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About TDO

As part of the Master Settlement Agreement between the States and the tobacco companies, the industry was required to make the documents used during the trials avialable. They posted the documents on their websites, but searching required going to several different sites, each with a different interface.

That same agreement required the industry to turn over a snapshot of their sites as of July, 1999. Tobacco Documents Online (TDO) spent over a year standardizing the document descriptions to allow uniform searching, and through the American Legacy Foundation, obtained tapes of the document images. TDO offers powerful searching across all the companies, access to high-quality images, OCR, and the ability to collect and annotate documents. The tools here have been built for document researchers, and are available to anyone with a web browser.


While you may search the collection as a visitor, we strongly encourage you to register with TDO (free) through Smokefree.net. Benefits of using the site as registered user include:

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