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American Tobacco

Radio Continuity, Lucky Strike, Jan. - Mar. 1932

Date: Jan 1932
Length: 673 pages
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--¢'~~ (Mal~e loca~ ~nounoementB every fifteen minutes ,, except on dramatic programs which depend on a // succession of thought.) ~RE LUCKY STRIXE DANSF HOU~ ( )-( ) iO:O0 - 11:00 P.M, J~NUARY 2, 1935 SATU~Y (THE~{E SONG -- ONE CHORUS OF "HAPpy DAYS ARE HEP~ AGAIN," WITH VOCAL REFRAIN. I~EDIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCER.) E_Y: Ladies and Gentlemen, The LUCKY STRIKE Dense Hour, presented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes - sixty modern minutes with the world's finest dance orchestras. (Tonight we bring you two great orchestras, one from Denver, Colorado, and o~e from San Francisco, California -- and from New York Olty, the one and only Walter Winchell, of the New York Daily ~irror, whose gossip of today becomes the news of tomorrow. ~H. WALTER WINCHELLI ! I : ! : WATt: Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. ~in Street -- no matter the town you call homeE! You must know, that I sincerely hope the New Year brings you something to cheer about. For -- I certainly have reason enough to be grateful to at least nine out of every ten of NO~, Please don't oonsldez ms naive when I repeat my thanks and apprectatlon for the bother you ~snt to -- to tell ~. Lucky Strike about me. Tonight the Lucky Strike Damce Hour magic carpet hops for the very first time to Denver and then on to San Francisco, also a first time, for bur melodies. Johnny Johnson and his cre~ will represent Colorado and Anson Weeks and his orchestra will be the official deputies for San Francisco. (HR. WIHCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) A] OI 0030881
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~ALTER WINOHELL: (CONTI~TUES) /, Get Ready Johnson| Here we go! Out where the handclaspTe a little stronger -- out ~vheze the smile dwells a little longer -- OUT IWMERE THE WEST BEGIHS! ON WITH TEE DANCE COLORADO~ OKAY DEAUIER! DENVER ANNOUNCER: The West begins, ladies and gentlemen of the Lucky Strike D~ce Hour audience, with Johnny Johnson and his orchestra playing, from Denver, .., ..... . ( , ) ( ) ( ) DENVER ANNOUNCER: Now back across the great plains and the Alleghenles like a flash to Walter and his Winchellingo. OKAy NEW YORK,! WNC~: That was fine, Johnny. You get yourself a breathing spell now -- for this is where I do my ero-shaying. Then we leap to the coast for Arisen Weeks ~d after I comb that guy with the chimes out of my halz -- we do a handspring from New York to Denver, again. I see that iLrs. Beaugart is now the second Mrs. Lawrence , Tibbett, after all...When I made sooepee several talks ago--and in my column, that Mrs. Beaugart was getting a divorce in Reno to marry Tibbett--she denled it emphatically and vigorously to the Associated Press and other news bure~as...... (~R. WINOHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) FI]:,~O 1 00301982
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M'R__~: (OONTI~Eg) Of course when my items are denied, ~y face gets a trifle pink for a while...But I wait six weeks and then -- as a rule -- I have the thTill of seeing those it~,~m confirmed...Dudley ~urphy who squired i~iriam Hopkins of the screen and stage i8 another recent groomw as I columned days ago -- ~r. ~urphy had the seal riveted in ~exieo last month in the hush-hush ~lanner...But his bride is not }~iss Hopkins, who reconciled with her husband, Austin parker, the writer--only to go back into circulation shortly after... The recently Rene-vated ~rs, Monta Bell is in Hollywood now -- and her regular escort to the theatres and the dining room is a Reno cowboy. Ashsville, NO1th Oah-lin-ahrs Alice Hawkins is breaking up ranch-llfe for the Caleb Whitbeeks in ~ev-ah-da...Allce recently toured California with themo..Dayton, Ohio, will be interested to learn that Edna Decker of that city will name a prominent mid-western lady as her co-respondent in her Reno complalnt...that is if she goes ~hrough with it. Tex~e Gulnan wire8 me that age may tell on a man -- but it sores~s at a woman .... The Oumb Exchange in New York will be represented in the U.8. Olympics .... They will be repreBented by two pages who will be entered in the ice-skating oompetitian...Thelr names are Bert Taylor and Irving daffee~..And here's a bit of flnanolal news you haventt seen in the papers, The sales of stock exchange and curb seats have fallen amazingly io~.. °lo~ver, you might say, than a chorus girlJs opinion .... of a chorus boy. (~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) AI'X01 OO30BB3
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-4- ~: (CONTINUES) There have been numerous stories in the papers to the effect that the Prince of Wales had made a statement to the press -- that he would never vlslt the United States again -- because on his last visit he was treated with abuse. Of Course, none of us believed that the Prince had made such a crack. However, during an interview with the Honorable Winston Churchill the other day -- he said that he dldntt believe the Prince had said that -- and that he believed that His Royal Highness would make another visit to this America of ours in the very near future.. ~ .Probably to the Olympics in Callfornla..~I think I may safely appoint myself a committee of one to represent you all...in saying now that the Prince of Wales, of all the visitors from the old ootu~try, was among the ~ost popular. And here are some thii~s you probably never knew until now, either,..that old auto tires are sent to Spain, China and Africa, where they are made into shoes...Did you know, too, that the normal heart beats 70 times to the mlnute?....But that good dance music, such as the Lucky Strike Dance Hour provides (ahem~) makes the heart thump faster? This improves the circulation and makes you feel allve,.b.ln fewer ~Tords, good dance music is good for you -- take It from Dr. Winehell..,Many of my listeners have kidded me for overloeklng a snappy fllp crack over the mad chase ~es Garbs gave the press all week trying to snap her picture .... Master Isadore Elinson of the Bronx, hewever, topped all the other flnger-pointer8 with this Jab at me...He said: "Oh, Walter! Is your face pink? .... Bow come yeu dlch1~t think to say to the other reporters: ,Why not reach for a Lucky instead of a SWEDE???? (~. WINC}~LL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) P, 1 ,'K 01 00308P,4
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7 -5- MR~ W~NGHELL~ (CONTINUES) These opera singers certainly do hop around the globe. Take Eye-ee-da Donlnelll, the lovely young soprano of the ~etropolitan Opera Company, Her family went from l~ilan to Central Americ~....Madame Donlnelll hopped back to Italy to study voice... then to 8outh America for a concert tour that took her all through those hot and bothered Central ~nerlcsn nations -- and finally landed in Chicago. That was more than three years ago. Eye-ee-da Donlnelli gave a concert in the Windy City and the news of her beautiful voice travelled to New york and the ~et. The Hetropolitan music moguls grabbed ~er, mud shels stayed here longer than she ever stayed any place before - three years, and the music ozltlcs are hoping she'll stay there three years more! They know a good thing when they hear it! HOWARD CLANKY: And the beet critic of Aida Donlnellils voice is Aida Doninelll herself. Lieten to thle statement: "When I sing at the Metropolitan, I am as critical of my own voice as the most critical of opera audiences. I find that LUOKIE8 do not irritate my throat. LUCKY STRIKE is just right for my voice.,, Madam Donlnelll has smoked LUCKY STRIKES for three years and there is a great moral in her statement. Be crltlual...be especially critical of your voice. For your voice Is so much a part of your personality. And I know" that if you are critical of your voice, you will be critical of your throat and therefore critical in your choice of cigarettes. (~R. CLANEY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ~ T ;KO l 00308t35
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-5- LUCKY STRIKE has stood the test of the world's most precious voices because LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette that affords the throat protection of that famous and exclusive "TOASTING" Process which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet ~ays. ~fnen you reach for a LUCKY, you reach for the mild and mellow goodness of the Cream of many Orops~ And you are always sure that LUCNIES will be kind to your throat because the "TOASTING" Process expels certain harsh, biting irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf. And that is your throat protection against irritation - against cough. Be crltioal and you'll reach for a LUCKY instead. WALTER WINCHELL: Well, just as I suspected - here comes my old pal, Hr. Foozelface who will play the ~AINE CHIME SONG. Three notes, NO MORE - NO LESS - I hope! .......................... STATION BREAK- ........................... WALTER WINC}~LL: And now to celebrate the Leap Year by leaping over those Rockies - as if they werenBt there at all -- to meet Anson Weeks and his orchestra in san Franclsoo, Californla. Let let fly, Frank Williams - Harya Pike's Peak, the Grand Canyon and all those Mountains that our magic carpet makes molehills outta! ON WITH T}~ DANGINl ANSON. OKAY, SAN FRANCISCO| SAN FRANCIeC0 ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Golden Gate! Youlre in San Francisco at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, where Ansom Weeks and his Orchestra will play - ( ( ( I£'[ HO 1 0030886
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-7- • 81%N FRANCISCO ANNOUNCER: Now the great, fast hop from the Golden Gate to the Status of Liberty. It's a straight llne as the crow flies, but no crow could make it as fast as we will• OKAY, NEW YO~LM! WALTER W~NCHE~: Gosh - Mr. Weeks - you c~me over as though you wore in the room next door. Plenty dandy - hear you again later in the show, Anson. Oh, yes, please tell Joe Mulcahy that his Winchellingo Cm~test in the Call-Bulletin is being picked up by other rags in the East - so tell Ban Francisco - thanks for the ad. Hello Olaney! Take this mike, please, while I relax with a cigarette. I donlt suppose I have to tell you what kind I smoke. I give you one guess. And if that isn't a darn good signed statement, then that chime guy is a musician! HOWARD OLANEY: You want the biggest value for every penny you spend. That is why we stress the extra goodness in LUCKY STRIKE...extra goodness that comes from extra fine tobaccos - The Cream of m~y Crops... extra goodness that results from that famous and exclusive "TOASTING" Process which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays! Heat purifies ... sunshine mellows. The "TOASTING" Process brings out the full delicious flavor of the choice, mild and mellow LUCKY STRIKE tobaccos. That's an extra benefit. The ,TOASTING" Process drives out certain harsh, biting irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf. ' ~ a b n fit. And it is because of these extra benefits that we say, again and again in your interest as well as our mm, LUCKY STRIKE is the finest cigarette you ever smoked... (MR. CLANEW CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) FI 1 '4 0 '1 0030887
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-8- ..... the b~EEest cigar~tt8 value regardless of prloe~ Certainly you want the biggest value for every penny you spend. So reach for a LUCKY inst eado WALTER WIECHELL : And now CHIME OFF while we meet the only guy in the world who gives away three chimes for a quarter ..... of an hour. ............................ STATION BREAK ........................... WALTER WINCHELL: That's your slgn~l, Johnny Johnson up there on mlle ABOVE SEA LEVEL| Our big tribe of tunsr-lnners is rarlni to go gay, again Johnny -- throw it in high!l ON WITH THE DANOE, COLORADO.' OKAY' DENVER' ! ! ! ! D~VER ANNOUNCER: That cue came so fast, Walter, we were afraid it would slam right through to 8an Francisco. What we need to stop your cues is ~ catohers mitt. Its hard to get Jem with bare hands. Now, at the 0osmopolltan Hotel in Denver, Johnny Johnson and his orchestra w~ll play,. ..... . ( ) ( ) ( ) DENVER AENoUNa ER ! The Lucky 8tzlke Dance Hour lightning express dashes back from Denver to Walterte Wlnchelloquence,.... OKAY NEW YORK! ! £T~01 0030888
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WALTER WINOHELL: Okay| Johnson -- glad to have heard you, boyX Happy days to you and your gang and tell Denver to stand by for I'm going to ranind them of some of their once upon a time natives. One of them is Arthur Chapman, who glorified Denver and the West away back in 1912, I think it was. That was when Arthur Chapman was on the staff of the gone, but not forgotten Denver Republican. And Arthur distlnguished himself and hls paper by writing that lovely poem -- the one I quoted in my opening tonight -- 'rOut Where The West Begins"...what a lilt it has! What a swing there is to Itl And what sentiment! Those lines, frixample -- '~Out where the skies are a trifle bluer -- cut where friendship~s a little truer -- where therets more of singing and less of sighing -- where a man makes friends without half trying -- That's where the west begins! Denver sure has reason to be proud of Arthur Chapman. Then there's Fay King, bless her. Fay's cartoon editorials are famous the country over -- and Fay once worked in Denver. Fay, you know, was ~rs. Battling Nelson. Thi,s Is my favorite anecdote about her. • One day, her Denver editor sent Fay to review a vaudeville show, because the regular critic was ill. Fay Klng -- llke all new critics -- took the assieu~ment to heart and panned the devil out of one comedy act. She roasted that act for a full coltu~n, claiming It told Jokes that weren't fit for women and children to hear and suggested that the act be run out of to~* (~. WINOHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ~]~01 0030889
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-IO- ITALTER WINCHELL; (OONTINUEB) The next morning, after the review was published, the actors ca~e up to the editorial rooms looking for the crltio. The editor consumed a whole hour paolfylng them. After they left, the llmp editor sent for Fay, and begged her in this pleading manner, "review 'em -- my dear, review tom. Donft try to REFORM I EMI!~I! Prohibitionists, perhaps, will find a thrill in this paragraph .... I try to pleaBe everybody, you see. Therefore this Is for them, but Its my idea of a sob story. The speakeasies along park Row in New york -- which is where the uew~papere ~ed to be, ar~ paB~ing away fast -- ~.ud the law isnft closing them, either. One proprietor told me today that he was most unhappy and was ready to surrender. He said: q~My rent is $125 -- two bartenders cost me $15 each a week...A cook gets $14.--the free lunch X offer amounts to $6 daily .... A lookout man gets ~I0 per week, the gas and electric light bills total $6. weekly, my laundry bill is about two dollars a week, smd then therels the touches I am getting from the mob who are broke .... Business has been so bad -- live been t~klug in le~m than $I0. a day -- so ne~t week I'm padlocking the Joint myself." Oh, dear. Lislenersurge me to remind them in time of the birthdays of movie stare,..IIll tr¥ to get as msmy as X can .... Tomorrow, as I told you the other day is Marlon Davies birthday -- send her a card, will ya, and tell Narlon that Winchell told you....Herbert Brenonfs birthday Is the same day, tomorrow...Jan'y 6, don't forget, Is the birthday of Loret~a ~oung -- and Tom ~x -- and on Jan'y ?th you may send your best wishes to Adolph Zukor the movie magnate, and to Leatrlce JoF...., (MR. WINOHELL CONTINUE8 ON NEXT PAGE) '8]X01 0030890
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• 7 ? 3;~T T37 ..... Clark Gable, who typifies the he-man on the screen and off it, too, for that matter -- wore one of those Frenchy hats--you kno~7--- a bert (be-ray) .... that is, he wore it in Hollywood until it made people titter--so Gable garbagsd it .... I got this item two days ago so it may be stale by now so far as Lss Angeles is concerned, and by the way, henceforth I'm calling that famous city Loss An-jell-uss -- because after going to all the trouble of trying to please everybody and their versions of the so-called correct pronuneiation -- I hard an L.A. radio announcer call it ........ ....And did I burn up to think of all the time I wasted? At any rate, Waldo Logan and Prances Youbands of Los Angeluss were plotting to hitch-hlke with a parson within the past 48 hours..• and, by the way, L.A., will you check up on something for Walter? Ask Patrlola Garon, who stranded Bway for Hollywood three years ago, if it is true what Broadway is saylng...That recently she was • secretly scaled and a week later was soloing it out there? I saw Charles Ray yesterday .... He looks better than ever .... He's a quiet sort of ~nAy, and one of the reasons we like him around New York, is that Charlie Ray never bores hls listeners about the so-ca~led good old days when he was HeadMen in the love-interest dlvlsion--and the sour breaks that he has had of late ..... 8peaking of former flicker favorites--most of you girls who now have husbands and children probably will feel your hearts thump when I remind you of the handsome Carlyle Blaekwell...Well, Carlyle Blackwell, who was the Head Man among screen lovers--and who came long before the Valentino-Gilbert-Gable vogue, just returned to New york. Blackwell is more good-looklng since his ten years retirement from the galloping gelatine but herets some bad news, ladies. Carlyle is ~,larrled ...... Yes.--he married one of England,s richest lady--whose f,~ther is the biggest diamond mine o~n%er in the ~hole rrlde world. \ ~T~O] 003089]
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WADTER WINCHELL: (CONTINUES) If things turn out the way some of us suspect they will G~ry Cooperts naune may be included in the social reglster....He still is carrying the well-knolwl torch, if you asked Winchell, for the ollve-complexloned gal who ~exlea/ined him. HOWARD CLANEY: Say, Walter, while youlre tallng about the talkies, have you seen that new football movie - ,Maker of Men?" WALTER WINCHELL: Oh yes - Jack H~It and Dick Cromwell are in it - good show - and say, I heard a funny one on Dick Cromwell the other day - seems in that flicker, "M~ker of Men" he was a football hero - and that was the first time held ever played the game~ Those college players in the east had to give him a course in plgskln-chaslng. I hear by underground radio that Dick Cromwell and Sally Blanc, the eye-filler, are making eyes where all Hollywood can see. Glad Disk is getting a break after working hours - on the set they tell me hels taken more rough and tumble beatings than any ten juveniles. In that football flicker I think everybody but Jack Holt ground his nose in the turf where the camera could see. HOWARD C~ANE~: Theylre a couple of bang-up actors, aren,t they - Jack Holt and Dick Cromwell - and two good friends of LUCKY STRIKE. Jack Holt has been reaching for a LUCKY for the past five years. He writes: "Itls good business for me to protect my throat. So itms good business for me to prefer LUCEIKS. Itm certainly for the throat protection which Toasting gives me." (~. CLANEY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE)
Page 15: 0060233180
-IS- HOWARD CLANEY: (CONTINUES) And my friends, you, to% will be for itj and youll& be for ~hat delicious mild and mellow goodness of LUCKY STRIKE'S Cream of the Crop. Jack Holt's opinion of the outstanding merits of LUCKY 8TRIEX is confirmed by Dlck Cromwell - let me read you Dickls statement: "For two years I have enjoyed the "Toasted" flavor of LUCKIE8 - and the extra throat protection your "Toasting" process gives me. And now you have given us a hUmidor package that is really easy to open - that's another step forward for LUCKY STRIKE." Jack Holt~ and Dlck Cromwell are but two of dozens of dozens of famous screen stars - grand opera singers - business executlves - lawyers - football coaches - leaders in all walks of llfe who have told us that LUCKY STRIKE'S exclusive "TOASTING" Process gives them ' an extra bensflt ~hleh no other cigarette can offer - and that extra benefit is throat orotectlon against irrltatton ~ against cough: .............................. STATION BREAK- ........... i ............. Here we are, agaln - ready for you Anson (Golden Gate) Weeks+ Donlt mind those Oa~yons or Mt. P~u~ler, Mr, ~hltney, or those other hills that ongs had all that gold in 'era. Just LUCKY STRIKE up your grand band, Anson, we're going ds~oi~ l | OKAY, SAN FI~ANSISCO! ON WITH THE DANCINI ANSON! SAN FRANCISCO ANNOUNCER: If that fast ride hasn't taken your breath away, LUCKY STRIKE dancers, you'll be able to step to the tunes Anson Weeks and his 0zohestra will play in San Franclsoo. They are --- ) ( ,, ) ) ~ ]+~401 0030893
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Yew back over the mountains from S~n Frauolsoo to Walter Winohell and his sack of mail. Fine, Weeks~ old boy - greetings to all your horn-rooters; And tell Ban Franolsoo that Winchell warns '~m to look before they leap year. And, say, Arisen! - the next time you a~kle along ffarket Street and bump into Governor Rolfe'~ ca~ - tell him hello for all of us who knew him when he was only a mayor. And new for the mail -- Gaines Niohel of Nashville, Tennb, and Re O. Cooper of Gladstone, Oregon - thBnke a lot - I am trying my best to arrange : it, ..... Jim yendls of New York -- yes~ you're right, Mr, Kendis... I forgot to include "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" -- it certainly was • knockout of a best seller. Elber~ Beyoz~ce of New Yo~k -- wa~t~ to kn~w if I have a favorite countrF editor and newspaper. Well, yes, Mr. Beverance-- the greatest of all the country editors who made his paper, his town and hie name Wo~Id-kao~a le W~lll~m Allen White of ~mporla, Eansas. Editor White is a powerful force in Journallsm~ ~r. Severance, Hie ~ucceem ehould certainly inspire all small town boy~ and girls, ~ho think they have to come to the Big CitFo.,..Just think of it--William Allen White with a llttle country paper, the Emporia Gazette, made it as Important,if not more important, than many big town rags! (~° I~NC~LL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) [~ ]':gO "I 0030894-
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AOENOY/WI NO P~LL/Ohille en ~I'~01 0030885
Page 18: 0060233180
HOTE TO ANNOUNCER: (Hake local announoements every fifteen minutes except on dramatic pro rams which depend on a suocesslon of thought.~ TIME: ( ) WEAF THE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUR ( )-( ) lO:OO - ll:O0 P.M. JANUARY 5. 1932 TUESDAY (THEME SONG -- One chorus of "Happy Days Are Here Again" with vocal refrain. Immediately followed by Announcer.) NQWARD CSAN~Y: Ladies ~nd gentlemen, the LUCKY STRIKE Danse Hour, presented for your pleasure, by the m~nufaoturers of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes - sixty modern minutes, with the world's finest dance Orchestras - tonight's orohestr~ comes to yo~ from OhioeEo, Illinois - and, from New york City, the one and only Walter Winehell~ of the New York Daily Mirror~ whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrowl ME. WALTER WINCHELL! WALTER WINUHELL: Good evening~ Mr. and Mrs. United States, Alaska and Mekkiko! And here,s zeturnlng your salute you gobs on the navy's biggest tlnfish the U.S.S. Barracuda: Gee folks, going to London, Pares and South America didn,t pack half the wallop that came with a letter from the boys on that submarine under the San Diego waters. They wrote to say that they get our Lucky Strike Dance Hour regularly -- while cruising under the pacific when they aren,t teasing the mermaidsj and that nothing would please them so much as my greeting them from New York. So Hello Salty~ Barra-good' BARRACUDA UNDER THE SEAl (ME. WINOHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ATH01 0030896
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-2- ~: (CONTINUES) Tonight our maglo carpet is j&mmed with tuner-inners from everywhere who are -- Illlnoy-bound to hear one of their pet orchestras - WAYNE KING and his delightful dance magicians. Here we go, Wa.~ne, faster than fact -- from New York to Mayor Ce~mk's town out there on Lake ~iohigan! ON WITH THE DANCE, WAYNE NING~ KING: This Is Wayne King in Chicago. Dance of the New Year, ~e'll play -- (. ,) ( ,) ( ) ( ) Strike OKAY NEW YOBK. WINC~-~L~: OKAy! CHICAGO! For our first Lucky Strike Now, faster than the wind of the windy city, the Lucky Dance Hour leaves Chloago for Walter and his :%inchelloquencel It was good to hear you again, Wayne King. You were the first of the orchestras, you know, to swap cues with me when Mr. Lucky Strike put on this new show -- so naturally I feel more at home with you. How does it feel to be so popular with all those millions of people, kid? I'll chuck you a cue in a while. Here's where I unravel my yarns. (~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) 003089?
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MR'. WLNGHELL~ (CONTINUES) TO~ Mix~ as I reported ever so many talks agoj is going to m~rry again. His brlde-to-be--Mabel Ward--left by plane on Sunday to join him, and a8 soon as Tom recovers his health completely --Mabel will Mendelsohn March dov(n ~ mlddle-alsle to have her nsme ALTARED to 1(ix. Their romance began when they met in the Sells-Floto Show -- ~.label is now the world' s ace female aerialist, having inherited the mantle of the late Lilllan Lietzel. The Lucky Strike Dance Hour audience wish you every happiness Mabel Ward and Tom Mix~ Peggy Joycs Is trousseau-shopping, according to Mayfair gossip.....at a New year's Eve affair she was overheard introducing a gentlemmn as her fiance,. I phoned Peggy last night to confirm the report...she told me that It was true--end that his divorce was not due for a while yet ..... I checked up with the society editors and discovered that the chap she introduces as her fiance, is being melted in the legal manner...His name is De Reuter. And he has, what we Broadway ~igarlans prefer c-lllng -- a Mess of What It Takes. Lola Lane's sister, Lenlta, and Crane Wilbur of the stage and screen, were reported on the verge of making some preacher $2. richer eve~ since hle marriage to Beatrice Bllnn was o~flcially wrecked. 8ome flaw in the law prevented hie fourth marriage to Lenlta--However, Crane Wilbur and Lenlta Lane, according to their best crltlos and severest friends, were secretly riveted two months ago. (~. WINCHELL SONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) RT~O~ 0030898
Page 21: 0060233180
-4- ~: (CONTINUES) AS much as I dislike playing into that oollttoh professor's hands -- and giving him publicity, I can't r~slst r@orting these facts. I refer to the college tutor, who first landed on the front pages by saying that all who whistled wore morons. And the other day he grabbed some more free space by asserting that people who play bridge are a little sappy, too. But what I started out to say is that in Chas. D. Isaacson~ "Simple Story of l@/slc" published in 19S8 I foLnud this interesting story on page $5. I am now quoting the author: "Whistling, it is said, changed the whole development of the steel industry. Mr. Carnegie couldn't help but notice a certain young boy who was always whistling at his work. 8o he took him out of the rsmks and helped him elevate himself." That boy, ladies and gentlemen, who whistled at his work was Charles M. 8ohwabl Laugh that off Nr. College Professor!! And now I want to tease George Bernard Shaw, another publlctty-mad-lad, who would have us believe that he was serious when he called all Americans boobs. Well, whether George B. Shaw was olownlng or not -- I suggest that Georgte visit Devon, England -- near London. If he does -- he will find that Devon folk claim -- that crawling backward -- around a thorn bush three times in the early morning -- will positively cure boils!~ Ouch! ~y chapped lips!! (~. WI~O~IELL CG~TINUE8 ON NEXT PAGE) I~1 HO 1 0030899
Page 22: 0060233180
-5- ~R. WINCHELL: (CONTINUES) And hereJs some ohlt-ohat about people you know...Governor of New York Franklin D. Roosevelt ~ill celebrate hls 50th birthday on January 30th...Many happy returns, sir. The statistics reveal that the averELge popularity of screen actresses last only about five years...Pola Negri recovered after three transfusions -- one was German, one D~toh and the third Swedish .... Joseph Yon 8ternberg, the dlreotor, has shelved his upper llp splnaoh and has bought a new $17,000 oar -- what,s her name~ Von~ One of the better known screen stars who was recently married had her face lifted while in New York ...Mr. and Hrs. Walter Winohell have named their new poodle MEADOWS so th&t the neighbors wlll think they have & butler. Thelma Todd has put her trick new name "Alison Lloyd" back on the shelf again. A numerologlst told her that Todd would be a better name now that she's graduated from comedies into dramatic parts. I'm glad it's Thelma Todd again. Personally I never could understand the notion of making up names or words by numerology. It' s llke drinking alphabet soup -- all guess work -- you never know when you're going to swallow a s~ear-word. Thelma Todd's papa is an alderman up in ~ssaahusetts and Thslma used to be a school marm. She taught the Lowell youngsters readin', wrltin', and 'rlthmetic. ~]~01 0030900
Page 23: 0060233180
-6- rt is simple arithmetic that makes Thelma Todd prefer LUCKIE8 .... Simple addition of those extra features that make LUCKY 8TRIKE extra fine. When you add up those extra benefits you,ll always come to the same conclusion -- you'll always reach for a U~KY instead. Are you ready -- Okeh--letls add~ ONE: That delicious flavor of the finast of mild, mellow tobaccos...the Cream of many Crops• T_~: The throat protection of the excluelve "TOASTING" Process which e_ e~is oertaln harsh irritants naturally presen~ in every tobacco leaf. T~; The beneficial effects of modern Ult~a Violet Raye,..and every one know ~ow sunshine mellows -- how heat purifies. It is this 0NE-plus-TW0-plus-THREE that gives you the finest cigarette you ever smoked -- LUCKY 8TRIKE. Thelma Todd found that out back in 1938. Today, after four years on the LUCKY list, she writes: "It's great to reach for a LUOEY between scenes 'on the lot' -- to taste that delicious ,toasted, flavor -- and to know that, thanks to your 'toastlng~ process, I don't have to worry about throat irritation. Itve tried all brands but therers only one that satisfies me -- LUCKIES." Thank you, ~iss Todd! And you smokers -- remember your simple arithmetic and you~ll remamber to reaoh fo~ a LUOKY instead• Now, here comes the bellboy --poddln--mF error. It's only the chlme-bermald! ......................... 3TATION BREAK ............................... 6;1" MO 1 0030901
Page 24: 0060233180
-7- Aw -- go home and tell your mother you big slssy~! Chime and chide wait for no man. COME ON, WAYNE KING! Our rarln' to go gay magic carpet has a date with millions of tuner-lnners, end the gobs at the 8an Diego Naval Bass. Can you hear us do~ there; I don,t kno~ how many leagues under the sea???? ON WITH THE DANCE! OKAY! CHICAGO~ Step off the Lucky Strike magic carpet onto the dance floor and we'll play for you ..... ) ) ,) .) KING: How far is east? Herels the answe~.~ J OKAy NEW YORK! INOH L: How high's the sky? How fast is fast? As usual Wayne King, we applaud you. Howard Claaey won't be long -- then after our Chime minister falls through my specially prepared trap door -- you play, again. \. ~]~0 ~ 0030902
Page 25: 0060233180
-8- HOWARD CLANEY : Why do we go to that great extra expense of wrapping your LUCKY STRIKE in its unique, improved humidor package of moisture- proof cellophanes Why? Because we want you to ge$ every preolous blt of LUCKYtS dellclous ~'TOASTKD'r flavor - every precious bit of that rich, mlld and mellow goodness of the world's choicest tobaccos --the Cream of many ~rops -- every blt of that precious throat protection which we give to LUCKY STRIKE through Its purifying, mellowing "TOASTING" Process: And you do get all that goodness and flavor - all that fragrance m~d throat protection because LUCKY STRIKK is sealed tight - ever right - in the finest cellophane that money can buy....dust-proof, germ-proof, moisture-proof cellophane -- but ZIP and It,s open - thanks to tha* handy LUCEY tab. And so no matter where you llve -- no matter how dry or wet the weather -- your LUSKY STRIKE is always fresh.. ~full of the natural moisture that Is 8o important to your smoking enJoyment...aseurlng you always - a firm, fragrant, perfectly conditioned cigarette that is always klnd to your throatJ HR. WINCHELL: That means you, Wayne King: Lucky Strike up your tunes -- you great blg Chlcago-getter,, GO To Town, boy,: ON WITH THE DANCE AND CHANTS-- OKAY: CHICAG01 We're hitching 01d Dobbin to the shay and hope we get to town with ...... (. .) ( .) ( .) C ) \ P,1-MO 1 0030903
Page 26: 0060233180
EING: , Strike m~gic carpets is eastbound ~gain, Winehelllngo o OKAY NEW yOPI~: ] WINaHqH//~: The lightning shuttle of the giant loom that weaves Lucky for Walter and his Go smoke a real Cigarette, Wayne, and I don't ~ean maybe!! While theylre putting some new seats In our magic carpet -- I'm going to glve it some gas ~md (bah-nah-nah) oil. And lissen Wayne -- tell the Chamber of Cor~meroe of Chicago that we received their letter of thanks and that the City of Chicago ie certainly welcome -- funny thing, about that Wayne...the day after I announced that Chicago was not America's leading city for crime, as per the records of a year ago -- b~t that it was 39th on the llet for homicides -- the Crime Report for 1931 was released the following day showing Ohlea~o was still behaving itself and had become No. 40 on the llst. New Wayne, don't tell me that Chicago 18 going PansyJ! You see the most unusual things here and there. ~. Frlnstanee -- there lea tailor on lower Broadway named Conrad Nagel.. On Lexington Avenue in New York there is a shopkeeper named R. U-a-bozo? .... New York has seven men named A1 Caponey...the stage manager of last yearls Earl Carroll,s show was a chap named H. Hoover--hls first name, however, being Herman., .}largureta Garbo runs a pastry shop on 8nd Ave. and a Newark Ohlo newspaper just reported the apprehension of a chicken thief named, of all persons, Walter Winchell.t!,...l suspect my tormentors 8~d kidders will bombard me with those cllpplngs...so this is to let them know I know about it. (}f2. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ~ 1.~01 003090~
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-1C- MR. ~NCI~LL~ (CONTINUES) HereIB B/% ~nuBu~I ~t0~--there Is • celt~i~ wild ~Im~l trainer la thls country -- who om~ get ~long with h~lf a dozen lions --but he oa~lft get along with his wife:] No kiddin'l!! I refer to Clyde Beatty whose divorce ~as made legal on November 2nd in the good old town of Peru, Indiana2 ! And while I've got your ear, peru, Indiana, may I add that Cole Porter who came from your city is in my opinion one of the three best songwriters on Broadway? Cole Porter's song words and his melodies have made many a musical comedy a smashing success. Hie beet song. I think, is ,,What Is This Thing Called Love." He is most popular in New york, Mr. and Mrs. peru -- and is also one o£ the very fe~ Bro&dway boys who has more fzlend~ then enemies. Herefs an observation that may interest sympathizers with the fast growing Nude Cults. The New York Nudist Cult, whose ~ymn&stlcs were recently interrupted by cur bluecoats -- told the ~udge ~nd the probe that they went a~ound that way because 'l~nBhlne ~nd Fresh Air are Vital To One's Health.~ Well, we know that -- but their headquarters ~re dark, badly ventil~ted, and all the windows are shut to keep the cops and the ourlous from peeking in at 'em. If the Nude Culters are listening-- I pause, as the saying goes, for a reply. (~. WINCHELL CONTINUE8 ON NEXT PAGE) f~TH01 0030905
Page 28: 0060233180
-I1- MR. WI~CHEL~: (CONTINUES) TO the army of aspiring boys and girls who leml toward journalism--who want to chase fire-wagons and be able -- when crowds collect -- to push their way through by merely pinning their Reporter's pass or badge to their hats -- l'd like to pass along the counsel of Arthur Brisbane, one of America's better reporters. I call Mr. Brlsb~ne a reporter because he once said that he was not a columnist or an editorial writer. He said he was a reporter and wanted to be known as such.,.you ought to see him at ~7ork in his motor car...This car is outfitted ~71th a typewriter, a desk, a steel flle and nearly all the essentials of an editorial room...Hs wastes no time. On hls way downtown he writes his daily e ol~n • On my office walls I have framed Mr. Brisbanets essay which he tltlesi "HOW to Be A Better Reporter," and the following Brisbane pepigrams I know by heart. Here they are -- i. See a thing clearly -- and describe it slmply. 2. Keep in mind the great crowd that cannot afford to hire a cox~oration lawyer -- but cam afford a 3-cent newspaper. :3.Every newspaperman owes to hie poorest reader the loyalty ! that a great lawyer owes to his richest client -- 8ome newspaper owners forget that--especlally after they become rich -- and no longer remember how it feels to be poor~ To ~hich lld llke to add -- when writing a story -- what editors will tell you, remember the Five W'B -- Who -- What -- all When -- Where -- and Why? (~R. WINOHEL5 OONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ~1"~01 0030906
Page 29: 0060233180
-12-- ~: (CONTINUES) And now -- wayne King -- here°s something you ought to know. Chase Baromeo, the brilliant basso of your own Chicago Civic Opera Oompany, is really a young business man turned Grand Opera Star. He is not Itallsn -- his real n~me is Ohase Baromeo 81keg -- S-i-k-e-s -- and his father le Vioe-presldent of one of America's bigger railroads. He starte~ warbling at the University of Michigan Glee Club. His middle name - Sa~omeo - was the n~me of a famous Italian Ca~dlnal. And say, W~ns, if you:re around Lincoln Park out there in Ohioago one of thee9 cold winter days, you may see a husky young fellow sprinting a~ound the Park in a track Buit...thatt~ Oha~s Baromeo. That's the way he keeps in trim - and they tell me he keeps fit all year round. A grea~ awakening is taking place throughout the country - an awakening as to the necessity in these $1ms8 for service - an awakening as to the wisdom of service offered in the little things. Witness the interest ~hlch people are taking in the choice of cigarettes. Witness the g~eat a~preclatlon of those extra virtues offered by LUCKY STRIKE. How ~ell this is expressed in Mr. Chase Saromeo's own statement: "A hoarse voice has no place in an opera $ingerfs llfe - that's the reason I became a LUCKY smoker. The first package taught me that here was a cigarette with true throat protection agaln~t irritation," (~R. CLANEY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) P]TNO I 0030902
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is on the experience InsteadJ ~: (CONTINUES) What a WOrld of good sense there is in that phrase: 1'The fi~t paok~g~ t~u~h% me thKt hs~e w~s ~ cIS~rette with tlul~ throat protection against irritation." V~at a world of good sense there is In reaching for a LUCKy. LUCKY STRIKE is the only clgarette in the world that affords the throat protection of the exclusive "TOASTING" Process which Includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Raya. For five long years Ch~se Baromeo has knomthe delicious goodness of LUCKY STRIKE'8 mild, mellow, ripe tobaccos - the Cream of many Crops. For flve years he has been smoking LUCKIES - and it b~sl~ of ~. Ch~ B~rom~o'8 e~e~ience, ~ well be the of millions, that we urge you to reach for a LUCKY Here we are~ again, Wayne King! I didnlt mean to start talking shop, llke that -- frankly, I'd rather talk ~bout the Fourth Est&te until now, is you. Waynel! KING: a more interesting subject comes along -- which, right Give us a tune, Klng O, King -- long may you reign, ON WITH THE DANCE! OKAY! CHICAGOII Jerk or a bump in Chloago, ( (. ( (. The Luok¥ 8tzlke Erpress has come to a full stop ~ithout where you w111 dance to ....... ATX09 0030908
Page 31: 0060233180
K~NG~ of Chlosgo for the East. OKAY NEW YORK~ you're not your mail. -14- Now the faBt JUmp on th~ LuckF Strike non-atop-hopper out Wayne King giving the signal:- Fine Wayne King,..The only people with whom I 'm afraid terrlbly popular 18 the postmen who have to tote all And speaking of mall -- I answer some of it here, Judmou ~leoe of TulBa, Okl~.--thIB iB for you Jud~on° There ~a8 some talk about that orohestra on this 8how, but nothing hae been arranged Net. Kerets something for your book, if you llke. When the Brooklyn Bridge ~ae built -- an order was Issuedl that horse~ oould not be driven aoross it -- faster than a w~k,..~ They were afraid at that time that the bridge might be shaken down... Nowadays, however, all horse-drlven vehicles are barred between the rush hours becauee theF go too 810w! yeB, m7 flrst boss, Glenn Oondo~, IB one of TUI~a'B big ~hota~ France6 Henderson of C11~oago~ Ye8~ I h~ard Eddie C~ntor ~i~ it.~tl~ ~ ¢~t~ ~itty an~ ~f ~ ~ em ~t~ ~t ~ ~ritt~ ~8p~ll~ ~ Kddi~ hy ~° ~ol~ ~i~ert and ~h~r 8il~r~ ~ey ~r~t~ ~u~ ~ a~ ~W~iti~ Eo~ ~h~ ~o~rt Eo ~e~~ ~An~e~ ~i~d~~ ~h~ ~ean~t ~do~~ and they eollab~d ~ ~amo~, t~° N~ he~r, ~h~ ~o~g ~ ~e~ng p~i~h~d~ (~R. WINOHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) 0030909
Page 32: 0060233180
~I5- WINCN~LL~ (CONTINUES) Walter Hilllard of San Francisco. Yes, Edmund Lows Is ___.___ Mr. 8henker of Cleveland..Thanks Mr. Shenker, but you overlook the fact that I am an alleged critic myself -- and that the height of something or other would be for Walter Winchell to get peeved because ~ome one said something about hlml No, sir, when ¥ou'~e in the b~tck throning m~cket, ~r. Shocker, you m~t expect to get hlt by a brick now and then. I only wish, though, I were half so good as some guys think they are. Private Louis Zlmmerman of Battery B 55th Coast Artillery, Honolulu. Thanks for your note. I'm passing your poseys on to Jack Denny. Broadway Is better descrlbed, Louis, as a place where they never throw a dtrmer in honor of a guy until he can afford to buy And thatj Private Zlmmerman of Honolulu and ladies and gentlemen, winds up our show for tonight. On Thursday nlgh~ our headliners w11l be ~srson Gill's Orchestra playing from Cleveland and Low Conrad's crew playln:i for the first time on our hour from Boston...on Saturday night we are going to try and put New York back on the map by hearing Eddic Duchtn,s grand band playing from the Central Park Oasino. (/%R. WINCHEDL CC~TINUES ON NEXT PAGE) R 1" ,"401 0030910
Page 33: 0060233180
....... Untll Thursday night, then, I remain, your New york correspondent -- Walter Wlnchell -- who found out ~ long time ago that there lsn't& broken heart for every light on Broadway -- there are more broken promises• (SIGNATURE) HQWARD C~EY: (CL0Si}~O A~O~mCE~EI~T ) The LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour has come to you from Chloago and New york through %he faoilltles of the National Broado~stlng Company. @. AGENCY/WI NC HELL/OhIll een ;" . % i/5/ g <, r// ~r:,,401 00309-11
Page 34: 0060233180
/ , // NOTE TO A~NooNo~t(~ake local annottnooments every fifteen minutes except on dramatic programB nhlch depend on a suoocE~ion of tho~ht) ) LUOKY STRIKE ~kDIO PROGRAI~ ) ( ") lO.O0 - II.00 P.~. JANUARY 7th 193~ THURSDAY (THEE SONG ONE CHORUS OF ,,HAppy DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN,I, WITH vOCAL REFRAIN I~iEDIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCER) NOW,.ED OLANEY: Ladies ~nd gentlemen, the LUCKy STRIKE Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes - sixty modern minutes with the ~7orldls finest orchestras. Tonight we bring you two great orchestras - one from Boston and one from Oleveland,- and, from New York Oity - the one and only Walter Winchell, of the New Yorh Daily Mi~ror~ ~Those g~ssip of todayp becomes the ne~e ef tomorrow. Er. Nalter Winchell~ WI NSHELL" Good evening -Hr. &rid Hrs. Yar~kee Doodle - ~vho not long ago were total strengers to me - but who are now my pale. Thanks again - for you-know-wh~tl And to those ladies and gentlemen - TJho wonder if 11m ever going to aus~Ter their letters - please let me offer an alr-tlght alibiJ I eu.ear , folke~ I never realized when Ipromised a reply to every letter - that eo many of you ~ould help make the Poet Office Department rleher. ~y t~o stenographers and myself are now making headway. ~e~ll get there. We~ll answer you all. fl1"~O'| 0030912
Page 35: 0060233180
-2- WALTER WINOHELL CONTINUES But meanwhile in the Winchellings I'll hand you a thank-you now ~llth a gentle pat on the back. Tonight th8 Lucky Strike Dance Hour zagle carpet is raking two port8 of call - the States of Ohio and l~assachusetts - to pick t p tvJo grand bands - Emerson Gilll8 from Cleveland - and Low Conradls from Boston. Oonradls crew is making its debut on our show tonight - Eh~e;son Gillls boys, you knovt~ hit a single, double, triple and honker for us on Ohristmas Eve. Hurry now~ Orval Baekes from Wapella, 8askatchewan and you~ to% ~{rs. Silverman of Tucson~ Azizonal Come on~ Jack llgGulre of Buffalo - Our magic carpet is rarln~ to go to TOV~N| Greetings againt E~erson| Old Boy| ON WITH THE DANCE, GILL.. OKAY, OLEV~AND| This is Emerson Gill in the Lotus Gardens in alsveland whera ~e ~eloome you with "¥oulre I~F Everything" from ,The Laugh Parade"~ "As Time Goes By" from .EverYbodyrs Welcome" and .When Weirs Alone" ~YO~'RE ~Y EV~YTHING) X~m Cleveland to New York is an overnight Jump on the traln. But on the LuCky Strike Dance Hour itms Just -- Okay, New York| RI~NOI 0030913
Page 36: 0060233180
J , ~J At%a boy~ Mrs. Ulevelandls little boyw Er, lerson Gill| The next time you bump into my editor on the Cleveland News just tell him you knew ~inchell and see what good that does you. Catch you on the way back from Boston~ Gill - this is ~nere I spoil the show - The Buster 0ollier-~'larie Prevost combination i8 blazing ~ Harpo ~arx of the Fou~ itarxmen vigourously denies to reporters that he is altar-bound o~ that he is interested in any girl - The one lassie you see him with incessantly) however, is wearing on he~ engagement ring finger the moat blinding sparkler that eve~ gave me Elelg eyes|..The Austin Parkere (she is ~i~iam Hopkins) who told it to a Judge - and then reconciled - have changed their minds~ again..Gsorge Brent~ who began his stags career with Clark Gable - will be Ruth Chatterten~s new love-lnterest in the commotion pictures - Governor of New York~ Franklin D. Roosevelt) will celebrate hle 50th birthday on January 30th - Many happy returnsj sir..Anlta Page who now is 21 is permitted to go places without a chaperone - Anita, heretofore, so goes the legend~ was alway8 aoeompanled by her ki~olk..The Richard Arlene are fooling everybody by being happy again..The busybodies in Hollywood au~ How York wish that pretty Dorothy Lee would make up her mind about Fred Warlng, the bat-on Juggler or Marshall Duffleld, the U.S.0. All-Amerlcan qus~terback - If I were a betting man ITd give heavy odds that Dorothy Tee is F~ed her heart on her sleeve. I am sure that we are all thankful and ~rateful that Pola Neg~Its llfe was saved after three blood transfusions - one was German - one was Dutch - and the other was 8wedi sh - ~TMOI 0030~7~
Page 37: 0060233180
4 And one excited patriot demanded that poor Pol~ show heT appreolatton by learning the words - verses and choruses no less - of those National Anthems| Eleanor Hunt of the Follles~ whose m~rrlage to Rex Le~se didn't take - is now arm-in-arming it ~ith George Bancroft's newest author - J. Herbert Paskus -and no matter what people tell you - take it from th~ observer - Grant Withers StillSdores the b~ide he lost - Loretta Young - and the song Grant asks the torch singers to sing for him these midnights is - "Ooze to Me, Hy Melancholy Baby" - The Frank Fays - Barbara Stanv~ek have named their new poodle H~DOWS..SO that the neighbors will think they have a butleri.Here,s a tip to the editor of the DtTroit Times and the other reporters there - ask FIe Ziegfeld whose show is playing there now - to tell you the name of the girl in the front line - v~ho is going to marry one of DTTROITt8 biggest money-honeys - Ted Cook, one of the better paragraphers~ says that a Londoner once told him that - fundamentally - Clara Bow - was the nicest glrl he met in Hollywood, Ona ~unsen had the fright of her life the other night - At a New Year's Eve party On& loot a new and lovely diamond bracelet, Layer Walker was st the affair so Ona urged him to do something about It,,Ji~y assigned two of his own detectives to trace the missing Je~elo° The Bracelet ~as found a few hours later by the Nayorts flat-footer[ The plain clothes men never thought of quizzing a certain chap at the place until he opened his big mouth. ltlHO'l 0030915
Page 38: 0060233180
5 J-, V ~|' J,S the detectives searched behind palms and under rugs in the foyer of the apartment building - the doorr~n said: .It's no use w~stlng your time. I saw a r~an pick it up hours ago and run away". "Oh~ Yeah?, snapped the cops as they closed in on the doorr.lan. After searching his pockets they found the bracelet in his hat. In fewer words - No arrests~ no runs - ONE ~,orroz. And hotels a novelette that actually happened in Cleveland recently - The wife of a prominent Cleveland attorney got a diamond ring from her husband for Xmas - On Xmas night the ring mysteriously disappeared and she was inconsolable u They had to keep a date ~7ith a business associate for a theatre party that night - so the grieving wife agreed to go to ease her distressed mind.. At the show - a ~oll known mind reader was appearing - Naturally the la~Tyerts wife asked the mtndre&der about her dlamond -but beyond telling her that a railroad train seemed to have some part in it - the mentallst could suggest nothing.. The law/or ~ his wife were then convi~ed that somebody had stolen her dLazmnd ana u~, -~rded a train. They went home pretty glum. At the door - their maid Inxvrmed them that the ring had been foundp and that thelr ten year old son had been using it for a headlight on his new electric train,, I do not Offer that as a t6stlmonlal to mlndreaders - for I don't believe In their alleged powers. And, anyway, Illl never forget the time a mlndreader (who calledherself .The Girl with A Thousand Eyes" bumped into r,~o on Broadv~y - and then growled: "~y donlteha look whore youi~e going?'I ~l,gO ~ 0030916
Page 39: 0060233180
Bill Tilden and Vincent Riohards are driving each other crazy again -- maybe you read in the papers about that wow of a match they put on last night in Madison Square Garden -- And when Vinnie slammed over those smashln~ drlvss didnTt the crowd go crazy| What a grand show that was. But then, Vinnie al~ays puts on a grand show -- win, lose or draw -- and watch out, California| -- Vinnie is training his 3-year old ds~hter to become a second Helen Wills. Bets ~Iso training other future champs in h~s big l~ew York te?nls school. Vincent Richards probably knows more about tennis than I know about Broadway -- and believe you Winchell, he always puts everything hels got into his game - thatts ~hat made him a chemp] i Herels what Vincent Rtchards writes about LUCKY sTRIKE: "After reaching for hard shots in a fast game of tennis, I find it refreshing to reach for a mild and mellow LUCKY." Ard isntt it natural that the champion among tennis players should reach for the best among cigarettes. People who give the best thatts in them -- whether they are tennis stars, opera singers, business executives, or stars of the stage and screen ..° people w~e give the best that's in them, ~ demand the bes~i_~n ~. And by millions upon millions T- LUCKY STRIE~ is recognized as the finest cigarette in all the ~orld. iS Vincent RAehards says further: "Iris the tdoubles! clgarette for it g~ves the double value of fine tobacco quality plus throat protection." And the doubl__~e~ my friends, that Vincent Richards mentions, is the extra value of the world's finest tobaccos - the Cream of mar~v C~ops - plus the extra value of throat pTotection which that famous and exclusive "Toasting" Process affords. (CONTINUED ON ~XT PAGE) \ R'~~O 1 0030912
Page 40: 0060233180
-7- CLANEY! continuing ~, each and every one of you llstcnln~ tonight wants and appreciates the best in everything -- and since LUCKY STRIKE costs no more than ordinary cigarettes, certalnl~eaeh and every ons of you can afford the best, So reach for a LUCKY Instead-- and ~ct the best~ WINCHELL: }~ISANCE! WINCHELL: And nowj Is~lles and gentlemen, your old pal -- GENERAL - - - STATION BREAK - - - Thatls your warning, Low Conrad, and your prancing dancing inuslcers up there on Cape Cod| Howdee-doo Lew? And hello to your crew, too] I.hear you're the guy who halted more housework than any man in HI8TORT. Meet the Lucky Strike Dance Hour family l Family -- meet O~LT new sonj Low Conr~u~I ON WITH THE DANCE, CONRAD| OKAY| BOSTON| we make our bow to the Lucky Strike Dancers wSth "Deep Night,, Dust", "Reaching for the Moon" and "8tarlite". (DEEP ~I OHT) (gT~2LITE) CONRAD: This is Low Conrad at the Statler Hotel in Boston where "Star Here we come and welre leaving Boston where for the last two days, welve had a London Fog, but watch us go through it, down the rook-bound coast of New England flashes,the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, back to Walter and his Winch--elocutlon. Okay, NEW yORK| RT~01 0030918
Page 41: 0060233180
Thatls keeplnI tem happy, Low Conrad. Nhile you're waiting for your next cue, Lew -- please phone the editor of the Boston Record for me? Tell him I'm sorry my column was late and that it won't happen again. Or don't they care? Gotta keep a date with Howard Olaney here ~n New York -- then we leap cut to Ohio for Emerson Gill, again. ~LANEY: It Isntt bY ~that LUCKY STRIKE is the largest selling olgarctte in the world ... because it isntt by accldent that LUCKY STRIKE gives you that prlceless throat protection against irritation -- against cough. We spend mlllIQns of dollars to obtain the o~olcest of mild, mellow, ripe tobaccos ,.. the Cream of m~ny Crops. And then we spend an extra fortune to give these fin~ tobaccos the benefits of the famous and excluslve "TOASTI~" Process ..° the process that mellows - t~at purifies - that includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays. .It is this process that expels- ~- ~- certain harsh irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf. And because these expelled irritants are NOT present in your LUCKY STRINE ... LUOKIE8 are always KIND to your throat| We point wish Justifiable pride to the fact that 20,679 American physicians have 8tate~ LUGKIE8 to be less irritating to the throat than other clgarettesf .And so --- whlchsver way you look at it - whether from our point of vlew - or from the point of view of those whose Judgment you respect -- It is truly in yo~-r o~n~nterest to" reach fo__~r a LUCKY_ Instead| P] "1" ,~01 0030919
Page 42: 0060233180
WINOHELL: GO ahead, silly -- or I'll tell Ben Bernie on you| ---STATION BREAK--- WINCHELL: just hit those belle three chines-- Here we 6o, ladies and gentlemen - out to the State s&Id was responsible for the ~ost presidents. And that I recently then the Virginia editorial writers kept me after school nnd zade n~e stand in a corner. Hello Lake ErleJ Harya AshtabulaJ Hey, lookaJ There's Toledo -- gee whiz we passed Cleveland. Golly Frank. we passed it. :[here the dickens is it? Oh, there it is~ ON [TITH THE DANCE~ ~HSON GILL~ OKAY| CLEVELAND| GILL: Yes -- we were here all the time. Here -- and ready to play .Keditation. from .Thale. - ,,~usio in My Fingers,' from "Here goes the Bride" - "I May Be Dreaming. and "Hallelujah" froz "Hi% the Deck.. (~uszo IN ~ FINGERS) (I ~Ay BZ DPaAMZ~) L+ , . IHALLELUJAH) i!~+ G~L__~L: The Lucky 8trik~ east-bound sky-rocket is ready. And Cleveland sets it off with -- OKAY NEW YORK| F~ "i" ;'401 0030920
Page 43: 0060233180
WINCHELL: -10- And Bo-EAY Emerson GillJ Awfully sorry about the acting up of our maglo carpet -- It saw Canada across the way and decided to get unruly -- you know -- for medicinal purposes. Among other trivia that interested me is this observatlon....A tuner-inner says -- if you have a double vowel or double consonant in your name you h~ve a better chance to achieve anonymous fame. The/listener who told me about it pointed out that in recent years our presidents had double vowels in their names. Woodrow Wilson -- frinstance -- Calvin Coolidge -- Teddy Roosevelt ~ and Herbert Hoover. Maybe our friend is right. He says also, that the prize ring certainly favored those fellas who had double vowels or double consonants in their handles. He offers John L. SuLLivan James J. OorbeTT -- Bob Fitzi~G~ons -- TuNNey -- Dempsey, whose real name is WiLLiam HaRRison Dempsey, there are two L1s and two R's in his full name. WiLLard got to the top, too, and so did the chaps named VaBLEE, MuSSolini, RugS, Jackie COOper, Jackie COOgan, eteentra, But he doesnlt explain a chap,s sucgess who got famous without having the double vowel or consonant. 80 our game is all shot. I am thinking of Clark Gable -- and then therels another bird who made good without double vowels. His names happens to be Charles Augustus Lindbergh. ~THO'I 003092/
Page 44: 0060233180
-I1- WINCHELL: (CONTI)VGES) I see by the papers that an electron i~ the smallest thing in the world. Is that so? How about a tree-sitter,s brain?... One observer remarks: "Now that the long ~irt is fashionable again-- maybe the long marriage ~ill also stage a comeback...How about the long green? ..... A lot of my mall suggests that Broadway shouldntt be called The Grandest Canyon -- but the C~pe White Way -- or The G~eat Wise Crack .... The best nal~e I ever heard for Broadway was The Hardened Artery...I am glad to note, too, that the Broad~;ay stage has decided to clean itself and behave...Well, that's one nice thing about hitting bottom -- therels no place to go but UPJ I ran into Julius Tannen the other night. Tannen, to me, is one of the Better cemedians...Hie wit is sharp -- nimble and never offensive. Itll never forget a esmple of hie s~elegant squelches-- with which he stifled a heckler in the gallery. Tannen was the master of ceremonies for a sunday night sho~7 here.' It was an unusually poo~ program, and a tough guy sitting away upstairs started to kid Tannen. "Hey, Julius|" the heckler heckled, ,,tell me something. Is dis amachoor night?" After She laughter subslded -- the calm and collected Tanuen ewif~ied: "Yes, .Do you want to go on?" Continuing from where I left off on Tuesday night about Nr, Brlsbanele advice on how to be a better reporter. .When Lord Castleross was here, he passed along some gems that Rudyard Kipling offered. }~r. Kipling said: "After you've written your article- read it over carefully - then eliminate all the adjectives -- all the four-syllable words -- and never use throe words ~hen you can use twoJ" =
Page 45: 0060233180
Then, -12- Lord Castleross told me that actors and managers who fight with critics are a little insane, ~hich, of course, wasn,t news to ~e. I recently told one well kno~ radio star to quit quarreling ~ith his tormentors because anybody who argues with a critic starts off with two strikes on him .... The person who quarrels with a newspaper r~An, said His 5ordship, is as silly as the fellow The ~atchos his mouth-made rWspberry against thunder... And here's so~thing l~ve al~Tay8 v~anted to quote on the air. Itls a tribute to the better-mannered members of the press .... NeT~an Levy, a lawyer and poet ~rote it...I like this part best---- "80 herels to the gallant reporters -- the boys with the pencils and pads.....Thoee Calm, imperturbable -- cool, undisturb~ble -- nervy, inquisitive lads .... E~ch time that we pick up a paper -- their marvelous deedswe should bless -- Those bold, reprehensible -- brave, indispensable -- sensible lads of the pressD~ Those of you who heard ,,Han~el and Gretel" coming over the air from the stage of the ~etropolitan Opera must have been thrilled by the singing of Mme Dorothee M~unski. I1m no music critic, but the fact ig that Madame Manski made such a hit as the Witch -- that she ha8 been slated for one of the big roles in a new opera called "Donna juanita", You can trust tho audien9ss at the Metropolitan to pick the best voice -- ev~ time! ~'1- ~01 0030923
Page 46: 0060233180
7 . BRYANT: Whether itls at the opera or anywhere else -- you can trust the A1norio&n people to choose the best - always. Th~t~s ~hy LUCKY STRIKE has achieved its outstanding position -- thatJ s why millions of ~aokers always reach for a LUCKY instead. For LUCKY STRIKE is made of the finest of mild, mellow, ripe tobaccos - the Cream of ;nany Orope. And LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette that affords the throat protection of the exclusive ,Toasti~g~' Process, which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays. You can trust the American people to choose the best -- al~ays. And you can be sure that a great opera singer like Dorothee ~anski is one of those sensible millions. She writes: "Naturally I cannot ai10%7 the slightest throat irritation to harm my voles. 80 naturally I choose LUOXIE8. X have smoked them for years and i value highly the protection to my throat your tToastingf process And I find that your humidor package is really most has given me. easy to open." Thank you, ~adame Hanski. It is only natural that anyone ~ho is oonelderate of the delicate membranes within the throat should be careful in the choice of cigarettes. And it is only natural that anyone knowing the facts about LUCEIE8, should ,,reach for a T.UCKY instead.,, For LUCKIE8 are always kind to Tour Throat= "\. ~1"~01 0030924-
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-14-- STATION BREAK WIYCHELL: And now, ladies and gentlemen -- once again back to Massachusetts and LeW Conradls Musketeers, Here we come, Lew -- quicker than book dealers in your town sell out a suppressed novel| Here we go up the Coast Line taking the trail that all transatlantle fliers follow. ON WITH THE DANCE, DONRADJ OKAYs BOSTON~ SONRAD : Dance Hour flyer keeps right on going with "Thank you, Mr. Mson" "Gsod Night Moon"I (THANK YOU MR. MOON) (GOOD NIGHT X00N) C0 NRAD : Now the Lucky Strike msgio carpet -- which never wears out, even though it travels all over the world -- shoots out of Boston back to Walter Winohell. OKAY NEW YORK! w~: T~at~s oliekinI, Lew Conrad. Plenty dandy. Tell Boston he!!~ for all of us between the coasts and the borders. Hear you sgaln, soon, 0onrad. And only stopping for breath at Boston, the Lucky Strike and Wherels that card from Edward Katzen of Phlla? Mr. Katzen of Phllly - Jean Earlow Is not secretly married. I mean -~ I hadnlt even heard a whisper shout It. Ilm pretty sure itls another ~t~or ) R ]" ,'401 0030925
Page 48: 0060233180
" WALTER WINCHELL: -16- John Wallace of Jersey City, N.J. Thatds most interesti~g~ Joh~ I never thought of that before. Ladies and gentlemen~ John wonders why in the news-reels -- we never see the finish of a horse-race. And John presumes the reason is -- that the c~mera eye might be used to dispute the deslsion of the offlcfals and thus start arguments. Qaite so, John, quite so. ~IIlie of CleveJand...Thanks Mlllie. Ted Doner, I think, is still in California and the orchestra you mention is in vaudeville. I havenlt been in Cleveland sines 1931 -- may be there in the Spring, though. Gwen Sears of Havana, CUba -- I~m sorry Gwen but they=ve got me a little goofy trying to pronounce it correctly. Of course I1m not sore -- Iim really serious about gettiD~ it right. Nsw I am told that the New York Telephone Company has just issued Instructlonsto its long dlstsnee phone girls to pronounce It Loss Angl-eezzze. Attentlon~ you gobs on the na~jts hlggest submarine, the U.S.S. Barracuda near San Diego. Thanks fellas for your telegram. I ~ould have put it on the air Tuesday night hut it got here Just as we were slgnli~ off. All of us are glad our salute pleased you, Dr. M.R. Franols of Bedford, Ioway. ~hank you doctor. Matt Moorels birthday is tomorrow. Faullne StarkeVs birthday Is January lOth -- Monte Bluels is on the llth and Kay Francis celebrates on the iSth. Yes, the laughing soup around New York is pretty dangerous lately. (CONTINUES) \ R]'HO 1 0030926
Page 49: 0060233180
WALTER WINCBELL: (CONTINUIN@) l AS a matter-of faot, doo, whe~ I go to parties nowanights -- I take no chances and bring along my own ginger ~le! And that Dr. Francis of Bedford, Ioway, and ladies and gentlemen, concludes tonlghtls show. Donlt forget and reach for a Lucky Strike Dance Fmur on Saturday night when we star Eddie Duchln's contagious rhythms from.New Ycrkle smarz Central park Casino, where ~he~people you-see are the people you read aoou~. If Mayor Walko~ hap, pens to be there then - maybe he'll come up ro our oi o ohoerful l ttle airful. ." "~;ntil Saturday night at the same time then I remain ic ;'C :~: your New-Yo~.~orrespondent, Walter Wlnchell, who is Just getting. -. t . . -~ over an awfu~'6aee of Bilver polleh poislning whic~ shows you wha~ / .'. can happen from eating with a fork. .t HOWARD CLANEY: (CLOSING ANNOUNC~ENT) I This is the National Broadcasting AGE~CY/WINOHELL:Id :ge :hm: ews Oompa~17. f~ 12401 003092?
Page 50: 0060233180
NOTE TO A~OUNCER: (Make !octal ,~rmo'4ncements every fifteen minutes except on dramatic pro rams, thought.~_ whic~ depend on a Buooeeslon of WE__~ TIEE: ( ) THE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOU~ ( )( ) 10..00 - Ii:00 P.K., JanuB,~y 9th. 1932 BATO.'RDAY (THEI/E SONG • .. hie CHORUS OF "HAPPY DAYS /u~ HERE AGAIN", WITH) VOCAL REFRAIN. IL~EDIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOU~CER. HO~ARE OLA!~Y: Ladies and gentlemen, the LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure, by the manufacturers of LUCXY STNIXE Oigarettes - sixty modern minutes with the world, s finest danes orchestras, and the one and only Walter W%nchell, of the NeW yo~k Daily ~Irror, ~aose gossip of today, beco:ues the news of tomorroW. ~r. Walter ~inohsll! WALTEE NINCHELL~ Good eveni~g, ~r. and 11r8. United States of Az~eriea - ~nd Brooklyn| The LUCKY 8TRIRE Dance Hour l{aglc CErpet has had two days in which to catch its breath - becauso on Thursday night next - we awe all going for another long leap. We discovered that going to London and Pe2ee was exciting enoug~ - but that the old country is, after all, merely another local stop - and what we crave, is long-dlstance and adventure: 80 on Thursday night - weirs going back to Bwaness Aires - away down there almost at the other end of the South American continent, to hear that delightful Carabelli Orchestra in the ArgenTY~ - as the South American announcers pronounce it. (~.~, WINCBELL O~,NTINUES NEXT PAGE) 81"NO I 0030928
Page 51: 0060233180
- 2- ~R. WINCHELL: (CONTINrT!NG) Don't forget on Thursday night, then - back to South America - 6,FO0 miles from New York, or 2,400 miles farther away than England or France! Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, ~Ith the help of Eddie D-chin and his orches~ra~ playi~ from one of NO%~ York's smartest rendezvous, the C-~sino in Central Park - ve hope to put New York bPck on ~he map. Hero, here, no~.T! Tell that ~r8. Vm~derfellev to put down her lorgnette. And, Eddie, toll those other not-so-social people, to act their ige, and drop their lifted highbrows - boca-so this is Walter [LUCKy STRIKE) ~.Inchell, rspresentlng mll?.i~no of tuner-inners ~HO K~ THEE WHEN! : Come on, Duohin - that's a signal. Our bi~ tribe of listeners have heard brands from all parts of the land, and we,ve ~ot to be good. so ON "TITH THE DANCE, EDDIE DUCHINL OKAY, NANKATTAN! ANNOUNCER: You have passed through the brilliant lobby and entered the main dining room of the Central Park Oaslno, where ar~idst the moot beautiful of surroundings, Sddle I~achln and hie Central Pa~k Casino O~ohestra will play, for millions of Lucky Strlka danoe=o ...... (... ) ( ) ( ) ) RT:RO 1 0030929
Page 52: 0060233180
• ~ ¢7 ANi.~OL~.~CER: -3 comfortable, Casino to Walter and his Winchellingo. OEAY, WALTER WINGEELLI The Lucky Strike magic limousine, luxurious 0rid carries us the short distm%ce from the Cuntral Par]: WALTER WlNCHELL: Atta boy, Eddie Duchln~ i kne~. I was bragging too soon. I was on the verge of claiming you for New york - ,Then I Just re~uembered you're a Way Down Easterner from up New England way. Keep those hlfalutiners at the Casino dancing, Eddie, uhtil I chuck you another signal. My latest ne,~e about Pole Negri, is that pretty pole will soon reveal that she e~n eir~ The event will take place on the air-waves soon ... But more important to ti:Is reporter, is that Pola Negrl is plotti.ug to Loheagrin it again ... this time with one of our most representative United Statesmen. He~e,s something I know will warm your hearts . .. liy little playmate in the Gue EdWards Song Revue days - was Lila Lee, you know ... Well, e,ee~ little T.lla, upon her first week in Holly~ood (after her long eiege in hospitals) was bombarded with TKREE offers for big roles in the eom~otlon pictures| ... Gee, three of iem| .~. ~n fe~Ter words - Lila Lee~s good luck came in bunches ,.. and it's about time, isntt it, Dila? (}~. WINCHELL CONTIS~ES NEXT PAGE) \ • .. F~ 1-,.q;O 1 0030930
Page 53: 0060233180
-4- ~: (CONTINUES) Herete an unusual item .... Lady Inverclyde, she is June, the actress -- has had an unhappy time of it trying to free herself from Lord Inve~clyde of England ..... Her Ladyship thought she would have no trouble getting her legal freedom from His Lordship -- so while she was in the movie sector out in Hollywood -- she and Lothar Mendez, the well-known director -- fell in love with each other -- and di~Vt care who knew it .... But the British courts refused to melt her from the nobleman -- and she is a most miserable woman,, as a result...For -- June, I mean Lady Inverclyde csrAnot ankle dovrn a mlddle-aisle with Mr. Mender -- for if she does, poor thing -- she will never again in her llfe be allowed to return to her Engl~:Ld -- nor will she be permitted to travel on the high seas aboard a liner flying the Union Jack .... If she ma~'ries again -- anywhere -- England will consider her a bigamist...The title of that novelette, ladies and gentlemen, if it appeared in my column, would naturally be "The Tragedy of Love" -- and I do hope something is done to make her happier, The latest rom~tiolste around town are Mary Duncan of the flickers and Jamee Gromwell of the oh, so social set...Meaning -- a former pole player -- who was Miss Duncants Favorite Person during her recent trial before a divorce jury -- is now looking for another glrl .... I see the beautiful Helen Morgan is Wearing a new and eye-filling diamond bracelet ..... Whatwas his name, Helen, before he oh~ged it to Santa Claue? (~p WINC~ELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ATN01 0030931
Page 54: 0060233180
The Thomas Cummings, she was Margaret McCarthy of the one-time renowned McCarthy Sisters of George White's "Scandals" will blessed-event-ually...And to the editors of the newspapers that honor me by printing my Winchellingo -- here's a~other item that calls for pictures., .Ailesn Prlngle and Matt Moore -- who adored each other until they had a misunderstanding five years ago -- have decided that it is love, after all...In fewer words, Mr. Editor, after five long years -- Aileen Pringle and Matt Moore have written a typical movie happy ending to their romantic scenario. Where~s my pad, m~yhow?,...Oh, yes -- gee, I can't even read my own serlbbling...Here it is -- Lowell Sherman -- whose marriage to Helene Costello faded -- and Joan Cart, an English actress, now doing well in Hollywood -- are -- as I prefer Jotting it down -- ON FIRE: Herele one about Dupe Vell-lsss that handed me a shuokle when I heard it...I don't think any of the papers published it...At any rate, Lupe and a glzl chum went to Tla Juana, Mexico, about a month ago to spend the week-end...While in a glggle-water asylum with gentlemen friends -- a fight started between two Mexican fellows..:They were arrested and taken to the station house. ;.Dupe -- who wanted excitement -- and who had some pull with the cop -- persuaded the officer to let her end her friends go along in the same ear...The Mexican magistrate, it seems, was a sleepy guy -- and they had to arouse him when the prisoners and the movie players @ame into his court...Opening hle sleepy eyes -- the judge took one look at Dupe -- and yelled: "Ten Days|" They tell me it took Dupe ten hours to summon friends and talk that dopey judge out of It ..... (MR, WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) F11,~01 0030932
Page 55: 0060233180
THURSDAY. He was out of sorts, it eppears -- he had left a oall for Irve met plenty of gatecrashers, but this is the first time I ever heard of crashing into a school. The crashes was the old Metropolitan Opera School and the crasher -- is now Madams Henrlette Wakefield, contralto of the ~etropolltan Opera Company. ~Wnen Madame Wakefield was only 18, she applied for a scholarship -- it was refused -- so she walked in, took lessons anyway, and paid for 'em° In two months she was given a contract as one of the prinolpals in the company. And ~adame Wa~efleld is another of those ~et stars you may have heard when the opera ,'Hansel und Gretel" was broadcast, q. Perhaps I shouldn't be talking so much about another radio act, but honestly folks, I get a thrill to think that this little microphone sends the world' s finest entertainment to millions of you listeners all over these United States. And all over these United States, ladies and gentlemen, you cen always get the world's finest cigarette...LUCKY STRIKE. To bring LUCKIE8 to you, and to assure their constant delivery fresh, whether you llve in the largest city or in the smallest cross-road to~n, we maintain a foroe of hundreds of representatives whose Job it Is to keep each and every tobacconist properly supplied. And we are proud of the fact that even in these trying times, the manufacturers of LUCNY STRIKE are increasing, rather than decreasing, thle great force. That, my friends, is a tribute not only to the outstanding quality of LUSKY STRIKE, but to the discerning millions who prefer it. (MI88 BRYANT CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ATIg01 0030933
Page 56: 0060233180
WALTER WINCHELL: Aud now, NUIEANSE~ ~7- ~: (CONTINUES) For instance, Madame Henriette Wakefleld w~Ites: "I have speut too much time and money training my voice ever to be careless about my throat. I value the throat protection LUCKY STRIKE gives me, m%d I m~ ~lad I can always reach for a LUCKY.~t 8o many people have told us the same thing...How glad they are to be able to get LUCKY STRIKE whenever they want it -- wherever theE are -- and al~ays the same -- always tu~ifonn! And they are glad to reach for a LUCKY instead because LUCKY 8TRIEE not only affords the delicious goodness of the Cream of mm~y Crops but LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette in the world that affords the throat protection of the exclusive ~TOASTING" Process. LUCKIES are always kind to your throat, ladies m~d gentlemen, your old pal -- GENERAL --STATION BP~AK-- WALTER WINOHELL: Here we are again, Eddie Duohln, at New York's Central Park Casino! Come on you big Bostonian who made Ne~ York listen to your ~usio and llke it~ Our famous record-breaklng maglo carpet has a date with a lot of tuner-lnners all over the land -- and they want melody and lots of it. ON WITH T~DANOE! OKAy i~ANHATTAN! And that Lucky Strike maglc carpet has landed you right in the middle of New York's famous Central Park, where, from the Casino, Eddie Duchln and his Orchestra will play -- (. .) (. .) C. ) (. ) R'i, O I 0030934-
Page 57: 0060233180
• lTM A N_..~O~: Now~ the short hop orosstown In New York to Fifth Avenue. OKAY, WALTER WINCHELL! Fine, Eddie -- tell that crowd of oelebs up at the Casino I do not have to be there to know who's sitting with whom...Beoause I know that scene by heart...Jimmy Walker' s with the Dudley Field Malones and the A.C. Blumenthals...isn't he? .... ~d if Ruth Kresge is in town she's there with what,s his name again in a full dress suit...Ask Billle Dove If she Is going to marry that chap from the coast, wlll ya Eddie? .... And Eddie, tell Jane Meaghcr, who is called the outstanding debutante of the social season -- that I'm still burning up because she didnlt tell me first about her secret sealing to Herndon. Howard Claney does a moment or so here, Eddie, then you toy wlth those piano keys again, mud get yourself and your crew heard by the best audience between the two biggest oceans: For folks you never get W.W. to admit that the Central Park Casino has anything on us. HOWARD 0LANKY : O.K' London - Paris - Havana - Buenos Aires' O.K: - Montreal - Denver - Los Angeles - Chicago! .... When LUCKY STRIKE zlg-zags across the world to bring you the finest of dance music -- it harnesses soienoels latest achievement in radio for your entertainment. Just as we give you the flneet in cigarette enjoyment, so it is our alm to afford you the greatest pleasure in radio. To achieve these aims we work h~nd in hand with modern science. (MR. CLANEY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) RTN01 0030935
Page 58: 0060233180
O L!ooE I ES) To make ~UCK¥ STRIKE the finest cigarette you ever smoked we start with the choicest of mild, mellow tobaccos - the Cream of many Crops. Then comes that exclusive and scientific "TOASTIEG" Process, which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays. It is the "TOASTING" Process which expels certain harsh irrlt6nts naturallly present in every tobacco leaf. It is the "TOASTING" Process which develops the fullest flavor and aroma of LUCKY STRIKE'S fine tobaccos. LUCKIES are never sold in Bulk - our great force of salesman csnvas carefully each dcaler,s individual requirements under modern scientific distribution. And then to make sure that your LUCKY STRIKE is always fresh a~d fragrant we ~In call on science. The result is that unique, improved humidor package of moisture-proof cellophane which keeps your LUCKIES sealed tight - every right .... the finest cigarette you ever smoked' W_ ELL: Go ahead, silly...Just hit those hells three chimes -- or I'ii tell Sen Bernie on you. --8TATION BREAE-- WALTER WINCHELL: Thatts you EDDIE DUCHIN! ON WITH THE DANCE CENTRAL pARK CASINO -- OKAY (WHISTLE) NEW YORK! Right over the treetops in Central Park came the Lucky Strike Dance Hour to bring you the music of Eddie Duchin, playing in New York's smartest rendezvous, the Central Park Casino. The dance numbezs ....... .) .) ~ ]',~0 "1 0030936
Page 59: 0060233180
Over there, Just beyond the other side of Central Park, Walter, ~ith hl8 Winchellingo, is waiting for a cue which meeals a fast flight. Here it is: OEAY~ WALTER WINCHELL: It sounds o~le, o~cie down here in the control room, Eddie -- ask the bus boys and the ~aite~s if they can ste~d listening to any more of my blab-caetlng? I do my second stanza of chatter here, Eddie Duchln -- then Nay-ha Bryant and Howard Clumsy follow me -- which brings us back to you and the Casino again. And keep those social lions as well as the lions and monkeys in the Central Park Zoo quiet, will Fa, Ed? Here's one of those Horatio Alger novelettes that fit into my column llke a pair of stockings do on Miss Dietrich. His name is Harry Burns, a vaudeville actor. When I played on the bills with Burns lO years ago - hls act was knoWn as Burns and Frabito ...They are Italian comedians and the funniest of them all...Maybe you laughed yourself into sections over Burns when he posed as a toy balloon peddler...And his partner kept stiokingp~ne in them and Burns would yell: "I ttlnk you touch?" ...Well, after all those years of success -- the booking agents in New York broke Harry's heart...They stalled and stalled...Nothlng doing, they 8ald...Burns got away from Broadway, where they forget you no matter what you were years ago -- and he settled down in Venice, California -- where he bought a little home with his savings...Bhortly after settll~ there -- ell was discovered on his property...Presto, change-jo -- it wasn,t a dreaml..Harry Burns was rlchJ (~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) \ A "~-,~01 0(. 3093 r
Page 60: 0060233180
WALTER WINCHELL: (CONTINUES) Then, when he was rloh and dldnlt need anything or anybody -- what happened?...Yes, you guessed itX...The booking agents begged him to accept 65 weeks in the better theatres with a raise in wages!... And he accepted them, too...for Once An Actor, you know -- ALWAYS~ Unless, of course, you become a news-peeper-man. Talk about crazy things that can happen in a day ... I mean to a newspaperman...A stevedore, who was all dressed up in his Sunday best -- went on a spree not too long ago -- and bad hooch killed him ...The police told the reporters that the man was the son of a wealthy New Yorker ...The cops, it eppears, thought he was -- and with the deadlines being a few moments away -- the reporters flashed the ne~s to their city editors. 8o out came the story in the final editions - that the man found on the Hudson River docks was Mr. Soandso a Broadway playboy -- of New York's fashionable Park Avenue district.• .Later, however,• when it was learned that the man wasn't one of the 400 -- but was one of the Four ~illlon that O. Henry wrote about -- the story was retracted and apologies made to the rlch but humiliated family. But berets the crazy ending. . The newspapers that published %he story were forgiven for the boner - by the family - J but the family of the stevedore brought libel suits against all the papers for disgracing their dock-worker by calling him a Park Avenue and Broadway playbum. It happened last year -- and the lawsuit was thrown out of court -- and I record it now -- because itls little things llke that that make big paragraphs llke these. ..... i~L~. WINCH~LL 00.~TINUE8 NEXT ~AGE) ~l'NOl 0030930
Page 61: 0060233180
~ABT~R~NC~LL: (CONTINUES) Talk about newspapermen and you have to talk about Christopher Morley - one of the better paragraphers. Mr, ~orley, who is also a novelist and a lecturer, was eloeuting at a college for girls. He announced that he would donate a rare first edition to the most intelligent girl in th~ audience. After his speech, all the girls crowded about Mr. Morley and waited in llne for his autograph. One of the more anxious girls asked him how he intended choosing the brightest and most intelligent girl for his trophy - the rate first edition. "That will go," me for my autograph1" said Morley, "to the glrl ~;ho DIDN'T ask ~ud now for an item or two that you probably never knew till now...For example - The New York Department of Sanitation swept up 1800 tons of ticker tape; torn up phone books, and other paper, after the Lindbsrg reception in 19EY...Imaglns then, the great difference in New Yorkts paper snow-fall when I report that the Armistice Celebration in 1918 was merely 155 tons...The National Broadcasting Company was experimenting the other night when it dropped its chimes interruptions - and I was so happy over it because I had to keep thinking up bad puns about them...Now they are back again and all I hope is that some day Simple Chime-on will find himself looked in a whole room of chimes and no hammer or anything with which to strike them...And hotels a bit of news about a new invention that will revolutionize the not so Great White Way in New York.. ,Very soon, they tell me, the thousands of electric signs will be a thing of the past. And that in their stead -Broadway will be brightened by signs on theatre fronts and elsewhere that will be very much llke talking moving pictures., .In fewer words, Your Broadway and Mine - will be louder, but hardly funnier. (~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) A ]'XO'| 0030939
Page 62: 0060233180
-15m WALTER WINOHELL: (CONTINUES) Hotels something thatls right up my alley. Edward Everett stuff. C NEY: Horton, the stage and flicker mummer, giving hls ideas on whether the ialkle8 will run the st~s out of business¸. Herren, y'know, is the lad who appeared in 20 music shows and as many dramas, played stock in every town in the country -- then left the footlights flat to become the highest salarled free lance actor in Hollywood. Here's what he says: "Things have always looked dark for the theatre. I Imaglne in Athens one actor said to another: "Leonidas, old chap, with these Olympian Games drawing the crowds, the theatre is doomed~' And in Nero's time, ean tt you hear them say: 'Horatius, my boy, with such competitors as Christians belng thrown to the lions, the theatre is doomed!,' .And today,It Horton continues, "after youlve shown conclusively that talking pictures are going to take the place of spoken drama, people will go right on writing plays...let some one write a fine drama and act it finely, and there will be audiences for it, talkies or no talkle8.'t And that is plenty sound The final test of anything is -- how ~o6d is it? And the final test of a cigarette is in the smoking. WE can tell you that LUCKIE8 are always klnd to your throat - but YOU are the final JuRe. WE can tell you of LUCKY 8TRIKEJ8 mild, mellow tobaccos - the O~eam of many Crops..,but YOU make the final deoision.~ We can tell you that LUCKY STRIKE'8 excluslve "TOA8TING" Process, which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays, enriches and develops the flavor. WE can tell you that this extra, secret process gives you the throat proteotlon which no other cigarette can offer...but YOU deliver the final verdict. (~R, CLANEY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE RI"NO 1 003094-0
Page 63: 0060233180
OLANE : (CONTI UES) ~illlons upon milllons of people make that final test every day ... and scores and scores of famous men and women whose precious voices have been universally acclaimed -- attest unanimously to LUCKY BTRIKEIB quality. Edward Everett Horton, about whom Mr. Winchell Just told you, is one of those famous people. Here is his statement about LUCKY STRIKE: "Nothing is left to chance in making sound plcturee nowadays - and when I smoke a cigarette, I follow the same rule. I never take a chance with harsh irritants. I reach for a LUCKY. We always use LUOKIE8 in my stags production. They a~e easy on the throat." Edward Everett Horton knowshow good LUOKIES are...he,s ~oked them for years and years. And as I said before, the final test of a cigarette is in the smoking. Make this test yourself - and you'll always reach for a LUCET instead - because LUCEIES are alwayeklnd to your throat - and always delicious to your taste.. WINC~LL: --STATION BREAK-- Let's go to TowS, again, Eddls DuchlnX I mean to every town, village or whistle stop no matter where our Lucky Strike friends are Juggling a dlal. Watch your skirt, there Mrs. C.M. Dunne, Jr.~ of Cambridge, NebraekaI...And you, And7 Glavlano of Ludlow, Colorado, get aboard our sky-hlgh-flylng special. Get outta the way skyscrapers and taxleabe, welts rarlnI to go gay, agalnJ ON WITH THE DANCE, CENTRAL PARK CASINO...0KAY, NEW YORK! m A'I'~O ~ OO3094-I
Page 64: 0060233180
p~ This time, Eddie Duehln and his Orchestra at the Casino will play -- ) ) ) ) A~¢0UNC~: The lucky Strike ~agio Carpet rolls up on the dance floor of the Central Park Casino and flies away. OKAY, WALTER WINOHELL~ Fine, Eddie Duohln -- it was nice to share the hour wlth you and your boys. live a few moments left to acknowledge a salute or two. Save a table for me, Eddie -- I want to tear a sandwich with James J. and the others up there who are having themselves a time. George F~ Drill of Spokane, Washington, Thanks Mr. Brill - and did you know this?....That my voice takes longer to reach the mike from my throat -- than it does to go around the worldl:???? Amazing i~It the word, Drill. Walter Wanger, the handsomest of the movie impresarios hands me another thrill by saying that the passengers aboard the US8 Pennsylvania collected in the salon of the liner when it neared time for the lucky Strike Dance Hour the other night. Be patient, Wanger, we connect with palm Beach and ~lamah Beach, Florida, very, very soon* ..... (KR. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) k A 1": 0 ] 0030942
Page 65: 0060233180
• -i@~ ~ NC~: (CONTINUES) J~ M, McLaughlin, Purser of the $.S. "Capac" writes to Bay that those at panama who heard our Bhows were only at the half way ma~k, and that he heard us while in Balboa off the coast of Chili. O-kay MoLaughlin ! And hotels a telegram from a booking agent -- named Ben Bernis..,Nope itts for Eddie Duchin,s Orchestra, my mistake .,.I'll read it to you Eddie... Here's what Bernie Wires -- "Dear Duohin - Just heard your broadcast with Winohell, Can offer you ~)5,000 next week at 8que~dunk with Winchell -- and $8,000 without him:" Oh, yeah? So Bernie is burning me up, eh~ I know a Joke about Bernie which makes the fourth time I've mentioned his namei the big olo~n! When Bernie played at the Palace in New York last year he complained to the manager about following a monkey act, The manager sustained BenJe vigorous objection to following the monkey~ by saying: "very well, Bernie -- IIll see to it -- you're absolutely rlght, you ehouldnlt follow a monkey act -- because the audience might think it~e an e~eo~el There~ hOWl And that you old mouee-tro and ladies and gentlemen, concludes our show for tonight. Don~t forget our date next Tuesday night when you Reach for a Lucky Strike Dance Hour and get Jack Denny smd his grand crew playing from Eontreal, Canada, Until Tuesday night, at the same tlme~ then -- I remain your New York eorrespo, .~, ~e~ ,~,:~II -- ~ho certainly is very sorry to hear about Gandhi being put in jail -- but i o~u't wait to see how he'll look in A STRIPED SHEET, ~T.~O ~ 00309~ 3
Page 66: 0060233180
HOWARD C~ANEY: (OLOSING ANNOUNOE[(EI(T ) ~'Shine On Harvest ]4con" from 'Ziegfeld~s Follies", "ThatU8 lTny Darkles Were Born," "Life Is Just A Bowl of Che~rles" and "Thrill Is Gone~' from 'LSc~ndals" and "Of Thee I Sing" and "Who Cares" from "Of Thee I Sing," were played by speolal permission of the copyright owners. ,~ The LUCKY 8TRIKE Dance Hour has come to you from New York throu6h the facilities of the National Broadcasting Co~:pany. AGE!~OY/WINCHEL[/Chilleon/CC 119132 / / f l- O 1003094
Page 67: 0060233180
NOTE TO ANNOUNCER: (Make local announcements every fifteen minutes except on dr~atic programs, whloh depend on a suocesslon of thought.) WEAF TI~: ( ) THE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUR )( ) 1,0:00 ,~ II:00 P.M. January 12th. 1932 TUESDAY (THEME SONG •.. ONE CHURUS OF "HAPPY DAY8 ARE HERE AGAIN" WITH) VOCAL REFRAIN, Ii~DIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCER.. ° HOWARD CLANEY: Ladles and gentlemen, the LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure, by the manufacturers of LUCKY STRIEE Cigarettes - sixty modern minutes, with the world, s finest dance orchestras - tonlghtVs orchestra comes to you from Montreal~ Canada - and, from New York Clty~ the one and only Walter Winchell, of the New York Daily Hirroz~ whose gossip of today~ becoraes the news of tcmorrowL MR. WALTER WINCHELL|| WALTER WINCHELL: Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. North, East - West and South| Your yokel - I mean your local c©rraspondent, purposely Juggled the sequence of the directions tonight - merely to remind the new tunsr-lnnere, that the initials of N-orth, E-ast, W-est and 8-outh - spell what I sell - NEWS! You ~ust know by now - that for me - it is a fascinating routine ~ and every time I put this magic carpet of ours to press - myh~art thumps and bumps a little. Yours would, too, ladies and gentlemen, if you were the editor and your boss told you that the circulation was increasing . °. (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUES ~EXT PAGE) ~1"~01 003094-5
Page 68: 0060233180
-g- And that most of the Lucky Strike Dance Hour subscribers appeared to be pleased - with your items, your coz~ents and your idiotozials. But there I go talking shop, again - and Jack Denny and his grand bs/%demen are up there, across the Canadian border. waiting to make you tap your tootsles or sway to his contagious rhythms. So get readyf J~%ck Denny, and pott~ u8 some of your intoxicating melodies, not the sort, that goes to our heads, or our knees, but to our toes. Here we come, Denny| From New York and everywhere - in-the-f aster-than-Floyd-Gibbons-can-gab-manne r L ON WITH THE DANCE, DENNY| OKAy, HONTREAL~t| (WHISTLE) JACK DENNY: The Lucky 8trlke Dance Hour is up here across the O~r 8nnou~ere, ~n true Canadian Border in Montreal where one of Montreal radlo faehlon, will carry on. ANNOUNCER{ (In French) M. Benn~ and his orchestra, playing in the Mount Royal Hotel, will begln the dance with ... (TITLES) FI ]- HO'I 00309~6
Page 69: 0060233180
-3- JACK DENNY: The Lucky 8trlke international roller coast-to- coaster now dashes over hill and dale f~om Montreal to Walter,~nd his Winehelllngo. OKAY, NEW YORKi~! WALTER WINCHELL: Fin% Jack Denny . .. You know the arrangement of our chow by heart. This is where I try hard to hold their attention until you put some resin on your bow. stand by, Jack, and be glad that youfre hot a Jack-of-all-Trades - for then, think of all the jobs ycatd be out of| Ladies and gentlemen, as a friend of Gary Cooper, the personable movie actor - please let me stifle a false report about him .,. The unfounded and wild rumor would have us all believe that Gary Cooper is seriously sick in a hlde~way hospital - And that the news of hie going with an exploring party to the African jungles was published to relieve the anxiety of his fans ... Well~ let me assure you that Gary Cooper did sail for the jungles and never, looked better in his %if% as he did the night before he sailed ..~ In fewer words, GarF Cooper will return to America very soon, browner than a coffee bean, and fit as a Erelsler fiddle. (~R. WINCHELL OONTINUES NEXT PAGE) 81-,~01 003094 ?
Page 70: 0060233180
~. W~NOH~L__n: (OONTI~JING) You probably read in your home town rag about Ethelind Terry~s msr~ge being Mexlcanned ... ~Iss Terry, in case you dldnI~ know - created the title role of "Rio Rita" in Hr. Zlegfeldts musical hit ... She has a new arm decoration, already - His name is Edward Finney ... The ne::t time you see Ale xander Kirkland on the screen in the "Devilts Lottery" movie, you'll see him as a blond ... because the flicker executives decided that his shade of h~ir would conflict with his le~dlug ladyts . .. Ellm~a Landi ... Well, for Landi Bakes{ Ginger Rogers is wearing a new sparkler but itts on the Wrong finger ... She is still holding hands, however, with Director ~ervyn LeRoF, under the Cocoanut Grove in HollyWood tables ... Their romance, take it from one who never heard of such a reCbrd out there, has lasted nearly six monthsI. And hsre¢§ the sort of item that ma~es me feel plenty good ... On her vary first day back on the Gold Ooast - the too-long-tlme sick Lila Lee - was bombarded with three important movie roles ... Gee, three of them|: LLlale good luck appears to be coming in bunches - and itls about ti~e, lent% It~ Lila? ... I reported in my column yesterday~ that people who are hoarding their money - by turning it into gold coin - and hiding it in their homes are being watched ... that I% all withdrawals from banks of over $5p000 in gold are repo~%ed to ~ Gove~nment~l Fr~uken~teln ... And if Dorothy MacKaill is tuning in, herels something that Itm sure will please her ... Dorothy) your kid sister, Norms Mackaill, who made her debut the other night on the stage in your home town, Hull, England, was a knockout of a hit - according to my London deputies.... Congratst. -- (Ig% WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGg) 8[~01 0030948
Page 71: 0060233180
-5- ~R. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) And here's a bit of news for Ben Berniefs old partner, Phil Baker~ the accordlan man , .. Vivian Vernon, formerly of the Follies, and phll Bakerl8 ex-wife, has been secretly welded to a Fifth Avenue Jeweler since Juno 12th. Speaking of British news - here's a paragraph that should lift the eyebrows of the ladies ... Gloria is the name of a beautiful Yorkshire, England, girl - who came to London five years ago, seeking a job ... 8he brought no letters of recommendation ... All she had was a gorgeous Figure ... After a long and patient wait, Gloria besame a mannequin ... and now she is rated as the most photographed woman in the world|| Gloriats face and form is seen on more English billboards, than any ether person ,., You see her likeness on candy box portraits 0ve~ There. Or on magazine fronts ... and almost any advertisement that wants to attract the eye and hold it .., Gloria has paraded in over fifty thousand dresses, shoes, coats, oteetera, in the last three years ... She commutes to paris from London sometimes twice weekly, Just to walk llke a Ziegfeld gal in some- thing smart ..~ and besides getting a fancy salary ... Gloria is presented with nearly every gown she mannequins in ... I can see all you ladies getting a little Ill envying her. But this is the intri~/ing part of my story about her- save to a handful of intimate friends - no one knows her Family name ... 8hers merely a beautiful glrl - named GlO~.la - to the rest of the world~ (~R~ WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAG~ R ]'~O'l 0030949
Page 72: 0060233180
~° ~INCHELL: (CONTINUING) I,ve heard of plenty of quick changes back sta~e, bu~ herets one that takes all prizes. Paul Althouse, the great tenor, was once on the same bill with that greatest of teno~s~ OarUSOo Althouse was to sing a part in Cavalleri Rustlca~. Caruso spotted~m in the wings ... thre~ up his hands in horror at Althouse's costume ... declBred the eo~tume ~ all ~rou~ .... didn't interpret the part ... and so, Althouee found himself yanked into OaTUBOt~ d~e~ing ~oom~ fitted out in Ca~so~a own costume for the role, and s/most shoved on the sta~e - all in two minutes. Altho~se tellm ~nothew story - but perhaps It'd better 8~ve that~ After all, ~r. and Mrs. Broadway to Hollywood Boulevard - the bi~ news on this program 18 aha~ cigarettes - and Howard Claney is Mr. Good-News him-self. Come on, Howard, reach for a microphone, instead. RTH01 0030950
Page 73: 0060233180
HOWARD CLANEY: Ladies and gentlemen - Of course in a cigarette you llke the fine rich goodness of mild, mellow tobaccos - LUCKY STRTKE gives you that in fullest measure - The Cream of the world,s T~bacoo Crops. Naturally, you like a distinctive flavor - LUC}XSTRIKE gives you that delicious "toasted" flavor which cannot be duplicated. Certainly you like a cigarette you san smoke without worry about throat irritation. LUCKY STRIKE gives you the throat protection of modern sciencs~ - the throat protection of the exclusive "Toasting" process, which includes the use of ~odern ultra v~let rays. And you respect the opinion of others - of those men and those women whose voices are their means of livelihood. 8cores of men and women who must guard their voices have told us that LUCKY STRIKE is the one cigarette that affords the vital throat protection they demand. For instane% that famous American Tenor about whom Mr. Winohell just told you - Paul Althouse - a man whose voice and throat is all important to him, and to yo% has smoked LUCKIE8 for five yeats. He writes: "I llke LUCKIES for two major reasons. My operatic work demands that my throat be protected against rasp and irritation. Seoond~ I demand a cigarette that has taste. The deloious 'Toasted~ flavor of Four cigarettes meets that wish. Wait - I might add a ~hird reason. I want my cigarettes to open easily. Another wish fulfilled splendldlF by your unique humidor package, with its little LUCKY tab". (PAUSE) And so, ladies and gentle[hen - no matter what you llke best in a cigarette - youlll find it in your LUCKY STRIKE - the worldls finest cigarette, regardless of prioel| RI'~01 0030951
Page 74: 0060233180
~ALTER WINCHELL: A~d now, severest oritict WALTER WIN, C HELL: Okay, Frank, Itm ready if you are ladie~ and gentlemen, my p@~t frisndand - STATION BREAK - .,. Wherels Claney and Hay-ha? Oome on now, Howie - stop looking up thos~ big ~owds - Gosh~ what happened to ~s. H. N. Smith of Covington, Kentucky, who said she wouldnlt be late? And that Julian Henson fell& from Punx~uta~ney, Pee-A~ Oh, well, i~ the~ fall off oux ~a~Ic oarpet lnto the St, La~renoe, that'll be their fault ... Mere we come, Jack DennF, over the Cstsk111sj and the Adirondacks, winking an eFe st the ~u~tom~ of~Iclal~, who ~t on ~tM~lon~, N~w Yo~k, n~a~ the Canadian border llne. ON WITH THE DANGE, DENNY|! (WEISTLH) OKAY, ~ONTREALII¸ JACE D~NNY: Nobo~ ever falls off the Lucky 6t~ike Magic Carpet In the St. Lawrenoe~ the ~Ississlppl oz the Paclflc - so now that all the dancers a~e here ~n ~ontreal, ~e~ll play ... (TITLES) I~T~O'I 0030952
Page 75: 0060233180
-9- JACK DENNY: From Eontreal, o~t into the dark night, right over the heads of those Customs men at Malone flashes the Lucky Strike Sky Rocket. Here,s your cue, Walter Winohell. OKAY~ NEW YGRK|| WALTER WINCHELL: Oaky; Denny - Itll flip it back at you in a dozen ~oments~ Or SO, WALTER CLANEY: Why do Be ~ ... why do we keep on ur~inK you ... why do we s~ ... to be careful in your choice of cigarettes? Nhy? Because it is a fact that every tobacco leaf in its natural state, contains harsh, biting~ throat-rasping Irrltants~| My friends - you would not be willing to irritate Four throat - Well - there is only one cigarette in the world that affords the throat protection of the famous and exlusive "Toasting" Prcces:~ And that cigarette is LUCKY STRIKEr| ~t is LUCKY 8TRIKET8 exoluelve ,Toasting" Process that expels certain harsh irritants naturally present in every tobacco leer ... certainly that is your protection against irritation , against cough. It is LUCKY STRIKE'S exclusive "Toastingw Process that includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays ... eunshlne mellows - heat purifies: We need not tell you that~ 20,679 American physicians have stated that LUCKIES are less irritating than other cigarettes. ... And that, my friends, is why ~:e ~ ... why we ~ ... end ~- "Be c~roful in your choice of cigarettes - reach for a LUCKY Instead! " F~I"EO ] 0030953
Page 76: 0060233180
- i0 - WALTER WINOHELL: Aw, for the Love of Micro-phoneyl~ Look who~e in again ... I~d like him a lot better if he spent all that chime doping out a way to keep belts on overoo&ts from always turning upside downl~ WALTER WINCHELL: - STATION BREAK - And now for tonightts third flight back to Canada, and Professor Jack Dennyl s definitions of delightful dance magic. ON WITH THE DANCE, DENNYI| OKAY (WHISTLE), MONTREALI! JACK DENNy: If you want real d~finitions~ I must call on our announcer here in Montreal. A NNOUNOER: (French) A fast trip! (English) ThatIs "A fast trip,,. (French) Now from Montreal, you will hear ... (English) That means "Now from Montreal, you will hear ..." (F~eneh).... the best of delightful dance music ... (English) That means "The best of delightful dance music", and that could mean nothing but Jack Denny and his Orchestra playing ... (TITLES) 81~01 0030954
Page 77: 0060233180
,r JACK DENNY: - 11 - Nobody knows how high up in the air the Lucky Strike it gels Like Magic Carpet goes on these flights. All we know, is th~ from Montreal to Welter, and his Winchelllngo in a hurry. this ... OKAY, NEW YORK~% WALTER WINCHELL: 8plendld~ Jack Denny ... Rear you a~ain in a while - after ISm through doing my card tricks, and giving my imitation of a trained seal. To the editors of the United Press, this is offered with my good wishes - Gentlemen, quit guessing about what General Charles G. Dawes intends doing ... General Dawes is not going to quit being Ambassador to the Court of St. James - and is not coming to Chicle, to run that bank which, by the way, is not going to be merged with a New York Banking House ... The Thomas Cummings (she was Dorothy McCarthy, of the well-knoWn (to New York playgoers) McCarthy Sisters) are rehearsing lullabies ... I think I owe the farmers in the West a chuckle at our New York Wise Guys ... 80 this item is for them ,.. Mr. and Mrs. Westerner - those cooking apples which you throw to the hogs - are now being sold in New York stores, which bellow that they are making a "special price" of three pounds for nineteen cents| Therels a new sucker born every moment, and the births keep on day after day..... (MR. WINOHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) I~] >{01 0030955
Page 78: 0060233180
~: (CONTINUING) ~o sometimes I a~ee with the out-of-town, r, when he says that New York is the biggest of the hick toWns ... But I donTt mind it SO much eo long as he says that it is the biggestltt Adrienne Morrison, the former Mrs. Richard Bennett (OonnieTs, Barbara'~ and JOinTS beautiful mother~ is plotting a return to the stage after an eight year retirement ... Come on hack, Adrienne Morrlson - the way stage-matters a~e in New york - the playts the Thing - until the curtain goes upll And ~re are some notes about the Theatre you probably never knew ~till now °.. You rarely see Row "I" in a New York temple of amusement ... because too many theatre patrons confuse the letter ItI" with the numeral "i" - and demand their money back if they do not get the first row ... Thatls why - Row "J" follows Row "H" in practically every playhouse ... the Theatre D istrlet of New York numbers nearly eighty flrst-rate theatres - but only half of them have ter~nts - which g~ves you a rougher idea ... As a leading theatrical paper points out every year .... at least thres-qusmters of the plays are flops ... ~ flop, ladies and gentlemen, is a show that runs less than twelve weeks ... a show that lasts that long ... and doeenmt lose money ... is listed as ~ moderate suooess. ,, New ~ork produces on an average of two hundred attractions a season ... (ItR. WINCHEL5 CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) \ ATH01 0030956
Page 79: 0060233180
- 13 - ~. ~YNOHE~: (OOI~tI~JING) Last year, only twenty-eight orqshed into the hit division ... and the movies, the radio and all the other opposition isntt to blame, either ... Produce a hit show, and no playgoer considers any price too steep ... And "Abiels Irish Rose" which ran for five years (almost five hundred to some of us) was not, as is widely believed roasted by the critics ... "Abie's Irish Rose", ladies and gentlemen, was greeted affectionately by the majority of drama defenders who cove~ed it ... But not one f~t string crlt c a tended i s nl ... T second- trln rs witnessed ts birt~ - ~te secon~ a~ngen~s are We poor c~aps ~o never see t~e ~$~ premieres.., they hays to go to the also rans. geley Allen~ Leo Harsh, Mr. Chase of the New York Times, and other worthwhile second-stringers of that daM, however, reported most favorably on .Able". They predicted a long run for it. ,,Ablels, only antagonists were Robert Nenchley and Heywood Broun. Er. Broun who panned it every day for a year flnall7 compromised ... First, he sald that it wouldnlt run six months - then he altered his prediction, by saying it wouldnTt run FOREVER[ [ | [ Bay, I wish I had a lucky number tha~ would bring ms as much good luck ae Number Thirteen has brought Fill Dl0rsay~ that grand little commotion picture star. This li~l French charmer, plays a Number Thirteen to win every time ... shots the prize package of n family of thirteen ohildren~ they tell me she landed her best job on the thirteenth of the month, and as & result, Fifi toured as & headliner for two times thirteen months ... ~TH01 003095?
Page 80: 0060233180
- 14- _~R. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING Then Fifi was a youngster, not yet eighteen, she landed on B~oadWay to begin the scramble for success ... but it wasnlt a scramble . .. it was a cinch| Nobody could resist that little girlls delightful French charm. Her latest Fox commotion picture "As Young As You Feel", with Will Rogers~ is a knock-curl ~I88 BRYANT: With women - as with men - the big t~ing in a cigarette, is throat protection ... and LUCKY STRIKE is the on h!Z cigarette in the world that offers the throat protection of that famous and exclusive "Toasting" Process. For years, charming Fifl DtOrsay has smoked LUOKIES for that very reason. She writes: "Fez years, llve appreciated the throat protection LUCKY STRIKEIS I roasting, Nrocess has given me - llm glad to take thisopportunity to broadcast the fact that I always reach for a LUCKY instead." My friends, it is that famous "Toasting" P~ocess that eroels certain harsh irrltants naturally present in every tobacco leaf. It is the famous ,,Toasting, Process that develops the delicious flavor of those mild, mellow LI~aKY STRIKE tobaccos - the Cream of many Crops. It is the "Toasting" process including the use of modern Ultra Videt Raye~ that makes LUCKY STRIKE the modern cigarette - the cigarette that is always kind to your throat - for sunshine mellows; heat purifiest We cannot emphasize the purity of LUCKIES too strongly: Your throat is afforded the protection of that famous "Toasting, Process - and for the sake of yottr thzoat~ we urge you to reach for a LUCKY instead|L - STATION BRE~ - ~]'H01 0030958
Page 81: 0060233180
- 15 - WALTER WINCHELL: A~d now, once more - to the star of our show - Jack Denny and his crew - whose compelling dance tunes - have won so many new friends, not only for hlmself~ but for the Lucky Strike Dance Hour. Put THAT IN YOUR SCRAPBOOK, Jack~ and always be • emlnded of Mrs. ~Inchellts WalterL ON WITH THE DANCE~ JACK DENNYI! OKAY (WHISTLE) MONTKEALZ JACK DENNY: Thank you, Walter. ItJs already in the scrapbook. Now we bring out the Lucky Strike Dance Book, turn to those Lucky number paEes, ~, 7, ii and 19, and play ... (TITLES) (N. H. Use only th~s pages if only throe songs are used.~ f L P,II~O 1 0030959
Page 82: 0060233180
Alice Joyce enterprises ran Broadwayl e most famous hote~ The Knickerbocker. business keeps him in New Yo~k. - 16 - JACK DENNY: This is Jack Denny in Montreal, giving Walter Winchell, another modern go-ahead signal. In aviation~ it:s "CONTACT" - In cigarettes, itts "LUCKIES" - In radio, itls OKAY, NEW yORK|| WALTER WINCKELL Adios, toodle-oo, farewell and ta-ta, Jack Denny ... We wonlt hear you for a while~ I~m afraid~ for weTre going to the 8outhlands~ soon. Bwayness A ires in 8outh America and to Palm Beach and Hiaml Beach in Florida. Thanks ~om Hr. Lucky 8trike and our many LUCKY STRIKE frlend% for making o~ Dance Hours fly so quickly. And now to return a salutation ~ two from ~r, and Hrs. General Publlc - Okay, Mice DelaWare, thank you very much ... No, is in Hollywood, attending to her various business ... 8he is married to Jack Regan, whose father once Mr. Reganls ahief L. ~. 8tewart, of San AntonFo, Texas. Thank you, sir - Yes, I played in San Antonyo in 1919, because somebody told me lid make a good song and dance man~ ~d like a darn fool, I believed it. (MR. WINOHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) f'4THO] 0030960
Page 83: 0060233180
- 17 - MR. ~INOHELL: (CONTINUING) It was in your totvn that a critic wrote of ~e: "Wlnchell played the hero by throwing his chest out three inches, and following it across the stagel. Ah~ me! Those were the good and rotten old days. Harry L~eck of Ks//kauna~ Wisoonsln wants to kno~; nly Alma mater ... Welli Harry, if the teachers of Public 8chool 18~, in New York 0ity are listening, that must have left them in sectiohs. For, when I got to grade 6B, in P. 8. Ig4~ at the age of thirteen (my lucky year) they decided to give me a sort of diploma ... Yes, indeedy - my alma mater expelled me for being too dumb ... IBm not kiddlng, Harry, Really| Ask Hiss OU~onnell, bless her. I was left back in her class only four times - but I prefer to bel~ve that she was cah-razee ABOUT MEX! Jimmy Durants, Palm 8prinEs, California, says he is mortified at the rumors that Breta Garbo is in hiding in that town - because hegs afraid Hrs. Durante will thi~k something is wrong . .. He suggeste that the reporters there, however, ~ight find Greta if they run their fingere th~oagh Professor Einsteinls hair. (Bernie inse~t.) (i~q. WINCHELL CeNTImES NEXT PAGe) f3 ]':401 0030961
Page 84: 0060233180
~..WIgCHELL: (CONTINUTNG) l And that~ ladle8 and gentlemen, conel~des tonight s show. DonTt forget to reach for a LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour on Thursday night, when we are going to trust our luck again to that fickle short wave to hear for the second time, the entertaining Carabelll Orchestra in Bwayness Aires, South America ... On the same nightI we will have Joe MoSS, and his Society Favorites in New York ... South ~erlcan and New York - doesnlt that awouse the wanderlust in you? And,en Saturday,nlght, Jimmy Gzler and his grand band of sax appealer~" in. Los Angeles. Until Thursday night, at the same time then, ladies and gentlezwn, I remain your New York correspondent, Walter Winchell, who will never forget the time my baby~da~hter, Wa/da was born in 1927 • .. When the nurse brought me into ~he zoom to see her for the first time, I said to Walda, who was one hour young - "Hello, my new sweetheart - how do you llke your papa?" And all the baby did was yawn, and yawn, and yawn. "Good-nlght", I secreamed, "Ilm the father of a radio critic| ! | |" HOWARD CLANEYY: (CLOSING ANNOUNCEI~NT) This program has come to you from Montreal, Canada, and New York City, through the facilities of the National Broadcasting Company. AGENCy:WINC~LL:OC 1/12/31 f91-:.'4 0 1 0030962
Page 85: 0060233180
NOTE TO ANNOUNCE: WEA ' ( 1( ) S:O0- i0:00 P.M- (MAKE LOCAL ANNOL~ICE~ENT8 EVL~RY FIFTEEN ~Ihq/TES EXDEPT ON D~[ATIC PROGF~E WHICH DEP~TD ON A SUCCESSION OF THOUGHT .) ) LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUR JANUARY 14, 1932 THIrKSDAY (THF/E SONG - ONE CHORUS OF "HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN", with VOCAL REFRAIN. I~EDIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCe. ) HOWARD OLANEY: Ladies and gentlemen, the LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes. Tonightts LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour will again attempt to defy space and time - for tonight we are taking you 67gl miles away from New York...over oceans and continents to the fmmous Carabelli Orchestra in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ~hen you hear this premier South A~lerlcan Dance group playing direct from Buenos Aires, that music, ladies and gentlemen, will be sent by short wave, and sent over thousands of miles of telephone wire to 55 broadcasting stations in the United States. Later from New York, youtll hear one of North Americals dance groups - Joe MoSS and his Orchestra - and the one and only Walter Ninohell of the New York Daily Mirror - whose gossip of today becomes the news of tomorrow. And now - Mr. Walter Winchelll AT.~O ] 0030963
Page 86: 0060233180
-2- WALTER WINCHELL: Good evening, Mr.and Mrs. Tuner-lnner from Coney to Catalina and from Alaska away down past the Equator| Tonight's long leap - a mere 6,700 miles to Bwayness Ahreez in South America -- marks Mr. Lucky 8trikels fifth attempt to rivet the Continents. Wetve been to S.A., before~ you knot and with great luok~ too. So come on, you fickle short wave, -- end be a good guy, will ya? And dontt pull a Paree on us and mess up our show with that erratic static of yours. WeTre ready if you are -- old man static and Mr. and Mrs. United StatesJ Letls maglc-carpet it down nearly 7,000 miles, through the skies -- through fog and moonbeams -- across the MeXiCO gulf, the panama Canal -- the Atlantic -- the Caribbean and across the Amazon to the largest city on the South American continent! WZNCHELL: AHSTA LA VEESTA| BWAYNO SA~ORAOE E £AYNORAHSS -- (fast) COXO-STAN OO-STAY-DAY-SS ! ON WITH THE DANCE SAYNOR OARABELLI! OKAy (Whistle) SOUTH AMERICAt i, B.A. ANNOUNCER: Welcome, ladies end gentlemen, of the Lucky Strike Audience in North .~erica. Buenos Aires and Senor Carabelli, in South America, greet you with h3 ]'~01 0030964
Page 87: 0060233180
B.A. ANNOUNCER: From oontlnent to continent, over the equator with the speed of lightning, goes the Lucky Strike Dance Hour -- from Buenos Aire~, Argentlua~ back to the United States. OKAY NEW YORKI WINCHELL: Grah-thlas, Saynor Carabellil That's fln~ Very, very GOOOOOOD% you kno~, 8~ynor -- s~elegant -- all to the muBtard, etoetra. Right here you get some elbow room -- while I tell th~n all about this~ that, them and those. And your Chamber of Commero~ wontt be a bit angry when then he82 this, 8aynor. And that is that Bwayness Ahreez is the seventh largest city in the world with a population of 2,250,000 -- a greater population than Los Angeles, St. Louis and Kansas City combined. Just a great big town in what radio has made a mighty small world. Ramon Navarro and Mrs. Grace train tonight for the movie sector...Ers. Tibbett took the same Tibbett phoned me to say so.+.~ud she hoped the press ~ouldult mleunderstand.,,She said that Re~on was merely a ~ood friend of over ~en years and that, contrary to rumors~ they weren't going to see a parson together.. Very well, ~rs. Tlbbett, I trust you heard me on that portable set you have with you on that choo~choo...Inoidentally, ladies and gentlemen, ~avarro is said to be the unhappiest actor af them all. He really h~tes himself on the soreen...And after the preview of hie newest work ~e u~ged hi~ boss to destory the plctu~ ~nd Ram~n said he ~ould pay the cost .... But his employers were of the opinion that his performance ~n "~ata Hart" was the best since his "Soar~ouche"...Ramon -- you all know -- is his ~orst critic -- which i~ a heap b~tter~ of course, than bein~ conceited. 6~ ]" ,~,01 0030965
Page 88: 0060233180
He intends doing some directorial work~ however, and if he succeeds - the screen will lose a grand make-believer..oAnd herels some good news for Miss ~arbols army of fans...Greta~s contraat will end with MGM in April...But she wonlt go home -- as she has so often ~h~e~tened -- She will put her n~e do~n on ~nother dotted llne and add some more shekels to the million dollars she has in numerous banks .... They tell me that Garbo spends less coin than any other actress in Bollywood...And that Tallulah Bankhead who is doing a Garbo o~t there, having made but one p~blic appearance since she arrivedt spends more money than anyone.,.Tallulah believes in keeping money in oi~culatlon.,Tallulah makes $5,000 a week -- and spends ~very dime of it -- and is llheral to those of her friends who need a break...Herels a b~t of newsto startle Providence and Baltii~ore.. The John Nicholas Browns of Baltimore are tiny-c)othes shopping.,.Mr. Brown (who s~ill is a very wealthy young man) was front-paged when he was an infant as the richest baby in the worldJ ...And herels another item that ought to be widely spread .... All that ~tuff you s~w in the papers about the Douglas Fairband~, lanlors (she is Joan Ozawfcrd) being on the verge of a spllt-up was just so much bunk..,Thelr best pals assure me and you that Joan and Doug , Junior adore eamh other -- and because they had their first big misunderstandlng -- the word got about that they had exploded for good. F~T~O / 0030966
Page 89: 0060233180
5 And herels another interesting ansle to another of your favorites -- that he-mannish star, Clark Gable..Clark to this day can't make it all out yet..He can't go to any party without every feminine star present surrounding him at every move..This is the first time in the h story of the magic lantern business that a film star has received lO0~ adoration from the unfair sex of his own profession. H~ once told a friend that he really prefers women past 35 - his wif% youlve read is about 4O...And so I l~ant to comfort all you young and high-wasted things, by st~gesting that you reach for a LUCKY - instead of that Sheik. Her~:s a real movie thriller - but the hero is a star of Grsnd Opera - James Wolfe of the Met. Wolfe ~as singing "La Boheme" over in Saint Gallen, Switzerland. He was just finishing the last aria - when a fire broke out- the audience st~-~peded for the exit - it v~s a panic. Wolfe began his aria all ever again - filling the opera house ~th hie glorious voice - the panic stricken people stopped - listened - and returned to thelr seats, while firemen put out the blaze. What a thrillJ What a singerl..and now Mr. and Nrs. People from Seattle to Key West, Florida, here's Wana P.~yan%~ and Nana., herems all the friends of this LuCky Strike program. I~INO ~ 0030962
Page 90: 0060233180
BRYANT: TO mil~lon8 of smokers LUCKY STRIKE is the most valuable cIEarette in the world -- for LUCKY STRIKE offers the two most v&l~Jo?ofe virtues that any cigarette can offer ... the flnest tobacco ouallty plus throat protection, Over $100,00%000 worth of choice r,~3d, mellow leaves -- the Cre&m of many CTopR ---- ate oonst~nt&y beln~ stored to protect LUCKY STRIKEIS uniform flne quallty. And then comes that famous and exclusive LUCKY STRIKE "Toastlng" Process, which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays| That, my friends - is the mellowing, purlfyln~ process which ~xpels pertain harsh irritants natu~ally p~e~eut in ever., tobacco leaf. That, my frleuds, is you~ throat protection against irritation -- against cou~h. In this connection, James Wolfe, that celebrated star of the ~etropolltan Opera, about whom Mr. Wlnchell just told you, writes: "Back-stage at the Met., Itve noticed bow m~ny famous stDgers carry Luckies. Add my voice to the Lucky chorus. I, too, must protect m'; throat", I,Ir. Wolfe g@ts what HE wants in LUOKIE8. AND YOU get what you want in LUCKIE$. For l~r. Wolfe and ~ ~e~lly ~ant th~ ~e thir~ In a olgarette. You want LUOKY STRIKE18 valuable throat protectlon° And you want the oholcest tobaccos that money can buy. You get both In LUCKY tTRIKEB-- the purest of clgazettes -- the finest clgarettc you ever smoked I N~ }[QI{ELL'~ And hotels Mr. Chimes, whose big problem around here ls to re~,~ember when to glve the b~lls a tlng-a-llng for which they make him dress up llke a head walter. .... STATION BREAK .... P11" NO 1 0030968
Page 91: 0060233180
"7- WIHCHELL: And now, ladles 81~d ~entleme~, and !~rs. BernteIs little boy, Benj~mln -- Joe L'oss -- our newest h~adilner plus hl8 secloty orchestra. 11~n sure theytll like you, lovely ~usio. Before Jo~ that this orchestra Is fir. i~ss-- because they }ike starts his ;non, I certainly should tell you a ~reat favorite with the soclcty folk of the East. They ~;ore pickQd by the great no~ Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Ne~ York to play the dance music for the oponIDE ~oeks, and the debutantes all love Jo~ ~bss and his o.ches~za. All right, Jot you toll ten the taF8 of you~ tunes. Dontt be nervous -- they';e not high hat or hard to meet. Folks~ meet Joe, a sweleg~nt ~Jyo flOSS: ~lattering words, Walter. Thank you. Our first n&mbers, Lucky S%rlke Dancers, will be ~OSS: Imm just a few feet from Walter Wlnchell but if I were a a ~reater thrill to say: thousand :~lles away it wouldnVt be OKAY WALTER WII:C.h~LL! WIYC~LL: Vel-/ goodw Joe Moss. You ~et your Io.~4~est rest here -- for this is ~here Howle ~laney collects the passen~r0s fares for th~ ride on OUr magic carpet. 5;ow do~tt jet p~rtlcular~ :~.owle~ ~ust because any of them happened to leave their purse at hoze, -- that III be all right with me. Except Bernie, I mes-n. R,T~01 0030969
Page 92: 0060233180
CLA!~Y: I% is one thing to make a per@on try a clg~rett% but the blg job Is to have him keep on smoking it. Year in and year out LUCKY STRIXE has nQt only held its customers b,Jt has overwhelmingly Increased that n~ubCr ... tod~, LU~[Y STRIKE is the largest 8e!~in~ cigarette in the world, ~hy? Heo~use LUCKIES give eve~,thlng people want In a cl~arette, you get In your LUCKY ST~IEE the choicest ~11d, mellow tobKooos - the Cream of many Crops, You get in your LUC~f STRII~E the throat protection of that fsmous a~d exclusive "Toasting" Process. We hhve told - over and over again - how thls "Toastln~" Process oertaln harsh irrltants naturally present in ev~r!r tobKooo leaf. We hays told. over and over again - the l~po~t~oe of the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays and their purifying benefits. And because smokers have discovered for themselves thKt what we say is tr~e, more millions prefer LUCgIES %o any other cigarette. And it is on the basis of this experience - proved by millions - that we urge you to reach for LUCKY instead| WIi~CI~LL: a d~oe~ WIVC~LL: And no~ once more, Slmp~c ~limc-on ~<~o Is studying to be .... 8TATIO~ BREAK .... Here we So, once again, Uncle and Aunty America| For another s~Ift 6,700 m11e leap over the Andes and back to $aynor Carabelll's orohestr~ at B~ayness Ahreez~ Hy there, 'Jr. Hoover| Hello, Rlchzo=d, Virzinlu~ Times-Dispatch! -- Whoopeeee| There's Hey West-- I mean there It =as[ Hel~o, Panama, Star-Herald| ~h-stahRlo de J~nlero ~- O~ WITH ~E DANCE! OKAY (~STLE~ ~OUTH A~RICA! F~TNO | 00309?0
Page 93: 0060233180
9 B~A: ANNOUNGEE: You are back in B~enos Alres~ Argentlna~ It is too bad you cannot see our beautiful city but so long as televlslon is not here,.Senor Carabelli and his orchestra will paint the ploture with music. For all the Lucky Strike Dancers, he will play... B~Aj ANNOUNOER: The Lucky Stzlke i~aglc Carpet, which makes mole-hills out of mountains, and puddles out of oceans, now flles back to Walter Wlnchello Please come again to Buenos Aires everybody. Hasta luego| Bucn0s Noches| OKAY ~W YORK! WINCHELL: Ahasta La Veestah, Bwaynees Ahree~| and a:~ the other things that start arwaments. Smynor. Gra-thias and keep happF| I have received numerous letters acking about the Jack Regan -- Alice Joyce sitoh-ee-sy-ehun ,.. Well, Hiss Joyoe has been and stIZ1 is in Hollywood attending to her mumerous business enterprises and her husband, Jack Began, is in ~ew York attending to his .... The motto in their house apparently is "Let Joyce be uneonflned.. It takes all kinds of paragraphs to make a column llke mine ... This one, for example, is my idea of a good flller .., It's a true story about a local yokel who decided to lay off the hooch ... It was making him a loafer-- he had lost his job because of it -- so he pulled himself together-- and used his will power -- For two months he was on the ~on. (WINCHELL CO~I~ING ON NEXT PAGE) And love and kisses Hear you ~aln sozetime. A]',~O 1 003097']
Page 94: 0060233180
IO WALTER WIHC~LL~ continues But he went a little goofy wondering ~hat to do with his hands -- he got so nervous, you know ... So he thought up a stunt on how to keep his pa~s busy ... He started making tiny radio sets -- and they were corkers ... He gave them away to his pals -- and each of them worked llke the best of then ... And then the sad ending c~le along ... One of his pals was so pleased ~Ith the gift -- that he sent the pledge-taker a return present. It was a case of ~hlskey| And here are some more notes about the batter knowns ... The Jules Brulatours (she is the pretty Hope Hampton) would appreciate It very much if I stlfled the rumors that their wedding ring is loose .. ..By the way, the Marquis who recently becks the glorlous Connie Bennettls groom, wears two platinum marriage rings ... Eawruss Chev-alyay and Fredcrlc March wear gold bands on their digits .., dackie Cooper, I hear, gets $216 every day he works ... And to id. Gilllagham of Washington I o~ indebted for this engaging face ... That Katherine B~ish, the novelist, and her husband say that they'vs found lasting love by living in separate establishments... Hebbeso, mebbeso -- but Miss Brush in most of her delightful stories tells about young couples who do that in flats that cost $25 a montht And I just got a flash from India ... Horrible news ... Gandhi is in a beck of a fix ... Before they put him in jall -- they searched him for concealed weapons -- and they took away HIS SAFETy PIN| If you've heard this one before please don't stop me ... I only heard It last nigkt, whe~ Tom Weathcrly, the show producer gave mc a stitch in the side with it ... It happened at the L~Islc Box Theatre the other night, says W~atherlF. (WALTER WIFCHELL COETII~ES ~XT PAGE) F~ T ,~0 "/ 0030922
Page 95: 0060233180
II WALTER WIHCHELL: continues • .. A ~cntlezan in the audlence, Who had lost hls wallet containing 8omc valuable th~n~% rushed up to the manaEer and implored his aid In rctr~evlng it. Mr. i-often, the house manager, did all he could. He even irtcrruptcd the show -r by getting on the stage and he announced that a wallet had been lost. "It contains some valuable papers," bellowed the mana~er, ,rand $I000 in cash. The owner w~ll gladly pay ~250 for its returnS" Hardly had he uttered the words, when a llttl~ Jewish boy slttin~ in the last balcony row arose 'and shouted: "It11 ~eeve two hundred and feefty-FIVE~" Say, dld you get an eyeful of Loretta Young In today's papers? ~Ifty picture, wasn't it? Well, here's a hot one -- that m~elegant llttlc lady %~<es the part of a chlnky-chlnk~,-Chlne~e Eirl in her new First National speakie -- "The Eonorable Mr. Wong,. Loretta spent weeks pollshi~%g up a Chinese accent. It took her three every day to climb into her make-up. Her eyes had to be lifted • .. the shape of her face turned upsldc down ... and her ~ig plastered on plecc by piece. But %he previews of the picture shout out loud that all of Lorettafs trouble ~as ~orth It. (WALTER WI}'CHELL COETI]~UES 01" !~XT PAGE) ~ T,~O "l 00309?3
Page 96: 0060233180
-12-- C~kNEY: Nothizg truly great come8 easy~ For instance -- it's a tremendous Job to make LUCKY STRIKE the finest cigarette you ever smoked. We go to the farthe~uost corners of the earth to get the world's choicest tobaccos -- rich, mild, mellow tobaccos -- the Cream of many Crops. And then we go still further -- we give you the additional benefit of that famous and exclusive LUCKY STRIKE "TOASTING. process. It is this extra, secret "TOASTING, Process which banishes - expels - drives out - certain harsh irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf. It is this celebT~ted process ~hich includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays. It is this mellowing, purlfyln~ process which ~akes LUCKY STRIKE the purest of cigarettes - the modern cigarette. Loretta young ~rites! "I am certainly grateful for LUCKY STRIKE. It's a truly modern cigarette for it gives me modern throat protection -- a~d your IL1proved cellophane wrapper is wonderfully modern, too." When y~ consider that Loretta Young and scores of other screen stars and ~orld-famou8 opera singers toll yOUo..when you remember ~;hat 20,679 American physicians have stated, you can ~rell realize ~hy ~e urge - andkeep on stressing - the wisdom of reaching for a LUCKY instead| STATION BP~EAK -- WINCHELL: All right, Joe Eoss -- that's your cue. I uish you'd play the torch ehun.e I llke best lately...You know "Just Friends" -- it has a let of heart to it, Joe. IIm sure our hugo family all over the land t~ill go for it in the huge manner~ too. Ladies and gentlemen -- Joe Hess ~nd his contagious crow of capables. ,--. RTH01 0030974
Page 97: 0060233180
-I)- 1"os_~s: And uy c&pable crew, as ?;~Iter c&lls them, !7ilI pl~y (TITLES) (REQUEST "JUST FR/EEDS.) l~os___ss: Eo~1~Taltor is waiting at his Lucky Strike microphone for this cue. OLIY WALTER UINOHELL~ Th~nks, Joe Moss -- see you on the ~te watch. return ~ salute or two or throe or four. Herels Lieutenant De Weese of the U. S, 8. Detroit at San Diego, Cal., wants to know the derivation of O.K, Well, Lieutenant -- there are sever~l of theme I offered Gov. of Oklahom& Bill Eurrayls a few weeks ~go...Ee s~id it came from the Indian r;ord Hoka, and that the two center letters of Hok& started OK ...... The expression is ttuquestion&bly a true American term derived from the Injuns....Nou they toll me i$ ori~inatod ~lith the Choctaws, a po~ierful tribe of Okl~homa.... ?hey spelled it o-k-e-h~ and they used it to indicate thst they ~TOrO well s~tisfied with something...President Woodrow Wilson~ you k~mw, spelled it that ~y, and tThen he did, it lifted msny an eyebrgw and attz&eted wide editorial co;a~ent. Youfro welcome, Lieut. ÷ R "~" ,~01 00309?_5
Page 98: 0060233180
WINCHELL: - 14 - This is for Lewis A. Smith of Haskell, Texas...No, Le~is, I do not sing the Lucky Strike theme song...It has been s~g for several years now by Thee Albany -- a pleas~-nt person. the only one in the room here who never makes a noise ~Thile buttonin! his coat. As I promised, ladies and gentlemen, to get the name of the lad ,~ho s~ved the night for J~ck Denny on Tuesday last..,. Y~hen Denny's soloist got very ill -- a sueet-voioed e~n~ry -- named Hany ~Teeks -- hopped into a plaB~ at Boston and flow to i{ontrevl -- so this salute is for Rany ~eeks, and the r~dio editor who arranged it ~7&8 Steve Fitzgibbon of the Boston Record. Ji:.~y Dur~nte ~ll the t~y from C~liforni~ telegrnphs that he sau • very harmmy troupe of ~ctors. It ~as so h~ur~my, ssid Ji~x~y, th&t the leading ~an pl&yed the hero -- by throwing his chest out three inches -- and follo%;ing it neross the st~gs~~ And that -- you great big crond of s~elegant people brings do~m the &~oestoe on another of the Lucky Strike D~nee Hours. That is until Saturday night.-- ~;hen ~e hop b~ck to Ji~:~y Grief and hie merry music-makers~ plsying from Los Angeles, Cal~forni~ -- ~:here I'm going some day soon, I hope. • .% -. £1";KO 1 00.'~ 09 ~' 6
Page 99: 0060233180
w 15 - WINCHELL Don)t forget to reach for a Lucky Strike D~,noe HOIST noxt ueek, too -- when vie swap cues with ,~,ayne King in Chicago -- and 0zzie ~{elson at Miami and nith the Embassy Orchestra at P~Im Bench. Until Saturday night then, ladies and what they hoped ~?ould be better and not ~orse -- I remain, your New York correspondent, Ualter Winchell -- who found out a long time ago -- that ~ daisy may tell her you love her -- but an orchid -- is L~ore convincing. CLANEY: (CLOSING ANNOUNOEIIENT ) This progr~u has come to you from Buenos Aires and New York City, Company. through the facilities of the National Broadcasting AGENCY: UINCHELL: 1/14/32 1 01 O030 PP
Page 100: 0060233180
NOTE TO ANNOUNSER: (Make local announcements every fifteen minutes except on d~amatic p~o ra~, which depend on a succession of thought.~ THE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUR ( )( ) I0:00 - Ii:00 P. M, January 16%h, 19}2" SATURDAY (THE~E BONG - 0NE CEORU8 OF ~EApPY DAYS ARE R~RE AGAINII WITN VOCAL) REFRAIN. I~EDIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCER. CLAN~: Ladies and gentlemen, the LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure, by the manufacturers of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes - sixty modern minute@, ~ith the worldVs finest dance orchestras - tonlghtts orchestra comes to you from Los Angelssp California - and, from New York Slty, the one and only WalteT Winchell, of the New York Daily ~irror, whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrow! Mr. Walter WinohellLL NALTERNINCHELL: Good evening, Los Angeles, Salifornia, and, please forgive Mrs. Winohellts Walter if his pronunication of Los Angeles isntt exactly according to Hoyle ... For hews been having a most difficult time of it, ladies and gentlemen - trying to please the more finicky and fussy natives who have their own favorite style ... one calls it Loss-Ang-OLUSS - &nothsr prefers LOHCE ~ONG - LACE, and there are countless other ways, it appears. If I took the NB~ York Iphons Company seriously - then lld c~ll it Loss-An-jell-eeeze - for thatts how the tphone firm just instructed its operators to pronounce it. (MR. WIUCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) AI"~O ] 00309?8
Page 101: 0060233180
MR. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING| I just canlt resist the chance of kidding all you sunshiners in California, but I DID notice that on Thursday, the temperature was 50 in Los Angeles, h4 in San Francisco, and 68 in New York. Howlve been? At any rate, letls call it Los An-jell-ess and then tune in on Jimmy Grierfs grand band out there, which certainly is adding gl~uour to your tremendously popular town. Come on, Mr. and Mrs. U. S. A.! Watch our magic carpet do a handspring from New York to the Rockies - and then a cartwheel right over those hills into Californiat s lap. Here we 8o| Hello there, St. Louis Star! Kansas City Post| Omaha Heel - and the Los Angeles Herald-Express| ON WITH THE DANCE, JIIE~Y GRIERI (WHISTLE) OKAY, CALIFORNIA| JIl~ GRIER: Good evenl~, everybody. famous 0oooanut Grove in Los Angeles. Wilson. This is Jimmy Grier in the our announcer, May I introduce/Mr. Don DON WILSON: For our celebreties dancing here, and all you Lucky Strike Dancers on the other side of the microphone, Jimmy ~rier and hie orchestra will pl~ "California, Here I Come", "Okay, California", an~ ,'ConcentratinI on You". (CALIFOR}~IA~ HERE I OOlO~) (OKAY CALIFO~I_~!AJ_ (CC~[CENTRATIN, ON YOU) 8T~01 00309?9
Page 102: 0060233180
DON WISSON: The Lucky Strike roller-coast-to-coaster tops the first rise and shoots down the runway which takes us back to Walter and his Winchellingo. WE,RE OFF| (WHISTLE) OKAY~ NEW YORK| WALTER WINOHELL: That was plenty~etty Mrs. Grierts little boy, jimmy ... Stand by, James - this is where I interrupt the proceedings with that gossip of mine ... The gossip Mr. Lucky Strike would have yau all believe becomes the news of tomorrow ... Well, perhaps ... You know what gossip is, donlt you, folks? Gossip is something that is always darn interesting when itls about somebody else - but when itIs about you ... well, thetis different| Among other things, I mustn, t forget to remember tonight is this ... That the Lenita Lane about whom I jotted down an item recently - is not in any way related to Lola Lane of the ~agic Lanterns ... Lola's sister is Leota ... and so I hope that Leota, Lenita and Lola Lane are tuner-inners tonight - because I want them all to know that I have punished myself by eating a hot dog ~ithout mustard for being such a dunce ... I had a chat with the lovely Billle Dove-ly the other midnight ...Of course, I asked Miss Dove if there was anything to the current legend - that she would soon have her name legally transferred to Ere. Charles Loderer ... (~. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) f'~lNO 1 0030980
Page 103: 0060233180
-4- MR. WlNOHELL: (CONTINUING) Billle Dove rolled those great big oh, dear-me eyes, and merely replies: "I donlt know, I donlt knoW" ... Which in any feminine lanai/age, ladies and gentlemen, means, plhaps ... But what I started out to say is that 0harles Lederer may be Billie Dove's Favorite Person - but her arm decoration the other three oleloek in the yawning, was none other than Buddy Rogers - so - there - as we always say in the old country - you are| And herels a bit of news that will break in the movie sections of you~ favorite ne~pape~ soon ... The poll takeh by theatrical weekly devoted to the magic lantern business - is ready for release - Kov~ oracles all over the laud voted on the yearts Ten Best Pictures - and the winnah - ladies and gentlemen - will be "CI~ARON" ... it copped the blue ribbon with 273 votes - and shoved a movie made from a PulLtzer Prize play champion into second place .,. In the deuce-spot will be ,Street Scene" with 200 ballots - and in third place (or the money, as it is called) you will find "Skippy" with 176. The others - in the list of the yearTs ten best flickers will be in the order named - "Bad Girl" - "Kin and Bill. - "Front Pagen - ,Five Star Final~ - "City bights" (which, by the way, Was my favorite entertainment) - "A Free Soul" and "Sin of Madclo~ ~laudet,. YOU see - therels SIN winding up in last place, 8gain~ (~. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE~ i~'l-HO 1 0030981
Page 104: 0060233180
-5~ MR. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) And here's a report that startled me after T checked it and found it to be on the tD-and-up ... ~arlene-ah Deitrth - whose Exclamation Points are as easy to look at - as her acting - is a film favorite all over the world - except in her native land - Germany| ... And betels another for ~r. Ripley ... 8wedents movie fans prefer Greta Garbo - providing Greta doesn't appear in a Gable - speaking 8wedishl The ladies might appreciate this tip - most of the gals of the so-called smart set are wearing bangs again - And this is something - Lovers of sport wil~ae interested to know that the worldls largest arena will be constructed in Jersey 01~y. The project has been entirely financed and will be announced in a few weeks. And Madison Square Garden now will h~e 40,000 spasms~ If you donlt think prosperity is back - for some people - hear thla on~ ~,...AiZre@Lunt and Lynn Fontalne have just received an offer to make four flipkers for a mere ~80,000 smackers| .,. All of )vhich reminds me of the newest ele~trlc .sign on Broadway - I saw it las.t nigh~ .... This sign is framed right ov~r Lgngacre. Square, in the raw-deal.~ .. 40.TB. .... ~t reveal~.~ a_ picture .... of a servant., serving ho~ coffee to hi~ master - and right ~nder the sign - lined ~p four abreast - Was~a.~o.n~ hreadline~ receivin~ Java ~rom a ne~vspaper tru~k, pl@ase ~or Nalte~ pin a posie on my profession, the.. newspaper business. Have yOU had an eyeful of ~hese whale exhibits that tour the country on railroad sars~ They,re real whales, all right, hut they're embalmed| . ~1-~0 1 0030982
Page 105: 0060233180
HR. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) Well, this is rich: the fellow who supplies whales for these slde-shows isnt~ a gruff old sea dog, but a Hollywood film-flsE~er. Itls Oharles Bickford~ who owns two honest~to- goodness wh~ing ships. The flickers have paid Oharles Biokford a mess of That It Takes, but instead of saltlng away his kale in securities, he puts it into businesses llke whaling ships, gasolene stations and restaurants. YOUTVe got to hand it to Bickford - he does as he pleases, and gets what he wantsl HOWARD CLANEY: Charles Biokford has stuck by LUCKY STRIKE for ten whole years° "I depend on my voles for so ~uch," he wrltcs° And you, mF friends, oonsider how much you depend on your voices. Charles Biokford oontlnues: "Of oourse I oanlt rlsk any throat irritation. And so, of course, thatts e x~ctlF why I have chosen LUCKIE8 as mF cigarettes for the past ten years. I llke, and have alwaysllked, the assuranoe of throat protection they glve me, ae well as a cool smoke." Thank youp Charles Bickford. If you~ statement persuades even a 81n~le 6moker to reach for a LUOKY ins tead, ¥ou have performed a friendi¥, helpful sezvlee. And i~ you, Mro an~ M~e. L~etener, are that ONE person, we welcome you to that great fraternltF of soreen stars, opera slnger~, business sxecutive8~ ~thletesI statesmen, scientist sj physlelans 8~d millions of others who demand LUCKY $TRIKEI8 throat protection and superior tobacco quality. WS weloome you into that celebrated realm of smoking enjoyment - fez LUCKY STRIKE is made from the mildest, mellowest ~obaeeo8 you over smoked - the Cream of manF Crops° (~R. CLANEY CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) /q 1",'~0 "1 0030983
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HOWARD CLANEY::(CONTINUING) We welcome you to that famsus haven of throat protection afforded by the exclusive LUCKY STRIKE "TOASTING" Process - the purifying - mellowing process which removes . .. ... eliminates certstn harsh irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf - the modern scientific prosess that makes LUCKIE8 always kind to pour throat. In short, Mr. or 1(rs. Listener, we welcome you to the finest cigarette you ever smoked'I: WALTER WINCHEL~: And now - by this time - lira sure every tuner-inner knows what happens ... The paderewski of the chimes must have his moment ... Hels the goyp you knowt who doesntt believe that itI~s impossible to kiss Four own elbow. I can Just see you all trFing it yourselves, right now. - STATION BREAK - flTN01 0030984
Page 107: 0060233180
/ WINOHELL: Alright, Mr. Williams -- keep youl hand on that button... Hurry up, Ula K. Teae!ey of Grand Island, Nebraska -- take that cushion in the corner...and ~xs, Virginia Perkins of Forked River, New Jersey, you sit next to UIa...Sol Dreyfus of Dallas, Texas, keep away from those girls and stop rocking our magic carpet~... Everybody ready? .... Here we go! .... Back to Los Angeles and Jimmy Grler's blazing bandsmen! ON WITH TB~ DANOE, LOS ANGELES, (WHISTLE) OKAY: CALIFORNIA| W~LSON: Like Aladdin and his wonderful Lamp -- here you are in Los Angeles a~ain where Jimmy Grief and his Cocoanut Grove Orchestra will play "Ooh That Kiss" from "The Laugh Parade", "You/ Ship of Dreams", "vas That The Human Thing To Do", and "This Is The Hissus" from "Scandals 1931"- (OOg THAT KISS) (YOUR SHIP OF DREAI~) (WAS THAT THE Hb~N THIN@ TO DO) (THIS IS THE MISSUS) WILSON: Up and atlem-- Lucky Strike ~gio Oarpett Take us back east| Hurry up now| We command you: "Gol" (NEISTLE) O~Y! NEW YORK| WINOHELL: away Howle: And now ladies and gentlemen Howard C~aney -- take it ~'~L~O 1 0030985
Page 108: 0060233180
-9. Here's an intexesting fact: Hold a LUCKY 8TRI~ Cigarette in your hand -- examine it - you ~ill s~e that some of the shredded tobo~oo is lighter - 8ome is d~rker. The~e ~re many choice v~rietieB Of rob&coo in that cig&rette of yours - tobacco8 ~scembled from all over the ~orld - from Turkey - fro~ Vlrginl~ - the Carolln~B - from Kentucky -- ~nd al~,~ys - ~- ~ - the choicest leaves° The A~srlo~n Tobacco Colony h~8 ~p to ~100,000,000 ~orth of such tobaccos - the Oream of ~y Crop~ - constantly stored to guarantee the unifor~ quality of your LUCKY STHI~. But I don't ~nt you're overlook the f~ct th~ theBe fine¸ tob~ccoo are only the beginning! That famous blend of LUCKY STRIKE 18 net finished until these celebrated toh~cco~ have been givo~ the ~x~ h~ne~tt Of the exclusive ~To~ti~g" HrooeBs~ which include~ the use of ~odorn Ultra Violet R~y~. It ts this extr~ secret process that mello~8 - that purifies , that certain harsh i~rtt~nts° This f~ou~ ~nd exclusive process Is your thro~t protection against trrit~tlon - ag~lnst cough -- this • odern secret process that n~kes Lucklee the purest of ci~rettesll! ~I~CH~LL: And no~ once again -- ~ickey ~ouse .... ~hen you he~r the third gong, ladies and gentlemen -- that ~ns you ~ill have heard -- the third gong. - 8TATION 3R~AK- f~ T ~fO "~ 0030986
Page 109: 0060233180
-10- Keep that bat-on lifted high, Ji~y Grief -- we1~e going to shoot.this magic carpet of ouws back at you faster than a one-week vacation! . Let let fly -- ~i(r. Lucky Strike~ Looka! There's Fort Waynel And that was Wichital ..... Gee, doesn't Prove, Utah, look pretty from away up here -- remember ~Then I flopped on the stage in you~ to~n one night Prove? The good old days my eye~ .... 0N WITH THE DANGE LOS ANGELES[ CLLIFORNIA~ WILSON: Ove~ the hills a~d far away (WHISTLE) 0D%II from Winchell~s BroadWay, > we welcome you back to Los Angeles, with Jimmy Grief and the boys playlng.".Sefae Rumba", "Just Friends", "Save The Last Dance For I'~", "We Eet Love", "I ]|ay Be Drear~ing", and "Let He Call You D~rling". " ( SEFtm Rt mA ) (J T mIE OS) (SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR irE) LOVE) ~I ~Y BE DREAi~IN@) (LET ME CALL YOU DARLING) WILSON: \ And now, Lucky Strike Danuers, we have ~ secret for you (Confidentially) Of course, I wouldn't say anything but, shhl I've heard that .... that .... oh, EnatSs the use{ We'll leave that to Walter Winehell4 (WHISTLE) oKAY NEW YORK! T.NO' 0030982
Page 110: 0060233180
.II- UINOHELL I Fine, Jimmy -- hear you in a fe~ i~lo~erltS or 80....I get another oh&nee hero to redeem myself with the ero~d...Here'8 something IId llke to rgoo~il:%end to d:version seekers...Espeolally for those z~en and ~o~.en who prefer playing p~rlor galzes...ono cf the raore f~sclnntlng p&sti~es is betting anybody anything fro:z a nickel up that they can't name the 4~ states in 15 ::~inutes...After you'~ e tried -- perhaps you 0~/1 under'st&rid why a certain Yale professor puts the proposition up to his class ~hen he finds his students with too z1~ny chips on their shoulders .... An~ being cynic of Brosdn&y -- the best knourn of the Gynlo RnilT~ys In the World -- Itd l*-ke to ask & question of the oroducers of the"Dr., Jekyl &nd ~r. Hyde" ~zovle. HO~ oozle~ gentlemen, that in th~-.t thrilling o~%d chilling sho.~ -- this happens? .... I zls~n Dr. Jek~jl tr~nsforlns hlz~self into ~ no-good -- and his proportions grow decidedly l~rger? .... Thls is all very ~e!l -- but how come when he grows ~-md grows ~nd grows that hl8 clothes gro,~ ~Ith hi:z? ~verytiz~e u.~ children gro~ -- it ~zeans nnother bill for new clothlng...So~e people c~ll it sto~e and screen license -- but I o~-~ll it a honer....Oh, I could go on finding boners, such ns th~ on3 in "Hell Divers" -hen Ol~rk G~-.bls is rescued by 7allaoe Beery Reme~nber ~hen Ol~rk oo,~ee ~shore?....~ell, his leg is broken -- so Beery flies the plane to the 8ar,%tog~ .... He oz~.ehes and is killed! The next scene sho~s Beery~s burial and io ~nd behold -- there is our hero C,~ble &s a ~ourner -- nlth his hurl leg ~II healed and his ar~ in a sling? How're y'been or &m I getting too fresh? ~1"~0'! 0030988
Page 111: 0060233180
U I NCHE LL : -la- And far be it from ~rs. Winchell's U~iter to butt in to the doing8 of other to-ms -- but I'd like to know this, too -- 0onsidering that the peliee all over the land are doing all they can to stop crime -- hot come -- then -- that right no~ the H~rtford, 0onnecticut police de u~rt::~ent is holding a r&ffle and reffllng off -of all things -- ~ gun? .... I'z not afraid of the Hartford chief ef Police .- he pro%x%bly was talking about hi~uself, l again -- and didn t hear :~e.....And here's sozething that az:used me uhen I heard it the other night .... Besides glorifying Azericnn girls -- a famous producer o~ girl-operas is not glorifying street cnrs.....Thnt'8 on the level| The trolleys in Scranton, Penn. ne~ ue~T ne~ paint oo~ts of blue and cream colors -- ~hoops, ~y dearJ .... And the inscription on each street ear says: "Designed by Florenz ZlegfeldD',...Pardon me nhile I choke laughing. On Thursday night I remarked that Alice JOyce ~as doing her chores in Hollywood -- v/hen I me~.nt to tell you that she was in D'TROIT, !~ichlgau. These te~ns sound so much alike, you know, I always get thez! oonfused...~t any rate, Alice Joyce, ~ho still is the bride of Jack Regan, is ~klns public appearances there with Tom Eoore~ r~.o was her former husband. R 1;~O 1 0030989
Page 112: 0060233180
-I3. ~: (CONTINUING) Now~ that sort of item probably will startle a lot of peoplep but itVs hardly anything to be startled about - particularly the show-folks ... One of the better known circus stars of her time, married the husband of another woman appearing in the same troupe a few years ago ... And the new wife and the ex are the best of pals to this day .. John p. Medbury, the newspaper comedian; is a chap who married three different women ... And once he took his whole crowd of wives on a t~ throughout the country ... There wasnlt one @uarrel or misunderstanding, either ... Such fun| ... But what expense| Marriage, as a clown once observed, is ~reat thing - but ItTs carrying ic~e a little too far. And herets one for Ripley ... It happened a few years ago ...His name is Harold Righter of the United Press ... Her name is Adelaide Chase, and she appeared in the touring company of "Elmer Gantry". When Miss Chase played in Huntington~ Indiana, Mr. Righter was the dramatic critic of a paper there ... In his criticism, of her show, he lambasted the dickens out of Adelald~Js a play-actlng .., Am/matter of reportorial ac6uracy, Mr. Righter wr~te In part: "Hies Chase, the leadi~ lady is terrible, and ought to~0 home|" - so Miss 0hase got even with him ... A month later - she married him| (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUES h~XT PAGE) AIMO'I 0030990
Page 113: 0060233180
-14- ~ MR. WINOHELL: (CONTINUING) 8ay~ can you IraKgins the thrill an opera singer gets when she finds a note on her dressing table from a king - commanding a performanoe~ ThatTs what happened to Madame Julia Claussen, famous star of the Metropolitan Opera Company. The note bore the crest of King Gustav of Sweden ... Madame Claussen put everything she had into that performs/toe and as a result - King Gustav Made her official court singer, awarded her a hatful of medals, and requested another performance at OnCe - what a thrill tha_tt must have been! And now, folks, listen closely - Ism going to forward pass this microphone to Nana Bryan~. Catoh~ Nana| NAN A BRYANT Look at that little red circle on ths back of Four package of LUCKIE8 ~ it contains a few words, but they tell the story of LUCKY STRIEEI8 superiority. Let me read them: "~ blend of Burley, Virginia and Turkish tobacco (based on the original LUCKY STRIKE tobacco formula,) .o. those are the first words - and they tell the story of the largest investment in leaf tabacco in the world - over i00 million dollars worth of mild,mellow tobaccos - are stored to protect the uniform fine quality of that famous LUCKY STRIKE blend~ Rut that is only half the story of LUCKY 8TRIKE18 greater goodness! T,et me read the other words: "An entlrel¥ neww : pr.inelple in cigarette manufacture - IT'S TOASTED.." That is the other half of the story - and this new principle in clgarotte manufacture is the famous and exclusive "TOASTING" Process which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet RaysL (~188 BRYANT CONTI~JES ~XT PAGE) 81. 0] 0030991
Page 114: 0060233180
MISS BRYANT: (CONTINUING) A minute ago, Walter Winohell told you about Madame Julia Claussen~ famous Swedish singer and opera star, of the Metropolitan in New York. Magame Claussen writes: "I adore LUCKIES, and their delicious Itoasted! flavor. But as you say in America, 'That is only half the storyt| I value highly LUCKY STRIKE'S throat protect ion - your ttoasting~ process protects me from harsh irritants, go I reach for a LUCKY ... in that new package with the Lucky tab - so easy to open." (PAUSE) I want to drive home this important fact| It is the famous and exclusive "TOASTING" Process, that ~ certain harsh irritants naturallX present in every tobacco leaf. I5 is this mellowing - purifying - process that makes LUCKIES always kind to your throat| That is why millions p:sfe~ LUCKIES. That is why scores of famous singers who must protect thelr / precious voices - always insist on LUCKIES. And that is why we kno__~w It will be better for you to roach for a LUCKY instead. - STATION BREAK - WALTER WINCHELL: Thafls your cue again, Jimmy Grierl Get your boys read.v, Jim~l For that great big audience of Lucky Str~ke tuner- inner~ f~omPanama ~o yeslm - I mean Nome, and from Tin Juana to Nova Scotia are rs~int to go to Town~- Your town, Jimmy Grief - Los Angeles| ON WITH THE DANCE, L. Aol (~HINTLE) OKAY, CALIFO~IAI| \ ~]HO ] 0030992
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DON WILSON: Even th~ dreamer of Jimmy Grierts Orchestra is ready, 80 weIll go right into "Ohhh Ahhh" from "Here Goes the Bride", "Diane,, "Some", "One of Ua was Wrong", and "LoVe }~e". (OHHH ANHH from HERE 90ES#HE BRIDE) (DIANE) (SOME) (ONE OF US WAS WNONG~ (LOVE And now, Jimmy Grief says ... Come to LOS Angelest again, Lucky Strike Dancers - DON WILSON: JIMMY GRIER: and Don Wilson says ... DON WILSON: The Lucky Strike E~ress is East-bound again. (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW yORE|I WALTE~WINCEELL: Thank you, Jimmy Grier. o. it was nice to he82 you and your delightful @few all these weeks ... Z hope it wonlt be a case of long time no see or hear ...even though Mr. Lucky Strike is booking new bands and new towns. In other words, Jimmy ... Join the L~ky Strike audience and hear t he worldJ| (MR. WINCHELL CONTINES NEXT PAGE) \. n T.'KO 1 0030993
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~: (OON~INUI~G) H~p~y d~y~, Jim - you and your or~he~T& eu~e m&de lots of new friends for our show~ Thanks for giving us all your best4 This is where I read some of our mail~ Clifford HeBride of Altadena, California, wsnts to know why dramatic critics are permi%ted to be so wisecracky in thei~ te~e ... ~hy hu~t the mcto=t~ feelin~s~" aska ~r, McBrlde~ Well, I dontt know, really ... But I do know, sir, that Eugene Field, the kindest of the prose and versifiers, whose "Little Boy Blue• won world-renown used to be a Critic in Deuver, And if he didnlt like the acting he yelled his opinions at them right from his fourth row on the aisle pew. T. B. Koehler of Cumberland, ~ryland, urges me to answer him tonight. He asks me if Hrs. Winehell was ever an ~ctres~. Nell, if Bhe wa~ ~. Koehle~, mhe gave no indication Of it ~hen I saw her performq Hrs. W, was a dancer, and like Clark of Clark and Ho0ullough, she didn, t sing so geod~ but she sang loudJ Didn't yeu, honey? ~ Herele the sort of lette~ that makes me feel better.• It's from Amerioa~e greatest country editor - I told you about him the other night. X refer to William Allen ,White of the Emporia Kansas Gazette ... "Dear Walter Winohell,~ writes Mr~ White, "I am getting more letters than a oreoner elnce you said tho~e kin& things about me. Thank you. You may thi~ you are writing for the New York sophisticates~ but your real audience~ Walter, is out here in the middle west". Thank yom, sir. (NEXT p~GE) RT,~O 1 0030994
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- 18 - ~. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) M%s. Rachel Young of Stockton, California wants to know the funniest joke I ever heard on a movie actor. ~ell, Mrs. Young - My favorite is the one about the double ~ho was told to jump off a 45 foot cliff into a pond below ... "See here, nowl" he shrieked to the director, vlho was Cecil B. DeI~ill% "there canlt be over 3 or 4 feet of water down there|" "0h", cried the impstlent DeMille, "go on and jump - you won't drownZ" And that, ladies and gentlemen, winds up another of our Lucky Strike Dance Hours until next week ... On Tuesday night one of your fa~)orlte orchestras will again star in the Barrymore manner for us - need I mention his name? Well, itts WAYNE KING - ChlcagoTs pride and Joy ... I knew that would please you ... Then on Thursday sight, we hop, skip and j~np down to the Southlands to hear 0zzle Nelsonls crew of the Indian Creek Club in ~i8~ah ~ on the sanle night, Ernie Hoist and his orohes~a playing from the Colony Club at Palm Beach~ Florida ... Then on Saturday night, ba~ to California ... to hear two different bands ... The Arisen Weeks boys ... And Tom Gerunls saz-appealers playing from San Franclscot Until Tuesday night at the saz*e tlne, then, I am yo~ " New York correspondent - Walter Winchell, who thinks Ben Bernie is a fiue f~llow and all that sort of thing, but hels a kibitzer and a kibitzer, ladies and gentlemen, is a guy who sets the clock so his father wonlt be late for work. RTN01 00309.q5
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-19 .... CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT: (OPTIONAL) HOWARD CLA~Y: Please remember - LUCKY STRIKE gives you the Cream of many Crops plus the throat protect ion of the exclusive TOASTING Process. LUCKIES are the purest of cigarettes - and LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. Thank you| This program has come to you from Los Angeles, and New York City, through the facilities of the National Broadcasting CompanF~ "This Is the ~issus" from the,,Scandals of 1931" has been pl~yed by Special permission of the copyright owners, WINCHELL~AGENCY:CC~EJ 1/16/32 f~1"NO I 0030996
Page 119: 0060233180
• NOTE TO ANNOUNCER: (i[ake local aunouncemouts every fifteen minutes except on dramatic pro ram~, which d~pend on succession of thought.~ WEAF ( i0;00 - (THEME SONG ... ( THE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUR. )( ) ll;O0 D. l~. January lgth 1932 ) ONE CHORUS OF IIHAPPY DAYS AF~ HERE AGAL~" UITH VOCAL REFRAIN. I~£1EDIATELY FOLLOUED BY ANNOUNCER) HOWARD CLANEY: Ladies and gentlemen, the LUCKY STRIKE D~ncs Hour, presented for your pleasure, by the manufacturers of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes - sixty modern minutes, with the worldts finest dance orchestras - (tonightfs orchestwa comes to you from Chicago, Illinois) - ~nd, from New York City, the one and only Walter Winchell, of the Ne~ York Daily Mirror, whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrow~ Mr. Walter WinchellLL~ WALTER UINCHELL: Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. North American Continent, and welcome back to the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, Wayne Kingt Theylve missed you a lot, Wayne, old boy - so let,s not prolong ynur music cue, wh~t do you say? Get readyp Mary Lou Souther of San Antonia, Texas - our m~ie o&rpet is pantlng, and wants to go gay, age!n| Take that cushion alongside, Kekv Thozas of Ssattle~ Washington~ and sh&ke hands ,~'ith Margaret Brittain of Asheville, North Cah-lin&, theylre lovely girls. There now, thatls fine, and ask Mr. Joseph Flynn of YoungstZown, Ohlo - to move over ~ liZtle for Pilot Winshell. (i(R. WINCHELL ,CONTI[~UES NEXT PAGE) 81",W01 0030992 i~
Page 120: 0060233180
-2- MR. WINOHELL: (CONTINUING) Here we go - from New York and all points - no ~latter wh re it is - in this America of ours - to hear Wayne King and his zrand h~nd glorify melody| Why, I can hear you playing your signature already| ON ~rITH THE DANCE, WAYNE KING! (WHISTLE) OKAY, CHICAGO| ! t (King is to begin theme song Immedlatcly after cue is glven, so that he is playing when he receives the program.) WAYNE nHQ: Yes, ~ve are playing our signature which is "The Waltz You Saved For Me", but thatls just to tell you that you're in Chicago, where our first dance includes ... (TITLES) WAYNE KING: The Lucky Strike Express dashes out of Chicago back OKAY, NE'! YORK L~% to Walter Winehell. <~!HISTLE~ WALTZ~ TINCHKLL: Excellent, Wayne King - first rate - and y~u know we all ~.lean it, too. stand by, ~rayne - just for a f~w moments, until I put the first edition to press. (l~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES ]~EXT PA~E) I~I"XO I 0030998
Page 121: 0060233180
-3- MR. ";INCHELL: (CONTINUING) Oonstauos ~acKsnzis, now rehearsing with the new Ziegfeld show and John Galloudett, who for years was engaged to Helen Henken, the star - were married secretly last night at White plains, New York ... I wonder if a famous artist now in Florida, whose former wife is a famous movie star in Hollywood know or care that their two sons, who are in their 'teens, are without funds, and at' eating ~hen they can in New York? ... I told you not many air-a-graphs ago, that ~ry Duncan and James Crom~ell of the social set, were holding hands right out loud .. Now, I learn that Mr. Cro~vsll of the Stotesbury tribe is having a little opposition - ~hose name is George ~arshall, a well-to-do W~shington, D. C., laundryman. Oh yes - itt s a girl o~ at the Ken Ellngs - Hels the well-known cartoonist ... Congrats. One of the countryls leading photoplay magazines offers on page I00, a most interesting picture ... It reveals a likeness of John Barrymore, and one of Mayor Walker... And the magazine points out that Jimmy,s p~ofile is handsome~ than Johhls, whose profile is oaid to b~ the most perfect on the screen ... that ought to start quite an atonement ... Here's a tip for the society page editors ... ~Iss "Teddy" de ~ernard, the fencing champion of the social register (as it is laughingly called) was Miss Garbols glrl pal while Greta was hers ... Well, Hiss de Bernard is now on a speeding choo-ohoo to join Garbo out there where the stars &18o shine in the day-time ... I ~Ish the re}otters in the town where the A1 Jolsen show is playing, would help me out. (~R. WINCHELL CONTI,*tUES NEXT PAGE) f~] :~01 0030999
Page 122: 0060233180
-4- ~R. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) Lissen, boys ... go up and interview the gorgeous Claire Windsor, and tell her I sent you - and take a chance on being called down by one of the nicest girls in the land ... There may be a scoopee in it, at that ... because last July~ 01~ire ~;indsor told me, that in December of 1931, she ~'ould become the bride of a chap named Reid from Ban Francisco ... ask her if she married him. And if she tells you it is absurd (~hich IB ~h~t they always ~ay) then tell Cl~%i~eth~t her best friends who promised to keep it a secret - aren~t!~1 At a party the other midnight, I heard Lilyan Tashman tell Billle Dove that there ought to be a I~ ~-%inst being ~s pretty ~s Billie happens to be ... that gives you an ide~ of the sort of person ~llss Tas.hman actually is - aad now I believe more th~,~ ever, what they s~y of Lilyan Tashman ... Ths.t she is jealous the only star in Hollywood who isnlt a bit/of anybody . .. Did you khow, by She way, theft Miss Dovels hair has been gray since she was thirteen? Well, it h~s been, - and Blllis wonlt dye it, either. Not because she thinks it makes her look so distinguished, but because she read somewhere once - that no woman can make herself mor~ ~tt~zti~e rhea% the Cre~tor intended 5he ~hould be ... ~nd garry Acton, New York's best ship news reporter relays this incident ... It happened the other night when Ina Claire sailed for the old country ,.. also on board the liner, there happened to be a chap whose real name 18 John Gilbert ... the reporters nailed him, thinking that they had nearly overlooked ~ big story ... the startled John Gllbert, who never even got screen-struck in his llfe, caught his bweath, and said: "No, I do not know Ina Clair, but if you fellows will introduce me to her -IId be ever so much obliged!" (NEZT PAGE) P~]~O 1 0031000
Page 123: 0060233180
/ - 5 -- ~.W_~NOHELL: ¢OONTINUING) So they Were introduced, and now Ina Claire, you might say~ is seeing a lot of a felloW named John Gilbert~ and Lupe Velllss couldnlt make you stop, either, This probably will amuse the WaShington scribes as well as the local yokels who juggle typewriters ... For a long spell, there has been a great to-do about the ,Washington Merry Go-Round" book, which annoyed this and that Statesman ... several newspaper reporters were accused indirectly for it - but never could the Department of Justice and Secret Servlce blow the whistle about any one man ,.. Three reporters, however, lost their jobs at the Capitol over it ... NoW, I learn, thatone lad, formerly an agencF correspondent at Wo~hiugton, who also represented a famous Boston rag which is n%tionally circulated - is plotting a noble deed ... He is considering coming out in a magazine article with his ~onfession - with the hope that by confessing his sin - that those threo reporters will be reinstated ... Thatls very nice, R. F. A., which are hie initials - but I wish he wouldnTt do anything of the kind ... For there is nothing like keeping your enemies worried ~ and besides those three poor newspapermen have found better Jobs, at higher wages| ... Oh yes, R. F. A. wi!l write his inside stuflf on Washington for a new mag called Inside Stuff, but h~re~s some real inside stuff on R. F. A. ,.. He will in%tial his articles, F. R. S.|I! ~T~401 003100]
Page 124: 0060233180
~6- FIRST COIZ~RCIAL: WALTER WINCHELL: And now, }~r. and }[rs. Tuner-i~, the man who lets nle talk to you, wants to get a word in edgewise himself - [4R. LUCKY STRIKE. Howard Clsney, you tell 'em|| HOWARD CLANEY: On page 5~2 - Websterls New International DiotionarF - you111 find these words: "~ - a sudden, noisy, a~d violent expulsion of air frozl the chest, caused by irritation," Ladies and gentlemen, we donlt need to tell you of the dangers of ooblgh8 and colds ... we donlt need to tell you to beware of harsh irritants .. but we do tell you - for it has a direct bearing On the subject - that every tobaoso lee2, reg~d)ess of pries or kind~ naturall~ contains havsh, biting lwrlt~ts. And it is LUCKY ~TRI)[EIS exclusive "TOASTIYG" Proses% that i8 Four throat protection against irritattoh - sgalnstcough, for it is this mellowing - purifying "TOASTING" Processt that includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays. It is thls modern, scientific process that certain harsh irritants and makes LUCKY STRIKE the ~urest of cigarettes - the cigarette that is always klnd to your throat. It is wise - so wise - a lWay~ to reach for a LUCKY instead. Consider the statement of that lovely screen star, Mary Astor. She wrltes~ "I canTt afford to take chances ~Ith my voice. 8o I play safe by sticking to LUCKIES - theylre alwaFe kind to mF tMroat. And I1m doubly grateful for your improved cellophane wrapper which opens so easily~ with that clever l~ttle tab". Because millions feel as ~ary Astor ~oe~, we caution you, ovs~ ~nd over again - dontt~ y~ur throat with harsh irritants - reach for a LUCKY inste~dt Pil" ~01 0031002
Page 125: 0060233180
-7- WALTER 'YINOHELL: When you mentioned ~ary me that she tradition: Astor, Ho~ard~ you reminded gives the Hollywood version of an old backstage Mary Astor says that itms back luck if the very first scene shot on a new film turns out to be a knock-out. But Mary say8 itls good luck for he~ to work in a scene with someone shels never been introduced to. Im~glne that! 8&y, ITll bet there were a tousle of guys Mary Astor had never nlet in that new Radio Picture of hers, "Man of Chance" - because itfs a wow of a ~lisker - no foolin'! And by the way, did you see that corking picture of ~ary Ast~r in todayWs paper? And betels Dr. Jekyl ~ithout Mr. Hyd% ~ho pouts and stamps each tootsie in the tee-hee-man manner, if ~e donIt let him have his ~ay ... HIS flrst selectio~ on the chimes, ladies and gentlemen, ~¢ill be that old, but touching ditty~ entittle-titled: "Of All iiy Wifels Relations, I Like Myself the BestS" - 8TATIO? BREAK. - WALTER ~VINCEELL: NOW for another furious flight in tBe skies - back to lllinoy and Wayne El.ogle buglers - Hold it a moment, Frank! ... Mrs. Edward Watts of E1 Paso just dropped her glove, now, isnlt that just llke a woman? ... And Esther Barbour of Hollywood wants to powder her nose, again ... Oh, ladies, please hurry - eum-oum-eu:~ eumoum|! (~R. WINCHELL CONTI!~UE8 ~[EXT PAGE) AI"MO 1 0031003
Page 126: 0060233180
-S- MR. WINCKELL: (CO~TII@JING) Okay, Frank, throw it in highl! So long, Broadway: Howdy~ Buffalo Ne~vsl Hello there, South Bend Tribune! .. and put it there • Chicago Evening American|1 ON WITH THE DANCE, WAYNE KING1 (WHISTLE) OKAY, CHICAGO|| WATNEK_~IILG: The dance goes on in Chicago, with ... (TITLES) WAYNE KING: The Lucky Rtrlke Dsnce Hour in one fnst hop leKp~ from Chicks and la,~ds right in Walter ~IncheIl,s lap. (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW YOKK!! WALTER WINCHELL: Stand by, Wayne, old boy. This is wh~re Conductor Howard Clansy, another Lucky Strike Salesman, picks up everybodyls ticket, and looks for stowaways llke that certain orchestra leader who~ initials are B. B., you knoW, Ben Bernie - ths fiddler, lho never took a lesson in his llfe - and yould never suspect it - unless you heard him play! ~1~0 ] 003 100,¢
Page 127: 0060233180
-9- KOWA~qD CLANEY~ Did you ever see a nuEget of gold? Actually, it looks llke crumbling yello~ rock, full of impurities - impurities that have to be taken out before the gold can be used. It is just the same ~vith fine tobaccos - even the choice st ~olden leaves of sun- ripened tobacco. For every tobacco leaf~ no matter ~hat kind it Is - no matter how much you pay .,. every tobacco legf cont$1ns harshp biting~ throat-raBplng irritants. CeTtainly~ you don~t ~nt to rasp Four throat ~ith such irritants - and ~o fo~ yo,~r throat proteotion~ ~e give to the finest tobaccos - the Cream of many Crops - the extra benefit of LUCKY 8TRI~ exclusive "TOASTING" process. This is the process that mello~vs - that purifies - that includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays. Thi_~s is the process that £~ certain harsh irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf ... and because these expelled irritants are not p~e~ent in you~ LUCKY STRIKE - LUCKIng awe al~ys kind to your throat - the purest cigarette - the finest cigarette you ever smoked! WALTEr: And he~ts another of my favoTites - Old Chine Face.- popular with man~ - but unpopular ~ith ~ore~! ** 8TAT~0E BREAK ** WALTER WINCHELL: That means you, Wayne Kingl Letls go to town, W~.ynel Everybodyls town - between Point Barrow in Alaska and ~agdalena Bay~ Lower Callfornla, and between tM West Indies and the tiny to~n of Cartwright on the Lhbrador Coast~| . .... (~EX~ PA~E} FITHO'I 003 ~1005
Page 128: 0060233180
-iO-- WINOHELL: ON WITH THE DANCE, WAYNE KINGI (WHISTLE) OKAY| CHICAGOI| KIh~: The Lucky Strike Magic 0arpet has landed right in the middle of OUr large dance floor here in Chicago, where wetll play (Titles ........... ) KING: With the speed of lightning we fly from Lake Eichlgan to the Atlantlo Ocean, (NHISTLE) OKAY~ NEW yOBK~%I WINCHELL: Okay~ King Wayne. Go catch your breath for a little whil3. This is where I put the next edition to bed and wet11 come back for you in time for the final extra. nell, ladle~ ~ geutle~en~ it look~ very much llke ~alter of that Terrible Winohell Family has started some real trouble, at last.....a few people have actually worked the~selves up into a lather over the signal of our show -- the O~kay -- I mean -- An editorial writer In Wyoming ~he other week-end, frinstanee, wasted two full columns g=oanlnE, growling a~ grumblln~ about guess-~hat radio reporter -- oharglng that radio reporter with deseoratlng the beautiful word O-kayl Now, folks, Itm serious, and not trying to be comical, honest...But that was something I never knew until then -- that o- kay was ever a beautiful word. Z do hope, however, that my Boss, Mr. 5ucky Strike doesnlt ever again expect mc to try and get a laugh with such hysterically funny editorial opposition. RT:~01 0031006
Page 129: 0060233180
-II- WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) Then to make matters note puzzling, along came Professor Allen Sinclair Will of the Journalism Clas~ at ColUmbia University, who howled me over by complaining to the New York Post that She word o-kay isnnt a nice word -- and that the radio was being u~ed to make that word b~tter known throughout the oountry...and that such phrases as "Oh, yeah?" and "okay" belonged to the Jargon of the jungle...Gosh -- as if there weren't so many other things in this world to really worry aboutl However, the one man I respect and admire, so far as the language is conoerned~ is Dr. Vizetelly, editor of ~nk & Wa~nalls Standard dictionary .... Dr. Vizetelly snapped back at the collitoh prof by telling him to put on his lon~ trousers, and reminded him that Okeh is defined three times in the dlcksh -- twice by initials 0 and K, and once as O-K-E-H....Gee, if the word has go~d enough for President Wilson, it certainly will be more than good enough for Private Winchell! If Irving Berlin, who will be a papa again any week now, is tuning in -- I have some bad news for him -- One of Sprin~fleld, ~issouriIs prettiest belles -- ~iss Opal Lee Kay, who came to New York to Join his new sho~, and who vent back home for the holidays -- lan0t returning to his troupe...For ~;hile she was home in $pringfleld, ~o., Dr. ~. Pitch of that clty gave her a life-~ime oontract...Ann Pennlngton, whose knees are almostas --" f~aous as Lucky Strikes, and who has run away from love for a lon~, long time -- just received a string of real pearls from Cupid...I emphasize the fact that they ~ze real pearls -- because the~e aren't ten women in New York City ~he have genuine pearls. R]~01 0031007
Page 130: 0060233180
-12-- You probably read the accounts in the papers about the passing of Frank L. Stanton, Junior, who waE killed the other day in a motor accident...but only one of the local papers which buried the story, remembered this touching fact about Stanton, Junior, whose father w~ote the beautiful ly~ie~ to that cl~s~Io ~onZ,: .~ighty Lak A Rose~ .... The day Stanton, Junior, came into this world -- his father went into the nursery to look at his baby for the first time -- and was so inspired that be sat down next to the crib and in hardly any time ~t all, penned the words to the lovely song ti{at la included ~ong _%T.ericen folk lore. Bruce Reynolds, the actor, who wrote several oo-la-la books about paree, and who recently brought an action agalnst two fa~,~ou~ producers (because they used him name for the characte~ of a villain ~) has just been made Aide de Camp on the staff of the Governor of Kentucky with the rank of Cunnel, if you please.... In fewer ~ords, Actor Reynolds stll~in costm~e...It probably will ~]ake President Hoover chuckle loud to learn that a newspaper in Germany Is aeceptlng an advertisement in which ~r. Hoover's likeness has obviously been blended onto the fern of another person...The advertiser doesn*t use our President%s name but the face of the photo certainly is Mr. Hoover's...IIm dropplz~ it in the mails to him as soon as I get back to my desk~ with the hope that it brings him some amuseuent duri~ng the long day,s grind...and Here's an incident in the career of Douglas Falrbanks ~n~t he tells on himself.. Not lon~ ago ~r. Fairbal~s and other eel~ritles were discussing the great anny of movie fans a~ o~hers who llke to get the autographs of the better known8. 1 0031008
Page 131: 0060233180
• ~: -1 ~,.. One of the group told Falrbanks that strangers annoyed him who slapped him on the back when he was in public, so Doug told this story. It happened in Rome when he was touri1~g the world with Mary....A great crowd surrounded Mary and Doug -- and someoue grabbed the Yalrbanks hand and shook it in the enthusiastic manner.. "Hello there Doug Falrbanks|" shouted the hand-shaker, "I haven't seen you for years, how are you?, Doug was weary and in no mood to reminisce. "I'm very sorry," he said icily, "But I do not recall ever meetin6 you before. Just what is your name, please?" "I am very, very sorry," said the man meekly, "I didn't mean to be rude. I thought you remembered me. My name is Marconi." Since that most embarrassing inolden% Doug has never been surly with anyone. Itls a plenty tough fight to break into grand opera -- but berets a story that makes some of the rest of :em sound like going down hill on a roller coaster~ Madame Rosa Raisa, that famous star ~hots thrill lem out in GhlcagoI Oivlc Opera~ started her fight to the top when she was 14. She was sin~ing at her work in a little Italian village when a great sln~iD~ teacher heard her and gave her a start. She struggled for years -- taking singing lessons when she could get the money - flghti1~ her way up - and today shels won the flght...she~e one of AmerlcaTs greatest opera starsl And now, Mr. and ~re. Everyone at the other end of this microphone -- NANA BRYANT: •'% /~ 1" NO 1 0033009
Page 132: 0060233180
-14-- BRYANT: Donlt rasp your throat with harsh irritants -- reach for a LUCKY instead. TO protect those delicate membranes of your throat, LUCKY STRIKERS excluslve"TOASTING"Process ~certain h~rsh irritants ~present in every tobacco leaf. That's why LUCKIE8 are always kind to your threat - thatls why LUOKIE8 are the purest of cigarettes -- the finest cigarette you ever smoked. And it is because of this f~uous, purifying - mellowi~ "TOASTING" Process that so many reno~ned opera singers, who must guard their precious voices, insist en LUCKIEE - and none but LUCKIE8. For example, the ~ad~e Rosa R~is~, th~ f~meuB Bta~ ef/Ohlo~e Civic Opera about whom Walter Winohell Just told you writes: "Certainly I smoke - but only LUCNXE8! And I find I can smoke them before an~ after the opera - yet never risk irritation, rToastingT has done a world of good for those of us who llve by our voices, in providing throat protectlen." (PAUSE) Ey friends, when w_~e tell you that it is good to smoke LUCKIE8 perhaps you put it down as a m~nufaeturerls statement - but when a celebrated opera star like Had~me Ros~ Raisa tells you -- when scores of femous stars of stage and sereen tell you -- you may be sure that it i_~s ~ to smoke LUCKIES! That luckles ar_~ealways kind to your threat. STATION BREAK -- RI-~O1 00310'10
Page 133: 0060233180
heKdline, panel -15 Here we are again, Wayne King -- youlre our featuze you know -- and this is where you get the whole front joy, Big ~wsS| ON WITH CHICAGO||I H~NG: Excite 'em, thrill lem delight ~em~ and fill 'em with THE DANCE, WAYNE K~NG|I (WHISTLE) OKAY! And the head-llnes on this Lucky Strike make-belleve newspaper of Wiuchell~s a~e ...... (TITLES) KIITG: lightni~ sails out of Chicago back to Walter Winchell OKAY~ NEW YORKI| WI]~CEELL: That's the stuff, Uayne. only Again the Lucky Strike ma~i¢ carpet with the soeed of (WHISTLE) Hear you again real soon, a few moments in which to acknowledge so~e of ~he mail. Nancy Pe~kln8 of St. Louis want to know if I think Ben BeTnie is clevez...~ell, Eancy, if you dou~% thi~k SO - ash h~m[ ~elvil~/Ersklne of San Francisco would have me belleve that he was watching ~wo little girls about 5 years old makln~ mud pie pictures in the street there the other day. RT,X01 0031011
Page 134: 0060233180
-16J ~INC~LL: (CONTINUING) Ersi:ine says he stopped to listen to their chatter and one said: "What picture are you maki1~ ~ith your mud?" The other replied: rIIIm nleking a pleture of Eddie Cantor". "Well," said the first lltt!~ jirl~ "why donlt you make one of Walter Winchell?I$ and the other chirped: "Alntt got enough dtrtl" The ~elville Erskine lid love to touch. Mrs. Philip Stevens all the way from Kealia in the Territory of Hawaii sends this note: "Dear ~r. Winohell -- please tell me why they call it a shipment ~hen it goes in a car and a cargo when it goes in a ship." Well, ~rs. Stevens, I~ll tell you thls% That no matter how much you stiT alphabet soup, you canlt spell idiosyncracles." And that ~rs. Stevens of Hawaii, an~ ladies and gentlemeD winds up tonglth~s col~n...Don~t forget and reach for a Lucky Strike Dance Hour on Thursday nlght when welll tune in on Ozzie ~'[elsonls orchestra of the Indian Oreek Club playin~ from Hiamiah Beach, Florida, and Ernie Hoist and his orchestra, playing from the Colony Club at Palm Beach... Until Thursday night at the s~e tim6 then, Xr. and ~rs. Tuner-Inner...Z remain your ~ew York correspondent -- Waltor Winchell -- (CLOSII, tG AN}~Otq{C~ENT -- OPTIONAL) tTNO 1 0031012
Page 135: 0060233180
• ,* -17- OLANEY: Please remember, in LUCKY STRIKE you get the finest tobacco quality -- the Oresm of many Crops...plus the throat protection of the exoluslve LUCKY STRIKE ITOASTINGZ PROCESS, which includes the use of ~odern Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKIE8 are always kind to your throat. Thank you| This progr~ has oom~ to you from Chicago , and New York City, through the facilities of the National Broadcasting Compsny. WI CHELL.AGENCY.Co.e s ~]-~01 0031013
Page 136: 0060233180
~ jJ NO TO ANN C : , ~w ~ ,~*~ ~-~ ,w~,e,,~ . :~ !~¸¸ ~ • (Make local announcements every fifteen minutes except on dramatlop gro rams which depend on a sucoesslo~ Of thought.) TI~E: ( ) LUCK TR K DANCE H WEAF ( )-( ) JANUARy 31. 1952 i0;00 -II;00 P.~. (Theme tune - One Chorus of "Happy Days At@ Here Again" pith vocal refrain - Immediately followed by Announcer.) H~WARD OLA~y: Ladies and gentlemen, the LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of LUCKY STRIKE Clgarette8 -- elxty modern minutes with the world's finest dance orchestras. Tonight we bring you two great orchestras -- one from ~lami, and one from Palm Beach -- and your New york corresp~nden% Walter Wlnchell, of the New York Daily ~lrror, whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrow. '~/r. Walter Winche%l!~ Good evening, ~r. and }~rs. U.S.A., and all your little U.8.A'sJ And greetings Miamiah Beach and Palm Beach, Florlda!~ It feels good to be in your midst, again Southland -- down there where the ~ is baking the tiny bodies of my babies -- be sweet to them Florida -- they are your beet bsostere. I wish I could make it again this season, Palm Trees, but there Is work to de and a living to make -- and you know how that is- Tell that Ozzie Nelson fella that we,ve heard fine thlngs about hls Indian Creek Oiub Orchestra in Miamlah Beach, ~d that goes for Ernle Hoist and his Oolony Club crew over at Palm Beach where the milllonalree would be Just as happy if they had half a mllllon this year. (MR. WINCEELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE} AT <O I 0031074
Page 137: 0060233180
T~ (C TI UES) ~ time, Ozzle Nelson! .... Lift your bat-ta~ high, Ozzle -- ~d when our m~ic sa~et arrives there in a few moments, you're go~a meet the gr~dest audience between the coasts ~d the borders. Here we goJ All the w~ from your Broadway and ~ne, Ozzle -- right over (Josephus D~lels ~d his Raleigh, North Carolina News and Observer) The Charlotte ~e~ve~, The B~ton~ Newe-Journ~and the good old West Palm Beach and Tampa Times temples. ~TH THE DANOE, OZZIE NELSON!! (~ISTLE) mAY! MIAMIAH BEACH~ ELSO : Welcome to ~orlda! ~18 is 0zzle ~e~son at ~i~l, where It's always ~ne, ~d where my Indi~ Creek Club Orchestra will ; play ...... 5 .5 5 ) No~ back to the North goes the Lucky Strike e~ress right over the heads of ~rt Lauder~le, P~m Beach ~d all the cities Walter ~nchell mentloned. (WHISTLE) OKAY! ~ NEW YORE! ! Very good, Ozzle Nelson...I t~e it that you've been a tune,-inner ~ight ~ong, ~d that ¥ouJre accented ~ith the way we run our Lucky gtrike D~ce Hours...Right here Is ~ere you get a chance to smoka a Youknowhat cigarette -- for I juggle a microphone here, ~d then we go over to Pa~ Beach for Ernle Holst's Orchestra before si~alling you ~aln. Hear you later, Ozzle--go bounce a meatball~! (}~R. WINOHELL CONTI~ES ON NEXT pAGE5 ATM01 0031015
Page 138: 0060233180
Tr ~INCHELL: (CONTINUES) I don,t know whether or not the DITROIT reporters took me 8erlously when I tlpped them ~bout a big D'TROIT money-ho~y~s romance with one of ~r. Zie~feld's better-looklng sirens...but I've learned since then -- that now -- there are t.o DrTROITers, ~th plenty of sugar, who are begging two of the Follies dollles to become their brldes...The girls are Elsie Rossl and Hope Dare, and their pursuin~ ~ooers Suet arrived in Chlc~o, where the 8ho~ t8 pl&ying. And Shey are plotting a double elopement. It's on the up-and-up, Mr. Managing Editor of the Chicago American -- donlt let tit them kid you out of ~t... T~u~ara, the little Russian oanary~ and cooing In the New York whoopee Bsylums won for her a great following has a new "heart." He's a Ouban, an Olympic marksmanship champ, and a fller of distinction -- he leaves for his homeland S~turday -- and Tamara will follow on Monday, when her contract permits...I wonder if they know the words to the ~endelssohn ~arch? ...Libby Holman is writing her Dearest friends that she expests to besoms a bride as soon as her intended returns from the African Jungles, w~hln a month, she hopes, (HR. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE)
Page 139: 0060233180
-4- ~ (CGNTZ~ES) I asked Mr. Leeds, who is better described as the tln-plate king's heir, if there was any chance of a wedding with Olive Hamilton -- for they've been romanolng now for almost five years ... "Well, Walter," young Leeds replied, "I don't think so -- because the girls I know are so s~art -- that even if I proposed marriage, I'm afraid they all have too much sense to marry me"...Well, that's a modest way of putting it -- but I'm wondering if Leeds and 0live are keeping something secret from me .... Speaking of fighters, as I was a paragraph ago, Gene Tunny recently stated that the fighter who hit him hardest was the late Harry Greb .... That statement by Tunney is refuted by the fact that Harry Greb never knocked Tunney down -- but Dempsey did end for that well know Chicago count, too, if you recall the controversy it caused on all the sports pages...And here,s a lesson in something or other...Partioularly is it for Emily Post, the brilliant authority on etiquette -- which is a $2.50 word for good manners .... I learned yesterday that nee-ther and either are not properly sounded as eye-ther and nye-ther without totally disregardin~ their spelling and txu pronunciation...therefore, millions of us in these United States and in ~glar.d must be wrong...whenever I run into such technicalities about the proper use of wordage, I am always reminded of WALl Rogers and hle retort swelegant...you may have heard it before, but donlt stop me, please ...When Will Rogers first got a break in New York, the so-called literati, (I call them the llquorati) made fun of Will and the way he kept saying "ain't." A reporter interviewed Rogers about the criticism. "What have you &or to say, Mr. R~gers -- about people poking fun at you for saying ~ain't~?• "Wal," drawled Will in his contagious manner, "All I kin say is that a lotta people who ain't sayin' ain't -- ain't eatln'' ~" (MR. WINOHELL CO~I'~UES ON NEXT PAGE) \ A1"~01 003101?
Page 140: 0060233180
-5- ~: (CONTINUES) The Hartford Chief of Police, it appears, heard our broadcast in which I remarked that it certainly was a fine thing for the Hartford Polloe Dept. to raffle off a gun what with the crime problems confronting the entire country...8o the Hartford papers lntervlewed Mr. Police Cheese (or chief) about the Lucky 8trlke Dance Hour ~eporterls fllp craok...He alibied that tickets were sold to the cops and to their friends, but if the pistol is won by a civilian -- the civilian wouldn't get it, and that they'd give him cash instead...so that nobody could hurt anybody, not even Winchell!! Now, that was an amusing answer, and I salute Hartford's Police Chief for having a sense of humor...And, anyhow, I have spot in my Hartford, Connecticut, for when I was wearing my dancing shoes, I played there once, yes -- just once, and I found out that llke Broadway -- Hartford Is a place -- ~here when you'r~ not good -- they get wise to you too soon!! Ann Pennington, the li~l glrl who glorified the American kne~, 18 stepping out age~n -- a~d hoT! She's in the musical "Everybodyls Welcome," and did she fool us Broadwaywards -~ instead of dancing, she plays a mighty good dramatlo part. It's her very first speaking role, Sad Ann is all of a thrill over It -- and does ~he get a h~d from the ~udlence!l And no~, Mr. and M~s. Hithe~ to Yon, I'd llke you to give Howard ClaneF a great big hand. Go ahead, Howls -- reach for a microphone instead of a seat~ AT%01 0031018
Page 141: 0060233180
-6- Here~e an interesti~ fact; Blx cigarettes are smoked today where one was smoked seventeen years ago, according to figures from the Unltsd State8 Government. Much of this increase is due to the fact that modern smokers have discovered the ~sdom of smoking a olgarette f~om whloh sertaln harsh, biting irritant8 have been expelled. LUCKY STRIKE is preferred by millions because It gives the finest tobacco quality, ~ throat pretectlon. Ann Pennlngton, about whom Walter Winchall just told you, is one of those famous stars of stage and screen who have discovered LUCKY STRIKE'S superiority. After slx years of smeklng LUCKY STRIKE she writes: "Cigarettes were all alike to me until I tried LUCKY STRIKE -but then - oh boy, I found out why millions reach for a LUCKY! My taste told me about that delicious 'Toasted' flavor -- my throat told me about LUCKY 8TPIKE,S pretectlen against Irrltatlon and cough - it was LUCKIES for me from then er~ And it's lucky for ue smokers that your humidor package Is so easy to open.~' Ladies and Gentlemen: It's wise -- so wise -- to reach for a LUCKY inetead~ For LUCKY STRIKE alone affords the throat proteotlon of the exclusive "TOASTING~ "Process. LUCKIES are alw~ kind to your throat. And hereto that old chime-panzee, again, with hls bells... On Tuesday Nlght he made a mlst~ke and bonged the last two notes at the same ohlme, so forgive hlm, he gets so flustered, you know .... Never mind, Chime 811verman -- we all make mistakes -- that's why Slng Sing ls always so crowded. --STATION BREAK-- RT,.N01 0031019
Page 142: 0060233180
--7-- U¸ ~ This time, tuner-inners, The Ducky Strike Winchellingo sky-high-fller is Palm Beach, Florida-bound: .... To tune in on Ernie Holst'8 Orchestra playing direct from the Colony Club, another of the Southlandts smarter salons. That's your first flash, Ernie -- watch our rubric C~r~et Bet the~e quicke~ than a yee-man,B ealswer'! ON WITH THE DANCE, ERNIE HOLST: ! (WHISTLE) OKAY.~ PALM BEACH!, This is Ernie golst greeting you from the Colony Club in Palm Beach, Florlda. For the dlstingulehed ~ueste here, and all the other Lucky Strike Dancers throughout the country, welre golng to play ...... ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Up the Atlantic Coast from Palm Beach of the sunny south goes that Lu¢ky 8trlke magic carpet to Walter and his Winchelllngo. (~r~IgTL~) OKAY N~ YORK! Fine end dandy, Ernie BoiBt--you and Ozzie Nelson at Miamah are certainly providing some corking arrangemente. We return to Ozzie, Ernie, and then after that, you'll get to to. your trumpets, again. (MR. WINCHELL CONTI~WSES ON NEXT pAGE) PIT ~{0 J 003]020
Page 143: 0060233180
i!¸ -~ ••, -5- ~: (CONTINUES) Ola~ey| Oh, HoWls Olaney~ Will you ple~ss mak8 %he rounds now and gather up all the tlokcts? And if yo~ come eozoss any Mammy 81~gers, Howl e~ oh~ok ~em overboard -- because l~ve always argued that the norld would be a much better pl~oe to llve in -- if only half the Mammy singers would send home a flve-spot no~ azd then. Nothing mello~s llke Mother N~ture an~ Father Time. The choloe tobaccos in the LUgKY STRIKE you smoke today ~ere gro~n and h~v~t~d. On~,..t~o...th~e~ .... three lone year~ e~O.o.f~om I~ to ig3~,..these fine tobaccos h~ve been aging end mello~ing-- for It t~k~ three v~ars foz a LU~XY TO BE BORN: ~ Right no~, ov~ i00 mill~on doll~r~ io ~nve~ted In the ~orld's oholoest tobaccos -- the Cream of ~ny Orops. But ~t takes ~ - ~ - ~ wsll ~s money to produce a cigarette as fine as LUCKY STRIKE. And 8o we tie up that enormous investment fo~ three whole ~ears. wh~ig those mlld, de~iolou~ l~v~ absm~b all ~h~ n~al h~nefi~e of n&~r~a onn prooeBs of ~ellov~ng - of aging - of ~d4~ng to the rloh goodnesm of tho~e ~in~ LUCEY ~TRIKE ~oba~co~. Then - an~ only %hen - ~o ~ ~dd the ~xtr~ be~oflt of mo~e~n ~olenoe - th~ throat protection of that exclusive -."TOABT~" Process. It ~s this prooesB ~ha% Includ~ ~h~ use of modern U1tza Violet Prays. It ~ this prooesm that certain harsh Irrltants ~u~ p~esent in every tobacco leaf, When your LUOKY 8TR~KE comes to you, it i~ the purest of olgarettes - the finest oi~a2ette yo~ ever smoked. Yes, ~ friends# it takes a~ ~ell ~ money t~ make a ~Ige~ette a~ fine a~ LUCKY STRIKE. One.,.Two .... Three..~It takes ~hree Yea~s for a LUCKY to be born: \ tt '1 ,NO ~i 0039021
Page 144: 0060233180
--S-- Once again -- my old pal Chlmes .... And by the way Mr. and ~rs. Porder to Border -- Ghlmes Is the only Scotsman in the whole world who sleeps stazd~g up -- so that hi~ pa~smas wonTt Eet baggy at the knees. --STATION BREAK-- That last anaamlo fire-alarm for you to get your boys ready, Ozzle Nelson -- down there in Nis~ahl Step on it, Ozzle..s~ far Miamah Beach and Palm Beach are neoktn! neck for the honors.°.Get outta the way Mayor Oleary, that furiously flylr~ flame--known as the Lucky Strike Dance Hour magic carpet is already on the other side of the ~ason-Dixon Line.. Hy there! Washington Herald! Baltimore News, and Richmond Times-Dispatch! We're ~Aiamah Beach, Florlda-bound again!! ON WITH THE DANCE, OZZIE NELSON|! (WHISTLE) OKAY| MIAMAH BEACH!| N__F~: The Lucky Strike magic carpet has sailed through the Flori~ Palm Trees and moonbeams to unload the Lucky Strike Dancers here in Miami, where weill play next ~. ..... ) ) ) ( \ RT.~O 1 003 1022
Page 145: 0060233180
-IO- aged and mellowed. (~ISTLE) The Lucky ~trlke ~agi6 Carpet dashe~ noxth~a~d f~om ~i~i again. Up over the Ever£1ades of Florida, over the Carolina's. Why, there's ReedBvills, North Carolina, with Its row-upon-row of long white storage sheds where the Lucky Strike tobaccos are being On up the coast to Walter Wlnohell .... 0KAY!~ NEW YORK~ Very good, Ozzie Nelson -- the score now is 2 to i -- but Palm Beach has another inning, yet, you kno~., .Itm pltshlng no~, 0zzle -- and I hope I put over three Lucky Strikes.t, Stand by, 0zzls, and see how a column is written. : There was some talk, agaln the other day, about gossip... Burton Raecoe once the editor of The Beckman, and before that, one of Chieago,s leading literary lights, said that the sort of gossip I offer ie after all -- a brand of the gossip that one reads in the tiniest country papers. And that I merely wrote the sa~e stuff about the bigger towne....That's true -- but Mr.. Rascoe did you ever hear of a man called 8~muel Pepys -- He lived in England and he wrote a column that was goaalp the~ but I% has been literature ever since - And he ~as made Admi~l of the Kingt s Nave~.. Eowever, ~hen any ! one tellB you that no decent person write~ or llstenm to gossip remind them that 8e dlatln~uished a man, and so grand a eha~aete~ as was the late Thomas A. E~Ason, once ran a weekly gossip paper... which he called ~Paul pry,...Edieon collected the items and arranged the publioatlon -hen he was but 13...One of hle victims, by the way, was so Ben Bernlefd up over a sly did -- that he pi~ohed Editor Edison into the St. Clair R~ver... (~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES) P T OI 003]023
Page 146: 0060233180
-ll- My authority for that fact Is the book called "Edison, the Man"...By the way, Edison took out I180 patents and never made a penny out of them...He made his fortune from the m~mufacture of his inventions...What a remarkable man he was -- I wonder if there'll ever by any one anywhere llke him again? What in your opinion, ladies and gentlemen, is the ideal, complete, perfectly-rounded and self-sustalning sentence?...It makes for an engaging parlor pastime, try it and dust off your thlnk-t~nks.. and get acquainted with the classics, agaih .... Some of us were playing it last night, and one chap chirped that his ideal, complete, and perfectly rounded-self-sustalnlng sentence was "Let There Be Light:" Another fells eald his ideal sentence was: "Pardon is the word to all"...I won the game with what I considered the ideal, perfectly-rounded and self-sustalnlng sentence...it was: "Your services are no lodger requiredZ" I overheard a devastating form of criticism last night at a movie opening on Broadway...Let~s not mention names and not make anybody18 face red...A well kno.vn star, appearing in the flicker, stepped out of ~ rented limousine (you can always tell a rented car in New York because the lloenee t~g begins with 1C) and ae she ankled in her ermines into the lobby -- one of her ardent fans in the crowd, sighed and said: "Gee, she's lucky, "she mueta been born with a silver spoon in her mouth." "You said it," mUmbled a bit of a eritic....her last two" talkies sounded like it's still in there~?~" (MR. WINCHELL OONTINUES) ,~ 1" ~010031024.
Page 147: 0060233180
WINCHELL' (CONTINUZS) One of the movie magazines, ~hioh describes Doug Fairbanks, Jr. and Joan Crawford as "the happiest couple in Hollywood~ tells about Joan and Jtmiorts recent trip to New York, e~ad the interviewer writes in the childish m~er that they saw Fannle Ward, Texas Gulnom, PegEy Joyoe and other landmarks of the town, The ~riter added: Doug even saw Walter Wlnohell!.tJ'. ..Well, why not?... Every Doug has his day!...One of the papers devoted to the maglo lantern trade, tells abo~t the movie patron who refused to buy a ticket until the m~ager told her the sor$ of a program he had... The manage~ affably %old her that h~ had t~o features, ~ comedy, two newsreels, a s~enio 8.rid quite a presentation which included 800 actors in person on the stage...,,What, yelled the women, ,,No ~ckey " Mouse?,' ..... And herets something that I'm sure will make you ehuckle---I weighed myself last n~ght on one of those nickel weighing machines which drops a card at you containing your weight and it tells your fortune and things about yourself. Ey weight revealed that ~ lost 14 pounds in fou~ ~eeks, but what made up for it was the laugh I got out of the fortune when I read thle: "You are the type of person who car keep a secret"....Well, maybe so... but only until ~ can get to a typewrlter.'! sa~ that picture of Bill Boyd in the paper today -- the one where he~8 got a LUCKY between his trigger flngers...and it reminded me of the halr-ralsing thrill he had making his new picture. It's a story of a lumberjack, and Bill has to ride the ,high llne," a cable way, way, way up in the air that carries lees from one mountain top to smother at a speed of 35 miles an hour...plenty exciting, and Bill had to do it TWICE for the camera. (WINCHELL CONTINUES OVER) ~T~O'I 0031025
Page 148: 0060233180
~:(CSNTINUES) Re had to keep hi~ yappe~ closed ~0 his heart wouldn't ~mD out! Lumber camps are old stuff to Bill Boyd..he worked in one for eight months...the only American among 200 Swedes]...And now, Eoward Claney, it's your turn] Bill Boyd is a charter member of the LUCKY Club. He was initiated 14 years ago. Let me read you what he ~yrltes about LUCKY STRIKE: "Certainly ~ smoke LUCEIE8. I've been smoking them since lSlY. In those 14 years I~ve tried other brands, but LUCKIES are the only cigarettes I llke. Furthermore, in my profession I must consider my throat, and LUCKIE8 do not cause throat Irritation."+ .... It is ~ust l& years ago that LUCKy STRIKE Save to the ~orld that~ revolutionary ne~ principle in cigarette manufacture...that famous and exclusive "TOASTING" Process, whloh includes the 6se of modern Ultra Violet Rays. And in those 14 years, millions upon aillions have discovered that a cigarette need not rasp your throat. And LUCKY STRIKE ot ra ur thro t. For LUCKY STRIKE'S exclusive "TOASTING" Process ~ -- removes -- banlshes -- certain harsh irritants ~ present in every tobacco leaf. Today more people smoke LUSKIE8 than any other cigarette in the ~orld. And Mr. Lucky Strike le proud of this fsmt, in these times of depression -- proud that h@ gives employment at full wages to more people than ever before. And you may be sure that in so importaA1t a matter as the choice of a cigarette it's wise to follow the erowd...it's ~Ise to Teach for a DUCKY instead, for LUCEIEB are alwaysklnd to your throat. .... STATION BREAK .... \. 1+; 01 0031026
Page 149: 0060233180
And now back to the internatlonally renowned Palm Beach, where ~en have money and women like to spend it. Here we come, once again, Ernle Hoist| From the Borough of ~anhattan in the City of ~ew York,~ right ove~ the ~ood oId sea~board 8tates~ into the Colony Club at Palm Beach to he~r your ON WITH THE DANCE, FLORIDA! !(WHISTLE) OkAy.: PALM BEACH: This is Ernle Holzt at Palm Beth ~alu. It'S ~u~t too bad we can't take you out on the beach so you can see the moonlight on the sur~, but We ~ let you dance here at the Colony Club. The etchers areo.o. ) ) ) HOLST: Faster than a sail-fish trying to get off your llne in Florida waters, the Lucky Strike magic carpet sails back to Walter Winehell .... (WNISTLE) OKAYI ! NEW YORK,, Well, Ernie Hoist, I guess the score is tied, again--so here, Ernie, share these posies with your oleve~ boys and with Ozzle Nelson's erew...aud Oh, yes, Ernle, please tell my bride who is r t the Indian Creek Club in Mia~ah Beach listening to our show, that a certain Lucky Strike Dance Hour reporter misses her terribly and to get on the next ehoo-ehoo and help make the long days in New York seem shorter over the ~eek end. (WINCHELL CONTI~S OV~R) RT~01 OOL:t 102 ?
Page 150: 0060233180
-15- CONTINUES) Ta-ta until we hear each other again, Ernle and Ozzle -- which I trust ~ill be very soon. And now to return a salute or two -- or four or five. Mrs. and Er. 8amuelson of Red Oak, Iowa, are worried. They want to know about the Battle of the Air -- meaning the gag war between a person n~med Bernie in Chicago and Mrs° W'8. little boy, W. in this corner...The Samuel son's of Red Oak, Iowa, are terrlbly fond of Ben and 17a~er and dread seeing their favorites fight, they write me.. Well, Mr. and Mrs. 8amuelson--Ben and Walter have been pals since they were klds--but all's falr in love and wisecracking, you know... and weirs both having a lot of fun trying to out smart-aleck the other...Of course, wefts not enemies -- but Just the same -- het8 a blg stlff~ And I finally found out why a ohlcken crosses the street, too...geeause Bhe wants to get on the other side when she sees Bernie comlng!~! Red Buzklns of Pittsburgh writes as follows: "2 saw Texas gulnan when I was In New York with an armload of bracelets -- where she gets so many diamonds .... goodness only knowsU' MY dear Hr. Bu~klns -- goodness had nothing to do with them! And that, Red Burkln8 of Pittsburgh, and ladies and gentlemen, concludes another of the Lucky Strike ~aglo Carpet tours... (WINOHELL CONTINUES OVER) Ft 1"NO 1 003102B
Page 151: 0060233180
*L* -16- WINCHEL._~L: (CONTINUES) On Saturday night reach for another Lucky Strike Dance Hour and have yourselves a happy time of it tuning in on Anson ]~eeks and his Orchestra -- and Tom Gerunts b~ndsmen, both crews playing from the fascinating city of San Franclsoo, Californla -- and hotels the sort of ne~s that excites me -- one day next week, my boss, i~{r. Lucky Strike, is going to let me take you all for another lengthy leap over the Atl~ntlc -- to Berlin, G~any! The nearest l.:otll get to good boer for years and years and years, I'm afraid... At any rate, until Saturday night with San Francisco on the other end of the microphone, I remain as ever your New York correspondent, Walter Winohell, who wonders if you know that the show business on Broadway, fo~ the first time in ten years is on the level...it's flat on its back! (SIGNATURE) CLOSING Ah'NOUNCE~EN~: (OPTIONAL) Please remember, there's none 8o good as LUCKIES...for there's no other olgarette that combines the finest tobacco quality and the throat proteotlon of the exclusive LUCKY STRIKE Toasting Process. The Lucky Strike Dance Hour has come to you from i~i~mi Beach and Palm Beach, Florida, end New York City through the faoilitles of the N~tlonal Broadcasting Company. AGEECY/WINCHELL/ChIILeen 1/21/32 --u Pt l" 01 0031029
Page 152: 0060233180
NOTE TO AN~TOUNCER: ¢ )¢ (Hake local munouncements every fifteen minutes except on dra~latio prosr~s, which depend oI~ a succession of thousht.) TIME: ) T~E LUOE~{ STRIEE DAHCE HQU~ ) I0:00 - ii_..00 P. ${. January 23rd, 1952 SATURDAY (THEHE TU~/E ... OI~E CHORUS OF "HAPPY DAYS AS~ HERE AGAIN", WITH) VOOAL REFRAIN* I[I~DIATELY FOLLOWED BY A~q~O~CCER, H__QO~TARD CLAh~Ey: Ladies 5nd gentlemen, the LUCKY STRIKE Danes Hour, presented for your pleasuwe by the nL&nufaoturers of LUCKy STRIKE CiJ~arettes - sixty [.10deEn L]Inutes, with the worldls finest d~uoe orchestras - tonight we brln~ you two great orchestras, both playing, fror~ the ss~e city - S~n Francisco, Callfornla~ and the one ~nd only ~Ite~ ~In~h~ll, of the ~ew YoTk D~ily Mi~o~, ~ho~e gossip of today, becol~es the news of tomorrow| ~ro Walter Winchell| WALTER WINCHELL: Good evening, Hr. and ~rs. Tuner-lnner, ChKim~an ~ove~no~ Rolfe~ and ~/est of honor - S&n Fr~neisco,. California| Thi~ i~ ~Iot ~inohe~l, oZ th~ Lucky StTike ~{~io Carpet~ ladies and Eentlen~en - who has deolded to take you from whereever yo~ are - to tho golden gaste Of the 8unkist 8tate~ via the northern ai= route. Watch for us, Cheyenne, Ogden and Reno - and see if you can spot us as we try to keep up with the boys flyin~ the U. S. ~ail| (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT pAGE) ~T~01 0031030
Page 153: 0060233180
-2- MR. WINOHELL| (OONTINUING) Tonight, san Francisco proudly offers two of its noblemen - Mr. Arisen Weeks, and ~r. Tom Gerun, and their respective rootinl-tootiners ... Let's start the show with Anson~ for he was on o~r show the last time we hooked-up with San Francisco, and in the big-time manner, too. So letls go, Anson - they, re in the mood for dancinI! ON WITH THE DANCINI, ANSON|| (~HISTLE) OKAY, SAN Fi~ANOISCO|| ~NSON WEEKS: Good evening, Lucky Strike Dancers!! This is Anson Weeks, in the Hark Hopkins Hotel, in San Francisco, where wolfe g~iug to pl~y ... (TITLES) ( ) ( ) ( ) ~'~ S O~ "TKEKB ~ The Lucky strike Roller-coast-to-coaster flashes from 8an Francisco back to Walter Winohell, on the other side of these United 8tares. (WHI8TLE) OKAY, NEW yOFX| WALTER W~NCHELL: Fine, Anson Weeks, give yourself a pat on the cheeks, and tell Tom Gerun and his boys that they start buglinl just as soon as Hrs. WinchellIs Walte~ weakens. (~q. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) ~ T,'~O 1 0031031
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-3- ~R. WINCHEL_L: (CONTINUING) I think, too, itls about time that someone rem#nded those who enjoy jazz music - that san Francisco cradled it ... I ~ean that Art Hickman was at the rocker, and San Francisco first enc)uraged Paul ~nitezan. Paul Ash, Horace Heidt, and other st2rs were cradled there, too, as was my sparring partner, Er. Benjamin Bernie. You know Ben Bernie, donlt you? He~s the feller who used to do an act with phil Ba/~er and after he quit Bs/~er - Baker started to earn SB,OOO. every week~ and still does. Oh, BenZ (I hope you like itl) Herels the best story Itve heard on ~r. 0oolid~e in a long spell ... Right no~, i{r. Coolidge has a contract on his desk for him to resume his syndloated wzitings - in return for which they guarantee him $150,000, in a year ... But he won't jot his tag do~Tn on the well-known dotted line - and for a sensible reason, too. When the syndicate lost its patience waiting for his decision, one of the officials telephoned Mr. Coolidge ... "How about that offer?" he asked our former chief, and Coolidge snapped back with hie fsmous brevity: "This is no ti~e for zivin~ the people talk|, and then he hung up. His fans who have been shedding real tears over "Poor John", as thoylve been calling John Gilbert, ~ill be thrilled to learn that John Gilbsrt isnlt poor at all .., John Gilbert has two more flickers to make within the year at $250,000. per picture, (I~. WINCHELL CONTINUES NE~'[T PAGE) FIT ~0'| 0031032
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1~, Wl~CKELL: (SONTINUING) The tales about town tell, too, about the Don Alvarados, who a~ sup~sed to have kissed and reconciled ... There is no truth to the legendG in the papers that Gary Cooper and Katherine ~llson are That ~ay, and that they will marry when he returns ... Nanee Of Neil, the well knoNn leading lady, has a novel manner of attracting attention in HollyWood ... Miss O~Neil motors about town in a high-prlced machine which is driven by her colored maidl Hotels a laot-mlnure flash from one of my staff, Hugh L"edlock, Jr.... He reports that Ji~ny Durante, who has the largest nose in the world- Just sent Gandhi a birthday present ... The gift was a bundle of Durantels own handkerchiefs - ms that rues.us Gandhi now has enough clothes to last him a lifetime ... The lois Marsh-Douglass Kontgomery combination in the Ne~7 York places makes one of the prettier pictures ... Lilyan Tashman tells me that the reason she spends all her money on clothess is that after struggling and etintlng herself for many years - she lost her savings, and then her desire to prepare fo~ a rainy day ... "My husband adores me~" Lilyan said, ,and I adore him, and he wonlt let ms go hungry" ... I told Miss Tashman that Broadway now was cluttered up ~ith aotcm and actresses who ~ish that they had put a',~ay at la~%~t ~ do~laT ~eek . .. (MR. WINCHELL CONTIICJE8 NEXT PAGE) A "~" ,',401 0031033
Page 156: 0060233180
-5- MR. tTINCHELL: (CONTINUING) When Jack Oakle got on the air recently, Jack jokingly zaid that little Jackie Cooper was really a mido~et ... of c)urse too many listeners do not kno~ when sozle of us are k~dding .. so this is to tell you al! again, that Jackle Cooper isntt a midget - hut a grand little boy, whose acting has made many a heart cry, and I wish Jack C~%kie would quit trying to out-gossip me ... By the way, Jackle Cooper's salary, which is $1,300. a week not~, will be boosted to $4,000. per, in the third year ... The chief reason why you do not see ~ary Pickford, Norma Talmadge, and Eddie Cantor in more movies than you do these days - is that the three of them refuse to work~ unless the scenario is first submitted for their personal okays ... In other words, if those three stars appear in flickers you do not enjoy - then you may direct your complaints right to them ... Billle Dovels employers have warned the beautiful Billie, that she must not do any more flying in pianos . .. Billie, however, is air-mad, and can handle a plane - and will shatly try for her pilotls license ... The movie executives, it seems, have no objection to her flying so much as they have to the fact that Billle Dove can, t be bothered putting on a parachute. I reminded her that Lindy never flies without wearing one, and not to be so darned smart .o. and that planes may be saf% and all that sorta thing ... for eagle, perhaps ... There was quite a scene in o~e of the stay-up-late places the other yawning ... A prize fIihter, well known in Europe 8~nd here ... lost hle temper, and good manners, and threatened to punch peggy Jo,jce on her pretty beezer ... Of course, he dldnlt do anything of the sort, but none of us were worried for ~ve all kne~ that Peggy, if given time, could trim him. (~R. WINCHELL CONTIICJES A~XT PAGE) P, l~;gO 1 0031034
Page 157: 0060233180
-6. _}~. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) Many a boy has run awa,v from home, to join the elrous, but hero is one who ran AWAY from a circus, to do somethinG else. Robet, t Ringling didntt want to follow th~ footsteps of his lairdly, who i~;~d played under the big top. Youn3 Rin~l~ng wanted to be an opera sing,)r, so he ~ulled up stakes and Tent to Germany where he was a big attraction at the Darmstadt Opera. Althou~h he wanted to keep away from the circus, the first Ar~erican role they gave him was the CLOWN in "Pagliazzi". Today, Robert Ringllng is playing in the bi~ league of bassos, baritones 8~ud tenors with the Chicago Civic Opera. And outside the opera, ~goert Kingling i8 Presiden~ of a Bank ... And now, welll hear from the business end of this program - M%'. Howard Olaney. H OWA/%D CLANEY: Here's what Robert RinglL~g writes about LUCKY STRIKES: "l~y cigarette is a LUCKY - for in my Work in grand operat I have to ~uard against throat irritation. Z have found that LUOKIES wlll always be kind to my throat,. When the product has ir2rlt, facts alone will put it ao~oss. And here are the facts about LUCKIES: Fact Number L: Upto one hundred million dollars ~1orth of the mildest, mellowest tobaccos - the Cream of zm~y c~ops - are constantly being stored and aged, to insure the uniform fine Quality of event LUCKY 8TRIKE. Fact Number 2: LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette in the world, that s/fords the thro~t protection of that exclusive "TOASTING" Process. (}{R,. CLANEY CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) ~1"~01 0031035
Page 158: 0060233180
-7- F ac-t Number ~: It is the "TOASTING" process that ex~ certain harsh irritants naturall~ present in every tobacco leaf. And it iB another faot, ~hat more p~opl~ ~each fo~ a LUCKy than any other cigarette. We ave indeed proud of these facts, beoause they enable us, in times likes these, to give full time employment to more people than ever before - at full wagesl~ WALTER WINCHELL: Aud uo~ here! s that old chimer-~n~e~, again ... Donlt get peeved, 0himes. There is no surer mark of regard than to h~ve people write nonsense to you o~ about you ..o Take it from one who feels that way about it, the very fact that they do write or talk about you, chimes, Is compliment enough' - STATION BREAK - ~TH01 0031036
Page 159: 0060233180
Thatfs your cue, Tom Gerun out there in San Fransisoo! Where David Bel&~co went to school with David Warfield, where Sophie Tucker learned to sing the blues, ~nd Trixie Frlganza used to knock the crowds out of thel~ se~ts ions before she was Trixle or Yrtganza!J And where the sun is ever shining and the climate always sprin~. We're ~ll for you, Tom Gsrun -- welcome to our Lucky Strike Dance Hour~ you never met a ~zander audience in your life, Tommy -- throw it in high! ON WITH TKE DA}ICE TO~ GSRUN: (WHISTLE) OKAy.' 8A}~ FRANCISCO! (. ) (. ) ( ) to Walter Wlnohell. (~ISTLE) OKAY! NEW YOP~K! ' That w&B B~elegs/1%~ Tom G~z~, ~o~ider yourself 8rid youT boys saluted...This i~ where Ho~e Claney of our staff doeB his elacutiug...Th~n, ~e ~ignal Anion Neek~ and hi~ o~he~t~&, ~nd afte~ I put the seoond edition to press we return for you Tommy~ And e~-~M~. Ho~d Clea~ey, ~r. Lucky Bt~ke1~ handBome~t word-juggler. The Lucky Btzlke nou-stop-hopDe~ i8 eastward bound, b~ck 0031037' Thom.k you W~iter. This ia Tom Getup, welcoming everybody to the Bal Taberi~ here i~ san Franolsco, where we'll play, for o~r flret group .......
Page 160: 0060233180
-9- HOWARD CLANEY: Haste makes waste: How ~ true that is in making a flne cigarette! That is why we never hurry those choice LUCKY STRIKE tobaccos to 7OU, They are first left to age and izellow... three wl~ole yea~B.. ,fox ~otheT Nature wo~kB slowly - ~. LUCKY STRIKE tobaccos are fully J~atured, mellowed, ripened by Kother Nature, Father Tlme and modern Bclence. It takes three year~ for a LUCKY to be bQrn! Three long years, until ~othez ~ature has given of her best to develop these tobaccos -- m~tured, delicious, mlld and mellow, h~ - and n~ - do we add the benefits af that exclusive, selentlflo "TOASTII;G" Process -- the mellowing, purifying process that includes the use ~f modern Ultra Violet ~ays, The "TOASTING" Process does what nature cannot do. .... It e~ certain harsh Irritants ~ present in every tobacco leaf. Thus sclence joins hands wlth Mother Nature and Father Time to make LUCKY STRIKE the purest of cigarettes! It takes three years for a LUGKY tQ b~ bqrn!...but It takes y~ only three ~Inut~s to d~scov~r that it is the finest cigarette you ever smoked! ~d here'~ 0hlmes, again -- who never wastes a moment between his oueg..~figu~Ing out the most important things... Frlnetance, he Juet flgu~ed out eiuce yo~ heard hi~ l~t ~election that he couldntt tell exactly how many eleotrlo lights there are on Broadway -- but he presumed that if you ~ere to place one on top of the other -- theyJd very likely topple over:: --STATION BRF~-- 1"N01 0031038
Page 161: 0060233180
Once agai~ o%xr maglo carpet shoots yo~ back to the Golden Gate and the Golden 8tare and San Franclsco, the city that gave the newspaper game most of its newspaper stars .... I refer to F~be Goldber~ RUss Westover, Hype Igoe~ Jo.hn p. Kedbury, Robert Ripley, Bob Edg~en, Homer Davenport, Harrison Fisher and Tad, who was my favorite genius.T ON WITH THE DANCIi~', ANSON! (WHISTLE) ONAY~ 8AN FP~}[CISO0! That m~glc carpet ~ust flashed into san Franoleoo, &nd It's right hs~e as we play ....... ) ) ) Francisco to land right beside Walter Winchell. NE~ YO~C Very good Anson Weeks. . .Yours and Tommy GerunTs hands are 91en~y patootleo,.you know ~hat I mean, Anscn -- A-plus. Sorry to le&VeI you, ~eek8, hungry, are pantln~ a~alu. Hold on, all you Lucky St rlke Dancers...we're leavlng San (ITHISTLE) OKAY! but the presses, which are incessantly (MR. WINCHELL CONT_TI~"JES ON NEXT pAGE) 0031039
Page 162: 0060233180
-II- GONTI~UES) gereLs somethlng that ought to be titled: ,Why l'd R~the~ Be A Radio Oolumnlst Than A Genius" -- you would too~ ~fter you hear it .... Listen: Shakespeare never drew a nickel from copyright... Two grand-daughters of Dickens mcelved $35 a year from the Royal Bounty Fund and when Dickens went lecturing he rooelved hardly anything for wages...And a grand-daughter of Eilton ~ould have starved to death If Dr. Johnson ha~'t run a benefit for her~...No. ladies e~d gentlemen.--these are -- in a way -- The Good Old Days -- and I'm not t~ying to be oomlo~l, eithe~...~d speaking of literature -- here,s something to groan about...The only book shop that Broadway ever had, went out of business the other day...You know the ~newSr ~o that one...i$ seems that everybody HAD a book! And I've seen many a sight in New York -- but I didn't enjoy seeing Madison Square's only woman Sandwlch~man..,ths other day...~he is e good-looklng ~oman, ~ho pounds th~ pavements wea~ing a sand~Ioh sign that advertises a m~vle theatre in that Beotor...and hers are the saddest eyes I've ever had a lump in the throat about... and here's an item that I want to spread all over the nation .... Syracuse, New York, has follo~ed a fine plan to give work to the unemployed.,.It has ~hat it calls a ~/an-a-block-sFstem...Nsanlng-- that all residents of each square bloom oontzlbute 50 cents ~eekly to some unemployed fallow-- and he sweeps the dust or shovels the snow from the eldewalke in front of thei~ dwellings...Ovcr 500 men are no~ so e,~ployed and they each make about $15 every week... (~. WINCNELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) 003104-0
Page 163: 0060233180
~ (CONTINUES) The idea, I am told, originated in Buffalo--but no matter ~here it orlglnated -- let,s all borrow the idea and give some guy a break, instead of forolng him to panhandle nickels on the streets!.. Nov; you cities, towns and burgs from here to there, plea.so put this plan into effect at once and let Winehell know that you have done so--so that he may broadcast it far and wlde!;! __~_- Among othe= fascinating paragraphs that come in the mall was one I put in my col~nn not long ago....Some one told me that in England a few years ago they held a vote on thet=anty most beautiful words in the ismguage -- Twenty ~rds, no more, no less -- and that the twenty words that were 8o voted included Melody -- Splendor '-- Adoration -- Eloquence -- Virtue -- Innocence -- Modesty -- Faith -- Joy -- Honor -- Nobility -- 8y~pathy -- Heaven -- Love -- Divine -- Hope -- Harmony -- Happiness -- Purity and 51berry. So I put it in the column, and just as I Suspected -- hundreds of re~ders complained that the llst was not complete without thl8 word or that one. One lady wrote me as follows: "Oh, :Ir. Winchell -- how in the world did they ever leave out the word Loyalty?" -- "Loyalty is the most beautiful word of them all!!!" .~ told her that she was wrong, for the most beautiful w rd h we:~ "Enclosed Find Check," (9~, WINCHELL COETIh~ES ON NEXT PAGE) k R]';~O 1 003104-1
Page 164: 0060233180
-13- ~: ( C O,.~TINUES) I received a most oo~nfortlng note yesterday from i~r. D. Alber of the New York Evening Sun's radio pages .... l{r. Alber heard me when I ssid on Tuesday night that a Wyoming paper "objected vigorously, in an editorial, to the way I was desecrating the beautiful word "0-Kay," and how a New York Colt~nbia University professor complained that "o-kay" wasn't a nice word, and it shouldntt be mentioned when microphones were near .... A Wyoming man calls it a beautiful word and a New York college professor says just the opposite...Now, do you know why I am gray so young?...All of which reminds me of my boss, ~r. Lucky Strike's great saying, that, after all its the difference of oplnlon that makes a horse~ race .... At any rate, the N.Y. Sunts ~r. Alber points out that such expressions as "salt of the earth" "eat, drink and be merry"--"I escaped by the skin of my teeth" -- "apple of my eye" -- "l~an after my own heart" and "Can a leopard change his spots" are all to be found in the most popular, most respected book in the world -- the Bible: And that reminds me that an Elmira, N.Y. college paper took up the Walter Winehell sltch-ee-ay-shun the "other day...And the edltor, a ~ad¥ r~arked that slang phrases have short lives and that the word "whoopee" would never be included In the dictionary... Well, I hate very much to differ with the lady from Elmira, and I wouldn't want to make her blush -- but the word whoopee, for the first time, now is Inoluded in the Standard Dictionary on page 2710, second col~mn about half way down the page... OKAy ELMIP~! (MR. WIECHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) \ 1"¢N0 ] 00:. '10, 2
Page 165: 0060233180
-14-¸ And when there was a g~eEt to-do a year or so ago about the word "whoopee" Dr. Vizetelly~ the editor of that dlcksh -- told the A~sooi~ted P~ess that the ~o~d w~s ~00 ¥e~ old...So I ~k~d the go~d Doctor -- if the word "whoopee,' l."as 300 years old -- ho~ come thsn that they waited so long to finally put it in the ~nk & Wagnalls Dictionary? .... I am still pausing..,as the s~ylng goeB.,. for a reply. (OKAY! Dr. Vizetelly!) Helen Twelvet~ees' favorite vacation spot gives me a big ehuckle...Yt's Reno...Imaglne th~t~ And now that Helen's new flicker is all on the cslluloid~ she and her husband wlll probably be hopping a plane for a few week~' vacation. But don~t get me wrong - Helen And her husband are one of Hollywood's happiest married couples. Helen ~ill probably be the only glrl in Reno who's there with her own husband. They tell me Helen Twelvetrees is one of the fe~ movie stars in captivity who doesn't like to pick her o~n parts in flickers. It was ~r. P~KO-PATHE hlms~If who chose that part for he~ in "Panda Flo" her latest t~ikle. And Walter, when we asked famous people about their choice in cigarettes, Helen Twelvetrees told us~ "Last summer, while camping In the high ~le~ras, I hiked six miles to get my supply of LUCKY STRIKES. I swore off harsh irrltants when the talkies first started - and I've ~oked LUCKY STRIKE ever since." Now, ladies and gentlemen: It was the talkies that made Helen Twelvetrees reallz~ the importance of the famous LUCKY STRIKE ~'TOASTING" Process. (~. CLANE~ OO~TINUE8 ON N2XT PAOE) ~H01 003'1093
Page 166: 0060233180
t~ -15- HOWARD CLANEY: (CONT~I~UES) A~d when she says "I swore off harsh irritants," she voices the opinion o5 ~o~ntleBB ~kmbe~ o~ famo~ ~ta~ of th~ ~t~e ~nd ~cTeen -- of the opera -- of people in all walk8 of llfe who re&oh for & LUCKY instead -- because LUCKY STRIKE is the one and ~nly cigarette that affords the throat protection of that famous and exclusive "TOASTING" Process -- the mellowing, purifying prosess that includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays. Certainly, the cigarette that is kind to precious voices is the cigarette for you. Certainly, it's wise to reach for a LUCXY instead. --8TATION BREAK-- .W_~. i Once again for the shots leap from New york City to Tom Gerun's orchestratin' 8yncopatin' crew In San Francisco! Come on you tune~-innex8 between ~ome in Alaska and the Keys in Florida Bay -- ~trs W~nehell's Walter is rarln, to go gay again...Go to Town, Gerun! ON WITH THE DANgE! gALIFORNIA: (WHISTLE) OKAY SAN FRANCISCO Thls is Tom Gerun again, speaking only long enough to tell you that wel~l doour best to "go gay" with ..... 1 .) 1 1 003104-4
Page 167: 0060233180
GERUN: And now, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, lightning exprsssj leaves the Bal Taborin here in San Francisco and dashes back to its first stop. (WHISTLE) OKAY NEW YORE: ~ighty fine, mighty fine, Tom Gerun -- I think I'ii turn critic tonight and report that Mr. Lucky Strike's show certainly was blessed with some grand dance tunes, and please sho~ this wrlteup to Anson Neeks, Tommy,,..Be sure and thank the readers and llsteners in San Franclsco for their sweet-~elling poseys to me, Tommy, and tell 'em all that it is their letters thai'off-set the other kind a fella gets in a day...Hear you and Weeks soon again, Aud ~ow for the final stanza, la~es and gentlemen, where I let you all read some of my mail....He~e,s one from Clinton Root of Helena, Montana: Mr. Root says th~ he has an idea for a column and would I help him get it syn~cated...And that hle idea is to tell women how to land husbands. Well, Mr. Root of Helena, ~ontana~ Irm af~id that women donlt want to learn ho~ to get husbands as much ae they ~ant to learn how to hold..eml Charles Je. Regan of Somerville, Mass., wants to know the name of the man that Nancy Carroll married last year...Her new husband, Charlie, is Bolton Mallory, editor of Life -- in other words, Nancy Carroll got Life -- and no glrl deserved it more. (MR. WINOHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE)
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" 7 ~__~I NCH~ (CONTINUES) Mrs. Ann Benny of Ben Avon, Pennsylv~nla, this i8 for you, 14re. Benny: No, the Broadway lights do not remain lighted all nlgh~...~oet of the blazing bulbs are doused at 1 A.~i .... The para~nount Theatre Building, by the way~ is only lighted on week-end J nights -- to impress the vlsltir.g population, ~ho, I'm afraid, don~t care a continental. Leo Cooper of At~-anta, J~-Jah, would like to ~now wh~te~er became of that pl~us that went to the far north on a tip that the remalns of two fliers had been found...The tlp I told about during one of my first broadcasts...Well, Leo, Itm glad you mentioned it... I am now at liberty to reveal my source .... I spoke to Joseph : Connolly~ head man for the ~nternation~l News Service, abmut it yesterday, and he explained that he imagined that his agents there, were waiting for the Spring to proceed along their risky and perilous Journey....For he hasnft had a word from them since. And that sir, ~nd all you other nice neighbours, brings another of our shows to its finale. Don't forge~ -- and reach for a LUOKY 8TRIEE Dance Hour on Tuesday night when Shat magic oaz~u of curse is going to flirt with that old debbill Short Wave, with the hope that no erratic static will mess up our hop to Berlin .... Come on Clarence O~amberlln, help Winchell find the way to Gezm~any-- aB expertly as you did it in the June of '~7. Untll Tuesday night at the ~m~ time, then -- ~ Bi~n my stor)~-Walter Winohell--your New York correspondent -- who just learned that Primo Camera, the Italian heavyweight, has turned whoops. my dear, ...he,s wearing a string of ginger ~Idgets--~.' RTX01 0031046
Page 169: 0060233180
CLOSING ANNOUNCE~t~NT_: (OPTIONAL) Pleas,~ rem~ber, in LD~KY STRIKE you ge~ the dellcious goodness of the~ Cream of many Crops - and the priceless throat protection of 'the exclusive "TOASTING~' Process which includes the u~e of moderr~ Ult~a Violet R~ys~ Sunshine mellows - heat purifies. LUCKIES are alWay~ kind to your throat. Than~ yo%1. :+ ~'But Not For Me" from "Girl Crazy" was played by special permission of the copyright owners. The LUCEY STRIXE Dance Hour has come to you from Ne~ York City, Los Angeles and Ban Francisco, California, through the facilities of the National Broadcasting Company. i AGENCY/WINCHELL/CO/Chilleen iI 3132 00310~2
Page 170: 0060233180
e~oept on dramatic pro~reme, which depend on a succession of thought.) WEAF TI~: ( ) LUCKY s RrKE OANSE ( )C ) IQ;.OQ - Ii'.00 P, M. January 26th, 19~2 TUESDAY (THEME SONG. .. 0RE CHORUS OF "HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN" WITH) VOCAL REFRAIN. IIn~WDIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCER. HOWARD CLANEY: T.adles and gentlemen, the LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes. Tonlghtfs LUOKY STRIKE Dance Hour will again attempt to defy space and time - for tonight we are taking you thousands of miles away from New York, by short wave ... over oceans and continents to Berlin, Germany, where you will hear the premier Marek-Webber Dance 0zchest~a - and from New York, one of North Amerioale dance groups - Joe Moss and his Orchestra - and the one and only Walter Winohellp of the New york Daily Mirror - whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomor;ow. Mr. Walter Winehell| W.~LTER WINOHELL: : Good evening, ur. and Hrs. Star spangled Banner, and over- VNE GATE8 DEUTSCHLAND| Please/look my nervousness tonlght,ladles and gentlemea. ' But ever since Frankensteln, I mean that darn old Short Wave, acted up on our pareej France hook-up - llve become a bit of a 8keptlo , My boss, Mr. LUCKy 8TRIKE, has spoiled ~ne, I kno- ... I guess I was too accustomed to li@htning-tlmed connections - for London o~me through llke an old pal, as did Havana, and our palr of contacts with 8outh America ...'' (i~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES 5~.XT PAGE) ,q1" O I 00310,1-8
Page 171: 0060233180
MR. WINCHELL: : (CONTINUING) But, oh, that New Ye~rls Eve nightmare ~hen that tv:o-timlng short wave double-crossed Pare~ and Walter - of THDSE WINCHELLSL However, let:s hope hardt that tonlght:s l~ap ovo~ to the Old Oount~y is blessed with a sweet break, so that we all may enjoy the melody magic of ~LAREK WEBBEH, the finest ORCHESTPA PLATING FROM THE CApITOL OF GE~ANY! Letts go, FrS~nk - flip that switch ... here ve go! .,, H~rya Old Orchard Beach, Maine! Hello, Newfoundland! Ta];e off your chin-spinach, I know you, King Neptune! ... Look! ... That was the coast of Ireland! ... Hello, King George! ... Harya, King Albert - therets the P~hine! :~ ON WITH THE DANOE, ~itAP~. WEBBERt. (WHISTLE) OKAY, BERLIN! ! | GEI~AN AN'JOUNCER: Welcome, ladle8 and gentlemen, of the United 8tares. Germany and Marek ~ehhe~ greet you across three thousand l%iles of water with ... ) ) ) ) GEPd~AN A[~NOUNCER: And ~%ow we return y,~ fro~ Berlin, across Germany and the ~',ine - flashing over tho broad Atl~tlc to l~anhattan 8,ud ,Walter Winchell. (~HISTLE) OKAY, NE~' YOREI AI-W,O 1003 ] 049
Page 172: 0060233180
WALTER W INCH~LL: Ahhh - shahs, shahs, ga.hnz Hoot, BARE-LINN, so fine, so fine ~.. Ioh cannot sprecken deutsch so hot, Germany - but you catch on, donlt you? ... I mean to tell you that it was plenty pretty ... This is where Herr Walter gives them the Winohellow-down, then Joe Noss toys with some tunes, and then we signal you again, Professor - In the meantime, Hans (H-A-N-B) ACROSS THE SEA! And lissen here - Short Wave - thanks for being so kind - youlve made me a~ happy as Marlene Dietrich in a windstormL Before going into She usual routine, Er. and Mrs. Tune~-Ynne~, I want to hurl a bravo and rue aheers at Dr. F~ederlck Robinson, president of the College of the City of New Yore ... because Dr. Robinson was the first of the dignified tutors to come out and giv~ a spanking in print to the type of pedagogues, who say anything, to get publicity fo~ their schools ..~ Of course~ Dr. Robinson meant those yan Dyck bearded fello~s ~ ~ho ~ould have you believe that youlre amoron - if you whletle - and ditto if you play bridge ..~ And I enjoyed reading the slap on the wrist he gave to that professo~ who last year, urged all young ~uen to be snobs to become a success ... So consider yourself saldted, si~ - by the entire Lucky 8trlke audience -- for saying that welye all been thi~i~g ... You esej ladies and gentlemen, I happen to know that those not-so-dlgnlfied ~ducators a~ in ~he publicity departments of their respeotlve oellegee ... and it is something to groan about when our universities and other places of ~arninz, come down to the level of a Flea circus ballyhooer - or did I just hear someone say - "a WinchellD'??? (L~. r¢INaK.L~LL CO_~TINUES NEXT PAGE) ~]-HO 1 0031050
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-4- NR. WINOHELL: (CONTINUING) The current gossip of the Broadway places, tells of LeI~ Codyt8 new heartbeat8 - and that the popular Oody may go hitch-hiklng with phyllis Crane ... Rod La Roque and his wife, Vilma Banky~ are plotting a return to the ~uagic lanterns~ and Eddie Cantor oalls his fifth and youngest child: ,,Five 8tar Final". They would have me believe that since Clarence Brown, the able director, and Mona Marls called it a d~zy~ th~.t he is American Tel and Telling it to Estelle Taylor ... The Joel McCrae and Dorothy Jordan photograph looks lovely even without a frame ... It probably will startle and lift the eyebrows of the movie crowd to learn this ... That the leading lady for the film version of the "Red-Headed Woman. novel~ may be a little glrl no~J appearing with Lenore Ulrlets play~ "Social Reglster% in Mm~hattan ... Her name is Helen Tucker~ and while her contract won,t be signed until her screen test is inspected - Hiss Tucker is the Number One candidate for the much-desired assiF~u~ent ... The chln-ema maznates up to no~, have called her the most enehmntlng of the red-heads ... No~ that the Tom Gallerys (she is gazu Pltts) have decided to have the rivets melted - the eo~amentators believe that M.~. gallery v~ill try to win the contagious looking leading lady of the one and only movletone short I ever made - Madge Evans - ~;ho ~ade that comuotion picture easier to look upon and listen to. (iL~. "7INCP~LL 0ONTI~ES NEXT PA,]E) 81~01 0031051
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_~, WINCHELL: CONTINUING) I heard the following tales up here at the broadcasting 8tatlon this evening, and now I feel better - for if the real big names of the stage and screen can get marbles in their mouths before the mike, so can Mrst W:s Walter ... D, W. GTiffith, f'rinstanee - who h~s told so many stars where to get off - cantt get on himself when it comes to looking a microphone straight in the face ... Mr~ Griffith was scared silly when he tried acting natural before a mike, and vowed he|d never try i~ again .~. Ramon Navarre, they tell me, had to call for a chair, because his knees quivered like jelly, and TWo Gun Bill Hart, who'll show you the pistols Jesse James used when you call at his home - trembled like "Now that that debutante who~ when called to the mike, said: ~youtve all heard me, maybe youIll get a chance to see me some day|" ... X know that you all got a stitch in your sides when you heard that Deb say that ~.~ Among other things, live been wondering about, is why - whenever any of the Barrymores open in a show or new photoplay, the others in the Barrymore tribe send an apple - which means something OF othe~ .., I haven't written to Ethel, John or Lionel to flnd out - because that would spoil the fun of w@ndering ... Another thing that stumps me is why dlce-shootlng is part of the Logic Course at tbe New York University ... Considering that dice-shooting, or Juggling the fickle and aggravating cubes, £s g~bling, ~hich is against the law ...~.. (~. WINOHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) \ ,'-31 ~01 0031052
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- 6 -- ~R. WINCHELL: (aONTINUING) And speaking of dloe~shootlng, reminds me that it was Mayor Walker, who once said that the most natural thing on Broadway was a 8EVEN! ... I never found out, either, if it is a fact that In Joan Bennettls home on the coast - h~r lovely head is carved onto tiny figures of a girlish form on all of her furniture. But I did learn that the lad who wrote that stirring "Ladies of the Bi~ House", will never see that movie ... because hsls doing from NOW ON in one of our better known Whets ~uosegows ... And that Sally O~Nelll has ts/~en the place of Agnes Ayres at Lewis ~ilestonet s elbow.. Did you see th~ knock-out picture of Lola Lane, the chln-ema charmer in todaTIs paper? Is she good-lookln, l But say - imagine getting the gate because youlre too good-l~oklng! That would never happen in the flickers, but it happened to Lola Lane, before she got to HollyWood. Lola hails from Ioway - her daddy is a ~ out there - and Lola was working In a store in Des Holnes ... when the.boset wife happened in - and zowie! Lola was bounced. And now~ ladies and gentlemen friends, meet a friend of mine, Howard Clane¥, Tell them, Howard, why they ought to reach fo~ a Lucky instead.. Rg O'l 00310S3
Page 176: 0060233180
HOWARD CLANEY. Donlt risk throat i~zltation by ea~elsssness in vou~ cholcs of cigarettes. Reach for a LUCKY insteadl Remember, 20,679 Amevloan physielans have In Lucky strike, you get Of many Crops - ~ the stated Luckies to be less irritating. the worldls finest tobaccos - the Or4~m throat protection of the exolusive "TOASTING" Process. A mouent ago, Walter Uinchell told you about that lovely; ~tar, of talking pictures, who~ father im a physician - Lola Lane. HoW well Miss Lane knows the necessity of guarding her throat| For two years, she has been a LUCKY smoker ... and she ~rltes: "I know mF LUOKIES - my th=oat told ze the first time I smoked one, how klnd they are. LUOKIES are the only cigarettes I c~ smoke before Biu~In~, that do not ~ive me a so~e throat." Heat purifies - sunshine mellows - and the exclusive "TOASTING" ProcesB includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Bays. When you reach for a LUCKY, you get the finest tobacco quality - plus throat protection. More and more people every day, are reaohln4 for & LUCKY. WQ are p~oud of t~at fact - and ~lad that because of it, we can employ more salesmen than ever before - at full wages! r And now Whil~ Berlin) Germany, i~ m~rkin~ time .... Joe Moss and his delightful crew, who triumphed for us a few w~eks ago - will star again ,.. And noW, Joe Moss, you tell thom the tags of your tunes. / THO | 0031054
Page 177: 0060233180
Good evening, Lucky Strike Dancers. ,) ) i . . ) , , L , ) JOE ~OSB ." ~eI re golng to Kowp to keep this LUOKY STRIKE Dance Hour going, I simply have to say - OKAY, ~ALTER WINCHEDL! WALTER 'TINO~LS: • Ve~-/ well done, ~oe Mo~ ... I have a date with Moward Ulamey here, and then our m~io carpet is gslng to out-Lindy Oha~e Augustus and all the other aces who merged the continents - ~iok you upj ~galn, Joe - when we return from BeTlin, ~0WARD C~A[~EY: It takes time and money to make Lucky 8trlke, the finest cigarette you ever smoked| It takes an Investment of nearly one hundred million dollars in the worldtm oholoeat tobacco leaves - the cream of m~v C~e! But even after this vast ~upplF i~ gathered, i% takes three ze~s for a Lucky to be bgr~ ... three years of lelsurel¥ aging - of mellowing - so that Mother Nature and Father Time can bring out the be~t thatts in the fine tobacco. T~hen the scientific LuckF 8trl~e "TOAeTYNG" Process takes out those certain h~rsh irritants that arc ~ present in every tobacco leaf - yes~ EV~Y tobacco leaf regardless of prise or kind| (KR. CLANEy OONTI.k~JK~ ON NEXT PAGE) 0091055
Page 178: 0060233180
-- 9 -- _I~R. OLANEY: (CONTINUING) With the benefit of heat ... and with the benefits of modern Ultra Violet Rays, the "TOASTING" Process steels them - drlv~s them out. And so you see, to make Lucky ~trlke the fine st cigarette you ever ~oked, it takes science ... it takes money ... it takes time. It takes three years for a Lucky to be beryl - STATION BREAK - WALTER VINC,HELL: See that 8verybody has a comfortable cushion, Howls - because that magic carpet of ours is going to bt~p the funnels every liner on the high seas ... Come on now, Hazel Flynn and Ashton Stevens of Chicago - out out all that complaining just because you're not sitting on aisle seats ... Now, Isntt that just like critics, folks ... Hazel is a movie critic," and Ashton belittles the actors ... Well, ~r. Lucky Strike - I~II show you how to make a lot of ae6ors happier - there now - thatls pushlhg Hazel and Ashton right back into "Lake MichiGan| Now, letts get goln' to Gerhanyl ... BF way of the Southern routs to ... Gosh - Z havenlt sighted a liner yet - we musta passed los all~...~ Thsrelre the Azorest - and those ~ere the Canary Islands ... Hullo, Portugal| ~ Harya, M'drid? ON WITH TH~ DANCE, MAREK WEBBER| (WHISTLE) OEAy~ BARE-LINN | ~TR01 0031056
Page 179: 0060233180
- 10- ~.Epa~ A~OUY~ZR~ No matter what route you take, Mr. Winohsll, you certainly get here fast. ~ow, radio audlenoe, of the United States, Marek Webber plays . ..... • , ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ~E Ri~N ANNOYNOER: In jus~ a fsw houre~ the early-fleers here in Berllne Will be on their way to worY~ and now we dash back to the United States - and to B~o~dw~y, where the lights &re hu=ni~g hri~htast,~ and the n~ght life Just begi~Ing. ~' (WHISTLE) OKAY, NNW YOREZ' WALTE2 WZNOHE~L: Dellghtful~ Herr V, ebber ... it was nloe to meet you this ~ay. Meam you a~In soon. I hops .,. 8%7 hello, to Max Relnhardt, the producer, and tell Fen Hindenburg, X saw hle niece, the Baroness, on 59th 8t~eet yesterday, and she seemed very happy. 0WF-VE~DEBZAN~I Germany - and happlsr days| Here are some items you probably never knew before ... Did you know, frlxample - that the expression "Oalamlty Jane" comes from the nlokname of a gal who once carried mail? ... ~0al~it~ Jane" was always worried that the worst was going to h~ppen and General Miles and General ouster found that out when she was an aide to them,,.... (~R. WINCHELL CONTIi~JES NEXT PAGE) ~ l':,~O I 003105?
Page 180: 0060233180
11- Did you know tha,t an Afrloan town was named after s21 Amerloan president? .... It i~ Monrovia- the Capitol 02" Liberia .,. Or that John D. Rookefeller, 8r., ~ad@ his first money r~ising turkeys when he ~a@ seven? ... He kept ~u aeoount in a ledgerw to% and itls still in @xisteno@ ... And thls one floored me when I heard it - that if you h~ve good ms/%ners - then~ when youlre rldlD~ in a taxicab with ~ lady - she mu~t 81t on y%ur 1.1ght . .. Most fellows, he.ever, prefer having them sit on their l&p~ I know ... And that~ in these days, a oheok is entitled to at least one bounce~ and that there is a restmurant on West 47th Street in New York - where you eanlt buy a drlnkt And here ate some other notes I ~ottsd do~n fez tonight , .. That the highest oolla=s in town~ ate worn by good old Daniel Frohman, and the lowest by ~orenz Zlegfeld ... It wan Queen Elizabeth, as you know, who first wore 811k-stooklnge - but it was Mr. Ziogfeldte ohozue-glrl-oholre who made them popular ... Whenever D'Annunzlo declde~ to give a glrl the well-Enown air - he doesnlt ~rlte ~he~ a l~tt~ o~ tell it to he~ fac~ - D,~nnunzlo merel~ ~eud~ he~ on~ lil~ In a la~g~ box .... And h~r~le an obs~vatlon that kept m~ oh~Ok1~n~ ail the ~ay ~ome last nlgh% ~.. Thr~e oullud ~treet urchins m~e quite a flying every intermission t~me by doing the Oharleston ~d etcher footwork vn the pavements in front of the Times 8que2o amusement temples... The intermlsslon smokers chuck coins at the kids - ~.~d th~i~ business has prospered so ~ell - that theylvo hired a manager| °.o (~R. ~INOh~LL ~ONT~NUE$ NEXT PAGE) f~]'~01 003'1058
Page 181: 0060233180
He ~is a white boy about nine years old, and his duties include ~atohi~ fo~ the approach of policemen, and he plcke up the threw money on the sidewalk ... The three cullud dancers pay the nine year old manager, fifteen percent of the gross °.; Oh yes - his last name is Ooldbe~gl Nillle Ezne, who represents th6 New YoTk Wo~Id- Telegram, over &t the West Side Night Court, thought that the following would prove invaluable to applicants for Jobs ~Ith the New York Fire Departmen~ ... The one question that stumps a feller who app]lesto be a fireman, is thl8 test: ,What piece sf fire " apparatus wontt go up a one-way street~" NeveT in the history of the lo~al fire department has anyone answered it correctly - but the correct answer~ and thank Willie Kane~ is) "A Fire Boat|" Ineldentslly~ I know a poor guy who just won a spelling bee - which ba/e him from ever becoming a movie magnate| /~ And he~e!e a elam written b¥ a paper that went out of buslrsss laet week ~.. Letle read it, and make it publlo - and prove concluelvel~ that I~ not so hard to slam ... Slamming a revolving door ie much harder. "The eolumnlete~, begins the editorial poked.have made Broadway what i~ is today~ a glamorous fiction of th01r own cre~tioa, but it has no% helped tha legitimate theatre in the leaet. (~ WINCHELL CONTINUES h~XT PAGE) £1"N01 0031059
Page 182: 0060233180
13 - ~: CONTINUING) ,This is because the Broadway of Wlnohell is an utterly false, unreal world of his own creatlon, and not the true picture ... Row many respectable people read the stuff written by these Broadway paragraphers? Mighty few of them, if any. Cn the other hand, the glnchell~ ate avldlF read by every boy and ~irl who goes to the movies, and Who rides in the subway." Now, ladies and gentlemen, iB that w~ite~ dizzy, or is he dizzy? Say| Mr. Editorial Writer - whose paper just folded up (I refer to the New York Review) since when were the merle-goers and subway riders classed as ,unreepectable"? And while weirs on the subject of Little White Way Lies - here are some false statements I warn the out-of-towner to beware of ~hen he comes to NeW York ... Dealt believe these signs on Broadway - I mean the ones that say: "Fire Sale ... Positively Last Dayl" .... "The Best Show in Town", oF that most amusing legend in hug~ type that statee~ "Tickets Purchased f~om Speculators gill Posltlvely Be Refused At the Door|". ' And, oh yes1 The theatre ads that say: "Curtain at 8:30". ". I want to thank the United Press for letting me swipe this dispatch, which helps me a lot to drive home a point .o~ Every time I use a Joke on a Scotsman in my column in the paper - the next dayts mail brings ms several complaints from sensitive Scots who forget that as a Jester, I also toll jokes on the Irish, the Swedes, the Hebrews, and myself .... (~. WINCEELL COnTInUES NEXT PAGE~ FITHO 1 003 IOBO
Page 183: 0060233180
fIR. WINCHELL: (0ONTINUIEG) However, the esteemed United Press correspondent from Glasgow~ sent in this tiny item ... Itll read it as I found it - it follows - "The ~lest school in the wo~id, located in the Ayrshire district, near Glasgc~, and with only One pupil, has been cloBed- for reaBone of ECON0~I" The best of the Scot jokesj by the way~ was the one they told around town when fliers were vying with each other to span the ocean. They told about a Scot who ~eolded that he would bring glory to his Scotland~ inasmuch as every other country ha@ been so honored by some brave native~ So he promoted a 'plane, and was just about to take off, when his wife said: ,,Sandy, how manM sandwiches shall I buy fo~ you?" "Buy only one,~ he weplied, ~l may n~ve~ get therel" ' Now - that was a funny gag in Itn time - but it was exactly what LindF told a pal Jus~ before be solold hls way to reaowno ~ And th~n thereCs this fact th~ happened in one of the BroadWay hot-spots the other night .... Norman Anthony, a bit of a Scotsman himself, and the editor of Ballyhoo, was going gay in a whoopee asylum ... When he was leaving and went to claim his hat from the checkroom bandits, he placed a dollar bill on the counter ... 'The glrl picked up the dollar and slid it into a slot and said: "Thanks|" (HR. WINCHELL OONTINUE8 NEXT PAGE) Rl'~O I 0031061
Page 184: 0060233180
- 15 - MA. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) "Just a minute," cried Norman, "Gimr2e back 75 cents, I only parked it - I didnlt want it blooked$" Now I know why Howard Claney is one of the better radio announcers - he used to be an actor. His voice is so clef.r, and he puts his facts so simply, that itls easy t o follow his reasoning, Tonight, helo here on busidess - in fact, we all arc - because itts by selling Luokles we are able to pay the entertair~:e~ bill ,.. Howard Claney! HOWARD CLANEY: Like vigilant outposts of a great empire, expert tobacco buyers for The American Tobacco Company are constantly on duty in more than IO0 tobacco markets all over the world, There they stand - with keen eye and ready purse - to obtain the Cream of many tobacco Crops~ There you have the ~ of the worldts finest cigarette - Lucky 8trlke% Why only the beginning? Simply because everytobaooo leaf naturall~ contains harsh, biting irritants, And so we employ the famous and exclusive "TOA8TING" Process, which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays, to expel these certain h~sh irritants, Thatls purity for you~ That,s throat protection for you! And so thousands of business executives, actors, adresses, opera singers, lawyers, and others whose voices are precious to them, reach for a LUCKY instead. One of these famous people is Alexander Kipnls, the great Russian basso of the Chica4~o Civic Opera, (MR. CLANEy CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) FII" ~0 'I 0031062
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- 16- ~. OLAf: (CONTINUING) Here is what Alexander Eipnis recently told us: "We of the opera must never forget to ~ard our throats zealously. Thatls why IIma Lucky smoker. For Luckles give me throat protection llve never found in other cigarettes." And you, ladies and gentlemen who are listening in tonight, you also must guard your throats zealously. ThatVs why we urge: "~31our th~qat wlth ha.rsh irritants - reach for a ~ucky instead1" - 8_TATION B~LEAK ~ WALT ~R WINCHELL: And now to hear Joe Moss and his entertalning crew again. OEAy~ MR. HOSS- yoo take it from Eike NulubeT Three| JOE I~OER Our n~bers will be ,, .... ) , ) ) , , ) JOE ~0SS: :. Because ¥outre the et~r~ Walter, you can continue t ~e Lucky Strike Dance Hour, from Mike N~1~ber One. OKAy, WALTER WINGHELL| OO3 IO63
Page 186: 0060233180
- 17 - WALTER WINC}~LL: Very good~ Joe Hose - Zl~ sure they were de!ightod with ynu and your boys ... I thi~ I1ve just enough time to acknowledge a letter or so, Marie Dunn of Los Angeles, this is for you, Marie - Yes, thatls quite true. ~any of the chorus girls are very superstlti~us and they really think thg.t if they buy a new make-up box for their undressing rooms - that it izeans they will go through a series of heartaches. Harold Arlen of Syracuse, New York ... Thanks, a~<,ow, ~r~ Arlen. But Z used that in the column weeks ago ,.. No, $ do not sing the signature ~ong - i~ has been expertly canaried for a lonE time now, by a pleasant chap n~ed Theo Alban~ who never asked ~or publicity, which is why itvs a pleasure to surprise him this W&yo Mildred Nowhall of Kansas City - Thanks for your l@tt8r~ Hildreds but your poem is too bonE for the column. I n~vor hot the verse run over slxteon lines ... 8ome night soon, I hope, we'll be saying, "Ok%v~ K~n~s Oity", ~ust a~ ~oon ~s my bos~ arranges for one of your fine orchestras there. (MR. WINCHELL CONTI~]E$ NEXT PA3E) n I'NO'I 0031064,
Page 187: 0060233180
- 18 - INCUELL: iG TI INQ) Phll Stack of Brooklyn -Itve been explaining all along, phil, that Ben Bernie ~d Win~hell~ are merely trying to out smart-aleck each other ~ .. Ben pokes fun at me, and I poke it ~ght back, thatls all ... The other night on the Tazzi% frixax:ipl% Bernie wlseoraeked that I once was arrested for oarrylng concealed - - money| 801 phil, in this morhingI8 column, I mean the one released in NeW York today, I told the TRUE story about the ti~e Bernie was on the Palace NeW York stage, and he noticed a famous cartoonist sitting in a box seat ... So Bernie got flip and said to the audience: "I donlt think ~TII tell my best jokes this afternoon, because if I do - theyTll be in the cartoons|" Well~ Harry Hershfleld, who was the cartoonist sitting in the box - jumped up and shouted: "Mr. Bernie - your best jokes HAVE BEEN IN CARTOONSL" And that,ladles and gentle~n, and BB out there in Chicago - concludes tonlghtls Lucky 8trlke Dance Hour ... On Thursday night~ please be our guests again, and come With us to Lexington, Vlrglnia~ to hear Bernie Cummins, and his boys play the Fancy Dress Ball at W&shlngton & Lee University in Lexington, Vee-ay. On Saturday night, we ire going to tune in on Jack Denny agaln~ playing from Montreal, and Herble Kaye, playing from Chicago. So reach for & Lucky 8trlke Dsnoe Hour Thursday night~ and in the meantime, reach for that package of LUCKIES you are to smo~e p if you are not already smoking them. Until ~sday night~ then, I ~emaln your New York correspondent~ Walter Winehell - who found out that the only trouble with Hollywood is that it shoots too many movies - t.nd not eno~gh ACTORST. (Dontt forgetThuzsd~%v night - thatls a date, novI~) ATX01 0031065
Page 188: 0060233180
- 19 - (OPTIONAL) (SIGNATURE) CLOSING AN~SUNCE~NT~ H~VARD CLANEY: Please remembc~ LUCKY STRIKE offers you tho finest tobacco qualttF - tho C~e~ of many O~op8 - PLUS the threat protection of the exeluslve "TOASTING" Process. LUOKIE8 are always kind to your throat. Thank you| The Lucky Strike D~%nce Hour has oozJe to you from New York City~ and Berlin, Gsr,~any, through the facilities of tho National Broadcasting OompanF. • z w" J !TINCHELL:AGENCY:OO 1/26/32 AIMO I 0031066
Page 189: 0060233180
NOTE TO ANNOUNCER: WEAF ( )( i0:00 - ii:00 P. ~. (THE'EE SONG ... HOWARD CLANEY: (Make local announcements every fifteen minutes except oH dre/natic pro rams, which thought.~ depend on a succession of TI : ( ) THE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUR ) ~th_h~_l193_~ THURSDAY ONE CHORUS OF "HAPPy DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN", WITH VOCAL REFRAIN. I~/2EDIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCER.) Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour~ presented for your pleasure, by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes - sixty moderm minutes, with the worldas finest dance orchestras. Tonlghtts orchestra comes to you from the Fancy Dress Ball of Washington and Lee University at Lexington, Virginia - a~d, from New York City~ the one and only Walter Winchell, of the New York Daily Mirror, whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrowL Mr. Walter Winchell|t| WALTER WINSHELL: Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Tuner-lnner, and all your little T-I'sL ... Tonlghtis tour of the Lucky Strike ~asic Carpet - will carry you back to Ole Virginny - into the happy little city of Lezington, Tee-AT - to hear Bernie Ctunmins and his rootin'- tootiners play the melodies for the Washington and Lee prom| 8% come on you yankee-Doodlers from all ove~ these Better-Than-Most-People-Think-United-gtatesl ~.. Weare off to find a welcome waiting for us down in the State that cradled more of our Presidents than any other State, (2&q. WINCHELL OONTINL~ES NEXT PAGE) A1 01 003'1067
Page 190: 0060233180
- 2 - ~, WINCMELL! (CONTINUING) WeVre making a visit to one of our oldest sohools~ which was named Washington College when the father of our country endeared it in 178~, and whet% after the Civil War~ that grand old gentleman of the South, General Robert E. Lee, served as President until his death, when the name was changed to the one we all know so well - "Washington and Lee Univers~yn6 The mld-year Fancy Dress Ball, which the student-body is having this week-endj is in celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of Washlngton0s birth - 1732-1932, ~tas a grand party, and wo want to get in on ft. So, here we come, Blue Ridge Eountalns - Try and stop us| ... Not with fifty-one radio stations from border to border and coast to coast, giving us the right oUway to ride the sky| Letis all go collegiate! ON WITH THE DANCEp BERNIE CUI~IN8| (WHISTLE) OKAY, LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA1 ANNOUNCER: You are now in Lexington, Virginia, about one hundrcd fifty miles southwest of Washlngton, D. C..,~ In fact, you*re in the Doremus Memorial Gymnasium on the campus of Washington and Lee Unlveraity, where Bernie Ctu~ains and his Orchestra are all ready to play ... ) ) ) ) {~TN01 003 I068
Page 191: 0060233180
-3- ANNOUNCER: NoW, the Lucky Strike Magic Carpet, takes us out of Virginia, the state famous for its Presidents, pretty girls and fine Lucky Strike Tobacco - back to Walter and his Winohellingo. (WHISTLE) OEAY~ NEU YORKt WALTER WINCHELL: Thank Fou, Bernie Su,.~mins ... That was splendid - stand by, Ct~,zulns - this is where }&re. Winchellls blab little boy, Walter, tries to live up to one of his reputations - I ize~n the one entitled, "The Nan with a Load of Mischief": ... So he )ut in his thtu.~b, and he took out a plump, and he said: ,,'~hot a bad boy azl I!" But I have gwelegant company ... Professor William ~athe~s, frlxaz*ple ... prof. ~athews has just released his book which he has christened lILiter&~y Style", and he 8aye, Smother other Wild thin~s, that ~no g~eat deeds are ever done by fat men. That they &re too sl~gglsh to set the world on fire." Wellj yo~/ can always Leave it to a profesgo~ of something or other, to say anything silly llke that ..° See here, Professor|Jo.. How about Balzac? - Dr. Johnson? - p. T. B~.n~:~? - Brigham Young? - and what abcut paul Whiteman? The late John Benny - Gilbert K. Cheeterton - John ~eCormack - percy Haml:lond, and Napoleon, ~?ho when he had the oh:race, bec~e a roly-poly boy? (I~. WINCEELL C~NTINLrES NEXT PAGE) £]'~01 0031069
Page 192: 0060233180
M~. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) And, professor, you might add to that list of worth- whiles (~vho werenft sluggish, though they were pretty pl~np) - such names as ~illiam Howard T&ft - Theodore Drelser - Di~ond J~m Brady - Babe Ruth - and dear old Irvin 8. Cobbt ... Now, professor, please go sit on a tack. The items you read here and there about Buddy Rogers and his alleged Love Life, are just false alarms ..; Buddy Rogers serves some of the pretties in New York as an escort, perhaps, but he isnlt serious ~Tith any of them ... The real and only love in Buddy's young career, is a home-town sweeten-hearten - and one day, they will make some preacher in Olathe (OH-LAY-THA) Kansas, two dollars richer ~.. Nmlcy CarrollIs ex-hobby - I mean, hubby - who is christened Jack Kirkl~d, arrived by 'plane from Hollywood yesterday, because his newest heatwave - told him that three thouzand miles was too much distance - for people who were That Way about each other o.. 80~ Mr. Ki~kl~ud winged his to Broadway and his new honey - the beautiful Roberta Robinson - ~ho was the most pursued show glrl in the late l~and Wagons lah-de-dah . .. The J~.les Dunn-June Knight sitoh-ee-ay-shun has James fretting ... Be mu~t return to the studios in the west soon ~ leaving his adored one, June Knight - to the mercy of New York, the critics and the other ~olves who will inspect her dancin~ in a soon-due musical show ... The talk had it, you know - that James Dunn and Miss Knight, would middle-aisle it when she arrived - but they are mazking time, instead ... And James is a little worried. (MR. WII~CHELL CONTINUES ~EXT PAGE) A'~MO [ 0031070
Page 193: 0060233180
~-5- ~Rx_~WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) I want to thank the publisher and editor of The Denver Post - my newest newspaper - for permitting me to join its staff ... The Denver post ranks among the first half dozen best A~erican newspapers ... 8o, thank you, publisher and editor, Frederick G, Bonfils| .,. And he~% sir, in return for the distinction of making me one of your correspondents is a bit of scoopie ... When the new Orpheum Theatre opens in Denver on Februa~j Fourth - the last brick to be placed in that new ~usec.~ent temple, will be a solid gold one, sent from Hollywood by Gir~r Ro~ers, the movie star .~. Ginger - I am told - is a Denver-born gal -which Denver waB not aware of - because so many of the movie magazines listed her birthplace elsewhere ... Joe Cook, oTiglnally of Evansville, Indiana, who msde the Four HaWaiians popular - until they landed on the front pages, was legally melted, you know, many months ago ... Well, Joe Cook is courting again - ~;ith a former Texas Gulnan n~ilph, christened Alice Boulden - and the talk has it around Broadway that Alice is trousseau shopping and window-wishing between shows on her current Cookie Tour. One of the most interesting jobs I ever wrote about was the j~b held some time ago, and probably to this daF - by a messenger boy in Boston. He is named "Splke"Davls, and the legend had it that 8plke made about TWo Hundred Dollars a week in wages and tips - mostly the latter, of course. (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUE8 NEXT PAGE) ~]'X01 0031071
Page 194: 0060233180
- 6¸ -- M~. WINCHELLZ (O0NTINUING~ Splkels speei~Ity~ they told me, was carrylng securities for stock brokers fn Boston, t0 New york ,;. His other duties (during his interesting routine) included serving as guardian Or companion for elderly ladles or children who have to travel between those cities ~.. But most interestlng to me~ was hearing that a client would engage the messenger to s.oeompaay a wife or sweetheart on a train tip - so that the women would not be annoyed by flirts and others ~.~ A most~un~sual Job, you ~lll admit - and what I want to know - is who watches SpikeI? Here is somethln~ that st~2tled me into ~ fit of cheers - the grand epe~a who says that audiences at B~oa~ay musical shows are more discriminating thau audiences at Grand Opera. It was Everett Marshall, who ~ade that crack the other yawning - and believe you Wlnchell, Everett Marshall ought to kaon! He is the man who amazed the Great ~Cnlt8 Way b~ leaving a star position in the Metropolitan Opera to sing in George Wh~ets Scandals - and his b~itcne voice has b~come one of tl%e blg~e~t sen~tion~ B~Oad~;~y has heard in years, And now~ Howard Claney will tell you what you will get in that padage of LUOKIES - For my part, I know he is right. I smoke them myself, you know. f~[NO~ 0031072
Page 195: 0060233180
-7- HOW~D CLANEY: ~hen you smoke a LUCKY, the first thing you will notice, will be that delicious flavor - the flavor of the worldTa finest tobaccos - a flavor that is developed to the utmost by the LUCKY STRIKE "TOASTING" Process. The second thing you will notice will be how kind, how smooth LUCK, S are to your throat. LUCKIES canlt help but be kind because before a LUCKY comes to you, certain irritants are expelled and that accounts for LUCKIE8 decided mildness~ its smoothness. Heat purifies - sunshine mellows. You know that that is so. Remember those facts when you taste your mellow LUCKY. Everett Marshall, about whom Kr, Winchell has just told you, is one of our good LUCKY friends. Hear what he has to Bay: ~rl keep LUCKIE8 in my dressing-room. I donft want to t~(e an irritated throat on the sts~e and LUCKIES and throat proteetlon go hand in hand.'f Mr. Marshall and all our other friends, we are proud of your constantly increasiilg patronage, and we are glad, because of you~ kindness, your approval and your favor, ~e are able to employ more people in our LUCKY STRIKE factories, more LUCKY STRIKE salesmen than ever before to bring you this finest of all cigarettes. WALTER WINCMELL~ - STATION BREAK - And now to return to Lexington, Virginia - to the ~ashington and Lee Fancy Dress Ball and Bernie Cu~tmi~sI crew of syneopaters| (MR. wINCHELL CONTI~CgES NEXT PAGE) R]-~O 1 003107'3
Page 196: 0060233180
-S- MR. WINC}~LL: (CONTINUING) Here we go - all the way fro~ New York torn and all the other cities, villages and whistle stops, right over the Mason-Dixon Line to shout: ON WITH THE DANCE, BELIE C~SIINS| OKAY, LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA!~ ANNOUNCER: TWenty-Sixth continues with Bernie (WHISTLE) The most ferrous co'.!ege dance of tho south, the Annual Fancy Dress Ball of Washington and Lee, CUmmins playing ... . ( ANNOTH~CER: ) ) ) Rigi~ oveP the heads of the folks in Washington, Annapolls~ Philadel)hia and Trenton, goes the Lucky Strike Express, from the cs/.~us of the ,generals" to the Broadway of WinchellTs. (V/HISTLE) OKAY, NEn YORK( WALTER WINCHELL: Fine, Bernie Cummins - tell my Virginia paper, the Richmond Ti~.~s-Dispatch, to snap some pretty pictures of those pretty girls - so we all can see what we missed| ... Right here, Cur~nins~ Howard Claney, another of Mr. Lucky StrikeI s word-jugglers sells his ciggles ... and then you throw it in high again. (MR. UINCHELL COETI~UE£ NEXT PAGE) f3T;KO 1 0031074
Page 197: 0060233180
~R, yNC3~: ~ONTZ~ZNG) And now~ Mr. and Mrs. Nits ~eople, you know that ~e send y~u thls entertalr~me~t~ so that we can call your attention to the cigarette made by Mr. LUCKY STRIKE - and we know that you are~ and have been most courteous to your host. ~nd so, here is our star attention-caller, Mr. Howard olaney, telling y6u vlhat to reach for, as well as a ENOKY STRIKE D~ce Hour| HOWARD CLAh~Y: Ladies and gentlemen - Do you realize what a world of care - and time - and effort - wh~t a wealth of money and pride goes into the perfection of your LUCKY STRIKE? In that LUCKY df yours, awe tobaccos harvested in 1929 - one - two - three ~ years agoZ Think of that - tobacco gathered by scores of experts all over the world - the Cream of many C~ops. Tobaccos that have been etorod for three whole years ..~ aging ... ~ipenlng ... mellowing - for it takes three years for a LUCKY to be bornl And then - after those years of gentle mellowlag - each shred of fragrant LUCKY STRIKE tobacco is given the wondrous benefits of that fam~is and ezcluslve LUCKY gTHIEE process - a process that only modern solenee could perfect. The extra, secret "TOASTING" Process that certain izrltants natuzally present in every tobacco leaf - a process that makes LUCKy STRIKE the purest of ~garettes, Modern science Joins hands wlth Mother Nature and Father Time - And so - you can clearly realize why it takes three years for a LUCKY to be born| - STATION BREAK - \. f~l'F~Ol 0031025
Page 198: 0060233180
N IQ WALTER WINCHELL: Thatms yoll again, Bernie Cu~m~ins, down there ON THE TRAIL OF THE LONESOBE pINEZ ... Keep us happy, Massa cummins| Let Vet ride| rrar~ Williams over there in the control room| ... Come on~ you LUCKY maglo carpet - take us back to the Washlugton and Lee F~cy D~sss Ball and Bernie Ctmlmlnsl crew| ON WITH THE DANCE, LEXINGTON! (WHISTLE) OKAY, YIRGINIAI ANNOUNCER: This time, Bernie Cummins will play ... C ( (, ( ANN0~CERR: ) ) ) .) NoW all you glr~s in Fancy Dress costumes t~hich make us believe welre back in the days of Hartha Washington, be careful of Four skirts because itls a fast rideL (WHISTLE) OKAY, ~ YO~ WALTER WINOHELL: you Th~iks/again, Bornle Cummins~ and when youTre near Danvi11% Virginia, throw a kiss for me to 48~ Jefferson 8treet in that city - because thatts where I used to be happy ~hen I was seven, eight and nine years old. (~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) 191"H0 J 003 I 0?6
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This 18 where I put the second edition of our Lucky Strike Gazette to press~ Oummlns - itll throw you a signal in & whilel 8t~nd by ~ bi~-ti~% And here's something that was sent to me to keep our New York heads from s~elling up any larger ... I am informed that the largest electrically lighted letters are not on New York's Broadway, ~ all - but are on the hllZs, uear Portland, Oregon - and that they a~e sixty feet high. Well, maybe eo - maybe so - hut the largest eleetrlc sign is not on the hills near portls~d, Oregon, elthe~ ~,. The - largest Is in ~wayness Ahreez, 8outh America - so long &s the subjeot Dame up - ~d eo that the ~eeoxd~ may be kept aoouTate, and If you don~t believe it, when television is perfected and our Lucky Strike Dance Hour goes there again, I*ll show it to you. gere~s another thing I never knew until ~/esterdsW ... The three boys who wrote the one-tlme popular ditty, "sonny Boy" - wrote that song merely to burlesque, and make fun of all the other mentilsental chunks ,.. They were kidding the vogue for the sad songs at the time - and to their amusement - "8onny Boy" sold over one million copies. For which they have received & penny n copy - so if you w~nt to find something to worry &bout - figure their respeotive fortunes yourselves .. In fe~er words - how much is ~ne mlilien pennies - which ceTtalnly is eamle~ than Ho~ High I~ Up? (MR. WINO~LL CONTINUE8 NEXT pAGE) f~l-~01 0031072
Page 200: 0060233180
- ~ .......... ~ ................... ~ ..... ~ ...... ~,~ ........ ~ 'r~1i - 12 - MR. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) One of my pet paragraphs in the ool~n, is called "Recommended to Diversion Seek.'rs" ... For years, I ran that paragraph every Hond~ in the o~ger~ and Mr. Lucky Strike told me he believed it would prove interesting if ~fered on the ~i~vaves... 80 hers ~re ~ few reoo~mendatlons to those of you who want to be diverted ... Ne~ Yerkle most amusing end most intelligent comedy is called "Reunion in Vienna", a Theatre Guild production, starring Lyn~% Fontanne and Alfred Lunt ... The best of the magic l~tern operas Ilve seen in ever so long~ ~ spell~ are Sinclair Least movie-lzsd "Arrowsmith" ~nd Warner Brothers~ ,Taxl., which stars another of my f&vorites~ Ja~ee Carney ... And herstS a grand book - ~ new idea In detective muder mystery fiction ... It is called "The Floating Admiral., and was written by thirteen well known authors, including Q. X. Ohestsrton, a/id AG-A-tha Christie. Herets a bit of a heart throb I h~ppened into the other night while swapping gab across the nocturnal tables in the local whoopee asylums. Their names do not matter ... Letts call him one of the be~te~ pla~rlghts ... He h~snlt written a play in three yeaTe~ hcweve~ and he will alibi that he hasnlt h~d a good idea in his dome ... "~ou know~" he ~ill say~ ,,soasthing different from the usual~ is ~h&t I w~%t to ~rlte". Well, I wonder why he deesnlt make three act6 out of thls intensely dramatic incident in his onn llfe ,.. (MR. WINCHELL CONTI}~'UE8 NEXT PAtI) ~]N01 0031028
Page 201: 0060233180
- 13- IINCHELL (CONTINUING) T~vo years a~o, ~hen his beautiful ~ife (an actress of ~ote) told him that a Blessed Event ;vas on the way, he told her ~h~t his temperament wouldnlt be able to compete with brats, as he called children, around him ... They parted as a result, and his wife went to Paris where, while waiting for her happiest moment - she also got her divorce. When she returned a year ago, and he saw their baby boy, he fell madly in love with it °.. He be~s her bet~en sobs - al:nost every da~% to remarry him- but she ~von,t| She permits her fo~Jer husband to see their child for an hour each weekp however .., And if that ienlt dr~a, with a capital "D"~ then I donlt knew a dram~ when I hear one. Perhaps the rs~uorseful husband '~lll make a plaF out of it some d%y - ~rhen the wife he wishes he had back - inspires the chief reason - for ~ost successful shows, and that is~ of course, the final clinch - the clossup~ or in plain language, the Happy ~nding. 'Lamp that smart-looking camera study of Maureen O!Sulliv~ in today,s paper~| Yould never think she was imported from Dublin and arrived in Ne~ York dressed as an Irish waif ... a poor little glrl in tatters , with a brogue you could out with a knife. And yould be right in your suspicions - for it was all a publicity stunt. CONTI~.W/Z~S i[EXT P<GE~ WINCHELn RI"~01 00310?9
Page 202: 0060233180
}~. ~INCHELL: (CONTINUING) Maureen OISulllvan is certainly Irish, but she was polished off in a French finishing school .,. And he~ete where Howard Olaney again asks your kind indulgence for seconds only. Th~k you. HOWARD C LANEY: It dldnVt take MauTeen O,8ullivan long, a~ter she got her first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, to decide to reach for a LUCKY instead. The statement she has given us is as simple and straightforWard as Uaureen OTgulllvan herself. She writes: "Ky rea~o~ for smoking LUOKIES is that they are so mild, and cause no irritation to my throat. Your new celloph~ue wrapper is marvelous. Just a pull of the tab and there are the LUCKIES.n Thanks, ~aureen. You bet that new cellophane wrapper is marVelous - for it preserves something you111 find in no other package of cigarettes - that delicious "TOASTED" flavor, and the rich fragrance of the world's finest tobaccos - the Cream of many Crops. Thatls whatls INgIDE the paokagej my friends - but hereZs whatts OUT - certain harsh irritants are out - irritants youtll find in every tobacco leaf the soil ever grew - but theylre OUT of your Luckies because that secret and exclusive Toasting process drives them out. Thatls why Luokies are always kind to your throat. Probably you are smoking 5uckles now. But if you arentt, make your next of cigarettes purchase, a package of Lucky Strikes. - STATION BREA~ - ATHO'I 003]080
Page 203: 0060233180
,~ ~i~ ~.~ ~ ;.. ~,~-~ ~.~V~'*~I~ ,~ • .~.~ • , ...... ~ . ~.= . - 15- WALTER WI~OHELL: Okay, America ~ find yourself a comfortable cushion on our magic carpet ... ISis bound for ths 8outhland, again - back to the Washington and Lee Fancy Dress B&ll, where they think they're h~ving a gayer time than ws ate - going places and hearing things! ON WITH TEE BANOE, BERNIE O~IN8| (WHISTLE) OKAY, I~XINGTONj V'rNGINIA| The costumes here~ are all of the time of ~ashinSton, but the music is as swelligant and right up-to,date, as Walterrs 'Winchellingo.. ~alter, a posie, please. Bernie ~ummins will now play °.. ) ) ) ) ANNOUNGERI Wetre:~lad you all came to our Fancy Dress Ball at Washington and Lee, and we thank Walter Winehellls boss~ Mr. Lucky Strike, fOE the honoz of sontributing this touch of college llfe to the Lucky 8~rlke Dance Hour. (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW YORK| WALTER WINC~LL: Mighty fine Job, Bernie cummins - it was nice to have heard yottr orchestra and to have been at you~ pa~ty. (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE RT,~O 1 003108 ~
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- 16 - MR. WINOHELL: (CONTINUING) up the show acknowledging a note Hear you soon egain, Cum~ains - this is where I wind or two, from here and there, This is for Arthur Kervin, and all the boys at thB Naval Hospital at Washington~ D. C .... Thanks for your nice letter, Arthur Eervin - and all you World War Vets ... it was nice of you to go to the trouble of saying so ... Yes - lh the Naval Reserve - I was twenty at the time - but you fellas straightened things out all right before I learned how to wear my hat in the salty manner. Miss Gertrude K~uiz of Chicagor this is for you, Gertrude ... No, Winchell Smith, the playwright and farmer is no kin of mine ... His real n~,]e is Bill Smith, and I once read the story of his career~ in which he told that he took the name of Winehell out of the local Iphone book ... Arthur Kober of HollyWood, California ... Wetre trying to get a dance orchestra from China or Japan right now ... There,s one in Tokyo, I hear, that plays a peculiar kind of American dance musi% and maybe we,ll arrange things ... I~d like to get Floyd Gibbons (who is there) to yell back at us, "Okay, Americal'~ That ~culd be a real thrill|t (MR. WINCHELL C~NTINUES NEXT PAGE~ Al-~O I 0031082
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• . -17:•- • ME. ~Ih'CHELL: (CONTINUING Ben Bernie of Chicago, this is for you - you old Moustro| ..o Why didnlt you mention me on Monday night| ... What's the l,latLer - couldnlt your drummer think of anything~ And that, ladies and gentlemen - concludes tonightls Lucky Strike DmLoe Hour .. On Saturday night, we return to our pal, Jack Denny in Montreal, Canada. Jack Will share the bill with Herbie Kay of Chicago, Until Saturday night at the sanle, then, I s~1 your New York Correspondent, Walter Winehell - v~hose friends all smoke Luckies and 1%~ant you all to be my friends~ ( S I GNAT U~) CLOS I.NG ANNOUNCE~ENT : (OPTIONAL) HOWARD CLANEy: Please remember, Lucky Strike offers ym the finest tobacco quality - the Cre~a of many Crops- ~ the ~hroat protection of the exclusive "TOASTINGrr Process. Luckles are al~ays kind to y~ur throat. Thank you. The Lucky Strike Dance Hour has c~me to you from New York City and Lexington~ Virginia~ through the £aoilities of the National Broadcasting Company. AGENCY:NINCHELL:CC ~ I';401 003 ]0~3
Page 206: 0060233180
NOTE TO ~NOUNCER;(Make local announcements WEAF ( )( ) i0;00 - II:00 P.M. every fifteen minutes except on dYamatio programs which depend on a succession of thought) LU~KY STRIKE DANCE HOUR JA/~UA/~Y 50, 1952 SATURDAY (THEME SONG ... ONE CHORUS OF "HAPPY DAYS ABE HERE AGAIN" WITH VOCAL REFEAIN.)(12~.~DIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCER) HOWARD CLANEY: Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes - sixty modern minutes, with the worldts finest dance orchestras - tonight we bring you twa great orchestras - one from Montreal, Canada, and the other from Chisag% Illinois -- and, your New York Correspondant Walter Winchell, of the New York Daily Nirror, whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrowJ MR. WALTER WINCHELLJ~ WINCHEbLI Good evening, Uncle 8am, Aunty Chicago and Counsin Montreal~ This is your step-child, Walter, at the Lucky Strike Maglo Carpet controls -- whloh is rarln~ to circle the contlnent~ again -- starting from New York -- the best known whistle stop on the Atlantic Coast. Itts been an exoltlng week - for me, at any rate - Nr. and Mrs. Tunner-Inner ... Bare-llnn, Germany~ came over in the swelQgamt manner -- and was I gladJ...You have no idea what a breathless time I have ot it here - everytlme I chuck a cue across the Big Puddle ... Because Irm incessantly worried that -- that old pain in the neck -- static -- is plotting some of his well known two-timlng -- and when he does -- and he spoils our fun -- my face gets red so easily. RTNOI O03 O84
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2 - Tonight,s flight takes us back to Jack Dennyj p~ing on the other side of thm Canadian border, Jack's crew will share the headline honors wlth our newest son -- Herble Kay and his O~Kays -- playing from Chicago .°. Howzat for a welcome, Herbie? WINCHELL: Letls g% Mr. Lucky gtrike and your affectionate tribe of Dance Hour Fansl Let's pick up Jack Denny first -- up there in the Dominion so we may quench our thirst -- for melody ... Thatls flash Number One, Denny -- thrs~w it in 3rdl ON WITH THE DANCE, JACK DENNYJ (WHISTLE) OKAY, MONTREALI OENNY.. Good evening, Lucky Strike Dancers. Welcome again to Canada and Montreal where weIll carry on with C ( ( ( DENNY: ) .) ) .) The Lucky Strike InternBtlonal Roller coast-to-coaster dashes across the Canadian border back to ~alter and his Winchell-low-down. (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW YOREI FI3 ,~{01 003 lOB5
Page 208: 0060233180
WINCHELL£ Very nice, Denny~ plenty pretty, It was good to hear you and your faithfuls, again ... After ~ put the first edition to press, Jack -- we hop over to lllinoy for Herbie Kay's crew -- and then we return to Canada for you, grand byi Denny and don't put too much ice in midst Mr. Georgie Price, the vaudeville tenor, feels ~oadly, he says, in a letter - because credit was not given him when I used a joke which he asserts he made up right out of his own head ... The joke was the one about the woman movle-patron who wouldn't buy her ticket until the manager told her what sort of a show he had ... ~o the manager told her he had two features, a scenic, two newsreels, a comedy, two shorts, and a stage show of 200 actors ... "What," yelled the woman, "no MIOKEY MOUBET" ... When i relayed that Joke to you on these elf-waves -- I added that I saw it in a paper devoted to the film trade, which gave no oredlt to anyone for it....But tod~'s moaning mail included a cartoon offering the same joke ... That cartoon first appeare~ in the ~arch 21st uu~ber of Life, and Phetoplay reprinted it in July .o, 809 if credit is to be given -- Let's give it now to Gardner Rea (Ray) who drew it ... There, now, Georgie-Porgle -- what PRIOE GloryT M~yor Walker asslgned eight of New York's first grade detectives to guard Peggy ~ears, the wife of his pal, A. C, Blumenthel, last night ,.. Because Mrs. Blumenthal~ who always flashes a lot of jewelry, had been tipped off that ~h~ wa~ to be the victim of ~ ~tick- up and possibly kidnappers ... A]'M01 0031086
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W INOHEL~_( OONT INUED) The ClaTe~oe BT6~Mona Marls combination isnlt as cold as some of their friends imagine ... Mona is considering taking up her option on Clarence, who ketp the Los Angeles and Hollywood phone gels awake the other night trying to get aiss Maris to listen to reason ... I see by some of the gazettes that Dillie Dove and her former boy friend, Howard Hughes, the messy with money movie magnate, have kissed and made up ... That is not a fact ... They are, as the amusing expression goee~ merely good friends ... It has also been reported that Weldon Heyburn, the former University of Alab~my quarterback -- who was brought to the west coast to oomb~,t the Clark ~able huT~io~ne, is now Greta Mis~n ~ newest F~orite perso~ -- which would make Grace Brlnkley -- HIS OLD G~RLJ ... In a letter to f~lands, Mr, Heyburn says, among other interesting things -- that Miss Nissen and Loretta Young are both lovely girls -- and good fellows -- but that Miss Brinklsy of the New York show shops Still is his sugar-pls .,. The Sally Blanc-- Richard Cromwell blaze is beyond control ..,~ow that Linda Watkins is the all-of-a-sudden birde of G. L. He~s - the Ohicago attorney -- E~wln Gelsey ~nd so many of the lovely Lindals admirers are carrying lilies in thelr hands ... v '~',! Claire Windsor writes me that the newspapers gave her some fine publicity -- but that her ro-MANOE with Reid, Junior, from San Franoiso% went on ice ever so many weeks ago ... And that when I wondered about the state of affairs s few talks ago -- the reporters bombarded her in Chicago -- because, purely by way of coincidence -- her companion the~e ~as ~ Tommer admirer, who also ~as l~Bt@named Reid .., Miss Windsor would like it s lot, she says, if I told you all that she Isnlt contemplating another marriage -- but not to depend on it. 003108?
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-5- ~. WI#C-~'EL_~: (CONTI!~IN@) I see by ~he j~urnals, that Frederic l~arch ~orks at the stud£os by day and that his wife, Florence Eldrldge, ~7orks at the theat3r by night ... And that they see ether other only at luncheon ... That razinds i.~e of Fanny Hurst, the novelist, wh~ ~pproved that form of marriage ... It was ~iss Hurst, y~u uay recall, who startled her readers several years ago - by asserting that living aoart and seeing y')ur husb~.nd only for breakfast - ~as the sure road to marital hapoiness ... Well, mehbe so, mebbe so- but Fanny Hurst ~.nd her devoted husband are closer tha~% nine and ten .. • And what I started out to say - is that when Fam~y Hurst made that startling roz~rk - F~uny was being promoted - so that the 1~ation would be Farm9 Hurst-¢onseious, as the bett~r press aQents put it - As a r.l,%tter of fact, Fanny Hurst doesnUt believe in h%upy couples d:'elllng apart - it was Ray Lonz, the first to appreciate F~%nny's talent - ivho first oiroulated th3.t fable. One of the more amusing stories i8 the one that H%y Allison, the star who shook the screen for James Quirk, the editor, in told me... MISS Alllson ovechesrd It/one of the smarter Ne~ York hairdressing emporiums. A movie star with too much temp~r~.Lent had storned into the busy place ,~nd demanded qulck service ... "See her%" snapped the proprietor, "youTll h%ve to t-~ke your turn in llne| you may be a movie star in Hollywood - but you.re only ,%nether ~ARCEn he re |" (itS. WINCHELL CONTI-Z/H$ h~XT PA,~E~' £]'%01 0031088
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-6- HR, ~INCHELL: (CONTINUING) I1ve Just learned the inside story of that big Broo, dway feud between George ~%ite ,,~d Florenz Ziegfeld. George White used to be a eong-and-dmnce man - and a good one. When George was getting ready to put on his first "Scandals,~, Siegfeld sent word that held pay Wh~ $2,000 a week if he and his star - Ann Pennlngton - would do a dance in a new Follies ... and@op the "Scandals" idea. Back ease the word fronl G~orge ~ite: ',Will pay ZieGfeld $2,500 a week if he and Billie Burke will appear in my new ISc8~ndalsW|" Was Ziegfeldts face red - especially when the first Scandals turned out to be a smash hit[ Today, George White is making a box-office smash out of his eleventh Scandals. And now, ~r. Lucky Strlkels star salesm~, Howard Claney, is going to give you some facts abut the cigarette that brings you these Lucky Strike Dance Hours. HO~AP~D ,CLANEY: Noice that Indian chief on every pack~e of LuQkles. Itls a symbol of leadership. Just as the Indian chieftain led his tribe, so that fsmous brand of Lucky Strike, leads with cigarettes Lucky Strike offers you the finest of tobaccos - The Cream of many Crops. Lucky Strike offers you throat protection, for in all the world, Lucky Strike is the only cigarette that affords the extra thro~%t protection of the exclusive "TOASTING" Process . .. Is it any wonder that so many famous people insist on Lucky 8trlke? That great leader of the theatre, George White, tells us why he smokes Luokies: "Reach for a Lucky is another way of saying, Tside-ste~ harsh irritants'," he writes. (~. CLA~Y CONTINUES }~XT PACE) ATe01 0031089
Page 212: 0060233180
-?- CLANEY: (CONTINUING) "In the ISc~ndals1~ I donlt want throat irritation to get past the stage door. Thatts why itls always Lueki~s for me - ~nd Luckles for the others in the cast. For Bight yeats, I*ve found Luekles a friend to my throa% and a treat to my taste." - 8~ATION BREAK - WALTE~ WINC~LL: And now to salute the newest of the Lucky Strike Dance Hour headliners - Herble Kay and his blues-shooers - who will play from the town that seems to be blessed with grand b~ds. Come on, Herbie Kay - meet Nr. and Hrs. Lucky 8trlke llstener - ~r. and Mrs. Lucky 8tTike listener - ~eet our ne~ son, Her ble Kay. ON W~. THE DANCE, HERBIE KAY! (WHISTLE) OKAY, CHICAGO!!~ CHICAGO ANNOUNCER: Herhle Kay and his orchestra now starring at the B~ack Hawk ~estaurant in Chicago, are going to play as their introductlon to Lucky Strike dancers, ... ) .) ) ) P11XO 1 003]090
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CH ~CAGQ ATN OU~CER: Right over the tip ends of Lake Michigan, and Lake Erie, and the mot~ntains of pennsylvania, goes the Lucky g~rike ma!uic carpet, back to Walter and his Winehellingo ... (WHI8TLE) OKAY, NK~7 YORKI WALTER WIN OEELL: That %~as delightful, Herbie Kay ... Atta boy| ... and ~fnile you,re sts.nding by tTaltin~ for your next 8ignsl ... that is ... after Jack DeDny and firs. ~/inohellts Walter show-off a little, please tell the Ohie~o Chamber of Oo~m*eree how ~lad I am that Chicago has adopted ~e. ~e~ if a cert&in paper bar~ed Ben Bernie, the old i~iotobe, from singing the new, onE, "Mrs. Winohellls Boy". I am sorry they did that, but Ben fooled them a~d sang, "Okay, California|", so thank Ben Bernie for me, too. Okay, Howard claney. Throw that sw%toh near microphone Two a~d tell the~ all about the CTea~ of the Crop - and be sure and thmlk them, Howle, for letting us all into their hoz:~s. EO~ ABD GLA~Y: When a young tobacco plant pokes its little green nose through the earth, it contalns harsh, blt~ng irritants. And later, when the tobacco planter selects the finest, most fragrant leaves from the plant at harvest timet each and every leaf contains a world of goodness - but at the earle time, each and every leaf contains harsh, biting irritants. That is why we do not rush these leaves into your LUCKY STRIFe. It takes three years fo; a LUCKY to bG bor~%~ Ou~ - two - three - whole ye~s. (MR. CLAh~7 OONTINU~-£ CN ~XT p12) ~ 1";'4010031091
Page 214: 0060233180
-9- ~. CLANEy: (CONTINbqNG) For instance! That delicious LUCKY STRIKE you are puffing on now, is made of the choice, rips, tender leaves - the Cream of many Crops ~ that have been stored and aged during 1929 - 1930 - 1931o And then, for your throat protection, against irritation - agairst cough - these choice tobaccos receive the benefits of the famous and exclusive "TOASTING" Process. For it is the "TOASTING" Process that ~ - removes - drives out, certain harsh irritmnts, leaving the mild and mellow goodness that has made LUCKY STRIKE preferred by millions. It takes three years for a LUCKY to be bornt But it only takes three minutes for you to realize the importance of this slow and deliberate aging - for it is time - time - and that ~ous "TOAgTING" Process which makes LUCKIES al~vays kind to your throatl And, Walter~ may I just saF a few words more? WALTER WINOHELL: Sure, IIm all ears! HOWARD CL~NEY: I want to express the api~reoiation of the A~erican Tobacco Company for those thousands Of comments Which you radio listeners have sent us. After s/I, it is you, my friends, who make thle program possible - both by y~)ur very helpful suggestions, and of course, by your patronage that we appreolate so much. And I want esp~olally to thank you college nlen and you college women who have expressed such great interest in these programs. ~e are certainly glad that you are such ardent boosters for Lucky Strike ... We hope you will continue to llko these programs - to continue to write us your su@'Eestlons - and continue to be pleased. F; l',~O I 003'1092
Page 215: 0060233180
And now hack to Jack Denny and his fascinating orchestra in the Province of ~ebec! .... ~r magic carpet is plenty gay, tonight Denny -- Herble Kay in Chicago Just seasoned it wlth some spies and salt -- so give it another dash of C~adtan z~etchup, Jack, B,) all of u~ m~y enja~ a eweleg~ut feast, 0N WITH THE DANCE -- DENNY~ (W~STLE) DE~: OXAY~ MONTP~AL~!~ We'll give you the ketchup and a bit of salad on this Lucky Strike Dance menu as we play -- ) ) (. ) DENNY: We fly back now from the Kouut Royal Hotel in ~cnt~eal to ~tfth Avenue~ New York, so we e8/% he&r Walter ~Inchell talk some OKAY, NEW YORX~!!~ Dandy, De~y...P&~ your ~ew o~ %he b~ck~ Io~ ~ -- sald more about Broadway. (WHISTLE) save a handshake for yourself..,I have another edition to do right here and then that magic carpet of ours will return to Chicago and Herbie Kay's crew. Adios, Denny! ..... And give my greetlngs to your pretty ~ide. (}~R. WIECHELL SONTI~EB ON NEXT PaGEt RTH01 0031093
Page 216: 0060233180
-ii- ~:(CONTINUES) The newest of the heartier chuckles along New Yorkls Grandest canyon deal8 with Clifton Webb, one of the stars in the touring "Third Little Show" .... Kr. Webb, it appears, danced his way into a complete swoon during a performance in Philadelphia recently...So the management i~medlately recrulted To~my ~cLaughlln, the dance director of the show and understudy to Master Webb .... Tommy went out onto that stage --did the s~e dance and stopped the show colde~ than Webb's b~ow -- ~nd the audience cheered itself hoarse for To~my. Well, just as every one anticipated, when ~aster Webb, who had fainted -- heard all that applause -- he came right to -- and revived himself with the use of smelling salts, of course -- and continued with the next n~mber .... Oh, dear. One of the New York critics made a silly observation the other day .... The commentator reminded his readers that another reason why the late David Belasco~s stars proved such great box offloe attractions -- is that Belasco never permitted them to appear at beneflt shows or make frequent ~opea~anoes in public. ~Thls is a sound idea," said the critic, ~'conslderlng that New york puts on so many benefits. If show goers can see the stars at the h~neflt~ they won't pay the steeper fee to see them in thelr plays.~ Thetis very interesting and all that sorta applesauce .... Any one will tell you that Will Rogers and Eddie Cantor are two of the greatest box office attractions in the world -- and this, in spite of the fact that ~111 Rogcrs and Eddie Cantor hold the record for appearing at benefits! (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) t~'fH01 003 1094.
Page 217: 0060233180
-iS- ~: (OONTI~E~I Here's a llttle Itmn which you may title "The Native ~|ew Yorker" .... The Native New Yo~k ~ets up a% the al~m of a Connecticut clock...Ns buttons up hls Brooklyn suspenders to Rochester trousers and puts on a palr of shoes made In Nassaohusetts.. He washes in a Pittsburgh basin and uses Chicago soap...Then he slts down to breakfast at a Grand Rapids table -- he eats hot blscuits made with ~inneapolls flour and some Kansas Clty bacon cooked on a St. Louis stove...He then claps on hls hat which was made in Danbury and rushes for his D'TROIT ~otor Car and smokes a Lucky, from the cream of many crop~ none of whloh are grown in New york. At uIEht he dashes into some cabaret ~r some ~ontreal Wet Wash -- the only home product in town for which he le charged slx-blts or 75 cents a conVUlsion. One of the widely spread legends is that }~arlenah Dietrich has the shapeliest pair of stocking stems in Hollywood... ~iss Dietrlch!s are very nlce~ I know~ but here are not the shapeliest legs in EollFwood, at all.,,A magazine writer has discovered.- after a long and studious survey - tha~ the best looking legs in Hollywood belong to a MAN - whose name is John Barrymore .... Speaking of the Barrymores rem~nds me that whenever John, Lionel, or Ethel open ~n a new play or chatterbox - they do not send each other telsgrmme of good luck or flowers -- they merely send a large and rosy apple to which is pinned their rospeotlve cards .... It Is among the tradltlons in the illustrious stage family. One of the B~rrymors trlbe started it ~enoration~ ~go -- but ~ donlt kno~ why... Perhaps -- it's a case of a rod apple for teacher -- ~s If any of the Barryboree would admit that the others could teach them anything. (~. ~NCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAG~) PIT)<O 1 0031095
Page 218: 0060233180
-13- ~R.W~: (COaT,HUES) I wonder how the war is coming out between all the authors and composers who claim th~ they wrote "St. James Infirmary" the blues ditty? That tune caught on a year or so ago after gathering dust on the shelve@ fo~ 8 ye&rs...~t wotlld be most e~barrassing to the claimants if they ever s~ down and played the well known "Yiddisher E~zotsky" which has practically the same melody...And I h~&~ th~ Peggy Joyoe is going to do ~ column ol ~o~sip for a oh&in of p~oer@...Well, Itm not going to worry much about Peg being a rival -- because pretty Peggy -- I am sure -- will never be able to break news -- ss well as she can ~ake it. And now, ~r. and ~rs. Tuner-Inner, if you are not already smoking Luckies - here's Howard Claney to tell you why you should... You know, when you d~op into ~ sto~e to buy ~ p~ck of LuGkies, th~t'~ your ticket for a reserved seat ~ this Lucky Strike Dance Hour .... Okay, Howard...you tell 'em! I am sure many of you heard that brilliant broadcast of the opera "~rtha" Just half an hour ago on another N.B.C. network. And if you did, you must have noticed the lovely soprano voice of Madame Cos Glade, one of the stars of the OhlosEo Civic Opera. That voice was beautiful - wasn't it? And of course ~adame Glade protects that precious voice from irritation. For one thin~, she makes it rule to a,oke only LUCKY 8TRIXE Cigarettes. For the past three years she has been reaching for a LUCKY. She writes: I have chosen LUCKIES for my cigarette. They bring me the throat protection I need and the deliclo~s toasted flavor ~ like." (L~. CLANEY CGNTZNUE~ ON NEXT PAGE) f ]- 401 0031096
Page 219: 0060233180
-14- ~: (OOnII~'UEg) Ladies and gentlem~n -- you need that throat protection just as much as Madame Glade. Why not Ohoose LUCKY STRIKE as your cigarette? You know that sunshine mellows. You know that heat purifies. So you can readily understand why LUCKY STRIKE is the purest of cigarettes -- the clgareSte that is always kind to your throat. We are pleased that more and more people every day are discovering the wisdom of reaching for a LUCKY instead. Because of your ever-lncreaslng approval - we are able to glve employment - at full wages to more people in our LUCKY STRIKE factories -- to more salesmen for LUCKY STRIKE than ever before! Thank you! --STATION BREAK-- WINCHELL: And now to Herble Kay again and his O-Kayers, which oertalnly is an appropriate nm~e for his orchestra -- and if Herbie K~y wants to use that line -- he Is welcome to It...Get ready Herbfe, I'm going to snap this ,~agic carpet of ours -- loaded to the brim with millions of tuners-lm~ers right back at you by way of the Great Lakes .... Hello, Cleveland and D'TROIT -- hear you on next Tuesday night. ON WITH T~E DANCE, HERBIE KAY (WHISTLE) OKAY, CHICAGO! QH~ CAGO ANNOUNCER: Now, if nobody lost his partner on the first ride to Chl0a~o, *,.).,,) ) ( ) ( ) (. ) we're all ready to dance to Herble Kay's music as he plays RIM01 003109?
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-15- CHICAGO ANi~CUHCER~ Herble gay, or should we say, Herbie O'Kay, sends the Lucky 8trlke Dance Hour back to Walter Winohell with a swish and a flash. (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW YOP~ WINC~ Thank you, Herble Kay -- and put your name down high on the list of the Lucky Strike D~uoe Hour favorites...Hear you soon, again, Herble -- this is where I bring down the asbestos on tonight,s show by swapping salutes with ~ few of fhe crowd. ~ary Jane Kroll of the Buffalo, N.Y., Mayor's Committee on Unemployment .... Thank you l~ary and thank Mayor RESH who is going to return to his butcher shop after his term, with one of the grandest records any Buffalo mayor ever had...But it doesn't matter to me, Xary, what city originated the Man-A-Block-Plan to help the unemployed...Green Bay, Wisconsin, claims it started it, too...Let's not fuss about who or what city started the noble plan...het's get goin'. You know we Lucky 8trikers are all for emplo~r,~ent at full time and at full wages too. Mrs. Jimmy Walker no~ at Miamah Beach, Florida...Oongrats Mrs. ~alker and all the other $5,000 noblemen and women down there who are doing so mush for the St. Francis Hospital Fund...~ld get ~r8. Winchell to sell and buy some of the programs and flowers, ~lease. (~R. WINC?~LL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) f:~T NOl 0031098
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-18- MR.M.~RA_~W_W~:(OONTINUE8) Ben H. Thayer of Presoott, Arizona..,No, Mr. Thayer, youlre wrong.., the best way to keep oool in New York during the summer -- is to take out a cborum girl -- whose mothe= llkem to come along, tooJ Hazel Rasooe of Larchmont, Yew York, thls is for you, ~azel .... The only dog that they allow to ride in PullJ~ancars is the one owned by J.P. Norgan -- I have no favorite ~th Ettlng record, Hazel. -- I'm that Way about Anything Ruth slngs,..Red HcKenzie's version on the platters of .Just Friends" Is, in my opinion, a grand number .... I was S4 last April 7th. Dr. Sydney Olsen of san Francisco, Callfornla...Thank you, dootor...But I know this story to be m faot...He ~as one of the greater cartoonists and his comic strips wlll probably never be forgotten,.,.He was always 4 weeks ahead of his schedule with hls cartoons ~d one day he turned in a batch of them but there were no noses drawn on hls oharacters...When hls boss asked him why there were no no~e~, he indlffe~ently an~ered: ~Oh, I'm tired of drawing nosesD! .... A few weeks later he was sent to an asyltLm where he passed away,..His comic strip appears to this day drawn by what Is known as a ghost writer. (HR. WINCHELL CONTINUEN ON NEXT PAGE) ~3 "1",'~ 01 003]099
Page 222: 0060233180
~: (CONTINUES) And that Doctor and all you other listeners whether you smoke LUCKIE8 or not -- but I hope you do -- winds up tonight's ~how... On Tuesday nisht we go to Cleveland to hear Ted F1orito and his orchestra. On the ssme night we get Johnny Heap's crew from DrTROIT...On Thursday night Eddie Duchln's Central Park Casino Crew wlll star from New York and on Saturday night my boss, Mr. Lucky Strike, won't even tell me what's going to happen...he says "It's to be a surprlse party --" so be sure and llsten. Until Tuesday night at the same time, then -- I remain your New York eorrespondeut, Walter Winchell, who saw a new show last night in Nswark called "Blessed Event," which is about a columnist...They asked me to say tonight on the alr Just what I thought of it .... Well, all rlght, I will...The scenery is fine -- but the actors get in front of it! (SIGNATURE) (CLOS~NG ANNOUNCE~NT: (OPTIONAL) HOWARD C~ANEY: Please remember, LUCKY STRIKE offers you the finest tobacco quality -- the Cremn of many Crops throughout the world PLUS the throat protection of the secret and exclusive "TOASTING" Process, v, hlch includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays. Sunohine mellows - heat purifies -- LUCKIE8 are always klnd to your throat. The LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour has come to you from New York City, ~ontreal, Canada. and Chicago, Illinois, through the facilltics of the National Broadcasting Company. AGENCY/WINCHELL/ST/CC/Chllleen ll~ol~s f:I]~O1 0031100
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Page 224: 0060233180
7, NOTE TO ANNOUNCER: ~AF ( )( 10:00 ~ ll:O0 .......... • (Make local announcements every fifteen minutes except on dramatic programs which depend on a sugoe~slon of thought) TI~: ( ) ) P~, LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUR FEBRUARY 2, ,1932 TUESDAY (THEME SONG..ONE CHORUS OF "HAPPy DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN" WITH VOCAL REFRAIN)(II~EDIATNLY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCER) HOWARD CLANEY: Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes...slxty modern minutes, with the worldls finest dance orchestraso.tonight we bring you two great orchestras..one from Cleveland, Ohio, and the other from Detroit, Nichlgan...and, your New York Oorrespondant Walter Winchell, of the New York Daily Hirror, whose goselp of today, becomes the ne~s of tomorrow| MR. WALTER WINOHELL| WINCHELL: Good evening Mr, and Urs. Amezloa~ And welcome to the Lucky 8trlke Dance Hour Ted Fee oh-tee-tabt s orchestra of Cleveland and Johnny~ampl.s crew representing D'TROIT| Hlchlgan and ohlo..two of the stars in the Star 8pangled Ba~ner..Io~ may the three of you wave| Let|s go to Lake Erle's leading clty for our first hop because itfs sleser to this New York of mlne°.and on the next leap wetll embrace DITHOXT,~.taklng both cities to our hearts and their melodies to our toes, (Hr. Winohell Continues next page) RT~401 0031102
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WINCHELL: oarpet..all -2- 80 get your boys ready, Ted..here goes our magic the way from New York and wherever the tuner-tinners are to meet Ted and his blazing bunch of bass-drum-busters. ON WITH THE DANOE, FEE-OH-P~E-TOH| (WH.ISTLE) Okay, Clevelandl FIORITO: This is Ted Fiorito at the Crystal Slipper in Cleveland where we welcome you with FIORITO: The Lucky Stzike magic carpet is all warmed up waiting to dash back to Walter and hls Winchell-lingo. (WHISTLE) OKAY , NEW YORK| W~NCHELL: There she goes! , . Okay Fee-oh-tee-rob---very easy-to-dance-to tunes... This is where Mrs. Winchellls Walter releases his this-and-that stuff---gathered over the week-end along Broadway and other sectorB of New York...Then our magic carpet hooks up with D'TROIT FOR JOHNNY HAMPI8 CREW and then we return for you, Ted. Stand by. 1; 01 0031103
Page 226: 0060233180
-3- WINCHELL~ On Saturday night at exactly two minutes past ten (New York time) your correspondent reported what turned out te be the front page blasto~ all the local ra_~., it was the story of the plot to kidnap the former Follies glrl..Peggy Fears, new the wife of A,C° Nlumenthal, who is richer than Wall Street is at present. 80 you can Imagine..how relieved I was~.when I didnlt see the yarn break until after you heard it he rei News beats are easier to get than to hold, ladies and gentlomen...and I hope my editorw Mr. Lucky Strike, appreciates that, too.,..I mean , to hold one as hot as that kidnap plot, which so aroused the Mayor of the town that he instructed Police Gommlssioner Mulrooney %0 spare no bullets in shootlnE down the would-be abductors. When I ask my bo88 to bear with me p I mean to remind him, that so many people nowadays, are writing for the papers..that I keep wondering where all the readers come from| WINC:{ELL~ 8peaklng of that kidnap eoare..the intended victim and her husband threw a grand party at the Central Park Casino 8unSay nlgkt to which cams hundreds of people you know or yeulve read abouto..Pola Negrl was her stunning self, ae was Billie Dove, Barbara Bennett Peggy Joyee~ and all the ether beautiful thlnge that mane some hearts thump.. (MR. Winchell Continues Next Page) n "i" ,'~0 1 0031104
Page 227: 0060233180
WINCHELL: I had a long chat with Pole , who is not as flt as she hoped she'd be to resume her theatrloal dates in Chicago where she is bound for now...Pola Negrl told ms a most touching story about herself and urged me not to print it or tell it to you..But I finally convlneed Pole that the story be told to all of you ... beltovlng that when you heard it,.mors people than ever would better understand a few things.. Pola began by saying that I misunderstood Greta Garbo~s high-hattltude toward the press in New York on her recent visit.. "When you meet Miss Garbo, some day" ~ said Pol~, 11you will adore her, She is lovely,.she isnlt indifferent to the reporters because she seeks more publicity by her actlons...Greta Garbo has a reason for dodging you boysj She once told me," continued Pole Negri, "why she is llke that". Garbs once told Miss Negri~ "Pole, I have watched you and learned from your mlstakes what not to do. Those of us who build up illuslons must not destroy them,.for the public is fickle and tlre8 easily. You were on top of the world..and when you lost the one you iovsd..and you went from Hollywood to New York to bring him back for burlal.,Ame~ioa laughed at you..and charged you with putting on an actl..They were ready to believe rumors...to the effect that it was a publicity trick on your part, Pole. I knew better..I knew he was your love, but the press, which is always suspicious, dtdnlt. And so they belittled you..and your troubles began. Be you see, Pole, said Greta, I am afrald..I am afraid to be seen or do anythlng for fear of what they may do to me. \. El T :.~01 0031105
Page 228: 0060233180
-5- WINC~LL~ "Yes, Pola~ I hays watched your mistakes a~d I have learned a lot..I have learned not ~ play,any more". Pola Negrits tear ducts opened when she referred to Valen~ino~ so I changed t~e suh~sct,..And we 6at there with Jimmy Walker and watched the stage and screen favorites cut-up,...Willlam Gaxton, a San Francisco boy who clicked in the biK-time manne~ he~e, ~as ~a~te~ o~ the proceedings... Gaxton was oelebratlng hie birthday ~ too...and he told th~ crowd he was 2~,..~Wnieh drew a loud laugh beeauss Gaxton had transposed the numerals, So Mayor Walker, who always manages to think of an appropriate oraok6.said in the sentimental manner~ "Gaxto~ you say youlre 24. Well , perhaps,,but the counting of time isn't half SO important as making time count|. It was a beautiful remark.,Later, Ji~y swapped fllpp~oles with Elsie Janie, who star~ed the fli-cracking act.. Elsie was making her first appearance before a crowd with her husband.. ~nd EIBIe ~lso respondad ~ith her g~an~ imp~r~onatlon~ and st~pped the show..lt was quite a stunt to do, too,.considering that Elsie Jaai8 followed a lengthy bill of talen~ that no producer could buy, f~l-MO 1 0031106
Page 229: 0060233180
-6- WINCF~ELL~ (CONT) The affair was interesting from start to end because of the oelebrltles present and because there was such a variety of entertair~nent..Even George White, who never danced off a stage bsfore~ got up and did a soft-shoe routine to Swanoe River, Lou Holtz made them howl, Sam H. Harris, George ~. Oohanls long time pal, and partner, obliged with a dance that Cohan taught him 25 years ago, and when it was least expected , Earl Carroll furnished the melodramatic moment ....Carroll, who has taken some pretty stiff abuse from the critics here for ten years, but particularly from Guess -whose- Bad Boy .... startled us all b~ looking straight at me and giving me a piece of hle alleged mlndZ .... He said: "Walter, I've always wanted to tell this straight to your face. I wonder if you can Take It...for you ve made most of the people sitting here take it in your column". Then he let Ioose..and I kept my word and took It, having nodded that I would, and because I have been insulted by better producers than Earl Carroll. Poor Earl then raced from the place, and out in the lobby broke down and oried...Later I explained to~ayor Walker and Pol~ and others, when they asked me why I thought Carroll exploded that w%M...I told'them that Earl certainly had good reasons for letting me have a tongue lashing. In ten years I could never get my typ~Iter to s~7 a kind word about any of his productlone..and because I had told many a pointed Joke about him in the paper..the last Joke, I presume, getting his go~t the most..When somebody asked Groucho ~arx wh~t Groucho thought of one of Er. Carroll's shows, I had reported that Groucho replied, "Well, I hate to say, because I saw it under bad condltlons°..the curtain was upi" (l~R. WINCHELL CGNTI}~ES ~:EXT PAGE) ~T:~OI 0031~07
Page 230: 0060233180
WINOHELL: Here|s a hot one on: Florenz Zieg~eld| When Dorothy Maokaill~ the celluloid star, was in the Follies, FIe Zie~feld picked her as "the typical America~ girl" ,~,&nd Dorothy had just come over from England~ But it wasnlt all accident .~,just take a look at that picture of Dorothy Mackaill in todayle papers., Dorothy sure does look like a typical American beauty| And sbeis one of Amsrical8 better actresses, too| Get an eyeful of her in First NationalI8 talkie~ ~'8afe in Hell", I know thatls a bad word, folks..so right here Xlm going to let Howard Claney put in a good wordl| ,,.for DUCKIES, of oouTse| For six years Miss Dorothy Maokaill has smoked Lucky Strikes, She has a mighty good reason: "My throat is all-important to me", she writes, "No harsh irritants for yours truly..give me Lucky Strike every time~" , Yes, my friends ..itls ao wise a to reach for a Lucky instead, Itls/better cigarette because for one...two..three...three long years, the tobacco in your Lucky Strike has been aged...mellpwed,..seasoned. Then, after Mother Nature and Father Time have done their part, the sci@ntifie "TOASTING" Process does its part, It ~s certain harsh irritants that Mother Nature has not removed...irritants that are as ~ present in every tobacco leaf as the stem itself, And it goes another step further than Mother Nature and F~ther Time, with the aid of modern Ultra Violet R~ys, it develops that delicious "Toasted" flavor..so unique with Lucky Strike. It t&kes three ye~re for a Luck~ to be born~ but it takes only three minutes to discover that a Lucky is the finest cigarette you ever smoked. -STATION BREAK- I~1",,~0"l 0031 108
Page 231: 0060233180
WIIlvff.~*I L • v Ar,d now to Dt ~P.¢,IT and anoth~z of ~ur ~ew headliners, Johnny H~mp:s orchestra -- @ graDd ~'~r,d....Hers we come, Johnny -- millions strong .... t~ gree~ you~ sir, arid your talented trumpeters. ON ~$TH THE DANCE, JOHnnY FliP.t in Detroit. with (WHISTLE) OKAY, DtTROIT| This is Johnny Ha~p in the Book-0edill~o Hotel We make our introduction to all you Lucky Strike Dancers Hey there, Ted Fiori$o in ClevelandX Don't stop the Lucky Bt~'Ike uaglo carpet as it flye by. Let *er go right on to Walter Winohell. (WHISTLE) OKAys NEW, YOKEd WIEOHELL: Very nice, Johnny Hemp. Itll bet there are a million toes still tingling toyour swelegant music. My boss, Nr, Lucky Strike, tells me that Itm on thls progrsm for two re,sons - FiTst to please you and second to help sell Luok¥ 8trlke 0i~arettes. CLA~Y: Look here, ~alter, thetis my Job as much as yours. 0kgY, Howard -- you tell tem while I reach for a pl1"MO I 0031109
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L~,!Iss and gei~t]elueu: To ~u hh~.s Lucky Strlkc ~snce Ho~r i8 en~crtalnz~en~. To .~!~ il; Js a vi~-].y imports[it step ii~ te]llng you of Ll~cky &l.rlhe, the worl-'~s fln=~s~ olgaret%e. F/S,nki~- the purpose of this progra~ is bo rake fli,~nds for Lucky 8brlke. And frankly, it is because of your sontln~ed good-wi~l and patronage th~%t WO are able to p~s8 on to you the wondrous benefits resultlnE from the largest sale of cigarettes in the world. ~e are able to send to the ~nds of the earbh for the cweam of many Crops and to store I00 million dollars worth of these choice tobaccos for one - two - th. ree .!vhole lear s. ~n we - and ~ve alone - are ~ble to give these celebrated tobaccos the extra be:~eflt of the exclusive "TQASTIHG" process. For it t~kes three years for a Lucky to be born~ The "TOASTING" Process is the final touch -- the process that adds the goodness of modern Ultra Violet Rays ~ the mellowing, purifying process that e~_els oertain harsh i~ritants nature puts in every tobacco leaf. In place of those expelled irritants which you don;t want, we ~ut in what you do want: extra tobacco goodness, extra richness and fiavo~ -- the extra value that makes Lucky strike the finest oisa~ette you ever mmok~d| ~8TAT~ON BREAK-- ./Thatteyour second Cue, Ted pee-Oh-Reo-Toh out there ~n 0hlo~°...You and Johnny Ramp from D~TRDIT are oertalnlY keeping the Lucky St~ikeDanee Hour on the map in mvelegant style... Keep us all happy, Ted. ON WITH T~ DANCE FEE-OH-KEE-TOK| (WHISTLE) OEAy, 0LEVELAND~ ~'~'HO'I 0031 "I 10 [I |
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-]O~ everywhere! strelna of On th~ ~p: On the n-~i,! On the ~evel -- Here i &m ~:akin~ po¢%y ~ o ~ ~,ho,ail be dancing to the _U_O.R~ TO: live always thought ~altsr Winchell had a hard job gut it's easy. All you have to with the Lucky Strike magic carpet, do is --- (~HISTLE) OYAY, NEW YO~X~ • W'[~qCHELL: Atta boy, Teddy Fee-oh-ree-toh.,.,It ~aa nice sharing the show with you and Johnny Bamp this way...Oonsider yourself bowed low to, Ted -- and say hello to my paper, the Oleveland Ne~s, for me, please. And now to Jot dp,-rn an item or se about people you know or probably ~ill -- some day. ~ou very likely h~ve a~ys ~canted to learn the name of the gent who is responsible for the most famous llne o~ the airra~vem....The line I refer to is: "By 8peclal Permisslon of the Oopyright Owners." J ' ~sll~ the man who coined that expression and who is responsible for it is Gone Buck, a great song-builder, author of many Ziegfeld Follies, and no~ the head of The American Society of Gompoeers, Authors a~d Publlehe~e. He is a grand pe~on, ladi~s and gentlemen, and X say that without the permission of the copyright bcners...Here~e a bit of social register newe...Lillian D. Emerson an~ William Harts, beth of the Blue Book, are on fire~ (CONTI~n/ED) f~l-~Ol 0031111
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~INC}!~LL (CONTINUED) Li]lian comes from a pro~inon~ i'~ilroad fanily and ,~illianls father~ Gone Harts~ Was on General pershln~ts st-%ff durin~ the Big Quarrel across the BiE PuddlOo...incidsntally, I uondor if there is souethiug big duo soon in a business ~?~y -- for I s~n B~rnoy B~%~'uohp the milllonairo, and General Porshln~ dinin~ in a nook and talkin~ very confidontlally at the Colo~*y the other evening .... Tull~/~h B&nkhoad, of the magic lanterns, has ~.cvor h~%d her n~@ inontioned rlith an ardent Wooer since she returned fro~ ,Tngl~nd...... So naturally l{rs. ~Tinohellls S~%Itor ~ondo~od ~,nd :;ondcred until he found out that the one chap T&llulah Bo~khc~d admires more than ~ny other guy -- is a ob~p named Tor, K~y Thompson, r;ho has ~ oo~t~glou8 Southern drawl which hc brought t lth him from Goldsbowo, No'th Cah~linah...On~ Mtknson is on the vorg8 of ~ bre~/:do%m, ~ocordlng to her frlonds.... Because her roL~AI~CE with Ernest Lubltsch has curdlod......Billio Seward, one of the lovelier brunettes .~ho ~co.rs Mr. Zie~Told~s opera- lengths (silk stockings to you|) and George Halo, a handsome d~3Dco director of Broaduay, are psh-lonty oah-razy about each othe~'... George Whitens favorite person is an eyeful -- she is the b~by sister of the 4 Gale Girls in his ~ash hit revusioal...,,Scandals,. Those roMANOES I mention, ladies end gentlemen, are subject to chang9 without no,iCe -- but I will try to ko~o up ~vith them as we go alon~... I montione~ in the column recently that George Jean ~!athan, the critic, rarely ~mnt to the commotion picture sho~s...I asked Nathan ~hy he was so indifferent to zovios and he said it v,%s because he never '.:ne~ of a flicker that t.".ught the st"-Ee anything...That the ~ovlos alu?.ys got their scenarios from plays on Broaduay or from Books... 8~01 0031112
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r I ~" "~'~ .... ' ......... i"~'~'~'~ ~*~'~ ~'~ ~'~ " ~i~.-~ ~ A~on~ eaz/¢ e lettur from ~ho fi.~*l ~h~t ~de "The Che~t" .... To p~Qvo that the movlss could to.oh th0 sta~o o.nd iiterat~r~ ,~omethi~.o..~Th,~ Cheat,, the letter s~id, ~?~L~ deso~ibs~ os tll~ of the screen's few ol~nt-ioB that dlot~t~ ~ho %;ritinZ o~ ~ Dtvel ~;hioh b~o~ms ~ b~st- s~llor,,.. I told th%t to the Qritio, l[~,thnl4 and ~skod his* ~:h%t he had to say Gbout it?, .... SO hc ~iroto "o~ck 5h~t "The Cheat" ~.s to.ken fror~ ~ stage play dons hero years ~go r:hich starred l~%ry N~sh a~d Jose Ruben in the st~r assl~n~%~.s. It,s little things llke that, t~ner-lr~ner, that msko colt/r/he. NO~ that it is nO longo~ ~ ~ozot that F~d Astalre has finGlly f~llcn in icy9 -- none of us ~.n find out h0= na~e].....Cozle on, Fred -- yo~r sister Adole oonfessod that she Wns going to m~rry Lord Cavsndish soon -- who~s your girl? .... Zs it E,R., the dob -- and I don't ~san deb-from-the-neok-up~ .... I kno~ that it i~n~t that Follies glrl, ~.ny more -- she's wild ~bout Harry Richman no~...The Tommy ~anville, Jr. ~ ten.nee with Evelyn Grgves, onc~ of th~ Zie~feld eho~s, i~ beyond control.....The ~Ich ~r. ~nv~llc. you know, v~s zelted recently fro.x Yvonne Taylor, another gisgfeld eyeful....L~wrence Gray, once of the zlovles and no~i Ed Wynn~s canary, and Virgil Dodd of the same show, ~re p~ottlng to m~ke sons p~eacher ~ richer, and to prove that she roa!l~ loves Larry, l{iss Dodd ! permitted ~Im to help out an old p~l from Hollywood - Pola Negrl - ~hom }~r. Gray escorted about M~mhattan all week....Yee, tndoedy. Lov~ i8 ~ Gunny th~n~, ~p to a ceTt~in ~olnZ....Then it gets funnier. {~'i" ~;01 0031113
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• •~ ..4 ~ZflOHELL: (OONTINUED) Hotels where }{r. Lucky Strike:8 Cosst-to-0oast saleE~n gives you 8omo reasons v~y the Lucky Strike business iB getting bigger &nd better every de,y~..I;m all for th&t, because blgg~r and better business means full tlzleemployz~ent at full ~ege8 and more and zore Lucky 8trlke 8aleszen and other ezlployses. It,s your turn, Howard Cl~neyo CLANEY: ~ast night the f~oue tenorj Louis DtAngolo~ sang in the opera La Gi&conda before ~ great audience in the Metropolitan Opera House; For 15 years Louis D'Angelo has been a stnr ~t the capitol of Opera...yes, 15 ey_~, and of course, to achieve ~hat reeor~ he h~s had to tr~e great o~re of his voice nnd of his tbro~t. Tfnt.t a magnifleent tribute it is to Lucky 8tzike that Louis D Angels ~al~es this statement: "I dare take no risks ulth harsh irrltants, so insist on LUOEIES. They have always been kind to my throat.,, Thank you, Signor D~Angelo. ~n the o~refu~ prepnr~tlon of your Lucky Strike- and yours, too~ Mr~ and Ers. 8mokor everywhere -- ~Te must th~nk Mother Nature and Father T~ne and the great bensflts of modern• science. ~e thank Mother Nnture for gro~in~ ouch rich, neLlow tobacco8, the Creaz~ of m~n¥ CropS~ ~;hloh ~ select fo~ your Lucky Strike, ~o thank Father Time for aging, me%lo~ing those eholce tobaccos throughout three long years. For it takes one -- t~o-- three years for a Lucky to be born. And then ~e employ the scientific "TOASTING" Process to drive out certain harsh irrltants....irri~ants that are as natur~llF present in every tobacco leaf as the stem itselfl And that's the big difference in clgarettea -- in Luoki~e ~s take out these irritants and put in extra goodness -- extra fine tobacco -- and so you get more for your money in Lnckiee -- extra quality, ~nd extra throat protectio: --STATION BREAK-- AI'~O 1 0031114
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~INCHELL: Ha~p, and you/ clever crew....put on the he~t, chilly up here in the skieeJ Here we go! Fronl New York, shlrt-front of America -- That brings us back to Michigan and you, Johnny ganpJ .... Itls ~ little the gravy-~pot on the ON 17ITH THE DANCE, JOHNNY HA}~p: (~.--HISTLE) O~%Y| D'TROIT| HAI___~_~: your Lucky 8trike magic c~rpct c~r~e so fast, W~.itcr, it h~rdly needs any nlore heat but welll try it tllth They tell Y~e ~.Iter T;inchell has a ~hole sack of letters to re~d so letls hurry b~ck and hear about theft (~ISTLE) OKAY, NEU YORK* WINOHELL: your l&ds. the DETROIT TIL~8 crowd that Uinchell s~td hello -- and that I hope the Times never tells me, good-by. 2 An@ nou to re~d ny loveletter8: Th&t T~S fine, Johnny H~ip..,.Congrats to you and Hear your band ~nd Ted Foe-oh-ree-tohts soon again. Tell R'r~O 1 0031115
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-15-- UINOHELt: (OONTINUED) Kitty ~tts of Nev[ York Oity: ~tn sorry, Kitty -- that you don~t know what side to Zake in the Bernie-~inehell B~ttlc of the Air .... No~;~ don't be like that, J~iss ~T,utts -- and cl~p h~.nds for ny side like ~ good glrl .... Yes, Bernie ~,nd I h~vo been D~%Is for over i0 years. I~ll never forget the ti~/e when Bo~ got a job ~s zovie extra in Holly~:ood ~nd went to soc hinself in his first plcture.. ".;ell, poor Bernie unfortunately ~inked ~nd ~i~sed hiuself ontlzely. This is fo~ you R0~%LIE }~ORAVIL8 of F~lls Oity, Tex~: Billie Dove is now on ~ imst-co~st bound choo-ahoo, Rosalie... }~ovie extras get v~ry ordinary ~.gcs° T~ko no ohanc~s, Eoll~7ood is crowded no~ ~ith to9 u~ny waltrcs~cs ~;ho u, ent there thinking they ~e~ ~ary pickfo~de. Fred 0ulp of 1228 8hernan Street, Denver: Glad yo~/ ~T/okc L~okie8~ Fred. I do~ too -- but I h~%vo you bo~t six ye~rs-- live been enjoying then for ~ dac~do .... Yes, the h'~n-A-Hlock-plan is going fine -- :~o~e peopl~ th~n over are beln~ o~ployed -- so t_ thank Buff~lo, Green Bay~ A~sterde¢l, 8~n Joe% SZracuso, poori~ ~nd ~ny other city th~ is following the Big Ide~ to put uore men to ~;ork at falrly decent ~es...Keep happy~ Fred. ~TXOI OO311 16
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-~6- *, "~INCHELL:(CONTI~[UED) Grace Sin&iko, ~{adison, Wisconsin: ~?o, I didnlt know it, Grace. Itm sorry I didn't knox~ that ~:~dlson had fallen in line rllth the I',~n-A-Block-Pl~%n long ago. I ~Tas in }~adison ll years ago, ~t the Orphetu/ -- you must renenber r~e, Grace -- The college boys stele the glrl right off my aru in the stage entrance 5kley and I w~s seared silly. They returned her to her hotel safe -- but not so sound. Just playful llt-tul fell-ohs~ (huh-huh) W~Iter I~eClure of Beverly gills. C~,lifornio~: Ifn sorry, :'~cOlure, you don't llke our signal -- of "OKAY|" -- most of the e~'owd nTite iue that they think it i8 taking the ple~oe uf .'vhoopee". Gee, I hope so...if everything else ~ms as okay as that h~ra~less little ~7ord, !~oClure, the ~orld xTouldnTt h~ve all those headaches, would it now? ..... I hope everything is O-KAyI ~ith you ~?~lter !!cClure. And that, my names~/:e -- and the rest of you pleasant people -- concludes tonightts show;.,Don~t forgot ~nd re~eh for a Lucky Strike D~nce Hour on Thursday night ~hen ~e return to Eddie Dachinms orchestra pleylng from the smart Central park C~slno in this New York of oure,..And on S~turdny night, as I told you last week, my boss, }{r. Lucky Strike, ~on~t even tell }~E ~h~t~s going to happenJ,... 8o it sound8 llke an unusual show -- be sure end h~vo front-row psrlor seat on me...Untll Thursday night, then - I r6c.~aln as ~ffectionately a8 ever, your Ne~ York correspondent, ~%Iter Winchell-- ~ho can,t help but think of the irony of it all| To think -- that we might h~ve to help those Chinamen AFTER V~T THEY'VE DO~.NE TO OUR COLLARS.~ RT,~OI 003'111;'~
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-17- 81GNATURE: , ~- r • r ~ (Optlon~l) OLOSI ~G ,~},OU~,CE~.DNT OL.D ~Y. Please rem~.Iberj ovcry Lucky Strike is msde of the ~ine6t tobo.ocos the ~orld c~n offer - the oTo~.~ of :~ny oropB throughout the ~i~o THEN, the exclusive LUCKY STRIKE TOASTING PrOCOB8 expelB ee~t&in harsh Irritant8 n~tur~lly Drosont i~ every tobacco leaf -- and that is your ~hroat protection -- ~inst irrit~tlon -- ~go, lnst oou~h. Luckies ~r~ ~l~,%ys kind to your thro~t° Thank you. The Lucky Strike ~%nce Ho~ ha~ co~e to you frou Nc~ York City~ Detroit, I~ichigan and Olcveland, Ohio, through the facilities of the I~ational Broadcasting Companyo .%GE:~¢Y: ~71NCHELL: ::H: D 21213 0031 1 18
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NOTE TO ANNOUNCER= (Make local announcements every fifteen minutes except on dramatic pro ares which depend on a suoedssion of thought,~ WEAF Tll~ : ( ) :. LUOrf 8TRI~ DANCE HOUR ( )( ) i0:00 - II:00 P. ~i. FEB~ 4, 19~2, THURSDAy (THEME 8eNG...ONE OHOR~ OF "HAppy DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN", WITH VOCAL REFRAIN. IMMED;ATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNOERo) HOWARD OLAHEy ! Ladies and gentlemen~ the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure, by the manufacturers Of Lucky Strike cigarettes-sixty modern minutes with the world's finest dance orchestras, and your New York correspondent, Walter ~inchell~ of; the New York Daily Hlrror, whose gossip of today becomes the news of tomorrow. Mr. Walter Winchell| W I NOHE L L: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, Ohalrman Lucky Strike and guest of honor -- Vincent Lopez and your f~ous . ' orchestraX live been wondering when weld meet, again~ Lopez -- even though New York is the biggest of the small towns, But we don't keep the same sort of hours -- you go to bed too early, Vincent, andlthough weSve been struggling for 15 years in this New York of Ours -- we haven't seen each other for over two yearsl .... Therefore, there is an added thrill for me tonight, Lopez---meetirg you again this way. Shucks .. I don't have to introduce you all over again to the audience on the air, do I? .... You were a blg-timer on the radio -- long before Mrs. Winchell'e Walter Joined the Lucky Strike Dance Hour. f~]MO1 0031119
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7 -2- WINO~LL: (OONT) 8o come on, Mr. and Mrs. Amerlcai...~ut your ~rms ar6und another of your favorite sons -- Vincent Lopez -- while your prodigal 8on, Walter, throws his magic carpet into high| Here we go, lad~es and sentlezen -- plokir~ you up from border to border and ocean to ooeKn to speed you all to the elegant Hotel St. R%gis in Hew York City to hear Vincent Lopez and his delightful crewA ON WITH THE DANCE VINOENT! LOPEZ: Oity~ (. . . ( (Whistle) oEAY, LOPEZ| Lopez speaking - from the Hotel St, Regis in New York Our first group of dance numbers wlll be -- ) ) ) ) LOPEZ: / I%vs e&sler than dlali[~ a number on the telephone to send the maglo carpet back to Walter. (Whistle) OKAy, WALTER WINCHELI WINOHELL~ Very blg-tlmey, Lopez, very2..~.Thle is where Reporter Wtnchell of the LuCky Strike Dance Hour newspaper tries to be as diverting to their ears as your dance arrangements certainly aze...I,l] flash you in a few minutes or so, Vincent. Stand by, blg-boy, \ f-I T ;,'401 0031120
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WINOEELL:(OONT) .... I saw the stork flyin~ low over the LonE Island mansions last nlght....He delivered several new Lucky Strike Dance Hour listeners here ~nd there -- but he didn't know the exact address of the IrvSng Berlins .... So he told me that held try again within the month...Itls a boy over at the Doctor Arthur Winick's, She mother is the author of a new book called "Life 0omes to Judith" .... Barbara Newbe~ry, who recently told a 0hio~ge judge about Eddie Foy, Junior -- now receives orchids every day from Elliott Sperber, New Yorkts newest dsp~rtment store owner...Winifred Hudnut, the second Mrs. Rudy Valentine, who changed her name to Nataeha Rambova (2 on~y. learned yesterday) got her stage name from two Pullman cars...Ygu might be interested to kno~,, too, that Warden L~wes of Sing, Sing, who made a talk at Ool~bia University the other night -- stated most vigorously -- that despite the lurid stories you may have read in some of the papers about the late two Gun 0rowley -- no condemned man has ever been doped before going to the chair at his prison, ..... Hugh Aleorn, 8tatels Attorney, who hung Gerald Chapman -- is readying the noose for 94 Oonneotlcut shysters~..He will break hle story about February 15th prgl~mlnary to the start of hle drive for the Governorship,..,,., (WINOHELL CONTINUES OVER) PIT ~0 ~ 003]]21
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7~ I just ~ou~d OUt why the Internat~hKl News SerVice aesi~ed Floyd Gibbons to cover the Far Ea~ 8itch-ee-ay-shun.°..My ~eBt Side oorre~ondent~ Hy ~oldBtein. aries that the newspaper service reallzed that Floyd Gibbons Was the only American reporter ln captivity Who Gould talk feet enough to pass a Chinaman|....The Thomas Fortune Ryan, the 2nd -- he ~as the grandson of the late Thomas Fortune RYan, the multi-millionaire -- is here in New york... The wife he married laGt J~ne is in ~vo~Ing looking for a ~ob, Here,s 6o~e%hin~ that there ought to ~ a law against.. 1Attl~ Hal 5eRoy~ the 17 year old sensation of ](r. ZiogfeldT~ ,fol-do~rol-dollles, no~ in Chicago. is in a Chleago hospital a victim of pneu~onle..°Yet, he still does hle strenuous dancing in that show...Two hospital attendant s egoort him to the theatre in an ambulanoe...and aB soon as hie part of the op~ry is flnishod ~ they put Hal right ~ck to bed in the sick-wagon and return him to the ailing room°.°°Hore, here, FIG Ziegfold, unless I am miserably mlslnfo~med, and five111 bring you ton IIm not ~ p~t a stop to that] ,, , ,,, ~fm 8orry but I simply cannot rovcal the name of that NQwHaV~n Justloe of the peace who will na~ry anyone within tug.hours of meeting them - not~i~hetanding th~ ~-day law in Con~ectlcut.,,. I have his n~ma and address and phone number-- and I am only ~Ivlng that information to Intimates of l~ino -- Busldo~ if anyone ~zero to rovo~l his identity -- the pooI ~y ~o~Id very likely lose his title for trying to be ~ regular feller -- 80 plcaeo~ Mr. and ~r~. Tuner- Inner -- uho road about it in my column -- please dontt prods :~o for any uor¢ dotails...UnlesB I knc~ you very very well and could trust you to keop hie true~-- ~ couldn't help you ~o hitch-hlking do~:n to that m~s ~it~r. Sorry~ ~]R01 00~122
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~:(CONTI~D) If he c~n arrange it~ Rudy Vallee will fly to the co~st to join Fay Webb, his ailing wtfe...Rudy, you kncu, besides his air activities and orchestra conducting, also stars in George Whitets "Scandals" -- and he is seeking a week,s holiday to comfort the very ill Fay out thors...Eatharlnc Brush, the novelist, has ~ new ermine and broadtail coat -- because her husband just cleaned up plenty of sugar in the South American sugar m~rkst~.Al Jolson is having a lotta tough luck, too°...pcor Jolson -- he is packlng them in uith hle touring show ~d still gets $7,000 every ~eek from a movie company...Bcc~use that flicker firm made a contract with him to pay or play him -- and they can.t get thci~ story finished. SO poor AI has to take 7 Grand from them ~eekly...Newspaper editors wlll be amused at the law cult being brought by Elizabeth Hawes against a certain leather m~nufaoturer .... The case ~ill test a point for ~hich American Designers have been fighting for years...And that is T to stop style thieves from pirating exclusive creations for milady... By the way, whatever became of the ~press whntever itls name was again -- h~t?....And here's an observation I came ~cross last night while relieving some of the local ~isenhslmers of their pretty $20 bills...and that is that -- Anne Lindbergh (and see if y@u don't agree ~ith me) is the living image of The QUEEN OF CLUBS| (CONTINUED) R ],kO 1 0031123
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WINCH.EL*,: Ahaj here he comes! Howard 81aney, the man who makes these shows a hlg success at the box offlce -- and that means, the cigarette counter where you buy your LUCK~ES! CLANEY: To millions of smokers LUCKY STRIKE is the ~uost valuable cigarette in the ~orLd -- for it offers the t~o moat valuable virtues that any clsarett$ can offer .... the flnest tobacco ~ plus throat rp.r_q~ectlon. Oyez ~iO0,O00,O00 ~orth of choice mild, mellow leaves -- the Cream of many Crops - are constantly being stored to protect LUCKY STRIKE'S uniform flns quality. Then comes that exclusive LUCKY STRIKE "TOASTI~'G" Process, whlch includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays, and which expels certain harsh irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf. That, my fzionde, is your throat p~oteotlon| One of the mo~t valuable voices in opera As the proud and gorgeous possession of Madame Marie Ol-Ohef-Ska, that golden voice you must have heard broadcast from the Ohloago Civic Opera, Madam Ol~Chef-Ska writes: "There 18 one quallty I demand in a olgarette. It must be soothing. ThaZ is why I smoke LUOKIES. They don't irritate my throat". Madame Oi-Chef-eka gets what SHE wants In LUCKIEr. AND YOU get what you want in LUCKIES. For she and o~ really ~vant the same thln~s in a olgarette. And of course you want LUCKY 8TRIKE~S valuable throat preteotlon, you want the cholces~ ~obacco8 that money can buys Thatms why ttls wlse to reach for a LUCKY Instead~ t~T ~01 0031124-
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l -7- --BTATION BREAK-- Thatts your second cue, Loper! .... Talk about running the g~-aut of 8motions, Vlnoe~t--my boss, Mr. Lucky Strike has sent me with his m~gio carpet to all parts of the world -- but there 15 jus5 a big wallop in piloting the good old carpet and our Aladdln's Lamp all the w~y from the Northwest corner of 55th Street in New Yc.rk where I am -- to you, Lopez -- AWAy OVER T}~RE on the Southeast corner of 55th Street the location of the high-toned St. Regi~ Hotel, ON WITH THE DANCE VINCENT| (WHISTLE) 0XAY LOPEZ! LOPEZ : Back again in the Sea Glades of the Hotel St. Regis where welre going to play -- (. ) ( ) ) ( (. oL~//~: We're only a stonels throwaway from Walter Winchell so I certainly should be able to toss this cue easily. (WHISTLE) 0KAY WALTER. Th~tls puttlng the b~ll over the fence, Vlnoent...Donlt put do~% your ba-TAHN-- you play again in a Jiffy. 8o herefs a speoial message for L~ke Placid, New YorkL Hello there, you ice skatere, ski Jumpers, hockey players, bobsled racers in those Winter Olympic Ganges that opened today| Here'B a salute to all those 25 nations ~nd their athletes -- may the bert team win| 0.K. Claney. f'] T MO 1 0031125
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And to all you athletes of Uncle Sm~1~ LUCKY STRIKE offers a spewial toast| Lay you all come through with that extra spurt that means a glorious victory| It's that extra effort that ma_,es ch~uzplons It's because of extra effort theft LUCKY STRIKE has achieved its world-wide popularity. Extra effort in gatherlnz the world's finest tobaccos -- Extra effort -- and extra time -- to age and mellow those tobaccos for one ..,two...three whole years. For it takes three years for a LUCKY to be born. ~other Nature refuses to be hUrTled, It takes three years for a LUCKY to be bo~n, BecausB the tobaccoB in your LUCKY STRIKE must be ripe, fully matured before we let science step In and complete the job. And science doe___i complete the job -- by expelling certain harsh irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf. ~en you reach for a LUCKY you get the one cigarette that has that extra goodnesm in place of those expelled irritants. You get a cigarette that,s because Itts slow-burning, ~because itls fresh, ~o~ because !tls the purest of cigarettes -- your LUSKY STRIKE! --STATION BREAK-- headliner~ agaln~ O~Y LOPEZ! ( ( ( Okay Hotel St. Regis across the etrset|...Tell our Vlnoent Lopez that our magic carpet i8 rarlnI to go gay, • Letls go America| OK ~STN THE DA~GE VINCENT| (WHTSTLE) Vincent Lopezp again, and the dance goes on with -- ) ) ) . F I- WO I 0031126
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~_0PHZ: And how, we hop across the little oa~on of 55th Street to Walter Winchell of the grsndest canyon, Broadway. (WHISTLE) 0~AY ~ALTHR ~I~O}~LL. WII~CHEI~: Thanks a~ain Vlncentp I put the second edition to press here, ~Wnat do you know th&t I donlt knowt kid? To the editors all over the country here is a bit of scoople...Al E. 8mlth will ann>unce his presidential plans for the Eonday papers. Herels another novelette that should be titled "The Tragedy of Love" ... ~onta Bell, the director and his new brlde are now ocoupylng Nazlmovat s Beverly Hills dwelll*~ -- The first Hrs. Bell, who only w~s recently Reno-vated from 1~onta, lives at the forkuer Bell home at #6868 Whltley Terrace -- in the same town, and from the home in which she once dwelled with her husband -- 8he now can look doWn upon him and his second wife. Good old ~elancholyweod. I was made a lot happier yesterday because Bill Wilkerso~ the editor and Publisher of The Hollywood Reporter sent me a comforting d~y letter,...Please let me share it with you..."Dear Walter" i% begins, "your Tuesday night broadcast won you all of Hollywood for being so generous to our Garbo and Pola Negri .... The explanation of the Blumenthalparty aleo was good reporting.-- my paper ran it -- and your confirmation came in time -- for we all adore BlUmey and hle wife Peggy Fears ou~ here -- and we naturally wanted the Winohellow-down on the excitement. Cengrats and Best Wishe8, Wilkereon, of the Hollywood Reporter. (~R. WINCH~LL CONTI~JES ON NEXT PAGE) R 1~0'1 003112?
Page 250: 0060233180
~ ~!~! .... ~ ~ ~ ~'~ ~ ~,~*~ !" 4- • ~,lO~•¸ r (CON I ES) Thank you, sir. know, , i Itls little things llke that -- you And herels one for Ben Bernie -- affectionately kno~-n by Mrs. Winehell's Walter -- as a big stiff. The other night Bernie told you all that I was joining the Chinese Army and that I would be put in charge of the cltF of Peking~ A sort of a Sha~h~ Gesture, oh, Ben? You Bernie up -- and knock me cold| Oh well, only a friend can become an enemy. A relative is one FRO~ THE 8TART|~,... Never mind, Bernle...Life may be a bo~d of cherries -- but remember~ kid, after the cherries are gone -- the bowl can always be used for unpaid bills. Incidentally, Ben. In my column yesterday I ram a paragraph about epltaphs...Charles Leonard FletDher of the Hollywood Citizen News sent me a note in whlch he said that my epitaph should be: "He had an infinite capacity for giving pain -- but a da~m eight more joyU' Promise me that you won't let them use that on my tombstone. I ~ouldntt like that. When there are no more headaches to have, Bernie, please see that my PEPitaph reads: "Walter Winehell -- Who Has Gone To You Know Where -- "I'll Be 8eeint Ya~" (~. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) F~'l" ~01 0031128
Page 251: 0060233180
-ll- WINO~LL: CONTINUES) Here are some more rid-bits about this and that -- and the those-those and theme ... The first positive sign that prosperity is on the way back is that the good old cigar coupons have returned to Broadway for the first time in two years...The 8chulte Cigar stores have revived them, hurrays....And the Broadway florists have revived the practise that they used in the days of the Floradora Sextette....They are sgaln rewarding chorus and show girls with commissions. I mean those girls who see that their respective boy friends order their orchids and other posies from this or that shop... The girls get lO per cent of the monthls receipts°...And this one is for those editors all over the country who bewail America~s lack of preparednese...Xn the last fiscal year the United States spent more for armaments than any other nation on earth~ And hsrels a bravo to Charles HoAdam of the McNaught Syndicate which handles the very odd Molntyre's excellent column and a bravo to Fred Fletcher of the New York Daily News staff .... They were fishing yesterday Inthe Gulf Stream off Florida when they discovered a ship on fi~e...No other assistance was within reach -- so after a desperate battle with the flames both 0harlie MoAd~m ana 7Ted Flet0her, two newspapermen, (we all are so proud of) --rescued the~ entire orew...When I prepared this item--the newspapers had not yet yeard of it...And whether they heard of it or not -- letms publish it on Mr. Lucky Strikers Nation-Wide hook-up --and make it public| (~. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ~1"~01 0031129
Page 252: 0060233180
," :(CO INUES) I told you a while b~ek that everything was j~ke between Douglas yairbar~kep Jr. and his frau, Jos-u Crawford. Well~ the latest reports from ~vietown say that Mrs. W1s boy W was more than right. Young Doug, by the way, had a swell time making "Union Depot," although he was hit by a train, and knocked eight feet. The picture certainly helped that too-terrlble unemployment sit-chee-atio~ in Hollywood, for it employed a great many extras..,350 of them| And now...gangway for a few reasons why LUCKIES are selling faster than any other cigarette, thus enabling Nr. Lucky Btrike to employ more sale~en than ever before -- without any cut in the old pay checks~ CLANE : Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. smokes LUOKIE8 exclusively. His statement in today's papers leaves no doubt about it. l read from an advertisement in the New York Times: "Luskies are my standby. I buy them exoluelvely, i:ve trled praotieslly all brands, but LUCKY STRIKES are kind to my throat." Itve tried pzactlcally all brands," says Douglas Yalrbar~ks, Jr. -- and that ls a lot ...for there are over forty different brands of olgarettes on the market. But remember, ~ one of these br~ds .... JUST 0NE...regardless of prlce...onl~ one can give you the throat protection of LUOEY 8TRIKEJS secret and 6xc~slve "TOA8TING" Process| When that "TOABTING" Process d~'~ss out -- ex~els ~- eliminates csrtaln harsh irritants naturally p~esent in ever~ tobacco leaf, it not only protects your threat .... it also m~es room for more tobacco goodness...the goodness & of the finest tobaccos that money can buy...the Cream of many Crops... the goodness of tobaccos aged and mellowed fez one...two...three Ionz years. For it takes three years for a LUOKY to be born! But it takcE you only three minutes 'to learn why all Araerica buys more LUCKIES than any other cigarette.. 1 0031130
Page 253: 0060233180
.... STATION BREAE--- 171NC~LL: Just sold out all my p~ners, Vince~t Loper -- and here I am back to pilot yot~ on our magic oarpet°°.Come on~ Vincent -- letI~ go places and pl&y thlng81 ..... Letl8 go to Alaska, Canada and into every sweet old State in Your Country and ~(ine: ON ~ETH THE DANCE VINCENTI (WHISTLE) OKAy LOPEZ! LoP,z: Welll carry on with -- ( ) ( ) ( ) ) ( LOPEZ: And now that fast hop just around the corner. (~WMISTLE) OKAy, WALTER WINCHELL! Fine, fine, fine, Lopsz....Some show, Vincent...gome show...Take a dozen bows you veter~u of the air waves1...It isn't a slnlple job to do, ladles and gentlemen, remaining high up on the ladder all these years. Sengrats Lopezl Hear you soon egaln. And now for the mail. ,~/s. E.P. Weltoh of Dublin, Jo-Jah! Ple~ss don~t be angry with me, Hzs. Weltch...The Bernie battle is all in good fan... ask Bernie if you like, he'll tell you -- therels nothin~ personal in our alr ~ar...Itm sorry you misunderstood it all, but I donlt want anybody to think ~e are serious. My only regret, ~(rs. Weltch of Georgia is that you arentt having half the fun that Ben and Walter are having. (~R. NZNCHELL OONTI~E8 ON NEXT PAGE) £11" W01 0031131
Page 254: 0060233180
.... "'~ ~"--~--~' ~i'~-~~'~'~¸~'~!¸~" ~'~ ~%~r~ ~ ~'~,~ .............. ~ ~ ~-" ~ ~_~: (OOHTI~'~S) Dorothy Grifflth of Lm~sdowne, Pennsylvania...Thal~ you Dorothy. The nsx.le of the Countess is DeFrasso--yes~ Gary Cooper woe her companion here. Benjamin Arena of Portland, Kalne. Thank you Hr. Arena and please tell the Portland gerald thanks for that swelegant edltorial..,I appreciated it all the more, bee&use my colux:m ~ppears on an opposition paper, The Portland Evetg. E~ress...l played the Keith Theatre in Portland in 19el, Portland ~;as nice to ms then, too. BO-KAy PORTLAND ~AINE! And this is for the crew of the Navyls biggest submarine, the U.S.S. Barracuda, now within listening distance under the Pacific and bound for Hawaiil...Thanke you gobs and offlcers--and ditto for saying that 70~ of the crew are Lucky Strike smokers. Make it 100% boys and come back soon. Harry Rivett of Prince Rupert, British Oolumbla. Thm~k you Mr. P~vett...Yes, I know that the Literary Digest is conduetlng another Prohibition Poll, directed to twenty million Amerlcans... The last tlm~ they did it -- poor Bugs Baer wore his legs out on a bicycle riding from tm'm to term to vote wet~ And that Kr. Pdvett of British Columbia and all you other grand Guys and grand gale b~ings to a close another of our Lucky Strike Dance Hours. (}~. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON i~XT PAGE) ~TN01 0031132
Page 255: 0060233180
4, .~ ~; ~" (CONTINUES) \ " Donlt forget ~r. Lucky Strikers surprise party on S~turday...I found out something about it, too...There is a gigantic plot goin~ on to take ~Y,y magic oa~et away from me ,:then Itm not looking...Just to m~ke my face red--but just watch and see--I like to laugh last--because I llko to laugh LOUD! 8o until Saturday night then, at the same time, Ladies and Gentlemen, I 8~, as ever, your New york correspondent, Walter Wincncll -- the little feller in the full d~es8 suit -- who poses on ~op of wedding cakes. ~ ." (8IG}IATURE) / • C~O$11!G AIL~,'OUNCEICEN~: (OPTIONAL) HOWARD CLANEY: Please remember, every LUCKY STRIKE is made of the finest tobaccos the :;orld can offer - the Orea~ of many Crops throughout the world. TH~C the exclusive LUCKY 8TRIKE "TOASTING" Process expels certalu harsh irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf -- and that is your throat protection -- against irritation -- against cough~ throat. LUCKIES are al~ays~ tb your Thank you. "THATtS WHY DAP~KIE8 WERE BOP~N" and "THIS IS THE ~[ISSU8" from "Scandals 1931" and "~0 CAP~SI' from "Of Thee i Sing", were played by special pe~,lisslon of the copyri~it o,,nlers° The LUCKY STRIKE D~ce Hour has come to 7on fro~ Ne~ York City through the facilities of the National Broadcasting Co~:pa~ AGE~;CY/WI~!CHELL/EJ/LD/ES/ChilIeen RT, O 1 0031133
Page 256: 0060233180
j NOTE TO ANh'OUNCER: (M.~/~e loc~l &nnouncements everv fifteen minutes except on dr~a~ ic programs, which depend on succession of thought.) WEAF TI~: ( ) THE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUR ( )( ) !0:O0 - _!1:00 P.M. Februacy 6,1932 SATVADAY (T_HEi~E SONG ... ONE CHORUS OF "HAPPY DAYS ARE HER~ AGAIN!' WITH VOCAL REFRAIN. I~9/~DIATELY FOLLOWED BY AHNOUNCER.) HOWARD CLANEY: Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure by .the manufacturers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes - sixty modern minutes with the worldfs finest dance orchestra~, and your Ne~ York correspondent, Walter Winchell, of the New York Daily Mirrov, whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrow. Mr. Walter Winchell| WALTER WIN(HELL: Good evening, Mr. and Lrs. Doodle end your son, Yankee, and welcome to ~iI your guests within these United S~ates. I want to warn you - something very strange is going on here. I noticed it the minute X walked !n tonight. Therets mystery in the • air. (LOW "GROWL" ON SIREN) Hey, whatWs the matter with you, magic carpet? Be quiet| Therefs son*ethlng funny about that magic carpet tonight. Itls like a horse chafing at the bit. (LOW GROWL ON SIREN) Get down on the floor where you belong, carpet. Hey, Tom, set somebody to helDue with the carpet! (LOUDER GROWL ON SIREN) Rurrsy upt itls getting out of control! Ctmon, somebody| I canlt handle it alone! (LOUDER SIREN) (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) ltT, O 1 0031134,
Page 257: 0060233180
-2- MR. WINOHELL.: (CONTINUING) Tom, Frank, Mo;ity, Jack, Norman - come he~eL (LOUDER SIREN) Hey, ~r. Lucky Strike, your magic carpetls gone nutst Oah-r~zy! (LOUDER SIREN) Helpt (PUFFING BARD ... OUT OF BREATH) I can't hold on any longerL Ittsslipping~ Slipping~ CLOUD SIREN) phew! There she goes! Where is it? ~ere is it? If anybody can grab it, for Heaven:s s~ke, hold on to Itl Anybodyl Anywhere in Amerloa! OKAY, America! CLEVELAND ANNOUNCER: l@IS here, Nalter| Here in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland on the shore of L~ke Erie. And before it gets rumbunxious agsn, E.~erson Gill, your old friend, Emerson Gill, and his orchestra are going to play ... (, .) ( ) (. .) - C .) CLEVELAND ANNOUNCER: (In Middle of Group) The Magic CarpetT s getting nervous, Walter. (LOW GROWL ON SIREN) Itts cu~ling up at the edges. But wet11 try and hold it while Emerson Gill plays ... ) ) ) ¢q ]'~01 003]]35
Page 258: 0060233180
-3- CLEVELAND A~[~OUNCER: (At the eud of Greu~ All'luring that last number, the Lucky Etrike Magio Carpet was acting up again. (LOW GROWL OF SIREN) Th~'~ i$ goes again~ I dontt think we can h?Id on to it any longer, Walter Winchell~ so well1 let let Eo and head it toward New York (LO~ GROWL OF BIRE~) Look out, look out, fellas~ (LOUD 81~N) Look out, New Yorkl WALTER WINCHELL: Fine, Emerson Gill. It ~Tas great to hear you again and you ce::tainly held that Maggie Carpet do~n bette~, than I could. (LOW GROWL) What on earthts the matter with you toniTht, Carpet? Lie down and l~sten to Walter. Z ~ee by the Aseoc~@ted PresB that Kosie Dolly of the famous Dsmclng Dollys ~lll ~arry I~ving Netoh3r of Chicle, brother-ln-~aw of Connie Talmadgeo The weddinz will take place early in ~areh, ~o¢ording to R~siots sistor~ Jennie - Oh~ ~r. Lucky Strlke! - I told that to our l~-steners wee~s ago. Don't mind my bo~sting, boss, but when I ~n~.ke mistakes, the A° P. is the first to pounce on me. And so when the A. P. follows W. W., it is only natural for ~e to do a little pouncing, uyself ... And a fella, no~ad~v~, ~t toot hi~ o~ ho~n, bo~s~b~oa~se th~ United ~ate~ ~a~ine Band certainly ~on*t tootle it for him..°.Luoil~ Upton , kid siste~ of P~ggY Hopkins is bethrothed ... to the handsomest soph at Prlnceto~ ~ary Duncan of the ~ovies is on one of the speediest cho~-ohoos bound for th~ coast ~here her sister is ver~ ill o.. (~AR. WINCH,~LL CONTII!UES ~T£XT PAC, E~ ~T~O1 0031136
Page 259: 0060233180
-4- ~. WINCHELL: (C~NTINUING) }~s. Leniere ~Tinslow~ the widow, wi%h r.lore r~lil?io~s than you hay8 fi1~ers ... was planning all week to strand Al.leric& for France ... Where, she has told friends, she intends to spend the rest of her life ~ having become fed up with our laws ....... There was a report sometime ago that the Ersklne GWynnes of paris and here - were plotting to tell it to a judge ... She is Josephine Armstrong ... Well, Cut,d, apparently,has hit the mark a~ain - for Mrs. gwynn% I now learn, is doing all she can to help put over her husband's new book - an expose of paree - I ran into Fifl Dozsay last midnight and I asked the fl~ning Fill if what I had heard was true... That Fif$ had again fallen desparately in love with a man ~ell known between the coasts and the borders ... "Oh, Wal-turrrrr," pouted Fifl, "eeet issss tru% but please dunlt ask me his name" ... "Oh, come on," I begged piflj "lette put it on the airwaves Saturday night and tell America all abo~t it" ... "No, Wal-turrr|, pouted FLfl, "It is true dot I loff heem so metch, but yat I dunrt know if he loves me," ... That statement that Alfred E. Smith, will releas~ to the newspapers all over the country for the Honday rags will startle his opponents as ~ell as his partyL. ... One of the better known outla~vs, now in the who~s ~vhosegow - has a private ,phone in his celll Itvs spoken ~ Billy Leeds before ... Leedst sister once married into the nobility smd his ~ther distinction is that he is very rich and a good fellow ~nong men ... (MR. WINCHELL CONTI~q3BS NEXT PAGE) f~'lNO 1 0031132
Page 260: 0060233180
-5- MR. WINCMELL: (CONTINUING) He has one of the n~ost elegant apartments in town and bee&use he once was almost snatched by kidnappers ... Leeds has a contraption in his Beekm~n place dwelling that makes it very difficult for robbers or other annoyers ... If a strange, frlnstonce, successfully eludes the watchman do~nstairs and gets up to Billyts apartment door - and shoves a gun in Billytsface - all Billy has to do is stBp on a button right there at the door ... Th~ button right there at the door ... The button signals every ~oliceman on the beat - about 28 of them - and within ~7o minutes, they arrive on the scone. The other night, Texas Guinan ~as Billyls guest of honor at a party there ... Leeds was stuck for an idea °.. on how to thrill Eiss ~uinan ... Finally the idea hit him - he would step on the button and bring all the police to his place ... As if p~lice pouncing in on her is anythinE new for Tex ... Of course, it was a lotta 2un ,.. and broke the ~onotony of the tiresome sector for those cops ... but I was thinking that it w ouldnlt have been so amusing ... if those cops were needed elseWhewe at the time~ Herels a cheer for the city of Roohest~r~ NeW York ... The City ~&s stumped recently for a plan on how to s~op the hoarding of money by natives .. • A~d Rochester success~ully stopped the hoarders within two weeks ... And this is how they shrewdly did it - other cities please c~py. (MR. WINCHELL CONTI~8 ~"~XT PAGE~ f~T,~01 0031138
Page 261: 0060233180
-6- MR. WINCHELL: (CONTINNING) For example . .. when a man c~me ~nto a bank and said he wanted $1,500 from his account in gold coin, the bank clerk immediately reported the faot to the president of the bank ... Shortly after ... the bank head Walked over to the depositor nith a check for his full ~,oeount ... He handed it to him and told him politely but firmly, that ~Is business ~;as no longer desired ... Then~ the bank telephoned every eoL~petitor in town about the inoiden~ .. and when the ~isa~ ap:)rosched each bank~ he was told that they had no more room to talcs on another account ... in that way, Rochester 18 stopping the hoarding ... for the depositor begged his bank to take back his money. And now, ~r. and Mrs. Tuner~Inner, he~ets Howy C!aney to tell ysu why Luckles sho~*Id be your favorite cj~garette ... HOWA~ CL~'~EY: This afternoon that beautiful opera~ "Si!~len Sooeane~ra. went onthe alr for the first tills. Did you hear it? If you did, what a thrill you must have got from that splendid ba1"itone of Ezio Plnza and the rich basso tones of Claudlo Frlgevlo. And it thrilled us-to find that both of these great artists are Lucky Strike smokers. Listen to this statement of Signor Pinza: "My f~e and fortune depend upon z~y voioe and throat~ so naturally I1m for Lucky Strike, the cigarette that gives me the throat protection of the toasting process." (MR. CL~/~EY CONTINUEs I,rEXT PACE) f~TH01 0031139
Page 262: 0060233180
-7- HOUABD CLANEY: (CONTINUING) And Signor Frlgerio writes this: 'rAfter y~ars of experience I find tha~ Luckies do not irritate my throat." It too~ years of study and effort for these groat singers to perfoct4%heir glorions voices. And it takes ~ to perfect a cigarette fine enough re;" them to acclaim so enthusiastically. Every Lucky 8tri,ce contains tobaccos that have been aged for three years, for it takes thred yon.re for a Lucky to be bornl Three year's of a~ing and mellowing; the worldts finest tobaccos - three years before we apply that exclusive "TOASTING" Process that transforms these choice leaves into your delicious Lucky Strike. I~hen you roach for a Lucky, you get the full benefits of all this slow and painstaking care - the ripenir~ - the mellowing - the aging - all the purifying benefits of that exclusive "TOASTING" Process which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet R~ys. No other cigarette in the world gives you so much for your ~oney. - STATIq~ BREAK - WALTER WINCB~LL: We had the Ma~Ic Carpet pretty well in hand here a few minutes wil~ again| ALL: ago, but then somebody hit those chimes mid it went Can you hold it, boys? (GROWL OF SIREN) WINSHELL: Oh, yeah! Letls see where it goes; Sure, sure; (LOUD WHISTLE) There she gocsl Oh, well, let it go; R]H01 003114.0
Page 263: 0060233180
-8- STANDBY ANNOUNCER: Itfs headin' for Buf~lo! NELSON: WINCHELL~ Where is it? It is nott It's heading West! No| Itls going over the oeeanL You fel]as donlt know auy more aboot it than I do. Button, button, whets got the button? Itls gotta be some plave, gpeak up! OKAY A~RICA| ~ASHINGTON ANNOUNCER: Washi.~gton speaks| Washington, D. C.L Itls here| ~he Lucky Strike ~aglc Carpet is here. Okay, United Sta~es, our oapitml i8 still here. Walter Winchell, our capital is not all over • urope, itls here in the United States. The ~ic Carpet was out of breath when it arrived so all the men of Herb Gordonls Orchestra oli~ed on it to hold it down, while they play .... (. ,) ( ) ( .) WASHINGTON ANNOUNCE~: (In Middle of Group) I donIt know what!s the matter with yot~r Eagle Carpet Walter, (LOW GROWL ON SIREN) but I think we can hold it down a fe~v minutes more as Herb Gordon and his orehe~ra play ..... f~l~O 1 003114-1
Page 264: 0060233180
-9- (_____ ( .... ) (___,) (Follo~'inE l&et number~ there rare & couple of growls on siren, then big cr~sh of d~ume, cymbals, etc. - & lot of noise.) WASH I~GTON ANNOUNCER: HeM there| (MORE SIREN) Walter Winchell! Your Magic ~p~t ~u~t slld out from unde~ US and ~tm slttt~E or~he floor! [EIBE~) Take It b&ck, Walter~ Too much pep for us| (LO~D WHISTLE) Look out~ New York& VOICE: Mr. Winohell! Mr. Walter WinchelI! VOICE: WINOHELL: right here. Right hero, p~ boy| What is i~ your Magic Carpet just landed in a studio upstaire~ It dld~ (LOUD SIREN) No, it di~It. Here it is, Boy| Bring me ~ hammer and some nails. WhatSs the m~tter, Magic Oaxpet~ Bid old man static give you the ~i%tezs Mew YearSs Eve? (LOW r~ISTLE) If you don*t behave, It11 get paul Whlteman to sLt o~| (LOUD sIREN) Or Bern Bernie to ~in~| (SIREN) go behave yourself, ~. C. (~R. WINOHELL CONTINUES N~XT PAGE) Al%01 003 ~ hi-2
Page 265: 0060233180
WALTER WINCHELL- And Herb Gordon, - lO- it certainly was good to boa? y again on the Lucky Strike D~%ce Hour. Hope our Carpet didnlt tire you out completely or break a bass drum~ ~hen I heard that rackct, I was afraid the Carpet had gone to China. Now; if the ~a~ic 0awpet will behave itself for a fe~ moments, I~d llke to listen to w~hat Howard Claney has to say. Ft1,~01 0031 ]43
Page 266: 0060233180
-II- H__QWARD CLAYEY: OoK. Washington. Americals newspapers have broadcast the Presldentfs declaration of war on hoarding - his great appeal to put hidden money back into ciroulatlon. O.K. Washington. And folks, why does President Hoover ~ant this money back into clrculatlon? He wants it there so it can perfornl servlce~ so it can do work; so it can give enlplo~lent to millions of ~lerioans, and I ~ant to say right now Shat that's ~hat ~r. Lucky Strike is straining to do with every sinew. He~s buvln~ more tobacco; bets ~ more tobacco, ~Ith greater care, under more scientific conditions than the tobacco industry has ever kno~. Pdght now over a hundred millions of dollars of choice tobacco has been gathered~ more Is constantly being purchased - the cream of many crops - for your service. And then these choice tobaccos receive the marvelous extra benefits of that exclusive Toasting P~ocess. Closer inspection Is offered by contented, happy employees; greater service by more LUCKY STRI~E Salesmen; harder work by every employee of ~r. Lucky Strike, to the ultimate end that you, our friends, may receive greater benefit, be better served. No other cigarette in the world gives you so much for your money as Mr. Lucky Strike. VOICES: Hold it| Hold it: (8IREN) I thought I told you not to bang those chlr, les? You got that Magic Ca1~oet all riled up again. (SIREN) v~ VOICE: (sIPS0 Sorry, Walter, but my fingers are all worn out trying to hold on to it. I quit| Yeah, too much work! F~l":~O] 0031 ~l,~-,.t
Page 267: 0060233180
-12- All right, fellas, if you canlt hang on, ~e'll just have to let it go. (SIREN) If anybody can stop it, please do so. I donft care where it lands - anywhere in the country - only tell us where! Ready, boys? One - two - three - thzee years for a LUCKY to be bornA Oh, no, that's Claneyts line. One - two - threel Let 'er go| (LOUD 8IP~N) OKAY AMERICA! CHICAGO ANNO~{CER: We cannot tell a lie, Walter. We grabbed it here in ~icago - Mayor Cermak's good old Chicago to~n. We're going to fool your magic cal~et, though, Walter. Wetve got a big pot of l~ here and the boys are gluing it to the floor, while Art Kassel and his Casltes in the Air play .... (. .) ( ) (. ) ( ) CHICAGO ANNOUNCER| NOW that wefve got the Magic Carpet glued to the floor, we don~t know hot wo get it free. Wait a minute~ (SIREN) It's struggling hard| (SIREN) Lock out, boys. (SIREN)(Loud ripping of cloth or SPlitting noise) It Jerked itself free| (LOUD SIREN) Look out, New York| Sounded like the Carpet was torn. Look it over, boys. Is it all right? VOICE: Yes, seems to be - Okay, Walter Winohelll A];KOI 0031145
Page 268: 0060233180
-iZ~- Why, of tours% itTs Okay - it's the Lucky Strike ;~AGIC Carpet| How oo_q~d the Lucky tr~ iIagic Oa1~oet be damaged:~? Thank you, Art Eassel and your Castles in the Alr. Take a bow, Art. And now to go into the second stanza. Sorae of my confreres no~ are reporting that the Louis Calherns of the stage (she is Julia Hoyt of the sassier sectors of the to~rn) are this and that ~ay .... New York read that in ~hose column half a year ago? .... Sunshine Jarman, one of the prettiest girls of the shows, who married a nobleman from Engleald -- he~s a Lord something or other -- is rerunning to New York next week with her titled groom....And when she arrives she will receive a surprise gift from him -- a pl~u%e that cost a mere ~)40,000 ..... The Peter Amos who got all that Renotorlety last year (she is Lois Long) are friendly, however...There is one child, a glrl, and Peter ~/id Lols share it every other week-end...The other week-end ~Then it. Arno returned the baby to Its mother -- the child brought back a new dog~ --which keeps the ex-Ers. Arno up half the night whining .... So Lols has named the hound ,Arnots Revenge"....There was another gala night club opening at Charlle Journalls smart i[ontmarte Thursday midnight...The only thing that c~;te nearest to an explosion was when Jack Osterman got up and did his turn,..Eddle Cantor, who officiated as master of the proceedings had been calling on almost every one, r~hen 1~aster Oster~sn decided to make a speech....He said to George Olsen, the conductor of the orchestra; "George -- I want to tell you that your nlf% Ethel 8hutt&y, is flne on the radio. I heard her slng the other night and she csme over s~ell...Of course, I'm no crltlo~"...To ~Thlch & olo~Tn yelled back: "~o careful, Osterman, you are b01ng overheard -- look therets a man yA~!NG:" (HR. WII~OH~LL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) 8[~01 0031146
Page 269: 0060233180
The patient is recovoring as ~ell as can be expected...i However - that yawning squelch was a~uelng and all that sort of thing, but Voltaire (and I don't mean Voltaire Vinchell) is credited with the same crushing retort by the historians of ages ago. All work, and no plagiarism, you see, makes Jack a d~ll boy. One of the better kno~n magazines thls is6ue carries a short, short story called "Trapped', ...It is by an author named Granville Forteecu....That author (in came you forget your front pages quickly) is the husband of the lady in Hawaii who is held with others on a murder charge. Here's the sort of an item I llke to make public,...He is one of Amerlca18 better knompoets..,.He acknowledged the fact that a certain woman was his wife -- AFTER she became the zother of a daughter -- and then she dled... °A great guy|, ,.She passed on 3 v~eeke ago -- and all the papers killed the story...Claire Haynard of the magic lanterns who I reported would divorce Jack Taut of the Wall Street sector, as soon as she returned to the west coast, already is wearing the engagement ring of her Intended, ...Jose Larkln, the only almond-eyed blonde in the ~orld, who 18 a ]~ew Jersey glrl with a British accent -- has reconciled ~Ith Richard Gardner of the George 01sen crew -- and they probably will make some preacher $i.50 richer in the spring -- when a young man's fancy ..... i~iss Larkln became a widow last year, ~hile she was in Pares ready to divorce her husb~.ud -- ~ho saved her the trouble and fell out of a hotel ~Indo~ in Ne~7 York. An obliging husband he r~as -- who was named John J. B~cOraw, v#no had the same name as our popular manager of the N.Y. Giants baseball team ........ (CONTINUED OV~E) A] 01 0031142
Page 270: 0060233180
W_~N C H_H~_~: (CONTINUES) The platln~ blonde craze ~hich Jean Harlow made popular 18 soon to be replaoed...The next fad in coiffures will lean toward red hair -- and among the things I never knew until last night is that four out of every ten women, are endowed by nature with dark brovm halt....25% of the America=s ~omen have light brom~ strands... twenty percent have black hair and only lO per cent are naturally blonde -- and a mere 8% have hair of titian hue. Bay, you girls in the Junior League, look up Loretta £ayers in you~ membership llst, a~ change her address from Larchmont, New york to Hollywood, California. Loretta was just another society playgirl until she heard that Columbia Pictures were looking for new faces, so she packed her overnight bag, and scr6m~med out to Fllckervllle. Her latest piece of photography is "High Speed" with Buck Jones,..And now I get a short zest ~hile Hsward Claney gives you a short message from our host on tonight's program. HOWARD C~ANE~: "Dozens of my friends," writes Lorstta 8ayers~ "agree with me on this point LUCKIES give us something no other cigarette offers -- the throat protection of that "TOASTING" Process of yours," And you also, ladies and gentlemen, you also should have LUCKY STRIKE IS throat prote0tlon. For no throat protection today may mean the cough of tomorrow. You might not notice the difference in cigarettes right away~ but you know as well as we do that constant irritation can easily become a serious matter. Donlt take chances - reach for a LUCKY instead. The one and only cigarette from which certain harsh irritants have been expelled by the "TOASTING" Process. (~R. CLANEY CONTINUES OVER) R];~01 003114.8
Page 271: 0060233180
! -Ig~- LUCKIES are the modern clgarette.,.the olgarotte that has made the two great advances in the tobacco industry in the l~st f~fteen years -- the "TOASTING" Process and the use of modern Ultra VIDlet RB,yS. Because of these two great improvements, LUOKIES are al~lays kind to your throat. --STATION BP~EAK-- WINCHELL: I don~t know whether itls the copyrlght o~Tners or the Govcrms~nt that insists on those chimes, but those very s~ne chimes made the old M~gic Carpet impatient tonight. (SIREN) See? ~lat'd I tell you~ I'm all tired out trying to handle it. (WHISTLE) Never mlndj fellas, just let it go. (WHISTLE) It wonlt pay ~y attention to us nohow. Let let gel (LOUD SIGN) ThereA Gone again. (PAUSE) All right, who's got It~ V~ols got it? Speak up! Where is my wandering carpet tonight? Well? (PAUSE) Well, welre waiting. Whols got it? (PAUSE) (LOUD SIREN) iKy heavens, it's back here again. Grab it and hold it Just a second, fellas. Boy~ Boy~ Yes, sir. WINCHEL~: Did you get that hammer? VOICP: boys, WHY, I thought you always had a han~er, Walter Winchsll. Q~it the wise-cracking, give me the hammerl Come help me a bit, will you? (SOUND EFFECT - POUNDING .~EAVY NAILS INTO WOOD) on no!7j 8]M01 003114-9
Page 272: 0060233180
WINCHEIJ~ ~ I~m going to fix this ~agic Carpet. Hold ~er now, while I nail it down. (POUNDING OF NAILS) There' That's one corner! • (POUNDING OF NAILS) There| And there! And there! (POUNDING OF NAILS) Thanks, boys. Here, Yro/~k, nail doom that other corner: (POUNDING OF NAILS) How is it,Frank? ~: Okay, ~alter Winchellll WINCHEL~: All right, then. If everythlngls jake, I'll tell you, ladies and gentlemen, I think Itve got that Lucky Strike Hagic Carpet under control. And if it stays under control, Itts going to stay in New York City. Yon'linear another music outfit, new to LUCKY STRIKE Dancers - A1 Dean and his Orchestra. Theylve been waiting here, ever since the Carpet went on a rampage, just to play so you can as/ice. (WEAK SIREN) All right, A1 Dean! He's Okay, America! STANDBY ANNOUNCER: AL Dean and his Orchestra will play -- ( ) (. ) ( ) C. .7 STANDBY ANNOUNCER: All ri~t, W~ter, the mlcrophone Is all yours. And now for my love letters. Frank W. ~inn of Stockton, Callfo~la...Thanks Mr. ~i~...The m~ A Block PI~ Is going flne... cities all over the l~d are following the suggestion ~d I ~I h~py that I was used as ~e voice to m~e it better know .... . (CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE) Fll",WO '1 003"1150
Page 273: 0060233180
r~: (OONTImJES) You see, Frank -- the breaks have been pretty sugary for me -- but I havenlt forgotten those not so long ago unpleassnt days tThen, never mlnd..,They werentt so hotsy-totsy for me, too, Yrank~.. Keep happy, old boy. Hiss Kay Ellingsen of Seattle, Washington...Thauk you, Kay...tell your gentlemen friends that if they insist upon coming to Broadwayrs night clubs that if they would not look llke, or be n11staken for head waiters then theyad better wear a gardenia in their tuxedo lapels. .... Oh, Kay, KAy| -_w-- Herbert G. Parker of Cape Cottage, Mains...Thanks, Herbert. Here's some inside information on the outstanding waltz song hit of 1931 ...It is called "Call Me Darling,' and it sold over 300,000 copies. And it was wrltten, so states the sheet music, by a girl n~med Dorothy Dick...Well, Dot's real tag is Mrs. Harold Link and she also wrote "live Got A Feellnt I~m Fallln'" and "Yourre The One I Care For" a;nong other smashes...But she is so shy she won't use her real name...Gosh-- thatls something refreshing, Isnlt it? - considering how many of us keep trying to get into the spotlight. Kiss Louise Hall of Norfolk, Virginia, is all upset, she says. She has a new doggie and she doesnlt know whether to name it after Ben Bernie or Walter Winchell...Well, Niss Hall, why not call it, George Jessell -- just on general principles? (}~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) RTX01 0031151
Page 274: 0060233180
-IS- I~ALTER WI~'CHELL: (CONTINUES) Helen ~enken of Ni~ah Beach, Florida...Thank you, Helen L~enken -- but I dich~It say that.xv..I dldnft call Ben Bernie a big sissy, I called him a bigger onel..°.Why do I pick on him llke that? •...Well, because not only does Ben wear white socks and carry a pocket comb| -- but Bernie is the kind of a palooka who lets the fellow behind him push the revolving doorZ How's that, Ben? Dontt forget and send me a card on St. VILLAIN-tlne's Day. And that, Helen J~enken, and all youother swelegaut people all over this America of curse, winds up ~mother Lucky strike Dance Hour....Thauks for letting me into your homes, again -- and be sure and come ~vlth us on Tuesday night to the Mardl Gras at New ORLINS, Louisiana -- to hear Irving Aaronsonls Commanders, one of the ten best bands in the land....Until Tuesday night at the same time then, ladies and income tax payers -- I remain most respectfully, your Hew York correspondent, Walter Winchell -- who is a gentlaman, no matter what you've heard ~bout me....Any one~ll tell you that I wouldn.t hit a lady ~ith my hat on: (SIONATUP~) C 0 ING AN~" C ~ NT: (OPTIONAL) Please remember, every Lucky Stri~e is made of the finest tobaccos the world can offer -- the Cream of many Crops throughout the world. THEN the exclusive Lucky Strike "Toasting" Process expels certain harsh irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf -- a/~d that is your throat protection -- against irritation -- against cough! LUOKIE8 are all,aye kind to your throat. Than~ you° R1~01 0031152
Page 275: 0060233180
The LUCKY STRI~ D~nco Hour has come to you fro~1 Nol7 York Oity, Clcvol~d, Ohlo, WaBhlngton, D.C. and Chicago, llli~oSs, through the facilities of the Natlonal Broadca~tAng Company. AGENCY/NINCHF.LL~CC/OhtlIeen 2/6/32 t~ l~dO 1 0031153
Page 276: 0060233180
NOTE TO A~OUN(~R: (Make loc~l ar~ou~cements every fifteen minutes i except on dram&tlc p~o reins, which deoen~ on a sucoessicn of thou~ht~; L ( )( ) - II 000 p. ~/. Febyus~"[ 9, 1932 TUESDAY (THEII~ SONG ... ONE CHOPUS OF "HAPpy DAYS ARE HERB AGAIN", WITH VOCAL REF2AIN. I~£/EDIATELY FOLLOWED BY A~NOUNCER.) H O~,'ARD CLANEY: L~dies and gentlemen, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure, by the m~nttfactursws of Lucky Strike Cis&rettes ... sixty modern minutes with the worldls finest d~noe orchestras, and your New york correspondent, Walter Winchellp of the New York Daily Mirror, whose gossip of today, becoues the news of to::lorrow. Mr. Walter Winchell! WALTER W INO~ELL: Good evening, once again My COUNTRY 'TIE OF TEEE ... and put it there, Hr. Chamber of Commerce of all those towns ... I refer to the towns that h~ve taken up the borrowed D~ttle-Cr~y - of the Man-A-Block-plan that Mr. Lucky Strike is so proud to help develop ;.. That's the plan, in case you're a new tuner-lnner - which so many towns are following ... to take' many an unfortunate fellow out of the panhandle lines ... and ~ive them Jobs at which may they/make a decent living. But let,s go into that later on the bill ... The Hardl Gras at New Orl}ns is our port of call tonight ... where Irving aaronson~80ommanders ... will fiddle and flute and toot their trumpets~ (L~. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) P3 l;qO 1 0031154-
Page 277: 0060233180
q }~. %~NC~.{9~'LL: (CONTI~UING) 80, come o.~ s~Jeet l~dy, and your husba~%d and children; get on the K~io O~rpot ~nd donlt %retry ~bout it going gay again, the ~ay it showed-off cn 8~t~rday night. Illl bring you home ssfe!y~ I vow. Here we go, Fra~%k| Do~n to the ~outh of the ~isslsslppl ... tc the ~Krdl @ras And Commander A&~cnsonTs crewl ON WITH THE DANCE, LOUISTANBl, (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW OHLINSI NEW QRLE!NS ANNOt~CE~: YouVvo isndod At New Orlos/%s %There the Kardi Gr&s is in full swing. We h~d our big ps2ad~ this afternoon ... fsalt~stic flo~ts of all kinds, elaborate costumes, and the spirit of carnival everywhere. Itls been ~ glozlous d~y of ~evelry, and the night is just beginning. Our fi=st stop tonight is at the famcus Ferrest Club, wh~re you'll dance to the muslc of l~ving A~ronson and his Corianders as they play ,.. ) ) ) ) NEW ORLEANS ANNOUNCER: The Lucky Strike lightning ex]~ress takes us now from the land disocvezed by L& galls to Hendrik Hudson's famous bay. (WHISTLE) OKAY, ~ YORK~ ~l~O~ 0031155
Page 278: 0060233180
WALTZp. W T ~'_~L ~: Very good, Aa~onson .., I told them on 8atu~aay ~i~ht youtd he blg-time stttff. Welcc:,le to the Lucky Strike Dance hour, Irving, long time no seep eh? Keep us all in the whoopee mood~ and please tell my editor on The New Orlins ITEM, thanks for everythlnE| ... Pick you up in a while, Aaronson, this is where I have to go to WcTk~ and do some Winohel-linotyping. If Louise Brooks is tuning-in .,. I wish she wouldn, t distress her mothe~ that way ... I refer to the Louise Brooks of the chorus, the blonde one ... We have four by the same name on Broadway ... and this is the second time that her mother in Boston, has urged me to find her ..~ Now can you be ti~ way, Louise? .,. rPhon% write or do something to ease your motherle mind ... or 1~hone me if you are listening, so I may tell your mother you're safe o.. In my column yesterday, which was released the eveni~g before at 7=3Op in New York, l ran these lines= Five Iplanes brough~ dozens of machine-gate fzom 0hioago Friday, to combat the townte most desperate outlaw .°. The local banditti have made one hotel a vi~tual arsenal and several hotspote are the same because MASTER COLL is giving them the headache ... Little did I suspect that King 0o11, the 23-year old bad guy, ~ho had the toughest gangsters soared off ... would come to his end a few hours after my paper hit the stands ... (~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGEP \. f~TN01 00311~6
Page 279: 0060233180
yR. ~I~'CHELL: (COlQTINUING) Ho~ York mothers~ ron~ollbszlng that Collls bullets had killed innocent babies l~st pO~T, slept peacefully as a result, For Coil, like T~;o-Gun Crowley, and others, had no heart . .. Coil ~as in ~ drug stets Iphone booth when he w~s murdered... The ase~ss~r~ c~utlonod the customers in tho.t drug store to keep cool and ~Itod until two women left the place to fire ~ay at the marked Coil ... At I;15 A. M., ~onday, I was pounding my typewriter ... preparing some notes to tell you tonight ... Buddei%ly the pretty d~ll editorial ro:~s cane to life ... "Theylve finally clipped Coil|" yelled one of the staff ... and a moment later when Police Hesxlqua~t~rs sent in its fla'~h~ I hopped into my hat and eoat~ and Joined the reporters in,he race to the seene~ a mile ~way ... ~very deteotlve on the force must have been there as were dozens of the townls best reporters ... For the end of Cell had come ... Th~ meant the end of his gang, most of ~hom are down below already, the victims of the sane penalty . .. And this is the most Important part of Coll~s passing ... It revealed what most of us have known "all along ... that the Legs Diamonds, the Crowleys, and all the other mad dogs who live by the rod ... wind up behind the ~ ball, without any coin ... Mrs. Coil admitted that all the money her husband had, was exactly ~iO0 and 3g cents, the amount found in her late husband, s pockets ... Truly~ the way of the transgressor is hard| (~/~. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) RT~01 003115?
Page 280: 0060233180
- 5 -- I~R. ,~INCH~LL: (CONTINUING) I ~sk~d i~ i.~ ool~n the oth~m ~o~ni~E, if it ~e true that Harriet Fink of the Ziegfeld Foll~s ;vas a secret bride? .. I now l~awn that Harriet eloped to Ne~:ark a fe~ weeks ago with an attache from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel ... and has left him already| . .o Dorothy BoW also of the Follies and Ernest BroWn~ a rich shap, after a long tins ro-'KANCE have curdled ... and another important hit of gossip on Bros/way~ concerns George Whit% the producer, who once vowed held never ankle down a middle aisle with auy womau~ .,. Now the street hears that Susau Fleming, Kr. White's favorite person for ~any reasons, just returned especi~lly to elope with George ,.. I havenlt been able to confirm the report ,.. but I know that their love was among the finer Broadway things ... And I say this to Geor&~ Nhite ... Settle down, George, itls about time - and find out the joy of living ... and the difficult to describe thrill that goes with kissing your own bsb¥ in the back of ~te earst Ju8~ as we go to press~ I find that the business department of this radio newspaper has gone out and got some news .. and here's Howard Claney to tell you about it. Pl'f.~01 0031158
Page 281: 0060233180
~!O'VARD 0LANEY: Right ~ow, a~ I an talking to you, that famous basso, Pompilio Malat~sta, is taking part in the boautlful opera, La Scheme, being given in the f~nous Brooklyn Academy of Nusic, by the stars cf the Metropolitan Opera Company. Ne are pleased that that famous artist, Signor Malatesta has smoked Luckies the past three years. He has been g.ood enough to tell us why: "In opera, of course, one cermet afford to take chances with onels voice. I~ is a joy to know when I reach for a Lucky, I don, t have to worry about certain harsh irritants, since your ITOASTINGI Process h~8 expelled them." And neither do you, ladies and gentleL~en~ have to worry about harsh irritants] Thatts ~hy we tell you to reach for a Lucky instead~ Lucky Strike gives you the finest of uellow, mild tobaccos . .. And when that e:~cluslve "TOA~ ING" Process expels certain harsh irritants hidden in every, tobacco leaf ... it makes room for extra tobacco goodness ... It makes Luckies the mildeet cigarette you ever smoked ... a cigarette that offers to all the world, supreme smoking enjoyment. Yes, my friends ... the "TOASTING" Process makes Lucky Strike, mellow ... mild ... pure| WALTER WINCHELL: Now for anothew Winchelleap back to the MAHDI GRA8 and Irving Aaronsonte 0ommanders down at the mout~ of the ~ississippi| ... Gems on, Don Howard of Warren, Ohio. You too, }~ax Burkhart of San Gabrielw California| ... Letls go gsy again at the ~ardl Gras| ON WITH THE DANCE, LOUISIANE| (WHISTLE) OKAY, N~T ORLI};S| ~ll){01 003'! 159
Page 282: 0060233180
-- 7 -- NEW ORLEANS ANNOUNCER: We go gay ~,ain at the Forrest Club in New Orleans with Irving Aaronsonls Cor~enders pl~ting ... ( ~) (----- __) ( .) ( ) ~E_~W ORLEANS ANN 01TNCER: NoW, from the Gulf to Broadway, to Walter in one fast hop. (~HIBT~E) WALTER UINCHELL: OKAY, NEW YORKI ThatWe keeping it snappy, Aaronson ... I11~/~ue you in a jiffy ... mF slde-klck, Howls Olaney, the star salesman fez Er. Lucky Strike, has a few Words to report here ... Okay 01aneyZ Take it from Mike One| HOWARD CLANEy: In the last fifteen year~, what has the manufacturer of your cigarette done to improve it? What has he done to make your olgavette better? Thlnk now, what? ... Then thlnk wh~ Lucky Strike h~B done ... Th~nk of the Toasting process, the one great advance in tobacco manufacture in the last fifteen years ... Think of the use of modern ultra violet rays ... Think of the hundred millions of dollars invested in choice tobaccos for your pleasure to guarantee the fine high quality of your Lucky Strike ... ,(MR. CLANEy CONTINUES ~N NEZT PAGE) A1" 01 0031160
Page 283: 0060233180
TFmk of the staff of scientists, who a~e continually testing, wslghi~g, measuring, keeping that great product, Lucky Strike, alr'ays uniform ... Thi~k of that unique Lucky Tab whloh enables you to get your Lucki~s in molsture-proof cellophane that you c~n open without a struggle. What other clg~rette gives you these benefits? ~hat otheT cigarette gives you so much for your mo~ey? The answer is None ... None .,. No other cigarette gives you so much for yo~r money, as Lucky 8trlke ... You bet it's good to smoke Luckies for theytre mild ... mellow mild ... pure ... always kind to your th~oatt • RI-XO I 0031161
Page 284: 0060233180
--STATION BP~EAK-- Thatls fine, Howie -- make room please for Hrs. Catherine Williams of Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, who wants to come along° Oatherlne, meet Helen and Gloria Gould of Portland, Maine, two charming ladies who are simply cuh-razy about our magic carpet, tO0, Throw it in third, Frank! us back to Dixie| ON WITH THE DANOE, A320NSON! NEW ORL~NS! NEW ORLEANS ANNOUNCER: Let let rip -- and take (WBISTLE) OKAY~ Irving A~ronson and his Commanders will play this ti~s -- (. .) ( ) ( ) ( ) EWO A 0 : The Lucky 8trike magic carpet takes us from the gay Mardi Gras in New Orleans to Walter and his Winohell-lingo. w C~IKq_H~j~: Fine, Irving, flne...You get a longer rest here .... Folks may I pay a tribute to the memory of Abraham Lincoln, my favorite President....and then report a few more items about people in the public eye -- and I dontt mean cinders. (~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) F~I-:~OI 003 ~ 162
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t • +,.~+~, +~ ~ ~ ~ t ~'~F~ ~•~! < ~%.,• .+: ~,++• ~, . + -. , • ~ !~• • ~ ~+~ + -10- ~| (CONTINUES) This is ~tmo~g my pet saylng8 of gre~t men, ~rving, and it i8 oslled The Rail-Splitterls UnCommon Sense. It is somethin~ to remember, ~rlte me for it folks, and fill send it to you. Ssld Abraham Lincoln: "I do the very best I know how. The very best Z can; and I mean to keep on doing ~o until the end, If the end brings me out all right -~ what is said against me won't s~ount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong -- ten ~ngels swearing that X w~s right, would make no differenceD' I have a number of telegram8 from ~II parts of ~he land asking me if the Oharlle Farrells, she was Virginia Valll, are rehearsing lullabies?....Well, imnglne N/s. Winohellls Walte~ confessing that he doeenlt know~......I suspect that some one published the rumor, somewhere, but when I phoned my slde-kick, Dr. Stork, to try and oonfixv~ the report, he was busy..~.Iql find out, though. I found this out, however, ....Why the Barr>moree always se~d eaoh other an apple, When one or the other opens in a new movie o~ plaT,...Znstead of eend.ing ~lres of eongr~s or Elowezs, the Barryll~ores send ~ apple g,'3.th their oard pinned to the fm.tit.... It seems ~h~ when Ethel Barriers went\on the stage, her peppy promised her a ntee big zeey apple if her acting was good -- and there, aB they alw~s say in the old country -- yeu ~re! (~R. WINCHELL 0ONTINUE8 ON NEXT PAGE) f4 T;dO~ 003 ~ ]63
Page 286: 0060233180
• -11- Lenore lYlrie still has the miseries because the talk got about that when Olark Gable was struggling for recognition in New Yorkt a few years ago, that she turned him do~m, saying that he couldntt act and had no sex-appeal .... Lenore says she didn't do anything of the sort -- but that her casting director did it -- and so letls put that right into the records now .... The highbrows have knocked Zane Grey~s novels and writings for years -- but it seems to me that Zane Greyls knockers only helped kick Zane Grey up the stairs -- for last year the much abused Greyls Insome was a mere 30O, OOO smackers ..... Youtve heard, I presume, that in the spring pretty June OtDea, one of the lovelier ladies in "Of Thee I Sing," the hit show, and "Lefty" Gomez, one of the better pitchers on the N.Y. yankees will mlddle-alsle it .... But no one ever told how their love spark was Ignited....It happened at a roadhouse here last sumner, where Texas Gulnan was guying the crowd....Gomez, a bashful fellow, shoWedTex a diamond ring that had 6 karats .... "Will you give this ring to that girl?" said the baseball star .... "Give it to her yourself|, snapped Texas .... "Oh, I canlt," said Lefty, "I don~t know bowl" "You eanlt get slapped in the face," said Gulnan, "for giving away je,elryl" But Gomez started to choke and his cheeks got pah-lenty plnk....Texas called June OtDea over, handed her the blinding headllght and 6aid: "8sine fellow sent this to you, put it away for a rainy day~"....For months, Jane OtDea never knew who gave her that ring .... Then, one day, Texas told her .... And now she is trousseau-shopplng, and Lefty is worried because he doesnJt look so hot in a high hat and tails .... .As who does? ~" (~R. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) \ 0031 ]6~t
Page 287: 0060233180
-12- ~: (CONTINUES) The ~an-A-Block plsa~, I also learn, has already put to work about 50,000 men who were unemployed and hungry....The average salary weekly is $15, which means that $750,000 a week is now being earned by men who dldnlt know where their next meal was coming from until this Man-A-Block Plan went into action .... So please stand, you tuner-lnners, and salute David Pasternaek of 174 Butler Avenue, i Buff81o, N.Y., who is oredlted in a letter from o£fiolals of that city wlth suggesting the idea. The letter certifying that on or about November 15, 1930, Mr. Pasternack suggested the man a block system to Mr. MoClelland and Mr. sehmldt of Buffalots Department of Charities, and Industrial Aid Burean...And here.s further proof that the plan is going stronger than ever since your eorresponde~it made it better known on Mr. Lucky 8trlkels radio hour....What a thrill it is -- knowing that Iive been a part of the most constructive thing done yet to give men work! Steubsnvllle, 0hl% has wired me that it is going to greater extremes to do bigger things for the unemployed...Kausas City is putting over a bond issue of 40 million dollars to stifle the depression and wlll also give work to 6jO00 heads of families .... And Long Beach, New York, the healthiest of the seashore resorts wires me that it is behind our movement -- and Mr. Pasterneokls of Buff~/o|....0kay, gtsubenvllle| Okay| Kansas City and Okay, Long Beach, New York|..Thanks, thanks, thmlks| (~. WINCHELL CONTIh~ES ON NEXT PAGE) 003I 165
Page 288: 0060233180
-13- (OOnZNUE8) "Okay - Amerloa" -- and all you cities a~d tova%s -- Give me news of your results. I will be glad from time to time. on the Lucky 8trlke Dauce Hour, to report progress and lend my shoulders to the wheel. "Okay America," June CollyerIs back in town for a while -- rubbing elbows again with her old-tlme pals among New Yorkls ~,400., June's a debuts-ute gone Hollywood, you know. Her dad is one of Wall Streetls better known mouthpieces -- law~,er to youl June Collyer says sheId rather mingle in Hollywood society than New York's -- because out there you get paid for it[ .... HereVs where I reach for Howard Claney~ Lucky Strike has more salesmen than ever on the payroll, Howard, but go to work and make room for a few more| HOWARD CLANEY: June Collyer could easily afford any olgarette in the world, and so it is hlghIF significant that for four years she has smoked LUCKIES. Below June Collyerls picture in todayls papers you will find this statement: "It!s the extra things I get from LUSKIES that make me 80 enthusiastic. The extra protection to my th~oat~ the extra fine flavor of t.UCKY 8TRIKE~S choice tobaccos,# These days, Mr. and Mrs. America, you and you and you want the most for every pemy you spend. And we say ~Ithout fear of contradltlon that LUOKY 8T~KE gives you more for your money than a~ other clgarette...the extra quallt7 guaranteed by a hundred million dollar supply of the mildest, melloweet, choicest tobaccos... the extra goodness of tobacco carefully selected from 140 great tobacco markets --the Cream of many Crops throughout the world .... (i~R. CLANEY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) A]'XO'I 003'1966
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HOWARD CLANEY:(GONTINUES) ......the e~ra mellow mildness of tobaccos that are aged as long a8 three whole years. You get the extra benefits of modem Ultra Violet P~ys~ a~d the e~ra throat protection of the purifying "TOASTING" Process! And itts these extras in your LUCKY 8T~KE that m~e it the mildest - the very mildest, the very purest of cigarettes - the biggest cigarette value in all the world. WI~O~EL~: And now for another hop back to Louisiana ~d the contagious melodies and rhythms of Aaronson~s Commanders. Ge$ outta the way, Blue ~e Mountalns~ Harya Washington Herald! TellEr. Woodcock, the prohibition a~inlstrator that I answered his letter in the column thls morning -- ~d that I never reve~ a source. Hello, Baltimore News~ Howdy, Atlanta : Georgian! ON WITH THE DANOE, MARDI GRA$! (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW ORLINS| NEW ORLEANS ANNOUNOER: The gayety of the Hard/ Gras carries on with Irving Aaronson and his Commandere playing ..... ) ) ) .) NOW New Orleans says, "If you canlt visit us sooner Join us next year at the famous Hardl Gras." Now the fast flight back to Walter Winchell. (WHI8TLE) OKAY, }~W YORE| f3"l ~01 003116?
Page 290: 0060233180
"i~"~ ~ ., .... . "~ WINCHELL~ flrst-raters. Excellent, Aaronson -- you and your boys are This is ~here I do a few more handsprings with my mail while the nation looks ovel. my shoulder. Hear you soon again, Aaronson -- shake New OrLINS by the hand for ~r. Lucky Strikers Walter. R. C. Hclntosh of Qultman, Jo-Jah. Thanks for your letter....Yes, I know. The Chicago Trlb spells 0-Kay (0-E-E-H) and my paper, the Ohlsago A~ezican~ spells it 0-E-A-Y ..... Both are correct...Presldent Wilson made the TrlbVs version populart~ But itls not the way you spell it, it's the way you say It. This is my version-- "Okay|" To the boys at the U.8. Hospital at Waukesha, Wisconsin -- thank you fellas. But X canlt sing at all...The chap who does the csmarylng of our signature is Theo Alban, who certainly knows how....But I can do a better col~mn than he can... Get better, boys -- and sooner than that! Ida Howard of Saranao Lake, New York .... Hello, Ida.... Some papers keep repo~tlng that that sta~ is going around with him -- but he'e St111 marrLed and that'S why I wonlt pwint it .... Keep tuning In, Ida, (HR. WINCH~LL CONTINUE8 ON NEXT PAGE) AIH01 0031168
Page 291: 0060233180
....... .......... . ...................... I -16- " ~ ~ I Art E. Ohapman of Rapid OiSy, South Dakota .... I never claimed the word whoopee, Arthur....The controversy m~kers~ however, kept saying that X helped make it better known ~vlth the expression "MakinI Whoopee"....I first used the phrase "makinI whoopee" in 1924 -- the word, Bernlel s jokes. eteetra, of course~ is older than most of Ben From all accounts, Okay Chloago or Okay Los Angeles, is taking the place of "Whoopee|" and I haveI a suspicion that when the Democrats gather in Chicago for their convention, theytll arrive yelling "Okay, Ohicago!" -- whoopee is so old, now -- and Frohihitlon has taken the kick out of it, anyhow...Eeep smil~ng, Ohap~an. Ja~e Dierke of 8pringfield, Missouri .... Thanks for your note, too, Jayne....Ben Bernle is now taking what appears to be a much needed rest in Florida. That Ts & hot one| Right into the enemyls camp, for my babies at Niamah Beach tell their father everythlng|.....Eernle, frinstance, went into one of those "Eat-All- You-Can-For-60-Oents-Reetaurante down there Sunday morning -- and they oarrled him o~t struggling an hour agol And that Ja~'ne, and all you other tuner-lnuers or tuner-outere, (which X certainly hope you're not) -- wlnd8 up auother Lucky Strike Dance Rour....On Thursday night, our magic carpet is going to take you to La~e Placid and the Olympic Games, where Joe MO88 and hie grand ore~nill do the fiddling and bugllng... (~R. WINO~LL CONTINUES ON NEXT pAGE) A 1-~-{01 0031169
Page 292: 0060233180
• L • -iT- q ~: (CONTINUES On Saturday night we leap to San Francisco and D~nver for more dance muslc....8o until Thursday night at the same moment then -- I remain Your New York correspondent -- Walter Winchell~ who found out ~hat things were tougher than ever in the Broadway theatres. Last night, frlx~ple, a magician called several people up on the stage -- and then discovered there was no audience leftl (SIGNATURE) O~OS~NG ANNOUNCE~{ENT: HOWARD CLAN~Y: (OPTIONAL) Please remember, every LUCKY STRIKE is made of the ~uest tobaccos the world can o f~''[ the Cream of many Crops. THEN itts "TOASTED" ...your throat, prQtectlon-- against ~rrltation -- against soughl LUCKIE8 are alway sk~nd to Four throat. Thank you, The LUCKY 8TP/KE Dance Hour has come to you from Ne~ York City and Ne~ Orleans, Louisiana, through the facilities of the National Broadcasting Company. AGE}iCY/WINCH~LL/CO/Chilleen f~'rNOl 003 1170
Page 293: 0060233180
NOT~ TO ANUOUNDER: (Mske local armeunoements every fifteen minutes " ' ezcept on dramatic pro rams which de~d on a / succession of thought.~ ~EAF . Tn~: ( 5 TEE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOILq ( )( ) !.O.iQO - ll.'Oz~O P.M. Fehrua~v llth ~ THURSDAY (THE~'E SONG ... ONE CHORUS OF "HAPpy DAYS ARE HEP2 AGAIN", WITH VOCAL B~FBAIN. ~DIATELY FOtLOWED BY ANNOUNCER.) HOWARD OLANEy: Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky 8tzlke Dslloe Hour~ jressnted for your pleasure, by the r~&nufaoturers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes . .. sixty modern minutes with the worldIs finest dance orchsstras~ and your New York correspondent~ Walter ~inchell, of the Ne~ York Daily Hitter, whose gossip of today,, beoo,:~es the news of tomorrow. ~r. Walter Winchell| WALTER ~INCHELL: Good evening, Ameriea~ and a salute plus a click of the heels to all the visitgrs from the old country r~w competi~ in the OlYT~pics ... Tonightls Winchelleap aboard Mr. Lgcky StrikeJs sky-ridlng bob-sled is to Lake Placid, New York''- in the Adirondacks - to tune in on Joe Hess and h~s swelegmlt ensemble of syncopaters, Youtve heard them before~ ~ud from the ~lail Nose received, you must• have been delighted with Mis crew. Oome on, Mr. and Hrs. Tuner-lnner from all over the States! ... Fine yourself a comfortable spot on our famous-the- ~'orld~over }lagic Carpet - which was especially designed to make your heart thump with adventure - and entertain you with melody, and man-about-t own-t alk. (l~q. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) P~]~01 0031121
Page 294: 0060233180
-- 2 -- ~. M_R. ~ ijc.._~EL_L: (CONTINUINO) Hers we come, Joe Hossl ,.. Tell those skaters, skiiers and sledderm to stand by a while ... because the Lucky Strike Dance Sour is out to shatteT another record ,.. To shatter time ahd space, too, and the taking of millions of listeners from no ~atter-~he~e~they-are to the n~ost thrilling sports convention of there3 all| Throw it in high, Frankp while Walter rides the sky~ ON WITH THE DANCE, JOE ii0S8| (WHISTLE) OKAY, LAKE PLAOID| T.A_AAAAAAAA[~ p__LAC ~: Youtve come up the Hudson River Valley, over 5eke George and landed in the Adirondacks at Lake placid - 250 niles strai~'ht north of Ne~ York Oityp and 30 miles west of historic Lake 0hamplain. Snow covers the ground and itle'pretty cold up here, but with big logs burning in the fireplace, wemre nice and warm at the Sear 01ub .., where Joe Moss and his society favorites will play .... ) ) ) LAKE PLACI~ ANNOUNOE~: The Lucky Strike sky-rldlng Me@is Carpet ski-jumps back to Walte~ and his Winohsllingo. (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW YORK| ~1"H01 OO31172
Page 295: 0060233180
That was Bonky-dooly, Joe Moss, honky-dooly - and you know ~nqt that means ... youlr~ familiar with our routlns, Joe - so stand by until T~at Wloket Walter of those wild ~inohell8 weakens. And to those of you who 08/% ~ppreci&te a lesson in determination, courage end the will-to-amount-to.-something - no matter how the oards are stacked - remember this fact - That Abraham Lincoln ran for office and was defeated NINE TIMES before he finally suoeeededl ... And with that terrific handicap, he eventually became the First KanlIn the Land| In fewer r~ords, ladSes and Eentleuen - and please take this counsel from one who has weathered manF a storm - alwe~ve take it on the chin and let the other fellow breeJ¢ his knuckles! In the final edition of my ~ednesday morning pillar of paragraphs, I reported that Lily Damlta end EFdneF Smith would tell it ~o a paTson today - so score one up for our slde,please .o. I have been urged b¥ her friends, to tell yo~ that Ann ~urdock, the aotre~s - who weag reoently marrled to a nobleman in Italy, is most h~p~y ~ith her new husband - end i~ n~t leavlng him - a~ ~ome of the foreign correspondents have flashed via the cables ... June Knight, the Intended bride of Je.mes Dunn, who now is rehearsing ~ith Mr. Zieg~eldls new show r~ot-Oha" - fainted at the theatre last night ~nd fell ~i~ht into - Buddy Rog~r~t a~m~ (NEXT PAGE) FII'HO 1 0031173
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I ~R. ~NINOEELL: (CONTINUING) Herets a bit of good news for auto buyers ... I learn that a new model made by a Well known motor car builder will sell at $100 down - on a two-years-to-pay proposition ... Billy Leeds, the tln-plate klngVs heir, as he is deserlbed by the newspapeTs~ received his third threat fr@m the kidnappers ... So now - the Leeds manilon on Beekman plaeep New York, has a new contraption ... It is a gadget that connects ~th dozens of floor buttons all over the apartment ... 80 that in case any intruders get into the Leeds place - Billy need only step on one of them and within three m~nutes, every cop on the beat is at the scene ... Well, I see that that Mr. Hertz of Chicago has asked the Chicago Iphone book to omit his name, because so many locals there tphoned to tease him ...iHr. Hertz, whose first initial is not "0" ...said that he was getting along peacefully until a certain radio chatterer announced it on the airwaves and then his troubles commenced ... Oh, Nertz °.. IIm sorry, really ... The recent illness of Dorothy Gish which excited the newspapers, brought about a reunion with her husband, James Rennle ... There had been talk, you know ... Greta Garbs, they tell me, Isnlt doing such a hermit act out in HollyWood any more ... At least net as much as she used to do ... Before she made the ,~ata Harl, flicker, Greta and Ramon Havarro met only once ... Now-a- noons, I hear, Ramon and Amerlcats Swede Heart tear a herring and dunk their doughnuts in coffee in each others s dressing room almost daily ... I donlt know whether the Washington~ D. C. rags hear~ it or not. And even if they did - letls tell it to Mr. and Mrs. Amsrioa nOW ,°, (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) ,~ "r ,~01 0031124
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In a Washington Hotel dining rooms the other week-end~ a good-looking ~Id harmless-appearing fellow went from ta'ole to table and kept bending the spoons in two ... The head-walter finally collared the spoon-bender-ln-twoer, and made him straighten each of the spoons back into shape ... The spoon-bender Was your old pal, James (Bad Girl, I ~ean Bad Boy) Dunn| And here are some other notes about the better knowns.- The only movie star who has passon on - but whose films are still shown and enJoFed ... are those that that star Rudy Valentlno ... Anita Loss, who writes grm~d things (such as the famous "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) - believes that John Emerson is her husband, which he certainly is - but she feels in a waF that she married Joseph ~. 8chenck, the magic lanter~ nan . .. Because Emerson got so frightened before the alta~ he csuldntt answer the preashs~Is question ... and Mr. 8chenek answered them for him| ... Bill~e Dove, whose real hams Is Bohney, got the name of DoVe bssause a photographer once advlasd Blllle to change it to Dove: "because., sald the hocus-foeus man, "you look like one" ... And anoths~ reason why I feel in the pepped up mood tonight, Ss %hat ~z. Awsoclatsd press came out the other morning ~d repo~ted that Pola Negri confessed that she was k~eping company again wlth a famous man, whose name she hoped the papers ~ouldnTt publish, because he is sensitive that waF ... 0k~v, Polat. ... llm glad you co~fl~mod the report that was first chronicled hers ... and I wonWt ~ntion it, elthcr - hut donlt fail me, Pola ... (l~. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PA~E) RT~01 003112'5
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...--.v. 'I w~.~¸ ; Dontt break your promise~-and I wonet break mlne...The Clark Gables will startle the movie fans any edition now~'I! On Saturday my slde-kick, Heywood Broun, that great col~mlst of the New York World-Telegram wrote about the first night of the recent show in ~hich he acted. Broun wee supposed to be caught s~loklng on the stage by a fireman° Let me piece together a few snatches of what he writes: "Under the influence of first-night nervousness, I forgot to have a cigarette all lighted up when the curtain went up. In sheer panic I reached into my pockets and fo~u~d a brand new pack. The cursed things =ere all bound up in Cellophane. I slashed at the covering with five or six thumbs. The future of the American drama hung in the balancet and I was balked by cellophane. After blood and tears and curses I managed to crack the shell and get a cigarette, all bruised ~d broken from the r, laullng. It didnlt dra~ ~ell, and neither did the sketch." That, Heywood, is a fine ad for iJr, Lucky Strike, whore been plugging the vlrtues of that little gadget on his package which zz~kss it so easy to open. H~: SaT, Heywood Brotm, X am asking Waiter to send you a carton of Luokles, ~d I ~lll pay for them. YOUILL find you can open each package ~Ith your eyes closed...that little Lucky t~,b makes it so • easy.., zip and it t s open...no fumbling with the ~Trapper...no mauling the cigarettes| But thorets something even more important about that ~Traoper, Heywood~ as youlll soon discover| (~R. CLANEY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) AT~OI 00311?6
Page 299: 0060233180
* 4, • ~,~,~.~.~ ~ ÷ MR. CLANEY: b (CONTINUING) It keeps in so1~ething that no other cigarette can offer - the rich, fragrant flavor - the unique TOASTED mellow-mild flavor youtll find only in Lucky Strike - the purest of all cigarettes. SO herels hoping, HeyWood , weIll soon be able to Welcome you to the ever-growlng membership in the Lucky Club| WALTER 171NOHELL: Thatl s putting your words into short and snappy lines, Howie. Hurry now, retie a bit late leaping back to the Olympics ... Mske room in the back of the Magic Carpet there, Claney, fo~ Marshall Hyde of Lev, iston, Idaho, and Bessie Lowell, of Anita, Iowa| ... Here we go, Mr. and Mrs. Tuner-lnne~ from everDThere and anywhere| ... Letts m~ke it in the one-two-three- manner| ON WE~ THE DANCE, JOE SOSSL (WHISTLE) OKAY, LAKE PLACID| LAKE PLACID ANNOUNCERI i Back ~t Lake Placid, New York, where the Internatlmal Winter Olympics ~re in progress, we hear Joe Moss and his Society Favorites playing ... ) ,) .) ,) F~]:~01 003"117~
Page 300: 0060233180
L.AXE ?LACED ANJOU--: Faster than the champions who have broken world's record~ at tbe~e olymplo games, goeB the Lucky Strike Eagle C&~pet around th~ famous - - Bobsled curve, to Walter Winchell. (VC41gTLE) OKAY, NEW YORK~ WALTE~ WINCHELL: Thatle the stuff, Joe ~oss ... Stand by, though, Joe - so ~r. Claney can see that thece is a comfortable cushion for everybody except YOU know ~ho from Chicago, who is now in Florida . All right, Howie, you tell me ~hen to go to town| HOWARD CLANEY: Every ye~, you get 1~O~e ~nd ~or~ fo~ your ~on~y in Luckies. Because mo~ enjoyment for you means greater success for UZ - SO some of u~ K~e ~orking d~v ~d ~ight to gi~ you • h~ttew and better olgarette. We give you the outstanding i~rovoment in cigarettes of the I~ fifteen yea~- the e~lu~Ive LUCKY STKIKE "TOASTI[G" Process| We go to extra expense to give you the benefit~ of mode;n Ultz~ ~ioLet ~F8. ~ in~est one hundred million dollars of good Am~Tlea~ money ~n K vast supply of the ~orldts choicest tobaccos, W~ le~e no ston~ unturned to gi~ you the f~nest of olga~etteeJ The mildest - the mellow-mild~st - the very pure~% of Oig&wettes| i~, b~eaum~ the tobaccos ~e mild, delic~ tender ... put__ ee - because certain hsxeh i~ritante h~ve been expelled ... M~IIo~I - beo~/se sunehin~ mellows, No wonds~ Lucky Strike is overwhelmingly the greatest cigarette value in the ~orld| - STATION BREAK - ~• a ,m , R]~ffOI 00311?8
Page 301: 0060233180
-- 9 -- Th,~mes/I8 yo~1~ ~uo~&!~, Joe ~/oBe ... kee~ us in the happy-go-lucky Strike mood. He~'e ~ve come, you old country-cousin,s from over saa who offer the best definition of Good ~orts;~en| ... Letts leap| ... Hello, New Haven Register, Albany TiL1es, Syracuse Journal, Binghamton Bun, and all the other p~pers that c~ll me one of them| ON W~TH TEE DANCE, JOE MO88| (WHISTLE) OKAY, LAKE PLACID| The temperature here at Lake plaold is ~ow degTee% but Joe Eoss and his Soolety Favorites aEe Eolng to remedy THAT when they play ... --.-- i ) ( ..... ) ) ) LAKE PLACID ,ANI~q[NCER.~ Look out, Walter ~71nchell~ here comes the Lucky Strike Ha~le Sarpet making & record-breaking skl-jump| (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEU yORK~ WALT,"~R ~ INCNELL: Plenty pretty, Moss ... Maybe if I can get half your rhythm in i~ tones, theyIll llke ~y stuff, too ... Illl elgnal you a~alnj after I "~t ~ly second st&~za to pt'ess. (MR. WINCHELL CONTIlrJES NEXT PAGE) \ RI O 1 00311?9
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- lO - ~Tets som~thlng tb~t probably will interest re~de~e of novels, magazine stories and biographies ... And that ie - that most of the good books written today are ghosted .., }~eaning that the author whose name you see on the J&cket very likely didn't write it at alll A ghost writer is one, who for a certain fee, writes a book for you, while you collect the glory and applause ... In other words, the literary game Is now a business. For example, Bir Natty Lauder~s book, ~A Minstrel in France,,, was written by Damon Runyon and William Almon Woolf j .. Will Rogers is one of the few outstanding writers who writes his own stuff .., Antoinette Donnellyt a beauty expert, was "Lillian Russell" for years ... Mary Margaret McBride is paul Whiteman on the prluted pa~e ,',, Bob n&via .,." ~ ~re/zd nawspaparm~, waa BOb Fitzgihbons for the papers when Fitz was fighting at Carson City~ Nevada~ and the most ~uelng gag I can recall about ghcst writers, was the one that W. O. McGeehan of the New York Herald Tribune pulled ... MoGeeha~% exposed the fact that the baseball fans had been honorin~ Babe Ruth fo~ passing the ball out of the lot - when them should have been bo~ing low before Babe for performing miracles, the llke of which have neve~ been known ... ~n his capacltF as s baee~e/l reporter for a World 8erles, Babe Ruth once achieved the supernatural feat of preparing a brilliamt eye-witness account of & baseball game for the late NeW Yore World while lying unconscious in a hospital thousands of miles away from the game| And it probably will startle you to learn that "Yo he he and a bottle of rum~ fifteen men on a dead mmnWe chest" was not written by Robert Louis Stevenaon, ae is so widely believed ... (}IR. WINCHELL GONTINUES NEXT PAGE) RT~01 0031180
Page 303: 0060233180
PROTECTED BY MINNESOTA TOBACCO LITIGATION PROTECTIVE ORDER -- 11 -- These lines were in & poem written by & ~an na~ed Young E. Allison, who wrote the verse for a ChlcaEo paper ~ny years ago. I havenlt yet been able to find ou~ who ghost-~ites Be~nie~s stuff, but T have a suspiolon his authors a~e ~y old files. And I~m not kidding you, Old }~iorob~ As ~ z~ttsT of f~ot, Jos MilleT, ~hose n~.~e is synonymous of old jokes, and ~hose name is on a book o~ old jokes, which he was supposed to h~ve authored ... NEVER ORIGINATED A JC~E IN HIS LIFE| And this is where I want to salute some cities ~hioh have t~ken up the Man-A-Block-Plan to give men employment. Stand up ~d take ~ bo~z, Wilmington, North ~volin~t ,.. You, too, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN! ... Olevelmnd, Ohio ... Albany, New York! ... Des Eolnes~ Iowa! ... Olean, New York ... and Chathsm, Ne'~ York! ... you each rate a big hand - for falling in line and thinning the unemployed ranks ... Thanks fro~ all of us ~Ii ove~ the land, you Oh~ubevs of Comme~oe i~ the to~ns I just me~tionsd - eonsld~r yo~iz ~i ht h~nds gTip38d h~rd. (~R. WINCKELL CONTINUES ~EXT PA3Z) 0031181
Page 304: 0060233180
- iS - ~Ro WINCEELL: (CONTINUING) lid like to read to you, Mr. and Mrs. AmeTica,all the encouraging letters and telegrams that I have received from these, our friends~ but time does not permit, and so I will read but one ... that comes from one of the cities I have mentioned. and that illustrates the ~ heart of America, and the gr~at response to the Man-A-Block-Plan. ~Dear ~inchell: - Add to your Man-A-Block Cities, Des ~oines, Iowa. Under the auspices of the American Legion, the residential districts were canvassed by volunteers to secure pledges of a definite numbs: of hours of work each week for three months. Up to this date, 235 men have been put to work on the Man-A-Block System, in addition to possibly tw$oe 8s many on odd jobs. (Signed) Roy P. Porter, publiolty Director of Des ~olnes Community ~heBto" Herets a paragraph that makes any column a good column o.,~'~I recently told in the paper about a g rand New York deteotlve,¸~ whose name is Paddy Fitzgibbons of the Broadway Gun Squad ... I said of Detective Paddy, who is over fifty, that he is the only deteotive I eve~ saw, who, when he entered a night club ~ith hi~ men, he ~am al~ays the only gentlemam in th~ cro~d, because he removed his hat| (k~, NINCHELL CONTINUES ~XTPA~' ~ ]- ~ 0 "I 0031182
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- 13- After I ~ that story, ~ reoelved a letter from a friend of paddy*~ 93-year-old mother, who sald that she was so proud, because I had given her son a boost. Let me read you ~hat the friend wwote: ,Dea~ Winchell, your llne about Deteotlve Fitz~ibbons zemovlng hie hat ~here women were (instead of trying to look llke a cop) made his old mother so happy. She proudly reoalled that when her son was a youngster, he once tipped his hat to a m~u on the street beoause he thought the man was a Catholic priest. !That was a rabbi mlnisterI said Mrs. Fitzglbbons, 'but you made no mistake, ~y son. Always remove your hat whenever you meet a holy man, no matter what his race or oreed|I" Well, Paddy~itzglbbons, it makes me happier to ~ake your lovely mothe~ happle~ by telling it to all of Ameri¢~ right now. I hope ITve thrilled her, again. Tomorrow nIEht~ the lights go up on a show ea/~ed "Blessed Even~". ~t*6 ~II ~bo~,~ the oKTzylngs-on of Guess-Whose little bey, ~&Iter. Come to think of it, thereme been & p~ built around aluoet everyone oonneoted with newspapers - but th~ l~ttle gal who w~Itest theee ,Advice to the Lovelorn. columns. Wh~ a Wo~ of &~lay that would m~/~e| Do you know wh~ IVd plok fo~ the lead? Mis~ ~idn~ Fox, the fltoke~ eh~rme~, ~ho~e plctu~e i~ epre~d all over tod~ts papers. 81dne¥ Fox used to do just that 0 write a oolumn on Advloe to the Lovelorn. And oan she act| Just tak~ a look at he~ in UnlVersal~s thrillor~ "The ~urders in the Rue ~er6ue'. (~R. ~INCHELL CqNTINUES NEXT PAG ~i ~]H01 0031183
Page 306: 0060233180
~ • _NNX~CHELL: (CONTI~UING) And now - this Lucky Strike Magic Carpel , takes a trip down Fifth Avenue to Lucky Strike headquarters, to Lucky Strikels star saleem~ talking across the greatest of cigarette ceu~ters - the Lucky Strike counter. A counter that you Will find in over a million stores through~ut the land. All aboard~ sessions. OkaY, Lucky Btrlke| Welcome to the Lucky Strike Cigarette oo,~nter, Mr. and Mrs. America! When we tell you that Lucky Strike gives you more for you~ money, what facts have we to offer? Here they are, in a few words| First, when you purchase your Lucky Strike you get the finest of mellow-mild tobaCcoS - the Cream of many Orops aged and seasoned up to three years, ec~_~9_q~, in Lucky Str~ke, you get the dellcioum flavo~ and medmr~ th~oat 9rotectlon of the exclusive "TOASTING" process. Thlrd~ when that famous process drives out certain harsh irritants, hidden in every tobacco leaf, it makes roe9 for extr~ ,t,obacco goodness. Thatts why itts so good to smoke Luckics. Sidney FOX, whom Walter Winchell Just mentionedi knows that well% "live smoked Luokles for three years,, she writes. "l~ve almost tzled/evel-/ oth~ ~roa%d and found that Luokles are truly the only olgarettos that do no~ hurt my throat." What a test of Lucky 8triko~a Value| When you reach for a LuckF~ Mr. ~nd Mrs. Smoker, you too, wlll get more enjoyment - more mellow-mildness - moro value for your money - you'll get the ~ - the most delicious e~garette you ever smoked| R1-~01 0031184
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- 15 - ~A~Z~ _~w I~O~: And thatls another cue for you, Joe Moss, and your delightful orchestra, representing Mr. Lucky Strike at the Olympios| You win on points again, Joe ~ here is my sword~ ... 80 be" a good guyj and be ~ene~oum with 7ou~ melodle~. And here is the SKI to the city! ON WTTH THE DANCE, JOE }~O~S| (WHISTLE) OKAYj LAKE pLACID| LAKE PLACID ANNOUNCER: Once more,Joe Moss and his Society FaVorites war~l ou~ toes tD the tune of .... ) ) L A~E P~AOID AN~q]NCE~ With the speed of skates greased with lightning, the Lucky Strike Magic Oarpet flashes back to Walter Winchell. lWHISTL~) O~AY, ~Z~ YO~I ,WA~TER ~I:~OH~LL! Bay~ folks~ our ~agi¢ Carpet h~s neither vound runners llke t~e ~rman Bobsled, nor ekate runners llke the Amerlean bob~eld - but it geta there faete~ ~u~t the same, I have to hur~T and answe~ a letter o~ two here. (i(B. UII:CHELL CONTL~UE8 NEXT ~"I 4 / ~]';401 0031185
Page 308: 0060233180
*~L~ ........ ~ ~,~,~.~ ~,,~,k ~-- • ~ ~ I M RR ,~: (~D NTINUING) Paul ~oO~rthy of C~awfo~dsville, Indiana ... this is for you, sir ... Yes, I know Dexter Fellowes, who is rated as the outsta.lding circus press agent of them all . .. I know ~ o~using Joke about Dexter, too. This is it: Nhile his circus was olaying in a fat V~estern town some years ago, an untamed lion escaped aud volunteers were called to hunt it down. The pa~'ty, however, paused at the saloonlest place in the burg to swallow a few bracers. The only one who wouldntt take a drink was Dexter Fellowes, l~WnattS the mat%or with you?, someone asked Dexter~ "why don~t you have a good drink~ ... So we can catch that llon?" ,None for me, th~uks," said Dexter, "whiskey gives me too much couraveL" And hotels another ~oCarth¥; Mrs. Hattie ~oCarthy of Madison, Wisconsin. Thank you, for even asking me, ~rs. HcCarthy .. Anything to oblige. The best sho~s are now scaled at Throe Doll~rs for the best seats - the managers finally coming back into their right minds ... No, Lila Leo hasntt m~rried, again. Miss Louise Jolmsou, of Chicago. yes, the chap who piloted my magic carpet back to ms from the coast a few broadcasts ago is Don Wilson. He is a popular west coast announcer, who, I learn, recently Lohengrinned it with a popular belle of Hexlco City; Celia Martinez. Hap?y days, Celia and Don! (I~. TIINCHELL CONTI~E8 NEXT PAGE)
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• MR. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) Ed Vsndorf of Enid, Oklahoma: • w v~ Thatl8 very nlce of you, Ed~ thanks ... Don't take any chanees,hbwever, unless they give you a contract first ... for jobs in the Holly~ood studios are scarcer than bowlegs in the "Follies". Ruth M. Roll of Washington, D. C .... The Bernie- Winehell ~ar is still going strong, Ruth ... and herels another one about him ... Ben sent me a letter complaining because of a wrlteup another oolumnlst gave him ... "He said of m%" complained Bernie, "that I was a Chicago boy who made good in the big city. Well, in the first place, that item cost me Three Dollars for clippings, and in the seoond place," concluded Ben, "I wasnVt born in Chicago|" And in the third place, Ruth, Bernie never made good in the big city| Good old Bernie z he played the races down in Miamah the other de,v, and beat them for all he had| ... Yes, Indeedy, Bernie sure has ha~e-sense ... I say he has horse-sense because you never hear of a hoTse betting on a human being! And that, Miss Rolf of Washington, and the rest of you tuner-inn•re from coast to coast and border to bo~dor - concludes another Lucky Strike Dance Hour ... On Saturday night, donlt forget ... ot~ magio carpet is going to tap the tops of the mountains again ... as we race from New York to Denver for Lloyd Huntley~s orchestraj and then over th~ Rockies to San Francisco, for tho Anson Weeks oreWo (LIR. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) F~T NOI 003'1107'
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• n MP.. ~INCHELL: (CONTINUING) What a lotta fun that is - blazing through the heavens ~d snapping our fingers in the happy-go-Lucky Stt~ke manner. Until Saturday night at the same time, then - I remain, more affeeti-~nately than ever - Ers. Winehellls b~,d littln boy, Walter, your NeW York correspondent, ~ho just found out t~ L~t Jimlly Durante sneezed yesterday- and blew Jackie Cooper right ,.)ff the set! (SIGNATURE) CLOB ING A~.~NOUN CEi~.ENT: (OPTIONAl) HOWARD CLANEY : Please remembeT~ LTJCZ~Y STRIKE is made of tlu~ fittest tobaccos - the ~ream of many C~'ops throughout the ~7orld~ T_~L~)T it le '~TOASTEDIf~ your throat protection against irritation - a~ainst coughs. LUCKIES &re mello~r-mild - pURE - the fDnest cigarettes you ever smoked. Th ~.nk you~ ~ "My Lucky Star"~ and "Button Up Your Overcoat~ fro~,~ ~Follo~; Through"; "Tea for. T~;o", from "No, NO, ~nette"; ,Why Do I Love You", from ,Showboat": "~uo", from "Sunny"; "Of Thee I Sing", from "Of Ti-ee I Sing"; "Itls Great to be in Love", from ~'Vanitios, 1931", and l'Lucky in Love~ from ~Good Ne~s~, were all pla;~ed by special pcr~.~Ission of the co3yrlght o~~ners. The Lucky Strike Dance Hour has come to y~u from No~; York City and Lak~ Placid, Ne~ Yet'k, through the facilities of the Na~io~-~al Bro~dcastin~ _" Comoany. AGENCY:~INCq~LL: CC: ~/II/32 % 1 01 00311SS
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• .~ .... ~ _ ~%~t'~./~¸ % NOTE TO Ai,~'OUNOER: (~ako local announo~monts every fiftssn minutes oxespt on dramatic pro ra~s, nhich depend on succession ef thou~ht.~ THE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUR ( ) ) 1C!:O0 - , Ii;00 ~. ~ Febru~ I~i~ SATUKDAY (TH~ 80I~G ... ONZ CHORUS OF "HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AOAII{", WITH VOOAL CHORUS ... Ii~IEDIATELY FOLLOUED BY ~N. O. C~R.) ~h'ARD G LANKY .Ladles and gsntle~len, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, pre~ented for yot!r pleasure by the manufacturers of r, ueky Strike 0igarcth~s - sixty modern minutes with the world,s finest dsnos orchestras. Tonight, we bring you two g~oat orchestras - one from Denv~r, Oolorado, and one from San Francisco, O~lifornia - also your NeW York correspondent, Walter Wlnchell, of the New york Daily Mirror, whoso gossip of today~ becomes the ne~s of to~i~or~on, l~r. Walter Wlnehell! ,WALT ~q"~l I NCHEL L: @cod evening, i~r. and }/~'s. General Publlo and ~sleome bask to-the Luek~ ~trike D~ce Hour, Color~do and C~l~ferni~! ~y pet sub~eet, THE MAN A BLOCK pLAN h~s swept the country since i% became better known on these alewives, and I can, t walt to inform you ~ll that the system to give ~ore m~n r;ork - is now being developed in seven thousand six hundred oo~munitles, Im~ino that, ladles and g~ntlomen, seven thous.~md six hundred citles~ to~;n, burgs ~-u~ ~histls st~ps~in this grnnd land of ours ~ro giving men ~obs| (~R. ~INCHEL5 CONTE.JUES NEXT PAGZ] ,, , Rl' O'l 003"1189
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w E ~. :[INOHELL: (CONTINUING) So stand up 8/~d he honored - you Chambers of Commc.cs who have fallen in line - and two cheers 8/%d a ~ousinE br~/o for the American Legion, the American Feder%tioh of Labor and the Assoolation of N~tional Advertlsors all of whoin have c<ntribute4 so mush supoort to melt the bTee,d 8/id pa~nhandle lines| And no~ to toss our majio carpet to the skies - all the way from this Ne~T York of nine, to Lloyd HuntleyI s swclegant orchestra in Colorado. Welve had a grs~ud week of it. The old magic Carpet ha8 been in its best inood - The famous Ha~'di Gras last Tuesday; then the ~inter Olympics ~t Lake Placid, ThursdD~,, and no'~ the Rockies and the Goldeh G~t8. Thatls covering Amorlc~, Isnlt it? So let:s go, Americal ... Lot*s tease the c!.ouds a~ain, and ~inohelleap to Huntleyts Crew o~t there ~rhers the ~est beginsl And later, our Magic Carpet Will hopt out to 8a~A Francisco for Anson Weeks and his boys. Throw it in third, Frank - youlre the grandest assistant pilot Walter ever had| Here w8 go| Hello, Des ~[ointe8 Register| ... Harya Lincoln, Nebraska| and put it there, Cheyenne, Wyoming| ~: ON WITH THE DATCE, LLOYD HUNTLEy| (WHIBTLE) OKAY, DENVER| 8]H01 0031190
Page 313: 0060233180
/" -3- DE.mR ANNOUNCe: You are now out ~vhere the West begins the Lucky Strike Dance, with Lloyd Huntley and his orchestra at the Oosl~opolitan Hotel here in Denver, playing ... ( ,) C .) C .) C. ) DENVER A~NOI~OER: While lloyd Hunt!ey was playing that last number, I just happened to think of the amazing dlfferenoe b~tween the covered wagon days and teni~nt, when, to cross the great plains, the Miseiesippl Valley and the AlleghenyMountai~s, on our Lucky Strike Magic Carpet, all we have to do is (WHI8TLE) OKAY, NEW YORX~ . WALTER ~INCHELL~ : That was fine, Huntley ... Uhile yougre ~aiting for your next cue ... do me a f~vor end 'phone the Denver Post, and give them my regards ... This is where I do my air-o-graphs, Runtley. Then we pick up Anson Weeks in San Francisco~ and later, we return for you, ~oyd. (SIR. UINCHELL CONTIi~UEE. NEXT PA3E) h]'r~ol oo3 '1 1 9 '1
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,~,~.,~ ~k ~ ~,, ¸¸i¸¸ ~. : ,~r.: ,~,~_. ~, . . . ~ ~ ~, ~,~, ~ MR. ~INCNELL: (CONTINUING) ~he newest of between phillip Holmes, one -4- the Hollywood ro~/ANCES - is the one of the better magic lantern stars, and Florence Rice, who was Sidney Smlthls frau ... Miss Rice, whose pappy is the popula~ sports writer (Grantland Rice) recently hurried out thers to be on the scene . . Do I hear wedding belle .. I think I do| Ethelind Terry, the former Ziegfeld star, who not long ale, had her marriage vows melted (or Mexicanned) as we Broadway vulgarians would put It, is now going places with Lowell Sherman ... You see, folks - I do try to keep up with the sudden chan~es of L~ind out there, ~Therc men have doubles, and most of the women ~Tish Clark Gable were triplets. As reported by your correspondent - Careen pantages becomes ~rB. Johnny Considlne tomorrow ~dtsrnoon - and all Hollywood has been invited ... Connie Beimett had to call off her planned trip to Broadway because of indisposition, and I hope Connie is better by the time I finish this item ... This ought to please SousaTs admirers and Hr. 8ouea ... C~ngress very likely will pass the resolution to make his "Stare and Stripes Forever" the official march of our oount~ ... (L~. WINCHELL CONTI~XJES :.'EXT PAGE) FIT,',ffO "1 003 1192
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-- 5 -- ~R. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) The sudden passing of the very popular novelist, Edgar Wallaee~ shocked us all here in New York ... And this stouy about hi~:1, I feel, should be told now . .. to acquaint those of you who never met him - with his character. 8ome years ago, ~hile in England, Chariest Dilllngham~ another of Broadwayls grandest L~ys, was introduced to Mr. Wallace. "IId llke you to write a play for me," said ~r. Dillinghamj "I like your style." "I would h%ve to h~e $I,000 in advance,, said Wa!l~ce. 80 Dillin~ham handed him a check for that sum ... And Wallace got very busy. He was the most prolific writer the literary business had known in ages, you know. However, Dilllngham told him to take hle time ... Two years later, Wallace arrived in Few York .. He ,~ent right to the produoerls office and handed him a play . .. It was called "On the gpot" ... but Dillingham was afraid it wouldn't click, 8o he told Wallace to sell it else~yhere, and to forget the $i,000 ... Wallace sold it to the 8huberts. It wasnlt a big hit, but it had a moderate success. "Here's your $I,000," said Wallace one day ... "No," said Dillingham, "it was worth that, and ztore, to have met you~ sip." Wsllaoe, we all learned l~ter, took his profits of th&t sho~." ~/~d sent half to ~ London oharity~ &nd the oth3r h~if to one in New York ... Now, who said that the world wasnlt getting to be a s+~eeter place to llve in? (~R. WINCHELL CO~TILT/E8 NEXT PAGg) ~1~01 0031193
Page 316: 0060233180
And h~rele one fo~ Denve~Ts old ti~ers ... And it is timely, too, for the old argt~3ent against ~isecr~eklng dramatlo critics i8 up ~gain here ... Eugene Field, p~rh&ps, was the finest crltio in the land in his day, yet ~hen Field was a critic on the Denver Tribune, he would pretest about the rotten acting f~om his fourth row on the aisle se~t ... What I mean to say - is that Eugene Field, vfno ~s tol~rant and kindly, ~B also ~ good c~itic and an ~;uslng one when the mood got him~ His classic still is repeated, and ~ill be, I guess, forever, ~:henever c~tlcs gather and talk shop ... Field al~ys dismissed ~ second-rate &otoT ~vlth a sentence o~ t~o like this:~ "Last nibht, John Hambo ~layed Hamlet at the Tabor Gr~nd Theatre. yes, Indeedy. He played it until eleven o|olock~" And then theve|e the horrible preening Field g~/s P~sston Ol~Tke in ~ing Lear" ... M~ybe you haven't heard it, so h~re it is now. Said Field in his criticism, .Last night, Preston Olarke played King Lear ~t the Tabor Gr~nd. All during the five acts, of t~at immortal tragedy, he pl&~ed t~e king as tl~.ough in constant ~pprehonelon that someone else in the c~st ~es about to play the ace|" y~s, Eugene Field, besides being ~ gro~.t author, ~as & swelegant wisecracker, too. I only wish I h~d his files, so that my column in th~ paper ~ould have some ~viSdom. (~. VINCHEDL CO,~TI~U~ ~XT PAGE) "\ ~I"NO 1 0031194 II1| I
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MR. ~INOHELL: (CONTINUING) Hotels something that burns me up and knocks ~le cold| When I tried to get on the sta~e, I had to o821p in booking offices for months - hut Oscar 8hEw crashed the gate simply by follo~.ing a show aroUnd until they put him in it| Now Osca1' 8h~wls one of musical comedyls brightest stars - at pTesent shining on RroKdlvay in "Everybodyts Welcome" ... but th,~.t first show he got i~to %vas "The Men With Three Wives" . .. and the l~dy who caused him to follow it around w~s Louise Gale then . .. but 8he~s Mrs. Oscar Shaw hOWl. And now, Mr. and Ers. people, Mr. How&rd Claney will tell you wh~ We ~re bringing you these d~nce prestos - in a word, it.s because ~e ~vant to tell you the good news about LUOKY STRIKE. HOWARD CLANEy: Oscar 8haw found out that good news about LUCKY STR~ six years ago. Ee writes: "In my profession voices ~re precious - Ild bs silly to risk throat irritation or cough. So I make it a rule to smoke LUCKIES and avoid those irritants your TOASTING Proce~e expels." Ladies ~nd ~entlemen, it is Eood ne~e few y~ur throat that LUCKY STRIKE employs the mellowing, purifying "TOASTING" Process. It is good news for your smoMing enjoyment that every LUOKY STRIKE is filled to the brim with the rich extr~ goodness of modern Ultra Violet Rays. And to glvs yo~, the full delicious essence of those eholoe~ mello~mild LUCKY STRIKE tobaccos, the Cream of ~iany Orops- ~we ago and season thou carefully - palnst~kin~ly - fez as lon~ as three years for it t~kos three years for a LUOKY to be bo~n| When our LUCKY STRIKE com~s to you it is the mellowest, the uildest~ the purest o~ cigarettes. When you ro.%ch for a LUOKY~ you get the finest eigar~tt~ in all the :'ide ~rorldt ~1~01 0031195
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WALT!~a~: And now to g~t to Califo~nla just a~ quickly as we ms.de Denver ... Pull your coat in out of the sky - Miss Bunny Kimble of Galssburg, Illinoy| o.. And Bumkv, meet Corporal L. M. McOauley of the U. 8. Alr Corps ... Therels room for you, too, M~rtlnette Swanson of Dallas~ Rurry, now - Governor Rolls is ~aittug- Goodbye, Broad~t °.. Look, th~rela the Cleveland Ne~JB, one of my Zlrst p~ers| ... And there's Bil~in~s, i~ontana, I did a ~oft shoe dance there in 1920 ... Hello, Seattle~ Portland, Orezon| ~nd Sacramento| ON ~ITH THE DAN01N', ~G~SON WE~S| (WHISTLE) OKAy, SAN F?~.~CISCO| SA~ FMANOISCO ANI~OUNCER: The Golden Gate is wide open to welcome you to san F~clseo, ~,hs~e ~t th~ K~Tk Hopkins Kot~%j Anson ~eke ~und his orchestra Wlll play ... ,, , , , , ,) ( ,) (, ) ( .... ) (, ., ,) SAN FR4NClSO0 AHNOU.NCER: Like a skl-Jumper sailing high Into the air, the Lucky Strike ~aglo Carpet flies up ovor the Rookies to l~ud right in Walter WinohellI s l~p. (WhiSTLE) OKAY, N~l YORE| 8TX01 0031196
Page 319: 0060233180
-9- Fine, Anson ... 8~id tell Governor Rolls that ~ayor ,~alkez asked me to send him his fondest regards tonight ... ~y buddy, Ho~lard Cleney, does his chores here for & moment or so ... then 1:s olinlb a mile high into the sky to hear Lloyd Huntleyls boys Lucky Strike up their tunes ... Hee,r you later, Anson Weeks, catch you on the late-wateht And now, Tunel~Inners, w'ile I reach for a LUCKY, ~z. Claney~s going to tell you ~hy you should, too| HOWARD CL&NEY: The world moves on| It does improve| ~hat impro%s~ents have the makeTs of o~ cigarette made in the last fifteen years? Ak~? Compare theft r'ith the advances LUCKY 8TRIF~ has made: ~mprovement ~umber One: the purifyln~ "TOAeTII~G" Process, the greatest advance in oigazette manufacture since 191~. _ImJ2ro__vemen% ~BL~be~_~: the use of mellowing Ultra Violet Rays. Im~ Ve~nt Number Three: the uost scientific care in the selection, aging and blendiug of fine tobaccos the industry has ever kn wn. ~m__~ement~be~_Four: the LUCKY tab '~hich affords a cellophane wrappe~ you c tn open ~'ithout a struggle! Put them all together and Fou get the cigarette that has revolutionized t~,baeco sta~dards ... staadards of ~oodness ... standards of purity ... stendards of value! Add u~ th3so benefits, and y-~u get the nilaest, mellovcst, purest of cigarettes ... the cigarette that is al;~ays kind to yntr throat ... the cig2,rotto that gives you lore for y~r money tha~l any other cigarette on the face of the earth| ... LUCKY STRIKE. - 8TATIOI! BREAK. - RTN01 0031~97
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WIUCHE~: -I0- Once again back to Colorado Tilth more tunervinners than everX ..... Come on Mr. and Mrs. Crawford of Dixon, Illlnoy -- your lovely letter rates a seat on our magic carpet right next to Ere. Winchellls Walter...Let 'or fly -- a mile high above sea level so we can yell: ON WITH TRE DANCE, LLOYD HUNTLEY! (WHISTLE) OKAy! DEi~ER! DENVER ANNOUNCER: Exactly right, Walter. Denver I8 one mile above sea level. Itle that mountain air that gives us so mush pep out here, - particularly Lloyd Hu~itley and his boys as they play -- ) ( ) ( ) i DEh~ER ANNOUNCER: Denver invites you all to come again - either by radio or in person. Now back to Walter and his Winchell-llngo. (WHISTLE) OKAY~ NEW YOP~! Plenty Dandy, Lloyd in Denver, plenty dmndy .... Tell Colorado Springs a~nd Pueblo l've never forgotten their cordial manner when ~ was there -- a2~d that this acknowledgment is to return their hospitality ...And tell Denver pleasant dresx~s and the same to you and your staff, Nuntley. (~. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) A]'MO I 0031 'I .~8
Page 321: 0060233180
And now to jot do~l a fe~ more notes that I hofe l;ill make the front pages ... I pronllsed on Tuesday night to check up on the rumors about the stork oomln~ to the OhKrlle Farrells (Virginia V&lll) dwelling .... ~ skid zt the time that I dldnlt report it -- but that a number of tuner-lnuers had a~ked me Euout the rumor, having read it in other gazettes .... Well, Ch~rlie and Virginia say ItJs not so, and Itm certainly sorry to hear it, because I have two of the sweetest little girls you ever could get a thrill out of -- 8md because June and I have them -- nothing else in the whole world matters! Poor 8onya Heine, who won ~II those honors at the Olymples, was offered @1500 %o pose for e certain newsreel company for a fe~ shots -- and she had to turn it down because If any of the contestants accept coin for anything (you know) they sacrifice their amateur standlng....Imaglne Sonya, who is such a champion -- being an ~,ateur, anyway .... Speaking of Charlle Farrell, as I was speaking ordy an item or so ago, I hear that Janet Gayner never calls him Charlle. She calls him Farrell and Janet calls herself Gaynor. Janet calls her husband, who is Lydell Peck -- ,Pecky, -- and she calls me VULTURE VINC~LL.....Out in Hollywood, accordlng to Lynn Norris, when two people are That Way about each other -- they say: "$oandso v/~d soandeo are writing a play"....Two of the most famous movie stars that the world has ever know -- have been secretly divorced for a year...Professional reasons, or Big Business as I should say, prevent official release on the news...But the papers have long suspected it. and keep hinting at it from time to time... (MR. ~NGHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ~1:401 003'I 199
Page 322: 0060233180
-12-" jC" ~: (CONTINUES) It h~ been ~gT~ed "by people ~ho ~tter out there that Billie Dove is unquestionably the most bea-~tiful ~oman I~ pictures, though almost as many people ~rgue that Dolores del Rio is the first lo~ly of the ma~Ic l&nterns.°,Lilyan Tasb/~a~, a8 you kno~ is conceded to be the beet d~e88ed g~l ~i~h ~y Franci~ l-anner-~p...The l~l of the movie hour, appears to be Cla~'k Gable, I kno~v -- but at the Fox studios the heaviest f~ ~all is zooelved by W~rner Baxter .... If you are ~ admirer of his then send William Collier, Jr., Buster Collier to ~o~t of ue, & card o~ ~re -- hi~ birthday ~s yesterd~y.~. Tomorrow is the birthday of Stuart Erw1n a/~d Frances Do,de, ~nd on the 15th Willlam Js~mey will celebrate hls nat~l day ~s Will John Barrel, or e .... ~ongrat s | No~ for a salute or two to those tom~s that are Joining the llan-A-Block Plan and giving men employment...Here's yours Taft, California! .... And here's yours NEW YOP4f CXTY! .... But here~ here& Hro Wilton 51oyd Smith, ohalrman of the organization! What do you mean only four boroughs of Ne~ York have jolned?...~ appreciate the fact that i0~000 blocks have pledged jobs to men but why only four boroughs, w hioh mne of the five is hcldi~ out on u~? .... It,s about time my home town fell in llne, m~d I was wondering '-.hen listeners would ~rlte in and ask me abotlt [{ew Ygrk City! .... ~'ON, I 8~: breathing easier, Wilton, but come, come -- ns~e that borouzh in ~fe%7 York that len~t on the llet -- 8/ld I'll find o~t ~hy! (i~. WI~!C~LL COL~TII~ES ON NEXT PAGE) \ 9T~01 0031200
Page 323: 0060233180
-13- ~: (COI;TINUES) To thoss of you who would enjoy a ~ood record, a good eho~, a good movie, & good song or ~, good book, let me reooz~nend to J~version seekers the folloning: The version On the pl[,tters of "Dinah" by Rin~ Croeby ~ith the d ~iills Brothers doing the trloky choral !york, itts a honey....A good show and the nelTest in town is "Blessed Event, " ~ot because it i8 b~ilt around i~oidents in ~y c~rser, b~t because it has 821 exceptionally good troupe and a wow of a last ao~....By all means "The ~tohet ~n" with Edward G. Robinson in the chief assigrnnent...~/~d "The ~:~un Who Played God" with Arlies starring...The two Outstanding hit songs of Ziegfeldls ne~ eho~ will be: "There I Go D~eaming A~ain~" &s June ~%i~ht slngs it, and another corker called .Little Old New yo~k" in the June ~ao~loy m~/~ner .... ~The book that will click in a big time way will be Tiffsm.y Thayer~e ,Thirteen Women" whloh will be released on the 29th....His "Thirteen ~¢n" was a best seller so th~nk ~rs. Winchel!~s Walter for tipping you off to a dm~dy Way of spending an evening. Of course, I mean, ~Ith a Lucky between chapters. I never knew ~hat a qui~h~uno ~as until I ree,d an article in the Sozlhner~e magazine last February. It ~as by Oharles W. Wilcox and:he calledme a quidnunc, which means gosslp...B~At :~r. Wilcox, wh~ ls a col!sorer of rare thlr~e and literary manuscripts was pretty gentle with ~ue, 8~d he ~rote amon~ othe~ thin~s, thla interesting to me paragraph. Thl8 is it: Everybody likes gossip. There As in all of us that ingralned h)qooorley which msJ~es us affect to despise the qui~hlu~%o, while we break our necks to hear what he has to say, and run our legs off to repeat it! -- and with what gusto...Gosslps -- aren't we all?"....... (.~. WINO~LL CONTINUES OE ~XT PAGE) ~lr Mo 1 0031201
Page 324: 0060233180
-It.~. But what Er. Wilcox dlchult add was that, considerin~ all the gossip I print ~nd broadcast -- thi~k of the army of gossips who relay the talk of the day to ~e, bless thei~ so-ca!led hearts! As I put ~!y ear to the g~oul~d~ my ~a~ to the o~che~traB alo~ tho ~ain St~, ~d ~y ~ to th~ ~adi~ believe you ~Inch~ I~m finding that grand opera ~ co~in~ up f~st.~ ~n~v te~l ~e here at N°B°~° that three ~i~n peo~l~ ~ ~y of ~ho~ neve~ heard opera before ~ no~ g~t the real thing ove~ th~ radio ~ broadcast right from the stage of the ~et~opolit~ Opera ~ N~ Yo~k| Dld you h~i' ~t thi~ ~te~o~? ~f ~ot, you ~a~ ~t ~ e~rfu~ ~v~r~ Friday an~ S~turday ~ft~n~ ~r~ n~ on! What a thrill it 18 for three million radio llsteners to hear'Roth~er, L~uri-Volp~ Pinza, Clau~sen, Br~zell, W~efleld, and other" brilli~nt atar~ over the airl And ~hat a thrill it was for us to learn that th~ all smoke LUCKIES° Naturally, Fou say~ theF would prefer LU~KIE8 because LUOKIES ~iv~ th~.~ the throat proteotion they needi Let us forget for a moment that these artlatB m~ take the £'reateat care of thalr valuabie th~oatB and volces. Fob, of course, first of all theF smok~ fo~ enjoymentl It ~s LUOEY STRIEE18 delicious goodness, and that unique nITOAST~D" flavor, ~nlch has ~on these discri~,:Inatlng auokers. These hlghly-pald sl~ger~ could easil~ afford to amo~e ~uy cigarette In the world~ no matte~ ho~ e.~penslv~| What a tribute that they prefer L~CKIES above all others! (L~° CLANEY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) AI'N01 0031202
Page 325: 0060233180
Wh~t a tribute to the ~nild, the ~aello~-mild, ~he mild goo~nesa of LUCKY STRIXEIB choice tobaccos -- pare tobaccos... _sg~eu~tlflc_ &I!X pure tobaccos .... Tha~{s to the "TOASTI~IG" ProceGs vthlch i~toludes the use of modern ultra violet rs,y8. If you arsnlt re~ehln5" for a LJCKY, we tell you youlre missing something! Youlro :~Isslng... ~nd we dontt mince our ~ords -- the finest cigarette you ever m~:okod. Re~ch for a LUCKY instead. Ilia uEEL_L. No~ for the second coast to co~8t hop ~cross the States b~cl~ to uhere Anson and his melody magiolans are wattlng....Ooma on, George M. Cohan, who is listening -- let me show you what the 8tars and 8tripes look llke from a~ay up here on our magic carpet -- Hake root~ for Bugs Bast, George -- and Ted Cook aud the very odd ~{cIntyre .... All setT Then let it go] ON WITH THE DAHCINI AN80~! WEEKS, (W~ISTLE) OKAy, SAN FRANCISC01 The Lucky Strike Roller Coast-to-Coaster 18 here in San Frmloisco where, Without further ado, Jt~son Weeks and his orchestra play ~" ( ) ( .) ( .) ( ,) \ ;q ]-fRO 1 OOa 1.~ Oa
Page 326: 0060233180
/" -16- SAN FRANCISCO AN~0U~CER: From the Gol~sn Gate to the Hudson River is over 3,000 ~uiles by train but %he Lucky Strike ~agtc Ca~et does it in a Jiffy with a flash ~nd a (WMISTLE) OKAY, NEW YORK~ That did it Anson Weeks. That made it a honey of a music show .... Your band and Lloyd Huntley's certalnly m~ce a fine battery for any te&m .... Tell the Ban Francisco Call-Bulletln to quote me on that, Anson Weeks....And to put it in head-llnes, too| 80 long, Anson and throw a kiss to San Franolscots unfair sex for ~e~ will ya???~ LOUIB Salzburg of Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvanta~ The best girl show on Broadway is a hard one to answer, Louis. If you mean in the cafes, write me, and ~tll tell you...All the glrl shows seem the same to me -- plenty p~etty. Herbert Fear, Junior, of Frankfort, Indiana: One of the better sport wrlters Herbert, is Paul Galllco on the Daily Ne~s staff here in Ne~ York. His Vanity Fair article, last issue, was grand stuff about what goes on in a newspaper editorial room. Read it and ho~l....Joe Cook can do almost anything, Hero -- he can also show you a baseball that Babe Ruth dldn~t autograph. (HR. WINC~LL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) 8] ~40] 003120~
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. , ~ ~, ~ ~ ~ -i- c , ~,.~! ~ . ~ ~ ~i? ~ ! -i~*~ "~ ~'~,¸~ .... • r F -17- Lulu York of Everett, W~shin~ton .... Ths~ks, Lulu, !ulu of a letter. Yes, thatt8 true about Gloria Sws;%son. pzlu~ed it weeks a~o. it ~Tas I Ea~le G~iggs ef Atlant% Ju-g'ah: Tune~-Innez is coxrect, E~r!e..,.Yes, tn&~1 is ~h&t they o~ll ~ coined word ~- ~ lot of the~; made scale coin fo~ me, because I just dldn~t llke the ones they put in the d~otionarles .... No, ~ae he in? I never heard of Ben Bernie -- ~hat movie J. D, Pierce, Jr. of Worcester, i~ss: That m~es it more Inteze~tlng to me, PiezcB .... The doni~.m usually follo~ the p~inted or spoken report -- and then I walt about slx week,s sometimes longer.,.As ~ rule, the stery is oonflnned by the front paCeS -- and then I h~ve another paragraph to chuckle about, Oatch on? T~.ke It from Winohell, who Eot it straight from the horse, (as the sure-thlng racetrack pl~Mezs al~ys say), their story ~ill occupy thc page one~ fe~ days when It breaks. (i~. WI~OHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) 6~VMO I 0031205
Page 328: 0060233180
-18- JoB~ph ~Ua~TolI~ of B~ Leandro, OallfoTnla: Thanks for everything, Joe .... That's up to my boss. I do not hire the orchestras. Itll put in a good word for them, though, if you say theylre that good....You tell me that Fou liked that joke I told the other night, but you wonder if you hadnlt heard Ben Bernie tell it? No, Joseph, not yet, not yet ] And that, NZ. and ~r8. Coast to Coast and Border to Border brings down the curtain on another Lucky Strike Dance Hour... Our menu for next week includes a palr of Jacks -- Jack Dermy and Jack ~iles -- and on Thursday night the magic carpet goes taai-ing in New York over to Coon Sanders Orchestra .... On Saturday night weql have another exciting bill of fare .... Until Tuesday night, at the very s~me time, then, ~ remain yo~ New yo~k correspondent Walter Wlnchell, who will now confess why he picks on Bernie -- because not only is Bernie the kind of 8u7 ~ho wears nightgowns, but he pa~ts his hair in the middle, he leaves waiters nickel tips and because Bernie once wrote a book of Jokes -- the covers of which -- were too far apart! ( S~C, NATURE) . ÷ Rl- O 1 0031206
Page 329: 0060233180
C L0 S I }T_~G ~i~JOU~;_~C E i~.~] ;T: HOWARD CLAI~EY: -19- (OPTIONAL) ~Wnen you reach for a LUCXY, you get the Cremn of the torldls finest tob[~ooo crops, you get that delicious "TOASTED" flnvor ~d the throat protection of the exclusive "TOASTING" Process. LUCL~Y STRIKE is mello~-mild. It is the purest of cigarettes -- the clgarette ~hat is al~&ys klnd to your throat. Th~nk you, "SHE DID~IT SAY YES" from "Cat And The Fiddle", "DO 2HE N~V Y0~{" from"Follies 1931' and "0F Ti~E I SING" from 'r0f Thee I Sing" ':fete all played by special permission of the copy~'i~ht or,~crs. The LUCKY STRINE Dance Hour has come to you fro~,~ *_Te-~s Y.~rk Cit~~, Denver, Colorado ~d San Francisco, California, thz-ough the facilities of the Natiozal Broadcasting Co~ipan~. A GE~C Y/wIgCHELL/CC/Chille en FII~O 1 0031207
Page 330: 0060233180
NOTE TO AN:~'OUNSER: (Make local annou.lcemen%s every fifteen minutes 8XO~)t On drBL~atio pTO~I'SAIS~ l~hioh de oend o]i a st~ooesrJion ,~f thought ..) ( )( ) !0:_ 00_ - II'0~ P__a. ii__~. Fe_bbvu~:~m2L 16th iA_!~2- TT~£DAY (TH~;.I~ SOj~G ... ODE CHORUS OF "HAPpy DAYS AdE HEhE .~GAI~I', ~VIT'~ VOOAL RED,lAIN. Iii~EDIATELY FOLL0~D BY A~[DOUN~E]{.) HOWARD CLANEY: Ladies and gentle:fen, the Lucky Strike D~a%cc Hour, presented for yot~r pleasuret by tAe manufacturers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes - sixty modern minutes ~lith the ~vorldls finest d~nce orchestras. Tonight, we bring you tv~o great orchestras - one fro;n Albany, New York, and one from l(ontreal, Canada - also your New York CoTresponden% Walter Winchell, of the NeW York Daily )(irror, }'hose gossip of todays beech.lee the ne~s of to::lorroi~. ~{r. Walter Wil~chell WALTE~ ~?INCh~LL: Good evening, ;~r. ~d ~rs. North Amorican Continent and hello, there, De1 E. Simons aw~, up there at Windy L~:e~ Northwest Territories in the barren lands of Canada, better known as NORTH OF ~l~! Th~ks; sir, for ~our salute, which is all the z~ore interesting to me and ~y boss~ ~r. Lucky Strike - bee&use it i~ one of the first acknowledgements from & tunner-lnner so far away ... [ have been thrilled by letters from all points in America and Alaska, but never from so far Do~th ... (DR. WINCHELL CONTINUES !~XT PAGE) ~1":401 0031208
Page 331: 0060233180
- 2 - MR. UINCZELL: (CONTINUING) Mr. Simons sent ue photos of Eskimos ]iste~irg to radio + and Sin,one said in his letSer - that they all are Lucky Strike Tuner-lnneTs - and that huokies maF be kind to the throat - but in th;t part of the World - Lucky Strikes aT8 not so kind to the pocket-book. Because, he reports, ~hey cost him forty-five celts a packet in V;innlpeg, and ~s all frei[ht is transported by canoe to the Barren Lands North of 61 - Luckles cost him ~7o Dollars| But he includes Suckles a~.1ong his luxuries ... Now, thatls a handsome oomDliment, so thanks again, Del E. Simons of Nocth of 611 Now, for a pair of Jacks to open. Tonightls Magic Carpet tour, ladies and gentlemenj is to ~ontreal~ Canada~ again, for on~ of ouz pets, Jack Denny and his grand band. And to Albany, New York, to hear Jack ~iles and his Orchestra. Letls just rezeh out and slap Albany~ New york, on the shoulder,and say: .Harya, Capitol City~" ..+ Letls go, Frank - throw it in gear! ON WITK T~ DANCE, JACK ~ILES| (WHISTLE) OEAY~ ALBANY/| ALBANY ANNOUNCER: And Albany, the capitol city of New York, returns the salute and says, "Hello, yourself|" Wei~e at the DeWit~ Clinton Hotel whc~e Jack Miles and his Orchestra start the Lucky Strike Dance with ... R ]'~0"1 0031209
Page 332: 0060233180
. -3- .............. --~-- --7 .I ALBANY ANNOUNCER: Our i~agic Speedboat tears down the Hudson no~ £rol~ Albany back to Walter and his Winchell-!ingo~ (WHIBTLE) OKAY, NE~ YORK! WALTER ~INCHELL~ Very fine, Niles, plenty good ... T&ke a rest now, Jack, while I put my first edition to press; then we,ll hop to Montreal for the other Jack - of the Denny family. That Tom Mix and ~abel Ward would ankle down an aBtar together as soon as he recovered his health - was exclusively reported ever so many Lucky Strike Dance Hours s~o. And 1%ention the fact now, nlerely because I know that 2~r. Lucky Strike is a tunner-lnner, and heTs the one who paEs the bills ... In the cub'rent Photoplay on page 70, however, M:. Mix is quoted as saying: "fill have to ,~,lake ar~other million to get in the state of mind v,here I can consider Z can afford to get married again" .,. Thatts where the fun is in bslng your NeW York correspondent. Having the headliners in my items make denials and then have the front pages sere~ out the news a few weeks later. (MR. WINCHELL CONTI~EB NEXT PAGE) Ar~o] 0031210
Page 333: 0060233180
~. ~V LNC~L: (CONTI~UING) It looks like Jack Gilbert is back in ciro1~l~tlon again - nosy that Lupe tells iutlm~.~hes on the l~ng distance thmt RKndolph Scott is her idea of a h~ndsome man ... Randolph Scott, is described nowadays by the F~ous Players - as ~The Ns~ G~y Cooper", and I guess that i(r. Scott resembles G~ry ~ lot ... Because Lupe also says that wh~t she adores ~bout him most arc his eyes - ~hioh remind her of her Gab-roses. gome of the editorial writers appear to thihk that because the lovely Elsie Janls mKrvied a gentleman some ye&rs her Junior, that it still is big news ... W~ll, this is to report that an author n~ed Thyr~ S~nter Winslow married a oh~p several years her junior, over six years ago - long before Elsie borrowed the ide~ ... And herels something about Elsie Janis that ought to be told ... She recently wrote what a Soldlerls magazine describes as the best story (of its kind) that it ever published - ~d Elsie refused money for the piece. And ~q~en the Magazine insisted upon p~ying in full, and ~t ~ h~ndsome price, Elsie told the editor to buy clgarettes with the money and send the clggies to the w~r veterans at the Walter Reed hospital ... Consider yourself kissed, Elsie darllng. Although the Amorlcan Legion Drive to put one million men back to ~ork did net ~orm~lly begin until Febr~ry 15th, some of the lO~OO loc&l committees started in advance of the zero hour ~%d reported, as of this morning, that they have placed 16,$5~ men back on payrolls. O. K.~ Amorlc5n 5ezion~ (i~. W~I~CHELL CONTIh~ES h~XT PAGE) m~O'] 0031211
Page 334: 0060233180
-5- MR: WI:~CHELL: (CO.NTINUING) I ~vas recently ~ntro~nced to iL%dam Alma Clayburgh, the op~re, singer, and her first ~Jords were: "llm glad to meet you even though you s~id such ann~yin~ thfn~s in the p~per." "How isnTt th~.t just llke a~n opera sl:'~er?" I said to l(adgme 01ayburgh, "You never complained when I said charming thirqs about you. " "I kuol~," was her answer. "IsnJt that true? All of us reae~ber the bumps - and forget the carresses." One of the movie ms.gazines reports this iteM: "According to a f~1ous colmnnlst (Ahem) - 'G11ber~ Roland is back in clrculatlon again'. Maybe so," continues the magazine, "but Gilhert R~Jland still is the constant companion of the same l~lovie star he has chaperoned for t~o years" ... Well~ I trust that magazine editor is listening now, and if he is, ten will bring him twentyi hels wrong, and that George Jessel Is Gilbert RolandTs successor, which is Why, as I reported recently, the George Jessels had arrived at nhat they prefer callin~, "a perfect understanding". Poor J~oquel!ne Logan| She went to a dinner in her honor here the other night, and as she got up to take her bow, a process server handed her a s~,~i~lons ..... New York is comical that ~vaF, only this one w~snit a practical joke .,. And now the local yokels keep printing that Jlmmy Dunn and June Knight are m~r~ly good pals a~d h:~ve no inte~tlo~ of ~aklng som~ preacher $2 richer,., (}~E. UINCHELL C~NTIi~E$ NEXT PAGE) ~ IHOI 0031212
Page 335: 0060233180
Well, mebbe not, bu~ Jirlmy, I~ho could h~e gone to Washington by train (l~h~re june just opened ~ith Hr. ZiegfeldTs new lah-de-d~) flew there in a Iplane for the opening night, which shows you rrh~t very good pals they uust be! ... Some call it good palship - but Ws/ter calls it madness ... Wilmie Lightner is having matters re-arranged so that she will have more elbow,-room ... ~MAurice Chevalier, the one :.law sho~7~ is packing them in at the Fulton in New York - ~id helping to cono~est the already crowded Broadway Streets ... There isnlt anothew entertainer in ~n~rlc~ who can delight an audience for t,~o hours or more, the ~ay The Smil4-ng Lieutenant does - and hels alone, you know . .. Maurice wishes it known, too, that the newspapsrs are making wrong guesso~ about matters ~ his house ... And I see by one correspondent, that John Barrymore says he never kisses a glrl in a movie, unless he has to - Oh, stop now, my chapped lips can stand only just so much| Recommended to diversion seekers: The platform on which Victor Aloysuls Meyers~ jazz band leader, is running for Mayor of Seattle. Here are so~le of the planks: More bassos and fewer tenors in the police department; a springboard on the ne~v bridge for the benefit of suloldes; hostesses on all street cars. And the funny talus is, this musician turned politician has a good chance of winniug the nomination| Stranger things then that have made great men great. Tak% for example, - Charles Hackett of the Chicago Civic Opera. Hackett ~;as ,actually bounced from his architectls job and took to singing to earn cash. (hiR. WINCHELL CONTI~JES'NEXT PAGE) P, 1 HO '1 0031213
Page 336: 0060233180
-7- MR. "~INCHELL: (CONTI~UING) And n~w, ~, and Mrs. Everywhere, herets ~u~ther you~g m~n ~:hols made good by [:iv~n~ people what they w~,nt - Hr. LUCKY STRIKE Cl~ne:,t HOVARD CLAVEY: You ~en who believe in insursnoe - i~agi~le ~ leo million dolla~ insu~5~ce policy on a cigarette~ It's on every LUCKY STHIKE you smoke - one hundred million dollars, ladies and gentlemen - invested in the choicest of mellow-mild tdoaccos - the Cream of many Orops~ kept constantly on hand to insure ~hc uniform goodness of every LUCKY ycu smoke. And therels an iron-clad insurance on yo,'r ~Kotecticn, too. The f~nous TOASTING Process gives you that - it expels certain strong, irritating impurities present in every tobacco leaf ... It guards your throat and insures your smoklng enjoyment - no m~tter holy of ten_n ZO~ roach for a LUCKY| "Eornlng, noon ~%d night", writes Charles H~ckett, the f~nous tenor, "I guard my voice. 8% when I smoke, I use LUCKIEr. I wontt risk harsh irritants after ~ll these years of vocal ~ra~nlng. I smoke only the best. And, I~vo found the Ibest, moans LUCKIESt" And yo% ladies ~nd gentlemen, ~lll find that the host, ~nc purest of olgarettos is always LUCKY STRIKE. LUCKY ST~II:E is the ~ cigarette bringing you these two great improvements in cigarette manuf&cturs - the TOASTIHG Process ~nd the use of modern Ultra Violet R~ys. ~iorning, noon and night, yo~r LUCKY is always delicious, mellow-mild - always kind to y ur throat and thrilling to your taste; ~IU~O I 003121~
Page 337: 0060233180
UALTEH WINCHELL! Well said~ Claney, well said. You know~ we really should pause here a moment, so I could tell everybody how very sincere every word of your sales talk really is, Howle~ - PAUSE - but Jack Denny is waiting up there in ~ontreal. So letls snap into it, p~ank, and have Denny do his delightful dance magic. Here we go~ from New York, over the Canadian border as quick as Floyd Gibbons can say his initials! ON WITH THE DANCE, DENNY! (WHISTLE) OKAY, ~ONTREAL| ~ONTREAL ANNOUNCER: Montre~l welcomes you to the ~ount Royal Hotel, ~There Jack Denny and hl8 orchestra will play ... ) ) ) ) ) MONTREA5 ANNOUNCER: The Lucky Strlhe M~ic Carpet is headed straight south on its way from Ecntreal back to Walter Winchell. (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW YORKI t"~ ]" H 0 "1 0031215
Page 338: 0060233180
-9- WALTER WINCHELL: You know we thin~ you're good, Denny. So go have a sasspiTilla, and just as soon as Howard Claney, the Number One l~an on the Lucky Strike Salesmen List~ tells the crowd why Luekies rate so high, wefll d~lee some more at Albany, and hear :rou in a bit of a while1 too~ Denny, Ladies and gentlemen, my side kick - Howie Claney! HOWARD CLANEY: Has you~ elga~ette kept pace with modern pTogress? Is it an improved, an up-to-date olgarette? If LUCKY STRIKE is your cigarette, you are enjoying the one and only modern olgarette~ Modern because "Iris Toasted" - _and~ is__the' major advance in cigarette manufacture of the last fifteen ~ears| Modern because sunshine mellows ... heat purifies ... and LUCKy STRIKE employs modern UltTa Violet Rays - the other great advance of the !ast fifteen years| Modern, because LUCKIES benefit by the most scientific system of purchase, a~ing and blending the tcbacso world has ever known ... a three-year plan of aging and mellowing the world,s flnest tobaccos . .. a plan Which requires today a hundred-million-dollar supply of the choicest leaves that Eother Earth can growl Modern~ because that LUCKY tab on the Cellophane wrappe~ is so convenient ... Zip, and itls open~You bet you got more for your money in LUCKIES))... more tobacco goodness, because Toasting expels what you dontt want and makes way for what you do want ... more mildness ... more mellow mildness ... more purity ~L and more enjoyment~ more for FOUr money than any other cigarette in all this great wide ~iorldZ - STATION BREAK - ~1,~0 1 0031216
Page 339: 0060233180
- i0 - WALTER qINCHELL: Corle on, Mrs. Rudy Val!ee~ ~%d y~ulre better &rid c~ come ~;ith u8 to hear J&ck ~l!el8 el, eta, ~ove over~ F~y~ &zd make Too~u for Scott Hendon of i~&shville, Tennessee . . And Nay , r~eet Jir4my Thompson of the Greenvill% 8outh Carolina Ne~'~s, Letls gel CATCH US NO~j ~ILES! ON ~!ITH THE DANCEt. (~JBISTLE) OKAY~ ALBANY| ALBANy A~NOUNq ~R. We did catch your Lucky 8trlke ~a~io Carpet, in Albany, Walter, mad the d~loe goes on with Jack ~ile~ and his o~ehestra playing ... (. ) (. ) ( _) ( ) ALBANY ANNOUNCER edition.. Br oad~ay. WALTE~ "'qNCHELL: NoW for Walter and his ~nchell-llngo in his The Lucky 8tzike non-stop flashes from Albany to OKAY, NEW YORK! "8eoozld Thatts swelegant, ~iles. Denny ace doing a splendid show for us hard to l~in v, lth only a pair of Jacks, huh? (i~R. WINC}~LL CONTINMES NEXT P ACE) Gee, Jack - you and Jack tonight... Who said it was 'r2401 0031212
Page 340: 0060233180
- II- MR. W!NO3ELL: (CONTINUI:~G) And no~ to prepare the f}nal, editio~ with an editorial and a column of this ~nd that stuff° I hope a ceL, taiu yell known orchestra leader in NeW York puts the shoe on and finds that it fits snugly ... I overheard him the other night, bawling the devil out of a w~itress at Childs. Wh&t a tem~e~ he displayed - I guess his fan mail wasnlt so hot that day. At any rate, I felt itl".8 stifling him when I heard him abuse the poor glrl, because she b~ought the wrong kind of ~]ust&rd ..- It reminded me of thesquelch s~elegant that ~n abusive customer oertalnly ha%d coming to her. Perhaps youlve heard it, but don't stop me. It was one of those vsry hot afternoons in Ne~ York, and crai~ky old lady had asked the very weary waitress to bring her cocoa instead of coffee ... But the waitress forgot and brought coffe% insto&d, after being distinctly told not to bring coffee. .What is THIS?" thundered the old lady as she pooh, deal the table, .wh&t, I ask you, Js this, youlve bro~Ight me in this cup?" "That, Madame," said the ~Taitress, sweetly, "is the panama C~.nal| " HoTels an interesting obse~vatloh ... Three chorus girls in one of the 8how8 here h&ve & ne~t way of solving their housekeeping expenses ... They &ll agreed th&t they would refrain from cussint when they lost their tempers over anything ... go they promi~dd e&ch otbe~ that if one of them forgot herself and sai~ 8om~thi~g worse th~ d&~n or shuckB or gee whiz, they would pen&lize themselves a dime ... (b~. WINCKELL CO¢TI~qJES NEXT PAGE) R]~{O 1 0031218
Page 341: 0060233180
- iS - MR. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) The dimes are pl~ced in a toy banff: on the kitchen E;helf ... In this manner, the three chorines every month, find enough di~es to pay their monthly gas and electric bills and cometlmes, they have e1~ough left over to pay their bootlegger~ In support of the Eau-A-Block plan, I ~m pleased to introduce tonight from Washington, D. C., the Honorable James J. Davis~ United States Senator from pennsylvaniat a great humanitarian~ and a sincere lover of the common man, a p~olic servant who has the distinction of havi~g serVed as Secretary of Labor under three different presidents. Senator Davis has proved one of the stoutest advocates for the relief of unemployment. His he art is in the work, for he, too, has known privation mud want in his youth. In fact, in those days was horn the resolve to help his iellow men that has been so eonsplcuous in all his years of service In hls state and Nationl Senator Davis| SgNATOB DAVIS: The Man-A-Block plan~ ladies and gentlen;en, has my enthusiastic approval. I know from experience its enormous possibilities. During my term as Secretary of Labor, we had the nucleus of a 81mlla~ idea wherein glrl~ of the Junior Lengue undertook to get odd jobs for people - just small jobs such as taking care of grounds and furnaeesl The results were simply amazingl I see the Man-A-Block plan as a great snowball getting under way. It takes a lot of ~7ork and a lot of strength to make the sno~vball blg. (EEI~TOR DAVIS CONTINUES ~XT PAGE) A'rXO 1 0031219
Page 342: 0060233180
SENATOR D~VIS:(CONTINUING) But wheu every,bed7 puts their shoulders to the task, and it starts downhill, there just isnlt ~ything to stop it. The idea is splendid and bound to be a i~1~rvelous help to thousands and thousands of our less fortunate fellorl citizens. And thatts a splendid thing for us who are move fortunat% because we will not only get the thrill of a good deed well done, but also the benefits of the business stimulation ~hieh goes hand in hand ~ith this plan. I congratulate the American Tobacco Company for its splendid cooperation in publicizing this idea, and I most heartily congratulate the cities of the Nation which have alreL~dy put the Man-A-Block plan into effect. Thank you. WALTER WINCHELL: Thank you, Senator Davis - on behalf of the Man-A- Block Plan, LUCKY STRIKE thanks youL Eerels my hand, Senator Davis~ I was thrii?ed and inspired as you painted that great picture of the good work this Man-~-B]ock Plan can do for our less fortunate fellow cltizens. And bevels so~ething that keeps me away some nights ... What should one really talk about? ... If you talk about yourself - youlre conceited ... If you talk about your business, youTre a shoptalker ... If you talk too much - then you're a bore ... If you haventt ~nything to talk about, youlre dull ... If you talk abcu your children or your club affiliations, youlre a Babbitt ... (i~. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) [3 T.~O ] 003]220
Page 343: 0060233180
- 14- MR. WINCHELL: (OONTINUING) if you talk abo~t people, you're a knocker ,.. If you talk sweetly about anoth~r ~;;ritor~ youtre a log-roller and back scratcher . .. If you talk about art, youlre a highbrow -&nd if you donlt t~lk &t all - you're & hlgh-h;~tl 8o I think IIll tu.lk about Ben Borni~ . . . The other day in ~io~uah BeD.oh, Florido., Bernie was approached by & beggar, who s.%id: 'qlr. Bernie, will you please give me ten cents for ~ s&ndvTich?" And the Old Microbe said: "Letls see the sandwich" ... Good old Bernie ... I defended him again the other day, Somebody told me that he got on the air and called me & ninco~poopt ... I said I dldnlt believe that Bernie said any such thing - because nincompoop is a thTee-syll~ble word. Here,s the 1932 model of an old stage superstition - that itls bad luck to whistle in the dressing roomp straight from Lupe Velez, the sizzling senorlta star of that M-G-M single, "Ouban Love gong". Lupe says that every morning, as she comes on the set, she gives a lusty whistle into the microphone. If Lupels whistle records well, then shels sure of Eood luck all that day ... And no,q, Magic Carpet, to~e all these Listener-lnners to Amlericals finest cigarette counterl (WHISTLE) OKAY, LUCKY STRIKE| RT,~O 1 0031221
Page 344: 0060233180
- 15- EO~ARD 0 LAI~Ey: F~o~ our side of theolg~re• • ~Le Oountev, ladies [~nd gentlel;leA, welve found out a lot &'Dollt you s~okers° He ki:ow that ~v~ donlt have to tell you about Lucky Strike~ s delicious, mellow- r,~ild tobaccos - because more millions of smokers have been won by their rich goodness th~n by 8~y ether brand. We kno~ that we donlt have to tell you about that Selightful TOASTED flavor - every LUCKY STRIKE smoker will tell you how good that Is; What we do wm%t to tell you - and impress upon you, for it *aeans a lot to you - is this fact: When the exclusive Lucky Strike TOASTING Process expels certain harsh irritantsj it net only gives you throat Protection it m~kes room for extra tobacco goodness! Is it any wonder Lucky Strike gives you more for your I.~oney than any other clg~rette on the counter? Lupe Velez, whom Walter Winchell just mentioned, has been getting that extra Lucky ~trike value for t~7o years. "I1m a Lucky fan,,, she writes. "Therets no question about it - Luckies are certainly kind to my throat." Thank you, LURer And we ~ant everyone to know that Lucky Strike is the purest of elgarettcs, mellow-mild and delicious- And Luckiee awe always kind to your throat! WALTER "INCHELL: That brings us back to you~ Jack Denny, up there in ~ontreal ... WaltIll I collect OUr great big tribe of tuner-inners, Denny ... Itls quite a job, you k~o~r, they oo~e fro~1 every town in the Union ... Come onj Travis Oliver of ~ldorado, Arks~nsaw| Travis, meet Low Sawyer of Berlin, Ne~I Hsmpsht~e. Yes, Len, toda~, is the birthday of D. W. Grlfflth ~nd Cheste~ Morris. Tomorrow is ~ary Brlanls. y'weloome. One, t:o, th~'eo - let let ri:)~ ON WITH THE DANCE, JACK DENtZf! (WHISTLE) f~ T,'ffO 1 0031222
Page 345: 0060233180
- 16 - JACK D2N~IY: The Magic 0~rpet is here in Hontreal again, on toni~htts second lightning trip across the C~uadian border, where ~e're ~i ready to play ... (. ) C. (. ) JACK DENNY: From the St. La, Vrence River to the Hudson, the ~agic Carpet flashes back to Salter Winohell. (WHISTLE) OKAY, ~7 YO~| WALTER UINCHELL: Tip-top stuff, JaCk, as usual. That ~s~ ace-high. See you when you get to t~;n~ Denny. Adios! I gotta acknowledge a bit of my lov~-letters n~7, while ~r. aud Krs. America look over my xood shoulder. Jack Casey of San Fr~ncisco, California: Sorry I couldnlt m~(e the Annu~l Police Ball, Casey, but Ilm sure His Honor, the ~yOT Rossi kno~s ho~ busy I am these ni~htQ ... Kaybe IIll see you all in the s~nmer. I think my boss, Hr. Lucky Strike, will send me out to your gr~d state to cover the S~.~mer Olympics. (';zR .NINNCEELL CCNTI~UES NEXT PAGE) R)+XOI 003]223
Page 346: 0060233180
- 17 - MR. W!NCHELL: (OO~!TI'.~ING) Eve~'y boy by th~ n~e of "D0+~'t has a ~w-t chance of beco;.11;,~ a ~est coast ~.nnounoer~ it scowls. There ave Don Ju&nB ~l over the pl&ce - ~lhlch prob~oll~ ~eco~u~ts for the sli+~ of the tongue last Thursday night. Itts Don ThompE+on of F~PO, 8&n Fv&ncisco, vho zqarrted the senorlta Celt~ ~rtinez - not Don Wilson of KFI, in Los Angeles. Okay, P. 07 Okay, F. I.? And that, l&dies and gentlemen, concludes another Lucky Strike radio show ... I kno~ you enjoyed J&ck De~nyI s and Jack IIilest Orchestras and I hope you found so~ething diverting in my chatter ... On Thursday night, our Magic Taxicab "+Till race back ~nd forth between 711 Fifth Avenue, where Ill1 be at microphone Numbe~ One - and the New Yorke~ Hotol~ ~here the Coon- 8anders eret, wlll delight you ~'ith their contagious ~,ucic st~les. 8o don~t forg~t - re~ch for a Lucky and a buoky Bt~ike Dance Hour on Thursday night. Until then, ~ remain your New York correcpond~nt, Walter Winchell - uho just found out how to tell the difference bet~een & small-time actor and & big-timer ... The small-time actor says ~.I seem" - and the big-tlmer s~'s: "I h~ve ( 81GEATU~ ) R1"~01 0031224
Page 347: 0060233180
HOWARD CLANEY : -18- (OPTIOUAI) "DRUIi8 If[ :X HEART" fro:: "Thru The Years" was played by special p~rnlisslon of the copyright orrners. The LUCKY STRIKE D& ........ i" has come %o you fron: Net; York City, A!b~ly, ~evt Yon'k, and i~ontre~l, O,?.nada, through thc facilities of the N~tional Bro&doastll%g Conpomy. AGE}TCY/?;I i~0 .U~LL/C O P, "1" :401 003 122_'5
Page 348: 0060233180
NOTE TO ANNOUNCER: (Make local announcements every ~Ifteen minutes except on dr~natlc pro r~is, which depend an a succession of th~ght.~ THE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUR ( )( ) !O. O0 - ii_00 P. ~, Februa~_!8_tth i._123~ T_HirRSDAY (THEME 80NG ... 0h~ CHORUS OF "HAPpy DAYS APu:] HERE AGAI)[" t'ITH VOCAL ~EFRAIN . .. IL~DIATELY FOLLOV;ED BY ANN0b~CER H 0<TA/iD OLANEY: Ladies and gentle.~en, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour. presented for you~ pleasure by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike modern Cigarettes, - slxty/r.linutes t~ith the worldls finest dance orchestras,and ycur Now York correspondent, Walter Uinchel!, of the New York Daily Mirrorp whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrow. Mr. Walter Winehell| WALTER UINCHNLL: Good evening, ~. and Hrs. Amerlc~, Cuba, Hexic% Canada, and all the other tuner-luners up there in the Arctic North of 61 ... What a thrill this is - chucking a howdy-doo to so many millions of you whether youlwo across the street, or up there at Windy L~ke, not so far from the North Pole. okay~ Windy L~e| Our ,~agls Carpet is going to try mud get through the New Yozk traffic tonight - to hear the rhythms mud melodies of the Coon- Nanders, Hotel New Yorker Orchestra. Do yourselves proud the way you dld the last tlme Hr. Lucky Strike st~.~,~oned y~u, Mr. Coon and l~r. Sanders. (~r-~R. Y~'INC~£LL CONTII~UZS IIE:(T PACE) R1; 01 0031225
Page 349: 0060233180
- 2 - ~. UINCHELL: (0ONTINUING) you ~xys keep making friends faster th~n I can lose them, and thatI s no klddln'~ Okay, ~rank - here it comes! Stand by, Cl&uoy o.. ON W~TH THE DANCE| (WHISTLE) OKAY, OOON-8ANDER8% MR. SANDERS: The Lucky Strike DBr~ce over hcTe &t the Hotel Now Yorker begins with ... (_ ) ( ) ( ) C ) ( ~. SANDERS: ) Now the Lucky 8twike Hagic Ca?pot takes the c~osstown jump fro~ 33rd and Sth to 55th ~ud 5th ... (WHISTLE) OKAY, WALTER UINCP'~LL| WAL'?EH W INO~LL: Very good, gentlemen, thank you ... I do my column hero, Ho~v~rd Claney follows with his -~nd then wo got you, again . .. Stand by, boys. I see by the gazettes and the Unlvsrs&l Service th~.t Earl S~nde, Amorlcals ace jockey secured ~ m&rrt~ge llccnse yestordzy - to ankle down the ~Ito.r ~;ith L{rs. Old%rents Kun~er, r;hose 19.t~ husband was also & st~r on the tracks ~nd 8andeTs best pal ... (itR. WINCHELL CO:!TINUZ~S ~EXT PAGE) RT~01 0031222
Page 350: 0060233180
-3- ~R. WINCHELL: (C~NTINUING) Thatls fine ... and llm glad to hear it - but when some of us ~luounoed that Earl ~d l~rs. Kur~er were going to be riveted, oh so n~any weeks ago - our faces got red when the pair denied it vigorously . .° wellp happy days to them both, anyway. I~m doubly glad about it~ the other reason being that the report has finally been jotted down m~. the £~ont pa~es, which is where I like to see the stuff I peddle. Harry K. Thaw~ of whom I take It, youtve read a great deal in the past twenty year~, is keeping company again| Her first name is Earjorie and I prefer not disclosing he~ last nsx~e until she acquires her divorce which she now is waiting for in Eldorado, Arkansaw - where ~arjorie is taking advantage of the 90-day divorce law. Their reLIANCE began shortly after they met in Pares last year - And Thaw 'phones her from hi~ West Virginia home every evening, or wherever he happens to be going gay at the time. (~/R. VI[~CHELL CO~;TI~UES FEXT pKE) AIMO] 003~228
Page 351: 0060233180
~II:IOHE~: (O0i:TINUEB) The mpo~tB pago all over the oou~try have been relatln~ ~bout the new football rullngs crewed for the safety of the ~erlc~n Boy...But, the o~ly no~ape~ ~o give credit to the ch~p who Suggested four of tho slx ruleB no~ in ef~eot -- wa~ the Philadelphia Publio Ledger and ~ know the Le~erls sportB story by ~d° Pollock r~u~t h~v~ made Edward J° Storey a lot happier, o .Fo~ ~r, Storey, a fo~er Philadelphlan, ~a~ the only h~ school coach In Amerloa to make enough of ~ holler to stop ~eg~ettable accidents to m~F foo~ba!l players,..E¢ no~ is ~resldent of the N.Y° State Health ~ud PhyBical Oulture Association a~d the coach at the ~:~aro~eck ~igh ~chOOlo ~f you a~Ire Adolphe ~enjou, then by all me~6 Bend a birthday c~d or wlre to him, because he~s celebrating his birthday ~ow...~ youn~ l~&Y who says hez nem~ is Juli~ E~els tells the p~per~ here that 8he just discovered that her mothe~ was the late Jeanne E~el~°..So~e of the ra~, however, w111 not belleve hcr -~ untll ~he bzin~s the uecessary credentlalB...I reported the other day that George ~eekerl~ ~m~tache only t~i~hes for the pretty Joan Carter ~addel~. the dancer...Jo~.n~ whose ~other never lets her stay out late, go~s to Paris u~chape~o~ed every ~ow e-~d then .... (~, WINCHEL~ CONTINUE8 ON NEXT PAGE) ~31 NO1 003"1229
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~; (CO~TI~ES) Mrs. Henzy Mosoowltz, civic leader, who i8 better described as one of Alfred E. Smith's most t~sted a~nirers, was in one of the local art galleries the other day and her eyes fell on a clever portrait sketch of Hr. goove~...She bought it at a fancy price... It looks llke the Er, lpress Eugen-ay hat is coming baok...A fashion note in the papers says that ladies sprir~ hats will be "silly" .... The Loew chainls newest Theatre will be opened in New York City on Saturday and it will feature i~arle Dressler.8 flicker celled "E~ua,'... So I trust ~iss Dressler is tuning in now to hear this gr~d compllment...I found out that the Loew Circuit executives always try to open their new theatres with a ~arie Dressler movle--because they consider her their "Lucky Star" -- and because every time her screen shows have opened one of the ~musement temples, it has had great success from the start...Howzat, ~arle, darling? Ben Bernie got vetF generous down at Hiami Beach, Florida in the galloping domino places the other day, And he gave up a mere O8,000...Gee ~hiz, 08,000 -- thatls a lot of wrong guesses to make. Bernie has terrible luck at the tracks, too....EverF time he bets on a horse the jockey turns out to be Sophie Tucker. And this is as good a time as any to get the correct pronunciation of the famous last nsme of John D....i~st people have been calling him John D. Rock-a-feller...[Tell, the great philanthropist and hls entire trlbe call themselves Rock-E-feller. To savey her energF and her voloe, Karln Branzell, the contralto do~ nt 39th ~d Broadway -- the Metropolitan to you -- stays in hed all day before an evening perfo~nance and doesn't even uSter a whisper. Thatls taking care of zour talker. And that ~r. ClaneS, i8 a s-ell ehm~ce for you to tell .~r. and Hrs. Tuner-ln~er a few facts about LUCKIES~ P~T'~01 0031230
Page 353: 0060233180
CLANEY: 2S- When we interviewed Karln Branzell back stage at the Hetropolitan, she told us that she h~d s~oked LUCKIES for eight years° And when ~e directly asked her if she found LUCKIES kind to her throat ~h~ stated, 'rI find the~1 the O~LY cigarettes that are kind to my throat." Had~me Br~nzell, ~e dare say, kno~s little about the LUCKY STRIKE Toasting Process, or the scientific marmer in which it expels certain harsh irrlt~its naturally present in every tobacco leaf. But she most certainly kno~s the unique benefits of Toasting| It was LUCKY STRIKERS throat protection that won ~admue Branzell~ but it ~as LUCKYIS mellow-mild goodness m~d delicious TOASTED fl~vor that has k~t her friendship for eight years. LUCKIES want to keep your friendship too, Hr. and Ere. Co~st to Coast~ And to keep It, they offer you more for your money than any other cigarette in the world. Throat protection? Yes! The finest tobaccos money can buy? Yes| Three years of aging and mellowing? Yes! And in addition, remember this: When Toasting removes certain harsh irritants, it makes room fo~ extra tobacco goodness! Thatls extra quality for you! That's extra value for you -- the greatest cigarette value in the world today| So reach for a LUCKY, and get the very most for every ~ngle cent you spend| WALTER~INC[~ELL: And now back to the Hotel New Yorker to hear the Coon-Sanders crew, again. Come on Harriet Schlossberg of Uniontorm, Pennsylvania -- meet Earl Kraus of Omaha, Nebraska, and Ruby Boyd of 8oo City, IolTa...Oh, yes, and this is ~rs. Dann of Willoughby, Ohio..°A!l set?...Then letls leap over to Broadway and straight do~n 7th Avenue to hear some peppy polkas and toe-ticklers. ON WITH T~ DANCE (?CM!STLE) OKAY COW,SANDERS! fl1NO 1 003123"I
Page 354: 0060233180
~Z -7- And the peppy polk~s which will tickle your toes this tinge ~.re --- ( .) (. ) ( ) ( ) The Lucky Strike ~agic Taxicab flies right over all the Nel~ York Theatre trafflc to W~Iter and his Wlnohelli~go. (WHISTLE) OK° WALTER WINCh~LL! WALTER WINCRELL: Plenty nloe, plenty nice, fell~rs...Go put some resin on your fiddles while Howard Claney, Nr. Lucky Strike~s other favorite son -- tells our big tribe of tuner-lnners about the one and only cigarette that Walter Winehcll has smoked for eleven years-- and that statement isnlt paid for, either! Ladies and gentlemen, my buddy -- Howie Claney° H Ol7ARD C~AN~Y: Mellow-mildl Whenever you think of mellow-mild -- think of LUCKY STRIKE CIGARETTES| ~lld°..because LUCKY tobaccos are the mildest that warm sunshine and fertile soil can grow! Htld ... because Toasting expels certain harsh irritants naturally present in every tobacco leafZ And ~lellow...because the tobaccos are aged and;~lellowed up to three years by Mother Nature and Father Time| Lfellow because sunshine nlellows...and Toasting includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays| And that's why LUCKIES are i:lellow-mild. (ig~. CLAYEY CO~TINUES ON NEXT PAGE) RT,'K01 0031232
Page 355: 0060233180
-8, CLANEY (COI;TINUES) No other clgarettc can be so good because no other has mo~de the ro~ LOCKIES have m&de! ~,t other cigarette offers such big &dvances as the famous told exclusive LUOKY STRIKE TOASTI~.TG Process which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Hays -- the t:7o major improvements in cigarette m~/clng of the last fifteen yeai's? ~'~at other cigarette offers the most sclenhiflc system of aging ~nd blending ever devised by tobacco experts? What other clge.rette has done e~s much for the smokez as LUCKY STRIKE? The answer is NONE...that t s ~zhy we o~ sincerely &nd truthfully say: 1~Therets none so good as LUCKIEB! --STATION BREAK-- 24/ E_SR L& Okay, Rowie...IIve a date with & lott~ people again to take ti~em for a ride th~'ough the clouds from ~herever they are back to the Coon-S~ders boys...Harya Bernice Kelly of San Antonio, Texas: °..,~z~d how ~'oes it by you, i~ry Ross of L~keside, C~lifornla?... Here we goJ..In the wlnk of an eye marn~e~'. OK WITH THE DANOE (WHISTLE) OKAY COON-SA~ERS~ S.~DERS : LUOA~ STRIKE Haglo Carpet~ .... Unload all your guests~ N~w -- everybody dance, to -- (. ) (. ) (. ) (. ) i-11" ~0 1 0031233
Page 356: 0060233180
-S- 8AI~ERS: Now, herets the way we 6Aal Winchell and his l[agLe Carpet on the phone in New york - (WHISTLE) 01C~Y, WALTER WINCHELLI That ~as good, to% ~r. Coon and ~r. Sanders...I put my second edition to bed right here -- and then you tootle your trace:pets again .... I:ll catch you on the up-beat later. Helen Morgan, the piano-sltter, and all around good fello~7, was the innocent victim of a little domestic disturbance the other d~y...~rs. K~old Keltan of New york City, th~ for~er Hildred Bryan -- a bride for 15 years, ~s reading the papers ~nd neasly choked when she saw a plcture of her husband, who is at Hi~nl Beach, Florlda.,.In that picture, ~r. Kelton ~nd l[Iss Horgan agpcared %00 happy to please ~rs. Kclton, ~vho immediately got on the long dis~m:ce phone to ask him ~natrs The Big Idea?...So :~s. Kelton, ~ho so reported all this to ~ne, added that when she asked to speak to her husband, she w~8 told that ~r. Ko ~Tas out with Hiss ~organ.,°Well, sir, ~1other Ne~ York attorney may have another case, But Walter h~s another paragraph. Frank Fay cmd his adorable wife, Barbara Stan~lek are in our feve~'ish midst and the lights along Broad~tay appear brighter bec~us~ ~h~y a~e he~ .... The oth~ night ~lh~n F~nk w~ Introduced at ~, the&tre he~o~ ~ + ~ B,~eleg&nt hand -- and then the mess~r of ceremonies started to sa-, . "And :~olv ladle8 ~Id g~i~tleme~, I 17a:~t you to meet~JL but he never could finish it - for the 5000 p~ople ': roa!'ed ~d pounded thei~ hands Ii~ a deafening ov&~ion ~lannsr, know~ he ,Tc s goinj to say B~rbara St~:Vck. (C0:~TINU~D 0VER] fl1~O I 0031234-
Page 357: 0060233180
-i0- Bo.rbKra got up ~nd looked her lovely sclf...She is one of the ~nost refreshing person llve ever knolaL...Still the soz;e ~irl she l;~c f_Ivo years e,~o when h~as in the cho~of ~ 5~:th Street night club...A~d the My she loves that Foy guy is something the love-sto~y writers ouF~ht to know -- for then, perhaps, they could think up s. nm, plot...Nothing else see;as to m~tter to Barbara -- but Fza~f~ - and vice versa -- uhich is the wa7 it should be in ~ll =l~rri&~,es... And ~'hen you find ~ pair like they are in this wild world of oul's, it certainly is sonmthing to talk shout, which is why I1m doing it nor.,...And yould never know how much they care about each other unless you loDked at the=~...As George Eliot once elpigrm~med: There ~re two things th~,t cam~ot be hidden - love and a cough. Hy pals in the non Zle~feld show "Hot Cha" heard the last broedcsst in which I said that I h~d mead where June Knight said she washt ~ going to marry James Dunn...and these pc, Is of mine assure iue th~.t Junu 8~d Ji~:ly will go bitchy-hiking doln~ ~ ~id(~le alslo in $ or 4 l~onths. The ~(an-A-Block-Plan is getting along suell...Every day I got more telegrmss frown Chambers 9f C~aerce and citizens telling me of their home to~n8 and whet they o~re doing to give more ~aen jobs.. The big ide% ladies and gcntl~en, so f~r as I~n~ concerned, is to melt the hreadlines, and it looks llke there ivon~t be any soon, with every able :,~an working...8o stoned up m~d ta/~e your bous as I nuae your to!re. First -- Lafayette, Louisi~:a! I~ve heard about the wo~'k youtre doing dolrn there 8o OILY, L~f~yette, Louisiana: -- And you too, Shelby, Oklahoma! (Lq~. WII~C:~ELL CONTI~UES OVER) ~TN01 003'1235
Page 358: 0060233180
-ll- ...And you piedz~ont, California| Ke~l~oi'e, Ne~ Yorl~ ~qd Glens F~lls, Ne~7 Yo~k| .... Consider your hands gripped ha~d in the sincere ;~anner for being your brotherl~ keeper. Ladies a~d ~entle~en, I ~ very proud to Introduce to you tonl~ht, ~r° ~rk ~oKee, Executive Secretary of the A~eric~n Le~ion° Hls entlre org~liz~tion is ~oin~ over the top in the ~reat fight to gl~e a mlllion men jobs. ~r4 HcKee' I ~ant to spea~ a ~ord or t~o in support of the ~u-A-B~ock Ide% ~hlch the Amerlcan Tobacco Co~ipany~ ~o~ufacturers of LUCKY STF~KE 0igarettes~ h~s so ~tively and ~o ~ffectively pro~1otedo The Az~rlcan Legion i~ ~th you, LUCKY STRIXE. The ~an-A-Bloak Idea is also incorporated In the ~re~t drive of the ~e~ica~ Legion, the Legion ~xlliory, the American Federation Of Labor, o~d the Assoolo,tion of N~tion~l Advertisers - to put one million persons back to ~zork. The greatest peace-time a~y in all hlsto~'y h~s boon organized for the g~eat ~ivo -- n~arly twenty ~illion ~en o~d ~o~or~° ~e have spent eleven ~eeks in p~'epar~tion. The drive ha~ been on Just ~hreo days. hays put back to work perle;Is, Wontt you, too, If you are sn ~an to your payroll? In theso throe days our comblnod efforts personsq I repeat join us? e~ployor, woi~:t you please add at !~ast oue (~Cq. McKEE CO~TI~UES ON ~IEXT PAGE) AIMO 1 003/2313
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2{R. HoKEE: (CONTINUES) If you are a housewife, wonlt you please, when we ring your doorbell, tell us you ~ill give a z~lan or a woz~ a half hourls wor]', a ~Teek, or EUl hour~ or two hours? l'~at a fine way to rer~le:~ber and honor the birthday of tLe Fat:~er of our cou/itry. Okay, ~Jnerica. WINCFSL~: Tha~h you very much, Er. [icKee. And heroins somethi~k~ you probably never knetv till nolv. I only learned it last night.,~That this is the IOOth An:~iversar? of the Cigarette, u~hich ~as bol'n by acclde~t. Durln~ e~ i~ar in Syl'la, in 1832, the French Ar~y received a supply of tobacco. But the pipes ~'lhich had been sent along -- were dest~'oyed b} a caTu~on boll... So there was no way of sL~oking the tobacco. In those days the g~nners priiued their g~n pleoes r,ith powder enclosed in little tubes of India paper...~o of the soldiers stuffed a tube with tobacco instead -- lit up ~md the cigarette 1;~s born| .... Youtre ~Teloome, l~r..~dploy. Your New York correspondm~t has been pelted, bombarded, praised, abused, ~a%d showered ~;Ith both scallions and orchids since i~e stated on these alr-waves th~,t Ltlya;~ Tasi~man is conceded to be the best dressed won~m~ on the screen, A~d I still thluk she is. iloreover, I~ve seen Lilyan~s husbs~d -- Edz~und Lo~e -- ~ith her ~n zo~e of the stay-up-late places rece~%tly, 8/~d here's where I no~inate as the best dressed n~a~ ou the screen. It's llot only the zl~d-rags he ~oars, but it's the ~ay he wears the~. Lo~els a iJ:~ re~.l g~y~ When you first see hi~b you don't say "Ho~; ~;cll-dre~ed~" Yo say "'~%~t a dlstiuguished-looking ~us~%!" FIT~01 CO"~ ~
Page 360: 0060233180
Excuse ,;:e a ~Linut% Walter~ but if you read todayls Roston Herald, the philadelphia Public Le~&er, or aay one of hundreds of phi)ere },curd s*e this statement under E~.~und LolveZs picture: WIZCHEL~: You mem: the one ~%bout ~, LUCKY afte:" a cup of coffee? I ."cad that~ CLA:[EI: }1r. Lows says: ,Iris thirst delightful taste after a c",_l coffee that makes LUCXIES a hit with me." ]';I:~C HELT, : How core that coffee business, Howard? CLAN~I: Sure of Thatls a good time t~ discover the true taste of a eil~arette because the taste buds in your ~outh are alert, refreshed... ~:d thatls a good time to discover the truly unusual flavor of a LUOKY STRIKE...To chief its nellol~mild tobaccos...itle cure tobaccos •.._scicntifioa!l~ DU~O because To.stifle" C~kqools certain h&rsh irrit~lts naturally prcscnt in ~ tobacco le~fo In LUCXY STRIKE you get the :~:ost ~cnder, most fragrant loaves that ~Erna, S~:soon~ Za*ithi, our own Southle/%d a~d othcr zich tobacco flolds can gro~! Today...mozo th~n one hundred million dollars ~orth of this choice ucllow-mild tobacco is bolns ~.ged m%d further mello~ed for your LUCXY STir.Ilia! ~y of those expensive tobaccos will not be used for one...two...tbrce long years...perhaps not until Feb~,ry 1935... for it ta/:es three years for a LUCXY to be born| The:~. science joins h:~:ds with Fs~her Time to give your LUCKY STRIKE the purifying benefits of Toastlng~ ~md the ulellowlng benefits of modern Ult~-'a Violet Rays~ (~[R. CLANEY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ~T~01 003123£
Page 361: 0060233180
HQ~A~D C&A:~H: (O0NTZ~HES) It takes time...it takes money...it t~kos science to ~he your LUCEY 8TRIEE the flnest, the purest of cigarettes| Reamh for LUCKY Insteadl WALTER )';INC F2LL: That brings us back to the Hotel NeI~ Yorker l~here $he Coon-S&nders Crew is nlarklng tl2~e,..Letfs go A~lerica| ON WITH THE DANCE (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW YORKER| Coonie m~d I thought that just about this ti~e, yould llke to hear -- ) ) ) Now back to Walter Winohell goes the Lucky Strike I~jio Cal~et -- with a fl~sh ~d ~ (WKYBTLE) OKAY, WALTER WINCh~LL| WALTER W~NC~LL: A splendid show, ~r, Coon and ~. Solders -- aud plense tell your boys that for me....Thls is ~ere Nrs. Winchellls so-called b,~d little boy, W~Iter~ acknowledges some of his love-letters. You ~ll ~,%y look over my shoulder. (~R. WINOHELL CONTII~UES ON ~EXT PAGE) ~l ~(01 003123~
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-15- WII~CHSL_4[ ( C0~TI ig/E8) Whet a letter this is -- I Inean the thrill tho.t goes ~ith it v:he~ you thinL" of how far &l~y the ~ritez is, and ~Te re ch him ~n o, second, Itls from Charles Cutheson and he writes: "We only ~et nail once a month up h~re, but your LUCKY STRIKE stuff comes in fine ~d clear every Tuesd&y, Thursday and ~tturday night. Will you please get :~e the exact d~.te of the pre~lieze perform~uce of the sho~J "The City Directory, . It opened in either 1887 or 188 -- Chas. Cutheson of Copper Ccnter~ Alasha°" I learned, sir, theft The City Directory openoC at the on 0k~y, Copper Center, Alash~' Enid Franklin, Asbury Park, N.J.: Irving Berlinls newest scot's is in the "Fo.ce The ]~usic" show !~hioh opened heze last nljht.,. I thii~k his melodies are the best in town. Gcne Eat'shall, Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Ko~ns&s...Sor~.y you ore so ill~ Gcno..,The Palace Theatre where you have~.tt been o~gotten, i~ad ~ big fire last night just ~,s Sophie Tucker v~s singing her son~s. 8ophie~ you know, bills he'-.self as "The L~st Of The ~ed Hot ~o~las'~...The Theatre was e;.;ptied in less th~n Z ;~Inutes, nobody hurt, but heavy d~uage to the ace vaudeville house in the land, the slog~ of which 18: "You h~ven~t a~'rlved on Broad~&y until you've played the p~laee"...But thatls not so, Gene... The Palace Theat~'e is ~here, I~hen you flop, they nevez let you fo~'~et it -- and ~here, ~:h~n you go good, the ~v~rage head swe~.ls up to the size of you !mow i.,h~t movie st~r~s shoe| Get better, ~:id. ([~2~. ~'~I]CH~LL CONTIi;UES ON NEXT PAGE) £T~01 00312~0
Page 363: 0060233180
J And theft l~,dies ~d gentlezon conolude~ o,uothe~' LUCKY STRIKE sho,,,..DonIt f orgct to re~ch for a LUCXY &nd & LUCKY STF.IXE D~,~LCC Hou~ on S~tu~.d~y nigl;t when our mo,glc cs.zgot is ~oin~i to do tricks ecain and go to ~ubah -- to ~he ir~oional Hotel at Havana. t heaz thc dell htful ~trran~cments of L& Corono, Oi'chestra, unde=• the di~'cction of ~[&nolo Cas~-o. Until Se.turd&y night o,t the s~ue ti~ue, thez., I re~z~J.n, your coi'responde~it on the E~stern Front, Walter ~Jlnci~e!!, who v~.i'ns you thab the only g.cpei-Ldsble tips in ?;~ll Sti'eet tZc~e day8 are ou shoc laces.., (Good night| oild plee.sant drea~as.) CLOSIN~ A~XT O~CEI ~Ei~: (OPTIO~AL) ~IO~,rARD '3 LACKEY: The LUCKY 8TPIKE Dt,nce Hour h~e c~me to you fro~a :~el'~ York City, -~hrough the f~cllitles of thc Eat~ona,l ZroadcastinZ Confront. A ...... /,;L,u.~LL/Cu/C.I llee~. E/18/~ ~ I,MO 1 0031241
Page 364: 0060233180
WEAF ( i0~00 ~ ll~,LO P, M. NOTE TO AN~:Ot.~CER: (Make local announcements every fifteen minutes which depend on a ) except on dress.tic pro rams, succession of th~ught.~ TI|L~: ( THE LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOLrR )( ) b_ruav __ Oth. _1932 SATURDAy (~ SONG ... ONE CHORUS OF IIHAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN" WITH VOCAL REFRAIN. ZMiLEDIATELY FOLLO'VED BY ANNOUNCER.) HOWARD CLAYEY: Ladies and gentle~len, the Lucky Strike Da~ce Hour, presented for your plea6ure, by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes ... sixty moder.~ minutes with the world's finest dance orchestras, and tonight, we bring you two great orchestras, one from Hav~,Duba, and one from New york City; also your New York correspondent, Walter ~Inehell, of the New York Daily Mirror, whose gossi~ of today, beooz~es the ne"s of to~:~orrow. Mr. Walter Winehell! WALTER ~INCNELL: Good evening, Mr. arid Mrs. United States, and greetirgE again, Havana, Cuba| Tonightls long Winchelleap down to President Machadots country is among the thrills Mr. Lucky Strike affords me - and I trust you find the ride in the sky aboard our ilagic Carpet just as spellblr.ding. Our short leap toni~ht is to Joe Moss, 8~ud his swelegant ensemble of syncopaters, here in New York City, ~hom you've all applauded before. ITm ready if y?u are, Margaret Bond of Nashville, Tennessee ~id Jeanne Thornton,of Now york City ... Move ov~r a littlc Sue Baren of Dallas, Texas ~%d ,~eet John patterson of }!ontgomery, AlabaL~y ~ (i~. WINCHELL CONTINL~S NEXT PAGE) 1NOI 00312 2
Page 365: 0060233180
MR. '~INCI~LL: Frank~ ~ 2 - (CONTII@JING) All set? That's swelegant~ ... Throw it in high, NEPIWE GO! Harya, Ers. Hooverl ... Whoopoee! ~orld Roanoke, Virginia Time s~New8, and Columbia, South Carolina Record~ WeI re on our way to Cub~h to hear the La Corona Orchestra~ ON UITH THE DANCE, SENYOR CASTRO! (WHISTLE) OKAY, HAVANAL HAVANA ANXOUNOER: ,All of 3uba ~elcomes you to Havana, the city of thrills - whare the romance of old Spain is co~oined with the carefree ~aiety of the tropics, and where, at the National Hotel, Manolo Castro ~nd his La Corona Orchestra will play ... ) ) ) ) H:VANA ANNOUNCER: The Lucky Strike Magic Carpet now sails :ut of Havana, over the f~Jou~ Morro Castle and up the Atlantic Coast to Walter and his Uinohell-lingo. (WHISTLE) OKAY, g~7 YORK I Iq 1~01 0031243
Page 366: 0060233180
-3- WALTZR VINOHELL: GzshZhlae, Saynor Cahstro, very all rizht, very okayl This is uhsre Sanyore ~alteT puts the flrut half of his airs4~raphs to press - and then we return to you, again, 8aynor. Hahsta La Veesta. Whenever I think of Will Rogers, I am re~uinded of h~s buddy, Fred Stone, to ~'hom I ~ant to toss ~ bouquet of posies right now for hle thoughtfulness mld consideration of ethe~e °.. Last ~Teek~ his mother paGsed on - and Fred closed his show "Smiling Faces" for three days ... The entire cast of chorus girls and others in the troupe thought that theyVd lost three performances ... but Fred Stone, with all his heartache - didn, t forget his company - and paid each and every salary - digging down into his own pockets to pay theLL, too ... Consider you~ shoulder patted, Fred 8tone, and please kn~7 I1m telling milllo~s and uillions of yo~r a~mirers abo~t it, now ... The glrl who doubles for La Garbo now looks more like Greta for she has taken off some tonnage ... Her n~le is Jeraldlne Dvorak~ and he~ eyes and mouth are exactly llke Garbot s... She hasn't as yet been able, ho~ever~ to wear her hair like the actress whoee visit to Ne~ York kept me so busy ... Among the teleg~ms that cheered Jack Dempsey in his defeat the other nizht, has one from Eetelle, his former frau ... The Dgnald Co*k-Evalyn Knapp roL~AFCN is beyond eontrolt ... And even thJ closest pals of Sydney Fox who is courting nith J~y Negulesco will toll you that Itls all over - but the shouting ... (~/R. WINCHELL CONTINUgS NEXT PAGE) R 1",~01 00312~4-
Page 367: 0060233180
-4- ~{R~WI~;SHELL: (CONTINUING) ~hen the front pa~es finally break with the story about a notable Hollywood couple - the chief complaint will be that tile wom~ h~:s a twenty-seven yea~ old son - that she didnlt tell he~ hush&rid &bout when they cake-walked down the middle-alsle. The newest ,discovery. for the sta~e, ~nd ~o~t likely for the magic lanterns io the gorgeous Elizabeth Young, lq, of the social register here., .i~iss Young, who is very much llke the gorgeous Joan Benne%t, is the daughter of Justice Young of the Childrenls Court and she has been engaged for the ne~ Peggy FearsI production ~0hild of ~anhattan.~ This is the play by Preston Sturgss, whose "Strictly Dishonorable" was such a knockout in New York mud it ~Till mark ~dss young,s debut behind the bulbs. She is a Spence School gzad and hers was the outstanding debutai~te party of the season. The play~ ~hieh is due soon, deals with the life of a ten-cents-a-damce taxi dancer...Eiss Eadellne NcGonigle, a taxi dancer in real llfe, from the East Side of New Yo~k -- will al~o appear i~ "Child of ~anhattau" a~xd already ~adeline fzom New Yorkto East 81de and Elizabeth from the social sector are buddies .... OkaY| Xadeline and Ellzabethl (~. WINC~LL CONTI~UES ON I~EXT PAGE) A1~01 0031245
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-5- Loretta Young now tells intimates that she doesnlt want to marry a~aln until shels t~Tenty-five ... when she will retire from the screen - and while she doesnlt deny she is seore~ engaged to Mr. $onborn, west coast deputies report that tha founer l~rs. Grant Withe~'s is plenty That Way over a young and handsome crooner ~vho warbles pretty nothings into her dainty ears out there ... Joan Bennett is getting all mercelld and everything for her betrothal to Gene Markey - whose mammy arrived out in Uoll~ood to join her son the other week-end ... There is somet~Ik that the Bennett-l~arkey welding will not coue off - and if this is so - then how come Joanl8 glrl friends and the so-called "4OO,'of Hollywood threw that "sho~er" for her? ... llm only asking? ... I have h~d ~y ~rists spanked ~aln because when referring to George Arliss, I didn't call hlm ~. George Arllss ... lit seems that in the ma~ic iLuutern sector only a few big-timers rate the "~r." busln~ss, and they Include }~r. Arl~ss, Mr. John Ba~rymore, ~Iro Douglas Falrbanks, and M~. Conrad N~el ... Izzatso? ... You donlt say~ ... Well,lf I were asked to make up a llst of four stars who should be given the title of Mr. - those four Ivould include Mr. Oharlie Chaplin, M~. Jlmmy Carney, and Mr. Eddie Rdbinson, and Mr. Clarkle Gable .°. ~Ister? ... Huh| ... I know of men who were adored by the nation who were &ffeotlon~tely kno!~n as ,Abe" - "Teddy" - "AI" - and "Cal" ... If you called Will Rogers, ~r. Ro~ers, held bust out laughing| (~q. UINCHELL CONTI}~ES NEXT PAGE) R T;KO 1 0031246
Page 369: 0060233180
-6- I~R. WIHCHELL: (CONTIh~JING) Lois Moran and Dougl~.s Montgomery have kissed ~id made up ... Another reason why ~The Cat and the Fiddle" show in ~;e~ York is doin~ such a good business is thxt half the first ~ow is sold almoet nightly to persistent wooers of the leading lady - a gorgeous person named Bettlna Hall • .. The Er~est Lubltsch-Ona Munson combination is ice cold - as has been long expected . .. Lubitsoh is here doing the stay-up-late spots without a fe~mue escort ... Madam Sherry, who certainly isnlt a l~ary Piekford - is wearin~ curls at this d~y and age, and No:ma Talzadge and George Jessel do not care who knows it now. Hello, there, Grace Brinkley, over in that Broadway smash, "Of Tr.ee I 8ingSl~ Say, Gvace, youtve been holding out on me! IWve just l~eard that it was a microphone llke this, that gave you your first toe-hold on Broadway. They tell me Harpo i'arx heard you sin~ "The St. Louis Blues" in a broadcast direct from St. Louis, ~Issouri- and immediately burned up the wires to 1{issouri urLtil he got you to come to New Yo~k for "The Cocoanuts". 8~y itls true, Grace - l,~iorophones have been mighty kind to me, and llm ~,llling to believe that that broadcast was a maglo carpet for you, too| Which rer~inds me, Hr. and Hrs. Tuner Inner, that the LUCKY STRIY~ ~agic Carpet has a date to car~y all of you to thins shorts h~x offlcel All rlght,Howard Olaney - sell 'era tl~o on the aislel RTN01 0031247
Page 370: 0060233180
-7- H O~,TARD CL$~TEY: When you light a LUCKY, consider its rich, delicious fragrance a~d a~oma .,, Re.~e~ubew when you taste its mellow~ mild ~oodnes% that yout~e~oyln~ the beneftt~ of the l~st tobacco investment in the world. Up to 1GO z~tllion dollars~ '.forth of the choicest, richest~ finest Turkish s~d Domestic tobaccos ... the Cream of ma~*y Crops ,.. are cozztantly stored and aged to maintain that uuequcllBd tobacco quality in every LUCKY STRIKE. But we ~the~e| We add z~ore ~ich goodness through the "TOASTING" Process ... It is this famous and exclusive LUCKY STRIKE process that safegua,~ds your cigarette enjoyl~ent by drivi~..tt certain hsTah i~itants pweseut in "all tobacco lea~e~, When v~u re~eh fo= a LUCKY, you never have to worry abo~at throat irritation. Grace Brinkleyj ,q~ozl Walter Winchell was just talking abot~t, knoWS how important t ha/t is! "E~ryone knows an act~'ess simply r~lus~ take care of her thro~t~" she w~itea, 'rln selecting a cigarette, ~hc has I say to be sure to slde-step harsh irritants. Thatts wh~/Itd r&ther have a LUCKY. And he~ets to that delightful "TOASTED" flavor|" These are the Words of Miss Gwace Brinklsy. So for complete smoking en~o~ent, ladies mud gontle~,e~ - ~o~ch fo~ ~ mile, ~ melloW-mild LUCKY! ~njoy the purest of cigarettes - LUCKY STRIKE! And now~ ~hile Havana~ Cuba, rests for ~ ferl z~in~tos, Joe ~oss o;~d his society f~'.,orites ~,ke the stage. All Fight, Joe ~oss, toll them your tunes.
Page 371: 0060233180
Good evening, Lucky Strike dancers. We Till play __) ) ) ) JOE i~OSS : back azaln, Now, Walter, you can take the Lucky Strike Dance H~ur just as coon as Y sav, OKAY, UALTSE WINCHELL~ WALTER WINCKELL: Excellent, Joe Moss ... Wetll hop back to you in few moments ... This is Where Mr. Lucky 8trlkets little boy, Clsmey, $1vec me a chance to o~tch my breath. Ladies ~nd your gentlemen friends, Mr. LUCKY STRIKE is sendlnE you those progr~Jc so he can tell you 8ou~othing Itll hot a lot of you know &Ire~dy: - how good it is to smoke LUCKIE8. For thoss who donlt know - hotels Howard Cl~noy to tell you ~ll ~bout it. f~]-XO 1 003124.9
Page 372: 0060233180
-9- HOWARD CLANE~: Before you put a cigarette to your lips, thin,k: is ~t pure? If your cigarette is LUOKY ETR~KE, it is the surest of cigarettes - the "TOASTING" process assures you of thatt Beat purlfies - sunshine mellows - and so the modern scientific "TOASTT~G" Process drives out ceTtain harsh, throat-rasplng impurities hidden in every tobacco leaf. When those impurities come out, ladies and gentle,~np they mske ro(m lOT ~ extra measure of pure, rich tobacco goodness. Every LUOKY STRIKE brings you fragrant, mellow-mild tobaccos - the Cream of many Crops) made mo~o delicious and tempting by kindly beams of Ultra Violet Rays. And you get an extra helpiz~g of this rich tobacco quality| That extra goodness in your LUCKY STRIKE doesntt cost you a penny more thou ordinary, old-fashioned cigarettes. Itts smart to get the most for your money ... it~B 8mart %O ~e~eh fo~ the ~odeT~ cigarette - ltls smart to smoke LUCKIES~ W_.ALTES ~INCHEL~: Come - 8TaT ION BREAE - on, America| ... That's our cue, no time to tarry - this 2!a~ic Carpet of ours is a leaping Lena ~nd gets very reAtless ... Oop! Sorry you were late - Jean Pepper of Omaha and Kenneth Nagel of Bittsburgh - no can wait ... I n~arly missed it myBolf~ There goes Runt!:~ton, West Virginia - hello, Herald Dispatch Adwctlser|IZl Right down over Dixie into Miamah following th~ Ai~vays~ airline that Lindy opened for the pan A~nerican ON WITH THE DANCE, 8AYNOR CAHSTRO! (~.'HISTLE) OKAY, HAVANA! R1~"~01 0031250
Page 373: 0060233180
- lO - HAVANA ANNOUNCER: (. ) ( .) ( ) ( ) HAVANA ~NNOUNCER: WALTER UINCHELL: Th,~% ws2 very good, Saynor Cahstwo ... Than:: the National Hotel for being so nice to Mrs. Winchell when she was there recently ... She told me Havana was a beautifl~ city and hoT grand the weather was there. Hahsta La Ve3sta to you Saynor Cs~stre ~=~d to all CL~a from Uncle S~%m. Hea~ your contagious crew soraetime soon, a:ain~ Adlosl This is where I hmte work to do and ~rords to ju:L:Io. ( ;l~R. UINCHELL CD~'ITI[73ES NEXT P.'I3E) I:11 ~01 00] "12~'1
Page 374: 0060233180
- II - ~ALTER WINCHELL: (OONTINO~GI A group Nere chin%ing about Skeets Mil!ev the other day. Skeets, who became a radio notable in New York was the brave reportec foT a Louisville paper - who crawled into that cave that trapped Floyd Collins several years ago ... It was a sensational front pa~e yarn - you probably recall . . Skeets risked his life and beeattse he w&s so slim - he managed after along~ruggle to get into the trap to Collins who later perished. His bravery and the story he penned, won for Skeets the Pulltzer Prize~ and later the late Ne~ York World which mJarded that honer added hiz to its staff. Not IonE a~ter, h@~ever, when the orde~ came to use the ax - Skeets, the hero, was among the first to go ... But it was the best th~ng that could have happened to Skeets Miller ... He might have been pounding a typewrlte~ yet, a~d anyone will tell you that a reporter is a person with one foot on a bsnana poel. Itm sure it will please Gene Tunney to learn that I have received m number of letters from people who have read his current m~azine article and Who wrote me that they llke him lots better - because now they understand him ... IZll never forget the time Tum~ey was being kidded a lot because the story broke in the rags that he had lectured on Shakespeare at yale ... A reporter at the time, asked Tunney why he didn:t do a hook. "They make fun of me," sald Gene sadly/'because they think I can read. Wh~t would they say if they thought I could write?, Well, Gene Tunney - they seem to llke you because you (MR~ WINSHELL CONTINU~ NEXT PAGE) f~T~O 1 0031252
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- 12 - MR, WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) Fr~k Fay tells me the one about the hill-billy whose neighbors had been trying to kill him few ye~rs, and they had fired at least ~ thous~nd bullets at him, Nithout 8yen bruising him. The other days he co~mlltted suicide. Before doing so, hc~ever~ he left this f~rowell note: "To Whom It M~ Concern," it began, "lld rather die than live in a communltF of such terrible ~,~rksmen|" The Man-A-Block-Osmpaign and the/~ar against Depression has caught on llke a forest fire and is blazing the may so that thousands of unemployed gentlemen are back at work ... And naturally, my boss, Mr. Lucky Strike is proud because they tell us that our Magic G~pet has helped a lot to make the plan better known ... Herels a fine letter frlnsdance: ,,Dear Walter Winchell," it says, "please send the plans for the M~n-Bloek-gystem. The Dubuque Telegraph-Herald and the public spirited citizens of our city are behind you all and we will begin organizing as soon as we have the definite information from you - William Olson, Dubuque, Iowa" ... Okay, Dubuque, Iowa| ... Itls in the mails, thank you. And in the War A~ainst Depression plan, I want to doff my chapeau and bow low to the State in the Union which is leading all the others in getting jobs for its unemployed ... (L£q. UINCHELL CONTI):UZS .~XT PA¢E) R'r~o i 0031253
Page 376: 0060233180
- 13 - ~R. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) Wisconsin is that State, which in only a fe~: days gave employment to I~,k57 people - with the clty of Ap;,leton, Wisconsin leading with 3,710 jobs ... What state will battle Wisconsin for first honors? Come on, Ar,~eriea| ... Wisconsin is leading- letls give it a stiff fight for first placeL Tell WinChell who, ll tell it to the ~o~Id| One of Ben BernleSs fans demands to know why I keep picking on Benjsmln. Well, the~e are dozens of reasons including these: Because Bernie is the kind of ~y who t~kes off his hat in elevators oontadnlng ladles - after the other fellow takes off his. When he takes a glrl to the movies~ he likes to lo~k at the picture. He never returns borrowed pencils ... Hers the sort of dope ~ho kisses girls with hls eyes open ... He wastes a lotof time advising others not to waste theirs ... and because Bernie always wears a flower in his buttonhole - becaus~ it wonlt stay in his hairl Herelo a tip for those Broad~;~y manEgers who have been c~ying the blues ~/l season. Boys, you cm% cottnt the o l~ that survive on the fingers of one hand - with two fingers crossed - but o_~eras go on packing lem in forevert Frlnstance, theylve played "The Tales of Heffman" over at tha ~'etropolltan Opera House hundreds of times. TheF1re playing it %co+In this }~onday night - and they tel7 me the house is almost a sell-out. Great music - sung bF gre~.t artists - is always a wow at the box office| F]T ,'gO 1 0031254.
Page 377: 0060233180
- 14 - HOWARD CLANEY: From the Metropolitan Opera House progr~J~: On the list of great artists who will sing in "Tales of Hofflll~' Londay ni[~ht are 8warthout - Wakefield - Basiola ~ DeLuca - DIAn~clo - Wolfe - Bada ... And everyone of these artists, ladies and gentlemen~ is a smoker of LUCKY STRIKE - and no other cigal.ette| They }lave a very good re~%son - let me ~eKd you What just one of them writes to us - a statement from 81sno~ Earle Baslola. "In Grand 0pera~ one cannot be careless of onet8 volee~" he wzltes. "When itls so easy to reach for a LUOKY~ ,vhy should I ~isk throat irrltation? I have smoked LUCKIES for yearst" ... "For yeats" ... ladies and gentlemen - certainly a thorough test of that unique smoking enjoyment only LUCKY STRIKE gives your In you~ LUCKY STRIKE yol! get th% finest of delicious, mellow-mild tobaooos~ enriched by nlodern Ultra Violet Rays - and. you get the assurance that your throat is safe from irritation. ~7hen you choose ~ cigarette, always remember: When th~ exclusive TOASTING P~ocess expels certain harsh impurities, it ms/¢es LUCKY STRIKE the purest of cigarettes - and it makes room for more of LUCKY STRIKE'S rich tobacco goodnese. That's the extra value only LUCKY STRIKE can give your WALTER WINCHELLL.: Now, we only take a short hop, but, heL'evs a coufortable cushion for youp Mrs. samuel Fzenkel of Galveston~ Texas. Glad to have you with us| ... You sit here~ WI!l~rd Mack of Hollywood| Now none of your tricks, i~ack - I reuember y~ur practical jokes. And donet forget Willard a practical joke is the kind a ~t*agaz I ne buys~ Are you ready? OKAY, JOE EOSS~ ATH01 0031255
Page 378: 0060233180
JOE MOSS: And wolfe all Ready to pl~y ... ( ) ( .) ( ) ( .) ( ) JOE HOSS: WINC~LL| Walter is walting, so ~ must say, OKAY, WALTER WALTER ~INCHELL: Very fine, Joe ~oss, Itm sure boys. And now for some of the m~il. everybody likes your To the Crew of the U. S. Destroyer Horsy somewhere in the pacific Ocean ... Th~nks, fellae, for your nice letter, llve turned it ove~ to ~r. Luoky gtvike who certainly ~ill be glad to know that ninety peroent of the orew s~oke Luckles .°. It took me six months when I w~s & gob to find out that a 8Ailorts h~t ~as worn In, he salty manner slanted down over the right eye. I thou5ht at first, it should be worn on the back of the bean to hold my hair in shape. ~as I a sap| ... How Ir~ s&p-histocatedl (~'q. VIINCHZLL C:!VTII-J;S i~.'[2 PA~E) A] ~01 0031256
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- ~6 - MR. ~INCq,~LL: (CONTINUING) Edward J. MoKeogh, the National Secretary of the Fleet Reserve Association •., Thanks. sir, for all theft y'~r 47 branches have done for the Hem-A-Block-plan ... When youI re in to~n, give me a ring, will y&? Lucien Wilson of Centralia, Illlnoy! Yes, the newspaper photographers have their own slang ... A mugger is a c~era~ise perBon ~ho tells you how to t~ce his picture ... A lens pirate i~ the type who always crowds into a picture when he isn't ~uted ... Frenohing a plate is what the hoc~s-focuse~s do to such pests - moaning that they snap the picture without a pl~e in the c~ndra~ ~nd ~TCheese~c~kcs" are what the b~Fs o~l~ these pictures of aetvesses who always show their ~gs ~hen they pose on the rails of steamers. Kingsley Oliver of Bellevue, Pennsylva%ia. Ye~, Nick the Greek is a real person. The legends tell ~t that Nick~ has won and lost millions in ~ night. ~Vilson Mizner is no~ in Hollywood. It %Tas Mizner who once advised his friends. AIwa~rs boost a bDoster~ knock a knooke~ and take a susker~ end that I know is true ... Itls haTd-boiled st~ff, but so f~.r as Holly%;ood c~nd Broadway are concerned, Fou eithe~ Ride the To~n, or the To~n ~ll Ride You~ (MR. ~71NCHELL COHTIh~JES ~XT PAGE) 8THO] 003125?
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Lucky Strike D~1oe Tour ... Next TueadaT, ~e ho~) ~o LOB Anzolos, Callforni~, fo~ Jimmy @rierls ~ehestr~ playln~ ill t~ Cocoanut Gr eve • Until Tuesday night &t the sa~e time, then, I remain your No~; york Oorrospondent- who just found out th.-.t a co-ed ~ - youn~ l~y who ~ill So ou~ ~Tith ~ta~.ng in ~ r~coon co~%t - ezo~p~ a RAOCOON| ( s X_ONATU.~ ) ~LOS:IN~ AN?~OUN ~MENT: (~) ÷~-'?? "WINTERGR~N FOR PRESIDENT" from ~ne show "OF T~E I ~as. played by special permission of the oopyrlght owners. SING" =The Lucky Stril~~ D~e Hour has come moy'u f~om Ne~ York O~ty and Havana, Oub~, through the faoilitlos of ~he Nat iona]3 ~oadoast in~ Company. . ;AGENOY :WINCHELL: O0/Ohilleen o ~/ ~0/3~.. • ...... 0031258
Page 381: 0060233180
NOTE TO ANNOUNCER: (Hake local announcements every fifteen minutes except on dramatic programs, which depend on a succession of thought.) WEAF ~M~: ( ) THE LUCKy STRIKE DANCE HOUR ) l?~OO . ll:0O P. M. February 23, 1932 TUESDAY (THEUE SONG ... ONE 0HORUS OF "HAPPy DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN" WITH VOCAL REFRAIN. IMMEDIATELY FOLLONED BY ANNOUNCER.) HOWARD CLAN~ : Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky 8trike Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure, by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes - sixty modern minutes with the worldts finest dance erchestrae, and your New York Correspondent, Walte~ Winchell, the New York Daily Mirror, whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrow. Mr. Walter Winohel~l NALTER WINCHELL: Good evening, Mr. and ~rs. Coast to Co~st and Border to Border. And a salute to Lois Moran, formerly ~ the magic lantern and now a leading entertainer in "Of Thee Z Sing", the New york musical comedy ... Because after I printed an item about the Union 0hutch on ~th Street Just this side of the Grandest Canyon - where, w~1.~21yo~ bt~s & meal - it automatically buys one for an actor or actress who is in need - Miss Moran - brought twenty of her colleagues in that show to that church to di~ . .. Meaning that twenty other ladies and gentlemen, who are having a tough time o~ it, were able to eat a square meal, too ... TO so those in NeW York who want to do a good turn, please follow the lovely Lois Morants example, and glve The Other Guy and Gala break - for which thank your \ (MR, NINCHELL OONTINUEg NEXT PAGE) P, 1 ,~01 0031259
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y~ -2- ~. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) Tonightls long leap, Mr. and ~rs. America - is back to Jimz~ G1,ierls grand Crew of bandsmen out there in Los Ang~les~ California ... So hop aboard, Mr. Lucky 8trikels fmmous Magic Carpet, and si~ beside Hrs. Winchellls Walter~ ~Tho is varini to go gay, again| Hero we go(: Taking the 8outhern Route all the way from this New York of Mine over those eye-filling Rookies| ... Hello, Al-ber-kerk, New Mexico|~ Harya~, phoenix, Arizor~v - Hey, there| San Bernardino, Cal|~ ON WITH THE DANCE, JI~Y GRIER|[ (V~HISTLE) 0KAY, LOS ANGELES| ~[."8 ~NGE~ A~NOUNCEH: youtTe oil the othsT side of the continent, now~ in Los AngoleB, Callfornla,.where, at that great Cocoanut GTOVO of the Ambass&dor Hotel, J1m~F'Grlsw and his 0rehest~a will play ... ( : ) ( .... ) Now f:~ the pe.oifi% beck to the Atlantic coast flies the 5uoky St~'ike I Iagic O~.~:pet fo~." We, its'r, and his Winchell-lln£o . .. (~mTLE) OKAY,/m~ YOgi~ ~TNO] 0031280
Page 383: 0060233180
.... i -3- ~ALTER ~INGHELL: Good to hear you, again, Jingly Grler! ... You pack plenty of melodlou8 nltn and this is telling it to the NoTth Amerlca~1 Continent| ~hile youT we w&Itlng for youv neKt cue, Jimmy - please hug ~arie Dressler fo~ ~e - and tell her I got her very nice telegram- and that shels perfectly welcome ... This is where I put the first few p~es~ press, James - Illl chuck you a slgnal in a while. Pittsburgh ~ight now is being inspected by Lupe Vellls, who dropped out of the skies there yesterday~ after a ~wlft ride from Hollywood ... Flo Zlsgfeld urged Lupe to come and look at his ne~ show "Hot 0ha" ~hich the Washington, D. 0. critics asserted was hot charming Btuff, an~ Ztm gl~d to repeat it .., The shou deals with a Uexlean roMANOE . .. and ~iegfeld would be happier if Lupe tooE the leading Hex A)psal assignment . .. In the meantime, her new sweeten-hearten, R~dolph Boott, would llke it a lot better if Lups dldntt . ,. Matthew BTush, the president of the American International Oorpor~tion, and Herbert Bayard SWops, another great business execu~ve~ are about to close an important deal which will cost them ~ mere five m1111cn amaeke~ ,.. I reported Featerday (in the column) that itts a glrl over at the 0lamk Less of the Associated press - oongrats, uT. and Hrs. Lee! ~.. But what I neglected to add - was that the Associated Press manls papp¥ was formerly the chief of the A. p.ts rival - the United P~ess ... (UR. WINCHELL CONTINUE8 NEXT PAGE) R'I" ~{01 0031261
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MR. ~INCHELL: (CONTINUING) It was also one of my ~onday morning ~n.,unce~ents that llary Mulhern who is dropping the name of Jack Ptckford - has a new haart &Iready ... He is Edward ~cCarthy, a Wall gtreeter, but better known along the White Wayside as one of the Neu York Athletic Club's better heavyweights . .. ~cCarthy is too handsome for a heavyweight . .. and Mary, who will return to New York and her new love very soon will go wlndow-shopplng, for youknoW~hat! ~ter a longstruggle for the reoognitlon he oertalnly deserves, George Jessel~ will be starred in the big way in December ... the 8huberts are plotting to reward Jseeel with the best production they can buy - and the scene will b8 the Winter Garden, Main Street's most Broadwayleh amusement temple ... Heaning that in December, the Winter Garden, where Jolson climbed up the slippery ladder, will no longer be a maglo lantern showplace ... Richard Eeene and Adelaide Kaye, who were happier in the Hollywood sunshln% both returned to Manhattan recently, and have been melted by little cold Ne~ York ... In other words, Richard and Adelaide are now back In oi~oulatlon ... His home-town, 8pokane~ Washington, will be h~ppy to le&~ I am 8urop that sing Croshy~ was honozed in the manne~ beflttlnE a Regular Gthv on Saturday night by the Frlazs Club of which George ]4. Cohan Is Abbott ... Mr. 0ohanle salute to Bing was grand ... He 8ald that he had never before had the pleasure of knowing Bing - but that he bad enjoyed his warbling on the airwaves ... (MR° WINCHELL CONTINUE~EXT PAGE) \ A1~01 0031262
Page 385: 0060233180
~R. WINCHELL~ -- 5~_ (CONTINUING And that somehow, he delighted in the very A~erioan name that Crosby has fo~ a first handle ... ~'~ dontt kn~," said ~r° Cohan, "I canlt explain it clearly, but therels something delightfully U. 8. A., in the very name of ~BINGt" ... Then he reminded Blng that the Friars only honor fellows ... who prove that they are gentlemen and regular guys ... which Bing Oroaby certainly Is, and when Bing responded with a nlce speech of thanks, he had all hw could do to stifle that something that comes up into any fellowls throat ... no matter how much of a he man he happens to be. When William 8. Hart honored Hr. Lucky 8trlke sad Walter the other night by Joining this dance-and-chatter show, something happened out on the coast that might amuse you to hear . .. ~r. Hart had telegraphed hie s~er at his Horsehoe Ranch, New Hall, California, to he sure and tune in ... After the show, Harris sister wired him that she had put on the loud splaker so that PINTO (the horse that has starred wlth Hart in the flickers) and all the other gee-gees could hear ur. Hart. And When his voice came over, she said - that PINTO who ~eoognlzed it first, and who loves Blll so - oouldnmt be handled at all ... and that pinto went so wild, he almost caused a stampede. Well, sir, I cam imaglne what happened ... I know a lotta people, ~r. Hart; ~ho go Just aB crazy when I get on the razzlo. (~. WINCHESL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) ~ 1"l,{0 ] 0033263
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N 6 -- MR. WINOHELL: (OONTI~UINO) Genevieve Tobinls sister, Vivian, and Pat De 8eeko of the Long Island polo playlng crowd are Hooking at g~ch Other That ~ay ... I had ~ good chuckle OUt of that story about the Jap Kho was caught on the west coast passing phoney checks .., He ha8 a sense of humeri at any rate ... He signed the cheeks: "I. N-O-G-O-T-Z", which spell: "I. Nogotta" ... William MoFee, the controversy maker, will probably lose a lot of potential girl 9fiends by his most recent remark: "He said that NeW York women are llke fancy motor oars with cheap engines - beautiful, but unintelligent|" ... 8to tem, girls, sic smell an English-mun. lem| McFee, fi-fo-fum, I Theylre planning a cake with twenty-five om~dles on it for Angelo Bada, who has been singing at the ~etropolltan for nearly a quarter of a centuzy. Bada was a shoemaker when Leoneavalli, the composer of Cavellerl Rusticana, suggested that he sing in one of his operas. Bada thought he was being ridiculed and refused to believe the offer was true, until he was almost pushed onto the stage to sing. ~0WARD CLA~¥: When we strolled into Angelo Badale dresslng-room at the Eetropolttan, we didnlt have to ask him if he smoked LU0~IES - for there LUCEIE8 were right before us, and Mr. Bada was in fact, smoking one, (~R. CLANEY CONTINUES NEXT PAGE)
Page 387: 0060233180
MR. CLANEY: u 7-- (OOI TI IN ) Of COarSe, we ~erG interested and so~ in reply to our question, here is the statement that Angelc Bada gave us - "Of all the cigarettes I have ever smokedj I eau honestly say I prefer LUCKIE$ - they are really friendly to my throat - their flavor Is del ight ful." Folks, it is certainly of interest that out of fifty Metropolitan Opera stars, who returned the questionnaire telling ~hat brand of olga~ettes they smoked, thlrty-se~n state that they smoke LUCKIE8, and of course, thls is mighty significant when you consider that there are more than forty different brands of cigarettes on the American market, and that these famous artists can afford to import, if they preferred them, from their o~n country, the many more brands that are m~de there. But after all, it is not surprising when you consider that out of the other many brands, LUCKY 8TRIEE alone, in all thls wide world, offers you the throat protection of that secret and exclusive LUCKY STRIKE Toastil~ Process which expels certain harsh irritants naturally present in every tobanoo leaf. No matter how much you are willing to pay for a oiga¢ette, you mill find that only LUCKIE8 are toaeted~ and that means that you get not only throat protection, the but also/added mellowness, the added mildness, the added nut-sweet flavor that Toasting imparts to the finest tobaccos that money can buy - The Cream of many Crops - and so when you reach for a LUCKY, you reach for the mlldest~ the mellow-mlldest, the purest cigarette in all this wide world - the finest elgarette you ever smoked| f l'gO 1 0031265
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0kay, 01~.nay, make room for some of ,_. i.¸ our pals on the next ride through the sky. you sit here, Mrs. O. A. Hickman of 0orsic~%a, Texas ... And Gloria Thybony of Ohicago, you sit yourself here ... Right next to the Quinlan Girls of Utica ... All set for California? ... He, toot ... Let let go, Mr. N. B. S.1 Look, that was Topeka~ Kansas|... Na~ya~ Salt L~:e Telegram| He re comes, I mean there goes, Carson City, Nevada ... Hello, Stockton, CaliforniaL ON WITH THE DANCE, JInX GRIERI (WHISTLE) OKAY, LOS ANGELES| ~O8 ANGELES ANNOUNCER: Here in LOS Angeles, Jiffy Grier "plays, this time ... OSAN A 0UN0 : Holt tight, now; to Walte~ Winehell ... (WHISTLE) WALTER UINCHELL: ) .) .) ) ,) weirs headin! East from California, OKAY, N~7 YORK| plenty dandy, JimmF . hold it a moment or two - while Mr. Howard Claney of the Lucky 8trlke Counter, Jots down a few words about my favorite cigarette. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr, Claneyt RI'NO 1 0031266
Page 389: 0060233180
HOWARD OLANEY: Let me drive home what we mean by the "Orea~ of many Crops,. From 8~yrna. from Samsoon, from ~anthia - all points in far off Turkey - from the golden tobacco fields of our own southland, and from co~mtless other rich tobacco fields throughout the world - come thlrtF-seven different kinds of rob&coo for your LUGKY STRIKE. In the Far East, these fine tobaccos come to market by mule back, by ancient ox-cart. In some districts, here , in out own southland, they ate still drawn to market, by the cousin of the old army mule, but thm~ks to Amerloan initiative, th~uk8 to American progressiveness by fat the largest portion of thla tobacco, no~ in America, comes to market over ~ood concrete roads~ in the modewn American motor, that is the proud possession of our American farmer. Every leaf of this flue tobacco is carefully selected by a staff of over one hundred experts - expertsWho arc responsible for LUCKy 8TRIKE8l famed one hundred million dollar supply~ and that supply, my friends, carefully gathered, carefully selected, as I haw described, is ~e.t we me&.n. when we 8peak of the "(]r¢,~ of msrk,v (Jrops". ~.t mee~us just ~hat it says. The most tender, the most fragrant, the most select portion of every tobacco h~rvest - the c¢~am of many crops - the mildeet~ the mellow-mlldest tobaccos that money, ar~v amount of money, o~n bt~. And so you see that Eother Nature~ Father T~me, and modern solence all put forth their greatest efforts to make LUCKY STRIKE, the flnest, purest cigarette you ever smokedL RI'~01 0031262
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- IO - WALTER WINCHELL: And now, ~r. Chimer-inner, Give me that clutch| ~als Magic Carpet of ours is going back to Grief out on the west ooast in the flash of lightning mattheW| ,.. O,meL-e, Gladys ~oo~e of Seattle. You sit by Walter ... You, too, Dorothy Macleaac of Boston, howz my paper up your way, - I mean the Record? ... Harya, Oharlie Austin of Simcoe, Ontario? .., Meet Henry Syford of Tacoma, Washington. Here we go in mud out of the olouds right over Chlca~o making faces at that Bernie, who named an alligator after me. fill get even, though. Oopt Be careful of Plkets Peek, Tom ... letls circle 8an Diego, and Hollywood to sat hello. Thatls fine. H~llo, Ban Diego and howdy, Greta Marlenah. OH r'ITH THE DANCE, JI~ GRIER| (WHISTLE) OKAY, LOS ANGELES| LOS ANGELES ANNOUNCER: The Lucky 8tzlke ~sgio Sarpet is unloading all its dLnoerB on the floo~ of Oocoanut Grove whe~ Jimz~y Grler and his Orchestra will play . .. ) C ) (, ) ( .) ( .) L,~S ANGELES ANNOUNOER: NOW another three thousand mile jump in a jiffy - from Los Angeles to Walter and his Winchell-lingo .... (W}{ISTLE) OKAy, NEW YORKI. f~T~O 1 0031268
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_ Ii¸ WALTER WINCH~LL: That wa~ fine, Jimmy ,.. l~ve got to ~ir@p up another bundle of wordage here for the last edition - and circulate into every state °.. Hear you later, Grier. Stand by° The only thing that Broadway hasnlt offered yet is a ~useum for some of its better known exhibits ..° Some day 1111 start one ..° In itj I Will feature ~uch things as the little black that bow tie that aeo~e White &fray8 ~e&~e • °. The velou~ hat/is synonymous of ~or~is Gest ~°o the orlglnel m~nuseript of (]serge M. CohanI8 song, ,,~ary Is a Grand Old Namea ... The high heels on Lee 8hubert,s boots . ,. The fle~ing red evening gown by which you always can tell Fara~ie Hurat . oo The ton of grease on Harr~ Richman~s hair °.° A scroll containing all the names of¸ girls who have been told that thee will be the sta~ in the ~Red Neaded Woman'/movie, and a few of Xise Joycete wedding rings. And here are some of the things and persons that make my days and nights brighter . .. Broadway between four and five- thirty itt the yawnlng .~. V~hen the to~n im Bleepln~ and night- loafers llke me stand against corner buildings so that they wonlt fall down... The prettiest of the hat check girls is Ann Rising who doesntt tear your coat hanger at the 8trollo~Is club, a stay-up- lat~ hot-Bpe%~.. The midnight movie mho~s which is when the audlenoe talk b~ck to the characters on the screen when they consider eemethlng ridiculous . .. [MR. WINCHELL CONTI;~'UEST NEXT PAGE) R].W01 0031269
Page 392: 0060233180
.12~ The natural pretending of the lovely Frances Dee who got me Just llke that, when X fizBt enjoyed her pl~y-~cting in "~noric~n Traged,v,~ ... Then thereTs that scene at d~sk or at sun-up of Ocntral Park 8outh When youl re n:etoring through the Park and watch the dawn~ which doosnlt some up. llke thunder, make a silhouette of that sector ... Itls amlng the mi~or thrills, believe you Walter o.. Or ~h~n yo~ 8~o the ~a~amou~t Theatre buildlng lit up llke ~ bon- fire - on week-end nlghtm ... ~ found out that the reason it is llt up only on week-end nights is so that the visiting population will be awed ... Well, so am $ - itls an eye-filllng sight ... 1 get a kick out of seeing people llke GenS Tunney, Lindbergh, Ruth Nichols, General pershing and other notaoles walking along Broadway unrecognifed by the throngs ... Or when people like Eddie Cantor are 6topped by t~afflo oop~ and told to get ove~ to the curb . .. And watching Eddie go crazy trying to convince She cop that he really is CantorL ... And even when he does convince him, he gets a ticket a/~Vway| I th~ill, espeelally on rainy nights, watching the ~ire-~agons come teeing do~n our ~ain ft~eet, bette~ known a8 Broadway ... The one lad who gives me more of a k~k than all the dare-devils in town is the f~re-flghter who manipulates the rear wheels on Hook and Ladder Truck Number 4 ... (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUZS NEXT PAGE) R'i'XO 1 003122'0
Page 393: 0060233180
MR. WINGHELL: - 13 - (CONTINUING YOU ought to see him juggle that rear ~vheel as they speed through West 47th Street and turn up or do~m the Main stem at a wild ollp .,. Ks gets a measly wage for risking his life, too, and the acrobats at the Palace got five times or more his salmy ... But thatts one o9 libels little Jokes ... Broad~ay~ probably, is a nice place in the day time, too - but I wouldn, t know about that ... In the daytime, I imagine - everybody is too much in a hurry to get some place - looking for a job, or coming a~ay from one, too weary to be bothered with reporters ... And so I do my chores after midnight ... And from the boys and girls with whom I rub shoulders in the Broadway aspires comes my daily column ... The tales about their struggles, their defeats, their achievements, and their ! lovesickness ... I1m glad I!m one of them - Few of thou arc Ne~ Yorkcrs, you know .., Ten out of every dozen ar~ from your home town - all here on a Merry Go Rotund - trying to catch the brass zir~ - that Ioad~ to the height~ - ~yhe~e - for runny - it is so ioneso~a, - . .= _ _ After playing to a flock of Kleig lights, &rid a crew of studio workers, the flioke~ folks certainly do get the urge to play before a real audience! NO~ 8us Carroll has it. 8heI8 now doing her first turn in vaudeville, and doing very nicely. Tonight, shets on the Loew Cirouit in Brooklyn! Here!s wishing you, Sue Carol, the best break that any v~udeville entertainer san got - a nice long run at the palace. Rl'~01 OOal~,')
Page 394: 0060233180
7-n HOWARD CLANE[: Sue Carol - 14 - is also playing a part in the sale Of LUOKY STRIKES. In thousands of stores~ you will see a window display which carries a fascinating picture of 8us Carol and her opinion of LUCKIES. These appearmnces you may be sure, are given as a benefit performance. Not one cent was paid to ~Iss Carol ... or to any other person whose experience with ~uckles we tell you about on this hour! And so it is genuine enthu~m whlch IBxCs Miss Carol to say: "I have had to smoke various brands of cigarettes in pictures, but it was not until I smoked Luokles that I discovered the only cigarettes that did not irritate my throat. Now I use Luokles only." Hilllons of othe~ smokers Insist on Luckies, because they~ too, find they get mote for their money in Luckies than in m~y other cigarette in the world. Only in Lucklss do you get that mellow mildness the Toa~tlng process brings. Heat purifies, sunshil. mellows - as nobody can deny. 0nly in Luokles do you get the mellowing benefits of modern Ultra Violet Rays. And only in Luckles do you get the extra goodness that comes in When Toasting dwlves out certain harsh irritants that Nature allowed to remain in every tobacco leaf. Lucky Strike is the purest, the melloW-mildest, - tha flnes% cigarette - you ever smokedt WALTER WTNC~LL: And now back for another ride in the hoavens - with a snap of the fingers for the elements! ... Come on, J. F. Einton, of Ylorenoe~ Alab~my~ Itle your turn this time ... You, too, Arllne Judge of Hollywood. (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) \ ~'~ 0031~,'~
Page 395: 0060233180
- 15 - MR. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) Happy birthday and tell Wesley Ruggles to get bettcr in a hurry ... You sit ~ere, Mrs, Fran~ Hughes, of St. Albans, Long Island. Meet Dr. and Mrs. Nelson of Waterloo, Io~a. Letls fly| ON WITH THE DANCE, Jlk~Y GRIEH| (WHISTLE) OKAY, LOS ANGELES| LOS A~GELES ANNOUNCER: Here you are in the sunny clime of California at the Cocoanut Grove. Everybody dance -as Jimmy Grief end his Orchestra play ... ) ( ) ( ) ( ) L0S ANGELES AENOTZ:CEH: And now the Lucky Strike Roller coast-to-coaster flies back to Walter Winohell ..o (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEU yORKi WALTER WINCHELLI Very well done, Grief ... Pat all the boys on the shoulder for Hr. Lucky 8trlke. Itve only a few moments left to go into the mail. (h~i WINCHELL CONTIN~CES NEXT PJ~GE) 003 12P3
Page 396: 0060233180
is the most conBt~otive thing going on to relieve the jobless and the distressed ... And it is Mr. Lucky 8trikels desire and Master Winchell's, too - to salute the American Legionaires throughout these United States for being of such great service in this cause ... My latest report is made by my paper in New Haven, 0onnectlout, the Ne~ Haven Register - wh~h chronicles that Post 47 in the City of Elms has Is~nchsd the Ean-A- Block Plan there ... Okay~ Ne~ Havenl And that goes for Evansville, ~iseonsin, another city on our side to n~elt the b~o~dli,~eB . .. ~t city ~ill I mention next? ... Come on, Americ~l ... A Job for every ~Lan who wants to work! Whether Itls the man & block system or what have you? ------ m -- -- Irene Leslie of Chicago, the current Vanity Fair on page 35. this i8 for you ,.. Yes, in L. L. Bishop of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania ... You have boen misir~formed~ sir ... Floyd @Ibbons is certainly the top man in that fieldp and I doff my lid to hlml Ruth Durham of Evansville, Indiana . .. Thank you, Ruth ... But ~ knew that such ~ords a8 Roob - Toot - Noon and Ldvel could be spelled the same backward as forward ... Tut-tut~ R~th! (~R. WINCHELL CONTI~iUZS NEXT PAGE) nl >¢O I 00312Y4
Page 397: 0060233180
_ 17"¸_ Marion Bensa of NeW York 0ity: among the mov~ starB is Bert Lytellls. show ... Joan Bennettle is on the 27th. Marian. Tomorrowl s blrthda¥ Be is now in a New York Youtre certainly ~velco~se. Clark pingree of Ba~tlmore! Thank you, Clark. No, Bernie i~ not a 8cotchma~ but heTll do until one comes alonE ... For when Ben was a walter in a night club many years ago, and he totaled up the check, ~o and two to him, always made twenty-two. And that, U~. and MrB. Tunez'.-.$,u~ez b~Ir~s another of our sho~Ts to its asbestos ... Donlt forget and reach for a Lucky and a Lucky strike Dance Hour on Thu~e~a7 nlght ~hen we feature two headllners~ Ted Weams, playing f~om Milwaukee, Wieoonsln, and Jimn~y JoY and hie Ozchestra fzom Cleveland. On Saturday nlght, we tune in on Jack Denny at Montreal who wlll split the honors wlth the 0ooonut Grove Crew at ~oeton °.. Untll Thursday night, then, I ~em&in your NeW Yo~k ~or~espondent, Walte~ Wina~ell, ~ho ~uat received a wlr$ f~om a chap named Hooperman ~ho e~ my picture in the paper and want~ to know ho~ much Zlll charge to haunt a houee. Well, ~r, Hooperman, that depende - How much have you been getting? Oood night! (SIGNATURE) R ]','XO 1 0031225
Page 398: 0060233180
/ CLOSING AI~i~OL~TC EL~IIT: HO'~APJD CLAi~EY : "THATt8 ~WnX DARKIE8 WERE BORN" from TTSCANDALS 1931" was played by s~eci~l peri:li~sion of the copyright o~erso The LUCKY BTRN:LE D~ce Hour has oome to you from New Yo~k City, ~d LOB Allgel~s, C~!Ifo~la, ~hrou~h the ~a¢illtle~ Of ~he Natlon~l Broado~stlng Cor.~p~y. AGEITCY/WINCHELL/ChIIIeen 2/2 /32 AI"NOI 0031276
Page 399: 0060233180
~OTE TO ANNOUNCER: I0:00- ii:00 P.~. .(wake local 8rn~ouncements every fifteen mlnu~88 except on dramatic pro rams ~hlch depend on a suseeeaion of thought.~ Tn~: ( ) WEAF LUCKY STRIKE fIANCE HOUR FEBRUARY ~5. 1952 THURH~ (THE~ SONG....One Chorus of "Happy Days Are Here Again", ~Tith vocal refraln. Ir~edlately followed by Announcer.) HOWARD C~ANEY: Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure, by the manufacturers of Lucky 8trlke Cigarettes~...slxty modern minutes with the ~orldle finest dance orchestras, and tonlgh$, we bring you two great orchestras, one from Cleveland, Ohio, and one from Hilwaukee, Wisconsin; 81so you~ New York correspondent, Walter Winehell, of the New York Daily ~Irror~ whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrow. ~R. WALTER WINC~LL: WALTER WINO~LL: Good evening, ~Ar. a~d l~r@o Amcrio~...~. Lucky Strlke~s magic carpet is sky-bound again -~ this time to pick up a ne~ son, Ji~-~y Joy and his orchestra representing one of our favorite porte of call -- ~leveland, Ohlo/.°.Then ~e reach over %0 the original leader on the ~ar Against Depression List ~- the good old State of Wieconsln -- to hear Ted Weems in Hil~aukee -- the newest of the cities to Join the Luck7 Strike Dm~oe Hour. (MR. ~INOHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) \ 8TN01 00312FF
Page 400: 0060233180
WINCHE~: (CONTINUES) 80 letts go to term, ladies and gentlemens and affectionately greet Ji~ly Joy -- ~hose music is just as contagious as his eaey-on-the-ear-n~me|....After that we:ll put the first edition to press, (you know the way we do it) end then welll be Milwaukee, Wisconsin-bound, for Ted Weems and his boys. Letls ride high and wSds, you net-workerst .... All the way from Bagdad-on-the-Subway, as O. Henry christened this New York of mine -- across the Palisades and right ever Pennsylvania -- to shout : ON WITH T~ DANCE, JI~ JOYI (WHISTLE) OKAY! CLEVELAND! Here we are in Cleveland, Ohio at the Lotus Gardens where Jimmy Joy and hie orchestra start the Lucky Strike Dance with ...... ) ) ) ) And now the magic carpet tears out of gleveland, Walter and his Winehell-low-down, (WHZSTLE) OKAYZ NEW YOPX= back to F~ T,~O ] 00312,~EI
Page 401: 0060233180
That was fine, Jiz~y Joy -- welcome to our big tribe of ttu~er-inners!....They must have gone for you in the tremendous manner, falla -- they always do -- over rhythm like yours .... I do my air-a-graphlng here, Joy -- and after we have c~lled on Ted Weems in ~ilwaukee -- weill be back for you. And listen, here Joy-boy -- please thank that little lady on the Oleveland Plain Dealer for me -- for that fair break in her column last week...Tell her a guy appreolates it all the more, considering that it was published in a newspaper that is opposition to the 01eveland News which calls me one of the staff.,.Stand by, Jim. Speaking of gossip -- as nearly every one seems to be doing nowadays, whether it is about the quarrel in the Orient, or the woman next door, here iA something to comfort those who feel badly about what any one may say of them. If you listen too fast or if I gab too quickly, look for it in the column where I certainly used it this morning in New York...It comes from the pen of that grand poet, author and critic, Richard Le Gallienne, who had this to say about gossip. I am now quoting ~r. LeGallle~ne: "GOselp is the eoolal reward of perBonality. Whether it be playful or poison-ganged, it is a recognition, a tribute -- one of the meet gratifying forms of success...So long as one is gossiped about, it is Immaterial what shape or color the gossip takes...The ugly kind is perhaps to be preferred as having more vltality -- more motive power of circulation...That is why it is gossip...Gossip neither means that you are very g~eat, nor even very bad; all it means is that you are Interestingl" (WINC~Lt CONTINUES OVER) ~'1-,'40 I 00312F9
Page 402: 0060233180
AS I once told you, the height of something or other would be for Nalte~ Winohell to get sore -- because ~ome one s~id something about hlm|...I don~t sate, really, what fibs they tell about me...I'm tickled silly that they never tell the TRUTH ABOUI ME! If Joan Bennett is really going to marry any one the face of the leading fortune teller of Hollywood will get very red... For he 18 quot~d ~ p~dlatlng that the ~ta~ portend no marriage fo~ Miss Bennett in ~93S, nor in the coming few yeare...Nor is there, he added, any sign of an important roL~ANOE°..No?.°..Let him find out the name of John Gilbertts new F~vorlte P~rson and Sylvia 8ydneyts...And anyway I always considered Tom Mix Import~nt...and look at the swift one that EiBie ~a~is Nut ove~ Helen Morgan, heard that broadcast recently...In which I reported that she ~as the innocent victim of an unusual argument,.° It seems that the wife of • man now holid~ylng down ~t Mlamah Be~ch had posed in a newspaper photo with Miss Msrgan...The Mrs., here in Ne~ York, saw that picture and immediately placed the matter in the hands of an attorney...Miss Morgan would be much obliged, she says, if X told you all, that she never met the ma~1 before -- and that she was asked by newspapermen the~e to be a gooG fellow and pose with the group,,.When the picture appeared in the Ne~ york gazettes, ~Ii the others in the picture had been blocked out -- and look at all the trouble it aroused...Very ~ll, Helen...And when are you &rid Arthur ~ew ~oing to auk~e do~u ~ cent~r-~isle to~sther? ,..Or did you both do that ages ego?. • (WL[CHELb CONTI~TUE8 ON NEXT ~AGE) ~'~ 1- '~ 01 0031280
Page 403: 0060233180
-5- ~II;CHEL~: (CONTINUES) Not all the worth-whiles in New York ls social seeto~ ar~ kno~n~ by their neighbors in the blue book...One of the most interesting gentlemen of then~ all, if you asked Winchell, Is George Pli~ton, of Park Avenue, who is nearing the four-score a~e...He is the pappy of two gr~udchlldren~ by the way, born within the last dozen years. Hls present wife is the former Fanay Hastings, daughter of General Hastings, the late Bermuda Easter Lily king. But what I started out to report was that l~r. Pllmpton has one of the most valuable collections of original schoolbooks In the world... It ranks with that owned by J.P. Morgan...0ne of his priceless Chinese manuscripts is torn In two; Mr. Morgan has the other half. ~1~en last heard of, neither of them would budge an Ineh~ about terms -- for one or the other to sell hls h~if...Boys ~ill be boys. ~% festive oocaslons, ~r. Pllmptonl8 g~ests are made up of friends from all parts of the world. At the end of the meal, thls charming man of 80 proposes to a toast to the President of these United States, and the rulers of the countries whose subjects the guests happen to be...Then, for the last, he waves his glass high ~galn, and offers a beautifully prepared toast to hls ancestor, Isaac Allorton, a passenger on the Mayflower. He certainly is an interesting person. Long may he wave. (~R. ~INCP~LL CONTI~q~E8 ON NEXT PAGE) f'l TNO 1 003"1281
Page 404: 0060233180
, , -~ ~ ~, .~ • t¸ ,~ ~ ~ , / w~ ~,OH~H~3~: ( a ONTINUES) The most touching story that came out of the W~shlngtont e Birthday fostlvities was reported from Westport, OOnZo, but most of the local rags overlooked it,...Because the Stars and Stripes flew upside down all during Washlngtonle Birthday over the home of old John Nilgarese, State Troopers rent to deliver an official reprimand -- on the ground that it is against the law to let the flag fly upside down...But once inside -- the trooper's felt pretty remorse~lo For them discovered that the patriotic old gentleman -- was blind. Here we go, MY. 8c~d M~s. T~1~er Inner -- ~xelre off to the LUC:,'Y STRIKE Gi~azet~e Counter -- Eoward Clane7 is waltlug to give you some facts about m_~ favorite cigarette -- aud Z hope itls yours| HOWARD CLANEY: Tomorrow afternoon there|s a big event in the grand opera season -- the Metropolitan presents "Das Rheingold" with one of the ~orld~s most famous casts, A~%d ladies and gentlemen, flve of the world-renowned artls~s singing tomorrow have told us they smoke LUCKY 8TRITm -- and no other cigarette| We invite you to jo~n that g~e~t LUOKT 8TP~EE fzaternlty of milllon8 of wise smokers who demand LUCKY STOKEr8 ext2~ value~ E~te~ that celebrated ~ealm of ~oklnS enjoyment -- ~e~ch for a LUCKY and get the ~ild~st, mellowezt tobacco8 you ave~ ~moked -- the G~eam of many C~opaL (~R, GLA~EY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) RT)~O 1 00312EI2
Page 405: 0060233180
-7- HOWARD OLANEY# (CONTINUES) Enter that famous haven of throat proteotlon afforded by the exclusive LUCKY STHIEE 'FTOASTING" Process...get the benefit of that mellowlng-purlfylng process which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet £~ys...the process that expels certain harsh~ irritating impurities a~ud makes LUCKY STRIKE the purest of all cigarettes. Lot me read you what one of the famous artists of "Das Rhelngold', wrote to us -- Nadame Z{arie Von Esseu: ~'I must be so careful, for opera audiences are indeed critical. Harsh Ir&'Itants tel& on fine voices. 8o I guard my voice with LUCKIES.t~ To that sincere and emphatic statement, ladies and gentlemen, we can only add: ~hen you reach for a LUCET, you, too, safeguard you~ throat. Thatls why it's so ~ood to smoke LUCEIES -- the ~ of clgarettes~ WALTER WINOHELL: And ito~ to salute the State of Wisconsin ~vhioh led the way in the War Against Depression by ru;tulng off ~Tith first honors for a while...Oome on, America -- get aboard this happy-go-Lucky l Strike m~glc c~et and have yourselves a time danci~g to ~he rhythms of Ted and h~s crew. Thro# it in high, ~r. N.B.C! Here ~e go! Over the national network from border to border amd ooes.u to ocean to gather our array of frlends. ON WITH THE DANCE, TED WEEI[S.I(.~ISTLE) OKAY! WISOO.~SL,.~" "~' \, AI"~O] 00312B3
Page 406: 0060233180
-8- TED WEE~: This is Ted Weems welcoming all you Lucky Strike Dmnosr8 to Hilwaukee. WeIre here at the Sohroeder Hotel, ~ere we're going to play °°..°°.° ( ) ( ) ( 1 Hold on everybody weirs dashing right across the widest p~rt of Lake Nichlgan. Here we come, Walter Winchell° (WHISTLE) OKAY! NEW YORK! WADTEH WINC}~LL: That's slapping it right on the button, Ted Weems...Your orchestra and Jimmy Joyls in Cleveland are making it a lively show... (Be sure, Ted, and call on the staff of the iGlwmukee Journal, that's my paper there -- and tell them all hello for me)... fg]NO 1 0031284-
Page 407: 0060233180
WIITOH~LL: Todayls papers spread the news that there are already nineteen candidates for president ~ izagine it~ But have you noticed that nobody ever announces he~ s &~ing to run for Vio_~ePresidcnt? Well, herets ~Tinohell's candidate fo~ Vice President ~ Victor ~oore, who takes the part of the Vice President to perfection -- in that grand Broadway satire, "Of Thee I Sing". Lad-ee~ Lt~d Ee~tle~, tha hems and girls of today are the vice-presidents of touorrow...my candidate-- oh, gee whiz, I al~mst uad~ a political speuoh myselfL lid better quit and let Howard alaney carry on% CLANEy: A message from Victor ~ocre: "In ny trouping dsys live played in ~sny an 0ut-of-the-way villace," wrltos Victor Hoers, "but wherever Ztve gone, LUSEIES have always boon there to greet ne~ I1ve never been without LUSKIES,and never without their friendly throat protection, and never without that delicious TOASTED flavor. Wherever ~ buy LUCKIESt I find your new cellophane wrspocr keeps them fresh as daisies." ~ Isdies and gentlemen, do we go to the great extra effort of wrapping y~ur Lucky Strike in its unique humido~ package of ~olst~s--proof cclloph~no? ~hy~ Becaus~ w~ want you to got ovo~y p~ooious hit of Luckys e delicious "TOASTED" flavor every precious bit of that rich, mellow-mild goodness of the worldI s choicest tobaccos -- the Oroan of ~mny Stops ... Every bit of that precious throat protection we give to Lucky Strike through its purifying, mellowing TOASTING procossL And because Lucky Strike18 exclusive TOASTING Process expels certain i~urities naturally present in every tobacco leaf you get nor.@_efor your ~oney in every package of Luckios~ \ \ ftT;gO I 003128~
Page 408: 0060233180
~gA- CLANEY: ( OOh~ INUE8 ) For when those izpur~tlos go out, they leave room for us to put in extra tobacco goodness, 8o when you choose a cigarette -- vote for your pocketbook ~ vote for your enjoyment -- and vote for your throatL Reach fez a Lucky and wlnL F~I-NO 1 00~1286
Page 409: 0060233180
-iO- And now baok to the magic c&rpet°..The next stop is Ohio, • . °See that P.J. Griffith of Sh~mokln, Pee-A gets ~ seat...Put him right next to my pal there, A1. Balding, ~ cowboy on the XJ Ranch of Ridgeway, Colorado; Ride 'it cowhand' .... Don't let it throw you: .... Oh, yes, Balding, meet Alfreda Deok, a nice glrl from Perry, Ne~ York...There now, that's fine: .... Let it go~ ON WITH T~ DANCE, JI~Y JOY: (WHISTLE) OEAY: CLEVELAND.t Well herels the magic cnrpet s~fe in Cleveland. It nearly went right over OUr heads, to Milwaukee a~ain, but Jir~sy Joy wile entertain you here with ...... L ,) ( ) ( ) ( ) Look out you air mail pilots, the magic carpet is leaving Cleveland, and it ls Winchell-bound. (WHI 8TLE) OKAY.f NEW YOKE| AT:~O I 0031282
Page 410: 0060233180
-ll- WINC~: Thatts bonging the gong a second tt~e, Joy-boy...Oonsider you and your outfit ace-high on the long list of swelegant bs~ds my boss has put to work. Glad to have met you this way, Ji~uy. Wiuchell u~e meet again? And now I peddle my papers: One of my favorite item-collectors is Hr. Gilllngh~ Pathfinder of Washington, D.C.~ who wonders if you and I remember ~hen Ricardo Cortez danced at Retsenweber's in New York under the name of Jack Crandall?...Yes, but it wasn't Crandall .... Or when Low Cody dellvered groceries in Waterville, Me.?. .... Nail H~ilton posed for collar ads?...When Raquel Tortes was an usher in & Hollywood magic lantern theatre?... When Marie Dressler made her stage debut playing Cupld?...When Arn~a Hay Wong was a phone operator in the Chinese exchange in Los Angeles and when Cecil B. DeMille washed carriages in Pompton, N.J.? Well, I must admit Z donlt...But I remember when gackle Coogants father used to do a song-a~d-dance routine before his boy became a milllonalre...And when N~tcy Carroll was walking down West ¢Sth Street on her way home...And Anne Nichols, who was looking for a pretty Colleen for .'Abiets Irish Rose,, stopped Nancy. , .And Miss Nichols said| ~'Do you want to be an actress? and ~Tauey said: "Do I? When do X sta~t?m....l remember too, when Barbara Weeks was helping to glorify Mr. Zlegfeld, and now look hou well shets doing in the fllckers|....I remember the time in a certain Bzoadway ni~ht club when a no-good manager pressed a burning cigar against the chest of Raby Stevens until she fainted, because she wouldntt go out with hi~...Today she is known as Barbara 8tanwyek and that scar is still there to remind her of the bad old days ......... , ............ (I~. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) R]'NO1 0031288
Page 411: 0060233180
-12- ~: (CONTINUES) I r~member ~hen Will Rogers was working at the Xeith Thoatre In b~ion Square, New York .... Where the policy of the theatre was two performances a day for the batter acts end three times daily for the small-tlmer...And Will insisted upon doing as many shows as the amallies, because he dld~u't realize how blg-time he was even then...And when ~ath gttlng designed costumes for Chicago night club chorus girls u~%tll they disoovared that she was a bette~" canary than the leading lady...I can also r~member the time whon there was a great difference of opinion between the Palace Theatre in New York a~d Ben Bernie. the Old Nicrobe of Chlcago...It seems that Bernie wanted $S,000 a week to play the Pal~.c~ ~d the p~lace didntt ~amna pay him anythi1~. The Man-A-Block-plan is going stronger than ever, Xlm sure you all will bs happy to learn....Over i00,000 unemployed fallows are now b~ok to work and at decent wages, too...And it thrills us all who are helping to make it better known ~heu this or that Chamber of Coramerce or newspaper asks us for the details on ho~ to adopt the Man-A-Blook System. Herels a letter from JoE. Howe of Shreveport, Louisiana. He s~ye he has discussed it with the managing editor of ~ Shreveport paper and that he Is w1111ng to adopt the plan as soon as they hear from us. XtTs in the mails, Hr. Mows! Thank you for asking and for wantlng to help the Other Fellow. (MR. WINOHELL CONTINUEB ON NEXT PAGE) t~l-HO ~ 003"i 2~9
Page 412: 0060233180
-13- ~: (CONTINUES) I am indebted to 8enator Eessinger for this interesting item. It deals with the money that New York spends to welcome returning heroes m~d herwines...The town only spent $333.90 to welcome home Ruth Elder~ the first woman to serve as an air passenger across the Atlantic .... It cost $1,000 to welcome back Clarence Chamberlln and }~. Levlne. -- $12,000 to embrace the President of the Irish Free State, $28,000 for gripping Byrd by the hand, and $71,000 to yell; "Okay, LindyI" I wonder how much they would give me to leave town? I wish Eent Cooper, general manager for the Associated Press, would make up another list of Big News Stories of 19Sl.... His 1930 llst nab most intersstlng....In the order of public interest, he said, these were 1930~s outstanding news events, as fellows: "The finding of what was left Of the Andree Expedition... Coste and Bellontels flight from France to Amerlca...the Bobby Jones golf victory...Gandhl and India...The Lindbergh baby, which if you donTt mind, Walter first announced -- the Columbus, Ohio prison fi~s...The drought in America .... The finding of the new planet,..~.King Carol of Roumania, and the burning of the British Airship, ~-I01, If Hr. Cooper of the Ap w~mts to know what some of us consider the biggest news of today -- it is this consolatlen -- that these days a bell-hop non considers a dime a tip -- instead of an insultl (HR. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) f:N'~O I 0031290
Page 413: 0060233180
T -14- ~: (OONTINUES) Boy, turn the spotlight on Howie Slaney -- here's where he tells ou~ audience about LUCKY 8TRIEE. ~QWA~D CLAKEY: Compare LUCKY STRIKE l~ith any other cigarette in the world. Ex~nine them - smoke them and right then and there you will fiud out ~hat we mean whe~ we say that LUCKY ETRIKE alone ~ive~ you more for your money th~ any other cigarette. When the exoluslve LUCKY STRIKE "TOASTING" Process removes certain Impuritles naturally present in every tobacco leaf it makes room for more tobacco goodness - more tobacco goodness than you ~ill find In any other olgaretts regardless of price. That's extra value for you - extra value that no other Oigaretts offers - extra value that starts ~Ith the ~orldts ohoice8t, mellow mildest tobaccos, the Cream of many Crops - extra value that comes from ~ vast One hundred million dollar supply of the mildest, the mellow mildest, the most tender, fragrant tobaccos that Hother Nature can grow and that Father Time and r~odern Ultra Violet Rays can mellow. And that is why in LUCKY STR~KE you get more $obaoco quality - more tobacco purity - you get more for your money in LUCKY STRIKE than in any other olgarette in all this ~do world.- ~THO] 003'1291
Page 414: 0060233180
~ ..~ . ,,~ ~. , ~ , , ..... ,7 Thatts the signal, 1~r. and Mrs. Tu~uer-lr~er, to get ready for another flight to WisconBin •..Come on Walter Winchell Chlopan of Hi~hland Park, Michigan, who just arrived on this earth the other day -- to~e a ride ~ith your namesake....I hope my n~le doesnlt prove too muoh of a handicap, little fello~7...Hold tight now| And donlt let the bottle sllp out of your i:louth.~.Give it fast ride, boys! .... Right over Broadway -- north~est a little and right into the 8hroeder Hotel to chirp: ON WITH THE DANOE, TED WEEES! (WHISTLE) OKAY' ~ILWAUKEE' Your directions were perfect, Walter, that lightnlng-fast magic carpet of yours is unloading its passengers right now on the dance floor here at the ) ) ) ) 8ohroeder Hotel. We'll play for them ...... All right, Walter Winchell. We're sending your magic carpet flashing back from the shores of Lake ~ichigan to the Atl~tio. (W~IBTLE) OKAY, NEW YORK! 0031292
Page 415: 0060233180
-16- Thatls clicking. Master Weems. Very well done. Thanks again for everything. Hear you and Joy again soon, Ted. Best to your crew. I have a fe~ salutes to acknowledge here. Fisher Hall of Pedro, South Dakota: "Thanks for your nice letter, ~r. Mall. Yes, I knew that Pmuli~e Frederick likes dogs so much she has ~Ii her ash trays and other knick-knacks patterned after them in her home....That wasnrt Tallulah Bankhead'e husb~A~d, it ~B he~ sisterlY. ThB LeBter Vails, she w~s Eliz~beth Bruce. are listed among the few happily ~edded Hallywoed pairs. Peggy Ginnlff of Dormont, near P~ttsturgh: "Very interesting, Peggy. I had never heard of any one saving the cellophane f~om their LUOEY STRIKE pack~eB that ~ay...L~dle~ and gentlemen, Peggy writes that her sister has saved ?5 pleoeB of cellophane paper and out of it all made a smart-looklng belt for her suit. And that belt resembles mother-of-pearl, ~ud plus a pretty little buckle, makes an attractive decoration. There now, Peg, maybe your sister has started a new fad. W~Iter F. Breuokman of DITROIT: Jesse J~mes, the noted bandit was killed by Robert and Sharles Ford and they were found guilty of murder. . .The Government, however, pardoned them. Sing Sing in Indian mean8 Stoney Place. You're welcome, sir. (~R. WINCHELL OONTINUES ON l~mXT PAGE) A 1".'~01 0031293
Page 416: 0060233180
/ -17- (O0~T~ES) gben Ohapmsn of Norwlch, Connecticut: The daily sale of the Bible i8 about 80,000 copies. It still remains the best-seller of them all. NO, ~ wouldnlt say that Americans were great readers. It has been estimated that of the 120 mllllon of average American spends about 40 cents a year on books..,~ore books have been written about Lincoln th~n ann other m~a%. Napoleon once held the record, Dorothy June of San Francisco, Callfornial As a matter of fact, Dorothy, that couple are closer than 9 and i0. Itls real love, and don~t you believe ~hat the legend-spreaders are e~ying° Tom ~x borro~e~ hi8 name from hi~ home town, ~x F0/n, pennsylva~la° And that DOrothy, and all you swelegant p~ople, b~Ings another ~UGKY StRIKE Dance Hou~ to lib denouement (flnlsh to you~ Ben]) On Saturday night our magic carpet Is going gay again -- le~ping between New ~oxk, Beaten and ~ont~e~l to heax Jack Denny in Canada and the Cocoanut Grove Cre~ in the Hub Clty...Dontt forget now, %hails a date .... Until Saturday night at the same time, then, I remain as inoorrlglble as ever, Four New York correspondent, Naltez Ninchell - who ~Igned a contract yesterday to wreetle Jim Londos on M~roh ist...Pleaee omit flowers on March S. \ AI" ~,01 0031294-
Page 417: 0060233180
-18- CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT: (0PTIONAL) H017A RD CLANEY: The LUCKY STRiP'Dance Hour has oome to you fro~ New York City, Cleveland, Ohio, an~.~llwaukee, Wisconsin, through the facilities of the N&tlpnal Broadcasting Company, AGENgY/W~NCHELL/Chilleen 21 s132 £ I',WO 1 0031295
Page 418: 0060233180
........... ..... • '~"~ '~ .... ~ ~L~~'~~',~ ~ :" ~.'~ "c ~ ~' i %:- , NOTE TO ANNOUNCER.~ (Make local ~.nnouneements every fifteen minutes ! except on drsmatlo programs, which depend on a succession of thought.) W AF mE: ( ) THE LUCKY S~RIKE DANCE HOUR )( ) _IO..00 - II:00 P. M. February gTth, 1952 SATURDAY (T~ME S~ . .. ONE CHORUS OF "HAPPY DAY8 ARE HERE AGAIN", WITH V00AL REFRAIN. IiK~DIATELY FOLLOWED BY A~HO[~NCER.) HOWARD CLANEY: Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure, by the manufacturers of Lucky StTike Cigarettes ... sixty modern minutes with the worldWs finest dance orchestras, and tonight, we bring you two g=eat orchestras, one from }~assachusette and one from Canada; al~o your New York correspondent, Walter Winehell, of the New York Daily ~irror, whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrpw. ~r. Walter Winehelll WALT___ ER WINCH~LT.: Good evening~ H~. and ~s. Star 8panEled Banner% HoW goes the daily grindT us, too - and thetis why Hr. Lucky Stwlkels Magic Carpet is at your disposal - %o divert you for a while - SO that we e.~l may go pla~es via the route of ima~inatlon - and hear appealinE melodies, and ~Lke the usu&l problems that confront us - at least for an hour. 8o come on, tuner-inner, and bring along all ~rour adored ones| Letls tom with the skies, and stick pins in the clouds &nd go gay - the w~y we always do ~t the expense of my boss, who likes to have a lotta fun~ too. (MR. WINCRELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) N1• 01 0031 98
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MR. WINCHE~: (GONTINUING) TonightVs tour takes us to Boston, ~lass.~ for the horu-tooteTs and dTum-buete~s ~t the Cocoanut G~ove thewe, and then we Winchcll-leap a bit farther to swap salutes again ~th J&ck Denny and his delightful muslckers up in Montreal, Oanada. Into the first notch, fellas| ... Now into second| Let ~er ~ide[ Goodbye, Broadway, and HELLO, COCOANUT GROVE| (WHISTLE) OKAY, BOSTON~ BOSTON A~QUNCE~: Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts, and the Oocoanut Grove where the Oocoanut G~ove Orchestra, directed by Joe Solomon~ will play ... , l, , , ) ( ) C ) ( ..... ) BOSTO~T A'L~N Obi4C ER: The Lucky 8trlke Haglc carpet now flies down that famous ~ook-bound ooast~ of New England, from Boston to Broadway - to Walter and his ~inchell-li~, (~ISTLE) OKAY, NE~ YORE| ATH01 0031292
Page 420: 0060233180
- 31- WALTER WINCHELL: Fine, Cocoanut Grove , thatls hiving u) to the rating that Steve Fitzgibbon gave you in the Boston Record, fellas ... Glad to have you on our show. They all must have liked you ... This is where that Winchello~fer puts his first few air-a-graphs to press, and after we contact with ~{ontreal, we return for you, Joe. Keep Happy| If Mary Brian, who now is touring with Ken Murr~.y , the comedian, is tuning in - I wish pretty Mary would wire me yes or no ... I mean, about the romantic chatter that she is supposed to have started in Chicago, and which now is swiftly making the~ rounds of Times and Letters Square ..° say, itls net true, Marc - I thought your f~vorite person was Rusasll Gleason ... The Newest of the socially registered love sparks is the one ignited between Cornelius Vauderbilt, Junior, and Isabelle Callahan ... Isabelle met Cornelius at Reno last summer, where she legally shook off the name of Mrs. Alexander phillips ... Wiley Pest of the post-Gatty combination, has completed hie plans for another round-the-world flight ... which he hopes to do in half the time... Mary Pickferd arrived here Without any mystery - summoned the boys and girls on the papers~ posed for pictures~ and then was left alone to have herself a good time ... A~ a result, Mary didnlt rate one-tenth the publicity received by Greta who tried so hard to avoid it, which just goes to show you what it goes to show you ... (MR. WXNCPr~LL CONTI~JE8 NEXT PAGE) rtTXO 1 0031298
Page 421: 0060233180
-4- MR. WINOHELL: (CONTINUING Oor~ratulatlons are due Joan Bennett and Gene Markey, regardless of what that fortune teller in Los Angeles predicted ... Remember what I told you on Thursday night? ... How he said - in referring to Joan - that the stars portend no wedding for her in 19327 ... Well, ever since noon today, Mrs. Reginald Denny and Sally Eilers sponsored a pre-wedding shower for Joan B~nnet$, whose birthday it is, too - and the affair still is going strong - so join me in wishing them every happiness. Among other things I never knew till now, is that Will Rogers was christened William penn Adair . .. That when you enter Flo Ziegfeldle home at Hastings, on the Hudson, three parrots call you names ... One of Mr. Zte little jokes, donVt you know ... That in o:~e of her most recent etatements~ Lupe, who has the reporters a little goofy~ said: "I will loff no other man but Gareee. I will loff him forever. But llm a little crazy. Marriage is not for me. I want my freedom~ which is more important than anything. I merely stopped loving Gareee - thatls ail|" ... First she will love Gareee forever; and then she merely stopped loving him ... Now do you see why some of us have halt which is getting gray llke a squirrel? ... Florabel Muir reports that .Frankenstein" was the marvel of 1931j shattering box off lee records wherever it played • .. It was Florabelts observation, too, that Oarl Lasmmle, Junior, tried to end the depression by searing everyone silly ... (MR. WINOEELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) f~T~O'l 0031299
Page 422: 0060233180
-5- HR. WINCHELL.: (CONTINUING) And H. I. philllps, another amusing clown, argue s that so many salaries out in Hollywood have been reduced - that most of the screen players donut know whore their next divorce is coming froml ... George ~hite, the producer of many musical shows, has a middle nar~e ... It is Alvlel - which he only uses on cheeks, thank goodness ... George only stied once in his llfe ... And that wcs when Burns L~antle, the critic, saw Whlte0e first "scandals" and reported: "The Scandals of 1919, proves that a hoofer like White should stick to his dauclng|" . .. Well, Master Shits again proved that critics are llke same fortune-tellers - by producing eleven smash hits in a row ~.. How embarrassing, Mr. Mantlel- To the local yokels I have this warning to make ... Look out for the latest racket ... ~ary Astor, a ohora8 girl in Ed Wynn~s show, was ankling and along Broadway this afternoon, when a man rushed at her/excitedly said: "LOok out, look curl Your coatvs on flrel" And then he pounded out the alleged flames with his hands ... She thanked him and he disappeared in the c~owd ... A moment later, she discovered that her purse wasntt dangling off her arm. . -- -- -- -- The last time I ran into Will Rogers, I told hlm that they were saying of hlmp "Give Will Rogers enough rope - and he011 hang anybody|" Rogers responded that somebody had once asked him how he got away with kldding bi@ men, and he replied: "The query answers itself, for I only kid BIG ment..." (LiR. WINCHELL CONTIhUES NEXT PAGE) P,I"XO 1 0031300
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-6- ILR. ~INCEELL: (CONTINUING) Everybody raved over the last Marx Brothers movie, p~tlcul~ly th~h ~Ine in it ~hon G~oucho said to E~rp~'. "HOW much u ould you charge me to buy back my introduction to you?" ... As a matter of fact, that funny gag was taken from an inoldent that really happened to Groucho ... One of those think-they! ~e-~e&t celebrltles was in New york, and wanted to meet Grouoho ... He finally called on hlm at the theatre and got by the stage doorman - ~'Grouoho", aatd the hambo, ,,Why do you dodge me? 8urely~ youtve heard of meT" "Lissen here," barked Grousho, ,Ifve heard of you for years, and Itm darn slck of It|" ... And thetis how MS brother Zeppo'~ no~e got b~oken% (MR. UINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) RI'X01 0031301
Page 424: 0060233180
~: (CO~:TZNtE S) The l.~etropolit~ (~pera Company tells me that Marek Win~helm is one of the gl'eatest c~medi~s that opera has kno~. Besides being a great singer, he em~ ACT. In fact, that's how he got his start - as an actor in a little troupe that did one-nlght stands through Poland. Perhaps you heard his grand voice over these air-waves just slx hours ago in the opera .%~one, broadcast from the stage of the Hetropolitan. His acting, of course, di~ult cut mush ice lwlth you radio listeners, but just wait until television comes around the corner| HOWARD CLANEY: If television were here, I would llke to show you the actual statement i~arek Win~eim of the Hetropolltan Opera has been kind enough to give us. You will be interested to kno~ that ~Lr. Wind~elm has been smoking LUCKIES for flve years, ~:d so he knows whereof he speaks. Listen -- "I thln~ of my voice as a delicate instr~:~ent requiring the beet of care always. How good it is to know that T.UCEY 8TRIEE will always give my throat the best of protection." Yo~ too, get that throat protection in LUGEY STRIKE, my friends, because you ~ certain impurities which are naturally present in every tobacco leaf. And the reason you don't get these lmpur~tSee is that theytre out -- the secret and exclusive ~.UOEY STRIKE "Toasting" Process expels them - drives them out. What you do ~e~ is mild, mellow-mild tobaccos - the CrsayJ of many Crops throughout the ;~orld....Tobacco that has been aged and mellowed as long as three whole years... When you reach for a LUCKY, you reach for the finest, purest, mello~-mildest elgarette that money can buy. And those facts are exact, so is it to be wondered that more millions reach for a LUCKY th~u any other cigarette In the world. r f3T}~O'l 003!302
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~ALTER ~I~CHELL: That I s fine, Howle.,.Now lefts hop over the C&nadlan border for Denny. Make room for Corporals James L~Rue and paul PieTin~er of the ~arlne Corp~ ~t Ba~ Die~o...An~ for Eli& ¥oun~ of Des l~oines| .... Harya Ell~l....Boys ineet Ella, and Faith JohrLson of ~il~aukee, and this is Harry Guthrie of Boulder, Colorado...I'm r~rinI to go to town, too~....Wetre off; I mean ~eWre off for C~nad~ 0N WITH T~ DANCE, JACK DENI~ (WHISTSE) OEAy! IDRTP~EAL! Here you are in Eontreal ~t the i~unt Royal Hotel where ~e're going to play ....... ) ) ) ) ~N~TY: The border-Jtumping Lucky Strike Ho~ic Ca~et again hops back to Walter Winehell. (?F, qlSTLE) OKAyI NEW YOPX! Very good, Denny..,They tell me that after five successful yeats in ~ontrenl, youTme ~etu~nlng to New Yo~k...,W~IIt De~ny, thatt8 & pip of a rsoord for any orchestr~ to hang up, and I congratulate you, sir. Stand by, Denny--- £1 01 0031303 II
Page 426: 0060233180
And now, -9- ladies and ge~.tlemen, we have a very important al,mounoemsnt to make. The ~nufaoturers of LUCKY BTPJXE, the ~ponso~s of this hour, have always been alert ~%nd so, get to bring to their' ~,~e~t ~leriasa~ audle~ce those things in '~hlon all of you, ~ir. 8~d ~rso America, a~e ~ost Interested -- those things 17hlch you most want to hear on th~ air. This is 1932, the year of national convontlo~8~ presidential ,~omin~tlons, great polltleal c~-,~pai~s -- polities is lu the air. We believe that Americans today' are most interested in the burning questions of the hour -- in the outstanding Nation~l figures of the day -- in the discussion and explanation of those cf~estions by these great personalities, And so, as a matter of public service, the maa~ufacturers of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes have offered to the two great historic partlee a spewial place in the LUCKY STRIKE Hour on Tuesday and Thursday evenings fo~ a discussion of the vital political issues of the day by the outstanding political leaders of each party. LUCKY STRIXE is non-partlsan -- LUCKY STRIKE belongs to the entire public, regardless of political views, and so LUCKY STRIKE will bring you both sides of these questions, through speakers representing both sides. Every Tuesday night, on this LUCKY STRIKE night from the Demooratlc Party -- each with an equal opportunity to reach this tremendous LUO~'~ STRIEE audience. Next Tuesday is the first night of this great bi-partisan political foruz~, and we shall have the honor and pleasure of introducing to you the Honorable Simeon D. Fees, United States Senator from Ohio ~md Ohs.irmm~ of the Republican i~ational Committee. (I/R. OLAI~Y OOI[TI~/E8 ON NEXT PAGE) 81"~0"1 0031304
Page 427: 0060233180
-I0~ ~o,,a~ c~: (COHTZ~UES) Next Thursday it will be an equal honor and pleasure for us to present to you the Honorable Jouett 8house, Chairman of the Executive Oommlttee of the Demooratlo National Committee. --STATION BREAE-- The Lucky Strike Magic Carpet,s next stop is the Capitol of Hassaohusstts, where the Cabots and the Lowells won't even talk to the Winohells: .... As who will? .... At any rate -- climb aboard our r~glo carpet again, and ride high! .... C1mon Mr. and Mrs. Ndllier of Victoria, British Columbia! Sit here next to this grand lady, Clara Tigsmeyer of Shaker Heights, Ohio .... Mrs. Tidgemeyer meetL Ida Daly of Erle, pennsylvania and Herbert Parker of Cape Cottage, Mdine...ThatTs swell...Letls Side| ON WITH T}~E DANOE COCOANUT GROVE! (WHISTLE) OKAy! BOSTON! From the 0oeomnut Grove in Boston, Joe Solomon directs his boys to the rhythm8 6f~j ...... ( ) ( ) ( ". . ) ( ) ( ) Come again to Boston and the Cocoanut Grove! Now the LUCKY STRIKE ~glc Carpet dashes back to Walter and hle Winchell-lln~ (NHISTLE) OKAY! NEW YONE! \. AIM01 0031305
Page 428: 0060233180
-~E, Consider yourself saluted again, Joe Solomon. Plenty %h~uks for all things while tooting your trumpets for Mr. Lucky Strlks .... This is where I jot down a few more items before flashing to l~ont real. And herels a slap on the back and a grip on the hand to those gentlemen who are doing so much to keep the Man-A-Block-Plan clicking .... This New York City of ours is a little late, perhaps, but nevertheless it is going at it in the huge manner...Within a month, they promise, lO0,O00 citizens here will be back at work and the papers have finally fallen In line and given it plenty of promotion too -- for which -- thanks! ....And the American Legion of Uniontown, Pennsylvania has started it going there -- so Okay, Uniont own, Pee-A ! And the following letter will give you an idea why Mr. LUCKY STRIEE and the rest of us are proud of the results and grateful for the privilege of being of service in helping...Letls not mention names, Ifm sure the writers would prefer that I didntt...But this is typical of the countless thousands welve received: ,Dear Winchell: You probably have reeelved hundreds of letters llks mine, nevertheles~ I want to add my sincere thanks and my fsmilyts -- for the Job I got through the Man-A-Bloek-Plan...It has given us all new hope, for it looked mighty miserable month after month, and I just want to thank the enti~e lot of you who started this fine plan, or who have kept it going..." And thmmk you l~ster for your nice letter, (~R, WINCHELL CONTINUE8 ON NEXT PAGE) AINOI 0031306
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(COI~TZ~tmS) If Sylvia Sydney is listening this probably will amuse her...It interests me, of course -- because Sylvia has promised faithfully to keep me informed when she die anything drastio...A number of tuner-innate have sent the s~us observation, and it ~oee this way: They ask me if I noticed that in "Araeriean Tragedy" -- "Ladies of the Big House" and ~JStreet 8cone" that Miss Sych~ey wore a very thin chain about her neck -- the end of which fell into her dress....And ~hat puzzles them all, and me, too, for that matter, is this: Is there at the end of that thin chain any sort of a ring -- I mean ~ plalu gold cue -- or 18 it merely ~kat most entertainers wear -- a "grouch" bag -- in which to keep 1000 dollar bills?..~.I ~ouldnlt have mentioned it Sylvia -- except that this is Leap Year, so don~t write, TELEGRAPH.~ To those of us ~ho are on the "inside", it is very funny... I mean the real comedy that is taking place on a certain stage in west 45th Street these perfor~ancee...The leading man and hie role-leading lady, who are seen in several blazing scenes together, out-dlstance Garbo an~ Gable when it comes to that thing called stage Love~..But theF h~d a fierce fight a few weeke ago ovs~ something and now they get along like a mustache and a cold, in the nose...And they have a number of kissing episodes to go through but the audience never suspects what mleery it is for the actress .... Because every time a hot eeene is due -- he drives her crazier, by smearing hle face and lips with limburger cheese:,,.' (~R, WINSHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE] RIX01 0031 07
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~J wn~0~LL: (OON~INUES) ~y favorite story on Nick, the Greek, one of the most famous sport~Qn in the world, Is thls one.°..Nick, as 8/%y of his historians wlll testify, never dodged 8/Iy sort of a ws~er...Held bet on anything, and is a good loser, too. ~ mean, he has never been known to oomplaln or gl~/r~ble when he had been clipped, taken or fltm- flsmmed. One d~wnlng after a long night at the game of Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained -- Nick found one of the other sports walking hl8 way through Central Park. "Say llssen, Nick," sald the other chap, "fill betcha $2500 that I can put a dime at the trunk, of a tree, take 15 paces, and put a bullet thra it with one try." "Thatls a betD' snapped The Greek.. ~The fellow placed the dime at the tree trunk, took 15 paces, aimed hls revolver and pierced the dlms just as he threatened he would. .Thatls pretty good," said Nlck as he hm~ded over the ~oney, "Now, Iill glve you a chance to wln It back," said the bargaln-hunter, "fill betcha the same amount, y can hlt a dime while It's tesslng in the ~%rl, "No," renegged Nlok for the first time, "I never turn down a bet on luck -- but I know better then to bet on skill!" And now stand by folks while Howard Claney takes you behind the scenes wlth LUCKIEe, ~T;KO J 0031308
Page 431: 0060233180
-14- HOWARD O~NEY: All ~nerloa - and that means you and you and ~ - wsmte the most for every penny it spends| Thle modern demand for greater value leads you straight to LUOk~f STRIKE .... the cigarette that gives you more for your money than any other cigarette in the whole wide world' Yes, mQre for you~ money...it gives you an extra measure of quality., .an extra helping of tobacco goodness..,a bonus of added enjoyment! Aad herets the reason: ~fnen "Toasting" e:qoels certain Impu~itles naturally present In every tobacco leaf, it leaves room for that extra measure of tobacco quality .... that extra purity...that extra mildness...and hence that extra smoking pleasure! Now, please mark my words...no other cigarette Is so pure as LUCKIES°...no other gives you so much real tobacco goodness.. no other gives you such delicious flavor...because no other cigarette is "TOASTED.,, No other cigarette is "TOASTED." And no other cigarette in America offers you the mellowing benefits of that secret process inolud~r~ the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays! And so we repeat: No other cigarette in the whole wide world gives you as much -- or anywhere near as much for your money as LUCKY ST~EE..,Thc finest cigarette you ever smoked. ~ l'b~O 1 003~309
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No~ back to those happ~ge-lueky-etrike-up-~tune-lads in the St. Lawrence sector...Meke yourself to home, Mrs. Charles H, Dart of Grand Rapide, ~Iohigan], .... Meet Mayor and Mrs. Edward H. Ford of Re~dmpo~t, O~egon...gee that theytre comfortable, Olaney -- %heyrre lovely people....Heze we come, Cana4~ Right over Brldgepozt, Hartford, New Haven and Providence to greet our orchestra with: ON W~TM T~ DANOE, JACK DENI~J (WHISTLE) OKAy! HONTREALI The Lucky Strike Dance goes on in Montreal wlth ..... ) ) ) ) ) This may be the last time I hurl back a cue te Walter Winchell -- that Is, the last time from Hentreal, so ~'ii make it a good one (LOUD ~"n'~STLE) and then ALL MEN OF OBOHESTRA| (In unison): OY~Y -- NEW YOREI R1-X01 003'!310
Page 433: 0060233180
-16- Ace-hlgh, Montreal -- your Denny stew did you all proud again .... Thanks for letting us borrow them...They have class....See you on Broadway, Jack .... Thlsls where I let the crowd look over my shoulder ~hile I inspect my mail.I This is for John C. Williams of the U.S. Post Office at T~unga, California-- Thanks, ~r. Williams -- I keep trying. Besides doing a ooltunn in the paper there 18 i~r. Lucky Strike to serve, too. Yes, I know I1m lucky. But for a mighty long time I Wapiti. Go0d luck tO yo~, ~oo. Harshall Hyde of Oroflno, Idaho: Helen Kane was the creator of the BooP-Boop-a-Doop style in songs. After five years He?on end her husband reOonciled. William Lamb of Red House, New York: Another good plan to relieve the poor, ~/. Lamb goes this way: Whenever a housewife Is marketing she can buy an sxtTa bar of soap, or loaf o£ bread or some sugar, potatoes, or anything and drop it into a ~peclal barrel that the shopkeeper puts there for the purpose. And every day the offlnials can" collect these barrels, and distribute the stuff to the needy of the town....They:re doing it with great sucsess in Grand RapldB. Haybe we can spread the ~ork and get more towns ~o cop~ it. (MR. W~NC~LL CONTINUE8 ON NEXT PAGE) '\ ~]'H01 003131'1 II
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' -17- William Dozens, l~attoon, llllnoy: Yes, it really happened and .I dldnft feel so hot, about it, either. The trouble with anything happening to me, Bill, is all the trouble it might c~e. B~CO~Be at least half of ~e~ york wQuld Q~rt~inly be held under suspicion| And that Mr. and Mrs. Amerioa winds up another of our ooaBt-%o-ooKsters.,...~r bill of f~r~ for next week takeB us to Anson Weeks grand band at San Francisco, and Vic° Meyers and hie orchestra at Seattle, Washlngton. On Thursday, ~e leap to Toronto Oanada for a ne~ Lucky 8trike Danoe ~stsr, LOO-WEE'-GEE RO~ANEL~I, who w~ll sha~e honors with ou~ ~Idez ~iend~ ~oon-Sanders in ~;ew York -- and on Saturday, the Magic Oarpe~ ~ill b~ pah-lenty busy hopping to Tulsa, Oklahoma for Ted Fiorito, and to Chicago, ~llinois fo~ GUe Arnheim. 8o donlt forge~ -- and reach for a Lucky and a Lucky ~t~ike Da~ H~u~ .... Until Tu~day night, the~, at th~ ~e~y same time, ~ am, your New York correspondent, ~alte~ ~inohell, who found out -- (SIGNATURE) A1-HOI 0031312
Page 435: 0060233180
-18- / CLOSING ANN0[~¢CE~ENT: (OPTIONAL HOWARD CLANEY: "DO THE NEW YORK" from "FOLLIES 1931 was played by special pemnlsslon of the oopyrlght o%Tners. The LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour has come to you from Ne~ York City~ Boston, Hassaohusetts, and Hontreal~ Canada, through the facilities of the National Broadcasting 0ompany. AGENCY/WI NCHELL/0C/Chi ll een s/sTIs2 FYI" NO 1 0031313
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NOTE TO A~q~OUNCER: / 2EAF TL~. ( THE LUCKY 8TRI:Z~E DANCE HOUR (Make local anno~ucements every fifteen minutes except on dra~atlc programs, which ~epend on a suecesslon of thought.) ) ( )( ) iO'OO t ll'OO P.M. March ist, 1932 TUESDAY (THOLE SONG ..* ONE CHOROB OF "HAPPY DAYS A~ HER~ AGAIn", WITH VOCAL R/FRAI2. ~EDIATELY FOLLOUED BY ANNOUNCER.) HOTARD CLANEY: Ladies and gentlemen~ the Luoky 8trike D~ce Hour, presented for yot~r pleasure, by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes ... sixty modern minutes with the worldls finest danca orohestras, and tonight~ we bring you two great orchestras from two great States, Washington and California; also ygur New York oorrospondent, Walter Winehell, of the New York Daily Eirror, whese gossip of today~ becomes the ne~s of tomorrow. Er. Ualter Uinchell! WALT~WINCHELL: Good evening, Mr. and ~rs. United States of Amerloa| Hello~ there, Arisen Weeks in Sm% Francisco| S~icome to Mr. Lucky Strike~s magic carpet~ Vie ~eyers and y:~ur Grew in Seattle| Tonlghtle lone lea~ agrees the oontlnent, ladies and gentlemen, promlse~ more excitement than over. We stop for a minute tn every crossroads end hamlet in these United 8tates. Fo~ this is the year of 1932, with its presidential nominations and election. Politics are in the alr. Every~hare, the burning questions of the hour are being discussed. It won't be lOnE before we ~ill have big political meetings mll over the oount~/, c~nventlone, red fire and torchlight p&rades. (MR. WENCHELL OONTI~IUES NEXT PAGE) f4" ,01 0031315
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- 2- YOUr ~Istlnguished speaker l~ter tonight, under the • usplce8 of the R@publlca/% N~tt~nal Oommltte~, will be Sen~to~ Simeon D. Fees of Ohloj Chalrman of the Republican Natlon~l Oommlttoe. On Thursday nlghZ, we will go to the ~smooratic PaTty, and, under the auspices of the DO ,ooratlo National Col~mittee, the ~onoz~ble Jouett Shouse, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Demeoratle National Committee, will speak to you. So climb abo%rd our Magic Carpet and letls ride the skies. He~o we go to Seattle, Uashington, following the Northern Air Route. Hello, Yello~Tstono P~rk - Helle~ Mr, Rainlew - Harya, Tacoma| On with the dance, Vic Meyers, (WHISTLE) OKAY, SEATTLE: SEATTLE ANNOUNCER: Welcome to Seattle, Magic Carpet passengers. Vlc Meyers and his orchestra will play for all you Lucky Strike d&ncers . . . C, ) ) ) )' (, ) SEATTLE ,ANNOUNSER: The Lucky Strike Magic Carpet flies out of Seattle to land in its home port, ~ight at Walter Winchellls feet. (W~ISTLE) OKAY, NE~7 ¥OP, KI
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-3- ~ALTUR WINOHELL: Oongrat8~ Vic Meyers - thatls giving the show a s'~ift pace, for which plenty thanks ... Be back with you in no time, Victor ..~ I1m going to try and deliver a pen photograph of Broadway after sundown, for our big tribe of listeners ... stand by, please, pavements an hour ago ... It Was nearly curtain time ... Or eight P. M., in New York ..° There go chorus girls hurrying dow~ West 45th Street to their respeetlve stage doors °.. ThatTs Charlle Ray, who starred in so many enjoyable movies a few years ago, until the sour breaks came, poor chap ... There go Frank Fay and Barbara St~n~ck in a taxi ... And that was Johnny Broderick and Johnny Co~de~, two of the shrewdest and b~ave~t detectives on the New York Police Force . °. They nabbed a murderer the other day, who was to wanted for killing a crippled girl six years ago ... He ~ill go/the chair for that crime, because Brode~ick and Cordes r~mcmbored his face and spotted him in a crowd, and caught him after a ~ild chase. Gee, that Jeanne Aubert gal is lovely .°. Look at her hurry to her staf~e entrancet ... Jeanne o~e f~om FranGe two years ago, &ud clicked in the bl~ time style lu ~ew Yo~k ,,~ I llke hec a lot mo~e for whaf she did the other evening ... She bought 1200 packages of assorted brands of cigarettes . °. And had some gentleme~ friends distribute them to the unfortunate fellows in the long breo~llne at 47th Street on The So-Called H~rdened Artery ... And she dldnI$ even tell her prcss agent about it - think of that| ... (~LR. WINCHELL OONTINUES NEXT PA3E. f~ 1.~01 0031312
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/ r -4- MR. ~INCHELL: (C~NTINUING) Thatts refreshing in thls day and age of hogging th~ center of the stage ... And so Itll make a note of that - and broadcast it to America ... so that others who can afford to be generous in the Jeanne Aubert manner may copy her act. Here comes Dorothy Hall, who opens in "Child of Manhattan,', Broa~Ts,vls newest play, tonight ... Good luck , Dorothy! Hope you have a longer run than your last show, :'The Greeks Had A Word for It" ... Meet Frank Craven, Dorothy ... Hels one of the real gentlemen of the theatre ... Craven, you know, got rich writing and M. starring in clean plays, Dot, but so did George/Cohen ... llm going to say that on the Lucky Strike Hour tonightp Frank ... Have your friends tune in ~ we reach a tremendous number of listeners - and youtre very Welcome ... Gee, if MarlenahDietrieh saw that billboard painting of her on the Rialto Theatre - Itll bet shetd te&r her lovely hair out ... The guy who painted that, probably is a Garbo fen ... Look at those electric lights| ... They moan so little for most of the stars who are here today and gone the next ... Wonder if Edward G. Robinson knows that his name is in l&rger lights than any other aotorts in the world right now ... I hope he doesntt t~ke it too seriously ... For all I keep thinking &b~ut is Mary Nolan- whose name was in the biggest lights last season this time ... And the~hlngs went sour for Mary, who certainly doesntt r~te ~ii that hard luck ... Wonder how msny people kno~ that the first spe~keaay in New ¥ork was born rightthere East of Broadway on ~3th Street? ... (}JR. WINCHELL CON~INUSS NEXT PAGE) f~ 1",~01 0031318
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-4A- ~R~ WINOHELL: (OONTXNUIN@) And now look at tem| ... Good old B~oa~vay ... The best llne I ev~ he~d ~bout it ~s p~nned by ~ B&ItI~OT~ ~/y . .. He hit it right on the nose when he said: "Broddwa~v Is mewcly & ~&ill Street with the spotlight thzo~;n on it,L
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WIN0~[ELL: (0 0NTINUES) A report just given to the New York leglslc~ture says that therels just as much crime in the country districts as in the big cities. BUT -- Itfs the big city that gets the reputation -- and the big city lawyer who makes the name for crime-fighting. There,s a show on Broadway now -- "Counsellor At Law" -- that pictures the whole thing -- and what a swell piece of acting Paul Huni does as the big city lawyer! And now, Hr. ~ud Hrs. Grand people -- whether you live in the city or the country: get this news about LUCEY STR~EE -- the finest cigarette ycu ever smoked| HOWARD CLANEY: It takes an investment of more th~ one hundred million dollars in the ~orldls choicest mellow-mild tobacco leaves -- the 0re~ of many Crops -- to make LUCKY STRIKE the finest cigarette you ever smoked: But even after this vast supply is gathered, it takes three years of aging -- of mellowing -- so that iIother ~'ature and Father Time can bring out the best that's in th&t fine tobacco. But even then those tobaccos must be given the benefit of the modern scientific "TOA8TING'r Process -- the process ~hat t~es out certain impurities naturally present in every tobacco leaf. With the benefit of purifying heat ... ~d the benefit of mellowing modern Ultra Violet Rays, the "TOASTII~G" Process makes LUCIC/ STRIKE the pure~ the /mellowest, the most deli~ious of cigarettes. No wonder LUCKIE8 are so good - sc kind to your throat! No wonder a great stage star like Paul ~ui -- whom Walter Winchell just mentioned -- has been a LUCKY smoker for 9 years! "An actor must always protect his voice and throat,,' he writes. "And especially in roles as long and strenuous as those I play, he must consider carefully which cigarette he c~ ~moke. That is why my choice is LUCMY STRIKE." Ladies and gentlemen -- if you want the purest, mellow-mildest, finest cigarette in all the world -- you too will reach for a LUCKY instead! £1IMO 1 0031L'~20
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-6- Thails the ei6~al for your cue, Anson Weeks out there where the Pacific embraces your shore.°.I~m bringing another great amuy of tuner-lnners ~Ith me to hear your tunes, Anson -- so catch us on the first bounce. Co;us on, Harold J. Wend~ of Lander, Wyoming, sit here next to Walter .... Heet Earl J. Weadock of H~Amond, Louisiana, he's a swelegant guy. ..Throw it in high, Clea~ey! And look out fox those RDckie~! The ~Io C~p~t sp~edB away. ON WITH THE DANCXN', ANSON' (WHISTLE) OKAY, SAN FRANCISCO! SAN FRANOISCO Ah'NOUNCEH: Through the Golden Gate dashes that great army of .'Tuner-inners,. to the M~rk Hopkins Hotel here in Sm~ Francisco where Anson Weeks and his Orchestra are waiting to play (TITLES) ( ) ( . ) ( ) ( 8A;~ FRANO, I~O0 ANNOUNCER: Again the Lucky Strike Eagle Carpet streaks through the Golden C~te an~ high ov~ the to~erlng RookleB to W~Ite~ ~nd hie Winchell-lingo, (WHISTLE) gKAy! NEW YOBX! Fine, Ansen, you and your boys certainly know how.... Stand by for another little while, Anson. Rl~01 0031321
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~ I;C~: (CONTINUES) -7- And now the formal opening of our national political forum. Tonight.s speaker is a Republican. Thursday night's speaker ~lll be a Democrat, for Lucky Strike is non-polltical. Lucky Strike is all-American. We now take you to Washington, D.C., where you will hear the Honorable Simeon D. Fees, United States Senator from Ohio, and 0hairman of the Republican National Cou~Ittee. You think of Senator Fees as a Statesman in Washington. He is a typical American, for he Is happiest when he cm% get away from pomp and ceremony and return to the little town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, where he can don a pair of dilapidated old overhalls, put a red bandana around hls neck and a broad- brimmed hat on his head, and start for hls garden. Born in a log cabin in Allen County, Ohio, Senator Fees had to struggle for an education. He overcame many difficulties. He has al~ays been keenly interested in politlcs~ and as a schoolboy took for hle declamation the famous speeches of Webster, Henry Slay, and to this day he can give from memory the nominating speeches of great men in national conventions which have gone down in hi story as great pieces of oratory. ~e have great pride and extreme pleasure in introducing to you Senator Simeon D. Fees, Chairman of the Republican National Committee. R]':~01 003'1322
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(CLOSING OF PROGRAm{ AFTER FEeS HAS SPOKEN:) WALTER WINC~LL: Thank you, Senator Fees. On Thursday night, ladies and gentlemen, we shall have the pleasure of presenting the Honorable Jouett Shouse, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Hational Committee. --STATION BREAE-- And now Mr. and Mrs. America -- let' s Winchelleap from Washington to Washington. Hack to Vlo ~eyers and his delightful orchestra. Here ~e come, Viol Waving a Howdy-doo to those who smoke Luckles, ~ud to those who will some day, we hope. Rarya, ~l~i~neapolis Journal| Denver Post and all the other gazettes that syndicate my sins. The magic carpet is West Coast-bound again! ON WITH T~ DANCE, VIG ~ITERS (%"~ISTLE) OKAY SEATTLE! SEATTLE ANNOUNCER: The Lucky Strike Roller-ooast-to-qoaeter is here in Seattle none the worse for its speedy trlp over the no~thern route. Vlc ~eyers and his orchestra salute its arrival ~Ith (TITLES) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) SEATTLE ANNOUNCER: 8eattle invites all you Lucky Strike dancers to visit us again, as we send you back to Walter Winchell. (WHISTLE) OKAy. NEW YORK! R I';KO 1 0031323
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f W_I~: That to ringing the bell, Vic Meyers! Youtre a winner every title with me. live heard what you're doing in Seattle. Live up to your front name, Victor. You have my best wishes. And now this is where I go into the second stanza~ The next battle in the Southwest probably will be between Nevada and Arkansaw....Because a corporation has been formed in the latter state to start a net town, which ~ill be n~ued, RENO, ARKANSAW" .... I just found out that one of his pals presented Paul Whlteman with a new bass fiddle, but Paul canlt get it under his chln:....Te the adzlirers of certain movie favorites, I want to remind them that today is the birthday of John Loder...~arch 3rd marks the birthday of Edmund Lows, Edna Best and Jean H~rlow .... Eddie Cantor Is the proud possessor of an unusually addressed letter ..... He received it without any delay, although his name ~id address are not on the e~velope....An admirer in Greensboro, North Carolina merely pasted a newspaper picture of Eddie on the envelope and Eddie says he wouldmlt part with it for a million dollars, which Of COUrSe, he Would. If you are a bookworm o~ a magazine addict then this probably will interest you....Xt is a paragraph dealing with the real naz~es of some of the better known authors.,.Frinstance: Gabrielle DtAnnunzlo is really Gabrielle Rampagnetto .... Clemence Dane is Winlfred Ashton .... Babette Deutsch is Mrs. Abrahm Yarmolinsky ...Jake Falstaff is Herman Fetzer...Ellnor Glyn is Mrs. Clayton GI~I.. Tom Grah~ is Sinclair Lewle...Anthony Abbott is Fulton Oursler... Ralph Irons is Olive 8hreiner...Nanc~ Boyd is Edna St. Vincent Hillsy and Dorothy Dixie Elizabeth Herlweather Gilmer! (i~. WIECHELL C~TII~UES 0~ ~?E~T PAGE) ~l I';WO I 0031324-
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-lO- (CONTZ VES} Talk about ~ild rackets -- the latest around the Broadway night clubs stars the son of a well known and socially registered f~ily. He dolls himself up in his dress clothes al~1ost every night and patronizes the cafes that feature girl revusicals .... He always comes alone -- sits at a corner table andwaits for the show to end to buy the girls champagne°..Then he says to & glrl: "I,ll bet you a dollar I can kiss you ~thout even sitting near you~"°... AS a rule, the girls says: "Why thatls crazy, of course I'll bet you a dollar you can't kiss me ~ithout being near me." And she puts up the dollar...Then the fello~ plants a steaming hot kiss right on her pretty llps and after he has had his kiss -- he laughs aud says: "Well, I lose1".....In fewer words, for one dollar he goes around kissing the prettiest girls alone Broadway| It happened at a recent party that Beatrice Lillie attended...~iss Lillle, in case you,ve never enjoyed her adroit comedy on the stage, has a delightful manner of squelching pests, who get in her hair. Off stage she is Lady Peel, but she'd rather you wouldntt bring that up. At this party, one such annoyer cornered Beatrice, and he said to her: "My dear Miss Lillie. Do you know that I spent $6 Just to see you In your show?" "pah-leez|" replied Beatrice (as she gave that indefinable toss of her head," refunds are made at the box office -- not here!" And now, Ur. and Ure. Boston-to-Hollywood -- herels Howard Claney to tell you why you get ~ore for your money when you reach for a LUCKYI ~i'i' )40 ~ 0031325
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-II- HOWARD CDANEY : Extra effort -- extr~ care -- extra time and ~:lo~%ey -- thatSs what makes DUCKIES extra good.r Extra effort In gathering for your LUCKY STRIKE the finest tobaccos from all OVer the world -- the mellow-r~ild tobaccos -- deliclou~ tobaccos -- the C~eea~ of many Crops. It takes extra ill:is, to age a/%d mellow those choice tobaccos for three whole years, u_qtil ~/other Nature has added all her full, rich flavoring. The tobaccos in your DUCKY STRIKE must be fully matured before ~e let science step in and complete the job -- by the exclusive "TOASTING" Process. It is the extras in DUCKIES that make them so popular. Thatls ~hy LUCKIES are the purest of cigarettes -- Thatls why DUCKIES are always kind to your thro~t, ~;L: That brings us back to the Golden Gate, State, ~nson Weeks....Howz Governor Ro%fe 8~d 1~yor Rossij Anson?.....Please ~'ive them both our fondest reg~ds, will ya? ,...All right, America ..... letls ride high{ Come on, Sime Silverman of Pa/m Sprigs, California -- I1m reaohing out for you no~ grab mF paw~ ON WITH THE DANaINt ANSON! (WHISTLE) OKAY, SAN FRANCISCO! SA~ FRANCISCO ANNOUNCER~ YOU Osrtainl7 must have been riding high, Walter. We never saw your magic carpet until just this minute when it settled down on the dance floor of the Mark Hopkins Hotel where ~]son Weeks and his orchestra Will play (titles) ) ) ) ) B]'~OI 0031326
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-12- SAN FRANCIS00 ANNODNOER: Ites a long trlp from the Pacific to the Atlantis, across this broad land of ours, but this is the way the Lucky Strike ~a~le Carpet takes it in one stride. (WHISTLE) OKAy! NEW YORK! Splendid, Anson Weeks -- you and Vlo Meyers of Seattle helped a lot tonight to make it a lively show .... Say hello to ~edbury for me, Anson, and all the boys in your ore~. This is where I acknowledge a few letters. Geraldine 0unnlngham of Los Angeles: I~m not sure -- because I never knew his middle nm~e. If heJs a member of the N.Y. Athletic -- then Itls the 8sme Mc0arthy. Yes, hers very much in love r~n ~&~ry ~Lulhern and she with him. Arl~ne 8hukan of Lowell, ~ass .... We canlt repeat orchestras too oftene Arllne -- we are trying te cover the entlre country, ~u k~ow.o..Wet11 h~ve h~m ~R~ however, ~ the ~e~, I~m sure. Yes, h~s orchestra went big. (l~R. WXNCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) A]'HO I 003132?
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-13- WIkCHE~ (CONTINUES) Walter Sullivan of Austin, Texas: Yes, I kno~ about that Woz~an, s Sowing Club in Utica, New York, nszli~ their club after me....You see what happens? YouVd better not become a newspaper man, Walter. John Kerwln of Bridgeport, Connecticut -- Yes, "He Loved her but the season closed" is an old theatrical o,,~oresslon. So is "}!eet the wife -- but not too often!" youtre very welcome, John Kerwln. And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings dorrn the asbestos on ~other of our alz squadrone....~ Thursday night we inherit another new orchestra -- Los-wee-gee RDma~elli, r~hose orchestra comes with high marks from Toronto, Canada. Los-wee-goers crew will split the honors that night with the 0con-Sanders Orchestra playing from Ne~ York City. And don't forget the National Political Forum hill continue Thursday evening-- tonight ~e heard from the Republican Party - on Thursday night we shall hear from the Democratlo Party. The dlsting~aished speaker will be The Honorable Joustt 8house, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Democrat National 0o~'~ittee. (~R. WINCHELL CC~TINUES ON NEXT PAGE) f31;,~Ol 003'132B
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/ ~' WII~CHEL~: I SO until Thursday night at the s~ne time, I renain Your New York correspondent, W~Iter Winohell, who was riding in the sub~ay an hour ag% and a moa~ got up to give s lady his seat. The wor~n I ras 8o surRrised she fainted....Ho~ever, when she recovered consciousness, 8he thanked him. T~EN HE FAII~TED.~ ( 81 G~ATUHE) CLOS_~NG ANNOUNOBI~T: (OPTIONAL) HOWARD CLANE~: The LUCKY 8TRIBE Dance Hour has come to you from New York Olty, Lo~ An~el~, Oali~o~nla, W~shln~ton, D.C. and Seattle, Washington, through the faoilitles of the Eat$onal Broadcasting Company. ~, ~i • , , / AGENCII~WINCH~LL/0C/OhilIeen R]'HO"I 0031 ~',,' ..
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T NQTE TO ANNOUNCER: TI~: ( ) (K~ke local ~nnounc~Jents every fifteen minutes except oi% dra~atlo pro zanls a thol~ht.~ which depend on succession of WEAF THE LUCKY STRIZE~0_~B ( )-( ) I0:00 - Ii:00 P.M. NARDH 3. 1938 (T~h~ SONG -- One chorus of "HAPPy DAyS ARE }~RE AGAIN" with vocal refrain. Immedla%ely followed by Announcer.) HOWARD CLANEY: Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, proBented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike Ci[~arettes - sixty modern minutes, with the worldls finest d~/%ce orchestras - tonight we brli1g you two great orchestras - one from Toronto, Smnada, a~d the other from New York City -- also, your Ne~ Yor:~ Correspondent, Wslts~ Winchell, of the New york Daily Fritter, whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrow| Good evening, Mr, and Mrs. United States, and cousin Toronto, Canada %he newest of the oitles to Join the Lucky Strike Dan°° And welcome to our big trlbel, Loc~wee-gee Romomelli and your orchestraZ It looks llke a lively music show with you across the Canadian border m~d the Coon-Sanders group playing from this tQm: of ours, New york Oity.....Prom Manhattan to Los Angeles -- from borde~ to border -- politics is on every ton~e...the preslden~ml campaign wi~h its vital questions is the big issue of the day. (~. WINCHELL CONTII~JES ON NEXT PAGE) ~1:401 0031330
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-2- Nominations for the Presidency of these United 8tates will soon be on the front pages of every newspaper in the land. This is an all-~,~erlcan program -- we believe that every American is interested in the burning questions that confront this mighty land -- and in the outst~dlng national leaders of both historic political parties. And so, later tonight, ~e present the second speaker in the great National polltloal Forums. Last Tuesday you heard from the Chalrma~ of the Republlc~u National Con~ittee, On ~onlghtls progrs~1 our dlstlnguished guest speaker ~ill be the Honorable Jouett Shouse, Executive Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. 80 come on, you dlal-Jugglers from all over the North American continent. LetTS ~ gay on this magdo carpet of ours -- and toe-and- heel i~ to the rhythms of those lads in the Great Domlnlon across the border-llne. Here we oome, Loo-wee-gee in the snap of a finger mar~er/ ON WITH THE DANCE, R0~ELLI~ (WHISTLE) OKAy, TOROFT0r TR ~T " ." Good evening, Toronto. Welcome all of you Lucky 8trlke Dr~ucers to The King Ed~rd Hotel, where Lulg£ Homanelll and his orchestra ~ill play (TITLES) ) ) ) ) R1~01 0031331
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TO~ONTO AI/NOUNCER: The Lucky 8trlke magic carpet is headil~g south out of Toronto and the Province of Ontario, back to Walter Winehell. (~F~ISTLE) oKAY, NEW yORX. Thatls the big idea, Romanelll. Consider your crew among the best .... I Jot down a few notes here for the first edition, s~d then after the Coon-S~nders crew toy with their tunes, we salute you again, sir. At the moment of flashing these news-notes, nothing new by ~y of a clue to the Lindbergh baby kidnappers has been discovered .... .The world that adores the Colonel and l~rs. Lindbergh is grieving ~th them in their long hours of anxiety, ~ud all of us heep hoping that the Lindberghs, who certdinly have done so much for others, ~Till be sp~rod from further worry 8~d hsartaohsso... The local papers here a few ~eeks ago told of the discovery of a young actress who claimed that her mother was the late Jeanne EaGelS.o°NO~ I learn that this yotmg lady, ~ho calls herself Julle Eagels, lost her ~ob with a theatrloal firm -- because ~he late Jeanne Eagells mother, who also is named Julie -- has engaged attorneys to restrain her from using the family name...It is the assertion of this actress that she oa~ prove that Jeanne E~gels was her mother -- and so another court battle will soon be due. (~R~ WINCHELL Co]~rINUES ON NEXT PAGE) ~I"XO'I 0031-~32
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/ ~: ( ooN~zlru'~ s) ~illla~ ~Ioholsj brother of Ru'~h Niehols~ the flier, is plotting to make some proo~her $2 richer .... His bride will be Eatherlne Parkero..Slnce she broke off her engagement to Ernest Lubitsoh, 0ha i~unson says tha~ she Will go in for no more foreign sntsa~glements...Some of the Hollywood oroI1d really believe that Jeanette EasDonuldls favorite person is Robert P~tchie -- but some of us know that R1tchie has terriflc opposition in the very rich o~er of ~ ~il~aukee department store..°The wedding ring that the west-coasters saw on Jeannettets dainty digit was a ten cent store ring ~hlch she neglected to remove between scenes one day.... Now that Ward Morehouse of the N.Y. Sun is on the Hollywood movie payrolls to write soenarlos -- ~Irlam Hopkins will have steady companyp for ~ri~m and Ward are the best of pals~ as the saying so amusingly goes .... Randolph Scott, who awoke one morning to learn that he was listed in the papers as Lupels newest arm decoration, prefers having it known that his favorite companion is none other than Florence L~ks, who is Arthur's sister....~rle Dressler, ~ho was more seriously ill than they admltted, is convalescing now .... ~ihich is my idea of happy newso.o..But ~hat distressed me more thou any of you will ever know was learning a month ago that my pals, Glo.dys Glad and ~k Helllnger were having their marriage Hexlcanned., Of course their bust-up ~as a terrific shock to all of us who know them intimately .... And none of us saw it coming .... I dldnlt know untll Hark told me a month ago -- and when I asked him why -- he explained that sour luck had trailed him since that horrible fire aboard that yacht last summer, when Helen Walsh, Gl~d~s best glrl friend in the Follies, had perished in the blazes..°G1adys never seer~ed quite the same glrl after that .............................. (~R. WIN0~LL 00NTI2~UES ON NEXT PAGE) F] 1 ~01 0031333
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LS~ (CONTINUES) She grieved and grieved about Helen a~,d still does -- for it was Glady8 who urged Helen to come mud have some Sunday recreation, and poor Glad felt that it was her fault ..°She never seemed to be able to flud ~ly happiness since th~ accident...And w1~en she told llarl: that perhaps she might be happier ~Ith her freedom -- i~rk swallowed the l~,p that leaped to hls throat -- m~d agreed to step aslde...That~s the low-do~n on their faded romance and I never dre~led at their wed~nE (at which I was best m~ and poor Helen was GladTs b~Ide~adid) -- that all this sadness was to enter their lives .... ~I hope something happens to bring them together again -- for they loved each other so devotedly a long time.,.Come on Cupid, old kld.,..Letls See how good your aim is! ~Iark is in Plttsburg~ right no~ -- and Gladys i~ making believe she is happier in Cincinnati -- without hlml All in ~6 hours, ~Irlwlnd Sophie Tucker made up her recent v~udewille act for the Palace Theatre| She got the call in Buffalo, eat up all night on the train, worked with HanT Yallen next day while he wrote four new songs lyrlos in four hours, rehearsed until four oteloek the next yawning, and then, not having had a wink of sleep in t~ nights, wowed the audience -- as only Sophie Tusker can ~o~ them| AI'~O] 003|334
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--6-. HQWARD CLANEY: When we interviewed the famous Sophie Tucker In her New York Hotel, she told us with her characteristic vigor: ,Sure I smoke LUCKIE8. ~__-X? Say, do you think I could put over one of my red hot songs If my throat had even a tickle In it? With LUCKIES, I est. forget throat Irrltatlonl. You may be sure that LUCKIESv finer flavor is another reason why Sophie Tucker has stuok to then for ten years. For LUCKY STP/HEI8 throat protection and richer taste go h~d in h~ndo When "TOASTING" expels certain lupurltlee that nature puts into every tobacco leaf, it naturally improves the flavor. And another thing -- when these impurities are removed, space is left for an extra measure of tobacco goodness... generous extra helping of quality -- quality that comes from the world, s finest tobacoos -- the most tender, most fragrant leaves that warm sunshine can produce| Thatle ~hy LUgKY STRIKE tastes so much better. Thatls why It!e the purest, mlldest, mellow-mlldest clg~rette you ever smoked. WI~CHEL~: Th~zk you~ ~h'. Olaney .... That serves as the next flash to the Gosh-Sanders o~ohestra playing from the New Yorker Hotel two miles from our m~kes. Get your ore~ ready, fellas....That magic oa1~e% of 3~r. Lucky 8trlkels is bringing such dellgh;ful persons as Little Eva Talbot of Somerset, Kentucky -- ~kmlce Caldr;ell of ~l~ankee, Wisconsin, and George Oatlln of Peorio, Illlnoy..... Turn on the hsatj gentlemen: ON WITH T}~E DANOE, O00N 8~DER8 (?IHISTLE) OICAY, NEW YO~dCER| "T- A1 ~I01 003'1335
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-7- Carrying on from the Hotel New Yorker wet11 do our best to turn on the heat with: (TITLE8) (. .) ( ) (. ) (. ) JOE SAUNDER8 : Climb aboard the Lucky 8trlke i{aglc Taxicab. Itls the only one in Ne~ York that doesnlt stop for traffic lights. (WHISTLE) OKAY WALTER WINCHELL| The~k you, Coon and S&'anderso..It sotunds plenty peppF from where Ilm tuning in. We Winchelleap to Washington from here a~id then back to Canada. Catch you on the late watch, boys. And no~7~ ladies and gentlemen -- we present as a g1~eat news servloe to the American peopl$~ the national Dolltlcal forum -- TonlghtTs speaker is 8 Democrat -- next Tuesday you will h~,~r from a Republloan ~ Lucky 8trlke takes no sides -- it belongs to all Amerloa. i..th~d so w8 offer both polltlc&l parties equal opportunity to address all you listeners. Tonight you will hear the Honorable Jouett Shouse, Executive Chs/rm~u of the Democratlo National Conzulttee. As a new~paper man I feel particularly proud to have Mr, ~.house on this program..,for we still count him as one of the great newspaper fratem~Ity.-..As a young man Jouett 8house was a cub reporter on the famous Lexington, Kentucky, Herald. (ER. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) RI.NO 1 0031336
Page 459: 0060233180
-8- fJ • ~: (CONTINUES) He rose to become managing editor, and when he moved to Kansas the story of his success was repeated in politics. Within six months he had won a State senatorship on the Democratlo ticket, running in a rock-ribbed Republican district. Jouett Shouse loves a close race ~- in polities as well as on the turf. Every yesl' youlll find him returning to his first love -- Kentucky -- for the famous Kentucky Derby. It is with extreme pride that we introduce to you this great American, a leading Democrat -- The Honorable Jouett Shouse, Exeoutlve Chairman of the Democratic National Co~uit tee. ~: (h~. SHOUSEt8 SPEECH FROM WASHINGTON, D.O.) Thank you, Mr. Shouse. Next Tuesday evening, ladies and gentlemen, we Will resume this National Political forum with a speech from one of the great le~dezs of the Republican Party. Remember, in this forum you will hear both sides of the vital political issues of the day. --STATION BREAK-- And now, ladies and gentlemen -- once again to the Loc-wee-gee Romm%elll cre~ playing from the Province of Ontario. (MR. WINCH~LT. CONTINUES 0~'~ ~,'EXT PAGE) I~1"N0'1 003"1332
Page 460: 0060233180
Loc--wee-~eep old boy -- ~eet some more of your fB/is.... This is Betty Parsons of Jaokson, i"~ohigan .... ~nis iS Homer Brown of Kansas Olty, h~ssourl, and this if Fr~unk Andrews of Elk Ridge, i~aryland .... They rer,Ch for a Lucky Strike Dance Hour instead, ON WITH THE DANCE, LOC~WEE-GEE RO'~A[CELLY (WHISTLE) OKAy, TORONTO! TOEO~!T0 AHNO~q~OER: As the Lucky Strike Eagle Oarpet comes to a stop in Toronto, Lulgl Rom~elli and his Orohestra start with (TITLES) ) ) ) ) TOHOI!TO AHI~O~SCOER: With a hop and skip the Luoky Strike Magic 0al~et olear8 the 0anadi~ Border ~d starts baok to Walter and his Wtnchell-low- do~. • (~IBTLE) OKAY, NEW yORK| Vet7 well done, Romanelli....I1m sure they liked you and your lads -- a~d th~.t my boss ~r. Lucky Strike keeps gettin~ to be a better picker of bandmnen every other day. Hear you ~galn soon, Leo-wee-gee. Ad-los~ This is where I put 8~qother edition to press. (NE. WINOHELL CONTINUES ON i,~XT PAGE) 003 1338
Page 461: 0060233180
The Ma~-A-Blook Plan certainly has done much throughout the country to melt the bre~lines -- for the American Legion and other groups have given it every support and, ae a r4sult, thousands and thousands of unemployed fellows are back at work...All of us in the Lucky Strike camp are gratefUl to those Oho~bers of Cor~neroe ~hloh have f~llen in llne, ~d this is to salute some near cities that have responded nobly. Herels yours, Lowellp ~ss~ Waterbu27, Conn,, Elizabeth, N,J., and Tulsa, Oklahoma~.,What city Will I nsme next? Come on, America -- tell it to Winohell, who w~ntB to tell it to the world| I see by Miss Florabel ~uirls Hollywood dispatches to her New York paper -- that some one in the movie colony has presented credentials, showing him to be the repreBentatlve of a Broadway columnist .... This is to inform the maglo lantern industry that the man doesntt represent Walter Winchell and I so state no~ because too many phoney boloneys have been posing as members of my staff, which I havenVt a~d neve~ had...Heleue Oostellot~ freedom from T o~ell ~eman le now only a matter of momentB.~..And while there appears ~0 be a io~ of f~u~ in making the ~st coast fortune ~sll~rs miserable, I ~oin with others, in r~indlng a clairvoyant that hs predicted the Beu Lyon and Bebe Danlele baby would be a boy~ ~hi~h turned out to be a gi~l....And there is this comfortlngthought to pass along...Harold Lloyd, I am informed by Laurence Raid~ a tellable item-collector, hasn't made a foot of film in a year -- neverthe~ess~ Lloyd has '~ept his entire staff of stenogs, office boy~ ~- stage meoho~nlcs ~d ~rltors on the payroll at full wages,...Put it the~e, Harold| : (~Ro ~L OONTINUE8 ON NEXT PAGE) ~q ~~0 ~ 003'1339
Page 462: 0060233180
( OONT~8 Mrs. AU~ASt Eel~ont, set, &ooord~ng to ~ cellea~e~ -ii- one of the gr~d Is, dles of the sm~rt has given up all social activities to devote her time ~%d money to helping the jobless...For which I w~ut to s~y thanks in behal~ oT the rest of us who are also tryin~ to be of service. To,morrow, 1~&roh %~ ~o that her admirers m~y know, is the blrthd~y of the lovely Dorothy Maokaill, who began her vaudevllle tour i~ Een~er to~yo...The ~o~t Inte~Btlng ~epo~t ~1~e ~e~ ~ age is the one released by MAss Da~ar Perkins, president of the ~tlo~al A~soci&tion ~o~ Am~le~ Speech. °..~i~a Pe~ki~B ar~no~tn~e~ that the ten most beoA~tlful and charming women in theseUnited States a~ ~8 re!lows: M~s. ~e~inald Vanderbilt .... "~s. Edwazd F° ~tton....~rs. Ol~ver ~. Jennings..o°Hrs. William Randolph He&rot, ~'~s. Oliver F~iman, M~. A~un~Ga~ i~k~, J~ue CoWl, Elsie Fergason, Lynn Fonta~e and Irene Rioh° The l&~t fi~ 8/e ~t~8~8, ~ ~e o~ the t~ ladi~B is under thirty...°MAss Perkins, who e~lected he~ lis~ of belfries, erpl~lued that th~t~ "is the te~tiu~ point when the g~t decisio~ is made as to whethe~ a ~oman is merely a ~retty thing -- or a g~eat beauty.'t.....~ell, ~e~haD~.,..But any llst tk~ le&ve~ out Billle Dove or Jean Ora~ford is hardly complete -- or maybe I~m preju~/ced? (MR. WINCHELL COIfTI.~UES 0i~ NEXT PAGE) RTN01 003|34-0
Page 463: 0060233180
-1B- Therels One thi~ th~.tfs ~rays i~teresti~ ~ ne~ ~l's to get more for our money! bo t~11¢ to you ~bout' A~d that's Just whz,,t Ho~Jard Olaney ~auts HOWARD 0~ A famous ~utoA~obile manufacturer is buil¢iing e~ e~ol~ous n~uber of ne~ c~rs this year, in the belief that the Americsm. people will aluays buy a great v~lue| This same response to greater v~us has led more millions of people to smoke LUOKf ST~n/EE than any other cig~.rette in the world' ~d LUOKIES do givs grs~ter w.lue, First, they are made of the finest tobaccos that good American dollars can buy -- the l.~ildost, most tender, most fragrant leaves that Hothez Earth c~u ~ro~! Thatls VAT,UE to start with' Second, for your thros.t ~)~'otootion, eve=y LUOEY STB/EE IS "TOASTED", which me~s that certain i~puritles naturally present in ever~ tobacco leaf h~.ve be~n expelled. ?~hen those inpurities go out, extra tobacco goodness goes inI ~ extr~ rose, sure of ~ality goes in[ That's value for you| ~d so we say, no other olg~rette in the whole wide world offers you so much for your money as LUO~X BTI~XE, the greatest value on any olg~rette counter in the ~,*orld today. Oko.y, ;~z'. N.B.0| .... Give ms b~ok my mc~o oa~spet, there ~rs places to go ~d music to he(~' as played in the 0oon-Satu~ders / mun:~er. i.~.. ~.~;OHELL C0!CTII3JE8 01C ~!EXT PAGE) t3T,~O1 003 134.'1
Page 464: 0060233180
U , . ~11 w xc~! (CO~tTINUZS) Come on octet--to--coaster D21d he, vs yourself a time ~ith Walter as your pilot' ..... Ha=ya, Ted Brovm, foreman of all those co~.~-punohers in the Salt Lake City sector -- Okay, Ted, sit here by me .... Heet Mac Wee~is of Atlemtio City, and 8am Wexler of Chicago; All set for a ride in the clouds? Then let's leap! ON WITH THE DANCE, COON SAbq,'DERe! (~4ISTLE) 0KAY NEW Y0~q<ER J 0~DE_EB~: Again we carry on in the big Hotel New Yorker in little Old New York irlth (TITLES) ( ) [ ) ( ) JoE SAV,~D~8: And now, ~aglo Carpet, go right aazose town to Walter, a~nd donlt bump into any sky scrapers. (~'~ISTLE) OKAy WALTER WINCHELL. !~Thatts b~inglng the music 41vlelon to a en~ppy ~rlnd-up, Coon end Sandezs. Thanks, agaln°...! read my mail here before calling it another day. Hrs. Grace Maoken of San Franeleco..The last reports had Tallulmh and Joel :;acRea as a new combination...~e makes $5,000 every week. (h~. ~HCHELL OONTIL'UES ON L~XT PAGE)
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George Oarnshan of Zanesville, Ohio: The well-kno~ legend about hoe the expression "The 400" started, George -- Is that a chap named ~oAlllster was once asked by a society lady Just how many people to invite to a fancy dress bail...He prepared an exclusive list of names, 400 in all -- and there, as the saying goes, you are. Earle Jones of Fayetteville, Tennessee: Evelyn 5aye starred In Mr. Ziegfeldls .Bitter-Sweet. show about two ye~'s ago. 8he was the outstanding hlt of the season, a lovely looker ~nd a talented glzl.,.At one tlme the talk had it that she would maa, ry Ronald aolman, when he got his melting papers, but that chatter has since faded. ~,iae ~urphy of Brighton, Mass, Thanks for your nice letter, i~e| But I mentioned their blrthd~ys on Tuesday night, Jean Earlow, Edna Best and Edmund Lowe are celebrating thelrTs today ~ send my good wishes when you send yours. And tha~, i~e ;~uxphy, aud all Fom other members of our great blg tribe of tuner-innere -- brlmg8 me down to my posteorlpt. .... On SaturdaF night wolfe going to t~e you all to college again when we broadcas~ arA affair glve~ by "The Gree:z Eey~ an organization of sophomores of Dartmouth College at Hanover, New Hampshlrs. The Barbary Coast Orchestra ~ill play the music and they ~ill share the spotlight with our old pal, G~B Arnhdim and hls crew playi~ from another favorite port of call ~ Ohloago, and need I add Illinoy? (L_~. WIEC~LL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) RT 01 0031343
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v V ~., ~ ~ -15- • , (CONTII~ES) II • And do~I$ forget, ~" and ~rs, America -- next TuQsday night we ~ain briug you that unique news feature ~ the National Political Fort~1 -- the live issues of the Prosldential Camps/~ presented by the outstanding leaders of both parties, Tonight you heard the Honorable Jouett 8house, Executive Ohairman of the De~aocratie National Co~mittee. 0~'~ Tuesday night you will hear from a prominent leader of the Republican Party, (under the sponsorship of the Republican ~'ational Co~ittee. Tune in and get both sides of the current questions of the dayl 8o -- reach for a LUCKY and a Lucky Strike Dance Hour at the s~ue tlme on Saturday night. Until then, as heretofore, I remain your New York oorrespondent~ Walter Winchell -- who "'~,~ ~ ':' CLOSING A}r~O~: HOW4RD CLANEY: (OPTIONAL) The LUCKY STRIKE Dance Hour ha8 come to you from }~ew York City, Toront% Canada, and Washington, D.g.,through the facilities of the National Broadoastlng Company. AGENCY/WINO}~bL/ChilIeon 3/3/ 2 I I" 0 ]003 J
Page 467: 0060233180
TNE LUCKY STRIK OA ;C H0tm ( )( ) I QLQO - II;00 P. i~,, March 5th, 1932 ST_~Y (THEii~ SONG ... ONE CHORUS O.~ flEAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAI-~!", WITH VOCAL ~REFRAIN. I~DIATELY YELLOWED BY A • OU, C=R.) HOWARD CLAI~Y: Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of Lucky Stri~e Cigarettes ... sixty modern minutes with the worldls finest d~ce orchestras, and tonight, we bring you two groat orchestras - one from Dartmouth College, and one from chicago; also your NeW York correspondent, Walter Winchell, of the NeW York Daily Eirror, whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrow. Mr. Walter Winohelll WALTER ~71NCh~L~: Good evening, ~r. and Mrs. Tuner-Inner and ~eloome back to the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, Gus Arnhelm and your boys . .. And just as affeotlonate a welcome to the nemest of our orchestras - The Barbary coast Crew, playing from Dartmouth 0ollege at Hanover, New Hampshire | Before hopping aboard our magic carpet, ladies and gentlemen, I want to ask the help of the HollyWood newspaper fraternity, to watch out for an imposter, who is presenting himself at the studios there and offering what he calls credentials from me, as my West Coast representatlve ... (~. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT pAGE) RT 01 00313 5
Page 468: 0060233180
-- 2 -- ~R. WINCHELL: (CONTINUING) This is to say that I have never had and do not have now - any accredited news deputies. And thank you for anything you do about it, All right, Mr. N. B. C.! How are all you new listeners in 8hreveport~ Loulslan8~ and welcome to our Lucky 8trlke Network, Stat$on KTBSZ Clear the way, please! ... This Ha qoy-Go- Lucky-Strlke crowd is dance-melody-bound, again, with the rhythms coming direct from Dartmouth College, on the first hook-up. Here we go - all the way from New YoTk into the heavens to cry: ON WITH THE DANCE, YOU BAI~BARY COASTER8~ (~HIeTLE) OKAY, DARTMOUTH! DAKTMOUTH ANNOUNOER. Welcome to the campus of Dartmouth College at Hanover, New Hampshlwe. You are going to dance in our gymnasium at the party of the Green Key, to the music of our owh Barbary Coast Orchestra. The flrBt numbers a~e o.. ) .) .) ) DART~0UTH ANN 01~C~R: Now the Lucky Strike Magic Carpet flies down the Adirondacks, to Walter and his Winehell-low-down. (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW: YORKI R1~01 0031346
Page 469: 0060233180
-3- WALTER WINCHELL: Thank you, gentlezlen. You w~re delightful ... This is where Reporter Walter wrecks another typewrltcr nith m~ item or t,~o or throe - and then after ~:s contact ,vith Gus Arnheimls boys in Chicago - ~e signal you, again. ! After a long-tlme ro~ANOE - Lois Wilson, one of the lovelie~ ladies of the magic Im~tern profession, will middle-aisle it with a gentleman nemed Winslow Felix ... Kenneth Harlan, who recently won his freedom for the second time and who was reported altar-bound with psala Johnson - isnlt ... The decision to drop~ the subject happened suddenly the other night .. The report in the Ne~ York gazettes the other morning that beautiful Barbara Smith of the "Of Thee I sine" ensemble - had parted from her recently new gr6om - turned out for the best .,. For the next day, Barbara and the chap who wrote ,,Lady, Play Your Mandolin" decided that two can llve happier than one ... It pained me to learn that Jess Willard, who starred in the prize-zlng, is up a~ainst it now. It is old news to the west coasters that ~ames J. deffrles, who was once the favorite among the heavyweight champs~ has been refereeing fights at Twenty-five Dollars a show ... But Willard, who made more money in his fights with Dempsey and Firpo - than Jeff got during his entire career - couldn, t make good on a $100 check he cashed the other day ... It seems that his bank out there, had folded up llke an accordlan mud he told the eou~t he is without funds to make that check good ... (14R. ~/INCHELL CONTII~UES ANEXT PAGE) "L\ f~] MO I 003 ~ 3,12
Page 470: 0060233180
f -4- ~R. WINaHELL: (CONTINUING) Perhaps thl8 report will arouse the sy~.~pathy of his friends who can afford to help him out ... ~ know that a lot of you have been wondering why Ere. Winchell~s Walter hasnTt been teasing his friendliest enemy - Ben Bernie - all week, as has been the custom ... Well, Bevnle explained it the other night, znd I~d like to repeat it now ... Just as we both feared - too ma/ly tuner- inners misunderstood our battle of the air ... They thought Bernie and Walter ~Tere serious about the jibes 8/~d fllp cracks, when we werenlt ... We thought such a war would amuse you all ... and so we sharpened our wits - and proceeded to give each other a piece of our alleged minds ... Please then - don't take us so to heart - and know that we really a~e good pals~ and have been for a long time ... And that we are only kidding . .. And that I just found out that in Chicngo, where the 01d Mice Trap is appearing, they are buying orchestra leaders like Bernie for one dolla~ the dozen - but ~vhat I should like to know, is when did the price go up????? MarlanU~rsh and Arline Judge, both sufferers from severe attacks of the flu, are now oonvalesclng ... The most convincing of the soTeents new villains, is Ralph Harolde, who has been reported by the California papews as being the new steady of the attractive Esthe~ Muir ... Hiss Muir, I am assured, still remains in circulation - and that they are merely good friends ... And that ~. Barolde is making the telephone company richer by using the long distance lines for hours at a time - to swap pretty wordage with a Chattanooga~ Tennessee schoolmarm, ..... (CO~TII~/ED NEXT PAGE) P~T,~O ! 0031348
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-- 5 - MR. ~INCHEL~L: (CONTINUING) The other morning in the column, I ran what I considered the most beautiful of the sentimental compositions I had ever read .., It is known as the Last Will and Testament of a lawyer known as Charles Lounsbury, in whose pockets they reported it was found, after he died in lllinoy several years ago ... I was told, too, that that will was oonsidered~egally perfect by expert attorneys, who finally had the Chicago Bar Association pass a resolution to place it in the records of the probate Court in Cook County ... After I published it - nuz~rous letters came from readers who were pleased .,. Then I got a letter from Irvln~ Berlin this morning ... In which Mr. Berlin also enclosed a song of his called "When I Leave the World Behind", which was inspired, he said, b~ that Will ... However, Berlin tells me that the Will was not written by Charles LounsburF~ but by a man n~med Williston Fish, who wrote it for a pamphlet for a bar&king house ... But what confuses me is this: Berlin ss~vs Williston Fish wrote it - yet this song is dedicated to a Charles" Lounsbury - and I wish the members of the Chicago Hat Associatidn ~yould enter into the controversy and settle it once and for all, so that the records may be kept accurate. Among other things that make big paragraphs llke these is thiB: ..... It concerns prisoner No. 15122 (Howard Moore is his name) who is in solitary confinement at Leavenworth for being a slacker during the war ,., (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) ~ ]~'01 00313,~-9
Page 472: 0060233180
-6- HR. WINCHEL~: (CONTINUING) yet Prisoner No. 15122, who was jailed for being allegedly afraid to fight - received the Carnegie Hero ~edal for risking his life to save another prisoner. • ~ --7 I have been having a little fun with a series of Jokes on nyself, but I suspeot that my contzibutors have been havi~ a lot more fun ... Recently I started a series of Epitaphs, or Pepitaphs, as I call them ... Fzinstanee: '~ere Lies Walter Winchell - As Usual Z" ... Another from a reader was: "Here Lies Walter Winchell - One Worm to Another" - but the best in a long spell wa~ the one that came today from John J. Reid of New Yo~k City ... Here is John, s suggestion for my pepitaph: "Here Lies Walter Winchell. OKAY AMERICA|" And now, folks, herels Howara Claney ready to give you the bile-of-fare for tonight - a package of LUCEIES! £1 [,fO I 003'1350
Page 473: 0060233180
-7- HOWARD C~LANEY: DO you know why LUCKIES taste so good? ... Why they have that rleh, delicious flavor you won't find in any other cigarette? Itts because LUCKY STRIKE gives you real tobacco flavor, undiluted by impurities. LUCKY STRIKE starts with the world, s finest, mellow-mildest, most expensive, tobaccos - the Cream of many Crops. But - there's only one way to make a cigarette really delicious ... and that is to take out certain harsh, irritating impurities natually present in every tobacco leaf. And LUCKY STRIKE does take out these impurities, for LUOKY STRIKE is the only cigarette that employs that "TOASTING" Proces~ to expel them. Thatls why LUOKY STRIKE is so much better - better in tea/, tobacco flavor - better because itls always kind to your throat ... better because every LUCKY is chock full of the mellow goodness of modern Ultra Violet Rays ... better because it gives you more tobacco quality for your money| The finest, purest, mellow-mildest cigarette you ever smokedt ~ALTER UINCKELL: Thank 7ou, C[aney ... Dust off that cloud in the back of our ~{agio Carpet, will ya, Ho~ie? . .. 80 Henry g. Lancaster of ~iami, ARIzoNA, can have a seat ... Henry wired me that he hears our Lucky Strike programs l~OO feet underground in a copper mine and thatls plenty Winohell-low-down| . .. Henry Lanc~ter meet F. T. Mysl~naki of Hew Kensington, Pennsylvaula, and Pearl Greenblatt of Roxbury, Mass. Now let's ride the sky, again - to give mu affectionate embrace to the Gu8 Arnhelm Orchestra out there in Illinoy. (~R. WINCHELL CO~TINUES NEXT PAGE) £T~O] 003'1351
Page 474: 0060233180
LR, W I ~O~iLL.. (OONTI~ING} Mere we go, Gus, right over the Susquehanna Rivor - look~ That ~as Youngstown~ Ohio; therels Toledo; therels Elkh~rt, Indian~, and this is: ON UITH THE D~NOE, GUS ARNHEI~t (WHISTLE} C~IAy, 0HIOAG0| CHICAGQ A~GUNCES: At the Winter Garden in 0hic~!o, Gus A rnheim and his 0r~hestra ~ill pl~y °.. ,) .) .) .) J CHIC~0 Ir~!COUNCER: The Lucky 8trlke H~io Carpet now travels alonE the famili~r route back to ~alte~ Winchell ... (WHISTLe) OXAY, ~ .vO~ You're still p~oking the same wallop, Gus Arnheim, Itls bee;'., too long slnoe ne hoard your cre'~, first-rater ... Stand by until the next cue, Gus ... Fl'r,'dO 1 OOS 1352 I I
Page 475: 0060233180
Ladies -9- and gentlemen - politlcs is front-page news fro;~ Maine to C&lifornia' Political rallies - speeches -~bates in every to~n, cross,old ~.~d vil!e~e throughout the l~u~-d z~ark the preli~liu~ries of the great Presidential Caupalyn of 1932. 8con the t'o historic politloal parties ~?ill hold their Nouin~ing Co~%vontlons - ~e~l~hile~ ai? ~oric& iB T&llyi~g to ~e b~iner or the otherL Next Tuesday night again ~e bring to you the nation- ~,ide poli~&l forum - that unique ne~s feature b~ou~ht to all you listeners ~s & p~rt of the LUCKY STRIKE program - the distinguished speaker on Tuosd~v will be the H~no~ble J~m~s E. ~atson, United States 8enato~ ~rom the sovereign state of Indiana. 8~nator Wataon speaks under the auspices of the Republic~u National Co~ulttee; and next Thursday nlght~ you ~.~ill henr the ~onor&ble Jos89h T. Robinson, United States 8enato~ from the sovereign stat~ of Arkanaas. Senator Robinson ~i11 speak under the sponsorship o~ the Democratlc National Co~mittee. ~emembe~ - DUOKY STRIKE is non-polltlcal. It belongs to no party - it serves all America. Lucky 8t:ike has nothing whatsoeve~ to do with what i8 8aid during the tim? devoted by ~he De~oo~atlc ~d Republican National Oommlttees to ~he u~o~nsored expression of thei~ vle~8. We do not even kno~ in advance what Will be s~id, but Lucky Strike is proud again t~ be of Bewvlee - Lucky 8trlke 18 p~oud, exceedingly, that it is able to contribute its facilities to the Democ~atlo and ~epublio,~n parties, those hiato~ic parties which have for g~ne~ations built ou~ countrFts policies. To be able to offo~ their groat service to the ~e~ic~u public is a ~att~,r of ~incere p~Ide and pleasure to the manufacturers of Luck¥ Stvlke Oigarattes. ~T:401 0031353
Page 476: 0060233180
• ~ L~I ~ALTEK ~INCHELL: NOW letls go back to Hanover, Ne~ Hampshire to hear ~he Dartmouth Ccllegiates again. PI~aB~ mov~ ove~, ~. ~pectTe of B~ti~oT~ 8~d m~k~ room for Betty Jane Tucker of Conneaut, Ohio, and Jack and Betty Hiller of San Francisco ... Throw it to the skies, fellas, werve got a tail-wlnd with us. Whoopeeees| We:re off! ... Harya, Springfield, Mass., and Hanchsster~ ON WITH THE DANCE, NEW HA/4PSHIRE! (WHISTLE) OKAY, DART~O'3TE I DARTMOUTH ANNOUNCER: Back at the Green Key party at Dartmouth, the Lucky ~trlke Dance goes on with the Barbary Coast Orchestra playing ... DAP~OU~H ANN~UNC ER: With a aelute to a~.l Davmouth Al~m~i, th~ Lucky 8trlke Magic Carpet leaves Hanover ~or Walter and his Winchell- lingo. (WHISTLE) OKAY, NEW YOFXC A?EO ] 003 "13-q,~-
Page 477: 0060233180
WALT~ W[NCHHLLI~ TWo hits in tno times at bat is 1,000 percent, D~tmouth ~,, I c~nlt give you • better w~ite-up th~n that, fell~s. Thanks fez the jolly moments - hear you sometime soon again on our tour of the world| And now for the second edition - wlth millions of subscribers f~om 811 oveT the l~id makin~ the ~ob all the ~lore i~terestlng. I presume that youlve read the accounts in the papers about the dramatic critics being accused of destroying the Theatre °.. What did not surprise me was observing that Arthur Brisbane, one of the better journalists, agreed that the dramatic critics wove smart aloes, whose wisecracks, wrote Mr. Brisbane, are not helping the stage. Well, I sa~ 1 was notsurprised about Hr. Brisbane'a views for he has always been opposed to critics ... 80 much so - that for a long time, he refused to have any dramatlo critic o~ the New york Journal, one of the papers he edits for Mr, Hearst... and he had ~ reporter write only notices of prlase, no matter how dull the pls.v was ;;. And that didnlt help bring customers to the box office ~.. 8o Kr; B~isbane a~aln hired a regular critic, who makes wisecracks and funny ones, too ... And his theatrlcal pa~es~ as a result, a~e more ~e&dable than eve~ ,.. Trust Arthur Brisbane more than anF athez one man in America, to know when to change his mind. (MR. WINCKELL CONTINUES ~'EXT pAGE) \ f~ ] ',:4( I 0031355
Page 478: 0060233180
MR. WINOYJZLL: (COntINUING) I donlt believe that ~Lnyone should protect the mana~e~s, authors, producers ~ud a~to~B from the c~'itics - Bo much as I believe that the critics should protect Mr. and Mrs. John Public from the army of incompetents who do not blush when they attempt to Baw~um the averse pl~y.~eer . •• Fer tryin~ te be ~n honest defender of the drama - as a servant of the publi% your correspondent was barred from thirty-eight theatres for four years - but flnalT.y enjeyed the ti-~ill of having those who exiled me, ask me back - And now I am pleased to report that - as pilot of the Lucky Strike Magic Carpet, my evenings ar~all t~en up. The Man-A-Block~Plan still is blazing the way for the ~obless - and how! ... Ne~ York CitF, ~ftez a tardy start, is now high on the llst ... And Mr. 8hattuck of the ~ergencF Relief 0or~ittee here, following the plan of Gr~nd Rapid~, has already cnntacted with hundredB of locsl ~ec~F ~to~ee to feature h~ baskets - into whioh ladies who go to market, m~F drop foodstuff for the distreesed amd needy ... Lockport, New York~ is another newcomer, becauBe Willlam H~nby, Comm~de~ of the Am~ic~ Le~ion there, got busF, so ~hank you, LeckportI Ne~ York, Fou too, Seattle, for the 8ta~ 8unehine Olub which has fed 3~3,138 m~als to it~ unemployed ... And to K~ H. ~a~tin of NiCaea Falls - mF hobs, ~. Lucky Strike, is heeding you~ request~ sir, and is sending you the Man-A-Black-Plmn ... Thanks fo~ wanting it ... And 8~ether b~avo to D~, Nichola~ ~u~V Butl~, P~e~i~nt of Columbia Unlve~Ity, fo~ joining th~ campaign to put i0~000 N~W yo~k bl~cks on the list. (CONT~)Z!ED NEXT PAGE) ~]N01 003"~ 356
Page 479: 0060233180
MR. ~INCHELL: (CONTINUING) Getting back to ~, favorite subject - Actors versus Critics - I r,ant to ~evive some of my favorites anlon~ the Capsule Criticisms ... There was the tilue, frlx~ple, when one cruel critlo said of a certain actor: "All the li~ting effects in the world oouldntt stop you from thinking that this ham wouldntt look better between two sllees of rye b~eadt" Then there's the other caustic crack by a cruel o~itlc, ,he stillettoes a well Itn@Tn actress by reporting as follows! "She threw her good knee out of joint last night by over-actlng|,, However, there have been just as many nasty digs at dramatic critics ... There was the time, frinstanoe, ~hen a critic went up to Wilton Lackaye, the actor, who was sittln~" in his club readinE a ne~spaper. Lacksye had appeared on a LarJbs Gambol Show that night for the first time in an age ... The critic was tremendously inrp~essed with Laekayets adrolt and artful performance, mud wanted to please the actor. "I saw y~u act tonight at the shcw~" said the affable critic; "Te].l m~, sir, how does it feel to be such a wonderful actor?" And LaokaTe~ without even looking up fron his paper, sar(~astlcally gwoaned: .i'outll never kaow - y~u111 ~ev~r knoW~" Voltal~ called Shakespeare an inspired savage had no appreciation of Wordsworth ... • .. Poe Rr,~o 1 oo3135z
Page 480: 0060233180
J - 14 - i~,. ~INOHELL: (CONTINUING) 0oleridge spoke dispars~ingly of Gibson ~ud Dante was slurred, too - according to his historians ... And it was Balzac ~ho hit it squarely on the head when he said: "'~ediocrltF is neve~ dlscussedZ ... But Landor:s advice is nF guide. He said: 'To prlase a fault is worse th~n to conunlt one|'" I T~ant to tip off my Ne~ York listeners right now, that the Eetropolitan Opera is >utting on a grand sho~ tomorrow night - every artlBt i8 donating his services, and the money taken in, goes to the Uusicians Emergency A~d Fund. Believe you Wlnohell, musicians have taken it on the chin In this dep~esslo~, ~Id Xtm for anything to give them a helping hand. Whatls more, thls is going to be a grand show - canlt tell you all about it now, but one number is a wow° Itts a parody on an actual musical tryout at the ~etropolltan. £t~01 0031358
Page 481: 0060233180
- 15 - "~OWA~qD CLANEY: LUOEY STRIYJ~ is glad to call your atteltlon to this Metropglitan benefit program. ~e are pleased to cooperate %:ith the Uetropolltan Opera, and ~e are very p~oud that throe out of every four of the great MetropSlitan Opera singers ~ve intervie'~ed, are LUCKY STRIKE smokers. May I read you ~;hat just one of these great artists writes - Madam Ina Bourskaya, who ~iJ.l take part in tomorrow nlghtTs program: "~nen I slnS in ~Carmen~, the role calls for smoking a cigarette . .. mud for years, I have made very sure that the cigarette is always a LUCKY. Fez I know that LUCKIE8 will not irritate my throat." ... Not only stars of the opera - business exeoutlves - physicians - but millions upon millions recognize LUGKY 8TRIY~ as the fineKt of cigarettes - for it gives the double value of rlch, delicious tobacco, the Cream of many Crops - plus the throat protection of the famous LUOKY STRIKE "TOASTING" Process. It is thi_~s purifying, mellowing process that expels .certain harsh impurities n.%tural~ present in every tobacco leaf. By e~slling these impurities, it leaves room for more tobacco goodness, And so ~hile ~aking LUOKIES kind to yo~.~r throat, the "TOASTING" Process also makes it more delic~us to Four taste and gives you more for your money than you wlll find in any other cigarette. For ~n nuokies, you get more value, more honest tobacco value than in any other cigarette in all this wide world~ R]'~401 0031359
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WALTER WINCHELL: Thatls the oue to go gay again, ladies and gentle~en - out there with the Gus Arnheim bunch of bu~lers and bass-drum busters ... Oatch this sky-riding oro~sd for me, Gus - theylve been lettihg me into their homes for over four months now - and live promised them a]lappy-Go-Luoky-StTike time! ON WITH THE DANCE, GUB ARNHEIM| (WHISTLE) OKAY, CHICAGO! CHICAGO ANNOUNCER: The Hap~y-Go-Lucky-Strlke-Time goes on ~Ith Gus ATnhelm and his OTohestra playing the ~d~nce n~us$o. The numbers ) ) L) .) ) CHICAGO ANNOUNCER| .! The Lucky Btrlke ~a~Ic Ca~et ro11~ up ~d hsada east from Ohlca~o, to ~alte~ Winchell ... (WHISTI~) OKAY, ~ YORK| RT,NL 1 0031360
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t. , .... ~ :7~,~T~~¸ :~ ~ ..... MR. ~I~CHEL~: (CONTINUING) 8o poor Dilllngh~ carried out the orders one day - and ~ound u@ being sent to bedl ... Get better soon, Joe. H~ppier days~ Dorothy Randall, Los ~%~sles: Thc~ks - but there are so many nicknames for imit~tqrs, Dorothy ... On Broadway, imitators are called "oarbon ooples" or "echoes, ... And then thsret8 "Dittees" o.. I~It~tlon they say is the sincerest form of flattery~ but ~Ore often Is it the sincerest form of insult, as Oscar Ullfe once chirped. George EdWards of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this is for you, si~° United 8tares senator 81meor~ D. Fees, i~ Vice Chairman. of the George Washlngton BI-Gentennial Commission ~hich is a big job. It was he, who eight years a~o, introduced the le2;ialat!on to make the offiolal ceM bration of the t~:o hundredth anniversary of George Washington,s birth possible~ And that~ Dorothy Randall and the rest of you s~elegant ~kVs and g~a~ bzlngs down the curtain on 8~%othew LUCKY STRIEE Dance Hou~ ... On Tussds.v n~ght nezt, we b~Ing you an hour of uuslc by Vinoent Lopez mud his great crew in New York City. And don~t forget, Hrs. and Ers~ Amer!ca~ on that night, you wlll again hesr that unique, news feature - the National political Forum. (i~R. ~NO~.ELL OONT~"JE$ h~X~ PAGE) f~Y,NO 1 0031361 r3
Page 484: 0060233180
WALTER WINOHELL: Th~s mo~e than I have tlmG to tell you, Gus ArrLhei~ - and please share this handshake ~ith all you~ crow ... I gotta look over a lstte~ or so - and ~ind up the sho~ right to the moment, you know. Janet Lomberg, Nutley, Now J~rsey, Janet ... The best lesson in tact that I know of remember a womanYs birthday - but never her age, this is fo~ you, iS this - always Carl B. Kraus of omaha says that there has been a controversy on the sports pages about nhat should baseball umpires wear, and Carl Wauts me to make a suggestion. How about spectacles, Carl? Joseph Weltzner at the Rod Cross Ht. Alto Hospital in ~ashington, this one is for you, Joe ~ .. Charles Dillingham, a fine sho~ produoe~, once was Charles Frohmants p~ess agent ... And Mr. Fvohman Just eouldnlt be bothered about seeing a doctor when he felt Ill ... 8o he alw~:s sent ~r. Dillln~ham after telling him where he had his pains. "You tell the doctor,, said ~r. Frohman, " Just where you ache, see? Then come back mud tell ms ~hat he said to do for it." (HR. ~.INCHELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) ~]NO~ 003]36]
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.. r~-v- ~ :: ~:~ T&~,~ ,~.~, ~R. WINOHELL: (CONTINUING / your dlstln~,lished speaker on Tuesday, under the auspices of the ~epublioan Natle;~%l Co~anittce, will be the Honorable James E. Watson, Unlted States senator from Indis~la; while on Thursday you i~iiI hear from the Honorable Joseph T. Robinson, United States Senator from Arkansas, under the sponsorship of the Democratlo National Committee. So until Tuesday night at exaoti¥ the same moment, I remain, you~ NeW York Corres2ondent, ~e/ter Wlnchell. who just figured out that if one were to take all the radio masters of ceremonies and laid them end to end - that - IT W~JLDNtT BE SUCH A BAD IDEA| (SZGNATURE) QLOSING /uT~OUNCEMENT:. (OPTIONAL) HOWARD CLANEY: The LUCKY 8TRIKE Dance Hour has come to F<u from New York City; H~uover, New H~pshire; and Ohicago, Illinois, through the facilities of the National Broadcasting Company. AGENCY:WINCHELL: CC 3/5/32 *om~ AI~O ] 003l 362
Page 486: 0060233180
r e LUCKY STRIKE DAN'CE 60 Modern Minutes with the world's finest Dance Orchestras and the one and only Walter Winchell TUESDAY , TEIDRSDAY , SATURDAY LUCKIES are always kind to your throat.°" T~SDAF, ~A~O~ ~t~, 19~e. (THENCE SONG ... ONE OHORUS Or "HAPPY DAYS ARE HEHE AGAIN", WITH VOCAL REFRAIN. I~%[EDIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCER.) NO'YARD ~LANEY: Ladies and gontle~on~ the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, presented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike cigarettes - slxty modern minutes with the worldls finest dance orchestras, and your New York correspondent, Walter Winchell~ of the NeW york Daily Mirror, ~hose goBslp of today, beesmss ~hs news of tomorrow| Mr. Wmltor Winohslli WA~TEK WINOHELT : Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Narth, South, ~ast and West - and ~:elsome Back to The Lucky Strike Dance Hour, Saynore Vincent Loper | (MR. WINON~LL OONTI~JE8 NEXT PAGE) \
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you ollcked in the big-tlme stFIe for us the last time you hopped 8board our ~agic Carpet, Vincent - and the mail rcspons~ fTom OUT tun~T-inner~ demanded that we hTin~ you h~c~ soon~ 8~In .., And this0 sir, is wh~t we 0811 8oo~ ... So come on, Lopez! Welre North American Continent bound, once more - ~Ith your n~le in the lights. And th~ ~ta~ting point is f~om the smart Kotel St. Retie i~ thie New Yo~k of our~ Here's your se~, ~ildred Nixon of Forest Hills| Right next to pilot "~inchell ... And you sit he~e, L~ur~ 8nyde~ Bh~bu~g ~ pennsylv ~i~ (~. U~NCKEL5 CONTINUES NEXT pAGE) 81">401 003136~
Page 488: 0060233180
~: (OONTI~I~Q) Throw it in sear, you Fifty-three Key Cities| ThatTs coveting these United States in the LUCKY STRIKE mm~ner| ON WITH THE DANCE, VINCENT| (V~'HISTLE) OKAY~ LOPEZ | VINCENT LOPEZ: Lopez speaking| WeIre starting tho Lucky Strike Dance in the Hotel St. Regis with ... ) ,.w , , , ) ) _ ) ) ) The Lucky Strike Magic O&rpet flies back to Walter and hie Winchell-low-down. (~F~I~TLE) OE~, WALTEI. WINCHELL| '~: Thank you~ Vince~t Lopez • ... You're familiar with the way we put our editions to preso, Ilm sure ... Ri~ht here, I juggle my Word~e awhile - and then comes your second signal. Staud by, Vince. (HR~ WINCEELL OONTIIiq3EE ~XT PAGE) Fll XO I 0031365
Page 489: 0060233180
-3- ~R. WINCHELL.: (CONTINUING) I !,~now that this will first startle the ~lovie colony on the west coast - and then it will amuse them . .. When I report that Lina Basquette, once a move@ actress herself out there, now appears in Eastern ohln-ema theatres, and Lina lectures - on of all thin2~s - The Evils of HollyWood| ... It was known all along that as soon as the "B~nd Wagon" sinew broke up, that Adele Astaire - would sail with her mother for the old country - London, as a matter of faot~ - where Lord Cavendish is getting impatient ... Adele will depart this ~rid~y with trunkloads of trousseau - but her brother, Fred, will not attend the wedding . • Because Fzed is plotting his own - and her name is phyllis Potter - of Manhattanls social sector ... Other romantic chatter in the local yokel places - is that the Eddie Huzzell - Eusan Fleming combTnation has reached the serious stage - for Eddie and gusan have been keeping company for a/most five weeks now - mud thatTs the HollyWood deadline ... 8he is better described as one of the prettier girls who climbed out of the "Scandals" ensembles - or to be more specific - a ~ocent G~orge Nhlto Hope. Ehe newest pretty person to be signed to a long term contract in the galloping gelatins - is Helena Haekins, whoso be~utlful face and figure you see so often on the frmts and b'~ks of almost ~ny mo~azlne... The illustrator who copies Helsnls bc~uty ~nd peddles husband ... it at fancy prices . .. is McClell,~nd Barol,~ - her (MR. ~INCHELL 00NTINUEE NEXT PAOE) ~T~01 0031366
Page 490: 0060233180
MR, WI~O~: (00NTINUING) -4- At this moment, Mr. Ziegfeldts newest show is bidding for popularity at the temple of amusement that hears his name . .. In it, Buddy Rogers and Lupe Vellis8 are making a stronger bid for New York esteem ... with Lupe netting herself a mere 4500 smackers every Week - whether the critics llke her or not ... The road indications are that Bert LahT, the stay oomedlan in it, will Tun away with the critical opinion .. ° HS always does . .. A writer for one of the motion picture gazettes, who pen-names himself "Beverly Bill" twits Nrd Lucky Strikers Walter because I recently reported that Greta Gs/bo had one favorite male pal in New yo~k ... The writer refuses to argue about it, he says, because he observed ~reta out there in a ~ewelry sto~e buying a mamWs wrlst watch ... And: that when he urged the shopkeeper to tell him the name inscribed in the timepiece, the ~atoh peddler said: Jrl want to stay in Business a long, long time..... That watch might have been few Robert Reud of the aharlee Frohman and Gilbert Hiller theatrical offices - but lid brt even money~ it was for the young assistant in the hotel flower shop . o • A reward, no doubt, for the way he protected Greta when she was hers~ playlng hlde-and-seek with the press. Among other la~ moment flashes among the romanoere~ are these: Graney Gratz and paulette Goddard, who recently was among the Renotablee ... Adri@nne Ames, the new flicker player, an.d A1 Kaufman - who was reported many times as being on the ver~e of reconciling with Rita Kaufman, his ex-squaw ... (MR. WINC}~LL OONTI~S NEXT PAGE) AI'N01 003136P
Page 491: 0060233180
This report nosy fades with the spark ignited by Miss A~es ... And the most arresting of the heartbeats is that one which lir~ks a prominent banker,s son, ~ho has finally given up all hope of ever getting 8ylV~ gydney to listen to reason ... The son who is practically single again ~ and Maritza, yurropls newest contribution to America - are on fire ... Maritza is the pretty person who landed on the front pages after Oharlle Chaplin did a rave about her to the European newspapers . .. Then Famous-players came along -and so did one of the wealthier baukeT's sons. Take heart, you folks who think youtre out of favor with Lady Luck - it may be all for the beet! Take Edward Johnson, frixample, who for ten years has been sitting pretty as a tenor in the grandest of grand opera - the Metropolitan.. Johnson was a struggling young lawyer, and X mean ~ To keep body and soul together, he found a Job singing in a church.. And then his sou._~r luck certainly turned out to be sweet| \. RI"XO 1 0031368
Page 492: 0060233180
HOWAP~ CLANE~: -6- That sets the stage, Mr, Walter Winohell~ for me to read a staler,~ent Edward Johnson h~ kindly given ust Here.s what he told us in an interview b&oksto~e at the Metropolitan: ,'After a strenuous performance, I enjoy LUCKIE81 delicious ITOASTED' flavor. ~hen I smoke a LUOKY, I have no worries abo,'t throat irritation, thanks to your ,TOASTING' Process. " Hotels an interesting point, Mr. Johnson: When Toasting drives out certain impurities, it not only protects your throat, it also imuroves the flavor of the tobaccos. And thatls a real achievement, for the tcbaccos in LUCKIES are chock full of honest tobacco flavor to start with~ TheySre the most delicate, the most fragrant, the ' mellow-mildest leaves on the face of the earth~ And so it's LUOEY 8TRIEEte real tobacco flavor - as ~ as its throat protection - that has led more millions to smoke LUCKIES than any other cigarette in all this wide world. WALTER WINOHEL~: Now for your second flash, Vincent Lopez over there around the corner at the Hotel St. Regis ... Lett e go alL over the 8tateB - and up to the yukon and down td the Canal Zone. ON WITH THE DANOE, VINOENT| (WHISTLE) ~ 0KAY ,t LOPEZ | VINCENT LQPEZ,: The Lucky Strike Dance gee8 on at the Hotel 8t. Regis with ... Rl~O 1 0031369
Page 493: 0060233180
..... • • ,~ 4-.~ • •~ . C ,) C ..... (.,, ) (. .1 C ...... ) C __) VINCENT LOPEZ~ NOW we hop ae~oss the little canyon of 55th Street in Near Yo~k to Walter of the Gr~ndest Canyon ... (WHISTLE) OKAY, WALTER WINCHELLI.~ WALTER WINONELL: That ~Tas puh-lenty puh-retty, professor Lopez. you get auother chance to catch your b~eath here, Vines ~ stand by, pleaBeo ~ - n -- again And now the curtain rlses/on the nn.tional political forum, our special news service for the American people~ Tonight, the speaker is a leading Republican ... On Thursday, you will hear from a prominent Democrat. Lucky Strike baongs to no pacty° It serves all America. The speakers on these programs are p~esented under the direction and auspices of the t~o historic political parties° They speak their minds to you without absolute freedom. None of us know in advance ~hat they are going to say. Tonight, we have the privileEe of hsarin~ the Honorable James E. Watson, United States Senator from the sovereign state of Indi~,who speaks under the auspices of the Republican National Comalttee. (HR. WINCHELL OONTINb~8 NEXT PAGE) ~1~0] 003'1370
Page 494: 0060233180
MR. WINOHELL: (OONTINUI,rG) Eight presldsnts have entered the .~hite Ho~se slnoe Senator W~tson fIT~% 8~t~zed OonsTes8 over thiT%y-seve~ ye~%'~ ~4~ot Fe~v ~sn in publlo llfe can oa~l more people by %helr flret names than the ~iKbls Senator. Hs|s a ~rest favorite in '~ashington~ especially ~ith the p~ge boys in the ~en~te. J~mos ~atson "l~stod" at De Pauw University until in his se~sr year. So he often s~vs: "De pau~v has turned out many ~ good man." He has neve~ been known to take a vaoatlon, but is 8~ al'dent fan for the ~ovls8, oper& and basebell - ~.qd also enjoys readinS Sh~peare| His favorite ~relexKtlon is worki~ out cross-word pUZZles ~Ith hls thzs~ sons and his daughter at dinneT-tlme. And so we are proud to Introduce this extremely h%l~an 8~1d home-loving A~erie~ this emlnsnt Republican . Senator James E. Watson| yo~ h~ve hea~d Senator W&tson present the ~spubllca21 point 3f vis~. On Thursday ni~ht~ you will hs~T f~o~ the KonoT~bls Joseph T, Roblnson~ United States Senator f~om the sovereiS~ state of Arkansas~ ~,bo will speak ~nder the auspices of the Demooratlo National Oommlt tee. And now bsnk to the ~ppsaling rhythms and melodies as arT~n~ed by that lon~-tlr~e top-notche~, Vincent Lopez, and his famous the-land-over orchestra. (MR. ~INOHELL gONTINU~.~8 NEXT PA3E) f~TNO 1 003137'1
Page 495: 0060233180
~. ~INCHELL: (CONTINUING) Eeet some of out tribe, Vincent, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Foster of Greenville, South Carolina, who want to go cloud-humping on our Ma~ic Oarpet. Hal Jones of Utica, New york, JaCk Uinston of Chlca~o and Marion Schmidt of Davenport, IoWa| ON ~ITK THE DANCE, ST. REGIS~ (WHISTLE) OKAY, LOPEZ | VINCENT .LOpEZ: This time, wetre going to play .., (. .) C ) (. .) C .) ( .) C .) VINCENT LOPEZ; Now the Lucky Stri!~ Maglo Carpet, faster than lightning, makes the jump from the southeast corner of 55th Street and Fifth Avenue, to the northeast coTner. (WHISTLE) OKAY, WALTER WINCHELLI WALT~WINOHELL~ Thanks a~atn~ Vineent~ for selecting so cont&gieus a group ef tunes ... I know that they can, t write new ditties for Fou fellae every day ..° but no matter how old they are - your crew m&kes them sound new-born ... I put another edition to press right here, Lopes - mud then you go to town, ,~aint (MR. WINCHELL CONTINU~ NEXT PAGE) MI~O 1 003 ]372
Page 496: 0060233180
-i0~ you've p~obably wit~ssed he~ excit~ aot in th~ bette~ picture houses ... Her na~e is Ch~'lotte Ayres - and sheVs a bit of a thing - very attractive, to% in her white tights and long, blond hair ... 8he is the only~irl an a foursGme of adagio dancers and the act excites any audience with its sensational acrobatic stunts ° .. They toss hey fTo~ O~le e~d of the stage to the other - or they swing her about their heads ~s they would ~ lasso, or throw her about while they use hew as a skipping ~ope ,.. Itts a thrilling routine. But ~hat ~ started out to tell you about ChaTlotte Ayres ~as this . .. That on the Sabbath, when shet8 in New York - for w~it of real excitement and a thrill - this pretty girl teaches Sunday School on Washington Heights. It probably could happen in other towns outside of mine -. hut this actually happened a week ago - and if ever there was a mere severe foTm of to~tu~e~ ITVB neve~ heard of it ,.. A certain show glrl has a terrible heedaohe because some ~oman, who dldnlt sign her name %o th~ oaTd, sen% he~ ~ lo~ely eor~e of gar deni~s. The eaTd ~ooompanying the posies merely let the show glrl know tha% the wife was hep to he~ - for it contained this caustic message: "In app~cia%ion of the ca~e you took of my husband - ~hile ~ ~am in the ho~pit~,l." (MR. WINCEELL CONTINUES NEXT PAGE) .... H01 00313?3
Page 497: 0060233180
- ii - (CONTI~ING) The way against the dramatic critics &p~ea~8 to be getting louder, hut it gould hardly get ~Ly funnier ... Unless it is recalled that the erltlos who hays had their o~n plays produced - reoelved stiffer socks from their colleagues ... Take good old Bids Pudleyj A ~eaven~orth Kansas boy~ frinstanoe - ~ho has been a orltio fov over 25 years here in New Yo~k ... Nowadays, Bide is a radio edltoT3 a~d he revleus show~ on the air as a side li~e. But oh, how his neighbors on the &isle seats roasted his play, T:hioh Bide called, "Oh, EenryLII ... One of the critics su~l~ed it up in two words llke this: "Oh, Bide|" Now letls stop off at the cigarette countys, and buy a pack of Luckies fwc~ Howard Claneyt " HOWARD CLAh~Y: aompaTe the value you get in an automobile today %~Ith that you used to get fo~ the 8a~e uoney% That is because scientific genius has found ways to give you sweeping new improvements vrithout inereaeing the price. Lucky Strike has done the same thin~. It gives you many extras, much greater value, more fo~ your money than any o~he~ clgaret~e, ~egardless of prloe. First, Lucky Strike glves you the finest tobaccos - the rlchost, most fragrantj most tDnde~, the mcllon-mildost tobacco that Mother Earth can produce| That~ more for y-mur money! Second, Lucky Strike gives you thro~t protection, which is one of the priceless benefits of the "Toasting" Process. Th0.t~s more for your moneyt (L~q. CLANEY CONTI~VJE8 i~DXT PAGE) £1"~01 00313?4
Page 498: 0060233180
- 12 - Third, Nhen "To~stlng" expels certain impurities that NAture locks up in every tobacco leaf, it leaves ro~,1 for au extra helpi~ of real tobacco goodness. Th&tla more for your moneyl You~ t~te ~i!l t~ll y~u - ~r throat ~ill t~ll you - ~O~ no other cigarette in ~iI the world is as generous as Lucky Strike in purity, quality, and v~lueo WALTER WINOHELL: Youlre next, Vincent Lopez| ... Letls rlde the clouds, axaln - ahd be everywhere on the Continent at the same t~me, big timer. ON NITH THE DANCE, LOPEZ~ (WHISTLE) OKAY, ST. REGIS| V~OENT LO~EZ: We*ll ride the c!ouds nith everybody dancing to the % • , ,, , And now the Lucky 8trlke ~[aglo Carpet takes you back to your New York correspondent. (WHISTLE) OKAY, WALTER ,WINCHELL| ~TN01 0031325,
Page 499: 0060233180
- 13 - Another' masterful job, Lopez ... IWm sure they all were dellghtcd ~ith your a.E~in ... Itve only a few nloment8 left to acknowled~e sorae of the mail - see you along the Grm~dost Canyon, Vincent. To the Boys of Oell House "D" at Leavsn~orth~ Kansas~' The C~aorra of Naplest was originally formed by a band of old co~vlcts. The person ~ho do~IT~d to entew it had to 9rove that he was guilty of at least one assassination . .. Once a member, there was no getting out of this powerful organization ... And the chief of the Os~lorra, by thc we,v, (and I trust Hr. Bernie is lisZening) is called "The Maestro"t Alone West of Warsaw, Nozth Carollna: Th~t~s not quite true, Alone~ but they will tell you that most of the marriages along Broadway arc between people ~ho want to get even with each other. C~orKe~. Lawton of Greenwood, Malne~ ~ne night club business /i8 pretty flat in New York ,.. It wont eou~ a 7e~r ago and hasnTt caught its breath since ... No, George Gershwln is a b~cholor. (MR. nINCHELL CONTINUE8 NEXT PAGE) ~T ,'4 0 ] 003 1376
Page 500: 0060233180
MR. UINCHELL: (CONTI~UIN@) T, A, StOrey of 0aroToss you get CUE programs so clear up the re of the North pole, Storey ... I wonder in the Yukon: ITm glad that a few hundred miles south if the weather in the Yokon has been as cold and windy as ~elve had it in Ne~ York the past few d:~s ... No, all the chorus gi~Is on Broadway are not beautiful and dumb ... I met one last night, however, ~ho was dizzier than a Scotchman who had dropped a dime in - a revolving door. And that, Mr. Storey, awsy up there in the Yukon, and all you other tuner-lnners, concludes another Lucky Strike Dance Hour . .. On Thursday night, ~e Winohelleap to Bare-llnn, German~, for Dajo8 Belals Orchestra who will split the honors that night with Joe Moss m~d his great crew pl~vln~ fzom New York Oity. And don't forget the National Pelltioal Forum will continue Thursday evening - tonight we heard from the Republican party - on Thursday night~ we shall hear from the Democratic party. The distinguished speaker willbe The Honorable Joseph T. Robinson, United States Benato~ from Arkansas, under the sponsorship of the De;:~ocratic National Oommlttee. So until Thursday night, I remain as faithfully as heretofore, you~ New York correspondent, Walter Winchell, who thinks the best way to~elleve the unemploymerZ sitoh-ee-ay-shun is to put a million men to work digging the hills away from in front of the poorhousesL (SIGNATURE) f~ ]',~01 00313x,
Page 501: 0060233180
CLOSING ANN OU~NCEMENT: - 15'- (OPTIBNAL) ,,THATIB WHY DARKIES WEFL~ BORN", "LIFE IS JUST A BOWL OF CHERRIES" and "THIS IS THE ~ISSUS" from .scandals 1951':; .BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA" from '~Bea ~hythm~ia,,; "LETIB }{AVE ANOTHER CUP OF GOFFEE" from !IFACE THE h"JBIC"; "OF THEE I SING" from the show of the same name; ~nd "SHE D~DNfT SAy YES" from "Cat ~nd The Fiddle" were all played by special pe~mlsBiou of the copyright owners. "Ths LUCI'Y STRIKE Dance Hour has some to you from New York City and WashlnEton, D.~., th~au~h the facilities of the National Broadcasting Company. A 1l~0 1 003137'B
Page 502: 0060233180
The LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOURi 60 Modern Minutes with the world's finest Dance Orchestras and the. one and only Walter Winehell ASSOCIATED NEC STATIONS LUCKIES are always kind to your throat." TUESDAY. ~ARDH lO. 1932 (THEME SONG - One Chorus Of "HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN" with Voc&l Refrain. l~lediately Follo~ed By Announcer.) HOWARD CLANEY~. L~dle8 and gentlemen, the Lucky 8trike Dance Ho~r, presented for your pleasure by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike cigarettes. Tonlghtls Lucky Strike Dance Hour will again attempt to defy space and time - for tonight we are taking yo~ thousands of miles away from New York, by short wave...over the Atlantic Scean to Berlin, Germany, where you will he~r the famous Dajos Bela Dance Orohsst~a - and from Ne~ York, one of Ameriea ts dance groups - Joe Moss and his Orchestra, also, you~ New york correspondent, Walter Winohell, of the New York Daily Hirrow ~ whose gossip of today, becomes the news of tomorrow. Mr~ Walter Winohelll f~ 1",~01 003 13~'.
Page 503: 0060233180
-2- Good svsni~, America and Vee Gates, Doytchl~nt! Tonight,s exciting &COC mile ride in the clouds, ladies and gentlemen, will mark Mr. Lucky Strikers second attempt to rivet Barelinn -- in the old country with the nsw....Provided, of course, Old ~i%n Static, and his fickle glrl friends, the Elements, are as liberal with us, as they were the last time we crossed the Rhine~ ~nere the time now is 4 o~clock tomorrow dawning. Come to think of it, though -- Your Pilot Winchell -- really haault a complaint to offer about weather conditions...Only once -- out of the eight tries to connect with a forei~ port, were !. we two-tlmed, you remember, dontt you? The time ~e tried to get Paris and we got a headache| 8o come on -- you magic carpet pals of mine -- letts hop! Here we go -- from The Borough of Manhattan in the City of New York right over the funnels of the Steamers Brittaulc, Antonio and Doytchlandt now on the high seas|~ CN WTTH THE DANOE, HERR BAYLA (~F~STLE) CgAY, GERMANY! Wsloome to Germany, ladies and gentl~en of the United States. We invite 7ou to Canoe in Berlin as DaJos Bela and hls orchestra play --- (TITLES) ) ( ) ( ( ) ) F] T :40 ] 0031380
Page 504: 0060233180
BERLIN ANHOU~OER: And now we will ride over Ger~nany, the ~ine a~%d the broad Atlantic Ocean, b~Ck to ~alte~ Wtnchell. (WHISTLE) OKAY, NZ~ yORK.r WINOR~: Nice, nice, Herr Hayla: rare shahs, zare sh~e. I speak German not so hot, Professor -- as }larek Vebber must have told you. But I mean ~vell, I mean, sir, to tell you, for all of -- us on this side of the Big Creek -- that your tousle is delightful and that it was among the thralls to meet you this way. Hear you again, Germany, after I put my first edition to press, and Joe ~oss, m~d hls boys -- represent America with a tune or two or three. One of the more amusing tales making the rounds of Longaore and Times Square, deals ~ith Riahard Halllburton~ the author stud lecturer....Richard, who is a good looking chap, invariably gets a • ~turn date whBrevez he talks before L~dlss Olube....Becauee, it appears, he has a wa7 with him, and because on the night he leaves the t o~n, he sees to it, that the club secretary receives a boo-kay of eleven American Beauty roses .... Tu which Halliburton attaches a card with these words: .Thanks for making my stay so pleasant. There are only Ii American Beauties in this boo-kay -- eleven, my dear -- because you are the twelfthI".....Isn't he the one, the? (MR. WINCHELL CONTINUES 01! I~XT PAGE) f] l'2(01 0031381
Page 505: 0060233180
k ] • , -4- You zemember that famous will I told you about last week the one that was considered legally perfect and was entered into the Chicago Bar Assooiaiionls records. Mr. Lucky Strike thinks it is something every one should hear...He suggested that I relaie part of it to you tonight...eo lend me your ears, my countrymen and women -- and let me treat them to a m&ete~iece.°.The ~ilt follo~8~ I give to good father6 ~d motherej the world over, in t~st fo~ their children, all good little word8 of praise and encouragement, and all quaint pet names and endearments, and I charge said parents to use them Justly, but gene~ously....I leave to children exolueivelF, but only for the term of their childhood, all and every flower o~ the field, and blossom of the wood, with the right to play among~ them freely, acoord~ng to the customs of ohlldren, warning them~ at the sere time, against thistles and thorns...Aud I leave to children the long, long days to be me~y in a thousand ways, and the night, and the train of the Milky Way to wonder at, bu~ subject, neverthelee~ to the rights hereinafter given to lovers° I devise to boys, Jointly, all the useful idle fields, the pleasant waters, where one may swim, all snowcl&d hills where one may co&~ an~ ~eam8 and ponds where One may fish, or where, when g~im ~nte~ ceme~, one may skate.°.To levers -- X devise their imaginary wo~ld, ~h whatever they mayneed, as the sta~B of the sky -- the re~ roses by the wall -- the bloom of the hawthorne -- the sweet strains of music, and aught else that they desire to figure to each other the laatingueBs and the beauty of their love. (~. WINOHELL 0ONTINUEB ON NEXT PAGE) f~l 1" .N 0 "1 003"1382
Page 506: 0060233180
To young men, jointlY, I devise and bequeath al] boisterous s,ud Insplrln~ sports of rivalry, and I give them the (~is~aln of ~e~kne~s and undaunted confidence in their own strength... Though they are rude, I leave them the power to make lasting frle~dshlps, and of possessing companions -- and to them -- exeluslvely -- I give all T~erry songs and brave eho~ses to sing with lusty vetoes...An~ to those, who are no lo~er children, or youths, o~" lovers, ~ leave memory -- and be~Aeath to them the volumes of Burns and Shakespeare -- and of other poets (if there be others) to the end -- that they may llve the old days over again, freely and fully. And to o~r loved ones ~ith snowy oro~ne, i bequeath the happlnees of old age, the love and gratitude of their children, until they fall aaleep." As a matter of fact, folks, after reading that beautiful will -- I am now convinced that columnists llke myself are merely ~cod listeners -- t~ylu~ to be w~itersl And no,~ ~. and ~rs. Lucky strike Tuner-Inners, here's where lhurl this mlorophone right over home plate to Howard Olar.ey, the man whoknows his cigarettes inside and out. Hels going to tell you why it is so v~se to reach for a Lusky Instead of a cough. ~1H01 00313B3
Page 507: 0060233180
~,, ~ ...... ~,. ,4., ~,.~ ~."~ ,~ ~ • Whatts more embarrassing than a loud, booming cough in the midst of a thrilling scene on the stage or at the opera? Embarrassin[ to the ooughe~, annoying to the audience and of course to the artists. And how unnecessary -- every great singer knows how easy it is to guard agsdnst throat Irritatlon...for instance, three out of four of the singers we interviewed at the Metropolitan Opera depend on Lucky Strike for throat protection. May I read you what one of these artists has written to us:. Gustav 8ohutzendorf, who sang last night in the opera, .Lohengwin.!' 'rAn opera singerTs voice is a hard taskmaster." Mr. 8ohutzendorf writes. "It demands constant attention. I never irritate my throat. Lucky Strike and my voice are old friends.!' Millions, like Mr. $chutzendorf, started to smoke Luckles purely out of a desire for throat protection..,and discovered that in addition Lucky Strike gas the worldts most delicious cigarette. It is only natural that these two virtues should go together. The only ~ay to make a cigarette delicious is by starting with the finest tobaccos, and then driving out certain cough producing irritants which nature grows into every tobacco leaf. Thatls exactly what Lucky Strikers exclusive "Toasting" Process does. of It not only m~es Lucky Strike the purest, mellow-mildest/cigarettes -- i~ mamas zoom~ fez extra delicious flavor...!t gives the choicest tobaccos the flavorful goodness of mellow Ultra Violet Rays. That's why Lucky Strike is always delicious to your taste...and always kind to your throat. Lucky Strike gives you more real, honest value for your money than any othe~ cigarette in all this wide world. f~l'HO'l 003138~
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Okay, Joe Moss and Four grand band...This is where you star again, Joseph...Your Lake Placid reception was a honey -- and this big Ducky Strike family of ours go for your in the affectionate manner.o.Tsll them the tsgs of your tunes, Joe. Okay, Walter, they ~re -- (TITLES) (. .) (. .) (. .) ( ) (. .) This is where you carry on, so Okay, Walter. Thatls keeping the show going at a breezy clip, Joe boss...Thanks for everythlng~,... And now, Ladies and gentlemen, the opening guns of the great presidential campaign of 193S are being fired on every politics/ fzont...And so Lucky 8trlke brings you again tonight radio's u~que news feature -- the National Political ~lly~ Tonight the distinguished speaker is a leader of the Democratic Party .... next Tuesday night you will hear from a leading Republican. Lucky 8tzike takes no sides .... Lucky Strike serves all America and offers the two historic polltioal parties an equal opportunity to present their views on this radio progrszl. (~. WINSHELL ¢0NTI~W/ES ON NEXT PAGE) \ f~ ]':.WO I 003138-~
Page 509: 0060233180
W C~: (CONTINUES) The speakers on these prog~ds glve their views ~ith absolute freedom -~ none of us know in advance ~yhat they are going to say to you. Tonight we bring you the Honorable Joseph T. Robinson, United Btates Senator from the sovereign stats of Arkansas, who speaks under the sponsorship of the Democratic National Co~z~ittee. Senator Robinson has served the ~aerlcau people as a Oongres~an and as a Senator for Sg years. He is now the Democratic floor le~der in the United States Senate. Although his time is taken up almost eorapletely by public service, Senator Robinson is known to sportsmen everywhere as a great fisherman. Whenever he gets a chance youIll find him casting his rod in some of Arkansasv famous flshlng streams. On camping tripe hels a congenial comp~nlon -- in politics, a hard fighter. Senator Robinson was the Vlce-presldentlal candidate on the Democratic ticket in 1928 and since then has led hls party in the Senate in many constructive measures ... hie latest being to take a lead/rig role in the non-partisan drive to end hoarding. We are very proud to introduce to you thls great statesman and great American -- Senator Joseph T. Robinson. 8ENATOR ROBINSONtS SPEECH ~RE) WINC~LL: You have Just heard Senator Joseph T. Robinson present the Democratic arguments for the oomlng presidential campaign. Next Tuesday night you ~ill hear from a leading Republican, ~ho will speak under the auspices of the Republican National Committee. ---STATION BREAK--- AT~O] 003 ~ 3~,6
Page 510: 0060233180
--9-- Thatls the flash for the next trip to YURY~p, ladies and gentlemen. Back across the Pd~Ine where the more than four percent la~r makes my ayes w~te~, whan Z p~u~e to think of It°..But this is no time to reminisce, so let's rids! .... Throw it in high, Hr. Lucky Strike -- Itm ta~Ing the same route that those fearless fellows followed In the air .... Look! That ~s Newfoundl~ud -- and therels Greenland -- hvrels the IriSh Co~st and therels Professor Baylal ON WITH THE DANCE, BARELIN~! (WHISTLE) OKAY, GERMANY.t A 0 R' Hart ~llchste G~usse L Berlin, Germany, where Dajos Bel~ and his orchestra will pl~y (TITLES) ) ) ) You P+~a no~ our guest8 ~aln in • And now, we fly over the four thousand miles from Berlin, Germany, SO the United States as we say "Come to Berlin again, everybody.,, Auf ~iedersehnX (WHISTLE) OKAY! NEW YORE! 003138?
Page 511: 0060233180
Ahhhj dahss vat gros~-a~tig, Herr Bayla. Dahnk-~shsne, dahnk-a-shane| If you see Max Schmellng give him my regards, please -- and tell all of Get,any that Ax~erlca wishes it woll.~.. Good night, Herr Bayla in Barelinn, Germany -- Owf~Veeder-zane. And now into the second edition...One 'of the better newspaper comedians is Arthur Bug6 Baer .... He has handed me more laughs th~ auy ten comics you could name.~.The other night, fl'Instanoe, when Rugs was at a ho~-spot he noticed that the messer of ceremonies, named Jean ~alint was being heckled by some rude rlngslders...o"Why donlt you squelch them ~ith a mean come-back?.. suggested Baer...."llm afraid if I do, " replied the timid Jean, '$hat some tough guy will pull out a gan and it will go click:" Another BUlB Ba~ ~i~ty i~ ~Imo~t every baseball rant s pet story, and it concerns Ping Bodie, who was listed by most sports writers as the gsrnels poorest runner -- the slowest man on his pedals when it came to clrcllng the bags on the diamond.. .During one hotly contested game -- Ping Bodis attempted to steal home from third -- and he was caught with plenty of time to spare .... Bugs ohsezved; .Bodle had larceny in his head, all right, but his feet ~rere too her set J" (~. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) I~ I';KO 1 003 "| 3L~B
Page 512: 0060233180
c_W/Eq~J~: (CONTINUES) i donlt ]chow what h~ppe~ed to George Jessel out in Hollywood~ but app&rently Georgle 18n~t a Hollywood fan .... He was amon~ ~hers the other d~y -- who went to the Pennsy 8tatlon in Pew York to see a star off, ~ho ~8 ~8tu~nlng to the movie colony.... J~st as the train started out, she e~id to Jessel: "Is there &nything I can do for you out there?, "yes,. was his snippy snapper, "be sure ~id donlt give anybody my regards|" During all the seasons, Winter, Su~Jer, Spring and Fall, that I have kept & night club corner seat warm, I confess what in~rlgued me most were the llttls terpslohorlnes who have to be affable to the drunks who come in .... In most of the places along Broadway the outles have to be sociable -- and it often made me groan to notice these stay-up-lares annoy the glrls..oThe other night I said to one of the nloer klds~ who comes from Texas -- "Doesntt thls drunk stuff get on your nerves at all?, .... .Sometlmes,, she replied, ,'but last night %he chap I sat .ith gave me a check for #I000 -- and he was very pleasant, not fresh at allo" "Get " I said, "one thousaud ~zakers~ Ho~ in the world do you ki~B manage~ tO get those fellers to kick in ~th so ~ueh coin llke that?. "I donlt gold dig them," replied this 18 year old doll, "I never do. They usually insist on giving their money a~ay -- just to show off, I guess. For instance, they say to you: 'How much money to you get here a week?I...8o you come back: ~I get ~50 every wesk~...Then they say: ~Goodness, ho~ can a pretty glrl llke you llve on ~50 in New York? !... ~ ; ....... (h~. WINCh~LL CONTINUES ]~XT PAGE) f:~]- XO 1 003138,9
Page 513: 0060233180
WINO~L: (CONTZNUES) 80 then you say, you donVt, considering you have to send your mother half of it -- and all of a sudden you discover that yourve been talking to 8anty Claus, thatIs all." Another of my favorite persons is the delightful Irene Castle, whose head still is the s~ne size it ~as before she became a 8omebody on the dancing stage and in the smart set...~en Irene, who now is Mrs. Frederick ~cLau~nlln, was in New york last -- she was at a ~mart night club where two young dancers ~ere doing their aot...They were seamed stiff when they heard Irene Castle ~as sitting in the audienoe...They went on, however, and Irene Castle enjoyed their work immensely, and clapped her bands in the gallery manner...Later, the soared dancing glrl told some of us how thrilled she was because Irene C&stle said she liked their danoing..,."I never dreamed she was so regulart" she sald....,Lissen here, little lady,,, counselled aM an About Town, "always remember this -- that the bigger the building -- the easier it is to see! And you can see an elephant a quarter of a mile from you -- but ttVs tough seeing an ant|"....I trust Irene Castle IB a tuner-lnner -- so she will know that she made two strug~llng kids happier by being so genuine, sO real and so encouraging. And now, ladies and gentlemen, you know my boss, Wr. Lucky Strike, want you to llke his cigarettes as well ks you like his radio programs...and betels Howard Clmuey to tell you ~hy so many millions like Luckles. /q 1 ,','401 0031390
Page 514: 0060233180
HOWA~ C~A~r~: In every package of Luckles, there is extra value. Itws ~n extra helping of quality, made possible by "TOASTING." When this secret p2ocess expels certain impurities found in every tobacco leaf, it makes a place for an extra measure of real, honest tobacco goodness...and it,s not merely the goodness of the wet]dis choi~ tobaccos -- but also the goodness of these fine tobaccos -- purified. When impurities are removed, the flavorts improved, and -~) your throat is better protected 8~alnst irrltatlon.ltThat,s why we say that Suckles give you more for your money th~n ~ly other cigarette in the world.~ Now, please remember, no other cigarette in All Amewioa employs Shat famous "TOASTING" Process r, hich includes the mellowing benefits of modern Ultra Violet Rays. Hence no other cigarette san give you the extra mellow-mildness, the extra throat protection, the extra VALUE of LUONY STRIEE. 8o reach for a LUCKY, and get the finest cigarette you ever ~noked. hr.ppy, again. You know ho~....Ladles and gentlemen, his Soolety B~nd~eno JOE ~0881 Happy to meet you all once more, Lucky Strike Dancers, and to play for you -- (TITLES) Al~ right, Joe i~oSS.o.GO ahead, headliner -- make them Joe ~oss and (, ) ) ) ) RT~OI 0031391
Page 515: 0060233180
And now, Walterts waiting at his microphone cue -- OKAy, WALTER WINOHELL. so hcrets his Thanks again, Joe Moss. Consider yourself and your crew saluted. And now to go into the mailbsg and bring the show to its windup Tight on the nose -- as them say around the broadcasting stucU.os. A.J. Welch of San Francisco: But I have mentioned the vnry odd Mclntyre in my colt~mn in the paper and on the airwaves, Mr. Welch.t..Youlre one of those inconstant constant readers they tell about...N% we~ve never met ~ ~r. ~oIntyre goes to bed too early, Yes, he once worked on a Sincy paper." Mitzie Oppenheimer of Chicago: March iI is the birthday of Lois Koran...A message of greeting will reach Lois at the ~slc Box Theatre, New york....Yo~tre welcome, Mitzle. Mr. A.O. Minot of Fullerton, California: Thsmk you for telling me about your to~m doing eo much for the hungry with the plan set forth hsre...All of us in the Lucky Strike Camp are happy to know that our cooperation is helping others. X will make another report on the Man-A-Block Plan on Saturday night, Mrs. ~inot. (~. WINCHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) f-~r ;,~ 01 0031392
Page 516: 0060233180
Rene Oanlz~res of Havana, Cuba: George i~. Cohan is without any argument the best loved guy along Broadway...He hasnlt one enemy -- and along this ~in Street of ours, Rene -- it has been said that after 20 years -- if you can boast of three friends, you are indeed a sucsess...~r. Oohan has 33,000 of them, Itm sure... He was born in Providence, R.I. Yes, his son is a Georgetown University student. To th¢ boyB in Ward II at the Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C. : Tha/~s, fellas, for your nice letter....Yes, the 01d Misetrap tried to be an actor once, but he found that it was easier on the radio -- ~here h~ could reach so many people and not one of them could reach him|....IVll never forget the time Bernie came to Broadway with a letter of recommendation from a Chicago manager who was kidding him~ only Bernie didnI~ suspect it°..For the letter read: Tomb it may concern (t-o-m-b) This ~ill introduce to you Ben Bernie. He plays Hamlet, Macbeth Shylock, and billiards -- billiards best|" And that~ boys of Ward II, and all you other swelegant tuner-~nn$~s, is ~he signal to conclude another Lucky Strike Dance Hour...On Saturday night we leap to Los Angeles for Earl ~drtnett m~d his Orchestra playing at the Inter-fraternity Ball of the University of Southern California, and to Anion Weeks and his crew of blazing bandsmen playing in 8an Francisco. (~R. WINOHELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) R]'~01 0031393
Page 517: 0060233180
~: (CONTINUES) And dontt forget, ~r. and Mrs. Amerloa -- next Tuesday night we again bring you that unique news feature -- the National Politloal Rally -- the llve issues of the Presidential Campaign presented by the outstandlngleaders of both parties. Tonight you heard the Honorable Joseph T. Robinson, United States Senator from Arkansas, speaking under the sponeormhlp of the Democratic National Committee. Next Tuesday night you will hear a dlstlnguished speaker, under the auspices of the Republlcan Na%lenal Committee. Tune in and get both sides of the current queetlons of the dayl So until Saturday night at. the.very sa~e time, I remain your New York correspondent, Walter Winehell, who urges you all not to worry too much, when things Seem glt~z...Be llke Chevalier -- and keep a stiff lower lip. 9-~ ~ J: [~TI ONAL) "BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA" from "SEA RBYT.~IA" was played by special permission Of the copyright otvners. The Luo~F 8%mlke Dance Hour has come to you from New York City, Waehing%0ni~ D.0. and Berlin, Germany, through the facilities of the National Broadcasting Company. AGENOY/WINCHELL/OhIIleen 3/io/32 •% iql" NO 'I 0031394
Page 518: 0060233180
rheLUCKV 60 Modern Minutes with the world's finest Dance Orchestras [ ~) and the one and only Walter Winchell ] ASSOCIATED NBC STATIONS LUCKIES are always kind to your throat." SATURDAY, ~ARCH 12th, 1932 (TH~I~ SONG ... ONE CHORUS OF "HAPPY DAYS ARE HE~ AGAIN", WITH VOCAL REFRAIN, I~DIATELY FOLL0~ED BY ~?~O~CER.) HOW ~i~D gLANEY: L~dIQs ~Id gentlemen, the Lucky 8tvike D~ioe Hour, presented fOT yOUT ple~suTe~ by the manufacturers of Lucky Strike algarettes ... sixty z1odeTn mlnutes ~,ith thg wovldls finest ds2~ce o~ohest~a~ Tonigh% we bring you tvo great oTchestra~ - 8~ad yQu~ Ne~ YoTk oorwespondent~ Walter Winche11, of the New Yowk Daily l~i~'or, whose gossip of tode7~ becomes the neus ~f tol.lo~ow, Mr* WalteT V, inch¢ll| RT~01 003139~
Page 519: 0060233180
-2- ~ALTER U INCHELL,: ~ood evenin~j ~. and. ~rs° Coaet to Coast~ ~d borde~ to "~order, ~d welcome ho;~e to the Luc~.~y 8trtke f~;lily~ Earl Bu~ett of LO~ ~geles ~d Auson ~eeks of San Fr~oisool TonightI s ~e~io Carpet oloud-b~pin~ takes us back to G~vernor Rolfet s ~olden 8tare - ~vh~re t~o of the oountl~ls s~elegaut horn-tooting ore~ are waiti.~g to s~ap sign.s wit~ i~v~. ~inchell, s ~e~ter. 80 oo;~e o~1, ~r° and i~rs. A~erioa~ and all ~tou~ loved ones. Let:s play leap-frog with the Rockles, ~atn, and ~o ~ay iu ,i the Happy-~o-Luok~_-~,rike ~uner. The ft,'st of the non-stop-ho~s ~vill be LOS Angeles for the Burtnett crew ~d after the first edition h~.8 ~ee~ pu~ snugly to bed - we;ll ~l':le up ~he coast to A,~8on ~eek~ at San FT~C~¢O. All set? lie, tool ,~est~a:d, hol Mr. Lucky 8trike~ ~el~e O~tfor~i~-bound onoe ~oTe to shou~ ON ~ITH THE DANOE, EARL B~r~T~ETTI (~HI~TLE) OKAY, LOS AN@ELES! L,OS ~NQEL~8 ANNOUNCE~: You &re now it1 Los ~gele~ ~.t ~he Hotel Bilt~ore~ ~here~ tonight, Earl Bu~tnett and h~s Orchestra are playin~ fo~ the Interfraternity Ball of the University of Southew~ Oa~.lf~nia° The dauce beclns ~lth °.. .) .) _) A] 01 0031396
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~k ~OrOBO th~ oontinon%, ~ro~ Lee A~ele~ to ~alter and his Winohsll-lo~7-~o~.~n, (~HISTLE) OKAY, N~-~ YO~| ~ALT~R UXNC~: Grectlnz~, Burtnett - glad to h~,v~ you b~ek l~ith us, Earlt Howz the ourc~F cit~, kid? Werre freezin~ here in this ~w yo~,k o~ o1,,r~, you luoky gust You know ~h~ ~outine, ~arl .,. Thi~ i~ l~here I go into my first st~uz~ ~ ~ud after we embrace San F'L'~ci~oot~ little boy, Auoou ~9ohe - ~e r~%u~ to ~. A., ~d y3u~ Earl. 8t~d by. The newest visitor to out to~n is wearing smoked ~l~seo ~ud doesn,t ~nt the ~e~or~ews to k:.~o~ th~.t she is h~re is the very bs~.utiful Marlene Di~trioh. I o~ he~ on Fifty-Seventh Btrcet, trFing on new stockings . .. The OhaZles Mortons (she As Lya Lye Who doec foreign versions at the REO in Eollyr~ood) ate uo~ a trio ... it's a giTll ... Frs~c~8 ~l%e who sued F~ank Fay fo~ thirteen years of yellimoney arrears, ~nd ~eked few $I~,000 - settled for 4 Grand ~ud will t~k~ a ?~awrop~s~ holiday - ~h~ told ~e today , .. perhaps it ~il! ma~e l~olly O~Day happier to learn th~% her old heart - Ji~,~:~y Dunn- tells inti:aates that he hasn. t (~R. UINOHELL C3~TINUEo NEXT PAGE) ~I~M01 0031357
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-4- )~,--~(I "~hLQ~: (CONTINUI[fG) Joan Burgess, one of }~r. Ziegfeldls prettiest persons, and Nicholas Blair, the producer, are on fire, again .., after a good cry ... Via the long distance Iphone ... pola Negri, one of the smarter-dressed women, haentt changed the st~,le of her hats in ten Fears ... No n~atter what fashion decrees, pola knows that close-wr~gped turbans are most beco~ing to her . ,. And so that the reporters all over the land won,t be z~Isled - when Pola carries out her threat to elope '~Ith that United Statesmem~ she will naturally use her real handle which is Oh~plec - C-H-A-L-U-P-I-E-O. App~ntly; Tom Gallery, who is being l]elted froz Zazu pitts - is l~adge Evanst bigjest thrill - for with all the reports of her nt~,leroue pursuers - pretty Hadge - is seen more often with Tom ... He iB a West Coast sports promoter---Jean Ha,low w~nts it known far and wide that she will not marry again - while she is in the 1~agic lantern business . .. Jean doesntt believe that any couple can be happy when the wife makes a lot of money . .. The I[Q2 year old son of the late Wally Reid is being groomed for the movies ... HeSs attending High School - and he recently had a screen test ... His mother, however, is still waiting for the studio decision ... The boy; they sa,v~ is a ringer for his handsome father ... Professor Dashiell of the University of North Carolina - startled all of us by asserting that ~aost of the chin-ema favorites are morons ... That n~oron gag appears to be a pet ar~ument with university professors ~ho are hungry for publicity ..o (}~R. WINCEELL CONTIN"u-ES NEXT PAGE) ~1~01 0031398
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~NO...LL. (C 01~TI~UING) At ~y rate ... Parsz~ount snapped right b~cl: at the 1~orth O~ro!Ina teacher, ~:d pointed out that eighty ~ cent of the movie stars ~ent to college - ~.d Deli3ht Ev~s argues that it ~s j'ast too b~d how these colleL~ areturni~,~ out morons . .. To ~;hich h~ten to sent ii.~ent s I/subscribe. I heard mn ~:,uslng gag on Edward G. Robinson the other night ... Robinson is probably the only actor in the eo:m~otion pictures ~;ho isn! t ~irl-orazy... Robinson still is nuts a'~out 3~s wife, wi:ich you will oenfess is big ne~Ys ... If he can help it - Robinson tries to get the directors to keap him from ki~sD.~ ~y of his leading ladies - a/%d so the word got about Hol?ywood that Eddie ~ras Irpoison. so far as the ladies ~;ere concerned - no sex appeal, they said of him . .. And then crone his most hectic day ... A scene detain%deal that Robinson kiss Lupe Vellizzzz, and give her one of those real movie kisses ... Aud to the ~uazsment of all in the studio, partioul~rly to Mrs. Robinson, who ~Tas watching the rehearsal, 5uge cried: "G~e whiz, by golly, Sacre:.~ento, how dot nm~ can keeseooe|" The r~oTs you may have heard about Ralph Forbes and Ruth Ohatte%'ton being on the verge - have been stifled by i~iss Chatteron - who is contributing her talented advice to his nm;est picture, in which Rose Hobart will appear. And ~ have Just discover~d theft mnong the 8iouz Indians, swearing is u~known ... (~iR. ~INO~ELL CONTI:TUES N~XT PAGE) 8Y~01 003"1399
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~K. "~I ~CHELL (CONTIi,~JING) But so is Golf • .. you lovely ladies ~ho ~7ould rather: knotv what is going to be new in ~yles than 8~uythlng else, ',:ill be very likely to ~ioome the latest ~hing in Easter decoratioh, which will be a hat ~ud ~uff to match, ~ade of artificial flo~vers, chiefly white vlolets. And no~7, ladies and gentle~en ~ meet my side kick, ~owle Clayey, '.The ~il! roach fo~ a ~icTophone and a Lucky 8%rike e~dience at the es~e time. H 0UARD C LANEY: V~o doeonlt like s.n extTa helping of so:~ethgng~dL When ~jou reach lot a Ducky, you get an ~ of rich tobacco goodness ... ~ore than any other cigarette offers' The'L'els a ~ighty good ~eason for th:t. We buy the wowldls choicest tobaccos - the Crem~ of m~ny Crops - to make your Lucky Strike extra mild - extra delicious, but that is only the starting point. We 3ive thece choice tobaccos the benefit of the faz~ous and exclusive Lucky 8t~ike TOABTING p~ooees. And thaJ_.___~s ~vhat ~mkes the big diffe~once in real, honest olgarette value! For this modeTn, scientific p~ooess drives out - expels - certain cough- producing impurities which nature gwo~e into every tobacco leaf. ThSs not o:~ly protects you~ thvo~t - it also n~/~es room for that extr~ helping of flavorful tobacco goodness - purified ~oodness, :~ade deliciously mellow-z~ild by ~uodern Ultra Violet Rays • • and so when you reach for a Lucky~ you ~gt the purest, mellol~-nlildest cigarette in all this wide ~orld. R]'~01 0031400
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And now back to Oallfornla to grip Anson Weeks and his boys by the hand -- and to salute them in the style befitting a Lucky Strike star....Come on, tuner-inner from wherever you arel ..... Herels your cushion, R~y~ Hemingway of Portland, Maine -- and yours, H.R. Bowden of Oolumbus, Ohio -- right next to pilot Winohell.°..Here we gol All the way from the biggest of the hick towns to ~ffectlonately say: .Howlv, Omaha! Hello there, Provo, Utah, Senator 8aootts birth-town| Well1 be hearlnI you soon, Oskland| ON WITH THE DANOINt ANSON! SAN n~A~CIS A/_O__~: The Golden Gate is wide open! Welcome to San Francisco again, where, at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, Anson Weeks and his orchestra will play ---(TITLES) ) ) ) ) ) F A : Now the Lucky Strike roller-coast-to-coaster shoots back from 8an ~Tanolsooto Walter Winohell. (WHISTLE) OKAY NE~ yORK| (WHISTLE) OKAY, SAN FRANOISO0! A ]',~01 0031,$01
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-8- Thank you, AnsOn,o.Very £1ne...l hope you s~t all that mall that flooded our afflcee -- they llke you a lot, boy -- hut no wonder:.,...Oatoh you on the last lap. Ansoa. Go catch your breath ......... The great presidential campaign of 193~ ~s off to a flying start! Already the voters of oertaln states have decided on candidates they want to see nominated for the Presidency! Rvery day the two historic poll%ioal par%lee are wlnnln8 thousands of new adherents. Next Tuesday night, the ~a~le Oa~q~et will again bring you the Natlonal Political R~lly,..that special news feature offered as a matter of public service to the listeners on these Lucky Strike progrmns. Our spe~.kex on Tuesday will be the Honorable Bertrand H, Snell, United ~tates Congressman from the state of Illinois, and floor leader of his party in the House of Representatives. He will ~psak under the ~uepiceB o~" the Republican Nation~l Committee. Next Thursday night you will hear the Honorable Henry T. Ralney, also a Representative in Cengzess from the state of Illinois, and floor leader of h1~ party in Congress| Congressman Ralney will speak under the sponsorship of the Democratic National Co~z,lttee. Remember -- on Tuesday nights a Republican -- on Thursday nights a Democrat. Lucky Btrlke takes no sides. It is neutral -- ~t serves each and every ~erlcan citizen impartla%ly! The views e~oreeeed on this Rally are uncensored. We have no more Idea than the listener of whet the speaker is going ~o say. That insures the great American principle of free speech. To bc able to offer its facilities to the Democratic and Republican National 0o~-~ittees, ~d to bring this interesting news servloe to the ~z~eriean public, is a ~'arce of gre~t pride ~nd ple~ux'e to the manuf~turers of Lucky Bt rlke Cigarettes. R T,'KO 1 00314-02
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-9- -- 8TATI0:" BREAK-- The.iTs your second sl~1~al, Earl Burtnett -- llft that ba-teJ~u hiL~hl Our ;laglc o~,rpet has ~uother ar~y of Lucky Stri::e d~lee-mad-lad8 ~d lassies ~d theylre rarini to go gay, again| Letls take the 8outhem'n Route this time, you gentle:~icn h~dling the controls, in more th~ SO key cities. Here we go -- circling the ~pire State edifice before r~cing West over the pl&ins ~nd prairies! . Harya i{uskogee, 0klo~om~,, E1 Paso, Tox~s o~d Yu~a, A~.izona~ This Is W.W. o~id the Lucky Strike cro~d ridinz the he,~.vens to yelll 0E WITH THE DAI~0E, EA.~L BUHTNETT! (WHISTLE) OI'~AY, LOB ANGELX8! _L08 ANGELE8 A;T~TOLqTCER: Earl Hurtnett, ~ho plays the music for the Intorfratcrnlty Boll of the University of 8outhern 0a, lifernia here i:~ the Bilt;:]ore Hotel in Los Angeles tonight, keeps the Lucky 8trlko Dance Hour going ~.th-- (TITLES) ) ) ) AI~Ol 0031403
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~i0~ LOS ANGE E/~I~ C~: The Lucl:y Strike E~glc carpet which toni&'ht is thc li~tniu~ shuttl~ of the co~t-to-cc~st loom Bhoot~ from LOS A~gclcs back to W~l%er ~nd his Winchellingo. (WHI8TSE) OKAY, NEW YORE~| Thatts to~tln'j Bartnett, plenty pretty ..,. Say hello to the O~rbos ~d Gublo~ ~'n6 the Dre~sler~ ~nd Dietrlch~ for uB sll plessc, Az~d tgll that Jimmy Duran%c -- thst he has a good uosc -- but not for r~ews --.,..He&l' yo~ 8con ~<&In, Ea~l, IlK. V~INCHELL OONTI~ES ON }!EXT PAGE) ~q] NO ~1 003 ~1404
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- iI - A~ong other thin~s a feller finds 8zlong his notes on his editcrie/ department desk arc these: That Washington never thre~ E, dollar across the Potomas .,. The myth was exploded bp Mason Loske resins, a pre~ohe~ ,.. Ur. ~eems argues that no person could possible ohusk a dollar coin asross it - but a good pitcher could hurl a stone asross the Rhappahe/mock at Frederlsksburg ... The Irish were the fiwst Europeans to recognize the potato as a staple food product ... the psvuvimns~ however, ate them in 1553 ... There is a speakeasy in the Furious Forties of Ne~7 york vfnioh displays this sign oyez its bar ... "Anyone asking to have a check cashed here will immediately be pronounced intoxicated ahd thrown out on his eart" And another sign, they tell me, is displayed in a New Jersey business mants office ... It is a form of oritiolsm and reads: "New Yorkers have hearts as big as ice wagons aud just as cold|" . .. Therets a guy whets wasting a lotta ti~e hating people. When a society magazine said that Clifton Webb ~Tas one of tLs few actors aceepte~ by the society set, he fainted from delight - as did his mother for the same ridiculous reasont ... Bobble Rosenthal, whose brother Charles, was kidnapped sometime ago for 50 Gts, but whose abductors are now doing sixty years e~h at Sing Sing, suddenly changed hc~ mind about eloping n ith paul l{oss ... Aft:~r she returned from Havana the other day, she told Paul that she w~,s sorry - BUT| ... (MR. WINOHELL CONTINUES I~XT PAG3) 0031405
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. -w____ .... - 12- MR. UINCHELL: (COE"PINUI!~G) Paul no~ goes about ~Tith his chin all the ~Ta}- down to herebeoause he learned that Do'Soy had found nov, happiness with the 0ount who once r~as Tal?.ulah B~nkheadls shadow. .~e have a Jack m~d Jill in Ne~v york . .. l~cs. Jack Wood~ordTs handle being Jill . .. Scott Fitzgezaldts new novel will put 0onset St~qnerts name on the front pe/(cs, a~ain . .. It's a boy over at the Ro'ueTt Geoffreyls and a gi~l over Kt the Sa~p~on Walkers (she ~as formerly Eariaret Westley of the Ziegfeld choir) - Bernt Balchen is being urged to fly a ferrous exploTerJs plane for him over the Africah jungles at a fancy salary ... Dr. F. E. Rossltor, ~Those new book, "Torch of Life" will certainly be barwd by the Kaesachusett8 Watch mad Wr~'~'d Soeiet?,, will visit No:; york ineoznito on i~onday. It is the most daring book ever pu'3?-ished - and there is talk in the literary set that, perhaps, ninny other 8rates will exile it, too. And here a~e some ite:~s ~;hioh I~ve christened "These Ch~l~£/in~ People" ... The-L'e is ~o questioning George Jean i~thanZs ability as a oriti% ~nd a~yone v:ill a@uit Nathmq is a dapoer dresser (he has 14~ overcoats, ~3 c~es, 51 suit~ and I000 ha]~dkerchiefs) but he doesn, t knom ho~ to let ~. ch~pazne cork pop ... J. Brookes Atkinson, the eminent d~'mua critic for the Ne~ York Ti~es is a nice guy, ~ho ca~e fro;u Harvard, but his first n~me is JUSTIN: . .. (ILR, UINCHELL C0;~TINUZS }~EXT PAGE) RTHOI 0031~O6
Page 530: 0060233180
k~_.~ v.~I~CHELL: (OONTIA"JI:~G) There probably isntt a better wri~ in all ~le-'ioa th.~ Henry L. ~encken of Balti:nor% but he %~e&rs collars ~" ~ uf~u I ~e l~e in style t~enty-flve yea-~'8 ago ... Oo~;uodore Vand~rbilt ~lears the duckiest naval uniforms m~d he h~s the nioest yaoht~ but he is alv2~ts :%errors &t sga • .. Robert L. ~i~ley, of ~i~.om s. ~;ag o~se said "Believe It or Not - or ohange the subJeot|II . .. ~Till have millio % d,ll&rs soon (he didnlt have ten doll~.~.s two years 8Co) ... But he h~d dozens of i~Itator8 - %7ho helped Ripley beo:a~e successful ... For ~Then ne~Ispapor editors wmnted the real thing, the~, sent for Rip - whose wage every~o~r :is ~ flat st~u of ~75~000 - but his profits on syndloation, Movies, Kdvertisement8 ~d ~h~t not have already passed the six figa~e division - Onoe I ~sked Rip ~:hy he did~t expose his sobers m~d the othe~ pirates, ~d he dismissed it all with this nifty: "Oh, Winohell - why not llve and let LIFT|" 8ay, you people out in l~i~ue~polis, that gr~d s~'mphony orehostr~ of yours 18 ~oihg to give you ~ t~e~t one of these ~ays - three olassioal compositions by Karrlette L~ke, that be&utiful young beautiful uho sang ~nd d~ced on Broad~7 this ~ea~on in the musloal o~medy ,Evevybodyls Welcome,,. .When H~rietto L~e Wa~ only seventeen~ she ~roved shefs as s~&rt &8 she is good Iookln~. Ha~riette composed ~ gong that ~on the hi~hest ~unual ~rd of the i~.tional 8ooiety fo~ Instructors of }~uslc. At sixteen, she ~on it again - and at hinetten, Bhe ~ep~&ted the trick all over. R1-HOI 003140?
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We are proud to read you this message about Lucky Strike from that talented young actress, H~rriette Lake: "In selecting a cigarette, one has to be sure to side-step harsh irritants. Thatls why I say so often INs, th~ks, lid rather have a LUCKYt. Meters to LUCKY 8TP~KEIS throat protestlon, and hotels a toast to that delightful IToastedl flavor." Thank you. Harrlette LS~ke! Ladies and gentlemen - Heroes the big reason why ~lllions feel the say way about LUOKXE8 as Niss Lake does. When impurities are re~noved, the flavor le improvedl When the exclusive LUCKY 8TRIEE "TOASTING" Process drives out oextain impurities which are found in every tobacco leaf, it Leaves room for extra tobacco goodness, So you can easily see why LUOEIES not only glve you that priceless throat proteotlon...but extra flavor.,,.extra mildness - mellow- mildness. No other cigarette offers you these extra benefits, -~ because no other cigarette is ..TOAETED." ~And so, as the facts clearly reveal, no other cigarette gives you so much for Four money as LUCKY STRIKE| " WINC~LL~ Once more to Wlnohelleap across these United ~S~ates and back to these flrst-ratlnI synoopatlnI ~son Weeks boy~, Hexe we come, Callfo~u~la -- wlth millions of Luc]~y Strike gentlemen and gentle-womenl All of whom are maglc carpet veterans! Let ter ride, 01aney -- and keep p atricla 0arch of Hollywood ~nd Dorothy Esgon of Little Falls, Ne~l York right here next to ~ne. ON WITH T~ DA!~OINt AHSON! (WHISTLE) OKAy, 8AN FRADCISC0'. ATX01 0031,~-08
Page 532: 0060233180
v ~C O AN 0 ; The Lucky Strike ~aglo Carpet unloads those veterans onto the d~uoe floor of the ~ark Hopkins Hotel here in San Francisco as A~son Weeks plays -- (TITLES) ) ) ) ) ) From the Golden Gate to She Statue of Liberty -- here goes the Lucky Strike ~aglo Sarpetl (WHISTLE) OEAY, NEE YORK! Thatls bringing the melody division to a snappy finale, A~mon Weeks...you and Burtnett certainly delivered a daudy deal .... I thank you both for Mr¶ Lucky Strike and hie tribe of tuner-lnners. And now to read some of the mall while the nation peeks over my good shoulder. (~. WINCHELL CONTINUES 0R NEXT PAGe:) ~1")qO I 003 I~09
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• -i6~ ~:' (CONTINUES) To the man fror, l pasadena, California, who wrote r~e about changing the title from ~an-A-Block Plan to Citlzens-A-Block Plan... I don.t agree with you, slr...In times llke these even those who arenlt citizens (but will be some day) get just as hungry as the Patrlotlc....Thir~ that over, old boy -- and keep in mind that even when enemies meet on the battleflelde, they do what they can to relieve the other fellais suffering," To Arthur Halllburton of the Little Rook Arkansaw Democrat| I e~t reveal the source of my news, HalliburtonJ..,~ Nor am I at liberty to tell you what you want to know about that thing in your State. 8orry~ ~Iss Lou Blue of Houston, Texas (Hyuce-ton). Jack Oakle began his career as a chorus boy in the "PegGy Ann'~ show in New York at the Vanderbilt Theatre in 1927 .... They had to fire Oakle because he kept tiekllag the prlnolpals of the show as they went on stags...He got even by going to Holly~ood, and becomiag a favorite, and Teoentl7 had that thrill of meeting the ~n ~o fired him and aBkfng him if he had change of a $5,000 bill. (MH.W~NCF~LL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) f~TN01 0O3141O
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~.~,~-,~;~-~m~-~i~~ ~, = ~ ~ ~.~C¸ • ~ - ~ ~ ~ "~ -17~ WINC~LL: (CONTINUES) ~is8 Grace Liell of Flint, Michigan: Thaohs, Grace Liell -- It was nloe of you to send along that posey .... N% I do not 8ubscrlb8 to any press slipping agency -- for I om~ always depend on those who do not llke me to send me the roasts. You probably have heard, Grao% that the school of hard knocks has very few holidays....Keep happy, Grace. ~ry Cecil Eorrison of Nashville, Tennessee: Bernie is oomlng to New York in the summer for a long run at a leading theatre...Yes, I am trying real hard to get Ben and his grand band on the Lucky 8trlke show .... I heard the funniest gag on Bernie again yesterday .... A chorus glrl had been called on the phone, it seems, by a newspaper man, who asked her to dine w~th him. 8he said: "Oh, Y. oantt....ITve Just had lunch .~Ith Ben Bernie., "Then cTmonl" snapped the chap, "you must be starved.', And that Mary ~ozrlson of Nashville and all you other grand guy8 and gels &ll over the land closes tonlghtls shsw ..... Welts le~Ing to now ~o~ns and countries next week, so dsnlt forget and reach for a Lucky and a Luoky 8trlke show on your razzlo.¸ ..... (~, WINCEELL CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE) 8TH01 00314-11
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-18- • ! On Tuesday night, frlnst~Ioe, we Winchelleap to St. Paul, ~innesot~, for the Bert Lewn Band. On the same-night we also tune in on Ted Weem8 and his boys at Mil~Ta~ukee, Wisconsin .... On St. Patrlckts night -- and betels real leaping -- we fly to Dublln~ Ireland, for our dance music -- with See Moss and his tuneful toe-tloklers splitting the headline honors from New york .... And on Saturday night our magic oe~rpet will go to Philadelphia to hear Ch&rley Kerrts orchestra, who will share the spotlight with the Coon-S~nder8 outfitt from New York .... And donUt forget, Mr. and Mrs. An.~erloa, on next Tuesday night you will again he~r theft unique, news feature - the N~tlonal Political Discussion. your dlstlngalehed speaker on Tuesday, under the auspices of the Republican National Committee, will be the Honorable Bertrsa~d H. Snell, United States Congres~an from Illlnolep while o~ Thursday, you will hear from the Honorable Henry T. R~iney, United States Congrssaman also from Illinois, under the sponsorship of the Demooratlo National Committee. Both of these distinguished speakers are the floor leaders of their reBpectlve parties in the House of Representatives.. ..... So until Tuesday nlght~ I remain your New York correspondent, Walter Winehell -- who found out a long time ago -- that a wife who talks in her sleep -- le not neanly Be aggravating -- as one who merely keeps smiling. ( G00DNIGHT). (SIO~A~URE) RI'MO 1 00314.12
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-19- (OPTIONAL) "SHE DIDNtT SAY YES'I from "Cat and Fiddle" was played by special pe~isslon of the copyright owners. The Lucky Strike Dance Hour has come to you from New York City, ~., Los A1~geles and San Francisco, California, through the facilities of the National Broadcasting Company. AGENCY/WINCHELL/CC/0hill een 311~13s Ar,wo 1 0031413
Page 537: 0060233180
L~ The LUCKY STRIKE DANCE HOUB " 60 Modern Minutes with the world's finest Dance Orchestras and the one and only Walter Winchell ASSOCIATED NBC STATIONS LUCKIE$ are always kind to your throat." T~ESDAY, HARCH 15th, 1972 (THE}dE SONq ... 0~ CHORUS OF "HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN", UITH VOOAL REFRAIN. I'~i~DIATELY FOLLOWED BY ANNOUNCER.) HOWARD CLUNY: Ladies and gentlemen, the Lucky Strike D~uce Hour, p~esented fo~ you~ pleasure by the manuf&cturers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes - sixty ~odern minutes, with the woTldls finest dan