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American Tobacco

Radio Continuity, Commercial Only, Martin Block S Make Believe Ballroom

Date: 1942
Length: 602 pages
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LOCK] STP~KE ';A~E tE~IEVE h[LEP~O*TM Co=aerclal - February ~6, 194~ On t~at Kyeer .tan -- Yeu see ho~ he got t~t • -- "~ e~ ~ Auc~ ,~" A~ she~7 ]'~ really telling you there's one fello~ - Kay Kyser - who/lAves, eats, sleeps, euokes, drinks, Luc~ gtrike Cigarettes. That's Just abou% all. ~ou k~ow with ~.3 P~veer on here and me down here in P~shmond, Vlrglnla, ee~ =sybe s lot of you folks up there are ~ondering really Just wha~ I'~ doing dov~ here. Xou kno~ before I went awayj I dad tell you briefl~ ,~" I mas going down to Ri~b~o~ and what h was going %0 do down here, I woDder If ~ =A~ht take Jus~ = .~oeenh to tell you t~e r~al true purpose oC =7 visit do~ to the L~cky Strike factory? It's very slaphe. No doubt a lot of you ~olks remember a couple of week~ ago %~e~ aort of carted ae of~ to the hospital ~emember that? Then I had to go auy for %en days because X could~'% talk. Reneaber t~t? ~ell, I began to eogttebe a ll%tle ~ht, began to shank a little bit, teougbt ~aTbe I ,as uoking too ma~y cigarettes- maybe I'd better cut d~ on the~. That ~Adn't ~rk d~dn,t do a bit of good. And then I remembered that for years ao~ I've be~ saying i~to this alerophone there's pract&cally no difference between cigarettes ~ all cigarettes are the sa~. ~he~ I ~e~e~bered shat Mr. Kyser's sho~ has been telling me oa the air. And you Mno~ that £ellow that goes (YMIThTES TOBACCO AgCTIONE~) - "8o]~ Aaerfcan" - you Mnoe the one, I'm gonae have to learn how to do that. But I =as listening to some of the commereials on ~t show and I ~ondered -- maybe I was w~on~ -- maybe there was a dh.~ference In cigarettes -- meybe there ~s ~ dAfferenee in tobac¢os, after all, I ~, ~e have to beltov~ ~hat we hear. We know that .~ can rely on ~he hlg corpo~tions the big co~r~es who tell us these thL'%,s because the Govern®eat Just makes sure that they ' re tolling the truth. SO I ~a~ind to find out for m~self. So I started ~ao]d~g l~c~ Strikes -- wanted to s~ shat It was all about. I didn't notice ar~ IRediate di~fere=ce -- ib'l a TH01 0016136
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Co~erclal - Fe~y ~6, 194~ (COST,D) swell-tasting cigarette - no ~ediate difference tbough ~ but t~en as t~e went on my throat hogan to ease up a little bit. I'm smoking IVe ~ust as ~ cigarettes now as I/ever ~oked. But Z'm s=okLni Lucklee. And the purpose of w/ trip down here, ladies and gentlemen, ~ae to find out ~t ~e the difference in cigarettes, to lear~ first hand~ to aee how ~hot tobacco le gro~, to see how that tesaeeo ~e blended~ to see ho~ cigarettes are made end to know 6rid go through every atop of t~e process with t~a head of the Comlmn¥ down here. Au~ tod~ I ~p~t some a~ty in~ereat~ng hours at the factory ~d~ere ¢hoy ~e Lucky Striae, and I c~u e~ this to you t~th~l~y howl I haveu't been through the •hole p~eess yet. I don't kno. yet Just ~hot It's all abo~t, but I ~aow that X~m the lost a~a~ed man in ~erica after four hours at ~he Lgc~r Strike ~actory today. And I can co~e back to ~ew ~ork on Saturday ~eral~ and ~ to you for six ~t~s a~ never re.at ~eel~ and bolZ you the aeaalng things I ' ve seen dora here - the things I ' ~ learned, And I hope truly and si~eerel~ that you'll benefit from ~ trip to the L~c~ Str~ke faetory. Yes elf, I laarn~ a lot about tobaccos today. I learned a lot about cigarettes and starting Saturday night I ~t ~o to~ you about it. OT~01 00~6~3P
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J Col~erelal - Pe~ry ~7, g942 BLOCK: Well, l&~es and gen%lemenj insomuch es the ~e Believe Ballroom is your progr~ end ~ur continued lla%e~Ing to the Make believe ~llro~m and Is wh~t sekes ~osslble ~ staying on the prog~ and on ~e edr,/h~ and all theBe ulce s~nsors,/waklng some of these %rlps th6% 11ve ~e.e~ Jus~ • eki~g, I think that once again I ¢.e i% %0 ~ lintenera %0/e~ILin to you the ~ak~ Believe ~lroom should be coding/from PAchmond, Vi~ginia, instead of f~a our us~a~ Bpoh in the Crystal Stud~.o O~ Madison Avenue. as ~*ve told ~ of our lt~te~er~ before~ we are down here in P~ch~o~d. Virginia, in order to visit the Lucky Strike ~ac%0rins, in Order to E/~d ~ut for ourself Just exactly ~hy i~ is that with ~ndepamdenh e~pert~, with me~ ~ho kno~ to~cco bast, Iris Luck~es E to L ~ou~ve heard L~at said o~ the sir many tL~es end so hav~ I. And no~ that LuCk~ Strike is ~ln~ to sponsor th~s part of the broadcast from ~he ~troom every n~ht, and since ~e are going %o have ~he ~ee~ure of stout them, we ~mnt to knoe ~bat we*re talking ebo~t and so we~ve b@en do~ here ~n~ %h~ough the pla~in end seein~ just ~hat St~ s a~l abo~h and I can only sa~ thta to 7ou~ I have seen ~ome of the mesh amazing sights. Too often we sit back ~d ~<e thing~ /or granted you k~ow~ b~ a package o~ cigarettes and open them and smoke them and %hat~s as Ear as St g~es. ~e never ~%0p to th~k of what It ~akes to make those clgarettas -- all the care and all the time and all the k~o~ledge, ~d I've learned a lot in these past t~ ~YS and hater on I ~nt to tell you ~ome OE the t~ing~ ~ ~ ve seen. ~t today, the early part o~ the morning and yesthrd~, I went all thresh the ~lant~ and I saw how the tobacco is blended. I sa~ Just as it came right into the firet, very fir~h sta~e ~here 1% goes into the blending an~ then I sam ~hese ro~s upon rows Of ~chines ~here the c~g&retbas were produced and how they ~ out at ~he e~ -- ~l~10as ~d ~llton~ of tha~ Just ~H01 00~6138
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4 LUGK~ STKIK~ "~: 5ELX.rVE I~LLKOOa" Co~erclal - Pebrus~" ~% 1941 (e~ntld) ~LJCK: a~t evBry hour I think 1¢ ~as there were g~llio~s of c~garettes pQuring out there and it xa~ ab~o~uthly a~a¢lng. And ~u down to the -- bo the grand laboratories, i wish you could see ~he laboratories ~nere s~oh care is taken in ~aking sure that every~g that g~ee luto L~cxles IS just #S ~t s~o~d ~e, Those c~ntrol laboratorle~ are simply • arvelo~e. And then this a~erfloon we got tnth a~ auto.bile ~nd ring dQ~n on 81~hway ~ *- you ~ow that'~ the ~lghv~y that goes from Ne~ York do~ to -- all the w~y do~ to Florida. We ~ern riding along Rlgheay l a~d on my right I sa~ ~il~i~gs. ;4y goodness I never saw eo ~ny ~dl~gs Im a~l ~ llfe, They just ~e~med to s~ta~ for ~lles+ Th~ didn't reaiky -- but they seemed to to me. And i noticed auto~hLles thg pulling over to the side and sth look/at a big sign+ So I had to get a good lOOk too. I didn't knoe Ju~t ~at It was. And I saw this big ~i~n that said: "~Aet please, tobacco sleeping," ¢~d then a ~ieture of I~ck7 Strike, A~¢I ~e Idea is t~at i~ all the~e huge l~ldthg~ all this tobecco sleeping there bocoain~ rich, M1Aow to makt hac~y Strikes for you and it's g~ing to sleep there for at least three year~ before II goes into Lt~¢k~ Strike Clgarettel. ~es sir. It', really som~ththg to s~e down here In FJ.c~h~ond -- to see the pains, the care ~hat,e takeu in making LUckY Sttlke Cigarettes the good elgarettel they are, And we,re going to start right in thmorro~ night to tell you about *be interesting things ~e~e learne~.
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Com~ercial - Febroal-j 28~ 1942 ~ell friends, here we ~re back again in Ne~ fork Ct~v, arr£ved at the old t~eke Believe ~allroom up here in the Crystel ~udio. It ~s swell being ~ South ~ere in Richmond, Virginia for the iaBt coupie of days. ~v ~c~neB~ the ~ings I ea~ down ~ere et ~b~t L~ck~ Strike 1~ac~ri in P~chaOndo If I b~d frou no~ until nert ~eek to tel~ you ~beut ell the ~hings I le~r~ed~ I ¢0ul~nlt tell you hal£ of ~e~. On~ ~:g though impressed itself on ~e~ and that ~s the fact that eo m~ ~f "~s have the ~bit of ~ thin~s for gr~nted. ~e feel ~he~ welre e-oing to ~tep up ~ a ~obecco co~ter~ ~e~re ~in~ t~ p~ do~ ~o~e ~neyj fe~ng to t~ke a~e~ a package of ~£g~ret~s ~d ~hen ~elre going to smeke t~em. tr~ 4~atl¢ all we ever think about° ~ell let me tell you that • he~ I wes ~eck of the scene~ e~ ~e ~eky Str~ke fee~ry I ~ot e~ e~t~re3~ d£fferent p~et~re of ~mt it takee to meke a Luck~ ~tr~ke. Jue~ one ~ oop I droppe~ ~t e~d e.lmoet burned z~ band - Juet one Luc~ S~rike ~tle e~l. I saw aiLl~on~ of ~he~ roll£n~ off there every hour - a~t~elly millions of them. I us go£n~ ~ s~v look ~t ~ Imck~ Strike there I~ ~kt~8 here but no~ ~h~t IIve dropped It and ltl~ do~r~on the fleer smokin~ - I hope ~t doesn't burn a hole ~ a~ing. IIm ~o~n~ to tr~ to reac~ over here for another. ~hatl~ better. Now Just l~k ~t ~J~ie one Lucky Strike. I~ v~B m~de up by the tobacco that ~ent ~n~c It and I wish you could h~ve been ~it~ me ~ust ~ h~ve seen in thl~ one place in P~chmond# ~hese ~ill~ons o£ I~nds of ~b~occ - not ~u~t one kir~ of ~becco mind you~ ~ tol~cco £re~ a~l over t~e South~ wherever ~e tobacco experts ~mew t~at the ~L~es~ ~beccos were ~e~n8 produoed. ~ro~ ~heee point~ ~a~ ~be~¢o was breu~t into ~he f~ctory~ b~u~ht in £or aging ~ mellowing and ble~ding ~il ~he day ar~vcd when it ~as re~dy ~ich to 8o ~to that l~oky ~trk~l/y~ are going to smoke° I lebrned ~re than that ~o. I learned ~ha~ tobacco iea r~lgh~y ~mpor~nt t~ng a~d ~he ~Y~01 0016140
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EK % \ Pe~e Commercial - FebruRry 28, 1942 (CONI'ID) ~OCKz better the tobacco the better the ~oke. Take ~y word for t~. ?.~at (CONT,D) "-~ . of course is baoause in a cigarette ~11. you know as ~Z1 as I do ~'" i%'s the thbacco that counts. Fine tobacco £1ve8 you milder, batter taebaj more s~ok~g enJoy,~eat 811 ~rot~d, and ~Cauoe of ~£, the ~kePs of Luckies c~nsioten~y pay the price to get ~le £~nesb tobacco ~t V~rket after ~.rket. Take Ithet auotlon at L~berton~ Ho~h Cnrol~n~ ~is y~r. Why The ~erl~en Totacco Co~p@~v paid ~i per Ce~t more fop the ~obaeeo ot~er then it bou~t for it~ cl~retths then -/and other tobacco produeth. That's right ~1 per cent above the a~er~ge market pric~ ,~ubli~hed by the Onited 8th~ Department of ~ri~t~re a~d BO friends it goes at ~a~ket a~er ~arknt and the best tobacco the~ buy ~oes into L~ckie~. The result is Lucky Strike means f~ne to,nee and gondnes~ kno~ I saw e~ou~h fine tobaoco, l'a goin~ to dream about it ~a~ I get home tonight and get into ~. I never sa~ ~o ~ch tobacco in ~.l e~ life. Gee I ~ I could ha~e h~d ~ou do~n the~e with me eo you could ba~ Just put yo~r hands c~ ~at tobaeco~ %ake~ a ha~f~l of it and ~a~ that ~ee~us a~. Then youtd know Just as I M~ow as f s~e~d here before this mlcro~one, Juet what it is that makee Lucky Strike the c~arette for you. R~ber friends, vlth men ~o know tobacco ba~t it's Luckies ~ to 1, I'm @~t~g to have a lot of opportunity fr~ now on to thll you about the many ama~g ~tghts I have aeen at the factory In R~ch~ond and I do hope by the +Ame ~rm fi'~u~ thlling ~ou a few of the thl~Igs, youlre going to ~nt to r~sh right out and b~ a ~k of Lu~ee and light up. i .-) ..... ~-. ; V ~TM01 0015141
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~e~:in3. - u~.h E~ 3.962 ~0CK: ~h m~ oh ~'! I=11 bet a lot of you folks sitting beck there enjoying a Luck~ Strike Cigaretta and enJoy~g thst musicp too. Thta eve~t~g ooo l'd bettor put this cigarette out L*or • ~inute .o. hate to do St °.° i,mgoing toaekyou todomea /avor, If you ~L1. Doyou have a package of cigarettos handy? Zt doesu't make any difference ~at br~ud it lsj although I perBor~lly hope ltls a Luck). Strike. If 7ou have a packs~e oC cLgaretths handyj take the packaFe out - hold it in your b~d~ lcok ~t it° ~ow ~f it~ ~ new package of C$sarettasj nLne chances out of ton therels a celloph~e ~rapplng over the outeLde of the package. Under that celinpha~e ~r~lng~ the ~ckage ttae~f ~ith printed ~attor on it. ~ou look st Lt - it says Lucky Strike - Itl~ Toasted - ¢l~aretths - Luck~ Strike CL~rettev, IttB Toa~thd, aee? /~1 s ~rinted rl~t on the package. ~ow if you look at the top o~ the ~e ~ou~ll see tbe tin ~otl f~ced ~th ~hlth paper. Now inatde yo.,11 ~l~d t~ty ol~are~t~s. Th~t=s what yo~ pa~d your ao~ey for. How reach into the package and to~e out one e£garetth. ~ have in your hand another piece of ~par ~tth ~intL~ o~ tt. ' Now look = little further an~ n'll ~ee Just ex~(~J~ ~at ~o~lve paid your eoaey for. ~== golu~ to open one of them. ~ou ~ee Just ~hat ~ou=ve paid your money ~or. ~ h~ - ~obacco. ~riefly, ~u~t once aga~j the tobaoee ~reinlly ~p~ in the olgarstta paper, then t~at wrapped LU tth foil~ then in heavter ~apar, t~u th cellophane, and finally every te~ packages in a henry cardboard box. Ho~ th~ sbe~ld Ludica~e one thth~ very ~e~r~v to you. lsdte= and g~tle~en. I1~w careful ~appi~ thlB painetokt~ e~fort is all the~e for ~ust ~e px~o~e - to bring yo~ that to, coo ~t its ~ery hallo Jnd it indicates ~o~ethtn~ =ore th~n that. It indlu~th= the most ~ort~mt thin~ about • package of" ~lgarette~ - B~ a~elle g~d ~s the inbeo~o. ~o~ ~o~ and I have RT~(01 001614-2
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Co~:~,erelel - ;larch ~, 1942 (eont'd) both hesrd on the air~ read in the ne~r~ and the ~aga~tues times, ~he makers ot Luck~ Strikes spe~e no p~tns and no expense to obtain the finer to.coos - to.coos ~c.~ are bought at auction all over the ~u~h - and ~hat consistently Lucky 8tr~e ~ys the prate to get the~e tinct, ~ghter~ milder to~ceos. Por exL~ple, at auctions at O~llout ~o~th CarOlina, thi~ Beaeo~ the ~kere of ~ek~ ~rike p~ld ~ per e~nt above the average ~arket prke ~bltshed ~ the gnited States ~epart~ent o~ Agr£culture. ~owj ~'ve all ~t~ted ~hat in a cigarette lt=s the t~aeco that co~ts. And now, and ~ ~ow ~hat ~lnar tobacco ~ve~ you ~tlder, better tasting s~oking ~Joymnt all arot~d. Aud ~f ~h~t is tr~e~ ~e~ we should ~¢it that the ~akers of Luc~ Str~ke have bought the fi~ to.coo, aud you shoul~ ~eel tha~ this a~one should a~re their g~vl~ yo~ a finer s~oke° Bo~er, that*s not the ease. I ~ust ~sh ~ could have had the op~ort~ty o~ tsk~ each and ever~ o~e o~ ~ ~ste~er~ throu~ the ~h~ondj Vir~i~, factory ~here Lu~ Strikes are ~de. Then you could have ~een alo~ ~th =e that every single itea that ~ter~ into ~he mkAng of a cigarette - everything - £s selected and tes~d ~th the me lnfl~ pat~ce and care as £e used in seleetl~ the tobacco ~teelf° ~veryth~ng is cheek~ ~d double cheeke~ before the cigarette's made, ye~ a~d al~t~r ~tls mde~ too~ ~d even ~er ~*B go~e o~ ~ ~our e£~arette dea~r's couuter. The ~aekages are ~urchaeed ~n the open market and brought back to ou~ labor.torts ~or ~estin~. No~ r ~ell y~ the=e th~s for only ~ne ~son - I want to i~ress upon you that ~e~ you trust your ~ok~ e~aent to ~uek~ ~tr~e you can rest ass~d that everytJ~lng ha~ be~n done to give you a finer, lighter, e£1de~ cigarette. And so ~t*l 1A~tle ~o~der tha~ with ~n Who k~o~ to~aco~ best~ it's Luokie~ ~b t~ O~o £ heard a ~g chorus out there RTH01 0016143
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/" C~ercldl - MArch ~, 1945 (eontfd! Page 5. ~in8 ~hat~heu I said it, mid that's swol~. I wsntyout¢ keep it in mind - not onZy think it~ but say it, and re~ber it, £nd uo~ speaking of saylng , as Kay Kyser would say it ,.. l~t,s light up a Luc~ and let's dance, chillun, let's ~ance. RT~01 O01614-4.
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w~ NO fool~us, everybo~ - after %ha% trip dora to %he Lucky Strike fa~r~, ey heed ie still so ~/ of ~nose monstrous pl&uts - the %re~andoua tobacGo ~heds, the huge ma~lneB, the ~hl~l~$ ~%eels, %hB meshing gears - ro~ ~ou ro~ of test %abe~ ~ Ila ~tl~/ e/~ in a d~ther. I gueas lhe~ I went down to K~thmond I thought ~ust abo~t ~e same ~8 you folks thiuk. ~ou know~ ~11 you h~ve ~o do i~ %oss ~ ~lt%~e to~¢o ~%o a ma~hlne~ ~h a b~t%on aud out co~s ~ few ~dlltou e~arettes. ~eil, ~et ~ tel~ you~ ~ %~ a great deal more theu that to make LU~ St~ke~° 2a~d~ta~/y~ e~e~ been ~ to C~e? Islead? ~ure you .~ve °.. ~ ~land. I remember ~e laet t~e *as down there on the boar~ra~k. They had s ~achiue down there ~r~ yo~ ~et fnth a c~uple of seath that are so~mted o~ ~ cro~ ar~, ~ad then on the other ~ of the cross arm were ~o ~re eeate ~u~t~d ~y ~p ~u ~he air~ yo~ ~no~. ~md then they turn on the po~er ~ud they ~1rl • ~u crowd a~ ~oen8 and ~ro~d ~mt~l you ~dgtt ~mo~ ~h~ther ~ w~e ~omln~ or ~ol~. Of course~ every~od~ ha~led ~nd ecrea~ed° ~ ~ul~ in the la~orator~ taat did the ea~o iden~£cal ~hl~g %o a ~eka~e of round. The ord¥ d~ffer~ace ~as tha~ Lu~ ~tr~ke~ ~ere ~reatod tha~ w~ iu or4~r to find o~t ~omethth~ ver~ def~a~te - ver~ ~e~ifi¢, Tell ~e~ something honestly .°. ever Put a c~gare%te ik ~our mouth an~ h~v~ th~se old ~oose ends of teha~o ¢o~e out~ Yery eanoy~g, , ~er~. to the~ ~mpleasant. Tne~ get in/your mouth/and you can't thlk . 7ou dontt want ~o s~allo~ It and you do~l% like 'to ... K~ vez~ nasty. ~he m~ker~ of ~u~ 8tr~ke ~aat to ~ake ~re th~ th~ loosed e~ pra~/e~ ~ould ~e~r ~e a ~ro~l~ in Lue~ 8~ike . 8o le~ ~ tell yo~ ~ba~ they do. Th~ Is ~tereet~n~. First, %hey eeLZh the tmty cl~arett~ In a package r nr~OI 0016145 I
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~erclal - ~arc~ ~, 1~ (CO~TtD) ~bOC~ of Lucky Strike on a very fln¢ scsle. Then ~hey pZace the cigarettes Lcto an a~acL~um cylinder, ~nd for t~o and • half minutes by a stop watch that cy1£udcr Is revolved by au electrlc motor. ~ow that of ~ar~e gives ~ie clgarettes much harsher treatment than you ¢~uld eve~ ~Ive them im your pocket. At the end of t~ aud a ,ha1~ mlnutee ih~ take the algarettes out and welgh them again. No~ I ,retched the~ do that. You remember how yo~ felt ~hen you got o~t of that ~mch£n~ t~t sp~ you around In ~e slr - all messed up? Tel1. Z wa~ perfec+~y a=a~ed to ~ee that all t~ent~ clg~rettes were still In ~ractlcaliy perfect condlt£on ... that on~ an Infln1~es~mal amoun~ of tobacco came ~'~t of the ~mds in #plte of ~$e harsh treatment. Now I ~ow you may figure tbat.~ R~te an extreme to go to ~ust to flnd out if there'll be auy 1~ose e~ds. ~t that should illustrate to you clearly the care ~st t¢ ¢ak~ ~ ¢h~ ~er~ o~ Luc~ ~trlke to ~ve Tea a fA~er m~oke° ~at=~ the u~e of arguing? In a olgare~te t~'s the tobacco ~t co~mt~. And at marketB alk over the ~th, L~ckW Str~e conslstemtly payB the prlce to get the flner~ 11ghterj ~llder tobacco. ActU~11y, Luc~¸ ~tr~ke ~eaaa fine tobacco. ~nd you know that sayln~ - you've heard it tea ~housand times - and it's tr~e ... Withmen who know ~0bacoo ~e~t, it's L~ckleB two ~o one. ~F~O~ 0016146
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LU~f 8T~F ~A~E BELIEVE ~AI~O0~" Oo~erctal - ~arch 4j lg4I ~DOCKI Last night I ~as telling y~A folk6 about the gadgets that I eaT, in the iaboratory ~t the Luc~ ~rike facto~ that revolve th~se cigarettee a~und + re~e~bor? ~11~ they revolw the e~ga~ettes for ~wo and ~ h~lf m~nutes in order th test tha~ ~d ~ake o~re that the~ were no l~ose ends In ~cky Strikes to annoy yc~+ W~I1j tc~lghtl lnctead of inl~inC a~out g~geto and la~rathries, thAct; I iue~s Is pret~ dull to most of u~ la~ I'd l~ke to ~11 ~ou ~bout an ex~erience I had which literally a~d ~ayBlcally ~wl~d m~ over. I don't think th~rel8 ~ny~ne listhn~n~ ~ha duesu~ kno~ the ~lo~an of L~cky Strike. Itls priuted on every package and every b~Alhaard. ~¢~ ~u:t t~ words. Do ~o,~ ~o~ thea? All r~t~ l~ unAsou - come on - ~ttB foa~ted. ~ee? ~rl%ten r~ght o~ th~ front ot the package. It'~ Toasted. ~ow th~ ~inte~t ~ay lead ~ou to ~er - ~at do they do du~ ther~ a~ bow~ Do they have • ~u~le o~ toasters like you ~ve on the trea~amt tabl~ and ~uet ~ak~ twenty ¢~arettes and pop the~ ln~ and ~ait until they toa~t~ and ~he~ the~ pop ~p ..o ~ha%l~ i~ all ~haut auy~a~ ~ell no~ if you could ~ust eloeQ your eyes for a ainute ~nd try a~d ~lcinze a ~altrous ~achine - and when I say ~strous £ eean St. ~¢'~ s hunted and ueventy-~ve feet lou~ - al~t ~ thole ~t~ block lon~. Ve~th and ~eters~ and tubes, and ~otorsj and fan b~lts. ~ave ~ou got a good ~,iethre of that? ~o~ if ~ou can picture t~o ~ch mch~os ~tandi~g sido by eachj and into one ~d of each aa~ine roll~ the .~inaly bleuded~ naturally li~ter, ~llder tobaceo ~at ~11 eve~al~ be in a Lucky Strike Cigarette. The to~c¢o i~ c~rried the ~tAre length o~ this huge aa~ue° ~nd a~ it ~1o$ along~ ~y of the ie~rAti~s ~t ma~ be ~o~nd in a cigseet~e Ir~ ~sd. ~w lql b~ 7ou're sayAng .... ~ell that how do you k.o./they~re x~ovad~ Martin~ And here's w~ere I ~e hack to ~at ~ eaAd before about ~eoing ~o~ethin~ that bo~led me over RTK01 001614?
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LOC~ eT91KE "MAKE BELIL~E ~ALLF~OM~ Co~erclal BLOCK: Page ~, - March 4, 1942 (CO~T'D) actually. Well, from the room containing these ~athines, I wear up to the roof° You ~ow, out o£ e ~thine they have vents ... I told you about the vents that go up to the roof? - Well, the vents from the toasting machives e~ded up there on the roof. And when I ~ot up there I could see the vapor rising fro= dozens and dozens of the~e ventilators. As I ~as standing there, oue of the engineers turned one of the ventllators in ~ direction, and he said ... now dontt stay there ino long ~t j~at get a ~iff o£ thl~. ~1, I did, and I'm afraid I took too deep a one, honestly° I didnJt think I'd be able to he on the air last Thured~- night, I ~puttared, and choked, and ~ou~hed for a full hour ~m ~USt o~e ~hlff - one fnhalatlon of the impurities removed from your Lucky Strike tobacco. And r~embar, it 1,as ~lghty fine tobacco to stert lr~th. And there I had actual proot of the value of the toasting process. And that process, plus the fact that ovly the milder, hotter tas~ tobaccos are used to make your Luc~ 8trlke Cigarettes convinced me that Lu~ Strike makes a e.ell snoke; and it's no wonder that "~th mau who know tobacco bastj itt6 L~ckleS %10 to One,'~ And now let's light up a~other Lucky and hear. .... ~T~O~ 0016148
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5UCi~ b'T~ m~A~ B~LIEVL E~LLRO0~I" Co~erclal - March 5, 1042 }~oa friends, toni~'~ £ ~oni~t ~ want to ~ to you e llt~lo bit about a wor~ that's u~ v~ often. That ~ord ~ experts. It see~s as though ~enever anyone ~s e~ to sell they usu~y qoote t~o ex- pert6. And you ca~ just believe you =e that U~ere's ~ Eood ~ee~on for ~Q%. ~ ever~ l~e of endeavor in this world we ~sve ~ or or~ni- zations who are recognized as authorities on one pa~icu~r ~bJect. How, ~ou ~ how it is if you or any ~e=ber of t~e fu£~y doesn't ~eel well - yo~ c~l ~he doctor and you get hi~ advice .o° he helps restore you to health. ~ou have faith in his ab~i~. Tha%,s w~y he' s your fe~A~y doctor. You do a lot of walk£~ - your feet hurt - you • ee a chiropodist. You have ~ t~ouble -- you go to an oculist. Always to a Bpecl~£st. ~d now I want ~o ~e a su~estion If you want ~o find out about cl4~rette~ -- the t~ about ~ -- ~y ~o~ consult a ~bacco expert, ~e~, ~re are ~o~cco ex~ert~, I~ ~ ¢on- versat£ons ~ K£ch~on~ .~it~ the r~er of the Luck~ S~r£ke ~¢~o~-1, I learne~ one ~hin~ very interes~ °.. tobacco ~n ere no% ~ade. ~en a =an ~ho ~ an expert at b~C or ~'~lng or selling tobacco has a blessed event in his family, and if i~ ha~s to be son, bet your "o~tt~ do~r ~t fro~ the d~Y he's old enough to toddle ~v~und he' s trained in tobacco lore. So there are e~perts t~et we ¢~ go to ~l~ any ~okiu~ problems, you couldn.t pos~lb~ bare conf~e~¢e ~ess you knew that a man knot, ~.~at he ~as ~e3~tnE about. And ~e~e =en who are b~ht up to kno~ tobeccos - ~be~e a~n who )mow Just about everTthiug there As to ~o~ abou~ t~beccos should have your ¢onfid~e° Y0~ ~ we donlt have to conv~ce t~o~ ~.~ Icause ,~t~ ~en who knov ~obae~ best~ ~t' s ~ck£es t~o to one". Believe ~e ~hen I tell you the ~aker= of Luck~ StrAke lean over bastards %o be ATH01 0016149
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LU~ STft~ "F~ Ik~LI~-V~ B.~I~O!-TM page 2 BLOCK: B~e that every statement ~dc about Luc~ Strike Cigarettes is the ~olute truth. ~en t~e ~n ~o eel~6 tobacco~ .~hcn the m~n ,ho ~/s tobecca 8eeB The ~erican To~cco Co~ at auction ~ter ~uction pe# consist~ntl~ hi~her pries for the f~er, the light, r3 the m~lder tobaccos - end only th~ be~t of the~e to~e¢cos ~e~ iu~o ~he o~ Luc~ Strike ... it's little ~,onder ~hat ,~lth ~en ~n~ know tobacco be~t~ it,s Luckie~ t~ ~o one~| ~v donrt you buy a package of Luck~ 8tr~ke Cigarette~ ~nJ~t? Try the~. --k ~TH01 0016150
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, e .'i) her~ Bhe was a sweet old ~. ~he had one ve~7 pe~llar hablt, toov~h, and ~ iu the faz~ty usrd to ~ke f~ of her. ~e corns to my ~ t~t ~cauee this pecu~r habit of hers rulndu ~ of the wakers of Lucky Strike Cigarutt~s and ~ou'l~ see how Just a ~L~ute. Zf you'd ~en inw£ted to her ho~e for dl~uer a~d YOU happed to com~t that the roast ~ef w~ ~¢~r¢ deli¢1ous~ we~ she had & habit of bra~/ng a~d shead ~w~d~he~7 B~y - ~m~ it should k| I paid 8~xtT-give cents a peund for At! ~d then a/~r d~mer yc~,d go out ~n the living roc~ ~d youad s~t doxn £u a ~ ~d if ~t happ4~ed to be a v8~ pr~tty~ attractive~ oo~or~bl~ ~a~# yo~d beauti/~tl....ehe~d ~....v~ ~hould bet Thut ¢hair cost three and f£~y-~ve do)32u,a~ Itsa a tx~ habit. 'She d~:t ~t~ man to bra~, but you ~: she bad the ~ idea. She ~ that ~u th2s world yo~ get o~ly what you pay for and ~he near t~ind to cut come~s ~here At xeant the cosfvrt and health of he= fa~t~y. coursew % ~ /~r~her say ~hat she was a ~ery luck7 lady~ lnsofa~ as she had tbs ~ to spend for the hatter th~s in ills. And you ~) CalTy~ that thou~ a 12%%ie fresher - 1%hick we're very luok~ ~at the ~akens of ~k7 Str~e~ see ~n the s4~o pesltlo~ - th~ they nOt Only p~ the pa~ce, but haw~ the des2re to ~ f£ner to~)aCCOS ~D order to ~ka ~uc~ 8tr~k8 a totter c~ar~tte - a ci~wtto that they can real~y bra~ at~t. D~,t ~ar~snd xe,...~h~n Z ~ yeu that the tobacco RT~01 0016151
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b~ht at public ~lon and that at ~ket ~r market, t~e ~m Of LUC~ St~ pay well above average ~a~het price publlehad by t~ On,ted States Department of ~ricultore~ we,re not bragging. We on~ want to prov6 to you that the mn who b~dkn tobacco for a liv~ug.°oI mean the wereho~eaenj the auctioneers, the D~n who know tobacco hast - ~ the type of tohacco that goee into Lucky Strike Cigarettes. Their ~astes are Just average tastes. They're Just averaxe hu~n beings like And io, fr£ends, if with men wha know tobacco, £t,s Luck~ea two to one, you and I can sorely ~ up a Luck~ ~d like it. RT~01 0016152
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c~a~ercle~ - ~arch 7p 194~ BLO~= NOW -- Now I ~uder Just how m~y of you ~le~ and gentlemen are bargain h~te~o How ~ o~ yo~ ~at~h the ~ds, ~d as soon ~s you he~r about ~ b~rg~lne you read of ~ a~e - o~t yo~ go° ~ou leave your |Ao.~e e~r~y in the ~m~ng, get dn~n to the store, get tuto a ~ad ru~. =~ your p~r~hase, brin~ it .ho~e, or you have tt sent ho~e, an~ you ~ey to yoursel~ .o o ~ell, I u~ually pay five dn~ar~ for t~. I re~ly saved money todd. I bought priori©ally the s~e th~ for o.~ly two n~naty- ~Veo ~ore than ~hat, I wonder ho~ aa~v of you fo~d that ~n the long r~n you didn,t set a bergen ~t allo ~o~ething Juat a ~ttle bit wrong. a little bit the matter ~th that you ~ht° ~Lt the pleasure o~ the p~chase ~ lost, ~ou ~owj a~t~e~ly ~here~s one slo~n ~e co~d ~11 r~eebar in th~ =orld today. ~ p~y ~or what we get, and we get only •hat we pay for. Now then auctions are held ~ow~ ~outh - tobacco auetton~ Z ~ean - we scrut~n~=e the ~arkat carefol~y to f~nd only the lishter, the f~ner, the ~der tobaccos. And you Anow that at theee auctions down South~ ~epende~t ~obaeco experts-~ mean the auctioneers, and the b~yers, and the w~rehouse~en - well, they - th~ toke part in these ~e~ e~ch take place ~n the ope~ ~rket° And ~hese men see J~t who bt~s what totocco end the p~ces paid. ~d at ma~ke~ after markat the~e axper~s see the ~kers of Lucky ~tr~ke Cigarettes pey the price to get the better tobe~co, iou ~ke that auction dn~u at Aberdeen, North Carol~u~, l~st season. ~e paid ~5 per cent above the average ~ke~ price pu~i~he~ ~ the gnited ~t~bes D~art~ent o~ ~ioultor6o And it goes all over the South. And the reSUlt £s, Luck~ Strike aeans ~lue tobeoco° ~ow f~£ends, it's clear that in L cigarette it~e the to~ceo that coUntS, and the ~aker~ of Lucky Strike are proud o£ the ~a~t that they are not thr~n h~bers - that they real~ go ef~er the top quelity RTH01 0016153
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I~(~I STRIKE '~dAKF B~'LI~E b~l~J~" PaCe ~, ]~Y)CK: tobaccos. These experts know it. And I &ueB~ that's ~by - ~th men who lmo~ tobscco best, it's hackles t~o to onel 7 RTH01 001615~
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Coa~ercial - darch 9, 1942 BLOC~: ~y~ I just looked at the ne~ For~ne ~a~azine. I noticed a beautiful advertis~ent of one of the oil compaules. ~y it ~as gorgeous. The- top of the p%8 ~ho~ed a mea~uring glass cou~iniug one gallon of gaaoline, and uadernea~n it was the beadle, "One Gallon of Oasoline - Pive Hundred Dollars." Tha% ~s quite a price, wa~nlt It? ~ell, ~t ~ey ~re endeavoring to prove to the readers was thl% in l~ore%orie~ ~f ~i~ oil co~pany ~asolLne t~fiattely ~stter than any gasoline ~e can b~ today has teen perfected. ~ut the cost of pro~ciu~ that one gellon of t~s extra special gas~lfne ~as so great tha% If you tried to b~ it, it would coet you five hundred dollar~ a £allon. No~ ~hen I sa~ that ad, immediately I thought of Luok~ Strike Cigarettes. ~ow maybe y~u'~ say~r~ ..° well, ~hy? I cou~da~t help but do it because the Lucky 8%r~ke Cigarette tha% you smoke today and for which you pay uo more than y~u pay for ordinary cigarettes is not only the result of years of research ~u labora%ories, but also gives you the benefi% of ~enera%ions ~f to~cco lore - the eelecti~ the a~eing, the blending - all of ~hioh co~tribute to make an lufin~ly better cigarette. NOW T Suppose tha% lo~ically the makers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes coul~ s~v . ° ° we produce ~e finest cigarettes in the world. I suppose they could u~e all kiuds of adjectives to describe their cl~rette, but if they did the logical thin£ for you to say ~ould be - oh ye~h - who says so'/ What we think and ~h~t the public ~elieves are two differen% things, so ~e ~ke no e~agger~ted claims for Lucky Strikes. ~e merely assume that those men who spend a lifet~e in ~h~ ~0~acoo t~sineee - ordinary hard working human beings like you and I - people ~it~ ordinary tastes, such as yours and nine - ~uld ~ow a great deal about ci~are%te~. And ~hlle ~e ~ke no wild c~s about the merits of Lucky Strikes, preferring to let %ham stand oa their own t~o feet, and pre~r~u~ ~ lw% you make the claims after RT~01 00161~5
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= ~C~ 8T~KE "A~KE B~IEVE hAL~00~" Co.erda1 - ~rch 9, 194~ (CONT,D) }'age ~. BLOCK: youlve smoked t~emj ,,e continue %o emphaei~ the oneout~tanding %hlng abou% Luck~ Strlkee .°. that ~71%h ~en ~o ~mo~ tobacco ~e~%~ It'.~ Luckles t~ to one. These independent toSacco experts - the auc%l~neer~ the buyeroj %ha warehousemeu - men ~no spend their l~es ~2yln~, e.ud selling, and handllng %obaccos at sactiona - see juet who ~ye the price to get the finer, llgh%er. ~ilder tobaccos. It's coBon k.o~ledge that at auction ~fter auct~on~ the makers of Lu~k~ Strike pay ~bove the average m~rket price puhll~hed by the Uni%ed 8~te8 De.~r~ent of Agr~cul%ure~ ~nd I%'~ %hls fac~ coupled ~%h %heir ow~ ~ereonal ~a~te that proves Luc~ Strikes to them, So smokers, d~'t you think tha% it's to your adventage to do as the experts do - %o choose the cigarette you kmo~ is made wl%h fine tobacco? Ia other words, to smoke Lucky Strike , ATe01 00161~6
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/\ ~CKY S~RF~ ~ BE~E~ K~LLNO0~" Commercial - March 1% 1942 BLOCK: Pd~ht ~ow, I ~nder - [ wonder how ~s.ny of 5'OU ~'ol~e con re~mb~ hack %o •hen you went to school. Thetis not too long ago, is it? I can reae~tor very clearly. ~e~tor how you used to like eo~e of tee teachers and ~oae ~ ~'t li~e? Re~e~tsr alt the ~m ~ou used to ~ve ~en the bell ran~ and it was recess ~we? Yeah, It las a log -- remember ho~ •hen school was out yo~ used to rush across tee street Y, ith a eou~de of pennies that Mother had given you and yoo tough% those licorice sticks - you remember, those licorice sticks with the ~its dots ell over the~? then rou used to pick off the dote aod/chew up the licorice ... all day BucMars? ~, man, that was funl And then ~n it came %i~e to go home ~ou used to play along the ~V .-. al~s got home later than you chou~d and got the d~ll~te ~acked out o£ you for doing it. ~ou ~no~, teere'e ~ne thing in particular though ~at I didn,t like in school, That ~as the last day of the month ~hen I had %o take e report card hems. ~ me, ~r~'8 the time I m~de up m~ ~ud I was going to z~n away frc~ home, In fact, I packed a ~ag a couple of ~l~es. There were too many D'S on the card. I ~o~der ~ether your school used to rate the e~dies ~he aame as mine did. A ~s excellent- B ~ good - C ~s felt- end a red D for a failure. Natux~lly, everybody wanted t~ get an A. Xou Mao~, that reminds me of ao~ethi~ else ... ~ob~cco doesn't ~o to ec~ool~ but It doe~ have ~o worr~ shout a report card, avd believe you me it's the aim of every ~d little tobacco leaf to come home to ma~a with an "A" painted on the basket i% rests In, Ladies and gentlemen, ~en a tocket of totocco is sold Amerlcan~ a I~.g "A" is marked on the sales ticket, and ~t ~e it's pae~ed in all its studies. And the independent t@accc experto~ the a~etlo~eera~ ~he b~ers, the ~rehousemen~ they agree that the "A~ mea~e • whole lot at mrheth all over the ~*th, cause you see, e~ the ~s ~" Lu~ ~tr~e oonsi~t~tey pax tee prt~ to get 8rH01 00161~P
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fk~ BLO~ s ~lld~ better-~astiug to.coo. For ex~ple, at auctton~ In Chadbou~n~ ~ortb Caro2dna, last season~ The ~ericau Tobacco Co~p~n~ paid 40 per oent more for the tob~o - yes sir, 40 per cent more for the ~o~acco it ~o~ht for it8 cigarettes and other tobacco product~ - 40 per cent above the average market price ~bliehed by the Uaited ~tatel De~rt~ent of ~r£oultur¢~ and ~e beBt tobacco we b~ goes ~ato Lu~ktes. Aud ~o you 8eej ltle no von4er that idth me~ ~o .~o~ ~ob~cco be~t - ~th l~depe~dent a~pcr~ - ~t'e Lu~k~e~ two to one. And ~tl~ two ~o One you'~ like Luck£e~ too, ~nd ~hether you're n~l br~ ~ ~ report card o~ not~ ~heth~r therel~ anybody checking up on you, don't forget that ~ ~ a lot. It aloe neau~ gxce~lent. r ATe01 00~615B
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f ", Cd~erci~ - March 11~ 194~ Yes sir~ a little so~ for ~ll of u~ to be slng~ng b~. t/~e 16th of Batch or so~e of our frlends do.n An %he De;~art~ent of Justice ~ii be up iooklng -- Oh, oh, speaking of the D~r~en% of Justlce, I had ocoaaion to vi,~tt a friend of ~Ja~e ~l~o ~rks down there, %~e other d~° I went in the building. I happened to notlee the statue of Justice o~er ~e building. I=~ sure you've ~een it a lot of ti~e~. 8~ue of a ~o~an bl~d-folded, you know, ~ith a mr8 in o~e hand - a %~o-edg~ s,~rd - and holding ~ scale in the other hand. That figure gave ~e a little idea. The idea was simply this ... that too fe~ of us ~o ~u~tlce ~o our %as~e for a ~ood cigarette for real s=oklug enJc~=~nt. ~ b~ our ~re~tes prac~i~ll> hllnd-folded. ~.~ don=t take time to find OU~ a~out %he %o~cco - about ~er~t~Ing ~k~t ~oe~ In%o the cigarette - find out ~hether $~'s of top quality° To ¢~ that thought a 11~tle further ..° Xf you could pla~a ~u~%y of fln~ %o~¢co on one slde of tha~ scale that Justice hold~ ~d your smokiag ~n~o~t on the other side, yould find that th~Id be in ~rfe~t ~al~mce° T~.e ~t~r *h~ to~eoo, the better the saoke. That's ~use in a ~arette i%'s the %obacco that counts. Finer to.coo g~es you w~LlCness, and ~%%er ~e~e~ more saoklng ~nJoy~nt all around. ~o~ I~I~ not overlook %1~ t~o-~ed ~word in the picture either. That repre~t~ ~ru~ ~hi~h is doubled-edged. Now the m~kers of Lucky 8~rlke Cig~r~ep, ~s ~'ou've notlcedj sake no e~erated claims for their product. Th~ tell you fac%s, an~ we tell ~ou that ~e c~ji~t~ntly pay the price %o get ~ finer tobacco at ~arket ~f%er ~rket - that ~e pald above the average market pri~e, ~bllshed by the Onited States D~Imr~nt of ~rfcul~ure la~ s~alon. The resul%? Well, the result is Lucky S%~ike =~anB fi~e tobacco, and fine ~nbac¢o =eans a~oking ~o~m~. The Ind~ent %obaeco e~er%s - t~e =en ~ho see %~e pr~ L~kles ~y~ for this finer RTH01 00161~9
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f--, LOCK¥ STPG~E "~AKE It~,,I~E bkl~,i~0OM" Commercial - ~,~ ll, 194£ (COICr,D) BLOCK: Page ~o tobacco - go by the evidence of ~eir ovm eyes. And I guess that's why ..° mlth men who kno~ tobacco best, It's Luckle~ ~o to o~e. ~eah, and more than that, it's two to one you'll never s~oke anything but Luck~es once you try them, iI • Argo1 0016160
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• LUCK~ STRIKE "JAKE ~LIEVE EtLL~O~" ~_~ ~CK~ Right now, Just a few words to the sports fans. A little question for you tonight - you golfer~ - your que~tlon ... No, thin isn't Key Ky~ert6 ColI~go of ~sical Knowledge° Thi~ le Just a little queatlon of our o~u. Fast made you golfers b~ that set of clubs you have - the one wlth - you Icao=, the Bobby JouesI clubs you b@aght? All rlght, dontt tell me, I'll tell you, ~t's because you kao, that Bobby Jone~ ~.~s a great golfer - that in Bobby 3ones' oplm~n, he the~ght these clubs were good enough to bear h1~ name. They ,ere properl~ ~behed, p~porly balanced, fine ¢lub~ and of course you re~ on BoBby Jone~f op~iou a8 a golfer. All right, tenul¢ players, attantiau/ What made yo~1 get that Tilden racket - huh? ~ou donI~ expect to be another Bill Tilden - or do you? No° Zou Bought that racket because you ~w tha~ Blll Tilde~ ~ao~ a~ ranch about teanls am amy man in the world an~ you rely on hle opinio~ and e~rlence with tempts rackets, and yore ~ow that If itls good enot~h for Rill, ItI~ sertalnly good e, ough for you° ~ou know, ItJs interesting °.o you ooald go through the ~hole realm of sports. But I really donit think that'~ necessary, because v&at I've said to you alread~ should indicate very clearly shy it's worthshlle for smokers to follow the advice of tobacco ezperte. Independent tobacco experts deem South watch every sale at ~ustlon~. Itls their be~ese as auctloneers~ b~ers~ ~rehousem~ to scrutinize and e~aulne every leaf, And because the sale take~ place on the open market they ~ee Just who b~s mhet tobec~o and the price pald. And ~hct's ~by their overthelmi~ preference for one ci~are%be - Luckles - means a int to you as a smoker. At market after market they see who p~ the prioe to get the finer, the milder, the batter tasting tobacco. The result is that Lucky Strike means fine tobacco. ~mokers, Itls well ~ovm that in a cigarette Atls RT~01 0016161
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L~CKE STRIKE "~KE ~ELIEVE BA~" Page ~, Commercial - Sarch 1~, 194~ (CONT'D) t~, 5LOCK: the tobaooo that corm%e, so surely it's ~rth your ~LLo to ~oke the cigarette t~at has won the overtheL~L~ preference of the ~depende~% ~oba¢co e~c~erto. That elgaret~ le Lucky Strike. RT~01 0016162
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d LUCKY STRIKE m~XE BE~I'A~ ~IJ~OL~" Commercial BLOCK: - March 15~ 194£ ~ell, friends, welve been llotemlng ~ the ten :~glc piano fingere of radio. And you bow, speaking of ten magic piano fingers, can i take Just e miuute to tell you about the t~enty ma~ie flnger6 that operzte lu each cigarette packing ~achiue that packs FOUr Luck~ Strike Cigarettes? When I was do~ in P~ond, I watched'~ese t~sa~, magic finger& i:l o[~raf~on. Theylre not hum~l, fingers - no - not like ~dlelS. These are little steel fingers. And I ~entiou %he~ because they JUSt ~0 ~0 prove a little :ere clearly eome of the thing~ I'm trying to tel~ut th~ ~re ~akea in ~akin~ L,~c~ Strike Cigaret%e~. TheEe ~re ~arvelous m~chine~. ~, -. they have cdgaretbe~ fed i~to them at one end. And out of the o~er e~d - remember just plalu cigarettes in one end - and out of the other ~ud comes your cellophane wrapped p~ e~age of Ducky Strike Cigarettes Just rea~, to go 0~% to your tobacco de~ier and the~ %.o yo~. But Just in e&ee, in %he makin~ of %here Cigarettes, ~ere m~ght be one bu~ky Strike %h@tls Dot e~ perfect as dth t~In brother, these twenty little magic fi~ger~ gemtlF feel e&ch cigarette afte~ it's fed into the ~a~age, and with greater ~han h~n perfection the ~dm~to %heF find %her one i~perfe~t cigarette, autom~tleal~* a lot of th~nge be,~.2e~. First, e red light ~oes o~. Theft a bell rings. Thst calls the ~xpert over to the m~chine. Third~ the ~atlre package of cigarettes eontolulng the one defective clg~rette is ~to:~atIcal~y thro!m o~t. It's the most a~Ing ~hi~g yo~ ever Sa~.~ And then they pi~ it up a~ e~iue it, and the trouble with that One cigarette is found ~nd immediately corrected. And the~, o~ goe~ the mmchi-~e turfllng OUt mor~ milllone of your favordte ¢~garette. ltle 8a ama~ piece of mach~ery to eee in operation. It's eve, more amazing to s~op and thl~k Og the oare~ the petienee, the money that~¢ expended %0 make L~ 8trlke Cigarette~ ~e fluent smoki~ Cigarette in America. RTH01 0016153
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igC~ STRIK~ m~KE BF~TEVE 1~/LhOOg" Cem~rcle/ - March i~, 194~ (CO~TPD) bL3CK: Fa~e ~. Of course2 no cigarette can be any better th~ the tobacco used. And th~t=s ~y the makers of Luc~. Strike8 are mighty p~d of the fact %hat ~t market after m~rket they Ca)" consistently hl~er prices than the ave~6e ;larket prices published by the Onited Stc~tes Deparbment of Agrie,Jltore. They pay toose o~ces to origin the finer, t~,e "~l~ert the lighter tobaccos. And the independent to~cco expe~ ~ho ~ttond %hess ~uetlons - ~ell, bet yo'~r bo%%oi~ dollar they see just -..hlch tobacco LucMy Strike buts. They. ~o.~ good ~bscco~ ~nd th~=s ~hy ~'~th ~t me~ ~o ~mow tobacco hast - "Iris Luekle~ ~o to one."/no~;, ~=re going to leave the twenty mag£c f~ngere of the ~obacco nac~Lne and go back to ~e tea =agtc p~ ftoger~ of z~d/o ...... --- ....... = RT~01 0016164
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f~ LU~ STP~KE "~AKE BELIEVE ~ALL~D0~~ Co~erclal - March 14, 194~ BLOCK= Xou k~w, l~st night I told you a~ut t~e twen~ +~agtc fln~ers of th~ cigarette packl.8 ~llne - r~e~ber~ ~Jouder '.'~ether I ever told yo,J about the "merr~'-8o-round" %hLt they b~vc do~ there at the Lucky Strike fa~ory. %11 If I ~ven't - yol~ see, the takers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes ~$ to b~ sure ~t everything that h~man Ir~ge.~i~ ~d ~odern ~achi~e~y c~n do to ~ke your next L~c'~y S~rtke Ci~aretto as 8oo~ as your last one i~ done. An~ so ~er *he flue ~obacco~ :e u~e are bl~ded and reblended do~ens o£ time~, it comes ~o ~he fi~ point where - ~eI~ ~e tobacco i~ to he ~d into the :~a~hlne that J~ke~ ~e ~1~tes. ~o~, a li~tle car~ ~s u~ed to carry the %ot~co ~o the clgarette-makin~ m~chl~. And there carts ~re the one~ that rlde on ~ha% I call our "merr/-go-rom~d." Let=~ ass~e no~ - thi~ i~ ~ li%tle cart. T~t ~an~, o£ co~r~e~ ~he car% ~uld have to ~u~ under ~e fe~n~ point for ~.~ minutes, and ~t ~11 ~he tok~co that flo'~ for %~ mln~es into the cart ~ bo of one blcnd~g. But Iook! ~y~ %~e tobacco thatle ~o~ng to come alor~ ~en ~Inute6 from nov: is just slightly dl~eren~. So here'~ what they ~o: They put ~bout t~enty-fi~ cart~ o~ a "merry-go-round" and they re~olve them ~nder the feeder~ slowlF~ Now if one cart would u~e u~ the ~obacco that f1~ws in t~o mln~es, twe~ty-~Ive car~s ~ould e~h ~et a i~ttle of ~h~ to~co ~hat ~I~ Flo~ o~r ~ ~e~io~ o£ F/f~y ~e~. ~ou see? ~ ~o round end ro~ and roun~ ~es that "mer~'-~o-round" ~_tl~ a ~Ittle o~ this su~,~ tobacco dropping into each cart. And as oue f~11~ u~, ~'s ~en out and sent to the ci~sre%~e-~kin~ ~Ine ~nd another ~ake~ its place. It's really a great ~ht to see. ~ut it's even more mzlng %o 8%o~ and think ti~t every~o~ ~o rldes on that .merry-~- round" gets ~he gold ring, and the gold ring comes to you in the form nTH01 0016165
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i4 LUCKY STKIKE iL~F LFJ, IE~ ~ALLROOM" Commercial -~arch 14, 194~ (CONTID) BLOCK: Fags ~. of greater smokLug enjoyment, ;male possible by Luc~j Strlkets finer tobacco and greater care in a~elug~ an~ blending, ~nd -~anufsct~rln~° ~y do.u't you give L~cky Strlke a ~mnce to prove Itself to ~vou? And now, light up a Lucky and listen to ......... RT~01 0016166
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f~ LUC~ ~TFJ~ "~ h~I~VZ hal~" Commercial - ik~ch 16~ 194~ BL0~: Say, you kno~, the first ~n~ yo,~ ~nov it ,,ill be tiae ~or us to think about vacations - ~oivg a~y for ~ee~-m~cs. It wonlt be lon~ n~. Do you~ke ~o go do~ to Atlantic City, As~ry p~rk? X like to go d¢~ for "the week-end. ~ think one of the reasoas ~ like to go doom there is because t like to walk along the boar~:~lk, atop in, vi~ ~,',e of those auction sale~ that go on do~ there. Bet you've done ~t lots of ti~es .°. ~ou:k3~o~l tho~e p~cel ~here ~he ~c~one~r eay~ °°. ~ uo~ ladies and gentlemen, a d~aaoud rt~ - a beautiful d~ond ring ~rtb at lea~t fl~e hundred doLlzrs. ~hat a: I offe~'ed? ~.hat e~ I o.~fer~d for this gorgeous dl~aond ring worth at ieest f~ve hundred dollars~ What do you o~fer ~e? Five dollars! Five • .... lcdles and ge~tle~. I'm bid five dollars. The gent~ hs~ ~he ~daclty to of Ter me five dollars ~or a dlmso~d .wing worth five ~undred do!l~rs, Somebody elle says - mix - e$= dol~r~ - I'~ bid e£x, bid ~L~, eeven, tau, ~y ~oodne~s, ho~ could you| I'm offered ten dollars ~or thee beautif,~ ring° ~ou've bee~ ~rou~ it, haven't you? ~ou ~atched the auctioneer ~ork to bvXld up tha~ price. ~¢:ett~es ~o~ ge~ a barga/n, and I suppose ec~ettffiea you do.It. ~ell, if ~o~'ve ever vtsite~ an ~¢tlo~ yo~lve no.ted ~omo ~e~ a~d wo~e~ ~o mit arot~d ~ the roo~ z~h a little pad end a pencil, ~ve you ever ~een them? ~. Tne~ sit there Jo~t~ug dozu f~gure~° ~o~t of the time ~ey're ve~" ~viet. Sudden, ~tht~ will be offere~° ~nd right az~y they start bldd~r.g. ~hen ~o~ oratory people like you ~d Y -/we ~ into an ~ion - ~e take our chances~ but the expert buyer at that auctAo~ - he ~oes to ~e s~o~om before the aerchand£se is of£ered. ~e looke It over, he appraises ~t carefully. He knows ire true value. ~ets the :an ~ho's never fooled. And that's the m~ the sakera of Luck~ ~trike Cigarettes buy tobacco at auction. ~ou may ~ the b~sr Just valka in to the RT~01 001616P
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I~CKY SI'RIKE "~E BELI~NE E~/LIO~M" C~e1~al - March 16, 1942 (CONT'D) BLOCK: Page ~. ~rohouae, takes a look at the tob&cco, puts in his b!o, ~nd they bid, and b~, an~ bid, ~nd ~utozatieally the ~,kers of Lllck~" Stri~es ere goi~ to pay the highest price~. That's not econo~', that'~ not ~od, that's not true. It wo~Ald be a ~aBteful .ay of doir~ ~iness. So the buyers of The American Tobacco Com~ny go out into ~e countr~j, out into the country ~here the tobacco i~ ~ro~, and they look at t~e cro~ w~ile it i~ still gro~.g. ~¢~ ~ke notes. Then they e~ ~ck a~ain after the crop has been harveste~, ~nd they look at the le~f~ an~ ~ey make more note~. ~es, and ~ny ti~o~ ~ey bring eo~e of the leaves rlgh~ b~ck to the l~oratory I told yo~ a~out~ to be analyzed, before the crop goes o~ sale. And when they "~ik into ~e ~arebo,~..e to ~uy they know its ~r~e value ~e~ore they put iu a bi~. And knowing it~ %rue value, its true worth, th~ ~et out to acc.uire deli~era~, the milAer, finer, lighter ~obacco for your Lucky Strike Cigarette. ~ow that~ no aecret. Independent tobacco exports - the "~.rehousemen~ the auctloneer~, the ~ers - they kno~ tha~ when that ~ig "A" ~ch d~es .~id A~erican" goes on to e ~aske~ of tobcce~ the% ~e hsve acquired the kind of tobacco theytd like to ~loke ~e~selves. And sLuc¢ Lucky Str~e costa no ~re ~an ordi~ cigarettes i%Is obvious why with ~hese men ~o ~or~ tobacco be~t, It'6 Euc~le~ t-~ to one. ATHO1 0016168
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~r Covertly1 - ~r~ 17p 1942 0oehs you've got a swel~ band tbere~ J~ I~rs~/. ~ou knov, Z ws~ Just Bit+Ang here ~ete~g to you and th, inking ... seventeen ~Jeiciane, each one playing an individual lnetr~ent, each one a fine mu61cian, each one has ~t~nt years and year6 learaing ho~ to ~ay lt~ each one i~ ~akt~g different so~dsj di~fereut tones. ~t~out ~e proper ot tho~ tones, yo~ sure enough ~ouid h~e anything but ~u~tc° And ~out you~ Ji~ t~ere to rehearse the ~d over and over~ au~ ~r~ OUt ~e little ~oughnes8 here and t~re~ yo~ld n~ver have & gre~t band. ~ou ~mow, thatls ~olet~g like Luck~ 5trik~ Cigarettes. ~ny different t~pe~ o£ f~e ~acco~ for ~ch The ~er£~an Tobacco ~eny paid higher than the awrage ~rket price published by ~he 0hired ~t~tes ~e~rt~ent o~ Agricult~re in order to te ~ure of obtaining f~er~ ~lder, lighter tobacco. They still ~u~d ~o~ be l~duc+Ave of a ~oth~ e~ld ~igarette ~ule~s th~ were eorrect~ aged and blended, ~t like the baud. ~o~ kno~, Jlr~, you ~nd ~e of our ~To~sting~ procese, too. You take the hareh~e~ out o~ the band i~ rahearsal~ and our proces~ does the ease tdentleeA thing to tol~cco. So ~rl~d~, it you writ to enjoy a mello~ symphony in ~sokin~ n~xt t~e you step u~ to that tobacco counter, ~ive the can ~blnd it th~ do~u beat. ~en~ ~t~t u~ a Lucky, ~d l~e it. ~TH01 001616~
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LUCK~ STRIKE ~E BE~EVE ~R00~" Ccaaevai~ - March 18~ 1942 , . ~ou ~ow, frieud~ I ~e ~ ~e conclusion %od~y %~t most s~kers fa~l ln%o two ~asees. ~ere are those .~o s~ke occasionally ~d those ~o em~e lnveterately° ~ow I ~-~ I'= sate in saying %bst lnsoaueh a~ ~ &sily ~onem,p~ion of cigar~es ave~ev about four paokaEes, I~= what might be c~ll~ ~o inveterate or chain ~oker° ~mt I want to tell you tonight co~es to ~ou rl~t ~ro~ ~he bot~ of heart. It's t~ae - every word. I ~o ~ lot of talking -- and I mappose you folk~ ~ill agree ~l~h the. ~ you know, your ~r~at i~ not like other p~r~ of your bc~¥ - at lesst, so throat specl~L~st~ if b~ve ~1~ =e. For ex~ple,/you use your rl~t ar~ ~ lo~, your ri~t a~ ~11 beco~ steo~er than your left - bu% ~ you uae your ~hr~ a lot, ~'g ~ost likely to be ~c~d ~ tony ~in~e. ~mokin~ has al~ayB b~ one thio~ that Beriously affected ~ throat. No~ I know ~11 how ~e~ ~e ~sker~ of Luck~ SteikeB are to tell you the pertinent ~¢~ about their clsa~%es, and atcu~ how they do ever~l~ pom~lble to ~ke the= as go~ ae ~h~ c~ be ~ade° ~t fought, ~riatly ~ ~ o~u ex~rience ~ want to s~ that ~lnce I've be~ s~ok~g Lu~ Strike Ci~arettae, ~y t~ost tells me that there Iv so=e~ir~ about a L~¢~ Strike t~ I reai17 ~pp~ciate. ~ey,re de£t~it~y ~s~ on IV ~r~t. And I ~.lnk there are ~ ~l~e ~t account for ~. One i~ the ~are~ selectl~8 and bl~ln~ o~ the ~er~ ~llder, ll~tar %o~ccc. 8eco~, the Toasting Pr~ess with - ~l~h ~ ~ o~ eyes~ I eaw re~ov~S a~my of ~e iapurl~ie~ ~ ~hat ~ine %obacoo. ~ow instead of teking er~od~'s word for the quality of a ci~aretta, Why not find oat for yoursel~ Do yo~eelf a~ do =e a favor ..o revoke Luck~ ~Lke a~ I ha~e for a ~w ~mekl, and ~ee $£¥ou don~t notice the differen~e. • I~= sure yo~ ~11. RTHO1 OO161PO
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LUCKY STRIKE "IL4XE BELIEVE B~" Oom~,el'cJ.~t - ~aroh 19, 194~ I~OC~: ~ou ~ov/, ehen you ~ a paoM~e of cigarettes, Z think ltts pretty obvious that the most ~ortant t~L~g in the package is the tobacco, Actuality, it's the tobacco t~t you paT £or. Nowj with that thou~lt in mindj cen't you see bo~ ~q~rtan~ f~ is tQ you that the toba~c~ used in the oigar~tte you s~oke be oul~ the ff~er, the ligl~ter, t~he ~tlder to~cco~? ~ou note I sexy ~ob~cco~. ~ don't k~ow .~het~er you know ~t or not, I~% it takes ~everal ~l~ent ty~es of to.coo Ze~f in o~er to ~et the ~end that will ~leaee the greatest ~umber of A=e~ca~ s=okers' tastes. And ~hether you ~no~ it or not, Just b~yin~ better toba~oos wall ~t =ake a better smoke by i~elf. Z~ necessary that the~e tobecoos be blended in ~ust the correot proportions. It'B ne~eBsary tha~ the~ be a~ed a suff£ci~t period of t~=e° And ~t's vitally ~portant that ~any of the hersh s~b~tances fotmd eveu in the £~uest aged an~ blended tob~cco~ be reeoved~ before you can ever get a ~oke as fine a~ Lucky S~£keo° ~o~, %obaccc experts know this to the truth° They see a% =arket after market, the wakers o~ Luck7 6t~ke~ b~ing the finer tobacco at higher than the average =mrket price° ~v of the= have ~e~u that big ~i~ at o~r ~iug warehouses,°° y~u k~ow the on~ Z told you about - the one that ~S "Quiet pleasej tobacco is sleeping here"? They know ~ for better ~ t~ree years that ~o~aeco is per~ttted to age. and ~ of the*~ h6ve been ~hrou~ one o~ our plant~, and seen the care taken Ln ble~d~ng, So it's no • onder t~t these ~depen~ent ~obacco e~ert~ - the men who ]mow tob~cc ~est pre~er Luck£es two to one. And If I had ~V ~a7, to the i£~t of ~o~¢co e~B - the au¢%~oneerB~ the ~Ayer~ ~e w~re~o~Bemen - would a~ ~d yo~t bh% and ~r~° ~aoker~" ~ecause ~lm B~re that onae 7ou've eaoked Luek~es, you oou~d detect J~ediately t~e dif~er~ce - that they eoul~ beoc~e your favor£te, too~ b~ two to one. RT~01 0016171
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LUCK:( S~JI(E ~JU~E B~I~E B;~OOM" Cc~ercial - march ~j 194~ ~CK: Frlends~ %hereVs ~ old saying~ and IVve used it tLze end tl~e a~in, but 1%hick that at no time h~s it ever been ~re approprd~%e t2,*n r~t now. ~ou k~ow, the sa~ %hat go~8 ..° If you b~ild a betSer ~se tr~pj write a bet%er b0ok~ preach ~ better Ber~onp the .orld ~iI beat e path to your door? Th6t's a s11g~.tly condenced version of it~ e~y:~.. The tcez~ndou~ cuccess of Lucky Strike C~g~ret%es can deDXulCely be ~ttr~ted to that eayln~. ~w ~tt~ not • discovery on my par~. The execut~ve~ of ~e A~erl~ Tobacco Company and every employee In ~ha~ ¢o~ know~ tha~ to be the truth °.° only they ~7 it a 1~t~e dlfferent0 In trip to the Lucky Strike factory in Riclu~ond a few weeks ~go~ I could, lt help but notice these 1~r~e bronze plaque~ placed on the ~ ¢11 ~ver the factory .herever there were e~ployees° ~ou had to see I%. It was constantly before the~ a~d ~e ~laque sald ~° o ~cilCy of Product 18 F~se~t4zl to Co.tl.ulu~ Success. ~o~ zhetber youIre a ~o~ boy ~ust etartdu8 ~o work at the te~tory ~hose Job £t is to polXeh u~ the handles oF the b£g front doorj or ~oulre the general ~Jm~erp and you have a Job - a good Job - one that pay~ you ~ell - you ~t %0 co~tlnue, And thetis how I% is with the ~ployees of ~e L~erlc~, Tobacco Co~p~y. They llke their work. T~e~ ~an~ It to contXnue. They ~nt t~e ~ucce~¢ of Lucky Strike Oi~a~%~e~ t~ continue $t~ a~azln~ ~ro~h° And ~a%ts ~hy ever~oue who has anything to do with *he ~aklng of Lucky 8trX~e Ci~t%es is constently made %0 realize ~t .~18 or her £ndlvi~el e~tort i~ so i~por%an%° Luck~ Stcikes are only the fine c~saret%e they are today because eve~ythlng ~s done ~o cake the~ ~o - to keep them so. ~ot~ng i~ t~u~ted to chance or to luck. And I ~hlnk youtll agree zlt~ ue th~ you~ll ~Joy ~okin~ a cigarette so fine, made with ~.~oh ca~e. The oonstant ~hou~h% in the back o~ every mlnd oo~eeted with the mklzg~ 18 ATe01 00161?2
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LQCK! STF~ ~ ~ZLIEV~ BALI4~0aM PAGE S. ~OCK: that the quality of LUC~- Strike Ci~arette~ is esBeutiE~l to thelr continuing eucQess. Such a ,no,Icy de6erves yo,Ar eupporto And if you'll glve it your s~p~rt, I'm Bure that it ~ill repay you ~ny tlaes in real sa~klag e~o~ae!~t. ~ a package of LuQky Strlke~ tonight. ATHOI OO161?3
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Co~me~l - M~r"b 21~ 194~ r~LO01(: I don't kno~ if you folks remember or not .ben ! went back to home, to Holly~ed. Well, *hea I w~s out there a little ~hile ag~ I rent shopping a couple of %lines ~Ith so~e folke, end I noticed eomethiug that inpressed me very much in the ~tore~. In e ledles' dress sh~p there wae ~ very beautiful eveniug gown ~itb e liitl~ tag under it thet said - "ThlB is a replina of the go~ worn by Hedy L~4arr in her l~s% picture." In another shop Iras a ~au's sppx't coat, • little tag on I% calling it the Clark Gable model. Still another shop, there ~s • ps~r of shoes callnd - The Co,ale Bennett East Welkers. Even in the drug etore there wae an ad ,.. Thi~ particuler itpeti~ ~s %he kind thzt Greta 6arho ueed. Didn,t taste like it to me' I%'~ really amaslng though ho~ the American publ~c brs confidence In the peo~Ae ~hoa tbey ~-ow. Millloas of you ladies will use a eertath l~pstick because )'ou thlak Greta Oarho uses it. ~nd millions o~ you gentlemen will ~ear a oerthin suit because you think it'~ a Di~rk Geble model. Do, It you think It's ~uch ~or¢ laporthnt for the eake of your smoking ple~eure to s~ke the clgaralte that indepeede~t tobacco exper%~ - the r~ who know tobacco best - smoke ~gak~rly? These a~ have the evidence - with their o~n eyes - r~ght in front of ther,~ yo~ knot,. They see the ~kers of Lucky Strike ~i~srettes ~onslatontly pay the price to get the li~hter~ milder, ~etier th~ting to,coo. For example, dnrm there at King,tree, South Carolina, at auctlone of the 19~9 crop, and incldenthlly that's the cro~ you're no~ em~king, The American Tobacco Compeny pald ~8~ more for the tobe~co it bought for £to cigarettes and other tobacco predu~ta. That's rAght~ ~8~ above the average ~ket prine published by the United States Depart% of Agriculture. So you see i%'e little ~onder that with these experta - the me~ Who kaow tobeeco be~t - it's Luokins t~o to one. ATH01 001617&
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Covertly1 - iiaz~ £5~ 1942 3LOC~t (~ter "Zoot Suit") And speaking of suit, that*s one ~ Luck~ Strike re¢~ does, ~luit¢ your t~ste, Sa~, I wonder how I~W o1" you folks listening rtsht now rezmter ~ ~ou went to school. Re~e=~r how you uDed to ~tch on the -- nt~ the clock up there on tha ~, wa~t t~l the hands pointed to three or t~ree-thlrty, ~atever time your s~oo~ lut ou¢ - and how ~ou Just oouldn't wctt tilt the bell rang? ~iot t~t you ¢Ldn't like Bchool - of course not. You Just wa~ted to get out and plea. ~ud then I~other a~ws told you to come ~tralght home troz echool and not ~o etop a~d lo~ter on the w~v? Wel~I I ~uess Z used to tcke the lon~ ~y h~e. I ns al~ getttn8 home ~te and getting ll~ked for t% too. The onl~ tl~e I ever got home early was ~hen I ~ hUn~o Then I*d 8o rt~t ctrci~ht bomB° We l£~ed up o~ the ~eoo~d floor £u a house and I'd stand down under the ~t~dow and I'd say ..° Hey, ilom, ~'m holle. ~he'd Jay .°. are you? IId say o°. ~eah. Throw lie down a piece bread cud t~tter, !~ease. A piece of bread and bu~ter. ~ou kno,, ~cae daye ~heu I was ~ psrt~cu~arl7 ~ood boy ~o~ would ¢FrlnkZe a 1JLttle su~r o~ £t. ~e~ I ~s very~ ~ry 8oo4, I'd ~e~ a ~tttle bit of ~ome~ade Ja~. Did yo~ used 'to get ¢ha% too? Sure, I ~ess ~ al~ d~d. We ~ l~ke our bread and butter. We like a little Jam o~ the side, too. Did you that e~r ~top to th~/~hen you ~ ~n avera~e product you ~et bread and ~ut~r, ~au you ~ • better +~u &verage product you get a l~,t~e ~u o~ t~e s~de. :~ou know, Luck~ Strike Cl~rettes are t~at kind of a It product, i~ot ou~ ~vea you the type. ot moke yoo ~an~ b~t/~ve~ yo~ a detLu~e plu~ .o. ~ fact. several plu~es. Xou ~mow you're getting a~l the benetit ot t~e, and care, an~ money that's exp~ded by t~e makers o.* Luc~ Strike to e~ve you a bettar ¢~arette. ~o~ kno~ 7ou're ~ett4~ the benefit o~ the Toas~tm~ WooeBs, dallied to ~prove the ¢/~garette. That Toasting p~ooeae £e real~ t~e Ltttle ~elly that ¥o~ ~et on the ATe01 0O161PS
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LUCKY STRIKE "MkKE ~LIEVE ~L~J~OOt/" /'~ Co~erclal - llareh $6, 1942 (CO~TrD) BLO~: Page 2. bread and ~tter. Rem~ber that at market after msrke% year after yeart Lucky Str~ke pays the price to t~8 you the finer, lishter ~baOCOo So you see, friends, you Just can't go wrong when you ll~t up 8 Lucky. Evsrythiug that'B h~aaly possible ia done to add to your s~okiug en~oyaent. To give you not o~ the bread and butter of cigaret~e~, but the Jam as wello 8o stop in a% your tobacco Counter now and ~r~ a pack of Luck~ Strikes. RFHO1 00161~6
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['~ LUCKY STRI~ "~]~ BELIEVE BALIROOM" MARCH 24, 194~ - ~ues~ay 5LOCK: You ~owj I w~s readin~ a very ~m~ere~t.~ book the o~her nigh%. It waa about ll~e among the B~kimos. Haw you any idea what an E~imo's f~o~lte ~ ¢ons~s of? Woale-blubber - the fat fro= a .~;ha!e. Do you ~o~ wh~ would I~ the ~eatost tre~ you .~ould give ~n E~kim~ - I ~ean if you ~ally wanted him to top hi~ ~al off ~l%h a very d~liclouB dess~? A bottle of Ca~or 011. Th~t'~ a fac~! l~!l~ve it o~ not, as ~pley woul~ soy. Do you ~mo~ t~mt if ~ou ~at ~n ~,skimo down a~ & t~le ~nd fed hi= a ~e~l~ s~r~tin~ off ~t~h dell~lou~ soupj ~nd ~hen a tende.~, Juicy ste~ ~bou% ~o incho~ thick, nl¢o, so~j ten~e~ ~p~r~m ~ip~, ~ench l~l~ ~o~ato~s, Apple P~o wl~h Cheese oi. the side, herd turn hi~ no~e up at i~? That's ~ ~ct! I~ ~ust would ~o~ Mno~, ~eal~v, tha% E~i~o i~ no differont th~n c~r of you s~oker8 soej we~e all victins o~ habit.¸ Wo Se~ in the habit of ~oinE one ~htn~, smoking one ¢igare~e, ~a~lng one kind of food. When someone suggests th~ ~e s~o~e another c~a~tto ,hlch ~ ~ inti~dtel~ b~tt~ wo £u~n up our nosos at it. Oh~ we may ~o as far as to t~ko ~ ~ Or two and immediately decide that ~¢ don'~ like it. YOU ~nowj you o~'t d£scover how ~lne a Luo~ StrL~e is ~ ~oking ~u~ o~o or two. ~ou hove to acc~to= your t~t~ to ~ better things in lt/e~ ~us% ~ ~ou have to accustom yourself to ~O~hLn~ ~t~er ~han 7ou've been in the h~ o~ ex~er~encing. RT~01 0016177
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-2- Now I assure you that that Eskimo would after a fen week~ never go back to his diet of blubber aud oil if he could have s~e~k and I doubly ~ssure you that you would never smoke ~mything btr~ Lucky ~trike3 once yould gAven your taste an op~ortuaity to bacons acqu~.£nted and acu~to~ed to the finer, the l~hter, the m~lder tobaccos for ~bich~ for your benefit, ~e pay the price at auction after ~uctlon thr~uFbeut the South, your s~ok~ng taste is entitled to the best you c6n get In smoking enJoya~ut. Start gett~a£ £t by ~ your ne:'.t package Lucky Strike. RT~01 0016178
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I~CKY STRIKE "~KE ~IEVE }~LLRO0~ ~rolsl - Uarch E6~ 1942 ~LOCK: Well now, let:s see. How ~ny tL~e$ h~ve you gone to the movles snd enjoyed a society plcture, ~pent an hour and ~ h~lf ~eelng ho~ %he aillionalree and the mul%1-~Lllonaires 1lye? Ho. o~en have y~u left t~at ~ovle and s~rted ho~e .Ith yoar thoughts running llke this ... Oee, I ~lah te had a lot o~ ~oney- I wieb ~e had a £re~t, b1~, bcaut$ful palace like ~ose people lived lu . 6¢~.mts all over the place - a cook to prepare the neal~, a bu~ler %0 open the door rot ~ej a perBon~/ ~aid or a val¢~ t¢ take care of ~ clothe~ aud help dre~B - nlce~ bi~ shiny motor car~ ~ liveried foot~e~ and ch~uffeur~ take me ~her~v~r I ~auted to ~o~ ~oy oh ~y~ wouldn't that be wonder~tl? Tbatls ~ your thouEh~s rim. Do you kuc~ I ~ak if you were %o be suddenly %r~nsplaut~d f~o~ the hom¢-like~ war~j happy a~s~re in ~h~ch ~gu no~ li~e, %o -.h~.¢h y~u~e ~eeu a~u~t~ ell your l~e~ ln%o thi~ ~o~e~hat ela~rate ~her¢~ you'd 5e very • unc~/o~hle at firs%. Oh don!t ~unders~ud ~e~ it wouldntt take you very lonE. ~ut it l~ true~ you'd ~ tmco~for~able. ~ou]d be out of place. I ~h~k t~t~e h~ $% ~s ~%h a lo~ of smokers ~o've been in the habit o£ ~okiuE Just, average cigarettes. ~en theodore first l~%ro~uced +~ t~.e fiuer, the limber, the atlder to~co¢ used ~ the ~akln~ or LU~ S%rlke Clgare~tes 1~'s a luxu~ %o ~hfch thelr tas%es a~e not, accustomed, and ~o s~okln~ one Lucky S%rike ~oul~n~% be euffic$~t t~ enable them to get ~e tr~e ~t the% ~ay be ~ou~d. That's why I ~ so sn~ous t~ have ~o~ .%lEe ~ae.n~e no~ 'to Lucky Strike Cigarettes Jus~ as I chan~ed several ~on~hs ago - to ~oking only L~lck~ Strike for the next ~n+~h. Now if yuutll do 5h~t~ slowly bu% su~ely~ your appreciation, your enjoyment of the better ~ok~ng ~tml~ty -- RTHO1 00161?9
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LUCKY ~KE "~KE E.ELI~ BALLR00~" Page 2, BLOCK: of Lucky Strike Cigarette~ made possible through the u~e of finer tobecoos, careful blending, thorough. ~l~, plus that Toast~3 Prooes$ will give you a new realizat~to~ of how real~y good ~ good cigarette can be. Won'~ you buy a p~ek~e of Luek~. ~rlkes tonigh~ F ATe01 O0~6~BO
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• \ • Commercial -~s~ ~p 194Y ~LOCK~ ~y~ how ~ny of you fo3~s remember the exc£~ent not too ~y 7ears ago whan Professor Albert F~nstein, the f~moua m~themati~an and e~tent~.B% brought out his Theory of Relstivl~y? Do you re~e=ber~ J~e~bedy wa6 ~L~g ~l~ut £t and w~iting ~bout Lt. ~o d~t You re~=~e~ t~t a clai~ was m~de ~at only a ~ez~ ~all ~u~be~ of ~tremely bri~l~au~ e¢£~ntiets coul~ u~de~teud Professor EL~ste~uS~ theory° I g~est~ that in its ~ore e~o~ate fona ~hat ~a8 tr~e~ ~ ~e vet7 words, wilt Theo~ o~ ~eletiv~by,= would se~m to ~e to l~d~c~te t~at he =esnt ' that e~'erA, thiu~ was relative. In other ~rde, t~t you could only ~re ~ne ~.ng ~ comparing it ~th ano+~ero ~u other worcle, you ~ad to ha~e Do~e~h~g to go by ~n order to effect a eo~par~eOno I re~liy think that t~e ~eory o~" Re~et£v~_~ ~ applicable to ~ucky 8tr~ke C~r~ttes J~ ~ nyl~ ~t ~tleu~r~ because ~ =e~ur~ the goodnee~ oi" a ~tg~retbe ~ have orgy one yardat~e~ to go ~j ~d that ~e the qv~li~v oi" the to~CeOo I ~ow ~ou~ll ~gree with me t~t ft~ deZ'~tte~ true t~t no e~&aretta can be a~r ~etter tha~ the th~aeeo u~ed ~u ~ts ~ki~g. ~r that r~son~ the ~lner~ .the ~.der the tobec~o~ the greater your amoklug eu~oyment ~r£~.~ be.. Lec~e~ and &en~3.e~eu, ~ake no ~let~ke° ~u a eigsrette itf~ the ~oh~¢co ~t ~untew and thatl~ ~- at ~arket ~t~ter market, Tear ~fto~ ~e~r, Lucky BtrXke ¢on~ate~t~ p~e the prl~e to get the bett~r que~lt~ lea~. ~For e~mple, ~ Louleburg~ l~or~ Csrolina~ at au~.ons oi" the 19G9 crop~ The ~lcsn Tobacco Com~y ~d ~1 per ~e~t ~ore for the to~co £t beu~t ~o~ ~t~ Cigarettes and othe~ tobacco product~° Yep~ ~1 per cent &~c~re the ave~e ~hat price ~bl.tahacl by th~ United 8tare= ~eparth~t o~ ~rlctaltwwj e4~d that crop properly aged, tallowed and bleeded with otbar fine crop~~ Is th the L~kt~s you b~. Now I t~ qv.tte st~e that ~ro ~la~ TbeoG" ~ I~el~tiv~t~ ha~ newer been applied to cigarettes RT~01 0016181
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Commercial - ~rto ~, 1942 (CO~T'D) Page ~o ~,IDCK: before, but Just as true as you're llstenir.g to me right now, toe pleaeure that you get from a cigarette is truly related to toe quality of the tobacco used in its making. Aud t~t'a why Z suggest that ~'ou che~e tonight to hecky Btr~e Cigarettes and enjoy a truly fi~e e~oke. RT~;01 0016182 I
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f~ L~CKY STRIKE ~AKE BELIEVE BALLR~" Incldeutallym have you ever attended a horee race? All ny life I've al~s ,anted to get down to Loui~yLlle~ ~entuc'~, ~hen they're running oft the Kenth~ Derby. Redlo troadcalt~ng Just aee~e to keep you a~ tho~q~° The other night I bad a moBt intereeting th]k wito a man ~o re~11~ knowB horse raelng. I learned ~ny thldgo fro~ him 8bout tha~ magnificent anlmbl - the horse. Re told me flret of all that there were three thlnge that :ere moet important in fi~r~-ng a horse08 chance8 in a race. ~e ~s/d the first thln~ was imst performance. The eecond thing was bree~dng. The third th~n~ w~F ~he ability of the ~ock~y. Well, you gentlem~ who know ¢omethln~ about races and 8beut hor~e~ I think you~11 agree that that made it very clear to mo- made it clea~ly under~tondotle ~ Lucky Strike Ci~arett~ are right out there in front then it cornea to gottimg real emokln~ enjoyment, to ~ers. Tou've heard it e~id many times that ~th independent tobacco experto, with men who know tobacco best - It'e Luckles £ to Io Well, there you bay8 your paat performance ~nd your present performauce~ too. Itve aino told you about the care used in the selection, the blending, the e~ing of the fine tobaccos that go to make up Lucky Strike ¢i~rettee. Well, there you have the breeding. And I th~nk it was Just ~bout e week ago that I told you ~bout the little bro,~e Plaque that etands Be/ore the~ye~ of every employee of Tae American Tobacco Company . the plaque that s~ve °.° Qual~ty of Product Ie Esee~tial to ContinuinE Dee~esa° There you have the a~ere with e~es~ed on the part of every pe~on ~ho has anything to do with the mak~g of Lucky ~trlke Clgaretin8 to produce a batter ~oke. ~eee people are the ~ockeys who guide the deat~ Of LuCI~ Strike° Maybe ~Batss ~by in the never eS~L~ raoe %0 ~ a better cigarette to the smok~ pt~h!lc Lu~ Strike bl~8 l~ys off in f~TH01 0016183
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L~ STRIKE ~ BZLIEV~ BA~!" Co~ercl~ - Narch ~ 194~ I~OCK: Say, I ~nderw 1hen you ~ere a kld~ di~ you ever ~.l~y a ga.:e called Truth or Couse~u~aces? ~ Jot of f~. ~et~'d a~k :,ou a ~ue.~tton and you had to tell the truth or ~:e the con=~uences7 You re, lecher it - suz~| ~0u k~ow~ so~et~es ~k~ the Conserue~¢es was ~uch ~ol'e tim than telling the t~th~ e~ec~lly if t~e ~el~alty ~s t~c.t ~',~ ~d to kl~s that ~te little ~rl in pl~tclls ~.o ~at oppos~.te ~o~ ~ ~r did you ~rry ~cr, huh? ~ou kno~ reallyj the m~ker~ o~ Luc~: ~rl~e Cl~ret~es are f£.-~ believer~ t~ ~a~ little ge~e cf Tru~ or Consequences° They like that ~e! I ~ue~ ~'.at'~ '.~y It 1~ ~.t "-e al~ t~" to tell you the tru~ ~bol~ Lucky S~rlke Cl~are~e~ - guess the'8 ~y you ne~er hear any ~ld~ ex~er~ted ¢laL~ ~bout Luck~ Strtkee. ~e kno~ t~t the consequences of t~l~ ~pe of advertlltng ~ld be dl~l~lief on ~our .-~rt, ~e believe that the average listener ha~ ~uf~tcient¸ lntel]~geuQe, t~t if ~e or ehe is tol~ the truth about a product, and ~rm£tted to for~ their o~ o~h~0~j you'll have confidence in ~t product and went to bu7 it. T~t,s ~/ I think it i~ ~ that it's only necessary to r~u~ 7ou con~tautly that the ae~ who ear~ their livelihood and ~peud t~elr entire live~ he.~dling tob~c¢o~ the L~depende~t ~o~cco ~x~ert~, ~e w~r~ou~¢n~ the b~yer~ the a~c~ioneers - the men ~o i~no~ T~c~o best - ~moke Lu~kies ~wo to ~e. ~o~ look .°. They h~ve the ev~deuce right there in front of their ~ eyes. They eee the ~ers o~ Lu¢~- Strike ¢lgarette~ st :erket after .~ar~et, year after year, con~£ste~tty pey the price to ~e~ the better quality leaf. No~, you cault fool the~e ~t~e~e~. They )mow tobacco! And I also know~ ~at no :after ,hat I ~ere to tell 7ou about Luoky Str~e, unlese they taate~ better to yo~ -- u, leea RT~01 00161B~
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LU~ STRI~ ~E B~,I~VE BALLROOM" Co~mercial - ~r~ ~ 194~ Page £. BLOOK: they gave you more s~king enJoymen~j ~othing in this w3rld would ~e you continue to s~oke them. ~riends, I .~aw tbe% :/our tae~e can't be auch different than the taste of those tobacc~ qx~erte. And I,~ ~re that if you,ll s~o~e Imcky Strike resularl.v - for Jus% - Just a fer woeks ° tlt~ you, too~ it'll be Luckiea two to one! FITHO 1 0016185
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• \ L~CKI 8TRIK~ "MAKE BELIEVE BAILI%00~" Co~mercinl - ~aTch ~0~ 1947. Say, Kay, do you llke courtroom scenes? Sure you do. I k~o, you do. I do. I think everybody likes courtroom scenes. I always get a bag thrlL~ out of a ~ovie or a play with an excl~n~ courtroom ~©ene. I can rel~e~ber .°° Do yo~ re~e.~ber a lot of year8 ago Then Amos =nt Andy and Madam Queeu b~d that big courtroom scene? It ran on the ~ir for week~ and ~eek~. No matter where you werej you had to get to a r~d~o quick. Iou couldn't stay away ~m your loudspenker, P~ell, the ~o~t thr£11ing time to me ik al~.~yo when the ~ttorney for the defense takes the stand and addresBes the Jury - you knc~, that final Bpeech when the dofendnnt'e eutlre f~ture Is at stake. I've often ~gurad what I would have said had I been the attorney, O~ cou.~ee~ ~lm not a la~ferj but IId Btill take a g~e~ desl of ?leasure in pleading the case of Lucky Strike C~gorettes, I like to - to think of ~hst I0d say should I have the opp~rtuntt~ of f~cing you ~dies and ~entle~en - the Jur~ prese~ting the case o£ Lucky ~trike Cigarettes versu~ ordinary ¢tgaretths. ~ ~uldn=t make a long ~peeoh. It ~uld be ~hort and to the point. A~d I think you Jurors would like that, ~ thiak that ~at I'd have to say would go sobering like ~ts °.. IId say - Iim Jurt aching uo~ ..° oh, what an acter| Ladies and geutlemen of the Jury~ in Order to &rrive at a de¢isiou~ ~e ~u~t first be agreed ~on one thing °.. thet in a cigarette ~t~ the t~b~co that counts, No cigarette cau give more enjoyment, no c~arette can be any better than the thbac~o used in its making° May I no~ sutmflt 1~ evidence - legal term that is - that in Greermillej Tenne~see~ ~t auctions of the 19B9 crop the makers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes p~ld ~ ~er cent above the average ~arket price published by the United Staha~ Depar~eat of &gri~lture - and at Pelham, Georgia ~7 per cent - and here~ ladles and geutleaea, of the Jgry ie a long likt of other 19~9 auotion RTH01 0016186
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I~ 5?RD~ m~B B~Lr£~ BALL~P Cc=mer~.al - Ma=.ch SOs 194~ (CONTID) N~CK: Page 2, market¢ st wh£ch higher ~ the average ~rket price wae consistently paid ~ order to buy f:tner~ ~tlder tobacco, ~ - now Mr° Ball~f~ will you turk that as Exh~b~ One tI" you l~eaBe° The~, may I sul~t evidence p~cture~ or" huge ~arehousss ~ere the orop was properly aged and me~.o~dp the~ blended with other fine erops~ and put in the Lucky Strikes you b~ today° Mark that Number Two, But la~te~ ~d ge~le~en~ the final e~ldence ~or ~ c~tent can only be made clear to you ~en ¥ou~ ¥ouroelt~ l~ht, moke~ and en~oy a Luck~ Strike, Ladie~ and ~entle=~ o~ ~he ~u~ ~en you do thl~ therelll be ~ one verd~t t~at you can pommib~y brin~ in° ~nd that ~er~t~ ~ be that ~t~ no wonder that ~-th men ~o ~ow totecco best, ~t~s Luckie~ t~o to one| Thank you~ l~dles and gentlemen of the ~u~° RT.'~O 1 001618?
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EUC~ ~ "lAKE BELIEVE BALL~OMn Oommerc£~ - March ~1, 194~ BLOCK: Say look~ frle~ds~ hay0 you ever listened to "Iwformatlon Please," ~o~ ~owj of cour~e~ thatls $nother one of the ~Ic!cy StriAe ~ro~d~s~s° - I thLak ~eah, yo~ he~r that on/WZAFp isn't £t~ oveey Fridsy night? r.e11, if ~oulve ever listened you kno~ that the idea is to stu~ the expertr. - 8end in a qusstion which they cenU~ answer. And if ~ou succeed in doing that, well then, you receive ~ flfty-dollar Savlngs ~ond and s twenty-four volu~e ~et of the Encyclopaed£~ Brit~mlce. Now, ~tdle there may be a chance that you might sth~p ~. Os~r Levan% or ~r. J~hn Kieran, or Mr° Frenklth F° ~d~, or one of their guests .°. if - if they also included any one of the many tobacco experts - I the me~ the urehousemen~ or the au~ioneer~ or/~er~ o~ tobe¢co o~ Chat beard of experts, and yo~ were be ask a que~tlon about tobacco qu~ityj thereld be very. littl~ chance ~f ~umplng ths~. These ~en know their subject ~rom the ground up° They,re bern into the ba~iness. They,re r~i~ed in the boniness. They s~ea~ their entlre lives, th£uklng~ teeing, livin~, bandlthg, s~oki~g thbecco° ~es~ thereUd be very~ YeW ~ew o ue~tinns about tobaoco quall~y th~ these ~en couldn't answer. And that'~ why it see~s ~o logical to me, and I'm sure it mu~t to you, that the makers Of Lucky ~trlke Cigarettes constantly emphasize on all of their broadcasts that with these s~e tobacco experts - theBe ~en who know tobacco be~t - it's Lu~kle~ to i° These men cantt help bo~ believe the evlden~e of their eyss when they see at auc~ton after a~ction throughout the Southl the ma~ers of Lucky ~rlke Cigarettes pay the ~rdce in order to obtein the finer, ,~Alder, lighter tobaccos, to make Luc~ Strike a bether cigarette. NO wonder they rely on Luckle~, to give the~ their smoking eaJoyment~ And in conclusion aay I ask t~t ~stend of trying to nT~01 00~6188
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L~VKY STRIKE ~AKE BELIEVY BALLEgOM" Gom~e~lal - '~'ch ZI, 194E (CONT'D) Page ~. BLOCK: ethmp the to.coo ex2erth, you agree wl~ ~e~*. Get on the bandragon, ligh% u~ a Lucky end learn for yourself ~hy it ba that el~ ~e~ ~ho k~o~ tobacco best £t'E ~uc~es two ~ one. / RTHO1 0016189
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r /- LUCKY STRIKE ~ BILIEVE BALLROOM" Co~rc/al - April iI 194~ BLOCK~ Did you llsten %o the ne~s a llt%le while ago? I was. I have ~ .%abit of ~en I'~ listening %o anything that 1Tin much interested in, of ,torching up and doln the floor. I don't mean marchi~ .°. I =ean I Just walk ~ok and forth. I have another habit ~o0. If there happens to be a piano handy I elw~s run ~ f~nger °.. ~ can't pla~ tho;~&h - but I r~ ~ fingers up and down the keys - ~ke those oops co.~s, sounds, you k~ow, that you do c~ the p~no ~en your fin~ers go up ~nd do~ faet. ~lle I was lis%entng to the ne~s I ~ ~anderiug u~ and down in front of the ~iano Lere in Studio B .°. oh yes, ~e have a nice big piano here in S%udio ~. ~e11, I happened to notice eoee~htug - I happened to notice ~a~ there ~s eight~-el~ht keys cn ~e o~t~lde of tha% piano, and suddenly recalled tha~ I d£~ntt have ~he fa~test idea of how ~ ~trings there were luaide ot ~e ~i~uo ..° ~ot t~t it hartieul~rly ~ttero~ - I aeau I .ae Just sort of wandering, self- consciously opened up the piano and started co~tin~. 1% my eo~d a~Lly silly but I got up to %.o hundred and thirty and %he~ the announcer on the ue~ said .°. ~811, that's all the ne~s eo itl¢ %~e to get back into the ~allroo= again. I don~t know J~et how ~au7 strings ~ere Bre. I'm gotn~ to oheck up on 1~ a little later ..° t~ hundred and thirty - that,s ~s £~r ss I got. ~ou k~ow. ~lle I was looking inside o~ tha~ piano at the ~echanism a little thought occurred %o =e° I could take the ~ ~ondert~l piauint in the ~rld, put him dow~ on tha~ piano stool in front of those eight-eight keys, but 1£ eac~ and eve~7 one of those ~ore ~ two hm~dred and ~lrty string~ ns not oompletely in ~ue you stall could'% have good ~usic, Xou ~ow =~11~ ~at's eo=ething like Luek~ ~trike Ci~rettes. ~ou tame $k~t~ eighth-eight dAfferent kinds of tobacco - you ~ould F~T ~,01 0016191
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LUCK~ STRIKE "JJAKE B~IEVE BALSI~O~" Co~erc$el- April 1, 1942 (CONT'D) BLOCK: Page ~. end m~e cigarettes out of it, bu~ unless the tobaccos were correctly aged and blended - perfectly a~t~ned~ in other ~rds - no ~atter ho. skilled the ~ufacture ~i~% be~ your cigarette ~ould never perfor~ correctly. I guess that explains very clearly why the ~akers ot Lu~ S~rike C~garette~ at auction ei~er auction pay bi~her than the ~ver~ge ~arke~ pricea published by the United S~ate~ Depar~en% of Agr!culture~ and also why t~ey t~e t~ or more years ot pcrmltting that tobacco to age in %heir warehouse~, in order to be sv~e that it ~ have the ~ello~ne~s so necessary to give you a better s~oke. And why they ~ke such paine in the correct blendlng of the sevsral different types of It's to~ccos./becauee we ,~mt you to feel tha~ ~aen you light up e Luc~ a ~ou'll have ~he enJo~q~e.%, of/~elodiou~ blending of flne ~acco care~ully aged, des1~d to brlng ~ you ~he utmost in clgare~te enjoyment. Now ~aybe you can't extract ~Ic from a ~iano ~t X'm ~Igh%y eure that ~e sigh of satiefac~i~. ~hat ~11 co~e from you ~h~ you light up a Lucky will be be~%er than ~sic to ~our ear~. ~T~01 0016192
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• ~CK~ BT~.IKE "J~KE B~I~ BAI/RO0~" [~ Ooa=e~inl - Apr11 ~t 194~ ' ~ BLOCK SOONDI ~LOCK: Now friends, • toast to l~ck~ ~tr~ke, the cAfar~tte that's "Toasted." (G~SES G~INfI~O) Have you ever w~ered why we alway6 clink gl~sse~ togother he.re drinking a toast? Watl, you know, I hp~rd ~ ~osf interesting ~to~' about thin. I really think it bears repeating, It ~ee~s ~t re~l cormoisseur~ Of fine xine8 ~a~ years ago felt that ~ Order f~r ~ wine to ~lve one the at=oat in enJoy=enf It had to please all fi~'e ~en~e~, Vlell~ that ~ pretly difficult° They poured the ~ine into the gl~ss and their eyes could see It sparkling in the clear cut cr~l. The sense of sight had been taken care o£° Then before drthking it theyld hold the 81ass in their hands so that the delica%e ~ro~a ~ould .aft ite ~y to their nos~rlls~ and that ~ld please their se~e of s~ll° And then the wine .as ~rought to their li~ and they could ~eel ~e sm~othue~s of it, t~t took care o~ the een~e of to~lch. Then they'd sip the wine° Theyld hold It in their =outh ~n order to get the deli~ious taste, a=d that plea~ed the fourth ~e~e° ~ut how in the world could th~ get co~ldte ~oy=~nt titho~t ~easing the fifth sense - the sense o~ he~r~g~ Finally~ they hit upon ~he idea of the tinkling sound of cld~r c~t crpsthl~ giving the co=plete satis~actton to all five ~ses° f kn~ wh~% yo~'re saying °,° ~hat ~ense does this n~ake? What's this got to ~lth Lucky Strike Cigoretths? ~e11, frldnd~, really, ±tts very sinple° A cig~rette like fine w~ne, in order to please you, ~uat al~o safin~y all five sen~8° ~ow ~ben you ~fret see that good lookin~ package and ope~ t%~ ~nd no~tce the absen~ of loose eude on the olEare~%es °°o tha~ of co~r~e~ please8 the sl~f. ~nd when you ~eal the ~ir~, round comfortable e~ed c~g~rette between your ~inger- that pleases the ~enme of tou~. Then when yo~ 1A~ht 7our ~uck7 Strike and the de~£¢lous aro.~ of that fine~ ATH01 0016193
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• (~ LUC~ STRIKE ~AKE B~I~E £~LROOM" Co~clal - Apz~l 2~ 194,~ (CONTtD) Page 2. ¥ f\ B~K= .¢ mild tobacco te ~a~ted to yOUr nostrils the sense of ~uell is appeased. And 1hen you taste these f~er, li~%er~ milder tobaccos %hat are blended in Lucky Strike Cigarettes ycutre real]~ satisfying the sense of taste. Oh Oh3 that fifth s~ee - the sense of hearin~ I ~o~ whaL you're ssylng ... Huhp go on, ~rtin, tall us how you c~n hear a Luck~ Strike. Wellp brothers and sistare, ~en yo~ %onigh% step up to a tobacco counter and ask for a paeka£e of Lucky Strike Clgaretth8 and hear the aan back o~ the cotm%er tell you that Lucky Strikes cost no more than ordtoery cigarette~ ... ~oy~ thstls music to your ears. Yes sir, therels real ~okin~ enjoyment in every peckage of L~¢~ Strike C~arette8. HereVs to Luekies and here18 %o you! -; J RT~01 001619,4-
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LOCI~ ~ "MAKE BF3,.II~W BALY,~qOOM" Coam~x*oie~. - Apx'£1 4't,h~, ].94~ to tell you about Lucky ~r~e Ctgarett~s~ I*d l~e to take t~t6 oppo~i~ of I~ you in o~ a little ~llnd-t~e-scene ~to~. 1 suppos6 ~st of you fo~s r~e~er about a ~nt~ ago ~ ~az~tn did the ~ke Believe ~com f~m ~ond, V~Inla. And as you ~o'~, ~e ~a~on f~r that ~as that he ~as visiting ~e ~0to~ wh~re ~'~c/ St~ke Cig~tt~s a~ ~de. And e~de~t~7 he ~st ~ l,u~ in a ~ deal of t~me ~d a g~a~ many hot~s lea~g at ~t bsud eve~vhlng ~t h~ ~ou~h~ ~ul~ be ~tere~tlag to ~ou ~o~ Rbout y~ C~ Just ~t do~ with t~m fellow for a ~tt~e ~tle ~d let a oonf~ed Lucky strike s~ker, Just al T ~ve, BUt on t~e ot~er h~dj I ~e~8 Itl¢ Just as ~ ~s, you have to believe ~e th~g~ t~mt you act~y ~ee ~d ~o~ to be t~e° AS far as I~ co~ce~ed~ I'm ~ILtng to ac~pt the opinion of to.coo e~e~ abou~ ~7 c~a~. ~ou ~d I ~. ~at in ~c~Ing a cigarette, the ~ Impotent ~tng IB to ~ke ~ure that it ~u~a~ fine ~o~cco, for ~eot~onah~y in a c~t~e, ~*s t~e to~cco that ~ts, ~nd so a% to~co ~kets do~ Sout~j t~e makers o~ ~ S~ ~ the p~ce to get the ~1~er. be~r-~stt~ leer. ItfB ~ ~ ~ no ~der~ ~ independ~t experts - ~th ~ ~bo ~mo~ ~o~e.c~o ~t~ it's ~les, t~ ~o one. I personally ~i~'t ~ the op~o~,~i~ ATXOI 0016196
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I;JC~I 8TATJ~ "HAKE ~IEVE EU~O0~" Oo~eroisl - A~rll 4th~ 1942 (C01~T'D) Page ~. I'= sure that i~ you'll light up a Luc~', you'll reclly euJoy it. I k~ow I ~o. RT~01 0016197
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~CK~ STRIKE ~KE BELIEVE ~AI~P~OM" Commercial - April 6~ 1942 BLOCK: Sey friendsj therels a story being told around ~o~n now. I1ve heard it in half a dozen different places. I really think it's one " of these honsst-%0-gooduees funny stories that comes out of the war. And Irm sure the makers of Luck~ Strike Cigarettes wouldntt ut~d if I told you that little story here tonight. It's about the rookie parachute Jumper. Have you heard it? If you have~ I mean, 8bop ~, I ~ouldn't want to wsste any time on It. (LaUC~S) Tall, this rookie parachute Ju~er seej he ~as goAng up for has first flirh% his first ~uap from any great a/tltude. And there he ~as up in t~e airpl~ue about ten thou~d £eet in the air. And his lnstr~cbor ~as alonE ~lth him, and he ~as all rsa~ to make hie first Jump. So the instructor takes him wide and he says ... New look, Joe, take it ea~ - donl~ get excl~ed~ end as you ~o ~ut of the eirplone you cou~t up to ten and therels a ring therep yo~ see, Ule o~e on the left.' Well~ you pull that one after you've counted up %o ten. New, It by chance aur~iu~ eheald go ~rong with the parachute - and it ~oesn't opem~ w.~ll, tam; eetmt to ten again an~ pull the other ring and thet~ll open theemergency pera~ute - the second one. And you'll come do~n all right: Ynen~ when you get do~n to the ~round there~ll be a station wagon do~ there from the caup ~aiting %0 ~ke yc~ back. ~o, ~Joe $ald O.K., and the door opened, the instructor gave him a little pueh~ a~d out he went. Re waited ... and he Co~ed one~ two~ ~Iree~ ~o~r~ fivs~ six; seven~ oIEht~ ~ine~ ten, Sloe ltke~ you ~om, pulled the rin~. Nothic~ happened. He looked all aroumd an~ derided he batter start counting again - the Sro~d • ae coming up p~ett~ fast now, see. £gain he cou~ts one~ t~o - and 0o a~ up to ten - p~lls the second ring. Still nothing happens. Nell~ be~a ~ret~ dte~uetad by ~ble time. ~ers Just about a thousand .] ~T~01 0016198
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L~ LUCK~ ~'TRIKE "~KE BELIEVE BAL~" Commercial - April 6~ 194~. (CONTID) BLOC~: Page 2. feet above the ground~ and he looke do~ and he seys ... U~, the way they run things in this An~° Bet even toe ~tatinn ~gen ~n't be waiting for me do~ ~ere. I don't ~ow, (LAUQHS) ~ toou~ht it was funny° And you ~o~, I thought of it because ~'m Just wondering how ~y of you foiks h~ve ever £ooe out and plun~d 'Jp ~, a tobacco counter° ~ou 6ee he ~lunge~ dovm, yo~ ~lunge ~[. - ~.~d a~ked for a certain bran~ of cigarettes. ~ou place your ~licnee th them and after s~oki~ the~ for a little ~ilep ~hy you find that you Just can't please your thste. So you pull the second rin~ - just . llke the parachute ~per d~d -and you t~J the second brand of cigarettes and ~tl// nothln~ happens. Nora, y~'re beglnulu~ tc wonder whether ali clg6rettes aren.t Just about toe sa~e° ~e!i, the answer to that i~ definitely noL Ladies and gentlemen, £t=~ onl~ logleal that no clgarette ~ be ar~v better than the tohaoco it contains. The ~kers of L~eky Strike Cigarette~ ~lllingly pay the price ~n order to obtain the finer, the =Alder. the li~thr tobocco ° the kind of bobocco that they feel v.ill - ~_ll make the best possible c~garetth. And since thbocco as a rule is not bought back of blosed doors, bet in open auctic~, tobacco expels ~ ~Pehou~en, auetloneers~ buyers - weil, they cen ~slly see ~.o buys what thbaccc~ And they see L~ck~ Strike conslstent1~" P~7 the price to get the finer, milder leaf. For exa~pin, in Con~ay, South Carolinas and I think this is ~st interesting, beoa~e it really proves a point: At auctions of the 19~ crop, The ~meri~ To.coo Co.@any paid ~5 per Cent ~ore for toe toha~co it bought for Ith clgare%ths and other tobacco produot~. That'~ rich% ~ per cent above the ~verage • arket price published by the United 8taths De~ent of Agrie~linr~ And that crop~ propurly agedp ~1.1o~ed~ h~d~d rAth other" fine ~'~:~01 0016199
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f L~ STRIKE ,~K~ bELIEV~ B~O0~,i Cos~erota/ - April 6, 1~4~ (CO~T'O) BLOCK= ~age ~, CrOps, is in %he Luokles 7ou b~y %~a7. Al~y~ l, eme~ber %2mr ~t~h men ~Lo know %ohacco beBt iris Luckies %~ %0 one. ~d ~ oonlt you prof£% by the experience of thes~ expert=? ~ake my ~rd to-- i%, friends~ when you pull %ho 11%%1~ red cellophane tab on a ~k~e of Luc~ 8%rike Clgare%tas ~oulre go£ag bo e~o~ tha~ because, ~/ike %hat paradau%e ~e ~ere %alklag ~bou%~ Luckie~ will uever let ¥o,~ do~. IgT~O'I 0016200
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X~. L~ ST~ "I~LKE BELI~ BAI/RO0~" ~erclal - April 7. 194£ BLOCK: Now ~efore our nex% number let's talk a little bit, huh? You know, ~en you go out to t~y ~ome~ing a~out which you kno. very l~ttle I - I th~.k youlll agree li~h me that ltle a ~ghty good idea to take along ldth you~ if possible, some~ Iho kno~ more abou% ~a% you want to h~ than you do. ~at I mean £s that ~ellj if I ~ere goin8 out to buy a dt~ond rl~ - re~e~ber~ I'~ only saying 'if.I I'~ not t~ylug any diamond rlnge - but if I ~ere ~o~ug out to buy one~ kno~ln8 next to nothing sSout diamo~de, I think IId ~ry to get a friend of ~i~e aho was an expert on diamonds to go e/ong .l~h me. ~ud if you, my de~r la~ were lucky e~ou~h to be in a po~t~on %0 buy. shall ~e ~a~ a ~t~ coat~ ~ you ~re %ol~g out to shop for one~ y~uld a~t frankly thst you kno~ ~othing a~u% ~ and you'd try to ge% e~oone ~ore ex~orie~ced ~han yourself to ~,aide you in the ~u-chase, I ~m afraid ~mt all ~oo oft~ we seek oo~petent advice and exp~rt advice ~out large ex~endit.res of soney and spend our ~rd-ea~ned c~eh in s~a11 sums hap~a~t~y° But you kno.~ theDe ~ll ~es are i~ort~nt~ too~ Co~eqeent~, I t~lnk it's onty good oo~on sense to a~ide by the ad~ce of experts in %ho purchase o~ ar~thing for which ~e ha~e to Bpend our money~ and that'~ ~ I constantly em~asi~e to you that independent tobacco o~perte ° .° ro~e~er~ men who handle tobacco, who ~ake their 11~1~ by kno~ng tobacco. ~ee %he ~ker~ of L~c~ Strike Ci~ret~es a~ auction af%er auction throughout the South consistently ~7 the price in order to obtain the finer, ~lderj llshter to~ccos °°o the ~cco~ that are used to make ~our Lu~ Strike C~arettes the really e~oyahle e~oke it ~. And • o ~t~e no ~nder that with these men~ guided only ~7 ~at they see and' • hst th~ ~mow to be true, lt~B Luckies ~o to o~o. Now fr~ondB, the n~xt time ~ou go out to bu~ a paokage of ciEarette~ I ~a~ft ~o~±bly RT~01 0015201
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L~C~ STEIKE "gJ0~E B~Y~E I~LROOM" Ccea~relal - Apr~1 7, 1%¢~ (CONT,D) ~LOCK: Page 2. sen~ a %obacco expert to your home to go o~ with youp hut mon'% you re~embec ~at If.re told you when you step up to that ~obac¢o ¢oun+~er? SmoMe the ~moke tobacco experts RQke and you'll aZways ge% your lQO~ey I S worth. \ / ATH01 0016202
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LECKY STRIKE "~XE BELIEVE ~LLL~OOM" Commercial - April 8, 194£ - BLOCK: You know, friends, I've often wondered by It is that two horses, stending side By side, looking exactly &like, same in their measurements, to all outward appearances identicaln will ~hen theylre sold bring tm~ great~ different pricea. One horse ~ sell for letWs 8~ two hundred dollars - the other horse ~lll sell for five thousend do!late. What ie it that makes Buah a great difference in horses? ZIve often wondered about that. Well~ I got the answer today from s man no knows his horse flesh. He paid to find ~t. ge sald that the big difference ~+ ~q race horses is in the breeding. ~ hmm, in the breeding, Tb~t+~ Just the same as in c~arettes. The great difference lies In the tobacco. If one horse has n~re stamina, can run faster and last longer t~n auother horse ltls because of h~s ancestry, his training, end his breeding. And if one cigarette is m~der, and better-teat~g ~J~u ) anotherp s~n~le 4~t% it? .,. thetis BecguBe ~tlS made of ~41der, bettor- tasting tobacco. ~es, fr~e~s, ~n a cigarette lt*s the to~cco that counts. That's ~ it means a lot to you ~t at market after umrket the makers of Luc~ Strike consistently pey the price to get the ~ner~ the lighter~ the nsturally milder tobacco. You take down there at - at ~. Stethsboro, C~orgie ... at auctions of the 19~9 crop The Amerimau Tobacco Company paid 48 par cent more for the tobacco it bo~ht for its cigarettes and other tobocco prodects. That's what I 8aid ... 45 per cent a~ove the average market price pablished By the ~nitad States Depa~t Of Agriculture. And that crop properly aged, mellowed, blended ~ith other fine crepe te in the Luckies you b~y today. ~ow I know fu~l yell that none of ay listeners at the present momemt - at lea~t I donJ% ~alnk eo - are thterested in b~ing thoroughbred horses~ ~t I'm ~ust se 8~e that you are interested ~n I~t.tyl~ e~ ~%ter c~are%te. And w~th th£n evidence - this ev~demce of the better breeding o£ L~ck~ + . ~TH01 0016203
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l~. LUCKX ~K~E "IU~KE B~LI~ BALLP~~ Commercial - Aprll 8, 1942 (OONT'D) Page 2. BLOCK: S%rikes, and by that of course, I mean the better tobacco used in their making, I think you ought to light up a Lucky ~ais very night. ATe01 0016204
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f UJCK~ STRIKE "~AKE BELIEVE BALLF~O~" Co~ercial - April 9, 194~ ~LOCK: Say~ do you remeaber, v/hen we hsd the Army benefit over at gadlson S~uare 6ardnn? ~'ell, it wss ~ privilege to attend and see the Joe Louis - Abe ginou fight. And do you know when the fight ~s all over I couldnTt help rut over.~ear a conversation tbat wes taking place right in back of u8 between some old-%i~e fight goers, One chap said to the other .., $W, you knol that - that toy Louis really pc¢~.s a mean .allop, The other fellow said . .. leah, did you ever see De~psmy fight? It brought back to a~ ~iod 8o many of the ~nderful fAghth of the ganassa Mauler - just to see him in the rAng crouched down low, moving cagily about bin opponent, al~ys pressi~ forwsrd° Why, he was Just the epitome of everything grace~1 8rid po%en~ in the human body. I per~icblarly remember that Dempsey-¥Arpo fight, r, ill you ever forget it? Deagaey seemed o~ ~e verge of a knock-out and suddenly he unleashed that one terrific punch and sent the South A~erlcan tumbling into the lapo of the sporthwriters° Now some people call thnt a lucky punch, It wasn't, because Jack ~psey was unqueBtinna~ly one o£ our greatest hea~y weight flghbar~. He da~/caind his entire life, his every move, hls every thoughtp has every action to perfecting bib fighting ability. ~e wasn't lucky. It zas training. It was ring generalship thab .un that fixht. And it's no~ simply a matter of luck that Lucky ~trlke Cigarettes arc in the cbe~ionship class of oIgare~es° It's the blending Of flno tebacco~ care in man~tfacin~e~ and the resli~ation that no cigarette can be amy better than ~e tobacco used in it~ making, thnt makes Luck~ Strike such a good c~garetth. That's ~7 ~e maker~ of Lucky Strlke'~ pay the price at market after ~arha% to obtain for you the finer, the lighthr, the ~der tobacco. That's thy at our factory such care is taken in hl~ding and manufacturthg. ~o ~ir, the only thing t~at'~ lucky about Lucky $tri~e~' goodness in you - ~nd you~ll find ~h~t out ~h~ Sou ~ght ~p a Lu~ bontght. ATH01 0016205
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Commerclal - April lO~ 1945 (CONTJD) BLOCK: Page 2. constantly for toe finer, the lighter, tOe golden leaf that makes better cigarette~. And they, too, are will~ng to pay the priee to acquire tb~t better tobacco° Amd they, toe, llke the gold miners of ,49 have that real satiBfaction of kmo~ng that they've done ~ch to increase toe s~klng happiness of the ~dbilon8 and millions of people who enjoy Lucky Strike Cigarettes every daF in the year. No~. ~y don't you be a little bit like tboee ploneer~ of old, too, .huh? Discover for yourself toe 8oodness of Lucky Strlke Cigarettes - the cigarettes that are "Toasted.~ Light up a Lucky now and letts listen aga~ to ..... ATe01 O01620~'
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Commerclal - April ii~ 194~ BLOCK: I wonder whether you folks have no~ced ~.et usually, ~.en I etart to talk to ¥ouj L - I B~rt off ~y saying, "Fricr~ds." ~ou ~o~, ~e~ I say that, that's not J.st a ces~al ~rd to ~e to~a~d ~vnd. I sort of ~ve a ~eeling that moat of 7ou listeners to the Make Believe ~llro~ are frq.ends of atue./ Of course, I hope friends of ~ sponsor~, too. You kno~, ~ou might try ~o ki~ or deceLve a casual acqua~ntanoe; but ~ou~re usually pretty tr~t~ ~t~ your £r~end~, aren't yo~. ~ver/ oaoe t~ a mhlle, ~e~ you get real chum~-, 7ou let do,~ your hair - ~ou ~a~: a~out "cab~eges and kings" and all kinds of th~s. To you, a8 ~ friends, tonight, I m~t to do ~ little hair-takiu~-do~. Tell you ,~a~. Last ~;e~es~ay a~t, I ~a~ne~ to be over at ~ ~ I - I dropped i~ to ~ee ~ F~mer'B College o~ Musical ~ovledge g~ on the alr. T~t~ was really a lot ~£ fun. I want to le~ ~ou in on a little eearet, The highlight of the show las~ Wednesday n~gh~ as ~r a~ I was co.~oerned ~aB ~othL~g t~at m~ ~ ~e script. It m~s ~ba~ ~e~ ~r*~e~ f~ll offt~e an~ chair back,mrde, right off ~e at~e~ a~d iato the audienQe's la~. /~.= telling you, t~at .as really ~y. One of t~ose unrehearsed bits of • com~. ~ou ~ ~ut the most ~hrilling thin~ to me about the sh~ was • he~ they ~acted the auction sate - t~e ~ale ~ere t~e to~o~ l~ sold to the h~hes~ ~idder. Xou knew. Xou~ve heard i% ~one. ~ell, liste~in| to t~at ~actmen% I actually had goose ~lmples a ~ar~ long all over my ar~s. Whe~ I ~as li~te~lug~ the ~ught oct,=red to ~e~ why do t~e ~a~ers of Lucky Strike Cigsrettes th~lt ~ou, or try to thrill you, ~h their auction sale? ~ do the~ take so much tithe prepare the ecmeercial announeeme~te? Of course, ~yrre desired to sell you on Luc~ Strike Cigarettes. But ~o do they do ~hat, when you and I ~ pe~e~tly ~ell that the onl~ thing t~at'll meke you a ~moker of Luc~ ~tr~kee ~e if you like them? ~o~, 1'11 tell ~ou ~ they RTHO1 0016208
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LUCKY STPJKE ~2AKE I~,IEVE ~,~M" Co~erclal Pa~e ~. - April 11, 1942 (CONT'D) it. Remember, we're b~in8 perfectly truthful tonight. Letls assu~e ~hat ~here ere about a hundred nil]ion people of smoking age In this country o[ ours. No~ let's further aes~e that the ~akers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes produce approxSJ~ately ~en million pa0kagee of ~uc~ 8trlkes a daY. Sl~le mathe~atlcs nil1 show us that I£ we eueee~ in getting every person of e~oking ~e t¢ eeokn or~Ly one p~¢kage of LucIW Strike~ we'd stay in buelness about ten days. ~ut we've been In business for many years; end we ~ill be for many years more, Z hope. You seep frlends~ the reason we tell you these things about Luekj, Strikes i~ not %0 ~ell you a package or Luckier. Ue know t~t ~f we etieulate your interest sufficiently in Lucky 8tr~e Ci~rettes to make y?u buy one ~ck, the cigarettes themselves ~ so stia~lath your %ae~ ~at you'll be a eonflr~ed, re~uinr, de,-to-day ~eoknr. And only In that way can ~ serve you throughout t~e year .Ith Luc~ Strike - the cigarette that~e ~ade fro~ the finer, lighter, milder to.coos. SO al~ays re~ember, ~hen you hear the chent o~ t~e auotio~e~r~ or ~nen you hear ~e tell you that no ~arette c~n be eny better than the tobacco i~ co~tains, these things are o~]~Y sn invitation to get you to try • ~okage of cigarettes - a package of LuckieSo And we know that Luckles w111 ~ell themselves to you. RT~01 0016209
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LUC~ ST~KZ ~E B~ZZV~ ~00~" /S/~~ CcmmevcLal - April i5, 194£ BLOCK: Say I wonder ~eteer you've ever heard that old expressionj "It's differences of opinion that make horse r~c:eB~" That statement's very true; for you know if ~-t were definitely known teat one horse was Eo~g to win • race thereld be no reason for holding the race. Ztls Just as true teat differences o£ taste account for their being so ~ny different brando o£ tigarettes on the market today. How as live said to you before, we here at the Ballroom ll~e to be perfecb~V truthful with you. And Itll tell you rl~lt now ... We do feel that those people whose tastes run to tee better things in life I~Ill definitely appreciate the quality OC Luckies. Now steee unquestionably in a cigarette it's tee tobacco that comte - on that same preaise we - ee could never hope to be racceseful unless we did everyteiug possible to pot into Luc~ Strike Cigarettes that finer, lighhar, milder tobacco that makes a better smokeb And you )mow~ weirs never asked you to take our word for It - that we do use that bettor tobacco. Ti~e after time, weirs brought you s~m stete~eQte ~ thdepend~t tehacco experts - auctioneers, Imrehousem~j buyers - men ~o know thhaeco best- men ~o see ~hich Companies hly What tohaeco. And welve quoted you f~gures showl~zg that at market after zarket~ w~ paid h£~er than tee average earket price published by tee ~nited States Department of Agri~bure - Just to bring you the finer, milder tobacco. Sure it~ s true ~at with men ~o know tobacco best~ it's Luckies two to one - ~nd it's equally true that if you=ll appreciate and enjoy a ~ttor cigarette, then with you, too, it will eventually be Luckies tw to o~e. ~ou note ~ sa~ ~sv-~toally:. Remember, friends, teat time cannot come until you ex~ to Lucky Strikes tee opportunity of proving that tee~ will please. Please? You willT Nell thanks a lot. RTX01 0016210
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~CKZ STRIKE "MAKE ~EV5 ~ALLRO0~" So~aeroinl ~50CKt - April 14, 1941 Do you folks k~o.~ Just which State in the Union has the targes% population? I kno~ - you ~ere going to say New York State. Well, If you do~ according to t~e lust census you'd be absolutely right. ~t actually~ I think more people come from Micsouri than from any other State in the Union. Um huh. Seem~ %o me everybody. I ever mat - ~n you di~ou~s anything with them - always say the same thing ..° B~'o~.e~, you've got to show me. I'm from Missouri.' Qee vhit, i didn't thL~ ~issourl was big enough to hold all tho~e people. Xeah2 they call Callforala the Sunshine State, and Texas the Lone Star 8tote. Th~j ought to call Missouri the Show Me 8thto. ~ou ~ow that' s a really good state to be in. That's one of the fine things about the American. ~u~ing puhlio. They¸ wast yo~ to ebew the~o ~ut they're al~ays ~illi~ to be sho~ - always willing to be convinced. And I suppose I could take hours to tell you all the out,tending things about L~c~ Stri~e Cigarettes - things deslgued to show you why Loc~ies should be your c~garette. Friends, always remember, ~mn it cozes %0 choosing a c~saretto~ there are platy of fasts to show that LoCM~ 8tri~e means fine tobacco and it's fine tobacco you ~mow, that gives 7ou a milder~ better-tostlng s~oke. Ye~, the records o~ actual tobacco ssles at aarketh all over the South ~how that the ~nkers of Lockins consistently pay the price to Set the finer leaf. For exa~ple~ do~ in Greenville, T~mes~eo, auctions of the 19~ crop~ The American Tobacco Com~ pei~ per cent more for the to~cco it bought for its ctgarettas sud o~er tobacco products. Ye~ sir - ~6 per cent above t.~e aver-age marke~ pri~e published by ths U~ited State~ Department of Agriculthre° And tha~ crop, properly aged ~d mellowed and blended with other Fine crops is right Ir~ ATH01 0016211
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~,L LgCKY STRIKE '~d[E BELIEVE BALLNO0~" Co~erclal - April '14, 194~ (CONT'D) BLOCK: the Luckles you bray today. PaEe ~, And if yo'J're one of the millions and millions of citizens of ~hat Show Me State who want to be Bhown, well the makers of Lucky Strike Cigarettee feel that Luckie~ ere well able to speak /or themselves. Bu~ e peck toni~t, .o.,t you? I~THO1 0016212
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C~ Co~ikl - April 15, 194~ fou ~ow, friends, it's purely e coincidence that the me of the Compu~ that ~akes Lucky Strike Cigarettes starts with the letter 'A'o From our earliest school days ~hen we handed in ~ p~ble~ in arithmetic or spewing we 8trove to receive an g~ beaause that ~eant the highest rating. ~an we brought home our report cards we ~.ted g's o~ it. ~o ~any thins are 8faded according to qu~ty ~d rated e~ther A, ~, C, or Dp but an A has alloys stood for tops. No~ on every becket of ¢igaretbe thbacoo purchased by The American Totacoo Co.any a big l~tter A is stampud by the ~rehouse~an right on that ~ales ticket, but it's no colgcidence that that A ~tande for fine tobacco. No~ you must a~ree that no cigarette can be any better than the tobacco it contains. And thl~ finer~ lighter. ~tl~er totacco for ~hich the makers of Lucky Strikes con~iktentiy PaY the p~l~e goes into the making of your Luc~ Strike cigarette. Now the mQ Lucky Strike and the words fine tobacco have ~e0o~e ~rnony~ous with M~ ~ho know tobacco best. They ~ean one and the came thingj a~d so it's little ~nder that with these lndepu~dent tohaeco experts - the a~c~toDeers, th~ b~yez~ ~e ~areho~s~e~ th~e ~'t~ - ~o see and k~ow tho buys what tebec~o~ it's Luckies t~o to one. ~ow if four taste for fine to~cco is good enough to rate an A, then I ~ow that you too~ will enjoy Luoky Strike Cigarettes° ~ey a pack tenl~ht ~ BTH01 00~6213
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ComeZclal - ~p~l 16, 1942 BLOCK: Well, folks, the old Trout F~shing Season opened over in New 3eraey yesterday. Every disciple of ~sa~c Walton was out there ~£th rod ~nd reel chul~ing up the ~ter8 of the New Jersey stream~ th 8earth of that elusive trout, Don't tell anybo~, but I got my limit, and man oh man, were they good coming out of tbat feying pan this mornthg -- oh, with a little slice of lemon on the s£de~ ~ell you know, last night I met several of my ne£ghbors who bad been fi~g all day in the same strea~ thet I fished in, and as they put It ... they didn't get a nibble. Personall~ i think trou% is about one o~ the most dal£cious fish that 6wires in our wa%er. I u8 preity proud of m~ catch, bet I couldn't help bot realize the fact that I got all of the fish I needed and £rieods of miue dl~tt get eey rich and it was strictly a matter of luck. I% wasn,~ good ~£chlug abll£ty. I just happened to have my hook ohere the fish were. That's all, ~ou know, when the makers of Luck~ Strike Cigarettes se~ out to obtain the ~ner, lighber, milder toboccos thmy're a little different then we fishermen. They don't rely on luck. They know ~ere the fluer crops are to be found and whe~ their buyers go to the ~uetion~ ehere these crops are to be sold they go there prepared to pay the price in boy these finer thbeceos. And at auction after auction the indepeadent tobacco experts - the warehousemen, the ~ers~ the auctioneers ... yo~ kno~ the ~en who ~ee what 18 gol~ on all day long - the me~ Who k~ow tobacco best °.. wellw they see the makers of Luck~ Strike Cigarettes consintently pey the price to get the better quality leaf. And that's why with these independent toboc~o experts - these men who know tobacco best - it'~ Luck£es RT~OI 0016214
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~cg~ ~x~ '~E Bv~xk~ t~L~,~iL~ Co~ercial ° A~x~. 16, 194£ (CONT'D) BLOCK~ Page £. t~ %o one. Now maybe you dido% succeed in gettin~ your limit of trout on the opeu~g day of the Bo~oa, but remember~ frlends~ ~herels no cloBe~ ~eas~ o~ ci~rette ~ok~g enjoyment when you smoke LuCy ~trlkes - the cigarette that's ~ro~sted°~ FsT~O 1 0016215;
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Co~ctai - April 17, 19~-~ N~CKt Well fr~e~s, you ~o~.%tAs is Frid~ nA~% and here at the ~room it's our duty after llste~i~g to all of the new recess o£ the ~ek, playsd on the air for your pleasure for the first ti~e, to p~ek ~hat we call thebest record of the week. Now this £su,t Just as simple e ~ob as you ~ think. ~ecause as you kn~w eve~" ~ee~. he~ a~ ~ B~lr~om ~ get ~.~ or ~y ~ r~.-~i~ ~ ~s how we ~o ~bo~t ~tln~ ~t we ~all the ~e~ r~c~r~ of ~he week° ~m goin~ to be p~e~l~ ~t~u! ~ith yo~. ~ am not a ~u~cal e~rt. I ~ S~ l~tle ~hou~ ~usi~ that i~ ~oul~ f~t An ~our right eye. ~ only kno~ ~ther a record pleases ~e or u~t~ ~et~r it creates in ~ a ~es~re to want to hear it ~gain~ and ~ it doe~, ~ ~ ~eel that ~s ~ i~ a good record, ~ l~k~ it, and ~ t~ tha~ o~er people ~Ii llke ~t too, because ~e~r~ all ~ ~erege p?o~le~ ~o~ nat~ally~ ~he one ~ like best i~ ~e one ~ ~elect as ~he ~cord of the week~ ~o~ in de~eln~n~ a good ~houo~raph r~cord~ there are many th~ng~ ~at ~ter into it. ~ere~ th~ a~ility o~ the ~ to play, %h~re~s t~e ~oic~ o~ th~ ~ing~r, the ~-tne~s o~ the arrangemau~ and th~ actual melody ~tsel~ And you boil it ell down and the n~st importen~ thAn~ in a ~h~gra[~ r~cor~ i~ ~h~ music° ~ you ~, ~at~ ve~" m~ch iAke ~u~k~ Strike ~igeret~. A go~ phonogra~ record is ~i~ to ~ur ear~ ~ a ~uck~ ~trlke ~ga~ette'~ ~c t~ your ~a~te. ~st as in ~ record It~ ~he ~u~£c %b~ cc~s~ ~Ii ~o in a c~arette i~s ~h~ ~co ~ counts~ and ~ ~e k~ this a~ ~et~er t~an t~e makers ~f ~cky ~Ake~. (~) ~r~01 0016216
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.6 ' LUCK2 Commercial - That'B mhy theytre so'wLlling to ~v the price to get the finerp llghter~ milder tcbao~B for your Luc~, Strlke Cigarettes. Ze~, f~endo~ while I lay find it very difficult each week to select the best re~rd begause there are so ma~ thinE~ that enter into a good record, there's me trouble at all about picking the tope in eigaretth Bmoklng quallty. ~e~ friends, at the pree,mt moment ~ don't ~m~ ~ich n~W record this week IB golng to reoelve the palm for the best reoord of the week, ~t ~at I do kmo~ is that every ~y end every night Lucky Str~.ke Cigarettes are entitled to receive the ~ward for beimg to~S in s~ok~ ~allty. Light up a Lucky and eee for yourself. .,,,, ,.,,,, RT~01 0016217
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Co~e~lal - £p~11 18, 1942 Well now frt~ds ~n~ Fredd~ I ~nt to break in here because you }mow, =any o£ you /olks liet~iug ri~t nor have been tttned In on t~e Hake Believe ~llroom - oh. for a long, lonE ti~eD for =ore than e~van yoar~, And I eort of kinda feel ae thavgh I have ~ lot of real true friends ou% there - frle~ds who have extended to =e the courtesy of their l~vlng roo~, or ~blchever room ~ou happen to have you~ loudepeaker in - triendm who ha~e 11st~ed to the ~usic ~=ve ployed and to the little talke Il~e given yo. abeut our various ~onsorsI producth° ~t's really been ~>~der~l beildir~ up %bl, ~e e~rcle of acqu~intan~es and ~eede through t~e Hake Believe ~dlroo% but I have a little con~essi~n to ~aha now. ~us% ae every ni~t at ~ t~e ~or the p~t ~e~ eonth~, ~1~ hoen ~ pl~a~u~ %o tell you ~ thing~ abeut I~ck~ Str~ke Cisaretto~ - ~ to tell these things %o you a~ D~ende - a~ man to =an - ~nll~ ~nl~ht %~e mkere of l~eky Strike Clsar~tte~ are .xto.diug to ee the op~ortunity of ~akin~ ~re new friends - f~i~dD ~o have never bee~ able to bear the Make Believe ~dlroo~ becau~ lt'e heard only over ~EY in ~w ~ork. ~ow~ I euppo~e all of you folks k~ow exactly how yould feel~ i~ yould been in the h~blt of going pl~s and do~ng thin~ with a certain group ~ people, then you were euddenly ~cked up and transported fro~ the ~lrcle o£ your friende, into a new circle o~ people - people ~o~ yould never talknd to before - you'd wonder how they ~ ~in~ %o rec~$ve y~ whether they ~ere ~oin~ ~o like yo~ whethe~ youed get al~8 with the~° And that's exactly how I feel no~ because shen your Lucky 5tr~ke "~tt Parade" goee on the sir ton~ht at nine olnlock over the Col~bla net~o~k~ ltle 8oin~ to be ~ plea~re and ~ ~oh to ~ the s/l~ione ot lithe=ere f~o~ eoast-to-cout about L~ Strike ~te~. And fmnk~. RT~01 0015218
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Co~ereial - I , Ap~1 18, Im2 (co~iD) t4~l~, I,~ a litt&e bit eear~ ~boMt ~eting all t~ese new people. So I'm going %o ask you ~e~he~ you'll de me o great, big favor~ ~ou k~owm ~ youlre a stranger ~ a str~ge to~. 8rid you look up and you see tbe face of a fri~ud~ everythAng 8ee~ swell qa~n - youlre no lo~er ho~s~ck - and youlre no longer blue. ~e f~vor I'm Eo~r~K to ask of you ia that %0~,$ ~eu you ite~en to Your Hl.t Parede, ~'d like to know ~ha% stl th~ l~tene~s of the ~ake ~elieve B~dlroom are with me - r7 frlend~ are all t~ere le~dlag ~e *J~eir mor~l ~p~or%,..be~se I'~ go~ need i%. ;~d it'll make me feel ~ better if you're ~letely relaxed~ l!eteni~, end ~oyll~ a Lucky Strike C~gare%%0.. Of ~¢~e~ to be perfe~tAy t~e~%h/~zl about it, I don't %b~k it's ~o~ %0 be any more difficult for =e %0 convluce ~e list~ers on ~our ~£t:P~rade, ~%at ~ should moke Lucky S~r~kes t~n 1%'~ be~ %0 ~ce you - because you k~o. a~t~r all~ one of ~0e ~ost ~portau% claims of L~c~ Strike Cl~re%%0~ to your pa~o~ is %hat no e~re%te can be any bet%er then the ~be~co it con%01.e, an~ ~lnee ~he ~ker~ of Lucky Strike ~ays ~ t~e prioe %0 get the fluer~ ligh~r, milder %0baecos... and rlth independen% %0becco experts - wl~h men who k~o~ %0becco best - it's Luckiee two %0 one - I do~'% %btak any of ~ need ~%h~ =ore convluclng ~han ~.hat %0 ~ke us ord~ary a~oker~, r~ul~r buck~ Strike smo~e. I do hope you'll be ~%b me i~ spirit %on1~% at nine o ~clook~ RTH01 0016219
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( LUGK~ 5TRI~E ~&E B~IEVE ~" Co¢~erclal - April 20, 194~ ~r.,OCK: Xou know ft's really £uuny ho~ a rainy night at ho~e ~th nothing to do will lead ~ou to relax and reaini~ce a little bit, I epent a quiet evening at home the other night ~nd got to thinks.rig about so~e o£ ~y friends and mY relatives. My thoughts turned to a cousin of mine. I hope he's not listenAng no~. He's Jus~ ~bout r~ a~e. Really he'e a Bwel~ yo~ fellow, but ~h.ere's ~ust one thing th~ ~tter ~th him. X think the ~hole ~&~tly kne~ it. He wse the .~ o~tlneto individual I've ever =et in all my life. • ~y $£ you ~ked do~ ~e street ~lth him, and he decided he ~nted to ~ on the ~yther si~e Of the street~ you'd either have to cros~ over ~l~ h~ o~ ~lk alone. We used to aa~ the only thfng that would make bL~ change his mLnd was ~o have a brick ~11 £all on him. It'B a good thAng there are vet7 few people ae obstinate as ~y cou~u. But I think %ha~ self-conmctou~l~ many of us are obstinate that - ~ell, that we're particularly obstinate about ~ktug lit%le cbange~ in Qur dally hab£~s, ~hich =my perhaps bring us a ~re~t deal more pleasure. You know, the makers of Lucky Strike Clgarette~ at suctions of %he 19~ crop in Con~ay~ South Carolina, paid ~ per cent more for the tobacco they bou~t [or their ci~rettes cud other tobacco pro~ucte.., yep~ ~5 per cent above the average m~r.ket ,~rioe ~ubllshed ~ the Ur~ted 8tares Department of Agriculture. And that crop, properly a~ed, and mellowed, ~nd blended with other fine crops, is in the L~kies you b~y today. Now there fr~end~ you have concrete evidence tha% ~ucky Strike means £ine %obacco, and you know that no clgare%te can be any be~ter tha~ the tobacco it contains. ~o~ t£ I may be pardoned a little play on ~ords - well, I know t~at bricks ~re no~ made of concrete. I don't thiuk thBt it ~uld take a brick RT 01 0016220
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~C~ STRI~ ~E B~IgW B~L~OMn ' Co~ercl~ - April :~% 1942 (OOHTD) Page 2. ~CK: %o fall on you to ~ake you realize tb~t r.hen you ~y • ~scka~e of Luck~ Strike Cigarettes you're suok~ finer tobacco. And please r~e=ber, ¢a~ with independent tobacco expels, with men who kr~w %o~c¢o best, the ~en who ~tte~cl these auctions, a~i see who ~-s ~t tobaccos believe only ~t they see. And that's ~y ~f~. ~te~e ~en it'~ ~ckles ~o to one. ~ a~k yo~ to ~l~ce your ~el~.~.~e on the experts' opinion. And ~at's why I ask 7ou to light up ~ Lu~ tout~ht. ATH01 0016221
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~J Colaercial - April ~1~ 19|~ BLO~: You ~ow~ ~endsj it's strange how ~e~ of us do So ~ things every d~ strictly as a matter of habit. I bet you wouldn't thiuk of putting your rl~t shoe on fir=t In the =orning 1£ you've beau ~n the ba~t of puttLu~ ~our ~ef~ rhoe on first. Habits are ve~" easy to ~et into e~t~es, ~d very bard to b~. ~ ZJ= Ju#t ~o~derL~g ehet~r ~ou ~ve eny very good definite reason for s~oklng the cigarette you're no~ smoking or~ whether you s~oke it strictly a~ a ~tter ot habit~ because you've been aek~ug ~or it re~lar~ a~ the ~o~coo counter° Now frl~de~ believe ~e ~he~ I s~v, I really ~onlt • ~n~ to try and upset your habits of li~e~ but I perBonall~ ~ always wLIJ~ug to take the ~ord o~ someone who= I believe k~o~ more a~out a subject than I do. And I'= ~llling to co~cede that independent to.coo ~rt~ .. o Z =ea~ the - t~e ~e~o~e~en, the ~er~ ~he auctioneers ~ho have no connection with a~y ci~re~te ¢on~ny, k~ow their ~lness. I think ¥ou,~ a~lt that they know to~aQco because ooo ~ that'8 how the~ e~m their livellho~° And if you could see as X have~ hundreds of ~worn 8tatement~ by these independent tobecoo ~pert~ - end if you could check with ~e~ a~ I have done, and se~ how ~y o~ them prefer Luckies o°o I think ~ould ~et ~uto the ha~t o£ ~oki~ Lucky Strike Ci~re~eSo It'~ ~ good h~b~% ~=se ~lieve ~e~ I'= ~g ~ty conservative ~ ~ report to you t~t with ~en who know ~o~coo ~s~ l~'~ Lu~kies ~ to one. Now not ge~ started on that new h~b'.t ~ni~ht ~ askl~ at your favorite tobacco counter for l~ck~ Strike C~arette~, the ¢lgar~tte~ that ar~ "Toasted"? RTH01 0016222
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-- N~CK: Zou know. f~-lends, about fou~ and a ~f years ago a good little t~ed was plsyl~g out in Chicago. Now it wasnlt ~at yo~*d eali a ph~ominal hand. There - there were other bends Juet aJ good and esy~ ~tt~. Thl~ ~lttlo ~ hid been Dlaying all o~or the country ... one nightersp the~tres~ hottls. They made gOOd ~sio Illt~ bat ~ber, there were do~8 and dozens of other hands J~at as good. The~ one d~. the leader of that ber~ got ~ idea - ~n £de~ ~or a radio ~.h~w that was Just a little different. An~ since he ~S "~', ~t~lng in a Chl~go Night spot at the time he ~as on the air at~t eleven-thirty at night~ I think it was ... Just ~s ~ou hear ~ of your ~vorite dance Da~de on the air at that fine every night ... ~all, be decided to try out thl~ idea of hls, Ther~'~ nothing cc~plicato~ about it, ~t today you kno~ it as one o~ the top radio shows ~ America. T~at, s rl~t! It took one good idea to change lust an average ~noe bend Into a great redto eho~ - a ~ow that ha~ ~tertained and pina~ ~tllions of people t~u~q~o,t tha ~orld. The ua~e of that o~e~ra leader ... ~eed I tell yo~ ~'hat,~ rlghtl It ~as ~ K~ser - and the ~a~e of the eho.? - ~fha College /. of ~u~in~l [no,ledge." ~ow that's Just a once over li~tl~ history of lay K~ser's band and its rise to pot~llarlt~. ~ut you kno~, Fa~ Kyser had to have so~eththg a little different than a~/oue el~s had in order to achieve that succese. Tenet - tonight I'~ going to be ~lgh~ ~roud ~h~u I step up to t~e ~ter~Dhane on the ~ay lyser ,how and tell listeners all over the ~orid a~t L~ck~ Strike Cigarettes, the cigarette that also has that so~eththg different about It - that so~eth~g outstanding that 1de it a ~et~r cigarette. ~es, it's Eay Ky~er's great persoaeli~ tb~ ~ake~ his show o~thtandkng, and It's the finer tobecc~e used ~ L~ck~ Stri~e ~TH01 0016223
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J • ~CK% STRIKE I~tKL ~ELIEVE idJ2~O0)~~ Commercial - April 2£j 1942 (CONTD) Page 2, r~)Cg I C£ga~ttoe %ha% ~Jce them the 8tea% emeke they are, The mker~ of LUC~ Strike Cigarettes consistently pay tt:e price to get tb~% f~ner, lighter, milder to.coo, l~y, dog there at Oxford~ North Caroline, auctions of the 19~9 cropj we ~$d ~5 per cent above the average marke~ price published by the Culted States Departaent ~f Ag~lculthre. And se It goes at ~ke% a~er market Ecl¢ ever the South. And that cropl proper~ aged ~ud mellowed and blended with other flne crope, is 1. the Luckles ~ou tx~ Codas. lo ~uder Lucky ~t4"lke has ~on the over~helming preference o£ L~de~ende~t tobacco experts. And tonl~t ... well, ton~t I'm going to e~k ~o~ to x~m~ t~o ~gs, if ~0~ WJ.~0 ~x~t~ ~embep %0 ~o~ a packege 0£ Luvk~ 8%¢ike C£garettes~ cud then, remember to once egain ler~ me your moral Impport and tune in on [~v Kyeer~B "CoLlege o1" i~lisl~.l Kaol~led~e" on the ~ N~,woz'k at tan o~clock t~J.~¢. W~11 yo~ do both those things? ~ell, thank~ a lot, and I~1~ ~e t~k~ug to you the~. AT:dO 1 0016224
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Co~erctal - April ~, 1942 Frlends, have you ever no~Iced how certain thlngs seem to havo an aff~l~ for each o~er - certain ~inge that Just ~ren,t - ar~'t at thalr best unless they have something else to go along with tbe~? I mean like ... well; ~atls - whatvj corned beeC without cab~ge - • hatt8 ham without eggs - pork without beans - coffee rithout doughnuts? They Just donlt seem to Been quite as much, And y~u ]mow you can carry that thought ~ stop further too. ~t ~uld a cigaretth be w~thout tohacco? Nothing bet a rlece of paperj thatts all - wouldoz% even be a ~garette. I guess that Ought to ~ke it pretty clear that in a cigarette lt'B the tobacco ~t co.to. I ~81 iris also pretty clear that it takes ha~C~r totecco to make a ~tter cigarette. 6o tonight I - I Just want to take a l£t~et~e to tell you how the makers o~ Lucky Strike C~arettoa make eure that the~ get that hatter totecco In order to rake your Luc~ Strike a hatter cigarette. ~ou eve, friendo, in tobacco Just as in e~y other thiggs~ d~e~t c~op~ ~o~ in diffe~mt ~ocal~ties; ~ d~f~ere~t £~ers will vary. There are many reasons for this. There's the 80~i~ the cl~mte~ exceptiorml weathe~ condi~o~, ~e~ there are lote of things that cause the grade and quality of tohaeeo to ~uT. ~t in tobeeco~ Just as in everything el~e~ if you want the better qual£~; you have %o p~ for it. And if tobacco could be bought I~ck of eine~l doors there nobody knew bow ~ch wae paid for it - the~ of couree~ weSd have - have no way at all of haovdng ~hlch tohacco w~t into zh~t cigarette. ~ut tobecco~s ~old at auctAons - rl~t o~t in the open ~or every~od~ to see - and the dif~er~mt ~obacco bt~ers att~d the auctions and publicly bid fo~ the crops they want. Na~rally~ the ha~est co~petitinn is Cot the ~inest of the finer to~ec¢o~. And at theee auctin~ the indep~do~t tohacoo RTH01 0016225
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LUC~ 8TI~1XE "~ ~LIEW ~t" Commercial - April ~, 194£ (CONTD) Page 2, BLOCKz mm- X zean the b~yerse the warehousezeu~ the euctioneers ... they see the makere of Lucky Strike Cig~retths at sarket after market pay higher th~n average mLrkeh prices to geh this finer tobacco for your Lucky Shrike Cigarettes° Now believe me friends, Just as Hen I say ham you thiak of eggs, hen I say doughnuts you t~.lnk of coffee~ hen I say corned beef you think of cabbage, so Fhen I sa~ Lucky Strike you can't help but think of fine thbecco. Lucky Strike means f£ne "[.obacco and fine tobecco met.rip a better s~oke, J~ FIT~O 1 0016226
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J.= Cccwercinl - April 24~ 1942 P, LOCK: ~I608: N,O~: Well friends, bash T~eed~y night I went do;m to the Co#z~orQ Motel for the forwal opening of Ray k~inle~'s Orchestra. P~ really hee a very ~ll ~d there. And Just as we were eating dinner the floor show started. And the7 had a young chap dow~ there, a Ragicisn, He had us all goggle eye, had us seeing thing~ thst we ~ew Just couldn*t be. ~ou knoww m~¢£ans have al~ys faseinctod ~ej especially ~hen the ge~tl~an herrowe a hat ~ souebc~, ~ut8 a ~loth over the top of the hat, aud waves hie hand back e~d forth, aQd thela eay9 Jabra gadabraI ol, ~hatev~ the ~g~¢ ~I~] hap~en8 to he~ a~d the~ take8 the cloth ofF~ reaohes into the hbt~ and p~lls out a hewl of goldfish. Do you kno~, life would really he a great deat 8i~ler if we could ... if we could all learn a fe~ e~gt¢ word~. ~or example -- well~ l~$thn to this: (CS~ - SOL~ ~O~S) ][eS# f1~e~I8~ they're m81c ~ords :,. ~old ~erloan~ For th~ mean tha% ~oe a~tn The Aaerloan ~ohacco Co~pany hes ~81d the price for ~e f~ner~ l~thr~ miJ~er tobacco to he ~lend~1 v1~ other ~e tobacco In your Luck~ St~Ike Clgsrette. On the ~her hand~ oome to think o~ lt~ there's really no ~agic sheut making Luckie~ the fine agoke they are, because Fri~ds, it - it J~t thkes a little good com~n sense to produce a good eiEarette. I*ll showyou ~by ... In a cigarette it~e the toheoeo thst count~. ~e hette~ the tobaec% the better .the e~garetteo So o11 the mker~ of Luoky St~ke here do Ss make sure that their bt~er~ attend auct~on~ shml they're held throughout the South and r~v the price to get that stld~r, better- ~tsMnK i~b~eco~ th~ blmld ~mt tobacco al~r ~t~8 hee~ c~re~1~y e~ed and nello~d and there ~o~ ~ve it ... a eSgaret~e thst'~ RT~01 001622?
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r ( - A~r11 ~4, 194~ (OOHTP) BLOCK~ Page 2, ro~ll.v ~r%h smoking. Of oourse, ~t's - it'e I10% al]/Juet, as simple as that, but lt*e en er~reme3~y simple ~atter for you to £neure more meokimg pleasure for yourself by asking for the cXgaratte thst tobacco ex~erts s~oke - Lucky Strike Cigarettes, ATe01 O01~,22B
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% ~erolal - April ~, 194~ Folks, I wonder ~ether you've ever etopped to ~ust ~onder whet it te that makes a hit song. Did you ever ~ouder about t~t? ~'ell, I~d like to t~ke you back of the scenes if I aiEht at TI~ Pin Alley. A writer or two erites a song - word8 and music, ffa~rally, th~ ~eel they have a big hit on their hends~ and they go to the song publishers ~ud they take their song fr~a publisher to puli'~.~he~• ar, d try to convince the publisher that their song ~erits bging printe6. If they're successful in flndlng a publisher, ~:ell t~tJe where their responsibility really ~top~. They've written ~ son~ - now lt'e up to the publleher, That ~e~ns the ~hllsher has te go to a~l ~e orchestra leaders ~nd the 81nger~ and try and iutereet the~ ~ the • ong, to the extent that it ~ill be recorded and played ~nd sunE on the air. No~ you kno~ orckeetre leaders are pretty m~ch e~q~rts on picking 8ongs. ~;ell, the~ have to be. ~at;~ their ~ttginees. And if eno~ orchestra leaders pre~er a certain eong~ and gill play it end have it s~mg e~ough times on the a£r~ the ~bl~c ~ have a chance to hear it. Aud if th~ performance8 are ~ done~ there,e ever7 possibility the ~ublic vt]~ like it. And If they l~kejthey b~ it, and if they b~y it~ wel~, there you have 8 hit song made for you In Just a few words. And what is it ~;ct ~kee Lucky Strlkee 8uck a big hit with emokere? Well~ it'e practlcal~v the same t~in~. Of oour~ the cigarette itself has to be good, and it could only be es good as the tothcco fro~ ~Ach it mac made. ~ou'll a~ee with that. ~.ail the tobacco expert~ see the ~skers of LuckY Strike Cigarettes psy the prlee to get the fiuer thhacco - a~d when they ~ee thie ha?penlng at market a~ter market ~roughout the South, and chec these e~ert8 know ~t no cigarette c~u be an7 better then the ~o~ceo it contethe ..° the~e ~ place their e~p o£ approval on Luck~ Strike. ~e8, with ATH01 0016229
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L~JCK~ b~X~l~ "iL~E BF~IlffE T~O~OO~I" Comerd~O. - April £G, ~,4E (QONTD) ~LOCK: Pr~e ~. the men ~ho k~ov tobacco beetj ltle Luckies t~.'o to one - but, you knows the thin~ that really =ake~ LQ~ky Strike a hit ta the ~" Nou folks a~k for Luckies day a£ter day at your favorite %obacco cotmter. /rid r.hile ~e're on the subject of hits, ~on't forget /our ~t Parade tonight at nine. Iill be ~lking to you theu. J ~T~01 0016230
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LOCK¥ ~XP~KE ~MAKE ~I~ ~ALL~O0~~ Co~erelal - April ~7w 1942 BLOCK: (A£ter selection "There,s 31o One with F~d~rence Like the Man ~ho Sells Insurance")That ~hs voW cute. Yes sir, the insurance ~n really does a Job and Y guess tbatls ~y therefs so ~ny mlll~onB o~ ~opte in the United States who o~W life insurance. You know~ The ~erican Tobacco Company are firm bel$~vers in insurance, particularly, smoking insurance. You know~ ~en you ~uy li~e insurance you h~e to pay a pre~inaj e£ther monthly~ quarterly, or annually. - ~ell, The A~er~can To~cco Co~pany iu~ures your s~okin£ ~leasure by paying not exactly a pre~tum~ but certainly ~igh~r than average ~,rices ~ ~.rke~ after marks¢ for the tu~cco it buys for Its cigare~toD and other flue products° NOW~ ~ ~el tlla~ thetis .~one~ ~eli 8pe~t~ ~ec~u~e ~e ~mow perfectly well, and I think youtll ~gree zith us thet a c~garetta c~m be no batter then the tobacco it contains° And if you decide to bu7 life insurance you can =l~ys find a Life i~sur~n~e ~au read~ to coae to your hoes or o~f£ce and sell it to you. But when you w~ut to b~ that finer tobacco tba% insures better cigarettus you have to attend the tobacco auctions~ ~ere all the h~yer~ o~ tobacco cougregute and bid for the vartou~ tobacco~. And since thte bidding i~ all done rAght out in the open, the independent tobacco exper¢~ - the warehousmen~ ~yers~ and auciXoneer~ see who bu~ wh~t tobacco and the price~ ~Ad° You canlt fool the~e ~en° They believe what they see and hear. And since at ~arkat after market sll over the South, the ~a~erS of Luck7 ~%rikes conatstantl~ pay the ~rice to get the finer, l~ghter~ naturally wilder tobacco ~ it'~ ~mp0rtant to you that with these ex~erte~ theJe aen who know tobacco bee~ - ~t'e Luckie~ 2 to 1. And ~riends, 1¢ 7o~ don't have any ll.~e insurance I suggeat that you see yo~uc inattrence M~. A~d if ltl~ inB~ra~e~ fo~ ~o~r s~okin¢ pleasure that you vent, I suggest that you au~ for Luc~ St~Ma~ the eAgurette thefts To~stod° ATX01 0016231
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LUCK~ STRIK~ .'." Co~erctal - • w~KE BD~EW BALI~O~" April 261 19~2 Iou inow friends) tonight at 10 olelock) ~t is going to bring you another o.e of President Roosevelt)e Fireside Chats. NOe tmquestionabl: %his ~.11 be a ~ost important one because ee under,tend ~mt the President is going to %ell US many things which will affect the i:medtato lives of each and e~ery American. Aud as ee sit and lt~t~ to President Poos~slt tellinE us these things, we .~ perhaps get the feeling that ~lre having to pay a pretty heavy price for this war - having to give up laa~7 pleasures and ~ny necessities) in order to see the war through to e ~ooessful fini~ho There)s one thing %hat we ohould all keep in OUr minds as we listen to our PreeidL~t thi~ evening; t~t no matter ~at weirs asked to give ups no matter ~t sa~lfioes weirs asked to sake, none san possibly co~re to the Baorifices our boy~ J~ the ar~ed services are mektDg. Theyive given up all that Is dearest to the, both for the present and the D~ture, ~ve~ to the point of being ~ot only alLling, he~ ha~D~ %0 1~ do~ lives for their country~ if need be, ~ so, the sacrificers that - that ~e ~ be asked to make by the President pale into insignificance ~hen compared to the sacrifices our ~¢ys ire ~sk£nE* Wonlt you re~ember that, =hen 7ou~re llsteniug to our Pre~tdaut as he 8peaks tonl~t o~er this ~totion? TI~. T~lly folks, you k~ow the~e are trying tines, And in ~pi%e of the fact th&% all good K~lericane are thklng this mr In their stride - what ~th ne.~ flashes and headliner - we c~ul% help e~ery once L~ a~hLle ~u% feel the tension trader s~ch weirs living. And if I :~v at this point~ I'd like to Bake a sugges~on; Itie sJ~ply that the nex~ packege of cl~a~ettos you ~ ~e Lucky 8tr£ke~ because I think that you)re going to agree with me that it pays to take a little time off - a few e/n~tes hoe and a few ~inutel %hen throughout the d~T ~ e~entng end RT~01 0016232
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LUCKY STRIKE ~ BKL/EVE BALLRDOS" Comme~lul - April 28, 1942 (CO,~TD) BLOCK: Page E. relax wlth a really good clgare%%e, That relax~%ion ~111 belp uF %0 think more clearly ° to do our work rlore efflclently and more effectlvely. And of coursep I sugge~ a Luc~ Strike Cigarette because you and I know that no cigarette could possibly be any better than the tobacco It co,taluB. And the ~akere o# Luck~ Strlke C£~ret~s pay the prlce to buy the ~Inerp It~bar~ ~lder tobacco that ~kes for better smoklng° Ye~ ~Ir. it re~lly ..~ys to s~o~e the s~oke tobacco experto s~oke. /~d reme~bar ... make 7our uext ~ank Lucky ~trlke! r~ ATHO~ 0016233
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LUOK¥ 6T~IKE ~ Co~r~tal - ) BLOCK: ! April ~9~ 1942 You k~ow, I often WOnder ~hether people who ~ ~ho live in big cities d~*t miss out on a great ~a~y thlug~ in which ~trel folk - people who live out in the country - get a lot of pleasure. Very few city peopl~ ha~ ever attended a country fair. I r~e~ber one country fair in particular where I sp~t one of the ~st enid-able days of ~y ll[e. One of ~he notable things about a country fair is the fact that ell the folks from miles around bring to that fair the preserves and the Jellies they've ~de, the fruits and the vegetables °** you k~ow, they bring in the gorgeous corn and the pu~pklnst a~d the fsr~ aulmals they've raised, and they proudly place th~ on display in the hopes that the product of their toil will win either a blue ribbon or an honorable m~tion. Yes, i think folk~ who work take pleasure in exhlbi~ng their wares so ~t everybody may see the~ and ~ whe~o And I ~uess ~hatts c~e of the reasone why most totaoco ~s sold - not over a counter, not ~ck of edosed doors, but at public auction. Ben who grow fine touche are proud to dis~v it~ proud to have th~coo ~xper~ see and ha~le it. And every U~o a tobacco ~rowert8 crop £s placed on sale and the aucti~eer winds up his chant with "Sold A~ericann, well the far~er who grew ~t crop should be a ~i~ty proud ~a~ because people in the tobacco b~uess k~ow that the success of Luck~ Strike Cigarettes to based on one fact ~hich cenet be dispete~... that no cigarette ca~ be a~ better thau the tobacco fro.~ which ires ~de~ and~ t~t the makers of Luck~ Strike willingl~, gladly pay the pxice to acquire the better tobacco. ~oe ~iends~ Just as surely as two a~d two ~ke= four~ finer~ li~htar, milder tebecco ~akes finer~ ll~hter~ ~4tder ~okes. And I ~ues~ that's ~y those e:~per%e ~ho are closest to the tobacco pict~ - lndup~dent tobacco e~rto who attend auct~ after auctton ~u~ho~t the eouth ~d eee ~ho b~s what ~o~a¢~ - dwo~ Lu,~O' Strike for their om emok~ ~at~sfaotl~. RT~01 001~234
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I~CK~ ST~ "MAKE S~IEVE SALLROO'g" Co~rctal - April ~Op 1942 fou know, IJm sure you folks xill all agree with me t~a~; well you coul~'t l~ssihly ~ke a strawberry Jam that ~ouid ~ good Imlo~s you used good strawberries - and you couldn't make a good pair of shoes in out of poor leather. And the finest taLloring/the world wouldn% h~rn out a good-looking suit unless the materi~ used in that suit w~ro of thp qu~llty. And It's every hit as true that only through the u~e of ~lner. lighter, ~llder to.coo can you ~ak.e a better cigarette. Everythlng thst I've sald up to thi~ i~Inh IB what 18 ¢o~only k~o~n as a %rul~ a 8tatemeut of" fact, indisputable ,.. and in order to convince you that Lucky Strike is the clEaretta you should s~oke, it only re~in8 for ~e to prove conclusively that Lucky Strike means f~ne tobacco. Now~ I can't ~lk into your h~S and wave before yo~ eyes hundreds of nworn stata~ente fro~ indepeodeot tet~ooo expe~t~, from aen ~ho earn %heir living ~y handling a~ }mowing tobacoo ... I can oo]~v tell you %ha% these mea see ~a% at tobacoo a~etlo.s throughout the South, the makers of Luoky Strike Cigarettes p~y the price to acquire ~at ~lner tobacco for you. For tns+~aoe at a~ctions or the 1959 crop in Tt~ Georgia, the ~akers of LU~C~ Strike Ctgare~ta~ paid 59 per cent above %he average ~ket price as puhl£shed by the United States Department of Agriculture, And tha~ crop mello~ed through aging is hle~sod In the Luckles you b~ thd~y. And ~'o. know, i~s one thing to know this tact - but it's auother thing to show tim% this fact; moane something to you, by actually s~okiug the cigarette cc~tointng that crop. let with these tebaeco expels, it can be eonelusl~etly proven that their choice for their own saoking ~leaeu~-e iS XAickies~ by a t~-te-one margin, And when I ask you folks to light up and enjoy a LuCy Strike, the c~ga~ett4 tobeooo ~T~01 0016235
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J LOCKY STRIKE ~KE E~LIEVE ~LLROOX" Co.mercLal - April ~Oj 1942 (CO~TD) LtA~: Page £° expe~e smoke, I do so ~cause I ~ow that ~hlle these %o~a¢¢o experts bare a greater ~owledGe Bbout to.coot there'~ very 1ittAe differ~ce beteeen their tastes and yours .°o and 1 Wow too, that you'Ll ~nJoy the cigarette that givee you all the ~efits of these lighter, ~lder tobacco8 in Lucky Strikeo ATX01 0016235
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'D Co~erolal - M~v 1, 1942 ~LOCKt (Afte~ s~lection) "Poor )utterfjT" - yes, thatl8 a loYe~y old number! Ify goodne6s ~J~eTfve ~een s~lng that for 7ears ~nd yeare~ h~venlt the? ... ~, =an7 years. That 8J~oat ~em me 1~ to ~ ~ool d875. ~ou ~ow, £t vould I~ owe11 ~f we could go ~eok to our 8chool ds~ ag~. One of t~e l~J~ ~lng~ we ~er~ t~u~t 1~ ~c~ool wa~ to ~coept certain ~!~lngs as ~e~ ~t~. ~ou ~o% we ne~er eske~ ~e tea~,her to pz~re t~x~ oue and one ~sde t~oj or that C • T ~p~led cat, or the cL,~mference of a c~z~le w~ ~ to the dls=eter ~t~plied 1~ PI. We ~ccepted ~ose t~s a~ ~acts, ~ then ~e used t~e~e no ¢l~rette can 1~ 8~7 better than the tol~coo ~t ~.on~ns, ~ I you t~t the nakor~ o~ ~ ~t~L~e Cl~8z~tte~ pat t~e p~-ee • s~e~ e~ter market ~ order to get ~h~ £~er~ li~hter~ ntlder t~l~oo, ~d ~hen I tell you that ~nde~e~t ~o1~co e~1~ - ~en uho ]mow t~t~cco - prefe~ Lug7 ~t~-l~e for their oun pe~eoual mo~g e~oTnent, I ~sk you to a=oept t~e=e t~L~gB as 1~ true. T ~0/~ U~ y~ do t~k8 s~ ~z~l becsu~B .°. weJ-l~ IIve 8ee~ ~tb m7 o~ e~es ~wom it~t~uen~ wh~ prove l~eJe ~. But ~u~t a~ you b~ to ~o ~en you went to ~.~o~1 °.. ~t~s one ~g to ~caept ~e~e st~tm~t8 - ~IB ~other t~Lng to prove t~e~e ~s to yoar~elf. FrSends~ ~hQz~ls ~al~ one wa7 ~h~t I can ~zoye to ~ that the ~l~er, 11~er, ~Llder tobeco~ ~ Lucky ~t~lke~ hate ~de ~n~.e Lucky ~rlke ]~ It elowlyj en~oy ~he nll~esB, the nell~e~ of the t#~oco° ~ea9 the I~eflt of ~e ~oast~Lng Pro~ees ~ en~o71n~ the s~oo~er e~oke ,~de po~J~le 1~ the remov~l of nan7 of the h~rsh ir~lten~ found 4, 811 totters. I~en youlve doue t~at~ t~e~ II~ l~ett~ 8,~ RTX01 001E,23B
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J LUCK~ STRIKE "MAKE BELIEVE BALLPDOM" Commercial . May i, 1942 (OC~TD) BLOCK: Page you to% will be conv~uced that Lucky Strike is the oigarette for you a~ ~ell a~ for the exper%s° Ye~ friendBj l%l~ tr~eI to smoke one Luck~ Strike Oigarette will convince you more of A%S quality %hart %en ~houBand ~rds from me. ~or, wont% you do me a favor and help me save ~ breath? Order Lucky Strikes tonight! / \ FIT~O 1 0016239
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J LOCE~ 8T~KE E~OCK: May 2j 1942 Says I ~oSs ~et of you ~olks ehotve been listening to me for ~ear~ have co~e to 8ues~ I~ this time that Iem one of thoso thin~s k~o~ as ~n inveterate ~lsher~m° Show ~e a ~ of ~ter and te~ ~utes later IIm castinI any. Gue~ I've fished ~st ot the good s~ots t~s ~t~tc to the Atlantic, ~r~ tr~ C~ada to the ~Ul[ o/ ."~° I w~ ~uBt th~.nkin~ of a ~mny lit%le experienoe I had ~n Cal~f~rr~ abou% - ~l~t three )'ears a~o~ I ~ess ~t wa~. ~e wsre dr~viu~ ~or%h iu t~e car end ca~ ~¢ro~8 ~ne o~ the ~ost ~e~u%iful l~ttle lakes IIve eTer seen. Oh yo~ ~8be~n ~us~ ~lc%~re this - ~ ~Eniticen% set~2n~ - ~untain~ all ar~ ~autif~l trees li~ln~ the edge - o.~ i% ~as EorgeOUSo ~11~ ~e got ou~ there ou %he lake and ~iehed for a~ou% an hour and ~ half ~nd not a strike. Finallyj ~ man ro~ ovAr and ~e °°. ~ddy~ a~raid 7ou~re ~astin~ your t~e. There ai~lt no fish l~ thi~ ~ater~ ~hly d~e~uested I - we ~cked ~p aud ~o~ on. W~llp later that afternoon we ~ked elongs~de a l~le old ~d~7 ~o~ o~ ~ater~ nnd ~t w~B all o~er~To~n with ~eed~ - dumped down ~t on8 e~d of ~t - a~ b~othar, let m~ %ell 7o~ I bad ~ fill of ~sB ~shing in a~out one hour. That Just ~o~s ~o prove that %0 a ~sher~n a ~ o~ .ater 16 no b~tter than the ~sh iu i%. And that re~tn~ me too, to ram~d 7ou ~t that goes fo~ ~aro~te~. A cigarette ~t ~ossibly by ~e ~ldest stretch o~ the i~agtua%~on be any ~tter than the ~o~acco ~ro~ ~l~h 1~ .~de. I ~ues~ r~ t~er~. ~e Bible ~top~, ~cau~e ~i~hi~g /or fish l~ a ~att~r of luck~ but fish~uE for ~lne tobacco is a ~att~r of e~erience an~ trainiu~. The makerB of I~ Strike Clgarette~ kno~ ~hero to go %o ~/ the ~lner, l$~hter, ~lder to~a~o~ that have ,rode Lu~ ~rlke Ci~are~te~ eyno~nous ~ith fine ~obacco° We ~ttend auctions .hare~er and ~he~ever %heytr~ to be held t~ro~hout th~ So~th. Aud at the~e a~ct~one we neT~r hesitate to P~7 ~hatever pr~e eey be ne~e~ry to b~ that f~T:~Ol oo'~624o
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Commercial - /~y :~ 1942 (CO~D) BLOCK= Page ~. be%ter tobeccoj and then to use that better to~mcco in Lu~k7 Strike Cigarettes and other f~me tobacco products. Eud t~e Independent %obac¢o %obeo¢o eXpert~ whose attetldance at, %here ~uctinrl~ iD nece~Jar)" &nd hays handled tobacco ~or yeare and year~ lmow f~ll ~el/ t~t ~en a fine basket of tobe~co is offered Lucky Strike will Pit In ~ ~td to get it. And thatts why these =en have o~" the~ o~n free will, ~de LuckF S~rike Cigarettes the cigarette of thelr nholoe, the ¢ig~rette they depend upon to give the= the %ops in ~kin~ enJoy=ent. ~",ell, frinnds, If youlve been fishing aro~d for = better cigarette, shy not cash in tonight on %he e~perience of the~e thbecco oxperbe? ~L~ko 7oar next ¢l~arotbe a Lucky Strike. RTH01 001624.1
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LUb~X ~K~ Co~rolal - I~OCK: ~AKg b~IEVE BALL~OM" May 4p 1942 You know friends~ on these Luck~' Strike broadc~ots every night I tell 7o12 t~at independen~ tobacco experts smoke Luckle~ t~o to one. ~ell I suddenly ~tarted thinking - just chat is an expert, so I took a lithe time out and I looked ~ Kr. P, ebeter's famous d~c~ion~r~, and here's his defi~ition of an expert .,. Quote - I love to ~" that - q~ote - One ~ho is taught b~ use, practice, or e~er~nc~, end ~o displays special skill or knowledge. Unquote. ~ep, t~at's Just ~h~t Noah Webster says, ~nd I ~hink a better u~der~tending of that explanation of an expert mAght g£ve us a better u~derst~ndi~g of ~ it's so lsportan~ to us average smokers to smoke ~e smoke tobacco experts smoke. Tobacco experts live w~tb tobacco, They ~ndle it, see £t~ even t~ste l~, and throug~ many ¥eere o~ this kind of ~rk acquire a apeo~l skill and k~ov.ledge of ~at constitutes ~ fine tobacco. The~ k~ow tobacco from A ~o Z, and ~en these ~obacco expert~ ob~o~e Lu~k~ 8tr£ke Cl~retteB ~r the ~£saret~e to please their p~late - well, ~a~'s good enough for me, And it'a ouly natural that they make th~s choice beoa~se at market after market, year aider year they eee the makers of Luck~es pay the prl~e ~ order to acquire that .#lner tobacco, to a~qui.-e the type of tobacco as the~ the~selve~ ~o~ld want to ~se i~ they were manufa~uring their o~ cigarettes. Re~ly~ it's not surprising thab ~hese independent experts over~bel~Ang prefer ~h2s one eiga~ett~ - L~c~ Str~ke, ~ou can'~ help but believe what ~ou see. Tru~y~ frleud~, ~uek~ Btrike means ~iue ~oba~co end you cantor get aw~y from it - in a oAgaretbe l~'s ~e tobacco that counts~ RT~01 00162~2
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/ C Co~l~ero£el - Jiay 5j 194~ ~IDCK ~ Iou ~mow, friends, ta~ to you every night about Lucky Strike OigaretteB has beeo one of the ~os~ pleasant t~sk~ I1ve ever h~d for - W~I~ for two reaBon~. First~ because I know that If I ~ucceed in conv£nclmg y~u that Lucky Strike is the ¢Ig~rette for you to e~oke, I will have been euccessful ~u br£nging Into your llfe e greater measure of smoking e~Joyme~ than you've ever experienced before. And - and ~ust that thug in itself will mean a great deal ~o :.e° But ~t's doubly pleasant to talk about Lucky 8trlke Ci~rett~ beceuse - ~ell~ I donlt ~low ~he~her you ~no~ it or not, but The American Tobacco Company ba~ never told me what to Say. They've never prepared any commercial aano~ncemen~ for me. All that the exec~tlve~ have ~a~d to ms was ..° ~ar~j go down and lee ~e factories, ~ee them making Lucky Strikes, see an auctlon~ ~ee how ~e never hesi~te to pay the prlce to get the better tobaccoe, ~ee the care that we take £n blemdLn~ aud manufactur~£ -- and then, get up there at ~hat m~cropb~e and tell the public ~ust ~t you've ~eenl And you know, really ~ou cau't help but adm£re ~ha~ attitude on ~e part of The Amer£cam Tobacco Company. ~ow, I will admit that many of the statements that they h~ve been making o~ the a~r for many year8 I u~e in m~ talk~ to you. ~ i only use them because theylre Bo obviously true. And ~beo I tell you tha~ no Qig~rette can be any better than ~he tobacco it contains, you muet ~ee that that's a fa¢~. ~aen I tell you that at market after market all over the South we pay the price to obtain the finer tobeccos, our records prove that. When I tell you that L~cky Strike means fine tobacco, you have only to 118h~ a Lucky yourself and eee ~at ~£e le true. ~en I quote t~ you the fact tb~t with £nde~endeat ~obecco expert8 - rosa ~ho k~ow tobacce best £t'B I~ckles ~o to one, believe me,
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~G~ ~RL~E '~KE ~IEW IB.t~igOM" Co~erelal - ~ay 6, 194~ (~0~rD) Page ~. £~endl, these are not Idle fXguz~s] fflta ~ o~ ~-es, I have seen ~worn Jtataaenta by hundreds and hundr~s of tobacco e~erts attosti~ to the fact that o~ all clgaretta~, th~ prefer Luck~ Strike. ~ balieve ae when I say that I speak to you as one o£ you. l'm on your s~e of the tobacco ~o~tar. You've been sto~d~ liat~er~ and good customers ~or too =any pests for =e to =Isle~d you in an~ ~ay. YeB, I'~ ~ishty happy work~6 for ~e Amer~cau Tobacco Company, ~ I'ii be even happier when X knew de~ down ~oide o~ ~e ~h.at I~ pe~soually, have been responsible for opening up to you a great ne~ vista of e~oki~g enjoyment, by ~onvinci~g you that l~c~ 6t~ike~ are the cigarette you should ~oke, ~ a pack t~i~t, wonft you? ~1 ~ks. RYH01 0016244
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~C~ ~fRI~ Coa~or~l~ - S, 194~ Tou kno~j friendsI na~ts really a ~nder~ thing, it supplies ue ~th sunBhinu~ ~d as 7OU know, s~nchtse AS ~at it tokes to ripen ~he products of the soil. Lots of sunshine - wa have a fine ol~p - no sunshine - no crop. Well~ when ~he tobacco bu~'ers from ~he American Tobacco Company et~eud the auctLons do~ there in the South where tobaoco Is sold the~ make it their bJSiness to kr~w beforch~nd ~ch of the loto of tobacco baing offered ere of sufficiently bf~ quall~ to merit their going into Lucky Str/ke Cigarettes, ~hen the auctioneer readies the finer lore of tobacco, well t~atl8 when the excitoaent begins. That bidding Juzt waxes fast and ~urloue ~d time after t~se the clos~ ~orde of the a~ct~oneer will be ~old ~erican.s And once again the makers of Luc~7 Str/ke Cl~.rettes will have paid the pxtoe to ac~ire t~t f~er ~obecco ~or your L~ek~ Strike Cigarette and our other ~/ne tobacco presets. BOW Just a l~t~le ~hUe ago I ~ald that ~turee~ a wonderful thing~ end ~ho~e ~rltal~ l~e~ving r~s of the sun which help to tu~a~g health ~o people, and wipenece to the tobe~o crop, have contrfbeto~ their share to the ~pe~ng of the A~ner~ ~htsr, milder tobacco which we Just t~ugbt, NO~ the makers of Luck~r Strike Ci~arettss aren't ~tlsf~ed w~th Just aoqui~lng that finer tobacco and then pat~tog £t into cigarettes. ~o sir, there's one fi~al treatment In which m~ Ampr~ves on nature. ~ou see, sune~ne~ in add£~on to heat, contains what ~ ~o~u as aot~lnlc r~rls. ~OW the~e ao~tc ra~s are t~e tn~l~ benef~o~Ll rays ts sunshine. ~l~n has learned how to create those actinic rays and to use them where they will do the ~st ~oo~. ~ use of these holpf~ rays in the treatment of the fine tobaccos we acquire le o~ ~ you know as the ~oast~ug Process. I~ ~dke*e exclusive Toasting Proceas gives each and every pe~ of that ~lne RT~01 00162~5
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I~CK~ 5?~L~E Co~erciel - BLOCK: I~LIBV]~ .r~AL~P~O~" Page I. • to'cacco an ~ "trM'taen~. of t~efte vit~ r~8 designed to eDrie~ ~d mellow the tobacco. ~ow I mention thAe tonight to llluctr~te JuBt one ~ - 4,, the making of Luck~ 8~rike Clprette~ no~ $6 left to chance. Everything humanly and phyaical~ po~Bib~e is done %0 assure yo~ tha% the tobacco contai~ed An Lucky ~trikee ~h~ll ~e • be finest, ar~ of course the reason for that £e mi~ple. 50 cigarette can be a~y better than th~ tobacco It contains. And rest assure~ that "U~e i'Inal ~ieasur~ of seokln~ a ¢igaret%e the% conf~lus eve~bing the% ~n and ~ature can do to ~rodece that ~e%ter tobecco RTH01 0016246
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D UJCK~ $TRI~E "HAKE BELIEVE BALLROOm" Commercial - ~ey 7, 194~ B~OCK: Do you happen to be a - a ahoe maker by any chance? ~ell, £f you Ere you kno. the different grades of leather, and if you mere gair~ to rake a parr of ~hoes for yourself ,~uldn'% you loginal~ m~ke them from the leather that you knew to be of the best quallty? ~ell maybe - ~he you work in a dre~s fertory where you handle mater$~l all day long - vtell you kno~ whlch are the be~t materlels, dan'% you? If you were galr~ to m~ke a dres~ for yourself ~oulda't you try to get the best mater~l ~v~ilable, so that the dress ~ould he loveller, last longer~ bring you mere happldess? It's only natoral that you ~ould° And friends, isn,t it Just as nathrel, that tobacco experts - men ~o know tobacco best - when choosing a cigarette for the£r otn pleasure end satinfect£on ~ould choose the cigarette that they know contained the finer, lighter, milder tebecco~ Pereonally, I think tha%'s only nathral° Now if I'm goth~ to convince you that Lucky Strike Cigarettes axe the cigarettes you should smoke, there ar~ only two things I have to call to your attention. The first ththg is - most ~becco's sold pmbl£cly at auction so that these auctions are attended by ~rehou~emen, beyers, auctinn©ers - men ~o e~r~ the£r living in the tobacco besthe~s. And at the eurtions they see tee ~akers of Luc~ Stefke pay the price to bay the finer tobaccos that make for re~l smoking pleasure. Now remember they hear end see tha% w~th their o~ ears a~d eyes eyes. No on~ telld I~ to them. ~ow the second Important thing is to find o~t just which clgarette is s=oked consistently by the greatest namber of these tobacco experts. ~ cault get a~ay from the fact that they ~ee who t~ys what tobacco, ~nd ruben ~ ~ii you f~ks that I h~ve ~een with my own eyes, hundreds and hundreds of 8~orn sthbe~enth by these aelfsame tobacco experts attesting to the fact that they s~kn Luck~ Strike Cigarettes - then I think that th~s in ithelf should be the best reason in thB ~orld for ~our smoking the 8moko tebacco experts smoke. I kno. £~ convinced me. I hops %hat I in turn ha~e convinced you. Won't you ~uy a package of Luckies ten~h% and give them a trial? ~T~01 00~62~?
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J: LOCKg 8TP/KE Co,n~erc~l - BLOCK: B~Z~E ~LBOOM" AS BROADCAST May 8, 194~ Frleads, 1[ you were 8oiag nut %o ~ a houRe~ ,~ouidnlb you in~int on ~owiug the qu~.lity of the wood, and the brick, end the pl~bin~, the electrical wiring end the fixtures were %he best obtainable before you iaveBt~d your ~oney in %~at house? I'm sure that ssa sane and sensible business m~ or woman yould very carefully iuvesti£ate the claims that might be made for aWthing that ~s ~oing to co~t ~ou considerable su~ of money. Zou note I Bay a constderehle sum of ,.7~ney. ~ow, remember that little poem in school? Z thi~k I can reme:~ber it... Little drops of ~ter blttie grains of sand ~ake the mighty, oceau And the mighty land. ~aen you ~4y cigarettes youlre nob ~ any great investment, tot over a period of years it does amount %o a very ei~able su~. And l think it's only good coamon ~uslness sense %o investigate Just as carefully the cigarettes you smoke. No~., the makers of Luck~ Strike cigarettes welcome your ~ost careful investigation because the quality of our clgereb~e is based on the same thing as the quality of the bou~e or the automobile, or any~hin~ else you might buy. NO produc% can be any better %hm~ the ingredient~ contained ~her~in~ and no cigarette ca~ be any hatter than the tobacco from ~hich it's made. No~ in our sincere desire to please 7ou we uo-hesltatthgly end unshintingly pey the price at market after market all over the south in order to obtain the finer~ lighter, milder tobacco ~bet insures a finer, lighter, milder s~oking cigarette. No friends, the makers of LUC~ Strike don't have to invent coaplicated advertising ideas Lu order to sell you Lucky S%hikes. Our formula is very simple. Any one can uade~%cnd it. The only way you can get a finer smoke is to use a finer tobacco and it's on that basis that ~e invite you to get ~ore a~oktn~ ~]ea~ure for your smokin~ dollar ~ith Lucky Str~kes. ~TH01 0016248
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LUCKY ~/~IKE ~E BELIER£ ~*LLRDOM" Co~erolal - i~ 9, 1942 B~CK: I ~us% want to a~k you ~ little %ue~Si=n. Do 7ou remeeber %he stor~ of Aladdin and his li%tle la~? Alad~..tu ~ss a iuck~ boy. ~11 he had to do ~s rub that llttle old lamp Fn~ - ~el!, thlng~ happened. If I h~ a l~mp here rlght no~ lid like to zu~ it and ~ay...G~nl£, ~end our ~y~ back h~me for ~other's DaY, ~II ~'~u? Or I'd ea3...~enli~ or you could, s~...~enil - and I don't ~e~n Jeannte .~%~ the li~h~ brown ha1~ - d,Jn't ge% ~e ~rong...Genii, bring me ~ ~ce ~ulcy ~en~: - or Genii, i ~.nt ~ grea% b~ house f~ live in. LO and behold, the Genl£ ~ellvered. Getting the bes% of enyt ~hin~ ~a~ ~ ~e~ ~imple ~%er for ~laddln. I%,.~ ~ue% to~ bad that ~ii ~f llfe i~n,% 6o ~b~le - that all ~have to do is ~eaoh /or a %hln~ and there i%is. I b~t if I had • ~aglo l~,p ~nd I rubbed it and s~d..°Qeai£~ bring me the £1ne~% Cigarette you e~n fb~, before 1 could ~a3' Jack R~b£n6o~ a ~ckage of ~eky Strlke~ were dropped rlgbt In ~ 1~p. ~o~ Meow ~b~ Ge~i~ aro stoat%° They kn~w everything. That Ge~£ re~%tnd~ ms o~ tobacco exTe~ ~ou ca~% fool ~hem~ elthe~'. I~ yo~ ask those ~lareho'~e~e~ or a~ctioneer~ o.- 1~J~ers of %oba~co ~a% ~are~te +.hey ~eferred~ ehance~ ~re theyt~ %ell yo~ Lucky StrLke. And believe you ~e, fzlend~, they kno~ t~bacco! And re~dly, ~hat~s ~II yo~ have to kno~~ in o%4er to pick ~ ~ood ¢£~aret+~e "oecause after all, ~mt I~, ~ cleave%re but tobacco? The fL~er the %ohecc0~ %he finer %.he e~aPe%te. And when they see ~he naker~ of Lucky 8%rlke ~ayln~ the p-lee a% =~rke% ~f~r ~rket all ove~ the South %o ~e~ %hw.t flner %ob~cco, no r~nder %belt preference 16 l~c~'~les. ~ow ~.~i~d~j I c~ntt ~ive you a magic Inm D to .~b. I ~£eh I ~ould, but a~ s¢on ss you decide ~'ou ~.~% %0 ~oke (~) RT~01 00162~9
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~.LOCK (Con'S,) : a Sruly ~iuc Cigarette, atep u~ to a tobacco counte~, rub a fe~ colns right o~ the top of' it. ~G~ to the I.~ An ~e back of ~m counter...~Ive ~e m packm~ of the ct~ar~ttmB thin ~ccc ~perts s=~ket. And don't be the least bit surprised ~h~ he ~nd~ yo~ tha~ 8ood ~ook~ 8reran pac~_age ~ith ~he red ~u11~s ~e ~th t.~e wools... Luck~ Strike, right In the middlel RTH01 0016250
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Cc~merclal - May II, 1942 BLS~K: AS BFD M~"~ I do~t know ~e~er you folks did a¢ Z did yes~srday ~f~em~... relax in a comfortable chair ~d lleten to Mr. Churchill 85 he s~Me from London....a ai~ty intereetiug Bpeech. I~!l ~t you, though, ~hen he ~s all through talkAng all of our ar~ ~atr strategist~ started telling you exactly ho~ to ~i~ the ~ar, ho~ to do it in no ~ime at all. O~ course~ =os~ of the~e arm eh~ir stra~egi~t~ have never ~en any further than ~beir o~n back ~ard, =ost ~f th~ never really ha~d!ed a g~u ..°X guess th~ aaJorfty of th~ have ~ever ~en up ~ ~u airplane, b~t ~hey kno~ ho~ to prefer ~ pot my confidence in ~en liko General ~a~ur and the ~ho ~ee and kuow ~ha~'e going on, =eu who have the k~wledg~ ~nd ~e abili~ to really win ~A~ ~ar ~or u~. ~o~e a~m are ~xpert~. They ~o~ what t~y're b~Ik~g a~t. ~ey ~= ~hat theylre doing. A~d 7ou kno~, folks, ev~ in ~he eve~ ~ ~r~bl~ of ch~s~ag a c~arett¢, I'd also pr~er to accept the opiniou~ and advlces - the po~sonal prefer~es of e~ort~ in placlag confidence in ~ clgare~te. Indcp~ent ~b~eco ezperts~ aad by that ~ ~ean ~u~tfoneere, b~'ers and ~r~ouBcnen ... thsytre right on ~he tobacco scene. Th~ see who b~y~ ~h~t to~cc~ and the prices that ~re ~aid. They ~ow that in a ci~aretto it's the tobacco ~at count*. The ~etter the ~bae~o-the ~tter the otgaret~. And they've se~ at aarMe~ after ~rket ~ii over ~he South, ~e ~a~ors of LUC~ 8trAkes consistently p~ying t.~ ~rice RT~Ol 00162~1
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B~OCK: (eon~) to get the milder, better tasting tobacco. ~nd ~hen swor~ records show that ~Ith these Independent tobacco experts Luc~ ~trlke cigarette~ have t~oe al ~" exclusive ~kera a~ all other cigarettes co~ined, well.°.aga~n I'll 8ey,.°.!'ll p!a~ confld~cQ in the opininn ot the experts. Yes ~ir, .~Ith ~os~ men it16 Luckies two to oaq, but the odd~ are more than t~o to one that you'll find ~ore enJoyme.~t fro~ the flne thb~c~o e~ery Guc~ Str~ke. ~J ATM01 0016252
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ATe01 0016253
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/ \ q J LUC~ ~ w./~.KE B~.IINE BALLROCU" BLOC~= AS ~OA[~T v You know~ I'~ ~Lte sure that Ra~y~ a~ ~l~oa you've heard it safd +.hat ~perience is ~he best teacher. I don'~ doubt for ~ ~ute that people could lectur~ to you - people could toll ~ou th~B that theylve learned fro= their o~n exper~ence~ but ~o~t of us like to /*Lud out things for ourselves. 8o ton£ght~ wh~le I do think t~,~ it wtll be i~pressive to tell ~ou that tobacco e~pert~ with ye¢~.~ • ud ¥ear~ of hand~.in~ £~ue toba~o% choose Luckies es the£r favo~tep I ~tlll think that you prefer to ~e your choice £or yoursel~ /~o~ your o~ exoerlence~, ~o~ please do~l~ ~t~del*~tand =e. The ~ker~ of Luok~ Strike Ci~re~es don,t expect you as an average~ /ntel~gent o~t~t=en to take ar~bod71~ word for e~th~ tha~ effects your oen personal llfeo And ~on v~ toll ~ou that Luok~ 8tr/kes ore t~ c/~arettel chose~ by Independent tobacco experts u ~he~r o~ ~ersonal pro~ere~cej ~eoause the~ Imow that ~o etgarette e~n be an~ better than the tobacco ~t contain= and be~u~; the7 Bee that ~he A~er~.e~u To~aco ~ p~ the price to get that finer ~ol~coO..o.tha~ doeen,t ~esn that we do~l~ mt ~ou to oxper~ent on your o~o ~ eole N~tio~ and e~f~vt /o to ~ntereet ~'ou suf~c~e~tly in enjoying the fine rococo /n LUcI~ 8tr~ke .... To have ~ou try a p~ck - tbat~¢ what I ~ant to do and once ~ou've tr~od the~, then I Imow that you cane~ help but agree that the~e to.coo expert~ know what they're talk.tng about and that ~th youj to% fro= that d~ on~ £t'11 be Luekle~ two to one. RT~01 0016254
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Co~merclel - "MAKE BESIEVE E~L~O~" 14~ 1942 And before we have Barry ~lng another ~ber - I was out looking at some pic~re~ at a galle~ ~ few days e~-o. I never ~e~ people could spend so much money for palnt~ngs. I sta~ed to ~onder ~ a man would pay - oh~ hal/ a ~illion dollars to acquire a famous ~einting, Or ~ hel~ pay eo~e o~er fa~llou~ S~ ~o o~ a ~'~ou$ r~ce horFe° A~ that, of c~uree, lead me lnt~ other %hin~s. I began t~ ~n~r - ~ a ~ ~ould spend a ~hole lifetime getting to~et~er fa~o~B Co~Leo~on of B~pS~ o~ book~ or rsre gem~° And you know, if you analyze itt you'll find %hat ~hey do it ~r Just one reason. They're ~111~mg to ~ aap price b~ have so~ethiu~ be~r th~n a~one elee has. ~ou ~ow ~hat they call t~mt? P~£de of polsesJl~n! And undoubt~, it's ~bat e~e prlde of o~ner~htp, pride of ~ssesslon, pride in ~e ~c% that with connots~ of flue clg~ret%es ~he name Lu~ 8trlMe has become syno~us ~lth ~£ne %obacco, ~t prompts The A~erl~ Tob~oco C~pany, a~ m~rket a~ter ~arket, all over *he 8outh, %0 go into open compe~%lon with other tobaoco buyer~ ~o purchase o~ly fine tobacco for Luckles. I could give 7ou hmaieeds o£ ins~oes ~aBre we~ve done thie ve~ %hing, ~1~ %0 be ~pec$~£c, at auctlons of the 19~9 crop, at Loris, So~th Caroli~, .~e paAd 44 per cent more than the average market price as pub]/shed by the United 8tares Deponent of A~rtcul%ure, for the tobacco we bought for ~uc'~ ~trike Cigarettes and o~her ~lce tobacco pro~uct~. And ~at 1939 ¢~p blended with other fine crops i~ rlgh~ in ~he Lucky S%~ke Cigarettes 7ou b~ over the cig~t~e counters rod%7. ~ou ~o-~ t~elends, remembering that each and eve~ one of us takes pride owning so~etAlng Just a little bit better than someone else has, I M~lnk ~hat once you l~t ~d ~J~ a Lu~ St~tke~ ~ou'll be proud to say - Yes sir, Z e~oke Luckies tool m ~ou'll ;~e proud of ~be 8ood ~TH01 0016255
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f t~CK~ STRIKE ~AKE B~IEVE E~LROOK" Commerolal - Kay 14~ 194£ (CONTD) BLOCK, Pa~e ~. common sense you've eho~n by ~pending your cigarette money for ~,e ~Igare~e ~mt gives you finar $o~co ~t no extra oDst° Because ~n a clgare~te we can't get a~ay from the fact that it's the tobacco that counts. Lucky Strike means PAne tobacco a~d I think that's ~rth reMa~ring and worth acting o~ the very next time you ~' c~crattes. RTH01 001625~
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~er¢~l - M~ 15t 194~ A T~O'/ O01625~"
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I~CK~ STRIK~ "MAKE ~LIEVE E~LLROOUR Cczaerclel - MaY 16j 1942 BLOCK, ~ou know Friends as I stand here telking into the mlcropho~e at the lNtllroom, look out the rindow , I can see the ~v@~re ~ate E~ild£ng rea~ing over a thousand feet into the air - a thousand and elghty feet - I think it is to be exact - it's a~ archlthctural • asterptece. AS I look at itp a thought occurre to me. It t~kes longer to make one Lucky Strike Cigareite than it took to build ~t entire massive buil~£ng° Sort of strange ~eu you think about it, and yet it's true. It beok only nineteen months %o bu~d the E~p£re Stets Butldlng, it takes a~y~ere~fro~ two to four years to mak~ a Lucky 8trlke Gtgoretba. ~ou seep the ectu~ maklng of a Lucky Str£ke tekea 0nly a fractAon of a second, but the r~leing, ~e aging, the blending of the tobacco that goes into the c~gare~te tekee year~ of patlent ~altthg. No~ d~e~a't that clearly indboate to you the importance of the toha~co in a 0tgarette? I'm sure that thought ~II make you understend ~hy the makers of Lucky Strike con~tltently at market after market ell over the South, pay the prise in order to obtain that f~uer~ lighter, ~ilder bobacoop which has made the nam~ Luck~ Strike Cigarettes eynonye~J with fine tobacco. Truly~ frlende~ we ~ould have the ~os~ modern, up-to-d~th plant in the world, the ~J~e~t mach~ery~ the ~ost ~a~ble ~ork~e~ end yet we Could never have a really flne c£gare~th without really fine toha¢co° And it's interesting to note that independent bohacco experts, men ~no~ve spent yeax~ and yQars as bt~y~r~; and wal~ho~se~en ~d 8~etio~eerep ~ow thim to be a fast. And ~hea they see us pay the pries to get thle finer tohaoco - we31, it's little wonder that they choose Luckins two to one~ ~ou know~ friende, it's ni~e to know that ~he~ ~ light up ~ Lucky we,re going to enjoy tobacco at its test, uahurried in Its ATH01 0016258
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LUC~ ST~ ~omerclal - BLOCK: ~ey 18~ 194~ How often do you go to the ~ovies? I, personally, don't get much tL~e, ~Jt mY wife - nan oh man~ she's an inveterate ~ovie goer. l think if ~he had the time s.he'd see t~o or three pictures e day° I ~ae~s that explains why the first thing In the morning whau she o~ens the newspaperw she looks at the motion picture reviews. 7ou read ~ too~ don't you? Of course you do If you like the ~o~ea. ~id you ever stop to th~uk of why yo*a read the reviews of the picthres? YOU read ~he~ because when you go to a ~ovin tt coste you ~oney, a~d bethg ~enslble about it ~hy should you spend your &ood ~oney for a picture that's not entertaining. ~nd so you rely on the opinion of the critics - ~au tho make It their bus~ess to ses every ~lcture ~t ~s out. Now~ thank goodness, these men are not bored or blase about it, in 6plto of the fact ~hat they do see almost every plct~re. No sir~ they're logicS. They reX1 you the true ~tory, ~lve you the real lowdown on everyththg that's new in movtes, and you rely on the criUcs. These z~en k~ow the ~)vles, They kno~ what It takes to entertain the average theatre goer~ and so you spend your en~erthfn~e~t do118r ~c¢ordlng to their opinion. ~onlt yo~ thlnk of cigarettes as a medium of, pleasure and enter~tn~ent? Aud ~hou~dn~t you then be ~uwi a~ critical of the clg~retth you s~oke as of the ~vies you attend? And c~uldu't you just as well rely on th~ opinions of tobacco experts who handle all kinds of tob~cc% and see this robe, coo sold at public auction to every clg~retie manufacturer? ~ney~re critics - you bet they are~ mighty critical critics. And that's why wlth these ~en ~ho ~mow tobacco best, It's Luekies E to I. Tn~t~e a really great tri~te to a great cigarette. Truly, friends, if the opinion of the ~ovie crltins helps you get more enJoymnt £rom the plotures you see~ these u~btased opintons of tobecco exp@rt~ can bring you far ~eathr ~oki~ enjoyment if you'l~ Just do a~ the e~erth do and spend your emokth~ dollar on Lucky Strikes. ~T~01 00162~9
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f~ LUC~Q" ~ ~/d{E BELIEVE Bk~R~q" Comlerc~ - ~ 1% 194~ N.O~= 11ellp ltJB ~ost tventy ~inute8 to seven. Ilm getting b~gryt - ]~es slr. ~ou ~ow epeakinC of getting hungry - ~y mother v~e ~ndert~l cook. Z g~eee - r guess every child thinha his mo~er £B the bee~ cook in the ~rld. ~t I re~ember one th£u~ Um~ Jother used to ~y - that there waenlt eJ~Lu8 eha couldnlt make except pastry. [¢owj ~tle I think ~dothar ~me a good cook~ I must a~lt that s~ d~Lc~lt kno~ much ab~u~ hakln~° ~ut ~he~ It caze to making a ~oo~ ~ow~ of eo~ or a beef stew~ or a~ln~ ~o~L~m~ eubetontial that wou~ 8t~ck to your r~e - man oh ~ - did ohe know ~ow~ I think I uee~ to like ~other~e soups beet o~ all There w~s eo~etht~ ehaut t~e flavor that ~e ~u~t ~teatatla, And co~e to t)~Lu~ of £5~ ~kin8 a good plate o~ soup l~nlt ~uoh dl~fereut than making a ~ ct~a.~etto° W~der ~ I ~ *~bzt? Wel~ ~up~o~e ~to~har ha~ male that soup ~n~ aeason~l it ~th nothing h~, ee~t, or Pepper, or th~e~ or ar~ one o1" the other ~easonin~ t~t you ~l~t use in soup. It ~oul~ln,t have tasted eo ~ood! ~1o~ the secret o~ ~d ~ookin~ ~ ~ the correct proportion, of mm~ dl~fe~t things, end the secret of mkint~ ~ ~ood cigarette l~ ueinE ~he correct proporttons of ~ever~ dLf~ereut types of tohacco. We need the l~6h~ Virginia BriL~tj the eli~tl~ heavier flavor of the ~rley~ the hl~bl7 m~lc Turkish - an~ that ~uet al~ be bladed ~th ~ine M~ryl~nd tohac~ tot eve~ harold, in order to have a really de~ht~l ~moke. Znd rea~ter ~£~1s, ~ the finer of these four di~erent typeB of tohacoo £s ~se~ in I~ek~ ~tr~ke. [low r mention this to you tont~ht for one reason, for a long ti~e now I=Te been trying to ~preee 7o~ with the ~act that in a ctgarette~ £t~B the tohaoco that co~te~ that the a~kers o~ Luck~ Strike Cil~rettee pay the prLo~ for the f~er tehacco° In othe~ words that RT~01 0016260
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z~ Oome~,.tsl - Ms,v 19, 194~: (CO~¢tD) ]~IDOI(t Pa~e 2. the all.important ~hlng in a~ cigarette is ~he tobacco. And I you shoul~ know a l£%~le a~out the lane tobaccos that go into yOUr Lucky Strike Cisare~te. Of course, the beet ~ay to find out, is to l£ght up a Lucky tonightL #~T~O 1 0016261
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~LOCK: LU~ 8I~rKE "~ BELI~ BtLLF~OM. Comercinl . May ~0, 194~ I dQntt want to be prytn~ or ~mythth~, bu~ d~ you lL~e chicken~ you llke Bthak? Well~ if you do, no hater he. ~uch you ~V llke chicken and eteak, If yoQ had to eat chicken and steak for ewry meal St voul~lt take you len£ to £et tired of it. ~ou ~o~ %~.t, don't you? In fact, yould very soon come to +.he point ~e~ ~,ou Just couldnlt look a chicken in the face again. No~ I've oaly ~s.~e~ you this question for one reason. Since in a ci6aretth l%'s the tobacco that co~ts, I ~nt you t~ realize tbat ~oktr~ one type of th~cco alone~ even though it may be the fines~ would become Just a~ • onothnou~ a~ eatinS chioke~ for every ~eal. The makers of Luchy ~trike Ci~aretths use four different kinds of tobacco blended togethBr for spccifle reaeone, Therels nothing ha~ha~ a~ou~ it. The blend of Virginia Bright and B~rley is in there for body and flavor. ~e Turkish l~f is ~aoed An it f~r the gra~ e~ the fitness, and the ~Ar~land th~ecco for its even tanning qualities. NO~ remember friends, the makere of Luekies use only the f~uer o£ these different t~pes of th~aCco so tha~ we may truly say - Lu~ Strike means fine tobacco. We~ve never hesitated at market after market to pe~ the p~ice at public auction in order %o lueure the quality of the ~ob~cco. ~ndependent ~bacco experts k~ow ~his is true, and ~hat'e thy rith m~ cho kr.o~ ~oEa¢¢o best It's Luckies two %o one. N~w therele ~ust one thing I want ~ou t0 bear in ~J-nd the next tame you light a Lucky. Contained in ~ach ar~ every cigarette are the proudest salec~Aous of many different type~ of ~cco~ but each type that's in there is dealg~ed to increase your smoking enjoyment. Reee~ber that~ won't you? ~T~01 0016~62
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f LOCKZ STRIKE ~ B~IEVE BkE,b.~OOM" C o~ercI~. - ~ ~.j 194~ ~LOCK: Friends, have you ever attended a ahootlng match? I have! Have you ever watched an expert marksman? Uell, Itt8 a picture to see - to Bee how he concer~trates ~ the toll~8 eye, how his eye, ~d hralnj ~d finger~ are - are coord~ated to 8queele the trigger at just the right momeut so he'll hft the bull's eye eve~ tlme. It's ama~tug to watch. You know, actually, I'm so~wHat ot a aarke~ mTsnlf, only I'~ nlalng at your increased smoking enjoyment, and only wea~u, is my ability to convince you that L,Jc~ 8helkc is ~he cigarette you s~houl~ smoke, because re~lly friends, J~st as the ~rk~ conaentroteB on t~le ~llt~ gye and ~othlng el~e~ ~o the makers of Luck~ Strike~ conc~trate on fine tobacco. Nothlng ca~ budge ue from our determtuatlon to go after only the finer tobacco for Lucky ~trlke Clgarettes, because oaly i~ that ,my can we ~ve ~ou a batter s~oke. And ~hile It may cost more, you've heard how~ auction after auction all over the South~ we ~ the pr£ce for that l~er, lighter, milder leaf that has come to make the marne Luck7 Strike C£gare~tee eyuonymous with fine tobacco. I do hope, that 7ou folks will never lose sight of one part£cu~r b~ll's eye - the red circle on the green park~ge that bears the words Lucky Strlke, because then you llgh~ up a Luck~, re~emher, ymu're aiming straight at ~enl smoking enjoyment. ~T~O~ 0016263
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L6CKI STRIKE Commerclal - f, BLOCK: "~KE BE~IEfE 5ALLROOS" AS B~t~~ YOU h%ow~ folksj therels one expression ~hatJs used very Tery often. lira sure you've heard it. Personally I think it's an unxind exgression tmtp %00 often It+s true. When somebody falls down on the ~ob, somebody turns out not %0 be the good upright ei%~$~ Woo expect him 0~" her %o be, %~ey have an expression %hat 8ayej "ZOU ~nlt ~ke a silk purse out of a cowls ear." Xoulve heard that havenft you~ Well what that expression actually means Is, that nothin~ can be an~ better U1~1%he eouroe from whleh Iris made, from which it co~es. •nile I hale to hear that expressloa ever applied to a h~% hs~ng, ma~ oh man It sure flts cigarettes %0 a ~T", ~ou canl% make a silk purse out of a sowt6 ear. Xou oantt make a fine ciga~etie out of s~hing but fine %obac~o. i kno~ there's no use in m~ going all c~er ibis same old Story with yo~ agai~ tor~ght, ~ou~ve heard ilme after time how at ~uc%ions all over %he 8o~the the maker~ of Lucky Strike Cigamet%es al~s pay the price to get %he finer inbacco, l~ve told you that tobacco experts - men who k~os tobacco best - ~hoose Luckies on the evidence of What they see end hear at these a~e%1ons. I'll only ask >ou %c~i~ht %0 believe me ~en I say %hat people the k~. tobacco aeeoolete the name LuckY Strike ~Ith fine thbucoo. Pro~e it %o yourself next time. Bu~ a package of Lu~kles. Light up and let 5hat finer, lighter, milder tobac~:o speak for itself. RTH01 0016264
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f, L~G~¥ 8TF, IKE "dAl~ BELIEVE ~GdJJ~O0~ Cor~ercl~l - ~ ~,~ 1942 BLOat ~.~-Z-~ t~"~'-~? cT t_ ~..~ ~ou ~w, llm IncLthed to think that - the.t uo~t folks are havlag to spend a lot, ~ore time at tome than they have in the ~t - e~e~ally thl~ s~er - Bhortage of ga~ollne and all that. Th~reIB gol.ng to he a lot ~ore ~nterteLnment in the home. Re.~ber ~h~ p~ople u~ed to sit around the housa and play ~ames ~ th~ ~Ld~ ft.. par~Ioul~r used to play ~p~n-tbe-bottle, PO~ office? Oh bey~ ~ ~a~ a l~t of fun. Keme.~ber TrUth and Consequences? Somebo~ e,s~ed you a ~estinu an~ you h~d to tell the truth o~ take the CO~B~U~C~, Of COUrSe Som~t~me~ ~ng ~ Co~l~e~,A~ce8 ~ :~tc~ mere ~ th~n tel~ng the tr~th, eepeclkll~ ~f the pem~ty he~ to he that you had to kims the cute little glrl who sat r~.~t n~xt to you. ~ou know, really the makers o£ Luvk~ Strike C1gavette~ are firm bellevsre in tha~ Little g~e o~ Truth or Consequeuws. I ~ues~ ~hahls ~hy ~ le that we ~lweyv try to tell ~ou the h~Jth about Lucky ~trlke Cigarettes - ~hy you never hear ~ny wild, exaggerated claims about ~uck~e. We ~oe that the co~uen~ee o~ ~bat t~pv o~ advertA~Lng wou~d be Oi~bel~ef on ~our part. We believe that the average lletoner has ~ffle£ent inteLl~geaco that ~f hai~ told the truth about a product and permitted to form his o~ opinlon~ he.L1 have ~nftde,ov in it and ~h ~ ~m~ ~t and oontinue to b~ ~t. And ~het'a ~ ~ th~uk it.~ only oeces~ary to remind ~'ou consthntly that th~ men ¢n~ ea~ their LlveLlbeod and ~pend their enhLre llvee hanOllag tobacco - the ~ndepandent tobe¢oo ox~r~ ~:~o~¢~m~ bt~o~i~ &~o~oDoer~ - the ~e~ who ~ow tobacco hes% sffiok~ Lucklev ~ to I. ~ou see, ~r~e~d~p they have the evldence before their very vye~. Thay see the makers of Lucky ~t~Ibe C~gare~ths a~ mrket a~r wbet, year after year, oonslstenLly p~ing the p rloe to get the ~hter qusl~t¥ lu£. ~Qu ATe01 0016265
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~v I/CK~ STRIKE T~KE BELIEVE I~5LRO~I" Co~er~lal . day ~, 194~ (CONTD) B'~3CK: Pa~e 2. ca1~'t fool those gent1~u. They k~ow tobaccnZ And I ]~o~ Ulst no matter ~h~t I ~Bre to tell .You ~ou~ Luckle~, unlv~ ~ey tos~ed better to you - unless they ~ave you more smoking e~jc~nt, ~h~g in the ~'o~id would ~ke you c~n%inue to s~oke ~h~. ~or ~rlend~, I ~ow that your tests c~nlt be muc~ ~f~rs~t th~. ~:e ~steB of ~ose tob~vco expezts. ~ I~ sure th~ if you'Ll ~ke Luc~q~ Strlke~ red--fly - ~i~h you, ~oo~ ~%'ii be ~¢ki~s tr\ ATH01 0016266
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r,. I~CK~ BI~E~[~KZ BELIEVE BALLSOOt~" ~LOCK: Row ms~ of you people v~o llve in New fork noticed something dlffereut about the ciIj yesterdap? Dld yo,J no~lee how inst~a~ of I~ ~t~ of automot!Aes goJ-~ l~laces for the d~, you saw h~dreds of thousands of p~ople out ~J~g, or slttin~ i~ the l~r~, andriding bicycles? Well, I did and I couldn't help ~t noises it. 18s, and ~ at the George .~,ashi~gtoa Brid~e th.e~ re~orted that ~ere ~r8 mo~ hlksrs ~a~kln~ actor6 the brld~8 ye~erdr~y ~A~ ~er &utomob~le8 than on a~ other ~da~- ~en the ~e~thsr ~m~ ~o fine ~ thi~ t~e of the 7ear. ~ou k~ow, all of tha~ alearly indlca~es ~hat this is ~ p~et~? ~onderful co,~n%ry ~ llve in. ~,e~ve been told that we have to conserve gasoline and rubber, ¢o instead of tbo~e little ~.~Ips Ln our car, ~e'~e using old shanks mare. re,re finding relaxa~Aon ~nd plea~r~ J~ as our forefath~r~ di~ in the ~a~'s before ~¢ had ao~ atltomo~lie~° You knoFj when you ~eak o~ A~erlca beluga ~o;~erful country do you kno~ ~t that aea~s? That doesn't only ~ean ~a~ w~ h~.~e beautL~ul high ~untains, lu~h gree~ valleye~ fer~le soil, an Lncalculable sour.~e of r~ aaterials. ;~e~ I ~ay ~t thi~ ie ~ wonderful country I ~e~ the p~o~le ~ho li~e here. ~h~y,re ~rand ~eople - ".~lin~ to ~ everythln~ L~ their ~o~er to cooperate° ~oU ~o~j ~ri~ndB, Just aB It'~ %rue %ha~ no nation c~: ever be any greater than ~e peo,~le ~no llve t~re~ ~ult Bo true i~ At that no clgarette can be any better or any f~er than the tob£cco it contains. Don't you t~uk that .vo~'re r~a!ly .~i~In8 ~ ~reat bet Af y~J haven'~ ~ried the cl~e~te that'~ co:~ to ~eaa fine tobacco - the ci~re~te ~hat tobacco exper~ ~e~ There's no reason .by you ~hould deprive your taste of the bett~r thln~s in llfe, of this real pleaBure ~,~h coaes to ~very e~ok~r ~f Lucky RT~01 001626?
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LUCKY 8TRIK~ "MA~E B~IE~E ~bb~" Com~ercial - ~k~/ ~Sj 194£ (CONTD) Pa~e ~. BLOCK: Strike Cigerettee. ,%w tbeee are tenee tiees- tvyin~ times - tL~es ~en our i~erve~ are ll&ble %0 be ~re on edge. Rem~be.~ t~at the ti~er t~b~oco in ~uo~ Strike Cl~re~es helpB give you a ~re relax~n~ ~moke° ~d SO this ve~ nl~ht ~L~ don't you ll~h~ ~, Lucky ~d e.uJoy the e~oke tobecco experts ~o~e? ATH01 0016268
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F ¢- ~r ! ~ UJ~I 8TR~E *~ B~IEVE h~LLl~O~l" Co~erc~ - ~ ;~6f ).942 I'~ s~re I~st of yon £o2k$ know that old expressLoD about that certes place that's supposed to be ~ved with good intentions, Did you ever stop to think t~t 1hen good old Christopher Col~bos eade up his ~ldd that t~s earth of ~m-s ~as z~zad and that ~' sallLuf An a certhin direction he could find a new route %o Indin+ it's Just a good t~tla8 for all of us 3.t~t~ere ~at he dld~tt ee~ to hi.self ..~ yesp I1a ~re the earth is ~ s~d Iie very s~re ~ ~m ~'lnd a ne~ route t~ India, but oh humt I dou't t~nk Itll bother about It right now. Let it walt ~ ~oupls of years. Yes+ if Chrtsto~her proorast~a~d - ~f he ~t off ~r~ day to day do~n~ what be ~ante~ to dot ~ybe there w~uldn~t be an~ United St~%ee of ~er~a. ~ho knows? Maybe there ~ouldn*t be a~ you and Z living in %hla great oo~4~v~, ~nd eo I say thank goo~ese that ,ben Mr. Col~s rode up bin ~lud to do a ~hing he did $t. Now~ I bet t~at thought san be appl~d to a lot of you folks ~ho llate~ to the ~11~ every ~.ght. ~OU'~ beard ~e tell yo~ ~o~ at suction ~ a~ot, lon throughout the South~ the makers of Luek~ Str~Lke Cigarettes ~y the prise to acquire ~at ~iner tobacco, knd l*m sure %hat you agree wl%h the student that no e~arette e~u be a~ bettor than the but tobeooo it contains. And there*s little doub%/~hat youire impressed by the fact %hat tobacco exFerte - m~n ~ho know tobaoeo best - ~en see the nekers of Lutkies ~y the pries to get the finer bobecoo ~ choose IAtckies for their o~ personal mmkll~ pleastlre. And l~ Just Willing %o bet that all of these things thgo~her have impressed you with the fact that Lue~ 8trlke is %he oi~aretth you ~uld ~oke. And every ties yo~ say ... I think Itll t~ a pa~k of Lueklee and t~ thin i ~ll, %be next $£~e yo~ step ~p %o that totoeoo eounter you Just forget your good reeolu%£on~. ~o ~nX~t, L ~TM01 0016269
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LU~ STRIKE ~ B~LIE~E I~&M~RO0~I" Co~ercial - May 26~ 1942 (CO~TD) Page ~. Tim going to a~k 7ou to rem~r that if Christor~er Columbus had for£ott~ or put off salting acrose the ocean in hi~ t~ree shSps~ he'd never have d~scovered ~eriCao Aud if you continue to put o~ or foyer to ask for Lucky Strike C~£arettes, you'll ne~er discover the re~l pleasure that oozes from ~oking e cigarette thatls ~de of fine ~obaeco~ earef~Uy aged and blendeds and ~ait~n~ ~w at ~our nearest tohacoo counterj to definitel~ Increase your slok~ pleasure. Re~e~l~r tonl~ht~ ~ Luckier| RTH01 00162?0
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q LU~ 6T~IK~ ~ BE~E ~LL~O~" Co~rclal - ~ ~Tp 194~ ~LOCK~ ~ou k~ow, the other clap it was ~ pleasure to vieit the office of a very fuous diazond i~orter in downtown Ne, fork. It,~s m~et iatereetlag. I ~aw the rough stones ~eing ground and ~olAshed. Aud after I ~tnhed ~ese procesee| for a little while they aaked =e if I'd like to see the opening of s box containing raw d~nou~s, Just ae ~b~y were ~ak~a ~ of the gro~d. ~ell~ belteve you me~ I wa~ quAte ruled ,hen they opened it to eee ~at looked like eeveral po~ds of dirty looming ~oln e~ones - ~1 covered eith dirt. ~ey looked no more like ~ds than - ~ a pebble on a beach. There were big pebbles and little pebbles, ~ ce~tainly t~ere ~a~ nothing in that box that looked like a ~nd. It ~as q~dte interesting to ~la~er tha~ the r~ze~ta~e ~ the~e diaa~n~ =erehau~ In bid for those boxes ~i.~t, ~nse~. They onl~ ~e~ that there were eo ~ny ounces, or ~e, or ~hatever it Is that ~hey b~ by, of these dirty broen n~nes in the box. And they had no id~ of the qt~l~y or the si~ OF ~e individtu~, stones, ~eah~ I gue8| ro~_h diamonds are pArchaSed s~e~t~ l~e a ~at ~u ~he "~eg, ~o~ ~ow a ~eco to go l~to your L~ 8tr~e G~garettes. They earefull~ soe and e~e~aine the quality of ~h~ leaf. And whe~ they I~t in ~ b£d at a~ auotio~ they ~W ~at ~y're bidding for. They I~0~ what the~,re going to ge~. And ~ou kno~ real~ you folks argot ~uch different fma our ~o~eoo ~e~s~ ~ec~Jse ~he~ you pu~ ~ • ~id at tobacco ~unte~ for a package ~f ~ Strike Clgare~te~, ~u too ~ow ~hat ~'re bidding for. ~ou too, ~ow .bat you.re goAag to ge~. ~o~.re bi~d~ng ~or the eAgare~te that t~bacco experts moke. ~ou're going to get the ut~oat ~n s~eking en~eet from ever~ Lu~ Strike. RTHO1 0016271
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[? f ~r Co~erc~al - /~ies, hmve y~ever ~tt, ended a z~eo? used %o co:e to ~dis~ Bquare Garde~ - s11 the ~,.Tboys In ~e~r bl8 hat~ ~d their ch~p~j end ~helr - t~elr boo~, ~nd the horses, a~d ~e ~rls, a~d how they u~ed to rlde around ~n ~ha% clrcle - how ~ uB~d ~o r1~e the ~ck~ b~o~cos ~ ~ ~eyld h~ve ~h~ wsre ~on~r~t I~d you ~ver ~t~ an ~p~r~ marks~ Ever Be~ ho~ ~hey ~hoo~ a~ ~rge~? I b~v~l ~t~Bma~g ~o see h~ th~ Qon~tra~e on ~e 1~11T~-eye - ho~ ~heLr eye ~nd ~helr brs~ ~n~ ~he~r f~ers are ~oord~a~ed ~o ~queeze ~h~t ~igger a~ ~us~ the ~o ~ee the v~y they do ~. You know, ao~ly~ Z~ so~ of a • ~r~a~, ~self. ~e ~ly ~ I'= ~g s~ ri~h~ now ~ ... your ~,cr~ed ~k~g ~oy~e~tl ~v~ =7 o~ly w~pon le ~ a~1~y to ¢onvi~oe 7ou ~h~t Lucky ~tr~ke II the c~gsret~e you ~hould B~oks; because r~l~ ~r~sj Jus~ as the z~rk~ concen~r~ on %he ~11'~-~e ~d no~ el=e, 6o ~e ~ker~ of ~ 8~elkes 01ga~te~. I~c~u~e omly in that ~ ~ ~ glvc you a better ~oke, a~l¢~on all over ~he ~u~h we pay the prlce for ~ha% ~er, l~g~r, ~Ider lea~ - to c~=e ~o ~ke the n~ L~y S~ke sy~u~ou~ ~i~ ~g~t of one p~r~lar ~11=s-eye ~ the re~ ~rcle on ~e green ~age. I~ be~ the ~rdB ~Lucky ~rlkq." Became ~ ¥ou it~ ~@ • L~ believe 7ou ~e~ you're ~tng ~t~algh~ a~ re~1 ~klng RT~01 00~16222
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LUCKY S~91KE "MAK~ BELIEVE BALLROOM" Cockerels! - May 28, 191,a No~ before ~a~k Warnow and the crches*~r~ play their sext number, and June Edwards and the Hit paraders jlve in, why, i'd just llke to remind you about som~thlng that occurred to me a little while ago. Many years ~go I came across a little saying that made a tremendous improsslon on mo and I never forgot it. Tonight I'd llke to 2ass this little sa),ing on to )~u folks. It Was titled the dlf~erence between doiIars and ideas, have ~'ou ever heard it? It ~.ent somethln~ lik~ this: You have a dollar and I h~ve a dollar. You give me vo~, dollar. I give you mine. W~ each still have only one dollar. But you hav~ ~ idea and I have ~I Ide:~.. You give ~ yot%r idea a:~ ~ ~Ive ~ou mine. We e~eh ,ow have two Ida&s, Thatls the digferenee betwee~ doll~rs a~d ideas. A~d I ~anted to repeat that little saying for ~'ou because it's so applioahle to Luc~ Strlke Cigarettes. YOu see, there's Just one [ Idea back of Luckies ~d all of the doll~rs in the world o~Id never make us change that ida=. gt's simple| No clgarett~ can be ~ better thas the tobacco from which it's ~ade. yes, in a c~gsrett£ Its6 truly the tobacco that cot~ts. N~w m~yb~ bX using inferior ~r~os of tobacco we eo~!d i~ke more doli%rs~ but if we did that the~ the whole % idea of Luok~ Strike Cig&~ettesl quality ~,culd be lost. To be perfectly truthD/l wlth y~u folks, we~ve I~ade too m~ny mJlllc~Is of fple~nds wh~ rely on u~ three h~ndred and sixty-f dye da~s in the year t~ supply then; with the ci~?mett~ that's e~me to moan fi~e t~baeco. No~; I donlt doubt but that you~v~ h~ar~ how at market after z~k~t ~iI ever th~ 8o~th, ~e ~¢nslstent~" ~-~ the price for that fi~er, lighter, milder tobacco that makes y~ur Luck~ Strike the grand smoke it is t~ay. And believe ~e when I tell yo~, the makers of Luck~ Strike Cigarettes ~re proud tc he ahl9 to Sty tbat with men who kRow tobacCO hast, it's Luokies two %0 one. And RT~01 00162P3
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co=~erci~l - ~ 2~, 191,2 - Contlauad even though it ~y cost ,: f~" dollars more p~r hundred p~t~ds for that finer %~b~cco~ we'll never f~rge% the id~ %h~t,s back of ~ve*7 Lucky Strike Clg~re%%e - the idea that in ~ clgcrettv it's th~ to~sc¢o that counts. G~t the ~? ¥~u will when y~u light a Luck~. ATe01 0016274
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LUCKY STRIKE ~ B~IEVE ~LL~M" Commercial - J~r ~9, 194~ (~ BLOC~: AS ~'/~AST But you ~ow, friends, there's one expressiou that's used very very o/ten, and personally I think it's a little bit unkind. But too often it's - it's true. ~ou know ~en someb¢~ falls down on the ~cb - ~mebu~, you know inrns out not to be the good upright citizen you expect him or her to be, they have an expression that says - you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear~ You*re heard that said, haven't you? Well, all that that expression actually jeans is nothing can ha any better than the source ~rom thlch it comes. kn~ - While I hate to hear ~ha% expression ever applle~ to a human beiug, man It sure fits cigarettes to a "T." You ca.'t make a silk purse out of a sowls ear~ and you can't make a fine cigaretba out Of arything but fine tobeeco. Noww I know therels no ~se of going all over the same old story with you again today. I~'ve heard time afinr time how at auctions all over the Southt the ~kers of Luck~' Strike Cigare%ths e/~ays pay the price to get the finer tobacco. And I've told 7ou that tobacco experts - these men Who )mow tobacco best - choose Luckles on the evldeuce of @nat the, see and hear at these auc~ons, fill only ask you ~)day %0 believe me when I Bay - tJmt people who know tobacco as~oelate the name Lucky gtrike with f~ne tobacco. P~ove it to yourself next %line. Buy a package of huc~es. Light up and let that finer, llghter, ~ilder inhacco speak for itself. ~THO~ 00~62P~
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LUCKI ~ "~M~E B~EVE RA~L~O0~" Co~rcthl - May ~9, 194~ (Evenlng) 1 How well I re=ember a v~catinn that I spent ehen I was thirteen years old. The folks sent me to a farm for the thole summer~ and thils I us at that £ar~ I le~rnnd one of the greatest lessons that any young man can ever learn. Illl toll you haw it came about. The farmerls wife suggested that if I'd go out v~th a basket and find some ~ild grapes she'd make a thole ba~sh of grape Jelly for me to take home with me to ~" mother. Well, bright and early ens moaning I left the farm with a bssket over m~ arm. He. many ~iles I walked that day I'll never know, but I do now that by five p'clock I was absolutely e~austod and I hadn,t found a single wild gr~pe. I must have walked ell the way to the Connecticut bunder a~ beck again - no ~ild grapes. And as I was crawling under a fence that marknd the end of the property of the farm there I ~s stay~ng I ran right ~aek into a vine Just londed with wild grapes - ripe, and rea~ in be picked. In Just five minubss I had ~t basket fell and was buck again at %he hOUSe. farm/ That ~s a great lesson to me. It Just shows that all too of%an the very things we,re searching for are to be found not far afield but ~ght in our ow~ back yard. And to you folk¢ who have spe~t years searching for a batter etgsretto - e cigarette that ~uld give you the utmost in smoking eatAsfection, and ~ho've gone far afield in yo~ search~ may I remind you that one needn*t search through artificially created slogans ~d ~raiees, in order to determine what makes a good cigarette. One need only use good common sense, the common sense and logic that God gave us~ and realize that no cigarette can ever ba any better ~ the tobacco ~rom w~Ach it,s ~ade. W~ need only to ascertain that cigarette coatol~¢ the finer tobaccos in order to know that we're smoking the best. And I think over a period of years the ~kere of Luck~ Strike Cigarettes have F~ T ~0 'I 001~276
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LUCK~ STEIIXE "~KE BI~IEVE ~F~" Conerc~l - ~7 £9, 194~ (Evening) !- BLOCK~ Page ~. proven that a% m~et after market ell over the South they conslsteatly pay the price %o b~y only the finer, li~,ter, milder toheoco that £oes into Luckies. The tobacco e~per%e see thfe and they know this to be hrue. T~%'u ~ these men ~o kmo~ ~hecco bes% make Luckles their on personal s~oklng preference. And Bo a~in i say %o you o.. ~ou needn't Bearch ~r afield for yo.~ smo~ng enjoyment. Just ask at the tobacco coun%er in your o~n beck yard for a peckage of Luc~ ~rlke, the clgerethe hhet's co~e to mean flne tobecco. ATH01 00162??
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it . LUCK~ STRIKE Co~zerc~ - BLOCK: Re~ ~0, 1942 (~orn~ng) q~m iou k~ow, friends, wh~t with all the gas rationing we're having now and th~ scarcity of tiresw people instead of going a~y for week-ends end on vacations are going to spend a great deal sore tile at home. And as soon as the fealty and friends drop in and sit around of an eveningj as soon a~ that gets to be a national habit, you're going be find that welt© going beck to the old days of playlag parlor ga~es. ~ou may ~ not, b~t lision. I c~nft think of anything that was more fun th~ playing ep£n the bettle - re=ember *bat - post office, Truth or Consequences. ~ld you ever play Truth or Conseque~ces~ That was a lot of f~| Somebody lould ask a question, yould have to tell the truth or take the c~se~ue~ces. Of course, I alwe~vs took the consequences ~en there was a cute little girl playing and I flgu~ I might have to kiss her - you never c~n tell. Really, though, the makers of Luck~ 8triha Cigarettes are very firm haltev6re in t~t little game of Truth or Consequ~oes, and I gosse that'8 thy It Is that we - we almys tr~ to tell you the truth about Luck~ Strike C~garetbes. That,s w~y you never he~ a~y wild, exaggom~ed cle~s. We know that the consequences of this type of advertising ~u~ be total disbelief on your part. go~, se Just - we Just have the idea that the average listener has sufficient intelligence that if he's told the truth about a product and pemitiod io fore his ow~ opinion, halll have confidence in that p~oduct and ~nt to buy it° And that~ why I think that it's only necessary to remind 7ou ~la.~ that the men ~e earn their llvalthood earl ~pe~d their entire lives kindling iohacco - of course l m~ the independent iohaoco experts - tho~e warehouseme~ and b~ere a~ auctlo~eers - the ~en ~o ~o~ tohacco ~est - smoke L~ckiee two to onet T~e~ have the ~enoe rf~bt in ~cut of thal~ ayeal They see the inhale of LUCk7 9ts~_ke RTH01 00162?8
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4 7 LSCK¥ STRIKE ~KE BELIEVE ~LLRO0~" .Co~erclal - #~y ~0, 194~ (~orning) BLO~: Page Eo Cigarettes at ~arket after marketI y~r ~fter ye~rj consistently pay %he price to get the better quality leaf. No~ yo~l can't fool these gentlemen - they know tobacao! And I also know that no matter ,&at I ~ere to tell you ~bOut Lucky Strikes, ~te~S the" tasted better to you - ~uless ~ey gave you more m~'oklng enjoyr~ut, nothing 4'I this world "~ould make ~ou contlnue to smoke them. ~on frte~dsp I know that your taste canlt be much dlf#erent than the taetee of those tobacco experts. And lJm sure that if youIll Smoke Luc'~ 3trikea re~l~rly ~th you, too, it'll be Luckles t.o to one! {gTHO'~ 001627"9
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C Co~wrcial - I~y 30, 194~ BLOCKI A8 ~DAD~ I suppose most o£ you folks have heard about the old shell ge~e, have.It you? Ever hear o1" the old ~he/~ game - m~ybe youlve even leeu it workedj I donlt k~ow. The professiona! gam~erp gaudily dressed, a btg gold chain across his vest - stands at ~e l~ttle table with tho three shel/s end the one bean° And you've seen how he l/~ts the shell~moves the bean arouud, ~nApulstes the~? And after he'~ moved the~ around a bit he says, Now, ladles ~u~ g~ntle~en, ,ya pays your ~o~ey and ya takes your chsnce.I The $dea being of course, you're supposed to tell hl~ ~hlch ~hell ~ bean is under. If youlre rlght you ~in - 1~ youlre ~rong~ and you usually ~re~ you lose. Fell, the odds against you ot being right are about ~ree to oriel But of course, he alnys p~ys off in even ~oue~, and I guess that's ~ nobod~ ever got rich playing the old shell ~a~e. Ho~ dt~ferent from ~k~ug the selection of a cigarette you choos~ to swake, because J~ plcktng a cigarette there's only One t~£ng you have to k~ow - and that is, that lu ~ cigarette ~ls ~e tobecco ~hat counte. I% ukes no dlf~ereuce ~hether the eye is quicker than %he hand, or vice versa. Just so long as ~he hand tha~ made your Lu~ USed that finer ~obae~o for ~lch we consistently ~y blgher tbau average ~rket prices at auctton~ all over the South. Independent tobacco experts eho attend these auo~£ons k~ow that no c~garette can ever be Bny better than the tobac~ it contetn~. And that's ~y their own personal smoking preference is for Luakie~. So remember £olks, in the old ~ell gale ~ere you p~ys y~r ~one, an~ tskel ~our chance %he odds are three to one against you~ ~ ~e~ you b~ a package of buck~ Strike Cigarettes you ~s your ~oney and 7ou takes no chanOeo And ~lth men ~ho know tobacco best it's Imekles - t~o to one| ~ell a~ ~ you look at 1% ~hen you select Luokle~ ~or your raking ple~M you can,t help ~t win - ¥o~,re ~om~d to be paid off in grea%er ~ktng enjoyment0 t~T~O 1 001~,280
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LUCKy STRIKE ~.KE BELIEVE BALLROOM" Conei~¢l~ - June 1, 194~ (Morning) AS BlUeST BLOCK: Iou k~ow, friendsm ~bls is really a wonderful nation we live in. We've been told that we have to cut dow~ on the use of gasoline and rubber. So instead of tho~e little trips in our car that we've been taking, we're - we're w~king again. ~e're finding relaxation and pleasurej Just ss our forefathers did in the day~ before the automobile. And ~hen you speak of thin country being a ~onder~ nation, do you know ~t that means? That doesnet only mean that we have beautiful high mountains and lush 8teen v~lleys and fertile ~oil and an incalculable source of raw materials - when I say this is a WOnderful nation~ I mean the people ~o live here. Grand people. willing to do everything in their polar to cOOperate with their government in bringing the ~ar to a successful end. And you know frlends~ ~ust as it's true that no nation can be any greator than the peuple dno live there~ ~usi so true is it that no c~aretth c~u be batter or ~y finer than the tot~cco it contains. And don't you think that you're really dissing a great bet if you haven't tried the at~aretto that's co~ to =e~u fine tobacco - the cigaratto ~at tobacco experts s~oke? There'~ no reason why you ~houl~ deprive your t~ste of the better things in life. Now there=s real pleasure which comes to every s=oker of ~ucky Strike Cl~rattes. Now these ere tonse ~mes - ~rying tines - times when o~r nerve~ are liable to be more on edge. R~e=ber that the finer tobacco in Lucky ~trike digarettes helps give you a more relaxing ~okn. And so this very day, ~d~ don't you light up a Lucky and enjoy the ~ok~ tobacco experts smoke? ~!!~ ~!•i•¸ ~ C ATe01 0016281
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C V~ ? . Co~erclni - June i~ 194~ (Evening) BLOCK: ~0~ !<~o~ /'rlenclB# it's ~ ~ng ho~ t~}e entlre success stor~ of Luck~ Strike Clgaretto6 - a success story that has been developed over a period of ~-uy years can be condensed into Just a few words. Rell~ £ ~ess I could write a book on ~y Lucky Strikes are t~e cigarette you ~ould s~ke. I thiuk it's far ei~pler, and far =ore convincing tonight to Just realize that Lucky Strike has come to mean t~:* words - fine tobacco. Truly, in e ctgarette, itJs ~he tobacco that counts. You canlt get av~V fro~ lt~ ladies and g~ti~, The ~iner the tobacco ~he be~ter the cigarette. Those fe~ ~rds th// you the ea~;lr~ etory stout LUC~ 8~rihe Clgarel;ths~ and ~hose few words e~lal~ why, tobacco experts tho attend a~ctions all over the So~th and ~ho see the makers of Luckies at auct@on a/~er auction pay the price to ~y that finer tobacco, today ~hoose L~cklee for their own personal s~okiu~ sattefuctlon. ADd so I say to you tonight - let's not confuse the issue. Let~s take a good clear look at the picture. And if you do, ¥out~l realize that no cigarette can be a~ better them the tobacco it contains, and that since ~uc~y Strike has co~ to ~@a~ fine rococo, h~¢~ Strike Is the oigaretth that you shoald ¢moke. ~THO~ 0016282
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,P LUCK~: ~PZKE ComercinZ - BV)CK: "I~KE BELI~E EALL~OOM" I*m sure most of you folks know that old oxpression about that certain place t~t's ~upposed to be paved ~ith good intentions. When good old Christopher Columbu~ made up his mind thxt this earth of ours ~s round cud that by sailing in ~ certain dirertton he'd find a new route to Iodin, It was Just a good thing far ell of us ltatening right now he didn't say to hi=self - Ye~! I'm sure the earth is ro~d. Oh, I ~ow I cau find a new route to Indi~ but I don't think 1'11 bother abaut it right now. I'll just wait a couple of years. If Coin~bas had procr~stinated - it he put off troa day to day doing what he w~ted to do - well, maybe - maybe we wouldn't be here right now. ~be there woul~,t be ~ you ~d I 1tying in this great co~tr#. So I s~y - thank goodness th~ mhen Mr. Coluabus made up his mind to do a thing he did it, And you k~ow x,n bet that thought upplies to a lot of you folks who listen to the Ballroom every day. ~ou've heard how et auctions throughout the South, the • aters of Lucky Strike Cigarettes pay the price in order to acquire fine tobacco° And I'm sure that you agree with the sbateae~t that no eigaretto can be any better than the tobacoo it contains. There's little doubt but that you're l~pressed by the fact that tobacco experts - men who know tobacco best - men tho see the makers o~ Luckies paying the price to ge~ the finer tobacco - choose Luckins far their own personal smoking pleasure. And I'= Just dilll~g to bet that all of these things together have inpres~od you with the fact tha~ Lucky Strike is the cigarette you should smoke. And ev~r~ time you say - I think 1'11 buy a pack of Lucktas and try them - ~el!, the next tl~e you step up to a tobacco counter you just sort of procrastinate - you forget - you - you put off. And so today, I'~ going to ask you to remember that if Chrtetopher Columbus had forgotten to sail across the ocean in his three ~d~lps, he'd never I flT~01 0016283
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~LDCX: Pa~e ~, have dlscover~ *~erlca. And if yo~ continue to put off or ~'~r~t to ask for Luc~, Strlke Oigarettes, you'll never dls~ver ~e re~l ~easure t~t ¢o~es from s~ok~n~ a clgare~e ~at~J ~'.de of f~ue ~l~cco, care~ly a~ed ~nd ble~ed, ~nd ~:Lt~ no~ ~t .~r nearest t~baccn ¢o~nter~ to defi~Itel~ Incre~se your ~ok~.~ !~lea~ure! n L ~ .............................
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J , I~CK~ ~E "MAKE ~IEVE BALL~)OM" Co~erclal - June 2, 1942 BLOCK~ (After selection) Well, ~at's "The Eacklng Talkward8 Song." Oh • ~" goodness. ~'vq got me do~g it now. ~11~ as lone as I t~Ik straight fo~ to you folks when I*m t~Iklng a~out ~ck~ Strike Cigaret~s, that's ell I have to worry about for the moment. But I suppose you ~Iks can well rememt~r hack in the days when ~ey used to have automobile shows° Remember? Remember ~en ~i the new car8 ~re plac~ on display and all the ~u~ct~rers vled with each o~er for t~e sale of new car~? It seems llke a lo~E time ago. doesnlt it? Oh .e11~ those days will be t~ck ~8~In in the not too dlst~t ~re, I1m sure, if we all ~us~ chip in and do ever~Ir~ that ~e to help bri~ thi~ war to a ~uccesBb~l termination. ~ow I m~ti~ ~e automobile ~ow because I once k~ew a la~ whose hus~e~d said~ Oear~ itI~ about time n ~ot ~ new car. Ye~h~ ~atle ~t her hueb~ ~d, end she ~Id - au8 ~ore ~/~ %~t he said - t~IB year~ IIm g~ing ~o le~ you choose it. ~ell, the ~ ~en~ %o t~e Auto ~ow. ~e looked over all the new ears, and fi~ she ~a~d order for one. 1~eu her husband esked her why she h~d ~ou~ht it, her surprlsiu~ ~s~r was ~st it Just ~tahed the color of her new Sprlng outfit. Can you ~gine anyone buying an auto.bile because the color ~%ched their new Spri~ outfit? It see~ sort ~illy, doe~nlt it? Personal~, of course~ I~d want to }mow .h~t was u~er that hood. lid .an~ to know ~at that c~r was 8olld su~tlal~ that it ~a~ ~oi~ to tr~nspo~ ~ faai~ ~afel7 and economically. And IIm ~ust ~fr~£d that too m~ of us t¢~ select our cigaretta~ the way L~ ~a~ eelected an automobile. ~ou ~ow frlends~ that's n~ ~e way to plck a cigarette. Tnerels only one t~ing ~t determines the quality of ~ ci~r~tta - whether in t~e lo~ run it,s going to give you s~ok~ satisfaction, and that o~ ~urse, le the tobacco fra ~i~ ~us ~de. And you ~ow how ~e ~T~01 0016285
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C~cr¢l~1 - 3~me 2j 1945 -(Evening) ~I~CK= Pa~c [. makere o£ Lucky 8tr£ke Clgcrctte8 have eon~lstontly p.ld the price st ~uct$on ~fter ~uction ~11 ovor the South in order to acquire that finer rococo. ~e~ve told y~u ho~ fndependent tobacco exert8 - men ~ho know to.coo best - choose Luckles for their o~n personal s~ok~ pier.sure° ~nd ~th ~hl~ evidcnc~ before ~ou donlt ~ou ~l~nk you s~ou~d tr~ ~ Lucky th£s ve~ night~/ ~ust one ~in~ - ~he ou~y ~s~r~nce you h~ve ~t cig~rette e~l~ re~l~ pl~se ~ that the tobacco from ~hlch lt~l ~d¢ £s of the finest c~lity. ~oll h~ve t~£s ~s~r~nce ~n Lucky Str~ke ° Buy ¢ ~ge ton£ght ~n~ ~et the to.coo ~n Luckie~ 8pe~k for Itself. RTH01 0016296
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Co~rcial - June 5, 194~ (~) BLOCK: AS B~OADCAST Friends, the o~J~er day I happened to Ee vi~itJzg a friend of ,mine. He'~ in the office of a famo~ diamond ir~Tort~r .'.n do~nto.~n Ne~ ~ork. ~ile I .as down therej I saw rough ~tones being grotu~d ~d ~iished. It was mo~t Interestfng. And after I watched theee ~rocesses for a little ~nile, they asked me i£ l'd llke to ~e the opening of a box contalnLug raw diamonds, Just as they,re ~k~n out of the ground. ~ou kno~ I was quite amazed v~e~ they opened it to Bee What looked like several pounds of dirty looking brown stones ~ll covered with dirt. Looked no more like diamond~ ~an a - than a pebble on a beach. There ~ere BE~ pebbles and little pCbble~ bat certainly nothing th=t looked llke dla--- I ~du,t have given you a nickel for %he ~hole box: It ~s quite interesting to dlscoverthat ~he representatives of %aese ~lam~ad wrenam~ in ~glend bid for these boxes sight unsee.. They can't even open them. They can't look inside them. • They don't ~o~ ~hat'e there. They ~ know that ~here are so mamy oumce~ or ~ound~ of these dirty broom ~one~. They have no idea o£ the quality or the elze. ~es, rough all,monde are purchased very much llke a .like B cat in the bag. That'e the oaly thing I can think of z'1~t now° Then I t~ou~ht how d~£fer~nt from the way our buyers purchase %obac~ to 8o into Luc~ Strike Cisarette~. They carefully ~ee and examine the quality of ~he leaf and when they put in a bid, they ~mow what th~y'~e blddlu~ for. They know ~hst the~'re goluE to get. Really you £olk~ aren't much different t~au our tobac~ b.yers~ becauee ~hen you put in a bid at the tobacco counter £~r a p~ekage of Lucky Strike Ct~rettes, ~ou too, ~-ow what you're bidding for. ~oa ~mo. ~t you're ~oi.~ to get, %oo're bidding for the ci~arett~ that ~o~acco experts smoke. Iou,re ~ddln~ for the ~are%te that =ea~e fine tob~coo, A~d you km~w you,re ~o~-g to ~et the utmoet in emokln~ ea~Jz~mt fx~m every Luck~ Btrlke! RTX01 0016287
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F2 ~F J. LUCKY ~RIKE "MAKE BELIEVE BALLESOH" Coameretsl - June ~, 194~ (Evsnin£) AS ~O~ You kn~w fri~ids, more and ~ore people every 6ay ~re hacoBing interested in amateur photography. ~nd from m~ ov.u experience i can tell you that itrs a partieulerly power~l little hag, that photegra~b~ bug. I guess nearly everytody to~y haa a oam~ra in ~heir home. Most of ue~ of course~ jest u,qe i% to anap pictures of thinge that ~;e want to retain, hat when that ~hotszrai~y b~ re~ly bltes you it's amaslng how qu/ckly you go from ~e o±d- fashfoned box camera th the more elaborate oa~eras, and how you start looking arou~ the houBe with ~at peculia~ glint in your eye. Your ~,lfe k~o~ ~mt it mea~s. ~:ze kz~t that you're ~earchAng for a spot %o build your o~n dark roo~ and do your own developing and ealarglng. But photegre~hy's a very t~s¢i~ating ho~, and as we learn more about it" we eventually ~et to the point there the ec~positteu of the ~ict~re Is a~ in~ortsnt. A good p~etog~a~er knows that the actual subject of a pictore is the main thfug and that nothing should detract from it if he hop~ to have an outstanding eom~sition. Aud the making of Lucky Strike Cigarettes is very mob like the making of a pri~e pleinr~ because ~e know that the - the main subject of • cigarette is the tobacco it coatsin~. MorAinE oan be permitted %0 detraot from the kind of ~ots~eo, i~ we're to have a e~oks that gi~ss real pleasure. That,s thy f~e makers of L~ckies gladly pay the price st auctions all over the S*uth to acquire this finer to~cco. ~nd that's ~ this tohacco's permitted to age fro~ two to four years before it's used. Aud that's ~ ~uch pains are taken %o g~t the correct hind of tobaccos, because we all know~ that in a cigarette itte the toha~co that counts. ~ow may I suggest tonight that #nether you're a ~hothgraphlc fiend or not, you focus your eye on a package of i . , c, .......... RTH01 0016288
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.J /. IJJCK£ ~RZl~ "~tKE S~1~E I~T~RO0~4" Co~erclal - June 5p 194~ (Evening) BLOCK: Lucky Strike Cigarettes, snap one between y(,ur lips# light it, end see if it d~esn't click with you just as it does v lth men ,~o know tobacco best? P.ith independent tobacco experts it's Luck£es t~o to one. C~oe yourve learued ~e pleasure of smoking LuckieB~ the cigarette that means flne tobacco, well nothing else will &£ve that smze pleasure, ATH01 0016289
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LUCXY 8TRIK~ "~E BELI~E E~J~ROOa" Com~e¢cJ~l - June 4, 1942 BLOCK AS ~DC~S/ ~y I tell yo~ about a little saying %hat I c~e ecroee sever~l yeare ego, that made a gre~t impression ou me? Z don't think. Illl ever forget it. I'd llke to pae~ It on to you, The sayluE ~6 %Itbad the difference between dollere and ide~m, and if Z recall It went eome~%lug l~ke thls° ~ou have a doLler ~nd I have ~ dollar. ~ou glve me your dollar and I 81re you mine. We ea~ ~ttll i~,m only one dollar. ~t you have an idea. And I have e~ idea. You Else me your idea end I give you mlne. ~e each now have two Ideae. That'~ the dlf£erence between dolla~,e ~d Idee~. And I wanted te repe~ that little eayi~g for ~ou be~aus~ £~J~ ~o e~llea~e to Luck~ Strike C~aret~ee° T~0re.e Juet one idea back of Luo~le~o And ell of the dollars ~n the world couldu'~ ma'~e us c~e thai idee. I% ~ that no ci~aret%e cau be az~ batter than the tobacc~ fro~ which it's made. Noe In ~ clg~rette £t's trul) the tohacco th~t counts. And maybe ~" ulln~ ~n~eridr ~ades of tobacco we ~ul~ m~ke more dollars, ~t ~ We did that - ~ell the% the ~ole idea of Luck~ Strike cigarettes' qu~llty ~ould be lost. To be perfectly tr~ ~th ~ou folks, wetve a~de ~o ~ roD/ion8 of frle~de ~ rely on uB three hundre,~ a~ sixty-~ve day~ in the yea~ to ~upply them with the cigarette that's come to mea~ fine ~obac¢o° ~o~e~e heard how a% ~ark~% ~fter ~arke% all o~er the Se~th, we consistentl~ pay the price ~or thet f~.er~ light,r, milder thbacco that s~k~s yore" LU~ Strike the g~,s~d s~okn It Ss to~, 8o believe me ,heu I tell you the ~ak~r~ of Lucky Strike Cigore~tes are proud to be able to say - ~hat with men ~h~ know tobacco bast~ itls Lucklo~ t~o to one. An~ even though It may cost a few dollare ATH01 0016290
Page 159: 0060233195
L~Y STP~KE "MAKE BKLIEVE BALIJ~O~I" Oo~ercl~ - June 4~ 194£ (~orning) BLOCK= Page more per hundred pound~ for ~h~t fLuer tobaccos ~eI~-~ never forget the idea ~t's back of every Lucky Strike Cl~r~tte.°.The ~dea t~t in a clgarette it's t~e +~beceo tha~ counts. Get the idea? Well you will ~en you light a LuckT. y~ RTHO1 0016291
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~P LUCK~ ST~KE "gAKE BELIEVE ]~LL~OOM" Co~merci~ - June 4, ~42 (Ev~L~) BROCK= A3 E~)ADCAST I suppose most of you folks today kno~ %her the populari~ of e radio program l~ Judged by. the n~ber of lis%enera it ett~ects° ~at And/in order to rate programe several orge~tzatione ~e it a ~eieees of ~aklng a sure7 of ~e llstepln~ public. ~a~t~ Bo~etime your t~lephone has nmgand ~o=ebo~ eeld to you °,. Do you m~nd telling =e what ~ta%lon you're listening to noW? And you e~7 °.. cert--, such and such a s%ation~ and ~uch end suoh a program. Now %en~ of thousand~ of euoh ce~ls are ~ade in order %~ determine the p~p~le~i~ of different radio p~o~, ~o~ ~o~ the mak~.r~ of Lucky Strike Cig~rette~ oonducted a little eurvey of their o~m~ only instead of checking up on the Listening h~ts of the general ~b]/c~ we decided to check up ou the s~okln~ habits of the lndep~n~eat t~cco expe~ - the eu~ione~e~ the ~ers~ the ~rehou~e~en, the men ~o ~ their living %hrough %hei~ ~o~ledge of t~oco, Now tnsLead of callJ~g t~e~ on the phone, hp~d~ede end huodrede of t~ were aeked persons/ly ~hat c~garett~ gave t~e~ the ~o~ smoking enjoyment, lind believe 7ou me folks, our fe~th in the axio= that i~ takee finer tobacco %0 ~eke a fi~er cig~e~e ~a~ real~7 borne out ~en %he ~orn re~o.-~s sho~$d that 5u~k~" ~tr~e ~ t~ce ae ~ ex~iusIve s~okerv as had ell other ci~re~See co=blned° ~ow friend~ ~hen I ~al~ to you abou% Luckiee ilm o~ - It~ o~ yo~ side° !lm on ~our e~de of the ~o~oco courser. I'~ Juet an ordinary B~oker ~ho'e permitted L~ the ~a~erl of Lucky Strikes to come to the ~lcrophone and Lell you the %hi~g~ ~hat I kn~w to be true end have seen with e7 own eyes° Not one J~nsle piece of copy has ever bee~ ~Tit%e~ for ie %O read %0 you. And I k~ol you believe me ~h~ I tell you that with ~ o~m ~yes I have seen ~hese identical s~orn re~oz~s° Now won't you take a tl~ from the experts? Non'% you be guided by *he facts? Take ~ suggestion° °. S~oke %he e~oke tot~cco e~er%e ~ke. I~t up a Lu~ t~n~ght. RTH01 0016292
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-*4 T~ LUCK~ 8T~E "~KE BELIEV~ E~LRO0~'~ Co~er¢ial - June 5j 194~ BLOCK: A8 EgOA DC~ST I wLnt %0 tell you folks ~hat I thL~k ~s rather a~ Inte~eBtLuE little ~tory, ]~ I wa~ JUB~ a yot.~gB~er eb~ut $1L~rtee~, ~ £olks ssnt ce up to a far~ in Dutchess Co~mt7 for the ~ole su~er° lhile I was at ~ha~ farm I learned one of the greatest lessons ~t ar~. young man could ever learnj and I1ll tell you ho~ it ca~e about. The far~er's wi£e su~ested ~hat I£ I go out with a ~ket ~ brin~ ~ck 6o~e wild gr~esj she'd aake a ~hole ba%ch of ~rape JeLl~ for ~e to ~ak~ ho~e to ~ mother ~en I wen~ ~ack hO~e a~. ~ellj bright and early one ,~ornin~j I lef~ the fara wlth ~ tesket over ~ arm and ho~ man~ ~tle~ I ~iked that ~y~ I'Ll never know. ~ut I do k~o~ that ~ five o'clock ! ~s completely e~haus~ed and I hadn't found a s~@le ~ ~T~pe. X Euess i ~ust have .~Iked all the I~ to ~e Co~ectleut border ~d baak ~aln - no ~ild ~rapeB, As I c~awle~ under ~e fence tha~ m~ked the end of the p~r~v of ~e f~r~ .~ere ~ ~6 itaylng. I ~u~ed r~ght ~ack in~ a vine Just loaded with - wild grapes - you guessed it. ~ five allures I had the ~le ~aske~ full and I wa~ ~ack at the far~use again. T~at ~as a ~re~t lesson to ~e. All too o~'%en the very thinE= we.re searching for are ~o be fc~d not f~r ~field, ~t right in our own ~ack yard. And to you fol~s who ha~ spent 7ea~ searching for a tat~r cigarette, the cigarette that ~ould give you ~e u~aost Lu neki~8 sa~i~facSion - and ~ho have gone f~r af£el~ in your ~earch, may I reaind you that one nQe~It ~e~rch through ~rtlflclally created slogan~ Bad ~hr~es in order %0 deternine am~ ~akes a go~d cigarette. One need ~ u~e good c~m~m #~e ~ l~g~c ~d real~ze ~ha~ ~o ~rette ~n ~¢r ~e any better %hart the %otacco from which it'a made. ~ need only sake ~ure ~mt cigarette cou~ne the f£.er ~%e~os i. order RTM01 0016293
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~J LUCKY STI>JX~ "K~E ~I1,~E BALLROOM" Cor~erctal - Jvae 5j 194£ (Mor~L,'~) BLOCK: Page 2. ~ow that we're smoking the beB%. I thir,,v. over e period of years, the makerB of Luck7 Strike Cigarettes have proven t~at et m~rko~ ~fter market all over the South they consistently ~y the price to bey only the f~erj li~ter, aAlder tobaccos that go into Luckiee. • he~ tot~cco e~erts see thisj they know it to be true. ~nd that's these me~ ~o know tobecco best make Luskles their o~ personal s~okAag prefer~ce. So again I say you needn'% search a£a~ for pour saoklng en~oymen%. Just ask at the tobaeco counter in pour ow~ beck yard for a package of Eusky StriMe, the ci~re~te that's coae to mean f~ne tobecco. ATX01 0016294
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..................... __m__ ............................ LECK~ STS/KE "HAKE BELIEVE E~LL~O~" C~erclal - J~ne 5s 194~ BLO~: AS ~RDADCAST NOW perhaps ~ cf you folks have .ondered .~ th~ m, skel'B of LUC~ Strike Oigarettes constantly e~phasize the ~act that at market after market they pay more than ~e average ~arket price for the tobacco they t~y. Have you ever wondered about ~hat? Well, perh~s it's best ex~laiued this way: If you 1Bdie~ ,.ere out ~hoppin~ ~r a ha% you tried on B half a dozen hats and then finally yo.~ tried on o~e hat that -~s Just so attractive, so chic tha% it ~ade y~u look just per.~ec+~ly adorable. Now If tha~ hat co~t Just a little ~ore then the otber~ and you wanted It badly enough~ if you could afford 1% wouldn't you pay the dA~erence to ~ that hat? - Espec£all~ 1~ It made so much ~££ference in your appe~ranoe° Of course, ~ou ~ld, Well, the folks ~ho ~ske Luck~ S%rlke C~.~rettes feel ve~ much the same ~ a~out It° We k~ow that au average tobacco ~akes an average cigarette and that qualit~ %~ac~o ~kes a finer e£garette. And we're prou~ of the fact tha~ Lucky ~trike haB came ~ meen flue tobacco, p~rtlcularly with men. ~ho know tobaoco best. And that's ~y, in order to maintain the hi,her qoal/~ of Lucky strike cigarettes, we're ~lw~Ts ready and ,I/ling to pay ~hat li~le extra cos%. Now remeuber, friends, this extra oost is ~ot pessed o~ to you. You pay no ~ore ~or Luckie~j ~u~ ~o~ certainly do get ~or~ - more of that finer tobacco, that ~ke~ a £fner cigarette. RO~ Just as ~ou ladies ge~ the greater satisfaction £ro~ knowing t~a% you're weariug a hat ~hat's Just a little betterj so I think you all will derive more pleasure fro~ s~oki~g a otgaret%~ that cont~lus t~at finer tobacco° ATHO1 001629S
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L(/CI~Y STP~K~ "k~ BE~IEVF~ BAL~" Co~J~erctal - June 6, 1942 -(14o~.~ 13LOCK~ AS BRO.~CAST I suppose rues% of you ~olks h~e heard about %hst old Shell game . maybe you've even see~ i% work. ~ profession~l gamble.r, goudlly dressed - big gold chain across his ws% - s~a%cd ut a little t~hl% three Bhel!s in £ront of him and on~ li%tle bean. youtve s~n hey: ~ lif%s %h~ Bhell~j moves th~ ~an around, m~ip~ldtes %h~.~. After ho1~ move4 %hem around a hit he says .. ° now ladles and g~nt!~ent ycupays your money and ¥outak~s your chance. Of course~ %he idea h~ing ~ouDre suppas=d be tell him which sh~ll th~ bo~ is under° If youlr~ right ,You .-.'in, If )'ouSr~ ~on~ you lo~c~ The odds are abouh thr~e he one aKainst you. H~ pays off ~ven money an~ %hah~ why ~obolv owr ~o~ r~ch pldy~ng a 8hell ~a~e. Ho~ different %ha% is ~o~ ~klng the selection of %ha ~igare%t~ you choOSe %o smoke. ~eca~ae In picking a clgare%%e %her~'a only on6 thing you h~w to know~ ~nd %bah is %ha% in a cigarette lh's %,he tobacco %ha~ counts. It make~ no ~I££er~nce whether %he eye is qulcker than ~ha hand or not, 8o long ~s the hand %ha% made you~ Lucky used that £iner tobacco £o~ which ~e co..slBt~n%ly pay higher %hart awr~go ~arkeh prlc~s a% ~uch~on~ ~Ii owr %he South. Independent hotacco ~x~rts ~;ho ~tt~nd th~ ~uctlon~ ~o~ hhut uo clga~et%~ can ever be any be~%~r thcn the ~obacco f~o~ Which ~%t~ made. That's ~hy %hei~ ~an pev~onal~ s~okln~ or~£er~nco is £o~ Lucki~s. So rem~m~r~ folkss in hhe old Shell Gam~ ~h~r~ you pa)s ¥~u~ m~ney end takes y~u~ ch~nc~ %he ~dd~ ar~ %hr~e he one ~inst you~ h~% ~en you troy a p~k~ of Luc~7 S~rlk~ Cigare%tea y~u pays y~ur aerie7 and ~u %~ke~ no ch.~4~c~ ~ecauBe ~,~th me~ who kno~ t~bacco ~est i%Is L%zck~e~ t~.~ %o one. N,~ an/,~ay you l~ok at i%. o .~hen you select L~cki~s for y~ur sm~kln~ plee~u~ ycu c~n'% help but ~in ~nd ~ulre paid off in ~eaCer smok~ ~nJoy~nh. ~T~O9 0016296
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[ LUCKY STRIKE "~AKE BELIEVE BALLROOU" C ~rclal - au~, 6, 1942 - (~v~i~) BLOCK: Friends, so ~ ti~s on these ~roadccs's youBve heard me make th~ statoment...that with independent tobacco uxperts - men who k~v tobacco best - itls Lucki~s two to one. Now everl wol~ in that st&t~ment =c:~s som~thlng. Tonight though, I w~t to call your attention to Just cue of the ~ords in that statement - the ",x)rd independent. Whe~ the m~kers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes appeint~ ~ Imparti~:l ~urveylng organization to ch~ck ~n th~ personal smoking preferences of tobacco ~xperts, we ~aated it to h.• b, absolutely i~p~rtiGl eh~¢k. Now wz kn~-, it '3aS On~ .~at%~l that...rell~ if for ~x~@le~ we ~$k~ empl~y~s of th~ co~ that ~kes L~cky S£rike Cig~r~tte~, which cigarette they liked b~st, naturally they'd say L~ck~ Strlk~. And that wouldn't he ~xactly ~.hat W~ Co~l~ call a £~Ir eheck~ and ~o this surveF wa~ taken n~onS independent wareho~se~e~ auctleneors~ a~d ~yers - men who are in nu way affillated with - ~'Ith any cigarette man~facturlng company - ~n who ~r~ independent i~ their ~:ork au~ co,~equently in their op~ons. And you c~n J~st bet yo%Or ~ttom dollar that ~s were mighty proud when the re~rt on that survey came b~¢k to uS and sho~ed... '~ith these i~do@endent toha¢c~ ~x~rts - these .~en wh~ ~.*re frec uahnmp~red in their opinion - it z~-s Luchi%s t%~ tc .n~. N~w that ~eans that amung thuse ~n Luckie$ have t,ic~ as mc~%y ~xcluslve smck~rs ~s all ~ther cigarettes c~m~Ined. I think y~u~ll adult t~at ~e pl~v pretty f&ir ~hon ~?e made this s~v~y ~,nly a~.~ independent t,:baceo exerts. And that same spirit of fain play prevails in the making of Lucky Strike Cig~rottcs. you'll like Lueki~s for th~ sa~ re;=s~'n th~ experts llk~ therl, bacaus~ Luck~ Strikes ~Cm%S fine tobacco, and fine tobacco ~ans a hatter smoke. RTHOf 001629?
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• s LUCKY STRIKE "MAKE BELIEVE BALL~O(~" ~LOCE: YOU know, friends~ itts truly am~g how the entire success story of Lucky Str£ke Cigarettes - a ~ucce~s story that has been developed over a per£od of many years, c~n be COndensed into Just a few words. And ~hile I gues~ I could ~rlt~ a book on ~ly Lucky Strikes ~re the cigarette you should smok% I thLuk £t's far s~pler and far more convincing to Just reallzo that today Lucky Strlke has com~ to mean flue tobaccO* Truly, in a cigarette, it's the tobacco that oount~l Th~ finer the tobacco, the flu~r ~he c£~arett~. Those fe~ ~:ords tell you the ~ntire story ~bout Lucky Strike Cigarette~ an~ thoso f~w ..,'orals expla£u why tobacco experts who att~n~ a~ctlous ~11 over tho south and ~ho se~ the makers of Lu~k£es at auction after auction pay th~ price to buy th~ ~Iner tobncco~, today choose Luckles for t.hei~ own personal smoking aatlsf~ct£on. Why doutt you light up a Lucky todd? RT~01 001629B
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LUCKY STRIKE "MAXE BELIEVE BALL~O0~" Co~:erclal - June 8~ 19~ - BLOCK: Say, if you folks who were lis%ening last Saturday night here at the Ballroom re.~smber I - I took that statemont so often used on Lucky Strike broadcast~.., the one that goes... Ni%h independent tobacco experts, wlth men who know %ob:ccc be~t, Itls Luckies t~o to one. And ~ said the% ever)' word in that statement means something to you. Re~emher l~st Saturday night I tol~ you the me,ruing of the ~rd ind~,de,t as a~pl1~ to the tobacco experts. Well, ton~ht let's t~ke the next ~art of that s~at~men%.., the part the% follow~ th~ lu~ependent tobacco e~.perts, wl%h me,~ ~ho ~o~ %o~c¢o best. No~ if you spent your entire ~orklng llfe ~iggin~ ~i%ches wouldn't you expect to dlg a be%ter dltch th~ the n~x% man. If ~s a child ~ou had been ~ppren~Iced as a shoe maker and spent your ~hole life making shoes~ ¥ou~nat~aliy be ~x~ect'~ to make ~ ~tter pair of shoes. And ~ust so true Is it that if ?¢u'd spent your ou%ire llf~ handling tobacco you'd 5~ expected to }mow more abou% tobacco than the next fellcw. Tobacco warehou~emeu, auctioneer~, ~ers~ er~ usually broUght up in the% buslncss. Tcbacco's their !iv~ll,hood. Th~se ar~ the men who b~ow tobacco best. And Just as the)" ~non tobacco so do they kno~ that it takes ~ flner tobacco to m%ke ~ finer ci~srette~ and that no cigarette con he any better fr~ the tobacco from which i%~s made. No~ ~;hen they ~ee the makers of Luckies pay t~he p~Ice a~ auctlons ~Ii ,~vcr the 8ou%h th~ r~alize that ~e'r~ h~yi, g the kind ~f tcbacc~ they want tc smoke. So little ~ouder that ~.'Ith the~ m¢~ who ~w tobaccob~t Luckies have m~r~ ~xcl~slve sm~ker~ than have all ~th~r br~nd~ uf ~IEar~ttes c~mb~ned. Why nut l~arn for ¥ouraelf, frle~, that in a clgarette it's truly th~ ~bacco that counts? ~hy not limb% up ~ Lucky t~%? ATH01 00~6299
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!1 - IXICKX STRIKE ~ BELIEVE I~IJJDOMI' Commercial - Jtme % 1942 AS ~O/d~AST S~ how ~ of you folks ~ rem~er ~ ~ack to the days when they used to have an autoBobLle show every year? Reamer the automobile eho~ - ~ tOe new cars on display - ell the manufacturer~ witO each other for the male of new ~rs? Seems Like it was a long, long t~e a~oj doeenlt lt~ Oh wellj those days will ~e ~ck ~geln aud in tOe not too diltaut futurep Iim sure - tha% lsj if ~e all chip in snd do everything we can to help bring ~hf~ war to a 8u¢oe~tl ~d. I ~%ion th~ a~tOmo~e ~how becaus6~ I once kn~w a la~ ,hose husband s~td ... Dear, It's a~ou~ tine ~e got a new car. ~o~ tO~ yes~j IIm ~oing to let y~ choose the car. Well, see went to the auto show. She looked all the new cars over a~ over and see finally placed an order for onej ~d ~ w~e deli~ere~. ~ her hus~d asked her ~y see ~h~ Lt~ her very ~lBing ~er us th~ it ~uBt ~t~ed the color of her new 8p~ng o~to Can you ~e ~one b~ing an a~toso~ile hacause the color ~at~ed their new ~lug out~it~ It eems eort ot a~ly~ dee~v% it? Per~o~ll~ I'd want %0 know ~hat ~ under toat hood. Ied • aut to know that that car was solid end submtautlal~ that it ~as ~oing to ~r~sport ~ ~e~tly ~a~el~ ~d ecouo~tcel~. And IIm ~u~t ~f~d ~a~ too ~ of u~ tode~ ~elect our oi~arettos exactly toe ~y tha~ ~ selected en automobile. ~o~ kno~, friends, toat~ no~ toe ~y to p~ck a ct~aretto. Therel~ only one t~n~ that deW,rues tOe q~lity of a ct~are%te - thether in tOe long ~ it's ~o~ug to give you smoking sat~tactt~, and toe% o~ cour~e~ 1~ the tohac~o from ~tse i%le made. ~es s~r, thate~ tOe one th~or~n~ th~ug - tOe tohacco. ~o~ you know ho~ tOe ~aharl of Lucl~ S~riha cl~aretto8 have ~nedste~tly ~ld tOe prine at auctinn after a~c~ton all over the SoutO in order to acquire ~ the fi~er rococo. ATP:O1 0016300
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l~Td STRIKE "~ ~ELIBY~ Et~/~OOM" ~eralal - June 9, 1942 (Mo~Ing) EtO~: We've told you how ~depe~dent tobacco experts - men who know tobacco best - choose L~kies for ~e4r own personal s~okiug ple~Bure, And with 4&is evidence before you don't you th~k ~ou ehou~ try Luc~ ~ls very d~y7 Cauee Just rezeaber one thin8 - the orgy assurance you have ~nat a cigarette will really pleaee $e ~hat ~lch *he tobacco frog/it is ~de te of the finest quality. ~ou have ~ls aeeurance in ~uckies, ~y a peck today and let the tobacco in Lucky Str£ke Clg~re%tes speak for itself. RTH01 0016301
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I~CKX STRIKE "HAKE ~ELIEVE Et~BO~" Com~eroinl - June 9, 194~ BLOCK: AS BF~AST ~ell frle~ds, Just four dsy6 more here at the 1~ake Believe ~¢llroom end then~ thar~s to ~ ~any ~Ice spon~or~, !'m going to leave on ~ little vacation - a vacat~ce v~ere Till have an opportunity to rest a little and to plan even bigger and bettor M~L~e Belinve Bellroo~ bro~dcasba. ~hen I m~de arr~nge~ento up at Soroon Loke - to spend my vacation up there, first questlo~ I 8~ed was - how's fishing? And they Batd it was fine - plenty of trout, and bas~, and land-locked sawn. X guess you aLl know by this time if there'8 one thing I like it's good finhlng, and you can be~ your bett~ dollar the first thing I'm goln~ to do ~ben I get up there is %0 circulate around to~u and talk to so~e o~ the old time go~de~ up there~ the men who have ba~ fishing in those ~abar~ for years and yea~° And if posslble~ I'~ going to get one to show me the good spots to fish~ because - well you fishermen know that ~uile a lake ~ay be CulX o~ fish, ~less yo~ know where to get them and ~han to gat them, yo~'re Just wasting your time. ~ep! I've al~s found that it pepys to take the advice of the men who are exp~rts. T~at goes for ~elec~Lug a cigarette Just as it does for fishing. ~ou and I know that ~en a man ~a~es his living by ~rking in the tobecco Industry - mell~ ha's bound to ~w more about tobacco than the average person. Independent tohacco experts, auctioneers, ~rehousemen~ b~yers - well they make ~t theSr ~uslnes~ to attend public auctions throughout the ~th and to see who buys what tobeceo. And these independent experts see the makers of Lucky ~trlke p~vLUg the price to ~ey the finer, lighbar, relier lear. And with these Independent tobeceo experts - Luck~ 8trlke - have twice as man~ exclusive mkerB as all other c~arecte~ combLu~d. To me that, s proof enough that Luck~ Strike RT~01 0016302
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I~CK~ ~ q, tkK£ BEI~EVE B~LI~O0~" Co~erol~l - J~e 9, 1942 (Eveninl~) RLO~: Page ~, mee~s flue tobacco. Yes sir~ you cauUt go very far weong ~len you w£11 take the advice o1" the experts, especially @hen ~ou re~ember ~aa% talk £e cheap. These men not only Bay ~hey smoke LuckleB, I~t they spend their cigarette money to b~ the~. ~ don't you ~ry Luokies tonight? ~T~01 0016303
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/7 / CoMez'd.a]. - June 10p 194~ (Eom~g) BC~OCKt (A~ter musical selection) "If ~oney Grew on Troes|" Wouldn't that be i~ell? ~es ~irZ Everybod~ wou~ have ~11 ~e ~ouey t~at - ~t - ~lt e ~tnute. Tha~ ~uldu't be so good. That money wouldult be worth anything° I% ~ul~lt ~ worth a~v more t~n the leave~ on the trees are ~rt~ right no~. ~o~ ~hat wou~ntt be so good, E~kine. ~ould better get up another idea ~lle I talk to our f~lend~ ebout pho~ograpb~. It's e~zln~ the way ~ro and ~ore ~eople every day are beco~ng interested in a~teur ~otogra~yo Let .~e tell you fro~ ~ o~ experie~ce~ ~t'~ a very potent little ~ that ~a% photograp~ b~g, and o~ce ~ ~es you - look out| Gue~ ~ust about everybody ha~ a cuera around ~e house today° ~ost o.~ u~ ~uet use it to snap ploture~ of the thins we went ~o ret~u. ~t .hen that p~oto~na~y b~g re~ly ~te~ you, ~tle e~az~ug ho. quickly you go from *he o~d-~aeb£oned box camera ~o ~h~ more eleborate ca~era~, and how you s~rt look~n~ aro~d the ~ou~e with a peculiar glint in your eye. ~our wife will reco~£~ tba% gll~. I~ ~eans that 7ou're searching for ~ spot in ~ich you can ~lld your ov~ dark roo~. ~eah you.re gofu~ to blacken up the w~ndow~, 7outll do 7our o~ d~veloplng ~ your o~ en~rgln~. ~! By the ~e you ~et %o ~ha~ stage youf~e real~ bttteu ~y° Phot~gra~ rea3~ i~ a ~ery ~as~tnat~ug hobby° /~d aB ~e learn ~ore about l~ we get ~o the point ~here the c~o~itiou of the pic~re is the a~-l~port~nt ~h~g° ~ow, a good ~hotogra~ber k~o~ that the aerie1 Cu~ec~ of a picture le the ~ t~ug in that ~ture, ~nd noth~n~ should detrac% fro~ ~t If he want~ to bare ~n out~tanding co~po~ion. And you know~ rea~ly~ the ~king of Luek~ 8~r~ke Ci~rettes iB 8~ething like the n~k~ug of a prize ptoture; ~c~use • aow that ~e main ~bJ~ct o~ a cigarette iB ~e tobacco° ATe01 0016304
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L~CK¥ Commerc181 - BLOCK: "MAKE BUYERS BAI~aOOM" Page ~. June lO, 1942 (Morning) Nothing can be permitted to detract from the kiud of tobacco whlch should be used in clgaret%es if we're to have a smoke tha% glves real pleasure. ~d thatI~ why the makers of Lucklee 81adly pay the prloe at auctions all over the South to acquire this fther tobacco. And tha%,s ~v thle tobacco is permitted to age from %wo %0 four years before it's used. That's ~%T Bush pa~ns are taken to get the correc% blende of tobacco; because we all know that in a clg~rette, itts the tobacco tbat co~uto. And ~ I suggest thnight tba% shether you're a photogra~ic fiend or not, you foous yonr eyes on a package of Luck~ Strike O1~rettes? Soap one between your lipsj li~%t I%, and ~ust ~ee if it doesn't click with yo~ Jus% as I% does wlth men ~ho know %0bacoo best. With indapenden% tobacco experte, i%fs EuckleB t~o to one. And oo¢e you've learned the pleasure of smoklag Luckles - the cigarette that means fine tobacco - noth~ else will give you that s~ae ;aea~ure. 8THOI 0016305
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/ \ J i~0KY STRIKE "MIKE BELIEVE E~[R)O~. Co~erclal - 3une 10, 1942 (EvenlnK) BLOCK: A8 ~ADCAST " (Af%er selection) Gosh, that's beautiful| ~ can't I ~rlte songs 1Eke ~ha%? Speaking o£ beautlf.l Bongsj I ~nder how many of you folks remember "~oke RingaT" Remember? Ah, from lIBtenlng %o the% lovely melody you could ~ust plct~u~e ~eat ~L rinse ot smoke ~lo~ly wafting their .ay up~r~ . Did you ever notice that ~en an artist attempte to ehow a man ~n a p~cture complet~laxed, you ue.al~ find in that p~cture theme things ..o the m~u ~ a comfortaSle mokl.~ Jacket, a pair o£ bedroom Jlippere c~ hie feet - usually he,ll be aeated beelde a flrerlace in a great ~g easy chair, bla head thrown ~ek~ r~ngs of smoke¸ co~Ing ~ ni~ mouth. I guess therels a reason for tha%. Some thee are always aseoc~ated with other thine. And ~ we think ot relaxation we can't help ~t think of %ha% comfortable chair, a fireside, end smoke fro~ a good clga.~ette. ~ou know ~rlends, the makers of LUC~ Strike C~arettea feel tha% ~u %heBe ti~es ~en eve~one~B ~ervee are ~re on edge tha~ ~ver before, •hen ali people are ~rkin~ h~rder than ever before, you']/ ~ e double measure of relaxation in a finer ci~aretteo And ~hat makes a c~gare%%e flner~ Well o£ £ouree, by thee time you ~ow ~he answer iB ~Iner tobacco, end that this ~iner to~ecco is the ~e~ of every Lucky Strike C~garette,~s ~orne out by the ~act that independen% experts - men ~o k~o~ tobacco best, men mho et%end publlc au¢~o~s and aee ~o buys what tobacco end ~ee the makere of Luck~es paylng the price ~ get that tlner tobacco - smoke Luck~es %~o to one. The next time ~ou feel the need for that complete relaxation that unqucstlonahly will enable you to do a ~etter day'~ work tomorr~ ~n't you remember to l~Eht up a Luck~? RT~01 0016306
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LOCK3 ~t~IK~ Con~ercl~l - I suppose ~os~ o£ you folks ~ow Chat the popularity of a radio progr~n is Judged by the number of linthners it has. In order to rate programs, there are Beveral organi~atAon$ that make it s business of ~ a survey o£ lister~ng - of the llsten~g public. Now maybe sometime your phone has r~g-- somebody has said to you ... do you mind telling me 1hat statinn you are listening to? And you say - No, not at alll Such e~d such a s~a~on, such ~d such a proEr~. Now thousands of such calls are Bade to deter~ne the popularity of radio prog~us. And the eakers of Luc~ Strike Cigarettes conducted a little survm/ of their or. Only instead of checkLr~ up on the listening habits of the general puhlio~ we decided to check on the s~okLng habits of the i~deper~t tobacco experts - auctioneers, ]~t~ere~ ~x~hou~el~ - ~ v~o ~ t~elr l¢~g throu~ their knowledge o£ tobacco. Instead of calling them on the phone, however, b~dred¢ of the~ were asked personally, ~at cigarette gave them the most ~ok~ enJoTcent. ~d believe you ~e~ folks, our faith In the saying Chat it takes fine th~aocn %o make a fine cAgarette was really bor~e out theu the s~oru records sho~dd ~h~t ~dth these me~ Lucky Strike had t~os as ~zu~ exclusive smokers as had all other cigarettes combined. NoK then I inlk to you about Luchthe~ remember - I*m on your side of the tol~cco counter. I sort of feel that I'm Just an ordinary smoker who is psr~tted by the ~ke~ of Lucky 8~rike to come to the ~orophone and tell you the things Chat I k~ow to be tcue - things ~at Ilve ee~ wi~ I~ OWn eye¢. And chert I tell you that X bare these ~th ~ own eyes eee~ seem records, 7ou ~uet ~elleve ~, Eou'~ you take a tlp fro: the experts - ~on't you be ~ded I~ the facts? Take ~ suggestS: ~oke the moke to~oo¢ ex~er~ ~ke. ~J.ght up a ~u~ tedeyl ~T~01 001630F
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= LUCK~ 8TRLTE "~E BELIEVE I~.,ROOM" Commercial - 3tree 11, 1942 (Evening____~) AS BROAI~AST BLOCK: Well friends, as you ~ow, tonight wa~ he. release night a% the Make Believe Ball~oo~ and we played all We he. recordB for you. ~n~ you ~o~, Y only wish that the producing of f~ne aigarettes s~th as Luc~, Strkke was as simple and quick a ~attor as producing a good record. Let's take ~ust a mo=ent and look at it. ~ month ago a f~us EODg ~Iter ~ro~ a SOng° ~ree we~s a~ a famogB ~nd recorde~ it. Tonight you heard it o~ ~e ai~° ~ou enjoyed it, you appreciated it, and maybe you want to go out and b~ it. So let's take Just ~ second to look at wh~t It takes to preduce Just one of those fine Lucky Strike Ci~arettos~ Just llke ~hin one I've got be~e r~ght ~ow. Uap beck in 19~ or i~9 it took months o~ care on the part of the to.coo f~r=ers to grow tobecco. And wh~ the ~aber~ of ~ucky Strike Cigarettes pe4d the pri~e at auction to b~ the finer tobeceo~ ~ell, it the~ had to be shipped to our Btor~ge shed~ there fro~ t~o to four yea~s ~s allowed to age and mellow the tobacoo and th~ it had to be bl~ded ~Ith other fine tohaocos in a ao~t painstaking proees~ before it ~a8 rea~ to go into the e~arette ~aking mchthe. And in ~e final analys£s there's one great difference b~t~een n~king a record o£ a new song and prodocing Lucky Strike Cigarette. No one kno~ .bethe~ the record he seleeto tonight as the outstandi~ record of the week ~£ii turn. out to be a h~t, bet you can bet your tottoa dollar, the result of those years of work in producing Luck~ Strike Clgaretbes will hew produced a cigarette thatlm bound to ~ake a hit with eve~T smoker. ~ow ¥ouTve allo~d e~ to play the new recor~B f~r you tonight. ~on't you do =e a favor? Light up a Lucky real soon? I know you're going to llke ths~. Thanks a lot! RT~01 001~309
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,r I~CK~ STRIKE "HAKE BESIEVE I~M" C~ercial - Jtme 1~, 1942 (~.~J) BLOCK: I v~t to te~ to some of the folks ~o perhaps have been ~ondering ~hy the ma~ers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes elway~ ~size the fact ~hat at market after a~.rket ~ey p~ more ~han the averse market price for the tobacco they b~y° Maybe it's best e~lained ~ht8 way: If you ladies were ou~ ~oppiu8 for a bat and you ~rfed on hale a dozeu hats and then fiually you tried on one hat t~t ~s Jus~ so attractive and so chic. It made you look perfec~ adorable. ~ow, if that hat co~t ju~ a little mor~ than the others, and ~ou ~anted it ~dly enough, if you could afford £% ~ould~'t you pay the differe~ce to ~y that hat - if It ~a~ so much dt~ferenoe in your appearauce? Of course yo~ would~ Well, ~e #olks who make Lucky Str~e Cigarettes feel ~ery much the ~ame ~a~ about it. We ~ow that an average tobacco makes an average cigarette. We know that quality tobacco make~ a ~er etgare~te. ~nd ~e're proud of the fact t~t L~ck~ 6tr~J{e has come to mean fine to~c~ part~c~lar~ ~th men ~bo ~ow ~obacco best. An~ that's why, in order to meintaAn the higher quality of Lucky Strtke Cigarettes, we're al~ys ready and ~lli~ to pay ~he extr~ cost. NOW re.emir friendS~ ~S ex~ra co~t is ~ot r~s~e~ o~ ~o you. ~ou pay ~o more for Luck~e~ but you certa~ly do get ~ore - more of that finer ~o~cco that means a finer cigarette° Now~ Just as you ladies get t~e greater aatl~factio~ fron k~owiug that you're ~ea~ a hat ~at'j J~Bt a little better, ~ I think you will all ~e~ve more i~easure from emok.tng a cA~rette that contains finer ATHO1 0016309
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T LUCKY STRIKE "h~KE B~IEVE BALLROOM" Coraerclal - June IR, 1942 (~_~ BLOCK: Well now, before our next number by To~.y and the band ... tonight, tonight I Rat to touch on a Subject that hmy perhapv be a little emharrasBlng, but I kno~ that after I explain ~Eelf youlll ~gree with ~e that itI s tr~. Have you ever noticed how invariably ~en a gro~ of ~eople get together therels ~l~aya o~le man Or wo~l ~o - ~o ~ort of take8 over1 ~OIB looked up to more or less 8~ t.~,e leader in tha~ pertfcuinr group. With ~ou l~dles, for ex~pte - ~ your grou~ of girl friends~ therels thi~ one girl - yo~ k~ow ~ she in - ~ayha it's ¥o~ I don~t know - who sor~ ¢f ~ebe the ~ce ~ich all the rest follow. Her clothes are al,ays in goo~ taste° And the other girl~ ssy to her - ~here do you h~ your dres~e~? ~.hera do you buy your hats and your shoes? I~d like to go ther~ too. And th~ ~eme thing applies to yo~ ~e~ who are linthning. It never ~ee~s to fail that in e~er~ group of p~ople you'll a~waya find so~e one she ie looked u~ to by the rest aB a leader, as one who sets the st~le~ as on~ ~o ~ al~8 be relind ~pon to do the ~mart thing. ~n~ If youlll check c~refully~ I think ~ou'11 find tha~ ltts usually tha~ type of person who s~oes tha~ they csn reco~IBe ~ha outstcndin~ quall~ of ~ hat or a pair of shoes, and "-~fs that %ppe of person who recog~2es the outstanding tobacco in ~ Luc~ Str~ke C~g~retto. ~o~ Just check around in your own circle of friends an6 see if If~ no~ right. Of cour~el if I happen to be wrong then I have a suggestio. %o make. Wh~ ch~ddn't you be the one in ,%hat~up to Get %he styl6~ th prove your dlscrlmlna~iono No~ a l~%~e suggestion, hat after all, since Lu~ Strike C~g~rettes do mean fine tobacco~ and since Lu~k~ Strikes are the c~gare~te8 that independent tohacco experts choose for their own smoking pleasure, I think you'll agree that you'd be plenty safe in making Lu0k/ee R T,'~O 1 0016310
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T L~CK~ STR~KE ~ B~EV~ l~OOg" Commerel~ - J~e 12, 194~ (Evening) BLOC~= /=age ~° )'OUr ~moke. D0nlt mlS~'*de~'stand msr. Itm not clzi~dng that if you change %onight to LU~ Str~keB %hat you'll immediately ~ecome a leader in your set, b~% I do thiuk %/tat no cue will ever be able %o disagree with your selection of the cigarette that gives more s=oking enjoyment. And you know, you never can ~iI -- maybe o~e t~ing will lead to another ~md the next you know - well - well you knc~ Maat I mean. RT~01 0016311
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I~CK~ STRIKE "MAKE BELXEYE RALLRO0~" mDCK: Well fri~dsj 8o many timea on these broadcasts you've heard me ~ake the s%at~eut %hat wLth Ir~e~ndent toI~c¢o experts - me~ ~ho k~w tobacco ~es% ~ it'a Luckles ~wo to one. ~ou kno~j every ~or~ of *hat statement means someth~g by itsel/. This ~oruing I want t~ call pour attention to Jus~ one ot the words in that s~tement - the ~rd "i~dep~dsmt." ~he~ the ~aker~ of ~ck7 StrAke Cigar~tte~ appointed an impartAal survey organlzatlon to check on the personal ~moki.~g ~re~erences o~ ~b~cco expe~ ~ ~an~ed ~t ~ be absol~tely i~r~artial che~k~ We knew it ~as only natural that if we ask*d the e~loyee~ o£ the co~pany t~at makeB Luck~ S~Ake C£~srettes which Cigarette ~ey llked best, ~a~urally they'd say Lug. Strike. And that wouldn't he exactly ~at I'd call a fair check~ and ~o thim sur~ey was taken a~ngst Independ~% ~a~shousemen~ &~ct~one~r~, and buyers ~ho arc in no w~y a~fillated ,i~ any clgavette ~anufacturing co~pany - men who are independent in their work, a~d conse~tly in their op~o,s. Au~ you ca, ~us~ bet your I~t%o~ ~11ar tha~ we ,~rs ~dghty proud when ~e repo~ on that s~rwy came back to us and shor.ed tha~ with. ~ese independent tobacco exper%~ - theae men ~o ~re free an~ u~h~pered in thelr o~inio~e - I% was L~ckle~ two %o One. Now ~:~a~ ~ea~s that a~ng ~h~e men L~c~.~e~ have ~ce a~ many ~xc~u~i~e s~kers a~ ~i o~he~ c~ga~te~ that ec~bln~. And I think you'll a~*/~ played ve~ fair ~en we ~ade ~ survey only among Ind~mdeat ~o~c~ experts° Aud ~ha~ ~e ~pirlt of fair play prevail8 in ~he aak~ o~ Lucky Strike Cigarettes. ~ou'll llke Luekies for the sa~e reason the exper%~ llke them - ~ecause L~ck~ Strike ~ean~ ~lae tobaoco. RT~01 0016312
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LU~ ~-fp/r~ "HAKE BELIEVE BALLROOM" ~mmerclal - ,Trine i~, 194R (~.F~ BLOCK: AS BRflA~&ST Frle~ds, this is the last time on the Make Believe Ballroom, at least for the next t~o w~eks that I'll have the opportunity "to re~ind yo~ to smoke ~e BmoBa ~acco ezpart¢ smoke, ba~ausc rlght after my broadcast on ~our Hit Parede %enight~ l~m leaving fc~ that little bit o£ rest and relaxa%lon that everybod~ need~ once in am~ile. ~nd X Macw that ~a~ ~aurice Hart ~ekes up the reL~s next week at the B~llrc~m, you'll give him the same attentlou you've ~o kindly given to me, Believe me, When I catek that flret fish, or get tha~ first ~r on ~he golf co~rse I=ll sure ~nc~gh think of you. $paakin~ of ~olf~ ~'ii ~ever forget the golf pro ~o ~ave me flret le~Bon - pa~tlcularly the first thing he ~cld me. P.e said - ~ar~th in gelf, alway¢ ke~ your eye on the ball| The ~core card will ~ake care of Itself[ ~ou kno~, that's ho~ the makers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes foel too, only they must keep their eye on the ~bac~o. The c~gerette sa/es ~iIi take care of themselves. ~elieve me frinnde~ we really keup cur eye on the tobacco - not a ~in£1e, • cllthry au¢%len ~here the type of tobacco ~ want is pieced on sale, that our b~e~s a~en't uJo~nny o~ the Spot" rea~ to pey t~e price to ac~ire the finer tobacco tha%'B made the name Luck~ ~%r~ke meen so much %0 the American smoking public. And you know that old saying - "~ matter how you slice At It's shill baloney?" That goes for cigarettes too. ~o matter ~st claims 7~u makg, it'~ still ~othin~ but tobacc~ and . and paper and our good common sense tolls ~s t}m% the on/y ~ .s can give you a fineri~iga~ette is to make it of finer tobacco. And ~peaking of olici~/- I ~%tre hope at leavo that slice of mine/home ~e~ I get out on the ~if courae ~zorrg~. I s~re do] RT~01 0016313
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• % And Bo, MartlnJ~ of~ on a v~ll eacne~ ~eatlon. ~ts Saturday night I ~ over to the ~.ouse ~o ~h him pa~k and Z noticed that both he and Mrs° Block wQre llke so many other ~er£cens ~ao ~ leave on their vscatlons during %he n~xt £ew weeks .°. Two carton8 o~ Luckles went luto the mo~ easi1~ acee~ai~le banding. ~ou k~o~, v~c~ti~ist i~ a fum~ ~ort o~ animal. I~ hibernates i~ ~ o~flce ~IZ year, plan~i~g ho~ i~ ~IL1 Cro~ th~ ~o~ pleasure an~ ~Jo~m~t t~to %~ weeke. Oh~ I% love~ horse-~ack ~i~ sn~ it pa~ ~very~hi~.g, b~ ~rgets ~e boot~° ~e~, our vacat$o~st 1ove~ fishing, but ~orgets ~% new lure it bought . i~ forgets to ~ck ~ ~les ar~ i~r~snt things but ~omeho~ or o~er it r~r~ ~o~e~ to ~ck ~ ~rstt~s. Is it 1~use It ~ mts~ a~thlng but not having a ci~re~ at ~e right ~lae? ~ thiak so. Dut ~svi~g a ¢i~are~e at ~he fleet ~i~e ~lso ~ean~ kavi~g ~he rIBh~ cigar~e, and frle~ds, milllcns will a~%est to the fa~ ~ha~ Lucky Strike $~ %hs rlght cigarette. I~ ba~ ~o be| ~o to1~¢~o ..... as Luc~ 8~-Ike and ~ be ~he right cigaretta. ~o ~o~ooo could go ~rough the ex~l~i~ pro~e~s - Itls Toasted - sB do Lucky Strikes and ~ot be ~he rlgh~ c£garct~e, An8 t~e~e are ¢~iy a fe~ of ~he ~hfn~ ~n Luck~ S%e£ke ~aret~n ~at has ~sde th~ ~e over~hel~ng f~vorlte m~on~ ~ll~o~s, These are ord~ ~ few of %he r~a~ons s~ong the independent ~c~ expels - the b~yersj auc%ioneer~ and ~rehous~e~ - ~t'~ Luckle~ two %0 ouet r~ RT~01 0016314
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>/ Commeroial - 3use 15, 1942 (Ev~g) J ~AST You ~owj itls haen quite some time since [ first started to lint~n to the Lucky Strike programs, and I've bean haarin~ ahaut the independent tobacco experts ~o smoke Euckies two to one, so decided that I'd look up the meaning o£ the word ex~r~, acco~ing to the dictiona~° Well, i~ aear~ one who is tauEht by p~cttae or e~erience - one ~a has epoeial lklll or knowledge. That se~s to ha the dictionary explanation and well, I think iris important that baying this su~rior k~owle~e and skill, ~e indspo~d~t to~cco experts - ~en ~o know to~cc¢ best - choose Luckins t~o to one. ~ou ~ol, these experts over a period o£ years, actually live with to~oco - handle it, see lt~ day a~ter day. ~nd of course, they ~ow so ~ch aore about tobacco than a fellow like ~ou or Z, ~o are Just average people° And ~lm willing to follow the e~ertsI e~azple~ and after real~ giving Lucky Strike Cigare~es a fair trikl, ~ say it's not surprisia~ that these i~depandent in~a~co experts over~el~ing~ prefer this one cigaretteo You ~ee, Lucky Strike ~eans £1ne intac~o° You can't get B~ fro~ it .°° in a cigaretta it's the totaaco that counts. Make your next pack Luck~ ~trikes ° ATH01 0015315
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LUCKI STRIKE "~ BELIEVE BALLP~OM." Co~merc~l - June 16, 1942 f, Morn~8) /~ ~O~T ~t Frlend~, did you kn0w/le the coffee end te~ b~slnesst &~ also in the wlee basleos~ there are me~ ~he meke ~ livlng Torking for their firms ~ust tastlng the different s~les of coffeej te~ and wine eubaltted to them by people who'~ llkB to ~o bu~Lness wlth their reepectlve concerns? And these big d~strlbutors ere perfec~ willleg to w~It for the ~gment of these experts before deci~n~ ~he%her ~r ~ot ~ h~y the v~r~ouB crodu~ ~r~ the s~ples subaltted. And ~'s upon ~he Judgment of these experts thet these big coffee anl tha, and wine firms ere willlug ~o base their e~tlre sales ce~Ign, and aleo ~he su¢ces~ or ~ailure of their business° ~o therefares when we ~ell you ~het ~orn ete~ements ~ho~ thet Ir~epe~d~t ~cco ~ - ~he auctlmwe~s, ~, and we~e- bcus~ - th~se men who ~ tobacco hest prefer L~k~es two ~o one° Why don't you take the word o£ the experts and try e ~eckege of Lu¢~ 8~r~kes tonlght? ~ ~no~ you'll euJoy the~. / ATe01 0016316
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LUCKI 8TRIK~ "It~Z B~I~;E f~LLROOM" Co~r¢lal - June 16, 19'~ }U~TI A~ B~OADCA~T Frim~s, do you reme=h~r your echool days when ~he height o£ your ambition was to get an A OF~ yo~ report card? - b~cause that A meant the higheat rating. Most of us tried pretty herd our to get A's in all ~Ar subJeote~ b~t fro=/~ohoolwork up~ the quality of e~ ~a~ thtug~ te graded aud r~ed by letters - ed%har A, B~ C, cr D and ~o forth, but no matter what fAeld an A has always Dteed for the top. Isult that so? that NO% it 3u~t so happens/at the tobacco auction~ gvery ba~het of tobacco purchased ~ the ~rican Tobacco Company has a b~ letter A marked on the s~les ticket ~d although that letter A s~ands for Sold American~ itls no coinc~de~ce ~hat it also stands ~or the excellence of the tobacco; £or the ~erican Tobacco ~ ~es ~ a par~ ~ it~ business to ~ ~ine ha~¢co. co~, y~u ~111 ~gr~e that a ~igarette ~an be no hatter ~an the tobacco it contains a~d therefore theae ~iner, ll~ter~ aLYderj better tasting te~acco~ for fhith the aaher~ o~ Luck~ 8%rike cigarettes consistently pay the primo and which are put into your LucMy Strike Cigarette ultimately resul% in ~ line cigarette. And thatls one o£ the re,ion6 ~hy the uaze Lucky Strike aed t,he words '~ine tehacco~ have come to ~au the same thing. And ~o it's li%~le ~o~er that emon~ isdepe~ent tohacco experte - the al~tioaeersj ~J~ers~ w~rehouse~en - among ~e~ who }~o~ tohecoo test, iris Luckies two to one. ~u% as ~or y~meelf~ if you want %o en~oy fine tohacco a~ ~s hast~ rhea I Zncv thet ¥o~, too - like the toha~co Bxperts--~lll chcoae Luck~ ~trike Cigarettes. So why not try a pack ton~ht? RT~01 001631?
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~ zT, i~ ~o[~) Nowp let'B pause for a soz~nt while I have a ~,ord nlth the ladies, HavenSt you often gone shopping 71th & lady frlendj ~be one ~ho had more money to spend than you had, and on thls shopping tour~ youlre each going to b~y a dress? Let's s%v you could af£ord to spend ten dollars for your dre=s, ~re.-,s ~*o~ l~ly friend ¢o ~uld afford to B~nd ~,enty-fiw for her dress ° No~ as a woman you cer~Inly lmo~ the differonce bet~e~ two dresses at these ~wo different pr~es~ and you'd know ~t your fri~n~ ,ould get the finer dress in every respect as she paid then so mUCh ~ore for i%. A~d doesa% ~/~tand to reasm %ha% when the ~akers of Lu¢l~ Strike pay the prloe to gst the finer %obaccos for their ¢Igar~tes and o*~her fine to~u~o products tha% a 5uc~ Strike Cigarette will %urn out to be a finer olgar- ~t~? For exampl% at ~tatesboro, Ge~giaj a~ auctions of th~ 19~9 crop, The Aaer~an Tobacco Cos~e~y pa~ forty-~ per c~t more for %he tobacco it bought ~ furty-flve per ~m% above the averag~ ~arket ~Ice p~blished by the ~nlted 8~a~e~ ~n~ of A~rlcultm~. And tha~ crop, pro~r1~ aged, mello,ed sm~ blended ~th other fine cro~, i~ in the Lucky Strlk~ Oiga~ettes th~ you smoke todaT, That.s why the finer ~oha~cos Ln Lucky S%rL~e Ciga~ttes ultima%ely mean a finer szoke for you. So smoke the ssok~ tobacco experte ssoke. Make your next I~,ckage Lucky S~rike oigerettes. RTH01 0016318
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/ ~KZ 8TP~ .M~ke Believe Ballroom,' J~e 17, 19~ ~) ~T~ FrSe~s, let me ask you a question, nh. en you ~o o~ to buy ~ometh~ abou% ~zich Fou ~mo~ vex-/ li%%le, donlt 7ou %hlnk ~t a pretty ~oc~ idea %0 %ske ~Ioug someone who kmo~s more about ~ha% you want %o bu~ then you do? For instance, I ~n~a %he% if I ~en% out %o bu~ a dlemen~ ring~ th~ I ~oul~ certainly t~e someone ~i~h me who ~%ows conslderab]~ more abo~t dlem~e %hen T ~0 - ~ exper% whose ~oz4 ~Id grea%ly respect. Tha% goe~ for a f~r toe% or an~ other obJe¢%. But those are expensive %hlngs a~ so many of us ~lll t~ke an expert,s opinion on an expea~ive item, yet ~ haphaz~ly spend our moae? cn smeller ~%ems. 3~% i£ ~ou look back ove~ the ~ear~6 expenses you'll see tha% a I~% o£ ~o~ monet has gone £~ the smaller thi~s. For i~et~ace~ a peck~.ge of c~gare%%es - a very small o~tla~ for so much plea~-e. I~It tha% ao? And like the diamond bus~ne~s the tobacco b~s~ese also has lib expert~...%he independent t~ers, ware- bo~emen, end auc%Ioneer~ - %hose men Who make ~% their b~luess to kno~ fine tobacco. And aaong %ho~e Indeper~e~% experts - %ha% emo~g men ~no ~c, tobacco ~es~ sworn records sho~t'~ Luc~ 8%r~ke %~o %0 one. So ~f you take the ~ord o£ an oxpert in ~ng a d~amond, so should you take the word of an expe~ in choosing your c~garet~e. Make your nex% pack Lue~ Strike. ATM01 0016319
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IZ~IX STKIKE "~d¢~ Stlinvo BalL"ooW' ~r You know these days when our country is trying so hard to produce the finest in ~¢ecision m~chinery and eq~i~ut for our fighting forces~ donlt you sometimes feel as I do, the% - ~'ellI no pinoe of fighting ~c~LuBry c~n be better than th~ perbs that go into making it? For instance, what good ~ou~ i~ be for us to build ~ bea.~iful dive bomb~ if that airplane didnet have ~u engine ~Tith s~flci~u% po~er cud st~ina to pull it throu~fl the skies so that o,Ar co~nt~ might have its Job veil done? ~at good ~ouid it be for us to fill the finest c~non and maobine guns if we didnJt equip them with the proper 8hells and bullete to ~o their ~ol~ ~ so it in with a cigarette. ~het good would it be if the wakers of LUC~ Strikes wou2d offer you a beaut~ol cigcrette without fine tebecco? A~ the Americcn Tobecco Co~m~y kno,isg this~ is willing %o pay the pric~ to get %he finer, lighthr~ mllder~ better tostiug tobacco to ~d %0 yo~¢ smokin~ pleasure. ThatS~ ~ ~t Fair- mount, ~Orth Caroldua~ The Amoric~-u Tobacco Co~un~ paid thirty- three per cent more fo~ the 1939 Crop of tobacco l~ ~ought for it3 cigarettes and other fine to~acce p~oduct~ - thirtT-~hree per ce~t above ~he average market price p~blinhe~ by the United State~ Deportment of A~icul%ur~. And that crop~ properly a~odj and mellowed, and blended with other fine crops i~ in the Luckie~ you ~ today. And that's ~r, ,hen I tell you %ha% Luck~ Strike Cig,~re~tes are £iser cigarette,, you k~ow i% ~st he ~,~oause ~uck~ Stri~ ~au~ lane tobacco| RT~01 00~6320
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LUCKr STRI~ .Make Believe B~llreom. ~t HART: you kno~, friends, ~hen s person is Ill, we often call in for cc~sultatlo~, not ~ly our regular f~lly phTsl~Lan but ~, the specialist - the man ~o for the most Pert+ has Cast ~slde his ordinary ~otlce to devote his entire life to o~e ~rtieular phase of mndlcthe or surgery. No~ tbls specialiut to whom ~e turn is an expert in his field. ~'e go to him bec~se..°well~ because we know he,s the last word. ~d so we llste~ to him. We take his tre~tmeut and edvice. And doesn't it stand to reasou that an expert in the tobacco field is Just as well qual- ifird to he cc~eulted about ciscruttes? Certalu~ it does. That,s why The American Tobacco SOmp~ is proud to tell you that with independent tobacco experts - ~he b~ersw ~otic~eers~ and warehouse~nI ulth me~ who know tobacco bast - lilt Luckles two to one. you see~ Just as the specialist in any field almost lives his Job, so does the speci~3~s~ in the tobacco industry. Almoet all of these men have been pr~ctic&lly born ~ud brought up in the tobacco busiuess. They,ve all lived tobacco for years. And Just as the medic~l and surgical specialists st~d~V their case hls~eo these tobacco specialists ~no~ the history of the tobacco leaf. At ~rkut after market all ever the South they also see the fine tobaccos purchased ~ the ,'Jneritan Tobacco C~pany° And then dnen they b~ their Luek~ ~r~ke C~garettes, the first fer~ pt~f~ tell them that those finer~ milder tohaeeos~ plus Luck~ Strike~s exclusive hoastlu~ process have Jt~stified their Judgment. And that's ~hy :~.~th these independent experts - these h~ere~ aud ~ttc~eere~ m~d w~rehouBe~ with these men who kn tobacco be t sao~e. ~ L~e~lesl smok~ the saok, ~bacco e~s - ~ " as tw to one. So RT~01 0016321
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! LUCi~f STJ~IKE ~MAK~ BELIEVE BALLP~" Co=~ercial - 3w~e 1% 1942 - M~T: AS Now we have a little something to speak to you about. If youlve ever seen a sale of flue horses - you ~Ight see ~o horses standlng side t~ slde, l~oking .1~ost e~actly allke...Ap~rontly the sa~ in ~eir measurements and to all outward appearances Identina1~ yet in the aetu~l sale one horse mlght bring two huedred dollars where th~ oth~r will sell for two thousand dollers. ?.ell, any~e who ~ows horses will %ell you that the bi~ d~fferenoe in horee~ in in the breeding. Y~s, ~ it's ~ust the same in cIK~xettes - the dlf~z~nce Is in tobacco. For instance~ 1%is because of its breeding that one horse has more stamina - can run fa~er ~d 1~i~ longer. And i~'s bacause o~ It~ breeding thor a horse ~$nge a ~tter prlce. And the sa~e with tobacco! I£ the tobacco is eare~ul!y bred so that the leaf ~111 be ll£hbar,¸ ~llder~ and batter tastinE, it Will brlnE a h~er pr~eo And ~ese better tobaoeos are the ones that LUC~ S%rlke People ~ake I% their business to b~. Thatts whyj at ~arket after market, the ~akers of Lu¢~ S~r~ke C~arettea cons~ent1~ P~Y the prlce to get the finer tobaccos. For inst~uce at ~u, ay~ South Carolina, at auc~io,~ of t.~e 19~? crop, The A~erlean Tobacco ColOny paid thlr~-ftve per ~e~t ~ for the t~bacco it ~u~t ~o~ 1%~ cIE~-~tte~ c,~ ~her £!.".e tobacco ~oduct,, - thlrty-f1~e per ce~ =ore th~n the average mar~t prlce as puhllshed ~y the ~nlted 3bates Denouement of ~rleult,re. N~w, that cro~, properly aged, hbanded, and selhow~d .1%h Other fine ~ ~s in the luckles Wou how hoday, ~ if earful ~i~g of t~e finest straL~s in hor~es w111 turn out a better herse~ so do the cexeD~l Jtralns of ~eeding a~ hl~d~ the £1.er tobacco~ ~ b~ Strlk~ a better c1~tte. l~n't you try s packa~ ~ ~YJ~s next t~ae? ~TH01 0016322
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LUOr/ ST~ "MA~ l~ BALI~" Ce,©~clal - 3une 19, 19~ (Eve-lnS) ! F.ART I Yriends~ did you ever notice the, t in patting up a bu~ the most ~mportaut part of the entire construction Job is the fet~dation. Most care and time ix taken with the fo~ation. ¥or if that ~ere not J~t r~ht, regardleBs of hOW the entire b~lng were ~ up, all its usefulness a~ beauty might crumble to the ~o~md under shres~ P, ed strain. And although it looms differs% the construction ~he cigarette is no different. ~ae m~kers of Lucky Btrike kn~ that the a~t~al tot~coo itself is the fotmdation of their oigaratte. TheF know that in a a cigarette it's the tobacco that co~uts, and !,het'~ why at auotion8 all over the soatb you'll fled the b~ers ~rom the American Tobaoco Compa~ ~epsre~ to ~ the prine to ins~e your having that finer, ml~er smoke y~u've learned to expect from a Lucky 8tr~° For ~natan~ in Greemville, Tennessee at auctions of the 17~ crop ~he Americen TObaCCo ~ paid ~nnty-s~x per cent m~e f~ the tobecco ~t hemght for yo~ L~ck~ ~trike O~arattos - t~enty-s~ per cent above the average market ~lc8 published by the United States De~mrtmeut of A~ricu~t~e° And ~hes~ f~ue tobaccos propsr~ ~ed~ m~llowed, and blended ~lth other fine crops Lu the cigarettes you b~ today, result in your Euckte~ having a fouedatir~ of f£n~j ~lder, lighter, better tasting tobacec - definitely favored by ind~psedent t~bacco experts. ~ ~¢tior~e~s~ ~rsj ~arehou~emea - with men who k~o~ ~ohe~¢o best iris Luckie~ t~o to one. Smoke L~by Strikns! SO smoke the smoke tobaoco ~rts smoke. ATe01 0018323
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lECKY STRI~ "~AKE BELIEVE BALLROOM" Co~rclal - J~e 20, 1942 (~_.~) HA~T: Say, you ~ow what I was thtx~L~g of? How many %ises on a ~Ight sl~rls night have you wi~h ~ one or two Of you~ ~le~s looked up at the moon and well imaglned that one or the other Of yo~ ~aw the ~ in the ~on~ or two lovers in ~he moon~ or even o18 ~comos, Hiawatha's grandmother, who according to Longfe).1o~'3 ~= was Supposed to have co~ down fro= the moon. R~e=ber? Wo11, we can imagine that we see these things, b~ when we turn to the as~rono~rs, the experts who ~ow oli that is possible to ~o, about these astronomical things, and then we're told that there is nothing on the moon but large mountalns and craters and empty waste lando And, of course, we take the word o~ these experts. That'~ a fact! We're saSisfled! And so it is with the expert in any field~ he knows his business° He has to~ because that's the way be ea~s hls living. And ~en the IndeCent tobacco expert tells us that %h~ prefer I~ck~es~ when ~worn r~cords sh~ tha~ smong these a~¢tloneers~ buye~s~ wsreho~e~e~ ~ms L~kle8 ~wo to c~ that's the ti~ for ~ou to once a~I, take the word of the e~rt~, just as you took the word of the a~tronom~r ~a% th6Te real~7 Isnlt a mort in the ~o~ Or ~ old Ind~on gra~ther. That there are only mountalns and ~a~ers... So should yo~ take the word of th~ independent to~cco experts ~hat Luckle~ are a finer clgarettol So s=oke the s~oke tobacco e~r~s smoke. Try a Package of L~les ~onlzht! ATH01 0016324
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LUCKY STRIKE "MAKE BELI~'VZ BALLROOM" Co~ercl~l - June 20, 1942 (~.~) HEET: You ~ow, frlendsj I listen to ~rtin Block on these "~ke Believe ~llroom" programs just as you - you do, end something he said recently struck me as belnd so clear and concise, and true~ that I think it's worth.hlle repeati~ to you. Spesking about Luck~ Strike Cigarettes~ Martin said°.. It'6 truly am~zlng how the entire ~uccess story o£ Luc~ Str~.k~ Cigarettes - a success story that h~s been developed over ~ period of many years - c~ be condensed into Just a few wordB. •ell, I guess I could write ~ book on why Lucky Strike are the oldarette you should smoke. I think it's far sinpler and f,r more convincing to Just realize that Lucky Strike has come to ~n t.o words - flue to~cco. Truly, in a cigarette it's the tobec~o that counto. You c~'t get aw~v from it, ladies and geatlemen~ The finer the tobacco the better the ci~rette: And these re. words tell you the entire story ~beut Lucky Strike ci~rettes. And those few words explair why tobacco experts, who attend ~uctlons all over the South~ and see the makers of Luckles at auction after ~uotinn p~ the price to ~ that flner tobaeco~ prefer L~ckles for the~m o~n ~erso~l ~mokinE sotinfacti~n. A~d so I say to you, l~t'~ not c~rJuse the issue, let's take ~ goodj clear look at the picture: And if you do~ you'll re~llze that no cIEerette can be ~rtv better than the tobacco it contelns~ ~nd that since Lucky Strike hes ccm to mean flne tobecco, Lucky Strike is the cigarette that you should smoke. Yes, ~riend~, that's how d~rtin £eels ~beut Luckles, and well I ~o alo~ with him one hundred per c~nt, and I think you will, too, if you'll Just try Luckles now. ~TX01 0016325
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LUCKY S[RI~ "~KE ~EV~ BA~LRO0~" Co~rciul - June 22j 1942 - Mond:,y ~) S~¢'~ you know .~.t's ~¢,~ quite so,os~ tima sinc~ I ilr~t st:Ited to listen to the Lucky Strike ~)rogr~m~, ~nd I'w been he~r£.~ ,~bout t~e Indap~de~t to~'~¢co experts who smoke T~uckie~ two to one. So I decided that l'd look u~ the m~,niug of the word '~z!~rt' ac¢ording tc the diction~iry. Well, St me~ns - one ~ho %s t~.u~ot by practic~ or experle~e~ or c~e who h~5~pecl~!" s~ll1. ° or ~n~owledge. Well, th~,t s~#~s to be the diction~,ry e~pl~nution, ~nd I ~hlnk it's im~tant that h~ving this su~erlor ~owied~e ~nd Skill the l~dependent tobacco exerts - men who know tobacco best - ¢~ocse Luckles t~o to on~. ~ou kno~, thes~ experts, over =~ ~erled of y~s ~ctu~lly llve with tobacco - h~ndle it, s~ it d~ nfter d~v, and of course they ~to~ so mu~h more about tobacco than fello~ like you or I* We're ~ust average peool~. I~m wil!i~g to follow the exurbs' example. But ~fter r~all%, ~!viu~ LU¢~ Strike Cigarette~ a fair trial~ I s~v it's not~lr~r£slng th:~% the~e nx~rt$ - th~se ind~@endent tobacco ex~erts - overwhelmingly ~refer thls one cl~r~tte. You ~ee~ Lucky Strike means fine tob~cco. And you mn't ~et ~way from it..,.ln a cig~r~tt~ it's th~ tobacco ~,~,,~ cc~ts. ~T~0! 0016326
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LUCKY STRIKE "NAK@ BELIEVE B~LLROOg" Co~rcinl - June 22, 19A2 - Now I have a little story I'd like to tell you. In one of the first Jobs I ever had, I w~s ~eut by ~. ~ss to b~ a certain a~-%ic~o. ~ lim~ ~% youngsters im ~ ~ ~ob ~ ~s al~ set with imp2"esslng ~ boss ~ith ~ su@erlor Mnowle~ge and ability, ~nd although he tol~ me whs% to get and J~st how much %o spend for It~ I ~anted te be $~mrt ar~ 5a~ mo~ey for him and so I bought ~hut I thought w~ Just as good f~r a lut less ~on~y. ~e1!~ ~h~n ~ Te%,~'n%~ t~ %h~ offic~ ~ ~t ~y firstl~s~on in 8mar% b~img. Instead of bawlln~ me ou%, as another boss ~Ig~t ha~e dcne, he accepted the infe~lor ~duc% that I had ~ught, and set about shoWing me how I h~d ~asted hi5 money. Under the sl~hhest ~train tba prcduat %het I had bought fell to pi~ whereas the m~-re e~p~slv~ one I ~0~ suppo6ad ~o have repl&cad bed been used by the firm fc~ years ~n~ still was of so~e ~se even %ho~h worn o~%. I r~mgmher~ the expression he used...You get ~ha% you pay for. And you ~o~j itI~ the same ~ay with tobacco° That's %h~ reason why The Am~rlcan Tobacco Company is prop~r~ t~ p~ the price for the finer, milder3 better tasting leaf that g~es into Luckles. That is the ~son ~by, f~ instance, in 1939 at th~ ~ucti~.~ in K~n~ston, South Carolina, The Amerlcan Tobacco Co~pauy pai~ thlrty-ei~h~ per ce~% more for the tobacco ~t bought f~r its clgar~ttes ~ other fin~ tobacc~ pr.~duats - thlrty-eight per cent obove ~r~ket price puhllsh~d by the United States Department of Agriculture. And these tobacc~, p~operly aged, mad!owed, and blended ~ith other fine tobaccos~ are im the Ducky Strikes you b~ today. So frionds, t~be edwnt~e of %he experience ~nd adi]ingness of The American Tobacco Company to bw only the f£ner tobaccos for ~u~ DuCky St~ik~s~ ~ad ¢~ke the smoke tobacco ex~r~s ssoke. RT~01 001632F
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Coe,~'¢i61 # - Ju~e 23, 19~2 -~ •ell, £rlcnds~ do you re.tuber your ~chool dry~ e~er, Cha height of your ~mbition we8 t¢ get ~n 'A' on your report c~rd~ because that r~, mecnt ~he hlghest r~t~? "aoa~ of trl~d pr~ h~rd to g~t tA'~' in ell our subject3, b~t Cro~ our ~c~lool work up, t~ quality o~ so many thugs 1~ ~r~.~ ~nd r~bed by le~t~r$~ ¢$ti~er A~ B; C, or D~ c~d ~o fo~th~ bu~ no r~tter in wn~t .~lel~; ~n A hr.s r~lw~s s~ood fo~ the to~. ~ow it ~us~ so h~pens th~ ~t t~e ucti~ns every ~sk~t o~~ tobacco ~urchased by The Americ~ Tobacco Cc~uy ~ ~ big " letter i~ mrked on the B~les ticket. And .~lthough that 1otter IAI ~t~8 fo~ ISold Americ~lj t~l~ ~o coi~c~len~e t.~l.t ~t alBo sta~ fo~ t.~e ~xcellence of t~e tebac~o~ for The Ame~£c~n To.coo Compa~ mskes it pert of it8 business to t~ fine ~obecco, Of course~ youl~l egree that a cigarette c~n be no better than ~he t~b~cco t~ coutalus. /therefore, tho~ ~tner, l~ghte~'j mll~r ~ better t~$ng t~baecDs for ~/C~ ~-~ ~kers of Luc~ ~rlke ~tg~t~s c~sist~ut~" p.~ ~h~ prlc~, ~sult in ~ fine cigarette. Thr~tls one o£ the r~so~ ~hy ~h~ u.~ Lucky Str~ke ~ ~he wor~8 fl~e to~-~co ~ve co~e to ue:.n ~he sum~ the. ~ ~o ~l~ little wor~er that ~ lnd~ndeut tobacco ~perts - %he ~uc~i~eB~s~ buyers; w~rehouse~en~ ~moag ~he ~n lho know ~ohacco beBt - it Is Luckiss ~wo to one, Be~ ~B for yourself; if you ~nt to enid" fine tobacco ~ lt~ best, then Z ~o~ that ~u~ too, like the to~ecco e~ert~:wlll choose Lucky 8tr£ke Cig~rettes. 80 .~ not try ~ ~ck tonight? ATe01 0016328
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MJCKY STR1YJ~ "tct,~ B~,LZ~V¢ BASL ~0~" Co~'ctal - ~me 2.~j 1942 - f J J Well~ £r~.ends~.d ¥o~ kno~ that L~ the coffee ~ tea ~L~e$81 and al~o ~ ~h8 w~.ne ~WL~eSBj there ar~ ~ gho •mke a livL~ workh~g for ~e~ £~-~s ~t tastL~g the different s~les of co~£ae~ ti~ and wine sub~,~t~ed to ~he~ by p~ople ~ho'd ~ik~ to dO bus~nes= w~th their r~p*ct~ ~on~ern~. /~ ~se ~g d~tr~to~s ~r~ Ver~ctly wt21~ to w~it £or t~e jvdgme~t o~ these expe~ts~ before ~e¢~dl~ ~he~her or no$* to b~ ~ wr$ou$ produc~s £ro~ the 8~15s ~b~t~ted. And ~t~s upon ~he ~dg~ent of thu~e exp~ ~h~t t~e~ big cof.~e~ ~ te~ i.~td ~.i~ fLr~ are ~i~ to ~e ~r e~tS.re ~ales c~.g~; ~d ~lso ~he!r ~ucce~8 or ~ail~tre. So ~rafore~ when wt tell you tha~ ~rn st~e~ts sho~ that L~p~ndent tobacco ~rt~ - th~ au~t:Loneer6j b~tr~ and w~rehouse~en - ~heS~ ~ ~ho k~ t~.~co b88t prefer Lt~ck~ two to o~e~ w~y don'~ you t,~ke the ~ o1" the exgert~, ~d to *nJoy them. RTH01 00~6329
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/ J bt~,y STRIKE wMAKE ~ELYEVE BALI~OOM" Com~erc£~l - Jun~ 24, 194~ = (~ornin~) ~AKTz Frieuds, let m~ a~k you ~ question. ~un you go out ~ buy B~t~Ing ~b~t ~.%~ch you ~o~ v~ry llt~, ~on't you t~$~ itl~ a prutt)" good id~ to t~ke along 8ome ~ ~ho ~;~ 1or~ ~bout ~h~t you ~t to buy th~n you do?. F~r in~t.~uce~ I ~o~" that i~ I went ~ut to buy ~ diamond ring t~t I woul~ ~¢~t~inly t~k~ some on~ ~ith me w.~o ~ows cooslderably more abou~ dlc~ond~ th~n I ~o - an ~xpert whose word I would greatly respect, ~d that gce8 for ~ f~c coat cr ~ny other object. But tho~ are ~xpenslve thlngs, end so m~ of us ~I11 take an expert's opinion cn a~ ~enBive Item, yet ~ill ha~.~ $ardly sp~.~ our money on ~ma~ler items. ~ut if yo~'ll lo~k back over the yo~r's expenses you'1~ see ~ha~ ~ot of yo~,' ~ hos gc~e for tha s~ell things.. ~?or' ~nstanc~, p~ckag~ of cl~arettes - a very sm~ll outlay for so ~ACb p~e~e, ~en't ~hat right? And llke th~ diamond business~ the tobec~e buslness ~IBu hcs It~ expertm - the independent, b~ers, w~rehuu~emen, end ~uctio~er~ - tho~e meu who ~z~e it their busln~s~ ~o know £1ne t~baccoo -~d among thos~ in~ep~n~n~ exp~rts, ~.~ong thoBe • en ~o ~now tobacco beBt ~orn r~cords ~h~ thst £~'B ~uck;/ Str~ke ~o if you take the word o£ an expert in buying ~ diamur~, ~o shou~ you ~ke the ~.ord of an e~rt ~n ch~cs~g your clEar're. ~oke pour next pack ~ucky Strike. ~TH01 0016330
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( 4' LUCK'/ STRIKE "MAKE BELIg'VE BALTItOOM" NOW let1~ ~ause for a moment ~hile X Zav~ a wet4 wi~h tbe ~e21es. Haven't you often gone shoppiug with a lady £rlond...oh, au~7~ one who had more money to spe~ tb~n you had? ~nd on thls ~.~opplng tour you were ~ach gong to buy a dr~ss. ~lell, ~'ou could afford to spend ten dollars for your dress ~:her~as you~ lady frl~nd could afford to s,~d t~enty-five for her dresa. New ~B a woman you certainly k,~: the difference betweau two dr6sses at these two different prices, end you kn~ that your friend will get the finer drels in cveay r~sp~ct as she had ~ so much morB for it. But dOesn't it than stand to reason t~t ~.hen the makars of Luc~ Strik~ p~y the price to get the finer tobaccos ~or their cigarettes and other fin~ tobacco ~rc~ucts that a Lucky Strike Clgerette will be a finer c~garutbe? For ~a~le, at St~t~sb~ro~gh, Georgia, ~t auctions of the 1939 crop Th~ Americ~ Tob~¢o Compar~ paid fort~-~lve per ¢~t ~ore for ~h~ tobacco At b~ught - f~rt¥-f~ve p~r cent above th~ averse ~rket price published by The United Stat~s D~part~snt of A~r~culture. ~nd thct cro~ ~r~rly ag-'~ m~llo~d, and b~ended with Other fin~ crops is in the ~ucky Strike Cigarettes that you smoke today. And th&C's why the Diner tobaccos in Lucky Strike Cigarettes ulti~ely mean a fLner ~oke f~r you. 8o s~oke the smoke tobacco experts stoke, make ¥OUC next packnge Luck~ Strike Cigarettes. TH01 0016331
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LUCKY STRI~ ~S BELIL~E ~AL~ROOM" HART~ ~e'll pause in ottr Bwi~ end 8wa~; and lid like to tell you a etory. In one of the first Jobs I ever had, I was seut by ey boss to bu~ a certein article. ~nd tike moat yov~etere In a new Job, I w~s all set with lm~re~s~ the boss ~ith superior knowledg8 and obllity. And atthcugh he told me m~at to get and how BUCb to spend for ltj I wanted to ~e smart and save money for him. S~ I bouts what I thought was Jolt a~ gocd for a let les~ money° Uhen I re~ur~d to the o~ice~ I ~ot ey f~et lesson ~ smart b~i~S. Inatesd ot ba~ll~ me out as another boss ml~h~ have do~e~ he a0cepted the inferior ~oduct that ~ had bo~ht, a~d Bet about obo~ me how I had wasted his money. Under the sli~hteet strain~ the product I bad bo~ht fell to ~ieces, ~he~eas the more expeneive ~e I w~s Supposed to have replao~hed boe~ ~ad by the firm for year~ and still was of ~o~ ~se~ eveu ~bough w~u out. S remember ~e expree~ion he use~l you get what you My for. Go it is with tobacco, Thatll the reason ~hy the American Tobacco Sompar~ i~ ~pared to pay the ~ine for ~he .~lner, mllder~ better. ~autl~ laaf that goe~ into Lucking. ~ad ~het's the reesc~ wh~, for inatauce, in 1939 at the auctionl in Klr~eton, South Ce~oline, The American ~obacco Com~en~ aaid 38 perce~t more ~or the tobacco bs~ht tor it~ cigarettes and other f~ne tobacco prod~ats - 38 per cent above the average ~rket price publls~od by the UnlOad 8ruses Deper~eu~ of ~icul~re, And these tobscco~ - prope~ e~od~ ~elio~ed, and bleuded ~ith ob~er fine tobacco~ - are l~ the Luc~/ Strikes you buy today. SO frSe~ds, take advantage of the experience ead atllin~ne~e of the ~ricau Tohecc~ So~peny to b~ c~ly the ~lner tobaccos for ~our Lu~k~ Str~kos. And smoke the smoke tobacco experts Smoke. ATe01 0016332
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LUCKY STRIKE "~5~KE BEDIEVE BALLP~O~" Co~rclal - June ~, 1942 (~e_~_~g) \ ! ~IART:A fou know, these days ~en our Cot~tryls trylnE so hard to produce the finest in precision machinery an~ equipmeat for o~r fighting forces, donut you sometimes feel as I do~ that... • .~ell, no piece Of fighting machinery can be better than the parts that go into making it? For lustance, what good ~ould it be for us to build a beautL~ul dive bomber if that 4irp~ne di~nlt have en engine of sufficient power end staaina to ~1 it throu~ %he sky so that our ceuatry mIEht have its job well do~e? What good would it ~ for us to build the finest cannons and machine guns if we dldnlt equip them with the proper shells and bullets to do the Job? And so it is with a cigarette... What good would it be if the makers of I~-cky Strike Cigarettes were to offer you a cigarette without fine tobacco? And The American Tobacco Company ~owiug thin in w411ing to pay the p~dce to set the finer~ lifter, milder, better tasting tobacco to add to your smoking pinasure. an examplej at Falrmontj NOrth Carolina The American Tobacco Company paid thirty-three par cent more for the 1939 crop of tobacco it bought for its cigarettes and other fine tobacco products - thirty-three per cent above the aVerage market price publiehed by the ~n±tad States Departnent of Agriculture. And ti~at crop, properly ~ed, and mellowed~ and blended with other fine crops is in the Luckies you b~ woday. That*s wh~, when I tell you that Lucky Strikr Cigar~ttes are finer cigarettes you ~o~ it must be because Luck~ ~trLke me~ne fiae tobacco. BTHO~ 0016333
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AS B~ST F~ends, did 7o~ ever uot~ce that in ~ttiug up a bu~Idlng, the most ~port~nt part of the entire construotion Job i~ the fo~d~on. Most care ~nd %1me is ~eu ~lth the fo~dLtlon for if tha% ~ere no~ Ju~ right - zegar~ess of how the entire ~ldtng were put up - all its usefulness and beauty m1~% crumble to the greed Under streBs and strain. And, although 1% looks different, the ea~structto~ of a ~l~ret~4 is no different. The ~kers of Lucky ~rike ~o~ tha% the ~otusl to~aQ¢o itself la the fo~r~tiou of ~helr olg~rette. They kno~ t~% in a elg~re%te~ ~'s the to~eeo that counts. And tha%~s why a% auctions sll over the South youVll ~,ud the ~e~e fro~ ~e American Tobacco Comply pre~red to ray the prloe to tusure ~our havin~ tha~ finer - ~lder - smoke youlve learned to exact from B ~¢k~ Strike. For iu~tance~ th Greenville, Tenues~ee at auo%~one of the 19~9 crop The Amsrlcan ~obacco COZ~D~ paid ~% more ~or the tohaooo ~ bought for ~our L~cky ~%rlke Olg~e~e - ~ above the average market ~rtce ~ubltehed ~ the ~t~ Sthtes De~en% of Agrlculinre. And ~e~e fine tobaccos, properly aged, mellowed, and blended ~th other fine cro~s, in the cfgarette~ you ~ today, result in your Luckie~ have e foundation of finer, ~ld~r~ llg~ter, better tasting tobao~. ~f~l%ely favored by lnd~pendenf tobacco ex~rt~° Among a~c%io~eers, l~y~r~ ~arehousemen - ~ith men who know tot~ceo bes~ - £%1s Luckies~ %~ to one. So s~oke the ~oke tobacco exerts ~oke. ATMO~ 0016334
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LUC~ STRIKE "MAK~ BELIEVE BALLROOM" Som.~ercial - June 26p 194~ HART: AS ~OADCAST Say, friendsw if youlve ever 8sen a sale of fine horses, you might see t~ horses standing side by Jide looking aino~t exactly al'~ke, app~rentl~ the same in ~elr ~easuremento, to all out~rd appear~uces Ide~tiee.10 And yet, in the ac~el sale oue h~aw mi~t ~o hundred dollars where the o~&er will sell for two thousand Sol.late. Well ~ one who know berse~ will thll you that tee big difference in horses is iu the breeding° ~esp and it'~ Just the same in cl~retths. The difference is in th~ tobacco. FOr instance~ it's because of its breeding that one horse lm~ ~ore sbamina~ can ruu fa~ter, las~ longer. Itls because of its breeding that a horse brings a better ~c~ce. The same with tobacco ..° if tebaaco is carefully bred so that the leaf ~ll be ll~ter, milder, and betthr-ta~tin~, it will brir~ a higher price° And these better tobaccos are the ones that Luck~ ~trike people make it their besine~s, to b~° Tnatts ~y at aarket after merket the makers of Luc~ Strike cigarettes consistently pay the price to get the finer tobaccos. For luathnoe, at Con~ay, South Carolin~, at auctions of the ~9 crop The American Tobacco Co~peuy paid ~5 per cent more for the tobacco it bought £or its cigars%the end other fine tobeoco products - ~ per ce~t ~o~ than ~he average marke~ price publAehed by the Onited States Department of Agriculture. And that crop properly aged, blended, a~d mallo~ed with other fine c~pa is in the Luck~ 8trike~ ~ou b~ today° 8o as ca~efl~l breeding of the finer s%rainm of bemuses will tom out a be~ter berne, so do the care~l Ctr~tus ~ breeding and biend~ng of %he f~uer tobaccos make Luek~ Strike be~ter cigarettes. ~cn,t y~ try ~ p~ckage of Lucktem next time~ • ATe01 0016335
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L~-q ~KE "l~KE BELIEVE B~M" Co~erdal - June ~7, 1942 (morning} HAR~: roz~ k,o% I ltst~ ~ ~ar~ ~*~k ¢~ these .~e Believe ~e~oom pr~g~s ~us~ as yo~ a~d you do. ~d something he said recently struck me as being so clear and coQc~se, and true. ~ha~ I think it'e worthwhile repeating to you. Spe~ktng about Luok~" S~r~ke Cigarettes Mar~ln ~ .°. It'~ truly a~azln~ how ~he entire succ~ ~tor~ of Luok~ Strike Clgarette~ - a succe~ story ~'~ ~eeu developed over ~ period of ~a~ years can be condensed Into Just a few ~rd~. But t Cue~ I ~¢uld ~rt~e ~ book on ~Y Lu~k~ Str~es are ~he cigarette you ehould s~oke° I t~lnk lt~J far | 8t~pler ~nd ~ar =~ra convinciu~ to ~ust realize that Luoky Strike b~ ~o=e to ~esn ~,o ~ord8 "fine tobacco." Truly, in a cigare~te ~tls the ~t~cco ~hst o~uts° ~ou can'~ get ~y f~o~ ~t. ladles and ~eutle~eno The fi~er the tobacco ~he ~ette~ the ctgarette. Those few ~ords ~ell you th~ entir~ story about Luc~ Strike Cigarettes. An~ tho~e few ~ords ex~ain ~ tobacco experts ~ho a%~d a~ctlons all over the Sou~h and see the ~ker~ of Luckiee at auction ~f~er auction pay the price to bu~. that finer tobaccow prefer Luckle8 for their o~n personal ~oking sa%tsfsction. And so I say to yo~ ..° le~l~ n~ connie the ~ue. Le~'s ~ake a good clear look ~t the p~cturej an~ if you do~ you111 realize tha~ no cigarette can be any better than the tobacco 1~ contains. And that etnoe Lucky Strike haB come to ~eau fine tobacco, Luoky $tr~e i~ the c~arette that you should ~oke. ~es, frleuds~ that'B ho~ feels about Luckies, an~ I go aiong ~lth h~ one hundred per c~. An~ ~ th~ y~u ~1ll, too~ If you'll JuB~ try Luck~e~ DOW~ RT~01 0016336
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I~O~ ~fP~KE "~E B~LI~E ~M" AS ~AST Comerc~al - June ~7, 194£ (Bven~ng) S~ how e~ tlnes on ~ brlght summerls nlo~ht have you with ~aybe one or two of your frlends looked up at the noou a~d i~aglned ~hat 0~0 Or the Other of you s6w a ~ in the moon~ or two lovers in ~he moon~ Or eve~ old ~co~s~ ~i&v~that8 gr~nd~otherp ~o according to Lougfellowls poe= ~s supposed to bav~ come do.~a fro~ the ~oo~. We]~t ~e can i~glne that w8 see t/oea~ ~/o~g~p ~t, ~he~ we turn to the astronomers, the expert~ who know all that is possible ~o know about these a~trono~c~ thlu~s, and then we're told that ~h~rets no~hlr~g on ~he moon~ ~t large mou~t~In~ and craters ~nd a~pty ~aeteland° And we ~e the word of the~e experts. That's fact, and ~'re satisfied, And so i~ is with t~e expert ~-n a~ fleld, ne knon his buakuess° ~e has to, becaus~ thatSs the way he earus bib llvlng° And when the independent tobecco expert tells us ~hat they prefer Luckies, ~h~u sworn records ~ho~ that among ~he~e auc~oneera~ buyers~ warehou~e~en~ Itf~ L~ck~e~ t~o to one - ~batts ~he ~ for you to once again take the ~ord of ~e experts~ Juet as ~ou took the word of the astronomer that there really ientt a man in the ~oon, or an old Indian grau~ther, that there are only mo~u~talus and craters, so should ~ou take the ~rd of the independent tobacco experts t~t Luckies are a finer cigarette. SO ~ok~ ~he Smoke to~c~o ~xp~s ~oke| Try ~ ~ac~age Of Luckie8 tonl~ht; 001633?
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LUCKY 9Y~XE "~ ~ BALLROOM" AS ~ Com,ercial - June 29, 1942 (Ro~g) / -t BLOC~: ffell folks, ano~er vacation finished. And iu spite of the fact that I looked fo~rd for so many weeks to this ~caticn, I .an% to be tru~ui and Say, startiug a week ago, I real~ looked forward to get~iug back her~ to the Ballroom again. It was a nice r~t~ ~cat/on, but you know how 1% ig. When one is really Lntere~ted in bib ~rk, you can+t ~orget it - even on ~ca%lon. Rope I d~dn't make a nul6ance of ~self with ~e guests up there at the Bro.n Swan at Schroon Lake) but ~ile I ~s away, I asked every person I met ~ho s~ke~cigarettes ~hy they smok~ that particul~ brand. ~d honeet!Tw friend~, ~ ns ~azed at the ~ns~rs° Nine ou% of every ten people said ~e sa~e thing~ "~ecau~e I*a in the habit of ~okiug 'e~°" Tha~le ~at %h~y all Said: "~cause I'm in the habit of ~kiug '~." And 1%hink I asked Jus~ es ~ ~en a~ did ~n %ha% question~ snd it led ~e to ~nder ~ to ~nder if you, ~s a housewife, had ~e~n in the habit ~f b~lng yo~ ~ in one ~t~er shop, and another butcher shop opened up a few doors a~aT~ ~ all of your friends told ~ that that ne~ ~utcher carried ~t~er ~ea%, whether you'd say, "I*~ ~ot lnte~sted. I;~ in the habit of buying my ~.eat at ~ old ~tcher°" Ladies, t~a% ~uldn't • ake ~od sense. Any ~ you can give yo~ fa~ly ~omething better, you owe i% to them %0 do so. Au~ ~ime you ~ give yo~self a better-tas%lug c~arette~ ~ou o~ it to yo~self to try 1%. So this ~rning, I'm going to ask ~u lad~e~ ~ favor° The only reason that youl~e s~kiug any cig~'ette other ~han Luckies is because you ~e in the ha~l% of doiug it. Per~i~ u¢ to pr~ve to you that the finer tobaccos for ~ch Lucky Strike pays the price ~o Be~ ,~kes a better ~oke. ~ you go shopping %b~s ~ing~ m~r to aak f~ the ~t~a~t~ that ~n~ fine to~acoo - tho ~es.c tte that tobacco experts s~oke. ~r to ~ a pack of -- ----7 -- ~FHOI 0016338
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• LUC~ 8TEIEE "MAKE BELIEVE BA~P~M )- ~o~ercial' - J~ne ~p 1942 (Ev~nlng) BLOat AS ~A~ST I don't ~mOw ~he+.~eJ• 1" ever told you folks, but ~en I was Just kid I wanted to be a ~ep~r~er - you k~cw, a newepeper reporter, and I really haunted the newspaper offices for months. Flnally~ I wound up al a cub reporter ou the old Hew York Evening Matl. The wpk was really fascinating except that as usual the ~ll-fledged reporter covered the million-dollar flresj and the shootings, an~ the big inporthnt events, but the poor little cub reporter he covered aLl the li~le laconsequentlkl things tha~ occup in the daily routine of a big city. Well, the difficult~ that I used te ha~e in writing up a wedding waste take a Bible little line like ... At the Little Church Around the Corne~ at high noon tod~, Miss ~ary Joues beca~ the bride of Mr, John Smtth 0°° and elaberatl~g Cn it to such an extent that I had a readable story using several hundred worda to tell ~at actually eould have been said in Just that one sentence. Aud you ~mo~, I was thinking about that the @ther doy. It'a quite a c~inctd~uce ho~ toda~ =7 ~ is e~actly the opposite - having at ~ finger tlpa teuB of thousandj o~ ~ord~ on ~e interesting subject of the manufacture of ctgarettes~ and how to pick a good cigarette, sud t~en ¢eede~8£n~ them into Juat a few wordo. .~mny, isnl~ i% how ththgs c~n~e? Believe me~ I'm glad I ~rk for ~ckp S~rAke because c~nd~nsing those ~ho~sa~8 ~f ~ds in very ela~le ~h~m talking ahout Luckies. It ~11 beil~ down to th~s ,.. iu a cigaratbe itls the tobu~co that ~ounte. We pay the price at market after ~arkat to ~y the finer tebaceo, that finer teh~c~o that ~akes a fine~ cigarette. ~ow ~uile any good n~wspa~er re~rter coul~ elahorato greatly ou those t.o brief 8te%ements I prefe~ to aarely quote to yc~ the fact that indep~do~t tobucco ~erbe the ~ow tebecco be~t a~d the see ~o ~s what tobecco, moke Luckies t~o to o~e. ATe01 0016339
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r~ ~cK~ STRIKE ~ BB~EVE ~ROOM" Commercial - June 50, i~ (Morning) BLOCK: AS B~AD~ I bet mosb of you folks remember the story about Aladdin a~d his little lamp. Aladdin was a very lucky boy. All he had to do *~s rub his lamp, and ask for ~at ho wanted~ and io and behold there it was. Xesm getting the best of anything .as a very simple matter for Aladdh~. l~'s Just too bed that all of llfe i~'t so sL~ple that all we have to do Is .ish for a thing, an~ there It is. But I'll bet if you had a ~aglc lamp, ~d you rubbed it and said, "~enlep I ~nt you to bring me the finest ci~arebto you can find, that before you could say Jack P~binson~ a package of L~c~ Strlke~ • ~old drop rightinto your lap. Qenies are smart. They know evsrythidg. You know, that genie re~iu~s me of those tobecco exper÷~ X~ ca~Ib fool I~a. If you asked the *mrehous~e~ - th@ auc~ioneer~ or the buyers of tobacco - what c~garette %hay prefer chances are they'd bell ~cu inckles. And believe you m~ frinnds~ the~ know tobacco. And really~ that's ell you ha~e to know in order to p~ck a good cigarette~ becau~ ~mrall ..° w~ll, wha% £8 a cigarmite bet tobacco? The finer the tobecco, the fln~r the cigare~e. And since toe~e experts se~ the makers of Lucky 8~rtke~ p~ythg the price, at marke~ after marke~ all over the South to get ~t finer to~ao¢o~ ~0 wonder their preference is Luckies. Now ~rlendsj I really c~u't give you ~ magic lamp to ~Ab. ~ ~ish I could. But as soon as you decide that you ~an~ %0 smoke a ~rul~ fine ei~aretto, Just step up to a to~cco cou~bor and rub a fe~ coins right on the ~o~ of t~ and say %0 the man in back~ "Oive me a package of the olgarette the tobacco e~rts smoke." And don,t be surprised 1. the lealt .hen be hands ~ou *ia~ good inokln~ green package with the red ~oll'~ eye with the ~ords IX~c~ ~trlke" right in ths middle. RTK01 0016340
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Z Co~er cl~l - B~:)CK: '~KE BELIEVE BALIRDO~" AS ~ROADCAS~ June ~0. 194~ (Evenl.g) Cee, you ~., I was ~nklng some~nln' a llt%le while ago. ~en I ~as up in the mountaLus la~t ~eek, it ~s raiu~ most of the time. Fact, I thlnk we had abOUt t~o ~ays it didn't rain - wry ii%%ie ~un~hine° ~%hi~ much to do ~ut s~ ~r~u~ ~ Te~ and llsten to the ~dlo. ~iI I happene~ to be tuning across the one a~erno~n and I picked up a station up in Co~ectlcut. I ~an'~ reme~r Jus~ ~hleh statlon it ~s - ~ so=e of ~e folks up there could ~11 ~e . .. ~m% they were ~elli~g horse~ and ~gles. T~ ~ere talkln~ a~ut a bl~ ~le of horses and buggles. and wagons, and carriages ~a~ ~ to ~.~e place the next ~. An~ you know, ~t struck me as being ~o~ o~ odd° It looks as ~ou~h the horse m~ ~g~ Is r~l~v co~ng ~. I ,.~nder how ~a~ of us would r~m~bar how %0 hitch a horse to a bu~KF° Could you? Iou? Row a~out yOU? P~ 1%hoUgh% not. Z'= ~r~id if Z ha~ to 8o to ~ by horse and ~u~, and had to ~o the ~t~i~ ~lf~ I=~ ~u~% n~ ~t %he~. The onl~ p~r~ ~f ~he ~mrn~ I ~no~ i~ ~ bl~erA ..° you ~, ~ho~e %~o things. I think they call the= blinders. ~'= not even ~ure a~out ~at, bu~ It's the two thi~s that ~hey put on the ~Ide of a .°. look at me, wAth ~. hands up along side of .~ eyes ~Ing to ~ho~ you ... tho~e t~o ~Ing~ ~at ~ pu~ ~n the e~d~ of a ~orse'e head so that he can or~l~ see s~r~/ght in ~ron~ o~ hi~. He ~m~t look to either side or in ba~ o~ hi~ - only strai~ ahead o~ h~. ~ou ~no~, afar talking to a few hundred people ~ho are non-s~okers o~ Luckles and a=klu~ the= ~7 they sm~k~ that ~ar~m~lar brand I've come to the concluslon that ~ost of ~hos~ ~Ik6 wear blinders, particularly ~en they ~ik up to a ~o~o coun~r° ~ust ~cmuJe they've ~I~B been in the RTX01 00163~1
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. - , + ~£1CKY ~ ~l~t~E B~Ig~E BM, I~O0~" Co~veerctal - June 50~ 1942 (~enlng) R~0CK: Page "take of£ their ~luder~ and lc~k srollud a little bit - lnvesttgatep and find o~t Just ~t each p~rt~cular brand has to offer. ~lieve me, friende, the ~e~s of Luckies welcome that invest~gatiou. We welcome it ~u~e ~e ~o, tha~ the o~ly thing to ~e iuvestl~ated in ~ c~garette is the ~bacco° And ~e ~uow that we ~bo~e t~e aversge ~rket price to ac~.re t~e f~r tol~cco° know ~hat ~at tobacco is ~n Luokies~ ~ud the f~nal r~sul~ of Mour o~ investigation - ~our o~ tn~stigation into the various brands of cigarettes could only result iu one decisio~ on your pa~t ° °. to hl~eh yQur ~Oking pleasure to Luck~ ~trikes. ~o~ co~e on, giddy~p do~ there and ~ke that next p~ck Lu~Jdes, hw~? RT~01 0016342
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t~ ~J
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LD~2 STP/KE Commercial - ~LOCK : '~AAKE BELIEVE BALLROOm:" AS BROADCAST July i, 194~ (~oralng) ~ou ~o~, it's very ~mny. A couple of ~eks ago I ~as iookLng through a book of popular sayLngs. All of the differeat s~,ylngs were listed ~ocordlng to subjects. 'Jnder the subjee~ money ~es this statement ... A pemny saved is a penny earned. Then right on the next llne was the expression ... Penny ~se and pound foolish. Ah, no, it Just doesn't make sense, does it? - sort of leaves you up in the air. Personally, I thlnk the makers Of Lucky 8tr~ke Cigarettes have actually based their business on an understanding of the second saying. I really do. Penny wise .and pond foolish. Oertsinly, it would he fooli6n to lose the opportunity of buying the finer tobacco Just because it cost more, especially whe~n every, one ~qows that a cigarette ds only as good as the tobecco from which Itls ~ade. We ~er let the penny stand i:l the way of gi~-r.g you a finer elgarette. I .know, I kn.owj rlght now you may be thinking to yourself ... But Martin, is it good, sound business policy to pay more for y0ur tobacco than other ~eople pay? ?.ell, i~iende, the answer ~ that is very slgple, too. If we can give you a better cigarette - a cigarette that youl~ sure to like~ +~hen yo~re sure to smoke it. ,~en you n~ke better eigarette~ you sell ,more cigarettes. That tremendous vol~se of business makes it pos~ibl~ for u~ to ~se the finer ingredients. NOW ~'m sure that as a business ~i or ~oman you will agree with. me that ~at is a good sound business poli~.o And I'~ jus~ as sure that you~ll want to reap the benefits by smoking Lucky S%rlke, %~le cigarette tha~ really means f~e ~obaocoo BTHO1 00163~4
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I LUC~ 81'RIKE Co~erc£¢l - BLOCK: "MAKE ~EVE BAILR~" AS ~/CAST ;uly I, 194~ (Zvenl.g) YOU kno., frlends~ li6t~ming to Fred AllenTs show a c~uple of weeks ago ~he~ he had Do= Rockwell as his ~uesh~ it gave me a ~reat blg laugh. Did you hear It? Especially when the good doctor mtggested ~hat he and Fred start out on the road ~ith an old tlme ~edlolne ~no.. You ~ow~ I could Just plct'~re Fred playing his banjo and Doo Rockeell with his tin Whintle, seated on the back of • .~agono And then When the estertoinment ~as all over selling the audience old rndlan Herb Cure %hat was guaranteed th cure dyspe.nslap heart trouble, dandruff, falling hair, corns and callouses, sto~aah ail~ents, liver ailments - ohe JUSt about everythlilg. Yeep ladies and gentlemen, guaranteed if you could ever catch up with the medicine chest. ]~ou ]Qlolrj ~e~J peol~e talk about the ~ld old d~, I often wonder Just how good they were. Of course, when )'ou - when you paid Four dollar for three bottles of a miraculous ~ure you g~t something for your money, leah. you got a little colored water and a half hour of mighty ~ ententhikment. ROt now~ays those things are all d~mgod. No.days ~hen a man stemde before a • Acrophone and talks about a product he is compelled by law to tell you the truth .o. to tell you ~he truth. Really, tbatls not a drawback to us in the field of Luck~ Strike Cigarettes, because we ~mow that When - then I tell you the trJth nbout the fine: tobacco from 1~%ich L~ckies are made we ~n p~ove it - prove I% by telling you that for example, at auctions of the 1959 crop at Pelha~ Georgta~ the ~akers of L~ckles paid 57 per cent above the average market price as p~bl£Bhed by the Om/te~ States De~r~ne~t of Agrlculture~ and that that tobacco blemded with other flne tobaccos • is in the L~ekies you smoke to~7. No sir, we don't have to resort, to the methods used in the d~ys of the old ~edlclne ~aow, exaggerated elalms. We need only tell you the truth about Luckles and hope that this %r~th In itself will make you vent to smoke the cigarette that means fine tobemco - will make you make that next pack Luok~ Strike. RT~O~ 00~63~5
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BLOCK: '~Z RELIEVE ~R00M" AS ~0A~AST July ~, 1942 (Mornlng) %ou know~ friends, I of%en vDnder lhether people who llve in big oi%les don't ~ss out on a great many things in ~ich rural folks take a lot of pleasure. Very fe. ¢~%y people have ever attended a country fair. ~ut I remember oue co~ty fair in ~artlcular, out in California, where I spent one of the most enjoyable days of =y 11fe. One of the notable %hlngs about a country fair is the ~ct that a11 the folks Dto~ miles around bring to tha~ fair the preserves an~ the J~llles %h~'Ive ~a~e - the fruits and vegetables theylve gro~ - the farm animals ~heylve raised - and %hey - and they proudly ~lace the~ on display in ~e hopes that the prod~c~ of their toil may win a blue rlbb~, or eve~ Just an honorable mentlon. People who work take ~leaeure in e~bl~tng their .ares BO that eye.one can see them and admire them. And I guess that's one of the reasons ~hy ~os% tobacco is sol~, not over a ¢ou~ter, b~t at puhllc auct~on~. Men who grow fine ~ba~oo are proud to display it - proud to have tobacco expertB see and handle it. And evel'/ t~me a to.coo growerI8 crop is placed on ~ale~ and the auctlonoer WAude up hi~ chan~ with "Sold ~erlcan," the fanuer ~o grew that orop should be a mighty proud man; bec~uso ~eople lu ths tobacco business ~ow that the success of Lucky S%ri:~e Cigarettes is Imsed on one fac~ ~hi~h can't be dls~ted - that no clgare~te can be any better than %he tobacco fro~ ~$ch it's ~dej and that the ~ker~ of Luc~ Strike ~lllngly pay the price to acquire the be~ter tobaooo. Now friends, Jus~ as surely as two and ~o makes four, ~Iner - lighter - -~Ider %o1~¢co makes a finer, ~re enJoysble smoke. A.~ I guess that's ~ those experts who are closee~ to the %obaooo p~oturs - those independen~ tobacco experts ~ho attend auction after euction ~hroughou~ the South, and see ~ho ~s ~hat tobaoco, c~oose Luck7 Strike for their own ~oklng eat~s~a~/o~. RT~01 00163~6
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LU~ 6~fRIKE ~A~E ~LI~ Y~M" 0ODZ~CTCIkl - July :~, 1942 (~'Venlng) BLOCK= AS I~OJDCAST ~ou k~ow, ~rinnds, in this country of ours we speak of democracy and freedom. To eome of us that ~rd freed~ is very often mis~derstood. There'e ulwaye that infinite minority Who believe that free,o= 81ve8 us all the right to do an~hing we want to do regardless of how it may affect othera. Of course, we knol that to be ridiculous. ~en any one of us straye from the straight and ne~'row it'e ulw~ys nice to know that we're entitled to a feir trial. How since I ask you eo ofthn to try ~ckiee, let's have s little trial right here now. Le~Is assume that you ladies and gentlemen are the Jury. I representing Lucky Strike Cigarettes. • ~our o~ colo~ eense ~ill be the Judge. And so ladiee and gentlemen, of the Jury I have only one exhibit to present for e~ client. X have here a package of Lucky ~rike Cigarette~ - right here. See? Oh, ~e haven,t tulevilinn, have ,m? Wellj I remove one of the cigarettes fro= the package ..(PIUSE).. split one of the c~garettes do~ the middle ..(PAgSE).. re~ove the tobecco ..(PAUSE).o all that nice tobecco. See it? Here it is in the palm of ~ hand. ~ow ~t is ~ only e~ibit. Welll mark it Exhibit A~ hecause A has ulway~ stood for tops in quality. A also stands for A:erlcan Tobacco, toe makers of Luckles. Now this tobacoo ~inh I present in ~in ca~e is tobacco for ~ch the ma~ers of Lucktes at market after market throughout the 5outh paid above the average market price, dow I could introduoe withesses - Andopendont tobecco experts who saw us b~ tohaOco, and I ~ould present their tssti~y- tostlmo~ that ~uuld prove that these men smoke Luckles because they see us pay the price for the i~ner tobacco, the kind of thhacco ~ha7 fat to s~oke. But I d~'t think that*s neeessa~y, because ~mmation is a~mple. NO cigarette can be ar~ better ~ the tobecco it contains. ~,ve p~esented in eridenee that ~ ~c7 that finer inbeceo, you ladles and ~mtleae~ of the Jury ean brin~ An bit ~e verdAc% and ~hat verdict, if your taste is ae~ ~udge be in favor o~ Luc~ ~rAke. RT~O~ 001634P
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~r -\ I/ICICL S'I~.I F,.g ¢o~uretat - BLOCK: B~,I~ ~ I~LLRDOM. l~cldentelly, have you ever noticed how certaLu thln£~ seem to .~ve an affinlty for each other~ Certain thlr~s that Just a~e~'~. ~ their beet rmles~ t~hey have uo~ethlng else to go along ~th ~ez. X mean llke cor~ed ~ee£ and cabbage and you k~ow - ~hat coru.ed beef be without cabtmge?Woul~ be ar~thlng, ~ould It. Nhat would ha~ be without eggs? - or pork be without bean~? - or coffee ~Ith~ut doughuute? It Just ~ul~It mean anything. ~ou can car~ that thought a step further. 1~at ~ould ~ clgarette be without tobacco? Actually, it would be nothing but a piece of ~per. It ~ouldn't even ~e a cigarette. I g~e~B that makes It pre~t~ clear that I~ a clgarette l~'s the tobaoco that c~ts. And I gue~B it's also pre%ty clear that it take~ better tobacco to make a finer clg~rett~. ~o tonight - I ~hould say - this ~ornlng [ ~ent to take ~u~t a i; ~e time to tell 7ou how the makers ot Luc~ 8trfke Cigarettes ~a~-e ~u.'~ tha% they get that better tobacco, In order to make yo~ Luc~ S~r.~e Now in tolmeeo, Just ae In marq other things, dlf~erent crops grc~ in dl~ferent localities by ~1~fereat farmer¢ wlll vary. There are many reasons for th1~. There'~ the ~oli, the climate- exceptional ~eather conditions. Ye¢, there's lots of ~hlng~ that cause the grade and ~he quality of the tobacco to Va~o But in ~obacco, Just as In everything al~e, If you ~ant the better qua/~ty, you have to pay for It. If tobacco eould be bought b~ck of closed door¢ ~here nobc~ ~ew how ~ch ~a~ paid for 1% then we'd h~ve no ~my of ~" knowing ~hlch tobacco wmt Into ~at cigarette. B~t tobacco lu sold at auction - right out Im the open for everyone to Bee. The dlfferemt tobacco b~ers sttend the auction and publleaLly bld for the crop they want. Hstv~, the kee~er co~petltlca i~ for the finer leaf tobacco. And ~ thele ~uctaon~, the independent tobacco BTH01 0016348
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I~ ~A~KE UJfAKg BELI~E EAI~Me ¢om~er~l - 3~y ~j ~94~ (~) BLOC~I Page £. B~ - the b~yers, wc-~ehouse~ ~uctioneer~ - see t~.e ~sr~ of L,~y Str~e Cigare¢~e~ p~y hlgher ~n mvmrage ~cr~et prices ~o get %his finer to.coo for your Luc~ 8tr~Jces. And believe me, friends~ Just as ~q~on Z 887 "ham~ you third, of eegg8~" when I say "doughnuts" you ~hlnk of'boffee," uhen I say "coraed beef" you thlnk of "cabbage,~ - and so when I say "~cky 8trike Cigarettes~ you can,t help b~t ~hink of "t~ne tobacco." Lucky Strike m~s f~ne tobecco; and fine ¢o~oco ~e~s a better smoke. t: ") RT~{O~ 00163~9
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L~C~Y STRIKE So~ercial - BLOCK '~ BELIEVE BAIJ~O0~ AS ~A~OAgT the old ~riauds, do you 'rqno~/story about Sir Isaac NeOn a~ the la~ of graritl .,. how Sir Isaac we6 drowsing under ~n apple tree ome B,A~er afteruoonI dream~g about ... oh, I dO~lt ~ow~ 6ome ne~ doublet and hose o~ hlv latest lady-love? A~ of e sudden a t~i~t red apple bo~ced otf of of one of the branches and hit hlm on the head. Remeaber how he sat up wlth a Jolt~ picked up the appie~ took a bite,lay bach to resume bl~ nap? He began to third: . .. ~hy did that apple fall earch~rd and land on ~ head instead o£ falling into the skp? Well, it w~ by Just ~u~ ,~ ha~mz~ aceldent that the law of gravltp ~s dlsc~ver~. It l~'t ~y s~ch a sample aeeid~t that a~ong tobaoao e~erte - ~en who ~ow to.coo be~t - I~ch~ gt~Lke Cigarettes h~e more exclv~ive s~okers than ~X1 other elEarette¢ combined, ~bese men - warehou~emen~ auc~J.oneera~ bu~er~ - they see ~o ~s ~hat tobacco. ~ey see the ~kers of Luoky gtrt'~e O~arettee at auetlon after auoti~a payin~ the price to get the finer tobaccos - finer, llghter~ leaf ~at they themselves ~ould u~e for their o~u uoki~ enJo~t. In fact, it's no ~ere chance t~ a~ong independent ~oba¢co experts it's Luck~e~ two to one. ~ow ~hy donmt ~ou take a tip from the e~eris? If thst apple ha~t fallen ou Sir Ieaa¢ the law of grevity ~l~ht have gone ~discovered. So do~,~ ~ou re~ on c~tuce to have ~ Luc~ fall into yo~r ba~d~ to dlscov~r real ~klag eaJo~mt. Walk up to your tobacco counter tonight and Say ... 1'11 hry a pack of Luckier, plea~eo X'm sure you ~on~t be disappo~ntod. ~TM01 0016350
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)' LUC.K¥ 8Tl~ "MAKE B.~EVE I~ULROOM" BLO~I I'm sure you folks will all agree with me that you couldnet possibly ~ake a strawberry ~am that ~ould be good unless you used good strawberries. ~ou conldo't make a good pair of shoes out of poor leather. The finest tailoring in the ¢orld ~ou]x~'t torn out a good looking suit unless the m~teriai in the suit was top quali~v~ And it's every bit as true that only through the use of finer, lightorj milder tobaccos can ~ou make a batter c~gerette. Now everything that I.ve said up to this point is what i8 commonly known as a truism - a sthteme=t o£ fact. And in order to convince you that Lucky Strike is the nlgerette you sLonld smoke it's only neceseary for me to prove conaiuslvely ~a~ Lucky Strike means fine tobecco. Now Z cau't walk into your home and ~ave before ~'our ~jes h~dreds of sworn Btetemente f~om independent tobacco experte - from men tho earn their living by handling and kno~J~ to~oo. I can oely tell 7ou that these m~ see that at tobacco auctions throughout the South, the maker8 of ~cky Strikes pay the price to acquire that finer tobeoco for you. For lnstence~ at auctions of the 1959 crop in Tlfton, georgLa, the makers of Lucky Strikes paid ~9 per cent abeve the aTerage market price a8 published by the United States Department of Agriculture. That crop mellowed end aged is blended in the L~ckte8 you bt~ today. And you )~ow, itls one thing to know this fact~ but it's another thing to eho~ that this fact nean~ 8onet~ng to ~ou b~ actoal~y smoking the cigarette that eo~tain8 that finer tobecco. ~ith these tobacco e~parto it can be concluwlvwly proven that their choice for their om~ rooking pleasure 18 Luckies by a t~o to one margin. ~en I a~k you faik~ to light up and en~oy a Luck~ 8~rlke, the cigarette tobacco experts smoke. I do so bacause l ~mow that ~ these tobacco e~erte my have a greater knowledge Of tobacco there~ very littAe difference bet~ ~£r ta~es and yours, i Imow, you, too~ edll enjoy the clgare~to ~nat gives you 811 the beneA~ts of the lighter, milder tobe0cos in Lu~ Strike. BTAO~ 0016351
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S~ C~,~ercieJ. - July 4~ 194~ ~) ZS ~O~CAST 8ay~ I wonder how mar~ of you folks ever stopped %0 %hink abou% the modern conveniences we all enjoy %oday - rapSd %ransportatdonj the %eleI~one, the radio. Wny~ it ~It eo ~ny years ago Ir you wnted %0 %alk to s friend of youre ~o llved a eoulxle of mile~ away yould have %o get on eShankts ~ue,a get on over to hll houee and tell hla ~bout St. Today - we11~ to~ay~ you ~ust pick up • llttle black inmtrument~ %alk In%o itp and therels your frlend on the oth.~r aed of ~he wire. And if you do .Is~, to eee your friend - well, modern trenBportatlon t~ke8 you to him in no tlme at all. These modern mir~e/e~ however, dldnlt ~uet happen over nlghto Bell dldalt dlacover b/a %elefaone in a d~° Edison pleyed ~h %he idea of the electric i/ght and the t~ograph ~r many years before he ic%~e/ly saw i% become ~ real~t~. ~ow, ~ou my be ~ing ~uet ~hat~s all thla got to do vylth Imek~ Strike Cigarettee? And ~o~ I want to tell yo~. Iou ~ee~ t~e first se~lers in America fo~d the Ind~.s usiug their wild tobacco, ebxfDlng it into their native Ine%rumea~ that migh~ paee a~ a ~Ipeo And %he %olmcco .h~eh the fire~ colon~%~ %ook home wi%h %hem to ]~gland ~a~ f~r ~Ifferent ~rcm the ~bacco yo~ no~ ~moke in your Lucky Strlke C£farettes for here ~e the perfec~ b~ ~he cream of the ¢ro~ of %obacOO~o The maker~ Of Luekl¢~ scour +.he country for the ~Iner, milder, be%%er %as%ing %obacco. And they put that tobacco %hrough ~ careful aging ~n~ blending process° ~e~ Ju~% ae ~d~eon ~%ched b~e ~dea of the elec%r~c ligh~ ~nd %he phonograph gww *-to a re~3A%y~ so the mkere of L~eky S%rike~ have vatched the finer tobaceoe ~ake thelr ~garette the one %~tt iadepeadent t~bacco exper%e prefer t.o to one. In fte%~ today with these independent %o~ceo experts Luek/es have ATe01 0016352
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,r / LUC~ ~ ~ ~Tg~ P~LF~O~n Co~ero~ - J~ 4, 194£ (~venl~g) BLOCK: P~e 2 more than twice ~s many ex~ueive ~nokere as ~1 other cigarettes combined. So remem~r, frlend~, when you light up a Luck~ you not only get fine ~t~cco, but you ~llo reap ~e benefit of the years ot pa~ne~kl~ c&re that goee to turn this fine ~o~aoco into a ~lner cigarette. ATH01 0016353
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-\ LUCK~ STRIKE "~I~E BELIEVE ~LL~OM' Co~rcthl . July 6j 194~ (Mo~£g) ~LOCK: AS ~,~ZX~A~ Did I ever tell you ro~¢ before that ~ I was ~u~t a kldj I they .anted to be a reporter? I lue.~s 811 kld~ have that £dea -/~r~nt to go r~und c~lng fire eng~es - see everything thatls havening° Well, I hn,~nt~d the newspaper offices her months~ and f~a~v ~und up as a cub reporter on the old Ne~ ~ork Even~g ~all. The ~or~ ~a~ really #ascl~ating except t~t~ a~ usu~, the full findged reporter covered ~he ~]i]~on dollar fires~ and the ~hoot~3~ and the big ~por~nt event~° ~erea~ the cub reporter covered the little inco~$c~uent~al things that occur ~ the daily routine of a big cl~. The gr~a% d~ffioulty I used to have ~n ~rl~g up a wedding ~s to take a ~ple ~in~ like - At the Little Church ~round the Ooru~r at ~gh-~oou to~, ~s~ ~ry Jone~ b¢~ the bride of ~r. John Smith - and elaborating on it to ~uch an extent that I had a readable story, usin~ ~evera~ hundred ~o~s to tell ~nat could be ~d in ~ust one sentence. I think itls quibe a ooincid~ce hnw to~y ~y Job in ex~ct~ the opposite - having ~t ~ #in~ert~p~ t~u~ of thousands of words on the ~atore~ting Bub~ect of the ~anufacth~e of cigarettes and ho~ to p~ck a good cigarette and cond~ing t~ into Juet a fe~ v~rd~, believ~ you me, Il~ glad I ~ork f~r Lucky Strike because condensing thoe~ thousand~ of ~ord~ l~ very simple ~en you'r~ t~l~ing abeut Luokl~s. It all boils do~ to - in a cigarette it's the tobacco that counts. ~e pay the price at market a~r ~arket to buy the #iner tobacco that makes ~ ~nor cigarette° ~owp ~e any ~ood ne~pap~r reporte~ could ~lahnra~ greasy ou that hrie~ sta~oment~ I ~refer to merely quote to you the fact tha~ ~dep~ndent tobecoo experte ~o ~ow tobacco best end ~o see ~o ~e ~hat to~oco ~ke Luckies two to oriel ATHO1 001635~
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~t ~C~ STRIKE eN~E BELIEVE ~LLI~O~" co~eroial - July 6, 194~ (~e_~) (Parts of ~ie co~ercl~l in parentheses had to be taken from copy suh~tted by ~r. ~ock bemuse recording ns bad due to static caused by ~tor~.) BLO~: Well, friends, tor~tsht I'a gong ~o ~ake a frank ~dmitt~uce. k~ reading (testes) I don't t~nk are as high ~s they ~tght bej (because) frauklyp I ge~ ~ great kick out of reading those scientific (~ction ~ag~es). ~ou know the oues ~ mean - sure you do - youeve read the= yoursel~ someone or other - the ones that tell you how life ~£11 be ~u the year two thousand and fl~t~ A.D. I th~k they're interesting t~ou~ ~eoau~e - of course, it's kno~ to every" man that ~thing that =an ¢au ~£nk of doing (~sn can do, a~d ~o knows - perhaps) these t~pB of stories ~ay be the forerunners of ~a~ ~s ~r~w~l~ be lfke (o~turies froa no~.) ~ou k~, aider reading ~r~ of these 8~ries there's o~e thing that I kno~ I ~on'~ like in ~he year two thousand and ~f~. ~ow ~it a minute - I wo~,t be here then, will I? Well. a~ right~ if I could be here wouldn't l~ke it anyhow° Tha~ one thing is instead of s~tting down to a nice fruit oooktaLl~ a Bteami~ plate of ok~icken ~oodle soup~ nice piece of fried chicken, and eo~e mashed ~otatoes, ~th homemade ~ravy all over i~, a steam~ng c~p of coffee, and a piece of apple pie, the man of that age is gong to reach into his pocket an~ he's gon~a take out five little round p~lls and ~low ~e first one °°. That~ the appe~t~r ~ and the ~e¢ond one - ~hatVB ~e soup - the third one, that's the e~ree - of course - and then the fourth one for the dessert and the £1f~ ~or the coffee. Before ¥o~ can say Jack Robinson he'e had his dinner. ~ow tell me honestly, coul~ you s~ok 7o~r l~ps over t~at kind of a meal? Of course not. There wooed be no re~ pleasure in eati~, (and pereonslly) Z li~e good t~ to ~at! (I,11 ~ust be do,one i~) I'll let anyone do m out of a taste of a ~ell prepared meal. (I bet you ~eel that RT~01 0016355
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I~O~Y ~ NIAKE B~T, IEV~ I~U,,~3Mu Coa~ere.te.L - Ju3~, G, 19'~ (~re~) Page ~. BLOCK: way too..) And you know you ot~ght to feel that w~" ~bout the cigarette you smoke. You can make ~ claims you want but ~r~e~ that eigarstte (is made o£ £1ne tobacco~) ~ild end pleasant taet~g you ~'~ enjoy it. ~o, r~ember~ I said i~ before ~d X say it ~g~fn. Lucky Strfke me~s fine tobacco. And ~ust as you judge a me~ by ~o~ goo~ it taste~ - a good way to J~dge a cigarette (1~ by Its taste.) The taste tes~ alone w£11 tell you +~t Lucky Strikes are the ctg~re~te~ y~u should smoke. ATK01 00163S6
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J "\ bUC~Z ~PIKE Co~ercb~ - BLOCK: ~E BELI~ T~O~" AS ]~OAECAST JuZ~ % 1942 (~o=LthS] ~ou know, turning on the radio a couple of weeks ago vben I yes up In the mo~t~L~s, I happened to tune An to a station up in Connecticut. ~at do you th~ they were se~thg? Rorses and t~ggle8 - adve~IsL~ them rSght over the radio. Yes it lcoks 8s though the horae and buggy Is coming beck. ~t I ~nder ~o.~ ~r~ of us ~ould re=ember how to blt~ a horse to 8 b~g8~. I'= af~id if I had to go ¢o work by horse and begK~ ~d ~d to do ~e hltohlng ~self I'd Just never get there. The o~I~, p~rt of a t~o harne~8 i k~ow is the blinders. ~ou know~ the/ththgs they pu% up on the side of the horse's h~d so he can only see stt~l~ht in ~ont of b~, ~¢te¢ t~l~d~K to a few hundred ~eople ~o are non-~okere of Z~cP~es ~d as~J~g the~ ~ they smoke that part£oular br~md, I've co~e to the conclusion that most of those folks wear hl~nders, particularly ~he~ they ~a~ up to a tobe~co counter. ~ou see ~uet because they've ulw~s been in the habit of asking for one brand of cigarette, they Just never see= to take off thelr h11~dere and look =~ound a Li%tle bit - ~vestlgat~ - f~d out Just ~4~t e~h particular br~d he8 to offer. L~d believe me friends, the makers of Luckle~ welcome that invest~gatlon. ~e ~elcone I¢ because ~e ~ow t2~t "the o~17 thlug to be ~vestiga~ed An a cAgarette Is the tobacco, l~e know that we pay above the 8vera~e market price th ac~re the finer to~cco. We ~ow that that tobecco is In Luckiea and the final result of your own investigation Inth the =arlous brands of c~Karett~e could only result in one decision on your part - to hltoh your smoking pleasure to Luck~ Str~ke . COme on now, glddy-ap do~ and ~ke that next p~c~ ~c~les - huh? RTH01 00163~?
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7~ LUCKI STRIKE "~3KE ~E~IEVE E~LDO0~" AB E~ADCAST Commerolal - July 7, 1942 (Evening) Friends, do you re=ember how ~h~ ~'ou were a kld~ you used to adore the frosting on the birthdey an~ annlver~a~" cakes in all the neighboring back shop wlndows~ Bow ~en there was a fa~Ely blrthday cake with fancy £roBted tclng, you teace~ to be a11o~ed to ~ake the beautlful pink and ~reen zose~eewhtch looked 6o tempting and dellclous to ea~? Do you remember your ~/s~ppolnt~en% when you found ou~ that though they looked so ~ood they ~e~e ~ust hard susa~ with very llttle £1avo~ ~e11, the proof that finer tobacco i~ in LuckieB I~ in the ta~t~n~. And independent tobecco experts in no ~y connected with any ¢~£arette manufacturing co=party, ~o attend auctlo~s all over the South, ~ee~n~ m~o bu~.~ ~at to~cco, find 6o ~ch real s~okln~ ~leas~e in ~ckle~, ~h~t survey wade amon~ these men sho~s that ~uckles have t~Ice a~ many exclusive smokers a~ all other brand~ co~Ined° These men ~ow ~elr ~be¢co° They know ~hat a £iner le~£ makes ~ £~er ©i~erette. And they've eeen us pay the price to ~et ~e% ~Iner %obacco° ~ex% time ~0u buy cigarettes remember ... the 5e~te ~mt co~ee from the use of that finer tobacco makes Lucky S~rlke a £1uer cigarette° won1~ you make ~our ~ex% pack Luckles? eta01 0016358
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LUGKY STRYJ~ Co~e r C~Lal - ~dad~ DELIB~B BAGGIDOM" AS BIDAfC+AST July 8, 194~ (Morning) ~ou know llsten£ng to Fred Allen*s ~how ~ couple of week~ ago - remem~r v~en h~ had Doc Rockwell on as his guest - ~ell I go~, a b~g laugh out of it. Espec£ally ~en the good doc~r suggeeted ~t he and Fred start out o~ the road with an old time ~edlcine Sho~. ~ou knowj I could Just picture l~ed playlng his banjo ~nd Dock Rovkwell with that t~n wb±stle and both of ~em 8e~ted on ~e b~ck of ~ wag~. And then when the en~rtalnmen+~ ~s a]/ owr 8elllng the audience some of that ~'l~e old Ind£~n Herb Cure - guarsn+~eed to cure d~spepsia, bear% +~rouble~ d~ndrufl', falling ~irj corns and callousesj e%o~sch ailments, liver ~ilment~. ~e~j ladies and g~tl~ g~aranteed if you ca~ catch up ~th us. ]~ou k~ow~ ~nen people talk about ~h~ gold old day~ ]~ ox~en wonder ~ust ho~ good +)~ey were. Of ~our~e~ ~h~ you p~d~our d~llnr for 1~r~e bo+~tles of a mlraculous cure~ you've got something for 7our money ~'ii ~dmlt - a little volored ~ater and a helE hour of mighty good antertalnment. ~u~ now~n-d~vs, those th£ngs ~re ~Ii changed. No~-~-day~ ~en a ~n stand~ before a mlcro~one ~d t~Ik8 about a produ~%j he's compelled by law to tell 7ou the truth° And frsnkly, ~hat's no dra.~bsck to u~ of Guek~ Strlke~ becauBe we ~ow that ~he~ I tell you ~he tru~ about the fL~er tobacc~ from w~ich l,uckies are ~dej we can prove it! ~ can prove it by telling you ~hat /or example at ~uc+~ions ox" the 19~9 crop at Pelhsm~ G~org~a, ~he makers of Lucki¢~ p~Id ~7 per cent above %he average market pr£ce as publ~shed by +.he United ~tates that Depart~ant of Agriculture, And / that tobacco blendod wl+~h other Fine ~nbac~os Is in %he Luckles you ~oke today.° ~ ~r, we donet have to resort %0 +.he me%hods used i~ %be old d~y~ ~ ~e old m~dlcine eho% mak£l~ ~ho~e exaggerated c~alms, t~e need BTH01 0016359
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LU(h~ ST~KE ~ BELIEVE ]~LL~0U" Com~erc~ - July 8, 194~ (~ornt~g) BRJCX~ only tell you the truts about Luckies and hope that th£s truth in itself r.~lA make you want to smoke thie cigarette that means fine tobacco - ~dll make you make that next pack Lucky ~trlkes. ATH01 00~6360
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Co~erclal - July 8, 194~ (EvenLy) BLOCK: AS E~ADCAST Well, friends, it ~e$~s as tho~-h therels a hot e~d hea~ orchestra popular$%7 contest raging right now - e popularity coutest that we can't tell yet .ho's goL~ to win, ~o's going to end up in first, second, or third place. It's a fl~ to ~e f~nish and the best bends ~dll win of courBep by - ~y token of ~e nu~r of votes %hat you, and you, and you ca~t for thou. We11~ ~us~ so .as It conducted among independent tobacco exper~ - a~cttoneers. ~ers~ and t,~rehouse~en - ~o are in no way aff~liated .ith any tobacco ftr~. iu order to find ou% what brand of cigarette~ ~ae tops 1~ %he~r e~ti~i~n. Yes slr~ this impartial poll .~ ¢~ducted among these ~ndepend~t tobacco expertl. Well elf. Just a~ all of you are going to choose your fav0rlte band leaders in the %rue dmocratlc f~ehion~ these me~ ~ho ~ew to.coo ~eSt, who had sp~t years in the South £ollo~1~g av~ton e~ter auctlo., eeein~ .hat people bought ~ha~ to~cco~ watching The A~rlcan To~o~o Coapany pay the price %o get the finer, ~11der leaf, stated their pre~renoe for Luckier. ~es vir~ t% ~s found a~ter studying the state~ente of these %o~¢co experts %h~t Luck~es had more exclusive s~okers than all other brauds of cl~ret~e~ combined, Just as in a few weeks we'll be able %o tel~ you~ according to the votiug r~tur~s on the ballo~ you se~d in who is top ranking band leader in these parts~ so the ~akers of L~C~ Strikes were proud to find that their ¢l~rette led all othere a~ong men who ~ow %otac¢o. Now ~hy not take a tip fTc~ the experts? Smoke the cigarette ~lch, because £%'S ~de fro~ that finer tobacco, tastes be%ter. Make your nex~ pack Lucky. RTH01 0016361
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LUCKY STRIKE ~ BELIEVE ~ALLRDO~" commercial - J~ly % 194~ (MorniDg) BLOCK: XOU know friends, in this country wo speak of democracy and freedom. Nell, to some of us, that word . freedom - is misunderstood. There'8 el,aye that minority who believes that freedom gives us all the right to do aaything we 1rant to do regardless of how it may effect othero. Of course, we know that to he ridiculous, and whsn anyone of ue ltraye from ~he straight and narrowj it's al~ys nice to know at least that we're entitled to a fair and eduithbba trial. Now since I've asked yo~ so o~teu to try Luckiee - letls have a little trial right here now. ~ou lad/ca end gentlemen are the Jury and Itd like to he the atthrney that represents Lucky Strike. Your own common sense will be the Judge incidenthLly. Now, I have only eme e~h~bit to present for my client, and thst*s a package of Lucky Strike cigarettes. I remove one of the cigarettes from the package -split one of the clgarettes do~'~ the mlddle~ remove the tobec~o, and place it before you, This is ~ only exhibit end we'll mark It A because A is al~ays good for tops in quelity and A al~o stands for American Tobacco. NOW this tobacco mhith I present in this case is tobacco for which the makers of Luckies - at market after market throughout the South - pay above the aversge market price. NOw, I could introduce witnesses - independent tobacco experts ~ho saw us buy tobacco - and present their testimony - testl~oDy that would prove that these men ~oke Luskies because they see us pay the price for the finer tobacco - the kind o~ tobacco they want to ~moke. But I donlt think that will ha necessary because my summat~oa Is simple: No cigarette can be any better than the tobacco it contains. A, ld I present i% in evidence that we b~ that finer tobacco. You ladies and gentl~en of the ~ury can bring in ~at one verdict, and that verdict - if your taste L~ any Judge - rill be in fair of Luck~ Strike. ~T~01 0016362
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7¸ LOCK¥ STRIKE "~E BELIEV~ Et~L~OOM" ¢o~er¢lal - July 9, 1942 (Eve.ing) BLOCK: AS BROADCABT Row many of you folks remember the o~d~fashioned hour glass? I guess there ~a~ a time when no home was without its hour glass, and that glass was in constant use. The grain~ of sand passed through the narrow neck of gla~s indicating the passage of time. ~ow there wa~ no doubt about the accuracy of the fining. It was sure. As long as that gl~.ss 8thod upright, the grains of send poured through With their usual rate of speed. And you know in chin sane steady s~m~er the tobacco that goes into your Lucky 6trlke Cigarettes passes unhorrikdly through the hour glass of aging and aello~ing - only the process doe~it fact for three minutes, or three ho~rep or three days, or even three weekJ. For your uthoat smoking satiefactlon this Lucky Strike process last~ for from ~wo to four years. Now a Burvey of iudeponde~t to~cco ezperth ~o are in no way affiliated with any tobacco company whatsoever, showed that ~ng these m~ Luckles had twice as ~ exclusive s~kers a~ ~ii other brands of cigarettes combLued. How we'Ve already told you that these men who follow auctlon after auction see who ~s what tobacco. They see The American Tobacc~ Co~pany pay the price to Get the finer tobacoo that they like to ~moke. Now there is another reason lhy people prefer Luckies. It's because after these finer tobaccos have been purchased they ~IIi have the beat possible care a8 they pass from leaf to fthished clgaret~e, that the tobacco is carefully condltloned for aging~ a~d then sent to - to great storage sheds, and there is allo~ed to age from two to four aolld years. Imagine ~at! All those ~illto~ of pounds of tobaaco tied up for years. Each day s~ it passe~ ~dding new flavor AT~OT 0016363
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rr-- LUCKI 8TRIXE ~ ~ELTEVE ~LLR~OM" Co=~ercinl - JU~ 9, 1942 (Evening) ~OCK: Page ~.. and richness. Yes sir, iris little wonder %hat with me~ ~ho kno~ tobacoo best lt~ Luckies two to one. Earl ~ust as nothing 8tops the sand from falling through the hoar glaes nothing ftope Lucky Strikes finer tobacco from getting £ts ~ amount of aging and Now careful mallowing./He ~ow that no eubs~thte bae been found by modern ecieace to give the esle effect a~ those unhurrind years of agtng° A~d now you ~ow it~ too, so ~ not make your next pack Luck/es? ~r~ol oo~636~
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J Fri~ds, do you rem~r the old story about Slr Isaac ~ewton and the law of gravity - how 81r Isaac ~ drowsing ~der an apple ~ree o~e 8we~ a~ternoo~t dream~ug abo~ some new doublet and ho~ or his latest lady love ~hen, all of a sudden, a bright re~ pippin bounced off One of the branchea ar~ hlt ~ on the head3 ~d how he sa~ up .ith a ~olt to p~ck up the appl~j an~ ~ook a blte and then a~ he I~V back to res~e hi~ nap, hQ began to thia~ o~ ~hy the apple ~ell earth~rd i~tead of fall~g Int~ ~he ~k~? Wet1, by Just ~uch a hapha~zard a~cld~tl the law of gravlty ~a~ dls¢overed~ Zt i~'t be ~uch ~ simple accldent that a~ong ~o~a~co expert~ - ~e~ ~ho k~ow tobacco be~ - l~ck~ 8trlke Cigare~e8 have ~ore e~oluslve smokers ~ all o~er cigarettes coa~Ined. The~e sen - • ~u~ehous~w &uct~oneere, b~ers - ~ee who b~y~ ~hat to~ao~o. see the makers of l~cky 8~rlke Oigarettes, at au~io, after a~ctio~ a~1 over the ~outh. paying the prlce ~o get ~e fAaer ~bacc~s~ the ~er~ ~ilder~ lighter leaf thst they ~ae~selves would choose for their o~ s~oki.g en~oym~t. In fact~ It's no mere chance that among independe~t tobs¢co expert, it'8 Luckle~ t~o ~ one. ~ow, why don'~ you take a ~ip Crom the expels? If ~at apple ha~'t fallen ~ Sir Isaac, the la~ ¢C gravA~y ~igh~ have gone undiscovered. Do.It you rely o~ chance to have a Lucky ~all into ¥c~r hand to dleoowr real ~ok~g ~Joyaent. ~ up to your tobacco ~ter today an~ ~ ... 1'11 try a package of I~ckies, please. And Z~m sure that you won't ~ d£sappcinted. A~K01 0016365
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l T BLOCK: July I0, 194~ (~vemtnS) Friendsj how many of you have ever heard the old proverb "Zc~ cantt toll a book by ~s cover?" Sure, I guess welve all heard it one tine or another. And you k~ow, it's Just as true of people, and radio programs, and music, and of cigaretths. You can't ~eLl the firBt thing about a subject until youtve tried 1%. I could stand here all day and tell you that among independent tobacco experts it's Luckisa two to one. I c~n toll you that these men k~o. their tobacco end although theyIFe ~ no way affillated with any tobacco coapany~ they do see ~o b~ys ~hat tobaoco~ and they do see The A~erl~m Tobacco Company pa~ing the price to get t~e finer tobaccos that they themselves would llke to a~oke. I can tell you a~out the Toas%~ process of Lun..kies - the mildB lightp S~Oothp flavor. I can ~ you sm~7 things but the old adage st~ll goes "You san*t tell a book by its cover," XOU won't be convinced - not reall~ - until you,ve gotten into the first chapter, ~til you,ve bought your first pac~e o£ Luckles, torn off the cello~bane top~ and lighted the first cigarette. That's ~hen you,ll ~ow ~mt real smokthg enjoyment is. ~ow ~ don't you turn to the ~irst page of the book of true s~oking en~oy~en[ tonight? walk into your favorite tobacco store and say ... Make mine a pack of L, ckies please. ~TH01 0016366
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Co~ercial - July Ii, 194L(f~lroing) Have ~ou ever sto~sd to think a~ou% all the modern convenl~ce8 we en~ ~ - rBpld ta~sportatlcnj the telephone, the radlo? Wash1% Bo ~ years ago if you ~ante~ to talk to a frie~ of yours ~o lived t~ or ~h~ee miles away, you'd have Io ride on over and t~ll hA~ about it. Todd, you Just pick up a little black £~str~t and ta~.k into it and there'~ your fried on the other end of ~h~ wire. ~ if ~ou wa~t to See s~bc~y ebo lives a long ~st~ce away - ~ell, aodora transportation ge~s ~ou there i~ no t~e at a11. ~ut you know, al~ ~hese ~odern ~lracle~ didn't Just happea ove~nlght. ~el/ dA~.t dls~ver ~e ~ele~ho.e in a day. E~Isoa played ~t~ the idea of ~he electric llght and the phonogm~a for many years before it be~aae a rea!1~. ~o., ~ou my be ~ay~ng... • hatll all thi~ got to do with Lucky Strikes. I'll tell ~ou| The f£rst settlers in A~arica f~und the Xa~1~s using t~elr wild t~cco and 1~e tot~cco ~ich the flrct eolo~l~t~ t~ h~e ~ith t~ to Engla~ Is far ~lf~ere~t from ~e to~e~o you now B~ke in your ~c~ 8trAke Cigaret~s! beeause here'o ~e ~rfec~ bl~ - the ~rea~ of the crop of tobaccos. ~hy, the aaker~ o~ L~cMies ~eour the cou~r~ for the ~1~er, ~il~er, be~ter ~a~tlng tobacco and then put ~aat ~ba~co through a careful ag!~ and blending process, and ~u~t as Edison watched has idea of ~e electrlc llght and bh~ ~onogze~ grow into a re~/i~ so the ~akers of Lucky Str1~e have ~%ched ~e f~er tobacco~ ~u~e their ¢Ige~ette - ~e o~e that i~epe~dent tobecc~ expe~ts pre~er t~ to one. lu fact t~da~j ~ith ~ese 1~ependent tobacco expe~e~ Luckles have more than t.ice as excl~lw nc~ers aJ ell ot~ar clgaret~ com~i~e~° So ~rle~ds~ ruber ~e~ you ligh~ up a Lucky you are not only getting fine ~ebaee~ b~t you also are zeap~ag the beaefit of t~e year~ of ~aAu~aM1ag care that goes to ~ ~ flae tobeeeo into a finer eAga~et~. nT~01 001635P
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~CK¥ SgRIEE~[~CE BELIEVE BA~" C~erclal - July II, 194~ (Ewning) BLOOK: AS BF~A~S? Then friends, have you ever noticed how carefully professioQal sportsmen chcose their eqult~m~t? They really take care. Donald Budge carries bin favorite thnnia racket onto the court with him la for every match. And that racket is strung properly and/inspected ~efully before every game° ~ere's just one certain Mind of racket that he favors° Take Gene garszen - he guards his favorite golf clubs Je~loualyj because they, the profossAnnal sportemen know more about the game in ~lch they excel. The ~thur galfar, the te~n~s player ~ollo~ the profesRinnal Au hie choice of equi~ent. And 9onald Budge knows be~is° ~is racket suits him. Chances are if you're an eJlathur tennis fan, you'll follon hi~ selection, After all, you say he's • pro - he oust to know hi~ etu~t. Mow, you take the profoseic~l bebacco experts - another example. The ma who make the~ living in the great, buzziag tohacoo warehouses - at auction after a~ction - even 1ben theylre not financially letorestnd An the sales - these independent beTers, auctioneers and warehous~ see ~o bulb ~nat tobacco. They see the ~kers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes ~ing the price again end again to get Finer, ailder, lighter leaf. go it's no ~onder that with these indepond~t tobacco experts it's Luckie~ t~o to one. They know that fine tobacco ~eana a fine cigarette. And ~et'e more, ~ey kno~ that LuCky StA~lke means fine tobacco. Now look, if SO~ ~udge told you that this racket ~s the best he had found, you'd take the tipj ~uldn't you? ~y not take a tip from the pros of the tobacco lndustry~ ~ the ma~ ~o know tobacco beet? Better tobacco i~ the first st~p to the enJo~aent or the cigarette. So light up a ~ucky to~l~tj ~on'~ you? ATH01 0016368
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f- I~C~ ~ "~ BELIEVB.E~" Coamercial - July I~, 19~ (Morni~) BLOCK: Be friends~ this morning~ I want to make A little edmlB8~o~:, g~ reading tostee may not be ee high as they should*be because frankly I get a great kick out of reading the scientific i~ctlon stories .... 7ou Anew, the ones that tell you how llfe's going to be in the year A.D. ?beySre interesting though, because it's plain to see that an~d~ug m~n can think of doing, man can do and 1he Ano~, perhapa these ~pes of stories are the forerunners of ~% this world will be Like cent~ries free now. But after rea~ng aaUy of thes~ stories, thereS6 one thing I ]mow I ~on't like An the year I~0~0. Ohl I wontt be here then, will l? Well, all right, if I Could be here, I .ouldn.t llke it aeyhow. That one thlag la that instead of sitting down to a nice fruit cookt~ll, a stoaa~g plate of soup, a piece of frie~ chickem, mashed potatoes, a simam~g cup of coffee, the man of that age ik going to ~each into his pocket and he's going to take out five little round pills. Re's going to ~wallow the flrst pill - that's the appet4=er. The eeoond ~e will be the soup - the third the entree - the fourth the dessert, and then coffee. Before you can say Jack Robinson, hess had his dinue~! ~e~, ~ll me honestly friends, could you smack your lips over that kind of a meal? Of ~ourse not. There'd be no real pleasure in eating, end personally, I like good things to eat. I'll Just be doggone if 1'11 let anyone dv me out of the taste of a ,~11 think prepared meal. And I/ you feel that ,my too. And you ought to feel that way about the cigarettes you smoke, You my make a~v claims you want to make about a ci~cretbe~ but unlecs ~at cigarette is made of fine tohecce - mlld~ and pleasant thst~ng - I've you ean.t enjoy it. Bew remember,/ eatd it before and I say At again ... Luc~ Strike a~aas fine tobee~o. And ~u~t as you ~udge RTH01 0016369
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Commercial - July IS, 1942 (Eye,ins) BLOCK: A5 ~OA~CABT Friends, I wonder how ma~- times this has happened 'to you and your family, Suppose you want to go to the movies this evening, Sow you don't know e~ctly what you ~t to see, SO you take the newspaper and you look over the long ltBt of advertisements in the evening paper. LetJs see, there's such and such plowing there, Is this pi¢tore/pla~ there. Now that last picture - that one got a good ~rlteoUp - you thfuk to yourself. The critics l~ked it. And so you and the family go to see the picture that has been highly praised ~.: the moving picture e~e~s~ and ten to one you e~Joy the picture ~h~ch you chose because it was so highly recommended. And you ~ow, this same method of choice may also be applied to your selection of a clgaretbe. Yes friends; with r/ o~ eyes live seen the statemento of independent tohacco experts - auctioneers~ b~ersj and warehousemen - men ~o really know ~obecco, ebo see ~ b~s whet tobacco at auctions all over the South, and time after tins these meu have watched The American Tohacco Company I~ the finer leaf for ~hat vetF reaaOno These state,eats show that among the experts Luckies have more than twice as many exclusive smoker~ as all other brands of cigarettes combined. ~ow that'~ $~e opinion of the experts - the critics of the tobacco industry. They know tobacco Just the ~v the movie critics k~ow the movies. They make their living by dealing in it. Sow not take a tip from them Just a~ you take the advice o~ the movie ~rltics? A good movie may insure your ever~nS~S entortaim~ent, ba~ the discovery of a f~ner cigarette will take care of your sm~kin~ the em~ey~en~ for/ma~ years to come. And here's a feature pres~tet~on with an all star cast - finer; milder; lighter, better ~asting tobacco in L~ckies. ~TH01 00163?0
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lJ3Cl~ b'TP3~ "|bXE B~IEVE ~lJ~O~" Co~erolal - J~y 15, 194~ (Momtag) Pmge g, a ~ by how good it t~stes, a good ~y to Judge s clg~tte Is by how good it tastas. The taste test slone can tell you ~t Lucky Strikes are the clgaret~,e~ you should smoke| ATe01 0016371
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r / LUCKY ~P, IK~ ".~E I~.~EVE /~LLRO0~" Co~erclal - Ju~ 14, 194~ (MornJ.r~) BLOCK: AS ~qOA.~AST Friends, remember how then you were kids you used to ~ the frostlng on the birthd~7 cake in ~e neighborhood ba~ ehop wludow~ R~ember how t~ere ~s a fanOAy blr~hday cake with fanc7 i~osted icing on £t, you always wRnted to be allowed to take the beautiful pink and green rosettes and t~st~ them? ThQ7 looked ~o temp~n~ and so delicious. We~ do you remember, tooj how d~sappointed you were when you found ~hat although they looke~ good, they were Just hard sugar with very l£ttle flavor? Ths proof that finer ~obecco is ~n LuckLes is in the tasting. And £ndependent tobacco experts - in no way connected with any cigarette manufactur£ng ¢ompar~ - ~ho attend auctions all over the Sou~h seeing ~ho b~y¢ ~at to~acoo~ find ¢o much real ~mokln~ pl~su~e in Luck~es ~hat a survey made among these men ~hows t~at Luekles have twice as many ex~lus£ve s~okers as all other brands combined. ~ow these men know their to,coo° They know that a finer leaf makes a flner clgarett~. And they've seen us pe7 the ~lee to Ke~ that finer tobacco, The next tame you buy cigarettes, please remember - remomlmr that It' s the taste that counts. ~nd that taste comes from ~#he use of finer tobacco ... makes Luck~ Strike a fine.~ cigarette. ~T~01 00163?2
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Co~ercial - B~LT~rE BA~OOH. XS MOJLOC~f July 14~ 194E {Evening) Say# I wonder how ~ny of you folks out there are cross-word puzlle fiends. Lots of youp I'll be%. Then I 8uess you'll know what I =san 1hen I speak about the th.rLll you get ~en you're doing a particularlp hard corner o£ a crosB-word puzzle and you ~ust can't ge~ any of the ~ordo and then all o£ a sudden one word ~ow~_6 to Mou, and that one ~ord Makes It poBsible for you to ~olve the rest of the puz~e. All r~gh~ now~ I want to talk to you a~out another ~ord that can solve 7our s~ok~g pleasure, and tha~ ~ord is to~acoo. I want to tell you folks ~het the independent tobacco exgert~ - the warehoucem~a~ the auc~oneers~ end b~e~s - who a%t~ud auc~ons over the Sou~h who ~atch ~o buy~ ~hat tobacco ..° these ecn ~now ¢heLr ~obecoo Just as you cros¢-~ord puz~e add~cte know your mJnorO~8° These m~ see the ~ake~s of Lucky S~rtke C£~arette~ I~V the price at auction after auction to get the tarter leaf ~t the~ t~e~elv~s ~ould like %o rake. And so it warn dl~covezed in an ~t~al ~urvey that uo~ ~ese independent tobacco ®~erte Luck~ea had twice as ~ exclusive D~oker~ aB all other brand= of ci~arettes co~Lued° Yes si~ they know that a c~sarett~ can be no Ether than the tobacco fro= ~hich it's ~,de. And since ~hey sa~ with their o~ eyes The ~arl~a~ Tobacco Conpa~ bought Chat finer tobacco - they ~ew that Lu~kie~ ~ust ~e ~ finer ~$~are~te. Just a~ you cross-~o~d pu=zle faus ~1 testl~y that you have to .~tnd ~xactly th~ right ~ord ~t t~e ri~t ti~e, Just ~o t~e rl~ ct~ret~ l~ the key ~ord for true s~o~:Lug euJoy~t. Oh, by the ~y~ do ~ou want a Bev~ letter word for fine totaoco? All rathe, here ~t is ... L~ C K I E S ... Luokie~° ATH01 00163?3
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LU~K~ STR~ "MAI~ BF.,LISV£ BA.T.~ROOg" Tou know, folks, right now here at the Make Believe B~l~oom ~hero's a hot and b~vy co~e~ rsg~ngo ~'s a ~pularl~y conte~. And of oo~sej we canlt tell ye~ who's going to end up in fLrat, second, third p~ce~ it's a fight to the f~Sh the ~st bands wall w~ en~ will be Judged ~ ~he numt~r ~ votes that you ~ you and you cast for your favo~te ~nd~. W~.I, Just so, wa~ c~nduc~e~ among ~ndependen~ tobacco e~s - auctioneers, ~rs, and w~eho'~sem~ - an ~p~i~ poll. Now, rember that these tobacco e~cperts - these independent to, coo experts are in no w~ aff~ed wLth any tobacco f~rm. And we conducted this po~l in order to f~ out ~h~ brand o~ c~rettes was tope in their estimation. Welt e~r~ ~t a~ all of you are going to choose ¥c~ favorite band l~s ~n a t~u~ de~- oc~t~o f~h~on - ~es~ men ~o ~ roll,co be~ who haw e~t fol~ow~ auction af~ au~on - seeing ~uat people ~ what to~cco - watching the A~eric~n ?o~c¢o Compe~ ~ the price to ~e~ the finer, ~t~der leaf - stated their ~e~ms for Luck~es. ~es s~ it was found e~er stud~n6 the s~t~s of these tobacco experts that Luck~ had ~re e~cl~iw smokers than alZ other ~and~ of c~re~ee combined. And ~u~ as in a £e~ ~eek~ wa'll be able ~o tell you accc~d~ug to the vc~L~ return6 on the b~o~s 7ou send in ~ho,s ~h~ top ranking bend leader in these Parts, so ~he makers of L~ck~ ~rLke were mighty proud to find that their c~ettes led all others among ~ who know to~ceo best. Now, ~ not t~e a tip fro~ the exp~ - smoke the c~te which because it's made ~rom that finer tobacco tastes bet~e~. Make your ne0c~ pack Luc~os! oo16 7
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/ /- I , BLOCK= Beiug real~ serious for a moment, friends, thet progrem of Beatrice Kaye slnging so~e of the Gay Nineties somehow brought ~eck a lot of memor~ee to me. It started me th~Ang° It's how memories do come back ~o you - ~emorles of s~l~ little ~cid- ente tbat happened in 7our pee~ life. I'll never ~now wh~t ~o~bt it to ~ mind but when I wee about twelve yeer~ old ~ famll~ u~ed %o spend the eu~ere down in pikesvllle~ Ma~Fland. The house where we sta~ed wa~ about a quarter of a mile tro~ an armory ~ere the Cavelry was eituated...And on S~day afternoon they ha~ their parade. ~ell, in the eeveral year~ tbat we spent out there I got to ~ many of the officers. And one Sunday afterno~ I asked one of the ~en if I could ride one of %he horees ar~ the incloaure. And lau~ly be eaid...Sure, kid, 8o ahead. ~o without knowing anythin~ at all about horee8 I proceeded to pick ~ne that looked ~ to me end I ~ot on its baok° ~o~ I ever ete~ed on I'll neve~ know, t~t when the ArmF f~nal~ caught up ~l~n me about three mllee awa~ I ~ae a a~ght~ scared kid hen~ug on to ~b~ hor~e'e hack for dear life, Ac~uallF, be~d teken me over all the ~umpe and finally ~top~ed to ~raze on t~e banks of e stream, It seemed that I had picked t~e ~ldest horse in the entire oUtfit° They called him D~e. Believe me, from ~hen on T left horses pretty much alone, because even at that tender a~e I had sense eno~ to ~o~ that I kne~ nothing about hor~es ° TbeF al~ looked ~ to me. Aud T ~uess with most of you folk~ that~ s the wey ~ is wl~h c~are~tes. They all look pretty much alike. And that's ~ it's eo ~mpc~tant that in picking a cigar- ette you take the advice of ~he tobacco expert~ - the men who RTH01 00163P5
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J -2- tobacao. They Bee the makers of Euck£es paying the price to get the finer, ~lder, lictor leaf that they t~e~elves would choose for their o~ s~oktng en~c~ent./ ~-o: kn au~horltatl~w ~urvey wQ kn~ that vi.th tha~ m~u wh~ ~¢~ tobacco best Luck~es have lore than twice u ~any exclusive smokers ae all other cigarette~ combined. And Just as ~ can assure you folks that I ~ill never ageln attempt ~0 select a horse wlthout ~0wlng a great deal more than I }mow now about hor~e flesh, l*~ never attempt to select a cigarette be~ed on anything but the opinio~ of ~ndepende~t tobacco expertS. I think youll~ find that a pretty good ru~, too. ~£th t~se ee~ who know tohaoco best tt~ L~Ck~@8 ~ to oue~ b~ ~th you ~ e~ av~ e~o~r I think yousll f~d ~hat for hops In e~ok-tug e~Jey~ent it's Luck,s RT~01 00163?6 I
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LUCK~ S~P~KE "MAKE BELIEVE ~LROOM" Co.merc~O. - July 16~ 1948 BLOCK: Now~ I Just ~nder, you folks remember the old-fashioned hour glass? ~ell~ there was once upon a time when there wa~ no home without its hour glas~ and it ~as in constant uBe. The grains of sand would l~ss through t~e narrow neck of glass ind~cating the passsge of %t~e° There waB never any doubt about the accuracy of the timing~ ~ither. It was sure. ~a long as that glasB stood upright, the grainy of send poured through at their usual rate of speed. And in the same BreadF manner the tobaoco that goes Into your Luck7 Strike Cigarette~ paeBel ~hurriedly through ~he hour glaBs of aging and mellowing~ only the pr~ce~ doesn't l~t" for ~ust three ~lnute= or three hours. No sirl For your utmost m~oki~ sa~lefactio~ thi= Lucky Strike process las~s from two to ~our year~° No., a survey of lnde~nden~ tobacco ex~ert~ ~o are in no way connected with any tobacco c~p~yw shoRdthat ~zong these men Luckl~s had t~lce aJ ~uy exclusive smokers as all ~her ~Ve hrend~ o~ cl~rettes co=bined. W~/told ~ou that these ~ who follo~ auction after auction - see ~ho ~s ~at tobaeoo - see The A~eri~ Tobacco Co~ paying the price to ~e~ the finer tobacco ~hat they like to smoke° ~o~ therel~ another reason ~y people prefer I~ck~es° I~'s because after these finer tobacco~ have been bou~ ~ey~ll have the best possible care ~ they ~ss fro= leaf to ~lniehed cigarett~ - the tobacco i~ caref~ll~ conditioned, aged, and then ~en~ to grea~ storage sheds~ and there lsBt allowed to age fro~ two to four ~olid Tear~. ~agine thatL All those ~llion~ of po~d~ of and tobacco tied up for yeare,/each d~ - as ~t passe~ - addl~ new flavor and richne~. Well, it,s ll%tle ~onder that with me~ who kno~ tobacco bes~ l%l~ Luckle~ ~o to one. And Just as nothing 8tops the ~and fro~ falling through the hour gla~s~ ~othin~ stops Luck~ 8trike'~ finer to~c~o fro~ getti~ Lts f~l st~t of aging and c~ef~l RT~01 0016377
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LOC~ STRIKE "V~Y~.E BEI~EVE T~LILI~O~d" Co~era£a.1 - Auly 16, 194~ (Morning) Peee e., BLOCK: mellowing. We know %ba~, no I~bs%l~te ~e be~ round by modern scl~©e to give the a~me efl"ect aB those un~s;led yeal"s of ag~go And now you know it too. So vhy not, make your next pack Luckier? ~TH01 0016378
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7 LOCK~ 8TR~XE "MAKE B~IZVE I~I/~OOM" Co~erolal - July 16j 1942 BLOCK: YOU ~owp rely Cherels a difte~nce ~etseen ~lr~ in a groove and be~ in a x~° Fo~ exJ~ple, bow of%en do you walk Into a score and order something, and when the sale~n in back of the co~t~r asks you ~ brand you prefer you Bay °°° Oh. ~ust give =e ~ us~ brand. Now I wonderD do you bare a reason for ordering the Bame brand ~1 the t~t or is it because thetis the way you've been doing 1% for Tearsj end t%'s Just too ~ch effort bo change? /~, I thought so. That's it| It's - At's like being a ~publ£can or a Democrat a~ your life~ ~us~ because your ~Y }ms for years back° Well sir~ Lu t~t ~¢e you're in a ~t. ~ou are a creature of bsb~t. ~nd rea~l~j that's no wa~ to t~ ~u~vthtng if you wen% the ut~os¢ in satls~t~on °°. ~d that applies ~o cigarettes. For example, have you tried a pa~ge of Lu~es rece~? ~ou ~owj independent experts ea~lt be ~ong. ~e~e ~cco~ - ~Jle ~mrehous~en~ ~ers~ and auct~ee~s - ~o their livelihood in hsndli~ tobacco and dho at~er~ au~t~Lons a3~ over the South ~d watch ~ho I~s ~at to~cco,mll they see us t~ p~¢e for the finer to~c~o, and it lsnt% like]¢ that t~ey'd be v~rong in their opinions° Remember, a survey of these ~n's s~oklng prefer~ce ehows ~ I~ck~es have ~ore than ~ce as ex~usive ~kers as ~3.1 o~her bre~ds co=b~nsd° CO~ o~ ~ow~ ~e% ou~ of ~he rut - get into ~he groove. ~oke the s=oke tobacco ex~,erts RT~01 001~379
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~JCK¥ BTP/K~ "JAK~ ~LIEVE ~" A5 EqOADCAST Commerclal - Ju~ 17, 1942 (MorninS___) thet goe~ How many of you folks know ~t old proverb/°.° you canlt tel/ a book by $~e cover. I Kuees you've a11 heard of it ~t one time or another° And you knowj ItI~ Just as true of people, of radio programs, of music, and of cigarettes - you taut% %eii %he flr~ t~ng about a subject untll youlve trled it. No~ I could stand here all ~y and %ell you ~at a~ong inOependent to~cco e~ert8 It's Lucklea t~o to one. And ~ could tell you that %hese ~en k~o. ~elr tobacco and ~l~ugh they're in no way a~ilia~ed .i~h any c~Karette c~pany~ %hey do .ee who bulb ~ha~ tobac¢o~ and ~ey do ~ee The Amerlc~ To~cco Co~y Paying the pzlee ~ ge~ ~n~ finer ~cc~ ~at th~ ~emselves .ould like to smoke° I can tell you B~x~ the Teastln~ Proces~ - about the m~id~ light, smooth flavor - yeB~ I can ~1 you ~ things° The old adage ~.I Zoe~ °°° you can't tell a ~ook ~ Its cover! ~ou mm't be coa~nced - not really - m~tLl you've gotten into the first c~mpter - uc~l youmve bo~t your first pecke~e of Luckles, tora of# the eellophane ~op and 1~gh%ed the ~rst cigarette. Thatl~ ~e~ you'X1 know ~hat real smoking e~oyaen~ le! So ~ don't 7ou turn to %he ~Ir~t page oE the book of real Cmok~n~ en~o~ment toilet? ~ into your fa~orlte to~ecco store and say . .° Make ~Ine a pack of Luckles, please! ATAO~ 0016380
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EUCK~ STRIKE • Coe~erclal - BLOCK: "~LKE B~JAB~E ~00~" AS BROA~CA~ About twelve years ago I bed occasion to go to Chicago on business in the middle of the winter. It was ~he dead of winter. Nellj I had to have • car out there, It ~ae necessary to get arouud. You r~mber those dayep donlt you? gut% everybody had a ear and could drive whereVer they ~ted %o go. Theylll be beck age~n, So ,,. wharfs the matter heree anyhow ... I donlt ~ow where Iris gone, ~t that thlug that they call e voice has Just disappeared, so ~e'll Just try and get through it anyhow. As Z started to Bayw I bed to beve a car out in Chicagoe so I drove out there, and arrived in Chlcago in the middle of the winter in a terrific bllzeardj and it was bli~m~ng, believe you me. The anew wee pi~ed up high on every street end the first night I arrived in to~u I bed an appointment at a certain address. I don't recall it now, ~t I do recall that I drove awey from the front of the house 1here I was staying and Z inLes~ed to go South. Wellw the wheals of ~ car got onto the trolley tracMj ~ich they bad hrushed oinan of snow to pez~lt the troLtey~ to run, ~d the trolley tracks rein Nest and East - well~ of ~oursee you coul~'t go East because you'd go into the lake. Believe it or not, I had to ride on those trolley tracks all the bey to the e~d of the line and into the car ~rn before I could get out of those grooves a~d heed be~k in the ~Arectl~ I wanted to go. ~ow it's ~esdlsse to say I ~s pretty ~ed up about all the tl~e I had wasted and al~ the ftm I k.d missed by not setting o1"f tho~e trulle~ tracks. Of couree~ that eae an extreme case, b~t there are many ca~ss of the Same kind going on right now. Some o£ ~ou ellp~ed into the groove a~d that leads you to a tobacco ~ber ~ere because of habit you continue to ask for one ~aad of cigarette. Did you ever stop to think if you beret'% ~ried Lu~es lata~v you also ~TH01 0016381
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LUCKI STRIKE Commercial - BLOCK: "MAKE B~IEVE BAI~M" Page 2. July 17, 1942 (Evening) be missing out on a lot of pleasure end enJo~ent? Now donlt wait until pou get to the end of the flee %0 at least t~ the cigarette thet'B bound to give you more ~k/ng enjoyment ~cause it's made from finer, llghter~ milde~ tobacco. And If you,re Baying to yourself °°° how do we know that Luckiee are made of finer tobaccos°., well, Ju~ re--bar £~lendo, independent tobacco e~rts ~he attend %obacco auctlons see us p~ the price for %hle superior quality %obacco *hat makes your Luckins the finer cigarette it in %0day. And with these independent tobacco experts it's Luckins two to one. I do hope %bat uTbe %hle little sbery I've told ~ou this eve~ may be insure1 in lifting you out of 7our cigarette s~oklng rut and Bet you on the right track toward greater smoking enjoyment. All you have ~o do Im next time remember to say to the mn back of the tobacco counter ° ° ° Luckins, please - end you bet %hay do° ~T~01 0016382
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Co~erolal - g¢t~E B~I~£ BLLbRO0~" AS BROJ~CAST I wonder mhether you foil8 have ever noticed how ca~e~lly profoBGioD~ 8~ort~mSn ChOOB8 th@ir equl~ent*, YOU t~6 ~0~ ~e.,. be c~rrie6 his favorite ta~li6 r~eket onto t~e court wlCh him for qJ~$1~ ~,tc~. ~e r~C*k@t must ~9 Bt~g propBr1~, ~e ~mBpgCtB It care~J~v before every game and thereI6 a certain kt~d of racket that he fa~re. Well take Ge~e Ssrazen .., ~'; he guards bIB favorite golf clu~8 Jealously. He wouldutt let the~ out of his eight. Now ~y is that? Ifll toll you. It's because they, the profee~lol~ B~or~Bm$~; I¢~OW ~O~e £~O~t the ~eacie~ of ~e g~e in thlch they exoel. The amstour golfer and the tenn~ plier f~llow~ the professionsl to their choice of equ~e~t. Don ~udge if you're a~ amateur tennis fan, you'll follow his eelection. After all, you say to yourself ... he's e profeesin~al. Be should know bl¢ e~ff° I{ow you take the p~fesslo~ tobec~ expert as another examI~.e.°,~be men ~e rake their llving in the &~reat ~z~b~ thbec~ • ~ehouee~. ~t ~etion after auc%~ - ev-~ ~e~ they~ not f~ally intereeted in the eale - these independent b~ere, ~ct~eera~ B~d ~eho~se~e~ ~ee ~30 ~e ~t to~teeo, ~e~ Bee the makers of Luc]~ Strike Cigarettes paying the price again and a~nin to get the finer, milder, ll~htor leaf. And eo if'a/ wonder tlmt with these indepande~t tobacco experts It's Luck~es two to one, NOW ~ey I~IOW ~hat flue tobacco ~eane a fine cigarette. A~d ~atts Ito~e~ they ~nOW t]lat ~ICk~ B~r~e mee~e fl~e tobaeeo, ~OW if ~ B~dge told you that thie racket ~as the bast he had found, you'd take the tip. ~y ~on't you take a tip from the p~o~ of the inbecco industry, from the men ~bo know tobacco be~t? Better tobacco ie the ~.r~t ~p to "the ~Joym~t of a cigarette. IA~t up a I~e~ ~TR01 0016383
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T LUCK~ ~EIKE "MAKE BELIEVE II~LLROOM. Co~ra~l - Jul~ 18~ 1942 (~--.~!~) BLOC~: AS ~ADCAST hlen~s~ a llt%le eile ago bfore ! went on the air ! ~pp~ to seated at ~ ~ak up~talrs ~d I ,,as toying wlth a llttle platin~ trinket! de~glinK it in ~ flngers, I began to wonder ,by it was that platlnum ~ag Such a valuable metal. After all, there i~'t much di~e~nco between platinu~ aud any other ore° They i~rch for I% and they dig it out of the ground. ~y shoul~'% iron ~ Just as valuable as pla%inu~? ~/ell. ~ comon sense %old me maybe $~ us becaus8 ~here was more iron ~ ~here ~aB l~In~m~ • ay~e it was easter to get the Irou than it was to get ~e pla%In~, and that man alv~ys places a greater v~lue on ~ things ~at are to ge~. There's a lo% of %obacco in this ~mrld - tons and tons of it. ~y should the ~mker~ of Lucky 8trlke Cigare%%es pay the price ~hey do for the %obaceaB they bay to go into Luckles° And yo~ kno~, %he an~er to that AS Just as obvious al to why ~la%inum i~ ~o ~ch ~re wluable. I%'~ because the ~upply o~ finer, lighter, allder to~cco~ is far le~B then the eupply of ordinary tobacco° And we beli~e, honestly w~ ~o~ t~at it's worth paying the prlee to t~is finer tobao~o, ~s harder to get tobacco~ especlally when At makes Luckies a ~in~r clgarette° And/since we all, unquestionably, want %0 en~oy the finer things in llfe~ and ~Ince Luckies co~t no ~ore than ~us~ ordinary clgar~tte~j dontt yo~ think you ought to give yourself this p1~mlre? WhY not do as the tobacoo experts do, and ~Is very nlgh~ try a pack of Luck~es° Remember, ~Ith these a~ who k~ow tobacco best, itI~ Luckles two to one. ~THO~ 0016384
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L~Ct~ ST~IXZ ~//~E BELIEVE T~LYOOg' AS ~qOADCAST Commercial - July ~0~ 194~ (~rn/ng) BLOCK: Wonder how ~n7 t~es does it happen to you and your f~lly - you want to go to the movie8 - it's evening. You don't }mow exactly shat you want %o see, 80 you take the newspaper and you go down ! long list of advertieemenin. Letes see, therels this picture ploying here, and that plctureTs playing there. Then you say to yourself ... Ah, now that picture got a good v~lto-up. The critics liked It, 8o you and the fa~Lly go to see the picture that,e been high~ praised by the motion picture experts, and ten to one you ~,~Joy the picture ~ich you c~ose be~uBe it ,~s so hi6~ly recou~end. And you know, thth sa~e method of choice =ey al~o be applied to your Belection of a cigarette. Yes friauds~ with ~ own eyes, ~'ve see~ the itetements of independent tobacco e~perts - auctioneercp buyer~, warehous~en - me~ ~ho really know tobacco - sho see who ~e ~dmt tehac~o at auctions all over the 8outh. And ti=e al~er time, these men have ~atched The American Tobacco Co=party b~ t~e finer leaf. Fo~ that ver~ reaso~ these statements show that a~on~ the e~ertu L~kies have more %hart twice as s~ny exclusive smoker~ a~ all other brands of cigarettes co=binod. ~o~: tnstzs tha opinion of the experts - the crl~ce of the tobacco industry. They ~uow tebacco Just as the movie critics know their ~ovies. They I~ke their li~L~g de~lin£ in 1%. ~ not ~ke a tip fro~ tha~ J~st as yo~ ~ake the advice of the ~ovie critic? Now, a good movie may in~ure your evenlng*e entertainment~ b~t the discovery of a finer cigarette will take care of your s~okin~ e~Joyment for many, =a~ years to come. 8o here's a feature presentation with an ell-star cast .°° ~tuer, ll~hter~ milder~ betbar-tasting tobacco in - Lucktes| ~THO~ 0016385
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~C~ S~/~ "MAKE BELIEVE BALLROOM" Commercial . J~ 20, l~,J2 (;~mA~) BLOCK, AS ~ADCAST YOU ~ow there is an old eaylng a~out *shoemaker st~ck to %~ las%°t Now tberele only f£ve worde in %hat saying bat I think if every~ paid attention %o 1% there'd be a lo% le~s %ro.ble. JuJt to g~e you a l£%tle e~ple, ! r~mSer eeveral year~ agoj I'd beea given e fairly good ~at~h. One day the ~%¢h etarted gatuing. It picked up aSout ten =lnu6eB every ~ur - you know, a little o~ the fa~t side, Wellj I didn't ~ink there ~B Br~%hing very complicated about ad~u~ting a ~a~ch 6o I proceeded ~ op~ the back end go to work on i%. ah ~, after about rite hovrB of ~rk ~d eye-straining effort I gate up in disguB~. I ~u~t coul~'t get all the pa~ ~ck together, aud ~o matter how e~7 ti~es ! put it together I al~ay~ had a few patti le~t o~er. A perfectl~ good wa%~h ~a~ reded, now • u~h ea~er 1% would have be~j how ~uch B~pler to ha~e taken that .arch to a ~atch~ker and let him adjust i%. I JuBt forgot %o ~tlek to ,~ la~%. ~ow fr~end~ really we can'% all hope to ~ experts~ particularly %obaoco experte~ ~ecau~e there=~ so ~ny ~ln~ %o ~ow abou% tobaoco. I% takes alines% a lifetime to ~cquire a co.rehearSe on~¢ kno.le~e° So ~ ~ ~rtainly/natural .hen you uut to know anythLn~ a~ou~ the ba~l~ o~ every ¢~arette that you shoul~ go to an ~nd~penden~ tobacco e~rt £~r that info~tio~° ~n~ wlt~ thes~ experts .ho see the ~aker~ o~ Luckl~s pay the p~ fo~ the fiuer to~¢co we ~o~d that Lucky Strike had Bore than twl~ a~ ~a~ exclusive tobacco experte eeldo~ ~/ ever a%tempt to be ~cherB~ or ~aker~ or cendlestlck ~ker~, or even shoemakers. The~ stick to their 1ms%. ~ey're to~cco experts F.ret and last. And I think ~ could all do rill to acoeDt their opinion ~u cboo~ng the ¢lgarette defraud to give u~ ~re smoking ~Jc~ent. If yo. ~ant to a~oke the a~oke tobaoco experts moko you need ~ ~a~ to the ~au be~-d the oounter .0. ~ake ~his pack ~ckiee. ATH01 0016386
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,/t. Commerclal - BLOCK: ~I~VE BALLI~OOU" AS FROJ~CAST ~v~ how mmy of you folks rare c:~ss-~r~ tm~mzle fiends? Plenty of ~ulO-Ibat. Amdl guess~mu'~mow~at Ime~u~I speakof the thr~l you'll get ~en you're doing a par~tv~arly bard corner of a cros~-~rd puzzle and you Just can't get any of the words and then all of a sudd~ one word comes to you. That one word crakes it possible for you to solve the rest of the puzzle. Uell no~, lld ~6 to talk +~ you ~bout another word that can molve ~our ~ok~ng pleasure~ and that word is to.co. I want te tell ~ou folks that the independent tobacco a~perts - the warehousemen, auctioneers, the b~ers - ~ho attend auctions all over the South, who see who b~m that t~cco - these men know their to~ccc~ ~ust as you cross-word pusr~e addiot~ know your ~rno~s. And these me~ see the sakers of Lucky 8trAke Ctga~ttos pay the price at auction a~er auction to get the FLUsr ~ea~ that they tham~elvos wo~d like to ~ke, And so t~ we Fovmd in ~ ~pa~ survey ~t ~ these • ~depe~t tobacco expea~ LuckAes have twice as a~7 exclusive smokers as all other brands of cigarettes combined. ~es s~r, they know that a c~garetba can be no Ffr~r than the tobacco from which it's made. And since they maw with their" own eyes t~t The ~merican Tobacco Oompar~ l~u~ht that Finer to~oco - well, they ~me~ that Luckies mu~t be a F~er cigarette. ~ow Just as you cross-~rd puszio ~ans will thst~fY that you have to ~thd exactl~ the right • or~ ~t the r~ght ~lae, ~u~t so the r~at cigarette is the k~y word For true m~kio~ ~mJeyment. Do 7ou ~mt a seven letter ~ for F~ne tobacco? That's tt ... L U C K ~ E 8 - Lucki~s. ~T~01 001638~
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I~CK~ STPdXE m~ ~EI~E BALI~O~" AS F~OADCAST ~Ou know, folks, last night while I was talking to you about Lucky Strike Cigarettes, I cou~n,t help bat notice the number of times that I used the word tobacco. So after £ ~s ell throu~ I wmt back over ~t i had said to you, and checked up on it, and I found that I had used that word - the word tobacco - eilht time~. No~ maybe you wonder shy I talked so much a~ut tobecco in telling you the reasone l~y you should e~oke Luckins. ~t I ~ if you'll take any cigarette in your hand right now, split the paper and empty that it, you'll find thst actually ell/you have in a cigarrtto is tobecco° And naturally, the tobacco is the most important thl~ abaut it° Nor, there are ma~ grades of tobacco, and Itls a common known fact that the finer the tobacco the finer the cigarette° That,s ~y we ;~v the price at market after mrknt - t~t's w~ at the auctions of the 19~9 crop at Pa~plino, Sou~ Carolina, re petd ~4 per cent ~ba~e the avereKe market price as p~bllshed by the Vnlted Btetes Dep~rtme~t of ~rl~l~re. It ~s to get that finer tobaOC~o ~or frie~ds~ donlt let anycee ever kid youl ~ou canlt make a fine e~aratto ~itsout fine tohacco. And today Luck~ St~e me~s fine thbaccol ATHO~ 0016388
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LUCKY ~rRIK~ "MAKE ~ELIE~5 9AL~" AS BROADCAST Co~er¢i:,l - 3uly 22, 19&2 BLOCK: You kn~,~, it's funny ho~ memories c~ue back to y~u - memorlez of sllly little inelde~ts that happened i~ your past lif~. I'ii never kno~ -~het brought It to ~ mind but ~h~, I ~as ~baut t~ive yoa~s old3 m~ family u~ed t~ Bpe~d the sum~er~ in Pikesville~ Maryland. Did you ever ~ear of Pikesvllle, Maryl~nd? Very few people ever did. The ho~Se ~here we stayed was about o quarter of a tulle fro~ an armory there ~a.e c~valry ~s housed. And on S~aY uftsr~n %h~- use~ to 7- have their p~r~de. Y~ell~ in the sever~l years that we spent out there, I got to ~ow many of the officers. One Sunday afternoon, I said to one of the men...Do you mind if I ride one of ine h~rses around the enclosure? You ~now %bay h~d a rin~ wlth the Ju~s and all that. Around there the boys use~ to work o~ the horses. Ne sald...sur~, kidl Go ahead. So without ~owiug anythi~ at ell about horses, I proce~Jed to pick one that looked geo~ to me m~d climed up ou his back, Ah me[ Ho~ I ever staye~ on I'll never Im.ow. But when the ~hole ~V fln~lly caught up with me about three ~lle~ nway, I was about the sct~dest - est - esh - est ki~ in the country, There ~ was, hanging onto that horse's back for dear life. He'd take~ me over ell the Jumps, ~nd flu~l!y d~clded he ~ a little blt hungry so he ~topp~d to graze on the b~ks of a stream. J~t pletu~e me han~inE on, ~ horse's head dor~ munohiog ~rass~ an~ ~e ba~ing on for daa~ llfel ~at ~ctu~l]~ h~d happened: I had ;icked the wlidest horse in the entire ou~flt. They called him D~namlte. So that gives you a ~retty fair idea. Well~ from then on, I left horses p~tty much alone; because at that tender age, I had sense enough to know that I knew nothing ~bout horses. They all looked alike to me. And I guess RT~01 0016389
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commercial, July 22, 1942 (Morning) ~\S BRO~AST BLOCK: with most of you folks, that*s the wey it is wi~ cig~ettes, They all look l>rat~y much ~like. And that's why it's so important that in ~icking a cig~ett~ you take the advice of the to~¢c~ ~x~rts - the m~n "~h~ .~qow tobacco. Now, they se~ ~e 'mokers of Luckles ~eyi~ the price to bW the finer, milder, lighter leaf that they th~mselvas would choose for their ovn~ smoking enjoymant. From an ~uthorlt~tlve s~rvey we kno~ that ~ith th~s~ men ~ho ~o~ tob~cc~ best, ~ckles hav~ mor6 th~.~ ~ice as many e~clusive smokers ~s all ~he~ ¢~&r- ett~a c~mbln~, Ar~ Just as I can a~s~e y~u folks theft I rill never again attempt to select a horse without knowing ~ great deal more thaa I ~ now a~ut horse ~lesh~ I'll never ~tte~t to select e$~a~et%e ~a~e~ on anything bu% the op[ni~ of ~p~ent ~o~cc~ exits. And X think that you, too, ~ill find that's ~ ~tty good tale to Tollo~, With these ~n ~ho k~o~ toSacco best, it,s Luckles two to vne. But with you as an average ~Igayathe smoker~ ~ think y~tll ~in~ that f~r to~ in s~okinf~ ~njey~nt, ~'~ Luck.s ten to RT~01 0016390 I
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J LUCKY STRIKE "MAKE BELIEVE BALI~OOM" AS ~ROADCAST Co~rolal - July 22, 1942 BLOCK: YOU ~now, friends, nov/ that my v~eation has beau over for several weeks I'm going to Break down ~nd tell the truth about wh~t happened in my attempt to c~,teh THE big fish. You knot I pride myself on being quite a fisherman - all you have to do is show me a bc4~ of water and ten minutes later I'm out flshL1~. Well, I spent ten days fishing in this beautiful lake in Upper Ne~1 York, and the best I had to show for all my work was a few mea~ly yellow perch. N~v I ~ne,~ tilat that lake was plentifully supplied wlth lake trout, and bass, and pickerel. But what did I ~et? Perehl ed It wouidnlt have been so bad if I h~dn't happen/on the lest day as I rowed on my Boat into shore, another chap came rowing up in another beat at the same time. As he came on to the dock I sald... How did you do, Bud? He said...oh, fair - three lake trout. When ha held them up the biggest one must have weighed all of eight pounds, Man, were they big fish| Now, I think I'm a pretty good fisherman, so why did this man g~t big fish and I get perch? I'll tell you whyo.°He lives up there, ge's fished %lint lake since he was a yom~gster. He knew JDst ~here the bi~ fish lived. In fact, when he called on them they had their latch caught on the cutslae of the ~oor rnd I...I ~r.s Just a stranger on a big lake, which Just goes to prove that if you rant to ccteh fish you have to go out with a native who ~ows fishin~ in that locality./"rid It proves something else, %oo. If you wr-nt to c~.tch more smoking enjoyment get yourself a capable ~mide - a tobacco expert - s man who h~s spent his llfe in the tobacco business - who sees wh~t c~mpanles buy what tobacco, Watch him when he steps up to s tobaec¢ counter and youql see that with those tobacco experts Luckies have t~c~ as m~ny exclusive smokers as all other clg~rettes combined. Yes sir, if youql smoke the smoke tobacco experts smoke you'll be sure to lan4 y~ur chafe cf smokiug enjoyment. RT~01 0016391
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LUCKY S~RIKE "~ ~LIEVE BALLROOM" C~umerci~l - July 23p 19~2 (~ ~LOCK: a~d he~ng in ~ rut. S~ ~f%en y~/ ~ik ~%t~ ~ store to o~r s~- thing ~nd when the ~ back cf the c~unter s~'s ~hat ~ :,~ you ~efer~ you s~...Oh, Just ~ive ~e the usual. I wonder w~ther you have a roasJn for orderln.a the s,~ne ,~.~d all ~l~ ~in~ or is i% hec~e thutI~ the way y~u've tee. doinS it for yeaz~ ~. it's Juut t~ ~¢h effort to ~e un? ~h~n~e? U~! I thought so. That i,~ i~, isn't It? Z%'s like being a Re~utlic~n or a Democrat all y~r ilfe J~<-o because ¥~ f~Lly h~s ~ for ~ec~s ~ck. V~ell, t~ the% casej a~d if the%Is how y~u behave3 th~n you're in ¢+ rut. Y~u're a croatia ~f habit. And reallx, that's no ~ %o .'m.~v an~thi~ if you want the u%mos% in satisfaction. ~ th°-% ~p~lies especially to citarettes. For example, have yo~ trie~ a ~ck~ge of hetter-~han- ever Luck~es? you k~, ~dependent experts c~n,t be wrong. These tobacco men - the warehousamen~ huycr~, ~nd ~uc~in~eers - men who e~rn their l£wlihooS in h~ling tohnccu - men ~h~ atte~ auction after ~uctiun throu~h~ut the South, w:~tchinj ~ho h~ya what te~acco~ see us jsy the -.rice for the fi~er tobccco~. ~nd it Is~t likely that they'd be ~rc~ in their ~inicns. N~w, r~me,~ber that ~ survey o~ these ~r~ependauh tc~%cco experts, smoking ~fersnc¢ shows thet L~ckles have more th~n twice ~s many exclusive e~k~rs as all nth~r brands c~mbined. C~ ou, no~. Get out of that rut, and get into the ~r~ve. Smoke %h~ smohe tobacco experts smok~| RTHO~ 0016392
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/I, LUCKY STRIKE C o==~rcial - BLO~: .M~K~ DELIEVE BALG~OOM" AS BROI~C~S~ 0~ly 25, z~2 I=11 tell the folks so=cth~, or I've been tryin~ to remind the= o£ s¢=eth~t~ that h~g~en~ to me last week. We were going vFlth some friends out ~n Long Island and we ~asscd that huge bakery ot¢ cn the way - yo~ ~ow hhe ~n~ I re~n. ~ell~ we were a~out ~ h~oek cw~v from it or~ hhat delicious aro~ of fresh t~ked bre~ be~n to strike our nostrils. ~n, it took =e beck ~ ~y ye~s to =hen I was ~ust a little tot. Be ~oun~ five o'clock on ~ winter's ~£t~rno~n , nothing to do, didn't ~snt to go home e~ w~h o~ neck =od ears yet ~d cue of the £ell~s ~u the g~ w~ S~... Hey, wh~t do y¢41 s~v~ ~e go ~o~n by WJ/SO~'S Bakezy and ~ll the fresh bread~eb? So do~n we'S go to ~ilsonZs. You kno~ it c~e ~ck to =~ =d~ so vividly l cou~ ao%u~lly ~lut~e =~sel~ stsnd~ng in ~o~t of that l~ttle bake shop inhal~ng that ~onderful aroma an~ ~¢~e~l~ IE w~ ~aw fresh baked brewed that night at h~e. Man, oh ~an~ what ~n appetizer that wa~. T~n~ after star~i~ a~o~d ~d InSulglng our nostrils ~ ~le ~e~6 all ma~¢ a bee-l~ne ho~e ravenouB~v hm~gry and reedy t~ e~. It ~ust goes to show how the sense of s~ell can whet 0~ appetite, N~w the ~ time you ~- ~ pack of Luck~es o~I the top of the package and s~ll the cigarettes. No~e the delightful, cle~n, fresh aro=~ that c~s fro= the f~ner to~cco that,s ble~ed in Lu~k~ Stc~es, Why it=s tha~ ~es-you-want-to-ll~ht-o~e-ia-a- hurry ~ro=~, the .~roma that not only pleases y~ur sense Of s~ell, huh gives you ~o=Ise ~f even g~eater ~leas~e that ¢~m~S frum the aet~l smoking. ~d then friends, re=ember that Luc~ieg never ~t yo~ do~n ~c~u~e we ~ the ~t~ at ~ke~ ~ter ~k~t tn o~aT to OtCMm tJmt finer toboceo. ~d I think ¥ou,ll f~ ~aat it, s not on~ t~e tobacco experts ~hat know about the f~ tb~oco in Luckies. ~ou~ll ~ld that yot~ nose ~o~s~ toJ. RT~01 0016393 I
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f or NECK: Just a momeut - I/want %o remind our frideds about aomuthtn8 ./rather I went to /tell you about eomethio8 that I ~inkt ~ Frove interestS, AbUt - oh, ten ~ twelve yearB ag% I had to go out to Chicago ~1 ~ueinese in the middle of the winter. And I had %o heve an a~hile out there. So I drove out from New York, and when t gut into Chicago they were hav~g a terrific blisza~i° 8now was piled up high on every street - as they get bliszardB in Chicago you ~ow. ~ellj the flret night I was in toun I h&d an appedntment ¢o meet a certain party at a eertaiu eddreee. I donlt recall it now~ ~ut all that I do recall is that as I drove avay from in front of the house where I .was et~y~ intending to go Southj the wheels of ~ ear got on the trolley tracks. And while they w~e ~uehed clean of snow to permit the trolley~ to run~ the s~ow w~e piled up high on ~th sides of the track and Just packed with ~now and lee. NO~j the trolley tracks ran ~eet~ and believe it or no% T had to ride ~ those trolley tracks all the way to the end of the line ~d then go rl~t into the car barn Stself hefore I could get out of that groove and head hack to the direction I wanted to go. Needless %o ~, I was pretty hed17 burned up xt all the tins I h~d wasted - all the ~m I hed missed by not heine able to get o~T those trolley tracks. Now that was an extreme case, IIll a~mit, But bhere are many cases Of the e~ kind going on r~ now. Some of you have ~lipped into the groove that leads you to a ~o~acco counter ~here~ because of hab~t~ you continue to ask for one h~and of cigarettes. Do you ever stop to think that lr yo~ haven't tried Luckies lately~ you may be miesi~ out on a lot of pleasure ~nd ~Joy~nt? Now~ don~t wait until you get to the end o~ the line to at least try the cigarette thetis bound to gi~ you ~re smoking enJoymest ~ecauso it,s made from ~he fluer, l~ghter~ milder tobaccos. And if you~e sayinE to ¥our~e]~ ,.. ho~ do ~e know that Luckiee are ~ade o~ finer tobacco RT~01 001639~
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~ ~TRIKE wUAKE ~t~EVE BALLROOU" " Oo~rciel = Zu.lx ~ 19~.2 (~z-ot.g) BLOCKI Page 2,. well Just remember friends, that independent %obecco experts - ~ho attend auctions and see us pay the price for this superior q~lSt¥ tobacco that makes your Luckiee the fi~er clfiarette that it ls today - that with these ind~pendeut tobacco expertsp iris L~kies two to one] that Now Z hope that thl~ little story/IIve Just told you ~y be lnathu~ental in l~t~ng you out o£ your clgaretth smoking rut ~d setting you on the ~ight track toyed greater smoking enjoyment. All you have to do is next ~lme~ remember to Jay to the m&~ hack of the counter ,. ° Luckies~ please! And you ~u~t hat they do! ATH01 0016395
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tL BLOCK: Folks, do you remember the story about Cinderella~ the poor little girl ~,ose ~tel~other made her do all the work ~u the house? Then when evening came end thereld be a dance or a p~rt~ little C~erella bad to s~t ho~e I~ the f~re a~ wish that she cotLld be tbere? Re.tuber how one u~ht her fa~y godmother appeared before C/~derella a~ waved her ~agl¢ ~ and transtor-~d her ~nto ~ beauti/~ princess r~cb wtCh all the lovely th~s of l~ej c~ut~ontn~ her only t~et ~htle ~be ~lght go to the PrluceVs Ba~l that ui~h% ~be'd have to return ho~ b~ore ~he ~trok~ of t~el~e or al~ of her love~ ¢loth~s Wou~ at once turn to ra~? you remember that ~ory. Sure you do. It ~t have been wonderful to hav~ had a £a/a~ godmother. Th~ maker~ of Lucl~ Strike Cigarettes we~ never eo blea~ed. ~e c~n'~ ~ust wa~e ~ mgtc wand. We have to a~tend tobacco auctions all over the ~outb. We have to pay the ~-lce In order to g~t that f~uer tobacco that makes I~ck~ee such a royal~v good s~ke. Little CL~derel~ could - could only ~nJoy ~ose beau~'~l clothes and ~hat co~ch and £o~ and the coacb~n~ and footman for a - for a brle~ ~pan of hoUrS. But you need n~ver fear ~at the arrival o~ ~ ~troke of twelve when you ~oke Luckies~ because their natural goodness put there ~ the u~e of ~ner tobacco sta~s good ~ ~u anddayout~ andyear t~andyear out. Oh~eah .°o Oh~ Id~ didn't I? I for~o~ to ~entlon a~thlng about the little g~us sl~pper that Cinderell~ lost in her haste ~o ge~ ho~e before the stroke of ~dnl~t. ~ell~ perh~p~ ~ould better not sa~ ar~thing about tha~ b~cauBe Fou l~dles and gentle~n have everything ~o gain and nothing to lo8e when yo~ r~ ~o ~he neare~ ~o~cco cot~er ~d a~k for Luck, s. BTH01 0016396
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T Oomo~t~l. - ~'~.v 25, 19z~ BLO~I A couple of ai%ernoons ago I happened to be seated at ~ desk upstairs toyA~g ~Ath e 11ttle pla~tnu~ trlaket. Z bad At d~ngll~ ~ ~ rangers and the thought occurred to me °. o why wae it that pla~u~ Aa such 8 valuable metal? A~ter all~ there lsnlt much difference between pZ~tln~ e~l any other ~eo You have to soaroh [or ~t~ ¥o~ have to dig it out of the ~roundj you have to r~ine it. l~y ahou]dnlt iron then be Just as valuable ae plating? And/of couese~ co,on eense came to ~he ~eactw a~ ~old me ~ At ~as ~eca~se there wss more Aro~ tba~ there was platinu~ available. M~ybe it was easie~ to ge~ Iron than At was to ge~ platinua~ ar~ tha~ man alwe~v~ place~ a greater value on th~ t~g~ ~at are hard to get. ~o~ t~re'~ lot~ of ~obacco in ~h~ world - tous and ton~ of it. I~ ~hould the makers of Luc~ Strike Cigarettes pe~ the prLce they do ~or the tobeccoe they b~ to put into ~ekie~? I~ell the an~er i~ Just as obvious as to why plat~u~ Is ~o auch mo~e valua~01e. Ytla because the ~l~ly of the finer~ 1lgh~er~ ~er tobacco is far leas than the Supply ~ ord~ry tobacco° An~ w~ trubhfull~ belAeve ~hat ~t's worth ~ng the prioz to I~ th~a finer tobaccoj thia karder to get tobacco~ especial3~ ehea it makes l~okie~ into a finer cigarette. Now siuce we all ~que~tional~v want to enjoy the finer th~s lu life~ and sinc~ Luck~es ¢o~t no more than Just ordinary c~arettes, doa,t you think you ought to give ~o~r6el~ thia pleaaure? ~ not do ae the tobacoo experts do and ~hi¢ very nlght~ ~hls very day~ try a paok of Luekies? Reae~er~ that w~th these aen who ~ow tobacco beBt ibt~ Luckl¢~ two ~o one. ATH01 001639?
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• \ bOCIC'f STP, ZKg "M.~ BELIEVE ~L[.,~OOIZW Commsrcinl ~ ,Ydly 25, 19/.,2 ~..~_~. HART: AS ~OADC~T Sayj remember the s%ory o£ Clnderelle, the poor little gLrl whose step- =other mnde her do all the work in the house~ ~d when evening c~e, end there was a dance or a party, little Cinderella would have to 8in hem bY the fire ¢~ wish thst ~he could be there? Reme=be~ hc~ one night her fairy godmother a~pssred before Cinderelle and waved her naglc wand ~d transformed her into a be~utiful Prinoe~s - rich in all the heautitul things of life, cautioning her only that while she might go to the Prince*8 hall that nighhj she muut return ho~e before the stroke of twelve or all her love~ cluthes would turn to rags? ~ou rein=bet that story? Surely you re~e=ber it. Must have beeu a wo~dertul thleK to hue ~ fairy godmother. Wellj the mabers ot Lu~ Strike cigarettes ~ere ~ever so blessed. We JuBt ~ult wave a waod. We must attend tobacco auct$o~s all through the South and pay the ~¢ice in ocder to ~t that finer tobaoco that ~kes Luckles such a royally good a=oke, you kne,, little Cinderella could only enjoy those beautt~ul ¢luthes and that coach and four, and coachmen and foutm~ for a icier s~n of hours. But you need never ~ear that arrival of the stroke of twelve when ~ou 8~oke I~¢khes| because their ~at~cal goodness~ put there by the use of ~iner tobeceo~ stays good day in end doy out, year i~ and year out. Oh~ I £orgot to ~entinn any%hl~ atout the ll~le glass slippor that Cinderella losh in her haste to get ho~e before the stroke o~ atdnlght. We11~ perhaps we=d hatter nat say any~hL~ ~beu~ that. you ledha~ and gontle~en have e~eryt~ to gain and nothing to lo~e ~han you rush to yOUr ne~eBt tobacco ~ouuter and a~k for Luckles° Make sure you do it tonight! RT~01 0016396
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L~0KY STRIKE "I~KE ~EL~E~E ~AI/ROOM" BLOCK: AS ~ADCAST you know that old sayAng ... Shoemaker, stick to thy last. If all of us would remember that2 thereld be a lot less trouble. To give you a little exampl% ~ ten remomber several ¥~ars ago when I had a pretty good watch° One day the ,atch started gaining. It picked up about ten ~tnuteB every hour - a ll%%la bit on the fast stdo~ you ~o,° ~ell, I didn't think there was anything vaay complicated about adjusting a watch so I ~o¢oeded to open the beck and go to work on it. Work ... did I s~? After about five hours of ~ end atrainin~ ~ ayes and pu~tL~ in all kinds of effort, I Juet had to give up in disguBt, i couldn't get ell the parts back again and a ~erfectly good watch was ruled. ~o. much oasier It vould have been ~o take that watch to a watch~k~ - a man who ~w how and let him a~uet At° I ~ust forgot to stick to ~ lesto ~e canlt all hope to be experts, part~ularly tobacco - %here are so m~ th~ngs to ~ about roberts. It tahos a~ost a lifet~ %o acquire a co,~ehens~ve knowledge° ~o ~.~ ~n~ natural when you ~aat to ~now a~thiug ahout the basis of every c~arette, you shauld go to an independent to~acco expert for that inf~r~ation. ~lth these tobacco expert~ .ho m~e the makers of Luckies ~ the price for tha ~iner tobacco, we found that LuCky Strike had ~cre than t,ice as many exclusive smokers a~ all other cigarettes ¢o~bined° ~ow, tohacc~ experts, seldo~ if ever, ~thampt to be batcheraj or bakers, or ¢andlaet~k ~ak~rs, or e~en shoemakers. They ~tick to tbetr last. The¥1re tobacco exerts. And I think we could all do well to accept their opinion in choosing the c~g~rstte dea~ued to giw us more smoking enjoyment° If you wan% to smoke the snake tobacco experts smoke, ~ou hoed vnly¸ to say to the man ~ehind the to~¢oo counter °°° Make this pack - LuekieB! AT~OI OO~6399
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LUCK][ STPIKE "MAKE B~I~ ~OOM" Co'J~ernial - July 2% ~942 .~Ey_q~) ~I~OONCE~: AS B~OADCAST (After announcing selection) And speakLng of music, one of the loveliest operettas ever written was composed by those two very prolific wrttars, Gilbert & Sulllven, and of the many fine oper- attas that the/ wrote I think you'll remember "Pinafore.. Re=ember ~pinafore," the one about the admiral with his nistors and his cousins that he co~mted by the dozens, and him aunts? Renembor how he polinhed up the handles of the big front door so carefully that they made him the ruler of the king's Navy? Remember how the hero was Just an ordinary seaman until the t~m beat laD told him about bow things are snidcm what they see=...skim milk masquerades as creem? I guess most of us at some time or other went to Ulgh School and either took part in or listened to other =embers of the school in that grand production of =Pinafore." In fact, that saying of the b~ boat led~...thimga are seldom what they seem - skim milk masquer- ades as cre~a.°.has been quoted ma~, ma~ times simce 611bert & Sulliv~u wrote the limes. I =ention it tonight because in the ~klr~ of Lucky Strike Cigarettes there can't be a~ masqueradimg. The most important imgrenient in a cigarette is tobacco. Mow when the tohoeco is sold at auctlQn il~ependent tobacco exp~rt8 Bee eJo~ctly who b~s what tobacco. And you can't fool these tobacco experts. They,ve been bern and raised in the bastness and they k~ow good tobacco. Uhen they see us ~ the choice tobacco that they went to ~ke it's only natural they ~hould make their choice Lucktes. So again tonight I'~ going to suggest you put on your bast bib and tucker, or maybe T should say pinafore, cud visit your nearest tobacco store. They'll be glad to supply you ~lth the cigarette tobacco experts smoRe - the smoke that means fine tobacoo° Well, thlch¸ cigarette? ~, L~ckles, of course. RTH01001&~O0
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LUCKY BTRIKB i~ BELIZVE B/dCRO~" ~ BROADCAST Co==~r~i.1 - 3~ 28, 19~2 NJOOK: Now frleode, before Bing sings his next uu~har - something fw~y happened last night - after I finished talking to you about Luck~ Stc~ko Cig~rette~, I went back ovsr what I said and noted that I h~d used the ~ord tobacco eight tlaes - el~ht times in one little talk I ~ntloned tobacco. And that led ~ to wooer whathar you wondered why I talked so much about tobacco in t,ellJ~ you the ~a~on~ why you ehould smoke ~kiss. But I ~ that if you,ll take any cigo~ette An yore- h~ right now - s~13t the paper - e0~y the clg~tt% you~ll f~ that a~t~al~ all ~ou have in a cigarette is tohacco~ and naturally the tobacco's the most ~J~po~ant thing about it. NOW, there are ~ gr~es of tobacco and it's a ¢o=mm~ )o)o~o fact that the finer the to.c% the farter the cigarette. ~nd that's why we pay the ~ice - at • ¢rket after ~rke~ - that's ~h~ at ~ha auctio~ of the 1939 crop at ~a~pl~. ~o~h Carolina, the makers of ~¢kles paid 34 ~r cent abo~re the average ~rket ~ce u published ~ the Outed ~has Depart~t 0¢ Agriculture to get that finer tobacco, NO~ ~o~s, - ~n~t - don*t let ~one ever kid you. ~ou can,t make a fiae cigarette withoUt fine tobacco° And today, '- Luc~ Strike =e~ns fine tobacco. And now, let me ~ee - I J~t w~u~t to See ~o;eth~ here. ~% t~o~ one ~wo~ thr~% fo~ fo~j five, sin, seven, eight - huhl Ouly eight times last night ... Nine t~ this morning did we ~utlc~ tobacco° ~at ought to ~od£cate pratt¥ cle~ to you that tobacco is real~y the ell-i~portant thing in e~ cigarette. Don't forget, that next pack Luck~es] RT~01 OO16~O1
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/J LUCKY STP, I~ ubtAl~ ~,LIEVE BALLROOMz Com,erc:L~ - 3u.~" 28, 19/~ (~eu.ing) B,~OCK z Friends, did you ever stop to think about the d~fereace In automobLlee? Now I ~ow that not ~ £olks are thinklag ~brut automobiles today, e~peclal~y about b~ing one. You're thinkir~ how to make the car you now o~n last loager. But X bring up the subject o£ automobiles became there's a great lasson to be learned in the selactio~ of a car. gave you ever wondered why beo automobiles both ~bla to go at about the sere rate of speed, both good looking, he~ equally ~cono~cal to oper~e, will sell for wt~ely different F~lces? O~e car will cost ... oh, a theussed dollars - the other ear ~ybr t~en~ive hundred or three thousand dollars. Now what accosts for this great dif£erence in price when ae~al~y bo~h cars will take you to the sago place and got you there and back? Nc~ the answer, of co~se, lies In the qualAty of eve~ pe~ of that ear. The more expensive ~ar b~ a ££aar motor - has a finer ~o~ ~at~s emootber running° It will ~st lar~er, The body ~ made of heavy gauge metal. The upholstery is ~ore l~o~tous, But rezeaha¢, be~ cars will ~t you ~here. Now carrying thet ~bought a little f~ther o,. Suppose you had your choice of either a thousand dollar car or the three ~ho~s~ dollar car~ netther c~e to co~t you one per~y ~ore b~ or to operate~ you could have yo~ pick ... cost you ~e same a~t and it wouldult co~t you one per~v more to ~m. Which car would you take? X ~an if you could get the gas £or it. Of oour~e~ the anew~ is o~vlott~ yo~ take the more expet~ve because you )mew ~h~ it would giw you most la~lng eatis£aetton. And we co~d apply the eaze reasoniag to the ~elaetion o£ a cigaretbe 41 ~p~e on the fact ~at an au~aoblle may cost sever~ thous~d dollars and a e~aretth only a fraction of a petal. ~TH01 0016402
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L~C~3E SI~I~ "JL~KE BELX~VE B~" BLOCK S Page 2, You'd wa~t the better car ~cause it's made of finer material, and you |ho~ choose %h~ cigarette that's made of finer to~c~o. NoW reae~r~ LUC~ Strike ~eans fA~e tobacco ~use we pay the price at auctions all over the South to get the milder, lighter leaf fro~ which we ~ Luckies. ~ I dontt think tl~t you bare to be a tobacco expert in order to realize that the finer tobaccos v~ed in L~cki~B ~tll g~e TOU a ~oot~r~ louger Eas~iug eeaee of satisfaction each tame you light one and the nice part about it is that ~uokies cost no more %hart c~dinary cigare~tee, If I were you~ thi~ very night It~ svftch to Luckies~ the finer c£gare~te that costs no more. ~TH01 0016403
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T~ M~CKY IS~ "MAKE ~.LY~E B,~OOg" suppose yQu folks rememter ero~d the eud of ~n% I stetted o~f on a vacation - the ~ddld of J~e. Well, nc~ that the v~catinn is over - now that I've teen away and had ~ attempt at catchin~ the b~ fish, I don't think there's any harm in breaking dOWn and teLl~ the truth about what happened. You see, I sort of pride ~seLf on being a fisherman. I think I'm pretty good. All you have to do is show ms a body of water, and ten minutes later I'm but fts~J~. Well~ I spent ten d~/s flshL~g t~.~s beautL~ul lake in upper ~ew York. ~d the ~eat Z bed to aho~ tot all of ~ WOrk was a few measly yellow pershl Nowt ~ knew that that lake was pleatiful~ ~upplied ~th big lake trout and bass and ptckerel° But what did I get? Perch! It wou~n't have been Bo bad if it hadn,t happened that on the last day as I round my boat ~to shore, snorter chap cue ro~ing up in another boat at the sm t~e. And as he came in to the dock, I said .°. How did you do~ ~d? ~e said o.. ~, fair! Three lake trout! ~ he held them up~ the hi,eat one ut have weighed all ot eight pounds. Man, they were big ~¢sh! Now, I think I,m a pratty good fidhar~, so w~v did this man get the b1¢ fish and w~ did I get the perch? II1~ tell ~ou ~ ~ lives up ~ere! ~e'~ ftsbod that lake evsr since he ~a~ a youngster. He ~ne~ Just where the big lash lived. In fact, when he went to call o~ them, tha~ bad their l~tch cord on the outside of the door. Butme- T was ~USt a stranger ~ ~ lake. ~d that Just goes to prove that ~ you want to catch fish, you have to go out with a native ~o ~nows fLshing in that localdt~. And to prove so~eth~g el~e~ too - if you want to catch more smoking m~oym~t, get yourself a capable ~uide - a toha~o expert - RT~01 0016404
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LUCI~f BT~Z~ "14~3~ B£L~£~ BAI44~O0~" Commerclal - ~ 29, 19/~ (Ilm'n+~g) BDOCK: pa~ 2. a msn lha has spe~t h£8 l~e at the tobacco business - who eees what ¢ompenies b~" vhat tobacco. Watch him w~ he etepB up to a ~oha¢¢o countor and youlll see that wi~ thase tobacco oxpert5 Lucktos have over twice as maz~ exclusive s~oker~ as have ell other c~gerettes combined. Ye~ sir~ if you'll s~oke the s~oke tobacco experts smoke, you'll be ~ure t~ lar~ your share of s~ob~¢ en J oT~t. ~TH01 0016405
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I*UC~ 5~ "JL~ BE~VE EJ~LI,I~0og" Co~i~1 - ,%'~ 29, 1942 (E~ N~0CK : ~onder how ~any of you folks have ever gone to a magA¢isn's heat at a fair. Have you ever gone in, eh? Well I s~pose that all of you at one tlme or another have. Maybe It was the World'8 Pair, the ¢irous, or ~he one of tha nearby amusewent parks. Re~abor that good old trick where the eagleisn pulled some rabbits out of a hat? I re~bor I used to star~ up there in the crowd completely ~st~iod. I never did fi~ out whare those really white rabbits real1~ came fro~. I guess those ~is~ards in the blkck oape8 were Just vested with speclal ~agisal pcwer~ or maybo thay ~st knew a little w~re about their business than us folks on the outs Ade. Aed you know, friends, making a fine ¢igaratte le not like pulling a rabbit out of a batI although it may seem llke mgi¢ to you. Itls not a oa~e of sllght of haed hat of finer tobacco. ~ as the aagisAan knows %hat his nimble fingers are a necessary factor in his tred~ so the makers of L~ckies kn~ that in a cigsr6tha it's the %ohacco thut ¢o~ts. Th~'a no wizardry involved in a utate~en% thab a~nE indepeed~ tobacco experts ~Is Luc~les two to one. These aucbisneers~ b~rs, and war~hous~aen - ~11 they attend auotinr~ all o~er the Hauth seeing who bo~s what tobacco, seeing The American Tohac¢o Oo~pa~ ~ay the ~ice at auction of~ auction for the finer leaf. Aed ~o it's omall wonder that among these independent experts Luckles have twice as ~ exclusi~ ~ckers as all other clga~atths combined. Yes s~r, a~ next t~ step up to yo~ tobacco co~ter a~ ~ay ... Make ~i~e a pack of I~ckles, please. RT~O1 0016406
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/,L LUCKY STRIKE Co~=er cia~ - BLOCK: ,~ BELIEVE BALLROOM" AS BRO~T You know, frlends, a couple of weeks ago we were driving out to Long IsZend with some frinads. ~nd we passed that huge bakery along the way, you know. Well we were about a block away from the bakery that delicious aroma of fresh-baked bread began to strike o~ nostrils. ~h. Was that goad! It took me hack manT, ~ years to when I was Just a kid - e winter's afternoon about five o'clock - uothi~ to do - kido didn*t want to go home ar~ wash their neck and ears - c~e of the fello~s would say - Hey letls go down by Nllso~s bakery and v~ell the fresh bread bak~g. It came back to ~ ~ so vividly I could actually picture ~eelY standing in front of that little ~akeshep - ~u~t inhaling that ~o~]erful aro=a and wondering if wetd have fresh ~aked breBd that night at ~ome. Man, oh =an, what an appetizer that wasl After Standing around and s=elliug for awhile, ~e'd all =eke a bee-line he=e, ravenously htu~gry - res~v to eat. And that ~ust goes to show how the sense of smell can whet our appetites. Now, the next time you bay Lunkiee, do ~e a favor, wil~ you? Do yourself a favor, too. Open the top of the package ~nd emil the cigarettes. Note the delightful, clean~ fresh aroma that comes fro= the finer tohacoo that'v blended in Lucky Strikes - that makes-you-waut-to-llght-one-in-a- hurry- aroma - that's what it is - the aro~ that no~ only pleases your sense of smell, but gives promlve of even greater pleasure that comes fro= the actual smoking, And then, frin~s, reme~her that Luckies never let you down hecause we pay the price at earket after market in order to obtain that finer tobacco. And shen~ I think youtll find that itls not only the independent tobacco experts that ~o~ about the finer tobaccos in LucFAes. You'll find that your nose knows, too! RT~01 001640?
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L~CK~ 8TRI~ Commeroi~ - BLOCK: S~ I wond~ how m~ of you fo~s repair the b~tM~ ~ies you us~ to att~ when you were a kid. They w~e a~ost as mu~ fun to go to even when it wasn't your blrthdey that was being celebrated . .. you know the hea~ of b~ ~esents staok~ up in fret of the gift table, and at a given signal the yotmgster would hurriedly unwrap all the packages and before they were an.rapped the Cueseing that was going around the table as to the contents of those oddly shaped boxes aid done up in tissue paper and colored ribbons. Then so~ohow ~hen all the tlss~ paper was torn open and t~,e g~f~s revea1~d ... eomehow there was a let dow~. The ~ticlpation ~s the best part of It. you ~OW, frier~ej therets no g~8~ work involved when you b~ a p~ckage of Lucky Strike Cigarettes. you don't h~ve to wo~der brc~uee you kno~ that Lucky Strike ~eans f~e tobacco. You see, experts don't ~uees. Tbey ~o~° And so when we tall you t~t a ~urvey a~o~ ~e~ent behests ~x~s shows that ~mo~g these ~n ~es have more tb~ twice ae ~ exclusive ~okers as all other brands of cigarettes eomblned~ y~ must real~e that these men are not~ooled b~ outside ap.oear~nces, by the sort of thi~ that tafTl~d you when you were a kid at your p~l's birthdey party. ~o sir. These men In'tow their tobacco. They see who beye what le~. A~ they see the ~rs of Luokins ~g the ~ide at auction ~ter auction to get the finer, ~ilder, lighter, hether taet~u~ tobacco - the tobacco they would ohoo~e for their own e~okln~ enJoyaent. These ~udepeudent tobacco experts kno~ that a c~sarebte esn be no better than the tobecco it contains. T~ey know, tho~ that Luckine ~ean fine tobacco. Now ~h~ not t~e a tip from the exits? ~ don't you stop ~ssinl? The • akers of Luckles offer you a c~rette ~ho~e ectual smoking satiefaotinn will exceed y~ ~ath~ ~tinipatlon. ~ n~ that next ~ ~okle~? RTH01 0016408
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" I~C~ ~RIKZ*A~E ~I~ BALLROOM" AS ~ROADCAST Co~erelal - July 31, 19~2 (Morni~) [i - BLOCK: I wc~der if I might thll you a lltt~ story - a story that ~aybe yot~ mother told you ,hen you were a litt!e glrl or a little boy - the story of Cinderella. Remember poor little Oii~derella, the little glrl whose stepmother made her do al/ the .ork in the houBe~ them when evenJ-~g came, and there was a dance or a p~r~-, little Ci~d~rel!a would have to sit home by the fire aud just wish that she could be thereT Re~emher how one night the fa~ godmother appeared before Cinderella and waved her magin wand and transformed her into a ~ beautiful Princess - rich in all the loTely thL~gs of llfe, Cautioning her only that while she might go to the Princ~Is ball that night~ she must be sure to be home before the stroke of t,el;'e or all of those love~, clothes would at c~ce %urn to rags? Now~ I bet you remember that ~tory. Everybody haowe Itl And you ~• I was thinki~" i% I~St have been wonderful %o ha~ a fairy godmother. X wish I ha~ ~. The makers of Luc~ Strike Cigarettes were never so hlessed~ either. They canlt Just wave a ~agle wand in order to obtain that floe~ tobacco. They have to attend tobacco auctions all thro~hou% the SoUth and pay the price in order to get the tobacco that makes Luckles such a royally good smoke. Little Cinderella could only enjc~ those beautlfmi clothes a~d the coach and the i'oot~n for a belOf S~n of ho~s, hut you ~e6d ~r fear the arrival of the stroke of twelve when you smoke Luckies because of their natural goodness... put there by the use of that finer tobacco and that natural goodness SheyS there, day in and day o~t. Oh, I forgot to meution anything aboUt that little glass slipper that Ci~erella lost in her h~ste to Set home before the stroke o~ mldr~h~ dldn*t I? Well~ perhaps we*d better not say ar~thing ~beut that; because you ladies and gentlemen have ev~rythln~ to gain and nc~hin~ to lose when you ~ueh ~T~01 0016~09
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Commercial . July 31~ 194,~ (Morning) BLOCK: Page 2. to you~ nearest tobacco counter and ask for Luckies. ~ now ~e've told you our - our little bedt~ stor~- for this morning, and I do hope you'll remember Just one thing ... remember to ask for Luokies nex~ time. Then you111 know that youlre s~oklng the amoke tcbacGo experts s~. ~r r RT~01 0016410
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r! LUC~ ST~ "~3KE BELIEV~ ~" Co~ercial - J~ 311 19~ (~n~) BLOCK: AS E~OA~T This world today is very signal conscioUS° In fsc%, we all live ~e~ a system of signals° Did you ever stop to ~InR abou% t~t? An alarm clo~k bell goes off in %he ~rn~° Tha% ~eans i%~s %£~e to get up. A ~n£stllng %eapo% - ~Lkfas%Is reedy. A r£ngi~ %olephone bell - somebody w~ts %o %alk %o us. ~ ~reen i£~I~ - ,e o~n cross %he e%ree%. The Internatlonal Code - a ship at s~a w~h a ~sseg.~. And then ~ specialized ~us~£es %here are d~ferent sifaals ~ioh ou%si~ers find ~r¥ bewilderS. For exsmpls, if you were to ~a~.er in ~og~ss ~ou ~ghtn1% be able %o detec~ exac%1~ how the bids were made. One b~er mlgh~ seem to scra%ch his ear - anOther one ~rlnkles b~s nose - still another one mlgh~ roll b~ eyes. ~ mi~ take you a ~ni~ ~o catch on %o these slgnals which the auc%ioneer ~terprets so rea~ilyj b~% it ~ou]~n,t tare you io~ at all %o catch ou to %he fa~l£ar "~oI~ A~erlcan," as one baske~ after eno~her of flne %oba¢¢o leaf ch~nEed bands. ~'d soon notlce ~e frequency wlth ~ioh The American Tobacco Com~ny ~ %he pr£c~ %o get ~e f~er, tobacco %~% Fo~ smoke in your Lucky ~£ke Cigarettes° ~ou dos'% have to Join %~ slgnal corps ~o f~d out that Lucky Str~e mea~ ~e b~r~ ware~ou~e~en~ %he auctioneers - ~no make %he£~ livln~ in %obacco, see~ag who b~s wha% lea~. Yes ~£r, among these men ~=ho know %obacco bs~ ~s Luckles %wo %o one. ~u ~ow, Ju¢% a~ tb~y know~ tha% a clgare%%e c~ be no be%ter than %he %obacco it contains. And Ju~ a~ your a~rm clock bell ~eans ~ake up, LuckF S%rlke means fine %obacco. ~d ne~ %im~ you ~aRk ~p to your tobacco ~o~ter give the s~nal t~at's going to t~g you complete smoklng enjoyment. ~i you bare %o do is ~ay ... LUck£es please. AT~01 0016A11
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/- Y~ ~f~l~ ~VAK~ ~B~IE~ BAblZ~>~~ Comerc~aj - A~t 1, 1942 (Morning) BLOCK: Tou knowI one of the liveliest o~rstta~ that was e-,er ~rittenj was composed by those teo very prolific writers - Oilbgrt end Sulliw~n . iris called pAnafore, you knc~ the one about the odmir~l~ and his sisters, and his cousins that he co.ted up by dozens~ end ,hi~ aunt~? Rerember hc~ the yo~g fel~.ow polished UP the haoles of the ~ig front door so carefully that they ma~e him the ~uler O.~ the ~en's Navy - ar~ he~ the hero ~as Just an ordAnary seaman mltil the bumboat lady told ,hlm ~bout how thln~s are seldom wh~t they seem - skied milk masqL~erades aS cream? I guess ,~ost of US at sometime C~ another went to High 3chool and either took part in or listened to ohher me,hers of the school in that lovely ~rcduc~£~. In Sac% that eayin~ of the old la~e about thisbe are seldo~ what they seem - ski~ed milk masquerades a~ cream~ has been quoted so many~ ma~y times that it has become a standard quotatiou. We11~ I mention it todey because in the ~akisE Of Luc~ Strike Cisarettes~ there.s no masq~erede. The ~ost important ingredient An a cigar~tth is rococo. NO~ ~ith tohaoeo sold at auction, independent tohaoco experts eee exactly who ~s wh~t thba~o, and you c~ntt .eool these expert~. They'~e ~een born au~ raised is the business ~d they kno~ gced tobacco. When they see us bu~ the choice tobaccos they want to s~o~% it~ only natv/al they sho'~u!d make their choice LUCkl~s. Again t~day~ I~m going to suggest to you to put on your best bib and tuokar; or ,~ybe I should ~y your newest ~uafor~ and visit your nearest tobacco store. They,ll he glad to supply yo~ with the cigarette tohecco experts s~oke - the smo'~e %hat means f~ne tobacco. ~nlch cigarette do I ~an? ~,~v~ Lu¢~es of course! F~T~01 0016413 I
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/-- / ~CEY STRI~ Com~ercinl - BLOCK: "JBJ~ BELI~ BALLROOH" AS E~0ADCAST August i, 1942 (Evening) IIm s~ro you folks all kn.o~ that old saying about %he Woof of the pudding is in the eating, UslI~ real~v llm not here tonight to sell you p~ddlng~ so let,s change that ea~i-~ and make it reed ... T~s proof of a cigarette is in the smokingl You seep friends, I here • problem. I ~ that no c~garette can be ~ay berber tbau ~he to.coo from which it's Bade, 1 know that the ~aker~t of Luckies p~y the p~ice for the finer~ lighter, ml~sr tobacco. 1 ~ow that the ~=ost care is used to age and blend that tobacao with other fine tobaccos. IIve seen millions and millions of pounds of tobacco sleeping i~ huge storage sheds ~'or from two to four ysars~ ~til it reaches t.hat Just right stage. I've visited the factoz~ where Luckies are ~e~ and IIve seen the care hhatls taken in manufacture to make sure that each cigarette in ~e JUSt r~t - to see that ~ere are no loos~ e~ds~ And Itve se~ the careful~ final inspection that's given to Luckies - to make sure that this finer %ohacco cones to you at its best. I h~ve aeen all these things - I kno~ %hea %~ h~ true[ H~, l mentioned a problem ~ little while ago. Well~ ~y proble= is to wove it to you. I£ I could succee~ in doing that~ why 1 know tlmt I ~ill have acco~plinhed so~ething really wort~hile - that I~11 have been responsible for you changing to a brand o£ cigarette that ~'ill tmquestionably bring yo~ more smoking ~nJoy~ent. ADd ~at I regard as ~ greatest opporinnity on these broadcasts ... if I can feel res~onstble for increasing your s=oking pleasure, lt=ll certainly make ~e very ~ap~° Now ~y c~dy way of accomplishing this - since as we said at the beginni~ . the proof of a c~rette IS in the smoking| - is to ask you tonight to make that naxt Peck Luckles. I know that when you light up that first Luc~ Strike you'll have all the proof you need that Lucky Strike ~eans fine tobacco - that Luckins are the cigarette ¥ouSll want to smoke fro~ ~ow on. RTH01 0016¢1~
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Comercial - Auger ~, 1942 (Mor~) BLOCK~ You know, when Mr. Jaeger - a little ~lle ago - was telling us a~out the new dim-out re~lations on autoB~lles and ~ut bow we*re going to have to eliminate the use of headlt~tm and uae ortty perking ll~ts, the thought occurred ~ me...wcnder whether you ever s~p think about the difference in automobiles. I ~mow not acny of ~ou folks teday are thinking about autcao~les ~ especial~ abou~ b~y~ o~e. Yo~ere t~l~kl~g ~ore about how to z~ke t~e car 7ou now o~ last longer, But I br~ up the subject of automobiles ~ecause there~ a great lee~on to be learned in the selec%lon oE a car. Maybe you've wandered a% times ~ ~ *~te~obiles - both ~ble to go at the seine rate o~ ~eed - ~t~ $~d l~oki~ - both eqo~l~y ecc~o~lcal to e~er- ate - will sell for widely di~ere~t pr~ce~. One oar will cost - oh~ may, a thousand dellars.°°~he other car t~ee ~heusand d~ll~rs° gow What accounts ~r ths ~reat dif~ere~ce in price ~ act~ both v~ll take yo~ to the maze place - get you there ~d let you ~eck° well, the answer, of ceurse~ lie~ in the qua31ty ~ each and every part in that car. The more expe~e~ve car ba~ the finer motor - ~es ~oe~er running. It will last l~er. ~e ~ is made o~ heavy gauge metal. The u~holetery in lore l~rious° ~t reaember, both cer~ w~ll get you there: How, carrying that th~ht a little further ...suppese you had your cbo£ce o~ e$%b~r the %housand dollar car or the ~hree thousend dollar ca~ - neSther one to cost you an~ ~re te c~r o~ or to operate. ~£ch/w~uld you take?..°(La~s)°.°I lean if you c~uld get ga~ for £t° Of course, ~e anawer £s o~v~oue° ~eued take the better car~ ~ecauee you )mow £t would give you m~re lasting ~tl~action. And we can apply that me reascnin~ to the selection of a cl~rette in e~lte of the #act that an ~btle ny ceet ~THOI 0016415
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LUC~" STRIKE - "MAKE BELIEVE Y~.~I~':~OOM" pg, [~ Coraerclal - ~ugust ,5, 194~ (donning) r~ BLOCK: (OOZ~I',D.) thousands of dollars - a cigarette only a fraction of • permy. You'd zmnt the better cer ~ecause it wss made of Finer material. And you should choose the cigarette that's made of finer tobacco. Now, please remember, Lucky Strike means fthe tobacco. It means it because we pay the price at auctions all over the South in order to get the milder, lighter leaf from which Luckles are =age. Now, I don't thlrJ¢ you have to Be a tobacco expert in order to realize that ~he finer toBecco~ used in Luckles ~ give you a ~moother, longer lasting sense of satlsfact&on each time you light one. And the nice part about it is that Luckins cost no more than ordinary cigarettes. Now, If I were you, this very night - this very day, in fact - I'd switch %0 Luckles, the finer cigarette that costs no more. ATe01 0016416
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LOC~ ~fP, II~ "i.~E B]~IEE ~OU" AS ]B~OADCAg"f Com=erclal - August ~, 1942 (]~venlng) y,- ~y, do you happen to be a shoemaker? Well, if you arep you ~ow all about the different grades o£ leather, donlt you? And, of course~ if you were going to make a pair Of Shoes for yourself~ or for your fam~ly~ naturally youWd make them from the leather ~at you knew to be of the best qu~tty. Or ms, be you=re not a vhoe~ker! ~aybe you are a la~ and you work in a dre~s factory - you handle material ~11 day long. You ~ow which are the best mater~ls, donlt you? No one could fool you about lea! ~ell, if you were gofng t~ make a dress for yoursel£1 wouldnlt you ~r~ e~d make i~ of the best material available, ~o that the dres~ would ~e lovelter and las~ longer? Sure, you ~ou~dt Itls only natural. And friends, lsn't it Just as natural that tobacco experts - me~ who ~now t~be¢co best - ~e~ it comes to ~hooslng ~ cigarette ~or their o~m pleasure and eatlB~actton ~uld choose the cl~rette they ~ow co, tarns the finer, lfghter, milder tobacco? Personally, I think lt=s only naturall Now, if I~m go~8 to convince you that ~ck~es are the cigarettes you should ~ke, ~here are only two things I need call ~o your atte~ton. The first is ~at mo~t tobecco, for your cigarettes ~a sold p~blicly at auct£on. And the~e auctions are attended by ~dependent e~erts - nrehousem~n~ b~ers and &uc~oneers - ~en wh~ earn their li~lug ~n the tobacco ~s~neBs. ~nd at the auctions they see the makers of Luckles pay~u~ the price to buy the finer to~cco that make~ for that real ~oking pleasure. Now re, ember, the~ hear end se~th their o~ ear~ and eyes - no one tells it to the~° Now the second impor~ ant th~ug is to find out Just which cigarette £B smoked consistently the greatest number of these indepeudent experts. We cenlt get ~T~01 001G~17
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/. Pg, 2 E~OCK: (CONT, D) awey From the fact that they see v~o ~ys ~aa~ tobac~ - and ~en I tell ~ou £ol~s tk~t wi~ IY ovm eyes I've seem hundreds and hundreds ot sworn s~ements ~y these 8el£s~me tobacco experts atte~t£ng to the ~act ~t they smoke Luckies...So ! think ~at ~hLs In itself is oae of the best reasonB in ~he world ~r you s=oking the sioke tobacco experts ~ke° I kzo~ it c~n~inced me, Z hope that I ~y in turn have convinced you. Try a p~=kage ot ~T~01 0016418
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LUCKY STRIKE "~KE BELIEVE BALLROOH" AS DP~ADCAST Co~rci~ - Au~eh 4~ 19~2 (Mornlng) t~cr~ar h~ ~ of you foiks haw ~ visited a L~ciaute tent at a falr. ~ ~lpgoSe~ all 9~ you h~?e at one %~,~ or ~nother - maybe it vras out at the bcrl~'s Fair - at the circusj or ~ ~use~mt ~arkI or a block ~a~ty. ~el1~ do ¥~u remember that ~ood old trlck v:her3 ~le mag£ei~ palls rabbits out of a hat? Oosh~ I can st~.~d in fret of a .magician and Just ~'~onder and ~ondQr - com~letcly ~ystli~ed. I~ve 8ever been able to fi,~ out v hare tho~e wiggly white rabbits really coe~ from - could never E|~ure it out. I £u~ss those wizards in the black capes ~ere L~ve~ ~ith ~eclal ~agtcal. ~o~ers, m~be It ~ that %h~ ~t kn~ a l~bt~e ~or~ ¢.~t t, heL~ ~mineSs then I d~. You ~aor~ folks~ making a ~t~e eIEarette £, nothL~ like ~ll~g a rabbit cut of a bat, althou~ It may ece,~ l/ke ~c be you* Xb~a not a case of ~li~ht o~ ~ - it's a case of f~uer tobacco. Just as the ~cL~ imo~.s bhat his nimble f~er¢ are a very ~cessar~ fact~ ~n ht~ br~d% so the ~r~ of Luc~ Strike Cigarettes know that in a clgaretth it's the tobacco that counbs. ~es ~, ther~s no ..l~ardy luvo~ved in the s~ate~nt that PJ~Ong L~epe~eut tobacco exoerts, lt'~ /J.~cEtes t~lo %0 one. These ~uctloncer~ hlyers# ~ ~:~a'eho',~ atte~ a~ti~ ~II over ~e ~uth. They see ~ho bu~ ~hat tobacco, and ~©n ~hey seo t~e saker8 of ~UC~e~ ~ the ~r~c8 at ~u~tio~ after ~l~tton ~or the f~r leef~ nat~ly it's small ~,d~r t~st am~nZ taeee inde~end~t ax~te Luckles ,~a~ tw£ce a~ ma~v ex~l~slvo smokers a~ all other clgaretbe~ combiaedo ~es s~r~ next tlme ~t~ up to your tobacco couater ~ say....~ake mane Luckins, ~lease. And you Just bet your botto~ dollar they de I ~TH01 0016419
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/ I~Cl~/ STRIKE "MAKE BFLIEVE ~ALLROOR" Commerciml - August 4, 1942 (Evening) AS BROADCAST BLOCK: You know, frlendsj the first Job I ever had was as an office b~y down at the old Gener~l Electric Company, at 120 broad,~y, in New ~ork ever City. The first Job ~/.ent on, I was about thirteen or fourteen years old. In that time - that time of ~ life - I was mos~ fascim~ ated by ~ail Street. I w~ntod to be a big broker some day. I'm afraid the closest I ever got to it was Just being broke. I used to ~ aro~tud several tlme~ a day delivering messages and l~ckage~ and I al~ay~ used to p~ss Wall and ~illia~ Street. Well, on one side was a great, big, heautiful baildi~g that housed the Stock Exchange. And e block further down was the Curb ExchaUge. Now~ in those days the curb was Just aa the name indicated - a place wbore people dealt in stocks and bonds r~bt out on the sidewalks. ]~eah~ they aotu@ transaoted ~Iness right there on the etr~t. I ~ed to stand the~e in wlde-eyed amsem~t w&tohi~ these sen sisal their bids :in atoe~e and bonds to other ~ up in the windowD. Well~ I/ttla did I think that some day I~d be ~ to you about Luck~ Strike Ot~arettos~ a eige~etto tha~ benes its cla~ to your euoking patronage on the finer tobacco Cro= which Stce ~ade...And that that tobacco would he heu~t and sold im almost the ease ~a~ner as I used to see stocks and bonds sold out there on that c~b exeheage - only, of course, this happeus in tobacco warehouses down So~th. Now~ if you could see as I've seen tobao,=o bt~rs 8iv~u~ their s~al~ to the auebioneer, st4~ul.~ini~ their bide for those beakers of tobaoco, you,d be Just as atoned u I was at the signals given on the curb Brknt years ago. ~d wh~la tho~e Sign.S on the e~b ~arket had 1Attle manthg to me pereanally~ the s£1~als by the b~qrerlS OC tobaoco affect yotw pers~al ~oking e~JoF/aent every dl~ 'caves every time a ~r from the a~riman Tohecoo Oompe~y sees a basket of finer, 1L~hthr, biide~ tobacco offered f~ Isle, well you c~ bet your l~tton dollar that he'8 going to go after it. We k~ow that no cigarette e~a ever he say better ~hen the tobacco from ~lch it's aerie° ~nd you,ll k~ow it, toow when you t~ • l~aek~os. Tba~r finer bobs©co m ~aab In Luekies you c~a ©otwt ~ ~ettthg your full share ~ ~king plaMmw. ~d J~t in case the m in back of the tobaceo comber ~e~ not ~der- ~thad sienals, I suggut that you Jut se~...1 pack ~ Lue~tes,please. ~TH01 0016~20
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I I wonder how many of you £olk~ can re.tuber the birthday ~rtle8 you u~ed to atteud ~ you were a kid? ~'6~ I - I don~t ~ean your o~n bLrthda7 ~rties. I man the onee you used to go to ~en yo~ ~, the l£t~e boy ~o 11~ed next door - the lithe girl ~o 11ve~ across the etreet had a bfrthd~° You'd go over there and youfd we~ in and youJd s~,°.~ppy Bfrthday! ~ey'd ~...The~k ¥oul ~d then you'd ~ f~o the table end there~d be Just heap~ of b~rthd~ ~resents st~cked up ~n front of the ~ who was oelebra~ug the b~d~¥, you ~ow - each ~ackage ~ra~d nlcel~, ~nd all d~fferent odd-~d packages d~e up in tfs~ue paper ~nd colored r~bb~s° And you'd l~ok at the .~re~ts - your e~es ~ort of pop a ltttZe b~t, even ~ou~ t~ey weren't for you, you know. You ~ere ~ust trying to anticipate ~ ~as in ~e p~tB. ~e~ ~ t~ work of ope~ug ~em. Somehow ~hen ~e paper ~ t~ken off and ~e ~ckages were opened and the gl~t~ ~ere ~ek~ o~t - we~l, ~t ~as eor~ of ~ let-down~ you know~ The package~ l~oked ~o nice! ~e ~nticlpat~n ~ere waB a~ou~ the best par~ of ~t, I ~uess. ~d you ~ow~ f~d~ t~ b~t of the ~es~ng ~hatl~ ~n~de th~ ~eckage - there'~ no ~u~work ~nvolw~ ~ you b~ a pa~k~e o£ ~u~ S~ke Cl~rette~. You d~lt havo to ~onder because you ~w t~t L~ck~ Str~e ~e~n~ fine ~obaoco and expe~ d~n't gue~B, e~er° They ~ow! Rhe~ we tell you that a ~tu~vey e~ong ~nde~udent tobacco experts show~ ~h~t w~th these ~n Ltt~kie~ have ~re tlta~ tw~oe a8 many exc~uB~e ~oker~ as ~ other br~d~ of ¢l~et~e~ co~ued, ~ou ~u~t realize t~t theee men e~en~t fooled t~ outside appearances - the eort of ~l~gs that baffled y~ an~ baffled m ~ we ~ere k-tds ot a ~al'e b~*thd~ part~. ATH01 00164-21
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Co~rcial . Augunt ~, 1942 (Morning) A8 B~OADCAST Now, ~ese men kmow their tobacco. They Bee ~ho B~B waat leaf. ~hey ~ee the makerB of Luckiea paying the price to get the finer, mild~r~ lighte~, better tastLng tobacco - the tobacco t~at the~ chosG for their own sm~klng ~n~oyment. Now~ these independeat tobacco experts ~mow that a cigarette osn be no better t~ the tobacco ~t contalns° And tbe~ ~o~, tc~, that Luckles ~an fine tobaoco. ~ not take a tip from ~e exports? Why ~ot ~to~ ~es~Ing? Tae makers of Luckies of£er you a cigarett~ whose actual szokin~ ~atisf~ti~ will exaeed your greatest enticipati~m. Way not make t~t next p~ck @ir"ies? ~T~01 0016422
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/ r~ LO~ STPI~ 'RAKE BK~-EVE Bl~OOr ~S B~O~C~T Co~rc~l . au~st 5j 1942 (Evening) 2ou knowj friends, here at the '~Bs~roon" I have the habit of eall4ng a epede a ~pade. And I think one of +~e rea~n~ ~hy you ~olks have been such consistent b~ers of products advertised on the "B~l~room" iB because you know theft I never try to fool you, ~ow, II~ p~rticul~y luc~ ~ that ~e o~ers of this r~dio s~at4on give ~ the privilege of ~r~t l~ve~i~h~n~ every ~odue% before I t~l~ about it. And us- l~s~ I~ perso~lly, am thoroughly convinced ~he~ I ~ have ~o~e- thing to offer - well, I have the ~r~vil~ge o~" tur~d~ do~ that ~ponsor. T~t, in ~3~g to ~ou a~ou~ Lug/ ~trike Cigarettes I • ~nt to exercise that prerogative of telling you the truth ~ou~ ¢£~a- rettes. Nowj I kno~ tha~ that I~ going he say has oft-%l~e~ happed ~n your mind, Now~ ~ee if I1~ not rl~htl I£ you remove the outer ~ra~pingJ fro~ ~ number of ~ck~e8 o£ c~g~xette~ of d~ffer~nh ~kes, mix th~ cl~rehtos ell up in a bowl...Now~ if youVd failed %o lo~ ~h the rims st~ped on each c~areht% yoU'd have ~ea~ dl~l~ toll~n~ ~e ch~r~hto from ~nother. ~ ~1 look ~l~ost e~actly al~e. Ienl% that rl~ Now, that,s Just a frank platn s~te~n~t, No.j the next logical etep £8 ~o ~y...~ll then~ u~rt~n~ ~% ~$ it the% • zke~ Luekies a be~er ~oke~ And X ~onlt blame you one bit ~or ask- ing that q ue~tion~.o ~Cour~e I might ~eel a little embarrassed if I didn,t have the r~ht answer. ~u~, I have that r~gh~ a~er. And ~t's so right that 71~ ~led you asked ~e questic~. ~e thing the~ de- heroines the d~£erence in c£garet~es ~ the quall~ of the tobecco. Itl~ a qualit~ that ca~ o~y he d~sce~ered b~he act~ol e~okiug, No~ you know that ~ust as one dialed o~ one carat sl~e ~ht eei1 ~c~ - oh, ~o h~ndred dolla~ ~nd another d~a~nd o.~ the eame~ lde~t~cel ~l~e ~lght eell ~or two thou~nd doller~ dww of course, to ATHO~ 00~6423
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J A8 BRO~CA~ LU~ STRIKB "~ BELIttlE B~I~2. Co~erclel - August 5p 1942 (~eul~g) BLOat (CO~'D) the difference in qual£~/ v&ich ~lght be obvious only to a diamond oxpert. 8o there are dif£erent gradee of tobacco. And as An the diamond ~ one kind of tobacco w111 bring o~e pricer the better kind a higher price, l~owj this dllfer~ce An ~o~,cco is obvious to +Jne independent tobacco expert, too, ~hey see ue pay the price at auctions all over the South ~or ~ finer t~b~cco, which explains why these men prefer Luckies t~ ~o one° But rem~ber, f~lends, the superior quality of t.~ ~ob~0co in Luckies - to the averag~ s~ker - only becomes ob~ous when y~A smoke the% tobacco. Now~ I know that t~at finer tobacco is In Luckiee, Maow t~a% that finer tobacco n~ke~ Luckies a finer cigar~te. ~e only way tha~ I c~a ~rove it to you is if you~lt 1Aght up a Luc~ tonight aud notice the differeuoe° ATe01 0016424
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/ / Co~crct~ - Augv~t 6j 1942 (Nomin~) ~S ~OADC~$T 3uat a fe~ words about ~ Strike Cigarettes, the clgazatth that means fine tobacco, you ~ow, nowadays, thAs whole world is sisal cce~cAons. ~e al~ ~uat aboet 1A~ ~der a Jyste= ~f signals. ~d you ~hlnk of tha~ In the ~oraing, you'~e ~ust poundln~ ¥ou~ ear nlce~ when all of a sudden...prrrrtJ...QfT ~I that alar~ ~io~. ~Iij that alarm ~lock bell mean8 that ~'B tAae to ge~ up. Th~n in the dayti~, you ~ant a pot of tea. All rlght! The toRpat starts whAatling~ and that,s a sisal that breakfast'e ready. A thlephone rlnSs, That mean8 aoaeone ~ants to to~ to you, A ~a light - t~ =eaus you can go acros~ the ~treet. Oh yes~ therell all kinds of si~al~. Aud in ~pecialized indestrlos, there are dlffere~t ~A~ain~ too, ~ainh outsiders find bewildering somtIM~. For axaapin, i£ ~ou were to w~der through the great warehouses do~ in the South while a tobacco auc~ce was in ~o~ress, you af~hth't be a~le ~o detect exactl~ how the saleB was ~ade. One b~er might Beam to =ight roll his eyesI ~d it might take you a ~ile to catch on to these s~als while the auctioneer cen Intorpre~ them so easily - -oft that they're ~uat like falling off/a log. ~ut you ~ow~ it ~'t take you l~g to C~tCh ou to the fa~ili~ ,Sold ~erlcan, that you'll hear as ~e ~aaket after another of fine tobacco change~ hands. You'd soon no~i~e the frequency with which the A~erican Tobacco Co~ p~y the price to get the finer tobacco ~hat you smoke in ~ Luc~ Strike Cigeratto~, ~ow, you don't haw to ~oin the Signal C~rpe to RTH01 0016~25
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// LV(~ STRIKE "~%~ BELIEVE B ~L~M" Commercial - August 6, 1942 (t~ming) AS BI~OADOLST ELOC~l (COI T,D) find out that Lucl~ Strike means fine tobaoco. Just take e tip from the indep~dent thbacco experts - buyers, ~re- heus~en, auctioneers, ~ho make their living at thbaceo, seeing who trays what lea£. Yes sir, among these men ~ know tobacco host, iris Luckies two to one. And you ~mo~ - Just as they know - that a cigarette can be no better ~a~n the tobacco it cc~%ains° And Just as your alarm clock bell means .ake up, Just so Luck~ Strike means fine tobecco. Now, the next time you ,alk into a tobacco athre, signal for your smoking pleasure - for your complete emokiug pleasure - si~al eheply. JuSt ~...Luckies, please! ~,ey'ro exu-e to ~derstend that| ATEO~ 00~6426
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LUCky STRIKE "MAKE BELIEVE B~OO~" Commercial - August 6, 1942 (Eyeing) AS BROADCAST You k~ow, fri~ds, In ~ lifetime I've met msr~ people in different walks of life. I've spent evenings ~th band leaders who talked about uothing but what a great ~ of golf ~hey shot that ~rning and song writsrs who talk of nothing but about that swell little house they have, end the nAce l~ttle piece of gr~d that they have up in Connecticut. I've telked to radio a~ouneers ~ho spend every ~inute in a dark room ~g enlarge- ~to of the baby's picture. In fact, most people in different walks of life have varied interests. But, ever a~nee live been working for the ~kers or Luckie~ on the "Hit Parade" and the ~ser" shaw~ I've had occ~si~ to spend a great d~l ot with a yo~g fellow by the name or Speed Higgs. Now, Speed, as • you Mow, is the fSADUS tobacCo auoti~eer who does all that double-tslk stuff - you Mow - that tobacco ~ that they ~rk in there. You canlt hardly ~mderstsnd it ~less you Mow ~het it,s all about. Well, ~eed Is ty~lc~t of other tobacco experts. A~d if he is, all I can e~ is.HA ~n in the tobacco business certainly livesj eats a~d breathes no~i~g b~t tobacco. YOU k~ow, if Speed l~nrt tslliug me about how many baskets of tobacco he sold last year, hels tolling ~ about the farm ha owns, where -a he gro~s tobacco. Now~ I feel ~at ~peed has glve~ me a/liberal educati~ on the subject of tobacco Just sitting backstsge and talking to him. Now, don~t ~i~derstaud ~e! It's no~ that ~eed ~ not talk of other things, and doe~tt have other inthresth in life, but he~s so wrapped up in the tobacco business that it's the ~e thing he delights in ~g about ~st. ~T~01 0016~27
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! LUC~ &~fRI~J~ "~ BF~IEVE BALLRO~" Commer~dal . August 6, 1942 (Even~g) AB BROADCAST BLOCK you can Just bet ~vour bottom dollar no one could fool Speed Higgs on the qualJ.ty of tobacco. And believe :it or not, 8peed is not the exceptica to the rule. It applies to most people in the tobacco bus~ess. It's a fa~c£ulti~ business - ltls a busines~ that c~OAs for knowing ~,our business If you waut to make a suocess af it. These men really appreciate fine tobacco. And when Ludependent ~obaaco ex~ertB Imow that Lucky Str£ke me~ms fine tobacco to 6uch an extent, that ~-th these me~ Luckies have more than twl~ a~ ~ exelulive ~oker~ as other brands of cigaretteB comb~ed - brother, you've got something there! And t~t's exaot~y how I reel about Luakiesl.. Brother, we~ve got something there! And I'd like to see you get your abate of that ~ometbimg. ~o thl~ ver~ nisht, won't you remember to trX a pack o~ b~tter than ever Luekies? nT~01 0016428
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Commrcl~ - Au~at 7, 194£ (1ornlng) BLO~I AS BI~ADCAST I1m s~re all of you folks know that saying about the proof of the pudding being in the eating, Well, of course, I'm not here this morning to ~ell you ladies pudding. So let*s chan~e that s~ing ,and make it read..°the proof of the cigarette Is in the smoking. You see, ladies md g~tlemen, I here a problem. I know that no cigarette can be a~v bettor than the tobacco from whlch it is made, I know that the makers of Luckins p~ the price for the finer, lighter, milder leaf. I know that the utmost care is used to age and blend that tobacco v~th other flue tobaccos, l've seen ~Llllaus, and milli~no ot po~mds of tobacco aleep~ In huge etorage sbad~ - eleeping there from two to four years ~mtll it reaches the Juet-rlght stage. I,ve visited the factorine where Luokies are made and I*ve seem the care that is taken in the m~au~cture to make ~ure that each eIB~rette is packed Just rlgbt - to see that there are no loose ~ude. And ITW 8eea the caterS, £inal in~ectton that ie glv~ to Luokins to make s~e that this finer tobacco ocmes to you at its best. Now, I*ve se~ all these things ~d I know them to bo true. ~y problem iB to prove it to yQu. It I ~cceed in doing that - well th~n I will have accomplished something really worth while. I will have been res~sible for you changing to a brand of elg~rettes that will unquest±onably bring you more smoklng enjoyment, and that I regard as my ~Teatest oppart~mlty on these broadcasts. Now, if I can feel responeible for increasing your smoking pleasure, It will make me ~ry happy. ~y ~ w~ of aocompllshlng t~te ~ since the proo~ of the eisarette is in the le ~moklug,/to ask you today to make that next pack Lu~kin~. Now, wb~ you light ~p that ~Irat ~ck~ Strike, ~ou,ll knve all the proof ou eed that rueful ~ine end ATe01 0016~29
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./ LUCKY STRIKE "H~KE BELIEVE BALLROOM" Ccmmerclal . August 7, 1942 (Evening) BLOCKI AS ~ROADCAST ~OU know, frlendss the average person a%~mpting to select a b~and -like a of cigarette 1~ so~ethL~g like a/m~n ioet in th~ ~oods. ~ ~a~t~r whlch way he looks~ all he can see Is more ~eez. ~ile he ~ows ~ch ~ he ~nts %o go, he ~owD ~ha% he wan~e %0 ge% %0, he doe~'t know which w~ is north, east~ south and west. Of course~ you ~o~ that you could take an e~pert w~cdsman, put ~tm do~u in the mlddle of any wood~j and tell hi~ that a11 he has ~ do is walk ~o the he.d north In order to get ~ere ~e ha~ to go -/~ kno.s Just which ~. to go and ho. ~ get there in no ti~. Bu% a clty.brs~ youth ~ould have hls troubles. There are many s1~n poets that point out the correct dL-ectlon ~ an ac~o~I/~hsd -oods~an - ~h~ are the stars at night, the su~ in the daytime, ~e moss grcwi~ at the base of a ~reeo But, to a ci~7 mn ~e~e ~ga posts wc~ld be InvAslble° ~e'd ~us~ wander aro~md In ~incles and never reach bib dest~tnatlon~ It's llttle wooer ~ I ~a7 tha~ to t~ ~ra~ s~k~r ~ sele~ ~ a clgarette is llke a man lo~t in the woods, But, you ~o~, there are o~n po~ ~oln~ clergy to t~e clg~tte you ~an~ %0 smoke. ~d ~ou don't h~ve to be an expert to be able ~ read them, if you'll ~us% re~ that In a cigarette it'~ the tob~Qco ~t cou.~°.°that ~he wakers of Luokies p~v the pric~ to get thst D~er tobacco...that finer tobacco that independent tobacco sxper~s pre~r to s~oke ~rove ~at ~hey do by choking Lu~k~es two to one.. °T~m this forest of oonfuslon will beccae t~ you llke a b~o~ ~i~ lea~Ing straight %0 ~ater ~klng snJoymmt. P~e~ber, ~n every sign post you'11 find the tw~ words ~ Luc~ 5~Ike - polnti~g the ~ure way to greater s~okAng ~oyment. ....... i RT~01 0016430
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~r LUCky STRIKE "~KE BFLI~E E~LLROOM" Co~erc~al - August 8, I%4R (Mon~ing) BLOCK: AS ~M~A~C~ST Say, do you by any chance happen to be a shoemaker? Tell, if so, I Buses you know ell about ~be different grades of leathe~p and if yo~ were going to make a pair of ~oes ~or yourself - hat.felly, you'd make them fro~ lea~er that you ~ew ~ould be of the best quality. Maybe you hap~u to work in a dr~se factory where you hendle eat~r~al ~11 day lon~. ~ou know ~lch ere the best materials, don't you? I£ you ~ere ~tng to make e ~ress for yourself~ wouldn,t y~u t~ to ~e~ the ho~t ~aterAal available so the dre~s would las~ longer and be more beau~l~l ~ ~lve you ~re happiness? Guess It's ouly na%ural that you ~d. ~ou know; frlends~ ~'~ ~uet as natura~ that tobacco experts - sen ~ho know tohaoco bee% ~hen choosing a cLarenCe for their o~ ~easure ud sat~/ect~ - ~ul~ choose e ~l~ar- t~e stte that ~h~ ~ow contained • ffner~ 11~hte~, ~Uder ~ohaco~. ~es llr~ I'd se~ ~hat,e onl~ nahum/. NO.~ if I'a going to convince ~u that ~ok£e~ are ~e cigarettes you should e~oke~ ~ere are ~nly two ~hings I hove to call to ~our attention: The ~LrSt 1~ ~t ~o~ toha~co for your cigere~te £s eo~ ~hltcly at auction. And these auctions ar~ attended independent experts - me~ ~t~ earn ~hetr l~v~ug in ~e tobacco ~stne~s. the auot~ons, they see the makers o~ ~uc~ StaLks ~ the ~oe to b~ the finer to.coo that Mkes ~or real s~oki~g pleasure, go~ re=e~erj ~hey hear and see - they hear and see with their o~ ears and eyes. No one tell~ 1% to the~; an~ tint's t~ort~n% to rem~ber, gow ~e second thing - to f~ud out ~ust ~hlch cigarette IB ~noke~ eoneL~tent~ by ~e greatest nuabor of these ~ndependent exp~te. We ~n't ge~ a~ay ~rom the tact ~hat they see ~ho bu~s ~hat to.coo. ~nd ~hen I tell you ~olks ~a~ Z~ve seen ~t~ ~7 o.n e~e~ h~ ~nd bundle o~ s~v~n etste~e~ts by these ~el~-sa~e tobaoco experts attesting tn.the ~a~ ~ey moke ~uoky 8trlke Cigarettes. And l think thee ~n itself~ ~e best reasc~ in the ~rld that 7outre ~k~g the eaoke tobacco experts s~ke. I ~aow it convinced m! I hope I in t~ra ~a~ cmavlnce you, ~'t Fou a ~age of A~e~tee tod~ ~nd gt~e ~ a t,~,,~.? gell, ~d; ~T~01 001643~
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l ~LOCK: L~CK~ STRIKE "MAKE BELIEVE BALLROOM" AS ~OA~$T C~rcial - August 8, 194~ (E~e~Ing) Now, liaten ~II you base,ell fans out there, I Just wan~ to ask you a queatlonz Just ~at do you %hlnk the ~ankeeB would be wlihout Joe DiMagglo or Lef%y Oomez, and that would the DodgerB be without Pete Relser, or the that Oi~te wlthout Hubbel, or Hal Schumaker? Uhj uh, ~ sort of kne./you'd answer that.o°nOt so good. 8urej they're all good teams, I gueBs you have your favorite. I ~ow I have. ~ut there are ¢erta~ men who are out- standing on each team. ~hey do more than their ahere of playing. They can make or break the whole group° Theytre the ~en ~o rate s~3arles in the higher brackets. Theylre the a11-star attraatlon~ - %he men you really to see - the men who really eo~t ~ the tesa. And you ~o% frlends~ the star attraction - the most i~portant ~ in any cigarette i~ the to~cco it co~talus, The ~se~all team c~n be no better than 1is leading pl~y~rso And t~e cigarette's leadlng player is the tobacco ~ ~hich it's rode° The makers of Luekies ~mow ~s. and for that reason, ~hey instruct thei~ tobacco Ix~e~to ~ %h~ price ~t ~cco auc~on~ all over the South to get the f~ner, milder, better tasting leaf. And the independent tobacco expert~ who attend these auctions s~e The ~aerlean Tobeceo Compa~ conslsteut2j buying thl~ flner Lucky Strike leaf - the totacoo they ~nt to smoke. And so it's no wonder at all that among these men, Luckles have more ~an ~wi~e as ~a~ ex¢lu~i~ ~moker~ a~ all the other brands o~ cigarettes co~blned. These men ~ow that in a cigarette it*~ the to.coo tha~ cou~ts and Lucky Strike ~eans ~Ine tobacco° ~o~, all ~ou folks out there listening to me, howls your ~ttlng average? Don't take a rain check. Try a pack of Luekies tonIEht. Just walk Into your local tobacco store and se~...Luck~ Strike, please. ~ou,ll learn to auJ~y a real good cigarette! ATe01 0016432
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! ,r LU~ 8TB/~E "MAKE BKLXEVE BALLF~OM" Co~rclal - August 10 (Morning) BLOCK; AS B~)IJX:AST I Just want to talk to you for a little bit about - oh, atou% a lot of things...cabha~ and kings and such. .~lrst ~ob I ever had was down around the Wall Street section - worked down at %he General Electric Company, 120 Broadway. I think the most fasoina%iug thiug to ~e at that %ime ~s ~all Street. I had an idea I wanted %0 be B big broker s~e d~. The closest I ever got to It was Just being broke. Osed to run ~md several times a d~,v delivering package~ and envelopes down there in the Wall Street section. Na%urally, went by Wall and ~lliam Street. ~ell, on one side ~s a grea~ big ~autiful building that houced the ~tock Exchange, and a block further do~ 1as the Cur~ Exchange. In those dayej the Curb was ~ust as the name indicated - ~as a place ~here people dealt In ltock~ and ~ondB right doom on the sidewalk - ac%ual~ tre~sacte~ ~m~- in~s$ in %he street. X used %o 8rand there in wide-eyed amaMaem% w~tch- lng tho~e mn signal %heir bids in ~tocks ~ud bonds to other men u~ up in the ~udow, Little did ~ think ~ome day I'd be talking to ~ou about Lucky Strike Cigarettes, the cigarette %hat ~le~ its claim to your rook- ing patronage on the ~i~er tobacco from ~hieh it's m~de and tha% tobacco %o be bough% and sold ~n almo~% the same mams~r ° only in huge %otacco wa~ehou~e~ dora South, No~, if you coul~ see l~ as I've seen totmcco h~er~ giving their sisals to the auctioneer, signi~lng their ~lds for tho~e ba~ke~s of tobacco, ~uld be ~us% ~s amazed ~ I was at the signals giv~m ou the ~ur~ market many years ago. %~le tho~e ~igual~ ou the curb market had little meaning to me, %he s£gnals ~ the buyers of tobacco affect your s~oklng eaJoyment every day 'cause every time a ~yer from the American Tobacco Compa~ sees a ~ske~ of finer~ ~tgh%er, milder leaf offered for ~ale, you can bet your ~ottc~ dollar hel~ going to go af%er it. ~ou know that no cigarette could be a~ ~etter than the tobacco f~TM01 00164-33
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i -£- LUCK~ STRIKE "~A~E BELIEVB BALL~)M" Co~erolal - August i0, 1942 (Morn!rig) AS BROADCAST ~LOCKI (CONTtD.) from ~ch it's made. And you'll k~o~' it, too, ~Wnen you try Luckles. Their Diner tobacco ~e~n8 that in Luckles you can count ~ gettIDg your share of smoking pleasure° Just in caBe the wn back of the tobac- co oounter doe~ntt underatand ~Ignals~ I suggest ~hat you ~sy...~ pack of Luckles, pleaseL ATH01 0016~3~
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L~ STRIKE "~b~KE BZLIEVE ~LLR~" Co~merc~di ° AUEUst 10, 1942 (Evemlng) • J 2ou folks like detective sthriee? ~, oh aan, do I.~ Z have ~skacks ~d Of 'era piled up at home./ I me~er read all the ones IIve got, butlm ills b~ln! more - diw~s l~ke to add to that collection of brain twi~tors. The more crimes, ~e better, Jays I, on paper, of courseL N~ ~at £ud the ~ore trichy the murderer - ~ fun I have follo,.~.~ the etor detective as he al~y~ ~racha down the ~uilty one - elw~Ts proving that crime does not pay~. Have you ever co~e to the solution o~ a Rrstery story and thought ~ yourseLf°..He., ~ didnt I think of %bet - a%7 didn, t ! 6uspa~ him? After all, it ~e ~uBt ~s obvinu~ as %he nose on ~ face| I never think the obvious colution is the right ~ne - it seem8 too eauy! And I guess that's the way it ofte~ is with many thins that are Qbvinus. They,~e eo plain that 8oaehow we over- look the~. ~e*re looking for so~a%h~g, you know, tough~ more dLffi- eultj more inwlTed. Y~onder how ~any of you overlooked %he obvinu~ in your choice of cigarettes? Perhaps youlre overlooki~ the best that olue %o your real ~klnE enjoyment and that is/in a cigarette i~ the tobacco that ~in. That~e %be main thing! And don't the ln~e- pe~d~t experts ~ow it? Ths~ sure do[ These meh attend auctions all over the South, seeing the sale of %o~eeco. And they see the ~akers of L~o~kles pay the price, time ~d again to get the 1~etter lea~. T~t~s ~ With these indep~de~t warehousemen, ~ere and auctioneers Luekles have ~e than twice as many exclusive smokers as all other bra~ds of cigarettes ~omblned, That ~ans something %o you, imdieB and ~ent~ With these independent tobacco experts Luckles have ~ore than t~ce as ma~y ex~lu~dve smokers ms all othe~ bra~ds Of cigar~ ethos ccm~ued. ~? Nell~ because they know that no cigarette can be a~ ~etter than the tobecc0 it eontoluS| ~es~ a~d ~c~ Strike aean8 fine tobacco, the ease tobacco that the~ and all of us want %0 s~oke. ~ dn~t bxve to be philo Vance, or Perry ~a~on. to ~re~k BTHO~ 0016435
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/ -2- LUCKY 8T?dKE "~ B~LIN~E BALL~OM" Commercial - August 10, 1942 (Eyeing) A8 BBOAI~t.~ N~OCK: (Oo~sD.) down the best in smoking enjoyment. Ne~t time you ~alk into your fevortbe tobacco store Just 8~v,o.Make mine Luckie$~ please* ~onlt you try a pack th18 very nl~t? ~T~01 0016436
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UJCK~ STRIl~ "MA..'~ B~,,.IEI~ B.,~,0,,~00~" Co~ercinl - AugUst llj 1942 (V, orning) AS B~)ADOAST BLO~ you know, friends, here at the"Ballroom" we have e bablt of calling spade a spade, and I think one of the reasons ,~ you folks have been such consistent b~ers of products advertised on the .Ballroom. is because you kno~ ~e never try to fool you. And I'~ perticul.~rly luc~ in that the owners of this radio station give me the privilege of flr~t Investigating every product before I talk about it. Unlesv I'm personally ~nd theroughky eoavincad that I really have eomechlnf to offert I have the privilege of turning down that ~goesor. Ted., in tmiking to you about Lucky Strike Cigarettes, I w~nt to exercise that prerogative of telling you the truth about cigarettes. I kno~ that ~hat llm going to s~ has oftimes happened in your mind. How. see if I~m not right. If you remove the outer wrappings ~om ~uy number of ~achages of migaretto~ of different makes, mix them all up in a bowl - if you fail to look at the name stamped ce each migaralth~ you'd have dlfficulty tellin8 o~e cigarette from onother° They ell look pretty much allke. Now, tBut's a frauk~ plain stetemnt, ~e next logical step is to se~.°,~ell the~, M~rtln~ ~bat ie it that makes Luckiee a better smoke? And ~ donlt blame ~ou one bit for ask- ing that question. Of course, I ~ight feel a little embarrassed If I dldnlt have the right answer. But I do beve that right answer, and it is ~o right that IIm glad you asked the questdc~. The thln~ that deter,~ines the dlffere~ce in cigarettes ls the quality of the tobacco. It's a quoli~ that can only be ascerinlnad by the ~etuol s~oking. And you know that Just as one diamond o£ one carat size might sell for t~o hundred dollars, m~d another diamond of the same identical elze might ~ell ~or two thousand dollar$~ due to the dlffere~ce in qual~ty, which might he ob~ous only to a died expert~ so there are ATHO~ 0016~37
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~r LU~ STRIKE Co~ercA~ - BLOCKt (CON~,D) "MAKE B~IEVE B~/LRO011" AS BRD~AST) I.U~US% ii, 1942 (Morning) different ~,ades of tobacco. .~nd as in the dlamc~d~ one kind will bring one price, and the better k3md the higher price. ~is difference in tobacco also is obvAous to the independent tobacco experts. And they see us p%v the prlce at auctions all owr the South for the finer tobacco w~ch explains ,.~y Chese me~ prefer Luckies two to c~e° P~member friendsj the superior ~ueli~ of the ~obacco An Luckles to ~he average s~ker only beco~e~ cbvlou~ when ~u ~ke th~ %obacco. X ~o~ that that ~iner tobacco is in LucEies. I ~o~ that %hat finer ~o5~cco makes Luckies a flner clg~rette. The o~ly way I c~ prove it to you is ~hat if you'll llght up a Luc~ today - thin Jus~ uo~Ice ~he dlffe~mce. AT,"<O1 0016438
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~roial August 11~ 194~ (Eve~Aeg) BX~)CKZ Do you mind if we do a little ~pposinl? AS BROADCAST Let's suppose that you de- cl~ed to go out to d~uer ~t. It's a ~ic~ Zu~ust ~l~t - you decide that you would like ~ go to you~ favorfte restaurent. ~be it's ~he little place dow~ the street, or c~e o£ the hotel room~, or a road house. You go ~to the nestaur~nt and you Bay00oWell, ~arlie, what's good tc~sht? What,s the special~¥ of the house? He seyso..corned beef aud cab~agel0oOr he s~vs roast chicken, or he says steak - ~at~ver happens to be the ~peC~al~ of the house. ~w, ~arlie As your favorAte waiter~ so he'll tell you Just mothy ~'~ grav~ ~d tho potato pancakes on the side.°(~icks hie t~e)oOh, my goo~ess and I have an ho~r to go ~et ~ am I h~71o°eVea taXki~ about At. ~u$ au~m~, you e~v to h~, all rA~h~ make It ~t roast! ,Cause Char~8 told you it's good, and you ~zow l~z~ ~barlie ~o~e wha~ he,s talking a~ou~. ~ou,ve a~ked Cha~llD~s expert a~lce ana he,s nmr ~ven you a ~cng steer, and I don't ~e~m Break. No sir, he,~ in and cut of ~at kAtc~m h~dreds of times a d~ he sees the •eats came in, he sees the ~e~e~a~les being delivered, he ~ows wh~t dishes see~ to pleasB the ~reatest number of people. Kefs an expert wa~ter, Ch~rlie is, and you can depend on hi~ for ~ound, tmpre~udioe~ advice. Now you ~ow ~o the indepe~de~t experts o~ the tobacco in~ dustry are~ d~a,t you? well, ~hey~re ~e b~ers~ the ~cti~eers and ~ ~house~e~, ~h~ are ~ uo ~ay afflicted ~ ~ ~o~a~o pa~ ~atsoever. ~ a~md t~ tobacco auctions ~£ over the South. and they see the f~wers br~ng~ in their tobacco, and they see who b~ what leaf. They eee the ~skers of Luc~ Strike Ci~u~ettes ~y the price again end again to get t~e finer leaf ~at ~h~ themselves prefer ~o ATH01 0016~39
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LU{~ STRII~ "MAKE BELIEVE BALIa~" Commercial Aug~et 11, 1942 (Evening) BLO~ (CONT'D) smoke, yess ~g these :independent e=cperts itls IAtckies two to one. They know t~t no cigarette can be any better ~,~an the tobacco ~'t contains. Charlie ~lways knows when they're cooking an . e~pecl~.ly fine piece of beef out In the kitchen~ doesn't he? ?~ell, if you want to ~nerease your sm~ing enJoyme~t~ ~ not take a tfp from the tobacco experts, too? ~y know that the ~t~cizl~y of Lucky ~trlke i~ fine tobacco. AT,,~01 0016440
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Commer~il~ - A~i~et i~, 19¢~ (MornlmS) BID(K: AS BROADCAST YOU kmow, friends, during my lifetime I've met many people in many diff~rent ~elks of lifo, IIve spent evenings out with ~end leaders ~o talk s~out no~iDg ~ut t~e great game of ~olf that t4ey ~ot that mor, img...and song writerB ~o talk about nothing but ~st s~ell little house and the little piece of grouud that they have up iu Connecticut..°and radio ~mouncere who spe~d all their %tree in ~rk room.- making e~largements of the baby*s pioture. Everybody has hobbl~ and everybody hae one thing they're particularly ~tereeted in, ~ost People in different walks of life have varied interests. But ever since I~ve been .orking /or the ~akeze o~ Luckie~ - ~art~ularly on th~ ~Hlt Parade" and the ~Kay Ky~er'~ show, I've spen~ a ~reat deal o£ time ~lth a young ~ellow ~y the name ot ~peed P/~° ~ou've heard of ~peed, hsv~,t you~ ~e~s the famouB to,recto auctioneer who doe8 all t~t to, coo talk stuff. Well, all I c~n say i~ that if Spee~ l~ typical of other tobacco expert~, th~ a m~ ~ t~e t~lmcc~ lmsinese must live, eat and breathe nothing but tobacco; because ~ Speed ~n't telling me about ho~ m~y baskete of tobacco he sold last year~ hers tellin~ =e about the f~rm he o~ns ~here he gro~ tobacco. ~u~t talking to Speed ha~ siren me a ~retty liberal education on the sub- ~ec~ of tobacco. Now, don't mi~under~tend me, please. Itls not that ~peed doesn't t~lk of many ot~er things ~nd doesn't h~ve interests in life. ~t he's so ~ra~d up in t~e tobacco ~sL~e~ t~t lt'~ the one thing he deliEhts in telking about ~t. And you can JuBt ~t ~O ~n~ ?our bottom dollar = could ~ool Speed Rlgge on the quality of tobacco. Believe ~t ~r not, Speed ~s ~ot the exception to the rule It applies to ~st people in the tobacco b~st~ese° ItIB a ~asci~atin~ ATe01 0016441
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/, "~E BELI~E BALM~/OM" BLO~ ~Jeluess. Itrs a business ~at cells for ~owing your business i£ you want to make a sucoess of it. These men really appreciate fine tobacco. And when independent tobeceo experts Imow that Luck~" ~rlke means fine tobecco to such an extent - that with these men 5uckies have ~ore th~n twice as many exclu~ive 6mokers as Bll other brands of cigarettes combined. So brother, you've got something there. And that's exactly how I fees about Luck/es. ~rother~ we've got something there! And Z'd like to see you getting your share of that something. 8o this very day, won't you reaazber %o try a pack ot better-than-ever Luchies? 0 ATe01 0016442
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LU(~Z 8TRIK~ "MAKE BE~IE~E Bk(J~O~ J~ B~C/~S~ C~el~J~l - Aught 1~, 1942 (Evening) you ]mowj friends, a coupe of dws ago~ I was t~klng to a friend of ~ne who t~ now ~ lioutenent in the Navy Air Corps, He we~ in toen on fur- lough~ end he Just dropped In to say "bellon° You ~ow ~mt be told ~e? .~d.~j we got to t~kl~g about planes and such, end ho told ~ that ~side from the huron elem~nt~ the most important thing In emy aLrpla~e 4s the motor. The wlngepread is ~porten% the lnetrmnentsp the ar~or~ the ~t..~ all of the~ ~t~LngB ave ~nportaut~ yes... But the ~ ~ning in the per~or~em~e of a plane £~ ~e excellence o~ ~te ~otor. C~ it rest the rate of clJ~b~ the Bpeed~ ell &he operating po~er. And I began to think about that. And ~Lle ~hlnklng~ I happened to glance at the c~garette I ~8 holding Ln ~ hand. How like that cigarette, ~ber~ itls the tobacco tba~ ooun~e. Yes~ Sn a c£gavet~e~ the tobacco is the 1~- I portant thinS. Indel~mdeat tobacco experts ~mo~ that no ~garette can be e~v better ~han the tobacco ~t contains. ~nd thatle ~ among the~e z~n~ Luckies have more than t~e as ~my e~cluaive e~kers a~ all other brand~ of cLgexettes c~blned. ~e~e een fo~ow the auctions down ~out~ they see the makers of Luckies pay the pr£ee td~e aud time ege~n to ob- taln the tJn~r~ Ltghter~ ~l~ler l~at ~ch they prefer to smoke,.°~hlch we all prefer to smoke. Now those av6 the f~cts behind the sworn ~tete- ments I have read w~th ~ o~n e~es, whLch ~how ~ha~ ~ese tndepemdent tobacco men choose Luckles two ~o one! Yes, slr, ~n a c£garet~e itl~ ~he tobacco that oount~0o.end you can rest a6s~red in I~cky StrL~e~ £tl~ fine tobaccol ~e be~t ~ ~o tnv~xe the perfect per~o~e ot tbo~e bomberB end f£ghters that welre making these d~vs~ £~ to produce ~x- oeL~ent ~otor~ ~or them, And the b~e~ ~ that you can b • etn~ of a a~oke that brLng~ you Sncreased e~alng pleamu~, le to tn~ a pack of Luck~es.o. t;ae c~garette that mean8 fLnerj better ta~ttng ~o~acco, Contact. Letl~ go~ ~olkS~°omako tha~ next paok~ Luckieso ATe01 0016~43
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( \ LUCKY STRIKE "~AKE BELIEVE ~M" Connercial - August 1~j 194~ (Moz~J~g) £~LOOKz AS B~OADC^ST You know, the average person attempting to select a brand of cigarette la something llke ~ ~ lost in tOe ~odg° No matter ~.~Ich wey he Icokn ~11 he can see is more trees, r~Lle he kno~s which way he wento to go - while he knows whet be w~nto to get to, he does~et ~o~ ~$ch vBy is North. East, Southj or )!est. 0£ course~ you kno~ 7ou could take an expert woodsmen - put klm do~ in the middle of any woods end tell bin that all he has to do in go to toe gorth and to set ~ere he ha~ to go, and held know ~uet which dlrectlon to ~ on in - ho~ to get there in nQ time. But a city bred foJalo~ would have hle troubles. There are ma~ slgo gosin that point out the correct direction to au acco~ahed ~uo~mau. The stars et nl~h%~ sun in the dsTtlme - m~ny llttle B~s - the moss growing 8t the ~aee of the tree, and i~Ingo llke that. ~o the city man tbeee e~go go~tJ ~ou2d be absolutely invla- ible. Heed ~ust m~er around in clrclee and pesslh~y sever reach hie to deatlnatlon. Little wonder~ the, I sey ~/the ~verage smoker the eelec%ic~ of a cl~arette Is llke a man lost in the wood~. ~ut you ~mo~,, there are ainu posts pointing clear~v to the cigarette you w~t to Brooke, end you don't have to be eu expert to be able to reed the~, if youIZl Just remember that in s cigarette Itls the tobacco thet counts - that toe meker~ of Luckinm PUT toe price %o get that £1ner tobacco - t~t finer tobacco that independent tobacco experts prefer to smoke~ and pro~e that they do by chooein~ Luckins two to one - theu~ this forest of confusion ~I11 become to you llke a broad hi~heay leading to greater ~klng enjoyment. And on every ~I~ post, youell find those t~o ~ordB...LUC~ Strike, pointing the sure ~y to gre~tor smoking en~eyme~t. ATe01 00164~4
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Commercial - A~m~at IB, 1942 (Evening) BLOCKI ~ou ~ows some things are a ~atter of taste or whim or f~ucy...like the kind of ~ovles you llke or the kind ~f flowers you send your best glrl~ or the ~ase~ll team you root for, but some tblngs are faete. Y~ey donlt c~e no matter who you ere or ehat you ere. ~hen you thro~ e bell up into the air it comes do,~ to earth ell the time, and the se~- ~ons ~ol~ow each o~er, ~er~ fallj w~t~r~ spr~gj ~o ~atter ~s~. Yes, these are facts and they can't ~ altered° Nowj I ~es~ by this t~t time 7ou folks o~t there li~tenlng to me ~ow/it'e a ~ect that no cigarette can be any be~ter ~ the tobacco it cont~tne. Under any clrcumstences, no matter ~at the ~rapper icok~ llke~ no ~atter ~ere they're so~, n~ ma~er ~ho ~s them, cigarettes can'% be eny better than the t~tacco from ,bich they're made. In all those iudependent to~ecco experts ~o atten~ auc~io~ all over the South - ~ell, they see The A~erlcau To~ecco Coapa~ pay t~e p~ce for t~e flner~ lighter, a~ider, better tastlug leaf. And ~ t~e~ see ~e ~ basket ~ter basket of thls finer ~ck~ Strike to~ecco, ~en they hear the auct~onee: call i~old American' ! - time end ti~e a~aln - ,ell, itls no surprise at ~ii that records show tba~ a~on~ these Independent expert~ ~ck~es have more th~ %w~ce as m~ excl~slve smoker~ a~ all Other brands Of cigarettes combined. These men ~ow for ~ ~ct that in a c~g~rette itte the tobacco ~hat counts. And ~cky S~rlke makes ~ of getting t~at finer tobacco that makes a better smoke. ~ure~ there' s no use qulbblin~ about it - it's absolutely ~e! If you m~ut the utmost in em~klug pleasure, the peak in smoking enjoyment - ~ell~ here~ ~e best axiom you can learn. Itls glmple a~ o~e and one meke t~o~ Just ~ik Into y~ur fa~rlte tobacco store and s~y...Luckles, pleaser AT~OI 0016445
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LUOK~ 8TR~E "MAKE BELIEVE B~" AS B~OADCaST Comerclal - Au~mt 14, 1942 (Morning) BLOCKz Now~ lis~ all you bageball fans out there| I1d llke to ask you a iLttle questi~o 3ust .hat do yo~ think the yankees ~ould be ~out Joe DIMaUlo, or Lefty Oclez? ~t would the Dodgers be zlt~out Pete Palaer~ or %he Giants without Hubl~ll, or ~chu~er~ huh? I sort of knew you,d ~ that - not so Eood! Ohj of tours% ~Ire ali good tea~, end I guess you have your favorlte. I know I have. But there are certain men ~ho are outstanding ~ each ~am, They do more than their share of playlng, snd they ~m make or bre~ the whole group° They'r~ the men ~ao rate salaries in the higher bracket. Theytre the all-st~r a~tractlo~ - the men you really go to see - the men who really co, at on %am ~ea~. And you ~o., frle~ds, the tatar at%rac~ic~ . the most i~- portant thing in a~y cigarette is the tobacco it c~talnSo A baseball ~.m can be no better ~m Lts leading p1~s~ and a oigarette's leading player i~ ~e to~aoco ~ which it's made. T~e aakers of LuckAes ~o~ this. For ~mt reasc~ they Instruct their tobacco buyers to p~ ~e price at ~co auc~ion~ ell over the Sou~h to get %he flner~ milder, better tasting leaf. The independent %obaoco experts .ho attend these au~s, see the uker~ of Luck/es c~slst~ly buylug ~s £inlr Lac~ ~rlke leaf - the tobacco theyld want to smoke. And so Itls no wonder at ell that among these ram, Loekles have more than twice as ~ ex- olu¢Ive ~okers as all o~her brands ot clgarette~ co~Ined. These ~en k~ow that in a cigarette it's the ~aoco Umt cou~tSo A~d friends, Luck~ ~rlke .cans fine ~oba~eo. Now, all you ~olks out ¸there lis~nlug to ~e, how,s your battlng avarage? And ~cidentally, don,t take a rain check. Try a pack of Luckles rodeo ~ust wlk into y~ur local ~acco s~ore md ~y.°oba~k~ Strike, pXease! ~TN01 0016~6
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LUCEf ~ ~ E~ BALL~" Com~l - August 14, 1942 (E~mlag) BLOCKI Wellj I don't know lhether I ever told you folks before or not, but lira one of these camera fie~de that go around mnappAn' everything, you Izo~. I Just got some pictures back now, Petiels first birthday party last ~m- d~. ~d this cos here really t~ed out something - the sake in the middle of the tablea M.B. J~nior on the side of lt~ one year, and s candle in the mfddle, and Perle leaning over...(Sou~d of blowil~)...'t.lowAn' the candle out. Pret~/ good picture if I de e~y so mysalf! As far as I'm concerned well therele nothing sacred while I here a camera An my lured -I'n ~appAni thle, enapp~l that - ~appAni evelw+211ng.~ou know, one lesson in photograpl~ I don*t t~ ISll ever forget! I s'as f.~ave3.£ng ~p An Cenada a few years ego - you t~ow those little old streets up An Quebec? T~,re exaot~ Like ever~o~ describes them - theT're twlstlag and colorful - real ald-faehAnned etreeth. Audt~ere ~ wasall set ~th my cuera to get some good pictures. ~ee sir, there was ther perfect ahot right An fr~nt of as. Looking ~ an old stone arch I saw this statue of a general. ~nd the arch ~a~ a perfect frue for the figure on a horse. Well, ~en I finally developed the negative I found I had a - a lopsided view of the etch - An fact, the picture ~as all~h| /~ ¢o~l~'t see the general and it was the general that I wanted. I guess I dl~'t kflow how to get %hat shot at the proper an~lej - that was the trouble, YOU knowj that's often the d~fer~ce between an amateur piece of work and an excellent professional Job. It's true of ?hothgrap~, it,s true of psintlng, dress deslg~g, decorating, writing, and also of making ¢igar- ettos. The eapha~Is is the important t~thg An a good photo, a mart dress, , beautiful room, a book~ e~d a f~ne cigarette. Now, in a cigarette the e~s~s is the t~o. And you can bet your ~otto~ dollar that the ~,ke~s of I~cky Strike Ctge~ettes realize tole. They reallse that An a cigarette At's the tobacco that co~ats...~hat the tohenoo As the Im- Fortent thing. The~ reallse that no algezetth caa b • a~ ~etter than the ~T~O~ O0 I~,~,~ ?
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/- LUC~ STR.U~ "~ BD.~E'VE BAGLROOM" Comercl~l - Ausust 14, 1942 (~v~l.~) AS BROA~ABT BLOC~, to~cco it ccntaina. For that reason b~ers for ~he makers of LuckAe6 are instructed to pay the price to got that finer leaf that we all want to s~oke. And the independent tobacco experte, who follow auctious In the Bouth and aee us pay the price time after time - well, you cen hardly blame thin, with ~hese men ~ckies have ~re th~n twice as ~e~ exClUSiVe s~kore a~ all other brands of cigarette~ combinod. Ye~ sixm these men know the value of fine tobacco, and they prefer to e~ke Lucky Btrikes. Now, If you want to see a perfect picture ~th the emphasis on conte~taent and relaxation, Just lookat a man lighting a Luc~, eitting back~ drawing in that f~rst delic£ous p~ff that co~e~ fr~ ~ LLld, better tastAng tobacco. Next t~e you walk into your favorite tobacco store, Just ask for Luckies, please, ~ you? RTH01 0016448
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LU~ STRIKE ~ BELI~ B~" Coa~erc~al - August 15, 1942 (Morning) BL0~: you folks l~ke detective ~torles? ~S B~OJLDC~ W~II, I go for detective etorle8 In blg ~. ~ve got Btacks o[ t~o6e books plied up a~ home - bra/,~ tsister~ the more crimes the better on paper, ssys Io And tbo more tr~c~ the murderer, the more fun I bare followlng the star detective as be always tracks down the guilt~ c~e. Heve you ever come to the 5olut~on of 8 ~etery story and thought to ¥our~el~...now, ~by dl~It I think of that~ ~ digit I 8uspeat him? J~er e11j ~tls Just as obvloua as th~ nos~ ~ ~ ~aeo Now~ I do-It Beem to ~hlak tha~ ~he obvlou~ solu~lon is the rlgbt one. So~ebo~ ~t1~ too easy. ~atls the w~ ~t le ~l~h ma~y ~tug8 that ea~ ubvlou~° Tbeyfre so plain ~et ~omebow we o~erlook them. ~elre looklng ~o~ eomth~u~ tou~her. ~ome~hl~g ~ore luvol~ed. ~oador ho~ ~a~ o~ you overlook &he obV~ou~ in your cbol~e o~ cigarettes. M~Fbe ¥oulre overlooking tbo best ClUe to you~ real e~oklng e~Joy~ent end ~batle the ~ ~mportaace of ~l~e tobacco. In e c~rette~ itl~ the tobacco that to, rite. Tbatls the ~ t~lug° And do, It ~he Sndependent experts kn~ I~! They sure do| ~a~e me~ . wellj theBe ~n attend auotlon after auction all over the ~outh~ ~eelng the sale o~ ~oba~co. A~ they eee the ~ake~ o£ Luc~ ~trike pe~ the price tla~ end e~a/n to get the ~uer leaf. And tb~tle wh~ ~r~th ~hese indepe~den~ ~arehouse~en b~e~ and ~u~tloneera~ Luckle~ h~ve more thau ~ico ~s ~ ex~lusl~ emokor~ ~e a11 ot~or br~nde o£ c~garette~ comb~ued. They know that no clg~retto ~be a~7 better than ~e tobacco ~t co~t~tne. The~ ~o~ tba~ Lucky ~trike e~en~ flne tobacco ~ ~obacco t~ they - in faetj that all o~ u~ ~uld ~n~ to smoke. You dontt ha~e to be Philo Vence to track do~ the b~t lu ~moklng e~oyment. Ne:~ ~me you walk into your ~vorlte to- becco etore, Just s~...g~ke ~Ine ~c~de~ please! And t~y a ~ek today. ATH01 0016449
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i I LU~ STRIKE ~ BShIZVE BA~BO~" AS BROASCAST CozMrcLal. August 15~ 1942 (Evening) BLOat Now I guess most of you folks ~ your radio all rightp or - or else you w~,t be listening right no~. I guess you - you know pretty ~ about radio programs, too. Have you ever enjoyed a progrm so ~ch t~t you look forward to it every d~, or every week~ And have you ever stopped to cun- sider what it is that sakes that ahow - co, I ~ean your .Hit Parade,,, or Fred AUen*s wTown Kall% or ~ ~Vs~r*e Show or Jack ~u~'s Program~L~'y=- ever 8topped to tht~k what makes those shows 80 ~ch f~n'~T T~ do you tu~e in so eagerly eaeh week? I'll tell you! It's a coabinut~cn of thinge - iris good music; pep~r dialoguep f~lny comedianss colorful perso~elltAes~ good ~aterinl; loto of ~okesj ashy things that go into the making of a good radio progra~ - eye.thing ~lxed together in a ~o~th production that makes you want to listen regularly, you know~ friende, there are things whoSe ~xcalleace de~d8 c~ ~e i~£~tl You take s cigarette, for instance, a cigar~tto depends on o~e thing - tobacco. Xes; in a cigar- ette it's the tobacco that counts. Aud y~r ~ sense wi~ tell you that ~o cigarette can be any better than the ~,o1~acoo that*s in I t. For its ~cceee y~ur ~avc~£ts radio pro~raa ~u rest c~ ~ things to ke~ you in- toreetod, but to keep a kee~ saoker intorested, the makers of Luckiee realize that they have to furulsh ham with .~e tobacco. And that's at auctions all o~er the south~ we pay the price to obtain the better leaf. Inde~de~t tobacco experts who see ~heee sales going o~ see that Lucky Strlk~ consist~tly pa~e the ]~'Ae.e for the ailder:, batter ts~ting leaf. ~at,s wh~ with these mn Who k~ow tobacco best - ~en who are unbiased ~d ~preJudiced An their opintons - L~ckins have aore than twice as a~ay ex- clusive seokers as a~ o~er brends of ciga~ttse co~ined. ~hey know as yo~ 1mow that I~ek~ ~ Man~ fine tobacco, ind ~*s ~at we all want in a cigarette - ~ine tobacco. RTH01 0016~0
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L y, ) ~owD herels a pro~'e= for your lnc~aeed m~kng ~JoTmN~t - a p.~ogreJ= ~oul~ rate tops - one 7ou eau tune :LU as z~ht alr~l ~st walk ~J~to )'our nel~too~l tobaoco store r*4t~t nOT and ~...Luckies~ l~l.easel RT 01 0016451
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8TI~EE ~ BI~JEVE BLt,L~" CO~'C.~.al - August 17, 194~ (MomlnS) BI~ Uo)..I now, here's a pleasan*, thought. ~ust suppose that you folke de- cided ~o go out to dinner tonl~t - an /~gust night. You m~v dec£de to go to that little ~ace down the s~reet~ or to one of the Ne~ Yor~ Hotel~° ~oe you're going to your ~vor£te rcad-house near ~here you live. You get ~nto the re~tauraut ~d you B~v..°~ell, tell ee Cb~lie~ Ihat'e good ~nl~? ~nd ~arlie's ¥ou~ ~avorite ~lter. £~rl~c ~s ~o you.., welX~ the ~ is ~ood t~£~t. ~e pot ro~st with ~e s~oc$~l gravy i~ ~w~e good. ~o you ~°..a~ right! Pot rosst it i~. No~ youlve asked C~arlie,s ~rt ad~ce~ ~nd ~els ne~er g£~n you a steer. He~s in and out of the kitchen a hunted t~es a d~-° He eee~ the meat co~e In ~nd he sees the veget~les being del£wred. He ~ows ~hat d~es see= to please the ~oet people. Char~e,s ~u axpert w~ter - he le~ and you cau depend on hi= for sowd, ~preJ~diced advice. No~, you know who the ~nde~e~de~t ~perts of the tobacco ~dust~ ere° ~'re the b~ers, the auctioneer~ and the warehouSe~ who are in no a~f~l~ated with an~ tobacco coa~. They attend tobacco ~uctions a~ over the sou~ ~nd they see the far~ers bringing In the~ tobacco ~d th~ See who b~s what le~. They see t~e Mker6 of Luck~ ~trike ~rettes p~ ~e price e~tn ~d a~eln to get the finer le~ that the~ thelselvee ~refer to m~okeo And e~ong theee independent expertsj itts Luckies two to ~e~ The~ k~ow that no c£g~rette can b e ao~ better t~e to~oco £t contains. Now ~a~lie alwaye knows ~ ~ey're c~ ~u e~pec£e~y fine piece of beef in the kttchen~ and if you ~t to In- crease ~our ~k~u~ ~Joyae~t ~ not take a tip fro= the tobacco e~erte, too~ .~he~ ~ov the ~ec~l~ of Lu~k7 ~t~ke is ~ine tobacco! ~T~01 0016452
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I~ ~ "MA~ BDA~VE~ BAL~OOg" ~S BP~ADCAST Oo~rcial - Au~st 17, 194~ (Eyeing) BLOCK! I wonder horn many of you folks out there used to go s~l~d~g in 8ome old 8~g hole. ~e used to have c~ when I was a k~ - had to hike a long w~ to ge~ to it. ~hen w~ finally got there..°wn, off cede ou~ clothes in a hurry, and we JuBt plunged right into that 1c7 water. 3rTrrr, was it cold| I don't ~o~ how we e~er learned to swim, we dad somehow. '.'e were in and out of that water all d~v long. And yo~ k~ow, c~e thln~ that I reaenber abo~t that old swlz~g hole - that il aside from the cold ~ater - well, somebody - X don't know ~ho it ~as - some ~ar~er, I guess, painted a slg~ on a ~lank and ~alle~ it up to the tree stump ~bat we used a~ our divin~ board. ~ou ~no~ ~hat that 81~ said? It didn't s~r 'No Swiping'. ~o, nothing lake that. He was a nl~e feller. He dA~,t ~tnd the kids s~imtag ~ there. That si~ satd....Look before ~ouleapl. ~h~t~sagoodrulet¢ follo~ lfyoudl~'t~nt todivein on top of 8o~ frAe~d of yours. ~at warning is certolnly a good one to follow in all of ~ actio~8~ e~n ~he~ ~ grow up. It's a particularly good thing wh~ it comes to ~our choice o~ cige-~ette~. You know, the w~ to b~ your cigarett~ is not by habit, or because ~o~e friend mokes tha~ partic~lar brand, or because y~ like the oelor scheme of the ~apper. In a cigarette it's ~8 tobacco that counts. That's t~e l~portant thtng. Aud if you ~n~ut a fAuer, ~lde~ better tasting smoke you'll c~oose a cigarette that cout~u~ a ~Auer, milder, better tasting to~acca. That's lt'e especially laportant to you that the ~aker~ of LuckA~s ~s~ the price at auctic~ after auctio~ to get the finer leaf. Now yo~ know the independent tobaoco experts - the b~ers, the auctic~ers and the ware- houBe~en - well they.re - they're pretty wary fellers. The~ M~ow their tobaoco and after allj they ~ould° It's their business. They s~e us ATH01 001G453
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LUCE[ 8T~ z~ BN~EVE BAIJ~I~t)~" Cc~r~i~ - Au~st 17, 1942 (Ev~l~) -2- BI~C~, consistently b~ing the kind of tobacco we believe they went to ~ke. So itls no surprlse that ~wa6 these men LuckleB have more than twice ~B ma~ exclusive smokers as all other brands of cigarettes combined. Ye¢ sir, these experts look before they le~. Tneylve locked a% the fine tobacco thut'B p~rchased by Luckins. ~md records show that the¥,ve leapad at the chance to make Lucklos their 8rooking preference t.~o to one. Now that old swinalng hole may be out of the q uesti~ these days for re.~reshment, but If you reell¥ ~eut the utmost in emoklng pleasure, if you want that contentod feeling, Jue~ try a pack of Lugs real soon, won'% you? ~T~01 0016454
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.I ,I ( l LUCKY STRIKE "~KE BELIEVE BAILBOOU" AS BROADCAST Co~rclal - August 18~ 1942 (Wornlng) BLOC~; Fri~ds, about s weak ago sn old friend of mine ~hols now a IAeuten~nt in the Navy Air Corps ca~ into to.n on furlough - dropped in to say iHelloto Ue sat around and che~ed the /st ~dhe told~alotofln- %erestlng t~ng6. ~ got to telklng about plene8 and such, and he told me that aside from the hu~m eleme~ the most important ~Ing in ~n s/r~ planQ io the motor° Yes, I kno~ the ~Ing spread i~ Importan%t ~e ~nBtr~entsj *he ~or~ the m% - all of those are importantw but the ~An thug tha~ deSermlnes the ontlre performance of a pl~ne is the excelle~ce of its motor. On that ~tor rests th~ rate i~ ¢limbs~ the speed~ the oversll operatln~ po~er° And you know I be~n to ~hluk about th~t~ and ~hile ~hlnkiug I looked down a~ ~he c~garette I wa~ holding in hand - ho. llke tha% clga~tte where itls the tobacco that co~t~. ~s~ in a c~arette the tobacco ~B the i~ent ~8 and ladep~de~ to.coo experts ~ow that no cigarette ¢anbe any better than the to- bacco it c~talu~. T~atls ~ ~ theee ~e~ l~ckles h~ve aor~ t~n %~iae aB ~.~ exclusive moker~ a~ all other br~nd~ o~* ¢~ge~tt~s co~ blned. T~mse men follow the au~t~ down ~outh. They eee ~he ~aker~ of Luckle~ pay the price ti~ and ti~e again to obtain the ~Iner~ li~hter~ milder l~ which the~ pre.~er to smoke~ ~h~ch we all prefer to smoke° Now those are ~h~ ~a~t~ behind the s~rn 8tateae~t~ that I~ve read with ~ o~ eyes~ ~hlch ~how that these ~ndepe~dent ~ choose Luckles %~o to one. Yes slr~ in a cigarette it'~ the tobaoco that c~mtsj and ~ou can rest assured in Lucky Str~k~ It'~ fluo tobacco. ~he best w~7 to i.~e t~ perfect perfor~ce of those bo~ors ~md f~tar~ .elr~ aaklug these ~ayJ is to produce exce11~t ~otorB ~or t~. And the be~t .~ that ~u can bo sm~ o~ the moke that brln~i you in. crea~ed ~k~.~ pleasure 18 to b~ • pack of Lucklei~ ~ ~garette ~hloh • ~an$ i~ne~ better tasting tob&~o. AFt01 00~6455
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s¸ LUCY ~ "MAKE BELIEVE B~m AS B~OADCAST Co~ercial - Au~s~ 1B, 1942 (Ev~i~) BLOCK; you ~w everybody tcday is trying to do something to help our country at wet - not ~nly by buMlng Bonds, but b~" acting a~ - a~ air raid ~arde~s, paL-oiling the streets ~ tv~ to seven every morning, ~zittiug, rolling bandages for the Red Cross~ or FLrst-~AdAug ~t. ~hatever way you,re chose~ to help it ae~8 added working ho~ for you - h~Ars youSre ~ore than glad to gave, but nevertheless added stra~ and f~tigue. ~ow if yout~c on du~y during the wee hours of the morfl~g you'll w~t warm clothes ~d a ~o~ flaahlighto ~ y~,re knittAng you'll vent good lighting and str~g ~eodles, a~d i£ it'e First Aid - well~ that pair of slacks is a ccafort. ~ ~hat is At that's a perfec~ ¢o~panic~ ~o matter what your Job may be? yeB, folks, it's a fine c~arette~ a cigarette made fro~ f~ner~ ~llder, bs~ter tasting tobacco ~he~ will ~- sure your greater sacking pleas~re and contentment, you ~, friends, the maker~ of I~cky Strike ~igare~tes pay the price £or that finer leaf at euctAc~ after auctiec all over ~e South. ~ ~lize that cigarette can be ~ better than the robe©co It c~ntalaSo And the ln- dependeu~ tobacco experts - ~he me~ who see these auctic~ goin& c~ ~o ~tness the 8ale~ in the great ~s~lng warehouses - ~ese me~ see time and 'tAme ag~m ~s~kets of ~Aner tobacco sold A~er~can! So It,s small ~onde~ ~t a~ong these me~ L~ckie~ have more than ~ice as ~ ex- clusive smokers as al~ other brand6 of cigarettes comb~ed. For truly, frieads, in a c£sarette ~s the tobacco that co~n~s. And lz Lucky Strike you can rest assured ltls fine tobacco. ~owj for added s~Y4ug enjoyment why not take a tip f~ the tobacco experts . the ~ who M~ow tobacco beBt~ A~ you pause for a minute to oatch ~our brea~ on that Job of yourl~ light up a Lucky. Just taste t~t finer tobacco and lea~a ~at real ~ ~leae~me As. RT~01 0016456
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LU~f ST~ "MAKE BELIEVE BJ~51~" AS BROAI)CAST Cc~ercl~ - Aught 19, 1942 (~orning) BLOCK= ~ou know, fr~ds, some ~lngs are a ~tter of t~ste or ~h~, or £~ncy like - ~ell, like the movies you like or the kind of flowers you Bc~d your ~est g~rl, or the baseball te~ you rout for. But some th~g~ are fact= - tried end true. ~ey don't cheng% no matter ~ho you are or ¢~a% you ~° you thro. a ball up iuto the ~ro It come~ do~u. And the season= follo~ e~ch other~.,su~er, fall, ~uter, sprin~. No zet~cr .hat - noth~ ~kea any di~erence. ~atls the way t~tngs go. Now~ these ~re ~ct6 ~nd ~ey ceu=t be altered, I guess by this time you folk~ out ~here ~tstenin~ %o me ~o~ i%'~ e f~ct that no clS~ret~e can be a~ better than the tobacco it contains. Under any circumstances, no ~%ter what the w~a~per looke like~ no matter ~ere they,re sold, no ~tter who ~ ~e~3 clgare%tes canoe no be%ter then the tobacco f~om ~ch they,re made, You know all those independent tobacco expert~ Who ~tte~d auctl~ ~f~er au¢%~c~ all o~er the South - wall, they see ~e~e maker~ of Luckles p~ the ~ce for the finer, l~hter, milder, ~etter tast~u~ leaf° ~e~ they eee us ~ b~sket after b~sket of this finer Luc~ Strike ~cco - .he~ they hear the auctioneer ce~0..Sold ~r~canl t~e ~d %~e again, no w~der a% all ~at re¢o~d~ show that among these ~dep~den~ exper~ LucEtes hc~e ~re ~ t~ce as ~ exclueive s~ke~ ~s all o~e~ brands of cige~ettes combined° Now, ~.hese men ~nc. ~or a fact 'that In a cigare%te, ~tJe the tobacco t~% co~. And L~ck~ Strike makes s~re o£ ~ttin~ that ~ner tobacco - ~e~ a bette~ s~ke. No uee qu~b~l~n~ ove~ it. 1%le absolutel~ ~. I~ you want the u%moet in s~kin~ ~leasure - the peak .o~ ~oking en~oymmt, betels the ~e~% thing %o learn~ Just walk into ¥o~ favorite ~ac¢o 8tore ~d ~-° °, ~uckies, plc~! RT~01 0016~5P
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/ L~K~ STP~KE "~/(E BSLI~ BAI~RDOM." Comm~cinl - A%~gASt 19~ 1942 (Evenln~) I think Just about every~y £istoniu~ to this broa~Icast ucw loves good d~cc ~a~ic. You ~o~ your dance ausicj ~on't yo~? You bet you do and you have your tavor~e amon~ the ba,ds. ~fter all, you did choose Harry J~es as your top baod leader, l'd like to asP. you a little question. ° ...~at do you ~hink is the most i$~rtoat thi~ in 3arty J~s' baod. X ~ you,d 8~y that. It's Harry cud has trumpet. Surej the band is s~ell. The heaa work is excellent. ~es, and you'd have to go a long way to fi~ a better vocalist than ~elea Forrest. But afar all, itBs Harry and his tr~pet that's real~ the top attrac- tlon. N~ you go to see the band ~hen~ver you can. you Listen for it on the r~io. You voted that ba~ nunher ~na, aod you feel that it who deserve~ it - b~ in Harryls band itls Hax~ J~ ~ c~nts. N~ you ~i~ ~lends~ Just as in a band t~Arels one player ~ho's more ~portant th~n the othera, so in a cigarette therels one i~r~is~ that,~ ~re i~r~ant to you as a a~ker than a~ything eine, ~r~ that ingredient is the tobacco frc~ which ¥o,Ar cigarette is ~de. The ~er~ of Euc~ 8~rlks r~allze %bot no clgare~te c~n ~ ~ bottar th~a that tobacco for that reason, and se~ it~ ~er~ into the South to scour the tobacco auctions for llghbar~ ailder, hetter-taatin~ leaf that you and I want to ~ck~. The iodoper~cnt ex~s see boekets of gol~en leaf ~oi~ a~ aud ~in to ~ Strike. A~ou~ these men - these men ~he know tebocco best - L~kles have m~re than twice as s~ny exclusive smokers as ~II other br~s of cigarettes combined. You see, frisnds~ in a cigarette it's the tobacco tha~ c~ts ~nd '~ucMy Strike m~aus ~ine tobacco. N~ all you hop cat~ out there Listen.° .Are you in th~ groove? The heut way to insure ~o~ coa~let~ a~ enJo~en~ is to ~alk into your inc~l thbacco store and a~v.°.Mak~ ~e LuckAes~ ~lease~ ~ then you'll ~n~ the ~eani,~ of real ~kitg pleasure. ATe01 0016458
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/ J Co~z-c:L~l .* ~=t, 20~ 19,t,2 (Horain_~) BLOCK~ AS B~O~CI'3'r You k~ov~ I ~ss I haven't kept it exactly a eecret from all of you folks but I'm pretty 'hep' ~s a ct~ra fiend. U= huh! Alrmy~ hove t,hat little c~wra of mine alon~ ~lth me - as witne~sed by the ~oy~ ~o~ the studio here ~ and the eug~eers~ and the a~otmce~ - ~ sna~tng ~¢t~res~ one r~ht after enother. There,s one lessoa photography that I donlt th~k I'll ever £o~e~. I learned it ~h~*~ I :~aB travelin~ up in L~u~a a ~ew year~ ago° YOU ~o~ tho~e little ol,~ ~t~t~ ~ ~u~ec? ~11, they'r~ e~¢tly like everybody ~e~¢rlL~s t.~ . theT,re tw~st~ end colorful, ~=nd real olS-f~hioaed. ~ there I was all set ~th this n~ camera of ~ue to ~e~ so~ ne~ picture~j ~nd rl~h~ ahe~ of me was t~e perfect shot. Look~q through an o~ stone ar~j I c~t s~ht of a statue of a Gem~ral° The arch a~e a perfe¢~ frcme for the ~re of the ~or~e, ~en ~ f~nsll~ developed the ~lntt I h~ a lop-sided view of the arch. in fact, the ~ict~e .~ ~1 arch and I ~ h~r~ ~e the Geu~z~, an~ ~ ~as th~ 6~ueca~ I had =~,~t to em~as~e, No~,, I ~v=t didn't ~o~ h~m to ~.et ~t shot ~ the proper en~le° ~ou kno~, that~B o~ten the ~ference ~et~s~n an ~ateur piece of work ~d an excellent pro~es~io~l Job. I~'s true of photo- graphy, iris true ~f p~ntJn~, it's true of many thin~sj end it's also true of ~d~n~ a cigarette. The emphasis is the ~=~ortant thing ~ e ~ood ~oto, or a ~resa, or a room, In a cigcr~tte the main ~mphas~s ~ on the to.coo° f~d 7ou c~ bet your ~to= d~ur tha% ~ makers o£ L~¢k~ ~ kn~.~ the8. ~hey realize ~hat ~ a ~arette it' a the ~o~c~o that ¢o~te - the tobacco is t~ ~=portent thl~. They realize that no cicarette ce~ be en~ better than the to~co ~t co~s, and for this reason, our ~er~ are ~struct~ to pay the pric~ at auction after auction to get t~at -t RTX01 0016459 ?
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-2- LUCKY STRIKE '*M~ ~,'LI~;£ BAL~J~CM" Commerci~ - Avaunt 20, 1942 (MorriLl) BD3CKI (cotrr,D.) flner lee/" ~,hat we a]1 want to smoke. The l~ependent tobacco experts ~c £o11~ these auctio,s in the 8outh aee us pay the Fclc~ ti~e 8O ~er time. .'~d/~t's little wonder ths% am~ug t~se men Luckte~ have more than t~ce as ~ exclt~lve smoker~ a~ ~1 o~her brands o~" c~aret*~es comb~ne~. These man ~no~ the v, lue of fine tobacco and they prefer to smoke LucM7 ~rM, ~nt to see a perfect pictur~ and ~th ~he e~phasis on con~ent~entJ r~izxat~n? ~;e11, ~ust look a% a man l£~ht~g a LUC~, s~t~g t~ck and ~rawln~ in that del£clous p~f tt~t co~s fro~ the ~Ud, ~ter tasting to~cco. The ne~% t~e you walk £~t~ your fav~rl~ tobacco store, you s~v em~tlcal~v.., Luc~ 8trl~e, please, and you,ll knc~ you're st~esstng fine to~eco. nT~01 0016~50
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¥ LUC~ 8TRI~ "MAKE BELIE~ BALLROOM" AS BROADCAST Co~merclal - AUgust ~0, 1942 (E~nin£) BLOCK= you know, friends, when I was a kid I always used to save the best thLngs for lastl U~ Huhl I'd alw~s eat the fried chiCken firat and then get ~ound to the spinach. It never failed. ~lw~vs eat the plain soda cracker and then get around to the fancy cookie ~th the nuts and the chocolR~s on it. That ~S a good syste= to follow all right excopt that very often I missed out on ~conds ~at way° I saved the chicken so lon~ ~t when the platter c~ aroun~ for seconds there I w~s ~lth the first ,~ieco still untouched. No~7 ~t just occurred to me that ~r~ of you ~olks out there listening m~y be shying ~ze bes~ thing~ ~or l~s~ ~nder ~aether you've been saving Lucky Strike Clgar~t~os for l~s~. In o%~or words, are you playiug the field and exp~rimonting, loaving tho cigarette that insures you a ftner~ b~t~er tasting ~o~¢co fo.~ l~s~ If Maybe you're not doing it consciously, ~ut/you haven't tri~d a Lucky lately ¥ou'r~ really doing yourself out of a lot of smoking pleasure, and you're ~oln~ yourself out of th~ opportunity of t~kin8 as m~ second helpinge of thl6 finer cigarette as you ~iah. ~ou ~mow, friends, no ¢~r- e~t~ can be any be~ter than ~h~ ~ob~cco from which iris =ade~ because in cigarette lt'~ the ~ob~cco that couhts° Tnet's ~, iris especially importan~ to us smo~s that %ho ~a~ers of Lucky Str~o Cig~ottes ~¥ the price ~t ~uction ~ter auction to ~et the £~ner~ milder leaf that you ~nd I w~t to ~moke, ~d Sp~'Lkin~ of ~lo w~ntin~ to s~ok~., oli~ht a Lucl~° No~ m~ybe you're ~ondering .~ho nre th~ imp~rt£~l ~uthoritio~ on this fincr loaf. Well~ theylre %he ~depen~en~ aucticneer~ - th~ w~rehou~cn, the buyers ~ho see the m~er~ of Lackios getting tlmt finer, Luc~ S~rike tobacco. And records show that among these m~n Luckles hnve =ore thr~ t~ce as many e~clusive ~okers as all ot~er br~n~s of c~ga~t~ combined. Don'~ you t~ that's proof that LUC~ 3trik~ means line tobacco? suggestion to ~11 ~ou folks is ~hat you donlt pu~ off uatil %o=orro~ ,~t you can do todr~Vo Stop ~ving Luc~ Strikes a~d s~rt enjoying them rl~h~ no~° Just walk into your tobacco store and say. °°~ke mi~e Luckies~pleoee, and till be~ you'll be r~a~ fo~ your =~cond porttc~ in no %line a~ all. ATH01 0016461
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~r bOCk'Y STRIKE "MAKB BELIEVE BALLROOM" Au~-lat 21~ 1942 (~ornln~) BLOCK: AS B~J~¢ ~T Do you like your radio? Sure you do! If you didnlt llke it, you wouldn't be liatening right now, wo'ald yoU? I g~e~ you kn~ pretty m~ch about radio programs, too. Have ytu ever enjoyed a program so An~ ~th that you really look forwerd to it every day or ever~ week?/~ve you ever stopped to consider Just what it Is¸ that makes .~'our Hlt pp~ade" or Fred Allen's "Town H~-II. or Kay Kyserls Show or ~ack h~nnyls ~ogram so much fun? ~hy do you tu~e in so eagerly each week?. I'll bell you~ it.s a combination of things, good music, good dlalcgue, Ommy comedians, colorful personalities, lots of good Jokes. 7es, thlng~ go into the reeking ~f a good radio progcam..,Everything mixed t~tha~ in a smooth prcdu~tlou makes y~u wsnt %o l~ten teg~lar~, An~ ¥ou know, friendo, there are ~ things whose eY~ellence d~pends on one ir~redlent°..For instance, a ©Igarette. Now, a cigarette depends on ~ne thing - tobacco. In a clg~rette It~ the tobacco that ©o~mhe ~ ytmr common ~ense will tell ~ou that ~o ¢Igarethe can be any berber than the tobacco it contains. For Ith ~uc~e~8, yo~ favorite red£o program can r~t on many %hir~s to keep you interested. BUtj to keep a keen smoker int~re~ th~ makers of D~ckM 8t~Ik~ ~slin~ that th~7 hew t~ furaikh hle with fine tobacco. And thetls ~hy at auctions ~11 over th~ South, b~ers of the American T~bacco Company 2ay the prlce at ~atlo~ after ~n d au~t$on to obtain the better leaf./ The Indepeedent tobacco experts who 8eQ tbese sales ~ing o~ see that we c~u~teutLv ~ the ~rin~ f~r the molder, better t~stlng lea£. And that,s why with these men who know tobacco best - these ~n who are unhinged and ~e~dlce~ in their o~inlo~s - Luoklee have ~o~e than twice as many exclusiv~ smokers a~ all other brands ~ c£garatte~ co~blned° They kno~ Just as you know that Luck~ 8trlke means fine tobec¢o. And tbatls what we all want in a cigarette - fine tobacco, ~ow, here's a little program designed for 7~ in0reased smoking e~Jayment - a program ~ouIll rate tops - one you can tun~ in o~ rilht ~way,..$ust ~ int~ ~ u~i~hberhaed tobacco st~ and ley...Luckies, please!
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LUCKY STRIKE "~E B~LIEVE BALL~30~" ~ BROADC~T Co;~re1~ - AU~st 21~ 194~. (EYeing) v£o~t8 ~t book - the one ~ere Gulllver ~x~l the 11ttle Li111~u~i~ - ~hose little tln~ ~etsj you ~o~ - ~h.t ~e hL~ f~l so b1~ cn~ r~surd. I us¢~ to !ov~ thEt Btory ~en I ~'as a k~d - good e~erelSeo I h~ ~o ~retch r~ ~magtnatior, pretty fa~ because ~1~ive~ ~.~t Dro~ c~e ext~i~e %0 auother° ~ou kno~ flr~t he r~a ~i%h the blg boy~ en~ then ~h the 11ttle boys. you never ~n~ ~u~t ~here you were going to fln~ ~ulllwr ~ex~ I tell Fou ~ i mtlon It...because 1 want to ~ho~ ~ou th~ ~he~ I ~ to you of Lucky ~rlke Ci~xette~ etch evening ~ou donlt h~ve to s~r~+~h your i~agln~tlon. No slrl The claims we ~ake ~or Luck1~ never go to ¢~oker ~ho ~auts the ~o~t ~oEing enJoy~n~ ~t of h~ cigarette. ~t~ o11. I to~1 you fa~s that no clEar.tie can be ~ bet~r ~mn th~ ~obacco it contains. ~o~ th~tts cer~/nl~ ~ret~, s~rai~ht ~o~ %o e~r~ ~g~ l~nl~ lt?, ,,when I te!1 you how ~i~ ~ o~ ~es Iew ~em th~ ~te~eu~ o~ th~ In~e~d~nt tobacco expels ~ have ~ steeped in tho tobacco industry for flwj %en, t~enty, and even tblrty ye~. These ~.~rn records ~ho~ ~,t a~ong ~e~e men Luck~e~ h~s mor~ ~$n ~.~ce ~s 1~ny ~x'~lu~ive ~s ~11 other br~ud~ ~ cigarettes co~blne~. ~ ~hy ~oul~vt ~hey? A~r ~ll~ ~hese ~e~ ~o~7 tobacco~ they ~ee the m~ke~ o~ Luc:~le~ consisten~J~v ,~¥~ng the ~r£ce ~t e.uc%i~ after e~ct1~ for ~h~ fln.er r~uc;w ~tr1~-~ l~af, No ~o~de~ ~hen~ tho~e Inde~d~nt ~ob~¢co ~ ~ref~r Lucki~-s ~:~ to on~. Nov, folk~ ~hat~ ~y s~ory abou% 5uck/e~ - no ~u~erl~%Ives~ ~o e'x%re~e~ no ~ild fl~hta of ~he i~Inetlo% an~ no i~po~ib1~ ¢~, ~ ~ t 11 v~ told you 18 all fact, ~ou ~ow that in ~ cigarette itee th~ tobacco that c~m~. I~w tried t~ sho~ you that Lucky Strike ~an~ fine ~obaeco° And the next ~e you ~mlk into your %obae~ ~%ore ~ donet you Just order • ~ok of Luek~s. You .~v% need ~ ~a~atl~n at aU %0 r~a11~e thr.t Luek~s ~THO~ 0016463
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}/ L.~Ckq STRI~ "~ 5ELIEV£ 5ALT~" ~s¢ 22~ 19~2 (Mo~L~g) BLOCK= AS BROADCAST I wonder how ~_ny of yoU folks out ttate used to go ~iamh~: in an old swimlni hole. ~e ~sed to h~ve o.~ w.~.en ~e ~re kids. Had to go a to it lon~ wa~" be get t~ ~ut when ~e fin~l~ got th~r~I ~an - o~.e r~ped those olotbos and we Jump'~ rlght into tha~ icy z'ater. I dr, n't kno~= how we e~er 1~u~n~ %o s~L~ bu~ ~ di~. ~e s~e~e in ~nd o~% Cf th0~ w~r ~ii day l~ng. Y~u ~no~ ~h~% I remember about ~hat old s,~i=~inI hol~ - ~ mean asid, e fro~ ~he cold r&%~r? ~ell~ so~d~ - ~ ~ss ~% ~us~ h~'~ve bo~n %he f~rme~ ~be iiv~d ~eur %here - h~ p~inte~ ~ sign on a pl~nk an~ n,_il~, it ~¢ th~ ~r~¢ th~:~ ~e used for ~ dlvln~ bo~ - ~he s%~p of ~he tr~e° ¥o~ knc,.- ~t ~hc~ ~ign said? ~o2 it did n~t s~7... no s~i~ir~. ~ s~id...look t~fore ycu leap[ And th,~t ~ ~ good rule ~o £olio~ if you dldnl~ ~ant %0 dive It, ~nd land ri~i~ ~n *.~p of so~e c~her kid. .~ha~ ~crning is certainly c ~o~ one t~ ~o11~ in el! of ~ur actions ~ ~ven when we grow up. Itfs a par%icul~rly go~ ~ayik~ whon i~ c¢~s ~o your choice o~ ~ ciF.~r~be. Th~ ~y to b~ y~ clEar- et~e is uot by habi% or because s~me friend smokes t~a~ ~srtlcul~ brandj or because you like the colo~ ~cbe~ ~f the ~p~er. No sir~ in a clg~et%es i%ts the ~obacco ~hat c~. T;.at s the i~or~n~ ~hlnF~ And if you ~sn~ ~ fln~r~ mil~j t~t~er t,=~tln~ sr.oke~ y~u~ll chcose a that1~ .~ itl~ especi~i!y important ~ y~u ~ t~e m~kers of Luc~ Strike Cig~eS~es ~ay ~be ?rice ~% ~uO+~i~n ~f%e~ ~uc~i~n ell over ~he Sout~ ~o ~et t.h~ finer leaf. You ~ncw ~ne i~de~n~e~ tob~ccc ax~r~ - • hese buyers, ~uctione~rs/w~eh~v~en - %h~y~r~ •~r~ty ~murt .eell~. They ~now their ~ob:~cco. ~nd ~i~ ~houldnt% ~be~ I~'s %heir busine~s. And ~boy se~ the ~•~ker~ ~¥ Lu~kles ¢on~iktently buying the kind of tobac- co ~e believe ~heyld went ~o smoke. So ik'~ no suP~rlde ~•:~ ~on~, %here ~en I~cki~ h~ve ~ore ~han t~:Ice ~-s ~y ~xclus~ve ~ker~ ~s all ~TH01 0016464
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-2- other br~n~s of clgArettes combined, ye~ slr~ th~a~ ~xperts 1~ok b~fore they ~. ~eJ'w l~okel st t~e ~£ne t~baccc tb~tts ~urcb~sed b¥ Lucky Btrike, And rocordl show that they've lea~ at the chance ~o ~eke Luckles their smoking preference two ~o ~ne° N~wj that old swlulng hole m~ be out of the qu~stlon the~e daya for refreshment, but if you re~l~ uan~ the ut~os~ in ~aoklng pleasure ° if you want that co.tented feeling, ~u~ try a p~ck o~ ~uckies re~1 RT~01 0016~65
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LUCY 8TRI~ "~ BELIEVE BArROOm" AS B~ADC~S~ Commercial - ~gust 2~, 194~ {Eve,in~) BLO(Z: Hell, you knvc~ folke, ~ couple of d~ys ~go I west ovor to the House o£ for d~uer. Ever been thereT Oh~ ltls a fine Chinese re~touren% er.~ believe ~ the food~8 ~'oeder~. rellj I ordered Chop ~u~o~ ~nd aa i ate ~tj I aak~ the ~e~ter how Cho~ Suey w~5 prepared. Lnd h~ tol~ • e It wc, e ,'. combination of r~e~y thin£e., ogtowed ~eats, rice ~nd ~r~uts~ ~d ~ions - alZ flavored ~lth otl and ~re~ed for ~ loug ti~e over ~ 1or: fn-e~. ~/ellj th~ Cho> Sue¥ ~oul~nlt taste ne~rl~v so ~ood 1£ el! of t~o~e in~il~ts h~dnlt bsen in it. The tote~ ~l~vor de.~n~s u~on the ~lx~r~ o£ f~ods add the expert cooking. Ah, bo~! ~ It £oodl ~n~ then a~tor ~v ~e~l I s~t ~tn~ ~ Luck~ ~telk~ Ci~e~tto~ end ~to those dellcl~s llttl~ el~nd cokes ~nd candied ku~uata that ~ ~rve. That ci~rotte ~ ~ ~erfoct finith to a eat~e~nE m~.t. ~nd ¥ot bo~ different It ~ fr~ ~but Chop ~u~. Ho~ I dc~l~ ~ in flavor. I ~e~s t~t ~ould be pret~ Blll~, but I do coutrae~ the~ with re,peat to their in~tlente. That Cho~ ~1~ excellence rested ~ a lot o~ things - ~11 e~u~l~¢- l~- ~rtent...Tb~ =eats, the ve~etoble~, the o~1~ the cooking ~ine. I~t ~t Luc~ ~trlke C~rette re~t~ ~inly c~ o~e ls~orinnt thing, ~n~ thatls the tobacco from :,hich itl~ ~ade. ~ou know~ ~rieadsj £u a o£~ette~ lt1~ the ~bacco thot co~s, snd ~o oigerette can ho~e to ~e ~ny better theu the thba~oo it contaL~s. Thetis ~t~ ~t ~uetion e-ete~ ~u~ttca~ ~be ~ ~erie~ ~obacco Comply ~s the ~rice l~ order to obtain that ~iner L~ ~t.~lk~ tobacco. ~aong the =en ~o kno~ tobacco bes~ - the ind~d~t tob~c~ ~x~er~ ~ho ~ee the~ auotio~ ~oin~ on - ~u~kies h~vs ~r~ thou ~ice ~ ~y exclusive enoker~ ~s ~ll other br~ of oi~rotte~ coabine~° ~!lj I ~u~s8 the~ ~o~ too, that Lunk~ ~tr~:e seen~ fine toby©co. ~'na~s ~ I ~¥ to you if you want to add to the ~Joy~ent of a ~ood =o~l~ ~1~= donl~ ~ou re~ for a s~ok~ that ~iil ~lve ~ou increased s~klng ~lea~u~e - the ¢~retto ~ho~e ~e~tati~ Is b~sed on fine tobacco? ~u~t l~ht u~ a Luck~ ~nd no~tce the difforenoe, RTHO~ 0016466
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LUC,"~- STRIKE Co;~rclt~ - BLOC~ "i~S B~LIE%~ BI~LR09~" AUgust 24, 1942 (IAornin~) A5 B~ADC;~T You tmo= everybo~-- tod%y is %rylng to do so~ ethlnc to .h~£; o'~ eo,~ntry ~.% ~r - not o,~ly by buy~ bond~, but b~/ ~ctL~ ~s ~ir rsld w~rde~s, ;a~rolling the ~re~%s ~rom %Yao until ~oven eve~ mornlng, ~nitting and rollin£ b~dages for the Red Cros.., or First Ai~Ing I%. ~,'ellj r~b~tever ~my you,re ¢hos~n~%o ,hel), i*. ,~e~n~ adde~ !'orkin~ ho~ for yo~ - hour~ ~h~ yo~ l~e ~or~ ~ n gl~d %0 glvo, but noverthel~_ adde~ s%~Ln end f:%ii~:. ~'~ 1E youlre on ~%~, durin~ ~/is wee holms of ~ ~o:~ng~ ~u ~:~u% ~.rm clothiu~ and ~ ~ood fh.~hli~h% ~ if 7ou'~ iT, ittlnf; you t~an~ ~oc~ llgh~In£ end ~%rcag needles° And ~f It~'~ FL-.~t Aid - ~'~ll, %h~% ~ir of sl~cks I~ ~ coufort. But ~.':.% - Fou 2mol~ .~h~t Is I% that's ~, ;erf~¢% co.n ~anlon no m~t%~r "~h~t your Job ~T be, huh? X.~s~ it'~ a fin~ cxg~re%%ej a cl~re%~e ~,de £~ E%ne~ milder, better t~stlng tobacco %h~t ~d/l insure yoUr ~r~r • moklng ~le~re ~nd C~at, e~t~emt. NO~ you k~o~.'~ fr~e~ "~ho m~ker~ o~" Luc'9- ~trlkc Ci~ure~te# )ay %he prlc~ for %hat fln.or le~.f ~t auction af%er ~uc~on al't over %he south. They .~e~li~e th.~% no ~IF~ retie c~n be ~my be%ter ~h~a the %ob~ ~¢o I% ¢on%~.in~. ~d the ind62endent tobacco oxoert~ - %he man ~o 8a~ ~t~ :~¢%ion~ goln~ on - ~:ho r, ltaess ths s~Le~ in ~e ~r~% buz~.~t' ~r~hou~e~ - these men se~, %i.~e end time ~g~inj b~kets of finer %ob~cco ~old A~erlc.n'. ~n~ so i%Is ~o sm~ll ~er ~mt ~mon~ %hess. m~n Luckies h&v~ more t4%un t'Jice ~ ~ exclusive ~okers a~ ~I! Other ~r~ds of oi~e%tes coWolned~ £or truly-, Erlend~ In ~ cl~.~t'~¢ i~'~ the tob;oco theft ¢ountsj ~d In ~ Lucky Stri~% you c&n re~t a~ur~d i~'s Eine tobacco. For ad,/ed saoking enjoyment, ~.~- don'% you %~:o a +~i2 Prom %he tobacco ~x~rts - %he aen ~o mao tob~.ceo be~t~ :rid as you 9suse for a minute %0 CR~ch yo~u- br~%h in %,h~ t Job o[ ~ours, ~-kv ,~on't you llght u? a LUC~? ~u~ %:~ %~ t finer %ob.'.cco ~u~ learn ~ ~ r~:~l smoking 21e~sure i~| BTK01 0016467
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LUCrd 3T~I~E "~[~ BEE/~VE BAE//~O~" Co,~erci~l - Augu,t 24, 1942 (Evening) ~ ~POt~C~.3T You ~o% f~ds, last week I ~'~ .-idin,~ in a b~z i~long Rivor~Id~ D~'Ivei ~,nd ~ ~ I looked over to;:~r~ the Jer~ ~hor~, ~u be~ity of ~e George ~a~Lngton Bridge e~u~ht me ~II ovor ~.~n - ~t Be~¢~ul ~s~nsion of c~ecn~ ~!i~tening ~teel° You -~o.., Jol~% ±t.~ ~ re,~i~, ~r~culous ~e~e of ~rt that br~d~#o ~ ~-./~ m~te~l theft ho~ it in 21ace is high tensioned ~el d~i.~el in ~r£ect b:1,~c~. T~ ~ier~ ~md c~les ~i%ha~ ~ch It ~Ight very ~ell £1~ll in~ the HuJ~on th~ ~i~ thc,t b~'i~ out ~e~t collv~se~ ~ev-=~al years ~o. Remo~ber? Yes ~$~, the ~o8~ Im~ort- • n~ thing in th,_t brld~o ~ ~t i~ lelvlug out the b~ii~.~ en~neer~ ~ho ~celwd It - I~ t~i~ steel. ~-~ th: t ~ren't of su~e~,~on qu~/Ity 1.11 the ~l~n~ on ~aoep ~o~l~ilt be ~ui~ - ~i! ~eTi~ Just b~ u~le~. ~ yo~ ~oi~i ~t ~/~o ~,~I~ to t,~.e m,',nu£acture of i; e~,rett~. 3ust aB that su~en~io:~ bri~ re~t~ ul~tsly ca ~he s~tb aud £~ex~11~t~ of the ~te~i used In It~ eonstructi~ ~o a clg~et~ ult~u~a~ely ~d~ on ~ to~.cco St ~ontalus. ~Lner tob~o makes • £~n~r ~i~r~tte. ~o', the makers of Lu~c/ S~ike Cil~ettes r~11~e ~h~. ~ i~.~dent tobacco ex.~ert~ ~ho follo,~ th=, ~uc~ doi.~ South haw ~een Lug, ~tri'~e: ~ th~ ~rlce again and v~In fol. ~in~r~ li~hter~ mi1~er le~.~° 3ur~ th~y'~e 5~n it ~i~ thei~ ~'~ eyess ~n~ e~e~ Lu 'cl~gb have ior~ th~n t~':'~ce &~ m~ny e~lu~iv~, ~m~er~ in ~ clg.:r~ Itls the tobacco %h~t co~mts~ and Luc~ ~t~i~e mo.,n~ £1ne tobacco. Thatls ~,hy i~ you ~nt a ~i~e..or~ ~" yo~ w~nt to bridge t~ ~ of ~r~ter ~L~g en~oy~nt° ..~el.'., I • ug~.e~t ti~, t you i~1% u.~ ~ Lu~ and learn tho ~ni~g o~ t.~u~ - -- lillE/ flTH01 0016468
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LUST S~ "~E B~IEVE B~L~" ~o~ercial - ~st ~5, 194~ (~orn~ng) I ~ow you hr.ve your favorites among the bande. you choose Harry Ja~e~ as your th,~ b~d le~.der? AS BROA~T .~t=r all, di~'t No~ I Just ~'nt to ~SK you a little question...What do you think lz ~le ~ost im~ort~ut thing in Harry JamesJ band? ~e~ sir, I liner, you'd s~ that, itts Harry and bin trim Jet. Sure, the bind is swell - the te~ ~or~ i~ excellent, But He~Tp and his trum~t ~re reclly the to~ attraction. You go to see the t~d ~he~ever you ~u. You ~ten t~ it ~ th~ rialto. YOU Voted for that b~nd as n~t~ber ~ne~ ~ $o~ f0~.~. It de~r~es it. ~ut in Herryl~ bend it's really Harry tho counts. No~ you hao~:, frisnd~, Just as in ~ tan~ there's one ~r ~o A~ more i~rt~nt t~m ~! the other~ to you ru~ cutters, in a cig~ret~e there is ou~ in~!~ent tha%'~ m~re im~or~.~nt t~ you ~s ~ ~oker th~n az~hing else. ;~tl~ that ln~redie~t? It's tho tobacco ~om ~ich your c~g~ rette 1~ ~ade. ~he maxer~ of Lucky ~trlke re~Lt~ that no cigarette ¢~, be e~v better • th~n the tob:~cco .~c~ ~hich it is ~e, ~nd for t~t reason it sends lt~ b~ers into the south to scour th~ tobacco ~uctions for lighter, ~l~er~ better t~std~g ~eaf th~ you ~t - you and ~ ~ant to ~mc!:e. ~ou ~nor, the insentient ex~ert~ ~e b~sketo of golden leaf ~oing again ~nd ~in to Luc~q~ Strine. And ~on~ ~he~e ~en - the~e men ~o .t~o~; ~obacco best Luc~les have more th~ t~lce c.~ ~- oxcl~aive s~o~r~ ~s all ~ther br~d~ of ~l~rette~ ~nblned. ~ou ~e~ friends~ in a ~ig~ette ~t'~ tha tobacco that ceunt~, ~nd Lucky ~trtke me, n~ ~in~ tob~ COO. List~_~ l,l~ you he,~ c£t~ out ther~...cre yo~ in ~ Ero~ve~ t%ll, the ~est ~;~- to in~ure ~om" complete ~.in~ ~nJo~men~ 1~ to ~a~ into )-our 1o~ tobacco store and s~y...Msko mine Luc~A~s, ~lease. ~rether, then you,ll '~no'~ the ~nin~ of re~l ~aing 71e~re. ~T~01 0016469 t
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LUCY ~ll~rl~ ,~ BEL~gV~ BiJ, I~C~J" GO z~terelel - August 25t 1942 (E~aL~g) .~ BRDA~,~ST street? She may not be ex~g~xtly ~sse~, Her h~ir n:¥ not b~ ~ne according to the latest ~m~i~ ~d her m~e-u~ m~y be negli~lble bu~ ~he ~e ~eaut~f~L, ne~r~e~e~. Rer face ~ lovely. : Be~e~ clo~he~ m~fht ~nce hot b~ut~ but nothing see~s to detract ~o~,~ ~%. or ~ ~e~ut~l p$ct~. The p£c~re ~y ~e ~r~ hvng in a f~'~e ~u~ you c~ tell ~tl~ ~n ezcell~ ~ic~ure. ~e~ if ~ thin~ i~ bc~i~ll¥ f~e ~h~t fLnen~ss ".~ll ~ho~; no ~%~er ~h~t. A~d you ~mo~ ~l~ m£~h~ b~ ve~~ ~eli e~d cf ~ ~ne c~g~ette. I~ t~e ~rett~ l~ %ob~c~o ~ 11~ m~e ~tself ev~de~ £n ~he m~k~ng because ~n ~ e~£~- ~t~e i%l~ t~ ~ob~c~ that corinth. Iris basic. In ~he ~nuf~c~re of Lue2y ~r~ke c~ee ~C ~ss~le le d~e to e~*nc~ tJ~lr ~erfection. ~he tobec~ £s ~lo~edp ~d, r.~ed ~d bler~ed • cl~ti~lc~lAT~ bu~ ~be oh~ef c~ce~ o£ th~ Ame~c~n Toboc~o C~'~¥ le tJu ~ f~er Lucky 5tr£ke Tobacco ~:h~ch t~ b~e~c to every ~uc~ ~c~lons ~! o~r ~he ~ b~e~s for ~.: ~oric~n Tob~c~ ~m3~.~y ~¥ ~he ~lc~ t~ get the f~erj ~lcler~ ~t~er ~st£n~ le~r ~.bich ~ou ~ ~ ~ to ~. ~ ~ ~ue~ ~b~e the k~d of *~b(~o t~es~ men "~o ~o~ %ob~¢~o bes% h~ ¥o~ - ~h~se men ~ho 8o~ ~e~ e~clu~lw ~o~er~ c.e ~I other br~nd~ of ~%e8 ¢omb~ed. I~ ltl~ qu~y ~.~o~e y~ ~nt~ if 1tie ~nc~ omo~,~ ~Joymnt you w~eh~ ~.¢ y~ ~t ~ ctg~t~e v~o~e re~t4~ ~ f~ded en the use of ~£n~r t~b~eco, t~ Jus~ taT ~ ~nS~ ~ ~r~Ol 0016470
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t C,o,~erc161 - Au~st 26~ 1942 (Jo~"~g) You kno~ ~olk~, thtc is ~ world of ne~ ~te..'l~sp 8nC ~rett~" ~ood ~t, er~kl~ they ~'e~ too. ~lon h~s ~en the place in ~e l~iesI e~lk ~t, oc~/ngs ~,~d ~l~ot~c 16 being used in~te~ o~ ,~et~-l~ for ~e~elzs" ~nd ~ontciners - cello:~h~e h~s t~ken %he ?i~,ce of th~ old-f~,shionod ~L?er ~c'.a~.~lng. IIve e~en re~d in th~ .~?or~ ~ +~ ~hoylre ~z~¢~ dres~ ~terl~l out OE ~1~o But~ you ~n~ ~')~ :~:, t~ore ere ~ome thl~ for ,~:hich welve never beon ~bl~ ~ find ~'~- o~l~ln~l..°~n~ ~e o~ %ho~e thing~ you c.~nlt Eind ~. re)l~c~e,~ ~or l~ fine %ob~cco. The A~er~c~n Tobacco Colony s~nd~ i~ bu?. ~r~ ~1± over the ~o~th to get ~ner~ li~hter~ bett~v-t~t~n~ t6~cc~ - the true ~ 8trL~.e le~/ - the P.lnd oE le~ t~t th~ iud~ >~dent ex~e~-~ obviously )refer to ~Okeo You kno% £rl~d~, oJ~On~" %heso i~de.')e~_d~ auct~o~er~ - bl~or~ and I~Teho~oe~en - thes~ ,Je~ ~ho know tob~.cco best~ Luchte~ h~.ve ]eore than tvlc,~ a~ ~ny exclusive s~ers as ~1= o%he~ bronds of c£g~rottes eo~lned. Th~se ~n ~o~ their tobacco, l~eylve lived ~tth ~t - t~ded in it /or ¥~r~. So ~b~ ~ould~lt %hey ~mo~ good leaf ~hen t~ ee.~ £t? ~nd ~'-hen ~ ~,eo ~he ~u~er~ of Luck7 Stci~ C~g~'e~e~ ~TL~C t~.e p~'ice~ ~i~e ~nd t~,~e ~g~ Eor ~iuer tob~cco~ itl~ li~o ~ cede."~ t, hr.t. ~rlth t, he~e ind~penden% tobacco ex~.rt, s, lt, l~ 5uc~e~ t;~o t.o O~eo ~e~ ~lr~ in ~ cl~rett.e $~1~ %he toOt, coo ~h~ co~. ~o~e ~:~ no ~ubstltute ~o~" fine toby.coo! ~nd ~ba~t~ ~ T U~ ;'OU...1; youtr~ loo~ln~ ."or ~he ut.~ost in ~moPAn~ ~le~-'e - i~' ~ou r, an~ to ~o~ ~he m~nlng of re~! Brooking enJo/ment~ ~hy dontt ~ou ~lk i.~%o yo~..r ~'~vorit~ 1,ob~c¢o store ani ozder the c£g,~r~t~e tb~ ,~e.'~s ATH01 00164P1
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f ~f L~CK~ STRIKE "J~KE BELIEVE BALLROOM'* Commercial - AUgUst ~, 1942 (Evening) HART: /j~" , , AS BROt~;~T~" You knowt fol~s~ there are a great many custo~ which have falle~ by the ~ey~ide in the past century or so, and somB of then quite chazmAng, too. Take the custom of hr-vlng a co~t of arm3+ for instance...a bec~tigul design is cozbined ~th a motto tha~ could be ,~inted over the door, on the shields of the soldiers, e~broldered on linens for everyone to se~. The c~t of ar~ ras a gre~t thing of ~rlde, you knov. It ~rs something for the ~orld at leI~e to recognize ~nd admire, it sto~d for honor ~nd glorious deeds. And to bring disgr¢ce ~n ~t ~," s e great mls~ort~ne. Now fr£en s, you knob,/very ~: of us todr~, h~v~. ~, c~.t of zrns end cert.-inky the ~er$can Tob: ¢co Com~ny do~n 't ~ v~ one. But truly the makers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes ~nuf~cture their jroduet :~th the some sems~ of hon~r and l~,~ity as if they ~lere llv~n~ u~ to a coat of ~r~s. You ~ou wh~t tholr coat of ar~s might voF~ ~ii be? I ~Icture it as a basket of ride, mello~., golden lerf ~nd ~derne~,th At the wor~s fine thhncco, because The Ame:,im, n Tob~ coo Co~@ony knows that in ~ cigarette It's the tobacco that ¢o~ts. That's why at ~uctions ~iI over ~e S~ut~ its buyer~ s~e no effort to ebb:in finer, ~ilder, bettor ~sting leaf for ~c~ Strike tobacco, i.herever they are these meu are instructed to go after ~nd get the finer leff. ~nd you kno~, folks, among th~ independent tobacco ex2erts - the ~, ~ he kne~ tobrcce b~st - Luckles have more tb~ twice as m~my ~xclusl~e ~o~¢ors as ~i~ other brands of ci~rettes c~ined. Lucky Shrike i~ ,)feud of its heritage, the re~utation b~.sed on finer, milder, lighter tobacco. ~or: w.hy don't you ma~e the acquaintance of ~his truly, long time friend? ~" do~t you r~IF. into your f~vorite tobacco ~tore ~nd tweet yourself to a clcerotte tht h~s come to mean fin~ tob~cco? Just ~y to the man behind the o~tor...LucY~es, ~im~se! R~X01 0016~22
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f |f C~ercl, l - a~s% ~/w X942 (No~:Lns) But I .ant ~ ~oz~ ~it~ you rlght no~, AS BI~DalP~IST ~,)~osing one of you Zadies ou% there are ~ianning ~ special dinner this week, Oh~ {.et'~ ml)posc your son~ B~II~ la oo~tn~ home o~ D~rlo~h~ ~r that ~'our hu#b~n~ls bosa is coming up for ~ir~er, ~,e1i, there are certain specl~ couPees you,ll thix~ o~ h~ving right ~ay~ won't you~ Sure, so,_" ~o~ethtng li~ ste~I= and frenc.~ fried ~otatoes, ~nd Imo=e made .,~.~le ~te ~nd cheese; or perhaps ~ou'll ~ke ~ nice J~kcy ro~st beef 1t~b ~n browned ~otatoes. In any ¢~se, you'l~ think of your best com~ny ~hmer vith ~1 ~he f~gSo ~ou=l~ =ake ~ure you Be~ a ~oo~ ste~ or ~ fine ro~t, ~onlt ~'ou, and you'll take ~)mciel care t!~t ~e ~.)les ~re Just the rlgh~ kind ~r your ~{Le. Trdo? ~;o~, I ~,~ve suL, g~{~{.on to make ~ an ad~on %o lvou~' ~o~t~g £~.ot, ~J~r %.h~t excellent meal ¥o~'re ~lanning your guests -~£1~ v~'nt a fin.e a~ke~-, •nd th~,s ~y I e~gg~t %hat you ~dd Lucl~es to ¥ot~ ~ho~.~tn{~ list. ~ou l~no" It t~kes ~ Bood cut of ~e~t to mal~e ~ {~ood ro~st, mtd ~o £~ t~ke~ £ine tob¢~co to m~k~ ~ £1ne c~guretteo imor In ~ c~ette £~a the tobnoco that counts, The makers of Luck~ ~tPL~ Cigarett¢8 ree~l~e ~{.s, ~ou k~o~. ~at=s ~he re~on the~, seud their bt~er~ into the tobacco oountx7 to pub~.ic auc~lona ~11 over the sout.h to get i'lner, iighter, m£1der l~f - ~e kin~' o[ lea~ theft you ~d I ~t to smoke. The lude~ende~ tob~ cco e~e-~ts zlmo s~e thi~ fine Rncl ~r~rohouse~e.n - ~klas have ,~or~ th~ t~{.c~ ~ ~e~ty exelusiv~ ~- i s~,y to you°..if you wont to to~ of~" ~ good =~ with ~ finer ~e~ If you ~n+. to £n~re~.so your smo;~l~ ~nJ~,'~ent Just try {~k o." I~ta~, ~n '~ you? I I~ ~nre tbet ~,o~'11 f£~ tlm~ lone ti~e friend. RTH01 00164?3
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LU~ ~TRIK~ "~IAKE BE~I~r~ BALLROOiI" Co~llerc£al - August ~T, 1942 (Evening) HART fS BROAD~.ST Vell, last reek ~. couple of friends ~d i ~1! ~s~nt down to Couey I~lend to see ho' the old -~n resort ~ ~t:ln~ ~xe dlm-out, t~d bolieve me, folks, th~ light~ my not be as br£ght ~ thoy ,~ad to be, but everybody sure haB a good ti~e. ~,~ell~ we ~'~t on ~e roller coaBter, end the ioo~ t-ud ~ l~ti~ and the c~rro~sal - ~l~ even had o~r for~tm~s tol~. And I ~ua~ ~1,1 ~% o~e Of tho~e Dou~tLn~ ~Bes ~a,~se I*~ not one of tbos-= ~.o b~li~s ~ cry~t~l t.~t ~en ~ fortl~ teller hits on so~et~ln~ that h~2~e~ to be true, 1%1~ eith~ s matter of luc'~, ~re and ~tm~le, or ~lse ~h~l~ do~u~ed the correct ~ns~r from f~cth that sh~ ~athere~ while obse~ you. I guess you all know by thin tt',e that I'~ ~, ~Teat believer in ~,cts! T~t'~ ~" I toll ~ou that no cigarette ¢~n be ~r~ bet~r t~n the t~ba¢co it containa°°.and that in a ¢ig~retto $t'~ the ~o~,c¢o Uu~t c~mts. Th~ Anex-l~ Tobacco Company re~l£zes the~e ~cto. It e~nds its buyers into the tobacco c~try to scour the 8outh ~or the finer, bettor %~sting tobacco. And i%~ ~lso ~ f~ct that s~rn r~¢ords ~h~ that ~g the independent tob~cc~ ~x2~i~ Luckl~s o~ cigarettes combined. Now frie, ds, I dontt -have t~ b~ c!~lrvoy~mt to k~o~ that Luck)" St~ik~ Cig~r~ttos ~ill ~lea~e you, Just as they hav~ t~e ind~ende.~t thbacco ex~erto ~d ~lll£ons of other~. I ~o" that Lu~ 5tri~e means fine tobacco. So w.hy ~on~t you ta~ tbi~ l~ttle su~e~tt~n...gaze into that crystal-like showc~.s~ ~t your f~vorito cl~re~e ~ountor, and Just indicate the c£~r~tto ~.~'a 6otog to bring ¥ou ~re~ to~ smoking ~l~ sure ° ~- to the ~n bahind ~¢ co,tatar°..~e mine Luckies~ ~ieas~ Rr~01 00164?4
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f- J~ F L~CK~ STRIKE "~ BESISV£ B~SIRO0~" Co~arci~l - ~ugust 28, 19/,2 (l~oz'nL~) Ild like to ask you folks out there if you re,tuber a little g~ we used to play when we ~ere k~tds. It was called ~Association." O~e peraon would atart off by saying one ,oral, and then ~cu.d s~ the first thing that popped into your ~tud. ~j ~ you were to ~ ste~, l'd probabl~ s~ french fried potatoes. ~ if you sa~ ~a, I'd s~ e~gs. But~ if someone sa~ £~ne tobacco, to me the ~s~ thing I woul~ s~ ~ou~ be Lucky Strike. you know, folks, it stands to reason ~ no c~rette can be any better t~n "~he tobacco L~o~ ~h$ch it ~ ~ade. That's a ~¢t, plain an~ ~p~e. No% h~ ~dded to yo~ eg£s g~ves you increasing eating pleasure, doe~'t i~ Steak plus french fr~ed potatoes are per£ect partners~ aren't they? ~ Just so ftn~ to~c~c put Into a c~garette insures ~-our lncre~ed ~mok~ng enjoyment. The ~eric~ Tobecco Coeds, makers of ~,uck~s, rea~=~g thisj instructs its buyers to go ~ter a~ get the finer, li~t~r, t~tter tasting leaf ~h~t you and Z and ~1~o~ of others want to s=oke. Tb~ae ~ere participete in public auction~ in order to get that finer Luck~ 8tr~ke tobacco. The ~ndepende~ tobacco ~ers - th~ warahoueeaen and auction- eers who attend these auctions see Just ~.o bu~a ,~t rococo° And theee een who kn~.~ tobe¢co best g~ve their stamp of approval to the o~arette that aims to ~lve you the ~st in s~okiu~ ply. ~,it~ ~hese ~e~j Luckie~ ~ ~ore ,%hart twice as ~ exol~ive s~okers as ~1~ %he other ~rends of c~arettes co=b~ed. Yes s~r~ If you ,ou~ have increased s~okin~ enJoy~e~ why don.t you ~ake t~o acqualnt~ece of a oig~rette ~hose na~e has been e~oc~ted with fine tobacco for year~ e~d years? Just ~alk Into yo~ favorite tobecco ~tore an~ e~°°.Luckies, pleae~. ~ I== sure 7ou'll fl~ them ~ than a good acquaintence, and truly a long-t~ ~riend° R]'~O1 0016475
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/ ( ]~tRT i LUC~ 8Tr~KE "~d~ B~LI~VE BfLLRO0~ Au~u~ 28, 1942 - Com~rc£~l - (Svenh~) Ho~, many of you folks l~stening out there bare seen "~l~" you lmowj Walt Di~ylB new £~m?. Well~ I sa~ it a feTt d~ys ago and lt=~ really a charm~g p£oture. I 5urel7 did enJDy it. I guess you willj tooj and I kn~ the kids wLllo ~,~en I got horn s~ter I=d seen it, I 8at down ~n easy chair~ lighted up a Luck~" and leaned ~k to think a~,out t~ picture. ~h~t was it ~hat made it ~o enJ~y~bl~? ~ellj I thou~,,~ to the ~e~...It ~s the color ~n~ ~he music, en~/~h, racte~, an~ the ~ve- • ents~ ~d t~e ~hole ~a~zTlan~ e~ect, plu~ t~e co=b~ lngenu~t~ o~ all tho~e ~en ~hose n~e~ heal ~ppe~e~ o~ the ~creen befor~ the fl~ began. ~nd believe it or not~ as ~ ~t there thinking abou~ lt~ the smoke ~ro~ ~ c~arette began to eu~l luto ~be =ha~ of ~a~bi° It looked J~t l~ke a deer. And so I ~atur~ go~ to t~z~ about ~' ~uc~ Strike Cigarette in ~ hand lhich o~ered ~e mo ~h enJo~m~n;- ~Bo~ but of a d~ferent kind. ~h~t ~s it that ~e that cig~re~t~ ~, out~andL~g? No~ it was~lt ~o ~ob a ©e~bin~tion of thin~s ~ in "~u~L"! for in ~ c~arbtte there is cme m~ e~h~sis~ "and tbat'~ the rococo. ~es~ in n e~rette it~ the to~¢o that co~tso Disn~l~ ©ar~oan coul~lt be a~ better than t~e ~usl~ the direction~ the h~z %~ color~ and the ~e~t all com~ned~ but a cigarette e~nlt be any better t~n ~e tobacco fro= ,hich it is ~ade. An~ t~t'~ wh~ the m~ker= o~ Luckies instruct their ~er~ to ~o into ~he tobacco country and in open com,~etltio~ at p~li¢ auctions b~ tha% ~e, Luck7 Strike ~hlch has won %he sta~ of approva~ ~rom the Independent tobacco exper~ These ~ ~o ~ee fLne~ ~lderj better ta~ting leaf sold ~erLcan ~e a~ tl=e a~ain, choose Lu~ktes %~ to on~. ~ these tndependen± &uctic~ee~s~ b~e~s~ and ~arehouse~ - L~ckie~ h~e ~re ~.en twice as many exclusive smokers a~ all o~h~r ~n~s o£ ¢ig~te~ comb~nedo RTH01 0015~76
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BLOCKt yes~ fries, I think that youtll get e gre~.t de~l Of pleasure ~h~ you see HBambl", but ~f you went ~ different ~ of pleaa~e - if ~Js ~he ~mo~t ~ smokLr~ enJc~ment you wan~, ~ d~n~ ¥~u Smoke the c~arette that mean~ fine to~cco? ~hy dec't you walk into your nei~h~r~c~ tobacco etore this very night ~ Bay to the ~ beh~nd the cou~ero°.~eke m~ne Luckie~ please. ATHO~ 001647P
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S~y £rieeds, have you ever wondered about the orlgln of word~ - I mean ~here they come from? l think the or~g~ o£ the we~ ,ne¢~n is mighty ~terest~. Have you ever seen a westhar v~e - you Imo~, o~e oi" those things that etseds on top of a house or barn and haE t~o horAzoetal bars that cros~ each other pointing north, east, sourth, a~ wast, and them above At there,~ some kin# of an object that can ~dng freely in the win~ and always point_in to the wind so that you can tell whether it comes from the ~rth, the east~ ~e west, or t~ south. ~ell~ the woz~ ,ne~@ c~s fro~ that object, SOt 7ou n~er ]~,e~ fi~t bo£ore. The ~o~0~ti~ that comes to a central po~t £rom the Sour e~ers of the n~rth, east~ west, 8mAth. Sort of interecting, donlt you thin~? W~ ! folks, you don't need aay weather vane to tell which way the ~' s blowing ~ith regard to cigarette news thes~ days. We all kno~ that no cigarette can be an~ better than the to~cco from which At is made. COBon semse tells t~ that. And we all ~ that in a o~'p~rette tt~ the tobacco that co~ts. For that x~on the !~erio~ Toha~o Co~ sends Ate ~ in to the t~booeo ¢o~tz'l x.l~e at public au~lons they go ~ter £in~ ~llder~ bot~ tasting leaf ~at you and I ~ ~c~m othere w~t to em~ke. 8~er be~ o£ the ~e~ent ~co e~q.~erte - th~ indepeede~t b~vers~ wazmhe~emen, mad auctioneers who see finer, lighter tobacco sold l~rinan time and ti~e egala?. .,ell, am~ these men, Luek~ have mo~e than twice as ma~ exclusive smohere as all ocher ~a~s o£ c£~arettes eoabined. Yes sir, these mea have given Lu¢~ ~rAke Cigar- ettes tbeAr stamp of approval. That's the way the ed.z~ne bloxm[ And ~i~ be good ~s te you when ¥~ s~o~ the cigaz~tte thet w~ fine tobo~o, t,~- don't you ~at ~ou~se~ to a smoke that ~1~ I~i~ you increase~ emo~.tr~ euJoyme~t? Nhy don,t you ~wke you~ z~st pack Luekin~ flT~01 0016478
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LUC~ ~ N~E B~I~V~ BALLBOI~m Oo~erci~l - Aulu~t ~% 1942 (~.g) A8 BRO~C~.ST HART: S~', fol~s~ do you remember ~bat ~d r~dd!e...~lch ceme ~s¢ the chicken or the e~g? ~, I k~o~ - 4-t'a ~s old ~s the b~lls! But, as e~cie~ as l~ £~ ~l~er6~s 8t~ll no anger to ±¢1 Oh, ~e cou~.d e~ue about 1~ for d~¥~...~here'~ Jus~ ~o~e questions tlm~. e~e ~mans~ereble.°.~ey rl~ ~e~e ~ the ~ of yo~ t~.~ue| ~e s~n rises In ~he ~s~. e~ undisputed. 1~o~, ~here,s e~other queBt£o~ I m£~* ~uk ~ou° ~ou 6o~'~, h~ve ~*o hsal~te a bit over ~he answer ~o ~bie o~e either. If I ~ere to ~sk you what's the ~o~t ~or~e~t thing ~n ~ c~e~et~ you'd ~s~,er ~us~ e.s ~ would~ s~d ~llions of ot~er~o, .~q~j ~e ~oba coo[ ~esj fo~ks~ m~de, No clg~'et~e can hope to be e~v be~ter ~ ~he tobacco l~. co~t~ i, Th~'s ~b~ f~e tobacco is ~ ~ p~um° I~.,s no~* e~s~ to ~ and e.ll ¢£gare~,~e ~anu-~ac~erm ~ompete ~ p~b~tc ~uctd~nB to ob~.t~ it. ~at,8 the ~ker~ of Luck~ S~lke ~l~e~es send b~er~ ~o the ~b~©0o co~t~-~ to ob~l~ a~ public auc~o~s ~ over the ~out~j ~be f~er~ ~t~der~ lighter Lucky ~ke ~ob~cco° ~d tha~'~ ~v ~hes~ b~ers i~Y ~he ~lce to ob~e&u those baske~ of fine, ~old~ le~fo T~e ~de~de~t ~obacco ~ro~Tes¢ - see ~.~o bu~s wh~ ~b~co. The~. lee fine ~*ob~o, time ~d time ~i~ ~ol~ ~e~c~. .~d so ~be~e men ~ho k~o~ ~obcc¢o best~ give their et~ of ~.~rov~ to L~e2cie~° ~o~ r~cords sho~ ~h~, ~.~g ~heae ~rCs~ ~uckle~ h~ve moFe ~e~ twice a~ ~ excl~ve s~m~s ~s ~ o~er ~ou and I kno,~, ~t in ~ ~eret,~e it,s ~he tobacco th~ c~ts. you k~o~, £riends~ th£~ is ~o riddle ~ut ~ solu+~o~! ~e~ L~e ~n you ~nt to ~at yourself ~o ~ncre~sed ~ok~g ~e~e~ ~o ~hD ~TH01 00164~
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~d Lj Coe~erelal - A~us~ Slj 1942 (Bwgnl~) AS ~CA~T E/~CE= X ~onl~ k~o~ ° ~aybe you folks are wonderiu~ wh:, you didn'~ hear Martin Blook on ~e Make Believe Ballroo~ last week. Tru~£~ll~j ~e reason was that X had a one weok leave of ~b=e.~e to aort of kird of reouperate so that I aould be baok here to~l~ ~o pith an~ br~g you a better and ~ore lu~erestin~ Make Believe Ballro~. You kn~ a oouple of weeks a~o Speed Rings ,. ° you kn~# he~s the a~n~ion~r yo~ hear ~th me on ~e Kyser a~d the "K~t Parade" =ho~s ... well~ Speed RI~ told me abou~ the openi~ of ~he ~obao~o =~tion sale~ down ~n ~or~ Carolina~ an~ sinoe I heard ~hem • reenaoted so ma~, times ~us~ as you~ ~ooj have h~r~ ~h~ X deoided ~o ~e~ n~vself on a ~rain ~od ~o down to ~.~ilso~B North C~r~ina~ a~ lee an o~e~i~ first han~. ~11~ I ~n~ ~o tell you tha~ trip waa really ~-t~- ~hileo Laat Tuesday ~ornl~g I arrive~ in ~tilson~ Nor~ Carolina~ end ~he ol~ was bathed in ~unsbine ~ And the ~arre~ streets around the w~rehouse were paoked end Je,~ed with ~oba~oo ~ro~rs~ and warsh~us~n, and ~o~iuers, end ~lrs~ and sl~h~eer~° For ~ou~bs and =o~hs ~he tobao=o ~rs had 0aref~lly +~dsd their orops a~d had reaped ~heir harv~s~ and o~ed ~eir ~Ob~oOoQ An~ on ~railer$~ and ~ruo~ in ~le drawn ~r~s~ yes, even on the b~k of the soar of a 151~ Jalopp~J~ ~he tobaooo had been ~ro~h~ to the warehouse in ~ilson~ where on ~ha~ Tuesdsy morning, it now reposed in row u~o~ row of ba~ket~ on ~he ware. house ~lo0r. I ~l~h ¥ou e~ld have be~n w~h mm to have seen and ~elt ~he ex~i~e~en~ a6 the werehous~wan ~d ug ~o ~he fi~ basket and oallld the opening bid. And ~w you k~ what I'm gol~ ~o do? X'm ~oin~ to ~=k ~sil ~dsel ~o reen~o~ the opening =ale~ ~ a ~ypioal ~M~= ~ood tob~eoon boys'. Thirty-ei~b~'. RTH01 0016A81
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) BLOCK: ie nziug. A.n~ after watohi~ these mo~ working, I have evsn more (oont'd) respeot f~ their opinions. All ~ oan saI, n~ ia that if an~, of you folks ever ~et ~wn to ~Til=ons ~ tQ EingstonS or to Rock, Mounts a=k a~" indep~r~on% a~tto~3er, bu~,-er, m' warehouseman about Luoki~s. Itm pre~,.+ ~z~- his ~er will do more to eo~vinoe you that Luo~, Strike is tho ol~rette t~t you should smoke thL~ a~,thir~ olse I oould i ,, RT~01 0016~83
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"~ake Believe ~llroom, Sept. l, 19~ (Morning) AS ~ao~J~teT Yrler~s, I w~er if you ever watched a beaut~ul woma~ welklng dc~m the street. NO~ she doesnlth~ve to be e~tr~vagmxtly dressed- hen hair ~ not be done accord~ to the latest faShiOn - her • eke-up m~y be negligible. ~ut she's ~eautiful, nevertheless. Her face is lovely. Better clothes might enhance her be&utyo But nothL~ see~ to detract fro~ it. SO~ the s~ae ~tate~nt m~ht be made ahe~ - well, a handsome a~n~ or a beautif~l picture. The picture s~y be poorly h~ng and framed but you can tell it*s ~u excellent piotu~e. If a thing is b~ele:~I~ fira~ that finene~s will sho~ - no matter what. And you k~ow~ fo]ks~ thi~ might very well he eaLd of a fine cigarette. If a clgere~te is made of finer rob&coo; you ce~ reeogn~e £t rail r~gbt. Tha~ finer tohe¢¢o will make £tself evide~t ia %be 8~Ok~nf~ hecau~e i~ ~ migarette~ it's the tobacco that co~mte. That,~ ]~sie. In the aanuf~.cbtu.e of Luck~ S~rlks Cigarettes~ everything p~ss~ble Is done to e~anee theiz p~fectlon. The tobacco is ~llo~ed, cured, aged, a~d blended ~cientif£cally. But ~be chief co~ceru of the ~kers of Lu~kle8 that f~ner,Luck~ ~6r£ke tobacco ~ch is An ave~ucky Str~ke Cigeretbe. Yes, sLr~ And that,s important to your increased s~okLqg pleasure. And now, at auctions all over the South, b~ers for T~e A~erlc~m ~obeeeo Co~pa~ pe~ the price to ge~ £t~er, milder, better-ta~t£n~ leaf - the k~nd that you and I waut to 8~ok~. I ~ess that's the kind of tobacco ~he independent to.coo experts want to B~oke~ too; heoz, u~e ~,l~b these men who k~c~ to.coo ~ - the#e who see these ~bl~c a~Qtio~s ~u p~oL~res~, ~okig8 have ~or~ th~ tgice as ~ exclusive ~¢~ers as all Other bra~ds of cl~arette~ c~biued, NOW~ if lit8 a q~a~l~y ~oke you east - ~f £tfa ~'lcre~sed saok~ enJo~ent you ~i~ - if you want a cigarette whose r~putatior. is fo~d~ ~ the u~e of fla~ toh~co~ t~en Just tr~ Luck~ee, won,t you? F~'r HO 1 O01 6d-B~ UJCKI 8TRI¢¢ Commercial - BLOC~ :
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J LUCKX STRIK~ "Make Believe kllxoom" Co::ercial - Sept. 1, 1942 (Eve~) AS BROADC~ BLOCK: They saW there's noth~ better t~ an old cruz9 - an old geae. Re:ember the old Jig s~, puzzles? Fell, I ¢~ reme~er ~ couple of yeers ~go ~hen everybody w~s goingjust cr~ about ~lg e~w p~zles, ~verybody used to gather ~ro~ the ~ini~ roo~ t~ble, a~e~d the pieces o~ t~t, and ~hen go to work %~yinq %o b~l~ ~ corner, out of all those oddly sb~ed pieces, lleme~be.'?. Ah~ the~ ~ere the d~YS all r~h~. ~e did,it kno~ there to s~ct, ~nd yet so=eho~ ~e began ¢o ~ild ~ plct~e up sl~:ly ~iece by ~ece.. ~s~ by l~k ~ntil %be pieces began to shape into ~ recoupable picture. Ha~rdl~ we fit t~ ~leces toge~ec usl~ the old ~rl~l and error ~ethod, ~£11 we final~ struck the ~gbt one. No~ ~at was a good me~hcd for pus~14s in a g~ - sure enough, Bu~ yOU ~o~, folks, I k~ow a lot of people who use ~ for more than ~ha~ - Feo,~le who ~e the tr~ ~nd error =e~od tot their daily l£v~g. For £nstance~ how do you ©hoose the brand of ¢~erette you.re now smok~z~, um~? ~Ome ~, no,, c~ess° ~ave ~u been ~rying one brand ~¢er another ~u~ wa£t£~8 to bit the r~h~ one, Jus~ going ~bout it haphazaxdl~ ~ou k~ow, frien~s~ in choos~g a c£¢e~et~e therele one important th~ to remember° In ~ cigarette ~'~ the ~ob~c¢o ~;m~ counts, and no c~rette ce~u hope to b~ any better ~h~n the tobacco i~ contains. ~ Chat's why I tell you ag~ ~nd ~ that Luek~ Strike ~e~s fine tobacco. Th~t.s w~ I tel! you how The American Tobacco Company se~s ~s buyers into the South to ~uctions ~11 over the tobacco country to ~ finer~ ~£1der, true LuC~ $¢rike leaf. They spare no effor~ bo bring b~¢k ~hat ~der, smoother tobsc¢o ~hat you and I want to smoke. ~hil~ these ~l@s ere in ~o~re~s thOSe warehouse8 were the public auctions take place ere Jan~d with many ~eo~l~ - the independent ¢obacco experts, ~TH01 0016~86
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I~CKX 5~R]XE "L~ke ~lieve Ballroom" Co~rc~ ~pt. I (Sve~ng) Cont'd BLOCK; for ex~ple~ %he warehou~e~np ~uctio~e~rst ~ ~yers. And folks~ tbess ~n...well~ the~ l~e who b~s ~ to~cco~ and ~hen s~orn r~ecords 6bow that e~ng ~ese ~ Luc~-t~s h~ve more %h~n t,ice as ~ exclusive smo~rs as all other brands co~blned~ I thi~ ~ls B ~et~ goot t~dlc~lo~ ~a~ %hese ~u ~mo~ t~t ~c~ Strlk~ • ~an~ fL~e tobacco. ~c~ I hav~ a l~ttl~ su~gestl~ %o ~ke to • 11 of you who ~a~ be plug the h~ or ~ls~ ~s~e ~lth your brand of c~r~ttes...If you bavenbt ~rie~ ~ck~es ~oulre ~IT ~Lastng increased uok~ng enJo~e~t. One Luc~ StrM Cig~rette add ~e awra~e 8~oker £1t to~et~er ~ %wo dovetcL1 pSeces o.~ a ~l~ s~ p~le~ and ¢o~lete the pic~re of co~e~ent° ~ don'~ you Just ~T~01 001648F
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LUCKY b-~R,x.K~ aMaZe Balie~re" ~B~.Lro~= Co~0erc~al~ Sept. 2~ 19,~2 (~1~¢) B~OCK~ ~ou know~ there ~ a ~re~t ~ Custo~ which have fallen ~ t~e we~Blde in t~e ~t ceatu~y or eo. Some o~ t~ ~ qu~te c.~r~g~ ~oo° ~ak~ the c~tom ~f ~n~ a coat of ~ ~ ~ be~utiful desi~ co~b~d ~ ~ ~t~o ~h~t cou~ be ~t~ over th~ door~ o~ t~e ~h~ldo of ~0~d~r~ - and e~o~ered on linens ~or everyone to see. ~he coat of ar~ w~a a ~re~t thin~ of pride. It was so~eth~u~ for ~he ~ at ~r~e to re¢o~e an~ a~r~ ~t stood for ~o~or ~d ~loriou~ de~s~ and ~o br~n~ dis~a~ ou it ~s a ~re~t ~i~r~e. Ho% you k~o~, ~r~ends~ very fe~ of us tod~ h~ve a coat Of ~r~° ~r~a~nlyj the ~k~rs ~ I~c~ Strike ¢~arette~ do not have onej ~t truly t~e ~a ~ l~c~ Btr~ke C~a~et~e~ ~t~¢ture their product w~th the sa~ aense of b~or ar~ ~yalt¥ as if th~ were l~v~ng up ~o a c~a~ of ~. Do you ~o~ what t~r COat of ~ht very ~a~ ~? A ~aket o~ r~pe~ ~el~o~ ~o~en l~af~ ~nd ~er~e~th It the ~ord¢ ~fL~e to~cCO~o ~e~e the ~r~¢~n ~cco Co,any kuo~s that in ~ c~et~ ~tls thQ ~o~acco ~h~ counts. And ~hate~ ~h~ ~ auctions all o~er the South it~ ~r~ ~ar~ no ef~or~ to obt~tn f~uBr~ ~llder~ ~etter-t~t~n~ leaf. ~ou ~no~ t~t - Luck~ 8tr~e ~ob~c¢o. ~o% wherever ~he~ ~re~ ~hese men ~re l~t~ted ~o ~o ~fter ~ get that f~ner 1~£. And you ~n~j folks~ ~n~ t~e Sndependmt to~¢o e~perts - t~e ~n ~ho kao~ ~o~ac~o b~t - I~ck~es ~ve ~o~ ~n t~ce ~ ~ ezcl~ve s~ke~a as all other ~rands of c~erettee co~b~ued° No~ ~ucky St~lk~ ~ proud of its her~a~e - a re~ut~t~ou ~a~ed on finer~ ~lder~ ll~te~ t~b~co. dou~ you ~ke t~e ~cq~t~¢e of th~B tru~ long~t~ triend? ~h~ d~ ¥~ walk ~to your ~v~rtte ~o~co ~tcre L~ tr~ y~rmelf to the cigare~ that ha~ ~ to ~au f~ue tobacco° ~t s~ to the =an ~eh~d t~e co~ter...~uckl~ pleue. RTH01 0016488
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LUCKY ~Z Miake Believe ~l~oom" / Oom,erc~lj Be~. 2~ 19~ (~wn~g) AS BROADOAST you know, folk~the'.other d~ I h~ e very ln~sting exper£ence. I was goir~ u: to the very th~ floor or Ha~.'s, ~nd I bad loth of time so ~ decided to take ~he escaletor up a11 the w~ up. ~ve you ever done that? We~, fo~ nine sets or ~ stair cceee I watched ~ m~l w~n f~ngerlng the goods f~ ~mted to ~ - ~speoti~ it m~ loo~ over its quall~y ~d its value. 0. the f£~h floer In t~e Camera De~t I re.tuber ther~ were e ~ew men look£ng over le~ses - ~specting ~em, t~ to deo£de if they were sxact~ ~hat the~ f~nt~d. On the ~fxth £~oor, r~ht up ~bo~e, ~$~e ~ere doze~ of eo~en fee~ len~be ot dress goods, tr~lug to ~e~l~e ~ the mat~r~ roz~:] ~ ~ ~earL~, an~ ~ t~'d look in the f~hed oo~tu~e. Yes s~ there ere lot# o~ thugs ~ou ~*n ~ t~t ~v - thrums ~u O~ m~ of see the q~lit¥ o~, thtnga you can i~speet and Judge for ~ouree~. There are so~ things whose qu~llt~ c~ ~ be dWo~n~tn~ b~ au~lt~tlve z~om~n~at~on ~d ~ actu~ exper£e~e. These are mo~e or less what 7ou ~1~ bZ~nd art£cles to the l~'z~m, For e-..ea~le, t~ke a cigarette. Now ~1 of you out there listening to me ~o~ that no o~are~te ¢~n ~o,~e to be ~r/ bet~er then the tobacco it conteln~. I'ou eZl ~ kno~ that in a ¢i~et&e ltms the tobacco that co~th. Dut ho~ ce~ ¥o~ an average ~o~er deten~n~ the qm~it~ of th~ tobacco. ~ell, n~ that's wb~ I tell you how the b~e~ for the A~e~lcrn To1~cco Co~ ett~d auction ~ter a~t~on ~1 tJ~ou~ t~e ~utb to o~n finer~ ll~hter~ m~lder lee~ - &be k~d of to~oo that they think 7ou ~d I ~ant to am~ke. These men are ina~ruct~l b~ the eak~r~ of Luckies to pay the price, if necessary, in order to obtain tho I~o~ ~ke Tob~oeo. ~d 7ou kzo~. the ~r~e~endent tobaooo ~T~01 00164B9
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• J RTHO7 OO16490
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/ f LU~ ~f~E ";~/~ BELIEVE B~LLRO0~) Comnercl~l - Se2thmber 5~ 1942 (~or~Ing) S ~v, dldly~ ever read Gulliver's Tr~:vels? Sure you did. You re,ember it - the one ".,'here Gulliver visit', the I~lii~tian$ - you k~o~ ~ose little ,',lldgets - ",&o, oh x,~It, you can't m~ th~+t...little midgets. T~t doesn't mesa anything. If you're ~ midget you are little - that's too nu~% isn't It. All rib, t, the midgets :~o m~e him feel so big ~nd ~o a~ayd. And then all of a ~uddBn Gulliver f~ds hlQself in the l~nd o£ the giants =+here everybody to~er~ over him -- re~lly had hie haude full. I used to love that story wh~ I was e kid. It ~s goad exercise. I had to stretch ~In:~i~ ~retty far a~ Gulliver ve~t from one exJtre~o to another. Tell you ~hy I mention it. Its8 because I ~nt to mbo~= you that when I spe~ok to you of Luck~ Strike CiBaretths ea¢'~ d~v; you d~t have to stretch your ima~iuation. The claims ~e make for Luckles ~ever go to e:.~'emes, ~o~ see~ folks~ ~ merely ap.~, ~,0 your commo~ ~onee as ~ averag~ smoEer who ~mnte the most ~dng enjoyment out of his cigarette. I tell Fou that no cicarette con be a~v better th~ the tobacco which it contains. NO~: that's certsinly ~retty straight down,to-earth ~[~g. ~ nd t~ea I tell you her. ~Ith mF e~ eyes I've seen the statements 0£ the inde]endent thbaece e~2erts - men who hP.ve been stee?ed in the tobacco Ind~strj for five~ ten, twenty - even thirty years - ~nd s~orn records show that among these ~n~ Luckie~ h~ve ~0re then t~-ce as ~eny exclusive smoker~ a~ all other brands of cigarettes combined. W hy not? After ~ these men La~o~. tobacco. TheF ~ee the m~ers of Luekies consistently ~p~ing the ~rice for that finer Lucky Strike leaf. No wonder thea~ these independent tobacco m~ ~refer .Luckieu t..'~ to one. ;rod t~% friends, is ~ ~to~y ~TX01 0016491
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l# LUC~ STRIKE "~X~ B~*IEVE B~ Co~erol~l - 8e~t ~, 1942 - morn~ag (cont.) BLO~: (COI.~TD) • ~S BROADCAST about Lucktes,..no su~rlatives - no e::tr~ues - no ~Tild flights of the ~m~giu~tic~ - no i~os~lble claims. .~hat I have told you As all £act° ~ou k~ow tbet in ~ cigarette it's the tobacco thc.t count~. And I'Ve ehovn you that Lucky Strike means f~e tobacco. The next tame you ~alk into the tobacco store, Just order a ~ck of Luckies. And you ~on't nesd any i~gin~t£on at all to realize tha% Luckies are going to mesh gre~ter s~oking ~tisf~ction - that Luckte~ are truly '~ long-tLme friend. ) RTK01 0016492
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/I LU~ 6~ ~dAXE BELIEVE DAI~RO0',]" Co~merc~eZ - September S, 194~ - evening. B~OC~: AS B FO.~I~AST You knovt, friends, v:be~ you pick u; a t~leg~ne en~ you a nickel for a thle~oue call you expect to be c~nected ~h the ~rty with whom you wieh to s~ee~, but actually youlre raying for eervice. ~.~e~ you go to a fine hotel - I aeen one that's Just a lithe better th~n the ordirm~ - you expect fine service. ~en you go to ~ res~urentltt~ a re~tlon Just a little better than any other resthurent, in addlticn to fine food, you else get fine serviee."~-ou eee, the makers of Lue~/ Stwike Cigarettes aleo feel that in order to ~toln their reputation they o~e you e service. And we feel that ~he best v~y in which we can serve the America n smoking ~9~lic te to give you a ct~e~etth that i~ ~mde ~ from the fXner to~ac~os. And~£tts in~ereeting to note that ~ere's no e~ra charge for t~e e~ra" eer~ee. You eee, friends, we k~ow tha~ the on~y ~:sy we ce~ give you ~ finer cigr~etto is by using finer tobacoo. And inde~emden¢ tobeoeo exper&~ - men ~ho know tobacco beet - have exgre~eed their ~reference for ~uc~ Strikes to b~ch an extent t~t ~ith these ~em ~ekles have more than t~.~ee as many exclusive emokers as all other brands of cigfrettes combined. Now ~here'e another thing about Lucky Strlke~e ear.ice to you..,~hen you go to ~ finer hotel eh~ ~he bell ~y givee you extra service you give him e tl,). ~he~ you go to a reetourent r~d the :~elter t~kes extra good care of you, you give him a tip. ~ell, to~i~t let me reverse the ~roeedure. ~ile the makers of Luckies 6erve you ~ith finer tobacco tonight the tip comes your ~, end that tip ie...Smoke the s~oke tobacco ex~rt~ s~o~e and make yo~ next ~aek trickles.. ~TH01 0016493
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BLO~:: over House of Ch~u for ~lnner -- d'yeu ever go there? A fine C~ese reste~nt ever en G~n~ Street ana 7th Avenuee i ~ -- on the cerner. ~ewj they have wonaerX~l ~hinese leo~. ordered chop suey and all the usual things -- you ~no~- -- you order in o~e of those ~l~ces and ~ ate At. ~d the wal~cz. ca~e ever later en to see if there wa~ anythAn~ else ~e ~z~n'~. and w~ a little curious about that cho~ suey. I eft~ wou~ez~ ho~ it ~as prepared. ~o I ~i~ "Come here, little ~'elle~.'. Hor~ do you make thab chog ~ey ~'~?" He say~, "~ueh business." 8~Ad -- "~ch hus.~e~s -- wba~ co you ~e~?" ~ 8~ "~es~a ~el~ Act of stuff in chop suey." I a~id, "~uoh a~ ~hat?" /~ezel5 stewed ~eabs~ and there's rice~ ana there's e~routs~ a~ there's onions and its flavored with oil and then they brew it for a 1~ ti~e over a lo~ ~l~e. Zeu know, ~ ~e~ you ~op Sue¥ wouldn't taste nearly so goo~ iX all of tho~e - alX of these i~ie~ts ha~t be~ An it. Everyth£ug w~ ~mportant - the ~t~1 flavor - the nixture el" the ~eoa - the exper~ ceok~. Aud £'m tellin~ you ~ter h~ toi~ ~e all these thlugs about how difficult It was to ~a~e Chop Guey ~ every~n~g that we~t into it, i~ hogan to t~ste juBt that much better. After eati~ At - I sort of le~ne~ back an~ 1£~ up a Luc~ - eating o~e ef those little a.L~ond oe~e~ you kne~. lleJ3.~, that cigarette was a pergeet finish to a ni '~hty ~atle~'yink meal. And yet ho~ ~lfferent w~ that cigarette from tho Ch~p ~uey. No~ I den' t ~ean in flavor. That wou~ be pretty sll~y. I only contrast the ci~arnibe and the Chop b~ey with respect to the ln~edien~s. XOU ~ee~ the Ghop ~s ex~edleflce reste~ e~ RTH01 0016~94
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LUCY b1"I~ ~o~er cle.1 - ~LO~K= ~ep'~. 4) 19¢~ - (~orn~gJ oon~i. a lot* of t~n~s all e~u~l~y ~port~n%, Tola you all ~ut %hose things so ~e WOn't go into it. But that Luck7 3~ri~e Ci~ret-~ - well, l~'s goocness rested ~alnly on one thtn~ - ~he tobacco l'ro~ which It ~s ~e. ¥o~ kno~;, £rien~s~ ia ~ cl~u,et~e itl~ the t~c~ that count~ a~ ~o cigarette ¢a~ ever ho~e to ~ ~y be~er tha~ the ~ob~oco fro= which £~'~ ~a~o° An~ that's ~hy at &uc~on ~er ~ctionj ~he ~a~ers Of L~Kie~ ~y ~o ~zce to o~ai~ that ~ln~r Lucky ~t~iEe tobacco. ~ow, ~on~ ~e ~A :;|~o know %o~cco b~t .- ~ ~e~u, o£ course - the 4nae~endent ~ob~cco e~e~ who ~ee ~hs~e a~cL~on~ going on~ ~ckies t~ve mo~e ~h~n ~wtce ~ zmny e~¢lu~lve $moker~ as all other br~o~ o1" ~A~ue~e~ co~lned° and ~ guess thsy kno~, ~oo, t~t Lucky ~tr~Xe ~e~n~ £1ne tobacco. And that'a ~hy 1 say to you if ~ ~ant to a~a to the enjoyment o~ a good =eal, you re~ch ~or ~ ~=o~e that ~11 ~ive you inorea~ ~okiu~ ~leasure - a ¢~arette ~ho~e reputation is ~sed on £1ne tobacco. ~ou li~t u9 ~ t~c~y au~ notice ~he difference'. RT~01 0016&95
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[J L~ LUCKY S~KL "~ ~lfl~V~ B~A" Commercial - 6epte~er 4, 194~ (~lmtn$) BLOCK; a coupe of eve~in~s ago I revlly hau ~ time ~or ~/$elf, [% ~as One ol" tr~8 rainy nl6ht$ - onB o~ ~ho~e n£~h%s ~zhen you feel like curl~,~ up ~ith ~ goc~ bookt or re~xn~ a ~zine, or Jus~ t~kL~ a cat na~. ~ell~ we h~le~ ou~ th~ o~ ~'~y album, ~n~ ~vll~ve you me, ~ had ~ couple o~ re~ ~oo~ ~u~n~. You know~ it's ~uny what ~ couple o£ year~ ~llTerence 1.111 ~e in the dres~e~ %he girl~ are weexlu~, bo~ ~ho~e ~et~ ~&nt hobble skArt~ sure loo~ed un¢o~rt~ble. ~ turne~ b~c~ enough pages in that o~ a~bu~ an~ there ~s ~lother in her l~te~t wa~ ~st mo~al. Aud ~ou ~hould have se~ ~e ~£t~ all the men ~ore - ~o~, oh boy*. ~*m ~ad I ~o~1% have to ~r ~ose ~ttf£j high co]Aars tod~y° You ~mowj ~s I leane~ back ~ the easy chaix and ~hou~t a~out the goo~ old ~, 1 hap~eae~ to light up a Luck~ and I watched the ~oke l~om that fLr~t da~t¢lou~ p~ff weave up into the air° ~t re~nuc~ me that • %¥1es in clothe~ and in h~tr-Oo~ au~ s~yle~ in ~v thtn~s Chenge~ mig~t~ but ~tyle ~ak~ no ~Lfference, de~ in d~y out~ ~ea~ 1~ ~UQ year out ~ what'~ important in ~ cigarette, l~'~ t~e..,~n cigarette l~*s ~he tobacco t4~% counts~ an~ tha%~ alwv~v~ tr~e° And no Cigarette can hope to be any b~tter ~han ~he tobacc~ it contaiu~° ~n~ ~or that reb~on the ~er~ o~~ Luckl~ ~n~ t~e~r buyer~ into th8 ~ob~co country.°...°to attend ~ubll¢ ~u~$~, and ~hs~e men are Lu~tructe~ to buy the f~er~ ~L~er~ lighter leaf - that true buck~ ~r~e tob~vvo, Bo tn~ ~'our Lu~y ~t~.~ke Clg~et~e m~y bring you ~ncrea~eu ~okin~ enjoyment. ~ow ~e~e buyer8 p~v the price ~g~ln ead a~a~ L~ order to obtain ~he tobacco that you bn~ r want to ~o~e. T~e~e m~,~u ~o~ - you Imow, tho lndepend~t tobacco experts who ~o to ~bese flTH01 0016496
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Co~erc~al - Se#t, 4, IY42 - (~ening) cont~. -2- ¢on~do 8uotions, too...welA, %h~ytre the ~naegena~lt auotioneers~ ~no b~yers, ~nd warehou~eme~p aud they see these sales ~tn~ place. at ~11 They see who buys wh~t tobacco, ~nc so it's little ~on~e~th~t a~ong these ~naepandent ~ob~eeo e~erts Lucklos Imve ~or¢ ~h~l twice a~ ~ny ~clusive ~okers a8 all other hrsno~ ol cAgarettes comblned. Xes ~Ir, ~he~hor sxirts ~o lon6~r o~ shorter~ :lhether trousers are cuf~'le6s or no%j ~n a ci~ett~ it's szll~ the tobacco th~ co~t~° ~na Lucky 8tr~ko ~euns fine tobacco, ~hy don'% you ~ry a p~cK of Luckies ~hi~ v~r~ nlsh~[ ~T~01 00~6~97
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Co~erc£el ~eepte~ber 5) ~942 - (morn£nd) / 8my, X ~o~er if you remember that oAa rlaale...~,h~cb ca~e zirs~, the chicke~ or the eg~? I k~o~ - it's ~ ola ss t]~ ~AAS but as ~cleat ~s it is~ there)s still ne ~ns~er to it. tl~ couAc Lrg~le ~bout it for d~ys. ~uere are ~ust ~o~e c~ue~tio~s tl~t bre un~nswerubAe. ~f~eytAA ~A~y~ re~in ~ r~aale. ~ut t~o dif~ere~t type o~ queotion - s~y, ~here aoes the sun fine evcr~ ~sy? hell, n~turalfy, you've ~ot the a~mr r~nt ~'e ob the tl~ of your ton~e. Tim s~ rises i~ the ~st every ~ay - no matter ~batt Yes, there are ~o~e ~uestlo~s whose aus~er~ ~re undlspute(i, Now~ ~here's ~nother question I ~Aght ask you. ~ou deD't hove to be~it~te ~ bit over the ~s*~er to this one, either. If I were to ~k ¥ou...wlmt)s the mo~t ~portan~ t~ An a cig~rette~ ~ou~d answer Just as i would and ~Alion~ o~" others,,.~, the tobacco, o~ course' ~o~, folMe, the most ~r~t thi~ in a cigar~tte is the tobacco £rom which it's m~de) and no cigarette C~ hoge to he any batte~ thou the tobacco from which ~t'~ a~e, and no cigarette c~n ~ope to be any better t~ the tobacco xt eontnins, au~ tr~t's ~y X~e tobacco is at a ~re~iu~. It's not e~y to get ~n~ all cigarette m~nufaeturers compete et pUblic auctions to obtain it. A~ that's wh~ the ~snuz'acturers of Lucky Utrike Citarettes sena buyers Into the tobacco cotmtry to obtaJ~ at public ~etio~ ~il ever the ~outh the finer, a~l~er, lighter Lucky Strlxe tobacco. ~d that)s why the~e beyer~ pay the ~r%ce to obta~u t~ose baskets of fIne ~oldea lea£, The 4~def~enaent tobacco ~perts - the warehousemen, auctloneers~ aria buyers see these a~ctAons An progress - ~ee ~ho bu~s ~bat tobacco, They eee lIne tobacco time end time again Sold Amrican{ Au~ so these ~u ,he ~ne~
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Comerc~a~ - Sept, 61 194R - (morning) cont~. CoDt, d o tobacco best give "their sta~ ot ap~rov~ to LucKies. ~aorn recorda sho~ t~t ~ao~ tne~e Qx~rt~ buckio~ have more th~n • ~ae ~s ~ eAcluslve Imo~er~ ~ ~1 o~bor br~B o~ ¢~re~S kno~ that in ~ ol~rette~ ~t Is the tobacco t~t cou~. ~ou ~owj ~'r~en~s~ ~ IB ao rl~o~e wl~hou~ a solu~lo~o g~nen ~e man behin~ ~he co~ter ~sks~ ,~tIB your~ ,deass~ t~e o,1~ ~ns~er - if you wan~ to treat ~ourse~ to ~uorease~ s=o~tn~ ~leas~re - %o ~e cigarette t~t =e~s l'lne ~cco - is l~cYles, pl~e~. ATH01 0016499
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Com~erciwi - Sep%e~ber 5j l~4g (evening; ,~S 5~),.DC,:~T bUiCK: oontd. Bern% to the zoo recently? Umm~ you ot%t~% %0 ~u up %heFe eomebi~eI. Mighty intere~%ing° T~lere ~l'e the zebras, ~I~ the leopaDd~ the ~le~hants, t~e oeer - ~AXe ~ Aoog ~rouna ann notice that eve~/ ~nlmal you'll f~m in the zoo ~ lt~ own ~istla~utsh~ mar~...hew you can ~¢i1 th~ apart...the 5ebra~ with their stripes, the leo@aras wlth their z~ts, the eieph~nt has a long trunk, the Qee~" a~.s i~s amtder~. ~os~ eve~thln5 the~ ~e contact every ~uy has a ~ist~Ib~i~hln~ marK. ~xce~t one important item that a area% ~y of u~ ~eet da.tJ<,', ano that's a clgeIe%~e. ~ow, if you ~ere %0 take ~ cl6~'etth out of each pack of several well-~o~ brands, conceal their names from view, and then try to pick out a certain one, you'a have a pretty har~ tlme.of it. ~iI righb~ you ~ay~ you ca~ bell a leopara bl its spots, Martin, hat h~,~" can you tell ~ soon c~4~ucette~ Folks, I~ll tell you: All of you kao. that no cigarette con hope %o be any better than the tobacco £rom ,~ch it's maQo. And you ~/1 know that in a ~iEare~be It's the tobacco %hat co,/nth, ~ell, that's the distln~ui~tng m~rk of a fine cigarette - lane tobacco. A~d l~t me tell you, LucKy ~5rlxe means flne tobacco. YOU see, the meXers of Luckies s.~are no ell orb %0 obtaln ~e ~er, ail~er, lighter le~/ that you ~nd I want to ¢~oke. ~e sen~ OUr Ouy~:s into the tobacco counDry, to ~uct~ons, with oraers ~o ~bt~in - for your iacre~sea smoking enjoymen~ - the truly zlne Luci~, Strike Ae~'. The independent tobacco expert~ who see these public auction sales goin~ on in the great w~reho~ses, t~ese men see who buy what tobacco. ~ou can~ ~ I'ooi them~. ~a so ~ ~ay to you...~t~s llttAe ~on~er that With men ~;he V,.uow ~obacco best - "It:e Luckies two %o Oae"~ A, IQ thers~s little woD~e~ that with ~TH01 0016500
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Oo~erclal - Sop%. 5, 194~ - (eve~a~) co~. - ~ - BLO~= con%d. these L%dependen% %ob~ec0 ez@e1'ts ~uckie~ have more %hen ~iee as mBny exclusive smokers as all other brands of el~sar~%%o~ combined. ~es, £ol~s, ~/ I%'~ ~'inc t~b~co you we~%, if it's 8re&ter smoking pleasure you're ~'%er~ ~u~ ~k ln~ your be ~ure of f~e %ob~ceo, ~d you, %oo, ~.ill be ~b~e %0 no~ice %~e dlf ferenoe. RT~01 0016501
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RT~01 0016~02
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Co~rclel - BbOC~: I gues~ ao~t oi ~u folks l~ve been Co3-1o.ln~ the Gubernatorial r~ce in the p~per. ~ch night I u~u~$ ~1~ ~e oob~ ~ter Q~nnor and re~ Lloa~ .~ith the u~r neas ~o ~ee~ihes ~.a the statements ~ede by LL4 the ¢r~u~z~te~ ~or the oCCAce OC sover~or ~u~ln~ *~ne of the varzou~ ~en who ~re runnJJ~ lot oCflce.,.ju~ ~ei~ t~lelr all the ~rloua c u~Ities tl~t ~¢ Aco~ 1oz" ~z soaeb~, ~e w~ ~.o elect to ~ ~ort~nt olTlce. ~ of ~eu co~n~l ~axe the ne~s ~ h~ re~ in the pupers ~na ~ gA~nce~ ao#~ ~% the ~..~e~e that Z hel~ In a~ ~o, It ,~ a le~er ;~ z~s ~(~1o, too, ~t for ~n ~t~re~ ~tffere~, rea~ou, That ~uc~v ~*~r~e i was ~k£ttg ~'~s a lea~ier, not so ranch bec~ee or" A~ c~t~atatxon Ox" ~J~ 60o~ ~.u~At~.eS~ ~a~t rather beccu~e Of ol~e O~ttS't,~(~J.ng quallt~...~ec~e o." x~s Z~ne to.coo. ~ou ~.'o.L~e all kno~ b~ now that no c~rette c~n be ~ bette~ ~ t~e t~b~cco it itg8 ~he tobacco ~ CO~S. ~c T,~t*S ~ ~ u~t ~0 ~e£~ you -~0~ the m~ers of LucE£e~ S~UrO no eAlozt ~o obt6~ SO; you ~t f~e tobacco that we believe you ;.~nt to s~o~e. ¥e8 s~, ~ne ~kers o~ Luc~es sen~ thei~ buyers into t~e ~obao~o country ~o the p~blic tobacco auctions to ~uy xiaer, ±l~hter, ~l~cer leeA zor a~ed~ and ~atn /or that Y, rue Lucky btr~e tobacco. A~ ~moag t~ose who see ~ese 8~es tuJ~Ln~ place ~re ti~ ~nde~.~ent ~ob~¢co ex~S - ~ attct~ollee~s~ b~rer~ ant] we,.rehouse;,wa - ~,~K. ~TH01 0016S03
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Co~erclal . ~ept. 7, 194~ (e~lag) con~. BLOC~. co~t~. know tobacco &b you ~d I gno~ our !e1"t l"ro~ OUr r~t D~IG. Tho~e men ~ee who ou¥8 ~ le~'. ~nat*~ .~ A thA~ £%*~ ~retty ~Ort~t th~ ~nb the~e ex~rte Lu~,K~O~ nav~ ~oze t~ tw~e h8 Dbfly ~ciuSive suo~er~ ~ LAA other b~n~ oz ~i~'e~s for An youx" oi~are%te, an, wi~ Asn~...il A~'~ i~cre&~ ~.L~ enj~ym~n~ you ~ut, ~ ~u~ ~4k ~uto your !aVOl'lLe t~CCG ~0~ ti~s ver~ svenln~ ~r,a ~elec~ ~ y~ur choice Lucky otrAxe, "~ae cl~&rett~ t~u~ ~n~ iA~e tobacco. ~TKO~ 0016S0~
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C "/1 LU~ b~U~ u~AILil~ BELX~V~. b.~Lt~a,u B~C~ z ~ondor if you Col.ks remeaher the c~Qs ~hen the j~r~a~ ~a~e craso was ~o2n~ full blur? k,~very~y use~ "~o ~et uoun~ t~e old d~uLus rooe tahle~ ~ on the ~loor - s~rea~ l~e ~eces out f2~t, and th~ go ~ ~r~ tr~u~ to ~ll~l up u oo~e~ ou~ o~¸ ~ ~ those o~ shaped t~Lecea. ~(ou never [ne~ ohere tO 8~ ~n~ yet ~oneho~ you began to build the ~etu~e u~ alow~ p~e ~ece...Ju~t by ~c~, oL~ course, eo tba ~eces ~e~¢~ ~o ~a~ *nto a reco~lzehT.e ~dcture. ~L~, ~e z~t t~ pLece~ to~ethe~, uBLn£ ~be tr£al ~n4 error ~etiwd, t~t ~e C~na~l~v ~tr~ke the right one. NO~j th~ was ~ ~o~ ~ethod ~or l~Slee, but L kno~ a lot oC ~ople who u~e it for ~ore then Just ~bat - ~eo~e who use t~ trier *~1 error mtbao in tbr~ ~ ~lv~n~. ~or exeaple~ he~ do you ~aooee the brand o1" eLi~tte ~c~lre no~ ~dok~a~ ~ Been t~/~n~ eee brand after e~o~be~ ~lU~t, ~,,*t~: to h~t the r~ht one - ~t ha~ ~1c% tbat~ ~ot tba rL~t ~. In c~oo~taS ~ c~garettoj t~ere.~ one ~ortsnt to ree~k~r. In ~ c~tte ~tl~ the tobacco that counts aria no c£g~retto c~n be a~, better thaa the ts~¢co 2t occludes. ~s~ tbatls why Z te~ you a~e~a ~n~ a~ ~t L~c~" ~tr~e W fine tobaoco...thatl~ vtQ. L tell ~ou bo~ *,no e~x~r~ of LuckLe8 ~en~ t~elr t~Qer~ ~,uto the South - to ~uct~ons ~L2 over ~ba tst~cco country to la~ f2ner, ~ar~ true Luc~ ~trt~ !e~ - spare no e~'fart to brLnl[ l~cx t~e ~aer, ~ot,er tohecco t~ we t~unk yo~ ~n~ I ~0~ v~nt to ~ke. ~r~ ~l~e tithe sales ere ~n ~rogre~a~ ~e waroboue~ where the pubic ~uct~ou~ t~e ~luce are ~i w~th ~ ~eople - ~nae~nuent tobaoco ex~rte, f~ exhale, sareuousem~, h~oneers, ~ ~u~r6. ar~t those men lee ubo ~b~ ~bat tobeooo and ~en e~ reco~s "
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,/ Coe=ercle~ - ~ept. 8, 19/,2 (=ornlng) ccn~. Cont', ~ Bbo~' t~at ~ong these ,aenp Luekie6 h~ve more t~u twico a6 exclu~ve e~okers ~ e~l other hr~-~s Of c~g~r6~te~ coeab~r,e~j 1 tnl~k th~tls ~retty gooa ir~lcation tn~t t;~be ~;en kno~, ~t Luc~, ~trl~e ~e~ [~ne to.coo. Now I ~ve a ll+~.le eu~gest~or, ~our ~en~ o~ c~ettes,,,,~£ you haven,t trle~ L~c,c~.es~ you're sure~7 ~l~i~ Increase~ s~o~ng enJo~me*~t, On~ LU¢~" St~e Ci£are~te cu~ one average e~er £zt to~et~er li~ - t~e picture o~ conte~nt. ~o why not try. a ~c~ o£ Luc~e~ RT~01 0016506
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LDC~ STr~E ~o~aerc~ - September ~, ~9~2 (~ve~a~) Hav~ you folks ever sto~ to conslaer the main :ualltles of flneDe887 when ~tl~r~ ~ flne~ itI~ aelic~te - It16 not coarseu itts of excellent quallty~ ~tI~ perfect. ~e fln% in fact..ot~ke ~...~ell, take any house ~t'~ f~, ~or ~stanc~. a si~pl~ one ~ithout ~o mu¢~ ~ tr~. Take a ~i~e ~fe~ - u~ua~ ma~e ~s ~Im~l~ - ~ple llnes - it=~ no~ ~u'J~ ~e ~u~ tr~ ~t~ e~a~is on one beaut~i stone~ or ~ love~ p~$t~rn - ome ~n focal po~n~. Fi~el~ ~ee~ ~ ~e~ ~,~i~t, ba~ ~ub~mti~l, ~ua ~t ~m~le ~leg~nce. ~:, ~en i teL~ ~ou fo~k~ ~t Lu~ ~trike ~ ~ fi~e c~rette~ I m~n It. ~e no ~auay, asthn~a~ou~ alalms ~or ~ckleSo ~e ~reay ~a~ t~a~ LU~ ~tr~e ~e~ f~ue tobacco° ~'~ enou~h~ beca~ Im ~ ~i~are~t~ ~t=~ t~ to~aoco that c~un~° ~ o~ ~ou folk¢ .~ t~ m~ ci~a~ette ~ A~pe to ~ ar~ better ~ ~ to~Qco from w~Ich It'~ m~ae. T~ati~ ~ the mak~r~ of Lu~kle~ ser~ the~ ~er~ inth the t~bacco country - to public ~ue~lo~ - ~ith in~ru~tlon~ to obt~n +~e m~oer, llghter~ better ta~tlug ~¢af~ the finer leaf trot you w~nt to smo~e. Ye~ sir, with t~ ir~epe~ent tobacco ~ert~ - tke w~re~u~er~er~ b~ye~ ~d ~ha~ to~aceo~ L~kle~ ~ve more t~an t~ice ~s ~ exclusive ~r - ~ ~ ~n~t - if i~e zncreas~ ~mo~ cn~oymen~ ~ou~re after, v~ uon't you try a pac~ of Rac~es tonl~ ~o~'~I find them ~ trul7 l~ng ~ frinnd! RTH01 001650F
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Co~r ol~T. - ~J "~r~g BEI~V~ BtLIJ~O~" 8e~teaber g, 194~ - mornir~ A~ B.~f ~d I "tell you folks about an interes~u~ e~erAen~e I he~. $n M~'~ a fe~ d~y~ e~o? I ~ ~o~g up to the top fleer of blaey,e and I ha~ lct~ of time so I decide~ ~*d ~o u~ on the ~c~tors - • titl ¢h£1d~sh ~ou~h to l~e to ride the e~oe~eto~s - cou3~ ~e go,ten in ~he elevator° WellD for nine se~s of aov~n~ zte.tr c~see, I ~atched ~e~ and ~o~en f~ger~¢, the go~s ~hey wanted t~ b~r/ - inspecting £~ lo~ug ~ ~ qu~l~y ~nd i~s velue, l~en~ by the fifth t3~o.,. - the ~a de~r~=o~t - t~ere ~ere men ~ourinf over Ae~e~, ~'y~n~ to ~ecl~e Ju~ e~ctly ~het they "~anted fur ~e~r ¢~er~. r~ the m~xth -~oor~ rA~ht abo~e~ do~e~s of ~ ~s~e 2oo~n~ at dr~ go~j try~ to dee~de ~f *~e ~ater~al~ wou~ be hard ~e~r~n¢ ~nd ho~ they'd look ~u the f£n£ehed e~5~u~e, And you kno~t l~ reminded ~ ~nt there ar~ lots of ~tn~s ~ou can bu~ that ~y - thtn~s you c~u e~t of see the ~u~lt~ of 1 t~d ~n~pect ~nd ~udlte ~or ~ettr~elfo There ~re ee~e thiaCs ~oee q~Ltty c~ only be ~eterthw~ by ~u~hor~tat~ve recoe~nda~lon 6rid by totual ex~er~enoe. ~ez,re ~hat ~ou e~ll bl£n~ sr~icles t~ the ley~n. ~o~ t~ke ~ fine ol~erette. All of you out there l£sten~n£ knot that ~o ~tg~z.e~te a~n be ar~ be~te~ t~ ~.h~ tob;tcco it ¢~t~,Lus, Zou al~ k~o~ tha~ ~u a ¢ifaret~e it'e the ~oba¢oo ~t c~t~° ~t ho~ ee~ y~ - a~ ~verage sacker - determine the q~l~/ of that t~b~oco? Wel2~ tb~t,~ ~]~ I ~e~l you ho~ the b~er~ for th~ ~ert of ~uckAee atteud ~uo~oa after auctiou SIX ~rout~ the South ~o obte~ f£n~r~ l£ghter~ ~tlder leaf - the k~x~ o~ tobacco ~a~ we ~ ~ou a~d X wen~ to ~oke° Iqowj ~ho~e ere An~truoted b~ the eeker~ of Luokies to ~ ~he ~r~oe to obtain ~ true Lu~ Str~e tobacco° ~n~ the inde~dent RTF~O 1 001650B
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LU~ STRIKE "~AKE BELIEVE BALL.in Commeralel ~ ~e~t. 9~ 1942 - morning (contd) BLO~: tobacco exerts - the warehousemenw bt~epbj ~nd @uct4onecrs the ~ee these b~et~ of flne leaf '8ol,J ~er£c~n{' - ~ell, ~Ith these meu sworn records show that Luck£es ~ve more then t~ce a~ ~ny excluslv~ smokers as ell other brenda of cl~t,rette~ combined. These are the me~ ~io knot tobacco best au~ they ~refer L~ckles t~o ~ cu~% ~o~s I ~I~ you that in ~ clgerett~ it's the tobacco t~at count~. I've sho~ you that Lucky Strike ~e~s fine tobacco - quality tobacco. And I,Ve sho~.n ?ou ~bat Luck~es are the preference o£ the independent tobacco experts. ~.ell~ I gue~ that's pretty high ~ecom~ndation. But ~ust ~s thoee folks in ~scT'e ~on'% ~or the real durablli~y @f the dress meterlel until they've worn it for ~ ~.hlle, ~ust so Fou Won't k~ow real e~ e~Joyme~t and ~rue value of the ~ine ~obaceo in Lucky Strike C~garettee til, you've smoked your fLrst pac~ o~ L~ckine. ~ not ~ake the ~ext ~ck Lucky ~trlke? ~T~01 0016S09
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C BLOC~: w~ B~.IEVS B)~O~" ;~ B~3CAST ~pte~ber 9j 1942 - eve~ %ou ~ow, £olks, over 8t 17 house we h~ve ~ lot of toys. Petie love~ toyB. ~ naturaUy~ in the lest year ~nd ~ mon~ weeve ~ccu~ulated a gTeat u~ny of the. Tnere~ only one t~ ~rc~. I ~ petlef~ rather - that's ~ you ~ao~ - get~ ~8 much flm out or a boy as .~etle doB~ ~nd ~be more. l~sn II~ ~ound the ~oor kid doe~nlt ~ten~ 8 chance ~ ~ rlth thgm. ~o~ I was pleTin~ with those little toy s~nets ~ hav~ you ever ~een t~e~? The one ~e b~w st home ~ill ~ttra~t 8r~ ~ o~ ~ uet~l ob~eet - h~Ir}in~, or ~oc~s, or bit~ of ~te~i - often ti~ th~s that are much ~avier than ~be m4~et itsel£. ~n~ ~s I ~as sitting ther~ ~l~Ing with that t~I zz~et I go~ to tbia~ of $11 the thi~ that re~c~d to each other ~1~omt the way that s~t ~nd tho~e - a~ tbo~e plocee of Bteel did...their ~eti¢ ~rscuelitLem &bat draw otber~ to them Invol~tarily, In fect~ lore of thin~e have ~ efflalt~ for each other. For ez~nple~ i~ve notlce~ ~t e ma~t dres~ and a o~li~h w~n Just sees to ~ravifate toward ~ch other. Honey attraet~ be~s° ~d the ~er~ of tobacco ~r LuokF Strike Ci~rettes eee~ tc be ~utou~tlcally attrsctad to the finer bsa~et~ o~ tobacco st auction 8ele~ tbrou~hou~ the South. ~ou ~o~ ~o%ks~ in a cigarette it:~ t~e rob&coo that cou~. And it ~tands to reason that no cigarette c8~ te any better rhea tlm~ tob~c©o~ so the • aker~ of ~u~les 6~are no ef£ort to ~ot ~or your increased a~old~g enjoyment tbls flnerj ~ilder~ ~iF~ter leaf that you and I want to Smoke. TbatIB ~b~ we p~ the ~rlc~ to get that finer Lu¢~ Strik~ leafo The indepe~ent tobaoco e~pert~ ~o ~e8 thes~ Isles ~in~ ce - well~ they ~ea who bU~s what tob~eo. ~ 818o See the sakere of ~klea p~v ~ho ~r4c~ a~aln ~nd a~aln. ATe01 0016510
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Co~eroi~ -Seot 9~ 194£ - even.lug (contd) f BLO~ COntd, Iris little ronder at all thet emon~ these lnde~ndent ex2erts Luckies have more th~n teice as m~ny excluaive ~o~r~ as all other brendsofc~zetths co~bined° ~d iris little ~onder %hat ~orn records sho~ %h&t th~s8 men choo~o Luekl~s t~'o %0 o~e. I~ow 1£ you h~ve a taste for £~ner tobaoco you're bo~ to be attracted %0 Lucktes. ~T~O? 0016S1~
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/ * f~ Co~erclcl - Sejte~ber 10p 1942 - morning You k~ow, friends, ~hen you pick up t, t#le~hone ~nd you ~¥ ~ ninkel for a cell, you expect to be coauecgod i~lth the party T:lth ~hem you wi~ to Bpe~k, but actuellyj youTre ~yin~ £or ~rvice ~ou go to fine hotel - one that's Just e little bettor than the ordinery - you expect fine service. ~nen you go to a restaurant where the refutation iea little better than ~v other re~tot~nt, in ~ddition to fine ~ood, yourll else got fine service. NO~, you ~e~, the reekers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes rlc~o feel thor in order to m~int~in o~ re~u~.tion, ~o owe you c service, ~nd we feel that the be~t ~y in ~hich ~e c~n serve the Anerican emoking ~ublie i~ to give you a cigarette that is m~de £rom only the fi~er toheccos. And it'~ interesting to note that there,s no e~t~, charge for thi~ extra service. You see~ friends, we k~ow that the ~ml~ w~y that we e~n give you ~ finer cigarette is by using finer tobacco. An~ independent to~cco ex~rte - m~n the kno~; tobacco best, have expressed their ~refere~ce for Lucky Strlk~ Cigorettes to ~uch ~n extent that ~ith the~e men Luck~e~ have ~er~ then twice os mrn~ exclu~iv~ smoker.~ a~ ~ii other brond~ o~ ci~rette~ co~bln~. ~o~ there*~ another thine about Luc~ Strike oerv~ee to you: ~hen you go to c finer hotel - when the bellboy giv~e you extr~ ~ood ~ervice~ you gxw hi~ ~ tip. .~h~n you go to ~ re~te.uraut and the ~iter ~=~es extr~ good care of you~ you give b~ & tip. ~t to~y~ let ~e rever~e the ~cocess. ~htle the ,~xers of Luc~i~ ~ervo ~OU vith £1ner tobacco, ~dey the tip co=es your way. And that tip i~... smoke the ~=o~e tobacco ex~er~ smo~e - ~ke thet next ~ck Luc~es[ RT~01 0015~12
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5] f X t 3U ~2 I r( x c{ ice ;tt ~k ~le w~ ncl LUOK~ STPdKE "I~AKE BE~E~ Bi/~O0,," Commercial - Se2tember I0. 1942 - evenln£ BLO~: Fol~s, ever go do~n to the b~ker'& for your mother zhen you were ~, kid? Ever £o ~o--n there and a~y...Plea~e, tlr. Beker~n~ mother ~.nt~ a do~,en roll~. And then he'd tcke the rolls - ta~'e three ut a tL~ ~d #ut them in the ~...th2eo, ~,Ix, nine, t~l~e~ ~n~ h~nd you the bag, ~nd then you'd Just stand there and w~lt for the bonus that the baker wa~ ~ure to give you...you kno~ ~ cou@l~ of those Dice~ big, s~eet coo~l~s ~Ith the r~i~i~s in thee. I re;~e~ber ~ho~pin~ ~,Ith mother in a big gemerel store. ~ey SOI~ everythin~ there... irutts~ and vegeteble~ end groceries. 1 can re~mber the ~0ales bel~g tipped to exactly ~ )ound or" su~r~ three #ouuds of flou~ and then the clerk would al~ys put in a few more grains for good mea~tre. Guesb sverybod~ kmowl the m~ning of that 2h~se 'one for goo~ me~ure~. It*s ~ mark o£ good ~ill ~mong trades #eo~le, to show %hat they ap~reciate ~o~r percents, and %hat by their ~ct of genero~ttT they're - %hey=re binding for Tour re~rn :in the fu%ttre° The reas~ I meatto~ this 1= beo~mse the ~J~rs of Luc4~ ~%ri~e Cigarettes else realize the meratnC of 'oae £or ~ood m~re'. '~md the good ~a&ure I~m talking about le that finer tobacco that £oes into every Luo~ StrtXe you smoke to~W'. Yes ~lr~ ~ in~tmct our buyer~ to ~e no ef~or% to get tbe rimer leaf that you ~od I ~cat %o s~lok~. Th~se b~er~ at ~ublie auctions ,xy the ~rlce ~zin ~n~ ~4~in for finer, lighter, ull~er~ better t~,stlnc tobacco. ~nd th~e independent toby.coo expert~ - the auctlon~er~, ~md th~ b~yer:~, *~d the %~Pehous~en - r~ll, they see us ~a~ing the price. The)- hear she e~ctdoneer sey Sold Aaer£cen...Sold Amer*c~n. To th~e expert~ tho&e word~ mean that the Bakers of 5uc~les h~ve ~,~uired ~nother ba~:et el fine tobacco. And it'~ l~ttle wonder to me that e~or~ these men ~&o k~o~ bob&coo best Lu~e~ h~ve more th~n t~lce a~ ~a~ ~xclu~ive smoker~ as eli other brands o£ cig~rett~ eo~bined. The ~xt~ measure you get in L~oKle~ i~ the extra quality ~e~l that has made the name Lu~by Stri~ ~n fine tobacco, your sh~re of that finer tobeeoo a~ait# you no~ a% Four nel~hborhoo~ tobacco oou~er. ASk for ~T~c~es I F~T~O 1 0016~513
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LUCI~ STRIA~ "~ B~'IEVE 5ALL~'j~ Com~erc£~l - ~tember llp 1942 - ~ornin~ AS BPOAI~AST / , Say, you ~o~', a couple OC evealngo a~o I had a tb~ for mTaelf. One o£ those rainy nlghts~ you ~no~, didn,t ~o~ ~hether to bays a goo~ book ~nd ~it dow~ a~ rea~, or re~ ~ m~g~21noj or ~-k¢ a cat nc~, or ~t to do. Sitting ~round the .~ou~e I happened to pic~ out the old CamiIy album. ~.ie have one. Beiievo ~'ou me, I got ~o~e ~ood l~u~ out of that elbau. You ~0o~j It'~ reall~, i~nrkv ~:h~t couple o~ years dif~ereuce will ~e in the ire~e~ you ~Ar~s ~ear. Tho~e hobble ~klrts ~ere aighty ~co~+'ortsbAe. I£ you turned baCk enough ~ges in that old r~bum of ~lae you'd seo Mother in her ~:as~ ~i~t mo~el. X£ X ever sho~ed it Mo her no~...if bh~ even k~sw that I h~ it there'd b~ trouble. And the sult~ the mr. wore in tho~e d~v~. ~n, I ~ure was glad l~i~It have to ~ear those stiff, high coliars. As I ~ae 1~a~iug bac~ in the ch~ir t~d~g ebout ~e good old d#¥s I ha2~e~l to light up a Luc~ and ~,tch the s~oke the cigerette ~o u~ into the ~ir. It reminded me that~les ia olotbe~ ~nd Lo h~s -- ~tyle~ in maay thiug~ might change, ~ut $t~le ~ake~ no di£tere~ce day in, d~7 out, year in and year out in ,+hails i~ort~t i~ a cigarette. In ~ cigarette it's ~he tobacco thet counts, and ~here1~ never ~nF chance in the% fact from o~e sea~o~ ~o another. And no ci~ara~e ¢~D ho~e to b~ ~41F bett~r thaa the tobacco it co~tai~. Av~ that'+, why the m¢~er~ of Lucky StrlMe Ci~tt~ ~truct their b~er~ to b~ the .+iner~ mil~er, lighter leaf -- that truly Lucky Stri,:~ tobacco. ~hy In6ep~ndont tobacco exjerts - the men ~ho see ,ho bu~s ~ b~b~coo - c~nlt h~? but ~ee the ~ker~ of Luc~le~ ~¥ ~he ~rA~e fo~ thi~ flair tobacco. An~ ~t'~ little woade~ at all tbz~t ¢~on8 the~e ind~.~endeat tobacco experts, ~i~s h&ve ~ore ~ ~Ice ~ ~ar~ e~cl~Ivo 1~er~ a~ all other bra~d~ of clgarette~ ¢oabi~e~, Ye~ ~Ir~ t~Ae my ~or~ i'o~ it, ~ether a~Irts are l~er or ~horter~ trou~ers are Ouf~te~u or not+ in ~ clgzrette it'~ ~till the tobacco that co~mt~, 6i~ce ~uok~ ~trlxe ~e~a fLne tobacco wh~ not try ~ ~c~ ~ I~okie~lay~ ~ FIT~O 1 0016514
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/i Comoerei~l - S~2~b~3" ~; I04~ - morning BIO~: Be~n to the Zoo ~ecantly? No? ~ell~ 7ou've beon there 8~,.e time or the other - you ~am the =ebr6s, the Aeo~,crdLp tho ele/n~nt~ rlA the different ani~+3.+. Did you ever Botiee that ~IA ".hess different En~l~ at the Zoo Ell h~ve thelr di~tinr~ibhin~ m~2hs...the z~br, s with their stri2es - the Aeo~rd~ ~ith their s~otc - the eAe~Imnt has~t lon[- tr~. Mo~t everytbAu~, ~h~t ~ come An oontect ~.~%h every d~7 h~s ~ dA~tinguithln~ ~k ex~e~t one AaA)or~ it~. Tbat'~ e cigarette. Zf you ~ere to te'.~e a cige~tto out @f e~.ch .~sck o~ sevor~i ~elA-kno~n brands of clgarottes, co, ce~l thalr na~es from vie~, ~n~ then try to ~ick out ~ certain on% you'~ have ~ pret~ h~ t~e of it. No~ you c~a ~ e leo~ard by his ~ot~, but h~. can you teAA a food clgs~etto? W~ll, look, It'~ thi~ way! You clA J~@l+ that no cizaretts ca~ be ~x~ ~etter th~n the tobacoo fro~ ~hieh it's ~de. %ou ~Ai ~o~ %b~t in ~ cigarette it'~ the fob.coo th.,~t counts. ~el~, th~t'~ the d~tAag~i~hing ~r~ of ~ ~lae ©lgmretto - fine tobacco. You folka, by this t~, I tb~unk kno~ that Luck~ Sta~ke me~ ZAne tobacco, bec~:~e .~ r.~a~ no e~'£ort to O~d£ the ~'iner, ~ilder~ lighter Aea~ tb~t you ~nd I :,cnt t~ s~oKe, Ue h~ve our buyers ~ttend ~ctio~ :~ith o~er~ to ob~in ~or your inc~asod $:~oking enjoyment theft true. b~ StrD+e !~. ~d the~e Inde2eadent ex~rt~ ~ho ~t~-end ~ese auet~on~ in ~ :~rehou~,es - they ~es ~ho b~'s ~h.~t tobo~oo. It's little ~ond~r that ~ith t~so men ~ho :~no~: tobacco best At'~ Luckies two to ono - it's llttAe ~onder ~at ~ith t:~ese Ande.~d~nt tobacco sxp~rts buc~ie~ h~ve more t~ t~£ce ~s ~r~v exclusive s~o~er~ a~ all @~bur brer+ds of cigarette~ CombAneO. Mo~ i'rAends, Af it'~ fans tobecco you ~ent, ix' it's greeter 8aoking enjoyment you're after Just do tl~s: ~aAx into your f~vorito tobc~o store ~nd ~ '~ucki~,¢ ~1@&se,i ~d you'Al be sure of .Ine tobacco, ~nd you'll be able to notice ~e difference, because to Al~t ~ Lucky la to li~e e inc~. . . ~L . FITH01 0016516
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r BLO~= ~e you ~ GAn ~ fiend? T ~e~ ~t'~ J~t ~out ~ foo11~ question to c,~ anybod~ n~-~-~. ~o ~tt~r ~bere you ~o - w~ into ~ ni~htcl~, you ~lnd ~eo~ ~LL~i~g Gin RLe:~° GO tO your friend=, ~ir~t thing t~e~ do - Gin ~° ~es~ I h~w to ~t, it us ~:e pl~Vln~ it th~.~e ~ I ~e~ you Mno~ ~h~t I :e~n ~en T refer to e Oin card° I~,~ ~he ¢~r~ that gives you c ~erfecL ~n~ - a rLnning bend. That ¢~ m~e6 your h~d ~e~t~Le - A~'s the i- • ~ gl~ eaxd is 1~ ~IWIn~ ft=~1 touch. ~ell, ~ou ~o~~ ~: ~nt/fl~e t~bLcco l~ L6 ~e Oln ~. ~'s Just bo~ ~:port~at ~lng o.~ ¢ £1~o cigarette. An~ ~erets no ~bati~te fo~ ~g. ~our eomaao ~emse ~ tell ¥o~ ~b~,~ no cl~-~ette ce~ be e~r better t~ t~e tobacco it concerns° T. ~ ~lgare~t~, A~'S ~e tcbacoo &he~ ~v &be p~co to get t~at i~laer~ ellder~ better te~lng ~¢co. ~esm Sndeed..°t~t'~ ~o~t~l~g t~ tb~nM e~o~ then ¥o~'re t~g elgeze~t~So ~o~j ~nQther thing you ~,.n~ to re~eebe~ A~ tba~ v~en we b~W ~bae¢o~ ~zeeent at t~e ~e~ou~s~ ~ou'll find t~de~mden~ tobacco ex~ert~ - =en ~:bo ~e~ who b~'~ ~h~ ~o~ac¢o. ~h~ see t~e fi~e lee~ ~Lee ~ter ti~e t~old ~e~c~'. I~'~ IAttle we~der el~et~es combined. ~es, .At~ the~e ln~e~e~den~ ~e~te - tb~e =en ~ho k~o~ tobaee~ bes~j mind you, l~e~ L~eP~e~ two to ~. ~0 fir~ ~o round, so ~ ~cked, ~o ~oe em~ ee~ on the dre.~, ~uckie$ are a ~ure favorite° ~ow~ you ~ol~s ~mo~ ho~ deo~lvely a Gin ~1 ~lno ~ 6in ~ ~se - ~,el~, t~'s ~o~ ~ro]~~1~ RT~01 001651?
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/ LUCEI 6TRIKZ "~£KE BELIEVE B~LL~QO~" Comner¢1~l - September 14j i~4~ - uorni~ BLO~ I gltess most o[ you ~'olks ,h~ve been £oIIo~-In~ tho ~be~torlE~ races in the p~r~. Each time I ~It down to dlnne~j re~d the ~gerj ~loug wlth the ~r no~ I ~lw~-~ look at the s~eeche~ and t~e s~te~ents :ade by atl the candidates for the off£¢i of £overnor durtr~ the day. In that ,ay~ o~ ~ou:se, I tr~ to :~ke u~ ,~ ~ ~'S to the qual1~les of the varlous ~en eho ere r~nmln~ for o~'lee.,,hone~C,j ~-o~'Isd~e of bu~i.eso~ ~18do~ klndnes~j Ioy~l~ ~1~IotI~. I~ ~ould b~ die,cult indeed to sue~rl~e ,~ll the ~ious qu~Ati~ that we look for in so~ebo67 ,e ,~mt to elect to ~ l:~ort~nt o~ce. ~11 of the~ ccablned ~ke~ the ide~l leader. Iou Imo~ frle~ds~ Just the other n~ht I ~s thlnklng over ~II the ne~ I'd ~e~d in the ~per~ and I ~lanced dora on the cigarette t~at I held ~n ~ hand. Thee ~ ~ le~der in It~ fleld~ %oo~ L~ ~or ~n entirely dl~ereat rea~Ono That Lucky ~trlke I ~as mokln~ ~ ~ le~der, not ~o ~uch b~au~e of its ¢o:bi~at~ of ~ ~ood ~u~li~le~, ~t b~ca~se o~ O~e outst~tln~ qu~llty...because of its ~in~ tob~CCOo you folk~ ~/i know that no cl~arette c~n b~ ~ bett~r th~n the tobacoo it contelus. In c cigarette Itl~ the to, coo tb~t countS. And that's ~bF I ~lw~ w~nt to tell you how the ~er~ of Luckieu ~are no e~for~ to obtain for you the% Sine tobacco that we believe you ~nt %0 smO~eo Yes slr~ ve Bend o~r ~ere into the tobsc¢o oou~ry to publlc auct~cn~ to bu~ ~Iner, li~hter~ milder 1~ ~or your Luc~ Strlk~ C~aret~e. And these b~er~ p~ the price ~In ~nd ~in ~or the% true Luc~/ S~rlke tobacco. ~ %ho~ ~ho ~ee %h~se ~alo~ taklng ~1~oe r=e the lude~de~t tobacco expert~ - the ~uotloneers~ b~er~ ~nd m - ~h¢ kno~ tobacco ~ you and I ~mow our left froa our ~h~ band. Tbe~e men .ee ~ho b~J ~t 1~. And ~t's ~ I th~k'~t ~t~ ~p~fi~ut t~ati~ oo,6 8
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LUC~' ~T'R,.~ "r,I&KE BELI]~VE BJ~E4,P,90~4, CommercJ.al - Se~t. 14, 1942 - =or~zlaC (con~) BLO~: these experts ~ckles have more the, t,ice aa ~v ex¢ip~ive s~okers a~ ell other brcads Of clgaret~s co~bined. ~es Xol~.% if it's the qo~Aity of fin~ tobacco you're looking ~or in your ¢igareCte, ~nd who i~n't?...°If At'8 Increased saoMiag ~Joyment you ws~ I ~est that ¥ou we, l~ i~to your fLvorlte ~b~cco s~oro this very d~y end select ~s your choice Luc~ Strlke~ ~e ci~rette t~t =e~ fine tobacco. ~TH01 0016519
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LUCS~ ~TPIKE "b~E BELIEVE BALLROO~A" Com~e~i~l - September 14~ 1942 - evenln~ BSOCKt You ~owj folke~ last n/~ht I were% to ~ ~¢,rty, A~ B J~DAIE~gT ~h~% a 9~rtyl And ~h&t ¢ morning ~£terl T:¢I1, to~ tiJ~ out from the general Bll!ln~ erou~d of the crowd le3t night ~n~ ~t ~o~.~ in D ¢~:lr on ths e,i~e of the too= r~nd Just ~tched the ~o~le. Dl~ you ever do that ~t ~r%T - ~ust "~.tch the peo)ley There were ~+,e r~l live ~lre~ ~t that ~rty e/~ right - full of ;ersonel~ty an~ ~, ~d th~+~ ~h~t ~ke~ ~o~le cl~ck - @er6onall~ °..t~ey=re vlvac~ou$~ full o." Joi~, a go~ ~or~, tntere~tlu~ distinctive .~merl~. Lot~ of thin~ ~o into ?er~on~llt~° ~ Just s~t there r~tchlng and thi~og° kad ~s I lit a Lucky I couldnlt hel~ bu% think that c/g~rett~a have ~reonal£ty~ %oo. But taerela o~e m~Min tb~n~, that ~oe~ into c~arette~ person~lity ~nd th~t~s the tobacco° ~o ¢l~r:tte c~n be an~ bett~r then the tob~¢oo fro~ ~hich ~t'B madB. Tntly~ in ~. ~.iE~rette it~ the tobacco that coumt~ end so because th~lre ~e oC C~ne tobacco - ~!d~r~ bett~r ta~ttn~ 1~ Cot wh/ch our buy~r~ bare ~id %h~ _~rlce ~t ~ublic ~wtion~ ~11 over the ~outh~ I 6~.v that Luck/~ are botmd to have a 9er~o~e/~ty that youlll Cn~oy. Now a ~ermm ~|%b ~er~onality me7 Curnish you ~i~h snt~rt4dning 9~oked~ ~o ~'ree ~md e~¥ on the dra~ ~+11~ ~rn/~h ~ou ~*.b increased ~oki~ ~l~ure ~e~ youlre alone o~ ~en you're in coa~nyj ~ad at eny ~+kin~ hour of your bu~, de~. ~o~ ~ donl+~ ~ou t~y ~ ~c~ o~ Luck~e$ t~i~ht? ~oo~e the ~i~et~ tb~t ~n~ fine tobacco~ the one rlth ;er~on~l~t~, the une the i~de2endent tobacco ex.~rt¢ .~re~er t.o to one. ~e~ sir~ ~hen you l~ht ~uo~r yo.=ll like ~ Lucky. • ATXO 00te 20
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y~t~re ~er, $~ d~,t b, ou t~ a ~eek of IA~ckie~ to~ay~ YOU'll find th~ a truly l~g $.lm~. f~leudl *
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LU~ STRIKE "HA~E BELIEVE B~LL.~O~" AS BROADCAST Co~erclsl - September 15~ 1942 - eve~dng No~ l~s~ week I ,~e readi~ a mlgh~7 Inter~sting book by Oorneli~ Oti~ ~A~mer. And in It~ e~on~ o~h~r %hlngsp ~os Skinner te11~ of how she lea~ed several fore1~ l~ngu~es from a book, but yeers l~%er the only thln~ ~hat she could 1-eme~b~r lo~rnlng ,~s: H~I% ~ ~ostil~an h~s been s~ruok by li~htnln~° ~d she 18~-ned ~mt in Russian. No~ they're not very uee£ul ~ord~ e~peclally i~ ~oulre %r~velln~ ~ro~d ~d you ~P~t ~ood and shelter. "~dle It' B £~m to ~ccum~il~te ell sorts o.r k~o~ledge It1~ be~t to ~vo ~ ~ood su~lx o~ u~eful information in ~tock. ~hen I tell you /01k~ th~ amon~ %he indopend~t %ob~¢¢o ~ert~ Luckle8 have ~o~ ~han ~Ic~ ~ m~ny ~xclu~Ive a~okers a~ sll other brands of c$~rette~ ¢o~bi~ed~ th~t~ useful in~or~a%Ion. And when 1%ell you that ~t1~ little ~der that these ~ ~ho kmo~ tobacco be~t choose L~¢kles t~o %o one bemuse afar sl1~ they ~ttend these ~bllc auctions.° .they ~ee who ~uys what %obscco ~d %hey see the buyerz for the maker~ o~ Luckle~ ~ the price a~a~ ~nd ~ala for %he ~ner le. f...~Ii thatIB useful info~iou° T~tI~ ~11 Xno~-~e~e thatI~ ~or~h actin~ on...infor~ion %h~ brln~s r~ult~ - Incre~sod ~oking ~le~sure. Yes~ from the~e £sct¢ itI~ ~ret%y obvlou~ that Lucky Strike me~n~ fine tobacco - the kind o~ le~ thnt you and ~ ~nd e~den%ly %he inde~nde~t %oba~co ~rpe~% too, ~ant~ to smoke. So roond~ ~o ~irm~ so fully gacked~ ~o ~re~ P~d easy on the d~a~ - Luckle~ ere %ruly ~ Ic~ t~e friend. The ne~% ~d~e your %oba~co dealer ~ak~ ,w~at~ yours?"~ why~ you ~ust ~s~er "Luekies, ~le~e"j and then ~tch y~r ~omin~ ~Joy~ ~o~ and grow. ~T~01 0016522
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LU~ STRIKE "~t~E BELIEVE Bt~" Co~ercial - ~eptember 16~ 194~ - ~orni~ BLO~: ~ ~ROADC~T Sey, h~ve eny of you folk~ ever thou~'.ht of the v~lue of ~ lrbel - I mean ~ l~bel ~o~ ~ goo~ sho~ - a l~bel th,~t ~e~ns e~cellent ~u~lity? I£ you see ~ good looking coat ~omeonets we~ln~j then notice the label to be tha~ o£ a £avorite store - ~n ~xcell~nt store ~lth the re~ut~tion £or cerryiug good clothes, don't you aubcon~ciousty for~ an eveu better opinion of that coet? If ~ou see ~ suit with c ~ood l~bel~ don't you ~entall/ rely on t~e customary serv~c~ of ~t co'~any and make up your r, lud that l~'s a fine ~u~t? Lebels are impor~t thln~ i£ they ~ter, d for ~uality - i£ they,re ba~ed on confidence and past ~er~cr~ance. Now the l~bel..°.Luc~ 3trik~ .... stands for • great deal to the average ~oker 1L~e you and me. The label, Luc~ ~trike, sta~s ~or fine tobacco in ~ fine cigarette. And ~our ~vorit8 s~ore re~lizei that quality goods ere neee~ to give you co~£1dence in Sts re~ut~tion - $t~ lebelo And so the m~er~ of L~ak7 ~Lke r~ t~ t~e re~te.t~on of ~ r~t~rette~ your trust in it~ l~bel - ~epend~ on the tobacco it contains. ~o cigarette ce~ be eny better then the ~ob~cco £rom ~hich it l~ m~e; /or l~ a cig~ette it'~ th~ ~ob~cco that count~. ~o~tr co~n ~ens~ will tell you ~h~t. A~.d ~ it'~ little ~nder t.hat Lucky Strike is a good label - one b~ed on excellent re~ut~-~ion. True Lu~ Strike ~ee~s £~ze tobacco ~ /ine tobacco ma~e into e cig~r~*~te~ so round~ so £1rn~ so ~tlly ~acked~ ~o free ~ud e~sy on %he dr~ that you can't hel~ but lik~ them. And re~ember, £riendst to li~t Luck~ i~ to like ~ Lug, RT~O1 0016~23
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C Co~e~lal - 8e;te.~,her 16, 194f - evening ~ave you fo~ ever bee~ down to the rea6y-te-weaz cloUats a~rke% ~n New ~o~? I ~es never there tilI ~ust the other d~y end I hs~ened t¢ walk by a~d there ££ r.as - all those t~ll b~tldings between Seventh and v~tghth Aven~e, all the loft~ In every building occupied b~ ~holeeale houses meilin~ clothes to b~ere fro~ the various steres all over the co, try. ~e creeds were milling ~reund down on the etreete t~d~ln~ ~riees and ~sh lots°..°I never heard such le~guage in aM ~hcle 11fe.°..things I uever heard of before. There 1as ~n £~ense clothes ~-r~et right in the hesrt of ~bu el~y, rnd y~t ~t of us here in New ~erk~ ~ew Jer~ey~ and C~nectl~ut d~*t patronize It at e/l° ~b rely on ~he taste and good Judgment of the buyer~ free our ~avorite de~ctaent steres and efeclel~y sbu?s to ~ic~ ou~ ~ae q~ali~y ~ ~ ~e beat ~l~° ,~ ha.-e c~d~ce in thp~e baMere, we trust their opinions. The reaeon I mtinn ~bls £e ~o show n eim11~rity th the ~base of clgaretteSo ~ a~okers we ~at have conftdenee~ teo....we-~e eam*~ al1 go down te the tobacco aue~A~ doun South and make b~e of ~eleeting the finer tebeee~ that we~d like to smo~e. ~d ~.t~s why ~e rely on the thbaceo buyers for our #~rtAeul~r ~r~n~ of alg~rette. Thetis ~hy, too, I thank tt~ ~, good tde~. to rely on ~¢MY ~trlke 1~ you went ~n~re~ed e~ok~g e~Jo~, be~,~uf;e ~we ~een the b~er~ £o~ Luckles ~a~ing the price again and ag~ ~ ~Abl£¢ thb~cco ~etlons in ~rder to get that ta~ I~cky Strihe tobacco. ~ow we take it fo~ granta~ th~ in a cigarette lt~ the tshaeeo that cou~te~ ~nd becauee 7lye seen those ~cky ~trAke tebaceo b~ers e~ ~ork out in open ¢em~e~itlon getting t~baeeo the e~erte regard as the ~lder~ better taet4ng lee~. I ee~ that we ea~ e~eo t~e it for grated that X~eky ........ ATN01 0015524-
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t C LU~f b~RIKE "~ BELIEVE BILLr~O~" ~rclel - ~pto 16~ 1942 - e~nln£ (c~n~) BLOV~= (oont~) Strike means fine tobacco - ~o ro~d, =o firm, ~o ~lly packed, so free and easy on the dra.. Luc~les ~.~e E recap made bid for eny s~ker who wants increased meklng pleasure. No., why don~t you tr~ the smoke the independent tob~-c¢o experts choose two to one? Put your confldence in a cigazette that =e~ns fine tobacoo - in a cigcrette ~ith chsractero RT~01 0016~;2~;
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f LUC~ STRIKE "MAK~ BELIEVE B;I~3~" Commercial - September 17, 1942 - morning BLOCK: A~ BROADCA~/ Did you ever go to the baker's for your mother ~em you "~ere a kid? Send you do-m to the b~kez7 she~ to bring bs~k a lo~f of bread ~nd ¢t7o dozen roll~. After you go do~n and give the baker the order and he puts all the bre~d end rolls in a beg, remember how ¥eu used to atand there and ~zmit for the bonus that the baker usually ga~ you - one of those big sweet cookies - sugar all over the top of it? I ~ow I remember shoppin~ with my mother in e big general store. They sold everTthiuf there - frait.% an~ ve~etobies and grocerinso And [ ~oy I can re~emher T,~tchi~g the SCales bein~ ti#ped to exactly one ~ound of sugar or three pounds of flour, and then the clerk would always ~ut in Just a little bit more for good measure. Ouee~ everyone kmows the meeml~ of the phrase....one for good measure. It's ~ ~,trk of good-will among tradespeople to sho~ ~h~t they a~2reciete your ~atronage~ end that by their act 0£ gmerosity they want you to come back again ~ud buy more in the future. The reason I mentt~ this is because the m~kexe or hecay Strike cigarettes raise reLlthe the meaning of....one for ~ood measure. and the good measure I'm t~Ikin~ about is t~t finer tobacco that goes in to e~ry Lucky Strike you smoke tod~y. You see,'we instruct our tobacco b~-ers to syare no effort to obtain the finer lea~ that you and I .~-~nt to smoke. And these buyer~ - at ~:llc auction - 2my the price agath__ An~ again for finer, lighter, milder better tasting tobacco. No% among the men ~'ho ~e-~ these ~e~es going on are the independent tobacco exerts - the s~ctio~eer~, b~ers, end warehousemen. They hear the ~ctioaeer chant....Suld Americanl To these experts, those words man that the makers of Luckies have acq~red another bas~et of fine tobscco. That's ,.~y it's small w~der that among the~e men ~ho ~now tobacco best, these .... RTH01 0016526
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C (con~) men who make their living in the thb~cQo bus4-ues~ - Luc~tea ha~w more %h~n %~ce as m~n? excltmlve smokero as ¢Ii o~her br~mds of c~re%%es eo~b~ed~ ~nd %~% ~l%h ~he~ ln4~4aut e~rt~ 1%t8 Luck~es t~o %o ~e° No~ the extr~ ~ea.~re Fou ~et in Ia~kin~ ~s %he en%r~ ~ual~%~ lee, f %t~% h~s ~ade %h~ u~ ~inck~ Strike' mesa ~e tobacco. Your ah~re of that f~ner tohe~co W~it~ • i¸ • ~ .... ~TH0! 0016S27
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LO~ SIRIKE "~L~E ~ BALL.C3" A~ BROADCAd~ Co~erci~l - 8epte~bs~ 17m 1942 . evening Have you ever looked up into the sky on an es~clally clQer night and Just wondered at all those star~ up there? Did you ever notice that zil~ ~.V rnd thought to yours~I/...,T~t m&kes £% ~o vhit$ ~d cloudy I~E? ~'~11, I ~ce to<~ ~ cour~s in Astron~, I re~er what ~he ~ro/esgor l;r~d,,,,Uart1.~p there are ~ll~s ~nd mlllinns and Lullious of ~t~rs up there. You canlt see f~ with the neked eye but theylre concen~.~.~d in a ~e.t~ acros~ the sky that ~e call the Milky ~7. NO~ that old ~rofes&or .as a learned ~an ~nd I believed hl~ a~d yet ~eho~ I ~asn't c~le~ely convinced - not ~o~leto~ ~til I looked ~t the Mll~ r~y ~brou~h a thirteen inch tele~o~e c~e ~ht+ The~ ~t ~ust see~d ~o o~en right ~p. Thous®nds and thous~mds of stars - unoou.b~le sters ~hat I Just oould~,t e~ with the n~kad pye. ~ou ~o.~ fol~s~ that feeling I bad ~s ve~ similar to the ~me I bed about I~o~ Strike ~garet~s. l I~ow thet e~ng inde~nde~t tobacco ex~ert~ - a~ong ~en "ho ~new tobacco best - Just as ~ old ~rofessor ~new a~trono:~, Lu~es b~d more th~n t~ioe a~ ~ exclus£~e ~.okere as ~d/ other brends of cigarettes cc~bined, I ~ew that these ~en saw the ~Ubllc ~uction sales in pn~Ere~ domo .~out~ thet the~e ae~ ~w ~ho ~uE+~t what tobacco. ~st aomeho~ that f~t d£~'t reslly hit ho~e ~ti~ I s~. for ~elf our buyer~ really ~o1~g to town .hen I ~slthd the openihg of the ku~li¢ auctions down iu ~Ii~o~ North Ceroli~G l~t • ~nth0 Them I e~w with ~ c~ eye~ ho~ o~ ~'er~ do ~o al'ter thnt lm~, Strike l~f ~a~n ~.d ~gain. I~ ~vfortu~ato~,~. all of you folks listening ~us% c~n't get down to the auctions in the ~outh to see f~ yourself. But trt~y, LuCk~ Strike ms~s fine tobacco ~d %ho inde~ndent tobacco ex~ ~ho here seen tho~ ~les ~oing on ha~e si~l£1ed their pre:~erence for Luckies two to ~, He~'e'~, how~,ve~-, f~T~O'i 0015528
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BLOCK: (con'S) one ex~erier~ce that all you ~okerc c~ here that ~ll ~ro~e ~o you ~ a e~o~ of e doubt t~t I~k~ $trl~ l~ ~ ct~rette tll~t ~1~ br~ you lucrea~ed s~ok~g ~e~s~re. 3ust ~lk ~uto your f~v~rlt~ tobacco store e~d orde~ ~ p~ck of ~uckios. ~ ~¢~lt n~e~ telesco~s to o~e~ u~ new ~ta~ o~ ~reater a~ok~ng ~uJo~cnt. Youlll f~d that every ti~e you li~t e Luc~/ youl~l l~ke ~ Lucky,
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J F LucI~ StrS~¢e e~.~ B£LILV~ ~ALL~a" Co~rcAal - Se~teeber 18, 19~2 - ;~rning ~S BRO~C '~ST Right uo~ I ~nt to talk about L~is - toya, thstls ri~J~t. re h~ve ~ lot of th~ home. Patie loves toys° Only hroubl~ AS that ~n 8plth o£ the Eaat that ~o h~ve a lot of ~ys ~t h~e ~| theylre ~etinla I think Potle's f~ ~her - thatIB ~e~ o£ course, ~ts Just ~8 =uch fun out o.~ those toys as the the house the kld doesn't h~ve much of ~, chence to get at them. The other ni@ht Z ~,~ ?Icying ~th ~ i~t~Io tc~ ~@net he h~. Did ~ou e~er 8eo on~ of them? It wall ~thr~Qt ar4v metal o~,Ject - yoa ba~ hair~ins, l:ud spoo~s, and bit~ of steel - often tlme~ th~8 he~vler than the s~gnet itself. An~ as i w~ plavi~ with that t~ ~qnet I got to ~bAnking of all the things that re~Ond to each uther ~Imost the we2 that m~t end those ~£eoes of steel did...thafr ma~eti¢ per- eonalltin~ that drew others to t~ almost invo1~t~ri~v. Xn fact, lots of things have ~n of~thit¥ for each other. For axa~le~ I've uotined that ~ s~art dress ar~ ~ st¥1~sh wo~en Just seee. tc ~r~vLtebe toward each ather. ~one~ attracts bees. ~n~ tha b~ers of to~.~cco for Luck~ Strike Cigeratthp eeem to b~ zutomct~cally attracted to th~ fL~ar baskets of tobacco at auction ~les throughout the South. YOU ~ee, folks, r~lly in cigarette i~I8 ~be t~b~oco that c~ts, a~d it st~d~ bo re~son that n~ c2gare~he c~n be ~ny batter than the tobacco it coutains. So, the m~ker4 o£ Luc~i~ spare ~o effort to get ~or your increased smoking enJoymeut the £iner, m~Id~ lighter leaf 4~ that you sad I wsnt to ~e. Thatls w~ we ~ the ~rlce to get that fine~ Luck~ ~tr~ ~eaf. £~d the indepeede~t thb~coo BFKO~ 0016530
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Luck7 ~tcllm "~JLKg BCLIgV£ 3J~J~0~ -2- Co~a~rcl~l - 8~ptemb~ 18) 19/~2 - Moz~¢~l~ (Contlnu~) B~C~a • i¸ • RTH01 OO76.R3 1
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~ornaero~ - Sep~.aber 16, 19A~ (Event~) J FriendB, do you know that oi(I saying ~there are ~ ways to skin a eat?i That a~liea to a ~reat aany thlags ... a great many ways to 1~ke a good cake. Za~ cook wlll halo hia or her favorAte reclr~, hls o~ ~ethod of mAxing the /ngredlent~. M~ny ,~ys of ~4k/ng a fine coat ... Each tailor has h1~ o~ ~eth~ of cutting ham pcttorn and fatting the pieces of cloth t~ yo~ flgure. And why ~I to build a fla¢ ~use .,. one ar~hAtect mat lean to sim~lew ~o~era llaes, ~d another to colonial. There,~ Qne eat tha~ can ~e skinned in ~ oce w~v. I ~p~ak of ~e ~kAng of a f~no ci~arette~ ~eoa~se in e c~gare~t~ i~rs the to~cco that ~o~nth. And it st4nd~ to reason that no c~gsretto eau be ~ny bette~ than ~he tobacco f~o~ thlch It's rode. ~he ~akera o~ Luok£es ~aows that only ~ ~aklng Lucki~I ~ut of finer tobaccos can it hope to bri~ .You a finer s~oke - o~e t~t ~ill surel3 ~Lng ~o~ Iaereased e~g ~Joy~ent. ~e want you to feel that ever~,i~e you ].~ht a LUc~O" you,re ~o~ud to llke a Lucky, ~ha~ L~ckA~$ so ro~d, so £ir~p so ~ully packed, so t~'ee and easy o= the dra,~, are ~he peak of e,mkiug e~$Oylent,. And so the~ take great pelae to ~et that Ii~ter, uilde~ ~ellow to~CCO for y~u. At ~bl~c auctloue all over ~he South the~ pay the price a~i~ and ageA~. No~ £ sa~ these men in a~ti~n with own eyes ~an I ~s do~u S~ut~ at the openAng of the tobacco au~t.ion~, in ~Al~o~, ~orth Csrolir~ last ~th. The ~u~e~n~e~t ¢obecco experts a~eo see these sales going on. They see ~bo tx~s what tobacco and ~t's ~y it'~ ez~eciall~ el,~ul~icant .*. with thene aen Luckles have ~ore th~ t:~ice as uaz7 exclusive ~aoker8 as all other brands of c~garettes eo~bin~d. No getting ero~d £~ - there's only one way to get a l'~ne ci~ret~, aad ~at'8 to ~eose one that's ~e t~om fine to~aoco. And that means to choose Lu~kles. ~ou111 ~ind th~ a ta~l~ loag ~ friend. ~Y~01 0016~32
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,/t F Com~ercinl - September 19j 194~ (;JonLtn8) AS ~OAIrAST ~CE: ~l~rp did you ever play Gin r~.? WeI2, thatt~ a foolish ~uestlon to ask uow-a-d~ve. ~o rotter 1here you go, you find people ple~ving Gin ~my - fascinating game. ~ s~nce most of ue are playing it these deys~ I guess you ]mow that I mean ~en I referto a Olu Card. It's the card that gAveJ you a perfect hund . ~ vrinn~g band. Tbet card ~ke~ your hand ~beatable. Iou know hot. ~porbaut a Gin Cerd is in pl~'ing Gin ~. Well, tbet'e Just bow l~ortant true +~bacco Is In t~e ~-~kLn8 of a fine clgerette. Therete no subatltote for it. ][our common sense ~ll tell yo~ that ao cigarette can be aay better than the ~obacco it contains, rn a clgaretba~ ~tIB the tobacco that counts. Tot~cco'~ the ~p~a~ent thing. I~o1, that reason the makers o~ L~ek£e~ B~ud their I~wers dorn l~to the t~tee~ eo~atry to I~b]Ae auetl~ tdth instruotlene to ~et that finer tobacco. We I~Y the prJLce again and sga~n to obt~An It for your increased ~ pleasure. Ilo~ a~ng those present at these great ptlb~lc arterY.one are the &ndependent tobacco exl~et, te~ ~tea who see ~ho b~ys ubat tobacco. They see f£ne leaf tl~e af~ tins ~Sold ~erlcau,n SO, At'e ~t~le ~onder that sworn record~ show that a.~g these ~en~ L~ckiee have sore ~ban tt~oe as exotusl~e e~oke~s as all other blwnds of e~garettee e~b~ned. ~es~ with these independent e~i)erts - these ,sen ~ho know toba~o bast, ~ud you: it.s Luck£es t.~ to o~e. $o fir~, eo roun~: eo fully ~(~ted: so free and enay ~n the draw, Luoktes are a sux'e ~vorlte. 11o% you folks know how de:inlvely a Gin ~ar~ ~ins a Gin gone - well, that's ho~ s~z~ly Luek~es ~ bring you greator s~ok~g e~Joy~mt. ]~y donlt you try a pack today? Just eW.," .o. Luokles, please. &qd you~lX ~ow you*re I~oktng x'lne tobacco. m ~ RT~I 0016:333
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f ~.d you ever hc~ the one &bout the z~n ~ho ~s out walk~n~ one n~,ht ~ith ~ fried of his, and it ~s ~rotty d~r~ - t.h~ ¢ ~.e~ wc~kin~ a~ng ths street - rea~h~d into ~ pocket - h~ ~n~ he ~d a tea dollar b~l th0~? ~.~en he 10~ ~n h~s ~ock~t for th~ ten dolor bill, it was goue. ~tur~lly ho ~ted to ~o b~c~ ~nd ¸Look £o~ it° So lm ~u~ed over to ~e nel~rest l~pcst ~nd ~tr.rt.~J to e~rch around on th~ side~Ec. C~rlle, said b~ frie~d~ vb~ are ~ou se,~ching ~ver ~er~? F e ~ere ~Iking doTm ~r.t streot. ~e~, i ~no~, ~utt~r~ Cnarlie, Btill se~rchin~ under t~e ~m~o~j but it's lighter over here. Did ~u ever ~ear that c~e be- fore~ Gue~ a lot of you folks here, I bet none o~ you out there though think you're the least bit 1~ ~oor old • Charlie° ~rlte~6 bill wa~ a te~ d~r bi~° ~ ~ill al~ ~u aver~ a~kars ~ent to ~11 le your increased amo~n£ ~le~ure. No~, ~ ~tl~ ~re~ter s~o~ enJoy~e~ you ~en~ ~ ~o doe~'t - do ~ou ~u~t the ~a~e ke~p or~r~ the s~ brand of c£o~ttes ~ust out ~f ~bit? ~ell, the~ you=re t~u~ ~o ~nd bl~ lost ten d~l~rs, your co~o~ sense ought to tell you th~ no ci~rett~ ¢~n b~ r~ b~tter t~n • he tob¢cco it cout~ns; that in ~ el~rette, ~t~s the to- bacco ~t ¢o~ts. ~d Luck~ Strike a~ fine tobacco. No~, IIve seen our b~ers ~t ~ubli¢ ~uction p~g the ~r£ee for the re~l Lu~ $~lke tob~coo~. Aad the in~ .o~t tobacco o~pert~ - the euotionaer~ en~ ~erehouSe~n ~d
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Co~erolel - ~e,)te~ber 19, 1942 - Evening (Co~tlnu~d) C buyer~ ~ho ~tten~ these ~ublic ~uctiono a~ ~o see who buys ~hat tobecco - givo !~c'~le5 +.heir sf~ of ~.p~rovel f&ct, among these men :~.o ~ow tobacco bs~tD Lucki~s ~ve more ~bL~ t~e ~S ~V exc~Iv~ 8~Ok~ ~ ~i other br~nd~ of cigaret~ c~blned. ~I~ don't ~u ~ you find ~t you're ico~InF ~r¸ in your ci£aret~. ~ext ~i~e you ~Ik into ~e tobacao s~ore~ order ~u 'c~le~. ~o round, so firm, ~o ~Aly ~c~ed - so £cee an~ ~sy on ~he ~ra~. The~,re boun~ to 9r~ve a trol~- l~g-tA~e ~'riend. / . QIFH01 001~S~
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( Lucky S%r£k~ ~K~ B~LIEVE ~i~OOM AS BRO~/~AST Commercial - 8ep%L~ber 21, 1942 - Mornlng say you ~:, friends, %h~ other nlght I a%%~d a psr~y - had a lot of f~. However, I got ~ from th~ general ¢r~ %ha% ~a$ mill~ around, sat do~,n in a chalr at the sid~ of the room ~nd Jus% watched %~he ~o~le. Did you ever ~o tb~%? It's really mighty f~mny. There were some re~l liv~ ~i2~s a~ that party - {~II of personality and pep. Did you e','.~r 8top to think ~.~% mak6~ people click - ~ha% makes ~r~onallt~ Th~se p~opl~ ~e ~ vlv~clou~ and full of Jokes, a ~oo4 spots. Lo%s o.e ~hin~s go into ~rsonsll%~. And I ~as si%t~%g there s~oklng a Lu~ 8tr£ke ~a%cl~h%~ %h~ smoke curl up around me and I began to think %hat ei~%e~ have persona!It~, too. 9ut th~r~'s J~ one main thing that goes {a%o ¢igaret%e ~r- sonali%y makes it click, and that's %he %oh~¢co i~ "~o~%a~8. NO ¢Ig~tte can hope to he ~m~ better or ha¥~ a~ ~ore ~pg~n- ali%y than %h~ %obacco from ~-lch i%'~ made. In a c£gare%te it's the tob~oco that ¢o~ts. ~n~ %hls is so ~¢~,use they ~ m~de of fi~e ~o~eco - ~i~er, better %as%ing leaf for ~hlch our buyers hsve ~a~ th~ ~tc~ ~t ~hllc auctions all over the So~h~ I s~ %ha% Luck~es are bound to have a ~r~on- ali%y youlll e~joy. .Ne~ a p~son wt%h ~rsou~i%y may .~urhlsh you ~ith enPlAning conversation, but a Luck~ Strike - so ro~dj so firm, so f~lly pack~ so free and easy o~ th÷ dr~,~ ~ill furnish you ~Ith {ne~as~d smoking ~l~as~ ~.'hem youlre ~lone or ~hen youlre in compan~ a% any ~aklng hour or ~, day. ~ny don~ you try a pack o_~ Lucki~.~ tod~ Choos~ tlm c~are%te %hat means f~e tobacco, th~ one with ?~rso~al$%y~ %h. one the - the indepe~den% tobacco expeP%s pP~fer %wo ~o one. RTN01 0016536
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Luo~ ~rike .~AN~ BgLI~V~ B~L~O0~ AS DRO~'~AST BLOCK: A couple o£ days ago I had a piece o~ sheet music aria I 1~ to have a chatostatic copy ~e o£ it, Have you ev#r seen a photo- static copy o£ anything7 ~11, as the name in,lies it'e ~n ~x~ct photograghic reproduction of ar~- doc~ut~ ~t's ¢~p~elall~~ re- assuring bec~se you ~ow that there cen be no m4stakes~ ~caufe say... Martin~ that'~ all very intcreatln~, but ~h~t in the ~orld has a photostatic copy got to do ,ith Lucky S~lke Cigarettes? ~;el!, loo~:, A~'s this way... ~ you saoha LuekAe~ youtre im- pressed ,lth the truly fine tohacco from ~hich they're mede. ~ou ca~.t hal~ but ha. That finer~ milder, better tast~g lea~ for ~hAch ~Ar ~a~rs p~ the price again aud again at public auctions all o~ t~e 8outh As e'~ident in 5vc~isl. ~ %h~re~l still a further ~assuranee that LUCh~eS wil~ co,tinge ~ giv~ you that i~crea~ed ~oMlng enact ~ou've e~pe~lenced. ~cause Just as that photostatic copy is a~ e~ct duplicate of %ha origi- n~l docent ~ust ~o all the Luc~ies you ~ke, every ~ackage ¢~ L~kA~ ~ou baM - a~ L~kies ~ ~t~y ~L~ ° in that th~t~ • a~e consistently of finer tohecco - finer tobacco whith ~akes the~ a fin~ cigarette. Yo~ ~ frinnd~, no cigarette c~n hope to be any batter than the tobacco £ro~ ~hich it,# aado, and thet'~ w~V it~e 8spocl~ i~rbant to us awrag~ am~kere that L~kies guar~te~ £ine tobacco in each wd every ~uckp StrAk~ b~ obta~g the b~tter l~af at these p~lie austion~. And i~ls s~all w~e~ t~at among the independent tobacco experts ~ho geo thane to~oo ~al~ going on, who can't halp but see ~ha ~ys ~hat th~acoo~ Luckie~ have ~ then $w1¢~ as ma~y ex~l~siv~ s~oha~J u all Other braa~s of cigtreth~s combined. ~A~V, Atle ~ fast that Luc~ Strike ae~ f~e tobacco - ~i~oral~ etea~v, ~aswervh~v. Each ~ eve~ cigarette waiting to gl~ yO~at~ smoking
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Lue~ 8trAke "'A~ ~C BAEL~OOM" Commercial - $ephembor 22, 1942 - Morning BLOCK: YOU k~ow, I was re~lin~ a very atoning book by Co~elie Otis Skinnerj and in itp among other thinge, MAss Skinner tells of ho~ she learned several forei~ lan~ages f~o~ a book, b~t that years later the only thing that she could re~mher learn~g wLs one thing ihe leam~ &q Ru~s~, and that ~es '~lt~ ~ carriage h~s heen struck by lightning.' After studying a la~goage that ~a~'t v~¸ auch to r~aeab~r, las it? Thoy'r~ nat v~ry useful words, if you'r~ traveling abroad ~d you want food and shelter, stile it,s f~ to accumulat~ all sorts of ~owl~dge it's bext to hav~ a good sup~iy of useful inforaat~en cn hand. Now ~hen I tell you folks that aa~g the i~dependeat tohacco experts Lu~kie8 have ~re then twito as m~y ~xelustv¢ s~okers as all other brand~ of ¢~a~etteB co~binad that~ ~aful inf~tion. When X toll you that it'~ 1Attle wonder that these ~n who ~ tobacco best choose L~kies two to o~e~ ~e- ca~e after allj they a~tend these ~Ablic ~uotlo~s and see who b~e what toba¢co~ and th~ see the b~ere for th~ mher~ of Luckiee p~ the price again and again for tbo finer leaf, that,8 u~efol inf~- tAon. Thot'~ all kn~ledge and it's worth acting on - iofor~aticn that briage resutt~ - increasnd smoking pleaSUre. Fr~ these facts it's pretty obvious that Luc~ Strike means fino tobacoo - th~ kind of leaf that you and i and evidently the l~dependoat bobaceo ex- per~s~ too, want to smoke - so roundn so firm, so fully packed, so free and o~sy ~ the dra~. IA~kie8 are a truly lon~ time friend. The next time ¥o~ tobacco dealer ~sks that's yours, why you ~ust answer... LuckAes, please, and then watch your sm~kin~ enjoy~nt grow an~ grow. - " TAO -O6 S 3
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/ ~uc~ 8~rtke "~ BELIEVE BALI~M ~S B~CZST Co~rcl~ - Septe~er 22, 194,?. - L~e~u8 You kno% friends, therems one place in these U~ited Btates that h~ alY~ys f~c~ated ~e~ snd t~t's the desert, Have you ever been out ~re ~ ~les ~u~ ~les of dry sand, ~ hot sun~ and c~tus? H~ve you ever eeen it? ~ere e~ there yoU,ll see ~ l~tle ~rti~e spot - a spring. They call it an oasis° Now in all the books Ilve ever re~ ebout %be deser~ and all the movies I've ever seen ebout - vill~ a~ herces a~e all make ~or ~he oasis. No~ ~nk goodness, all of you out there listeu~ to me have enough ~:ater.°. well~ ~iug~, river~j lakes, and reservoirs. Sure# we have plenty of w~ter, all r~bt. ~u~ ~here,s another kind of oasis all of us average s~kers look to, ~ that,s tba% oa~i~ of ~eater s~okin~ enjoyment. ~es sir~ ~ yourre after a really fine s~oke° Do you know ho. ~p~rtant water is to an oas~e? ~ell, ~ust as basic to ~e ~k~ as ~t~r %o an o~sl~s ~ ~e fiue %o~o ~u a ¢fg~rette. Your co~ ee~se ~ill tell you that no cigarette i~ an~ ~etter than the tot~c¢o froa Which it'S ~ade. In a c~aret~e ~'s the to.coo ~hat co~ts. Truly~ frlends~ Luck~ ~r~ke means fine tobacco. OUr ~ers ~ the price ega~ and again for the f~erj lighter, ~lder~ ~tter tastiug le~ that you and I want ~o smoke. The ~de~nden~ ~obacco ex~ts - the ~n~ers~ auctioneers~ ~areho~e~ ~ the ~en ,~ho ~ow %o~ac~o be~ ~hese ~ ~ee ~ho buys -hat tobacco. T~ey s~e f~e leaf con~ts~tl7 sold ~arican. So itt little wonder %bat ~o~u records show tbe~ ~ong th~se ~e~ Suckles - ec r~ur~, ec f~, so ~y ~ked~ so ~ee ~n~ ~ ou the d~a~ - ~v~ more ~u twice e~ ~ e~cl~e s~oker~ as all other ~r~ds o~ c~are~tes co~ne~. ~0~ ~ you're loo~ln~ ~orw~r~ to that oasis of great~ smok~g enJc~en% ~ these busy work~u d~¥s, ~ust s~y to the men back of the ©o~ter... Luckies please, I'= I~ ~'out~ f~d that every t~e you l~ht a Luc~ ~ou'll like a ~u~. ~uly, Luckies are a 1~ t~e friend. RTH01 0016539
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/' LUCk"/ ~'-TKI.~E ".~/~X£ B~IEVE BALLRO0[~" Co~rc5~l - September 23, 1942 - gon~;tng RTJ~ • AS PROADCAST T.q~n you wer~ a kid, did .~ou evJr re~ Gullivarls Tr;w~is? Sure you remember - th~ cne where Gulllv~r visits the Lilli~utians, and the little - the ~Idgets who mak~ him feel so big And a~keard. And then all of a sudden he finds hlms~If.ln the land of the giants where ~verybndy just to~ers above him. h~, I used to love that story w.hen I ~as a kid. It was good exercise. I had to stretch ~j imagi- nation to keep up with Gulliver a~ he went from one extreme to another. ~, de y~ Inow why I mention that? It's b~cause I -:ant to show you that wh~ I speak to you of Luchy Strike Cigarettes, you do ~ot have to stretch your ir~.~inatinu. Claims we make for Luckies never go to e~r~$. Yo~ set frle~ds~ I mereS' appeal to your eo~ sense as ~n average smoker who wants the ~st smokkng enJoy~ merit out of a cigarstba. I merely tell you foik~ that no clgaratte can be amy better then the tobacco which it ccntains. And that's certainly ~retty strai@ht dowa-tc-earth thinkiag. And then I tell you how with my own eyes I hava been the statements of the indepen~ dent tobacco experts whelva been steeped in the tobacco industry for five, ten, twenty - sometimes thirty years - and sworn records show that among these men, Luckies have more thou twice as many exclusive s~ker3 as all ether brands of cigarettes combined. And why not? After all~ these men ~now tobacco. And they see th~ makers of Luck[ paylug the price at auctions all ev~r the South for that finer Luck}" Strike leaf. No ~;c~der then, these independent tobacco me, prefer Luckies two to one. ~ien4s~ that's ~stor~ about Luckies... no superlatives - no extremes - no wild flights ef the imagination - and. no impossible claims. Nhat I've told you i~ all fact. you ~uew that in a cigarette it,s the tobacco that counts. And I've sho~n yc~ that LUCM~ Strike means fine tobacco. Nor, the next time you to into a tobacco store, order a pack of Luckles. you won,t need any ikaglna- tlon at all to real~e that ~ucktes ~ean greater smoking satiofacticm . - that Luckies are ~ruly a long-tim~ friend. ~TH01 0016~0
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Co~er c~1 - BL~K: "e~hh BsLIEVI B~M AS ~,~CAST September 23, 1942 - EvenlnE DO you usually ~ge people on their ap~eal, ance - by the way they look, you ~mow.~ I guess we all do that ~nce in a ~hile. you know, you meet ~o people who rather resemble each other in clothin~ e~d mann~-risms, before you've h~" a chance to really get to know them, you leap to conclusions that they're e like in character as well as in 1ook~. It'8 a pretty tricky business this jumping to talng8 conclusions - Judglng/on their surface appearance. You take ~othe~ exam.2!e. Take these t~o cigarettes of dlfferen% brands. No~ if I conce~l their n~a~e~ fro~ vi~ I guess to %.he average smoker %h~c/td look ~etty ~ueh alike.., t,o tub~s of white pa~er with tobacco in them. But again I say . .° it doesnlt do to leap to the conclusion that the~e two cigarettes ere alike, because If you do you may be doing yourself out of a ~:~a% deal of s~klng enjoyment. Now in a Parson char~c%er amd ;ersonel/ty ar~ the basis for IndivL4uallty, bu% in a ¢i~emet%e i%Is %he tobacco that makes the dlffereu~, you see, no clgemette ~ hope to be any better than the ~obacco from ~hlch it'~ made~ because i~ a cigarette it's the tobacco that reall.~ count~. Now Lucky Strike ~eans fine tobacco, and our buyers ~ho attend tobacco auc%ions all over the South ar~ instructed to pay the ~rlce to obtain th~ finer~ lighter, milder, better tastinf leaf that yo'~ and I want to amoke. And independent ~ohacco ~xper%s see these auctions in ~ozress. They see who buws What ~obacco. ~hey see our buyers paying the price consletently for that Luc~ strike tobacco. S~ it's pre%%y slgniflcant that ~Ith thes~ m~n who ~ow tobacco best ~/ckles - Jo ro%~dj so flpm~ so fully pack~d~ so free ~ud easy on the draw - have mor~ than twice as many excluslve smoker, as ell ~b~r ~ra,ds of ciZare%tes co~ined. Tna%.I why I say to you.., don't choose your brand of ¢i~aret%eB ~ su~ace appearance° Take a tip ~ the experts and chooBe the ©igaret%e wlth ~hax~te~ the ~i~mette that ~ns fine ~ttO~, tO'etC. TOU'll notice the d~£e~en¢, when yc~
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Sa~" h~ve Mou ever 1ookc~ up ~n~o ~he ~' on ~ ~s~aci~lly cl~r nigh~ DAd you ever notic-~ it ~d thought to 7o~I~...~t ~h~t ~ t~hat th~ look so ~hite ~ ~o c]o~.~ eli~ I onc~ ~tu~i~d c~trono~ and the o~ ~tle~a~ ~,ho ~ te~i~ ~e ~ou~ ~strono~, ~i~!..°'~t~ th~e'~ "~illion~ ~n~ ~il!ions of st~ up ~bere In that thug c~lle~ the ~lilkp ~. ~o~ ¢,~'t see ~!I of ~ha~ ~Ith yo,~ ~k~d eye but th~ylre conc~trct~d Ln ~ p~th ~cro~ th~ slq~. Now ~ oI~' ~ntle~sn ~ a !earnac~ m~n ~n~ I baliewd h~ so~h~ I ~an~t co~ple~0~ ~n~- 8~ds ar~', ~hous~z~s of ~t~.rs...un¢~tabl~ ~t~. you ~,~ that re,fAng r had ~,as ve~., ~i~nil~r to tD~ one T h~ about Luc~- ~qtrAk~ Cigar~tt~. I kn~ ~hat a~ong the £ndepend~nt tobacco ~arts - the me~ ~ho ~ tobacco best - ~¢ki~s ~ ~ th~ t~i~ aa ~ ex- clusive ~,~k~rs as all other brands of ciga~ttes combined. ~ I ~e~ that ~hese men ~ ~ne public auctio~ s~les in ~o~s ~o~m South a~ that they ~a'~: ~ho bought ':~h~ tobacco, lh~t so.~ho~ ~h~t ~ct ~It r~lly hit home ~tll I ~a~ for ~s~l~ th~ Du~ors fo~ ~he ~rs of buc~l~s re~l~ ~oln~ to %o~ ~h~n 1 ~,~o~:n vls~i~g %he op~nLng of %h~ ~ublic auction± in ~:i!~on l~st ~nth. I sa:: I~i~h ~ o~n~ eyas ho~ ~ort~t~ly, all of you fol~s li~nLng c~'t Co d~ to the to~o euction~ ~ s~e for yourse~, l~t ~ %ell you ~hat ~r~ly ~uc~ $~rlk~ ~ans f~e ~obacco ~ ~ ~e~t tobacco ~xpe~s ~ho ~¢e seen %ho~e sale8 o=olng on have si~ic&ntly sho~n a ~o ~o on~ ~aference for L~¢~le~° There's ~e ~xpe~i~ce ~hat ~i yo~ s~o~ ceJ~ ~v~ that will ~ro~ to y~ beyo~ a sh~ of a ~oub~ that ~o~ Strik~ is the ~Ig~e~t~ that will bring you ~cr~ased s~x~g pleas~e. You ~ust • ~eSk into ~o~ favorite tobacco s~o~ ~ ask for a paok o~ Lu~k~B. You won't ~ee~ a ~elesco~ %0 open up neu vistas of ~t~ B~k~g ~- ~Oym~t. ~ou.ll tlnd ~hat ~ve~ you light a Luo~ yo~'}~l~li~ ~T~01 001654.2
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5UCE~ STLIKE "~.~ 9Z~V~ ~AL~qX~ Co~l - S~pte~b~r ~j 1942. - Evc~g YOu re~h~ber the old story about Cinderella end %he glass slipper - ho~ ~t the stroke of ~i~.~Ight little Cindere11.~ r~ d~,n to her welt- ing coach ~ es she hurried do~u the pal~,c~ ste~s~ ,her s~ll glass slipper fell of£ her foot? /~ then the 0rlnce, on fln~Ing the little shoc s~c~ed and searched throughout his Kin~do~ to x'In~ t.he miner '~d ~ke her his bride? Remember ho~ Cin~erelle's u~!y ~iste~ ~rled to squeeze ~heLr ~oes !n%o that shoe, %o~, and ho~ only CL~'.erelleI~ foo~ oou~i fit into ~h~ fre~ile slipp~r? Then I ~ues~ you re:~.e~ber how Prince Chemming se~.rched /or that ~ect fit. ~e11, Jus~ as h&rd ~s he sear¢~dm ~o ~e ~yers ~or %he America~ Tobacco CoI~papy~ m~kers o~ Luck3, strike C~et~es se~¢h for ~he finer tobacco - that truly ~u~ ~trike To~cco that .ili fit ~he high st~d~ of the Luckles you ~mo~ toda~..°c~ly thi~ is no fairy eros. Our ~vers c~- els~lY P~/ the ~rlce at public ~uctions ~/i over ~he ~ou%h to ~e% the finer~ li~r~ better tasting lee/ %her we think ~ou ~nt to s~ke. Tobacco tha~ts made %he nar~ 'Luck~ Strike' ~ean fine ~b~cco. ~ow, our ~ere ~mow that nc cigarette can hope to ~e any ~r than ~e tobacco /ro~ ~hich it's made - that in a ¢~re~te~ it,s the tobacco the~ ¢ounte. So ~he~ they spot a ~ske~ of e~cellent leaf - tobacco that fi%s the Luc~ Strike blll - ~ell~ ~u can bet ~ ~11y &o ~/~er It! And then the independent tobacco e~ - the ~ucti~neersj buyers~ and wcrebouse~en ~ho atte~d ~hese public suction~ - ~i~ help but see who b~s wh&t rococo. And t~at's ~ it's especlall7 si~i/i- oe~t ~o all smoker~ that smo~ these ~n who ~m~ to.coo bes~ L~ickie8 -- so rom~d~ so fi~m~ so ~ p~¢ked~ ~o f~ee ~nd easy on the draw - have ~ore than ~ice as many exclusive ~Lokers as ~ii other bra~ds of oig~mettes co~Ined. 3ust ~s eure!y .s tha~ 81~ss slipper ~i% Cinder- ell~,s foot if you want a perfect fit for your s~okln~ requi~ments~ a, if you,z~ lo~ for increased smoki~ pleasure~ you ~ust fat • p~. of Luckies - %he ci~emette %ha% means fine tomato. _vesj sir whe~ ~o~. li~.ht e LUC~,~ ~ou'11 li~e a LUng. ATe01 0016543
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C¢~ercitl - 3e)~er 25, 194~, - mornin~ F BLOCK: Just ~onderln£ - when you ~ere ~ kid~ did you ever go do~u to the b~!~er'~ for your mothe£'~ Did you ~ver ~o do~m tber~ ~nd order n dc~en rolls rnd stand there 2~tienbly w~izin~; for the bonus that the bs~er wg~ sure to ~ive go~ - th, t bi~ :~eet coo~ie? i k~o~ I r~J~e~ber sh~2 ~knA with ~ ~ther in ~, bi~ ~ener~l store. They ~Id eve~-t~inf - f~ult.~, ~nd veg~_t~bles, ~nd groceries, I ~l','~ys used to ~o~der -- I remamber I eo,~d see the ~.~n in hack o~ the cou~ter ,;hen he'd :_i~re out the =-uf~ - one ~o~id, three ~ounds ol flour. !!e'~ ~l~r~¥s add ~ fer' .more gr~.ins for good messure. You knot: w,h~, d~n'~ you - you kao~ ~,d~t that one for good me~%u~e mezn~? ~'ell, it's a mark of food-~,ill ~ng trifles ~eo~le to ~bo~" that they ~g~reclete your ~tron~.~e~ ~n~ by their act of generosity they,re ~.s-ldag you to come b~.~k af~m ~n~ b~ more. No~, the reasou I mention th~s is because the makers of Lucky Strike cigaretta~ ~l~o re~llze th~ meaning o~. ~t one for food rues.sure. _~nd t~e good ~ea~ure I'm bl~ing about is the finer tob~ coo tn~t foe~ into Lucgy Stri~e. Yes, foLg~ the ~er~" Of LUe:<i~ thstl~ct their t0bacco b~yers to sJere no e~{'ort to ob~ in bhe finer le~,f t~hat you ~.~d I ~amt to ~m~:e. And ~h~ ~ buy~ra~ a~ ~ublic ~uctlons, 2ay the ~rioe a~ain nd alvin for l~n~r, llg~tsr~ milder b.°tter ta.tlng tobacco. No~ rmen5 tne~e :aen ~,ho ~e th~e ~a!~s going on a~e the inde)endent tobr~cco nx~ert~ . ~he suctioneers, btvers ~nd w~rehoueeuen. ~nd ~old .L~rie£11~ to %here ex?ert~ me~p$ ti~t t~e ~kev~ el iAlcgi~ !~v~ ~c~uired ~nother b~s2et of f~ic ~ob~ceo. ~'~d t~-t~ ',,~ 8T~01 0015~4
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Co=narclzl - Ze~%. ~5, 194~ - mornlnE (con%d) f ~LOCK, I lii~ ~:,i~ II ~onder that tmor.t,~ %he~s mon who k~ow t~bte¢o be~.t - buck~e~ h~ve ~-~r~ ~ twice ~ :~ exclusive ~e~e-~ ~:~ rll other br;:nds of ci~,~re%te~ co;~bln.e~. Yes ~r, Wi%~ ~e~e iad~.?endent tobacco exA~rt: it'~ Luckies t?,o to o~o, T~e .~:;%rl m-o~.~;±re you get in Luc~e~ is the ~xtrP q~,'~it~," i~-" the% n.~ ,~e %hs n~ ~Lucky Str~x~ z:e~n fine %obac~o. your ~'n:2~ of th~% finer tobl.cco a;zit~ you no;' In %h~% next ~.cx of L~c'-~ies. • ~T~01- 001654-S
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LJCK~ ST~KE Co~erelal - ~CK: "~AKE 5D~IEVE ~ASL.~'~" September £5, 194~ (~vening) SaT, did you ever see the "*i~do~: cleaner at ~rk? One of the= came into ~e office ~he other coming, ~tr~pped hi~l~etf ~J% ~n ~e • ~dor ledge, got out ~¢re on the ~111 fi£tcen ~¢o~e~ atove ~e ~ro,Jmdj ~n~ ~ent to ~o~. Poyw I remember ho~. my ~ther used tc polish the ~lndows in our house ~heu I was a ~d. Sh~ use6 a ~% rag~ soapy ~ter~ ~.qamois ¢~tho ~t a job to ~t t~loBe r,A~ polished ~o they ~re shini.ug and ~o ~treak~ on th~! That ~i~do~ clea.ne.~ ou~ there wa~ ~ork~n~ ~'~.~, ~l one of ~ho~e ~hl~,~ they call ~ s~,ueegee - it'~ a little rubber ~i,do~~ '~er, ~ust • flick of the ~Tt~t and ~e ~le T~ndo':' ~s ~he6, and ~i~d cl~n and shining. That ±~t~ie invention certainly i~proved ~he logks of tho~e ~indo'~ a hundred per ~eJ~t° There ~re lo~ of ~ct~d~ ~f downE tJ~.q~.~ bo~everj ~h~t no i~ven~i~n of ~odern ~cien~e h~ be~ able to i~prove. -V~u t~ke the m~l~g of a fine cl~rette. ~e secret of making a good cigaret%e is to take ~re~t patn~ ~ the selectioP, of tobaccos tha% go into i~. ~o~ t~e ~oo~ c~ea~cr ou~ there ... he's a.~ed rith his rJb~er s~uee~ee ~i~do~ ~per to h~lp hl~ do his Job. The ~er~ of Luc~.'.te~ ~uo~ th~ no cl~r~tte c~n be any bett~r ~u ~he tobacco it :on,in,% :'or in a ~l~aret~e ~t's ths to~cc0 ~t cc~m~. And t~t's ~ our b~tve~s ~ the ~rice a~ain and again ~t ~lic auctions ~o g~ f~ner, trcl~ ~uck~ S~rike leaf. That's ,.~hy, ~.en ~ ~et of ~ilder, li~hte~* leaf comes up /or sale you~!l often hea~ ~-~e ~uc~l¢~eer sa~' °o. "Sold ~'ic~n°" And the i~dependen~ ~obac~o ex~ert~ - tho~e ~en ~o've ~een steeped in the tobacco ~us~n~Bs for ~V ye~r~ .oo ~/~e~e ~en ~e the~e public ~uct~o~s in pro~es$. I~'s no surpr$~e st al~ t~mt ,~_th theee ~en~ Luc~les - so round, so firm, ao fully packed~ ~o ~ree and easy ~, the draw - have more than ~wice as ~any exclusive nTXO 0ol
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/ LUCKY STRIKE "~XE ~LIEVE 5ALLK>O~" Co.~ercAsl - ~ep~ber ~5, 194~ (Evenlng) P*.~E R ~kers as all other brands of cigarettes co~:bined. ~es elf, if you're kfter increased. ~ok~ng ~nJo.v~n~ then you slyly ccn't Improve on t~is me~od. Ju~% wolk into yoi~r fc, vorite to~aoco 6tore a,~d order ~ Luck~- Strike, a cigarette ~st ~ flne tobacco. .You'll fi~.6 the% rh..en you light a Lucky you'll like a Lu~,. BTH01 0016547
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j' 6o;aercle~ - 6e~-tember E6, L94[ (,+'ornlng) bLJC~: AS BFD~D~AFr ° d Say hid you ever hear ~e G~e about tOe ~n and hle friend ~ho rere talkinK do,~ the st.-met? He reached his ~ud into his ~leket tc take out some eoney and fo~ud he had lost a ten d~llar bill? ~ell. a8 soon as he saw tOe ten dollar bill ~,~s g3ne he rushed right over to t~e nearest lamp po~t and started to look erou~d on ~[~ 8ide:~lk for his ten dollar bill, His friend turned to him apd said .,. Chaff!e, ahat are you lookln~ over here for? ~?e were ~alkiu5 d~n the other ~treet. +Ve~h~ I kno~ ~ald Charllej but Itle lighter over here, Did you ever h~ar that one before? I l~esS a lot o~ yCU folks have. l bet r,o~e of you out toere %~h~nk you're ~.e leest bit like old Charlie. Cn~rlle's tdll +as a t~u d~ll~r tlll. ~% toe bill all y~J ~verage ~kers war.t to fill is ~our i~cressed s~king ~l~e~re~ end ~hen it~e ~reater smokln~ enjoin% you ".~n%~ do you Just keep ordering that saee trend of cigarettes ~ust out Of .habit? if you do you're Just like Cherl%e ~ho kept ban[i~g aYo~d ~e leap poet to find his ten doii&r bill, frle~se ~Glr own come.on sense will tell you that no (i~are~te ten be ar~ better ~h~ the tobacco it COa~a~So ~n a clg~rette it's ~he ++obt'.c~o that co'mrs, sad Luck)" Strike meens fin~ tobacco. ?by I've .-een our ouyers at public a~eilon payln~ ~..he price for ~he real 5~c~/ Strike tobaccos. And ~ie Independ~.~ ~;baoco expert~ ~h~ attend these auctions see ~o b~ys ~ilat tobacco, and the~ ~ve Luekie$ their "Stamp of Approval" two to on~. in ~eet, a~ong ~s~e men .~o ~ow tobacco beet L~ck~es~ave note ,.~ twice as m~y exclusive sa0kere ZS all other bran~s of clgareit~s combined. +~o~ ~y don't you meke sure you find what you're lock'.ng for Lu your cl~arette. The next time you're order51g clg~re~te~ ~a~- - Luckles - so rounde so firm, s~ fully packe~, so free and esy on the draw. eTH01 0016S~8 !
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j~ LUCY~ S~RIK~ '~AAKE ~ELIEVE ~LLW003" Com~r¢lal - ~e'Dtembar ~6, 1941 (EveuL".g) P~OCF~: ~d ~ou ~,o~:p i ~Jes~ re're sl~ pretty ~ ¢~C~OUS the~e da~,s, and elso, I Guess all of you folks kno~. ~,~t a ~u~rterm~s~er is in the Onl%ed States Arm~. It's ~,e duty ~f a ~.rtermaster to find food ~ld OlOthi~b for his re~imant. I £uess you knov. how important he is to the ~ell ~ing of hie buddics. ~es ~irl '~e11~ just ~ ioporte~nt ~ t~e !~arte~ster is to the regiment, ~ubt ~o ~rorthnt is the to1~eco b~er ÷~ ~e cigarette his company ~actur~ because if ~n Ar~v tr~ve~s on it8 stomach, a cl~ar~t~e sure travels on it~ tobacco. .'~ a cigarette's r~2utation is depndeat on ~ether or not At =o~+~i=s flus to~cco. And I'~ ~u~'e ~iI of you folks v.~ll ~ree that no c~&arette c~ hope to De a~v ~.etter than the tobacco it cont~ns. ~d in a c!~aretth It's the to~ceo th~.t count.% Luo~7 Strike mean~ fine tobacco. You ~y say ... ~eil, ho~ do ~e kno~ that? tell, X'II tell you. ~t'~ bao~u~e The A~rlc~n Tobacco Company se~ds l~s b~ers i~to the tobacco ~o~ntry tlth orde.~s to ~ay the price fo~ finer in~', for truly Luc~ Strike tobacco that ~ ~ you want to s~oke. ?he ikdo~dont tobacco ex~el%e - the ~arehouse~en~ buyers~ au~tioueer~ - tho ~ee these ~blic auction e~les Au ~-~gress, see who b~y~ ~t tobecoo. Time after t~e they bear the auctioneer c~ll "~old A:~erlcan" ~ it comes u~ for s~le - a tasket of this specially fins lea~ ~.~t ~ur buyers think :~lll flt the high s~cnd~rd~ of Luc~" StrIL-e. And ~long these indep~d~t experts, ~se ~e~ ~ho ~mo~ ~o'oacco best L~kle~ so ro~md~ SO flrm~ BO ~lly packed~ eo f'~e and ea~v on the draw - have ~o~'e than t~lce as ~r~ exclusive ¢,aoker~ as all other brands of oi~aretths co~bln~. .Yes, the indep~dent tobacco e~erte give Luckies their "S~p of Approval," becaul~e ~o~ recor~ sho~ that they prefer LuckAes t~o to on~l I ~uess ~hat,e r~a~on ' RTH01 0016~&9
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enough %o f~.ll in line! Xou'il te puttln~ .-,'our s~oki~g ~'leasare in ~ood ha.~s I£ ¥~ order s pack o£ ~ickie:~ ~ext %i~e you Luy ~l~ettes° ~ou'll y_~v. ~o,J111 ~e ~okln~ fine tol~eo. Re~e.~j frlend~, ',';~ea you ~SO~D~ ~T~s.~I~i~ Of L~T¢~) light ~ Luck~, ~ou'l~ llke a lue~' ~T~01 0016550
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f LUC~ STRIKE "~/~ BE~IEV~ B~L~" He.w you folk,, ever ~een ~ photo~tic e0~ - ~ ~er~ ~ell~ ~.e the neme l:~lies, ~ ,~otost~tlo co~J is ~n ~ct ~ho~ogr~hic re.~ro~uctlon of a docu~ut. ~%'~ nice ~'hcn you ~ve ~ ~oto~ tic of it - en exact duplicate of tOe orig~n~,l. T~ere c~n be no ~t~ke. No~ ~e~hap~ ¥oulre eonder~ ~h~t ~o~t~ h~ve to do ~ith Luc.'~" Str~os° ~:ellI ~;hen you smo~e ~c-~' Str~<e~ youlro ~re~ ~:ltO the %ruby ~n~ tobacco from .~hlch %he~,re ~de. ~ou c~nl% hel~ but be...th~t finer, utld~r bet~r ta~%in~ leaf for ~ich our b~rs ~ the ~rice. T.~erel~ still r, further r~,b~nce that L~ckies ~,lll continue to ~ve you ~% lncr~.?~ed ~n~ cnJoy~n% ~ou.v~ ~x.~er~e~c~. Beeeuse Just ~ th~ ~ ~o%ost~%~e ~ ~ ~ ~.~ e~ du~l~c~%e of t~ original ~occ~eut ~u~ so ~11 the Luckl~ you ~e every ~.c~ of Luck~e~ you ~ - ,11 Luc~le~ ~re ex~Otly ~1~ - in t~t t~e)".~e ~de ccn~i~t~n~ of ~n~r tobacco ~ ~ner %o~cco cigarette c~n ~osslb~ be ~ bettor t~n the tob, cce ~ro~ ~hich 1%'~ m~de° ~d that's "/.by it's e~ci~.lly ~ortrnt to u~ ~ver~ge ~er~ ~.h~% Lu~e~ gu~ranto~ fine tobacco in ~ rnd every Luc~ 3~rlk~ b~" ob~ining the b~ttor leaf ~ 2ublic ~uet~n. ~lo~ i~ ~1 ~on~er %h~t ~mon£ the inde2enden% %ob~cco ez~)er%~ .who ~e9 ~% tob~co~ Luokie~ h, ve more %h;~ t,.l~e ~ m,r~ c~ve sucher~ as ~1 o~ler brand8 of ci~ret%~ coc~nod. Truly, ~%1~ : ~c~ t'-,~-t Luck~ ~trlke ~e~ns ftOe tobacco - tmifor~l~, cto~d~y~ un~erv- tO£1~°...e~ch ~u~ e~ry ci~ rette ~,~iting to ~ive you gre~tor s~k~g .~e~ur~. ~er,,e~e~, fr~ends~ %0 l~ht ~ Luok~ l~ to t~ke a Luc~ ATe01 0016551
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~;ame~lel - ~e~%e~ber ~8, 1942 - 8w~.Ing S~, d~d you ever her.r the old stor/ ~2k T~ln ~ to'~ell ~bout h~ms~lf~ ~r~ ~,l~ the% T~en he w~s fourtee~ he found bl.~ ~er ~o i~orE~t %h~t he could ~-%rdly ba,~r to %~±i: to hl~. '.hen h~ ~ot %0 be tweuty-one he ~BS quite ~2ed to £±ud out .ho~ ~uch ~he old ~xu b~d learned in sev~ ~e~r~, The%Is ~ha% Meek s~o D~d ~'ou ~'~.>r feel like %.hat?..,.~hen you ~'ere iz~atien% with ev~r~t~da~ ~nd evezTbo~ ~d then all of ~ oudde~ 7ou found out %h~% you :er~'~ Such ~ ~i~s~ ~)~le ~fter ~11. NO~ i guess mo~t %hiu~s ~re relative %o ou%side t~hln~s~ too. BU~ ~he~e ~ one thing ~ ~s no% relative. I~'s ~ abs~ut~ f~c%. ~our comon ~ea~e ~'tll tell you th&% no c£~rette c~ be ~n~ be~%~r %h~n the tobco¢o ;ro~ ~h~ch ~%'~ m~de. That ~n a c~g~re%te ~t'~ the %o~cco tba% coun%~. ~o%hing c:ln chan~e th~.t. ~at,s -~ I tell ~ou over ,rod over ~n ~h~t Lucky Str~ke ~s fine tobacco. ~n~ ~e ~ead our b~er~ out ~i~a lu~tructions to o~tal~ the ~ine~, m~ld leaf. ~nd ~an ~nd 8g¢~u b~ ~ke~b OE finer, ~e%ter t~%~n~ to~cco ~re ~d &merited. Au~ the inde~eudeut tobacco expert6 ~ho ~%tend the ~u~%lon~ ~oe tao~o s'~le~ in ~ro~e~s....~,.%en ~ se~ ~ho bu~s ~h~% %ob~ocO, the)" ~nf% help but $~ ouz b~er~ ccn~Isten%l7 ?.~tn~ %/n~ ~r£ce. ~nd ~.h~t~ ~%h %h~se men ~ho kno~ tobacco ~e~ ~uck~es - ~ roared, ~o i1r~ so ~h/lly w~c~d~ so free ~d o~ o~ the dr&~ - h~ve ~o~e ~ ~wlce ~ ~ exclusive s~ke~s as ~11 other b~nds o~ c~rett~s comhiued. You ~ee~ friend$~ ~ine toS~cco £s f£ne tob~:¢co, no ~%%e~ who ,/ou a~ o~ wh~ ¥o~ 6re. The~et~ ~othi~ ~el.t~ive ahoy% the increased ~o~.%u~ enjoyment .~ou'll g8% ~ro~ Luo~ ~%rlkes ~xce~% that ~our relstlve~ will l~ke t~em. ~ don't you tre~t ¥o~eelf you,ll Z~e a ,Lun~,. RT~01 0016552
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PROTECTED BY MINNESOTA TOBACCO LITIGATION PROTECTIVE ()RDER .... LU~ STR~K~ "~J~[ BELIEVE BALL~D@~• Commercla~ - Se;t~ber 29, 194S - mo.~lng SLOC~: AS BKGADC;.&T Have you ever been ~,~ out 7,est? Out on the desert? The desert h~s alu~¥s fa~clnLted me, i don'% kmow why° I could ~2end, I ~e~s, ~/ ~:hole life there if I h~d to....miles ~.nd m~l-.~ of dry ~nd and hot bun, 8~d cactus~ sacebrush.°..~hen therels here ~d the~ : little fertile ~.~o~ with ~ s~rlzg. They cell it ~a o~sis. In ill the bo~k$ ~OUlVe ever read about t~e de,art A~d ~ll the movie~ )'oulve ~ver -~i~ obout it - the ~ll~i~ aad the heroe~ Blike ~Ii make for the oo-~is. Now, thank ~oodnesz, ~Ii of you out there ll~tenlng to me hive enough ~ter. You h~'ve ~len~y of ~.ter° ~ut tbere~ another mind of o&~ that ~ll we average ~mok~r8 look to~ ~d thct~ the o~$:~ of ~jr~,'~r smoking enjoyment. ~e~, we're ~fter ~ re~lly fine s~Okeo ~eLl, you kmo~ how i~9orh~nt water is ~o ~m ~Ic. !.*'ell, just ~ b~c to flaw smoke as- water is to an oe¢la 15 fine tobacco in a cz~r~tte. ~ovr co~on ~ense ~lll tell you that ~o ci~0rett~ c~ be ~ hett.~r than the tobacco from ,~hlcb it'~ ~de. In ~ c~arette It'~ the tobacco that counts. No~, traly, friends, Luck~ Strike ~e~zs fine tobacco. Our b,Ters 2ay the .~riee ag~,in ~nd as~in ~o get that finer, lighter, milder, better t~stL~g leaf that you ~'nd 1 ~nt to smoke. ~d the inde~)endent tobacco ex;ert~ - the hen ~ho !:no~" tobacco bes~,, they attend the~e ~uctions ~ they see who bu~ ~,het teb~c¢Oo ~h-ey see this ftoe le~f eonsist~nt!y Sold ~merlcen. So, it~ little wonder that s~orn records show ~het ~.mong these :~n, L~cki=..~, ~o ~oumd, so firm ~o fully 2~cked, so free ~nd e~sy on ~he Sr.~r. - h ve more th~n twice ~s meny ex:luslve smoker~ as ell other breads of eigaretth~ ~ombined. Now, if you're looking forwerd to the oP.~is cf greater smoking enjoyment in these busy ~ork-ridden days~ Just ~y to the m~a in beck of the thb~eeo counter...°Luokies~ jl~r, se. l'm ~ure you'll flnd that every t~me you light • ~uc~ you'll Ai~.e a Lucky. RT~01 00165~3
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Co~rci~l - &ejtember ELO~: 1.5 BPDt DCA~T 2% IS4~ - ev~nln~ You folk3 reg.*ember then j~zz w~ ~i! th~ r~ge, b:ck in the %'~'enti~.o..re~ember then e re' d~ring ~om~n bobbed their h.'tr? Sure, j~z h~d everybo4;~ :~og in ~he ~nti~z, but now ItI,~ ~n~. Bobbed h~r ~s once con~idared ~ho~klz~, ~md now itt~ ~n ~c~t~d f~et. Y.~e ~le~ton wa~ once th~ d~n~a of the ~m~n%~ no: the.; do th~ Lindy. Tno~e ~hln£~ ~r~ ~ ~.tter of atyle - ~ £e~ hu~jh% ~n~ most of them just ~eter out. There,s ~ tldn.~ ~ our d..dly iif~ th~t'~ unaffected by .'t;:-!e trends. D~y in, ~y out, ya~r in, y~r out, there1~ cn~y one ~tyle for = fine =Ig~rette to m~In%ain, cmd that's it~ steady ~t~nd~rd of f~e %ob~co, Brck in 1917, ~he~ Luckie~ first c~me out on the :~er~et, ~h,e American Tob¢¢co Comp=~ 21edged Itsal£ to the manufacture of ~ =ig~ret%e co~t~Inin~ fine tobacco, TwentT-flve years ¢go ~. re~l'.zed t~t no ~i~ratta could be ~ny better than t~he %obac¢o it contained - t.h~t in a cigarette it ~s the tobacco that oounted. And t~ tKi~ wry day our bu~er~ ~re i~truct~ to ~et that flnar, milder, better t~stlng leaf - 1~af %hat hl.s come to ,make the n~me LackS, ~trJ ~e we: n fine tob~ cco. ~nd ~e~e~ent tobacco ~x~ert~ ~ the ~rehousgme~ ,~c%1on~@r~ ~!nd buyers - ean=t hel~ but see ~o buys 'rb~t tO,~CCO et ~bllc auct±on. They ~n=t hel) but hear ~he r~ti.~n~e~ ~-~y ,Sold ~,m~rievn", ~s ~nother b~sket of true L,-,~, 3trik~ leaf ~oes to our b'~v~rs. No :~ ~se m~ h~v~ be~ in the tob~¢oo bu.~ine~:. for - ~ii~ ~ome of ~-hem e~ ,m/ch :~ th~?ty ye~s. The~'Iv~ ~sen :ie~ty o~ ~71es come ~nd ~o i~ their t~",e. But, you kno~ it mu~% ~n something ~he~ s~orn record~ sh~" that ~ong thes~ men 5uckT Str~ke - ~o rottnd, .~o ~irm, ~0 fully pscked~ so free .'nd easy o~ ~e dr~w - h¢~ more %ha~ RT~01 0016554
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/r," LU~Y GTF~KE ".L'~Z B~LI.~VE B.aLLF~O~" Co~ercLl - Se@t. 20, I~ - evenln~ (coutod) 3LO~: (cont.) -2- t~ice ~ m,~D" ezclusi-~ smokers Cs zll 9ther brands of cig~rettc~ combined, y~ sir~ ~%h th~se rues ~;h9 kno~ tobacco best - "I~W¢ Luckle~ t~o to one"! Come O~rle~ton or ~i~ Apple~ p~umb~ or $~W~, the skvle of Lua~l~s doeSa't ch~n~e o.~e bit. ~md If It'~ Incre;~ed ~md~£n~ ~lea~ure youlre aft~r~ youlil -'Ln~ th&t ~Ine tOb~C30 in ever~ ~ck of L~k~es you b~. ~- ~ ~ack t~n!~htl You~l! f'--nd that eve~.~ time you i~.5 ¢ LUC~', you'll like r. L~ck~-. RT~01 0016555
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/ LUC'.~f STRIKE "MAKE BELIEVE B~ Co~meroJ.al . ~,)tem1~er ~0w 1942 - mornlr~ BLOCK: Do you judge people on appesranees? T4ost of us do. I guess we all do it once in a ~hlle. You meet a person and the first in~resainn ~ee~s to be the one ta~t is the lasting one. ~e look at a person earl we 8sy ... well, I think hel8 ~ nice ~, or hers no% so nice. Have you Bver met two people Who look ve.~ m~oh ~lke each other in clo%hing and ma~lerism~ ~d before you've had a chance to really get to k~ow them you lee d to the conclusion that they're alike in c~raoter as ~ell es locks? It's ~ret%y tri~ business Ju~ing to conclu~inns - ~udging t4tings on their m~rf~ce appe~anoe. Xou take %~ ¢£~crette$ of different brands° No~ if I were %o show you two clF,~tetto~ ~nd conceal the name from view, ~ ~e~o %o the awra~ a~o~er they,d look pretty ~uch aline ... two tubes o-" w~th pa~ wi~ tobacco in them. But again it doeem't do to lead to th~ conclusion that these %~:o cigzrattes are ¢Ltke, ~ec~u0e if you do - ~, you ~ ~e doing yourself oat of a ~rea% deal of smoking ea~oZaemt. In a ~erson char~ctor ~ad p~raonalit~ are the b~Bin for individuality, but in ~ cigarette ~tl6 the tobacco that makes the difference. No cigarette tea ~e ~ny ~e%ter thou the tebacco from which i%~s made, because in a ei~rette it'~ the tobacco %hat co~mts. Now Lucky ~%rike means fine ~ob~cco. And the b~ers ,~or Luoktes Who attend tobacco auctAo~ ~ll over the 8curb are ~ent out into the market ~nd told to the pric~ if necessary %o get the fine, light, mild, ~e~tor t~sting leaf that you and I ~at to smoke. And inde~eudent thbao¢o ex@er~ see %heae 8uo%~¢~8 in @roEr~s~° T~e~ see who b~s wha~ tobacco. T~ey see our b~ers ~ing the .~rioe ¢onsisten%~ for that L~c~ Strike tobacco° And so At's ~ret%y AT~O~ 0016556
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/ LUC~ ~ "~KE BE,~EVE B~X4~OOJ" Commercial - Se~t. ~0, 1942 - =oralng (ccetd) BLO~, (cont.) si~ifioenb that with these men ~o kno~ tcbecco best Luckies - so round, so fir~, so fully p~cke~, so free ~d e~s~ ca the drav, - h~ve more than ~zlce as many exclusive smoker~ aB all other b~nds of cigarettes combined. That's ~y 1 lay to you ° ~. Choose your brand o~ cAgLretths by ~owlug ~hot's inside of every clg~rette. Dcalt choose by surface a~peerance, Tcke a ti~ from the experts. Pick the cigarette ~ith character - the cigt~tte that means fine teb~cco. ~ou'll notice the difference when you light your first Lucky. RTH01 00165~7
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I~Q~ STB.~ ";¢k1~ B~EVE BALIJ',OOU" ,';~ I~F~JDC; 3T Co~erclal - ~pt, e~,ez" ~w 1~2 - eve~J~g BLO~j ~o 7ou ~knd if we do a lit~c, le 6u~oskng? b~p,)ose you ~b ~to reB~.~nt in NBw ~o~s end yo'~ 5~t do~,~ cud oFde~d a b~g~ ~cy h~o,~ger. Now letts as~e ~t thls restraint w~p ~e.~ous ro~ its heJ~b~ger~. ~t ~o'~d you ~a~ 1£ ~ou o~dered ~ h~ger ~ s£ter ~ve ~nutes of e~k~n~ your li;;~ at ¢~ the good food e.round ~ou~ the ~ter fL~ brought ~ou ~e~ end on ~ oI~ ~ou~d be ~ to~ed roll, some ca~'~p~ ~d ~ onions, b~t no hamburger? ~.~at wo~d 7ou ~ u~ I know ~a~ I~d e~. ltd ~t good and mad. When I ~e~ heJ~b~ger - that mt coo~ed and ~e~soned ¢o a t~ le the meJ.n ~ng I~ lookLug fo,-~d to. The crisp rollj\th~e relish . ~11 t~e~e make i~ ~ste ~ood~ b~ ~he ~ger ~tself ~s the most Ls~ortsn~ t~Lug. ~ou eo~l~ ~ccept ~ p~at~ ~rl~ ~t forlorn roll on ~t. YOU ~o~o~w ~o~ks, that's ~ust ebout the same s| acc~ptLug ~ cige~t,e ~ doesnlt ~ve ~ ~ ~L~ ~J~e~en~ ~lme tob~cco~ because JUSt as the ~b~ger me~ i~ the ~ortent ~J~g in ~ ~ger~ Lu e clge~et~e lt~s ~e to~co t~,~ cou~tB° ~e~ ~i~ no c£ge~te ~n ~e ~ be~ter t~J~ t~e k~ox, ~ose ludepende~ ~ob~¢co expert~ IJm ~eliL~ ~ou ~bout - ~e warehou~eD~ ~er~ ~m~ au~on6e~s - ~o See t~e public ~oba~co e~ctio~ seles go~ on down ~outh Lu the tobacco ¢ou~'~ •.. now t~e~e men have been stee.oed in the tobacco lndust~ £or ~a~rs e~ ye~ ~d at£e~Um~ these ~uct~o~# they ca~lt hel~ but ~ee ~bo b~s what ~oba¢co. ~ey ~anf~ he~ but hee.r ¢be auc~oneer cell ~ld J~e~can tl~e a~r ~ when a b~s~t o~ truly ~ S~rlke le~ co~es up ~or s~e. ~o i~1~ not ~ e~l ATH01 0016558
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Co~orclrl - Se~%, ~3, 194~ - ever-inS (¢on+~) BSO~{: (con~) odd t~h~t ~o~g the~e hen who re~lly '.~no~ tobecco Luckl;a - eo roundj ~o lirm~ so .%lly ~)~c~ed, so £ree and e~ on the dr~ - h&ve more t,h~n t~ice ~s many exclu~Iv~ ~moke~s ~ 811 other br~nde of clgarette~ co~blned, 1~d that1= ~hv I ~y t~ ~Ii of you ~oi~ out there listening to ~e, if you ~nt to be ~u~e of gettin~ that ~ In~rellent that ~es ~ fine ~,~o.~e ~d .., fine ci~rett~ t~ke a ti~ '[ro~ the experts° Cl~oose the Cigarette that ~e~ /ine tobit'co. Yo~=ll z~Jnd ~ou ~onlt be ~i~o~?o~nt~d because ~h~n you light ~ Lucky you:!l like e Lug,. RF~01 0016559
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0 0
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,/ You fol~ remember the old s%ory ebou% Ctnderell= tad t%s ~'lcs$ sll~er? At ~ stroke of ~dni~.~% Cinderel~ .~u~ to her co~ch, :rid ~ho hurtles ~o':.~ the .~Ll~ce ~te~ and the ll~%le ~h~s sli~er f.~ls off her £oot. ~he 9rinse f~nd~ it ~nd he ~e~rch~ .~11 through the ~ngdo~ to !ocete ~h~ o'.ner ~n~ ~e her hia bride. P~e~ber ho~ Cln~erell~'~ u~ly ~i~te~ %~ie~ to ~ue~e ~heir bl~ fe~% into the ~hoe, ~nd .~o:~ onl~ Ct~d~il~ i~ ~elic~%e li%~£e ~oot ~ou~d fit th~ ~ll.~r? ~ell, you ~mo~ ho~ h~ Prince ~r~ ~r~hed for ~he ~er/~¢t £1%. Just ~ h~r~ ~:~ he ~e~rche~ ~o the bu~rc for the ~ker~ of Luck~e~ ~e~rch for %he ~r leof - look for ~t truly Luck~ Str~k~ tobacco t~t ~1~ ~1% the hi£h ~t~d~ds of the Luck~o~ you ~o~ to~. ~e only ~l~ference i8 thet ~8 is no f~r~ ~tory. 0~ bu~sr~ con,~ls%~n~7 ~y the )rice a~ ~u~lic ~ct~on~ ~11 over %he ~outh %o ~et %h~ fln~r~ li~ht~r~ better t~t~n~ 1~ ~e t~nk you ~nt to ~¢~. To~oco ~h~tl~ m~de ~he n~M ~uc!~ StrL~e mean f~ne tobacco. No~ our b~er~ kno~ th~% no cig~rett~ c,,n be ~ny be%ter t!~n ~e tobacco from ~ich iris ~d~ ~d ~n ~ ¢i~r~%.~ itl~ the tobacco ~t coun%~. ~en they ~ot ,~ b~ket of oxcell~nt leaf - tobacco %h~ f1%c ~.~ Luc~ ~%r~ke ~tll - you crn ~et they rer~!ly go Error i%. Yes sir, I ~ish yould ~,~/ the ~r~. Ju~% ~8 ~urely ~s that 51~ sll~r ,~% C~nderel!~l~ ~;oot~ if you ~:~nt the 2e~fect fl% for your ~mokin~ r~,u~r~,~t~, ~h~ ~on~t you Ju~ t~ ~ ~,ck o~ Luckier, the cit~ret~ t.~% .~e;~ £~ne tobacco. Don't forg~tj *:hen you light ~ Lucky youlL1
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Com~rciel, October Iw I~4;5 ~ eve~in~ BLOCK: Did you ever go ~;~'-kin~: in TD:e~ ~ t~re ~nd %here, :ith th0uz~nd~ ~nd thou~.n'/s of ,;~o21e ~o~.nd ~ou~ "~ into " friend o.~ your~ you h~vz~Tt ~e~ in ~ lonLp lon~ ti,~ - ~ fr1~d o~ ~'~.~r~ frc~ ~y o~ ~;~? Ta~%~ ~ Coi,~c%denc~. Oi~ you ever btlv : ~5~ or suit 9~ctly l~!:e one your be~t f~end h~d, ~'It.hout h~o~!n~ it? ~t'~ ~ cothcidenc~-. Did ~'ou ~ver t'uL~k of ~o~eo~e :ou h~ven't ~n in ~ Ion~ time., ~nd th~.n you he~r th'. tel~hon~ r~z~ ~d o~ the o~h~r ~n~- o." ~h~ 2ho~ ~ the )or~on yo~'r~ t~r/~6 rbo~? ~.tw~ :k coi~cid~.~c~ too. But -o~ !~o!;, [o~ itT~ no colncIC~.nce tmkt ~,~.th ~nd ~g~In the buye;'.~ for Luc~ ~trike ci~et%0~ ~y t~ ~ice ,-or %he ~Ii~¢~,~ mil~e~, li~ h%er leaf ~,t m~bllc cuctlon~ ~Ii over the South. No ~i~ t~-tT~ n~ coi:~cidenco, Our h~er~ ~ttend t.h~e tob:cco ~uctlon~ ~:zt,h t~,.e e:~.~ Instruc%Ion~ to get the kind of leaf ~e think you'll ~:~at %0 ~oke - %he ~-ae Lucky ~tr~xe tobacco° You 6ce~ ~ri~n~s~ ~e Eno',: %h~,% no clg~re%te ¢~ be ~my be%t~r th,~ ~hs %0~-cco ~rom ~hleh it'~ ,~Ce. ~b~t in ~ c~ett~ it~ the tobacco that ¢ount~, ~ in the ~es% %~enty-fiv~ ~'sLrS W~IVe tried %O ~e the neme Luc~ 5tri~ ~yson~ouL -i~: fine tobacco. /~nd I gu~ J~8~ ~ ho ':no~i tobacco ':e~ - the ~ ' ho ~.- th~ ~J[i~ F~ t~E ~l~ i~ ~ro,~r~" .° -~iI~ d~ yo~ "-~o~ ~/~ot a~on~ t~e.~ uen Luc~i¢~ c n~t h~i~ but ~ee %hc ~,~ ~l~t tobacco. T~.~'~ c~'t h~l~ bu~ 8FH01 0016562
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¢9S9¢00 ¢OHIU
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LUCKY $,~KIK~ "~£ B£LIEVE B)/LP~O'I*' ;~" ~BOiDCA,V~ Commercial, O~%ober 2, I~4~ - morning YOu kno~:p i'o!ks~ this is 6 TIorld of met" ~'t~ri.'l~, and wetty ~o~i thBy ~e, too. Nylon ~s t~king the ~icce o~ ~y l~dp,~ ~ik stockings - ~nd ~l.~t£c~ ere ~ein~ used ins~a~ of ~!~ for Je~slr~" ar.d cont~Inero - oello~ne i~ ~-kin£ th~ 21~ce o~ ~h~ old ~hio~e~ ~)~r ~2.~i~. I ~v~% ~ea.i. la the p~ei'~ %/~ %h¢~fr~ %hin~ for ~hi~ r.~'~e n~r ~en able to ~i~d ~ re?l~c~nt~ .... o~e of ~h~. thln~ ~t you ca111t ~nd ~ ~e)l~c~i~n~ 2oi" ~ fine tobacco. The &~r~c~n Tobacco Oo~ny sends it.- 5,ayer~ ~I! over the South to ~et f~r, lighter, better %e~t~n~ tobacco - ~** ta~s Luc~ ~trike leaf, th~ kind of leaf ~rt the inde~n~er.~ tobLoco ~x~rt~ obvlou~ly ~.~er %o ~mok~, You ~o~j £ri~nd,., ~on~, %b~e ind.~- • ~o~er~ ~ ~ll other br~nd~ o~ ¢i~re~te~ ~oublned. The.e .gen :mo~ their tobacco. They've liwd ~i~n it - %r~ed in It for ~'*-~*'~. ~" ~ho~Idn't ÷~hey kno~ ~ooi lea~' ~ they .~ it? An~ ~he~ they oe~ the ~.~s of 5~c~ ~i~e ci~atet~ ;47~n~ th~ ~.~ic~ ~ ~ tame ~g~in ~r ~in~r 5ob~cco i~'~ .'ittl~ ,:o~der tn~t ~th th~ ir.6s- ci~are%t~ i~'~ t'a~ %obcc¢o t.~ counts. ~.~re1~ no sub~At~te "-'or f~ne td~oco. T~tfs :~.%y I urg~ 7ou **. if ycu'r~ ioo~In~ ~'~r tb~ utmo*.t ir~ ~mo~in~ ;l~u~e, if you ~.~nt to kno~ ~h~ me~.n~ Of re~i s;~o~in~ enj~me~%~ -:hy ~on~t you ~ik into your f~vorA%e tobacco ~%o~e ~nd order ~he c£~r~t~ the% ms~ f~n~ ~ob~c¢o? Ju~+. s~ .... Lu c~ie~ ~ J!ea~, ATe'01 0016564
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Co;~erci~1, October 2j 19,i2 - avening ~PX: t;ow~ £rlsndS~ Juvt re~mber thet ever; tl~e you lir-~t ~ Luc~, :,ou'll like ~. Luck7. !~o~ t~l~,tts ~ fl~ct. Th~t,s !:-h~.t I - Just ~n ~-e~:¢ ~oXer, p'n~ millionc of other ~'~r~e ~aoke~-~ - ~in~ ~out L-~c%" ~ou ever thin~ o1' the i~portr~ce o~ t~e rl~h~ ~or~ at th~ ~.~t rice? l~ere I stead in £ront of the m~cro~h~ne t~l'~L~,.- ~o you, ~ltin~ you ~y ~x~rience~, hcT~ I £eel, ~,ud ~ cert~.inl~" ~no~. t~e • eantn~ of Cin.d~ t~he right wo~ ~t the ritht t~:e. ~t~ the d~fCerence bet~een ~ettin~ ~ .)Pint ~cr~-~ ~o ~'ou fo~ ~ :~±~L~.g it. NO~ ~u~t ~ i~Jort~t as ~he right ~ord is in th~ rl~t ~e~tence~ th~,t,c ho',: ~port~n~ tobacco ~s in ~ c~r~o itI~- ~e ~n thin~ in ~, cio'~t'~, bec~u~e no ~ig~e~e c~r~ hO2e to ~e ~." better %h~n the tobacco ~rcm ~:~cb £t'~ m~de, you k~o,. in a ctu-ret~ it's the +~ob~cco ~nt counts.¸ AU~ so the ~er~ of Lucki~ ~ ~:.~e reclined ~hi~ ~q~ort~t f~c~ ~ince Luck-ie~ fir8~ c~ Out or. the ~vrke~ in 1917~ b~,.ve devoted themselves to the ,~u~ fo~ ~in~r tob~cco~ to crem~ n~ every Lucky $~rike you sm~e ~ ~ith fine, ll~t, mild leaf. A~ th~t'~ ~1V ~ b~er~ ~o ~t~ ~lic ~obecco ~io~s ~-',l over ~ ~o~h con~i~e~tly ~lec~ ~hs r~e~ co~?rehension theft ..e~v~ you the ~lpht toby,oct ~.~! o:~.'r ~v :~=.'~. you ~n e~cellen~ c~re~te, thr.t the n~ae LuCky ~¢~ ~ r~.l*y co:~e ¢o ~e~ ~ine tobacco. Now ~t youl~ lockin~ ~r~ Jor lncr~ hit the na~ c~ the he~d -~hen you try Luckle.~ - ~o roun~ ~o ti~, ~o ~lly pecked~ so ~e end e~by o~ the dr~,~. ~ow ~,~en:y~'ve tried your ~£z~t ~ck o~ ~uektes I'm -~11ing t~ ~er thc~ th.~. description ~ill ~e the ~erfsot c~e for ~ou ~ s ~t i~ .or ;~e. ~ sl~ e~rytime you light ~ LuCky Fou'll !aXe ~ Luc~. ~ey're ~ovad ~o ?rove ~ long ttme ~r~nd. Ar 01 0016565
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Commer~l~l~ October 3jI~2 - morning BLOC.,(: Kellp I guess :=olre f,ll pret~ Arml conscious t~ee~ d~¥ap und Do Z ~e~ ~oat of you folks ~ow i~a% r. q~rt~r~, et~r is ~n the United ~t~te~ l.rly. The dut7 of ~he ~u~rter~eter i~ to £~ ~oo~ ~sd clot~dn~ ~or the r~gi~nt. I gues~ you ~A1 know hot; ~2~t~nt ho As ~he ~ell-be~n~ of hla buddle~. ;/ell~ just ~ L~;)or~% ~c the ~rtere~ster Is to ~ r~g~en% Just so ~,~ort~nt £~ t~ tob.~eco b~er t~ the cig~ret~ bi~ cO~x~ ~u,nut'~cture~; b~c~ue~ l~ cn ~r~ ~r~vol~ on It~ ~%c~cb~ ~ c1~¢rette ~ure travel~ on It~ ~ob~c¢o. an~ ~. ctg~rett~z r~u~tion ~s de~nde~t on ~ether or ~ot it con- temns rlne tobacco. I'm ~r~ ~11 of you ~oI~ ~;~ii e~r.~e t~.t cigarette ct~ be ~ bettar th~n the toby, coo froa ~ich Lt'~ ~:de. In ~ cigarette it.s th~ tobacco that count~. ~nd you k~ow, l~m ~ht~ ~_~" t~t tod~ LVC~ 8~r~s m~n~ i'Ve tob~o~ol I'll tell you ho~ ~e know th~,t. It'a beea~'4e ~e ~r~c~ Tobacco ~o~y 8~d~ ~ts b~ers ~nto th~ tobeeco eo~t~,~ .-r~tb order~ ~ ~re that finer le~r - theft tru~ Lu~ Strike tobacco that ~e th~nk you men, b~er~, ~uctio~eer~ - ~ see theze .mbllc aucti~ in s:~e - An ~ro~res~ I should s~y, c~*n't h~17 but "wee ~o b~s ~hs% tobacco. ~L~ a;t~r ~e ~h~, he~r the zuct~one~r ~y "~old ~meric~n.! ~d they h~m %h~ whene~r a fi~ b~zket of ~Dcci~l l~rJ~ ~t ~r b~er~ ~blnk ~iI fit +~e ~a~.~ s%~ndard~ of Lu~:~ S~vlk~, I~ o~'~;'~d I"01" $~:1e. NO~ c~o~ ~he~e ~de~n~ent %Ob~CCO ~)erf~ t,h~:e m~n ~ao lmow tobacco best, LucMies - so round, ao £1r,aj ~o fu117 ?e¢.~¢i, free ~uc orgy on the d~w - have ~re th~ t~Ico ~s :~ny exclusive ~o~era ~ oll o~her br~nd~ of olg~rett~ oomblnsd. ~s ~Ir, the ~de~ndant tobacco ex,~r~ ~ L~J¢I~ their ~+~3 of RTH01 0016566
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Coo~rcial, Oct, ~, 194~ - ~ornin~ (contd) ~ro-i~:1~ b~c~e ~..orn r~cor~s ~,~o~.¸ th~ t~y, :~r ~¢.%1~ ~'o t~ one. :z~l I ~ue~ th~c'~' ret.~n enou~l, to .~rll i~ llne. Iou'l£ be LUC]~.~ n~:~t tl~ you bt~- c£~*.r~tte~. ~ou I~o~ youlll ~ ~mo]~in~ .~ln~ tob~ccol P~c~,~ friend~, :hen you ~-l~ht ~; Lu¢~ ynu~l~. ~':e R~O1 0016567
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LS~ STP.~K~ '~XE E~I~E B:~LLF~" Comasrcinl, 0etcher $, I@~2 - evenln£ ~ou ~o~,, ~ere'a ~. deflnltlc~, of genius thr.t ~ry~" It's the c~,>c~ty for %¢~g infinite pains, 7~ii, Ii thor's the dezinit~on of ~en~ub you ¢.'n~% hel) but admire the genlu~ of Luc~- ~trl!e - ~o rou~, firm, ~o fully ~c~ed, so free and e~sy on %he dr4~;. You s~-~, ~.%e ~uiu~ o£ every Luci~ you light lle~ in the ;~in~i~Z c:rc L~t The Amerlc~n Tobacco Com2~ny em.~icys in the "~electze, of Zh~ =ine tob~-cco& that go into your LUC~ Strike, ~v-~y year, ~ur b~,er~ at%end the ~lic tobacco ~uc%inns :Ii over the Sout.~. They in~)ect the lee/ that the I~ rmers have brought in for the 2ubllc tucson ~le. They ~eel it, ~nd ~ell it, ~S Judge it. ~md ~inal~'~ they Select ~e kind of le~ they %~ you'll ~an% to smoke. ~es, ~a~n ~d ega~n ~ a besket of true 5u¢~ Strike 1~:2 corers u~ ~or ~le - if you ~ere lle~in~ on the $1dellne~ - ?ou'd he~ the ~ucgie~.ee~ say Sold ~ric~n. So you s~e, the genius of ~ck/es relia~ on one~ ce~o~ sense eX~o~ .., r,e t~ke infinite ;~-in= to c.~rry it eutl NO~ it's obvious tO you, the average ~oxer - lik~ you and ~e - 5.~ % In e cis~retto It'~ the tobacco t>~t cotmt~. NO ¢i£~ret%e e~n be ~.n~ bett~r ~cn the gob&coo froz, ",hich at~s i~de~ Therefore, the genius cf Luc~ btr±ae ci~rette~ depends on %he c~eful ~eleetion of these flnor toh~,cco~ t~,t in~ure ¥~r 8rsa%er smokin~ ,:iezsure. In f~ct, such infin~t~ ~iu~' ~r~ t~ke~ in Rettin~ %his flne le~f for your Incr~csed s~king ~n~-,ent, that the ~e Luc~/ Strike h&~ act~lly eo~ %o me~ fine tobacco. :~ don't you light a Lucky tonight? Relax~ notice the difference| ~eu'll find that ~,h~ you light ~ Luck~ yOU'll li~e e Lucky. 61TH01 0016~6EI
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G~er~.z3. -Oct, ober 5~, ~L94:~ - morntrtB ~rlendsj d~d ~.ou ever he~r thct old stoz~. %~t i~r~ ~t.ln u~ %o %ell on hLmself? 'A~r'~ ~d th~.t "~hen he T ;~ fourteen he iound his father ~o £fnor~n% that he could h~rdly bec-r %o trlk ~o him. Dut ~hen he got to be ~en~y-~e ye,re ol.*, he ~~'~ ~ac-~zed to f~n~ ho~ ~uch the old ~¢n h~d learned in e~wn ye~r~. Do you ¢vor fe.=~ 1~ i~h,-t - ~n~u you are ~-~a~t ~%b everything cmd ever~i-~ly, end ~hen~ ~i1 of a ~ud6~mj you found out you ~erenlt such e ~ t ~, ~fter ~3-l? I ~e~ ~oe% %hinge ere relative: rela%Iv~ to ho~ old we aro~ %o h~.': we feel ~ne~de~ ~nd r~l~tive to outf,~ %h~n~, r,L~o. ~ut therel~ one thing t~atls not reletdve, ~.n~ 1%~e ea ~ol~te f~etl Yo~ ~ aen.'e ~11 tell you ~-~t no c~gare%~ can be ~ny better th~a the tobacco from rbleh it'~ ~de~ tEe.t ~ ¢~g~ette ltts the tob~oco thtt cou~ts. Nothing c~.n ~h~nge ~h~t. tnd ~.t'~ w~ I tell you over ~nd over eg~n that ~ ,~tr~k~ ~a~ f£ne tobacco. ~e eer~ our b~ere ~nto the %0~oco country ~o~m ~outh ~$t~ ~trec%ioae to obt~Xa t~e f~e, -~Zd l~'f. ~md again ~ud age£n bed~e%~ of £~nej be~ter ~atln~ tob~oeo ~ ~o1~ ~erlce~. ~e £ude~mde~t tobacco e~erts ~ho et~andlth~se ~uct~o~s -- who ~eO the s~le~ ~n p~O~b~ who ~ee ~ho b~ ~;hd% ~b~cco c~n't help but see the buyer~ for Luc~r ~,..~:e cons~s%e~tly buyin~ t~e f~ne tobecco° Now, ta~t,s ~ it'~ e~ecie21~ sl~f~cant to I~ac~le~ - ~o round, so f~rm~so fully ~cked~ ~o free ~iad .~ on the ~aw - here ~re ~ t~r~ce o~ ~ny e~clusive e~c~:e~ es ~.~ other brand~. of cig~rette~ co~lned. ~o~ se~, ~r£~di, f~n~ tobec¢o 1~ £me toboC¢Oo I~o ~tt~r ~ho you ~re or ~yh~t you ere~ t.~er~*~ uothing relative ebout the ~nereR~ed a~Lng en~oy~m% yeu'll ~% fro~ Lucky ~%r~ke, ~ce~% t~a~ your re~.t~ve~ r~ll .~e ~em, too. ~o ~ d~,t you ~re~t ~oureelf to ~ ~or~on of ~re~t~r e~oking .,lea~re~ ~e~ember evav7 t~ae you light a Lug. 7~1~ l~e
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Co~nercl~l - October 5, 194E - evening BLO~: Hove you ever 61yen much thou~t to he~.lines? Tae h~l'-n¢, in your ne~-~ for e~u.m)le. Do you "kno',; ~t %h~ytre %h~rc Z~.r~ Oh, Z ~no~,j they attract your ~t~entlorl. Ye~, %b~ ~. ~rh~,>~ ~.kc ~ou b~ ~ co~ o£ ~h~ ~)~r ~ you .~ ~e n~,~tr~Gj because ;'o'J W~t to re~ more ~ut It. But ~:Id you ever ~ to thine ~bout the r~r~ ~ur.0o~e o/ ~,ch he~dl~ne? You see~ i%'s the :ira o£ ~e ediS0r of thc~ ~e~,~,~, ~er ~o cram th~ mo~t Im>ort~nt ne'..~ £n e~ch awtlcIo Ln~o ~e ~eve~c! ~:o~5 ~ the he~ dl~ne. T~Lt .~e~llne ~Ivs~ you the ¢l~,j "..h=~%~r yo~Ir~ ~ ~usy ~orkin~ ~ Or e h~u~K$¢~j or a ~ud~n~ ~,~ ~o ~x~ctl¥ ~h~t1~ i~ the ~r~icl~ below £t. ~n~ if youlr0 In~re~d you're, ~olng to r0~ on t~ le~n ~11 ~bout ~e ~i1~. NO~ £~len~ I£ I ~cre :~r£t~ an ~r~cle obou~ Lucks Strike ~eL~o~ £or your z~ding~ do you k~ow '..,h~ ho~dline zfd )ut ~ht u~ there ~t the ~o~? ~u~ ~ ~r~ °°o ~'~e %ob~ceo o.o bemuse t~t ~ure e.~ough ~ums u a Lu ~ek~ ~i~e. Th~ ~ou~d b~ • c~ ~s to ~x~c~J ~hat Luckles ~reo And t~e~, I£ youfre ~ ~o~er ~roe~ in ~ncre~ed smoking ~tc~z~o I kno~- yo~d ~r~ further ~or ~z~ner ~et~il~. ~d then IId tell 7oa ~ Lu~I ere el~o you're bound t~ like ~hcm. lid tell ~ou ho~' "~e ~o ~bout ~t+,~ng ~.t £1ne leaf ~]m~'s the b~l~ o£ ever/ Luc~o 8tr~ke ci~.~eo I'~ ~ell you ho.~ our buyer~ v~si~ ~ub~c QUC~O.~ ~i~ over the ~h ~'~d ins~ect~ ~d judge, ~nd if %hey thznk the ~ob~cco i,: ~or~ny of t~e n~o Lucky ~tr~ke, they go after en~ get ~t f~ne~ ~ ~Id~n t~b~eco, ~o~ ~, is ~e ~/~d of bob~cco ~i~ Bold i~erlccn rga~n an~ ag~n. ~mong ~hose ~o ,-.'~md ~=~e ~bllc ~ob~¢co euc~ion~. -- th~ in~e2en~m~ %o~cco ~x~e~%~ -- ~:~,rehouse~n~ .~.~o%i~rsD ~d
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C~mmercl61 - October 5, i~¢~ - evenln@~ (contd) BLOCKc b~er~ -- aen ~ho re.~ll~" kno~: tob~ cco -- %here ;~en ~0 %~:e~e ~-~la~ ~oin~. on, ~ th~ c~n't kel~ but ~ee :,ho buT~ ".h~ t %ob~cco, .o ~tIF- little ~nder ~t ~.~on~ the~e ~ ~c~i~s h~v~. aors %h~ cc~bined. ~Io~ the ne~t time ;ou ~'L~: ~to your l~vor£t~ t~b:~o ~or~ r.hy don~t yo~ m#~e sure o~' ~r~:ter smo~fn~ e~oymect? Xou'iL fin!i that :-ben you ll~h% ~ L~cky you'll llke ~ Luc:~,~ bec~u~:~ 5uc~j ~01 0016~P1
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f Ca~e~rclr~1 - Octo1~r 6, 194~ - morn~g BLOCK: I be% you fol~.~ rem~ber ~h~ Jazz w~s e11%h~ r~° 8~ro! ~ b~ck in the t~%ie~, too, when ~ fe~ ~:rinF :mnen bobbed their ~£~? T:e~l, J~F.~ ~,d ~vB~b~ ago~ ~ the ~ entAe~, b~ no~: ~t'~ ~-~ing. ~ct. The ~rle~ ~ ~ace ~e ~n~ %h~t ew~$bo4~ ~ d¢~ ~ uo~ itI8 the L~n~. Of co~r~j %ho~e t~tngs ~re all ~ m&%~r o~ s~yle. A fe~" l~u~h~ ~ ~% of %hem Just ~eter out, ~% ther~'~ one %b~g ~ our ~i~ ll£e thct'~u~/£~c~4 by style ~d~. D~ in ar~ clgarot~ to maln~l, and ~%~t's its ste~, ~%z~d~.-~ o~ fine #tobacco. ~ bs~k in 1917 ~hen ~u~-.Isb firs% ¢~ out ~ ~m ~ar~t ~aer~ Tobacco ~m*my ~d i~elf to the mza~e%~re o£ ~-~ll~d %b~¢ no cig~ret~ ~d be an)- b~%ter %h~n the %ob~c¢o ~% eou%~. Tha% in ~ clgaret%~ It w~s the %ob~c~ %h~% c~a%ed, m~lde~ beL~r tasting le~/ - ~he le~ the% ~ come to ~ %he n'-m~ ~ucm/ ~%rike m~n fi~ %o~acco. And An4~a~on% +~cco ~'~)e~ts c~n'% hel2 bu% ~e ~ho b~s ~h~% ~b~ c~. T.~ ¢~n~t b~l~ bu% h~ar the ruc%le~eer say Sold Amer~c~a a~ ~o~ber b~exet of true ~c£~ Strlko ~e~f goe~ to our b~v~r"-. ~o~ the~-~ ~en ha~ b~ in the %~b~cco b~nes~ for .°. ,.~11, ~ome of them ~ much a~ ~h~rt7 ye~, ~st ~n ~me%king when ~n ~¢ord~ ~ho~, #.ha% ~mcflg ~h~e ~i~ o%her br~M~ o~ ¢Ig~rette~ ~blued. ~es ~Ir, ~%h ~e m i:~ RTH01 0016572
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LUC~ STRIKe "~Ai~ DELILah; D.:LL~'FO0~" Come~er¢$~l - Oct. 6~ 1942 - morning (con+.,d) Br~O~s (cont.) ~THO1 0016~73 !!
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Co~erol~l - O~tob0r ~, 194~ - evening BLOC/: ~DU ~0~,, folks theJ say t4zt ~etion5 s2eek J.ouder th~n ~'oI~I~. T~-tts tr~e in a greet ~my C~e~. For ~ lon~ t~o llve be~.n u'.in£ ~ord~ to describe to you t~% Lve;~ ~tri~ m~n~ fine tobacco, No~, le%'~ look ~t ao~w actions t.h~t s~e~ for the~lwu. ~t~ l~ ~t the ~ctlons of the buye:s for Lu~y Strike cigarettes ~ ths~, ~tt~rd the ~,ubll¢ tobacco emotions. They don't bid on every k~ot el £e~f indi~erLminrtoly. They ":,,~It. ~ae,~ inspect e.:~ b~.~et. ~%e/ deliber~.te ov~r it~ qvxlity :stt co~;; up for sfle, ~n4 £in;,liy, ~,hen they lud~ it vorthy of b~g c~!ied buc~l ~trlke tob.~¢co, they hld on thct lo,[. y~ L~ok~ Z%rlke b~y0 the Kind of tobacco .'e %bink you~ll ~at to smok~ in your Luck:," Strike cii~r~tte;~, for we kno~ that no cig~'ette can be a~y bett~r +~sn th~ toL~,cco it con- tcAn~ -- thzt in a cigarette it's the tdo~cco that count~, So ot¢ b~ers act this w~71 N~.~n r~l again they select +~m fine, mild, !A~ht le~£, the leaf th~.t h~s come to ~ke the n~me LUCky Strike m~l fine hob&coo. #~Id ~he~1~ ~h~re~s ~1othe1" ~2t of £.Ct~o~ ~,htb s Jerk -"or the=~elve~ -- end t~my'II ~_)ea~ roach louder th~n =or~.~ ~Ae ~on :~ho, ~fthr all~ kno~ toh~cco "ebb, the inde)m~dent tob=¢co ux~rt~ -- the ~uctioneers, b~yers, " ~rehous~n ~- ~tte~d the jubiic bobacco ~:ucti~ns, .~ they obVlou~ly ~ee ".he bt~s ~'h~% inb~cco. They e~n~t 'l~l~J but :,e~ ,~hpt kind of !6.'i" i~ Sold ~eric~n. :~o~ t~.t's ~)retty siL.~i:'ica~t, I th~n~ -- ~rebty :.i~ific:nt ~ctAon on their .tort. ~st a~on8 these men 5~ckies -- ~0 round, 6o flra~ so fully ~mc!:cd, ;~o /tee ~'~d e~ey on the ~,'.'~ -- h~ve more th~n t~lc~ ~ ~.av o-.cinslve ~moket.~ as all other brands of cig~rebte~ combined, Ye~, the~o inde#endent tobacco sxoert~ have ~iven their ~tom2 ~f , ?,ro~,.i to 5u~¢ie~ two to one. But, hsre~ om~ ~ctlon on your ~rt ~m~'li FITHO:I 00165~4
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f Co~erc£~l - Oct. 6, 19~ - eveuin~ (coutd) ~t~ke ~e~ns ffuo ~obacco. !, Argo1 00165;'5
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LU~ &I~IKE "M~KE BILIEgE E~LL~OOd" Comaer¢i~1 - O~toter 7, 194~ - mornln~ BLO~ Do you ~ind I.~ I do ~ l~tt~e su~os~C? Subdue you %~nt into ~ou~d ~ou s~¥ ~.~ you ordered thrt hr.%urger ~nd ~ft~r:~%t~n~ th~r~ ~o.- five =i.~u~ ~in~ ~our 1~ seein~ ev~÷,~i~tz~ ~l/ those ~uic~ h~urgers arot~d youj the ~l~ ~n,.l~ brou~ you ra.~ on~on~ -- no ~-~burger m ~h~% ~ld :'ou s~', huh? I ~o~" .~-~ 1ld ~T- I=d ~e% .-ood ~nd ~d. I :~t ~ ~e~ .... ~h~t ~t Cooked ~nd seasoned %0 a turn is the ~in th~ I~= loo~g forward to. The roll ~nd the r~i~h °.. ~1 those th~u~ ~.e ~t t~ste ~ood~ but the h~urger itsel~ is *~he ~t ~or~t t.~An~ snd ~ou ~uldult ~cce~t ~ ~l~te ~lth • ~'orlorn roll o~ it. ~ou that doe~;t h~ve ~ ~t~ ~ ~n~w~lent f~e tob~oco, So ~ust ~¢ t~ h.aburger ~t l~ the ~portaut thln~ in ~ h~bur~er, in c~garett~ ltl~ the tobacco t,h~.t ¢ount~. No c~rette ~ be ~ett~r ~n %he to~c¢o it cont~lns~ ~n~ Luc~! ~tr~ke ~e~n~ f~ue tobacco° You ~or~ ~ho~e ln~e~ou~t tobscco o~ert~ 11= ~l~-ln~ you ~u~ .... the wareh~--~n~ b~.-~ ~d ~g~e~ °,, ~ho ~e ~h~ mbli~ tobacco ~uct~on ~les ~0in~ on do.~ south ~n the tobacco country -- the~e ~m have ~ee~ ~tee.~d ~ ~ t~acco industry /or ye~ and 7e~ .... ~tt~ding th~e au~t~on~j they ~m~t hel~ ~ut ~ee ;~o b~ ~t tobacco. They c~.nlt h~l? but her.r the au~tloneer~ ~ Sold ~erican ti~e ~'t~r ~i~ ~he~ b~s~% o~ tru~ Lu~ S~ik~ le~ ¢o=es u~ for ~le° , ~o~ ~t~l R'r~O~l oo'1657'6
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Cota.mrci~ - Oolo't~,~' ?, l~eZ - ~oz't~in~- (con't6) BLO~Lt (con ) rom~dj oo flr~j ~o f~l~ ~cked, eo free ~n~ ~sy ~ ~ho d.~r-j h~vo ~ore th~n t*~ce ~ ~ exclu~ive r~o~r~ e~ oll other br~n~s of clgar~tte~ cobbled. ~d t~tta ~ I s~y to r'~l Of 7o~ ~o~-~s out ther~ li~t~nin~ to ~ ~f you ~nt to be ~ure o~ ~t~n~ tb~:~ ~sfu t~gr~dient that ~a~e~ ~ ~ino s~oke ~d ~ ~ne cl~r~ttoj +.'~ r~ ti~ ~r~ the ox~ert~ -- ehooee the cigr.re~te t~ ~nL Fin~ tobacco ~d you'lL newr be die~pol~ted because ~hen you 1L~ht Lucky, yoU'll llko ~ Luck~!
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LUCKY &TRIKE BLOG~, r rL ............... "~'XE BELI~'E FJ[LPOO~I" OctOl~T ?, I$4~ - evening Do ~'ou llhe ~'nd,iches? SO do I| Yo~ c~n ~-~ke lo m~- dA~'~'er~ klnd~ of "~ ~" s~nd~:Aches. Do you kno~ ~,hy they c~ll ~-~ ~nd~¢he~ ! elIj le% ~ %eil you. O~ce u~o~ ~ t~tu¢ ~v~l hundred ye~r~ ago in Engi~n~ the~ ~=-s ~ Lord ~lwi~h -- ~ v~ nic~ That ~:~s hi~ n~e: L~rd ~'~.~d.~ch, He ~ V~r7 fond o~¸ .~e~A'In~ hA~If ~. littte 4elic~ ~t the ~ bi~ ~en he dln~d. He used %o t~ke t~o bi~ ~IQc~ o~ bre~d~ ~ be%~.~D ~ Swo ~IAc~ ,he'd ~u% ~ !~tle m~.% or c:~e~ or ~'i~h. |~i~ ~u~t~ ~d his ~ervant.~ ~oon ~do2ted hi~ h~blt. ~,nd n~tur~lI¥, ~h~ na~ t~% delic~cy ~t~r hi ~, an~ from his n~ 7ou hsv~ ~le =~3ern sandwich. If you ordered ~ours~if ~ nice ro~st b~ef s=nd.~ch at you~ f~vorlte lunch cou~tar onB ~, ~o~Idu'% you be ~ little ~i% dis~ ,~Intad if 7ou got t~o pi~ces of ,r~ ~i~h n~thL~g in ~et~©en ~he~? ~d~ I.Ii ~ you'd get ~. You'd ~d them right b~ck. ~ou M~o~, ~uet es L~nt as the fi1~in~ i~" in bec~u~9 An ~ ci~re~te~ s~e enou~h~ ~; i%~s %h~ ~t~o %hat ¢ou~%~. You just t~e i% f~m me ..° ~u~% ~no%hQ~ ~¢~e ~m~e~ like ~ii of you out ~re~ ... Lucky Str±ke ~ms lane tobacco. Ou~ buy~.~s ¢onsi~t~ntl7 ~t ~nCtlcn~ ~i£ ~v~r ~he ~oubh ~l~ct "~ ~Aner, li~hter, milder l~f that ~ t~n~ youS!l ~n~ %o ~moke. e~)~r%~ -~ the v.,~rehou~e~e~ buyer~ ~nd ~u~tio~ ~ itl~ Luc~Ae~ t~ to one. I gue~ that ~.n~ ~ome~oi~ ~ver~e ~%rlke thc t ~In i~gr~lent -- fine +.ob~cco. it h~s!com to ~ke the n~ae Lucky ~trA~e a¢~11~ synony~ou~ ~h ~ine ~oco. ~h~ very nigh% w~ don't you light u~ a L~c~ -- ~o~u~, so fi~a~ so ~lly ~cke4, ~o D~ee ~ud =~sy on the dr~Wo ~ Xou'll find yourself getting greater ~ao~in~ en~eya~t ~d In~e~ saoklng ~I~. You'll flndp too, that Lu~ki~s ~Ii ~rove ~ lif~ ~rxo~ 00165F0
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LU~ S~Td~E "MAKE BtLIS~E B~/J/~0~" i~-" B~DCIS~ Co~rcizl - 0ctmbe.- 8, 1942 - morning Have you ever been in do~,nto,vn He~ York ~ro~d 4~nd _trcct ~hsn the streets were..lust ~cked ~d Je~ed ~th ~o.~le~ ~:~lkin~ ~Llong J~ndin~ your o~n bu~lae~ cud m~dden~ you bu~ into., friend of your~ you havenlt seen for ~ lcm~ t~e? ~ell~ didnlt you ever thin~ it ~,~ tether ~nge t~o .~eo~le ~hou/d meet ~t this identical ~t ~-% %h~ ldentir~l ~ment? Ta~t,~ ~h~t you c~ll a coincidence, Did you .~wr b~ a dr~ or ~ ~t exactly 1E<e your b~.~t ;rlendl~ r.~th~ut ~mo~l~ 1%~ Thatl~ a coincidence, Did you ever think, of so~on~ ~ou h~'~enft s~n In ~ lo~8 time and bays ~e telephone r~g ~d .~l~k it u~ ~d ~y "~ello" and on th~ other end £~ the person you ~ere Just %hiukln~ ~bo~t. Tb~%'s a coincideace~ too. you kno~ i~ls no coincid~uc~ %bst a~ln tad a~&ln th~ bu~er~ for Luck~ Strik~ cigeret%e~ bu~ t~ finer, milder ~ttend %he~e 2ubll~ tobt,¢c~ at~t~on~ ~l~h lastru~tionl ~ s~re no effort in ~%rinin~ the kind ~ le~/ We think ~ou~ll writ to s~¥e°,° t~ true Lua~. Strike 1~,~° ~ou see~ fr~e~d~ ~e kno~ %ha% ~o cigar- ette c~n b~ ~ny better ~an the¸ tobt.ccc ~om ~'klch l%ls ~ th~ in a cigarett~ lt,~ the tobacco that count~, ~o in th~ ~,s~ %~ents"-five yo~z~ .e'~ ~risd to make ~Jne n~e huc~ ~rl~ ~e~n ,'~u¢ tobacco, and I ~e~ ~:~ hay.% %00. _You k~o~ that a~E th~ ~nd~¢.~dBnt ~o~¢~o ex~er~ - ~h~ me~ who ~ t~bacco best~ ~en ~ho see eDd ~,ttend ~bLt¢ ~¢tion¢ ~he~ ~hey~re in ~rogr~s - ~ld you know that am~ %h~se ~ ~¢~/e~ ~,ve more than t~rice ao many e~u~e amok~r~ ~ ~I1 other b~and~ of ~garett~ co~bl~ed? ~ell~ th~tl~ no co~noid~ce either, T~e6~ ~en h~vtn~ ~tteaded ~hB~e ~uction~ n~tur~lly c~:nl~ ~at~ but ~e wao bu~s ~hat tobacco. Taey ~en'~ h~l~ but h~r the ~uctA~n~er ~y Sold A~rl~m.°°as~o~e ~ our ~u~er~ o~taiu~ another b~akq~ of true Luck? Strike le~. So lt'l r~allr no ~:onder at all th~ %h~e ~x~ert~ ohoose &ac~es t~o to c~. HOw I tKtux you ¢~.ht to tak~e ti~ from the ex~rte. ~ou'll find ~a~ ltl~ no co~ncid~n~e that~TIr~ %~ ~OU light ~ Lue~ ~-~u'll l~ke ~ lackS, because brother, ~l~b ~lanned t~t, by cra~tn¢ e~h and every ~ 5~rlke Just ful~ of ~ tobacco. ~ don~t you ta~ ~: ~ack o£ Luck.s tod~ ~n~ notice tae di~auce, RTH01 00165?'9
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LUCKY ~KE "~L~KE BELIEVL B:,LLF~O~" ~ 5~C~T Co~erci~l - OctoBer 8~ 1942 - evening BLO~z Friends, h~ve you ever ~:etched a stenographer t~ln~ shorthand notes? I ~s sittir~ upstairs in on off~¢e ~ oth~r ~y r~tsh~ ~ ~ecrgtery t~xe do~ ~ letter. You ;~no~ I got to thinking ~bout ~ oh, tho=e ~eird little )otbooks that she ~as - bu~ ~utt~ng do~m in her book -- they ~ere !tm~v looking little lln~s, 'out, she ~ew ~h~t she ~ ~b del~. ~e h~A the ke~ to th~.t right ~n her hesd. &~o, ~'~ ~oon she ~ot out to the ~e:.~itor ~he r~.d ~b~m ~'. to her~@lf - ty~d ~hea into a fin~he~ letter. See, tho~c note~ ~ere Just ~ me:ns to ~n end - th~ end ~as ~he Dinl~hed letter - ~Ii ~i~ed. ~nd the notes dl~a0t ;ce~n ,,,.n.wl:h~ng ~ thea~elves. You kuo~, fol~s, ~h~ the ~e:~ o~ Luc~ Strikes g~ out of their ~ay, end a.~re no ex~nse ~nd no e/fort to ~et fine tobseco~ t~t'e a me~n~ to an end, That ~ne, ~id, golden leaf Is the means to Tour increased smokir~ ~l~eo You don't need sborthrnd to ~nov: that f~ne tobacco ~ ~ fide cig~t~e - that no ci@~rette c~n ho~e to be ~uy better th~n the tobacco £t co~.in@. And ~o~ ~hen we ~e~d o~r ~l~@rs i~to t.~e ~cco couD~ ~ith in~truct~o~ to ob~u t~-:~ "~.~- Lucky ~tr:Lke tobacco, ~:e ~o so because ~'e knot thst ~h~t leaf trcn~cribed into a Lu¢~ - so round, 3o ftr~, so fully ~ac~ed~ ~o free ¢~d ¢~-~2- on the d.~ - lsthe .:~° to your gr~to~ smoking enjoyment. And frlends, t~t'~ our ~ -- .~i~e tobacco for ~our satisfaction. Ne~.~ time ~ou ,,~a!~: into ~- loc~ tobecco ~tore, Just d~ctate the~e ~'~o~s . ..Luc~c~s, ~lleccel ~nd ~,~en you inhale that first 2uff, ~'u~t =,~toh it ~o~ i~to the co~victlon that LucKi~5 ~ro *.he s~o':ie ~or yo~. eTA01 00,6S80
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Co~-~erci&l - 0ctober W, 1942 - morninE Every %~i~e you light t• Luc~-, you'll l~k~ a Lug'. I~o~: t.h~t'~ : factl ~h~.t'~ what I - Ju~% ~ ~ver~e srJoker, ~n~ milllnn~ of other ~ver_:,e s~oker~ - t~Ink .~bou% Luo~ $~L~e Ci~.retto~ Th:t )hx~¢ e×)i~in0 e~¢th~F ho~, ~'e £c~I. Do you ~r think of ~he i~2ort~nce cf %!*~. right ~,ord ~t the right tL~e? Here X ~.m s~n~ing in front of the ~lcro;h~e i~li~ng %0 you, t~lling you ~ ~x~erlence~ -- ho~ I feel ~n~ ¢e~t~l~ ~o~ ~e ~ of fth81n~ the rich% :,ordct the r~h t~e. I~'~ the d~ference bet.~een gett~n~ my ~n~ ~ro~ to you f~ ~nd mise~n: $%. ~o~, J~t as i~r~nt ~ the rzl,~t ~r~ ~s In %he right sentence, t~et'~ hot l~sort~n% tobacco i~ in ~ ~1~ret~ it'S the main thing. ~/o clg:r~t~ c~.n ho~ to be ~W bett~r t~n the ~eeo fr~ ~.hich It'e ~de. Ye~j .~rle.d~ In e ¢i~,r~t~ t%'~ the tobecco t~et cou~%~. So the ~;~r~ of Lu=~e~ ~o ~v~ r~lSged ~ lmport~n~ f6ct since iu~Aes f~r~t ¢~e out on the ~rket i~ 1917, devoted tha~eelves to the quest of line to~ coo, to cre~a~ng every LuCy Sta.ike you s~oke tod~ ~Ith finej l~ghtj ~tl~ le.~~ -- that tn~ Luck~ Strike leaf. ~ad that's ~ our h~ers v~0 ~ttend ~llc tobacco ~uotlons all over the ~outh consistency ~olect the r'./er, ~llder toby.coo that ~e t.hLnk you ,~n~ to smoke. ~d ~'8 bec~ of ~h~ eom,grehen~ion 5hat ~'~. ~u~t ~ive '~,ou the rzEht tobacco in order he glve you ~n excellent el&~tt~ -- th~,t the n;~e LUC'~. Str~e h~ ~c~a~.lly co~e %o me~ ~ine thb~ceo. Now~ if y~re bro~o~n~ ~ro~d • 'or Increased :mokinE ple~urex Or ~T.eat~r ~no~in£ enJo~t# you~ll ~oT. th~.~ you've hit the u~l ~ %he he~d ~han you,ve tri%d Luckle~ ~o ~o~r~d~ so flr~ so 1"ul],y ~a~ed -- ~o free end e~y on the 4~a~. ~len you'~ tried ~'o'~ first ~ack of L~e~, I~! .-Ltt~:%o m-ff~r that ~hl~ 4/~c~tl~ ~1!1 be the ~r~ect one *'or you ~s it i~ for ~e .,. Tm~t every time you light a L~ck~, you'll l~e a Lu~. ~s~Tmms bound %0 prove ~ long-ti~ ~T$~. rs91 !J
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Commercial - O¢.%ober 9~ 1947. - evening BLOC~,~= BT~01 00165B2
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C,o~r¢l~,l - October 10~ 194~ - ~rn~ You Imo'~, ~ other ni:~ afar I ~zd Foodni~h~ %0 ~a i~L~ ~nd ~, , ~ .h&C ~ very ~Ively con~r~t4o~° I gu~ ~,~uI~ ~i~ .~w~. ven~ril~:u~t -- you }mo~ o~ o£ e~ho~ ~er~orm~r~ who ~:s :~ voice ao t~t i~ ee~mu to come ~r~ ~¢ ~u~, he hol~ ¢n h~ ~n~e° h~ to ~y, bu~ heI~ re:.l~ doing the ~lking. ~ou ~o~ It ~rad to ~ ~t a llt~ ~LLe ~o ~ tell you t~t ~hen ~ ~L~ to ~ou v~ntrilequ~t~ ~et. The ~kOr~ o~ I~okle~ ~t no ~'o~ ~to • ou~. lira Just an ~ve~ge ~K~er like ~ou rn~ you ~ ~u ~ ~n ~ver~e ~o~er re~ortln~ ~o ¥¢u ~hln~ I'Ve ob~erv~ ~ ~ ~n ejes~ ~'s end ~en~e of ~t~i ~ou see~ ..~rlend~ I~Ve ~n ~r ~el~ the c¢~ ~i~ ~b/ch the b~e~ for Luc~ -~t~i~e ~t .~bli~ ~uc~ select ~h~ t m~ld~ ~ Lu~ ~t~a tob~-¢co. I ,re t~t~ ~or ~se1£ t.~t .~ine t~cco ~ ever~ Lu~ -- ~o ro~, ~o :irm~ ~ ~uil:.- ~h~re~ no il~u~on i~olved.¸ I~ ~,~.n~ you do',m-~-$~h co-~on ~rove ~e~ t~ ~our~tf is to ~re~ your~al~ to .~ ~: o.~ Luo"'~e~ • ~ then you~ ~o~ ~iil be eble ~ notice ~ ~/£f~r~C~o ~o~i~l be ~ble to ~p~oy Emt fine tob~eoo ~.hlch ~ co~e ~o ~k~ ~e n~ Lu~k7 ~rlke ~e~n £1ne tob~OCOo ~T~01 0016593
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C¢~erci~:l - October i0, 1~,12 - e~L~g PLOCK: DO you ~o~:" v~t gmniu~ i.~? ~ey ~, th:t ~niu~ lJ the cs)(cit7 for taking lnfiaita ~lns. f~d if thatm~ t'.~e definition of ~ius then you ¢~n't hel~ hut ed~re the ~nins of LUC~ ~trike -- so round, ~o firm, so fully ~scked, so f~ee ~nd e~sy on %h-~ ~ ~ . You ~"ee, the gsnlue of every Lucky ~ou lIEht lie~ in the~" ~-~ ~ ~.-~---" c~re ~h~t the m~kers of Luekle~ em)loy in ~he ~electlo~ ~$ ~ .'!~e t~b~.cco thrt go in+.o ~our LU~ Strike c~ga~etths. ~r~ year ~,~er~ for our com~ar~ attend the 2u~lle %¢~.~¢¢o &~ctinne el'. ove~ the 5outh. They inspect the leaf that the ftrmers have b~u~ht in for mbllc &uctlon s&les. They feel it, smell it, Ju~ I%. .~lu~il~ they select the kind of le~ they think you'll ";~nt toi~.~. Yg.~ agcin and ~gcin, when ~. b, o~et o~ trv/y LD~K~- ~trin~ i@,~ Come~- u,~ in for e~le, 1£ you -~ere llstemin~/on the side lines youZd he~r %he nucticmeer s~ ... Sold ~merlc~n. &o you see, the g~u3 el Luc~/es relies an one eemmoa sense e~/om. ~e ~ake i~finlte ;alnz t~-carr~ out %h~t e~l~" Of course~ tt~e ebv~oue %o e~ %he ~ver[p ~eker like you and ms that in z cl@eretth it's the tobacco that co%rote, and that no cigarette cau ho)e t¢ be ~n,~ better t~m %he ~ob~eco from ~hich it~. made, ~or t~*~t re~on the ~eniu~ of i~cky ~trike cl~rett~s depends ca the :~rez~u~ ~eloctdon of those finer tobaccos theft ~nsure your greeter ~o'~ln~ )le~tre. In fact~ ~uch infinl%e ~'ins ~re t~,ken in g~.tting this fine l~af far your incre: ~ed ~.,~oking enjoyment the n~.~e Laclq/ ~trlke k~,.~ aCtA~ fly come to m~,n fine tobacco. ~,.I~ don~t you l~ght a Lucky %eddy, rslex ~nd no~ice the different? you'll find t~mt ,~hen you light ¢ ~ueky ," ~" ' a Lu~k~. 00 55B
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f Co:mercit~ October 1~, 1%42 - ~or~ing And no~j Just ~ few ~ords beforv ~e ~o on ~lth our music. I ouder vhe~0r you've ever thought or the function~ o~' ~he b~li~e in ~e ne,~er. ~ure~ they ~ttr~ct 7our :ttention but h~tt~ t,~e re~l ~ur.~e o£ o~h headline? ~ali~ loo~ Itl~ the ~ ~f t}~e ~l~or the ~ev~r~ ~ords of t~e h~dltn~o ~n~ ~h,'.~ he~dlin~ £i~'e~ y~u ~e youIre lnt~re~t-~dj ,,/oulre ~oing %o ~.~d i~ ~nd 1,-~r~ ~11 ~out ~he devils. No~ i£ I ~ere ~r~in~ ~n crtl~le c~out Lucky ~trtk~ cl~rettes~, do you kno~ ~.~vt h~llne I'~ put on it? Pine to~-cco; because tb~ ~u~ up Lu~k~ 8trlko. That eoul~ be the clue ~.~ to e~.ctly ~het Luckies sre~ :.rid then i~ Tou sre ~ ~moker~ int~r~,~te~ in in,reused ~moklug ~le~urep ~oul~l re~ further ,~or further de~'-i~. And the~ T~d tell you that Duckies Lr~ SO round, so ~ltm, so f~l~v ~c~ed~ so ~ree ~nd evsy on the dr~ ~h~t you're bound to like %he~. II~ tell you how ~e ~o ~bout getting that fln~ le~:£ t~tl~ the b~iB O~ evory I~c~ Strike° And ~d tell you ~o~ the b~erb ~or Lucky Stri~ visit ~blic ~ucticnB ~11 over the 8~uth ~nd examine the v~riou~ b~et~ o£ tobacco 0~ th~" ¢o~ up for ~le -- %be~ ln~0ect It ~n~ Jud~ ~t, ~n~ if ~ey think lt'~ =,or~hy of the ~[~e Lu~ Stri~e tob:¢coj ~ey Eo ~fter that £ine~ i~ll~, ~lden 1~ -- i~l~ the kin~ o~ tobacco thstl8 Sold ~meric~ ~g~i~ ~nd ~.i~o .~o'~', v~on~ tho~e ~:ho ~.tte~d the~e ~mblic ~uctlo~ ~r~ t~e independent who really" ~0or," ~ob~c~o. ~r~ they ~e th~e ~l~s ~o~ on~ ~n~ they c~n't h..l~ but ~ee ~o b~s ~b~t tobacco. ~o ltl~ l~ttl~ ~o~der ~oker~ v~ ~1 other br~nd~ of ¢i~rette~ combine~. Fe~t ~s you Eo into your ~'~orite tobacco store, why ~onlt you ,e~ ~re of ~e~ter ~An~ e~Joymeot? ~e you.Ll find b~t ~ you ll~t Lucky you.ll ll~e ~ la~x~; bec~e LuCy ~rike ~ec~s f~n0 tob~.cco. oo165es
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Did you ever ~to,~ to think ~bout a mirror? Ther~ £t ts on .our ".,.11. You Io'Jk into it ~n yo~ hoot your tie, or ~hen you ~ on your h~%, or b~h your teeth. ~hen you " ~nt t~ hon~ Pofl~ct~on OZ ho~ you Zoo~ you "~ over %o your mL-ror ~nd )ee~ £~to £~. ~o~ you Lm~ that mirror ~oe~nlt lie. It tells you ~he ~bLtz~ truth. It tells you ~hen your ~eu~ iook~ ~ood~ ~d then ~o~u* co~t fits v.'~.11. ~o~: ~hen the ~ker~ of Lucid Lt~i~e ci~r~%te~ cze~e~ into th~ ~mokin~ h~.bi~ o~ th~ £nde/en~er, t tobacco ~rt~, ~h~y w~re ~ookln~ ior ~,~ hon~t~ unbiased ~l~ctlo~ o~ %he ~refer¢~e3 of the ~n ~ho ~no~ t~cco b~t, And b~c~u~ the" ~ar~ !oo~/n~ for ~n u~bi~ed r~l~ctlo~ m On~ ~= ~n~t as ~-ouP ~irrop .~e~d~ b~az to you -- only ~he ~refer~nces of th~ Inde~enden% tobacco exge~ts -- those af~i£1~ted with no c£~.r~t~ com2-~ny -- :er~ t~bul~t~d° No,. th~a~ ~xperts are ~he zen Woo ~tten~ ~e ~ubllo tobacco aucbion~. They*re the ~ar~o~e~lj the ~u~tlona~.r~ ~he b~I~r~.. They obviouely ~ee ~ho buys what tobacco, ~d the)- can't hel_~ ~ut ~e the m~kers of LuckIBe ~elec~ flne, 1~ht, mild lear, A~d ~e found %b~t ~ong thes~ ind~ndant ex~r%~ Luckle~ had mor~ %~n %~I~ a~ ~ ~lu~Ive ~mo~er5 ~8 ~i/ other br-'~d6 of c£~r~ttes combined. I ~u~ that ~tt-/ c!~rly indlc~t-o~ tb~t ~ c£t!.r~t~ £tt~ the tobacco ~h~ c~unt~° ~i~n~a~ Ducal ~tr~ me~n~ IIR~ rob. eco, ~hy don't ?ou l~h~ u9 ~ Lucky to~icht? -- b~c~e ~w~ tiae you l~ght a Luc~." ~-ouIll like ~ ~n~y erHol ooi:5s86
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Oo,~erolal - 0otober IS. 1942 - morning ~LOCKs You know, f01ks, there's an old aayin~ that •otto,s epe~k louder than w~rds, and it'6 tr~e in • great pAny oases. For a lon~ time Itve been usin~ ~ords to describe to you the~ Luoky Btrlks means ~e roulade° ~ut ~et's tLke ~ ~ook at 8o~ L~t~Q~ that ~e~k for the~Selwes. First. ~et'l look ~n at tile aot~ons o~the b~ysr6 for Inoky 8~r~ke o~garette~ U they a~hend t~e ~blt0 tet~ooo auotion~ In th~ South. ~o~. ~hey do~tt ~ld on every basket o~ le~ l.~t~orInlnately. They wait~ l~ey ~peot eaoh basket. They delther~th o~r its quslity a~ it ~es ~ for sale. Finally. ,hen they ~d~¢ 1~ worthy o~ haln~ called thst trul~ I~ok~ Strike toheooo. they hl~ on ~het lea~. ~es, l~ol~ Btrike ~ye the kin~ of totaooo w~ think your11 want to moke In your l~ok~ Strike o~dtk•s today. ~ know that no ol~retth oan be any ~etter than the toha~oo it oonhatn~, t~t In a od~arette it's the toheoeo ¸that oo~t~. ~d so our ~uyers ~t th~ la~. &~aln and a~ain they selee~ the ~due. ~lld. ~ht le•~ - toheooo t,~at hu ooze to ~ the ~ ~oky Strl~e ~e~ f~e t0~0O0. ~d here's ~no~her set of ~otio~ t~At speak for ~ha~el~es. and they'll speak louder than words. ~he men, who a~ter ~11 ~no~ totaQco best -- I rm~u t~e i~depeu~ent tobaooo experts, auotiv..eers, buyers, ~d ~retlousea#n .- attend the ~blte tor~ooo a~ot~o~s s¢ they ob~lously s~e who ~ ~a~ tob&ooO, nn~ t~ey oa~l't hsl# ~ut see w.~at kind el~ le~J~ Is Sold A~rlo~n. So I think it's ~re~ty sl~n~fioant aotlo= on their ~art that a~v t.~.eso ~en. l~oktes o so round, so £1~, so ~ully paoked~ eo ~ree and easy on the draw ° ~ve ~ore than ~w~ee as many exelusive e~0kerl as all other b~rauO$ O~ old•retted oo~lned. Yes, t:;ese ~llde~$nde~t tob•ooo experts ~ave &lveu their eto~ of a~o~l to Inokie~o two to one. RTH01 001658?'
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Co~,~erolal - Oot. 15o lg42 - ~ornin& (¢ontd) ~ut here's one aotlo,~ on your part that ~11 apeak lo~J~er tb~n all (co~,td) word8 and all o~her a~tl;r~, ~11 you Imve to do ~s ~y a (,ac'z of" L~okles, tear off ~he little red aelopha.e taw, place a L,~c~y be~een your lios. light it, take that d¢lioloum p~f, Ye~ ~tr, and thon you'll really ce ¢o~Tince~r You'll fin~ that every ~e ~ou light a Luok~-. you'll like a Luck~, 'cause LucL~ ~trike .uea~,s ~lne bo~aaco • .J 00 65S8
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Co~er ola I • BI~C~ s October 13, 1942- evening You ~mo~, friends, t.~ere's really eo:ething faeeinat~ at~ut taking a railroa~ tri?. ~ot so ~ of us are tr~veli~ rl&ht no~J ~t ~ere'e still 8o:ethiu~ fasoinatin~ abo~t e~ein~ a long lille of ~raine go wheezing d~wn ~hoee ~teel raile ~eme~ ~'or geo~e~s only knowe ~ere, but ~ln~ e~e ~l&ee° ~d that ~oo~:otive t]~at u~lle them ... I6~t it a~azin$ ~ ~ ean pull all that weight: at ~u~h hl&h spesd~ ~ looom~tivt is a mi~h~y po-~erfu2 i~etr~t~t, It weighe ~u~r~ of t~ne 2~elf, ~ it cau ~ull auk.y, ~ tXmee 1re own wei~t l~ ~here ie steea i~ ~h~ ~ers* .2thou~ that fire m u~ble ~o ~ove -oe:~le~ely ~aralyzed* .lthout ~tea: ~ le~oaotive esn ~o no ~lSoeo Isn't that ~t like a ei~aret~e without fine tob~oo~ ~et u that arm :akem your etes: e~lLe ~a~elo ~us~ eo tha~ fine to~eo~ ~ln I~okte| mkee them ~ ~lseee~ ~eeau~e in • oigsrette it's the ~obae¢o ~at eou~t4o and no oi~*r~t esn ~e any better tha~ ~he ~obaoo~ it o~tain:° ~o~ t~e ~yer8 ~r I~ekies ]~ t~ls and ~he~'*re ~aye o~ the aler~ ~or ~h~ tr~e ~ueky $~rlke leaf -- ~he kl~ of ~obaoo~ we think y~tl! want to ~ke* ~ ~er~ go o~t of their ~a~' ~ apare no eI~fort ~o 8ele~b ~l~er, ll~er~ ~llder leaf as it oomes up fcr ~ale at p~lio auo~i~° ~n~ ~ ~hs~ ~el~¢~o~ o~ fi~er leaf ~ha~ Y~AS OOZe tO" ~ake ~e ~S~O I~uoky S~rike aea~ ~ine rococo* ~o~ if yo~ fol~ ~ut there li~teutr~ ~ M ~aa~ ~ :a~ aur~ ~f ~e~ ~re~se~ amokiz~ euJ~yme~ ~ d~a*t ~ou try the ol~aret~e ~ha~ 8oes ~laoes because ltre built wi~,~ that f~a~ental luZre~icnt~ £1~e tobsooo? Treat youreelf to a paek of ~uek~ee -- Jo round, so fi~, eo fully packed, mo free and easy on the d~aw.
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LUCI~Y $TaI'~t "~'~ tELI~8 ~AiLRO~e Commercial - October 14m 194t - ~or-~lug Do you like se~d,~iches? Ever wonder ,~hy they ¢~11 them s~,a~;lche$~ ~it~ i~t¢~es~ln~! ~nce u~oh a ti~o - several hu~.cred .~ears a.~o - in ~la.d, t~ece was a ~n ~y ~he ~a~e of 5ord ~andwl~h° ~e ,~s very fond o£ pre~arin~ hi.elf a little ~elioaoy at the tdble ~never he ~lnedo • ~e'~ t~ko ~ COuple of ~.leoes o~ br~ ~n~ between the t~o ~ll~es ~,eld ~ some ~eat o~ cheese or ~o ~ud Of oours~ ~1~ 6u~sts ~id serifs so~ aco~t$~ his ;labl%~ &~ ~hey ~ed the delioa~ after him, ~ ther~ o~e~ your toeutieth ¢~.~tor~ sandwich, fh~*s whore it ~t its name. YO~ order year, elf a n~oe tasty roa~ ~f sa~ioh a~ ¥~'~r ~a'~orl~e lunch oo~t~ on~ ~a~'o ~u'd ~ • little ~iea~oin~Q~ i~ you ~t t~o pieces of '~rea~ with ~othin~ In b~e~n° Y.u~d be mad, too° ~ut you ~mo~ ~|t as l~ortant as the llll~,~ is in a ~o~ sangwioh, that'4 h~ important lima tobacco is in • ol~rette, beQsuSg in a cigarette i%~ the thte.¢co th..t counts° ~n~ %~ke it from me .. ~ust an~th#r acetate • mo~er like all you out t°mre -- L~oky ~rlke ~ea~.s ~ine tobacco° ~r bayer., oonel~Ssntly at a~ctio~s all o er the $~tn~ ~el~¢t ~e finer. li~,~ter, milder leaf that we ~hink you ~ant to s}r~ke° ~reo'~er, e~rn records show t~t amon~ the l~s endear to~ao~o e~e, ts - ~le w~'~ao~se~n, the ~ers, e.~.d aucti~n~er~ - i~'s Lu~ki~$ ~o to o~e, I ~uess that ,+~e~s s~thln~ to u~ a~era~e emo~er~o ~u#ts ~n~t .~:~ we can always find in L~C~ ~tri:'~e tna~ mal~ l,~,redle~t ~ ~i:le ~cbacao - that has oom~ to make the na~e L~OkT ~rike meat, ~iae tobacco, l~u# "~y don't you light up a Lucky - so rouu~ so ~irm° so fully Jack~d, so £ree and e~ on the ~Y Y u'll find ~urself gettin& gre~tor smoki~ en~nt a£d increased e~kin~ ~leas~re. Y~u'll fl~ that Luoktes vdll ~ro~ & ll~'e-lon~ ~riendo
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Co~r Qlel - BLOCK: Ootot~r 14, 1~2"- e~enlnK Eli,hi now I ",~ent 1;o talk to the l~die$ who are liste;iu~ to this tree,cast. I w~nt to ra~hle a little bit. ~oTre playln~ old s~ugs, end so I want to ~o beck a little it in t~e. Do you re~mber .,hen you and your husha.d wore ~eo@tn~ ¢ompa~;? he=ember how ... oh, ~st about eight o'clock he used to pop aro~n~ to your hoses ~nd rln~ the front door oell? You web's ~sy nelpl.~ ~om ~ith the dishes, ned a~ ~pron around your whist, and more than likely your l~at~ was u2 in curlers, and you'd be so embarrassed, ~e didn't eee~ to think anythir~ of it th~. See en told you you were cute* ~e~ber when he popped the questi~,n~ ~hat was a bl6 day, "~&sn'% It? he.ember the £ir~t thlL~ yo~ o~u~ht ~or your hei e o~$t? I'll bet 1 dan tell ¥o~ w:~et it was. It was • cook book. ~ud if It ,~e8 a dook b,ok yOU were a 8mtrt ~irl, ~eoause you ~me~ that the way to a man's heart is through his s~o~seh. You ~ere got~ to ~e that you kept him ~ell f'~, aud you have ke2t hL~, haven't you~ ~,~d ~st ~s yoU kAow that the w~y to s man'e heart Is through hJ~ ~tomaoh~ so the n~kers of I~:~kiee kno~ that ~he ~ay to a 8~loker'e heart le through tho use of 1"Ins tobacco° Tonight l*d like to ~sk ell you oi~ere~t~ smokers a little q~e~tion. ~ouldn't ~ou prel'er to smoke a cigarette ~ade Stem ~i,ler, lighter+ milder tobacco? .eil. ~ust such ot&uret~e is D~cky Strike. ~f youell only reze~ber that ri~;~t fro~ the very 6oElnninK the ~ker~ of L~okies~ realizinZ t,~t the quality el~ tueir olcare~ce ~a~ entirely dependent o~ the quallt~ of the tobacco they b~uLht° l=~rao~ed their toyer~ to select ~e bot~eF q~&lity to~oooj ~ever dev~¢ttn~ l'rom t~mt plauo I~ euFe t~t ~,~sn you've tried your first ~so. of Luokie~ ~e'll to able tO ac~ you to the r~nk~ that include the l~/endent tobacco ex~erhs ~.o s~o l~ok~e~ t~o to one* Yes Indeed, the heart of every L~dk~ ~trlke is fine %otao~o. I ~uess that'e why every t~e you limb% h L~e~ you'll like a Lucky. So try h iaok of Luokies tonight, oo1659
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~C~ STRIKE 'MAKE BEIZ~ B~OQ~" C~roi&l - Ootober 1B, 194t - mornl~ BLOCK: AS ~R~kDC.~TV • Have you ever ~tohad a steno~apher taking shorthand notes? I T~e watohlnl one the other day° Got to thinking about ~hoeo little weird pothooks ~he was puttin~ d~an in her book - queer !ittle lines. She knew what 8he ~s doing, though° Soon as ~he got o~ to her t~ewrlter, she read the~ baok~ t~ed them into a finlehed letter. You know~ those ~horthe~ notes were Just • means to an e~d °- the • end was the finished letter. The notes didn't mean anythin~ in the~elves. You know. that's lime the makers of Luoky gtrIme when they ~o out of tholr •~y ~ e~are no effort to ~et fine tobaoeo -- as a ~ee~e to an end. That ~ne~ mild, ~olden lea/ le the Deans to yo~w i~erea~e~ smoki~ pMeas~e. ~ou ~on~t ha~e to know¸ ~.ho~thand to kno~ that fine tohaeo~ makne a fine ei~retbo -- that ~o oi~et~e ~an bo~e to be any better than t~e tob~oco it oo~tsins. 8o when we lead our buyer* iuto the tobao~o country with l~tr~tion~ to get that t~uly L~ky Strike tohaooo, ~ell, we do it beoause we know that lea1* trtneorihed into a Luoky -- so round, so firm, so ~lly pa@ked, so ~eee ~d easy on TJ~c draw -- is %hO key to your gre~ter ~oki~ on~o~nt. Friends, thatls ~ur ~d~ -° that's our ~d -- fine tobaooo ~or your ~atis~aotion. ~ext tl~O yo~ ~lk into your local tobacco store~ why don't you ~u~t diotate those words ... Luekles, pleaael ADd as you lnhsle that first ~ut~, watch it ~row into the conviotion that Luokies are the smoke ~or youl ~TH01 00~6592
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f LUCKY $T~Kg "~ B~ILVB B~RO0~ C~ero~.al - Oo~:ober 15, 1942 - ev~l~ BI~CK: Did you ever thi~k about let~Ors? That% ri~hte lettere of the alphabet - A ~ C D E and 6o forth. .,hat do you thiuk ~he moJt ~portant letter in the L~lllh language ts - the one that4s u=ed mo=t often! I bet yo~ think it's II 7bat £= from h~w often we =eea to use it eometimes - I1 I~t~ you'd be wrong. ~e~ letter ~ ie ~he One that,s used most often in D~glish. ~ow let'= do a little supposing° Supposin~ you were writin~ a letter to a fr£end° ~nd you found that the ~ on your t~pewciter wouldn't work. To~'d h~ve ~o =top and call ~u the repair m~u. You ~l~ oouldn,t ~ype e~ average letter without ~he u~e of the letter E. Now you know, Tolks° ~at'l Juat ho~ ~por~ant ~lne bobaooo il in a o~re~te. YOU Juot oan't get true s=ok~ onJayment fro= a ol~arette ~bat,= ~s£ng ~bat prea~oua ln~red~e~ ..° fine tob~o~o. YOU leeo it stands to reason that the ~os~ Important th~n& inla oi~e~te ~ ~he tobaooo. That,s ~y Luo~ Strike ~kos s~re o~ ~ettln~ ~ha~ lane tobaaoo° That's why our buyer~ ~o to those publi~ tobaooo auot£on~. and ln~peo~ the leaf so oars~lly as it oomos up ~or eale• Tha~,s why them ~dgo l~, seleot ~t, put tt to ~oats ~noir years of experieaoe have dew~=ed. ~hen they ~me a~ross a basket of fine I~ok~ ~tr~ke leaf, then they enter the b~ddl~g oompetit£On~ and the ~hanoes are tha~ it i=n't lo~ before you he~r the auotioneer call • .. ~old ~erioan. ~fter you've trie~ your fir=t paok of Lu~kies -- so round~ so ~irm~ =o fully paoked, so free au~ easy on ~e draw -- I bet you ~olks will be using the letter E more than ever beoauee ~hat E will stand ~or ~xoellent. ~xoellent tobao~o ~n a~ ex6ellent ol~et~e. Yeu° uir~ Luo~ ~tr~ le the ol~rette that means fine tobaaoo° RF~01 0016593
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) f LUCKY STRIEE l)~t~ BELI~ ~LLR~~ CoL~erotal . 0otober 16, 1942 - mornin~ hLOCEI You know, -~hen I was • kid, s~et$mes I used to So to ~rket ~lth ~other av~ I r~me~ber how ~he used to plok out the ~ruits ~n~ vegetable~. ~hea buyins oantalope~ you knowt ~held push th~ bottom of it ~o see if it ~Rs rlpem And s~e~l ~t to make aure tt ~s nioe and a~Sto To~atoe6 had to be red and Sirra. Tha or~u~ea ~a~ to haw that oertain feel - so~ enough to he Jk~¢yx but not wo loft as to go bad on hor. ~he ne~er made ~ ~tstake~ either°: ~J~ be~n Jbeppfns for ~eir~ and ~e~r~ an~ her ~ud~a~ was pr~tt~ Sood. Tho ~ood~ th~"~vere o~ our ¢~18 T,~re exo~l|ent° ~ou k~a~ our 8xpe~t shoppers a~ th~ ~u~li¢ tobeo¢o auctions =- whioh aro held eVery Fear ° ars the tu.ver~ for ~h~ ~rio~u To~aooo C~n~. Taese ~ea ~ns~eot all the tobe~o as it ~o~es up for ~ale* They To~l ~t and s~ll ltj and pu~ ~t to ~he ~$ts that their yeara ~ experi~o~ has devl~ed. +~h~n they think a basket of lea~ Is ~o0d ~ou~h ~o bear th~ na~e Luo~ Strike t0~OOOo then tha~ bid on it. ~ow~ h~oau~e they kn~ tha~ t~e thhaooo ~ans f~ne s~okSu~, our b~or~ t~o after ~ ~o offer and &e~ that truly fine letuP°~ ~h~tls how they ~ke surs that e~oh and every Luok~ Str~ke that~l ~ors~ to you on ot~arette oo~,~rs~ l~ or ~e~ed ~rl~h the to~aooo you ",ant to ~oke° The kind of lea~ that~ o~ to ~a~e the n~e I~ky ~trike ~ean ~ine tothooo, ~o~l ¢o~her ~a~ an e~rt in pic~ln~ o~t tho Sood her Sexily ~ to eat° ~d the ~ers for Lu~ ~rtke are • xperto in se~eot:n~ t~e Sine tobaoccs t~at ~ke Luol~ ~r~ke a £~n~ oigarette° ~y donlt you o;~ow ~our ex~r~ J~d~ment ~n ~hoo~in~ the oisaret~ that'~ ~ur~ ~o afford you ~rea~er s~okln~l~asure? ~e~e~ber, ~ou oantt ~o ~ron& wben you l~ht ~ lhoky, ATHO~ 0016594
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f CO,~erolal - 0etcher 16j lg4~ ° evenln~ ELOCKs 17 Yo~ Mno~. ~heroes one sport ]~ve never tried. I~ve ~ev6r gone Bl~ G~ue HuutlnS- ~ut I'VO thought about it often tilough, haven't you? Did you ever think about what a thrill it ~uet be ~or Frank Bu0k and the other bl~ ~e hunters to track d~,~ a tl~e~ or in "elephant~ The tlu~le of ~ettln~ r~a~y for adventures, of preparing your trapj~, and your ~u~s, then the exolte~nt of the obese -- your huma~ kno,~ledse a~ain~t the animal.s instinct. X~$ine tre,~k~.u~ a iIo~ +~*u~h ~il~ cf ~ild ~&le e~d ~t lU~ fe~l~u& the thrill of ~e~ing ~h~t you'v~ got him cornered -. that he's yours~ ~,eli, ~ou kno~, folks, the buyers for l~cky Strlke~ when they attend the public auohions down South o- they don't oarry ~u~e A. but let me tell you, they do feel that ~hrlll -- tl~ ~hrlll of the ohue, they're buntin~ for eo~thi~g ~e©lal~ and the~'re armed with the ~mowled~e that • cigarette o~n bu no ~tter than the tobuooo it oonthi~. ~nd therefore, to ~ake Euekie~ the quality ~oke~ Lu~k~.es :ust be =~d~ of ~u~li~ to~o. &o our buyers ~t ~he~e public to'oaooo auctions are hot on the tral~ of finer, mil~er~ lishter lest. They inspect that leaf as it oozes up for sals, they Judge it. and ~en they thluk it*s worthy o~ beina" calle~ ~uek~ ~trtke tobacco., they bid for it. And t~t'$ why Lucky ~trike has co~e to ~an fine tobeooo. Now if you -~t a perfeot speeiman of a oi~arette -- a oigaret~e deei~ued ~o ~ive you ~reater d~okinS enJoyment, why don't you t~ Luokles? A~d then you'll have the thrill of ~ndiu& ~ore ~okl~ pleuure, ~e~u~e Lu~ @%r~,ke ~e~n~ fine tobuoeo. ~T~01 0016~9~
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/ LUCKY STRIKE "Fa~K~ BBLIEYE ~LL~0Jdz Cozcrot~l - 0otober 17j 194~ o morning ~LOCK: Ae B~,'~CA$ f a ooupie of ni~ta ~go, T~en I flnlsb~ up here at the e~e B~lle~ ~llroom", t~e ~issus ~ ~ Wetlt oTer t~ ~e ;~o~lle~. ~ e~o~ th6 • ovies the}' had ~ st~e sXowm yGu ~'* and it ~a8 9xae11~t. ~e ~f the ~ot~ I llke~ 8o mueh ~a6 ~ ve~t~llo~Ni~t.¸ fo" Joy,w, the ~ello~ ~ho comes out on t~.e sta~. sits ~n on a o~$r~ puts t~e ~.~ o~ hi6 ~e~° G~e$8 yo~r~ all s~ a 7entrilo~sto Y~u ~ ~e's one of tho~e ~uy~ ~o ~. throw ni~ ~oloe so ~t it see~: to eo~m fro~ any pl~oe he ~ts it to oo~ I~o~° ~atur~llym he o~ make t~e d~ a~ecr to ~e s~yln~ ~st ~a~ he ~ts ~i~ to ~a¥. But re~ll~' he'a ~uiaG the taJ~i~. ~o~ it aleo ooourre~ tb ~ to tell you that whoa I ta1~ to ¥ou about ~uo~ ~trlke oigare~tem ~8 at~ut how good they t~te beoause they.~ ~e f~om that ~Ine I~o~ Strike t~b~o~o, that this 18 not ~ ventriloquist ao~. The mke~ of I~eklee p~t no ~ into ~ ~outh. I'~ J~t an averQ~ a~oker -- ~ust llke ?ou .. an a~r~e ~moke~ re~ortln~, to you thi~a that I'~ oeeu for myBelf the o~e with ~io~ t~e t~yers £or Luo~ ~trike at ~blic ~uotlo~ ~el~ot that mild, truly ~o~ 8trlk~ leaf. I've talte~ for ~elf that fine ~uc~ Strike tob~ooo in e~ ~oky -- ao round, ~o ~Irm, so ~lly paoked~ so ~ree ~ easy on¸ the draw. Yes~ ~ri~i, ~ntrilo~uis~ ~y be an ~zlu~ illusion° ..hen I talk to yo~ about ~uckle~, there's no lllu~ion iu~olve~o I'm ~l~in$ you d~°~-oarth oo~Q~ ~se ~t~ . my o~ oossr~tlo~a*¸ ~h~ easiest ~r to ~ro~ tha~ to ~o~'sel~ la to treat yo~lei~ ~o a ~aok of I~kieso ~d then you too, ~ill be able to notloe the dlf~er~oe, you ~lll be ~tle to e~oy t~at fine tot$~oo that ha~ come to ~ the ~me Lucky 8tri~ ~ fine tob~oco~ ATXO~ 0016596
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S Co~rolal . Uotober 17~ 19~2 . evening BEOOK~ Do you ever day dre~j a~m? Ever relax and build oastlel in the air? It~ ~. You oust to ~ry it so~ tlme° The other night a~ter dlnuer I iort of reZaxed~ ~ Ift up a l~o~w and watoh~ thQ ~oMe b~Lld up i~o air oBstl~ -- ~.g~ued ~t It ~oul~ be l~ke to be ~he ~aJ~h ~ l~la. l~at.d be ~ome~hln~ woul~u't It? Sittiu~ in your ~Ite marble palaoex a big gold turban around y~r hea~'~ ~ ~r 8a~phlre gllsteni~g ~ t~.e ~ront of it. ~here I was. Yeah, I ~ ~ a sult of ~old clo~, &le~ di~mo~ and ~,~era~s a~ rubies all over ~e° ~te~e the wi~do~ a h~e herd o£ white e1~l~U~tI° ~a~ a £n in the ~r~t, ~o~. In ~ ~ra~ ~ere ~er~ ~ ~omoblle~ I ~at ~ere ~eamln~ all ~ese ~hln~. X looked at ~ I~o~" I held llt~le ~uol~ 6tri~ -- ~o rou~d~ so ~Irm~ so fully pao~d, ~ free a~ e~s~ on ~e draw °- wa~" one ~g ~at ~u~t o~id~'~ be ~ bet~r ~ If I were the ruler of all¸ ZMia. You ~ee~ in any ol~re~te It'm the ~b~ooo that oau~l And sinoe Z ~ for • faot that luol~ Strfke mean~ fine toba~oo, t-~t our buy~ra ~elect ~uDr~ Ill, term ~l~er ~ek£~or eaoh ~d every l~Iryj there I~ a d~ub~ in m~- ~nd that ~ I ~ere th~ richest, ~-.olt p~er~l ~y in ~e wh~18 world, l~okie~ -~ould ~till be ~y smo~n~ ~refer~Oeo ~ow. frle~Iv that'a w~v I th~k you ought to ~ry ~uo~ Stri~ this ~r¥ n1~t. Fi~ f~r a K~&I l~ky $~rlke me~ f~e ~ob~oool Yes~ Birreel ATe01 00~6~97
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LUCKY 8TRI~ .J~lr~ BELIEVE P~I~:~" Co~erolal . Ootober 19, 1942 - morning J~ BR~DC.tST ~tf Say, did you ever hhin~/what ~ peculiar thing a mirror iaT There it is on your ~tl. You look into it ~en you k~ot your tie, or when you put on your hat, or ~vhon you brush yo~r teeth. And when¸ you want an honest reTieotion oT h~ you look, you walk over to your ~rrOr ~d peer into it, don't you? i~ows friends, that mirror doesn!t lie. It tolla you the ~tialed truth. It tells you when yo~r m~k~oup looks good and when your coat ~its well. And when the maker6 ot Lucky Strike oigarettea cheoked into the 8mokiu~ habits of the inde~endant tobaoco ezper~, ~hey ~ere lookin£ ~or ~ honest, unbaa~bd r~flection o~ the proferenco~ of the ~n who know tobacco best. ~ booau~e they were loo~in~ ~er an ~hlas~ reflection -- one ~e honest as your mirror ~ends baok to you -- only the profercno~s of the ~nde~ondent t0bacoo expert: those affiliated with no oi~rette o¢~a~ ,--- were ta~ula~d. Now, these ~x~er~ are the men who attend th~so ~hlio toba@~o auotio~s -- theylre ~he z~rehous~on~ the auoti0~esr~, buyers. Au~ they ob~ou~ly see who buys what tohaooo. And they c~n't help but see the ~kors of Luok~e6 $eleot~g fiuem light, mild leato And we to~a~ that among the~ independent experto~ L~ok~e~ had ~or~ the~ ~loe as many exclusive smoker~ al all other brand~ of oigar~tte~ combined. I guess ~hat pretty clearly indi~ate~ that in a cigarette, it's the tobaoco that counts. And ~c~y Strike moans ~ine tobacco. ~y don,t you light up a Imo~ to~a~, beoause every t~e yo~ light ~ Luo~y you'll Tind you'll like • h~okT~ ATe01 0016S98
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f LUCKY $TRI~ "MAKE B~EV~ BAI4~O~tA" Co~roial - Ootohsr 19, 1942 - evonl~ BAfiT: Did you L~QW %~at now~d&y~ they &lye as iatolligenoe test to all men enteriag our Ar~ed Forees? ~ella they do. And thoy~re of the type that you ~rohably took ~hen y~u ~ent to sohool. ~OW if you*vo evgr seen ono you ]mow that the ob~et is not to find out 1£ ~ou have a~y spocialised k~o~ladge -- if you've been to oollege; l~ you have a lot of soolal po~se; or ~hother you ©an IoXve a very dtffioult problem and let the oorreot anger. No sir; 0hj trio there'are questions in arithmetio, and TooaSulary, and niltor¥, and gob~rn~hy, and eve~ so~ ourreut e-'ents, but what t~t ~ntell~gen~e test ~a~ts to rind out a~ut 7o~ is min~ 1£ you are pre~arod to f~oe a problm squarely aud go about ~ol~in~ it intelligently for yo~roolf° That lntelll~enoe t~at wants to find out how goo~ you ar~ ~ the oo~on • 0nso angle -~ how goo~ you are in ~ttLng to the heart ~f thiagsj and th~ ~akin~ the intelllgont do~iston. EOWo folks, b~re's an example of omaou lense ~ntelli&en~o. See if you don't a~e~e. You I~e, the tolks who make Luo~ Strike~ realize that no ot~&r~tto can be ~uy bsttor than the tobaooo fro~ whioh it's made° 8o lt'm ~ust en ordinary, every-day Intelligent thiu~ that to give yo~ ~mokers a fine s~ok~ they've got to give you fLue tobaooo, and t~.at's why their keoa tohao~o %myers attend the 2uhlio %ohaooo auotio~s~ and afar oareful inspeotion ~el~otinK t.hat fine Luoky $trik~ leaf that they think you'll ~ant to ~moke ~or ~ov~ Iaokies° ~o~ frl~nd~ d~a't ~ou tht~k that sinoe ~ a ol~arette it's the to5~o~o that oounts, a~d 8iuoe Luok~ 8trl~ means flne tobaooo, that it's ~ust the i~telllg~t thing to do to ~moke Luokies? Now ~ don't you try a paok tonight e~d notloe the dlffer~noe~ Ar~¢Ol 0016599
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~UC~f STRIES "M~ BSLIEV~ ~d~R~SM" Coc~erofsl - Ooto~r got 1942 - mornl~ ~Ar,~ s AS ~ROAE~T Say, ienJt there something faeoinat~uS about Pekin8 a railroad trip? Mot so many of us are traveliug right ~ow, but there's tMill aomethin~ ~aso~ua~lng about seeing a long liue of tr~i~s ~ whi~sing down thoee |t#el rail8 headed for ~oodues~ k~ds -~here~ but heace~ £0r ao~e plate. Isn't It ~onderful about that etee~ looomotive ,.~ I mean how It tan ~ull all that weight at 8uoh high speed? A l¢o~otive Is a =l~bt~ powerful luetrumout -- weighs bu~drede oF ~ona ~solP and tan pull many tl~e8 its own weight, if there ie 8team in ~he ~oller. 0~ oouree~ wi~bou~ the fire let~i~ ~na~ abeam e~oa~e, why l~ would be ~uet dead voi~ht unable to ~ove • .. oo=plethly paralyzed, ;lthout |~eam a looo~otive tan go no plate. Ienft that Just like a ol~srotte w~thout fine toba~oo? Juet as the 8tea~ make8 your ete~a en~e travel~ Juat so that Pine tohaeco in D~ekioe makee the~ ~ plaoe~, beoauee in a oigaret~ it's t~e tobacco that ooun~e~ an4 no ei~aretto ~m hope to be any better ~ the ~baooo it oontalns~ Now ~he b~ors for L~k~ Strike~ thowinS ~ht$~ are alway8 o~ ~he a~ert for that trul~ Luok~ Strike leaf -- the Mind o~ loaf we th~k you,ll w~nt to e=oko. ~Ar ~yers go out o~ their way+ s~are no effort to eeleot the ~ner, lighter, milder leaf as It oozes up tot sale at p~bllo auotlon. A~d it's t~At selection o~ £iner lea~ Shat'a oo~e to make the name L~O~ ~trike mean f~ue tohaooo. Now l~ you follw OUt there l~te~i~g ~o ae v~t to make sure o~ settln~ i~ereaaed e~o~L~.~ en.~o~'ment, why don't ~ou try the ol~arette that sees ~laoe8 because it'~ spooked with ~hat ~n~a~ental ln~redieat~ ~lne t~bao~o? Just treat yourself to a peek o~ Luokiee -- 8o round, 8t firm, eo fully ~aoked, 8o Prea ~ud eae~ on the draw. ~H01 00~500
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Co~mer0ial - 0otober 20, 1941 -- e~re~l~g BLOCK~ But hOWe for ~ust a ~inutem if I may, I'd like to talk to some of t~e business m~ ~ho are listening to =eo Let's do a little aesuminS .- let'= say that youtre a /aotory ealesn~no You've ~ust sold a pro=peo- tire buyer a 8hipmeut OF your factory's produots* You've Just got a very ~iS oontr~oto You're a pretty luok7 ~uy, arenlt you~ 00t home last night, and told your wife all about how you had bearded the old lion right there iu his own offtoe* Yes sir, end you oame in ~th the ordero ~aybe yo~ took the w~fe out for a biS time -- went out for dinner ~nd a show. ~ud that night you tell her =he oah have that new ooat abe's bee~ talkinS abeu~ For the past two ~onthSo IAter ohm when youfre e~yinS your poo~et~, before ~oinS to bed, you t~e out your ~allet, ~nd your ntoho and that Sood old rabbit'= foot, and say ... ~ood old rabbit'8 ~oot. You =ure worke~ hard today, didn't you~u ¥0u haowo it wasn't the rabbtk'l ~oot that ~ot you that 0~ntraoto It was beoau~e you delivered the ~oods! you had what that pros~eotive buyer w~nbed~ ~e w&= an expert in his field -- he ~ew what he w~ube~o ~h~ I tell ¥0u folk8 that with independent tohaooo experts tuekies have ~ore th~ ~oe e~ ~y e~oluslve e~oker8 al all otheF ~Fands Of oi~rett08 ¢o~b~ued. we've no r~bbl~18 foot or luoky horseshoe to t~ank ~or it. ~0 sir. ~e Just deliver ~he ~oodsI These independent export8 -- the ware~house~n~ the &u~t~oneerB~ an~ buyorl -- at~en~ the public tobaooo auotione ell over the 80uth; An~ the~ oan't help but =eo our buyers ~oinS a~ber that truly Luok7 ~r~e leer. So 1~'8 really not =urpris~ng at al~ that the~e independent expert8 prefer Luokiee ~0 to one* You see~ £r~e~8~ Luok~ Strike delivers the goode that experts and avera~ snokore &~lke w~u~, and thetis fiue tobeooo ~0 ~ko a fine a~oke~ ~hy don't you walk into your looal tohaooo store end p~aoe your order tot ~ paok of l~okieeT Youlll find tha~ youVll be renewin~ your eontr~t for the oi~retth that Mane £1ne tobeooo, every tl::~ 70u buy • oig~retbe. Tu elf, when ~ light a Luolq~. you'll like a Luokyl RTH01 0016601
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LUCKY STRIKE "YAKE BELIEVE BALLROOM" Oo~erelal - Ootoher 21, 1942 - mornln~ BLOCK: AS ~RO~DCAST Ladies, I waut to se~ h~# good your memory is. Remember when you and your husband were keeping company? Remember how ~harp - eight o'clock - he u~ed to pop around to the house, ring the froat doorha11, ~aybe you were busy helping Mo~n with the dlshes, you had an apron a~ound your -~r~ist, more than likely ycur hair way up in curlers. And ycu'~ be ~11 embarrassed ken you went to the door. Ne didn't think ~ythi~g of it, though. Even told you you w~re eut~, didn't he? Remember when he popped the ~ueshlon~ ~hat was a big d~y. R~m~mber the first thing you bought ~or yo~r ho~e chest? B~t I can t~ll you what it w~s. It wss a cook book. Thought sol ~,a11. if it v,~s a cook hook, you ~ro a ~m~rt girl beoaus~ you knew the %~ay ~o ~. m~%Is heart :~ t~-o~h hi~ sto~cht You were ~oin~ to ~ee that you kept him ~ll-f~d. You have k~p~ hi~ hawn't you? Just ~s you know th~ way to a m~n'~ hee~t i~ t.hrou~h his stomach, so th~ makcr~ of Luoky Strlk~ oi~ar~ttos know ~h~t the :~y to a ~moker'= h~art is t.hrough %he us~ of flue tobaoco. Tonight -° rather %~4ay .- I'd llko to ~Ik all you ~l~arett~ smoker= a little q~e~tion. ~ouldn't yeu profcr to ~mohc ~ clgar~tt~ m~de ~rom fi~r, light,r, ~ild~r %oha~o! ~ell~ Just ~ueh ~ oigar~tte i~ Lucky Strike° If you'll ~-ll ro~mb~r that right from th~ v~ry b~Innln~ th~ ~k~rs of Luckios realizing that th~ quality ~f their cigar~tt~ ~s ~r~hir~ly dependent on th~ qu~llty of th~ tobacco they b~u~ht -- ~n~tructed their 5uyers to s~l~t the better quality t~b~¢co, n~v~r d~vl--tlng from that plan, I1m sure %/~t wh~u you've trie~ y~ur first p~ch of Luoki~=, "~e'll be able to add you to the ranks hh~,t include th~ iud~pendenh t~o~o ~x~ort8 ~'~ho sm~k~ Luoklos two to one. Y~s, ind~ed th~ hc~.rt Of ~v~r~/ Luoky Strike is fin~ tobacco. And that's ~y every time you light iuoky you'll llke a Lucky* Try a pack of Lu~kloe to4ay! RT~01 0016602
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/ f ) LUCKY S~RIEE SMAK~ BELIEVE ~LLRO0~" Co~erci~l - Ootobsr 21, 1942 - evening BLOC;{z Do you go shopplng very often? Do yc~ dot all tired out when you do go shoppi.~g? I k~t I do. YOU ~t home, y~4r £eet ache, YOu've been running all around town Eoing from one store to another to ~et Just what you ~a~t. ~aybe you have to have a now hat ... it had to ~e Just the right shade to ~tch that now coat. M~yha it wt~s a now tl~, or ~ pipe, or a birthday present for some one. I don't knc~ ~That you w~ro buylnd. How do you ¢~et me to Imow? ~tor ~II. I can't go ~lon$ ,~Ith you. "#o'Ii just ~it that you were shoppln~ ~ youtre al'1 tlr~ out. It took a lot ef time to try and f~nd .~ust what you -~nted. ~rehlud Trom star© to st~re, picking a~ seloottn~ u~.til you finally got ~he -thl~ that exactly ~nsw~rod your ne~, =rid th~n you w~ro satls£1¢~. ~ou m~.y he tired. ¥o~ may have spent a little m~r~ than yo~ lut~de~0 but yc~'v~ r~ally bought somethin~ super special, You ~ow~ folks, the buyers ~or your Lucky Strike cigarettes go shopplu~, too, o~ly lust~ad of ~tng ,-round to the specialty shops a~ dep~rtme~t stor~, they shop at th~ public to~ooo auctions. They look over t~o to.coo leo/ ~ it comes up for s~le. ~r~p~t it. If it o~m~s up to the ~ark of truly Lucky $~rlke loaf that's ~de the n~.~c Lucky Strike n~n £~uo tobacco, they bid on it. ~ow maybe you f~Iks ~ h~ou cigarette shoppln~ Tot the p~st ~.w yours. I d~='t ~ow. $h~i~ ~or a oig:.rotte that will match your smokin$ nced~. You ~'1~'a, th~re~ ~nly one v~,y to Judge a cigarette ~ ~at's by th~ tobacco it c~nt~ins. ~Inoo L~ky Strlko a~tually meaus fiu~ tobacco why not stop shJpptn~ ~round? L~t our buyers shop that ~xtra Tint le~ Tot you. All y~u huw to'do is ~ake it a st~-nding ~rdor at y~ur Tavoritc ctdarette oouht~r for Luckies, And then ~st sit back (rod ~tch your sacking plousure ~r~w a~d ~r~w. RTP~01 0016603
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LUC~ STRIKE "~EE B~&I~ ~LLR~" Comorolal - Oot~ber 22j 194~ - ~orning BLOCKs ~nu~DC~ST B~V¢ you ever stopped to think about what is the most ~rt~nt letter in the ~n~l~sh language -- the one that's used most oft~a~ I bet you thiuk it'a "I". ~aybe thatls how it se~ -- 8o many people ~se it 60 eft~. But you,d be ~ron~° It's a f~ot that the letter #~" Is th~ one that'a used mo6t ofhen in ~lilho ~owo letls Just do a little Suppoaingo Suppose you kn~ l~ you ~ere ~r~ting a lette~ to a ~rSen6 on a ~ype*,~lter and ~ou ~o~n~ th~ the "E" on your typewriter wou~a,t w ork° Youtd have ~o ~top and ~all in the repair man° You • ~st couldn't typ~ an avera~ letter z~th~u~ th~ use o~ ~e letter "Ea° You ~o~j ~olk~t thatvl h~" ~portant ~i~o ~oba¢ce is in a fine o~arette° You Just oanet ~t real true a~oki~ on~oy~nt ~r~ a oig~ret~e thatls missin~ that preolou~ in~redient~ ~fne t~baoco° YOu 6oe, l~ stand~ to reason ~t the ~t ~portant ~hin~ in ~ ol~re~te i~ ~be th~ooo l~ ~ta~ and ~hat,a why ~ ~ell~ ~at.~ w~v Luak~ Str~e ~ake~ sure of ~ettin~ fine tobaeOoo ~t'8 wh~ ~ur ~yer~ attend publio tobaooo auotions -- ~napeot the leof ~o ear,fUlly a~ it eels up for ~&le° Thatts ~h~ they ~ud~e lt~ ~e~eet ~t, put ~t ~o test~ ~heir yea~ oP experience hate dev~ed. And ~en they oome ~oro~ a basket o~ fine truly ~ueky Strike leaf~ then ~e~, enter ~e bidd~n~ ~ompeti- tio~, and ohano¢~ are i~ ~nl~ lo~ before th~ auctioneer Oall~ ~old Americau. ~ow~ a~ter youf~e ~r~ed your first pa~k o£ L~ok~8 .- ~o round, ~o fir~ ~o fully'packe6~ so fre~ and eaay Qn the dra~ bet ~ou ~olke will be usin~ ~he letthr "E" more tha~ ever+ fCau~e ~t "E" will ~d ~or e~oellent~; excellent tobaooo in an er~oelle~t o~gar~tte° ~ha~ mkea Lucky Strike ~r~ the oi~arette thet ~ean~ ~no ~oheooo° A~01 0016604
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LUCKY 3T~II~ ~ BELISVE B.~LLR~" BLOCK: A~ ~ROA~CAST ~oll, ~ oouple of nights ago the missus and I were out to dinner. At the restaurant, wal~ln~, ~'ou ~m~.t, fr~ table to table ~ak~ ~he~hes of the dinerB as they ate, was one Of thos~ artists all dressed u~ Ln a blue gmook with lon~ sle~es a~d a beret on his hoa~ -- ~ered ~round the room with his drawing board, an~ Just a6 ~ ~re drlnkin~ our topee and li~htln~ up a ~ky -- a psr~ot ~inl~h to a perfeot ~al -° th~ ar~st ca~e over to the t~le ~d ~vante~ to dra~ a ~ket~h o/ th~ ~lssus~ I ~tohod him for a while, ~rwling ~t ho~ he o~u~ht the reB~bl~noe. ~t th~ v~r~ e~sence o~ the ~ersonallt~ he ~v~s ~keto~n~o Didn't ~l~ a thing. As I watohe~ hi~ my gl~uce ~ndere~ to thatl Luo~ Strl~ I ~ld ln~ ~ud, I be~uto think ..* ~re ~a~ ~u art~ t~o, an art '~hioh oapt~red the v~r~, essence of the ~ne to~aoao for ~Loh Luok7 Strike is ~.~tly famous. ~o~ o~u we be ~ure that eaoh andL every L~o~ we 8~oke today ~re~ ~ '~11, I~11 ~ell you: ~ r~l~ on the keen ~ud~nt of our to~aooo 5uyer8 ~o ~ten~ the ~u~lio ~o~a~oo auotion~ all over the ~o~aooo oo~ntry -- watohln~ in~peottr~, handling the leaf. and ~inally, if the totaooo eomes up tO I~o~ Strike s~oi~ioations~ b~yLn~ l~ ~- selsotin~ that true Luoky ~trik~ tob~ooo. That's ho~ you an~ I, ~s Ju~ ~ve~ge s~oker~, can ~e s~re that 8wry Luoky Btrike -~ so round~ so firmm ~o ~ully paoked, ~ free an~ easy on the draw -- not only oa?tur~ but 1~ the very ~enoe of that fine ~bao~o ~rom which it's roads° ~ow, you ~ro~.J, when I ~ot ~b~t penoil s~etoh of K~o ~. home I had iti£ram~d. ~h~tls haw muoh I liked it. And ~fter you've tried you~ ~ir~t ~ok of l~okies I bet ¥~u!r~ ~oin~ to fr~e this ~t~l notation in your mind for ~u~ure re~e~eneo: Luok~ Str~k~ ~esns ~the ~ba~o. l~ ti~ ~ light a 1~k~ ~u'll lik~ a Luok~| ~o ~ly don't you steer ~Jo~Ing Luo~i48 this very ~i~ht? AT~I 0016605
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L~ STRII~ ~r~01 00,6606
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s¸ IA'C~"~ SrPJXE '~'~E BELIEVE B~LLROc~I" C~ercial = Ootober Z$, 194~ - ow~n~ ~LOC~ ~re aro 1Qt~ Of parades ~r~ad to~ th0~e de vs. ~ou ~0~G ~ho t'.~ 8oldl~r~ par~dl~. Loa~ a lon£ oolu~ of ~on wM the s~dard bo~rer o~rryin~ ~e r'~El~ntal oolo~ and ~u~rdo~ by ~o • soldier¢ -° on~ on oath side. T~t st~ard boarsr ~e~ ~e~er than a~ouo olse that everybody was ~tol~n6 hl~° ~ou oozed tel~ it livo u~ to the ~la~. :ell, y~ ~ ~olk~. e~oh and ever~ paoE of I~¢~ StriPs ~oming to you a~ros~ to~aooo ¢o~te~8 ~11 over the oountr¥ is t~e steward boaror ~or Lucky ~trl~e° ~e~ ~arry ~ ~o~ the ~uok~ ~t~i~ repu~tio~ tot fino to.coo° ~d eaoh ~ ever¥ st~adard horror in a p~rade ~t ~lv~ up to tho fla~ An his every novo~ont. Just so ~oh Lu0~ $tri~o muat live up to our ~h standard for fi~er lo~ -- ~M~ ~ f~er ~o~e £or you.¸ ~n every parado ~u notioe thoro~s ~ oolor ~ar~ to ~roteot that ~1~. .ellj Juet ~o that fine to~o~o in l~©~e~ -- ~ur ~er tot pour s~ok~ • a~o~ut -- is ~u~rded by ~ oaoh Luo~7 so round~ Io £irm~ so ~lly ~o~d. so f~ee ~ ~y on the ~ra~, tF~t they o~'t ho~ but ~rl~ you oo~lote ~at~.~i~c~io~. ~d th~'s how ~ o~ be sure that ~ou'll ~et the ~u~ ~le~ur~ out of that fi~e LUO~ $~rike to~aooo ~e ~elect for ~o~ ~o~7 Strike ci~rott~ today, So ~" ~o~ you Jo~ the p~r~e ~£ ~atisf~ed a~okors ~o~ve £o~ that to light a ~uo~7 is to like a¸ I~o~? You foully oaa.t ~0 wrong finor ol~rotto ~or ~o~o ~T~OI1 0016607
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LUCKY STR~E "'JA~ ~ELIEYE B~J~tRoC~d" C~m~rolal - OotoBer 24, 1942 - morning Do you ever do any day drea~lng~ Itte loto o[ fun. Iris even better than night dre~ni~g. You go to bed at night ... I get on ~ back and I 8thrt dreamAng -. usually It burns out to be a ni~h~are. I oan'~ oontrol my drea~s at nl~tp but day dree~s are so~etni.~.g ol!e a~-nin. ~ou have a little control ov.~r day dr~s. You oan put yourself lute ~ny Bltoation you would like to be in. You tan imagine that ~oulre s~von~ you'd like to be. I ~ow o~oe in a while I like to indulge iln day dreamin~, particularly after a good dinner °.. sit baok in ~ oomfor~ble oh•it, and light a cigarette, ~tch th8 smoke build up in the air -° into ~ir oastleB, you k~ow. ~11, it ~aa Just the other nigh~ Z we~ think£n~ what it ,~uld b~ like to be a RaSh of Iudia~ what it ~ould be like to be a kin~. And w~t~hing that ~o~e wind u~ towards th~ ooiling, ~ornd~ those oaetlea in the air, I could Just picture mysol~ 8eathd in that white ~arble pala~e ~lth a bi~ turban around :n~ head, • et~ oap~hiro ~aeter~n~the £ront o~ it. Oh, I wa~ day dree~lng all right* I had on a suit of gold cloth, it wa~ •11 e~¢ru~tad with &ldamin~ diamond•, and emeraldo , and rubies. Outside the'v~nd~a waB ~ h~rd o~ ~e elephant#, in tht ~ara~e were ten automobiles with enough tires for ~enty. If I hadn,~ had the tires they,d have been white elephe~, too. ,hat a life that ~a, b~ ~m~l ~ut you ~ow, a~ I ~as thinki=g about a~l those thingl ~omethin~ else ooc~r, ed to ~e. It I were a kin~, $~ !I ~ere a rajah of india it ~ould have been impossible £o~ =e to have ,enJoyad a finer wi~aretto than I ~as ~o~mg at that vetF moment. ~ha~ l~teromting. Ye~, ~ir. ~uok-y Strike -* ~o round~ 6o ~lr~, Io f~lly paok~d, ~o free and e~¢y on the dra~ -- wa~ one thin~ that ~u~t oouldn't be &~y bette~ ~n in ~v d~y drew# b~oaulo~ ~ou ~ee~ fo~ke~ ~n el~a~ett~ it'• the tobaooo that aounto° ~.~d sine• I keo~ ~or ~ rant that RTH01 0016608
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Co~erc£al - O~tober 24, 1942 - morning (oontd) I~oky 8tr~ke means fine tobaooo, ~bat our buyer8 =eleot £1n©r, l~terj milder leaf for eLch and every l~oky, there isn't Shy doubt £n ~ mind that £f I were the ricbe=t~ most po~er~l ~u In the worldp Luokies would =till be my smoking pre~rence° Now that,s why I thluk you ou~.~ to try ~ckie8 today, Fit for a king. Lucky $~ike meaus f~no tobaooo° ~TH01 00~6609
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I~CAT STRIKE "~KE Sr~l~ ~LLROJ~" C~erolal - O~to~r 24m 1942 - evenlnR- ~S ~ROA~EAS T Say, did you ~et ovor to see the ro~eo -- over st l,lsdi~on Sou,~e Gsrdens? Toy, X we~t ever to see it. .~s it fun -- ~okln£ broncosj Stick ridln~, iLss~luE .. L11 th~se tri~k~ ~d ~ry~hln~. Oh, ~a~'t ~A|RR~er~r~ me° I wa~ o~ly watchlnE° I learned IonE ago t~at ~ 8ho~id o~ly -~toh those ~hlnEs but ~n I ~a8 s ki~ I u~¢~ to ~ractlce ~hoae l~sso ~r~oks v~th ~ pieoe of wash llne for J ro~e, you ~° I d£dn't ~t vor~ f~r, thou~h~ b~o~u~e X remember the first tLm~ I Srled it, I 1~oed r.y mother's ~e~ la~po l,e couldnet find the 1~p ~tor that, You oo~idn't f£nd me, oi~or, ~s f~r ~s that's ~ono~rned. I ha~ d£~peared b~ok of the ~ood~he~, You h~ve to be pretty ex~er~ to ~et your llne ~rou~d v~u~ you're ai~In~ for..° hKv6 to ~,~# your s~ufS. You ~ow~ ~he buyer~ ~or Luoky 8trlke h~ve to kno~ the~ $~ufT~ too .°. yos~ sir, ~F they ,~n~ to ~ot ~h~t fine Lueky Strike l~af that ~ive~ you such i pe~teo~ 8mo~'~! An~ ~e~'~ ~ ~r~clnK Tot ~8 Just ~e tho~ ~c~bo~ ~r~c~ ~or ye~r~, So whe~ they go down South to the tobaooo ~uot$~ trey oan look over the feat wh~ it oom~8 up ~or 8ale, and ~a~ it, ~ ~S i~ to their ow~ test °°. ~.~h~ ~hey thi~k a ba~t oome8 up to Lu~ Stxike standar~ -- ~rell, th~j c~t~r ~he bi~dln~o ,N~v, our buyer8 ogon Sh~ flnor~ milder bett~r tast~--~ leaf tha~ ~e think you'll wa~ ~o ~moke. The i~epc~dent tob~oo~ exp~r~ -- the ~otloneer~, the b~yers~ ~d ~re~o~em~n att~ the~ ~¢~Ion8. End troy can't help ~ut See w~at's ~olnE on° Coa~quently, they oan't help b~t see ~at to~o~O Is ~old ~erloan, sn~ t.~as thes¢ independent 6xp~rts ~ooordi~ to svO~ rcoor~e 8moko Luohles t~c to one. .,by don'~ You take ~ tip from the? I~so y~ur~elT ~ sol£~ ~ed~ or ~rea~ smokin~ e~Joy~ent bM asklnE ~or Luok~es nex~ time. YOu'll find you o~n't ~£ss when you ~oke the e£Ear- ~t~e ~h~t ~an~ £~ ~obaooo~ 'oa~e th lIE~ a Lu~k7 ~s ~o ~k~ ~ baoky° ATHO~ 00~66~0
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LUC~Y STP~K~ =MAKE -~Z~LLbYE *BZ.LLR~" Commercial - October 26, 1942 - morning BLOCK, Frie~ do you kno'.~ that nowadays they ~lw an i~tell$~oe test to all the ~en enterir.~ our Armed Foroes? ,e11, they dop and theylr~ ~e e~ type you probably took whoa you went to sohool. If you've ever eeon on~ you know that the ~Ject is not to fi~ out if you h~vo any 0pecialiced k~o'.vled~ .- if yo~'ve boen to oolle~e~ have a lot c~ Booial pol~em or ~hether Fou can ~olve a very diffioult problem aud ~t ~he oorro~t ~L~swer. 14o 8it° Iris ~rue ~.~ero ar~ Q~ust~o~$ in aritl~etio~ and voc~bul~ry~ aad hi~tory~ ~d ~eo~ra~.hy~ and even some ~rre~ averts° ~ut wha~ t~ i~lt~lli~e~o~ te~t ~aute ~o fi~ cu~ ~b0u~ ~u il ~l~ly i£ you're prepared to faoe a proble~ aquarely az~ ~o a~ou~ solvia~ it i~telligontly for Fourse~. ~t lntelli~enoe teat wants to find out how good you are on the common seMe an~le .. how ~ood you are in £et~ln~ ~o the heart of the ~hi~ az~ ~heu ~kin~ ~he l~ell~ent deolli~a, ~l h~re'~ an oxample o~ oo~on i~nee ~utelll~eaoeo 8oe t~ you don't a~roeo ~he fol~ who make Luoky Strikes realize ~hat no olDare~e oan be a~¥ better ~h~ the tobaooo fro~ whloh it's ~e~ ar~ so it's ~st an ordinary e~ery day intelli- ~ent thing that to ~lve you ~mok~rs a f~ I~oke~ we halo to get you fine tobaooo° And ~'s ~Y our ~een buyer~ athene t~ public tobaoco auctions, and sfter oar~f~lly ln~peotin~ . seleo~lng that fine Lucky Strike leaf t.~zt they th~k ~ou'll want ~o ~oke ia your ~uokiea. ~o~, frie~s, donlt you ~nk that since in a i~$gare~te ltfa ~he tobaooo that cov~s, and lince ~oky Strike ~een6 fine to1~o¢o, that it'~ just the intelligent th~n~ to do to smoke Luo~es? .,by d~a't you ~ry a ~aok ~o~d no~A~.~renoe~ oo 6 11
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LUCKY &TRIKE "MAKE BELIL%~ BALLR~." Co~erclal - oo%ober 26, 194E - evenln£ BLOCK: A~ B~OADC~T you~know, folks, the other d~y I h~.d a ~ood lau&h. A frlcnd of mlne ~ho Is ~ dog lover .h~ppened %0 come Into my of flee to 8e~ m6 for while. The glrl tame in to tell me he ~as %here and a door o~eu~d ~s 1 went out °.. an~ you kno~ ~hat h~pBned~ Bofor~ I oould even get a ~I~LpS~ of friend Blll a 5re~, blg, gan~l)" 5r~% d~ne Jum o~d In ~n =o. Youtll .have %0 admit, when you expeo% to see an old friend and ~0u stand ~th your hand extended, it's ~ bit of ~ ~ho~k to 8oe a ~r.e~t dhn~ dog oome houndln~ Into %he room, and I~ oTer to you, and r~r on his hlnd i~ and put hi~ front paw~ on your shoulder~ ~d ~i~e you one o~ %hos~ b~g, fat, wet ~uloy kisses. Sm~uk~y was her name. T~'~ what ~111 told m~. Snookeyo She ~sn't full &ro~1 yet, but ~he stood nearly ~Ix feet o~ her hlnd le~. You %hou~ht I ~a~ going to ~ay ~n her ~tookln~ feet, didn't you? i~o. ~he doesn't ~ear ~toohin~. 3ha ~d a podl~ree %h~ ~how~d ~h~ *ms re~11y ~ blue blo~4~ dog °- every bit of her. You know what a dog pnd1&ree means. I~ tells ~ou ~ dog's l~n~ Of desoendants, an~ ho~e y~ oan tra~e its hor~%a~e~ b~Q~u~e yo~ know ~%~ baoksrouud, you oau ~ust assume %hat ~o~ have ~ ~ret%~ ~ood bunk of do£ there -- a pure hr~d. It'a a r~oc,menda~1on that pedigree, bscause It sho~ %hat the d~ oome8 fret ~ood ~%otk. You know~ eaoh and ever~ Laoky Strike ~gar~%~ you smoke ha8 & p~di~r~, %00. That pedigree ~.e~ns ~ ~ckles from the v~ry time %hey ~e out on %he market In 1917 -- t~entv-f1~o~ear~ a&o -- ~heylw bed a io~ lln~ of de~ent from fine tonao¢~o ~hat.~ th6 anoestor of your Luoki~ th~t18 th~ ~%art fro~ which ~h~y ¢om~ -- fln~ tobaooo. You aea, w~ folkB who make Luoky 8trlke ol~aretteB resllze that no ~l~ar- et%0 oan hope ~o be any he~ter ~han the %0baooo £rom whleh it's =m~. That*s ~hy ~e ~ake ~ure %0 ~eleot finer, 11~h~er leaf for ~ur iuckkes -- true Luo~ S~rlke ~oheooo hhat we hPAnk ~ou'~1 ~an~ ~o *~,ok~. That,e our pedlsres. And knowing that each and every Luok7 -. eo roumd, • o firm, eo I~Ii~ picked, so ~ree and euy on the draw °* hae a ~ao~- 5round of flne %oha~o ke pre~t~ ~afe to usume, Don1~ you think ~ouTll like Luokle~, kno? ~u~ a pa~k ~onl~h%. And r~member, ever~ t~me you 11&h% a laok~ ?ou'11 llke a Luo~ heoause Luo~ 8%r~k~8 are ATH01 0016612
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Co~eroir,1 . Ooto%or 27, 1942 - ~rr~ng BLOOKt I wondor if I h~vc ::ny s~l~amon liato~Ing to the progr~ n~. ~,elln If I ~-~ or If ~ ~v~t, ~ett6 assht~ that 2ouVr~ ~ 8~1~s~n worklglg for ~ big f~otory. You Ju=t =old ~ proapootive buyer a ahi~n~ of your f~otory~a produeta° Tou got ~ big oontr~.ct. YouUrc pretty lucky. You o~ght to go ho~e tonight and tell your ~Ife how you ~Ikcd in r.~d bear~od th~ old llon rl~ht there in hi~ o~a office, how you w~Ik~d out with t~t contr~ot, an~ ~ybe you're going to t~ke your ~If~ out to di~aor ~d ~ shOWo ~.yb~ youtr~ going to toll hot she o~u hav~ tlmt no~ oo~t sho=$ b~n t~Iklng ~bout ~or the p~st t~o montha° Yes, llttle later o~ ~*hon you're o~tying your pooket~ befor~ going to ~d and you t'-ke out your ~mllet, ~d your ~toh, and tho good old rabbitIB foot~ and you ~ay, "0oo~ old rabblt'a foot. ~ou suro ¢.'orked hard today." You ~n~ if yo~'re a Balesman, youtd kno~ it ~sn't the rabblt=~ ~oot that got you that oontract. It ~a beoauae you were ready to deliver tho goods. You have what th~ pros uootiv$ buyor wanted. He ]mew ~h~t he wanted, too. He ~= an export in his field. Now whon I toll you folks that with Indeps~dent tob~ooo ~xgert= Luokles have note than twice al ~any oxolusivo 6mokore ~ a~l other bran~s o~ Cigarettes co~blned ~elvo no r~bbit'~ foot or luoky horse sho~ to thank for it. .o Just deliver the goods. The=o l~dcp~ndent oxperts, "~arshous~aen~ ~uotloneers~ ~ ~ye~$ attend the ~ubllo ~obaooo ~uotions all over the =outho They oan't hol~ ~ut see our buyers goln~ a~ter that truly Luol~ ~trlk¢ leaf. ~o it's no ~urprise at all th&t th~se ~en -- these independent expert= -° profit Luokle8 two to one. You ~ee~ frler~s, I~ok~ Strike dellvors tho good~ that exports aud ~erage =~ok~ra allk~ ~nt. and that's ~ino ~oba¢oo to ~k~ a fine s~oko° Now • why don~t you walk into you~ io¢~I tobaooo etore and put down your ordor for a paok of LaoklosT ¥ouell ££nd that youlll be rene~In~ your ~ontraot ~or the olgarotte that mcan~ ~ine tobao¢o 6very tim= you buy =i~arotto=. ~e8 sir~ wh~ y~ light a laoky you,t1 llk¢ a Luo~y. RTHO1 0016613
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LUCi~ ST~IKb "~E B~LI~/B B~LLROJH" Co~erclal - Ootober ~, 1942 - evenln~ BLOCK : AS BRU~,~T .ell, a f~v. nights ago v:e went to the Ballet that's heinz given up there at the ~i6tropolit~n O~er~ House. .h~t ~'. ~id b~il~in~ it is • Ho~ full of gl~.ou¢, You h~ow, it you get a Qhance you really -- you rc~lly ought to ~ to se~ the ~llet. ',h~n I ~:s a kid I ueed to think the ~allot 1,~s sissy ~Buff °- J~t a bunch of ~irls flo~ting around the ~t~e in short, v~ite, fluffy dresses. Y~ ~uow, the Ballet is ~ lot .~re th~ that. lt'~ really ~ art~ a scie~ ba~e~ o~ a real tradl- tlo~. Those steos the dano~re are dolnB arenlt Just i~v~n~e~ o~ the ~pt~r Of the :.o~ent. Theylr~ oldl And ~o :~tter Y:hether th~ ~a~o~r ~as renowned ~iJlnski or fs~ous ~avlova, or just a little be~i~er b~llet daaoerj they all hav~ to Icarm the s~e b~io step~. Di~ you ever ~ee plotures of b~llet ~aaoers tralh~ng c= one of tho~e lou~ bar~ that run around a room llne~ with m~rrora~ ~ow the~ ~teps tha¥ learn in the ballet room are ba~i0 to the flai~hed dm~ce. You can see right now at the ~ietropolltan. Now, the basle ste.~s that we folks who ~ake your L~o~les had to lepta ~efore we could ~ive you a oi~aret~e that would bring ~ou inoreescd smoking_ pleasure -- ~t we had to Bet a flue, light, mild tobacco. ~.~lity leaf makes a qu~IttF ~ok~. o~d that's why our ~uyer~ after lookiu~ over ~d judgin~ th~ tobacco a~ it c~.~e$ up for sale at publio ~uotlo~, ~eleot th~ truly Lucky Strike l~af, that has actually co~e to mak~ th~ =~ Lucl~ Strike ~eau flue tobacco. ~o~, after th~ ballet dancers are skilled in their b~sic ~t~p~ -- after theylve l~arned th~ routine of the dames, theylre beautifully ~ostu~ledj the flnlshi~ to~ches of settln~ aud muelc are added. ~d likewise, after we're sure ~hat the basis of every Lucky $trlke Is that stron~ fully packed, eo free and eaey on the draw -° t~at with 8ueh a ~ettlng y~ d~t m~ "any ~ ~ha~°fln~ ~ea~.that ~u~vn~e~e ~ ~, f~ s~ke. !~h~ don't you Just try the oi~arctte whosc maktra ~1ow that th~ b~sie ~ i~ ~n¥ Qi~ar~¢e Is'flm~ tobacco° Try- £u¢~s- ~o~i~.~ RTH01 0016614
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C~L::~roial - uotober 28a 1942 - ~ornln~ BLOCKz I &u~s~ ¥ou ladio~ spend qul~;c e. bit of ti~e shopping, d~n't you? You c~o h~e al~ ~ircd Cu%. Y~ur feet &ch~. You'v~ boon ~Ik~l~ fr~L store %o stcT~ to ~et just ~;h~t you ~anted. ~ayb~ it ~;a~ a p~r~ule h~t ~ou ~ler~ looki~& £or Jus~ the right ~h96e to ~tch that ne~ o~at y~u ~. or r~ybe you ~e~%Icm~ ~d a ~ ~i~ Or ~ piper o~ ~o~ "~nt~ to b~y ~ birthday prescn~ for ~o~eon0. ~o yo~ ~ frown st~r~ to ~t~re ~hoo~in~ and sclectln~ until you find the thiI*£ that ox~ctly ~ns~r~ your need, ~ud %h~n you're s~tisfi~d. You may be tir~. You l~p h~v~ spsnt a llttl~ ~ore than you i~ton~. ~ut you've re~lly ~ought ~hin~ ~u~r-sp~l~l. ~ you ~.~, th~ buyers f~r your Lucky Strl~e =£~aret~es ~o shopping, too. Only 1~stead of ~oin~ arcund to th~ spe~la1~¥ shops ~nd depcr~ent s~or~s they shop a~ publlo tobacco auot[ons. They ioo~ over th~ tobacco leaf as it comes ~p for aale. ~hey In~peot i~. If I% c~ucs up %o ~he mark of truly Luc~ StrAke¸ l~af, ~hloh has ~c the a~e Lucky B%riMe mean f~n~ to,coo, they ~Id on i~. ~o~ mayb~ you folk~ havo bee~ oi~a~to shoppln~ for ~he pa~% fe~ yaars yourself -- ~hoppin~ for a cigarette that ~ii ~a~h your ~ki~ ~¢e~s. You ~nowj thore'~ o~ly oa~ ~ay to Jud~ a cigarette, an~ tha%ts by ~h~ tcbacoo it co,tarns. $1nce Luc~ 3trike actually m~an~ ~i~e tobacco, thespis ~o ~e~ ~o ~ho~ around any !o~ero i~t o~r ~uyer~ shop that extra fine leaf for you. All you haw to do i~ ~.ake it a st~a~in~ order at your faT~rlt~ ~i~a~e~e c~nter £or Lu~kle~, Th~ Just ~it baok and ~,atoh your ~mokin~ ~lea~ure grow and ~row. AYH01 0016615
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1" f Co~erolal - Oeteber £6w 1942 - evenln~ (o~atd) trom the ~er¥ be~iul~ L~ek~ $~rlk~ he~ realt=ed tk~t M olzarette oa~ p~8=lbly be ~y ~ett~r ~ the ~o~aooo 1~ 4ontal~h ~d that=l why our bo~yers ~e out ot t~etr ~y and =pare no e~tort to ~e~ finer, ~lder, ~lpb~ $e~f° ~ow ~hat!= J~ra~$ht and ~le~r ~hlukl~* ~ know It oo~- vi~o*d ~'and £¢ ~ itlll have au¥ dou~ th~ I~okte= ~re the oLg~rotte that ~111 brln& you ~eater a~o~& e~o~me~t, you ~=t tr~¸ pao~ o~ Luokles to~t ~ Io rou~dm so £ir~nw eo ~11~ p~ohed~ =o ~ree and ea=¥ Qn the draw. ~ou*ll ~lnd ~kn~ every time you 1~ ~ I~c~ you'll like a Luo~?. FIT~oi " 001561 ?'
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j f LUCK~ STRIKE "~KKE BELIE~ B£~I~O0~I~ Coz~ereinl e Ooto1~r 29~ 1942 - ~or~Ing ~S BROADCAST
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/ /- LUC~:$~II~ "~ BELIEIf~ IIALLEOg:L" A8 BF.OADC~ST Co~.eroial - OctOber ~j 1942 - evening You lmowj l~st week the ~lssus an.d I went over to Ra~io City ~alo H~ll, and it was really a swell shc~,. You k~¢~l what I really l~ked best thou~h~ ~he Rookette~ dolu~ their etuff° There were thirty-six of them out there on the st~e° I ooun, ted the° Rhyt~u, aud brilliant oostumes .. I ~uesa every~dy wh¢ eees them thlnk~ ~hey're Just about ~ops In dar+c~n~ ohoru~es° An~ ~hoy arol ~ow+ don'~ you thtv~ l~'~ a~az~ng ho~ ~hoy never ~16 a ~ep~ and how they all look so ~h ~l~ke in thoir cost~ue~ as you watch them ~r~ your s~et? Each one does the ~a~e ~tep ~ exactly the sa~e time. That'~ what ~lves th~ such precision mordent -- like olook ~rk. ~ho¥ look a~ n~oh alike as peas in a pod~ w:~loh re~d~ me... right h~re In my hand I have a ~acka~e of Lucky ~trike o£~are~e~+ Now I'm goln£ to pull that little red oellophane tab, an~ °.°(~AU$~).-. tear the p~er wrap~,er a~ one end of the paoka~o. ~ow you ~an see tho ol~ar- e~e~ tn~tde .°°,1~'~ three, atx. nl~o+ ten. And the other ~en are stll~ +oovored by ~e ~ra¥ paper. Now ~ ~ake out ~he ftrs~ cl~are~ke~ the t +ird ol~aretto~ and the eeventh e£~rette° LOok a~ those t~ee Luokies -° ~o rotund, so fir~ 6o ~ully p~cked, so ~ree ~ oasy on the draw .°. they'ro all allke~ ~ust as alike as thQ6~ Rookettes up thor~ on the sta~s and rl~h~ iu ~to~ to give you ~reater ~mo~A~ pleasure. .~ow i~ I were to shu~le thoso ci~arette~ I oouldu't tell o~e L~cky ~trik~ ~rom auo~h~r. They're uniformly ~od° ~he Roc~ettes need rhythm~ and balauoe, aud oos~es, end ~raoe to ~ive you that good dauo~. .h~t l~ t~ tha~ ma~a e~¢h ~ every D~oky $trSke yo~ amoke today uniformly ~ood? ,e11+ it's ba~ed on one ma~n thtn~ and tha~ta ~ine tobaooo. That'~ ~hy our ~uyers take auoh o~re when they Inspect the tobacco lea~ aa ~t oomea u~ for ~alo at publio auotlona. That's why they handle it, and toet lt~ and if they think t~'s up to Luol~ ~trAke itaudard~ they soleot it ~r your Luoky Strike ol£arettel° ~ey ~aow it take~ qualtty tobaooo ~o make a quality ~mo~. Frleu~, your ~avorl~ ~obaooo ~tore le reaSy to sup91y you ~lth a paok of un~ormly ~£ne Luokiel thla very nl~h~, Yea ~r, ewry ~t~e • you li~t a Luo~ ~ou like • l~o~ ~oause Luok~f Strike inca.us fine ~ ?',o~oOo • " • ...... ATHO+ 001+619
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LUOKY STRIKE "~{AKE BELIE~ BAL~OO.~" Co~eroi&l - Oo%ober SOs 1942 - mcrnlnd B~CK= AS ~:~.:J.-1C~$T Thereqvo boe,~ lots of parades around ~o'xo these days. Seen Shy of them r0cently? I ~I~. I s~,x o~ of the~ doin& up Park ~venue not so lo~d ago° Le~ing a lo~d ¢oIu~ of =en w~s the standard bearer, cerrylr,£ hi8 ro~ImenCRl oolora -- ~ soldier on either eldo° You k~ow~ you Could almost tell that ~hat st~nd~rd bearer k~ew Chat everytody ~.~s wa~chind hl~. ~e steppod &long firmly and prou~ly° ~s dimity ha~ t~ llw up ¢o the f1~° A~d you k~ow~ eaoh ~ ever? p~ok of Lucky ~trlkes ~o=in~ to you ~¢ro~s ~ohao~o ¢o~er~ ~11 over ~he country i~ the at~d bearer for L~oky Strike. ~hey're o~rryln~ wi~h ~hom the I~ok~ Strike reputation ~or ~ine tobacco .°° eaoh and e~ry Luoky you ll~ht =us~ llve up to ~b~ reputh~1on° Jus~ as the standard bearer in ~he parade =u=¢ llve up to hi~ Pl~d In bls every mov~on¢, Ju=~ ao e~oh Luoky strike m=¢ llve up to o~r high s~dard of tlner leaf, m~kiug ~ ~iner ~moke Por yo~o And In every parade you no,Poe there'= oolor guard to protea% th~ £I&~. ;. ell~ Jus¢ ~o ~ha~ fine ~ok~ooo In Luokle~ our banner ~or you~ ==ok£~d en~oy~e=t, £8 ~u~r4~d by mkln~ eaoh Luoky ao round, eo flr=~ so fully paoked, so free ~d easy on the draw, th~ I~ oant~ help bu~ bring you o~mple~e ~is~o~ion* Thet'~ bow we o~n be sure ~hs~ yo~tll ~e~ ~e ~xl=am pleasure ou¢ o~ ~hst f~ne Lucky Strike le~ we seleot £or your Luok7 3trl~e oig~roctes° ~,h¥:~on'~ you ~o£n the parade of s~isPled =mokers who have f~u~d ~h~ to liSh~ ~ Luok7 =osns to llke ~ Lucky? You ro~lly oan't 8o wron~ whe~ you ask for Luoky SCrihe, pledged ~o ~iner to~ooo for ~ flner ci~rette° ATe01 0016620
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LUCKY 8T~IS~ "~K£ BELIEVE BALJ~O~ Co~erolal - Oot~bor 30~ 1942 - evening BLOCK, L~ AS BROA~OABT B~y~ you waDt to be Bure tho6e Men in our ~ed Foroes o~r6oa8 have a little hit of C.hristmas eLeer this year? ",ant to make sure they ~b that glft you send them by the ~lenty-fifth of Dec~ber? llell, this is ~db by way of a last mlnutc romlu~or that November let i8 the deadline the Amy Postal Servloe has ~et for Ohrls~as paokagos to be e6nt overseas ~o men in the ~zed Service. Certain dlreotione for paoka~ng have also been given out. i~o packa£e should welsh" more than eleven pound~, nor should ~t be bi~er than eighteen inches in length or forty-t~o Inches in lenEth and ~Irth comblned. The g~fts should be boxed lu • 8h0e box oontainer and 6eourely wrapped. ~ow you k~, folks, all rea~branees will he ~oloo~ed by tho~e =~ in ~he outlying points of ~he ~urld/ but l~d llke to susgest a ~f~ that's ~ounS to please, an~ that'~ a oarton of better than ~er L~ok~es in that box you're fitting out for year Army or Navy c~ ~rlne friend. Because Luoky Strikes are a~tual|y made from finer~ lighter, milder leaf that ~r b~ycre seleot at public auotion, Luoky ~trlke aotually meaa~ fine tohae¢o and fine bob•coo means a fine ~moke. Yes, friends, one way you o~n send your friend8 overseas a moment of relaxation a~d a true ~moklns ~n~oym~nt is to semd them some Luo~ies -- so ro~d, ~o fir~, so ~ully pa~ked, so free and easy on the draw. You oau he cure that every ti~.e they light a Luoky they'll like a Lucky* Horels one Chris~a~ 6ift that will ~ake them ~ay and ~oan it~ too ... Just what I wanted ..o ao~e good old ~a~erican RTH01 0016621
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Colmnerelal - October SI, 1942 - mor-~lng BLOCK, AS B~ICAST " Say friends, did you get owr to see the rodeo at Madiso~ Square G~rd~n? I did, and man, was it funl Those buaking broncos, the trick rldimg -- wo~lx Sure was glad I w~s seated coofort~bly up in the atan~s and not on one of those wild anlLals. And those tricks thah they do with the ro.~e -- m, they were really so~ththg. You know, ~hen I was a kl~ I used to practice those lasso tricks with a piece of washline rope° But I near got very far -- always ~ot into trouble° Never forget the gay I las~ed ,~ mother'= peh lamp. ~,as~.t ~hat I ~es aiming for .*. (whimtl~) °.° boy~ did I eat off the ~J~utim piece f3r a wsekX You have to be prelacy exp~rh ~o get your line around what you're ai~n~ for -- have he ~ow your stuff. You know, the buyers for Luoky Strike have to ~u~ow their stu~f~ too, in order to ~et that fine Luc~ Strike loaf that ~ves you such a perfect smoke° Theyeve prao~l~ed for years Just u tho~e oowboy~ hate practised for years. $o whe~ ~hey ~o do~ Sou~h to the tobacco auctions they oau hook over the leaf as it comes up for sale -- they can ~Sge it and put it to their own t~ste, a~d If they think a basket o~s up to LuCky Strike standards, they enter the bidding. That's how our buyers obtain that flner~ ~ildsr~ better tasting loaf that vm think you want to s~oke. An~ the i~-~ependent tobacco ex~ort~ -- I mean~ yOU know~ the auoti~neers~ buyers, and warehousemen "~no attend these auotiO~o ~sll~ they can't help but see what's going on in the arena of that ~reat warehouse -- can't help hut see what tobacco is sold ~mer~oa~. If ~hose independenh experts, aocord~n~ to sworn records smoke L ok~es ~wo to o~e -- why hog take a tip from the~o Just lasso yourself a solid wedge of increased smoking enjoyment by ordering a pack of L~okies the nex~ time you buy ol~arette~° You'll find that you oe~*t miss when you smoke the ~igarotte that means fine tohaooo. Yes sir, to hight a ~ue~ is %o llke a Lucky. RT~01 0016622
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LUCk~ STRIKE "#~E D~LIEY~ B.~LLRO~" Co~c.er oi~l ~LOCE: 8 October $I. 1942 - evening .ell, today is Saturday. .,hat's more, it's Saturday the thirty-flrst. l~ow what that means? Its sure you ~ No, i don't mean ~allowe'eu. The day ~as pay day. yes sir, today is pay day for a lot of people. You klaow the thrill of ~etting that little "~nite mlvelepo '~th a ellp of colored paper in it that means you've ean:ed so many dollars this week? Did you ever stop to think that that little colored paycheck -- did you ever stop to think about what it meaus~ it means that your bose pr~raises to pay you your salary in cash when you present that cheek at the bauko That's how y~u can turn that promise into dollars and osnt~. Now, if you dldn't~hlnk that he oouid make seed that promise ~ly you wouldn't go on working all week for Just a pieoe of paper with his signature on it that couldn't buy your fa~ly food an~ olothln~. How do I know he can pay, you say to yourselP. \~ell, the answer is ... he's al~.my8 paid before and that'8 a seed sig~o After all, Just look at the foundation of his busl- hess. It's pretty solid. SO you have faith you can euh your chock. You kmow, friends, the ~akera of ineky Strike oigarehhes ~ake a promise, too. inoky Strike promises you smoking pleasure with each and ev, ry I~ok~ you light. I ~m~w you w~uldu't aaoept somebody's cheek without thinklu~ it over* So it's only fair that you think over our premiss. ,e always made good that pro~lee in the past. doll, reoord~ speak for themselves. And sworn ~atemente show that among the tndopeudent tobuaoo ex~erke LUcky Strike has more than tx~ioe as many exclusive smokers as all other bra~de of ~Igarettes combined. I guess that shows that l~ek~ Strike does pay out in smoking enjoyment. And look at the foundation"of every Lucky -- 80 round, 80 firm, so fully packed, 8o free a~d easy on the draw. It's fine tobacco, G~r buyers make sure that L ~k~ S~rike gets fine, light, mild, ripe leaf -- quality leaf that make~ a quality smoke. Sinom in a cigarette it'e the tobaooo that counts ~ud sines L~OI~ Strike has such a fin~ Foundation in fine tobacco, I ~uess it ~ust stands to rea~c~ that L~ek'~ Strike ~Ii be able to make good Ira claim that every time ~ou light a inoky you'll like a Luok~. That's why I'd llke all you folk-e to start euhinS in on what we have to offer tonight ... fine ~oba@eo ruskinS a fine cigarette. Juet try • pack of I~ok~esl ~THO? 0016623
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LUCKY S~IKE Co,~eroial - BLOCK: Novom~r 2s 1942 - mornin~ Well, I really had a good laugh the other day. Tho tel~ho~e operator here at the station oalled to s~y there was a friend of mine outside to see ~ ~ I sa~d send him up. ~ do~r "~s closed, and ~ot up aud opene~ the door to go out and ~eet hL~, and tnstea~ o£ my friend what j~ped all over me but a ~eat bi~ ~est Dane dog. J~.psd up on my ~houl~er, liok~d my faoe ..(laughs).° quite a ~hook, you kn~. You ex~o~t to see a friend of yours when you open the ~oo~, an~ something ~h~t should have had a saddle on it~ baok Jump~ up and k~$6e~ y~u right on the kisser, Snook~te was the dog's name° ~u~'t f~ll-~own yet. Stood nearly ~ix foot on her hicd lOgSo It ~as a pedi~ree~ dog, too~ You know ~hat a podi~ree msaus. ~t tells you a do~'a line of desoe~da~ts. T.hrou~ t.h&t pedigree you c~n traoe thB dog'~ herita~e° you k~ow its baokgrouud. A pure br~d do~ ~11 al~ays ha~e a pedigree° I~'~ a reoc~en~atlon -- t~ ped~reo -- beoauae ~t showl that the do~ oozes ~rom good stook° Now you k~o~ eaoh a~d every ~oky Strike you ~moke ha~ a pedi~ree~ ~ooo ~.hat pedl~ee means that Luok~ Strike from the very time t~ first oame o~ the market in 1917 -- that wa~ ~enty-five years a~o -- had a long ii=e of ~esoent fro~ fine tobaooo° That's the auoe~tor of your ~okie~ ... fine tobaoooo You ~oem we £olks who make Luoky Strik~reali~e tha~ no o$&arette can be any ~ett~r ~J~ th~ tobaooo ~ro~ which l~'s made. ~o "~ ~l~o ~ur~ ~o s~l~ot ~n~r, lignter leaf ~or your Luc~les -- truly Luoky Strike le~ that w~ think you'll want to ~moke, That's our ped~reo, e~ knowing that eaoh and every Luo~ -- ~o round, so £irm~ ~o £ul~ ~aoked, ~o free and easy on the draw -- has a baok~round of fine to~ao~o, i~'~ pretty sate to assume that you'll like Luokies. ~'~y don't you boy a paok today aud remember, every t~me you light a ~ok~ you'll like a Lucky be~auas L~oky Strikes are made from fine tob~oOOo ATe01 0016625
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LUCKY STRIKE "~AKE BELIE~ dAt4~,,O~I" Oo~mercial - November 2~ 1942 - evenl-nt BLOCK: AS BRD~DCA3T You know, when I was • kit I tuess I was pretty lucky, ivory vaca- tion I had I used CO go out ~o an aunt's farm. I think I'v~ told you about it before. In th~ ~t~er weld go swiI~lln~ a~d herryi~ ant watch the c~rn gro,~ tall and ripe. In the winter, well, we'd ~o up there and t° out in =n~ fields huntint, and sAate on the ~und. i used to remember 7~tchin~ my uncle ~nd the hired man eut~in~ tns~e treat blocks of ice =u~ ~P the pond, ~ud storint it in the icehouse. pack it in sawdust, I thi~k it "~.~s. That's how we had our supply cf ice for the warm zontns. That's what kept the zllk and the cr~,~m in good oondltlon in July ~ud August. It gives you a real sense of security and coca~or~ ~o think that that cool, damp ice hous~ cr~d "~Ith its blocks cf icg, stored up there for whenever we needed it -- gave me my first f~elin~ of how nice it is to have something s~rad up for the futmreo You know, each package of Lucky Strike is very similar to that icehouse on our aunt's farm. Just as sure as that icehouse stored up for us ice cream and frosty pitchers of lemonade, that can be m~de only by using ice, Just so caeh and every package of Luckies you buy ~oday, stores up for you the smoking snJo~en~ the Increased smoking pi~sure that cemes only from the use of flue tobacco, i~ow our buyer-s, ~no~ving that no oi~aretse can be ~r.y hett~r than the tobacco from "~.ioh it's mate, ~o out of their way :o ~elect fine, ripe, mild, better tasting tobacco -- true Lucky Strike leaP, That%e how you and i, just average smokers, can be sure that ~very Lucky -- So round, so fi.~a, so fully packed, so f~ee ~r~i easy on ~he draw -- i~ full of satisfying smoking minutes, Just waitinz for us to light up and bake a ~ff. ~hy don't you unlock the door to this great storage res~uvoir of smoking pleasure? Say to She man behind the counter --- Luokles, plea~e. It will be a ~o-./ort to you to know that yen ,can rely on, t~at ~lue t~b~e~ in L~¢kle~ ah~ it ",ill be a oom~ort to you ~o ksow that every time you light a Lucky you'll llke a Lucky, RTH01 0016626
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~Q~ 8TEIEB ~K~J~ BELXkYZ BAL~RO~" ~ ~OA~3~ O~merolall- No~r 8, 1942 - mo~lng BLOCKS A ooupl~ of nights ~£o, W9 Y,~nt to the ~etropolit~n Opera Howe to Jee the I~llet. lt*e an old building. It*B really cheek full of cle~our, too. YOU know, whe~ever I get a chance to £o to the Old Opera Hou6o l lovo +~ ~ there. Like to aee the ~11et. ZVll tell you why. *hen I was a kid I use~ to think the ballet ~ sissy stuff, y~ kay, a bunch of slrls tloltln~ around the stage Lu short white fluffy ~rease~. ~uk actually the ballet's a lot ~ore th~n tl~t. ltte ~n art. SiT8 ~ science l~sed on real tradltio~. ~ou ~ay not te|ie~ it. but th~eo stops the Theylre o~do No~ it doesn't .~ake a p~rttclo o~ di££e~e~oe whether ~he dancer is the rsno~ed ~t~lnsk~ or Pavlo~m~ or ~ust a little begl~er keller d~noer, t~y ~11 k~ve to learn ~hoee t~slo steps. ~id you ever see a picture of ballet dancers tra~ning? N¢~ they ~ow the steps they lear~ lu the ~allek room are ~,~t t~lo to the finished d~uees that you'll see a~ the Metropolit~. ~oa, the ~asio stsp~ ~h~t we folks who ~ake yo~r Lunkies have ~o learn before we oan glve ~u a off.retie ~hat will bring you ~oreased s~okin~ ~oy~nk ie that we have to ~k~ that oi~etts fro= fine, li~t~ ~ld to~ooo, It takes qualtt¥ tobao~o to make a quality smoke. ~d tbak's wb~ our buyers, after lonkln~ over and ~d~nE ~.he ~O~Oeo as ~t OOZES ~p ~or s~e a~ p~bl~o aue~on select the trul~ L~o~ Strike lea.~ the% has actually co~e %0 ~ko the na~e I~o~/ Strike me~ fine tobacco. ~ you ~o~, ~rter the I~llet d~l~r~ ~e skilled in their ~as~o ateps °- a~ter they've learned the routine, they're beautifully costUmed~ the £1nish~ng Couches of sekting and ~usto are added. Likewise~ after we make sure that the tasls of every Luck~ Strike is that stron~ foundatio~ of fine tobaoo% we m~ke L~okiee -- so • ouu~, eo f~r~, s~ f~ll~ pank~ ao free aud easy ~u kb~ dra~ -- t~t th euo~ & ~ettinE~ you Just o8~t -- yo~ ean~t ~tss ~y of that fine lea~ that ~uer~nteu you a fine smoke, ~,hy don't you ~ry ~he oi~aret~e whoee makers k~ow that the basle step in ~ny elg~¢etba is ~Ine tobacco? ~TH01 0016627
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L~CEY SIRIX~ "EAXE ~LI~E BALLR'CO~" CCom-~erolal - November 3~ 1942 - eyeing BLOCKt A~ BRO~T WO have a sweet potato plant at our houee, It's really gonI~hlng. Did you ever 6ee one? ~ad i~ in wa~er in a ~ark oloset for ~u~ ten ~ays a~d took it out and therg were ii%~I~ ~een Bhoote all over i~. Then you put ~ome ~ore ~at~r on i~ ~d kee~ it in the aun. And n~m i¢'s ~at a~out the bi~est~ leafiest pl~nt IlVe ever aeen. The st~ s~rt of reddish ~ ~he lea~e~ look llk~ IvM- l~'s rea~ ~er¥ pretty ~n~ sol% lookin~o you ought to t~y it. Get a swe~ potato at the vegetable 6tore a~d pu~ I¢ in wate~j and start your own ~lant. I ~us% w~t to tell ~ so~eth~ about that 91a~ of o~r~. H~ ~ar~ ~t If° ~o ~t~er how o~on ~ t~rn I~ ~und or put ~n ~n a ~i~rent oorner o~ ths roOm~ it alway~ turne bac~ towaxd ~e ~i~ht ao ~he le~w~ oan have a~l the sun. ~ret~ olever. I g~eaB it's only n~ural the w~y a p~ant t~rna ~o li~ht~ I ~e~ ~J~ ou~y ~at~r~ ~or ~he i~dep~i~nt ~bao~o e~e~ta~ who a~end • publlo auot~ona, to turn ~o D~oky ~rlke oi~are~tss, too, as their smokin~ pr~e~enoe. The~e ~xe ~he warh~e~en. ~ ~u~ioneer~# ~e buyera, ~o as ~ey oarr¥ ou~ ~e~r ~ine~ o~ bu~ and eellln~ ~o~ooo i~ the ~at tobaooo ~rohouBe~ wher~ the pu~i@ lales ~re held, oan'~ ~eIp but eee who ~¥w wMat kb~ of leaf. ~nd they're boun~ to hear Sold Amer~ ~tme And ~£m~ a&aln+ U our ~uyore ~0 ~e~ ~d ~e~ an~th~ buket of ~ly Luoky St~i~e to.coo. ~o~ the~e men reBlly know ~obaooo! Aud ~Inoe %hey havo no af.~£11atlon ~i~h any ~i~rotte manu~a@turln~ oom2~y~ they ~oose for t~Ir ow~ ~mo~e ~e oi~r~tte ~% born% ,~ot~ %hei~ ri~i~ am~k~kn~ 6t~n~r~. ~o~j ~hen lwor~ re~Qrd~ show ~hat ~on~ the~e i~dependent e~per~s Luok~es have m~re ~han t-~ioe ~i many exo1~Ive smok~r~ al &ll ot~er brand6 o£ @i~ar¢~te~ oombi~ed~ ~ues8 that o~ght ~o oonv~n~e yo~ too~ tha~ X~o~lem are the o~ga~et~e you ~h~Id ~oke° Yes a~r~ after y~r ~rs~ paokago ~I~ a~ ~ur~ aa plant ~raa to li~hto or a duek turns to ~ator, yo~.ll bo ~vain~ to LuoMy Strike tot ~ha~ added 6~k~g enact t~At ~c~ se~ ~ eaoh ~nd every Luo~ .- so ro~ndm ao £1rm~ so ~ul~ p~oked~ so free and e~sy @~ ~he dr~we RT~01 001662B
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LUGKY ITRIr~ ~ BELIEVE ~LLRO~~ Uom~oroial. Uova~ber 4. 1942 - laor~t:lq; BI.OC[I AS BRO~.~C/~S T Yon know l~ ~ra~ to ad~t when I ~ .a kiO. I wasn,t a partieularly -~. goed boy. I w~e alway~ U~n~ que~tio~n navy wanted me to ask. ~rnen ~F~t' e~ud her boy friend. ~uld e~e to tbo he.see Z*d ri~t away nay •.. Heyj when are you ~wo going to get ~ried? It was a llt~le e~barrassing, Used to go to the movies and dee those thriller serials . the ones always to be oonol~ded next week. I'd always w~t to know how it ~ going to end. I ~ the little kid who asked at the age ot four wh~ S~ubo Claus looked like Papa -- you kaOWo Yes. I had ~o be oon- y~noed or else I ~ust w14 • do.bring ~hom~s. That's the k~nd o~ ~u the A~r$O~L Tobaooo Oo~psny. the folks who make Luok~es~ ~ot • hold oF~ too ,.. ~ust e~ average smoker but a doubtin~ Tho~8 &~erage 8~oker. Consequently I ~8 ~ven free rei~ to look lute 8worn reoord8 -- ~lslt "~,he publlo toboooo 8~1o'~;,~ doom south M ~/~t ~ aver&go ~oker~ then to o~ue bSok and rop~ to you, Believe ~ ~o1~ ~ was really o~uoed that Luok~ Strike truly mean8 ~/ne tob~ooo and therefore . inoreued emokinU plmure." XtYe ee~ Luek~ Utrike bt~ye~ ln~peot~n~ and ~udging and ~inally 8eleoting a l~af they think we'll w~ut to smoke £n Luok£es .. the tob~eoo ~b•t oom~s up to Luol~ Strike standards, You see~ iron the very bo~'im~mg Lucky Strike ha~ re~lised ~t no oi~arette oan possibly be ~uy better th~n the ~obaooo it oontains. That's why L~oky $~lk~ buyer8 ~o out o~ their way wed spare no c~Tort to get ~lner~ ~4~ar~ riper lea~, Now. ~b's straight ole~ ~hiJ~Ln~ I keow it oonvinoed me ~ if you still hav~ ~ doubt ~hat Luok~ 18 the oig~ette that will ~r~g you ~reater emokhog en~oym~t~ ~o~ ~t try a peek ~ L~okies boda~ ,o, 8o round~ so firm, 80 l~l~y peeked, 80 ~roe and easy on the draw. ~o~*11 ~ind that ever7 t~mo yo~ ~ht • Luoky yo~*ll ~llkn .a LUok~. " ~r~O~ 00~9
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LUCKY ST~I~ "MAF~ BELIEVE ~LLI~OOM" Oov~erolal - November 4, 1942 - evening BLOCKI And now friend4, I want to talk to you ~usb a little bit about s~ethin£ was ~uet %hinkLng about .o, %he day I graduated fr~ public school. Sam as if it wore ~ush yesterday. I remember my ~irot pair o£ lon~ panbe° I ~ore them that day. Thay were white £1anuel, a~d i had a hlue J~ket and there ns a whike oaraation in my button hole.¸ Boy, was I ~11 dreased up. A ~ ~e day° They had a lot of speeohuS I remc~ber that° And the~ we all marched down on the platform to ~et our diplomas, and ~hen I went home. I re,ember pu~tiug ~ diploma in the h~roau drawer~ and then I wont to ~ ~vaduation par~-jj and Iake a lo% of cake and ice oresm° I didn't feel quite ae good whan X came home ~s when I wen~w but hhat.s u~ual~ I onderlhand° Z clean £or~ob ~11 abou~ ~hat dipl~m ~hat I h~d put in the drawer~ b,t n~ ~ ~otharo e~n~Ihe ~tshe~ it out o~ ~he drawer and had it framed~ and hun£ in on the wall l~ ro~° M~n wal Pretty proud of that dipl~u° ~ow ~hat diploma really meant something. It showed that the principal of ~he ~ohool e~d my te~ohara'who had been ~atohing ~e work ~or eight years, who ked seen my levite,, had approved of my work aud thought that I had earned that dipl~° which remlnd~ me to remind you that th~ ,~nufaoturers of I~ky ~rike ol~arettel have what you mi~h~ call a diploma, and they're ~ghty proud of it~ hoe. That diploma is in the term oE sworn records eho~ that Independent tobacco ex~erke prefer LuQkies two to one° ~ow these independe~ auotion~o~sm war~h~leu~ and b~yorB are ~&ro-minded i~ their choice of their own ol~arettem beoau~e~ well~ they're not af~ll- ~ed with any o~garebto manu~aoturln~ company. And when the tobacco ~ot£on~ ~ro in pro~rea~ these ~e~ attend them~ and naturally ~hey see who buy~ wha~ ~otaooo~ and they o~'t help but see ~uoky 8tri~ buyers ~oin~ afte~ end ~ott~ng that ~rue Luolq~ Strike loa~. ~hat's wh¥ ~hen ATH01 0016630
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LUCKY 8~'~IK3 ~I~KE HLZKYE BALI~" AS JROr, L~*,ST C~;~CZZL. November 4o 1942 - eve~m£ (o~) n~rn reoord8 prove that among ~ese ~d~e~dent exper~e ~ok~eu have z~cro ~han ~rloo u many exolual~re smokers as all other bra~8 of o£~ro~tes oombined~ wetre pretty proud of that diploma, w~oh ihow~ that 1mire learne~ ~ha~ the el~en~ry thin~ ~ ~ o£~a~e~e t~ t~aoco° And ~ way to ~e ~ ~ual~" ~moke t~ ~o ~ke £t; ~h fine¸ ~11~, ripe lea~. ~ow why not take a ~tp fr~ ~ho experl~ Hake ~t next p~ok Luo~. ¥ou111 fin~ that w~ desorve the% diploma, booause eaoh ~ evory l~o~y you 11~t is =o round, =o fir=, so fully peoke~ so ~ree and o~8y on ~he draw. RT~01 0016631
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I,UC~ STRI~E '~.KE BELI~r~ ~t.I,LRg~" C~orcle.l - November 5, 1942 - mor~.ing HART: AS B~J~AeT No'.,'. folks, this is ~ust ~ .~ord to all you business men out there llste~i~Ig i~l to me. ~r~, say youlre ~ ~cry salos~nt and you've J~s~ sold a pers~ootlve buyer a shipment of your faetory.s products. You Just got a wry big ooutraet. ~, you're a pretty luoM~ boy. aren't youl ¥~u hgme come/at night ~nd you tell your wife all about holy you bearded the old lien right there in hie own office. Maybe you t&ke the wife out for a big time ... you know. d~nner and a show. That night you tell her she c~n have a new fur ooat she's been talking ab0ut for the past t~o months, Em? And later on when you're emptying your pockets before going to bed, you take out your ~iall~t, your ~teh, an6 the ~ood old rabblt'e foot. "Good *id rabbit's foot", you say t~ yourself. "5oy, you sure worked hard today". But you k~ow it ~asn't the rabbit's foot that got that oontraet, don't you? It was because you delivered the ~oods. You had what that perspective buyer w~tcd~ and h~ ~S a~ expert in his field. He k~ow ~hat he wanted. Now, when I tell you folks that with the independent tobacco experte, Luekles have more than twice as many exclusive slaokers aa all other brands of oigarettes oomhined -- we've no r~bblt's foot or luoky horseshoe to thank for it. ~,e Just deliver the ~oods. Now the~e Inde- pendent exports --warehousemem~ auctinn~ers, ~d buyers -- attend the public tobacco auctions all over the sou~h, and they can't help but so~ our buyers goin~ after tha~ truly Lucky Strike leer. 3o it'e ~o su~prlse at all that these men -- these independent experts -- prefer Luokies t:~o to one. You sos, friends, Luck~ Strike delivers th~ goods that experts and average smokers alike want, and that's fine tobacco to make a fine s~oke. So why don't you walk into your local tobacco s~ore and ~lk~e your order for a peek of L ekles. You'll~ fl~d that you'll be re~ewlng your contract with the cigarette that means fine tobacco every time you buy eiLarettes, Yes air, whe~ you light a inoky, you'll like a l~eky! t~THO ~ 0016632
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........................ ~ ................. o f • Lb~f/ SI~I~E "AL~E DF~I~IE BALI~" AS ~D~ADCAST Co~mer~inl - l;ovember 5, 194~ - eye.trig You k~ow, a£ter I l~ft you here at the Ballroom last night I walked o~er t~ the subway to ~et bomee and wont up to the turnstile ~nd took out a handful of change. I ploMed out a ~lokel ~u~ a penny ..° the nlokel ~s for the osr~are and a penny for some ~, that I ~,ant~d to ~et out of one ~£ those ~ohtne~. *ell, I p~t the r~t o~ the eh~,~e h~c~ into m~, pocket and ~alked into the tu~lle, i~erte~ the coin, an~ pushed. Noth~ happened ..° I p~shed again ... still nothin~ happened. I starte~ to ben~ on the slot to ~ke the ooi~ ~o do,~. I thought ~.ybe it ha~ gotten stuek somewhere° A~d I pushed a~in. Still nothi~ ha~penedo I was Just about to ~ke a flying tackle at the t~rn~tile when ! looked at the eoin I still held in my hand. And there ~s the nio~l. See, I ~d put the penny I had been savin~ for the gum into the turnstile. No wonder I o~uldn't °.. ~d ~s my face re~, ~kin~ ~uoh a ~us~ about it. Couldn't ~ool that aut~tio machine Jven £~ I -~ted to. I Just oou~n't Bubatit~te a penny for a ntokel. ~d you know, £olke~ when our Lucky $~lke ~ere attend the publlo auotinns down Jouth their seleotlon of that fine, mild, ripe Luoky Strike tobacco i~ Just ~s automatic as the operation of the sub~ t~stile when you put a nickel in the slot. The~e buyer~ won't take a ~enny for a niokel e~ther. They buy only the finer lea~ for your Lucky Strike olgarett~, because they realize t~t ¢l~e~ett~ can possibly be any better than the tobaoco it oontain~. Aud so to ~i~e you a ~ine smo~e, a smoke you'll really like they've ~ot he ~ill every Luoky °° ~o round, so firm, so fullM paoked, ~o ~ree and easy on the draw -- with fine tobacco. "~hy don't you ~ust try a pack o~ Luokles tonight? You'll find your response to Luoky Strlke will be Just ae automatic Be that of the independent tobacco experts who Just naturally ehoose I~okies two to one, Yes sir, youlll find that every time you ll~h~a Lueky you'll like a Luo~,- ATHO~ 0016633
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Co¢~er~lal - November ~, 1942 - mo~:in~ BL03~.: ~ell, friends, about a .~ee~ ago I ~lent over to Ra~io City ~usic Hall, and th~ ~d ~ s~ll ~h~ o~er ~h~re. ~e c£ ths th~ ~ ~ike ~est of ~II i6 the ~ooketb~s doin~ their stuff. You kco,~ there are thlrty-~ix of the.~. on t~e st&~e. I cou~te~ the~.., ~ood rhythm, br1111anb oolt~meso C-u~ss ev~rybo6y ~ho see~ t~e~ think t~ey're Juet about to~s I~ ~cin~ cho~es. ~n~ it'~ ~zazin~ the ~ay th~ n~or m~ a s~e~ -- ho~ -- ho~ ~c~ ~li~e they 1o~L in t~e~r c~sSxu~es ~ yo~ ~atoh the~ ~'~om your ~to ~ac~ o~e o~ the~ do~8 th~ $~e sbe~ ~b ox~tly ~e ~ame tl~° That's ~hat ~Ive~ th~:~ suoh pre~isinn mordent -- like oloo~ork° ~he~ look as much ~llke a~ ~a~ in a po~ -- whlch r~ind~ ~e of a pac~ ot ~uc~ ~trlke ol~ret~,~$. You o~en ~he little r~d eellopha~e t~b and t~ar the pa~er ~a~jor at ~ne end of the ~aoM. Y~U o~n see the oi6eretbes in there..°three, six~ nine -- ten of the~. The other ten are still covered by t~ ~ra¥ pape~o You take out the first oi~arett~o ~he third Cigarette, the seventh ol~ar~tbeo Loo~ at ~Ii t~ree O~ tho~ -- ~o round° so fir~. ~o fu~l~' packed. ~o ~re~ ~od ea~.v on the d~aw° Ti~e.~'re all ~llko, just ~i alike as those Loo~.ette~ up ~e~ on the ~ta~e a~d right in st~ to ~i~e you ~r~.ater s~oP~n~ ~lea~ure. ~o~s if ~u ~e~e to shuffle those oi~arette~, you oc~l~n't tell one L uo~ ~trike from ~nobl,er. ~h~y're ~ifor~l¥ ~od° ~io~° the ~o¢~.~t~es n~d r.~ythm° and balanee~ ~n~ o~s~ce and grace t~ &i~e you t-~t ~ood d~noi~° .~at i~ it that ~k~s • ch a~ eyery Lucky. S~rike you s~o~e tod~y uni~crmly ~od -- tops in smokin~ ~J~ent? That unlformity is b~se~ on one main thi~ and t,~a~'~ f~e ~oba~co° That's :~ ~ o~r buyere t~ke Su~ car~ ~hen thoy inspect the tobacco le~ as it ~omes uo for ~ale at publi~ auctlOr~o T;~'S why they handle i~o test i~, ~nd i~ they think it's up to Lue~ StrZke s~ac~ar6~, ~e1~ ~t ~o~ your l~ck~ $~Ik~ oi~ar~tte~° They k~ it ~kos qualit:, tobacco ~o make ~ quality smoke. Your f~'~orito tobao¢o ~tore i~ ready to eup~ly :,ou ~itha pack of unl~ormly fino A~okles today. Ye~ ~iro every ti~e you li~ht ~ l~oky you'11 11~e a Du~ky becauae Luoky StrZJe mean~ fine tobacco. ~T~01 0016634
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LUCI~ SThlKE "~L BEL~V~ Bk.LL~OU}~" Commerolal . November 6, 1942 - cvenln5 BLOCKI I ~nt to t~lk to our friends about buoky Strike oi~ar~ttes. But first, llm re~lly ~e%tlnt to be n ~e~soned su~y tr~elor° H~v~ yuu over been in the ~ubway at ~orty-~oond Street and ae~ the j~blcd ii~8 of ~reen an~ re~ llght3 up in th8 ceillng °.. ~eoplc sourryln~ around ~nd~rn6ath them? The other ~ft~rneon I took the sub~y over to Tlmes 8quire, ~n~ ~ot out of the traln an~ started to walk ainn~ up the plstform r~adin~ the s1~n~ ~a I went. I ~ante~ to yet t.ho ~hut~le train ov.~r to the ~ast Side, and sure er.ouEh th~r~ was a 8i~n said follow the gr~n li£ht~ for the East bound 8hathle. $o I J~t follo~:ed the ~een lights whloh ~t~ehehe~ out in • io~.~ line on the oeilim~ overhea~, an~ I ~,alked, an~ 1 ~l~:ed past chang~ ~ooths~ flower ven~or~ and newsboy~, .xlt8 into the :;treet. Still the ~een light le~ on till flnally there I was on the platform ~here the ~hattle ~s w~itln~. Now let ~e tell you folks, if ~t ha~n't been for that llne ~ ~ro~ li~hts direoting me I woul~ have been i~ a a~d fix i~ that network of ~ubw~y train~, and y~t ~ v~ry .- v~ry ~im:Jin to find your ny i~ you ~atoh the ~ireotion lltht~. I ~ust v~n~er how man~ of you are lost in • l~b~rinth of ~i~ar~the claims° You know, if ¥ou'~e tryln~ to got on the t~ain bo~d for ~r~ter ~mokln~ ~nJoym~n%, you oau,t ~o wron~ if you follow the si~n~. First of all~ ooma~n sense ~Ireots that no cigarette oaa be any better than It~ tobaooo. ~hat's why the m~hers of Lu~Mie$ make sure that each Luoky Strihe 16 made from flne~ ripe. ¢~refully selected le~£. ~ha~'s a di*~ct1~n l~ht it will t~ wise to follow. ~ere's anothar si~na1~ the independent ex~rto -- the heb~¢oo experts who sttond the publio au~tlons and matur~lly ~ee who buys what leaf prefer iuckies t,~ to one. That'~ -~hy you o~t take the wrong t~ra, you ~an't ~et on the ~on~ train, if you follow I~oky Strike to 8~o~ ple~re, Yo~ o~ rest aa~tre~ y~'re s~ fine tob~ooo~ the kind of leaf the ox~erto ohoos~ fo~ themselves, and you'll find that every tlme you light a haaky ~ou'll llhe ~ Imoky, FIT ~01 0016635
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F.I~ O.d)caST LUCKY 8To~IKE "JtAF~ BgI~EVE BI~L~O~ C~ercial - 9ovember 7. 1942 - mornin~ BLOCKs You k~OWo frlende~ ther¢~e a certain Amount of eatisfaction timt oome6 from ~rk well done, no ~tter ~t youlre doing ,,v worklug in a ~r pl~ or ~rkin~ in a tutored or ~ orfioeo ,~h~ ~.~.vo done a ~ood J~b, ¥~lre 6stlsf£ed° ~d tbnt oattsfsction £8 intcn61£ted wheu th~ end of the .6ek co~ ~d and you 9et your.pay oheok~ Tb~ little pl~k or bluo pleoe o£ paper -- t~ i~yal 'P~y to the order of Jo~m ~I¢h, ~o ~y ~oltarl° Th~tl~ mighty ~a~tsfyin~ b~o~ b~ause you know lt'~ ~o~u~ to hclp b~ for yo~ ~m~l~ ~e ~ ~e~ ~oe~° I)o yo~ evBr ~p ~ ~uk a~ut that oh~ok~ You take it ~o the be~k° It's your boss~ ~mlle to p~y ~'ou ~o~r Sal~y in oa~9. you o~ pre$~n~ it at ~ b~k ~qd cur~ that ~ece o~ pa~er ~o dollar~ ~d o~° I~ you didn't ~hin~ t~t ~he bo~ cheok ~ ~y good, y~ woul~lt &o o~ ~rk£n~ all week ~mt to ~et ~ sorap of pa~er with a ~i~n~ture on it ~nt w~ldntt buy any ot the thi~ th~ ~c~ n~ded. ~d th~ y~ may mayl ;ell~ h~ do ~ ~o~ he o~ pay? ThB an6wer to tb~t~ of oo~rsel i6 ~ulve be~ ~orJin~ t~ro S 1~ ~ a~ ~ho fo~datio~ of ~olidity in his b~tne~s, a~d you havo faith in that oheok, You &ooept that pieoe of p~per in pa~t of your ¢nttro we~k'~ ~ork° ~oll, you ~ow friends, the meters of l~oky 9trike c£~ar~tte~ ~k~ a promi~ too. inok~ $~rtk~ pro~seJ you s~oking pleasurc wl~h oaoh ~d every Luoky you li~t~ I ~ you wouldn't aooept ~omebodyfs oheo~ without thinkinC it owr. So ~t'a ~1~, ~atr tb~t you ~nk ovor ~r promise° ,e always ~de ,.ood ~b~t promi~ in the p~t. ~.ell, le~ le~ ~e r~ords ~pe~k f~ tb~l~. ~o~ ~tat~n~ 8how ~m~ e~ou~ the ~nde~dent ~obaooo e~er~l L~oki~ b~ ~re ~, t~loo ae ~y o~l~e ~mokers u a~l other ~snd~ o~ 0~arlttea a~inO~o ' ~el0 ~.~ oho~ ~llaC Luok:les do pay out in s=Okin£ en~o~ment, ~nd :~hon. ~I" ~ look at
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the founda¢lon of every LuoL~ Strike cigarette -- so round, eo fir,r~, ¢o ~lly packed. $0 froe amd ~asy o~ the draw, yo~*ll 8e¢ fine ~obaC~Oo uur buy~ra '~¢ s~re that Luoi~ Strl'.~ g~ts li~,ht, rico, l~ld le.~2 for y~ur lmoktel °- quality leaf that ~kea ~ quality s.~k~; ~.~d ~l;;0e h~ ~ oib.;r- fou=~at~n ~u ~¢ tobacco, It Ju6t ~ t~ rc~ th,t Aaokv ~triko ~$11 b~ ~bl~ t~ uako ~oo~ it~ o%~1 that eT~ry tl~c, ',ou 1t[.~t ~. Luoky you'll like ~ L~cky. ~r~'~ ~hy I'd ~lke all ~,~u f~!hs ~ ~t,,rt c~hi-,~ RTH01 001663?
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i~ • B~CK: trlo:as, a oou?le ~f nd~ht~ a{o I we~t out t~ L~'.~vardlo Field tv :~c~et an .,~y fr~d of mluo ~h~ -~s ~c~',~ ~u ~. the ui~u~ht ~l~ fr~ .~L~ t~n. elIj I'll t~ll you that airport ~t ~ILht is oertolnly ~e of the :~st Im~r~iv~ ~i~ht~ ItVe over ~n, ~ot there ~ a h~If a~ h~r e.~rl~,, ~o I ~lke~ up and 4o'~ the ohear~ti~n rax~os ,~hich overluok the field, and the h~ars, and ~.hat aeti~it~ ~wry ti~ ~ pl~n~ ~:.~e In| equil,~.in~ tho huge ~iroraft for the ne~t ~li~ht° Th6n~ I iooha~ up o~r~ he~d° Ther~ ~as a nag~ b~cou pro~lu~ the s~y ~ith It~ britj~t ~i~t~r, ~u~ I thou£ht of the Inc~,mln~ pl~ne6 up thar~ t~ ~m that beaoom ~.~ a la~'~ ~idi~ them h~n~, That ~reat swl~i~ li6ht -. it ~ ~ ~Ireotlon Bit~a~ 8h~wln~ the plane6 the lo~ti~n ~f their atr~ort, N~p you ~,, £ul~, thcre'~ ~ ~Irecti~ be~ ~or all ~ ~'ou ~ver~ Bmoker~ o~t thore ~ho find th~ uoillu~ ~o whan it oo~e~ t~ ohQ~lu~ ~ur ~rau~ ~f ~i~arette~, .~d that ~Ir~tion sisal I~ the o~i~dou o[ the d~do.~e~dent tobaooo e~ert~ ~ho ohoo~e Luo~ie~ ~7o to o]le ~ their owL'~ psrso~al ~oklr~ ~roferono~, ~o,~¸ th~e i~d~Jendent ~obacco auctlo~leer~, b~r~ alld ware- h~u~em~ who atten~ th~ ~blio tobaoo~ auoti~ iu the gr~at wareho~e~ a pretty ~l~uifinant Factor t~t ~ith the~e ~en ~ho truly i0~o,~ tooao.o "oest~ Luoki~ hav~ ~cce tha~ t~i~e as ~ ~xclusiv~ s~oker$ aB all oth~ brands o~ oi~aret~s oo~ublne~, No~, that's the beam to all you aver~&~ smohers out there 11~teL~ic,& ~° that'~ the beam to ~ui~e You to ~at ~iue, li~h~, mildj truly Lucky Strike loaf th~t'~ in ~very paoh of Lac~le~ you buy today. You'll find that you ha~ o~l; haPPY landlug~ wish t~ky ~trl~. ~o try a p~ukl ~am~mter~ ~cry tl~a yo~ ~i~ht a Luok~ you llke a Luoky* ~T~O~ 0016638
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Co:m~erclal - November 9. 18§~ - mor.:In~ BLOCK: You ~obl. when Z w.8 a kid I ~es$ I was pretty lucky. ~no~' vaoatlon time @:~.le &ro~d I use~ to ~,o ~ut to !~y ur.olels f~,r~.. I ~ T. Ive t@l~ yuq about it, before. S~ertL:e Ild ~o 8~i:!~iI:o and horryin5 an~ watch the corn ~ro~: ,~J. .~d in th~ winter ~et un and ~o hR~tln~ and skati:l~ on the pond. ~ re£eaber ~vatehln~ ~-y u~els and the hlre~ ~'~n outtln~ t~s~ ireat blocks of lee out of the poz~ 8~d 8tori:~ it in the i~ohouse. ~:,at's ho~; we h~d our supply of ice for the w~rmer ~orths,t~ oo;~, That's what k~pt the milk end cream in £.00d co~.dltlon in July and .u~"/et. Yo~ know, it ~Iv~8 y~u a r~al sense of s~ourity ~ad comfort to think of tn-~t ~3oI, d~p 10¢houee, just orate.led with blocks of ice, st~ed up there for whenever ~e might ~,o.~d it. It ~ave ::,e ny first feoliu& of ho~, nice it is to haw eomethln~ stored up for future enJu~nt. You ~ow, ~aoh package of Lucky Strike cigarettes is very si;~ii=r to that Ioehotlse on r~ unolc's farm! for Just 8s surely a~ t~t icehouse stored up for us Joe SO ~'e could make Ice ore~ ~d thi~s li~c that dur~l~ the st~mer. SO each and every paokabe of Luokies you buy today stor~s up for you the smokin~ enjoyment and Inoeeased s~oki~g pleasure that oo~s only f~vm ~he use of flue tobacco, O~r ~yoi'~ kn~iu~ that no oi[~r~t~ e~n be 8~y bett~r th~n tho tobaoc0 frum ~ioh it'~ r~de, ~o u~t Of their ~ay to svleot fi~e, rifle, mild. better tastin[- tobacco -- true LUO~ Strike leaf. .uld that's ho~ you a~ I, Just ~ver&~e smokers~ ~Jl be ~re that ov~ry Luok7 .. ~u F0Ulld, a~ firm~ so fully packed, so free and easy on the dr8";¢ -~ is full of s&tis- lying smokln~ minutes, Just ~itln5 for US t~ light u@ a~d tcK~ theft fi|'~t ~uff. hy ¢on~t ~uu o~n th0 door to thak &Teat storage resouvolr of s~ok~n~ pleasure? 3~y to the m~a in hack of the tobacco counter ... iaokiss~ )lease, It will be a comfort to you to kuow that you osn tel) uo that fills tohaooo in Luokles, a oo:/~ort ~o h~ow that e,e~y time you light " a Lucky you'll like a Lucky. 8TH01 0016639
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Co,~erclal - ~ov~bor 9, 1942 - e~nln~ BLOCI~ = i~ok:/ Strike Green has ~one %o warl You know. friends, a lon~ %ino ~o ~ol~ you ha~ a f~rm or when you ~£ht ~ house ~d lot, :'ou Just didn'% call up th~ w~tor c~any ~nd ha'~ a tap i~stallcd in %ho k~tch~ %o briu~ ~later In t.hrou~ those nioe, oloaa p~pes. ..ost o~tun ~u h~d to 41£ the ~elL .md if i~ ~s ~w %erritory, well, Tou h~r~l~ L~ew whoro %o bo~in. $o you oallod ou the l~al ~er flndor. Yeah, thoy had water finders -- ~on who r~ma~ around in your ~aok~ard for a ~ile ho~din& ~ ro~ in their ~a~-~, and %hat rod ~=~u~posed to h~ ~o~ kind of a ~a~Io property, a~d ~lu~lly he hi% on a sgot £or >'ou %o slnk y~r well, and lil.'~ a= n~ Tou'd £1nd ~ter %~oro -- if you du~ deep enouEh. But you k~ow, that ~ter fL~d~r and his rod dld~'t re~lly b~ve an: m~Ioal power~ ~r~lmbly h6 knew the ~istrlot and the 8oii on your l~nd ~ety ~ell, ~nd h~ oould ~i&ure out by the w~%a%ion ~ the oondition ~f %he oar%h if s~ri~Ea wer~ nea~" %~%o s~rfao~ of" ~ot. ~ ~ou ~ow~ thero.~ no divinin& rod m~hod of ohoo$iu~ a fine oi~rot~o oithor. There's nothin£ ~m~Ioal ateu~ i~ .oo ~ust a quo~tlon of Lno~In~ tha £aO~So You s~, to =ake a ~Ine oi~rette y~ haw to make i~ ou~ of flne ~Oba~o¢o Tho ~akers of Luckios realizo t.~% in a ci~ar~%to $~'s the ~ob~ooo th~ oounts. ~nd for th~ roason ~% pu]~lio ~ohaooo ~u~%icn~ our buyers buy finer, li~h%er, milder, trul7 Luok~ Strike l~f for your smokln~ pleasure. ~md tho: ~r.ow that after this flae 16~/ -- ~ellowod, a~ed~ ~n~ o~re~ to D~fecti~ -- i~ ~ iI%~o yc~/F ~ki~$~ 80 roundj so fir% so fully peckcd~ ~o froe ~d eas.,~ on the draw, you wonlt need any d~vlnln£ rod to find out th~ every ti~e you i16h% a Luok~ you,ll li~e a iuok~.¸ ~a~, sesm llke ma~Io ~o y~ bu% ~tts a fact, ~hat ~hos~ extra pl~a~ant ~moklnE mia~te~ are due %o ~at f£ner ~obaooo in uvory Luok-j you li~h%. ~ow it's tlmo £or another number by ~y Kyser. Y~s ~ir° ~ad Luoky $%¢Ik~ green h~ &o~e to w~rl tn01 oo1664o
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2~/~J/5~ +~f ....... J F Co~erclal - Newmber I0, 1942 - mornlnE BLOCK: Luck~ Strike Green has ione to ;arl ,our @ro;z~m e~ntAnues fro~J the .:eke ~eli~ve Ballroo.u, ate. (.i~IC - u JL Z =Zj Luo!~" Strike Groon has ~¢ne to .~ar| (.,USIO - OJJb cl C~) Dom't for~et, frlen~s, ~/¢k~ Strike Orsen haS gems to ~arl Say, you ~e%% ~e have a street .~otato pl~t over &t th~ house. Ever seen a s~eet potato ole4%t~ ~II, it's really so etPdi:~. YOU take a swe~t potato, you put it in ~c~te~ in a dark closet, and le~e it there fop abo~t ten 4~y6, ~d ~he~ :;on take it out t.lere+s little ~ean Bhoot6 all over it, ~d th~ ~'ou ai~ s~me ~•or~ ~tlr ar.d koe~l it in the sun, It ~et$ tu be the bi~•+est, l~afiest plant yo~'ve e er seen, ~ ~ke3~ ~re 8err Of reddish, ~ho le~vg~ look llke i?~. It'S ver~ oretty, you knurl, thero's one thlu£ very Intorosti~& about tt~t plant, NO matter whloh -+~y yo~ turn it, it al~a~ leans to~ard the ~li~ht --- always, • Turn it ar~d ~nd the plant lea~s over toward~ wherever there's ll~ht in the room. The lea~es can ~et all the li~t posslble. ~+retty e~ver! The only zatural ~a} for a plea% to 6r~, I guo~. ~md I ~ue~ it'8 onl~ natural £9r ~he inde~endent tobaooo experts who ~tte~ the publle tobacco auctions ~a ~outh to turn to Luok~ Strike ~i~aretkes for their s~)kl~ prefer~ce Theme're the wareho~s~me~ the auotloneers and the buyers -- they+pc the mo~ ,lho carry on hhe business of ~yl~ and s31li~ to~cco in the £re+,t totau~o ~areho~sas where pu~ll~ sales are held. .rod they ~u't help hut se~ 1~.o bu~ ,hat kind ef leaf. ..bd they're boum~ to hear Sold ~erloan time and tl~e at'ain a8 OUr b~)'er~ ~o a~'ter ~d pet another b~sket of Lucky Strlke lea[. The~e men r~all/z ~O~ tobacco, Slnoe thei, ~vO ~o a~fi~latlt~n ~Ith a~y ~i~arotte manu- fa@turln~ ~o~pc41y, "~ell, they ~hoose for taelr own smoke the ei£arette theft best m~s their rt£id smokin~ standards, afl~ when ~wo~n r~oord8 show t,~at a~aon£ tse~e independent experts Luokles have more than b,d ~e as me~- exclusive ~mokers as ~ll other bre~d8 of ~i&ar~tto8 oombl~o~, I RTH01 00166~1
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Co.~eroisl - November 10, 1948 - tootling (ceLlo} ~es~ tfl~t ou~.ht to oz111v~Ioe yo~, toos t;~t ~jcLios are the oi~arette you ~ho~Id smoke. Yes sir, after your first !~ok: j~st as surely as a ~l~it turn6 to liLht, as a duc~ turns to the ,'at~r, you'll be turalng ~o Lucky Strike for tb~t ~dde~ 8rooking ~!easuro ~'~ich you get fro~ ~aoh a~d ever.~ Luch~ -- so ro~nd, 8o fir~a, so fully p~¢l:e~, so free a~d e~s.~, on the dra~. Lucky Strlko Green has ~one to warl ( USIC - J , ~i 2.,) .~d ~0, frle~ds, we oo~cl~de, eto* *~i~ remember~ L~ci~" Strike ~re0n has ~o~e to ,'arl ATe01 00166~2
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Commercial - :Iovemher I0e 19~ - evonlu~ BLOCS : X~aky Strike Green has goae to ,~ar| ITow wolfe baok again at the "Make Believe Ballro~a" to o~ntiuue, etc. (:.~SIC - 0~ ~IqSE) Lucky Strike Green has gone to ~r~ Say, I Inow this is meatless ~ue~daF, but would you over think of shining Four shoes ~ith a plece of steak? Of course not. You wouldnit try to make a hat out of a ~4~An. ~ould FOU try to take a bit~ out of a piece Of felt? ~fter all, th~se questions aronit so silly, you L~w, because I Can remember a couple of years s~o ~i'+e~ the college b~ye ~ere swall~zin~ live ~dldfish and eatin~ phonograph records. You re~,ember that. You and I ~el¢ that a ~ood steak is ~eant to b~ eateni a pumpkin is good for a fie, a soft ,leo~ of felt makes a smart hat. Coldfish are meant to s~Im about in their buwl a~S Bho~o~ra~h records~ vmll, you tell me. They're meaat to ~ive out with the sweet auS hot m~sle that you all lime. Yes, folks~ the different artinle~ -- different artlole~ have different u~es. .~ use them differently and we expect different f~hin~s from the~, You take a eisarette for oxa~le. YO~ wOud~It w~t to ~t it Or use it as a hat or~e~t. YOU smoke it. J~d you want it to be e flue, tasty smoke. That's the only test you put it to. It ~st brin~ you smokin£ enjoyment. Cause that's l~hat youlre ~;oaua do with yo~r eid.aret~e -- smoke it. C~ion sense will toll you the only way to ~et a quality smoke is to use qcalitF tobacco, because no cigarette can be any better t.%an its main in~r~dlont -- the tohaoco t,l~,~" in it. ~d thati~ why L~ky Strike ~oes out ~o get you smokere fine, ripe, mild, mello~l, tr~ L~oky Strike leaf. That's the ~urpose of Luoky Strike -- so round, so fin~, so fully paokod, so free and easy on the draw -- to brine you and ~le -- just avera£e emokers -- the ~eak in smoking satisfaction, lo ex?eot a good smoke from a ciBar- ette laoklng fine tobacco woul6 Just about he the s~ume a8 expeoti~ to ~T~01 0016643
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Co~,~erol~l - ~ove~ber 10, 19~2 - evening (oontd) ~et' ~ ~od shine ~y ru0bin~ your le~tn~r shoos ~rith a ~leoe of steaM° • ¥os, you nave only to light I I~cky in order to li~c ~ LuOkyo The fine leaf in Luck~l 18 desi~uo~ ~o br~n~ you the pe~L l~ s~tisfyin~ a~o~ng minutes, ~o',~ as we oont~uue with, eto° Let me a~ln re~'And you that ~eoll ha8 ~o~ ~o ~r* A~d BO~ friend~ we oof~c~do, e~o* ATe01 00166~4
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~UC~Y 9~X~ ~KE E~LI~ B~3~LR0~ C~ercial - ~ov~er ll, 1942 - ~eninE. BI~CK: Yes, Lucky Strike Green )ms gone to w~rl You keo~-, folks, I was 8a,~nf ~t the other nlEht how I rem~bere~ the day 1 ~raduated fr~ ?ublio sahool as tf it were only- ~sterd~y. ~d ~y first ~ir of louf pants. Thcy ~ero white fl~nuels, a blue ~oket, J o~rn~tion in my button hole. Soy, ~8 I all ~re88e~ upl Thsre were Ja lot Of speeohes ~e, ~d ~en we all weut u~ on the platform end ~ot our di~lo,~s, then rusho~ hone, an~ thre~ the ~iplo~ in the dra~er -- rushe~ oft a~ain to ~. ~r~u~tion p~rty. ~ a lot of loe ¢rea~ an~ c~ke, a tum~- aohe, and all that. I oo~letely forgot ~bout the dtplo~, but ~ot my ~other i She fiche8 it out of the dra'.~er and ha~ it frame~ ~nd hun~ it on the ~all ~ my room. You see thBt dipl~me ne~nt a 1~ to my mother. It ~eant t~e ~e~oher~ who wathhed me ~rki~ £or el~ years bed approved of ~y ~r~ -- that I had eer~ed that d~ploma. ~ud y~ ~o~, the folks ~ho ~ke D~o~ Strike oi~aretths have what y~ ml:h~ ~al 1 a diploma and they're m~h~y proud o~ it, too° That diploma ~ in the form of ~w~rn re~ords showing that independent tobacco experts pre~er ~ok~es t~o to on~. Ths~Q i~epe~ent auoticneer~, ~rehot~s~n~n~ ~nd ~yer$ e~e ~air m~d~d in their oholoe of their o~n oifaret~e beoause they're affiliated with no o~arette manu~aaturin~ co~n~ whatsoever° ~d when the tob~ooo auotions are in progres~ why, these men attond them an~ n~turally ~hey • ee who buys what to~aeoo a~ the,v ~an't help tot seo 5ueb/ Strike buyers goinf e/ter and Settin~ that truly Lucky Strike leaf. ~Ma~be that.s wh~ ~worn reeords pro~e that amou~ these lnde~e~en~ ~xperts Luok~@$ ha~e more T~h~n ~ioe al many exoluBive Smokers a~ ~11 other brands of ol~arette8 o~,~ined. You ~, we're pretty proud of that diploma. It sh~s that we've ]oarned that the ele~ntar¥ thth~ in a oiEaret~ ie ~ob~co° An~ the way to m~ke a quality smoke is to ~ke it with ~e, mild, ripe le~/° ~.~y not take a ti~ from thee~perts and make ~het next paok Luoki~? Y~'11 find that we deserve that diploma beeau~e eaoh a~ every ~ y~u light, so round, ~o firm, so fully patke~, ~o ~ree en~ easy on the draw. Ar~01 0016645
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Oo~erelal - November 11, 1942 - even£n~ D~ you ~ow, frie~s, a fe~oul writor o.~¢e ~aid ~t th~ p~asantest thl~8 in ll~'e ~r~ ple~aant thouvhts~ L~d the ~re~t Qrt of ll~ is have a~ many of thorn BS possible, t;ow heret~ one ple~s~ thou£ht thst will make your life ba~pter em~ more ~omfortabl~ a~ a ~mokor, If you'll onl.v r~ember °.. the thoug.ht that ~u Lucky Strike you have a fi~e~ li~.~t, mil~, better tsst~u~ clEarette. The ~kor6 of Duckies r~ll~e th~.t~he tobaoco In ~ cigarette l~ th~ mo~t im~ortemt t.hiuf., ~nd they ~o~re no ~r~ to obtain £or your ~-ea~er smok~ euJo~nt the truly Luoky Strike leeI. They kn~'~ the only way to ~ y~ a plea~t emoke every 8~n~le ti~o you light int~ the t~en~ oigerettes ~u every paok o~ l~ok~e~ is to f~ll eaoh one -- ~o r~nf~, ~o ~trm, eo ~lly ~oke~., so ~ee ~d easy on the draw -- with f~ne tobaoeo° Ye~, ~, evor¥ tl~ you light a Luoky ~'11 1£~ ~ Luo~ a~ I ~e~ tbat'a plea~t pr~peot w~ you ll~,ht up a~'ter d£m.-~er, or w~l~ you're readtu~ in your layette easy ~hal~ ~urlng your workin~ day -- no, that o~tt be, You ~sn% do that. ~ou o~'t be in an easy obair and worki~, too, oe~ yo~ ~i1, wheu you'ro in your favorite oa~y obair, or ~n~ your working day -- let'~ make it that way, eh~ -- that ple~a~ feeli~ of satl~faotlon ~hat's brought to you by ~,e f~ne tobaooo in Luokie~ i~ really one o~ the b~ter thin~s in l~.~e° ~hy ~on% you J~st ask for Luckies next tl~? ~ememb~r, Luoky ~rike Green ha~ gone to war[ ATHO~ 0016646
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Com~6rolal . November 12, 1942 - mormlng BLOCK I I had a fmm¥ one h~ppen lust week. H~d to go so~e pl~oe so we~t ~o'~ to the su~,~y a.u~ a~ I was w~l~lr.~ do~ the ~t~irs~ Z ~ok a niok~.Z ~d pe~ny o~ of ~q/ pocket °.. t~e niokol to pu~ lu th~ ~urnstlle ~d the penny for so~e ~. ~ut the rest o~ ~ ch=~e b~ck in my poo~et ~nd "~lked Over ~o t~o ~rns~lo~ ut ~r. ~ c~l.~ ~n~ pllshodo ~o~r~ h~e: ~. I p~ehad a~ai~° 8~iZ1 ~otht~.g hepp~ncd° Z ~e~e~ to ~et ~d ~I~ I ~ocF.~ on the ~lot to try to ~¢ ~.he co~ ~o ~o~° Though, ~h~ ~ik ha~ ~otte= sLmck so~ewher~ ~ pu~he~ ~a~ ~nd ~ill no~h~n~ .~p~e~_u~. ~ Z the colu ~ I at~=l hel~ in ~ hL~. Sure enoujhj i~ ~ ~ niok~ll Z ]~d pu~ ~he pcnny Z ha~ be~n s~vin~ £or ~e ~ i~'~o th~ turnstile, s~ o~ oeuvre ! ooal~n't get ~ou~. ~,ss ~ f~oe rod! A fello~ looked me ss ~mch =s ~o ~ °.. ~h~t ~o you th~k. you ocul~ ~et ~.u h~e for a p~n=y~ ~o~ ~o~, I oo~dn"t fool ~hat uutomati~ ~sc.~ne even t~ Z ~a~t~ to° I oouZdn*t =uheti~u~e a penny ~or a n~ohal~ ~o you ~mo~ when our ~o~ 8tctk~ buyers atten~ the su~tion~ down ~outh their ~electio~ of tha~ fine, mlld~ r~pe, Lucky Strike ~ob~ooo i~ Jult ~s auto~st~e as the oper~ion of the s~vay t~r~st~les when you put a niokeZ in the ~lot° Those buye~e won't t~ka ~ c~nny for a nickel° ;~ you k~ow when our Lucky S~rike bayers stte~l~ ~he ~uctio~s ~owa South ~he~r seleotion o~ tb~ fine, m~l~ ripe I~ok7 8tr~ke tob~oco is J~st ss a~t~tic a~ the operation o~ the subway tuz~stiles ~han you put a nickel ~n the 81ot° These buyers wo~'~ t~k~ s pe~y £or a ~lokel° ~.~.ey ~y o~Zy the ~er ]esf for your I~c~ ~;rlke ol~arot~s~ beo~use their ~:~tow t~t no ~i~r~Co o~n ~e ~ny I~et~er th~n the tohaooo ~t oo~t~ins. ~o to ,ire you ~ fine smoke ° a s~oke you'll re~lZv like~ they have to fill every L~ ° so round~ ~o fir~ 8o ~ully peeked. 8o free snd eaey oh the dra~ -- ~Ith ~lne tobacco° ~hy ~ou't you try a peak of ~uokies today~ You'll find that your response to ~¢k~ 8trthe w~ll be Ju=~ a= automat~o aa ~het o~ the ir~e~endent ~ob~oeo exnert~ who ~s~ nsthrelly ohoo~e ~aok~es two to one° You'll £ind that every ~l=e you ]1£;~ a baokTo yo='ll like a Luo]q~° ATH01 0016647
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LUCKY SI$.IK~ "lt~Kh BELIEVE B,J~LR~Ji~" Commercial . November 12, lP4g - eveni~f. BLGCK: PROTECTED BY MINNESOTA TOBACCO LITIGATION PROTECTIVE ORDER AS BR~C.~y ; Do yGU ever thi.~k of the r.cani~S of the %~Drd "So,ld"? Gust the wor~ "good". If you say that'e a good coat, "*ell, that means the ..~aheriel is of excellent quality, and it has fine lines, it will lrst for ~any seasons. I ~ow I had several coats in the past f~v sea~one, but i alv~ys look hack on one favorite and say to nyselS, "~hat ~s a good coat. llll r.eTer forget h~ it fit, how oo:-fortable it wee, how well it ~ore". :.hen I tell you that Lucky Strike is a ~ood s~oke, ~..~y here:s w~t I mean ..o first of all, it's made of good mAterlal, ~d that's fln~, light, mild, rl~e Luok~ Strike tobacco, which Luoky'Gtrike buyers seleo~ ~u4 buy in open biddinS competition at the public tobacco auctions do~.~ so,~th. They k~ow that quality tobacco makes a quality smoke, ~nd that's Y.hy Lu¢~ Strike iu %he past ~wenty-five year~ has come to mean fine tobacco° Secondly, Lucky Strike -- so round~ s~ firm, so fully packed, so free and easy on the draw -- ha8 fine li~es° Thirdly, Lucky Strike is a Io~ time frie~.o, al~ays fresh, always made from fine, light leaf, properly cured, aged, aud mellowed. Luokiee wear well through .veers of frieodsht~. Now thet's "/~hy I say Lucky Strike is a good s~oke, th~ eigarett~ I have chosen for nyself, the ?he you should t~y~ too. It~s fade of flne tobacco, go~d lines° A cigarette that will wear well. ~y don't you make that next pack Luekies~ See if you don~t agree that every time you light a Lucky you'll like a Luokyo Lucky Strike Green has Gone to war~ RT~01 0016648
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LUCKY 8TR~E "F3~ BELIEVE B~LLEOOM" Oo~erctal . ~ov~her 13, 1942 - mornlng BLOCKz You ~ow~ I ~s d~n In the su~vay at 42nd Stroet, the o%hor day ~nd .. you've been d~n there, I know. HaVB you ever no~'.~e~ ~hole Jumbl~ linel of green and red lightl in the o~11tn~, aand tho ~eople Bcurry~ng around underneath the~? ~,ello you ]mow at ~imes $quare I go% out o£ t.~e train an~ 8tarred to ~lk along up ~e platform rea~$n~ the ot~n~ as I wen%. I w~ted to g~ to ~he shu%%1e tra~u over to the East ~de. T~ero ~s %he st~ -- 8aid: "~ollow the ~re~n ll~'n~s ~or Eas~ ~ound Shuttle". SO I Jult followed the green li~s, atr~tohiu~ out In ~ lon~ lfue~ ~nd ~alked p~st chan~ b~o%hs~ ~nd flo~or vsndars and ne~boy~j passed ex~t~ atlll ~oll~ng the ~reen ItChY°. Finally 1 ~as on ~he pla%~orm ~h~re • he ~hu~tle wa~ wai~lng. I~ it h~dn't b~en ~or ~hat line o~ lighta d~reottng me~ Z~ have been in a sa~ ~ix. ~rF ~imple to ~n~ your way if you ~u~t watch the direotlon lights. Now, I lmow that many of you ~olks m~ think ~ha% ~oulre lo$~ ~n a ~byrinth of ~igare~e olaf° If you're ~ryln~ to E~ on ~he %re.~n ~ha%ls ~oun~ £or ~rea%er Imok~n~ pleasure. ~ o~n't ~o ~ron~ t£ you follow the sl~.° Co~on se~e direo~e that no ~l~rette oan be any better ~han lts tob~o@o° ~h~t'~ why %he ~akers o~ L~ok~e~ make Bu~e that eaoh Luoky Strike ~s made ~rom ~tne, ripe, oare~ully ~el~ted Luoky Strike leaf. Mow~ th~'s %he ~fre~tion. Lt~h~ ~t and ~t ~lll be wi6e %o follow ~%° And here's ~nothe~ sl~n~lz ?~ iUdepen~ent ~o~o ex?ert~ who a%tend t~e publl~ to~o~o auctionl and ~/~o n~tu~ally ~ee who buys what leaf ore~er Lu~kles t~ %o one. That'~ why you o~u't t~ke a Wrong %ur~ -- you o~nlt get on the wr~n~ ~rain l~ you ~ollo~ L~u~ Strike ~o smoking pleasure. ¥.u aan r~t assured %hat you're 8~oking fine ~oba~oo -- the kind o~ loa~ the e~ger~s ohoo~e ~or %he.elves. ¥o~'U ~lnd tha~ every ti~o you ligh~ a L, aky~ you'll like ~ L~oky. Now~ Luo~ Strike Gre~ ha~ gone to war~ ~THO~ 00~6649
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f LUC:Ut STRIF3 "! ~/{~ BSLI~V~ BALLROOm" Co~merclal - S50~:: +'-7 2:"-° 'AS BR~kDC ~,S November 13, 1948 - eveninS You k.ow, as I ~a. ~Iki,~ over here to the Studio this evenlu~, I ~ssed a large Kla~$ oontainer set OUt on the streeti ~ear the cur~ in front of a store. Through the ~lass I oould ~ee that it ~s h~if full of keys - ~ll kl,ds of keys. You know. they're nolleoting..o...key~o There were house keys. add bo~ keys e~d trunk /~.',~, paate~ aeros~ the / front of the ~lass was a bi~ 81Ko In re~, ~hlto, ~d hlUeo°.~et in the scrap - Kive your old met~l keys. ~ell, ssein~ thst pile of assorted keys - some of them m~all, some hl~, sc~.e ~ith those intricate li'-tle motehes~ some quite ~mple - I couldn't help but thlok ebout...ho~ out of all those keys, only one ~ould open one oerhai~ look. Now a zreat many of the keys ml~,ht look exaotlv alike to you and me, hut ou~y one . of them woul~ turn the l~k tb~t it ,~e ~eent for, Now you ~on't have to be a looksmlth or • tolmooo expert to realize the% there's ~st o~e key that ueloeks the door to l~ore~sed ~mOklS~ pleasgreo That,s the key of fine t~haooo. Your co.on ~e~s~ ~III tell you that no ~i~arette oa~ possibly be a.y better th~.~ its ~ai~ i.~redlent - the tob~ooo it oo~tels.. Our Lucky Strike h~,ers k~o~ that, too~ end so st publlo auotlo~s all over the South they seleoh for vou~ that fi~er, lighter, milder, truly Luoky Strike rob, nee, No~a~hre~t~ou steed lookin~ in at the various br-~ds of cigarettes In your/tob~oon oounter you have your ha~ on the door-k~ob of ~reater ~okl~ emJoy~ent '~heo you order a paok of Luokle~ - so round, se firm, so fully peeked, an free em~ easy on the ~r~.. Yes sir, you haws the k~, in the look, .~d ~hen you light up your first Luoky you, ll knew that t~e door has s~u.g ope~ sho~lug you the way t'o the ~tmost in smokin~ pleasure. You'll fl~ that every time you lirht a ~okv, you'll like a Luoky, thatis beoa~se Luoky Strike mea~s fi~e tobaoeo. Luoky Strike Green has ~o~e to War° RT~01 00~6650
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f Comnerolol - Novembe~ 14, 1.o42 - morning AS BROAgCAS~"~/ Luol~ Strike Green has ~ome to ~sr| ~m~ you kno~, a Couple of uights a~o I ~eDt out to the airport out here to ~eet a fr~o~ of m|~e lho ~as ¢omlDg in on ~ mldnlzht pla~e from ~shi~Ono Thst airport at night 18 certalnly o~e of the mo~t i~presslve ~i~htB I ~ve ever see~. I war a 11ttle early ~hen I ~o~ out thero so I ~alke~ up ~d ~o~ the ob~ervatlo~ ramps that look o~t over the ~le1~a~d tho ha~ers, ~d ~, ~hat aotlvtty everytlme a pla~e came i~'. People hurryla~ here a.~ there - a lot o£ me~ ~ould ~o to ~ork equlppID~ the pla~e for the ~ext f11rht a~d you'd look up over hea~ am~ there ~as that h~e beaooB up i~ the ~k~. A,d ! thou~t ~.~ t.he 1~oomi~ p1~De~ ~ there to whom ~hat ~esoon ~s ~ lam~ ~uldi~ them homB..°thmt gre~t ~l~i~ ll~ht - a ~ire~tlo~ sl~l =h~In~ ~he p1ane~ the io~io~ of t~elr ~ir~ort. You k~ow, there'= ~ dlreotlo~ beam for sll you average • moker~ out there ~ho £I~ the ooili~ =ero ~h~ It o~me~ to ehoo~IB~ your brand of oi~are~es, too. That dlreotlo~ ~I~I is the opi~$o~ o~ the Indepe~den~ to~aeoo expert= ~ho ohoo~e Luokles two to o,e for thelr o~ personal ~mokIB~ prefere~oe. Now ~hese i~e~e~eut to~aooo auotlonee~s. ~'ers, a~d ~rehousem~n~ ~ho atte~ the p~lio ~o1~aooo auo~ions in the great ~rehou~e~ look over the 1~f a~d ~hey o~n'~ help but =e® ~ho buys ~hat tobaooo. A~ it.= pretty =Ir~Iflcant that wlth the~e meu ~ho truly know tobac~¢ best, Luckies h~ve more thao t~ioe as many ~olusivo ~mo~ors ~$ a~1 other bra~ds of oi~are~te~ oc~mb~ned. ~o~ thatls ~he bea~ to all ~ou ~vera~e moker~ OUt there 11~teu|n~ . that's the bea= ~o ~ulde you ~o that fide, lITht, mil~ Luoky ~trlke leaf ~t's in every paok of Luokie~ you b~ today, Ye~ sir, there'11 be 1ot~ o~ happy la~di.~s ~Ith Luoky $tri~eo Try a p~okl Remember eve~ ~me you light ~ Luaky, yo,'11 llke a b~o~° Luoky ~trike ~Peeu hal ~o~ ~o ~r| RT~01 0016651
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LUCKY STRIKE "l~ B3LL VS 3ALI~OOI~" Commerolal - Sovember 1.1, 1942 - evenins BLOCE~ AS BROADCAST Lucky Strike Sreea has gone to warl Eave you ~ot a lead penoil handy? Look at it~ I I ~ea~ Just an ordinary- lead ponoil ~ct an ~uto~atic oneZ If It's Juab a plaln lead peneil, it's ~ore than likely yellow, although it oan be any aolor° It's a lon~ tube-like sh~.pe - oa~ be fat or thiBe m~ybe it has an eraser on ~he end of it, ma~,b~ it .%ash'%. The main ~hin~ about that pe~oil i8 that ~o matter wha~ it looks l~ke, it must ~rlte. ~he lead is the m~In thln~l It~should he ~moo~h and hl~okl Now, let's lock st another every~day abject - a ci~rette. ~t's • white tube of pa~er filled ~ith tobacco . a!~oab the sa~e shape as a pencil. You eve~ hold it hetwee~ the same liners. Only i~ a oS~rette, the main i~sredlent i~ the tobeooo. Yes eir, in a oi~rette the tobecco is the im~ort~ut thin~. And that's ~hy I reoomme~d ~okles to ~'ou smokers out there lletenln~. ~f you ~ent a ~ood ~moke, one that tastes ~ood, one that's mild aad light - ~ell~ the~ ~et ohoose the alsaCe%re the i~depende~t tobaooo experts mncke by such a ~reat m~Jorlty. Smoke the ei~rette that means fine tobao~o, because I%$ main S~re~ien% is %hat fi~e, light, mild leaf that our buyers ohtalu at ~ubl£c tobeooo avetiocs for your mokln~ pleasure° }~ext time ,you order ei~arabte~, eay.o.~okles, please~ .~nd thee vmtoh your smokln~ pleasure ~ow ~d ~rcc~ 'cause every t~e you l~%t ~t Lue~ry, you~ll~aaLucky. Lucky Strike Gree~ has ~one to ~arl ~TH01 0016652
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Cc~mercl~.l - Novomber 16~ Jt~e~2 - ~ol'nl~ BUI~ K= Luoky Strike Green h~s ~one to ~rv, You kno~" ~rlen~ij a ~oo~ ~DF years the ~Bter oo~?~F aod b~ve ~ ~ap Ins~lle~ in the kltohe~ ~o br~ ~he w~ter throuKh the bi~ .~o~F ole~ plpes riF~.~ Into the hou=e, ~'ore - you ~8~tt ~ow ~ere to be~lu ~o you o~|led i~ ~he io¢~I ~ter finder. A~ he~d ro~ ~rouud i~ the b~cky~rd fur ~whlle, hol~ s ro~ I~ h~ ~Qd ~n~ the ro~ ~as Bupposed ~o fi~ally ~olnt OUt ~he spot ~ere you should si~ your ~ell, A~d llke a~ not, If ~ou follo~ed hi= advlce~ you'd flnR ~ter ~here he to~d you to do ~our d~$n~ If you d~ d~ep e~h° A~d you k~ow that ~ater £1~der an~ hi= rob di~ oo~ have auy =~ioal po~ers| ~he answer to ~e th~u~ i~ th~ he probably kue~ the di~triot a~ the soll ou Your l~d, ~d k~e~ It very ~ello He oould flgure out by t.he ve~etatlo~ a~ the cond~iou o~ the eer~h ~f ~pr1~K~ ~ere Dear the surface or ~O~o ~ yo~ k~o~= ~hereIB ~o dlvi~a~ rod ~thod o~ ohoos~R ~ i~ne olg~rette, e~ther°.o~e~'el$ ~o~In~ ma~1¢~ ~K1oal abou~ I~° I~ta a o~e~ioo Of k=o~lu~ the ~o~t You aeew to ~ke a ~e ~o~ret~e~ ~t ~t be ~e Out o~ ~ne ~obaeoo° The makers of ~ckles realize that in a ol~re~te It's ~he tobaoou that puroh~=e f1~er, 11~.~er~ ~Ider, truly Luoky Strike leaf for your s~ok~nr ?leasure° Now~ they k.o~ ~ ~er ~1~ flne leaf, ~ello~ed, a~d~ and ©~re~ to ~r~ctlo~ i~ pu~ lu~o your ~o~le8 - ~o round~ ~o fSr~r go fully p~oke~ =o fre~ ~nd e~sT o~ the dr~ -~ou ~oult ~ee~ a~y dlvlnlu~ ro~ to ~i~d out tba~ every~Ime ~ou li~ a Lueky~ ~ou'11 ~jke a Lucky° It m~ ~eem l~ke ~R1o to you, but It'~ a ~o~ that ~hose extra plea6~t mok~o~ mi~utea are Sue ~o ~}~ flner tob~ooo ~n ever~ ~oky ~ou light° .i RT~01 0016653
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LtlCYY $T.~17~ ": IL~ BBLI £Vi BALL~0¢~'" CC~m, erclal - November 16, I~42 - eve.ln~ BLOC?;: I r~~ / c~ality cf product is esseotial to oon~ioui,g success. Do you k~o~ ~here ! £ot that ~otto~ ~ell~ there's ~ bro~e plague that hanrs in ~" office upstairs, ~nd th~ one sentence su~s up in eight words the polic~ of the ~¢rlcAn ~obecoo Comp~aS,, the ~lks ~ho ~be Luckies° For t~,ent.v-five >ears ~e've been ~r~l~ the s~oki~K public by bri~i~K smokers a flue ~l~are~te - a ciKarette which oa~ only ha ~ade fro~ ~i~e tobacco. In ~a~t, ~o obvious h~s the Lucky Strike policy obt~i~in~ fhas, ll~ht,me11~ ~e~, at Eu~li¢ ~uctions bee~, that ~be ln~epe~eflt ~ebac~o e~er~s - the ~ehous~e~ ~c~looee~s~ a~d buyers - ~ho atte,d these ~uctio~ a~ ~ust ~turally see ~bo buys ~hat 10af°°°.these e~pert~ ~oke Luckie~ by an overwhel~l~ ~a~erity. That.s the ~uc~es~ th~.t Lucky Strike e~al~ty o~ pr~uct ha~di~played. But realizi~ that ~e must ~onti~ue to earD the public favor, Lucky Strike has pledged t~elf to co~tiQue ~he c ua~ity c~ each Lucky Stri~e ¢i~rette - 60 rour~, ~o firm, so fully p~cked, so /tee a~ ~sy o~ the dr~w - by f111~o~ ~aeh one of them ~ith ~ine tobacco. That quality leaf ~s e~se~ti~l ~o ~ur conti~ui~K to briD~ ,vo~ l.creased ~mo~in~ pie&sure° That ouall~y tobacco is what m~es ~e ~ay that you should try Luckie~ ~nd see for "~'o~rself ~f it isnlt tru~ that evoryti~e ~ou light a Luc~ you'll ll~e a Lucky, bcaaus~ Lucky Strl~e ~eaDs fi~e tobacco° Lu~_~y Strike ~reo~ h~s ~o~e to l~ar| ATe01 00~6654
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Co~'r~ercial - llove~ber 17, 19¢2 - ~orniu~ BL~CE~ AS BROADC~_ST~'~ I ~ant to a~alu remind you that Luok2, 8~rike Green haa £oee to war. I ~ ~o aBk ~ou a quostio~ too. You ~o~ldntt ~hi~k of shinl~ ~Iollr shoea ~ith a pieoo of ~xoello~t stoakl ~ould you? You ~ouldn't try' to m~ke a hat out o~ ~ p~pkin? You ~uldD't take a blto ou~ o~ a pieoe of folt? After all, red,tar a oouple u~ yoars a~o ~hen t~e colle~o ~,~ were er~allo~i~ F, old fieh alive ~ end pho~o~raph records. You and I kn~ that a ~ood steak i~ meant to be ~ten an6 pu~pki~ i~ ~oo~ i~ a ple~ e~d a ~oft pieoo of felt me~e~ a s~art h~....~old fish are meaDt to s~im around in a bo~l, and p~o~o£raph reoord~ - ~ellt you tell ~e° Thex're meant to ~lve out ~i~h tb~ s~eet a~d hot ~uelo that all you fa~e e~oy° Dif~orent artiolea have different ~se~° F.e use them difforently a~d ~e oxpect ~ifferent t.hia~$ £rom them. ~ake a oiEarette ...You ~ould~'t ~a~t to eat it or u~e ~t ~s a h~t orB~eot. You ~a~t to ~oke i~, and you wa~t it to be a fine, taety ~o~e° The o~ly te~t you put it to ~111 ~ri~ you greater smokia~ en~oymo~t. '~au6e that' s ~hat ~ou do ~lth your oi~aret~e * ~oke it. Oomo~ ~enee ~11 tell you that the o~ly ~y to ~ot a qualit~ ~moke is to u~o qualit~ totaooo~ for uo ~i~arette e~ be any ~ettor tha~ it~ ~i~ i~red~ent ° the tobao¢o it oo~taia$° ~nd that's ~hy Luoky Strike ~oes ou~ to ~ive you ~okero fine, ripe, mild~ nello~ true Luoky ~triko ~obaooo° ~at~e the purpose of Luo~v ~trike - so round, so firm~ so z~u!ly paoked, ~o £ree ar.d easy on the dra~ - to b~ln~ you a~d me, Just average smokor$~ the peak i~ ~mokl~ h~tis~a~tion° ~ to expect a r~ood ~o~e from a oigarette laoki~g fi~e tot~ooo ~ould be the ~a~e as ~peotinT~ to ~et a ~ood ~hiae by ru~bin~ your l~ther a~oe~ ~ith a pioce of ~teak° You only havo to light a Luok7 to like • Luok~J a8 the Fi~e leaf l~ Lu~kies is do~ed to ~riug you the ~k i~ satisfyi~ ~okl~g minutes. Luoky Strike Oreeu has ~one to rarl ~ T.~O "~ 00'~ 6655
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C~4rclal - ~'@v~1~-.r 17~ i~42 - eve~i~ BLCCE : DO you llke Sunday? I dos Particularly rainy Sund~y~ when I don,t have to ret up early in the ~ornln~Z I llke to 81eep 1~te, ~et up, have breakfast - m~ybe some buckwheat cafes ~ country saussres - lo~e a~ound P~hile, read th@ Sunday papers, look at the book re~iow section. YOU knO~,f you can ~et ~ pretty ~ood Ide~ ahQut the ~ew books, frc~ ~hat the expert reader cr~.tlo~ think of them, by Just re~dlu~ these books re~lews. ~ ~o~'~ ~ ~h tlme ~o re~d durln~ tha ~k~ ~ l|ke to ~e sure that what I do ~ele~t to read i~ ~orth~hile. ~o, I Just watch th~ oplnlon~ of the boo~ reviewers. ~.fter all~ tho~e crltlos k~ow their BO~I, ~d ho~: ~h~t.s BO~ I ~haose ~j readOUt NO~, I'm Just t~k~n~ the free adv~oe of $o~eone ~,ho hnows wheo I do ~hat! Amd ~hen X ask yo~ to try Luakles, I'm Just aski~ you to listen to ~he free advlo~ of t~se ~o k~c~l ~o, I'~ not t~Ikl~ about reel I knol Luokle~ are ~ood, bu~ ~'m Jus~ a~ average s~oker llke you~ ~fm re- ferriQ~ to the ~obaoeo ¢rltlos~ the i~depondent to~aoeo experts ~ ~re- he~$e~o~i a~otiOneer$~ a~ ~yer8 - ~ho sse th@ puhllo to~oo B~o~o~ in progress. N~, the~e i~depe~de~t ~x~ert~ o~'t help but see ~ho bu~ what ~e~f~ ~,d theM na~r~llv oa~'t miss the f~et that Lu~kM Strike goe~ after tb~t fine, li~ht, mild, re~11y Luoky ~ri~e ~obaooo, tlm~ ~nd t~me ar, a~n.