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RJR's Secret Project Spa

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The following secret R.J. Reynolds document, Project Spa, describes the initial development concept of a safer cigarette. Project Spa was carried out in the late 1980s, and gave rise to RJR's Premier cigarette, a cigarette that did not burn, but instead just heated and aerosolized tobacco flavor. But RJR found that the Premier cigarette drew harder than traditional cigarettes, which led RJR to analyze the Premier to determine whether it functioned adequately as a nicotine delivery device (see archives -- Crack Puffing by Baboons Via Premier). That test, wherein baboons were made to smoke crack-laden Premier cigarettes (and their blood then analyzed for cocaine content), showed that the Premier cigarette did not function adequately drug delivery device. Premier is no longer on the market. NOTE: RJR Tobacco Company and their foray into Premier cigarettes were the subject of the movie Barbarians at the Gate starring James Garner, which is still available at some video rental houses. No baboons in the movie, but it's still worth a watch. Title: Project Spa (RJR Secret) Type of Document: Report Author: N/A Date: 3/17/86 No. of Pages: 11 Bates No. 504949270/9280 Site: R.J. Reynolds http://www.rjrtdocs.com/ MINNESOTA SELECTED URL: Sorry, the RJR site was down, and when it came back up I was unable to use the system for copying and pasting a URL any more. To find this document (and admittedly, it was tough to find a second time): Go to the RJR site and enter the following search criteria, exactly as I have written it, in fields I have indicated: Combined Text: Project Spa Document ID: 50494927* Document Type: Report This should return just one document, and that should be the one you want.



Project Spa Revolutionary New Cigarette Product * Biggest change in cigarette design since the filter * Unique new technology that provides taste and satisfaction without burning tobacco * Controlled heat source produces a thermally generated aerosol * Consumer smokes it like a conventional cigarette Spa vs. Traditional Cigarette: Tobacco Smoke: 10,000+ compounds (reported), many identified, many remain unidentified, some reported to cause disease as delivered (Exc. Nicotine), CO, nicotine, 'mutagenic' Spa Aerosol: Less than 250 compounds, particulate matter noncontroversial, nicotine, CO, 'non-mutagenic' Product Characteristics * Scientists and the Medical Community have alleged that cigarettes cause disease. Consumers perceive that cigarettes are harmful. In response to these perceptions Spa was created. * The products of incomplete tobacco combustion (burning tobacco) are alleged to represent primary focus of smoking and health controversy given: --Chemical complexity of tobacco combustion by-products --A number of identified compounds alleged to cause disease --Many compounds released are unidentified * Spa is a technological breakthrough --carbon fuel cell produces a warm aerosol that passes through natural tobaccos and tobacco flavors --Rich tobacco flavor and aroma come through --However, since SPA's revolutionary new smoking system does not burn tobacco, there are no constituents produced as a consequence of the incomplete combustion of tobacco that are alleged in traditional cigarette products to cuase disease or contribute to disease causation in humans. * Further, traditional cigarette smoke condensate is alleged to cause 'adverse biological acitivity.' * 'Adverse biological activity' believed to cause disease by many scientists. * SPA has no adverse biological activity * Principal form of 'adverse biological acitivity' associated with disease causation in cigarettes is 'mutagenicity.' * Traditional cigarettes are 'mutagenic.' * SPA has no 'mutagenicity.' ....Smokers will have a new choice in selecting their smoking products. Those concerned about the controversy associated with traditional cigarettes will be able to choose SPA -- a product that is not mutgenic, produces no 'adverse biological activity,' and delivers full smoking satisfaction without burning tobacco. Product Characteristics * Given inhaled smoke as delivered is noncontroversial from a medical and scientific standpoint, exhaled smoke is similarly noncontroversial (passive smoke issue). * No sidestream tobacco smoke. * Low ignition propensity * No staining * Reduced objectionable odor * No ash

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