sevelioo and FadlHates Their Clearance in Namul Women 0555 Frank . M:.. Sacks,. Xiu-Ying Yang. Neili J. . Freedman,~ Brian W. Walsh. , Brigham and Women'9 Hospital,.Boston, MA P7 l]wk.Mol Eqer Transfer Protehr Defidency: Delayed Catabolism of Apo A-I leadlng to deva&d fMa.na HOL Levels 0556 KaWnori Ikiewafu,' Takuya Sakamoto, Dardel, J. Rader, Jurgen R. Schaefer, Thomas Faimvep,i Made R. Kmdt, ToshrtsuSu khirawa, Makolo Napno, H. Bryao Bnwer Jr, MokaAer D7cease Brandi and Natidul Flearl,. Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of HeaNh,Bediesda, MD PO Estrogen TreaMent Itabes Plawa HDL Concentrations by Nsveasbq HDL Production 0557 Brian W. Walsh, Frank M. Sacks. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Bos- ton, MA P9 IovaWNe Increases Apoproleie A-1 Levels in Sab/ects With 4olated Redactlorr ie High DemilT lipoproteir 0550 Henry N. Ginsberg, Colleen Ngai, Rajasekhar Ramakrishnan. Columbia University, New York, NY I10 Effect of ApoHpoproleie B Conformation on the Activation of LyiokdYryi Atyykrydfinx 0559 Ming Liu, Papasani V. Subbaiah. Rush Medical College, Chicago, IL 134 ~ 0 N W ~ O O N 4 I
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Community Programs: Cardiac Rehabilitation Room C-5 8:30 AM 9:45 AM Chairmen: Robert F. DeBusk, Palo Alto, CA Diane M. Becker, Baltimore, MD TUES AM NOV 12 8:30 Cardiac RehabBilatlOn: Are We Targeting the Wrong Populatio n? 08 73 William R. , Harlan, Shirley A. Sandier, . Kerry, LL Lee; Lai CFwi'. La m,. 8:45 Donald D. Glower, Daniel B. Mark: The Center for Living, Duke Un versity Medical Center, Durham, NC Factors Prediclin` beproveeent in Exercise Capacity Following Ca i- r- diic Rehabilitatlon and Fxercise Program 08 Richard V Milani i Carl 1 Lavie: Massachusetts GenerallHos ital BO 74 s- }A8: . , .. . ,.. p ton, MA,.and Ochsner Medical.lnstitutions, New,Odeans, LA The Effect of Cudlac Rehabililatlon on Cholesterol Awareness ie G r- diac Fatfents 08 C. Noel iBairey Anita Silber Mary Felando Jacob Klein Cedars-Sin 75 ai 9:30 ,, , . , . Medical Center, Los Angeles, CAWilbdrawn 087 RenefiCs of Secondary Coronary Prevention in the Nderly 087 6 7 Richard V. Milani, Carl 1. Lavie. Massachusetts General'Hospital, Bo ton, MA, and Ochsner Medical Institutions, New Orleans, LA s- 183
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MON PM NOV 11 Basic Science/Circulafion/Kidney: Expression and Adivation of Cation Channels Poster Presentation Boards P168-P178 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed:' 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM P168. Characterizatlon of Cloned Rat and Human Cardiac K• Channels in Two Exo,errow Exprnfion.Systam 0717 Sunny S. Po, Frank A. Fish, Dirk J. Snyders, Karen M. Knoth, Steve L.. Rob'erds, Michael M. Tamkun,.Paul B..Bennett. Vanderbilt University Schoob of Medicine, Nashville, TN . P169 Rioclremical and Fr.rctional Modification of a Rat Heart K' Clrannel by Protein Khate A or 8-&omo-cAMP 0718 Dirk I. Snyders, Paul'B: Bennett, Steve L. Roberds, Karen M. Knoth, Michael M. Tamkun. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN P170 ilock of the TransleM Outward Cunent in Rabbit Atrial Myocytes by Quinidines Lack of Voltage and Frequency Dependence 0719 I.ieju Liu, David. l. Wendt, C. Frank Starmer, Augustus O. Grant. Duke University, Durham, NC . P171 Mutageneds of the Agonist Binding Region of the Nicotinic Acetykcho- Rne Receptor 0720 Gordon F. Tomaselli, James McLaughlin, Mark Jurman, Gary Yellen. Johns Hopkins University and!the Howard Hughes Medical Institute,. Baltimore, MD P172 Mg'* Block of "Ca"-tnduced Ca" Rekae" Through the Ryanodine Receptor Ca" Release Channel of Cardiac Sarcaplamic Reticulum 0721 Seiko Kawano, Roberto Coronado., Tokyo Medical and Dental Univer- sity, Tokyo, Japan, and the University ofWisconsin,, Madison, WI' P173 Densities of T- and L-Type Cakiurn Channels Estimated From fompari- wn of Macroscopic and Unitary Currents in Cardiac Ventricvlar Myocytd 0722 William C. Rose, Eduardo Marban, W. Gili Wier, C. WilliamBalke. Johns Hopkins Univenity.and the University ofMaryland,.Baltimore; MD P174. Diuociation of Effects of ledrernia and Reperfurion on 1~ and Contrac- tfon In Guinea Pia. Ventrknlar Myoqtes 0723 Jonathan M: Cordeiro, Susan E Howlett, Gregory R. Ferrier. Dalh'ousieUniversity, Halifax„Nova Scotia,.Canada P175 Photo-Released Gwnodne NuckoliAet Activate L-Type Ca" Currents in Guinea PI{ Cardiac Venleicular Myocytes 0724 Roland Z. Kozlowskij Leo J.. GoodstadCVietor W. Twisti TrevorPOwelll. University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom P176 Block of Cardiac Na Current by, Nl" Provides Evidence for Two 1„va- lent Cation Blocking Sitn 0725 Dorothy A. Hanck,.Mich'aet F. Sheets. University,of Chicago and North- western University, Chicago, IL P177 Inrrrrunocytoclumittry of Rat Cardiac Sodium Channels 0726 Sidney A.. Cohen. Univenity, ofPennsylvania School of Medicine, Phila, delphia, PA P178 Oxidant Stnea Activates a Nbnelective Cation Channel in Pulmonary Vascular rardotbelial Celb 0727 Stephen J• Elliott, William P. Scbilling,.Diana L. Kunze. Baylor College ofi Medicine,. Houstonj TX 156 I I I
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MON PM NOV 11 Basic Science: Outward Current in Cardiac Muscle Poster Presentation, Boards P152-P164 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM P152 Effect of UK 66798 on Delayed K• Cusrenb in Cardiac Myocytes 0701 P153 fadolheBn-1 hrhibib a Specific Component of the Delayed Rec{ifierin Cat VeMricdar Myocytes 0702 Thomas M. Argentieri, Mark S. Caaroll.. Berlex Laboratories, Cedar Knolls, NJ P154 . Mechanhm of Delayed Rectifier B/odc by, WAY-123,39g, a New Class III Ageut, In Cat Veatrkular Myocytes 0703 Walrter.Spinelli,.Issam F. Moubarak,.Thomasi. ColAtsky, Wyeth-Ayerst Research, Princeton,~ NJ I P15S Modification of Cardiac ATP-Sensitive K• Chan.els by Metabolic. hrhihiffon 0704 Nicholas A. . Deutsch',, James N' Weiss. University of California,. Los Angeles, School of.Medicine, Los Angeles, CA P156 ATP-Activated Cationic Curreet in Single Rabbit Cardiac Myoaytes 0705 Morio Shoda,. Nobuhisa Hagiwara, . Hiroshi I Kasanuki,.. Hiroshi Idisawa. Tokyo Women's Medical College, Tokyo, Japan P157 Role of External Ca" and K* inGatSng of Cardiac Delayed Rectifler K' Currents 0706 Michael C. Sanguinetti, Nancy K. Jurk'iewicz: Merck Sharp &. Dohme Research Laboratories, West Point, PA P158 EMD 52692,. A. New Potassiwn Channel Opener and Vasodilator, Decreases Oxygen Free Radical Production in Pdymorphonodear Leu- kocyles 0707 Galen M. Pieper, Garrett ).I Gross. Medical'Callege of Wisconsin, Mil- waukee, Wf P159 Hyperpolarirafian In Vascular Myacrytes by the Vasodilator.Roacid'd Is Caused by a K• Current Blocked by.Glybenctamide and Charybdotosin 0708 Alistain L', Miller, William C. Cole. University of'Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. P160 Verapamil Reduces Action Potential Changes Induced by Simulated Ischesnia by Blotking ATP-SensitlYe K'Current 07" Shinichi Kimura, ArthurL. Bassett,.HOngying %i,Robert). Myerburg.. U n'rversity. of,Miami School of Medicine, Miami;: FL P161 Open-State Block of.Inward Rectifier K' Channel Induced byPakni[oykasaitlne In Embryonic Chick Heart Cells 0710 JSnosMeszaros, NichoiasSperelakis. University ofCincinnati,..Cincin- nati, OH P162 Pacemaker Current iy Recorded From Latent Atriai.Pacemaker Cells Ulitg Two Different Whole-Cell Recording Methods 0711 Zhenfeng Zhou, Stephen L.. Lipsius. Loyola University, Medical iCenter, Maywood,: IL P163 Aclfvatfon of Muscarinic K Channeb by. Platelet Activating FacYor- Pos- sibk Role of Arachidonate MetaiwBles 0712 Toshiaki Nakajima, Hiriyuki Ito, Eiji 1 . Hamada, Mari I Igachi, Tsuneak9 Sugimoto,. Yoshihisa Kurachi. Th'e. Second Department of Internal Medicine, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, . Japan, and the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN P164 Two Components of theTransienl Outward Current in Canine Veneric- ufar rpicardiume Right Venus. Left 0713 ibse. M. Di Diego, Serge Sicouri, SOvio H. LiOovsky; Charles Mtzelevitch . Masonic Medical Research laboratory, Utica,.NY Edward Carmeliet. Leuven University, Leuven,.Belgium 154
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Clinical Cardiology: Valvular Heart Disease/ Endocarditis Poster Presentation Boards P34-P44 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM MON PM P74 Effects of Vawdiiatlon on Veetricvio-Vascular Coapling Relations le Aortic itegursitatlon 0503 Mark R. Stariing.. University of. Michigan and Veterans Administration Medical. Centers, Ann Arbw, Ml r35 The Dynamic iteOurgNanl Orifice Aroa in an in Vitro Calf Model of Aortic fte{uegilatiom Depeadence on Aatic Pressure 05g4 Eduardo 6: Caguioa, Sharon C. Reiimold, Sebastian Velez, Richard T. Lee. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA P3i Left Ventrktaar Performance and Alyocardial Structure In Cl.onk Aoriic Regurgitation OSlS Tomohide Kawamoto, Kazuhiro Taniguchi, Yasuhisa Shimazaki, Toshiky Takahashi, Masataka Mitsuno. Osaka University Medical School, Osaka, Japan f 37 Effects of Vasodiatiun on Venteinio-Va.cufar Coapiitg Relations in Mitral ftegu.gitat3ua 0506 Mark R. Starfing. University of'Michiganand Veterans Administration Medical Centen,.Ann Arbot, Mt P38 Charaderization of Pulmonary Venou+ Flow Velocily in Patients With Mitral Valve Dbease 05it7 Thomas Hofmann, Burkhardt Langenstein, Birke. Schneider, . Thomas Meinertz Second Medical Clinic, AK. St. Georg, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany f 39 Mitral Valve holap.e: Valve Morphology Identlfiea Age-Related itidc of Left AtrW and Ventritadsr EalarSetnetR OSlB Stefan M. Nidorf, Marcia Leavitt, Jane E. Marshall,.Arthur E..Weyman,. Robert A. Levine. Massachusetts General Hospital~ Boston, MA f 40 A Rwrewnent of the fhoywAk hnpliatlar of Vegetation Size and Probnged Fever In RigM-Sided Erdacardifb In Intravenous Drug Abusers 0509 Susan R. Hedit, ManrinBerger. Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY P41 Can the 6dhoca.diographer EffecUvely Predict the fthk of haboRratlon During Infective Erdocarditlst 0590 Sheila A. Kim, David T. Durack, Thomas.M, Bashore, Robert A.. Waugh, . Joseph Kisslo, and the Duke Endocarditis Service. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC P42 Infeciire Endocardi/h and Mitral Valve Prolaqe: Clinical Conme- quences and CoA-Effectlvewess of.PrevenNon 0591 Cynthia Frary, Richard B. Devereux., Randi iKramer-Fox. New York Hos- pital, NewY6rk,.NY f 43 Valve Disease in Systemlc Lupm Erytbematasuw: . Importance of An*ho*hoNpW Antibodkt 0592 Carlos.A..Roldan,.Bruce K.. Shively, Chi~ Chi Lau,.Hala Toubbeh, Frank T. Gurule, Erika A. Smith, Michael H: Crawford. University of New Mexico and Veterans Administration Medical Center,Nbuquerque„NM' P44 Inlerferoo-Gamna in Ierkardial Asyiratea: A New, semilive, and Spe- cific Test fow Ihe Dlapwds of Tuberadow f*ericarditls 0S93. Sean E. Latouf,..5tanley R. Ress, Pauline T. Lukey,. Patrick J. Com- merford. Cardiac Clinic and: Clinical Immunology, Department . of Medicine, Uniwersiby.of Cape Town, and Groote Schuur Hospirtal, Cape Town, South Africa. 139
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TUES AM NOV 12 Arteriosclerosis: Lipoprotein Receptors (Continued) Pacific B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 11:30 AM-12:00 NOON. 11:30 Isolation and Charaderi:alion oi'theAcetylated: LDL Receptor Promoter 0913' Karen S...Moulton,~ Hong Wu, Sampath Partthasarathy,.Christopher K. Glass. University of California, San Diegojla Jolla, CA 11 A5 Human Scavenger Receptor Gene: Its Genornic Stnrciune and Promoter Region 0914 HitoshilAsaoka;.Mituru Emii, Tsunehiro Mukai, Tatsuhiko Kodama, Yoshio Yazaki,.Akiyo Matsumoto, Hiroshige Itakura., National itnstitute of Health and Nutrition and University of Tokyo, Tokyo, and National Cardiovascular Research Institute, Osaka, Japan 100
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Cardiovascular Disease in the Young/Basic Science: Cardiovascular Developmental Biology I Moderated Poster Session Boards P1-P8 Grand Ballroom Salons G-) Anaheim Marriott Hotel Poster Displayed: 6:00 PM-8:30 PM Moderators: Page A.W. Anderson, Durham, NC Lynn Mahony, Dallas, TX MON EVE NOV 11' P1 Delenndnation of Immmsoreactive Na'-Ca" 6cchanfer and Na •= Dependent Ca" Uptake I. Cardiac Sarcokemma frorn Fetal, Newbor n, Immature, and Adult Rabbits 074 Michael Artman. University, of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 9 P2 Ventricular Grd-Diastolk and 6d-Systoik Relations In the Embryon ic Chick Heart 075 BradlbyB, Keller, Joseph P..Tumey, Nortnani Hu, Edward 8. t7ark. Stron Children's Research Center, University of Rotfrester„Rachester, NY 0 g P3 Dorsal Aortk fiow b Maximal at Intrinsic Heart Rate in the Stage 1 7- 27 Chick Embryo 075 Bettina Cuneo, Sharon Hughes, D. Woodrow Benson Jr. Children Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University, Chicago; IL 1. 's P4 . Neuronal Regulation of Cardiac MyocyteCaMractility Is Not Mediate d by Nluropeptide Y or Somatodatin 075 Dianne L. Atkins,.PennyA. Krumm, Steven, H. Green. Uhiversityo lowa,. Iowa City, IA 2 f, P5 Adenorine Modulates cAMP In Immature Myocardium 075 3 Thomas R. Lloyd, G.. Paul Matherne, Joel Linden. The University o Ariiona,.Tu¢son; AZ f, f 6 Prolonged QT Interval In the Chick Embryo Is Not Related to Abwr - maiities of Cardiac Sympatlretk Innervation 075 4 J I Lmes LL Christiansen,. Lisa A. Linn, Raymond B: Runyan., University o owa, IowaCity„IA f P7 Dlffereo0al Effects of Direct and Receptor-Operated Cakfan Clrann d AOordtb on Adult am! Neonatal~ Canine Iurkin/enbers 075 S J eannyK:,Park; Peter Danilo, Michael R. Rosen. Columbia. University New. York, NY , <'0 A Developmental Isoform of Troponin I In the Human Fetal Hear t 075 6 Pau6 J.R: Barton, , Pankaj Bhavsar,. Debbie V.E.. Cumming, Gurtej K .. I Dhoot,. William J. Valpns;.Magdii H..Yacoub. NatiCronal. Heartiand Lun nstitute and Royal Veterinary ,Cdlege, London, . United Kietgdom g N 0 N W(~ N O O ~ KI
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Basic Science: Cardiac Sodium Channels- Modulation and Block Poster Presentation Boards P143-P151 Convention Center Exhibit Hall! Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM--5:00 PM MON PM NOV 11 P143 VoRage-and Dore-DependentMoAolationofCardiacsodium, Channet by the Sea Anemone Toxin ATXII 0692 Nabil EI-Sherif;, Harry A.FozzardJ Dorothy.A. Hanck. State University of New York Health Science Center, Brooklyn~ NY, and'Cardiac Eleqro- physiedogy Laboratory, University of Chicago„Chicago; IL P144 Extracellular Sodium Concentration Modulates the Flecainide-Sodiunr Channel 4ateraation 0693 Suzanne Ranger, Robert.S:.Sheldon;.Stanley Nattel. Montreal Hearu Institute,.Montreal,.Quebec, Canada P115 Mainfairred Na• Current at All Potentials Induced by Ischemic Metabo- Iife Lysophosplratfdylchafine 0694 Albertas I. Undrovinas, Ilya A. Fleidervish, Jonathan C. Makielski.,Alf- Union Cardiology Research Center;.Moscow,.USSR, and Universityof' Chicago, Chicago, IL P146 Do Lidocaime-M.ociated Sodfum Channels Conduct9 0695 David1J. Wendtl,. fames J. Merrill, C. Frank Starmer, Augustus O. Grant. Duke University, Durham, NC P147 Sodr"um.Current in Single Human Ventricular Myocytes 05%. Yusaku.5akakibara„Taiji'.Furukawa,.Hongjun Jia, Carl Arentzen, Carl Backer, J. AndrewWasserstrom;.D~onald'Singer. Northwestern Univer• sity„Ch'icago; IL P148 Biochemical Characterization of Rat Cardiac Sodium Channels 0697 Sidney,A. Cohen: University of Pennsylvania.School of Medicine, Ph'ila- delphia, PA P149 Interaction of the Metabolite GlYtryl:ylidide With the Cardiac Sod'ium Channel: Additive alodrade With Lidorairre 0698 David h Wendt,. C. Frank Starmer, Augustus O..Grant. Duke University Medical'Center, Durham, NC P150 The Effect of Acetylcholine an Sodiam Currents in Rabbit Ventricular Myocyta 0699. James J. Matsuda, Hon-Chi iLee, Erwin F. Shibata. Department of Physi- ology and Biophysics.and Department,of lnternal IMedikine,.University. of Iowa, Iowa.City; IA P151 Enhancing Effects of Salicylate on Tonic and PFu>tic Block of Na'Chan- neb by Claa I MNurhytlimk Agents in Guinea Pig Ventricular Muscle 0700 Ichiro Hisatome, Jieo. MiWamoto; Takahiro Nawada,. Hiroshi Kotake;. Hiroto Mashiba,. Ryoichi Sato. TottoriUniversiiy,. Kinki i Uhivenity,. Yonago,Japan~ ®
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I TUES AM NOV 12 Cardiopulmonary/Cardiovascular Nursing/Cardiovascular Radiologyl Cardiovascular Surgery/Clinical Cardiology/Epidemiology and Prevention: Costs and Utilization Room C-5 10:45 AM-12:15 PM, Chairmeni Mark A. Hlatky, Stanford; CA Erika S. Froelicher, Redondo Beach, CA 10:45 Effects of Three 1'hrombol*tic Regimens and Two Interventional Strate- gies on Acute Mrocardial. Infarction Costs: Results frwn a Prospective Randomized'Trial 0878 Daniellg. Mark,.LaiiChoi Lam, Mark A:Nlalky, Iames.R..Melton,.Gnda Davidson-Ray, Lynn H. Woodlief,.loseph Lipscomb,.A'rthun Sasahaea,. RoberliM. Califf. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 11:00 T6rombolytic Therapy for Surpected. Myocardial Infarction in.Elderly Patients: A Decision-Analysis 0879 . Harlan M. Krumholz, Richard C. Pasternak, Lee Goldman. Harvardl Thorndike Laboratory, Beth Israel Hospitali, Boston, MA 11:15 Mobik. Cardiac Catheterization Improves Access to. Invasive Cardiac Services for Minorities 0880 Thomas M. Bashore„Ctwriotte L Nelson, TtromasTrahey; Mark E. Leithe, David B: Pryor, Daniel B. Mark. Duke. Medical Center, Durham,i NC . 11:30 Unplanned Admissions After, Outpatient ~ Cardiac Catheterization 0981 VivianiL. Claok,.Joseph D. Dolte.: Heart and Vascular Institute, Henry. Ford. Hospital~.. Detroit, MI 11:45 Income and Social Support Are Independent.Predictors of Survival.in Ansi!ographically.Documented Coronary Disease 0882Redford'B. Williams, John C. Barefoot, Robert M.. Catiff) Thomas L. Haney, William B. Saunders„David~B. Pryor, Mark A. Hlatky, Ilene C. Sieg4eri,DanieV B. Mark. Duke UniiversityMedical Center, Durham;.NC 1]00 Costs of Using Low- Versus High-Osmolality Contrast Media in Diag- nostic Cardiac Catheterization 11883 Neil R. Powe,Amy./. Davidoff, Richard'D. Moore,.JeffreyA. Brinker,. Sandra Graziano,.Marc Litt,.Ramana Gopalan, Earl P. Steinberg. Johns Hopkins.University, Balrtimore,.MD 184 N O N Ca CA N O O
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Clinical Cardiology: Antiarrhythmic Drugs I California Pavilion D Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-5:15 PM' Chairmen: N.A. Mark Estes III, Boston, MA Masood Akhtar, Milwaukee, WI 2:00 Electropiryriologic-Gulded Therapy With Sotalo/ for Induci6le Ventric- ular Tachycirdia: LaK-terer Outcome 0497 Michael D. Lesh, Andreana H.~ Siw, David N. Pederson, Rochelle Eggles- ton, Rolando Gonzales, Melvin M, Scheinman. University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco,.CA 2:15 Implantable Epicardi'ai IoMopborcfic Drug Delivery System 0499 BoazAvitall,. Jbhn Hare, Cynthia Lessila;. Gary, Zander,. Charles Bockoff, Jasbir Sra, Masood Akhtar. Sinai Samaritan Medical Center, MiWvaukee,, WI 230 Role of Moririalne in Management of Sustained VentricularTTachynr- dia ln Pasfinfarct or Cardiomyopathy. Patients 0499 Harlam Grogin,. L. Bing.Liem, Charles Young; Ruey. J. Sung.:. Kaiser Permamente Hospital+Santa Teresa, San Jose, and. Stanford University. Medical Center,,Stanford, CA 2:45 The Prevalence of.life-Threatening Proarrhylhmic Events During Morkirine Therapy 0500 Othar Tschaidse, ShmuellRavid, Thomas B. Graboys, Bernard Lown. Lown Cardiovascular, Center, Brigham andi Women's Hospitai, Boston, MA i-00 Long-term Follow-up of the Randomized Comparison of Noninvasive and Invasive Approaches to Drug. Therapy for Ventricular Taohyar- fiythmi+ 0501. L. Brent Mitchellj Henry J..Duffi.Anne M. Gillis, Dante E. Manyari„D. George Wyse. University of Calgary, Calgary; Canada 7:15 Randomized Tria1 Comparing Empiric Amlodarone Verun Guided Pharmacologic Therapy for Malignant Ventricular Arrhylhmias (Span- irh Trial on Sudden Death): 0502 Concha Moro, Jesin Almendrab, Miguel Fiol, Jban Cosin, Josep Guindo, laume Mimrgat, Juan Cinca, Antonio Bayes de Luna, on behalf of STSD Investigators. Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain 3:30 Mlerrnisrion and Exdribils 4:00 Efficacy of LV. Bali of Propafenone in Converting Persistent Paroxys- mal Atriali Fibrillation to Sirws Rhythm 0503 Saverio ~ Lavanga,. Giorgio Lolli, Roberto Mendia,. Gian Piero Sanna.. Ospedale Fateixnefratellil, Milano; Italy. 4:1S Ahial ProarrhylMda In the Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial 0504 Ri'chardJ.. Katz, Jonathan:S. Steinberg„Richard A. Josephson, Leonard Horowitz,,forthe CAST Investigators:.GeorgeWashington University,, Washington, DC 4:30. Flecatnide in the PreveMion of Abial Fibrillation After DC Conversion: Campariron With Quiridine 0S0S Pauli Touboul, Etienne Aliot, Beatrice Brembiila-Perrot. Departement de Cardiologiie„Nancy, Hbpital Cardiologique,. Lyon, France. 4:45 A Randomized Compariron of Low-Dose Amlodarone Plus Internal Versus External Cardioversion for Chronic Atrial Fibrillation OS06 SamuelLevy,.Philippe Lauribe,.Eric Dulla, William.Kou,~ Alan Kadisha Hugh Calkins, Fred Morady. Unirveersity, of.Marseiiles; France, and~Uni:- venity, of Michigan, Ann Arbor,. MI ~ S:a LV. Diltiuem for ParoxysmalSupraventricular Tachycardia: A Placabo-Coetrolled Stndy' 0507 Virgil C.: Dias, /. Thomas Heywood. Department of Clinical Research,, Marion Merrell Dow Inc., Kansas City„MO, and Veterans Administra- tion Medicali Center, Loma Linda,.CA MON PM NOV 11 129
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TUES AM NOV 12 Cardiopulmor+ary/Cardiovascular Nursing/Cardiovascular Radiology/ Cardiovascular Surgery/Clinical Cardiology/Epidemiology and Prevention: Health Services Research I Poster Presentation i Boards P11-P12 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 nM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 nM-11:00 nM P11 Manpower Surveillance on Cardiothoracic Surgery: Comparison Selween North American,European,.andJapanex Teaching Hospitals 1021 The Japanese Association for Thoracic.Surgery, Suita,.Japan P12 Effecb of Direct AngioplaAy, on Hospital Coats in Acute Myocardial Infarctioa: Resul/s From the Multicenter PAR Study 1022 Daniel B. Mark, Bruce Brodie, Russell Ivanhoe, WiOiamKnopf; George Taylor, James O'Keefe, linda Davidson-Ray, David Knight, WiliiamO'Neill. Duke University Medical. Center, Durham, NC 200
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TUES AM NOV 12 Clinical Cardrology: Neurocardiogenic Syncope Pacific D Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8:30 AM-1!Oi00 AM Chairmen: Robert J. Myerburg, Miami, FL David G. Benditt, Minneapolis, MN 8:30 Heart Rate Varialdlity. Analysis of . Autonomic Tone in Patients With NewomediHed Syncope 0926 Robert. S., Sheldon, WendyWilson., Universityy of Calgary, Calgary, Alberte, Canada g:45 Epinepbrine Surge Precedes Hemodyrramic Changes in Neurally Medi- ated Syncope: A Poaibk Trigger Event 0927 Antonio Asso; Steven ~Bailin,. Simon iMilstein, Ann Dunnigan,.Stephen Remote, Mark Neustel, David'G: Benditt. University of Minnesota, Min• neapoiis, MN 9:00 Adrenal Effluent May, Account for Increased Norepinephrine Levels During Till-Indurced Syncope 0929 Stephen C. Remole, Mark Neustel, Steven J. Bailin, Meng-Yang Chen, Simon Milstein„DavidG. Benditt. University of Minnesota,.Minneapo- lis, MN, 9:15 Efficacy of.Onl Ephedrhe Sulfate in Preventing Neurocardiogenic Syncope 0929 Denise L-Janosik, Dorothy Holt, Carey. Fredman,.Preben Bjerregaard. St. Louis University Hospital, St. Louis;. MO 9:30 Variable Response to Betta-Blodcen: Differences.in Mechanoreceplorss or Seti-Adrenergiic Tone in Patients With Neurocard-pgenicSyncope tl930 Jastiir Sra;,Yire-Hua Slren. Sinai Sanwritan Medical Center, Milwaukee,. WI 9:45 Efficacy of Atrioventricular Pacing in Preventing . Hypotension in Patients With Signifrcantlradycardia or Aaystole Dwing Head-Up Tilt Tert 0931 Jasbir Sra, Anwer Dhala, Hau Yen Shen, Masood Akhtar. Sinai Samaritan Medical Center,.Milwauk'ee, WI 190
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, TUES AM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiologr: Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty Room A-9 8:30 AM-11:45 AM' Chairmen: Gerald W: Dorn II, Cincinnati, OH Sigurd Nitter-Hauge, Oslo, Norway 8:30 Balloon Mitral Commissurotomyy in Surgical High Risk Patients: Results From the NHLBI Balloon Vahndoplasly Registry 08W DoriaScortiohini,, Raoul Bonan;. Mary Mickel, KathrynDavis, fbr the NH LBI'.Balloon iValvuloplasty Registry:.Uniwersity, of iWashington,i Seat- tle, WA &45 What Is the Risk of Percutaneous Mitral Commissurotomy.in,a High-Volume. Centert 0809 A.: Vahanian, P.L. Michely G. Ghanem; B. Cormier, J.P. Maroni,.Bl lung, ). Acar. Tenon.Hospital„Paris,.France . 9:00 Mid-tenn Clinical Follow-up of Percutaneous Mitral Commissurotomy 0810 A. Vahanian, B. Cormier, P.L.. Michel, G. Ghanem, )1P. Maroni,. E. Dadez, 1. Acar:,Tenon Hospital, Paris, France 9:15 Comparison.of, Lona-term Outcome ofInoue Balloon Venus.DouDle Ralloon.Percufaneoas Mitral ValvoMmy'. 08111 Habib Gamra, He Ping Zhang, Jose L. Rodrigo, Carbs Macaya, )ohn W. Allen, Francis Y.K. Lau, Carlos E. Ruiz. The Heart Institute, Hospital of the Good Samaritan, Loma:Linda University, Los Angeks,.CA9:30 Comparative Complicatan.Rates of Inoue and Doutik8alloon Tech- niques in.PercuTaneous Mitral Vahrubplasty, 0812)ean Pierre Bassand,..Frangois Sehiele,: Yvette Bernard, Thieny,A'ngue- not,Michel Payeti Xiang Yang Fu,.Da DongZhang., Hiipital Univer- sitaine Sti )acques;.Besancon, France 9:45 Reduced Left Vlntricular Compliance in Human Mitral Stenosis Results From Inlernal.Constricti0n 0813 Chun-Pen Liu,.Chih-Tai Ting, W. Lowell Maugh'an„fJlau-Song Chang,.. David. A. Kass. Johns Hopkins. Hbspital, Ba6timore,. MD, and Veterans General Hospital,.Taipei,.Taiwan 10:00 Intermission and Exhibits 10:45 The "Shrunked" Left Ventricle of Mitral Stenosis: Early Remodeling After Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty 0814 Walter I- Paulus,.lan Stockbroeckz, Bart Couck, Stanislas U. Sys. Car- diovascular Center, Aalst,. Belgium 11:00 Percutaneous Mitral Balloon Valvotomy, in Patients With a History of Embolism 0815 A. Vahanian,. P.L Michel, G. Ghanem, B. Cormieq. ).P, . Manoni„ E. Dadez,.lJ Acar. TenonHospital,.Paris,.France 11:15 Percutaneous Mitral. Vahnibplasty in Patients With Aneurysmatic Leh. Atrium 0816 Fernando Alfonso, Carlos /vlacaya,.Rosana Hernandez, Javier, Goicolea, Andreslfiiguez,. /orge Casadm, Jose.Zamorano,.Pedro Zarco. HospitalClinico; Madrid, Spain 11:30 Is Spontaneous Echo Contrast Influenced by Percutaneou+ Mitral Com- missurolomyi 0617 B. Cormier, ).M.. Porte, A. Vahanian,i C. Starkman,.B. lung, P.L.. Michet, ): Acar. Hopital Tenon, Paris, France 176
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Thrombosis: Venous Angioplasty Poster Presentation Board P13 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM TUES AM NOV 12 P13 PerMan[ous.Transhx.inal Venoae.Ansioplasty in Iliac Vein Thrombo- sis Resistan/ to Systemk Thrombolypis 1023 PhilippeAsseman, Jean-L. Jabinet, Nasradine Amrouni, Alain Prat, Jean-J.,Bauchart, Jean-C. Aisenfarb, Martine Lesenne, Brigitte Jude„Philippe. Marache, Claude Thery. H8pital Cardiblogique, Lille, France 201
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Clinical Cardiology: Echocardiography in Acute Myocardial Infarction-Assessment of Remodeling, Viability, and Prognosis Room A-10' 8:30 AM 11:30 AM Chairmenr Peter Hanrath, Aachen, Federal Republic of Germany Julio E. Perez, St. Louis, MO TUES AM NOV 12 8:30 Determinants of Ventricular,Volrame in the First Week After Myocar- dial .Infardionf1818Stefan Mi Nidorf, Samuel C. Siu, GabeGalambos,.Michael IH. Picard. Massachusetts General Hospitali, Boston, MA8:!45 Successful Prcdiction by Doppler Ecftocardiography of Reperfusiar After Thrombolytic Therapy. 0819 Charlotte K. Jlrtila, Robert P. Croke, Robert 1. DuBroff, Cados ROldan, Michael H. Crawford. Lovelace Medical I Center/University of New Mexico,.Albuquerque; NM, 9:80 Predirchar8e Exercise Edrocardiog.aphyo Identifies Stunned Myocar- dium.After Myocardial Infarction 0820 Amr H. Msotafa,.Mikel D. Smith, Michael Harrison,.GalaLM: EI-Said,. Anthony N..DeMaria. University of KentuckyMediealCenter„Lexing-, ton, KY 9:15 Identification of Viable Myocardiumby. Dipyridamole-lnduced Improvement in.Regional Function 0821 Barbara Reisenhofer, Paolo Marzullo; Eugenio Picano; Guido Giglk Oberdan Parodi, Alessandro. Distante. CNRIOstitute of Clinical Physiol- ogy, Pisa, Italy Y.30 Ultrasonic Tiaue Characterization of Trarnrtwral and Nontrarnmural Infarcted Myocardium With Standardized Integrated Backscatter, 0822 Yasujji Doi, Tohru Masuyama, lun. Tanouchij Masaakil Uematsu,. Kazuhiro. Yamamoto, /oji Naito; Takenobu Kamada..Ckaka University School of Medicine, Osaka, Japan 9A5 Correlation of Regional Myocardial. Dysfunction With Perfusion Defect . Following Reperfusion Therapy in Acute Myonrdiial Infarction 0823 Jae K: Oh, Surapun Sitithisook, Timothyf. Chrtistiani Mayo Clinic,.Roch- ester, MN 10:00 Inlermission and Exhibits 1QIS Right Alrial WaR Compression After Acute Myocardial infarction: Inci- dence and hognostic.Signifi'cance 0824 Jos"e Lopez-Sendon„Inmaculada Rold'an; Esteban Lopez de Sa, IsabelComa-Canella,. Luis Martin laddaque. Hospital La Paz;..Madrid, Spain 1190 The Prognostic.Value of Dipy.idamole Eciiocardiograplry.Earfy.After Uncomplicated Acute Myocardiall Infarction: A Large-Scale Mul- ticenter Study. 0825 Patrizia Landij Andres Orlandi,i Maria. Gwzia Sclavo,.Ornella. Magaia,. Maurizio D'Uibano, Leonardo Bolognese, Mario Previtali„Franca Mar- garia, NkolaGandolfo; Stefano. Chiaranda;.Paola Rosselli, Silva S'everi,. Cecilia Marimi,. Eugenio Picano, on behalf of the EPIC Study Group,. Subproject Residual Ilschemia. Institute of Clinical IPhysiology; Pisa, Italy 11:15 Wentification of Multiverael Coronary Artery,Disease by Dipyridamole Echocardiography,Early After Uncomplicaled.Acute Myocardial lnfarc- tion 0826 Maria GraziaSclavo, Ornella Magaia,: Paola Rosselli,i Leonardo Bolognese, Maurtizio D'Urbano, Andres Orlandini„ Franca Margaria, Cecilia Marlini,i Nlcola.Ganddfo,Patrizia Landi, Mauro Raciti, Silva Seven, Mario Marzilli, Eugenio Picano, on behalf of the E'PIC Study Group. Pisa. Italy 177
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Basic Science: Ion Transport in Cardiac Muscle Poster Presentation Boards P112-P1i23 Convention Center, Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM NOV 11 P112Anti-Hear/ Antibody Auociatcd With Myocardifn.lnarrces a Cytosolic Ca'• Increase Triggered by Ca" Influx Through Nonselective Cation. Channels in Guinea Pia Cardiac Myocytes 0661 Makoto Tominaga,.Akira Matsumori; Minoru Hone, Haruyoshi Yoshida, . Yasunobu. Okada. Kyoto University; Kyoto, Japan ! P113 Tranrmembranelactate Movement In Heart Can it Be Coupled to K*i 0662 Jimes N. Weiss, Jeffrey S. Stuart,. Joshua. I. Goldhaben University,of Califomia; Los Angeles, School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA. P114 ANF Reducea Cardiac Cell Volume by, a cGMP-Med'uated Block of Na•/ K'/2CI- Cotransport 0663 Henry. F. Clemo, Clive M. Baumgarten, Medical'Collkge of Virginia, Richmond, VA' P115 Evidence for Stimulation of the Na',K' Pump by Angiotensin 11 i. Cardiac Myocytei 0664 Paul D: Hemsworth, David W. Wh'alley, Helge H.,Rasmussen. Depart- ment of Cardiology, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia P116Effed of Exchanger Inhibitory Peptide on 1~ inGuinea Pig Ventricv- lar Cells 0665 Thomas K. Chin„Kenneth W. Spitzer,.Kenneth 0. Philipson, John H:B. Bridge.,NoraEecles Harrison.CVRTI, University of Utah, Saltllake City,. UT, and University of California, Los Angeles, School,of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA P717 SR Ca"-Mediated Inward Sodium Current in Latent Atrial Pacemaker Cells 0666 Zhengfeng Zhou,i Stephen L. Lipsius. Loyola University Medical Center,. Maywood, IL P116 Effects of Perforin ObHined Fronm Cytotoxk T Lymphocyter on Electro- physiolusy of GutneaPig VentrkuAar Myocyles 0667 Ofer Y. Binah,,Bella Felzen, Ding E. Young, Jurg Tschopp. Rappaport, Institute, Haifa, Jsrael,l Rockefeller University, New, York,. NY,.and.Uni, versity of Lausanne, Epalinges, Switzerland P119 Adenorine Attenuation of cAMP-Dependent Afterdepolarirationr and Triggered AcUvily in Guinea Pig Ventricular Myoryte 0660 Yejia Song, Bruce B. Lerman, Luiz Belardinelli.i University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, and Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY P120 Alpha, Adrenoceplor Subtypes Modulate Both Ouabain- and Cak.iwn. Induced Delayed Afterdepobari:ationr and Triggered Activity In Canine Purldnje Fibers 0669 Jae Ho Lee, Peter Danilo Jr., Michael R. Rosen. Colirmbia University, New. York, NY P121 Stretch-Activated Chloride Current in Isolated Rabbit Cardiac Myo- cMer 0670 Nobuhisa Hagiwara, Hiroshi' Masuda, Morio Shoda, Hiroshi i Irisawa. Tokyo Women's Medical College, Tokyo, Japan P122 Nitroproaide Shrinlu Cardiac Cell Volume hy,InhibMis Na`/K*/2C1- Cotransport and Improves Cardiac Compliance 0671 Henry F. Clemo„Clive M. Baumgarten. Medical. College of Virginia, Richmond,. VA P123 Na/K-hwnp Concentration in HypeArophied Human HearU 06720yvind EBingsen„Mette Ree Holthe; Aud Svindland, GunnarAksnes,. Arnfinn Ilebekk. Ullevaal Hospital,.Univenity. of Oslo, Norway om
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. Clinical Cardiology: Radiofrequency Modification of Atrioventricular Node Pacific D Anaheim HiltomHotel 10:45 AM-12;00 NOON Chairmen: John P. DiMarco, Charlottesville, VA Karen J. Beckman, Oklahoma City, OK TUES AM NOV 12 : 16i45 Direct Recordinp of SIow-Pathway Activatian In Patients With Atrio- ventrinrlar Nodal Reentrant Tachycardfa 0932 H. Andrew. Hizhtt,. Warren M. Jackman,. Karen J. Beckman, James H. McCleliand, Xunghang Wang,Kdegh P. Moulton, Michael I. Prior,. Nicholas Twidale,.Ralph Lazuara. University of Oklahoma and Veterans Administration Medical Center, Oklahoma Gty; OK 11:0o Markedly Differeet Sequence of AGiol Activation During Retrograde Conduction Over "FaA" and "Slow" talhways In Patknb With Coea- Istent Common and Uncommon A6ioverrtricular Nodal Reenlry: Im't the Atrium a Necewary Part of Reentrant Clrcuitl 0933 Anwer Dhala, Jasbir Sra, Zalmen Blanck, Jorge Gonzalez-Zuelgaray,. Ann Dwyer, Masood Akhtar, Mohammad Jazayeri. Sinai Samaritan. Medical Center, Mihvaukee, WI 11:15 Prediction of AMorerAricullar ilock Drring Radiofrequem.y Ablation of the FaA Patltway Lr AtriovmM[ular Nodal ReerrVy, 0934 Zalmen BlanckJohn Makal, Larry Hansona Patricia Strommen, Moham- mad Jazayeri,: Masood Akhtar. Sinai 5amarAan Medical Centep Milwau- kee, WI 11:30 Spectrum of AtrioveMricvlar Node Conduction Following Successfali Radiofrequenty Ablation in Patients Wi1h. Dual Paffiway Physiology 0935 Jasbir Sra, Anwer Dhala, Sanjay Deshpande, David Krum, Mohammad Jazayeri.i Sinai Samaritan Medical Center„Milwaukeey WI 11:45 Eviderce for Multiple Slow Pathways in Patients With AtriovenCriwlar Nodal Reentrant Tadtycardia 0936 Karen /. Beckman, Warren, . M. Jackman,. James H. McClhlland, Xunzhang , Wang, Ni¢holasTwidale, Kriegh P. Moulton, H. AndrewHazlitt, Michael I. Prior, Ralph lazzara. University of Oklahoma and Veterans Administration Medical Center,.Oklahoma. City; OK 191
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Basic Science/Circulation: Myocardial Metabolism During Ischemia/Reperfusion Room C-3 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Edward ). Lesnefsky, Cleveland, OH L Maximilian Buja, Hbuston, TX TUES AM NOV 12 8:30 SubMtrateUBliratian in Hibernating Hearb During Early, Reflow 0651 A. James Liedtke„Britta Renstrom, Larry Whitesell, Cathy Kidd. Section of Cardiology, Universiry.ofWisconsin, Madison,i WI &45 Hibernating Myocardiurn: Recruitment of, Inotropic Reserve at the Expense of Metabolic Recovery 0852 Brian D: Gu1h,.Rainer Schulz, Karl IPiepep Frauke Janssen, Joch'en Rose, Claus Martin, Gerd~ Heusch. Department of Pathophysiology„Univer. sity oflEssen, Essen, Federal Republirof Germany 9M Changes In Oxygen-Pressure Volume Areas Studied After Brief Periods of Irdrernia 8893 Rob Krams, Didk J. Dundier, . Edward O. . McFalk, Pieter D. V2rdbuw. Thoraxcenter,.Erasmus.University Rotterdam,Rotterdarn,.The Netherlands 9:15 Enhanced Substrate Oxidation Induces Metabolic Reversal of Stunning 8854 E. Douglas Lewandowski. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 9:30 Fatty Aoid Deprewion of Heart Function During RePerfusian Following Isdrenwa Is Not Overcome by Increasing Glycolysis o855 Gary D. Lopaschuk, Rick Barr,.RichardWambolt..UniversiOy.of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada t.45 Isdrcmia-kaduced fhangas in rnergy, Regulation and Capacity in tkeIntad Animal t1856 Eric D. Irwin,.KristyR. Hendrich, Richard:W. Bianco, Kamil Ugurbil, John.E. Foker. Uniiversity.ofMinnesota; Minneapolis, MN'. t0:oo Intemtission and Exhibits 10:45 Increasing Myorrdral Glycogen levels Prior toIsdremia timib Irdrernic. Damage and Ynproves Functional Recovery Following Reperfurion 0857 lean LL Vanoverscheld6, Marc F. lanier, James E.. Bakke, Steven. R. Bergmann. . Washington University, St... Louis, MO 11:00 Glycogen Is the Major Glycolylic Fvd During Acute Subendocardial Ischemia 8858 William C. Staniky, Jennifer L.,H211„Chanles K. Stone, Timothy A. Hacker. University of Wisconsin„Madison, WI 11:15. Ischemia Causes a Transmaral Gradient In Glucose Extraction But Not Uptake 0859 William C- Stanley, Jennifer L. Hall, Charles K. Stone„ Timothy A. Hacker. University of Wisconsin„Madison, WI 11:30 Disociationnf Phosphate Metabolism and.lactate Release During Pro-longed I.chenria 0860 Saul Schaefer, GregoryG..Schwartz,. Sean Steinman, Jorge Garcia,. Juditlh A.. Wisneski, Michael W. Weiner, Barry M. Massie:.Department of Medicine and Department, ofCardiology; Veterans Administration Medical Center, and University of California, San Francisco, San Fran- cisco,. CA11:45. Phosphate Changes In and Purine Release From Heart DuringRecLr- rent luhernia 0861. Silvia Bradamante,.Franco Piccinini„Tom ~Huizer, /an W. de Jong. MilanUniversity„Milan, Italy, and Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Nethedand9 181 I. :a
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Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Calcium Metabolism Posteri Presentation Boards P126-P137 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM MON PM NOV 11 P126 Measurement of End-Diastolk Calcium by N!w Huorinated Indicators and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrouopy, 0675 HeidiiL Kirschenlohr, Andrew A. Grace, James C. Metcalfe, Peter G. Morris, Gerry A. Smith. University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England P127Ca" Measurements in Periuced Hearts by Fluorescencr- Effects of . Motion,.Tiaue.Abiorbance, and NADH 0676 Roif Brandes, Vincent M. Figueredo, S. Albert Camacho, Michael W,, Weiner, Veterans Administration Medical Center, University, of Califor- nia„San, Francisco, San Francisco, CA. P128 Tranwrcnkmmal Ca" Influx tncreases CytowlicG" During Acido.is in CardiacMyoqter 0677 Giovanni Gambassi, Steven ii Soiibtt, Harold A. Spurgeon, Maurizio C. Capogrossi. Gerontology Research Center, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health,.Bahimwre, MD P129 Cakium Influx During St6eulatkn of Cardiac Myocytes Is Pumped Directly into the Sarcapla+nic Reticulum 0678 Andrzej M. Janczewski, Harold'A. Spurgeon~ Edward G. Lakatta. Geron- tology Research Center, National Institute on Aging, Baltimore, MD P130 Revenibilityof Rise in Mitocftondrial [Ca"t in Anozic Isolated C.udiac Myocytes 0679 Haruo Miyata, Edward G. Lakatta, Michae4 D. Stern, Howard S. Silverman. Gerontology Research,.Center, ,Nalional Institute on Aging,. National InstBtutes of Health, and Johns Hopkins Medical~ Institutions, Bahimore,. MD P131 X-Ray Mkroanalysis of the Hypertrophied Heart: Evidence ior Increased 7ntracellular Sodium 6Wo Christine S. Moravec, Meredith gondJ Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH'. P132 Dixodatiott Between Milodtonddal Calcium and Pyruvate Ddiydro- `ena.e Activity rollowing Inotropk Stinmlation kt Cardiac Muscle 0681 Meredith Bond,.Christine 5. Moravec. Cleveland Clinic Foundation,. Cleveland, OH P133 IntraceRular Ionized Caidum and Na-H Exchange Yi Hypoxic Myocar- d'ium . 0682 Hung S. Hb, Steven~E. Anderson, James W: Holooftj Peter M:.Cala. University of California,Aavis, School of Medicine, Davis, CA. P134 Potauium Ions Modulate Uptake and Release of Ca' in the Intracell.:- lar Stores of Vascular Smooth Muscle CeRY 0653 Hiromichi Yamamoto, Hideo Kanaide. Center for Research and Practice in Medical Education andoivisionofMolecuiarCardiolbgy, Research Institute of Angiocardiography,:Faculty,of Medicine, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan P135 Mitodwndria Can Participate in Relaxation and Cai,Redistribution in Rabbit Ventrkudar Myocytes 0684 Rosana A. Bassani,.Jose W.M., Bassani~., Donald M. Bers:.Univenity,of California, Riverside, Riverside, CA P136 Palmitoyl-i-Carnitine Modulates Calcium Transients in Vascular Etdo- theliai Cells o685 Nobutaka Inoue, Hozuka Akita,. Mitsuhiko Yamada,.Yuichi Matsuda, Ken-ichi iHirata,.MitsuhiAo Yokoyama. Kobe University, Kobe, Japan P137 Endothelin-1 Does Not ARer Cakium.Re.ponsivenen in Saponin- Skinned Ferret PapiRary,Murcles 0666 George Y, Paik, Cynthia L Perreault, Jianxun Wang, James P. Morgan. Harvard-Thomdike Lab.oratory, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA ®
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Basic Science/Circulation Neurohumoral Regulation of Heart and Peripheral Circulation (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P62-P63 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NooN Presenter Present: 8:30 1 AM-11:00 AM TUES AM NOV 12 P6T Sympathetk Nerve DUtharRe to Skeletal Muscle Attenuates Muscle G6ymlyais Dwin{ Exercbe 1072 Loren.A..Bertocci; UrsSchener, Ronald G.,Vi¢tor.,Unirversity,o(Texas Southwestern Medical Center,,Dallas, TX P63 DoaSympatlreQomyAupnent Peak 61ood fiow.aod Oi.Uptake in. Contracting Human Forearm Muscles? 1073 MichaellJ„Joyner, Lee A. Nauss, Mark A. Warner, David 0. Warner:, Mayo CISni¢,. Rochester,. MN 0 207
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TUES AM NOV 12 Arteriosclerosis: Lipases and Transfer Proteins Poster Presentation Boards P14-P20 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8;30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM 11:00 AM P14 Alternative Splicing of mRNA Encoding the Human Cholesteroi Ester Transfer Protein 1024, ElaineM..Quinet, Akihiro Inazu, Maryanne L.,Brown,.SUsan 5tevenson,. PhiliippeMoulin, Alan R Tall.l Depar<mem of Medicine, ColumbiaUni-versily, . New. York, NY P1S Sequentin8 the Rabbit.Hepatic Lipase cONA: Low Activify, Can Be Explained by Loww mRNA Levels 1025 Roderic J. Warren, David L. Ebert, Alana Mitchell,.Philip J. Barter. Baker Institute,.Melbourne; Australia P16 Arterial MacrapMaBes Express Lipoprotein Upase mRNA and Protein in Atherosclerotic Lesions 1026 Seppo YIS-Hprttuafa, Beth'.A. Lipton,.Michaef E. Rosenfeld, Ira Goldberg,Danieb Steinberg, Joseph L. Witztum. University of Califor- nia,.San,Diego,~ La Jo11a,.CA,.and Colombia University, NewYork, NY P17 Expression of mRNA for L1paQrotein Lipase In Human Arterial Maao- pha8e-Derived Foam Celk 1027 Obv Wiklund„Lillemor Mattsson, Helena Johansson, Go'ran Bondjers. Wallenberglab., Sahlgren's Hospital, Goteborg, Sweden P18. Tranfcriptional Regulation of 1he Human Hepatic Lipafe Gene 1028 Margarita Hadzopoulmu-Cladaras, Philippe Cardot, Vassilis. I. Zannis, ChristbsCladaras. Molecular Genetics, Boston University Medical Center, Boston,.MA P19 The Size and Masma Concentratton of HDL Is Reduced in CETP Trans- 8enic Mice 1029 Keith. R. Marotti, Ch'nistine. K. Castle,. Edward F. Rehberg, H. Greg Poliles, George. W. Melch'ior. UpjohrtLaboratories, Kalamazoo,.Ml. P20 Effeds of Ap,olipaprotein E on Masna lipoproteim and Atherosckrosis in Tranagenic Mice 1030 Elizabeth A.Spangler, Judy G. Verstuyft, Edward M. Rubin. Lawrence BerkeleyLaboratory, Universiryof CalHornia,.Berkeley; CA 202
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Featured Research: Pediatric Electrophysiology Room C-6 $:3dAM-1Z:00 NOON Chairmen: Barbara J. Deal, Chicago, IL Jeffrey P. Moak, Houston, TX 8:30 State of the Art Controversies in Pediatric 8eclroplrysiolo8y and Paaing Arthur Garson Jr., Houston,.TX f:88 Atrial Approadi to Radiofrerryemy, Ablation of Accessory Patlrwaye Emphasizing Use M Elystein'f Anomaly and Infanh 8884 J. Edward Hulse, I. Philip Saul; Larry A. Rhodes, Edward P. Walsh. Children's Hbspital, Boston, MA 915 Catheter Ablation of Accessory Pathways as Preparation for Congeni- tal Heart Disease Surgery 0885 George F. Van Hare, Michael D.~ Lesh. The Children's MediPali Center, University of California, San Francisco„San Francisco, CA 9:30 Factors Related to Successful Itad'afreQuency A6latlon of Manifest Accenory Pathways in Children 888i Macdonald Dick 11, Gerald A. Serwer, Brian K. O'Connor, Brian Arm- strong, Mame.BaziV, Sarah LeRoy. University,of Michigan, Ann AFbor, MI 9:4S Successful Ablation of Accessory Pathways In Childnen thiea a Low- Energy DC Power Souce 0067 Robert Lemery, Mario Talajic, Denis Roy, Anne Fourrrierj Benoit Coutu,. Linda Lawoie, Richard Cartier: Montreal Heart Ihstitute; Montreal, Que- bec, Canada 18A8 Intermipion and Exhibits 18:4S Prognostic Significance of VeMridaar ArrhytMnia After Repair of Tetrabgy of Fallot A 1 t-Year Prospective Study, 888g David S. Celermajer, Seamus Cullen, John E. Deanfield. Hospital for Sick Children, London, England 11dte At{e-Relattd Difkre.en In Aieduniwes of SopraventrkdarTadqcar- dia in Yorng Patieds 0889 Barbara J. Deal„ Jae Kon Ko, Janette F. Strasburger, D. Woodrow Ben- son Jr. Children's Memorial Hospitali Northwestern University„Chi- cago, IL - -' 11:15 Fleatodynareic Qtayes in Cli{dren With Sypcope 0890 Rolando Zamora, Renato Vitello, Jane E. Crosson, Peter S.'Hesslein, _ James M..Berty, Ann Dunnigan. University of Minnesota,,Minneapolis,. MN 11:30 Dtratka of Tilt TableTeAing In PeMiafrk Patients 0891 Ronaki /: Kanter, Joyce C. Pressley, Ruth A. Greenfield, J. Marcus Whar- ton: Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 11A5 The Effects of Steiledony, on the Bectrocardiogram of the Neonatal Dog 01192 Peter Danib Jr., SuBi 1. Popilskis, Hong-Lu Zhang, Michael IR: Rosen. Columbia University, New York, NY 1L80 Annual iaioew Meeting for Jhe Cancil an Cardiovastadar Direae In the YounB This session will be audiotaped. NOV 12
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TUES AM NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulation: Diastolic Function Room C-2 5:30 AM-1Z:0O NOON Chairmen: Rafael Beyar, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Anne L Taylor, Cleveland, OH 8:30 Diastolic Mechanics of Ventricular Myocudium in Tighf-Skin Mice: Changes In the 2ero-Strea Slate 0540 Jeffery. H. Omens, Howard A. Rockman,.lames W. Covelll. University, of California, San Diego,.La )olia; CA BAS Stnxiural.and Functional Role of Myocardial Collagen in the Norma6 Rat Heart 0641 Beatriz B. Matsubara,: Jeffrey R. Henegar, Joseph S. Janiaki. Universityof Missouri; Columbia, MO: 9:00 Diastolic Dysfunction in(solatedNeartss May Be Caused by Inhibition of Ca" and Na' hunps by Irrorganir: Phosphate 0642 . Monique Bernard, Takashi', Konishi, Joanne S. Ingwafl. Faculte de Medecine, Marseiiles,. France, and Brigham and Women's. Hospital, Boston, MA 9:15 Which Time Constant Is the Best Measure of Left Venlricular.Reiaxa- tioa Rate1 Aaessnserst in the NonfBling Human Left Ventricle 0843 Pascal Vantrimpont, Jan Stockbroeckx, Bart Couck, Walter J. Paulus. Cardiovascular Center, AaJSti Belgium 9:30 A Narinvasive Method for tfre Determination of In V'rvo Diastolic Myocarrlial Material Properties 0g{I Lawrence L. , Creswell,, John S:. Pirolo, Barna. A.. Szabo, William H. Perman; Michael W. Vannier, Michael K:,Pasque. Washington Uniiver- sity,.St. Louis, MO9:45 Verapamil. Affers.thePmtextrasystolic RelaaalionResponse But Not the Postextrasystoiic Contractile Response o81SMichael Courtois,Carol.l. Mechem„Ph'ilip~A:.Ludbrook: Washington University, St. Louis, MO 10:00 Intermisrion and Exhibils 10:45 Rekuratron Restitution in Qored-CTrest Dogs 0846 Sumanth D. PrabHu, Robert A. O'Rourke, Gregory. L. Freeman.~ Univer- sity o(Texas Health Science Center and the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Administration Hospital, San Antonio, TX11*0 The Physioksgical.Rasis for,Left Ventricular Intraventricular Pressure Gradienb In Early Diastole 0847. SrdjaoD. Nikolic, Michael P.,Feneley,.CletavioE. Pajaro,.Robert W1.1.. Frater, Edward L. Yellin. Albert Einstein College ofMedicine, The Bronx, NY 11:1 S Effect of Enaiaprilat on Diastolic Function, During Exercise in Dog,s With Congestive Heaet Faihrre 0848 Che-Ping Cheng, Toshiyuki. Noda, WilliamC.. Little.. Bowman i Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest.Unrversity,. Winston-Salem;.NC. 11:3o Role of Atsial CorRraction in Tachycardia-hduced Diastolic Dysfunc- tion in Canine LeftVentricrdar Hypertrophy. 8849 Ronald' D. Berger, Matthew R1. Wolff, lames H. Andersan,. David A. Kass. Johns Hopkins Hospital, BaPoimore, MD 11:+5 Effetis.of Thoracotonry and Pericardiedomy,on Regional Wall Motion and Relaxation 0850 Valmik Bhargava„Toshiro Miura, Brian~D. Guth, Shunichi Miyarak9,. Cirodndolfi', Katharina S. Sunnerhagen, Ralph Shaietaii., Kirk:Ll Peter, son, University.of Calilfornia,.San Diego, and Veterans.Administration Medical Center, San Diego, CA' 188
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Clinical CardioJogy: Coronary Intervention for Complex Anatomy' Marriott Hall N Anaheim Marriott Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Alice K. Jacobs, Boston, MA Joseph R. Benotti, Woncester, MA TUES AM NOV 12 8:38 Update of Saphenous Graft AMgioplasty; Restenosis and Long-term outcome 0989 John S. Douglas Jr., William S. Weintraub, HenryR. Liberman, Melinda Jenkins, Caryn L. Cohen, Douglas C. Morris. Division oflCardiology; Emory University, School of Medicine, Atlanta,.GA g:45 Treatment of Vein Graft Stenoses by Stents or Directional Atheredomy, 0998 Richard M..Pomerantz,.Richard E. Kuntz, Joseph P. Carrozza,.Roberti F. Fishman, Robert D. Safian; Donald S: Baim: Hanvard-Thorndike Labora- tory, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA 9:00 Stents May Be the Preferred Treatment for Focal Aortocoronary Vein Graft Disease 0991 Martin,B. Leon, Stephen G. EIIis,.Augasto D. Pichard, Donald S. Baim„ Richard R. Heuser, Richard.A. Schatz. Washington Hospital Center;. Washington, DC 9:15 Exdmer taser Coronary,Angioplasty.of.Saphenoas Vein~Grafts 0992 Wildiam7. Untereker, Frank Litvadc,.JamesR. Margolis;GaryS. Roubin,. Geoffrey O. Hartzler, Ronald H. Whitle,John F. Bresnalnan, Donald 0. Rothbaum, Elizabeth K. Hart, J.. David Ogilby„and E:LCA Investigators. Philadelphia Heart Institute, Philadelphia; PA 9•.30 Chronic Coronary Ocdusions: Reopening Witlr:Low-Speed Rotational. AngioplaNy, 0993 Martin Kaltenbach, Christian ~Vallbracht, Andreas Harttmamn. University. Hospital Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany 9A5Sucttssful IfCA of Chronic Total Coronary. Occlusi0m Reduces the Need for Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, 0994 Makoim R. Bell, Peter B. Bergeq Guy S. Reeder, John Fi. Bresnahan, David R.,Holines. Mayo Clini¢,,Rochester, MN 1D0t) Intermission and Erhibits 10:15 Selective Tibue Plasmioogen Activator Infusion for Chronic Total Ocdusiom of NaUve Coronary, Aiteries Failing Angioplasty 0995 Kevin J. Vaska,. Patrick L. Whitlow. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleve-land, OH 11:00 Coronary Stenting forostial Stenoses: Initial Results and Six-Month FoRow,up 09% Paul S. Teirstein: Alexander A. Stratienko, RichardiA: Schatz. Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, La JdIa,.CA 11:15 Directiooal Coronary. Atlrerectomy for Ostial Lesions 0997 Gregory,C. Robertson, John B: Simpson,Jbmes W:.VetteqMatth'ewR. Selmon, Joseph W,,Doucette; DennisI. Sheehan,. Bruce J. McAuley, Jacqueline H. Uee, Tomoaki i Hinohara. , Sequoia Hospital, Redwood City, CA 11:30 Excimer Laser Coronary Angioplasty of Aorto-ostial Sterasis: Results of the ELCA Registry. 0998 Neal L.. Eigler, John S. DougPasJr,, JamesR. Margolis, Lisa Hestrin, Frank I. Litvack, and the ELCA Investigators. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 11:45 Balloon Angioplasty of Aorta. Coronary. Ostial Stenoses Revisited 0999 John B. Bedotto,. David R. McConahay, Barry. D:. Rutherford, Lee V:. Giorgi, Warren L. Johnson, Thomas M. Shimshak,. Geoffrey.0. Hartzler. Mid America Heart Institute, Kansas City, MO 197
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TUES AM NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Adenosine Receptors Poster Presentation BoardS' P33-P43 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8;30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-1i1:00 AM P33 Pharmacologic Evidence of Spare A,-Adenosine Receptors in:the Guinea Pig Atrioventricular Node 1043 DonniM. Dennis,.Kenneth A. Jacolison,.Luiz Belardinelli.i Department oU.Media:ine, Department of PAarmacology„andDepartment ofAnes- thesiology; Univenity, of Florida;. Gainesvilllle, FL, and Laboratoryy ol Chemistry, NIDDK,.National Institutess of.Health,.Bethesda _MDP34 Desertdtization and Downregull6on of A; Adenosine Receptorss in Guinea Pig Hearts 1044 Donn M. Dennis,. John Shryock, Luiz BelArdinelli.i Department of Medicine,.Department of Pharmacology; and Department~of Anesthesi- ology,.Universitiy.oflFlorida,.Gainesville, FLI P35 Effect of :Adenosine Deaminase on the Concentration of Adenosine in ~ Cardiac IMerUitial Fluid 1045 Qingyan Zhu,.Richard R:.Cunnish,.Curtis G. Tribble, Robert M. Berne. University of Virginia, Charlottesville,. VA P36Regu(ation of Adenosine A,. Receptor Pathway in Atrial Myocyte: Homobgous. Verws. Heterologous Mechanisms 1046: Bruce T. Liang. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Phila- delphia: PA' P37Interadion of theA; and A,Adenosine Receptors in a Smooth MusckCe6 lMe 1047 Fan Xie,. Luiz. Belardineldi,, Stephen P. Baker.. Universiayof Florida;. Gainesville,. FL P38 l.ocal. Administration of an Adenaine Deaminase InhifiRor Via Cardiac Microdialysiq Altets the Reglonal.lnterstitial. Fluid Purine Metabolite Profile During Myocardial Ischernia 1048 David G.L. Van Wylen;. John A. Delyani. State UniWersity, of.NewYork'. at Buffalo, .B'uffalo,, NY P39 Negative Momolropism of Adenosine Under Rela-Adrenergic Stimula- tion With dsoproterertol 1049 Wen-Ter Lai, Sheng-Nan~Wu, 5'heng-Hsiung Shen, YeoaShin Hwang. Ruey J. Sung., Kaohsiung. Medical College, Kaohsiwng,: Taiwan, and Stanford University,.5tanford,.CA P40 Coronary. Responses to Adenosine Are Altered in. Receptor-Specific (A,):Fashion ~Wflh Left Ventricdar Hrypertrophy 1050 Robert M.,Lust, Chunguang LL W. Randolph Ch'itwood Jd: Department . of Surgery and Department of Physiology,. East . Carolina. University School of Medicine, Greenville,. NC P41 The.Effect of Adenosine on Atrial Repolarization and Atriovensriavlar Conduction in the Transplanled Heart 1051 Seam 5'. O'Nunain,,Stephen M. Jennison,.Cliffond.G. Garran,.Sh'eila Gibson, Teri:A. Millane,: David'EL Wardj A. lohn Camm. St. George'sMospital„London„United Kingdom P42 Intravenous Adenosine Suppresses Cardiac Release of Endothelin After Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion 1052 Cados E. Velisco, John A, Morrow; Renu Viimanit Edwin lackum, Tad.6,hi i . Inagami, Mervyn B..Fbrman., Vanderbilt University,Nashvillie„TN' P43 Sttperoxide Dismtstase Attenuates Myocardial.lschemia Through Aug- mentation of Adenosine Release in Dogs 1053 Seiji iTakash'ima, Masafumi Kitakaze. The First Department of Medirine, Osaka University, ,Osaka,. Japan 204
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 AMS NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Surgical Treatment of Arrhythmias Room AR2 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Gerald M. Lawrie, Houston, TX Helmut Klein, Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany 8:30 GeoaretricallyAccrrrate AcOvation.Mapping of the Trian6le.of Koch During Surgery, 0766Richard'C. Saumarez, D: John Parker, A. John Camm: Sti George Hospi- tal, London, United Kingdom ~ 6:45 Regional Sympathetic Denervation Following Sursery, for. Wolff- Parkinaon-White Syndrome 0767 Raymond N. Vituib, Joyce C. Pressley, Martin E. Bacon,.Ruth A. Green- field, Richard. L. Page, JamesE...Lowe, R. Edward Coleman,.J. Marcus Wharton. Duke University Medical. Center, Durham,. NC 9:00 The Right Ventricular: Disarticulation Procedurr- Hemodynamic and . Ftmctioeal Consideratiom 0768 Colint Doig,.Kish'ore Nimkhedkar, John.P. Bourke,.Janet.M. McComb,. Colios j; Hilton,.Stephen S. Fwmiss, Ronald Wi6.Campbell. Freeman, Hospital, Newcastle upon Type, United Kingdom ~ 9:1 SLona-term Efficacy of Surgical Treatment for Drug Refractory Paroxys- mal Atrial Fibrillation 11lieg the "Corridor" Operation 0769 Nbrbert.M: van Hemel,. Jo A.M. Defauw, JJ Herre Kingma,. Emile R. Jessurun, Jacques de Bakker, Gerard'Guiraudon..St. Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands 9:30 Anatomical andi3eAropkysioloBical',EffectsofSurBery for Atrioven. tricular Jundionai ("AV Nodal").Reentrant Tachycardia. 0770 Mark A., McGuire, Monica. C. Robot'rn,. David C. Johnson, John P. Bourke, Alexander S. Yip, Barbaral. Dewsnap,.David A. Richards, John B. Uther, David L.. Ross. WestmeadHospitial,.Westmead,.Australia9AS Left Posterior Paraseptal Pathwayain the WPW Syndrome: Implica- tiorn for RF Ablation Based Upon Endocardial Surgical Cure 0771 T. Bruce Ferguson, Bruce D. Lindsay„ Mi¢hael'. E.. Cain, Peter B: Corr, James LL Cox.; Washington Uihiversity; St. Louis;.MO 1000 Intermission and Exhibits 10:4S Comparison of Uhipolar and Bipolar Recordings During Endocardial Mapping Sdrdies 0772 Shane. Kimber, Eugene Downar, Linda L.. Mi¢kleborough, Stephane Massi%,. Eii'. Sevaptsidis,. Tom, Chen. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario,.Canada 11:00 SurBlcal Approach of Ventricular Tachycardia With Deep Septal Sub- stratum 0773 Pierre L.Page;.Rene Cardinal,.Maro Dubuc, Robert Cossette,.Reginald Nadeau. Hopital iSacre-Coueq .Universite'i de Montreal,l Montreal, Que- bec; Canada 11:1S Regional Left Ventricular Wall Motion But Not Global Ejection Fraclion Predicts Srwvival After Left Ventricular Aneury.meciomy. 0774Sunii Nath, David E. Haines, Marc D.~ Feidman, Michael J.i Barber,.Irving L. Kron, John P. DiMarco. Uhiversity of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA' 11:30 Removal of Chronic Pacing Leads Without Thoracotomyr. Multicenter Experience With:Intravaxular Techniques 0775Hefdi J. Smith, Neal E. Feamot, Charies. L. Byrd; Bruce L., Wilkoff,. Charles JJ Love, T. Duncan Sellers,.Paui G.,Colavita. MEDInstitute;. West Lafayette, IN 11:45 Correlation of.lnteratria) Conduction Time With Pacemaker StimdusStrenglh, 0776 Michael J.., Bunda; Lee W. Jordan, Lawrence T. Weston,. Dale C.. Wortham, Jeffrey. A. ,Brink'er. Walter Reed. Army, Medical Center, Wash, ington, DC 172
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Basic Science/Circulation: Control of the Heart by Neural and Peptidergic Mechanisms Poster Presentation Boards P44-P49 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8;30 AM-11:00 AM TUES AM NOV 12 P44 Vagal Stimulation During Mwcarinic and Beta-Adrenergic Receptor. Blockade Significantly Increases Atrial and V6ntricular Mechanical Perfortmance 1054. Robert J. Henning, Matthew N. Levy. Mt. Sinai MedikaJ Center, Cleve- land, OH P45 Release of . Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide and Neuropeptide Y From Canine Heart 1055 Fred L. Anderson, Alexanddos C. Kralios„Glen Hanson. University oFl Utah, School of Medicine and Veterans Administration Hospital, Saft Lake City, UT P46 The Effect of (1-C1-D Phe: feu") Varoac6.e Niter4rrrl Peptide on VaBaRy. Induced and Varoacdve ikertirulPeptide-irduad Tadryra.dia+ 1056 Don W. Wallick, Michael R.S. Hillj Paul J. Martin, Matthew N. Levy. Mt. Sinai Medical Center, ,Cleveland,.OH P47 Depletion of Endogenous Varoactive. lntestinal Peptide and Atlenua- tion of Vagally Induced Tadrycard'aa 1057 Michael R.S. Hiii; Don W. Wallikk, Paul J. Martin, Matthew N. Levy. Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Cleveland, OH 1 P40 Prolonged Coronary. Varoconstriction to Electrical Activation of,Mte- rior Hypothalamurs in Ratr 1058AngieR: Cave, JoAnn M. Liebold,l David D. Gutterman. Collegee of Medicine, Uniroersityy of Iowa,, and'VetEransAdministration Medical Center, Iowa City, IAP49 Trarrsdemral5copolamine Modifies.Autonomic Balance After Myocar- dial Infarctian. 1059 Gaetano M. De Ferrari;.Massimo Mantica, Paoia Curcuruto, Emiiio VAnoli,.Peter J. SchwartZ. CJimica Mpdica 2, University of Miian,.Milan, Italy, 205 I
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MON PM NOV 11 Clinical Cardiology: Exercise Testing-Ischemia Poster Presentation Boards P51-P62 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM: Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM ISt Relatiwe Valtae of SimuNaneaus Trar»eroplageal EchocardiographY and ECG During Transesoplrageal Atrial fadng for Deteation of Coro- nary, ArlerY Dhease 0600 Otto Kamp, Carel C. De Cock, Cees A. Visser. Free University Hospital and ICIN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands IS2 The Hi,h Variabilily,of ECG Respornas to fiike and TreaM81 Eroerci.e: Clinical Significance 0601 Jacob Klein,. Susan Y. Chao, Alan Rozanski. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA . P53 Developrnent of Brertional Angina b Unrelated to EakMor Severity, of Myocardial Mdreoia 0602 Thomas H. Manvick, James J. Nemec, Brian Haluska, wRiam J. Stewan~ Emesto E. Saltedo. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH P54 A Logistic Regrcsrion Model for PredicBng MnMdatory ECG Results rra. Exercise ECG 0(,03 Jacob Klein, Susan Chao, Francis Wall, Alan i Rozanski. , Cedars-Sinaii Mediwl Center,,Los Angeles, CA ISS b HOlter Monilaing Necessary to Delermine the Presence of Signifi- ant Ambulatory IsclKmia in AR Patients Wilh rasiBve Exerdfe TeAsi 0604 Sumita D.,Paul,l RayE~ Gleason, RichardW. Nesto...Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA I56 The impact of Estrogen SLtuss on an Algorithm to Estimafe Coronary, Disease Probability Following Exercise 9ectrocardiopapby 0605 Anthony P. Morise, JyotsnaN: Dalal,l Robert..D. Duval. West VirginiaUniventiity, Morgantown,. WV rs7 Does Involvanentof the R1& Coronary Affed.Exeedre Tert.Rerparres and Survival in Patients With lett Main or left Maim Equivalent Dbeasei 0406 , Takeo Kawaguchi, , Paul M: Ribisl, Kenji Ueshima, Charles K. Morris, James H. Liu, AlisaHideg,. Jonathan Myers, Victor V Froelicher. LongBeach Veterans Administration Medical Center, Long Beach, CA rSR Advantage of tbe ST/HR Slope Over the Sinpk ST/HR Index for the Wadlflcatlon of Coronary. Artery Direase in Wonren 0607 Peter M. Ok'in, Paul Kligfield. Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY P59 ST Depression Dtring Exercise Terlhtg: Wltere Should Measmemenrs Be Made and Should Slope Re fmrideredi OiOg Cres Miranda, Michael Rodriguez,.Andras. Kadar, Andras lanosi, Jeffrey Froning. Long Beach Veterans Administration Medical Center, Long Beach, CA, and The Hungarian Institute ofCardiology, Hungary, P60 6cerclse-lnduccd ST Segment 6evatkn ir Yorng Survivors of Myocar- did Infarnlba 06" Sven V. Eriksson, Nina Rehnqvist, Alfred. Szamosi,.Ulf de Faire, Anden Hamsten. Department of Medicine,: Danderyd Hospital, Karolinska Institutet,..and Department of Thoracic Radiology, and Department of Medicine, King Gustav. V Research Institute, KarolilnskaHospital. Karolinska Institutet,. Stockholm, Sweden f 61 Sikmt Nchemia During Exerdree Radionrrclide Mgiography 0610 Peter,C. Nish'an,.Timothy F. Christiana David'O. Hodge,: Raymond JGibbons. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN P62 The. Effect of Exercise on Plasma Insulin Levels in Patients With Reduced Arterial Coropliaace 0611 Joel M.Neutel,.David H.G. Smith„WilBam F..Graettinger, Michael A., Weber. Veterans Administration Medical Center;,Long Beaeh, Long Beach,.and University, of California, Irvine, CA 142
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TUES AM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Ischemic Heart Disease Therapy I Grand Ballroom Salons A-E Anaheim Marriott Hotel 8:30 ' AM-12:©0 NOON Chairmen: Katherine M. Detre, Pittsburgh, PA Jay W. Mason, Salt Lake City, UT 8:30 RARI Survey of Revasculari>!ation Practice 1000 The BARI. Investigators. University of Pittsburgh',~ Pittsburgh„PA fk45 PTCA Venus Med'rcfne for Double Vessel Disease: Initial Results of the Randomized VA ACME Trial 1001 Edward D. Folpand, Alfred F. Parisi, Pamela Hartigan, for the VA ACME Inves[igators. University.of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA 9:00 Clinical Characteristics and Progno.is of Unstable Angina Patients Who Fail Medical . Therapyr. RResults of the Veterans Adrniofsfration Cooperative Study on Unstable Mgi.a (28) Witlr a 6-Year Follow-up 1002 G.V.R.K. Sharma„Robertoeupree,: Elliott Schecter, Sh'ukn'.Khuri„Rob-erL Luchi, Stuart Scott,, and the Study. Group. Veterans Administration Medical Center, West Roxbury, and Harvard Medical School, Boston,. MA 9:15 Improved Coronary, Anatomy. After Thrornbolysis in PaHenbWith Unstable AngMn: The UNASEM Study-RewRs of Quantitative Coro-nar1' An6loNaphy 1003 Frank Vermeer, Christ Werter, Jacques Col, Pierte Mateme,, Philippe Raynaud, Chris deZwaan, Inpid ..Barlhobmeus, lean.Pkyre Monassier,. Frits W. Bar. University Hospital Maastridit, Alaastrich'6 TheNetlterlards 9:30 Systemic Thrornbolysis in Pasfirtfarction.Unstabk Angina: Coronary Hemodynandc and Clinical Effeets 1004 Andeea Pozzati, Raffaele Bugiardini, Filippo Ctttani, Augusto Ruggeri, Fabio Tarantino, Paolo Puddu. Patologia Medica,,Un'rversitly of Bologna, Bologna, Italy l:4S Paradoxkal Effect of TMarrbolylic Therapy In Unslabk Angi.a oe Silent Ischernia and Myocardial Perfrision 1005 Michael R. Freeman, Anatoly Langer,,Robert F. Wilson, Christopher D.. Morgan, Paul W. Armstrong. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 10:00 Interrdssion and EKhibils 10t45 Alterations in the Circadlan Distribution of Episodes of Ambulatory N[6entia tiy.Prapranalol. DilBazen,.and Nifedipine 1006 Thomas C.: Andrews,. Terry. Fenton, Nobuo,Toyosaki, Stephen P. ,Glas- ser, PhiGpYoung, Gail MacCallum, Robert S. Gibson, Thomas L. Shook, Peter H.' Stone, and the ASISStudyGroup; Brigham and Women's Hospital, . Boston,, MA 11AB Captopril PMentiates Nitroglycerin in the Absence and Presence of Nitrate Tolerance in the Coronary Vascular Bed 1007 lan T. Meredirth,)effreyF. Alison,.Fu-Min Zhang, Richard W. Harper. Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia 11:15 L'fflcaqy of Metoprolol Versus DiMazem Upon Silent Isdiernia in~ Daily Ufe 10w Pieter Sijbrimg, , Erwin ~. J. Gobel,. Jan W. Viersma. University Hospital Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands 11:30 Additional Mtianginal Efficacy.of Amiodarone in Patients With liinit- hy Angina PMoris 1009 Beat J:.Mpyer, FranzW: Amann. Univenity. Hospital Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland 11:45 ArtRbgenk Effects of Low Molecular, Weight Heparin (Fragmin) In Cqonary Artery Dhease 1010 Arshed A. Quyyumi, Jpan G. DiodatiJ Ann Cropp, Timothy S. Callahan, Edward Lakatos, Stephen E. Epstein. National Heart„Lung, and Blood Institute, Bethesda, MD ~ 1!R
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8asir Science/Circulation/Kidney: Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Cell Calcium Room C-1 8:30' Am-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Andrew R. Marks, New'York, NY Judith K. Gwathmey, Boston, MA TUES AM NOV 12 g:30 Developmental and Tisrue-SPeclfic Regulation of the Aortic Smooth Muscle Inoiltol 1,4,5-Tr6phosphate Receptor Gene 0829 Andrew Infosino, Clive Rosendorf, Molton, Mendlbwitz, Mark B. Taub- man, Anddew R. Maeks. Brookdale Center for Molecular Biology; Divi- sion of Molecular Medicine and!Division ofCardiotogy; Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY 8:45 The Conformation of Cardiac Troponin C Is Influenced by Crossbridge Atladimen In Rat Ventricular Trabeculae 0830 IamesD. Hannon, Albert M. Gordon. University ofiWashington,i Seat- tle, WA 9:OO Altered Rela:attonin Heart Cells Exposed to a Specific Inhibitor of theCa" Pump of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulom 0831 C. William Balke, W. Gil Wier. University of Marylind,' School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 9:15 l.eukotrietrn and hosfaglandim Signal Itidogit Actions by Modulating Calcium Current in Guinea Pig Myocytes 0832 lames M. Huang, HuXian,Marvin Bacaner. University ofiMunnesota„ Minneapolis, MN 9:30 Modulation of the Cardiac Sarcoplaunic Reticulum Ca"-ATPase by Phorpholamban Pepifdes 0633 Talsuya Sasaki, Makoto Inui~ Yoshihiro Kimura, Shiro Hoshida, Masaaki Kadoma, Tsunehiko Kuzuya,Michihiko Tada. Osaka UniversnySchool of Medicine, Osaka,Japan 9A5 Repetitive EDRF Rerponses of Intracellular Ca" of Cocultured Fido- thelial Cells and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells 0834 T. Sasaki, W.S. Shin, T. Toyp-oka.Second Department of Internal Medicine, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 10:00 Intenniision and Exhibits VVithdrawn 083511:00 Na/H and Na(Ca Exchange Dtring Ischemia in Preconditioned Rat Hearts In Vitro 0836 C.harles3Yeenbergen,i Teresa A. Fralix, Michael Perlman, Scott A. GabelJ Robert E.Lbndon,Elizabeth Murphy: Departmentof Pathology, Duke University, Durham, NC, and LMB, N{EHS, Research Triangle Park, NC 11:15 Acidosls Increases Inbacellular Ca" in Rat Aorllc Endothelial Cells 0837 Roy C. Ziegelstein„Lirtda Cheng.Flarold A'. Spurgeort;E.dward G. Lakatta, Maudzio C. CaQogrossi.! Gerontoktgy, Research Center,National hhstitute on Aging, Baltimore, MD 11:30 Role of Cakdum and Cakitam-Sodkum Exchange on Diastolic Dysfunction 0838 Franz R. Ebedi, Margaret A. Ferrell, Soeun Ngoy; Carl S. Apstein. Boston University School of Medicine, Boston~ MA 11:45 Diastolic [Ca='), Handlingin Human; Ventricular, Myocytes From Patients With Terminal Heart FaBure 0839 DirkI.Beuckehhtann,MichaellNSbauer, Erland Erdmann. Department ofl Medicine I, University oU Munich, Munich, Federal Republic of Germany 179
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 TUES AM NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Gene Expression Room A-6 8:30 AM 12:00 NOON' Chairmen:. R. Sanders Williams, Dallas, TX Brian Kobilka, Stanford, CA &30 Overlapping Sequence of cAMP and Nega6ve Regulatory Elemenl Determine Tifrue-Spec9fk Mouse Renin Gene Expression 0788 Masatsugu Horiuchi, RichardE. Pratt, Victor J. Dzau. Stanford Univer- sity,.Stanford,.CA &45 Fine Structure Mutational Analysis of a Murde-Specifiic.Enhancer E.le- ment From the Human Myoglobin Gene 0789 Rhonda Bassel-Duby, Mark Gonzalez, William E'. Kraus,. R. Sanders W iiliams. Universitlyy of TexasSouthwestemMedical Center, Dallas, TX 9:00 Interaction Between Cis-Acting Elements Determines Alternative SPlicing of AMPD 1 0790 L. Kristin Newby,.lkuo Mineo, Edward W. Holmes. Duke University Medical Center„Durham, NC 9:15 An Eatrogen Receptor-Related Heat Shoclc Protein Is Phosphorylated in Thrombin-Acfirated Mateketr 0791 Michaei I E. Mendelsohn, Yan ~ Zhu, Sarah O'Neill. Harvard Medi¢al S'ch'ool, Boston, MA , 9 30 Increased Basic Fibroblart Growth Factor Expression Influences Differ- entiatlon Without Afferting Proliferation of Myoblasts 0792 Chang S. Lim, Alan Wiseman, Judith L. Swain. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 9:45 Cloniog of cDNA for a Human Cardiac cAMP Phorphodilederase That Serves as a Targetforlno4opic Agents 0793 Elisabetta Meacci, Masato Taira, MakolmMoosyr_ Carolyn J. Smith, Matthew E..Movsesian,Per Belfrage,.Vin¢ent C.: Manganiello.Llabora~ tory of Cellular Metabolism, National Heart, Lung, and'Blood Institute„ Nationali Institutes of Healdh,.Bethesda, MD 10000 Interrnitrion and Exhibtts 10•AS A Transcriptional Regulatory Role for Giycosaninaglycans in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation 0794 Steven J. Busch, Alan D. Cardin, Richard L. Jackson, Masayuki Mano. Universityy of ICincinnati,.CoBege of Medicine, and Marion Merreil Dow Research Iitstitute, Cincinnati, OH 11.00 Regulation of Na,K-ATPa.e Gene Exprcaion byThyFoidHormone in Rat Cardiocyfer. 0795 Tsuyoshi l Kamitanij Uichi Ikeda, Shigeaki, Muto, Yoshio Tsuruya, AsahikoOguchij Yuki¢hi Hara, Kei'.Nagano, Kiyoshi Kawakami,. Kazuyuki Shiniada, Russell M.,Medford. lichi Medical School, Tochigi, and Tokyo Dental~ and Medical College, Tokyo, Japan, and Emory Uni- versity,School ofiMedkine, Atlanta, GA11:15 Identifkation of a Retlnoic Acid Response Element In the Human Me- diwn Chain Acyl-CoA DeAydrogenafe Gene 0796 Bradley.O:.Raisher; Moira LL Ogden,.Tod Gulick,.Arnold W. Strauss. Daniel P. Kelly. Washington University, Sti.Louis, MO 11:30 A Myotube specific Factor Interacts With Exon .1 to Developnrentally Regulate Human Brain Creatine Kinare.f.ene Expression 0797 Mkhaeli E. Ritchie, Joseph J.., Billadello. Washington University, St. Louis; MO 11:45 Idenlifrcation of.a High Affinity Binding Site for a New Helir-Loop- Helix Transcription Factor Cloned From Heart 07" Roger E. Breitbart, Jay W. Schneidera..Vijak.Mahdavi,.Bemardo Nadal- Ginard, Children's Hospital, Howard Hughes Medical I Institute, and Harvard Medical School„Boston;. MA 174
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TUES AM NOV 12 Nutrition: Lipids-Dietary Fadors/Women Room C-41 830 AM-1I2:00 NOON Chairmenl Frank A. Franklin Jr., Birmingham; AL Margo A. Denke, Dallas, TX 8:30 Diet Responsiveness in Postmenopausal Hyperclrolesterokmi¢ Women 0862 Margo A. Denke, Scott M. Grundy. University of TexasSouthwesternMedical!School at Dailas, Dallas, TX 8:45 Complementary Effeds of i Weight Loss and an AHA Step I Diet on Lipoproleios In A1en With.Abdominal Obesity.and Low HDL-C 0863 Leslie I.Katzel,..Patricia J;.Coon, AhdrtewP. Goldberg, Ronald M. Krauss, University of Maryland, Baltimore Veterans Administration Medical Center~ Baltimore, MD, and'Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory,. University.of.California; Berkeley,.Berkeley; CA. 9:00 Dietary and Mthropomelric Determinants of ' Plasma Lipoproleins During Low-Fatoiet in Healthy Women 0864 Sidika E. Kasim, SJvana Martino, Sheila Khilnani, Janrce Depper, Allison Boomer, Btuce A. Reading, Lance K. Heilibrun, Wayne 5tate.University, . Detroit,.Ml 9:15 Lauric Add Is Hyperdalesterokmic in Man 0865 Margo A. Denke,.Scott M. Grundy. University, of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at.Dallas andVeterans Affairs, Dallas, TX 9:30 Effect of Dietary Monounsaturated Fatty, Acids on Plasma High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Apolipoprotein A-I Levels in Women 0866 Pedro Mata, lose M: Ordovas, ElenaBlazquez, Juan A. Garrido, Luis Alvarez-Sala; Maria JJ Rubio, Manue4 de Oya. Lipid Laboratory, Funda- cion Jimenez Diaz, Madrid, Spain, and the Lipid'Metabolism Labora- tory, USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on i Aging at Tufts University, Boston, MA 9:45 Differences in Clrolesterol Kinetics in Humans Fed Com Oil Vlrws Olive Oil 0867. Peter.JJH. Jones, Alice H. Lichtenstein, Carol A.. Leitch;.Ernst JJ Schaefer. Division of.Human Nutrition„University of British Columbia, Vancou- ver, British Columbia, Canada,.and USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at TuftsUniversity; Boston, MA 1000 Intennission and Exhibits 10:45 Response to Dietary, Cholesterol on a Monounsaturated-Enriched Low. Fat Diet 0868 D. Rogerlllingworth,.LaueenF. Hatcher,.Ken C. Newcomb,.WilliamiE. Connor, Oregon Health Sciences University,. Portland„OR 11:00 Effects of Dietary, Squalene on Serum Choksteol and LDL Apo B Kinetics 0869. Tatu A., Miettinen,.Hannu Vanhanen. Second Depart/nent of Medi¢ine,. Universiry, of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland. 11:15 Effect of the Consumption of Rice Bran, Com,.Canola, and Olive Oill onPlauna Lipids and ApolipoprMein. Concentration in Humans 0870 Alice H. Lich'tenstein,. Lynne. Ausman,.lennifer L. Jenner, Wanda Car- rasco, Ernst J. Schaefen USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on~ Aging at Tufts University; Boston, MA ~ 11:30. CoaeparaBveEHects of Rke Bran Oil, Soybean OilL and CoconrROil on Lipoproteln Levels, LowDemityy Lipoprotein Oxid-wbilily,.and FattyStreak Formation In Hyperchoksterokmic Hamsters 0871 Robert J. Nkolosi,.Suher Liang. Un'rversitly.of,Lbwell; Lowell,.MA 11:45. Comparative Effect of Casein- Versus High Soy. Protein , Concen, trate-Containing. Diets on Liyoprotein.Levels and Aortic Fatty.Stneak Formation in Hyperdrolesterokmic Hamsters 0872 Robert J. Nicolosi,.AntooTerpstra.,University.of.Lowell,l Lowell„MA. Em
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Plenary Session VI Symposium: The Treatment of Isolated Systolic Hypertension Main Arena 2:00 PM-3:15 PM Chairmen: Jeremiah Stamler, Chicago, IL Janice Douglas, Cleveland, OH 2:00 Epidemiobgy of Systolic Hypertension William B. Applegate, Memphis, TN, 2:15 Athophysioloay of Hypertension in the Elderly Edward~D. Frohlich, New.Orleans, LA 2•30 Mfihypertensive Drup in the Elderly Haralambos S. Gavras,. goston, MA 2:45 ResuNs of the SystoBc Hyperten.ion in the Eklerly Proyam IeHtey L. Probstfield,l Bethesda, MD 3M Implicatlom of the Systolic Hypertension in the. Hderly. Prosram for the Practicing Physkian W. McFate Smith,.San Francisco,.CA Plenary Session VII Symposium: Diagnosis and Management of Supraventricular Arrhythmias Main Arena 3:45 PM-5:00 PM TUES PM NOV 12 Chairmen: Hein J.J. Wellens, Maastricht, The Netherlands Thomas B. Graboys, Boston, MA 3:45 Ecc Qiagm's and Mechaniam Douglas P. Zipes, Indianapolis, IN, fI:00 Drug Therapy Eric N..Prystowsky, Indianapolis, IN'. 4s15 f+Aeta-analysib of Mtitlrrombotic Trials for Atrial ntiriBatlan Jonathan L..Haliperin, NewYork„NY 4•.3o CGtheter Ablation Fred Morady; Ann Arbor, MI IASSurgerylamesE.. Lowe, Durham,i NC These sessions will be audiotaped. 221
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Clinical Cardiology: Intracoronary Stents-Effed on Lesion Morphology/New Stents Room A-1i 8:3O'AM-12:O0 NOON Chairmen: Paul S. Teirstein, La )o11a, CA David O. Williams, Providence, RI TUES AM NOV -12 &30 Is Coronary Stent Expansion the Mechanism fon Successful Dilation of SteM Restenosist A QurNitative Angiographic Study 0777 Robert G. Macdonald,.BlainJ. O'Neill„Joan.E. Creighton„Robert I.G. Brown, Joan E. SJiWocka, lan ~M: Penn., Saint John. Regional I Hospital, Saint John, Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Victoria Hospifal, London, Ontario, Canada &'45 Morphologic Change of Coronary, Aitery Stenosis After Scent Implan- tation: Comp.rifan Between Walislent and Wiktor Scent 0778 Peter P. de laegere, Benno Rensing,..Marcel lvan den Brand,,Harry.Sury- apranata. Thoraxcenter, Rotderdam, The Netherlands 9:00 Addifional Improvement of Stenosis Dimensions.and Coronary. Haw After Intracoroeary 1oplantatfon of Talmaz-Schatz Stents 0779 Michael Haude, Martin Lang, Hassan Issa, Ulrich Renneisen, Rudiger Brennecke. Second Medical Clini¢,.UiriversityMainz, Mainz, FrderaJ. Republic of Germany }15. Scent hrqlantation: Cosmetics or Functional Improvement 0780 Hans-J.RUpprecht~ Raimund Erbe4, Claudia Kooymann,.Axel Schmirtz;Gunter Gorge.,Secord Medical'Clink, University Mainz, Mainz, Fed- erai Republic of Germany l:30 Acute and Chronic Compression of Rigid Slotted'Stenb Accounts for Progressive Lumen Narrowing 0781 Robert F. Bonner, Gad Keren, Philippe C. Douek.. Martin B. Leon:. National Institutes offleahh, Bethesda, MD 9A5 Stent:Vesws Balloon Angioplaqy:.Matclring Based on QCA,.a Surro- gate for Randomized Studiesi070Z Peter P. dee laegere, . Bradley H. Strauss,. Pim J, de. Feyter, Harry. Sury- apranata,.Marcet Ji.van de Brand, Patrick W. Serruys. Thoraxcenter, Rotterdam~ The Netherlands 10:00 lntermIssion and Exhibits 10:45 A New Bioabsorbabk Intravascular Stentl In Vitro Anesraoent of Henutdynamit and Morp6orrnNrk Characteristics 0783 lonathan D. Bier, Paul Zalesky, Harvey. Sasken,. David O. Williams. Brown Universityand'Rhod@ Island Hospital,.Providf'nce,.RIi 11:00First CBnical. Implants of a Balloon-Expandable Tantalum Stlnt for the . Acute Qosure Indication 0784 Matty, C. , Vrolix,, lan . H: Piessens, Iyan K. De Scheerder, Wolfgang Rutsch, Gisbert Kober, Wolfram Burger, Patrick Serruys,.Volk!er Wie- gand.,U.H. Gasthuisberg,. Leuven,.BelgJum. 11:15 lirst Clinical Experience With Mrc Stredcer Stent'for Acute Coronary, occlusioau After.f iCA 0785 Christian W. Hamm, Christian Beythien,.Hont Sievert,.Alois B. Langer,. AndreasUtBch„ Ute. Bauer, Norbert Reifart. University. Hospital Hamb'urg,.Red Cross Hospital,l Frankfurt am Maina Herz-Kreislaufzen-trum Rotenburg, Federal Republic of Germany 11:30. Initial Human Experience With the Boneau 11: A New Intracoronary Stent Device 0786 Aiam.Anwae, Simon H. Stertzer, Luis de.la Fuente,.Benito Hidalgo„ Mary C. Murphy,. Richard. E. Shaw, Richard! K:.. Myler. Seton ~ Medical Cemer,.Daly,City, CA 11:45 Is PTCA Within the Stenotic Coronary Scent Safer Than Routine Angioptastyi 0787 Peten J. Macander, Subodh K. Agrawal, Adam i D; Cannon,. Larry S. , Dean, William A.. Baxley, Jenny. Breland, Gary. S.. Roubin.. Division of' Cardiovascular Disease, Uiriversityof Alabama atiBirmingham, Birming-, ham, AL 173
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S r I I- .1; 'l.
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Featured Research Ischemic Preconditioning I Room AR1 8:30 AM-1i2:00 NOON Chairmen: Keith A. Reimer, Durham, NC Tetsuji Miura, Sapporo, Japan AM NOV .12 0:70 Role of Adenoshre Receptor Ad}vation in infarel Size umilatkn by Preconditionins in tlhe Heart 07 57 0:45 Akihito Tsuchida, Tetsup Mivtra„Osamu limura. Second Department InternallMedicine, Sapporo MedicallCollege,,Sapporo, Japan The Rak of Aderrodne and N! A1-Receptor In bdrmsir heoardilioni of rs 07 S0 9-0 Emst R. Schwarz, Masahiro Mohri, Stefan Sack, Margarete Arras. Ma Plan¢k-lnntitute, Bad NAuheim, Federal Republic of Germany Dipyridamole tloterrtlaten the Myocudial Infarct Size-limi0ne Eff x- M ol Prernadi0onin` 07 59 Tetsuji Miura, Takashi Ogawa, Toshihiro Iwamoto, Osamu limura.. Se ond'Department of Internal Medicine, Sapporo Medical College, 5a c p- I 9:15 poro, Japan Precorrdiltioeint; Redrrces InterAiNal Fluid Purine Metabolites Dorir rd ± I, Prolonged MyaprdiaL Hdsemia 076 0 ~ 9:30 Tracy A.,Dorfieim, Robert M-Mentzer Jr., David G.L. Van Wylen. Sta University of New York aLBuffab, Buffalo, NY Role of Glpcolysis in Pnrnndi0arirre 07 te 61 1 Teresa A. Fraluc, Eirabeth Murphy, CTwrles Steenbergen, Robert E. l.onda NIEHS, Research Tdargle Parls, and Duke Universily, Dudwn,i NC t I 9:45 Effect of Reversible bdreoda on Alffochorrdriil ATPase Activity In Canine Myocardhm 07 62 LI 0.V0 Richard S. Vander Heide, Mary L Hillj Charles Steenb'ergen lr., Keith Reirner,Ro6ert.B. /er~ Duke UniJersity Medical ICen[er,.Durham,. N irlermission and FidriW6s ti. C 10rA5 fy Proteins Are Involved Mr Precanditionina's Protective Effect 07 63 11900 Jon i Thornton, James M. Downey. University of South Alabam Mobile, AL Isdmmic PrecorrdNionin; Affects Free Radical Generatips and Sn a, v- enein6 Systenn in Canine Myoeardial Infardion 07 64 1:15 Shiro Hoshida, Tsunehiko Kuzuya, Hisakazu Fuji, Hiroshi'Oe„Yositihi Kimura,. Tatsuya Sasaki, Akira Kifabatake,. Michihiko Tada...OsakaU versity; Osaka, lapan Precondilionin` Does Not Alterr the. Rabbit Heart's Antioxida ro ni- nl 1:30 Defemes 07 Julio R Tumens, lon Thomtorr, Guang S. Liu, Michele Barnard, Stephan Snyder, James M. Downey. Universily of South Alabama, Mobile, AL State of ahe ArC Aderwsine.. Cardioproteclion,, and Preconditioning 6S ie /ames M. Downey, MobilQ, AL This session will be audiotaped... 171
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I TUES AM NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulation: Neurohumoral Regulation of Heart and Peripheral Circulation Poster Presentation Boards P50-P61 Convention Center Exhib& Hall' Poster Displayedi 8:30 AM,-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:O0 AM PS0 AutatomkMnesvatin i Js.Present and Affer.ts Ateiaf flrAter in canme Sterile PerJarditis 1060 Brian Ol4h'ansky,.David Euler, Yong-gao. Wang, John G. Kall, Robert 1. Hanman: Loyola Ui4iversityMedi¢ab.Center, Maywood,.IL PSl VaaalStimulation Prevents AMoveotriatluReentrant Tachycardia by Rate-Dependent Effects on Atrioventricrdar Refractoriness 1061 Mohsen.Nayebpoun, Azita Roshan. MontrealiHeart Institute,JdtontreatJ Quebec, Canada P52 Effects of Sympathetic Stimulation on bctracellnlar K` Arxtnnnlation DurittR Myocardial Ischemia 1062 Margaret R.: Warner„Tiimoth'y.S. Kroek'er;.Douglas P. Zipes. Indiana University,,pepartment of Pharmacology and Department of Medicine, Krannert ~ Institute of Cardiology, Indianapolik, IN' P53 Effect of Exercise Training on Autonomic Balance and Cardiac Hectri- cal Stability in Conscioun Doss 1063 Stephen 5. HJrll Jr:, EmilioVanoli,.,CarlosM: ReynoldS,.Robert D:,Fore- man, Richard L. Verrier, Peter J. Schwartz. Department.ofPhysiology, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Oklahoma City, OK, Clilnica Medica 2, Milan, Milan,.Italy,.and Department of Pharmacology, Georgetown University School of Medicine,. Wash'ington,.DC PS4 . Effects of Insulin on Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Aclirity During Ettg/ycernia and HypoRlycemia 1064 Hans A. Frandsen, Seren Snitker, Nilels J. Christensen,.Sten Madsbad, Steen Levin Nielsen. Department of Clinical. Physiologyy and Depart- ment of ~ E'ndocrinology, Herlev University. Hospital, Hedev;. Denmark P55 Autonontic Refkses tni6ated by Coronary Balloon Inflation in Man 1065 Carl F. Sh'akespeare, Alex Crowther, lan C. Cooper, Demos Katritsis, John D. Cohart, Michael M: Webb-Peploe. St. Thomas' HbspitaJ,l London, E'ngfand P56Narral Medunism of Cyclosporine-Induced Hypertension 1066 Teresa Lyson, David M. McMulJan,.LleAnn D. Ermel„Barbara J. Morgan, Ronald G. Victor. Universityy of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TXP57 Alechanismss of Arginine Vasoprenin-lnduced Sympalho-Inhibit-ron. 1067 Tsutomu Imaizumi, Shin-ichi Ando; Sefki Harada.,Kyushu University„ Fukuoka,Japan PSg. The Effect of An;iotensin 11 on Arginine Vasopressin and Arterial Pres- sure Dtrring SaR and Water Loading in Hunans 1069 Steven R.: Goldsmith. Hennepin County, Medical Cemer, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,. MN' P59 Overall and Rhythmic Blood Pressure Variabilily.ln SympatheAomized Spprtaneoudy Rebavina Rats 1069 Anna Daffonchio, Cristina Franzellii, Marco Dil Rienzo, Paolo Casligboni,. Agustin J. Ramirez,. GianfrancoParati'., Giuseppe Mancia;,Alberto U.. Ferrari.i SemeioticaMedica;.Centro Fisiol. Clin.Jpertensione and CNR;. Universit$di Milano, Milano, Italy P60 Musnrink Tone.Modulates the Inotropic Response to Beta-Adreneraic Receptor Stimulation In Man 1070 /oelS. Landzberg,.John D., Parker;.DianeR Gauthierj lohn D. Ruth'er- ford,.Wilson S. Colucci. Brigham and Women's Hospitat; Bostonj MA P61 NG-Monomeffiyl-t-Arginine Miaroinjected Into the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius Increases Renaf Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Rabbits 1071 SeikiiHarada, Tsutomu Imaizumi, Yoshitaka Hirooka,.Michiko.Mirmo~ hara„HiYoyuki,Masaki, Akira. Takeshita. Kyushu Univenity, Iukuoka; Japan
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Cardiovascular Nursing: Risk Factor Interventions and Patient Care Marriott Hall S Anaheim Marriott Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Louise S. Jenkins, Milwaukee, WI Laura L Hayman, Philadelphia; PA NOV 12 8:30 A Causal Model of Cardiac Ridc Factor Behavior in a Cardiac Rehabili- falion /apuiation . 0970 Mairead Hickey, Steven Owen, Robin Froman. Yaie. University, New. Haven, CT 0:4S HeaNh Beliefs and Ridc Factor Status In Youns Rladc Women 0971 Colleen S. Keller, Hazel Hargrove,.M. Kathryn Coe. Arizona State Uni- versity, Tempe, AZ 9:00 The Effect of: Lowering Cholesterol ih a Risk Factor Reduction Trial (SCRif J on Chanses in Mood and Aggressive Behavior 0972 Joan M. Faid, SaIIy F. Mackey, Denise A. Desmond, William L. Haskellj and the Stanford Coronary Risk Intervention Project Staff. Stanford ~Uni- veriity, .. Stanford, CA 9e15 Smok6ta Cessation Through Seif-Heip: The I Stopped Smoking Study 0973 Pamela,G Clark, S. Joan Gregory. University of South Florida and the James A. Haley Veterans Administration Hospital, Tampa, FL 9:30 Familial Resemblance of Blood Pressure: A Twin-Family Study 0974 Janet C. Meininger, Laura L Hayman. U 4iversity ofiTexas Health ~Sci; ence Center, Houston, TX 9:4S Health Quality of Life Differences Between Meo and Women in a f'atlnfan.ifon Shidy 097S Eleanor B. Schron, Yudi!Pawitan, Sally A. Shumaker, Charlotte Hale, for the CAST Investigators. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Bethesda, MD 10:00 Mterrniwion and E6dtibib 10:45 Kalharine A. Leabrighot Award Affairs of the Heart Susan R. Gortner, San Francisco„CA 11:30 The Impact of Coronary Bypass Surgery on Wives: Iresurgical hedidors of One-Year AdjuWnent 0976 NantyFrawre-Smith, Montreal Heart Institute and MtGRi University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 11:45 Trainin` Level Comparison Study: Predictive Factors Associated With Ezerdie CoMpiian« 0977 Sandra B. Dunbar, Barbara J. Fletcher, Betsy E:. Jensen, JamesM. Raczynski, Jeannette Y. Lee, Albert Oberman, Gerald F. Fletcher. Emory University, Atianta,. GA . 1L00 Annual Business Meeting for the Council on Cardiovascular Nursins 195
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TUES AM NOV 12 Cardiovascular Radiology/ Clinical Cardiology: Technetium-99m Perfusion Agents- Basic and Clinical Moderated Poster Presentation Boards P192-P201 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 10:45 AM-12:45 PM Discussants: Raymond J. Gibbons, Rochester, MN Frans J.Th. Wackers, New Haven, CT P192 Myocardial' Clearance Kineties of . Technelium-99rn Teboroxime in Normal and Reperfused Myocardium 1202Gerald loh'nsonIII;.Robert.D..Okada,.Connie B. Hebert. SaintiF~rancisHospita) Medica6 Research Institute of the University, of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Tulsa, OK , P193 Myoordial Cardiolite (Tc-99m MIBI) i ClearanceIs Accelerated In Ischemic Myocardium Primarily Due to the Metabolic Effects of Hyp- oxia Rather Than Low Flow. Per Se 1203 Gerald Johnson 111, Robert D. Okada, Connie B. Hebert. Saint Francis. Hospital Medical Research. Institute of the Unirversity, of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Tulsa,.OK P194 Rapid Sequential Teboroxime Imaging for the Detection of Su!ccessful. Coronary Reperfusion 1204 Louiis.l. Heller, Bonnie H. Weiner, Seth T. Dahlberg, Bernard J. Villegas,. Brenda A. McSherry~ Henri F.:Cuenoud„Jeffrey,A. Leppo. Universily.of Massachusetts, Worcester, MA P195 Early Redistribulion of Teboroxime 1205 Howard Weinstein,. Robert C., Hendkl,. Seth T. Dahlberg, Brenda. A. McSherry, Jeffrey A. Leppo. University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester,.MAP196 Simultaneous Tc-99m.SestaMIB1 Myocardial rvrction/Perfuaon.San- tigraphy: Information Added by Wall Motion Analysis of Treadmill Exercise Fiest-Pass Study, 1206 Walter Palmas, Haim Silber, JohnFriedman, Hosen Kial, Jacob,Klein, KenO. Takemoto„ Daniel Berman. Cedarts-Sinai. Medical I Center, Los Angeles, CA P197 Agreement Between Thallium and SestaMIBI in the Quantitative Assessmeat of the Size of the Perfusion Abnormality 1207 laetae Lee, Basili Iskandnan,i David Cassel, Jiekyeong Heo, Abdulmassih S. Iskandrian. Philadelphia Heart Institute, Presbyterian Medical ICemer, Philadelphia, PA P198 SeNaM1BI Defect Magnitude After Vasodilation Is Les Than T1-201 for . Mild Stenoses 1200 David K. Glover;,Mirta Ruiz,. DennyD: Watson;. William H. Smith, George A..Befler. Uiriversityof Virginia, Charlottesville,.VA P199 Development and Prospective Validation of . Quantitative same-Day, Tc-99msestaMlB1 aPECT 1209 K:.Van Train,.J..,Areeda, E. Garcia, D..Berman,.D: Cooke, H1 Kiati G. Silagan,.M:,Abarrientos,J..Maddahi. Cedars-Sinai MedicallCenter, Los. Angeles, CA, and Emory University,,Atlanta,.GA P200 Simultaneous Rest/Stress Myocardial Perfusion Imaging 1210 Ross A. Davies, Calvin Smith, Nur Jamal,. Barbara Simpson; Karen. Gulenehyn,. Terrence D. Ruddy. Ottawa Heart Institute,:Ottawa, Onta- rio,.Canada P201 Usefulness of Tc-99m SeshMlil SPECT Studiks in tAe Clinical Evalua- tionof.ehest Pain at Rest 1211 Serge Doueet, Jean Gregoire; Andre Arsenault„ Daniel ICagnon, Pierre Theroux..MontreaLHeart Institute,..MonttealJ Quebec, Canada 220
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Clinical Cardiology: Early Aspects of Reperfusion Therapy for Acute Infarction Poster Presentation Boards P138-P149 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30 AM-12:00 NOON. TUES AM NOV 12 P138 Serum and Urinary Fatty Acid-Binding . Protein ~ in . Acute Myocardial Infarclion 1148 Takao.Tanaka,. Yuzo Hirota; Koichii Sohmiya, Ryoichi Tsuji,.Keish'iro Kawamura..Third Division, Department of InternallMedicine; Osaka Medical College, Takatsuki, Osaka; Japan P139 WhoSlwdd Not Receive Sheptokieaet 1149 Maurice B. Buchalter, Ganesh Suntharalingam, Ian Jennings, Catfiy. Hart,. Roger J. Luddington, Ronjon K.. Chakraverty, Peter L. Weissberg, Trevor P. Baglin.,Addenbrookes Hospital and'Cambridge Universityy Cambridge, United Kingdom P140 AntiWepMkiwse Antibodies and Their Implications 1150 Mary Lynch, Brian L.,Pentecost~.WiBiamA. Littler, Robert A. Stock'ley. The General Hospital, Birmingham, United Kingdom P141 Ckcadhtn Variation in the Efficacy of t-PA 11s1 Petee B. Kumik.: University, of Medicimeand. Dentistry of'New. Jerseyy and Robert Wood Johnson Medical SchoolJ Camden, NJ 1 P142 Difference in Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 ActivityBelween Q Wave Infarction and Non-Q Wave Infarction . 1152 Hisao Ogawa,Jkuo Misumi, Takenobu MasudA; Tomohiro Sakamoto, Hiroto Okubo„Yuji Miyao. Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan P143 Disparate Changes In Free and Totali l-PA Quantified!With a Novel, Rapid Iromwroatsay During and Afler. Coronary ThrombolyFis 1153. Charles L. Lucore,.RobertR. Hagan,.Burton E. Sobel. Washington Uoi- versity; St. Louis, MO P144 Acute Reduction of Plasma Lipoproteht(a) With 1-PA. 1154 Robert A-Hegele, Michael R. Freeman, Anatoly Langer, Philip W. Con- nelly, Paul W. Armstrong. St. Michael's Hospital, , Toronto, Ontario, Canada P145 The Salety of TlnomboFy6c Therapy After Cardopdrtanuy Reasdhdon 1155 Hai~. Shiang , Lee, Stephen /. Cross, Kevin, P. Jennings. Department of Cardioktgy, Aberdeen Royal Ihfi'mary„ Aberdeen,, Scotland, United Kingdom P146 lHefuhteu of CK boform Asxayed by Innnunoinhibrtion : for. Rapidly Detecting CoroearyReperfmion: 1156 Satoshi Abe, Shinichi. Arima,: Masaaki Miyata, Tsuminori Yamashita,. Hideki Okino,. Kunihiro Nomoto,. Hitoshi Toda,. Ikurto Maruyama, Shoichiro Nakao, Hiromitsu 1 Tanaka. First Depantment, of Internal. Medicine, Kagoshima .University,. Kagoshima,~ Japan P147 Human Heart Fatty Add-lhtding Protein: A Sensitive and Specific Marker of Coronary, Reperfusioa 1157 Satoshi Abe„Hideki iOkiito, Souki iLee, Hitoshi Toda„Masaaki Miyata, Kunihido Nomoto, Shinichi Arima, Tsuminori i Yamashita; Shoichiro Nakao, Hiromitsu Tanaka, Takao Tanaka,. Keishiro, Kawamura. First Department of Internal Medicine, Kagoshima University,,Kagoshima, and Third Department of Internal Medicine, Osaka Medical College, Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan P14t k It Necemsaryto Adapt the Dose of Thrombolytic Agents to Body Wei6M In Acute Myonrdlal InfarcYion41158 Michael Roth,.Rainer von.Essen, K-L.,Neuhaus, A Vogt„M., Riess, U! Tebbe, for the Study Group of Senior Hospital Cardiologists. Munich and Kassel, Federal Republic of Germany P149 Increased Plasma Levels of Brain Natriuretic Peptide in Acute Myocar- dial Infarction 1159 Hirofumi Yasue, Etsuo Morita, Michihiro ~ Yoshimura, Michihisa. )ou:- gasaki„MasashiiMukoyama,.Kazuwa Nakao,.Hiroo Imura, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto,.and Kyoto University, Kyoto,.lapam 215
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TUES AM NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulation: Coronary Circulation Poster Presentation Boards P64-P75 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30:AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM PN Improvement of rardotlreWal Function With Fish Oi) Cannot Wdbit Acetyldrolfne-Mdnced Va.mpasm In Patients Wi16 Variant AnOina 1074 Hid6o YamamoM, Mitsuru Noma, Hitoshi Yoshimura, Hisashi, Kai, Satoshi Suzukij Tsukasa Tajimi~ Masayosi Sugihara, Yutaka Kikuchi. Kyushu Welfare Pension Hospital, Kitakyushu, Japan i KS rardutlKBal Function in Canine Coronary Collateral Vessels In Vitro 1075 Daniel Dulas, John Altman, Robert J.,Bache. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,.MN r6E Role of Endol6eliam kr Coranary Reactive Hyperemia in the Guinea Pj0 1076 Masayuki. Ueeda, Ray A. Olsson. University,of South Florida, Tampa,. FL P67 Lipaired VasodYation of Coronary, Miaovesuk by AcMyldrolise in Patients With Coronary, Rbk Factors and Proximal Athero.deroBt Lesions 1077 Kensuke Egashida,. Tetsuji i Inou, Akira Yamada. Kyushu University, Fukuoka,Japan P60 Resrmptlon of fiow ThrouOfi DmmaM (Regresed). Previously Funt- tioaal Coroeary, CoBalerak in Conadas Dop. 1078 Hiroyuki Hanada, Daniel P. McKown, Michael D. McKown, Dean Franklin. Dalton Research Center and Department of Physiology, Uni- versfty of Missouri, Columbia, MO r6! Tone-Dependent f4enwe Gradients Across Orc Coronary Oed at the Ceration of Venous outllow During Long Diadalea 1079 Shoichi Satoh, Frands J. Klocke. State University of New York at Buf- fafo, Buffalo, NY, and Northwestern University Medical SchoolJ Ch'ir cago, IL r70 in Vivo Evaluatlon of Bidocardial Blood Vessels by a New Needle-Type CCD fNinoscape t000 Fumihiko Kai'rya,.. Masami Goto, Toyohka YadA,.Akihiro Kimura, Toku- nori Yamamoto, Osamu Hiramatsu, Yasuo Ogasawara, Kattuhiko Tsuj% oka„ Shinji' Yamamori, Hidehiro Hosak'a. Kawuaki Medical School, Kurashiki, and Nihon Kohden Corporation, Tokyo, Japan P71 PGD, Relaxes Bovine Coronary Arteries bY, an EodoWelium-DeperdaN Cydic GAV-Akd{aEed Meduehm 1001 Marina Braun, Hans Strobach; Karsten Sehriir. Ihstitut fiir Pharmako- logie, logie, Heinrich-Heine-Universit3t, DUsseldorf, Federal Republic of' Germany P72 17-feta-fytradlbl Has Cakkrm Antagonistic Properties in the Rabbit Coronary Ar1ny In Vitro 10112 Canwen Jiang, Phili'p M. Sarrel, David C. Lindsay, Philip A. Pook-Wil- son, PetenColins, Nationa6, Heart and Lung Institute, London„United Kingtbm P73 Attenuatloa of rardWhelin-1-Indooed Rabbit Coronary. Artery Conlrx- Uon.by.17.0e1a-ratradfol 1003 Canwen Jiang, Philip M. Sarrel, Peter Collins. National Heart and Lung Institute, London, United Kingdom P74 Effecta of Sf«orl-tena Estrogen Treatment on . Vascular Rnpooses.. 1084 Carooary Arteries J. Koudy Williams, Michael R. Adams,,David M. Hertington, Thomas B. Clarkson. Bowman Gray Schooll of Medicine of Wake Forest University.. Winston-Salem, NC 175 Role of AlPhai-Adrenoceptan on Coronary Olood qoww in hlienls. WNh Athermderodc Stenoaes and. In Normah 1065 CiAo Indo10;. Federico Piscione, Bruno Villari, Enrico Russoldlo, Paolo Golino, Giuseppe Lembo; Mario Condorelli. University of' Naples, Naples,.Italy
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TUES AM NOV 12 Epidemiology and Prevention: Clinical Epidemiology Poster Presentation Boards P130-P137 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Di'spiayedi 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Pres'ent; 9:30 AMr 12:00 NOON P130 Can Resknosis Be Predicted After Coronary Angioplasty.From Clinical Variabks? 1140 William S. Weintraub, Charles 1. Btown, James Hearn..Division of Car- diok>gy, Emory University School of'Nledicine,.Atlanta,.GAP131 Clinical Prognostic Significance of Serial Changes inCoraury Arteri- ograms: 10-Year Data From the Program on tise Surgical Control bf the HTpe*fiPickmw 1141. Henry Buchwald; )ohn P. Matts, Laurie. L..Fitch,.Jeremiah Stamler, and the POSCH.Group. UAiversityof Minnesota, Mimneapolis;.MN P132 Coronary. Disease: Attenuated Angiographic Progression~Rale in Women:ResuFs of INTACT 1142 Peter Nikutta, Stefan lost, Birgitt Wiese, Jaap Deckers, Hartmut Heck'er,.. Peter Lippolt, Wolf Raffienbeul, Paul Gl Hugenholdz; Paul IR. Lichtlbn., and'rthe INTACT Group. Hannover.MedicaJ SchooL, Hannover,.Federal I Republic of Germany P133 Mortality After Hospitalization for Myocardial Infarction Among Mexi- can-Antericans and Non-Hispanic Whites: The Corpva. Christi Heart Project 1143 David C. Goffqr., Christina Varas, David ). Ramsey, Darwin iR: tabarthe, Milton Z:..Niehaman. The University of Texas Sckoollof PublicHealth, Houston) TX P134 A Comparison of the Effects of Cholesterol on Coronary Heart Disease Mortality in Black and White Women 1144 RebeccaG.~ Knapp, SusanE.,Sutherland„Julian E. Keii,.Ph'ilip F Rust,. Daniel T. Laaidand. Mediwl University of South Carolina, Charkstonn SC P135 Strohe Beh as a Risk Factor for Mortalityy in Young Black Men 1145 H. Mitchell Perry Jr,, James. C. Romeis, Monica S: Smith, Sharon E. Carmody. WashingtoniUniwersitiy.and St.. Louis Ui4iversityDepartment of Veterans Affairs;.St, Louis, MO, P136Rsh.Oil Supplementation and Blood Pressure. Results From Phase I of the Trials.of.Hypertension Prevention 1146 Frank.M.Sacks,Lawrence J. AppelJ Nemat~O.Borh'ani, William B. Applegate, Jerome D. Cohen, Jeffrey A. Cutler, Kent A. Kirchner, LewisH. Kuller, Kath'y1. Roth, Iames0. Taybr,.Charles H. Hennekens, for the TOHP'Collaborative.Research Group.~ HarvardMedical.School~ Boston,. MA P137 Relapse in Male and Female Ex-Smokers: Identifiotion of Risk Groupss by.Tree-Structured Survival Analysis 1147Gairy.E. Swan,.Doritl Carmellil, Marcia M. Ward, Lisa Jack, Mary MoEJroy., SRI International, Menlo Park„CA 214
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I TUES AM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Signal Averaging/Myocardial Infarction/Coronary Disease California Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NooN Chairmen: Harold L Kennedy, Chicago, IL 1. Anthony Gomes, New York, NY 838 Myocardial Isdrcmia on Holler Recordirr8s: A Study of the Frequency DistriMAionr of a tieat-by-Reat ST Displacement S88nal 0937 Fabio Badiliini, Arthur J. Moss, jackson W: Hall, Jesaia Benhodn,, Shmuel Cattiieb. University, of iRochester, Rochester, NY 8:45 The Changing Circadian Didribrrtion of Transient Myocardial lsdremia After Myocardiai Infarctiom One-Year FoRow-up 8938 Hans Mickley, Peter Pless,Jens R. Nielsen, Mogens Molller, Department of Cardiology, Odense University Hospitai, Odense„Denmark 948 Principal C,ornponerrl Analyfis of 32-Lead Body-Sarface Mapc A hom- irirr8 Noninvasive Approach to the Detection of Coronary Artery Dis- ease at ReA 0939 Mitchell W. KrucofQ A. Keny Evans, Karen S. Pieper, Jill A. Ryan, Nancy M. Wilderman, Beverly L. Wagner„Robert Califf. Duk'e University Med- ical Center, Durham„NC 9:15 Analysis of Terrrponl ElerhlcalHetero8errelty by aNew 22-Lead ECG System Accvrately, Identifies Patients With Coronary Artery Disease 8948 Prakash C. Deedwania, Bipin iJoshi, Enrique V. Carabjai, University of California;San Francisco,School of Medicine/Veterans Administration Medical'Center, Fresno, CA 73o Body Surface Potential MappinlF Correlation of Resting QRST Areas to Coronary Arteriaf Sterrotir 8941 Colin O. Lee, Mahesh H. Merchant, A. Kerry Evans„Susan J. Dahlberg, W. Douglas Weaver, University of Washington and Physio Control Corporationj Seattle, WA 9:45 Porible Mechanitm of Early Intracoronary Electrogram Amplitude ChanBe During Coronary Meiopiasty 0942 Andy C. Kisep Avanindra lain, Debbie M: Gilliam, Stephanie H. Kaplan, Wayne E. Cascio. University ofiNorth Caroiina; Chapel HiBJ NC 1080 Intennisslon and Eadr"bits 1(e4S Disparity Between Time Domain and FreqrrerayDomain Analysis of Siprai-AveraBed ECGs In Poqinfarction Patients 0943 Michael A.Graceffo, Andrew ). Bouk:t, Robert A. C/Rourke.Universityof TexasandVAH,San Antonio, TX 11:88 The Siyral-AveraBed Electrocardiogram Does Not Change After Late Reperfrrrion Following Mypcardial Infarction 0944 MichaelRagosta, Peter JJ Sabia, Ian I. Sarembock, John P. DiMarco, Eric R. Powers. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 11:15 Determinants of Late Potentials In Acute Myocardial InfarRione Is the Presence and Size of lahemia Important in Addition to Infarct Size and Left Ventrkvlar FtncYion4 0"S Ma Hong, ThomasPeter, Werner Peters,Caeoi Vaughn, Eli S. Gang. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 11:30 CRn{calOrrteorne inAcute Myocardial Infarctfon Patients Wlrosclrri- tial EKG Faik to Show ST Elevation 8946 Timothy A. Dewhurst, Charles Maynard, Peter I. Kudenchuk;Mary T. Ho, for the MITI Project. University of Washington, Seattle, WA 11:45 Rkk StraRfkaBonAfter Infarction: Final Results of a Mukicenter Pro- sper:live Study 0947 Luc )ordaens,Phiiippe Schcenfeld; Pierre Block,Carine Mahieu, Chris• tian Brohet, EricGobin; Catherine Demeester,Patricia Bethume, Henri Kulibertus:B,S.A:C., Brussels, Belgium 192
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Clinical Cardiology: Optimizing Reperfusion Therapy in Acute Coronary Syndromes Pacific C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8:30 AM-112:0O NOON Chairmen: Peter Sleight, Oxford, United Kingdom Cindy L. Grines, Royal Oak, MI' TUES AM NOV 12 8:30 Left~Ventricular Function and Earfy Cardiac Events as a Function of' Trme fo Treatment With t-PA: A.ReportFrom TIMI 11 0915 T. Craig Timm, Richard Ross;,George.R. McKendall', Eugene Braunwali David O. Williams, and!theTIMI Investigators: Rhode Island HospOal; Brown University, .Providence„RI', 8:45 Optiniring Thrombolyllc Therapy.of.Acule Myocardial.Infarctiorr. Age N Not a Contraiodication 0916Rory' Collins . for the ISIS Coldaborative Group. Radcliffe Infirtmaryy Ozford,.United Kingdom 900 TreatmentofAavteMyoprdialInfarctioninWonren:RewltsFromRrc MITI Res'stry 0917 Charles Maynard,; Paul E. Litwin, ienny S. Martin„W. Douglas Weaver, for the MITI Projecti IAvestigators. Universiryof Washington,.Seattle,.WA 9:15 Comparison of Left Ventricular Futctionn and Clinical Outcome In Patients Developing Q Wave and Non-Q Wave Myocardial Infarction After Thrombolysis: TIMI 11 Dalabank. Study 0910 Frank V. Aguirre, Morton J. Kern, Peter B..Bergcr,.Robert:P: McMahon, George Sopko, Allan M:,Ross,.Bemard R. Chaitman, TIMI IllIovestiga- tors. St. Louis.University; St. Louis„MO 9:30 Clinical Oulcome of Young Patients With Acute Myocardial Infardion Treated With Thrombolytic Therapy; Is a"1Vatchful Waiting" Strategy Appropriatet A TIMI 11 Databank Study 0919 Frank V. Aguirre, Hiltrud Mueller,. Neal. Kleiman, Robert McMahon, Rachel Solomon, Morton 1..Kern,.Bernard R. Chaitman, TlMt.l1 Investi- gators. St.; LouisUniversity,.St.. Louis, MO9:45 Thrombofylic Therapyy in Inferior Myocardial Infarction: Importance of Right Venlricvlar Involvement 0920 Wolfgang Kasper„Manfred~ Zehender, Martin Schonthaler;,Elisabeth Kauder,.Manfred Olschewski. University of Freiburg, Freiburg,. Federal Republ ik. ofGermany. 10:00 Intermission and Exhibits 10:45 The Benefit of Late Coronary Reperfusion on Ventricular Morphology and Function After Myocardial Infarction 0921 Stefan M.,Nidod, Samuel C. Siu, GabeGalambos,.Artliur E..Weyman;. Michael H.,Picard.MassachusettsLeneral Hospitil„Boston,.MA11:00Reperfusion Later Than Five Days After Acute Myourd'ul Infarction. Improves Three-Year Survival 0922 Mark K. Bernardi,:Patriek Whitlow. The Cleveland Cli!nic Foundation, Cleveland, CH 11:15 Litaitation of Infarct Expanaion . by Late Reperfusion lndepenrlent of Myocardial Salvage in Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction. 0923 Atsushi Hirayama, Masayoshi Mishima,. Shinsuke. Nanto,. Kazuhiko Nishida, Johji Naito; Tosh'i~ro Matsuda,. Kazuhisa Kodama. Cardiovascu- lar Division, Osaka Police Hospital, Osaka, Japan 11:30 Ventricular Ruptune and Fibrillar Collagen Degradation . 0924 S¢ottiE. Campbell, Alberto A. Diaz-Arias„KadT..Weber,..UniversRyof Missouri~ Columbia, MO, 11:45 Rillr Factors for InrHospital Mortality in Patients With Carriio8erric Shodc After Acute Myocardial Infarction 092S Andrew I. Kaplan, James R' Bengison; Karen S. Pieper, Chanles B. McCants;. David B. Pryor. Duke University.Medical Center,Durham, NC 189
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 TUES AM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Restenosis-Experimental Results (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P172-P179 Convention Center Exhibit HaU Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Presentc 9:30 AMr12:00 NooN, P172 Locai Ansiotensin il Production in Porcine Coronary Arteries: Reduc- tion of Release During NeolMimal Hyperpla.ia After Stenting 1162 Willem J. van der Giessen„ A.H.. Jan i Danser, Heleen M.M. van Beusekom, Frans Derkx, Pieter D. Verdouw, Johannes F. Jongkind, Jos J.M..Lamers, Patrick W. Serruys. Erasmus University, Rotterdam,. The. Netherlands P173 1(brcNa of Smooth MMsck Cell Proliferation After Balloon Angiapiasty, in 1he Cbaksterof-Fed Rabbit Using 5-8ramodeoxyurltline 1183 John J. Smith,.Robert.N. Salomon, Mark A. Atonovitz,,Peter, R.,Kures, John S. Golden, Theresa M. Palabrica, Deeb N. Salem, Marvin A. Kon- starn. Tufts Univenity-New.England Medical Centeq.Boston,,MA. P174 Failssre of Enalaprii to Reduce Coronary Reatenosis in a Swine Model 1184 David'A.,Chuncchill, Craig O.,Siegel, Kathryn G. Dougherty, Albert E.. Raizner, Steven T. Minor. Baylor College oP,Medicine, Houston; TX P17S Restenosis and AnBiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibition: Effects on PkoiMknal Proliferation in a Porcine Coronary. lnjury. Model 1185 Kenneth.C. Huber, Robert S. Schwartz,. William D..Edwards„AIIan,R.. Camrud, . Joseph G. Murphy, Michael Jorgenson,. David R. , Holmes. Mayo Clihicq Rochester, MN P176 Cell Cultures of Corormy AtltereAomiied Tiaue 1186 Peiiiang Kuan, Jin-Jer Chen, Nin Wang, Hung-Kun Chao, Yu-Lint Ko, lun-ladr Cheng, Wen-Pin Lien. National. Taiwan University Hospital,. Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of'Ch'ina P177 Andprilae Hydroddori8e Inlribits Porcine AorlicSmoMh Muscle Cell Proliferafioa In Vilro 1187 Craig CI..Siegelj David A. Churtchig,.Lee Vu, John R. Guyton~ Steven T. Minor, Albert E. Raizner, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX P178 Nerrhophil Activation After Percutaneoru Trarnluminal Coronary Artgioplasly1188 Hisao Ikeda, Hiroshi i Nakayama,. Takafumii Ueno, KazunoriKuwano; Hideki, Yoshiyama, Akihiko Shiraishi, Akihiko Yamaga, Hidekatsu Maruyama,.Masayashi Yoh,Xohji H'ryamuta,Yoshinori Koga, Mitchel M:,Yokoyama. KurumeUrtiversitySchool lof Medicine, Kurume,.Japan P179 PTCA:. Pharrnacolog/al Interventions to Modify Restenosis 1189 Young Joon Lee, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki Daida, HisasHiYokoi,. Hiroshi Miyprw, f unshi Takaya, Hidehiko Sakurai, Akio Noma. Juntendo University, Tokyo, and. Gifu University, Gifu,.lapan MJ
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Basic Science/Circulation: Endothelial Cell-Pathophysiology Poster Presentatiom Boards P76-P87 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM TUES AM NOV 12 r7fi Acceptance of Cardac AqoRaft After a single Cowse of Anti-IC1M1 and AntfdfAl Trntment 1066 Mitsuaki Isobe, Ko Okumura, Edgar Haber. Massachusetts General Hospitai,' Boston,~ MA, and Juntendo University, Tokyo, Japan P77 Roie of CD1g/ICAM-1 fnteradioe In Cat PMN Adw:errce to Coroeary Vascular Eivdotbeliu.a 1087 Xin,liang Ma, Robert Rothkim, Allan M: Uefer. Department of Physiol- ogy, Thomas Jeftenon University, Philadelphia, PA,, and BoeMinger- Ingelheim, Ridteffdd, CT P7g Atifvated NtutrapWk Aggravate E+dotbdW Dydarcdon In bolated Perfased Cat Heart After Globai l.dremia and Reperfmion 10lg Philip S. Tsao, Xin-Iiang Ma, Allan M: Lefer. Department of'Physiokogy, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA Impaired firdofMepum-Dqeedent Relaxation of Va.cuiar S.oo& Mu.de by 6rdotoiln: Fx Vivo and In Vitro Evidence 10l9 H. Richard Adams, Janet L'. Parker, Qaio Zhong, Thomas F. Wright, Paul R. Myers. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO Mg HaNn lalymarphorwdear Neu4ophib Eikit 6rdoWeliom-Dependent Contraction In hoiahd Parciie Coronary Aeteries: Role of superoxide Adon 1090 ToyoakV Murohara, Masamichi Ohgushi. Division of Cardiology, Kuma- moto University, Kumamoto, lapan 111111 ThrombYr-Mduced Inaeases in Lyfopboapbatidy/droli.e Derived From [ardodwNaf t:db 1091 Jane McHowat, Peter B. Corr. Washington University, St Louis, MO P82 EDlF h Released by, Aoelyldboline From Cultured Microvauular rardo- tMe6al Cdb a.d Uiiates Skelefai Muscle Arterioles In Vhro 1092 Akos KoRer, Nahid'beyedk Mary E. Ge+ritsen, Gabor Kaiey. New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY r!3 hotecUon of the Coronarq fardotlseYum aad the Myocacchum Froam hdremfa-Reperddon k*wy by Ar{inioe 1093 Nobuo Aoki, Toru Matsukura„ Masahito M'ryagawa, Atsuo Yanagisawa, Kyozo Ishikawa. Kyorin Univenity School of~Medicine, Tokyo; Japan PM AT'-SenaNire K Chnref Co.pibulei to Hyperemic Reapomes to Coro- nary Oodusion ie Awake r>bp 1094 Yoshihiro Imamun, Kouhei. Muramatu, Takahiro Narishige, Akira Takeshita. Kyushu University, Fukuokb, Japan Pg5 Myocardial bde.ia Eacerb Caronary Vasodliatbo Die to EndottieNal- Dependeel Relaxant Factor 1095 Masatsugu Hori, Masafurni Kitakaze, Seiji Tak'ashima. The First Depart- mem of Medicine, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan Pg6 Inyaired Endotlrcihro-Depdrdent Relaxation to Sodium ituoride roi- fowing Coraury Reperh.bn: Evidence for G-Proteln Dysfunctlon 10% Paulo R.B. Evora, Paul J. Pearson,.Hartzeif V.' Schaff: Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundatwn,,Rochester,.MN <•g7 NMik Oxide aed f4adacydfe Fornatlen In Isolated Rabbit Heartl Dur- ing bdremfa and R..petfi.{ms 1097 Isabelk WoditscA, Hans Suobach, Karsten Scfirur. IAOtitute fiw Plwrnw- kobgie, , Heinrich-Heine-Universif3t„ Dilssekiorfi Federal Republic of GennanY. 209
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Arteriosderosis: Lipoprotein Receptors Pacific B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8:30 AM-11:30 AM Chairmen: Theodore Mazzone, Chicago, IL John F. Oram, Seattle, WA TUES AM 8:30 ~ Definition of a Noalinear Epitope on Apoprotein B for MB47;, a Monoclonal AnHbody That Completely Bkxks the Binding of LDl to Cellular LDL Reoepton 0904 Raju K. Koduri,.Raleigh ~K. Austin,linda K; Curtiss, Stephen G. Young, Joseph L.. Witztum, Richard'S. Smith.lohnson & JohnsooBiotechnobgy Center, La Jolla, CA 8c15 Characterization off the Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor- Independent Interaction of Beta-Very'Low Density Iipoprotekt With Rat and Human hnds[byrrraf LfVer Cells In Vifro 0f0S TheoJ,C. vaniBerkely /an A.A.M. Kamps, Marc C.M..vanDijk, Esther A.M.J. Hessels,.Johan Kuiper, J. Kar Kruijt, Ruud DeWaler. Division of Biopharmaceutics, University of Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands Brefeldks A"Normalizes" the Expression of Two Afrikaner Founder LIN. Receptor Mutatlons 0906 Adrian Ozinsky, Anne M. Fourie, Deneys R. van der Westhuyzen, Ger- hard A. Coetzee. MRC/UCT Research Unit for the Cell Biology of Atherosclerosis, Department of Medical Biochemistry, . University of Cape Town Medical'School; South Africa f:15 Detection of RNA-Ddfcient ABeles of the Low Density L-rpaprotein Receptor Gene In Heterozy8an FamiRaLHyprrcholesterokmia 0907Rune.R..Frants,.Bert Top, Nicolle van den Boom, Andre van der2ee,Louis M, Havekes. MGC-Department of Human Genetics, LeidenUni- versity; and Gaubius Laboratory, IWO-TNO, Leiden,~ The Netherlands 9~.30 LDL Receptor .rRNA Is Present and Regulated in Intestinal Absorptive Cells f/906 Loren G. Fong, Sharon E. Fujishima, Michael C. Konuromy, Alien D: Cooper. Research Instilute, PAMF, and Stanford'University, Palo Aho, CA 9.+15 Cells That Secrete Hepatk Lipase or Apo E Have Enhanced LDL But Not Chylomitrots Rermant Uptake 0909 Sungshin Cfai, Michael C. Komaromy, Jean Chen, Allen 0. Cooper. Research Institute, PAMF, Palo Alto, CA 1D:88 Intermission and Fadribits 10:45 Clearance of Chylootirxorr Remnanb by the Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related hotein/Aflrha,-Maao6lobuBn Receptor 0910 M:. Mahmood Hussain, Jaime Mbs-Oliva, Frederick . R.. Maxfield, Ira Tabas, Zhong-Sheng Ji, Thomas L. InnerariEy, Robert W. Mahley. Glad- stone Foundation Laboratories,, Unirversity, of. California, San Francisco, San~Francisco,.CA,.and Columbia University, NewYork,.NY im Recognition of Chylomicron Remnants and Beta-Yery Low Density Llpoproteins by the Rem.ant Receptor of . hrenchpnal Liver Cells Is Diriinet Fromlhe Liver Alpha,-Macroglotiulin RecoBnition Site 0911 Marc C.M. Van, Dijk', Gijsbertus J. Ziere, Wim Boers, Ch'nisLinth'orst, Martin K. Bijsterboscfi, Theo J.C.,van Berkel. Division ofBioph'arma- ceutics,.Univesitr of Leiden,i Leigen, and Academic Medical Centre, Amslerdam, The Nethedands 11:15 The C-Terminal Region of a CollaBen>like Domain Containing a Chw ter. of Basic Amino Acids Mediates Binding of Modified Low Density Upoproteina by. Maaoplra8e Scaven8er Receptors 0912 Tatsuhiko Kodama, Takefumi Doi, Akiyo Matsumoto, .Ken-ich'ii Higashino,. Yukiko Kudhara,. Yoshiki, Kawabe, Seiichi Uesugi; Takeshi Imanishi,. Hiroshige Itakura,. Yoshio Yazaki. Universiryy of ITokyo, Tokyo, Japan 1 197
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TUES AM NOV 12 8asic Science/Circulatiom Neutrophils and Free Radicals in Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury Poster Presentation Boards ' P110-P117 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30 AMr12:00 NOON P110 Neutrophil free Reperfusion EGminates Neulrophiis gut. Does Not Alter InfarctSize 1120 Guang 5. Liu,.Walter Wilborn, Alfred. W.S. Stanley,.James M. Downey, University, of S'outh Alabama, Mobile, AL P111 Protective Effects of a Monoclonal Antibody: Against ICAM-1 on Myp- cardial Injury and Endothelial Dytfunetiar in Cat Myocardial Ischernia and Reperfusian . 1121'. Xin-liang Ma,. Robert Rothlein, Allan M. Lefer. Department of Physiol-ogy, Thomas. Jefferson University,. Philadelphia, PA,: and Boehringer-Ingelheim, Ridgefield„CT P112 Reduction in Reperfusion Injury. Wilh Inhibition of Neulrophil Elastase 1122 Edwand. 1: Brown )r., William 1. Treanor„ William M. Pollack Neil L. Oden, Oneida I. Lillis,.Sanford R.; Simton, State.Un'n•ersity.of!New.YOrk,, Stony Btook, NY P113 Expression of ~ Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 in Rat Heart With lachemia-RepeAusion and Iimilalion of Infarct Size by Treatment With Antibody Against Cell-Adhesion Molecules 1123 Ttutomu Yamazaki,.Yoshinori Seko,:Ryozo Nagai,., Takuya Tamatani, Masayuki M'ryasaka,.KoOkumura,.Yosh'io:Yazaki: University ofTokyp,, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Scienee,,and ~luntendo Uniwer- sity; Tokyo, lapan P114 Tlme Course of Neuhophil Chemotactic Factor Release FmmIsoiated'Rat:Heart With I.chernia and'Reperfmion Insult 1124 Masao Senoh, Noboru Aosaki, Fumiitaka Ohsuzu,:Haruo:Nak'amura, Hiroe Nakazawa. Kenryou Minezaki, Chizuko Tsuji. National Defense Medical College, Sokorozawa,,and Tokai University, Japan ~. P11S Lbinoprih Ramiprilat, and Captopril Reduce Free Radinl-Induced Salicylate Hydroxylation 1125 Xiu Chen, C. Norman Gillis, Debasis Bagchi, Dipak K. Dae. Yale tloiver- sity; New Haven, and University of Connecticut,. Farmington, CT P116 Effects of lnhibition of Phospholipid Peroxidation on ~lysoplasmalo6en Content of Isolated Working Hearls 1126 Norman I. Davies,. Kenneth ,D. Strynadka, Donna L.. Panas, Peter M. Olley,. Gary D. Lopaschuk. Universityy of Alberta, , Edmonton, . Albena,. Canada P117Efkcb of f)xy6en.Rar6uk an 6ectrinl Actiti9ly and Membrane Currents ie HeaR Are NMdia1ld by Abmmnwl'. Ca" Release rrom Sarcoplavnic Reficulurn 1127 Rita Jabr, William C.: Cole. Univesihy, of Manitoba,. Winnip,eg. Manitoba,. Canada 212 t
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TUES AM NOV 12 Arteriosc%rosis: Apoprotein B Pacific A Anaheim Hilton I Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Roger Davis, Denver; CO James Scott, Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom t 6:3o Regulation of Apo B RNA Edi/iWg by Flankin6 Sequencer 0893 Harokf C. Smith, )ohn W. Backus, Stanley G. Harris. University of Roch- ester, Rochester, NY' 6:45 A 9-NucieoBde Motif is Essential for the Editing of ApoBpoprotein B tnRhtA 0894 Rajvee Shaha Timothy Knott, linette LeGros,, Naveenan Navaratnam, Jobst.Greeve,.lames Scott. MRC Clinical Research Centre, Harrow, United Kingdom 9M Topology of Apoipoprotein B nsRNA Edi6rg 089S Paul Lau, Weijun Xiong, Hui-Jia Zhu, San-Hwan ChenI Lawrence Chan. Baylor College of Medicine„Houston, TX9:15 Chick Apofipoprotein B(Apo B) mRNA is N6t Edited But Chidc Eidero- t.yte Cantakn Protein Factor(s) M'hicfi Bind and Enhance Editing of Ne/e.aloaous Apo B RNAs 0696 Ba-Bie Teng, Nicholas O. Davidson. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 9r3o AboRsYin6 Apolipoprotein 1114411 Formation in Rat:Hepatoma Cell Lines Transfected With Human Apolipoprotein B cDNA Constructs 0697 Zemin Yao, Brian D; Blackhan~ Stacy M. Taylor, Kurt V.Haubold,.Brian J. McCarthy. Gladstone Foundation Laboratories, Univenity, of Califor- nia, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 9:45 Growth Hormone FaAkipates in the Regulation of the Editing of Apoii'. poprMein B mRNA in the Rat Liver 6898 Anders Sjoberg; Ian Oscarsson, Kristina Bostr'd'm; Thomas L. Innerarity, Staffan EdFn, Sven-Olof OIo(sson. Department of Med. Biochem: and' Physiol., University of GotebOrg, Gbteborg, Sweden, and Gladstone Foundation Laboratories, San Francisco, CA' 10:0o Mterrnission and Gdribifs 10.V5 T3 Nuclear RettptbrandfwowMr Honnone.Modulate ApoiipoprMein. B EdiBn6 0699 Amy P. Patterson,.ThomasL. Eggerman,.Steven ). .,Demosky,.H. Bryan. BrewerJA. National:Heart,.Lung..and Bldod Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 11:OO. Apo B 1o6 Is Cotrarolationally Integrated Into lipoproteins During the Translocatbn to the Lumert of Ihe.Bdopiannic.Retiouiunn 0900 )an i Boren, Ann White, Margit. Wettesten, Maria Andersson,.lamesScott, Lesley, Graham, Sven-Ofaf,Otofsson., Department of Medical Bio- chemistry; University of Goteborg, Goteborg, Sweden, and the Division of Molecular Medicine, MRC,.Hartow„UniCed Kingdom 11:15 Oleic Add Protects Nascent Apoiipoprotein B From Rapid Intracellular DeBradatlom Evidence for Facilitated Transport Out of the ER by, NewlrSyndsesI Upids 0901 /oseph.L. Dixon,.Seiichi Furuk'awa„Henry N. Ginsberg. CofumbiaUni- venity, New York„NY 11:3Y tnadivation of an ApoByoprotein B ABeie In HepG2Ceib by Homob- Boan Recanbioatfon 0"Z Robert V. Farese Jr., Stephen G. Young. Gladstone Foundation Labora- tories,.University of Caiifornia,.San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 11:45Two Uver-Eeridred Transceipdon.Fadon, HNF-1 and C/EBP, Act Syn- erBisticaliy and Are Required for Enhanced Transcription of the Human Apolipoprotein I Gene 0963: Alan R.Brooks,.BeatrizLevy-Wilson: Gladstone Foundation,Laborato- ries, University of Califomia, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 196
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Cardiovascular Surgery: Coronary Artery Surgery I Poster Presentation Boards P118-P129 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8;30 AM=12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30 AM-12:00 NooN TUES AM NOV 12 P118 Predicting t),rk.ome Arkr Coronary AAery.Bypass Sr.Sery inYo,ng Addh (Si0 Years Old). 1128 MarArthur, A.: Elayda, Neii E:. Strickman, Peggy Lynn,~ Robert J. Hall,. Demon A: Cooley. Texas Heart Institute and St. LWke's Episcopal IHospital,. Houston,,TX P119 Inkractian of Age and Preaperathe factars:n Predicting Operative Mortal- Ry,for Corornry Bypass Surgery 1129 Joel M. Kupfer, Steven S..Khan, Tsung P. Tsai, Sharon Nessim, Jack Matkiff. Cedas-Sinai MedicaJ!Cemer,..Los.ArBeles, CA P120 Preoperative ftidt Factors in 9derty Caronary Artery Bypass GrafLPatients Predict'Length oi wY. 1130 Stephen I. Lahey, Bradley C Bodase,.PhiGp T. Lavin, Sidney Levitsky: New England Deacwtess.Hospital,.HarvardMedical5chool,.Boston, MA P121 Predtclors of Strvival in Patietb With Left Ventrinaarf,j ectlon Fraction of 10-30% Reaiwig Coronary A1kry, 8ypaw Grattirry Analy.u of Preopera- tive Variablep In 177 Patients 1131 Harakl. Hausmann, Henning Warnecke, Amulf Schiessler, Jiirgen i Ennker, Barbara Hempel, Hubert Topp, Roland Hetzer. German Heart Institute Ber- lin, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany P122 Does FaRed PeraAaneout Tramlunrnal Coronary Anpopfasty, lnoease the Risk of Urgent Sueeryt 1132 Fran4ois Tronc, L Conrad Pellletier, Raoul Bonan,i Michel Canier. MontrealHeartIAstitute, Montreal, Quebec, Canada P123 Antiplatelet Therapy Intpro.es Left Vr:nhicular Regional Wafl Motion in Corollan' BYP- SurgerY Fas- 1133 G.V.R.K. Shamu,.Tom Moritz,.Gulshan~Sethi, Diane Lapskey,.ShukriKhuri„ William Henderson, Jack Copeland, Steve Goldman, for the VA' Cooperative Studq. (iP207)', Group... Veterans Administration Medical Center;. West Roxbury, and'Harvard Medical School; Boston, MA P124 Do laser-Meduted Trauwnraf Atyvordial Charnels Salvage bdremic MyricArdiut 1134 Peter Whittaker, Robert A Kkoner, Karin ~Przyklenk Hospital of the Good. Samaritan and Urdversityy of Southern California,, Los Angeles, CA P125 Procanamide Prcvesb Arrhrytlomias FoMowiig Coronay. Bypars. Si.;ery. 1135 Michael R. Gold, Mary. A. Ungaro, Daniel S..Ory; Patrick T. O'Gara, Mortimer J.I Buddey,. Roman. W. DeSanctis. Massachusetts GeneraJ Hospital; Boston, MA P126 A Doubk-{lind, Randomized, Placebo-Control&d Study Comparing the Efficacy,of Fish Oil and Low-Dose ASA to Prevent Coronary, Saphe- nous.Vein Graft Obstruction After CABG 1136. Louis Roy,. Fran4ois. Meyer,. Suzanne Gingras,. LouiseAuger, Quebec Heart Institute,.Laval University,.Ste-Foy,.Queb'ec, Canada P127 Different Vasomotor Responses of Internal Mammary. Artery, and Saphenous Vlin.Bypas Graftsto Er6ometrine and Nitrates In Vivo 1137 Claude.Hanet. University of Louvain, Brussels, BelgiumP126 Differences inm Vasomotor Control Between Human Gastroepiploic and Left Internal Mimmuiry Artery. 1138 Hendrik Buiikema; Jean G. G.andjean, Stan van der Broek, Wiekl H. vanGilist, Harry Wesseling. Department of Clinical Ph'armacology.and Tho- rax Center, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlandd P129 Physiological and Pharmacological Response of the Arterial Graft Flow. After Coronary.Artery Bypass Grafting 1139 Tetsuro. Takayama, Hisayoshi Suma, Yasuhiko Wanibuchi.. Mitsui Memorial Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, 213
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Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Adrenoceptor Subtype Regulation Poster Presentation Boards P21-P32' Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AMr11:00 AM TUES AM NOV 12 P21 Chronk pigouet Administratfon Decreased Beta-Adrenoceptor Den- sity in Right Heart FaRure 1031 Naoaki Imai,. Michihiro Kashiki, Masakuni . Suematsu, Susumu Saka- moto; Chang~seng Liang. Universityy of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY P22 t7rronk Beta,-Adrenoceptor Antagonist Treatment.5ensil[set Retar- Adrerwceptor-Mediated CMototropic Responses to Isoprenalinee in Humans 1032 Anton Daul, Marekl Wojcek,.Otto-Ench Brtodde: Department of Internal Medicine, Univenityof Essen,,ESsen, Federal,ReputiJic of Germany P23 Perdnus Totdtr-Indtrced Reversal of the Refa-Adrerroceptor Desensiti- zition in Ventrictdar Myocytes isolated Ftmm FaiBng Human Hearts 1033 Lesiey.A.Brown; Sian E. Harding, Ph'ilipA. Poole-Wilson..National! Heart and Lung Institute, London, United Kingdom P24. l-aptopn'1 Enhances Intracdlular Ca" Handling and Improves Ino- lropk Response to Beta-Adnenoceptor Stimulation in Noninfarded Myocardium 1034 Sheldon EL Litwin., The Harvard Thorndike Laboratory of Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA P25 Ketotifen Attenuates Terbulaline-Induced, Desensitization of Beta- Adrenoceptor-Medlated Physiological In Vivo Effects in Humans 103S Otto-Erich Brodde; Anton Daul6 Martin C. Michel. Department of Inter- nal Medicine, University of Essen, Essen, Federal Republic of Germany P26 Gs-Medialed Beta-Adrenergic Signal Transdoction In Spontaneous Nypertensive Rats Treated With Adriamydn. 1036 Uang-Xiong Fu, Kias-Giiran SjSgren, Qi-Ming Liang, Finn WaagStein, lohan Hoebeke, Ake Hialmarson. Wallenberg Laboratory, Sahlgren's Hospital, Goteborg, Sweden, and'U.R.A CNRS 1334; Tours, France P27tleta-R.eceptor-Independcnt Sensitization of the Adenyiyl Cyciasee by C'hronk ImtnwrosRppression Usirg Cyclosporine A 1037 Ruth H. Strasser, MiguelPena,Waiter Hitzier,.Renate Ihl, RainerMar- quetant,University, of'Heidelberg„ Department of Cardiologyand. Department of Surgery,.Heideiberg„Federai'Republic of Germany P28 Regulation of Arterial Blood Pressure by Subtypes of the Mpha,-Adre- noceptor 1038. Michael T. Piascik. Universiry.of Kentucky, College ofMedkine, Lex- ingtone KY P29 Regulation of the rdtNA for the Alpha,-Adrenergk Receptor Subtype 8 in the Deve{opitrR Rat Myocardium 1039 JoseA:.Camacho; Richard1 B: Robinson, Johni P. Biiezikiana Columbia University, New York, NY P30 Ca" Entry and' Alpiu,-Adrenoceptor Desensitization in MDCK Cells 1040 Douglas A. Craig, Paul A. LhseL Department of Pharmacology; Univer- sity, of Caiifornia, San Diego, La lolla, CA P31 Predominanti AIpAa,-Adrenoceptor-Mediated Contraction in the Human Internal Mammary Artery, 1041 Guo-Wei He, Cheng-Qin Yang,. John Show, Clifford F. Hughes, Duncan S.Thomson,. Brian McCaughan, Paul N.. Hendel,. Douglas K. Baird. University of Sydney and Royal Prince:Aifred Hospitai,. New South Wales, Australia P32 Chronic Beta-Blocirade-Induced Transregulation of Alpha,-Adrenergk Receptors: Akcfianifm for a Decreased Platelet Aggregatinn1042 Carsten Schwencke, Rainer Marquetant, Peter Gierschik,, Ruth H. Strasser. University of Heidelberg,. Department of Cardioiogy, and Department of; . Pharmacology, Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany 203
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Cardiovascular Disease in the Young/Cardiovascular Surgery: Cardiovascular Surgery and Transplantation in Infant and Child California Paviiion, B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON TUES AM NOV 12 Chairmen: Patricia Penkoske, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Mark M. Boucek, Loma Linda, CA M30 Manipniation of Fmpired Grbon Dioxide In Neonates Wilh One Ve n- trick and Systenric-lo-Pulrnonary Arlery Shunt 091 8 Marshall Li. Jacobs, John D. Murphy, Susan C. Nicolson, James M. Steven, William 1: Norwood. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Phil delph'ia,, PA a- k45 Early Results of a Dual Appenacfi to 1lle HypoPla.tic Left Heart Sy n- drome: Palliation Versra Transplantation or Rolht 091 9 Daniel Bernstein, Michael I L. Griffin, Paul T. Pirlidc, David Bau Vaughn A. Starnes.. StanfordUniversity,.Stanford, CA' m,, 91110 Late Right Ventrirarlar Failure After AMrstard/Snrning Repair, Surgic al Management and onlmnrc 095 Anthony C. Chang, Gil!Wemovsky, David L. Wessel, Ira A. Pames Stanton Perry, John i E. Mayer, Frank L Hanley; Richard A. Jbna Michael: D. Freed, Aldo R. Castaneda. Children's Hospital, Harvar Medical'Schooll Boston, MA 0 s„ s,. d 9:15 Cyclasporine Verrwu FK506 Suppression in.Pediatric Heart Transpla tation . 095 Frederick J. Fricker, John M. Armitago, Elfriede Pahl,,Marian Michael William H. Robichaux, Kathy S. Lawrence, Laura Hangard, Lynne Cipr ani;,Lee B. Beerman, ThomasE.. Starzl. Children'4 Hospital and Unive sityy of Pittsburgh, Pittstlurgh~ PA n- 1 s, i- r- 9:30. A New Teclrique for Heart Tranplantition In Patknts With Sld n Invenus 095 Robert. E. Michler, Jan M. Queagebeur. Columbia University, Ne York, NY. 2 w 9:;5 Ventricular Volarne Growth After Cardiac Transplantation in Infant a,, ChRdren, and Adolescents 095 3 Vincent R. Zales, Karen Wright,, Alexander J.. Muster, Carl L. Backe Constantine Mavroudis. Children's Memorial . Hospital, Northwester Unirvenity,. Chicago, IL ri , n 10e00 Intermission and Exhibits 10:45 Tlre Rapid TWOSYSeArlnial SwNdr opesa6on: C:arse and Mrrasenre nt in tfie YRerriMe Care LAeR Fo/owiug Left VenhiaJar "Prepara8on" 0095 GillWernovsky, Therese M. Gigli'a,,Rich'ard A. Jonas, David L Wesse Children's H6spital6 Boston, MA 4 l., 11A0 rstracorporeallNenrbrane OxyRenation in Children FaMowdrrg Cardia Surgery. 09S Steven C.. Raithel, Eva Boegner, Andrew Fiore,.D. Glenn Pennington. S Louis University. Hospital~ Stj Louis, MO c S t. , 11:1S Aalologous Flaps for Ritlrt Ventricular Outflow Tract Com4rrcfion I n Infant4 095 Marshall L. Jacobs, Jeanne M: Baffa, John D. Murphy, Henry R. Wagne 6 r;, William I. Norwood. Children's Hospital of', Philadelphia, Phil delphia, PA a- 11:30 AortovenWcrioPlaNy in Infants and ChRdren 095 7 Peter C. Frommelt, Edward. L.,Bove, Flavun M. Lupinetti. The Uniwe sityy ofiMich'igan,.Ann Arbor,. Ml r- 11A5 Modified Rlabck-Taanig Shunt kn the Neonate: Factors Influencin Shunt Failure p95 Winfield JJ Welld, William f. Logue,.George G...Lindesmilh. Uniwersity. Southern California, Los Angeles, CA g g of 1240 Annual Businea Meeting for the Cor.w.il on Cardiovascular Surgery [a]
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TUES AM NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulation: Myocardial Metabolism Poster Presentation Boards P88-P99 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster, Displayed: 830 AM 1i2:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM. P60 Effects of Adenosine on Myocardial Substrate Use in Isolated Perfused Wa#ina Rat Hearts 1098 Barry A. Finegan, Chandani S. Coulson, Gary D.: Lopaschuk, Alexander S. Clanachan.,University.oflAlberta, Ednnonton;,Alberta, Canada P89 Effects of Pacing and Afferload on Myocardial NAD(P)H Redox State 1099 FrederickW..Heineman,~ Robert S..Balaban. Nationat Heart, Lung,.and'Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD P90 The Oxidative Pentose Phosphate Pathwayy in Cardiac Myocytes iso- lated From Norepinephrine-S6oulated Rats 1100 Heinz-Gerd Zimmer, Thomas Nagano, WolfgangZierhuti Department of Physiology,. Univenityy of Munich, Munich, Federal . Republic of Germany P91 Verapamil Limits Postanoxic Myocardial Glycosen Synthase Adivalion in.Rats 1101 Patrick H. McNulty, Lawrence H1 Young,.Eugene J. Barrett. Yale iJhiver- sity; NewHaven, CT P92 Rates of Glycogen Resynthesis in Chronically Reperfused Myocardium 1102 A..James Liedtke;.Britta Rensttom,.Steph'en H. Nellis, Stuart K. Rasmus• sen. University of Wi'sconsin,.Madison, WI P93 Effect of Nirckotide.Precvrsors on the Repletion of.tlie.Cardiac Ade- nine Nucleotide Pool 1103 Heinz-Cerd: Zimmer, Anddea Schneider. Department of Physiology, University, of.Munich,.Munich,. Federal Republic of Germany P94. Improvemenl of AbnonnaLMyocardial 6ioenerRetics With.Adenosine. 'nr a Canine Model of Left Ventricular Dysfunction 1104 Kenneth M. McDonald, )ianyi Zhang, Minoru Yoshiyama, Gary S. Francis; Kamil Ugurbil, Jay.N. Cohn. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,. MN P95 StreeptibiRty of ChraucaRy. lnfan:ted Rat Heart to Hypoxia and Reoxy- `enation: A 31P-NMR SLdy 1105 Stefan Neubauer~ Michael Horn,.PeterGaudron,i Kai iHu, Martin Laser,. Jurgen Vo11, Rong Tian, Joanne S. Ingwall, Georg Ertl. Wurzliurg Univer- siay,. WUrzburg, Federal Republicc oFl Germany,, and Brigham and I Women'sHospital, Boston, MA P96 Detection of PenlosePAo.phate. Activity During Icchemia in the Iso- lated Per(wed Rat Head.by "C NMR Spectroscopy 1106 Joh'n C. Chatham, John R. Forder, Jerry D. Glickson. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD P97 Glyeolytic Cytosolic ATP Modifies i.usitropic Reserve in Well-Oxygen- ated Rabbit Hearts 1107 Paul C..Gordon,.Eilen O. Weinberg, Carl S. Apstein, Beverly.H. Lorell. HarvardUniversity.and Boston University, Boston, MA P98 Dif(eren0ial Effects of Pynrvate.Carboxy/ation Through NADP'-Dqxn- dent Malic Enryme and Pyruvate Carboxylase on Function in Workins Rat Hearts Oxidizing Aceloacettte 1108 Raymond R. Russell III,. Heinrich Taegtmeyer: University of Texas Medl- cal ISchoollHouston, Houston,. TX . P99 Tranrcardiac Glucose Releaee•. Unreco6nized MetabolicEffect 1109. Annick Hombroeck'x„ Danielle Cauclieteux, Keith Ve'rtch,~ Michel F. Rousseau, Hubert Pouleuq.Louis Hue. Ufiiversity of Louvain,.Brussels, Belgium 210
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Bask Science/Cardiovascular Radiology/Clinical Cardiology/ Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: Magnetic Resonance Imaging- Tagging and Flow Velocity Room A-7 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Leon Axel, Philadelphia, PA Robert ). Herfkens, Stanford, CA TUES AM NOV 12 a30 Noeinvarive Quantification of Principal Strains in Normal ana bc6- emk Hearb by Tagged Magnetic Rewnance YnaBing e799 Haim Azhari, James L. Weiss, Waher J. Rogers, Myron L Weisfeldt, Edward P. Shapiro. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD WS Myocardfal 00 Body Trandatkn and loulkn by Masre6t Rerwnoe TMwe Taggin{ fetae and Affer idaMbe OB00 Joao A.C. Lima„Yiqor A. Ferrari, Linda C. Palmon, Nathaniel Reichek, Mario R: Llanares, Barbara Tallant, L. Henry Edmunds Jr., Stephen W. Downing, Cheng N. Chang, Leon Axel. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA !00 Phase Coatrast Magnetic Resonance N.aging Aodtrately Tradn Myo- cardial MoBon in a Qniu Model oB01 James R. Sayre, Lode R. Pek, Robert J.I Hedkets, Luis J. Castro, Stephen C. Rayhill, D. Craig MiNer. Noabert J.' Pek. Stan(bnd University, Stanford, CA 9:15 Cudiac Tagging and Edro Manar htaa¢g on Isolated Petfired RabbN Hearb. 881113 John C. Chatham, John R. Forder, Elliot R. (ulcVeigha Stephen J. Black- band. Jmhns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 9:30 Nonknrarive oppkfion of SMrted MyocardYrn Using MRI Tagging and Magnetite Contrast 0803 Neil R. Clark, Barbara Tallant, Linda C. Palmon, Susan,B. Yeon, Joao A.C. Uma, Leon Axel,' Nathaniel ReiKhek Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA fAS Maptetlratlon Trander Contrast In Magnetic Reaonaace fsaBin{ of the Heart 0004 Robert S. Balaban, Scott Chesnick, Frederick Samaha, Frederick W. Heineman. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Insti- tutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 10A0 Mtermirdon and E thibih 1tk45 4]sales T. Do11er Memorial Lecture: Evaluation of Cardiovascdar FrMion LJaln{ MRI Charles B. Higgins, San Francisco, CA 11:15 LoaB:ed Real-TMee Magnetic Resonance Velocity Spectra Meaure- sarY 0s05 Bob S. Hu, John M. Pauly, Dwight Q Nishimura, Albert MacovskL Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and Information Systems Labora- tory, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, Stan- ford, CA 11e30 Phare Velodtr NMR Quantlfkatfon of the Praxi.ul fiow Caevergence Region: In VNro Studie. Udns rhysioloBic Orifioes and lhtkatik How 0004 Gregory Cranney; Robin Shandas, Dorian Liepmann, Robert Weintraub, Jun Zhang,: Peter Walker, Gerald Pohost, Ajit Yoganathan, David Sahn. University of Califorina, San Diego, San i Diego, CA, Georgia Tech., Atlanta, Gh and the University of Alabama at' Bimningham, Birming-. ham, AL 11AS QsanliBration of Abrtlc Regurgitation by Velodty-tascoded Cine Mat;- aeNc Resonance OWZ Gary R. Caputo, David Steiman, Marcelo Funari, Elyse Foster, Margaret . O'Sullivan, Melvin Cheitlin, Charles 8. Higgitis. University of Cakfornia,, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA hhis lecture will be audiotaped. 175
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TUES AM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Vasodilator and Inotropic Drugs for Heart Failure California Pavilion D Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: David McCall, San Antonio, TX Uri Elkayam, Los Angeles, CA 8:30 Renal Hemodynamic,: Natriuretit, . and Homanal Effects of .. Neutral Endopeptidase lnhibitor, SCH34g26, In Patients With Mild Heart Faihrre 0959 Alan T.,Hirsch,.Mark A. Creager,.Mary-Anne Roddy,.Victor J. Dzau. University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN, Harvard Medical. School, Boston, MA,, and Stanford University Schooll of Medicine, Stanford, CA f445 Sustained Hemodynamk Response to nosequinan in Patients With HeaA Failure on Converting Enzyme Inhibitors oq60 Stephen 5. Gottlieb, Marrick L. Kukin, Joshua Penn,:MichaelL. Fisher, Michelle Weinberg, Norma Medina,,Madeeline Yushak,.Mary Taylor, Milton Packer. University of Maryiand,.Baltimore, MD~ 9:00 Lack of Inotropic Response to Fbsequinan in Venhicdar Muscle From Patients With End-Stage Heart Failure p961. Cynthia L. Perreault, Nancy L.. Hague, lan M. Hunneyball, Malcolm iF. Sim, James.P: Morgan. Harvard-Thorndike Laboratory; Boston, MA,: and The BootsCompany,. PLC, Nottingham,. United. Kingdom 9:15 Direct Effect of F1oseQuinan on the CoMradility of Cardiac Muscle Fibers From Patients With:and Without Heart Failure o962Ronakf E. Weishaar,.Ahnette M. Wailace„Mary L. Kirker, Victor A. FerT raris, Malcolm F. Sim:, Division ofBiologicai!Research, Coromed Inc.,. Troy, and Division of Thoracic Surgery,.AJbanyMed'ural Coliege,: Albany,. NY, and the Research Department,:Boots Pharrn.,.United Kingdom 9:3o Attenwfion of Hemodynamic Effects of.Varaprenin Inhibition With Long-term Administration inCongestive Heart Failure 0%3 Charles K. Stone, Catherine R Kidd, Kathleen L Carroll, Shelley L Zimbric. Cardiology Section,.University of Wisconsin-Madison,.Madison,: Wf 9:45 Does the t,evo Isomer.of Dobutamine Exert a Positive tnotropic Effed in Man via Stimulation of Alplu-Adrener;ic Receptorst o964 Joef S. Landzberg, JohnD. Parker,.Diane F. Gauthier, Wilson S. Coiucci. Brigham and Women's Hospitaf, Boston, MA 10:00 Intermission and Exhibits 1trA5 Caffeine Enhances Doxorubidn Cardiac Toxicity in an Animal Model 0%5 JeffreyD. Hosenpud, Jay Wrightj,L'eonard3impson,.Jon J. Abramson... Oregon Healilh Sciences Uniwersity, and Ponland State Uhiversity; Pon; land, OR 11:00 Oral Milrlnone as Adjunctive Therapy for Congestive Heart Faiilure 0966 Wilson S: Colucci, Fdmund H. Sonnenbiick, for th'eMiirinoneMulticenter Trials IAvestigators.,Brighamand. Women's Hospital, Boston,.MAt1:/S Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled 12-Week Trial of Low-Dose Enox- imone in Patients With.Mild to Moderate Congestive Heart Failure 0967 Margo~M. Schleman, for, the Enoximone5tud>',Group..Marion Merrelll Dow Inc., Cincinnati,.OH 11:30Mtiarrhythmit Drug Use and High SerweLevels of DigoxinAre Inde- pendent Adverse Prognostic Factors in PatknkWith Chronic Heart. Failure o96B Donna M. Mancini, Joseph R. Benotti, Uri Elkayam,, Gary S. Francis, Michael L. Hess, Barry! M. Massie, Richard J.Rodeh'effer, P.K.,Tandon. Milton Packer, and the PROMISE Investigators and Coordinalors:,Unir versity of Pennsyivania, Philadelphia,. PA . 11:45 Does Di6oxin Exert an Adverse Effed on survivali Prognostic Impor- tance of Serum Digoxin Levels inPatienb With Chronic Heart Faifure 0969 Jonathan ~Sackner-Bemstein; Mamick.L. Kukin, Joshua Penn, Zeev Neuu wirth, Jonioe L. Bernstein, Milton, Packer. Mount Sinai School ~rt Medicine, New York„NY 194
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TUES AM NOV 12 Thrombosis: Platelets and Thrombosis Marriott Hall C Anaheim Marriott Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: David R. Phillips, S. San Francisco, CA Leslie Parise, Chapel Hill, NC R:3o Detection of Platelets Activated In VNro in ttabbit Whole 6{ood by Flow crtsamelhry, omB Samuel Rodriguez, Rajiv Joseph, Atsushi lOda; Mkhaet Azrim, Michael l Ezekowitz, J. Anthony Ware. Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard-Thomdike Laboratories, Boston, MA,, and Yale-New Haven Hospital,l New Haven, CT a:45 Maaneaiuns Plays a Key. Role in Inhibiting Platelet Aggregation and Reka.e Reacdon. 0979 Jerry Nidlbr, David Hwang,. CimdyYen, Robert.Rude: GtyofHopeMedicai Center, Duarte, CA ! 00 bddbiRon of Glyaop.Wein lb 6Mtdlrq Doauln Inltibib rlahiet Depo.i- tion on Damaged Verel Wa6 pm Juan J. Badimron,i Vakentim Fuster, Lina Badimon. The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY 9:15 brkibilian of Theornbw Formation in Monkeys by RG 12966, a Rernrn- binant von Willebrand Factor Fragasent 0961 Charles J. Kasiewski, Jacquelynn J. Cook, Michael IE. Winda, Jadc New- man,.Mark H. Perrone, John A. Barrett;,Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, King of Prussia, PA 430 Adenodne Rekasc From Red Celi. Mediates Mhibition of Platelet ASgregaation by Acadedne and Delaya Mstlibrambolytlc Reoedudon in Dop 0962 Christiite A. Henry, Mark A. Young, Cathy Zhang, David A. Bullbugh, Kevin Mullane. Gensia Pharmaceuticals, Inc., San Diego, CA l:4S Antlylatekf Actlvity' and Safety of Chimeric Antiplatekt'Monocbnal Antibody 7E3 Fab Combined With SUepMhinase and Mtkoa{ulant Uny 0983 John D. luliucci, George Treacy, Steven Comeli. Centocor„IAc., Mal- vem, PA 10:00 Mkrrrtiulors and iddMts 10.45 Platelet Activation by, a Monoclonal Antibody Against leta-2 Minoglobulin 0984 Eric Rubinsteim, Claude Boucheix, Idene M. Urso, Roger C. Carrolii. University of Tennessee, KnoxviBe„TN„and INSERM U 286, Villejuif, France 11:00 Wdbition of Platelet Tirombuw Formation in an In Vivo Model of High Shear 56ee by a Glyooprotein tlb-Illa Specific PepUde ArNaganiA 0985 John Strony, Burt Adelman, David'R: Phillips, Robert M: Scarborough, Israel F. Charo. Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, and COR Therapeutics, South San Franc]sco, CA 11e1S Thrombotk TArombocytopenk rurpara: von Willebrand Factor Aatiivi; ties (lotrocetin Veran RiatocNih) Distingrri.h Acute and Relapsing TTP 09" William E. Sanders, Kenneth M:..Brinkhous, Marjorie S. Read. Depart- ment oLPathoiogy,.University of North Caeolina,.Chapel HiB,.NC 11:30 The Effect of Contrast Media on Hbrin Fvrmatkm Daring Cardiac CatM eferiratlon . 0%7 Christopher B. Granger, Don A: Galiriel„NeiB S. Reece, Emily Booth- royd,,Mi¢hael.B: Harding,.J. Kevin Hanison,JamesHermiller, Yihong. Kong, Thomas M.:Bashore. Duke University,.Durham, ,and'theUniver- sity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 11:45 heveation of rlatelet-Mediated Cyclical F'iow Reductions ieDoS by. Treatment Wilk the Syntlrctlc Thrombin Inhibitor Da/ 714 0988 RobertiM., Knabb,.Andrew W. Leamy,. Thomas M. Reilly., The Du Pont Merck Pharmaceutical Company, Wilmington, DE 1%
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TUES PM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Room' C-2 2:00 PMr3:3O PM Chairmen: Alvin S. Blaustein, Cincinnati, OH Edward D. folland, Worcester, MA 2A0 Coronary, Flow Dynamics 7n Patients With HyperlroPhic Cardiomy- :15 opalhy Areaed by a Doppler CatLeter 1295 Takashi Akasaka, Junichi Yoshikawa, Kiyoshi Yoshida, Shinichi Minagoe. Kobe General Hospital„Kobe, Japan Revenible ThalNunt A6normaYties in HypeAro'hit Catdiomyaoatliy :30 Are Related to an Inqsired Coranry'Rew.rve 1296 Bodb Schwart2kopff, Wolfgang Motz, Martin Vogt, Martin Steeg, Benno L'dsse, Bodo E. Strauer. University of {kisseldorf, DBsseldorf, Federal Republic of,Gemtany Contri6utlon of Abnormal Wartolic flow htterns to the Initiation of e1S Systolic Anterior Mitral Motion In a Iubatfle flow Model 1297 Xavier P..Lefebvre, Shengqui.He, Ajit P. Yoganathan,.Robert A. Levine.. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA Symptom and Exercise Bene81 of Syaduanized AMa6VeMrictlar Pac- *0 ing in Nonobskoctive Hypertrophk Cardimnyapat5y 1298 Richard O. Cannon III„Lameh Fananapazir,.National Heart, Lung, and Blood htstitute, Bethesda, MD Dual Chamber Pacing Is an Alternative to Cardiac Surgery in Hyper- :15 trophic ObMidive Cardfamyapalhy Patients With Sympbnn Refrac- toryy to Medical Therapy 1294. Lanreh.Fananapazir,.Richard O. Cannon 111) DorothyTripodi~ lulio A.. Panza. National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD An{io/endn II Rapidly Induces Left Ventricular Hyperlraplry. W1th Asymnxhit Septal Hypertrophy: An Edwcardiogaphic-htAofosic Carrdat{on 1300 Ravin Davidoff,.Frederiek', /. Schoen,~ Souen Ngoy, Seth D: Bilazarian, Carl S. Apstein. Boston University and Harvard Medical School; Boston, MA' 11 3:30 Intermiaion and 6dtibib 230
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Epidemiology and Prevention: Peripheral Arterial Disease Room C-5 4:00 PM-5:15 PM TUES PM NOV 12 %, Chairmen: Jukka T. Salonen, Kuopio, Finland Sandra Daugherty, Reno, NV 4:00 Aspirin and Miplreral Mter(a15rr6ery ia the rhysidam' Health Study 1334 Samuel Z. Goidhaber, loAnn E.,Manson, Meir J. Stampfer, Frances LaMotte, Bernard Rosner, Julie E. Bnring, Charles HJ Hennekens.,Bvig- ham and Woman's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 4:15 Increased CaroHd Wall iNdmea Associated With PrevakM Disease: The ARIC Shdy 133S Gregory L Burke, Gnegory W. Evans, Ward A. Riley, A. Richey Sharrett, Ralph W. Barnes, Richard S. Crow, Pentti M. Rautalnaryu, Gerardo Hein. Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston,5alem; NC 4:30 Peripberal Arterial Dhene and MI-Carre, Cardfovaadar, and Coro- uary MafaRly; A 16Year ho.pettive SWdy 1336 Michael H. Criqui, Robert D. Langer, Arnost F. Fronek, Heather S. Feigelson, Melviie R. Klauber. Department of Community and Famtly Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, La JoRa, CA 4:45 Aahle-Bnriial Index is the Qrdievasnaar Health Study (CHS) Cahort 1337 Anne B. Newman, Teri A. Manolio, Joseph F. Polak, David S. Siscovick, Linda P. Fried, Amy L Merchant, Sidney K. Wolfson, on behalf of the CHS Collaborat'rve. Research Group. University of Pittsburgh, Pitts- burgh, PA 5:00 Diapwdn6 hripheral Arterial Dhear. The SeaYtlri/y. SpedBdp; and PreNictive Valne of Noni.vasire Tests in a i•ap.Iatlen-fased Study 1336 Heather S. Fegakon Michael H. Criqui Amost Fronek, Robert 0. Langer, Craig A. Molgaard. Unirersily of CaikMnia, San Die®o, La Joba, CA 235
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*w. Clinical Cardiology: Restenosis-Experimental Results Poster Presentation Boards P162-P171 Convention Center Exhibit HaII Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NooN Presenter Present: 9:30' AM-12:00 NooN TUES AM NOV 12 P162 Pholoinhibifkn of Smooth Muxk Cell Migration: Potential Therapy for Restenosib 1172 Lawrence 1. Deckelbaum, . John J, , Scott) Mark L. Stetz, . Kenneth M: , O'Brien, Joseph A. Madri, Leonard Bell.l West Haven Veterans Adminis. tration Medical ICenter and~Yaie University, New Haven, CT P163 Time Couse of St.ooN Mtrde CeR Ptdiferation After Ra1om Angioplasty and 6ttLeer laae Angioplasty in an 6tpainertal AnYtul Modd 1173 Hartmut Hanke, Martin Oberhoff, Sybille Hanke, Stefan i Hassenstein, Joachim Ksmenz, Kad K. Haase, Eberhard Betz. Department of Cardioh ogy, and Department of Physiology, University, of Tubingen, Tiibingen, Federal Republic of Germany P164 Human Coronary Sntoolh Muscle Cells in Cultuer. Phenotypic featores and ExtraceBtdar Matrix Production . 1174 Bradley H. Strauss, . Christel, M. van Hooiji', Marcel de . Jong, Anton . Verkerk, Johan F. Jongkind„ Willem J. van der Giessen, monald~Mac- Leod, Patrick W. Serruys: Thoraxcenter, Erasmus University, Rotterdam,, The Netherlands P165 In Vivo Arterial Gene Transfer In the Normal Rabbit. Chauacterizationn of Lottg-ternt.BtpreWion Fotlowittg Liposane-Mediated Transfetibn. 1175 Guy. Leclerc, Dov Gal, Sigrid Nikol, Marianne Kearney, Caroline Dono-van, John.Hogan,.Lavnence Weir, Jeffrey.M. Isner,..TuBs UniversidySchool of Medicine, St. Elizabeth'sHospital,.Boston„MAP166 Reaom66uM Gamnta-IsHerferon Therapy for the Prevention of InthnaJ Proliferation After R.Hoan Angioplasty In Rabbib 1176 Hideki' Kobayashi, Toshinobu Horie, Keiichi Kebukawa, Yasunari' Sakomura, Nbriyuki Ozawa,. Motonari Hasumi, Tetsuya Sumiyoshi. Heart Institute of Japan,., Tokyo Women'sMediaa6 CoBlege,. Tokyo,. Japan P167 EcpcrbneMal Anaioplady, Reslenosis Is Inhibited by Oral AdminiNra- tJon of Cydodextrin Tetradeupifate1177Howard C. Hernnann,, Robert F. LeVeen, John E.. Tomaszewski, Paul B. Weisz, , Elliot ~ S. , Bamathan, University of Pennsylvania: and'~ Veterans. Administration Medical ICenters, Philadelphia, , PA P16! Influence of Deep and Mild Arterial Injury on Smooth Musde Cell Proliferation After Angioplasty 1178 Mark W.I. Webster, James H. Chesebro, Diane E. Gnll,l Juan J_ Badimon,. Lina Badimon. Mayo Clinic,,Rochester,.MN P169 CeR Culture of FNrnaa Coronaryy and Peripheral Alherectany Speci- naeast Deterntinanb and Paapec8ves 1179 Gerhard Bauriedel, Ulfich Windstetter;,Reinhard'Kandblf. Department of Inte.na6 Medicine l, University of Munich, Munich, Federal Republic of Germany P170 FeasiWRty of Transient Delivery of RidogreN via Microporow Balloon TecMique In Norma4 Canine Arteries 11e0 Jbhan M. Van Lietde, Matry C. Vrolix, lyan K:,lk Sdteerder, Zaotnin Wu, Jan ~.H...Piessens, Hia're De Geest.U.H. Gasthuisberg Leuven, Belgium . P171 . Resteno.is and External . Bearn Radiationc Neointimal Proliferation E4lecls In a Pnodne Model . 11l1 RobertS. Schwartz, Thomas.M. KovalJ Will'damD: Edwards, Kenneth C. Huber, Allan ~ R. Camrud, Kevin Btowne,. Ronald E.. Vlietstra. Mayo. Foundation,. Rochester,. MN 217
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Basic Science/Circulation: Myocardial Energetics/ Biochemical Pathways Poster Presentation Boards P100-P109 ConuentionlCenter Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30'AM-12:00 NooN TUES AM NOV 12 P100 The Effects of Insulin onMyocard-ual Aletaboiism in Humans: A Glucose Clamp Study 1110 DonatellA Santoro. Paolo Camici,.Riccardo.Bonadonna,.Claudio Boni, Ignazio Simonetti,.Oberdan Parodi,. El@ Ferrannini. Metabolism Unit and Coronary Unit ofthe C.N.R. Institute of Clinical, Physiology at the University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy P101 Dissociatian Between Intracellular pH and Myocard'ia! Contractility in Acute RespiratbryAlkalosil. 1111 Hideo Kusuoka,. Eduardo Marban,. Hmracio E. Cingolani... Division of Caediology; The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Balti- more; MD P102 Plrorbol Esters Increase Mitachondrial Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase in Neonatal Cardiac Myocyle Cultures 1112 Edgar K. Hudson, LL Max Buja, Donna K. Buja,. Jeanie B. McMillin. Department . of Pathology, University ~ of TexasMedicaJ Schoo6- Houston, Houston,~ TKP103 Limita0on of Intrarribdrondrial Coenzyrne A in Rat Heart MiOodwrdrii Oxidizine Acetoacetate 6 Responsible for Reduced 2-Oxoglularate DehydroRense Hmc 1113 Raymond R. Russell IIII,.Heinrich Taegtmeyer. University of.Texas.Medi- cal School-Hbuston,i Houston,.TX P104 Correlation of Cellular Susceptibiiity and Variation of Iatraeellular Components on Cultured Human Myocyles at Different Oxygen Ten- siom 1114 Ren-KiiLi, Donald A'.G. Mickle, RichardID. Weisel, Laura C. Tumiati, William G. Williams, NisarShaikh.i Toronto General IHospiCalj Toronto, Ontario, Canada P105 Creatine Kinase Isoeruryme Expression Is Altered in Experimental Canine Dilated Card-somyopathy Without Hyperlraphy 1115 PieterP. de Tombe, Matthew.R.. Wolfe, David A. Kass, William C. Hunter,. Ilama Reis, Joanne S. tngwall.i The Joh'ns Hopkins Medical InstOutions,. Baltimore, MD, and Brigham ~andWomen's. Hospitlal,: Boston, MA P106 Impairment of Diastolic Fuoclioe by Anajotensia .11 in Pressure Over- load HypeArophyeEvidenceof.Na'/H' Exchange 1116 Takatoshi Mochizuki, Eilen, O. , Weinberg„ Carl S. Apstein,, Heribert ~ Schunkert, Beverly: H. Lorelll. Harvard University.and'~Boston Univenity,. Boston,, MA P107 Demonstration of Oranching.Enxyme Deficieniyy of Cardiac Muscle In Type rv Glycogesasis 1117 Silvia Nase-Hueppmeier, Klaus-Peter Kunze, Martin Sigmund, Michael I 1. Schroeder,.Roman May„Yoon Shin. MedicallClinic.I, Institute ofNeuropathology,. RWTH Aachen, Aachen,, and ChilEiren'sHospital,. Univenityof Munich, Munich, Federal Republicof'.Germany, P108 Effect of Temperature on the Sli'ding Velocity of nuorcrcent Actin Fiiamentl.on Cardiac Alyosin 1116 Hiroshi Yamashita, SeiryoSugiura; Takashi Serizawa.. Universityy of Tokyo, Tokyo,~Japan~. P109 Influence of Age and Hypertension Duration on Left Ventricular Hypertraphy Diininution.and Cardiac Myosin isoxynx Transitions in Treated Hypertension 1119 Veena Raizada, Tom Blomquist, DorothyPathak„Beulah Woodtin. Uni- versity of New Mexico; Albuquerque, NM' N O N W~n V~~t< O ~ 0 ~ 211
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Bask Science/Circulation: Oxygen Radicals/ Reperfusion Injury Moderated Poster Presentation Boards P1-P10 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Discussants: Benedict R. Lucchesi, Ann Arbor, MI Roberto Bolli, Houston, TX TUES AM NOV 12 r1 The Influence of E6draceBdu Cakirn Conceetration on Free Radicil CerreratiorrYu Myocardyl bdre*ria/Reperfusion Injury 1o11 Susan L Thompsonl',orman, V[yonique Maupoil, Jay L. Zweier. Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions,,Baltimore, MD P2 severify of IscAe.rla Determinem the Occurence of Myocardial ReperlwioniMW 1012 Lewis C. Becker, Jutta Schaper,,R7chmond Jeremy, Wolfgang Schaper. Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore„MD, and Max-Planck- Institute, Bad Naulueim, Federal Republic ofGemnny, P3 fx Vivo Spin Trapping as a Nonhrvatlre htdirabr of Upid Peroxk7atlan Following MyocardW bdrerda 1013 Benjamin F. Dickens, William B. Weglicki, Vladimirt Misik, Gertrud W. Mergner, Jay H. Kramer. Division of Experimental Mediiane, George Washington UAiversity Medical Center, Washington, DC M Lack of Evidence That Intravaavlar Free Rad{cab Are Involved in Reperhsion injury of rorcine Hearts 1014 Hermann H. Klein, Anton Stier, Sibylle Pich; Dirk Gehrke, Klaus Nebendahl, Jutta Schaper. University of Marburg, , Marburg, Federal Republic of Gennany PS FEG-sOD Coaplefely hoietb ApiuA OddaM Sfre.. (GSH.'G$sG) and toa of Mn•SOD Activity in ksdae.da and Reperhrdoe: Do.e- Rerpome St.rdn in pood-ter(we/ Hearls 1015 Manuel Galifianes, Roberto Ferrari, Yumin Qiu, Alan Ezrin, David 1. Hearse. Cardiovascular Research, The Rayne Institute, St... Thomas' Hos- pital, Londona United Kingdomi Univenili'deglil Studi di IBrescia, Bres- cia; Italy, and Steding Research Group, Rensselaer, NY K ~belated ~f ~M~ ln(ury and tiee Radical Generation srrbkded to Global Isdresia Reperhasion 101s Satoru Katoh, Toshiaki Akita, Toshio Abe, Kai¢hiro Kamiya, Itsuo Kodama, Junji Toyama. Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Nagoya University,. Nagoya,, Japan P7 ReladomMO fklrreen Hydroxyl Radical and Myocardial Iln*ry During Postischensic Reqwfusion 1017 Genzou Takemura, Tomoya Onodera, Muhammad Ashraf: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH fy Enzyr.e ActlviEy of Human Xantline Oxida.e 1010 Roger Harrison, Shahla Abadah, Carol Sawyer. University of Bath, Bath, Unirted'Kingdom , P9 Pretreatment With Tu.wr NeaoAs Factor Enhaece. Recovery of Developed Tenion and Atleiwate. Euxy.re Release 1n the Isolated Rabbit Head 1019 Joe M. McCord, Swapan K. Bose, Bassam A. Omar. Webb-Waring Lung Institute, University of Colorado, Denver, CO Ite AntloxidaM Frofeectloa AgaiiW Free Radkal fe(ury, in fandothelfal Ce/s by (}) and ( -)NkardiyNro 1020 I. Tong Mak, William B. Weglicki.i George Wash'ingtonUnirversrty: Medi- cal Center, . Washington, DC 1!9 I
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0,r10•• ww, a.;... Cardiovascular Radiology/ Clinical Cardiology: Basic and Clinical Applications of Technetium-99m Perfusion Agents Room A-6 2:00 PM-5:15 PM , Chairmen: Jeffrey A. Leppo, Worcester, MA E. Gordon DePuey, New York, NY TUES PM NOV 12 2.•OB. Divergent Kinetics of TI-201 andTc-99m seYaMI61 In Cultured Ghic k Cardiac Myocytes After ATI Deplelion 124 3 David R. Piwnica-Worms, Mary L Chiu, James F. Kronauge. Harvar d Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital„Department,of Rad ology, Boston, MA i- 2:15 Cellular LoraButlar of Myocardlal Ierfrsio. Tracen in Normal Ve r- sus Ndrernia-Reperhrioro Coniparhon of ihaNiure, SestaMlBl, an d Tefwresime 124 4 David Mishkel, Wen-Hu Wen, Fayez Dawood, Peter McLaughlin,~ Pet Liu. University of Toronto,,ToroMo, Ontario, Canada er 2:30 Myocardial Extraction of Tednedr.n-l9m-Teboroodme and ThaBiu n- 201 After Global tsriesia and Imv-qow Repe.fusio. (n the Isolale d Rabbit ~HeaK 124 5 Seth T. Dahlberg, Madeleine P. Gilmore, Robert P. Siwko, Denis J. Meerdink, Jeffrey A. Leppo. University of Massachusetts Medic Centeq Worcester, MA al 2:45 Does a hrfusion Defect Afkct the Aaes.neet of Regional Thkkeni. g W(Ih Gated Tc-99arSeNaM161 Pe.hnioa YaaBesl 124 6 Albert 1: Sinusas, QingXin Shi,.Piotr 1. Maniawski, Peter /• Vitols, Mitch - ell T. Saltzberg, Adel H. Allam, Frans J.Th. Wackers, Barry L. Zaret. Yal University, New Haven, CT e 3:00 A Fast (fl-Mi.u1e) Tc-9lr. SeAaM161 SI1ECr Acquhifion124 f E. Gordon DePuey Jaeek S. Slowikwoski William 1: Scarpa Jr Kennet 7 h , , ., . J. Nichols, Chris Smith. St. Luke's-Rooseveh Hospital and Columbi University, New York, NY a 3:15 b Streu/Rest SeqaM161 Superior to Sfrcp/Foor-Hoar Redntribulio n ThaBiam for Ane.in6 Myocardal Viability? 124 E Maria L Antunes, Lynne L Johnson, Roxanne A. Rodney, John F.. Gibbons, Robert A. Vaccarino; Ketan Bhatia, Mary E. Tresgalb, Davi K.. Blood. Columbia Universily,.NewYork,. NY' 3:30 l.tendrion and E>ddtiib d 4*0 Separate Acra.hitlon Dual bobpe MyonrdW Perfrsioa SI'ECT: A Pracfical Appoacfi to Ta99m SeshM161 Imaging 124 9 Daniel I Berman, John. Friedman,. Hosen Kiat,. Fan P. Wang„ Ji m, Bietendorf, Jamshid Maddahi, Ernest Garcia, Ken Van Train. Cedars Sinai'Medical'Center, Los Angeles, CA - 4:15 Simultaneous Stnrn/Rert Myocardial Imaging With SestaMlBl an d ThalBom-201 Using PalieM-Syedlk Spill Coneciion 125 0 Howard Weinstein, . Brenda A.. McSherry, Michael King, Jeffrey A Leppo. University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester,.MA.. . 4.30 Dual botope SrECr leagin{ of Tc-l9n SeNaMIBI and TI-201: Can - parin` Myocardial Defect Maptiludea 125 1 Denny D. Watson, William H1 Smith, David K. Glover, Mirta Ruiz, Mik Sobczak, George A., BelYer. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA e 4:45 Bado-to-Back . Adenosine/Reat Tc-9lm Teboroxime ScintiBraphy: A Featiallity Study' 125 2 Kent A. Takemoto, Daniel S. Bemwn,. Hosen Kiat, Walter Palmas, Hai m Silber, OIgaMerrnel, John Friedman. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Lo Angeles, CA s SAB Tc-99m SeRaMIBI Myecardial Per(usion Scanning for Diapwsb of Res t lochernia 125 3 John H. Eddnunds, Timothy F. Christian, Raymond J. Gibbons. May Clinicand Foundation, Rochester, MN o 225
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1 Clinkal Cardiology: Ventricular Tachycardia- Mechanisms Room A-9 2:00 PM-5:15 PM TUES PM NOV 12 Chairmen: Alfred E. Buxton, Philadelphia, PA Hasan Garan, Boston, MA 2:011 ResetNn{, Not fattrainneM, Defines the Characteristics of the Veatric- u/ar Tadtycardla Circuit In Man 1263 David J~ Cailans, Bruce G:. H6ok, Mark E. Josephson. Universityy of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 2:15 A Quantitative Awdsmeut of 00 Effects of i•rocaleamide on theReut- tLng Response In Ven6kdar Tadtycard'a 1264 Robert B. Kkimam, Bruce G. Hook, David )1 Callans, Michael S. Hanna,. Mark E. Josephson. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, PhiTadel- phia, PA 2:30 What Is the bed 6asic . Drive Cyck Lensth for Inducing Ventricvlar Tx6ycardiai 1265 David S. Ho, Mark 1. Cooper, David A. Richards, John B. Uther; David L. Ross. Westmead Hbspital, Sydney„New South Wales, Australia 2A5 Prasptctlye Searck for Ihnde 6randt ReentraN Ventricular Tachycar- dia: High f.cider,ce (22%) and i.equeM Association With Noa-Badle fkanrh fteentrant Vertriniar Tachycadia 12" Galen G. Van Wyhe, Steven J. Bailin, William J. Widcemeyer, Randolph R. Rough, Mark D. McGaughey, W. Ben Johnson. Iowa Heart Center, Des Moinmes,.IA 3e00 Reductios in Area of fracUanafed E>ndorardial 9edroerao and Ven- 6iadair Tadiycardla IMduction by TMorabolytk Therapy After Acute Myocardial li.fardtloe 1267 Kazutaka Aonuma, Yoshito lesaka, Takeshi Tokunaga, AkihikoNogami,. Hiroshi Amemiya, Hideomi'. Fujiwaaa. Tsuchiura Kyodo Hmspi[al,. Ibaraki,iJapan 11S Mednoias of Terminatioe hr a Noapeapasa/ed Stiarultrs of Sustained Ventliadar Tadtycardif 12" Hitoshi Kasanuki, Satoshi Ohnuki,' Morio Shoda. The Heart Institute of' Japan, The Women's Medical College, Tokyo, Japan 3:30 Mtervalsio" and B&IWb 4:00 PasiBMe fredidire Aaaracy of Fnquatcy fbnain fAeapnea of Heut Perfod VanLMRq for Death After fNyorardial lnfantton 1269 l. Thomas Bigger, . Joseph ~ L. , Fkiss, Richard. C. Steinman,. Linda M. Rolnitzky, Jeffrey N. Rottmana Robert E. Kleiger. Columbia University, NewYork',. NY 4:1S tow-Dimarional Chaas In Heartbeat Dy.amics Heralds Sudden Ca- diac Death in HtaMr AbJe[b 1270 Tomas Vybiral, James E. Skinner, Donald H. Glaeser, Carol T. Shapiro, Marilyn Francis, Craig Pratt. Baylor Colkge of Medicine, Houston, TX . 4:30 EfFect of lAyonrdial Infarctioe on Frequency Dmnain Measures of Heart Ieriod VaviabBXy 1271 I. Thomas Bigger, Joseph L. Fkiss„ Richud~C. Steinman, Linda M. Rolmtzky, William J. Schneider. Columbia University, New York, NY 4A5 CJupses In Heart Rate Variabiity flefarcSponlan[omEyisodei of Ventricular Tacfiycardla in Pafients With Coronary AAe.y, Disease 1272 Heikki V. Huikuri, Markku K..Linnaluoto,.Kenneth M. Kessler, Juha T. Takkunen,.Rofxrt l..Myerburg. Division of'..Cardiokogy>. Department of. Intemal Medicine, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland, and University of. Miami Medicai Center,.Miami, FL S:00 Association of HeaA itafe Variability 1VNA Increased Risk of Sudden Death in Hyperlropldc Ca+dioaryoprathY. 1273 Peter Counihan, Lu Fei, Guy Haywood, William MoKenna. St. George's Hospital,l London,.United Kingdom 227 I
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Clinical Cardiology: New Coronary Interventional Devices II Poster Presentation Boards P180-P191 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30 AM-12:00 NOON TUES AM NOV 12 P180 Conventional Angioplasty Verws Low-Stress Angioplasty at 40'C in the Atheroscleroflc Rabbit Iliac Arfery; Angiographic and Histologic Out- comes and Platelet Deposition 1190 Ezra Deutsch, Deborah Morley; Jack L. Martin, Ricardo Budjak, Alfred A. Bove. Tempk.UniversityScharol of Medicine,.Philadelphia, PA P161 Thrombogenirity and MyoinOhnal Proliferation After Conventional and Therrea1.55'C and WC Balloon An81op1aNy 1191 Lieselot van Erven, Evelyn Velema, Mark Ji Post, Cornelius Borst. Heart Lung Institute, University Hospital IUtPecht; Utrecht, The Netherlands P182 Preservation of Arterial Vasoreadivity Following low-Stres Angio- plasty at 60'C in the Atlrcrmclerofic Rabbit 1192 Deborah Morley; Xi-Yu Zhang, Ricardo Budjak,.Jack L. Martin, Alfred A.. Bove, Ezra Deutsdt. Temple University, Philadelph'ia„PA P18J Effed of Microwave Thermal. Angioplasty, on l.traooronaryThrombas 1193 Donald'Nardone, Barry Bravette, Yi,Shi,i Antonio Martinez-Hernandez,. AndrewZaiewski, Paul Walinsky: ThomasJefferson Udtiiversity,.Poiila- delphia; PA P184 Thermal Balloon Angioplasty, lJsing Radiofrequenq Energy 1194 Katsuhiro Yamashita, Kenichiro Ohtomo; Shutaro Satake. Yokohama Red Cross Hospital,i Yokohama, Japan P78S Immediate Sealing of the Arterial Puncture Site After tTCA With a Biodegradable Collagen Pkl Follow-up With Duplex Scanning and Ankle Pressure Indez Aleaswemetrb 1195 Roel M. Klbos, Sjef. M. Ernst, Egbert T. Bal~ Gijs E. Mast,. Carl A. Ascoop, H.W. Thij; Plokker. St. Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegeim, The Netherlands P186 Low,Grade (fi0'C) Heating Increases Vascular Compliance During Bal- loonAn81op1aAy 11% Joseph F. Mitchel, Daniel B. Fram, John P. Fisher, lane R. Fisher, Brenda W. Sanzobrino, Ll M. Maffucci, William P. Dyckman, Linda D. Gil- lam, Iam, John E. Abele, Raymond G. McKay. Hartford Hospitalland the University of Connecticuta Hartford, CT P187 The New Approaches to Coronary, Intervention (NAC) ReBistry: Bea- sonsfor Device Sekctian 1197 Ann R. Steenkiste, Donald S. , Balm, , Tomoaki , Hinohara, Kenneth M. Kent, Patrice Nickens,.KatherineM:.Detre, for the NACI Investigators.. University of Pittsburgh, .Pittsburgh,. PA P188 In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of a New.0.015" Huid-FI(kd Guide. Wirefo. Disfal Pressure Monitoring During PTCA 1190 Bernard I De Bruyne,. Nico H.'J.. Pijls,, Walter J, Paulrrs, Pascal I. Van- trimpont, Jan Stockbroeckx,.Danny.De Moor,.Olivier Nelis;.Guy R. Heyndrickx. Cardiovascular Center Aalst; Aaist, Belgium, and!the Uni-versity of Nijr,rtegen, The Netherlands P189 Thermal Venws Conventional Perfusion Balloon Angioplastyy in an In Vivo Atherosclerotic Model' 1199 Christopher. E..Buller,.Steph'en C. Culp,.Charlesl. Davidson,, AIani N. Tenaglia,. Harry R. Phillips,. RichardS'. Stack. Duke University, Medical Center, Durham, NC P190 Differences in.l]iniral Charaderfstks.ard Outcame for Acute Versus Elective Coronary Artery. Stent Placement 1200 loseph M. Sutton, Stephen G. Ellis, Gary S. Roubin, David W.M. l Barry S. George, Kidc N. Garrati, Albert E. Raizner, William D. Voor- hees, George P. Rodgers, Eric 1. Topol, for the Gianturco-Roubin Stent Investigators. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, ClevelandJ OH P191 Long-term Anglographic Follow-up of Elective Coronary Stenting for itestenoas 1201 Carlos Macaya, . Andres Ifiiguez, lavier. Goicolaa; Fernando . Alfonso, Alberto San-Roman,.lose. Zamorano,.RosanaHernandez,.Pedro.Zarco.Hospital.Clinico, Madrid,~ Spain 219
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TUES PM NOV 12 Arteriosclerosis: Lipoproteins, Apoproteins, and Genetic Abnormalities Affecting Lipoprotein Metabolism (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P30-P32 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM' Presenter Present: 2:00:PMr4:00 PM I30 EffM of HDL-MrorplMatidyldtoliees on HOL-Qtokaeral Uptake by the hrhred Rat Urer 1St16 Hiroko Kadowaki, George M. Patton, Sander J. Robins_ Boston Veterans Administration.Medicab Center/Boston University, Boston, MA P31 Snaq 1DL C,aMaitt More Cfiokqeryl ialer Alolecvles per hrtkk llran Lar{e IDL or. LAL 1S07 Deborah Applebaum-Bowden, Robert O: Phair. Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston-SaIHn, NC, and Johns Hopkins School o(i Medicine,.Bahimore, MDr92 Multiple Tramcriptlornl 8erneets Mediate Mttepinal Apdipap.oldn Al fwne Eqrewiott 1500 Geoffrey S. Ginsburg Sotirios K. Karathanasis. Beth Israel Hospital and Children's Hospital, Soston, MA 254
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/ TUES PM Basic Science/Circulation: Propagation in Cardiac Muscle Room C-1 2:00 PM-5: 15 PM Chairmen: Milton L Pressler, Indianapolis, IN C. Frank Starmer, Durham, NC 2d)0 Cellular Mechanism of Low IATPJ-Induoed Propagation Olock in hirs of Ventricular Myocytes 1204 Justus Anumonwo, Mario Delmaq Jose Jafde. State Uniwersity,of New York Health Science Center, Syracuse,.NY 2:15 Two Distinct Channel Proteins Calocali:e to the Same Gap /unctions in Cardiac Myocyles 1205 H.. Lee Kanter„ Edc. C. Beyer,. Thomas H. Steinherg„Jeffrey E. Saffitz. Washington unfversity, St. Louis, MO 2:30 Entraimment and Partial Entrainmmt of Spiral Wave Activity in Nolated Cansfat Mwcie 1206 Remy Salomonsz, Jorge Davidenkb, Arcady Pertsov, William Baxter, Jose' Jalife. State University of New York Health Science Center, Syra- cuse, NY 2:45 VokaOe-IkpendeM GatieO of Adrit Atrial Gap /uncllom 1207 Ratneshwar Lal, Morton F. Arnsdorf. University,of,Chicago; ChicaOo,.IL 3:Q0 Differential 6xprcxbn of Gap lonctional Loteins In Specialized and Working MPocardltn 12p Milton L Pmssler, Cheryl A. Brodhecker, 7(iao-Di Huang Dou& P. Zipes, Geor®e E. Sandrnky. Krannert Instiwte of Cardiology, Roudebush Veterans Admir>iuration Medical Center, and Litly Research Labs, Indianapolis, IN 3:.15 SlowrlyUnbindht0 Sodiun Gharnrel Antagonists f4omote AnIrylMdt Responses to. rrearU.eSAitoulatloe 120! C. Frank Starmer, Alisa R. Lancaster, Anseimo A. Lastra, Augustus 0. Grant. Duke Medical Center, Durham,.NC 3:30 IMesmiaion and Exhibits 4A0 Grrent-todoad Miatatdi in Pt.ki.jtAMack iunction: Evaluatlox of Critiai Fiba Diameter by Two-Di.rcrabnal Simulatlon 1290 Vladimir G. Fast, Andre' G_ Kleber. Universirty, of Berne, Berne, Switzerland 4:15 DeveloptneMal Moddation of SurcepBbRRiry to MfiyMrno{enais In Myocardi.l I.drcmia: Reduced SensNivRy of Adult Versus Neonatal .. HeaR CeRs to Unrnopltn0 by tipophRic SoMtances 1291 Marc Ovadii, Janis M..Bun. University of Arizona, Tuaon,.AZ 4:30 Lons-Chain AcylcanriHnes Induce Reversible Uncouptin` in Adult Canine Mlvcytea 1292 Jianyi.Wu, laneMcHowat, Jeffrey E.. Saffitz, Peter O...Corr. Washington University, St. Louis, MO 4NA5 Differential Effects of Hyperalcemia and tidocaarc on Inn6qudinai and Transverse Conduction Velocities In Healthy or kdrenic Canine Ventricular Myoca.dim n 1293 Fran4ois HFlie, Michel Vermeulen,, Jean Cossette,. Rene Cardinal. Hopital Idu Sacre-Coeur,,Montreal, Quebec, Canada 5:00 LbnOftudinal Capacitance in Myocardial Fibers 1294 Stephen . B. Knisley,. Wanda Krassowska, WiBiamM. Smith,. Thea C.: Piikington.. Duke University, Durham, NC 229
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TUES PM NOV 12 Basic Science/Cardiovascular Radiology/Clinical Cardiology/ Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (Continued) Poster Presentation Board P44 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P44 Coerelalla. Iletwee. Resi.na4 llood tactate aed Muscle Maerobic iWedroW Using 31-t'hmpkoron Maprelic Resonance Spet.trouopy 1520 Robert A. Robergs, Milton V. Icenogle, Tracee L. Hudson, Eiichi Fukushima. Exercise Physiology Latloratory and Department of Medicine, Uhiversity of.NewMexico, and Lovelace Medical Founda- tion, Albuquerque, NM 256 i
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TUES PM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Left Ventricular Systolic Function Grand Ballroom Salons F-K Anaheim Marriott Hotel 4:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Michael R. Zile, Charleston, SC Marc A. Pfeffer, Boston, MA 4:00 le(t Ven6ladar Shape and Rber orienlation 1472 Thieny Sluysmans, Stephen P. Sanders, Walter Jung, Abraham Mathiau, John E. Mayer, Richard Van Praagh, Steven D. Colan. Children's Hbspi- tal, Boston, MA 4:15 56eke Volume Geaeratian of left Ve.lricle and 11s Relation to Cham- ber Ataoe in Normal Subiecb amd Iatienb Widi ehronic Voiume overbad 1473 Takafumi Hiro; Junko Hirto, Takeshi Yamamoto, Hiroshi Nakamura: Shuto Hospftal, Yanai, Yamaguchi6 Japan 4:3U RepeMiae of Hyperte.dre Cardiac Hypertrophy 6 Aaoctated With Mtprov[d Cardiac rvtctloe and E.erdte Tokvance 1474 Gabriel Habib, W'flBam A. Zoghbi, James K. Alexander. Baylor College of Me4Kke, Houston, TX 4:45 leperiow of Mrurardial Hyper6opiq and lmpove.rca of Ejection hacUan Afler Llritopril Tiewpy Is Hyperlanive Diabetics 1475 Stanley A. Tan, Linda G. Tan, Lee S. Berk. Loma Limda University, Loma Linda, CA SA0 Long Anb Mlyocardial Sberlenins in Hypertensive Left Veniritvlar HypeAroplry 1476 Linda C. Palmon, Nathaniel ! Reichek, Neil 1 R. , Claeh, Susan B. Yeon, Barbara Tallant, Janice Dawsoni Joao A.C. Lima, Eric A. Hoffman, Leon Axel. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 250
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Clinical Cardiofogy: Dilated Cardiomyopathy Room C-2 4:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Michael A. Fifer, Boston, MA Laura Wexler, Cincinnati, OH TUES PM 4:00 Decreased Coronary Vasodilator Capacity in Patients With Hemadynamiapy Silent Dilated Cartilosnyapal6y 1301 Danilo Neglia, Oberdan Parodi, Gianmario Sambuceti, Edoardo Nevola, Guahiero Pelosi, Piero Salvadori, Lucio Fusanii. C.N.R. Institute of Clinical Physiolbgy; P'isa,Italy. 4:1 S Elevated Zero-Fiow Pressure Attenuates Corooary. F1ow. Reserve in Patients With Dilated Cardiosyopalhy 1302 Yasuji Doi, Jun Tanouchi, MAsaaki UematSu, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Michitoshi Inoue. Osaka University ScFaoi, of Medicine, Osaka, Japan 4:30 Restrictive Left VeMriwlar Fillisi{ tallern ie Dilated fard•iomyapatlry: CRnkal, Hemodynantic, and Prognostic Nnpiiralions 1303 Bruno Pinamonti, Andrea Di Lenarda, Giankanco Sinagra, Gerardi'rw Lardieri, Diana Rustja, FuEvio Camerini. Department of Cardiology, Ospedale Maggiore, Trieste, Italy 4:45 b Left Ru.de Oraedr Noch As.ociated Wilh Regional Abeonnalilies of Coronary ResMances In Patients With Dilated Cardias.yapathyl 1304 Danilo Neglia, Oberdan Parodi, Gianmario Sambuceti, Edoardo Nevola,.Piero Salvadori, Nicola. Nista. C.N.R. Institute of..Clinical IPhysi- ology, Rsa„Itafy, SA0 The Onset of Functional Mitral IIep.Ritation During the Cour.e of Evolving Heart Failure h As.odated With Veetrkuiar Shape Changes 1305 Tatsuji Kono, Hani N. Sabbah, Howard Rosman, Mohsin Alam, Syed' fi Pauli D. Stein, Sidney Goldstein. Henry, Ford Heart and Vascular Institute, Detroit, MI 231
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I Cardiovascular Radio%gy: Angioplasty Restenosis/ Contrast Media Room C-4 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Michael A. Bettmann, Boston, MA Lewis Wexler, Stanford, CA TUES ;PM NOV. 12° 2:00 rroia*cd IotiaRan WRh Graduai Ira.wre Ramping Reduces Realenar b After Angiopiasty In an Atfinoadnotlt Rabbit Model 131 7 2:15 Antoine.Lafont;,Kevin Vaska,. Patrick L. Whitlow. Cleveland Clini Cleveland, OH Pulsed Larerstnduce Thermal injury, and Dose-Dependent SrnoM c, h Muscle Cdl Iroliferatian 131 3 2:30 Philippe C. Douek, Gad Keren, Matie Shou, Shmuei Banai, Ellis Unge Robert F.,Bonner. National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD The Effect of Very Low-Do.eUrad'ntkan on Restenosis Following Ba r, l- loon Mgiopiasly: A Study in the AlAerosderotk Rabbit 131 9 Joel GeBman„Glen Healey, Qingsheng Chen, Michael J. Tselentaki Stephen L. Sigal, John T. Dawson, Steve E. Downing, Michael s, 0. 7:45 Ezekowitz. Yale University, . New Haven,, and West . Haven Vetera Administration ..Mediieali Center, West Haven, CT The Effect of a Morrodonai Antibody to the PtatekN GlyrnprMein Rb ns / Itia on Reshnmis After Aegtnplasry,in a Rabbit Model 132 0 3A® Michael A. Azrin, MAry 8. Todd, Qinseng Chen, Michael Tselentaki Michael D. Ezekowitz. Yale University,.NewHaven, CT The Effect of Oral Terbinafine on Redrnosia Following Balloon Ang s, i- opiaty in Rabbib 132 1 Howard LL Haber, Lawrence W. Gimple„CynthiaGoldstein„Robert M. 3:15 Owen, Michael Ragosta, Eric R. Powers, Ian J. Sarembock. University Virginia, Charlottesville, VA Aegbplapy of CWwric Occhsiane Risks and Benefrb 132 of 2 •.30 James T. Stewart Miles G. Williams, David A.,Muicahy; Lin Denn Nigel P. Bullkr, Ulrich Sigwart, Anthony F. Rickards. Royal Brompto National, Heart and Lung HospitalJ London,.Uni6ed Kingdom IaNnrdaiarr and Exhibits e, n 4:00 A Comparative Study of Carbon Dioxide/Ditital Subtraction Ariedo R- rapiy and lodinated Cawtrad Arleriography 132 3 4:15 Mitchell J.I Magee, Michael J. Pentecost, Fred A. Weaver, Madeline A. Bauer, George P. Teiteibaum,.Albert E. Yellin. University oflSouthe California, Los Angeles, CA Mratlgatiorr on t6e Reaction of Coagulatlon-AolJve Proteins Afl P. m er. Contrast 6raarinafian of Vascular Dheaes 132 4 Wolfgang Heiller, Zwetana Engel, Hans Martin Hoffmeister, Hans-Ebe hard Hoffineister. University of Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Federal Repu r: b- 4:30 lic of Gemmny. A Randomized Dou6lerRlind Trial of lohexai Vennrs Dialrizoate Jn Cardiac AnRioRraphy, 132 William Hi Matthai Jr., Jane M..Krol, William G. Kussmaul, Howard S C. 4:45 Herrmann, Warren K. Laskey, James E. Goin~ J. Sanford Schwartz, Joh W. Hirshfeid.Jr. University of Pennsylvania„Philadelphia,.PA Nephrotoxicity Following Cardiac Anglography: A Randomize n d Dorbk-Rlind MuiReenter Trial of Ionic and Nonionk: Contrast Med in 1,194 Patients 132 ia 6 James A. Hill, Michael Winniford, DouglasB: Van Fossen, Stanley Gol d- S:00 farb, Mary J. Murphy, ElkanHaipem, for the Iohexol. Cooperativ Study: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Costs and Corsequerrces of Selective Use of low-Osnroiar ConNast f e or Anglocardiograpky 132 7 Patrick S. PadAey,.Brendan 1. Barretti.Hilary M. Vavasour, Gloria Ken Frank O'Dea, Eric Stone. Memorial University, St. John1s, Newfoun t, d- land, Canada 233
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TUES PM NOV 12 Cardiovaswlar Disease in the Young: General Pediatric Cardiology I Califomia Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM'-5: 15 PM, Chairmen: Brenda E. Armstrong, Durham, NC Thomas P. Graham, Nashville, TN 200 'Fkke B. Tasia Mtn.orial Leclure: liiM8e of ReeiMraM ArdyYr.ias, CawediYe Tiswse Devalap.ed, and Side-to-Side Separation ot Cardfat Cab Madison S. Spach, Darham, NC 230 ~ IlosroRa4 VaWed Cmduib in !rc luinaiuy David C. Cleveland, William G. Williams, 1~ George A. , John G. Coles. T~„ Ivan i M. aebeyka Cy~ Hospital for Sidc Children Toronto, Ontario, bts Iale Ouka.e of Gidnl AmBc Seeaa.b I. adanis 1395 Leo tnpe=, Steven D. Coluy Larry A. Rhodes, Stanton B: Peny, Stephen P. Sanders. Ch"en's Hospital, Boston, MA 3:08 hlmanry Vei fise and oMcunr in idanb VYfYk Tofair Ano.alo~s PN.ro.uy Venoo r o..etyfo~ 1396 Kaihy 1.lenkins, Sfephen P. Sanders, Lisa Coleman, John E Mayer, Steven D. Calan. Cldldren's HbspiW, Boston, MA 3:15 Svgial Carecyos rmm VeiAidee b Pdeas>.y. AAnr. Cosspniop of Foir Trpes of Vak-ed h.plaeb 1397 Anees J. Raaouk, William G. Williams, David C. Cleveland,; John G. Coks, Mn M Rebeyka, George A. Trusler. Hmspital for Sudc Children„ Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1_70 YMewisskn and 6di6(b 400 Prope~sia of Anlic Root DYcase in Itdlahic Msrfan', Sypba.e 13li Donna M. TfnKhak Margaret Challenger, Ralph DeB; Fredrick Z. Bier- man, Welton M. Gersony. Columbia UniMersity, NNv York, NY 4r15 Predkiad of Diweollon of tie MamdYg Amh is Mssh.'s Syndoone 13" Reed E Pyeritz. Johns Hopldnc School of Mediane, Baltimore, MD 4:311 BepsodreYon hfae a.d Afhr Rep.ir af Ahial SepYl Defect 1400 Cynthia D. Moms, Camla Fracda, Karen A. McCradren. Oregon Health Sciences University, Pocdand, OR b45 Psop osb G Aqleda 51wd~a.e A Popdatloo-fased Re.iew 1401 Steven A. Webber, Glen P. Taylor, George G.S. Saidor, Michael W.H. Patkrsory Jaoques G. LeBlanc. B.C. Children's HospiW, Vaneoarver, &it- ish C.olumbe, Canada SN0 Vielocily4nomled C7.e AIR MerraaeA of IsR-ba1rN SIs.M. aad Pd- maary Bbod flow f. PaBeoY Whh CageJW Heart D6ease 1402 Lawrence D. Bremer David Steiman, Gary, R. Caputo, , Gerhard H. Mostbedc, Melvin 0. Cheidin, Charles 8. Higg:u. University of California, San Fnncisoo, San Francisco, CA tn* lecture will be aidiohpcd. , 242 I
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TUES AM NOV 12 Clinical Cafdiology: Coronary Balloon Angioplasty- Acute and Chronic Outcome Poster Presentation Boards P150-P161 Convention Center! Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12;00 NOON Presenter Present:..9:30 AM 1i2:00 NOON P150 Long-term Follow-up of Patients Undergoing Emergent CABG in the 1965-1986 NHERI PTCA Registry 1160 Charles Landau, Alice K. , Jacokis_ Wanlin Yeh',i Katherine M. Detrc„ Thomas 1.1 Ryan, David P. li and Registry Investigators. Boston University Medical Center,. Boston,. MA P151 What k the Minimum Wminal DiimMer. Necessary to Avoid Exercise Myoardial Ndrenia After PTCAi E,ong-term Quantitative Coronary AngiosapAic Study 1161! Nicolas Danchin,. Pierre Y. Marie,,Yves /uill'iere, Gilles Karcher, Alain Bertrand, Fransois Cherriec. Department of Cardiology, CHU Nancy, Vandoeuvre-Ies-Nanc,y; France P152 PICA in the Presence of Left Main Disease: Report From the Supported PfCA Registry, 1162 Carl L. Tommaso; John H.K. Vogel, Robert A Vogel, for the Supported PTCA.Registry, Participants. Northwestern Un'rversily. Medical School, Chicago, IL P153 Percutaneae.Aniioplasty for Preservation of Dialysis Access: Immedi- ate Results and Folbw=up 1163 StepfienR..Ramee, Andrew P..Rees,.FredE'. Husserl,JulioE. Figueroa, Larry , H. Holliler,. Juan E. Mesa, . Tyrone I.. Collins. Och'sner Medical Instiautions, New Orleans, LAP154 . Long-term Efficaery of Triple-Vessel Angioplasty, in Patients With Severe Three-Vesfel Coronary Artery Disease 1164 Mark F.,Wamen GermanoDiSciascio: George W. Vetrovec, Kim M. Kelly, M. Nagui Sabri, RavinderS. Kohli,.Evelyne Gouddeau, Michael II. Cowley, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA P155 Balloon Angioplasty. Results in Inaea.ed'Segmental Coronary Compli- ance: A Eikely Aledunbm of Successful PTU 1165 Tim A. Fischell, Wei-Dong Yan, David A. Clark. Stanford' University, Medical Center, ,Stanford,.CAP156 A New Method for Quantitating Coronary Collateral Flow in Patients During Coronary Angioplasty Using the Doppler Guidew7re. 1166 Morton J. Kern,. JeromeSegal, Elizabeth Ofili„ Richard Heuser,. Neal Scott, Frank Aguirre,.JeanetteSt. Vraln, Arthur Labovitz;,and, the. FLOMAP'Study.Group..St. Louis University, St: Louis, MO~ P157 Anginai Pain and Reta-Enddrphin Variations During PTCA 1167 Colomba Falcone, Luigitw Guasti, Michael Ochan,.Maria Tortorici, Giu- seppe Specchia. IRCCSDiv: Card.!, Univenityof Pavia, Pavia;.Italy P1Si Seven-Year Follow-up After Coronary.Angiop6asty for Multivessel Cor- onary. Artery Di.ea.e: Comparison With Coronary. Bypass Surgery 1168 Robert D. Simari, Malcolm R. Bell, Stuart T. Higan0.GuyS~. Reeder. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN P159' The Acute andClvonic Response of Atherosclerotic Arteries to Infu- tion Balloon Angioplaty, 1169 Michael L Stadius,. Bruce Benedick, Franklin J; Fleischhauer, CindyColliin, Robert Kernoff,.Reed'~Rowan., Stanford University, Stanford, CA P160 PeraAaneau Angioplastyy of Slenased Gastroepiploic AAery, Grafh 1170 Tetsu Yamaguchi„Takaaki. Isshiki,.FumihikoSaeki;,Yuko Furuta, Yuji Ikari, Hisayoshi Suma..Division of Cardiologyy and Division of Cardio-vascular Surgery, Mitsui Memorial Hospitali, Tokyo, Japan. P161 The Effed of Gender on Outcome After PTCA 1171 Cindy L. Grines, Sue Glaziep Donovan Bakal*dr, Dominic Marsalese, Roberti Levin;,GregoryPavlides; Cindy.Sykes, Gerald C. Timmis. WiGlilam Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI I 216 ~ I ~
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Clinical Cardiology: Antiarrhythmic Drugs II Pacific D Anaheim Hilton Hotel 4:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: William G. Stevenson, Los Angeles, CA Patrick J. Tchou, Pittsburgh, PA TUES PM NOV 12 4*0 Relatfomhip of Heut Failare and Ejection Fraction to Ar.hylhmia Sup- pre..ion and Prognosis In the CAST 13g9 Craig Pratt, AI'l Hallstrom, Melissa Huther,.Anth'onyDeMaria, Stephen Gottlieb, James Young, for the CAST Investigators 4:15 The Effect of Sotalol on hndrdhk Sustained Ventriniar Tafiycardia: Relatlon.hip to Ejection Fraction and CongeNive Heart Failure 1390 Steven Singh, Ravi Saini, Donald Archibald, DanielMacNeil, ,and the Sotalol Study Group. Veterans. Affairs and Georgetown Medical Cen- ters, Washington, DC 4:30 Aoute and Latgaene Efficacy of AnBarArytlrnic D+ogs In Miry1Mro- genie Right Ve.triniar Direar 1391 Thomas Wichter, Xu Chen, Antonio Martimez-Rubio. Westfaelische Wilhebns-University,.MuensMr,.rederal Republlk.of Germany 4:45 FrequdKy-Depe.deot BeWnphy.fola6ic Effecb of SenaWide, a'Tu.d' Uan III AntlarelqtlrAiC Agent 1392 Philip T. Sager. Michael Antimisixis, Tenie Neid'Rch, Cydney Stewart, , Clara PRuilt, Bramah N. Singh. West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Center, Lbs Angells, CA 5M Early Atlndepolaria8on in htfenb M/Mh la Agents-Related Tontade de PaiAa ie Acute and CJradc Phare 1393 Takashi Kurda, Tohru Ohe, Hioshi iTakaki, Naohiko Aihara, Shiro Kama. kura, MoWuo Matsuhisa, Katsuro Shinwmura. The Division of Cardiology, National Candiovascularcenter, Suife; Osaka, Japan ~ ® i
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TUES PM NOV 12 Clinkal Cardiology: Ventricular Arrhythmias- Drug Trials Pacific D Anaheim Hiltom Hotel 2:00 PM-3:30' PM Chairmen: Albert L Waldo, Cleveland, OH Craig M. Pratt, Houston, TX r.tlo IawAore Amioaararc ueveaKs. MoAaWy. Afir3 Myonrdial Ytf.rcfion 1383 LeszekCeremuzynsky,.Elzhieta Kleczar, Maria.Krzeminska-Pakula, Jerzy. Kuch, Edmund Nartowicz, jadwiga fmielak-Korombel; Andrzej',Dydus- zynski,i Jerzy. Maciejewicz, TernsaZalkska,Andrzej , Budaj. Groch'owski Hospital, Warsaw, and Collaborating Hospitals, Warsaw, Poland' 2:15 Spaniah Trial on Sudden Dealha Follow-up of 382 htients 1384 JuanCosin, Antonio Bayies de Luna,.Francisco Navarro, Josep Guindo,. Jaume Marrugat, on behalf of, the Spanish Triall on Sudden E/eath Investigators 2-.30 Deknninarw of a Drug Efficacy Prediction in the 8ec7raphyiiological Study Verwt dcdrocardiographic MoaHorins (ESVEM) Triak Differ- ence+ Between Electrophysiolo;kal Study and Holter MonHorieg 1385 The ESVEM,.Investigators. University of Utah,. SaltiLake Cily, UT. 2,4s UnnWained Veu6iaiar Tachycardlia as a Predictor of Spontaneom Sustained Ventrkidar Tachycardia in the ESVEM Study 1306 Jay W. Mason and the ESVEM hhvestigators. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 3:00 Lack of Long-tene Ventricular Mfiythmia Redudion by Enalapril in Head Failure htienls: A Double-Blind, hra6el'lacebo-Canhalled Trial 1387 Craig Pratt,. Martin Gardner, Carl Pepine, Robert Kohn,. Barry, Green- berB, Robert Capone, John Kostis, Miiena Henzlova, Gilbert Gosselin,. Melvin Weiss, Marilyn Francis, Salim Yusuf, Ed Elavis, for the SOLVD Investigators 3:15 hevalence and Prognostic Si;nificaoce of Ventricular Arrhytlt.das in 8,676 htients Treated With F'ibrieolytlc Aaenb After (tAyorardial InfaMJon in the GISSI-2 Trial 1368 Aklo P. Maggioni, Giulio Zuanetti, Eugenio Santoro, Lidia Staszevisky,. M. Grazia Franzosi, for the GISSI-2 Investigators. ,Milan,. Italy 240
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TUES PM NOV 12 Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care: Pulmonary Hypertension- Mechanisms and Modalities of Treatment Room A-10 2:00 PM-5:30 PM Chairmen: Lewis J. Rubin, Baltimore, MD Sheila G. Haworth, London, United Kingdom 2:00 $Dkk6uo. W. Rkfiardr Memorial LecUrrG The Cellalar Biology of ~ hNilam-N-WrY Norman C.,Staub, San Francisco; CA 2:90 Iwlatlon of a Putative /ulem.uy Arlery Elastase cDNA and NWilicatloa of Inveaed Eladae mRMA Levels ~ftled With Nineared Ela- lolytlc AdivRY and Pdnonary Hypertension in tab 1274 Chongiiang Ye, Li Zhu, Filidemi Dodo, Marlene Rabinovitch. Division of Cardiovascular Research, The Hosp,ital'for Sick Children, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2:45 EutraoAhdar Matrix RenrodeYns In AMWrosderadc Hypertensive Pul- .ronary Arteries 1275 Michael 1. Liptay, MitchelllD; Botney; Robert P. Mecham, Joel D., Cooper, larry R. Kaiser. Washington Univentty, Bames Hbspital, St. Louis, MO 3:00 FarnYhl l+ulwoeary HypcAesteioa hnrwporac8t FindfY- p In Four Caucasian IOadredi 1276 /ane H. Morse, Robyn 1j Barst, Marilena Fotino. CoWunbia University and The Rogosin Institute, NEw York, NY 3:15 /owediiiate Inprovranenl of Pulmonary Haaody.anio and pght Ven- Hiadar hndim After Single lurK TrampltnAaUan for hM.ary Hyper. temfan 1277 Anastasios N: Triantafnllou, Paul M. Heerdt~ Michael K. Pasque, Joel D. Cooper, Demetrios G. lappas: Washington University; St. Louis, MO 3:30 Inkrarnion aad E%Wllilta 4:00 Adenosine4nhanced Vasodilatlom io Nifedlpire-Trealed h8euts WRh hhNqry hi.ouary Hypel[mfon 1278 Shmuel Inbar, Bruce Schrader, Elizabeth Kaufmann, Robert Vestal, Stw art Rich. UeYiversity of Illinois at'Chicago, Chicago, IL 4:15 WYakd NNrk o.fde: A Seledtlre Pnlso.ary Varodqalor for the Treat- r.apt of red lhistronary Hyyerbrion of lhe N2wborn 1279 Jtsse D. Roberts Jr., David M. Polaner, IJ David Todres,. Peter Lang,Warren M.Zapol: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 4:30 RlBM Heart Hemodyna.a{o After Siadle Luns TraruplaMaAdon 1280 Steven R. Bailey, S1epFnrMe M. Lavine, Barbara J. Baibre, John CaYwoi41• Kent Tdn{de. .Lhiirersi0.y of Texas Heft Science C.cMer, San Anonio,. TX . 4:45 State of feta-Adrenaceifts and hdmonarY Vascular Reactlvily to Hypoxh in Hiyliandeo 1261 Mirsakl M. Murakhimov, Alrnaz A. Aldashev, Vladimir O. T'rtmv, Ishen K. Moldotashev, Talant A. Batyraliev. Kirghiz institute of Cardiology,. Bishk'ek; USSR 5.-00 BratdhW Arlerial lalood How in Clrorric Tlwanboeaa6alic hdnnnary Hyperlienalon 1282 Kenneth M. Moser, Kent S. Kapitan, Richard Channick, Stuart W. lam- ieson,,Mary H. Winkler, Diane C. Kirby. University of Califomia, San Diego, San:Diego, CA S:1S trdnonary Embolhm in WonKn ie tlre haspective Invettltalion of IWknonary' 13.bnWe OiapaMics (r1UP®) 1293 Deborah A. Quinn, Michael L Terrin, B. Taylor Thompson. James H. Thrall, Christos A. Atharwsoulis, Kenneth ~A. MeKusick. Paul D. Stein, Charles A. Haks.. Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School; Boston,.MA. S•.39 Mrwal Buinea Meeting for the CouwR an CardIGINAMMIM and Crilkal Care 'This lecture will Ibe aWdiotaped. 229
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TUES PM NOV 12 Basic Science/Cirrulation: Mechanisms of Sympathetic ~! Control During Exercise in Humans Room A-7 2:OU PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: jere H. Mitchell, Dallas, TX Michael L Smith, Cleveland, OH 2:00 tGeorye E Btown Memafal tedvnx The Advance of Huwnan Cardio- vaud.r and Neural PMyaoloBy Allyn L Mark, Ibwa City, IA 2:30 syapdMk Nerve Re.po..a to Stalk Handgrip and SfaBc Lea 6aer- dw at the Same Relative bInuky te tLe Silti.g /~o.N1on 1254 Chester A. Ray, Mary P. Gary,,Allyn L Mailc. Clinical Research and Cardiovascular Centers, University of Iowa, lowa Citiy,,IA 2:45 l eatra) Conrnnd stlatiala AM.de synipatlielic NeMe Activity Dtr- Yi ~Me..ibe.t Mowe4{c 6~e~Ye /us Ronald G. Vittor, Niek H. Secher, lere H. Mitchell. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX 300 EwtaBe.ne.wt of tirc AYriYid Baroreflec and Central Goamand Do Not Meddale SyapMhatlc Nc..e Adivlly DwrfngtlirYdated Adivalion ef dw made mdwbweflex 1256 Chester A. Ray, Niels H. SecAer, Allyn L Mark. Rigshospitakt, Copen- hagen, Denmark, and the University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA k15 NoaYnear Relatlon of Hwr Masde Sywpatrdir Neex ANdty and Mock. Vawlar Redda.Q 1257 Mir.hael L Smith, Mark I:. Dibner-Dunlap, Helen M: Sheehan, Marc D. ihames: Case Western Reserve Universily, Cleveland, OH 3:30 INen~Mdoa and Edd6ib 1.10 Plasma Lactate ReAuctlon. Due to Glycogen Depletion Attenuate Vaooor6idor ReWmrp 1o Eattde In HwWr125i Invrence I. Sinoway. Keith 1. , Wntblewslti, Steven A. Prophet, Steven M. Ettinger, Kristen S. Gray, Sandra K. Whiskr, Geoffrey Miller, Russell L Moore. Penn Sia1e University, Hershey, PA 4:15 piddaaaoetah Reduces sympaWelk Nerve Retpare.lo Statit Em. cLe in H.nrr 1299 Steven M: Ettinger, Kristen S. Gray, Sandra K. Whsfer, Lawrence 1. Sinoway. Penn State Univenity, Hershey, PA 1:70 Mwde Metaboreceplor Reipmres Are Impaired le Heart Failure 1260 t avrence I. Sinoway; David A. Sterns, Timothy 1: Mosher, Michael B. Smith, Steven M: Ettinger, Kristen S. Gray. Penn State Univenity, Her- shey, PA 4:45 Catd{ovaaiar ftepore. Durl.{ StaBc Exeid.G Slualies I. Padenb WNh Co.plele Ahiore.trk.iv /iodc 1261 Thomas Alexander, Daniel B. Friedman, Benjamin D. Levine, James A: Pawekryk, lere H. MitcheB. Unhtrsily of Texas Soulhwestem Medical Center, Dallas, TX SM syapatlMic Neere AclMty at Reat and Dain` Aw1e Strew 1n Ya.B aed OWer Hoow 1262 Aleaonder V. NB, Robin Callister, Mary Jo Reiling, Douglas R. Seals. University of Mizona, Tucson, AZ 'This kcture will be audiohpedj 226
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Clinical Cardiology: Left Ventricular Diastolic Function Grand Ballroom Salons F-K Anaheim Marriott Hotel 2:00 PM-3:30 PM Chairmen: William H. Gaasch, Worcester~ MA Dwight Davis, Hershey, PA. TUES PM NOV 12- x00 Comparative Effects of Hypoxia and Isdiemia on Left Ventriarlar Fa.c- tion in Man 1466Bernard De Bruyne, Guy, R. Heyndrickx„Johan De Vriese, Walter 1. Paulus. Cardiovascular Center Aalst,.Aalst, Belgium 2:15 Verapardl SelecBrely 6rhanen Left Venbicular Divstolic Rlpn` in Elderly Normal Huraans. 1467 James A. Arrighi, V3sken Dilsizian, Pasquale Perrone-Filardi,,Stephen L. Bacharach, Robert 0. Bonow. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Insti- tute,.Bethesda,.MD 2:30 Influeaoe of Myocardial Contractile Dysfunction on the Pattern of firlrnorwy Venoru flow 1468 BrianiO. Hoiq YAnfu Shao,.Marl'orie Gab'el,.Ri'chard A.,Walsh. Univer- sity, of Cincinnati Medical Center,. Cinainnati, OH 2:45 Nature of Early Diastolic Intracavity How in Left Ventricular Disease 1469 Sherif M. Helmy, Han B. Xiao„Stephen J. Brecker, Derek G.,Gibson. The Royal Brompton National Heart and Lung Hospital,,London, United Kingdom 3:00 Diastali't Left VerAricalar qBias Patterns Predict Exercise Tolerance in Heart railure Palhnb With Comparable Systolic Reserve 1470 Gong-Yuan Xie, Martin R. Berk, BarbaraCutshaw; Anthony N. DeMaria: University of Kentucky„Liexington,.KY 3:15 Effeds of Type1. Diabeless on Left Ventricular Size and Fanr.Bon: A Pra.peciive Doppler Ecla Stwly of Ideetical Twins 1471 Simon 5.5. Lo, David G. Leslie, Martin St. John Sutton. Diabetic Unit) Westminster.and Royal~ Bromplon HospitalJ Londona United Kingdom i i
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NOV 12 Epidemiology and Prevention: Epidemiology of Acute Myocardial Infarction Room C-5 _, ; 2:00' PM-3:3O PM Chairmen: Uri Goldbourt, Bethesda, MD Daniel Levy, Framingham; MA ProBnosis Following t4e Wtlaf Prqentatlan of Coronary Heart Dis- e»G The frarnir>)tiaw Heart Sridr 1328 Joanne M. Murabito, lane C. Evans, Keaven M. Anderson, Daniel Levy. , Framingham Heart 5tudy, FramingAam, MA Sympta. Onset In MYorardial Infa.ction h ModiBtd by Age and a HMory of Prnevfots Myotardiai Infarctlon 1329 Ole Hansen, f3en8t W. Johansson, So Gullberg. Section of Cardiology, Mahint4 General Hospital, Ma1mS, Sweden Sxial DIfferences ie Delay Time DtrinB the Prehospital Plnse of Acute Myoardlal Mfardbo 1330 Shareen F. Kelfly, Roy Flood Jh., Helen P. Atkinson, Michael Turner, Karin H. Gaeiser, Ding-Yi Zhao. Ross 1. Simpson Jr. UAiversity of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill~ NC DedMtYts lfompital Mortality in AcufeMyocudial Infarction 1331 Mikael Dellborg, Peter Eriksson, Martin RSw, Karl Swedberg. Depart-t menLof Medicine, 6stra Hospital, University of Giitebor8, Guteb'org, Sweden Quality of Ufe Following Acute Myocasdial lnfarction: Australian Sesdb rmo the International TPA/SK Mortality Trlal 1332 Paul P. Glasziou, R. JAhn Simes, Peter Thompson, for the AUS-TASK ~ Group. NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, Sydney. New South Wales, Australia Self-EACem Predicts S-Year Po.t-MYocardial Infarction Mortality 1333 ~I Nancy Frasure-Smith. Montreal Heart Institute and McGilll University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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. rS TUES Clinical Cardiology: ~ Controlled Trials in Heart Failure € PM ~ Room A-1 NOV 12 2:00 PM-5: 1S PM Chairmen: William W. Parmley, San Francisco, CA Barry F. Uretsky, Pittsburgh, PA 2" Rdatiurohip of Plasma Norepinephrine and Plasma itenin Activity to iNmiaiity in Heaut Faiiure v-HeFT H 1232 Jay N. Cohn,,Ada Simon, Gary Johnson,, and the V-HeFT Study Group. Minneapolis, MN, and West Haven,.CT 2:15 6ulaprY Deaetaes Ve,iYiaAar Tadryne6a w Heart .. Faitne V-t•IeFT. p 1233 Ross D.: Fletcher, Guillermo Cintron„Gary Johnson, Jay N. Cohn, and VA Cooperative Study. Veterans Administration Medical Centers, Washington,.DC, Tampa, F4 West Haven,.CT, and Minneapolis, MN 2:30 Oral MMrirrone braearas the Risk of Sudden Death In Severo Chronic Head Fafhse: The PROMISE Trial 1234 Milton Packer, Gary S. Francis, Jonathan Abrams, Frederick R. Cobb, Eric J. Eichhom,.Thomas D. Gile!s, Frederic R. KahI,.P.K.. Tandon, and the PROMISE Investigators and Coordinators. Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York,,NY Y. {5 Effects of EnataprY on the rropestion of Left Ventricular Dysfunction In Head Failure 1235 Marvin A. Konstam,~ Michel F. Rousseau, Marvin W: Kronenberg, James E. Udelson, Jacques Melin, Dawn Stewart, Noreen Dolan, Tonya R. Edens,.Debra Kinan,.Sylvie Ahn,.Salim Yusuf„Hub'ert Pouleur, for,th'e SOLVD Investigators.,Tufts University, Boston, MA3*0 Effects of rauJapril on Right Ventricular Performance in Patients With Heart Failure and Left Ventriadar Uy./uncYion 1236 James E Udelson, Marvin A.. Konstam, Marvin W.,Kronenberg, Hubert Poukur, Michel'Rousseau, Lori Kilooyne;,Tonya R. Edens, Sylvie Ahm, Dawn Stewarl, Salim Yusuf, for the SOLVD Investigators. Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston, MA 3:15 FtnMional Stalrs and Quality of Life of 2,569 Patients With Sywp- tmnalic Congestive Heart Failure Randomized Between EnalaFr6 and Placebo in the Studies of Left Venhkviar Dysfunction (SOLVD) Troat- metd Trial 1237 William J. Rogers, for the SOLVD Investigators. University o(AIlbama Medical Center, Birmingham, AL 3 30 Mtam6.ioa and Edtibits 4:00 A Randornfted,. MuitionNer, Double-{lind Maaebo-Controlkd strnly of the Efficacy of Flo.cqubun in Patients With Chronic Head Faiirnre 1239 Bertram f''itt, on behalf of the Reflect II Study Group. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 4:15 A One-Year Canparatlve Shdy of CaptopA) and flosequinan i. Patients With Clrodt HeaR PaiMne 1239 Alan J. Cowley, John R. Hampton..Department of Medicine, Univenary. Hospital, Nottingham,.England 4:30 Comparison of Vasodilation (Flosequinan) and ACE Inhibition (Enaiapr6) on Exercise Capadty and Quality of life in Chronic Heart Failure 1240 Bernard Silke, Hilary Tenneti Niels Keller, Juhani i Heikkila, Kairy. Salminen. Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, United Kingdom, Hvidore Hospital, Copeniiagen,.Denmark, and'University Central Hospital, He!- sinki,. Finland 4e45 BdmNdai Effects of Pimobendan ih Patients With Chronic Heart Fail- um Results of a Mdlkenter Trial 1241 Steven B. GuRub, Spencer H:,Kubo,.for th'e. Pimobendan Muhicenter Research Group. University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS, and the Uniaersity.ofiMinnesota; Minneapolis,MN. S:00 Beneficial Effects of Meloprdol in Chronic Heart Failure Associated WNh.Coronary Artery.Oisease: A Randaniaed Trial 1242 Michael L. Fisher,.Stephen S. Gottlieb, Bruce Hamilton. Nancy, L. Greenberg,. Catherine M. Krichten,. Gary Shayne,. Gary D. Pfotnick. University of Maeyland„Baltimore, MD 224
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Clinical Cardiology: Advances in Contrast Echocardiography and Myocardial Perfusion Marriott Hall S Anaheim Marriott Hotel 2:00 PM-5:1 S PM Chairmen: Steven B. Feinstein, Chicago, IL Joseph Roelandt, Rotterdam, The Netherlands TUES PM 2:00 Intracoronary Allwrex Can Be Used Safeiy and Usefully Ciatically 1423 Folkert 1• Ten Cate, lan.H. Comel,.Patrick W. Serruys,.Pim de Feyter,. Willfm B. Vletter„Petr Widimsky. Thoraxcenter,.Academic Hospital,, and Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 215 Caetrart fidrorydioRaphr. On-Iltte QuardlialTve AsersmeM of Mypnr- dial fkrfuion Da.irK Aou1e Tl.nmbark and FaBoyrkre TMo.bdy8c Ttienpy' 1424 Jorge Cheirif B., Richard A. Wray, David Brown, Joseph Bravenec, Alwyn D'Sa, ludithK. Mickelson. Baylor College of'Medicine, Houston„TX 2:30 Myorardiaf Contrast &fiocardia8raphy Can fie Used b Determine tie Succea of iteperGaon as WeN'l as the 6dent of Myncardial Salvage 1425 Flbrdeliza S. Villanueva, William P. Glasheen, Jirf Sklenar, Sanjiv Kaul. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 2c45 Contrast Edrocardio8rapiric "No Reflow" After Repcrfwion as a ih*• didor of Poor hnc8o.al Recovery in Aoute Myocardial lnfarrtfien 1426 Hiroshi Ito, Noriko Sakai,,Masahito Aburaya,.Hisaloiro Yu, Kenshi, Fujii,. Takazo Minamino. Sakurahashi'Watanabe Hospital, Osaka, Japan 3:00 Contrast Edn Areameat of Collateral F1ow in a Modd of Coronary Thrombosis and Delayed Raper(aion: Relation to Regional Frne.iion 1427 Jorge Cheirif B., Richard A. Wray, Joseph Bravenec, David Brown, Miguel A., Quiniones, Judith K. Mickelson. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 3:15 Quantlfation of Collateral Blood Flow in Humarn Using Myocardial Contrastlxho 1428 Ananda R..layaweera,.Peter, Sabia, Sanjiv. Kaul. University of.Virginq,. Charlottesville, VA 3:30 Inlen.i..ioe and EAMt. 4*8 MaAheeutio for f3tractin8 Tbwe now f4ramelers From Time-4Memily Curves Whhout itoMr Contrast Delivery 1429 lack G., Mottley, Karl1Q.. Schwarz, Richard S. Mehzer. Urtiversity of Rochester, Rochester, NY 4:15 Doppler Quantification of r:draCaa4ast NaecBons 1430 Craig I. Hartley, Jorge Cheirif B., Richard'A. Wray;1• Stanley Bravenec, Kevin R.. Collier, Judith K. Mickelson.. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 4:30 SHU 508 for CoMrait Color Doppler of Left Heart Chamben: Improved Evaluatlon of Mitral RetpnZlfatioa 1431 Helen von.Bibra, HaraldBecher,.Christian Fitschke,.Reinhard Schlief, Hans P..Emslander, Wolfgang Baedeker. I..Med. Clinic, Technical Uni- versity, Munich, Federal Republic of Germany 4:45 Usefulness of Trampotmonary Contrast-Enhanced Doppler rxhocudi- opaphy In tlie 6W.ation of Severity of AoAic Stenosi. 1432 Satoshi Nakatani, Toshio Imanishi, Akihiro Terasawa, Masakazu Yama- gishi, Shintaro Beppu, Kunio Mryatakie. National Cardiovascular Center, Suita,.Osaka,.Japan 5:00 Left Heart Contrast Edtocardiogaplh: An Independent Predictor of Idnmury Artery fMewrel'1433 Rainenl.2otz, Bernd Wagner. Second Med: Clinic, Mainz Unirversityy Mainz, Federal. Republic of iGemwny. ®
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TUES PM NOV 12 Arteriosclerosis: Vessel Wall IV Pacific B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-5:15 PrH Chairmen: William D. Wagner, Winston-Salem, NC Colin ). Schwartz, San Antonio, TX 2dI0 kwi.efiale Early Gene Activation In AoAk fat Srroolh AMrde Cells fobwin6 Va.urar Ntjury: Relatlo.dap b In Vivo Growa Factor Espre..Ior, and DNA SyM6e.N 1361 Joseph M. Miano, Niksa Vlasic, Robert R Tota, M. Keny OrBanion, Donald A. Young Michael IB. Stememam New York Medical Colkde, Valhalla, and University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY 3:15 Antbetre Approa[i b SmooAt M.nie hdifenlion 1362 Micfiaet Simons, Robert D. Rosenberg. Department of Biology, Massa- chusetts Institute of Technok>gy„Cambridge, MA 2w WaqlNndon of Abta.u/y IroBhralkag VafniarSmoatli AM.de. by Antl-Mypde Heavy Chatn Mtlbodk. 1363 Ryozo Nagai, Makoto Kuro-o, Ken-ichi Nakahara, Syun-idii Takewaki, Hiroshi Nishimura, Yoshio Y"Aki.,Third Department of Intemal Medicine, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 245 eylokeratlr B awd 1s Me Syetlte.laad in St.oo16 Mtsde CeN. of ASerosclerofic iMaqua Reprdas of the SMe of doe ledo. 1364 Lothar Jahn, loerg Kreuzer, Ebedurd v. Hodenberg, Jens Allknberg, Gregg ). Refs. Beth isnei Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, and Univensitaetsklink Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany 300 r.oduction of MtteAedrlari raNowie6 Balloon Y/ry in the Rat 13tiS Jeffrey A. Leavy, Scott Stevens.,Kfaus Hilgarth, Alan D: Caiknv, Charles C. Marboe, Gerald Fuller, Jerry Brett, David Stem.,Columbia University, New York, NY, and Washington University, St: Louis, MO 11S haliferaEktt Arterial Saoolh Mwck CeNf Iroteodywr Have Hlllter AfArtUy for Low Density tipaprateitu Thart Those From NotApraY/erat- lag Ceb 1366 Gertnin Camejo, Eva Hurt-Camejo; Gunnar Fager, Birplte Rosenpen, GiSnn Bondjers. Wallenberg Laboratory, Gothenberg University, Gothenbeg, and Astra-HSssk Reseacfi,Laboratory, Moindai, Sweden 3:30 UEermissian and bdibKs 4:10 Do.e- and 76ne-Depeede.t Stintdatfoa of GlyooramYrodycan Syntbe- sh by AuBlo/tmin 11 i. C.rlured Rat Vaarlar Saood AYrde te6 1367 W. Lee Bailey, James A. Fagin, James S. Forrester, David W. Lafkur,. Behrooz G. Shari6. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA •:1S drondrokln-FSWfa1e Glycesansinotily- Irww.e 1el S-pOBKy to OxldaBon and Uptake by Ha.an MaaophaBes and Arledal Smoolk Motle (:eMs 13" Eva Huct-Camejo; GetmSn Camejo, Bitgitta Rosengren, Ceoilia Ahi-. strSm, GSran Bondjers. Wallenberg Laboratory, for Cardiovascular Research, University of Gothenburtg, Gothenburg, Sweden 1:30 Llpoptddn Lipne Increases Llpaproleit Reknlion by Su6cwdetl'e6+l Cell Matrix 136! Uday Sazena, Michael G. Klein, Ira J. Goldberg, Columbia University, New. York, NY. 4sIS Vk+.alltWion of Upoprolein Ipa.e Transport Across 6Ndotl1ell:,l feh Mondavers 1370 Monique F. Kleahaenbr:Jc -Silim, Frederick R Ma:dield, Ir+ J. Goldbetg. CoManbia Univetsity, New Yoilt, NY SW Evidence 76atShew St.eu Directly Modulates t6e I2y-Ni-crVbr Tryyductlo. hlhway In Aorfic En/otltelW CeMs 1371 Randai'O. Dull, Peter F. Davies. University of Chica®o, Chicago, iL 3:30 Annual Business Meeting for the CoancR on Meio.ckrosN 238
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NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulation: Myocardial Effects of Adenosine During Ischemia Room AR1 2:00'PM~.-S:1S PM Chairmen: Robert L Engler, San Diego, CA Robert M. Mentzer Jr., Madison, WI In/trty via Recepto. Acth'afion 1214 Elizabeth Norton, Edwm Jackson, Michael Turner, Renu Virmani~ Mervyn 8. Fomwn: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN - 2o-1S bdtewk Precandidaning of Myocardiun: Hfed of the Adeeoriae Ago• nAt MKrylhapropyl Adcnorine 1215 Donna M., Van Winkle,.Richard F. Davis. Oregon Health Sciences Uni, venity, Portland, OR 3:00 CarAiopra4ecdve Effects of Nudeoside Tnnrport Inhi6i8on hi luh- emia-Reperf..ed Itabbft Hearts: A Ro{e of Endogenors Adenosine 1216 Munetaka Masuda, Ann Demeulemeester, Chen Chang-Chun„Willem Flameng..Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven,,flelgium , 3:15 Role of Adeearine In FecnrrdiBao6tg in Rat Heart 1217 Elizabeth Murphy, Robert E. London, Richard VanderHeide, Charles Steenbergen. Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics„ NIEHS, National Institutes of Health,.Research Triangle Park; and theDep,artment of Pathology; Duke University, Durham, NC 2.00 Acaderire Affords Sudained. Protection Against Injurypuring ydr- emia and Reperfurion in the Transplanted Rat Heart 1212 Manuel Gali€ianes, Kevin, M. Mullane, David! 1. Hearse. The Rayne Institute, St: Thomas' HospiU/, London,, UnitedKinmgdom„andGensia Phanneceuticals, San Diego, CA 2:15 AICA-RWmide (S-amino-4-lmiaadole carbozamide riboside), a Novel Adenodae Patentiator, AltenuaM Myocardial Ldiemia ln Coronary Microerabolization 1213 Masatsugu Hoti,~ Hiroshi Sato, Yukihiro Koretsune,.Toshifumi Kagiya., The Finst~Dep,artment ofMedicine, Osaka University, Osaka,.Japan 2:30 Low Daes of hitravenow Adenorine Reduce MyocardiaLReper(urion. 3:30 Inter.rrioo and Exhibits Takenobu Kamada. The First Department of Medidne, Osaka Univer- s1ty; Osaka, Japan 4:15 Adeeodne, an Endogenous Protectant Against Staccato Ischemla 121! Frank Ti Bunch, lon Thomton, James M. Downey. , 4:30 Perlurk Toxin Mhlbili Adenorine-Mediated Preservation of PoA- ladrcmic Myocardtal Function 1220 RobeA~D: tasley,.Omar Barakat, David~ G.L. Van Wylen, Robert M. Mentzen Jr. State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, and University, of Wisconsin, /rladison,. WI 4:45 Effeab of Adenosine on the Neural DHtaar®e of CardiaaSymyathetic AUereM Filbers 1221 Fedrico Lombardi~ Nicola Montano,,Tomaso Gnecchi Ruscone, Mauro. ContinL IstitutoRicercheCardiovascolAri,,CNR,.andMedicina Interna, Universit3' Milano, MilAno; Italy. S:8t1 The Role of Purine Salvage In lhe Poatfschemic Rabbit Myocardium 1222 John~R. Forder, Marshal Shlafer:,The University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI Masafumi Kitakaze, Masatsugu Hori, Seiji'. Takashima, Hiroshi'. Sato,, 4:00 Augmentatiom of Adenodne Prodrrctlon Or.ing bdremia as a Possible Mechankaa of Myocardial Prolec8on in Isdrasic hecnnditionkrg 1218 ®
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TUES PM NOV 12 Thrombosis: Thrombolysis I California Pavilion C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Alexander G.G. Turpie, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Ralph L Nachman, New York, NY 206 'Sal Shnry t.etluc Divene Boln of Cym13w In Va.aiar c.owlh Thomas F. Deuel, St. l.aui4, MO Ya.{ Nwa+llpbr hite In 19ronbodF W0 FYaYrt hi~6iII pq of Tinm.biw Fa.atlen by a ReoaabirM Hybrid PlowYm6[e AtUvalor in a hinpe Model of Arietial larotmbab 1414, MasdhaB S. Ruge, Stephen R. Hanson, Andlew B. Kelly, UBa M. A4a2ec,. Edgar Haber, Laurence A. Harker. Emory University, Atlanta„ GA, and Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Princeton, NJ 2b/S Rir1Yt Tkombo*wWln Sequenae Motif (CSIRCG) M[dab CD36 00141186 1415 Adam S. Asch, Scott Silbiier, Edgar Heimer, Ralph L Nacfiman. Comell University Medical College, New York; NY 7s60 NadYt I.oWion and C>taraderr:a6oe of a CJrywotrlp/k Frapnmt of MNdet GIK:aprahM BbMa RehiaiK ARG•GLY ASir (RGD) Bindig Ad1dty 1416 Stephen C-T. lam Uniwnsily of IBino9s at Chia®p, Chicago, IL 3:15 Uoaprald.(al iiilitlon of HqsuY.r~ PlamYroBen Activation Canel4ks N/llh lkparia OiBos.aharide ln%M 1417 Jay M. Eddbetg. H. Edward C.orrad, S.V. Piuo. Deparmrent of Pathology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, and Glycomed, , Ala- medq, G1 In YAn.I ia~ and bdibiY IAB Vari.6ilMy in A.BaoapdaYo. Control hedlcb TAronboenbobot A 23- Yeu Pop1daIlon-11nel Shdy 1419 Klnneth C. Huber, Bennrd 1. Gersh, Kent It Bailey, David 0. Hodge, James H. Chesetro. Mayo Clinic, Rochester,:MN', 4e15 The Low habahiNy !uK Scao NndYg- A Fah1 Nomendapee 1419 Russell D. HuB, Gaiy E Rashob, )eHrey S. Gnsberg Patrick Bn'lllEdwards, Albar A. Panl'u, Gealfrcy Coates, Rulin Brant. University of Calgary, Cal- gary, ARxvW, and McMaster University, Hamihon, Ontado, Canada Yn bIA Verr lkokYwe iu AaMe hiaoory Erabnlf~ A Randmmbed Cawa/[d Trial - 1420 Samuel Z Galdhabeu, Craig M. Kessler, John A. Heit,C. Gregay Elliott, William R frkdenbeig. DareM Heiselman, David B. wihm, Michael'F, MeYeroviEZ.1. NtthonY Padcer, Don Besarctt, David'E Drum,~ Andrew P. Selwyn, Dtdcsoo Kim, G.V.It.K. Shamw Kathleen Reagan, 1. Stevan Ni9eI, John A. BKd. Joseph L,osnlmo: Eugene Braunwald. Brigham and Women's Hospital, HArvard Medical School, Boston,, MA 4:45 The Oldcal iapahnce of Va~ hMntY in Deep VenoW Than6oi6: Sb4ploWaa Dw Not Ri/11 7H. Goal in Care of Oodidve Clols 1421' Claude ThFry, Philippe Asseman, lean-laeques Bau¢hart, Martine Lesenne, Phiippe Marche. HSpital Cardiola89ue. UBe, France SAO Udeary F6iwpep/de A ReAeci Flarw.ic Vaiatlon. In Narnul &blacb 1422 lean-Luc BaNi®and, Christiane M. Col-De Beys, Edith M. Lavenne- Pardonge, Maurice H. Mmiau; Jacques J. Col: St:Luc University Hospi- tai, Brussels, Belgium 'This lecture willl be audiotaped. 2" ! f
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Clinical Cardiology: Advances in Basic Ultrasound- Tissue Characterization Moderated Poster Presentation Boards P1-P10 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Discussants: Julio E. Perez, St. Louis, MO David J. Skorton, Iowa City, IA r1 Absolute Myocaraal Iltaducat4r Intensity Measurements Corrected for Penetrafion OepNi Di.atmYnte Nbrmal Myocardiun and Hyper- terofve Hypertrophy 1477 Ch'nistiane E. Angermann, Hans U. Stempfle, Ralph Drewello, KaA Thei- sen. Medmnische Klinik, Klinikum Innenstadt, University of Munich, Munich, Federal Republic of Germany P2 FreauerK.y Dependence of Ultrasonic Badcscalter Oiffereetiates Infard From Normal Hu.va INyoraedial 7iawe 1478 Samuel A. Wickiine, Edward D. Verdonk, Jimes G. Miller. Washington University, St.. Louis, MO P3 Ii.aBine of Normal and Atlrcrardvotk f.aonary, Arieria by AcourBc Mia0a0py, 1479 P. Anthony, N. Chandraratna, Satish Choudhary, /oie P. )ones, Para- krama Chandrasoma, Shahbudin H. Rahimtoola, )ackiyn Gallet. Los Angeles County-Universiry,of Southem California Medical Center„Los Angeles, and UCi Medical Center, CA P4 SyNoRc Coro.ary How Reversal Associated Wilh Abnormal 1)iastolk qow Dynamics In Patients With Aortic Stenwh Arer.ed by a Coro- nuy Doppler Catluler 1480 Takashi Akasak'a, /unichi Yoshikawa, Kiyoshi Yoshida, Kenji Maeda. Kobe General Hospital, Kobe, Japan t'S Combined Catheter lAtra.mad Imaging With On-iine Tiaue Charac- terlratioac tea.ibillity S4dy', 1481 Peter /. Fitzgerald, Joseph Koren, John R. MeKenzie, Niyazi U. Beyhan, Thomas C. Moore, Paul G. Yock. Uhiversity ofiCalifomia, San Fran- cisco, San Francisco, CA P6 isaeared EcAorelledivBy of Trarriently irdremk Myocardit.n )lurins Virorpa.tlcAaglea i. Man 1402 Massimo LombardiJ Eugenio Picano, Cecilia Marimi, Marco Paterni, Luigi Landini, Alessandro Distante. CNR InstHuteof Clinical Physiology, Pisa, Italy , P7 The C4nira{ Value of tHtraronk Ti.ue Characteritation in tLe Diag,wt rir of MlvcardNb - 1403 Evelin Liebaek, Rudolf Meprr, Michael Nawrocki„Roland Hetzer, Ger- man Heart Institute, Berl'un, Federal Republic of Germany r8 Unique Muni ArcJhitecture of Hmaan Idiopathic Cardioaryopatlry IdenliBed by Ultrao.k T6we Cftaraderhation 1404 Andrew K. Wong,: Edward D. Verdonk,.Brent.K.; Hoffmeister,.Jimes G. Milier,.SamueliA. Wickline. Washington UAivers7ly; SL..Louis,.MO P9 Onngea in Ulha.anic Tirue Characterlstlo Do Not Normalize With Histologic ReraMribn of Acute fardiac Rejection Afler HeaA Traaw P14Mafims 1485 Hins-Ullrich Stempfle, Christiane E Angermann,,Petra Kraml, Albert Schlitz, Ralph Drewello, UIHke grandlJ Bernhard M. Kemkes, Karl Theii sen.,Med...KGnik Innenstadt, Munich, Federal Republic of Germany !•10 Role of Aoartlc Mivaacopy In i)etectLa Cardiac Homograft Rejection 14" P.. Anthony, N. Chandraratna,. Satish Choudhary, Joie )ones,. Amar Kapoor, JAcklyn Gallet, 5hahbudin H. Rahimtoola. University of South, em,Califomia. School of Medicine, Los Angeles, and'University of Cali: fomia„Irvine, Irvine, CA 251 NOV 12. ~ ~
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TUES PM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Laser Coronary Angioplasty- Experimental and Clinical Results Marriott Hall C Anaheim Marriott Hotel 2:00 PM-S: 1Jr PM Chairmen: Ulrich Sigwart, London, United Kingdom Timothy A. Sanborn, Now York, NY 3:00 N Vivo Tisue Dansase by Godt.er, Hoh.iun, and TkhalMm Laser Ablo- ffon of forcbte Aarfa. 1434 Ton G. van Leeuwen, Massoud Motamedi; John H. Meertens, Lieselot van Erven, Evelyn Velema, Mark I. Post, Cornelius Borst. Heart Lung Institute, University Hospital Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands, and' School of Medicine, University of Teuas. Galveston, TX', x1s wavelenath-oepenaent Cyloto:icity of ta.er LrpN on Vascular SrnootL Alurck: keplitatiens for Reatenosis hereetion 1435 Richard H. Clarke, Jeffrey M. Isner, Robert Van Tassel. Boston Univer- siry and St Elizabeth's Hospital, Boston, MA, and Minneapolis Heart Institute, ,Minneapolis,. MN 2:39 Ori& of AoAit WaY Dtmctias Md.ced by UPoraviokt and krfraned f uhed Laser A6lalion 1436 Ton G. van Lpeawen, Musoud Motamedi, John H. Meertens, Rudolf M. Verdaasdonk, Comelius Borst. Heart Lung Institute, University Hos- pital Utrecht,Utrecht, The Netherlands, and School of Medilclne, Uni- versity of Texas, Galveston, TX x4S ReAeeusis Po6owkK Laser BaBoon Coronary Antioplasqc Resulb of a Randormd Mlot MuMice.Ev Trial 1437 Leonard Schwartz, Scott Andrus, Ian N. Sinclair, Thij; Plokker, Wayne E. Dear, Richard ). Spears. Toronto, Canada Wltltdrawn 1436 3M lhedh.ioss of ReaOntoais FaBowis Enckner laser: MukJanEer Campre- Aesdve Aqiopapkic A.alysM 1439 Zlyad M.B. Ghazzal, M., Erick Burton, J. Larry Klein, Donald A. Rothbaum, Frank Litvack, Spencer B. King III, Xudong Tao, William S. Weintraub. Division of Cardiology, Emory, University School of Medi- cine, Atlanta, GA 3:15 Eui.er Coronary Law AnBloplasty, (EC7A)'Resistry: Lesion IsnBth and oukqpe 1440 David R. Holmes, Frank Litvads, Tsvi iGolilenberg, John F. Bnasoahan, Frank E. Cummins, James R. Margolis, for the ELCA Investigators. Mayo CBnic,. Rochester,. MN 3:30 I.Oes.Ysien and 6dJblb 400 4rftlal Readb of the Eurapean Multlce.ler RegiMry' on Coronary [:cM.e. Law ArgloplaAy. 1441 The European Study Group on Coronary Excimer Laser Angioplasty 4s15 tade of Effect of lesion sererity on CYniral Sacaen and CompNcatio. Ra[es With Ierrftneas Eudraer Law Coronary A.f;ioplasty {f8CG) 1442 Timothy A. Sanborn, John A. Bittl, Robert M. Siegei, Barry L. Kramer, James E. Tcheng, John Power, for the PELCA Registry. Mt Sinai Medical Center, New, York,. NY 4:30 Clinical oukome of Acule Vessel Clow.e During Coronary Exdne. Law Angioplasty Compared to Conventlonal Balloon DBatation 1443 Meplta B. Pre'sack; Andeas Baunbatfi,.Anuhsius.Atlianasiadis,Wolbnkm VoeNoer. DeparunentotCadiology, Tilbinga+ Uninetsily,Titbin®en, Federal RepubYt ol` Gernwy, 4A5 Stand-Alone Fsdmer Laser Aetifoplasty. 1444 Kenneth M. KentJ Lowell F. Satkr, Mary K. Kehoe, Augusto D. Pirhand. , Georgetown University, Washington Cardiobgy Center, Washington,~ DC SM Exckaa Laser A.Sbplasly In Tolal Coronary ocdwions: A RegisW Donald A. Rothbaum,.Thamas JJ Linnemeier~,Dan Krauthamer, FrankLitvack,. Augusto Pichard, Frank Cummins,.Tsvi Goldenberg. St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis, IN
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TUES PM NOV 12 Community Pmgramsc Risk Factor Intervention Room C-3 2:00 PM-5: 1JS PM Chairmen: Judy K. Ockene, Worcester, MA Susanna L Cunningham, Seattle, WA 2:00 Lipid-Lowesir8 Therapy in Past-Myonrdial Infarction Palkntc Ef('i- ncy of a Nurse-Manailed Inlerven0ar 1306 Nancy H. Miller, , Randal I. Th'omas, Robert H; Superko, Ghassan Ghandour, C. Barr Taylor, Robert F. DeBusk. Stanford University schooll of Medicine, StanfordJ and Kaiser Foundation Medical Centers of Northern California, CA 2:15 Comtiined tipid Drug i6enpy: Efficacy and Tolerability of a New Algorithm With Four Agents 1307 Richard C.,Pastemak,. LisaBrown, Peter H.Stone, Frank.M. Sacks, for the HARP Study Group. Beth Israel Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston,~ MA 2:30 Marloed Benefit With Niacin Therapy in Coronary Patients WNh "b0- lated" Very Low Levels of High Density tipoprotein CholeRerol 1308 Carl I). Lavie, Lois Mailander, Richard V. Mllani..Ochsner Medical Insti- tutions, New Orleans, LA 2:41S lone-ternn CoepYance of Tatients on Low-Fat Diet Results of 24-Hour Dielary Protocols Versus ObjecNve Meastremdrb 1309 Gerhard C. Schuler, Rainer Hambrecht, Gunter Schlierf. Med. Uni- Klinik Heidelberg, Heidelberg; Federal Republic of Germany 3d10 De.iyt and Validity of a Dietary Assessment Tool Developed for the CTalnlerol Lowering Intervention Program (CUP) 1310. Adene W. Caggiula, Deborah:M. Larsen, Joan E.. Watson,.Michellk Berry, Janet Gemunowski,. N. Carole Milas:.. University of Pittsburgh,. Pittsburgh, PA 3:15 A Controlled Trial To RaMinlze Smokin8 Cessation Advice in 11 Non- volunleer himary Care Clinks 1311 Thomas . E.. Kottke, . Leif 1. Solberg, , Mib L Brekke, . Shirley, A. Conn,. Patricia Maxwell, Mark 1;,Brekke. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 3:30 IntenmMsian and Exhibits 4:00 Results of Weight Loss MterveMion for Phase I of the Trials of Hyper- tendon heventlon 1312 Victorl: Stevens,. Sheila A. Corrigan,.Ed M. Bernauer, Patricia R. Hebert,. Mildred MalNekit-Beman, Eva Obarzanek, Carolyn P. Sugars, Arlene T. Dak`.in,~ Albert Oberman,, Paul K. Whelton, Nancy, R.. Cook,, for the TOHP Collaborative Research Group. Kaisen Pemranente Center for Health Research,. Portland,.OR . 4:15 AddiMonal Preventive Effect When Intepatin6 Annually Individual Mkdical Examinatbn and PapnlaUon Strategy 1313 Lan Weinehall, Kurt Bornan, Gideon, Hellsten, Goram Hallmans. Uni- versity of Urne3, Umea, Sweden 4:30 bladr/WNte Differences in Response to Risk Factor Screening and Health Education in an HMO Seltins 1314 Diane B: Stoy, Elaine G: Elinsky, Sherry.Read, )ohn.C.LaRosa:.GeorgeWashingt,on University, Washington, DC 4A5 Calcium and.Maprdium Supplementation andRlood Pressure: Re.ults From.rhase I of the Trials of Hypertension Preventian (TOHP) 1315 Monica E. Yamamoto, William B. Applegate, Nemat O. Borhani,i lerome D. Cohen,.Chades H.,Hennekens, Kent A.,Kirchner, Michaell• Klag, Edward,lakatos, Frank M. Sacks, )ames O. Taylor, fonehe TOHP Collab- oratiwe Research Group.,University,of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh',~ PA 5:00 Iotauiun Supplementation and Blood hessurr. Results Fram.Fluse I of the Trials of Hypertemiar Prevention (TOHP) 1316 Julie E. Buring, Nemat O. Borhani, )erome D. Cohen, leffrey A. Cutler, John 6 Kiley„Lewis H. Kuliler, Judy M., Randle, Frank M. Sacks, James O. Taylor,. Paul K:, Whehon,, for the TOHP'ColWborative. Research Group. Harvard Medical'Sch'ool, Boston, MA I 232
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TUES PM N12V Clinical Cardiology: Ischemic Heart Disease Therapy 11 Grand Ball'toom Salons A-E Anaheim Marriott Hotel 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Chairmen: Carl J. Pepine, Gainesville, FL Floyd L. Atkins Jr., Boston, MA 2:80 Infard Artery Patency and Late Potentials After Myocardial lnfarction: long-temrFofkrw-rq 1456 Darryl L. Kawalsky,Kirk N. Garratl, Stephen C. HammRl,Kent Bailey, Bernard 1. Gersh.Mayo Clinic,Rochester;MN2:15 ladc of Benef•ioal Effects on MoAaRty by Early NterveMion With 6rafapril In Acute Myoca-dfal Infarcfibrr 1457Kad Swedberg, for the CONSENSUS II Trial Study Group. Giiteborg, Sweden 2:30 GISSI-3 f Rot Stldy: Safety of Lisinoprfl and NifrodlycMn I. the firR 72 Hours After Acute Myocardial Infarction 1458 GI5S143 Investigators. Milano,Italy 2e45 Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction: Comparison Between Worrten and Men 1459 Randal 1i Thomas, Bo Hedback, I. Larry Durstine, Nancy H. Miller, Robert F. Debusk. Stanford! University Schooliof Medicine, Stanford, and Kaiser Foundation Medical CenteaofNorth'ern California; CA 3:00 AWirin So ntg per Day With t3ther ofpyridarnok or Ticlopidine Sifprfi- carrNy, Reduced RearrrentMyocardial Infarcllon 1460 Kinji Ishikawa, Ken Kanamasa, lwao Ogawa; Toshihiko Takenaka, Takeo Naito; Noriaki Kamata, Tadahiko Yamamoto,Shoji l Mild Oyaizu, Ryo Katori. Kinki University, Osaka, Japan 1:15 Conrbination of Oral Captolril and Oral lsosorbide Mononitrate Is We6 Tolerated in Acute Myocardial Infarction (1515-4 Factorfal Pilot Shn1y) 1461 Marcus Flather, Athanase Pipilis, Clare Foster, Michael Conway„Rory Collins, for the ISISPibt Study{ollaborators: Group. Oxford,Uniled Kingdom 3:30 Mtermbsbn and Fxhrbils 4e00 RedeN.lion of hdteoia by ACE Inhibition 1462 Peter Segaard, Jan,Ravkilde, Cad O: Getzsche, Kristian ~Thygesen. Aar- husUniversity Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark 4:15 The Impad of Qiniul Trials on the Practice of Cardiology 1463 GervasFoA. Lamas,Marc A. PfeffEr, Peggy Hamm,K'vk Jacobson, Jean L.Roukau, )ohn Werth'eimer,E'ugene Braunwald, for the SAVE Investi- gators. HarvardMedicaf Schooll BrighamandWomen'sNospitlal, Bos- ton, MA 4:30 The Paradox of Posthdarctioo Preseribieg: Bela-Blodcer Usage Pattern 1464 K. Guru Prasad, Stephen I. Watts, Sun K. Wan, Harish i Marisiddiah, Joseph D. Babb. Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, CT 4A5 Antibodies After TreatmentWilh SUeptakinase in Acate Myocardiaf Infarction 146S Ingvar Liljefors, Barbro Carlsson. Sabbatsberg Hospital and The Central Microbiological Llaboratory of the Stockholm County CounciE, Stock- holm;Sweden 248 I
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TUES PM NOV 12 High elood Pressure Research: Hypertension- Molecular Mechanisms Room C-6 2:00 PM-9:15 PM Chairmen: Diane E. Handy, Boston, MA Allen ). Naftilar, Ann Arbor, M1 2:00 LocaR:atlon and Ckarachri:atian of Cakitonin Cene-Relatcd Ieptide mRNA in Rat Heart 1339 Scott~C..Supowi4 Ch'idakamaW V. Ramana,.Donald I;,DiPette. Univer- sity of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX . 2:15 Cb Regulatory Regiom of the Huaan Alpha 2A Adrenergk Receptor Gem 1340 Diane E. Handy, Haralambos Gavras. Boston University School of Medicine,. Boston,. MA 2:30 Glonleg of the GATA-8nding ho&in Whick Regulater FadodreR.-1 Gene FxpreWims ia 6tdotheRal Celb 1341 Mu-En lee, Dogan Hj Temizer, Julie A. Clifford, Thomas Quertermous. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 2:45 Removal d a Putative Mem6rane-Androrhtg Dmnain Enhances Seae- lion of A.yfotedn CanreAi.g BrzyweFraeTramfected CeRs 1342 Indira Sen, Himadri Samanta, William Livingston, Ganes C. Sen. Cleve- land'Clinir Foundation, Cleveland, OH' 3df0 Expnesaioa of Irofornr of Ni`,K•-AThae Sahuni6 Are Altered in Myo- card&.n From Renovasadar Hypertensive Rats 1343 Carol-Beth. Book,. Russell'. L. Moore, Yuk-Chow. Ng.. College of Medicine, The Pennsylvania State.Univenity, Hershey, PA 3:15 Erepresriom and LocalFntfon of Anglotensinogen and Atrial Nadiuretic h.ptlde In the Hawn Heart 1344 Hirofumi Sawa, Naoki Mochizukij Toshiyuki Kudou, Hideaki Kawaguchij Hisakazu Yasuda, Fumio Tokuch'i~ Yasushi Furuta, Toshiya Shinohara, Kazuo Nagashiana. Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hok- kaido, kaido, Japan 3:30 IMermiaiou and Fxhibib 4:00 Iadudian of AnGseMe cJor fe Rat Aortic Smootlt.Muscle Cdk Blocks tlYe MgiottmM IhMduced lacreases in Protein Synthesis 134S Allen J. Naftidan,~ Gretchen K. Gilliland, Carol S. Eldridge. University of Alabama at Birmlingham, Birmingham, AL 4:15 Supprer+ioe of Cardiac Argiotarshagm mRNA Bcprenion in Sponta- neow Hyperhngive Rats Trcated With M1lhypertemivr D.ogs 1346 Toshiyuki Kudou, Hirofumi Sawa, Yuka Endbu, Naoki Mochizuki,, Hitoshi Sano, Yoshihito Sakata, Mikako Shouki, Hideaki Kawaguchi.. Hokkaido Univenity, Sapporo, lapan i 4:30 Moleadar tXaraaerbaflon of the Human COdiac W JCa" Fadyryer APfA 1347 Issei, Komuro, Kathy. WEnninger,. Kenneth i D. Philipson, Seigo Izum. Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical Schooly Boston,.MA, and Univer- sity of California, Los Angeles, los Angeles;.CA 4:45 Canpariron of Renin Gene RedriAion Fragment Length Polyewrph- i.ms Retween Japanese FamiRes With or Without History of Hyper- tendo1348 Takafumi Olwra, Yutaka Kitami, Rumi Wakamiya,.Takeru.Wvata,.KunioHiwada. The Second Department oflhhternal Medicine, Ehime Univer- sity School of Medicine, Onsen-gun;. Ehime, Japan 5*0 Aging Dihdni.hes hotooecogme Induction by. Hemodynamk Stress in Isolated Hearts 1349 Mikio Shida, Shogen Isoyama, Tamotsu Takishiima. Tohoku Uniwersity. School of Medicine, Sendaij Japan 236
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~r.{:i~... .. I Arteriosclerosis: Lipoprotein Metabolism II Pacific A Anaheim HiltomHotel 2:00 PM-5:30 PM Chairmen: Thomas E. Carew, La Jolla, CA Robert L Hamilton, San Francisco, CA NOV 12 1 2:00 Heritability of HDL Trnarer Parameters 13S0 Eliaabeth' de Oliveira e Silva, Eliot A. Brinton, Katherine B. Cundey, lan L Breslow. The Rockefeller University, New York, NY 2:1 SApoRpoprohin A-Iand A-I1 MelaboWrn ln HDL Subpopdatiows 13S1 Ernst 1. Schaefer, Marian C. Cheung, David L. HacheY, Alice H. Lichten- stein.USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts Uni- versity, Boston, MA, Harbor View Medical I Center, , University of Washington, Seattle, WA, and USDA ChildAen's NRC at BaylorCollege of Medicine, Houston, TX 2:30 Increased Plasma and Renal Clearance of an Exdun`eabk Pool of Apolipopro" A-I b Subjects With Low Levels of High Density Upo- protein Clwleste.ol 1352 Barry S. Horowitz, . ha J. Goldberg,. Jacqpes. Merab; Theresa . Vanni, . Rajasekhar Ramakrishnan, Henry N. Ginsberg. Columbia University, New York,. NY' 2%5 Apolipoprotein E-7S: A Trurated Form of Apolipoprotein 6 With Increased Affinity for the LOl Receptor 1353 Elaine S. KruIJ RobertD: Wagner, Klaus G. Parhofer, Hugh Barrett; . Gustav Schonfeld. Washington University„St. Louis, MO 3:00 Alethartirn Resa/aft tlrc Rate of Chok,feryl En&r Transfer in Human Mama 1354 Christopher J. Mann, Frances T. Yen,.Bemard. E. Bihain. Louisiana State Univenaty, Medical Center, New, Orleans, LA 3:15 AMddtestter Study of the Treatment of Familial Hyperdtoleperokmia by IDl Apheres6 Using the lipoiorberA flA-1S SYstera 135S Bruce R. Gordon, David W. Bi9teinrer, David C. Brown, Peter C. Dau, Antonio M. Gotto; D. Roger Illingworth, Peter H. Jones, Sheryl F. Kel- sey, . Susan F. Leimwn, Evan A. Stein, Thomas N. Stem,. James H. Zavoral, Jeffrey Iweimer, for the Uposorber Study Group. 3:36 lnterninion and ErhWits 4:00 Irvine H. Page Award for Young Investigators 4:15 The Endotlrellal CeA TWae f1asmLw>ptn Activator Rea>Xor: Specific MKeracfion N71h Mawrinojen 1356. Katherine A. Hajjan. Cornell University Medical College,.New.York,.NY, 4:36 Evidence T6at the Nonpuend~ymal CeM of 1he Lirer Are the hietipal Sonrce of Clroletteryl ENer Tratrkr /ralein in hhna&s 1357Michael E. Pape, Roger G. Uhich, Thomas J. Rea, Keith R. Marotti, George W. Melchior. Upjohn Laboratories, Kalamazoo, MI 4A5 Eapreulon of the Hunan Apo E Gene Alten Signal Tramdtw.lion In Moure Yl Adrenal Celb 1356 MaryE.. Reyland, David. L. Williams. State Universityy of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook; NY' 5:00 Resulation of the ApoBpopro/ein AI ('.enee by ReBnok Aad 1359 Russell L...Widbm,.Yisheng:Wang,.Sotirios K...Karathanash. The ChiIJ dden's Hoapi[al,.Boston,.MA 5:15 Alternate hlhway for Upoproteir Uptake In FibroblaAs irorn Subjeds Homosysas for FarnRial Hypeedudestesolemla 1360 Frances T. Yen,. Christopherl: Mann, Bernasd. E. Bihain. Louisiana. State University, New Orkans, LA' 237
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TUES PM NOV 12 Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: General Cardiology Poster Presentation Boards P54-P60 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayedi 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P5~ Effects of Intraveraw Infurioa of C]dorprarnazine on HlmodynamFcr and Nearoharerone In Young Childrm With Congenital Heart Disease 1530 Shiro Ishikawa, Masahiro Otsuka, Hatsuo Iwao, Naoki i Fusazaki, Yasuhiro Mizoguchi~ Hidoshi Sunagawa, Sunao Honda. Fukuoka Chil- dren's HospiGal, Fukuoka, Japan P55A{e Depende.ce of DfarbNc Fr.r.lion 1S31 Gerd Hausdorf, Geert Morf, Farhouch Berdjis, Peter f. Lange. German , Heart Centeq Berlin„ Federal Republic of Gennany, P56 Chrees le f.riac lnade` CordYior Aarodaled With FeW-NeonaW aradabry Trarrpfon 1532 Mumay A. Robertson, James Y. Coe, Ross M.: McKendrick, John i P. Tiiarinsky,.Ner7 F.,Duncan., University of'Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada P57 Role of HEA-D Region Genes i. SurcepNblRty to Itlreueatlc rever and Rheumatic Heart Dbeare 1533 Veena TaneJa,. Narender K. Mehra„Jagat Narula, K. Sridrath Reddy„R:. Tand©n: AII Jndia Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India PS8 Standard Deflnidoru of Cardbva.cvlar Malfonmtian Prmnote Acnr- racy of Resfonal Conparironr 1534 Tomas Pexieder, Denise Bloch, Charlotte Ferencz, the EUROCAT Paediatric Cardiology and'Baltimore-Washington dnfant Study Groups. Instltut d'Histologie et d"Embryologie, Lausanne, Switzerland' P89 Cost of CowaeMita! Heart Disease in Wldren and Adtke Saurces for Variatiorr Attesaed by Multicenter Stsdy 153S Arthur Garson Jr., Hugh O. Allen, Welton M. Gersony, Paul C. GilPette, Arno R. Hbhn, William W: Pinsky, Osama Mikhail. 8aybr College of Medikine and Texas Children's HospitalJ Houston, TX Pi0 HeaML Iwrrance Statas In a Cohort of Children and Young Adults Wltlr CorgenHal Cardiac Diagnoses 1536 Susie C. Truesdell,l Edward B. Ctuk. Strong Childden's Medical Center, Uhivenity of'Roch'ester, Rochester, NY 25!
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I Clinical Cardiology: Arrhythmias/ Clinical Electrophysiology I Poster Presentation Boards P149-P158 - Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM TUES PM NOV 12 P149 Synoope Her" S.dden Death in Advanced Hean.Failure 16 25 P1S0 Holly R. MiddkkauH, William G. Stevenson, Leslie A. Saxon. Universi of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA Effectr of ABe on Renporoe to baprMenend-Tiit Table Testina tyy In Patients With Syncope 16 26 P1S1 Robert S. Sheldon. University of Calpry, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Syncope With Sopraven6kvlar Tadhycard'ia: A Manifestation of t he Vasode- Beqmrel 16 27 P152 James W. Leitch, George 1- Klein, Raymond Yee, Richard A- Leathe You Ho Kim. Univenaty. Hbspital~ London,.Ontario,~ Canada Proprodk ApiBca.ce of hreoteral Metoproioi DerieB Head-op TB r, t- Table TesWo Fsllow-uy A1ter Three Yean 16 28 P153 Antonio Asso, Sitawn Milstein, Amo DunniW, Stephen Remoie, Stev BaBin, David G. Benditi. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN Abnormal Yatcdar Raipance Rarpon.es in Patlenb With Hblory en, of OrthoNalic InMdaa.oe 16 29 P154 Steve M. Teague, Aiaa Ujayli, Brian Lawler, Prem Karwa, Robe FinkleBwr. Case Western Reserve University,,Cleveiand, OH Duration of Tit Tert for Nerray,Mediated Syaoope in Adults 16 rt 30 155 Ruth A. Greenfieid, Martin E.:Bacon,.Wii6am W. Barrington„Raymo N. V'ttulb, Ritfiard L Page, l. Marcus Wharton.l7uke University Med cat Center, Durlwm,, NC Beat-N-feal Mo.ilorin< of Systemic Yasrnlar ResiWnce: A Seatitl nd i- ve { Inde: of OAhodatlc AdatataWo 16 31 P156 Alaa Ujayfi, Steve M., Teague, Brian Lawler, Prem Karwa, Robe Finkelhor. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH EHecb of Pnaoafe.oae on CIManic Padas Threshold 16 rt 32 1 P157 Leopoldo Bianconi, Salvatore Toscano, Roberto Boccadamo, Robert Senloz, Giuliano Ahamun. San Filippo Ned Hospital, Rome, IWy hq[..Iqerat Caplore Y Net a Random Plenomeron 16 o 33 P15! Jonathan 1. LaneberB, lo5o Sousa,,Rafel El-Atassi, Jefferson Burrough Angel Leon.. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ml Epicardial Activation in Huean Ourina Electrical Iedudion of Repe s, li- Uve Rerparea and flbrNlatlon 16 34 1. Marcus Wharton, Tunothy Blitchington, Yohannes Afework, Willia M. Smith, Patrick D. WoR, James E. Lowe, Raymond E: Ideker. Du University Medical Center, Durham, NC 2 m ke i7 t
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TUES PM NOV 12 Arferiosclerosis: Cellular Lipid Metabolism, Receptors, and Pharmacology Poster Presentation Boards P11-P19 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter! Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P11 The Three Discrete Size Clawes of Hu.un 3-Hydroxy-3-f+Ae8ty181uyM C'aeexyme A Reductase mRNA Have Different Inlrpnic Stabilities 1487 Randy R. Ramfwrack, Roger G. Deeley. Parke-Davis Ph'ann, Research Division, Warner Lambert Co., Ann Arbor, MI~ and Queen's Univenity; Kingston, Ontario, Canada P12 FIiBh Demily lipoproleiu Loses Its Effect to 58mrdate Efflra of Choks- Wd Prmn rwa Cells After Oxidatlve Modifiatioe 1488 YutakaNagano, Toru Kita. Kyoto University,.Kyoto,Japan f 13 Secretion and Lfpid Association of Human Apolipoyrotein E in Suxharomjoer cerevidae Reqrircs a Hort Mutation in Slerol ENeriB: cation and Uptake 1499 Stephen L Sturley, Mi¢haeLR.:. Culbertson;.Alan D. Attie. University of. Wisconsin, Madison,.Wl I P14 Cholesterol EHlror From Macropha8es Is Defective in AtAero.derair Srrcep86k Wfrke Carnear PiReons Relative to Atherosderosis-Rdir hnt Show. Racer PiBeons 1490 Patricia G. Yancey, Richard W. St. Clair. Bowman Gray School ofMedicine,,WakeForest ~ University, Winston-Salem, NC 115Rqe Add ExcreUarr and Cholesterol 7-Alpha-Hydraarylare Adivily In HVpercholledwaesnia-Resistant Rabbits 1491 Julie A. Poorman, Merrill L. Overturf, Nancy M. Nelson, David S. Loose- Mitchell. University of Texas Medical School-Hbuston, Houston, TXE16 Reta-VLDL Binding Colocalixes WNh Ihe LOL Receptor and LRr on !'iRton A4oeoqle-Derived Macrop6aaes 1492 Nancy i. Jones, Madhu Gupta, Ion C. Lewis. Bowman Gray School iof Medicine, Wake. Forest Universitly,.Winston-Salem,.NC P17 Evidence for Two HOL, Rindins Sites on Rat Liver rlasrna Membranes 1493 John R.,Morrison~ Grant A. M¢Pherson,,Noel H. Fidge. Bakerlnstitute, Prahran„Australia f 18 A Trypsin Labile Subiratiion of HDL3 Aerponsibk for HDL Receptor Rihdias and Receptor-Mediated Cholesterol Efflux 1494 Amardo J. Mendez, John F. Oram. University of 1Nashing[on, Seattle, WA P19 IGF-1 fncreafes.LDl Receptor Expression M.Rbroblaats byy a rosttrans- aipli6nai Mednnhm Irrvolrirr8lGF-1 Receptors 1495 Richardi E..Ostlund~ Jr,, Joseph Y. Yang, EIIen~Heath-Monnig, CIay.F., Semenkovi¢h,. William H. Daughaday: Washington University, St. Louis, MO ®
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Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Genetic Disease and Gene Transfer Moderated Poster Presentation Boardk P189-P198 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Discussants: Leslie A. Leinwand, Bronx, NY Robert Roberts, Houston, TX TUES PM NOV 12 P1ti9 MManl Myodn mRNA Is Transcribed in Hypertrophic Cudiomyapathy 1664 Anthony Rosenzweig, Hugh C. Watkins, Dar-san Hwang, Thomas A. Traill, Jonathan G. Seidman, Christine E. Seidman. Harvard Mediml! Scfaol,,Boston, MA, P190 Analyses of Cardiac MyaGr Heavy Chain C'.eee Mrrlatiom That Cause Familial HypertroPbk Grdiamyopalhy 1665 Hugh C. Watkins, Dar-san Hwang, Anthony Rosenzweig, Gary Tanigawa, John Jarcho, William J. McKenna, Jonathan G. Seidman, Christine E. Seidanan. Harvard Medical Sclwol, , Boston, MA, and St. George's Hospital Medical5choot, London, England P191 The Ileta-Nlyosin Heavy Chain Miwense Mutation in Exon 13: A Puta- tve Defect for Hyper6nphk Gtdia.yapatlry b Present in Only One of 39 Affected Families 1666 M. Benjamin Penyman,, Adolph Mares Jr., Fielding Hejtmancik,. Grace Gooch„Robert Roberts. Baylor College ofAAedicine, H6uston„TX P192 The Molecular sadr of a Type 1 van Willebrand Dl.ea.e Variant 1667 David /. Mancuso, Pamela A. Adam, fMrillip A. Kroner,,R:R. Montgom- ery. The Blood'Center of Southeastern Wisconsin, Mihvaukee, WI P193 MyaHMillar Structure Is Intact In btervaaUicvlar Sepfal fiiopsfer of HypertropM/c C.adiaryopathy Linked to l]vomorome Mil1 1669 Tomas Vybiral, Robert Roberts, Henry F. Epstein. Baylor College of Medicine,. Houston, TX P194 Multiple Point Mutations In MRbdrondriat DNA of Patients With HYperbophic Cardiaryopathy 1669 Toshihiro Obayashi, Kazuki Hattoria Masashi Tanaka, satoni Sug'ryama, Takayuki Ito,.Takayuki'Ozawa. University of Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan P19S Hekrogeneity, in Hypert.ophk Cardlomyopathy Der.onrtrated by Iteta-Myosie Heavy Chain Marke,s 1670 Neal Epstein, Gabriel Cohn, Francis Cyran~ Lameh Fananapazir. National tileart, Lung,.and Blood Institute,.Bethesda,,MD P196 Human Beta-Myosin Heavy Chain Sequences Confer Thyroid Hormone Responsivenerss to a Gene Injected. Into Rat Heart In Vhro 1671 Richard IN..Kitsis, Peter M:.Buttrick,.Leslie A. Leinwand. Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY' P197 Gene Transfer and Expression of Lipoprotein Lipase in Somatic Celb 1672 Bonnie I. Wilson, Michael R. Hayden, John D. Brunzell, Jamey D. Marth, R. Keith Humphries. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and University of Washington, Seattle, WA, P198 Yduction of Mgiogene.is ro8'owing In Viro Gene Transfer (nto Myo- cardlan 1673: EliavBarr,. Hua Lin, Steven F. Bollpng, Gary L Engelmann,, Jeffrey M. Leiden. Universityof Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ml,.and Loyola University, Chicago, IL ~ik ' IN
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Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Molecular Physiology Poster Presentation Boards P109-P121 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM :TUES PM NOIE 12 P109 Huntan Apolipoprotein A-11 Exbb as a Ditner in Tramgenk Mioe and Alters the Size Distribution Ral Not L,evels of HDL 158S Joshua R.: Schultz, Shirley.M: Clirt, Edward M...Rubin. Lawrence Berke- ley Laboratory,.University of Cahfornia,.Berkeley; gerkeley,.CU P110 CakaoduRn-Mduced Cardlac Hypertrophyin Tranrgeeic Mce 1586 Carol LL Gruver, Francesco DeMayo, Margaret A. Goldstein, Anthony R. Means. Baybr Colllkge of Medicine, Houston, TX Pt u FGF Receptor Expression In Vivo Ir Not Regulated by Bask FGF Con- tent In TraroBenic Mice 1587 Alan Wiseman, Julie K. Fetters„Judith L Swain. Duke Medical Center,. Durham, NC P112 A Common Pathway In Platelel Activation: The Agoaist-Mduced Polyseriratbn of Cylopla.nic Acter 1588 Pascal Goklschmidt-Cfemtont, Thomas D. PollArd. Johns Hopkins Med- ical School, Bahimore, MD P113 Praleclive Effed of Mutant Tbrue Marnino8en Activator E.pnared From Eadotlulial Cells Seakd on Iaplanted Stenb 1589 Suzanne G. Eskin; Robert S. Meidell~ Janice. McNatt, L Maximilian Bup, . Lydia T. Sturgis, Robert D. Gerard, James J. Ferguson, Joseph F. Sam- brook. James T. Willerson. Universityof'Texas Medical.Schools and Texas Heart~lnstitute, Houston and Dallas, TXP114 IL-6 Gene Traarcriplr Are Expressed In Atherorclerotk ledons of Geneticapy Hyperlilpislemic Ra6bRr (WHHL Rabbits) 1S90 Uichi Ikeda, Asahiko Oguchi, Yoshio Tsuruyd, Yoshitane Seino, Masafumi Takahash'iI Kazuyuki Shimada. Department of Cardiology, Jichi Medical School, Tochigi„Japan P115 Growth Hormone l.dtroer Gene Expression of the Receptors for fmu- 1i.-IRoe Growth Facsor I and Matekt-Derived Growth Facbr in Rat Heart 1591 Riccardo Sarzani~ Atonella LAnari, Paolo Dessi-Fulgheri, Vittoria M., Pad, Pierpaolo Morosini, Alessandro RappeAi. Istituto di Patologia Medica, University of Ancona, Ancona, Italy P116 laaiin-IrTee Growth Factor I Regulates Its Reuaptoo In the Prerence of Plalelet-Poar Plaw 1592 John J. Ververis„Patritk Delafontaine, R. Wayne Alexander. Division of Cardiology, Emory, University, Atlanta, GA P117 Analysis of the Targeting of Phorybolamban to tAe Sarcopla.nk Retlasks1S93 Paul D. Kessler, A. Malcolm Campbell', Bonnie Pankov, Douglas M.. Fambrough'., Department of Medicine and Department of Biology, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD P118 Mapping tlm Seauences Involved 1n Cardiac Myosin Subunit Inter- actions 1594 Anthony Ji Straceski, Leslie A. Leinwand. Department of'Microbiology and Immunokogy,.Albert Einstein College of Medieine, gronx,..NY P119 GenetlcaRy Engineered Half Calmodulln, Half Traponin-C dhimerar Inhibit Myo.ln Light thain RMuse AcdvaBan 1S95 Samuel E..George,.Zenghua.Su, Da/u~Fan; Amhony.R. Means..Baylor College of Medicine, .Houston,. TX' P1II0 Induction of Heat 5ltodc Prokin 70 by Streldt and bovdunic Canhadian 15% Anne A. Knowlton,.Franz Ebedi,.Gabriel IM. Romo, Soeun Ngoy, Peter Brecher, Aiyson Owena Carl S. Apstein. Boston Univenity, Boston, MA P121 DkQioci TuadiBmr Control 11he Expression of a Single Contractile Pro- tein Gene (MLC-2) in Cardiac and Skeletal Mutcle.i. Transgenic Mice 1597 Kevin J. Lee,. Robert S. Ross, Wolfgang Franz,. Jenny Price, Sylvia M. Evans, Hong Zhu,. Kenneth R. Chien.. Universityy of California, San Diego,. taJdla, CA, Max-Planck Institute,.Munich, Federal Republic of Germany, and Scripps. Research Institute, La Jollia„CA 263
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TU ES PM NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulafion/Kidney: Myocyte Responses to Growth Factors and Injury Poster Presentation Boardk P96-P108 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PMr5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P96 Ca.onary Miaoembohaation Ieaeases Gaowth Factor Expresioa fe PorcinK Hearts 1572 Masahito Mohr7; Rene Zimmermann, Sabine Bernotat-Danielowski,. Stefan Sack, Ernst R. Schwarz, Margarete Arras, Jutta Schaper, Wolfgang Schaper. Max-.Pianck-lnstitute,, Bad Nauheim, Federal Republic of, Germany P97 The Effed of Hyyoxia In 6adt Fibrobla.t Cwowlb Factor Synthesis of CulWred Myocandlal Celb 1573 Michio Chiba, Emiko Sumida,,Eiji i5umida, Naoki Oka, Masashi Nakata. Kurume University School of Medicine,:Kurume, Japan P% Purification of a GrovHA-lnhibitlng Factor Fram Bovine Heret 1S74 Doris Westemacher, Wolfgang Schaper. Max-Planck-Institute, Bad Nauheim, Federal Republic of Germany f99 Fndolhelin-l- and Aeglotenin 11-1nduoed Myocardial Prole6i Synthe- sb Inolve. the Erly ('aowlh Response Gene-1. 1575 Ludwig Neyfes,Janis Nouskas, Hans Vetter, Medicai. Polidinic, Univer- sity of Bonn, Bonn, Federal Republic of':Gemrany P100 bthibitioa of the Early Growlh Response Gerre-le A ibtenHal Mecfia- nira for Itegrcrion of Cardiac HypeAraplq by Cakiun Antagonists 1576 Janis Nouskas, Hans Vetter,.Ludwig Neyses. Medical Policlinie,.Univer. sity of Bonn, Bonn, Federal Republic ofGermany P101 bnalin-Rhe Growth Facior-1 btduce Grdiac Hyperlraphy i. CoRueed Neonatal Rat CudionyoqM 1577 Hiioshi 11o,:Midiiaki H:oe, Yukio HiFata,.MotoyoshiTsujino, Masayoshi Shkhirij Akira Koike, Akihiko Nbgami, Toshilhiko Takamoto, Fumiaki Maruno. Tokyo Metti" and Dental Univeysily~ Tokyo, Japan P102 Ind.cUoe of the Early Growth iterparueGene-1 and Protein Synthesis frr Ma6eld-Derlved Growth Factor q and Mroii. in Adult Rat Cardio- my--Y4n 1S70 Ludwig Neyses, Janis Nbuskas, Silke Oberdorf, Hans Vetter. Medical Pofidinic, University of Bonn, Bonn, Federal Republic of Gemwny. P103 ItepAalion of rIINA SynMesb in Cardiac MyocryM 1579 Daniel 1. O'Mahony, Simon N. . Allo, . WenQin. Xie, Carl A. Hansen, Cathy J. Beiniicfi, Lawrence 1- Rothblum. Weis Center for Research/ Geisinger Ciinic,: Darrvilfe, PA P104 Paced Cmdradfarn Sdnolate Expression of Atrial Nadiuretk Factor in Cultured Neonatal Ventricular HeaA Celb 1500 Patrick M. McDonough, Christopher C. Glembotski. San Diego State University, San Diego, CA. P10S Quadifatlon of MyptropNn From Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat Hear( 1581 Subha Sen, Parames 5i1, Debabrata Mukherjee. Research ~ Institute, Cleveland Clink Foundation, Clevefand, OH P106 Medtanbm of c-fw and ajun Induction by Wall Sbas In Nornu) and HypeA.ophied Isolated Hearts 1582 Heribert Schunkert,.Lothar Jahn, Seigo Izumo,.Carl S. Apstein, Beverly. H:,Lorell. HarvardUniversily and Boston University,.Boston,.MAP107 Hypertension Modulates Ima1N-IBce Growth Factor I Receptor mitWA Levels 1503 Kenneth A. Fath, R.. Wayne Alexander,.Patrick Delafontaine. Division of Cardiology,,Emory, University, Atlanta, GA P10ff Exclusion of Myosin Heavy ChaiM and Cardiac AcBn Gene Involvement in Hypertrophic firdlomyapaffiies of Several French FamiNea 1384 Ketty Schwartz, Cecile Dufour, Laurence Faure, Fran4oise Fougerousse, Jacqui Beckmann,: Daniel Cohen, Hans-Peter Vosiierg,. Fran~ois Cambien,: Olivieu Dubourg, Marc Ferrieie,: Michel Desnos, Andre Sacrez,. Michel . Komajda. INSERM U 127 and CHU Pitie-Salpetriere, Paris, France O W 262 j~
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WED AM NOV 13 Chairmen: Spencer B. King III, Atlanta, GA Eric J. Topol, Ann Arbor, MI 900 Molcaula /atlwphyfioioBy of se.tene.r 'Lewis T. WiNimns, San Fran¢isco, CA k1S apib WNh Reped Mhev~llaur Spencer B. King III, Atlanta, GA l:70 GYrrent TUerapy: r6a:ancologY Valentin Fuster, Boston, MA l:4S Clwrea! TAerapr: Medwninl Ia/erveMiom Richard S. Shdc, Durtiaml NC 1800 Lookia{ b Ihe rrl:rt Gene T6enpy Elizabeth G. Nabel, Ann /vbor, MI Plenary Session VIII Symposium: Angioplasty Restenosis-Molecular Mechanisms and Evolving Therapeutic Strategies Main Arena 9:00 AM-10:15 AM Plenary Session IX Symposium: Current Issues in Valvular Heart Disease Main Arena 10:45 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Charles K. Francis, New York, NY William Grossman, Boston, MA 1R4s WYo Needs CuNac CadwAorbalm far AMawe.t of ~1 StnhbodiA H. WhYnWola, Ws Angeles, CA 11A0 WMen b Inkrvaie is tlm Aq7apbmatlc htllaR Robert O. Ba+ow. Bethesda, MD 11:15 fapoae Vam srrBfal VaWMOmy for Mffi'al SfNIaN Robert A.:O'Rourke, San Antonio, TX 11:30 Doa l1Ytra1 Vahe Repair )vqi/y EarBer S:.Bery for Mitral Reprsihtl-i Alain Carpentier, . Paris, . Fnnce 11e45 lelt Ventriaw Dy.fwndima N 8 Ever Too Ia1e to Opaa41 John Ross )r., la loBal. CA 'See page 27. . These sessiM will be audiotaped. 272
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TUES PM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Atrial Arrhythmias Poster Presentation Boards P159-P768 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM P159Adeewine-SemiBve Atrial Arrhytlwnia. 1635.. Clifford J. Ganatt, Sean O'Nunain,.Michael Griffrth,.JazwinderGill„ Edward Rowlanda David Ward. St. George's and Royal Brompton, National Hpart Hospitals, London, UnitEd Kingdom f 160 Left Atrial How Velocily 9n f4tknh With Atrial FsbriBation and Sys- Iemic Emimlism 1636 OUo Kamp, Martine A. Huizum van,~ Patrick M.J;.Verhorst, Cees A.. Visser. Free University Hospital and ICIN, The Netherlands 10161 Long-term Safety of Low-Dose Mtioda.one After Cardioveniorr of Atrial Rferillalba 1637 Marcel A.Gosselink,. Harry JJ Crijns, Isabelle C.. Van Gelder, Hans L!. Hilkge. Tlwraxcenter, Groningen, The Netherlands f 162 fanoeiled Miovethiniar Nodal ConAitdian and VenYiaiar itapprr Dvitg Afrial Rkai.tlorrc Ca.parYmr of ConaaltneM ledeu and Conoeal- nlent Zane 1636 Akira Fujiki; Masanao Tani, Koichi Mizumaki~ Shigeki Yoshida, Hiroshi Tsujii. Toyama Med. and Pharm. University, Toyama, Japan P163 Control of Cycle LengMi by Action Iotentiaf Duration During fibriUa- fion in the Human Heart 1639 John F. Swartz, Janice. L Jones, Ross D. FMtcher, Veterans Administra- tion Medical Center and Georgetown Univenity, Washington„DC f 164 Effect of Gaa IA Mdanhytlrnk Drug on Common Type of Atrial Humer 1640 NobuyukiOhga, Tomoo Inoue, Akihiro Yoshida,. Tomofumi Doi, Hidemi!Ogawa, Yosio OhnishiJ Kobe University School of Medicine, Kobe, Japan P165 Effect of Atriid iibriflaticn on 4rdudbNity of Ventritrdar Tufiycardia/ Ve.trir.vlar RMiYalton During rrogramned Ventricdar Stimulation 1641 MarJ;n Barggrefe, Re1o Card'utas, Christine Hief, Ukich Karbenn, Xu Chen, W+Ihelm Haverkamp, Gunter Breitlwtdt. Westf: WdhekFu-Uniwersity Mun- ster, MiunNx, Federal RepubBc of Gennanyy f 166 SipriBnnee of fMsrasacdogic Total Aularonric Blockade and Direct Sihw Node Reoordings In ClMical Cawse of Falienb With Sidt Sirxs Syndrome 1642 Ivrao Yamaguchi,. Hiroshi !Maeda, Tohru Kurih'ara,. Kaname lida, . Yasuro Sugishita. University of Tsukuba, Jsukuba, Japan f 167 Differential Effects of Adenosine an Vcnhicvloa6ial Conduction hr Fatkab With and Witlrout Atrbventriada. Nodal Raenf.y, 1643 Anthony C. Chang, Timothy Knilans, Joseph J. Evans,.Eric N. Pryslow= sky. Indiana Heart Institute,.Indianapolis,.IN P168 Abisl Paeins Modulatn Enwen ccersalxr Autmnalkkq.ih "Complete" A6iovenMatlar. /lock 1644 Kan Takayanagi, Teruo Inoue, Yoshihiko Sakai, Shigenori Morooka, Yutaka Takabatake. Dokkyo University, Koshigaya Hospftal,. Saitama, Japan 2f1
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TUES PM NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulafion/Kidney: Cellular Mechanisms of Inotropic Function Poster Presentation Boards P122-P131 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Presenti 3:00' PMr5:00 PM PIn f.Mrapk and Ca" HomeoWsis Effeds of Sodium Chamel-Active Ajeqq In Cardiac.Myacytef 1S9! Keij'p lida, Thomas W. Smith. B'righ'amm and Women's Hospital i and Harvard Medical School,.Boston,,MA. P123 ComParbon of Notropic Effed of Felod•ip:rc. Niftdipine, aed Anio- diplik in Condoe Dop 1s99 Che-Ping Cheng, Toshiyuki Noda, William C., Little. Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC P124 Cm.parion of the Cardiac Etfels of Thl.cadte and 3,;-DiiodoWyropra pimic Atid, a Tlh.nki A.alape With ha6npic Seelectlvity, 1600 Gregory D..Penrwck Thomas E. Raya,Joseph J: Bahl,.Steven GoMman,.. Eugene Morkin., Tucson Veterans Administration Medical Center and the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ P125 Repdaian of Car6ac,elity, DritB Mid Redatiam ie Caronary liiow in Ihe Perfrred floart A Study of tr6mphale, pH, and CybioYe Caidi.m 1601 Vincent M.. Figueredo, Rolf Brandes,.Barry M. Massie, M'iclwelW. Wei- ner, S. Albert Camacho. Veterans Administration Medical Center- University of CaJifornia, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA P126 Effects of GdoWelin on Mtraoellular Ca" ard Contradilily in Single Ventriadar Myocyles fiorn the rerret 1602 Zhihua Qiu,.Jianxun.Wang,. Cynthia L. Perreault,:Arthur /..Meuse, Wil- IiamGrossrnan, James P. Morgan. Harvard'Med'draJ School, Boston, MA P127 Effect of Oietary Ome;a-3 Fatty Acids aed hdwnia-Reperfusion on Card'iac AdrenerBic R-pond- 1603 Carl E. Hock, Leslie D. Beck, Sophia Doman, Diane K. Reibel. Univer- sity of Mediame and Dentistry of New Jersey-SOM, Camden, NJ, and Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA P128 Effect of Selective NhibiNon ot'DE Type l1I ao Ihe Contractile Func- tion of SUrrred Myoeardium1604 Godellere Vandeplasiche, Cado Hemtans, Jan D'Aubioul, Paul A.J•. Janssen. Janssen Research Fourdation,.Beerse,..Belgium P129 Effeab of. Veanarinane,, a Newer CardiotonkAsait,. on the Human Cyclk AMP Phapbodfeslerau 1605 Hiroshi Masuoka, Masaaki Ito: Hiroo Itoh, Masaaki Inden, Tokuji Kon- ishi, Toshio Tanaka, Takeshi Nakano. Mie University, Tsu, Mie, Japan P130 OPpefirtB Hkds of Alpha,,, and A1pha,. Recepwn on the Inotropic Rnpope to AlpharAdrenerdk Stimulation in Adult Rat Myocytes 16Ui Giovanni Gambassi, Sean Berenholtz, Bruce. Ziman, Edward G. Lakatta, Maurizio C. CapoBossi. Laboratory of Cardiovascular Sciences, Geron- lobgy Research Center, National ilnstitute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, Baltimore, MD P131MiMi.one hnpeoves the Recorery of.Merhanin, Eeerddks, and'Sub- strate Melabolllm of Ihe Stwned Myocardium 1f07Peter, T. Buser, Hans P. Schaffhauser, Hugo Amack'er, Pe1er Allegrini.. Division of Cardiology,.University Hospital„Basel,! Switzerland! 264
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Cardiovascular Disease in the Young/8asic Science: Cardiovascular Developmental Biology 11 Poster Presentation Boards P45-P53 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM TUES PM NOV 12, P45 ConlracUon and Relaotion of Ducpn Akafoau and Mtracellu4ar Cal- dum CancewMatlon 1521 Toshio Nakanishi; Gu Hong, Kazuo Momma. Hean Institute,. Tokyo Women's Medical College, Tokyo, Japan M6 CI"-HCO: fbcdu.=e b Active as an Inltrace9ular Buffer System ie Ihe Prematurc M/ocardiue 1522 Toshio Nakanishi, Gu Hong Edward 1; Cragoe, Masash'i, Segu¢hi. Heart Institute, Tokyo Women's Medical College, Tokyo, Japan P47 Developmental ANeratlons In tlrc Exprd.ion of cGMP-Depe.deet Pro- tein Kbure In Rabbit Heart and Aorh 1523 Trudy L.. ComweB; Thomas M:.Lincdn„ Michael Artman.,University,of. South Alabama, Mobile, AL P46 la"biKoo of C"owlk Mwalthotfiederme Acfhrities by HL-725 and SQ 65,442 Drrlq Perinatal MaWraBoe In tbe Rabbit 1524 Michael Artman, Samuel J. Strada. University of South Alabama,. Mobile, AL. P49 VentrkWar ftepolairatioo in Neonatal, Youa6, and Adult Dogs 1525 Cynthia D. Jeck',. Michael R.. Rosen,. Penelope A.. Boyden..Columbia University, New York, NY PSO Developmental Unesef In bFGF-IYce Prolefn in Stage 16, 24, and 27 Babryo.ic ChidrVen4icle 1S26 Svatava R. Jedlk#a, Jacob N. Fimkelstein,: Lou Ann Paulhamus, Edward B. Clark. Strong Children's Research Center, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY PS1 Aae-Related Effeds of pH o. L-Type Ca" Currents in Ventricular Myo- tyte. 1527 Fuhua Chen, Glenn T. Wetzel, William F. Friedman; Thomas S. Klitzner. University of California, Los Angeles, Sehool of Medikime, Los Angeks, CA P32 Patlwgenefis of fteWak Add-hrduced Transpodtion of Great Arfnies in 1he Morse iS2ft Mirjam Pf¢enrnaier-Rousseil,.Tomas Pezieder:..Insdout d'Histologie et d'Embryologie, UniVersitF de Lbusanne, Lausanne, Switzerland PS3 FFnclfo.al ChuacterMtln of the Veatride of Mae.eaiian ra.bryas and Ib Rerponresfo aeta-Adrenersic AaoniA 1529 Makoto Mainzawa,.Masae Morishima,.Sachiko M. Tomita. DVMPed.. Cardiobgy, The Heart Institute of Japan, Tokyo Women's Medical Col- lege, Tokyo,lapan L 2S7
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Clinical Cardiology: Ventricular Tachycardia- New Diagnostic Approaches Poster Presentation Boards P169-P179 Convention Center Exhibit' Hall TUES PM NOV 12 Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM r P169 The Detection of Localized Myocardial A6normali6e. Using T1-201 Myoordial sclntieraphy fn Idiopathir Ventricular Tadrycard'ia 1645 Kikuya U ho, Tohru Ohe, Naohiko Aihara„Toshiisa Uehara, Tsunehiko Nishimura, Katsuro Shimomura. National Cardiovascular Center, Suita, Osaka;Japan P170 MapMocardiopaplrk Nnreatisation of VeaMwlar Tadtyeardia 16K Werner Moshage, Stephan Achenbach,,Konrad GShl. Matthias Fried- rich, Kurt Bachmann, Roland Helle, Siegfried Schneider. University, of Erlingen-NUmberg, Erlingen, and Siemens AG, Federal Republic of Gemwny P171 Accurate Deteciion of the Foar of Ventricular hernature Contraction Utlne Hyh-Speed Digital Srbtrattion Edropaplry 1647 Ken Ishihara, Jun Tanouchi„ Hiroya Kondo, Hiroshi' Takeda, Shinji Kishimoto„Toshio Ogawa, Tohru Hayashi, Masato Asao, Toshiyuki Furukawa. Osaka National Hospital, Hohenzaka, Medical School, Osaka University, Okasa„and Hitachi'MedicallCorporation, Kashiwa, Japan P172 Coesbtent Linkage of the LonB QT Syrr6woe to the Harvey rar-1 Locuw on CreomaoaK 11 . 164! Mark T. Keating, Christine K. Dunna Donald L. Atkinson, Katherine W. Timothy, G. Michael Vincent, Mark F. Leppert. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT i 173 Threrhold for FkeBoporation of Cardiac Cell Membranes With Rec- tanpiar VoNaRe Pulses 1649 Oscar H. Tovar, Leslie TunB The JoMs Hopkins Uthiversity, Baltimore, MD P174 Correlalion of Regional C-11 Hydroxyepbedrine Re/ee8on and 6ec- Yephyaolosic Mapping la We. Human Head 1650 Hugh Calkins, Steven F. Bollir& Kevin AJlhwn, Mam in M. Kirsh, Don Wi'eland, Fred Morady, Markus Schwaiger. University of Michigan Medical Center,.Ann Arbor, Mt P175 High-Re.oludoa Mapping of the Afrial Seph.a 1n htients With Septal Aoceamy, hUrwvys 1651 Mark A., McGuine, David C. Johnson, Monica C.,Rofwtin, Graeme R. Numn, : William Meldrum-Hanna, Barbara I. Dewsnap, Alex S. Yip. John B. Uther,,David L. Ross. Westmead Hospital, Westmead, Australia f 176 PredkUns Swvival Fra. Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest A Graplical Model 1652 Mary, P. Larsen„Mickey S. Eisenberg, Richard O. Cummins, Alfred P. Hallstrom. King County Emergency Medical Services, Seattle, WA P177 Benefit of Threr-Dhrdrional lntraoperative Mapping Duies Ventric- ular Tacirycardia ln Patients Nbt Mapped rreaperalively 1653 Steven D. DaTorte, Bruce D. Lindsay, James L. Cox, PetenB.,Corr, T. Bruce Ferguson Jr., Judy L. Osbom, Michael E. Cain. Washington Uni- venity,.51.. Louis, MO ~ P178 Personal Computer SyiEernfor Trackins Cardiac Vulnerability.by.Cae- pkxDa.odrrlatlon of the T. Wave 1654 Bruce D. Nearim8, Richard L. Vlrrier: Department of Pharmacobgy; Georgetown University School of Medicioe,. Washington, DC P179 r7eaue.t M4diagiro.b of Ioteetfally Life-Theeatarhr8 Arrhylhmias by Computerized Bectrocardiopap6it Analysb 2l61 Lawrence l. Jacobs, Anthony. C. ChanB, .R... loe Nobk,. Joseph J. Evans, Eric N.,Prystowsky. Indiana Heart Institute, Indianapolis, IN M
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TUES PM NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Signal Transduction in Vascular Smooth Muscle Poster Presentation Boards P141-P148 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-S:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM P141 nitro~-Aqinbm ResManl lela.atlons and Endotltdium-f)ependent HyperpalariraUom Are {lodced by Glmodulin Inhibitors 1617 Stephane C. Illiano, Tetsuhiko Nagao,.Pau1~.M. Vanlnoutte. Baylor Col- lege of,Medicine, Houston; TX P142 Qtwttlhtive Analysis of the Role of Membrane Hyperpoiukation as a Altxbanbtn of Cerebral VasodiatMn 161! Joseph E. Btayden. The University of Vennontj Burlington, VT P143 Cloni.g of an EndolhelW Tyoosine KioaecDNA Homologous to Mate- Iet-Derfved Growth Factor ftec[plors 1619 Riccardo Sarzani; Giotgio Atnaldi, Roberto DePiiro,.AlessandroRap- pelli. Istiluto di Patologia Medica and'Cattedda diEnd©crinologia, Uni- versity of Ancona, Ancona, Italy P144 hnluAionnf New Mewbrane sipnling Mecfianhms in Injured Artcsies1620 Jeremy D. Ollerenshaw, Kathy K. Griendling,.. R. Wayne Alexander; Division oPCardiokogy,.Emory University,.Atlanta, GA, P145 Att{ioknsb Ii Activates Two Mitogen-Aetivated Protein Kinases in. Cultured Vascdar smooth Muscle Cells 1621 Yoshihiro Ishida, Yasohiro Kawahara, Terutaka Tsuda, , Masanobu, KaAe,. Mitsuhiro Yokoyama. Kobe University School of Medicine, Kobe, Japan P146 Ctas•AcUvafion of cGA/P-Dependent Protein Kinase by cAMP in Pig Coronary As/erfn 1622 Hang Jiang, Janet L. Atkins^ Sharron H. Francis, Jackie D. Corbin., Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine, Nashville, TN' P147 Dual Regulation of l-Type Calciwn Channels by S. Receptor stimtda- tion in Vascular Smooth MusckCeNs 1623 Yoji Hirakawa, Takeshi Kuga. Research Institute of Angiocardiology and. Cardiovascular Clinic, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan P14! Evidence for Two Distinct At Receptors In Porcine Coronary Arlery:Mrolvanent of K' Channels 1624 Linda A. Merk'el„RodneyW:.Lappe, Luz M. .Rivera,.Bryan F. Cox, Mark H. Perrone. Rhiine-Pou4enc Rorer Central Research, King of. Prussia, PA' 266
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Clinical Cardio%gy: Restenosis-Clinical Studies Marriott Hall N Anaheim Marriott Hotel 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Michael W. Cleman, New Haven, CT Harry R. Phillips, Durham, NC TUES PM 2M Do the Nlrmber of Bailoon Intlatiom owins Sietk-Vea.el PiCA Influ- eace Redenosikl 1445 James A. Heam, Ziyad'M.B. Ghazzal, John S. Douglas Jr., Paul Tack, Phil Per-lee, Spencer B. King Ill. Emory University School of, Medicine, Atlanta, GA Y:1S nasMc Recoil After IiCAs A Predictor of Restenosisi 1446 Salvatore Di ISomma, Stefano De Servi, Jacek Kubica, Diego Ardissino,. Eao Bramucci; Luigi Angoli, Angelo Zito, Giuseppe Specchia. Division of Cardiology, S. Matteo Hospital, Pavia„Italy "nrcnpealk Dhmdiar" and tlie ocarrarce of Restenaic A Qtuati- tatlve Arqfopaplic Aaaly.is ia 781 Lealonm After Sucaewhtl Coronary An0oplady, 1447 Walter R. Hermans, Benno J. Rensing, Hans Kelder, Marcel van den Brand, Harry Suryapranah, Patrick W: Serruys. Thoraxcenter, Rotter- dam, The Netherlands 2:45 Coranary Resknorb After poable Venel Arqioplasty In Umtable Aagis. 1448 Pascal de Groote, Christophe 11 Bauters, Jean M. Latdanch'e, Fabrice J. Leroy, Michel E. Bertrand. University of L76e„Li11e, France 3A0 Iu.nYtal Narrowpt8 After AnBloplaty Fobwa a Near-Gaw.ian Di.fri- baHmu A Quanlflative AtqfoplaWy St.dy of 1,452 Ledmu 144! Patrick W. Sernrys, Benno J. , Renskg. Waltler R M: Hemnns, JaaP W. Deckers. Thoraxcemer, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 3:15 Loes-M1. CBnkal Follow-.y ie htkob With Ani{iopaphic RMidy A(/er Suooesdd AnBloplady 1450 William S. Weintraub, Z'ryad M.B. Ghaznl, Henry A. Liberman,:Caryn L. Cohen, Douglas C Morris. Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA 3:J9 IMaaisNion and Exddbit. 4:00 l.ddence of ReAawsis After fTCA CateBatad by Veael Sine 1451 Raymond Dong, Jacques Lesperance, Martial Bourassa, Gilles Hudon, , Leonard Schwartz. Toronto, Ontario, Canada 4:15 I.fluence of AAeiy Diameter on Rerteno.it Falbwiall rrCA: 6npiia- tios for NewDevkes 1452 Ziyad M:B. Ghazzal, James A. Heam; John S. Douglas Je. Division of Cardiology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA 4:39 There b No Difference In fopan{ioplaMy Rertenods Rate te4weee Coronary Arleeiee A Quantitative Analysis of 1,452 Lesiom 1453 WaHer R. Hermans, Benno 1• Rensing, Hans Kelder, Marcel van den Brand, Harry Suryapranata, Jos R... Roelandti . Patrick W... Serruys. , Thorrazcenler, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 4:45 CokJicine Antloplariy, ReAenosk Trial 1454 Cindy L. Gfines, David Ririk, Arkne Levine, Theodore Schreiber, Velap,. pillil Gangadharan, Renato Ramos,, Nishit Choksi, Constance Gan- Badharan, Gerald C. Timmis. Vlydliam Beaumont Hospilal, Royal Oak, MI 506 pouble-Wlad Ra.dodxed Corqralled Tr41 of Fith Oil Sryplemenls in the IreveMtaa o( RMeaasea After Coraury Ansfoplasty 1455 Louis Roy, IsabeBie Bairati, Fran4oisMeyer,.Martine B. Genest. Quebec Heart Institute, Laval University, Ste-Foy; Quebec,.Canada 247
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Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Control of Cell Growth, Repair, and Migration Poster Presentation Boards P61 -P71 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM TUES -PM NOV 12 P61 The Reovinu Ml Geee Delermllnes the Different Viral Growdi Capac- Ny b Cultured fwdotlieRal Cells 1537 Yoshiki Matoba, Wilson 5. Colucci„Bemard N.,Fields, Thomas W. Smith. Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School,l Boston, MA P62 Co4aBen SyMhesb b RcpiteJ for In Vitro Ca.diocyle G.owlh 1538 Steven A. Fisher, Martin M:.LeWinter,. Muthu Periasamy. University of VennoM, Burlington, VT ReBeneraffmr of bjrred Myocardh.n Fror. Implantad SateNite Cells 1539 Race L. Kao. ABegheny-Sin®er Research Institute, Pittsburgh, PA fN CanexLr45, a Novel Channel Pnotein of Mammalian Cardiac MyoqEe Gap hra<tlon< 1540 H.~ Lee Kanter, Jeffrey. E.. Saffitz, Anne M: Murph'y,.Eric C. Beyer: Wash- ington,University, St Louis, MO P65 irancTiptlonal Replatlono( tlie. Human Conaeaion43 Gene 1541 Joshua R. DeLeon, Leslie A. Leinwand,,Glenn I. Fishman., ABiert'Ein- stein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY P66 Induced Erprenion of MpD Can Activate the Chideee Cardiac Myo.in Lled C6ain 2 homoler b HbroblaR CeBs 1S42 Shyamal Goswami, Ming Dong Zhou, Ashok Kumar, MAQ. Siddiqui. State Univenilyy of New York Hlalfh Science Center at Brooklyn,. Brooklyn, NY P67 r.RNA and helein Expression of PrdNeraNn6 Cell Nuclear Antigen in Developfng and Adalt Cardiac Muscle Cells 1543 Thomas A. Marino, Kenneth E. Lipson. Temple University School of Medicine, PhiEadelphia„PA Ptitf Wenlifkation and Cloning of M(bhWimr of DNA tlisdin`) From Adult Rat Ventriadar Cardiac Made 15" leremy P. SpringFiom. Hans-lor8 Berger, Ralph A. Kelly,,Thomas W. Smith. Brigham and Women's Hospital and'Harvard Medical lSchool,. Boston, . MA P69 The CyloprolecNve Effect of G/nleukirI b Dependent on Neuhophil AYadNai.ent Reaqa.irattlos 1545 Wipiam F, WestRn, Jeanne-Marie Kiely, Michael A'. Gimbrone Jr. Vascu- lar Research Division, Department of Pathology, Brigham and Women'a Hospital, Boston, MA . Canine Saplte.ms Vefa Sssotlr Muscle Cells CordYBoned Media Can- tains Auslocrine ChemoaNnicitant 1S46 Hani B. Seifein, lun-ithi iHamada, Philip Cavanaugh, Suzanne G. Eskin, Garth L. Nicolson, JamesT. Willerson. Unirersity,ofTexas Medical School land'M.D. Anderson Cancer CeMer, Houston, TX n1 Protein Dypa.do of Myoflbrils In Adult Rat Cudiomyotyfp 1547 KyokbImanaka-Yoshida,lEan M.Sangerj /oseph:W:Sanger. Universityy of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 299 ~
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Arteriosclerosis: Lipoprotein(a), Apoprotein B, and Modified Lipoproteins (Continued) Poster Presentation Board P23 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON! Presenter Present:, 8:30 AM-11:00 AM NOV 13 r23 Fnhancement of Apo lt mRNA EditWg in the Liver of Non-Insu(:n- oeparaent otabe8c Rab 1930 Sheng jiao (Noboru Sho),. Koji Yanagi, lichiro Shimomura, Takashi Kobatake, Yoshiald Keno, Masaharu Kubo, Katsuto Tokunaga, Yuji Matsurawa, seiichiro Tarue. Second Department of Internal iMedicine, Osaka University Medical School, Osaka, Japan 297
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Clinical Cardiofogy: Unstable Angina- New Strategies and Insights Pacific C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: James E. Muller, Boston, MA Edwin L Alderman, Stanford, CA TUES PM NOV 12 2:00 Heyarln Prevents Myocardial Infarctiott Be46er Than Aspirin in the Acute Phae of Unstable Attgina 1372 Shiqianf{ Qiu, Pierre Thfroax, John McCans, Martin Juneau, Jules Y.T. Lam, Pierre de Guise, Guy Pelletier, David Witets. Montreal Heart Institute, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2:15 NtrtdWe Uieof Be1a-ff{odoertti fNtt Not Cakluet fNotten„ Itnqorn Prapmrb in UFMable Anghta 1373 David Riak Gerald C. Tanmis, Cindy L Gtines, Donovan Bakalyar„ Theodore L Schreiber. Wdliam Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak„MI 2:30 Monwed Eilarerion of AdAabn Recepeors of Neutrqlib In UnAabk Attjhtta 1374 Stefano De Servi, Antonio M&zone, Giovanni Rfcevuti; LWigi Angoli, Ezio Bramucd, Giuseppe Specchia. Division ofCard'iology; ICCRS S. Matteo University Hospital, Pavia, ltaly 2:45 De Novo lhrta6k Angina With and Wilhotd An&cedeot Angina: A SWdy of MBiopapMc Patlroaoattmty 1373 Louis Kantounis, Khusrow Niaa„ David Rin'k, Ann Marytulis, Donovan BakaMr, Theodore Sclveibcr. Wifum Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Ml 3:00 Does the Severity of (:onontry Sknorn Differ in Unstable Angina and Acute Myoeardfal Infaediont 1376 Michael R. Freeman, Anatoly Langer, Robed F. Wilson, Christopher D. Morgan, Paul W. Anstatm6. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 3:15 Prolonged Coranary Vssoaadricliott After Itttrwwl CoraMe 1377 Walter C. Brogan, Richard A. lan®e, D. BreM Glamonn, L David Htlis. University of Texas Soudnvestem Medical Center, Dallas, TX 3:30 IMerwMdaa, anl6dt W Y 4:00 Randotdaed Trial of TMowbaiya4 Veenw Heparis In UawWe Angina 1376 Theodore L. Schreiber, David Rizik Christopher Wltite, G. Sharma, Michael Cowlby, Gregory Macina, P.S. Reddy, Louis Kantounis, Gerald C. Timmis, Ann Margttlis, P. Bunnell, A. Sasahara. William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MIJ and Abbott Pat1t, IL 4:15 Boltr Administration of IWacwatary Ural3raase DurinB PTCA in Prea- ence of intralumYtal Tltrotnbtts 1379 R. Stefan Kiesz, lohn F. Henneeken, Stephen R. Bailey. University, of Texas Health Science Center, San Arqonio, TX 4:30 Predlctlott of In-Hospital Otdrnttte in tJmtable Angina: A Novel CRMdcal CIadNcatioa 1369 David Ririk, Shaun Healy, Ann Margulis, Donovan Bakalyar, Craig Neuner, Ramon Ratteses, David Cragg, Gerald C. Timmis, Theodore L Schreiber. William Beaumont Hospital, Royal.Oak, Ml 4K5 Far1y Prognostk Valueof hdrerr.ic iMeahoW for YrHoqiW tirenbin 363 CoreMive Patients With UwVWe AttBlrat 1361 Jaime Figueras, Rosa LidSn, LUis SerFs. Unitat Coronaria, Servei de Catdinlogia,Hospital General Vail d'Hebrdn, Barxebna,Spain SdtU PfG1 In UnWabk Angina Pettin Results and Cotaplkatior With Respect of a New tlatyiRcatlMt 1362 Hubert 5eggewiss,Dieter Fassbender,flemwnn Mannehach, Henning K. Schmidti lurgen Vogt, Harm CihlEneler, Ulrich Gleichmann. Depart- ment of Cardiology-Heart Center, NRW,Ruhr-Uhiverssity Bochum,Bad Oeynhausen, Federal Republic of Germany
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Arteriosclerosis: Lipoproteins, Apoproteins, and Genetic Abnormalities Affecting Lipoprotein Metabolism Poster Presentation Boards P20-P29 Convention Center Exhibit' Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM=4:00 PM TUES PM NOV 12• r20 Inherltance of Apoliroprotein B Level art Families of ~Patients Undergo-Ing Coronary AngloBraphy at an Early Age 1496 Josef Coresh, Terri H. Beaty, Hazei'.H. Smith, Jeff Jenkins, Peter 0. Kwiterovich Jr. The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore„MD P21 Familial CJrylomiaanemia: identi8cation of a llnique Patient 11ono:y- gote far Two Separate Mutations In the LrL Gene 1497 Peter Lohse, Pia Lohse,,Obaiduliah Beg, John D. Brunzell, Silvia Santamarina-Fojo, H; Bryan Brewer Jr. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute,. National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, and. University of Washington, Seattle, WAI22 Ocanrenee of Multiple Aberrantly Spiiced mRNA. Upon a Donor Splice Site Mutation That Cau.es Fanilial Lipoprotein Upase Defi- cierrcry 1496 Takanari Gotoda, Toshio Murase, Koichi Kozaki; Hkoshi Shintano,. Yoshio Yanki, Nobuhiro Yamada: Universityy of Tokyo,.Tokyo,.Japan P23 Identification of Compound Heterosygotes for llpoprotein Lipase Derrciency.ln Three Unrelated FamRiex 1499 Kazumi'JsMmura-Oka, Clay F. Semenkovich, Fabrizia Faustinella, Ira J. Goldberg, Neil Scfiacter, Peter Herbert, Paul D. Thompson, Louis C. Smith, Kazuhiro Oka, Lawrence Chan. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston,.TX P24 Rrh Eye Dbnns IdetBBotioa of Two Separaie ABeBc Mutations in the led/ir (]rakAerd Adlaaada+re Gdte (ntrm->Ie,lirr„t>Met) 1500 Hanns-Georg Klein, Peter loh'se, P. Haydn Pritcliard, Dubo Bojanovski, Hartmut Schmidt, H.' Bryan Brewer Jr. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Hlahh, Bethesda, MD, University of Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada„and Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany r25 A Careof Apolipoproteln E Defkiency and Its Characteristia on Rdn- eantINeh6oliMn 1501 Tamio Teramoto, TeruhikoMatsushima,.Makoto Kinoshita,.Kazuhisa. Tsukamotor Daitaro Kurosaka, Kiyoshi Kurokawa. University of Tokyo, Tokyo,Japan t'Yf Two Mhraue Mutations at the First and Second Bane of Codon Aq°i in the Proposed Catalytic Triad of Lipoqrotein Lipase Support the Major Role of A.p"'in Catalylk Aclivily 1502 Yuanhong Ma, John Kastekin, Bonnie Wilson, Ghislaine Roederer, John BrunzeR, Michael Hayden. University, of British Colbmbia„ Van- couver, British Columbia, Canada„Univeroity of Amsterdam, Amster- dam~ The Netherlands, Univenity ofi Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and University, of Washington, Seattle, WA P27 Prevaience and Origin of Familial Lipoprotein lipaxe Deficiency in the Prerrdr Canadian ropulation of QrrSbec 1503 Pierre Jnlien, Thierry Normand,. lean Bergeron, .M.R.. Ven Murthy, Car- ole Dionne, Marc De BraekelI Claude Gagne, John D. Brunzell,l Michael IR.. Hayden,.Paul Ill.Lupien.,Upid Research Centre, Laval Unir versity, Ste-Foy, Qu4bec, Canada r2g Amphipatlrk FIeNx Heterogerreky.In the Exdangeable Apolipoprotei.s 1S64 Jere P. Segrest, Martin K. Jones,, Hans De Loof, G.M. Anantharamaiah: University of Alabama at Birrningham Medical Center, Birmingham, AL 1'29InfnvatuuAar and Hepatic origin of rlanna t•re-6efa-HDL in rrinutes 150s Masahiro Sugano, Ramesh Shah, Lawrence L. RudelJ Bowman Gray School of.Medicine, Wake Forest University, Winston-Sallm, NC
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Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Vascular Biology-Gene Expression Poster Presentation Boards P132-P140 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM TUES PM NOV 12 P132 Adull Rat Cardiac Myocytes AupxntExpression of EndoWeBn-1 mRNA i Coronary Mitrova.arlar 6rdotlreRal Cells In Heterocellalar Cocultire 1608 Masashi Nishida, Ralph A. Kelly, Thomas W. Smith. Brigham and Women's Hospital land'Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA P133 Regulation of Fndotlreliln-1.Gene Expression bylosand jun 1609 Mu-En Lee, Mandeep S. Dhadly; Dogan H. Temizer, Julie A. Clifford,, Masao Yoshizumi,.Thomas Qtrertennous. Massachusetts General Hos- pital, Boston, MA P134 Expneadon Clarirrd of Porcine and Huroan ErrdotAelin Receptor 1610 Nabil IA Elshourbagy, Jonathan Lee, David Korman„Parvathi Nuthula- ganti, Anthony,G. DiLella, Daniel R. SYlvester, Joyce Sutiphong, Chan- drika Kumar..SmithKline Beechami King of Pnnsia,. PA 1'135DHfererrBll Regulation of FLAM-/ . and VCAM-1 Expression in Hrnean UnbiNcal Vein 6rdatlKlW CeMr by Pro1eU Uina.e C 1611 Theresa A. Deisher, Terri L Haddiu, Kevin F. , Montgomery, Tim H: Pohlrnan, John M. Harlan. Division of Hematology and Division of Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA . P136 Vascular SwoaW Mrcle Exprenes a Truncated boforra of the Na•,IC`- ATPase Alpha-1 Su6uril Gene Derived by AlterrratMe RNA Irooe.rYng 1612 Russell M. Medfond, Ronald Hyman, Julius C. Allen,,Thomas A. Prcss- Iey, Paul D. Allen, Bemardo Nada!-Ginard Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiolbgy, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta,. ~ GA, Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Medical School, Houston, TX, and Childten's Hospital Medical Center, Harvard Medical Scirool, Boston, MA P137 Hbrobla.l GeowMr Factor Irrduces the Sarotonki Type 2 Receptor i. Aorfk Sr.ooM~ bMrde CeBs 1613 Marshalll A. Corson, R. Wayne Alexander, Bradford C. Berk. Emory, University, Atlanta, GA P13! Va.cular Myaqte HyoeAraphy Verwrs Hyperplasla: Role of Irrductlan ~i and AcUvatfon of Arrloaine Trans/anin; Growth Faclor. /ela-1 1614 Gary H. Gibbons, Victor J. Dzau. Stanford'University, Cardiovascular Research Center, Stanford, CA P139 Medhanhan Regulating Alpha,r-Adre.erBic Receptor rnRNA Level in Vascular Sewalh bMrde Cclb 1615 Nicholas J. Izzo Jr., Wilson S. Colucci.8righam and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA P140 Time Canse of Geae Expression After In Vhro Trasfedlon of Cantne Arterial MhNs 1616. Robert W: Barbee, Vernon A., Valentino, Richard N. Re, Joseph P. Murgo, Julia. L. Cook. Ochsner Medical Institutions„New.Orleans, LA 265
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TUES PM NOV 12 Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: G-Protein-Coupled Receptors Poster Presentation Boards P72-P83 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM , P72 Opposite Effects of Delta and Kappa Opioid Receptor Stimulation on Cytosolk pH In Myou.dial CeRs lS4g Carlo Ventura, Giovanni i Gambassi, Harold A. Spurgeon, Edward' G. Lakatta, Maurizio C. Capogrossi. Gerontology Research Center, National Institute.on Aging, Baltimore,.MD P73 Ekdraplryskllogical Demonstration of Opiate Receptors and Their Activation by Fadanyl In the Rabbit Sinoatrial Node 1S19 Tomoaki Saeki, Masao Nishimura, Nobuyuki Sato,, Takeshi i Noda„ Yoshio Watanabe. Fujita Health University; Aichi, and Teikyo Univer- sity, Tokyp, Japan P74 CAaracteristics of Alpha-1 Adrenoceptors Coupled to lnotropfc Respawse and Mraaplwinasqide Mehbolism in Rat Myocardiur. lSSo D. Gregg Rokosh, Prakash V. Sulakhe. Department of Physiology, Uni+ versity of5askatchewan, Saskatoon„Saskatchewan, Canada i 75 Effect of cAMP-6raeasing and -Decreasing Agents on G-Protein Expreuioe aard Reta-Ad.eaoaplon in Ral Heart 1551 ThomasFschenhagen, Ulrike Mende, Boris Hertle, Christian Mem- mesi•ieimer, Andreas Pohl, Wilhehn Schmitz, Hasso Scholt, Markus Steinfath. Abt, Allgemeine Pharmakologie, UniversitSts-Krankenhaus Eppendorf, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany P76 Endothelihirromotes Positlve Inotropissn and'hosplroirro.ilide Hydrol- pb by f>isthrct Aledraniseu In Adalt Cardiac Myocyles 1552 L'mdA G. Jones, John D; Rozkh„Hiroyuki Tsutsui, George Cooper IV.' Division of Cardiology, Veterans,Administration Medical Center, and Medical IUniversityof South t:arolina„Charleston, SC P77 Genomic Oeganiratkn of Hranan Alphao-Adrenergk Receptor a553 Chodavarapu S., Ramarao, Julie M. Kincade Denker, Dianne M.Perez, R. Peter Riek, Robert M. Graham., Department of Heart and Hyperten, sion Research, Research Institute, Cleveland'Clink Foundation, Cleve- land, OH P7ti Cbaracferiralioa of Tlrombonne A2 Binding Sites in Guinea Fig Car- diac Membrane PreparaUona 1554 . Nancy,L. Bowling, Gregory P. Dube, William U. KurtY, Kellie A. Brune, Dale EL Mais. Eli Lilly & Co., , Indianapolis, JN l 79 Cisaracteritation of the Cardiac ATP Receptor by /hotoaffirrity Latiel- lins and :Frnctioeal r.xpression 1555 Kit B. Powers, Bartob Giannattasio,.Antonio Scarpa...Departments of Physiology.and Biophysics and Medicine,.Case Western.Reserve Uhi- versity, Cleveland, OH Pg0 The Myocardial Aipha,-Adrenergk Receptor Linked to Masphoirwsi- /ide Hydrolysis b Irreversibly Inhibited by SZL-49 1556 Susan~F. Steinberg; Ariela Alter. CalumbiaUniversity,.New.York, NY PR1 Stfawlatory GTf Rieding P rMein in the Soluble Fractiom of Porcine Left Venbide 1557 Kazushi Udasawa; Denis Leiber, David A. Roth',, H. Kirk Hammond,.Pauli A. Insel. Department of' Pharmacology and Veterans Administration Medical Center,.Uniwenity of Califomia,.San Diego, LaJolla, CAP82 Withdrawn 1558 PR3 Medwrinn.of:ChronroVOpk Actions of Endo/heliiu in.Neonatal Rat. Atrial and Ven4kular Cells 1559 Donghee Kim,;Tanjore K. Narayanan, Richard A. Duff. Chicago Medical School, North Chicago, IL 260 (
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WED AM NOV 13 Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Endothelial Cell Biology Room A-6 8:30 AMr12:00 NOON Chairmen: Richard A. Cohen, Boston, MA Charles J. Homcy, Pearl River, NY iC30 Loal Meafianical StltaulaBon o( fh:dotlxNal Cells Indut.~cs an htnea.e in IntraceRular Calchrn That Spreadr.to Adjacent CeBs 1705 Linda L. Demer, Charles Wortham, Ellen R. Dirksen, Michaell.. Sander- son. University of California, Lbs Angeles, School of Medicine, Los Angeles,,CA 11:45 Endotl:eiin AcNvatei Raf-1 Kiwe Via a Protein Kinae C-Dependent Pathway 1706 Thomas Force, Ulf Rapp, Joseph V. Bonventre. Massschusetts General Hospitial, . Boston, MA, and The. Laboratory of Viral Carcinogenesis, Frederick, MD f:00 Endofhelial Cell ProHferation and Protein 1Chwe C Tramiocation Ytduted by Cydic Strain b Inhibited by Calphodlin C 1707 Oscar,R., Rosales, Michael Nath'anson, Bauer E. sumpio. YakUnivenity School of,Medicine, New Haven, CT 9:15 Lywphoaphatldykitolfne and Oxidized LDL MhM Bradyki.in-l.duced Pho.o6oino.itldea Hydrolyak 1n [odne AaAk EndotheBal Cella 1700 Ken-ichi Hinta, Hozuka Akita, Nobutaka Inoue, Yuichi Matsuda, Yasuo Hamamori, Mifsuhiro Yokoyama. Kobe University, Kobe, lapan ~ Withdrawn 17'09 9:45 Cellular Interaction Between Etdoihelial Cells and Vasadar S.wolh Muscle Cells In CoaAUee: Analyafk by'A:Aaooid InHbiton and Two- DNnenioaal InMaceNolar Ca" Imagihs 1710W.s. Shin, T. Toyo-oka, T. Sasaki, T. Sugimoto. The Second Depatt- rnent of Intemal Medicine, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 10m NMer.:iwion aed EadJbfb 10:45 Va.oactive Response to hodagiandin E>Adoperoxide (t•GI%) b Medi- ated by SWerodde Anion 1711 Belay' Tes(amadam, Richard A. Cohena Boston i University, Medical Center, Boston, MA 11:110 High Affinity Apnirt-tindB:g Sqes Modulah the Relea.e of 6tdolrc- Num-Dulved Relaxft Factor 1712 James K. Liao, Charles Jj Homcy, Massachusetts General Hospital, Bos- ton, MA 11:15 Hyperglyoemia rrama4es Generation of Bdotlrcliun-Detived Va.a corolrittor,, i5-- Mraenoit Atid 1713 Belay Tesfamariam, Michael L Brown, Richard A. Cohen. Boston Unir versity Medical Center, Boston, MA 11:30 Elevated Gtrc+ae ANen BtdolhelW Cell Nihic Ouide aed lhaAaooid Production 1714 Robert M. Weisbrod, Michael I L Brown, Richard A Cohen. Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA 11:43 Ly.ophophatldyldtoRee Inli6(ib Surface ReoeptOr-Medlated NMracel' Ida Sigaab in Human Endothellal Cells by a Pathway ittroivk:g ho- tein KYwe C AcdvaUat 1715 Kiyotaka Kugryama, Toyoaki iMurohara. Kumamoto University, Kuma- _ moto; 1 Napan
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I Basic Science/Cardiovascular Radiology/Clinical Cardiology/ ' Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Poster Presentation Boards P33-P43 N 2VI Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P33 Carduc "P-MR Spectroscopy In PatTeeb With Coronary Artery Disease and Dilative Cardfor.yopalhy: Improve.unt of Energy Metabolism r)vrilm Refa-Rtodter TreatmeM 1509 Stefan Neubauer, Thomas Krahe, Rolf'Schindler, Hanns Hillenbrand, Christian Entzeroth, Eckhard Pder Kromer, A./. G6inter Riegger, Klaus Lackner, Georg Ertl. Department of Medicine and Department of.Radi- ology, Wiirtburg University, Wiirzburg, Federal Republic of Germany P34 Phoaphmw31 Magnetic Resonance Spectro.copy Study of the Hearl Masck in Flyperbop6ic Ca.dibreyopathy 1510 Shigeru Watanabe, Masao Sekiya, Toshihiko Kumai, Yoshiaki 19huzuya,. Shiro Kobayashi,. Hitoshi'.1mai, Yasuo Imazeki,. Yoshiaki Masuda,. Yoshiaki Inagaki. Chiba University, Chiba, Japan P3S Low MwsphoaeatLre/ATP Detected by "P NMR fn the Myocardfum of Patients With NeaA FaYure Due to Severe Valve Disease 1511 Michael A Conway, Ronald Ouwerkerk; Jon ANis, Bheeshma Rajngopatan, George Radda. John Radrt'iffe Hospitab Odord,,UrNted Kingdbrn P36 Effects of Dobutaad.e on Mypcardial CioeaerReNa In Packtg-Mdrttd Hw1 rafl.re 1512 Timothy D: Henry, Jianyi Zhang, Vinaya Chepuri, Peggy Fash'ingbauer,. Charles C. Gomick, Kamil Ugurbil~ Robert J. Bache, Arthur H.L'. From. Hennepin County, Medical. Center, Veterans Administration. Medical Center, and the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN . P37 Realanl Myorandfal Oaygea C.onuapBon and Higlr{nergy Phorphale fMaboia is Revers61y Y*rei hroho4inry StYsulatscd Myonrdina In Vivo NMR Mt4aboYc SYdy 1513 Roxann Rokey, E. Douglas Lewandowski, G. Wesley Vick, Allison Marks.Baykx College of Medicine, Houston,.T% P3B Quantificatfon of "P NMR Spectra of Pie Heart Uie of Phosphauies In Vivo 1514 lean-Fransois NL+delec, Arriff Ally, Dave O. Foster, Russelll A. Anderson, K. Clarke. Institute for Biological Sciences, National Research Courxil, CMtawa, Onlario, Canada P39 NMR VidbBity of ATr,,PCr, and P, Is the Rat Ifeart Under Different Perfwion GoadWoro 1515 Pamela B. Garlick, Roger M. Townsend. Radiological Sciences, Guy's Hospital, London, United Kingdom P40 Farctional and Metabolic Aaesaneat After Rapid Myetramfomatlon of Latisdmw Doni for Cardiornyaplasty Studied by 'Y Magnetic Resonance Spectroacopy1S1f Michael A. Portman, George E. Eyster. Michigan State U hiversity, East: Lansing, MI' P41 Charac{erisation of orpnk: ps.qlyte. In Rat Heart With 'H NMR Spcctroscapy a.d EIPLC 1517' Yeong-Hau H. Lien. University of Arizona Coll'ege of Medicine, Tucson, , AZ Kre6a Cycle Attirity In Spwnerl Myocardinm 151l1 Robert G. Weiss, Roberto Kalil, V.P. Chacko, Sean Ti Gloth, Gary Get- stenbRth. The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD P43 Numerical Modelins of Cardiac Krebs Cycle 13C NMR Kinetics 1S19 Sean T. GIAth, Robert G. Weiss, Gary Gerstenblith. The Johns Hopkins HospiOal,.Baltimore, MD 2S5
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0 Cardiovascular Surgery: Transplantation, Cardiomyoplasty, Mechanical Support, and Long-term Organ Preservation II (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P56-P60 Convention Center Exhibit Hall, Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM. WED AM NOV 13 P56 Can Sympathetic Reinnervation Affect Coronary. Resislance After, Human Cardiac Trampiantationt 1%3 Andrew. L. McGinn, Susan M.. Meyer, Betsy V. Christensen, Ada B. Simon, Thomas H. Johnson, Spencer H. Kubo, David'D: Laxson; Robert F. Wilson., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN . P57 Intravascular URraroonl ArressmeM of Coronary Arterial Disease After Heart Transplantation 1%/ Peter W. Pflugfelder, Derek R..Bougl?ner; William J. Kostuk... University Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada PS6 The Clinical Si;nificance of Miid Rejection of Cardiac Allograft 1%S Tiong-Keat Yeoh, Ted Eastburn, William Frist. Vanderbilt University, Nashville,.TN P59 Edrocardiodraphic Assessment of Right Ventricular Function After Sin- gle-Lung TranrplantaAlon 1966 Len/. Scuderi, Miguel Zabalgoitia, John H. Calhoon, Theresa A. Cronin,. Steven R.. Bailey. University of Texas, Health Science Center, San Antoniq,TX P60 lon Transport During Hypofhermia inm CuNured Heart Cells 2959 Sheila M. Martineau Knerr and ~ Melvyn Lieberman., Duke University Medical. Center, Durham,. NC 301
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Cardiovascular Surgery: Transplantation, Cardiomyoplasty, Mechanical Support, and Long-term Organ Preservation I California Pavilion B Anaheim Hilton Hotel TUES PM NOV 12 2:00 PM-5:1 S PM Chairmen: Sharon A. Hunt, Palo Alto, CA Eric A. Rose, New York, NY M I l 2:00 Dbtri6uBon of Donor Heirb to Madialte TrarplaM Canddate SunMal 1403 Lynne W. Stevenson, Stanley L Wamer„Mich®le ti Hamilton, lon A. Kobashigawa, Jarcaie D. Moriguchi, Davis C. Drinkwater, Hiael Laks. Uni; versity of California, Los Angeles, Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 2:15 lhobphe.nY Vaas CardwNnnids in the Therapy of fitdfac Rejcc- tlnm RekiYurY Cliniol fepat 1404 Maria R.aso Costanzo-Nordin, Eli?abethA. Hubbell, E. )earmeO'SulBvan,i Maryl R. Johnson, G. Martin Mullen, Alain L Heroux, Waher Kao,.Roque PiFYre, JoFmA Robinson.,Loyola University of Chicago/Hines Veterans Administration Hbsppal„Maywood, IL 2:T0 Impact of Cydorporite Oa.e an Ins-tem Outmme ANe. Cndsc 7rr.P6Kalfon 1405 Hannah Valantine, Tom Starkey, William Anderson, Sharon HunC Pat Gamberg, Joan Milkr, Susan Woodley, Phillip Oyer. Stanford Univeisity, Medical Center, Stanford, CA 2:45 Awer.rcd of TrarnplrR Corooary Arfery Duane by Intracao.aey. Ultraimnd 1406 Fausto 1. Pinto, Frederick G, St. Goar, : Hannah A. Valan6ne, Edwin L. Aldbmwn, John S. Schroeder, Shao-Zhou Gao, Edward B. Stinson, Richard L Popp. Division of Cardiovascular Medcine and Department of Cardio- thancic Surgery, 5tanford University, Stanford, CA 3A0 indotltdW Varonolor Fwttion fn ibe low;-Mam FoMowrp of Coronary D6ere In Caraac TnnPlatt htlnls 1407 Takeyuki Matsr ~hi, Thamas 1: Ryan Jr., Vlad:oio I. Veiuhtein, Joseph A. Yrta,.GBbert,H. Mudge, Ardrew P..Selwyn,.PMer Ganz, Alan C. Yeung. Brigiwm and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA k1S OArolopic Car/lac TrnrplanWim in hdeeb With Sevetely 8evated hhaptary VasaiarRe.Yfance 1408 Robeft R Fmk,.Mai1c L Barr,.Craig R. Smith,.t:ric A. Rose. Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, N!w York,: NY' 4A0 Yhna.don and Hdtbib Ure Vemr Araidance of Paiape.aHve OKi3 in CarfiiacTraroplatMitlo. 1409 Maryl R. Johnson,.G. Martin Mullen,: E. Jeanne O'Sullivan, Youlian Liao, Alan L Heroux, Walter Kao, Roque Pifarre, Maria Rosa Costanzo-Nbrdin. Loyola University of Chicago/Hines Veterans Administration Hosphal, Maywood, IL 4:15 Rejec7ion After Cardac TrairqlaMaBme A Tlme-Related Ridr facbr Awdyfk. 1410 James K. KirWim Robert C. Bourge, David C. Naftel, Connie W. Williams, Matti R. Tarkka. University of Alabama at Birmingham, BirminBhan, AL k30 MefaboRc and Vealiabry ResponwYO 6terdse in HeaR Faere Patients on left VenYia/ar Awht Syrthe Support 1411 . Srinivas Murali,. Barry, F. Uretsky,. TuBo. Estrada-Quintero,. Tammy R. Tokarczyk, Yvonne M... Cannon, Anita R.: Betschart, . Robert L Korrnos, . BaNey P. Griffith. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 4sIS AIleraeas in Regional Medtanio and tYood Row Can Fxplain ladc of BeeeAt Duita Cardio.ryoPlady, 1412 Howard R. Levin, WiMiam Curtis, lpshua E. Tshlik, W. David Sullivan, Miich'aetAcker,.Myron,L Weisfeldt Henry R..Halperin. Johns Hopkins Hospital,i Baltimore, MD, S•AO Regional Wall Molion, Ejecibn Fraction, atd Geometry of left Ventride A11erCardlouryoplasty 1413 Edimar Alcides Bocchi~ Giovanni Bellotti, Lui3Moreira, Alvaro Mbraes, Marcus Gama,:Antonio C.P. Bawelto; Noedir Stolf,.Adib Jatene. Instituto doCora{9o,.Univetsity of S5o Pauho,,SSo Paulo, Brazil . ®
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I Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Cell Signaling in Disease States Poster Presentation Boards P84-P95 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM TUES PM NOV 12. P04 Role of Ca" and Prakbt KMtase C in Nlonatal Rat Ventrkvlar Myocyte HypeArophy, 1S60 Elizabeth A. Martinson, Huda Shubeita, Martha T. Ramirez, Jban Heller Boown. University of California, San Diego,. La Jolla, CA rB5 Withdrawn 1561 M6 Chronk Episodic Myarard•ial lschemia and ARered Sipnal Transduction 1562 David'A. Roth,,Cfifford E. Ford, Denis Leiber, Robert A. McKay, Calin M. Bkwr, M. Dan McKirnan,~ H. Kitk Hammond:, Veterans Administra- tion Medical Center, San Diego, and University, of Calilfornia, San Diego, La lolla,.CA P87 Myorardial Beta-AdrenerRk Reaeplor powneaulafion and Recmrery in Rapare to A{oniq ia A¢g 1563 Merritt H. RaiU; Cherry H. Tamblyn, lames M. Allen, Itamar, B. Abrass. University of Washington,i Seattle, WA , r86 Mli -Refa-Reayfn AaUbodi'es In Familial CardiomyopatlYy 1564 Constantinos 1. Limas, Harisios Boudoulas, Catherine Limas, Harry Gra- ber, Libby SpaAn, Charles F. Wooley. University of Minnesota, Minne- apolis, MN, and Ohio State University, Columbus, OH M Adaptatlon of 1he Mu.rot Myocardial Reta-Adrener6ic Receptor Cyclue Camplex Drris HRreroatfon 15" Stephen A. Mortis, Gregory Florant, Maya Saxon, David Manning, John P. Bilezikian. Collfge of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY P90 SelectWe Laeaie in MyocardW SebrA*eonteistior Deroity. After OMobpk Heart TraarpWMatlon 15" Heiko von der, leyen, Markus Steinfoth, Andreas Hlcht, Willielm Schmitz, Hasso Sdiolz, Axel'Havericfi, Bernd Heublein. Abt: Kardio- logie/Herz-Thorax-Chirurgie, Medizinische Hochschule, Hinnover, and'Abt. Allg. Phamiokokogie, Universitats-Krankenhaus E'ppendorf,'Hambung, Federal Republic of Germany. Cha.ber-SptdBc ChutRes In GTP Rirrdin= hoteirr In hdnR-Nduced He.rt Failurc In Pip 1567 Kazushi Urasawa, David A. Roth, Rob A. McKay, Clifford E. Ford, Paul A. Insef, H. Kirk Hammond. Department of Pharmacology and Veterans Administration Medical Center, University of Califomia, San Diego, La IoNa, CA P92 Edunced Receptor-Activated hwsNol Nroiphate Accw.ulation In Hypoxic Myoqtes 1566 Susan F. Steinberg, Ariela Alter. Coldnnbia University; Nhv York, NY P93 Mitiaf Changes ht Reta-AdrenerRk Receptor Fuaclioa In hcini- Ytduccd Cardiotnyapathy 1569 Kaname Kiuchij Kazuo Komamura, Richard P. Shannon,,Luc Hittinger, Charles J. Homcy, Stephen F. Vatner, Dorothy Vatner. Department of Medicine. Harvard Medical School, New, England Regional Primate Research Center, Southborough, MA P91 The ChanseW of Reta-Adrenertic Receptor and Ik wrRNA by Aging 1S70 Shin-ichi Male, Fumitaka Ohsuzu, Schuichi Katsushika, Naohiro Hakamada,. Hiroaki, Hamada„ Masahikb. Akanuma, Hideo Nakamura. National Defense Medkal. College, Tokorozawa,.and Mitsubishi iKasei Co:, Yokohama, Japan P9S G Protein.Gene.FWrenion in Human Heat by Quar.titaWve Pofymer- ae Chain Readi'on 1571 Arthur M:,Feldman, Michael R. Bristow, Phitlip E. Ray. The Johns Hop- kins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 261 e
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Clinical Cardiology: Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators Room A-1 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON WED AM NOV 13 Chairmen: Debra S. Echt, Nashville, TN Ross D. Fletcher, Washington, DC 8: W Clieical Evaluation of I.rplantable Car&&"der Dc4ibrRlator F.nction: 4eporf:aoe of Data Lophq fo Anea Device Efficacy 1694 K. Ellenbogen, R. Luceri„P. Dorian,J. Brachman,l. Uther„K. Beckman, I: Singer, D. Zipes, S. Saksena, M. Estes, J. Franklin, and Phase I Clinical Investigators.. Medical College of.Virginia,.Richmond, VA >LMS TearYear EiVerienoe With 6aplaatable DeOrillaMa 1695 Roger A. Winkle, R. Hardwin Mead, Michael IA. Ruder, Nellik A. Smith,. Tamara L. Ellis, Tamara C. Shipman,,Paula Schmidt; WaYy S. Buch,. Vincent A. Gaudiani:. Sequoia Hospital, Redwood Citry, CA fAB A Randomixed Trial of AtounfecrementaI ovevdrive PacYrs Versrr Low-Eaerp Canillowirsim DarisB Venpiaiu Tadrycaedia in Man 16% Gust H. Bardy, Charles Troulman, Jeanne E. Poole, Peter J. Kudenchuk, G~ Lee Dolack.:UniversHy of Washington, Seattle, WA lt15 DehrnisanEr of RccvreN Ventriadar Ar*hitlrnias ia Pafierrb N9tlr inplantabke Parxmaker OefibriBators 1697 Michael J: Reiter, Erk S. Fain, Kathi M. Senelly, and the Cadence Inves- tigators. University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, C0 l:30 Tenninalfun of Stafained Ventricular Tadrynrdia by SubtlnerhoW 9ecVkal SWai.liora vfa Fyiurdlal PakA BeNodet 1fiM Mohammad Shenasa, Martin Fromer. Division of'Cardiobgy; CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland !AS Tras.ve.ou.-Subcdaneeur I.mplantation of Defilxillaton as the Apprsadt of RrA fJroire 16" Michael Block, Dieter Hammel, Martin Borggrefe, Frank Isbruch, Dietmar Wiethoh, Thomas Hachenberg, Hans H. Scheld, Guenter Breithardt. Westfaelische Wilhelms Universitaet, Muenster, Federal Republic of Germany 10M IMarnirion and 6da6ik 1k4S EHkacy and Lknflatloro of Tiered Tberapr for the Treatment of Rear- rent Venbiwdar Arrhydraiar 1700 Andrew C. Rankin, Sina Zaim, Anne C. Powell, Bulent Zaim, Ross Brooks, Brian A. McGovern, Hasan Garan, Jeremy N. Ruskin. Massa- chusetts General Hospital, :Boston, MA , 11-00 Imporfance of A6eAive Skode CapabNtly With 9ectroBram Storade in Devices 1701 Jodie L Hunwiti, Bruce G. Hook David 1. Callans, Robert B. Kleiman, Michael S. Hanna, Bdinda T. Flores, Francis E. Mar<hlihski.i Universityy of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 11:15 leidal klyddcetHer Clinicaf Experience WUh a MnllffwMfowal IqiaM- able Pauesrake. DefitirlNator 1702 lohni M:.Heme,.David S. Cannom,.Richaed N. Fogoros, Leonard N. Horowitz,;Thomas Guamieri, James M. Invina Joseph H. Levine, James D.:Maloney, Robert 1;.Myerburg,.James G. Porterfietd, Eric N..Pryslow- sky, Enrico P. Vehri, Roger A. Winkle. VENTAK PRx Phase I Investigator Group, St. Pauf, MN 11:30 Sipul Oversensi.B and Uniferontaing f. Four[h Generation lmplaal- able Cardkwerter-Defibrillaturs 1703 David /! CallAns, Bruce G. Hook, Robert B.. Kleiman,. Francis E. Marchlinski. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 11e4S MrlNcerrter Faiperle.or. Tramvenan I.rplantabk Cardioverter Defi- brflla/or Lead Syshrn. 1704 Thomas Guarnieri, David S. Cannom~ Peter D. Chapman, Donald A., Chilson,.Debra S. Echt, Andrew E. Epstein,,Seymoun Furman, Gerakl. S. . Greer, Richard M. Luceri, James D. Maloney„Victor Parsonnet,:EricN.. Prystowsky, Jeremy N: Ruskin, Enrico P. Veltri, Roger A. Winkle,: The ENDOTAK'.Phase I InvestigatorGroup,: St..Paul, MN . ®
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Clinical Cardiology: Platelet Function and Reperfusion Injury/Function (Continued) Poster Presentation Board P182 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30 Am-12:00 NOON WED AM NOV 13 P162 IH There an Effect of APSAC on Blood V'ncosity and Matekt Function in Iatfentf With Acute Myon.dial Infarction Treated With ArSACt 2067 Hans. Bonnier,. Hans Hoffmann, Paul Melman,.Ingrid Bartholomeus. Cathari oa Hospital, Eindhoven, The Netherlands ®
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Cardiovascular Radiology/ Clinical Cardiology: Tha li i um-201-Ki netics and Clinical Applications (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P127-P130 Convention Center Exhibit Halli Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00' NOON Presenter Present: 9:3a AM-12:00 NOON WED AM NOV 13 P127 Variations in the.5ize of tlielschenic Myocardium Due to Differences in the Normal F'ile 2032 Jaetaeiee; Jaekyeong Heo, BasillIskandrian,.VirginiaCave, Abdulmas- sib Iskamdrian. Philadelphia Heart Institute, Presbyterian Medical Center, Philadetphia„PA P128 Efficacy, of Noninvasive Evaluation for Detection of Reslenosis and Predidion of EveMs Post-PTCA 2033 Adrian ~. Anlonescu,. Peter Fung, Hosen . Kiatj, Y. Ismail,. Tony Don Michael~ Centra6 California Heart. Institute,. Bakersfietd,, and Cedars- Sinai Medical Center, Los.Angelbs, CA P129 Corrdatian of MRfo`raphieseverity of Coronary Disease With scin- tisraphic Data Following Thrarnbolytic Therapy. 2034 Howard L.,Habeq Lawrence W. Gimple; Denny D. Watson, George A. Bellpr. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA P130ReproducRtle Interprelation of Image Data in Mullicenter.Trial: Need for Core Laboratory 2035 Frans J.Th. Wackers;.Monty Bodenheimer,)oseph LI. Fleiss, and MSSMI Investigators. YaleUniversity, New Haven, CTi
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Clinical Cardiolosy: Laennec Society I Room C-6 S:3O' AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Paul D. Stein, Detroit, MI Gabriel Gregoratos, Sacramento, CA NoV 13: 8:30 ST SepoeM 8eraidon at Sile of Reaent rmnuwral Myocardlial Yefardion Durig 6nercbe She. Tesft A Alarher of Reddual Tiaue V'ybiBly . 1902 Alberto Margauto, Sergio L Chierchia, Robert G.,Xuereb, Mariosa Xuereb, Gabrid! Fragasso, .. Claudio Landonk Ferruccio Fazio. Istituto Scientifico Ospedale San Raffaele„Milano, Italy 8:45 Pralon8ed QT iteerval In Type 1 Diabdn: A Study of Identical Twim 1803 Simon S.S. Lo, David G. Leslie, Martin St. John Sutton.,Diabetic Unit, Wesmtinster Hospital and Royal Btomp,ton Hospital,, London, United' Kingdom le00 SiwlWWkor Daav Atrit.n Paeiq fn High-Degree hderahial Ibcks: Heinoditnastic iteldis, 1804 Claude Oaubert, Philippe Mabo, Vefonique Beeder, Christian De Place, Alain Keamarrec, FranVois.PaRlard. University Hospital, Rennes, France !IS Nluoeedfahd Syneape: To Drire or Not to Dp9vet 1805 Robert S. Sheldon, Mary Lou Koshman. University oCCalgary; Cal&vy,. Alberta, Canada ?.30 Hmrae Lett Ventrksiar FaerBeli'a Heat Production and Medanical FUi- ck-y 1806 James T. Stewatt lain A. Simpson, Roy E. Smith, Christopher Callicott, A. John Camm. St. George's Hospital Medical Schooi. London,~ United Kingdom lA5 L/eM.peded Amybida.Y Deleded by EdwcardilopaphT, 1807 David A. Foley, A. lamd Tajik, James B. Seward, Fletcher A. Miller, Morie A. Gertr, Robert A. Kyle. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 18m Inhnr- ion and E'iWb 10:85 Mitat Valre Prolope aad Sywcupe: Nemohwnonl Repmres to Vohi.ne and UprT/t 1808 Stephen F. Sdtaa4, Steven O Nelson, Charles I, Love, Jfffenon M. Bur- rougfin, Patty S. Hatton. The Ohio State University, Columbus, oFl 11:00 Cardfac imokesKat in Aryalo.ic DystraQhy, 1809 Domenico Mazzara, Bnxw Censori, Giuseppe Puloita, Carla Ritnatori, Gino F. FertelOi,~ Leandno Provinciali,.Pao4o. Russo,.Akssandro Rappelli. Universitly of Mcona, Ancona, Italy 11:15 /updar /alyNaUonc Hemodypanilc Medwiirro of aclinicall Marker fcr NMranodal Restra.t Tadyordfa 1810 Sinan Gilrsoy. Pedro Brugada, GfJnter Steurer,.IScob Atie, OlgaSouza,. Josep Brugada, Erik AndAes. Cardiovascular Center, Aalst,. Belgium 11U30 Ohshudion of 1he Yderior Venna Gval Orilice by the Giaet Left Atriun in Palianb With AYtra% Slenods: A Doppler ~aphic Stady From /te Ri81t PuasEenwmr 1811 Shinichi: Minagoe, Junichi ~Yo3hikawa, Kiyoshi YoshiBa, Takashi Akasakb, . Kenji Maeda, Chuwa TeL Department of Cardiology, Kobe General Hbs. pital, Kobe, and Kagosh'imaUAiversity> Kagoshima,.lapan 11:45 Can Walcral ArMrial Cuff oodmiuru Be Useful to Make SYent Aartic Re~faOon AvAlbk; 1812 RayI. Georgeson, Ernesto A. Tee,. Gary Fraserd . Pravin M. . Shah. Loma Linda Uhriversity Medical Center, Loma Linda, CA 286
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Bask Science: Mechanisms of Adion of Class III Antiarrhythmic Agents (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P11b-P117 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed't 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30 AM-12:00 NooN WED AM NOV 13 /116 Cardiac Eletlrophytioloaic Effects of WAY-123,398, a New C.lass RI Asent 2621 Roderf¢k W. Parsons, Walter Spinelli, John W,,Elkngboe, Thomas 1~ ColAtsky. Wyeth-Ayerst Research, PFincelon,,NJ. P117 E-1031 Blocks the Inward-Rectifier K' Channel Throu¢ the Hydropho- bic talhway 2022 Shin-ichi Koumi, Ryoi¢hi~5ato,.Ichiro Hisatome, Kauichi Nagasawa,. Hirokazu Hayakawa. Nippon Medical ISchool, Kinki.. University,..Osaka, and Tottbn University, lapan
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TUES PM NOV 12 Clinical Cardiology: Arrhythmias/ Clinical Electrophysiology 11 Poster Presentation Boards P180-P188 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM I100 CWnir•a1 and Elettrophyriologic Characterirtics of Repqitlve Mprorrwr_ phic Ventriarlu Tadiyaudia 16s9 Kenji Takagaki, Tohru Ohe, Takashi Kurita, Hiroshi Takaki, Naoh'iko Aihara, Shiro Kamakura, Mokuo Matsuhisa, Katsuro Shimomura, NatkmaL Cardiovascu6ar Center, Suita, Ouka,. Japan P1r11 Lorrg-tKnr Repro/ur4bilily of Ventricular Tadycardia l.~ductiionc serial Noftlim"We SOMPAs 1656 Anne M:,GiBis, James W: Leitch„Raymond'Yee, D. George WySe, L. Brent Mitchell. University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (182 hoprosdc fadon in Monomorphic Veetriarlar Tachycardia: Ct.angef Undn Beta-poddng Therapy 1657 Jean-FrarKois Leckrcq, Claude Chastang, Antoine Leenhardt, Philippe Coumel, Robett 56rmw. , Department of Cardiology and Department of Biostatistics, Lariboisiere-St. Louis University Hospitals, Paris, France (1rt7 Doex Tlrrar.bolyris Alter Ventricular Premature Beat Frequeacy rast-MyorardW InhrctlAnt 165! Paul Dorian,. David Newman,. Fiona. Reid. University of Tovonto,. Toronto, Ontario, Canada P184 Effect of fllccaMtide and Morlci:ire Ha o. Heart Period and Vagal Tone AfkrlNyocardialInfarc4on 1659 J. , Thomas Bigger, Joseph L. Fleiss, Richard C. Steinman, Linda M. Rolnitzky, Colrrmbia University; New York,,NY I1lS Left Veaisliadar Fu.dioe and Arfe.iaf BaSlanoe During Supravcn4icu- Iar Tadqrardfa 16" . Yumie Matsui,.Tosh'ryi lwasaka, Yasuo Takayama, Hiro(umi Takash'ima. Hiroya Taniguchi, Teruhiro Tamura, Syuuji Kitashiro, Masahiro Karakawa, Mitsrm Inada. The Second Department of Imernal Medicine, Kansai Medical University, Moriguchi-city; Osaka, Japan I1g6 Farly Tnmr.Wanear Pacing far Ort-of-Hwpital Cardilac Arntrt No {enefit When Performed by Emergenq Medical Techoitiam or Paramedics 1f61Richard O. Cummims,Judith R. Graves, Mickey S. Eisenberg, Mary Pat ~ Larsen, Alfred'P. Halistrom, Thomas R..Heame. University of Washing- ton, Seattle, WA P1l7 A Compariron of &e Predictive Value of Te.e Domain VY'Ah SPec- trohmporai Analysis of the Signal-Averaged ECG for Anfiytlrwic Evarb After Myocardial Infarciion. 1662 Olusola Odemuyiwa, Tom Fartell; Piotr Kulakowski, Ann Staunton,~ Jan Poloniecki, MarekMalik. St. George's Hospital,. Lbndon, United Kingdom I1lB hopra.lic Mnplicattom of Aheralionr ie the Initial t•ortion of the Signal-Averaged QRS Conrplex in HyperNophic Cardio.ryopathy 1663 Plotr Kulakowski, Peter J. Counihan, William J. McKenna. St. George's Hospital'Medical Schoob, London, United Kingdom 270
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WED AM NOV 13 Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: Pediatric Echocardiography California Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hotel. 8:30 AM-12:U0 NOON Chairmen: Samuel B. Ritter, New York, NY Gerard R. Martin, Washington} DC fk39 Outcome In So Neonates With EbAein't;Anomaly: Prognostic val.e of a New Edsocardiodraphic Gra6ns of Severity' 1ft31 David S. Celermajer, Seamus Cullen, Ian D. Sullivan, John E. DeanGeld., Hospital for Sick Children,.Londbn,.England 6:45 Edroca.dispaphic Follow-up of AUfal Septal Defect After CatUetea Cloaae by Double Um6reNa Device 1832 Christine Boutin, Norman:Musewe, Toshiki Kobawashi, Lee Benson, Jeffrey Smallhorn, John Dyck. The Hospital for,Sidc Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 9:00 In Vitro Analris of Reprrgilant Fraction Using Doppler Power Weighted Suw of VelodBe. 1833 Theresa A. Tacy, Roger P. Venniion, A. Rebecca Snider. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mi 9:15 TrIcupid Valve Reprsitatio. In the Hu.an Fetus witk Dudal Con- Wictfoe tf134 Pongsak Khowsathit, Zhi-Yun Twn, Dennis C. Wood, Gerald Tulzer,. James C. Huhta.,Children's Hospital of Philadeljrhia, Philadelphia, PA 9.30 Pediatrk Trnae.ophaReal EdioordioFaphq: Safety and Mdintiaro of a New Diapwitic Tednlq.e 1835 Oliver Stumper, Adri Cromme-Dijkhuis, John Hess, Michael J. Godman, George R. Sutherland. Sophia Children's Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Royel Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 9•A5 Rlalrt VeMricular Output ie the Sheep reGU Defernkted by Pulsed Doppkr tJkrasand 18% Norman H. Silverman, Hiiiohiko Shiraishi, Abraham M. Rudolph. Uni- versity of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 10:00 NMennirion and Exfafbib 10.M5 O.loome for the rcUa WNh Cardkac Disease IdeaAified by refal rxfso- cmdwvapky 11t37Steven A. Webber, George G.S. Sandor, Anm1 Kumar, Glen P. Taylor, Duncan Farquharson, Ruby Popov. British Columbia Children's Hospi- ta1, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11:00 EdtocarJbgraphic and Anatomic Correfadon of Ventriadar Seplal Defed Morphology in Newbae YYcatae Miaoyip 1ft38 Tom B. Johnson, Derek A. Fyfe, Robert P. Thompson, Charles H. Klihe, M. Michael Swindle. SC Children's HeaA Center, Charleston, SC 11:15 EdiocardfopapMc Pollow•op of Hrrkr Srdrm.e After ikme Marrow Tr&n""Rtation 1939 Nana R. Stauffer, Elizabeth A. Braunlin, Chester B. Whitley, William Krivil, John L Bass. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 11:30 Effects of Variabke C]nmber Compliance on Mitral Deceleration St.pe yr Vitro 1840 Peter C. FrommeltJ A. RebecnSnider, Roger P. Vermilion, Donovan M. Bakalyar, Christa Yanock. Universiay.ofMichigan, Ann Arbor, MI 11:45 Prenatal DiaRnods of Coactaflon of the Aaefa: d/WRcenter rxper ~ Lisa K:Hornberger, David 1- Sahn, CharlesKleinman,. Norman~ Silverman. University of California, San Diego, San Diego, University of~ California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, and Yale University, New Haven, CT 2"
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NOV 13 Basic Science/Circulation: Pathology of Myocarditis/ Cardiomyopathy Room C -1 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Robert J. Tomanek, Iowa City, IA Colin M. Bloor, La Jolla, CA li:3o EosinophBic Hypenendtirity, Myocarditb Complicating End-stage Head Daease 1747 Earl T. ,Hawkins,.T. Barry. Levine, Alil Moosvi, Samuel l. Goss, Arlene B: Levine. Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, and Willibm Beaumont Hospital,. Royal .Oak,. MI tt:45 De[ecUon of Enterovins IRNA in Endontrocardial Riopsiet of htierNs With Dilated Cardiawryapathy and Myocardilis by rolynrcrau qnin. Reaciion 1748 Giovanni'M. Severini, Mauro Giacca, Luisa Mestronij Alessandro SaIWi, Arturo Falaschi,. Fulvio Camerini. I.C.G.E:.B., Osqedafe Maggiore and Uniwersity,. Trieste, Italy, 1'Yitldnwn. 1749 9:15 DMrnpBom of Miaalubdes in Huaan CardiomyapatAy 1750 Kunimitsu hvai~ Masatsugu Hor~ Hikoshi Sato, Seiji Takashima, Nodtake Hoki,.Masatake Fukunami, Masashi Naka,.Hidetake Kunihaca„K-ryohisa Uchida, Akira Kitabatake.,The First Department of Medicine, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan ~ 9•.30 FAdottieBaldeukocyle Adeion Maler.ides Are E>prened In Endocar- dial Mflltrates (QnMty Effect) of C"ac ABografb 1751 Jian-Hua Qiao, Xin-Min Ruan, Alfeedo Tmnto, Lawrence S.C. Czer, Carlos Blanche, Michael C. Fiihbein. Anatomic Pathology and Cardiothoracic Surgery; Cedois-Sinai, Medial Center, Los Angeles, CA 9:45 Myocyee Nrdear HyperUOphy and Reduced Tramaiptlonal Aotivily, Strongly Carrelate Wilh Human Heart FaBore 1752 Wolfgang Diener, Bettina Speiser, Thomas Brand, Niels Bleese, lutta Schaper. Max-Planck-Institute, Kerckhoff-Clinic, Bad Nauheim, Federal Republic of Germany 1o:og Intenrdsion and Eabibib 10e45 Demorotratiun of AMigee-SpecfBt lymphocyles Cultured Frorn Myo- prdial Tirae of Patiprb With Viral Heart Dbe»e 1753 Peter.L... Schwimmbeck,.Heinz-Peter,Sch'ultheiss. University of D'd'ssel- dod, Dussekforf~,Fedlral Republic of Germany. 11:06 inpad of Early and Late taC506 and INF-Gamma on Fnteroriral Mnrine 1754 ~ eM McManus, Ehrin E. Young, LuHeng Hitn,.Rhonda M. Caruso, Bruc Robert J. Stratta, lanet E. Wilson. University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 11:15 PaWogenab of AuWiawaum Myocardlific The Rokof CarNacSarco- plarnk RetlcoMnn CakMrn ATPau and Its Honrobsow Monodanal Andbody4C11 1755 Abd el Rahman Sharaf, Jagat Narula, lames F. Southern, H. William Strauss, Edgar, Haber, Ban An Khaw. Massachusetts Generel.Hospitlal,. Boston, MA 11:30 Increased AngiotensinogenDistributfon in Failing Human Heartt 1756 Hirofumi Sawa, Naold Mbch'izuki; Toshiyuki'Kudou, Hideaki Kawaguchi,.. Hiiakazu Yasuda, Fumio Tokuchi, Kazuo Nagashima. Hokkaido Univer- sity, SaPpora, Japan 11:45 Qututlfkation of Ventricdar Retnodelhtg in the TigM-Skin Mouse -..n.. ..,,...s, U- -- 1757 Andrew K.,Wong, Thomas G.Osborn, James G. MiYer, Samuel A Wic-. klime. Washington UArversity and St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO 2e6
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WED AM NOV 13 Arteriosclerosis: Lipoproteins, Apoproteins, and Genetic Abnornwlities Pacific A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: WiUiam A. Bradley, Birmingham, AL Karl H. Weisgraber, San Francisco, CA I k30 DYBnd rMenalypes Exprei.ed by 1Mee Separate MuWrt ABeles In Fasr1- ial ~Acylkanderase DeficiencY 1813 Takarwri Gotoda, Toshio Murase, Yasuo Akanuma, Maki Sakunw, Naoki i Murayama, Yoshio Yazaki,: John J1 Albers, Notiuhiro Yamada. University of Tokyo, Tokyo, japan, and University of Washington, Seattle, WA e:4s WentlNcation of New Gcnes Affecting Fta..u tlpoproteSn Expression Usin{ QranfJlatlre TTait tnm Mapping 1814 Craig H. Warden, Margaete Mehrabian, Anh Diep, Pingzi Wen, Craig, W. Laughton, Diane L. Ruddle, Aldons J. Lusi9. Departments of' Medicine and Miorobiology and Molecutar Genetics, University of Cali- fornia, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and Syntex Research, Palo Alto, CA 9M Gene MMationm in Pat{nrh Witle Eipoprolein lipa.e DefideMry 1e15 Sam'u S. , Deeb, Manuel Reina, Jonas Peterson, Koki' Takata, Goro KaIiyama. John 0. Brunzell. University of Washington, Seattle, WA, and Hiroshima University; Japan 9:15 LDL Siu Bat Not TriglYceride Content iDelermine. Apoprolieln e Con- formaUon 1816 MaryT.,Walsh, Narmer F. Galeano,. Yadon Arad,~ Yves Marcel, Ross Milne, Richard J; Deckelbaum.,Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, Institute de Recherches, Montreal, Quebec,,Canada; and Columbia University, New York,.NY 9r30 CApolipaprokins Are Located Near Reaidue 3249 of Apo t-1ee o. Very Low DanifY lipaprafein. 1617 Chao-yuh Yang, Borong Lee, Manlan Yang, John R. Guyton, Antonio M. Gotto Jr. Baylor Callege of Medicine and The Methodist Hospitab, Houston, TX 9AS Ie Vitro Exprd.fow of Hrwan Apolipopretein AI. A HncBoml Role for fropeptide In 6pracepular Tral/icking and SeocUan 1e1s Roger McLeod, Carolyn Robbins, P. Haydn Pritchard. Department of Pathology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 10M Intendaiow and Esdibib Uk45 A New t.ofarur of Apo A-M That Deletes a Conserved Repeat k Dehded by. Rastrktbn.bolypiug 1e19 James E. Hiawn, Patricia K. Powers. Suonthwest!Frourdation for Biomedinl Research, San Antonio, TX . 1100 Caaanon Motl6 in the Strrc4wes of Apo A4, Apo E, and Apo A-IV in RecardUrlcd rHDE hAkki 1820 Ma Wnas, Amrn SteimetL University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigir, Urbana, IL and University of Marbag Fedfral Republic of Germany 11:15 ModuLtlan d ApollpoproMir E S~urY.e by lipid 1821 Kad H.: Weisgraber,.5ssel Lud4Catz, Robert W. Mahley. Midwel'Philips. Gladstone Foundation Laboratories, University of California, San F7andsco, San Frar>oim, CA, and Medical College of Pennsylvania, PhiladelpFw, PA 11:30 tklaied Strrt9ral Analysh of a Biulogka/y Adl.e Syntl,efc Peptide MiYaic d Apapoldn E 1e2Z Cheryl A. Dyer,. Katlw B. Rictwds,. Richard S: Smilh„ tirda. K.; Curtiss:. Research Institute of Scripps CYnic,: La. )oga, CA 11ri5 Ce/ tlplalx oi.5id Trtdyoeride-Rkh.PaAider Without Apopoteie E k StbMaAial 1623 Eseier.Granot, Yvon A..CaryenOer, Jra Tabas, Tiklia Vogel;.Marian Gcrecki... Richard 1i Deckelbaum. Columbia University, New Yoik, NY 286
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WED AM NOV 13 Cardiovascular Surgery: Transplantation, Cardiomyoplasty, Mechanical Support, and Long-term Organ Preservation 11 (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P45-P55 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8;30 AM-11:00 AM P45 Decreased Adenylate Cyclase Activity and:G, Levels in Transplanted Human Heart 1952 Evan Loh, Joey V. Barnett,.Gregory S. Couper, Wilson S. Cotucci, Jonas B. Galper: , Brigham . and Women's Hospital I and Harvard Medika' School, Boston, MA P46 The.Effed of Mechanical Left Vlntricvlar Assist Device on Cardiac Size and Function in End StageHeart Disease.:A Doppler Ecltocardio- graphic Study' 1953 Galal M. Ziady„Robert L. Kormos, Rosemarie Salemi, Connie Matesic, BartkyP..Griffith. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA M7Doypler Enaminatian of Superior Vena Caval Howior the Detection of AaAe Cardiac Rejection 1954 Mark.B: Simmonds, David A'. Lythall, Cameron.Slorach,.Charles D.q. lisley; Andrew.G: Mitchell, Magdi Yacoub. Harefield Hospiaal, Hare- field, Middlesex, United Kingdom P4g CompoaRional Analysis off the University of Vtrscomin Soluil Heart Praervation195S Wilson Ko; John A. Zelano, Richard LLazzaro„ W. Douglas Lazenby, O. Wayne.lsom,. Karl H. Krieger. New York Hospilal-Cornell Medical~. Col, (ege;,New York, NY P49 Is Glucose Renefkial for Cardiac Storage? 1956 Stephen E. Fremes, Robert D. Furukawa, Ren-Ke Li, L~aura C. Tumiali, Riehard. D. WeiseL UniversiEyofiToronto, Toronto,.Ontartio;.Canada P50 Evidence for Cardiac Reinnervation After Orlhotopic Cardiac Tram- plantation in Hwnaro 1957 James A, Arrowood, J.V: Nixon, Pramod K. Mohanty. Medical Collegc.of Virginia and!the VeteransAdministratuon MedicaLCenter,.Richmond,.VA. PSl InoLoplc Beta-Adrenergic Sensitivity of the Tran>spWnted, Denervated Human Heart In Vivo 195g Wolfgang von Scheidt, Michael Biih'm, Bruno Reichart, Gernot Auten- rieth, Erland Erdmann. Medizinische Klinikl, Herzchir. Klinik„Klinikum Grosshadem, University of Munich, Munich, Federal Republic of Gemwny. P52 Effects of Cytlwporae oe VasaJar 6rdoYrclial Fundion and Morpholagy. 1959 Barry, B:K.. Ch'an„John A, Kern,.Terry. L. Flanagan,.Curtis G...Tribble, hlving L. Kron. Univenity, of Virginia,.Charlottesvillle,.VAP53 lang-knn.Effecb of Sldoid lNltltdowal in Cardiac Tramplad RecitieMs 1960 Leslie W. Miller, Lawrence R. McBride,.PamelaPeigh, D.G. Pennimgton. St. Louis University, St: Louis, MO P54 Preoperatire Risk Analysis in Patients Receiving Total Artificial Heart . Before Transplantation 1961 Akira Kawaguchi,i Iradj Gandjbakhch, Alain Pavie, Valeria Bors, Philippe Leger, Elizabeth Vaissier, AnnikCabrob, Yoshikado,Sasako,.Christian Cabrol. Hopital dela Pitie, Paris, France P55 Bronchial Reactivity Following Lung Transplantation: Effects of. Denervation and Acute Rejection 1962 Allison I, McLarty, Virginia M. Miller, Christopher G.A. McGregor. Mayo . Clinic.and Foundation,.Rochester,.MN 300
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Cardiovascular Sufgery: Coronary Artery Surgery 111 California Pavilion B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Timothy 1• Gardner, Baltimore, MD James K. Kirklin, Birmingham, AL !30 Imporfant Influence of Age on Risk of Stroke Following Operation for Cororrary. Artery Bypass 1842 Chi-Ming Wei, Christie T.T. Tan; Robert L. Frye, Hartzell' V. Schaff. Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, Rochester, MN'. fb/S The Importance of Ga.plNener of Ilevascvlar'vation During Lurrg- lenn Follow-up After Coronary Artery Surgery 1f/43 Ellis L. Jones, William S. Weintraub. Emory University School of Medikine, Atlanta, GA 9M Inlerrral Thoracic Artery Grafts, Twenty Years Clinical Follow-up 1841 Airlie Canrerory..David A. Bmgro; George E... Green.. St: Luke's-Raoseveltl Hospital Center, New Yor14, NY, 9.15 Long-term Msbpaplric Follow-r4 of Normal and Mildly Diseased Sraphenous VeYr Grafb1it445 Enrique E. Campos, Eli R. Farhi, Joseph A. CinderelPa. State Universityof New. York at,Buffaio, BuHab, NY 9:J0 l,e+rBtlr of Hospital StayAfter Corarary Artery Bypass b Predikted by a Simpk PrcoperaHve Comorbidity Srnre 1946 James G. Jollis, lai Choi Lam, L Richard Smith, Peter K. Smith, David 8: Pryor, Daniel 8. Mark Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 9.{5 Does the Surgical Technique of Ven64ar1ar Recarhuctioa in8renoe Patient Outcome Fo/owie{ Left Ven4icuhr Anevysrnedemyi 1847 Victor A. Jebara, Christophe Acar, Sertian Mihaiieanu, Jean Noel Fabi- anij Alain Deloche, Philippe Blondeau, Alain Carpentier. HSpitaL Brous- sais, Paris, France 10:00 1n&rnrluion and 6dribib 10K5 Obervational Comparisons of Event-Free Savival With Medital and Surlical Therapy in Patients With Coronary, Artery Diseaae: Twenty . Years of Fopowwp IfMB Lawrence H: Muhibaier, David 8: Pryor. J. Scott Rarkim, L Riihard Smhh.. Robert H. Jones, Donald D. Glower, Frank E. Hmrell Jd., Keny'L Lee, David C. Sabiston lr. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 11:80 Compariwu of Coronary Suryery and PfCA ir Patients With Two- Venel Coronary, Disease 1849 William S. Weintraub„ EllisL Jones„ Spencen B. King 111, Joseph M. Craver, Henry A. Liberman, Douglas C. Monis, Robert A. Guyton. Emory University. School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA 1115 Revasaiar{zatbn With rTCA Does Not Improve Return to Work fiates Over CAf1G or Medical Therapy 1850 Daniel8. Mark, Lai Choi Lam,.Kerry L. Lee, Robert H. lones, David. B. Pryor, Hany,R. Phillips, Redford B. WiBiams, Nancy E. Ciapp-Channing, Mark A.Hlatky: Duke University Medical Center,.Durham,.NC 11:30 A ComparaNre Analysis of Medical and Surgical Therapy in OdoBenarfans With Isolated Coronary Artery Disease 1851 Richard Lazzaro, Wilson Ko, Jeffrey P. Gold, Marjorie Goldstein, John A. Zelano, O. Wayne Isom, Kad H. Krieger. New York HospitallComeB Medical Collpge, New York, NY 11:{5 Relative Merils of Coronary fitypan Surgery and Coronary MgioplaAy in MulBverd Disease and Impaired Left Ven6farlar hnctlow 1852 John 1. AlYan, James H. O''Keefe, James L Vacek, Jeffrey M. Pilhler, Ben D: McCallister, Geoffrey O. Hartzler. Mid'America Heart Institute, Kan- sasCity; MO 209
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WED Basic Science/Circulation: AM In Vitro and In Vivo Cardiac Muscle Function NOV 13 Room C -3 8:30 AM-12:00 NooN Chairmen: James W. Covell, La Jolla, CA Christian Holubarsch, Freiburg, Federal Republic of Germany ik30 EHect of lsozyrne Change on the Force-Velocity Relation of Cardiac Myosin In Vitro 1769 Seiryo Sugiura, . Hiroshi i Yamashita, Takashi Serizawa,. Tsuneaki.. Sugi- moto, Shigeru Chaen: Haruo Sugi. University of Tokyo,: Tokyo, Japan fti45 Sliding Velocity of laten Beads Coated With CardiomyopatLk Hamster Cardiac Myosin on NiteBopris.Aclin Bundles 1770 Hiroshi Yamashita, Seiryo Sugipra, Shin-ichi Momomura. University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 9:OO rad-Systofic Force-Lengtls Relationships of Isolated Cardiac Myocytes of the Frog: Effects of Varying Afterbad and Preload 1771 Sanjay Parikh,. Sha-zhou Zou,.Leslie Tung. The Johns Hopkins Univer- sity, Baltimore, MD 9:15 Afteratiorrs in Apparent Ca'• SensiNvily of MyofRamenfs During and After 6ctrasystok in Cultured Ventricular Myor.yles 1772 Osami Kohmoto, Shin-ich'iMomomura, Takashi Serizawa, Tsuneaki i Sugimoto,. William H. Barry, University of: Tokyo; Tokyo,. Japan, and1 Division of CardiokSgy, Universityof Utah, Salt Lake City,.UT 9r3o load Irrdepersden« of Relaacation:in Isolated Cardiac Myocyles of the Frog 1773 Sanjay Parikh, Sha-zhou Zou, Leslie Tung. The Johns Hopkins Univer- sity, . Baltimore,: MD ~ 9:45 Detenoinants of Velocity of Sarcot.ere Shortening in Mamr.alian Myocardllum 1774 . Pieter P. de Tombe, Henk , E.D;J• ter Keurs. Department of, Medical Physiology, University ofiCalgary; Calgary, Alberta, Canada 10.m IMennbsion and Exhibits 10:4S EHecb of Chronic Mitral Regoraitation on Diastolic Function in bo- lated Cardiocytes 1775 Hiroyuki I Tsutsui,. Yoshitoshi! Urabe, Douglas Mann, Robert Kent,, George Cooper, Blase:Carah'eilo; Michael IZiie.: Veterans Administration Medidal Center, Gazes Institute, Medieal~ Uhiversity of South Carolina, Charleston, SC 11:OO Effects of Chronic Rig1K Ventricular Pressure Ovesbad on DiaNolic Function In Isolated Cardiocytes 1796Mich'ael Zile, Hiroyuki Tsutsui,.Douglas Marm,.Yoshitoshi:Urabe„Rob- ert Kent, George Cooper. Veterans Administration Medical 1 . Center,. Gazes Institute, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC 11:15 Abnossnalitles im 6edtation-CoMraction Corrpline in Diabetic Casdio- twyopatltic Rab 1777 KKathleen A. Maher, Sheldon E. Litwin, Cynthia L Perreaultl,.. Lisa A. Bentivegna, Richard P. Shannon. Harvard-Thomdike Laboratory, Bos- ton, MA 11:30 Ficitatlon-Conlraelion Coupling in Taurine-Deplehd Rat Myocardua. 1770 Douglas W. Eiey, Norma Lake,. Henk E.D.J. ter Keurs. Department of Med. Physioi., University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, and Department of,Physiology,.M¢Gill University, Montreal,,Quehec; Canada 11:45 Contracille Dysfunction in ~FaBing Human flearb::Role of Cron6sidge IMeractions 1779 RogenJ...Hajyan, Judith K. Gwathmey. Beth Israel IHospital and Harvard . Medical School,,Boston, MA 282
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Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Control of Cardiac Channel Activity Room C-2 8:30 AM-12:00! NOON Chairmen: Harry A. Fozzard, Chicago, IL Dirk ). Snyders, Nashville, TN WED AM NOV 13 0:50 Modulation of L-Type Caidwe Channel KlneNcs by Plroiyhatase hdku« 1750 Katsush'ige Ono, Harry A. Fozzard. Cardiac Electrophysiolbgy Labs, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL kIS Molecular Cloning of the Human Cardiac Caldoa Rekase Channel cDNA: Eswewion Strrdles in End-Stage Human HeaA Failure 1799 Anne-Marie B. Brillantes, Paul O. Allen, Andrew R. Marks. Brookdale Center for Molecular Biolbgy and Division of Molecular Medicine and Division of Cardiology of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY, and Brj&m and Women's H6spital, Boston, MA 9:00 Sodium lan. Modulate Ca" Channel 1fiospAorylation via cAMP- DeperrderM frdeir Kiease A 17" C. William Balke, W. Gil Wier. University of Maryland, Bateimore, MD l:1S Fatty Adds DYectly Activate Calriwr ClrareeY In VaYiniar MpcYb 1761 Hu Xian„James M: Huang,. Marvin Bacaner. Universityy of Minnesota,Minneapolis,.MN }.30 Effect of Fndotheun an Cardiac Ca" Gamerrt rutLrer Slydies of the Srrbceqdar Medrapbm 1762 Mich'aeV R. Lauer, WilBam T. Clusin, Division of Cardiology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA tAS Coerpreadua d'Sicelefal Muscle C+Idun C]rnrd Srborp cDNAs Lr Mwse L Cdc TheMnaree of Subudt Conrpo.llSar an Dlhydrappridirre leceplor and Calcium Cra.nel Fndlorr 1763 David Schultz, Gyula Varadi, Philippe Lory, Arnold Schwart2. Depart- meM of PharnucoloBp and Cell Biophysics, University of Cincinnati, Cmannati, OH 10:00 Inlenmt„ion and Edibl410:45 hoteirr IOa1ie C Actlvttes a Heart Chloride Crrrreat 17" Kenneth B. Walsh. Department of Pharmacology, Universioy of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 11a10 Divalent Block ot Cardiac and Mt Sbelehl Muscle Na•'Chameb 1765 Peter H. Badcx, Eduardo Marban, David T. Yue, Gordon F, Tomaselli. The Johns Hopkins Univenity, Bahimore, MD 11:15 StaBk 6mBenow Espresdon of K' Charrels Cloned From the Mamwa- Ran Cardiovascdar System ie Mouse LTK- Ce9s 17" Dirk 1- Snyders, Frank A. Fish, Steve L Roberds, Kanen M. Knolh, Michael M. Tamkun, Paul B. Bennett Vanderbilt University; Nashville, TN 11:30 Novel CardiarAlrial K' QunneM,.1_ and 1., 1767 Michael 1. Ackerman, Mark A Wallert, Donghee Kim, David E. Clapham. Mayo Foundation, Rochester, MN 11A5 Block of a Cloned Human Cardiac K• Clrarnel by Quirridirre 1769 Dirk 1. Snyders, Karen M: Kno1h, Steve L. Roberds, Michael M. Tamkun. Vanderbilt University Medical School, NashvBle, TN N 281
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1 NOV 13 Thrombosis: Thrombolysis II California Pavilion C Anaheim Hilton Hotel' 8:30 AM-12:001NOON Chairmen: Joseph Loscaizo, Boston, MA David R. Massel, London, Ontario, Canada l:30 Vampiro Rat Salivary %asminogen Activator Promotes Saslained Reper(oAon in a Canine Model of Arterial Thrombosis 1ZrS3 Michael ): Melkott, Inez I. Stabilito, Gregory C. Cuca, Jeffrey 5. BarretY, Joseph 1. Lynch, Stephen J:. , Gardell. Merck Sharp & Dohme, West Point~ PA 8:45 Mknt l9binoiytic and TManbolytit Activity of K2P,.an rt-PA Mudant, ~ MCoronatyThrombosis 1its4 ~Tom G.P. Saldeen, Wilmer W. Nichols, Francesca A. Nicoliini, Jawafiar L. Mehta. University otFkxida and'Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Gainesville, FL I 9.00 ThrombolysN by Recombieant Desarodus SaR!rary,PlantiaoRm A;ctiva, ij tor Alpha 1 in Rat Pulmonary fmbolum 1a55 Wemer Witt,tt Berthoid Baidus,.Peter Brir>gnunn, Peter,Donner. Research ~ Laboratories of,Sdtering AG, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany 9:15 Po&ntiatioa of Uraldnase4nduced Flbrinoly.it by Homan-Adirried hotein.C 118511, Suzanne Marque, Anne-Marie Crain,i Violaine Kichenin-Martin, Olivier Stiickeri Jacques Chabbat, Aline LaulAn, Bertrand Basuyaux; Renaud Trouve. CNTS, Les UBs, France 9:30 kthWNian of Thranbolyf& by Activation of Platekf{ In Vivo 111137 Satoshi Fupi, Dana R. Abendschein, Burton E., Sobel. Washington UAi- versity, St; Louis, MO I I 9:45 PtertOtr Streptokibax Therapy Inhibils SuMeqoeM Streptokfaase TMom6oiyrk 1ssB David Missel, Alexander G.G. Turpie, John A. Caims, Frederick A. Ofosu, Michael R. Buchanan. McMaster Univensity, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 10:00 latetab.ion and Esdtiblils 1lFAS Adjl.Qive 6thanonaatt of Enzymatic Thromboly.b Wilh a Seiedive Factor Xa Wdbitar Compared to Hirudin and Heparin in a Canine Model of Mtte Camnary, Thranboab 1859 George P. Viasuk, Gary R. Sitko, Denise R. Ramjif, Joseph i~ Lynch.. Merck Sharp & Dohme, West Poimt, PA 11:00 Themnilin Inhibition With DnP 714. Accelerates Reperfnwon and Deiayst Reoodtwion in Doq 1f160 Robert M. Knabb, Charles A. Kettner, Thomas M. Reilly. The Du Pont Merck Pharmaceutical Company, Wilmington, DE 11:15 G4120, a Revenible Syothefic Platelet Giycoprolein IRr/I1ta Receptor. AnfadoniMt: Effect on Coronary Thromboha& 1861 Tsunehiro Yasuda, Herman ~ K. Gold, Robert C. Leinbach, Hiroyuki Yaoita, Chikashi Kohmura, John :T. Fallon, Luis Guerrero, Robert Hblt, Mary A. Napier, Stuart Bunting, Desire Colkn, Massachusetts General i Hospital, Boston; MA 11:30 Differental SeeritMly to In Vitro Thrombolysh Wi/h Three Drugs Detected by Motion Analysis of ParamaptNic Particles Wltltin a Clot in an p.dlyft Magnetic FieW 1Ri2 David R. Musselman, DavidA.,Tate,.BruceJ.,Oberhardti AnthonyF'^ Abruuini,Grsgory.l• Deh'mer..Cardiovascular. Diagnosties, Inc, and The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,l NC 11:45 Catlteter-Delkered Ultrasound Dis.oivea Or;anittd Throwbi ResiNant To Tia.ue Mapnhayen Activator 1"3 iean Marzellb, Sophie Combe, Manoushehr Mirshahi, Jeannet1e Soria, Claudine Soria, ShabSultan Mirshahi, Philippe Dartevelle, Robert I. Siegeli Hopital St:.Joseph~ Hotel Dieu, Marie:lannelongue, Paris,. France,: and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center,.Los Angeles, CA 12:00. Annual Meinns Meeting for the Council on Thrombosis 296
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WED AM NOV 13 Basic Science: Mechanisms of' Action of Class III Antiarrhythmic Agents Poster Presentation Boards P104-P115 Convention Center Exhibit Halll Poster Displayed: 8:30 :AM-12:00 NooN Presenter Present: 930 AM-12:00 NOON P104 EleclrophysiologiKat Effects of Intravenous Amiodarone on Acutely Ischemie Myocardium 2009 Ichiro. WatanaUe, E:iichi Tokutake, Toshilsugu.Ogura, Junichiro Kajpa„ Kazuhiko Kondo, Toshiaki Xojima„Satoshi Saito,~ Yukio Ozawa., Nihon ~ University, Tokyo,.Japan P10S Amiodarone, Early, Electrophysiologic fhanges, and lipid Amphiphiks in Acute Myocardial ledremia 2010 Yutaka. Kimura,: Louise Harris, Nisan Shaikh. University, of Toronto, Toronto,.Ontario, Canada P106 Ao6fibriBatory, Effed:.of a Clau III Drug in Chronic Infarction 2011 Seth J. R7a14;. Ving Wu, Alan Gabriel,. Roger A. Marinchak, Peter R. Kowey. Lankenau Hospital I and Medicaf I Research Center, Wynne- woodJ PA P107 Pro- and Ant7anltylhmic Effects of d- and dl'-Sotalol Are Mediated by Actions on Conduction in an Isolated Tissue Model of Ventricular Tachycardia 2012 Jyoti S. Pasnani, Gregory R. F'errier. Dalhousie University, Halifax,.Nova Seotia,.Canada P108 Mtiarrhytlimit Effects of .4-Aminapyridine, a Transient Outward Cur- rent 6locber, on '9schemia"-Indnced Reentry in Isolated Canine Ven- triadar Subepicardium 2013 Anton Lukas, Charles Antzelevitch. Masonic Medical Research talwra- tory, Utica;.NY~ P109 Action of d-Sotalol on Atrial flutter in Dogs With Right Atrial Eelarge ment 2014 Joseph N. Graziano Jr., Penelope.A. Boyden. Department of Pharma- cokogy, CofumbiaUniversity,.New.York, NY. P110 Prolongation by, Captopril of Action Potential Duration In Normatl and HypertropNed Rat Ventricles: Direct Action or Inhibition of Angioten- sin Converting Euymei 2015 Christophe Ribuot,. ReneCardinal„ Pierre Moreau, Diane Godin, Jacquesde Champlain, Regimald Nadeau. Hopital du. Sacre-Coeur, Montreal,,Quebec, Canada P111 d-Sotalol TermirntesReentry. by TwoMechanismsWYth Different Dependence on the Duration of the Exritable Gap 2016LlawrenceH. Frame, FeiHailing.,University.of Pennsylvania,Phif3del- phia, PA P112 Mechaedrm of Atrial nutter Termination by WAY-123,398, a Unique Class III Agent 2017 Jose Ortiz„Masaki Iganashi,:%avierGonzalez, Albert L. Waldo, Nancy'1. Johnson. Case Western Reserve University,.Cleveland,.OH P113Preventionof'Hypoxia-Induced Action Potential Shortening and Reduction of Contractile Force by UK-6g,79g 2018 Tao Yang, Pal M. Tande, David A. Lathrop,.Helge Refsum. Department of Medical Physiology, University of Troms®;.Tromsn, Norway. P114 Rate-Dependenl Changes in Action Potential Duration in Rabbit Papil- lary Musde Effects of Selective K Channel Rlockers and Ryanodine 2019 Nipavan Chiamvimonvat,. Li Wang, Henry J. Duff. Unir•ersity,of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta„Canada P115 Comparison of Amiodarone and Sotalol'for Long-term Treatment of Ventriurlar Tachycardia When Neither Drug Is Predicted Effective at Electrophysiologic Study 2020 David LL Ross, Mark.J; Cooper,.Lloyd M. Davis, Michael P. Sk'inner,. David S.W. Ho, David A.B..Richards, loh'n B. Utlher,..Cardiology Unit, Westmead Hospital,.Westmead.Australia 306
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NOV 13 Plenary Session X' Symposium: Clinical Expression of Hypertrophy and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Main Arena 2:00 PM-3: 15 PM Chairmen: E. Douglas Wigle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada William J. McKenna, London, United Kingdom 2:00 GeaeBts of Hyperkaphic Cardiomyopathy Christine E. Seidman, Boston, MA 2.•15 Hemodynamic Interplay of Hypertrophy and Ischemia Beverly H. Lorell,i Boston, MA 2:30 Rbk and Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death lameh Fananapaziq Bethesda, MD 2:15 Cardiac Hypettraphy in the Elderly Edward G. Lakatta; Baltlimore, MD 3:08 Young Asyopfanalic Patients and Athletes: Current CoNroverties Barry J, Maron,Bethesda; MD Plenary Session X1 Symposium: Diagnosis and Management of Syncope ~ Main Arena 3:45 PM-5:00 PM Chairmen: Mark E. Josephson, Philadelphia, PA Melvin M. Scheinman, San Francisco, CA 3KS INaptitude of the Problem Differential Diapasis Wishwa N. Kapoor, P'ittsbungh, PA 4M Anlrytlraiac DiaptooBC Approaches Jeremy N! Ruskin, Boston„ MA 4:15 Neurocaedlio,eeic Syncope: A Treatabk Disorder David G. Benditt, Miinneapolis, MN 4:30 Neurolo{it Cawa of Syncope Louis R. Caplan, Boston, MA 4:45 Practical Apprwcir to Syncope Masood Akhtap,Milwaukee, WI tJ ( ~ O ! ; W i C!I i. I O I 2V loa N These sessions will'be audiotaped. ®
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WED AM NOV 13 Basic Science: Pharmacologic Modulation of Arrhythmias Poster Presentation Boards P85-P95 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:001 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM P!S Chronic DiBitatis Treatrnent Prevents Experimental Torsades de Pointes . 1991 Subhankan Bandyopadhyay, Frank A. Fish, Dan M. Roden. Vanderbilt University, , Nashville, . TN P86 Overdrive Suppression of Abnonnal Autonntkity Is Enhanced by Class IC Antiarrhyfhmic 1992 Xiao-Li Ren,.Brian ~F. Hoffman. Columbia University,.New York,.NY Pti7 Effects of Quinidine on the Diastolic Ca Staircase in Guinea Pig Myo- Grdlunt 1993 Junichi Hasegawa, Shozo Hirai, Tatsuhiko Matsumoto, Himshi Kotake, Hiroto Mashiba. Saihaku. Hospitall and Tottori University, Tottori, Japan ~ P68 Influence of Dietary fat on the Electraphrsioloaic Effects of Qainidae and Tocain(de 199s Anne M. Gillis;.Millie Choi„Heather ). Mathison,.Howard G.,Parsons. University of'Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada P!9 lontophoretic Versus Intravenous Procainamide Transport IntoInfarded rruue 1995. Boaz Avitall, John Hare, Gary Zander, Cynthia Lessila,.Chades Bockoff,. Anwer Dhala, Sanjay.Deshpande. Sinai-Samaritan Medical!Center, Mi1J waukee, WI P90 Charadetitation of the late-Dependent Effects of Cocaine on Con- dudion In the MVivo. Canine HeaR 19% Craig W. Clarkson, Adrienne Stolfi; Shirou Yamasaki, William Q. George, Arthur. S. Pickoff. Department of Pharmacology and Department of Pediatrics, Tulane Medical.Sch'ool,.New,Orleans, LA P91 AMidtolinerpc Effects of Cibenzoline and. Dhopyramide in. Single AtrWl Myocytn 1997 Toshiaki NNakajimw; M. Masatoshi, Ei{i Hamada, Mari ilguchi. The.Second Department of Internal Medicine, University, of .Tokyo,.Tokyo, , Japan P92 Pinaddil- and Pharbol 12,13-Dibutyrate4nduced VeMriadar Fibrilla- tiom AntagoI m by Glybendamide 1998 S. Oluwole Fagbemi, Shawn C. Black; Liguo Chi, Mark R. Cunningham, . Benedict R. Lucchesi. , University of Michigan Medical School, . Ann . Arbor, Ml P93 Accekration of VentAadar. Epicar6al Conduction by. Myotensin It . 1999 James B. Martins. Cardiovascular Center, University of Iowa, College of' Medicine, IowaCity; IA P94 Evidence for Alpha-2 Receptor Modulation.of PurkinJe ttefractoriness 2080 James B. Martins, Thomas E. Rath. Cardiovascular Center;.University.of' . Iowa,.College of Nledicine,.Iowa City, IA P95 Early. Aftenlepolarizatiom Indocedd by Cocaine in Feline Ventricular . myocyt- 2960 Shinichi Kimura,.Arthur L Bassettj,Hongying Xi; Robert.J. Myerburg. Universitly.ofMiami School of~Medicine, Mumi, FL 304 G
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Clinical Cardiology: Neurohumoral Mechanisms in Heart Failure 11 California Pavilion D Anaheim Hilton Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Robert J. Cody, Columbus, OH lean Rouleau, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada NOV 13 &30 RetaBauhlp 8dween NewolgWleraf hoNk and One-Yeae Mortalify ia PatleMa W!/r CNF awd/ar Left Ventrinaar Dysfunction 1864 John M. Niddas, Claude Benedict, David E. Johnstone, Richard Kay, Philip C. Klrlin, Debra Weiner,.Martial G. Bourassa;. Salim Yusufi forth'e. SOLVD Registry Investigators. 8:45 boeased Cardlac Monpkxphri.e SpRlorv In Head Failure I. Due to Inoeased Release and Not Reduced Neuronal Uptake 186S Ian T. Mereditli, Murtay D. Eskr, Gany L Jennings, Graeme Eisenhofer. Baker Institute, Melbourne, Australia !A8 The teta-Adrnner8it SyNetp Styporb Syrtdic Furction But Not Dia- Aolk Compliance fa CorrgaBve Heart Failure 1866 Howard L Haber, Christopher L Simek, James D. Bergin, Ian J. Sarembock Robert M. Owen, AJberto Saduna Eric R. Powers, Marc D. Feldman. University of Virginia, Charbttesville, VA k15 WNdt Camponeet of the Beu-Adrewer8lc Pathway BeR Reflects the Hewodynanit and Clirainl Reaporoe 10 lon8-leem 8ela-Blodode In CMa.it Heatt FaYaeit 1867 Jonathan Sackner-8emstein, Evelyn M. Hom, Joshua Penn, Marrick L. Kukin, Norma Medina, Madeline Yushak, Rochelle L. Goldemith, Joh'n P. Bilezikian, MiBon Packer. Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Columbia University, New York, NY tJ8 Is 8efa-Reapbr UpneBrladoa Neceraryfor t.qeowed left Veat,iarlar FanNon In DiYkd Cardiowyapal6yr 18f8 Edward M. Gilbert, Stephanie L Oben,, Patrice Mealey, Kirk VoBurun, Patti Larrabee, Michael R. Bristow. University of Utah, Sah Lake City, UT !4S Heart TraaplrMaBm Reruaes A6nanmYtlp i. EndotldYwtDepedent DilaYon of Iaiph[wl Mood Vse4 fn h8eik WIBh Heart Faire 1869 Spencer H. Kubo, Thomas S. Rector, A3an 1• Bank, Linda K. Tschumper- lih, Nancy Brunsvald, Mark Kraemer, Jeffrey Gibbs. University of Min, nesota,. Minneapolis, MN . 18W Iwletwti.lon and EEdibib 1trA5 Eade1he11e Plasma Concentration Is Iaaeased In Dop With Chronic Hearl Failure 1870 Hani N. Sabbah, Tatsuji Kono, A. GuiRemro Scicli, Gloria Sacli, Pau4 D: Stein,, Oscar A. Carretero. , Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute, Detroil, MI 11.'88 Plasma FidoWelin_1 Concentration as a Proenwtk Predictor in Patients With Heart Fai4we 1871 Takayoshi Tsutamoto, Tosh'ryuki. Kanamori, Masahiko,Kinoshita: Shiga University of Medical Science, Otsu,,Shiga, JApan 11:15 Plasma FndaBreYn Correla/ea With the E:derrt of PWmanary Hyperten- sion ie Clronk Congestive HeaR Failwe PaUeAs 1672 Robert I. Cody, Carrie J, Haas,PhiripF. Binldey, Robert Ketley; Quinn Capers. The OAio.StateUniversity, Cofumbus,..OH. i1:38 Re.a/ Hkeeb of Mdor.etltadn M CHF 1873 Stephen 5. Goldkb, Shawn W. Robinson, Michael L . Fisha, CalherineM. Krichkn. University of Maryland School of Medic:re, Baltimore, MD 11:45 inpa4men/ of Renal Function DwinB Treatment of Heart Failure With ACE kthilsiton: 8mk of ASS (AcNyhaNcylic Add) 1874 Rainer Dietz, Karl-Josef Osterziel, Frank Nagel, Claudia PSschke, Wolf- gang Kubler. Department of Cardiology, University of Heidelberg, Hei- delberg, Federal Republic of Germany 291
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WED AM NOV 13 Stroke: Embolic Stroke-Atrial Fibrillation, Patent Foramen Ovale, and Transesophageal Echo Room C-5 8:30 AM-12:00''NOON Chairmen: William M. Feinberg, Tucson, AZ Giuseppe DiPasquale, Bologna; Italy •:30 interiut Anaiyris of Veterans Administration Cooperative Studyc Stroke Prevention In NonfietrnaticAtrial'librillation 1791 Michael D., Ezek'owitz„Samuel L. Bridgers, Kenneth E. James, and SPINAF Investigators. West.HavenVeterans Administration Medical Center and Yale University,.New Haven,.CT 0.i5 fiedicton of Clinical Thromboendroiism in Atrial FBtrillation 1792 Jonathan,L. Halperin, Robert G, Hart, Ruth McBride, Richard Kronmal, for the Stroke Prevention in Atriai Fibrillation i (SPAF) Investigators. Mount Sinai Medical Centeq.New.York, NY9000 Embolism in Left Atrial/AppeadaEe Thrombi 1793 Claudia Stoliberger, Christian Bachl,.Geriiard Kronik„Pavel Chnoupa. KA RudolfstiRung,. KH Floridsdorf,. Wien;. Austria, KH Krems, A. UKVCH IBratislava, CSFR 9:15 Incidence and Clinical Implications of Spontaneous Echo Contrast Aseened by. Transeroplsa`eal :Echocard'oaraplry 1794 Wei-Xi Zhu,,Bijby K. Khandheda„Guy S. Reeder, Mark JJ Callahan, Roger L. Click, James B- Seward. Mayo Cliniic,, Rochester; MN I 9:30 Traronopha`eal Echocardiosraphic Diagnosis of Patent Foramen Ovale In Adults Without Prior Stroke 1795 Eric K. Louie, Steven N. Konstadt, T.L.K: Rao, Patrick J. Scanlon. Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, IL l:45 Diagnosing Paradoxical Ernboliam by Combined Use of Tranc- eraphatleal Contrast &hocatdiogaphy and Plrlebopaphy 17% Claudia SYSllberger, Ronald Karnik, Irmgard Schuster, Karl Kocher, Helmut Leilner, Gertntd Langer, )i)rg Stanyr KA Rudolfstiftung, Wien, Austria 10.90 intemaaion and Exhibits 10:45 Transc.anial Deppler. WNh.Contrast Iniection In Stroke Patients With Patent Foramen Ovak 1797 Marco R. Di, Tullio, Ayrton,Massaro, Michael:Hoffman, Ralph ~L. Sacco, J.P: Mohr, .Shuniehi'Homma.Columbia Presbyterian Medica6 Center, New York, NY 11.00 Clinical televance of a Patent Foramen Ovale in Patients With Hemodynamic Active Pulmonary Embolism 1796 Wolfgang Kasper, Niklaus Tiede, Annette Geibel, Stavros Konstan- tinidis, Hanj&g Just. Department of Cardioiogy, University ofFreiburg Freiburg Federal Republic of Germany 11:15 Short-tenn FoRow-up of Patients With Atrial Septal Aneuryrrc Inci- deeoe of Cerebrovascvfar Events 17" Frederick A. Dressier, Ashok K. Sharma, Elizabeth O. Ofili, Ramon CasteRo„ Nancy A.Suliivan, Arthur ): LabovitZ. St. Louis Umversny. School, of Medicine, St... Lbuis, MO 11:30 Tran.esoPhaaeal Echocardiosraphy in Stroke: When Is 11 Usefuit 1lOB Pierre Decoodt;,. Raymond Kacenetenbogen, Robin Bouton, Andre Capon,.)ean-Paul Bar, Karin Salmon, Beatrice Peperstraete, Thierry. Verbeeq,Witokf.Wasckiewicz, Michel Telerman..Brugmann Univenily. Hospitah Brussels, Belgium ~ a 11:45 Prevalence and Predictors of LifeaThreateointj VentrltWar AFrhy ~' After Srrbaradnsoi:d Hemorrha`e Giuseppe Di Pasquale, Stefano Urbinati, Alvaro.Andreoli, Anna Maria Lusa, Michele Ruffini, Giuseppe Pinelli.,Division of Cardiology and Division of Neurosurgery,.BellariaHospital, Bologna, Italy 2!I
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Basic Science: Mechanisms of Arrhythmia Termination-Defibrillation Poster Presentation Boards P73-P84 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM,-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM WED AM NOV 13 L•73 Effkacy of Aionopha.k and fiiphask Shocks for Excitation and Repo- lariritio, fhnlaqatfon 1979 Stephen B. Knisley, Sharon B. Melnidc,.Wiiliam M. Smith,.Raymond 6 Idek'er. Duke University; Durham, NC . P74 Why a steep Slope of a Rerettlns Response Curve Predicb TenaMation of Reeatry by Premature sBnwR 1990 Fei'Hauling, Lawrence H. Frame. University of Pennsylvania, Philadel- phia, PA f75 The Mecfianism far Te+minalion of Reentry, in Myocardiune Model and E:perimental5tudks 1981 VledianirG. Fast, Igor R.. Efimov, Arcady. M. Pertsov, Institute of Biologi- cal Physics, the USSR Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Moscow Region, USSR P76 The Effect of an EArartlmulur on the buducibitity of Premature Escape leab 11982 Gyorgyi E. Lipcsei, Marc A. Vos, Jet D.M: Leunissen, Bram de Wit~ Anton P.M. Gorgels. Department of Cardiology, University Hospital I Maastricht. Maastdcht, The Netherlands P77 Order in Disader•. Mechantsm of Rarium-Nduced Lowering of Deff- bri0atlon Energy Requirements 1983 Paul Dorian, Francis X: Witkowski, Patricia Penkoske. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, and University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada P78 rluse TramRion-Mduced Mqedanee Clanaes WiYt RipAask DefWrB- lation ShocJu 1404 Katherine M. Kavanagh, Asim Yunus, Patricia A. Penkoske, Francis X. Witkowski. University of Alberta, E,dmonton, Alberta,,Caruda P79 Evaluafion of AnH86rtl6tbry, fnter.rcntFas by Ca.rplex De.wdtdatlon of the T Wave1l65 Bruce D. Nearing, Richard L. Venier. Depanment' of Pharmacology, Georgetown UnivendtySchool lof Medicine,:Washington,.DC f BO Rotor sile Correlates With DefibrRladon Waveform Efficacy 1966 Raymond E. Ideker, Clif Alfemess, Jenny Hagler, Patrick D. Wolf, William M: Smith. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC rfll Conduction Block pudnR Ventricular FftrBlatloo In Pip Mapped With Closely Spaced Electrodes 1987 Eric E. Johnson, Sarwn F. Idriss, Sharon B. Melnick; Patrick D. Wolf, William M. Smith, Raymond E. Ideker. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC P82 FuMer Assessment of "Supemonaal" and "Subnormal" Candudfoe Gauaed by rstracefldar lo.k Aleeration 1968 Toru Maruyama, Takao Fujino, Naohiko Takahashi; Tetsunori Saikawa, Mono Ito, MAkoto Arita, Leonard S. Gettes. Oita Medical College, Oita, Japan, and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC P83 Reat-by,Beat ECG Varfabilily for Detection o1 htienb With Positive Ellectropiry+iolofk Sddy. 1%9 Shlbmo Ben-Haimi, MichaelKienzle, David Gutlerman. Tech, nion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, and the Univeraityy of Iowa„IowaCity, IA P84 ihematurc StinwN'E.aggerate Mirofropk Conduction and Latency in the Dog Ventrick 19% . Todd A. Wisialowski, Wilson Wong, Dan M. Roden. Vanderbilt Univer- sity, . Nashville, TN 303
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Cardiovascular Surgery: Transplantation, Cardiomyoplasty, Mechanical Support, and Long-term Organ Preservation 11 (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P35-P44 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM WED AM NOV 13 P35 Assessment of Function, Perfusion, Metabolitm, and Hirtolo`yy in Hearts Preraved With Univerriiy of Wisconsin Solulion 1942 Mary P. Nutt, Barry L Fields, Linda A. Sebree, James H. Southard, Robert Pyzaisiti, Albert Thomas, Jesus A. Bianco. Universityy of Wiscon, sin, Madisai,.Wt ~~ r36 Rereni6le ronodosai and siodremicai Abnormalities ia tlre Cold he- rerred Human Donor Heart 1943 Randall C. Starling; Kim NI. Watson, Robert E. Kelley, Timothy A. Cal- brafth„E. Paul Howanitz,. Kevin D...Murray; Robert'J...Codry,.P. David Myerowitz Ohio State University, Columbus, OH P37 oAmtapic Verws Fleterobpit Hrgrt TranrplaMalion ie Do.or-Pedpient Siae AIYoWdr 1944 Akira Kawaguchi, Iradj Gandjbakhch, Michele Desruennes,Nain Pavie, Valeria Bors, PhiiippeLeger, EGzabeth Vaissier, Annik Cabrol,.Christian Cabrol. Hbpital de Ia Piiie, Paris, France P38 The q.plaMabk Defibripator. An i9ecttonic Bridge to Cardiac Traaa- piaetatiar 194S Valluvan leevanandam, Juan A. Sanchez, J.S. Auteri, Felicia A.Schen- k'el, Robert E. Michler, Craig R. Smith,l. Thomas Bigger in., Eric A. Rase, Henry.M. Spotnitz. Columbia University,.New York, NYi 79 6easin{ of Ihdrnomary Artery and Vein Mastoraoser by, Tranr ewphaye.l Edwcardiopaphy After Long Traaqlantation 1946 Werner G. Daniel, Dirk Hausmann, Andreas Miigge, Bernard Hausen, Hans-J. Sch3fers, , Michael Hamm, , Bemd Heublein, Axel Haverich. Medical School Hannover, Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany P40 Regional Differences in SympatLetFc Reinnervatton After Cardiac Traqpla.htioe 1947 Robert F. Wilson, Andrew L McGinn, David D. Uaxson, BetsyV: Chris- tensen, Thomas H. Johnson, Spencer H. Kubo. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,.MN t 41 Mdodarone Ncreases Respiratory Complications After Cardiac Trans- plantation 194ti G. Martin Mulkn, E. Jeanne O'Sullivan, Youlian Liao, Maryl R. iohnson,. Alain L. Heroux, Walter Kao, Edward Garrity, Colin Sumida, Roque Pifarre, Maria RosaCostanzo-Nordin.. Loyola University of Chicagof Hines Veterans Administration Hospital,.Maywood, IL P42 Coronary A/krovarcular Mmeabilfly in Cardiac Transplant htierNs 1949 Ira M. Dauber, David N. Campbell, iuliann S. , WaBner, Karin E. Keller, /oAnn Lindenfeld., University of Colorado Medical Center, Denver, CO P43 Relatfonritip of Increased Levels of Circulating IfaAA-1 After HeaK Tranrplant to Rejection, HLA Match, and Survival 1950 Christie M. Ballantyne,:Eliiabeth A. Maiinolfi', JamesB. Young.Nancy,T. Windsor, Beth Cocanougher, C. Paylon-Ross, E. Clinton Lawrence„ MaryBn S. fbllack,. Donald C. Anderson, Robert Rothiein. Baylor CoN' lege of Medicine, Houston, TX, and Boehringer IngelMeim Pharmaceutii cal4. Ridgefield, CO P44 Eapreraims of Endotlrdial Adhesion Molecule mRNA in Marine Grdiac Allo6ralt Rejection. 1951 Christie M. Bafiantyne, William E. Sanders, Xiao-Yuan Dai; John J. Tren- fin, BaylorZolle®e ofiMedi¢ine, Houston, TX
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WED AM NOV 13 Cardiovascular Radiology/ Clinical Cardiology: Positron Emission Tomography Room AR2 8:3U'AM-t2:UU NOON Chairmen:. Markus Schwaiger, Ann Arbor, MI Paolo G. Camici, London, United Kingdom k30 In Vivo Qwatidkation of Myoardul Mowri.ic Jtecepfas in Hur.am With PIEF 1683 Jacques Delforge, Dominique Le Guludec, Andre Syrota, Christian Crouzel, Pasca6 Merlet. Service F. Jolioti C.E.A., Orsay, and~ Hopital Bichat, Paris, France k45 C-11 Hydroxytiphedrine Myocardiat Retention Following Acute Myp- ca.dfal Iafanctloe 1694 Kevin Allman, Gary Hutchins, Edwin Wolfe,,Christine Allman, Don Wieland, Mark'us Schwaiger,..University,of Michigam, Ann Arbor,.Ml 9:00 Decreased Refa-Adrencrgk Receptor Concenhation In Idiopalhic Cardlonrapatlry Assessed by rositroa radwion Tomography 1igS Pascal Medet, Jaeques Delforge, lean L. Dubois Rani Christophe Benvenuti, Christian Crouzel, Heri¢ Valette, Denis Fournier, Alain Cas- taigne, Andne Syrota. Cardiologie, Centre Hospital-Universitaire Mondbr, CrFteil, and Service Fredbric JoBot CEA; Orsay, France 9.15 Alpha-1 Adrenergic Tone and Coronary Reserve In Patients With S1a- dro.re x 1686 Paob G., Camici, Paolo M3rtaccini, Roberto Gistri, Roberto Lorenzoni, Oreste Sorace, Antonio L'Abbate. CNR Cliniwl. Physiology Institute, Pisa University, Pisa, Italy. 9~J0 [4salAtnt DWaI Camry Vend Dydrndion Afler Caonary AttglioplaAy 16g7 Neal G. Ui Tom Crake, David C. Lefroy, Ranili de Silva, Graham,J: Davies, AttAio Maserf. Hammersmith Hospifal, Lotdon. United Kingdom. 9:45 QuantNirafion oi Mror•andial Perfusion WRh PET: Comparison of ii apd "Cu-IiSM 1686 Pilar Herreeo, Joanne Markham, Cada J. Weinheimer, Mark A. Green,, Michael l• Welch, Steven R. Bergnwnn. Washington Univeisity, St. Louis, MO 10A0 Irrlenrteion and radibik 16:45 Msitro. Ertth.ion Tomography Imaging of MyocardYal Hypezia Wilh 1lFqtroror.bonidamle je Posi-MyacardW Infarclion hqenb 1669)ames R.. Revenaugh, James H. CajdweR, Gary. V. Martin, Jbhn L. Grierson, Kenneth A. Krohn. Division of Cardiology and~ Nuclear Medicine and Department of Bioengineedng; University of Washing- ton, and Veterans Administration Medical Center, Seattle, WA 11:00 Determinantlof Myocardial Glucose Utilization Assessed With Dynamic rDG PET 1690 Yong Choi; Richard C. Brunken, Randall A. Hawkins, Sung-Cheng Huang, Denis B. Buxton, Carl K. Hoh,,Michael'E'. Phelps, Heinrich iR. Schelbert. University of California, . Los Angeles,. School of, httdicine, Los Angeles, CA 11:15 Clinical Siptificance of Reduced Regio.al'Glurn.e Uptake With Nor- mal Rlood Howw in Patients With Chronic Coronary Artery Disease 1691 Pasquale Perrone-Filardi..Steph'en L..Bacharach,.JoseA Marin-Neto: Simone Maurea,.James A. Arrigh'n, Vasken Dilsizian, Robert'O. Bonow. . National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Bethesda, MD 11:30 The Effects of Afterload Reduction on C-11 Acetate %tiretio in Patients With Dilated Cardfowyopaflry 1692 Rob Beanlands,.WilJiam F. Armstrong, Rodmey Hi¢ks,.lohn M., N7cklas,. Charles K. Moore, Gary D. Hutchins, Pauli Ba)wa, Mark4n Schwaiger. University of Michili Ann Arbor, MI 11:45 Aaearnent.of Myoean" OxidaBve Reserve With t'ET: Cornparison With Rck Oaygcn.Cormatptlon. 1693 AnneBol,.Jacques A.. Melih, Bahija Essamri, Dirk Vogelaers, Hidehiro lida, Roland Vanbutsele, Guy R. Heyndrida, William Wijns. Universityy of Louvain (Brussels), Gent, and Cardiovascular Center, Aalsti Belgium, and Akita, Japan 274
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Basic Science: Mechanisms of Atrial Flutter and Fibrillation Poster Presentation Boards P96-P103 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00~ NooN Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM WED AM NOV 13 P96 The Effects of Rapid hcins on Atrial Fibrillation Studied by High- Resolution Mapping 2001Charles Kirchhof„Francisco Chorro, Gert-Jtn Scheffer, Jbsep Brugadi, Maurits Allessie: Department.of Physiobgy,.University,of Limburg, Maastricht,.The Netherlands P97 The Slow Zone in Cirrv. Movement Atrial nutter. The Critical Epinr- dial Substrate 2092 William B. Gough, Mark Restivo, Hlu Yang, Nabil EI-Sherif. State Uni- versity of New York Health Science and Veterans Administration Medi- cal Centers, Brooklyn,.NY P98 Discordance Retween Epicardial and Fndocard'ial Activation in the Canine RlRlrt Atrii.n 2003 Tomohide Kawamoto„Richard~B. Sehuessler,,Dwight E. Hand, James L... Cox„ John P. Boineau. Washington University School of Medicine,. Barnes. Hospital,. St. Louis, MO M! Initiat7on of Atrial Flutter ih Dop With Surgically Induced RigUt Atrial . Enlargement 2004 Joseph N. Graziano Jr., Penelope A. Boyden. Columbia University, New York, NY I10U What Determiaesihe Ventricvlar Rate During Atrial FbriRatfoa: Can- duction or Autoreatidlyl 2fpS Andras Vereckei, Zak Vera, Harald P. Pride,.Douglas P. Zipes. Krannert. Institute.of Cardiology,.IndianapolB, IN P101 Circus Movement AtAal fluMer In the Sterile Pericarditis Model: Corre- lation of Surface ECG and Activation Map 2006 Wolfgang 5chiils, Johannes Brach'mann, Nabil EI-Sherif. Department of Cardiology, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg Federal Republic of Germany, and Veterans Administration Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY P102 The Siprificanee of Multiple Wavekb In Cholinergic Atrial Fibrillatiors Induced by a Single Extrastinwlw 2007 Richard B. Schuessler, Thomas M. Grayson, Burt I. Bromberg, James L. Cox, JohnP. Boineau. Washington University, Barnes Hospital, 5t.. Louis, MO P103 Mechanosemitive K' Charnmeb n.Rat Atrial Myocyta 2000 David RR Van.Wagoner,.Mich'elle Russo. Cleveland Clini¢ Foundation, Cleveland, OH 30S
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WED Featured Besea.ch: AM Vasoactive Peptides- 6ldothetin and Cardiac Hormones Room A-9 13 8:30 AM-12:00 NooN. Chairmen: Gabor M. Rubanyi, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany Tadashi Inagami, Nashville, TN M3Q cyclic GMP rhopModtaRera.e hnMi6itlo. EMaoces Keaal Rapases to Atrial NaUhretlc Pacbr in Head Failure 1727 Kenneth B. Margulies, John C. Burnett Jr. Mayo Clinic and foundation, Rochester, MN IMS Divertent Regulation of Giomenaiar and Vaaadar A6ial Nahiwelk Faclor Receplora ia A{oderak HfgIIII-Ou1qR Heart hihse 1728 ~ Raul Garcia, Marie{hantal Bonhomme,. Ernesto L. Scfiiffein. Ciinical Research lnstitute of Montreal, Montceai, Quebec, Canada 4A0 Renal Reaporre lo Al*ta( Na6iurc6c Faclsr in Ewerh.erqal Cosepive Heart PaMwe Relation to Massa and Urinary Cydfc GM! Produtlion 17'2rn Richard lsnard, Nour Bouanani, Christiane Barthetemy; Genevieve Maistte, Alain Carayon, Bertrand Crozatier, Michel Komajda, )ean- Claude Legrand. Service de Biochimie, CHU Pitie-Salpetriere, Paris; and INSERM U2; Cretei6, France l:15 State of Ihe ArC Feadres of brdotlrdir Actions and Its InhBriU6n Tadashi Inagamij Nashville, TN' 9KS C-Tyoe MIaVMM.edc hp Wa Tiwre DIshbMioe ard Molecadar ioro in 11110111 1730 Yasato Komatsu, 1Cazuwa Nakao, Shin-ichi Suga, Yoshihiro Oppwa, Masashi Mukoyama, Hiroshi Mi; Gotaro 5hkakami.I Kiminod'Hosoda, Ichiro Kishnnoto, Osamu Nakegawa, Maio Hama, Hiroo Imura. Second Division, Department of Medicine, Kyoto University School of Medicine, Kyoto,.lapan - 10:99 Mlen.ia.ios aed E2bihib 10:45 . Ef"eNth1 ModiBed by Idyroorpho1wdear Le.kocyEea Acts as A ....,.. rutatlMeMAayoa4tfor frdotlteNml Ibelf 1731 Toshisuke Morita, Atsushi Namiki, Hiroki Kurihara, Masao Yoshizumi, Ryozo Nagai, KiyaKhi Machii; Yoshio Yaraki. University of Tokyo, Toho Univetsity„Tokyo, Japan 11.00 The KNney I. a Source of Circulatins EndotlreRn During Renal ..;,1Kbe4d& . .. . 1732 Evan K. Sardok, Mark A. Percdla, Denise M. Heublein, Amir Lerman, Peter Gioviczki, John C. Burnett Jr. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 11:15 Suppre>dom of EadolbeBn Seoelion by LyaoplaaPhstidYkholine in .. pidillized LDL .. . 1733 MichYusa )oudasaki. Krydaka Kugryama, Hirofumi Yasue. Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan 11.30 Cloei* and 6weadon of Fhwun EndetbeRn-1 Receptor cDNA 1734 Kiminori , Hosoda, Kazuwa Nakao, Hiroshi Arai, Shin-ichi Suga, Yoshihiro Ogawa,MasashiMuk'oyama, Gotaro Shirakami, Ichiro '-Kishimoto, Yasato Komatssu, Osamu NakoBawa, Norio Hama, Yoshihiko Safto. Shigdada Nakanishi, Hiroo7murca. Second Division, Department .. .":,.. of Medidne, Kyoto University School of Medicine, Kyoto, lapan 11e45 Wd6iBoa of E.doWei.-1-ksduccd VAsocandricdon and VaaodBatiow by Cakiue Charwel and hodaglan& Sypthelis Blodnde 1735 Wolfgang Kiovnki, Lllly f.inder. Division of Cardiokogy, University. Hos- pital. Basel„Switzerland This session will be audiotaped. 27~ '.
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Clinical Cardiology: Cardiac Rehabilitation- Exercise Training Room :A-6 4:00 PM-5:1S PM Chairmen: Gerald F. Fletcher, Atlanta, GA L Howard Hartley, Boston, MA WED PM NOV 13 4:g0 Exercise Conditioning in Older Coronary, Patients:, Peripheral Vascular and Skelefal Musck Response 2141 PhilipA.,Ades, Mary l. Waklmann,.Peter R..Gray,. William L. Meykr,. Diane. H. Meyer, Unirversity, of Vermont,. Budington,, VT 4:15 E.A.M.6 Exercise Training in Anterior Myorardilal InfaMion: Ongoing MulGcenter Stadyy on Ventricular Function and Topography, 2142 Pantaleo Giannuzzi,. Pieduigi TemporeRi,. Marinella Gattone, Ugo Corra, Alessandro Imparato, Riccardb Campinij Raffaele Giubbini, Michele Galli, G.,Mazzuero; P. tanfranchi„L4rigi Sala, Claudio Matin, verni, C. Schvreiger,.Amerigo Giordano; Luigi iTavazzi, and the E.A.M.I. Study Group. Veruno,. Italy 4:30. Nune-Mastaged.Home-Bared Exercise Training Affer Acute Myocar- dial Infanfion: MefLods aad Effects on Functional Capacity 2143 Randal J. Thomas, Nancy H. Miller, C. Barr Taylor, Ghassan Ghandouri. Lynda Fisher, Robert F. DeBusk. Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, and Kaiser Foundation Medical Centers of North- ern Califomia,. CA , 4:45 Training Level Cmnpariwn Shdy; Decreased Left Veniricular Ejection Fraction Ioprover With Exercise Training in htients. Ylrith Coronary ARery Dhease 2144 Gerald F. Fktcher, ARbertd)berman, Navin C. Nanda„Betsy E. Jensen, Barbara JJ Fletcher,.Jeannette Y: Lee. Emory, UnNersity,.Attanta,GA,. and. University of Alaliamaa at Birmingham~ Birmingham, AL 5:00 Retional Va.adar Rerporre+ to EndotlrclMpn-Dependent and -lade- pendent Varodilatory SHn.uli Before and After rhyvial Trainins in Nbrpul Subjecls 2145 Stuart D. Katz, Marc Klaphol¢, Guillaume Jondeau, Steven Solomon, Marie Galvao, Paola Levato, Thierry H. LeJemtelJ Albert Einstein Col- lege of iMedicine, Bronx,, NY 323
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NOV 13 Caidiovascular Nursing. Physiological Aspects Marriott Hall S Anaheim Marriott Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Anne Verderber, Honolulu, HI Susan L Woods, Seattle, WA S3o C.arapariao, of Three 1Melhods of Heart Rate Variability Analysis 1975 Mary A. Woo, Debra K. Moser; William G. Stevenson. Univeesiq• of, Califcmia, Los Angeles, Medical Centeri Lbs Angeles, CA L45 Fkaet Rate Varia6Wly Aller. Self-Manaseatent 1876 Marie J• Cowan, Robert L. Burr, Helen Nakagawa-Kogan. University of Washington,Seattl6. WA !!9 Relatio.diip of Ncart-Rae VariabBRy, to Mortality FoOowin` Sudden Cardfac Death 1an Cynthia M. Dougherty, Robert L. Burr. University of Washington, Seat- tle. WA 9:15 Teapra) htlerr of NeaA Rate In AduNs in a Cardiac Susical Npen. dve Cate Unit 1873 Susan L Wood3, Linda r,elver, Renee HoekseL University of Washing- ton, Seattle, WA, and Oregon Health ScientesUniversity, Portland, OR 9.30 ST SepnMt Shift Induced by fiody Pwilio. Changes Dr.itR Cantinorrs 12dead 8ectrourdfoBapWc hdreda MonfOorinB in the CCU, 1979 Nancy Aberg, Scott W. Sharkey, Patricia Hadfield. Hennepin County. Medical!Center, Minneapolis,.MN !A5 Aerobk 6cerdse Habit aed Meeptlons of Wotlo-Relahd Shea in Female Nlar.n 1lB0 Anita Raluir4 Carol Simmons, Margaret M. Von Dreele. Oregon Htahh Sciences University, Portland, OR 10M itleneiadon and 6ddbib 1R45 Eped of Mraened Mttra-aadc Baqoon Pressure on CaMMer Vohwre: RdatloMrip bClr4hq Altitudes Ouriift Nr Tran.yat 18111 Gary B. Mertlikh, Susan 1. Quaal, Paul R. Borgmeier, Kenneth L. DeVries. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 1100 qw4n Il hi.qeary ARery, Phe.nres roroowine Two MeQnds oft fardotradreal SrctianinB in Cudiovasadar hfienb 1ti{2 Angela P. Clark, Elizabeth H. Winslow; Diane 0. Tykr, Kathleen M. White. University,of Texas, Austin, T% 11:15 AHidenanoe of Hemody.amic Monitoring Liae Patenty; Is Heaarin Nbcerary; 1063 1. Mark Hom, Am M. PeUin: Huotingron Memorial HospiW, Pasaderu, CA 11:30 The Resporre of Svo, on Initial Dan616K and Initial AarbrAatlun After oPcw.peut SarBery. lOB1 Stacey C.KeBy, Sandra B. Dunbar, lean B. Rea. Emory University, Atlanta, GA 11:r5 An In VRro irveqitatlun of Thenoodilutloo Meawreoeat of Ca.diac ootouLin HYpodynaaic5tata at Variable Temperatures 1taB5 Mary A. Larson, Denise L. Adams, Susan Westler, Brenda Johansson, Jim Sam. Enloe Hospital, Chico, CA m
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WED AM NOV 13 Cardiovascular Radiology/ Clinical Cardiology: Thallium-201 -Kinetics and Clinical Applications Poster Presentation Boards P118-P126 ConWention Center Exhib& Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:301AM-12:00 NOON P118 Thallaw(p Permeability of ATP-Sensitive K' Channels in Guinea Pig MyoMes 2023. Koichi, Kihara,.Masafumi Kakei,i Tatsunou Koyano. Kagoshima Univer, sity, Kagoshima, Japan P119 Myocardiun Afaociated to Ldrenic "'T1 Uptake Defects Has Depressed EnerBy Charge and Oxidative Capacity and Anaerobic Lactate Dehydro. 1musse keenzymK shift 2024 Lijqrn Lin, Jan Liiska, L'ennarti Kaijser,. Christer Sylven,. AIf Holmgren,. Katarina Lindstrom, Eva Jansson:. KarolimskaInstitute, Stockholm, Sweden P120 Analysis of Timing of Delayed ImaBes for Optimal Detection of T1-201 RedYNribuW>ts 2025 Denny D. . Watson, William H. Smith, George A. Beller. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA P121 VariabksPredictive of a Poor Outcome in Patients.With an Isdsemic Tlullfum-201 Exercise Test 2026 Mark I. Travin, Charles A. Boucher, Paul IJ. LaRaia, Angel R..Flores, Kim, A. Eagle. Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston, MA P122 Value of Dipyr{damokThalliwn Scintigraphy, in the Differentiation of Dilated Cardiomyopathyrrmn Coronary Artery.Disease With Left Ven- tricdar Dysfunction 2027. Taishiro Chikamori, Yoshinori Doi, Yosh'ihiro, Yonezawa, Mitsutoshi Yamada, Hiromi Seo, Toshio Ozawa. Kochi'Medical , School,. Kochi, Japan P123 f'reoperative.RMk Stratification 8ased on Dipyridamole Imaging andd a Simpk 3 Step-3 Segment Model: Results in 355 Patients 2028 /ean Lette, David Waters, Michel Cerino, Michel Picard. Jacques Lapointe. Maisonneuve-Rosemont~ Hospital,.Montreal Heart Institule;, and'Saint Luc Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada P124 ThaRium Myocardial Perfusion Tomography Using Dobutamine Stress: A Useful AUernative to Dipyrfdamole 2029 Dudley J. Pennell, 5. Richard Underwood,.R. Howard Swanton, 1. Mal- colm Walker, Peter /d EIIJ University Coll'egee and Middlesex School of! Medicine; London, Unifed Kingdom P12S Hieh Intidence of Stnxss-lnduced. Thalkum-201 Defects in Patients With Patent Internal Mammary, to Left Anterior Descending Artery. Graft 2030' MiMna J. Henzlova, Vera Bitlner,,Eva Dubovsky, Htludaya Nath,.Gerald'M. Pohost. University: of Alabama at Bimningham„BirmingFiam, AL P126 Disparate Effects of Aderosine on Myocardial Performance and Perfusiorr 2031 J. David Ogilby, William JJ Untereker, Thach Nguyen, John Mercuro, JoanneReilley; laekyeongHeo, Virginia Cave, Abdulmassih S. Iskan- drian. Philadelphia Heart Institute, Presbyterian Medical Center;.PhilA- detphia,,PA . 308
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NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Cardiac Rehabilitation- Risk Assessment and Risk Fadors Room A-6 2:00 PM-3:30 PM Chairimen: Frederick R. Cobb, Durham, NC j. M. Detry, Bruxelles, Belgium 2A@ Exercbe Test aod Eda-Dypiridamole Following TMombdysed Myo- cardial Iafardbn: Angiopap6ic and IropwsNc Resuks in tlte GISS12- HIM shidY 215s Pedro. Silva, Michek: Galli, , Luigi Campolo, Salvatore Pirell7,l Patrizia. Presbitero, Ernesto Correale, P.F. FazziniJA: L'Abbate, Teresa Savoia„A. Foresti,. S. Patti,: Roberto Violimi,. A.. Calvanese, for the IRESStudy Group. Centro Medico di Riabilitazione 2:15 Cigarette Smokitg hrcreases Ridt of Silent Iscbemia aod Allen Candio- raudar ReaclYvfty. Dt.in< Exercile 2136 Prakash C. Deedwania,.Larry, Jamner, Enrique V. Carbajal.! University of Califomia, San Francisco, School of Medicine, Veterans.Adminis6ration Medical'Center, Fresno, CA 2:30 Reductloe of tlood upids in Hyperlipidemic Subiecb Does Not Aher Treadtdll EcercYe Test Rewlb 2137 James N. Kamegis,John P. Matts,.Naip Tuna, Kurt Amplatz,, for the POSCH Group. University,of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 2:45 The SipiBonoe of farly Exe.drc ST Oeprorian In V1-V4 roa-Myoordial 1100(10Rion 2138 Micha S. Feinberg, Dan EIiAn, Shmuel IRath; Zvi Vered, Elieser Kaplin- sky, Babeth i Rabinowilz,. Michael Motro. The Heart Institute, Sheba Medical Center and Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Hashomer, and Te1-Aviv University, Israel 1" Cm.p>triron oi Snow Shoveli.t asd s+aw tlowMg 2139 Lois M. Sheldahl, Nincy A. Wilke, Sara M. Dougherty, Felix E. Tristani. Veterans Administration Medical Center, and Medical College of Wis- consin,.Milwaukee, Wf 1:15 b Nood heswe Response to Exerdse an Imporlant Determi.art of Cardfac MWs Ourie$ Regrerion of Carrdfaic Hypettraphyt 2140 Gabriel Habib, James K. Alexander, William A. Zoghlii. Baylbr College of,Medidne, Houston, TX 322
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WED AM NOV 13 Cardiovascular Surgery: Transplantation, Cardiomyoplasty, Mechanical Support, and Long-term Organ Preservation 1! Poster Presentation Boards P24-P341 Convention Center Exhibit Halli Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00' NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM P24. Effect of Dynamic Cardiomypplasty on Coronary Blood qow. 1931 . Takuro Tsukube, Masayoshi Okada, Tomoichiio Muk'ai,i Mohammed A. Kashema Yoshihiko Tsujj; Masato Yoshida, Toshiaki Ota, Kazuo. Nakamura. Kobe UiM1iversity, Kobe, Japan P25 Enhanced Intrupronary. Flow Velocity During Intra-aortie Balloon Comnterpubatfonin Patients Wi1h.CorauryArtery Disease 1932Morton J. Kem, Frank Aguirre;.Danny Penick, Satyam Tatineni„Thomas. C..HiPoon.St. Louis UrtiversityMedieal Center, St:.Louis, MOP26Ri`ht'Ventricvlar/A'terial Couplis in the Patient With Left Venlricu- jar Afsistance 1933 Shigeki Morita, Robert L. Kormos,. William A. Mandarino, Kiyoyuki Eishi, Akihiko Kawai, Thomas Gasior, Robert L. Hardesty, John M. Armitage, Bartley P: Griffith.Lniversity.oRPittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PAP27SkekNal Muscle Ventriclls in.Carcofation as True LeR Heart AssislDevices 1934 Timothy.L Hooper, HiroshiNiinami,.RobertlL. Hammond,.Lu Huiping,.. Renato Ruggiel Alberto Pochettino,.Lany W. Stephenl Wayne State University,.Detroit, MI I P2ti Myonrdial Interleuldn-6: A Marker for Accekrated Graft Alhe.osck- roais Following CardiacTramplanlation 193S Jeffrey A. Leavy, Chadbs C. Marboe,. Mark L..Barr,. Eric A. Rose, Jerry Brett, David Stem. Columbia University, New York, NY P29 Cardiac Trantplant-Astodated Coro.aryArteriopathy Is Associated With Increased SrnoWh Mncle Cell Fibronectin SyMltesis Which Is Regulated by Interleukin-6 and TGF-Beta 1936 Nadine Clausl John Coles,.MarllneRabinovitch.: Division of.Cardio- . vascular.Research, Hospital fonsick Children, Toronto; Ontario, Canada : P30 Do Heart . Transplant Recipients Develop CoRateralst A Physiolo6ic Assessment 1937' Thomas H' Johnson, GladJvia S. Das„ Andrew L.. McGinn, Betsy V, , Christensen,.Susan ,M.. Meyer,,Robert F. Wilson. University of Minne- sota, Minneapolis,.MN P31 Ekctrophysiolosic Surveillance of Heart Allo6raft Rejection With Effective Refractory Period of tlre Conduction System 1938 Masaya Kitamura, Frank E. Molller,.Margaret E. BilGingham, Arthur C. Hill, Carol Clayberger, Vaughl Starnes. Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, CA. P32 NonhrvasiveAtfesaent of Perfusion in Cardiac Allografls With Posi- tron Emission Tomography 1939 Martha J. Senneff, JudyJ, Hartman,.Edward TIA. Fry, Joseph L. Kenaora,. Edward'M. Gektman, Burton E. SobeV, Steven R. Bergmann. WashingtvmUniversity, St. Louis, MO l P33 RS-61443, A Novel Immurwwrpprenant..ia Cardiac Transplantation: A Phase I Ginical7rial 1940 R. Douglas Ensley; Stephanie L. Olsen, Michael R. Bristow, John B. O'Connell, Dianne Dunn, Sandy Swanson, Robert S. Kauffman,Dale G. Renlund. The UTAH Cardiac Transplant Programa Saltl Lake City, UT, and Syntex Research,.Palo Alto, CA P34 Acute Cardiac Allograft Dysftrndion: Correlation With Microvascular Injnry. 1941 Hannah Valantine,;Anne Keogh, lennifer A. Waugh„Tom Starkey,. Will Iiam.Anderson, Steven~Bell„BruceHald, Richard Sibley. Stanford Unu- versityMedi¢al, Center, Stanford, CA 298
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WED AM NOV 13 Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care: Cardiopulmonary Poster Presentation Boards P163-P191 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30 AM-12:00 NOON P183 Accentuated Sympathetic Vasoconstriction But Preserved Vasodilator Reserve in the Systemic Vasculature.io Precapillary Pulmonary Hyper-terrsion 2088 Patricia G, Cavero,.Krishnankutty.Sudhir, TeresaDeMarco,.Kanu Chal- terjee. Cardiovascular Research Institute, Uniwersity,of California at San Francisco, San Francisco, CA P184 Evaluation of Skeletal Muscf! Weakness by Metabolic Analysis During Exercise 20" Stephen M. Pandon, Steven Wolfe, Michael INigro„WiBiam W. Pinsky. Cardiokogy, Division, Children's Hospital lof Michigan,.Wayne Stale Uni-versity; Detroitj.Ml P185 Acute Effects of Funosemide and Atrial Natriuretic.FaAor on Systemic and Pulmonary Vasculature in Patients With Congestfve Heart Failure 2096 Terence P. Connell*,.GaryS. Francis;. Karen f. Williams, AlfredbM. Beltran, lay, N. Cohn, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN I P1g6 Restoration of Flow, a Cause of Pulmonary InfatcGon Following Pulmo- nary. EmboRinn 2091 TakahikbMurata, Hiroe Nallazawa; Yasuyo Ohta, Hajime Yamabayashi.i Tokai University, Jsehana,. Kanagawa, )apan P187 Propanolol Increaxs Cocainednduced Reductions in the Rate of Ven- tricular Relaxation and Coronary Bfood How 2092 Robert 1. Henning, Joe G. Chesak, Carol D. Epstein, Matthew N! Levy: Mt..Sinai Center,.Cleveland, OH P18g Induction of Alrial NatViuretfc Peptide and. Alpha-Actin Gene Eapres- sion in the RigM Veotricle After Pufmonary Artery Banding 2093 Susumu Adachi, Hiroshi Ito, Michiaki Hiroe,.Mbtoyoshi Tsujino, Akira Koike, Akihiko Nogamk Toshihiko Takamoto, Makoto Nagata, Toshiko Ohta, Yukio Hirata,.FUmiaki Marumo. Tokyo Medical and DentafUni- versily and Tokyo Women's Medical College, Tokyo, Japan P1g9 Hemodynamies During Unilateral Pufmonary,Artery Occlusion 2094. Cemili M. Purut,.Thomas A. D'Am4co,i Cary H. Meyers, Peter Van Trigt,. Peter K.. Smith...Duk'e University Medical Center,.Durham,..NC P190 hlechanirms of Sodium~ Reabsorption Across thePnlmonary Alveolar, Epitheium 2095 Kwang-lin Kim, Richard.L.. Lubman, Spencer I. Danto, Edward!.D. Cran- dalll. Uitiversiry of Southern Cafifornia,.Los Angeles,.CA P191 Safety.ofYercufaneousPulsed. Dye Laser Irradiation in the Pulmonary, Arteries 20% Phillippe Gabriel Steg, Serge Makowski, Guy Meyer, Elias Garcia;.Rob- ert Cannon„Patrick Bruneval. Faculte X; Bichat7,Paris„France 316
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NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Coronary Balloon Angioplasty Poster Presentation Boards P153-P161 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30 AM-12:00 'NOON P153 Predicting the Riak ofAngioplasty Abrupt Closure Usingt.esion Mor- Pholotn'ZOSB Alan N. Tenaglia, Donald F. Fortin; Charlotte L. Nelson„l.aura H.Gard- ner, DavidJJ Frid,MichaellMiller, James E. Tcheng„RobertM. Califf. Duke Medical Center, Durham, NC P151 Muflicenter Acute and Chronic Results of laser Balloon Angioplasty for Refractory AbruptCbsure AfterPTCA 2059 J. Richard Spears, Robert D. Safian,i John S. Douglas, H.W. TheisPlok- ker, 1. Nigel5imclair;Ronald D., -enkins,Vincent P. Reyes, AugustoD. Pichard, James 1. Ferguson, Anthony F. Rickards, and the LBA Study Group.Harper Hospital/Wayne State University, Detroit, MI P155 Comparative Study of Long-term Otdcome Following Intracoronary Stenting Versus Cotwentioaal7herapy for AbruptVeael Closure Dur- ing CoronaryAngioplapy 2060 A. Michael Lincoff) David W.M. Muller;Richard J. Candela, ConnieZimmerman,, Anthony T. Chapekis,, Stephen G. Ellis. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ml P156 Percutatteous Intra-aortic Balloon Pump Placement Is Associated With a Low Rate of Major Complications 2061 HeleneEJtchaninoH; Patrick L. Whitlow. The Cleveland Clinic Founda- tion, ClevelandJ OH P157Inffuettce of Transient ffalloonOcdtasiott on Coronary Blood Flow in the Setting of MuNfvexel Oitease: Role of the Intra-aoAic Balloon Pump 2062 Shukri David, Paul Ruble, Samir Alam, Peter Farkas, Petar Prcevski, Zoldan G. Turi. Wayne State Uihiversky School of Medicine, Detroit, Ml PtSft Preload and Afterload Reduction by Supported Angioplasty Does Not Prevent Myonrdiaf Ixhcmia During Balloon Inffation 2063 J. David Ta61ey, Marcus F. Stoddard„ Gary Gershony, 5: Abraham Joseph, John Johnstone, ZoeAnn Yussman, Joel Kupersmith. University ofLouisville, Louisvi4le„KY; and Tulsa Heart Center, Tulsa, OK P159 Improvemettl inleft VentricularrvttcUott Following PfCA to Chronic TotaRy Occluded Arlerks 2064 Todd J. Anderson, Merril L. Knudtson,David L. Roth, James L. Hansen, Mouhieddin,Tra6oulsi.Un'rversi0y of ICalgary; Calgary, Alberta, Canada P16o ChronicCorottary Ocdusions: Morphology and Chance of Reopening 2065 Christian Vallbracht, Georg Kneissl,Rainer SchrSder, Horst Sievert, Gis- bert Kober,Martin Kaltenbach. UniversiryFrankfurt/Main„Frankfurt/ Main,, Federal Republic of Germany P161 The Use of Hydrophilic Tentnw Glide Wires in the Treatment of Chronic Coronary Artery Occlstsions 2066 Michael R.Rees, MohanU. Sivananthan, Satya P. Verma. Killingbeck Hospital, Leeds,UniOed Kingdom 312
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WED PM NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Now Trials of Thrombolysis and Prevention of Reocclusion (Continued) Pacific C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 4:45 PM-5:15 PM 4A5 E((cct.of Hrenao.Recmibioant Siperozide Dismutase on.Reperfisioe Mhy(hnrias 2276 John T: ,flaherty,.Steven W. Werns, Lorianne Black, Sidney.0: Gottlieb. TFeJohns Hopkins Medical, Institutions, Baltimore, MD, and University o( Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 5:00 The Glubal lMili'aation of.5heptokfnau and Tiswe.Man:nosen Acti- vator for Occhded Coronary Mterfes (GUSTO) Pilot Study: Carrrbined Streplokiaae and t-PA 2277 Christopher B. Granger, John Kalbfleisch, Robert M: Califf,,Lynn H. Woodlief, Sharon L Kamash'~ Eric 1. Topof; for the GUSTO Pilot Jnvesti- gaMors. GUSTO Coordinating Center, Durham, NC 338
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Epidemiology and Prevention: Gender and Coronary Heart Disease Room A-10 4:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Philip Greenland, Rochester, NY ' Rose Stamler, Chicago, IL WED PM NOV 13 4:00 Sex Diffaences in tlre IlrKidence and Sarvival Rates of Acute Myocar- dial Infancfioa: A Conmrnky-la.ed Perspcrtive 2174 Edward J. Gorak, Robert J. Goldberg, Joei M. Gore,, Jorge Yarzebski, Zuoyao Chen, loseph S. Alpert, lames E. Dalen. University of Massa- chusNtsMedical School, Worcester, MA 4:15f ostliapiUl Survival After. Acute Myocardial Infarction Is Similar in Men and Women 2175 Shmuel Gottrieb„Arthur 1. Moss, Michael McDermott, Shirley Eberly. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 4:30 Awociatbn of Abnormal Glucose Tolerance WiIA Coronary Heart Dis- ease in OWa Men and Women: The Cardiovauvlar HeaNh Study 2176 Peter J. Savage, Patrida W. Wahl. Russell P. Tracy; Nemat O. Bodani,, Waher H. Ettirger. National Heart, lung, and 51ood kisstitute. Bethesda,. MD 445 9ectrocardibflraphle Left Vnrlrkvlar Mass and its Asforiation With ARerial Sif(nas and Maropawr. The ARlC Study 2177. Donna K. Ametta Ward Riliey, Pentti Rautaharpu, H.A. Tyroler, Gerardo Helss.,University of North Carolina, Ciiape4 Hill, NC 5:00 Trends in Q and Non-Q Wave Acute Mtvcardial lofarctian:. The Mie- nerola Heart Survey 1l70-19f15 217i/ Richard S. Crow, lasenka Dem:nvic. Paul G. McGovern, Heny eladcbum. ScFiool'of Public HeaMr, UniveaKy of Mimmresota„ MinneapoGs, MN N O N ta N O N N O 327
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Clinical Cardiology: Coronary Atherectomy 11 Poster Presentation Boards P162-P17U Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30 AM-1 i2:00 NOON NOV 13 P162 Repeat Directional Coronary Atfierectomy. 2067 Tomoaki Hinohara, James W. Vetter, Gregory C. Robertson,:Danna E. Johnson, Bruce I. MaAuley, Dennis J. Sheehan, Joseph W. Doucette, Lissa Jj Braden, John & Simpson. Sequoia Hospita6, Redwood City, CA P163 Results of Coronary AMerertorny: Bigger Is Better 2068 Robert F. Fishman, Richard E. Kuntz, Joseph P. Carrozza, Richard M. Pomeran6z„Danie4l. Diver,.Rofxn ~D. Salian, Donald S. Baim, Harvard- Thorndike Laboratory, Beth Israel IHospitalJ Boston, MAI I P164 Directional Coronary Atlmrectomy, Is Less Effective for Calcified Pri- mary lesiom 2069 Gregory C. Robertson, James W. Vetter, Matthew R. Selmon, Thomas C. Bartzokis, Dennis J. Sheehan, Bruce 1. McAuley, Lissa J. Braden, John B. Simpson. Sequoia Hospital, Redwood City, CA' P165 Deep Tipue Retrieval With Coronary Atlrorectomy. Is Paradoxically, Associated With Less Restenosif 2070 Steven J. Yakubov, Ronald /. Dick, Christian C. Haudenschild,~ Uri Rosenschein. Ui.iversityof Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI P166 Diredtioual. Coraoary, Attreredonry, Is Flfective TreaOnesrt for EaYesrdy. r~aeHric Ic.fOn 2071 Tomoaki.. Hinohara, James W. Netteq Matthew R.:. Selmon, Gregory, C. Robertson, Thomas C. Bartzokis, Dennis J. Sheehan, Bruce li McAuley, Lissa J.,Braden, John B. Simpson. Sequoia Hospital, Redwood City, CA , P167 M1eMAntiue Prior tbDiectlorral Caronry AllhereAOny: New Approadw ta Coronary YAerwtYon Re,itYy' 2072 Tomoaki Hinohara, Ziyad M:B: Ghazzal, Michael I• Cowley, Dean /. Kereiakes, Malcolm R. Bell, Ann R. Steenkiste, for the NACI DirectionaJ. Atherectomy Investigators. Sequoia Hospital, Redwood City, CA P168 Mechanilms of Directional Atheretitomy and Balloon Arraioplasly Assessed by NMracoranary lNtrasaund 2073 AAlan N. Tenaglia,.Christopher E. Buller, Katherine Kisslo; Harry R., Phil- lips III,,Roben H. Peter,.Charks JJ Davidson. Duke UAiversityMedical Center,.Durh'am, NC P169 Cornplfcations of Directional Cororury: Atherectomyr. UUnexpected Abrupt Closrae 2074 Gary: 0. Walford, Mark M. Midei, Shawn T. Gloth, Carol M. Meils, Robert~K: Strumpf,:Wllie E..Lawrence, Raymond!H.,Plack, Marc R. Lift,. Thomas A. Aversano, Jeffrey A. Brinker. Johns Hopkins Hospitalj BaJti- more, MD P170 Perrntaneous Tramlunrinal Coronary Rotational Angioplasty of Caki- fild Lesions 207S Martin,B. Leon,:Kenneth M.,Kent, Augusto D.Pich'ard, Donald Spring, NadilmZacca,. Mauri¢eBuch'binder. Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC ®
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WED AM NOV 13 Basic Science: Mechanisms of Ischemia- Induced Arrhythmias Poster Presentation Boards P61-P72 Convention Center Exhibit Halll Poster Displayed: 8:30~AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM P61 Modulation of . Reperfusion-Induced Arrhytlimias by A1pha„Adrener- gk Receptor Subtypes In the Cat 1967 Kimberly Brittain,Valenti,.Peter Danilo Jr.,.Michael IR. Rosen. Columbia UAiversity; New York,.NY~ P62 The Alphai Adrenergic Receptor-Effettor.ConpRrrg Pathway, Responsi% bk for Abnormal Automaticity In '9schaniC Canine Prnkinje Fibers 19" Evgeny P. Anyukhovsky, Vitalyi O. Rybin,i Alexei V:.Nakashin, Olga P,, Budanova, Michael R., Rosen. Cardiology Research Center of'~the USSR, , Mosoow; USSR; and Columbia University,.New.York~, NY P63 Raoid and Selective Accumulation of Long-Chain AcykamuUnes in the Sarcoleernul of AdultMyocytes 1969 lane McHowat,. Kathryn A... Yamada,. Jeffrey. E. Saffitz,. Peter B. Corr. Washington University, St. Louis, MO P64 GrandoLyMSY 4 an Yrdependert Ddernimnt of ReperGsiion AnhyMmias in a Canine Modd of Ydrdnis/Reperluslon 1970 Remy F-orrat, Michel de Lorgedl, Michel Ovize,.Serge Renaud. INSERM Unit 63,. Lyon,, France P65 Elevating Intravascular Pressure at Reoxygenation Eliminates No Reflow and Prevents Ventriaiar FibriRation.in Hypoxk Rat Hearts 1971 Kerry. S. Seiler, James P. Kehrer, Joseph W: Starnes. University.ofTexas„ Austin,. TX P66 Matekt Activation Is ArtlrytlunoRenk Durirrg Nortnal Perfusion and Myoc"A bdremia 1972 Nicholas A..Flores„DesmondJ..,Sheridan. St..Marys Hospital Medieal. School, London, United Kingdom P67 Computer ModeRn; of Circus Movement Reentry Across Canine Pw4inje-MustJe Junlions 1973 Mari Watanabe, Robert F. Gilmour Jr. Cornell IUniversity,.Ith'aca; NY, P6R rpi[ardial Surface Velocity Maps Demarcate Ventricular Pacing Sites. 1974 Joseph J. Mcinerney; Jerry C. Luck, Jeffrey D. OAedge, Gary L. Copenhaver. Department of Medicine and Department of Bioengineer- ing, Pennsylvania State University, Hershey, PA P69 Vor1e:-laoe Reentrant Tachycardia In Ihe Absence of Premature Stiww- lation: A Simdatlon Stady 1975 Arcady Pertsov, Jorge.Davidenko,.Jose JaliGe. State Universityof'New, York Health Science Center, Syracuse,. NY. P70Determination.of Local Myocudial ElectticalActivation: A Statislical Approach 1976 Kelley P. Anderson,. Richard Walker, PhilipErshler, Marc Fulder, Ronald Menlove,.Ted Dustman,.S.V: Karwandee;.Robert Lux. Universityofi Utah, Salt lake City„UT P71 Altered Gap Junctan Distribution In Isdremic Heart Disease 1977 Nicholas S. Peters, Colin R. Green, PfiilipA, Poole-Wilson, Nicholas.l.., Severs., National Heart and Lung Ihstitute and University College, London, United Kingdom P72 MhibiBorr of ATP-SensiNve K* Current by. Glyburide Prevents Reen- trant ArrhytlrmiasRot Brhances Triggered ActiviEy.in an kolated Tissue Model of Venhicrdar TachycardPa 1976 Jlyoti S. Pasnani, Gregory R. Ferrier: Dalh'ousie University,.Ha4ifax, Nova Scotia,. Canada 302
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i Iic of'Gemnany, High Blood Pressure Research: Clinical Hypertension Moderated Poster Presentation Boards P1-P10 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-1i2:00 NOON! Discussants: C. Venkata S. Ram, Dallas, TX Michael B. Murphy, Chicago, IL NOV 13 1011 Angiographic Fnlbw-ap 6 MonIM to 6 Yeans After BaBoon ArtBioplariy for Coarctatlott of the Aorta 190B Rainer SchrSder, Sabine Bahr, Horst Sievert, Wulf-Dirk Bussmann, Mar- tin Kaltenbach. University Hospitab, Frankfurt am Main, Federal Repub- Cynthia 8. Humphrey, James E. Usedom, Gary G. Koch, William T. Flint ~ Gray, David S. Sheps, MarthaN... Ballenger, Pauia F. Miller,. va&0 iefa.6dmphia LeveL 1915 PS Hypertension rs A..ocialed Wirt Dinninithed Pain Perception and 8e- Department of Internal Medicine, Univenity of'Oulu, Oulu, Fimland Y. Antero KesSnietnb Mauno Liliia, . Karl Kervinen,. HeihlcfJuustila. duet AetaBmtMt, D118aura, In htienls With Hypertwimt 1914 t7 Reduced t.ow Density Upopro/ele Apoprotdn 0 Transport by a Cal- Thien. St. Radboud University Hospital, Nqmegen, The Netherlands 16 Decreased foniroUrt-Mediakd SBtnulafiatt of Adenylyl Cydae In hi- saM Hypertenqirb 1913 W. Mattlt'ry's Blankesteijn, Sietze 1. Graafirna, Peter H:G.M. Wilkms, Theo Hbpital Broussais, Paris, France PS An OtiBisal QuutdNpffan of PuIsalBe Wall Sheu in lat{e Artery in man 1912 Patrice Flaud,. Alain, . Simon,. Jaime Levenson. UniteINSERM U28i Buffalo,,NY Millard Filbttore Hospital, and State University of New York at Buffalo, Joseph L. Izzo Jr., Judyann IW,.Unda M. Lillis. Department of Medicine, Chan`es Yt Systemic Vascular Reristanoe 1911 P4 Syrmpatltetlc Nervats ActMlyt RelatWnsldp to Acute and Chronic tal, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia T. Kelly, Peter 1• Fleteher, Colin E. Sullivan, Royal Prince Alfred Hbspi- Ian Wloox, Jan A. Fledner, Ronald'.R., Grunstein, lean M. Doyle, David ways Prerttre 1910 t•3 Nonplnrmacnb`kaf Reduction of Systemic Blood Pressure in Patknb With Sleep Apeea by TreahtteM WiOr Nasal Continuous Positive Air- of Germany. Bodo E. Strauer. University of Diisseldorf, Diisseldorf, Federal Republic Bodo Schwartzkopff, Martim Vogt, Satiine Knauer, Wolfgang , Motz, P2 Medial HyperUophy of httratwural Carattary Arteties ht f atienb With Reduced Coronary Reserve in Hypertensive Heart Dleease 1909 Maiwter: University of North Carolina,,Chapel Hill, NC P9 hsAuence of Left VenMcvlar HypeArophy, on Siptal-Averayed ECG in HypKpaaiye Patients 1916 Lianmin Ma, John Tumer , Vasu Goli, Udho Thadani. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK P10 Vawactlvity and Wall Shear Response After ACE Inhibition or Dhwetk M Hypertensive Arteries 1917 Isabelle Pithois•Merli; Alain Simon, )ean ~Lbuis Megnien, JaimeLeven- son. Centre de Diagnostic, Hbpital Broussais, Paris, France . 1' 1 iii, 295
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Clinical Cardiology: Advances in Intracoronary Ultrasound Room A-10 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: )ay Brown, New York, NY Natesa G. Pandian, Boston, MA WED AM NOV 13 a 30 Wfferenoes in Intravarcular Ulira.oand %aque Morphology iu stabk ana Urutable Patients 1736 Steven E. Nissen, John C. Gudey,. David. C.: Booth,. Martin R. Berk,. Masakazu Yamagishi, Charles Fischer, Anthony, N. DeMaria.. University of Kentuckyand'Veterans Administration Hospital,l Lexington, KY ik45 Intravasadar Ultraaorrd After Acute Myonrdial Infarction: Diffeen- liatibn Between "6uiC' and "Hard^" ' Atlrerann 1737 G. Keren, A. Paredes,:A...Fremerman,.S. Laniado, H.L.Miller. TeIJAviv Medical CeMerj Tel-Aviv, Israel 9A8 Plaque DiAetuibBity, of Hrunan Coronary AAeries DocrnneMed by Intravasnrlar Ultrasound Mra¢na 1738 )unko Honye, Donald J. Mahon, Jonathan M. Tobis. UAiversity of Cali- fomia, Irvine, Orange, CA 9:15 Coronary itemodeNAS ia CADr Mtrava.adar Ulirasowd Evidence oi Venel6*aadaf 1739 Steven E. Nissen, David C. Booth, John C. Gurley, Mark Bates, Masakazu Yamagishi, Charles Fischer, Anthony N. DeMaria. University of Kentucky and Veterans Administration Medical Center, Lexington,.KY' 9:3Y Can Intracoronary Ultrasound Predict Restenosis After Coronary Artery MAerveMioroi 1740 Alan N. Tenaglia, Christopher.E. BuBer„Katherine Kisslo, Mairy.Peoples, David RendaB, Kenneth Morris, Victor S. Behar, Khalid H. Sheikh, Charles J: Davidson. DukeUdriversityMedica4 Center, Durham,.NC. 9:45 Coronary MBioBraplry Utdereqimater PorYMenentional lerion Ste- nak and Reference Seement Disease 1741 Charles 1.~ Davidson, Alan N. Tenagltla,:Christopher E.,Buller, Katherine Kisslo, Roben Baumi Joseph Kisslo. Duke University Medicab Center, Durtiami NC 1a00 MRerntMaiae and rahi6ih 10:45 Erron in IaAravasicadar Ultraourd Yna;e Intetp+e4ation and kAeaswe- nw rW Due to Y3nrikd Dynamic Range 1742 Peter ). Fitzgerald,. Axel. F. Brisken, )ames: M: Brennan, Victor K. Hargrave, John S. MacGregor, Paub G. Yock. University, of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 11:00 Mravasnlar tllkatoud Ima¢g of Saphenour Vein Graft Slenods 1743 Suresh P. Jain, Gary S. Roubin, Navin C. Nanda, Larry S. Dean, Subodh K. Agrawal, Luiz Pinheiro, Adam D. Cannon. University of Alabamaa at B'vmingham, Birmingham,.AL 11:15 Intraurdiac Edwwdiosrapby: Detection of Left Ventricular Wall Molion Abneneditkr and Myocardial E•erlwion 1744 ). Peter Longaliaugh,StanleyA. Gall Jr., Eric Lilly, Mark Tedder, Joseph Kisslo. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 11:30 Transvenous Coronary. Ultrasound'ImaBins in Humansr A New Approach to Visualization of the Coronary Arteries 1745 Krishnankutty Sudhir, Peter 1. FitzBerald,. John S. MacGregor, Teresa DeMarco, Thomas A. Ports, Kanu Chatterjee, Pauli G; Yock. University of.California,.. San Francisco, San Francisco, CA11:45 Intracardi'ac Edrocardiosraphy From the Coronary, Siwr Usins 12.5- /NHz Ultrasound CGtluNers In Patients Undergoing Acceawry, Pathway Ablation 1746 Vasu D. Golii Raiesh Pruad, Warren M. Jacknwn, Paula Lbgan, Andrew Weintraub,. Ralph. lauar•a,. Nalesa Pandian. University of Oklahoma,OkWiana City, OK, and Tufi England Medical Center, Boston, MA 279
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WED PM NOV 13 Cardiovascular Radiology: Intravascular Ultrasound/ Aortic Disease Room' A-7 Z:OO PM-5: 1IS PM Chairmen: Murray G. Baron, Atlanta, GA Michael D. Dake, Stanford, CA 2:00 Ultrasonic Characteristics of Maturing Intravascular Tlirombi:In Vivo Anafyiis 2146 Ashit Jain„DanieV B. Paulsen;.Rkhard V: Milani, Ochsner Medical Insti- tutions, New Odeans,.and School ofiVeterinary Medicine at LouisianaState.University, Baton Rouge, LA 2:15 Angke Dependence of Veqel.Wall Imaging With Intravascular Ultra- sound 2147 Carlo DilMario; Machteld de Kroon, Stanley. Madretsma,.Salem H.K. The, ChadesLancite„Klaas Bom,.Elma J. Gussenhoven, JosRoelandt. Thoraxcenter, Erasmus. University,. Rotterdam, and TNO Institute of Applied Physics, DeIH and~ICIN, The Netherlands 2:30 Vaiidity, and Reproducibility, of iB-Mode. Ultrasound imaging in Measur- ing Arterial hllar.. Walk: 2148 Michele Mercuri, , Rong Tang, M. Gene Bond. Bowman Gray School, of, Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC. 2:45 Intravascalar. Ultrasound Measurements of Corooary nowReserve::. Comparison to Peak Velocily. Ratios 2149 Eric J: Eichhom, Luis G. Alvarez, John E:. Willard,. Paul A. Grayburn. Universityy oflTexas Southwestern ~Medical. Center and Dallas Veterans Administration Medical ICenter, Dallas, TX 3:00 A Mechanistic Comparison of Transcatheter Therapies Assessed by Intravascdar lAtrasomrd 2150 Benjamin N. Potkin, Gary.S'. Mintz, Fadi A.. Matar, Gad Kerenn Marjaneh Akbari, Philippe Douek, Joseph Lindsay lo, Lowell F. Sat1Ar. Washing- ton,Hospital Center,:Washington,: DC 3:15 Quantdathre. Analysis of Lurninal Cross-Sectional Area From Three- D'mumioaal Reconstructiens of Two-Dimensional. Intravascular LANra- sormd: Validation of a Novel TedmiQue 2151 Kenneth Rosenfield, Douglas W: Losordo; K. Ramaswamy,, Ann Pieczek, Marianne Kearney,..JohrtHogan,.Bernard.D: Kosowsky..TuftsUniversity. School'of Medicine, St. Elizabeth'sHospital,. Boston;. MA . 3:30 Intermission and Exhibits 4:00 Role of Intravascu6ar Ultrasound in Peripheral Atherectomy and Stent Deployment 2152 BarryT..Katzenn lames F..Benenati, Gary J. Becker;.Geralid Zemel. Miami Vascular Institute,.Miami, FL 4:15 Improved Diagnostic Accuracy of Aorfic Dissection WAh Phase Con- trast Clne MR) 2153 . Robert J. Herikens, Eric Trefelner, R. Brooke Jeffrey,,Robert M. Steiner, Isaac R..F'rancis;. Norbert 1. Pelc. Stanford University, Stanford, CA 4:30 Optimal Diagnostic Technique for Suspected Dissection.ofthe Tho- racic Aorts Transesophageal'EYhocardiography, Contrast CT, or Mag- neBc Resonance/magingt 2154 Christoph A. Nienaber,.Yskert von.Kodolitsch,.VolkerSiglow; Tilman Jaup,.Soren Heik,.Angela Pieph'o. VolkmarNicolas,.Rolf'Spielmann. University Hospital IEppendbrf, Hamburg, Federal Republic.of Germany 4:45 Percutaneous renestration in Aortic Dissection: Gross Anatomital~ and Histological Considerations 2155 David M. Williams,.lames.C. Andrews, M~ VictoriaMarx, Gerald.D. Abrams. University of Michigan, Ann Arb'or, MI I S:00 Effects of Balloon Catheter With Check Valves for Relief of Acute Aortit Regurgitation in Ctosed-Cheat Dogs 2156 Taku Matsubara, Masaru Yamazoe, Yusuke Tamura, Mitsuru Oish'ima,. Yuko:Yamazaki,:Masataka Suzuki,i Yutak'a Igarashi, Yasuhiko Tanabe.. Toshio Yamaguchi.i Tohru Izumi, Akira Shibata, Senji Hayashi,.Hideaki Toyoshima. Niigata Uniwersity,School ofiMedicine. Niigata, lapam ®
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WED PM NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Left Ventricular-Arterial Coupling Room C-6 4:00 PM-515 PM Chairmen:. John D. Carroll, Chicago, IL David A. Kass, Baltimore, MD 4:00 Left Ventricvlar-Arterial Coupling in the Normal Human Heart 2240 Mark R. Starling. University of Michigan and Veterans Adminislration Medical Centers, Ann Arbor, MI 4:15 Resional ArOerial Methanical t•roperties: NiUoprupide Versus Non- pharmacolfo,lnfly Mediahd Changes In Dislending Pressure 2241 John D. Cartoll, Sanjeev G..Shroff,.Keith E.. Hellman, David M. Ward. University, of Chicago, Chicago, IL 4:30 Nifroglycerin Predominantly Reduces Afterbad in Patients With Exces- dve AReriail ElaNance 2242 Howard L.. Haber, Christopheu L Simek, lames D. Bergin;. Alberto Sadun,.Robert M. Owen~ Eric R. Powers, MarcD.,Feldman. Universityof Virginia, Charlottesvilk, VA 4:45 The Inlluence of A.oending AoAk Augmentation Nrdex(Refledion CaetflcienQ to lrfl Ventricular ftelaxatlon 2243 Kiyoshi Yabe,.Kenji Takazawa,.Kazuya Maeda,.Masami Fujita, Takashi Sakai, Chiharu Ibukiyama... Tokyo Medical College HospitalJ Tokyo, lapan 5:06 Deaea.ed Aorfic Compliance Precedes Peripheral VasornnAriction in the EroluBat of Ventricular Faiure 2244 Gregory,M. Eaton,.Robert 1. Cody, Phili'p F. Binkley. TheOhim State University, Columbus, OH 334
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WED PM NOV 13 Epidemiology and Prevention: Epidemiology of Lipids in Women Room A-10 2:00 PM-3:30 PM Chairmen: Roger M. Siervogel, Yellow Springs, OH Elaine D. Eaker, Atlanta, GA 2:00 A Prospective Study of Antioxidant Vitamim and incidence of . Coro- nary Heart Disease In Women 2168 JoAnn . E. Manson,. Meir J. Stampfer, Waltler C.. Willett, Graham A., Colditz,. Bernard Rosner,. Frank E:. Speiier„Chaeles H. Hennekens., Harvard Medical School,.Boston,.MA2:15rytrosen Replacement Therapy and Lipoprotein(a) 2169 Lori Mosca, Steven Bowlin, Leslie Davidson,. Paul Jenkins, Thomas A.. Pearson. The Mary lmogene Bassett Hospital„Cooperstown, NY 2.30 Lp(a) ConceotrationrAmona Pre- and rortmenopauwl Women Over Thne: The Healthy Women Study' 2170 . Elaine. N. Meilahn, Lewis H. Kuller,, Karen A. Matthews, Evan,A. Stein.. University of Pittsburgh, . Pittsburgh, PA 2:45 Plauw Lipoproteinr as Predictors of Cardiovascular Death In Women 2171 Katherine M., Bass, Craig L. Newschaffer, Trudy L. Bush. The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 3:00 LDL Subclass Phenotypes,. InruRn,, Hyperlenrion, and Obesity in Wornen 2172 Joe V.'Selby„N1elftsa A Austin, Beth Nlwrnan,.Ekzabeth J. Mayer, Roruld. M. Krauss. Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, Oakland,i CA' 3:15 Comparison of Traditional and Nontraditional Rirk Factors of Prema- ture Coronary Athemrdero.is In Men and Women 2173 Peter O..Kwiterovich, Josef Coresh, Carol Derby, Hazel H. Smith, Paul S. Bacliottik,.Thomas A. Pearson. The Johns HopkinsMedi¢ai Institu+tions„BaBimore, MD 3:30 Mlermiaion and Exhibits 326
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Featured Research: New Developments in Coronary Angioplasty in Acute Infarction Room A-1 2:00 :PM-5:OO PM Chairmen: Eric l. Topol, Cleveland, OH Edward D. folland, Worcester, MA WED PM 2A0 State of the ArC An6iopiasty ia Acu1e iefaretlorc Current Raks and tlnafatfoo. Elliot Rapaport, San Francisco, CA 2:30 Randomfzed Trial of Direct An6iopfasty Venw r1-f"A in AMe Myow- dial Infarcioe 2127 Raymond J. Gibbons, David R. , Hoknes, . Kent. R. Bailey,, Mona. R. Hopfenspirger, Bernard ). Gersh, and the Mayo CCU and Catheteriza- tion Laboratory Groups. Mayo Clinic and Foundation, Rochester, MN 2:45 Initial Report of the hfmiry. Aogioplady Rerauulariratioa (E•AR) Md- tlcenler fte;btry 2128 William, W. O'N6Ra Bruce Brodie, William Knopf, Russell Ivanhoe, James O'Keefe, George Taylor, Li4a Berdan, Lynn W6odGefi,Roben Califf. Duke Medical Center, Durham, NC 3:00 hioary MBlop{aAy for AaRe Myocardial lafarcf{aa hrformed ia Ffo.pilals 1NGh aad WiBhaal O.-aite5rryfol ladcup 212! W. , Douglas Weaver, Paul E. Litwin, Charles Maynard, for the MITI Project. University of Washimgton, Seattle, WA 3:15 Coronary Aesipplasly Venur Intravenous S4eploki.ase in Aute Myo- nrdiillafaMime neBnanary Rewlb Ftom a P.aapecilve Randomized Trial 2130 Felix Zq'Istra, Gijs v.& Brandhof, Stoffer Reiffers, Menko {an de Boer, Ian CA. Hoomtje. De Weezenlanden Hospital, Zwolle, The Netherlands bec30 6Merm6don ad brMM6 4:00 fta.dadad Trial of rrt Horpihl ltbidarrye flG1 Verwn Medid Tlimapy. Af1er Mlocrdlal lefandlan Trealed WfIlt 71.aaialyYc Therapy 2131 Stephen G. EBis, Mkhael IMooney,,Bany, 5. George, Expedito Ribeiro- daSilva, i. David Talley, William Flanagan, Eric I, Topol, for the TOPS Stud* Group..University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,.Ml 4:15 PfCA Atter Thra.bdyfic Therapy for Acv% Myonrdial Infarc7ioM A Meta-aaalysis 2132 Gertif Veen, Freek WA Verheugt. Free University Hospital, Amster- dam, The Netherlands 4:30 Primary and Rescue. Extraction Afherp.tomy in Patients With Acute Myotatdial MarQbn 2133 TimotAy, ). Larkin.. Paulette R. Niemyski,. Michele A. Parker,. Bamy, L.. Kramer, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL 4.N5 The Primary Anefoylady in Myocardiaf Imfatdfon (PAMI) Trial: heBYn- inary. Report 2134 Cindy L Grines, Kevin Browne, Donald Rothbaum„Paul Overlie, )ean Marco, )ames dKeefe, Greg Stone, Noah Chelliah, Michelle Strzelecki, William W. O'Neill.,WiBiam Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Ml This session will be aud'uotapedJ N O N W G1 N O N h•~i If~ 321
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Clinical Cardiology: Ischemic Heart Disease Therapy III Poster Presentation, Boards P1'43-P152 Convention Center Exhibit, Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 1 NooN Presenter Present: 9:30 AM-12:00 NOON WED AM NOV 13 P143 Contraslin; Effects of the Calcium Antagonist Nisoldipine an the Nor- mal and Hibernatins Myocardium204g Hubert Pouleur, Christian van Eyp,' Olivier Gurne; Henri Van Mechelen, Michel F...Rousseau. University of Louvain„Brussels, BelgiumF 144 Reneficial Effect of the Beta-Blocker Nebivolol on the Left VMhicvlar Systolic and Diastolic Function 2049 Juan Raigoso, William Wijms,Thierry Bouvy; Hubert Pouleur. University of Louvain, Brussels, Belgium f•145Dilwnai and Weekly Variation in the.lhe.of Emergent CatiKteriz•ation and ihromboly.b: The MfTI Resi.try 2050 Alfred P. Hallstrom, PaullE Litwin, Charles A. Maynard, W. Douglas Weaver, JennyMartin. Univenityof Washinglon,.Seattle,.WA P146 The Extent of Platelet Asgre`abiHly, After Coronary Thromboiyfit in Man Depends on the Choice of Maeninosen Activator 2051 Thomas K. Nordt,. Andre Gries, Matthias Arens,. HeinzBaumann, Renate Weber, Christoph Bode. University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg; Federal Republic of Germany i 147 Coronary Reraadarization May Improve Short-term Survival in Insu- iin-Depertdent Diabetics Considered for Renal Transplantation 2052 Connie L. Manske, Yang WAng, Robert F. Wilson, Cad W. White. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN i 148 Discordance Between Anti-i><chemic Effects on ANyrnptamalk bch-. enria, Exercise Perfurmance, and Aosirrai Symptoms In Patients With Stable Angina 2053 Steven~Borzak, Terry Fenton, Stephen P. Giasser; Thomas L. Shook, Gail MacCallum, Phillip M..Young, Peter H. Stone, and the.ASIS Study . Group. Brigham and Women's Hospital,,Boston,.MA. i 149 f erforreance of PTCG In the ACME Trial 2054 Eric R.. Bates, PamHaAigan, and the ACME Study Group. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI f•15o Expanded Clinkat Evainatiun of tova.tatin (EXCEI.) Study Results in Wonen: Lipoprotein Efficacy and Safety hofik 2055 Reagan H. Bradford, Charles L. Shear, David T. Nash; Athanassios N.. Chremos, forr the {XCEL Publications Committee. Oklahoma Medical Research Foundationa Oklahoma City; OKP.151 Repewion of Coronary Artery Lesions i,ry. Low Deroity. Lipoprotein Aplrereds: One-Year Follow-up Study in Familial Hypeniwkater- oknia 2056. Akira Kitabatake, Hideyuki. Sato, Shujiro Kubori, Noritake Hoki, Takazo. Minamino, Makoto,Yamada, Toshio Kato. Osaka University, Schooil of Medieine and Osaka Clinical Conference of Cardiology, Osaka, Japan ~ P152 Coronary Disease Regression and Ciinical. Outcome After irslenfive Eipid-A1lerins Therapy Among AcyrttpMrnafic Patients 2057 Xue-Qiao Zhao, B. Greg Brown, Lynn A. Hillger, John 1. Albers. Univer- sity of Washington, Seattle,.WA 311 1
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Clinical Cardiology: Diagnostic Exercise Testing- Electrocardiography California Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-3:3O' PM Chairmen: Bernard R. Chaitman, St'. Louis, MO Daniel B. Mark, Durham, NC WED PM NOV 13 i:o0 The Diasno.tic and Prognostic Accuracy, of the Exercise ECG in Patients With Preexisting Right Budle Branch Bfock 22 76 2:15 Raymond Yen,CresMinanda, Victor Froelicher,.Long.Beach Vetera Addninistration Medical Center, Long Beach, CA Lead Strength AnalyisIoproves Results in Exercise TeAin6 22 ns 79 2:30 Mynrin H. EAestad, Mark Surber. Memorial Heart Institute, Long Beach, C Heart Rate Adjustment Increases Sensitivity of the ST Segment Integr A al for iden6fkation of Cormnry Artery, Disease 22t [0 Peten M. Okin, GeoHrey, Bergman,. Paul Kligfield. Cornell Medic al 2:45 Center, . New. York; NY The Effect of Estrogen Status on Positive Predictive Value in Femal es Undergoing Diapostit Exercise Elecirocard"io`raphY 22 81 3:00 Jyotsna N. Dalal,,Antliony P. Ntorise, Robert D: Duval. West Virgin University, Morgantown, WV A Coapaai.on of Computer ST Criteria for Prediction of Disea ia se Severity 22 82 :15 Paul M. RibislJ James Liu, William G. Herbert~ Cres Miranda, Victor Froelicher. Long Beach VeteransAdministration.Medicat Center, Lo Beach, CA Immediate Exercfse Testing In the Aaeument' of Low Riik Patie P. ng nts Iresentin6 to the Eoer;ency Room With Acute ClKst Paln 22 E3 William R. Lewis, Timothy Y. Lee, . Ezra A. Amsterdam. University, Califomia„Davis, Sacramento, CA of
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Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Vascular Biology- Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation Room C-2 2:0Q PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Elizabeth G. Nabel, Ann Arbor, MI Keith L. March, Indianapolis, IN WED PM NOV 13 2:00 Transfection of Endolherial and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Wilh. Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor 2190 Elizabeth G. Nabel,.Zhi-Yong Yang, Reza Forough,.X,l. Zhan,.Christian , C. Naudenschild, Thomas Maerag, Gary,). Nabel.,Department of Inter- nal IMedicine and Department of Biological Chemistry, Howard Hughes MedicaL Institlute„University.of Miehigan, Ann Arbor, Mt, American Red! Cross;.Rockvill'e,.MD,.and Boston University, Boston,.MA 2:15 Vascular Smooth Murcle Cells: A Target Tissue for. Gene Therapy 2191 Carmel M. Lynch, Monika M. Clowes, William R.A. Osborne, Alexan- der. W. Cbwes,.A. Dusty Miller. Fred Hutchinson Caneer.Research. Center and University, of Washington,. Seattle, , WA 2:30 Platelet-Derived'Growth Factor A Expression in Low DersiEy. Lipopro- tein-Stirnulated Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells 2192 Meina Ren, David E. Schmidt, James S. Forrester, Peter Barath. Cedars- Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 2:45 Identification of a Novel Platekt-Derived Growth Fador-Reryonshe Gene Expressed in Vascular Smooth Muscle 2193 Stephen D: Wax, Claire-Lise Rosenfield, Mark B. Taubman. Mount Sinai School iof Medicine,.NewYork',. NY 3:00 Detection of a. Novel 3T3 Mitogen in Media Conditioned by Fetal Human Aortk Smooth Muscle Cells in Secondary Crltnre 2194 Cecilia M. Giachelli, Manuela Almeida; Eari P. Benditit, David Gonion; Stephen M. Schwarz. UAiversity of Washington, Seattle, WA 3:15 Stimulation and Inhibition of fFndathelial and Smooth Muscle Ceps by Bask ndrobladGrowlh Faclor-Saporfn In Vitro.and In Vivo 219S Sadatoshi Biro, Douglas A. Lappi, Zu-Xi iYu, Andrew Baird, Ward Cass- cells. National Hearf Lung, and Blood Institute, Bethesda, MD, and Whittier Institution,.La JoBa; CA 3:90 Interrniaion and Exhibits 4:00 Redprocal Inrulindike Growth Factor-I (IGF-I) and IGF-I Receptor Gene Expression After Vascular Injnrle Evidence for Local IGF-1 Action 2196 Bojan Cercek. Uwe Zeymer, Daniel Gianella-Neto, lames S. Forrester, lames A. Fagin. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, 4:15 Thrombin-Induad Vascular MyocyteGrowlh Is Modulated by Induc- fion of Autocrine Transforming Growth Factor leta-1 Expression 2197 Gary H. Gibbons, Bahaa M. Fadel, Victor I. Dzau. Stanford University, Stanford,l CA 4:30 Hirudin Blocks the Effects of Alpha-TkromMn on Gene InducUon and Protein Synthesis in Vascular SmoMh Muscle Celk. 2198 Dory.B: Aftmanna Michael Poon, /uan 1. Badiknon, Valeminfusteq Mark B. Taubman. Mt. Sinai School of Medicine,.New York, NY 4:45 Angiotensin u Regulates Inrulin-like Growth Fxior. I Receptors on Vasccalar. Smooth Muscle Cef6 2199 lohn 1. Ververis-,. Hong, Lou, R.. Wayne Alexander, Patrick Delafontaine. Emory University, Atlanta, GA 5:00 Angiotensin 11-Induced Mitogenesb of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Is Mediated by TransformiK Growth Factor Beta 2200 George A. Slouffer, Gary K. Owens. University oUVirginia School of Medicine,.Charlottesville,. VA
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Basic Science/Circulation: Ischemic Preconditioning 11 Room A-7 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: David 1. Hearse, London, United Kingdom Karin Przyklenk, Los Angeles, CA WED -AM NOV. 13 , 6:30 Does Isdrcmic "fircconditionins" f reserve Regional Contractile Functkm; 1716 Michel IOvize,: Kadn Przyklenk, Robert A. Klbner..Heart Institute, Hos- pital ofithe Good Samaoitan, and the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA iw45 Preconditioning Preserves Developed Tension, Enzymes, and Mito- droodriai InteRrlty In the Isolated Rabbit Heart 1717 Bassam A.Omar,. UiisesB. Chavez, Julio F. Turrens, Swapan K. Bose, Joe M. McCord. Webb-Waring Lung Institute,.University of Coiorado; Denver, CO, and University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 9A0 Cardlopeotedion From bdremic heconditiarine Is Lost Following Pro- loneed RqpeArdon In Rabbits 1710 Donna M. Van Winkle, Jon D. Thornton,.James M. Downey. University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 9:15 Duration of k+fani Siia LirrritlnR Effect of bchemic Preconditioning In the ryg 1719 Ernst R. Schwarz, Masahiro Mohn, Stefan Sack, Margarete Arras. Max- Planck-lnstitute, Bad Nauheim, Federal Republic of Germany 9:30 The bdremfa-Seleciive ATi -5ensitive Pohs+ium (K.n) Channel Antag- aniit, Sod(rmr S-HydroxydecarwHe (5-HD). Riodcs Myocardial Precon- dfiook* In Dogs 1720 John A. Auchampach, Gary I. Grover, Garrett J. Gross. Medical College ofWisconsin, Milwaukee, Wlj and Bristd'Myers5quibb, Princeton„NI. 9:45 Blockade of Aif-SemiBve Potasrihnn Channels Don Not hevent Preconditioning in Rabbit Heart 1721 Jon Thornton; James M. Downey. University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 10:00 Mtendrion and Edi6ib 10:45 cAMf Stimulation Facilitates Preconditioning Against Ndremia- Reperfudoe ilrorrgh PloreOinapiuiae and Alpha, Medraniptu 1722 Cristee R. Locke-Winter, Chris B. Winter, David W. Nelson, Anirban Baneqee. Univesity, of Colorado Healah Sciences Center, Denver, CO 11:00 Isdumk hecadidonit{ Improves PoAedremic Recovery of Function Rut Shortena TMte to Om et of bdremic Contraclure in holated Rat Hearts 1723 Omar Barakat, David G.L Van Wylen, Robert M. Mentzer Jr., Robert D: Laslly: State Univenutyof New York at Buffalo,.NY,.and University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 11:15 Re`ioeaf bdremit-Preconditioning"f4oteds Remote Virgin Myocar- diam From. SuMepuent 5nsiahed hdremia 1724 Karin Przykknk, Barbara Bauer, Michel Ovize, Robert A. Klbner, Peter WNirttaker. Heart Instilute, Hospital of the Good Samaritan,i and the Uniwersity, of Southern CaWfomia, Los Angeles, CA 11:30 Effect of Preconditioning with AooxicTerfwion on Sarcaplaemk Retk- uiar Ca" LJptake.in ReperfinedRal Hearts 172S Masato Tani, Yoshinori Asakura, Yoshinori Ebihara, Ken Shinmura, Yoshiro Nakamura. Keio University, School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan 11:45 Preconditioning Protects Coronary Miaovascular Edotlrelial Function 1726 David V. DeFily„William M. Chil'un..Texas A&M'University; College Station, TX' 277
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WED AM NOV 13 Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: General Pediatric Cardiology 11 Poster Presentation Boards P131-P142 Convention Center Exhibit Hall. Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:WNOON Presenter Present: 9:30 AM-12:00 NOON f 131 f ulmonary, Vahre Eccentricity in d-Transposition: Implication for Arte- rial Switch Operatlon 2036 John P. Kovakhin,.Hugh D...Allen;,Steven C. Cassidy, Saroja Bhaati. The Ohio State Uihiversity and Children's Hospitah, Cohrmbus,.OH,.and' Christ Hospita6, Palos Heights,.IL t 132 Lons-tenn Outcome of Adult f atienbWitlt Secwtdua Atrial Septal . Defect With and Witlaul Surgical Corredion 2037 Dilip Shah, Mohamme&Azhaq Petros Nihoyannopoulos; John G.F. Cleland, Celia M. Oakley. Department of Medicine (Clinical Cardiol- ogy),. Hammersmith Hospital, London, United Kingdom P133 Midlerm Follow-up After Arterial Switch Operation for Transposition of the Great ANeries With Intact Septh.n2038 lean Lbsay; Anita Touchot-Kon~, ClaudePlanche, FranqoisLacour- Gayet, Alain Serraf,lacqueliheBruniaux. HopitallNlarie Lannelongue, Paris,. France f 134 Trurcur Arteriows: Operative ttirks, Reoperations, and Long-lerm Rerulb-A Twenty-Year Experience 2039 Anees I. Razzouk, John G. Coles,. William G.. Williams, GeorgeA, Trusler, Ivan M. Rebeyka,. Robert.M. Freedom. The Hospital fonSick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada f 134 The AMe Effectb.of TransiRan toa Fonhn Circulation 2040 Daniel J. Penny,. Christopher Lincoln,. Darryl F. Shore, Han B. Xiao,~ Michael L. Rigby, Andrew N. Redington. Royal. Brompton and National. HeartMHospital, London,.UnAed Kingdom I136 itallooo-EnpandableStent Repairr of E.perimenhl Coardatinn of . the Aorla In Dop 2041 RRobert H. Beekman, David W. Muller, Flavian M. Lupinetti, Paul I. Reynolds, Cathy Moorehead,.Noel Moore, Robert.J;,Levy,.G:B. John Mancini. C.S: Mott Children's HospitalJ The University of Michigan„ Ann Arbor, MI i f 137 fHlbon Vahndoplasty in Children Using Carbon Dioxide 2042 Narayanswami Sreeram, Kevin Wal9h, Robert Arnold. Royal.Liverpoot Children's Hospital, .Liverpool,. England. f 13i fhenatal. Iacemaker.lmplanlationin the Fetal Lamb 2043 Markus K. Heinemann,. Joseph Ff;. Sabik, Walten J, Gamble,. Frank L.. Hanley. Children'S Hospital, Boston, MA P139 Cardiac Output Response to Treadmill Exercise in Children With Fixed- Rate hce+nahen 20" Gerald A. Serwer, Macdonald Dick II, Brenda Eakin. University of ;Mich- igan,, Ann Arbor, MI P110 Trameraphaseal InducYion of Atrial.Fibrillation in Children With and Without VeMrkvlar Preexcihtion 2045 Fabrizio Drago, Attilio Turchetta, A.mando Calzofari~ Antonella Santilli( PaoloGuccione, Pietro Ragonese,: Frank.M. Galioto Ia. Ospedale Bam- bino Gesu, Roma,,IWly> and Georgetown University. Hospital, Washing- ton, DC P141 . Epicardial RadJofreqaency, Ablation in Immature hmbs: Assessment of Duration and Temperature on.Lesion Size 2046 /. Edward Hulse,.Edward P. Walsh;.J. Phililp.Sauli Chiddren'sHospital, Boston, MA f 142 Histological Comparison of Cryothenniaa and Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation in Swine 2047 Hidetoshi Fujino, Robert P. Thompson, PatriciaG. Germorth,. M. Miehael5windle, Christopher L.. Case, Paul C. Gillette. Medical Univer- sity of South Carolina„Ch'arieston; SC UE
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WED AM NOV 13 Arteriosclerosis: Lipoprotein(a), Apoprotein B, and Modified Lipoproteins Poster Presentation Boards P11-P22 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NooN. Presenter Present: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM P111 TThe Role of Orysterols in Oxidized LDl in the Regulation of Apo E Secrelion and mIWA Expression in Human Monocyle-perhed Mscro- piliaix+ 1918 Masaaki Eto, Alan Chait. Department of Medicine,: University of Wash, ington, Seattle, WA f 12 Otidited LDL b Resistant to Hydrolysis by Catlrepshr 1919 Marike Lougheed, Uis P. Sleinbrecher. University of British Colu,mbia,. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada P13 Dense LDL Subspecies With Ekvaled Susceptibility to Oxidatioe hedominate in Combined HyperNpidemia 1920 Syivie.Dejager, Eric Bruckert,.)ohn Chapman. INSERM'U 321, Hupital de IaPitie„Paris,.France P14 Or;anf:atiow of theReguiatory Elements and Nodear Aclivitles hrlic- ipaling in the Transcriptional ActiYation of the Hunan Apo { Gene 1921 Dimitris Kardassis, Vassilis I. Zannis, Christos Cladaras. Molecular Genetics, Boston University. Medical Centeri .Boston,,MA . I1S Cotranrlatimul Integration of Apolipoprotein Y 4Nolhe Inner Leaflet of tbe Endopiasnic ItetlatMrs 1922 Richard I. Pease, James M. Leiper„Georgina B. Harrison, James Seott; MRC Clinical Research Centre, Harrow, Unnred ;Kingdom , 116 Apo B Synthesis in CulUtted Hepatocryles From The IoMs HopkMr Colony of st. Tlatnas Hospital Strain HyperNpiderrtit Rabbils 1923 Paul S. Bachorik, Donna G. Virgil. The Johns Hopkins University, Balti- more„MD [ 17 The ApollpopraleMr 3 mIWA EdlMna Activity Consirls of an OiiBomeric. holein Wilh a Cahiylk Subontt of 45 tDa 1924. )oHst C. Greeve, Simon A. Hawley,)ames Scott. MRC Clinical Research Centre, Harrow, United Kingdom Plg Effect of Gemfibrozil on Nasma Ilpoproteir(a) Leveb in Type Ila Hyperi(ppproleind~tc Subjects 192S Peter H. Jones, Antonio M. Gotto Jr., Henry J. Pownall, Wolfgang Patsch, i. Alan Herd, John A. Farmer, Chadotte Payton-Ross, Beth Cocanougher, Karima K. Gfianem, Joel D. Morrisett. Baylor College of Medicime.and The Methodist, Hospital,.Houston, TXI19 Hormonal Effects on Serom Lp(a) Levels: Marked Reduction During tylrogen Trestrnent In Maks With Prortatic Cancer 1926 Peter Henriksson, Bo Angelin, Lars Berglund. Department of Medicine and'Department o(Climical Chemistry, HudElinge University Hospioal, Huddinge, Sweden ~ P20 Serrm lipoprotein(a) a a Restenwis Risk Fador After hrManeors Tranduniul Coronary Angiaplasiy 1927 Ichiro Michishita, Youichi Shibazaki, Ken Umeda, Kouichi Mizuno, Satoru Watanabe, Akira Genda. Yokohama Sakae Kyosai Hospital, Yokohama, Japan i P21 lipaprotdn(a).Y a Substrate for Fader %Ila and Tsue.TrargMAmniwe U28 Wolfgang Borth, Peter.C. HarpeL.Divisionof Hematology, Department of Medicine,. The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York,. NY. f22 Eathanced O.idirabiBly of the Dense tDl SuWractioor Isolated Fn>,a ~ Patfents: NMm.liration After CbfBirate Treat- meat 1929 Jacqueline de Graaf„lan GM: Hendriks, Pierre N!M. Demadrer, Anton F.H.. stalenhoef, , University. Hospital Nijmegen,. Nijmegen, The Netherlands 296
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WED PM NOV 13 Basic Science/Circulafion: Baroreflex Mechanisms in Normal and Disease States Room C-3 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Irving H. Zucker, Omaha, NE Mark E. Dibner-Dunlap, Cleveland, OH 2:00 Recovery of Barorefiex Sensitivity in Experimental Heart Failure 2201 Etienne A.. Grima,.Gordon W. Moe„Robert.JJ Howard, Paul W. Arm, . strong. Universiryy ofToronto, Toronto,,Ontario,.Canada 2t1S Grdioreapiratory Baroreflex Control in Rats With Chronic Myocardiial Infarction 2202 Ranu Jung, MarcD. Thames. Case Western Reserve University; Cleve- land, OH 2Ti0 Heaodynatnic Correlatet of Baronefkx ImpaimnnN in Experimental Canine HeartraRure 2203 Marian E. BrSndl@, Wei Wang,.Irving H. Zucker. Department of Physiol- ogy, University of~Nebaaska College of Medicine, Omaha, NE 2A5 Synrnpe During pMostaBc Streu: Cerebral Versus SyAank Hemody nareics 2204 Benjamin ~D. Levine, CoieA. Giller, Lynda D..L'ane,.Jay C. Buckey, C.: Gunnar Blomqvist. University, of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX' 3:00 Effects of Vaaal Stimuiation by, Tramdermal Scopolamine in Patients Post-Myocardial Infarction 2205 Barbara Casadei,: Athanase Pipilis, )ames Conway,.Peter Sloight. Univer- sity of Oxford, Oxfordi United Kingdom 3:15 Barorefkx Frrtction in Norawtnuive and Chronically Hypertensive Comcian and Anesthetized Rabbih 2206 Leonard B. Bell„Donald I. Wilson, Leslie M. Quandt, John P. Kampine: Medical College of Wisconsin ~ and Veterans Administration Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI 3:30 Inlermixion and 6chibils 4:a0 Prolonged hdribition of, Sympathetic Nerve ANvity Following Sns- tained 6evation of ArterialPresnre in.Humans 2207 Decio Mion ){., Christine A.. Sinkey,,Erling A. Anderson~ Robert F.,Rea, Allyn L. Mark. Clinical Research and Cardiovascular Centers, University of Iowa,. Iowa City, IA . 4t15 Sodionr lmpaio Arterial Baroreflex Function in Nwnahruive and Hypertensive Humans 2200 Mark A. Creager, Mary-Anne Roddy; Kathleen M. Holl6nd.~ Brigham and Women'sHospital, Boston, MA 4:30 DOfferentlal Control of forearm.and Calf Vascular Resistance During Mtracoroeary Injection of lonic Contra.t Material 2209 Tage.N. Jacobsen, Richard A.. Lange, Richard L..Converse Jr., Troy, M.. Obregon, Rorald~G. Victor..University, of'Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX 4:45 Relationship BetweenCardiopaimonary Barorefkx Gain and Resting Sympathetic Nerve AcBvily in Normal Harnans 2210 Hans P. Sch'obei, Ron M. Oren, Allyn, L. Mark,. David W. Ferguson. Universityy of Iowa, Iowa City,.lA 5M Selective Contribution of Two Types of Carotid Sinus Barorecep,tors to Ase: Control of Blood Pressure 2211 Jlanne LL Seagard, Francis A. Hopp, Heather A..Drummond, Claudia A. Hermes. VeteransAdtlninistration Medical Center.and Mediaa6 Coiiege: of Wisconsin, Mihvaukee,,WI 330
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Nutrition/Epidemiology and Prevention/Arterioscierosis: Fish Oils/Antioxidants Room C-4 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Milton Z. Nichaman, Houston, TX William E. Connor, Portland, OR WED AM a 30 .eneNdal Auoaatlorrs of falr cnrrurnptimt and onrega-3 fblyto- satarated Fatty Add Intake Wiih Hemostatic Factors 1790 . Eyal Shahar, Aron R. Fol9om,. Kenneth K. Wu, Barbara H: Dennis, Tomoko Shimakawa, Maureen G. Conlan, O. Dale W)Iliams, for the Atherosc4erosis. Risk'.in Communities (ARIC) Study Investigators. Uni- versity of Minnesota, School oflPublic Health, Minneapolis, MN Br1S lomrnrologid EHeds of NCf3 Step Two Dieta Effeds of n 3 Fatty Add. 1781 Simn N. Meydani, Alice H. Lfchtenstein, Steven Comwa% Charles A.. Dinarell'o, Helen Rasmussen, Ernst J• Schaefer. USDA Human NUtrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University and New England Medical Center, Boston, MA 9.00 The Interaction of Dietary saturakd Fat and Fish Oil Upon iNarara Lipidc in Hr.nw 1782 Arne Nordoy, Lauren F. Hatcher, William E. Connor, Dan O. Ullmann. Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR, and University of Tromso, Tromso, Norway, l:15 n-3 and n-6 Polyunratnrated Fatty Add supplementatbn in.fNan 17ft3 Marit S. Nenseler, Mild C. Rustan, Sissel Lund-Katz, Elisabeth Seyland; Michael C. Phillips, Christian A. Drevon. Institute For Nutrition Research, University of Oslo, Norway, and The Medical , College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA rJO N.h OB Diet Reduces itirrdirg of tDl and Amtaniatbn of t]roladeryl E.ter in FibroblaNs 1784 Vijitha Lirrga, John S. Parks, Molly A. Leight, Richard W. St.CIaiA. Department of Pathology and~ DepartmeM of ~ Comparative Medicine, Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest University, Winston- Sa)em,,NC tAS Chanses in the Molecular Spedes of t•Irosplratidyl Choline and Giolea- leryl Blers in Hr.nart naana Following Fish ON Adoinittratbn 17f1S Papasani V. Subbaiahd David Kaufman, John D. Bagdade. Rush Medical I College, Chicago, JL 1000 Interprinion and E 11111- fb 10:45 Ff/ed of Fish O0r on Upoproleiro and Apo At-ContainiK Parfkla in NonnoNpadc fNale and Fewrak Popalatlam 17" Bernadette De1plAnque,:Catherine Boisn)er, Jean-Louis Richard, Ber- nard Ja¢otot.. INSERMU32,.HopitaLHenriMondor; 0Eteil, France 1100 Marine Upitlr Carrcd Ihe Abnownal Acceleration of Chofe.feryl E.6er Transfer he tnwlia-Deperrdent Diabeter N1eRitm 1787 John D. Bagdade, M. Ritter, P.V. Subbaiah'., Rush Medical College, Chi- cago, IL 11:15 In Vivo Alpha-Tocopherol Sup0lernerrtation Irdtibib LDL Oxidalion 17dtf Ishwarlal Jialll, Scott M. Grundy. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX 11:30 hrhitaifion of LDL Oaidafian by Befi-Caroterre 17t9 Ishwarlal JialvIJ EdwudP. Norkus, Louis.S. Cristol,.ScotuM:..Grundy. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, and New. York Medical~ College, Bronx, NY 1145 FurWer Evidence for the Irnpaircd Fmrction of an Hepattc AIpMa- Tocoplreral linrnng fRatein in htienb With FanriBal Isolated Vitamin E DeNdlwcy 1790 Maret G. Traber, Ronald J. Sokol, Graham W. Burton, Keith U. Ingold, Herbert J. Kaydin. New York . University School of Medicine, New. York, NY, University of Colorado, Denver, . CO, . and NRC,. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada N {1 283
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Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care: Pulmonary Vasoreactivity Poster Presentation Boards P192-P201 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON. Presenter Present: 9:30 AM=12:00 NOON WED AM NOV 13 P192 Distind Endothelin Aeceptors on Pufmonary Blood Vesseis 209 7 P193 Baiqiang Cai, Warren Summer,.Albert~Hyman, Howard Lippton. Louis ana State University Medical Center/Pulmonary,. NewOrleans,. LA Protamine Sulfate Stimulites Endothelium-Dependent Relaxation i- of 194 the Canine.Puimo.aryArtery: Protective Meduniism Against Pulm nary Vasoconstriction 209 Paulo R.B.Evora, Paul J. Pearson, Hartzell V,..Schaff..Mayo Clinic an Mayo Foundation,, Rochester, MN Solr61l. ComplenreR Receptor Type 1 Prenenfs. 6rdotoxin/PAF-krduce o- 8 d d tsng 4rjrry. 209 9 Giora Feuerstein;.ReuvenRabinovici; C. GraceYeh; Leonard M.,Hill e- gass;.DonE..Griswold„Jerome Verni¢k„ Richard!A: G. Smith..Depa rt- 195 ment of Pharmacology, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceutiicals, King Prussia,.Department of'Surgery; Jefferson Medical College;.Phiiade phia, PA, and T-Cell Sciences, Cambridge, MA T-mre-Depeadent Changes of . Bacterial . Products on PWmonary. Va of l- o- reacti„ty 210 John P. Gunter, Baiqiang Cai,i Albert Hyman„Wanen R. Summer;,How ard Lippton., Louisiana State University. Medical Center/Pulmona 0 - ry, P1% New.Orleans, LA Influence of Lemakaiim and RP 52891 on thePulmorury Vascular Be d of the Cat 210 1 P197 Bobby, D.,Nossaman, Timothy J. McMahon„James S. Hood, Philip Kadowitz. Tulane.MedicaliSchool, NewCMeans, LA. Potassium (K') Channels Activation Dilate Puimonary. Vasculature i J. n P198 Fetal Pigs 210 lames Y:. Coe, Jon Timinsky, Peter M. Olley. University of Albert Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Effecis of Hypothalamic Na',R*/ATPase Inhibitor on the Contractio 2 a,. n of Isolated Pulmonary. Artery Fronr Spontaneously Hypertensive an NomrMemive Spraatte-Dawky Rats 210 d 3 P199 Stefan P. /anssens, Caren Kachoris, CharlesA: Hales, Garner T. Haupe Jr. Massachusetts General Hospital (Puhnonary/Critiea6 Care Unican Renal Unit),, Harvard. Medical School, Boston,.MA CongeAive Heart Faihre Inhibffs Canine Pulmonary Artery Relanata rt d. tr via Alteration of Receptor-Mediated Adenylate Cyclase Stimulatio 210 n 4 Rajamma Mathew, Ilti Wang, Michael H. GewHz„Thomas H:..Hintz e,. P200 Michael S: WOlin., New York Medical College, Valhalla„NY Udrique Vasodilatian to Calcium-Regulating Peptides 210 S Hbward Lippton, Qingzhong Hao,.AlbenHyman., Department of Pu monary Med.icine,. Louisiana. State University Medical School, an Tulane Medical School, . New Orleans, LA l- d P201 Nibi6on of llypoxk Pulmonary Vasoomstrictian by Diplrerryleneiodortiir m N 2106 Henry M. , Thomas III, Roger C. , Carson, Erthan D. Fried, Richard S. , N6vitch.,Cornell UftiversityMedical'College, Will Rogers.Puhnonary O Research Laboratory, Burke Rehabilitation Center, White Plains, NY W 317 ~ I I
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Clinical Cardiology: Left Ventricular Dysfunction Room C-6 2:00 PM-3:30~ PM Chairmen: Otto M. Hess, Zurich, Switzerland Chester H. Conrad, Boston, MA WED PM NOV 13 2:00i survival FaMowirr3 the Onset of Congestive Heart Faikre in Fram:rgham Heart Study Subjei.is 2234 Kalon K:L. Ho, Keaven M. Anderson, William B. Kannel„William Gross~- man, Daniellievy. Framingham Heart Study; Framingham,.MA. 2:15 Early and Late Results of Coronary Angioplistyy in Patients. With Depressed Left Ventrindar Function 2235 Helene Eltchaninoff, Patrick L. Whitlow: The Cleveland Clinic Founda- tion„Cleveland, OH 2:30 Pathophysiology of Paroxysmal Resting Left Ventricular: Dysfundion in . Unstable Angina 2236 Mich'aet,R. Freeman, LingdeYang, Anatoly Langer, Brendon Foley, Terry Hsia, Paul W. Armstrong. Un'rversitly.of Toronto, 7oronto,.Ontario,. Canada 2:45 DecTeased. Energy Reserve May Cause Pump Faiture.in Human Dilated Cardiomyopathy 2237 Luigino Nascimben, Paolo Pauletto,. Achi4le C. Pessina,. Ilana Reis, loanne S. IngwalL.Brighamand Women's Hospital„Boston, MA,.and. Clinica Medica I, Universiti di. Padova,. Padova, Italy, 3:00 Detedionn of an Irreversible Myocardial I Damage in Heart Failure 2238 R. ScognamGglio, G.. Fasolij A.. Ponchia. Cardiology Divisiona Wledical. SchoolJ University.ofiPadua;.Padua, Italy, 3:1 S Carvedilol Improves Left Ventricular. Function in Idiopathic Dilated Catdiomyopathy, 2239 StephanieL. Oken, Edward M. Gilbeni Dale G.. Renlund, Patrice C. Mealey; KirkVolkman, lohn B. O'Connell,.Frank D. Yanowitz, Michael R Bristow. University of Utah, Salt Lake City; UT 3:30 Intennission and Exhibits 333
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NOV 13 Basic Science: Ionic Mechanisms Underlying Arrhythmogenesis Room C-1 2:(]OPM-5:1Jr PM Chairmen: Penelope A. Boyden, New York, NY Michiel ). )anse, AmsterdamJ The Netherlands 2:00 Cardiac sl as a Stable limit Cycle Ouillator: A Novel Medyni.m for DyphyBndas Yduced by Ca" Overload 2179 Don S. Rubenstein, Joseph P. Zbllutj Charles L. Webber Jr., Stephen L. Lipsius. Loyo1A University Medical Center, Maywoodj and Rush Medi- cal College, Chicago, IL' 2:15 Effects of %O= on (Ca"), and Eadtation-Contraciian Coupling in I>Io- wed Cardiac My0[ytes 2160 Joshua 1. Goldhaber, Edwin Liu, James N. Weiss:,Un'rversisy ofiCalifor- nia, los Angeles, School of Medicine,. Los Angeles, CA 2:30 Caldi.n CurraAs in Canine Myocyter From the Epicard'ial 6order Zone of the Infarded HeaA 2131 Rajesh Aggarwal; Penelope A. Boyden.,Department of Pharmacology; Columbia Univeesify, New York, NY 2:45 fakiwn-Utduced Dipenion of Re(raAoriness A1tNs the Energy for Deffbrlpatlon. 2162John Htl,mmel, Michelle Azan-Backx, Thomas Guamien. Jbhns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 3:80 The Effect of Ro-40 5967, a Novel Calkiwn dunnel Antagmtisf, on Seraeptlbilily to Ventricsilar Fibrillalfon 2183 George E. Billhun. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 3.15 hledunbs Underlying the /lndarrhytlunkEffect of Transient Acidic ReperluFiotw Role of Per(urate [HCOs"j 2184 Chikao Ibuki, David J. Hearse, Metin Avkiran. The Rayne Institute, St. Thomas' Hospital, London, United Kingdom 3:30 NNernission and Exhibi6 4:00 Rahed Estracellalar K* Levek and NorepinepArine Rekase in ehe Rat Heark Mutual kReractioas 2165 Xiao-lun~Du,. Rudolph A.. R'iemersma. Cardiovascular Research UnA,. University of Ediotburgh, Edinburgh, United'Kingdom i 4:15 Protecfive Electrophysiologkal Effects of Glucou-Inwlin During Acute hdtania 2186 Soad Bekheit, Nidal 13ber, Haresh, V. Jani, Mohamed' Boutjdir„ Ghazwhan Butrous, William 8. Gough, Nabil El-Sherif. State Ui,iversity of New York Health Center and Veterans Administration Medical Center, Brooklyn; NY e:30 Prerention of Isdrcmia- and Reperfusion-Induced Mhythmias by SelecBre Modcade of Inward Reclifyh>s K` Current 2167 SiSun A. Rees, Michael 1., Curtis. King's College,. London, United Kingdom 4:45 Dose-DependeM Glibendatnide leduc6on In ExlraceBular Mtassium Rhe and Ad{vaiion Delay iG Ihe la Situ isdrctak (Mg He.ut 2188 Marcus L..Williams, LeonardSJ Gettes, TimothyJohnson,.WilNiam F. Fleet, Wayne Cascio. University of North Carolina, Chapel, HiII,.NC S.-/B Amilaride Supprerfon of INnacidil-Induced Reentrant Arrhythnws in Nolaled Canine VenMndar Myocardium 2189 Jose M: Di Diego, Charles Antzelevitch'., Masonic Medical Research Lab'oratory,. Utica,. NY. 328
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WED PM NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Diagnostic Exercise Testing- Nuclear Techniques California Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hotel 4:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: George A. Diamond, Los Angeles, CA Maleah Grover-McKay, Iowa City; IA 4:00 TI-201. Stress SPECT Predicts Subsequent CardiacEverrts After Coro. nary. Artery Bypass Grafting 2294 Scotti. E.. Bingham, Walter Palmas,. Hosen Xiat,.lohn Friedmian,. Timothy Denton,.Daniel S. Berman. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 4:15 Adenosine Thallium Myocardial Perfusion Imaging: Clinical iUtility for Predicting Surgical Complications and the Need for Preoperative Revascvlariration. 2285 Thomas C. HiHon;,Leslee J. Shaw, KarenS: Stocke, Arthur M. Stelken,i Bernard~ R. , Chaitman, . BarbaraA: , Kong, D. Douglas Miller. St. Louis UniversityMedica6Center, Sti Louis, MO 4:30 Exercise Testing and Tr-201 Emission Computed Tonrrgraphy in Vari- ous Types of Intraventricular Conduction Disturbances 2286 Kei Tawarahara,. Chinori Kurata, Akira Kobayashi, TakahisaTaguchi,. Shigeyuki Aoshiima; Noboru Yamazaki.. Hamamatsu University School I ofiMedicine, Hamamatsu,Japan 4:45 A Notdnvasive Model for the.Detection of.Three-Vessel Left Main. CoronaryDisease Using Exercise Tomographic Thallium Imaging 2287 Timothy. F. Christian, Todd D: Miller, Kent.R.. Baileyy Raymond li Gib, bons. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 5:00 Sensitivity and Safety.of Dobutamiee.Stress.Thallium.in Detection.obSignificart Coronary Artery Disease. 2288 Grady . H. Henddix, Leonie Gordon. Division of Cardiology and Nuclear Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston,. SC 340
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WED AM NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Platelet Function and Reperfusion Injury/Function Poster Presentation Boards P171-P181i Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Presenter Present: 9:30 AM-12:00 NOON P171 Profound Matektlnactivation With. 7E3 Shortly After Thrombolytic. Therapy for Acute Myocardial Infatxtion: Prelioinary Results of the TAMI d Trial 2076 NeaIS. Kleiman„E. Magnus Oh'man, Dean 1. Keriakes, Stephen G. Ellis;. Harlan F. Weisman, Eric 1. Topol~ for the TAMI 8 Investigatots. Baylor College of Medicine,. Houston, TX P172 Thrombocyfopenia: A Risk Factor for Excess Hemorrluge and Mortality During TMontbelylk Therapy, for. Acute Myocardial Infarction 2077 Robert A.. Hartington,: Kristina N. Sigmon, David C. Sane. Duke Univer• sity, Medical Center, . Durham, NC P173 Differertllal Effects of ThrarmbolyUt Agents on Adenosinm INpbos- prah-irdtr.ed.Flatekt A)lgregafian . 2078 Rohit .Arora,. Nighat Khan, Asru K: Sinha. Colitmbia University/Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York„NY P174 Increased Thrornboernboiic Complications in Patients With Mticardio- Rpin.Antibody After Myocard'ial Infarction or Coronary.Angioplasty, 2079 Denise Barbut,.Jeffrey S. Borer;,Aziz Gharavi, Phyllis Supino. Cornell Medi¢ali Center, New York,.NY P175 PotemBaNbn of Pro.facydin-lyduced Inhibition of Platelet Aggregation by rrtnne Maardrro`en Activator-Catalyaed Plasmin iomration . 2080 RohitiArora, Nighat Khan, Asru K. Sinha. Columbia University/Alben Einstein College of Medicine, New Yorh,.NYP176 Platelet Density DbMbution in the Follow-up of Acute Myoordial Infarciion 2061 . Joachim,Krappe, Claus Opper, Christina Fett, Bernhard Maisch,~ Woif- gang Wesemann. PhilippsUnivenity„ Marburg... FederaJ I Republikc of Germany. P177 Limitatlon of Reperfrsibn Injrry.in Cardiac Swgery: inhibilion of Lipid Peroxidadon by. ARoptrrinol 2082 IMoheb A.Rash'id,.Goran Willilam-Olsson..Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery,.Sahigrenska Hospital, Gothenburg University, Gothenbueg;.Swedeni P178 Gradual Reperfuwi0n-Induced. Leukocyk Depletion at the Early Phase of Reperiwion During Cardiac Surgery With Cardiopulmanary Bypass 2083 Moheb A. Rashid, Leif Dernevik, Lennart Svensson„Per-Ove Sj6quist, Goran William-0Isson. Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery,. Sahlgrenska Hospitai,. Gothenburg University,., Gouhenburg., and. Hassie AB, Research Laboratories, Sweden P179 Tirne Course of Myocardial Stunning. After Surgical Clamping of Coro- nary Artery'Dwing Coronary Bypass Surgery, 2084 Takeshi Hozumij Pravin M. Shah, Michael N! Wood, Carlos A. Schmidt. L'omaLinda University. Medical Center, Lbma Linda, CA P180 Effect of a Com6ined Thrombolyfic and Cardioprotective Treatment on Left Ventricular Function After Acute Myocardial Infarction . 20g5Frans J.IJ Van de WerbTomaszBrzostek, Geen.De Vriese; HeidiiGoe.- thais. University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium: P181 Combined Infuiion of Jsowrbide Dinitrale and'Streptok:nase Reduces Infarct Size in Nonreperlused Myocardial Infarcfion 2066 Per Hildebrandt, Hans-J6rgen Schylten, Jy1te Jensen, Thomas Joen; Gunnar Jensen, Christian Torp-Pedersen;. Vibeke Ringsdab, Dorte: Jep~ pesen,.Thomas Melchior, Elsebeth Iversen„Frank Steensgaard-Hansen,. Jergen Granborg: Marija Weiss, WolfgangErmer,.Christian, Hassager;. University of Copenhagen, Glostrup Hospital,. Hellerup, Denmark 314
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WED PM NOV 13 Arteriosclerosis: Cellular Lipid Metabolism Pacific B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-5: 1S PM Chairmen: Jane M. Glick, Philadelphia; PA F. Jeffrey Field, Iowa City, IA 2:00 Expression of Cholesterol 7-Alpha-Hydroxylase in Naehepatic Ceus: Evidence for a RegalatoryRole 2256 Svein Dueland, .Marit.5, Nenseter, Jbdi Drisko, Roger. A..Davis. Univer- sity of Colorado Health Sci:.Center,.Denver, CO 2:15 Calcium lonophore Overcornes the Sterol-Mediated Suppression of HMG-CoA Reductase and HMG-CoA Synthase 2257 Douglas 1. Wilkin, Peter A. Edwards. University, of Califbrnia at Los Angeles, School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA , 2:30 Regulatiarn of Gene Expression and Syntkesish and Degradation of HMG-CoA Reductase by CholeNerol Flux in CaCo-2 Cells 2258 F.,/pffrey Field, Thomas.Shreves,.DarylFujiwara, Shubha Murthy, LI4aAlbright,.Satya Mathur..University, of Iowa Coll'ege of Medicine, Iowa City, fA 2:45 Altered Cholesterol Metabolism in Adrenal Cells Secreting Apo E 2259 Margaret M. Praek, George H. Rothblat, Iane:M. Glick,Mary. E'. Reyland, David L.. Williams. State. University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook,.NY, and Medical~College.ofPennsylvania, Philadelph'ia,.PA 3A0 Iurification and Sequencing of.an AMP-Adivated.HMG-CoA Reduc- tase/AcMyl-CoA Carboxylase Kfnase 2260 David CarGng, lames Scott., MRC.Cfinical Research Centre„Harmw, Unirted.Kingdom 3:15 Synthesis of Apopralein E by Mauopluges Stimulates Slerol Esrerifi- calian 2261 CatherineA.,Reardon, Lydia M. Pustelnikas;.Godfrey S. Getz,.Theodore Mazzone: University of Chicago and Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Centeq Chicago, IL 3:30 Intersnision and Exiiibits 4.00 Regulation of Sterol Carrier: rrotein-2 Gene Expression in the Ral 2262 Chades L. Baum, Sapna KansolJ Nicholas O. Davidson. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL . 4:15 IntenAiRal Fluid HDL Promotes Uptake,.N1MEfflux, of:Free Choksterol1 by Cells in Culture 2263 Michael Lefevre, Paul S. Roheim, Hsin-Tsung Hb; Charles.H. Sloop. Louisiana State Universiby. Medical ICenter,.New.Odeans, LA 4:30 Hepatic Acyl-CoACholesterol Acyltransferase Activity Correlates With Hepatic CAaksteryl Ester Secretion and Plasma LDL Size in Afri- can Green Monkeys 2264 Timothy. P. Carr, lohn S. Parks, Lawrence L Rudel. Bowman Gray Schoof of Medicine of Wake.Forest University, Winston-Safem; NC 4:45 oludaic Acid Rlocks tlpoprotein-Mediated Cholesterol Transport'and Steroidogenesis In AdrenocoAical Cells 2265 Salman Azhar, Eve P..Reaven. Veterans.Administration Medical CentKr, Palo Alto, CA 5M Intasfon of Atlmrogenic Particles liscreases the Activity of Hepatic Lipase in the Rabbit 2266 David L. Ebert; Roderic J. Warren, Alana Mitchell,.Philip I, Baner. Baker Institute,.Melliourne,: Victoria, Australia 336
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I Cardiovascular Disease in the Young: Interventional Pediatric Cardiology Room A-9 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Vincent Zales, Chicago, IL Jonathan J. Rome, Washington, DC WED PM NOV 13 2.'0o Angioscopic. OMervation of Coronary Lesions in Kawawki. Disease 2157 Hiromilshikawa,.Michihiko Sasakij Isao Shibuya,.Kazuko Kawamura, Kichinori I Hasegawa, Yasuni Uchida.. Chiba Kensei i Hospital, Chiba, and Tokyo University; Tokyo, Japan 2:15 Patent Ductus ArleriowrOccknion: 4D-MOnth Follow-up and Preva- lence of Residual Shtmting 2158 Martin C.K: Hosking, Lee Benson, Robert M. Freedom. The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 2:30 Residual Ductal Flow After Tranrcaffieter Occlusion of Patent Ductus Arterieisut 2159 Stephen 11 Roth, Stanton B. Perry, John:F. Keane;lames E. Lock. Chili- dren's.Hospital, Boston, MA2:45 Long4ernt Follow-up After Tnnsfemoral Catheter Closure of Patent Ductus A.[erimw 2160 Rainer Schrader,.Ute Felgner, Horst Sievert, Wulfl-Dirk Bussmann,i Mar- tin Kaltenbach. University Hospital, Frankfurt am Main, Federal Repub- lic of Germany, 3:00 Tranfcalheter C1o>ture of ASD: Early Results of Multicenter Trial of the Bard Clamshell Septal Occluder 2161 leny.A...lztson, Lee N. Benson,.WiiRam. E. Hellenbrand,,CharlesE Mullins, lames E..Lock. University,of NebraskaMediali Center, Omaha, .NE'3:15 Tramvenour Occlusion of Atrial Septal Defects hy, the Sideris Buttoned Devicr: Earfy.lntematkmal Experience 2162 Eleftherios B..Sideris, P.SyamasundAr Rao,.Thomas R. Lloyd,.Robert.H.. Beekman, Anne M. Worms, Zuhdi Lababidil. Pediatric Cardiology,. Amarillo, TX' 3:30Intermisfion and Fxhibits 4:00Redilatbtg DucialStents In Newborn Lambs 2163 lames Y: Coe, Jon Timinsky_Ross McKendrick,:. Fermin O. Tio„Peter M. Olley. University,of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta;.Canada,.and Univer• sity of Texas, San Antonio, TX4:15. Intravascular Stenl akosthesis for Pulmonary. Artery Stenosis and. Right Venlriwlir Outflow Tract Obstruction 2164 Martin C.K. Hosking, Lee Benson, Robert M. Freedom. Hospital forSick Children„Toronto; Ontario, Canada 4:30 Does Balloon Dilatation Angioplasly for, Coarciation of the Aorta AffeclCerebrovascular C'ircWation inChildreni 216S Bruno Bissonnette,: Lee N., Benson. The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto,.Ontario, Canada 4:45 Regrenfon of Left Ventricular Myocardial Mass After Successful IBal- loon Valvuloplasly in Children With Aortic Stenosis 2166 Michael Vogel, Walter Sebening, Konrad Buhlmeyer. Department of Pediatrics,. Deutsches Herzzentrum Miinchen, Munchen, Federal Republic of Germany 5:00 Factors Affectag Long-term Results After. BaBoon Pulmonary. Val- vukplasty, 2167 Brian W. McCrindle, for the Valvuloplasty and Angioplisty of Congeni, tal Anomalies (VACA)RegistryInvestigators:. University of Manitoba; Winnipeg, Jvlanitoba, Canada ® V
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Cardiovascular Surgery: Valvular Heart Surgery I California Pavilion, B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-5: 1S PM Chairmerr. Donald B. Doty, Salt Lake City, UT Delos M. Cosgrove, Cleveland, OH WED PM NOV 13 2:00 Mitral Valve Repair Using Carpentier Techniques in Patients Over Se v- enty Yean of Age 22 89 :15 Victor A.. Jebara,.Patrice Dervanian, Christophe Acar, Philippe.Grar Pierre Julila,AlainDeLoche,.Alain..Carpenlier. Hopital Broussais, Par France Initial Results of Mitral Valve Plication with Myotomy-Myecton e; is, ry Operation for Relief of Left Venlricular Outflow Obstruction Patients With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopalhy, 22 in 90 :30 CharlesLL McIntosh, Barry J. Maron,. Richard I O. , Cannon III,. Hei Klues. Surgery Branch, Nationai. Heart, Lung,, and Blood Institut Bethesda, MD, Reversal of Left Ventricular Fiow Pattern Following . Bioproslhe nz e, tic Mitral Valve Replacement 22 91 2:45 Patrice A'. M¢Kenney; Ravin i Davidoff,. David P. Faxon, Richard Shemin. Boston Universiroy,Medical.Centeq..Boston„MA Perioperative Edrocardiographic Assessment of the Heart Functioe Jl in the Patients Treatedby. Mitral iRecorulruction or Replacernerrt Wi Complete Papfllary-Annular Continuity 22 th 92 A0 , Henrik.Siniawski,. Henning Warneck'e;. Yuguo Weng,. Torsten Drew Roland I Hetzer. German . Heart i Institute, Berlin, Federal Republk Germany Comparative Efficacy of Ring Versus Suture Anrndoplastyy for iscben s, of ric Mitral Regurgitation 22 93 :15 Lawrence S.C. Czeq Gerald Maurer, Michele DeRobertis, Shar Nessim, Alfredo Trento, Carlos Blanche, 5haro Raissi, Robert M. Ka Aurelio Chaux, iackM. Matloff. Cedars-Sinai Medical.Center, L Angeies, CA Short-term Amiodarone Facilitates Cardioversion of Chronic Atri on ss, os al' Rb'riRation After Mitral Valve Surgery 22 94 :30 John Skouladgis„Christian Rothlis6erger,.Daniei Skudicky„Rafiquefsso Shirley. Middlemost, Thomas Wisenbaugh,. Pinhas Sareli.i Baragwana Hospital6 iohannesburg, South Africa . Intermission and Exhib'rls p,. th. 4:00 Improvin8 the Results oi Mitral Valve Surgery. 22 95 4:15 Masashi Komeda,. Richard D. Weisel, . Tirone E. , David, Joan ivano Zhao Sun:. Toronto General Hospital,.Toronto, Ontario, Canada A Mechanism by Which E]ection Performance Is Preserved Followi v,. ng Mitral Valve Repair But Not Replacement for Chronic Mitral Regur tatlon 22 gi- % :30 John Rozich, Blase Carabello, Bruce Usher, iohn Kratz;.Adelll Be Michael Zile. Medical University of South Carolina and'the Gazes C diac Research Institute, Charleston, SC Recent1xperience 1Vith.Cryopreserved Aorlk Valve Homografts f ll,. ar- or ~ 4:45 Aortic Valve Replacement 22 Ch'nistie TiT. Tan,Th'omasA. Orszulak, Gordon K. Danielson. Ma Clinic and Mayo Foundation, Rochester, MN Assessment of Postoperative Left Ventricular Function After Mitr 97 yo al N O ~I I i Valve Repair for Mitral Regar8ltation ~ 22 Kei Sakai) Shigehiko Sakaki, Nobuaki Hirata, Susumu Nakan Sakurabashi iWatanabe Hospital,l Osaka, Japan 98. o. W 5:00. Aortic Root Replacernenl. With Pulmonary Autograft: Clinical a ~ nd L ~ I 'i Echocardiographic Featuresin 11 Patients 22 99 ~' . Nicholas TI Kouchoukos, Victor G.,Davila-Roman; Paula M. Kinnune Thomas H:.Wareing..Washingt,on University; 51..L'ouis,.MO n, ~• yy 341
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WED AM NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Pharmacologic Techniques in Stress Echocardiography Marriott Ha{I N Anaheim Marriott Hotet 8:30 AM-12:UU NOON Chairmen: William F. Armstrong, Ann Arbor, MI Eugenio Picano, Pisa, Italy !3o Compariwe of Bicycle and Dobutatdae Strea EdrocardiopapM for ttAS WentlRraBon of Coraury AAery D6ease 1097 Rainer Hbf(mann, Harald Lethen, Eduard Kleinhans, Frank A. Flach- skampf, Peter Hinrath. Med. Cini¢ 1, Department of Nuclear Medir_ine, RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Federal Republic of Germany, Coepar6on of DoMAawkte fxfiocardiopaphy With Simdfaoeoras Thatlkun-201 Sinde fhoMn t~trMrion Tonwpaphy in theDlaptay of Coronarl' Aelery Db- lttlB William, B. Baker, John T. Hays, John S. Mahmarian, Mario S. Verani, William A ZoBNbi. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 4AU AMlaaghial Tlrcrapy Does Not Blo[k an Isdrcnic Respone in Padenb 9:15 lhtdesyoiK Dobrrfamipe Shefa EdrorardiopapYy 1411!! Pamela A. Marcovitz, Ronald Dick, Colin Nath, Maria MArkariat, Wila Bam F. Amtstmng. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI DabutanYte Sben Edrocardfogaphy for DetetBon of Cmenary Dis- ease In Dilated Grdlowyopalhy 1100 Scott M. Sharp, Stephen G. Sawada, Douglas S. Segar, Thomas Ryan, Steven C. Smart, Roxanne Williams, Harvey Feigenbaum. Krannen Institute of Cardialbgy, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indian- apolis, IN l:30 Hyool[tsion Durlnd DorWnite Slren EdtonrdioRapky: The kqad x45 of Gluoeic Ileeh-/ SetecUve AdrenerBk AtttaBartiN Therapy 1901 Thomas L Rosamond, James L. Vacek, LindA I. Crouse. Mid America Heart Instioute, St. Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, MO Dyeamic 6qeavest iarlar OfMEnn:tlun DrYts DoMAaaAine Stenw Ecko- wdbpaphy: A Nbw Observation 1902 Patricia A. Pellikka, Jae K. Oha Kent R. Bailey, Kristi H. Monahan, Barbara A. Nichols, A-amil Tajik Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 10:00 Inkrathaiaa and EEdd6ib 10:45 Low Dwe DobuWalne 6drocaediopaphy to Assesr Iropnsis ANer Tlrombolysls for Myoca*dial NAarctfan1903 Steven C. Smart, Stephen Sawado, Douglas SW, Thomas Ryan, Patrick Bouduon, Harvey Feigatbamn. ktdian University Sclad of Medare, Krannen Institute of Cardiolagy, hdianapolis,IN' 11:1110. High Doae Dipyridamole Stnea &b and Tc-99m MIi1 SI'ECTb Detect Reaidraal /odiwlarcdon bdrooia 1904 Atbert~1. McNeill,Ton Slagboom„Alessandro Salustri, Massimo M.A. Pozzoli', EI-Said M. E1-Said, Ambroos E.M. Reijs, Paolo M. Fioretti. Thoraxcenter and Department of Nuclear Medicine, Erasmus Univer. sity, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 11:15 MopmAlc Valae of in pafi-d With SwyKied Co-arwy Arfery DYwe 1909 Silva Severi; Eugenio Picano, Fabio. Lattanzi, Ctaud'a Michebssi, Patrizia Landi. CNR Institute of Clinical Physiblogy,Pisa,ltalY 11:30 Caoparisorr of DobWmite Stress Edro and Do6utarehrc SrECT iMl- Ilkan in -reoPeratiYe Risk Awerwtent fefore Major Noncardiac Sur- itKY 1906 Anthony 1. Spaedy, Douglas S. Segar, Robert W. Burt, Stephen G. Sawada, Kenneth E. Berkovitz, David Whang, Thomas Ryan, Harvey Feigenbaum. Krannert Institute of Cacddiokogy, Roudebush Veterans Administration Medical Center, Indiana University, Indianapolis; IN 1104500yrWmwle Edtocardibpaplhy Predicts Mfoperative GrdiacEvents 1907 FoIllowl" Vasictilair S-Wry Peter J. Giannoccaro, Kathryn I. Ascah, LilianeI. Maroia, C. wiUiam Cok, Neil V. McPhai6 Graeme G:Barber, George E.Haijar, Karen Y. Gulenchyn, Terrence D. Ruddy. University of Ottawa Heaettnstitute, , Ottawa, Ontario,Canada. 294
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Clinical Cardiology: Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease 11 Marriott Hall C Anaheim Marriott Hotel 8:30 AM-12:00 NOON Chairmen: Thomas C. Smitherman, Pittsburgh, PA Robert S. Gibson, Charlottesville, VA Rocfiester, MN'. John A. Rumberger, Judd E. Reed, Thomas Behrenbeck Mayo Clinic, Anterior Wall Myourdlal Infardion 1992 1tb{S Serial CharrBes irr Regional Infarct anrl Noniafard Wall Thickness After Medi!cine..Universily of Naples, Naples, Italy. lOAg Mter.iriea and Exhibits san of Cardiology and Division of Nuclear Medicine, Second School of Giuseppe Ambrosio, Sandro Betocchi,, Leonardo Pace, Andrea Cur- mielb, Carmen Sahvatore,,Marco Salvatore, Massiimo ChiarieBo. Dlvi- Afkr E~rercbe in Padenls With Stable Angina 1f/91 tA5 fioloryed LryairnreM ot Regional Left Ventricular SystoWc Function Mohiuddin, Nfgara Tamaki. Kyoto Uitiversity, Kyoto, Japan Ryuji Nohara, Shinp Ono, Hi.ofurm Kambara,,Kazumii Okuda, I.H. r.aRly,b Presuq tfi96 f.30 No Pod-PFG Recoveey, in Wi/ Mofioa If SurtaMred Metabolic Abrrer- of Cahfonna. Los Angeles, School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA Brunken, Jan Tillisch,Michaei E. Phelps, Heinfich R-Schelbert. University J6hannes Czemin; Gerold Porenta, Peter..Miiller, Freny V. Mody, Ridrard l:15 Per/aaioe Defect Extent Determines Left Ventrkvlar Function In Patktnb With f ET Ndie.ria 1fJBg Bacharach, James A. Anighi, Jose A. Marirt-Neto, Joseph A. Frank, Rob- ert O. Bonow. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Bethesda, MD Pasquale Perrone-rilardi, Vasken Dilsizian, Simone Maurea, Stephen L lM Reat-Redishilbodon Thatl4rrr Sdntlgrap6y for Identifying Viahle Myo- cxdirrue fleiaUon to Regional Fmrctlon and Melabotic AdbNy 1!!tl kane, WA Spokane, Spokane Heart Clinic, and Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spo- Frank Rupperti V~Iliam Stifter, RobeA Short. The Heart Institute of ftredire VaNdation Sbdy, UsYrg Quantitative T.ro-Dimemional rxfio antl TI-101 sTECT 1t167 Marcus A. DeWood, , Melany. Ross, Debora . Westover, . Brian Mergan,. Kdln, Federa! Republic of Germany LAS High Doae Do6rRanrhre Sbeas Versrr Exercise Treadmill Strea: A ho- NOV ~13 fk30 High Dose Dlpyrirlamok MRf Strea Test Feadbility for the DefecUon of Coronary Artery D6eaae 1Bl6 Frank M. Baer, Kamilla Smolarz, Markus Jungehul4ing, Peter Theissen, Udo Sechtem, Harald Schicha, Hans H. Hilger. Medizinische Klinik III and Institut fi3r klin. und exp. Nukleamredizin, University of Cologne, 11e00 Serial Arepment of Ventricular Rermdelhrg After Infarclion In Humme 1893 Zina D. Hajduczok, William Stanford, Robert M. Weiss. University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 11:15 Nonparallel Tina.pependetA Chwrge. fl,yween Cavity and Muade Vokanes Drairg Ventricular Remodeling After Infarcdon 16m John A. Rumberger, Jerome F. Breen, Thomas Behrenbeck, Judd E. Reed, Bernard J. Gersh. Mayo Clibric, Rochester, MN' 1190 Effects of Severity of ResWual SMralt of the Infarci-Related Coronary Artery on Left Ventrionlar Remodeling and Function After Acute Myo- cardial MfarcUon 1895 Wing-Hung Leung,. Chu-Pak lau. Cardiology Division,. University of Hong Kong,. Hong Kong 11%S Late Function In the Re.r.te Region Folbwft Myocardial Infardioe: Tlte Inr'nrtance of stenoab In the Non-Itlfarct-Rdakd Artery 16% Roberto Kalil, Cicero Albuquerque, Bruno Caramelli, Gary Gersten- blith, Odila Nakano, Vania Barbosa, Julia Fukushima, Bernadino Tranchesi. InCor, S9o Paulo, Brazilj and Johns Hopkins Hospital, Balti- more, MD k;
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8asic Science/Circulation: Coronary Circulation- Pathophysiology Room C-4 2:00 :PM-S: 15 PM Chairmen: William M. Chilian, College Station, TX Kevin C. Delisperger, Iowa City, IA WED PM NOV 13 2:00 Coronary, Microvascolar Vasodilator Responses in.Diabetic Dogs 2212 Kevin C. Dellsperger, Leonard J1.. Brooks, Charles L. Eastham,.David D. Gutterman. University ofbwa and Veterans Administration Medical Center,.Iowa City,,LA 2:15 Evidence o( Vaacdu Remodeling DiAaI to a Chronic Coronary Artery Stenab 2213 Ira Mills,. David S. Wrenn, Henry Gewirtz. Brown Uni~versitly,. Rhode Island Hospital and Memorial Hospitai,.Providence,.Rl 2:30 Enhanced Coronary Maaomolewiar Iknneability; Role of Anylolemin . 11 Aldostlrone and Hlpertemion 2214 Hanumanth K. Reddy, Scott E. Campbell, Joseph S. lanicki, Karl T. Weber. Univensityo6 Missouri,.Columbia, MO 2:45 Coronary vessel UMraahrttine After M{ioterpie Infusion 221s Scott E. CampbeB', Hanumanth K. Reddy, Joseph S. /anicky Karl T. Weber. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 3:00 Diifenaqial Coro.ary Response to Norep6rcphrYm and Syspatttefic Stimulation in Diabetic Dop 2216 David D. Guttenrwr, Donald A. Morpry Kevin C. Dellsperger. Veterans Administration Medical Centerr and Univeisily, of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 3:15 Role of Fndotlselin-1 Foreution In AltawaBn` the Coronary Reatrvoe After Srpprerion of NiYirl)side Synthea. In Rab 2217 Jiirgen Holtz, MirkoKrivokup,.Olaf Sommer, Regina M. Goetz... Insti- tute of Applied Physiology, Freiburg, Federal Republic of Germany 3:30 IMcrmiadon and tydhibib 4:00 Impaired lasal Release of Ni6ic Oxide is the Coronary Chc:vlatlon of Postiftlardlion ReactSYe Cardiac 1lyper6opAy 2218 Helmut Diexler, Wenyan Lu; Anke Christes, Urs Riede. Med., Klinik III, University of Freiburg, Fmiburg, Federal Republic of Germany 4:15 Selective Inaear:e In Production of Nitric Oxide in Coroeary Bot Nbt Systemk Arteries During Congestive HeaR Failure 2219 Brian CvMurchu, Virginia M., Miller, John C. Burnett Ir, Mayo Clinic and Foundation, Rochester, MN 4:30 Tramnnral Rimmertjetic Response to baeascd Work in 1he Pressure Overloaded Hlpertrophicd Left Ventr{de 2220 lianyi Zhang Gregory Path, Michael Garwood, Hellinut Merkle, Arthur H.L'. From, Kamil Ugurbil, Robert J. Bache: University, of Minnesota,. Minneapolis,.MN 4:4S Perivascolar CoRasen Dete.wdnea Coronary Mfusion in Repeeion of Candiac Hypertro0hy 2221 Nobuhiko Ito, Shogen Isoyama, Tamotsu Takishima. Tohok'u University School of Mednrine, Sendai„lapan 5:00 Impafntd Srbendourdial VasodBator Reserve in Conscias Doas With Px3ns-laduced Heart Failure 2222 Richard P. Shannon, Kazuo Knmwmura, Stephen F. Vatner. Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical IScho)l, New England Regional Primate , Research Center, .SoutNborou6h, MA 331
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WED PM NOV 13 Community Programs: Cardiac Risk Factors Poster Presentation Boards P47-P49 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P47Secvlar Trends in Knowledge and Behavior. Related to Prevention of. Heart Attacks in Mexican Americans and Non-Hilpanic Whites 2410 Helen P. Hazuda„BraxtonD. MAchell,.Rebecca L. Woodruf(, Michael P.' Stern. University of Texas Health ~Science.Center;,San Antonio,.TXP48 Gyillary, Plasma Llpid Profiles 2411 Rebecca Mace, Bernadette May„Trent M:.Tracy; JdmesC. Speirs;. Charles /..Glueck: Cholesterol Center, Jewish HbspitaM1 of Cincinnati,. Cincinnati, OH P49 Characteristics of Attempts to Quit Saroking Among Young Adahs: The CARDIA Study' 2412 Lynne E. Wagenknecht, StephenB: Hulley; Laura L. Perkins, TeriiA. Manolio, Enid M. Hunkeler, JJ Michael Hardin,.Cora E.. Lewis,. David. R. Jacobs, Gary-0. Friedman. University of Alabama at Birmingham, Bir- mingham;.AL 354
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Arteriosclerosis: Modified Lipoproteins and Lipoprotein(a) Pacific A Anaheim~Hilton Hotell 2:OU~PM-S:15 PM Chairmen: Alan Chait, Seattle, WA Sampath Parthasarathy, La Jo11a; CA WED PM NOV 13 2.9p Lp(a): fNafma Levels ie Individuals Wilh the Same Apo(a).boprote in Are Deferntined by DiffertncesinfhoducUar Rates 22 45 :15 DanielL'. Rader, William Cain„Loren~A.,Zech,.Marie R. Kindt,Dav Usher,.H. Bryan Brewer Jr. National Heart, Lung, and Blood InsGtut National Institutes of Health„Bethesda, MD, and University of Del ware, Newark, DE Long-term Primary Hamam Hepatocytes In Culture Produce an A id e,. a- po !-Apo(a) Complex That b bolated f:an the Medium at Den+i <1.006 s/ml 22 Cekna Edelstein, Ditta Pfafringer, Angelo M. Scanu. University of Ch ty. 4i i- 2:30 cago; Chiogo, IL Interacitan of Lp(a) With t'lanminogen Receptors 22 47 :45 Lindsey A. Miles,, lane L Hoover,Plow; Eugene G:. Levin, Linda Curtiss, Patricia J.., Baynham, Gunther, M. Fless, Angelo M. Scan Edward F. Pldnv. Research Institute of Scripps Clinic, La Joll'a„CA„a University of Chicago, Chicago, IL Lipopooteio(a) Competitlvefy Inhibits Plasminogen Activation on tl K:. u, nd! re Platelet Surface 22 48 3:00 An Ezratty, DanieV I. Simon, Joseph Loscalzo..Harvard Medical Scho Boston, MA Lipoprolein Lipa.e Enhances Cellular Catabolism of LipoprMeia( ol, a) 22 4! :15 Kevin Jon Willilams, Gunther M. Fless,. KellyPetrie,: Margaret L. Snyd Robert W. Brocia, Theresa L Swenson. Medical College of~ Pen sylvania;.Philadelphia,.PA, University ~ of Chicago; Chicago,.lL,,a MSDRL,. Rahway,.NJ Minboally Modified LDI. Inauces the sen.n-Respon.e Geees, IE. K er, n- nd C, c-myc, and c-fatt, in Quiescent Mouse Hbroblast. 22 50 :30 Richard W. Bork, Karen Svenson, Judith A. Bediner, Aldons J. Lus Alan M. Fogefman,.Peter A. Edwards. Un'n•ersity.of California,.Los Mg Ifs, School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA Intenniaion and Exhibits is, e- 4-00 Increa.ed Oxidative Susceptibility of LDL Subfraciiont fn Subjects Wi th the Atherogenk Lipoprolein flKeotype 22 51 :15 Alan Chait, Ronald L. Brazg, Ronald M. Krauss. University of Washin ton, Seattle, WA, and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, University California, Berkeley, CA Increased AatoaMibody Tiler to Epitopei of:Ozidizrd WL Predic g- of ts Progrcxfon of Carotid Affiero.ck.oalt 22 52 4:30 lukka T. Salonen, Seppo Y19-Hbrttuala, Robert Yamamoto, Susan B ler,. HEikki Korpela,,Riitta Salonen,.loseph L Witztum. University Kuopio, Finland, and University of California, San Diego,. La JoYa, C ftabbil.and Human Atfrcroaderodc Lesions ContainIgG That Reco ut- of. A g- nizes MDA-LDL and Copper-Oxidizcd LDL 22 53 :45 Seppo Y1S-Herttwla, Susan Bualer,.Sylvie.Picard„Wulf PaVinski, Dan Steinberg, Ioseph L Witztum. Universityy of Ca8'fornia.. San Diego, Iollla,:CA Recoptitlon of Modified IroleYa by the Scavenger Receptor of Maa iel La. o- phasea Results From Derivatiration of Lyrine fteridues by Fatty Ac Oxidation Products 22 id 54 5:00 Hanfang Zhang, Urs P. Steinbrecher: University of British Columb Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada IMeractlon of Oxidized LDL With the Acelyl LOL Receptor Express ia, ed by Smooth Mu.de Celb and Tramfected CHO Cells 22 55 Sylvie.Dejager, Annabelle M: Friera,.Robert E..Pitas.. Gladstone round tion Laboratories, Universiry,ofcalifornia„ San Francisco„CA a- 335
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WED PM NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Signal Averaging (Continued). Poster Presentation Boards P84-P85 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM' Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM P84 The Hfect.of.Enalapril and Di6oxinon Heart Period VariabilityinNbr+nal Subjects 2447 Matthew S. Bosner, Elizabeth S. Kaufman,~ PhyRisK. Stei~n,. Robert E. Kleiger, J. Thomas Bigger,.L'rnda M;.Rolnitzky, Joseph L..Fleiss„Richard I Steinman. Jewish HospRallandWashington University, St: Louis, MO, and Columbia University,.New.York, NY PBS Cstheter. Ablation of Accessory. Pathways Guided by Mianetocardi- ography' 2448 Michael Oeff, Sergio Erne; Matthias Jereczek; Lars Hennig, Matthias Dulce, RolflSchriider. Cardiopulmonairy.and Radiology Dept., Kldnikum. Steglitz,.FU Berlin, and~Physikalisch-Techniische BundesanstaPo, InstituteBerliln, Berlin, FedQral'Republic of Germany 358
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Clinical Cardiology: New Trials of Thrombolysis and Prevention of Reocclusion Pacific C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-4:45 PM Chairmen: Thomas /. Ryan, Boston, MA Paul Lichtlen, Hannover, Federal' Republic of Germany WED PM NOV 13 2:00 The APRICOT Study:Coumadin Versus Aspirin in die Prevention of Reocclusion After Succnsfui Thrombolyfis, a Prospeciive Placebo- Controlled Mgiograpltic Study 2267 Albert Meijer, Christ /. Werter, Freek W.A. VErheugtq for the APRICOT Study. Group. Free University, Amsterdam Interuniversity Cardiobgy. Institute, The Nptherlatds 2:15 A Randomited Trial of Heparin in Conjunction With Anistreplase in Acute Myacardial Infarction 2268 Christoph'er M: O'Connor, Roderick Meese, Frank Navetta, lack E. Smith, James P. MacKrell, Eric H. Conn, Cad W: Hartman; Neat Shadoff, Barry Ramo,JbhrcM, Burks,:Steven FL Roark, for the DUCCS 1 Investi- gators. Duke.University, i)trrham,. NC 2:30 Efficiency of a Phyriclan-Directed Emergency Medical System . for Prehospital Thrornboiyrir in Acute Myocardial Infarction . 2269 Richard Arntz, Richard'Stem,.Th'omas Linderer,.Jiirg,Benekeq,Benny Levenson, Heinz Volleq Rolf ~Schroder. Free University Berlin, Klinikum Steglitz, Bedin,:Federal Republic of Germany 2:45. A Double-Riind, RandomiYedComparison of. Anistreplase and Afteplase in Acute Myoprd'ial Infarction: Fanctional and Morbidity Results 2270.. Jhffrey L Anderson, Lewis C. Becker, Kevin F. Browne, Prediman K. Shah, Douglas C. Monis,.Dan I. Fintel,'HiRrud S.: Mueller, Allan M.:Ross, for the TEAM-3 Investigators. University, of Utah, Sah,Lake City,.UT 3:00 Residual Coronary. Thrtombru: A Ma/or Rhk F•actorfor Early Reocclu- sion After Thrornbolyrir in Acute Myourdial Infanction 2271 Dietrich iC. Gulba, MechthikJ WesthoH-Bleck,:GunthenClaus; Joachim Piper;,Pau11R: Lichtlen. Hannover Medicali Schooij Hannover„F-ederal. Republic of Germany 3:15 Thrombolytic Therapy for Farly Recurrent bdtemia in. Myocardial. Infarciion 2272 Maarten L. Simoons, Karin Nijssen„David De Bono. European Cooper-tiveitudygroup, Rotterdam,.The Netherlands 3e30. Intermirsion and E•.bibits 4:00 Reocduriat of Infarct Vessels and Reinfaration After IV 1'hrombolysis With rt-PA Versus APSAC: RewNs of the TAPS Study, 2273 Albrecht Vogt; Karl-Ludwig Neuhaus, Rainer von.Essen,.Mich'aei Riess, Michael Roth, Ullrich Tebbe, for the TAPS Study, Group. Kasselland Munich, Federal Republic oflGermany. 4:15 A Multicenter. Double-Rlind Dose-Ranging Study of Recombinant Prownkinase in Acute Myocardial InfanAion 2274 Jeart Pierre. Bassand,l B., Charbonnieq. W. Kasper, J. Maohecourti C. Bodk J. Cassagnes,. M.. Bory, S. . Sen.. University Hospital St:.lacqqres,. Besan4on, France 4:30 Dou-RanginR Study of a Nbvd Recombinant Plarminogen Activator in Patients. wiRh Acute Myocardial Infarction: : ResuW of Ilhe GRECO Study 2275 Karl-Ludwig Neuhaus, Rainen von Essen,. Albrecht Vogt, Reinhard Kiinig, Michael Riess, Kad-Friediich Appel, Wolfgang Meyer-Sabelfek, for the GRECO Study. Group. Stadtisch'e Kliniken . Kassel, StiRsklinik Augustinum, Munch'en,, and Boehringer, Mannheim GmbH, Federal Republic of Germany 337
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NOV 13 Cardiovascular Radiology/ Clinical Cardiology: Diagnostic and Prognostic Applications of Thallium-201 Imaging Room,AR2 ?:OOiPM~rS:1S PM Chairmen:: Daniel S. Berman, Los Angeles, CA Kenneth A. Brown, Burlington, VT 2:00 What Is tlresi8nificance of a Strongly Positive Exercise Electrocaraio- Bram Msociated'WiM a Normal ThaBium-201 TomoBrarni 2116Melinda I. Smith, Susan Wheeler, John J. Mahmadan, Mario:S. Verani. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 2:15 Thallium Reinjection Enhances Tracer Uptake in Myocardium With Reduced Blood Flow atReA 2117 Liisa-Mania Voipio-Pulkki, Vasken Dilsizian, Stephen L. Bacharach, Nanette M.T. Freedman, Pasquale Permne-Filardij Robert O. Bonow. National IHeart,.Lung„ and Blood. Institute;.Bethesda,..MD2:30 The Liniled' Value of . 24-Hour Images Following 4-Hour Reinjedion Thallium Ima8in8 2118 Ben D. M¢Callisterlr:, Ian P. Clemments, Mary F~. Hauser, Raymond J.: Gibbons:,Mayo Clinic,.Roch'ester;.MN 2:45. Thallium Reinjection Demonstrates Viable.Myocardium in.ReBions With Reverse Rediifrr'bution 2119 Jose A. Marin-Neto; Vasken Dilsizian, Nanette M.T: F~reedman,.Roben~. O. Bonow. National IHeart, Lung,, and. Blood Institute, Bethesda, MD 1 3:00 Lung ThaBium Uptake Poqexerdse Correlates With Peak Treadmill first Paa Ejection Ftaciion 2120 Robert A. Vaccarino,:Lynne L. lohnson,.MariaL.,Antunes, Roxanne A. Rodney,:J9hn F. Gibbons, Ketan Bhatia, David K. BI6od. Columbia Un'rversity, New York, NY3:15 The Prognostic Efficacy, of Exercise Tlullium sPECT: Comparison to Other Ta/ ModaliBes 2121 Jacob. Klein,.C. Noel Bairey„Daniel Berman, Susan Chao„AIan:Rozan- ski. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 3:30 4rtermieion and Exhibits 4:00 Extent of /eopardized Myocardium on TI-201 Imapng BeN Predicts Perioperatlve CardYac Events.for,Noncardiac SurBery' 2122 Kenneth A. Brown, Michaelanne Rowen.,Uniwersity.of Vermont, Bur- lington, VT 4:15 The Prediction of Early: and Lde Cardiac Events in Vascular SurBery Patients Using Perioperative Clinical Ndices: The Additional Prognos- tic Value of Dipyridamole Thallium SdntiPaphy 2123 Robert C., Hendel, Bruce S. Cutler, Jeffrey A. Leppo. University of Massachusetts Medical Center,.Worcester, MA 4:30 The Extent of Hypoperfused Myocard'wm Quantified by, Adenosine Thallirua-201 TomoBraphy Pred'ictt Prognosis After Acute Myocardial . Nrfan.tion 2124 John J. Mahmarian, Angela J. Cochran, Mario S. Verani: Baylor College of Medicine,: Houston,.TX 4:45 Dipyridamok-hrduced ThalBum-201 Redistributioe . Does Not Imply Coronary hichentia 2125 David P. MtWughiin, Denny D. Watson, Joel I M: Linden,. Cados R. , Ayers;.Marcia L. Ripley, George A. Beller„Maro D. Feldman. University of Virginia, CharkNtesville, VA 5A0 Evidence of Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction During Adenosine- hrduced Coronary.Hyperemia 2126. William I; Corin,.Jeffrey, Kegel, Sally G.,Beer, Richard Poynton, VirginiaHatton„Abdulmassih S.~ Iskandrian. Philadelphia Heart i Institute,: Phila- delphia, PA 320
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Postgraduate Seminars 8:30,PMr10:30 Plvt WED EVE NOV 13 Councils on Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care, Basic Science, Circulation, Arteriosclerosis, and High Blood Pressure Research Pacific Ballroom B Anaheim Hilton Hotel 21. Vascular Regulation: Implications for Ischemia Reperfusion Chairman: Stephen, F. Vatner, Boston, MA Overview of Mechanisms of Endothelium-Dependent Vascular Regulation Paul! M: Vanhoutte, Houston,, TX Involvement of Oxygen Radicals in Ischemia Reperfusion-Elicited Alterations in Endothelium- Dependent Regulation Lawrence D. Horwitz, Denver, CO Nitric Oxide-Oxygen Radical Interactions Robert F. Furchgott, Brooklyn, NY' Oxygen Radical Endothelium-Vascular Interactions in the Cerebral Circulation Hermes A. Kontos, Richmond, VA. Reoxygenation and Oxygen Radical Mechanisms of Vascular Regulation Michael S. Wolin, Valhalla, NY' Councils on Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care, Circulation, Basic Science, and High Blood Pressure Research California Pavilion B Anaheim Hilton,Hotel 22. Ion Channels: Implications in Pulmonary Edema and Pulmonary and Systemic Vascular Tone Chairman: Philip J. Kadowitz, New Orleans,, LA Role of Epithelial Na Channels in Alveolar Pulmonary Edema Edward D. CrandallJ Los Angeles, CA K Channels and Vascular Tone: Pulmonary and Systemic Circulation Al Hyman;, New Orleans, LA Stretch-Activated Channels: Implications in Hypertension johniA. Bevan, Burlington, VT Regulation of Ion Channels: Molecular Features Bernardo Nadal-Ginard, Boston, MA Localizing Calcium Channels in Vascular Smooth Muscle Analiese Jorgensen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 373
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8asic Science/Circulation: Ischemia/Reperfusion (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P108-P109 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 ,PMr5:00 PM WED PM NOV 13 P100 Adenylate Cydare Activilyy and Hypoxia-lnduced Diastoli¢Dysfunc- tio. in HypeArapliied Hearts 2471 Brigitta C. Brott,. Joel S. Karlilner, . Ellen O:. Weinberg,. Luigipo Nas- cimb'en, Carl S. Apstein, Beverly.H. Lorell. HarvardUniversRy and.Bos- ton Uitiversity, Boston, MA, and University of California, San Francisco, . San.Francisco, CA P109 Selective Plarmenylcholine AracAidonic Acid Lorr in, lschensic- Reperhsed Isolated Hearts 2472 Norman f. Davies, Kenneth D. Strynadka, DonnaL. Panas, Peter M. Olley, Gary D. Lopasdwk University oflAlberta,,Ednronton; Alberta, Canada. 361 1 ~
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{ WED PM NOV 13 Thrombosis: Thrombolysis UI Poster Presentation Boards P11-P18 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:0&PMr5:00 PM' Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P11 FibrinolyticActivity, Lipids..Llpo- and ApolilpoprOleurs, and Top TMik Lp(a) 2374 P12 Charles JiGlueck,. Helenl.l Glueck,. Trent M. Tracy, lames C..Sp.yrs,. DavisStroop. Jewish Hospital and Uhiversity Hosp0a11 Cincinnati; OH! Use of Syntlretic Photplalipids to Prepare Active Recombinant Human 13 TwueFactor 2375 Liliana M. Teiidor,. Pamela A'. Hawkins,, Kevin B. Johnson, Rafael A., Estevez, James R. Maynard, Pramod K.. Gaur. Baxter Diagnostics Inc:,, Miami, FL Glucoianrkroslyranrn Spedfically stinwlate the Inhibition of 55k0 But 14 Not 33kD Urokinase by Protein C Inhibitor 2376 Margarethe Geiger, Sonja Ecke, Bernd R. Binder. Lab. Clin. Ezp..Physii ology,. University of Vienna,. Vienna, Austria Characterization of Mumiooaen Activator Inhibitor-1 Binding to 1S Rbrin . 2377 Christopher F. Reilly,. JiIJ E. Hutzelmann. Merck', Sharp & Dohme Research Lalioratories,. West.Point, PA Gender Differences in Sensi6rily to In Vitro Thrombolysis With Trssae 16 Plawnkro`en Activator. 2378 David R:,Musselman,.DavidA. Tate,.Bruce J...OberhardtiAnthony, F. Abruzzini, Gregory J. Dehmer. Cardiovasculau Diagnostics, litc:, and The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC Synergistic Stimu(atlon of Genetic Expression of PAI-1 by Insulin and P17 IGF-1 In Hep G2 Cdls 2379 David I. Sdineider, Burton E. Sobel! Washington University. sU Louis. MO TManrbolytit P.opertrn of a Chimeric (t-PA/n-PA)'Plafminogen Acti- vator in a Combined Aehrial and Venou. Thrombosis Model in Dogs 23E0 H.R. Lu, Z.W. Wu,.H.R..Lijnen, D:.Colk:n. Center.fonThromb.and P1ti Vascular Research and Lab: Exper. Cardiol., University,of Leuven, Leu- ven, , Belgium. Lysb of Resistant Thrombus by, t-PACombined With Platekt Ilb/Illa Receptor Blocking syrMhetic Pentapeplide (G4120) and Selective 350 Tlrrorrrbin Inhibitor, Argatroban 2361 Ik-Kyung Jang; Herman K. Gold,. Robert C. Leiitbach,. Annette. G. Rivera, John T. Fallon,. Desire Collen. Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
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Thrombosis: Platelets and Coagulation Factors 11 Poster Presentation Boards P19-P23 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayedf 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00!PM WED PM NOV 13 P19 PrevenNonof Experimental Coronary , ARery Thrombosis: EffecisofBeraprod 2362 Mark R. Cunningham, Naohiro Yamada-Hirok'i Kumagai, BenedilctiR, Lucchesi.Universiry of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Ml, and Torayindustries, Inc., Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan P20 Enhanced Matele.t Aggresabilify Is Assodated With Elevated Serum Levels of lipoprMeln(a) 2383 Gunther Jurgens, Peter KiiUrin®er. University of Grazand Hospital Barmherzige BrudenGraz-Eggenberg, Graz, Austria P21 hrxrnnojerddly of Tidc AMiooagdant Pepfide and Hirudinin Con- sciom Rhewe AWekeys 2384 George P. Vlasuk, Dawn M. Hasson, Peter K:S. Siegl,linda W. Schaffen Merck Sharp & Dohme, West Point, PA P22 ClinYtal Characteristics and Coagulation f•aAar Analysis of Acute Myo- cardial lirfarnion With Normal Coronary Arteries 2385 Stephen J. Brecker, Robert N. Stevenson, Robin Roberts, Adam D. Timmis,RaphaelBakon.The LbndonChestHospital, London, United Kingdom P23 PhyskalStudiesoflheInteractionofHumanPlasmaBela,-GFjcopro- teie I(Betarl) With Hepuin 2386 Mary T. Walsh. Boston Urtiversity School of Medikine;Boston,MA 351
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WED PM NOV 13 Thrombosis: Thrombin and Arterial Thrombosis California Pavilion C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00'PMr5:]5 PM Chairmen: James H. Chesebro, Rochester, MN Lina Badimon, Boston, MA 2:00 1nweAi;aNon of the Pathogenesis in PostinfaMion Angina Using Percu- taneous Tranluminal Coronary Mgioscopy, 2300 Hirotsugu. Tabata, Kyoichii Mizuno,.Ak'ira Miyamoto, Hinokuni Etsuda, Koh, Arakawa, Kimio Satomura,. Toshio Sh'ibuya„Ak'oa Kurita, Haruo. Nakamura. National Defense Medical College, Saitama, Japan 2:15 Canparisan of the MtllMoatbotic and AntRrcrrwslatic Effects of Fac- tor 7!a Venos Direct Tlnombin Mhibition In a Baboon Model of Arte- rial lhrombosis 2301 Linda W. Schaffer, John Ti Davidson, George P. Vlasuk; Peter K:S. SiegL . Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories, West Point; PA 2:30 A New FamBy of Thrombin Inhibitors With Improved Specirrcity and Favorable TAerapeu8clndex 2302 Gerald F...Smith, Robert T. Shuman, Paul D. Gesellchen, 7relia 1. Craft, Donetta Gifford, Kenneth D. Kurz, Charles V. Jackson, George.E. San- dusky, Pat D: Willoms:.Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, IN 2:45 Site-DifMed Mutants of.Human Zeta-Thrmebin2303 Zhong-Ru Gan, Yiping Li, Sidney D. Lewis, Jules A. Shafer. Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories, West Point, PA. 3:00 Prevention of Coronary Thrombosis After Oral Administration of DuP 714, A Synthetic Throm6in "Btilor 2304 Robert M. Knabb, loseph H. . Shaw, Joseph i M... Luettgen, . Charles A. Kettner, Pieter B. Timmermans, ThomasM: ,Reilly..The Du Pont Merck Pharmaceutical Company„Wilmington, DE 3:15 SekcHve Inhibition of Ihe Protlrom6inase Complex by the Novel CoaBtiatlon NtNbibr, Factor Xa (Asn322A1a419) 230S Uma Sinha, Tonm E. Hancock, Pei-Hlw Lin, David L. Wolf. COR Thera- peutics, Inc., South San Francisco, CA 3:30 4t0entisslaa and Exhibits 4*0 The Ttirmnboticand Pholiferatlre Response to Ansioplasly in P'ip After Deep Arterial Injury: Effect of Intnvenotn Thrombin Inhibition W+ 1k Hlrrdin 2306 Mark W.1. Webster, James H: Chesebro,.Diane E. Grill:luan I• Badimon, . Lina Badimon, Valentin Fuster. Mayo Clilnic, Rochester, MN 1 4.15 bnPortance of Clot-Bound Factor Xa in the Induction of Procoasulant Activitr by'1N6ole Blood Cbb 2307 Paul . R. Eisenberg, Jeffrey. E. Siegel, loseph P. Miletich. Washington University, St. Louis„MO 4:30 RecaswbinaM Hir.din as a Heparin SutibstitrRe in a Cardiopulmonary Bypass o~ 2308 Marndou A1o ~h Bakhos, IeanineM. Walenga, Michael Koza,.MichaeV Wal- Iock, Debra Hoppensteadt, Nicholas King, Roque Pifarre. Loyola Uni- versity Medical ICenter, Maywood, IL 4A5 A Monodoaal AnHbody' IdenBfies a N6vel Protein Expressed on the Surface of Throsnbin-AcBvated Platelets 2309 Guy.L Reed,.,EdganHaber, Gary.R. Matsueda.. Harvard Medi¢a6 Sehool,. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA SAO IrrWbiliow of Tlrembasis at Siles of Severe WaR.lniury: Thrombin Ver- wsLigand Inteprin hiblibill- 2310 LinaBadimon, Juan Badimon, James H..Cfiesebro, Valentin Fuster. The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, . NY 342
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Featured Research: Developmental Gene Expression Room AR1 2:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Bernardo Nadal-Ginard, Boston, MA Leslie A. Leinwand, Bronx, NY NOV 13 <; 2A0 Sta1e ot Ihe Art tioaob3sw RcaomM.atlon aad Mokcdar Devei- ~ To be announced. 2:30 Reindacliom otthe Cdl Cyck is Te..inatly Dif{eraetlated Mmde CeN. 2107 GianluiO Condaelli. WEi Gµ Bemaido Nadal-Ginard. Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Department of Cardiblogy, Children's Hospital,, Harvard Medical Scfiool; Bostoiy MA 2:45 A Novel Stralep for DelMlon of Ndhc-lnop4Ielhc Pwiein-Protehi 6~6xactlon 2103 Toren Finkei,' Eric Fearon, Chi V. Dang, Gordon F. TomaselliL Johns Hopkims University, Baltimore, MD 3:90 Qwadaitatiw ef Hi.u. C.rLtac Het6-Inop-Hdtir Proletoe E2.2 Noisrm Ant New Cohc/on far AyeD 2109 1aY'W. schneider, leffieq'N. Rottnun, Bernardo Nada1-Ginartd, Vijak Mahdavi. HHMI, Department of Cardiology, Children's Hospitak Harvard Medical Sdrooi, Ibston, MA 3:15 A MyoD f7edka Sioe Reidahs tbe Nanan Cardiac AlPha-AN. Gene Psonoter in til.ary Cairdlac Ceps 2110 V'rttorio SartoreUi', Larry Kedes. Institute for Genetic Medicine and Department of BiocAemfstry, University of Southem Glifumia School of Medicine, Los Angeles,.CA 3•J9 hkenwhdon aad Gddbib 4*0 ~fapre.loo oithe Keta-Myai. Heavy Chain G[ee 6d.ncw G Grdiac aed Skdehl Mirdd 2111 Vijak Ma1daH, W.' Reid Thompsay, Vineente Andres, Sabine 5use, Bemardo NadohGinard. HHMI, Department of Cardiobgy; Children's Hospital, and Department of Pediahics, Harvard Medicd School, Bos- ton, MA 4:15 TiprANrafbw of tlw Ilwran M1^odoWa Gene by MroD/ ud Mrotieni. Tlrs.O WlWdratVal ot RePnt.mr factas 2112 WiYiam E Knws, R. Sanders Wilirns. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, and Univenity of Tearas Southwestem Mediat Center, DaHas, TX 4:30 The AUG-Ntlded 1i kD bolorm of 6a»k Hbro6laA Growth Factar k N.dear IsaYaA i. CaEred MroblaM 2113 Chug S. Um, Twila Wkson, Alan Wiseman, Judith L Swain. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 4:45 Hamn Vactlar SeoAMNrcle Calpon4 and SM22 Skare HanaloMr WMh wyc and rar ProloanroKeee Pradotie SWA.ni Qandeda- 11on and Frrctloal NnpYuUos 2114 Katsuhi¢o Takahashi, Bernardo NadAl-Gaurd. Howard HWghes Medical Institute, Department of Cardiology, The Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA SA0 Myo3enic DHfereatlalion TriRered by Antisense RNA to Acidit nbrohlaR C7eo.NB FaAOr 2115 Jonathan . C. Fox,. Judith L Swain. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
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Clinical Cardiology: Doppler Quantitation- New Observations (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P175-P176 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM' Presenter Present: 3:00 PM'-5:00 PM WED PM NOV 13 P175 Traosewphaeeal rxho-Doppler Evaluation of Coronary &'ood How Reserve in DAaOve Grdiomyopatlry. 2938 Vito Marangelli, Sabino~Iliceto,.Giulia DeMartino, Calaldo Memmola, Paolb. Rizzon. Institute of,Cardiobgy, Bari University, Bari, Italy P176 Arressment of Coronary.NowReserve Impairment'.in X Syndrome.by Trameropha`eal Echo Doppler 2539 Cataldo Mr!mmota; Sabino 0liceto, Luigi Caneila, Gaetano D'Ambrosio; Lucia Sublimi Saponetti,:Paolo Rizzon. Cardiology,.Bari University, Bari, Italy. I
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WED PM NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Defibrillation Poster Presentation Boards P60-P71 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayedi 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:0&PM, P60 Endocardial Grdioversion.DefibrilYation Using Braided Endocardial Leads and S7mm11aneous.Biphasic Shocks 2423 Sanjeev Saksena, Richardliuceri,.Ryszard B. Krol,l Peter Accorti, GregBrewer, Steven Scott, Edward Burkhardt,. Frank..Callaghan. Eastern Heart Institute, Passaic, and University of Medicine andDentistryoh NewJersey-New.lersey Medical School, Newark',. NJ P61. Defibrillation Using Dual Successire BiphasicSlwcks: Importance of Electrode Number and Location 2424 PaulA: Guse, Gregory P. Walcott,. Sharon B. Melnick,.Raymond L. Ideker. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC P62 Use of the Fibrillation Cycle Length to Effectively Combine Multiple Defibrillation Shocks 2425 Robert J. Sweeney, Robert M. Gilll, Philip R. Reid. Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN P63 Enhanced: Graded Response Duration and Sodium Current With BiphasicDerfbrillator, Waveformsina VeMrkvlar Action Potential Computer Model 2426 Janice L. Jones, Ronald E. Jones. Georgetown University and Veterans Administration Medical Center, Washington;. DC P64 Does Ventricular Ekctrogram. Amplitude in, Sinus Rhythm PredictRbrillatory Amplitudei.. 2427 Barry I.. Michehon, David A. Igel, Bruce LL Wilkoff: The. Cleveland Clinic, Ckveland,l OH P65 Recainam Causes a Greater Increase in Defibrillation Thresholds Uiing Monophasic Waveforms Thaa Biphasic Waveforms 2425 Stuarrt.W. Adler, David E'. Mann, Blair D. Halperin, Patricia A. Kelly, Gerald R. Williams, Heather S. Duffy, Michael J. Reiter,..University of Coloradm Health Sciences.Center„Denver, CO P66 Optimum Bayesian Estimatian of the 95% EffecYiveDefibrillatian Dose 2429 Robert A. Malkin, Eric E. Johnson, Theo,C. Pilkington~ Raymond.E.. Ideker. Duke. University, Durham,. NC P67 Overlapping Sequential Pulses: A. New. Waveform for. Transtlwracic DefibrfllaHon 2430 Richard~E.. Kerbeq,MichaelKallok, ClayBirkett,. Karen Fox-Eastham, Danita Yoerger,.Robert A.: Kieso, University of lowa,.IowaCity; IA P68 Current-Based Transthoraiic Defibrillation Is Superior to Energy-Based Defibrillation in Patients. With High Transthoracic bnpedance 2431. Richard E:. Kerber, Michael IG. Kienzle, Brian Okhansky„Mark'.D..Carl- son, Albert L. Waldo,.David IWitber, Ann M. Aschoff, Sally, Biiger; Susan Walsh, Karen Fox-Eastham, Martin Rockwelll, Francis.Charbonnier. UAi- versity of Iowa, lowaCity, IA P69 A Prospective Randomized Comparison of Biphasicand Monophasic Waveform Uefibrillatiar With a Three•Electrode Transvenous Lead System in Man 2432 Melinda Marks, Charles Troutman,. George Johnson, Gust H.. Bardy.Uitiversityof Washington, Seattle, WA P70 Temporal Separation of the Two Pulses of Single Capacitor Biphasic and Dual Moaophasic Waveforms 2433 Randolph A.S. Cooper, Steven T. W0lknius, De.nnisL Rollins;,William M. Smith,.Raymond!.E. Ideker. Duk'e University Medical Center, Dur- ham, NC P71 i Iocidence of Atrial I Tachyarrhythmias Follbwieg Shock Delivery 'of ImplantableCardioverter/fXfibrillators 2434 Werner.lung, Ralph Mletzkb, BurkhardHiigl,.MatthiasManz, Berndt Cuderitz.Department of Cardiology, University of Bonn„Bonna Federal Republic of Germany 356
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NOV 13 High Blood Pressure Research: Vascular Mechanisms in Hypertension Room C-S 1:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: Haralambos S. Gavras, Boston, MA Walter N. Duran, Newark, NJi 1:00 'lewis K. Dahl Memorial Lecture: The Role of Nitric Oxide and Pros- laglandins in the Maintenance of Renal Function and Blood Pressure Juan C.Romero; Rochester, h1N. 2A0 An In Vitro Model ofi Forced Dilatation in Small Cerebral Arteries 2223 George Osol, Tara Keve. University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlingtonl VT. 2:15 Renal Effectb of Blocking Kinin Release. 2224 Shigeyuki SaitW A. Gulllarmo Scicli, OscariA: Carretero. Hypertensionn andVascufar Research Division, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroh„MI 2:30 Growth Factor Gene Expression in AoAa of Spontaoeady Hyperten- sire Rats 2225 Nobuo Negoro, Yoshiharu Kanayama; Mikio Okamura, Takatoshi Inoue, Tadanao Takeda. Osaka City University Medical'School, Osaka,. Japan 2:45 Differential Growth Sensitivities of Smooth Muscle Cdls Derived From Aortic Ring Explants of Stroke-Prone SHR 2226 Jacob D; Peuler, Mark J. Hodorek, Clement A. Diglio. Wayne State University and Veterans Administratlon Medical Centeq .Lletroit,.Ml 3:00 Eufunced AclivRy of ryidermal Growth Factor Receptor ie the Adult SHR Aorta 2227 Narayan Swaminathan,~ Mohinder P. Sambhi, Hong Wang, Hongmei Rong. Hypertension Section, Veterans Administration Medical Center,, and Department ~ of Medicine, University of California, Lbs Angeles, Sepulveda, CA 3:15 Arteriolar Proliferation In Hypertension Induced by Infusion of ArKio- tatdn 11 2228 Donna H. Wang, Colleen A. Keelan, Russell L Prewitt. Eastern Virginia Medical!School, Norfolk, VA 3:30 Nttermisfiorr and Exhibits 4:00 Local Hyperproduction of cGMP In Carotid Arteries In SHR Isi9rdotlre- Hum Dependent. 2229 Marie. Christine M.F Le Grand, Joelle. Benessiano; Bernard:1. Levy. INSERM Unit 141, Pams, France 4:15 The Accelerated Proliferation and the Increased Sodium Sensitivity of Vascular Smooth Muscle CeBs frorn Dalrl Salt-Seroitive Rats 2230 Eigo Kusano, Koreaki Baba, Tatsuo Shinagawa, Yutaka Doi. Nagasaki Universi6y,. Nagasaki, Japan 4:30 Role of Na/Ca Exchange in Control of SR Ca' in Vascular Smooth Mrrde 2231 Daniel N. Weiss,.Mordecai IP. Blaustein. Departroentbf Medicine ((-ar- diology. Division) and', Department of Physiology, Ulniversityy of Mary- land Medical School, Baltimore, MD 4:45 Tiere Course of the Development of Vascular and Cardiac Hypertro- phy, in Genetic Hypertension 2232 Damiano Rizzoni,, Enzo Porteri, Maurnzio Castellano, Giorgio Bettoni,. Enrico Agabiti-Rosei. Cattedra di'Med&ina Intema, Uffiversit5 di Bres- cia,.Brescia, Italy S.OO High Density Llpoprolehr Reverses InhibRory Effects of Oxidized Low DemRy Lipopeotein on Endothelinrn-DepeudeM Arterial Relaxatlan 2233 Yuichi Matsuda, Hozuka Akita, Nobutaka Inoue, Ken-ichi Hirata. Kobe University, Kobe, Japan 'This lecture will be audiotaped. 332 O N ~ry W v11 N N N CA
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Cardiovascular Surgery: Valvular Heart Surgery II (Continued). Poster Presentation Boards P188-P189 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00'PM, Presenter Present: 3:0&PM-5:00 PM WED PM NOV 13 P11ig Inmediate Resulb and One-Year Follow-up in 50 Patients After iricts- pid Valve Ring Repair Using the Duran Fkxible Ring for Tritufpid RegurgKatibn.: Influence oF the Underlying Valve Pathology 2551 Paulb A. Ribeiro, Edward Mercer, Zohair AI Halees, Magid AI IA6dan,, Begonia Gometza„CarlosG. Duran. King Faisal, Specialist Hospital and Research Centre,.Riyadh,.saudi Aiabia P189 Mechanical Cardiac Valve Thrombosis: Is Fibrinolysis lmtiriedi 2552 Raymond Roudaut, Thierry. Labbe„ Marie-Fran€oise Lorient-Roudaut,. Pierre gesse, Eugine gaudeC Francis Fontan, Modeste Dalllocchio: Hopital Cardiologique, Pessac, France ~1r O N W Cli N O N ~ 371 i
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Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Carmel Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 22. How to Evaluate and Treat the Child With Syncope Ann iDunnigan, Minneapolis, MN (Moderator) i D: Woodrow BensoR, Chicago, IL Macdonald Dick, Ann Arbor, MII J! Philip Saul, Boston, MA Council on Epidemiology and Prevention Sunset Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 23. How to Integrate Preventive Cardiology Into Your Practice Thomas A. Pearson, Cooperstown, NY (Moderator) Thomas Kottke, Rochester, MN Patrick McBride, Madison, WI Ross Simpson Jr., ChapellHill, NC Council on Clinical Cardiology Orange County Ballroom Salon 4! Anaheim Marrio% Hotel 24. How to Select, Deploy, and Manage Intracoronary Stents Richard Stack, Durham,NC (Moderator) Steven R. Bailey, San Antonio, TX Kirk N. Garratt, Rochester, MN David P. Faxon, Bostoni MA 300
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WED PM NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Catheter Ablation for Supraventricular Tachycardia (Continued) California Pavilion D Anaheim Hilton Hotel 4:00 PM-5:15 PM Chairmen: David E. Haines, Charlottesville, VA William M. Miles, Indianapolis, IN 4M Chronic Escape Rhythm Is Predidable Immediately Following Atrio- veaUfcular Node Ablation 2317/eN F. Alison, John A. Yeung-Lai-Wah„Riyad Mohama, Lona Lonergan„ John Boone, Charles R., Kerr. University of British Columbia, Vancou- ver, British ColWmdia, Canada 4:15 Electrourdioyapbic AbnonnaliBer FoMonift Radiofrequency Cathe-ter Ablallon 231s Mark A. Wood,.John P. DiMarco, Michael /. Barber, David E. Haines. University, of Viiginia,.Charlottesville, VA 4:30 Funtlfoml Bundk itrandt tbtk as a Remote Manifestation of'Retro- trade Conoeabnerat in the 1Ns-f urki* System 2319 Jorge Garvalez-Zuelgaray, Sanjay DesFpardf, ZaMlun Blxi[k; Mohammad JarayerL Sinai Sanwritan Medical.. CerNer, AN1waukee, Wi 4:45 Aeisotrooy In AtrFal Conduction f>taits Qrcrn frlbvemeet Tac1r'ynrdia Using an Accessory Talhway 2320 Joep Smeets,. Jurg SehlSpfer, Charles Kirchhof, Olaf Penn, Maurits Alles- sie, Hein J:f. Wellens. Department of Cardiology, Department of Physi- ology, and Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Limburg, Maastricht, The Netherlands kop Tenpe.apwe.Guided Raullofreqoenr.y CatlrcterAblatfon of the Canine Ventrictdar Myocardium: A Nlot Evaluation of a Prototype of Thermis- tar-Tipped 9Mrode f:atlteter 2321 Shoei K. Stephen Huang, Robert S. MittlEman, LWis A. Pires, Williamy. Rittman. University, of Massachusetts Medical Center, Wrcester,. MA . 344
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Councils on Cardiovascular Surgery, Clinical Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease in the Young, Basic Science, and Circulation Capistrano Room. Anaheim Hilton Hotel: 26. Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of Marfan's Syndrome Chairman: *D. Craig Miller, Stanfordj CA Molecular Genetics of Marfan's Syndrome: New Data Uta Francke, Stanford, CA Microfibrillar-Fiber System Abnormalities in Marfan's Syndrome Maurice Godfrey, Omaha, NE Current Medical Management of Patients With Marfan's Syndrome Reed Pyeritz, Baltimore, MD Cardiovascular Surgical Progress Joseph Coselli, Houston, TX Council on Thrombosis San Simeon Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 27. New Approaches for Preventing Arterial Thrombosis After Therapeutic Interventions Chairman: Laurence A. Harker, Atlanta, GA New Thrombin Inhibitors and Activated Protein C Laurence A. Harker, Atlanta, GA Novel Factor Xa Inhibitors and Fibrinogen Receptor Antagonists Joan E.B. Fox, San Francisco, CA Tissue Factor Antagonists 'Thomas S. Edgington, La Jolla, CA Improving TPA Joseph F. Sambrook, Dallas, TX Council for High Blood Pressure Research Avila Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 28. Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease in the Elderly Chairman: Edward Frohlich, New Orleans, LA Lipids in the Elderly Margo A. Denke, Dallas, TX Hypertension and Cardiac Function in the Elderly Fetnat Fouad, Cleveland, OH The SHEP Trial Jeremiah Stamler, Chicago, IL Cardiovascular Pharmacology John Kostis, New Brunswick, NJ Management of Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia "Myron,Weinberger, Indianapolis, IN 'see pap 27. 375
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Clinical Cardiology: Catheter Ablation for Supraventricular Tachycardia California Pavilion D Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-3:30 PM Chairmen: Mohammad R. jazayeri, Milwaukee, WI Fred Morady, Ann Arbor, MI WED PM NOV 13 2.09 Seleciive Slow Pathway Ablation for Atrioventricular Nodal Reentry 2311 G. Neal Kay,.AndrfewE. Epstein, Sharon M. Dailey, Vance /. Plumb.. University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL 2:15 Aacekrated hnctional RhytAnr.Drria<Slow Pathway Ablation 2312 Xunzhang Wang, James H. MtCletland, Karen J. Beckman„H. Andrew Hazlitt, Michael I: Prior, Nicholas Twidale, Kriegh P. Moulton, Carlos A. Roman, Warren M. Iackman. University, of Oklahoma and Veterans Administration Medical Center, Oklahoma City, OK 2.30 ShoA- and t.ong-tens Re>Wta of Radiofreoueacy Catheter Modifiration of AtrioveetriaJar CondacBon for Control of Auioreneicdu Nodal ReentraM TadhycardPa 2313 Shoei K. Stephen Huang; Trevor O. Greene, J. Daniel Andress, RobeA S. Mitldenwn, Arthur S. Portnow..University of MassacMrsetts Medical~ Center, Worcester, MA 2:45 Fap Pathway Modulation by Radbireqrency, CurraM in Patients With Atrioventricalar Nodal Reentrant Tacfiycardiac Different Effects on Anhgrade and Retrograde Conduction 2314 Wolfgang Duckeck, Jiirgen Siebels, Karl . H. Kuck. University Hospital Eppendorf, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany 390 Selective Ablation of °FasC" Ver.w'Slow~" Pathway in Patients WHtlr Atriorentriarar Nbdal RKaEeaod Tadryca.diac Whic4 Tedrtaue Is Superiart 2315 Mohamnwd lazayeri. lisb'w Sra, Boaz Avitall, Anwer Dhala, Sanjay Deshpande, Zalmen Blandc, Sandy Hemple, Masood Akhtar, Sinai Samaritan Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI 3:15 Lang-term EHecb on Atrbrentricdar Nodal Function of Radfofre- quency Ablation of Sluw Pathway for Atribrentricv/ar Nodal ReeMrant Tadbyurdla 2316 Nicholas Twidak, Karen J: Beckman, James H. MeClelland, Xunzhang Wang, Kriegh P. Mouhon,. H. Andrew Hazldtt, Michael 1. Prior, Carlos A. .. Roman, Ralph Lazzara, Warren M. Jadcman. University of Oklahoma and Veterans Admimistration Medical ICenter, Oklahoma City-OK 3e30 Mkrmission and E6dibils
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Basic Science/Circulation/Kidney: Cardiac Peptides Poster Presentation Boards P132-P140 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 eM-5:001PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 rM WED PM NOV 13 P132 Metabolic Cleaantt.Rate of Atrial Natriuretic.Fatlor in Experimental Congestive Heart Failure 2495 Nlark.A: PerreHa; Lawrence L. Aarhus,.John C. Burnett Jr. Mayo CGnic and IFoundation,.Rochester, MN P133 Activation of cGMP-Stinwlated Plwsphodiesterase by Atrial Natri- uretic Peptide In Vascular Endothelial Cells 24% Yukio Kishij Takashi Ashikaga, Fujio Numano. Tokyo Medical iand Den- tal',Uniwersity, Tokyo, Japan P134 Active TeroionOevelopmenE, Not Passive Atrial Stretch, Stimulates Release of Atrial Natriuretic Fador.During Pacing Tachycardia 2497 Geir Christensen, EI'asabeth Leistad, Arnfinn Hebekk. Institute forfxperi- mental'Medical. Research, University ofOslo,.UllevaallHospital, Oslo,. Norway P135 Atrial Natriuretic Peplide Inhibits Aldosterone Production Through the GuanylylCydase-lieked Receptor 2498 Shoji Oda, Yoshikazu 1 Morishita, . Tomoyuki , Sano, Yuzuru Matsuda. , Kyowa Hakko Kogyo. Co., ltd., Tokyo Research Laboratories, Mach'ida, shi,..Tokyo, Japan P136 HS-142-1: A Specific Inhibitor of Particulate Guanylyl Cydase 2499 Reiko Imura,. Tomoyuki'. Sano, Joji Gotoh;. Takeo Tanaka, Yoshikazu Morishita,. Koji Yamada,.Yuzuru Matsuda. Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd.,.Tokyo Research Laboratories, Machida-shi, Tokyo„JapanP137Atrial NatriureticFaclor Decreases Cultured Rat Aortic Smooth Murde Cell Mitogenesis and Proliferation by a Cydic GMP-IndependeM Mechanism Mediated by the Atrial Natriuretic Fador Clearance Receptor 2500 Paul A:,CahilJ,l Aviv Hassid.'i Department'of Pharmacology, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY P138 Atrial and Brain.Natriuretic Peplides Prevent Endothelial Cytotoxicityy of Lysaphosplratidykfioline 2501 Kiyotaka Kugiyama, Toyoaki Murohara„Masamichi Ohgush'n, Hirofumi Yasue. Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan i P139 light and Electron Microscopic Localization of Brain Natrfuretic Pep- tide in Re{ation to Atrial Natniuretic Peptide in Porcine Atrium:, Immu- nohisto-cytochemical Study. Using Specific. Monoclonal . Antibodies. 2502 Koji.Hasegawa, Hisayoshi Fujiwara, Takako Fujiwara. Kyoto Unirversity,. Kyoto.,lapan. P140 Effects of HS-142-1, a Novel Nonpeptide Antagonist for. Atrial Natri- unetic Peptide Receptor,.on Diuresis and Natriuresis Induced by, Acute. Volume Expansion in Anesthetized Rats 2503 Tbmoyuki Sano; Yoshikazu Morishirta, Koji Yamada„Yuzuru Matsuda:. Kyowa Hakkb. Kogyo Co.,.Ltd., Tokyo Research Laboratories,. Machida~ shi„Tokyo, Japan 365
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Clinical Cardiology: Advances in Two-Dimensional and Doppler Quantification of Cardiac Function Marriott Hall S Anaheim Marriott Hotel Z:OO PM=5:1S PM Chairmen:'. Miguel A. Quinones, Houston, TX Gerard P. Aurigemma, Worcester, MA WED PM NOV 13 2M Edrocardiographit On-line Measurement and Display of Left Ventric lar Cavity Areas and Function: Reproducibility and Normal Values ControlSubjecN 23 Steve C. Klein, Alan D. Waggoner, Mark R. Hblland, dames G. Mill'e H.E. Melton, Julio E. Peiez. Washington University, St. Louis, MO 2:15 Real-Time, On-line Edtorardiograplric Measurement of Left Verrtric Iar Function Using an Automated Border Detection System 23 Mukesh K. Sharma, Robert A. Kieso, Steven R. Fleagle, Carlos Marinel James M. Levett,. Hewlett E. Melton Jr.,. David I. Skorton, Richard Kerber, Byron F. Vandenberg. University of Iowa;.IowaCity; IA 2:30 Ectocardibgraphit Automated Border Detection-Derived Left Ventri ular Ejeciion Fnciion: Comparison With Radionudde Mgiograp 23 John Gorcsan III,..Douglas S:,Schulman, Lisa Koch, John Thomton, W liam P. Follansbee. Un'rversity.of~Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA u- in 22 r,. u- 23 li, E. c-l hy 24 il- 2:45Autonratic Evaluation of StrdrInduced Left Ventricular Area l]ung es With a N!w On-line Edrocardlopapldc Edge Defection System 23 25 Sabino Iliceto„Cesare PeBl Francesco NipoR, Carlo Caiati, Vi MarangelNi, Cataldo~Memmola, Pablo Rizzon. Institute of Cardiolog Bari University,, Bari, Italy 3:00 On-line Estimation of Cardiac Output With a New Automated Ed Detection System Using TramewphaReal Echocardiopaphy: Cmnpa son with Thermodilution 23 to y,, ge ri- 26 0 Fausto J,,Pinto, Lawrence C. Siegel, Ted R. Kreitzman,,Robin Davidso Richard L. Popp, Ingela Schnittger. Division of Cardiovascular Medici and Department of Anesthesiology, Stanford University, Stanford) C n, ne A 3:15 On-line Determination of Variations In Stroke Volurne by,Edrocardi graphic Automated Border Detection: In Vivo VaBdaUorr 23 o- 27 John Gorcsan au, Mithael R. P9inky. University of Pigsburgii, Pittsburgh, 3:30 Intermission ard Fidiibils 4:00 Noninvadve.Estimation of Left VerHrktdar dp/dt and Tau Fronr Mitr RegurgitaM Spectra In Patknts 23 PA al 28 Chunguang Chen, Leonardo Rodriguez,. Arthur E. Weyman, Michael Fifer, James D. Thomas:,Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston,~ M and University of Hamburg, Hamburg,. Federal Republic of Gennan A. A, y, 4:15 Regional Diastolic Velocity Patterns of the Left Ventrick. During Cor nary'Antiioplasly as. Assessed by Color M-Mode Doppler Tediniq 23 o- ue 29 Marie Stugaard„Ha4fdan Ihlen. MedicaLDepartment B, ,Rikshospitat Oslo, . Norway. 4:30 Atrial Ejection Force: A NewMethod for Assessment of Atrial Systo Funcdon23 et, lic 30. Warren IJ Manning,. Patricia C. Come, Pamela. S..Douglas. Beth Isra Hospital land'~.Harvartd-Thorndike Laboratory, Boston, MA 4:45 Rate of Transmission of Trammilral Doppler Velocity "A" Wave to t Left.Ventrladar Outflow Tract A New Index of Diartdic Fierctlon Left Ventricular Hypertrophy 23 el he .in 31 Ramdas G. Pai,. Masahiro Shakudo,. Ramesh C. Bansal,. Ajif. Yoganathan, Pravin M: Shah. Loma Linda University, Medical Cent Loma Linda, CA 5:00 Noninvasive Estimation of Risht Ventricular dp/dt: A Doppk Catlleterization Simultaneous Study. 23 P. er, r- 32 loseph Anconina„Nicofas Danchin, Karl Isaaz;.Christine Selton-5u Yves Iuilliere;.Philippe Buffel;,Frantois Ch'evier. Department of Car ology,.CHU'Nancy; France ty; di- 34S
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Basic Science/Circulation/ Arteriosclerosis/High Blood Pressure Research/Kidney: Vasoactive Peptides (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P119-P1i21' Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM WED PM NOV 13 P119 The rotentlation of Bradykinfn-hdoced Relaxations by IerindopiRat ia Canine Coronary Afteries hwolves RWh Nitric Ozide and ratdofheliaw- Derived Hypeepolarizing Factor • 2492 lean-Vivien Mbnmbouli,.Stephane C. llliano, Tetsuhiko Nagao,.Paul M. Vaniioutte. Center (or Experimental Therapeutics, Baylbr College of Medicine, Houston, TX P120 Mgiolendn Inhadon UIMepiates Epidennal Growth Factor C',ene i. Rat Aorta 2483 MohinderP.,Sambhi,.Narayan5waminathan„Hong Wang. Hong Mpi Rong., Veterans Administration Medical Center, University of California, Los AFgeles, School',of Medicine, Sepulveda, CA P121 Angiotetrin Ieptldea (A,-, and A111) Potentia& the Prossar Response to Phenyle0arime in Meslhdized Rabbits 2464 Jeffrey B. Madwed, Maret 1: Panzenbeck, Raymond IJ Winquist. Boehr- inger IngelheimPhamnaceutisals Ine,.Ridgefield, CT KEY]
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WED PM NOV 13 Clinical Cardiology: Laennec Society 11 Grand Ballroom Salons F-K Anaheim Marriott Hotel 2:00 PM-5:15 PM, Chairmen: Harisios Boudoulas, Columbus, OH Derek G. Gibson, London, Uhited Kingdom 1:45 Annual Business Meeting of.the laennec Society 2:00 'Laennec Lecture: Ventricular Diastolic Function-Possibilities and UmitatiOns of Noninvasive Assettment'by.Doppler Echocardiography. Liv Halle, Trondheim, Norway 2:30 Cardiac Response to Exercise in SAarks:IinpoAance of Pericard'wm and Absent Sytnpathetic innervation. 2355 Ralph Shabetai„LIai:N. Chin, Jeffrey B. Graham, Valmik Bhargava. San Diego Veterans Administration Medical Center and University, of.Cali- fornia, San Diego,.San.Diego, CA. 2:45 Evidence That Most Patients With Tamponade Are in Distress tor Days Before Pericardiocentesie Is it Time to Redefine the Criteria for Per- forming Pericardial Drainage in Tarnponadet 2356 Abraham Schneider, David Brown, Jonathan Hobson, Syed Mohiuddin; Natesa Pandian. Tufts-New England:Medikal Center, Boston, MA„and'. Creighton University Medical, Center, Omaha, NE 3df0 lipoprotein Upid Levels in Older People With Cardiovascular Disease 2357 Walter HJ Ettinger, Patricia Wahl, Lew,H. KuBer, Trudy, L.. Bush„Russeii Tracy, . Teri A'. Manolio, . Nemat O: Borhani~ Nathan Wdng,.. Daniel O'Leary.. Bowman:Gray.Schod ofiA+ledicine, Winston-Salem, NC 3:15 Aoglotenftn 11 Stimulates Gamma-Interferon Produdion:. A Potential Explanallon for the Benefwaol Effect of Contrcrting-Enxyme Inhibitors in Myonrdith 2358 Alan Lotvin, Lloyd Mayer,. Henry Krum, lilt Kaiman,. Milton Packer. Mount ~ Sinai School oFlMedicine, New York,: NY 3:3o Mtermiuion and Exhibits Witldrawn 2359 4:15 DYHuaeAntimqosin Uptake In Patients With Presumed Acute Myocar- dial hrfarcf3on But Normal Coronary Arterier Myocardilhi 2360 Jagat Narula, Tsunehiro Yasuda,.James F.,Saruthern,.G., William Dec,. Iga F. Palacios, John T. Fallon, H. William Strauss, Ban An Khaw,,Edgar Haber. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 4:30 Angiographic Progreaiorr and Regression of Coronary Disease: Impact of the TMnbold Definidon-Rewlb of INTACT 2361 Peter Nikutta, Stefan Jost,,Birgitt Wiese, Jaap Deckers, PeterLippolt, Wolf Rafflenbeul, Paui R...Lichtlen, and the INTACT Group. Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany, 4:4s Loss of Regional Vaeiations In Pulmonary Vascvlar. Reactivityy in Heart Failure Patients: Evidence From Sinwltaneous In Vivo Intravascular Ultrasound Evaluation of Pulmonary Arteries in Different Lung FieWs 2362 Thomas R. Porteq:Pramod K. Mohanty, David 0. Taylor, loh'n V. Nixon, Natesa G.,Pandian. McGuire Veterans Administration MedicaiCenter;. Medical ColPege ofWirginia; Richmond,.VA SAB Concvrrenq of Esophageal and Coronary Spasm in Variant Arrgi/ra::A. Diffuse Disorder In Smooth Murde Motilityf 2363 Raffaele Bugiardiini,:Alderico Borghi,.Gabriele.Bazzocchi,.Biagio Sas- sone, Giagio A. lanfranchi; Paolo Puddwt. Institute of Patologia Medica and'Setneiotica Medica, Univenity,of Bdogna,,Bologna, Italy rrhis lecture vril6 be audiotaped. 348
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Council on Clinical Grdiology Grand Ballroom Salon B Anaheim Marriott Hotel 17. How to Assess Myocardial Ischemia Bernard R. Chaitman, St. Louis, MO (Moderator): *Raymond Gibbons, Rochester, MN Donald Weiner, Boston, MA Thomas Ischinger, Munich, Federal Republic of j Germany Council on Clinical Cardiology Orange County Ballroom Salon 5 Anaheim Marriott Hotel 18. How to Apply the Results of Heart Failure Therapy Trials Jay N. Cohn, Minneapolis, MN (Moderator) 'Barry Massie, Mill Valley, CA William B. Hood, Rochester, NY *James A. Shaver, Pittsburgh, PA Council on Clinical Cardiology Orange County Ballroom Salon 2 Anaheim Marriott Hotel 19. How to Use Directional Atherectomy •Gregory C. Robertson, Redwood City, CA (Moderator) Martin Leon, Washington, DC Stephen G. Ellis, Cleveland, OH' Geoffrey 0. Hartzler, Kansas City, MO NOV 13 Council on Clinical Cardiology Orange County Ballroom Salon 3 Anaheim Marriott Hotel. 20. How to Use Pharmacologic Stress Testing Thomas Ryan, Indianapolis, IN (Moderator) Mario S. Verani, Houston, TX Kenneth A Brown, Burlington, VT Jeffrey A. Leppo, Worcester, MA Council on Clinical Cardiology Oceanside Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 21. How to Perform Exercise and Other "ologic Interventions in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Ralph Shabetai, San Diego, CA (Moderator) Richard Podolin, San Diego, CA Edward D. Folland, Worcester, MA Elliot Rapaport, San Francisco, CA *see page 27. 379 ~ N W
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WED PM NOV 13 Basic Science/Circulation: Ischemia/Reperfusion (Continued) Poster Presentation Boards P98-P107 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00:PMr5:00 PM' P98 PerfloorochcmicaLReperfusion Yields Improved Myocardial Recovery After ProfonRed.Hypotlrermic Global lsdusnia 2461 Stephen M, Martin, Darryl G. Stein, Hillel Laks, Davis C. Dnnkwater, Elil R..Capouya, Sunita Bhuta. University of California,. Los Angeles, Medi~ cal Center, . Lbs Angeles, CA P99 Poloxamer 198, a Component of Perffuorodmmical Emufsion. (FluosoN)y Reduces Myocardial lnfarR Size in Dogs 2462 Gary L. Schaer, Tony i. Hursey; E. Rene Rodriguez, David R. Campbellj Joseph K. Song, . Nancy C. , Manabat,. Venkat ~ Thota; Joseph ~ E:. Pamillo .~ Rush Medical: College, Chicago, IL P100 Prolonged Myocardial Isdtenia Provokes an Indutiion of Protein Kin- ase C Activily 2463 Ruth H.Strasser,.HartmutiWalendzik,.Rainer Marrruetant. Department of Cardiology, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany, P101 Increased 5'-Nudeotidase Activity Caused by Protein Kinase CEnhances Adenosine Praducion in Hypoxic CardiomyocYless of Rats 2464 Masafumi Kitakaze, Akira Kitabatake. The Fi rst Department of'Medikine, Osaka University, Osaka, Japam P102 CardioprotecBve Effects of SPM-51g5, a Novel NO Donor, in Myocar- dial Ischemia-Reperfusioo 2465 David 1. Lefer, Katsuhiko Nakanishi, William E:. Johnston, Jak'ob Vinten-. Jofiansen. Wake Forest University Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC P103 Cardioprotective Effects of C-87,37ff6,, an Organic NO Donor, in fel-me Myacardial hchemia-Reperfusion Injury 2466 Martin R. Siegfiied, )6n-liang Ma, TnnothyRider, Allan M. Liefer. Department of.Physiolbgy, Thomas Jeffen,on ~Unive+sity,,Philadelphia, PA P104 Heat Acdimation Improves Cardiac Mechanitaland Metabolic Per- fasmance During lsdremia and Reperfwion 2467 E. Levi, A. Vivi, M. Vivi,i G; Navon, Y: Hasin, M. Horowitz. The Hebrew University and HadAssah University HospitaJ,l Jerusalem, and TelaAvivUniversity, Tel.Aviv, Israel P105 The Resistance of Rabbit Papillary Muscle to. High Flow Anoxia Is Biunced by Heat Slreo When.Pyrwate Is Used.as.Substrate 2468 Michael S. Marber, 1. Malcolm.Walker, David S..Latchman,.Derek M:. Yellon. She. Cardibvasculiar, Studies Unit) University, College Hospital,.. London, United Kingdom, P106RegulatedExpmxion of a Cantractik Protein Gene Correlates With Recovery of Contractile Function After Reversible ATP Depletion in Cultured Myocytes 2469 William ~H. Barry; Catherine A. Durham, Kirk U..Knowlton., Cardiology Division, Universiryof Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, and Cardiology. Divii sion,Universitly.ofCalifornia; San Diego,.La Jolla; CA. P107Impaired Fvnction of Inhibitory G-Proteins During Acute Myocardial Ischenria 2470 BernhardRauch,. Matth'iasBangert,. Wilhelm Hasselbach, Thorsten Beyer,. Feraydoon Niroomand. Universitat Heidelberg, HeiAelbe.rg,. Federat Republi¢c of.Germany, 360
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Council for High Blood Pressure Research and the Inter-American Society of Hypertension Santa Monica Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 26. Understanding New Antihypertensive Approaches Moderator: Haralambos Gavras, Boston, MA New Therapeutic Modalities for Hypertension Haralambos Gavras, Boston, MA Renin Inhibitors Joel Menard, Paris, France Oral Angiotensin 11 Antagonist in Hypertension Pieter B. Timmermans, Wilmington, DE Vasopressin Inhibition Artur Ribeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil Atriopeptidase Inhibitors in Hypertension Teddy Kosoglou, Kenilworth, NJ Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Redondo Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 27. Aortic Stenosis: Results of the Second Natural History Study of Congenital Heart Defects Moderator: William H. Weidman, Rochester, MN Overview of Natural History Study and Review of First Study William H. Weidman, Rochester, MN' Progression of LVOT Obstruction in Follow=up John F. Keane, Boston, MA Noninvasive and Clinical Follow-up of AS Patients David J. Driscoll, Rochester, MN I Clinical Implications of the Second Natural History Study Welton M. Gersony; New York, NY Council on Cardiovascular Nursing Palos Verdes Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 28. =Cardiovascular Nursing Research Moderator Erika Sivarajan Froelicher, Los Angeles, CA Using the Meta-analysis Approach to Answer Research Questions Erika Sivarajan Froelicher, Los Angeles, CA State of the Art of Physical Activity Research Joan Fitzmaurice, Boston, MA State of the Art in Hemodynamic Monitoring Susan L. Woods, Seattle, WA State of the Art of Health Education Research Martha Hill, Baltimore, MD State of the Art of Compliance Research Marie J. Cowan, Seattle, WA hhis conference will be audiotaped. 377
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Clinical Cardiology: Signal Averaging Poster Presentation Boards P72-P83 Convention, Center Exhibit, Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 1PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PMr-5:00 PM WED PM NOV 13 P72 Ezerdse-hduoed T Wave Normalization Associated With U Wave tnversion in Dekction of Critical Left Anfnior Descend'ing Artery Stenosis2435 Kouichii Ha'segpwa, Toshitami Sawayama,.Shoso Nezuo,Kazuhiio Mitani~ Kawasaki Medical School, Kurashiki, Japan P73 Noninvasive DNection.of Cardiac Allograft Rejection by Means of Elecirocardiography' 2436Heinrich Voelker, Martin Sigmund„Ludger, Vogt, JjriSilny„JosefKem,nitt, Winfried Krebs, Charles J. Kirkpatrick. Medical Clinie I,.Helmholtz- Institute, Department.of Pathology, RWTH Aachen;. Aach'en,, and Department of Pathology, Medical School, Hannover, Federal Repubficc of Germany, P74 Spectral Analysis of 87-LeadRody. Surface tlectronrdiogramss in Patients With Previous Anterior Myocardiaf Infarction for the Predic- tion of Ventricular Tachycardia 2437 Yukio Hosoya,, Kozue Ikeda, Takehiko Shibata; Michiyasu Yamaki, Isao Kubota- Yamagata Uhiversity, Yamagata, Japan, P75 Can Body iurface Mapping of Signal-Averaged ECG Detect Endonrdial Bectrical Fragmented Activity and Origin of Ventricular Tachycaniaf2438 Kenji Nakai, Chuichi Itoh, Naoki.. Chiba. Naoki Moriai; JJrnya. Kamata, Keni¢hi:.Fukami, Tomoyuki.Suzukij Katsuhiko ~Hiramori. Iwate. Medical Univenity,.Morioka;.lwate, Japan P76 Paieed ECGs Recorded From the Same Heart in Different Patients: Transplant Donor and Recipient Comparisons 2439 Eduardo /. de Marchena, Augusto Villa,. Laume G. Futterman, E. Joseph Bauerlein, Hooshang eolooki, Michael D. Horowitz, Robert J.l Myerburg, Agustin C.astellanos. UAiversityy of Miami,.Miami, FL P77 Nbninvasive Detection of Cardiac Transplant Rejection in Swine 2440 James H. McClellandJ Kathylee Santangelo,; Patrick A., Mahon„Daniel I BracketL.Ralph'~Lazzara; Lany, R. Pennington. Universityof Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK P78Resolutiwn of Pace Mapping Stimulus Site Separation From Body Sur- face Potentfab 2441 Larry S. Green, Robert L.Lux,.PhidipR. Ershler; Roger A:..Freedman, Frank L Marcus,.Kathleen Gear. University of Utah CVRTI,.Salt~Lake: City,.UT,.and University of Arizona, Tucson: AZ P79 Spectrotemporal Pattern Recognition:.Improved Identification of Late Potentials In Presence of Noise 2442 Gerhard'~Jilge,. Peter Steinbigler, GerhardSteinbeck,. Ralph Haberl. Medical Hospital I,. University of Munich, Munich,. Federal Republic of Germany PBO Reproduc9bility, of Spectral Temporal Mapping of Signal-Averaged Electrocardiogram 2443 Piotr Kulakowski;,Marek Maliik. St. George's.Hospital Medical School,. London, UfritedKingdom ~ Pgl Identification of Delayed Repolarization (Long QT Syndrome)'. Using RTm Interval, Adjusting for Heart Rale, Gender, and Age 2444 Shmuel Gottlieb, Arthur J. Moss, Sungsub Choi„ W:J. Halll, Fabio Badilihi, Mark Andrews, Jennifer Ll Robinson, and the LQTS Study Group: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, and Bikur Cholim Hos- pilal,l lerusalem,: Israel M2AdjustmenlCof the Number of Analyzed Segments of Spectral Temporal Mapping of Signal-Averaged ECG 2445 PiotnKulakowski, Yaver Bashir, Tom.Farrell, Marek Malik. St. George's Hospital Medical Schooll London,.Uniited.Kingdomi P83WaveletAnalysis.oflECGs 2446 Meir Shinnar, Michael B. Sintson. University of Pennsylvania, Philadel- phia, PA 357 K . , p
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Clinical Cardiology: Catheter Ablation for Supraventricular Tachycardia California Pavilion D Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-3:3O PM Chairmen: Mohammad R. /azayeri, Milwaukee, WI Fred Morady, Ann Arbor, MI: WED PM NOV 13 200 Se1M1ve Slow hthwayAbbtion for Adioverrtritylar Nodal iteentry, 2311 G. Neal Kay, Andrew E. Epstein, Sharon M. Dailey; Vance J. Plumb. University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL 2:15 Accelerated /urKtfonal Rhytlrw During Slow Pathway Ablation 2312 Xunzhang Wang, /ames H. McClellanda Karen J. Beckmana H. Andrew Hazlitt, Michael I. Prior, Nicholas Twidale, Kriegh P. Moulton, Carlbs A. Roman, , Warren M. Jackman.. Universirty of Oklahoma and Veterans Administration Medical Center, Oklahoma City„OK 2.30 Short- and Losg-ten. ReaaUs of RadiofrequeM.y Catheter Modifka6on of Atliove0triadar Conduction for Control of AUioventrkular Nodal Reentrant Tadrycardla 2313 Shoei K. Stephen Huang, Trevor O. Greene, J. Daniel Andress„Robert S. Mittkeman„Arthur S. Portnow. University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester, MA 2A5 fast Pathway Modrlalion by ftadiofreqrten.y Cr.rent in Patients With AtriovenNicular Nodal Reentrant Tachycardia: Oifferent Efheb on Antepade and Reteopade Conduttlon 2314 Wolfgang Duckeck, JBrgen,Siebels, Kaaf H. Kudc. University Hospital Eppendorf, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany 3A0 Sekttive Ablation of '"Fasr' Verwr °Sfowr' Pathway in Patients With Airloventriaidar Nodal Ree.rMra•t Tachycardla WMch Tedniaoe Is Superiori 2315 Mohammad Jazayeri, jasbir Sra, Boaz Avitall, Anwer Dhala, Sanjay Deshpande, Zalmen Blanck, Sandy Hemplb, Masood Akhtar. Sinai Samaritan Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI 3:15 Lone-kn. E11ects aa Atrios¢w6kular Nodal Function of Raviofre- queety, Ablation of Slow htltway for AtrioveNricWar Nodal Reerttrant Tadtycardla 2316 Nicholas Twidak, Karen 1. Beckman, James H. McClelland, Xunzhang Wang, Kriegh P. Moulton, H. Andrew Hazlitt, Michael I. Prior, Carlos A. Roman, Ralph Lazzara, Warren M. Jackman, University of Oklahoma and Veterans Administration Medical Center, Oklahoma City, OK 3:30 hMmabafoo and rahiAil. 343
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WED EVE NOV 13 Cardiovascular Conferences 8:30 PM-10:30 PM Council on Clinical Cardiology Manhattan Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel i 23. Atrial Pibrillation: Controversies in Management Moderator. Michael D. Ezekowitz, New Haven, CT Etiology and Natural History Philip A. Wolf, Boston, MA Thromboembolism and Anticoagulant Rx Michael D. Ezekowitz, New Haven, CT Cardioversion Thomas Graboys, Brookline, MA Chronic Antiarrhythmic Drug Treatment Elliott M. Antman, Boston, MA Councils on Cardiovascular Surgery and Clinical Cardiology Malibu Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 24. Echo Doppler Versus Catheterization to Assess Prosthetic Valve Hemodynamics Moderator: Robert A. O'Rourke, San Antonio, TX A Critical Comparison Between Echo Doppler and Catheterization Hemodynamics Harry Rakowskii Toronto; Ontario, Canada Direct Catheterization Data Edwin L Alderman, Stanford, CA Newer Doppler Information Uv K. Hatle, Trondheim, Norway Regulatory Perspective Kenneth Kent, Washington, DC Councils on Cardiovascular Surgery, Clinical Cardiology, Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care, and Circulation El Capitan Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 25. Heart-Lung Versus Double-Lung Versus Single-Lung Transplantation Moderator: Joel Cooper, St. Louis, MO Double-Lung Transplantation Joel Cooper, St. Louis, MO Heart-Lung Transplantation Vaughn A. Starnes, Stanford, CA Single-Lung Transplantation Frederick L. Grover, Denver, CO 376
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Council on Clinical Cardiology Orange County Ballroom Salon 1 i Anaheim, Marriott Hotel 29. Cardiovascular Evaluation and Care of the Athlete Moderator: Jere Mitchell; Dallas, TX The Athlete's Heart: Clinical ECG and Echo Findings Jere Mitchell, Dallas, TX Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Sudden Death Barry Maron, Rockville, MD Prepartieipation Screening Philip A. Ades, Burlington, VT! Evaluation of the Symptomatic Athlete Melvin Cheitlin, San Francisco, CA Council on Clinical Cardiology Palisades Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 30. Electrophysiological Testing and Antiarrhythmic Drugs Moderator: Peter R. Kowey, Wynnewood, PA Comparison of Norrinvasive and Invasive Testing Soo G. Kim, Bronx, NY Validity of Electrophysiologic Guided Drug Testing Peter R. Kowey, Wynnewood, PA How Many Drugs Should Be Tried? Francis Marchlinski, Philadelphia, PA Role of Beta-Blockers and Drug Combinations Alberto Interian, Miami, FL Councils on Clinical Cardiology and Basic Science San Clemente Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 31. Mechanisms of Impaired Contractility in Heart Failure Moderator. Edmund H. Sonnenblick, Bronx, NY Impaired Ca'+ Handling Eduardo Marban, Baltimore, MD Beta Receptor Downregulation, Uncoupling, and G-Proteins Dorothy E. Vatner, Southborough, MA Myosin Isoforms and Myocardial Energetics Norman Alpert, Burlington, VT Alterations in Collagen Matrix Joseph Janicki, Columbia, MO "a IN 0 N W ~ O N ~ W
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Councils on Clinical Cardiology and Arteriosclerosis California Pavilion A Anaheim Hilton Hotell 23. Cholesterol Lowering as a Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease Chairman: Burton Sobel, St. Louis, MO Role of Cholesterol Lowering in Patients With Documented tschemic Heart Disease Basil Rifkind, Bethesda, MD Role of Cholesterol Lowering After Angioplasty or Coronary Bypass Surgery David H. Blankenhorn, Los Angeles, CA Cholesterol Treatment Strategies in Coronary Patients •Donald Hunninghake, Minneapolis, MN Role of the Cardiologist in Cholesterol Lowering for Coronary Artery Disease John A. Ambrose, New York, NY Councils on Kidney and Circulation Huntington Room Anaheim Hilton Hotel 24. Cardiac Transplantation: Beyond the Heart Chairman: Marc D. Thames, Cleveland, OH Endothelial Function Following Cardiac Transplantation Spencer Kubo, Minneapolis, MN Renal Function and Regulation of Plasma Volume Following Cardiac Transplantation Brooks S. Edwards, Rochester, MN Control of Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Vascular Resistance Following Cardiac Transplantation Ronald Victor, Dallas, TX Hemodynamic Response to Exercise Following Cardiac Transplantation Jeffrey D. Hosenpud, Portland, OR Council on Cardiovascular Nursing Laguna Room Anaheim Hilton Hotell 25. Heart Disease and Hormones in Women Across the Life Span Chairman: Susan R. Gortner, San Francisco, CA Adolescence: A Time of Transition Laura L. Hayman, Philadelphia, PA Pregnancy and Heart Disease Ruth Whittemore, New Haven, CT! Premenopausal: Issues of Birth Control and Risk Factors Diane Becker, Baltimore, MD Postmenopausal: Prevention and Therapy Andrea LaCroix, Seattle, WA ~ -See page 27. 374
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WED PM NOV 13 Cardiovascular Surgery: Valvular Heart Surgery 11 Poster Presentation Boards P177-P187 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00'PM Presenter Present: 3:001PMr5:00 PM P177 Preservation of Eicctior Performance and Return to Normal Contrac- tik rvnciion Following Mitral VaIve Replacement With Intact Chordae Tendhreae 2S" Kazuaki Ishih'ara,. Michael': Zile, Shigeo Kanazawa, Hiroyuki Tsutsui, Yoshitoshi Urabe, Gilberto DeFleyte„Blase Carabellb. Medica6 Univer- sity of South i Carolina and: the. Gazes Cardiac Research i Institute, Charleston, SC P178 Riaid Fizatkrn of Canine Mitral Annolus Does Not Change Left Ventrie- olar Contractility, 2511 Stephen C. Rayhill, Luis Castro, MarekA:.Niezyporuk,.Neil1B: Ingels, George T. Daughters,.Tenyi. Tye, Ann F. Bolger, Geraidine.C. Derby, D. Craig Milller, Stanford University School of Medicine and Palo.Aho Medical Foundation, Stanford, CA P179 Aortic Regurgitation: ShesrNbn.alized Ventricular Performance IkeA cb Postoperative Propto.is. 2542 Jeffrey S. Borer, Eddnund M. Herrold, Clare Hoch'reiter, Nathaniel Niles, Richard Devereux,. Paul KIil;fieldJ Mary. Roman,, Gregory. Chlouverakis. Cornell IMedical~ Center, New York, . NY P1110 Low Morlalityy and Morbidity With Open Mitral Valvotomyr implica- tions (or Those Performing Balloon Valvuloplasty 2543 Malcolm E. Llegget, Warwick M.,Jaffe; Christopher JJ Ellik, Alan R. Kerr, John M:.Neutze. Grteen~Lane Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand Pill Inhibition of BioprorWrctic Calcification by Fe" or Al': The Role of Alkaline Phosphatase 2544 Robert J. Levy, Frederick J.,Schoen, William E. F'Iowers; Stephen T. Staehlin. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ml P1s2 Analytis of the Total Adenine Nuclealide Pool4n.25 Cryopreserved Human Cardiac Valves 2545 Robert~H. MessierJr.,. PatrickW. Domkowski, Anwar S..Ahd-€Ifattah, Hamdy M. Aly, DonaldC. Crescenzo,.Ali R.. AnalouiJ Stephen L. Hil- bert,. Robert B. Wallace, . Richard A'. Hopkins. Georgetown University, Washington,DC,.and MedicallCollege of Virginia, Richmond, VAP1s3 Spontaneoas Hast rndolhelial Growth on Rioproslheses: Influence of flxation 25{6 Guang F. Gong,. Frank Maca6uso,)ane Fant, Stephen M.. Factor, Robert W.IvI. Frater. Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY P164 Hemodynamic Eval.atibn of Various Small-Sized Prostheses in the AorUc Porifion 2547Toshiaki Ota, Kazuhiko Iwahashi, Takuro Tsukube, Hitoshi Matsuda, Masayoshi Okada, Kazuo Nakamura., Kobe University School I of Medicine, Kobe, Japan i P195 Heart Valve ReplacmmntThe Second T"nee Around 2548 Michel Pellerin, L. Conrad. Pellletier, Michel Carrier, IhorDyrda...Mon- treal IHeart Institute, Montreal, Quebec, Canada P1R6 Aoule.Racterial Endocarditis:OptimizingSurRical'.Results 2549 Robert ~I. Larbalestier, Gregory.S. Couper,.Sary, F. Aranki,.John J. Collins Jr., Lawrence. H. Cohn. Division of CandiacSurgery,. Brigham and Women's Hospitlal,Hasvand Medical School,.Boston,.MAP167 Four- to Seven-Year. Follow-up of the Medtronic Intact Porcine Valvr. Primary Tisfue Failure Has Not Occurred 2550. Albert P.H. Ko,.WarwickM., laffe; SallyC..Greaves, John M. Neutze. Green Lane Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand 370
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Clinical Cardiologr: Signal Averaging- Drug Therapy and Arrhythmias Moderated Poster Presentation Boards Pl-P10 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 iPM Discussants: Nancy C. Flowers, Augusta, GA J. Anthony Gomes, New York, NY WED PM NOV 13 Pl Heart Rate Vae(ability.From i Monitoring in a Normal Popufation 2364 ThomasBruggemann,.Dietrich Andresen, HeinzVolYer,. Rolf Schroder. Free University Bedin,. Department of Cardiology,. Klinikum Steglitz,. Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany. P2 Hoker System for Late Potenlials: Comparison Between Holter-Based and Real Time Signal-Averaged ECG 236S Thomas FetSch,.Adrian H. Pietersen,.Mohantad Shenasa. Department of Cardiobgyy University Hospitaf,. Munster,. Federal Republic of Germany P3 Signal Averaging: . Establishment of Normall and Abnormal Ranges 2366 Lou-Anne. M:. Beauregard, Andrea M. Russo, Arleen iStrano, Kent J. Volbsin,.Michaek C. Proper, Harvey.Ll Waxman. Univershy.of Medicine and Dentistry ,of NewJersey/Roberti Wood Johnson Medical ISchool,. Camden, NJ MDon Atrial Fibrillation Cause False Positive Late Potentialsr 2367 Michael M. Radin, Annabelle S. Volgman, Anili Jhangiani, Eugene F. Uretz;,Joseph iE. Parrillo, Thomas A. Buckingham. Rush Heart Institute, Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center,.Chicago, IL PS Signal-Averaged Electrocardiographic Anafysisofthe P Wave in Patients With Paroxysmal Atrial Ffulter 2368 Kostas A. Gatzoylis, Lee A. Biblo, Albert L.. Waldo, Raul Mitrani„ Mark D. Carlson. Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH P4 Body'Surface Mapping Using a Limited Lead Atray to Localize Acces- sory f athways for Radiofrequency, Ablation 2369 Susan~I..Eisenberg, Michael D.: Lesh„LarryS. Green, Robert,L.. L'ux; Philip R. Ershler. University of Californfa, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA,.and University of Utah ~CVRTT„Salt Lake Cioy,.UT P7 Disperslun . of Precordial QT Intervals as a Marker of Torsade de Pohrtes:..Disparate Effects of Class Ia Drvgs and Amiodarone 2370 John Hii;.D. George Wyse, Anne M. Gililis; Henry). Duff, L Brent; Mitchell. University of Calgary„Calgary; Alberta,.Canada PB Body.Surface Potential Mapping: Identificatlonof Effective Drug Ther- apy.in Patients With VentricalauTachycardia 2371. L. BrentMitchellJ C.: Kozey, Eldon R.: Smith,.D. George Wyse, Henry J. DuH,Anne M. Gillis, B. Milan Horacek. University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta,. Canada P9 Specific Effeats.of Class I and III Antiartfiythmic Drugs on Ventricular Late Potentials 2372 Martin Hoh'er, Jofg,Axmann) Peter Weismiiller, MatthiasKochs, Vinzenz Hombach. University of Ulm, Ulm,. Federal Republicc of Germany P10 The Effects of Anliarrhylhmic Drugs on VentricularTachycardia Are Related to Their Effects on Late Potentials 2373 Chien-Suu Kuo,.. Lin-ShenCao. Osamu Fu{imura. University of . Ken- tucky, Lexington, KY 349
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i WED PM NOV 13 Bask Science/Circulation/ Arteriosclerosis/High Blood Pressure Research/Kidney: Vasoactive Peptides Poster Presentation Boards P110-P118 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PMr5:00 Pm Presenter Present: 3;00 PM=5:00 PM. It to Aldmtlerone-Medaled Regulation of Na,K-ATf aee. Gene Esprcssioo le vnaiar snwoYt Misde and Meungial tell's 2473 Asahiko Oguchi, Uich'ii Ikeda, Tomoko Ohara; Tsuyoshi Kamitani; Yoshio. Tsurtuya,. Yasushi Asano,.Kiyosh'i~ Kawakami, Russell Ml.Medford,. Kazuyuki'.Shimada...Department of Cardi'ology, arsdDepartment of Biol- ogy, Jichi Medical School„Tochigi; Japan, and Department of Medicine,. Emory University Scfiool 'of Medicine, Atlanta,..GA n71 vawprewinInawtes.fntraoelMdarCa" Through Vi;Receptor in Isolaled Rat Cardiornyo[ytes 2474 Toshifumi Kagiya,.Masatsugu Hori, Edward J! Cragoe Jr.,,TakenobuKamada. The First Department of Medicine, Schaol of Medicine, Osaka Uthiversity,. Osaka,./apan P112 Fardocardial Endotlieliwn Regulates Myofgament CG" Rdponsiveness in Fanet Myoondimn 2475 Jianxun Wang, James P. Morgan. Harvard Medical'Sc.hooland Beth dsrael Hospital,l Boston, MA P113 The Contra[lile Effacb of Endotltegn-1 Are Potentiated bya Carbozypep- lidafe IdrWilor in Canine Coonary'Arteries 2476 Jean-Vivien Mombouli; Barnabas Desta; Paul M:.Vanhoutte. Center.forExperitmental Therapeutics,.BaykxCollege of Medicine,.Houston, TX f•114 The Interaction.Between.Endolhelin and radotlieliom-Derivcd Con- tracYing Facdor in Thoracic Aorta of Rats 2477 Hiroshi Asano, Kiyokazu Shimizu, Masahito Muramatsu, Yoshio Iwama; Kenp Okumura,.Hidekazu Hashimoto, Takayuki Ito. Internal Medicine 2, NagoyaUnivenity,5chool of Medicine, Nagoya, Japan .. 111S NmtnoMiRodrenial Localization of Bddbern to Periportal HepHaqles 2478 Brooks S. Edwards, Lisbeth ~hl. Anderson, Sharon M. Sandberg: Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN'. 1116 Kininogem, the Preattsors of Kininc,, Evoke Endotheliuo-Deperdent Relazattaa in Canine and Human Coronary Arteries 2479 Jean-Vi'vien MombouliL Paul M. Vanfwutte: Centerr fon Experimental Therapeutics, BaylorCollege ofiMedicine, Houston, TX P117 IMpair[d EnclotlKlium-Dependeet Dilation of the Coronary Mitrovas- culaWre in Patienls Whh Atherosderods 2480 ThomasJl.Ryan Jr., Charles B. Treasure,.Alan C. Yeung,.I. LarryKlein,i Andrew P. Selwyn, Peter Ganz< Brighamiand Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical'School; Boston, MA I116 Kiniqgenase Augmeods Bradjrkinin Concentrations in Endothelial and Smooth Mwtle Cellb in Culture 2481 Kristof Graf, ClausBOssaller, Michael GrSfe, Wolfgang Aueh-Schwelk, Claus R. Baumgarten,i Eckan Fleck. Department of Cardiology; German Heart Institute.Berlin,.and Department'of Clini¢all limmunology; FU Berlin, Federal Republic ofiGermany 362
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Basic Science/Circulation: Ischemia/Reperfusion Poster Presentation Boards P86-P97 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM WED PM NOV 13 PgfiIncreased hoduati6n of Thrombozane A, in Coronary Arteries After T6~rombolysis. 2449 TomG.R.Saideen, P. Saldeen,.W.W.Nichob. D:L. Lawson,.F'..A. Nico- Iini,.I1L. Mehta. University ofFlonda, Gainesvilie,.FL Pti7 Cytoloxk Effect of txdothdin-1 During iacheeua in Cultured Neonatal Rat Myoqles245U Gitte Stawski, Uffe 8. Olsen, Peer Grande. Uhiversity of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark PBg Augmen1a11on of /resynaptic Alpha-2 Reaeptor Function Associated With Reduced Respomes to Cardiac Sympathetic Nerve Stinrulation in IosWdtemk RepetSteedMyocardiun 2451 Einchi Komatsu„Ichiro Yamagatchi,. Haru Fukuyama,. Tatsuo Misawa;. Keiji Takahashi,i Kozui Miyazawa. Yamagata University, Yamagata,. Japan~ P89 Relatlorohip Between E•oWystolk Shortlning and Impairted Early Dia- stoik FiRins During Isdtentia h the Canine Left Ventricle 2452 David B. Cross, Makolm J. Abemethy; Robin M. Norris. Green Lane Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand: P90 Compensatory Nonischemk Wall Motion During Acute Coronary Ocdasion Is Attenuated by Signifkant.Preezistiag Lett.Vent.icvlar HyperlropAy. 2453 Robert M. Lust, Chunguang Li, W. Randolph Chitwood Jr. Department of Surgery and' Department of'i Physiology, East Carolina UniNersity, School of Medicine, Greenville, NC P91 Effects of CronrakaBm an K' Loss and Cardiac Fwtction During Acute Myocardial bcfienia 2454 Jeffrey S. Stuart, Laura Aieuander, Scott T. Lamp, Nagammal Venkatesh, James N. Weiss. University of California, Los Angeles, Schoob ofi Medicine and Veterans Administration Medical Center Wadsworth, Los Angeles, CA. P92 Low Perfusate (Ca"] Protects Cardiac Sarcoplasmk Reticulum in bdiemia and Mnproves Medwdcai /9nncfkn Upon Reperfrnion 24SS Alaa E.. Abdelmeguid, Joseph J. Feher. Medical College of Virginia, Richmond,l VA , /97 Increased Choksterol Content of Neonatal Cardiomyocyles Enhances theTokrance to AnouL. 245i E'.M: Lars Bastiaanse, Lizet I.M. van der Vaik. Amoud van der, Laarse. Department of Cardiology, UniversHyHospilai; Leiden, The NetherlandsP94 Alpha-AdrenerRic-Mediated Affercontractlons and Cytosolic AlkaBn- ization During Recovery From Acidose 2457 Giovanni Gambassi,i BrrxeD. Ziman; Harold A. Spurgeon, Maurizio.C. Capogrossi. Gerontology Research Center, National Institute on Aging, National l Institutes of Health, Bahimore;. MD rM5 Applicalion of In Situ Car&ac Mivodiaiysb Method for the Evaluation of AnB-itdremk Dray 24Ss Masaaki Makita, Takeshi Kobayashi,. Hiroto Sakai,, khiro Sakuma, Haruaki Nakaya, Morio Kanno. Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and Department of . Pharmacology, Hokkaido University, . Sapporo, Japan r96 Repeated Coronary Tlrronrbw rormation Protects Canine Myocardium Frorn.SuMequent Surtained I.chemia 2459 Michel Ovize, Karin PrzyWenk, Robert A. Kloner. Good Samaritan Hos- pitai!and~University.of5outh'emCa6ifornia, Los Angeles, CA P97 6 hdKmic "hemndilianing" Mediated by Cardibp,rokctive hostanaiMf 2460 Yuwei Li,.Robert.A. Kioner. Heart.Institute,.Hospirtallof the Good Samaritan,, and UniNersity.of;.Southern California, LosAngeies, CA E~11
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WED PM NOV 13 Arteriosclerosis: Vessel Wall and Cholesterol Metabolism Poster Presentation Boards P24-P34 Convention'Center Exhibit! Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 ~ PMr5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM P24 Hypochoiesterolemic Effects of Unsaturated Fatty Acids on Parameters of Cholesterol Homeostasis 2387 Fay.C. Hagemenas, D: Roger.lllingworth. Oregon Health Sciences Unia versity, Portland, OR. P25 Decreased Choksteryl E.ter Transfer in Alcohol Drinkers Is Due to a Low Concentration of Transfer Protein 2388 Minna Hannuksela, Yves L Mareel„Markku J. Savolainen, Y. Antero. Kesaniemi. Department of Internal Medicine, University of Oulu, Oulu,.. Finland, and Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, Montreal,l Quebec, Canada P26 Study of frleclunisms of the Hypodiolcsterolemic Effect of Psyllium in Man 2389 Gregory T. , Everson, Bruce P. Daggy, Carol McKimley,. Jon A'. Story. University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, CO P77Effeds of Sitostanal .Ester..Dissoived in Dietary, Oil,on Serum Choles- terol, Plant Sterois,.and Choiesterol Precursors 2390 Hannu Vanhanen, Tatu A. Miettinen. Second Department of Medicine, University of Helsinki,.HeldimkiJ Finland P28 Low Density' lipoprofein . Transport Aaossthe Vascular Wall in a. Homologous Mammalian Modei' 2391 John C. Rutledge, Fitz-Roy. E. Curry, Patricia Blanche,.Ronald M. Krauss. University of California, Davis,. Davis„and Lawrence Berkeley, Labora. tory, UAiversityof California, Berkeley, Berk'eley,.CA P29 Lipid Deposition During Early, Atlreroseneris in Cboksterol-Fed Rab- bits: locali=ationto Arterial CeIk,.EztraceRular Space,.and Endothelial Lmdnal Surface 2392 John R.,Guyton, Keith F. Kktrnp.,Baylor CokV of Medidne„Houston, TX P30 The Effects of Oral.Contraceptiveson Coronary'. Artery LDl Metabo- lism in FemaleCytnnwlps Monkeys 2393 Janice D. Wagner, Thomas B. Clarkson;.MichaeliR: Adams,. Dawn.C.. Schwenke. Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC P31 Etoposide Treatinent Suppresses Atherosclerotic Plaque DevelopmeMin Ualerterol-Fed Rabbits 2394, Margarita E:. de la Llera-Moya, George Hd Rothblat, lane M. Glick,. James M. England. Medical. College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PAP32 . Arteria) Inlury; Repair, and Restenosis . Following Angioplasty in the AthelfflKle"oyc Rabbit 2395 Robert . L. Wilensky, George E. Sandusky, Keith L. Marcha David R. Hathaway, Krannert Institute of Cardiollogy,.Indiana University Medikai Center„and1illy.Research Laboratories, Indilanapoiis, IN P33 Rupture of Internal Elastic.lamina Is Essential for Restenosis Following lalloon MRioplasty 23%Gerald R. Barbeau, Stephan . E. Friedl, Janet M: Saxton, Micheline Federman, George.S. Abela. Laval Hospital, Quebec, Canada, and. New England Deaconess. Hospital, Harvard:Medi¢a6 School, Boston, MA P34 Suppression of Collagen Synthesis . and. Reduction of Fibronectin and. Type III But.Not Type I Procollagen mRNA in Smooth Muscle Cells Plated on an Extracellular Matrix 2397 AlanaK.:. Majors, L..Alllen Ehrhart. Research Institlute,,Cl@veland Clinic,. Cleveland,l OH ®
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TA~RS NOV 14 Clinical Cardiology: Ventricular Tachycardia- Nonischemic Mechanisms Room:ARt 8:30:AM-9;45 AM, Chairmen: A. John Camm, London, United Kingdom Michael H. Lehmann, Detroit, Ml 8:30 I"' MIBGSannimg Indicates Abnormal Sympathetic Innervation in, Patients With Ventricular Tachycardia and Apparently Nonnai Hearts 2Sd7 Robert~ Kischuk, Paul Dorian, David Newman.i Unirversity, of Toronto,. Toronto, Ontario, Canada ; 6:15 Mechaniwn of Ventricular Tachycardia in Previously Repaired Tetra- Bogy of Fallot 2562 Eugene Downaq Louise. Harris, Lynda Mickleborough,. Wili'uamWil- liams, AnthonyGlanz;.Stephane Masse,.Eii,Sevaptsidis;,Tom Ch'en,. Shane Kimber. Universiry, of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 9:00 Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Disease: Magnetk. Resonance and, Angiographic Findings in.Re4tion to the InduribiliEyy of Ventricular Tachycardia During Programmed Veotricular Stinwlation . 25d3 Thomas Wichter, Wolfgang Auffermann,. LDlrich Karbenn, Walter Skutta,.Guenter Breithardt. Westfaelische Wilhelms-University,.Muen, ster, Federa6 Republic of Germany 9:15 AnhylMro6errc Medran:re of Ererox.Mrduced Ventriradar Tadrycardia 2564 Ype S. Tuininga„ Harry, JJ. Crijnsy. AnsC.P. Wiesfeld,. KongI. Lie.. ihorazcenter, University Hospita6. Grorw>gen,~. Groningen, TheNAth'erlands 9:30 Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan Detects Previously, Unrecog- nized Anatomical Abnormalities In Patients With Right Venhicalar OutflowTrad Ventricular Tachycardia. 2565 MarkD..Carlson,.Richardb.White,.Ri'chard G. Trohman,.Liee P. Adl'er;. Lee A. Biblo; Kenneth A:. Merkatz, Albert L. Waldo. Case Western Reserve Uoiversity/University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic Foundation,.Cleveland, OH 9:IS Intermission and Exhibils 382
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Community Programs: Cardiac Risk Factors Poster Presentation Boards P35-P46 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM' WED PM NOV 13 P35 Lack of Knowledge About Congenital Heart.Defeci Limits Prophylaxis for Errdocard'Als 2398 CynthiaD.,Morns,. Katherine R..Lynes;,VicAor D...Menashe. Oregon Health SciencesUniversity; Portland, OR P36 Time Delays in Presentation of Acute Myocardial Infarction: Influenc- ing Factors 2399 Stephen J; Brecker, Sandy Herioti D. John Coltart; St. Thomas's Hospi- tal, London,. United Kingdom P37 Trends in Coronary HeaA Disease: A Comparison of the Original (1956-1968).and Offspring (1972-1984).FraminSAam StrrdyCdrorls 2400 Peter W.F..Wilson;.Ralph B. D'Agostino,.Daniei Levy,.WilliamP..Cas-telli, Albert J., Belanger, Pamela A. Sytkowski,. Wililiam B. KanneL. Framingham.Hean Study, Framingham„MA P3g Prodronral Symptam of Sudden and Nonsudden Cardiac Death in Apparently Healthy Men. 2401Ismaile S.H. Abdalla, Ronald JJ Prineas, Orlando Gomez-Mann. Uniwer- sity oflOklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK P39 Obesityy and Body Fat Distrifwtion in Black Females. With Coronary. Heart Disease 2402 Milind M. Karve, Beatriz Chang Li,. Subha Atluri,. Emmanuel Mompiy Kathie. T. Rones, Joseph Feldman„Luther T. Clark. State University of New York Health Science Center, Brooklyn, NY P40 Prognostic Implications of Serial Changes in QRS Voltage in Subjects With ECG Evidence of Left Ventricdar HypertrophY: The FraminBlsam Study 2403 Daniel. Levy, Melinda Salomon, William B. Kannel, Ralph, B. D'Agostino,.Alben I. Belanger. Framingham Study„Framingham, MA P41 Effect of Smoking Ha6its in the Preventive Effect of Apirin and Dipyridamok on Early Aortbcoronary Bypass Occlnsion 2404 Xavier Bosch, Felix Perez-Villa, Gines Sanz, and the GESIC Study Group. Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain ~ P42 Statistical Analysis of Public CholesterolScreeninss 240S Donald 0. Fedder, Sheila J.. Curry, Michaeline R Fedder, Robert Wenk Universityof!Maryland School of.Pharmacy,.Baltimore, MD P43 Feasibility, and Effrcacy of the "Sodium ilEht ISfestyle" 4sterreetSon in Phase I of the Trials of'HypeRension Prevention (TOHP) 2406 Vera 1. Lasser,.Shiriki. K. Kumanyika, Amy A... Brewer,.Mary Cameron, Jeffrey A. Cutler, Patricia R. Hebert, Stephen T. Miller, Lana D. Shepek, Lyn M. Steffen-Batey; Carolyn iP. Sugars, Nancy R. Cook, for the TOHP ColYaborative.Research Group. New Jersey Medical School, Newark,. NJ P44 Family Environment Caloric Intake, TV. Watchin8, and Obesily: :NH181 Growlhand Health Study (NGHS) 2407 Sue Y.S'. Kimm,. Bruce A.. Barton, George B. Schreiber,,Kenneth Ghee, Zak Sabry. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA . P45 Fitness, Activity, and.Obesity initelation to Blood Pressure and Upids in Children: Are Ihe Patterns Gender Speairn'1 Results From the FRESH Study 2408 Kerry J. Stewart, Sheryl Gray; )ill Adler,.Carol Brown, Sheldon H: Got, tiieb., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine at The Francis Scott Key. Medi- ca6 Center, Baltimore, MD. P46 Prevalence and Awareness of #igh Blood Pressure in tara. 9iaoe,. Veneatel. 2409 Ricardo Granero, Bartolome Finizola, Rhayza de Ramirez, Elizabeth Infame. ASCARDIO, Barquisimeto, Lara„Venezuela ®
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WED PM NOV 13 Thrombosis: Thrombin and Arterial Thrombosis California Pavilion C Anaheim Hilton Hotel 2:00 PM-5: 15 PM Chairmen: James H. Chesebro, Rochester, MN Lina Badimon, Boston, MA 2:00 imesB;ation of the PathoBenesis in Postinfarction. Angina Using Percu- taneaw Trarohrni.af Coronary AnBoscopy. 2300 . Hirotsugu Tabata,.Kyoichi Mizuno; Akira Miyamoto,.HirokunilElsuda, Koh Arakawa,.Kimio Satomura, Toshio~Shibuya, Akira Kunita„Haruo Nakamura. National Defense Medical College, Saitama,,Japan 2:15 Comparison of the Mtitlrcombotic and Antihemostatit Effects of Fac- tor Xa Versts Direct ilrrombin Inhibition in a saboon Model of AAe- rial Thrombosis 2107 Linda W. Schaffer, John T. Davidson, George P. Vlasuk, Peter;K.i Siegl: Merck Sharp & Dohme Research ~.Laboratories;. West Point, PA 2:30 A New Family of Thrombin Inhibitors VYilh.lmproved'Specificity and Favorable iherapeuticlndex 2302 Gerald F. Smith, Robert T. Shuman, Paul D. Gesellchen,.Trelia.J.:Craft, Donetta Gifford; Kenneth D. Kurz, Charles V. Jack'son,.George E. San- dusky, Pat O: Williams: Eli Lilly & Co, Indianapolis, IN 2:45 Site-Directed MWanb.of Human Zeta-Thrombie 2303 Zhong-Ru Gan, Yiping Li, Sidney.D. Lewis, Jules A. Shafer. Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories, West Point, PA3:00 Proventlon of Coronary Thrombosis After Oral Administration of DuP 714, A SyMhetkTfrronrb4r Inhibitor 2304 Robert M.,Knabb, Joseph H. Shaw; Joseph M. Luettgen, Charles A. Kettner, Pieter B. Timmermans, Thomas M. Reilly, The Du Pont Merck Pharmaceutical Company, Wilmington,,DE 3:15 Selective Inhibition of tlhe Profhrombinase Complex by the Novel Coagulation Inhibitor, Factor Xa (Asn322Ala414) 2305 Uma Sinha, TomE.:Hancock, PeiiHua Lin, David L.. Wolf; COR Th'era• peutics, Inc., South San Francisco, CA. 3:30 Intennlaian and Exhibits 4-00 The Tlrombolk and holi(eratlve Rcsporue to ArrBiop/aHy, in Pi;s After Deep Arterial Injury; Effect of Mtravenoas.Tlrombin Inhibition N9th Hinda. 23Rb. Mark W.1: Webster, James H. Chesebro, Diane E..Grill, Juan J. Badimon, Lina Badimon, Valentin Fuster,.Mayo Clinic,.Roch'ester,.MN 4:15 beportance of Clot-lotnd. Factor Xain the Inducdon of Procoagulant Activity by.9Yfrole Blood CfoM 2307 Pauli R. Eisenlierg, Jeffrey E.,Siegel, Joseph P. Miletich. Washington University, St. Louis, MO 4:30 Reanmbiuat Hirrrdtn as a Hepae:r Substitute in a Cardiopnlmonary {ypa..Model. 2306 Mamdouh ~Bakhos, Jeanine. M. Walenga, Michael Koza, Michael Wa6- kxk„ Debra Hoppensteadt, Nicholas King,. Roque Pifarre. Loyola Uni- versity Medical Center, Maywood,~ IL 4:45 A Moeoclonal, Anlibodyy ldenttfies a Novel Protein Expressed on the SuAace of Throstifn-Activated Platelets 2309 Guy L. Reed, Edgar Haber, Gary.R.: Matsueda. Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 5A0 (nhfbiBow of Tbrornbosls atsilea of Severe Wa111nJury: Thrombin Ver- qa Lfsand Intepin hrlribilipr 2310 Lina Badianona Juan Badimon, James H. Chesebro; Valentin Fuster. The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, , NY 342
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WED PM NOV 13 Basic Science/Circulation: Vasoactive Peptides Poster Presentation Boards P122-P131 Convention CenteFExhibit Hall Poster Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Presenter Present: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM P122 Metabolism and Production of Angiotensin I and Mgiotensin dl in the Pordne Heart 2485 A.H. Ian Danser,. Peter I.L. Admiraal, Loes M1A, Sassen, Pieter D. Verdouw, Maarten A.D:H. Schalekamp. InternaliMedicine I and Tfioraxoentie, Erasmus University, Rotterdam,.The Neth'erlandsP123 Arrgiotensin 11 Potentiates Norepinephrine and Caffeine-Mduced Con- traclionby, ArtYivationof Protein Kinase. C 2486 Daniel Henrion, Regent Laporte, Ismail Laher, John A. Bevan.i Univer- siryof Vermont,.Budington,i VTi P124 hCGRP.-u CompelitivelyAntagonizes Vasodilalions Produced by Human CalcHonin Gene-Related Peplide in Pig Coronary. Arteries 2487 David R. Gross,: Ronald R. Fiscus,. Xian Wang„ Huiqing Hao,.Sherry,Ling, Steven F.,Joh'nson„WarwiekA. Arden, Robeet.K. Sallpy,.CT Surgery. Research faboratories,.Department.of Surgery;.and Sanders-Brown Center on Aging,Department of Physiology.and Biophysics, University of Kentucky,.Lexington, KY' P125. Calci6onin Gene-Related Peptide Is a Vasodilator Devoid of Effects on Myocardium 2488 John BiancAi, Anne R. Smart,.Hannah H; Troy, KarerrA::Hind, Thomas M. Argent7eri, Mark.EL Sullivan, H. Joseph Reiser.: Berlex Laboratories, Inc.,.Cedav Knolls;. NJ P126 Important Role of Cakitonin Gene-Related,Peptide in . Regulation of the Coronary Microcirculation of Rats 2489 Satoshi Homma, Takashi Miyauchi, Keiko Ookawa, Katsutoshi Gooo; Yasuro Sugishita, Norio Ohshima. Universityy of Tsukuba, Tsukutia;. Japan P127. Ischemia-Reperfusion Augments Contractile Response to Endothelin in Large Coronary Arterfes. 2490 . Takash'iSaito,.Etsuko~FUshimi„Mamoru.Miura. Akita: Unirversity,.Akita, lapani P128 Effect of Low Dose of Endothelin-1 on the Coronary Resistanoe.Vessels in.Dogs:~ Role of EndotheBum-Derived Nitric Oxide 2491 Takeshi Tsuchiya,.Ken Okumurae Hinoshi Ishiiaka: Kumamoto.Univer- sity, Kumamoto,.lapan P129 fhfferential Responses Between Epicardial and Inlramyocardial Coro- nary Arteries toEndoRrelin-lnduced Constriction in Dogs. 2492David~D. Ku.,Departmenuof Pharmacology, UniversityofAlabama.at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL P130. Low. Concentrations of Endothelin Differently Contract Human Coro- nary Arteries and Veins 2493 Jean-Luc Balligand, Theophiile Godfraind. Uni~versite. Catholilque de Louvain, Brussels, Belgium P131 Pituitary Adenylate. Cyclase Activating Polypeptide Increases Forearm R/ood Flow and Causes Prolonged Skin Vasodilation in Man 2494 John B. Warren, John Cockcroft,. Simon i W. Larkin, Radhika Kajekar, Sandy Macrae, Mohammed Ghatei,i Stephen R. Bloom. National IHeart and Lung Institute.and Royal Postgradluate Medical School,.London, United Kingdom 1 364
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NOV 14 Clinical Cardiology: Signal Averaging- Ventricular Tachycardia Room AR2 8:30 AM-10:00 AM Chairmen: Gunter Breithardt, Munster, Federali Republic ofGermany Michael E. Cain, St. Louis, MO 8:30 Multivariale Analysis of Time Domain and'frequency Domain in.Pre- di'cting Ventriculu.Tachynrdia Induction From Signal-Averaged ECG 2571 Paul F. Walder,.William S. Weintraub,.Suzanne.Hblden, Jay.Pattersun, Carol Long:, Division i of Cardiology. Emory University School I of Medicine,.Atlanta, GA. 8:A5 Contributiun.of'Myoordium Responsible for Ventricular Tachycardia to Abnormalities Detected by Signal-Averaged ECG Analysis 2572Margaret A.. Hood,.Steven M:.Pogwizd,.JeromePeirick; James L. Cox. Michael E. Cain. Washington University,.St. Louis, MO: 9:00 Siyul-AveraBed, Electrocardiogram and: Inducible Sustained Mono- morphic Ventriwlir Tachyprdia in Myocard'aal Infarction Patients W`ithoap Clinical Venfritular Tachycardia 2573 Akih'ikoNogami, Atsushi Takahashi, lunichi Nitta, Yeong-Hwachun, Kazutaka Aonuma;,Yoshito lesaka; Mich'iaki. Hiroe, Fumiaki'.Marumo. The Second Department of Internal Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Den- tal'University,. Tokyo, Japan 9:15C.omparitoa of Ti.re Domain and Spectral Temporal Mapping Analysis of the Signal-Averaged 9ectrorardiogram in the Prediction of Ventric-ular Tachycardia 2574. Ross Brooks,. Brian A.. McGoveme Hasan Garan, Jeremy N., Ruskin. Cardiac Uhit, Massachusettf"General IHospital,.Boston;,MA . 9:30 The Signal-Averaged Electrocardiogram Is Highly Sensitive for Sus- tained:Ventriadar Tachycardla But Not for Sudden.Death After Myo- cardial Infarction . 2575 Pietro Santearelli,..Framcesco Biscione, Andrea Natale, Gaetano A. Lanza;, Giancarlo Corsimi, Carmine Riccio, Paolo Rossi, Eraldo Occhetta, Maurii zio Gronda;.Roberto Negri, Marco Zanetta, Salvatore Toscano,,from the LAPIS Multicenter Study. Rome, Italy 9a45 Beat-to-Beat Localization of Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia in Patienb With Prior Myocardial Infarction: Assessment of the Site of' Origin Using Body.Surface Mapping 2576 Sylvia L.C. Muilwijk, Arne SippensGroenewegen, Andre C.. Linnenbank, Norbert M. van.Hemel, J. Herre.Kingma, RichardN.W:,Hauer;Jvtichiell J. Janse; Arend 1. Dunning., Academic Medical Center,.Amsterdam, and'Interuniversitiy. Caediology Institu0e,. The Netherlands 10:00 Intermission and Exhibits N O N W ~ N O N ~ ~D 384 i
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WED PM NOV 13 Cardiovascular Radiology/' Clinical Cardiology: Nuclear Cardiology-Antibodies and Sympathetic Innervation Moderated Poster Presentation Boards P190-P197 Convention Center Exhibit Hall Poster, Displayed: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM Discussants: Elias H. Botvinick, San Francisco, CA Michael W. Dae, San Francisco, CA P79® Cardiac Sympathetic Denervation: Metaiodobenzylguanidine Imaging of the Heart 2553 AnatolyL~anger, Heather Hink, MichaelR..Freeman, Robert /osse; Paul W: Armstrong. St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto,,ontario,,CanadaP191 Myonrdial . Intraneuronal . and rxUaneuronal Uptake of 1-131-Mela- iodobenzylguanidine Following Ischemia/Reperfusian 2554 Hisato Takalsu, Cados M. Dunckep Lewis C. Becker. /ohns Hopkins Medical Institutions;,Baitirlnore, MD, P192 Sdnlig'aphic Detection of Farly Cardiac Transplant Rejection Using Radiolabeled Anli-Inlerleukin-2 Receptor Monocfonal Anlibodies 2555 Howard Ji Eisen, Sheri IE. BellAnd,I Leonard /.I Perloff. University.of Penn- sylvania, Philadelphia, PA P193 Tc-99m Antimyosin Antibody Imaging for the Eariy Detection of Acule Myocardial Infarction in Man 2556 Roxy Senior, Shoumo8hatlacharya„Usha Raval, Xiu J